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Abington Friends School - Outward Bound Yearbook (Jenkintown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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,a....,, if if gil ' 'l 1-1. H n 'W ml I Fl fm 'll my I .11 :.1 ff!! Ni 'E N!" gi uni YI :VI Hi , , 1 1 , H 'I ll . 1 J, ex ' in ' F la s, . if f 1: E? 2. T. k . ir. v . fe 1 4 , i 4 9 ui---1--,-,,, .nu-Ul eau 'facing-'A W ' sz 22 122132119 snuff-5 CDUTWARD BCUND ABINGTCN FRIENDS SCHCOL Jenkintown Pennsylvania I n emoyrcam 1 1 CATHEBINI-Ji We remember so well the interest tha its activities. It was an inspiration DREHER HUBLBUT t Mrs. Hurlbut showed in our class and in hear her cheering us on as we played our to y hockey and basketball games. None of us at Abington Friends will ever forget her, and this yearbook which signifies we give in her memory, hoping that sh I 4 1 1 1 all of our strivings, successes, and failures e would be proud. ibeohca fion MARY HELEN BICKLEY We deeply appreciate Miss Bickley's guidance and help in attacking our myriad problems with humor, sincerity, and wisdom . . . The mark of wisdom is to read arigbi the present, and to march with the occasion. ' , Zona, JI A "'J.3,,,,, "' ,. .,ZAf.6+,+J L 'b6.4.4,2,. QZLMJI First Row: Molly Greerg Janet Albertson, Mary Hurd, Second Row: Helene Weissman, Secretaryg Marianne Mayer, Student Councilg Nancy Koehler, Presidentg Gail Wilson, Vice-Presikientg Helen Hurlbut, Treasurer. Third Row: Evelyn Sieelman, Geralyn Winner, Barbara Tetzlaffg Joan Schneiclerwirthg Lois Helwegg Kay Heisley: Jerry Stull, Mimi Taylor. glue Sen iam S K K fxlxq Q fi?-333K W 4 Q fu l Gene! .24 Lel"t5Ol'l 1117 Rices Mill Road, Wyncote 4, entered 1949 , Sophomore: Second Team Hockey: Color Team Basketball: Cheeri Leader: Photography: Cast of "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" : Student Director of "A Ghostly Evening". Junior: Student Council Treasurer: Second Team Hockey: Cheer Leader: Glee Club: Dance Group. Senior: Vice-President of Dramatic C1ub:Second:Team Hockey: Cheer Leader: Glee Club: Cast of "Crad1e Song": Buck Hill Conference: Assembly Committee. Q. "Oh sbe's little, but sbe's wise. ,Sbe's a-,terror for ber size" .1 Favorite Song: HBSCCILISEH Favorite Eocpression: "PreCllly?" Besening Sin: Double jointed arms Redeeming Feature: Perfect hands Ambition: To be buyer at Sack's Fifth A Desziny: Salesgirl Idiosyncrasy: lmitating people Usually Found: Looking up at people yenue 1 ' A Jbmv miss 1 wish-ro 0V4XlfLQ.' gwllooil 2+ index f Qqppreoioi fm, QQ of .QMEUTJ 0 y ou reef Qqgpxfnj ff: Papermill Road, Huntingdon Valley entered 1943 Freshman: Color Team I-IockeygArt Club. Sophomore: ' Secretary: Color Team Hockey: Acorns Art Staff. Junior: Colori Team I-Iockeyy Acorns Art Staff. Senior: Yearbook Editor: Play Production. "Great thoughts come from the bear!" Favorite Song: "Sepl1emlD?l' SOUQH Favorite Expression: "You WCIflt to bet?" Besetting Sin: Breaking fingemails Redeeming Feature: Nice COII1DleXiOI'I Ambition: To be an artist Destiny: To color Walt Disney cartoons Idiosyncrasy: Day dreaniiriq Usdnally Found: Behind a coke glass Mafrice Jzag ,JL1lei:5Lg 237 Summit Avenue, Jenkintown entered 1950 ' Junior: Play Production: Cast of "Nine Girls"7Glee Club. Senior: Literary Editor of Yearbook: Play Production: Cast of' 'Cradle Song" 7 Student Director of Book Day Play: Glee Club. "One woman in ber time plays many parts"' Favorite Song: "Unforgettable" Favorite Expression: "Ohh-HO" Besetting Sin: Sentimentality Redeeming Feature: Long Fingernails Ambition: To be a famous novelist Destiny: Dean of women Idiosyncrasy: Her OWT1 CCI1' Usually Found: PY.lI1CGlOl". m ' 1 '5..Q,kSkE,n1J , ,x xxx by 1 ,ikvi U ,A x 'fear -- t -1 ' i T' r . VL . . 'vvxsilu "NW Lk ON rv- u ox- , ,. X 4 lx: V. , 'UN 'X ' 'V' wx -,Z A-X qt.--, . ,Y in , , F J n ' 'J L .kr 2' X L.X,,,L.F 8 X 'A' ' K' X . , X- 4' fx - U 4 is 'WN N . l':f'xL' - ' Q' h ' -2.5 La X ..-., N ',x.'.."v x K' Q x .- - -N X T' ' "XM " Y .JN ,A. .X ,-- V N , r:r,r N X ' ,Ji G3 'XL I ,..x.. K Y - yy- X , - .ce w ' ,x . , . ,x . ,. t X YQJNX xv P H L,,. X X ' . . r . - v , X 5... 5 . A Q - LDV-L1 . Q - a' N Ln' -2 sf X x F' -.-1' xffo . aid nn .Nefureg 463 York Road, Jenkintown entered 1941 Freshman: Varsity Hockey: Intersectional Hockey: Second TeamBasketball: Photoqraphy:Dance Group. Sophomore: Varsity Hockey: lntersectional Hockey: Second Team Basketball: Acorns Art Staff : Cast. of "A Ghostly Evening". Junior: President: Varsity Hockey: lntersectional Hockey: Second Team Basket- ball, Captain: Acorns Art Staff: Buck Hill Con- ference. Senior: A.A. President: Treasurer of Oaks Bank and Trust: Varsity Hockey, Co-Captain: Inter- sectional Hockey: Second Team Basketball, Captain: Play Production: Dance Group. - "Free from self-seeking and design, I have not found a wbiter soul than thine" . Favorite Song: "Night Gnd Day" Favorite Expression: "ThQt'S jCIZZYH Besetting Sin: Eating sandwiches Redeeming Feature: Clothes Ambition: To own a dude ranch Desriny: Bronc buster Idiosyncrasy: Quoting Usually Found: CCIl'1CIdCI r ary gianor ,MMIII r 625 Highland Avenue, Jenkintown ' entered 1948 A 5 Freshman: Color Team Hockey: Color Team Basket- : ball: Acorns. Sophomore: Color Team Hockey: Color T Team Basketball: Acorns: Glee Club: Welfare 5 Committee. Junior: Color Team Hockey: Color Team sketball: Acorns: Glee Club. Senior: Color Team ckeY7 Photography: Glee Club. wi i "The cburms ber downcast modesty conceals" V 4 Favorite Song: "Sin" l Favorite Expression: "What did you Say?" Besening Sin: Nervousness Redeeming Feature: Red HGH . Ambition: To be an elementary teacher Destiny: Director of Boy Scouts l Idiosyncrasy: Fear Of tests Usually Found: Running up Baederwood Hill l GAR .Nufallf Huntingdon Road, Abington entered 1944 Freshman: Second Teaml-iockey:Varsity Basketball: Second Team Tennis: Typing. Sophomore: Varsity Hockey: lntersectional Hockey: Varsity Basketball: Varsity Tennis: Play Production. Junior: Varsity Hockey:Intersectional Hockey: Varsity Basketball: - Varsity Tennis: Typing: Glee Club. Senior: Treasurer: A.A. Secretary: Varsity Hockey, Co- Captain: lntersectional Hockey: Varsity Basketball, Captain: Dance Group: Glee Club, "A crown of glory that fadeth not away" Favorite Song: "Tell Me Why" Favorite Expression: "Hey, l..l1iqi" Besetting Sin: Bild Moods Redeeming Feature: Petite feet Ambition: To be an all-American Hockey player Destiny: Miss Smith's successor Icliosyncrasy: Blushing Usually Found: l'lCII1qlI'1g out the Wi1'1dOW Dwi ffm-of 3-5ffifj 0 if ,Q ,Q I f Nr' Q, Q he : 8 Qfiawfsffzy 59? dw-1 fed 'W Qffi-'Y : tfweafi- 431674, iw! .ijgf , f .e 4 f , ' , ', - ,-1 2 , - llvyi-vs ,ZIQXDY4 1144-c v.M'J.. of. 'MV-knew:-ZA: 51114. r. QJIQQ5 ,S fren, i I WV-3 s5'fiQ.f5 ei fi- . 42111- 0l't0l'l JQCAQI' l 739 Wyndale Road, Jenkintown entered 1948 Freshman: Color Team Basketball: Acorns: Cast of "Q1n1ity Street:" Assembly Committee. Sophomore: Student Council: Color Team Hockey: Color Team Basketball: Play Production: Cast of "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay:" Cast of "A Ghost1yEvening:" Buck Hill Conference. Junior: Assistant Editor of Acorns: Second Team Hockey: Color Team Basket- ball: Religious Life Committee: Cum Laude: Junior Essay Award. Senior: President: French Affiliation Committee, Chairman: Second Team Hockey: Play Production: Cast of Book Day Play: Cast of "Cradle Song." A "Those about ber know the perfect ways of bonor' Favorite Song: "Big Rock Candy Mountain" Favorite Expression: "EQQd what CI I1'1eSSl" Besetting Sin: Being good Redeeming Feature: Eyes Gnd lashes Ambition: To-be a doctor Destiny: Undertaker ldiosyncrasy: l'lC1I11IT1-SCCIIUIII driving Usually Found: On the other end of Brian's leash arianne ayer 827 Cathedral Road, Philadelphia entered 1945 Freshman: Color Team Hockey: Color Team Basket- ball: Play Production: Cast of "When Shakespeare's Ladies Meet:" Glee Club. Sophomore: Color Team Hockey: Color Team Basketball: Play Production: Cast of Book Day Play: Cast of "A Ghostly Evening." Junior: Color Team I-Iockey: Varsity Archery: Play Production: Cast of Book Day Play: Glee Club: May Court. Senior: Vice-President of Student Council: Religious Life Committee, Chair- man: Welfare Committee, Chairman: Cast of "Cradle Song:" Dance Group: Glee Club. "I never knew so young a body with so old a bead" Favorite Song: "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" Favorite Expression: "l Cl0l'l'l know" Beseuing Sin: Cracking Knuckles Redeeming Feature: Flirtations GYGS Ambition: To be a housewife Desziny: An old maid Idiosyncrasy: TCIlkir1q with her hands Usually Found: Making up excuses in "By different methods different men excel but bere is sbe who can do all things well Favorite Song: "TO ECICI1 His Own" Favorite Expression: "Hey PCISCIUCIISH Besezzing Sin: Losing assignment pad Redeeming Feature: High cheek bones Ambizion:'To be G poet Destiny: Wife with seven kids ldiosyncrasy: Laughing softly Usually Found: In G daze oan .Jule en .siineiclerwirf ffmfgoee-.X 1TJu.QG.au6ef2-d up ysgt frvoedelb v5WQn-at WW 'LL . J gum M V l w F V N U BW-Civil 409 V Cgfln K uit Q5XT'f-Xvvs.-"Je 1 "ef wr. Q , - 1 F Q X aooxglflfixjfq S-if ,jam we ,1 U 2 a I 0 f gl' I al' in ll QQKCT Ot Q 4727 Northyvood Street, Philadelphia lifla 4 A entered 1948 cb Freshman: Color Team Hockey: Color Team Baske - ball: Play Production. Sophomore: Vice-President: Color Team Hockey: Play Production: Cast of "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay:" Cast of "A Ghostly Evening:" Glee Club. Junior: Color Team Hockey: Play Production: Cast of "Nine Girls:" Cast of Book Day Play. Senior: President of Dramatic Club: Business Manager of Acorns: Hockey Manager: Basketball Manager: Cast of "Cradle Song:" Glee Club: Buck Hill Conference. "A comrade blithe and full of glee: wbo dures to laugh out loud and free" , Favorite Song: "Deep Purple" Favorite Expression: "Well Wl'1G't are you g0i1'1g to do? ' Besetting Sin: Sarcasm, pointed wit Redeeming Feature: Big brown eyes Ambition: To be a child psychologist Destiny: Mental patient Idiosyncrasy: Cracking jokes Usually Found: Writing letters :ta nl' 'sum We asm llm 6033:-X ggi. QQOSQQA Some misurxs-znsi-otmdin s -'ASQKQLI in-Ute. xvsc..9Q,.x on 'xvxlii-el: KOWGS X, 110-2. QQA obosQuAuQoSHcimfu in 'klouh Q90-hbib sk T'X'zQ,QQ-.1 KECQNQQA QL Xak oStKQtwqQt tux QIILJLRCWOQ domtsq Q-mugs' QQCLOQ- S220 ZXCUB- vv10f'v'wqs if was rkwdr msuxef Vfbflni Q.QQxzs QSSKXX bfi. C,0mQQ3XPrl ozssiuvnxigizclf zu,-mm U2 yn ay fee Dian Lansdale entered 1946 Freshman: Student Council: Color Team Hockey: Photographyg May Court. Sophomore: Color Team Hockey: Cast of "A Ghostly EIveninqg" Art Club. Junior: Homecrafts Club: Second Junior Essay Award. Senior: Homecrafts club. "Her very silence speaks to the people" Favorite Song: HDOWI1 YOr1det" Favorite Expression: "What did you say?" Besezzing Sin: Crooked lipstick Q - Redeeming Feature: Naive eXpreSSlOIl Ambition: To be an elementary teacher t Desziny: Head of a rest home Idiosyncrasy: Sleeping Usually Found: On horseback iriam rene ayLr 215 Holmecrest Road, Jenkintown entered 1940 Freshmon:SecondTeamHockey:ColorTeamBasket- ball: Acorns:Glee Club. Sophomore: Varsity Hockey Substitute: Second Team Hockey: Cheer Leader: Acoms: Glee Club: Assembly Committee: May Court. Junior: Vice-President: Second Team Hockey: Second Team Tennis: Cheer Leader: Acoms: Glee Club: Religious Lite Committee. Senior: Business Manager of the Yearbook: Varsity Hockey Substitute: Second Team Hockey: Cheer Leader: Cast of "Cradle Song:" Acorns. "Behold sbe is happy: tbere is gladness in ber eye" Favorite Song: "Star Dust" Favorite Expression: "Did I tell you what l'1CIppened?' Besetting Sin: Big feet Redeeming Feature: "WllOleSOme laugh Ambition: To be head of jewelry department at Woolworth's Destiny: Shining jewelry at Woolworth's , ldiosyncrasy: Blowing nose Usually Found: Ruiflinq the ice box 4 ,QW W Q. . , :A 1 ii, no I' ,Y VA nne efz QI it'2 fi? '-N k,:kfbfN"" wifipow Ep-kF H D JS fx Y.. QP f jk roo 255 In yn. V1 jf! ' 41355537 ent: 3 Eglor P o ckejy Q, ' We ea s udrbgiiop y. on n. vo i p . o , I 5 ,fa-W Tgeasnirej, ec? 1' QIYIWHOEIKQYI 1' W1 5-1 et in RBJV ,Acoxr sf' G1 C -T 1 Gyn Cast of , syn" ghgtiy Biieninbmgi n on est. Ju irfx 5 lt? co. J a 1 ' rn ' G1 -.1 .Y f 5 9 iv 1. 13, fl! A. B KA . 9 J f B f- V -Q45 ' Q!! fly Vfiliy V812 Gpefxierifljjd xpyf A 4 - Tx . fl?-r ii ws Sap' T Qr1ug'Hocke'y:"KL ' etbull ,'! 1-1, e-Rf Seareinjgfg 7 Buc .' n- '... F" , Qrenqef FQn6h8mno 'eQY May f t. 'or: J 3 AEAQ Tgefdsugry ee yi' H16 c eygk, arsi R xfgiffslefbal-lpfkfpl ru K as " o jBook Day 1 rx yy S x , .t if it x i s l?1a'Sf7 girls yy ' 512 B M- 1' cw' .mg 5' yin! - We gf H .B fx Y. ,lj " is om xi, more Ao V 'V e 'fe ru S' ' A , fl Wd t b dsgdfb b K X? R-Ml f V Eylf 'Y' l,-'.?A .,-I-'V I ,, X' P X Tw' if 1 H' ' Y Qyjlxgif' V? Aran Favorite Song: "Beyond the Blue Horizon" Favorite Expression: "I CC11'1't fight it" Beseuing Sin: Use of sun lamp Redeeming Feature: Blonde hair A mbizian: To become assistant to Mr. Einstein Destiny: Kindergarten teacher Idiosyncrasy: Chewing on erasers Usually Found: Eating Freshman: Photography. Sophomore:ACOI1'1S. Junior: Secretary: Acoms. Senior: Secretary: Acornsi First Ai edne eidamanu 4205 North Broad Street, Philadelphia entered 1948 "A rolling stone gathers no moss" Favorite Song: "MCIYbe You'11 be There" Favorite Expression: "CHU I have G hop to Besetting Sin: Chewing gum I Redeeming Feature: Shiny black hair Ambition: To be Q medical secretary Destiny: To marry Q doctor ' Idiosyncrasy: Startling color combinations Usually Found: TICIVe1ifl' OI1 P.T.C. York Road?" . O fly! xjtayfx .65 fr zijn 'PQUQ .S J ' .jgllfdl 59-k 4.95" lqgflgjnyl Ol l ,Lib A -,L-Ja at-, f 5V T -JW" 1' 'ull-L e l 2+ IX 03kt l Jw. JJ. J A . C W7 MJ' ,W Jon Frog Hollow Road, Rydal entered 1938 Fres hman: Color Team Hockey: Second Team Basket- ball: Art Club. Sophomore: President: Color Team Hockey: Second Team Basketball: Color Team Tennis: Acoms, Art Staff: Cast of "A Ghostly Ever1ir1g:" Cast of a Book Day Play: Glee Club. Junior: Acorns, Art Staff: Glee Club: Welfare Committee. Senior: Vice-President: Treasurer of Oaks Bank and Trust: Acoms, Art Editor. "A daughter of the gods, divinely fair, and most didnely tall Favorite Song: "St. l..OLliS Blues" Favorite Expression: "I've been jCtpped" Beseczing Sin: Temper Redeeming Feature: Pretty teeth Ambition: To become first woman chief of F.B.l. Destiny: Sheriff of Montgomery County Idiosyncrasy: Usitlg big WOI'dS Usually Found: Talking 11 gerafyn inner Warminster Road, Hatboro A entered 1938 Freshman: Color Team Hockey: Color Team Basket- ball: Photography. Sophomore: Secretary: Color Team Hockey: Color Team Basketball: Typing: Glee Club: Play Prompter. Junior: Treasurer: Color Team Hockey: Color Team Basketball: Photography: Play Production: Glee Club. Senior: Photography Editor of the Yearbook: Dramatic Club, Treasurer: Glee Club, President: Second Team Hockey: Play Production: Cast of "Cradle Song:" French Affiliation',Committee. "Treat your friend as if be might become an enemy" Favorite Song: "Remember" Favorite Expression: "Where did my dCIte Besetting Sin: Flirting Redeeming Feature: Figure Ambition: To be a musical comedian Destiny: First woman president Idiosyncrasy: Heavy CICCeleI'CItO1' foot Usually Found: With someone else's date go?' .,.. A S'xM 5'-sw T515 S Q! 1 NS . N W - , N s. ..cQ'g x 1 pe' La- 03? Q ,- i'4g'AgP'Z' 'i egg, S. 3 X., ,fi xx. .'11:igf: 5 J A 8 Gfddri We the Senior Class of 1952, being of sane mind do declare this to be our last will cmd testament. We hereby bequeath: Janet' s shortness to Charlotte Whalen. Molly's frankness to Sandy Saur. Kay' s passion for black and orange to Ginger Gable. Lois' s station wagon to the hockey team. Mary's first aid training to Judy Belfield. He1en's curvacious figure to Nancy Ambler. Nancy's dramatic ham to the cooking class. Marianne's singing voice to Sally Redd. Joan's assignment pads to anyone who can find them. Evelyn' s complete composure to Lee Hammer. Jerry's sarcasm to Carol Anderson. Mimi' s feet to the kindergarten. Barbara' s blonde hair to Sissy High. He1ene's chewing gum to the assembly Doom chairs. Gail' s vocabulary to Trudy Putney. Geralyn' s sun lamp treatments to Mandy Funk. We, the Senior Class, leave. In witness hereto, we set our seal, this eleventh day of June, 1952. 74a Seadu 4441 CVM .jvhafory Looking back on those far distant years, about 1939, we find Gail and Geralyn making their grand entrance in to kindergarten. At that time there was an overwhelming number of boys in A.F.S. So these girls enjoyed their kindergarten days very much. We sort of doubt the fact that they can still remember Mrs. Adams' trying to make them walk like elephants at rhythm time. Soon the joys of kindergarten were given up for the hard rigors of first grade. Mimi joined our growing class. She came in with a bounce, a bounce of twelve to fourteen curls every day. She was the only one who didn't seem adjusted to rest period. F ' Second grade brought Lois and the dismissal of the last three boys from the class. But Lois soon took over in their absence. She certainly was a tom-boy. No one was safe at recess unless she was a friend of Lois's. This year we began almost daily trips to Mr. Bell, then principal of A.F.S. In the early stages of third grade, we were overtaken by a horse craze that lasted until seventh grade. We were very happy when Joan joined us, for Joan had a horse whinney, that no one could copy. She succeeded in sounding most like a horse for the rest of our Lower School days. Molly joined us in fourth grade com- pletely prepared with saddle, bridle and bit. Then in fifth grade came Helen. But at that age she preferred goalie pads to a saddle. We will never forget that year trying to stifle our laughs in meeting, that was until Mr. Scull scared us out of them. One who never entered our class, but whom we all shall remember was dear old "Maggie", the Flemings' bulldog. She certainly was a pet to all of. us in those days. At last we made our debut in the Upper School. Barbara and Evelyn came that year seemingly for the purpose of entertaining us in the locker room with their enlightning discussions of the past weekend. Marianne came in Seventh grade too, and all together we learned the ways and means of dancing class. We're just beginning to understand why the Faculty didn't appreciate our pin curls and hair nets every other Friday, especially J oan' s bright red hair net. We finally pulled through seventh grade and managed to sing "Parris Angelicus" for the first time. Suddenly there we were in eighth grade. We had heard a lot about the famous health class with Miss Smith. Will we ever forget the misery of having to draw the heart over and over again? Every arrow had to be in the right direction. That was the year we seemed to have the entire Abington Police Force out after us on Mischief Night. It was fun, though! And remember the swimming party Lois gave at Mermaid Lake. We were all afraid to slide down that great big water toboggan. In Ninth grade Nancy joined us and helped carry our increasing load of re- sponsibilities. Jerry came that year, and we found ourselves never lacking a joke. Freshman Day was the big event of the year, and together with Helene and Mary we officially entered high school. How proud we were when we trooped into Mallon's after school all wearing our rather wilted gardenias. Our cooking prowesses were notorious in ninth grade. Aside from the rancid pie, our first cake sale went rather well, but oh, those cooking classes. Joan looked slightly green after eating her whole putty- resembling pineapple upside-down cake by herself. The next week she put mint into the cookies instead of vanilla. Was there some ulterior motive or was she trying to rub us out in one easy try? We soon found ourselves firmly established in tenth grade. Our class play went over very well with the help of Janet who came just in time to be our student director. Of course the tripping over wires, too frequent appearances of ghosts, and sagging davenports weren't planned, but certainly gave the audience a laugh. However, our project that year was nothing to laugh at. The "decals" with which we were going to make a fortune didn' t arrive until June. Although we had reached our sophomore year, our tempers were not under control. This time the fight was between Mimi and Gail, and the end result was a grapefruit on Mimi's then golden hair. Tenth grade seemed also to be a year for parties. Remember Lois' s slumber party where Joan had to get into the bathtub because nowhere else could she find a place quiet enough to slumber. And of course there was Jerry's house party at Ocean City: the neighbors whom we never allowed to sleep, the hoagies we con- sumed, and poor Mary's unaccountable greenness around the gills when she tried to smoke her first cigarette. The shore will never be the same as it was before the ' 52' s galloped through. Our Junior year of course, brought the much awaited Ring Dinner with it. Wearing our beautiful class rings, we really felt grown up. After making enemies of every- one by trying to sell our wonderful "decals", we decided-we'd sell Avon cosmetics. With Kay the latest addition to the class, helping us, we managed to give everyone around a ten years' supply of cosmetics. With only minor mishaps, such as the ready-whip fight we had in the parking lot, in which mainly the cars suffered, the year sped along all too rapidly. After the Class Day Luncheon, we found ourselves picking daisies, daisies, and more daisies. The last straw or really the last daisy, was the dress which Lois wore to the Junior Prom. You guessed it - the dress was covered with daisies! The Junior Prom, by the way, was nothing short of ,a miracle. After about ten "prom decorations" meetings at which we only got around to making decorations at the last two or three, we found ourselves with only half an hour to pin these lovely fish on the walls. However we did it in twenty minutes , and the prom was a great success. Before we knew it, we were Seniors and the'Ring Dinner, Senior Prom, and Yearbook were upon us. The Ring Dinner went off beautifully in spite Of the fact that the caterer was an hour late. After overcoming a little difficulty in the beginning of the year with some of the girls preferring the Arrow to the lunchroom, we managed to have a very successful Senior Prom, it was the first formal dance in the new gym. Such events as exams, the big play, Arbor Day, and May Day journeyed through Spring with us. Graduation exercises completed our years at A.F.S. We have all decided we have had a wonderful time, arguments and all. A string of Ladies? Sour Pussies Which twin has the Toni? May Day 1951 Sleeping or Dead? Miles of Smiles 'That tid bit of gossip A New Janitor! Modern London Bridge Cheese Cake on cz board Miss Lib goes into her uct Mighty High Mary Old Grad cmd who's the shrimp? I-leave Ho! The bus corner crowd, 1945 Up side down That's not water! Joan on the buckef Horrors Heads of the class Posing on the swing Darkies in May Day UH! 'That Looks Tasty Car beauties Then there were eleven Mary be different Supervisors Prom Decorations Yearbook Meeting Pun at Mol1y's What are you looking at, Mimi two Floridians I'0l9 QC? As I looked down at the earth from my perch atop Mount Lunar, on the Moon, I noticed a strange gathering which I had to look into. Let me explain that I am the Man of the Moon, and since I am the only inhabitant up here, I often lack something to do, so I seat myself atop the highest mountain and look down on the earth for entertainment. This strange gathering I mentioned turned out to be the twenty-fifth reunion of the renowned "Galloping '52's" from Abington Friends School. They were all heading west, via train, plane and auto- mobile, for the Lazy H ranch just outside Banff in western Canada. The Lazy H is owned and operated by Miss Lois Helweg, who, after many years of experi- ence on western dude ranches, decided to open one of her own.Hers is now famous for its wonderful horses and excellent accommodations for all her guests. I saw a tiny French car drive in the long driveway and when it pulled up to the entrance and stopped, two ladies alighted. The f1rst was Miss Kay Heisley, known in the world of fashion as Beatrice, who had just returned from Paris where she assists Jacques Fath, Jr. in his winter collection andalso introduced some of her own gorgeous creations, which incidentally made a big hit. The other lady was Miss Heisley's equally famous friend, Dr. Nancy Koehler, the newly appointed head of the Mayo Clinic. Dr. Koehler has performed many very daring and breathtaking operations, some of which were never before attempted, and has never had a failure. For her contri- butions to the medical field, Dr. Koehler was awarded the Nobel Prize last year. Looking off toward the Lazy H landing field, I saw a plane just coming to a stop, and walking down the steps was Miss Geralyn Winner, candidate for President of the United States in the coming election. She had taken time out from her campaign to come to Canada to see her classmates from high school again. Before beginning her political career, Miss Winner very successfully established a ballet school after her own retirement from the theater where she was extremely successful and popular withtheaudiences. Following her down the steps, I saw Miss Winner's private secretary, Miss Helene Weissman. Miss Weissman got a great deal of practice in secretarial work in her last twoyears atAbington Friends School, when shewas secretary of the class.After that, no job was too difficult. However, it was only last year that she took the job that Miss Winner offered, because she had also been very busy in her other occu- pation, a fraternity pin company, estab- lished soon after her graduation from Abington Friends, and specialized in medical fraternity pins. I glanced in another direction and saw a train pull into the Banff station. Shortly after it stopped,I sawMiss Joan Schneid- erwirth, author and critic, alight. Miss Schneiderwirth is quite well-known for her books on the care and feeding of Student Councils throughout the world. As a critic too, she is famous for her excell- ent write-ups on the hit Broadway plays. With Miss Schneiderwirth, I saw the illustrious ex-captain of 1966 Olympic Hockey Team, Miss Helen Hurlbut. Miss Hurlbut' s team, by their last minute goal, won the hockey title as well as the Olympic Title for the United States in l966. Miss Hurlbut has a remarkable motto which she says wins for her every time: "Hit them hard, hit them fast, and if they get up, hit them again!" Soon after these ladies arrived, another car drove up cmd out stepped the world renowned star of the Metropolitan Opera Company, Miss Marianne de la Mayer. She has created aworld famous reputation for herself in her marvelous role as Carmen, and thousands flock to see her performances, both in this country and overseas. After Miss Mayer, arrived the dis- tinquished Dr. Janet Albertson, President of the National Federation of Junior Colleges. Dr. Albertson has had a tre- mendous success with her venture into the field of education and it was she who established the Federation. However, her achievements are not limited, she has recently received a patent for five-inch heels for short-shorties such as herself. Iam sure these new heels will be appreci- ated throughout the world. Next to arrive was Miss Barbara Tatzlaff, now Treasurer of the United States. This, I suppose, all stems from her experience at Abington Friends School. She has recently set up a budget for the nation which, if followed for two or three years, will pay off our National Debt. This budget has also been used by many organizations to help themselves out of bankruptcy. Accompanying Miss Tetzlaff, was Miss Miriam Taylor, head of the "School Reform Program." Her program calls for a light green Senior Room in every school and a lunch room featuring butlers and filet mignon every noon. Also, she is trying to introduce a new plan for helping students develop a walk some- what like her own now-famous stride. Following these two ladies, came Miss Jerry Stull, head of the research depart- ment at the Mayo Clinic, who has devoted her life to ridding the world of disease. She has spent much time in her research and has discovered cures for heart disease and the common cold, two of the most needed cures. She has recently announced that she has discovered a cure for which there is no known disease! With Miss Stull also came those two world-renowned painters, Miss Molly Greer and Miss Gail Wilson. Miss Greer is knovm for her many landscapes of Cape Cod life which have made her a sizeable fortune. She has also done a good number of studies of horses and portraits of all the Kentucky Derby winners for the past ten years. Cn the other hand, Miss Wilson is famous for her unusual poses and her portraits of many men in the underworld, and, through these portraits, she has several times helped theF.B.I. catch allof the criminals on the "Ten Most Wanted" list. She is really adept at portraitures of this sort and has been asked by other governments to do the same type of work for them, but she has said they must wait until she has completed her work here. Miss Mary Hurd, beloved by Girl Scouts and Brownies the world over, was the next to appear. Among the many achievements to her credit is the establishment of the United Girl Scouts of Europe and Asia. Miss Hurd is now about to launch a new campaign to unite all Girl Scouts through- out the world into one big happy family. The last lady to arrive was Miss Evelyn Steelman, heiress to the Steelman turkey millions and the founder of the new national sport, turkey hunting. Miss Steelman was always a fox-hunting enthusiast, but one day, when the hunt met at her home, some of the turkeys escaped from their pens. The hounds sensed something was wrong, and started out after them. The riders followed on horseback and soon discovered that this was much more exciting than fox-hunting, and so began the new national pastime. After I saw that all sixteen of these distinguished ladies had gathered for their reunion, I peered earthward once more to see if there was anything else exciting going on. Since I could find nothing, as a haze had covered the earth,I descended from my mountain post to await another day. First Row: Ruth Estes: Ruth Schabacker: Bertha Huey: Grace Duer: Anne Ritz, Assistant to the Headmaster. Second Row: Eleanor Breeding: Elizabeth Smith: Grace Tees: Howard Bartram: Headmaster. Betty Peters: Mary Helen Bickley: Eleanor Elmore. 362: jacuffy WW1 f""'CY Xl vb, N 4 AEST b L , Y f-Lopkfgf? 7 RFS 1 1' I AOQSR H L O X A 1 I ,qi ffm-W r ' Q' Q9 w ' ' A'-5 1 . , s ,' ' 1 FJ s-A-, 1 V A M , N ' K V I N 9 I jim r Q ' 1 , 4!x'3 b , gag, L1 K .hqtlk 6 1 , V A W 55 V x V42 W Jim: - .L - 4 QMS Q. 2,263 'I Vi un Q- ',i, ta D : ,li-.-Yu-1-..,-i., GW Pfll-. it xg I Y A :Q-Q22 f ' if , Qiwwzw if 3 4 was 1 'Er' il 'N Q ,L Wg, 1 g J ' F.. 2 ..., ss Qs 5 T! 15 - if sis XS , ,-. Qi. 4 ,1 sf ,, QQ' E f? fs. Q M E i PQJAHQQH First Row: Barbara Salesky Margie Adams , Student Council Sue Gable, President Betty Smith, Vice-President ' Pinky Lapp, Secretary Second Row: Betsy Mellon Nancy Ambler Carolyn Knobelauch Diane Shaffer A bs en r: Barbara Bower J ane Cobourn Judy J ones Charlotte Whalen NSJOIQAOIQQOPQJ First Row: Myrna Meacham, Barbara Danehower, Carol Young, Ann Fry. Second Row: Joanne McDowell, Secretary, Gwen Hollenberg, Student Council, Jessica Stephan, President, Adele Fitzgerald, Vice-President, Mandy Funk, Treasurer, Third Row: Phyllis Simonf Merle Bennett: Linda Hanoi Jane Jordan, Barbara Garrison, Diane Badlkg Greta Gronquistg Mary Icklerg Bette Gretz. Absent: S.Saur. :Liv .img an sz ,QQ ww W .,,1... 4 A V V 1 V LLA- A kk,, A , K " :, L:'b- , ' -'1::'g..i s "Q-AV QQ --fx K ' Y' x -sg MS? egim V A P w ' , ,,m,,i, . .f fi: Ki :J 1 W X 3? i v' ii? . W 1 DESK ' I 2213 ' , X K ' h P Q1 5. , TM-w.... x rf 35 X 'X N ' ' ' Q. 'a is ,ii J ' fin ' fimlw O X 1 1 W Q f A :V JEL! V Q X48 Q K , x ' X 9' K ,, K , VY 'Hd' .i.,--- ,Int , , Q X -W V f , Q W I fY'x"'g I J N 4 77 X 5 Q Ng14 !iM Q Q L 2 9 -, YK J 5 ggi ' 196. ramafic CLA ice Brita Strandberg, Secretary Miss Bickley .Terry Stull, President Janet Albertson, Vice-President Grealyn Winner, Treasurer First Row: L.. I-Icmof G. Winnerg C. Romiqi B. Strandberq. Second Row: B. Tetzlaffy M. Greer: Miss Bickleyg K. Heisleyg J. Feldman. Third Row: M. Meacham: N. Koehlerg J. Stephan: G. I-Iollenberqf P. Lappg D. Shafferg J. Jordan: M. Funk. Absent: A. Fry. y Algroolucfion roula P15 First Row: J. Batt, B. Danehower, S. Pearson, E. Cobourn. Second Row: Miss Elmore, L.. Hammer, Business Manager, T. Putney, Editor, J. Brooke, Assistant Editor, G. Wilson, Art Editor. Third Row: C. Lapp, C. Young, M.uYoder, B. Gretz., M. Taylor, J. Stull, C. Anderson, M. Adams, N. Wriqqins, B. Sdlesky. Absent: C. Whalen, J. Cobourn, H. Fitzgerald. co rm ance , roula First Row: M. Mayer, J. Schneiderwirth, P. Simon, Secretary, R. Ingersoll, President, S.Slmon, I...l-lelweq. Second Row: J. Albertson, B. Smith, I-1.1-Iurlbut, M. Bennett, Miss Peters, A. Fitzgerald, N. Reeves, J. McDowell. ,S , gi Q Q if gi Q 5 X !.. Q ,, mg .Q , N' K 5, Ev , , ... K- 3 .if JW --'. ' . ag xl . -J i g a , W .2 Lg . A 5 I I .i -I 5 V , i si gif W' K, Zgg X r -H ,,-.-.f-x.'i1, . K fi I K 4 ' 5 2 3' 'mllngsxe mmm X M ff! WW 182631 Jw LJ 2 Lib U W -C ,A Wir A , fi ff ff , ff , ,f' ,Q ,, ff 'f ,f' ff rf ff I 1 I, I I Miss Smithg Helen I-Iurlbut, Secretary: Barbara Tetzlaff, Treasurerg Lois I-Ielweg, President. .Afkfefic .xdfiaocia fion W icem GA eeffed 61910 Left to Right: Mimi Taylory Janet Albertson, arriifg oclwy First Row: I... Hammer: P. Simon: G. Winner: B. Strandberq, Captain: M. Bennett: J. Albertson: N. Koehler. Second Row: J. Stull, Manager: R. Ingersoll: M. Wiegand: S. Simon: M. Taylor: B. Tetzlaff: N. Wrigqins: M. Yoder: J. Brooke: E. Garrison: Miss Smith. 0C0l'l eam .jwlocLey First Row: H. Hurlbut, Co-captain: J. Schnei- derwirth, Co-captain: L. Helweg, Co-captain. Second Row: N. Reeves: B. Smith: S. High: V. Gable: C. Anderson: A. Fitzgerald: S. Gable: J.Stu11, Manager: Miss Smith. Absent: H. Fitzgerald. First Row. S. Gable C Anderson: H. Hurlbut Captain: J Schneiderwirth, B. Tetzlcff Second : -S hp J. St l1iMcl . .Ab : I ' S??1fiASi?.15?n U ' 6U"5Lfg HMA-efgaf va QCOIZ 26Ll'l'l gaalefgaf First Row: B. Smith: P. Simon: S. High: Helweq, Captain: J. Brookeg V. Gableg Hurd. Second Row: J. Stull, Manager: S. Simo M. Bennettg A. Fitzgerald: N. Wriqqin Miss Smith. we WMU gy Life of Leisure Funny Faces Balloon 'Trouble That Famous Cho Picking Flowers Taste Good? Strong Arm Hi, Solly Fashion Glrl? l 1 l May Queen l Sun F' lowers y Legs ? More Daisies There were three I I Hope She's Chun! ,. ., , 'A K V ',1 .:: b W V 0,3130 -w LmW.- m. aww ftwx -a if , ,,W' " - f f g ,RN Nw 5 50 fong, ifii Leen gave! fo Lnow OM 1? Q. . MQ Q? -ian :a BC.'1 M . H ' laid . lkia . E JC- Twig? 5 13 T11 ,.. 9 ? U' ei 4 A . , Z . . at 1-s1oo.x .l0fl'QQCYCl.lSj1SCa ,U iglSxF1""f .gf Qmv.l:Q?g5lS 5 ,-gm' T., E sA1z's1n642g,S'M,L.- I WFT 4 - '-fi ne Jammu, M- 4.-me -4 . f .- - ., 7 ,Q:'A"' 'K-'-1' ' e ,cl iff' ne' Wien - . N gi. . AD ERTISEM ENTS I ' 1- Fl - JJWT5 7 f'?Q5 f"'9'5'.?k at .4 9- su -w ', .' In . r ' 9 QILUB A Beth. ' 6 , B. I BUY. .ke mm. . QQT7-0793. 'nsrq nos. ue B. '12'IBL8'l'.-K!'5-2345 1 Goldi ":- 1Silveqr.fAhHqf155' SIMPSONS'-, ." '51 152-tw. cl-b M 12 YE.. rear w Brand. -new learrunce t in weekf s Oldest Etude ut. aiu. ,Phone DlAMoNos at QJEWELRY1 HIST C185 PHS PIM Binh 1890 ' EZL7kRLTGN'S.' nas 511345 si PANELSv+PANELS . RECONDITIONED mon. -A mn -Qgyts mn. A mx buy - '1 s LIVE . 'fr its. limes, Micro en -npmiu.. 1:35.11 11. annex 113311. em Pub Q nc fc s. '1er.g.Kni' qiqgg. c rsnn. nur sgxcsn. sum make. 349 . an ns. 'rn -19144 -lon. Immaculate-4795 d Mc5+orS ' '- ' . OPEN' my -ln, ' 5 Aid ' 850 SHOW 'CAB?. Biol! Plxbllrel. Tmll. M'ILLER'B 919' LQDCIIQQY.. 6- 0 WTD. Old urn.. bl' 6-I,-brack, chinl. out +',z..z'::"'a-.mf mf"?"5.S3r m?LT"-Ef,imqf15- 5803. . SC. -K W ORE. n' n ""'w1 .E-' Tern. A-lvinaf' at - n 5" Cgdmstd Ass'w0rmod.u139 '. cmgm, my J. rung ggi-fu? comms. 1 ,-ua AW 1 1-mamma CaiI'C,f, m sUu'ns.,AEc -x-' bmmuma. new an-yn Bmw ww 1-wh - gln:Iin.1nt!ngg,jnek- Belj, Hlwllli. Pa. SI ER MACH. GR -1-1922 HEATERS. RADIATORE. SCRAP BIPAL B JUNK. BTA-4881. 5'1" 'w.b. U ill! 850 ' . " ' soo A X 'fvjiqgggg , b ANTIQUES - -T DT , 1: "' 2112 ABBORTID CBDUA lu uns. 'IIQINOR lumituft. some DI many otrermls- uummt 44.45 cpumn at. -,-,v ---v vi . .,, F , .,,,,. . . ,t -.,..,,,' 1 - 4 DACHBR . haxaff plea. ck . Kwwn. 3 Weill: Id N4 P. " Q a !au,Lf'r . . - - ,L ' A : . DOG! -' . APGBAN' mmerea puppies 1 ,meg WC5MEN'S APPAREL A W I Rolhe Mfg. Co., Inc. Y. 5 Lonsdale, Po. , N 0' KX F L -LEE Zac Wada wade , , nc I JE 'mmown PA v o - Senior Closs Ogontz4026 doa DUCHESS DAIRY BAR 746 23444, 74 gm 11 Easton Road Willow Grove b i.... ..-., VA L E N T I N E ' S FLOWERS AT THEIR BEST anopldnzenw af Q SWARTLEY BROTHERS ENGINEERS, INC. West Avenue, Next to Postofice ogemz 7700-7701 Jenkintown, Pe. flfwxuftifigff- Lonsdale 6829 RALEIGH 8. SCHWINN BICYCLES Lionel Trains - Hobby Supplies Jacobsen Mowers GLENSIDE, PA. KESWICK CYCLE CO. Ogontz 6996 408 N. Easton Road GR E E N AR R OW PARK and EAT CURB SERVICE York Rd. BL Rubicon Ave., Willow Grove, Pa. MITCHELL and NESS SPORTING GOODS We Specialize in Field Hockey Equipment 1312 ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHIA, PA. HARRIS GRAMM, INC. Est. 1913 REGISTERED CONTRACTORS When You Pcrve-Pave Well INDUSTRIAL WORK SOLICITED Sidewalks - Driveways - Curbs Concrete Construction - Swimming Pools - Floors . . For Loafers Saddles N, Cusuals, Bituminous Roads and Driveways ' I Try Landscape - Sewage Disposal Systems Mac Lean's 176 E. TULPEHOCKEN ST. , Philadelphia 44, Pennsylvania Junior Bootery O 700 WEST AVENUE gon" 0408 Jenkimwn, Pa, Gnrmm s-6060 Center Point 457 - I .T S, .L - I r M DEGREASING and INHIBITING COMPOUNDS A. J. STULL 8, CO. INDUSTRIAL CHEMICAL PRODUCTS 47 5816 Tacony Street Philadelphia 24, Pa. RUST 8: OXIDATION REMOVERS PLASTIC METALS L. O. BALFOUR co. PAUL JHEGER "Known wherever there are schools and colleges" GUNS and SPORTING GOODS i- 211 Leedom Street at Greenwood Avenue MAKER OF FINE Ogontz 6920 Jenkintown, Pa School Rings and Pins, Diplomas Commencement Announcements V Medals and Trophies THE ABINGTON FRIENDS SCHOOL RINGS S H A R P L E S S 1601 Chestnut Street Philadelphia 3, Pa. STATIONERY SERVICE 213 York Road, Jenkintown, Pa. GOLDBERG'S OLD YORK ROADS OLDEST DEPARTMENT STORE Established 1902 BLUMHARDTS FO0IJ MARKET Jenkintown, Pa. A FULL LINE OF ' THE FINEST IN FOOD Ogoniz 9830 J. FRANK FLECK CO. v HARDWARE Ctct'S l',F"hedHd ,P't . OX165s,OlIIsernissgsjiiousgxliurnishglg Vgilpibliesm S Phone' Ogontz 0467 603 West Avenue Jenkintown, Pa. I Gompliments of A FRIEND 24-HOUR SERVICE Compliments ABINGIUN mxlcAB cu. to OGONTZ 1046 The Class of 35 1952 BIRCHALL HAMMER Noble Stati Ab P TAYLOR ALBERTSON C O M P A N Y I Disfribufors B uiIcIi ng Specialties 1620 W INDIANA AVE PHILADELPH IA 32, Po. BA. 9-2930 iuioioinioioioi sioioioioiqninioiclioioioiariclic :lining s 4.5. - Cfompliments Of Mr. 81 Mrs. J. E. HELWIG rioicriuioinil 101010101011 141101 101014 30141101 si rio: 14 xl I 0 f I' ffazs fire Ice GMM Egg' fhergfolvs Xu 22' -1,-g ml I ff 'if Q , ,- X Q9 G M fwefi fp buy! I ICE CREAM MoEbff,sy f uymsrfsbffr su - . 1- . . . ,--- .u -su-x-vs--x4'-s--xns.v-5 bit .-xAf-s.-sug,,v1.-s- .x...,s,.s-,x. Ji- .1 , N-g4ns.-xl--vxu-un-s..vs1usnx4os-as .. Q X--Fvwfk V T' viii-iki, js-'j:AX,p,-g.Q, X F--5 of X.X at ,P . bm, 5 --1 ft K, it ' S .f T56 A ig' ' ' X fi' X "1 .5 N' -. ,n NW Xgigxsikx-Yw Q 1 . gg . . , X 5 QSYXR iii, X R :six Egg Q E X' K' R W 'Q' " if I 2 , Eg, , 1ggff g2,g.45fg,, ax ,L 2 ,f fly?qSig335S5ga,vf.Xi, X X ' Q S Af A 3 A g X 5231 gf 5, A ' 1 5 X N, Pg 1 --f -:rx wg-Xxx ,-QMQQSF 5- 653: 15, . 5kX:lJa239JQ':lifp Y 5 NQESPXMM+ INQ Q ' X Q 553128 X315 SQ J ' .xW,i?33fYsQfQ5 Sig ' x,:ssR5v"?f?-8 E?'XiSx'1iXx1g Si v 2 xwjfwg xv? - s as, W xv ' N ' 1 9 5 xx I 5, X 5 ' ' ' fv-www f gf -sw 'wsszrs x..k fgifffgl : ' 4 is x N X I X I . .N ., 5 Nwywg., -G ii ii, .:.: Sk QS 93-.ff 2 N- A 2555221 X5 ' , ': JQXQS 3 QEFF5' SQQQVJE , 3 ' PM i 5 ' .f xff: Y Y, ' ' ' A ' -' QQ? ,Q lf? ' Q Zfefb' F Q i 5' N X .Q , N X , ,ff f .P KX Wk" X fsSii:i:e'.1z,Sk Af, :EU -M-vw b 9 Q- ww M uw x . ,wr A if x X -- rx I ' xx 'xxx-wsgN.2:, - - x x wx, ' X y .SENSEST x ' 'X INC. I909 J. T. JACKSON CO. REALTORS CITY and SUBURBAN PROPERTY GEORGE W. HEISLEY President ROOSEVELT BOULEVARD N.W. Cor. Rising Sun Ave. Philadelphia 20, Pu. L. W. OSWALD DRUG STORE OGONTZ I447 York Road at West Avenue Jenkintown, Pa. Ogontz 0055 BEASLEY'S TRAVEL SHOP 718 West Avenue, Jenkintown, Pa. GIFTS LUGGAGE LEATHER GOODS Go GULF at NORTH HILLS SERVICE STATION Mt. Carmel 8. North Hills Ave. Ogontz 9386 North Hills, Pa. ARCADE FIRESIDES 744 Yorkroad Place - The Arcade Jenkintown, Po. Turner 2011 EVERYONE MEETS AT Williamso Il, s Restaurants TWO LOCATIONS JENKINTOWN AND PENN VALLEY Y- T FOR SALE SUBURBAN Homes - COUNTRY ESTATES und- FARMS Bucks or Montgomery County Edwin Winner, Realtor Willow Grove 0900 ' Ogontz2442 Q. 5. Jfarzntnalh FLOWERS ai' York Road at Greenwood Avenue Jenkintown, Pa. FOWLER-SHINN, INC. aso YORK ROAD Jenkintown, Po. Sales DODGE SERVICE PLYMOUTH DODGE JOB RATED TRUCK Ogontz 7428 Ogontz 3163 Maiestic 5-2222 DAVIS PHARMACY 877 Township Line Elkins Park, Pa. Ogontz 1616 GOLDBERG'S Old York Road's OldestDepartment Store Established 1902 Jenkintown, Pa. I-- -A ----E--fd--E E- -- I I- EY- ----- E-E 1 1 M 0:'PT GEfiMo'iR LTYC - Q WHlTE'S GENERAL STORE II A AR Q A I Huntingdon Valley ' Ogonfz 2932 Jenkintown Pennsylvania T' ':.,,-., ,W ,.,k.. gg W1-,,,,,,, ,-.' :I Zfigu' ITT Ogon,iT358 Q j W-,-----A, ,- MODERN MEAT MARKET A W- J - E L '- 5948 OQOMZ Avenue 11 EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL , VM- Amt - -Q 423 York Roac1 v wwm-Jgtgiygyslnlgg I C C M P I. I M E N T S HARRY'S FOOD MARKET OF THE i SEVENTH GRADE EDIIKRB B. GOSHORN-P w ' AV C1000 LUCK FROM . . . 1 Realtor V 6747 Germantown Ave.N I THE Fafufday and Sunday Philadelphia 19, Pa. I l1 Iqgg 8-1048 an v Vim, 8-09Qgi H W . - A CLASS QF 1952 M GOOD LUCK To The ,Q I 4-'E-f ' 'T ..,. ,ff N i ff, 5 A 3 5 2 , S 66 CED From The JUNIOR CLASS Q"""""""""""""""""""""""'"""""""""""""""' """ 'O' fini: 11015 I 1 I I 5 I 3 Comphments 1 of a I I ' F ' C1 g men 1 I I I I I I I 1301011 concur 11111 1111111111141 111 101 111 1011 1 11 11110111-lv: 111Cw111dD111ucm1s? KUHN REALTORS 711 WEST AVENUE Jenkintown, Pa. BE BOLD IN WHAT YOU STAND FOR, William Kuhn, Jr. ogonh 4550 BUT Richard E. Kuhn BE IN WHAT YOU FALL FOR KIRK 8: NICE Sister Class Undertakers Since 1776 6301 Germantown Ave. Philadelphia, Pa. Germantown 8-6328 I CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH Parts - Sales - Service CASA CONTI Joseph D. Conti, Prop. EASTON and JENKINTOWN RDS- FLEET ACCOUNTS INVITED G""si"" P" 09"""m9 CARLSON MOTORS GOOD LUCK PROM THE Ogqontz 7900 Jenkintown, Pa. 12' R E S H M A N COMPLIMENTS OF HOMES - FARMS - ESTATES A FRIEND Complete Insurance Service SHEBLE, DAGER, INC. MEET AND EAT Reqlfgrs at the BAEDERWOOD GRILLE 800 Old York Road Jenkiniown, Pu. 0000 FOOD ALWAYS Jenkintown' PG' Ogontz 3000 Compliments of VALLEY FORGE FARMS csfift to the A A7 CONGRATULATIONS f CLASS of 7952 N .. I sawn XX gi .A Luv I. N L QQ X ff' from your publishers il ' , W f A 'fi' SCHOOL LIFE PRESS ..-il -.l 1 PHTRCDHS Miss Margie Adams Dr. and Mrs. Llarkson Addis Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Albertson Miss Janet Albertson Miss Carol Anderson Miss Nancy Ambler Mr. Harris Aungst Mr. Donald Baily Mr. and Mrs. William Batchelor Miss Judy Belfield Miss Merle Bennet Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bircher Miss Jane Brooke Mr. and Mrs. John S. Carter Mr. Dick Claus Miss Jane Colburn Mr. Frank P. Felton lll Miss Jackie Feldman Miss Adele Fitzgerald Miss Helen Fitzgerald Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Franz Miss Ginger Gable Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Greer Miss Molly Greer Miss Betty Gretz Mr. John C. Haigh Miss Lee Hammer Mr. and Mrs. George W. Heisley Mr. and Mrs. Horace Helsley Miss Kay Heisley Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Helweg Mr. Joseph E. Helweg, Jr. Miss Lois Helweg Miss Sissy High Miss Barbara Householder Mr. Dexter Huffman Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Hurd Miss Mary Hurd Mr. John S. Hurlbd' Mr. John 5. Hurlbut, Jr. Miss Helen Hurlbut Mr. Richard Alan Halton Miss Ruth Ingersoll Mrs. G. E. Ingersoll Miss Maiia Jonsson Miss Judy Jones Mr. and Mrs. Mark Kimmel Miss Carol Knobelauch Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Koehler Mr. George F. Koehler Miss Nancy Horton Koehler Miss Pinky Lapp Miss Betsy Mallon QXVE Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Markley Mr. and Mrs. Goetz Mayer Miss Marianne Mayer Mr. and Mrs. Louis McCarter 2nd. Mr. and Mrs. W. T. McClintock Miss Brita Strandberg Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Stull, Jr. Miss Miss Jerry Stull Byrant Taggert Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Taylor Miss Joanne McDowell Miss Mimi Taylor Mr. and Mrs. L. K. Provo Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Tetzlaff Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Putney Miss Bubara Tetzlaff Mr. R. E. Putney, Jr. Miss Trudy Putney Miss Mary Lee Robe Miss Sarah Jane Redd Mlss Nancy Reeves Miss Corinne Romig Miss Barbara Salesky Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Schneiderwirth Miss Dlane Shaffer Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Shreiner Miss Phyllis Simon Miss Sue Simon Miss Betty Smith Fred and Stevie Snyder Mr. and Mrs. L. Steelman Mr. A.B.E. Tripe Ill Mr. J. G. Tyson 2nd. Mr. a nd Mrs. Ludwig Wasum Sgt. Henry Weigand Miss Miss Miss Mr. a Mr. a Miss Mr. a Miss Miss Miss Miss Marry Weigand Helene Weissman Charlotte Whalen nd Mrs. Philip 0. Widing nd Mrs. R. A. Wilson Gail Wilson nd Mrs. Edwin Winner Geralyn Winner Natalie Wriggans Mary Yoder Carol Young BUSINESS PATRONS Jenkintown Hobby Center 742 Yorkway Place Jenkintown, Penna. Muths Jewelers 403 Yorkroad, Jenkintown, Penna. Old York Road Publishing Co. Jenkintown, Penna. Michener Texaco Service Station - Harold Derstine 8. Richardson Ave. Lansdale, Penna. rw FZ S 3 - ll' E A Y 5 s f fa cg 1 U TH iii Q E H I2 P' ,a w 4 a sv u

Suggestions in the Abington Friends School - Outward Bound Yearbook (Jenkintown, PA) collection:

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Abington Friends School - Outward Bound Yearbook (Jenkintown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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