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S 1 "what though the radiance which was once so bright" be now forever taken from my sight though nothing can bring back the hour of splendor in the grass, of beauty in the flower we will grieve not, rather find strength in what remains behind 'Ulm is I .M 4 7-ff ,ik uv L Q. xx kr, W 5 I' JMX, I OO V M No 9 I .pygmy rbington Friends School, Jenkintown Pe Q After AFS, . , l - VJ Q E15 ss , , W 6 HE Q y.AB11vQTON FQEND , x i hs-, , , fins? E fi Lay Queen,Brenda Brooksfstandingl and her princesses, Cathy Harbison fl.J and harie-Claire Berryer. Eiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Note About Class of 1969 The date for the commence- S ment of the class of 1969 has been set: FRIDAY the 13th of JUNE, 1922! Next year's seniors feel that this is somewhat appropriate. Don't you? iElHE' ' n:3WEiElSEiE3ElF ' ' Q iThe Kaleidoscope Theatre is now i closed for the summer. It will' reopen in September. E Such linings lln. JUNE Thursday, June 6 - Alumni Din- ner 7 p.m. Friday, June 7 - Final Assembly Lower School, 9:30 a.m. Sunday, June 9 - Baccalaureate Service, ll a.m. Monday, June 10 - Final Assem- bly, Upper School, Awards, morning: Soph Hop, Curtis Hall, 8-11:30 p.m. Tuesday, June ll - Class Day Tea, Gym, 2 p.m. Wednesday, June 12 - Commence- ment, Grove, 7:30 p.m. Parents and friends of the school are cordially invited to all events except Alumni Dinner,the Soph Hop, and Class Day.. l Class of 1968 E then what? e If Marie-Claire Berryer - R - turning to school in France Sandy Beska - Lycoming Barbara Breinig - Muhlenberg Brenda Brooks - North Carolina Agricultural and Technolog- ical State Dee Ellis - To be married Cheryl Ervin - Pine Manor Jr. Ann Fleming - University of Pennsylvania Sue Frankenfield - Brandywine Jr. Jane Gottschalg - Doane Linda Guydon - Penn State Cathy Harbison - Westminster Debbie Konietzko - Temple Melcenia Long - Temple Appe Nishimizu - Returning to school in Japan Betsy Rosenberger - Schiller Kin Germany! Missy Shuman - Bennington Sally Skinner - Centenary Jr. Jacki Slack - Bucknell Dana Stott - Moore College of Art Candy Swenson - Penn Hall Jr. Holly Thresher - Parsons School of Design Becky Van Buren - Ithaca Toni West - Penn State ,Karla Zapf - Temple Suzy Zurn - Duke Class of 1969 Anne Posel - Hofstra L.G. 1968 If anyone would like a gold colored KITTEN, Please see MARIANNA PERKINS, '69 ,-:F-. V.. ai W If f " 2 ,Page 2 The Abington friend f June, 1968 I K HERE COMES THE JUDGE:m Despite the untimely rain that drenched the May Day act- ivities, there was a sizable audience present for the even- ing presentation of the Drama- tic Club play. The format of the play was a murder trial, the entire audience and play- ers part of the courtroom. At the beginning of the play, the clerk KCharles Shuman! called 12 members of the audience to be the jury. The defendant was played by Becky Van Buren whose attorney was Brenda Brooks. They were so convincing that the verdict was nNot guilty.n A commend- able performance was also given by David Zimmerman from Penn Charter as the district attor- ney. ' A professional note was given by the testimony of Rebecca Bass as Dr: Kirkland, the exa- mining physician. Marianna Perkins was the lady judge.The handwriting expert was played b Beth Toness y . High points of action were provided by Whitey Iebing CTemple U.J, the Swedish ex- convict CSigurd Jungquistl who Don't forget Commencement 'June 12, 1965. Dear Editor, Tap Tap...taptaptaptap RAP TAP TAP... Study halls have become a bore. All one can do these days is sit listening to the typewriter because the din it creates prevents any kind of constructive work. Students, especially the sen- iors, have been criticized for speaking to each other aloud Review "The Nigh had been segretary to the mur- der victim. Also, Alex Randall CPenn Charterlawakened part of the audience when he came down the aisle making a dramatic en- trance during the proceedings. Alex played Larry Regan, a gangster whose love for the de- fendant KBeckyD was not return- ed. Sally Threshen who was the widow of the deceased,did very well and reacted most appropri- ately to the action on the stage. Chris HykCPenn Char- ter! made a very distinguished Mr. Whitfield fSally's fatherl. The most outstanding and mem- orable performances were ren- dered by Missy Shuman CMagda Svenson and Suzy Rashkis IRO- berta von,Renssalaer1. Magda was the Swedish housekee per who served the deceased CBjorn Faulk- nerl. Roberta was the widow of Lefty O'Toole whose body was in volved in the murder of Bjorn. The set, constructed by mem- bers of the Art Society fJacki Slack and Holly Thresherl cer- tainly created the desired courtroom atmosphere. Each player provided his own costume. Make-up was light ex- f f ""h'Ii " A K . t ofx January 16" l CePt IPI the lgrayingnof hair and the wonderful Ishall we say V--flashy?!7 make-up on Suzy Rashkis Cdone by Holly Thresheb. Nan Harbison operated the lights, Nancy the props. A1l'in all, great success. The trial was from the tradi- Barto accumulated . the play was a a good change tional presentation: each char- acter was individual in speech and.tction. Many thanks are extended to Miss Bickley who directed the production. Ajfew tips for next time: . ll Preparation for the play y Shquld be begun seener than threel weeks before the date of pre- sentation. 22fBoys'parts should be adver- tised sooner, or an association with the drama club of a boys' sqhool should be established early in the year. This way, male roles would be filled by talented boys without d I f f -.. J NI J I ifficulty. RWB '69 .From The. Editor's Desk I . FTh Abiggtgg F lend is e monthly publication ot'the students ' of t e Upper Echool of Abington Friends School, Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, l9Oh6 EDITOR: Rebecca Wendy Bass MANAGING EDITOR: Suzy Bass f f I REPORTERS: Ruth Andersen, Eldine Beck, Barbara Bretl, Kris Buchin, Ellen Carangi, Cheryl Ervin, Linda Guydon, Debra Hollander, Ellen Poael, Lindf Rossi, Suse Swenson, Susan f Ye nessa, Sue Zurn. ADVISERS:' Mrs. Margaret Reynolds, Mrs. Rite Be ning TYPIST: Miss Bonnie Kling f f I i t Y .- v -un fl . in--up our . 4 I O would also like to Submit 9 that the typewriter behaves in during study halls' but th! s similar manner. Considera- fact of the matter9iS thaththe atmosphere of quiet cerebnal activity is destroyed by this Constant clicking of keysfto such a point that one nearly forgets he is in a study hall at all. If girls are expected to get anything accomplished in their work times and are expected to keep mouths quietly shut, if.they their then I F Mum W The A. G. Yinlldin Company, -f., . - . tionfor others should from both animate and mate objects. The Library is for longer a sacred place come inani- me no of quie- tudq,Its green and pink waits A h lt no longer offer Please get that other home. We land he doesn't stuitionll Love' A Missy Indiana, Pg, me any s e er. typewriter an- were here first have.xo pays Shuman '68 , . -5, -up , A-?.,.W.f -T'-11'1C, 1965 The Abington Friend 'll Page Q- . Flying High in the Big Top It seemed incredible. I actually felt like a bird floating through heaven. A bird that was never satis- fied with what it had, and just kept reaching out for more. At that moment I felt my stomach sink and my body decline. The goal I was trying to reach was too far, thus causing me to fall. The moment I landed on what seemed a thin eerie web I envisioned glass stars glowing, against white and pink cottonballs of fluff. All at once I found myself rest- ing upon gold mattresses with multitudes of pillows flashing exotic colors in every direction. I could comprehend future and past in my eyes, it seemed. I saw what I had been and what I wanted even more. Then as if night had turned to day the pink and white disappeared. The stars let out their last effort- less gleam, and past and future seemed to vanish in- stantly as if they had never existed. Yes, the goal I .had wanted so badly I conquered. The past was new gone and now was the time to think of present and future. Barbara Bretl '72 El8Cti0I1 RBSUITS Class of 1970 Pres.-W. Zurn V.P.-B. Rech Sec.-A. Murphy Treas.-R. Abramson glass of 1969 Pres.-L- Boyer V.P.-S: Raab Sec.-R. Andersen Treas.-N. Barto Class of 1971 Class of 1972 Pres.-S. Barnes Pres.-K. Hanson V.P.-H. Corn V.P.-E. Terry Sec.-E. Beck Sec.-V. Vaniver Treas.-N. RobinsonTreas.-L. Harbison C1333 Of 1973 Class of 19713: Pres.-H. Peyton Pres.-M. Buckman V.P.-R. Smith V.P.-B. Ferguson Sec,-P. Apfelbaum Sec.-P. Stokes Treas.-E. Posel tTreas.-A. Hanson Yearbgok Editors -' Ed.-ML Quill Lit. Ed.-R. Andersen Photo. Ed's.-B. Coles and A. Jaffe Art Ed's.-J. French and N. Harbison Bus. Nan.-S. Raab -v JT Committees K8 ' AQA.-L. Boyer Art Society-R. Abramson. ' Drama Club-S. Rashkis Glee Club-S. Raab R.L.andw.-N. Perkins 5 Student Council 1968-69 Term ' un Pres.-R. Becker S 'The V.P.-L. Conkey Sec.-B. M guire Mun chgstter Tre as . -K . aBuchin prwve Q Members I" '70-F. B S llf t'l 21691 'J' g-une to . '71-B. Mgguire un 1 7 Days-Q5 HQLL. '72-E. Levitt I '73-D. Force 883 2.0 O ,Sem -fm-moi Untitled nPeople!W smorted the cat. uwhy they're not much! Not as much as they put out to be. Sure, I'll tolerate'em, They' re nice sometimes when it come to patting, but the way some people maul me you'd think I was a fur ball!n The old cat was resting, but ready to beat a hasty retreat if anything came up. He had lived with the same family since he was four weeks old. They had five kids, but he had lived through the holding -up-by-the-tail, maul- ing, whisker-cutting stage and was quite wise. He had built up a wonderful tolerance and now he didn't need it. nI'm gettin' soft with no little kids around," he thought. Then came the puppy. Cat and the old dog had been great friends. Puppy was small and tail-waggy so Cat made the huge mistake of making friends. Puppy became Dog, and his exu- berance grew in proportion to himself lwhich was a lgt big- ger than Catl. when Dog got all settled down, what do you know but a new baby arrives. Of course Bady adores Cat, and back comes faithful tolerance. NKeeps me on my toes.U remarked Cat. nPeople? Sure I like'em!n he sounded indignant, as if that's what he had said first. Kathy Maclnnes '71 Art Society Action In the falr, the society displayed a Picasso exhibit and showed a film on this modern artist. This was so well received by the stu- dent body that the committee presented another film in April called UMichelangelo, the Titan.u An Art Trip to New York has also been arranged in conjunc- 10th grade Class. The explore the Metropolitan other world- New York. tion with the History of Art group plans to galleries of the and many of the famous museums in The committee has aided the Mothers Committee by designing and printing tableclothes for the annual Fashidh Show. Also, the Christmas programs for the Chestnut Hill Academy and Abington Friends Concerts were designed and printed by the society. The set. of the Dramatic Club play was created by the Art Society: and looking into next year, the school has requested that the committee iggggn its Christmas card in Holly Thregherf President xv v- - --s4..-, -H -Sega Q: y ,The Abington Friend A V June, 1968 V,--ft ' Y 1-3 Two AFS Girls Go to Work Camp During the weekend of May l7 to May 19, Brenda-Brooks and Nancy Barto shared a new and wonderful experience: WORK CAMP in the midst of Mantua, Phila. Arrival was at 6:15. More than half of the expected sixteen were then present, plus two of the three leaders. Dinner was a masterful concoction of cream- ed tuna fish over saltines.fhere is nothing worse than nwork camp foodn as was soon discover- ed. After all had finished, in- troductions were made around-the table. It was discovered that there were four boys from Epis- copal Academy, a mother and daugher from Newtown, a fresh- man in nursing school, a col- lege student, two high school students from neighboring Springfield High and Down- ington High, one graduate student, and three from West Orange, New Jersey, including a member of the' Holder generationn and a Vista Volunteer. Later that evening, a dis- cussion was held on the Poor Peoples' Campaign, which was lead by a Phila. member of the SCLC. Saturday morning the group left to go to the work area. Two girls were sent off to help a retired teacher, the remaining girls worked in the Mantua City Planners Headquarters doing 'much needed filing work, while 'the boys went a block away to help fix up a corner lot into a neighborhood play area. It was generally thought that . painting would be the main'line of work, but it wasfgxplained. that workcampers now took on projects that would be more benefiting to the community as a whole. After work and a friendly tussle with the kids, the group headed back to the church in which they slept and ate., After dinner, there was another informal group discus- sion on any desired topic. the pre- Sunday's This was followed by paration of parts of meals. ' The climax of the weekendoccurredwhen had congregafed in a entire everyone small dark rbom for a nLove - In,u or-' ganized and led by the Vista Volunteer lhis proved to be quite moying for many and en- abled all to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and one another during the various nexercisesn Sunday included a visit to, mag1strate's court, WOrSh1P in .the church of one's choice and a brief post-dinner talk witn David Richie, the founder of the-workcamp program. Nancy Barto '69 Plans or ummer Take Shape- y Art Courses, Trips Abroad Included For one year Qbeginning this summer,7 gat McCook will be an exchange student to Aus- tralia, She is being sponsored' by the Rotary Club, who select- ed her from many teens. Anne Posel is going to live in Paris, France, with her aunt and uncle for most of the sum- mer. Brenda Brooks is going to a Girl Scout encampment in Phoe- nix, Arizona. There she will study Indian and Mexican cul- tures. There will be guest speakers and various field trips. Betsy Eisman and twenty - one other people are going on an educational tour of Europe, from June 30 to August 20. They plan to meet famous people in- cluding a few heads of state. Mel Long is going to spend most of her summer in Washing- ton, D.C., for the Poor Peoples Campaign. Patti Laub is going to spend the first few weeks with her father in France. From there she is going to school in Geneva, Switzerland, to study French. For the rest of the Summer, Patti, her parents, and her twobrothers will be travel- ing all over Europe. Susan Swenson, Sandy Haines, Margo Irwin, Anne Murphy, and AudreyStorb are going to Seebe, Cadada with Miss Smith for most of the summer. Suzy Bass is going to take courses at Moore College of Art. L.R. and E.P. '73 5 rs during last meet.' 'Qsveg:ssvec:ss,eG1ss,eG:,ss,enz,ss3 an inside report ii?!i'XXswj r ib N X n L up ' ori the new building . IniSeptember,the Lower School will pnherit the present main buildingg Upper School will move into the new building now under construction. The new building will include several large classrooms, two 5mQl?!QneS, a laboratory with adgoining project and storage roomsL and a new library with con?erence,rooms. Thjrewill be a new gymnasium and I all-purpose room. The gym will not have a stage and will be purely for athletic PUTPGES. The all-purpose room will be used for a cafeteria, assembly room, and study hall. Additional rooms will include the headmaster's and assistant headmaster's office. Faculty, Senior, and Student rooms are SubJ?tts of planning and dis- cussi n. Thgre are,as yet, no plans for adding any new courses to the Upper School curriculum for n xt year. Suggestions are,' owever, welcome for future plans. 3 R.E.A. '69 l Un Their Way. . . . . . Class of i968 Future plans of this year's grad- uates are as follows: Marie-Claire Berryer-returning to France. Sandra Beska-Lycoming College. Barbara Breinig-Muhlenberg College. Brenda Brooks-State University of North Carolina CAgricultural and Technical Collegei. Dee Ellis-Engaged to be married. Cheryl Ervin-Pine Manor Junior College. Ann Fleming-University of Pennsylvania. Susan Frankeniield-Brandywine Junior College. Jane Gottschalg-Doane College. Linda Guydon-Pennsylvania State University. Catherine Harbison-Westminster College. Debbie Konietzko-Temple University. Melcenia. Long'-Temple University. Ayako Nishimizu-returning to Japan. Betsy Rosenberger-Schiller Uni- versity CGermanyj. Sandra Shuman-Bennington College. Sally Skinner-Centenary Junior College. Jacqueline Slack-Bucknell University. Dana Stott-Moore College of Art. Candy Swenson-Penn Hall Junior College. Deborah Thresher-Parsons School of Design. Rebecca Van Buren-Ithaca College. Sonia West-Peirce Junior College. Karla Zapf-Temple University. Linda Zurn-Duke University. QContinued on Page 45 i Trying hard for the blue team at the May Day tield events was third grader Joseph Happe. The whites won I73-I70. their tirst victory in tive years. From the Headmaster . . . It is the end of the school year and time to thank so many parents for so much that makes for the smooth functioning of the school community. . . . Home and School Associa- tion Chairman, T. Frank Decker, Jr., who sought and found excellent people to take on many necessary and helpful duties. . . . Mrs. John Ferguson who performed all the duties of the Chairman of the Mothers' Committee with such unfailing good will. . . . Dr. Oliver Thresher who brought record number of fathers out to meetings of more than routine interest. . . . The countless Parents who spent untold hours arranging and directing school events, chauffeuring children, assisting in the libraries and the paperback bookstore, baking cakes and providing covered dish suppers, 'being hosts for student CContinued on Page 21 October Fair Plans Ideas are already buzzing for the Home and School Association's Country Fair which will take place on the school grounds October 5. Chairman Doris Spiro has workers, but they all need help so call now: Food-Peggy Kingg Grounds-Arne Andersong Finance-Anita Sakimg Tickets-Sue Scott and Merle Happeg Art Show-Joni and Bob Oppenheimerg Special Events-Ellie Abramowitzg Flea Market, Auction- Doris Galtg Paperbacks-Betty Parryg Used Books-Joan Ledererg Garden Booth-Rose Cochrang Bak- ed Goods-Doris Godwing Games- Myra Tashmang Boutique-Carol Thalheimer, Judy Kodroifg Portrait Sketching-Barbaras Hymang Pony Rides, Animals exhibits-Peg Sulli- van. Mothers' Committee Report The year is never over before a new one begins in the AFS Mothers' Committee. 'As Janice Marshall re- ported profits of more than 3900. for the spring attic sale, new officers were making plans for their turn which begins at the June meeting. Alma Kennedy will serve as chair- man assisted by Peg Sullivan. But- tons Ewing continues as treasurer. Last year's profits have been al- located for CISV, our exchange stu- dent, shop equipment and record players, scoreboard for the new gym, two' musical assemblies and a lecturer-in-residence. This year's visiting poet left an enthusiastic following. He in turn was so impress- ed that he wrote the following: MEETING AT AIBINGTON From silence came the Word Where words 111 silence spoken Tell what each hstener heard To speak, his silence broken To speak the Word again Who hearing silence, then Hear God from God s own sons. ohn Fandel I To silent listening ones 1 Trying 'l'he crown .on May Queen Brenda Brooks before the annual pageant is senior princess Cathy Harbison. From the Headmaster . . . CCOntinued from Page lj gatherings and for guests of the school. . . . All those who listened with sympathy to our problems and offer- ed constructive suggestions towards the improvement of the school. . . . And most important, those who trusted us with the education of their children. It is this trust which renews our spirit! 1--. -:Q eq , My own recent reading underlines once again that formal education per se is no guarantee of the progress of man. Brought to my attention from the February issue of the "Bul- letin of the Atomic Scientist," Lady Violet Astor is quoted as saying: "It's a curious paradox that while the miracles of conjuring tricks of science are gaining these daily, al- most hourly victories-conquering the skies, bridging the seas, broad- casting knowledge, defeating pain, almost defeating death-we men have not become any more virtuous or any more civilized than we were before. In fact, during my lifetime I should say that civilization has reeled back- wards. If in my childhood or youth I 'd been told that I should live t.o see things like concentration camps, tor- ture chambers, forced confessions, gas ovens, I should have dismissed them as a nightmare from which I would soon wake up. I'm often re- minded of a story I heard . . . Caboutj Sir Benegal Rau. He was out in the jungle on a hunting expedition and all m cya 574441219 Sie Q UPPER : Jimmy Katz, Paul Robinson 4 Joe Tom Sawyer. and Huclc Flnn LOWER A capsule version of Macl "The traveled about three after .they days, the Indian bearers laid down their burdens. Sir Benegal asked them if they: were tired. 'No,' they said, 'we're lnot the least tired, but we must wait here at least twenty- four hours uiitil our souls catch up with our bodies' I wonder sometimes whether We dught not perhaps do the same." These are sobering thoughts for all of us, for iflthe education we have developed since the end of World VVar I has failed to produce human sensitivity add spiritual wisdom land there is harflly a headline in the news today ,that doesn't emphasize this failurejj then indeed We must seek some new directions. While stirring our thoughts and actions to- wards a moyement of change, how- ever, we might well contemplate letting our douls catch up with the frightening pace of our physical ad- vances. Perhftps all of us will seek some opening in our summer vaca- tion period hkmr creative soul search- ing. lx - ,M Y ff., , - l. lfrom leftl Ricki Rudolpl Susan Laiken, and Lynn Shore UPPER Dana Harbison and Karin sixth of the Humperdmc : The seventh and eighth gy ed leftl Jeanna DiMarco, Ellen Y The audience was art of the of January lb," by A n Ran Van Buren, Brenda Broo s Miss if cyie Qgfizkzg. . nd Paul Spiro fit right into the roles of eth" was exuberantly performed by fifth , Gary Glassman, Anne Arney, Marcia a . Sghwartz were Hansel and Gretel in the classic. The angel was Nancy Zurn. males' presentation "Oliver" was brighten- rrow and Susan Swenson. :tion in the Dramatic Club melodrama, Shown here at rehearsal lfrom leftl are Shuman, Marianna Perkins, and David T11is leads me to comment briefly on summer reading. NVhile reading lists are available and perhaps ev en specific suggestions are given to our children about what might be suita.ble and interesting, vie tend to shut' out from our busy vacations time for refiective read ing. The following observation in a recent publication of the National Council of Teachers of English mu be pertinent in this regard. "As the young come to constitute a larger portion of society, there IS an accent on youth and a resultant lackeof perspective about life and traditional values. Literature suf fers in such a world, even as it comes to have more relevance. "The young in our time are h t led into activities and states of mind appropriate for aims other than their owng they lack the immersion in leisure and the opportunity for spontaneous impulse characteristic of earlier experiences, to distance them and compare them. In tha.t kind CContinued on Page 45 4 OAK LEAVES Addresses Wanted Please get alumni data into the office by June I5 so that our new directory can be ready early next fall. -Eleanor Repperi, Alumni Secretary. On Their Way . . . CContinued from Page lj . . . Class of I964 Janet Atkinson receives a B.S. in mathematics from Denison Univer- sity this month. A member of the French, math, and service honoraries, she worked at UNIVAC as a com- puter programmer last summer and hopes to continue in that field. Barbara Baberick married Chris- topher C. Simonds in February. She graduated from Penn in May. Lynn Biester, now Mrs. Edward E. Elliott IV, was married in January, received her B.A. from Penn in May. Further plans await Edward 's return from Vietnam. Pamela Boyer will marry Dennis Ferri of Media, June 7. They will live in Wilmington where Pam will work at a skating club. She attended Endicott. Chris Conly, now Mrs. Robert Semisch, attended Peirce College after graduating from Centenary. Robert is a stockbroker. There is now an infant son, Bruce, in the family. Bernie Corson expects to begin teaching next fall. She graduated from Kutztown State College. Susan Fox was also among the Penn graduates this spring. She majored in Latin American Studies. Dobbie Fueller is working as a buyer and a model in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. She spent last sum- mer in Europe following graduation from American River College in Sacramento. Susan Gerlitz expects to work in computer programming. Having majored in French and Spanish, she graduates from Muhlenberg this month. Lynn Gerstnecker is working in California and loves it. She attended Lake Forrest for two years. Virginia Guckes, a Centenary grad- uate, is training as a stewardess with Pan American in Miami. Katherine Haviland is also in Miami. She hopes to teach math and chemistry after getting her B.S. in August from the University of Miami. ,, , A. Cathie High has been accepted at the Graduate School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. A Penn State graduate, she spent a. semester in France, made the Dean's list more often than not. Ellen Hucke married Michael Col- lins after her January graduation from Roanoke College. Ellen teaches third grade while Michael works for a law degree at William and Mary. Sheila Iobst won a fellowship for a four-year doctorate program at the University of Chicago. She begins this fall after another summer work- ing with emotionally disturbed chil- dren. A member of Phi Beta Kappa, Sheila was an honors major in French at Penn. Marcia Mount also has plans for graduate study. She will enter the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Work. In May she received a B.A. from Chatham College. Laura Reeves is majoring in Eng- lish at American University, Wash- ington, D.C. She expects a degree next June. Gail Rosenau, now Mrs. William D. Scott, has a son Jason Matthew who is all of 20-months-old! Susan Sjostrom may begin grad- uate work in elementary education this fall at C. W. Post College where she received a B.A. this month. Meredith Specht who attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts does administrative work at Gradu- ate Hospital. She lives in Glenolden. Susan Stone is expected to grad- uate from Smith this month. Active in dramatic and literary affairs, she June I968 l spends all vacations in France where her family now lives. Carol AnnlTa1acki intends to enter medical schdol next fall. She has a B.A. from Penn, where she majored in psychology. During holidays she helps her parents with the breeding of quarter horses. Nancy Wilson looks forward to working as clinical psychologist at Philadelphiag Hospital next fall. She attended Temple and the University of Miami before graduating from Muskingum College last January. Bonnie Wiimmers, a graduate of Penn Hall, now works in Washing- ton. Her latest interest is sky diving. "I have only 18 jumps, and am mak- ing 10-second delays," she writes. Molly Zindel expects a B.A. from Smith this spring, after which she hopes to find useful work in urban redevelopment. From the Headmaster . . CConti1iued from Page 35 of leisurely lreading one could Hnd the dimensilins and harmonies na- tural to onefs individual self." I personally hope that our chil- dren may be encouraged to come upon the value of leisure that will enable themlto have time for read- ing - reading not specihcally for class assignments and book reports but for effecting the awareness and developmentlof the soul of man. This comes so often not from what we tell them to read, but from what they dis- cover to read. E -Adelbert Mason OAK LEAVES from Non Profit Org- ABINGTON FRIENDS SCHOOL US- POSTAGE Jenkintown. Pa. l9046 Address Correction Requested Jenkintown, Pe. Permit No. I4 I l I . outward bound 1968 abington friends school jenkintown, pennsylvania since we entered the upper school, our class has been guided by a helping hand and a cheerful smile. we have learned the value of patience from a soft-spoken and understanding teacher. we have felt her quiet influence in every aspect of school life. we have always been able to go to her with problems, knowing she would do her best to help. her good-natured manner has won her the respect and admiration of every member of our class, and so, it is with many thanks that we, the class of 1968, dedicate our yearbook to alice wright conkey. 5 X wr ffl '4 ii. sy I I . L J H? -f XX X +f,zzw!vz. 21, S' K it . 55? I E Q Ti--A ,fi "Y . 3+ gif -F ,T X xl f1:"f- f K ii Jfi . ,. x Y . 532' 1: sw ' .,-: , ,, F- .jig K S k 1 -j im - , ig i' 0 ' P Fvibvtz' ' IE '29 , 5- Q E 5 ,, -11xffuai, Q M , A dw P Je J- MB 3 as ,4 ,-gg - -eg -W, ,-..,1-11 f 1 L 1.5-.-fi' 5'-g -' JEL , . 1 -H ' in - A,,W ,,, gg, k- B 4 if . f 5 1 FTZJ E V 5 1 I l 'Q I x ,L 7 7, 11 , Y 1 2 i x I 13 ia 1 PM "J" 51 'N'3'P,gHQ'ii.-':,..1-:ff-.gm ,B-.lf - ww-w, Y f 1 If . pf In gQ S?e- 1 ABINGTON i L in ii in A 's . sq I 1' 5-45 9 4' 'N Q Qu Elle -JS-W --,.. GMM .--fu ai Si 1 I9 .nv - -. , M N . .1-,. , l sd " 5 -K., ,- Q- . M.-. """"'--.- seniors "in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength" Susie zum "kindness is the golden chain by which society is bound" barb breinig 17 m. c. berryer "the only way to have a friend is to be one' dee ellis great thoughts come from the heart 18 appe nishimizu "the highest graces of music flow from the feel- ings of the heart" 19 . J, M ,J L, il N 1 . ,. be E4 ' D x . .ws-1. .-sf' A Qi, -F' FH WQfff f'tfx ., , '- 4 i "1 ,fl R an 4 02,5 v fy' L g- 'k fi, , ii 1 ,uf W5 f V7 Vkrfji g ,. 5 0 ,, f 4-4 f 6 ,L 1 - ,,f'!sif H. ef F grids 4 .:.V, : K X: if 1 f -. Li ii 4 52,554 V QM if S155 b I " L t h ' - W ,f 5. Ist is F M' 'vw ,Hi l . 1 X ...s A ' f f if , - , V ' Q, ar A vi , , 3 VM.. V fam 51 VA? ., ., QF 0 ,. It 5' A R 1 11, P, :V fs 6 'fxfg'-1 v , , f 'E 4535 A g , Q 1 HH I 4 , - . ' was , K 9 ' I , A 'I' xr w g ,f"' F F I V 14 v-P -4 . , L? A 5 -HN xg 1 ' 714 I 7' :V .. xiii' V W - K it V ' , f t 1:3 " 7 .1 s , 'K .. ' 9555. f 'Z v.-is, , , 5 I . is 3431" 31 , ,I .. A 7 1 I ,, A -I 1.34 Y JAR' ' ig 5. V fu Y In f, Q: kv K KVKA H 3 we il 13. if 5, gl :Iii - 5256+ if Lx W a. E gr J " , , gl , - C V, . 1 - fir AL mf , . . R' I , 'gg I " V ,L Qxtzigry ,I Qifijgf VV" ,1 1 QJHVL 'E in S ,L 1 51 Y 11 Q g H ' 1 as P' 'L ? . 'h,f, Q fl V .fn 'Q , ' A fi:,,.i.L 'F , i an A becky van buren "shake back your hairg let go your laughter" "nothing is waste that makes a memory" sandy beska "there's no passion in the human soul, but finds its food in music" 22 karla zapf mel long silence is the virtue of fools 23 1 ,,-p-nz-www '- e 1 1 1 h "eyes too expressive to be blue, too Lovely to be f 1 1 gray" x I holly thresher dana stott jacki slack the heart has always the pardoning power" "nothing happens unless fust a dream 25 sally Skinner "a ma.n isn't poor if he still can laugh "an effort made for happiness of others lifts above ourselves" Q. 27 tonj west sue frankentield jane gottschalg 1 i i i l linked together in a kind of necessary connection" 3 1 "toil and pleasure in their natural opposites are yet V as -A it V H' :Ei if , '52 EV IE? ... if WV .. .icq Ljmlgi I 1 l "action is the word" 28 "are we downhearted? no! cathy harbison 29 v fi fi slow and steady wms the race" betsy rosenberger "a laugh to be joyous must flow from a joyous heart" cheryl ervin w "our patience will achieve more than our force "virtue alone is true nobility" ann fleming K1 "that life only is truly free which rules and suffices for itself' 33 missy shuman candy swenson if A l -if-' usilence, when nothing need be said, is the eloquence of discretion" I "he who thinks for himself and rarely imitates, is a free man" brenda brooks name m. c. berryer sandy beska barbara breinig brenda brooks dee ellis cheryl ervin ann ileming sue frankeniield jane gottschalg linda guydon cathy harbison debbie konietzko mel long appe nishimizu betsy rosenberger missy shuman sally skinner jackie slack dana stott candy swenson holly thresher becky van buren toni west karla zapf suzie zum class statistics usually found with appe combing her hair in mrs. postpichal's class making announcements in assembly counting money in bandages studying with jane napping in the health room with brenda in a v. w. busy on the bus humming talking about boys writing "madame un ogre" chewing gum eating in her x k e with sandy driving to Villanova alone in the senior room in the music room running her stockings 36 pet peeve being called marie cigarette butts people who don't volunteer people who criticize girl scouts fast dancing yearbook- deadlines playing goalie the marines california chicken-loaf sandwiches the schoo1's silverware losing dave's ring passive people people who confuse japan with china wearing shoes soul musie school being unable to wear contact lenses people looking in her bedroom closet going to jenkintown for spanish russian history term papers saran wrap chemistry l people who mistreat her cello l her handwriting cs LC ic sc IG GS I6 GG at cc cc 66 SG cc is class statistics favorite expression Nbageetl " is i was so scared!" now girls" i know i'm beautiful." ut 7 ed... granted. . . ' please. . ." slightly .... you know. . . " "that's close!" i love you." ads, please." "so - lid." "that's good" "hon-est!" wow, what a hassle!', "oh no!" Gish-J this is true" c'mon girls, this is a study hall." rats, i'm still hungry!" "have you heard any good ones latel i just joined this new orchestra . . . that really bugs me." well, this year the trip's to majorcaf' y?,, 73 known for her american loafers her long eyelashes her big heart her new fall of hair her engagement ring willowy figure her quiet voice skiing her loud laugh straight-faced humor being cathy long fingernails her constant questions facial expressions "then sneeze yogurt lunches procrastination collection of boys freckles on her ears her mustangs long, polished fingernails her enthusiasm her pearl ring soprano solos in glee club shapely gym tunics 37 marie-claire berryer m. c .... petite . . . wrinkles her nose when she laughs . . . exchange student from france . . . her three families . . . tympani player in the ensemble . . . glee club . . . byberry vol- unteer . . . peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for dessert . . . international weekends . . . pi- ano lessons . . . misses her french alps . . . grenoble and the olympics . . . considers hon- esty a virtue . . . hard working. . . quick learner . . . kind . . . friendly. sandra ann beska sandy . . . honey-colored hair . . . peaches and cream complexion. . .winning smile . . . pres- ident of assembly committee . . . hairbands and scarves . . . has an unquenchable passion for apples and corned beef . . . always munching on "rabbit food" . . . dreams of owning an xke . . . agrees that a dog is a man's best friend. . . plays the piano . . . energetic dancer . . . snorts of repressed laughter . . . vivacious . . . faithful friend. barbara ann breinig barb . . . light shimmery hair . . . happy smile . . . sudden bursts of hearty laughter . . . head of byberry volunteer project . . . religious life and welfare president . . . on the look out for new "eligibles" . . . her jalopy, mabel, who's seen better days . . . top-notch hockey fullback and co-captain . . . a retired organist. . . social work . . . thinks highly of loyalty . . . first to volunteer. . .an attentive listener . . . glows with warmth and kindness. brenda diann brooks brenda . . . those fingers that are great for playing the piano . . . has her own kiln . . . stable library committee president . . . re- lishes spy movies . . . active girl scout leader . . . creative writing, dramatics, and art . . . her interests in life stem from people . . . appreciates the understanding of others . . . candid . . . easily provoked to laughter . . . has a serious side, too . . . a loyal friend. 38 dorothy elizabeth ellis dee . . . tiny figure . . . small, dainty feet . . . size 4 ring . . . the look of love . . . class trea- l surer . . . could spend a fortune on pocket- books and clothes . . . likes jazz . . . erstwhile sunday school teacher . . . an experienced and n dedicated archer . . . always starts homework assignments early . . . water skier . . . has a special eye for coordinating her clothes . . . values friendship highly . . . hates to be alone . . . quiet . . . reserved. cheryl lorraine ervin cheryl . . . her slim figure IS distinctive . . . used to be a fashion model . . . never a second to spare when you're yearbook editor . . . professes to love pigs, and so she does . . . de- voted to byberry program . . . her alto voice is her forte . . . natural athlete . . . summers at brant beach . . . admires generosity and practises it . . . you can count on cheryl. . . sensible . . . honest. ann lleming ann . . . short . . . warm smile . . . rosy cheeks . . . at a.f.s. ever since kindergarten . . . cum laude society . . . student council president 1 . . . her saint bernard, herki . . . those taste- less lunches of instant breakfast and skim milk . . . alert hockey goalie . . . shore goer . . . sunday school teacher . . . likes people to be true to what they say . . . never gives up the ship . . . a quiet worker . . . radiates as sweetness. susan lee frankenfield sue . . . bright blue eyes . . . short blond hair . . . light sprinkle of freckles . . . she works in a nursing home . . . senior class secretary . . . left wing on varsity hockey . . . 427 'vette . . . likes clothes . . . skiing fanatic . . . is an ex- pert dancer . . . looks for integrity in people . . . knows when to have a good time . . . con- scientious . . . vivacious . . . endurance . . . an understanding friend. 39 jane elizabeth gottschalg jane . . . long dark hair recently cut short . . . impish grin . . . skinny legs . . . she knits! . . . aggressive hockey player . . . a.a. . . . triumph motorcycles. . . loves peanuts . . . she works in a lingerie shop . . . enjoys hav- ing a good time . . . unusual sense of humor . . . good ideas . . . she can be serious when she wants . . . blunt. . . sincere . . . outgoing personality. linda winters guydon p i linda . . . tall . . . reporting for the school newspaper keeps her occupied . . . betty crocker should bake such an apple pie . . . will always own a dog . . . sandwich girl in esll a cafeteria . . . makes use of her literaryv lpt s knack . . . the only roller-skating bug of the class . . . a good book is her favorite com- pany . . . stresses the importance of seeing both sides of an issue . . . calm . . . witty. catherine harbison cathy . . . harb . . . striking strawberry-blonde hair that she keeps short . . . smart dresser . . . voice lessons at beaver . . . vice-president of student council . . . swimming team cap- tain . . . crazy about m and m's . . . church choir . . . tennis devotee . . . snowplow ex- pert . . . waiting for that certain someone . . . esteems sincerity and sensitivity . . . truthful . . . dependable . . . frank. . . always on the go . . . a good friend to have. deborah kay konietzko debbie . . . long blonde hair . . . extraordin- arily long fingernails . . .contact lenses . . . baby of the class. . . archery team captain . . . perfect aim but last to shoot . . . able business manager of yearbook . . . convertible sports cars . . . collects glass animals . . . appreciates fine things . regards considera- tion highly . . . understanding . . . good lis- tener . . . the girl everyone depends on . . . perfectionist . . . always has a relevant com- ment . . . helpful. 40 1 4 melcenia inez long mel . . . one of the shortest members of the class . . . honey-smooth voice . . . three sand- wiches for lunch and she never gains a pound . . . likes to be babied . . . efficient affiliation committee secretary . . . has a "thing" about unusual earrings . . . staunch supporter of the model cities program . . . quite an accom- plished pianist . . . adamant . . . strong-willed . . . open. ayako nishimizu appe . . . tiny, high-waisted figure . . . a face that speaks . . . sweet voice . . . her sister was also an exchange student from japan . . . ele- vated hits in volleyball . . . swift hockey play- er . . . delights in long, hot showers . . . rotary club activities . . . exceptional pianist. . . a creative artist. . . beethoven. . . respects both humor and seriousness in a person . . . active . . . gentle . . . soft-spoken. mary elizabeth rosenberger betsy . rosy . . . short shiny hair . . . saucer eyes . . . a look of summer in the sun . . . always beaming. . . endless supply of lip- sticks . . . that constant giggle that makes her shake all over . . . loves to take off her shoes . . . he-man lunches . . . faithful swimmer . . . expert boy watcher . . . piano player . . . devours romantic novels . . . well- mannered . . . bubbling personality . . . life of the party. sandra janette shuman missy . . . long, straight blond hair . . . cum laude society . . . main support of fourth team hockey ever since ninth grade . . . adores persian cats . . . one of the byberry volunteers . . . excellent cook . . . drama enthusiast . . . has been learning to play classical guitar . . . seeks complete inner peace . . . a believer in transcendental meditation . . . always willing to enter a philosophical discussion . . . in- telligent . . . sympathetic and understanding. 41 ber . . . is never in a bad mood . . . laughs sara ann skinner sally . . . her lanky modelis figure is envied by all . . . those morning rides with toni to baederwood . . . another byberry volunteer . . . a schultz's "peanuts" fan . . . prizes hor- ses . . . an avid horseback rider . . . diverse athletics help her keep that trim figure . . . can't wait to begin at centenary next septem- easily . . . jovial. jacqueline ann slack jacki . . . light red hair . . . lived in japan for three years. . . twice president of the class . indulges guiltily in vanilla milkshakes . . . artistic . . . has a good, clear speaking voice . a pro at making delicious cookies . . . loves art more than anything. . . values hon- esty in people . . . listens quietly to what one has to say . . . the type of person one coniides m easily . . . considerate. dana lynn stott ace . . . an orange spot on hazel eyes ternational traveller . . . mainstay of varsity basketball team since ninth grade . . . keeps siamese fighting fish in brandy snifters . . . saturday art classes at moore . . . draws beautifully . . . guitar is her instrument . . . sports teams welcome her . . . aspiring fash- ion designer . . . plays the harpsichord . . . if you're open minded, you're her friend . . always volunteers . . . thoughtful. candace louise swenson candy . . . the natural look . . . crooked smile . . . bouncy hair . . . tall, model-thin figure . . . one of miss lib's ladies . . . con- sumes diet cola in large quantities . . . appre- ciates comic strips . . . weekend-long dates . . . dotes on her niece, kirstin . . . happy new addition to the swim team . . . tennis champ . . . enjoys sketching and interpreting poetry . . . long walks at the shore . . . gentle . . . sensitive. 42 eborah carpenter thresher olly . . . striking blue eyes with brown hair . . has always been in studio art . . . sun- athes whenever possible . . . spends time fter school designing in the studio across e street . . . possesses a real flair for fashion esign . . . renaissance art lover . . . admires eople who can keep their chins up no matter hat the circumstances . . . pays sincere com- liments . . . speaks to one openly, with hon- ty. rebecca van buren becky . . . long dark hair . . . exchange-stu- dent to grenoble . . . president of affiliation . . . runs barefoot when she can . . . climbs trees . . . winter walks on the beach . . . sat- urday drama courses . . . writes poetry for herself . . . her folk guitar is rarely silent . . . sketches and paints . . . most loves acting and all aspects of the theatre . . . manifest self- assurance . . . happily independent . . . dy- namic, sensitive spirit. karla marquerite zapf karla . . . tallest girl in the school . . . 5'l0" . . . large brown eyes . . . shiny black hair . . . hard-working archer . . . busy treasurer of a.a. and glee club . . . music is her life . . . active participation in youth orchestras . operatic soprano voice that carries far and wide . . . skilled and devoted cellist . . . looks p for sincere friendships . . . helpful . . . some- one who cheers you up when you need it. linda susan zurn zurn . . . susie . . . pale blonde hair . . . cum laude society . . . a four year latin student . . . frequently elected as class president or student council representative . . . dotes on cinnamon pop tarts . . . likes little kids . . . motown music fan . . . motivated, depend- able leader . . . well-rounded athlete . . . thinks sincerity is very important . . . down- to-earth ideas . . . straightforward . . . real- istic . . . someone to rely on anytime. 43 sonia ann west toni . . . long "summer blonde" hair . . . one of her favorite treats is a cannibal sandwich . . . faithful byberry volunteer . . . crazy about 'vettes . . . on weekends she becomes a sunday school teacher . . . during the sum- mer she surfs . . . snaps pictures all year 'round . . .her first love is basketball . . . likes good humor in a person . . . insists upon apologizing profusely . . . strives at being broad minded . . . likable. 7 I is T515 dana Stott, vice presidentg sue frankenfield, secretaryg dee ellis, treasurerg sue zum, president. class officers 44 J. holly thresher art edltor debb1ekon1etzko busmessmanager cheryl ervm editor-in-ch1ef ton1west photography edntor year book staff ff' A Z 5 l class will we, the class of 1968, being of sane mind and sound body, do hereby bequeath the following marie-claire berryer leaves her drum to martha adams sandy beska leaves her hairbands to laura eiman barbie breinig leaves her car, mabel, to marianna perkins brenda breeds leaves her girl scout uniform to rebecca bass dee ellis leaves her commuting to bambi burpee cheryl ervin leaves her mumble to addi jaffe ann fleming leaves bubble gum to marty biggs sue frankenfield leaves her problems to anne posel jane gottschalg leaves her chopin concertos to meg thomas linda guydon leaves her calmness to suzy bass cathy harbison leaves jim to nan harbison debbie konietzko leaves her contact lenses to mrs. postpichal melcenia long leaves her militancy to beth toness appe nishimizu leaves her walks home to vicki vaniver and jill oppenheimer betsy rosenberger leaves her pencil supply to the school Store missy shuman leaves her miniskirts to miss huey sally skinner leaves her jokes to miss tees jacki slack leaves her fugs album to barbara berger dana stott leaves taylor grant to mrs. zitin candy swenson leaves speechmaking to miss bickley holly thresher leaves the ocean city beach patrol to kris buchin becky van buren leaves her hair to robin becker toni west leaves her surlboard to mrs. peters karla zapf leaves her cello to ruth gordon susie zurn leaves her conservatism to susan rashkis hereto we set our seal this twelfth day of june, nineteen hundred and sixty-eight. the class of 1968 46 47 ., .QA '.'1. 'af fi - , 'T -+ Wink K, - .sb--: as ' . -rg., V X x 'NSQNA .X xbxxjx . N X K "F, . . A K. - -1 '.lX""2s11'TlNxM" ' -F Xxx 1. - X N, Y VX E if W . X L, I' L :- K IE, -e-5: fu' sl I 'Rx yi ' 'NN students and faculty the eleventh grade ruth andersen nancy barto rebecca bass robin becker marty biggs leslie boyer barbara coles laura conkey betsi eisman jenny french nan harbison betsy harrison addi jaffe allene noz marianna perkins anne posel melodic quill sylvia raab meg thomas beth toness so r n"""- ..4'l the tenth grade stevie hindin jan kennedy anne murphy dana o'brien amy perkins melissa puchek iii' ,tgfff susan rashkis betsy rech audrey storb sally thresher wendy zum If Neff the ninth grade susan bames libby bartlett elaine beck jane blumenthal maria borden holly com vickie decker laura eiman sandy haines anne harbison ellen harbison debra hollander margo irwin kathy macinnes paula jo mack beverly maguire carol paschal meg peck madeline robinson susan rudolph mary scattergood beth sears cindy shulman amy van buren susan yannessa anne zapf the eighth grade sally apfelbaum barbara bretl beth clement mary conkey connie creger claire crosman jeana dimarco karen hanson laura harbison monica harms kathy lanning ellen levitt lisa nuttall diane storb susan swenson eileen terry vicky vaniver ellen yarrow polly apfelbaum ellen carangi wendy decker sally florez debbie force seventh grade maddy foust maribeth haeberle carol harbison ellen kramer patti laub leslie marshall jill openheimer helene pahides helen peyton ellie posel linda reese linda rossi nikki scott renee smith meemie Sullivan lynn thalheimer connie trott . J 5. .-, 11' faculty mary helen bickley now, get out there and have a good time." It 11 1 I HEL ,,,,. X maria peters 1, ,, eq e 'X' Hoop-stil" "all right . . ." 56 e ja "if you Wlu cob dresden Nw. 555 ,, aq 3 nf, V 5 a li K'--NX R S Q 'fA XX l . 5 i M.....f sq, '1 :' ' a Y, 2 L Hwv "I ,.,. V, 'N jig I f 3 , 5 L , ' QE L I ,Q-f x 11 Q gag an 13 4 I X I fl Q gg. ,, .-3,4 f., JL V V 535 5 fi at ff if , - Ji 5 l ' S' wr fm, 3 4 if I , 5 fs Y. "J 1 -L1 , 4- ' ' 'H -'2-'V ' I -LQ4-:Era i F? . 'X in .455 M eleanor eby james hall colette lachman 'gi115, we need Qnly one mgye point!" "the best day of school is the last day "wee weel ave a leetle deektay on in june." chuesdayf' fif 'T M5 -LQ- in in bernice krewson 'A nurse margaret reynolds nelson saunders development secretary business manager n 60 1 2 l V- ..., .4 WX ruth ammon 5 I Q' headmastefs secretary rnahnenance alta harrison louise devitt upper school secretary financial secretaly khchen mary kendrick ivory coleman anthony grandinetti, nancy morgan, howard buchmann, frank brooks, sr. 61 -945 0. 4 e - J 3. J I A 'wx X' g 1 'F - ,An-, 14' z'f " TZ? ."- gb ' , ' 'nm -g-zu ,,.,, .. X 3,9 X 'K activities and sports left to right: s. beska, presidentg n. barto, treasurerg s. rudolphg c. lanningg 1. nuttallg l. thalheimerg j. blumenthalg s. raab, vice-presidentg b. colesg m. robinsong mrs. conkeyg p. apfelbaumg a. storbg b. berger, secretary. ll ' ' ' II a visiting poet . . . mrs. conkey and sandy .l. . monday afternoons . . . much searching and planning with aim to please . . . unusual programs like the baillie theatre pro- duction of a one-act play by chekhov, a glassblower, and a visiting poet . . . student participation in a spring hootenanny . . . senior project assemblies . . . "david and lisa" . . . "nothing but a mann . . . "no- body waved good-bye" . . . talkative meetings . . . as- sembly . . . II ' mltten tree . . .mrs. peters and barbie . . . organizing tuesday af- ternoon volunteer work with patients at byberry . . . tutoring children in lower grades from neighborhood schools...unicef christmas cards and note paper . . . various class christmas projects such as gifts for orphans and a mitten tree . . . discussion groups in- cluding 7th through 12th grades . . . rewarding activi- ties . . . religious life and welfare . . . top row: s. apfelbaumg l. eimang 1. harbisong a. perkins, v. vaniverg d. beckerg r. smith. middle row: mrs. petersg b. harrisong m. quillg s. hainesg v. decker. bottom row: b. breinig, presidentg t. westg s. florez. . . . mr. dresden and becky . . .lthe exchange student program with the lycee stendlial . . .letters to laura conkey . . . penpals from grenoble . . . japanese exhib- it of dolls, fans, and handkerchiefs. . . color-picture sale project . . . schwenksville conferences . . . display of foreign dolls. . .the tasty bake sale at may day . . . interested committee members . . . lively, animat- ed meetings . . . affiliation . . . "p npals from grenoble" . . . S top row: w. deckerg m. long, secretaryg b. burpeeg f. bonsall. middle row: e. yarrowg m. harmsg m. c. berryerg a. nishimizug e. levitt. bottom row: e. terryg p. laubg n. brenner, treasurerg b. van buren, presidentg c. paschalg 1. bartlett. 1 4 l l I 1 r T .1 standing: mrs. reynoldsg k. buching e. beckg mrs. banningg r. anderseng e. carangig s. yanessag d. hollanderg e. poselg s. zumg c. ervin. sitting: s. swensong s. bass, managing editor, treasurerg 1. rossig r. bass, editorg l. guydon. ll ' ll debatable editorials 67 . . . mrs. reynolds and rebecca . . . monthly newspaper ...product of much work and organization. . .de- batable editorials that arouse strong reactions and resulting letters to the staff . . . descriptions of school activities. . . candid snapshots. . .scores of athletic events...reviews of recent movies and books... occasional literary supplement of poetry and fiction ..."we must meet the deadline, girls" ...the ab- ington friend... Q l l standing: d. storbg b. maguixeg b. rosenberger, treasurerg b. baumg n. scottg b. brooks, president. sitting: s. barnes, vice-presidentg h. pahidesg p. j. mack, secretary. absent c. crossman. ll ' I monotony of presidents' . . . . . . mrs. roether and brenda . . . book day in the fall . . . the paperback book store, managed during the day by recruited mothers. . .motto of store: "you name itg we'll get it!" . . . new subscription to seven- teen magazine has had widespread popularity . . . de- voted members who return year after year . . . monot- ony of presidents to be broken by this year's gradu- ation . . . library . . . 68 . . . mrs. evans and sally . . . light bulb sale with exten- sive participation and consequent success . . . new blue plaid varsity tunics . . . hockey, basketball, swimming, volleyball, archery, and tennis . . . always publicizing school sports in order to excite more spirited attend- ance during games . . . new ideas for next year's a.a. picnic . . . pep rallies and hearty cheers before games . . . the athletic association . . . standmg c creger J dimarco b clement c trott m foustgw.zurngs. skinner, presidentg j. kennedyg s frankeniield k zapf treasurer sitting l marshall m. adamsg m. thomas, vice-presidentg b. eismang ...mrs. duer and hol1y...new this year...incorpor- ating all artistic activities of school. . . a desire to make students more aware of art. . . print sale of original works of members . . .two movies for upper school: picasso and michelangelo . . . design programs . . .interesting student demonstrations of art methods and techniques during meetings . . . national photography exhibit . . . art society... picasso and michelangelo, . . nan harbison, susan rashkis, holly thresher, sally thresher, jacki slack, mrs. duer, robin abramson, anne posel, robin becker, dana stott, beth toness 70 ,. missy shuman, miss bickley, susan rashkis, nan harbison tryouts for membership . . . miss bickley and missy . . . new organization this year with tryouts for membership . . . club encompasses various talents: acting, costuming, make-up, and set design . . . more active, with hopes for future expansion . . . constant search for "the perfect play" . . . several skits in assembly . . . full length play every spring . . . same search every year to dig up boys who can act well . . . dramatic club. . . 71 traditional christmas party. . . . . miss tees and ann . . . gives a welcome party in september for the new students . . . concern . . . mid-morning munch . . . super- vises proctored study halls . . . responsibility ...traditional christmas party in the gym with refreshments and entertainment . . . organization of the activities dinner . . . awards . . . school dances improved by a new social events committee . . . dances . . . crea- tivity . . . student council . . . karen hansen, cathy harbison, ann fleming, dana o'brien, melissa puchek, marianna perkins, jill openheimer, carol harbison, mary conkey, holly com, leslie boyer, maria borden, absent. 72 1 r. abramson, m. adams, r. andersen, s. barnes, n. barto, e. beck, r. becker, b. berger, m. c. berryer, j. blumenthal, m. borden 1. boyer, IJ. breinig, n. brenner, b. brooks, b. burpee, b. coles, j. gottschalg, c. harbison, b. harbison, j. kennedy, d. konietzko m. long, p. mack, b. maguire, c. macinnes, a. murphy, a. nishi- mizu, d. o'brien, c. paschall, m. peck, in. perkins, a. posel, m. quill, s. raab, s. rashkis, b. rech, b. rosenberger, s. rudolph, m. scattergood, b. sears, m. shuman, s. skinner, j. slack, a. storb d. stott, m. thomas, h. thresher, s. thresher, b. van buren, s. yannessa, a. zapf, k. zapf, s. zum, w. zum. talkative but capable group of girls.. . . . mrs. conkey and brenda . talkative but capable group of girls . . . strong soprano sec- tion . . . presentation of handel's "messiah" with c.h.a., accompanied by chestnut hill community orchestra . . . vesper service with the 7th and 8th grade christmas play . . . "frostiana" concert with g.a. in the spring . . . octet's visits to foulkways home and by- berry . . . "brigadoon" medley sung by senior octet at activities dinner . . . glee club and the octets . . . senior octet barbara breinig brenda brooks cheryl ervin cathy harbison betsy rosenberger missy shuman dana stott holly thresher becky van buren karla zapf junior octet martha adams madeline robinson susan barnes beth sears bambi burpee mary scattergood kathy macinnes wendy zum anne posel 73 V V , . . .W,. ., k V V ,V V,. 7,5 . .-,V.V .V 'E 5, Gaim A ,VV -vw- V V . . Je A Vi' -We A :V 1M .V a A eiigi 'Af ' Vg-,Af ! V5 L 3, w V x., V I, , ,Q V R I V. vl N . K Y, is Mx ii iv V4 in t - wi V A . V-sf. V Ve-SV: . V.. 'LV V' V 4. .3 V, as ig .. VV 5 -f in gzf-fu, ' , . ' QV. .. 4 Vv V- . . ' gh- J 'i at YW? 'V -n V f . , ' . , ' ,K , ' V' -, V, I Je- H. A I 17 .Vllwfflfg K ' V' Haier 5' . ' ki N V V1 'sf . ' - c VV ' ' ' 5V ' " 'F ' V - .AVV - V . -V' ' - X , w . w i ' -.1 -'g gf NV, -A 1: Adam- 4-V 17 X .. V. I 1,1 ,' '12 V' M V , ig K 1 5 v E53-Lxib V. wp: A. . Q yi 45 V Q if I -in .r-4 V' I f 3 5 :fl , ,ga V - J 3' FL ' -Q 1r Y HV qi . -V1 QV QV V . H 'Q , V ff.,,-.f:'fi .V V. 'Ha V V V ' ww . " X JE-5 i i 44 55" " V A 'Q V' -'di 3" '7'i'ri A IW" f 3' 7' Q VV Yffflf ,I V- 556 . ' z VV .V 1 gf MV Q -V V 'Vf...w . f. X -, K g,,ig,, I V V: Y 9 VV A! I 4 L V iq, E t , V gui Vkh, M .. i-'e gg V tr Vw V ni ' arp x Q' ."f"NVF5r Q VV V KV, -' ! 'f K 1, ' 5 E , ' ' fx! ' f: 'y'QVQ eq xl sl A 4 f , xi r ..iV '4'!r V Q 9 Q s ' H4 . I I . X' J is .. f. ' if 2 .. VV M V I - siiyfil I A X 'SEN .3 i I l it. I ' V K 5. A fi' , ' - 1 ':EV I . ' .Mi , , V5 - 3 V . V A . v Q Vg- , 2. ' V ev .. I at it .JL V f M .35 .I V A M Q ? X wil Q AV, ' 1 ig 'xl Y ,I V 5 .V-V .V I P jk u n f ' .V Q , 'Fink ii ir. pw V' . I E ','f'i, .3 Pv 'Pi 1 2A " 4 1 ' Q A . ni X ' 3 "kia f' ' " '57, :VA V Th i V' . ' jff 5 95 '1 QQ4 4 X fl f :Q-Tir QF' . . 5, it V. V. . ki 2 1 V- ,V VV: f V1 I , i " Q STL 1g,,.V,4Vggs igggxlgir 3, - " Q V f - 'V ggg 4 A ' X Q Q I .jr 'vv V .' .VL F I J V ,,.V AV.. VV-. ,k,, - ,X K VV, , V57 ., .f.....Q..n 1- V f' VV .dlw F... 1, A 46 sigh ii' .,-'f?:2,7qi'Z' 1 z '- anf"fg" fVVVVQ K' ' 1,333 7- ' A . . V E54 -195 - in 19 14' X V .sm V. V. + V, V: ' Q xn 4 X ' A 4 - .' RV 5, Equus: 1 gt Nw, wav. .tink 'Z lv 5 ' V1.. 5 5 .-. . e' 5 6 Aifff-' " K f S' .QW V V V 41 ff? Vf as ' VV iff' V 'Q an LV '- wi' 7' -- i K ' K ' .f l 555. 2,4 bi V . 2 W A V VV .V- . 5 Qs.. L " 3 ig . 5 .., ts, - K f V K In QV. V V An. V i 'H - V V . . " . V f k Val ...V V - 4--V ds 4 V V V 4 1 V VV. ' .. V 5 V V. ff - ' VV e' .V 5' ' :IV ' 'f V N V f V. V .. V ' L' ' ' 'F " " . ,1, H .V 5VV,.V,. V H V V .1 ,fx .f , . Q . f . . VV . K , I V , ,V K. V V . ff. .V ff? H ' V. ' ' V f K ' 1 K . V "'7Mppf5f7:ff'4lV f VV v'?.2V... -. T. " Li f V - K ff F VV V QP Q-'f' Q 5-Q1 V d- h0112U1de1', b- burpee, n. brenner, b. sears, v. decker, e. beck, m. borden, a. murphy, b. brooks, b. berger, s. yannessa, s. barnes, n. barto mrs. evans and mrs. eby . . . co-captains susie and barb . . . week-long hockey camp at tobyhanna in the poconos . . . "acka1ackachee" . . . overnight trip to washington, d.c. to play sidwell friends . . . "drive to the right!" . . . never able to agree on a date for the hockey dinner . . . cold knees by november . . . outstanding team sportsmanship . . . color squad and varsity hockey. ,Q I- fl: mrs. evans and mrs. eby . . . dana, cheryl, martha and jenny . . . monday through thursday practices after school . . . fre- quent posters and personal tags to be worn naming the school to be defeated . . . scores announced in assembly . . . "we played a good game, but-" . . . game with locust valley team of long island . . . liveliness . . . Winning season for varsity . . . color squad and varsity basketball. swimming W1 N I F 1 i N Y miss twiford, c. swenson, c. haxbison, n. brenner, m. conkey, b. rosenberger, n. barto, 1. reese, m. puchek, s. yannessa, b. element, e. harbison, m. robinson, l. harbison, 1. eiman. l I 1 miss tw1ford . . . cathy . . . practices at the "y" . . . fifty bobs to warm up . . . those "stay trim" exercises . . . "you've only done twenty-five lengths" . . . water logged swimmers . . . vaseline for bloodshot eyes . . . body-contoured tank suits . . . "in the next event, swimming for a.f.s. are harbison, harbison and harbison" . . . blast of the gun, and the race begins . . . swim team. 78 archery debbie . . . varsity and j.v. anticipate another success- ful winning season . . . hope for a victory over west- town, their greatest rival . . . an eight-member team . . . excellent, nearly new equipment to encourage archers . . . oh, those cold, rainy practice days! . . . archery. r. bass, s. bass, b. baum, b. brooks, d. ellis, d. konietzko, t. west, k. zapf. tennis mrs. eby and mr. dresden . . . a small team . . . singles and doubles on varsityg singles only on j.v .... whites . . . aim for the endline and corners . . . "get out of 'no man's land'!" . . . sweeping the courts after it rains . . . matches at alverthorpe park . . . weekday prac- tices after school . . . j.v. and varsity tennis. n. barto, f. bonsall, b. breinig, c. ervin, C. harbison, n. harbison, j. kennedy, m. perkins, b. rech, s. skinner, c. swenson, s. zum, w. zurn. Compliments of ZAPPS MUSIC STORE Q , P WA 4-8736 R Phila., Pa. 19120 Q Clginpagne J U BALL US 5-2343 Florists c. F. KREMP s. son Jungs ATERERS Baedefwggd GIOVC FIOWCI' N Shopng. Cntr. OPP- R- R- Sh0P Jenkintgwn St3.f10I1 Phila. TU 4-1600 OL 9-9200 OR 6-5400 C O M P OF L I 1 ' M E THE MOTHERS' COMMITTEE N T S 9188 EEQUETH ' SUBURBAN FOOD MARKET VVESTERN PRIME NIEATS GOOD '68 IN THE LUCK '72, FUTURE Pnoouca Q FANCY enocsazss 0 sm-:A Fooo A Fnsnsn onnsns .rr wHoL.ssAL.e: F-Races Compliments of 'ru n 4-4944 'ns wss'r AVENUE. l.EN'S SHOE BOX 'ru n 4-as-as .:ENKnN'rowN. PA. 56 S. York Rd. Hatboro, Pa 19040 "He has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often, and loved much, Who has gained the respect of little children, Who has filled his niche and accomplished his task, Who has left the world better than he found it, whether by an improved poppy, a perfect poem, or a rescued soul, Who has never lacked appreciation of earth's beauty or failed to express it, Who has always looked for the best in others and given the best he had g Whose life was an inspiration, Whose memory is a benedictionf' 81 I s me ms PENUA- BRANCH ' 'Z S' f T A 5:5151 E L Ltvuukv mo. best place for your SAVINGS . . . ' HIGH EARNINGS ' INSURED SAFETY 0 TWO CONVENIENT OFFICES YORK! Q ROAD SAVINGS Ill llll ISSIOIHIUI 123 YORK RD. 806 WEST AVE. JENKINTOWN JENKINTOWN TU 4-7725 102 Years of Service and Experience BIOREN and CO. INVESTMENTS Member New York and Philadelphia Stock Exchanges Associate Member New York Curb 1424 Walnut St., Philadelphia Pennypacker 5-9400 FETTERS MILL PHARMACY 50 Fetters Mill Square Huntingdon Valley, Pa. J. A. Spadaro, R. Ph. WI 7-3430 compliments of cl friend BURPEE SEEDS GROW Goocl bL'6 FVOTYI .... MW"'H'1CX.F"Ckfl LIZ. Beck'-I 4 Q' if U E 5 5 ESKIN HARDWARE co. EE .g- 5 ,C 109 NORTH YORK ROAD Willow Grove, Pu. J' 5 30 Stores in Norristown and Willow Grove OL 9-0555 N C 8- TooLs - mms - cuss - Plumamo - ELECTRICAL 3 G- :S .C GARDEN SUPPLIES - HousEwAnEs - BUILDERS' SUPPLIES VI Sn Q 3 S cf E? -+- Q 2 D' A A. S. FARENWALD, FLOWERS P Q3 AND INTERIORS SN .S JD serving Philadelphia and me Main Line Q U 3 since 1928 P C5 :D York Rd. 8: Greenwood Ave. w 5 C Jenkintown, Pa. KJ P7 fag TU 4-2442 Pr MDN X' A world to be born under Wurfoafftqvf. 1969 St.-John Perse I 83 AL SWE NSON FORD 3910 50 Kensington A Phl d I h P CU 9 2700 "The Fantastics' . . ll J C llilllgai Gil Clll , IIC. vi -'F'?,F,A,- g?g:gEgg555sEsE?.::f Eg jjp -45137 - " ' . .i ROUTE 4I3 AREA C - WRIGHTSTOWN, BUCKS COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA lB94O ODE Zl5 - wRlsHTsTowN 598-3:26 - PHILADELPHIA NE 7-5454 85 "Build thee more stately mansions, O my soul, As the swift seasons roll! Leave thy low-vaulted past! Let each new temple, nobler than the past S1 155:21 Shut thee from heaven with a dome more vast, V f as 5 . 'Til thou at length art free, , Leaving thine own outgrown shell by life's unresting sea!" . .,4t ,,- 1 , .. u 4 .. -?r,,.- -1:-h... A ' 4""'IT- ,. , -.....---:.':':" 'Q .'.--"'. . "" lm. gl.. - - N. -:'.-.. - M. I ,. ' -un '- .. , N , " , .- 2 - ---""'::.- -" ,, - Fred H. Straub Jewelers Since 1894 1 N t, 1375 Old York Road To Miss Bucklin with love. Abington, Pa. Compliments of the Buck Hotel 86 FifSfS1eeP y , HERBERT L. CAROTHERS Turner 7-3444 "Whilst Adam slept, Eve from his side THE PH 01,0 SPOT arose. l . Strange! his first sleep should be his Everythmg Photogmphlc . last repgsef' Brenda JL Lynda 716 West Ave. Jenkintown TU 7-9662 rowews PHARMACY m, on Art Supplies York and Susquehanna Roads Picture Framing TU 4-2222 Abingt0rl, Pa- 140 Glenside Ave., Glenside 19038 "You become what you allow yourself ' to think even if you don't think so." BLAIR 8g CO., INC. Members New York Stock Exchange 2 PENN CENTER PLAZA PHILADELPHIA, PA. 19120 Doylestown, Pa. ing 333 gnqp M:ncHAN1s ASSOCIATION 7830 Gennantown Ave. Huntingdon Valley Shopping Center Chestnut Hill Huntingdon Pike Sc Rockledge Avenue KNOW US CIHSS OF ,Tl ENTINPS Elkins Park PHARMACY as T0 Lava us S o o u ck figlr 5, ,.,,oRS NOTARY PUBLIC 7870 Spring Ave., Elkins Park, Pa. CApitol 4-1812 ----- MElrose 5-4570 87 sweet taste of laughter days left to cry things we would do in a world to be tried child time is finished tl1e world calls our names to join her masses and play at her games lock up tomorrow or throw it away we don't care to see things not publicly planned living for sanction approvals by mass following patterns without start or end you see we are leaving to go on our own joining a cold world hiding from love to those few who find love life never has end to those who ignore love life never began , . II f 'j' ggi-51: G I LL B RGS ' min .: I . IN C. cmso 3:31.12 31: ,R .,1E'1'.!, I Q PHONE, Euvxwooo 7-1200 " .5'Lf-9I""5 .cf I WS' CHURCHVILLE,PENNA.I8966 ' FUEL OIL - OIL BURNER SALES AND SERVICE- 89' after thirty-nine years it's hard to say good-bye .l.A.F. .l.F. A.F. BEAN, MASON In EYER, INC. All Forms of Insurance Including Life D 3' J SPORTING 60095 Monument Square 713 Main Street HUf1tiHSd0H Valley Sh0PPmg Center Doylestown, Pa. Lansdale, Pa. Rockledge, Pa- 348-8141 855-6841 Ra 5-5160 ES 9-2070 Shoes 8L Laces G. ERNIE'S SHOE SERVICE Baederwood Shopping Center Jenkintown, Pa. TU 7-6505 Fine Foods Fancy Fruit Baskets TUmer 4-7500 Abington, Pa. 'he me SPO" Shop euusuns rulmnun: for Miss 8a Misses Est, 1923 609 west SVC- Complete Home Furnishers TU 4-3554 ienkinwwn, pa. 101 S. York Rd. OS 5-4080 R. L. STOTT COMPANY FI 2-1100 --1 Home Heating Fuel Chrysler Heating 8: Air Conditioning Systems AM E R ICA N Rockledge 8: Robbins Aves. Fox Chase, Phila., Penna 91 WE ARE A REPUBLIC NOT A DEMOCRACY .inn LETS KEEP IT THAT WAY I FEES F The First President . . . on Constitutional change: "If in the opinion of the people, the dis- ,, tribution or modilication of the Constitutional E powers be in any particular wrong, let it be cor- -! rected by an amendment in the way in which the Constitution designates. But let there be no change by usurpationg for though this in one in- Ple-'-cher Ford Inc. stance may be the instrument of good, it is the cus- tomary weapon by which free governments are The Fairway destroyed." Jenkintown, Pa. G. Washington-1796 885-2600 L18-3800 Compliments of A. C. FRATTONE Compliments of HARBISCN VOLKSWAGEN Inc. 1001 Old York Rd. Abington, Pa. 19001 TU 4-3430 CA 4-2848 92 Webb Cadillac Company, Inc C mpllments of Harvey F. Rosenbe g Picolef Hosiery Finishing Mill Montgomeryville, Penna. travel the EASY way LEONHARDT TRAVEL SERVICE 415 OLD YORK RD., JENKINTOWN, PA. TUrner 4-3737 TUrner 6-6121 Congratulations! on the ground-breaking for your newschool ...i0oculoousucoug.. ' 1 : TASTE THE ' 5 DIFFERENCE! PAUL mean, INC. ' GUNS AND SPORTING GOODS 21 1 Leedom Street at Greenwood Ave. 1 Jenkintown, Pa. '. ,M I L K .'. and COMPANION PRO DU CTS To Jane, Sue, Jacki, 8a Dana, FOR SERVICE CALL KEEP YOUR LIPS SHUT! Love, Sally KL Toni 95 "And departing, leave behind us Footprints on the sands of time, Footprints, that perhaps another, Sailing o'er life's solemn main, A forlorn and shipwrecked brother, Seeing, shall take heart again." L0ngfeu0W Fowler SHINN Buick BUICK OPEL sales service 830 York Road Jenkintown Penna 19046 TU 6-3500 CA 4-0600 of the class of '68 , . . Today as we dream the dreams of the future And memories serve as the key to our hopes A million tomorrows will all pass away 'Til we forget all the joys that were ours today. We can't be contented with yesterday's dreams, For yesterday's dreams will change and they do, But sooner or later new dreams will appear Replacing the old ones, becoming the new, today. Today we are Seniors, tomorrow who knows! Our futures are radiant and how the past glows. Today and tomorrow will all pass away, But never the joys that we've had here at Abington. PATRONS Mrs. M. Gotwals Ervin Dr. 8: Mrs. Charles R. Shuman Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas B. Harbison Mr. 8: Mrs. Karl T. Zapf Mr. 8: Mrs. Harold West Mr. 8: Mrs. William W. Campbell Dr. 8: Mrs. Martin A. Haurin Mr. 8: Mrs. Albert H. Creger Frank Hopkins, D.O.S. Melrose Hardware Township Line Pharmacy Mr. 8: Mrs. Tom Weeks Morton Gradess Arcade Gift Shop Benson East Harry 8: Harriet Alan S. Yarmark Suzy Swenson Lloyd C. Kulp Hatboro Book 8: Card Shop 39 S. York Road Ellen Harbison Gephart's Jewelers 13 S. York Road J oseph's Custom Furniture 8 N. York Road Hatboro Music Shop 11 S. York Road Mr. 8: Mrs. Ronald Pearlstein Mr. 8: Mrs. John Gurniak Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul Duffy Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Page Robert Ganger John Gruber Ed Walker Paul T. Hlavinka Adelaide Jaffe A friend Dana Harbison James V. Holesovsky Robert Zapf Nanny H. George Fleming ,68--TO THE GIRLS WITH GOOD LOOKS WHO SELL YEARBOOKS, BEST OF LUCK!-'73 PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS "what though the radiance which was once so bright" be now forever taken from my sight though nothing can bring back the hour of splendor in the grass, of beauty in the flower we will grieve not, rather find strength in what remains behind

Suggestions in the Abington Friends School - Outward Bound Yearbook (Jenkintown, PA) collection:

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