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' l I A Q 67 rv I' f El , I 7 P G V . I 5 W K ff 31 wj' 1 3 1 k I I 4 3 H I 1 1. H 52555222 -ZBOHZQZE. Q W ZOEEOEK ing-Zmm gg? EMBA' M 255,-Dw 'Emi Ng V Em MEEHEWOH MUOAOQO ZWHBMFHIZWPHW 539233955 HZDH. ANQQHMGH A ZQEHEB 4nZHAmE A HS? WZEQ 5554? EEN I? L T I? MNMUDH NUEQ ? mwOHzHUE z4mDw EDOVSDUUE mag P 'SQZZOUUZ 0:55 38 325015 :EE E25 NQQMU QZOUMG ZZDQ Egan ZOEUEU his EUUOU jg-SE 20550 :SEE EDA mzzq Y Sq-Umbim E505 EGEQEQ 2405 SUE mg zgasm EOE o QZENNDW GBE-Q N245 MEBOWH ima MEOQQ 5242 EOD 233 QEEEE ZEIDEM MMQQMU 'SME 1 WHMOOWH MOHZHW W g - E-'EOM zogom B52 -.-..-....'..'..A' OE'EHm zmmszmz no 25 W '.-.......-..'-..,.-.. F A Ad Q hwmmnmwg :Hog mozom E53 EDO 'mo mangas PEZ WV W ZSZANEQW EGM-bm ...' .....-'.'.-.'... O owwonz BSN U:-Seam iam-um E MQ ggi Qzoumm 'fm dd' H I ,IA Ah J audio! EEZ -.-'..-... ...'..'. H usom Ndbuz aww:-um W Qiaq .H-wma q MOHZDH gpm mzzqmoh ...-...' H356 He on-U N 3 ENE M5532 sob l mzdmdqms ztoe D: ...D z. QMQB4 DZOUmm :::::: 0332 gogm 275-E ZQSZHE 225 Emmy QMQB4 HWME MOHZMG QWPUCPHHOZ OM ,EMG Qkrmm OW Qgzdzm OHM UEAOZSM E ZAZMHHHZ HHH 'OZM wwonmmgozkg mpmznm ESE .'..-....l I ..-..-...-..-.. HE SEQ ZHQOE Seaman ox as MENS Qu: MOE EEUHZQ EEG ..'....-..,...IDil...--.......I.Q..-'.................'..... Ez, mp mga wagamg. HWSEDW ."... H05 mxwawag whEOg5 EU Em Q-am glean --l..C..l.....l.' N '.....'...- Eau gmnmgm ..... 22830 ..-x.-.-.-.'-...-'...-.-...' Egg mnmoor nmowcm nas mgsb NRS? msg Q:-Emza OOCZQH ,gagvm ....lf-".-..--'...--.'....... F52 wad SF K Eggs magna EER 'Fame bds:- wahkgh ex Sw mamma n-SSRN ,H-CZNZH Ego -.-."" ,........'..'.'. NZ Ebmg wwgvmm gmgmz PERS: SN SN Assam xgggga spzzocznmgmza Om mozowm ..-.'.-'. ..... .... . '......-.....'-... U 522 m Hoa MEAN wPmwmZ'FfEOZ Om Hmm eww GEM. kings 3 SN mgmsksi -..-. Kagan Q55 Egovcgoz OHM -Hmm mEm,aAmw l ...'-.. -.-". m A552 WOMN EECZHZQEN no H buopma .....'... .- Ugwmzqpdcz Om Hmm nga ..-. UF 2025 42056 which ::::. moats as wig! mmgghg mga -."--.. mmzmowghoz nga Hggglngl mga ....'...' QEWZOM WMOMQHOZKCI I::::-:I:::.:::-::: . ..... I:--:::::::: '..' .1 QHFHE 5. Szm mcg yasgh ox Sm Mhwoa 0.63353 was me m E mg CE-ww M9152 msgs A-gag KA 405 E6 gina 8 as Ragmg 3 ng 'gg we-D2 NODE 1 mug: 59' H-5 28502 . AINJU GH-bmw Om. ZHZMHHHZ HJWHNIOZM mcmsz pam mEEZHZg-F PQEOEN wha Q55 ZPZQ CON Ummzgamw wg HOC Uwmpmp mug.-m UOGSIG I ECHDEHZM mg-PM mCNbZ.Zm Eumg mgznmm ,rrzm NZZNHOZ EE SEQ ZHQOE SOS N535 woman-M -OZB, HCZZEF mga MOE web? MGEOMEN H052 mag ERE Egg was QODE was Sitka At some time A js nearly all of us have had the privilege -or misery- of iiim learning some Latin, and sooner or later we i have come to three nnmortal words, Hvenig vidig viciu seems to be a masterpiece of concise statement. Forelulius Caesar, it summed up a military campaign, implying that the whole incident was as easy as rolling off a log, HI came, I sawg I conquered! Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all' dispose of our difficulties, our obstacles, so , easily? These girls who are about to be gradua- ted would like a touch of such apparent genius, Younger girls might perhaps appreciate some in solving a matl problem or in getting those French idioms. Others of us might use some " when confronted with family problems, choices in business, and any number of things, It sounds so modern, too, rather like our push- button may of life: UI cameg I sawg I pushed a button, and presto! - victorgq Rut I think that Caesar didn't know what he was Sayingg that is, he didn't realize that behind this expression of ease and militglwf' 9 prowess' he intended to show off, lay the nucleu of a wh le way of life, and that way not one that might be supposed fron a mere casual U observation of the words. in our school dai I suppose it is rather natural for every- one to want to conquer something - somethings like those obstacles and problems I mentioned a second ago. Unfortunately there,isLjust9no' ' Shortpgnappy way to evaporate allfthese. Ep one ganfgust rise up and conquer, not even Caesar. ,e ought many bitter ways. But in the Oth . er I two clauses,before he could say,HI conquegggu, there is some guidance in steps preparatory to becoming a conqueror. ' First of all, no victony goes to him who sits down to wait for it. No student learns a lesson by just resting'in class waiting for intellec- tual dawn. HI cameu should be taken literally. Mahomet went to the mountain, thereby proving himself a wise man. To go out.to meet problems is the beginning of solution.qTo comenmeans reallyuto bring oneselfvto. In meeting any problem that arises one must bring oneself right up feee to face with it, sometimes physically, always mentally, and often in both ways. In this action one must give of oneself, being willing and courageous enough to seek out and confront the problem with all the awareness and alertness of which one is capable. If you must tackle a math problem, you must let your ..emind.come to the task. If, ou wish o b sf ht 111311521 A friend, you must ring yourself t e warm 4 of your whole personality, to that person. He ' who sits in his corner waiting for friendship often finds it a dark corner indeed. He must r bring himself out into the light of friendly ' f relations. We speak of meeting'the other fehlowf half-way. Even this half-way mark is reached pf only if one has initiative enough to come to itl The first step alone is net quite enough to gi satisfy'the requirements for victory. One more f is Vitalsn I sawn- Seeing may be just what i appens When Your eyes focus on an object int seeing has another connotation in our, y anguagez that of understandinv. The student l who sits before her math book needs clear 5 comprehension of wh t . f t - ' 5 what Skill In 8 ac ors are involved, S She V111 need to use before she gets R I LH- an answer. This person who brought himgg?f to meet his friend may find that unless he tries to understand the friend,the relationshi 'L ' P cannot be all that he would desire. Kike the student he ' 'ii , needs to get to know the personf ality, the feelings, the tastes of the'other person,and just what knowledge of human nature what sympathies, he himself will need to becom a true friend. Vision, in its more abstracti sense, is a possession to be highly prized if it is the vision of keen insight, sympathy, social concern, and understanding. Anyone who can sincerely say,HI undersaandn is well on the way to victory'because he has given of all 'Une human qualities within himself, and so is Well on the way to victoryx HI came, I sawg I conqueredn. The last step is the goal, but attainable only by ' taking the first two speps. And the last may be really not a step, for it seems that 'i'e ' bringing oneself sincerely and wholly to the problem, gaining true understanding are really the major part of.conquering, But again, this whole sentence of Caesar's points to another' lesson. Behind it lay struggle, expenditure of energifsg of lives even. Yet the victory cry of the conqueror is six simple words. I find' that those people who achieve worthwhile things who are able to conduct successful lives, are, those who are modest about mentioning it, - After so much concentration and ensr. f s 83 Pent 9 why waste what is left in blowing your big Qggisthorn? The mature individual realizes rue victery lies in the first twb Stgps In taking them, he has conquered himself first, and so has conquered all the obstacles. Not by luck but by the qualities implied by Lilove, U' understanding: C' COUPBSG, and K- kindness. HQ QQ-MQ, MQ sew' Civxch 1NCL'X'u.,rOux,X! ke Qomgtlggved' 71+ 1 G . if "1 ' . lbggiiijl ,xn. , iff. A f x gs X .. '54 I If Q A se? , , Pg 1 W A. . 5.2 nz, . .-:J c 1' ff ZZ4 T" -wif 1 3 f A ' x V V? AA V' N. l I . ,-,. , -Q ." " .Q ... ...Q Q4-sf! W, gif! Q' . H I -. f 1 5 3? gli , fx Y v -xx .2 iq 51' 'f . Q5:15:?Qw.,?!- 1 051' Fo ,. 'Y If J S42 Q.. Q 55:2 'K 95 'gm 021:- N fn. 'fm :..' An. Qin. ROBU g.,.A vg a 79 HX ' 631151 1 E5 'GYM Glass of 1951 presents UTWARD BCDUND ABINGTON FRIENDS SCHOOL JENKINTOWN PENNSYLVANIA Qt :Sag Edito'rfinfChief ...,. .... B ILLIE HUTCHINS Business Maiiager .... .... M ARJORIE CRAIG Photography Editors ..,. .... E VELYN BRBUNINGBR BETTY LOU DREXLER E N THE completion of our Hrst voyage, we End ourselves outward bound once more, as we did twelve years ago. When we Hrst came aboard Abington Friends, we did not know what lay ahead of us. Most of the time we have had easy sailing, but now and then there were storms. Before us lie the uncharted waters of the future, and we find ourselves ready to set sail on our longest voyage. We do not know what is in store for us, but we can't help realizing how valuable the experiences here at Abington Friends will be when we are confronted with the storms that are bound to arise. We decided that because our school life has borne similarities to the voyage of a ship, we would use a nautical idea as a theme for the 1951 GUTWARD BOUND. So welcome aboard! Four Qltfzcafzm HROUGHOUT our school life, the people who have had the deepest influence on us have been you, our parents. It is now that we Wish to thank you for all the things that you have done for us. For sendf ing us to Abington Friends in the first place is something for which we shall always be grateful. It has been here that we have found the friendf ships and education that have been so important to us. We thank you again for understanding usg and for being so wise, even though at times we must have been very trying. We thank you for listening to our probf lems, and for usually solving them. It is because of your love, patience, and immeasurable faith in us that we proudly dedicate to you the 1951 OUTWARD BOUND. We only hope that we will be able to live up to the standards that you have set for us, and that we shall be everything that you hope us to be. W Five MARY HELEN BICKLEY s JCAHUWZZ lflflfdlflj Here in school, perhaps the biggest help We have had with our class problems, as well as our individual ones, has come from Miss Bickley. The friendly interest which she has shown in each of us, and her ready asf sistance with all of our undertakings have been invaluable. Irreplaceable also is her Warm sense of humor which has so often added a light touch when things went wrong. We are deeply grateful to Miss Bickley for all these things, but perhaps most of all, We Wish to acknowledge her Wise guidance and true friendship which has guided us through our last year at Abington Friends School. Six First Row: Billie Hutchinsg Betty Lou Drexlerg Margie Craigg Susie Kaiser. Second Row: -Io Stierg joan Williams, Audrey Roberts, Vice Presidentg jean Nicholas, Presidentg Diane Van Hestg Paddy Stullg Nancy Deininger. Third Row: Mis Bickley jane Knivetong joan Schroederq Evie Breuninger, Treasurerg Iona Sanders, Secretary Eig'g6vi2: , iq --as , - Z e '- -- :-. u1u::5g'i if .f,x.,.i::.,. Y fflgzgzilxeggigixii J if 3-1:1.1::!:1:1i'3 xx. :iii'f12':.fvE2a2fl...cZ:ib-- -1:55-2-gy? rgwssf- -If .1fm1E:-,,:.i,.-- 1 qu-. . . M1sv.-:Sf11:X2z13!:g.5ri- ,s1..,,... s va'-sis. 3593921212 ails' " uv -:.a:'4:1+1:szl' N S'R?:if1g522-ss:S15eqEu 1: xhll-'T' - hgh Qergsgailsgs .2:-swwxizfs -. :wa ,gsm gag-. -sf:M+se?:s:gis:5i Gfa'f!.-1 " I wsirzfzzff'--1 - -1- A i.,-L .wg-m,ig A z X4 'Q' 'i'-3 9. .- - - -gig.: :ii ,. 65116 Seniors EVELYN ROSE BREUNINGER 416 Chapel Road, Melrose Park ENTERED 1938 Freshman: Color Team Hockeyg Color Team Basketballg Photography Club. Sophomore: Class President, Second Team Hockeyg Color Team Basketballg Second Team Tennis, Photo' graphy Club. junior: First Team Hockeyg Junior Essay Awardg Property Manager for Om- Hearts Were 'Young and Gayg Atoms Stalfg May Day Court. Senior: Class Treasurerg Secretary of A. A.g Religious Life Committee Presidentg Buck Hill Conferenceg Acoms Poem Contestg Second Team Hockey CCaptainDg Atoms Staffg Photography Editor of Yearbook. "The two noblest things, which are sweetness and light." If you want a job done well, just get Evie, for she is by far the most conscientious member of the class. Her continual good will and the cheerfulness with which she tackles any joh, no matter how tough, is amazing. As class treasurer and secretary of the A. A., Evie has shown her ability as an executive. Sports are also an important part of her life, for when she's not playing tennis or hockey at A. F. S., she is down at Shibe Park watching the A's. Evie is a charter member of the crazy remark department, and many of her un' expected comments have lightened up a dull class. As a matter of fact Cif it weren't for her spellingj, we could say that Evie is tops in everything! Eight MARJORIE SCOTT CRAIG 162 Fernbrook Avenue, Wyncote ENTERED 1948 Sophomore: First Team Hockeyg Acorrzs Staifg Color Team Basketballg Cast of Parlor Matchesg Glee Clubg Sophomore Honors. junior: Religious Life Committeeg Buck Hill Conf ferenceg Class Treasurerg Acorris Business Managerg First Team Hockeyg Color Team Basketballg Glee Clubg Cast of Our Hearts Were 'Young and Gayg junior Honorsg May Day Script Committee. Senior: Business Manager of YEARBOOKQ First Team Hockey CCaptainjg President of Glee Clubg Color Team Basketballg Acorns Staffg Cast of Book Day Play. "Not by years but by disposition is wisdom acquired." All of us realize today how lucky we were when Margie entered our class. She had new and refreshing ideas, a sincere attitude, and practical common sense. In the years that she has been with us, she has im' pressed us with these qualities along with her un' paralleled enthusiasm. Margie adds zest to any activity in which she participates. The Glee Club, with her as president, has greatly improvedg Acorns staff has been helped by herg the hockey team which she captained was a successg and this yearbook benefited because of her business abilities. Margie's poise at all times, especially in emergencies, is proof of her maturityg and it is this maturity that has en' abled her to be such a strong and intelligent leader of our class. Nine NANCY COX DEININGER 124 Third Avenue, Phoenixville ENTERED 1947 Freshman: Glee Club: Color Team Hockey Color Team Basketball: Cast of Freshman Play Sophomore: Glee Clubg Color Team Basketball junior: Acofms Staffg Color Team Hockey Color Team Basketball. Senior: Acoms Staff: Glee Clubg Color Team Hockey. "lf must be done like lightning." If you want to start the day on the right foot, just look for Nancy. Her neverfending vitality, particf ularly so early in the morning, is amazing, for what would the locker room be like without her cheerful "Hi" on those dreary Mondays? As a matter of fact, Nancy has never failed to amaze us, for how she manages that long trip to school every day, We don't know. CMaybe it accounts for her having worn two diiferent kinds of loafers one daylj In school Nancy has been interested in the Glee Club and Acoms, while out of school her main attractions seem to be convertibles and the shore, where she spends her summers. In whatever she does, however, Nancy's completely unaffected personality is obvious to all. Ten 9 s BETTY LOU DREXLER 1012 Wakelixig Street, Philadelphia ENTERED 1947 Freshman: Color Hockey Teamg Color Team Basketball, Color Team Tennisg Photography Club. Sophomore: Color Team Hockeyg Color Team Basketball, Color Team Tennisg Photo' graphy Clubg Secretary of Student Council. junior: Color Team Hockeyg Color Team Basket' ballg Second Team Tennisg Treasurer of Photo' graphy Club. Senior: Color Team Hockeyg Color Team Basketballg Hockey Managerg Basketball Ivlanagerg Assembly Committeeg President of Photography Club, Photography Editor of Yearbook. "A little nonsense now and then." Who will ever forget the class house parties at Betty Lou's? Even if the sunburn was painful, Betty's constant good humor and hospitality made the week' ends at Island Heights unforgettable. Betty's crazy antics have also kept the class laughing. One can never tell what practical joke she is going to play next. She can be very serious at times, though. Be' cause she is willing to accept responsibility and is able to organize, she was elected to act as hockey and basketball managers, photography club president, and photography cofeditor of the yearbook. Everyone has confidence that any job placed before her will be completed Well. Betty Lou has the ability of being able to stay out of all arguments and for this reason is a friend to all. Eleven BILLIE DOWNS HUTCHINS Huntingdon Valley ENTBRED 1939 Freshman: Student Councilg Cast of The Last Strawp Acorns Staffg Color Team Hockeyg Color Team Basketballg Acorns Short Story Award. Sophomore: Cast of Parlor Matchesg May Day Courtg Steering Committee for May Dayg Buck Hill Conferenceg Acorns Staifg Photography Clubg Color Team Hockeyg Color Team Basketball. junior: Welfare Committeeg Acorns Stalfg Second Prize in Junior Essayg Color Team Hockeyg First, Team Basketballg May Day Script Committee. Senior: Editor of Yearbookg First Team Basketballg Acorns Staffg Speaker on junior 'Town Meeting of the Airg New York Public Service Conferenceg Cast of Nine Girls. "She never found fault with you, never implied your wrong by her right." For twelve years, Billie has been lending a helpful hand to the class. We love her for her sincerity, her tact, and her ability to get along with everyone. Billie's talent for clever writing has been a great help to Acorns, but for the best proof of it just look through this yearbook. Because of her independence of thought and her ability to present her ideas, Billie was chosen to speak in a Junior Town Meeting debate. We are proud of the job she did over the air, and we are proud also of the job she has done on the basketball team. Billie does indeed deserve a vote of thanks from all of us, for she has been invaluable as a friend and helper. Twelve EMILY SUZANNE KAISER 8329 High School Road, Elkins Park ENTBRBD 1945 Freshman: Class Presidentg Color Team Hockeyg Color Team Basketball: Color Team Tennisg Dramatic Club, May Day Court: Book' Day Play: Cast of The Last Straw: Cast of The Moonstone. Sophomore: Buck Hill Conference: Meeting Committeeg Acoms Staff: Color Team Hockey CCaptainjg Color Team Basketball: Color Team Tennis. junior: Dramatic Club: Acoms Staff: Color Team Hockey: Color Team Basketball. Senior: Glee Club: Dramatic Club Treasurerg Acovns Art Editor: Color Team Hockey CCaptainD. "It would talk,-Lord! how if talked!" Noisy? just listen. Hear that big racket up in the Senior Room? That's Susie-as always, acting the halffwit of the class. Because of her ready wit, many a tense moment has passed off into laughter. Susie is also known for her unique "sayings," and we don't think that she is even sure what she'll come out with next! Despite her love of fun, Susie is a hard worker, and is found in many activities around school. Her work as Art Editor of Acoms is proof of her artistic talent, and her clever ideas for decorations have helped make our dances successful. We will remember Susie for her friendly ways and her love of life, for where there's Susie, there's bound to be fun! Thirteen FRANCES JANE KNIVETON 109 Glenview Avenue, Wyncote ENTEKED 1944 Fresl1ma'n: Cast of The Last Strawg Photo' graphy Club Treasurerg Second Team Hockeyg Second Team Basketballg Second Team Tennis. Sophomore: Class Treasurerg Second Team Hockeyg First Team Basketballg Second Team Tennisg Photography Club Treasurerg Cast of Parlor Matches. junior: First Team Hockeyg First Team Basketballg First Team Tennisg Glee Clubg Acoms Staff. Senior: First Team Hockeyg First Team Basketball fCaptainDg Glee Clubg Acofms Staffg Treasurer of A. A.g Treasurer of Oaks Bank and Trust Companyg Service Committee. "And-fxing on a .star I grew, I pushed my head against the blue!" Galloping up the hockey field, dribbling down the floor, or executing a beautiful backhand are all in a day's work for Jane, our three varsity star. Ever since she came to A. F. S., she has been leading the various teams to victory. Jane has also been the able treasurer of the school bank, and has shown her capability by helping to balance the books each Friday afternoon. She has again demonstrated her skill in handling money by acting as treasurer of the A. A. jane's willingness to do any job set before her is amazing. Whenever work arises, she is the first to offer her services. Jane is an outstanding member of our class because of this willingness, her ready sense of humor, and her prac- tical outlook on life. Fourteen JEAN LOU ISE NICHOLAS Washington Lane and Church Road, Wyiicote ENTERBD 1944 Freshman: Class Secretary, Meeting Com- mittee, Play Production, Freshman Honors, Cast of The Moonstorzeg Book Day Play. Sopho' more: Assembly Committeeg Color Team Hockey, Color Team Basketball, Play Produc' tiong Cast of Parlor Matchesg May Court. junior: Student Council Treasurer, Dramatic Club VicefPresidentg Second Team Hockeyg Color Team Basketball, Play Production. Senior: Class Presidentg Second Team Hockey, Play Productiong New York Public Service Conferf ence. . "Independence now and independence forever." jean is, without a doubt, the most frank and indef pendent member of our class. Ever since she joined us in sixth grade, we have received straight forward answers and down to earth reasoning from her. Jean is a hard worker, as can be seen not only by her success as a student, but also in the Way she has tackled the responsibilities of being class president. She has added a great deal to the play production group too, by proving herself invaluable both back stage and per- forming. Unlike most of us, Jean knows what she wants from life and how she is going to get it. Although many of the standards that she has set for herself are high, we are sure that she will find success. Fifteen LEOLA AUDREY ROBERTS 15 Mill Road, Hatboro ENTERED 1938 Freshman: Class VicefPresidentg Cast of The Last Straw: May Day Courtg Color Team Hockey: Color Team Basketball Cflaptainjg Book Day Play: Acorrzs Staff. Sophomore: Assembly Committeeg Cast of Parlor Matches: Acorns Staifg Second Team Hockeyg Color Team Basketball fCaptainj. junior: Acorrms Staifg Second Team Hockey: Second Team Basketballg Cast of Our Hearts Were 'Young and Gay. Senior: Class ViCefPresidentg A. A. Presidentg Acorns Staff: Glee Clubg First Team Hockey: First Team Basketball. "She is fhe dreamer of dreams." Audrey is one of the oldest members of the class of 1951. She entered A. F. S, at the ripe old age of five and throughout the years has helped to execute many of our mischievous pranks. Even as a senior, she is still as devilish as she Was in lower school. As presie dent of the A. A. and vicefpresident of the class, she has discovered how to combine good times and hard work. Audrey's originality has culminated in various parties and open houses that have been full of fun and surprises. One thing that is unique with Audrey is her carefree attitude. It seems that nothing can cause her to worry. For this reason, she is one of the best natured members of our class. Sixteen IGNA TUNN ELL SANDERS Meetiilghouse Road, Jenkintown ENTERED 1938 Freshman: Play Productiong Cast of The Last Strawg Book Day Playg Dramatic Club. Sophof more: Glee Clubg Dramatic Clubg Cast of Parlor Matches. junior: Play Productiong Dramatic Clubg Dancing Group. Senior: Vicef President of Dramatic Clubg Play Productiong 'Class Secretary. "Order is a lovely thing." Iona has the outstanding ability of staying out of arguments, and she has been doing so for thirteen years here at A. F. S. She may seem quiet, but when you get to know her, you soon discover that she can be a lot of fun. Through the years Iona has been a loyal member of the Play Production group, and her active participation has eamed her the position of vicefpresident. Iona always seems to be busy at something, whether it's working on a play, taking minutes as class secretary, baby sitting Cat which we understand she's an expertj, or merely chatting with friends in Jenkintown. No matter what is set before her, Iona responds with promptness and a ready smile. Seventeen "Blushing is ihe Joan's wholesomeness, her ready blush, and her firm ideas reflect the country life that is so much a part of her. Speaking of the country, who will ever forget those crazy parties at Schroeders' where we played baseball in the graveyard? Joan can be serious though, and has proven so by her work on Acorns and by the faithfulness with which she has gone out for the various teams. She has also been an active member of the Glee Club, for music is her major interest and, we might add, her future career. ,loans musical talent is the envy of us all, and we are still wondering how she ever finds the time to give piano lessons! Maybe some day she'll be a second Rubinstein. W'ho knows? JOAN BARBARA S CHROEDER Street and jacksonville Roads, johnsville ENTBRED 1947 Freshman: Acorns Staffg Color Team Hockeyg Color Team Basketball. Sopli Color Team Hockeyg Color junior: Acorns Staffg Class Team Hockeyg Color Team Day Court. Senior: Acorns Color Team Hockeyg Color Acorns Exchange Editor. color of w'rfue." Eighteen omore: Glee Clubg Team Basketball. Secretaryg Color Basketballg May Staffg Glee Clubg Team Basketball, JCHANNE STIER 7706 Ardmore Avenue, Wyndmoor ENTERED 1948 Sophomore: Photography Clubg Color Team Hockeyg Color Team Basketball CCaptainjg Cast of Parlor Matchesg Welfare Committee. junior: Acorns Staffg Second Team Hockeyg Second Team Tennisg Cast of Our Hearts Were 'Young and Gayg Buck Hill Conferenceg May Day Narratorg Class VicefPresidentg junior Honors. Senior: Acorns Staffg Second Team Hockeyg Glee Clubg Student Council VicefPresidentg President of Dramatic Clubg Welfare Committee Chairmang New York Public Service Conf ferenceg Cast of Nine Girls. "Thoughts are mighfier than .rtrengfh of hand." Whether in school or out, Jo is always there to lend a helping hand. Her genuine interest in others' problems has helped solve many a classroom discus' sion. Versatility also marks Jo, for she has been active in Acorns and Glee Club, as well as on the hockey and tennis teams. As vicefpresident of the Student Council and president of the Dramatic Club, she has also shown her interest in school affairs, and par' ticularly her ability as a leader. We'll never forget Jo's Current Events speeches, for Cthough rather lengthy at timesD they are proof of her depth of thought. We know that whatever she does in the years to come, Jo will make a place for herself as she has done in our hearts. Nineteen MARGARET KATHRYN STULL 4727 Northwood Avenue, Philadelphia ENTBRED 1947 Freshman: Acorns Staff, Color Team Hockeyg Color Team Basketball. Sophomore: Acorns Staifg Photography Clubg Color Team Hockeyg Color Team Basketball. junior: Play Production Groupg Photography Clubg Color Team Hockeyg Second Team Basketball. Senior: Play Produc' tion Groupg Book Day Playg Buck Hill Conf ferenceg Color Team Hockeyg Color Team Basketball. "God bless the man who first invented sleep." When Paddy arrived in ninth grade, we thought, "What a shy, innocent little girl." But after a few class parties, we soon learned, for her crazy remarks and wonderful sense of humor have helped to make any class gathering a success. All of us appreciate Paddy's genuine wit and ready retorts, which are apt to pop up at even the most serious moment: at a play production meeting, in basketball practice, or even in class. One of Paddy's most admirable traits is one that very few of us have: her ability to accept her faults and laugh at her own mistakes. But perhaps the most outstanding feature, and the thing that we will remember the longest is her ha ppyfgoflucky nature. Twenty JOAN PARRY WILLIAMS 1104 Wheatsheaf Lane, Abington ENTERED 1939 Freshman: Color Team Hockeyg Cast of Book I Day Playg Cast of The Last Stfawg Cast of The Moonstoneg Play Production Groupg Time Test Awardg Freshman Honors. Sophomore: Class Treasurerg Cast of Book Day Playg Play Prof I duction Groupg Cast of Parlor Matchesg Second Team Hockeyg Atoms Staffg Cast of Quality I Streetf Sophomore Honors. junior: Class Pres' identg Atoms Assistant Editorg Cast of Our Hearts Were 'Young and Gayg French Contestg First Team Hockeyg Second Team Tennisg Junior Awardg Junior Honors. Senior: Student Council Presidentg Acoms Staffg First Team Hockeyg Intersectional Hockey Teamg Glee Club, Cast of Nine Girls. S its "Hers is a service of people rather than of things." Versatile is a synonym for Joan. She may be little when it comes to size, but her many abilities certainly make up for her lack of stature. Joan has a wonderful sense of responsibility and an enthusiastic interest in everything she does. Besides being an A student, a hard worker on Acoms staff, a strong alto in the Glee Club, and a participant in almost every other activity in the school, she has done an exceptional job as presif dent of the Student Council. In many ways Joan has proven herself to be a strong leader and an invaluable member of our class. -Ioan's vivacious personality, her deep concern for others, and her refreshing phil- osophy have helped her to be the truly wonderful person she is. I 'fwcntyfone ing , f 2 N if Eff Sz .x mm ,W VY iii X EN' mmm-mm -aw -wang...-A -- -A Ya wise kg QW in lx. . X THE JUNIORS First Row: G. Wilsong E. Steelmang G. Stullg H. Hurlbut. Second Row: J. Albertsong H. WCiSSm311, Secretaryg L. Helweg, Presidentg G. Winx1er, Treasurer M. Taylor, Vice'President. Third Row: M. I-iurdg J. Schneiderwirthg B. Tetzlaffg M. Greerg N. Koehlerg D. Smithg M. Mayerg K. Heisley Jessi" X ell.--2-,:'-1-1xEv ' x'.'Yfz'a'-f 1' il' Q,-.::,:f5Iw'? -Sin? f-.-ri..-.. A.. I-.gq:f2ir..'.-X1-::.1-,+ -..--mx. 1 -..:3sgv.,.:g.:.-m . 4:-cg 'H I 5 2 ff ' "5 z 3' F1 :gg-23f4.fi:g12 . :Ps -15.11 S15-,n1ifxf:a.s2 rf: -: ra-fa'-1 :r:- '1":'.15'I'G11i'I1'Zf- 1'2"-'. ' :bc-. :::5:if.vmv: '- .:c ' "1 :Sim H:-:.23:?5f'?+f X -- - .. 1 ,- N Q Twentythrce THE TENTH GRADE First Row: N. Reevesg S. Simong C. Romigg L. Hammerg C. Andere son. Second Row: S. Highg H. Fitzgerald, Treasurerg M. Wiegand Presidentg B. Strandberg, Vice-Presidentg M. Rabe, Secretary R Ingersoll. Third Row: B. Householderg Feldmang R. Chaffeeg Nl Wrigginsg M. Yoderg T. Putneyg S. Reddy J. Bellieldg J. Brooke G. Gable s s THE NINTH GRADE First Row: S. Gableg B. Smithg C. Knobelauch, VicefPresidentg J Cobourn, President: B. Bower, Secretaryg B. Mallon. Second Row B. Saleskyg D. Shafferg P. Lappg M. Adams, Treasurer: C. Whalen N. Amblerg E. Mable THE EIGHTH GRADE First Row: A. Fitzgeraldg M. Bennettg J. McDowellg R. Rothman. Second Row: M. Funkg L. Hano, Treasurerg P. Simon, Presidentg J. Jordan, Secretaryg M. Meachamg G. Hollenberg. 'Third Row: B. Danehowerg J. Stephang B. Garrisong A. Fryg M. Icklerg W. Farrier, VicefPresiclentg G. Gronquistg C. Youngg M. Zerbey Tw THE SEVENTH GRADE First Row: J. Newtong B. Fisher, Treasurerg J. Battg M. Janssong C. Longshore. Second Row: J. Oppenheimerg C. Brooksg J. Uttalg J. Scott, VicefPresidentg J. Stauterg A. Vaughtg B. Taggartg G. Schwartz. Third Row: M. Lordg L. Welfleyg A. Hurdg K. Schaffer, Presidentg F. Allman, Secretaryg T. Speaker entyffour lass will We, the Class of 1951, being of sound mind and body, do declare this to be our last will and testament and do hereby bequeath the following possessions: Evelyifs morning taxi rides to Jackie Feldman. Margie's selffpossession to Gail Wilson. Nancy's energy to Molly Greer. Betty Lou's braces to support the new gym. Billie's gold basketball to next yearls team. Susie's jokes to Nancy Ambler. jane's identification bracelets to all A. F. S. jewelry collectors. Jean's frankness to jerry Stull. Audrey's boots and saddle to Lois Helweg. Iona's curly hair to Nancy Reeves. joan Schroeder's unique laugh to Betty Smith. ,lo's ability to always lind something to say to Mary Ickler. Paddy's empty bottles to Helen Hurlbut. joan Williams' love of fresh air to Miss Schabacker and Mrs. Estes. The Senior Class leaves 200 sea gulls to Miss Tees. The Senior Class leaves all their high school happiness to the eighth grade. The Senior Class leaves . . . Hereunto we set our hand and seal this fifteenth day of June, 1951. THE SENIOR CLASS Twenty-five S li li Zkrli lk Zi li ZR Zi Zi yi 2 The class of 1951 was initiated into school life back in 1938, whereupon we took Miss Ingram through her paces. Falling blocks, scattered chairs, and paintfsmeared faces were not extraordinary scenes. Even then we were members of what we thought was a super May Day. But that year, we must admit, the May Day flowers were quite heavy, for they consisted of Aud, Evie, and Iona. First grade was one adventure after another. Miss Jones had quite a time keeping peace in the class, which also had young gentlemen as members. Ask Billie, for we believe one of these young men was the cause of her loose front tooth. joan Williams, along with Billie, entered our class this year, but the harmony between them was noticeable by its absence. It seemed that Joan often had the urge to pull Bil1ie's long curls, bringing about nothing but loud bellows and tears. Paste-that strikes a familiar note. Why, yes, second grade was the year Evie was to get her fill of eating paste. Perhaps she thought it contained some vitamins. That year the room was heavily guarded by Joan, who spent most of her time on the bench outside the door. Could it be that she had been misbehaving? Across the hall we moved with leaps and bounds, for at last we were in third grade. One problem that year was to learn to write long hand, so with pencils clutched tightly, tongues out, and Miss Etris to guide us, we began our task. We made great progress, but since then it has been hinted that along the way we must have lost our acquired ability. Eh, Audrey? When we reached fourth grade, we decided that we had great dramatic talent. We set out to try our luck behind the footlights by producing Hansel and Gretel, a puppet show. We made several blunders, but our appreciative audience, consisting mostly of mothers, still applauded' We felt quite stylish as we entered lifth grade, for we were now grown up enough to wear sweaters and skirts. We once more tried our hand at acting by giving our version of Little Woinen. The play was saved by Sue Janney, who ad libbed while Iona dashed upstairs to get the letter from "Father." During our la st year in the Lower School, we had our first money ma king project when we published Little Atoms. We also acquired two new members: Jean, who amazed us by being so outspoken, and Jane, who immediately demonstrated her unusual athletic abilities. When at last we reached the end of sixth grade, we had happy expectations for our next six years in Upper School. Our first memories of seventh grade were the experiences at hockey camp. Most of us attended with the hope of making first team Cnone of us didl. Susie entered the class with a bang that year. Her blonde hair brought her many admirers at those G. A. dances. As most seventh grades, we were very confused in passing from class to class. Carrying so many books was certainly tiring, and we finished seventh grade feeling very old and very weary. ' Eighth grade found us in the study hall. There was never a dull moment in class meetings. Susie was lined ive cents each meeting for talking out of turn. In the middle of the year, Nancy joined our class. We were all amazed at the distance she traveled each day. The big problem that year was to wear or not to wear lipstick. We said we should, but the faculty didn't agreeg consequently, we spent part of each day in the locker room, removing the war paint. Mr. Scull spent a great deal of his time telling us that we were young ladies, not hoodlums. We proved him wrong, though, when we played followfthefleader in the store rooms. When we at last reached high school, we had three additions to the class: Paddy, with her long blonde Twentyfsix S gyg zgyg yy Jx fx yy yy Jx JX ,X I braids around her head, joannie Schroeder, who liked to ride on busesg and Betty Lou, who was double jointed. From the very first day of school we began to work on Freshman Day. It seemed when the day rolled around we were permitted only two requests, however. It has been hinted that this was because we were unladylike to Mr. Smith, but we still claim we were only having fun. With Jo and Margie, who joined us in tenth grade, our class was complete. From the very first, we were fascinated by Barrel's ability to talk in current events, and Margie was quite an asset to our class for whenever medical advice was needed, our Margie knew all the answers. As Sophomores, our studies kept us busy. We discovered that Chaucer had written "Whanne that April with his shoures sotef' Diane took it harder than most of us because one day we heard a thud on the floor where she was out cold. The task of getting back to work after Christmas vacation was eased by var' ious things. Remember the window cleaner in Religious Ed. class? With spring just around the corner, we often found our minds wandering from work. We all tried faithfully to get sun tan on the tennis courts. Almost before we knew it, we acquired the tan for should we say burn?j at Susie's as We celebrated the end of the term. As juniors we had the thrill of receiving our class rings at the unforgettable Ring Dinner. Our class decided to go into the business of selling stockings as a means of fattening the treasury. We succeeded in doing that, but why must nylons run so? Plans for the Junior Prom got under way. By January we had decided on green and white balloons for our theme, but somehow by June we found ourselves in the cooking room surrounded by hundreds of sea gulls. The Dramatic Club play and dance was our pride and joy. By giving speeches and working hard, we made a success of the dance and proved that we could really work together. The Biology class will never forget their visit to New York's Museum of National History with Miss Tees. Neither will the poor fellow they called George. June came quickly, and it seemed a thousand and one things still had to be done. Luckily Betty Lou had the class down to Island Heights where we could recuperate from the Commencement mosquito bites and where no daisies were visible. When we returned to A. F. S. last fall, it hardly seemed possible that we were actually Seniors. Miss Bickley tried to impress the fact upon us, but for most of us it was hard to realize. The school was having its face lifted and continued to do so throughout the year. Everyday we would look to see how the gym was prof gressing. At the beginning of the year we were also confronted with the problem of no class secretary because of Sue Lapp's absence. After Diane received the job and then left us too, We began to think the position was a jinx. Time was never so scarce as in the senior year. The Ring Dinner showed us immedf iately how necessary it would be to work quickly and get things done. There was also the Senior Prom to work on. For weeks we planned on a merryfgo'round of candy canes, but by the evening of the prom our contraption was unanimously christened "The Thing." Ads and writing of this yearbook kept us busy from midfterms on, along with Arbor Day and Commencement plans. ' We will always remember our Senior year as being one full of hard work, but one of innumerable good times. Now as we are outward bound, we will often look back and remember the happiness that our days at A. F. S. have given us. Twenty-seven . - n-ui: B - N K . f J.. I1-'-A .1- ::':--134::g21i'LQP.f:'-E' - F:-'-'--25"-1151: .I?Y:,". :lim r Qaffshsf. asx ,-xffwah. 1a1:iia!s313se: .2 ,555 Q mir a: ' f'f-5::!:-.:"1f1- yy.: '.-+3-2-xw 5:-5.-:al ' ' Y ?E:?"f?f " in? iz gf if ji J' 'Ghe Captain HOWARD W. BARTRAM Fi1stMare BERTHA MORGAN HUEY RUTH PAYNE ESTES ANNE LOIS RITZ BETTY MAE HOFMANN ELEANOR ELMORE RUTH SCHABACKER 'Twenty-eight icefrs ELIZABETH SMITH KATHLEEN CHIPSER HANNER MARY HELEN BICKLEY BEATRICE TRAUTVETTER GRACE MARY TEES JEANNETTE NELSON HENDRICKS Twentyfnine I was peacefully sleeping when a large ripple of water lifted my left eye lid. I blinked twice and then rose and grabbed my trident. Since this was the time of day for the ocean to be calm so I could take my nap, I was furious at the dis' turbance and started out immediately to stop the tumult. You see, I'm Neptune, god of the sea, and when things don't go as I plan, I take my trident in hand and alter the situation. When I reached the core of the perturbation, I wasn't surprised to see a boat, because they're the worst and most frequent violators of my laws. I swam to the surface and almost died, because there rocking tempesf tuously in the water was the Betty Lou V. This wasn't the first time I'd had trouble with that boat, no sir, every year that Neptunefraising class of 1951 comes out here and has a wonderful time reminiscing and making plans. After Hftyfnine years, I've grown fond of these ladies and look for' ward to their coming. Without further delay, I wrapped myself in a wave and washed myself aboard. When I lifted my head, I found myself at the feet of Iona Sanders and Jean Nicholas who were talking about some department store to be built in Jenkintown. I had been hearing a great deal about Nicholas's new stores. This would make her tenth. Gosh, I'1l never forget when she made all those trips to Europe while her London store was being built, everyone thought she was getting a divorce from John-Hal I noticed a badge on Iona's coat that said: Mayor of Jenkintown. Then I remem' bered that about three months ago I heard the fish remarking that if you know the right people you can go places. It seems with Iona that first it was the police chief, then the fire chief and on up until she was elected. I suppose I should have conf grarulated her, but I was still sort of mad at the whole bunch for disturbing my nap. I started to lie back so that I could sleep awhile, but my head hit something hard. It turned out to Thirty lass be one of Margie Craigls oxfords which she had kicked off so as to talk more easily. Brother, was she talking with all her might! She was giving the gory details of a brain operation she had performed on Monday, to Nancy, Evelyn and Audrey. Before Margie finished, Nancy asked her just what she had been doing the last few years. An immediate reply came from Audrey, "You sure have been lost, Dopeyg didn't you hear about Marg's appointment as head 'of jefferson Medical College?" This conversation seemed to quiet down, and I had just closed my eyes when Paddy came strolling up and slapped Evelyn on the back. She asked Evie how the team was making out. I had to listen to this because, you see, I just love water polo and was hoping that Evelyn's team was a water polo team. But no, they were only talking baseballg how dull. It seems Evelyn's nine sons have become very famous as the junior A's. After listening for a few sentences, Nancy, surprised to hear that Evelyn had married Connie Mack's grandson and had nine sons, remarked, "Nothing has happened to me since I left A. F. S. All I did was marry the boss and settle down to spending my Hvefthousandf dollarfafweek allowance. Life is so boring for me." "If you want something dull," Audrey bellowed, "just try owning twelve ranches and about five hundred cowboys. All I do is sit all day on the porch and wait for the sun to set. But I don't really think I'd change places with anyone on the boat if I had the opportunity." The noise got too much for me, so I went to a dark corner of the boat and once more tried to shut my eyes for a few seconds. Everything was going nicely until I heard a mumbling over in the corner next to me. I opened my eyes upon two rather familiar faces, but I couldn't quite place them. Then I remembered those two fools who sat out on the deck the iirst time they all came to Island Heights. Boy, had I had fun drenching them that day! As I walked over, I heard Io telling Billie about her fllrophec latest book, Your Neighbor the Negro. It seemed Johanne had made some sort of resolution that once a year she would publish a book that would better world relations. I don't see where she finds the time between the hospital and the insane asylum. Billie said this was the first time she had been half warm in fourteen years. You see, Billie had been in Alaska and hadn't been able to make these trips to Island Heights, the lucky girl! Ever since Billie had taken that newspaper job in Alaska I think she regretted it. Now they were talking about what was to go into the next editorial. Those two never could stay on one subject. Suddenly thirsty, I started below for a drink of water. I almost fell over .Ioan Williams perched on the steps surrounded by food. I jumped over her, landing on a bunk next to Paddy Stull who was smoking a sixteenfinch cigarette, her latest inf vention. I inquired after Joan's diet, but all I got for an answer was a few munching sounds. I then asked her how Hollywood was. She gave me an icy stare and with the oddest accent replied, "I have come east to rest." Not quite understanding, because that didn't seem to answer my question, I just looked at her questioningly. "I needed a rest after my fifth divorce," she continued. "You know, Neptune, some things done to excess can be very tiring." just as I was taking in and digesting fIoan's last statement, a cloud of smoke came soaring in my direction, practically smothering me. I climbed my way out of the stuff and went over to where Paddy was still pufling away. Before I could say boo, she asked me if I drank. "Sure," I replied, "water every three minutes." "No, no," she screamed. "I mean that hard stuff." Then she continued frantically to tell me how wonderful it was to be a prohibitionist. I stepped back slowly, then ran. In my rush, I tripped over something and fell flat on my face. I picked up the odd object and discovered it was a green rubber tulip with a worm in it. I knew right away to whom it belonged bee cause about five years before, I had met a swimmer who shook my hand with a handfshake buzzer. Sure enough, there was Betty Lou sitting at the steering wheel, looking every bit the part of Queen of Novelties. I continued up to the deck and sat down to rest in the sun while jane came galloping up with joan Schroeder trailing behind. I yelled for them to rest awhile, and the two plopped down beside me. jane immediately took out a wad of thousand dollar bills and began counting. I looked wide eyed for a minute then asked just where she got all the money. She smiled then went into great detail to tell me all about her bank chain. While I talked with Jane, joan was in some sort of daze, humming a queer tune. I always knew Joan liked music but not that slow and morbid stuff. "Hey, joan," I called, "what is that you're humming?" "VVhy that's the first movement of Beethoven's Sixth Symphony. Do you like it?" "Oh, oh yes," I replied. Jane then informed me that Joan had just been appointed director of the Philadelphia Orchestra. I jumped up and shook Joan's hand while she blushed her usual coral pink. While I was listening to the end of B's Sixth, I heard a loud banging below me, a steady pounding which was enough to drive a body out of his mind, or should I say a mind out of its body. Well any' way, I most willingly excused myself and went exploring below. I suddenly bumped into Susie who was hammering two boards together. I asked her what she was doing. Then she told me that after she had her thirteenth little boy she quit teaching first grade and started working for her father building Better Built Bulkfheads. It was then that Betty Lou turned the boat around and headed back toward shore. The entire group began to sing as Susie strummed on her uke, so I decided it was time for me to go. I rolled into the ocean and went back to bed to finish my wellfearned nap. Thirty-one 4, A. A k E 5 1 5 ' 3 sk Q E ' z ' x 1 S , s 5 M, - w F9 F M Q f J ,, W W .M ,. X 5 N Q-f fl, r 'fkgggw' ki mm. f -N. ,4-puff 2 KEN Aa VY' Y: Y 2: V, 4, K x if .,., Q I X XM N X xy X 5:55 QUE? . 33 lil 1 ' ...mwM,w:-e f , , Q, R52 germ' -A EE Q v Q , ,Q A XY' . Q K . ..L. Si, QS an X S SY X Sf S I thought I'd die Sunshine twins Step squattcrs Soup's on The wild and xvooll5 vrest "Miss Lib" Getting dramatic Gym's skeleton Broom brigade Three way stretch Oh, Christmas Tree Tally Ho Charlie, my boy Foolish Freshmen Sockettes Cheesecake Anybody wanna Hght' Drip, drip Do, Re, Mi TAT1 NAME FAVORITE EXPRBSSIONS BEPl'1'I'ING SONG SHINB5 FOR Evin BRBUNINGBR MARGIB CRAIG NANCY DEININGBR BETTY Lou DREXLER BILLIE HUTCHINS Susuz KAISBR JANE KNIvn'roN JEAN NICHOLAS AUDRIIY Roaenrs IoNA SANDERS JOAN SCHROEDBR Jo S1-naiz PADDY S-ruu. JOAN WILLIAMS it II it ii uYa know what?" "What a riot." Hi!" "Such is life without a man so l'll go home to father." "Really?" "Got a new joke." You know it." Oh, I wouldn't say that." Well, hello." Well, how 'bout that, now?" "Doddy bess." "1 think . . "Am I allowed to smoke?" "C'm on now, we have to get to work." Take Me Out to the Ball Game Accentuate the Positive Bewitched, Bothered, and Be' wildered Goofus Sing an Old Fashioned Song to a 'Young Sophisticated Lady Q If Tau Knew Susie Hot Rod Race Oh, Johnny, Uh My Buddy Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder Music, Music, Musik Roll Out the Bafrel The Roving Kind Let It Snow Her sweet disposition Her story telling Her friendliness Her knitting ability Her cute smile and dimples Her endless sense of humor Her athletic abilities Her earrings Her good nature Her hair Her musical talent Her psychiatric interests Her wit Her intelligence Thirtyffour TIC NEEDS A MBITION DESTINY USUALLY FOUND Spelling lessons A new pair of cutie oxfords To gain weight A man Hip reducing To notice stop signs Curlers Tact Ambition New pair of tap shoes A sailor Hair straightener To be on time Stilts President of the A's To be a doctor To marry her boss To teach nursery school Editor of Vogue National Champion Speed Boat Driver To be a C. P. A. A career in merchandising To go west To marry the police chief's son Piano teacher To reform the world To be a hobo To have a oneftrack heart Peanut vendor at Shibe Park Butcher Never to get a job Baby Sitter Faithful contributor to Letters to the Editor Beachcomber Collecting nickels at an auto' IDE-It Mending clothes for American Friends Service Committee To live in Hatboro all her life To be first policewoman of Jenkintown I Piano tuner To become an isolationist Head mistress of A. F. S. To be always Eckle In a good mood In the locker room En route between Phoenixville and A. F. S. Knitting With her mouth open Telling jokes Rushing Looking at college catalogues Day dreaming In Jenkintown On P. T. C. buses Talking A Sneaking in late At Twin Lakes Qif she had her wayj Thivtyfjivc Busy bees Who kicked sand on me? My, what big hands you have Our gal ,loan What am I bid? just us kids Tom's River rascnls Wheelbarrow llillwy Surprise 1 Noel Nifty Nancy Ain't we sweet? Lady Tarzan All alone Getting tan Relaxin' Ic's just what I wanted! Curtain call Hmph! Me and my dog just a country girl Which twin has the Toni? Once upon a May Day Schroedefs shindig A couple of loalers STUDENT COUNCIL First Row: J. Albertson, TTBGSUTBTQ S. High, SEC1CtLlTyj J. Willxams, Presudent B Potts, Mrs Estes Second Row: J. Stier, Vice-President: J. Stephang N Ambler, C Longshore H:-: an--5-var: X I' '- 1 . . X' 2 15512, A5 g 1391- .14-:.:-. ' :A .AL-5.3:-' xv'-. -.auf-' I-.' :,',q4z:-szgffz-M7335 fav: .,-.: .:-,ufxa 111 ::.-, 0 0 1-:s!f::i.::--wa-z-,--sspgf .3:fmiif-:F-2211931iw-21'i'vS-QW.: . -7:Ef:'.'.-bfi. '-1-4z4f:r-'-M '-!1"ieQ--.-. 3113251135325'iflail-5-ggfkgg. ff :iii-' 1 f ffl 'Wag Thirtyfseven Acofrns First Row: M. Icklerg H. Weissmang M. Taylorg M. Craigg E. Breuningerg A. Roberts. Second Row: B. Hutchinsg J. Williamsg B. Tetzlaff, Business Managerg J. Schneiclerwirth, Editorg Miss Elmoreg S. Kaiserg J. Schroederg G. Schwartz. Third Row: C. Youngg J. Stierg L. Helwegg G. Wilsong N. Koehlerg J. Knivetong M. Yoclerg M. Rabeg C. Knobelauchg N. Deininger. Fourth Row: M. Funkg T. Putneyg M. Hurdg J. Beliieldg N. Wriggins Left to rigl1t:C. Whaleng J. Cobourng P. Lappg S. Simon, VicefP1esidentg B. Smith, President, D. Van Hestg Miss Peters Dancing Thirtyfeight Glee Club First Row: S. Redd, Librarian: B. Tetzlaif, Secretaryffreasurerg Miss Ritzg M. Craig Presidentg G. Winner. Second Row: H. Hurlbutg K. Heisleyg B. Householderg M. Hurd J. Stierg J. Williamsg J. Albertsong N. Reeves. Third Row: M. Adamsg J. Stephang M Zerbeyg J. Schneiderwirthg J. Feldmang B. Strandbergg M. Rabeg H. Fitzgeraldg M. Ben nettg S. Simon. Fourth Row: C. Andersong C. Youngg G. Hollenbergg M. Meacham E. Mahleg B. Saleskyg M. Mayerg J. Belfieldg B. Smithg S. Kaiser. Fifth Row: C. Knobe lauchg N. Deiningerg J. Schroederg L. Hammerg M. Yoderg A. Robertsg A. Fryg S. Gable Sixth Row: D. Smithg T. Putneyg J. Knivetong N. Koehlerg M. Taylor. Absent: G. Stull Left to right: Mrs. Estesg M. Wiegand, Treasurer: S. Highg S. Reddg B. L. Drexler, Pres- ident: G. Winner. Absent: J. Albertson Photography Thirtyfnine DRAMATIC CLUB OFFICERS Left to right: Miss Bickleyg S. Kaiser, Treasurerg J. Stier, Pres- identg N. Koehler, Secretaryg I. Sanders, VicefPresident Dramatic Qlub PLAY PRODUCTION On floor: B. Saleskyg S. Gable. Seated center: B. Strandbergg Miss Bickleyg G. Stullg P. Stull. Back Row: D. Srnithg M. Adamsg J. Feldmang R. Chaifeeg C. Romigg B. Householder J. Nicholasg K. Heisleyg B. Mallong M. Mayerg B. Bower. Absent: I. Sanders Forty ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Left to right: J. Kniveton, Treasure.-rg A. Roberts, Presidentg E. Breuninger, Secretary: Miss Smith ' ' I .::Qg" ' .:Ei!5f'1 ' I .. gfif' ..f2:-s""' .e'ii5fMi?i'iSi2ug. 45515: i .I5i?5'E' 1' 21 Aiea!" -A 'riimiig' X' ' .-r-222-5' --.effff ' :5533f?'5: -z, ::f'-qts!:5 s.wgf:2- Ngsg 1- 53:55:15 1' W W ' " .F f .QT .... " ' 6' LQ ' ,....-1.,..:1-.., .. 2.63 ,xx-lm. I . 3533151-if-EQ: V. , 1, .12 Q., .xgigxi ln' ':4..1 r :-::-- -ef. -- ::r!1::::' .: 3.'5E9':5'f2'55..l3fE5:1F'E''E v- f7Ifi'iZ1Yi: ?.4.N.f.-.iff 5.3 I - QT!-r,-,w.. KJ' I I Wfaneuvevs -.t1?!j'g::I'lf5:g:njgan- . .- 312 :E . : :. - :Fas x '-ss: .f iafsfs I -:2:.-SE: N -: xl: -.:I -1 7' 2- h. - I: P' gig-. 31' .-333 if- fs: -22 -at-x5g:..::" 1 5 3.531 ,',.,,....-: .. ii. E U F ortyfone FIRST TEAM HOCKEY First row: J. Schneiderwirthg H. Hurlbutg M. Craig, Capraing J. Knivetong G. Gable. Second row: J. Williamsg L. Helwegg A. Robertsg S. Gableg Miss Smithg S. Highg B. Smithg H. Fitzgeraldg B. L. Drexler, Manager HOCKEY Fortyfrwo SECOND TEAM HOCKEY First row: A. Fitzgeraldg P. Simong E. Breuninger Capraing N. Koehlerg S. High. Second row N. Reevesg J. Albertsong J. Brookeg C. Anderson R. Chalfeeg B. Strandbergg S. Kaiserg J. Stier Third row: M. Bennettg J. Nicholasg Miss Smith S. Simong M. Taylor SECOND TEAM BASKETBALL First row: S. Highg S. Simong L. Helweg, Captain: P. Simong A. Fitzgerald. Second row: Miss Smithg H. Fitzgeraldg S. Reddg S. Gableg G. Gableg C. Andersong R. Chaffee BASKETBALL FIRST TEAM BASKETBALL First row: J. Sclmeiderwirthg J. Kniveton, Captamg H. Hurlbut. Second row: B. Tetzlaffg Miss Smithg B. Hutchinsg B, L. Drexler Managerg A. Roberts Forty-three C7llfLCAOZ.4 A X?- X X31 .. ,. X . X X X X X X Xw X . X ' X X XX .X at XXX? XS ' XM XXX 'XX K XXQXX iss. X Xi Q -SQSQEXXXX X' ggtxx XF' XXX X' X . 1 152 gXiX5l:XSXiLXf' 'li '1 SES: 2 EXXXX XXX 5 ' ff XSPQXXXXX QNX XX X X CX XX XXXXX X N X km X XXX X QXXQQXXX N XX xX,,,,,,.. X XXX XXXEXXX K XXX? X, X.x X X X X XXQX X XX, NX X XXXXSXXXX N iii X X X Q X X X X XXL' X Q X XX XX i X X X X X X X X X X X 2 XX N X A XXX XX xX X X X X X X X X X XX XX XXX X X X ff 2 X XX 2 XXX X-XX X X X X X X X X X X Xi! XSEXX X XXXXQ X X N X X gf QX SS XX X XX N X X X? X XXX XX X XXX X X XXX X is X XXX XX XXRXX X X x XX QR S XXX X X Xl X X XQ XFX Xe X X X X X. X- XXX X XX X X .fs1iXXsQ'iX-Xi? 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Q, XXX X-:X Y-X ,X X XXX X X-X XX X1 XX NX XXi5X2.35Q.1:f:,+X"XiXXfXX tx- -A X5 1 Q A XX XX 1010101010101 vinioioioiuioioini 14 1oicv1u1sxilrio11r:c11o11nin14rix1in1 110101- Gompliments Of MR. AND MRS. CHARLES J. NICHOLAS I 0191011 1 2 E n Q ll ! !! gl l I l ,.......,.....- ...-........-,..,.2 HUTCHINS' RESTAURANT Huntingdon Valley Pennsylvania I. M. JARRETT DODGE and PLYMOUTH CARS DODGE TRUCKS V 1-1ATBoRo, PA. Ogontz 6877 OLD YORK ROAD PUBLISHING CO. COMMERCIAL PRINTERS 421 Johnson Street Jenkintown P Forty-.rz.r v Albert Farber D R U G S ELKINS PARK, PA. Melrose 2490 M. E. ALKUS' NEW RECORD STORE 7910 High School Road Elkins Park 17, Pa. VISIT 1 The Elkins Park National Park Member Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Churchville 280 BROWN COMPANY CONCRETE SEPTIC TANKS Since 1925 ELKINS PARK' PA' Iohn A. Brown, President Trevose, Pa. I . ogomz 9830 C I t I amp 'men S 0 J. FRANK FLECK co. DEKER'S HARDWARE Abington, Pa. Contractors' Supplies, Finished Hardware, Paints Oils, Varnishes, House Furnishing Supplies 603 West Avenue Jenkintown, Pa. Ogon tz 9272 BYRNES SERVICE STATION Washing, Lubricating and Simmonizing BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1951 818 West Avenue, Jenkintown - DAD Best Wishes to the z Glass of 1951 ., I PINE TREE CAMP POCONO PINES, PA. I .. 1 I as at as ,E Fortyfscven Ogontz 7171 JOHN ROBERT REID MEMBER A.I.D. I N T E R I O R S EE 745 YORKWAY PLACE JENKINTOWN, PA. REYNOLDS SHOES FEATURING EXCLUSIVELY SANDLER OF BOSTON Designed for the Younger Set 419 York Road Jenkintown, Pa. BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1951 FROM A FRIEND SOUSAN PHARMACY PRESCRIPTIONS OUR SPECIALTY Exclusive Agenis for Chanel, Faberge, Arden, Matchebelli, Rubenstein 8014 York Road, Elkins Park MEL. 5-4200 Free Delivery MA 5-3000 S H A R P L E S S STATIONERY SERVICE Com plimen ts of SUNHEIMER'S BAKERY 213 York Road, Jenkintown, Pa. HGENERALS GO A LONG WAY TO MAKE FRIENDS" FLECK GENERAL TIRE COMPANY 705 Greenwood Avenue Jenkintown, Pennsylvania Oqontz 7275 MAjestic 5-2525 IN THIS PERIOD OF SCARCITY, WE ARE PLEDGED TO KEEP YOUR AUTOMOBILE AND TRUCK ROLLING Fortyfeight REALTY SERVICE FOR 83 YEARS WM. T. B. ROBERTS 8a SON GLENSIDE, PA. Ogontz 1682 or Hatboro 1201 Ogontz 2573-7705 FOWLER-SHINN, Inc. WILLIAM G- STERNER DODGE Efg1DgLY1gOUTH PASSENGER CARS E I B-RATED TRUCKS FUEL OU-'APPLIANCES'OH' HEATING York-Ra. at Noble sfafaotn ogqnfz 7428 1911 Susquehanna Avenue Abington, Pa' Jenkmtown, Pennsylvama MAJest1c 5-2222 I Ogontz 3163 ALADDIN BOOK SHOP Ogontz 0055 Greenwood Ave. and Leedom St. BEASLEY'S TRAVEL SHOP Jenkintown, Pennsylvania 718 WBSIZ Avenue, Jenkintbwn, PB. OG- 4343 GIFTS LUGGAGE LEATHER GOODS GREEN ARROW PARK and EAT CURB SERVICE JOSEPH F. SCHROEDER Street Road, Johnsville, Pa. APPLES-PEARS-PEACHES York Rd. 8: Rubican Ave., Willow Grove, Pa. I Hatboro 2637-M Ogontz 9297 COMPLIMEN TS ATLANTIC SERVICE STATION OF A RICHARD P. KEYSER York Rd. 8: Guernsey Ave., Abington, Pa. FRIEND 24-HOUR SERVICE ABINGTUN IAXICAB CU. OGONTZ 1046 1 BETTER RESTAURANTS SUHHEH GHHIJEHS Noble Station CHELTENHAM AND OGONTZ Abington, Pa. AVENUES AT LIMEKILN PIKE I DEGREASING and INHIBITING COMPOUNDS A. J. STULL 84 CO. INDUSTRIAL CHEMICAL PRODUCTS 47 5816 Tacony Street Philadelphia 24, Pa. RUST 8: OXIDATION REMOVERS PLASTIC METALS Fifty BlUMHARIlT'S FO0IJ MARKET A FULL LINE OF THE FINEST IN FOOD V Phone: Ogontz 0467 IF YOU REALLY WANT TO HAVE A GOOD TIME DON'T PASS THE BUCK! L. G. BALFOUR CO. "Known wherever there are schools and colleges" MAKER OF FINE School Rings and Pins, Diplomas Commencement Announcements JOHN S. HURLBUT A REAL ESTATE Medals and Trophies Q THE ABINGTON FRIENDS SCHOOL RINGS 1601 Chestnut Street Philadelphia 3, Pa. 701 WEST AVENUE Ogontz 3808 JENKINTOWN, PA. Ogonfz 5800 Klngsley 5-8200 PAUL AND LYNCH eel 123 SOUTH BROAD STREET PHILADELPHIA 9, PA. Fifty-one BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1951 Llvingston 9-4300 OLNEY-OAK LANE-SUBURBS WILDERMUTH and MADDEN REALTORS and INSURANCE BROKERS vv 6051 NORTH FIFTH STREET PHILADELPHIA 20. PA. LIN COLN-MERCURY 'E TOWNSHIP MOTORS, Inc. 120 York Road Abington, Pa. Fresh Meat, Groceries, Fresh Vegetables 903 TOWNSHIP LINE Elkins Park, Pa. BEST WISI-IES JAMES F. HALLOWELL Compliments of 1 1 A Friend F iftyt GOD TUR NAZ DROWIE of Q, Y' 0 60+ c cy CHEERIO CQ, CQ? GOOD LUCK ! EEZ SKAL E oe, 'Q 4, -0 9 I E! U SALUTEI 127 E! FROM THE CLASS or '53 Ml-Xyfair 4-4728 COMPLIMENTS OF WM. H. AHLERS A REAL ESTATE-INSURANCE 6423 Torresdale Avenue Philadelphia 35, Pa. B L O C K ' S SELLING MERCHANDISE OF MERIT Abington, Pennsylvania SINCE 1884 309 York Road Jenkintown, Pa. HARRY C. BERLINGER, JR. GERHARIYS RUGS and LINOLEUM TELEVISION-RECORDS-APPLIANCES '115 Greenwood Avenue Easton Road 8: Keswick Avenue Ogontz 6434 Jenkintown, Pa. Ogontz 8650 Glenside, Pa. GOLDBERG'S JENKINTOWN DELICATESSEN OLD YORK ROADS OLDEST DEPARTMENT STORE UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT ESfab1iShed1QO2 BEVERAGES and IMPORTED FOODS Jenkintown, Pa. I OE BURKE, Mgr. F ifty-three Ogontz 9041 Diamonds Watches CHARLES H MCCUTCHEON LIL IAN DR SSING ' L E WATCHMAKER and JEWELER 1219 Old York Road Abington, Pa. 611 West Avenue lopposite Abington Hospitall Ogontz 7045 Jenkintown, Pa Ogontz Ol57 MA 5-0157 MULLER and KREMP F L O W E R S EASTON ROAD, GLENSIDE, PA. Flowers Grown in Our Own Greenhouses Daily Deliveries to Philadelphia and Suburbs Phone: Churohville 295 Wm. H. Stahl Chevrolet, Inc. SOUTHAMPTON, PA. "A GOOD BUY ALL WAYS" SLIGHT BROTHERS PLUMBING Compliments of VERNON WORTHINGTON Somerlon J. E. LIMEBURNER CO. GUILD OPTICIANS 431 OLD YORK ROAD Branch of 1923 Chestnut Street JAMES A. BELL AUTOMOBILE REPAIR JENKINTOWN Enjoy! BREUNINGERS I Golden Guernsey - I THAT SPECIAL MILK RJ-lclcliff 5-4863 Fiftyffour Compliments Of A FRIEND Ogon tz 858 w. J. PICKWELL CHIMSELFJ EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL 423 York Road, Jenkintown, Pa. woMEN's APPAREL LIL-LEE, Inc. I enkintown, Pa. Ogontz 4026 Melrose 4778 BURTON'S FLOWERS High School Road and Montgomery Avenu Elkins Park, Penna. , y Complzments Hallowell Beverage Company BETTY BAILEY to BEER-ALE-PORTER-SODA 3953 Easton Road Hallowell, Pa. The Class of 1951 PAUL JAEGER , GUNS and SPORTING GOODS 7 211 Leedom Street at Greenwood Avenue Ogontz 6920 Ienkintown, Pa. MILLER and CORNELL, Inc. REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE Hatboro, Pennsylvania BIRCHALL HAMMER F i fry-flue sus I usnvs,uxus4vsu-sa usnxox BEST WISHES T0 THE CLASS OF 1951 uv-sn HUNTINGIIUN VALLEY TRUST U0 'cService with Security" E Y HUNTINGDUN VALLEY, PA. f PLESSNER HAIRDRESSERS 740 Yorkway Place ME 5-1329 Ada L. Pfluege THE GIFT SHOP CARDS FOR ALL ocCAsIoNs IGI'1k1I'l1OW1'1, Pd. Costume Jewelry-Mojud Hosiery-Lending Libra y Ogontz 0144 Harrison Avenue and High School Road 1 A FRIEND H PHGTOGRAPHERS 222 YORK ROAD JENKINTOWN, PA Here's wishing the girls of 1 '51 the best of everything 1 H1 fh6 years to COIHB. VERN and KITTY LAPP OF JENKINTOWN A FRIEND BOWLING ALLEYS 417 Johnson Street J enkintown, Pennsylvania Reservations Ogontz 9029 1 GASKETS EVERY SIZE and SHAPE and MATERIALS WASHERS - METAL STAMPING M E L R A T H SUPPLY AND GASKET co. INC. Jefferson 3-1100 TIOGA and MEMPHIS STREETS F iftyfseven COMPLIMENTS OF LL SSLLL SLVILTH L L. Fine Furniture JENKINTOWN, PA. L PAUL W. LUNGSDURF Incorporated "Building Good Roads for 30 Years" U LANDSCAPE DEVELOPMENTS 9 SUBURBAN DEVELOPMENTS 0 ROAD BUILDING AND MAINTENANCE U CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION MElrose 5-4201 8115 Forrest Avenue Elkins Park, Pa GLURGL Il ELLIS Ann SUNS Incorporated American and Luzerne Streets Philadelphia 40, Pa. A TIN CANS-TIN BOXES SHEET METAL SPECIALTIES v Established 1843 BREYER ICE CREAM CO. 85th ANNIVERSARY CKXN-? 43rd Street below Woodland Avenue Philadelphia 4, Pa. VA L E N T I N E ' S FLOWERS AT THEIR BEST S511 West Avenue, Next to Postoiiice Ogontz 7700-7701 Jenkintown, Pa Fiftyfcight QR .0-. ,..,,,--. --.,..-,,..,..,---0- - -. - ....,--.,.,.4, s u A Qompliments E u o Hn n i ll. W. BUTTEHWUHTH ANI! SUNS U0. 2 i i WAGNER ' S THE MURELAND UURPURATIUN GERMANTOWN AVENUE 1 PRINTERS ROLLERS Q A ER SH R cLo'r1-11 G HATS WILLOW GROVE, PA. Everyone meets at w W 'll' ' ' i 1 IHIHSOH S REAL ESTATE RESTAURANTS AND INSURANCE TWO LOCATIONS JENKINTOWN AND PENN VALLEY Jenkintown, Pa. Ogontz 4884 WALKER CADIUAC CU. INC. Compliments of COpposite Jenkintown Stationj TROUT'-3 GULF GAS STATION JENKINTOWN PENNSYLVANIA Glenslde' Pa' I HATBORO 1746 AND ASSOCIATES 810 WEST AVENUE Real Estate IENKINTOWN, PA. l2'I York Road Hatboro, Pa. OQUUU 4826 T. Records 0 RacEos 0 Sheet Music I Instruments REAL ESTATE THE MUSIC CENTER Farms ' Estates ' Homes Greenwood Avenue at York Road 491 Old York Road, Jenkintown, Pa. . J9!1ki!1'COW!1, Pa- ogomz 0760 Klngsley 5-0760 Open Evemngs Ogontz 3477 E A Ogontz 4070 CLEANERS ELKINS PARK CYCLE co. TAILORS Ice Skates and Mowers Sharpened Accessories-Repairs Plant and Office: 605 West Ave., Jenkintown, Pa. Jenki!'lf0W1'l Road and Osceola Avenue We Call and Deliver Phones: Ogontz 1353-1354 Edward Croft Elkins Park 17, P6- Sixty Cul clown on nexf winfer's coal bill simply by buying af flue low spring price. JEDDO-IIIGIILAIID ms PREMIUM QUALITY .5-3754. HARD com. '3'5"'k?il Q . l,.JfEUb-Q. iillllillllfgi ARISTOCRAT or -2Cfm1'- ANIHRACIIE 'IEEE' AUTHORIZED DEALER A. R. NICHOLSON and SON Wyncote, Pennsylvania Ogontz 3300 If you are a fuel oil user order NICHOLSON'S FUEL OIL ' Best by Test 3 BALL AND COFFIN' 1 ! J n Best Wishes from i The Market Place for Bettet Homes 1 R I I 939 Township Line , .11 I Elkins Park 17, Pa 'c H EVRDLET, Ogonfz 0172 l y I1 Mmestac 5-0265 comrmv ' COMPLIMENTS OF 2 A FRIEND ,..,.,,..,..,..,..,..,..,..,.,,..-..,.,,..,.,,.,,..,.,,.,,.,-.NN.,..,..,..,..,.....,..,.,...-E 2 . , Q Q fill? lp 'Cx ire' 3 fire :ce gleam Q ,. 'gi' ae 0 ' S f i fl, f mflhon 1 N , sogffid 3 sf ms 2 .e, 4 , Pass GW 10 5 - .j .f75' ' Z v4 fo buylf E ICE CREAM 5 V' E better, Breyers naturally TASTES belief Z ..,..,.....,.....-..,..x..,.....,..,.,,....,,..,...x..,..,..x..-..,..,..,..,.,,..-..,.,...,..,..J Sixtyfone LOTS AND LOTS OF LUCK TO THE SENIORS 744 Phone: Ogontz 7900 CARLSON MOTORS SALES-SERVICE' CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH VY York Road and Cherry Street Jenkintovsm, Pa. USED CARS KUHN Glam '5 af 4 REALTORS .al 711 West Avenue Ogontz 4550 Jenkintown, Pa. MAjestic 5-4550 COMPLIMEN TS Ogon tz 2442 FROM L F S A. S. FARENWALD FLOWERS S2 ABINGTON FLORIST COPPOSITE HOSPITAL7 York Road at Greenwood Avenue FTDA ogomz 1975 Jenkintown' Pa' OGONTZ 0344 NOTARY PUBLIC RENNINGER and RENNINGER COMPLI TS REALTORS-INSURANCE GLENSIDE, PA. OF A CAt Station! FRIEND 'E Residence: 210 Harrison Avenue Harry Renninger Glenside, Pa. ' Sixty-two Qompliments Of A FRIEND PHTROHS Mr. John S. Alsentzer Mr. and Mrs. James Bannister Miss Earlena Battle Mr. and Mrs. Harold S. Bean Mr. and Mrs. Edward Breuninger Miss Jean Breuninger Mr. John O. Byren Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Cox Miss Marjorie S. Craig Mr. John Crompton Mr. and Mrs. Fred Deininger Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Deininger Miss Nancy Deininger Mr. and Mrs. George M. Diener Mr. Glen Dietz Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J . Drexler Robert J . Drexler, U.S.N. Miss Winifred Farrier Miss Ginger Gable Miss Joan Geiger Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Gordan Hatboro Music Shop Miss Kay Heisley Miss Lois Helweg Mr. and Mrs. William Hutchins Miss Billie Hutchins Mr. and Mrs. John L. Huzzard Miss Martha M. Jarrett Mr. Frederick Kaiser Mrs. Frederick Kaiser Miss Barbara Kaiser Mr. Fred Kaiser Miss Susie Kaiser Mr. and Mrs. James Kniveton Mr. Bill Knup Pinky Lapp Mac MacVaugh Sue MacVaugh Woody MacVaugh ' Mr. Joseph Jarrett Nicholas QJVE Mr. Chuck Nicholas Miss Jean Nicholas Mr. Peter Nissen Jr. Mrs. Joan Bean Pierce Jr. Mr. Robert E. Pletcher Miss Trudy Putney Miss Mary Lee Rabe Miss Stella Reeves Miss Nancy Reeves Mr. Wm. T. B. Roberts Mrs. Wm. T. B. Roberts Miss Audrey Roberts Sarg Roberts Puss Roberts Mrs. Harley M. Sanders Miss Iona T. Sanders Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Schroeder Miss Agnes Sibbald Miss Elizabeth "GO" Smith Miss Betty Ann Smith Miss Debby Smith Mr. John Stevens Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stier Mrs. Anna H. Stier Mr. Robert H. Stier Jr. Miss Nellie Stier Miss Johanne Stier Mr. and Mrs. Amos J . Stull Jr Mrs. Amos J . Stull Mrs. E. Iona Tunnell Mr. and Mrs. William C. Wood Mr. and Mrs. John P. Williams Miss Peggy Williams Miss Joan Williams Miss Gail Wilson Mr. Arthur Wright Miss Carol Young Miss Marie Zerby BUSINESS Jenkintown Hobby Center 742 Yorkway Place Arcade Jenkintown, Pa. Jax Hardware 875 Township Line Elkins Park, Pa. Muth's Jeweler 403 York Road Jenkintown, Pa. Hiram G. Larmon Jenkintown, Pa. PATRONS John Ranieri Ladies' Tailor 6929 Ogontz Avenue The Abington Gift Shop Old York Road Abington, Pa. Powell's Drug Store Abington, Pa. "All Pets" Supply Jenkintown, Pa. Val's Custom Tailoring Jenkintown, Pa. Sixtyffour -Il 4 . 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 1

Suggestions in the Abington Friends School - Outward Bound Yearbook (Jenkintown, PA) collection:

Abington Friends School - Outward Bound Yearbook (Jenkintown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


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