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A. VA ...n f .. in 1- aa E -4 j 3 " 'W' r V Mui ' J , A 3,1 'Hi' vt' .. ,...- 'LZ'- 1211: rip-4--va -V' . v 4 . ,KH LS , 'I W v , X, I .5 13 Lu .4 Vi. Q Q . ,- gl 1- -. N.: 1 1 .-.., 1, - ....-.W-.... , M a-. ,-..-H1 r. -. ...,,,,.. w 'K X 1 fr X Vu An 1 ni 1 S Y. K H2 OUTWARD BGUN D 1956 F OREWORD We, the seniors, have chosen mythology to be the theme of our yearbook. We feel that it not only presents a beautiful background for our class record, but also has a certain parallel and mean- ing. The background set by our class memories seems to fall in accord with the antiquity of ancient Greece and Rome and their mythological legend, both having a splendored past, yet a past that will never fade or be forgotten. This yearbook is not only a factual record, but it contains past and present thoughts and personalities of the eighteen girls in our senior class. At this moment the book may not seem so valuable to us, yet we realize that long after our school days we will return many times to the memories inscribed in this book. That is why we have tried to make our yearbook give a well-rounded and diversified pic- ture of school life as we have known it. Each section, every page, has a special meaning for us, each representing an indispensable part of our memory of school life spent at Abington Friends. DEDICATION THE CLASS OF 1956 IS QUITE PROUD TO DEDICATE THIS YEARBOOK TO OUR HEADMASTER, HOWARD WHITE BARTRAM. HIS DEVOTION NOT ONLY TO OUR CLASS BUT ALSO TO THE ENTIRE SCHOOL HAS CONTIN- UALLY MADE US GRATEFUL TO HIM. HE HAS ALWAYS HAD ENOUGH TIME AND PATIENCE TO SHOW A SINCERE INTEREST IN EVERY GIRL. IN OUR CLASSES ON RELIGION, HE KNEW JUST HOW TO PHRASE OUR IDEAS, BRING IN NEW THOUGHTS AS THOUGH WE OURSELVES HAD THOUGHT OF THEM, AND HELP US TO REACH THE CONCLUSIONS FOR WHICH WE WERE SEARCHING. HE HAS TRULY DONE AN OUTSTANDING JOB IN ORGANIZING A GROUP OF YOUNG GIRLS NOT ONLY TO WORK TOGETHER, BUT ALSO TO ACQUIRE THE DESIRE TO CONTRIBUTE TO THEIR SCHOOL AND HER COMMUNITY. THROUGH A COMBINATION OF FIRMNESS AND KINDNESS HE HAS MADE ABINGTON FRIENDS AN ALMA MATER OF WHICH OUR CLASS WILL ALWAYS BE PROUD. MOU T RUTH GOLD RUTH SCHABACKER Athletifs Frcnrh HOWARD BARTRAM Ifftldllltlffff MA RY HELEN BICKLEY English 1 Y im ,N A, - ,i ,Q., , B, , v W. A N. liI.IZABETH SMITH FREDRICKA NOLDE JQAN .IAFFE . ROBERTA WOLFF Athlctics English Eflgll-'hi 50C1Gl.Sfud'6'-9 Latin, Spanish Mathematics ua. BUCHMANN, MR. FINCKEL, MR. "POP" HORCHER RUTH AMMON FRANCES GEISEL Maintenance Secretary Librarian OLYMPUS ANNE LOIS RITZ A.v.ri.rtauf to Hmdzzmsfrr llluxif, Art Sm E-U1 EW Q-1 'cm 39 SE 'QC 0 5 ffm :fm Q3 rm U1 -1 so L11 2132 '32 2-Z :D f-3 N My 8 I I . ,,.. if Q f f- E .- f 1:41 --': fwzww HELEN SCOTT RUTH POSTPICHEL WEALTHY ANN SHANTZ JEANNETTE HENDRICK 1-11'-,tary Mathematics Home Economics Sfffffdfy E R f A I CARQLYN DUCKER GRACE DUER MARY KENDRICK, EVELYN BROWN, Hwd. l40wvf Sfhvvl Aff EZELL ROGERS, ANN FRIEBEL Cafdcrin OUTWARD BOUND STAFF Left to right: B. Helveston: J. Scottg B. Fisher: I. Uttal: A. Hurd. Editor-in-Chiff ..........,... Business Manager ...,.... Art Editor ................................., ..... Photography Editor ........... ,...,.,..., A . Assistant Photography Editor ......... ,Barbara Fisher Betsy Helveston .........Judy Uttal ...,......Ann Hurd ....,...janet Scott ff ' H ,, ,Z A W ' H L 4 yv r I . . ,vt . . .N WYV X' '- K? 'S x ' ., in 'gl .ill 1 i-- s ' i r-, i , M W ,A I .MT g 'Ni L K W g 2 ' vt h '-f: 5' lx. ? Q 1 1 I i 51 , , x' vtrlh V :Q X1 vi Sufi E . V 5 X 'Ax x 3- 1 3 li u I .rx 5- M - Q .J xi :E W , :y y an g E 1011 BARBARA ELIZABETH ALLAN 7515 Brookfield Road XPhiladelphia 26 'ffl W ,ev fylpmm gf ' My W me awww fbrydlyt W "Bonnie Barbara Allan" says the ballad, and so say we about our budding journalist. Babs' ability in creative writing has been exemplified in her fine work on Acorn.: and on the literary staff of Outward Bound. She is also a real lover of popular music and can usually be heard humming some tune. Efficiency is the word for this girl. As secretary of the senior class, she has done a competent job as she does in all her undertakings. Babs' sunny disposition keeps her out of arguments, and she has a ready smile for everyone. We have often depended on her to deliver calm and helpful sugges- tions which have always gone far to keep our group on an even and happy keel. 'T -rw gf! 9 W L t M S 1 S-ei, SUSAN BLAIR ALLARD 2760 Huntingdon Pike Huntingdon Valley in 'l E551 13.21 '-iq 7 Sue has a wonderful sense of humor combined with a great amount of sensibility. Her achievements, both academic and extra- curricular, ean be attributed to perseverance and consistency of purpose. She is an excellent listenerg whether it be a funny joke or a serious problem, we are never lacking sympathetic attention from Sue. Her ready laugh and cheerful disposition make her a much sought after companion. Although at times she appears to be innocent, Sue is quite often a part of our class pranks. One of her outstanding qualities is her sincere interest in each individual. Sue is always eager to help anyone in any way she can. She never fails to act with a deep and sensitive consideration of the feelings of others. 'EZ' "Brainy" describes this quiet one to a "T," but a sudden burst of wit or sarcasm is not uncommon to Joan and frequently animates our discussions. She has a real love for learning, and her inquisitive mind and intellectual curiosity have been stimulating to our class. Who of us will ever forget those incessant "why's" that kept us in stitches and Miss Tees in a state? The ability to get a job done well and efficiently is another of Joan's many outstanding traits. As vice-president of the Student Council, she has done a fine job. When we think of Joan, we think of sympathetic under- standing of our problems, her tranquility and her deep and sincere interest in all of her friends. JOAN KATHARINE BATT Randolph Road Meadowbrook CATHARINE WILHELMINA BROOKS 2310 Seventy-eighth Avenue Philadelphia 50 UW JW' WW MW' VM jaw ug,,.f2f ji 7 ,w"""'MiZ,Jf 0- 05 ,UW iw' af'f9'FiS, qS"9 rl-:rn -C Q L5 833' 'v 'v Cathy, the youngest of all of us but also the tallest, impresses us by her quiet manners and her mature way of thinking and act- ing. She seems to be one of the most peaceable persons in our class yet is able to make everyone laugh with her funny remarks. Cathy will be remembered for her scholastic ability and her fine editorship of Acorn: in her junior year. We find a true friend in Cathy, always ready to help whenever needed. She never passes an unkind word. We know instinctively that we can trust her com- pletely, and we like her for her understanding, patience, and sincerity with everyone. We are sure she will have a successful life built upon firm ideals. The little blonde with the sparkling blue eyes and short stature is our Nance. While in class, she has a quiet and mild manner, belied only by the mischievous twinkle in her eyes. Outside class, she is full of fun and always eager to go along with the crowd. Nance has one trait that is seldom found: she is a good listener. She is always willing to be attentive to whatever you have to say. However, it is easy to get her to tell you about her trip out west this past summer. Being around Nance, you are captivated by her infectious laughter and are immediately put at ease by her con- genial manner. We shall most of all recall her agreeable disposition. NANCE LOUISE EMHARDT 215 Rech Avenue Oreland 00 gf . ?t 49 1 Y 3:4 in , 'aw BARBARA ANN FISHER 1301 Huntingdon Road Abington o 9 M fu . E Barbara could almost be called an "efficiency expert." Regard- less of what befuddling task is set before her, she organizes it and always does it beautifully in an amazingly short time. Every- thing about Barbara-the way she dresses, the way she works, her carriage and her manner of talking- is meticulous and neat. Generally she is phlegmatic, but if she differs with an idea or feels she has something to contribute, we have a hard time keeping her quiet. Never once does Barbara abandon her principles, regardless of the consequences. Her unusual ability to handle and control varied types of responsibility has earned her the name, dependable. No wonder she is always busy. Barbara's self-reliance and patience will be valuable keys to a successful future. is 'Qs Betsy's intelligence makes her one of the great assets of our class. But she knows also how to keep her nose out of books at the right time. Everyone remembers her running on the hockey field and getting rosy cheeks from the wind. Because of her ability, independence, and interest in Affiliation, she was chosen to spend a short time in France. Fascinating stories of the wonder- ful experience she had as well as the adept French accent she brought back prove that she took the utmost advantage of her sojourn. Likewise she was able to show to the French people her high-standing American way of life. Her varied duties Betsy always undertakes and performs with a well-rounded knowledge and a sincere interest. ELISABETH ANN HELVESTON 1420 Warner Road Meadowbrook . ,DS o ffil. Ju Ig, l 172 - 0 To 1 FRRNLE. ANN HOLBROOK HURD 625 Highland Avenue Jenkintown 9 O x J A345 Ann has a mind of her own and can be counted on to con- tribute to our discussions. She is a wonderful audience for the class joke tellers, having a keen sense of humor, and she gives us a chuckle when she zips around in her little buggy. Our little one is capable and energetic. She always has her finger in a hundred different pies. Don't let that size fool youg Ann is a conscientious behind-the-scenes worker. She is invariably around to lend a help- ing hand in all our projects. Although she seldom steps into the spotlight, Ann has done more than her share to keep the class running smoothly. Hats off to you, Annieg we need more like you! Mary, though she came only for her senior year at Abington Friends, gives us the impression of having been here all along. With her relation of many tales about Scarsdale, she has brought lots of pep and such a cheerful manner that by seeming always happy, she communicates her joy to each of us. We feel sym- pathetic amusement when she gets into one of her frequent dithers. We like Mary's red hair and attractive features. How can she keep her slim figure with her love for food? She has definitely added a great deal of spirit and friendliness to our class. And that is certainly what' has brought her, with her naturalness and unaffected personality, so many friends. We really wish we had known Mary before. MARY ABBOTT HUTCHINSON 909 Coates Road Meadowbrook :FN x have 'l Ur U N ffl- , 5 G MAI JA JANSSON Pine Road above Moredon Fox Chase, Philadelphia 11 will if W iii W i K at ,- BMW JV' LM NQJJ 301, of" Wfiiiii wif, i iii M Je U W infill law' MQW 'JM lwyff io . .9 r 4255229 'll lit flfzfnv ll , 14 mi' I E 1 XXI lv fl' Xxfi x "A true leader" can be used as a pithy description of Maija. Her poise and maturity enable her to control different situations with the greatest tact and efficiency. She reaches beyond what is expected of her and is always ready to assume more than her share of responsibility. Along with these qualities, Maija is outgoing and enthusiastic. She gives vitality and vigor to our class. A wide knowledge of world affairs and an intellectual curiosity make Maija a stimulating companion. But no matter what problems con- front her, Maija is always faithful to her ideals. Her deep and sincere concern for people, while present through all her school years, has been exemplified more than ever in her fine job as president of the Student Council. wiki if f QQ! WJ? CHRISTINE HOLLIS LAPP 500 Warminster Road Hatboro ef 47, xcaehcj' Qi X QL QL' KX 4 fs -Q6 QQ! fSCv!boj1Q ' 4 W 44fD'w sf 0-O 'fir ca? W Cy? if A J5yj?oQ W 'PQQPJQTPQO CJ, 07 . ' Qf C99 ftZ0,QsAg,9QfQi2,gJf'5 N CEVEQ C' W ff fx . QPF Xyyfvy Msyiv D50 af? OXO GX! S?,+9'5xUj:.fd'1,cg2 Chrgst of all lo es sports and ig? of th st. Whe yo typ!! J meet Chris, you note she is small with a w olesome attractiveness. LQ 1 She seems to be always happy, for she is smiling, cheerful, an " ALS 0 0 4 her manner is always frank and sincere. When she starts giggling, " 69' she is really funny. But Chris has great sense of responsibility fgqgb and does outstanding work as vice-president of '56, She never fails aa, on ideas. Due to a concern for others are her ready assistance GRA to the needy and her gift of giving compliments whenever deserved W ,g or of pepping up her classmates. just as she seems to have good f X judgment of people, so her mind harbors strong thoughts. Her simplicity, faithfulness and modesty will be memorable to us. xg' .75 Q. ,, JOAN PHILLIPS OPPENHEIMER 941 Rydal Road Jenkintown 049' Sn 1.2 0 VT- l 4- J 1 464 Joan has always been the class jester. Her witty words with sometimes sarcastic comments and dramatic joke-telling keep our class laughing almost continually. Besides the humorous facet of her personality, joan also has a tremendous aptitude for leader- ship. This she proved by being our exceptionally competent class president. Her enthusiastic hockey captainship added a lot to the spirit of the team. Joan's intelligence and scope of knowledge are responsible for making her an interesting conversationalist. Because she has definite opinion about many things, she quite often indulges in spirited arguments. Ioan is frank and honest about everything she does and says, and because of this rare and outstanding quality, she has earned respect as a leader and a friend. The arrival of Daniele is one of the most wonderful things that has ever happened to our class. Our likable "francaise" has made countless friends ever since she stepped over the threshold of Abington Friends. Her perpetual smile and pleasant manner touch the hearts of all who know her. Her eagerness to learn, accom- panied by deep interest in everything and everyone around her, has brought and will continue to bring valuable rewards. Dannie is both an interesting and enjoyable speaker and also an attentive listener. Outstanding is her soft-spoken, yet dynamic manner which, combined with her other qualities, adds to Daniele's charm. Dannie will never be forgotten for her deep sensitivity and love for life as our wonderful, "gentille" French exchange student. DANIELE PETERSCHMITT 9 Boulevard Castelnau Selestat CBas-Rhinj, France O 0 9 .A 5 5 . 1 iw A 'fef' 9 7' ,ZA Y 1- ', ,sjgwaygl n' v, JANET LEE SCOTT Noble and Pepper Roads Jenkintown L , gk ,s s X-I C F ' ggi K' 1 f ,V gl A Q 1 k.?,jst,!,.1'! . J -I' The word "conscientious" makes us think of Janet. Give her a job to do, and it is done with sincerity and effectiveness. Assisting with the photography for the yearbook, she has shown her accept- ance of responsibility. Then, to add to her picture, Janet is the girl in our class who has never lacked for beaux. This fact can be ascribed to her effervescent personality. janet has a ready smile that can be easily turned into laughter. We have always envied her pretty clothes, especially her sweaters. janet has an undeniable faculty for knowing the right thing to wear at the right time. Neat- ness should probably be her middle name, for she is always im- peccably groomed. She carries herself with poise and grace. PDQ If you ever want a candid and straightforward answer, just ask Sonny. She will not hesitate to reply to your query, often with a witty remark. Sonny is prone to do whatever little favor you ask of her. Out on the hockey field she really excels, for in this phase of school she shows an avid interest. Sonny has a very changeable mind and heart. One week it's this boy, and the next week it's that boy. Yet she never sits home on weekends, and she can always manage to have a good time, no matter what she does. She worries very little and enjoys herself to the fullest. Her matter-of-fact and carefree manner characterizes her whole personality. SONJA OSA SJOSTROM 538 Shoemaker Road Elkins Park 00 E7 sig l eg 4 - 5 l l 'f W'-3 LJ ETHEL BRYANT TAGGART Fetters Mill Road Huntingdon Valley aww W MW WMM W S 00 ga fyflzzili "Sleepy Time Gal." That's our Bryant, who is perpetually in a happy daze. One should not be misled though. The lazy drawl is only a good front for the accurate observations and satirical remarks that Bryant is likely to come out with. She has a keen wit and puts it to good use. Bry is an active and skillful participant in various sports. Possessing an abundance of school spirit, she is always ready to support a large share of extracurricular activi- ties. As a social success, Bryant, who was our First social butterily, ranks at the top of the class. The fact that she has her goals clearly in sight and definite methods of attaining them assures Bryant of her success and happiness. Judy is the class glamour girl with her slim figure, sophisti- cated clothes and hairdo. Since she first came to A.F.S., we have had a hard time keeping track of Judy between her whirling social life and frequent movings. With her wonderful sense of humor, Judy makes many of our problems seem much smaller by giving them an amused chuckle. She never gets angry but always keeps the light touch. Judy says she believes in taking things easy and enjoying life, but in reality, she is a hard worker. fThat is, when she is not kept home by the elements.J She's both athletic and artistic besides. We owe to Judy's Congeniality many of the wonder- ful times our class has had together. JUDITH JOYCE UTTAL 231 Meetinghouse Lane Meriou C515 gil S, Q! I X U Q yi GWENDOLYN -IACOBUS WELFLEY 420 North Sterling Road Elkins Park flafffj, JW ,fcitxafify UJWWMMWM VDWWMJ rgffff f HMM? f L A 6, ,,A 3 'xhq ,A I Lynne's genial personality adds much to the Class of '56, Wisecracks and ready retorts which are likely to pop up at any time are standard equipment in her speech. It is easy for Lynne to talk to people, and you rarely find her with nothing to say. You can always be sure that if Lynne is around, something unusual is happening, for her zest and ebullience keep things moving at a rapid pace. Automobiles are the main focal point in Lynne's life. just ask her any question about them! A person who can easily make friends is Lynne, and she is known throughout the upper school because of her cheerful, friendly manner. Once you meet Lynne, you can never forget her. OUR ODYSSEY In 1942 the Class of '56 started their journey to becoming Seniors: a long journey, but a happy one, touching many shores. The first port was K-4. Here Maija and Lynne boarded. They tell us of the wonderful fun they had swinging in the playground, creat- ing works of art with water paints, and singing while Mrs. Adams played the piano. They were sorry to depart for K-5, but new experiences were in store. Barbara joined them, and together they learned to make wagons and stools in the workshop. Almost like carpenters! "Sharing-day" was a new experience, an edu- cational one, too. Everyone brought an article to share with everyone else. Dolls, pets, leaves and all sorts of odds and ends were shown. On we went to first grade. We were big girls now, for we were learning to read and print. Our favorite friends were found in the stories we read: Spot, Muff, Jane and Bill. Second grade brought more story-book friends. Here too, we started working on proj- ects such as maps and realistic art work. As we moved on to third grade, we lost the male members of the class. What a lonely third grade we looked forward to! But it was not so bad. We were so busy learning new things that we forgot about our losses. We graduated from printing to writing. Multiplication and division were added to our knowledge of mathematics. Bryant arrived in fourth grade. Miss Ducker added geography to our lessons. Furthermore, we had our first sport tournament: hop-scotch. The surest place to find our class was in the driveway fwith the teacher's chalkj, drawing hop-scotch blocks. In fifth grade janet and Ann got on board. This year we were taught to embroider. What mother will ever forget those beautiful tea- towels! But jumping rope was the activity which took most of our time. Our teacher, Miss Brennan, became engaged, and what a time we had giving her a shower. We felt quite important in sixth grade. After all, we were at the end of our lower school journey. joan B. and Cathy joined us here. The class put on the fabulous production of "Rolito." What a hit! We also published "Little Acorns," which everyone enjoyed writing for and then reading. jacks was the tournament this year. The rest of the school certainly had to be careful in the halls, as we were every- where. Seventh grade and upper school at last. Judy and Joan O. joined us on our nature walks with Miss Tees, looking for birds, trees and wild fiowers. Memories remain of those first class meetings in the upstairs science lab. We gradu- ated from embroidering and proceeded to make skirts in Home Economics. Few of us ever wore them. We arrived in eighth grade and were joined by Babs and Chris. What an eventful year. Some of the concoctions made in cooking class were inedible, especially some fried chicken. In hopes of missing an algebra test, we hid on the cellar steps. We missed the test and also part of the Christmas Party. Reaching our Freshman year was quite an event. Betsy joined and helped prepare for the big day, Freshman Day! Remember the play, the wishes and our big sisters? To enliven Latin classes, Miss Elmore brought her inimi- table humor. One class which was never dull was history, with Mr. Goulding, of course! As Sophomores we again became actresses to present the Sophomore play, "Five for Bad Luck." With the new members Sue and Sonja, we worked to put over a wonderful project of sweat shirts. Nance boarded the boat in our Junior year in time for the anticipated Ring Dinner. For weeks we waved our right hands to show off the rings. We all cooperated on a wonderful prom. What fun we had painting those fish and putting sparkles on them! The night was a beautiful, warm night, just right for dancing and then for swimming. At last we reached our Senior year. Daniele and Mary joined our class as we reached the end of our journey. Our first undertaking was to prepare for the Ring Dinner. Everything would have been fine had the caterer been on time! We will remember our Senior Prom: the "optical illusions," the combo and the parties before and after. Finally we got our Senior Room and the seniors just disappeared from study halls. The debates up there were often stimulating! We seemed to be undecided as to how to disembark, but after many arguments, we decided to do it in caps and gowns. As we conclude, we remember not only the big events which took place during our voyage, but the fun we had as a group, the friends we made and the experiences which we shared. It was certainly a wonderful trip full of memories which we will keep with us always. 'K -if --. J. " BABS SUE JOAN H CATHY Ti A 144' 51 . it 3? -'ll-Q-.....,, NANCE 6 A.'fg3,,, .. - BARBARA BETSY 1 ., II. pw- v" A ,QQ N' f P F MARY ANN MAIJA CHRIS SONJA L L.-I JOAN O, DANIELE .Zi Q JANET ff ' ' "wif ,sw - M Alai in BRYANT JUDY LYNNE , ! 'Wi m. f 5 If Name Babs Sue Joan B. Cathy Nance Barbara Ann Mary Maija Betsy Chris Joan O. Daniele Janet Sonja Bryant Judy Lynne Usually Found Swerving around corners In study hall Asking questions Eating pea soup Talking about her weekend Working at restaurant Talking to Phillips In a dither Discussing foreign policies Everywhere Making friends Arguing with Miss Scott Reiterating Making up tests Collecting jewelry In a daze Taking a nap Passing notes Favorite Possession Record player Silver heart Life A certain dink Letters Car Little car A picture S.A.S. satchel Memories of France Red sneaks Ring Menus Clothes Telephone "Jocko" Mirror Black '56 Ford Redeeming Feature Enthusiasm Cheerfulness Intelligence Faithful heart Pleasantness Efficiency Perseverance Cute looks Leadership Profile Friendliness Sense of humor Smile Slim trim Coloring Determination Figure Being a good sport VIT L Besetting Sin Eating peanut butter crac Slow driving Sitting under the sun larr Worrying Lightening her hair Naivete High voice Set ideas Derriere Being tired Lack of vocabulary Drinking Judy's water Talking too little Baby talk Jumping out windows Staying on her diet Lack of discipline Laughing at bad jokes STATISTIC N eed: A balanced diet To step on the gas A year 'round tan To be more. carefree To keep it one color To read Freud A low one To loosen the stays Slenderella More sleep Dictionary To make her own H To talk more One of her own :O The Empire State Building To know when to stop To be tied down More discrimination in jokes Pet Peeve Rainy days French dictees Getting up early English mark Hard work Sloppiness Learning chemistry Intellectual people Routine Getting ads Lazy people Hypocrisy No mail from France Bossy people Discipline Perfectionists Naivete Homework Ambition Foreign correspondent Bucknell alumna Philosopher To acquire will-power To become intelligent To own a restaurant chain Bacteriologist To get married Diplomat to U.S.S.R. To be someone Mother of seven Inhabitant of Washington, D.C. Nurse Diet adviser Nun Wordly woman To marry a millionaire Race track driver Destiny Obituary editor A.F.S. post-grad Manic-depressive Devil's advocate Prize dupe Operator of a hot dog stand Going buggy Old maid ethical adviser Siberian salt mines No one Husband hunter Rydal Patient 16 tons Mother of the Year A little mother Penny-pinching Taxi driver NU X9 Monday morning blues . S565 F'f's19 s msc 'Xa mah Day XXXSWH 0 Pa - ob sslflg . -aww Le Lat"'b0o1f a .owns dc-P31740 mem? 8.9 . Ae 50 MEMCRIES CWM Opllg 1710111 Play agvj betta parties C5065 9 Pizza and spag .-9315, Hen parties Chemist ry and biology labs P131-bbs awbbe , cfs rs . on teilch dl Optical Illusions and burnt Christmas trees vflotk 40' L '5e1fx0f too UHChfOom or U gamzations .scosgloog Ax o9' 1 Q ' 07101- Q95 001 sf R . 'I 6 . 111 106 g D122 gy 1161- s . QI? otwv Term papers College Boards CLASS WILL We, the class of 1956, being of sane mind and sound body, do hereby bequeath the following: Bab's perfumed handkerchief to next year's biology classg Sue's persistent work to Fritzi Fleisher 3 Joan B.'s brain to be dissectedg Cathy's hockey stick to Katie Vansantg Nance's talkativeness to Sue Hansmeierg Barbara's starched tunics to Miss Goldg Betsy's accent to Shirley Whittleseyg Ann's big feet to Polly 'Glueckg Mary's excitability to Carol Emhardt 5 Maija's voice to Rebecca Farrang Chris's love for sports to Kris Kuhnleg Joan O.'s gentle manner and neatness to Sue Saleskyg Danny's passport to next year's exchange studentg Janet's appetite to the oversized members of the schoolg Sonja's enthusiasm for school to Valerie Vollmer g Bryant's vitality to Ginny Wrigginsg Judy's home-made lunches to anyone who has to buy hersg Lynne's Rock 'n Roll to Miss Ritz. Hereto we set our hand and seal this thirteenth day of June, nineteen hundred and fifty-six. The Senior Class THE ORACLE AT DELPHI One day, being very curious, the Goddess of Literature, Mary Helen Bickley, stopped at the Oracle at Delphiw to inquire into the future of a group of promising pupils. "I say," said she to the priestess who was in charge of relaying information to and from the famed seer, "what is in store for these girls in the years to come?" The priestess looked intently into the flames coming forth from the crevice in the earth and put the question to the Oracle. After a few minutes during which the crevice had been smoldering industriously, she heard Apollo's reply and turning to the Goddess, she said: "Babs Allan will become a great literary genius and will win five coveted Pulitzer Prizes. One of them will be for her biography of another of your pupils, Maija jansson. The book, entitled Peace and War, is considered one of the master- pieces of the century, and does justice to its subject. Miss Jansson, the famous ambassador to Lyberia, will do what mankind has been trying to accomplish for years. She will do away with all war weapons by means of passive resistance. A large part of Miss Jansson's success," continued the priestess, "will be attributed to the advice of the psychologist, joan Batt, who will originate a new philosophy in addition to her work as a psychoanalyst. This philosophy, which will be called Battaism, will advocate the supremacy of the human mind. Miss Batt, who will be the youngest person ever to receive a Ph.D., will have some trouble with the renowned debator, joan Oppenheimer. Actually Miss Oppenheimer will not be opposed to the theoryg in fact she will really agree with it, but will argue in order to make other people think. She also believes in making people work for their opinions. "The business success of the times will be the fabulous chain of restaurants, called 'Little Fishersf will be popular all over the world because of their fine food and reasonable prices. Another successful business venture will be the popsicle factories owned by a great humanitarian, Chris Lapp. In the long run Miss Lapp will find that manufacturing popsicles will be cheaper than buying them, as she generally eats two or three at every meal. "On the religious side, Catharine' Brooks will become an internationally re- nowned minister. She will take 'round the world tours in the cause of Christianity among all men. Her interest in this field will come from the close association of a friend who will also be interested in this work, and with whom she will be working in close contact. Also beneficial to humanity will be the home for homeless boys managed by Bryant Taggart. Miss Taggart acquired her experience in handling boys during her high school days when she maintained an "open house" policy at her home. "In the fashion and beauty field, Miss Janet Scott will make the news with her revolutionary new "Lose Weight and Remain Healthy" theory. Since this theory will be the product of many years of trial and error, she feels she must pass the benefit of her experience on to others. The year 1960 will see Miss Nance Emhardt named "Miss Ipana" because of her lovely smile. The award will be only one of many won by Miss Emhardt, who, even in high school, was a popular cutie! An "item" will be the marriage of the glamorous artist and model, Judith Joyce Uttal, to the Sultan of Lululand. This match will cause quite a Hurry of excitement and anticipation among the international set with whom she runs. Many friends of Judith Joyce's think she has been planning it since her high school days. "Another happening that will have the whole world talking will be the sale of the famous S jostrom jewels. Miss Sonja Sjostrom's collection, which was begun in high school, will include some of the most valuable pieces in the world. Rumor will have it that Miss Sjostrom's future husband is insisting that she sell them. "Several of your girls, I am told by the Oracle," said the priestess, "will be awarded plaques for outstanding achievement in their fields. First, Miss Lynne Welfiey will be the first woman to break the speed record at Indianapolis Speedway. Her car will be a 1940 Ford coupe with a 1955 Oldsmobile engine in it. Because of her excellent ability at the wheel she will be able to maintain a speed of 396 M.P.H. during the entire race. The second plaque will be awarded to Miss Sue Allard for her unusual ability as a taxi driver. The award goes to her for two counts. One is her ability to find, without any difficulty, any location in the city. She will attribute this to her marvelous sense of direction which she was known for even in high school. The second reason is her friendliness and affability to all her passengers, a rare quality in taxi drivers of her time. "Miss Ann Hurd will contribute to the field of science by announcing her new formula for killing all harmful bacteria. Unfortunately when the formula will first be tested, it will be found to kill a few helpful bacteria, too, but Miss Hurd will soon correct the error, and woe be to all bad germs! "A new travel editor will be hired by the New York Times Magazine. The editor, Miss Mary Hutchinson, will be taken on because of her interesting series of articles comparing Scarsdale to Meadowbrook. "The names Daniele Peterschmitt and Betsy Helveston will be known through- out Europe as well as America. Miss Peterschmitt will write a book that will list and explain all confusing American slang which she learned during her sojourn in America. This book will become invaluable to visitors to the United States and make clear such expressions as 'Dig you later, alligator,' 'gross' and 'scabby.' Betsy Helveston will become head of the Affiliated Schools Association. Her experiences as exchange student to France will help her to do a good job. Because of her efficiency she will also be asked to head up other important committees, but her school days taught her the penalties of taking many jobs at once." With that the priestess looked up from the flames and concluded by saying: "Apollo says that the gods and good fortune will always be with your girls as they must have been with you, Miss Bickley, during your years as their teacher." h . ff? ... Q., tx., . 426-9- Lowly Freshmen The mad scientists Is it morning or night? Sweet and Innocent "It says here in this book . . ." "What . .. ?" The Christmas kids Does it taste good, Cathy? Book Day make-up artis Hsexy ?Yl The dangerous group "We're forever blowing bubbles" Making a little moon- shine, girls? just off the boat The tiller of the soil Our invalid Oh judee . . . x. Tis. W 1 ,., SS S fi ,C ,JL 'QA 2 , if , A '4 3, -. ' fl 4.2 S., ffl.-..Q.,S, avQw,.!fQiA - 'wif ' A? an sl, 1 . ,- IUNIORS 54-5 3 a 1 'ia . P 5 f fl First row: U. Pustg ll. jolmstong C. Mertzg N. Linmligg L. Fricclrichg S. Walker. Svrurzrl wwe' Pm. Ilartmzulg Miss VVolffg J. High, Svrrrtnry' li. Cohourng S, Sulcsky, I'rr.vif1'vuf,' G Wriggins, Virf' I,Vt'.Ylllt'l1f,' C. Parry, Trr'r1.v1m'r. Third row: S. Pcarsong S. Wllittlcsey S. Wasumg S. Sclmlmerichg K. Kulmleg G. Gehriugg J. Hawley. SOPHOMORES 'H 4? 2, gfnji 3 ,mf ' 'fZQfbkQf? ', -1' f,-ri . ...,, K kbkfw--fa First raw: l'. Glueckg V. Vrnllmcrg ll. llirkclg M. Ogillnyg j. Keller: V. llnrtungf. Svfrmci row: J. NVagm-rg Miss Svottg 5. llZlllSlllK'li'I', .S'fr'rf'fr1ry,' C. limharrltg S. Fiwlmcr, l'rr.vidz'r1l N. Dawson, 'I'rm1.vnrvr,' lf. l'i11cusg lf, lflcislwr. 'Hzirfl rmv: Il. Lotzg li. W'iscg I.. Prattg I RCIIIIQ S. Wcuvcrg R. Fznrrzul. .-llrsrnlz jucly Scott, Vin' 1'rr.virlm1l. v FRESHMEN First row: P. Loebg V. Pollack: G. Brunellg M. Renng B. Lorenz: G. Armourg D. Morton. Svcmid row: S. Dawson: P. Ste- phanog Miss Schabackerg C. Buck, Treas- urerg S. Goetzg B. Logan, Prcsidcntg A. Wattis, Vice Frf.vidarit,' D. Wilson, Secre- taryg E. Stephanog D. Tysong I. Dorey. Third row: G. .McDowellg S. Cherkseyg B. Campiong J. Clementg S. Dunhamg S. Sachs. Absent: L. Tewksbury. SEVENTH GRADE First row: S. Van.rXnglen3 M. Sullivang A. Cocker: M. Freas. .S'cfnnd row: T. Putneyp C. lrelandg ll. Longg D. Marsliallg PI. Sullivang T. Margolisg P. Milnerg S. L'ohe1 M. McConnellg S. Phillips: A. Haviland. Third row: j. Fultong Mrs. Shantzg J. Kaufmann, .S'vrrvmry,' S. Vansant, Virv Pre5iz1'wz.t,' D. Lintong S. Keenan, Prv.vidw1t,' L. Potts, Viva Prr.vidwit,' B. Campion, Miss Noldeg M. Lonsdale: K. Lee. Fourth row: L. Schneiderg B. Conlon: B. W'olging R. Thompsong D. Emhardtg S. Keimg j. MeCulloughg j. Lorenzg L. Lattag B. Ket- Chamg B. Drummond. .-lhsvnt: j. Zaekary. EIGHTH GRADE First row: L. Wasumg P. Werdeng G. Thomasg G. Lambg L. Gableg I. Armourg S Knobelauchg J. Deang C. Post. Second row K. Vansantg Mrs. Jaffeg L. Frederick Trea.vurer,- T. Hartungg G. Hamilton, Prfsi- dentj B. Thompson, Vice Prc.vidfrit,' P. Lees Secretaryg Miss Tees: S. Evans. Third row: C. Downsg H. Whitakerg D. Cooperg VV. Wyattg C. Davenportg D. Sykesg M. Long- shoreg Bonnie Fisherg M. Whitsong E. Weihenmayerg S. Sionsg J. Greenawalt. Absent: B. Maier. K3- New ,, .. '01 55 W .T. 'Z I ,J c"x f Q A Af W ,.. Q Sxxxx 'Y f 0 , Q ACTIVITIES STUDE T CUUNCIL Nam N-V 1 Fir!! row: J. Battg M. janssong Miss Tees. Scrmzd row: T. Hartungg Goetzg C. Emhardtg E. Cobourng IJ. Linton. 1,I4'Allf1'Hf ,.,......,.. l'iv4'-l'rz'.vicl0nt . .S'vfrvfz1ry ,... .., 7'l'f'lI.S'IlI'Cl" ,..A. ......Maija Janssou ....4..,.,..Joan Batt Carol Emhardt Elizabeth Cohourn AFFILIATION gi U7 II XQQA J. A 53. First row: P. Milner: S. Phillips: B. Helveston, Clmirmun. Srcmid row: M115 bnott Mus Schabackerg Bonnie Fisherg G. Arrnourg 5. VYHSUIII, Tn'us11rvr,' S. Xlliittle Ly bint: D. Peterschmittg J. Clcmentg J. Keller. Third mmm M. XYl1itsong S. VVeaver ACORNS D First row: B. Helveston, Brlsinrss Manugcrg B. johnstong B, Dickelg F. Pincus Second row A. Hurd, Assistant Editor: S. Whittlesey, Editor-in-Cl1ivf,' Miss VVolffg G Wriggins Art Editorg W. Wyattg E. Stephanog G. Thomas: J. Kellerg M. Hutchinsong B Hartman hx change Editor. Third row: D. Cooperg V. Pollackg S. Fisherg N. Emhardt S Weaver Absent: S. Goetz. DRAMATIC CLUB .SIl'llfl'dZ L. Friedrich, Vim' Prv.vidrnt,' S. Pearson, Prc'.ridz'nt,' Miss Bickley. Standing: G. Wriggins, Sz'fn'1ary,' C. Mertz, Trcasurvr. filfy Amy ..., . ., Bath Jo ..... . ..., . . . I Mrs. March , Hannah .. .. John Hrooke . . , Laurie ., ., .,.,. , Mr. Laurvnre i..,.. Aunt March i....... GGLITTLE WOMEN " 'l'I1IiC,iXST . .,.i. ............. ,... ..i. ..i... B E V E RLY HARTMAN . .... SHIRLEY PEARSON SUELLEN FISHER , CONNIE MERTZ . LOUISA FRIEDRICH BETH LORENZ DEBBIE TYSON CAROLYN PARRY ELEANOR WISE . .,.V. SALLY WALKER Mr. March ...,,.,.., . ..i.....,,.i..........,.. a..,....,..... N ANCY DAWSON Profvssor Bhacr .,.. .... ,..... ....,...........,.,.. ...... , G I N NY WRIGGINS Director I... . , .... MISS MARY HELEN BICKLEY Prompter VALERIE PGLLACK CLEE CLUB First row: C. Lappg B. Helvestong S. Whittleseyg S. Allard, Assistant Librarian ,' B. Taggart Librarian: A. Hurd, Priesidentg Miss Ritzg J. High, Sccrctary-Trcasifrcrg S. Schulmerich Assistant Librariang G. Wrigginsg V. Vollmerg P. Loebg R. Farran. Second row: B. Campion G. McDowellg M. Renng B. Dickelg F. Pincusg D. Mortong S. Walkerg J. Clementg D. Tyson G. Brunellg B. Lorenzg D. Postg G. Armourg S. Cherksey. Third row: P. Glueckg S. Fisher S. Goetzg C. Buck B. johnstong S. Hansmeierg J. Kellerg E. Cobourng D. Wilsoug S. Sachs B. Logang V. Pollack. Fourth row: B. Hartman: N. Dawsong B. Lotzg A. Wattisg D. Peter- schmittg S. Wasumg C. Brooksg S. Saleskyg S. Dunhamg S. Pearsong E. Stefihanog M Hutchinsong J. Wagner. Absent: Judy Scott. OCTET Left to right: C. Lappg R. Farrang V. Vollmerg B. Dickelg A. Hurdg S. Wasumg B. Helvestong E. Cobourng S. Schulmerich. ASSEMBLY First row: M. Hutchinson, Clzairmnng Miss Schahackerg D. Post. Second row: L. Schneiderg M. McConnellg D. Tysong F. Pincusp M. Longshore. RELIGIOUS LIFE Ifirxt raw: T. Mnrgolisg Mr. Uartrzung B Tupggzirt, Cfliuirunnz. .S'f'cw111' nrzv: S. Sziclisg lf. Wiscg Iizlwlcyg ll. XYl1itz1l4cr. WELFARE First row: B. Campion: G. Gcliringg J. Batt Cllnirman. Svrmzri raw: B. Dickelg VV Wyattg C. Ireland. DANCE CLUB he 145. vs . ei? 5 N. 4 J' xg R my First rmu: M. Renng B. Logang G. Mcllowellg T. Hartungg IJ. Tysong S. Phillips: .X NY:1ttis: C. Bucky S. Dawson. 5L'L'4HId ru-Iv: S. Sulcsky, l'rU.x'irf4'11t,' R. FZlI'l'L1ll, .5l'rn'lf1ryA'l'1'vu.v1m'r'5 S. xyilllsillltl B. Kctchznng S. Siwnsp M, I.r111gsl1u1'eQ llunnic Ifishcrg G. I.:1n1lmg K. Yzlnszlntg Ii. Tlunnpsong j. cQfCCII2iXX'2llt. Tlziwf mtv: Miss liulclg ll. Mzirslmllg I.. Potts: l'. lm-s1 Lf l'ustg C. Downsg j. .'XI'lIlOLl1'Q IJ. XYilsong S. Suchsg S. Chcrkscyg il, CICIUCIIIQ ii. llrnncll. ,llfxmti S. Dawson. PUBLIC SPEAKING GROUPS "wwf" rs! row: XVnsnrn' H. Tugqrlrt' S. Schuhncricll' S. Pearson. .S'm'mn1' rurvzy lf. NYiAsQg Cy, Ilmnlqsg C. I.zx'ppg Seated: T Margolisg Mr. Hnrtrznn: S. Kccnxlng A. H Allardg -I. Rvnng Miss Suutt. Tlzird ww: C. Mcrtzg Cocker. Standing: B. NVolging P. Milner. 1 Flcishcr. .HkY1'I1fI J. NVugncr. PHOTOGRAPHY FIRST AID Firxt row: G. Haniiltong L. Gableg S. Knobelauchg S. Polic. Svrmui row: Mrs. jafle, B. Longg H. VVhit- akcrg S. Keimg ll, Iinihardtg K. Leeg M. Sullivan B. Drmnmondg M. McConncllg S. Phillips. Absent B. Maier. . V-A Z' V... SENIOR ART CLUB 5ZQ2'.Off'f'iv1li' Sill?3.D'Hi13T2f9f,?,fZ.Z ., Lvl! In riyhii M. janssong D. Pctersclimittg S, Sjustromg J. Uttalg J. Batt. .illxrvvzlz Barbara Fisllerg I.. VVclllcy. IJLIIIIIZIIIIQ L. Pratt. Iiunrllz fmv: H. Campion Hansnicicr. ART CLUB First row: P. Locbg B, Conlong J. Zackeryg D. Linton: L. Tewkslvuryg N. Lindig. Srfnnd row: J. Deang R. Thompson: L. Fredcrickg E. Weihemnayerg M. Whitsong P. Werdeng IJ. Sykes. Ab.vr'nt: L. Wasum. iam... ar ' 'fixw gg -1 1 Y nw Oops ! Mary ! Nance ! What are you doing? First Aid Crazy ! Peek-a-boo Last minute tern' paper blues ? What's the excitement 7 Che-e-ese Two busy bees Lunch room mob What did you say? Learning lines for Little Women Au revoir, Shirley Get a good grip Is that so ! ATHLETICS A.A. OFFICERS Left to right: B. Taggartg C. Lappg Miss Goldg J. Uttalg Miss Smith. President ,...,.. .... .........,.....,...... C h ris Lapp Secretary .........,..,, .,.......,.............. B ryant Taggart Treasurer. ............... .......,............................. J udy Uttal Facultv Advisors .,...,,, ...,... R uth Gold, Elizabeth Smith HOCKEY FIRST TEAM First row: C. Emhardtg V. Vollmerg S. Sjostromg -I. Oppenheimer, Cuptaing j. Uttalg Barbara Fisher. Second raw: Miss Smithg C. Lappg B. Taggartg B. Lotzg C. Parryg B. Helvestong C. Mertzg S. Allard, Manager. SECOND TEAM mt row: K. Vansantg S. Goetzg V. Har- igg S. Schulmerich, S. Whittlesey, Co- aptainsg B. Lotzg N. Emhardtg B. Logan. cond row: Miss Smithg R. Farraug G. riggiusg S. Wasumg L. Friedrichg L. elileyg S. Allard, Manager. BA KETBALL FIRST TEAM First row: B. Lotzg J. Uttal, C. Lapp, C0-Capfainxg J. Renn. Svfnnd row: Miss Goldg V. Hartungg B. Helvestong S. VVhittleseyg C. Emhardtg D. Peterschmitt, Manager. SECOND TEAM First row: D. Tyson: V. Vollmer, B. Tag gart, Co-Capfa1'nsg F. Pincusg B. Loga: Srcond row: Miss Goldg B. Allang I Stephanog P. Stephanog A. Wattisg I Farran. TENNIS 1:l'I'.t'l ru-zv: I.. VVelHeyg M. Janssoug B. Fisherg B. Allang B. Helvestong J. Batt: C. Lapp. Shroud row: Miss Smith: D. Mortong S. VVeaverg R. FHl'l'H1l: B. Lotzg C. Emharcltg V Vollmerg I. Scott. GOLF lfirxt row: Miss Goldg B. Campion: S. Cherkseyg B. Dickelg V. Pollackg S Fisher' G Armour' S Dawsol .. , . , -. 1. Second row: N. Dawsong F. Fleisherg J. Wagnerg A. Wattisg S. Sachsg I. Dorey. ARCHERY First row: G. Armourg I. Doreyg S. Dawsoug L. Tewksburyg B. Loreutzg V. Pollackg S. VVasum. Svvond ro-w: Miss Gold: -A. Hurdg S. Allardg S. Wfalker: G. Wriggiusg M. Hutchin- soug N. Liudigg E. Cobourn, I1 N Q U. , X. .- lxxvl Sf OUTWMRD BUUND 6 grafufafiona ana! gona! ol,ucL fo :iw CEM of 1956 .-Lxflfg. UM MILES FISHEPKS RESTAURANT PATRON S Miss Gwen Armour Isaac Bickerstaff Mrs. Alma Close Branin Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Conly Connie and Matt Miss Nancy Dawson Miss Rebecca Farran Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Fink Meadowbrook, Pa. Miss Suellen Fisher Miss Gwen Gehring Miss Judy Hawley Miss Joan High Mr. and Mrs. Clyde B. Hutchinson Miss Bunny Johnston Miss Chris Lapp "George" clog Lapp Dr. and Mrs. H. Vernon Lapp Miss Nanci Lindig Mr. and Mrs. Murray Makranslcy Miss "Peg" Ogilby Miss Frances Pincus Miss Jane Renn Miss Sue Salesky Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Schutz Miss Judy Wagner Miss Sally Walker Miss Shirley Whittlesey Compliments of ATA Fraternity QPennj WILLIAM G. WETHERILL Real Estate Compliments of CARL METZ CORPORATION SCARBROUGH MOTORS, INC. DeSoto - Plymouth 814 Greenwood Ave. Jenkintown, Pa. Phone: TUmer 4-7909 YOU CAlI"l' BUY FINE!! ICE CREAM xl . I THAN llegilf Wf ff 5 QXDQV rx ' fd X is I tfli 05194 I df n Q-' Why? Because its high quality is guaranteed by Breyers famous "Pledge of Purity." Made better, Breyers Ice Cream naturally tastes better. COHIPEHQ ell fd o a jrien A. S. FARENWALD TUrner 4-2442 Flowers York Rd. and Greenwood Ave. Jenkintown, Pa. A-LADDIN BOOK SHOP Greenwood Ave. and Leedom St. Jenkintown, Pa. TUrner 4-4343 W. J. PICKWELL f Himself 1 Electrical Contractor Lamps Fixtures TUrner 4-0858 Jenkintown, Pa. FARBER DRUGS ELKINS PARK Good Coffee-Fine Food Popular Prices The Baederzvood Grille 800 Old York Road Jenkintown, Penna. Penna. Route 611 ROYAL CAR WASH 816 York Rd. TUrner 7-1110 GOOD LUCK SENIORS Rees Sz Helveston WALLER MOTORS, INC. Lincoln - Mercury York and Harte Roads Jenkintown, Pa. Cotton Yarns MAjestic S-3400 TUrner 4-3400 713 West Avenue Jenkintown, Pa. Best Wishes To THE SENIOR CLASS PYE KARR AMBLER 86 CO., INC. General Insurance 111 York Road Jenkintown, Pennsylvania TUmet 7-4200 WAverly 7-0660 Compliments of MR. and MRS. G. F. SWOBODE Best Wishes to the Class of '56 HATBORO MOTORS MERCURY Sales and Service Congratulations to The Class of ,56 A FRIEND Best Wishes to THE CLASS OF 1956 COUNTRY CRAFTERS GIFTS - FURNITURE Specializing in Colonial Reproductions Imported and Domestic China Lamps - Costume Jewelry - Greeting Cards 2nd Street Pike, Southampton ELmwood 7-1010 The Abington Banlc Open Monday Evenings Parking Area for Depositors Drive-In Tellex-'s Window Established Telephone Since 1889 HOward 8 3082 JULIAN R. MILLER'S SONS Caterers 1401 Wharton Street Philadelphia 46 Class Banquets Showers Graduation! Anniversaries Homecoming: Parents-Students etc. We will serve you well Best Wishes To THE CLASS OF 1956 W. and A. FESMIRE BUILDERS 308 York Road Jenkintown, Pa. Phone: TU:-ner 4-0809 J aclzson-C ross Company REALTORS Samuel Moore, Manager Jenkintown Otlice 111 York Road MAjestic 5-0700 TUUICI' 4-7000 MORRIS MESSER Realtor 704 West Avenue TU!-neg 4.4884 Jenkintown, Pa. Free Call and Delivery Service FREEDMAN'S Plant and Odice 605 West Avenue TU 4-1353 Jenkintown, Pa. JOHN GRUBER Mobilgas Service Station General Repairs Bryn Athyn CH 1293 or 9461 1. is ' I i 1 K v WOMEN'S APPAREL LIL-LEE, Inc. Jenkintown, Pa. TUrner 4-4026 G. PARKHOUSE 86 SONS FINE FOODS TUx-ner 4-7500 Abington, Pa Organized in 1867 Abington Building Association Savings Accounts Insured U p to 510,000.00 Direct Reduction Mortgages 705 West Ave. Jenkintown, Pa ESTABLISHED 1865 I.W. Bayly Sz Son, Inc Manufacturers of Blazers-Tunics Gymnasium Suits, Etc. 1001-03 Filbert St. Philadelphia, Pa. 111300 REG U 5 PAT OFF 1 i CANS ST ANWXN NERS CONT Al SPECYAL in T GS MET Al- Best Wishes to The Class of 1956 MOM'S LUN CHEON ETTE Bethayres, Pa. TIN ARI FLORAL GARDENS African Violet Specialists Bethayres, Pennsylvania Chapel Hin 0144 Phone: TU 4-4070 ELKINS PARK CYCLE SHOP Mowers Sharpened Accessories - Repairs Jenkintown Rd. 86 Osceola Ave. Elkins Park, Pa. PATRONS Brown's Drug Store J. M. Cegielkowski Rockledge, Pa. Lou Leitman Jesse's Ranch House William C. Kenney Keswick Cycle Shop Muth's Jewelry The Photo Spot Town Pharmacy Willow Grove, Pa. Weldon Pharmacy Glenside, Pa. Charles F. White Huntingdon Valley, Pa. Willow Grove Appliance Shop Willow Grove, Pa. Winner-'s Sunoco Service Hatboro, Pa. A. R. NICHOLSON 86 SON, INC Wyncote, Pa. Fuel Oil- Coal TU 4-3300 Willow Grove 0543-44 SCHULL MOTORS Chrysler Plymouth York Road and Lincoln Ave. Frank Schull Willow Grove, Pa 94, W Congrafufafion5 QUA UTY fo :Le Cfm of 1956 My Zlfvzdfdm fffifico Television Hadio Phonographs Refrigerators Freezers Air Conditioners Ranges Dish Washers Laundry Equipment Philco Products Are Distributed In This Area Hy PHILCU DISTHIBUTUHS, Inc.. EUHU Upland Way Philadelphia 31, Pa. 1 7 ATLAS STORAGE COMPANY ATLAS TRANSPORTATION COMPANY 4015 Walnut Street Philadelphia EVei-green 6-1200 Exclusive agent of Aero Mayflower Transit Co. HELWEG 86 SON Jenkintown, Pa. DAVIS PHARMACY Charles S. Davis B.Sc., A.B. 877 Township Line Elkins Park, Pa. TU 4-1616 The FROSH are wishing you the Best of Luck in The Coming Years GLENSIDE NASH CO. 52 S. Keswick Ave. Glenside, Pa. ANTIQUE EXCHANGE, LAMP SHADES Route 232 Huntingdon Valley, Pa. LENA FERLA Dressmaking and Alterations 709 West Ave. Jenkintown, Pa. TU 6-4040 Compliments of A FRIEND gas! malea fo The Class of '56 George K. Heebner Engineers - Builders 1231 Vine Street, Philadelphia 7, Pa. We invite the graduates of A.F.S. to visit us for gifts M. E. ALKUS-RECORD SHOP 7910 High School Rd. Elkins Park, Pa. ME 5-2490 ASHBOURNE AND ELKINS PARK GARAGE Rink Bros., Props. Montgomery and Union Ave. Elkins Park, Pa. MElrole 5-sssz MAjestic 5-3440 ELKINS PARK PHARMACY B. B. Morgenstern Osborne 5-1661 GENTERTS HARDWARE 6 North York Road Hatboro, Pa. Compliments of PENN-PLASTICS CORPORATION Glenside. Pa. JENKINTOWN BOWLING and RECREATION CENTER 417 johnson St., Jenkintown, Pa. For Reservations - TU 4-9029 Compliments of A FRIEND GEORGE B. MEBUS, INC. Consulting Engineers WATER SEWERAGE INDUSTRIAL WASTE REFUSE INCINERATORS REAL ESTATE SUBDIVISIONS BROAD STREET TRUST BUILDING Glensicle, Pa. Phone: TUrner 4-3700 OLD YORK ROAD PUBLISHING COMPANY Jenkintown, Pennsylvania DE MARIA JEWELERS Avenue of Shops Jenkintown, Pa. 'I'Urner 7-2600 Call 86 Delivery TUrner 4-0879 STEIN'S Tailors - Furrien - Cleaners Certified Cold Fur Storage 807 Greenwood Ave. Jenkintown, Pa. GOLDBERG'S OLD YORK ROAD'S OLDEST DEPARTMENT STORE Established 1902 Jenkintown, Pa. ER.NIE'S TOGGERY 85 GIFTS Women's Apparel NATIONALLY ADVERTISED BRANDS MODERATELY PRICED! Second St. Pike, Huntingdon Valley, Pa. Hours: Daily 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. Chapel Hill 0851 Fri. Eve. 'til 9 P.M. TUrner 6-5900 MAjeatic 5-3254 GIMBEL - HOPKINS, INC. Ford - Sales - Service All Makes of Cars Repaired and'Serviced 20 W. Glenside Avenue Glenside, Pa. Used C' ' Lot - 520 N. Easton Road TUrner 6-5914 X xi-SFX-by! Xfffi ,CJ X :'4 Zi' 7' sr! pg X f X 1, I 7 a P U llff- Y, -t ff X .. -vu 2 -"' as -1 : .rJ'.,c Q S 0. 5 I S We congratulate Abington Friends upon the graduation of a new class of vigorous, imaginative, young people steeped in the wonderful traditions of Abington Friends that give them the stability and strength of many years of wise eEort in the public interest. F0rtWashinqtU11 Industrial Park LYNNE LANE BOWLING CENTER 1925 West Cheltenham Ave. 970041 fuel am! Elkins Park, Pa. WA 7-1120 TU 4-9750 Ea! male- FRANK J. DEKER Inlriiors , 1231 N. York Ro Abington Penna. hom ,Ae Cfau O! Furniture , Dragzeries U pholslering Slip Covers TUrner 4-8475 TUrner 4-6235 FRANK DBKER 94 SIOSTROM OF PHILADELPHIA 0 Since 1893 Designers and Manufacturers of the finest in LIBRARY FURNITURE LABORATORY FURNITURE and INDUSTRIAL WOOD PRODUCTS 'K Ea! malea l'0ln A ERIE D ORELAND CLEANER TU 7-4466 TU RUSSELL SMITH, INC. Dislinctive Furniture 416 York Road Jenkintown, Pa. 4-4661 "GO You Jocxsr' HENRY BECK Real Estate Germantown 86 Cambria Philadelphia, Pa. Compliments Of Renn Plywood Co MINTZER 81 KNEISLER Natural Casings Packers' 86 Butchers' Supplies Cutlery Domestic 86 Foreign 41 NORTH 2ncl ST., MArket PHILADELPHIA 6, PA. 7-1816-1638 BARTON 86 MARTIN Engineers 12 South 12th St. Philadelphia 7 MArket 7-5285 Gifts jewelry Greetings Cards Decorative Accessories GWENDOLYN J. WELFLEY 477 Old York Road Jenkintown, Pa. TUmer 7-4049 ELKINS PARK NATIONAL BANK Elkins Park, Pa. Rittenhouse 6-5357 WILLIAM S. REILLY Guild Optician 20th ST. Above CHESTNUT ST., Pl-IILA. Jenkintown Omce Glenside Office 725 West Avenue 241 Keswick Avenue TUrner 7-1725 TUrner 4-6300 No. 6 Car Stops at Door Daily 9-5, Saturdaaf 9-5, Friday Evening 7-9 At Glens! e 8: Jenkintown Builders of Quality Homes EASTERN U. S. DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION Compliments of LLANERCH CARPET CO. FINE RUGS 86 CARPETS 103 W. Chester Pike Havertown, Pa. Hilltop 7-0133 fix Compliments uf E1 Friend REQ HUN TIN CDON VALLEY TRUST COMPANY lgruice wifi .Siacurifg M Huntingdon Valley, Penna. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Osborne 5-0358 HATBORO HARDWARE Hardware House Furnishings Glass Sporting Goods Electrical Appliances Farm G? Garden and Supplies Implements DUPONT PAINTS 1-3 So. York Rd., Hatboro, Pa. Compliments of S untheimers Serve something different at your party SPAGHETTI 84 PIZZA to take out from BERNIE'S York BC Woodland Rds. TUrner 4-7015 Abington BRYNER CHEVROLET CO. 140 Old York Road Jenkintown, Pa. L. W. OSWALD PHARMACY York Road at West Ave. Jenkintown, Pa. Prescription Dept. TUrner 4- 1447 CASA CONT I Famous for Fine Food 8 Private Banquet Rooms From 10 to 600 v Glenside, Pa. TUrner 4-6143 SQUARE DEAL SUPER MARKET 903 Township Line Elkins Park, Pa. Free delivery TUrner 4-1314-1315 SOUSAN PHARMACY 8014 York Rd. Elkins Park, Pa. Jerome F. Haaz, Ph.G. ME 5-3000 ME 5-4200 SULLIVAN 'S AMOCO STATION York Rd. and Rodman Ave. Jenkintown, Pa. TUrner 4-9322 TUrner 7-6363 SILHOUETTE SHOP Girdles, Bras 86 Bathing Suits for the teenage Avenue of Shops Jenkintown, Pa. ABINGTON TEXACO SERVICE STATION York Rd. and Guernsey Ave. Complete Service TUrner 4-9257 T. O. B.i0l'11l0n A. S. KOHUT PHARMACY 281 Keswick Ave. Glenside, Pa. White's Service Station Glenside, Pa. FOWLER SHINN, INC. Dodge and Plymouth Dodge Job-Rated Trucks York Road at Noble Station Jenkintown, Pa. TUmer 6-3500 MAiestic 5-2222 Sales Service ALFRED P. llEBUlll, ING. Betlmayres, Pa. TUrner 4-6620 PETER LUMBER COMPANY Lumber, Millwork Cement, Paints, etc. 137 Greenwood Ave. Wyncote, Pa. L nam Coal Company 8011 York Road Elkins Park, Pa. MElrose 5-1476 Air Tours Hotels Cruises LEONHARDT TRAVEL SERVICE 415 York Rd. Jenkintown, Pa. William Meyer, Jr. TUrner 4-3737-38 Robert J. Meyer WAverly 7-1577 Tel. TU 4-2958 STANLEY M. CRAVEN Radio - Sales - Service FM - Television - Sound - Auto Radio 318 Leedom Street Jenkintown, Pa. .i..-.1l c,,m,,ffm,nf, of Columbia Steel Equipment Co. '- " TRIANGLE CLEANERS Jenkintown, Pa. Gym and Hockey Shoes Saddles and Loafers Mac Lean's Junior Bootery Jenkintown 700 West Ave. 47 N. Easton Willow Grove Rd. Venetian Blinds HARRY C. BERLINGER, JR. Rugs and Carpets Linoleum Rubber and Asphalt Tile 715 Greenwood Ave. Jenkintown Shades TUmer 4-6434 e Road S rvice Certified Ferrari's Atlantic Service Station Washing - S imonizing Pickup and Delivery Service Bethayres, Pa. Chapel Hill 9411 Lube Gund Luck tn a Grand Bunch of Girls MR. 86 MRS. HARRY BATT CAMPION'S Service Stations Thos. A. Campion 481 York Road TUrner 4-4327 2 Washington Lane and York Road TUrner 4-1287 Oflice TUrner 7-5200 Residence 080132 4774 JAMES L. CONNN OR Realtor Specializing in Residential Real Estate 713 West Avenue Jenkintown, Pa. QOOJ QFMCL fo lL? Class of '56 l'0ln a Well Wisher Compliments Of WALKER CADILLAC TUrner 4-0154 J. HOWARD HAY, Inc. Compliments of KEYSER'S ATLANTIC Service Station Best Wishes From BALL 86 COFFIN The Market Place For Better Homes DONATO BROS. Pioneer Food Store Complete Food Market 1811 Horace Ave. Egtgblighed 1893 Abington, Pl. TUIBG 4 8950 Painting and Paper Hanging F0235 Flowers Picture Framing JENKINTOWN FLOWER SHOP Aft SUPI-'lies 419 Cedar St. TUrner 4 1106 475 York Rd. Jenkintown, Pa. Banded Member of T. D. S. 49 -xox T1-cd Ml Garmin . '?. . XL Ll SX0xVXv"X BCLK ,6xO5NG-I L 'Vs d? Luk n AXX Qomvo Q 'go GW, 'BLU-in NL ojx Q' X SH La oo' was C I-vw vc? , 0 sr Jr 7 xx Lk 7 0 5 QQ I .X ' sep' . Xp D M 0 opt! v s X5 Compliments nf Paper Manufacturers EU. q OF LRSS 'S r - gal H56 I SE x x x mm M '1 '.XX XX rl 7 GOOD g LUCK x..,,.,.: ,:,.., i,',....,, -I-,,v::,.l,,, yr "- . 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'X ' . .-'E , 'aka , , E , .. Ae 1-Q ,, V L., J 'XSL' .lx V5 X. .-I . I ,- 1 W 1: l v -J . , L .Q V' -'-fi 2 .'1 ,ffl " -ur L' 1: L. l",. 3' . 3. P., I N.. r., ll ' 'n 4 v" . ,L 'Y 1, ,N : LL. . x Z S '97 'fll ,r V oi

Suggestions in the Abington Friends School - Outward Bound Yearbook (Jenkintown, PA) collection:

Abington Friends School - Outward Bound Yearbook (Jenkintown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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Abington Friends School - Outward Bound Yearbook (Jenkintown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


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