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196 Published by the Volume 61 l Lynette Engle, Editor Linda Minner, Associate Editor Dave Burris, Business Manager Mr. Kenneth M. Rock, Adviser CUWBOY Abilene, Kansas 1968 Yearbook Staff Abilene High School DOURS LEAD EVERYWHERE Doors lead everywhere. We pass through them toward destinies of achievement or shun them in failure. We look back through them in self-reflection and peer forth to- ward unrealized goals. Upon the entering of each portal, we are confronted with yet another door. Knock- ing and waiting will not secure entrance. We must press relentlessly upon the door until, with adept .application of opportunity it opens. Let us now force open that door and tread upon the threshold of achievement. Q . f 5 .M E W ......, 5 I .,..... I .,. ---H l ... U--Q 3 -, rm. 1 W...-.V M f 7 a 2 5 i E a s E Q Q Q 2 E 'Q 2 . ,.....-A e I """ u.L..l ,,3. ...S -'il rl "f .:5",,'LQff1, 1. If ., ' ,gf i ' I Y? hi 5 2 CUNTENTS ACADEMICS ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS CLASSES INDEX W 'W' xi 3 I an rw 6 I 3' gn X, I N i QW EI 2 -A ' Q iw if i' .41-gy . 5? "ff Q51 , ,. .xv K m I I K .g . If 113 J, A - ' :tif TQ ' .i .K 7 Q iii M. .1 f L. L . K 6. If if ACADEMICS Competent administrators and faculty members encouraged the students by sharing knowledge and ideas from their past experiences to be utilized in the scholars' future. Each assignment. lecture, and lab session contributed to the students' broadening understanding of himself and the world in which he lives. ,--- fi V . I X in Superintendent Plans Remodeling At AHS Thirteen years of steady work in the Abilene Public School System has been characteristic of Mr. E. L. Fiedler, Superin- tendent of Schools. His leadership in this position has been displayed in the many advancements made in the entire system during the year. Heading the list of projects demanding the attention of Superintendent Fiedler during the 1967-68 school year was the completion of converting the former voca- tional area into eight new classrooms. A great deal of this remodeling took place during the summer vacation, leaving only minor installations to be completed in the early part of the school year. Superintendent Fiedler was aided in his various duties by the seven members of the Board of Education. This governing body met regularly on the first Monday of each month to discuss various problems and to make decisions concerning the six schools in the district. Three competent secretaries also aided Mr. Fiedler by keeping records and carrying on correspondence work. i w, F Wm .fa Fiedlerw BS., MS., CK.S.U.D criniendent ci Public Schools Board of Education members pause while TTQCISUTGTI WGYH9 GUQHQT, l3Ff3'SiCl9Ul E L Cgmplgfmq fgmgdeling plgmg fgf ihg high Fiedler, superintendent Mcrurine Carl Vice school. Members include Lawrence Wilson: DT9Sid9Hl7 ROb9I'f RObSOH: L. E. GCIFUSOH Margaret Wardrop, clerkg Lyman Marshall, CIHCl D019 Emiq- i Kenneth W. Brown-BS., CN.W. State, Okla. Ms., fokia. srarep New Principal Fosters AHS School Spirit Opening assembly provided the student body with its first opportunity to meet Mr. Kenneth W. Brown, the new principal. Principal Brown stated that he believed Abilene High School one of the finest schools in Kansas and, with the cooperation of the faculty and the students, he intended to keep it at its high standard. One method by which he proposed to accomplish this goal was steady improve- ment rather than occasional leaps and bounds. This plan was illustrated by the story of a small boy who, by taking one step at a time in the dark, was able to reach the shed to fetch wood. He concluded, 'KI see no reason why, with all of us working to- gether, we can't--one, two, or three steps .at a time--reach the woodshedly' Accomplishments this year included eight newly-remodeled classrooms, a larger lan age lab, and a biology "growing ste.ady improvement of the school in the Lf ' which were key advances in the past academic year. Principal of Abilene lliali School W In addition to aiding Mr. Fiedler, se es Checking daily excuse, tardy, and absence Genevieve HOHIDGU, Dons Cook, Cmd Mar- slips are main office secretaries, Billie Orwiq garet Wardrop compile records for the school district. and lean Watkins. gs fj.,f-af Y 'P 'I 3, ' 1 X ga I Nadine Ramey, B.S. W-f"' ian, Library Club 4- ,. 70, 7 A WLM L Harry L. Stromqren. B.A.. KC, of EJ, M.S.. lK.S,U.J, Orientations, Psychology, Guidance Counselor ,g g w Iohn iz. num. B.A., i ciffiends Umm, Ms., f " if f fEmporia Statel, Orienta- yyyy , tions, Guidance Counsel- ' 1 'I .,., W or ' fe. ,,,. 'M Si I "Spring enrollment can be fun!" agree quid- ance office assistants, Carol Suenram and Carol Lindblom as they sort class schedules. 8 flffmporia Siaiel, Librar- Counsel And Knowledge Available To All Books for everyone's needs, whether for learning or enjoyment, were shelved in the large library. Both the students and teach- ers made good use of the books and other material available to them in the depart- ment. During the summer move than 300 new books were classified and made ready for use in addition to the original 6000 volumes. Reference books, periodicals, film strips, clippings, and pamphlets were used exten- sively by students in their daily search for knowledge. During the year a new dimension--a re- cord collection of classical music, poetry, and drama--was added. Two well-trained guidance counselors were available to students throughout the school day for advice concerning college, future vocations, testing results, or social problems. These two men also taught the freshman orientations classes as well as supervised college and aptitude testing programs. Library assistant Darlene Facklam shelves one of the SO magazine issues received monthly by the department. "hug s 1 Politics, And Projects, Highlight Courses A basic understanding of man, his ac- tions, and the reason for these actions, both current and past, is necessary in any soci- ety. It was this understanding that was strived toward in the social science depart- ment of AHS. The realization of this nec- essity was stressed by the requirement of orientations, American History, American government, and economics. As freshmen, the orientation students explored the many facets of our complex environment and the most satisfactory means of adapting to the constant prob- lems and changes. Term papers concerning vocational choices were completed in the spring. A more involved examination of the hows and whys of personal behavior pat- terns was offered in psychology. A high- light of this course was the field trip to the State Mental Hospital at Topeka to ob- serve the methods used in treating the mentally ill. Viewing the environment from a differ- ent perspective were the courses of Amer- ican government, economics, and world civ- ilization. They developed, respectively, the student's knowledge of the citizen's role in the government of the United States on the local, state, and national levelg basics of the capitalistic system, and man's attempts in organizing a political philosophy with em- phasis on current international relations. It has been said that the man who is ignorant of history, is forever doomed to re- peat its mistakes. Through the knowledge provided in American History and world history our pardon was granted. Stockbrokers' commissions are explored 'by economics students, Barbara Wade, Tina Morqenson, and Steve Atkinson. Margaret Minner. B, A., lMuskingum Col., Ohiol, Social Science Earl D. Dean, B.A., tC. of EJ, M.A., Emporia Statel, Social Science, Football, Track, Sr. Class Henry Eweri, B.A., fBethel Col.l, M.A-, CK. U.J, Social Sciefnce, Fr. Class sf-it y XM Up-coming term paper deadlines offer iun iors, Stan lssit and Torn Puckett, an oppor- tunity to delve into library reference volumes Felix E. Adams, B.S., Clfm oria State E I9 7, nqllsh, lr. Play, lr. Class Ruihann Stcxuffer. B,S., fK.S.U.l, English, Y-Teens, Soph. Class Elinor Haus. B.A., CK W U l M A U ..,Cniv.of Colo.l, English, World Literature, Y-Teens, Soph. Class Patricia Morqcm. B.S., CK.S.U.J, English E -. ' 5, 1 ,fi , . , ., . ms, ,, rn X ., ,l.,..,5 V 1, s is Q. 10 Reading And Writing Are English Essentials English students refreshed their mem- ories of descriptive paragraphs, parts of speech, correct spelling, and theme writing during the first semester grammar review. Poetry, English and American literature, and the techniques of good writing were taken up in the spring semester. At least six book reports were required of all classes. Junior and senior students compiled re- search papers .as an additional activity. The senior honors course, world litera- ture, was comprised of ai survey of ancient and modern writing highlighted by critical analysis of reading selections. Fundamental skills in reading, .speak- ing, and writing were emphasized in Basic English. Techniques in public speaking were practiced in the speech class, while re- search and actual tournament competition dominated the activities of the debate squad. Griginal prose and poetry of Abilene High .students were published in the Non Pareil, a collection compiled by the Creative Writing class. "Quad Ia la" announces Dave Burris as he recites the prologue to "Came - bury' TCIl9SH for the world literature class. Literature, Lab, Vital To Any Language Throughout the first semester, the year- book staff obtained an augmenting know- ledge of the parts comprising a first-class annual. Practical experience in planning, writing, and bookkeeping was also gained. Theory and practice of drama was made available to interested students by the dra- matics department. Proper procedures in lighting, sound effects, make-up, charac- terizations, and pantomines were empha- sized. Using acquired knowledge of press- styled writing, the journalism department published an issue of the Booster every two weeks. Advertising was stressed in the three classes this year as ea-ch student became responsible for the selling and Laying-out of several ads. Latin and Spanish, the foreign lan- guages offered at AHS, coordinated exten- sive study of vocabulary, sentence struc- ture, translation, and dialogue. To aid in the mastery of these languages, at laborato- ry consisting of a variety of recordings in Latin and .Spanish was made available to the students. A feature of second year Latin was the study of mythology and its influ- -ence on our civilization. Through the annual banquets, the students were familiarized with the cus- toms, style of dress, food, and other aspects of the foreign cultures. W M fn. A ,1 4 -11 Robert D. Haley, B.A., fK.W.U.J, English, Dra- matics, Operetta, All- School Play Edna Edberq. B.A., lBethany Coll Foreiqn Language, LGHQUGQG Banquets Kenneth M. Block, BA.. tMcPherson Coll. MA., lUniV. of Cal.J, English, Yearbook, Creative Writing, Quill and Scroll Terry D. Stephens, B.S., CEmporia Statel, English, Debate, Spetch, N.F.L,, Fr. Class Mcriorie Rock, B.A., fK.U.J, Spanish, Spanish Banquet Evelyn Cussat, B.S., tEmpori'U Statel, BJ., CUniv. of Mal, lournal- ism Competitive national tests, sponsored by the "Auxilium Latinum" magazine, are passed out to first year Latin students by class as- sistant, Ruth Haneman. 11 "One pinch of sodium chloride should finish this off!" muses Clinton Chase as he con- ducts an experimenttiorlphysics. . 0 i 4 Robert D. Chatham, B.S., M.S., Clffmporia Stcitel, Science, Math, Science Club, Cross Country, Pres. ACTA -Y- Riel ski-rr H. Dennis, B.S., lFt. a , r a ball, Wrestling, Track 12 Hays Statel, Science, M th F. Cl ss, Foot- lflfsifii QIFT-3-751 Equations, Urganisms Offer Challenges Striving to meet today's challenging de- mand for scientific and mathematical knowledge, the Abilene High School cur- riculum included a variety of courses in these fields. Provision of a firm foundation in the study of natural phenomena was the pri- mary purpose of general science classes. In contrast to previous years, no text was used. Chemistry students analyzed the structure and composition of matter during chemical reactions, while the principles of conservation of mass, momentum, energy, and charge were examined in physics. A new greenhouse area proved a bene- ficial addition to the biology department. Both biology and advanced biology furnish- ed the students with a better understand- ing of the patterns of life and the living organisms. Basic mathematical fundamentals of percents, equations, and ratios were stress- ed in general math and Algebra I-II. Learn- ing to prove theorums w.as an integral part of geometry, while Algebra 3-4 students ex- perimented with ratios and quadratic qua- tions. The graphing of curved lines and the study of the properties of angles and tri- angles vvas prevalent in the senior courses of college algebra and trigonometry. Im-nes R. Grimes, B.S., M.S., lEmporia Statel, Science, Science Club, Sr. Class Harold G. Edberq, B.S., CBethany Col.J, M.S., IColo. Statel, Math, Soph. Class, Golf Charles B. Tice, B.A., KC. of EQ, M.S., Clfmporia Statel, Math, lritramu- rals, Sr. Class Machines, Techniques Aid Business Careers Ten courses in business training were offered to students by the business depart- ment. These classes prepared students for personal or family record-keeping and fu- ture secretarial or management positions. Personal typewriting, a semester course, was offered to students with crowded sched- ules to enable them to efficiently oper.ate a typewriter for class homework. Forty typewriters were available for pupils enrolled in Typing I-II. After mas- tering the touch of the keyboard, consider- able time was given to the development of speed and accuracy. Operational techniques of the calcula- tor, transcriber, adding machine, and elec- tric typewriter were acquired in the office practice class, while dictation and tran- scription were stressed in the senior sec- retarial tr.aining class. Realization of the importance of keep- ing better financial records was one of the objectives of the personal bookkeeping course. The development of neatness, ac- curacy, and an understanding of the prob- lems of a business enterprise was an inte- gral part of the bookkeeping course. Many phases of business life, including money, banks, credit, wise-buying, and tax problems, were discussed in general busi- ness. First semester of the shorthand course was spent learning strokes and brief forms, while dictation and transcription were em- phasized during the second semester. Both personal and business selling tech- niques were practiced in the salesmanship class. Drawing up contracts, buying and selling goods, insurance, and property, as well as history of law, were discussed in the semester business law course. 3? Lucretia Butts. B.S., fK. S. UQ, Business, Drill Team, Pep Club Fred S. Jarvis, B.S., M.S., u Pittsburg Siaiel, Busi- O ness, Ir. Class C Clubs Iohn Morando. BS., M.S., fpiiisburq Siatel, Business, Basketball, Football Keyboard concentration is the key to a per- fect iime-wriiinq if the facial expressions of Donna Sprinkel and Mike Whitehair provide the clue. -si-ff""3 r 1 ",i, 1... .,.. Bernadette Hawkes. BA., fK.S.U.J, Phys. Ed, Health, Fr. Class, Pep Club, Drill Team, Gym- nastics Iudith Peterson, B.S., fPittsburq Siatel, Home EC., FHA, lr. Class Edward S. Hankins. B.S., Pittsburg Statel, Phys. Ed., Health, Athletic Director, A-Club, Foot- ball, Basketball, Tennis Ray L. Salyer. B.S., CK.S.U.l, Biology, Drivers Ed., Football, Basketball, Track "Shall we measure this hem for a mini- dress?" inquires Kathy Linder of home eco- nomics classmate, Diane Sleichter. sa, Muscular tone and balance creased throuqh daily calisthenics in the physical education classes. Instruction, Activity Fills Fitness Program Vigorous activities in the forms of team and individual sports, indoor games, obsta- cle courses, and calisthenics helped to de- velop able bodies in the physical education courses. Required of all freshmen and soph- omores, the ability to work with others was emphasized. Improvement of the student's physical, emotional,and mental health was aided in the health classes by studying or- ganic and functional diseases, and acquir- ing an understanding of the basic struc- tures and functions of the body. Thirty hours of classroom instruction and .at least six hours practice driving were required of all driver training students. The skillful techniques of operating an auto- mobile with special emphasis on defensive driving were taught by films, lectures, and actual driving in the dual-controlled car. Each of the seven areas of homemaking were studied in three courses of Home Eco- nomics. Clothing, foods, social maturity, and consumer buying were emphasized in the classes of Home Economics I-IV. Family living, which served as preparation for fu- ture domestic positions, included explora- tion .of the purpose of family life, its place in society, budgets, and interior decoration. Construction, Crops, And Cars Appeal To Students Eleven courses of study were offered in the vocational building. These ranged from the areas of agriculture and farm manage- ment to general shop and auto mechanics. Basic Agriculture served as an introduc- tion into crops, soils, record-keeping, weld- ing, and livestock. 'Training in Technical Agriculture included cereal crop produc- tion, conservation, animal nutrition, and weed control. Boys interested in occupa- tions, such as carpentry, farming, and ma- chinery construction repair, benefited from Agriculture Mechanics. Senior boys who were interested in farming occupations found Farm Management worthwhile. Two or more subjects, such as small engines and sheet metal, were taught si- multaneously in general shop. Safety and knowledge of the use of hand and power equipment was stressed in Industrial Arts I-II, while the advanced students were al- lowed to construct projects of their own choosing. The basic theory of all automobile components was applied to the students' personal c.ar engines in Auto Mechanics. Mechanical drawing instruction enabled at -2 ,QB rlii fr. "Goggles everywhere!" might well be stated after visiting AHS auto mechanics and voca- tional classes. The instruments became a re- quired item during all lab sessions this year. Eugene Carlile, B.S. CFL Hays Statel, M.S., KK. S. U.l, lndustrial Arts, Adult Ed., Student Council Robert F. Holeman. BS., M.S., CFL Hays Statel, Auto. Mech., Wrestling Donald D. Feller, BS., CPittsburg Statel, M.S., fColo. Statel, Industrial Arts, Athletic Director, Football, Track I. M. Frey, B.S., M.S., CK. S. U.l, Voc. Agri., Gen. Shop, Agri. Busi- ness, FFA the students to read and draw orthographic projection and pattern development ings. tt Dovetails and slides provide a challenging drawing project for mechanical drawing stu- dent, Dennis Throne. s -gl'Z.i3lr,i55z- V lm I' 'Il I 5 Er, .. in lfief .ff lg If J QQ Gerald L. Laudermillr. B.A., lSan Diego Slatel, Vocal Music, Pep Club, Operetta, Christmas Vespers Duane Haqslrand, B.M., lBeihCmy Coll, M.M., Cincinnati Conserv. of Musicl, Instrumental Music O ere a Chri 1- , p it , s mas Vespers Earl L. Blair. B.A., M.S., KK. UQ, Ari, Ir. Class, Opereiia "Iust cr dab of orange should be enough", figures Pat Hus- ton as she completes one of several paintings to be dig- played at Spring Open House. Q . E Fine Arts Contribute To Culture At AHS Two choruses, girls' glee club, and the ensemble formed the core of the vocal mu- sic department. Achievement of better tone and greater proficiency in reading music were the main objectives of these three groups. The concert band's schedule was dom- inated by early morning practices, trips around the state, and home performances. New routine steps learned at summer camps highlighted the half-time drills. Introduction of the visual arts was the purpose of Art 1-2. This was accomplished by the use of a workshop situation in which the student learned art techniques by using the many materials available to artists to- day. Beginning students practiced the fund- amentals of pencil sketching perspective drawing, and design which became the basis not only for what the students creat- ed, but also for understanding the work of others. Materials implemented by second and third year students included: pencil, char- coal, pen, watercolor, tempera, clay, leath- er, and silver. Original creations were also done in oil paints and .acrylics. The experi- enced students were given much more free- dom in the selection of a yearly project and the materials and methods for the comple- tion of the project. Added features such as a trip to Wichita to view egg tempera paintings broadened the knowledge gained in this class. Daily emphasis on technical quality is apparent in this candid rehearsel photo of the mixed chorus. a -J I 16 .ss,m 3-fsv41L... 74 .L., yiv T i s f i i , i y ' L E f i i' it ' W 1 Z a CAFETERIA STAFF-Mildred Walker, Lois Collins, La- fUg2PIA1XS'1jO9SC32'CfgeS' Verna Guqler, lean Noel, Thelma Howard, chief dieti- er O er' rc 19 u ' tiang Phyllis McKee, Alberta Davis. Duties Include Carting, Cleaning, Cooking Cleaning up after the students at the day's end was done efficiently by the two janitors and the one night janitor. Wash- ing windows, mowing the lawn, polishing desks, and sweeping halls headed their work list. Eight cooks were in charge of keeping the student body well-fed. The cooking staff worked from 7:30 a.m. through the afternoon hours each day preparing well- balanced and appetizing meals for the 650 students and faculty members. To deliver students safely as well as ef- ficiently to their destinations was the goal of the bus drivers of the school district. These eight men were also responsible for keeping the vehicles in excellent running order as well as transporting .students to extra-curricula activities. BUS DRIVERS-Top Row: William Harrison, Leroy Nipper, lohn McVicker. Front Row: Hugh Cairns, Elmer Rank, Harry Hawk, Lloyd Burch- ard, Homer Iury. 17 ha-........ OFFICE ASSISTANTS-Carol Gier, loan Calder, Vanita Anquiano, Iudy McCune, Mary lane Shurson, lanis Kellison, Ellen Bank, Mrs. Watkins, loyce ludah, Carol Suenram, Linda Allen, Beth Ehrsam, Anita Anquiano, Susan Walker, Linda Wood, Marian Kercher, Melody Mitchell, Linda Wilson. Competent Assistants Lend Needed Assistance Assisting the instructor was only part of the job of the student teachers. They took roll, graded papers, answered questions and ran numerous errands. These assistants helped in the math, science, and foreign language departments. Students were chosen on basis of their overall scholastic ability, their understanding of the partic- STUDENT ASSISTANTS-Top Row: Scott Morrison, Larry Romine, Bob Clernence, Greg Kellison. Second Row: Iohn Crandall, luan Sexton, Pete Or- wiq, Mike Beckham, Daryl Brandt. Third Row: Donna Fitzwater, Ruth Ann l-laneman, Lea Sellers, Marcie Mailen, Lonnie Shaetfer. Fourth Row: Tami Wehlinq, Debbie French, Karen Binken- bauqh, loyce Engle. Front Row: Vicki Madden, Sonja Reese, Theresa Kohart. Not pictured: Gwen Baer. 18 ular subject, and their willingness to help. The office assistants were also of great importance to the smooth operation of the school. Besides collecting the lists of ab- sentees, they typed letters, answered the telephone, and delivered messages. These students were chosen by the office person- nel. Well-earned relaxation is enjoyed by the physical education assistants. Top Row: Kathy Foltz, loyce ludah, Sho' n Fischer, Lynda Wylie, lerry Copenhaver. Second Row: Gary Needham, Lease Duckwall. Front Row: Sharmon Sherraden, Kathy Fitchett, Mary Io Hatten, Mary lane Shurson, Pat Bowell. ACTIVITIE Typical school days did not begin at 8:30 or end at 3:00. A kaleidoscope of activities was available to all interest groups. Club meetings, early morning practices, service proiects - these functions and many others helped to broaden the student's experiences beyond the classroom. STUDENT COUNCIL-Standing: Amy Dumler, Debbie Lady, Theresa Anquiano, Mr. Carlile, sponsor, Pam Strowiq, Dave Burris, loleen Whitehair, Mike Soelter, Paul Hettenbach, Scanning the school calendar cure Stuco officers Mark Murphy, president: Renee Lambert, sec- retary: Mike Whitehair, vice president. 20 Steve Gil, Pat Farley, Susan Enqelhardt, Kathy Fitchett, Marilyn Ryan, Ann McKee. Seated: lim Owens, Pete Orwiq, Tina Morqenson, Ierry Hooker, Susan Humpert, Mark Garrison. Stuco Members Sponsor Assembly, Exchange Government of AHS was the respon.sibil- ity of the Student Council. Officers and carry-over members were elected in the spring of the 1966-67 school year and the remaining homeroom representatives were chosen as school resumed in the fall. In October, Stuco .sponsored the election for Homecoming Queen and attendants. Ar- rangements for the field festivities were made in coordination with the PTA. The annual Christmas assembly was presented by the Student Council. An open- ing prayer, reading of a passage from the Bible, and thoughts on the Yule season were presented by Stuco members and a guest speaker. The assembly closed with the singing of familiar Christmas carols. One of the highlights of the .school year came in the spring as the council sponsored the student exchange program with Bell- ingham, Washington. Through this program the two repre- sentatives from each school helped to broaden the knowledge and understanding of their respective communities. Tea, Banquet, Services Encourage Fellowship The 1967-68 projects, banquets, meet- ings, and teas highlighted the .activities of the Abilene Y-Teen club. Throughout the year this group of girls continued to pro- mote good-will and to help others. The first main event of the school year was the mother-daughter covered dish din- ner held jointly with the YWCA. This was followed by the annual fall district meeting which this year was hosted by Abilene. Latter in the year, the World Fellowship Banquet was held for the first time in the school cafeteria. Foreign costumes and food were representative of the other coun- tries where Y-Teen organizations have been established. Entertaining skits and spirited carols set the mood for the Christmas mother- daughter tea. Secret Sister Week, centering around Valentines Day, continued the tradition of each girl having a .secret sister to whom she gave presents and notes. The week ended with a party, with each girl discovering the identity of her secret sister. In addition to the many social events, each committee of Y-Teens had a special service project, through which the members encouraged fellowship with others. Pizza. chow mein. and tamales were among the foreign dishes served at the Y-Teen World Fel- lowship Banquet. S7363 ,M A+ cu Y-TEEN CABINET-Top Row: Ruth Ann Hane- man, Karen DeHaven, Linda Wilson, Linda Minner. Second Row: Stephanie Melander, Debbie French, loyce Engle, lanis Kellison. Third Row: Susan I-lumpert, Susan Lombard, Kathy Foltz, Tami Wehlinq, Iudy McCune. Front Row: Marion Kercher, Karen Rinken- bauqh, Kathy Fitchett, loyce lrwin. Y-TEEN OFFICERS-Mrs. Haas, sponsor: loyce Irwin, secretary, Karen DeHaven, treasurer: Kathy Fitchett, vice president: Kathy Foltz, pre- sidentg Mrs. Staufter, sponsor. , R 'Q Q' IUNIOR KIWANIANS-Top Row: Vickie Apple- Linda Minner, Karla Ruqh, Renee Lambert, man, Ioyce ludah, Kathy Fitchett, Ioyce lrwin, Linda Wilson, Ruth Ann Hanernan, Iudy Mc- Diane Sleichter, Carol Suenram. Front Row: Cune, Sue Book. Not pictured: Vanita An- quiano. IUNIOR ROTARIANS--Top Row: Den- nis Fader, Richard Gray, Gary Holt, Larry Rornine, Randy Kooken, Mike Wood, Mark Garrison. Front Row: IUNIOR LIONS--Top Row: Mark Norton, Mark Shockey, Roger Runnalls, Iirn Moddrell. Second Row: Robert letfrey, lohn Zey, lohn Berger. Third Row: Iirri Davis, Greq Rose, Iohn Crandall. Front row: Richard Hite, David Dunkel, Steve Sleichter. 22 Youth And Community Gain By Exchanging Ideas Liberty, Intelligence, Our Nation's Safe- ty, Lions, We build, Kiwanisg Service above Self, Rotarians, Young Men of Action, Jay- cees, were the noble themes of the various civic organizations in which AHS repre- sentatives participated. Fifty-six junior and senior students, boys in the instance were Lions, Rotarians, and Jaycees and girls were chosen as repre- Reports on the activities of AHS kept the members of the local organizations cur- rent on school functions, while the program presented by the club benefited the student through exposure to Current and vital topics. Also participation in a civic club such as this was of value to the student as preparation for the assumption of respon- sibility in the role of tomorrow's citizen. sentatives in Kiwanis. IUNIOR IAYCEES-Top Row: Stan lssitt, Fred Steele, Richard Holloway, David Walker, Greg Kellsion. Third Row: Bennie Pierce, Bruce Bowers, Bill Watt. Second Row: Stan Minter, Francis Scheetz, Dean Bruns. Front Row: lay Dietrich, Robert Ernest, Steve Atkinson. Dwight Edberq, Tom Whitehair, Ioe Tal bert, luan Sexton, Phil Huston, lerry Hocker, Tom Webb. 23 NOVICE DEBATERS-Top Row: loyce Engle, Diana Haley, Evelyn Wagner, Bill Watt, Debbie Bob Pierce, Robert Blachly, Stan Martin, Kathy Froelich, Hazel McGrath, Randy Stokes. Foltz, Tom Puckett, Fred Singer, Iohn Haq- stranol, Paul Hensel. Front Row: ludy linder, ll' , .J ' Tournament Experience Molds Able Orators Thirty debaters, ten experienced and twenty novices, spent many long hours ac- cumulating evidence and forming cases for this yearts topic, Resolved: That Congre.ss should establish uniform regulations to control criminal investigation procedures. Much valuable speaking experience and knowledge of the topic was gained as the AHS debaters traveled to twenty-three tour- naments in all parts of Kansas. .Sixty teams from twenty schools partic- ipated in Abilene's fifth annual invitational debate tournament held December lst and 2nd. Due to the combined efforts of de- baters, faculty, and citizens, the tourna- ment was a success. In addition to the invitational tourna- ment, Abilene also hosted the District Class A debate tournament on January 6th. Ten teams from five schools competed for the right to represent the district in the region- al tournament held in Wamego. EXPERIENCED DEBATERS-Top Row: Lynette Pick, Karla Kean, Gary Holt. Second Row: Ellen Bank, Mike Davis, Donna Fitzwater, leanne Miller. Front Row: David Trapp, Vicki Apple' man, Barbara Hill. 24 Finishing touches on theme decorations for "Its a Mad, added by NFL members Bill Watt, Kathy Foltz, and loyce Engle. NFL OFFICERS-leanne Miller, president: Ellen Rank, secretary: Gary Holt, vice presidenty Karla Kean, treas- Mad, Mad, Tournament" are urer, Deserving Students Recognized By Societies Outstanding debaters and journalists were selected for membership in their re- spective honor societies, National Forensic League and Quill and Scroll. The National Forensic League was ini- tiated at AHS in 1963 to promote the in- terests of interscholastic debate and public speaking. Persons achieving 25 NFL points and acceptance by the active members were eligible for initiation. Further achievement QUILL AND SCROLL HONOREES-Linda Minner, Marcie Mailen, Gwen Baer, Lynn was acknowledged by the awarding of as- cending ranks by the League. Yearbook and journalism students dis- playing superior literary capabilities were recognized by admission into the Interna- tional Honorary .Society of High School Journalists. Chosen by the yearbook and journalism sponsors, these students were inducted at the Annual Spring Initiation. Engle, Stan Martin, Mark Garrison, lerry Hooker. '-L.. 25 Typewriters speeding, lacquie Storer and Marcie Mailen complete club identification-s while leanette Voelker and Stan Martin edit assiqned copy. IOURNALISM STUDENTS-Standing: Tim Sny- der, Lynn Wylie, David I-lazelton, Ken Huston, lohn McGinty, lerry Hooker, Roger Runnells, Steve Sleicter, Mike Hottman, Tim Elliott, Deb- bie Be-adleston, Ioselyn Sutton, Steve Coup, Two Student Publications Inform, Record Fifteen yearbook staff members divided the responsibilities of creating "the best Cowboy ever" by concentrating on these divisions: Academics, Activities, Athletics, and Classes. The theme of this year's an- nual, "Doors Lead Everywheren, was both obvious and subtle from the cover through- out the entire book. On Wednesday, September 13, a year- book clinic for area schools was held to help .staff members learn the fundamentals of a successful annual publication. Also aiding the staff in gaining background material for picture and copy production were C. J. Medlin textbook and annuals of other schools. Three classes of hard-working jourr il- ism students strived for a top rating "Booster", the biweekly school newspaper. The first and second hours were offered to novice journalists, while third hour was re- served for the advanced journalism stu- dents. u Every Wednesday on the radio, a jour- nalism student told of current AHS events, or interviewed a teacher with questions per- taining to his department. This not only helped to inform the public of school activ- ities, but also gave the staff members ex- perience in the field of broadcasting. Outstanding students of both courses were given the honor of membership in Quill and Scroll. lanice Timm, Darrel Brandt, Marcie Mailen, Sarah Walker. Seated: Sharmon Sherraden, Kathy Fitchett, Pat Bowell, Clinton Chase, Ierry Van Fleet. A bit of humor enlightens the newspaper production staff ot Lynn Engle, Betsy Guiltoyle, Mrs. Cassat, sponsor, lim Owens, Bob Tate, Tom Sims, Vicki Madden, leanette Voelker. Shelving references in the new yearbook supply room are Bob Tate, Didi Davis, Theola Lovseth, and Gwen Baer. Headline counting provokes Margaret Sword and Kenneth Bock, sponsor, while Assoc. Editor and Editor Linda Min- ner and Lynn Engle agree on cropping marks. , in I mas.-,...,.,. . , Is, use Q it Your inilials go hem," Points out Business Manager Dave Burris while demonstrating cor- rect receipt Siqnirlg to staff members Donna Walker, Kathy Linder, and Betsy Guilfoyle. FHA CABINET--Standing: Mrs. Peterson, sponsor, Dixie Cook, president, Ioan Ryan, vice president. Seated: Melody Mitchell, treasurer: Anita Anquiano, Kathy Linder, Mary Kay larvis, Lynette Eick, secretary: Connie Sims, Marie Ernst. Parties, Conventions, Slave Day Highlight FHA Year The Abilene Chapter of the Future Homemakers of America began the year with fifty-four members. This organiza- tion is composed of students who have had one year of Home Economics. One of the first activities of the school year was the annual coke party to encour- age membership. Fall activities included a hayrack ride and a Thanksgiving family dinner. As a service project, the members went caroling at Christmas to rest homes. With the coming of Spring the FHA Sweet- FHA MEMBERS-Top Row: Darlene Eacklam, Donna Walk- er, Theola Lovseth, Linda Allen, Ellen Rank, Donna Eitz- water. Lynette Pick, loselyn Sutton, Leona Reese, leanne Miller, Ioan Ryan, Betsy Guilioyle, Didi Davis, Connie Sims, Anita Anquiano. Middle Row: Dixie Cook, Pat Halsey, Vicki Zenner, Marla Taylor, Mary Singer, Paula Hazelton, Marion Kercher, Lennis Witte, Mary Kay larvis, heart Dance and the annual "Come as You Are" party were held. District Convention at Abilene, .State Meeting at Topeka, and Hospitality Day at Manhattan were among the highlights of the year. To finance the club's activities, a slave day was heldg a concession stand was also sponsored. The chapter concluded the year with the election of next year's officers and a Senior Farewell. Ann Zutervan, Patty Emiq, lackie Emiq, Sonja Reese. Front Row: Kathy Linder, Linda Wood, ludy Cain, Carol Schott, Patty Lee, Pat Perrick, Patricia Houlton, Cindy Gilmore, Meg Gasswint, Rhonda Yeager, ludy Sutton, Teresa Ko- hart, Vicki Hake, Vanita Anquiano, Ioyce Halsey, Melody Mitchell, Marie Ernst. Not pictured: Marilyn Bowyer, Patty Copenhaven, Connie Gier, lanice Harp, ludy Linder, Col- leen Madden, Nancy Noel, Marla Scheatfer, Cindy Wason. lm 1. FFA MEMBERS-Top Row: Ken Kohman, Dennis Boyce, Dick Laws, Mike Zenner, lack Taylor, Danny Alcer, Danny Boyce, Richard Holloway, Bill Watt, Bruce Bowers, Kenny Huston, lohn Dunlap, Mr. Frey, sponsor. Second Row: Larry Adee, Bill Black, Bob Clemence, Lee Hobson, Tim Smith, FFA Tying Racks Improve Fairgrounds Many projects and activities highlighted the Future Farmers of Americals year. As their special project for the year, the FFA members built tying racks to be placed around the dairy barns at the fairgrounds in Eisenhower park. 'These racks will not only protect new trees, but will .also be used to tie livestock at future fairs. Activities such as parent-son banquet, state and national FFA meetings, judging schools and contests, John Deere Day, An- gus Day, and ,a popcorn stand at football and basketball games, kept the FFA mem- bers busy throughout the school year. A highlight of the year was the .annual Barn- warmer at which Anita Anguiano was crowned queen. lim Brown, Bill Miller, George Davis, Rick Meredith, Mike Murray, Randy Reynolds. Front Row: Steve Reilly, Robert Zey, David Sims, Danny Horan, Neldon Fick, larnes Wheel- er, Robert Lonqhoter, Doyle Seaman, Lawrence Scanlan, Kevin Stroda, lirnrny Ade. FFA BARNWARMER ROYALTY-Attendants Melody Mitchell, Vanita Anauianoq Queen Anita Anauianop Attendants Donna Walker, loan Ryan. FFA CABINET-Mr. Frey, sponsor, Danny Boyce, vice presi- dent, Bill Black, Richard Holloway, Lawrence Scanlan, treas- urerg Lee Hobson, lames Wheeler, secretary: Dennis Boyce, president. 29 t LIBRARY CLUB-Standing: David Page, loan Ryan, Ellen Hank, Annette Abel, Peggy Hinkle, Fern Potter, Liz Anguiano Lindy DaViS, Secrted: Pat Halsey, Carla Broadioot, Lynda Wyley, Darlene Facklam Mrs. Hamey, sponsor: Pat Huston, Sharon Berger, Debbie Brown, Dixie Cook. Dusting Parties, Flint Hills Create Interest Fifteen Science Club students were kept very busy this year with yearly projects, speeches and field trips. Those students who finished their pro- jects explained them to other members of the club. Along with listening to .student speakers and doing various things the stu- dents also learned much about the field of science from other visiting speakers. Science Club took two field trips this year. The first to Kansas State Engineers open house and the second to the Flint Hills of Kansas covering four counties. Library club began its activities during the summer as they recorded and shelved SCIENCE CLUB-Top Row: Loren White, Mike Henderson, Steve Harrison, David Cook, Mike Schroeder, Craig Atkin- son, Mr. Chatham, sponsorg Greg Rose, Mr. Grimes, spons- or: Bennie Pierce. Third Row: David Page, Greg Kerr, Mark Huston. Second Row: Tim Sny- der, Sharon Berger, Donna Fitz- water, Ellen Rank. Front Row: Ruth Ann Haneman, Nancy Carl, Mary lane Whitehair. 30 more than 300 new books in preparation for the fall semester. These club members worked before and after school and during their study halls checking books, writing overdue notices, and keeping the book- shelves in order. During the Christmas vacation the group met to reorganize the library facili- ties for the second semester. The practice initiated last year of visit- ing neighboring school libraries promoted efficiency through the exchange of ideas and techniques shared by others from their experience.s. Unique Drills Thrill Statewide Audiences Completing their twelfth year of per- formance the Abilene Cowgirls Drill Team received acclaim and recognition from au- diences throughout the state. Traditional blue jeans, white blouses, hats, and red neckties were worn by the thirty-six line members. The line and five officers created unique routines with interesting formations utiliz- ing pinwheels, contagions, and dance steps, they performed with precision and grace. The group performed during half time of basketball and football games and Open House in the spring. They were invited to perform at Kansas State Teachers College, Hutchinson Junior College, and Kansas Wesleyan. The drill team's project for the year was the selling of various well-known maga- zines. It was decided to use this money making more public performances. COWGIRL DRILL TEAM-Standing: Vicki Patton, Sharmon Sherraden, Susan Bezdek, Linda Minner, Ann Morse, Rose- mary Huston, loan Calder, Tina Morgenson, Lea Sellers, Lynn Engle, Kathy Foltz, Lonnie Sheaffer, Ruth Ann Hane- rnan, Tami Whelinq, Marion Kercher, Karen De-Haven, Deb- bie French, Donna White, Pat Bowell, Christie Carl, Kim McKee. Kneeling: Debbie Murray, Donna Sprinkel, Pam DRILL TEAM OFFICERS-Lieutenants: Marqa ret Sword, Linda Wilsonp Captain: Susan l-om bard: Lieutencmts: ludy McCune, Susie Engel hardt. Strowiq, Anita Anquiano, Rhonda Craig, Kathy Fitchett, Mary lo Hatten, Pat Farley, Karen Hinkenbauqh, Barb Wade, Stephanie Melander, Barbara Hill, Mary lane Shur- son, Bobbi lo Fleaqle, Ann McKee, Vanita Anguiano. Sharon Cook, Carol Suenram. Officers-Margaret Sword, Susan Enqelhardt, Susan Lombard, Iudy McCune, Linda Wilson. Pep Club Organizes Spirited HHonor Pepv One hundred eighty girls formed this yearls Pep Club organization. These girls, clad in brown shirts and bright orange blazers, boosted the teamls morale by their enthusiasm displayed at the various sports events. Wrangler members formed the tradi- tional 'fA" across the athletic field before all home football contests. Through participation in Pep Club meetings, working on game posters, decora- ting goal posts, and regular attendance at games, thirty deserving girls were chosen for membership in the the newly-organized Honor Pep. New traditions such as a charm bracelet for the president with her initials on it were also initiated. The bracelet is to be passed to other presidents in future years. Strains of "Go You Cowboys" bring the Wrotnqler Pep Club members to their feet. PEP CLUB OFFICERS-Miss l-lcfwkes, sponsor Tomi Wehlinq vice president: Bobbi lo Fleoqle, secretoryg Donna Sprinkle trecrsurer Carol Lindblorn, president. l :uni-n mmtww:furffi:samu mnmw , K i,:fjgQgj'.1ir--tm 4 Q T F UNDERCLASS LETTERMEN-Top Row: Dwight Edberq, David Trapp, David Dunkel, Richard Hite, Bob Pierce, Terry Winteroth, Loren Guqler. Second Row: Steve Noel, Greg Kellison, Torn Puckett, Mike Wood, Torn Sargeant-at-Arms, Fines Initiated By ,68 A-Club Ambitious and full of ideas, this year's A-Club members initiated two new projects. Members who failed to sit in the special seating section at home athletic contests were fined. To collect these fines and keep order during the meetings were the duties of the sargeant-at-arms, a newly-created office. As a money-making project the mem- bers sold Cowboy car tags. Concluding the year's activities was the annual steak fry at an area lake. SENIOR LETTERMEN-Top Row: Rick Leder- er, Torn Sims, Danny Evers. Second Row: Dave Burris, Bill Watt, Larry Rornine, Allen Switzer, lay Dietrich. Third Row: Van Taylor, lack Taylor, Lease Duckwall, lim Owens, Mark Murphy. Fourth Row: Randy Kooken, Dennis Throne, Douq Guqler, Dee Widler, Ioe Talbert. Fifth Row: Tom Adams, Pete Orwiq, Mike Whitehair, Bob Tate, Gary Burkholder. Sixth Row: Iohn McGinty, Fred Steele, Mark Norton, Kent Iohnson, Rodney Boyd. Front Row: Stan Martin, president: Phil Meserve, vice president: Bob Iettrey, secretary. Not pictured: Robert Blachly, sergeant-at-arms. Webb, Paul Hettenbach, Scott Morrison. Front Row: Bob Clernence, Benny PieIC9, Vernie Rock, Bill Orender, Rick Royer, lohn Zey, Phil Huston. 33 il BAND OFFICERS-Tim Ber- qer, lerry Armstrona, Debbie Leckron, Georqe Zinke, Allen Switzer, luan Sexton, Tami Wehlinq, Nancy Moddrell. - Numerous Performances Require Morning Practices The 113 members of the combined fresh- man and varsity marching bands got an early .start on the school year by marching in the Central Kansas Free Fair parade in late August. During football season, early morning practices helped the band improve its marching skills for the numerous half- time performances. The band's annual ap- pearances in the State Fair parade in Hutchinson and the Swedish Festival in Lindsborg completed the marching sched- ule for the year. The second NCKL Band Clinic was held VARSITY BAND-Top Row: Randy Kooken, Doug Stacey. Kenny Kohman, Bob Clemence, Mike Schroeder, Tim Ber- qer, Mark Robinson, Fred l-lumpert, Lease Duckwall, Rick Lederer. Second Rorw: Reggie Tittel, George Zinke, Allen Switzer, Iuan Sexton, Kent Zernickcw, Ron Stewart, loe Pistora, Randy Gary, Larry Rector, Mike Hottrnan, Douq Wood. Third Row: Theola Lovseth, Sharon Mc- Conkey, Deanne Gay, Debbie Beadleston, Sherry Ash- at Chapman in February. Musicians from all five schools in the league were in atten- dance. To open the clinic, each school played selections for the other four schools. Later, the band members were divided into three separate groups with a guest conduct- or for each band. Basketball games were accented by the Pep Bands. So many were eager to play that it was necessary to organize two sepa- rate bands. Two outstanding senior band members were chosen to direct these groups. berqer, Cathy Gasswint, Marla Schafer, Carolyn Kooken Susan Walker, leanne Miller, Shearlene Comer. Fourth Row: Benny Oard, Marilee McBoyle, Lincla Reese, David lvfcffonkey, Mike Parsons, Debbie Leckron. Lonnie Sheat- ter, Debbie Fioelich, Sherilyn Brandt, Kathy Lederer. Mary K. larvis. Front Row: Diana l-laley, Gwen Baer, lohn Haqstrand, loyce lrwin, Nancy Modclrell, Vickie Dunkel, Donna Crandall, Terri Garten, Sally Shrader, Vickie Vfood, Leann Stover. BAND TWIRLERS-Standing: Susan Bezdek, Drum Major Iohn Crandall. Karen Rinken- baugh. Seated: Margaret Sword, Tami Weh- ling, Stephanie Melander. VARSITY BAND-Top Row: Mark Schafer, Robert Shra- der, Eddie Reese, Robert Eager, Craig Atkinson, Kelvin Geering, Doug Markley, Eric Soelter, lerry Armstrong, Tami Vtlehling. Second Row: Butch Leonard, David Winn, David Sims, Steve Sleichter, Bob Pierce, Karl Glatt, Robert Eggleston, Bob Garten, Bruce Eitzwater, Susan Parsons, Karen Rinkenbaugh. Third Row: Kim McKee, Loren Gugler, Mike Henderson, Pam Book, Carolyn K PEP BAND-Top Row: Reggie Tittel, lerry Armstrong, Robert Eager, Doug Markley, Kelvin Geering, Randy Kcepsel, Eric Soelter, Craig Atkinson, Eddie Reese, Randy Kooken. Second Row: Doug Stacey, Kenny Kohrnan, Bob Clemence, Mike Schroeder, Fred Humpert, Mark Robin- son, Rick Lederer, Lease Duckwall. Third Row: Bob Pierce, Butch Lecnard, Doug Wood, Mike Hottman, Steve Sleichter, Karl Glatt, Rudy Noel, Robert Shrader, Mark Schafer. Fourth Row: Mike Henderson, lohn Crandall, Kim McKee, luan Sexton, Allen Switzer, Ronny Stewart, Kent Zernickow, Dave Sims, David Winn, Randy Gary, Bruce Fitzwater, Fifth Row: Cathy Gasswint, Marlo Schafer, Marilee McBoyle, Donna Gruen, Linda Reese, Debbie, Beadleston, Sherry Ashberger, David McConkey, Bcb Garten, Robert Eggleston. Sixth Row: Shearlene Comer, Ieanne Miller, Theola Lovseth, Susan Bezdek, Sharon McCcnkey, Susan Walker, Christie Carl, Iill Veach, Sharon Cook. Seventh Row: Vickie Dunkel, Vickie Wood, Leann Stover, Nancy Noel, loyce irwi,n, Vicki Patton, Lynette Fick, Diana Haley, David Cook, Loren White, loe Talhert. Eighth Row: Susan Humpert, Sarah ifValker, Donna Crandall, Terri Garten, Sally Shrader, Carla Broadioct, Vickie Royer, Ann Morse, Karen De- Haven, lohn liagstrand. Front Row: Pam Book, Theresa Clemence, Karen Rinkenbaugh, Lonnie Sheaifer, Carolyn Rosell, Debbie Froelich, Kathy Lederer, Mary Kay larvis, Student Directors, Tami Wehling, George Zinke. Rosell, Theresa Clemence, Susan Humpert, Sarah Walker, Rudy Noel, Stephanie Melander, lohn Crandall. Fourth Row: Ann Zutavern, Carolyn Dahl, Marcia Crier, Lynette Eick, Vicki Patton, Bobbi lo Fleagle, Karen Delrlaven, David Cook, Loren White, Margaret Sword. Front Row: Ruth Goodell, Linda Conn, Nancy Noel, Christie Carl, Vickie Royer, Ann Morse, Carla Broadfoot, lill V9GCht foe Talbert, Susan Bezdek. Guitar, Drums Accent Singers, Appearances Another successful year was experizenced by the Abilene High School ensemble as they entertained various clubs and organ- izations locally and throughout the .state. The addition of an electric guitar and drums provided accompaniment repertoire consisting of love ballads, classical, and popular music. Bright red and blue outfits accented the group this year. The girls wore red wool dresses with blue gloves and heels while the boys wore navy blazers and plaid pants. Introductions were written and present- ed by members of the ensemble who per- formed without direction in concert. Members in the select group were chosen from among the mixed chorus singers in the .spring of the previous school year, ENSEMBLE-Standing: Mcrrk Norton, lohn Crclndcxll, Linda lvlinner, Tom Sims, Phil Meserve, Mark Murphy, Allen Switzer, ludy McCune, Pot Halsey, Donna Gruen, Fred 36 A-STAGE BAND-Top Row: Allen Switzer, George Zinke, Mike Hottrnan, Ronnie Ste- wart, Kent Zernickow. Second Row: Susan Humpert, Bob Clernence, Mike Schroeder, Mark Robinson, Fred Hurnpert. Front Row: Tami Wehlinq, Randy Koepsel, lohn Cran- dall, Iohn Haqstrand, Donna Gruen, Loren White, Ioe Talbert. Two Groups Entertain Wrestlers, Faculty, Debaters Stage band music could be heard each Tuesday and Thursday morning as the stage bands practiced different musical ar- rangements for various occasions. Their list of performances included appearances at wrestling tournaments, a McKinley PTA meeting, the annual Kiwanians Pancake Feed, the Faculty Christmas Party, and the B-STAGE BAND--Top Row: Randy Kooken, Mike Henderson, Reqinold Tittel, David Sirns, Bob Pierce, David Winn, Mark Schafer. Front Row: Sherry Ashberaer, Ierry Armstrong, Abilene Invitational Debate Tournament, During second semester the stage bands attended the Stage Band Clinic at the Riley County High School. Stage band was divided into two groupsg the "A" band composed of more advanced musicians and the "B" band of those ac- quiring experience. Marla Schafer, Cathy Gasswint, Donna Crandall, David McConkey, Carla Broadfoot, Karen Dehaven, Debbie Froelich. 37 38 , V,,L I 'lx ' ' gc , f 'fl A, "1 I E ,V " , til .:. ' Lt. if ' .Q f l 13' I . '1 gt ki 742 47 lg 1 . gf.. , r'- L' 7 fl I IWJAV at 52 .IW Q., , 4--.-,., Q Nd' Z X xr fm' X CHORUS OFFICERS-Standing: Barb Wade, Eric Soelter, Renee Seated: Iohn Berger, at f iv: 1 Lambert, Danny Fvers. Pat Farley. FOURTH HOUR MIXED CHORUS-Top Row: Susie Wood, Ellen Hazelton, Kathy Lederer, Barbie Lessenden, Linda Gfiy, Ruth Ann Hanernan, Eric Seelter, Dwiahr Edbcrq, Tirn Snyder David Wlalker, lim Owens, Kathy Foltz, Lynette Fick, Sally Rector, Renee Lambert, Lynda 'Wylie Debbie Franklin, Pant Sanders, Second Row: Pat Sturm Cindy Watson, Barbaralliacker, Nancy Noel, Susie Ellict. Bob Lonqhrzfer, Richard Ellis, Patil Hensel, Scott Morrison, latin Bipraer, Danny Evers, Sharon Fischer, Barb Wade, Prim Carixni, Cindy Drinen, Gwen Baer, Karla I-liiryli. Third Row: Kathy Hernandez, Nancy Palmer, Hirzei Mr'- Gitzil., Vic lm Hake St,.s.:n Stiieve, Tim Berqer, Gtiry Briant Mike Koellxna hcl Crt Steneiveraer Steve llf tiltcn Plfirn Stir:-Jia, Linda K xy 'f.'1ls:,n, Rhonda Craia, Flizxlzetig Avery, K :ren Binlceni, mah, Pat Barrick, Stephanie Me- lindci. Front Row: Lila Pfzae, Marty Bradshaw, Ainy ldlliiifzi, Marty lvlalan xx, Clog Switzer, Tony lflcntqcrnf ry Kei-vin Flynn, Hccky Haynes, Bob Lindblorn, David Eisen- lianer, Nanny El'ZigPll'1'IIlii, DIXIVY Hafner, Sharon Bider, Dolzlfie Lfiay, loAnn Caldartilo. SIXTH HOUR MIXED CHORUS-Top Row: Darlene Fark- iarn, Icyfe Finale, Debbie Baadleston, Kathy Linder, Don- na Criindall, Carolyn Daltl, Gary Cweorae, Stan Bowyer Dennis Thaclcer, Craig Atkinson, Torn Kelly, Bob Tate, Mike Stiiiqk, Lynn Bnqle, lill Veach, Ieanne Miller, Alice Vlfilscn, Candi Vtfehlinq, loleen Vlfhitehair, Second Row: Lindi Davis, Mantifi Allen, Barbara Hill, Marilee MqtBoyle, Debbie French, Ken Barber, lchn Haqstrand, lack Sims Mike Brcwn, Mike Hernandez Kenny Kchrnan, Carnillia Burnett, Kasey Boberts, Pat Farley, loyce Bewell Annette Abel. Third Row: Bobbi Ie Fleaale, Diane Sleichter, Lennis VVitte, Connie Sims, Scott Taylor, Dan Evers, Bod Hopkins, Cary Ayre, 'lorn Copeland, Rocky Annis Beth Urwiq, Pat Bowell, Kathy Fitchett, Paula Martin, Front Row: Carol Schott, Susan Ftider, Sherri Ashberqer, lack Meehan, Butch Leonard, Felix Hernandez, Steve Kenn, Dan Sirns, Paula Angst, Katie Witwer, Debbie Dautel, Nancy larries, Mary lane Whitelzair. CHORUS ACCOMPANISTS- Sherry Ashberaer, Connie Sims, Karla Ruqh. Chorus And Glee Clubs Perform Wide Repertoire Approximately 125 students enrolled in mixed chorus this year. Two classes, fourth and sixth hours, were spent in learning and rehearsing songs in preparation for per- formances. Their performances included: the North Central Kansas League Vocal Clinic, Christmas Vespers, Spring Concert, and the graduation exercises. Between performances, the classes sang popular hits, hymns, folk tunes, Negro spirituals, and Christmas carols. Music study and voice improvement were also emphasized. In the spring, the outstanding vocal- GIHLS GLEE-Top Row: Marla Schafer, Marilee McBoyle, lanet Cryderrnan, Debbie French, Ellen Hazelton, Pat Storm, Nancy Noel, Debbie Beadleston, Mary Singer, Marian Kercher, Donna Crandall, Ruthann Haneman, Tami Wehlinq, Mary Kay Jarvis, Paula Hazelton, Carla Broadfoot, Sarah Walker, Lea Sellers, Susan Hurnpert, Katie Witwer, Karen Dehaven, Linda Wilson. Front Row: ists were chosen to participate in the an- nual operetta. Harmonizing tones were heard from the chorus room on Monday and Tuesday dur- ing activity period as the Girl's Glee Club rehearsed. Traditional classics, ballads, folk songs, and spirituals were included in their repertoire which was presented at the annual Christmas Vespers and the Spring Concert. This year the glee club was composed of a smaller number of girls which allowed for more public appearance and personal attention. Christine Haulsher, Bobbie Io Fleaqle, Theresa Kohart, Connie Sims, Marcia Annis, Hazel McGrath, Carol Sholf, Linda Davis, Lennis 'Witte, Shearlene Corner, Lila Page, Coleen Madden, Karen Rinkenbauqh, Stephanie Meland- er, Nancy Carl, Elizabeth Avery, Debbie Dautel, Linda Rider, Marilyn Bowyer, Donna Sprinkel. 39 Em K .., Queen hopefuls and attendants anticipate an evening of excitement before being escorted on- to the field. Attendants: Pat Bowell, junior: Pat is Farley, sophomore: Nancy Moddrell, freshiran. Queen Candidates: Renee Lambert, Pam Strc' wig, Marqaret Sword. Moments To Remember-- Homecoming 1967 "Moments to remember" . . . a moment of ecstasy as Stuco president Mark Murphy crowned and bestowed a kiss on the 1967 Homecoming Queen Renee Lambert at half- time of the Abilene-Junction City football game. Attending the queen were Margaret Sword and Pam Strowig, senior, Pat Bo- well, junior, Pat Farley, sophomoreg Nancy Moddrell, freshmen. Escorting the queen and her attendants were Stan Martin, Pete Orwig, Kent Johnson, Mike Wood, Steve Gil, and Mike Soelter. Presented by the Student Council, Queen Renee's crown was made of yellow pom poms. The queen and her court were given mums and footballs autographed by the members of the football team. A dance following the game was arranged by the Student Council in cooperation with the PTA. Memories oi that final announcement, conqrat- before T119 third CIUC1TT9Tffh9S9 WSIS U19 ulatory kiss, tedious straightening of the crown "Moments to Rememberf , .Y X X . M1 Lf QfwW""""N'N' , R . ,J ' N, ,.,,--' ff' , Www L . ,,,g,?,, , . 1 gfzgggxsiwf-ysxi,few 151 H gsjd ' 'Hifi ' -2:23 ', it Q . , B r R1 l A LLL, m K , 0!"i."'?i ."'?' vi sz :as 759 :annum naar 5 f E in-if ix, COWBOY LLE ,N A Sw X ,M 4 wwf , X? " ,M af A Yv x 'Z ,ff I B, wk 1 ' ' 9 X s W gxbppwf' ij, R Manx , vu w HW. , ' g ri" , ' J rw 5 +A , A, I I f fc WL ., , 31' . I ' k ,Q-rf? I ' 'ml I 4, 4, f A In To promote suspense, yearbook staff members stage a skit entitled, "The Search", preceding the final an- nouncement. Riding high in the saddle are Allen Switzer and lim Owens, victorious candidate and manager. Cowboy Allen 6'Fits Saddlew With Equestrian Ability Following a suspenseful skit by the yearbook staff, Allen Switzer was named 1968 Cowboy Joe at an "Upside Dawne" dance held in his honor. For the first time in the contestls history, the victoriou.s candidate mounted a live horse following the ceremony. Allen was presented a plaque and the traditional kiss by Lynn Engle, yearbook editor. Both he and his manager, Jim Owens were given orange and brown ban- ners declaring them "Cowboy Joe" and "Manager" of the 1968 campaign. The five contenders for "Cowboy Joe" were nominated by the senior class on the basis of their leadership, scholarship, and athletic ability. Each candidate chose a campaign manager who worked for three days on constructing posters, speeches, and skits in order to capture votes. This campaign has been used each year to honor a deserving senior boy, and as a .sales promotion for yearbooks. Those de- siring to vote for the candidate of their choice were required to purchase a '68 Cow- boy. COWBOY IOE MANAGERS--Top Row: Dave Burris, Doug Gugler, lim Owens, Dan Evers, Stan Martin. CANDIDATES-Front Row: Mike Whitehair, Rod Boyd, Allen Switzer, Mark Murphy, and Mark Norton. what,-, l-ri.,,Mw ALL-SCHOOL PLAY CAST-Standing: Skip Bandy, Lynn Engle, Richard Holloway, Diana Haley, Bill Watt, David McConkey, Roger Runnals, Vicki Patton, Candi Wehling, Tony Seance Mystery Dominates "The Thirteenth Chairv The three-act murder mystery "The Thirteenth Chairl' was presented as the second annual .all-school play, October 28th and 30th. One murder committed before the first curtain and another during the first act created suspense, suggested the supernatural, and aroused suspicion of the characters. As the play opened Helen O'Neill and Will Crosby announced their engagement to a party of friends at the Crosby home. During the party, the conversation turned to the recent murder of Spencer Lee. A medium, invited to entertain the guests, held a seance to solve the murder my.stery. During the seance, Edward Wales was also murdered. The police were as baffled at the mystery as the guests. .Suspicion fell on Helen and, as excitement heightened, each guest attempted to prove his inno- cence. A second seance brought the play to an exciting climax as the true murderer was revealed. 44 Montgomery. Seated: Donna Sprinkel, Lila Page, lerry Van Fleet, Monty Bradshaw, Mar- garet Sword, Mary Kay Iarvis, Mike Davis. "Let my mother, alone!" screams Miss O'Neill tDonna Sprinkell to lnspector Donohue as Madame La Grange contemplates the action. 1' ALL-SCHOOL PLAY CAST Helen C'Neill Will Crosby ,, Mr. Crosby Y, YYY,,Y,.,,,V VYVVV Y V Mrs. Crosby , ,YY,,.,,Y,,,, Y.Y,f f---,, - Madame La Grange Pollock H . Y,Y,, Tim Donohue Sergeant Doolan M Matron .Y,, YY,,Y,... Philip Mason ...., Edward X'Vales ,,,. Bradlish Trent ..,,,,.. Howard Standish Mary Eastwood ,...,.i Y..A... Helen Trent ,,,.,a,,.. .,,, .YYYV.fV.VVV Grace Standish ,,,,, Elizabeth Erskine ,, , Donna Sprinkle Skip Bandy Richard Holloway Lynn Engle Lila Page ,, Candi 'Wehling Mike Davis Tony Montgomery Fred Steele Vicki Patton David McConkey Ierry VanFleet Bill Watt Roger Ftunnalls Mary Kay larvis Diana Haley ,, Margaret Sword Marty Bradshaw "Ii you warn that girl in any way, Mr. Cros- by, tportrayed by Richard Holloway? "l'll drag every one ot you downtown!" cautions Inspector Donahue tMike Davisl. "Bless me soul. a cop with brains!" exclaims Madame La Grange tLila Pagel. I t I I Vs. i Party conversation ot a spiritualistic seance attracts the at- tention of Mr. Crosby, Miss Erskine CMarty Bradshawl. Philip Mason lDavid McConkeyl, and Howard Standish CBoger Bun- nalsl as Helen and Bracldish Trent tDiana Haley and Bill W'attl cast questioning glances. 45 IUNIOR PLAY CAST-Standing: Diane Sleichier, Susie Engelhardi, ludy lVlcCune, loyce Irwin, Bill Orencler, Bobby Schenber- "Oh goodie!-turnips again!" mimiclqs lnner Willy tlvlilce Davis, leiil io Willy fEric Soelier, on divanl. Meanwhile the three loving aunis, Olga, Louise, Hester, CLila Page, Debbie French, Connie Simsl, diagnose Willy's "ill- ness". er. Seated: Eric Soelter, Mike Davis, Connie Sims, Lila Page, Debbie French. HGeneration Gapn Creates Hectic Plot In Hlnner Willy', "Inner Willyn, a three-act comedy of a teenage boy and his three domineering aunts, was presented by the junior class on March l and 2. The plot, a take-off on the problem of adult domination and how one teenager "coped'l with it, began with Willoughby Adams as a meek sixteen-year-old boy. As he sub-consciously wished for more free- dom, his resistance was made known to the audience through the lines of .a character representing the 1ead's inner self. The play progressed as this "Inner Willy" advised Willy of moves to make. Riotous happenings, such as when Willy finds himself with three dates for one dance, occur as he founders deeper into his "inner-self-rnade" problems. 46 3 ATHLETICS All life is like cr game-with victory and defeat--with fierce competition-and with whole- hecrrted cooperation-with cx striving for something better. And so the game is like life. It's good practice. Rallies, Games, Matches Sparked By 20 Pepsters Bounding with energy and radiating smiles, the Varsity and Junior Varsity cheerleaders boosted the Cowboys on to vic- tory. Enthusiasm in assemblies, pep rallies, skits, and half-time performances encour- aged the school spirit. New techniques were learned at the an- nual cheerleader clinic held in Abilene. Challenging steps and drills were learned as the Varsity cheerleaders traveled to Manhattan for Cheerleader's Day in No- vember. The Varsity cheerleaders' football out- fits consisted of brown sweaters and skirts with four inverted orange pleats and black- and-white oxfords. Brown skirts and vests were the outfits worn during the basket- ball season, The Junior Varsity cheerleaders, elected by five teachers and .six varsity cheerlead- ers, led cheers for the B-team squad. Their outfits consisted of orange skirts and vests. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS-Top Row: Iudy McCune. Margaret Sword, Stephanie Me- IUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS-Top Row: Mary Io Haiten, Pat Bowell, Ann Mc- Kee. Front Row: Theresa Anquiano, Io Ann Calarulo, Nancy Enqelhardt. lander. Front Row: Pam Strowiq, Vanita An quiano, Susie Enqelhardt. varsity cheerleaders agement during over- time action during the Sacred H e a rt game. WRESTLING CHEERLEADERS-Top to Front: Linda Wilson, Kim McKee, Mary lane Shur- SOH. Freshman Cheerleaders-Standing: Vicki Hake, Marty Bradshaw, Pam Curran. Seated: Diane Chindamino, Debbie Lady. 49 Bursting with tension, voice hearty encour- Season Records Reflect Brighter Spots Of ,68 Although finishing the season with the same record as last yearis football team, this ye.ar's varsity squad would remember the certain times when things started look- ing brighter. The hope and wish of every Cowboy was to grab a win over arch-rival Chapman. The dream almost met reality but fell short as the Pokes gained a 12-12 tie with the Irish. Junction City rolled into town with an undefeated season and had yet to be sconed against. The Cowboys came alive and scored 13 points in the first-half while the Bluejays were held scoreless. The tide turn- ed during the second half, however, as the Bluejays came out on top 20-13. Despite the losing season, two players made the All-League selection while three others were awarded an Honorable Mention. The Cowboys also led the league in pass re- ceiving for the season. Two individual players placed second in passing and pass receiving to close out the season. VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD-Top Row: Van Taylor, Tom Sims, Fred Steele, Mark Murphy, Allen Switzer, Rick Meredith, Lease Duckwall, Mike Whitehair, lohn Mc- Ginty, Bob Tate, Rick Lederer, Phil Meserve, Doug Guqler, Dan Evers, Robert Blachly, Bod Boyd, Bob lefirey. Second Row: Coach Salyer, Steve Bartlett, Butch Leonard, Richard Hite, Mark Schafer, John Zey, Paul Murnahan, Bernie White, Mark Shockey, Tom Puckett, Rick Boyer, Vernie Rock, Bill Orender, Doyle Seamen, ra McGinly nails his Concordia opponent. Bennie Pierce, Coach Morando, Coach Feller. Third Row: Dave Dunkel, Torn Webb, Scott Reynolds, Terry Winter- oth, Loren Guqler, Bod Hopkins, Bob Clemence, Paul Else, Mike Hernandez, Paul Hettenbach, Torn Pyke, Bob Pierce, rnqrs. David Walker, Cary Ayre. First Row: Robert Zey, Dan Sims, Douq Wood, Mike Brown, David lury, Mike Flora, Mike Beckham, Tom Nold, Randy Harn- mond, Richard Gray, iim Roberts, Greg lssit, mar. Robert Garten. 50 AHS OPP Hays Clay Center Emporia Sacred Heart Junction City McPherson Concordia Chapman Marysville W-0 Gugler springs hlqh to bloc? Q Bullpup eytro point attempt "This is Q iob for Super Dan," explains Evers,No. 17. Sideline conferences are held by Coaches Ray Salyer and Don Feller, While Coaches Paul Dennis and lohn Morando contemplate game action. Fighting for every inch Cowboys pick up extra yard- CIQG. 52 Desire and drive enable Vernie Rock to pick up a few hard-earned yards. 1 ww: ,mmm w vffuzmnun fm fr 'G "Altogether now. Everybody take three qairit steps forward!" "Next time when the man with the ball has on a brown jersey, don't tackle him," in- structs Coach Feller of line-- rrian Phil Meserve, OFFENSIVE TEAM-Bucks: Van Taylor, Torn Guqler, Mark Murphy, Bill Orerider, Robert Sims, Dan Evers, Vernie Bock. Line: Douq Blachly, Phil Meserve, lohn McGinty, Bob Tate. Mffim, .k., ,iv ,ff, W - W, ,A , A H W I , , W y I DEFENSIVE TEAM--Standing: Paul Hetteri- lohri McGi1'1ty, Bob Tate, Tom Sims. Kneeling: bach, Bob Ieffrey, Phil Meserve, Boland Bock, Lease Duckwall, Bick Boyer, Bick Meredith, Mark Murphy. 53 laura. A. .inf .0 ii FRESHMAN FOOTBALL SQUAD-Top Row: Charlie Spidell, Craig Atkinson, Mike Helm, lim Brown, lack Sims, Kent Zernickow, loe Pistora, Robert Pager. Second Row: Coach Hankins, Rick Anderson, Larry Ballard, Ross Romine, Loyd Needham, Danny Horan, Mike Soelter, Cary Ayre, Coach Dean. Bottom Row: David Eisenhauer, Randy Gary, Ted Sexton, Bob Lindblom, Steve Reilley, David Winn. Gridiron Experience Invaluable For Future Years 1Q3fmi:fq, L Q Y wwfwig,ff'f'1 .a-' ' C . . C B-TQOIH r rrrrrtirrr riee ia'i W to irtr ,,,i - eeer ieei AHS OPP eiite a 4 it iiiii ' iiiii f iriii , ., f l4 Clay Center 8 i ., ,,..., ,C C, O Sacred Heart l3 ' but 4 ' if 1 7 McPherson 6 . r C l2 lunction City 32 , t1'ML'3f 6 Chapman l3 C - gigs' C WH mwiif 20 conwdiq 7 C C or 4 it C, 4 r Pfeshmfm 4 i ie AHS oPP ,i. - 4931 41 C y C, 6 lunction City 54 y M ' ,pbr I' M y 42 Chapman O ffm '3 ' L C - .4 'V L 4 Z 22?-i?CgjEEt "M-ove, move, move!" shout Freshman Coaches Dean and 27 Concordia 44 Hcmkms' 20 Herinqton 13 W-2 L-4 T-O 54 VARSITY .-:S "J ' I J ' fs '.. .I1'1 I1 '.,., '3 1' ': ri ' Z 'ffll Sgffx' JG An elusive ball l5 up for grabs THQ., A,.,,.A,,, ,, .,x.A,.. MD4.. ,Q ,, ,Q f",-.v.n,X-JS ,L-f,,.- P.,-Im +A f7,:.,N Tngi vii- -x R pp- Cowboy guard F: fi :5Q1Ith11q Im H15 S5011 F JL 1 L 1 I Exhilaraled effort is displayed as Mark Nor- ton duels for the hall with an unidentified Sacred Heart player. Senior center, Dave Burris, nulls do A n another one for the Horfuiae and brown Varsity Cagers Knock Top Teams To Finish 11-7 Quite a comeback over last year's re- cord, with an uplift in school spirit, was achieved by the varsity basketball squad as they came out ll-7 for the season. The players started the year off with a bang as they defeated the high-rated Junc- tion City Bluejays in the AHS gym. An NCKL competitor, Concordia, was onc of the Class A powers in the .state until it traveled to Abilene and left with an 80-'74 loss. Although arch rival Chapman handed the Cowboys a 79-67 defeat on its home court, the Pokcs turned the tables and pleased the over-flowing crowd in the AHS gym by walloping the Irish 62-48. Traveling to Russell for the Mid-State Tournament, the Cowboys brought home the first-place trophy. Abilene was host to the Class A regional tournament the first week of March. 56 AHS 36 43 64 54 51 78 46 60 45 54 48 44 58 60 34 54 vi' 4 9 A iump shot by Cowboy forward Mark Nor- lUNIOR VARSITY lnnction City McPherson Marysville Chfrrvrnan Clrzy Center Concordia lunction City Sacred Heart Emporia Marysville Clay Center Chapman lfspherson Concordia Emporia Sarred Heart OPP 40 61 35 58 60 50 44 57 44 45 42 55 64 50 43 53 lf' ww V CMN rx. . , , "You've got to control this area under the lon 15 Successfully blocked by Comcordm Gb basket!" demands the Head Man at halt-time, Cfuqler, Vtfood, and Burris look on. VARSITY SQUAD--Second Row: Coach Orender. Front Row: Doug Guqler, Rick Hankins, Cfreq Kellison, Mike Wood, Mark Royer, Torn Sims, Rod Boyd, Torn Puckett, Norton, Dave Burris, Vernie Rock, Bill Phil Meserve. FRESHMAN SQUAD- Top Row: Kent Zern- ickow, Poe Pistora, lim Brown, Craig Atkinson Harlen Page, Bruce Fitzwater, Marty Zahn Bohert Pager. Front Row: lim Hatten lack Sims, Greg Switzer, Danny Horan, Randy Gary. -Tn- Local broadcaster Gary Houser was all wet before and atter his challenge to the squad concerning Ahilene's fate in the MideState Tourney. C-TEAM-Top Row: lirn Davis, Bonnie Stuart, David lury, Terry Winteroth, Mark Shockey, Bill Orender, Loren Gugler, Calvin Geering. l l FRESHMEN AHS OPP 43 Clay Center 50 31 lunction City 38 46 Chapman 53 4l Hillsboro 56 55 Herington 34 39 Chapman 46 42 Sacred Heart 63 38 lunction City 53 50 Sacred Heart 52 57 Hillsboro 49 53 Clay Center 47 48 Herington 31 W'-5 L-9 MID-STATE TOURNEY AHS OPP Sl Lyons 60 54 Russell 36 F RESHMAN TOURNEY AHS OPP 35 Clay Center 37 58 Concordia 56 C-TEAM AHS OPP 57 Sacred Heart 33 58 Chapman 47 54 Clay Center 5l 46 Sacred Heart 28 49 Clay Center 43 43 Chapman 42 W-E5 L-O Front Row: Mike Brown, Butch Leonard Paul Hettenhach, Paul Else, Gary Needham, Bod Hopkins, Mike Hernandez, Chris Stuart, David Walker. , A Ag :ll is lr.: 'l..,a..xf 1,1 L.: ,..,,....f--Ape-Qgw ' 1 4 L , A INTRAMURAL PLAYERS-Top Row: Riclidrd Gray, Lzirry Rornine, George Ddvis, Robert Schmidt, Dennis Tlironc, Steve Bortlett, Paul Nipper, Ricliord Ellis, Williorn Isrdel, Dcivid Beach. Second Row: Mike Helm, Dorvid Lambert Mike Beckham, Mike Schroeder, Rondy Stokes, Rudy Noel, Paul Hensel, Scott Morrison, Bob Garten, Doug: Weekly Intramural Games Enliven Winter Months Forty-six bcrfs who weren't on the var- sity, Junior varsity, or freshmen squads participated in the intramural basketball games. Games were scheduled for the mid- dle of January until the end of February, consisting of one game a week for four weeks. Two divisions, one for freshmen-sopho- mores and another for juniors-seniors, were organized. The boys were then grouped into seven teams, with captains heading each. Four games, each consisting of two ten- minute halves, were played at each session. The boys who were not playing acted as referees, time-keepers, and score-keepers. 59 Stzicey. Third Row: Donny Aker, Tom Vtfliitcliotir, Fred Humpert, Mdrlc Robinson, Tom Pyke, Hurlon Page, Chris Sruairi, licl: Ditinzrnfnds, Robert Stonelitcrger, Front Row: Dtxvid Eisenlicxuer, Dennis Cole, lerry Stone, Mciurey Rose, Sicve Foster, loc Ntlcbb, Ross Routine, Ted Sexton, Bob Lindldlcrn, Steve Pientlzfr. INTRAMURAL CAPTAINS-Mr. Tice, sponsorgl Richard Ellis, Mark Robinson, Ted Sexton, Larry Rcmine, Scott Morrison, Richard Gray, Fred Hurnpert. An increasing tempo of action brings Coach Holeman to the sidelines. WRESTLING SQUAD-Top Row: David Cook, Mike Whitehair, Mark Murphy, Robert Blachly, Iohn McGinty, Rick Lederer. Second Row: Paul Nipper, Mark Schaffer, Dan Sims, Tcny Montgomery, Ross Romine, Richard Hiie, Bob Ieffery, lack Taylor. Third Row: Coach Dennis, Van 4. League Record Of 3-1-Puts Matmen In First Place Tie Securing a first-place tie with Concor- dia and Chapman, the Cowboy wrestling squad finished the season with 6-3 over-all record and a 3-1 record in the league. Three fi1tst's, two second's, one third, and two fourth-place ratings set the Cow- boys up to capture the first-place trophy in the district tourney following their first- place finish in the Clay Center Invitational Tournament. While Abilene tied for 11th place as a team in the regional tourney, three grap- plers qualified for State by winning in their respective weight divisions. One of the three, Fred Steele, placed fourth in the 138 lb. class in the State meet. Taylor, loe Talbert, Dan Evers, Kent Iohnson, Steve Gil, Dee Widler, Iohn Zey, Coach Holeman. Front Row: Man- aaer Loren White, Bob Clernence, Randy Hammond, Robert Zey, Steve Noel, lay Dietrich, Phil Huston, Mark Huston, Manager Greg Rose. 60 WRESTLING Riley County St. lohn'S Seams-n Concordia Marysville Clay Center Chapman luncticn City Team Effort Leads To High Position In State Hard work, constant training, and early morning practices proved beneficial to the Cowboy Cross Country runners as they placed in six of their eight regular meets and captured fourth place in the State meet. The highlight of the season by an in- dividual runner was a Cowpoke second place finish at the State meet. The most significant team achievement during the year was the win over Sacred Heart at the NCKL meet in which the Cow- boys placed second. This was the highest team standing in a league meet in AHS Cross Country history. Cowboy harrier Mark Norton sprints to a 10:01 finish in the State Meet at Wamego. Most Improved A-Team Runner rrrrrrrr Joe Talbert Most Improved B-Team Runner ,...rr Maurey Rose Most Inspirational Runners .. rrr,rrrrr Mark Norton Best Runner of the Year, rrrrrrrrrrr ,rrrr M ark Norton Honorary Co-Captains. rrrrrrr r IIrI..Tom Adams Mark Norton CROSS COUNTRY SQUAD-Top Row: Maurey Rose, Doug Stacey, Ronnie Stewart, Eric Soei- ter, Mike Schroeder, Gary George, Martin has .nam .lin .. Zahn, Greg Switzer. Front Row: Scott Morrison Greg Keiiison, Iim Owens, Mark Garrison Mark Norton, Mike Wood, Tom Adams, Ioe Taih-ert, Coach Robert Chatham. 62 CLASSES Each claimed his best: each claimed his the most active: each claimed his above ihe rest: each progressed. Each class-unique. .......... ---""" ET? l ,sw , .,., M Hearing the latest news and views during lunch, last minute cramminq before classes, relaxing with a letter from "him", or just plain qirl-watchinqfvaried tastes tor using spare moments are exemplified Within the student body. 64 Lyceums, Features, Clubs Spark Student's Schedule Following a night of late studying or, perhaps, sleeping, students would arrive at the school building anywhere between 7:15 a.m. and the 8:30 tardy bell. The daily schedule of classes, exams, locker chats, and lunch lines would then begin and con- tinue until the 3:00 announcements. Der- ivations from this pattern were frequent, however, as various activities highlighted the school year. Campaign posters and sporty enthusiasm plciy on importcrni role in the life of oi student. 1.. H: , Ll.i.ii.Q Pl ii E U T 1 N G ,Ja mea! li! Six all-school lyceums were spon.sored throughout the year to broaden the stu- dents' interests. Topics ranged from "A Trip to the Moon" to a visit by Vic Hyde, nationally famous for his ability to play four trumpets simultaneou.sly. ' Two new features, Tacky Day and a computer dance, sparked school enthusiam. Twirp Week appealed particularly to the boys as the females assumed all masculine duties. Various organizations also promoted activities within the school. Pep Club members painted flashy posters and ban- ners to decorate the gym for .all home con- testsg the talented faculty edged the A-Club members in their amusing basketball game g new friendships stemmed during the hours spent rehearsing plays and the operett-ag and the vibrating class yell.s at the pep assemblies announced the universal feeling, 'Tm a COWBOY!"-this was stu- dent life at AHS. 65 F RESHMEN CLASS SPONSORS Mr. Eweri, Miss Hawks, Mr. Dennis FRESHME The 15-6 members of the Freshman class began the year with actions that were un- derstandably uncertain. During the course of the year the Frosh had individual color pictures taken for the yearbook and sponsored a concession stand to obtain money. They were also kept busy and informed through the Freshman Ori- entations classes, Where they learned better study habits, took aptitude tests, and plan- ned their four-year high school schedule.s. CLASS OFFICERS-Nancy Engelhardi, pres- ident, Donna Crandall, secretary: Pam Cur- ran, vice-president: Susie Wood, treasurer. Q This year for the first time, there were Freshman cheerleaders for the Freshman athletic events. Freshman boys participat- ed in football and basketball without up- perclassrnen. These athletes also contri- buted substantially to the other athletic endeavors at AHS.. As the largest class they set a high standard of leadership, scholarship, and participation. They took advantage of the many social, educational, and athletic ad- vantages that were offered at AHS. 66 ' " I is r .... 4 ' 'A D. : . 3 Q , W : i t .3 A l W ff 5 M 3' ff iw- ill '? pf , ""' .V tr it m V , ' H . I is Q' , :Qu .ii 1? ggi, h fQgf 5 I L51 f 'D " b ' 1 lt., GQ A ' U f 'H it A 572 i W M A -,,, " ": if 'VAQ l" ' " :I Q els. 1913! A' - ' if V m li zl, I ,S i L f B Y . a t it 'y a fi'f"' J ,, t ,g A f! - I f V il, D -" Q ' tit, C' Iames Adee Rick Anderson Theresa Anquiano Ierry Armstrong Craig Atkinson Cary Ayre Larry Ballard Dale Bandy Iohn Banks Tim Berger Dorene Bishop Dennis Blaylock Rhonda Bogart Valerie Bourbina Marty Bradshaw Sherilyn Brandi Gary Bright Jim Brown Mike Brown Marilyn Burnett LaVonne Burton Largest Class Makes Sizea ble Contribution Sona Butcher Diana Cairns Marvin Cairns loan Caldurulo Patty Campbell Frank Cash Diane Chindamo Dennis Cole Linda Conn Donna Crandall Pam Curran Carolyn Dahl Debbie Dautel Daniel Davis Greg Davis Lee Drake lack Drummond Amy Dumler Vickie Dunkel Iohn Dunlap Cindy Ebel Bob Eggleston David Eisenhauer Susan Elliott Rick Ellis Patricia Emig Nancy Engelhard! Kenneth Estes t 1 Q si to 3 sm, . . ,- K 4 1 f . + I ,ix 125 W u li Q uai ff' ' it T., x-.-I merit 'Se y , time X fi, :M if ytyyg Q it , as iz 'I i'.A 5' B ' ff 74 f ml ,rf - ,. ' if ' K X ilu: T- ww QS. gas, .. D 3' it wh at U ' sf as A fs a-1 - ' 67 EE if " lt' Cheryl Eye Bonnie Falk Bruce Fitzwater Kevin Flynn Maurice Flynn Steve Foster Debbie Franklin Patsy Gabrillo Robert Garten Terry Garten Randy Gary Meq Gasswint Linda Gay Connie Gier Lucinda Gilmore Carl Glatt Ruth Ann Goodell Sharon Goodwin Darcy Hafner Viki Hake Ioyce Halsey lanice Harp Sarah Harrison lim Hatten Rocky Haynes Paula Hazelton Mike Helm Mike Hergderson Susan Hettenbach Gary Hicks Janet Holmes Christine Holscher Dan Horan Pat Houlton Steve Houlton Chuck Howard Linda Iantzen Mary Kay larvis Mike Koelinq janet Kooken Debbie Lady it Dishelief exhibited on his face, Allen Switzer is congratulated by the other candidates following the Cowboy Ioe announce- ment. . fr., 5x L gi, 3, K . x -fi: Debbie Leckron Q is-5 gi in ccyt. HF- gr i t, t i X .,,.., G silt! if 4 """ , R .14 X t ' . -. - if W' fi .wtfw :fn K ' I S ,wg -' ii " H vt 3 ,. 'Q C , x I fifgi rr 'M t tt s ct S tt r is t'tt any ,. C C y ,G A K A get A K kg. l , .. E 'yy H . is K Ag tiki : ,X l.j 3 cl e y " +I 2. ,i ,C an 7 , 'sq , 2 ,Q .v, 5 aff , r Le s H 2. 65 Q' I' 1 we , r ,fx 1 r A , E? l tb' Q M 4 ..,, ,. gr ,yy 4 ,, 4. tu. rv 1 t Q .sf Illlltl .W g 1 if-,V 1? I 5 2 at , n ,W fr t t n i it rf, eQf tile K?eF iir l ytnen ttna etr iii V .i,, KL 7 . ,t ,rl xy xlh, V I V. A , . ,K ., , V V ,I ,1-- ftkk Q-A f . to I ff- of o fu f M n l ri n fi ' I xl 1 ff-. ::.f W 1l?,, L Ng i it it ' ' f 'A "' 1 jl Qliflf e l . v. l f' t 3 ' X I ' t Oriented Frosh Analyze Aptitude Tests "Doctor, Lawyer, or Indian Chief?" the library career room. Katherine Lederer Charles Lee Barbie Lessenden Bob Lindblom Robert Lonqhofer Lola Lovseth David McConkey Carol Machulda Coleen Madden Paula Martin Nancy Modclrell Iohn Morton Martha Mulanax Loyd Needham Pat Parrick Steve Pientka loe Pistora Randy Pritz Sally Rector Eddie Reese Steve Reilly Sharon Rider Deanna Rogers Ross Romine Maurey Rose Mike Royer Debra Ryan Mike Ryan Typical of many, Paula Mar- tin invents her own formula wonders Bob Flynn as he explores for Opening G rebellious locker. 69 3' fx N .if it 'R f . . ' - - .' - ff t -rf ' S, ggi 4 hi A Ronnie Sare I Susan S-are L H Qt Iames Scanlan fi 6 ,J Bruce Schweitzer in ,.,g J larda Sexton ilk' Ted Sexton an lim? Virginia Shepherd f Q, ,X f Sally Shrader I L - 3 , A H David Sims ,lack Sims Mary Singer Mike Soelter "Tall, black-haired creatine . . . see if she isn't" recites freshman Mary Kay Iarvis While participating in the all- school play tryouts. Freshmen join Activities With Hearty 'gBattle Cryn ludy Sollenberger Charlie Spidel David Sprague Io Ann Steinborn lerry Stone Doris Stonebergei Robert Stoneberger Leann Stover Iudy Sutton Greg Switzer Marla Taylor Scott Taylor Norman Watkins Joe Webb Chris Wesley Iolene Whitehair David Winn Susie Wood Vicki Wood Marsha Wylie Rhonda Yeager Marty Zahn Kent Zemickow Ann Zutavern ie? iff' gg it 1 q hy, W, FL T by i sy t . ' H . , A 'E . , . it if ' w i--1-.f ,t ' it fs. 7 .. ri 'w i A K me vi W i K T me is Q it f' Y it 6 ' . ,A are KN 3 5 W , . we .t,, . t t ffm if f E y I EEZ, if X SOPHGMURES With the pressures of being "lowly Frosh" finally lifted from their shoulders, the Class of '70 settled down to make the most of their remaining years of high school. This was the first year that they were eligible to take part in cheerleading, varsity sports, Cowgirl's Drill Team, and CLASS OFFICERS-Rhonda Craig, vice-pres- identy Loren Guqler, president: Ronnie Stewart treasurer: Cathy Suenram, secretary. SOPHOMORE CLASS SPONSORS- Mr. Edberg, Mrs. Stotufter, Mrs. Hcrczs. A-Clubg and they used these opportunities. In addition to school work and extra- curricular activities, the sophomores raised funds for their upcoming Junior-Senior Prom next year by concession stands at both football and basketball games. 71 Hey! I pulled that one through! " exclaims Bernie 'White after receiving his six' weeks' report cards. Camilla Burnett Sherry Cain Christie Carl Robert Clernence David Cook Sharon Cook Patty Copenhaver Rhonda Craig George Davis Marta Davis Karen DeHaven Cindy Drinen Linda Dunham Carol Dunlap Paul Else lackie Emig Larry Falk Pat Farley Neldon Pick Michael Flora Debbie Froelich Louis Garbi Janette Garten Kathy Gasswint Kelvin Geering Carol Gier Steve Gil lesse Glavin Annette Abel Larry Adee Marcia Allen Paula Angst Marcia Annis Rocky Annis Sherry Ashberger Elizabeth Avery Kenneth Barber David Beach Mike Beckham Sherryl Bennett Bcbert Berger lolene Black Pam Book loyce Bowell Marilyn Bowyer Carla Broadfoot Mike Brown Bayrnond Brown iff A ff y,,.' ju if I , K gr., ft ? ,v'm.'. X' .Vg h x , ' I A' .an Ll, l 'Q Q .V ' f' " rig W . ' f i- if A QZV: A I ,. I g iid' .li K f .. 746' - H' cgi, far if 3' Xi . gf fr, ' A A- M' A . ' Q ,-., qw V My I Wig A F l . '4-7'-.' i , y ..g to N ,J ,. fy -ug, -53.2 , Jun . 4 ll A . . A ha .V -N 1 its vii: 3 i v iw wi I JS r i stv S it A ...A -wg JI n ., N. . . n J , in i-' A . . 5 i 1 -wwf -s A L 4 'lf F , .jr 'SSD 3? Vans, R . Y 1 A 'N :rl fait it ev 5 Q ..p f r 'lb' J ,f K r.7 - if 'F ve? if L in if :,, ,, y Q , t Jy: y 5' g he f by J I N its or ,,, i. F ,afr - .'.- i ' 5 Donna Gruen Loren Gugler Brent Hafner Iohn Hagstrand Diana Haley Randy Hammond Steve Harrison f L i e i ..rN + i i L is it - -is ' L - 5 I I . I' bg, I 351 51, .V qzkr '1 . L :Q I I if ly A "1 'P , In II I III ,,, I I I III 4, I .I iigii w II y I Q is 5 , I , A I IIINLN if I M ... . . I I I Iii? I if M I '," i i if y 5 i ,r. if it 1 I " ' li f i -"' I ,I ' If -VyV' i M mga I II . I 5, I :,, II " J -1 ,Q-L Paul Hensel Mike Hernandez Paul Hettenbach Peggy Hinkle Darrell Holmes Rodney Hopkins Richard Hostelt Max Huffman Fred Humpert Mark Huston William Israel Gregory lssitt David Iury Steve Keim Second Year Students Shed Neophyte Status Toni Kelly Greg Kerr Paulina Kimbley x, Margaret Kohart I W I. i Kenny Kohrnan -ij in :Z V' ig, -'15 Bruce Larnendola " "Cr ' it ., f lohn Lee - - A I ' Patty Lee f Edward Leonard 1, A Judy Linder ' "" ii 5 'I Marilee McBoyle We I Mike McCollouqh - ii.. A I ff' . Raymond McCoy IL thu' M If Hazel McGrath I4 ' ISF gg, g ' J551iQ'f 'Z 1 . f, i.. ,, M. A x .ii , 1. .ai I I ttoI , II, v il' if ,I xg, ' jp? X., Y ..,,. . XIII, A e Ann McKee X 'e'- I I Kim McKee if Barbara Machulda I I gy Della Mcichiiidfi 'A is-in ligase 'i K Q 4 V S git ' Vicki Mqiieii , ,M Kei K III, I ,gf Rod Markley I wi ,Ks i I - I I, .II II I , Terry Martin SK A - f :ia 1 we 2 1 .. , ii ,Lx -ee lack Meehan -L Dave Meredith ii, , I II II N f., ,I II ,,+.:i.V isiii Miiiei r I, ,Q I I II, .P Bill Mimhell ii 1' V gf , . " 'Z . i Iii - ' , Anthony Montgomery ' i"l f 'ff' 5 "9 IX 'lf -" t ',I T A Scolt Morrison NH? " 1. - , N, 1 X ' sr : V Anne Morse I ffif X Q ' I yi? f K 2 2 1 73 'Q All u 1 1' K3 . W . - i isi s "Here I stand with empty sheet in hand. What will be my tate it Silas Mamer aets in late?" muses sophomore literature student ludy Sian- er. Class mail boxes exhibited attractive origin- ality during the Y-Teen Secret Sister Vlfeek. Sophs Take On Biology, Geometry, Drivers Training V I-,W Q :Q Jaw' fi s .. . . 1, 3 h J All J 1, X 'W wu- Q 0 il? is ,A Q an vgml x ..,, 25 ,V .tr at mf" Rx 1 .,,.frf,.,z , y -bi ., if byiu y i ff' if "ii "i:" W' W t , Q - " r , . 'N S- gli l rit, it ii. "i': 8 P Ex H 4 it !,r,. y V zz' L A ' r-ri , ff' . .ies is K 'gl I L . ,r. ,r l All Q E ., 1 . , .. 13 . . A, :.. ,Vkt S if . ll- , Q ' ' 7' xl ,.t. 'Q Y 74 Debra Murray Rudy Noel Debra Noland Tom Nold Beth Orwiq Bruce Overturf Nancy Palmer Susan Parsons Bob Pierce lane Potter Tom Pyke Linda Reese Randy Reynolds Ioy Richardson Susan Rider Iackie Riltqers Kasey Roberts Mark Robinson Carolyn Resell Vicki Royer Marilyn Ryan Pam Sanders Robert Schmidt Mike Schroeder Nelda Sexton Margaret Shepherd ludy Signer Dan Sims M, Vbtk W .5 Q f . dv ae.. 1 wx, 'T 'Sr " L W his Wf A T f sf' t ef ,FAX s ,GX J X l 'lm ,,.i :S:: b .i , if T 6. .J 5 S if , gt 4 t I ft "That wasn't the brake, was it?" inquires sophomore driver education student Donna 'rs f , 'Q R. itiflf' N- '-at ,K ,I A ig ,V g - C Q, :Qin x, 'tie :xii '5 . 4 0 Fred Singer Connie Sollenberqer Donna Sprinkel Doug Stacey Joyce Steele Chris Stewart Ronnie Stewart Randy Stokes Pat Storm Kevin Strada Susan Steuve Catherine Suenrarr Pat Suskey David Swarts Michael Swarts Barbara Thacker Twilla Thomas Reginald Tittel Marcella Tolson lill Veach Candi Wehling Bernie White Loren White Lynne Whitehair Mary lane Whitehair Suzanne Whitehair Terry Winteroth Katie Witwer Doug Wood Vicki Zenner Robert Zey Sprinkel ot her courageous instructor, Mr. Salyer. T K 1 wfqiesfe . :saw it,.i ,,vt: - i S frt t --Q... IUNIOR CLASS SPONSORS-Mr. Blair, Mr. Stephens, Mr. lcrrvis, Mrs. 'W Peterson. i IOR Enthusiasm and excitement ran high as the juniors ga.ined the prestige of being up- perclassmen. Three concession stands and a dance were among the money-making projects which these students sponsored. Tickets to the movie "The Young Americans" were also sold to finance the J unior-Senior Prom. CLASS OFFICERS-Mike Wood, presidenig Rosemary Huston, secretcrryg Mary lo Hcrtien, treasurer: Bill Orender, vice-president. A N.-v'W 'iff Contemporary New England style class rings were chosen by the Junior Council. This was the first year that this style had been offered to an AHS class. Well-deserved recognition was gained by the Juniors for their active participation in athletics, clubs, and music groups. '76 G i f " .rw LV J H Q.. it :eww Jimi al. tin V b ff' -A A' sf A , fit ,, ir Y U t ,s Q. . N f.': i I ir if Xie f fl lui a W s 1 I Xl 4 if f f 1 K M1 f,., . 1. ' If Q l' , Y X 1 'E H' C V K -rr Q, 'EN' f i . -Q e. we s 'nr ,.' lp af rx K, Aw is , is 'V .rL" . C 5 . .. I 7 I C :V Q is ,ji y I I ,,.- g gf nit- t . 'gg g i -W .. f i n i V,Lh . Q , A Vyiy , , ,t 5 ' .f C K f - .Q ,....,. 5 ' 7 - X. ' Liz Anquiano Vickie Appleman Charles Baker Steve Bartlett Debbie Beatleston Edward Bennett Bill Black Kenny Blaylock Brad Boston Pat Bowell Debbie Brown Dean Bruns Billy Cairns lean Calder Nancy Carl Teresa Clemence Dixie Cook Ierry Copenhaver Ianet Cryderman Steve Curran lim Davis Linda Davis Lindy Davis Mike Davis Class Of '69 Sponsors Eight Fund-Raising Events Pat Deines David Dunkel Dwight Edberg Beth Ersham Susan Enqelhardt Robert Ernst Darlene Facklarn Larry Faqer Sharon Fenton Kathy Fitchett Bobbie Io Fleagle Bob Flynn Debbie French Mark Garrison Claude Gay Deanne Gay Gary George Marcia Gier Myron Goode-ll Cynthia Graham Richard Gray Connie Grigg Pat Halsey Ruth Ann Haneman Mary Io Hatten Ellen Hazelton Felix Hernandez Kathy Hernandez .,t2.V:, it A B s i n. : ..... W KVK: 'STV t N W fill Y A , gg A .,, ,v ' r S. E '-- ' A E ' t ' 1 tllll yybi t- ki, it ig. 5, il V 1 i t B S' Z , 5 it B Y ,Q , AN it K i KA , . f 7 l I Lx H 1 5, r , Y . . Q. 1' V' 1 i "' J' M ei -f C s i iv he t i- - ' " l '- '77 Barbara Hill Richard Hite Lee Hobson lerry Hocker lack Holmes Mike Hottman Susan Humpert Ken Huston Phil Huston Rosemary Huston loyce Irwin Stan lssit Lonnie lantz loyce Iudah Karla Kean Grea Kellison Marian Kercher Randy Koepsel Theresa Kohart David Lambert David Louk Cindy Lovseth Sharon Mcconkey ludy McCune David McMillan Steve McMillan Bod Markley Stephanie Melander Stan Minter Mike Morris Paul Murnahan Mike Murray Gary Needham Norma Nelson Steve Noel Benny Card Bill Orender Lila Page Viki Patton Stephanie Pickett Bennie Pierce Tom Puckett ,ff , Excedrin headache number 27 comes to a climax as Barbara Hill, junior, completes her first semester term paper. -- is B fe-Fi by i we , I Wk P., s I " " rl fi ' ,f 3 Qi 2 f , ff in 5 Y klilr "l ' K .xv V in :t A , In ki L k, 1 5 . 5 ,K X K ., 4 J I 73332 ,gfffbmg f 5' -ft f - y i x Q W I' is A .fy K, I f-QP 3 A :Lf + , Q .. .. ., -. - 5 C.. ,K K lyk! 4 s A 1 :S f 'ini .A A. I 2 VVVVVA -I k Y M 6 X gg X . . 5 fs f 1 ,i . . ,, :dx V i Q yn g y . L : wi P -fr 5 t. ffm xi A M f 1 F , 2 , i n I 7 ff .. if 1 is M l f t ,,-if '- V I .1 1 -tv I at 3 5 . vm' N ,zii , ' 1k N i ' ip ' fl' " , E i i t ii ' . 'as We ' vs' rf Y V K ,A Wg M .Li f isss -Q if it 3 in 'WJ Q h ,H 7 - M at .-f , - " 1 f , -x s-J' L KW frm we ,. ,gm , 'fi' r QT Sy for Mp 12 - --,wg Q: Tm la , A is , ml,-in. ' Digi . I A r, y Y Tw Larry Rector Debbie Reed Leona Reese Scott Reynolds Karen Rinkenbauqh lim Roberts Vernie Rock Rose Rodgers Rick Royer Donna Sanders Lawrence Scanlan Mark Shafer Marla Shafer Bob Schenberqer Wanda Schneider Doyle Seaman Lea Sellers Lonnie Shaefier Sharmon Sherraden Mark Shockey Carol Shofi Mary lane Shurson Connie Sims Diane Sleichter Steve Sleichter Tim Snyder Eric Soelter Linda Stacey Rings, Prom, And Play Dominate junior Year IUNIOR COUNCIL-Standing: Mike Wood, Bill Orrender, Rick Boyer, Mark Garrison, Ierry Hooker, Phil Huston. Seated: Kathy Fitchett, Beth Erhsam, Mary Io Hatten, Susan Enqelhardt, Rose- mary Huston, Susan Humpert, Lea Sellers. 79 or "S Q" A3 i 3 fn ' . 'F' J' t B ' 'l i i. J "" W M m,.L r. A X 41 f t 'J it LWIALLL ' is gurl f" llrl1 h B ,K V t U B . ' , E x V 12.4 , A , T r i' " " E x' or r 1 if . . . ., f K 1? - N W 1 W ' B ll t 5 y yt j l 4f ,' :lg M ,fir W ? P It's a perfect fit as Mike Wood and Susan Humpert try on their new class rings. "How many more?" wonders Beth Ersharn Clettl as Mary Io Hatten and Rosemary Huston continue Writinq senior in- vitations to the lunior-Senior Prom. Mary Ann Steinborn Benny Sullivan Eldon Suskey loselyn Sutton David Trapp Ierry Van Fleet Evelyn Wagner David Walker Sarah Walker Susan Walker Dorothy Walters Cindy Watson Tom Webb Greg Wesley Donna White Alice Wilson Lennis Witte Mike Wood Lynda Wylie Barbara Young Patty Young Brad Zeller Iohn Zey 'z Iz 80 Fx SENIURS M68 is really great!" was the cry of this year's seniors as they looked back on the confusion and amazement experienced as freshmen and the higher levels achieved while sophomores. Their Junior year was one of excite- ment and extra-curricula activities. They chose rings, planned the Junior Senior Prom, centered around the theme "Bon Voyage," and produced a successful comedy, "The Lilies of the Field? Finishing this great year, they managed to receive the CLASS OFFICERS-Susan Lombard, treas- urer, Rod Boyd, viceepresidentp Morrqczret Sword, secretary, Allen Switzer, president. SENIOR CLASS SPONSORS-Mr. Tice, Mr. Decrn, Mr. Grimes. All-.School Play trophy for "The Egg and I" for ticket sales. As seniors they added to their accom- plishments by winning the play trophy for the second year. Ordering caps, gowns, and senior announcements were the main highlights. Light blue class sweatshirts were the seniors, pride and joy. As it all came to close, they thought of their senior year not as the end, but only the beginning of opening new doors into a promising future. 81 Torn Adams Linda Allen Anita Anguiano Vanita Anguiano Steve Atkinson Gwen Baer John Berger Sharon Berger Susan Bezdek Robert Blachly Class Halled In Belllngham Exchange, European Trip Sue Book Bruce Bowers Stan Bowyer Danny Boyce Dennis Boyce Rodney Boyd Daryl Brandt Gary Burkholder Dave Burris Juanita Burton Sheila Butcher Dallas Calvin Clinton Chase Shearlene Comer Tom Copeland Steve Coup John Crandall Doris Davis Mike Davis Jay Dietrich 82 'H .,,bA r-rn' L Ek F lf 15' 'YW i .1 in Smal . 5 A -3' ,L 1, -'Lir1sz'1:,s. , . - r -' A A. 33 R X it GIRLS. BOYS STATE-Standing: Doug Gugler, Mark Norton, George Zinke, Dave Burris, Stan Martin. Seated: Mike Whitehair, Kathy Foltz, Ioyce Engle, Iohn Crandall, Mark Murphy. Not pictured: Dennis Throne. ---N--.....g..-, Ss. Hippie posters, souvenirs of London's Carn- aby Street, are explained by Susan Lombard and Lease Duckwall after studying in Europe last summer. Lease Duckwall Tim Elliot Joyce Engle Lynette Engle Marie Ernst Danny Evers Dennis Fader Lynette Fick Sharon Fischer Donna Fitzwater Kathy Foltz Ruth Fountain Doug Gugler Betsy Guilfoyle Ray Hammond Lester Hargrave David Hazelton Janie Heller Richard Holloway Gary Holt Eiiiifif ESQ f 'W' . , , W Pat Huston Nancy James Robert Jeffrey Kent Johnson or Jooo is C . College preparations are made as Shearlene Comer and Rodney Boyd take advantage of Colleqe Night at AHS. Campus Culture Defined At College Night In Fall Janis Kellison Randy Kooken Renee Lambert Dick Laws Nancy Lawson Rick Lederer Carol Lindblom Kathy Linder Susan Lombard Theola Lovseth John McGinty Vicki Madden Marcie Mailen Stan Martin Mike Meade Rick Meredith Phil Meserve Jeanne Miller Linda Minner Melody Mitchell 84 1 l -' ' it :ii lilt Q 'if J ' is 3 is 4' if . , ii,, V Q-'L I J ,b-2' 1 "H af" '. sf' -an S-3 up--' -nv M +9 WMA. S "' , S aa., we ,Sli A . s H. Saw 1 36518 me Y X125 SSS l r r , ia S S S iitzgesaziwfr: 'Pdf ,A I A S S, , ,a me sf James Moddrell Tina Morgenson Mark Murphy Paul Nipper Nancy Noel Mark Norton Darrel Olsen Pete Orwig Jim Owens David Page Mike Parsons Ellen Rank Sonja Reese Larry Romine Greg Rose Karla Rugn Roger Runnalls Joan Ryan Wayne Schad Francis Scheetz Seniors Review For ACT, Merit Exams "Hey, that fraternity sounds pretty cooll' points out Ioe Talbert to Stan Martin, both recipients of the Honorable Mention award in the National Merit Tests. W , :..r:,...i 1-'P ' if -fp ,iiiivms :ep '25, . 555 4 Juan Sexton Robert Shrader Tom Sims Sie- ,. . ' -. 1: - ,ij , 1' 5-3 David Simmons QM , - 1 - -a z Y, V w ,gif ., 1 I X at , .. S fl Ronnie Smith Tim Smith Fred Steele Jacouie Storer Pam Strowig Mike Stuck Carol Suenram Allen Switzer lXIE1l'g'Ell'Gl Sword Joe Tallmcrt Bob Tate Jack Taylor Steve Taylor Dennis Thacker Dennis Throne Janice Timm Jeanette Voelke Barbara Wade Donna 'Walker Bill Watt Class Is A Two Time Winner Of Play Trophy Tami Wehlmg John Weston James Wheeler Mike Whitehall' 1' Weird's the word for the Wonders of AHS Seniors, naturally, no more, no less HSWeat Shirtsn Appropriate As Graduation Nears X si H i - Qifixr fe H 'W 'WV' A , .fri 'sf A Tom Whitehair Dee Widler Linda Wilson Linda Wilson Linda Wood David Wuensch Lynn Wylie Harrison Young Jim Young Mike Zenner George Zinke Class f '6 Adams. Tom-"A" Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 1', 2', 3', 4', Band 1, lunicr Rotarian 3. Allen, Linda-FHA 1, Song Leader 2, Sec. 3, 4, Y-Teens 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3: Oftice Assistant 3, 4, lunior Play Crew 3. Anquicmo, Anita-Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, Drill Team 3, 4, FFA Oueen 4: F1-lA 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4', lr. Kiwanian 3, Office Asst. 4. Anguicmo, Vanita-Cheerleader l, 2, 3, 4, Drill Team 2, 3, 4, FFA Oueen Attd. 4, Fl-lA 1, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3: lunior Kiwanion 4, Office Assistant 4. Baer, Gwenf'l'acoma, Washington 1, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Science Club 3, Yearbook 4, Student Teacher 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 2, 3, Operetta Orchestra 3, 4. Berger. Iohn-1-li-Y 1, 2, 3, Pep Club 1, 2, Band 1, 2, 3, Pep Band 1, 2, 3, Chorus 3, Pres. 4, Operetta 3, 4, lunior Lion 4, lr. Play Cast 3, All School Play Crew 3. Berger, Sharonw-Girls' Glee l: Y-Teens 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Library Club 4, Science Club 4. Bezdek, Susan-Cheerleader 2, Drill Team 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 3, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2', 3', 4', Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 'llwirler 1, 2, 3, 4, Sophomore Class Treas. 2, lunior Play Cast 3, lunior Play Crew 1, 2, Senior Play Crew 2, All School Play Cast 3, 4: Girls' Glee 2, 3, Chorus 2, Ensemble 3, 4, Operetta 2, 3, 4, Operetta Crew 1. Bowers. Bruce-FFA l, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 1, luclqina Team 1, 2, 3, lunior laycee 4. Bowyer. Stan-Lawrence, Kansas 1, 2, 3, Student Council 2, Chorus 2, 4. Boyce, Danny-FFA 1, Sec. 2, 3, Vive- Pres. 4. Boyce, Donny-FFA 1, Sec. 2, 3, Vice Pres. 4. Boyd. Rod-"A" Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4', Football 1, 4': Track l', Cross Country 2', 3, Golf 3, Cow- boy loe Candidate 4, Hi-Y 1, 2, Pep Club 1, 2, Band 1, 2, Dance Band 1: Pep Band 1, Chorus 3, Operetta 3, Operetta Crew 2, Class Vice-Pres. 2, 4. Brandt. Daryl-Band 1, 2, 1-li-Y l, Pep Club 1. Burkholder. Gary-"A" Club 3, 4, Bas- ketball 1, Football 1, Track 1, 2, 3', 4', FFA 3, 4, 1-li-Y 1, 2, 3, Pep Club 1, Band 1, Dance Band 1, Pep Band 1: lunior Rotarian 3, ludginq Team 3, 4, All School Play Cast 3. 88 Burris, Dave-"A" Club 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball l, 2, 3', 4', Cross Country 2, 3', 4, Golf 1, 2', 3', Cowboy loe Manager 4, luriior Council 3, Boys State 3, lunicr Rotarian 3, Student Teacher 3. Butcher, Sheila-Girls Glee 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, Operetta Crew 1, 2, 13, FHA 2, 3, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Debate 3, Student Teacher 4, lr. Play Crew 3. Chase, Clint-Tennis 1, Band 1, 2, Dance Band 1, 2, Pep Band 1, 2, Hi-Y 1: Pep Club 1. Comer, Shearlene-Band l, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee 1, 2, 3, 4, FHA 2, Y-Teen 1, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Copeland, Thomas-Belt Sine, Texas 1, Chorus 2, 3, 4. Coup, Steven--Abilene, Texas 1, Stut- gart, Germany 2, Football 1, Track 1. Crandall, Iohn-Band 1, 2", 3', 4', Dance Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band l, 2, 3, 4, Drum Major 4, Boys' Glee 3, Chorus 3, Ensemble 4, Operetta 4, Operetta Crew 2, Operetta Orch. Band 3, Pep Club 1, 2, Boy's State 3, lr. Lion 4, Student Teacher 4, lr. Play Crew 3. Davis, Didi-Operetta Crew 3, F1-1A 1, 2, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook 4, lr. Play Cast 3, lr. Play Crew 3, All School Play Crew 4. Davis, Mike-"A" Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Bas- ketball Mgr. 1, Track Mgr. 1, FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, ludginq Team 1, 2, 3, 4. Dietrich, lay-"A" Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 1', 2, 3': Wrestling l', 2', 3', 4', Cross Country 2, 3', Band 1, 2, 3, Dance Band 1, Operetta Orch. Band 2, 3, Hi-Y 1, 2, Pep Club l, 2, lr. Play Crew 3, lr. laycee 4. Duckwall, Lease-"A" Club 3, 4, Foot- ball l, 2, 3', 4', Track 1, 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 1, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Glee 3, Operetta Crew 3, 4, Student Teacher 3, 4, lr. laycee 3. Elliott, Tim Engle, Ioyce-Girls' Glee 1, 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 1, 3, 4, Y- Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4, Girl's State 3, Debate 4, Student Teach- er 4, All School Play Crew 4. Engle. Lynette-Girls' Glee 1, 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta Crew 1, 2, 3, 4, Drill Team 4, Fl-lA 1, 2, Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Quill and Scroll 3, 4, Year- book 4, Booster 3, Editor 4, NFL 2, 3, 4, Debate 2, 3, lr. Play Cast 3, All School Play Crew 3, All School Play Cast 4. Ernst, Marie-Girls' Glee 1, 2, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Operetta 1, FHA 2, 3, 4, Y- Teens 2, 3, Library Club 3, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, Library Asst. 3, lr. Play Crew 3. Fader, Dennis-Tennis 2, lr. Rotarian 4. Fick, Lynette+Track 2', 3', 4', Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee 3: Chorus 4, FHA 2, 3, Sec. 4, Y-Teens 1, Pep Club 1, 2, Debate 2, 3, 4, lr. Play Crew 3. Fischer, Sharon-Track 4', Chorus 4, Operetta Crew 4, Y-Teens 3, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Teacher 3, 4, lr. Play Crew 3. Fitzwuter. Donna-Band 1', Pep Band 1, FHA 1, 2, Hist. 3, 4, Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4, Science Club Sec. 4, NFL 2, Sec. 3, 4, Debate 2, 3, 4, Student Teacher 2, 3, 4, lr. Play Crew 3. Girls' Foltz. Kathy--Track 2', 3', 4', Glee 1, 2, 3: Chorus 4, Operetta Crew 3, 4, Drill Team 3, 4, Y-Teens 1, 2, Sec. 3, Pres. 4, Library Club Treas. 2, Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4, Girls' State 3, De- bate 4, lr. Kiwanian 3, Student Teacher 3, 4, lr. Play Cast 3, All School Play Crew 3, 4. Fountain, Ruth-FHA 3: Y-Teens 1, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, Office Asst. 2. Guqler, Douglasf"A" Club Vice-Pres. 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3', 4', Football 1, 2, 3', 4', Track 1, 2: Golf 3', 4", Cowboy loe Manager 4, Band 1, 2, 3, Pep Band l, 2, Boys' Glee Vice-Pres. 3, Operetta Orch. Band 2, Pep Club 1, Student Council 1, Boy's State 4, Stu- dent Teacher 3, lr. Play Crew 3, lr. laycee 3. Guiltoyle. Betsy-FHA 4, Y-Teens 3, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, Yearbook 4, Booster Editor 4, Student Teacher 3. Hurgrave, Lester-Tennis 1, 2, Track 3, Pep Club 1. Hazelton, David-Track 1, 3: Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Heller, Ianie-Butler, Pennsylvania 1, 2, Track 2, Girls' Glee 1, Y-Teens 3. Holloway, Richard-Tennis 3, 4, Wres- tling 3', 4, FFA 2, 3, 4, ludqinq Team 2, 3, 4, All School Play Cast 4, lr. laycee 4. Holt, GaryYBand 1, 2, Pep Band 1, 2, Boys' Glee l, 2, 3, Operetta Crew 3, 4, Hi-Y l, 2, Pep Club 1, 2, NFL 3, Vice-Pres. 4, Debate 3, 4, lr. Rotarian 4, lr. Play Cast 3. Huston, Patricia-FHA l, Treas. 2, 3, Library Club 4, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Office Assistant 3, lr. Play Crew 3: All School Play Crew 3. James, Nanci-Chorus 1, 3, 47 Operetta 17 Operetta Crew 1, 2, 47 Pep Club 1, 2, 37 lr. Play Crew 37 All School Play Crew 1, 2, 3. Ieth-ey. Bob-"A" Club 3, 47 Basketball 1, 27 Football 4'7 Track 1, 3'7 Wres- tling 3, 4'7 Cross Country 27 Student Council 17 lr. Lion 4. Iohnson, Kent-"A" Club 2, 3, 47 Wres- tling 3, 4'7 Cross Country 1, 27 Golf 1 2' 3', 4'7 Hi-Y 1, 27 Pep Club 1, 2. 7 7 Kellison, lanis-Band 1, 2', 3'7 Pep Band 1, 2, 37 Operetta Orch. Band 3. 47 Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 47 Pep Club 1, 2 3, 47 lr. Kiwanian 37 Office Assistant 47 lr. Play Crew 3: All School Play Crew 3. Kooken, Randy Lee-"A" Club 3, 47 Basketball 1, 2, 37 Football 37 Track 1, 2, 3', 4'7 Cross Country 1, 27 Band 1, 2, 3, 47 Dance Band 2, 47 Pep Band 47 Hi-Y 1, 27 lr. Rotarian 4. Lambert, Renee-Track 2', 3', 4'7 Homecoming Queen 47 Girls' Glee 2, 37 Chorus 2, 3, Sec. 47 Operetta 3, 47 Y-Teens 3, 47 lunior Council 37 Pep Club l, 2, 3, 47 Student Council Sec. 47 Class Treas. 37 lr. Kiwanian 47 Student Teacher 3, 47 lr. Play Crew 3. Laws, Dick-FFA 47 ludging Team 4. Lawson, Nancy-Wurzburg, Germany l, 27 GAA 1, 27 Girls' Glee 1, 2, 37 Y-Teens 37 Library Club 37 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 47 Student Council 27 AYA 1, 2. Lederer, Rick-"A" Club 47 Football 3, 4'7 Wrestling 4'7 Golf 1, 2, 3, 47 Band 1", 2', 3, 47 Dance Band 1, 2, 37 Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 47 Boys' Glee 1, 37 Chorus 37 Ensemble 4j Operetta 47 Operetta Orch. Band 1, 27 Pep Club 1, 2. Lindblom. Carol-Y-Teens 1, Treas. 2, 3, 47 Pep Club 1, 2, Sec. 3, Pres. 47 Office Assistant 47 lr. Play Crew 37 All School Play Crew 3, 4. Linder, Kathy-Chorus 47 FHA 1, 1-list. 2, Pres. 3, S. A. 47 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 47 Library Club 1, 2, 37 Pep Club 27 Yearbook 47 NFL 2, 3, 47 Debate 2, 3. Lovseth, Theola-Band 1, 2, 3, 47 Dance Band 27 Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 47 Girls' Glee 2, 3, 47 Chorus 3, 47 FHA 2, 3, 47 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 47 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4'7 Yearbook 47 NFL 37 Debate 37 All School Play Crew 3, 4. Madden, Vicki-FHA 1, 2, 3j Y-Teens 47 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 47 Student Teacher 4. Booster 47 Mailen, Marcie-FHA 1, 27 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3: Pep Club 1, 27 Yearbook 47 Stu- jent Teacher 47 All School Play Crew Martin, Stan--"A" Club 1, 2, Sec. 3, Pres. 47 Golf 1', 2', 3', 4'7 Cowboy loe Manager 47 Student Council 1, 27 Yearbook 47 Boy's State 37 Debate 47 lr. Lion 37 lr. Play Crew 3. McGinty, Iohn--"A" Club 3, 47 Foot- ball 1, 2, 3', 4'7 Track 1, 2, 3, 47 Vt'restling 47 Pep Club 1, 27 Student Teacher 3. Meade, Mike-Football lj Track 17 Pep Club 1. Meredith, Rick-"A" Club 47 Football 1, 2, 3, 4'7 FFA 4, Meserve. Phil-"A" Club 2, 3, Vice- Pres. 47 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4'7 Football 1, 2, 3', 4'7 Golf 1, 2', 3', 4'7 Band 1, 2, 37 Pep Band 1, 2, 37 Boys' Glee Sec. 27 Chorus lj Ensemble 2, 3, 47 Operetta 2, 3, 47 Operetta Crew 17 Hi- Y 17 lr. Play Crew 37 lr. laycee 3. Miller, Ieanne--Band 1, 2, 3, 47 Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 47 Girls' Glee 2, 37 Chorus 47 Operetta 47 Operetta Crew 37 FHA 2, 3, 47 Y-Teens 17 Pep Club 1, 27 NFL 2, 3, Pres. 47 Debate 2, 3, 47 lr. Play Cast 3. Minner, Linda-Band l', 2', 3'7 Pep Band 37 Girls' Glee 17 Chorus l, Vice- Pres. 27 Ensemble 3, 47 Operetta Orch. Band 2, 37 Drill Team 2, 3, 47 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 47 lunior Council 37 Pep Club 1, 2, Vice-Pres. 3, 47 Yearbook 47 lr. Kiwanian 4j lr. Play Crew 4. Mitchell. Melody-Girls' Glee 1, 2, 37 Chorus 2, 37 Operetta 17 Operetta Crew 27 FFA Oueen Attd. 47 FHA 1, 2, 3, Treas. 47 Y-Teens l, 37 lunior Council 37 Pep Club 1, 2, 37 Office Asst. 3, 4: lr. Play Crew 3. Murphy, Mark-"A" Club 2, 3, 47 Foot- ball 1, 2', 3', 4'7 Wrestling 1, 2', 3', 4'7 Golf 1, 2', 3', 4'7 Cowboy Ioe Candidate 47 Boys' Glee 2, Pres. 3, Chorus 1, 27 Ensemble 3, 47 Operetta 2, 3, 47 Hi-Y 1, 2, 37 lr. Council Pres. 37 Student Council Pres. 47 Boy's State 37 lunior Class Pres. 37 lr. Ftotarian 3. Nipper, Paul-Basketball 1, 27 Track 27 Wrestling 47 Golf 1, 27 27 Hi-Y 2. Boys' Glee Noel, Nancy-Band l, 2, 3, 47 Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 47 Girls' Glee 2, 3, 47 Chorus 47 FHA 47 Pep Club 2, 3, 47 lr. Play Crew 37 All School Play Crew 4. Norton, Mark-"A" Club 1, 2, 3, 47 Basketball 1, 2, 3', 4'7 Track 1', 2', 3', 4'7 Cross Country 2', 3', 4'7 Cow- boy loe Candidate 47 Band 1, 2, 37 Pep Band 1, 27 Chorus 37 Ensemble 47 Operetta 37 Operetta Orch. Band 27 Hi-Y 1, 27 lr. Council 37 Pep Club 1, 27 Bcy's State 37 lr. Lion 47 lr. Play Crew 3. Olsen. Darrel-Salina, Kansas FFA 1, 2, 47 ludging Team 4. Orwig, Pete-"A"C1ub 1, 2, 3, 47 Foot- ball lj Track 1', 2', 3', 4'7 Cross Country 2, 37 Chorus 2, 37 Ensemble 3, 47 Operetta 2, 3, 47 Operetta Crew 17 Hi-Y 1, 2, 37 lr. Council 37 Student Council 2, 3, 47 Ir. Lion 37 Student Teacher 3, 4. Owens, lim-"A" Club 2, 3, 47 Tennis 27 Cross Country 2', 3', 4'7 Cowboy Ice Manager 47 Chorus 47 Operetta Crew 47 Hi-Y 27 lr. Council 37 Student Council 3, 47 Booster 47 lr. Lion 3. Page, David-Boys' Glee 1, 2, 37 Chorus 1, 2, 37 Operetta Crew l, 27 Hi- Y 1, 2, 37 Library Club 1, 2, 3, 47 Science Club 1, 2, 3, Pres. 47 lr. Ftotarian 37 lr. Play Cast 37 lr. Play Crew 1, 2, 37 Sr. Play Crew 1, 27 All School Play Cast 37 All School Play Crew 4. Rank, Ellen-Girls' Glee 1, 27 FHA 1, Sec. 2, Vice-Pres.. 3, 47 Y-Teens 1, 47 Library Club 47 Pep Club 1, 2, 37 Science Club 47 NFL 3, Sec. 47 Debate 3, 47 Office Assistant 3, 47 lr. Play Crew 3. Reese, Sonia-Chorus 1, 2, 37 FHA 2, 3, 47 Pep Club 1, 2, 47 Student Teacher 3, 4. Rider, Ken-Band 1, 27 Pep Band 1, 27 Boys' Glee 37 Pep Club 1, 27 lr. Lion 3: lr. Play Crew 3. Romine, Larry-"A" Club 3, 47 Basket- ball 1, 2, 37 Golf 1, 2, 3', 4'7 Pep Club 17 lr. Rotarian 47 Student Teacher 2, 3, 4. Rose, Greg-Tennis 1,47 Wrestling 3', 4'7 Chorus 1, 2, 37 Operetta 37 Pep Club 17 Science Club 1, 3, 47 lr. Lion 47 All School Play Crew 4. Hugh, Karla-Girls' Glee 3, 47 Chorus 3, 47 Operetta Crew 37 Operetta Orch. Band 3, 47 Y-Teens 47 Booster 37 Ir. Kiwanian 4. Runnalls, Roger--Boys' Glee 27 Operet- ta Crew 37 Hi-Y 17 lr. Lion 47 lr. Play Cast 47 lr. Play Crew 17 All School Play Cast 47 All School Play Crew 27 Chess Club 4. Ryan, Ioan-Girls' Glee 17 FFA Oueen Attd. 47 FHA 1, 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 47 Library Club 3, 47 Pep Club 1, 2, 37 Play Cast 47 All School Play Crew 2. Schad, Wayne-Wrestling 2', 37 Band 1, 2, 37 Pep Band 1, 2, 37 Science Club 2. Scheetz. Greg-Golf 1, 2, 37 Chess Club 47 lr. Play Crew 1, 27 All School Play Crew 37 lr. laycee 4. Sexton, Iuan-Band 1', 2', 3', Pres. 4'7 Dance Band 1, 2, 37 Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 47 Operetta Orch. Band 3, 47 lr. Rotarian 47 Student Teacher 47 Science Club 1, 27 Cross Country 37 Wrestling 3'7 "A" Club 4. Simmons, David-Salem, Oregon l, 27 Basketball 1, 27 Football 1, 27 Track 1, 27 'Wrestling 2, 37 Band 1, 27 Chorus 1, 27 FFA 1, 2, 3, 47 ludging Team 1, 2, 4. Smith. Ronnie Smith. Tim-Basketball 1, 27 Track 2: Chorus 17 FFA 1, Chp, 2, Sec. 3, 47 Hi-Y 17 ludging 1, 2, 3, 4. 89 Steele, Fred-'A' Club I fi, 3, 4 Wrestling l', 2' 3' 4', Fifi :ll 4, Chorus l 2, 3, Fnseztnfe -1- 'Dgmfrf-tt. l 2 3 4: Cperetta Cr-21 ' 2: Pez Sub l: Student Tearlzor - lr. Pixy Las: 3: lr. Play Crew ' Sf-ggi, may Cast 3 4, All S: if J Cie.-.' 3 -2, li. lfryfiee Storer, Iacquie-Manhattan Karts-:s l: Killeen Texas 2, Nurnhorg, Germany 3: Girls' Glee l, Y-Teens l, Pep Club l, Science Club l, Yearbook 4, Booster 3, Oltice Assistant 2, All Swlrool Play Crew 4. Strowig, Pam--Queen Atttl. 2, 4, Cheer- leader l, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Glee lr Chorus 2, 4, Operetta l 4, Operr-ttr Crew 2, Drill Team 2 3 4: Y-Teens Q, 2 3, lr. Council 3, Pep Clul. l, 2 3, 4, Student Couniil 3, 4- Stair-n' T-:flex 3, lr. Play Cast 3. Suenram, Carol-Girls G10 Q- Dril. Team 2, 3, 4: Pep Clult l 2 3 4'g lr Kiwanian 4, Office Assxsiant 3, 4. Swedberg, Doug-FFA l lf' 3 4 Switzer, Allen-PA' Club 4, Footixiil l, 2, 3, 4', Tennis l, 2, 3' 4', Cowboy loo 4: Band l', 2', 3', 4', Ditncri Band l, Pres. 3, Sec. 4, Pop Band l, 2. 3, 4, Boys' Glee 3, Chorus 3, Fnseinble 4, Operetia 3, 4: Operfittti Orvn. B-:nfl l, 2, Hi-Y 3: Pep Club . 2, Senior Class Pres. 4, fr. hot :ri in 5- All S 'Prof Play Crew 4. Sword, Margaret-Queen At' i. Cheerleader 2, 3 4: Band l fy 3 -i Pep Band l Tn-firlez 2, 3 4, Gigs' Ce 3, Operetta Crew 1- Drill Teizzn 'l 3 Lieuf. 4: Y-Teens 3: lr. Courtqil 3' Por Club 2, 3, 4, Yearbook 4: junior Class Viie-Pres. 3: Senior Class Set 4: fl- Play Cast 3: All School Play Cas 4, All School Play Crew 3. Talbert, Ioe--"A" Club 3, 4, Football l, 2, Tennis l, 2: Track 3', 4', Wres- tling 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 3', 4.7 Band l', 2', 3', 4', Dance Band l, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band l, 2, 3, 4, Operetta Crew l, 2, Operetta Orch. Band 3: Pep Club Tate, Bobf"A" Club l, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball l, 2, 3: Football l, 2, 3', 4', Track l', 2', 3', 4', Vtlrestling 4', Bind l, 2, 3, Boys Glee 2, Chorus l 4, En- semble 2, 3: Operetfa 2, 3 4, Oj'QTf3'llfT Crew l, Yearbook 4, Booster 4, Fresn- rnon Class Pres. l, lr. laycee 3. Taylor, lack-"A" Club l, 2, 3, 4: Fcct- ball l: Vtlrestling l', 2, 3, 4', Chorus l, 2, 3, FFA l, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club l, 2, ludging Team l, 2, 3, 4. Taylor, Van-"A" Club 3, 4, Basketball 1, Football i,2,3,4', Track l,2,3',4', FFA l, 2, 3, lr. Lion 3, ludging Team l, 2, 3. Thacker, Dennis-Football l, 2, 3, Chorus l, 2, 3, 4: Operetta 4, Operetta Crew l, 3: Pep Club l. Timm, Ianice-Edgerton, Kansas l, Cheerleader 2, Girls' Glee l, 2, Pep Club l, Frshrnan Class Sec.-Treas l, Sophomore Class Sec.-Treas 2, All School Play Cast 2. Voelker, Jeanette-Lansing, Kansas l, Chorus l, 2, Pep Club l, 2, Yearbook 4, Booster 4. Wade, Barbara-Girls' Glee l, 2, 3, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Operetta l, 3, Operetta Crew l, 2, Drill Team 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4: Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4, lr. Play Crew 3, All School Play Crew 3. Walker, Donna-Girls' oiee 1, 2, 3, Chorus l, 2, 3, Operetta l, 2, 3, Operet- ta Crew 2, FFA Queen Attd. 4, FHA l, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens 3, Pep Club l, 2, 3, Yearbook 4, Student Teacher 3, 4, lr. Play Cast 3, lr. Play Crew 3, All School Play Cast 3, All School Play Crew 3, 4. Watt, Bill-"A" Club 3, 4, Tennis 4, Track l, 2, 3, Wrestling 3, 4, Cross Country 2, 3', 4', FFA l, 2, 3, 4, Debate 4, ludging Team 4, All School Play Cast 4, lr. laycee 4. Weston, Iohn-Elk City, Oklahoma 1, 2, Atchison, Kansas 3, Football 2, 3, Track 2, 3, Band 2, Freshman Class Wheeler, Iames--FFA 1, Sen. 2, Treas. 3, Sec. 4. Whitehair, Mike-"A" Club 4, Basket- ball 2, 3: Football Mgr. l, 2, 3, 4', Track l, Wrestling 4, Golf 2, Cowboy loe Candidate 4, FFA 1, 2, lr. Council 3, Pep Club l, 2, Student Council 3, Vice-Pres. 4, Exchange Student to Bell- ingham, Washington 4, Boy's State 3, Debate 3, lr. Botarian 3, ludqinq Team l, 2, Student Teacher 3. Whitehair, Tom-FFA l, Vice-Pres. 2, 3, 4, Ir. Rotarian 4, ludging Team l, 2, 3. Widler, Dee-"A" Club 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball l, Football l, Wrestling 2, 3, 4, 4 'Half l, 3', FtiY 1 2, Pc-,., Club l 2, Student lf1.1n'1l lj lSTVSllfll'Ill Clrss 'fige-Pres. 1, fr. Lif n fi- Stuclfiit Teztgner Wilson, Linda--Qllorr ."2 :der 2, 3, 4, Girls Glee 3, 4: Chorus l: Operetta l, Operetta Crew l, 3, 4, Drill Team 2, Lieut. 3, lsieut. 4, Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4, lr. Council 3, Pep Club l, 2, Pres. 3 4, Sophomore Class Sec. 2, lr. Kiwanian 4, Office Asst. 3, 4, lr. Play Crew 3. Wilson, Linda K.-lunction City, Kansas l, 2, Chorus 4, Pep Club 3, 4, Student Teacher 4, lr. Play Crew 3, Operetta 4. Wood, LindafOperotta Crew 4, FHA l, 2, 3, 4, Y-Teens l, 2, 4, Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4, Office Assistant 3, 4, All School Play 4. Wuensch, DavidAChe-ss Club 4. Wylie, Lynn-Pep Club 2. Young, Harrison- FFA l, 2, 3, 4. Young, I. D. -Chorus l, 2, FFA l, 2, 4, Hi-Y 2. Zinke, GeorqefFootball 3, Band l', 2', 3', 4', Dance Band l, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band l, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Glee l, 2, 3, Chorus 3: Ensemble 4, Oporetta Orch. Band 2, 3, 4, l-li-Y l, Boys State 3, Freshman Class Sec. l, lr. Lion 3. 2, lr. Botarian 4. Pres' 1' SECOND SEMESTER CHESS CLUB-Top Row: lohn l-lagstrand, Craig Atkinson, Bcaer Bunnals, Kent Zernickow, David Weunch, loe Talbert, Randy Matzkanin, Lloyd Needham. Second Row: David Page, Mike Brown, Ken Estes, Tom Pyke, Greg Scheetz, Harold Scan- lan, Boss Bomine. Front Row: Ted Sexton, Bichard Gray, Vice president, Bill W'att, pres- ident: Mr. Tice, sponsor: Paul Nipper, secre- tary, Bandy Gary. Not pictured: loe lvtfebb, Chris Vtfesely. DEX I Brandt, Daryl-18, 26, 82 Brandt, Sherilyn-34, 67 Bright, Gary!-38, 67 Broaclfoot, Carla-30, 34, 35, 37, 39, 72 D Dahl, Carolyn-34, 38, 67 Dautel, Debbie-38, 67 A Abel, Annette-30, 38, 72 A-Club-33 Adams, Felix-10 Adams, Tom-33, 62, 82 Adee, lames-67 Adee, Larry-72 Administration-6, 7 Aker, Dan-59 Allen, Linda-18, 28, 82 Allen, Marcia-38, 72 All-School Play-44, 45 Anderson, lody- Anderson, Rick-54, 67 Angst, Paula-38, 72 Anguiano, Anita-18, 28, 31, 82 Anguiano, Liz-30, 77 Anguiano, Theresa-20, 67, 48 Anguiano, Vanita-18, 28, 31, 48, 82 Annis, David-38, 72 Annis, Marcia-72 Appleman, Vicki-22, 24, 77 Armstrong, Jerry- 34, 35, 37, 67 Ashberger, Sherry-34, 35, 36, 38, 72 Atkinson, Craig-30, 34, 35, 38, 54, 67 Atkinson, Steve-23,58,82 Avery, Elizabeth--38, 72 Brown, Debbie-30, 77 Brown, limmy-54, 58, 67 Brown, Kenneth-7 Brown, Mike-38, 51, 58, 72 Brown, Michael-67 Brown Bruns, , Raymond-72 Dean-23, 77 Burchard, Lloyd-17 Burkholder, Gary-32, 82 Burnett, Camilla-38, 72 Burnett, Marilyn-67 Burris, David-ll, 20, 27, 33, 43, 56, 57, 82, 83 Burton, Lavonne-67 Burton, Iuanita-82 Butcher, Sheila-82 Butcher, Sona-67 Butts, Lucretia-13 Davis Alberta-17 Davis Daniel-67 Davis, Didi-26, 27, 28, 82 Davis George-29, 72 Davis, Grege-67 Davis, lim-22, 58, 77 Davis Linda-77 Davis, Lindy-30, 38, 77 Davis Marta-72 Davis, Michael-82 Davis, Michael-24, 44, 46, 77 Dean, Earl-9, 54, 81 Debate-24 Debenhan, Steve-38 Dehaven, Karen-21, 31, 34, 35, 37, 39 72 Deines, Patricia-77 Dennis, Iohn-12, 52, 66 Dietrich, lay-23, 33, 82 Dilley, Lary-82 Drake, Lee-67 Drill Team-31 Ayre, Cary-38, 50, 54, 67 B Baer, Gwen-25, 27, 34, 38, 43, 82 Baker, Charles-77 Ballard, Larry-54, 67 Band-34, 35 Bandy, Dale-44, 67 Banks, lchn-67 Barber, Kenneth- 38, 72 Bartlett, Steven+50, 77 Basketball-55-58 Beach, David-72 Beadleston, Deborah-26, 34, 39, 77 Beckham, Mike-18, 50, 72 Bennett, Edward-77 Bennett, Sherryl-72 Berger, lohn-22, 38, 39, 82 Berger, Robert-72 Berger, Sharon-30, 82 Berger, Timothy-34, 38, 67 Bezdek, Susan-31, 34, 35, 36, 82 Bishop, Dorene-67 Blachley, Robert-24, 36, 50, 53, 82 35, 38. C Cain, Kenneth-6 Cain, Sherry-72 Cairnes, Bill-77 Cairns, Diana-67 Cairns, Hugh-17 Cairns, Marvin--67 Caldarulo, lo Ann-38, 48, 67 Calder, Ioan'-18, 26, 31, 77 Calvin, Dallas-82 Calvin, Richard-72 Campbell, Patty-67 Carl, Christie-31, 34, 35, 72 Carl, Maurine-6 Carl, Nancy-30, 77 Carlile, Eugene-15, 20 Cash, Frank-67 Cassatt, Evelyn-ll, 26 Chase, Clintcn-12, 26, 82 Chatham, Robert-12, 30, 62 Cheerleaders-48-49 Chess Club-90 Chndamo, Diane-49, 67 Chindamo, Diane-49, 67 Chorus-38 Civic Clubs-22-23 Clemence, Robert-18, 29, 33, 34, 35, 37, 50, 61, 72 Clemence, Teresa-34, 35, 77 Cole, Dennis-38, 59, 67 Collins, Lois-17 Comer, Shearlene-34, 35, 82 Black, Billy'-29, 77 Black, Iolene-72 Blair, Earl-16, 76 Blaylock, Dennis-67 Blaylock, Denneth-77 Bogart, Rhonda-67 Book, Pam--34, 35, 72 Bock, Suzanne-22, 36, 82 Booster-26 Boston, Bradle-yf77 Bourbina, Valerie-67 Bowell, Ioyce-38, 72 Bowell, Patricia-18, 26, 31, 38, 41, 77, 48 Bowers, Bruce-23, 29, 82 Bowyer, Marilyn-72 Bowyer, Stanley-38, 82 Boyce, Danny-29, 82 Boyce, Dennis-29, 82 Boyd, Rodney-33, 43, 50, 55, 57, 81, 82 Bradshaw, Marty-38, 44, 49, 67 Conn, Linda-35, 67 Cook, David-30, 34, 35, 72 Cook, Dixie-28, 30, 77 Cook, Doris-7 Cook, Sharon-31, 34, 35, 72 Cook, Verna-17 Copeland, Thomas-21, 38, 82 Copenhaver, lerry-18, 77 Copenhaver, Patty-72 Cox, Ioe-17 Drinen, Cindy-38, 72 Drummond, lack-59, 67 Duckwall, Lease-18, 33, 34, 35, 50 53, 83 Dumler, Amy-20, 38, 67 Dunham, Linda-72 Dunkel, David-22, 33, 50, 77 Dunkel, Vicki-34, 35, 67 Dunlap, Caro1f72 Dunlap, lohn--67 Dunn, Iohn-8 E Ebel, Cynthia-67 Edberg, Dwight-22, 33, 38, 77 Edberg, Edna--11 Edberg, Harold-12, 71 Eggleston, Robert-34, 35, 67 Ehrsam, Beth-18, 77 Eisenhauer, David--34, 38, 67 Elliot, Susan+38, 67 Elliott, Tim-26, 83 Ellis, Rickf38, 67 Else, Paul-50, 58, 72 Emig, Dale-6 Emig, lackie--72 Emig, Patriciaf67 Englehardt, Nancy-38, 48, 66, 67 Englehardt, Susan-20, 31, 36, 46, 48 77 Engle, 1oycefl8, 21, 24, 38, 83 Engle, Lynette--25, 26, 27, 31, 44, 83 Ensemble-36 Ernst, Marie-28, 83 Ernst, Robert--23, 77 Estes, Kennethf67 Evers, Danny-33, 38, 39, 43, 50, 52 53, 83 Ewert, Henry-9, 66 Eye, Cheryl-68 F Eacklam, Darlene-8, 28, 30, 38, 77 Faculty-8-16 Fader, Dennis-22, 83 Eager, Larry-77 Coup, Steve-26, 82 Cowboy loe-42-43 Craig, Rhonda-31, 38, 71, 72 Crandall, Donna-34, 35, 37, 38, 39, 66, 67 Crandall, Iohn-18, 22, 34, 35, 36, 37, 82, 83 Cross Country-62 Cryderman, Ianet-39, 77 Curran, Pamela-38, 49, 66, 67 Curran, Steve-77 Eager, Robert--54, 58 Falk, Bonnie-68 Falk, Larry-72 Farley, Pat-20, 31, 38, 39, 41, 72 Feller, Donald-15, 50, 52 Fenton, Sharcne-77 91 Football-50-54 FFA-29 FHA-28 Fick, Lynette,-24, Fick, Neldon-72 Fiedler, E, L.-6 28, 34, 35, 38, 83 Fischer, Sharon-18, 38, 83 Fitchett, Kathy-18, 20, 21, 22, 26, 31 38, 77 Fitzwater, Bruce-34, 35, 58, 68 . Fitzwater, Donna-18, 24, 28, 30, 83 Fleaqle, Bobbi lo-31, 32, 34, 38, 77 Flora, Michael-50, 72 Flynn, Kevin-38, 68, 69 Flynn, Maurice-68 Flynn, Robert-77 Foltz, Kathy-18, 21, 24, 31, 38, 83 Hammond, Ray--83 Haneman, Ruth-11, 18, 21, 22, 31, 38, 39, 77 Hankins, Edward-14, 54, 57 Harqrave, Lester-83 Harp, lanice-68 Harrison, Sarahw68 Harrison, Steve-73 Hatten, lim-58, 68 . Hatten, Mary lo-18, 31, 48, 76, 77 Hawk, Harry-17 Hawkes, Bernadette-14, 32, 66 Haynes, Rocky-38, 68 Hazelton, David-26, 34, 83 Haze-lton, Ellen-38, 39, 77 Hazelton, Paula-28, 39, 68 Heller, laneA83 Foster, Steve-59, 68 Fountain, Ruth-83 Franklin, Debbie-68 French, Debbie-18, 21, 31, 38, 39, 46 77 Freshmen-6 6-70 Frey, 1. M.-15, 29 Froelich, Debby-24, 34, 35, 37, 72 G Gabrillo, Patsy-68 Garbi, Louis-72 Garrison, L. E.,-6 Garrison, Mark-20, 23, 25, 36, 62, 77 Garten, lanette-72 Garten, Robert-50, 59, 68 Garten, Terry-35, 37, 68 Gary, Randy-34, 35, 54, 58, 68 Gasswint, Cathy-34, 35, 37, 72 Gasswint, Marqarete-68 , Gay, Claude-77 V Gay, Deanne-34, 77 Gay, Linda-38, 68 Geerinq, Kelvin-34, 35, 58, 72 George, Gary-38, 62, 77 Gier, Carol-18, 72 Gier, Connie-68 Gier, Marcia-34, 77 Gil, Stevee20, 72 Gilmore, Lucinda-68 Girls' Glee Club-39 Glatt, Karl-35, 68 Glavin, lesse-72 Goodell, Myron-77 Goodell, Ruth-34, 68 Goodwin, Sharon-68 Graham, Cynthia-77 Gray, Richard-22, 50, 77 Griqq, Conniei77 Grimes, lames-312, 30, 81 Grubb, lack-6 Gruen, Donna-34, 35, 36, 37, 73 Guqler, Douglas-33, 43, 50, 53, 57, 83 Gualer, LaVerna-17 Guqler, Loren-33, 34, 50, 53, 56, 58, 71, 73 Gualer, WayneM6 Guilfoyle, Betsy-26, 27, 28, 83 H Haas, Elinor-10, 21, 71 Hafner, Darcella-38, 68 Hafner, larrel-73 Hagstrand, Duane-16 Haqstand, lohn-24, 34, 35, 37, 38, 73 Hake, Viki-38, 49, 68 Haley, Diana-24, 34, 35, 44, 73 Haley, Robert-11 Halsey, layce-68 Halsey, Patricia-28, 30, 36, 77 Hammond, Randy-50 73 92 Helm, Michael-54, 68 Henderson, Michael-30, 34, 35, 3 Henkle, Peggy-73 Hensel, Pau1i24, 38, 73 Hernandez, Felix-38, 77 Hernandez, Katherine-38, 77 Hernandez, Mike-38, 50, 58, 73 Hettenbach, Paul-20, 33, 50, 53, 58, 73 Hettenbach, Susan-68 Hicks, Gary-68 Hill, Barbara-24, 31, 38, 78 Hinkle, Peggy-73 Hite, Richard-22, 33, 50, 78 Hobson, Hocker, Robert-29, 78 lerry-20, 23, 25, 26, 78 Holeman, Robert-15, 60 Holloway, RichardA23, 29, 44, 83 Holmes, Darrelli73 Holmes, lack-78 Holmes, lanet--68 Holt, Gary-22, 24, 25, 83 Holscher, Christine-68 Homecoming-40.41 Hopkins, Rodney-38, 50, 58, 73 Horan, Danny-29, 54, 58, 68 Hostelt, Richard+73 Hottmari, Genevieve-7 Hottman, Mike-26, 34, 35, 37, 78 Houlton, Patricia-68 Houlton, Steven-38, 68 Howard, Charlesh68 Howard, Thelma-17 Huffman, Max-73 Humpert, Fred-'34, 35, 37, 73 7, 68 Humpert, Susan-20, 21, 34, 35, 37, 39, 78, 80 Huston, Kenny-26, 29, 78 Huston, Mark-30, 73 Huston, Patricia-30, 84 Huston, Philip-23, 33, 78 Huston, Rosemary-31, 76, 78 I Intramurals-59 lrwin, loyce-21, 22, 34, 35, 46, 78 Israel Vxfilliam-73 lssitt, Greqory-50, 73 lssitt, Stan-10, 23, 78 J lames, Nancy-38, 84 Ianiz, Lonnie-78 lanzen, Linda-38, 68 larvis, Fred-13, 76 larvis, Mary Kay-28, 34, 35, 39, 44, 68, 70 letfrey, Bob-22, 33, 50, 53, 84 lohnson, Kent-33, 84 ludah, Ioyce-18, 22, 78 Iuniors-76-80 Iunior Play-46 lu-ry, David-50, 58, 73 lury, Homer-17 K Kean, Karla-24, 25, 78 Keirn, Steve-38, 73 Kellison, Greg-18, 23, 33, 57, 62, 78 Kellison, lanice-18, 21, 84 Kelly, Tom-38, 73 Kercher, Marian-18, 21, 28, 31, 39, 78 Kerr, Greg-30, 73 Kimbley, Paulina-73 Koelinq, Mike-38, 68 Koepsel, Randall-34, 35, 36, 37, 78 Kohart, Margaret-73 Kohart, Theresa-18, 78 Kohman, Kenneth-34, 35, 38, 73 Kooken, lanet-34, 68 Kooken, Randy-23, 33, 34, 35, 37, 84 L Lady, Debbie-20, 38, 49, 68 Lambert, David-59, 78 Lambert, Renee-20, 22, 38, 39, 40, 41, 84 Lamendola, Bruce-73 Laudermilk, Ierry-16 Laws, Dick-29, 84 Lawson, Nancy-84 Leckron, Debbie-34, 68 Lederer, Katherine-34, 35, 38, 69 Lederer, Rick-33, 34, 35, 36, 50, 61, 84 Lee, Charles-69 Lee, Pat-73 Leonard, Butch-34, 35, 38, 51, 58, 73 Lessenden, Barbie-38, 69 Library Club-30 Lindblom Carol-8, 32, 84 Lindblom, Robert-38, 54, 69 Linder, ludy-24, 73 Linder, Kathy-14, 27, 28, 38, 84 Lombard, Susan-21, 31, 36, 81, 84 Lonqhofer, Robert-29, 38, 69 Louk, David-78 Lovseth, Larcinda-78 Lovseth, Lola-69 Lovseth, Theola-27, 28, 34, 35, 84 M Machulda, Barbara-73 Machulda, Carolyn-69 Machulda, Della-73 Madden, Coleen-69 Madden, Vicky-18, 26, 84 Mailen, Marcella-18, 25, 26, 27, 84 Mailen, Vicki-73 Markley, Doug-73 Markley, Rodney-73 Marshall, T. K.-6 Martin, Paula-38, 69 Martin, Stan-24, 25, 27, 33, 43, 83, 84 Martin, Terry-73 Matzkanin, Randy+86 Meade, Mike-84 Meehan, lack-38, 73 Melander, Stephanie-21, 31, 34, 38, 48, 78 Meredith, Dave-73 Meredith, Rick-29, 50, 53, 84 Meserve, Phil-33, 36, 50, 53, 57, 84 Miller, leanne-24, 25, 28, 34, 35, 38, 84 Miller, William-73 Minner, Linda-21, 22, 25, 27, 31, 36, 84 Minner, Margaret-9 Reese, Minter, Stan-23, 78 Mitchell, Bill--73 Mitchell, Melody-18, 28, 84 Moddrell, lames-22, 85 Moddrell, Nancy-34, 41, 69 Montgomery, Tony-38, 44, 73 Morando, lohn-13, 50, 52, 57 Morgan, Patricia-10 Morgenson, 'Pina-9, 20, 31, 36, 85 Morris, Michael-78 Morrison, Scott--18, 33, 38, 62, 73 Mcrse, Ann-31, 34, 35, 73 Morton, Ichn-69 Mulanax, Martha-38, 69 Murnahan, Paul-50, 78 Murphy, Mark-20, 33, 36, 41, 43, 50, 85 Murray, Debra-31, 74 Murray, Michael-29, 78 Mc McBoyle, Marilee-34, 35, 38, 39, 73 McCollough, Michael-73 McConkey, David-34, 35, 37, 44, 69 McConkey, Sharon-35, 37, 78 McCoy, Allen-73 McCoy, Raymond-73 McCune, Iudy-18, 21, 22, 31, 36, 46. 48, 78 McGinty, Iohn-26, 33, 50, 53, 84 McGrath, Hazel-24, 38, 73 McKee, Ann--20, 31, 48, 73 McKee, Kim-31, 34, 35, 49, 73 McKee, Phyllis-17 McMillan, David-78 McMillan, Steve-78 McVicker, Iohn-17 N Needham, Gary-18, 58, 78 Needham, Loyd-54, 69 Nelson, Norma-78 National Forensic League-25 Nipper, Leroy-17 Nipper, Paul-85 Noel, lean--17 Noel, Nancy-34, 35, 38, 39, 85 Noel, Rudy-34, 35, 74 Noel, Steve-17, 33, 78 Noland, Debra-74 Nold, Thomas-50, 74 Norton, Mark-22, 33, 36, 43, 56, 57, 62, 83, 85 O Oard, Benny-34, 78 Olsen, Darrel-85 Orender, William-33, 46, 50, 57, 58, 76, 78 Orwig, Beth-38, 74 Orwig, Billie-7 Orwig, Peter-18, 20, 33, 36, 41, 85 Overturf, Bruce-74 Owens, lim-20, 26, 33, 38, 43, 62, 85 P Page, David-30, 85 Page, Harlan-58, 59 Page, Lila-38, 44, 46, 78 Palmer, Nancy-38, 74 Parrick, Patricia-38, 69 Parsons, Mike-34, 85 Parsons, Susan-34, 74 Patton, Vicki-31, 34, 35, 44, 78 Pep Club-32 Peterson, ludy-14, 28, 76 Pickett, Stephanie-78 Pientka, Steve-59, 69 Pierce, Bennie-23, 30, 33, 50, 78 Pierce, Robert-24, 33, 34, 35, 37, 50 74 Pistora, Ioe-37, 54, 58, 69 Potter, Power, Fern-30, 74 She-rie-86 Power, Susan-86 Pritz, Randy-69 Puckett, Tom-20, 24, 33, 50, 57, 78 Pyke, Thomas-50, 74 Q Quill and Scroll-25 R Ramey, Nadine-8, 30 Rank, Rank, Ellen-18, 24, 25, 28, 30, 85 Elmer-17 Rector, Larry-34, 79 Rector, Sally-38, 69 Reed, Deborah-79 Reese, Eddie-69 Reese, Leonaf28, 79 Reese, Linda-34, 35, 74 Sonja-18, 85 Schweitzer, Bruce-70 Science Club-30 Seaman, Doyle-29, 50, 79 Sellers, Leaf-18, 31, 39, 79 Seniors-81-87 Sexton, Iarda-70 Sexton, luan- 18, 22, 34, 35, 85 Sexton, Nelda-74 Sexton, Theodore-54, 70 Sheaifer, Lonnie-18, 31, 34, 35, 79 Shepherd, Margie-74 Shepherd, Virginia-70 Sherraden, Sharmone-18, 26, 31, 36, 79 Shockey, Mark--22, 50, 58, 79 Shotl, CarolA38, 79 Shrader, Robert-34, 35, 85 Shrader, Sa11yY34, 35, 70 Shurson, Mary lane-18, 31, 49, 79 Signer, ludy-74 Simmons, David--85 Sims, Connie-28, 38, 46, 79 Sims, Danielv38, 5, 74 Sims, David-34, 35, 37, 70 Sims, lack-38, 54, 58, 70 Sims, Tom-26, 33, 36, 50, 53, 57, 85 Singer, Fred-24, 75 Singer, MaryY28, 39, 70 Sleichter, Diane-14, 22, 38, 46, 79 Sleichter, Stephen-22, 26, 34, 35, 79 Reilly, Stephen-54, 69 Reynolds, Randall-29, 74 Reynolds, Scotte-50, 79 Richadson, Ioy-74 Rider, Kenneth-85 Rider, Sharon-38, 69 Rider, Susan-38, 74 Rinkenbaugh, Karen-18, 21, 31, 34, 35 38, 79 Rittgers, Iackie-74 Roberts, James-50, 79 Roberts,, Kasey-38, 74 Robinson, Mark-34, 35, 37, 74 Robson, Robert-6 Rock, Kenneth M,-ll, 27 Rock, Marjorie-ll Rock, Vernie-33, 50, 52, 53, 57, 79 Rogers, Deanna-69 Rogers, Rose-79 Smith, Ronald-86 Smith, Tim-29, 86 Snyder, Tim-26, 30, 38, 79 Soelter, Eric-34, 35, 38, 39, 46, 62 79 Scelter, Mike-20, 54, 70 Sollenberger, Ccnnie--75 Sollenberger, ludy-70 Sophomores-71-75 Spidell, Charles--34, 70 Sprague, David-70 Sprinkle, Donna-13, 31, 32, 35, 44 Stacey, Doug-34, 35, 62, 75 ' Stacey, Linda-79 Stautfer, Ruthann-10, 21, 71 Steele, Steele, Fred-23, 33, 36, 50, 61, 86 Ioyce-75 Steinborn, Io Ann-70 Steinborn, Mary-80 Stephens, Terry-11, 76 Romine, Larry-18, 22, 33, 85 Romine, Ross'-54, 69 Rose, Greg-22, 30, 85 Rose, Maurey-62, 69 Rosell, Carolyn-34, 35, 74 Royer, Mike-69 Royer, Rick-33, 50, 53, 57, 58, 79 Rcyer, Vicki-34, 35, 74 Rugh, Karla-22, 38, 85 Runnalls, Roger-22, 26, 44, 85 Ryan, Deborahv69 Ryan, loan-28, 30, 85 Ryan, Marilyn-20, 74 Ryan, Michael-69 S Salyer, Ray-14, 50, 52, 75 Sanders, Donna-79 Sanders, Pam-38, 74 Sare, Ronnie470 Sare, Susan-70 Scanlan, lames-70 Scanlan, Lawrence-29, 79 Schad, Vtfayne--85 Schafer, Mark'-34, 35, 37, 50, 79 Schafer, Marla--34, 35, 37, 39, 79 Scheet z, Greg-23, 85 Schenberger, Robert-46, 79 Schmidt, Robert-74 Schnei der, Wanda-79 Schroeder, Mike-30, 34, 35, 37, 62, 74 Stewart, Chris-58, 59, 75 Stewart, Ronny-34, 35, 37, 58, 62, 71, 75 Stotfer, Lester-17 Stokes, Randy-24, 75 Stone, Ierry-59 Stoneberger, Doris-70 Stcneberger, Robert-38, 59, 70 Storer, lacguie-27, 43, 86 Storm, Pat-38, 39, 75 Stover, Leann-34, 35, 70 Stroda, Kevin!75 Student Council-20 Stromgren, Bus-8 Strowig, Pam-20, 31, 38, 41, 48, 86 Stuck, Mike--38, 86 Stueve, Susan-38, 75 Suenram, Carol-8, 18, 22, 31, 86 Suenram, Cathy-71, 75 Sullivan, Benny-80 Surface, Archie-17 Suskey, Eldon-80 Suskey, Pat-75 Sutton, loselyn-26, 28, 80 Sutton, ludy.-70 Swarts, David-75 Swarts, Michael-75 Switzer, Allen-33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 42, 43, 50, 68, 81, 86 Switzer, Greg-38, 58, 62, 70 Sword, Margaret-27, 31, 34, 41, 44, 81,86 93 V T Talberi, loe-22, 33, 34, 35, 37, 62, 86 Tate, Bob-e26, 27, 33, 38, 43, Taylor, lack-29, 33, 86 Taylor, Marla-28, 70 Taylor, Scott-38, 70 Taylor, Van-33, 50, 53, 86 Thacker, Barbara-38, 75 Thacker, Dennis-38, 86 '1'hornas, Twilla-75 Throne, Dennisv15, 33, 86 Tice, Char1esf12, 81 Timm, lanice-26, 86 Title-l, Reginald-35, 37, 75 Tolson, Marcella-75 Trapp, Dave-24, 33, 80 Tyler, Rocky- Van Fleet, Ierry+26, 44, 80 Veach, lill-34, 38, 75 Voelker, Jeanette-26, 27, 76 W 50, 53, 86 Wade, Barloara!7, 31, 38, 39, 86 Evelyn-24, 80 Wagner, Walker, David-23, 38, 50. Walker, Walker, Walker, 58, 80 Donna-27, 28, 86 Mi1dredf17 Sarah-26, 34, 35, 39, 80 Walker, Susan-18, 34, 35, 80 Walters, Dorothy-80 Vifardrop, Margaret-6, 7 Vlfaikins, lean-7, 18 Watkins, Norman-70 Vlfaison, Cindy-38, 80 Watt, Bill-23, 24, 29, 33, 44, 86 Webb, lce-58, 70 'Webb Tommy-23, 33, 50, 80 Wehling, Candacef44, 38, 75 Wehling, Tamara-18, 21, 31, 32 35, 37, 39, 86 Wenger, Alia- Wesely, Chris-70 Wesely, Greg-80 Weston, Iohn-86 Wheeler, Iames--29, 86 While, Bernie-50, 72. 75 White, Donna-26, 31, 80 While, LorenY30, 34, 35, 37, 75 Wiile, W'iiwe Wood, Vifood, Lennis-28, 38, 80 r, Katie-38, 39, 75 Doug-34, 35, 50, 75 Linciae-18, 87 Wood, Mike-23, 33, 56, 57 80 Wood, Susie-38, 66, 70 Wood, Vickie-34, 35, 70 Wrestling-60-61 Wuensch, David-87 Whiiehair, Ioleen420, 38, 70 Whiiehair Lynne-75 'Whiiehair Mary lane-30, 38, 75 Michael-13, 20, 33, 43, 50 Whitehair, 83, 86 Whiiehair, Suzanne-75 Whiiehair, Tom'-22, 87 Widler, Dee-33, 87 Wilson, Alice-38, 80 Wilson, Lawrence-6 Wilson, 87 Linda-18, 21, 22, 31, 39, 49 Wilson, Linda Kay-38, 87 Winn, David-34, 35, 37, 54, 70 Winieroih, Terry-'33, 50, 58, 75 Wylie, Lynda-18, 30, 38, 80 Wylie, Lynn-26, 87 Wylie, Marsha-70 Y Yeager, Rondam 70 Yearbook-27 Young, Barbara-80 Young, Harrison-87 Young, lames-87 Y-Teens-21 Z Zahn, Martin'-58, 62, 70 Zahn, Phoeloie-17 Zeller, Brad-80 Zenner, Michael-29, 87 Zenner, Vicki-28, 75 Zernickow, Kent-34, 35, 37, Zey, lohn-33, 50, 80 Zey, Robert-22, 50, 75 54, 58, 70 Zinke, George-34, 35,, 36, 37, 83, 87 Zutavern, Ann--28, 34, 70 Ten months of contemplating, planning, writing, and organizing have finally brought about a long-awaited reality-the '68 Cowboy! However, without the coope- ration of many persons this yearbook could not have been published. My deep appreciation to Mr. Charles Lang, Mr. Frank Wright, Mr. John Sayler of American Yearbook Company for their qualified guidanceg Mr. Wayne Phil- lips, Mr. Kelly Wright, and Mr. Bill Jeffcoat for their photography work, Mr. C. E. Chapman and other em- ployees of Shadinger-Wilson Printing Company who set the type for this book, Mr. Kenneth Rock, advisor, for his advice and aid, and the fourteen staff members who have donated their time to record the highlights of the past school year. 94 Lynette Engle, Editor , 62, 76, Our day is over, But the light is brighter And the path is more clear From the door that is the last And the first. I if AUTOGRAPHS Qwvvk X Mwggymmmm, wwwmwmmwdbw My Wi ki 70 A QL WW ,sw Q Q1 55 S W K M few? QQQNSX 5 M5525 V Q.w wfQMQ 4'K-Nwv Qin- :ic-Sf.rjve0. X51-ggi QVQXT? can Quvx-NNMS summ-qv . QJQ5-Xfx,O,Sh95 +R! V-wnri -No Qamt, V 5, Ohana SQf..ixk'K'.t.x! 05611 QW Q W , MQW 4 , .M .l --v'l:mL ,. L,.. Q 4 Li I. Wag." Gs, D A , . ' .1 . .f, ,pw -af X Vs 1 , ,V ag., '. Ag f. 1.-, 5 7.4 X mb LV x lx X X y, 1 vi W al kk LXL LL L lb I ,VI QL x 4 X L 'X X N V W M My QW W X? , f V rn f ,Nikki NL Z, fi'1M fcvfy! QX 13" 1' ,NSGNQJ ytxlfk' ,, A j" Q OVVHGX' YLSJCUNCKJ 07 W Whorf Owl? N , my KN ,X MW I QUQXQQL 6ODCXQC.E4xJxe,Ni WWC' QQ , Q? ,-,...K A?-V Q00 Niki l .- 7 XC 74 Lf..,"'i'2, QAV,f,gwC7, V7 A A 4 1 A W i l Y w 1 1 1 f i 1 n 1 w w f n i 'f ff , fzalsrtmmwis.-nw' L W:earna.we1deuwaw-m,mm:wsvs1v.vam-'eff-.mvw1w. uw-w.Aw'flf::f1zm:swxM :Lava-w my fuufr-2,wmeMvh1'm'f1f"fw.fw H ww'-' YH Jyswm Wvvjenmcvlfmlw WL , www-f1w,::-vw:-.1 1- 2--ww.fmf1,A:4. .x-.fm1Mw.w1W. v-.-Q.-waz w--wnuaw c , 'F i , . 1 "Good qrief, l hope this ihing storys on!" Graduates pause ond converse While crwgiiing their cue, "Pomp ond Cir- cumstgncef' tiff 4, tm J fi T ,,Vf , Prized ccrps cmd gowns gre given their finishing touches by scxluidtorion, Lindo Minner, cmd vcxledic- ioricrn, Linda Wilson. Class of 1968 Receive Diplomas and Challenges The largest graduating class in the his- tory of Abilene High School, 134 members, walked across the gymnasium stage to re- ceive their diplomas Wednesday evening, May 22, 1968. Speakers for the two commencement services were Rev. John M. Kellison, a pastor from Wichita, and Richard F. Hrdlicka, a Newton attorney. During his graduation address, Mr. Hrdlicka told of his escape from Communist Czechoslovakia in 1948 and how he attained full citizenship after attending law school in Kansas. The attentive graduates listened as he told in a most unique way his experiences while showing his mother the American way of life, pointing out the numerous items that we take for granted. Following the ceremony, a reception was held at the Abilene Country Club for seniors and their families. "The Reasons Why" provided music for dancing. Hours of rehecrrsel are reflected by the accompaniment to the songs and changes of scenes by the thirty-three piece orches- tra. Popular Musical Closes Yearis Stage Productions "My Fair Lady,' an adaptation from George Bernard Shawls "Pygmalion,"' was presented with beauty and finesse by the music, drama, and art departments of AHS. Mr. Gerald Laudermilk, Mr. Robert Haley, and Mr. Duane Hagstrand directed this popular musical which enjoyed the longest run ever presented on Broadway. The ac- tion takes place in an atmosphere ranging from the cockney garb of a London street scene to the majesty of an Embassy Ball. Henry Higgins proposes a complete trans- formation of Eliza Doolittle from rags to his own "high society" way of life. After days of tyrannical drilling he feels that her speech is such that she will not betray her cockney background at the most im- portant social event of the year. When she succeeds, he takes all the credit for himself. Eliza, furious that she did not get the praise she deserved, leaves him to revel in his own glory. Only after she has gone does he realize that she is more to him than merely an experimental subject. Upon her return, all is forgiven and they face a life of hap- piness together. Typical of many scenes, Alfred P. Doolittle and his buddies are kicked out of their favor- ite tavern, "The Pub", and are in need of "A Little Bit of Luck." i. i Mrs. Eynsford Hill Freddy Eynsford Hill Henry Higgins ,,,,, Selsey Man ,,,,,,,, Hoxton Man ., First Cockney ,,,,,,,,,, Bartender ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. Harry ,,,, .,...,. ...,,,,, Iamie ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,, , Portraying the out-spoken Mrs. Pearce ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Henry Higgins and the Mrs. Hopkins rrrrrr Butler .,,,..,.,,,,.,.,. Eliza Doolittle ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,, Colonel Pickering .,,,,,,,, A Bystander ,,v,,,,, ,.,,, Another Bystander Second Cockney Alfred P. Doolittle ...i, Upon his well-meaning visit, Freddy Hill, tDan Eversl, is bewildered by Eliza's response in the number, "Show Me.' CAST OF CHARACTERS Ieanne Miller ,,,,,,,, Sue Book Dan Evers Iohn Crandall Eric Soelter Allen Switzer Rod Hopkins Butch Leonard Paul Hensel Steve Keim Dan Sims Tom Sims Phil Meserve Fred Steele Blachley Ruth Ann Hanernan Renee Lambert Scott Morrison cockney flower girl, EUZC1 Servants igifggnffnlfgicunudjg . , P t H 1 Doolittle, are Allen Switzer Susuz 352332 Mrs. Higgins , .,,,,....... Lynn Engle Clfld S1-19 B0Ok- Chauffeur ...,,, ,..,,.. 1 ,,,,, D avid Walker Footman ,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,, ,.,,,,, T ony Montgomery Lord Boxington ,,,,,,, ,......,,,,.... I ohn Berger Lady Boxington ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, B arbara Hill Flower Girl ,,.,,,,,,,,,.. ,,,,,,,, S harmon Sherraden Zoltan Karpathy ....... ,,,,,,,,,.,,, M ark Garrison Mrs. Higgins' Maid .,,,.., ...,,. S usie Engelhardt While awaiting the beginning of the horse- race, London's elite do a stately dance to the tune of "Ascot Gavottef' Iuniors and seniors put their soul into the music oi "Friar Tuck ond the Monks" until midnight. 4 Setting one out, two teachers ond their wives enjoy the "Up, Up cmd Away" evening. .5 1 4 1 Upperclassmen Swing In Annual Spring Fling The social fling of the year, junior-senior prom and banquet, was celebrated on a clear spring evening amid a setting depict- ing t'Up, Up, and Away." A color scheme of blue and green was featured. Clusters of balloons served as cen- terpieces for the tables of four and the east and west walls were covered with alternat- ing stripes of two shades of each color. A- bove them were three six-foot replicas of balloon.s with baskets. At the south end of the gym a tent-shaped canope formed a ceiling under which the guests danced to the music of t'Friar Tuck and the Monks." Following the me.al of roast beef, Mrs. lohn Zimmerman, a folk singer from Salina, presented a short program which also included the number, "Up, Up, and Away" by the vocal ensemble. ,L , 3 S so tm ,Q . g y. c x L .' l we Q . f- y, green lf x , g i p t p , yp,, 3 -,Q ' ff 1 W ' ' VQI. 1: gyigy' 1 ' , it SE - , K - - 1' ,:',,. : 5:,, - 1 551 ' Jj . -s Sie : A 2 , tt- I , B 2, E: -Qt. vi, a M . M I - I My TENNIS SQUAD-Top Row: Bob Clemence, Craig Atkinson, Mike Schroder, Allen Switzer, David Eisenhauer. Front Row: Greg Bose, Tony Montgomery, Bill Watt, Mark Robinson, lim Davis, Iohn Hag- strand. Spring Sports Thrive In , MM State Competition S M,,, ,Z Led by two senior lettermen, the tennis squad represented AHS in dual and tri- li S is S angular meet.s with Concordia, Wamego, Lindsborg, and Marquette, and the regional meet at Emporia in May. Another NCKL championship, the second straight for AHS, was earned by the 1968 golf squad, along with first-place finishes at St. Johns-Sacred Heart and at the Abi- lene Invitational. Abilene hosted 11 other teams in the re- - gional in May, at which time the Cowboys shot their way to the State tourney by cap- turing second place. Returning lettermen, Allen Switzer and lim , . . . Senior captain Stan Martin Davis, practice serving before the Concordia knocks one in at the Country dual here. Club GOLF SQUAD-Top Row: Stan Issit, Larry Romine, Fred Singer, Doug Gug- ler, Mike Beckham, qlim Hatten, Greg Issitt, Bob Pierce, Tom Pyke, Coach Harold Edberg, Second Row: Greg Wesley, David Dunkel, Steve Gil, Stan Minter, Mark Garrison, Dwight Edberg, David Trapp, David Lambert. Front Row: Scott Morrison, Dennis Throne, Kent lohnson, Phil Meserve, Stan Mar- tin, Robert Blachly, Dee Widler. M snwwgfgfr- M . EwW"w,aamrssaawwMaai+mmr::m'Nmmem.. TRACK SQUAD-Top Row: Randy Kooken, Pete Orwiq, Tom Adams, Mark Norton, Bob Tate, Gary Burkholder, Steve Atkinson, lohn McGinty, Lease Duckwall. ,Second Row: Coach Bay Salyer, Terry Winteroth, Mike Wood, Myron Goodell, Benny Pierce, Iohn Zey, Mark Schafer, Van Taylor, Loren Gugler, Coach Paul Dennis. Front Row: David lury, Paul Else, Mike Flora, Benny Oard, David Walker. Uutstanding Season Closes With Sharp Showing at State A fourth-place finish in the State track meet marked the end of one of the best seasons ever for the Abilene track squad. Four school records were broken during the season by ,the Cowboy thinclads and junior member, Bennie Pierce, placed first in the broad jump at the State meet in May. Record-breaking Benny Pierce leaps to master the top-place finish in the State meet. Highlighting this year's season was the first-place finish in the Abilene Relays, sec- ond in the NCKL meet, second in the Re- gional meet, and fourth in the State meet. The tracksters also placed second at the Clay Center Invitational. Mile relay team members, Benny Pierce, Bob Tate, Pete Orwiq, and Tom Adams, relax be- fore heading for the State meet. W 1 l,J' i X it i"" With a mighty heave, Terry Winteroth turns in a winning performance. Senior relay team members, Renee Lambert, Sharon Fischer, Lynette Pick, and Kathy Foltz, 1 Clearing the bar easily, Iohn Zey shows Winning form for future meets. Warm up for the Abilene Relays. The girls placed first in four meets across the state.

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