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J-T!"" , W , 'iwgg mlillt is ' i1i3fggfi" "f'LtifIv , ji.:- 31 ' , iz "f -'il' - ' ,. ,V . ii' . 'Q v it v , 5?'1':f vw.. r- - ,Q-"r'N -, :ny-T I f 5Q1i,..f5N -17137 L-1 , .xf , W 5, A F531-1 5 Q - ' .u,.N11,.,,tu '-1. LVL ring K r U-n f , ff? 1. Feffi , EFI' P - I: -J, . .N I L' A ? .'-Y -V I "iff, fp " Tix- , Y , -v 'fl , , "" 4 I x"?' 'af r - ' ' ' 1 . 1 nga iri .-- .az 4, .Jin 1 u n I 1- .z .4 -xl q.,.- h . ,' 1 . A 9 J , A . . , ,. , ,Q 'A ,". . 4' Y NAVY 4 'tl , ,. f , A 'I '.. I ' I xv V s . J. . J M , , v 1. -- ,, fu. i ' -n 4 . I-i-I - M . ,.'II . , ,ll - s , . 5-1 f w -.. F n , . r E , 1 - , r .C W-.IV Q .4 V,- ,if,, , ,Y 1 ,ye ' ,. 3' "3'f4:,',n1':- ' . ,'E 1 ,gi i' R I f 5.-H' x- 1 Yu .-KJ. - , up- mv, T5 Q. .fb yi X , A " Htl. Q i I-1 -lf, - I- - Y , Y i4-lr 1 ' ,- ii- W Kam 24 ABINGTON FRIENDS SCHOOL JENKINTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA igmmd X954 f-X fan' Editor-in-Chief oooooo , , ......,,. J UDY JONES Business Manager A .. 4.,,.77,. BARBARA SALESKY Photography Editor ..,. .,,,..... C HARLOTTE WHALEN Art Editor o o,oo oooooo .A.o,oooooooo N A NCY AMBLER Left to right: C. Wha len, J. Jones, N Ambler, B. Salesky. ROBERT IIACON To you goes our gratitude for the help and GEORGE J. HORCHER DEDICATION The Class of 1954 takes great pleasure in dedi- cating its yearbook to the three men who make up the maintenance department of the school: George J. Horcher, George A. Horcher, and Robert Bacon. l GEORGE A. IIORQ HPR friendship which you have shown us throughout our years at A.F.S. You have given unceasingly of your time and overtime in helping us to prepare for dances and other school functions. We have come to consider you as an integral part of the school which we love so well. Most of all, we ap- preciate the moral support which you have given us. You have always been ready with a quick smile or a word of encouragement. This is our way of thanking you for the affection which you have shown us. JUNE BARBER "Now girls-" Remember: Her cute clothes . . . Her quiet way . . . Her knowl- edge of home econo- mics . . . Her sweet smile. MARY HELEN BICKLEY "The homework for tomorrow." Remember: Her beau- tiful eyes . . . Her neatness . . . Her nat- urally curly hair . . . Her English tests. PAUL COULDINC "IFS up to you." Rl"lIl9ll1l7f"I'Z His infor mal discussions . . . His blue suit . . . Mrs. Collltlingz . . . His tur- rent ov:-nts classes. DElRHE RTSAN HowARD BARTRAM "Can I see you for a moment?" Renwmber: His tact . . . His good posture- . . . His religion clas- ses . . . Our trips to his office. RUTH GOLD "Where's Miss Smith ?" Remember: Her danc- ing ability . . . Her sparkling personality . . . Exercise classes . . Her black leotard. BERTHA Hum' "It all a'epPnflx on llze variables." Rcilwililierz Her mlrivm- . . . Leads-rsllip :nect- ings . Conferences . . . Mathematical gen- ius. TLE PEOPLE RUTH l,0STI'llIllAl. '4D0n't forget to hand in page Hlf' Re-me-rnlwr: ll:-r hats . . . Hvr smile- . . . Hvr sunny mlispnsitimm . . . Hrfr mixlurn' proh- lvms. ANNE lilrz "I thilzlw- N Rvim-iulwr: Glu- Clull . . . Her slim-k Coiffurv , He-r purple dress . Hvr grm-n Car. ELIZABHTII SMITH 'gLet's go, gals." Remember: Hvr salads at lunch . . . Hvr blue lmlazf-r . . . Her high spirits. .M ""5llm H, 'fi ROANNI-1 RIAN "fWPrf'ly ll qlwxtioli nj nlffrrlvrizrltiorlf' lie-nn-inln-r: llvr pvu- vllvs and l'I'4'Zllll unn- ple-xinn . . . llf-r goml figuru . . . llc-r pri-My llunrls .... N lrilily in luriguuges. RUTH SCIIAHAKIKI-Ili "Hun jillllfju R!'llll'llllN'I'I l"l'Q'llK'll pup quizn-s , . llm-r lrluv Q-ye-s . . . llf-1 yvar in Fraiivv . . . l'l0lIll'WOI'k. Umar: Tmgs "Anybody want tu dix- SPl'l?u R1'lll1'Illll1'TI l'i1'lil4 :I worms . . . lllur- . . . llvr pre-tty lm-lh . . ll:-r rn-ally laugh. GRATITUDE It is with the deepest love and respect that we inscribe this page of gratitude to our parents. Throughout our lives, they have been the guiding force behind each one of us. They have shown us, primarily by their own example, that the struggle to grow up to be responsible adults is not under- taken in vain. They have endured our wrath, been sympa- thetic to our grief, and shared in our joy. Always, no matter how dark the moment, they were at our sides, guiding, help- ing, but most of all loving. We know we can never justly re- pay the great debt which we owe to them. The one desire which we have is that someday we will at last become the mature, upright people whom they tried so hard to make us be. A 6 131 Q 54 MARJORIE JANE ADAMS 1009 Crosswicks Road Rydal L wi Va Q is "The Sunshine of Your Smilev Freshman: Class Treasurerg Color Team Hockeyg Color Team Basketballg Assembly Committeeg Play Productiong Photography Clubg Clee Clubg May Court. Sophomore: Student Council, Secretaryg Color Team Hockeyg Color Team Basketball Acorns Cast of "Wisemeng" Clee Club. Junior: Second Team Hockeyg First Team Basketballg Affiliation Committeeg Acorns, Assistant Edi- torg Glee Clubg Octetg May Court. Senior: Student Council, Presidentg Second Team Hockeyg First Team Basketball, Captaing Dance Clubg Glee Clubg Octet. When it comes to accepting responsibility, there's no one who is more dependable than Marge. Any job which she undertakes is done well and conscientiously. Her ability as a leader is also commend- able. These features may in large measure be attributed to her seri- ousness of purpose. Marge is ambitiousg she sees what is ahead of her, and she doesn't hesitate. However, it is for her warm, under- standing personality that we will remember Marge. None of us could ever forget the unselfish friendship which she has shown us. Her even temperament and presence of mind have averted many calamities in our lives. Marge is versatile and ambitious. She is sure to suc- ceed in whatever course she chooses, throughout her life. "N" A! gzi- fi-fix fppfbkf NANCY MORGAN AMBLER "The Orchard" Wyncote Freshman: Student Counclg Art Club' Cast of "Wise Freshmengn Boundl Art Editor: Human Affairs Club. J' ...Q W is "Chacun a Son Goutv Club. Sophomore: ssem y Buck Hill Conference. Junior: Welfare Com- mittee French Club: Narrator for May Day. Senior: Class Secretary: Outwarrl A bl Committeeg Art Daisy is one of the most intelligent people we have ever known. Her mind is extremely active and perceptive. This fact and her large vocabulary may stem from the fact that she is an avid reader. Be- sides intellectual ability, she has a great deal of poise and charm. The rest of us are quite envious of her sophisticated manner and her smart taste, probably influenced by her noteworthy artistic penchant. Her self-assurance makes it possible for her to cope with almost any situation. However, it is for her straight forward manner that we most admire Daisy. We can always be sure of her sincerity and are grateful for her frankness. We know that we could never have ac- complished much without Daisy. BARBA RA SIEGL E Bowan Creek Road B ryn Athyn "It Must Be Fun to Be You" Freshman: Class Secretaryg Color Team Hockeyg Color Team Basketballg Pla Production. Sophomore: Color Team Hockeyg Color Team Ba k ation Committeeg Photography Clubg Cast of MW' Vice Presidentg Color Team Hock ' ior: Class Vice Presid ' Pride a d ' e Co Treasur Y s etballg Affili- ise Freshmen." Iunior: C ey, Basketball Manager' ent, Hockey Managerg n Prejudic 9 - e lass Dance Cl Dance Cl b of Oak er, Cast of Trust Company. , . ub. Sen- u , Treasur ' r s Bank and l When Barb is given a job to do, we can always be sure that it will be done well. There is a determined look in her blue eyes which shows that she will stick to a job tenaciously until it is done. She is lively and has a sparkling smile that brightens any atmosphere. She l 4, is very friendly and especially loyal to those close to her. tlliiiill Barb is an excellent planner and has a faculty for organization which is an asset to our class. One of Barb's greatest attribut ' her ability to form her own opinions clearly and c ' severance in carrying her ideas thr member of our grou . er per es her an invaluable Q es is onclsely. H - ough mak ' P JANE FOULKE COBURN Fairacres Road Rydal wfml -N,f ra w M - - "I'll See You in mg My Dreams" Freshman: Class Presidentg Color Team Hockeyg Color Team Baskelballg As- sembly Committeeg Photography Club. Sophomore: Color Team Hockey Man- ager: Color Team Basketball Manager: Acornsg Cast of "Wise Freshmen." Junior: Class Treasurerg Typing Clubg Home Crafts: Junior Essay, Second Award. Senior: Class Treasurerg Religious Life Committee, Chairmang Human Affairs: Cas! of Pride and Prejurliceg Co-Treasurer of Oaks Bank and Trust Co. -5" '51 ,Ianie's sincerity is shown in every contour of her face. Her slow '7' -T deliberate approach to the problems which confront her usually in- "',,?-.-1'-:'-:gh sures a good solution. Her foresightedness may have a great deal to "' 4, Q 0 do with this. ,lane always thinks ahead to what the repercussions of ,SL her actions will be. Don't think for a minute, though, that she is all seriousness. She has a warm sense of humor and a spontaneous laugh which makes you want to laugh with her. She is always willing to to the best of her ability. The one quality which makes ' ' h r understanding. lt is this quality which has ' h she will always be remember help you Jane so outstanding is e endeared her to her class and for whic ed. SUZANNE GABLE Valley Road Meadowbrook "You.'d Be So Nice to Come Home to" Freshman: First Team Hockeyg Second Team Basketballg First Team Tennisg Play Productiong Glee Cluhg May Court. Sophomore: Class Presidentg First Team Hockeyg First' Team Basketballg First Team Tennisg Typing Clubg Cast of "Wise Freshmenf' Glee Clubg Octet. Junior: First Team Hockeyg First Team Basketballg Second Team Tennisg Acarnsg Glee Clubg Octet. Senior: President of A.A.g First Team Hockey, Co-Captaing First Team Basketballg Assembly Committee, Chairmang Dance Clubg Glee Clubg Octet. Susie is without a doubt one of the prettiest girls in the class. She has not only lovely features but also a light that comes from within which gives her a unique type of beauty. She is always flawlessly groomed. It is small wonder that her interest lies in modeling. Sue is a stable and sensible girl, but her sense of humor makes us realize that she is full of fun and down to earth. S people and warm gracious manner make anyone whom she meets feel instinctively attracted to her. Sue,s deep conviction and sincerity of belief give her an air of dignity which commands both the respect and admiration of all of us. usie's sincere interest in ARIEL GORDON CRIMES Stockton Road Meadowbrook -4 "Ah, Sweet Mystery 3 of Life" Junior: Color Team Hockey, Second Team Basketball, Second Team Tennisg Affiliation Committeeg French Club, Vice President, Glee Club, Librariang Octet. Senior: Second Team Hockeyg Second Team Basketballg Dance Clubg Dramatic Club, Vice President: Glee Club, Presidentg Octetg Buck Hill Con- ference. CD Ariel seems to be the unique personality among our members. ws-K She is endowed with a rich sense of humor and has a marvelous A faculty for being able to understand and evaluate people. She is es- fx sentially quiet but is a wonderful companion, for she is able to carry . ...,.-,' on extremely interesting conversations on many varying topics. Her scope of interests seem to be limitless. The characteristics which seem to be most outstanding in Ariel are her understanding and kindness. She is able to pick out what is troubling us and at the same time help us to forget just what the difficulty was. Combining hese attributes, we have Ariel, one of the most delightful people we CQ I know. JUDITH CLEMENT J ONES 1691 Paper Mill Road Meadowbrook ' "All of a Sudden My Heart Singsi' Sophomore: Art Club: Cast of "Wise Freshmenf' Glee Clubg Octet. Junior Student Council, Treasure-rg Color Team Hockeyg Play Productiong Clee Club Library Assistantg Junior Town Meeting of the Air Representativeg .lumor Essay, First Award. Senior Outward Bounrl, Editor-in-chiefg Dance Club Human Affairs Club: Glee Club, Secretary-Treasurer: Octetg Library As sistantg junior Town Meeting of the Air Representative. We have depended on Judy's wisdom and diligence for much of the really serious business of the class. lt is surely a master organizer who can maintain a good academic average, be editor of our year- book, carry on a "business careerf, and sing in a choir on the side. How does she do it all? No doubt one way is by her continual per- severance, another, by using her time wisely. Judy also possesses a perceptiveness of people and ideas which, together with her efficien- cy, should ensure her a place in the sun. The class of '54 sends out a happy, vivacious member in Judy, always cheerful and friendly- with sincerity to all and malice toward none. ff of NOBELAUCH CAROLYN K Kelli-vr's Church "My Heart Belongs to Daddy" Freshman: Class Vice Presidentg Color Team Hockeyg Color Team Baskelballg Acornsg Clee Club. Sophomore: Color Team Hockeyg Color Team Basketballg Photography Clubg Glee Club. Junior: Color Team Hockey: Color Team Bas- ketballg Archeryg Acornsg Clee Club, Class Representative. Senior: Color Team Hockeyg Acornsg Clee Club, Class Representative. ,Amr il W Lf wi 53 " :j.f31vf'ffar:Pf9 wwf, 1 .mike - . at ,, We sei Although Carolyn has the greatest distance to cover, travelling from home to school, she is nevertheless the most punctual person in the class. Her promptness never ceases to amaze us. Her quiet, re- served manner is like a breath of fresh air, for most of us tend to be a bit loquacious. Always willing to give her time, Carolyn is a faith- l r in both class and school undertakings. The qualities which ' her placid disposition and her ability cable manner ful he pe ' t in Carolyn are ffl ,d calm and agre forget- we admire mos to keep out of arguments. The unru e which comprise Carolyn's personality have made her an un able member of our class. Her simplicity and faithfulness will re main with us always. PATRICIA HooPEs LAPP 500 Warminst er Road Hatboro "Younger Than Springtime" Freshman: Color Team Hockeyg Color Team Bawketballg Dance Clubg Art Club. Sophomore: Class Secretaryg Color Team Hockeyg Color Tea ballg Play Productiong Welfare Committee' Cast f Junior: Second Team Hocke C Club Tre m Basket- , 0 Cradle Son ' yg heerleaderg R l' ' ' , asurerg Dramati Octet S c Club, , ubstitute' Ma C Tea g, Glee Club e lglous Life C0 Treasur mmitteeg Dance erg Cast of Stardustg Glee Cl b' , , y ourtg Junior Award. Senior: C ' m Hockeyg Second Team Basketb ' Clee Clubg Oct ' et, Substltuteg Buc Pinky has the air of a pixie about her which immediately endears her to everyone she meets. She seems to be eternally happy. She has a zest for living which is contagious. We just can't be unhappy when Pink's around. At the same time, however, she has a level head and a sense of responsibility. One of the most wonderful things about Pinky is her faculty for finding something good and beautiful in every person and situation. Anyone who is with Pink soon finds it difficult to believe that anything evil or ugly exists. Her ability to help us find beauty in life, coupled with her ebullient personality makes Pink one of the most lovable people in our class. U 1 lass President all, Cheerlead 3 First erg Dance Club, Presidentg k Hill Conference. g fi Y NE lVlALLON BETSY AN 8027 High School Road Elkins Park 'll Never "You Walk Alonen Freshman: Color Team Hockeyg Color Team Basketballg Play Production. Sophomore: Color Team Hockeyg Color Team Basketballg Assembly Commit- teeg Photography Clubg Clee Club, Class Representative. Junior: Class Presi- ond Team Hockeyg Second Team Basketballg French Clubg Glee of A.A.g Second Team Hockey, Captaing First Team ' Club. dentg Sec Club. Senior: Secretary Basketballg Art Club, Presidentg Clee Betsy has a kind of charm which enables her to get along with just about anybody. There is a placid quality about her which makes us . know instinctively that we can trust her completely. Yet there is a ', gleam in her eye which tells us that she is full of fun and has a won- derful sense of humor. We can go to Betsy for either a quiet talk or a rollicking good time. She will listen sympatbetically to our saddest f woe or join us in our happiest moments. Betsy's outstanding ' fit her mood to that of her companions. This ' lace in the hearts of her class tale 0 ' ' ' b ing able to everlasting p ablllty IS e quality has carved her an m3tCS. of "C'est Magnifiquev Senior: Color Team Hocke ' Dance Club' y, Color Team B , Buck Hill C CLAIRE NITSCHELM Muttersholtz, Ba R s hin France asketballg Af onference. We shall alwa s b ch ' ' y e grateful for the opportunity of having had the arming little French lady, Claire, with us during the past year. Her lovely manner and dainty ways have endeared her to us forever. Her understanding and sensitivity have enabled her to adapt so readily to our way of life that we feel she has been here all along. She has enriched our understanding of others by sharing her French ideas with us. Claire is quick-witted and alert. She does an admirable job of expressing herself in a strange language. Although she is petite and may seem fragile, her character is strong and sincere. Her purity of thought and action will remain with us always as a shin- ing example of beauty and sweetness. I I2 'I 'Nl .lint A A 1 filiation Commi N E 31 ll 'I H i ul , .' 2' 1' -. UCC BARBARA ANN SALESKY 131 Meetinghouse Road ' town Jenkm rtsgstglg' "The Way You Look Tonighti' Freshman: Color Team Hockey: Color Team Basketball: Play Production: Glee Club. Sophomore: Class Treasurer, Color Team Basketball: Religious ' 'tteeg Acornsg Typing Clubg Cast of "Wise Freshmen:" Glee Club: Committee: Acornsg Clee Club. Senior: Outward ' Chairman: Acorns, Business Life Commi May Court. Junior: Assembly ' M nagerg Affiliation Committee, Bound, Business a Manager. Barb is one of the busiest girls in our class. Her social life is so active that you wouldn't think she'd have time for anything else, but she does. Any job which she undertakes she does well. However, it is not just her efficiency that makes Barb an important member of our class. Her easy going manner makes her a wonderful companion. Above all, furthermore, her honesty is one of her most outstanding features. Barb is completely frank: if we want a candid opinion, A Barb is the one we ask for it. All these characteristics combined with her poise and great sense of humor make Barb one of the best liked girls in the class. DIANE ELIZABETH SHAFFER 1209 Rydal Road Rydal "All the Things You Arev F reshman: Color Team Hockeyg Color Team Basketballg Assembly Committeeg Religious Life Committeeg Art Clubg Play Productiong Cast of Nine Girls. Sophomore: Affiliation Committeeg Play Productiong Cast of Cradle Songg "Wise Freshmen," Director and Prompterg Library Assistant. Junior: Class Secretaryg Play Productiong Dramatic Club, Secretaryg Cast of Stardustg Library Assistant. Senior: Human Affairs Clubg Dramatic Club, Presidentg Cast of Pride and Prejudiceg Library Assistant. Diane is the actress of our class. Her dramatic ability permits her to keep smiling despite any personal problems she may have. Cheer- ing our darker moods is her pleasant chatter, while her carefree air of frivolity soon lifts our spirits. The first things one would notice upon meeting her are her poise and charming manner. Then, her wit and friendliness make her a wonderful companion. However, it is not just for her enjoyable company that we are ind b Her unusual tenacity in getting things d and indicates her basic actress ' ll e ted to Diane. T one never ceases to amaze us 4, practicality. Assuredly, on life's "stage," our with beauty, talent and know-how will be a director and producer as well. BETTY ANN SMITH 8110 Heacock Lane Wyncote "Look for the Silver Liningi' Freshman: First Team Hockeyg Color Team Basketballg First Team Tennisg ' - S h more: Class Vice Presidentg First Dance Club, President, Glee Club. op o Team Hockey: First Team Tennis: Religious Life Committeeg Dance Club, " ' "' Cl Clubg May Court. Junior: First Team Hockey: Cast.of Wise Freshmen, ee Second Team Basketballg First Team Tennis, Captamg Archery, Welfare ' ' Student Council, Vice Presidentg Committeeg Dance Clubg Glee Club. Senior. ' ' k tl llg Welfare Commit- First Team Hockey, Co-Captamg Second Team Bas e ma tee, Chairmang Dance Club. What would the Class of ,54 do without Betty's sunny disposition! Her peppy personality, always so full of fun, adds sparkle and zest to any situation. B.A. always seems to know the right thing to say at the right time. Her effervescent friendliness makes everyone with whom she comes in contact feel immediately at ease. Her ability to get along with all different types of people makes her an able leader who is very sensitive to the needs of others. Bets can sympathize with and apply herself so completely to the problems of others that she for ets any unhappiness of her own. Her sense of emotional under- ' ' ' ' f f ' nds. g standing will always assure Betty of 1nf1n1te numbers 0 rle CHARLOTTE PEARSON WHALEN H . untmgdon Valley "You'd Be So Easy to Love" Freshman: Color T eam Hockey' Col Dance Club So h , or Team Basketball: Photography Clubg . p omore: Acornsg Cast of "Wise Freshmen." Junior' Senior: Outward Bound, Photography Editorg A Char has a kind of friendliness that is contagious. Wherever she goes, she is sure to make friends. This fact is due to both her charm- ing manner and poise. Char never seems to get flustered. She has a wonderful sense of humor which makes people feel completely at ease in her presence. Her complete lack of prejudice enables her to appreciate all types of people. The most wonderful thing about Char is her forgiving nature. You will never find Char holding a grudgeg that just isn't her way. She never thinlfs of people's bad features, al- ways their good ones. We believe that this is a wonderful character- istic and feel sincere admiration for Char in attaining it. . Acorns. cams, Art Editor. W THESE THINGS WE OFFER YO We, the Senior Class of 1954. being of sane mind do bequeath: Margie's big feet to Ann Hurd: Daisy's athletic ability to Carol Young: Barbara B's slim hips to Maija Jansson: Jane's mathematical ability to Joan High: Sue's long legs to Barbara Danehowerz Ariel's laugh to Cathy Brooks: Judyis job at the "Music Boxu to some enterprising sophomore: Carolyn's posture to the Junior Class: Pinky's shinguards to Bryant Taggart: Betsy's height to Chris Lapp: Claire's French accent to Linda Hano: Barbara S's artistic talent to Lisa Shaffer: Betty's 1952 Christmas vacation to Merle Bennett: Char's pal ,lane to Elizabeth Cobourn: Diane's long finger nails to Lynne Welfley: To the lower school. we leave all the happiness of our high sch miti l life. 5 ,ff Vwfye changed MEM, S666 Mere Mere ,X is gi A Af :Q F I , , , Q N I I M K me Lad5fDf'fftl'f5 V yvdmfcaymca l, 756 Kbrfd fi' khfaifff-17 Ef- x 77fze, ia-arise Y AS TIME GOES BY When the seniors enrolled as little girls ln gingham jumpers and long blond curls. They little thought what they'd know today. What they'd remember or what they'd say. They think of their teachers from childhood on. Some still with us. and some of them gone, But all well respected, and now in our minds As we set out to write these memorial lines. Mrs. Adams was first and with her Miss Craig. Of whom we used often to plaintively beg To play the piano so we could all sing. Or push us again on the old playground swing. Mrs. Modisher taught us when first grade we entered. For then our collective interest centered On counting and writing and spelling out words. And on walks to observe aboriginal birds. Somehow we moved on to our second school year: Now let us remember. and shed a sad tear. The spelling and printing we thought such a chore. And the pillory bench outside Miss Vaughan's door. Miss Bainbridge greeted us in the third grade. So calm and so quiet, so sober and staidg She abhorred Miss Vaughan's printing and taught us to write. And we scribbled and smeared, it. as well we might. In fourth grade Miss Ducker continued our teaching. And year's end found all of us finally reaching Proficiency in our geography lessons: Whereupon slte discharged us with manifold blessings. Miss Brennan took charge of our fifth year at school. And taught us many a brassbound rule Of proper behavior, sober and staid- Ur else wr-'d be sent down to second grade. Mrs. Frank used to read to us after our lunchesg Around her we'd gather in small or large bunches. To hear her expound on proper behavior, Hefitting a young but maturing sixth grader. In grade seven we learned of the birds and the In-es, Assisted primarily by our friend Miss Teesg For passing exams she could teach us no rule. But she launched our careers in the new upper school. Mrs. Hanner, in eighth grade our guide and our mentor. Used to wail when in cooking class we would torment h That she couldn't help it if we burned the food: As beginners. our cooking was not very good. As freshmen. we seniors encountered Miss Elmore: ln Latin Class we used to ask her to tell more About her young nephew. Puddy Tat, and the play. Which we gave on that memorable Freshman Day. When we think of tenth grade, we think of red glasses. Mrs. Estes', of course, and her History Classes: The talks on the progress of current affairs. And advice on our troublesome worries and cares. As juniors. our teacher was Mademoiselle. Who taught us to read and to write and to spell ln passable fashion, "La Langue Francaise." Which we did in peculiar and odd-sounding ways. ln Miss Bickley's unusual English courses We've read of such things as Geoff Chaucer's knight's ha The customs of good Queen Elizabc-th's court. And how to compose a good book report. The end of our schooling has come. at some length. And we thank all these teachers for giving us strength. Both mental and moral. as well as the knowledge. Which will serve us quite soon in our first year at college t'l'. lr5l'5 Name Margie Adams Daisy Ambler Barbara Bower Jane Cobourn Sue Gable Ariel Grimes Judy .Iones Carolyn Knobelauch Pinky Lapp Betsy Mallon Claire Nitschelm Barbara Salesky Diane Shaffer Betty Ann Smith Char Whalen Favorite Song Typical Expression UNO Other Lovei' 4'I'm laten "Beethoven's "Anybody got a Ninth" Iight?7' 4'Tenderly" "Anybody walking up to Jenkin- town?" "Invitation" 'gOh gollyli' "Till We Meet "Hey, Chum" Again" "Bill" "He who laughs last" "Praise the Lord "I canit, I've got to and Pass the Am- work" munition" "Deep Purplei' 4'Yes" "When the Saints "Hi!" Co Marching Inv "Stardust" "Autumn Leavesi' G5 neyii "Unforgettable,, csRuby95 LG Sentimental Jour- Nearness of You" "Oh, gosh" What means that?" "Do you have your ads yet?" GSNO! !7, "Snootz', Lcoh, yessa ANYTHING Favorite Possession Her car Recording of Beethoven's Ninth Her gold bracelet Clark "Duke" scarf Genius Ebeneezer Class ring George Bus ticket Dictionary Cold earrings Frankis pin Scarab bracelet Private telephone Besetting Sin Naivete Her walk Being late for chem- istry Wearing sweaters Dieting Delayed action Riveter's laugh Carrying books Her giggle Blushing Smoking Her driving Peeling nail polish in class Untidiness Fickleness SOES! Redeeming Feature Beautiful clothes Intelligence Slim hips Loyalty Model figure Sense of humor Brown eyes Posture Red hair Rosy cheeks Her hands Beautiful hair Fingernails High heels Teeth Pet Peeve Red-eyed monster Diane Getting committee reports Getting ads Halitosis To be rushed Cleaning Ebeneezer's cage Lateness Red hair Homework People who talk fast Double chin Nickey School .sltvs Usually Found In a dither At the "Yi, Knitting With Char In her tunic In homeroom At the "Music Box Catching trains In a silly mood Waiting for Tom ln study hall U. of P. Writing letters Signing out ln the senior room Secret Ambition World's champ sail- ing queen Commercial artist Air-line hostess Architect Model Teacher Opera singer Concert pianist Dancer First grade teacher Actress Clothes buyer for Saks Frank and four Gym teacher Willy Destiny Sunk in a dinghy Posting sign-boards Washing windows in skyscrapers Designing bird houses Modeling trench coats Flunking out of college Hog caller Piano tuner Chorus girl Latin professor Stage hand Buying wax paper for Macy's base- ment Fifty more Miss Smith No. 2 Tell Me Why 'WW Q Q M S 'Mm ,PS 2 4 WW 5 4? 13' wk J. Z"'N-x 4, e , x f' x if X X 4 E v n 11 fs ' ,..-v WILL YOU REMEMBER? Cold walks to meeting . . . Our diets 136,101 y Class projects . . . Well-lit dances . . . f' lj rl "" w .T Cutting roses for the Junior Prom . . . The Green Arrow . . . Betsy's hayride . . . The Senior Prom . . . Monday morning blues . Exercise classes . . . , , --J--1:::.. -o""""" Leadership Meetings . . Ring Dinners . . . Being late for Clee Club . . . Gab sessions in the senior room . . . Friday afternoon study halls . . . The flower chain . . . Hen parties . . . gn 'AF 4'Wise Freshmen" . . . May Day . . . The Activities Dinner . . . All the 'fun we had 11 Q Q 1 i 'J 1 'X i l I .Els WHO K OW WHERE OR WHEN? lll llli- war lll 2000 X.ll. -X -lrangv llllll lllllllllwll- -lglll w- -vl Hlii- lll-lllvll willl ll- lvl-arll' gall--. :Xml lll. Fl. Pl-ll-r llll-rv llwull- X ggrllllp lvl ligllrv- l-nrllpl lll vllulll-r. -X- -Ilmlv llll-l l-linlll llll- l-l-ll--tial lulllll-r. XX'lllll i- llli- grllllp wllil-ll mm llrllw- nl-al' .Xnll -l-l-k- il- finlll llwl-lllngz lll-rv? -Xll nlilv llll- llll-l-- rllnll- lllill- X- llll- l'lll-- nl '51 llrrill-. 'l'llvi'll- l-llllnpl-ll a llll -inl-l- lollgl agll XX In-ll llll-y lril-ll In l'ruln llll-ir -lllllil-- -ll llrrl- llllnw- 4Illllr. jllnl- -lill all lll-r -illl-. X- -ln- l-lwll llll-- lll-r lnl-lllll lll llilll-. Xml mlllll -up llli- lm-lllll. liriglll llllll lll-ur? 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J. Jordan, A. Fitzgerald, Vice Presidentg J. Mc- Dowell, Presidentg M. Bennett, Treasurerg M. Icic- ler, J. Silverman, C. Young. Third row: A. Fry, M. Funk, L. Hano, M. Lang, J. DePaul, B. Danehower, A. Rian, J. Stephan, D. Badik, C. Cronquist. gl 0 ,sq If FRESHMEN First row, left to right: K. Kuhnle, S. Whittlesey, S. Pc-arson, Second row: C. Wriggins, Treasurer, S. Salwky. Secretary: E. Cobourn, President, B. John ston. Vice President. Third row: D. Post, C. Gehr ing, B. Hartman, J. High. S. Wasum. S. Schulmerich Absent: C. Parry. L. Friedrich. SEVENTH GRADE First row, left to right: S. Schofield, Treasurer, J. Clement, B. Leberman. C. McDowell, D. Morton, I. Dorey. Second row: S. Vaughan, Secretary, B. Campion, Presidentg V. Pollock, Vice President, B. Lorenz, S. Allan, S. Sacks, S. Dawson. Fourth row: D. Wilson. S. Haecock, A. Wattis, S. Dunham, J. Herbicc-lc, P. Stephano, B. Batt, P. Loeb, C. Buck, M. Rean, B. Logan. Absent: E. Stephano. SOPHOMORES First row, left to right: B. He-lvf-stun, Secretary, J. Oppenheimer, B. Taggart, T. Shaffer. Second row: B. Fisher, B. Allan, Vice President, M. Jansson, Presidentg C. Lapp, Treasurer, L. Welfley, A. Hurml, S. Allard. Third row: S. Sjostrom, J. Uttal, J. Scott C. Brooks, J. Batt. Q EIGHTH GRADE First row, left to right: N. Wagner, V. Hartung. Second row: R. Newton, Treasurer, B. Doerr, Secre- tary, B. Dickel, President, J. Scott, Vice Presideritg L. Berlinger, V. Vollmer. Third row.' J. Wagner, L. Shaffer, J, Renn, N. Dawson, R. Farran. J YCOMX5 I xg sxxu 1 X Q1- X: 0 x W s A W O I IQ CTIVITI E5 GLEE CLUB OCTET First row: A. Fitzgerald, P. Lapp, S. Albertson, Substitutes. Second row: A. Fry, J. DePaul, J. Jones, A. Crimes, M. Adams, S. Gable, M. Bennett. P. Simon. First row, left to right: M. Bennett, C. Knoblelauch, S. Albertson, A. Grimes. Presidentg Miss Ritz, Jones, Secre- tary-Treasurer: P. Simon, Librarian, T. Shaffer, Assistant Librarian, B. Taggart, B. Salesky. Second row: J. McDowell, S. Whittelseyg M. Funk, G. Rian, B. Helveston, G. Gromquist. D. Badik, M. Ickler, C. Young, J. Ste- phan, B. Danehower, B. Dickel, N. Wagner, L. Shaffer. Third row: A. Fitz- gerald, E. Cobourn, M. Jansson, L. Hano, P. Lapp, C. Brooks, S. Wasum, D. Miller, B. Sheppard, S. Sjostrum, A. Hurd, S. Allard, R. Newton. Fourth row: S. Cable, M. Adams, D. Post, K. Kuhnle, J. Jordan, B. Mallon, B. Doerr, R. Farran, C. Lapp, A. Fry, C. Nits- chelm, J. DePaul. DRAMATIC CLUB OFFICERS Left to right: L. Hano, Treasurerg Miss Bicklcy, D. Shaffer, Presidentg A. Crimes, Vive Presidentg J. Stephan, Secretary. PLAY PRODUCTION Sealed, left to right: Miss Bickle-y, M. Lang, A. Fry, S. Pearson, K. Kuhnle, D. Post. Standing, left to right: J. Uttal, J. Oppvnl'wiIm'r, L. Hano. X 'T' DANCE CLUB First row, left to right: D. Miller. A. Crimes, P. Lapp, Presidentg C. Lapp, Secretary: S. Salvsky, J. Jonvs. Seroml row: B. Smith, K. Shaffer, S. Wasurii, M. Funk, M. Adams, S. Gable-, ,I. ,lur- dan, B. Howe-r, Treasurerg C. Nitschelni. ' 'fl' """'l' 'W "" ""'5 "'v--..,..,,,,.-5-04 i ACORNS First row, left to right: B. Saleslcy, Business Managerg Miss Rian, C. Young, Assistant Editor: Nl. Jansson, Editor-in-Chief. Seronrl row: C, Whalen, Art Erlitorg C, Wriggins. J. Scott. M. lckler, B. Danehower, A. Rian, C. Knobf-lauch, B. Helvc-stun. Third row: C. Brooks, B. Allan, S. Whittle- svy, A. Hurrl. S. Sjostrom. Absent: L. Friedrich. First row: B. Logan. Serond row, left to right: B. First row, left to right: J. Cobuurn, Mr. Coultling Sale-sky. C. Nitsr-llelm, Miss Schabacker. Third row: D. Shafer. Second row: P. Simon. B. Taggart, J Miss Rian. 5. Allan. G. C6-hring. S. Whittlt'sDy, ,l. D6-Paul, N. Ambler. Scott, M. Funk, A. Rian, C. Young. Fourth row: V. Vollmvr. R. Faran. AFFILIATION CURRENT AFFAIRS STUDE T COU CIL Z .m S53 33551 I--I SJQ, Left to right: J. Jordan, Treasurerg Mr. Goulding, B. Smith, B. Fisher, Serretaryg N. Wagner J. Clement, P. Warden, M. Adams, President. Absent: C. Parry. lin! fi X E 1-"' 1 Qgfffi f If ' V -N . -:i Af":aRs' fit k x W3,gX:?Qk ,.,x-Q W .-legs ' '59 iv-ima '- - ..,. ,,, 3' , Hia-J Aix -1 4 W' 4.-' . w., tam ,-1, . iw I ! xr 1 wid N9 ATHLETICS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS t to right: Miss Smith, Betsy Mallon, Secretaryg Betty S easurerg Sue Gable, President First row: P. Simon, K. Shaffer, S. Cable. Co-Captaing B. Smith, Co-Captaing L. Hano, M. Funk. Second row: B. Bower, Managerg J. McDowell, M. Jansson, M. Bennett, P. Lapp, Miss Smith. FIRST TEAM HOCKEY HOCKEY First row: B. Taggart, L. Shaffer, S. Sjostrom, B. Mallon, Captaing S. Al- bertson, M. Ickler, C. Lapp. Second row: B. Bower, Managerg J. Uttal, A. Crimes, M. Adams, J. Jordan, B. Shep- pard, J. Batt, Miss Smith. B. Danehow- er. SECOND TEAM HOCKEY Q g SFF! . 4 . 5 4 5 1 3 3 A I 3 4 f Q C 2 ' 1 2 qw ' ' . f Q. 1 F . s 'S r . I 5 L., I W V rxt row: P, Simon. M. Adams. Cflllllllvlll M. Funk. Serum! row: A. Filzgf-ruhl, Wmzagwg S. lable-, B. Mallon, I.. Hano. M. Bvnne-tt, Miss Smith. IURST TEAM BASKETBALL BASKET B LL Firsl row: S. Alb:-rtsml. C. Lapp, J. M1-lluvwll. lfaplain: B, Smith, B. Dune-- huwn-r. Soromf row: A. Grinws, J. Ul- tal. B. Shm-ppard, D. lhulik, l'. Lapp, Miss Smith. SECOND TEAM BASKETBALL SLN? J, 58 avi' 5.1 ii ,-ww Qvfxvwm jk, I ! I, 0 'ge ,f- Af f 16 6647 f .,, . 4 2 . 53, - N , i LA wyfvgf. ffm-3m4,,.m fiff 77wffffZ27 309 eyes N71 f Q , 1'fiL.Y.ffW X06 Qfac. 1,5 fied f O' Hifi 5 YW ooh- ga. -ga. f 7unn,in.3 w7fcC you., you., you fke 'S Zfbo ki' fbr' me, R gweei .Size fwlffve Dancer ju sfo, y2?c Q32 JN. A 1' s.i E 5 1 ma? 014 4017 af X50 5 7ffrfz flraaafwzf , 607 4 1 Eibb 'f72ie 0mr75My year? fa!! Me Mfa dame 1-,gp ,..-nur-ul - .- 7 7146 Aglfffl of He 514446 We fbias: Wffaffze ffaifes A My , f"l1-6. Janes Something Sfecia. L Sh 1 H 7' s, i ' :fiu. f vs Q 1" f 'KLA 4 .. 7 . K A 4" bhffa Us Dream j Dorff Afrw au ' ' . f L 5 wb A X if X2 1 y gg 2 , if Q Q X7 54 v W X 1 Q 153 2? NE 'mgiief .,i ' Q w keep It Gag The Or-cap . fffmfger in Hara din lafhz Sass is Oh, Hrlf0j2yDay f fw Q X .O l W . LWB ffazc ,,Af4e4 '5fL QQ Q '02 1 A QAZOJ Y ,, ' ' Q '784,.Q fqz X X! . fvfmg OL . 60? Q I- fzofffs 40? 'Z S X 020 QQXZ 5 35 -1 Q M 5 if , I xxx When Oar 1-leaf-Z's Mr-e fun? and Qzy E66 72a'e. li!! OneNm1'Julzp 67au1fn?'O Tan? vm ua yvxhyif' 7ZQn Jfrfnf Z:-r:.E1 'Q TL--- W If IWC. Hoop- det- cloo 60d ML? j M Th8Jom'f anv- f x N ,QA 96 A X Q1 QP' 410 hx? Wx '-5 QU it ww 333 O Q13 -7-I QYQZL 43. ,why D0 j A0 ear-T of 775 7758611 1 :fe 93166 f2,,,f? W if Ub5lDe'I'0JC1 A c-20, Qc fav, JWJU 33,1 .,, GN: fI'!7'!,C-5 5,0 Y Wanted QQ'-l'1QOl-'L 'QOUJ msec? 91: A 'Q 320108 '7 eart A 1? Q6 '? .2-6, O Si! 6 GL 564W Myeryekl 0118 f-1 , G L 4 M - X. viffw' N , KL L0 J, F Curfew P 0 , 2-Qi' ' is f A ' 1 Q1-at 'V foam www 5440 'ill be Q fowl Wim Q 5, flirt, 0' Vlaqa- can Dm Wafer? f . 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Roberf W. Williams Ogonh 858 W. J. PICKWELL lHimselfl Everyfhing Elecfrical 423 York Rd. Jenkiniown, Pa. CASA CONTI Famous for Fine Foods Glenside, Pa. Ogoniz 9289 Ogonh 6l43 I006 Arch S+. SCARBROUGH MOTORS, Inc. DeSo+o Plymoufh I8I4 Greenwood Ave. Jenkinlown, Pa. Ogonfz 7909 Complimen+s of THE GREEN ARROW PHILADELPHIA, PA. THE SHARPLES RENNER TI R CORPORATION ADVER SE 5 CENTRIFUGES lncluslrial Adverfising and and Cenfrifugal Processes Manuals 'ro Governmeni Specs 2300 Wesfmoreland Sf. 3I5 S, I5'I'l1 Sf, PHILADELPHIA, PA. PI-HLA. 2, PA. ls parking a problem? . . BANK BY MAIL If +raf'fic or parking problems make il' inconvenienl for you +o ge+ fo fhe bank, lei Jenkinfown Bank and Trusf Co. Bank-by-Mail service fake care of your banking for you. Ask abouf our banking-by-mail The nexl' lime you come in. JENKINTOWN BANK 81 TRUST CO. Jenkinfown, Pa. WILLIAM KUHN JR. RICHARD E. KUHN KUHN REALTORS Real Es'ra+e and Insurance Brokers FOWLER SHINN INC. Dodge and Plymoufh Dodge Job-Ra+ed Trucks York Road af Noble Siafion JENKINTOWN, PA. 7II Wesi Ave. JENKINTOWN' PA' Ogonfz MaiesIIc Ogonh Qg. 4550 7428 5-2222 3I63 WAGNER'S HABERDASHERY CIo+I1ing H a+s 56 I 8 Germanfown Ave. Meei' and Eaf af I'I1e BAEDERWOCD GRILL 800 York Rd. Jenkinfown, Pa. GOOD FOOD ALWAYS From Ihe Class of '58 BEST of LUCK GLASCOW INC. "The Dog House" ' ConI'rac+ors ABINGTON KENNELS Glenside, Pa. Ogonfz 8800 AbIf'9'f0fh Pa- Roads, Sewers, Excava+ing "Home Is Where 'rhe Heari' Is" There is a cer'I'ain sense of saI'isfacI'ion and securiI'y found only In a weII-buiI'r house and making if your home. CONSULT OUR LISTINGS. WM. T. B. ROBERTS 8: SON Glenside a+ sfafion OgonI'z I682 UALI TY FIR T . . . a Philco Policy FROM THE MOMENT it is conceived to the moment it is delivered, every Philco product is built to the most rigid standards of performance and dependability. In every step of its design and manufacture, the first consideration is quality. No reduction in cost, no economy of production is permitted that makes the slightest compromise with quality or relia- bility. To the end that, for the price you pay, you may have confidence that the Philco name on any product gives you the assurance of the finest quality your money can buy. PHILCO CORPORATION TELEVISION o RADIO o REFRIGERATION e ELECTRIC RANGES HOME FREEZERS 1 AIR CONDITIONERS ELECTRONIC PRODUCTS FOR INDUSTRY AND THE ARMED SERVICES We invife 'lhe graduafes of A.F.S. fo visil' us for giffs. WOMEN'S APPAREL M. E. ALKUS--RECORD SHOP 79I0 High School Rd. Elkins Park, Pa. Me 5-2490 LIL-LEE BEST WlSl'lES Jenkin+own, Pa. lo THE CLASS OF '54 A an-9' ,E V Wall gba if Qx bans 51.945 GOOD LUCK? JM? Def pw' C5 www S+. Johns Lufheran Church WARREN H. SMHH Melrose Ave. and Yorlr Rd. Melrose Parlc, Pa. Reallor THE REV. KENNETH P. 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Suggestions in the Abington Friends School - Outward Bound Yearbook (Jenkintown, PA) collection:

Abington Friends School - Outward Bound Yearbook (Jenkintown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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