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.C L' 1 , A.4.L, . -Qv, I If you will observe, it does not take a man of giant mould to make a giant shadow on the wall, and he, who in our daily sight, seems but a figure meek and small, may stalk a silhouette sublime across the canvas of his time. J. T. Trowbridge 1 Special Events . . . 4-18 ilhouette Abingdon High School Volume LXII Classes . . . 19-46 Sports . . . 47-74 4:-9 of change Abingdon, IL Bev Peterson, Editor Activities . . . 75-102 VFaculty, Administration 103-114 Advertisement . . . 115-130 .45 R 5 9 7' .-4" .i 1 f 3 'fold movies" bids goodb e to old sch S v The theme this year was "Old Movies," which was carried through with a ticket booth, marquee, and decorations looking like strips of film. The Hooker Brothers provided music for the dance while Richy Malone and Jerri Lynn Severns were crowned King and Queen during intermission. Although the traditional bonfire didn't have as big of turnout as was expected, the ice cream eating contest proved to be a flavorable addition for both students and faculty. 4 mms mu mas lfmfs v 1 mb 4 THE F MEI Tllf SEI 3 f. ' .- 2 , , ' i 7j'A5i7JgLEf5Wf5dYUrDkWb J Ulm- .1 A Z x JK 1 , ' '51 ,Q F. rf, 'J If x X 'QW . ,Y 'V E' n 1 B.. ,1 I ?f7Q1?f J Y .ek A x 'U .gd F' 'S Pl -QQ 1 44 mf, 'gxiislffg-'5': 32? "" 4. , , x. ' ,QJ QQ I 5 . .4 A9 g i I .4 I no ef A, M A ' JV AQ x -4 5 ,, , ai n "' N! ' an -F V iw ,Wg 4 is an 'Vi 4. X '73 2 5 Q A1 Q Mg 59 - 1 Q vV Ja! V.. g'f 5 fnxfmm Q ,E 1 Mi TM 12 . it A 9'-F I The main bulletin board was decorated to remind everyone of all the events which would take place throughout the week. The first place float, which was won by the Sophomore class, was a take-off from the popular King Kong movie. As well as the 1978 royalty, we were honored by the presence of six previous years' Kings and Queens. 8 Royalty, left to right: King Richy Maloneg Queen Jerri Lynn Severns. Senior Attendants: Cynde Shoenbein. Brian Onion. Junior Attendants: Lisa Moser, Rich Mathews. Sophomore Attendants: Brenda Ostrander. Rick Ray. Freshman Attendants: Tonya Lavendar, Richard Wherley. 9 24' ig 4 dw Agfa g Q 'ff' +2 , -'tw' ,L Q get A ffl b' ' x ,Q 'f ff - .,,g,Mfffff'if-ff! ' ' ' ' " ' ,ff M, SQ' N if G A' fi? 'Q ,Q ,R gl f ' 2 ii v ,a, . ryx L! 57 sk vs' 1 P-9' 'M "iw, , ff' " ? 1 , 5 3 W 1, ,1 ...J Q' , V ' ' v ,ggi S .' yu" " K 0 .f 5 :L fkvtrk is f . v knit l ,J L L 12 f,,f,'3gQ h xQ m, if Y 3 wi' ' ' ' ' - X f f-!' 1ky'-S lit jf? if 3 if Q, gf if- f H A Ay Qb J M'+, ,' P lk 21 gg - is , , ,,-f' L. 4 1 ' 0 .rut z 50' i sl" gl fix ' r ,-., -gs Sw, 1 ,I C5 3Sf-Dllflilie of the fllflll'6 ? The reflections of the past-the class Can these four years really be gone ities, the move to the new school, the long lunchline, the quick activ conversations before class-all passed away. Here I am, each step down the aisle, knowing this is my graduation. My family is behind me once again as I reach another goal. But this goal is just one of many. The outline of the future-of what I will become. Growing each day, setting higher goals, and striving to reach them. d dication christens Dedication ceremonies were held in the Dunlap gym on Sunday, March 12, 1978. The ceremony was held in complete military fashion with color guard and official procession. The gym was dedicated to Major Robert Dunlap, U.S.M.C.. retired. In his acceptance speech he expressed his pride for the years he spent in Abingdon, and being honored in this manner. Major Dunlap is a Congressional medal of honor winner. The auditorium was dedicated to Rear Admiral James Bond Stockdale. During his dedicatorial address, Admiral Stockdale gave the school two tokens of appreciation. He gave a picture of the battle of Yorktown, which came off the wall of the United States Secretary of State's office. He also gave, on loan, a scale model of the raising of the U.S. flag at the battle of Iwo Jima. Admiral Stockdale is also a Congressional medal of honor winner and served several years in an enemy prisoner camp. n bingdon high hool Music for the dedication cer- emony was presented by the U.S.M.C. Drum and Bugle Corp, and the Great Lakes Navy Band. They each played at intervals throughout the ceremony, and then, The Navy Band presented three additional concerts in the newly dedicated Stockdale Auditorium. WW the imaginar invalit QF, Slim ' W gX.r5""' -- . - ,Q A W , ,VL Win' f 'g QV. Wg, ' xii 1 Q " ,J f' ' Q' - l'd cry too if my guy had two men hiding under his bed. The "talented cast It won't do any good, Doug, He already gave up hope on you, The Imaginary Invalid was presented on November 18, 1977. It is a French play about a rich man who thinks he is dying. His second wife is after his money and she keeps plotting to get rid of him. He wants his daughter to marry a doctor so he can be cured, but she is in love with someone else. The plot of the play is to prove he is not really dying, to unite his daughter with her true love, and to show the true sen- timents of his wife. The cast of the play included: Rick Ray, Teresa Onion, Kelly Bowton, Robin Ray, David Stranger, Mike Lucas, Kay Malone, Alan Witherell, Mike Wallis, Nancy Fey, Jim Fey, and Doug Moore. The right leg is connected to the collarbone igfifw ,ee mai: 14 "Imaginary invalid? This guy really looks sick." Ahh. . . Sweet Surrender S S . In ' A A 2' 'flocks lik .9 Q x gs wwf, I 'WX " The 1978 junior-Senior Prom was held on May 13 at the Sheraton Inn. The theme was, 'ALooks Like We Made It", which was carried out throughout with decorations and favors. The sit-down candlelight dinner shall prove to be most memorable, along with the ushers, and the unusually good meal. 16 'Q-S, wif, :wi 4 K' Y l n.fH""' 7, r' .qlaswx X I What kind of perfume did you say you were wearing? made it" 5 W' - jf 1 Q N 1...2. . .3. . .PEEK-A-BOO!!! ff. 'Wi I X' ,f +"'7 fl' 5 MVA' . W., 9- N: I W ,, V f 35 ,,,,,f. Q in 'f ai No, girls, Mom isn't here to make you eat It's only a camera, Joe. I' -X W gong show: first program in new auditorium The Art Club sponsored the Gong Show which consisted of various acts. Mr. Hufnagl, Mr. Glasnovich, and Teresa Onion served as judges. Peggy Franklin won the 1st prize of S15 for her acrobatic dance. The acts were as follows: KISS, acrobatic dance, twit race, "Whistling Dixien, Chinese girls, belly dancers, gossipping women, unknown comic, banana men, and skate boards. Did you say there was a talent scout in the audience? Are you sure Charlie's angels started this way? A picture is worth a thousand words. ,S nil! CLASSES 19 first graduates from new high chool Armstrong Jon Armstrong Lori Bates Sallie Bird Kelly Brackett Amy Brewer Tony Brown Darla Brown Julie Brown Rod Carter Patty Colwell Bill Connell Bridget Cox, Kim Cox, Randy Curry, Ernie Cushing, Mary Day, Kelly Day, Teri DeCrane, Chris Dejaynes, Steve Dunn, Jim Epperson, Dennis Fairbank, Claudia Funk, Steve Goodwin, Tom Fey, Jim Fordyce, Rod Gray, Kevin Grider, Janice Guilliatt, Jim Hale, Kathy Hall, john Hanson, Doug Hart, Randy Haynes, Audrey He1mer, Tim Hessler Mark Hummell, Rosemary 1 Hutson, Janice jenkins, David Johnson, Craig Johnson, Mark D. johnson, Mark S. Johnson, Vanessa Kjellander, Pete LaFo1lette, Denise Link, Chris Link, Sandy Lorenzen, Gary Malone, Eddie Malone, Rich McCurry, Chris McDorman, David Moore, Doug Morris, Greg Morris, Patty Olinger, Teresa Onion. Brian Ortery, Patti Palmer, Kim Hickey, Kim CPennJ Prior, Randy Ray, Geoff Rogers, Mark Sandman, Cheryl Schleich, Rhonda Peck, Sherri fHullJ Peterson, Beverly Pierce, Bobbi Ray, Mark Ryan, Kenny Sandercock, Mark Schoenbein, Cynde QSeverns, Jerri Shipplett, scorn Sickles Leona LBaldwinJ Smith, Lorrie Van Tress, J on W Wade, Tim Way, Julie White, Perma wilev. Lvnn Stanger. David Swearingen, Lecia Waters, Jeff Weinstein, Dan White, Peggi Witherell, Alan Senior Ind ADMIRE, JEFF: 9116160 ARMSTRONG, JON: FFA 5123160 ARMSTRONG. LORI: Librarian, 4, GAA 1, Band Ensemble 1.2.3, Intramural Bowling 1.2.3, Spanish Club 1.2.3, Student Council 1.2.4, NHS 3.4, SAA Award 3, Class Treas. 4, High Honors 1.2,3.4, Who's Who in American High School Students 4, Society of Distinguished American High School Students 3,4, 1118160 BATES. SALLIE: Home Ec Club 1, GAA 1, Track 2, Tatler Staff 4, 11124160 BIRD, KELLY: Mid-Term Graduate, GAA 1, Band 1.2.3, Pom Pon 2.3, Cheerleader 1, FSA 3.4, 6118160 BRACKETT. AMY: Class Secretary 3, FSA 3.4, GAA 1, Intramural Bowling, 2128160 BREWER, TONY: Football 1.2.4, AVC 3.4, Industrial Arts Club, Honor Roll, Track 1.2, Intramural Basketball 2.4, 8118160 BROWN. DARLA: Home Ec Club l.2.3.4, Home Ec. Pres. 2, Librarian, FSA 4, Chorus, Chorus Sec., Speech Club, Basketball, Track, AVC, Intramural Bowling, Girls' Chorus, 10114159 BROWN JULIE: Mid-Term Graduate, 8122160 BROWN. ROD: 1116160 CARTER, PATTY: 10121160 COLWELL, BILL: Football 1, Honor Roll 1, AVC 3.4, 1120160 CONNELL, BRIDGET: Spanish Club 1.2, Spanish Club pres. 2, Stu Co Sec. 3 GAA 1, Intramural Bowling 2.3.4, High Honors, Band 1.2,3,4, Solos 1.3.4, Ensembles 1.2.3,4, Arion Music Award 3, SAA 3, Tatler Staff 4, Pom Pon 4, Who's Who in American High School Students 4, Pep Band 4, Band Camp 4, 1011160 COX, KIM: 811160 COX, RANDY: Basketball l.2.3.4, Cross Country 1 Golf 2.3, Class Pres. 2, NHS Pres. 4, Honor Roll, 4127160 CURREY, ERNIE: 1127160 CUSHING. MARY: Spring Play 1.3, StuCo Sec. 4, Home Ec Club 1 GAA 1, Spanish Club 1, Tatler Staff 4, Girls' State alt, Band 1.2.4, Chorus 1, Speech Club 1.3, Fall Play 2, Librarian 4, Intramural Bowling 2.3.4, Band Trio 2, 9111160 DAY. KELLY: 115160 DAY TERI: Home Ec. Club 1.2.4, Home Ec V. Pres. 2, GALS 4, Intramural Bowling, Volleyball 4, Basketball Manager 4, Chorus 1.4, Girls' Chorus 1.4, Ensembles 4, AVC 3, 8114160 DECRANE, CHRIS: Band 1.2, Band Ensemble 1.2, Chorus 1, Chorus Ensemble 1, Girls' Chorus 1, GALS 3.4, Track 2, Intramurla Bowling 1.2.3, Interscholastic Bowling 2, NHS 3,4, NHS Sec. 4, Spanish Club 1.2, FSA 4, Who's Who in American High School Students 4, SAA 3, High Honors, 1111160 DEJAYNES. STEVE: Football, Basketball, Track 1.2.3, Commando Staff 4, Honorable Mention 1.3.4, 2121160 DUNN, JIM: Mid-Term Graduate 1212159 EPPERSON. DENNIS: Gootball 1.2.4, Basketball 2.4, Intramural Basketball 3, Commando Staff 4, Tatler Staff 4, Art Club l.2,3.4, Art Club Pres. 4, Golf 2,3, High Honors 1, Student of the Month 4, Hall Monitor 3, 11128160 FAIRBANKS. CLAUDIA: 519160 FEY, JIM: FFA, FAA Treas. 3, A-Club l.2.3.4, A-Club V. Pres. 4, Class Treas. 1 Class Pres. 4, Library Club 2.4, Football, Basketball 1.2, Track, Intramural Basketball 3.4, Play 2.4, Honor Roll 4, 12113159 FORDYCE. ROD: Football l.2,3.4, A-Club 2.4, A-Club Pres. 4, Intramural Basketball 3.4, Most Valuable Defensive Lineman 4, Football Co-captain 4, Football Most Improved Player 3, Commando Staff 4, 3131160 FUNK. STEVE: Industrial Arts 1.2.3,4, 8131160 GOODWIN. TOM: Industrial' Arts, Golf 2.3, Intramural Basketball 3, 918160 GRAY. KEVIN: 7121160 GRIDER. JANICE: Band 1.2.3,4, FSA 4, Volleyball, District Volleyball 3.4, Drum Majorette 4, Pom-Pon Squad 2.3.4, Pom-Pon Captain 4, Band Pres. 4, GALS 2.3.4, GAA 1, Track 1, 7131160 GULLIATT. JIM: Boys' State Delegate 3, Boys' State Comptroller 3, Speech Club 2.3, Track 1.3, Mid-Term Graduate, DeMolay, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Football 1, Basketball 1, 1125160 HALE, KATHY: FFA 1.2, Track 1, Basketball 2, GALS 2, Band 1.2, 12120160 HALL. JOHN: FFA 1.2.4, 4123160 HANSON. DOUG: Football 1.2.3,4, Basketball 1.2.3, Golf 2, Track 1, FFA, A-Club, Intra. Basketball 3.4, 9113160 HART, RANDY: 8113160 HAYNES. AUDREY: Intra. Bowling 3.4, Home Ec. Club, SAE 2.3.4, Pep Club 3, FSA V. Pres. 4, Librarian 3, 114160 HEIMER. TIM: 10114160 - HESSLER, MARK: 311160 , HIATT, STEVE: Mid-Term Graduate: 10113159 HUMMELL, ROSEMARY: Volleyball 2.3.4, GALS, FSA, Home Ec Club, 12126159 HUTSON, JANICE: Band, Track, Basketball 1.2.3,4, High Honors 3, Honors 2,3, Honorable Mention 1.2,3.4, Spanish Club 1.2, GALS 4, Tatler Staff 4, 8129160 ICENOGLE. JIM: Mid-Term graduate, 512160 JENKINS. DAVE: Football 1.2.4, Basketball l.2.3,4,.Track 3.4, Commando Staff 4, 11130160 JOHNSON. CRAIG: 8126160 JOHNSON, MARK D.: Football 1.2,3.4, Basketball 1, Rotary Most Spirited Football Player 4, 417160 JOHNSON. MARK S.: Band, Solo-Ensemble 3.4, Pep Band 3.4, Industrial Arts Club 1.2.3,4, Industrial Arts Treas. 2.3.4, AVC 4, 711160 JOHNSON. VANESSA: 9117159 KJELLANDER. PETE: Stu-Co 1.2.3,4, Stu-Co Treas.. Pres.. Camp, Cross Country 1.2.3, Track 2.4, Football 4, SAR, Art Club 1,2.3.4, Art Club Pres., NHS, Band 1,2.3.4, Chorus 1, High Honors, Art Camp, SAA, Intramural Basketball, Tatler Staff, Spring Play 2, Fall Play 3.4, Who's Who in American High School Students, 7129160 LAFOLLETTE. DENISE: 712160 LINK. CHRIS, Mid-Term Graduate, 9115158 LINK. SANDY: 1130159 LORENZEN. GARY: Mid-Term Graduate, 1116160 MALONE. ED: Mid-Term Graduate, FFA, Intramural Basketball, 11113159 MALONE. RICH: 12128159 MCCURRY. CHRIS: Mid-Term Graduate, 1127160 MOORE. DOUG: Stu-Co, Industrial Arts 1.4, Football 1.4, Basketball 1,2,3.4, Track, Cross Country 2,3, A-Club 4, Fall Play 43 Boys' State 33 Commando Staff 43 Commando Sports Ed. 43 11123160 MORRIS, GREG: Mid-Term Graduate3 7111159 MORRIS, PATTY: FSA 3,41 FSA Pres. 43 NHS 3,43 Basketball 2,3,43 Volleyball 43 Track 1,31 8128160 OLINGER, TERESA: Spanish Club 1,23 GAA 13 NHS 3,4, Commando Editor 43 Commando Asst. Editor 3,43 NHS 3,43 Editorial Board 3,43 NHS Treas. 3,41 Basketball 13 Track 13 High Honors 43 Who's Who in American High School Students: Society of Distinguished American High School Students3 8120160 ONION, BRIAN: Football 1,2,3,4Q FFA 2,3,43 Librarian 43 Basketball 13 Weightlifting: Mid-Term graduate: 4125160 ORTERY, PATTY: SAE 3,43 GAA 13 Homecoming Attendant 13 Intramural bowling l,2,3,43 Class Sec. 1,41 1111160 PALMER, KIM: Librarian 43 NHS 3,43 Band 1,2,33 GAA 13 SAA 33 Who's Who in American High School Students 33 Intramural Bowling 13 Honor Roll 1,2,3,4Q Class Officer 2,33 NHS officer 43 SAE 33 2120160 PECK, SHERRI CHULLJ: Fall Play 23 Speech Club 2,33 Homecoming Attendant 23 Commando Staff 3,43 Editorial Board 3,41 High Honors 43 Mid-Term Gf8dU8tCQ Home Ec. Club 1,23 Librarian 2,3,4Q Commando Asst. Editor 33 Commando Editor 43 Tatler Staff 33 Hall Monitor: 8114160 PENN, KIM CHICKEYJ: GAA 13 GALS 2,33 GALS Sec. 23 Volleyball 2,31 District Volleyball Team 33 Track 1,2,33 Basketball 1,2,33 Conference Track Team 33 District Track Team 33 Intramural volleyball 23 Intramural Bowling: 10113160 PETERSON, BEV: Fall Play 1,2,33 Spring Play 1,2,3,4Q Track 13 Mixed Chorus 1,23 Girl's Chorus 1,23 Spanish Club 1,23 Spanish Club Sec. 23 GAA 13 Class Treas. 13 High Honors l,2,3,43 SAE 2,3,43 Speech Club 23 Class Sec. 23 Who's Who in American High School Students 3,43 Society of Distinguished American High School Students 3,41 Class Pres. 33 NHS 3,43 Tatler Staff 3,42 Editorial Board 3,43 Commando Staff 33 Girl's State 33 DAR Award 43 Journalism Feature Story Award 33 GALS 43 Cheerleader 43 Class V. Pres. 43 FSA 43 Quill and Scroll 43 Intramural Bowling l,2,3,43 SAA 3,43 Hall Monitor 43 9116160 PIERCE, BOBBI: Intramural Bowling 43 Home Ec. Club 1,23 Tatler Staff 43 Mid-Term Graduate 6118160 PRIOR, RANDY: FFA 1,2,3,4Q Industrial Arts Club 3,43 Industrial Arts Sec. 43 Band 1,2,3,4: Solo1Ensemble l,2,3,43 Chorus l,2,3,43 AVC 43 Football 1,43 Intramural Basketball l,2,3,43 A-Club 43 Swing Choir3 Basketball Manager 33 Football Manager: 7112160 RAY, GEOFF: Mid-Term Graduate RAY, MARK: A-Club l,2,3,43 FFA l,2,3,43 Band 1,22 Basketball l,2,3,43 Football l,2,3,43 Track 23 4113160 ROGERS, MARK: Mid-Term Graduate RYAN, KENNY: Track 1,2,3,4Q Intramurals 3,42 Cheerleader 43 FFA l,2,3,43 FFA Sec. 43 A-Club 43 Librarian 23 115160 SANDERCOCK, MARK: Mid-T erm Graduate3 Football l,2,3,43 Track 1,23 Band 1,2,31A-Club 3,42 Weightlifting 1,2,3Q Stage Band 1,2,33 217160 SANDMAN, CHERYL: Honorable Mention 13 1017160 SCHLEICH, RHONDA: 2128160 SCHOENBEIN, CYNDE: GAA 13 Home Ec. Club 2,3,42 Chorus 1,3,43 Homecoming Attendant 3,41 Fall Play 2,33 Chorus Ensemble 1,32 Girl's Chorus 1,3,43 FFA 13 Home Ec. Pres. 33 Chorus Pres. 43 Spring Play 2,33 Speech Club 23 Librarian 3,43 Mid-Term Graduate3 215160 SEVERNS, JERRI: Volleyball 1,2,3,4Q Cheerleading 1,3,4I Stu Co 13 Band 1,2,33 Bowling 43 SAE 3,43 GAA 13 GALS 2,3,43 Who's Who in American High School Students 43 Society of Distinguished American High School Students 3,43 Homecoming Queen 43 Intramural Bowling 1,2,3,41 Hall Monitor 43 Honor Roll l,2,3,43 Athlete of the Month: 4122160 SHIPPLETT, SCOTT: Band l,2,3,43 Solo1Ensemble l,2,3,43 Track 3.4 Golf 2,33 Intramural Basketball 2,33 Tatler Staff 3,43 Commando Staff 3,43 Photographer 3,43 Editorial Board 3,43 Genre Contributor 2,33 Industrial Arts Club l,2,3,43 618160 SICKLES, LEONA: Mid-Term Graduate: 1219159 SMAIL, SANDY: SMITH LORRIE: Intramural Bowling 43 FSA Treas. 43 Choraliers 1,2,33 Band 1,2,33 Band Sec. and Reporter 33 Chorus 1,2,33 School Musical3 Madrigal 1,31 Who's Who in American High School Students3 Pep Band 1,23 Chamber Music3 Ensemble 23 Mid-Term Graduate3 STRANGER, DAVE: SWEARINGER, LECIA: Home Ee Club 13 Art Club 1,23 NHS 3,43 SAA 33 High Honors I,2,3,4Q Who's Who in American High School Students: Mid-Term Graduate: 8127160 TABB, DREW: Mid-Term Graduate: VAN TRESS, JON: FFA 1,2,3,4: FFA Sec. 33 FFA V. Pres. 43 Track 1,23 Cross Country 33 Basketball 1,23 Football 1,23 Intramural Basketball 43 Band 1,23 Librarian 43 Honor Roll l,2,3,43 Society of Distinguished American High School Students 3,42 Homecoming Attendant 13 7115160 VLASAK, BECKY: Band: Pep Band: Band V. Pres.: Swing Choir: FSA3 912160 WADE, TIM: Industrial Arts, 43 Basketball 13 Pep Band l,2,3,43 Band Camp 33 Band 1,2,3,4Q Intramural Basketball 23 Solo-Ensemble 33 Olympic Band Festival 3,41 Little Six Band Festival 1,23 7129160 WATTERS, JEFF: 10118160 WAY, JULIE: FSA 43 FHA 1,2,4Q 6111160 WHITE, PEGGI: Class V. Pres. 13 Stu Co 23 Stu Co V. Pres. 43 GAA 13 GALS 2,3,43 Cheerleader l,2,3,43 Chorus 1,23 Girls' Chorus 1,23 Band l,2,3,43 Jazz Band 1,23 Band Ensemble l,2,3,43 NHS 3,43 Basketball 13 Interscholastic Bowling 2,3,4Q Track 1,2,33 Volleyball l,2,3,43 SAA: Chorus ensemble 1,22 Who's Who in American High School Students3 Society of Distinguished American High School Students3 8127160 WHITE, PENNI: Volleyball 13 Basketball l,2,3,43 Track l,2,3,43 Spanish Club 1,2,33 Class Pres. 13 Cheerleader 1,2,3,4Q GAA 13 GALS 2,3,43 Chorus 2,42 Band l,2,3,43 NHS 3,43 Stu Co 43 Bowling 3,42 SAA 33 Who's Who in American High School Students3 Band Ensemble 1,2,3,4Q Chorus Ensemble 43 High Honors l,2,3,43 Jazz Band 23 Girls's Chorus: 8127160 WILEY, LYNN: GAA 13 GALS 2,3,43 GALS Treas. 23 GALS V. Pres. 33 GALS Pres. 43 Art Club 3,43 Volleyball 2,3,43 Track 1,2,33 Basketball l,2,3,43 NHS 3,43 Commando Staff 43 Who's Who in American High School Students3 Intramurals: 5115160 WITHERELL, ALAN: Football 3,43 Intramural Basketball l,2,3,43 Track 1,2,3,4Q Boy's State 33 A-Club l,2,3,43 Industrial Arts 1,23 Lab Assistant 1,2,3,4Q Hall Monitor 43 Fall Play 3,43 2116160 Adkison, Mark Agans, Jeff Armstrong, Carol Benson, jim Bowton, Kelly 28 ,' Boyd, john Carrico, Tammy Cassity, Anita Christie, Mary Courter, Tim Cox, Jeff Cross, Erin Day, Tami ww E Dunn, Paul Dwyer, Andy Fawbush, Janet Fey, Nancy Fishel, Kelly Fox, Mike juniors hos K 1 C'9 ol r i ' I 973 ky:-.rqzz A l 1 .71 f K7 ID 9 I- Clit SIIGW 1 rr 'Sf H I r Q, Y Hulick, jeff johnson, Tony jones, Bob jones, R. C. Keime, Roger Kirby, Carl z Guilliatt, Angie Hammer, Jeff Harper, Penny Hawkins, Deann Haynes, Cathy Hessler, Paul Homer, Nancy Howard, Mike Friend, Bill Gabbert, jeff Gilbert, Linda Gladfelter, Dennis Gray, Tony Kisler, Cindy Kjellander, Walter Landon, Greg Landon, Jerry Larson, Brad Larson, Ronda Lee, Maria LeFort, john Lomax, Steve Mangieri, Joe 30 Mason, Mike Mathews, Rich McCune, Dave Miner, Donni Morris, Grant Moser, Lisa Nelson, Mark Onion, Teresa Ortery, Ann Peters, jill Poland, Patty Poole, Alan -A ,ar- . 7 ,.. 4 Quinn, Kelly Roberts, jim Sampson, Beth Scalf, Kert Schisler, Kay Schisler, Pam Settles, Marty Shinn, john Shipplett, Jeff Shoemate, Wendy Sickles, Kevin Stambaugh, Joe Tabb, Tom Thomas, Todd Thurman, Traci Turner, janet Wallis, Mike Washabaugh, Rhonda Way, Chris West, Carolyn Will, Kim fMcMillamJ Witherell, Celia Wolford, Steve 31 the Junior revnew you ain't seen nothin' yet The Junior Review was one of the great performances given in the Stockdale Auditorium this year. The program included thirteen talent acts. Mike Wallace and Anita Cassity were the M.C.'s for the evening. The show proved to be a successful money-making project and may well become a tradition at AHS. 32 lf f 'U ig .J ,-k,, 'fi' . I A A ,,. .1 ii 7 Note from Editor: Who is that guy? . 11 1 -in xg 4: L . -sn A - t Uv. . . y . W-A 'il- N - .4 4 J. , v X 4 I'll Drink to That! I'm So Confused!?! l fc ,, . Yue, J ,iff ,Qi 1' " A x ,A -f ' 1 I 'J C K 4' M I' M ' J 1'A'x N x Q.-V " ' " J vs ' .4 ,, n I 4 ' 55279 win 2 -V M if H .' X, kj .V g 6 , if -. I F H Q N. Q I " 1 Q, MM? ,....,A, 1?"' x ff . ri? sophomore Eloa Stacey Allrson Troy Andrews Laurie Bliss Jeff Boyd Sheri Brady Toby Brady janet Brand Danny Brown john Carter Alan Chase Larry Clayton Jody Combs Barry Conner Vonda Crews ,. if . fel B .1 1 Q... so C 'il , if 115 'Us JIITI Arnold john Beardsley x,-we N A P ll 3- 5 f. Q -.f Qi? 5 N? vm. ' 4' 1 .v -v -N v '?5i'5fili .-.,.L. HC. . , ' TV - P1 .k ,,. SQ t , K V . , v A W S. Mx 397' 4,17 'f-f ff. 4 . . ily ,' 'S-.fa !,l " - . 'Q .-f ni-,Y is 9 ' if 1 ' N ff., -as - yu Q , , -' 'r 15:1- wins first place for V ,f Q f, 1.4 i' I D - - ik , l MN A fjvggfe f l elee I fe 'rx -AVK so " 1 NN ' ,G 3 L, f f f1 fl ,I 5. ,X iz P ,N ,. -, Aaron Currens Ronnie Dejaynes Jim Derry Vaughn Donaldson Q .f fr Xl Denise Epperson Laurie Fishel Kenny Frey Mark Funk Larry Gabbert Cindy Gabriel Gwen Ginther Kent Gray Rhonda Hahn Mike Hall Sheri Hamman Teresa Harn Ronel Hastings Sally Haynes Terry Hertenstein Tammy Hogan Andy Hook Penny Housh Leon Howard Nancy Hutson Bill Icenogle Cathy Johnson Phyllis Johnson Carla Jones Kevin Keene jim Kidwell Kevin Lane Bub Lankford Julie Larsen jim Lee Mike Lucas Bill Lukehart Kay Malone Rose Mangieri jo Marks Scott McCann Mike McCune 36 L - Q ,L , .1 , i 5 -- --'- 2 -asf' 1 i..:3,Kf3...2 gig!f Ejjfffglzfsidisl, ' 935. " ML: x. AL. L ,153 ' . I ,a ' v' 'J . ,J .f 1 Y ' x 31 fx 1 w 4 1 My 7 if A5351 f . . 'ii Qs? 'sl' . , . F.. W. Q kwa x. BI ,g D55 , L Y ,,.. . ' .., - weave., W. .2 'L "STffLgQ7 -L 'L qf:Ji2iI 1 L TIE ? 3 QL ,Y L Aib- L1 as - L1 .fp-"i r' igilkf sl g:!e:.gjF':eafZ?s'35Pf Lim! . ,:w'P" qi - 1 L 1 ' 3 .. :,,.w,. . ..1'.f..'-.-5.91 K V 5,5 , ,., ,rte , LIL! L . i Ja If-:fi X33 g .13 Qi s' a- R X. 'X X WI' " in ir in A " I- 1 P Mig X .L ' Lt 1,15 ' '. il ii if' mt., . . L 1, Q L L ri flag :Lf - 51 1 ,yy 53 L f ffm 7 M-3 - ,iss L. ' Lf 21.45, - LLL. .-L'fI-:- M jNw1gWg1,giyL i y. 15.5.-:j. fj:"', ' ,Lng f g 'mm-""'i. ,,L, LL, L 2 I. : . 'fiff55il?iffffi , ' ' 75 ' 1" 15 Vt '21 T L ' f ' M i L Ly.. L lwksggn .... - L ggi , ' ' ,V f., LL t,,LkLggy ff K H . L.,, L L A ? JL K F -Lf I w 1 'H' 'HF' W'-r se -SX-'??sW .gs.s.Es2.i ':' L L. - L ' fe' 1 s . f REM 'glgix tw. N , L aw' . s 'fga-. i3 F:-ix Vyy' 1 KL s. -. .llgljw A ,,. y -41 L -- .fmgfpw-ri.' -lj' :' , ' 1- gg,-fu S: "Q: -W ..W"l ,.. R - . - xl . .A ' '- fi- ,,.r.qv!lKk1f y? inf I.", L A Us ,hr ' X I' 1 .. L K f7 X, ,l K r ,' '. . W . in A lille . Y fill 'G Q ,mx . A 43: , r l " Q, ,ef , Q ' ff-s, ...g,zL :Legg 1 e 1- 'W ,- 'lx X t f 1 v 373 ,A Di '-T Xxx KF? : -S 0, if Fx x I 'If'--L.-f...-'Q' f ,gli .gm If . 15. ,,.. it x W c A . i 1. Qu ,. 't -at Q , -ae ,fmt l -H' ' ' R 'riqa ::. 1. ,:: L 'ang ,. I ' 4 l "if-e'e'e""'3-f-7 f an f'fzze'1 ' . 'fgiiiigiigqafilsevflls 'le 1 L1 ,. ,. f . "f -v f F ' , ' Q Z in .si vsp ,314 1 f A 'L gi-34,21 'wr - 2 !!.5 .2 . Airs L lr s,,grY ll E , i , .N A., -,K-KX K .,, . ap. ill! .L L- , . .f of n .-1. .f-f . . A 4. sf W. ai sm. 8 1' Yan "' vu. , 9 l Q A J 4 3 ,4' x 1 I! -1. . l Dana McKee Doug Meadows Tim Miner joetta Nelson Darron Niles Gail Onion Brenda Ostrander Chris Palmer Russel Perry Lisa Peterson Shawn Peterson Ron Quinn Rick Ray Robin Ray Barry Rehling Kathy Riney Tina Robinson Kem Ross Rick Sandoval Randy Schisler Rhonda Schisler Robert Schleich Kerry Sebben Kelly Shinn Tim Simpson 37 Tammy Sluytre Kim Sotelo Craig Southwood Sherry Stoneking Steve Swanson Terri Swearingen Tammy Thompson Diana Thurman Rick Trulson 5 im , X . -. 1 A '- -. i t , ' ' Elia '--" Q. I .X '-,V , 1 iii ? ffiiiz f i 1, Wt . 2' i. 3 fifiiisim -Q T. :WR kim, X . . ie.. fwi. . Y -41' Q 31 ' ,BSVQL 4 ,,, SX :I 2 Yi Mig? 2 u -4. , f 4- fa. 1 A N ., A, 1 'NW , V.-f 4, ' f 5' ,,..,,' f fi JH: ,L 1 ly iw H Q: .117 ' K .1"' ' Ni , ., .L Laura Tubbs Ray Ulm Laurie Van Winkle Scott Vlasak Todd Way Jeff Wilson Susan Wingate Richard Woodruff john Wright A+ iii- 33 ,-www" 51" w-o""'a"'l Q ,,-uvvms -wx , David Adcock Mike Allen Tony Allison Todd Andrews Christy Austin Dlll' fl'6ShI11 ll year rf 'F-,ITP Kevin Baker Bonnie Batson Diana Batson Janet Beardsley Sherry Bent Tracy Boone Steve Boyd 3' J YB' V ' ,,. L' Q .- f ,win . , K -fi if' aj wfQ f" f . 3 p A ' T ee is is B g.,f!'3vg3,'lMAwkl . ' ii 6 . ,'fP?flffE":i'ffHTx ii' ,. , ., 5 .' If ' , SLT A M . T-FY N,,, E M , 'I if A i Q Dave Brackett Teri Brady wi EW , I YN, N ' 0 u we 'WNY Lee Brock af W 1 Q W -9 1' -fi, :.4 ,T iv , ,W E Y 1 L! W a . .,, 1. .--12 .a - fm. 1ww,.,,,f. 1 .--,.,qgiYi?- -. 4 H .mf wif. if 3 ss T, P" . S' Q b,. h ii! Chuck Brooks Debbie Brown Jeff Brown joe Burgess Charlene Cameron is- Donnie Diehl Tony Donley Lisa Eaton Steve Eibner Amy Elmore George Elmore Kim Fisk Mark Fox Peggy Franklin Anna Gilbert Kathy Gilbert Tim Gilbert Donna Ginther Tammy Glisan julie Godsil Mike Guilliatt Scott Hanson Robin Harrison Troy Havens Sarah Head Dawn Heacly john Hiatt Lori Howerter Shelly Huber Diana Hull 42 ,,,s Fg egsm farr ggi i 'sul' if W' , Afii 5 4' ' Y V Q77 li , 'N .K f N, XXX' . Ji '4 A 'xi' l i k by ' I " -Q , Q f -, :V:f1W'T'l-kr, a al f X 5 I ' 6' iff, 4--.....--' 1'f5fi?5?15Qj5zfeixiif :KC -, 4 , I T f , E il , ss, '11 Li Imfatuwll' i, .A 1 y .. , ,T . J , s 2 I yu, -is . W ,g,,.E,,. . ,A mf ,J .4 sity? ,fy f I ' f 51351 L ' 515171 fm X 1 K an f. - il fs-4 fe ' of F N 1 M. ' sq ig. .e ,T 435 r-.,,a.,....Qf.Q,- WY, - M- .4 ' ..- , A i K "JB:- ix --:-A IAAAVAA as--e...Na ' ' -F3 - f K ' , " A 'ii ' fjsig A . 11: nj' KS? e f- fx ' ri E fs -A .1 Q, A ...,,. i , .C K Q Ay JI.. S Q . .4-X af ' 5 l . .. lg. Q21-f"., .iii Vs. ' K ' " N' -V S- ,.,.., -Y.. , 'ki 'T' r " is S is ' l 1 'i X gt-': ,,,,.,,4T: . Q , I ,-wg? ig f"7 , .IA figegfi . 2 V A . Q5-5: , ' ' . f "' -L in e ,fi Q Q ix if g, ' 2 V Zi .L 2- :J gg Wgmglg-131 , N 4 '2 4 , A 1' 1 11, . -R: .55 , .Ni .Q ir' K Shelly Jacobs Cheri Johnson Karen Kjellander Tom Kloster Tonya Lanender Shelli Links Teresa Looney Karen Lukehart Greg Mason Tami Mathews Cathy McCune Jim McKeever David McNaught Nick McVey Nadine Miller john Moser Lori Nelson Melanie Niles Chris Olinger jim Olinger Candy Oloman Lorrie Ostrander Debbie Oyler Cydney Patterson Bryan Pierce 43 Roxanne Pierson April Poole Rod Prior Greg Ray Mary Ray Randy Ray Laurie Ruhl Patti Sampson David Samuels Mike Schisler Kayla Schoonover Lesa Schwarz Rob Sensabaugh Clancy Settles Penny Severns Kevin Shaffer Gina Shank Bill Shultz Gale Sickles Lee Simpson Steve Smith Mike Snyder Rick Stegall Ed Swearingen Terry Tabb Buddy Thurman Todd Thurman David Tinkham Terry Trulson Lori VanPatten Theresa Walker Tom Wallis Judy Webber Richard Wherley Susan Whitney jennifer Wingate Donna Woodruff Mitch Yoho Cheryl Youngren Natalie Zuck SENIORS: FRONT ROW: Mary Kay Cushing: Doug Moore: Penni White: Pete Kjellander. SECOND ROW: C. Stebbins, sponsor: jim Fey. president: Bev Peterson, vice president: fno picturel Patti Ortery, secretary: Lori Armstrong, treasurer: M. Atkins, sponsor: R. Worman, sponsor. YI Sponsor. FRESHMEN: FRONT ROW: Natalie Zuck: Richard Wherley: Janet Beardsley, vice president: SECOND ROW: Nick McVey, secretary and treasurer: G. Landon, sponsor: Steve Cox, president. J if fi is ' A JUNIORS: FRONT ROW: Lisa Moser, president: Beth Sampson, vice president: Tami Day, secretary: Cindy Kisler, treasurer: SECOND ROW: Angie Guilliatt: Teresa Onion: Carol Armstrong: Nancy Fey. THIRD ROW: T. Wimer, S. Cramer, and P. Glasnovich, sponsors. SOPHOMORES: FRONT ROW: Penny Housh: Mike Lucas: jo Ellen Marks: Brenda Ostrander. SECOND ROW: A. White, sponsor: Laura Tubbs. treasurer: Rose Mangieri, secretary: Kathy Riney, vice president: Rick Ray, president: D. Veach, a.h. . stud nt officers 46 sronrg varsity shadow does not ollow in '7 Rowl KL RJ M Mason R Prror D Epperson T Brewer M Sandereock R Hart, R Jones D Hanson T Thomas B Friend J Cox D Moore J Stambaugh M Lucas Row 2 CL RJ CoachONeal M Howard R Mathews P Kjellander A Witherell M Ray R Malone B Omon G Morrls D Jenklns B Jones R Fordyce M Fox J Mangxerl T Tabb D Adcock Row 3 KL RJ S Swanson G Landon, J. Boyd R Prxor J Dunn R Brown J Fey S DeJaynes M Walhs J Landon as .A- kysf l .,rJ I 5i?S?,zf5E4f.fi?:?1 if-fp: M1 J ,df X ef ,,,,',, J' LA? :ani QQVIA' 1. ZX' - l Q S- fl ' 3, V ' --' " , fs' Q Y :NYJ cf 7 , 5 - 'igwxefam A S E X IWW l3Sf SEHSOI1 f0 llil f "wr ' ll? Tony Brewer Rod Brown Steve Dejaynes eh. y sf 50 jim Dunn Dennis Epperson Jim Fey f 1-I iii! I Rod Fordyce Randy Hart Doug Hanson twenty seniors Dave Jenkins I. ,,,, V Ms we Doug Moore lj Mark Sandercock Pete Kjellander Rich Malone .l'!' Greg Morris Brian Onion -NQ, Randy Prior Mark Ray Mark D. johnson Alan Witherell ' w U - -- 3 V ,W mf Q, K A yg,vraq,1,.AJ :Mg ,,, I , K k"":,' in ' X b Q 3 .Ah K I t -'g , I , .I ,v', 31.3 ' L' - ' W , . - 1 1 -A', w V -Q" --- f - Football. you bet! 3' nv ,. fx? ,paw ,al- yizji' ,... ,, K Q, f, 31.11-,gf Q, , , f , ., -- 1.1. if , I - 1-r"H'w--..rv -f if 'X 2' 'F' K ,Q z 8 1 Q F K ,HL 2 1 3 , I M. . '!4gw'u 1,, f' L4 w "f5,g,WHw. ?..,-., I if 4-5 ,, , . K ,. ' ,, - A ' ' 1!3 w ,A 1 , IK 3 I .M as . EJ o 4 a N, vu ff' . e ', "' : 4 qfwbt .. - . , .Av .. A W , ,. ,K h , Q - ,,. 5, ,, f v - t A- Q' .ag " " ,yr x A 1 9' .rv ,V 'U '8 . 4 4- " M .f i, 5, N- -X.. as fa, I Q9 un s I IW? ws. 1 lf. . f ,,,, K ' ' varsit look 1 KL RJ S Swanson,M.McCune G Ray M Davrs T Tabb T Andrews J Ohnger G Omon C Settles N McVey R Sensabaugh T Thurman T Hertenstem att J Brown B Shultz, D Adcock Row 2 CL RJ Coach Veach B Rehhng C Brooks S McCann T Palmer T Way T Andrews K Keene D Nrles T S Elbner R Sandoval,J Lee R Ray S Vlasak J Beardsley B Pxerce S Smrth Coach Hochstatter E x J of iw Q, volleyball has its ups and downs .--uni row 1 l to r: A. Cassity, L. Moser, P. White, T. Onion, C. Witherell. row 2: mgr. T. Swearingen, B. Sampson, R. Washabaugh. P. Morris, L. Wiley J. Severns, Grider. Coach M. Shidler. I W.-gp -S4 seniors are few .gs .,. ,s LA.. Cf' "'-Q.. L.. . six- janice Grider I've heard of Gang Wars, but this is ridiculous! M...-v'-"""i -i- M . , r Jerri Severns s Y ' EP Patty Morris ill E. The style of a winner. l to r: Peggi White Lynn Wiley H1088 that will l'Btlll'lI ia 70 64 4' wer 'ia 'qw' Row 1 C1 to rj R. Hahn, D. Epperson. T. Day, J. Wingate, S. Head, P. Severns. Row 2 Mgr. T. L. Peterson, M. Ray. Coach M. Shidler. Swearingcn, T. Lavender. R. Mangieri, B. Ostander. J. Beardsley naw? .,'u. lrnn- fi fx mm... 56 COBCIIES Df 1 , 5 . a IMargaret Atkins: Head Coach, Girls Bowling, Track if' W., . K ,Ib -if M. ,:... ' IDan Veach: Head Coach, Freshman Basketball, Asst. Track, JV Football fi, ' jim Hochstatter: Head Coach, JV Football Mary Shidler: Head Coach, Girls Volleyball, JV 7899 Max Boyd: Asst. Coach, Varsity Football Leon O'Neal: Head Coach, Track, Varsity Football Gary Carlton: Head Coach, Varsity Basketball, Phil Glasnovich: Head Coach, Sophomore Basketball, Asst. Varsity Basketball George Landon, Athletic Director E Varsity Basketball, Track 57 fall SP0l'tS IIHVE l'0llgh S8380 VARSITY FOOTBALL C4 wins 5 lossesj Alexis 21 Abingdon R.O.V.A. 13 Abingdon Monmouth 44 Abingdon Rockridge forfeit Orion 0 Abingdon Aledo 21 Abingdon Knoxville 14 Abingdon Westmer 13 Abingdon Sherrard 6 Abingdon JV FOOTBALL fl win 6 losses 1 tiej Alexis 8 Abingdon Monmouth 8 Abingdon Rockridge forfeit Orion 14 Abingdon Aledo 32 Abingdon Knoxville 20 Abingdon Westmer 0 Abingdon Sherrard 8 Abingdon VARSITY VOLLEYBALL 13 wins 8 lossesj Aledo-Lost Monmouth-Lost Union-Won Rockridge-Lost Avon-Lost Orion-Won Aledo-Lost Knoxville-Won Westmer-Lost Northwestern-Lost Sherrard-Lost 58 JV VOLLEYBALL K4 wins 6 lossesb Monmouth-Lost Union-Won Rockridge-Lost Avon-Won Orion Won Aledo-Lost Knoxville-Lost Westmer-Won Northwestern-Lost Sherrard-Lost Q? irls go to state Qagainj in ff 8" ow 1 1 to r: L. Eaton, P. White, P. Severns, D. Epperson, A. Poole. row 2: J. Severns, C. Way, P. White, S.jacobs, J. Beardsley, E.. Peterson, Coach M. Atkins. 0 f '1"R gy L ah cheerleaders Eire up th commando 1 to r: L. Nelson, P. Housh, L. Eaton, J. Beardsley, P. Severns. Tis.. 6 fx! -.un- ...fly top to bottom: T. Day, T. Thurman, B. Peterson, P. White, J Severns, P. White. . F 1 COOIO f 'X ,al top to bottom: K. Ryan, G. Morris, B. Jones. 42- ...f- Q-fl .mv sn 'sms' A-an - M. -,-f -F f-f .. -f. -was A MMR-fe K nnz:wn.,..f.AX,x1 : -. n1,.7...5,wwM,1 ff, - V Ygagngf . mv W I . M im ! K rg-is ,.....- 4 ' 3 ,Q 1 N yi, H, N A Wy K' 'N x xx fa x W, Hxs A W' J be L ,.f , ks 'asp' ,Lf I f -.2-' gl 5 KM 1,71 . 5 ' ' , K 'L 11' P -., N Q L. 6 rg. R. ' x 1 iw mmfw- f 1' XM W., , gg, xv .13 tough season for n w coach L-a lst row I to r: M. Ray, P. Hessler, D. Moore, J. Cox, T. Way, R. Cox, mgr. R. Prior. 2nd row: Coach Gary Carlton, R. Mathews, D. jenkins, S Dejaynes, G. Landon, R. Malone, D. Epperson, M. Wallis E 3? Come on will you quit hanging around! How's the wife and kids, Gary? 62 W on A l V n nn , Randy Cox Steve Dejaynes Dennis Epperson U -:hh Dave Jenkins Doug Moore Mark Ray i first win in n w dunlap gy I . .vw Q . lei -.I LY 'Q f 1 H f Q l. , s J 'bf 'cull' Q We 3' lst row l to r: S. Swanson, M. McCune, B. Rehling, R. Dejaynes, R. Sandoval, mgr, R. Prior. 2nd row: T. Andrews, T. Andrews, T. Way, B. Pierce J. Beardsley, T. Palmer, C. Southwood, D. Diehl, Coach Phil Glasnovich. 64 Q ' - lily. ,gf 4 W fi M' l P: an Q i .Aw-tk x, sophomores h lp varsity throug tough seaso Vk+!K4N'.V j"'?iA'0c, 1 N' C . q'f'i1'1'V 5 2 rj 5 U 10 . is W TJ L if 'Aw JsM'v0Q, HAM. 'fo Q.. lst row 1 to ri mgr. T. Day. R. Hahn. T, Thurman, D. Epperson, T. Carrico, J. I-Iutson. 2nd row: Coach Mary Shidler, mgr. L. Tubbs. P. M4 P. White, R. Mangieri, L. Wiley, A. Ortery. B. Ostrander. N, Fey. f' ,M A N0 A wuz, 5 qv ' 1- 30 Lynn Wiley Penni White Patty Morris Janice Hutson rush-soph proves to b est in 99 1 1 to r: L, Ostrandcr. L. Ruhl. S. Head, C. McCune, N. Millerl D. Eppcrson, Coach Mary Shidlcr. row 2: M. Ray. S. Whitney, B. Butson, L. Blmss R M IHQJLII Ostrandcr, R. Hahn. mgr. L. Tubbs. mgr. T. Day. .45-' Q.. K 5,X sr 40 i c Yyi Q an , W gm v 5 gk , ., sg .. , , """'M---...., - 2.g.,,.14 X knox county champ lst row l to r: Coach Leon O'Neal, J. Stambaugh, S. Shipplett, D. Niles, T. Goodwin, R. Mathews, J. Agans, Coach Dan Veach. 2nd row: T. Hertenstein, B. Icenogl B. Shultz, N. McVey, P. Kjellander, A. Witherell, R. Malone. 3rd row: mgr. R. Prior, M. Guilliatt, S. Eibner, T. Wallis,j. Beardsley, D. Moore,J. Van Tress, G. Mason K. Ryan, R. Sensabaugh, J. Mangieri, J. Fey, B. Jones, M. Adkinson. 1+ 54 X usfwnv 4' fa . vw Us aftvfi 5-'AAKA j3lIEt flll'lI6l' WIIIS at stat 4, ,ul . ww- " f... 1 1 ' 2 it ., . . . . , iris: , .3 wel. uf, -ug ,sq aryl' f ,S 41, fl, l , 1, - Q Q! gf.. 5 i gan: ' a f- , -- ' will 6, X ' T ' ...ra 'fe ' Xzrsif' l .Y , I mum M125 -at , . , - .W - 4 . K, N , X 53? I .....,.,r- 4. V 5 a ny - R . 44: . U... . ,, B Lgxx , .X . .,,4..,,.g . f ' 'wi ith, ' Y -...ws , .fa- , r,. K' ' 1, " Ar m? f -V "M2 f'1i ' f ,,,, , f, A A fi ,, . ,gf sf WL gym -pf , f- '92 K -. ..-at 'f'.Ln-. " 15 N!,1Q,,, . ' .Q -K' "ef fx . , , I f . ir F451 .' V "5 1 4 Z.. '. ..fY.'f5ff ' J.. Q 5 .L it .-,gli .' ,7 af- 'M '- ..1 .Jr -Lx ' Ax I . , e i ' j ,. F' I - V- " X , 'P Q . fi ' 1, .f , ir N :Q JW., A - ima' V .. -I' .. ', .... . K ' ' 73' rl' SQ? ' it '- ff "' "1-.,-,f-w, xwzi 1w.ff:"W " '...-1. Q- . M.-x'Vl -,M :WT JM, i. 1. ., .Sa , ...M ' Iv Wi x .5 if 4'lii53"'f1 ' We i 71357 "wi-a . . .f5'ii':i7 - L ' " nr NN 4 ,Q This year, Janet Turner shattered all school records for the girls in the long jump, and went on to win first place at state, something no other girl from Abingdon has ever done in track. On her third jump of the day, janet broke her old record by almost two feet by leaping 18'4 1f2". Along with the long jump, Janet also did the high jump and the 440 relay. 70 u x above l to r: D. Epperson, L. Bliss, R. Ray, T. Swearingen, J. Turner, J. Hutson, M. Ray P. White, R. Hahn, N. Hutson, B. Ostrander, N. Fey, J. Wingate, J. Breadsley. opposite P. Housh, L. Ruhl, N. Miller, D. Brown, J. Marks 1-4, 'Bl Q- .Q "-avi ""k,-sv. iq: lin.: ww- -. :Q . A, K L- 'X-xw,ffw. N : al -vi,:f', g k , 3 W l L 6 Q- -- A A fy!! :DAQ .553-". 9l"'1'.,MaxR?i2I, .fxljiwrd gi , if A h 4 Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon 72 track team ha e est record ROVA Alexis Aledo Rockridge Bushnell PC Monmouth Nauvoo Colusa Roseville Sherrard Westmer Knoxville JV BASKETBALL ROVA Alexis Rockridge Bushnell PC Monmouth Roseville Sherrard Westmer Knoxville Orion Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon 16 WINS 14 LOSSESJ Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Orion Williamsfield Aledo I Rockridge Sherrard Knoxville Orion Monmouth Westmer Yorkwood Monmouth ROVA Williamsfield Aledo Rockridge Sherrard Knoxville Orion Monmouth Aledo Westmer GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL C2 WINS 8 LOSSESJ Westmer Valley Monmouth Rockridge Union Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Orion Aledo Knoxville Westmer Northwestern GIRLS JV BASKETBALL15 WINS 4 LOSSES Valley Monmouth Rockridge Union Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Abingdon Aledo Knoxville Westmer Northwestern 1 .L VARSITY GIRLS TRACK C3 WINS 2 LOSSES! Warren 85 45 Alexis 83 Knoxville 46 Yates City Orion 38 Invitational Tournament 13th place Olympic Conference Tournament Abingdon 29 Westmer 15 Orion Knoxville 8 White 110 low hurdles 3rd place Turner long Jump 2nd place high jump 4th place Turner long Jump lst place 18' 41fz" record VARSITY BOYS TRACK 7 WINS 2 LOSSESJ Costa 451 2 Farmington 951 2 1091 2 Warren 311 2 921 2 ROVA 531 2 61112 Al6dO 79112 Alexis Sherrard Knoxville Orion Roseville 591 2 Valle Olympic Conference Tournament Monmouth 62 Knoxville Rockridge 61 Sherrard 50 Westmer 26 Orion fShipplett, Malone, Witherell Mathewsj 2nd place Goodwin 5th place Shipplett 4th place Fey 2nd place Shipplett 2nd place Witherell 1st place fFey, Moore, Shipplett Mathewsb 3rd place Y Knox Co. Champs .. . 'Q 'EGP X 4 53 Q. W . Q r: ? Wh, ,v 4, I ag sf' i .wave nu F 1, FN mgbny- Aw. , ,, ...f.u.w..w . ,,..,. W Q K If M1 I 8 -O' . H ,L ,gtg ACTIVITIEQSS a-club holds fun nigh ' 'N-qv ' x. .ef ,I E his F 9 'Q l . i Q l I 1 l W.. fflwmwfwa-gi.1.,aM..Hi- . .. f 1 mimimwwaaf, .f aff., lst row: l to r: A. Dwyer, R. Prior, J. Admire, D. Moore. R. Fordyce, R. Malone. R. Sandoval. B. Jones. K. Ryan. A. Witherell, J. Fey, 2nd row: -I. Stambaugh. P. Hessler. G. Morris. J. Brown. D. Hanson. G. Landon, R.C. jones. S. Lomax. T. Way. M. Ray. T. Thomas. J. Mangieri, T. Brewer l to r: Jim Fey, V. pres.1 Rod Fordyce, pres.: Rich Malone. sgt, at arms: not pictured- Randy Hart see.-trcas. and Coach Sonny O'Neal. sponsor The A-Club this year has had much difficulty in planning activities due to the move to the new school. However. through the cooperation and efforts of Coach O'Neal and the group, several fun nights were planned as well as a weight lifting contest. avc gives practical erience Afternoon AVC: Row QL to RQ Ann Ortery, Nancy Homer, Chris Way, janet Turner, Patty Poland, Penny Harper, Row 2 Denise La Follette, Kelly Quinn, Jeff Watters, Mark D. Johnson, Bill Colwell, Tony Gray, john Hall, Row 3 Marty Settles, Randy Prior, Ernie Currey, Kert Scalf, Donny Miner, Bill Friend, Steve Gabbert, Row 4 John Shinn, Dennis Gladfelter, joe Stambaugh, Tom Goodwin, jeff Admire, Mike Mason, Rod Brown, Mike Fox. The Area Vocational School in Galesburg is designed to prepare students for jobs or to provide a basis for continu- ing their education. Classes offered at AVC are Building Trades, Welding, Health Occupations, Child Care, Electronics, Auto Mechanics and Drafting. Each class is two hours long, and each student receives two credits for the class. The first semester of most of the classes is spent studying procedures, and in the second semester the students get practical experience. Morning AVC: Row 1 QL to Rl Andy Dwyer, jim Roberts, Steve Lomax, Jeff Hammer. Row 2 joe Mangieri, Mark Nelson, Kevin Gray, Mark S. johnson. Row 3 Bob jones, Peggi White, Tim Heimer. Y X 'Qu 77 art club ponsors gong show I I 0 kneeling l to r: B. Johnson, D. Heady, S. Head, A. Gilbert, seated: C. Cameron. L. Van Winkle, M. Niles, S. Wingate, D. Eppersor G. Shank, J. Webber The Art Club has kept a busy schedule this year. Their main project was sponsoring the Gong Show i1 the spring. They also co-sponsored the St. Patrick's Day Disco Dance. In the fall, the Art Club attende the Knox-Henry County Art Show. They also challenged the Industrial Arts Club to a basketball gam and the FSA to a volleyball game. left to right: jeff Agans, treas.g Lynn Wiley, reporter: Dennis Epperson. pres.g Toni Lee, sec.3 Grant Morris v. pres., Mr. Dan Agans, sponsor lx 4 9 f' -f - .. Left to Right-Standing, Mr. Wilson, director: -I. Dejaynes: M. Lucas: T. Thurman: R. Ray: A. Gilbert: T. Hertenstein, R. Prior, M. johnson: R. Prior: R. Stegall R. Ulm, T. Havens: Row 3, P. White: J. Gridergj. I-Iutscngj. Marks: S. Vlasak: P. Kjellander: M. Cushing: P. Dunn: M. Howard: P. Housh: T. Boone: L. Howcrter S. Shipplett, T. Wade, W. Kjellander: T. Thurman: D. Heady: S. Head: N. Hutson: D. Ginther: L. Gilbert: Row 2.j. Arnold: D. Epperson: G. Ginther: L. clemens R. Pierson: T. Onion. J. Wingate: C. Cameron: G. Dudding: K. Malone: N. Fey: L. Tubbs: K. Bowton: Row 1, B. Connell: L. Van. Patton: P. Severns: A. Elmore T. Matthews: D, Brown: L. Peterson: N. Miller. fNot pictured, P. Whitej The AHS Band has had a very busy year. They I Q began with marching in the Labor Day Parade in Galesburg. They marched in the Western Illinois University Homecoming Parade and f P later in the Abingdon Homecoming Parade and Game. They finished the marching season with the Abingdon Santa Claus Parade. t f. iii gegi I iXi:ff. The band performed at the home varsity football J TC v and basketball games, and the Pep Band played 3 0 at the Pep Rallies. The members attended the MM Pump. State Solo 81, Ensemble Contest in Lewistown, where they placed ten I's and eight II's. Two of . the ensembles played at the Easter Sunrise --..... Service. The band gave a Mid-Winter Concert and a Spring "Pops" Concert. They also made a concert tour to Roseville and Spoon River Valley High Schools. They attended the Olympic Festival at Monmouth. They finished the year by playing at the Graduation and the Memorial Day Service. -l Drum Majorette: Janice Grider s Pon-Pom Squad: Top to Bottom, T. Onion: L. Peterson: B. Connellg L. Clemens: A. Elmore: T. Matthews: G. Ginther: J. Grider Q u iii KN XP' .Q h Hgh f'x,si3sw Band officersg seated: Randy Prior, Janice Grider-Presidents. standing: Charlene Cameron-librarian, Bridget Connell-vice-president, Jo Ellen Marks-secretary-treasurer, Todd Thurman-librarian irl horus ow 1: Teresa Dejaynes, Kathy Haynes, Barb johnson, Deanne Hawkins, Penni White, Laurie Ruhl, Chris Palmer, eresa Onion, Row 2: Anna Gilbert, Kim Fisk, Joanne Bowers, Gina Shank, Jody Combs, Susie Whitney, Tony avender, Lisa Schwarz, Darla Brown, Lori Fishel, Row 3: Marlene Theilen, Paggy Franklin, Sherry Thompson. Julie odsil, Tracy Clarke, Tony Lee, Tammy Carrico, Claudia Fairbank, Rhonda Hahn, Teri Day, Row 4: Kim Sotello. iana Thurman, Kay Malone, Carla jones, Kelly Bowton, Angie Guilliatt, Janet Fawbush, Celia Witherell, Lisa Moser. harlene Cameron, Row 5: Tracey Boone, Pam Schesler, Rhonda Schleich, Diana Hull, Phyllis johnson, Christy ustin, Bonnie Batson, Erin Cross, Teri Brady, Sarah Cross. f Both Girl's Chorus and Mixed Chorus participated in many activities this year. These included the Olympic Choral Festival at Rockridge High School in November, providing for the Community Thanksgiving Service, a Christmas Concert with the Junior High, providing music for the Community Palm Sunday Service, participating in IHSA organization contest at Knoxville, and performing at the annual Spring Concert with the Junior High. Each chorus received a lst at Contest this year. s as y,,,,,, ku it RXUZ N3 " ,QB ' -12.19 me xt., T Officers: Rhonda Hahn-Treasurer, David Stranger- front center: Darla Brown-President. Ensemble: Kelly Bowton, janet Fawbush, Teresa Onion. 83 X mix choru T Row 1: Teresa Dejaynes, Kathy Haynes, Barb johnson, Susie Whitney, Deanne Hawkins, Penni White, Toni Lavender, joc Combs, Laurie Ruhl, Chris Palmer, Row 2: Kay Malone, Alan Chase, Mike Wallis. Rick Ray, David Adcock, Mark Adkison, Kev Keene, Tony Donley, David Nc-Naught, john Dejaynes. Row 3: Anna Gilbert, Kim Fisk, Joanne Bowers, Gina Shank, Randy Pric Mike Lucas, Walter Kjellander, Steve Hiatt, David Stranger. Lisa Schwarz, Darla Brown, Lori Fishel, Row 4: Marlene Theile Peggy Franklin, Sherry Thompson, Julie Godsil, Tracy Clarke, Toni Lee. Tammy Carrico, Claudia Fairbank, Teresa Onion, Rhona Hahn, Teri Day, Row 5: Kim Sotello, Dianna Thurman, Carla Jones, Kelly Bowton, Angie Guilliatt, janet Fawbush, Celia Withere Lisa Moser, Charlene Cameron, Rod Prior, Row 6: Tracey Boone, Pam Schisler, Rhonda Schliech, Diana Hull, Phyllis Johnso Christy Austin, Bonnie Batson, Erin Cross, Sarah Cross, Teri Brady. 'it i f e ff l, . " I ii Q 5' Qfifffi fi, '. . sas -. .Ar pr- ,,,f,f-gg Ei- ' Accompanists: Kelly Bowton, janet Fawbush, nsemble: Row 1: Rod Prior, John Dejaynes, Mike Wallis, Row 2: Rick Ray, Tony Bonley, Mark Adkison, David Adcock ,fx fi Penm White, Ten Day, Lisa Mosher, Celia Witherell, Erin Cross, julie Godsil, Tracy Anna Gilbert swing choi L to R: David Stranger, Kim Sotello, Kevin Keene, Lisa Moser, Tony Donley, Ann Ortery. john Dejaynes, Cathy Haynes, David Adcock, Kelly Bowton. Bryan Susie Whitney, Todd Thurman, Marlene Theilon, Rod Prior, Anna Gilbert, Mike Lucas, janet Fawbush, David McNaught, Rhonda Hahn, Rick Ray, Teresa Randy Prior, Laura Tubbs, Kevin Pierce, Tracey Boone ACTS Ensemble: Row 1: Rick Ray, Susie Whitney, Anna Gilbert, Row 2: Kevin Keene, Mike Wallis Swing Choir's busy year included performances at the Olympic Conference Choral Festival, the Christmas Concert, the Spring Concert, Contest, and a few around the community. Swing Choir, directed by Miss Barbara Stringfield, held practice every Tuesday morning at seven a.m. Four or five members of the choir choriographed the songs used for dances. And then taught the dances to the rest of the choir. For Contest they performed to these tunes, TRAVELIN' FREEDOM'S ROAD and I WON'T LAST A DAY WITHOUT YOU. Some of their other selections were CELEBRATE, O, BLESS THE LORD MY SOUL, HARMONY, and IT'S A WONDERFUL THING TO BE ME. Each year a few members are sent to Swing Camp at Western Illinois University, July 9-15. Those who went this summer are Ann Ortery, Todd Thurman, Tony Donley, Rick Ray, David Stranger, Janet Fawbush, and Kelly Bowton. Ensemble: Susie Whitney, Rhonda Hahn, Marlene Theilen .M x Ha wins sec. iv award ucas, J. Armstrong, J. Derry, R. Brown, J. Fey FFA officers 1977-78, l to r: Robin Ray, sentinel, Lori Bliss, asst. treas.3 Mark Ray, pres.g Robert Schleich, treas., Jon VanTress, v. pres.3 Barry Rehling, reporter, Ken Ryan, sec. Many activities were planned and completed by the Abingdon Chapter of FFA. These included their annual chili supper and parentfson or daughter banquet, sold garden seeds and held a slave' auction. Among the honors received by individual members were Jim Dunn, section IV beef award and Mark Ray, who won the state farmer degree in FFA, which is the highest degree given in the state to local members. As a group, the FFA received 2nd place in section IV in Parliamentary Procedure and agricultural mechanics and 3rd place in grain judging. Other activities of FFA, were farming 45 acres in soybeans and corn and aided in moving library books and the individual teachers to the new school. 1, l to r: A. Chase, M, Schisler, M. Cox, G. Ray, B. Rehling, L. Bliss, R. Ray, M. Ray, R. Wherley S Hanson T Trulson Mr Wimer sponsor row Hall, M. Sickles, D. Brown, M. Snyder, D. Meadows, P. Housh, J. Marks, L. Peterson, P. Dunn, T Thomas M Hall R Sandoval row 3 D Niles rocks, J. Kidwell, K. Pierce, K. Ryan, K. Keene, J. VanTress, K. Sickles, R. Malone, M. Ray, G. Landon row 4 B lcenogle R Prior P Hessler M new sponsor for hom Seated l to r: P. Schisler, W. Shoemate, D. Brown. K. Haynes standing l to r: Mrs Werder, sponsor: T. Day, T. Thompson, S Links. N. Zuck, R. Larson, K. Cox, V Johnson, T. Thurman, C. Oloman. J. Way, A. Haynes ff .l . A ': QL 4 "Vi 'D N 7 " 6w'?x!QL lM.wg,.'ujQ?'- 2 5 1 11" g.. I Y , . ,Q 88 AX.. 5 i ,mm Tb 55 V" ' sa...-x 'H-. 1978 Home Ec. officers: Darla Brown, pres,: Wendy Shoemate, v. pres.: Kathy Haynes, sec.: Pam Schisler, treas. The Home Economics Club this year had a new sponsor. Mrs. Betty Werder, in coming to Abingdon High School, brought many new ideas and kept the members quite busy with some of them The members this year viewed a cake decorating demonstration, held a pizza party, co-sponsored the St. Patrick's Day Dance, and held a Senior farewell banquet at Abbe Lanes. Through the efforts of Mrs. Werder, the Home Economics Club next year will be affiliated with the state's FHA, and will compete in contests with other schools in their FHA district. industrial arts plans activities ffl w 1 lto r R Ray J Moser R DeJaynes J Dejaynes G Mason C Settles K Gray row 2: D. Moore, M. Fox, M. Funk, M. McCune, Baker S Cox D McCune T Tabb T Havens R Prior J Arnold row3 Mr Archer sponsorgR. Sensabaugh, S. Wolford, L. Gabbert, Vlasak T Thurman T Wallis J Cox C Olmger B Lankford R Stegall bottom to top: J. Brown, R. Allisong K. Pierce, D. Niles, Wade J Lee J Shipplett S Eibner M Johnson R Prior T Brewer T Goodwin S. Shipplett Industrial Arts Club Officers 1977-78, top to bottom: Jeff Cox, president Scott Shipplett. vice president Randy Prior, secretary Mark S. Johnson. treasurer In 1978, the Industrial Arts members gained a new, spacious facility in which to work with the move to the new high school. At the annual Art ClubfIndustrial Arts Club basketball game, the Industrial Arts Club lost. This however, did not stop the members from planning a skating party, or bowling party. 89 students obtain publications offic fl ' row 1: l to r: Angie Guilliatt, Nancy Fey, Teresa Olinger, Sherri Peck Doug Moore Lynn row 2: Rod Fordyce, Dave jenkins, Steve Dejaynes, Bruce Hammon af' Commando editor Sherri Peck graduated mid-term, leaving assistant editor Teresa Olinger as editor for the rest of the year. With the move to the new high school and the addition of a Student Publications Office, the Commando staff finally had a suitable environment in which to produce the stories to be published on the Commando page. The COMMANDO Staff Sherri Peck-editor Jan. 77 to Jan. 78, Teresa Olinger-editor jan. 78 to June 78, Nancy Fey-asst. editor, Angie Guilliatt-Feature editor, Doug Moore-Men's Sports editor, Lynn Wiley-Women's Sports editor, Rod Fordyce, Dave jenkins, Steve Dejaynes, Bruce Hammon-reporters 90 ,4uY'oNN ,s. Y .1-. A I la r , fly: lI3fl8l' staff PPBPHPGS RCW SeCfi0l1 , ,,i. ...M ,xzZ, ,if, , ,,,,,, H. ,.., ,b,V, J L , row' l to r: B. Connell, K. Bowton, S. Bates, J. Hutson, 2nd row: B. Peterson, J. Fawbush, M. Q B. Pierce, 3rd row: J. Guilliatt, D. Epperson, J. Landon, P. Kjellander, S. Shipplett Q V ,J XS- f The 1978 Tatler Staff was kept quite busy this year. The job of producing a yearbook is quite a task in itself without the added attractions of a new school, dedication ceremonies, and exchange students for instance. The Tatler Staff this year prepared a 130 page yearbook, featuring the theme, "Silhouettes of Change", six pages of color, and a special reverse print section. Besides worry about deadlines and the yearbook, The Tatler Staff, along with the Commando staff, sold M and M's as a money making project. The TATLER Staff Bev Peterson-editor, Bridget Connell-activities editor, Janice I-Iutson-activities, Janet Fawbush-advertising, Kelly Bowton-advertising Mary Cushing-special events, Sallie Bates-Classes, Dennis Epperson -sports, Pet Kjellander-faculty and administration, Scott Shipplett -head photographer, Jerry Landon-asst. photographer, Bobbi Pierce -special events, Jim Guilliatt-sports, Cnot picturedj Dan Weinstein-asst. photographer ed. board launches quill and scrol it ig, H ri S L 'Q 'Y X 9' The Editorial Board, consisting of editors of Tatler and Commando, and assistant editors of each, plus photographers, had quite a job this year. In June of 1977, Abingdon High School was granted authority to start a Quill and Scroll chapter. The Editorial Board and Mr. Hufnagl took on this responsibility, and by the spring of '78, the Quill and Scroll chapter of Abingdon High School was firmly established. Throughout the year, the Editorial Board held numerous meetings, and made various decisions concerning the TATLER and COMMANDO publications. 92 l to r: Kelly Bowton, Teresa Olinger, Jerry Landon, Bev Peterson, Scott Shipplett Sherri Peck Nancy Fey fp,-f f,,....-. N... - QT Librarians for the 77-78 school year were: K. Malone,J. Van Tress, R. Ray, T. Robinson, L. Peterson, S. Allison, J. Fey, M. Howard, S. Head, R. Ray, J. Armstrong, B. Rehling, K. Palmer, M. Cushing, R. Schliech, D. Meadows, J. Beardsley, N. Fey, T. Thurman, S. Swanson, B. Sampson, C. Armstrong, and C. Kisler. " X 1: mg 1, .. M, , ., L VV W "v1 tudents serve s hool Lab assistants for 77-78 were R. Day, D. McCune, J. Cox The librarians are in charge of the library each hour. They help check books in and out, control the library, and sort books. These students also put in many hours packing and unpacking books in the move to the new school. The "right-hand" men of the Biology department were the lab assistants, Rick Day, Dave McCune, and Jeff Cox. Each of these students put in one to two periods each day helping the teachers. Their main duties consisted of washing equipment, setting up labs, mixing chemicals, caring for the animals, assisting in labs Cespecially while dissectingj, using the office machines, and assisting on field trips. They also kept busy stapling papers, running errands, and grading lab manuals. 93 nh hold ake sale lst row, l to r: Kim Palmer, Penni White, Chris De-Crane, Lori Armstrong, Lynn Wiley 2nd row: Mr. Worman, sponsor: Teresa Olinger, Randy Cox, Patty Morris, Pete Kjellander, Bev Peterson, Rod Fordyce the National Honor Society held induction March 28. Fifteen new me were inducted as shown in the pic . . -C l 1 This year the Claire Johnson Chapi A r frightl From left to right they are Morris Jerry Landon, Jeff Admire Cox,janet Fawbush, Cindy Kisler, T Onion, Angie Guilliatt, Nancy Fey, Bowton, Anita Cassity, Bridget Co Jerri Severns, Jon VanTress, and Weinstein The members of the National Honor Society were very busy this year. Throughout the school year, they held bake sales to raise money, and decided to set up a fund for buying gifts for the school with some of this money. In April, the NHS sponsored a student exchange between the Avon and Bushnell-Prairie City High Schools for one day. The National Honor Society members also acted as guides during the open house and dedication ceremonies and selected the student of the month. 94 pw-w.f. . v n stud nts cadet teach Xvf' Student Action for Education, S.A.E., is an Q organization designed to acquaint students with the varying aspects of education. Several girls were given Ki the opportunity to cadet teach at the grade school. They were: Cathy Haynes - 2nd grade, Wendy Shoemate v Art, Audrey Haynes - 2nd grade, Tami Day - 4th grade, Marlene Theilen - 4th grade, Jerri Severns - Kindergarten, and Carol Armstrong - 5th grade. Through this program the students can explore further into a career of elementary education. Row 1: Tami Day, Marlene Theilen. Row 2: Mr. Cuba, Advisor, Kathy Haynes, Wendy Shoemate, Audrey Haynes. Not pictured: Jerri Lynn Severns and Carol Armstrong 95 E53 Seated l to rt C. DeCrane, K. Bird, R. Schleich, A. Cassity, standing: A. Haynes, V. johnson, D. Brown, B. Vlasak, K. Quinn, P. Morris, Mrs. Cramer, sponsor, R. Hum- mell, A. Brackett, J. Grider, C. Armstrong, J. Way, D. Hawkins, L. Gilbert, B. Peterson ,E ,. ff' -fide' sxi : S A 1. ag A ,. ,. A-1 gm ,,- EY S 292. M ik R, inducts new m mbers .ga '..,---' Q -. Q -is f'5,?'?X?Q1itgkjj'45 s ..v....,sw'f,5.ifR .qt 1 to r: Rosemary Hummell, treas.: Lorrie Smith, sec.: Audrey Haynes, v. pres.: Patty Morris. pres. In the fall, the Future Secretaries Association inducted 16 new members into the Abingdon chapter, and held a Christmas party. This year, the members of FSA sponsored speakers for some of their meetings. among them were a court reporter from Midstate College, and some National Secretaries Association members who told about their jobs. arla and rick place at district my fl '..,4x Q W r Those participating in speech contest were Darla Brown, poetry: Scott Shipplet, Rick Ray, Bruce Hamman. Pete Kjellander The Speech club participated in the Yates City Speech Contest and District Speech Contest. Categories in which contestants participated were prose reading, verse reading, humorous, interpretation, oratorical, declamation, dramatic duet, and humorous duet. Those placing at the District Speech Contest were Darla Brown and Rick Ray, 6th, with a humorous duet and Rick Ray, 4th, with an oratorical declamation. Other members of the Speech Club were Bruce Hamman. Scott Shipplet, and Pete Kjellander with Mrs. Anita White as sponsor. Stl! C0 SEIPVBS stud nf' ,V yt - . -R Q .hy 1 ll v . K , X . Student Council officers for 1977-78: Teresa Onion, treas.g Pete Kjellander, pres.: Mary Cushing, sec. Cnot pictured-Peggi White v. pres.J X, .J 1st row: l to r: N. Zuck, R. Wherley, M. Guilliatt 2nd row: J. Marks, M. Lucas, B. Ostrander P. Housh 3rd row: L. Armstrong, A. Guilliatt, T. Onion, M. Cushing 4th row: D. Moore, N Fey, C. Armstrong. P. White 5th row: Mrs. Rubinfeld. sponsor: P. Kjellander The Student Council, as usual. organized the many homecoming activities for instance, an ice cream eating contest, red and green day and famous people day, besides the homecoming dance itself that featured "The Hookei Brothers". The Student Council also sponsored the assemblies for the student body the student pop machines, and two exchange students from Chile, Alejandrc Ananias and Guillermo Ortiz. In addition, the Student Council co-sponsored the Saint Patrick's Day Discc Dance and held a Muscular Dystrophy Drive. Members of the Student Council also acted as guides for the open house ano dedication. os amigos e la hispanoamerica Patricia Flores was spon- sored by the Rotary. She lived with the Sandoval family during the 9 months she attended school here. Guillermo Ortiz and Alejandro Ananias came through the Open Door Exchange Student Pro- gram and were sponsored by Student Council. Guillermo stayed with the Kjellander's and Alejandro stayed with the Fey's during the 3 months they were here. 99 X q8s ne activity at ahs 15.55 INTERNATIONAL Qu 1, ' 2 SCRGLL row 1, l to r: T. Olinger, M. Cushing, L. Armstrong, K. Bowton, P. Kjellander, N. Fey, sec., C. Kisler row 2: B. Peterson. J. Landon, v. pres,g J. Fawbush, pres,g W. Kjellander, A. Guilliatt, treas. Ni. iii The Abingdon High School chapter of Quill and Scroll was started this 1977-78 school year with a membership of 12. At a banquet at Sirloin Stockade, pins and i membership cards were distributed to the v members. To be eligible for Quill and Scroll a student must be a junior or senior, must be in the upper thirl of their class, must have done superior work in a phase of journalism, must be recommended bj their supervisor or the committee governing publications, and must be approved by the executiv secretary of the society. als h0lI0l' f3fhEl'S Row 1, l-rg J. Hutson, T, Day, S Head, R. Hahn, D. Epperson, T Day. Row 2: C. DeCrane, P. White N. Fey, P. White, M. Ray, T Thurman, T. Lavender. Row 3: L Wiley, pres., B. Ostrander, R Mangieri, P. Morris, B. Peterson, J Beardsley, R. Hummell. Not pic tured, A. Cassity, V-pres. X. ' ' ..,. ...,. . . X eyii fi Q A A X J-as T 1 X , A In '-----..Y The Girl's Athletic LetterWoman's Society CGALSJ with approximately 30 members, held a dad's night in September. The girls paired up with their fathers nad formed six teams who competed against each other in scooter speedball, volleyball, and cageball. President for GALS was Lynn Wiley, and Secretary-Treasurer was Anita Cassity. The GALS club are tentatively planning to buy mirrors for the girls locker room. I credits I would like to thank every staff member, the faculty, and Mr. Moore for all their help and cooperation in putting the TATLER together. A special thanks goes to Dennis Epperson and Pete Kjellander for all the artwork they did for the book, and to Mr. Hufnagl for being VERY patient with the staff. Everyone was very important and very necessary for the completion of this TATLER. TATLER editor, Bev Peterson Sherri Hull- lee Semester editor I wish to thank everyone from the COMMANDO and TATLER staffs ani the members of the school faculty for the help they gave towards th publication of the school paper. This year proved to be very hectic with the losing of a few semester graduates and the long-ranged move to the new high school. The staff was practically. typing on the machines as they were being packed. The addition of our much needed separate office was greatly appreciated ana well-used by the staff. Teresa Olinge editor-in-chiei FACULTY- ADMINISTRATION preparation ' "W -U. ,ffl 5 5 'L RAYMOND R. ARCHER Industrial Orientation. Cabinetmaking, Electronics f0l' th MARGARET L. ATKINS Women's Physical Education W, 2 115 Wd, 'Jehu' rf. Q' il 4 " GARY CARLTON SALLY A. CRAMER PAUL H. CUBA General Math Driver s Ed Bookkeeping, Sec. Prac., Off. Prac., Algebra 1, Chemistry, Physics Typing, Shorthand l Y hange in our lives GEORGE L. FLINNER Biology 1,2 of ELIZABETH HOWARD Consumer Education, Typing ' T' 'E'E' PHILLIP T. GLASNOVICH History 3, Sr. Soc. Stud., Eur. Hist., Early West. Civ. if 9227! MARC A. HUFNAGL journalism, Poetry, Minority Lit., Creative Writ. Basic Writing iw JAMES R. HOCHSTATTER Health Education 3 S s GEORGE O. LANDON Algebra 2, Geometry, Math 4 l 2 . ...,-war ' W'-"P'fAQ555'i , -e gg, PATRICIA A. LEEZER Am. Lit., Drama Expository Writing, Reading Fundamentals PATRICIA L. RUBINFELD Spanish, Basic Writing, Short Stories, Modern World Novels ,.4i"" WX JOSEPH L. MILLS Guidance Counselor LEON E. O'NEAL Men's Physical Education, Voc English, Basic Writing, Fiction PAUL R. SANDBORG MARY SHIDLER Driver Education Women's Physical Ed F-'14 , -1" ,A Q CARL R. STEBBINS BARBARA K. STRINGFIELD DANNY C. VEACH History 1.2, Psychology Chorus General Biology, MCHYS Phys. Ed 3" BETTY WERDER ANITA WHITE EDWARD RAY WILSON Home Economics Librarian Band in ...MM TALMADGE H. WIMER ROBERT W. WORMAN KAREN YOCUM Soil and Plant Science, An. Sci., Elect. and Acet. Writing Skills, Speech, Vocabulary, Eng. Clerical Aide Weld., Ag Electrification Farm Bus. Mgt. And Language Records Wg' 'HEY BETTY JO MARKS NANCY STEGALL MR. MOORE Nurse Secretary Principal ,,.,.-- -.A .,.,f.- "To be or not to be?" "Shakespeare, right!" rl: IQ Q, nw, I X K' ' ,fn hx . 1 ' 2 Get out of my eyes, kid." "No, I'm sorry. I don't do imitationsf' f" f X XX ,,..,g.:,. ,,,, .., .M.Mg BA, do M .H School Board 1977. Left to right: David Ray, Gerald Bulkeley, Richard Bird, Robert Van Tress, Wayne Green, James House. hoo! board build Left to right: Bookkeeper joan Riehm, Secretary Lois Baker. 110 ann., fi ' School Board 1978. Front, left to rightg David Ray, Charles Head, Tom Austin, Robert Van Tress. Back, left to right: Wayne Green. james Housh. or now and future Left to right Supermten ' ' " ' dent, Mr Rose retxred School Board Representa tive Gerald Bulkeley z 'V I 'X , .1 if my ,An 'bw cleaning u if ' i , S F 'W :A W' if ' ' 'ei Nv ag, get in here!" From left to right: Mary Jo Russo, Ann Legate, Connie Danforth, Mary Thurman, and Sampson. "I'll bet you think I'm the only one the photographers take pictures of." . s..z ?U'F'N-.,.,. their act Jim Dixon and Kenny Shumaker "Well, it's like what Ret said to Scarlet Back to frontg Harry Heck. Ronald Ehrenhart, and Dennis Werder. A few of the many dedicated bus drivers who risked their lives dailey to bring many of us to school. au- we Hey, man, what happened to my chair? Who took my "p" key? x':ang-4-.-v 2 plus 3 is . . . Whatever you say, coach! All right. Who threw the football in the Driver Ed. car? 75 ET CONGRATULATIONS TO Senior Class Members DISCOVER Ben Franklin We Bring Variety To Life W A THE PANTRY 708 North Monroe Abingdon, Illinois Phone: 462-2061 KM' W RECO , , V , 5, . 'X Sv ff f X in ,f v 5- , .f if 401 N. Monroe Abingdon, Illinois Phone: 462-3997 Classic Carpets ?f01frl2ZfZQ2 ur? l7f: Dafmld 6. Eaughman, 00- Z- : . ' ' 9 MOG- ,Mdon Allfed Bwfdlllq 1 Q? 3 Ab' in nr 2. Jw Q' 3 A is un Q A566 64" U45 :eh E :S xiii- I' Co' aa :E 3 w""'e 5 Us 'Q A600 '31 3' ,QDUB O Q E 509 'Ov-5 sf? . -1 Abanadw N"ll"'9 C0"'P-wr 4 Anfflony ffccrlbe, Docfvr' of Ulfmf ',,..,-ef- - it i V55 gi Ai E Vx . Lila X X IE L,-. WW, iwuummimmwlllllnu llllllllllllllllllllllllIll an IIlIl'l llllllllllllllllulIIHIHH HYHM. llllll Il fl ABINGDON Ill 'II 4 l yr Xxx 1 lam 11111461 1 Bury ,E t l y l l y l y i tn iiiiii i i ii liii l ' liiiiii i ii i mln v.fi.fa1Qffizf,',Qff'l.f.iQfi..illla ..,.,.. 1 .... .-..l'1l..1,.-'l,., .... .... .. I xiilflviliiiinivrllli-i l l lfllililiivf ilili"lggl:'glllllL,lllilljllIl'.'Ei4!!"ll , -, , 5 ' " my "gs , vZf L, anvnnv ' 'A Q," g' E ' - l in llll 'o l 1 h, , ir' ' l ,-qi RIFE"'iDiiiiHiii'l""liiiEE.,'-if i -12. L- Zi ilrzi Y- QL'fdlllllliQ.1i1:1?:' gl as lyrrciul A TRUST COMPAN There is no truer and more lasting happiness than the knowledge that one may do, day after day. the best work that one can do, of the kind one likes best, and that this work is needed by society, thus supporting onc's own life and family. EHJKDGROCERY 503 Commercial Drive Abingdon, Illinois Phone: 462-3360 nl1- TWHESTEGALL AGENCY Stock up on bonds and insurance at Stcgall Agency 110 N. Main Strcct Abingdon, IL 61410 Plionc: 462-2305 nl- v4"" Slppofl 0LLr' V0u:l'lL.. ii Oafige-SZL75 you 45 yan, Loo Q Our lfufmrg Leaders.. . 75 me f4,1'4Lr6 lzflkefl yon gfbc up your yowffn.. 4 Pol? apiiifsmcl gwkgr fggrlldfal L- YOLL gill LV' lkff 0 in?d0nl 17101 01.5 B 309 462 5755 R d t 309 462 2003 Mew. FINISHING' Cleaning, polish g R f bishing, Metal Antiq Custom Plating: Sl C pper, Brass, N k l Hours: Tue F 9 00 4 00 Sat. 9:00 1 00 Mailing Addre 2 Miles North of 104 N. Carlysl Abingdon Abingdon, Ill. 61410 on Rt. 41 F, 1 rail qswpsggmmsf We M W A 2l2Aris:4,,i'ftf-f1SiRacri,A. ' 1 E-ammtima, liiwiiljff com :iq "f'v112LfL at Now you can turn your house into cash -- without selling it. just apply for a Finance America Homeowner Loan. It's a great way to get back the money you've put into your house -- your down payment, the money you've paid on your mortgage or the amount your house has increased in value since you bought it. A Homeowner Loan from Finance America lets you put that money back to work for you. So let Finance-America turn your house into cash. james L. Anderson 121 South Main Street Abingdon, Illinois 61410 Telephone: 309-462-2371 " l Y' l 206 North Washington Street Abingdon, Illinois Phone: 462-2325 S p? 'f ,2 i. Larson Funeral Home La Roma Pizza 207 South Main Street, Abingdon Call: 462-2696 Open 6 Days a Week Closed Mondays Carry Out Saby and Vita Bizzo RANDY WEAVER PHOTO Seniors, Weddings and Families Photography 1411 Willard Street 343-9939 Galesburg, IL 61401 AGAN'S OZARK CAMPER SALES l PHONE I3o9I 462-2159 ABINGDON, ILLINOIS s.-,UII1 8, Main CLINE SOIL SERVICE Fearing Avenue 462-2013 Abingdon, IL 61410 HAMMER PAINT SERVICE Wallpaper, Paint, Draperies and Spring Pleat Rods. 313 North Main Street Abingdon, Il 61410 ,J I ABINGDON FLOWER SHOP Abingdon, IL, Ph. 462-3075 Rose Hammon wants to help you take advantage of the best in flowers and gifts at the. . .Abingdon Flower Shop sHANK's cnornmc STORE Clothing and Shoes 111-115 S. Main Street 462-2355 Abingdon, IL 61410 LIUDDLE THE snows P 0t0 9 fa P h Y SPECIALTY coMPANY You'll Love Our Senior Portraits" 624 N. Henderson Street Cvalesburg, IL 61401 309f343-6235 Distributor of a Complete Line of Finest Institutional Foods, Candy and Paper Products 1200 Monmouth Blvd. Galesburg, IL 61401 You A hsummp jgqgn-r -I-V.' 'DU Ullff my BIRD RELIABLE AGENCY, mc. 0. My R 4 'wg 'K q 71' 'a h ' v f Y' .fs ,Ui-7,6 S 2 H I . 5. 'ff Rf' ' All Forms of Insurance Owner, jerry Taylor 11? N- Main Street' Abbe Lanes Lounge and Restaurant Abingdon' IL 61410 Commercial Drive, Abingdon Phone: 462-3428 Phone: 462-3650 ,. -1'-v--ffvff fr'-A r vt-vvffgigqpvf 81'ErN's ' ABINGDON PHARMACY 'V R E 1 3 U 3 E R 073 3 3 100 North Main Abingdon, IL William C. Eyre, RPH. William P. Moser, RPH. Cosmetics Photo Supplies WM , ,N ,,..,, ,,,.,,W, , , ... ,,.,,,, , . ,., . . ,. ........,,....,.,.,, , ,, Prescription Specialties Phone: 462-2226 HOUSE 103 S. Main Street, Abingdon, IL Phone: 462-2047 SVA!! FARM INSUIIANCI FRANK SEBBEN 200 N. Monroe Abingdon, IL Phone: 462-2307 State Farm Insurance Companies Homes Offices: Bloomington, IL FRANNIE'S KITCHEN Open Daily except Sundays 6 a.m.-3 p.m. Home Cooked Food 106 North Main Abingdon, IL ELSIE'S STYLE SHOP 119 S. Main Street Abingdon, IL Phone: 462-2000 Get with it! Be the first on your block to be wearing the latest... From Chuck, Elsie, and Linda REDS WHITE SUPER MARKET CAROL JEAN'S RED AND WHITE 803 N. Monroe Abingdon, IL Ph: 462-3572 Store Hours 8-8 Daily 9-6 Saturday 9-5 Sunday PEARSON PONTIAC 121 North Main Street Abingdon, Illinois Phone: 462-2436 'r ,-,J-----'--- 1Z-,fo57. M.. nf- lv r,,pnQ I TONCEY'S Grandfather and Grandmother clocks RONK'S FLORAL SHOPPE AND GREEN!-IOUSE Flowers For All Occasions With Our Personal Touch Ronk's Floral Shoppe And Greenhouse Tom and Ellen Ronk 207 West Martin Abingdon, Illinois 61410 Phone: 462-3836 HEALEY REALTORS Compliments of Healey Realtors 155 West Losey Galesburg Phone: 343-8178 Editha Brashear Lolita Junk 'X H 'X DON'S STANDARD STATION Don's Standard provides the best service available for your car. Martin 81. Western Street Abingdon, Illinois JIM'S GAMBLE STORE 104 North Main Abingdon, Illinois Phone: 462-2111 Western Auto 'rms CHARM CENTER WESTERN AUT0 The His and Her's Salon A. Redken Scientific Hair Care Center 108 East Meek Street Abingdon, Illinois Phone: 462-2229 108 South Main Street Abingdon, Illinois Phone: 462-3101 autographs autographs autographs WALSWORTH Marcelinc, Mo., U.S.A

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