Abingdon High School - Beacon Yearbook (Abingdon, VA)

 - Class of 1963

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Text from Pages 1 - 136 of the 1963 volume:

BEACON ( • 1U3 Presented By The Beacon Staff Volume H- Abingdon Hu;h Schooi- RBlNGoo a laGlNlA u !50l •AI 5 A3 r ■ 1U3 3 faculty HO MORES PRESHMEN 0RGANI7ATI0MS Q eighth T A(V O 85 ATHL ICS O o AcimriES Property of The Library cfVir: " ia Richmond. A 2 Dedication We tht SznioK o the. Beacon do paoudl ' j dedicate thii f eaabook to one Mho hai been oua aiend and adviioa oa r iany ’feaa6, , . To one Mho hai tooed ai, icolded ai, teaied ai, and coaxed ui into becoming the kind 0 people Me knoM Me ihould be. And io it ii Mith gaate ul heaati Me dedicate the 1963 Beacon to, , , oua principal MR. CURTIS L. RAMSEY 3 Mr, Curtis L. Ramsey, our Principal, received his A.B. and M.A. degrees from William and Mary College, Williamsburg, Virginia. He has also completed Doctoral study at the Uni- versity of Virginia. School Board: SEATED: Mr. E. B. Stanley, Supt. of Schools; Miss May Jo Craig, clerk; STANDING; J. A. Copenhaver, J. T. Hayter, A. C. Smeltzer, J. T. Lee, Mrs. Robert Stiles, C. B. Hale. 4 Mr. Ted Blevins Art Miss Edna Butt Mathematics Miss Eula Booth English Mrs. Beatrice Cox Biology Mr. Wayne Booth Distributive Education Mrs. Kay Denton Shorthand Typing Faculty Mr. Harry Denton Mr. Charles Elton Mr. Theodore Engle Mrs. Virginia Flanagan Science Mathematics Health Science Driver Training Physical Education 5 Mr. Donald Fleenor Physical Science Mathematics Physics Mr. James Fletcher History Health Mr. Francis Garrett History World Geography Mr. William Geisler Instrumental Music Mrs. Margaret French General Business Bookkeeping Typing Miss Eleanor Hall Health Physical Education 1963 Miss Eleanor Hannah Home Economics Mrs. Jeannette Hargroves Science Mr. Dale Holmes Geometry Mrs. Beatrice Jerrue History 6 Mr. Kenneth Mathews Government History Mrs. Ruth Mongle English Mr. Tom McConnell Mathematics Chemistry Mrs. Georgia Moore English Faculty Mr. Darius Oliver Mr. Joe Preston Mrs. Martha Ramsey Miss June Rector Agriculture Guidance Choral Music Home Economics History Speech World Geography 7 Mr. C. M. Rice Miss Marian Stafford Mathematics Librarian Mrs. June Roberts English Mrs. Virginia White Geometry French Trig Adv. Alg. Mrs. Doris Southerlin English Spanish Miss Lois Wiley Latin English Faculty Mrs. Virginia Witherspoon English Guidance Mrs. Lena Woolwine English Mr. Don Wright Industrial Arts 8 Francis Gae Bailey Ezra David Bateman Leonard Chester Angle, III Gene Lester Arden Linda Ann Arnett Phyllis Marie Black Clara Mae Blackwell Larry Eugene Blevins Stella Regina Balduzzi Julia Elizabeth Bingham 10 Betty Jane Booth Mary Elsie Bordwine Claude Phillip Bordwine, Jr. Martin Honaker Bradley, Jr. Leslie Edward Burke Ruth Annette Bowman Richard Lee Briscoe Joyce Delane Clark Marianne Preston Cornelius Bonnie Jean Crabtree 11 Patricia Louise Fern Bertha Jean Franklin Seniors Valeria Bernice Flannagan Betty Leona Goad James Henry Grant, Jr. Lawrence Raymond Graybeal Jackie Ray Haley 12 Nancy Sue Hyler Sara Jane Kent Lenny Lynn Henry Turner Thomas Hinkle, Jr. Margaret Lou Hopkins Ronda Dean Larimer Mary Ann Lawson Alvin Edward Marlow Sandra Louise Jones Robert Lee Knott 13 Betty Jean Minton Suzanne Smith Musset Frederick Abram McConnell, Jr. George Alan McConnell Thomas Howard Mink Jackie Lynn Neal Sandra Lee Neese David Michael Patton James Daniel Moore Betty Jane Nash 14 Patricia Oneta Pearson Bonnie Kate Perdue Charles Warren Phelps Norma Jean Phillips Elizabeth Anne Powers Seniors Ronald Phillip Pierce Byrd Trigg Preston, Jr. 15 Johnny Curtis Smith Roy Barr Sandoe, Jr. Bobby Hugh Smith Onetha Dare South Class of Randy Wray Sinclair Mattie Joan Lillie Roe Patricia Lee Scott Charles Michael Smith Carolyn Reynolds Ronnie Theodore Riddle Martin Junior Roark, Jr. 16 Steven Michael Summey Rosalie Bishop Vance Everett Lawrence Stevens Bessie Josephine Sullins George William Summerson, Jr. 1963 Paul Kenneth Whiteaker Carol Arm Thayer Deanna Carol Williams 17 Seniors in ’ 62 -’63 18 Senior Directory test, third place winner 5; Vocational Rehabilita- tion Essay Contest, school winner 5; Scholastic letter 2-3-4; Science Fair 3; Gym assistant 4-5. CLAUDE PHILLIP BORDWINE, JR. Football 1-2-3-4-5, letter 4-5, Joe Latture Award 5, co-captain 5; Track 1-2-3-4-5, letter 2-4; Wrestling 4; Glee Club 4. MARY ELSIE BORDWINE Glee Club 4-5; F.H.A. Club 1-2-3-4-5, recrea- tion leader 5. RUTH ANNETTE BOWMAN F.H.A. 1-2-4-5, chaplain; Beacon Staff 4; Glee Club 5; Basketball 1-2. MARTIN HONAKER BRADLEY, JR. Sr. Hi-Y 5; Baseball 3-4-5; Wrestling 5. RICHARD LEE BRISCOE Basketball 3-4-5, second team All -County 5; Baseball 3-4-5; Football 4-5; Glee Club 5; Track 4-5. LEONARD CHESTER ANGLE, III Class president 1; S.C.A. 1 -2-4-5, treasurer 2, sgt.-at-arms 5; Jr. Science 1-2, president 2; Jr. Hi-Y 2-3; Science Fair 2-3-4, first place winner 2- 4, honorable mention 3; Scholastic letter 2- 3- 4; Talon Staff 3-4-5, sports editor 3-4, assist- ant editor and photographer 5; Key Club 3-4-5; Beacon Staff 3-4-5; Sr. Science 3-4-5, vice- president 3, president 4-5; Football manager 3- 4; Baseball manager 3; Sr. Hi-Y 4-5, secretary 4; Boys ' State 4; Beta Club 4; N.H.S. 5; Glee Club 5; Commendation from National Merit Scholar- ship 5; S.E. Massengill Essay Contest, first place winner 5; $600 scholarship from American Electric Power Service 5. EUGENE LESTER ARDEN Library Club 2-3; DE Club 4-5. LINDA ANN ARNETT S.C.A. 5, District Convention 5; Jr. Science 1- 2-3; Sr. Science 4; Science Fair, blue ribbon 3; F.H.A. 1; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1-2-3; Library Club 1; F.T.A. 2-3-4-S; Band 1-2-3-4-5, secretary 3, letter 3-4-5; All-State Band 4-5; All-County Band 4; D.A.R. Essay Contest, local and state winner 1; Basketball 2-3-4-S; Bowling League 4- 5; Scholastic letter 2-3-4; Glee Club 3-4; Beacon Staff 3-4-5; circulation manager 4, copy editor 5; Civinette Club 4-5, reporter 5; Beta Club 4; N.H.S. 5; Solo and Ensemble Contest, 3; District Forensic 2-3-4, winner 2-4, second place 3, state winner 4, third in state 2; 4-H Club 1- 2- 3-4-S, secretary 1, song leader 2, reporter 3, president 5, winner Jr. Leadership Contest 1, County Queen 4, All-Star 3, National Congress 5, Girls ' Public Speaking Contest, state winner 4, national winner 5, Electric Project, county winner 4, district and state winner 5, county reporter 4-5; Farm Bureau Essay Contest, winner 5. FRANCES GAE BAILEY F.H.A. 2; DE Club 5. STELLA REGENA BALDUZZI Basketball 3; JV Cheerleader 2; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1; Bowling League, team captain 4-5; F.H.A. 2- 3- 4; Talon Staff 4; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 5; DE Club 5. EZRA DAVID BATEMAN F.F.A. Club 4; DE Club 5. JULIA ELIZABETH BINGHAM F.H.A. Club 3-4-5, secretary 4, historian 5; Bas- ketball 3; Class secretary 3. PHYLLIS MARIE BLACK Jr. Science 1; 4-H Club 1-2-3-4-5; F.H.A. Club 1- 2 -3-4-5, historian 5; Basketball 1; Library Club 2 - 3 -4-5, reporter 4. CLARA MAE BLACKWELL F.H.A. Club 2; Glee Club 5. LARRY EUGENE BLEVINS F.F.A. Club 4-5. BETTY JANE BOOTH Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1-2; Jr. Science 1; Band 1-2-3-4-5, letter 3-4; Solo and Ensemble Contest 2-3-5; All-State Band 3-4-5; All -County Band 4-5; JV Cheerleader 1-2, co -captain 2; S.C.A. 2; Glee Club 3; Majorette 3-4-5, captain 4-5; F.T.A. 3- 4; Basketball 2-3-4-5; Softball 4-5; Golf 4-5; Bowling League 4-5, vice-president 4, presidents; Beta Club 4; N.H.S. 5; Civinette Club 4-5, treas- urer 5; Girls ' State 4; S.E. Massengill Essay Con- LESLIE EDWARD BURKE Football 1-2 -3 -4-5; Baseball 2-3-4; Track 2-3- 4-5, State Track Meet, first place shot-put 4; Glee Club 3-4, sgt.-at-arms 4; DE Club, vice- president 5. JOYCE DELANE CLARK Chorus 2; F.H.A. Club 2-3-4-5, treasurer 5; Tobacco Festival, blue ribbon and white ribbon 5. MARIANNE PRESTON CORNELIUS Band 1-2-3-4-5, letter 3-4-5; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1-2; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 4-5; Library Club 1; Science Club 2-3; Talon Staff 4-5; All -County Band 5; F.H.A. 2-3-4-5; Glee Club 3; Basketball 3; Bowling League 4. PHYLLIS SUE COX Transferred 5; F.H.A. 5. BONNIE JEAN CRABTREE Transferred 4; Beta Club 4; N.H.S. 5; Glee Club 4-5, Ten Tones 5; 4-H Club 4-5, County Song Leader 5, VI scholarship winner 5, Public Speak- ing Contest, winner 5, Share the Fun Contest, winner 2-3. DONALD RICHARD CUMBOW Jr. Hi-Y 1-2-3, president 3; Sr. Hi-Y 4; Library Club, president 1; Baseball 2-3, letter 3; Basket- ball 1-2-3-4-5, letter 5; Golf 3-4-5, letter 3- 4-5; Key Club 3-4-5; Talon Staff 5. HOWARD CLAYBURN DUNCAN, JR. Baseball 2-3-4; Football 1-2-3-4; Track 2-3-4; Basketball 3; Glee Club 4; DE Club, treasurer 5. MELVIN RAY ELDRETH Class vice-president 1; Bible Club, vice-president 1; Basketball 3; Coin Club 4-5; DE Club, pub- licity manager 5. PATRICIA LOUISE FERN Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1-2; Jr. Science 1; F.H.A. 3; Bas- ketball 2-3-4-5; Bowling League 4-5; Glee Club 4-5; F.T.A. 5; Gym assistant 4-5. VALERIA BERNICE FLANNAGAN S.C.A. 1-3; F.T.A. 1; Library Club 1; Beta Club Award 1; Class reporter 2; Jr. Science, vice- president 2; Scholastic letter 2-3-4; Basketball 2-3-4-5; Class president 3; Beacon Staff 3, subscription staff 5; Softball 3-4-5: Sr. Science 3; Girls ' State 4; Forensic Contest, school spelling winner 4; Beta Club 4; N.H.S. 5, reporter 5; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 4; D.A.R. Award 4; Bowling League 4- 5, secretary 5. Senior Directory BERTHA JEAN FRANKLIN Glee Club 1; F.H.A. 2-3; S.C.A. 3-5; Tri-Hi-Y 3- 4-5; Beta Club 4; N.H.S. 5, secretary 5; Office assistant 5. BETTY LEONA GOAD F.H.A. 2; Glee Club 5; Softball 4. JAMES HENRY GRANT, JR. S.C.A. 1-4-5, sgt.-at-arms 4; Jr. Hi-Y 1-2-3, treasurer 3; Key Club 3-4-5; secretary 5, Capital District Convention 4-5; Class vice-president 3; Class president 5; Basketball 1-2-3-4-5, captain 5; Track 1-2-3; Glee Club 5; All -State Chorus 5; Beacon Staff, sports editor 5. LAWRENCE RAYMOND GRAYBEAL F.F.A. 4; DE Club 5. ROY ALLEN HALL Transferred 5. JACKIE RAY HALEY Track 3; Football 4-5; Wrestling 4-5; Golf 4-5; Glee Club 5. LENNY LYNN HENRY F.H.A. 2; Glee Club 5. TURNER THOMAS HINKLE, JR. Transferred 5; S.C.A. 5; Basketball 5; Baseball 5. MARGARET LOU HOPKINS Basketball 1-2-3; F.H.A. 1-2-3-4; 4-H 1-2; Li- brary Club 5. NANCY SUE HYLER S.C.A. 1; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1-3; F.H.A. 3; Glee Club 4- 5; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 4. SANDRA LOUISE JONES Library Club 1; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1-2-3; S.C.A. 3, Forum 3; Band 1-2-3-4-5, letter 3-4-5; Majorette 5; All -County Band 4-5; All -State Band 4-5; Civinette Club 4-5, secretary 5; N.H.S. 5; F.H.A. 2-3-4-5, recreation leader 5; Beacon Staff 4-5, art editor 4, illustration editor 5; Glee Club 3; Basketball 2-3-4; Bowling League 4-5; Tobacco Festival, third place dress review 5; Gym assist- ant 5; Talon Staff 4-5. SARA JANE KENT Tri-Hi-Y 1-3; Library Club 1; Band 1-2-3-4-5, letter 3-4-5; F.T.A. 2-3-4-5, treasurer 5; Bas- ketball 3; Class treasurer 4; Civinette Club 4-5; All-County Band 4-5; Homecoming Court 4; Bowling League 4-5. ROBERT LEE KNOTT, III Hi-Y 2-3-4-5; Library Club 2-5; DE Club 4-5, parliamentarian 4, president 5; District DE Con- test 4-5; Science Club 2; Football 2-3; Basket- ball 2; S.C.A. 5; Perfect attendance 4. RONDA DEAN LARIMER Library Club 1; Track 1-2-3-4; scholastic letter 2-3-4; Key Club 4-5; Beta Club 4; N.H.S 5; Talon Staff 4-5, Student -of-the -Month editor 4, sports editor 5; S.C.A. 4-5; Basketball 4; Beacon Staff, .business manager 5; Coin Club, president 5. MARY ANN LAWSON ■Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1-2-3; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 4-5, treasurer 4; Civinette Club 5; N.H.S. 5; Class secretary 5; Band 1-2-3-4-5, letter 3-4-5; All-State Band 4-5. JAMES EDWARD LUCAS Transferred 5. EDWARD ALVIN MARLOW DE Club 5. FREDERICK ABRAM McCONNELL, JR. S.C.A. 4, Forum 4; Class president 4; Beta Club 4; N.H.S. 5; Talon Staff 4-5; Band 2-3-4, letter 4; Glee Club 3-4, Ten Tones 5; 4-H Club 1-2-3- 4-5, secretary -treasurer 1-4, vice-president 5, Council president 4-5, State 4-H Short Course 3- 4, Tractor Driving Contest 3-4, Eastern U.S. 4- H Tractor Driving Contest 3-4, Electric Con- gress 3-5, Resource Conference 3; County King 4, National 4-H Congress 5; State Farm Bureau Contest 4; Boys ' State 4. GEORGE ALAN McCONNELL Class treasurer 2; F.F.A. 2-3-4-5, secretary 2-3, president 4, Federation sentinel 4; Dairy Judging Team 2-3-4; Beef Judging Team 2-3; S.C.A. 4; Beacon Staff, typist 4. THOMAS HOWARD MINK Football 2-3-4-S; Baseball 4-5; Track 3-4-5; Basketball manager 2; Wrestling 4-5; Glee Club 5. BETTY JEAN MINTON 4-H Club 1-2-3-4-5, reporter 1-2, vice-president 3, secretary 5; F.H.A. 2-3-4-5, historian 3, presi- dent 5; Tri-Hi-Y 2-3-4, historian 4; F.T.A. 2-3- 4-5, sgt.-at-arms 4; Civinette Club 5; S.C.A. 5; Convention 4; Basketball 3-4; Bowling League 4- 5; Softball 4; Tobacco Festival, blue ribbons, 1- 2-3-4-5. JAMES DANIEL MOORE Football 1-2 -3 -4-5; Basketball 3; DE Club 4. SUZANNE SMITH MUSSER Band 1-2-3-4-5, letter 3-4-5, secretary 5; All- County Band 4-5; Jr. Tri-Hi -Y 1-2-3, treasurer 2, vice-president 3; Model General Assembly 3; F.T.A. 4-5, president 5; S.C.A. 4-5; Civinette Club 4-5; Beta Club 4; N.H.S. 5; Bowling League 4-5, team captain 5; Class president 2; Class re- porter 3. BETTIE JANE NASH Library Club 1-2; Chorus 2; Glee Club 4; F.H.A. 4; DE Club, secretary 5. JACKIE LYNN NEAL Football 2-5; Beta Club 4; N.H.S., vice-president 5. SANDRA LEE NEESE Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 2; F.H.A. 2-3, reporter 3; S.C.A. 2-3; F.T.A. 4-5; Civinette 4-5; Class reporter 4; Basketball 2-3-4-5, captain 4-5; Softball 4-5; Glee Club 5; Cheerleader 4-5; Bowling League 4- 5; Gym assistant 4-5. DAVID MICHAEL PATTON Track 1-2; Basketball 1; Glee Club 3-4-5, presi- dent 5; Ten Tones 5; Coin Club 4-5; All-State Chorus 5. PATRICIA ONETA PEARSON Band 1-2 -3 -4 -5, letter 3-4-5; All -State Band 3- 4-5; All -County Band 4-5; Solo and Ensemble Contest 3-4-5; N.H.S. 5; Civinette Club 4-5, sgt.-at-arms 5; F.T.A. 4-5; F.H.A. 2-3-5; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 2-3, reporter 3; Basketball 2-3-4; Gym assistant 4; Band assistant 5. BONNIE KATE PERDUE F.H.A. 2-3-4-5; 4-H Club 1. CHARLES WARREN PHELPS Coin Club 4; One act play 5. NORMA JEAN PHILLIPS Glee Club 5. RONALD PHILLIP PIERCE 4-H Club 1; Football 2-4; Track 3-4; Basketball 4; Glee Club 4-5. Senior Directory ELIZABETH ANNE POWERS Transferred 3; Tri-Hi-Y 3-4-5, reporter 4; F.T.A. 3; F.H.A. 3; Basketball 3; Talon Staff 4-5, cir- culation manager 4, business manager 5; Beacon Staff 4; Civinette Club 4-5; Beta Club 4; N.H.S. 5; Cheerleader, alternate 4; S.C.A. alternate 5; Glee Club 4-5. BYRD TRIGG PRESTON, JR. Track 1-2-3-4-5; Football 1-3-4-5; Baseball 2- 3-4-5; Wrestling 4; Library Club, vice-president 1; S.C.A. 2; Class president 2; Class sgt.-at-arms 3; Glee Club 4-5. KATHY MARIE PRICE Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1-2-3; Senior Tri-Hi-Y 4; F.H.A. 1- 2-3-4, parliamentarian 4; F.T.A. 4; Band 1- 2- 3; School Paper 4-5; Beacon subscription staff 5; Basketball 4; Glee Club 3-4-5; All -State Chorus 4-5. SUSAN DENT RAMSEY Library Club 1; F.T.A. 1-2-3-4-5, secretary 3, president 4; Jr. Science 1-2, reporter 2; JV Cheer- leader 1-2, captain 2; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y, secretary 2; Beacon Staff 3-4-5, office manager 4, editor 5; Glee Club 3-4-5, secretary 4, treasurer 5; Ten Tones 3-4-5; All-State Chorus 3-4-5; All- Virginia Chorus 5; Cheerleader 3-4-5, captain 5; Beta Club 4; N.H.S. 5; Civinette Club 4-5; Forensic Contest, prose, second place, 4; S.C.A. 3- 4-5; Sr. Science 4; Science Fair 3,4; Basket- ball 3; Scholastic letter 2. NANCY JEAN REPASS Library Club 1; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1-2-3, chaplain 3; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 4-5, president 5; Civinette Club 4- 5; Beta Club 4; N.H.S. 5; Model General Assembly 4; Band 1-2 -3 -4 -5, second lieutenant 5, letter 3- 4- 5; All-State Band 4-5; All-County Band 4-5; Glee Club 3; S.C.A. 4-5; Class secretary 2; Class reporter 5; Scholastic letter 3,4; Office assistant 5. CAROLYN REYNOLDS F.H.A. 3; Library Club 3; DE Club 4-5, historian 4. RONNIE THEODORE RIDDLE Library Club 4-5, president 5. MARTIN ROARK, JR. Library Club 1, DE Club 4-5. MATTIE JOAN LILLIE ROE Library Club 1; F.H.A. 1; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 2; Jr. Science 1; Sr. Science 3-4, treasurer 4; Civinette Club 4-5, reporter 5; Talon Staff 4-5; S.C.A. 4- 5; Glee Club 4-5; All -State Chorus 5; Cheer- leader 4-5; State Forensic, poetry, first place 4; Basketball 2 -3 -4 -5; Softball, manager 4; Bowling League 4-5. ROY BARR SAND.OE, JR. Band 1-2 -3 -4-5; Coin Club 4; Glee Club 5. PATRICIA LEE SCOTT F.H.A. 2-3; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 3; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 4-5. RANDY WRAY SINCLAIR Science Club 1; Jr. Hi-Y 1-2-3, vice-president 3; Sr. Hi-Y, chaplain 4; S.C.A. 2-5; Boys ' State 4; Basketball 2 -3 -4 -5; Key Club 3-4-5, Conven- tion 4-5; Beta Club 4; N.H.S., president 5; Bea- con Staff 5; Track 2. BOBBY HUGH SMITH F.F.A. 4-5, treasurer 4, secretary 5; Forestry Judging Team 4-5. JOHNNY CURTIS SMITH Track 3; DE Club, reporter 4. CHARLES MICHAEL SMITH Football 1-2-3-4-5; Track 1-2-3-4; Wrestling 4; Jr. Hi-Y 1-2-3; Sr. Hi-Y 4; Jr. Science 1-2-3; Sr. Science 4-5, sgt.-at-arms 5; Key Club 3-4-5, president 5, Convention 4-5; S.C.A. 5; Model General Assembly 3. ONETHA DARE SOUTH Library Club 1; F.H.A. 2-3-4-5. EVERETT LAWRENCE STEVENS F.F.A. 4-5, parliamentarian, 4, treasurer 5; Forestry Judging Team 4-5. BESSIE JOSEPHINE SULLINS F.H.A. 2; Glee Club 4-5. GEORGE WILLIAM SUMMERSON, JR. Science Club, sgt.-at-arms 1; Jr. Hi-Y 2-3, secretary 3; Model General Assembly 3; Key Club 3- 4-5, vice-president 5, Convention 4-5; Talon Staff 4-5, sports editor 4, co -editor 5; Basketball 3; Golf 3-4-5; S.C.A. 5. STEVEN MICHAEL SUMMEY Transferred 5. CAROL ANN THAYER Library Club 1-2; F.H.A. 2-3-4-5, song leader 4, secretary 5; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 2-3; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 4-5, chaplain 4; Civinette Club 4-5, treasurer 5; Smywasco Federation, president 5. ROSALIE BISHOP VANCE Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1-2; Jr. Science 1-2, secretary- treasurer 2; F.T.A. 3-4; Glee Club 3-5; Band 1- 2-3-4-5, letter 3-4-5; All-State Band 3-4-5; All All -County Band 4-5; N.H.S. 5; Talon Staff, feature editor 5; S.C.A. 5; Sr. Science 3-4-5, secretary 5; Civinette Club 4-5, president 5; Solo and Ensemble Contest 2; Science Fair, honorable mention 4. PAUL KENNETH WHITEAKER Blee Club 3-5; F.F.A. 2-3-4; Basketball 1. DEANNA CAROLE WILLIAMS Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1-2-3; Sr. Tri-Hi-Y 4; Library Club 1-2-3-4-5, vice-president 4; F.H.A. 1-2; 4-H Club 2-3-4-5, secretary 2; Basketball 2-3-4-5; Softball 4-5; Glee Club, librarian 4-5; School Cancer Drive, chairman 4. VIRGINIA ELLEN WOOD Class secretary 1; Jr. Tri-Hi-Y 1-2-3, president 3; Science Club 1; Band 1-2-3-4-5, letter 3-4-5; Majorette 3-4-5; All-State Band 2; Solo and Ensemble Contest 2; All -County Band 4; Beta Club Award 1; Annual Staff 1-2-3-4; S.C.A. 2-3- 4- 5, secretary 3, vice-president 4, president 5, State Workshop 5; Homecoming Court 3-5; Glee Club 3-4; Ten Tones 3-4; All -State Chorus 4; Civinette Club 4-5; Key Club Sweetheart 5; Beta Club 4; N.H.S., sgt.-at-arms 5; Scholastic letter 2-3-4; B.F.W. Essay Contest, fourth place school winner 5. DUDLEY BRITTON WRIGHT, III Hi-Y 2-3; Basketball 2-3-4; Track 3-4-5; Base- ball 2; Football 3-4; Glee Club 5. EDDY BROWN YATES Jr. Science 1-2; Hi-Y 1; Class president 1; Band 1-2-3-4-5, letter 3-4-5; All -County Band 4; All-State Band 5; S.C.A. 2-4; Dance Band 2-3- 4-5, director 4; Glee Club 3; Sr. Science 3-4, sgt.-at-arms 4; Class vice-president 4; Coin Club 4-5, president 4; Beta Club 4; N.H.S. 5; Key Club 4-5, sgt.-at-arms 5; Class treasurer 5. 22 Go oo tr Bob Alexander Charlene Arnold L. B. Atkins Betty Barr Eroy Biller Stephanie Biller Kenneth Blevins Thomas Brabson A1 Bradley Monna Jo Bradley Bridget Brick Roy Brummit Bessie Byrd Joe Campbell Linda Campbell Linda Carter Raleigh Childress Mary Hope Clark Paula Collier 24 ! Harriet Gwathmey Brenda Hall Gilbert Harless Jerry Harrison Howard Combs Bland Craig Cheryl Crumpler Ernest Cullop Johnny Cullop Ginger Davis John Davis Bonnie Duty Joe Fields Mary Ann Frye Rosemary Gold Louise Grant Mary Helen Gray Rose Ellen Gray Sherry Groseclose 25 Billy Hatcher Jana Kay Hawkins Charles Hicks Joel Hortenstine Garnet Howard Nancy Howard Anne Hutton Kay Hyler Linda Jackson Mary Jackson Donna James Carol Jones Wanda Martin Jean Mays 26 Jerry Mays Jimmy K. McCall Jimmy M. McCall Mary Rachel McConnell Donna Sue McKinney Kenneth McVey Betty Jean Miller Roger Minton Nicki Mitchell Carol Montgomery Jane Moore Jim Moore Bruce Moretz Dickie Musick Leonard Musick Sue Neal Woody Neese 27 Donna Ornduff Ronnie Osborne Shirley Parris Louise Paul Randy Powers Jerry Price Margaret Price Yolanda Price Judy Ramsey Jane Ratcliff Carl Ray Joseph Roark Sue Roark Cookie Roberts Marvin Robinson Mae Saul Judy Shryock R. C. Singleton 28 Robin Smeltzer Fred Spencer Mickey Stamper Joyce Stroup Judy Sullins Mike Thompson Margaret Tignor Mary Ann Tucker Linda Vowell Terrell Wagman Barbara Widen er Jane Widener John Willison Brenda Wilson Karol Wilson Christine Wolfe Donna Woodward Not Pictured: Ricky Boucher Tommy White Donna Dancy Jack Wycoff 29 30 Linda Adams Tommy Alexander Lenna Anderson David Angle Jeanne Austin Johnny Aven Alice Bailey Herbert Bailey Peggy Bailey Julia Bateman Vicki Berry Jim Beverly Carolyn Blackwell Sandra Blair Judy Blevins Becky Bonduiant Jimmy Branson Judy Breeding Larry Brown Linda Browning Marie Burke Vicki Butt Frances Calloway Alan Campbell Kay Campbell Kenneth Carbary Ella Castle Gloria Childress 32 Charlene Campbell Linda Childress Edward Clark Laura Clark Paul Clark Marie Clear Bill Collins Irma Combs Bob Cooke Jimmy Cooke Walter Cox George Crabtree Edwin Craig Henry Crigger Doris Crusenberry Joyce Crusenberry Brenda Cullop Ethel Cullop Anne Cum bow Jerry Davis Anna Dixon Gary Dutton Joyce Dye Kittye Easterly John Elliot Imogene Eskridge Dennie Farmer Judy Farmer 33 Dennis Fields Gerald Foran Lonnie Frye Hubert Fulton Harry Garnand Jackie Goodman Peggy Goodson Jimmy Gregory Don Hagy Mike Hagy Jean Hargroves James Harless Mary Harris Patricia Harris Jackie Hatfield Kenneth Henley Douglas Hillard Janice Hinkle Bonnie Houser Linda Hughes Karen Hunt Brenda Jackson Sue Jackson Martha Keys Jimmy Kinder Larry Kiser Nancy Kiser Richard Kiser 34 Mike Lawson Nancy Lewis Walter Lindsey John Lloyd Clare Manson Virginia Marlowe Sue Martin Danna McClanahan John McConnell Patty McCrady Jim McFaddin Larry McFall Jerry Mink Doug Minnick Patsy Moore Shirley Moore Steve Morgan Patsy Musick Rose Ann Musick Nancy Naff Joyce Nash Bonnie Neal Judy Neal Nancy Neal Bruce Odum Janice Orfield Iris Ornduff Connie Orr 35 Ellen Osborne Brenda Owens Sharon Pennington Linda Perdue Linda Poole Rebecca Powers Johnny Price Billy Quesenberry Doug Raines Ann Ramsey Sharon Reece Rachel Rice Roger Riddle Dean Roark Rita Roark Charles Roberts Glenna Roberts Janie Roberts Ray Roe Pat Russell Gail Rutledge Connie Saltz Lloyd Saltz Yvonne Self Jimmy Singleton Linda Smith Patsy South Lee Stallard 36 Frank Stephon Steve Stevens Linda Sweet Carol Talbert Phillip Taylor David Teddar Mavis Terry Carolyn Thompson Roger Tignor Kathy Vance Evelyn Waters Linda Watson Pauline Weeks Kenneth Wheeler David White Tommy White Patty Williams Betty Wilson Don Wood Eva Woodward Lonnie Woodward Rodney Woodward Charlotte Wright 37 Lawson. Secretary; Angle. Vice-President; Grant. President; Yates. Treasurer; Repass. Reporter. Juniors McCall. Reporter; Howard. Sec.; Hutton. Pres.; Collier. Vice-Pres.; Campbell. Treas. Freshmen Sophomores Powers. Pres.; Keys. Vice-Pres.; Cumbow. Sec.; Orr. Treas.. Garnand. Rep orter. Eighth Grade White. Reporter; Mitchell. Vice-Pres.; Repass. Pres.; Moore. Sec.; Reed. Treas. 38 Jerrue. Reporter; Arrington. Treas.; Mathews. Pres.; Kreger. Sec.; Morefield. Vice-Pres. FRESHMEN Harry Able Fonda Barker Jimmy Beattie Johnny Berry Tommy Berry Emma Bevins Leslie Birch Irene Bivins Roger Black Wayne Blackwell James Blevins Brenda Boggs Ronald Bordwine Virginia Bordwine Connie Bosserman Jane Brown Betty Burke Charlene Campbell John Campbell Zane Carter Eddie Camper Candy Catron Betty Childress Billy Childers 40 Martha Christian Harvey Clark Jimmy Clark Larry Crane Jenny Crookshank Linda Crosswhite Candy D unman Eddie Dunn Randy Eads Jerry Eggers Bruce Faw Maria Fern Gary Fields Katherine Fisher Betty Flannagan Patty Fogleman Raymond Fritz Dewey Fulton Emily Garrett Joyce Garrett Allen Gentry Jane Glover Kitty Gray Mary Graybeal 41 Linda Sue Greer Brenda Groseclose- Mary Gunter Sue Hale Charles Hall Gary Harless Peggy Harless Judy Harner Mike Harris Kenneth Harrison Mildred Hawthorne Rebecca Hayter John Paul Hefner Charles Herndon Lucky Hicks Benny Hill Sharon Hill Bobby Inscore Rose Mary Jackson Susan James Evelyn Johnson Tommy Kent Peggy King Melody Lawson 42 Sandra Lewis Sue Lewis Roxie Lowe Susan Lowry Harold McCall Wayne McCall Trecia McCracken Jackie McCready Julian McConnell Margaret McConnell Patricia McCormick Lillie McFaddin Edward McFall Ted McThenia Francis Mann Janet Miller Janice Miller Randy Miller Joyce Millsap Ronald Mink Patricia Minnick Buddy Mitchell Kenneth Mitchell Marion Mitchell 43 Bobby Moore Jane Moore Wayne Moretz Don Morrell Delores Morrison Mary Musick Pauline Musick Libby Musser Fredia Norris Glenda Parris Debbie Patterson Bobby Pennington Brenda Phelps Sam Phillips David Pippin Doug Pippin Barbara Powers Leon Prater Laurie Preston Bill Price Scotty Price Sylvia Price Linda Raines Julia Ramsey 44 Douglas Rasnick Cordelia Reed Gary Reed Isaac Reed Lee Reed Sam Repass Jimmy Reynolds Virginia Reynolds Margaret Roark Thelma Roark Pat Roberts Sue Roe Tommy Rollins Gary Rush Raymond Sailor Mike Shaffer Charles Shaw Don Shryock Steve Smeltzer Helen Smith Pat Smith Ray Smith Sammy Snead Tommy Stuart 45 Jenny Stringer Lena Stout Pat Sweet Ruth Ann Taylor Danny Thomas Emma Thompson Joanne Tignor Larry Van Huss Larry Wagner Tommy Waters Joyce White Annette Widner Jean Williams Kenneth Wilson Fonda Winebarger Media Winebarger Hilda Woodby Jane Woolwine Christine Wright Karen Wright 46 EIGHTH GRADE Barbara Able Janet Anderson Penny Arrington Linda Asbury Elizabeth Authenreath Linda Bailey Mary Bailey Winston Bailey Johnny Barrett Vichie Bateman Thomas Beattie Delcine Berry Charles Blackwell Frank Black Patsy Blackwell Glenda Bordwine Gregory Bostic Steve Bowling Johnny Branson Harold Browning Kathy Browning Jimmy Bundy Patricia Bussey Keith Campbell Mary Campbell Linda Campbell Alma Carbary Ray Castle 48 Sue Castle Billy Childress Ruby Childress Linda Clark Charlene Colley Theresa Combs Lee Counts Larry Crabtree Whitley Crane Gary Crookshank Lena Cuddy Arthur Cunningham Connie Dalton Nancy Damron Tanyua Dickenson Mary Doss Linda Endean Peggy Eskridge Jerry Farley Connie Fergerson Janne Fern Joy Fern Patricia Fields Carolyn Foran Larry Foran Carla Fritz Myrtle Frye Michael Fugate 49 Jimmy Goad Richard Goodson Charles Gregory Mary Gregory Marlene Hamblen Gilmer Harless Sheila Hash D oris Hatcher Marvin Hawkins Linda Helton Peggy Henegar Stephen Heslep Jimmy Hicks John Holloway Linda Howard David Hutton Diane Isaac Danny Jackson Freddy Jackson Phyllis Jackson Paul Jenkins Jennifer Jerrue Brenda Johnson Judy Johnson Blayne Jones Freddie Jones Hubert Jones Wayne Jones Frances Kiser Susan Kolling Jeanie Kreger Walter Lewis John Lloyd Judy Lloyd Elizabeth Lowe Jeff Lucas Millard Mahala Raymond Malone Ray Manuel Coy Martin Garrett Mathews Frances Maxwell Betty McCracken Brenda McCray Danny McCray David McConnell Barbara McGuire Leon McGuire Brenda McVey Gerald Miller Glenn Miller James Mink Patsy Minnick Charles Montgomery Graham Montgomery Joe Moore 51 Marie Moore J. D. Moor efield Eugene Moretz Nicki Musser Thelma Neal Ronald Noonkester Edwin Orfield Mary Orfield Larry Ornduff Buddy Paris Martha Parris Martha Patterson Rebekah Pennington Jean Pierce Roger Pierce Mark Plechaty Lester Plummer Betty Pope Roger Powers Barbara Price Bobby Price Kenneth Price Tim Price Ralph Puckett Bobby Ratcliff Shirley Ray Donna Reece Lula Reed 52 David Reynolds Dickie Reynolds Oma Reynolds Ronnie Reynolds Sylvia Rice Glenda Richardson Linda Richardson Don Roark Linda Roark Robert Roark Ronald Roark Mike Roberts Teresa Roberts Richard Roe Joe Rollins Claude Rosenbalm Michael Rush Richard Saltz James Self Nancy Shortt Bill Sinclair Wallace Smith Wayne Smith Sammy Snead Phyllis Snodgrass Linda South Wanda South Brenda Stallard 53 Betty Stuart Ernest Sullivan Charles Taylor Barbara Terry David Thomas Douglas Thomas Mildred Thomas Wayne Thomas Giles Tignor Richard Warden Charles Warren Sammie Warren William Webb Bill White Jimmy Whitley Lois Whitley Robert Widener Vivian Widener Barbara Williamson Judy Wilson Milda Woodby Betty Woodward Judy Woodward Helen Worley Billy Yeatts 54 Seniors working on their term papers. The Glee Club returning from the District Choral Festival, where they received a 1 rating. " Here ' s to Graduation. 55 Class Mr. Fleenor helps Tom with a Physics problem. 56 .- ' tV Activities Mr. McConnell helps Mary Helen with Algebra. The girls ' Phys. Ed. Class. 57 Custodians Mr. Gail Finley Cafeteria Staff Mr. Bob Morris Mr. Paul Stanley Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Barker, Mrs. Brown Harold Reynolds and Mrs. Counts ORGANIZATIONS Student Cooperative Association 1st ROW: Denton, Sponsor; South, Angle, Sgt. at Arms; Powers, Secretary; Ratcliff, Vice-President; Wood, President; McKinney, Chaplain; Musser, Treasurer; Wilson, Woolwine, Sponsor. 2nd ROW: Price, Price, Johnson, Hatcher, Minton, Woolwine, Repass, Hutton, Kreger, Musser, Ramsey, Austin, Blair, Cumbow, Larimer. 3rd ROW: McFall, Powers, Neal, Wilson, Collier, Franklin, Roe, Vance, Cox , Angle, Garnand, Summerson. 4th ROW: Shaffer, Carter, Repass, Roberts, Mitchell, Grant, Smith, Smith, Hinkle, Ray, Sinclair. The purpose of the S.C.A. is to help develop a sense of re- sponsibility on the part of the students and to encourage their participation in school activities. The S.C.A. spon- sors the Homecoming Dance, and this year their main pro- ject has been promoting the acceptance of a foreign ex- change student for next year. The S.C.A. bookstore creates interest among all the students. 60 National Honor Society 1st ROW: McConnell, James, Wagman, Southerlin, Sponsor; Wood. Flanagan, Reporter; Sinclair, Presi- dent; Neal, Vice-President; Franklin, Secretary; Thayer, Treasurer; Ratcliff, Barr, Booth, Ramsey. 2nd ROW: Gray, Lawson, Kreger, Biller, Price, Pearson, Davis, Jackson, Crabtree, Vance, Hutton. Crumpler, Vowell, Collier. 3rd ROW: Hyler, Howard, McKinney, Musser, Craig, Jones, Re pass, Wilson, Powers. 4th ROW: Larimer, Moore, Yates, Mays, Angle, Ray, Campbell, Blevins. Mr. Ramsey presents the club charter to Randy. The club gives a Minstrel Show for their annual assembly. 61 1st ROW: Yates, Summerson, Vice-President; Smith, President; Wood, Sweetheart; Smeltzer, Treasurer; Grant, Secretary. 2nd ROW: Elton, Sponsor; Powers, Moore, Bradley, Collins, Hortenstine, Hatcher, Boucher, Larimer, Cumbow. 3rd ROW: Raines, Angle, Rutledge, Stephen, White, Garnand. 4th ROW; Sinclair, Angle, Cox. Key Club Key Club officers and Sweetheart proudly display the trophies they have won during the last several years. 62 1st ROW; Pearson, Booth, Treasurer; Jones, Secretary; Vance, President; Thayer, Vice-President, Roe. 2nd ROW; Hargroves. Sponsor; Wood. Price. Powers, Woodward, Groseclose, Kreger, Lawson, Gwathmey, Gray. 3rd ROW; Grumpier. Wagman, Ratcliff, Ramsey, Biller, Hutton, Neece. 4th ROW; Repass, Musser, Minton, Tucker, Bradley. 5th ROW; Barr, McKinney, Gray, Collier, James. Civinette Club Senior members of the club entertain all with their singing during their annual school assembly. 63 1st ROW; Denton, Sponsor; Tucker, Roe, Neal, Co-Editor; Summerson, Co-Editor; Angle, Assistant Editor; Powers, Business Manager; Vance Roberts. 2nd ROW: French, Sponsor; Biller, Paul, Jackson, Williams, Cornelius, McConnell, Cumbow, Jones, Davis, Duty, Price, Kiser, Larimer, Gray, Martin Crumpler, Dunman. Talon Staff George sells an issue of The Talon to Less. 64 1st ROW: Jerrue, Sponsor; Vance, Reporter; Blevins, Secretary ; S. Musser, President; James, Vice-president; L. Musser, Historian; Kent, Treasurer; Morrell. 2nd ROW: Gunter, Christian, Winebargar, J. Ramsey, Haw- kins, Naff, S. Ramsey, Pearson, Kreger, Campbell, Hill, Woolwine, Butt, Fern; White, Neese, Wright. 3rd ROW: McKinney, Carter, Mann, Gold, South, Blair, Powers, Moore, McConnell. Future Teachers of America Two of the practice teachers give a humorous speech at the F.T.A. Assembly. 65 Glee Club Mrs. Ramsey, Director; Crabtree, Roe, Ramsey, Treasurer; Preston, Vice-President; Patton, President; Grant, Secretary; Williams, Price, Martin, Neal. 2nd ROW: Neese, Goodson, Waters, Duty, Woodward, Price, Boardwine, Vance, Powers, Goad, Bowman, Smeltzer, Boucher, Davis. 3rd ROW: Clark, Fern, Roark, Wolfe, Moore, Sullins, Cullop, Montgomery, Ramsey, Mays, Jackson, Henry, Shyrock. 4th ROW: Carter, Davis, Roberts, Blackwell, Sullins, Tignor, Phillips, Calloway, McConnell, Cumbow, South, Ornduff. 5th ROW: Robinson, White, Mink, Henley, Briscoe, Wright, Whitaker, Alexander, Pierce, Angle, Sandoe, Smith, Bradley, Haley, Beverly. 66 Ten Tones Mrs. Ramsey, Director; Grumpier, McConnell, Ramsey, Crabtree, Widener. 2nd ROW: McConnell, Patton, Boucher, Bradley, Cox. Junior High Chorus 1st ROW: Lawson, Birch, Christian, Dunman, Phelps, Musser, Lowry, Roberts, Catron, Ramsey, Gunter, Boggs. 2nd ROW: McCall, Moore, Greer, Groseclose, Bosserman, Harner, James, Wright, White, Preston, Pierce, Powers, Sinclair, Mrs. Ramsey. 3rd ROW: Harrison, Price, McCall, McConnell, Stringer, Crook- shank, McFaddin, Williams, Taylor, Johnson, McConnell, Fern, Woolwine, Barker, Pippin, Widener. 4th ROW: Schaffer, Dunn, Price, Crane, Prater, Mitchell, Fulton, Eggers, Snead, Carter, Gentry. 67 Senior Tri-Hi-T 1st ROW: Miss Butt, Sponsor; McConnell, Reporter; Gray, Treasurer; Hutton, Vice-President; Repass, Presi- dent; Gray, Secretary; Kreger, Wagman. 2nd ROW: Hawkins, Frye, Paul, Jackson, Balduzzi, Powers, Mc- Kinney, Howard, Biller, Woodward, Hyler, Grumpier, Grant, Scott, Ornduff, Bradley. 3rd ROW: Widener, Campbell, Martin, Wilson, Ledford, Ratcliff, Gwathmey, Lawson, Franklin. 4th ROW: James, Collier, Carter, Craig, Tucker, Thayer, Davis, Barr, Roberts. Mary Helen and Nancy serve refreshments after the Induction Service. 68 Senior Hi-T 1st ROW: Rice, Sponsor; Ray, President; Wycoff, Vice-President; Spencer, Secretary Treasurer; Powers, Chaplain; Angle, Boucher. 2nd ROW: McCall, Hatcher, Moore, Alexander. Hi ' Y members help with the Nativity scene. 69 Junior Hi-T 1st ROW; Raines, White, Treasurer; Kiser, Reporter; Smeltzer, Craig, Brown, Alexander. 2nd ROW: Gar- rett, Sponsor; Cox, Secretary; Angle, President; Collins, Vice President; Elliot. Flame Tri-Hi- T 1st ROW: Johnson, Secretary; Richardson, Chaplain; Kreger, President; Johnson, Treasurer; Campbell, Vice President; Miller, Sponsor. 2nd ROW: Terry, Heneger, Anderson, Pennington, Roberts, Campbell, Clark, Price, Roark, Endean, Kolling, Minnick. 70 Junior Tri-Hi-T 1st ROW: Flanagan, Sponsor; Greer, Musser, McConnell, Hargroves, Cumbow, Austin, Preston, Dunman, Clark, 2nd ROW: Christian, Hamer, Jackson, Phelps, Wright, Roberts, White, Butt, Hinkle, 3rd ROW: James, Gunter, Orr, Ramsey, Stringer, Hughes, Russell, 4th ROW: Moore, Bondurant, Easterly, Patterson, Powers, Blevins, Rice, Burke. Anne, the President, gives a speech at the club ' s installation service. As one of their projects, the club wrapped gifts for children at Christmas. 71 Falcon Band 1st ROW: Ratcliff, McKinney, Repass, Wagman, Arnett, Vance, Catron, Moore, Gray, Vance, Booth, Wood, Kent. 2nd ROW: Jones, L. Jones, Russell, Williams, Groseclose, White, Hawkins, Roark, Rice, Grumpier, Barr, Preston, Lawson, Yates, Gunter, Moore, Hatcher, Davis. 3rd ROW: Hargroves, Neal, Roberts, Reece, McCrady, Hughes, Dunman, Stringer, Patterson, Fulton, Woolwine, Dye, Garnand, Moore, Pennington, Orr, Austin, A. Ramsey, Pearson. 4th ROW: Cox, Musser, Wycoff, Blaire, Clark, Schaffer, Smith, Hagy, Raines, Craig, McFall, Price, Repass, Ray, D. Fulton, Phelps, Glover, Taylor, L. Musser, Williams, Burke, Gray, Cornelius, Blevins, Widener, Kreger, J. Ramsey, Powers. Officers: William Geisler, Director; Repass, Second Lt.; Cox, First Lt.; Musser, Sec.; Powers, Capt. Drum Majors; Jane Widener and Billy Hatcher. 72 Majorettes: Booth, Head Majorette, Clark, Kreger, McKinney, Wood, Jones, Orr, Gray. Senior Majorettes Ellen Wood Betty Booth Sandy Jones 73 Senior Science Club 1st ROW: Fleenor, Sponsor; Smith, Angle, President; R. Vance, Secretary; Moore, Treasurer. 2nd ROW: Naff, Powers, Beverly, McConnell, Powers, Cox, Kiser, Boucher, Biller, Paul. 3rd ROW: Hatcher, Wycoff, White, Alexander, Garnand, Jackson. Junior Science Club 1st ROW: Repass, Sgt. -at-Arms; Beattie, Vice-President; Schaffer, President; Mitchell, Secretary; Price, Reporter. Mr. McConnell, Sponsor, T. Beattie, Berry, Smith, Heslip, Widener, Powers, Morefield, Gregory, White, Campbell. 74 Library Club 1st ROW: Mrs. Mongle, Sponsor; Harless, Reporter; Blackwell, Secretary; Riddle, President; Davis, Vice- President; Campbell, Jones, Miss Stafford, Sponsor. 2nd ROW: Childress, Graybeal, Wilson, Martin, Moore, Musick, Bosserman, Hopkins, Garrett, Byrd, Jackson, Martin, Dickson, Moore, Clark, Frye, Wilson, Harless. 3rd ROW: Tignor, Thompson, Harris, Neal, Williams, Stout, Adams, Flanagan, Dye, Ledford, Norris, Black, Orfield, Jackson, Winebarger. 4th ROW: Wolfe, Roark, Jones, Berry, Odum, Hagy, Campbell, Knott, Millsap, Mann. Coin Club 1st ROW: Patton, Vice-President; Hatcher, Secretary -Treasurer; Larimer, President; Moore, Summerson, Boucher. 2nd ROW: Eldreth, Garnand, Yates, Wycoff. 75 Future Homemakers 1st ROW: Miss Hannah, Miss Rector, Sponsors; Lowry, Burke, Reporter; Bingham, Clark, Treasurer; Wilson, Vice-President; Minton, President; Thayer, Secretary; Black, Bordwine, Bowman, Johnson, Jones. 2nd ROW: Sullins, Arnold, Roberts, Nash, Breeding, G. Childress, Martin, Grant, Berry, Vowell, Pearson, Butt, Clark, Cullop, Ornduff, Castle. 3rd ROW: Campbell, Carter, Thompson, Stroup, Eskridge, Harris, Self, Tignor, Roberts, Cornelius, Hargroves, Russell, Williams, Purdue, South. 4th ROW: Duty, L. Childress, Blackwell, Powers, Craig, Widener, Parris, Waters, South, Easterly. F.H.A. members selling refreshments at a Club Officers basketball game. 76 of America Sue and Linda decorate the club ' s bulletin board for Thanksgiving. Efluonm . Club members finish their float for the Tobacco Festival Parade. 1st ROW: Hatcher, Gregory, Henegar, Roe, Colley, Fern, Kreger, Hamblan, Reece, Williams, Taylor, Flan- nagan, Fogleman, Williamson, Pennington. 2nd ROW: Crosswhite, Cuddy, Johnson, Price, Campbell, Smith, Roberts, McFaddin, Crookshank, Woolwine, Clark, South, Boggs, Anderson. 3rd ROW: Lowe, Lloyd, Authenreath, South, Childress, Kiser, Minnick, WHson, South, McCray, Woodby, Stallard, Harner, Greer, Patterson, Johnson, Musick, Norris, Lawson. 4th ROW: Orfield, Graybeal, Arrington, Pope, Fern, Rice, Howard, Brown, Helton, Roark, Owens, Richardson, Ferguson, McVey, Endean, Rosserman, Thomas, Mc- Cormick. 5th ROW: Hudler, Maxwell, Frye, Bussey, Fritz, Shorn, Minnick, Parris, Osborne, Warren, Raines, Groseclose, Terry. 77 Distributive Education 1st ROW: Booth, Sponsor; Eldreth, Reporter; Nash, Secretary; Burke, Vice-President; Duncan, Treasurer; Musick. 2nd ROW: Bateman, Bailey, Martin, Musick, Reynolds, Saul, Hartman, Singleton. 3rd ROW: Osborne, Arden, Marlowe, Graybeal, Musick, Roark. Future Farmers of America 1st ROW: Oliver, Sponsor; Crigger, Neese, Reporter; Cullop, Stevens. Treasurer; Smith, Secretary; Roberts, Childress, President; Blevins. 2nd ROW: Miller, Mortz, Waters, Roark, Blevins, Kinder, Saltz, Lloyd, Stal- lard, Aven, Poe, Mortz, McConnell, Biller. 3rd ROW: Thomas, Harless, McCall, Brabson, McVey, Lewis, Clark, Minton, Howard. 78 4-H Girls 1st ROW: Crabtree. Songleader; M. McConnell, Treasurer; Roberts, Vice-President; Black, Woolwine, Lowery. 2nd ROW: Lewis, Williams, Jackson, Williamson, Bateman, Rice, M. A. McConnell, Van Huss, Price, Woolwine, Sponsor. 4-H Boys 1st ROW: Mitchell, Brabson, Treasurer; Roberts, President; Blevins, Secretary. 2nd ROW: Smith, J. Mortz, Black, Widner, B. Mortz, E. Mortz, Harless. 3rd ROW: R. Miller, C. Miller, Thomas, Tedder. 79 1st ROW: Blevins, Art Editor; Ramsey, Collier, Circulation Editor; Sinclair, Club Editor; S. Ramsey, Editor; Jones, Illustrations Editor; Larimer, Business Manager; Angle, Photographer; Booth. 2nd ROW: Roberts, Sponsor; Barr, Patton, Ratcliff, Advertising Manager; Moore, Kreger, Austin, McConnell, Grant, Sports Editor. 1963 Beacon Staff To many students, the school yearbook is nothing more than two covers, but to the members of the staff, the 1963 Beacon is much more. It is planning, drawing, and redrawing layouts, last minute picture-taking, and the frantic efforts to meet a deadline. And finally, it is a feeling of satisfaction for having completed another yearbook for the students and school. 80 Annual sales kickoff assembly. " Line-up " during the assembly. Circulation Staff 1st ROW: Roberts, Johnson, Tucker, M cKinney, Davis, Flanagan, Price. 2nd ROW: Wilson, J. Kreger, Blevins, Ramsey, Jones, Moore, Ratcliff, C. Kreger. 81 All State Chorus Dayid Patton, Hank Grant, Lillie Roe, Jerry Davis, Kathy Price, Donna Woodward, Sue Ramsey. Not pictured: Rick Boucher. All State Band Arnett, McKinney, Repass, Pearson, Cox, Wagman, Booth, Vance, J. Ramsey, Jones, Garnand, Kent, Fulton, Ratcliff, Yates, Austin, Howard, Hatcher, Gunter, Davis, Lawson. Not Pictured: A. Ramsey. 82 S.C.A. Elections " Ahab, the Arab. " David and Ronnie help send Coach Mathews to the moon. Coach Preston? Crowd at a football game. N.H.S. " intellectual " officers. 83 I Paul dropped at 50. Osborne is brought down after long gain. 84 Captain Sue Ramsey Are you ready? Let ' s go! " Paula Collier " Go, fight, win ! " Lillie Roe " Give me a F! " Rose Ellen Gray " Let ' s all do the handclap. " 86 1962 Falcons District 7 Champs 1st ROW: Mink, Wright, Preston, Haley, Bordwine, Burke, Briscoe, Neal, Smith, Moore. 2nd ROW: Mathews, Head Coach; Robinson, Burke, Rutledge, McFall, Lindsey, Osborne, White, Childress, Cullop, Neese, Blevins, Coach. 3rd ROW: Nelson, Coach; Wood, Hagy, Angle, Rolling, P. Clark, E. Clark, Woodward, Fields, Collins, Stallard, Preston, Coach. 4th ROW: Harless, Dunn, McCall, Stephen, Gregory, Riddle, Spencer, Mink, Summey, Woodward, Carberry. 5th ROW: Wilson, Davis, McFall, Smeltzer, Price, Wright, McCall, Clark, Schaffer, Harrison, Crane, Mink, Mathews. 6th ROW: Mays, Cullop. Falcon Coaching Staff: Blevins, Preston, Mathews, Nelson. Claude and Less with District 7 trophy. 87 lil Claude Bordwine Less Burke Byrd Preston Senior Players Mike Smith 88 Coach Mathews and Richard in Summit Conference. Hagy, Mink, Bordwine, and Robinson on bench during big game. Jubilant players carry coaches off field after last game. 89 1st ROW: Hinkle, Sinclair, Cullop, Briscoe, Cumbow, Boucher. 2nd ROW: Coach Nelson, Rutledge, Mays, Grant, Clark, Minton. 1963 Falcon Basketball 1st ROW: Harrison, Manager; H. Fulton, McFall, Plachety, J. Gregory, B. Mink, C. Gregory, J. Mink, Beatty. 2nd ROW: Coach Engle, Reed, Rollins, McCall, Goodman, Smith, Clark, Mitchell, D. Fulton, Prater, Morgan, Campbell, Manager. 90 ' TALCt Richard Senior Tom Randy 91 Jump Ball Action in Marion game. Briscoe lays one up. Cullop takes a rebound. Action in Battle game. Paul jumps high for ball. 92 Eighth Grade Basketball Junior Varsity Cheerleaders Sharon Hill, Captain; Susan Kolling, Joyce White, Jeannie Kreger, Mary Jane Gregory, Karen Wright. 93 Girls’ Varsity Basketball 1st ROW: Kreger, Biller, Hinkle, Woolwine, Neese, Jackson, Roe, Flannagan. 2nd ROW: Booth, Williams, Bondurant, Cumbow, Cullop, Arnett, Fern, Miss Hall. SCHEDULE WE THEY Liberty Hall 38 21 John S. Battle 18 7 Patrick Henry 30 7 Patrick Henry 44 21 John S. Battle 40 28 Greendale 42 18 94 Intramural Girls’ Basketball 1st ROW: Minnick, Patterson, Howard, Hatcher, Gregory, Kreger, Johnson, Richardson, Jackson, Dickenson, Combs. 2nd ROW: Fern, Wilson, Pennington, Arrington, Jerrue, Helton, Lloyd, Authenreath, Hamblen, Roberts, Owens. 3rd ROW: Miss Hall, Roberts, Flanagan, Barker, Fern, Sweet, Taylor, Miller, Moore. Softball Team 1st ROW: Miller, Richardson, Berry, Stallard, Flannagan, Widener, Neese. 2nd ROW: Clark, Biller, Bootn, Bondurant, Cullop, Roe, Hinkle, Miss Hall. Not Pictured: Roberts, P. Sweet, L. Sweet. SCHEDULE: 1962 -- 7 wins, 1 loss: 1963 -- 4 wins, 0 losses, to date. 95 Noonkester, W. Blackwell, C. Blackwell, Price. Webb, Saltz, Harless. 2nd ROW: Neese, Angle, Russell, Lloyd, Childress, Haley. 3rd ROW: Fugate, manager; Coach Preston, Collins, Woods, Bradley, Mink, Clark, Kolling, Coach Elton, Hicks, manager. 1963 Falcon Wrestling Team 96 1st ROW: Boucher, Robinson, Wright, Mink, Burke, Grant, Bordwine, Preston, Mink, McFall, Saltz, Fields, Coach Nelson. 2nd ROW: Rutledge, Fulton, Campbe ll, Fields, Cullop, Cullop, Reed, Beattie, Clark, Neese, Woodward, Blackwell. 3rd ROW: Woods, Hortenstine, Berry, Stephen, Prater, Morgan, Mays, Mc- Fall, Carter, McCall, Fulton, Lindsey. 4th ROW: Angle, Hagy, Hagy, Tedder, Clark, Clark, Schaffer, Price, Lucas, Campbell, Manager. 1963 Falcon Track Team District Champs Less takes broad jump in a track meet. " Willie " breaks school record with a six foot leap. 97 Cumbow, Summerson, Elliot, Haley, Jones, Lloyd, Wagner, Elton, Coach. 1963 Golf Team Don Johnny George Jackie 98 1st ROW: Rutledge, Mitchell, Clark, Mays, Prater, Woodard, Harrison, manager. 2nd ROW: Cox, Fields, Campbell, Gregory, Briscoe, Coach Mathews. 3rd ROW: Mink, Lindsey, Preston, Hinkle, Cullop. 1963 Falcon Baseball Team Doc " goes after a high one. Tom slides into third base. 99 Briscoe broad jumps. " Smile, you ' re on candid camera. " " Doc " goes up and over. Spring Activities Deanna ' s Beauty Salon? Welcome to Intersanctum. 100 Homecoming Queen Mary Rachel Sherry 102 Dramatics “A Sunny Morning” This play received a Superior rating at the District Festival, and also at the State One Act Play Festival. CAST: F. Spencer, R. Boucher, M. Tucker, J. Hawkins. “The Trees” For a Christmas Assembly, this play was presented by the Speech Class. CAST: S. Neal, C. Bordwine, R. Briscoe, L. Powers, S. Musser, A. Hall, B. Franklin, C. Phelps. A third play, " Sparkin ' , " was presented at an assembly in May, sponsored by the Junior Class. The cast included S. Neese, R. Powers, H. Gwathmey, and L. Jackson. All three plays were directed by Mrs. Curtis Ramsey. 103 BEST ALL AROUND Who’s MOST SCHOOL SPIRITED Mary Ann Tom MOST CONGENIAL Less Lillie BIGGEST FLIRTS MOST VERSATILE Bertha Jackie Liz George MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Richard Sandy Valeria L. C. 104 W io MOST ATTRACTIVE MOST DEPENDABLE Ellen Claude QUIETEST Tom Valeria WITTIEST MOST ATHLETIC Tommy (not pictured -- Norma) David Nancy MOST INTELLECTUAL Less Sandy Valeria L. C. 105 Awards Randy presents the Eighth Grade National Honor Society Award to Barbara Williamson. Several athletic awards were presented at the last assembly. Claude Bordwine received the award for the Most Valuable Track Player; Less Burke, the State Track Award; Paul Clark, the Most Valuable Basketball Player Award; and the award for the Highest Batting Average; Richard Briscoe, Most Athletic and Most Im- proved Basketball Player Awards; Jimmy Gregory, the Most Valuable Base- ball Player Award. Betty Booth won 2nd place in the regional Pharmacy Contest. 106 Events The track that " Nelson " built. Members of the Library Club present a radio play for their assembly program. Class President, Hank, presides at the Senior Banquet. Five lovely young ladies were presented during the half-time festivities of the Homecoming game. The Queen was crowned at the dance following the game. Dean receives his gift from giftorians Eddy and Deanna at the Senior Banquet. 107 MISS WASHINGTON COUNTY Claire Kreger VALEDICTORIAN Ellen Wood BEACON EDITOR Sue Ramsey SALUTATORIAN Valeria Flanagan VALENTINE QUEEN Lillie Roe 108 Graduation Class of 1963 Special awards were presented to Abingdon High seniors. Jackie Neal received the " best all around " senior boy award from the Kiwanis Club. The " best all around " senior girl award, given by the Business and Professional Women ' s Club, was presented to Betty Booth. The Rotary Club presented the citizenship award to Fred McConnell, and the Arion band award to Patty Pearson. Sue Ramsey received the choral music and the DAR " good citizenship award. " Dean Larimer received the PTA $100 scholarship, and Fred McConnell received a $500 scholar- ship presented by the Dyson Foundation. Scholarships of $100 each were awarded to Nancy Repass, Sara Kent, Valeria Flanagan, and Sue Ramsey. Dr. Daniel Leidig gave the Commencement address. 109 A.H.S. Students During the 1962-1963 School Tear Dean and Eddy at work in a Physics Lab. Donna entertains students during the Annual Assembly. Key Club members decorate for the Valentine Dance. The headless polevaulter. Patty received the Arion Band Linda, Nancy, Laurie, and Jane perform for the student body. Award. no HENDERSON’S EUNERAL GEORGE’S GRILL West Main Street Abingdon, Virginia The Best Place To Eat Private Dining Room With Air Conditioning Garments Cleaned The " Martinizing " Way Will Stay ONE HOUR “MARTINIZING’’ certifies THE MOST IN DRY CLEANING Q at Sr Fresh As A Flower ... In Just 1 Hour Faster Service No Extra Charge Phone Russell Street 628-7900 Abingdon, Va. HAVE FUN AT HIGHLAND BOWL 1 -mile West of Abingdon on Hwy. 11 SOUTHWEST VIRGINIA’S FINEST COMMUNITY CENTER 16 Automatic Bowling Lanes Free Nursery- Free Parking Snack Bar Operated b-y TOM HENDERSON of TRU-BLU FAME ELLIOT INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. Complete Insurance Service 18Z E. Main St. Phone 6Z8-Z8Z3 Abingdon, Virginia a R. QUESENBERRT Distributor of Gulf Oil Products Phone 6Z8-Z104 Abingdon, Virginia As you embark towards your Future, you will have many occasions to reflect upon those at Abingdon High School who have helped to guide you to your course of Life. To them . . . be grateful- To yourself ... be true . HOUSE OE ROSSOEF Custom Draperies 13 Moore Street Bristol, Virginia For Dress Fabrics and Woolens, It ' s Fabric Fair, Next Door. As our technology becomes more complex and new projects, such as “shooting for the moon”, become reties, more will be demanded of today’s graduates — more loiowledge, more skills, more training and greater spedall cation BURKE PRINT SHOP Typing Paper -- Cardboards HOLIDAY LODGE and RESTAURANT Abingdon, Virginia 1 Mile East on Route 11 Abingdon, Virginia KOLLING LUMBER CO. Abingdon, Virginia Compliments of Do it right the first time Use Kurfee ' s Paints Protect and Seal with Thoroseal Full line Frigidaire Appliances WBBI 1230 on your dial ABINGDON GROCERT GOMPANT INC. Wholesale Groceries Abingdon, Virginia WASHINGTON COUNTY NEWS " The County ' s Leading Weekly. " RUSH SHOE SHOP 1 Z8 Wall Street Abingdon, Virginia WASHINGTON COUNTY NA TIONAL BANK Complete Banking Service Offices at Two Convenient Locations Abingdon, Virginia ABINGDON REAL ESTATE INSURANCE CO. Complete Real Estate Insurance Service Telephone -- 6Z8-251Z 360 East Main St. Abingdon, Virginia ■H.P KiM(jCo. Bristol ' s Great Department Stor e The Largest and Most Complete Department Store Between Roanoke, Virginia and Knoxville, Tennessee Everybody Likes To Shop At KINGS Bristol, Tennessee SUE ' S SHOP Ladies ' R eady-to -Wear Gifts Parties by Reservation Highway 11 Meadow View, Va. Compliments of EAST MAIN TEXACO The Best Friend Your Car Ever Had " Our Line Of Building Materials Is Complete " " Estimates Gladly Furnished " MORRELL ' S SHOE SHOP DON ' S SHOE STORE Don ' t Forget Us For All Your Shoe Needs. Bank With FARMERS EXCHANGE BANK Abingdon -Bristol A Fast Growing Bank in a Rapidly Growing Area Member FDIC BUILDERS’ SUPER MARKET of Abingdon, Inc. KEMBLE COCHRAN COMPANY Route 3, Bluefield Highway Abingdon, Va. Established 1907 Booksellers, Stationers, Engravers, and Office Outfitters Bristol, Virginia -- Tennessee GLOVER ' S DRY CLEANERS Abingdon, Virginia Dependable Cleaners When You Need Them One Day Service -- No Extra Charge Pickup and Delivery STUCKEY ' S PECAN SHOPPE Fine Pecan Candies and Gifts Remember We Ship For You Bristol -Abingdon MILLER BRADLEY INCORPORATED Building Materials from the Tree to You. Abingdon, Virginia Phone 628-7571 ROBERTS TIRE AND RECAPPING " Firestone Factory Method Retreading " 2 miles west of Abingdon Abingdon, Virginia GREER SON JEWELERS Gifts of Distinction Phone 628-3672 Abingdon, Virginia Abingdon, Virginia Locally Owned and Operated " Trade at Home and Save " CENTRAL ESSO SERVICENTER 343 East Main St. THE JACK AND JILL SHOP Abingdon, Va. Free Pickup Delivery- Road Service, Washing 104 Court St. 628-7633 Lubrication Ralph L. Price Abingdon, Virginia THELMA ' S FLOWERS AND GIFTS CAMBELL FUNERAL HOME, INC. For Radio Dispatched Ambulance Dial 6Z8-2131 250 East Main wgMJggw Abingdon, Va. " Alwa-ys the Best in Flo-wers and Service " Phone 628-3181 Abingdon, Va. GRAFTON PLACE MAXINE ' S Greenwa-y Part-y House Gall 628-7511 For reservations : parties luncheons dinners Fine Feminine Fashions Abingdon -- W-ytheville ARNOLD ' S JEWELERS Gifts that Last Phone 628-3981 310 West Main St. Abingdon, Virginia ALPINE MOTEL " The Motel With a Vie-w " Rt. 11 58 628-3178 1 mile East of Abingdon ELLIS PHARMACY Drive-In Prescription Service Abingdon, Virginia Phone 6Z8-Z901 PEOPLE’S DRUG STORE Abingdon, Virginia SCHAFFER ' S Men ' s and Young Men ' s Clothing and Sportswear PEARCE DRY CLEANERS Wall St. Abingdon Clean the Special " Dri-Sheen ' Way -- Eree Mothproofing CLIFTON MUTUAL INSURANCE A GENCr, INC. Security -- Savings -- Service " If it ' s insurable -- we write it. " Phone 6Z8-3183 Abingdon, Va. MARTHA WASHINGTON INN Abingdon, Virginia For your school banquet and dances George W. Summerson Manager ABINGDON MOTOR GOMPANT, ING. Your Dealer PRINTING THE JOURNAL VIRGINIAN PRINTERS PUBLISHERS Phone 628-Z96Z, Abingdon, Va. SINGLETON ' S BIG DAD DISCOUNT STORE PARKS BELK DEPARTMENT STORE Abingdon, Virginia 6Z8-7401 Wilson Sporting Goods Golf -- Football -- Baseball Basketball -- Track -- Tennis DOLLAR STORE Abingdon ' s Most Unusual Store Win With Wilson VANGE SUPPLY CO. West Main Street Abingdon, Virginia WEST END PHARMACY Prescriptions Abingdon, Virginia Compliments of EMPLOYEES of ABINGDON MANUFACTURING COMPANY THE FABRIC HOUSE 446 West Main St. Abingdon, Virginia F eaturing Unusual dress fabrics All sewing needs WASHINGTON MOTOR COMPANY Abingdon, Virginia Oldsmobile Chevrolet Corvette Cor vair F-85 MINUTE-ETTE Flowers For All Occasions PHELPS FLOWER SHOP FOOD MARKET INCORPORA TED Abingdon-Bristol Highway Abingdon, Virginia 419 East Main St. ABINGDON FROZEN FOODS INCORPORATED Complete Line of Groceries, Meats, and Produce Food Processing And Refrigerated Storage Phone 628-7661 Abingdon, Virginia BY-LINES THE CORNER " Gifts that Last " DIXIE POTTERY STERLING HOUSE DEVAULT ' S INC. MOORE MUSIC HOUSE TOWN AND COUNTRY HARDW ARE Compliments of AUTOMATIC GAS GO. of LOUIS STERCHI FURNITURE STORE ABINGDON BARGAIN HOUSE DEBUSK FURNITURE APPLIANGE WESTERN AUTO ASSOGIATE STORE VIRGINIA Abingdon Alma Mater High above town we stand, Best school in all the land; We work with heart and hand For the school we love -- To keep her beauty bright, And her standards high -- We will pledge our hearts forever To Abingdon High ! When from her halls we go Out in the world, we ' ll show Her influence still will glow On us evermore -- Our aim like hers will be. Reach up to the sky! So we ' ll pledge our hearts forever To Abingdon High! Mrs. C. L. Ramsey 124 r ;i fri . [ y I - ' r ' ' •f Ji I • . • ;■ ' • ' « «• ' ■ ' ' ■ .. fvyv; Ihf » III, ■• . • . i4 yi-- ‘ d. ' I [Hwv- , " S ' ' Ur ' r-ssiliw, t : If.- ,d . .•;« ' ,yl ‘t. ' ! ' ' llj V ' u ; r ;i ' y is: - ■ n, .. ,c ■ ' I u .•V • yj::.: ; • i “(?!?VVV v;-v ,i. f .{■ t ' - , ■ 4 ! ' i , ' w ,|... ' .if %i »■ r t, » • V W iii.1 7 ' . N ■■ h ' l V r- , ■ ' VX ii-ff. rx ' ’U ' T ' i. I ' l if . ,‘ it 4 THE LIBRARY OF VIRGINIA

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