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Published by and for The HOME and SCHOOL ASSOCIATION ABINGTON FRIENDS SCHOOL Jenkintown, Pennsylvania I LX X XX Volume V MARCH, 1955 No. 3 de JEUNES FILLES - The happy smiles in the picture below are Affiliation smiles. They were induced by the efforts of teachers, parents and school girls an ocean apart geographically, but as close together as peas MARK WELL THE DATE On Tuesday evening, April 5, comes the annual meeting of the Home and School Association--the group to which all parents belong automatically. if not always actively. -in-afpod-in their 'striving-for-better-internatsionalegeodwillfande----f--After the regular-business -session,-audreleetioufei officers understanding. ' H Until now, the exchange student program has brought girls only from Selestat, Alsace, France, to the Senior Class at A.F.S. Now the reverse is about to take place. On April 6, Betsy Helveston, a Junior, sails for France. She will live with French families while studying at the College de ,Ieunes Filles during its third trimester. Returning home in mid-summer, she will complete her Senior year at A.F.S. The invitation from Selestat came alter months of careful planning. Families had to be lound who would welcome the ICOIUTIIIIUII on Page Qt for next year, Herbert Taylor, of the Meeting's School Commit- tee, will trace the growth and changes which the school has experienced over the years. K The program will feature an illustrated tour of the historic spots of Quakerism in the North of England, presented in words and colored slides by Eleanor Stabler Clarke, of the Friends Service Committee. lt is the best opportunity of the school year for parents to learn what the Home and School Association is trying to do for the school and the students, and to make comments and sug- gestions. Betsy Helveston lleftj, of Meadowbrook, and Marie-Reine Matt, of Selestat, France. A.-.l OAK LEAVES A STAFF Ellwood C. Parry, Jr. Editor ...............1............................. Ambler 2823 Mrs. Robert G. Warden .................................................... Ogontz 5864- Mrs. Charles M. D. Miller ........ ....... C hapel Hill 0564 Stephen T. Dean .................... ............... T urner 0268 , Mrs. Thomas Allan ............ .............. M elrose 5-3293 Howard W. Bartram ... .................... ......... S chool, Ogontz 1724 Mrs. James H. Fitzpatrick .................................... School, Ogontz 1724 "Oak Leaves" is published four times yearly by the Home and School Association of Abington Friends School, and is supported by the Association's share in the Annual Giving Fund. The stad is eager for ideas and suggestions from interested parents for the improvement FUN UNDER THE BASKETS of the magazine. LOOKING AHEAD March 30-Final Student Concert of the Season, Philadelphia Orchestra April 5-Home Sz School Assn. Annual Meeting April S-Good Friday holiday April 15--Dramatic Club Play A ril 16-Admission Tests Mldy 5-Activities Dinner May 19--May Day May 30--Memorial Day holiday June 6-10-Upper School Examinations June 12-Baccalaurate June 13-Lower School Closing Day June 141-Class Day J une 15-Commencement June 16-Annual Alumnae Dinner Another basketball season has gone into the record books. Despite illnesses, broken ankles, and the pressure of other activities, Miss Smith is not too displeased. "The outstanding event of the season," she says, "was the visit of the girls from Friends Academy, New York. We all enjoyed them very much, and we were glad to see so many of our own students out to see the game. Our captains did a very nice piece of work with their respective teams, and we have some fine players growing up." Won Lost Tied First Team 5 2 1 Second Team 4+ 3 0 Color Team 2 3 0 Seventh 81 Eighth Grade 3 3 1 Totals 14- 11 2 AND ON THE TENNIS COURTS April 28 Moorestown Home lst May 2 George School Away lst May 3 George School Home 2nd May 9 Jenkintown Home 1st May 10 Jenkintown Away 2nd May 14- Sidwell Friends Home lst May 16 Westtown Away lst May 23 Stevens Home lst May 26 Abington Away 1st There will also be another match for 2nd team, also Blue and White matches, as well as one or two for 7th and 8th grades. cle Jeunes Filles Ccontinuecll American girl, and money had to be raised to pay her expenses while there. Betsy was chosen as the girl to go by a committee com- posed of student council representatives, members of the affili- ation committee, and several of the faculty. Her fluency in French, her wide interests, and her personality made Betsy the committee's unanimous choice. Behind the scenes of affiliation is a committee of two girls from each class. They meet regularlyto consider fund-raising projects, exchange of correspondence, gifts and students. Through the recent sale of magazines and the forthcoming sale of photographs of all the girls in the school, more than 31,000 is raised. Of this, 3200 will go toward Betsy's travel expenses, and the balance pays the round-trip fare for the girl from Alsace, plus .her incidental expenses here, including side trips to work camps and educational and religious conferences. j ., , TWO NEW CRUTHS. ...V a, o, .. , , Additions to the faculty since September are Mrs. Ruth Field, third grade teacher, and Mrs. Ruth Ammon, secretary. Mrs. Field received her B.S. from Temple, then continued 'her work in education at the University of Pennsylvania and the Vassar summer institute. She taught in the primary grades at Germantown Friends School for seven years. ln Oreland, Mrs. Field keeps house for teen-age son and daughter, Bob and Virginia, and a husband who, as a sales representative of the Dettra Flag Company, Oaks, Pa., with the west coast of the U.S. as his territory, is seldom home. Her spare time, which must be limited, is devoted to read- ing, gardening and the Sunday School of the St. Phillips in the Fields Church of Oreland. Mrs, Ammon studied religious education at the Baptist Institute, Rosemont, was on the staff of the Devereux School for retarded children, Devon, taught English at the Berlin, N. J., Junior High, and moved recently to Willow Grove. With her husband, Raymond, a veteran of the war in Korea, Mrs. Ammon has been gardening and decorating around thleir new home. She sings in the Glenside Methodist Church c oir. THE OLD WRINKLES ARE GONE Have you noticed and admiked -the-face-lifting operation on the former Libby Memorial Library room? New paint and new furniture have joined forces to make a Student Room. The Class of '54, at graduation time last June, presented a green sofa and chair. New stools, a new rug, and the tele- vision set set the stage for comfortable lounging fin oii-class hoursl. Under the supervision of the art department, students are decorating the curtains with block prints depicting the history of A.F.S. The whole redecoration project was managed by a Student Council committee. WOOL FOR WEAVERS For her art classes, Mrs. Grace Duer earnestly pleads for odds and ends of wool which may be used in weaving and 'hooked rug projects. Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Three Bags Full l for lessj will be most gratefully received. Q... , 1 X. N, Three Weeks! in' America by Marie-Reine Matt lEditor's Note: Last Spring Claire Nitschelm wrote for us her impressions of Abington Friends School as she completed her exchange year and prepared to return to France. Now "Wren" newly arrived from Selestat, sets down her first im- pressions. Written in French, the following article was trans- lated by Miss Schabackerj When Mr. Bartram asked me for a short report on my experience in the United States, I was very liattered. I wish to tell all who read this article of my great joy and gratitude at having been so kindly greeted by my new family flVIr. and Mrs. John W. and Adele Fitzgeraldj . The two weeks of vacation before the beginning of school allowed me to see some of your country and to know the people a little bit. We spent the first weekend in the mountains where I had the opportunity to meet many people, and I surely have a fine remembrance of them. Several persons who were born in Europe liked to chat with me about their former county and we were able to ex- change memories reciprocally. Since then I have seen that this friendly disposition is general, and I was particularly happy to experience it with my classmates. 1 "Wren" Matt The first day when we met on the hockey field, I could feel this union and team spirit, which makes for the strength and value of the school. Thus I talked with the Sth grade girls just as I did with the Seniors. Each one tried to put me at ease and lim grateful to them for it. The clan spirit which some- times exists between different classes of a school doesn't seem to be known at Abington Friends. The organization of the school was completely new to me, because I didnit know that this team spirit could exist also between members of the faculty and the Student Council. I find, personally, that it is extremely wise to give duties to the students. In this way, they learn to take responsibilities. Another characteristic which I believe is general in the U.S. is that the people are extremely practical and do not like There will naturally be other things to say, but one cannot judge the character and soul of a people in three weeks' time. use . i DF FORMER AFS STUDENTS Trifield: second row: Ched Miller, Barbara Driver, Debbie Joan Diesinger: third row: Mary-Jo McConnell, Mary Light Suzanne Graham, Marian Clement, Mary Whittleseyg fourth Longshore, Linda Frederick, Eloise Wveihenmayer, Peggy Wer- Whittlesey, Babs Allan and Wendy Wyatt. Absent were Connie SCHOOL HAS OPENED THE AUTUMNAI. EQUINOX HAS PASSED CHRISTMAS IS COMING and so is BOOK DAY! Watch the mail for details of a new and different Book Day, Friday, November 5th -,..A-,K . ,.. . Y, , '-1L' li E1 V, Tl 'N wr? F4 mf T1 44 Job 3355 F1'olic" Fashion Show will be a satin cal college dormitory the fore the "big game." tiynef-'1inge1'ie will be as will Bermuda, which have taken stormy topped ' ' rsey v--,W --- , W,---, v-',,,,,- ,,,, Aid Cancer Research. Benefit- Show W -- - 1 R The theme of the benefit Fashion Show to be presented by Strawbridge 6. Clothier on Octo- ber Sth at the Huntingdon Valley Country Club is "Pigskin ,Fro1ic." Pictured here are tleit to rightl: Phyllis Simon. of Ienkintown: Ioe Castle. of Abington. a graduate oi Princeton University: Iim Castle, Ioe's twin brother. Captaha ,of't.hey University of Pennsylvania's football team, and Phyl1is's sister Suzanne, who wears Iim ira- By MARIAN 'Ma,cWHORTER The first. scene of the dresses W1.h a or Je the ternity pin! The Dessert-Bridge and Fashion Show is being sponsored by the Northern Division oi the Wornen's Auxiliary of the Insti- tute for Cancer Research. of which Mrs. George C. Urian, of Elkins Park, is President. Proceeds of the benefit will go to the Cancer Research Laboratory in Fox Chase, which is headed by Dr. Stanley P. Rieman. CC1othes by Strawbridge 6. Clothierl. E in this will sparked the an honor velvet or Herbert P. Lansdale, Jr., executive secretary of the International Com mittee of the Young Men's Cl'u'ist.ian be -,ww-v---v..v,....1?- - .. ,W -.- W..-..v...v.-...v-vv- v -Yv- 'Q - ,.. , Dr. 6 Mrs. N. W. Winkelmcm. Ir. lGerdi.nq Photol The wedding of Anne Weyl Kirsch- bauni, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Alan B. Kirschbaum, of Elkins Park, to Dr. N. William Winkelman, Jr.. son of Dr. and Mrs. N. W. Winkel- man, took place Friday afternoon, September 17th, at the home of the bride's grandmother, Mrs. Julius S. Weyl, of Elkins Park. The bride's attendants were Miss Mariana Amram, of Washington, D. C.: Mrs. D. S. Red. of Harris- burgg Mrs. Thomas S. Scannell, Jr.. of Chicago: Miss Elizabeth Gold-- smith, of Philadelphia: Miss Victoria Kingdon, of Winter Park, Florida, and the bi'ide's sister, Miss Emilie Kirschbaum. Dr. Winkelman was his son's best man. The ushers were Edward Block. Bernard Cohen, Egil Briga- dier and Richard Fishel. , MOTHERS GROUP PLANS G-N LUNCHEON The Pre-School Mothers' Group of Glenside-Weldon School is planning a covered dish supper in the school cafeteria at 7:00 p. m. pn Tuesday, October 5. After the supper Mrs. Louise Moore will give a short talk on the history and purpose of Pre-School Mothers. This meeting is planned to have the members become better ac- quainted. Those attending should bring a salad, casserole or dessert to serve four. if"-""'-f"""""""""'Y' "W" 'q"""' WEDDING BELLS! . l PU 9 9 Unzted Luthems Meet g At Toronto Meeting in Canada for the first time in its 36-year-old history, the United Lutheran Church in America wlllhold its 19th biennial convention in Toronto, Oct. 6 to 13. Nearly 700 delegates from 32 synods in the United States and seven Canadian pnovinces will attend the convention of the ULCA, 'whose 2,150,000 members make it. the larg- est Lutheran body in North America. The Rev. Alvin H. Butz, Jr., Mr. Charles Jacobs, and Mr. Ernest Hoeppner, all members of St. Paul's Lutheran- Church, will attend the convention, as omcial delegates reo- resenting the Mlnisterium of Penn- sylvania a synod of the United Lutheran Chu1'ch. Theme for the convention will be! "Christ-the Hope of the World." The delegates will be called on for far-reaching decisions affecting the structure of the church -at the Toronto convention. Much of the convention business will be devoted to action upon a "Little Hoover" commission report for streamlining the administration of the church body.. After an 18-month study, a is member Co ' 'n,QQrganiza.- tional Structure has recommended 118 changes in the church's opera- tions to make it a "more effective church." t ' The commission also has proposed that "a more specific approach" be made by the United Lutheran Church for uniting Americas Lutheran bodies. It suggested steps leading to direct meger of the eight Lutheran denominations of the National Luth- eran Council. 'Those eight bodies have more than four million mem- bers, about two-thirds of America Lutheranism. , , ' Bishop Eivind Berggrav, former primate of the Church of Norway, will preach the sermon at Holy Com-- munlon services opening the conven- tion Wednesday morning, October 6. at St. James' Cathedral, Toronto. Business sessions will get under way Wednesday afternoon. with Dr. Franklin Clark Fry, president of the ULCA for the past 104years.. pre7 siding. Dr. Fry is the new chairman of the Central Committee of the World Council of Churches. having been elected as head of the 90-mem- ber policy making body at the Second Assembly of the World Council in Evanston in August. More than 1000 reservations have been made for the biennial Lutheran Laymen's Movement dinner to be held Thursday night, October 7, at Toronto's Royal York Hotel: Speak- ers will be Dr. Elton Trueblood and Dr. Fry. , The convention -will be trans- ported bv special trains from Toron- to Kltchener-Waterlool. center of Lutheranism in eastern Canada, on Next Week The convention will interrupt its proceedings Monday night, October 11 for a special service at the con- Fox, and vention hall, the T. Eaton Audi- hold, with toriuin, in observance of Canada's players p Thanksgiving Day. The speaker will onely Mrs. be Dr. Austin A. Zinck, Milwaukee, band, who Wls., a former Canadian. Newcomers Dr. Robert, D. Hershey. pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church, New Yorkq City and a former past-or of St' Pauls, Glenside. will be convention chaplain. Pastor Butz has accepted the jn- vitation to preach in a Canadian Church on October 10. He and Mr. Charles Jacobs will serve on the .Committee on Reference and Coun- Sel. ABI GTO EWCOMERS ,CLUB . - The-opening meetings-of-the-New-l corners Club of Abington was held at the home of Mrs. Tinius Olsen, II, of Washington lane, Rydal. Mrs. Thomas Simpson served as chairman of the hospitality committee. She was assisted by Mrs. George W. Crabtree, Mrs. W. Edward Frank, Mrs., Charles G. Fritz, and Mrs. Theodore Gilmore. The president of Abington New- comers, Mrs. Stuart G. Clinchard, conducted the meeting. Mrs. Clinch- ard introduced our honored guest of the day. Jean Fredman, of the Times Chronicle, an assisting pub- licity friend and booster of the club since its inception. Other guests and prospectiv -emembers introduced by Mrs. Carlton Bayard, vice president, we1'e: Mrs. James T. Chinlund, Mrs. Robert Funch, Mrs. Gunther Geis- man, Mrs. J. . Hare, Mrs. Kenneth Jeffery, Jr., Mrs. Daniel McGeehan, Mrs. Edwin Stewart Jr., Mrs. Albert Reconnu, Mrs. Abner Dowdell Mrs. Tony Geiges, Mrs. Harold Grebe, Mrs. Charles J. Hook, Mrs. John Massengale, Mrs. Raymond T. Pear- son and Mrs. Jackson Daily. A copy of the completed booklet, "Things to Do in and Around Ab- ington," was presented to each guest and'member by Mrs. Harry Ham,- mer, chairman of the booklet com- mittee: Mrs. Edward W. Campbell, Mrs. Lloyd B. Gitman, Mrs. George L. Headman, and Mrs. John Childe assisted Mrs. Hammer. Mrs. Carl Clancy of Jenkintown. acted as ad- visor for the group. The Abington. YMCA printed the booklets. YMCA representative, Mrs. Edwin C. M - - NORTH ---J Ml'S. omers souls Treed Mrs. Albert The room and filled tion, at the mothers M1's. chairman, Coffey, principa new way of life touched on the new experience Virginia Thiess, er, stressed the pendence and of -.. L ,, trim Digby Reed's All mothers of pre-school age and kindergarten children are urged to join this iirst meets on the attend church Sunday, Will anning, asked for our cooper 'n projects planned by the Auxiliary of the Y. She an invitation to every- join one or many courses the Y including lessons in dancing or a charm l PHOTGGRAPHS GORDON S. SMITH 121 TOWNSHIP LINE RD. .lENKlNTOWN, PENNA. ,PHONE oaomz -6811 if if m ' f 4 1 + 59:fm'AH: ., '-if '-TZ U'r'F1?'J ' x --.A ,111 I hs'xx 'attendant Mr. Bennet. 4. .,.,.... Cardwell Jr, was best man for! hrs brother WANAMAKER ICKLER Mr and Mrs Herbert Ickler of Wyncote announce the marrxage of then daughter Miss Mary Vu' glllla Ickler to Mr Samuel Ma and Mrs Samuel Mathias Wana maker also of Wyncote whxch took place yesterday in Calvary Presbyterxan Church with the Rev Dr Wxlham Barnes Lower ofhci atmk assxsted by the Rev Lewxs A Brmer SZXBALSKI HUNTER I Miss Mary Ehz rf :EJ ... . , it , X D F- nv A ACP' . D' ' . 1 , .-. - 3 - . . In . , ' . - ' 5 . . E , , I Q ' I 5 ' - '1 , L. . F' . .m V o ' . I1 O Ph f I ' I . I I I , :ff5'2ff!S:5:'A- TY' """f':1S:'-I i.5.Z55255:Z.I-':5":"i'i'E' 1 I ' f ' 4 ' if rg " fi?-i'Z1-'1 'f1:e':1.1.,1.f':vff.""fE::f:i?E-E : ,:. "--:gil-11-,."2i:2'.f:1-1:1132-4 ,VKi?9252555215:532211Sai1-I9-:SilK2If:5Ei22?2f21ff11:E4'5:5?zEaZ2 '. ' ' yay.-..g -1-j-3.21 que .,I I gc .v 1T'9Z?N' M7 'M -4 mi' 'X ww' 5 CJ Dhils., Pl, Ta is 1837 N Q5 ' gli 5 P ? x , sg rl N "N V' l . v 0 A---2 fMfJ!X J fx-1 ,2 1531! 635133 QJIIHT ZITI 'H ID 05 3 'SEI if- Q-X GB utm erm Q-B nu Ulf! J 1fl'lf6'lflf5' DEDICATIGN MEMBERS OF THE ROUND TABLE NOELES PERFECT LADY OF THE COURT MAGNA CHARTA IN THE DAYS OF OLDE PLEASURES AND EAsT1MEs LEGENDE OF GOOD WOMEN FOLLOW THE GLEAM GUILDS JOUSTS 41155.13 edicafian ,D With sincere appreciation the Senior Class of Abington Friends School dedi- cates its yearbook to Bertha M. Huey and Mary Helen Bickley. These two teachers have guided our paths of learning and citizenship during our high school years. It would be difficult for each of us individually to say "thank you" for their genuine interest in each pupil. So as a group our class wishes to salute these two members of our faculty for their unerring patience and the in- centive that they have given us all to- go beyond "just what is necessary." Their qualities of humor, friendliness and helpfulness have made us respect them as teachers and, most important, as friends "Outward Bound" is a symbol of their patience, guidance and faith from which we have all greatly benefited. 1 4 HELEN SCSQTT ' 1 St ICS GRACE TEES Som U Science 1- 55963 H Scwlh I' RQT ggeix Q 1 1 Y RU A'1gIlje3gLD E LIZABETH SMITH l Athletics MARY HELEN ' BICK English LEY gb, ,.2 ,,' f E -A LY Q wwf w w r aw 1. W X mg fx ,,..,p -4X.s:ffj,,2 5 WW me gf: L, fx . , i gs- ww Y A ' X " X K BERTHA HUEY GRACE DUER Guidance HOWARD BARTR Aff Mathematics Headmaster AM i Y' . TZ ANIiEs1staHt :IT no . ROBERTA WOLFF Home ECO Aft Latin Spanish Left to right: Marjorie Lang, Ann Fry, Adele Fitzgerald, Carol Young. Editor-in-Chief ........... ........,.... M ARJORIE LANG d S B ' M ......... ........., A DELE FITZGERALD ufwurd 7501111 MH Pzgzzgizpbgnzzizg, , ,. . , ,, A NN Anixtant Editor ........ ............ C AROL YOUNG ff 2: E ig - ,mgix UIIIPB SANDRA ELAINE ALBERTSON 1117 Rices Mill Rd. Wyncote, Penna. Sandy . . . or Bertson . . . peppy cheerleader . . . her cackle . . . dresses with style . . . afraid of gaining weight . . . and catching illnesses . . . pills . . . versatile . . . fast on the hockey field . . . nimble . . . sings in Octet . . . de- pendable . . . unlimited amount of jewelry . . . conscientious . . . wild at her parties . . . blind dates . . . always busy . . . Dartmouth . . . happy-go-lucky . . . hairdresser appoint- ments . . . yery neat . . . bank . . , The West . . . good driver . . . piano player with ability . . . popular music . . . sheet music collection . . . "George" . . . hysterical laugh . . . knitting argyle socks . . . domestic . . . "my sister, Janet" . . . powder and paint . . . modeling . . . T.A. fl, ..., .... AJ merry as the day is long. l A X f o Lwaggmmmli. ,. DIANE MARIE BADIK 621 1 N. Mascher St. Philadelphia, Penna. ,ni Never love zmlers you can Bear with all the faults of man. Badik . . . "eh?" . . . problems with too many boy friends . . . naturally blonde and curly hair . . . Religious Life com- tr' - mittee chairman . . . giggles . . . wonderful humor . . . driver -. on wrong side of street . . . Hockey Manager . . . very sym- pathetic . . . midnight rider . . . "Caesar, stop it" . . . sincere . . . basketball wizard . . . member of the first Row Club . . . , pink and orange . . . Piper Cub's visit . . . Philadelphia ac- Y cent . . . Bandstand satirist . . . leather skirt . . . love for duck . . . "dig out" . . . dunk in the creek at the break of X! dawn . . . waiting for mail . . . smooth? . . . horseback riding . . . deep beliefs . . . loves natural beauty . . . slim . . . sing- . ing "The River of No Return" . . . "Marilyn" . . . her Army pin . . . moody . . . tiny nose . . . artistic . . . unique walk . . . franlcness. ..... sei-T MERLE JOYCE BENNETT Welsh Rd. Huntingdon Valley, Penna. E t EELS?-:QI H-'er' True enjoyment comer from activity of the mind and exercise of the body. "Bennett" . . . chick-a-chick-a-boom . . . sweaters and skirts . . . basketball captain . . . self-control . . . "Let's go "'--'- girls!" . . . laughing at Phyllis . . . carrot and celery lunches 7 7 . . . co-treasurer of bank . short tunic . . . poise . . . A 1 treasurer of the A.A .... "eh, eh, eh, go Happe, go" . . . Billy Penn . . . opera singing . . . "Ramoaana" . . . baggy bloomers ,- . . . gold football . . . "Pearl" . . . "Well, I think that if a Q person really" . . . football widow . . . crashing clown the ij Q, Q dj hockey field . . . treating at lunchtime . . . advice to the love I Q lorn . . . unrecognizable spelling . . . alto in Octet . . . fam- ' Q, G ous diets . . . hard-boiled eggs for Miss Smith . . . scaring Q children in the lunchroom . . . appreciates finer arts . . . deep q beliefs and firm convictions . . . driving to student concerts. , Tk,-3 , . f-EZ, Z... BARBARA LOUISE DANEHOWER S. W. Corner Fairhill St. and Chelten Ave. , Philadelphia 26, Penna. The secret of success if constancy of purpose. Full of pep . . . jitterbug . . . versatile . . . "I have a ques- tion" . . . conscientious . . . intellectual curiosity . . . loves to write . . . always willing to help . . . "Really!" . . . talented in art . . . sweaters . . . top marks . . . pretty eyelashes . . . hops and skips . . . fighting fullback . . . decoration committees debater . . . wide vocabulary . . . her poetry . . . enthusiastic basketball guard . . . assembly committee chairman . . . Ocean City beachparties . . . skillful skipper of a sailboat . . . short . . . second junior essay award . . . no judgment of distance when driving . . . usually in a dither . . . expressive face . . . smoking . . . clothes combinations . . . left handed . . . illegible writing . . . black jeweled belt . . . graceful . . . imagination. The little cook . . . suits . . . anyone want to have a drag race? . . . and Saturday night! . . . soprano voice . . . where's the Badik? . . . her cars . . . remember Rome? . . . symphonies . . . French . . . sincere effort . . . telephone conversations . . . disagreements . . . jumping from one extreme to the other . . . he's wonderful . . . expressive eyes . . . cutting oranges during gym . . . member of the first row club . . . basketball manager . . . football games . . . student concert trips . . . social conscious . . . jokes, all sizes, all types . . . Swarthmore . . . that New York weekend . , . Student Council Vice Presi- dent . . . Upper Moreland memories . . . I'm on a clothes allowance . . . secret peeve-uninterested committee workers . . . Monday morning. JOAN FRANCES DEPAUL Davisville and Pioneer Rds. Hatboro, Penna. A rweet, tzttrartizfe kind of grace gil ff ,D- " -1 gi ADELE KITE FITZGERALD i 1851 Canterbury Rd. Abington, Penna. ff n. A superior man is modest in his speech, but exceeds in bis actions. Athletic ability . . . economy . . . history debates . . . ini- tiative . . . junior Prom . . . dimples . . . Stone Harbor . . . -' A "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" . . . chemistry tests . . . sports- f , 1 manship . . . which one shall I choose? . . . Europe or the ... , , West? . . . "Who got some more ads?" . . . "The Brun' . . . 1 S Y , ,QJ watching certain baseball players . . . Yale and Hurricane -iv Hazel . . . Washington and Lee . . . the alto . . . wild driving .... Q 5 , . . positive thinking . . . the spirit of Alas .... knitting ,. I MQ' socks . . . her various tunics . . . decoration parties . . tales 'li of the chemistry exams . . . catching laugh . . . peaches and ' ,' cream complexion . . . surplus of men . . . neatness . . . will- KTJL xngness to help anyone do anything . . . Spanish lessons . . . her annual month without parents . . . the Hanner Song. 5 l ANN BRITTAIN FRY Buck Rd. Huntingdon Valley, Penna 'J ' ' Those beautiful eyes . . . loves jewelry . . . busy photog- raphy editor . . . her satirical wit . . . jokes . . . "You can kick me the next time" . . . P.C. fan . . . O.Y.R.C.C. . . . Har- lan's Hideaway . . typical woman driver . . . "Oh,Sheppard" . . . K4 on Thursdays . . . red sweaters . . . Christmas dance . . , golf . . . high heels . . . Hoagies . . letters from Jer . . . wild rides with Bryant . . . definite likes and dislikes . . . P.O.D. discussions . . . Octet . . . animals . . . losing P.C. jewelry . . . cutting her hair . . . "the rainbow girls" . . . her brown and whites . . . in a dither over dates . . . kindness . . . always flustered . . . baby of the class of '55 . . . red hair rinse . . . President of Dramatic Club . . . paperclip lip The glory of a firm rapaciouf mind. -film I 1 il , 51 :11, .cwnlgpf MANDY FUNK 417 Walnut St. Jenkintown, Penna. of Sincerity and truth are the basis of every virtue. Out west . . . trail ride button . . . hockey . . . President of Affiliation . . . cute smile . . . Maine . . . natural intelligence . . . telephone calls from Banff . . . changeable moods . . . No. 9 . . . slim hands . . . secretary of AA . . . those Spanish classes . . . "I don't know" . . . dislike of glasses . . . healthiness . . . sad brown eyes . . . "the effect" . . . khaki bermudas . . . chemistry problems . . . "eh, Brewster" . . . beautiful printer . . . lobster ring . . . variety of ballerinas . . . dark complexion . . . perseverance in sports . . . success in studies . . . fresh air fiend . . . dead eye in basketball . . . "her job" . . . coffee . . . member of the first row club . . . sensitivity . . . tomato, bacon and lettuce sandwiches . . . definite beliefs . . . sense of humor . . . "River of No Return." 'G' I N I L , ' " - n t 'ilu GRETA GRONQUIST 7332 N. 21 St. Philadelphia, Penna. Great workf are performed not by strength but by pemevermzce "Greter" . . . conscientious Senior Class Secretary very neat . . . thoughtful . . . silver Indian bracelets always laughing . . very helpful . not interested in driving beautiful manicures dependable sports classes? permanents . . . always tries hard . . . her volume of notes taken in class . . . "Honestly, Carol" . . . keeps things to herself . . . dimples . . . pleasant disposition . . . red tote bag . . . piles of books . . . knows her vocabulary lessons . . . dislikes public speeches . . . aversion to "the mouse" . . . love of biology? . . pep talks about Marjorie Webster . . . plays the piano well . . . fair skin . . . sun poisoning . . . beautiful hand writing . . . secretarial ambitions. , ., . 1 PH . . . always selling lunch cards . . . Acorns typist . . . her I l - f 1,- LINDA ALLMAN HANO Terwood Road up V' Huntingdon Valley, Penna. Sefzrilfility ir the Power of Wonzan. "Haner" . . . sparkling brown eyes . . . tennis . . . the ranch fx, . . . red Ford convertible . . . live wire . . common sense . . . ! I smart clothes . . . "Hey, swift panther" . . . Jane . . . Dramatic fi Club Treasurer . . . not fickle . . . class orator . . . natural - athlete . . . bank . . . blushes easily . . . party-giver . . . C"blasts"J . . . "Oh, funniness!" . . . friendliness to all . . . , x good moods . . . love of dramatics . . . Hollywood muffler . . . that beautiful figure . . . "sponging" . . . fingernails? . . . X very understanding . . . Anne Fogarty dresses . . . TV fan . . . - 4 K letters from the Air Force . . . Oh! those Biology Tests . . . J ' tennis sweater . . . "Dim, dim the lights" . . . trips to the Main Line . . . death in the laundry shute . . . the bop ki '3 I . . . "sudden twitch" . . . what moon sheen won't do! Huntingdon Valley, "jordan" . . . tact . . . argyle knee socks . . . deep voice . . . clear blue eyes . . . the west . . . humorous quips . . . ice cream sandwiches . . . sincerity . . . dangerous when first awakened . . . chemistry classes . . . "Oh, pain" . . . President of the Senior Class . . . good complexion . . . the wagon . . . the mad scientist . . . "I will return!" . . . her horse accidents . . . Captain of second team Hockey . . . "Goodhood" L . . capers in Ocean City . . . sneaking the speedboat . . . wild rides . . . year long red and white scarf . . . routine eater Linda . . . providing The Senior Room with her brother's records . . . her 99c lighter . friendliness ' . . . . . easy going . . . possessive about food . . ' . earnest . . . fits of laughter. The inzpfomptu reply is the tozzrbxtone of the 44. fof. 4- 009' QP' mf Hz NANCY JANE JORDAN 1871 Old Welsh Rd. Penna. man of wit MARJORIE RAE LANG 1134 Westbury Rd. Jenkintown, Penna. l Charm: strike the right but merit wins the mul. Long, dark hair . . . red and blue . . . Penn scarf . . . a golfer . . . sipping soup through a straw . . . pretty, blue eyes . . . responsible . . . her walk . . . working busily on the yearbook . . . lots of friends . . . movie fan . . . very friendly . . . enjoys sports? . . . easygoiug . . . likes receiving presents and mail . . . a date every weekend . . . tales of when she was a counsellor . . . walking to school in the morning . . . but dislikes walking . . . "1 saw Janet yesterday" . . . another banker . . . love of last year's Christmas present . . . someone to do her art work . . . her own unique laugh . . . gets dis- turbed at people who don't do what they're supposed to do . . . our little Margie! 0 MARIE-REINE MATT 1 1 1 Neuve-Eglise Bas-Rhin, France "Oh good!" . . . jitterbugging . . . parties . . . brains . . . her laugh . . . Halloween . . . letter writing . . . "you know" . . . class ring . . . it's for Del . . . hair . . . giggles . . . save the hockey team . . . trips to the post office . . . talking . . . the little dictionary . . . 'Tm so crazy" . . . A.F.S. linguist . . . my friend Eddie . . . G.F.S. parties . . . dances and dates . . . the student concert trips . . . innumerable friends . . . sincerity . . . concern for others . . simple moods . . . those bedtime snacks . . . trying to diet . . . 19th birthday party . . . those cigarettes . . . love of black and jewelry . . . jazz . . . her daily cup of tea . . . lemons . . . her passion for the navy . . . industrious . . . brilliant conversations . . . vivacious. Love, hope, fear, faith-these make hzmzanity I C I N 2 all in 'I . I JOANNE MCDOWELL 1380 Gilbert Rd. Meadowbrook, Penna. A good dispositiofztir more valuable than gold. "Jo" . . . baby-sitting . . . petite figure . . . "You know what Rob did?" . . . smart in languages . . . athletic . . . 3 cute hair . . . fast driver . . . "Hey, D. Q." . . . noisy walker W always cramming . . . Vice President of Senior Class . . . modesty . . . utapeworms are coming" . . . Phillies fan . . . QX ,Q accepts responsibility well . . . bulging wallet . . . usually S looks sleepy . . . little feet . . . always busy . . . trying to' gl arrange our prom . . . pretty eyes . . . Spanish and French "A's" . . . love of baseball . . . studying at the lunch table . . . ruddy complexion . . . Sheltie-Mist sweaters . . . letters from Princeton . . . coffee . . . those amusing eighth grade 19' experiences . . . quickness . . . agility . . . dislike for writing essays . . . constructive thinking . . . loyalty . . . playing "Johnny" in the Senior Room. Ecu' DORIS JEAN MILLER 320 Hewitt Rd. Wyncote, Penna. "D.j." . . . nonchalance . . . always knitting argyle socks small feet . . . Cornell . . . happy-go-lucky . . . her green Plymouth . . . jet pilot . . . high voice . . . her dog Duffy . . . "baby bird" . . . D.A .... second team hockey . . . ski jump nose . . . those astounding essays . . . her horn-rimmed glasses C.H.S. pals . . . bank . . . speaks with a drawl . . . unpredict- able . . . always singing . . . vivacious . . . blushes easily . . . personality plus . . . red hair and brown eyes . . . last minute date for the prom . . . takes her time . . . letters at lunch time . . . cheese crackers . . . variety of pretty clothes . . . her "whoosie-pot" . . . cute way about her . . . always thoughtful and considerate . . . makes rounds of colleges . . . good sport. All who joy would win must share il. ll XL Il iiill QQ! 9 Qqwfl 00 CQCTA-a2Dp BARBARA BLIGH SHEPPARD 340 Montier Rd. Glenside, Perma. 'M wi, A kind been is a fountain of gladness making evefytlaing in its vicinity freshen into smiles. "Shep" . . . honey-blonde hair . . . basketball . . . ready laugh . . . "Oh yes, yes-what?" . . . gray Plymouth . . . ,Qx 1 restless . . . Marlon Brando . . . knee socks . . . the ranch -' . . . excitable . . . serious when 'necessary . . . Senior Class ' Treasurer . . . the Cotillion . . . coordination? . . . Kennett , 5 ' V Square . . . "-and we had to have a Note!" . . . "Heath- l, I cliffe" . . . those iron tongs in Chemistry class . . . hemldck ' poisoning . . . Mr. Goulding . . . "There's friction between Q Barbara and me" . . . reversible fingers . . . "Oh, Chief" UI' rf . . . loose-jointed walk . . . good listener . . . sympathetic . . . fast talker . . . 'Tm 1ivid" . . . with appropriate gestures Iii g . . . dog shows . . . getting the beat . . . "Dink!" I I Ein- ' N PHYLLIS HELENE SIMON 1021 Cypress Ave. Jenkintown, Penna. S e egsyafxaawe- -W- A good manner is the ben' thing in the world. Letters hockey co captain basketball tennis agility . . a to . those comments in English class . . . f ' . 1 . . ' . ' hand knit sweaters . . . can anyone give me a ride? . . . k Z' the milk jar . . . biologist . . . photogenic . . . Ocean City 7, ,Z . . . tales of the West . . . the contortionist . . . and then If Merle said . . . banks. . . when it's Friday night . . . Skippy six . . . variety is the spice of life . . . Tonto moods . . . indecision lex f . . . friendliness . . . "naive" . . . enthusiasm . . . twinkle toes . . . vocabulary . . . "now down in Alabama" . . . my Qs ' f"",'- sister Sue . . . love of nature . . . co-treasurer of bank . . . fl., Bop Queen . . . "Boaring" adventures . . . Chuckles . . . ' '52 5 once a year possession of the car . . . May Queen votes . . . ' love of the post office. 1 aw,-fn, JESSICA ANN STEPHAN 642 Custis Rd. Glenside, Penna. 1 They can conquer who believe they can. Jessie . . . considerate . . . full of fun . . . Student Council President . . . mischievous . . . England . . . Haverford . . . Ruth . . . poised . . . studious . . . ambitious . . . Shalimar . . . versatile , . . adores grave diggers . . . "Dig out, dig out" . . . a man! . . . "I have a meeting" . . . very pretty . . . most likely to succeed . . . hockey fullback . . . member of the First Row Club . . . Octet . . . efficient . . . work at Musix Box . . . "Dixie Danny" . . . rides to the student con- cert . . . always knitting . . . Penn Charter vs. A.F.S. . . . individualist . . . very frank . . . complexion . . . a pillar of the Girl Scouts . . . dramatics . . . never has enough time . . . sense of humor . . . winning way . . . Ohio accent . . . good in everything that she does. , : - fgzgxlrg- "I've got the car today" . . . those Ocean City summe . . . her smile . . . weekends the If rs . . . records . . . Oldsmobiles . . . go er . . . clothes . . . cover girl sent' dining and dancin . . . imental . . g . . . college here I com . . . those eyes ' e . . . Liberace . . . wild shopping sprees men, men men . . . secret love . . . , . . . lunch table discussions . . . seventeen letters a day . . . cashmere sweaters l Monda s . . . ong pageboy . . . dull y . . . four day week . . . S.M.A. calls . . . picture in every paper . . . demure . . . amiable . banki Assistant Editor ' . . ng . . . Acorns . . . privacy of the Senior Room . . . picture collections . . . "I'm going over to Bett ' " fellowship H y s . . . visits to . . . ot Shoppe . . . long fin ' ' . . . Dram t' ' ' gernails . . . fastidious a ic Club Vice President. She if A wom 5 a woman, there CAROL EVELYN YOUNG 408 Marvin Rd. Elkins Park, Penna. an, therefore ma 12 y e woo'd, she i f 1 cv ore maybe won. Z Diane Badik Margie Lang Barbara Danehower Adele Fitzgerald Carol Young Doris Jean Miller Linda Hano Joanne McDowell jane jordan Phyllis Simon Merle Bennett Ann Fry Barbara Sheppard Reine Matt Greta Gronquist joan DePaul Sandie Albertson Jessica Stephan Mandy Funk I . 4 1 lv H , N N! . U , X Z 1 f B . a 9 r , H Vi 4 A ,ff f Q f T' I 1 N kv e 5. S J- - 1- N --T:fl'.--f--- - -1-r..f.m - xx ,...,-.. . h ...f ,,..1 AY e . ,fi J Lil-Elle, ,-2" The lady of the Court will have . . . MARGIE' S ...... JEss1cA's ....... ANN'S ........ DEL'S ....... v MARY S .........,.. BARBARA'S ....... CAROL'S ..... GRETA s ............ DORIS JEANS ........ JoANNE's ..... ..........profile .......hair .......eyeJ .......rzoJe ...........mou!l: ..........teelb .........Jmile ........dimpleJ ...folorirzg .........freekle.r 1 MERLE S ......... he Perfeef Senior ........bigl.1 cheek bone: MANDY'S ...... .................... la ands jOAN'S .,,,,,. .......... w ai!! SANDY'S ........ ........ 13 ip.: PHYLLIS' ....... .,...... 1 egf LINDA'S ......... ................ 1' igure v DIANE s ......... RENN'S ....... JANE's ....... .....:en.fe of humor .. .......... accent . ....... perxonelity NMWW ff 'X J .fa agua harm Ciass ot 1955, being oi sane rnind and soun iiowing: We, the eath the io hereby bequ body, do icer-roomy baby pow der to the ioc on', Sandy' s Maiia Sanss ' iau gh to hardtg N. xl 'W . Diane s ' Nance Em mi H Merie' s tunic to Dee' s graceiuiness to the basketbaii tea joan' s iove probierns to Bryant 'Yaggartg Adeie' s composure to Beyeriy Maierg Ann's hair rinses to judy Uttaig Mandy' s Kong distance phone caiis to Sanet Scotty Greta' s athietic abiiity to Linda Beriingerg Linda's rnuiiier to Ann Hurd's carg Sand s Eingernaii poiish to Sudy Hawieyg Margie s teeth to Pop Horcherg Reine' s initiative to the seventh grade ', Soannds basebaii piayers to Chris Lappg Doris jean's knitting to anyone who can untangie itg Barbara' s coordination to Vaierie Voiirnerg Phyiiis' naiyete to joan Oppenheirnerg Sessica' s shoyei to Bunny Sohnstong Caroi' s coiiege weekends to Barbara Fisher. Hereto we set our hand and seai this iitteenth day oi Sune, nineteen hundred and titty-tive. The Senior Ciass in f f if ifiiiiy X Who are they kidding? Profile of Youth Ipana Smile Too much night life "Oh good" Miss Whistle Bait "Chief" Shock Proof "Oh such a night it was." "Burl It's cold." Tarzan Relaxes "The Gang" "You with the stars in your eyes" Have an itch? She looks so happy "Wine, Woman and Song" The Beautiful Boppers The Thin Man Studying? Relaxing in the Senior Room "That Is just It" This Is Chemistry? Blast At Linders Exams Really Hit Me Dee, What Are You Doing ? ? V-8 Engine CHEESE Tellers in A.F.S.'s Bank Miss Merry Widow Guess Who Called Who ? ? Want A Ride? 1 1 I1 the Days of Olde The Class of '55 had its beginning as far back as four year old kindergarten, when Adele appeared. It was a time of wild paintings and naps. In five year old kinder- garten, Merle and Phyllis joined Adele for another year of painting, naps and running around the playground. The three girls became very good friends. In first grade, Carol joined the class. Those were the days of co-ed classes, and even at that tender age, Carol attracted the boys. She learned how to handle them besides learning to read and write. In second grade, the boys were gone, but we found it hard to miss them. A new era was beginning. It was the era of "playing horse." This lasted from second grade to about sixth grade. Everyone paired up, and one girl would be the horse, and the other would be the rider. We galloped around for hours every day. Third grade brought Jessica and more happy days doing little besides having fun. Jessie was very studious and learned her lessons well. More horses and a game called "Come" were added to our list of activities. Fourth grade was a very active year. Linda, Mary, Greta and Dee were added to the class. Mary and Dee worked very hard, while Linda and Greta sat on the bench in the hall, giggling. The work was getting harder, and everyone had to buckle down a little more. By the time we reached fifth grade, the Class of '55 was beginning to shape into something. Merle still had everyone out to her house to play horse, but we were be- ginning to feel grown-up. Mild delinquency broke out, but it was soon curbed by means beyond our control. We then settled down until sixth grade. In sixth grade, Jane joined the happy group. She had a real horse instead of an imaginary one, but by now, the horse influence was dying down. Sixth grade will always bring us certain memories. Who will ever forget our embroidery and all the long hours spent on it, or Mrs. Frank reading stories to us? We were really big girls then, because we were at the top of lower school. Seventh grade brought us many innovations, such as being in upper school, changing classes, and having many new drawings. Ann and Joanne joined the group and added their personalities to the class. While Del was running through the woods with Brownie every day, some of us were beginning to get interested in the opposite sex. Most of us, however, were dead set against it. Dancing class was pure torture then, and we were always thinking of new ways to get out of it. Who will ever forget eighth grade!! Some say we were a little wild that year. Mandy joined us and became as wild as the rest of us. Will we ever forget "Hanner and her Pussycat," "Tabercat" or "F.O.B.B."? Dancing classes became less of a torture to most of us, and by the end of the year, we thought we were all grown up. Did we have a surprise! Diane joined our class in ninth grade. Our class was very calm this year, like the calm before the storm. Freshman Day came and went, and with it came an epidemic of mumps. Gver half the class got them. We mostly remember Latin classes with Miss Elmore, and people disappearing from art classes. Tenth grade! The storm was here. What a year! Sandy and Shep appeared on the scene, and joined in the activities. This year was our wildest and worst year. We did the bunny hop in history, had pillow fights, put glue on teacher's chair, and did any number of terrible things. Who will ever forget Ann and Joanne outside the window, or current events classes? That was also the year of "Mademoiselle," the Sopho- more Play, and Linda's election party. Margie, Doris and Joan joined the class for our junior year. We settled down from the year before, because we had so much to do. We got our class rings, took College Boards, got our drivers' licenses, and gave the Junior Prom. We'll never forget driving to the student concerts, or making the daisy chain. Twelfth grade brought us Reine, and we've very glad it did. We had lots to do this year, but we had a lot of fun doing it. It was a year of "lasts": last Halloween Party, Prom, Arbor Day, and last Activities Dinner. Our class has reached the end of high school. We may all remember different things about our high school days, but We'll never forget the fun we've had as a class. if 'P lmszmrs and Pastimes ai As the Class of 1955 takes notice of its final year at Abington Friends, we think back about the many events that have gone into completing our high school days. Mumps on Freshman Day . . . Latin class assembly . . . Lir1da's election party . . . Faculty skits at the Halloween parties . . . Bunny Hop in Mr. Goulding's class . . . Re- hearsals and qualms of Sophomore play . . . Miss Lib . . . Stomach noises in Meeting . . . Tales of the wild West . . . Blizzard on the night of the long awaited Ring Dinner . . . Picking a theme and making decorations for the junior Prom . . . "Spotlight dances" . . . Hike to the Senior Room . . . Reine's birthday party . . . Ballerina at Senior Prom . . . Janet's and Mary's marriages . . . Cramming for exams . . . Del's daily plea for ads . . . Final deadline for the yearbook . . . All the friends we've made through the years . . . And so the class of 1955 graduates with the most memorable of all our ex- ei periences . . . Commencement. NAME Sandy Diane Merle Dee Joan Mandy Adele Ann Greta Linda Mary jane Margie Reine Joanne Doris Barbara Phyllis jessica Carol FAVORITE SONG "Moulin Rouge" u Stranger in Paradise" "Make Love to Me" In My Own Way" "September Song" Springtime in the Rockies" These Foolish Things "I Believe" "Mr. Sandman" Dim, Dim the Lights" n Shake, Rattle and Roll" "Roll, jordan, Roll" "C'est Magnifiquen "Count Your Blessings" u u Naughty Lady of Shady Lane" "You Were Meant for Me" u September Song" "Night and Day" The Nearness of You" Answer Me, My Love" TYPICAL EXPRESSION All right, you guys" ..I h.. S "Geez, what a grouch" "I have a question" "Guess what !" "Oh, my" "Oh, girls" "Oh, Mother" "Say now" u Oh, great funniness overcoming me" "Oh, stop it" "Oh, pain" "Really ?" "Oh, good!" "I got an idea!" "Whoosie" "Eh, Gopha V' "Yo, gang" "That's true but-" "Hey, men!" C9619 is FAVORITE POSSESSION Her pretty clothes Opal necklace Gold football E. A. ring Her car Trail Ride button Assignment book P. C. jewelry Diamond ring Red Ford Princeton scarf The wagon Gold wrist watch Class ring Hockey stick "P1ymPY" Summer memories Milk jar French perfume Two dollar bill Eegende i USUALLY FOUND In a Ford Victoria With Joan In the lunchroom In a tizzy On the telephone In Alberta Surrounded by fans Hurrying Taking notes On the other end of a cigarette Senior room "Seeking knowledge" Working on the year- book Looking up words Baby sitting In a daze Wound around a chair Taking roll for Glee Club Knitting socks On college weekends 'and Woman REDEEMING FEATURE Vitality Sense of humor Complexion Intelligence Her small waist Pretty hands l Sportsmanship Pretty eyes Dimples Good figure Twinkly eyes Smile Blue eyes Black, wavy hair Freckles , Red hair Congeniality Hair Friendli ness Charm PET PEEVE Homework Disorder Insincerity Committees loc "Gussie" Halitosis Dumb boys A "mouse" Nagging Black list Getting up in the morning Peopletwho suck their teeth Fast drivers B.O. Bee-bop Restrictions Going steady Back seats Sarcasm BESETTING SIN Worrying Clashing color combina- tions Wearing that green jer- sey blouse Talking with hands Inability to keep secrets Opening windows Poise Sly remarks Bad posture Biting her fingernails Fickleness Carrying a "Band-Aid Box" Cutting sports Need for a "weed" Being a baseball fan Knitting socks Sitting through M. Brando movies twice Squinting her eyes Sarcasm Carrying the torch C9166 NEEDS Aspirin Color scheme A size larger An interpreter A muffler Wide open spaces Roughing up German translator Straight jacket False fingernails To go with one boy Cigarette case To make first team A personal mailman A baseball player Knitting instructor A date with M. Brando Eye opener A new man A flashlight Hz. rim? 0, 13 - it Z A, fs? sxsiik 1-5221 wi if Q, , sz 'wwf' 'wr 9 E . 4 wr n l r Vw W' as L-nl -if x S f 1 x ,lf ,. 332 -1 'fb 2 1 Q 4 E 1 ,A if S. D, . Fw S 'Follow the 61611111 Looking through the Irzterplamemary Minutely, I came across an article that caught my attention. It was a review of the recent cinemascope television show, "Follow the Gleam." The article said: "What a crowd was gathered here tonight. 150 million people all over the universe must have viewed this gala affair. Twenty of the Earth's most famous women were gathered on this show. Everything grew quiet, the house lights went out, and the show had begun. The Master of Ceremonies introduced the first person. It was Diane Badik, the famous clothes designer. She told him how she loved combining unusual colors, and that she had started a new trend by combining. orange and purple. 'I'd like you to see my latest creation,' she said, and out came Phyllis Simon, the famous model. She was wearing a new pink and orange Badik original. , "The next person was Doris jean Miller. She had just finished lecturing to the student body at Cornell, and she was on her way back to Princeton as she was the University's first woman head. With her was Greta Gronquist, who had been the secretary of the man who had originated the first space ship to Mars. She said the job had had a lot of bookwork because they had to write to Mars and get permission. "Mary Ickler was next and told us that she ran the world's most famous resort- Buck Hill Falls. She had gone there on her honeymoon and had liked it so well that she worked until she became its manager. "Everyone knew the next three people, as they sprinted onto the stage. The first one was Linda Hano, the Universal tennis star. She told us her plans for the future. She planned to play PSKLEF MNPOT from Jupiter, and then BLK SKT of Pluto for the Interplanetary Cup. With her was Adele Fitzgerald, who told us she was getting ready for the 1976 Olympic Hockey Team. In 1972, she was on the Olympic Basket- ball team, and in 1968 she played on the Olympic tennis team. Joanne McDowell, the last but not least of this athletic trio, is a very famous baseball player. 'I've always liked baseball,' she said, 'but I was very surprised when a team asked me to sign a contract. Right now, I'm pitching for the Phillies, but I hope some day to become the manager-.' "A loud jingling was then heard, like the sound of spurs, as Mandy Funk loped onto the stage. She runs the World's most famous dude ranch, located near Banff, Canada. It was left to her in the will of a very good friend. 'Do you like this career ?' the M.C. asked. 'You bet!' she replied. "The next famous person was Barbara Sheppard. She told us she had the largest gopher farm in the world. She raises all different kinds of gophers: big, small, fat, thin, blue, orange, and green. She seems to be very interested in her work. "Judging from the applause, the next person was very well known. It was Ann Fry, the great actress. She had just finished making a picture called, 'The Ann Fry Story,' and was about to begin its sequel, 'Out of the Frying Pan.' She said she had been interested in acting ever since she was in a school play of 'Pride and Prejudicef "Marie Reine Matt, the next guest, is Earth's Ambassador to Mars. She said that she had been interested in doing diplomatic work for many years, and she hoped some- day to be a member of the United Planets fa branch of the United Nationsj. "At this point in the show, a large explosion occurred. The M.C. told the audience not to panic, that it was only jane Jordan, the 'mad chemist.' A few minutes later, out she came, covered with black, Besides accidentally blowing up three of the World's largest chemistry labs, she has invented a new formula for Ice Cream Sand- wiches. "Next to appear was 'Miss Outer Space' of 1975, Carol Young. She told us how she started out as 'Miss Elkins Park' and had worked up to become 'Miss Wor1d,' 'Miss Universe' and finally 'Miss Outer Space.' "A beautiful soprano voice was heard off-stage, and it was soon discovered that its owner was joan DePaul. She was singing for the Metropolitan Opera Company and had come to appear on this show between acts of 'Carmen.' She said that once she had made the A.F.S. Glee Club, she never had any more trouble. "Jessica Stephan was next to walk onto the stage. Everyone stood up, the band played the National Anthem, and the clapping lasted for fifteen minutes. This was the first woman President of the United States, who had, by issuing 'The Stephan Doctrine,' ended wars forever. "Everyone recognized the next guest as Merle Bennett. She had had a brilliant career as a nurse and is now developing many new medicines and treatments. She told the audience how she gave up the chance to marry because she thought her career was so much more important. "The next person was Sandra Albertson. When asked what she did, she replied, 'I sell "Interplanetary Pink Pills for Pale People," made on Pluto Planet.' She also said she lived on Pluto, but that she did a lot of traveling from one planet to another. "Applause filled the room as the famous author and critic, Barbara Danehower, walked onto the stage. Millions of people have read her world famous book, The Bee. She said that she had just finished another one called, "Around the World in a Sailboat, which she hoped will be as successful as the first one. "The last, but not least, guest was Margie Lang, the renowned editor of the Inter- planetory Minuiely, the most widely read newspaper in the Universe. She has just been chosen 'Editor of the Year,' for her fine work. "The twenty celebrities then came back on the stage for their bows. Everyone agreed that this was the best show ever put on. After twenty curtain calls, the clapping died, and the house lights went on. The show was over." ',:, 3 Q 3 W + R I Q X X ' 'Tn' wkllj K, r , Qybuilfih fudeut Cfauucil 0Mcers Left to right: joey Smith, Miss Tees, Susanne Heacock, Suellen Fisher, Ginger Hamilton, Barbara Fisher, Trearuren' joan High, Serrem1'y,' jessica Stephan, Prerident. Abrezzl: joan DePaul. Firxt row, left to righi: S. Goetz, V. Pollock, P. Glueck, J. Renn, Miss Wolff, C. Brooks, Edilor-,' A. Hurd, L. Welfley, C. Young, Auixlanl Editorg B. Allan, G. Gronquist, K. Kuhnle, G. Hamilton. Second raw: N. Lindig, S. Pearson, S. Whittlesey, Bufineu Mmzager: S. Walker, G. Wriggins, Af! Edilorg B. Helveston, B. Hartman, M. Whitson, P. Werden, L. Frederick. ,Acorus Q? New fl- -- , Mfr. Hunter Erma ......... . Sally ............ Mix: Linder Olga ............. Bingo ........ Marion ...... Dramatic 61116 Offcers Left to right: Linda Hano, Trea.vurer,' Carol Young, Vice Prexidentg joan Oppenheimer, Secrelaryg Miss Bickley, Ann Fry, Prexidenz. CAST 'Zfeftcrs fa Lfucerrzf' ........................JESSICA STEPHAN ........SHIRLEY PEARSON FRY .......LOUISA FRIEDRICH ..,...............JOAN BATT ..............CONNIE MERTZ DORIS JEAN MILLER Felice ................ .... Margaretbe Han: ......... Giutave .... Koppler ........ Franboix .. ........MARjORIE LANG ....GINNY WRIGGINS ...........MERLE BENNETT ......CAROI.YN PARRY BARBARA SHEPPARD .SANDY ALBERTSON A Glen' 611111 Fin! row, left to figbl: D. Post, R. Farran, D. Badik, A. Fry, Libmrian, Miss Ritz, P. Simon, Sec- retary-Trea.rurer,' B. Taggart, C. Lapp, S. Allard. Second row: P. Glueck, B. Dickel, M, Jansson, A Hurd, J. Stephan, J. High, S. Albertson, J. McDowell, C. Mertz, M. Ogilby, S. Fisher. Third row. S. Salesky, S. Pearson, B. Johnston, K. Kuhnle, C. Young, G. Gronquist, V. Vollmer, S. Walker R. Matt, F. Fleisher, D. J. Miller, B. Danehower. Fourth row: S. Wasum, S. Schulmerich, S. Sjos trom, B. Helveston, S. Whittlesey, B. Hartman, N. Dawson, G. Wriggins, C. Brooks, C. Parry, M Bennett, A. Fitzgerald, J. Renn. Abxerzt: J. DePaul, Prexident. Octet Left to right: Miss Ritz, A. Fry, P. Simon, A. Fitz- gerald M. Bennett, S. Albertson, J. Stephan, K. Kuhnle, D. Post. Abrent: J. DePaul. First row, left la right: B. Thompson, M. Longshore, B. Fisher, P. Lees, T. Hartung, K. Vansant, J. Greenawalt. Second raw: S. Wasum, J. Wagner, R. Farran, N. Dawson, B. Lotz, S. Schulmerich, M. Ogilby, C. Lapp, Prerideniy C. Mertz, S. Weaver, N. Emhardt, B. Johnston, Miss Gold, S. Salesky. Fifrl row, left to right: B Lorenz, R. Dorey, G. Bru- nell, Miss Scott, S. Albert- son, J. Scott, A. Fitzgerald, A. Fry, D. Badik, J. Step- han. Second row: D. Mor- ton, G. McDowell,' Mr Bartram, H. Whittaker, B Danehower, J. Batt, C. Parry, E. Cobourn, J High, J. jordan, B. Shep- pard. Dance 61116 Public Speaking Assefubq ,4,Wliatiau Standing, left to rigbl: G. Brunell, C. Parry, M. Funk, Clmirmmzf J. Scott, Miss Scott, Miss Scha- backer, R. Matt, N. Dawson. Sealed: E. Cobourn, S. Weaver, T. Hartung, P. Warden, C. Buck, A. Hurd. Left to right: Miss Ritz, B. Taggart, S. Goetz, Miss Shabacker, B. Thompson, R, Farran, B. Danehower, Chairman. l6cHgiaus L75 Left to right: D. Badik, Chdifllldllf Mr. Bartram, F Fleisher, S. Dawson, C. Lapp, Miss Huey, D. Cooper, S. Salesky. Zfypitfg Left to right: L. Hano, M. Bennett, R. Matt, M Lang, M. Funk, G. Gehring, Mrs. Ammon, P. Simon, M. jansson. Science Seated, left to right: P. Stephane, V. Hartung, S. Evans Miss Tees S Knobelauch Starzdin : C. Post, , , - . g E. Stephano, D. Post, E. Wise. Seated, left to right. S. Cherksey, B. Batt, B. Camp ion, S. Dunham, D. Cooper, W. Wyatt, B. Taggart S. Allard, B. Fisher, J. Uttal, Miss Huey, Mrs. Mills S. Dawson, B. Logan, C. Buck. Standing: P. Loeb S. Allan, S. Heacock, J. Clement, G. Lamb, L. Wa: sum, L. Gable, D. Wilson, M. Renn, A. Wattis, G Armour, S. Sjostrom, J. Oppenheimer, B. Maier, S Sacks, Miss Schabacker, E. Weihenmayer, J. Meyer 2111115151 V yv wx I- 1 A X 'li k , in if fm A L . 'v X ' x ,4fl1lefic,4ssaciatior1 Oficers Left to right: Miss Smith, Merle Bennett, T1'ea.wrer,' Adele Fitzgerald, Prefidemg Mandy Funk Serretary. Ifhecrleadcrs Left to right: Doris jean Miller, Sandy Albertson. Hockey Pint row, left ia right: A. Fitzgerald, C,apiain,' P. Simon, Captain. Second raw: C. Mertz, C. Lapp B. Helveston, S. Albertson, I. Uttal, C. Parry, B. Taggart, M. Bennett, J. McDowell, J. Oppen heimer, I., Hano, M. Funk, M. Janssen. Third row: Miss Smith, R. Farran, Judy Scott, Janet Scott B. Sheppard, S. Sjostrurn, B. Fisher, J. Stephan, J. jordan, S. Wasum, L. Berlinger, V. Vollmer, B Danehower, D. J. Miller, D. Badik, Manager. Fin! row, left to riglst: J. McDowell, J. Uttal, A. Fitzgerald, M. Bennett, Capming P. Simon, I. Hano, J. Scott. Second row: C. Lapp, B, Taggart, B. Fisher, B. Helveston, J. Jordan, B. Sheppard I.. Berlinger, S. XVhittlesey, V. Vollmer, D. Badik, Miss Smith. Abyem: J. DePaul, Manager. Haskclball Archery Fin! row, left to rigbl: S. Salesky, J. High, Mmzagerg Miss Gold, S. Wasum, C. Parry. Second row: G. Gehring, S. Pearson, E. Cobourn, A. Hurd, K. Kuhnle, B. Johnston, D. Badik. ' l Ccnuzls' Lefz to rigbl: L. Hano, M. Funk, S. Whittlesey, S. Schulmefich, I. Batt, P. Simon, R. Matt, Managerj Miss Smith, A. Fitzgerald. 600' Left to right: Miss Gold, S. Salesky, C. Lapp, J McDowell, B. Taggart, J. Stephan, A. Fry. f' - Q' 'K 'll 5 KS Ewa b .W .'fi5??:C5'5,' ' ' 7.1 , --.- ' - M" O: 'I ..,. 1' --L: ' , gr, ,Ln vs K, 'iii W ,,,,,, ?'2sS?9 w1,,.4,, if . - '.':ET'EE'. ' as 5 a Wm i I ii , E Q Ei E322 i wi? Q Qs ladies in Waiting Fin! raw, left to right: Miss Schabacker, J. Oppenheimer, J. Scott, S. Allard, B. Allen, C. Brooks, J. Batt, L. Welfley, A. Hurd, B. Taggart, S. Sjostrom. Second row: C. Lapp, J. Uttal, B. Fisher, B. Helveston, N. Emhardt. Abxent: M. Jarnsson. Firxt row, left to right: Barbara Al- lan, Student Councilf John Batt, Trearurer. Secand row: Maija Jans- son, Vice Prexidentg Barbara Fisher, President. Firrl raw, left to right: Kris Kuhnle, Vice Pre.ride11t,' Diana Post, Treuxurer. Second raw: Beverly Hartman, Presi- dentg Sigrid Wasum, Serrelaryg Joan High, Student Counril. Zfeslziueu Fin! row, left to right: Miss Wolff, V. Vollmer J. Wagner, E. Wise Second raw: S. Fisher, V. Hartung P. Glueck, B. Dickel, L. Berlinger, S. Weaver, M. Ogilby, S. Hansmeier, N. Dawson. Third row: R. Farran J. Scott, J. Renn, C. Emhardt, F Fleisher, B. Lotz. Saphamares Firrt row, left to right: J. High, E. Cobourn. Serond row: S. Pearson, K. Kuhnle, J. Hawley, C. Mertz, S. Whittlesey, G. Wriggins. Third raw: C. Parry, S. Wasum, G. Gehr-- ing, N. Lindig, S. Walker, B. Hart- man, S. Salesky, S. Schulmerich, D. Post, Miss Scott. Abreni: B. John- ston, L. Friedrich. Fir!! row, left to riglwl: Suellen F1sh er, Student Councilg Betty Dickel Serreiary. Serorzd row: Vicki Har tung, Vice Prexiderzty Judy Wagner Trearurerg Valerie Vollmer, Pfen dent. Che Serfs Szyhtlz Grade Firrt raui. leff lu :'ig!J1.' B. Logan. S Allan, P. Loeb. 1. Clement, Mrs Mills. Seeand rouz' S. Dunham. A XV:1ttis. C. Buck. M. Renn, S. Sachs G. McDowell, S. Goetz. R. Dorey B. Campion, V. Pollack, S. Hencock Tlnrd mu-: E. Stephano, P. Stephamo G. Armour, S. Cher-ksey, S. Dawson G. Brunell, 'B. Lorenz, D. Morton B. Batt, D. Wilson. 2 Firfl rozr, left 10 rigbl: Ginger Ham- ilton, Student Council: Bonnie Fish- er, Tre.1.rnrer'. Suroud 1'01l'.' Eloise XX'eihenmayer. See1'el.11'5.' Katy Van- sant. Vive Pre.ridw1f.' Marcia Long- shore, Pftifidtillf. Fizzrl mug lefl 10 rigbf: janet Cle- ment, Prerideui: Bethel Logan, Tre.z.r- urer. Second rouz' Dee Dee XX'ilson, Viee Prerideuf: Arlene VC'attis. See- 1'Ef:H'-'1', Susanne Heacock. Sludenl Coullril. Seventh Grade Firrl row, left lo right: Miss Tees, T. Hartung, B. Fisher. L. Gable. P. Lees. Second rouz' H. Whittaker. P. Werden, C. Davenport, XX'. Wfyatt, B. Maier, S. Evans, M. W'hitson, M. Longshore. J. Meyer, C. Post. Third faux' D. Cooper, E. Weihenmayer. G. Hamilton. K. Vunsant, B. Thomp- son, S. Knobeluuch, J. Greenawalt. Abfeutx Linda Frederick, J. Dean G. Lamb. L. XX-'asum. 1 TUWNSNIP LINE NUND ANU WASHINGTON LANE ' JENKINTDWN, Ph. Americcfs newest, most luxurrbus apartment manor . . . You simply musl see The Benson . . . a brillianl new eonceplion of modern living. Each magnilieenl aparlmenl suile is like a Hollywood ranch house . .. wilh huge living rooms and dining rooms, panoramic piclure windows, chic balhs and powder rooms, kilchens lhal sparkle wilh eleganl appoinlmenls. Nero is a fabulous domain of luxury and convenience. Under one sumpluous roof, a dining room, superelle, drug slore, barber and beauly shop, underground parking, 4 aulnmalic elevalors, maid and valel service, laundry, professional wing. . . a brealh-laking array of superb facililies. 250 exquisite 1 2 and 3 bedroom suites 598 to 3280 monthly Gracious Suburban Living, only 19 Minutes from Town Sel like a rare gem in Philarlelphia's mosl beauliful suburbs, o,,,NsH Township Line lload, Iell one block lo Washinglon Lane, C' 'P Ufvf R or iusl drive norlh on Washinglon Lane lo The Benson. ,sp Only 19 minules from lown via lleading llailroad. s 2 X' 5 The Benson is easily reached . . . Norlh on llld York Road lo .f 2 2 D- TELEPHONE WAVERLY 4-2299 Wilma 74 ?4lleua4 Paperhanging and Decorafing 7525 Norfh 2ls+ S+reei PHILADELPHIA 38. PA Ogon'I'z 6620 PETER LUMBER COMPANY Lumber, Millwork Cemeni, Painis, e1'c. I37 GREENWOOD AVE. WYNCOTE, PENNA. CompIimenI's of A FRIEND THOMAY FURNITURE Be+I1ayres, Pa. "BEST WISHES" From A FRIEND CAMPION'S Thos. A. Campion 48l YORK ROAD Ogon+z 4327 2 WASHINGTON LANE AND YORK RD. Ogonh I287 8OII York Road ELKINS PARK, PA. Melrose 5-I476 Good Coffee - Fine Food Popular Prices Uhr Eaehrrmnnh Grille 0 800 Old York' Road Jenkiniown, Penna. Penna. Roufe 6lI WAGNER'S HABERDASHERY Cloihing Hars 56 I 8 Germaniown Ave. --W PICK UP AND DELIVER ATIANTIQ MEIrose 5-8806 FOWLER SHINNI INC. RQBERTS Dodge and Plymoulla ATLANTIC SERVICE STATION Lulorncalion-Washing-lgnifion Service Minor Repairs Dodge Job-Rafed Trucks Yorlc Road aI' Noble Sfafion JENKINTOWN. PA. E- W' ROBERTS' Prop. Ogonh Maiesfic Ogonh Township and Cadwalader 7428 5-2222 3l63 Elkins Park I7. Pa. F C ll FRED H. STRAUB 'jjd " Jewelers Since IB94 Delivery 2722 Germanlown Ave. Service Plam and Office BA, 9.3440 605 Wes'I' Avenue Jenlciniown, P Complimenls of A FRIEND CARLSON MOTORS CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH Pari' of Jenlriniown, Pa. Og. 7900 "A FRIEND" Besf of Luck 'Io THE CLASS OF '55 in fhe Years 'l'o Come Complimenls of FORREST INN Welsh Rd. and Tennis Ave. AMBLER, PA. TRIANGLE CLEANERS Jenlcinfown, Pa. HELWEG 81 SON Jenlcinfown, Pa. Pk Complimenis of A FRIEND bk Complimenfs of WALKER CADILLAC JOHN E. SJOSTROM COMPANY Incorporafed PHILADELPHIA 22. PENNSYLVANIA Manufaciurers and Designers of SCHOOL, LIBRARY and LABORATORY FURNITURE PAUL JAEGER Guns and Sporfing Goods 2I LEEDOM STREET Og. 6920 Jenkin+own, Pa. GOLDBERG'S Old York Road's OIdes'I" .Depar'Imen'I' SI'ore Esfablished l902 JENKINTOWN. PA. Besi' Wishes From BALL 84 -COFFIN The MarIzeI' Place For Be'H'er Homes WiIIiam Kuhn, Jr. Richard E. Kuhn KUHN REALTORS Real Es+a're and Insurance Brokers Vene+ian Blinds Shades HARRY C. BERLINGER. JR. Rugs and Carpers Linoleum Rubber and AsphaII' Tile 7 I 5 Greenwood Ave. 7II Wesi' Ave. JENKINTOWN JENKINTOWN. PA. Og. 4550 Ogonh 6434 Esfablished I 865 CARILLONIC BEL'-S w. BAYLY a. soN, INC. Pmduced By SCHULME-RICH Manufacfurers of BLAZERS-TUNICS GYMNASIUM SUITS. ETC. For CHURCHES-COLLEGES loo:-os Filberi' S+. PUB'-'C BU"-DWG5 Philadelphia, Pa. Sellersville, Pa. Congra'rula+ions and Bes+ Wishes +o +he Class of I955 Rosa MILLS, INC. Philadelphia, Pa. MAKERS OF NOVELTY YARNS Complimenrs of RENN PLYWOOD COMPANY Ll. 8-4007 SANDERS "Clo'rhes in The Casual Manner" aolz ogom Ave. Philadelphia, Pa MATHERS BEAUTY SALON Melrose 5-88I9 8045 York Road Elkins Park, Pa. JOHN GRUBER Mobilgas Service S1'a+ion General Repairs Huniingdon Valley Ch. I293 or 946i BROWN'S DRUG STORE Hunlingdon Valley, Pa. Chapel Hill 04l4 PATRONS' Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Alberfson Mr. Joseph Carfer Mr. and Mrs. William B. Fry Miss Emilie W. Furniss and Mrs. Joseph Happe, Sr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Happe. Jr. Mr. Craig B. Harlan and Mrs. P. E. Miller L. F. Sharpless Curiis T. Simmons Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. James Siephan The Spinning Wheel Mr. and Mrs. Robin E. Roberis Frank Badik Mr. and Mrs. 62lI N. Mascher Si. Philadelphia 20, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Valenfine DePaul Davisville and Pioneer Rds. Haiboro, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Frank DePaul Welsh Rd. - Huniingdon Valley, Pa. LIST Mr. and Mrs. John W. Fifzgerald l85l Canrerbury Abingion. Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lang H34 Wesibury Rd. Jenkiniown, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Newburger Terwood Rd. Hunfingdon Valley, Pa. Rolyn Pharmacy 8000 Ogoniz Ave. Philadelphia, Pa. Mr. and Mrs. John B. Young Marvin Rd. Elkins Park, Pa. William Hyndman III Insurance Agency COMPLETE INSURANCE COUNSEL ERLEN FOOD MARKET Compleie Food Siore I'-70I SEVENTY-FOURTH AVE. Prompr and Free Delivery A. S. FARENWALD OG. 2442 Flowers York Rd. and Greenwood Ave. JENKINTOWN. PA. Besr Wishes ro +I1e CLASS OF I 955 0 ROAD SERVICE CERTIFIED LUBE Ferrari's A+Ian+ic Service S+a+ion WASHING-SIMONIZING Pickup and Delivery Service BETHAYRES. PA. Chapel Hill 94Il L. W. OSWALD Pharmacy Wishing York Road a+ Wes'r Ave. me JENKINTOWN, PA. CLASS OF ,955 Prescripiion Dep+. Ogonfz I447 All +he Luck and Happiness in We ALADDIN Years +o Come Greenwood Ave. and Leedom S+. JENKINTOWN, PA. Complimenfs of J. FRANK MOTSON COMPANY CompIimenI's of A FRIEND I DoNATo BROS. Pioneer Food Sfore CompIe+e Food MarIceI I8II Horace Ave. Abingion, Pa. OG 8950 ABINGTON TEXACO SERVICE STATION York Road and Guernsey Ave. Compiefe Service OG 9257 T. O. Biornson Complimenfs of WENTZ BROTHERS Amsier, Pa. Ambler ovoa WALKER'S FLORAL SHOP I828 W. Chelienham Ave. Phiiadelphia 26, Pa. Suburban Delivery LIVINGSTON 9-483 I Besi Wishes Io 'Ihe Class of I955 From A FRIEND GLENSIDE JEWELERS I07 S. EasI'on Rd. Gienside, Pa. OGONTZ 702I BRYNER CHEVROLET CO. l4O Old York Rd. JENKINTOWN. PA. Phone Turner 2927 RIZZO'S Pizzeria Spaghe'Hi Ravioli SI'eaIc Sandwiches Hoagies Anyfhing Io Take Our 2I E. Glensicie Ave. You Can'+ Buy Finer Ice Cream Than HOWARD R. PETERMAN, JR. I , I I I ILYSIII If Life and General X ' . Insurance v ' I Z4 X ' QW 1 rv I f I . 1 ,F - I 1 Q om XX V WaInuI' 2-2I24 4I3 Locus'I' S'I'. PHILADELPHIA 6' PA' Because its high quality V is guaranteed by Brey f mous "Pledge of Purity." Made bett Breyers Ice Cream naturally tast b tt TAYLOR ALBERTSON COMPANY Disfribufo rs Building I62O W INDIANA AVE Specialties PHILADELPHIA 32, Po. B A. 9-2930 St. auI's' Qllhurnh Qipiscupal Old York and Ashbourne Roads ELKINS PARK PENNSYLVANIA The Rev. Frederic Richardson Murray, B.D., Recforg William T. Timmings, Mus. Doc., F.A.G.O., Organis+ and Choirmasfer CornpIin1en,I.S Roberl' Godfrey, Sexlon SUNDAY SERVICES of Holy Communion 8:00 A.IvI. A Church School and Adulf Bible Class 9:30 A.M. Third Sunday of 'Ihe Monlh I I:00 A.M. Morning' Prayer and Sermon I I:00 A.M. Holy Communion and Sermon lFirsI Sunday, I I:00 A.M. Church-Time Class for Children I I:00 A.M. Youfh Group 7:00 P.M. lService Broadcasl' From S'raIion WIBG 99 KC-I I:00 A.M.l Class of '56 A ,I J we Jw AW ax, WI OV GOOD ,M ij LUCK ,W -if J 1 WDC U '53, . of IIIW' THE LEHIGH PRESS Philadelphia LITHCGRAPHERS PRINTERS CAN'T THINK BRAIN DUMB GOOD THOUGHTS WON'T COME BAD INK BUM PEN GOOD LUCK AMEN Ihe Abing'ron Ihe Sophomores Bank Bes'I Wishes 'ro Ihe CLASS OF I955 From A FRIEND BE SI WISHE S . Q- . mf" ffm aff' si' 5 lx Q50 Ao-4.-'91 'Cf' F 3 il C XI- - ,gk BM QQDQI GN' 0, C C qxqjb 91.90 ww xv N H . QQZW qbfg' WILDEMORE AGENCY 3I50 N. Broad S'I'ree'I Philadelphia 32, Penna. GENERAL INSURANCE AUTOMOBILE SURETY BONDS LIFE John K. Wildemore, Jr. Jacob Wildemore FARBER DRUGS Elkins Park, Penna. CompIimenIs of ABINGTON FLORIST CompIimenIs of A FRIEND Congra'ruIa+ions and Besi' of Luck, From I'he CLASS OF '59 REAL ESTATE I23I N. York Road Abingfon, Penna. PHILADELPHIA' PA' FURNITURE DRAPERIES ' ' UPHOLSTERING SLIP COVERS Ogonh 8475 - 6235 FRANK J. DEKER ! L L L i Qannew of Q-,lyik T I u fmfAm CS-ince 1832 Q -.,...,.....,,.....-........- I ""1""-""""' E -an-.nn.-hu--un1uu1um I PHILADELPHIA, PENNA Complimenfs of J ROBERT N. 0 R D A N INDUSTRIAL REALTOR 009 Beury Building o 370I N. Broad Sf. SAgamore 2-0200 o Philadelphia 40. Pa Willow Grove 0542-44 plqmounf- L p sci-IULL If L E I Q '52 H ' MOTORS Chrysler - Plymouih York Road and Lincoln Ave. FRANK SCHULL WILLOW GROVE, PA. "THE GREEN ARROW" Park and Ea'I' LOmbard4 3-9l28 ROBERT E. FOULKROD INSURANCE Since I9I8 Independence Building Philadelphia 6 Besl' of Luck From "A FRlEND" GQ?-D Open Wed. and Fri. Eves. TURNER I529 gang 41' 3419 OF JENKINTOWN Juvenile Furni+ure and Toys 437 York Road -DELIVERY SERVICE Jenkiniown DAVIS PHARMACY 877 Township Line Road ELKINS PARK. PA. Tur. 4-I6I6 BELL PHONE oeomz case W. J. PICKWELL IHimseIfl Elecirical Conira cI'or RADIOS-ELECTRICAL REFRIGERATION 423 Old York Road Jenkiniown, Pa. SOUSAN PHARMACY 80I4 York Rd. ELKINS PARK, PA. Jerome F. Haaz, Ph.G. Me. 5-3000 Me. 5-4200 POINSETTIA CLEANERS Elkins Park, Pa. SALES SERVICE ALFRED P. LIEBOLD, INC. Befhayres, Pa. We invife ihe graduafes of A.F.S. 'ro visil' us for giffs. WOMEN'S APPAREL M. E. ALKUS-FRECORD SHOP 79l0 High School Rd. Elkins Park. Pa. Me 5-2490 LlL-LEE 5 BEST WISHES Jenlcinlown, Pa. +0 THE CLASS OF '55 aw 'Es...-ioofo' 'vflwl fl' bex, 51.94-'X GX GOOD LUCK DE! all M4 QW . 7QK4fll4-4 Sf. John's Lufheran Church WARREN H. SMITH Melrose Ave. and York Rd. Reahor Melrose Parlc, Pa. THE REV. KENNETH P. CTTEN 327 Nm" Easlon Road f GLENSIDE PAUL JAEGER Office Teleohone Guns and Sporring Goods Ogonh 877' 21' Leedom gfreef Residence Telephone Og. 6920 Jenlrinlown, Pa. ogonlz 2993 ufufam' Hound -fees gg ,A LITHOGRAPHED GQ-Szhfeffi' ,LA YEARBOOK 'A ' I ' DALLAS ' TEXAS ,.4.., 41" 1. p ., Bpxl .H 4,- .U-1. .Y -.q V 'ra'-'J '4'9"fCfV . . 13" . 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Suggestions in the Abington Friends School - Outward Bound Yearbook (Jenkintown, PA) collection:

Abington Friends School - Outward Bound Yearbook (Jenkintown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Abington Friends School - Outward Bound Yearbook (Jenkintown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Abington Friends School - Outward Bound Yearbook (Jenkintown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Abington Friends School - Outward Bound Yearbook (Jenkintown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Abington Friends School - Outward Bound Yearbook (Jenkintown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


Abington Friends School - Outward Bound Yearbook (Jenkintown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


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