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it ul s V- i H , . WI! J 'V '- Ig: ,fi ' ng y i' -9-:-E151 " Y bn ' . am, 4. W. :U Jim ', fm in 4. in a E - salt tam, E -E W 4 Q -gif? 1', it 41 , awk' ,VA Q -1 'Ei -f " 4' " be -5 ' av A ' . ,Wi a f if 2.-af '- ' 4 ' as A 'il Q N 1 wi F Q, mf W A - -if - Q rv-- ,5 , ' "if ,, 1. .r my 1ff+Q+ 1 f, Pr" J, Q, 5 N34- 4. Q, f if -fa -if.. In .7 it ui ,, S57 X f'f,h,f. ' . ,, , nu. . .M f . ., . ,, .9 ,-m.ew.wuyx ,'f33f'ng2s , E ow fQ"'a1 59 sz- av- 4 Qgisniga ,Abington Qriemis' Salma! JE N K I N Tow N , PENNSYLVANIA E716 Hass of 7953 ,vrcsmls UTW U STAFF Eclilm'-in-chief ...... Business Manager . I.iLcrary Eclimr Photography Ediumr Assistant Photograp RD .......... H1c1.r:N Frrzczrikm n ........... 1,1111 HAMMER ............MAm'I.r:1e RAM: .....................IXIARTH.-x YV1r1c:ANn hy Eclilor .... N.-X'l',AXI,llf1 YVRIGGIN5 F011 r GRATITLIDE In a mood of gratitude we Seniors express sincere thanks to our parents. Through the years they have been constantly beside us, and we recognize their un- dying efforts to please us. They have opened homes as well as hearts to us when We gave parties. Furthermore, they have united with us in the true A.F.S. spirit, mak- ing it possible for the school to have many of the needed revisions. They have guided us, seeing our shortcomings and oftentimes poor judgments, but loving us just the same. In short, our parents have made our youth the happiest, most fruitful years of our lives. It is with these few ideas in mind that we erect an eternal monument in each of our hearts for our parents. DEDICATIO We, the class of 1953, take great pleasure in dedicating our yearbook, OUTWARD BOUND, to two of our faculty members, Miss Ritz and Miss Huey. Through the years our class has ever been aware of the efforts of Miss Ritz to make us a happy and satisfied group. She has succeeded many times in granting our wishes, and we are heartily grateful for her constant considerations. Not only has Miss Ritz rendered us faithful service, but also she has shown us how to "live" the music and art we have learned from her courses. To Miss Huey we also dedicate our year- book because we realize that without her efforts many of us would find our futures very difficult. She has taken many hours to plan with us, ex- plaining and directing to the best of her ability. Miss Huey's ready smile and cheerful disposition never fail to put us at ease when we are troubled. And now we join together to salute two women devoted to Abington Friends and her girls. Five FACULTY AND STAFF Q Mx lfiml mfr: Many Helen Bicklcy. .Kuna Lois Riu. Axsislrzzzl In lin' Hz'ruln111.sl1'r,' Paul Goulcling, Howzml l3n1'Il'z11n. ll1'r111'mr1.xl1'r: KQHIKL' Tues. lilczmm' lilnmrc. .Srrmzzi mzu: Consllc-lu Fitz- Ilillliflx. llljllllllfilll' Hcmlricks. Izmlhcr Cioulding, Yumnc Clhzllnpignclll, Grace Ducr. llcrlhzl Huvy. lilczmor lh-scaling. Ruth Gold. lilimhcllm Smith. Tlzirrl mum' George .L Honlmcr, Rulr Cl'l Bacon, George J, I-Iorchcr. SENICDRS Eight CAROLYN ANDERSON 228 North Bent Road, Y'Vyncote Entered 1950 Sophomore: Glee Club, Second team hock- ey: Second team basketballg Second team tennis: Typingg Second Academic Honors. junior: Class Treasurerg Secretary-Treasur- er of Glee Club, Set for "Cradle Song"g Varsity hockey, Varsity basketballg Second team tennis, Arornsg junior Award. Senior: Class Treasurer, Glee Clubg Varsity hock- eyg Varsity basketball, captaing Exchange Editor of A corns. "Excef'dingly pleasant, so merry and gamesome she is called" Andy entered A. F. S. in tenth grade, and ever since her sparkling personality and enthusi- asm have delighted us all. She's not just fun, however, but a responsible captain of our basket- ball team, and the miserly treasurer of our class. Andy is also active in Glee Club. Undoubtedly her beautiful soprano voice will be one of our memories. She is also famous for her 1946 Ford that practically stays together, though what would we do without it? Andy, as everyone real- izes, is extremely gullible. Remember the cows that stood on the hill with two short and two long legs, or the history paper that would count lor the whole quarter mark? All kidding aside, everyone that comes in contact with Andy appre- ciates her friendliness and good disposition. junrru B1.,uai:1.m' BIQLFIELD lli5li Susquehzunni Roald, Rydzil Entered H350 Soplmnmrrz' Clee Club: Second tezun hofk- ey: Color tczun lmsketlmll: ,-learns: NVell'are Committee. Klunior: Clee Club: Color tezun llockeyz Color teznn basketbzillt Photogra- phy Club. Senior: Clee Clubg Second tezun is hockey: Second tezun bzisketbzillg 'l'yping. L L fi ' ,C 'Tinfr' Ihy lhouglil no fllllgllfn "A horse, at horse, my kingdom lor a horse." These words could well have been szlid by -Indy, lor we know ol' no one who zipprecizlles il good ll0I'SClJ2lfli ride quite so much. Aside lrom the riding stable, -ludy can be lound ut the Abing- ton in the swimming pool: and she is at use- lul person to have around, lor -Indy has passed her Senior I.il'e Saving test. A fommon seene in school is -ludy's hobbling upon crutches or wulk- ing in with an sling on her 1ll'IIl. XVhzit will happen next? She hzis us :ill guessing. .Xlthough tludy gives the impression ol' being reserved, we alre olten surprised by her unexpected humor, und we ull npprefizlte AIudy's honesty Zlllll her strziight'lorwardness in class meetings. Nine Ten JANE CAROL BROOKE 652 Lindley Lane, Glenside Entered 1948 Fresllman: Class Treasurer: Color team hockey, captaing Color team basketball Second team tennisg Typing. Sophomme Glee Club, Sophomore Play: Second team hockeyg Second team basketballg Second team tennisg Aforns. junior: Glee Club Second team hockeyg Second team basket ballg Second team tennisg Assistant Editor of .flcornsg Religious Life Committee Affiliation Committee. Senz'o1': Editor of Acowzsg Glee Clubg Second team hockey Second team basketball. '1Tl1e two noblest things, which are sweetness and light" Jane is the most peaceable person in the class, for she never gets into arguments, and her calm manner has saved many a brawl. She, how- ever, is far from passive, for Jane is editor of .-learns this year, and participates in all athletics. Jane is always ready and willing to lend a help- ing hand and never minds going out of her way to assist others. Her neatness has always im- pressed us, and we all envy her for her own little black Plymouth coupe, in which she so willingly carts people around. The boys have llOt passed jane by, either, for she is never with- out one. .Iane's sweetness and concern for others are valuable assets that have made her an outstanding member of our class. I,-xc1olf1a1,1x1a .Xxx F1-1L1mAN 69215 North XlllL'lt't'lllll Strcct, Pllilztclelpllia ' l'llllCl't'll l!ll7 I"1'r:sllm11n.' Claus Scart-lztryg Color tciuu llockvyq Color lt-:un lmztskctlxzllll ,'lf'l1l'l'l.Y,: Huy Court. SfllI,llIIIIIll'I'.' Cla-L' Clubg Sopho- lll0l'l' Play: Cust ol "Niue Cirlsni Color It-:uu llotlu-yg Color lt-:uu b:lskt'tbztll: Plzty l'romlut'tiou. llllll-UIQ' Clem- Club1 Book 11:15 Inlay: Play l,l'04llll'll0Il. Srwior: Cleo Club. St-t'l't'l:ll'y: liook Dany lmlzty l'l11y l'rotlut'tiou. X "'l'l1r' .trawl ol .sllu,f'.s'.s' ix !'UII.Yf!lIlI'X' of f21ll'flfMl'U out ol llQ,lllllLlllS 1IllllC'ZlllSlllg uo trouble. Surely ut sht- uppcxtrs lll out- ol hcl' c'lcx't'1' SWCLIICI' i'Ullll7lll2IllOllS. NVQ also t'OIlllL'K'l llttt word l2lXl IICYCI' passing :tu uultiutl word. lzultit- hm tlout- :tu 4-xt't'llt-ut job ol stzlviug wt-'tl alll likt' to gm hcl' l-Ul'llllIlll. llztrkic is ll silcut lllL'llilJCl' with at lot ol srllolztstic' zxbilitv. tht- l'lz1y l'rocluc'tiou gftlllll llllil :tu t'ztgle'c'yt'tl Clcc Club. xlYllt'll wc su' Izlckic iu our Illlllillfl with ht-r uzuuc, lor vvcr sinrc sixth grzult- Iuckit- has couuuutccl roustzlully bv tht- good "olt"' llbiuvtou lztxi. XYC tzlkc our hut oll' to tlzulalc lor hcl' uuztllt-ctt'tl ptwsollzllily zlutl lol' I'lIl'I'f'll Twelve HELEN HUNTER FITZGERALD 1851 Canterbury Road, Abington Entered 1940 Freshman: Second team hockeyg Second team basketballg Varsity tennis: Typing. Sophomore: Class Treasurerg Glee Clubg Octetg Sophomore Play, prompterg Varsity hockeyg Second team basketballg Varsity tennisg Typing. junior: Student Councilg Glee Clubg Varsity hockeyg Varsity basket- ballg Varsity tennisg First Aid Clubg May Court, Second Princess. Senior: Editor of Outward Boundg Glee Clubg Varsity hockey, captaing Varsity basketballg Hu- man Affairsg Affiliation Committee. "Thy smiles become thee well, therefore in my jJresenc'e still smile" Helen is the versatile member of our class, and anything she undertakes is done thoroughly and conscientiously. As captain of our varsity hockey and editor of the Yearbook, she has do11e outstanding jobs, and we say congratulationsl, These thirteen years at A. F. S. have brought her popularity and success, and she deserves both. Among her many assets is friendlinessg she can make anyone feel at ease. Whenever Helen has anything to do, she does it without groaning or putting it off. We will always have a great respect for her for this reason. Of course, Helen isn't all serious. Watch out when she starts gigglingg this girl can really be funny. Aside from her spirit, we like her for her understanding and patience with everyone. ation f10lll1lIlllCC. Sf'IIli07'.' Glee Glubl VIRCLINIA c1ABI.E 1820 Valley Road, Meaclowbrook Enteretl 1946 I'1H'KlllIlfUI.' Glass Vice-Imresiclentl Varsity l1ocl4cyZ 111lL'l'Sl'K'l10ll211 hockey: Second lC2llll basketball: Secontl tezun tennis: Typing. .S'uj1l11mIrn'1'.' Glee Club: Octet: Varsity hockey: Secoml teznn basketball: Second tezun tennis: AI'IH'lI.S'. ,lIn1ir11'.' Glee Glubg Octet: Varsity hockey: Second teznn basket- ball: Varsity tennis: 1'11'st Aid Club: A11111- Octet: Varsity lmckcyi Second tczun basket- ball, captain: sec1'et:I1'y ol' Athletic Associ- ation: Acm'n.s'. x "She sits high in all the peupIe's lIl'1lTl.Yn Ginger is our beauty with brown eyes and lreckles. She shines in athletics, 1l2lY1llg bee11 the first in our class to be 011 a varsity lC2llll. Her SlJUl'lb1ll2lllS1l1lJ is inspiring and has letl many a teznn to victory. Ginger is always willing to co-operate and is very accurate and neat i11 all her work. She gets along wit11 e1'e1'yone, l1l2lylJC because she always has time to listen to your probleins and to give yoI1 a lilt. Some- clay s11e will make someone an excellent wile witl1 her orga11ixatio11 and clomesticity. One can visualize her with about ten C1ll1l1I'CIl. XVe're sure everyone will 1'CIl1ClIl1DCl' f11l1gL'l'lS blushes and i1111oce11ce. And it is certainly her unal- lectecl, l'1'iend1y lll2ll'll1Cl' that has lll2lllC and will make Ginger so successful throughout lile. 'l'I1 irlvwz VIRGINIA LEE HAMMER 1320 Fairacres Road, Jenkintown Entered 1950 Sophomore: Glee Clubg Color teaIII hockeyg Second team tennisg Acorns. junior: Sec- ond team hockey, Second team tennisg Fourteen Business Manager of Acomsg Second award, junior essay, Properties for "Cradle Song". Senior: Business Manager of Outward Boundg Second team hockey, Tennis Man- agerg Business Manager of .4c01'ns. "Best, while you lmife il, use your breath" Lee's energy and elfervescence are un- bounded. She is always willing to undertake an- other job, such as our class projects, getting it for us wholesale. X'Vhat would we do without the Hammers' wholesale accounts? Lee is business manager of the Yearbook and one of the main reasons for its success. Her definite ideas and drive put life into, and make fruitful anything she does. Lee's beautiful clothes, petite figure and curly hair together make quite an attractive girl, and don't think the boys haven't noticed it. Everyone may tease her about her lack of self control, but really she does try and is determined to be successful. We are all grate- ful for Lee's pep and enthusiasm. She has cer- tainly given our class an added verve. Et.tz.Ansi2't'tt I,ttc:Rtc't't,x Huzn H10 York Roztd, .lenkintown lintered N349 l'1l'If.X'llIlIllIl.' Second teznn horkeyl Color tt-:nn lmskethztll: Varsity tennis: Typing: Religious l,il'e Connnittee. .S'opllon1or1'.' Student Counril: Varsity hockey: Second teann lmsketlmztlll Varsity tennis: May Coutli lypingl Buck Hill Fztlls Conler- eine. I11nior.' Clznss I'resident: Clee Club: Varsity ltockeyl Second tezun hztskethnll: ' Varsity tennis, cuptzuin: Typing. SI'!IffI1'.' if' Ilunmn tXll'nrs: Lltattrnntn ol Connnitlee. 'Q 0 .. wifi Y x I . 4 pl Clem' Cluh: President ol .Xthlettck .Xssoctav , " fy fr tion: Varsity hockey: Varsity lmusketlmll: X gifts Za . .. . ge .-Xlhltzttton ttf . '- ' my ' QSQN Q it vi. 4' -2 W, , fl C ,Mt I g gy 'A' s . 'Ns it V 'x 4 "As llll'H'y us ilu' lilly is long" Sissy is the hutnorist ol' the class, and we rant ztlwuys count on her to put us in zt good tnood. Her jokes, the lunnor ol' which we sontetinies wonder ill, Conte bursting Ollt with her lzutglner. ntttking everybody join in. "'l'he Quail", :ts she is sotnetintes culled, loves the XVest us ntuch :ts she loves to laugh, and this is usually her inztin topic: ol' c'om'et'sznion. Sissy's serious side is brought tnuch into evidence by her sincere, kind ntztnner, und we often think ol' her :ts one ol' the ntost ellicient in the class. Along with other sports, tennis is an big pznrt ol' her lile, und she is the stzn' ol' the teznn. lVe ure :tlwztys cheered hy Sissy's lun und good i disposition. l"ilIe'1'n Sixteen BARBARA ANN Hous1iHoLnER 403 Old Farm Road, XVyneote Entered 1949 F1'f'S,IIIIIll'Z.' Glee Club: Color team hockey, Color team basketballg Home Crafts Club. SU!JlIOl170li6'.' Glee Clubg Cast of Book Day play, Color team basketball, Play Produc- tion. j1lI1l.0T.' Clee Clubg "Cradle Song", prompter: Typingg May Court. Senior: Vic'e'president of Student Councilg Glee Club, Cast ol Book Day playg XVelfare Committee, chairman, Play Production. "Possess1'1l with surf: ll gentle .soifereign graze, and of .s11f'l1 ffllflllllllffl-Q fH'f?.S'!?lIlY'H Barbara, the oldest in the elass, impressed us, when she come in ninth grade, by her quiet, sincere manner. As we got to know her better, we appreciated her good nature, her funny re- marks, and very definitely her ability to drive a Car. She is also noted lor her knitting skill, which we appreciate especially when turning a heel or finishing a sork. Football is a main in- terest with Barbara, for she is an avid rooter for both the Penn and Navy teams. Barbara is one of the steadiest and most patient girls we know, and we can always depend on her. Her willingness to listen to people's troubles and to help whenever she is needed shows us that she is a true friend. Cil'1R'l'RUlDl-I Louista Pu'1'N1iY lll5 Rydztl Roald, Rydztl Iintered I9-I0 l'v7'I'.Yl!IIllllIf Student Council: Color tezun hockeyq Color teztm bztsketbztll: Acorns. Sofnllozlionz' Clee Club: Sophomore Plzty: Cust ol' "Nine Cirls"3 Color team hockey: Color teztm bztsketbull: .4corn.s'.' Assembly Committee: Many Court. .lIlHI.!H'.' Glee Clubg Cust ol "Cradle Songug Editor ol' .1crn'n.s,' Religious I,il'e Committee: Affiliation Com- mittee: Cum Laude Society: French Honor Society: Buck Hill Falls Conlerenceg May Dzty nzn'rzttor. SFIIIIOIQ' President ol' Student Council: Clee Club: Human Allztirs. "Thou nr! zum' us thou nr! llffflllfffllln Trudy would usually be pointed out :ts :tn student. However, being Cum Laude doesn't meztn she hats her nose in it book. XVith her wisdom are combined common sense und :tn ever reztdy sense ol' humor. Being presi- dent ol' the Student Council, she seems to be busy most ol' the time, but never too busy to help you or give you some advice. Trudy lets go att times, und this is when you see her doubled over in laughter or blushing to the roots ol' her hztir. Nevertheless, we will remember hex' lor her dignity und her concern lor others. Yes, we ztre sure 'l'rudy will ztlwztys be successlul in whatever she does, whether it be in schoolwork or just being her nztturztl sell. Severzleen Eighteen lXlARY Lieoxta RABE 7316 Granite Road, Melrose Park Entered 1949 l"rffsl:11111z1.' Glee Club: Color teatn hockeyg Color team basketballg A roms. S0fJllOH10Tl'f Class Secretaryg Clee Club: Sophomore playg Color team hockeyg Color team basketball: Dance Club. lltmior: Glee Club, librarian: Octet: Color team hockey, Typing: Second award junior essay. Sen- ior: Literary Editor ol' Oztlzunrzl Bound: President ol Glee Clubg Octetg l-luman Affairsg Religious Life Committee. "'l'r11tl1 is .xi1l1jJ1e l'c'fll11Al'1.IIg lllffflllfl' study or art" Ullarylec, how do you spell this word?" "Mat'ylee, what do you wear to a college i weekend?" Those are common questions which are right down Marylee's alley. If only we all could spell that well. Marylee has a powerful alto voice, and she plays the piano, too, so being elected Clee Club president seemed just right. lVe all admire her beautilul handwriting and that adaptable long hair. lt seems that in her senior year Marylee had to work double time in the science lab., so when she is lost one will probably Find her studying a new mold, "The Rabe Mold", or cooking up some horrible smelling compound. But Marylee will be remembered for her practical common sense, definite ideas, her truthfulness, and her modesty. Second team basketball: Second team ten- SARAH JANE Riino Pine Road, Fox Chase, Philadelphia Entered 1945 I'll'l'.S'lllIIlIII.' Clee Club: Color team hockey: nis: Dance Club. Soplmnzorrx' Glee Club, librarian: Octet: Make up lor "Nine Girls": Photography Club: Religious Life Committee: Buck Hill Conference. ulunior: Glee Club: Octet: Make up lor "The Cradle Song": First Aid Club. Senior: Glee Club, class representative: Octet: Cheer- leader: President ol' French Club. "Ki11d.s' words are the IIIIISIAI' of the world" Sally? NVell ,.... jolly . . . singing . . . al- ways a little late . . . These are the things we naturally think of when we hear her name. XfVe can't thank Sally enough for making us laugh when a blue feeling comes on or getting us to sing fand always on tunej during an idle moment. That frequent, "Come girls, Octet practice" is a lasting memory. There is no doubt that her enthusiasm has spurred on many a Glee Club. VVe will always remember Sally's parties, especially the open house alter the .junior Prom. Sally has the gilt of giving com- pliments whenever deserved, and she can always pep up her classmates. XVe will never forget the spice Sal adds to the class of '53. Nineteen Twenty NATALIE 1iLk1Ns Rmivlis Flying Heels Farm, Southampton Entered l949 1'-l'E?SlIlllIIlIl Color team hockey: Color team basketball: Acorns. Sopl1on1or1'.' Clee Club: Sophomore Play: Cast of "Nine Girls": Second team hockey: Color team basketball: Dance Club. junior: Clee Club: Cast of "Cradle Song": Varsity hockey: Color team basketball: Color team tennis: Dance Club: Assembly Committee: Afliliation Connnittee. Senior: President of Dramatic Club: Varsity hockey: Secretary ol Dance Club: Chairman ol Assembly Committee. "He will lmm' true glory who 1I1'spi.ses glory" "Itch" is a well liked member of our class, with her pretty brown eyes and varied interests. Riding ability comes easily to her: you should see the ribbons and cups she has won. One thing that is dear to her heart is "the ranch"-we think the XVest is in her blood. She can always be counted on lor her enthusiasm and partici- pation: you can hear her cheering the loudest lor hockey and basketball. She not only cheers for the teams but is a very valuable player. Here is one girl who says what she thinks without wasting her breath. She gets along easily with people and is a friend to everyone. The intelligence and serious concern which she has for others cannot be surpassed. Sophomore Play: Cast ol' "Nine Cirls": Cokixxia Vlllllllik Roxuc: litlli Lindley Road, Clenside lintered Ill-I7 l"n'.tl11m111.' Color teant hoekey: Color tc-'nn basketball: l'lay l'roduc'tion: Second ui denuc' honors, .Soplzmfzmw Clee Club: Color teatn hockey: Play l'roduc'tion: Sec'- ond ac'aden1ic' honors. blunior: Glee Clubg Cast ol' "Cradle Songug Book Day play: Color teznn hockey: l'lay l'rodut'tion' Stu- dent librarian: lfrench Honor Society. S1'Ilf0V.' Class X'7ll'l'-lll'l'Sllll'llll Clee Club: Vice-president ol Draniatic' Club: Book Day play: Hoekey team Ill2lIl2lgL'l'l Play l,l'UllUi'll0lll Student librarian. ,MX "Hifi mr' rl1'.vr'o1n'.s'1f, I will I'IIf'llIlIIf thine r'ru"' Do you need any help, or do you have anything to be done? Corinne will pitch in very ably and plan to the last detail. This, plus her unending efforts with decoration and other plans, was what tnade our ylunior and Senior Proms so suec'essI'ul. She has a great interest in drznnaties both in school and out, and has not only acting ability but a knaek lor digging up properties. Her hands are always busy. since she's a ehanipion sock knitter. XVhen Corinne isn't industrious, she van be lonnd telling sotne- one the latest. Corinne is the shorty ol our class, but what she doesn't have in size is tnade up lor by her friendliness. Twenty-one Twenty-two SUZANNE EL1zABE'rn SiMoN 1021 Cypress Avenue, -Ienkintown Entered 1940 I'l1'6'SlIIlNI1IS Class President: Color team hockey: Color team basketball: Color team tennis: Typing. Sophrmimra' Glee Club: Sophomore Play: Second team hockey: Sec- ond team basketball: Second team tennis: Dance Club. -lzuzimx' Glee Club: Second team hockey: Second team basketball: Dance Club: May Court. Sl'7ll'0I'.' Glee Club: Varsity hockey: Human Affairs. "Happy am 1: from rare 1,111 free! l'Vl1y 1zren't they all crmterzt like me?" Sue's spirit and sense of humor make her a valuable member of the '53's. She is always on the ball and great fun to be with. Sue's willingness to help out has been a great asset to our proms and projects. She also has a great knack for getting to the point and saves us a lot of wasted time in class meetings. Sue is always surprising us with those unexpected re- marks-sometimes we think she even surprises herself-you should see her blush! And how could we forget that milk jar at lunch ever ' since second grade? She will never live that down. Sue's naturalness and unaffected person- ality have brought her many friends: it's her friendliness and sincerity that have endeared her to us. BRITA SELMA Srnaximrikc A175 Sylvania Avenue, Clenside Entered I9-10 1"r1'.sl1nm11.' Cast ol' "Our Hearts l'Vere Young and Cay": Color team hockey: Color team basketball: Color team tennis: Play Production: Religious Life Committee. Soplrrnrzorzu Clee Club: Sophomore Play: Book Day play: Cast of "Nine Cirls": Sec- ond team hockey: Color team basketball: Second team tennis. -lIHI1.0l'.' Class Vice- prcsident: Clee Club: Cast of "Cradle Song": Second team hockey, captain: Sec- ond team tennis: Play Production: junior essay award: Second academic honors. Senior: Class President: Glee Club: Book Day play: Varsity hockey: Dance Club. "A good nnrnf' is miller to be chosen than great ri1'l1f's" XVe can be thankful to have Brita a mem- ber of our class, for it seems that she is in the center of almost every activity whether it be art, dramatics, dancing or sports. Brita is an influential leader also. As our vice-president, she did a wonderful job working on the -Iunior Prom, and she made an excellent Senior Class president, exercising her notable tact. Brita has a wellsrounded knowledge and a sincere interest which makes her have so many friends. Y'Ve . will never forget the house parties at Brita's. No group can claim they had as much fun as we did those three days in Stone Harbor. But most of all, you can't help liking Brita's en- : thusiastic appreciation for anything done for the class as well as for herself. Twenty-lhrfe NIARTHA lN'lURlIil. YVIIQGAND 962 Frog Hollow Terrace, Rydal Entered l9-ll Fl'l'.S'llI1Ill7I.' Secgond team hockey: Color team basketball: Photography Club. Sopllmzzorzf: Class Presidentg Sophomore Play, student directorg Properties lor "Nine Girls": Treasurer of Photography Club. .1IlIIfOl'.' Second team hockey: Properties lor "Cradle Song": lreasurer ol' Photography Club. Sl'IIIiUl'.' Photography Editor of OllfZL7II7'Cl BUIIIIKIAQ President of Photography Clubg Treasurer of Oaks Bank and Trust Co. "She erzlurgellz her mirllz so fm" Marty is our comedian. She has been sup- plying us with laughs ever since First grade. Marty's wisecracks and ready retorts are likely to pop up even at the most serious moments. But she has, very definitely, a serious side, too. She knows when to withhold and when to ex- press her opinions, and in the latter case is mature. Independence and efficiency have made her an influential member ol' our class. Marty seems to know everything there is lo know about photography and has done a hue job as photography editor ol the Yearbook. Marty is also a roamer. She may always be lound travel- ing the highways. Wlatch out! VVC all appreciate her genuine wit and practicality, but her most outstanding feature is love-of-life. Twenty four .ri l, .A . ,I 5 X C we s . N KN 15. i if 1 xx' vi X In s...,J XX Q , l,XI,A'1'Ai.n: :XNN VVRIQGINS 5' Q" "Hidden Clen", Meadowbrook I . Entered lllflll X 1 FTQFIIIILYIIIII Color team hoekeyg Color team basketball: Ar'ori1.s: May 'Courg Suplzlil Prnorzf: Clee Club: Colm' team ekeyg Color team basketball: A1'oms, art staff. -lIlHlU7'.' Clee Club: Second team hockey, Second team basketball: Arorns: Buck Hill Conference. Srrzior: Assistant Photography Editor ol' Outwzzrd Bound: Clee Club: Sefond team hockey, co-captaing Varsity basketballg Arorns, art editor. is Sf asf . ,Sig fri xg s ii sis . . . I , s . t :ss l-f s: -- ass esses Q . "Study men as well ns books" Nat's good nature and sympathy have al- ways been an asset to the .'53's. This old timer, here since Kindergarten Five, has always had a keen judgment ol' people, which makes her one ol the most understanding girls in our glass. Her originality and ability in art, which you see exhibited in our figures and posters for the proms, will carry her a long way. She always seems to be painting or drawing something, whether it's posters, Christmas cards or just plain doodling. Aside from her interest in art, Nat likes horseback riding, and her help is ap- preciated by the Philadelphia Workeamps and Abington Hospital. Her independence and whimsy make her an individual, and her dis- like for superfieiality and insineerity will be a strong guide in whatever she undertakes. Twenty-fue Twenty-six MARY Louisa Yonai: 330 Montier Road, Glenside Entered l95U Soplzmfzore: Glee Club: Color team hockey: Color team basketball: Afm"r1.s. jzmior: Class Secretary: Clee Club: Costumes for "Cradle Song": Second team hockey: Sec- ond team basketball: Tennis manager: Ex- change Editor of Amrns. Senior: Class Secretary: Glee Club: Second team hockey, co-captain: Treasurer of Athletic Associa- tion: Human Affairs. I "It is written to be lzonmnlzle is to be l1umI1Ie" One seldom catches Mary in a blue or very serious mood: in fact, she is usually quite sunny. Despite Mary's love of fun, she can be "down to earth" and has proved her executive ability by being the class secretary throughout the junior and senior years. Wfe find her often writ- ing letters to her many friends all over the United States and Canada. Speaking of Canada -that is what Mary talks of most. Mary also thinks a lot about her future as the editor of a newspaper, a goal which we hope she will achieve. Mary is the kind of person in whom you feel free to confide, and it is her relaxed, congenial manner that puts everyone at ease. CLASS WILL We, the Class of 1953, being of sound inind and body, do declare this to be our last will and testament. We hereby bequeath the following: CARo1. leaves her home permanents to Betsy Helveston. junv leaves her "horse sense" to Jane Jordan. JANE leaves her adeptness at knitting to Joanne McDowell. JACKIE leaves her nailpolish to Barbara Danehower. HELEN leaves her athletic ability to jane Cobourn. GINGER leaves her figure to the skeleton in the science lab. LEE leaves her ebullience to Mary Ickler. SIssY leaves her "High" laugh to Joan High. BARBARA leaves her stage fright to Shirley Pearson. TRUDY leaves her love for basketball to Adele Fitzgerald. MARYLEE leaves her college weekends to Betty Ann Smith. SALLY leaves her airplane to Janet Scott to Hy around in. NANCY leaves her frankness to Charlotte Whalen. CoRlNNE leaves her 5 feet 1 inch to the junior Class. SUE leaves her unruffled disposition to Joan Oppenheimer. BRITA leaves her glasses to Barbara Sheppard. MARTY leaves her jokes lingering in the locker rooin. NA'l' leaves her natural blondness to Carol Young. MARY leaves her Western lingo to Mandy Funk. The Senior Class leave their annual house party to another jolly group. The Senior Class leaves .... In witness thereof we set our hand and seal this tenth day of June, 1953. The Class of 1953 Twen ty-seven Class Histor lVe now turn back the calendar to 1939, when we find Sissy High, the oldest member of the '53's, entering kindergarten four. The teachers couldn't figure out whether she was a budding circus clown or had the beginnings of a cowgirl. She was always either laughing at some joke or playing cowpoke with the boys. In kindergarten five, Nat Mlriggins, Sue Simon, Brita Strandberg, Trudy Putney, and Helen Fitzgerald arrived. Nat and Brita spied the paint jars and started improving the room with touches of yellow here and purple there. Helen and Trudy found kindergarten a series of whose turn it was for the pink chair. Sue made friends with the boys. They were good patients she said, and they gave her experience in practicing to be a veterinarian. First grade-we will never forget the day Marty Wiegand joined us. We thought she was a boy, since her hair had been cut off in a bout with 'scarlet fever. She soon made friends with everyone and had us all in knots as she taught us jujitsu. Second grade was interrupted by periodical air raids and spelling tests. VVe had to stand books in front of us on the tables-insurance against peeking. All went well until Helen took a look at someone else's paper. Her spelling hasn't been the same since! The boys didn't return in third grade. XfVe must have been too much for them! Anyway, we got along just as well without them! The fire escape at the end of the hall proved to be a great temptation to us, and more than once Sue and Sissy were kept in from recess for taking a short cut to the playground. Our spelling and pronunciation were progressing, but we had quite an argument about whether it was dinoSOVVER or dinoSOOR. Fourth grade brought us Sally "The Bird" Redd. She soon impressed us with her singing and led the class as we joined in on "Chiquita Banana" before listening to the "Science Is Fun" broadcasts every Monday. This interest in science did not detract from our project of knitting an afghan for Greece. Too bad Ginger wasn't there to help us! Ginger Gable did come in fifth grade and was soon busy winning the jacks games and the juniprope tournament. These were just the beginning of her bril- liant sports record. Wie appeared every Wlednesday in our green Girl Scout uni- forms, and people started getting tired of our oft repeated question, "Do you want to buy some cookies?" jackie joined us in sixth grade amid preparations for Miss Moore's wedding. Her engagement shower was a big success, though our poor teacher almost broke her ankles trying to keep up with our jitterbugging To show that we were really learning some Spanish, we gave a program about Rolito, a little Mexican boy. Wfe drove our parents crazy, trying to speak Spanish at every opportunity. lt was fun being the oldest class, but we looked forward even more to becoming the youngest as we entered seventh grade. In seventh grade we crossed the threshold from the lower school to the upper school. A new girl, in the small form of Corinne Rolnig, kept us entertained with her tales of Penn Charter. This was a memorable year. We also had our first male teacher, Mr. Smith. And everyone knew Georgie, our little invisible friend. Eighth grade brought jane Brooke and Trudy Putney. Our favorite pastime was cooking. Ginger proved her ability by boiling peas not only in the pot, but in the box as well. Then came the poisoned jello, which Mrs. Estes got by mis- Twenty eight take. Enough said about that. Sissy's other diversion was to soak a handkerchief with perfume and pretend it was chloroform. Once a teacher was chloroformed instead of Sally. j In ninth grade, we were welcomed with four girls: Nancy Reeves, Marylee Rabe, Ruth Ingersoll, and Barbara Householder. On Freshman Day we were initiated into the upper school. Our play was ingenious. We were disappointed, though, the following day, because of icy weather. Too many girls were absent. We had been so anxious to see everyone with straight hair parted in the middle. After Freshman Day we wore lipstick without having the guilty feeling of being too young, much to the dislike of the faculty. In tenth grade four girls came to complete the '53's: Lee Hammer, Carol Anderson, Mary Yoder, and Judy Belfield. Carol soon displayed her singing ability, which became an asset to our class. Helen was more surprised than any- one else when her picture was sent to an art exhibit. This year, we took our first real interest in the Dramatic Club play. VVC also gave a smaller production called "Mamma's Getting Married". Our Latin classes were quite lively, and Lee kept them jumping. Who said that it was redheads who have terrible tempers? june brought with it Brita's houseparty in Stone Harbor, and everyone had a wonder- ful time. In our junior year we still had the largest class in the upper school, but our Latin class was rather small. It was interesting, though. We discussed everything under the sun and a few things above it. Finally, we got our class rings which made us feel grown-up. Speaking of rings. how surprised we were when Ruth appeared with a diamond on the right finger. "Gee", we thought, "who will be next?" We decided on jewelry as our class project. Lee immediately responded with "I can get it for you wholesale." 'The junior Prom was our big event. We tried to turn the club into one of the Hawaiian Islands. Remember the pond of water that leaked? Missing persons could usually be found out on the first tee. By the time graduation came along, we all hoped that we would never see an- other daisy. At the houseparty, Casey Crime Photographer, better known as Marty, was forever sneaking around corners and catching us off guard. The pic- tures in the yearbook are proof of that. At last we were seniors. Our senior year involved a lot of hard work with the yearbook, prom, Ring Dinner, and other events, but it wasn't all work. We had fun, too. Our class alone turned out enough socks for the U. S. Army. It was also a year of hen parties, since most of the boys were either away at college or in the service. Corinne held an election party, and Nat had a party for making the snowman for the prom. lVe will never forget Carol's home permanent. She left it up all night. Brita, Sissy, and Mary, our three Western gals, couldn't for- get the trip out VVest, and they made sure that no one else forgot it either. Even though we had a few mishaps, we managed to get through the remainder of the year, because we were kept busy with the Dramatic Club Play, Arbor Day, May Day, and finally our own Commencement. The play was successful, and on Arbor Day, some new greenery was added to the school surroundings. We couldn't wait to discover who was May Queen. lN7e thought about our graduation dresses 'way back in November, so by june, we were prepared. As time goes by and we stop to look back upon our years at A. F. S., we will always remember them as years of happiness, the best years of our lives. Twenty mne fIIi'HIIt'l Im Immmm-If Ufml luuk ill mc In IIILII lulln' ul vnu' iillx. Inns XUII dum' umm julm Lxlvlx? IUII I1ll'1l In-fflilnc' slmy Ihr lL'Il nllvv. Irlxukfu lub nf us IIN!! slzc Irlmxxf S IIIIILILIX night Irlucw in-u-u-ml mm ning UII. IIIUNL' Ixllulxf llul. thc ulhu night- skf IRIX! I LIN! NCCIII In uzlxh Imn nut! Xlzlrx :mal I'I'lll' Khxnfmwxinuls ful II lmlrlmx pm: Xlnln x Xivinglmx lhc- NIll'JlIx Iwfmm- llmc' k1II IIN' I'IIIllIxI'I' Dug than LI'2I1l'lf Imlf IIICXQIK' Im Ill'IllllIl'I WI I.lI 1Iuy1l'1Ill IIUXY? :IHmIni111slx.nl ug l.lLu .ull Lmrlx In Ill.lLl lumlml Hu lIll'l1'4f mal Ill :nu 4 fu ml N llllla' In Ilu-rx lIIlllQ'1'lII4IlllI1'Nx XX lun- ummlu.n1ul-mug llnu Illllxl In' 'un Illill vlc' lxrixu llu XllIllIL:l'l sl'l Ill"x lux llull lllllltlll Ink alv- X llIIk'lj,:t' ul IIIIIHHII NNN Irlzlm In Irvmlx ilu' 1111 1 , N .IIIXHIH llux I.1lI4l1mn :ml gn lnmml IILQIIIII LQl.llIl' lullu lxlm Ill flIN Illlk I g.llnnv I llllb lass Prophecy "Any society editor could have covered this," grumbled Martha, Life photographer "Some dame who attends parties to tell who was there could have done 'Life Goes On a Maid' en Voyage', but I missed a scoop so I get to write 'The U. S. Elcarim began her maiden voy age on June tenth, l973.' "Better interview the captain's wife and get on with the gory details. To think I gave up a perfectly good taxi business to visit the captain's wife," muttered Marty, knocking on the captain's door. "I came to see the old lady," Marty said when she was admitted. "If you mean the captain's wife, I am she," came the reply. "I was Nancy Reeves. You have to be Marty. VVhat are you doing here?" "Are there any more shocks aboard that I could include in my article?" groaned Marty. "You remind me," said Nancy, "I noticed a familiar name on the passenger list. Could Sue Simon be the one we knew? She's listed in Cabin 12, right down this corridor. There she is! Sue, Sue . . "Yes?" came the prim reply. "Are you Sue Simon of the A. F. Class of '53?" "Nancy . . . Marty! I should have recognized you. I'm so mad at those children next door I can't think. Father gave me the money he saved by my staying single, for this trip. I intend to enjoy it. Excuse me while I inquire about the disturbance? Don't leave. I want to hear the news," Sue exclaimed as she tugged at her shawl and hurried off. "VVhere's your mother, young man?" inquired Miss Simon. "I'm here, but I wonder why," came the reply. "May I help you?" asked a petite woman hidden by her offspring. "Your children are annoying me. If they aren't more quiet, I'll report them. This one re- minds me of a classmate. Barbara must have her own now," said Sue, "C0l1lCl you be Sue SiII1Ofli"' asked Barbara Householder, "I am." ' "Excuse n1y children. I'll take them to the gymnasium to work off their excess energy and then come back and visit," said Barb. "Come to my cabin," said Sue. "Wonderful! Come On, kids. Mama has a new area for you to explore," said Barb leading her brood toward the gym. "Pardon ITIS, miss. If I leave my Cliildr6n here, would you see that they don't use the In- dian clubs on each other?" were about to be Barb'5 parting words, "Sure, l and 2 and l and 2 and-," came the amazon's panting reply as she lifted the dumbells. "Can't interrupt my Olympic training but I won't allow any murders except the murder of that Songbird I'd gladly commit. I can't bear to hear 'Sweetheart of Sigma Chi' again, It was, puff puff, my class song." "Your class song? Could you really be Cnrinne Romig?" asked Barb incredulously. 'WVhy, yes. You seem familiar, too. Are you Barbara?" "So many of the girls are here. You must join the reunion in Cabin l2," Said Barb, "I have to exterminate that singing first. Wlhy, I haven't seen the girls since I started at Temple." "Haven't heard anything like this since Sally tried harmonizing that tune," grumbled Cor- inne tracking down the wafting notes. "Hello, lass, have you a request?" asked the gong bird, "Yes, Could you find another place to practice? The nostalgia of hearing old songs is ruining my training routine." "Really, I should be practicing arias. I'm to sing with the Milan Opera. Isn't it thrilling? But we were discussing 'Sweetheart Of Sigma Cl1i'. It does bring back memories. It was our class song," warbled the SOngStrCSS. "This is too far to stretch fate, but HFC you Sally Redd? The red hair is misleading, but I don't look like the same Corinne either." "Darling, you've changed, but I'd recognize you anywhere. Mfish I had time to chat, but I Illllst dash. I'm just the tiniest bit late to sing at the VVonien's Highbrow Scientific Society's tea," said Sally. "Will I see you again, doll?" "The crowd is meeting in Cabin 12. Come and join us," called Corinne as Sally Hew off. "Eek . . . Yvhere did all these horrible bugs come from?" screamed Sally upon entering the salon. "This, Madame, is my renowned insect Collection. You must know Mary Yoder, all American Entomologistf' came the reply. Thirty-two "If I do your -er display has made me forget it. Could I find a cup of tea to settle my nerves?" "With lemon?" asked a stately woman, offering her one. "Since I invented the eflicient mail service to Colorado, efficiency has been my motto." "That sounds like something Jane Brooke would have done. Could you be she?" asked Mary. "You're jane and you're Mary," observed Sally. "It's wonderful to see you. jane, ex- plain your invention." "I waited so long for mail in my high school days I determined to speed up mail service between Pennsylvania and Colorado," said jane. "l'd love to chat, but I've got to sing," said Sally, "but let's all meet in Cabin l2." "You're going abroad to demonstrate your mail service invention, I'm going to lecture on our six-legged friends, and I read recently that another of our classmates is on this voyage. too. Have you seen Helen Fitzgerald since she became a famous pathologist?" Glancing around the room and recognizing Helen, Jane and Mary greeted her. "Oh," said Helen, "if it isn't .lane and Mary!" "Mary just told me you were aboard," exclaimed Jane. "Are there any more surprises?" "Yes," said Helen, "our class is well represented. I've discovered Carol. Here she comes." "Surprise! I invented an infallible way to keep skirts down. I've been asked to show my invention in Vienna. Isn't it exciting?" bubbled Carol. "All you do is put lead in your hemsf' "It's grand seeing you. You look healthy after peering at germs every day," commented Helen. "I wish I'd invented a way to keep my hair from grayingf' lamented Carol. "There's a marvelous hairdresser aboard. Wlhy don't you see her and meet us in Cabin l2?" suggested -lane. "Thanks. l'll see you later," called Carol, rushing off. Entering the beauty salon she addressed the proprietress. "l've heard you have a remedy for grey hair." "I have, but do you have a remedy for seeing things? You remind me of a girl I knew at school," said the stylist. "You have that effect on me. Are you Jackie Feldman?" "Then you are Carol Anderson! I'm sorry but I must rush. I have an appointment. It's wonderful to see you again," exclaimed jackie. "Come join us in Cabin I2 later," said Carol. - , "Can you give me a quick shampoo?" asked a brisk voice, as Trudy Putney entered in a dither. "I've a meeting and my hair looks dreadful. You'lI have to do something. By the way, haven't I seen you before? I meet many people and I never remember where. Do I look famil- lar: "Yes, you do. Did you attend Abington Friends?" asked jackie. "Yes, I did in the class of '53," said Trudy. "You're Jackie, aren't you?" "Trudy, I've heard you were interested in social organizations. I guess you don't have much time for other activities." "No, I don't, and you have a fine reputation as a hair stylist, but seeing you, I forgot where l'd I1lCt you!" Having been told of the party in Cabin 12, Trudy hurried off to a United Nations ban- t uet. I As the master of ceremonies introduced the speaker of the evening as "Miss Marylee Rabe, the distinguished U. N. delegate who had recently won the 'I Speak for Freedom' contest with her original address, and her friend and interpreter Miss Brita Strandbergf' the names seemed familiar to Trudy. When Brita concluded with, "Oui, oui, I'll be a Frenchman," Trudy was sure and rushed to speak to her distinguished classmates. "This is the job I always wanted," said Marylee. "I can hardly believe I've actually been so lucky. I'm helping people, but I never dreamed I'd ever go so far with one speech. The job at the U. N. is so convenient to my beloved Long Island." "I've enjoyed myself making faces at spectators at the U. N. from my glass interpreter's box, too," said Brita. "Seriously, the opportunities are unlimited. For instance, I have an ap- pointment with one of the ten-best-dressed women right now. Lee Hammer hasn't kept up with her French, and she's going to France for a Fitting for jacques Fath. l'm tutoring her! Before 1 go, don't forget we're invited to Cabin 12. Au revoir." As Brita entered Lee's cabin, an array of pill bottles greeted her eye before Lee spoke. "Excusez-moi for eating," said Lee. "This is only my fourth coke today, but I am trying to cut down." "Fine," said Brita tactfully. "You must be saving loads of money." "Yes, but let's get busy. I have to go to a concert soon," Lee said. frontinued overleafj Thirty-three A Good Man Is Hard to Do I have to take minutes A a me CAROL JUDY JANE JACKIE HELEN GINGER Les SISSY BARBARA 'FRUDY RIARYLEE SALLY NANCY CORINNE SUE BRITA BIARTY NAT MARY 1 Behtting Song Favorite Expression Favorite Possession Besetting Sin Powder Your Face With Ha, ha, ha" Her 1946 Ford Gullihility Sunshine Crazy Over Horses "l'll meet you at Sharpless's Her sling Brittle bones at four." Sweet and Lovely Oh, isn't that sweet." Connie Dangling her hand Ah, Sweet Mystery of Life I don't know" Bananas Pooling with her hair Have You Ever Been Ii-ew" Wally Her bad spelling Lonely? Keep It a Secret Suzanne!" Her father's I.D. bracelet Those knitting mistakes Crazy Do you know what my Kleenex Lack of self control honey did?" Humoresque Now don't laugh." Her memories of the West Left handed compliments A Heart Tlzat's Free "Oh, listen." Her knitting needles Talking on the telephone Oh, johnny, Oh Seriously?" Her little black book Cracking up the Ford Tell Me Why For heaven's sake." Her Webb pennant Getting herself out on a I Love Life "Well, gang" H202 Bdilnlgblate The Roving Kind What?" Her Marines Chewing erasers Old Penn Charter Wait until I tell you." Dick's jewelry? Blnntness Belle of the Ball "Doll" Her milk jar Losing something Trust in Me Shut up, Quail Bottom" Her cowboy hat Faithfulness Coffee and Cigarettes Take it easy." Her camera Illnesses? Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Ye-ah" Her paint brush Chopping her hair Her ball point pen N aivete Find this meeting?" CLASS PROPHECY lcontinued from page 232 "I finally trained myself to remember my French Composition Book so we can begin. Can you conjugate mourir?" After an hour of French and discussion of the Cabin 12 party, Lee departed for the con- cert. lVhen "Sagebrush Sis" turned out to be Sissy High astride a papier mache horse accom- panying herself on a banjo as she sang "Only Two Hairs On His Chest", Lee was amazed but rushed to greet her. "I was going West another year," said Sis, "but I decided to see how the rest of the world lives, so I'm earning my passage as an entertainer." "Marvelous," commented Lee. "That horse looks alive." "The creator's right behind you," said Sis giggling. "Why, Nat! What are you doing here?" 'Tm to demonstrate my new ideas of sculpture abroad. Instead of important men I sculpt the common man. Mlork camp inspired me," explained Nat. "I'll never forget your prom Figures. Everything from palm trees to snowmenf' said Lee. "Now it's horses to Women," said Nat. "I have an appointment to sculpt Ginger Gable. It's for the Hall of Fame. Right now she's on her way to receive an honorary degree from Ox- ford." Thirty-four Redeeming Feature Enthusiasm Brown eyes Hands Playing the piano Little nose Glow of health Beautiful clothes Personality Sweetness Complexion Hair Friendliness Generosity Femininity Sense of humol Tactfulness Wit Willingness to help others Sweet disposition Pet Peezlt' Getting up on cold mornings Teachers "Fruit boots" Indelible lipstick that won't stick Bad color combinations Stockings with seams Studying l'ntidiness Creamed corn Empty mail box Tests Men drivers Conceited people Birds "Cats" Formaldehyde and dissection School "Leeches" 1000-leggers Usually Found In a silly mood At the Writing letters In a taxi In a yellow jeepster At the yarn shop Taking pills Laughing Collecting for Wvelfare At a meeting In the lab Making excuses Out W'est Cutting sports class Asleep Going somewhere Giving people rides Dieting Riding buses Secret Ambilion To be a mountain climber To ride in the Olympics Colorado or bust To break the bank at Monte Carlo To be a lady F.B.I. agent To get her Ph.D. To be an ice folliette To break wild horses To go to an Annapolis dance To be a bubble dancer To be in Phil Spitalny's All Girl Chorus To be Amelia Earhart of '53 To be a hermit To be a ballet dancer To be a "Vet" To he 4 inches high To be head photographer of I the Bulletin To be a prima ballerina To be an ice skater Alter agreeing to meet at Cabin 12, they parted. Nat found Ginger studying. "It's a problem, an ultra-advanced calculus I'm having a little trouble with," said Ginger. "Would you mind if I study as I pose?" They both worked diligently 'til Nat announced they'd need another sitting which could be arranged at the reunion. "Fine. Meanwhileh l'm going to the library to study this problem," said Ginger. Entering the library, Ginger noticed a familiar face. "Excuse me, but aren't you Judy Belfield?" she inquired. "VVhy, yes! Ginger. How are you?" "What brings you here, judy?" "I'm going to Europe to receive an award for having the fewest accidents. Right now I'm writing a speech on accident prevention." "I always knew you'd have a brilliant career in that held," remarked Ginger. "If you're nearly through, though, we could join the partv in Cabin l2." Everybody joined the party. From that time on the U. S. S. Elcarim had a gay maiden voyage until the disembarkation. The gala reunion was over. Thirty-Eve Nlemorie Dann' to our hearts. . lhosc pocktfthoolis on thc lunch- rooin tzihlcs . . . wcziring the :ingcl rohcs lot' Glec Clluh ut Clliristiiizis . . . lofkcr room collisions . . . llllllflllilllilll ol' Hritzfs housc pzirtics . . . Youth Clonccrts . . . gctting portraits lor thc Yezirhoole . . . cl0l'lllllClS Clcftion night pzlrty . . . thc lztculty . . . hcing grown- up Scniors . . . college worrics . . . Pcnn Cllizlrter Converts . . . Nlzirtys taxi scrx'ic'c . . . Xlziclcnioisc-llc . . . thc S0llllOlll01'C Play . . . clzlisy picking . . Fra-slinizin Daly . . . CIzu'ol's "curls" . . . those n2lI'C2iS ol' l'ric'tion" . . . Miss SL'll1llJ2ll'liCl'l5 pop-quizzes . . . ninth rc- lrcsher . . . .Iunior Prom ...' llnlrsclziy night lniir-wzisliings . . . "lkc" cnthu- sizisni . . . Mrs. Hansen . . . "lYz1tc'l1 out, you'll slcp on Georgie!" . . . hougics . . . Mr. Stull . . . Senior Pronl . . . Ruth and hcr cngzigcincnt . . . those XVestcrn cluclcs . . . thc orchid leis . . . Mr. Sinith's spelling tests . . . 'lirudy's tally pull . . . HI fan gift it lor you wliolcszllc-l" . . . tht' hack ol' thc rt-port c'zu'cl . . . sunhzuhs on thc lClllllS courts . . . Senior hcn-pzirtiss . . . our cxccllt-nt flziss spirit :ind c'o-operation. . . These things wc shzill reniciiilovr. . Tliirlv-six "E R lrfl lu IIQlll.' XII. fnflllltllllg. S. Xznuglm. X. XUHIIIUI. B. IIUllSl'Illllill'l. lin'-j:1'r'.xulr'1lI: l11ll', X. I'iIll,QC'lLIlll. Nr'1rrIrnx.' luluw, IQPIIISIIIWII I, Plllllff. l"l'.Ni!ll'Hf. .'llJ.SI'llf,' l,. l"I'il'lllillI. Student Council D E R G R A D U T E Ifhxvt mfr: nl, f:UI70lll'll. 'l'1r'a.s1uf'r: ll. QIIZIHQCY, S1'n1'I11:yg IS. XILIHUII. l'n'.vi1lm1Ig IH. liowcr. 'VIII fn'1'.vi1lr'11l: AIUIICS. Szfrnnrl mzza' B. glHill1. l'. Lupp. N. .xIlllJlL'I'. S. Gzllmlc. CI. XYIHIICIII Nl ,-Xmlzuns. X. fQl'illN'S, II. Iumbclqlllcllg B. Szllcslq. Junior Class 'l'l1i: lx'-riqlll worlllv Iuniur Class. :md may wc- IIUYCY l'm'g4'1 our years together :nl .-Xbingmn Our flziss wishes the IlL'2ll'liCSl ol' lufk and za happy Scnior yn-zu' In an X FI'il'l1dS. l,,xf wut' ll, lhnlilx. 'l'n'r1.xr1n'r,' IS. 01011. lvill",H1',Ni- l'nsl rmr: X. lllnml. I. SpL's'kc'l'. ll. Baum, Nl. Inu! rlrulq S, Nillll. l'll'Al,llf'lIl,' I-, C-lmmquixl. Nnwlurxw Vf"Wl "WV" ,l- llllill- V""""'V5 Bull- 0l'lW"' .X. lfillg1".lIul, Nfruml mfr: S. Xllwllsmll CI. Nlbllllg. 'H'i"N"3 l""Vf"f""5 IA- MVVHIU' "if"'l""-'i'I"""' K H. SIwpp:m!. Xl. Ifunk. XI, Iaklrr, X. hw. -I, Xlm- Sl!1llll'l', 'l'u11.mr4':. 'l'llinl rmr: IS. l'zrggg1rl. Nl ly.-N,-l1.4,A H,,ll4-HIM-lg, 'I'lm1l :fmw ,l, Su-lmlmn, -ILIIISNUH. ii. I.:lpl1. IS. llulxcslml. li. -Imws. il Vlmdzm. I.. llxlnu. Nl. lSc'nm'll, I'. Simon. IS. l,illlt" lhmvkx. Small. ll. l'kiSlll'l. I.. l.mL'kill. B. .Kllzm lnowvl. IO :sl m.r'.' S. l'1':l1s1m. IK. -lulmxluu. S. Snlvslu. K. lin! mink' IS. lli1km'l.X. l,NSl'l'. Srznml wut' N. .Xl'Il1lll' lXl!lIIlll', N. XYIINIIIII, Mmm! mfr: li. llanlmsm, Sul 'I':m.mn'1q l.. nL'llillgA'l'. IYI-VI'-,ll1'.Nill'I'llff R. Nvw- zrlmx: I.. l'nim'f!1i1I1. N. Nluilllm-wy. I'r1'xl'rlwr:l,' S. lm1.l'r1'.xi1lr'ulq Y. YKIHIIIUI. Tllirrl mfr: xY1lglll'l N1!.ulm4'li4ll. f'l'11'fllr'xiff1'lll.' ll. Pllllf. 'I':1'mm'r':. H. xxvllgllkl. R. I.lll.lll. Rvmx. N. llznssuxl. I5 ,lllll-Ill mm: X. lhmnpsnn, K.. Paul. High, l ".. lluvrr. Y. lldllllllg. QI. Stull. N. W1ngllc1'. nllrxwrl. lulnulln. C., Wliggim. H. INN. IE. Pulls, KL, I.,SIHIQIQ-l.,s,',',,,1, fwlu mg. I. RLIINIUIX, 'l'llirlx'-Him 0111 Null 5111111 111111 Sugar 111111 mpirc, juxl cxc1'yl11i11g nice' lmllll' Ixzlil I svll wal 8110115 by 1110 50315114111 1Ycsl1xz11'c1 1111! 1111! Thr' fjirullw .Song 111C 11:15 :11'lc'1' 1110 night lmcfulc Nlargic clmps? 1111llg1'Ill1 ll s ll S1111 'I I'Cl' 1111111111 Illllll 11i! 11116 IkC11llCI1 1n2ll'll1l1' Dj l1ll 4111m11c pvccilc i.1L'Lz alt best NOW-lllI'11 2llll1 111111 seven liycs c1ix'c1'lc1l? licxlsl Ull l11c 11011011 ACTIVITIES Ifirst mzzn' K, Sh1lIl'c'l'. S. Rcmlcl. Slcplmzm, lfclchnxm, Svr:wlnrv-'l'r'1'r1.mr1'r: Nl. Rzllmc. I'z'r'.sirlf'r1I: Slim Rill. .X. Cirimcs. kllllllilll. CI, Kxmlmclzlunlm. .Swmzrl mzv: I', SIIIHIH. IE. 'l,Zlgg2lI'l, G. Hul- lcnlmcrg: IS, lJzmch1m'c1'. ll. Sulunky. ll Bnrlik. CL. fQl'0lltllliSl, CI. Rmnig, B. Hmxsclmlmlcm Ilmnkc. IS. SIICIIIJRIIII. XI, Imklcr, .X. lfrx. S. Xllxcrlguu. NI. Funk. Nlcllowcll. Thin! mzv: A, Hlllll, llzllt. B. Smith. Stull. I'. Iupp. l'll:ll, li. Nlzlllmx. Nl. .Xll2lIllS. N, XX'l'iggil1s. I. liclllclsl, l.. Hamm. X. I-llzgcrulcl, NI. llcllncll, Xl. KIZIIINSUII. S. High. l'i0lll'fll mzr: il. Lzlpp, I.. l.m'ckin. B, Ifishcr. li. llunu. il. Brooks. Cl. ,Xmlcxwmn li. .Xll1ln. Xl. Ymlcr. S. Sanur. ll. SlI'2llltHDCl'g. B. Hvlxcslon.Ll.ljm1c-1. U. lizmux. Nl. I.cml. .4l1.w'nl' H. l'1ilIgK'l1llll. 'I'. l'ulm'y. X.l.a1l1lc.S.S1mon,S.C Glee Club .Ll vlvlzvo OCTET I In zzghl: I'. Lupp. XI, lh-xmcll. A, I.1'1mL's. NlllI.YflfIlf!'Xj 5. Cizllmlc. Xl. .Xmlzlms NR ulml, I'. Simml. Y. Gnlwlu. CQ, .Xmlcrsmp mu-5. Nl. Rzllw. .-Il ilu' piuzmg Nliws Rill. I'llKf umm' I.. IIz1mlm'1. Iimlzlfxu ,Illlflllgflf Xl. X4Inulw..'Ix.xlxl1l1ll lzzllimf N. Nllggllls. nlrl Ixflllmq I, Iilmmkv, I-,rlllmq Xliw l'.Immm'. 5. Cmlvlsx Srrmn I mn. K.. IIIIIIICII. 5. 5.IlIl. X. I-uhh-. Ilmfl mm' 4. kmuln-lumlu, H. Snlukx. K.. llullvulwlg IS. Xllzm, K. SIILIIIVI. X. Ilunl, XI la1nsw11. I. Xml:-umm, IZXIIIIIIIQI' Ixfl1lfn,'4., xilllllg. X. I4:y Acorns AFFILIATION COMMITTEE I-ful mm' S. High. flllllllllllllf XII. Iixllllxllll. NIIIA2 I IILIIIIIIIQIIVIII. Ii. Ingilll. XI. Vlaams. Nfrmnl l4lll'.' II. Il:lm'Iuxu1'l, Izlllvl Mull, K. klIIIllIl'. ID. I'nxl, II. Ilvluwlmx. X, 1.111111-X. II. I'Iilj,14'l1II4I..IlIlIN Mull. XII- Il4m:'II. II. IIHKII. Play Production I-im! mfr: ll, Sllllllfl. Miss liirklcy. CI. Rmnig. il. fJlJIJClIllCllIlCI'. .Sf'l'lllIII mir: l'. Spnrfkcxg ll, lPlI7llSC'llUlllCl', l'lClillll2lll, l.. Hamm, Julius. lfilsl ww: N. llwyclg I.. l31'l'lillgcl'. Sault, l'. Lzlpp, 'lll'f'll.SllI'!'l',' B. Slllllll, l"r1'.virIr'11l: N. Rccxcs, .S1'IiI'fIll'f'f N. Dawson, Y. Yull- mcr. N. .Xl'Il1lIl'. .Srrmzrl mfr: C. Lzlpp, 17. llzulik. li. jones. NI. Ymlcr. Xlisb Cmlml. A. l'lll7gCl'1llll, li. Slrnmllmcrg. Bl. Nlcllowcll. R. l".1!l'l'2ill. .4I1.wnI.' ll. liowm, B. l'0llS. Dance Club French Club lfll In rigllli D. Bllflhll. Stcplian. A. C-rimcs. S. Rcclcl. li. Xllllliill, N. .-Xmlilcr. Smlwrlf Nlllc. Cllmlxlpigliclll. Imfl In riglzl: l'. lupp. '1Nl'l'Il.XIHkI'7f N. Rccww, l'w'.virl1fi1l: D. SllZlllCl, .Nr'r'n'1r11'x': Nliss Bifkli-5. C. Romig. l'irr'-jumirlwzf. Dramatic Club Officers X I III I I IC XSSIX I X I ION 0IfI"lI'IfRS xx NIIIIIII. S. IIigI1.l'1rx1'rl1'11I5 XI. Multi. vI'7I'IlXllll'I,' Y. Iizllllc. Vrzrlrllx. lfirvl mum' ll. I'-illgCl'ilili. Cujilrziri: NI. lftmk, I'. Simon. X, I"illgCl'2liti. S. fillililf. Y. Galhlc. .h'1'l'UIIIl l'f1Zl'.' Miss Smith. IS. Sti':1mlht'i'g. S. Sinitm. S. High. KI. l'1lt'l'y. CI. .Xmlcl'sun. IE. Smith, N. Rvcvcs. Cl. Rumig. .U1n1ug1'i'. FIRST TEAM Fo VI V -xix SECOND TEAM lfiml mzv: l.. Hzlmmtr. li. Shztlicr, NI. Hon- ilclt. L. Hzmo. l'. Lzipp. NI. Miziiiiw. Mfr- mzd mum' NI. Yoder, fir:-rwjxlning bl. NIC- lluwcll. S. .Xlht't'tstm. ll. Nlzilitm, Miss Smith. ll. Bmukc. ll. Oppcnliciiiitw. NI. JSIIISSOII. N, xYI'iggillS. C0-lllflfllfll. l'l7.Kf mum' X. xxvliggilh. ll. xllKll'l'S1lll. Cllllfllfllf Xl. nl'!lIll'lI. .N'1'r'm1rl lU7l'.' X. l"illgc'l':llLl. S. lligll, ll. lfilfgc 'xal lcl. Xliss Slllilll, H. IS1 rxst'l', .Hr lllz IQFV. HW TEAM Basketball SECOND TEAM Ilnxl mzw: X, 1-IIIIIKN, NI. Punk. I,. Ilanm, lhmvkv. VI. livlilvlml. l'. Simon, B. Slllilll. Nrruurl umm' Xlfllmxvll. Xl. Yrrrlvly li. Xlnllml. XI. XIIIIIIIY, l1llill..I.gUlll. Nliss Smflln. .'llMI'Ill.' Y. lnllulv. ffllfilllllll. For IV-Xe'z'1'r1 Gm! l6'yc! ITune: SZl!I'fflllHIll'f of Sigma Cllij To the white :uid blue llic Fifty-ll1rce's will siugg lVc'll stand for you C,CI'Ill0l'C. We try our best in all we do, Striving Lo be 21 success. As we go ou, we will always yearn For the years at A.F.S., . And wc'll always bc true 'l'o thc school that we love, And Llic colors ol while :incl blue. Forty-nine WHAT IS LIFE? VVE do not know. It is something un- and C01'f1ell, IHQ seen. It defies definition. It is almost l infinite in its variety. Mfithout it all 5 bein f ceases. ll 5 li Realtors and Insurance Brokers AND so it is with Service. In your deal- ings with our bank you find it. We give it in full nieasure-generously. Like Life, 0 itself, Service is unseen and defies defini- tion. Wfithout it no business in the world can Sul-Vive. Established 1892 Jenkintown Bank and ' Trust Company l G HA'rBoRo, PA. KIENKINTOWN, PA. ' 1 Nos Meilleurs Voeux Vous Accompagnent Sur Les Routes De La Vie fOur best wishes go with you along the road of life, FROM THE CLASS OF 'S 4 Fifty PARKDALE FOOD MARKET, INC. ME.AX'l'S-GROCERIES-PRODUCE Euston Roucl :incl Pzlrkclzlle Ave. cll.l'1NSllJl'l, PA. SCARBROUGH MOTORS, INC. IJIQSOTO Pl,YMOU"l'H ISI-I Greenwoocl Ave. LDQOIIIZ 7909 .Il'1NKlN'l'0XNN, PA. ALADDIN BOOK SHOP Greenwood Ave. amd Leedom Sl. .ll'ZNKlN'l'OXVN, PA. Ogontz 431125 M. E. Alkus-Record Shop l"lll.l, l.lNE OF CIASSICAI. AND POPULAR RECORDS 79l0 High School Roald ELKINS PARK, PA. The Elkins Park National Bank Member Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation E1.1uNs PARK, PA. BURTON'S FLOWERS High School Road and Montgomery Avenue I':l.klNS PARK, PA. Phones: Melrose 5--1778. 5-25523 J. Com V1.1 M HNTS OF A FRIEND Ogonlz 9830-6850 CONTR.-XC'l 'ORS SUPPLIES FRANK FLECK CO. Hardware Builders Finished Hardware 603 West Avenue .ll'1NKlN'l'0W'N, PA. TRIANGLE CLEANERS .Il'1NKlN'l'0NVN, PA. GOLDBERG'S Old York Rondfs Oldest l,6',Dll7'lIII6IIf Slow Eslublislled l902 .Il-INKINTOWN, PA. COlIlfIlI.7lll?lIl.Y of THE CLASS OF 1958 J - REA l,'l'ORS -IICNKINTOWN, PI-ZNNA. Fifty-one COMPLIMENTS OF TWO MOST INTERESTED PARENTS WHO FOR FOURTEEN YEARS HAVE WATCHED THE PROGRESS OF THE CLASS OF 1953 AND KNOW THAT SUCCESS IN THE FUTURE WILL BE THEIRS v 2 -"ff rxfsng, 'Grail' . Q, '1W1i,5q1L,n" '4i fI I 1 I W Fifty-t GLENSIDE HARDWARE Pl'l"I'SliURGlI PAINT PROIJUCIS Ogonu 2l28 lizuslon Roald and XVeslcy Ave. cil.lCNSllDl'l, PA. GOOD LUCK from J., J., and B. WALKER CADILLAC COMPANY, INC. Greenwood Ave., Opposite Jenkintown Station 4lliNkIN'l'0N'N, PA. PAUL JAEGER GUNS AND SPORTING GOODS 2l I Leeilom Street at Greenwood Ave. Ogontz 6020 -Il'1NKlN'l'OXVN, PA. KOENIG'S DRUG STORE GLENSIDE, PENNA. L. W. Oswald Drug Store Ogontz 1447 York Roald :at XVQSI Ave. Ogonu 1200 Majestic 54-1000 juNK1N'rcm'N, PA. For Over 27 Years 1" f" ,C N V- " '::': 51525. 0251. 23 W. A H .. . ,. .,., .1 ...., N fi- ' I bw, Ev: --,. . L nee REAM THAN 4 W x S , . . ' WH: ff Q ? 1' , X CN- , ' K T . rn .-v.: ,i . . i ,. " 1 0' "', Q , ,U 4 Because its high quality -fu -Q, ' is guaranteed by Breyers famous "Pledge . Q -I' ' of Purity." Made better, Breyers Ice ' Cream natLu'ally tastes better. V,,.' .H to it o ..... .... ... at ..... . .. . PP.. to J Fifty-three CoMvLlx1uN'1's OF I . ' . 6 Q . 1 t I vv City and Suburban Property 9 ROOSEVELT BOULEVARD N. XV. corner Rising Sun Avenue Du. 4-2000 LENA FERLA DRESSMAKING AND ALTERATIONS 2505 York Road-Room 207 Ogontz 0400 GOOD LUCK THE HANLOH'S CUSTOM COSMETICS 435 Johnson Street jr3NK1N'1'owN, PA. Phone: Ogontz 7806 MONTGOMERY, INC. APPAREL Ol" QUALITY Ogontz 2932 -IuNK1N'rowN CoM1'L1Mr:NTs OF RICHARD HAIRDRESSING FLYING HEELS FARM DOGS BOARDED GLASGOW, INC. to the . GLASS OF 1953 DAVID BERUN CONTRACTORS Ogontz 0055 BEASLEY'S TRAVEL SHOP 718 Xvest Avenue ' QIENKINTOXVN, PA. Gifts Luggage Leather Goods :iff f 'flf+H'ffW '41 GLFNSIDPZ, PA. Ogontz 8800 Collzjdimerzts of ALBERT FARBER rx Roads-Sewers-Excavating Al ELKINS PARK, PA. Fifly4fourA4 mmm MN, '57 ii i+Q'-H0358 www' if ,w",,,.,,Mg-r"' fix fff r in k 9' L? 1 Q 'Q 923. 9 qw X' 4, ails G nv w 'FSL 'X Sxx WM is .gk L gg, E A x xx 9 Wg, X? 1 3355, f E 3 Nrf'vi.,, M xx ff -3 ff X z gf my, 1 'vi- Q N im xi Qx Y I " fk izikiisg mg xg xx, 5 BEEN is Q, Qs 1 " if BHRABZYS Q 35, B LEQQQ ug XXX ii? wx ma ff 'X x why ,Q-gf? 'K -ann-.,, yy ,vw 'kghx f ,f -W ' b 1. , . j . K LM 1 -M g f, x K' f -Mx X X- -fjwf, X -vw , ' M ,, i -.1 X , 4 +' A ' WT 9 - '24, '- , fx 1,4 Vx, Al x Q A, Ei: V - ' t xg: ' , f 5j?5gQ5l,Q .X xx , ,fy A . S ,WK 9 E .El A S,-.g?' xS' qi:xN .3 x X u - . -f gf fi- 2 1 ....i , - Q ,- ii , I M . V X " 4 25' , ' W X . ' - 'g?lff,l:'Ql ,A 4, .Wa, -, , WX 4 ,.V,A - ,:?:4,,5'Q0x5QxSj22s -.wbgf Q 5 L X ' . f , 9 , , JJ ,t 'Q Z 1 - - -2- -Q W A 5 5 5' S1922 39 f H 1 'R 33 - ' 1 5 - fwfhlf- 26+ 2 A X , H A ' yfrffw, vi , A - - I l N - ,A m l ,gg VL, ya 5 i l f 1 1 ,-5,51 -rf-,Eg :. .. H - f - - V , x ... 4 5 M 1 zzq , ,,:, .. ,. .,.. . , Q Q, A , , fi , 'Q . : l:: :j-rf' I ' X Q y V- U xg? . .7 J e af 3 -,-ww--., ilu A - - - lm - - ,ww -- - V35 ,Un " - Mg- x Q, N , ff fx N" mfg? V ' Q - :ww ,- af- f ' - ,V Q 5 -2-1:5fagV4',xgf, f- Q x " P I I 'qw 4 k . ', ff,.jH1" . if' e --- ma. A Q Wm W , vu .x fa- , i, cf - ,- xQvM+'Q,3,i, , XJ A Q , ' ' K ' ,f V - -' 1 2 - ' " -V-If -f Af- '- :Y Si iw' ,-,Q , " 'K' r X -W -"1'f-faq,-Q-as-1-Qi?bf-zum--'ff 214. X- JT Q6 - L'-'elwwzwi-,Xwi15s:J:i1L11. f P 1' ' M72 4, K xx -. ,33,,,z,,Qli1,g:5g.xWw5,.,Nj J .I .Q - 'N Z ' . 55? 5 2" 6 x w Y w 1 A -sw ' Q K QW' - x 'fi-fafifc - ,wggwl 1 T J gif' A Q, 1 mg xx , .WWW . x 23358 x S. -Q. - N ggxflsq- E N x- ' V x 1 - - N, - -,,A XX N m. A M-w-011 ,Nhgw , 5, , X M ,,,,..W x. 4 Taylor Albertson Company Distributors Building Specialties 1620 W. Indiana Ave. Philadelphia 32, Pa. VENETIAN BLINDS SHADES Harry C. Berlinger, Jr. RUGS and CARPETS LINOLEUM Rubber and Asphalt Tile Ogonlz 0434 7l5 Greenwood Ave. JENKINTOWN Ogonlz 858 W. J. PICKWELL lHimself1 EVERYTHING El,EC'l'RlC.-XL -123 YORK RoAn vIr:NK1N'1'owN, PA. Co111,pli1ne11Is of DAVIS PHARMACY 877 'IROYVNSHIP LINE ELKINS PARK, PA. Ba. 9-2930 FREEDMAN'S CLEANERS 'I'AII,ORS Plant and Office: 605 VVest Ave. .IENKlN'l'0W'N, PA. We Call and l,I'lf'I'l'1' Phones: Ogontz H553-H554 DIAMONDS YVATCHES Charles H. McCutcheon XVATCHINI.-XKER AND .IEYVELER 611 West Avenue Ogonlz 7045 KIENKINTOXVN, PA JOHN S. HURLBUT Real Estate 704 X'Vest Avenue jr1Nk1N'1'owN, PA. Ogontz 5808 - 488-1 Fifty-six THE MORELAND 0 CORPORATION 5 Charles A. Bott, Inc. 4817 North Broad St. NATURAL and SYNTHETIC RUBBER PRODUCTS -1660 N. 15th St. , l'H11.,xm:1.1-1-IIA, PA. Phone GI.. 5-8100 O I Clmrlrfs xl. Boll York and Fitzwzllcrtown Roads Monlgomcr' Countv Y , . Wn.l.ow Cucwr-1. l'1-:NNsY1xxxlA BIRCHALL HAMMER Fifl Y I l i llCl1'OSC 5-8806 Pick Up and Dc'li1lr'1' RILEY and ALESHIRE 35 ll YOUR HOME STATION 615 G1'G6llWOOtl AVC. ROBERTS KIENKINTUXVN, PA. i l Atlantic Service Station . Lubrication - Washing - Ignition Manufacturers' Representatives l Service - Minor Repairs f Q Township and Caclwalader . Euuws PARK 17, PA. Everything In Fasteners JOHN Er SIOSTROM COMPANY Incorporated Philadelphia 22, Pennsylvania Manufacturers and Designers of SCHOOL, LIBRARY and LABGRATORY FURNITURE ty-eight CGMPLIMENTS TO THE CLASS OF 1953 Cul down on ncxl winler's coal hill simply by buying at the low spring price. ,IEDDO - HIGHLAND The Premium Quality Hard Coal Autlun'izf'd Dealer A. R. Nicholson and Son XN'vNc:o'ri-1, Pr:NNsYLvANlA Ogonlz 252500 If you aw n fuel oil user m'dr'1' NICHOLSON'S FUEL OIL Bcsl by Test HOMES FARMS Es'm'I'Es INSU RANGE T. W. MONTAGUE CO. REALTORS .Icnkintown Office- OGONTZ 0760 Philadelpllizl Office- KINGSLEY 0761 New Jersey Office- ISL.-XND HEIGHTS 4-0670 Fifly-nine COM PLIM ENTS OF A FRIEND A Raleigh and Schwinn Dodge and Plymouth Passenger Cars Dodge Job-Rated Trucks York Road ul Noble Station -Il-INKIN'l'OXN'N, PA. Ugontz Majestic Ogontz T128 5-2222 3163 KUHN REALTORS 7ll XVcst Avenuc Jenkintown, Pu. XVll,l.l.-XM KUHN QIR. Ogontz RICHARD KUHN -1550 Bicycles Lionel Trains Hobby Supplies Jacobsen Mowers KESWICK CYCLE SHOP -108 N. Easton Road Ogontz 6996 GLENSIDE, PA. CHEVROLET Ni B u H0 York Road kIl'1NKlN'l'OXN'N. PA. Ugontz 0172 Majestic' 5-0265 Mxty c:HRYsl,ER P1,YMoU'1'H Blumhardtfs Food Market i Parts Sales Service R r A Full Line of Fleet Accounts Invited the Finest in Food W i Phone: Ogontz 0467 Ogomz 7900 .Ir1NKlN'1'owN, PA. 'IHNKlN,l.mVN, PA. Ogontx 2442 A. S. COMPLIMLNIS FLUWERS OF ZQNX r JOSEPH E. HELWEG f I York Road at Greenwood Ave. -IleNKlN'rowN, PA. An Advertiser Wishes To All Graduates of the Class of 1953 Grand Success Iii All Their Future Endeavors JS-QNX Ch COMPLIMENTS OF Bolle Manufacturing Company L Third and Cannon Streets MR. Z. W. REDD Lansdale, Pennsylvania Lansdale 4688 BUTLER BUICK .yENK1N'1'ovvN, PA. A FRIEND JQWW CowcslmTU1..f1T1oNs T0 THE CLASS OF 1953 AND TO THEIR PARENTS -6 R "IVE WILL STRIVE AS H,-IRD TO STAY ON TOP AS WIS DID TO GET THl'IRli" Elkay Electrical Appliances, Inc. Ogtillll 7710 250-I York Road .Il'INKlN'l'0XVN, PA. We Sell the Best and Service the Best G. Parkhouse and Sons FINE FUODS ,-XlslNu'i'oN, PA. Ogonlz 7500 Renninger and Renninger Realtors-Insurance Brokers G1.1eNsm1c, PA. fat station, Sixty-tl GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1953 Compliments of FRANKLIN CUT RATE -I1-:NiuN'1'owN, PA. LENA SHOP for Low Cost and High Ifaslliorz 615 X'Vest Avenue Ogontz 0564 j1QNi41N'1'owN, PA. 475 SYLVANIA AVENUE DONATO BROS. PIONEER FOOD STORE Complete Food Market Comjulim 611 ts of GLEN CHILDREN'S SHOP 363 N. Easton Road Turner 2090 GLxf:Ns1m1, PA. H. L. Peterson Inc. ilu OLDSMOBILE in KIENKINTOXVN SOUSAN PHARMACY J. F. HAAZ, Ph.G 8014 York Road ELKlNs PARK, PA. lJfZz'w'1'y SKTYIPIYJ - Drugs - Cosmetirs Phones: Majestic 5-3000 Melrose 5-4200 ogoml 4385 We Deigg' GLASSMAN'S FOOD MARKET FANCY GROCERIES Prime Meats Fine Delieacies 1811 Horace Ave. Ogontz 8950-8951 Sea Foods AmNGToNV, PA. V ABINGTON, PA. Sixty-four COMPLIMENTS OF A F R I E N D Bland Multi-Copy Service OFF-SET PRINTING Minieographing Multigraphing Addressographing -Ir:NK1NTowN, PA. Ogontz 3400 Majestic 5-3400 WALLER MOTORS, INC. PACKARD STUDEBAKER York and Harte Roads IENKINTOXVN, PA. BREUNINGEFUS Golden Guernsey "Tha Sweetest and Most Wholesome Milk" Radcliffe 5-4863 CASA CONTI SWR FAMOUS FOR FINE FOOD EIGHT PRIVATE BANQUET Compliments of- ABINGTON FLORIST opposite Abington Hospital Telephone: Ogontz 1975 or 2105 A N D ' WILLOW GROVE FLOWER SHOP 201 DAVISVILLE ROAD 1 Telephone: X'Villow Grove 1640 or 2089 L. G. BALFOUR CO. "Known wlierevei' there are schools and colleges" MAKER OF FINE School Rings and Pins, Diplomas , Connnencenlent Announcements Medals and Trophies I The Abington Friends Srhool Rings 1601 Chestnut Street PHILADELPHIA 3, PA. Ogontz 9041 LILLIAN HAIRDRESSIN G 1219 OLD YORK ROAD lopposite Abington I-lospitalj 1 A1a1Ne'1'oN, PA. I1 u GLENSIDE, PA. BEST OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 1953 11 I A Sixty-six Sheble-Dager Inc. REAL ESTATE lIl'1NKlN'l'UNVN, P.-x. BEST OF LUCK IN THE YEARS TO COME CLASS OF 1957 GOOD LUCK FROM YOUR SISTER CLASS OF 1955 esqmx AI A Y YO UR HA PPI NESS B15 AS LONG AS A BUNNY'S EAR -- 4ND YOUR SORROW AS SHO Emu RT AS HIS TAIL. THE FRESHMAN CLASS POINSETTIA Cleaners and Dyers CALL FOR AND DELIVER We do all kinds of Repairing SHI-I3 'l'ownship Line Road NS PARK I7, PA. Ogontz 4396 CUM PLIM r N rs OF A FRIEND EVERYONE MEETS AT WILLIAMSON'S RESTAURANTS Two Locations IQNKINTOVVN AND PENN VALLEY Sly Highway Safety Is Our Business, Too W4 C. FLECK Sr. BRO., Inc. Distributors of the GENERAL Tire Fleet Service Expert Recapping 705 Greenwood Avenue JENKINTCWN, PA. Ogontz 7275 MAjestic 5-2625 Meet and Eat i at the BAEDERWOOD GRILLE Day and Night Service 800 York Roald -IICNKINIAOXVN. PA. X noonlfoon,-11,1f1mf'.s ABINGTON TAXI CO- NOBLE STATION 1- KS ' gmg, ' .Xlsmcz1'cm, PA. Ogonlz 10143 N S lv eight MEAT PRODUCTS ARE AIAVAYS BEST IVHEN FRESH M ARE FRESHER BY DAYS .XS THEY ARE MADE RIGHT HERE IN PHILA- DELPHIA, AND HAVE BEEN FAIXIOUS FOR THEIR QUALITY AND FLAVOR SINCE 1881. I5 URK'S MEAT PRODUCTS ARE ECONOM- ICAI. TOO, AND MILDLY SEASONED TO GIVE THE REAL MEAT Fl.,-XVOR NVITHOUT DISTURBINC THE DICESTION. YOU CAN EAT I w I V Q MEM' SvEcg1,xL'1'1ES wrru uoN1f1uENuE V William Hyndman III W ANDM HERKNESS I I REAL ESTATE 824 Homestead Road INSURANCE PLUS SERVICE IWWWN px I I I Ia Sixty-ninc Strfenty Miss Margie Adams Miss Sandy Albertson Miss Joan Batt Miss Merle Bennett Mr. and Mrs. H. Carroll Brooke Miss Jane Brooke Mr. and Mrs. Albert Feldman Miss Adele Fitzgerald Miss Helen Fitzgerald Pvt. John Foshay Miss Mandy Funk Miss Linda Gable Master Peter Gable Miss Virginia Gable Mr. Richard L. Geyer Mr. Paul Putney Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Putney Miss Trudy Putney Mr. Lee Redd Miss Sara Jane Redd Miss Nancy Reeves The Romigs Miss Sandra Saur Mr. James W. Scott Miss Diane Shaffer Miss Trina Shaffer Mrs. D. H. Simon Mrs. D. H. Simon, Jr Mr. John Simon Miss Phyllis Simon Mr. and Mrs. Birchall Hammer Miss Sue Simon Miss Lee Hammer Miss Linda Hano Mrs. VVilliam Hardy Mr. Mfendell Sinkler Miss Betty Ann Smith Mr. VVally Smith Mr. and Mrs. Samuel H. High, Jr. The Strandbergs Miss Sissy High Miss Ella Hollingsworth Eva V. Hollenthal Miss Jane Jordan Miss Christine Lapp Miss Carolyn Knobelauch Miss Betsy Mallon Miss Joanne McDowell Mrs. F. L. Putney Miss Bryant Taggart Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wfiegand III Mr. Henry Wiegand, IV Miss Marty Vlfiegand Rickey von Whitenburg Miss Natalie A. Wriggms Miss Mary Yoder Mr. and Mrs. William B Yoder Miss Carol Young Mr. Edwin W. Zerrer M. A. Olewine 706 Mfest Ave. Jenkintown, Pa. T. Ramonett, Inc. Hatboro, Pa. Jenkintown Pet Shop Jenkintown, Pa. Jenkintown Hobby Center Jenkintown, Pa. Arcade Firesides Yorkway Place Arcade Jenkintown, Pa. VVhite's General Store Huntingdon Valley Pa Crmsulmnls, De.s'igne1's and Contmcfling P7'i1ll6TS 5' .3 UV 519.5 CATALOGS, VIEW BOOKS ANNUALS AND PUBLICITY BOOKLETS FOR COLLEGES SCHOOLS AND CAMPS N.AXRBliR'l'H, PEN NSYLVAN I A NX ufmu 8 800 crRl4Il'INXN'KJlD I 5888 S' ii, E i A 3 1 1 w i N I l ,W 'N E 'r 1 i 4 ' Wi 3 'x D fi V r i P v A 1 r, I . 5 ., 3, ,. ,,. ,L My " H ,as . , P , M, , , V. wwf, , ,,, . ,5 . is 1 f 'BMX pr , , Lanemmmnv R..-me ' an-'K . .,.. ', M. ,w+,.m-,m f.,.,.wa Q f 'nmnrsmuwwm-w4f.:ms. man -nw1QJ,.,n.mmz.m 1- awww. mmmnamwf mmnuzmxmmw- :ww Mmm J 2529" A rw, . 7,51 if" Y 'nf ,ig , A . 15" ' -fzgn ,Atl H

Suggestions in the Abington Friends School - Outward Bound Yearbook (Jenkintown, PA) collection:

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