Abilene High School - Orange and Brown Yearbook (Abilene, KS)

 - Class of 1950

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Abilene High School - Orange and Brown Yearbook (Abilene, KS) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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'Q wi .V f. y I Q 15 P. 'e 0 I I V af i ' I P ! ri H I g. " AWE xx I I 5 L I ,i 2 J -A W, faqs 1 fi . W. . P M ., X W I 0 'I' ,fQ' In x f 'Q' K 0 v ,A .YF K- ffdvl ' Q21 24, ri 1 I 4-Y. . ,iff-I,2,: 2-,.f , f., ' r - '5-Li '32, ,M , . . ,. . 'Gigs pg- 1 U. is ,. N -- . .1 ,.. , r fyximgh , , f'-Riffs?" S ,S , - 455. -1 ' X 2g . . V ,, -N we 4' un ,V , . ,MJ 1-A F 5 1 x . H' Y 5 ' 1 ' wi! 'V hir' g , Ni? V: is F M "" -4 'Ke' . s ,. i Q 1 1 kgs, , . . . 'QQ . 1 5 tk ,sf-7 ' f , Qzksgg, ', 1 -f A K 1 A x w :xr 1 .. w - ll x 1. K Q2 if a 1" - 2 S S a l 5 5 . A Q 3 Q i w X ,, -"'f Www ,- ' if Q, .- f M X' 1XXX:x1 Mi- Q - XX ' all sggm x if 3,E9iX3yQf .,M ...,,-k X4 XXXL XQXXX Ng-TL, .XX 4. . x , :X t X K X- VNQEQX 1 ew X - XX X1 XXQXX - X K . X- . X X. XXX. :KN gy QW Be X ' the XX 1. X- 1 X X psf igxk X Y X Sf Ye X Year X X ls X at Xx Xf' X X KX X Xg Th . X rs K ,, ,X GX X .X e B -X Of X XC, XX X Q X XX XX 6 X X eg Ou 1 -X las' X X XX XX X ig X, X 5 n Pai wie 1 T Li S Cf X XX X X X . XD, X as X 'X Xa X1 X i 1 , X X XA ' S-nX 'ct-:X x X XXa,XXX XX X 5 1 1 X X hx Y X . XX-X X X d Q- X X X x X X X X ng x X N5 XX XXXX 5 X . K X X e X . , X X yy -X e . K e' X e K , QXX XQ eww. X X X -X XX X E X X V fn. X X n X X-XX .WX X X In X X I e . X t A X Wm- ,X X K it O n X X O XX XX M ,XFN AXP-E XXX , 1.11.--LX: X Xoj X XPTX L X X X g XX XT, X- X X xX X hw X X Xe X 11-ls R fhe- sriiz X XFBIQX. X Deaf X ligi X X asf X uf .X X Xen 'XX1'XgXXXXXXXuX1fiXXX st X - X is X s XX X X cr X 'Cha eszyl. . Xx X .X Ch X . he 1: ,r X , WX x X A xg, XX X XX 336: X X X ag. 55 ar X X X B XX XX X X as X du 'X X iff X XS X X Sch ar lilflk . L 1 Xafy ll X.0Xy,,Q 1 xy A5 X . vQ1XX-ff XX' the 001-X X X Q g Filled- z age? X0n w XXX X esggt X Joe yeafg L2gEX.ggXX X k fx ,X xx-Jxp. x X XS k X X X r X- sf XXXXXXXQ1-d. XX XS S X X X Xrfe X XX and e X X fob ' Xhfsf lrai 5 une X XX X du X X In 5 X X ec' 11 XX fag s X2 er X f fvisx X X 2 c ls df, . Lx , X X V HS X i X XX e 911 XXQ X xvag j Qy. X X X gag X 1 -Sf: ' X X X X XXXXXbXoXX ' f rid oc, X X X X ral X x ea X fr- X XXGXX X X 2006 5 Xllgi X ' X Bti XX X X X1-in X XX X X X X XX S Xi X XX X I X A x xXXX X X XX I 0 X -IM X L. X ' XX SWS X X lx XX X h X XPQ L Q Xiu X' L nf 'X ge gi X X ,Xgx X XX Q-Q- rfX X -Xftv X X. XX XX X5 X X .11 Xx W .N xkXV X X 1 M KX XX X lan' JAX X f X Ex ' PX a.cX X iX.,XCX X X2 I f x .x X .S In 3 Qng X' X. L WX X X X XXXX .X XXXX -X X ou :XXX XX ,X Fgus N XXX XXYYNBQ X g X XX , 4 X5 XX X X X X T 2 X- X', X I XX ij?XlL 1X 5 QX L QL :X XX j X 'X ggi N X. XX S. X xpro Q XX XL int X5 .3-'Lf XX X X X 1cX .X ef 'X X hi? X :QQ-X:XX ff 1- X XiX XX XX L iXX X X XX X X ,X X 1 XX X XXXX XXX' 1 X X X XX BX .X X CX- ,XX XXKX X XW Xx LX XX X X ,XX , X X X- X Figs X. g X ag XX X X XKXX XX .K V .X, Xx X XX :X X HQX Q- X4 . iwe X X X X A XXXX if Ae A L, LX. K A X X X X XnaX X X X S - XS- X X,-f.X+ j X XX X X X XX XX gx X XX X XQXXX IX XXXKXX K. 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X V , X ' X-.ef . 2 X X XX .Xb X b ,- X 1 ,1 qi XX XL :X X QLXL ' XX X "XX XQXXTXSLXX XX XX X. ' XXXX X. 'X I X ,XX 5 Xzi ..hX L MX 'X'X X XX , X 'XX XX x X Xg.'g i 'Fi fig XX. XS Xffi-QX X ,X X 15 S p X 'X XX X X XX.. , X, WQAXQQ1 XA l .. 5, ,, X . X XX5,XgXg.wXf. ,wi Xf X. r, XXA X XXXQXXXXXXWQSQXSX. X X X "X, +1 X W K QX ,. X ' X1 X'+ 5 A -XXX l0"0C!UCer5 MISS MAR G BROWN, STUDIO NARET WARDROPT MRS. Don' ACCOUNTS AND REFS-WOMENH' ARE RESPONSini?EPSEL AND MRS' DORIS COR FO THEIR UNTIRING CHEE2?JLSND THE SMOOTH RUNNIZGKEEPINO ACCURATE ULTY AND ESS AN OF ALL STUDENT D wILLlNGNE SCENES. STUD,O. S, HAVE MADE THEM INDIES TQ SERVE ROTH FAC PENSA ' MARGARET WARDROP BLE AROUND THE TO SUPERINTENDENT w ANT' . C. ROBINSON A M oar ucafwn q .4- .341 BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: C. E. WILSON, JOHN H. LEHMAN, R. B. gg. LAKNG, SECRETARY. FRONT RON, LEFT TO RIGHT: ERNEST L. MORSE, ' HOWARD VJ. KEEL, PRESIDENT, C. L. BRAINARO, D- W- GUG'-ER, TREA5' VE TO ' JUST A5 THE PRODUCERS OF A MOVI PRODUCE A CLASS-A PIcTuRE, THE SEVEN MEMBERS OF THE BOARD X OF EDUCATION, ALSO, STRIVE WITH UNTIRING ZEAL T0 DEVELOP FOR THE LOCAL COMMUNITY A MODERN AND EFFICIENT SCHOOL SYS- QM TEM. THESE CIVIC-MINDEO PEOPLE OF ABILENE ARE WILLING TO ig TAKE HOURS OF TIME FROM THEIR PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITIES, xii MEETING ONCE A MONTH T0 FORMULATE THE POLICIES OF THE ' SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION, TO CARRY OUT THEIR DU' TIES OF HIRING EMPLOYEES, TO PROVIDE NEEES- SARY EQUIPMENT AND TO MAKE IMPROVEMENTS IN THE BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS. Q URER. E CONST ANTLY STR! MRS. DOPCLS BROWN Secretary to Principal E, ff"", L Fiedler wi f xy XY' ,xkgQ':-N ' 'U--.J , CLERK OF TH E BOARD OF EDUCATIQN AND T ND RS 2 SECRETARY DORIS KOEP5gL, ASS'S1- .1 :kia ,, V 'X V555 K. i :cgi E213 gf KQV' x Qs . S aux 5 V ..Mq-.g- .X f. -ummm S VN Qutxggggnuxlgithese doore on then- way to N mn u N x 4 s S W 5 KE is wmfffwvwrf-wwkwf-ss.-1,. .... .- .U ,WMM XXX. , M. -XM--ww mwfwxew-sum' - iafwxfwxww1f4sw m,m4w1f'1w W ,f wwwwswmxfmxfexfmw wzaasuwsu-ww wa' Q- .,,,uwm1mwNrsemv..1:wwmfsmvW.--A AX-Awwww sm Mr. W. C. Robin- son, as Chief Direc- tor of our movie held the position of super- vising all details of production. His shooting schedule, during the production of "The Best Years of Our Lives" was filled with school visitations, meeting with the school board, employing staff personnel, speaking before civic groups and administering Abilene's extensive school building program. "School buildings are very impor- tant, but only as they facilitate the education of boys and girls, " says our director. He feels the finishing of McKinl'ey grade school and the prepa- ration for the building of a new high school are his two most important responsibilites. After strenuous hours on the set, Mr. Robinson finds relaxation in hunting, gardening and golfing as well as in participating in many organiza- tional activities. . 6 ,- -- .a,, af irecforri ADMINISTRATION "To improve curriculum and to produce the best possible training for all students in any field of work" is the slogan of our aggressive director, E. L. Fiedler, who, as director of the l949-50 production of "The Best Years of Our Lives," is responsible for the making of the picture itself. With the help ofhis assistants, the faculty, he directs the careers of the students and is on the set to supervise all shootings of the movie. A teacher by profession and a farmer by avo- cation, Mr. Fiedler finds a similarity betweenlvlother Nature's forming of the roots of the great oak and teach- ers' building of the minds of the stu- dents. During the last three years he has served as principal of the high school and has supported and directed many improvements for the school. N f .... , Rx w. -J X - W Q 5 i f .7 a X E Xi x X 'N N Qbb- x X gg XY A 5:13-x.. .X F ..f, - -fi,- G3 X X L P iff K :Fisk .X M S xx 759 F Wm Q . XX f - N m --5 si acugg .fd5Ai5farI,f lirecford . CHARL M MATHEMATIC5 B. was ENQRGARET S AND ATHLsr DOLORES TIEFEL 'SH AWD ILMUELSON 'CS ENGLISH R AMATI Cs Mas. .JALJNDA SINGLETON PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND SOCIAL SCIENCE ALVIN W. SCHMUTZ VOCAL MUSIC KENNE ALICE E. SINCLAIR SPEECHTENM' ROCK oAvIo L. SHIRK H AND JOURNALISM o ENGLISH PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND ENGLIS ATHLETICS RUSSEL E W INsrRUMENQAL0sE1Qf'C WINNIE T. scoTT NEW COMMERCE so E, W CW SE'SG,g,?S PAUL TURNER C'ENcE El? SCIENCE AND ATHLETICS 8 , OUR TREASURE CHEST OF MEMORIES A.H.5. TRDPHY CASE. SIGNS OF THE TIMES LEFT T0 RIGHT: CONNIE ENGLE, PATTY LEONARD, BEVERLY SPRINGER. V' IC? H1009 77 ou uenim HCAMPUS KINGSH HOLD couRT LEFT T0 RIGHT: JACK BOWERS, ED KRENGER, Boa VIOLA, DEAN Reason, Boa WATSON - Joe CANDIDATES. FIRST EDITION - A.H.5. BOOSTER LEFT T0 RIGHT: JARDA wlssluc, JOAN GARTEN. if 1:9 FROSH TOUR THE SET LEFT TO RIGHT: SUSAN REID, MARY JANE CDNKLIN, CECILIA HuTToN. Mi' env' NY NE- Nw Gosai -evict C0 9,019 A O Managef ELLA I PE Business 1608 ' FP-ED GLADYS HENRY Associate Editor E . sponsor ONNlE CR . BAssociate Edltor ou GH BURCHAM c,AP-1-W te Editor AsS0C1a BU RN VELRUEC wmiaitof Ass0C1ate 10 Room 212, as the 1950 Orange and Brown came into focus became a projection room for sneak previews of the 'Best Years of Our Lives," as the 'Littlest class with the biggest job" started the cameras clicking. Members of AHS' first class in yearbook production, Self Styled Press Agents, led by Co- editors Ella Jo McMahon and Marlene Myers with Fred Thorpe as Business Manager and Associate Editors Gladys Henry, Carlyn Burcham, Bonnie Crough, and Velrie Wal- burn under the supervi- sion of Miss Alice Sin- clair, labored many hours to produce a yearbook which would record the top events of the school year. r... 34 A ifene Cowgoy OE ABILENE HlGH'S SECOND Cowaov JOE SPONSORED BY THE YEARBOOK STAFF AGAIN REPREsENTs TOP BILLING IN SCHOOL POPULARITY AT AHS. CAMPAIGN MANAGERS, PosTERs AT scHooL AND UPTOWN, AND A SPECIAL ASSEMBLY FDR CANDIDATES' ELECTION EvE sPEEcHEs AND THE FINAL TELE- GRAM or CONGRATULATIONS DELIVERED TO Bos nFuzzn WAT- SON BROUGHT THE ELECTION or JDE T0 A GRAND EINALE. THE SINGING Cowaovs OPENED THE ASSEMBLY av sING- ING JOE'S THEME SONG HABILENE Cowaov JOEH FOLLOWED ev A READING GIVEN BY MARY VIRGINIA JOHNSON. NGUN TOTIN'n MASTER or CEREMONIES, FRED THDRPE MADE HIS- TORY WITH A WELL AIMED SHOT AT WOULD BE ACTRE55, VEL- RIE HALBURN BEFORE THE SPECIAL DELIVERY TELEGRAM DELIVERED av usovn GLADYS HENRY, SUMMONED Boa TO THE RovAL THRoNE WHERE HE VAS DULY PRESENTED THE SCHOOL COLORS AND A urwo IN oNE KISSH BY Co-ED's, MARLENE MYERS AND ELLA Jo MCMAHON. NDT T0 BE OUTDONE, JOHN Cosa, Bos's CAMPAIGN MANAGER EXPRESSED HIS HAPPINESS OVER THE OUTCOME av A HEARTY PAT ON THE BACK, WHICH EXPRESSED THE rEELINGs or HIS FELLOW STUDENTS, wHo ENTHUSIASTICALLY ACCLAIMED Boa AS THEIR REPRESENTATIVE FOR AHS . 1 1 .24 Peat yeegflgv eniord IVAN ANDERSON LYLE AYRE ANITA ARGANBRIGHT PAUL ALEXANDER ALFRED BARLOW EVELYN BROWN JACK BOWERS JOHN BIEGERT JIM BIRDWELL LENA BECKER ROSS JOHNSON, Vice-President I M, xx x X wk X X . , C- . 2 if I . X - - X .- ax - N X C Pres1dent I K GENE BRAX HAROLD BRISCOE JACK MOHLER, Secretary ARLEN BASKERVILLE CARLYN BURCHAM HAZEL CLEMENCE IRIS CARLSON HUGH CAIRNS JOHN COBB JULE CLEMENCE ISAAC COLE n R - .A Pea! 32260 7, eniora DELMER CURRAN BONNIE CROUGH GORDON COX MARILYN COWAN JOAN ENGLE GEORGE EASTER LOIS ESPENSHADE BETTY LOU FARR ? ' , 1. ' X X. S: RE. .Avi X XXX X XS N REX N XX X X XX X X 2 N RR I X X X X ES X X 'W W x I A N NSR X X R X Q XX N N JIM FOSTER 0 ' DEAN GILLILAND E ALVIN GARTEN I 1 J POLLY GODFREY . . MARY ANN GIBBS N DON GARY X I .xg 1 Nw X R X I X Xfxs qc X SIS Q W 'R N X -X -X A-NX .. . 4. Xl. X1 N .X PHIL GILLILAND MARGARET GIL PHYLLIS HOULTON IVAN HUSTON fe WILLA MAE HAYNES LELAND HARTMAN GLADYS HENRY ROSALIE HUFFMAN Um ,4 eefing C QIILOPJ DELORES IHDE MARLENE KUNTZ GLADYS KOEPSEL ED KRENGER BETTY KIPPENBERGER BONNIE KOOKEN NORMAN KAPPEL EVELYN LADY CLARINE MING BEVERLY MC NULTY ELLA JO MC MAHON 5455-"I"'l5 ' Gill' LJVEJ 'lm 15:11 Xsrf 'S' MARJORIE MONROE MARLENE MYERS JIM MONTGOMERY MARILYN MOURER .ms SQ K 4 N N X Q X 5 SX X IN af 5 N I X X W QS X I K R X X I is i X N X X we Qs Rx I mx 14 1 -Q igii x? X W ,I x XX X X X XB RICHARD MOORE .TOANNE NEHER PHYLLIS NAGELY BERNETA OWEN ROXANNE SCHNELL DEAN ROBSON BILL SCRIVEN .X4 l'Q6lf 3025719 eniom JOHN SEXTON ARDELLA STROLE BRUCE SEXTON BEVERLY SPRINGER 77 MERVIN SEXTON GENE SHULER LOIS SNYDER JEAN ANN SCUPIN 5 c K1 P T Ross ELLA STRUNK "fm ESI yfffg . JOYCE STARK as M, I-:vu KENT STUART I SC Lui. 6 I1 7 z X ,V DEAN TINKLER SHIRLEY SMITH TOM THACKER Q ZW N ' - 1.53 -X, gs s f - :si-XXTXS T I X f R K ETQ isx X X Q- If Q sk va. wx x X X' XXSS I x wigs X M. . its T. XI, X I 4- SNSSQ -xx YRS' 'f , Q gwxxd, X -O n 933 X K' FRED THORPE GRETA VAN BUSKIRK BOB VIOLA MARVIN WEISHAAR VELRIE WALBURN LOIS WILSON MAXINE WHITE PAUL WHITEHAIR ,mm .,.,, ..v-.Lf,-QA.: 3' x I 619 6 I an,l ,9?,, all reani N GERBOTH, L. CAMPBELL, BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: J. HOFFMAN, H. EGGLESTON, . J. DAHLSTROM, D. GLATT, E. CHAPMAN, H. FULLER, W. GRAvEs. FOURTH ROVl:yG,,, CALLAI-IAN, D. HOFFMAN, B. GIsI-I, S. Hoon, W. GREENWOOD, P. ALEXANDER, J. FOUST, E. G. DAvIs, J. ALSTROM. THIRD ROW: N. BUIE, R. BIEsEcIcER, L. BuIE, J. DExTER, J. GABHART, 5. CONIALIN, D. CRusE, D. HART, D.HOFFMAN, D. KIE- FERLE, P. EYE. SECOND ROW: IZQQQEL, M. COLE, M. V. Jonsson, I.. HAMPTON, R. KOLLING, W. KI-IoLL, W. BEE1'cH, R. A. DAHNKE, E. HOULTON, E. KOLLING, FIRST ROW: B. CONNOR, V. DAVIS, R. DIIDDY, P. CHASE, P. CLARK, L. HAWK, 4 RIGHT, R. CoI-IAN, G. ANc.uIANo, I-3:51. ll.l'll.0l'1f B. CHERRY, E. ARGANB BACK RCM, LEFT TO RIGHT! L. LEcRRoN, L. Lu, ... - Rucu, D. ZEIGLER, R. MADAUS, K. MARTSOLF, J. VISSING- FOURTH Ruw. R. .- K. UATKINS, A. Youna, D. MINTER, J. SELLERS, E. SMITH, B. MCCORMIC, R. MITCHELL, J. PARKS. THIRD ROW: D. PHILLIPS, L. Wooosou, D. TAYLOR, P. MARKLEY, J. MILI-IAM, P. WHITEHAIR, G. SEATON, N. MERRYFIELD, P. SIIIvERs. ' SECOND ROW: D. SANFORD, N. SIDNER, M. K. STAPI-I, D. WILSON, J. MORRIS, D. ,Il S LoRc.sII-IE, M. Lmo, B. MONOSMITH, A. M. OI.sEI4. FIRST ROW: S. RANRIN, J. I 4 UHITEHAIR, J. A. TRONE, J. McDANIEL, A. YocI.IM, F. RICE, B. WILSON. ' 'Ll K ,1 X - ,. 3 'la ' I I '- I I II In E.. I G j '. A EEEE A. ..- In 7 77 qflogoclg J nowa ylte gfmtbfe U2 een BACK ROW, LEFT T0 RTGHT: R. GASSWTNT, A. ALLEN, D. CRONKTTE, L. ATKINSON, M. CURRAN, K. JONES, F- HOLMES, C. CRANE, S. JORDAN, D. HARDISTY. FIFTH ROW: E. HOWARO, G. HOULTON, V. BROWN, D. HUFFMAN, l. BASRERVTLLE, R. HOFFMAN, F. EASTER, B. CAMERON, D. HELM. FOURTH ROW:lQ,,h5igNi, M. HENDERSON, J. COMER, D. COOLEY, C. BTENZ, J. J1RnK, S. FARR, K. ALSTROM, L. DONGEY, T. JOHNSON, THKRD ROW1 L- BRPGG- E- BROWN, C- GLATT, J. GARTEN, K. GILLILAND, T. CASKEY, A. HORAN, N. COL- LlNs, B. HERN. SECOND ROW: V. GART, D. BRATNARO, J. BLYE, J. CALLARAN. FIRST ROW: M. GTL, M. G HAYNES C. ENGLE, J. AYERS, K. FISHER, S. FARR, J: HEuENs. CURRAN, S. HOGAN, . , BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: D. WILSON, M. MYERS, D. STSRTZ, B. MEADE, G. WEBB, J- TRONE, W. ROOF, B. WOOO, D. SCHMUTZ,.L,,MQQQh FOURTH ROW: J. STMMONS, B. SEH- NETOER, H. WOOOFORO, B. THOMAS, D. Rucu, D. RlOER, F. STRUNK, P. MEYER, J. SEX- TON, O. Rapp, L. REES. THXRD ROW: B. TODOR, R. TOWNSEND. D. WHITEHATR. J- SELBY, D. STEWART, D. WHITE, C. J. STAFF, E. KNAPP, D. KLEKN, B. NEWLOVE, SECOND ROW: F. NEYER, L. KOEPSEL, 5. SANOERS, M. MCCOY, F. MURRAY, D. SCHMWTZ, D. LINDGREN, M. KREUNEN, E. PICKING, D. SCHILLER, J. SANPSON. FIRST ROW: D. KOLLKNG, D. MARTKN, M. SEXTON, P. LOWRY, E, VINSON, D. WAONER, W. KNAUSS, L. REES, P. WISE, E.ScROe- GINS, P. WILSON. D R A 17 'T ny, f- ,lL ww 31...,a.ff. wi... 51... 6... T lil a 5SPU A ' N- ,-. ,?? fi!! ,35E? iii! L.. . 6, A l T J g. 'gui' , Qv '-Q 'Ja ln - 25 BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT! D. ADELSON, J. BELL, H. HowLANo, S. BowYER, T. HousER, J. HILL, M. HENDERSON, G. GOODELL. FOURTH ROW: D. CHASE, C. Hoon, M. J. CONKLIN, C. S. FTEDLER, C. HUTTON, M. A. BnAx, S. BETHE, B. DAwsoN, A. COLE. THIRD ROW: G. HARRTS, L. CRAMER, E. ENGLE, T. BARLOW, M. BQLLIGER, D. Els, L. Exs, D. GILLILAND, w. GREENVOOD. SECOND ROW: V. HOWARD, M. BIESECKER, B. BRUNER, S. EATON, S. Bnnusou, J. GUILFOYLE, M. CONKLIN, S. ALLEN. FXRST ROw:5. FARON, J. CooLET, G. GARRnsuEs, R. BAUMAN, R. HOLMES, S. Goff , L. FROST, D. ELLISON, J. GAY. , K. VAN B Y A ou P LEONARD w wnsou. D MORTON, F- MAD'-U5 usxmln 0- . - ' ' ' S. REINKINGT B- MOORMAN' ROW EFT TO RIGHT. G. E D ' . N, B. WHITE, C. ZEY, L' ?lTli2ERH'gE':-' V' WOM' FOURTH Row: J. KARRAKFTF:-MEXJ MAYDEN, K. SNYDER, J. RE-moLD5 LNE.:39R?4'E:.LY. TT N RAS!-RER' S. KOSTER, B. LMRD' E OND ROW- B. STARR, K. LOWRY, B. KOHM - - ON if ig, os wQM J PQQLER, J- SHAW' C' M"RSHALL' S C ' T OW1B.RECTOR M. SEXTON- T- WLS ' AR ' u D ' 9, Sci-NARZ. FIRS R ' M. LQNGBTNE, P- LE"s' !"TURNER, J giiizig S. Rzno- G. MlLHANy V. PHILLIPS, K- T'MM' E' ' LU-Mj N l'l'I,0l'lg g I 77 ouugrnira J. Cobb, G. Shuler, and W. Knoll take it easy "ln My Merry Oldsmobile. " Thlrty Ars-is i 'S S. Ea Hall-S: Santa Claus Here yu StudenllCouncil PYGXY' Fred Thorpe thinks it over. 19 ,...,,. ,. , lJ cenario wifera The "Booster" Staff as scenario writers for "The Best Years of Our Lives" had a far reaching responsibility in dramatizing in lines of type the special features of our movie. Entrusted with the task of recording all inci- dents of the year in which the Joes and Jills of Abilene High played leading parts, they reviewed highlights of the year in virtually the same manner as scenario writers of a movie do their work. Changing the format of the paper to a smaller and more functional size, with an insert on the name plate, and publishing the "Booster" at more frequent fha T Tx. i T i LEFT T0 RIGHT: K. GILLILAND, A. YOUNG, J. DEXTER, P. GILLILAND, L. HAMPTON, Miss ALICE SINCLAIR, J. Monnss. ooaler SPORTS WRITER PHIL GILLILAND AND KENNETH PERRY so INTO A HUDDLE. intervals are some of the ac- complishments of this year's staff. Scooping the spot news in issue after issue, gained for the students of Abilene High School a complete coverage of the year's events. LEFT T0 RIGHT! J. WISSING, B. OWEN, P. SHIVERS, H. CLEMENCE, B. THOMAS, D. CRONKITE. LEFT TO RIGHT! B. SExToN, E. KRENGER, L. BUIE, P. Lownv, L. ZEY. sgiucfio ecrefa fied The C - I ommercial Qlub and Ish Chay HY, under the direct . Prinson and Miss Wiriiilecg Lglsityvlibel co Igeceived training in their Ciub megtiive roughout the year to enable the gs O 't- m to fill ih si iorms competently and efficientl in . ebuS1ne5SW0rld. The Commercial cyi b 1 . . u liagfigeto Juniors and seniors taking at commercial subject 5 . . the secretarial training clasznlors in members of Ish Chay Jay es are vtxl-WFNAAN s G ' .0mmerciaf Jai cz., 9. .1 T T i r', ' -1. - Q Q ' 51,ROy,E y M L. gou ww-50N v N P . STQRN L' X . CARLSO y VAN B0 SCBNELLIL BECKQR- . G. R HT - ' T., EFT To P663 L- HERB CLEMENC L SON! ' 5ELu ' PW Roi? BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT! L. LECKRON, J. CLEMENCE, P. WHITEHAIR, K. D. STUART, B. SPRINGER, F. THORPE, L. AMPBELL, B. SEXTON. SIXTH ROW: L. ZEY, J. WISSING, D. KIEFERLE, S. Hoon, D. CRUSE, S. CONKLIN, B. GISN. FIFTH ROW: A. M. OLSEN, L. ESPENSRADE, J. WR1TEHAlR, l. CARLSON, R. SCHNELL, G. KOEPSEL. FOURTH ROW: Mlss SCOTT, R. HUFFMAN, B. L. FARR, E. HOULTON, L. HAMPTON, M. K. STAFF, E. LADY, P. CHASE. THIRD ROW: D SANFORD, P. HOULTON, P. ALEXANDER, E. SMnTH, J. DcxTzR, V. DAVIS, J. MORRQS, M. COLE, Mnss M. PINSON. SECOND ROW: B. MONASMITH, L. BECKER, P. EYE, R. A. DAHNKE, F. Rice, R. MITCHEL, P. SHIVERS, M. WHITE. FIRST ROW B. WILSON, S. DAUTEL, J. TRONE, L. WILSON, J. STARK, B. HART, S. RANNIN, A. STROLE, B. KOOKEN. Z1 T55 A' TE! R' T. HW ESRSNSHAD ,RON , V' ' W T 6? Q! 0 In heqlgzd 2: BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT! D. CRONKITE, G. HENRY, J. ENGLE, D. KIEFERLE, A. ARGANBRIGHT, I. CARLSON, L. CAMP- BELL, E. ENGLE, S. BETHE, S. HOOD, J. HILL. FIFTH ROW: B. GISH, D. CRDSE, J. DEXTER, L. HAMPTON, B. BRUNER D. KELLY, P. CHASE, V. DAVIS, M. BOLLIGER, N. J. COLLINS, H. CLEMENCE. FOURTH ROW: B. KOHMAN, D. BRAINARD J. HILL, B. HERN, C. S. FIEDLER, P. ALEXANDER, R. A. DAHNKE, M. A. GIBBS, M. L. HENDERSON, M. KREUNEN, W GREENWOOD, E. KNAPP. THIRD ROW: C. BURCHAM, G. GOODELL, M. A. BRAx, F. EASTER, B. CAMERON, S. EATON, E HOULTON, D. IHDE, B. CHERRY, S. JORDAN. SECOND ROW: L. BUIE, E. BROWN, J. BLYE, J. HEIENS, J. JIRIR, C. BIENZ C. ENGLE, S. BRANSON, M. CONKLIN, M KUNTZ, M. COwAN, B. L. FARR. FIRST ROW: D. KOLLING, M. L. CURRAN, L CRAMER, J. AYERS, B. CONNOR, G. HAYNES, V. GARY, J. GAY, W. HAYNES, E. BROWN, B. KOOKEN, Mlss D. TIEFEL U- TEEN An interracial and inter- denominational club for all high school girls, Y-Teen is affili- ated with the Y.W.C.A., and has as its purpose the social and spiritual development of its members. PRESIDENT, J. ENGLE, MISS M. SAMUELSON, SPONSOR. a 1 I ' CABINET MEMBERS. BACK ROW, LEfT TO RIGHT! M. MYERS, J. SELLERS, J. DEXTER, B SPRINGER, G. HENRY, B. OwEN, C. MING, D. CRUSE, E. LADY, P. SHIVERS. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT! MISS D. TIEFEL, SPONSOR: C. ENGLE, L. HAMPTON, J. A. SCUPIN BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT! B. OWEN, P. LEONARD, B. MCNULTY, C. MING, B. SPRINGER, L. LECRRON, F. MOORE, W. ROOF, K. MARTSOFF. FIFTH ROW: A. YOUNG, A. M. OLSEN, S. REINKINO, D. SCHWARZ, B. LAIRD, K. MAYNHART, M. McCoY, N. MERRYFIELD, J. SELLERS, O. SCOTT, N. RASHER. FOURTH ROW: J. REYNOLDS, B. WHITE, B. THOMAS, D. SCHILLER, B. NEwLovE, J. SAMPSON, P. NAGELY, H. WOODFORD, E. LADY, J. NEHER. THIRD ROW: J. POOLER J. SIMMONS, V. WALBURN, D. ScHMuTz, A. STROLE, M. MONROE, R. E. STRUNK, J. A. SCUPIN,D, WILSON, M. I MYERS. SECOND ROW: M. WHITE, P. LowRY, B. MONASMITH, J. PARKS, R. MITCHEL, M. MOURER, 5. RANKIN, 5. SANDERS. P. LEwIs. FIRST ROW: S. REID, S. SMITH, J. TRONE, A. YOcuM, J. WOODS, J. STARR, N. SIDENER, J. MORRIS, P. SHIVERS, P. WILSON. 651.00 gflrte 97 QW BACK ROW, LEFT T0 RIGHT: J. SExToN. G. BRAX, F. THORPE, P. ALEXANDER, N. KAPPEL, M. WEISHAAR, J. Cosa, G. SHULER, R. JoHNsoN.FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: B. SCHNEIDER, P. WHITEHAIR, K. JoNES, H. CAIRNS, B. VIOLA, M. SEXTON, D. CURRAN, J. MOHLER. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: L. AYERS, P. GILLILAND, G. WEBB, E. KRENGER, A. GARTEN, G. EASTER, J. BIEGERT, D. ROBSON. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT! V. BROWN, M. MYERS, B. HEIENS, G. Cox, B. WATSON, B. SEXTON, B. ScRIvEN, I. HUSTON. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: E. VINSON, D. STEwART, D. VHITE, J. SEXTON, K. FISHER, J. TRONE, F. HOLMES, P. STRUNK, D. COOLEY. HI-U "To create, maintain and extend, throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian character" is the purpose of Hi-Y. CABINET MEMBERS: BAcK Row, LEFT TO RIGHT: F. RICE, B. WAT- . SON, M. MYERS, P. GILLILAND, D. MINTER, G. EASTER, J. MoH- - 1'a LER. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: P. WHITEHAIR, E. KRENGER, D ' RoaSoN, PRESIDENT, E. G. DAVIS, D. MADAUS, MR. H. EwERT X 1 If 4 ,f BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: G. SEATON, E. G. DAVIS, J. HOFFMAN, N. GERBOTH, D. GLATT, J DAHLSTROM, E. CHAPMAN. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: J. MCDANIEL, K. WATKINS, D MINTER, R. KOLLING, W. WATSON, N. BuIE, W. KNDLL, J. BELL. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT K. PERRY, D. ADELSON, D. PHILLIPS, H. HowLANo, J. KARRAKER, i B DAWSON, D HOFFMAN, B. McCoRMIc, E. KoLLING. SECOND ROW, LEFT T0 RIGHT: W. BEETCH, D CHASE, W. GREENWOOD, J. WHITEHAIR, V. VIOLA, D. TAYLOR, J. SHARK, M. MAYDEN, F. RICE, C. MARSHALL. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: M. LIND, E. SELLERS, D. ELLISON, E. PORCH, R. HOLMES, T. WILSON, R. BAOHAN, J. COOLEY, W. PHILLIPS. f?H I It I I 11,51 'P' If IN . .44 or 'II ' J . L17 . . ' I . GAA ne , wo , 31...., L G GOOOELL, S. CONKLlN, J. DEXTER, EATON M. CONRLTN, E. A BACK ROW, LEFT TO RxsHT: D. CRONKLTE, B. GisH, D. CRUSE, J. HxL , . C. BXENZ. FOURTH ROW: M. V. JOHNSON, B. KTPPENRERGER, L. CRAMER, S. BRANSON, S. , KNAPP, 5. BETH. THKRD ROW: J. ENGLE, L. HAMPTON, M. L. HENDERSON, D. BRATNARD, P. ALEXANDER, R. . DAHNRE, M. HENDERSON, S. JORDAN, M. J. CoNNLxN. SECOND ROW: B. HART, E. BRONN, 5. HOGAN, D. KELLY, C. . FIEDLER, F. EASTER, B. CANERSON, J. CALLAHAN, C. HUTTON. FXRST ROW: G.. HAYNES, B. KOOREN, C. BURCHAM, J. GUILFOYLE, C. ENGLE, J. GARTEN, L. FROST. By sponsoring intramural sports for aii girls in high school. the G.A.A. has the dual purpose Oi providing physical activities and building sports manship. s. -If 'n CABNET MEMBERS: BACK Row, LEFT T0 RIGHT! B. HAR? 2.'?PF31N:lZi C. MINE, P. LEONARD, F- EASTER- WRST ROW J' A' CU! ' ' Rss C ENOLE, M. K. STAFF, PRESIDENT? MRS. J. STNOLETON, SPON , . LLPHAN, J. ENGLE- A SOR? J. CPA --.. X xx O RIGHT- G YEADON F. MOORE . D I -, WHITE J REYNO BACK ROW, LEFT T i!:1ltg3-Ei, L.. LECKRON, M. Ki STAPF 'THIRD ROW 3 . HOMA D, ' 1 - , , L R 'STRUNM Ei'SMlTRY:?'?fb?ok3f:1Tg Ji SELLERS, J. SAMPSON, R. NEWLIBJIE SECOND RO ' ' - EIO. . M ' W: . ., NE J. MORRIS, P.Ug2A:l2RES. LSDYQ M. MYERS. FIRST ROW: SiDENEN M M , . ANKINQ 5. SANDERS, D. UNDOREN 'D MES:- Z4 . ROE, V, GARY, J. A. TRO P S w F. t BACK ROW, L. T0 R.: D. WILSON, M. CURRAN, G. Cox, L. AYERS, J. SEXTON, I. ANDERSON, A. GARTEN, I. COLE, B. GRAVES. SECOND ROW: W. GREENWOOD, B. SCHNEIDER, E. KOLLING, W. BEETCH, J. SEXTON, K. JONES, J. FOSTER, A. COLE, D. WHITEHAIR, M. SEx'roN. FIRST ROW: L. M. PIKE fSPONSORI, C. Hoon, M. SEXTON, l. HUSTON, R. BOWMAN. gyucafiona .Sloff LEARNING TO DO DOING TO EARN A CABINET, L. TO R.: W. GREENWOOD, E. KOLLING, G. Cox PRESIDENTJ, A. GARTEN, M. SEXTON, M. SEXTON. l tein cali belonging S 12151. Sexton' Holstein calf belonging to M Pigs belonging to E. Kolling. Holstein heifer belonging to L. Ayre. EARNING TO LIVE LIVING TO SERVE The four lines of this motto are filled with practical philosophy, reflectinga spiritand sincerity that shows the true viewpoint of the farm youth, "the backbone of a nation." The Future Farmers of America is a national organization for students of vocationalagriculture. The Abi- lene chapter has total membership of 31, under theldirection of L. M. Pike. ' All F. F. A. activities are directed and carried out by the boys themselves, exampliefied by the pest and snapshot Conte sts. Record- books are kept by eachboy to show his achievements in farm work during the year. V 25 CM The AHS Pep Club, an all-girl organization sponsored by Mrs. Iuanda Singleton and Miss Bernita Billings, has supportedthe players well and added much color and zest to the athletic events of the school year. Acting as public relations agents, three busses of Pep Club supporters traveled to Salina on September 14 for our annual gridiron en- counter with the Salina Maroons, and on Feb- uary 10 they again journied, this time to Junction City for a return tilt with the Bluejay quintet. The officers, who have workedhard to make this club a box-office attraction, and who deserve PEP CLUB OFFICERS much praise for their efforts are president, L. TO R.: VICE-PRESEDENT MARLENE MYERS' PRESI- - - . , I . - , DENT, JOAN ENOLE: ANI: SECRETARY-TREASORER, FRIEDA Joan Eng e' Vlce president' Marlene Myers' EASTER. and secretary-treasurer, Freida Easter. QF BACK ROW, L. TO R.: P. ALEXANDER, B. CROUGH, J. ENGLE, C. CRANE, MRS. J. SINGLETON, L. CAMPBELL, S. CONKLIN, D. CRUSE, B. GISH. STH ROW: E. BRONN, J. GARTEN, C. S. FlEDLER, M. J. CONKLIN, D. CRONKITE, S. BETHE, G. GOOOELL, S. BOWYER. MTH ROW: C. BURCHAM, F. EASTER, D. BRAINARO, B. CAMER- ON, M. CONRLIN, G. ANGUIANO. 3RD ROW: R. A. DAHNRE, L. CRAMER, B. BRUNER, E. ENGLE, C. BIENZ, J..GAY, W. GREENwoOO. END ROW: M. A. BRAx, S. BRANSON, L. BUIE, M. COLE, N. J. COLLINS, J. GUIL- FOYLE, M. GIL. IST ROW: S. FARON C E G E V GAR S EATON AYERS. 6i7aLe me Ouf fo flue ga! -get-men , . N L , . v, . , J. BLYE, L. FROST, M. GIL, J. BACK ROW, L. TO R.: D. HELM, K. MAYNHART, C. MING, G. HENRY, B. MCNOLTY, D. KIEFERLE, B. NEWLOVE, S. HOOD E. KNAPP, E. HOULTON, F. MOORE, J. JIRIK. MTH ROW: E. J. MCMAHON, F. MURRAY, J. HEIENS, D. LINDGREN, B. LAIRD N. MERRYFIELO, S. KOSTER. 3RD ROW: B. KIPPENBERGER, 5. HOGAN, J. CALLAHAN, C. HUTTON, M. L. HENDERSON, J HILL, P. LEONARD, M. MCCOY. END ROW: A. M. HORAN, L. HAMPTON, M. HENDERSON, B. KOOKEN, B. HART, L. LECRRON J. HILL, M. LONOBINE, S. JORDAN. IST ROW: J. MORRIS, M. V. JOHNSON, M. MONROE, P. LONRY, D. KELLEY, G. HAYNES D. IHDE, P. LENIS, B. MOORMAN, J. NEHER. - Z6 BAC E. Pncxsms, J. Snmmous. HTH ROW: J. POOLER, J. A. SCUPIN, G. YEADON, I L 0. ScoTT, N. RASHER, Miss B. BILLINGS KSPONSORJ. 3RD ROW: J. REYNOLDS B H E OLSEN, S. REINKING, C. ZEY, P. WHITEHAAR, J. SAMPSON, J. SELLERS. END ROW D SCHMU l. TURNER, K. SNYDER, D. WuLsoN, S. REID, D. WEAR, M. K. STAFF, P. SHIVERS D R D R SCHILLER. IST ROW: N. SIDENER, S. RANKIN, P. Wnsa, J. A. TRONE, S. SANDERS STARR, STROLE, R. Mnvcnau., J. PARKS, P. L. WILSON. Cheerleaders Marlene Myers and Evelyn Lady, seniors, and Joyce Dexter , Annette Young, and Frederick Rice, juniors, have done well at their job of keeping the sparks of pep flaming through-out the past school year. In their brown and white uniforms these peppy stars have attended all athletic events, to encourage the enthusiasm of the student body. In addition to their appearances at games they have been in charge of the pep assemblies, and were the sponsors of Tacky Day, one of the comical spots in the routine of school life. Without the cheerleaders the school year would not have been complete, and the students owe much to these five who have devoted much time and effort to the task which lay before them. mm ..,- K ROW, L. TO R.: M. Wi-MTE, B. SPRINGER, B. Wooo, W. RooF, B. OWEN, J. Wlssxwc. B THOM s Lei me a 1, it. Into the bucket. MRS. J. SINGLETON Beauty Galore, Rhythmic Design. i950 Girls Physical Educational Directorf Director Fiedler checks the script. t Xaflguag QS- Simba OQ6 GQ 8 . ,fi aiiefen W e 5fAldY . tage HAH the world s a S e Shakesvear Scenery Makers. 1F"' ,T f E D efiearc mr em 'U ,frm . . ibedafe Cyarid .if KENNETH M. Rocx 1 Debate Coach ',I A 4 'wb' :QI 5.91 . ffilgfg f ul T Y -. STANDING, L. TO R.: D. ELLISON, S. RANKIN, H. SHANK, J. DEXTER, P. GILLILAMD, N. RAsHER, M. WEISHAAR, M. MYERS, K. M. RocK CCOACHJ. SEATED, L. TO R.: M. COLE, J. SELLERS, D. GLATT, L. LECKRON, N. MERRYFIELD, H. CLEMENCE, M. L. HENDERSON, B. SEXTON, F. RICE. As research workers of a movie are called upon for advice, to check facts and give information before the picture goes into production, so have the research workers of the AHS Debate Department been kept busy checking statistics, authorities, and studying The National Debate Proposition for 1949-50, Resolved: "That the President of the United States Should Be Elected by Direct Vote of the People." These members have been striving for perfection in their work and have demonstrated democracy in action and fellowship with their associates and other schools. The team participated in six tournaments, tied for second place in the Osborne tourna- ment and placed high at the Emporia invitational by winning eight out of 12 debates.They also brought home the championship trophey from the district, and finished third among class "A" schools in the state of Kansas. TRAVELING DEBATE SQUAD, L. TO R.: FRED RICE, SECOND AFFIRMA- TlvE: MARLENE MYERS, FIRST NEGA- TIVE: BRUCE SExToN, SECOND NEGA- TIVE: LYNETTE LEcKRoN, FlRsT AFF:RMATuvE3 K. M. Roca KCOACHI. .Skicka Courici agluclenf t Counci Miss W. T. Scott Representing the voice of the stars in the studio was the Student Council, whose mem- bers are chosen from the classes and organizations on the set. Elected to lead this rep- resentative group as president was Fred Thorpeg vice-president, Mary Kay Stapfg and sec- retary-treasurer, Janice Callahan. These stars found time from their regular performances to carry out many activities which were the exciting highlights of the year's events. In addition to sponsoring several dances, choosing Junior Lions and Rotarians, and assemblying C-A-R-E packages, was the complete supervision of the election and crowning of the Football Queen. ' 31 64 7? mon? my .Siucuenim ABILENE HIGH SCHOOL BUS DRIVERS, L. T0 R.: W. BROWN, G. MILLER, H. CAIRNS, H. HAwK, Q. LAURER, V. HoLT, L. TO R.: L. SNYDER, B. WARNER, J. SCUPIN AND J. BowERs, SENnoRs, STUDY THE FINER ARTS OF LIFE. KC TURNER HOLDS CONFERENCE, SEXTON, E. KRENGER, J. BOWERS, COACH P. TURN- A.H.S. CUSTODIANS, L. T0 R.: C. MARTIN AND A. FLEAGLE. ? I'0l'l'l L. TO R.: B. VIOLA, B. J. ER. WORKSHOP or THE STARS. Mai 26112, II Il I WANNA Go Home! 3 1 I- E jgoofgglaf .gioeciagfy 4 E 5 5 I i i i fun l he BSS. problems of Dexterj, who IS erne flower into a social s UCC DCE' to many rs of ter W. ,Ty Dex ice I Knoll, V. Johns on BACK ROW, L. TO R.: B. THCMAS, D. KIEPERLE, F. MooRE, P. NAGELY, J. NEHER, J. DEXTER, I. CARLSON, B I SPRINGER, J. ENGLE, K. MARTSOEF, P. WHTTEHAIR, I. CQLE. THIRD ROW: D. CRUSE, L. HAMPTON, M. WHITE, L. SNYDER, J. JTRIK, J. SIMMQNS, S. CONKLIN, J. CUMER, L. HAWK, D. HARDISTY. SECOND RON: E. HOULTON, R. A. DAHNRE, P. EYE, C. BURCHAM, A. STROLE, P. CHASE, M. K. STAPF, B. SCHNEIDER, J. WHITE:-TAIR. FIRST ROW: S. RExNRuNc., L. BLJIE, B. CHERRY, S. Hoon, B. Gus:-I, G. HAYNES, J. AYERS, D. WHITE, F. HOLMES, M. V. JOHNSON, ACCOMPANIST. O L. 1mT5QNv R' M NPANISI ' ACCO 34 s . QSXIIIIW If N- xr RT . 3' SCRIBELL' S A J- IR. J' Bg,.G5WAR1 ' Q P x,IHITEHivI5s K B 5v,vUON,N ui- G' D I I R'1 J. SEIKO Chrifimas vesvef 5 ere 44911 A ,, UI- BACK ROW, L. TO R.: J. MOHLER, T. TI-IACKER, D. ZEIGLER, B. MEADE, J. Bowsgs, A, GARTEN, J. WISSXNG, L. ZEW D. RIDER, L. BRAGG, C. MING, P. WHITEHAIR, J. CLEMENCE. THIRD ROW: H. EGGLESTON, E. G. DAVIS, D. GLATT, J HOFFMAN, P. SHIVERS, M. MOURER, H. CLEI-IENCE, G. VAN BIJSKIRK, T. CASKEY, V. DAVIS, M. MONROE. SECOND ROW: B TUDQR, J, FOSTER, A, YQUNC., C, BIENZ, B. CAMERON, L. BLYE, E. BRowN, D. IHDE, J. STARK. FIRST ROW: W. GREEN wooo, R. LONGEIINE, K. FISI-IER,,W. KNAJSS, M. CoLE, D. KoI.I.ING, P. GGDFREY, S. SMITH, E. ARGANERIGHT. ' oruri g,L6iC as ir sol-NUT Z W Dire Gigi L Ll A ' ' FQ L. TO R.: S. JGRDAN: M' WWTE' I G4 I, fs .REINKING. L. SNYDER, M- K- Ji " flies X- STAPF, J. SIMMONS. D- R'DER' :gg ig?-9' C. MINS, M' V- JOHNSON, Accom- PANIST. Establishinga new record tor singing engage- ments, the Singing Cowboys brought entertainment to schools in neighboring towns andpresented the annual Christmas vespers and their spring con- cert in Abilene. They also participated in aradio broadcast and were host to several social events during the year. The members of this organization are truly stars in every sense of the word, and deserve much praise for the services they have performed this year. - 3... L. TO R.: N. RASHER, M.A. Glass, - STUART, S. JoRc-AN, M, MC- KELVY. W BACK ROW, L. TO R.: J. MCNULTY, RK. WATKuNs D. GARY, +R. wnrso P. A W , N, LEXANDER, N. KAPPEL. 5TH ROW: H. SHANK, E. HOWARD, D. CRcNxnTc, B. HART, J. TRQNE, D. GILLILAND, J. BsssERT, D. ROBSON, iD. ADEL- ' soN, J. MnLHAM. HTH ROW: J. COOLEY, E. L. DAwsoN, +D. ScH:LLER, +I. TURNER, C. MARSHALL, C. PLATZ, D. ENGLE, J. TRONE. 3RD ROW: K. LOWRY, +D. WEAK, L. DA.LY, D. VOGEL, RE. BROWN, J. BATCHELDER, S. SANDERS. END ROW: K. JOHNSON, D. SANFORD. D. VfoLA, B. PEPPER, J. JOHNSTON, +V. VuoLA. IST ROW. R. E. WORNAN fDIRECTOR,, S. RICE, M. MCKELVY, M. A. Glass, RK. STEwART. X N W W Abilene's High School Band, one of the largest in the state, furnished music and entertainment for everything from sports events to civic projects during 1949-50. The band's first of many appearances was made in September at the Kansas Free Fair in Topeka. Directed by Russel E. Worrnan, band members introduced dur- ing the football season small colored light on their shakos, which a.Si'ril'e M UA. BQHJ " L. TO R.: H. SHANK, E. HowARn, D. STIRTZ, E. Poecu. N BACK ROW, L. TO R.: 48. VIOLA, WK. GQLLILAND, L. ATKINSON, J. SELLERS, B. KIPPENBERGER, C. J. STARF, B. MCNULTY. 5TH ROW: J. MONTGOMERY, B. SEXTON, N. GERBOTH,xF. THORPE, S. BETHE, M. CONKLQN, B. WHITE, M. A. BRAX. D. STIRTZ, E. PORCH. MTH ROW: D. BRA1NARD, G. GoooELL, M. HENDERSON, B. NEWLOVE, J. SAMPSON, F. EASTER, D. 5cHwARTz, S. KOSTER, D. PERCIVAL. 3RD ROW: KE. Scnossrus, T. GERBOTH, B. STARR, WV. GARY, C. ENGLE, E. LADY, B. MOORMAN, P. L. WlLsoN. END ROW: B. WARNER, E. SELLERS, K LowRY, K. EwERT, P. VIOLA, M. SEATON. IST ROW: S. JoRoAN, N. RASHER, KB. McCoRMuc, F. R1cE. added color and sparkle to the halftime stunts, and the peppy music at basketball contests, contributed by the pep band, added to the enthusiasm of the students. Although playing at games occupied most of their time, the musicians .also tackled other projects such as concerts, starting a recording library, and the annual Christmas Band Dance. An often spoken sentiment in the halls ofAbilene High School during the past year was the phrase - "Strike Up The Band". ' M Qi iron ueen BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT! CLARINE MING, MAID OF HONOR: BETTY KIR PENBERGER, QUEENS BEVERLY SPRING- ER, MATD or HONOR. FIRST ROW: JANICE CALLAHAN, SOPHOMORE ATTEND ANT? CECELIA ZEY, FRESHMAN ATTEND ANT: MARY VlRGlN1A JOHNSON, JUN non ATTENDANT. MISS B ET T Y KIPPENBER GER Uefl Lil? ' Her Majesty, Miss Betty Kippenberger, 1949 gridiron queen, was crowned and kissed at the McPherson game by Dean Robson, captain of the football team. Fred Thorpe president of the Student Council, acted as Master of Cere- monies, and senior members of the team escorted the queen and her attendants to their seats of royalty Ona throne inthe bleachers. 38 BACK ROW, L. TO R.: B. SExToN, A. GARTEN, J. MILHAM, D. GLATT, I. CoLE, I. ANDERSON, J. FQUST, D. TINKLER. SRD ROW, L. T0 R.: D. L. SHIRK KSPONSORI, J. Cosa, N. GERBOTH, J. MONTGOMERY, H. WILKLNS, M. WEISHAAR, J. BowERs, D. HOFFMAN. 2ND ROW, L. TO R.: D. GARY, I. HuSToN, P. WHITEHAIR, D. RoasoN, R. WATSON, J. BIEGERT. E. KRENGER, Bf VIoI.A, D. HART- IST ROW, L. TO R.: R. JOHNSON, D. MINTER, G. GABHART, F. RICE, E-G- DAVIS- k 50125 J Qpc J HAI! Sportsmanship is that wins the e 's fellow man, whether it be opponent or ally. A" Club's code "The "A" Club member plays clean play trains one's strength and courage and helps one o be more useful to one school, church and country. Sportsmans p helps one to be a ge Though the grass they on 1S green, th1s term could not be applied 50 Golf T am, as several squad members returnmg lett en from last year's state team TWKLERI. R. MOORE, E. CHAISMOIMIIJ. P,fu,5'T'oN TENNIS BACK ROW, L. B. TIcE CCOACI-Il DAVIS. FIRST , L. TO R.: J. MILHAM, J. . BIE- GERT, F. RI ABILENE HlGH'S I95O TENNIS TEAM RETURNS THIS YEAR WITH LAST YEARIS CHAMPS, FREDERICK RICE, JACK BQWERS, AND JOHN BIEGERT WHO HAVING PLACED 2ND IN THE CKL RATINGS LAST YEAR, ARE STRIVING FOR IST PLACE THIS YEAR. Q02 . I BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: H. EGGLESTON, F. MAOAOS, B. DAWSON, H. SHANK, I. COLE, C. MARSHALL, B. SCHNEIDER, N. BOIE, D. CHASE, E. PORCH. FOURTH ROW: W. SWANSON, H. HONLANO, B. HEIENS, V. VIOLA, D. HOFFMAN, D. WILSON, M. MAYOEN, D. AOELSON, E. STARR. THIRD ROW: L. EIS, P. STRUNK, K. JONES, R. KOLLINO, D. HOFFMAN, L. HAWK, D. WHITE, S. FARR, S. HARRIS. SECOND ROW: M. CURRAN, J. SEXTON, G. WEBB, K. PERRY, H. FULLER, W. KNOLL, C. GLATT, K. WATKINS, N. GERBOTH. FIRST ROV: J. TRONE, B. MEADE, D. WHITEHAIR, D. STEWART, T. JOHNSON, J. FAUST, . If .L O4,..J GWMUW rod G. DAwsON, D. SCHMOTZ, C.J. STAFF. an -,,.-- 5635011 ea iof the 1 I 5 iootball SCOT i GOTO Pionene LIQY Center 7 . 'ati .2 43 C angton 7-0 ' 1 Abmn , T9 Her. a bjwre 44 Sahiuon CIW O Ablle 6 O junPhe 1: soil I , -pn Mc . . Ricans 190 Nganhatti? 'I . . . , ma I:..f'? p.b1IFf'e O Chap. ' I bilene 1 H 0 P' -we 3 arruf ua Aw BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT! D. ROBINSON, I. COLE, E. G. DAVIS, P. TURNER KCOACHB, D. MINTER, D. HOFFMAN, D. ZIEG- LCR. SECOND ROW: D. GARY, R. WATSON, P. WHITEHAIR, I. ANOERSON, D. HART, J. MILHAM, J. HOFFMAN, H. WILKINS. FIRST ROW: A. GARTEN, B. SEXTON, D. GLATT, R. JOHNSON, D. ROBSON, G. SHULER, D. TINKLER, E. KRENGER, J. Cosa. 40 Saorfa Zuiew FOOTBALL Electedby the squadto serve as honorary captain, Dean Robson was assistedat each game by a different boy as co-captain, appointed by Coach Turner. Suc- cessful on the gridiron, the hard fighting Hands places seven boys on the Znd and 3rd all CKL teams. Jerry Gabhart Guard, Jr. Dale Hart Quarterback, Ir. E. G. Davis Halfback, Jr. Dave Robinson Tackle , Sr. Bob Watson Halfback, Sr. Honorable mention Halfback Howard Wilkins End, Jr. Eddie Krenger Guard, Sr. Honorable mention, Guard Student Managers Sam Huston and Bob Viola L!!! ' Paul Whitehair Ivan Anderson Center, Sr. Issac Cole End, Sr. Dean Glatt Tackle, .Tr End, Sr. Dean Tinkler Quarterback, Sr, Gene Shuler End, Sr. Znd all CKL, End S X: Q' X ss ix . ivx-if ...er N E Vs aszorffi Ruiew FOOT BALL Morale, high spirits, and determination to win, spurred on by new Grid Mentor, Paul Turner, enabled the Abilene Cowhands to better the coach's prediction that Abilene would come in 4th in the final league stand- erl Qoach ings bychalking up a 6 win, Z loss record to place 3rd Yau, Tufn on the CKL ladder. B. Sexton C. Glatt J. Hoffman A. Garten J. Cobb Tafrkle, Sr. Guard, Soph, Halfback, Ir. Tackle, Sr. End, Sr. Znd all CKL, D. Minter D. Gary D. Robson D, Hoffman Taflkle Guard, Jr. Halfback, Sr. Guard, Sr. Forward, Jr R- JOTUISOI1 D. Zeigler Honorable mention, 2nd all CKL, - FL111baCk, Sr- Tackle, Jr. Halfback Guard 3rd all state 1T'..1'I1A,. nl, , .T. Milham ffnhfnv' Tr E. G. DaV1S J. Bowers J. Foust D. Hart fav' D. Zeigler V nv' H. W11k1HS MW We elshaar Blegert V . . ' . 1 A L 4 ': . x 1,- ,h .1 -r , . Xiff i N H- ' , . Q 5 .K iq. . .Q in L 'X -".. - 11 , - 7 I-f 5 - -" 1' . t ' ' x". '- .L3 x, w . A h 4'e,w::.f n , e . 'Eff , P. Alexander 'Coach D' L ghir k Cad G. K' L. L 0 BASKETBAL . TEAM, D. Hoffman I. Anderson , 'N EACK ROW, L. TO R.: D. HART, D. HOFFMAN, H. WILHINS, D. ZIEG- LER, L. HAWK, E. G. DAVIS, T. JOHNSON. SECOND ROW, L. TO R.: I. COLE, I. ANDERSON, P. ALEXANDER, M. WEISHAAR, J. BOWERS, J. EIEGERT. FIRST ROW, L. TO R.: COACH D. L. SHIRT, J. COBB KMANAGERT. VICTORIES, DEFEATS, HEARTBREAKING LOSSES AND FINAL MINUTE RALLIES ---- ALL WERE ExPERIENCED BY ABILENE'S GOLDEN COWBOYS UNDER THE HELMSMAN DAVE SHIRR DURING THE I95O BASKETBALL SEASON, IN LEAGUE PLAY THE SQUAD HELD THE THIRD ROUND ON THE C.K.L. LADDER W TH A 1-5 RECORD, AND A 5-O RECORD IN NON-LEAGUE TILTS, ENDING THE SEASON WITH A I6-1 RECORD. Sax SENIORS AND EIGHT JUNIDRS COMPDSED THE SQUAD WHO MADE THEIR FIRST APPEARANCE ON THE ABILENE UMAPLESN BY DE- FEATING CONCORDIA IN A NON-LEAGUE CONTEST 10-38. THE GOLDEN RIDERS KEPT UP THEIR TERRIFIC SCORING BY DEFEATING THE MAN- HATTAN INDIANS 11-61 IN ABILENEIS FIRST LEAGUE GAME. MCPHER- SON PROVED TO BE STIFFER COMPETITION THAN ANTICIPATED WHEN THE HANDS MET THEIR FIRST LEAGUE LOSS 55-U6 AT MCPHERSDN. DEADLY SHOTS AT A RAPID CLIP IN THE LAST SECONDS OF THE GAME GAVE THE WRANGLERS VICTORY OVER THE JAYS OF JUNCTION CITY 53-51 ON THE HOME COURT EARLY IN DEC. MEET NG THE TRISHMEN AT CHAPMAN FOR THE FIRST TIME THE COWBOYS RODE HARD AND PLAYED AT A TORRID PACE TO NOSE THEM OUT IN AN OVERTIME 3U-33. THE NEXT TWO GAMES TELL A SAD STORY OF DEFEAT FOR THE SH RKMEN. AB-LENE'S LOSS TO SALINA WAS DUE TO THE SRILLFUL lf' OFFENSIVE AND DEFENSIVE PLAY OF THE MUSTANGS ENDING WITH A SCORE OF 86-61. DEFEAT AT CLAY CENTER 55-M6 PLACED ASILENE IN UNDISPUTED THIRD DERTH IN LEAGUE LINEUP. SKILLFULLY PLAY- ING FOUR QUARTERS OF SWIFT BALL, THE COWPOKES DEFEATED THE INDIANS OF MANHATTAN FOR THE SECOND TIME M9-36. REVENGE CAME SWEET TO THE GOLDEN FIVE WHEN THEY DEFEATED THE BULLPUPS FROM MCPHERSDN U2-31, CONTRARY TO THE HANDS' LOSS EARLIER IN THE SEASON. FAILING TO CLIP THE WINGS OF THE JAYS OF JUNCTION IN AN OVERTIME ADILENE TALLIED THE LIGHT END OF THE SCORE 53-M5. ADILENE WON 68-59 FROM THE CELLAR POSITION IRISH OF CHAPMAN ON THE HANDS' COURT IN FEBRUARY. SALlNA'S MAROONS SALTED THE WOUNDS OF THE PORES BY DEFEATING THEM FOR THE SECOND TIME IN l95O BY A SCORE OF 59-50. THE HARD PLAYING HANDS SATTLED LIKE DEMONS AND REPT SALINA FROM GETTING MORE THAN A NINE POINT MARG N. ABILENE'S SEVENTH WIN IN LEAGUE PLAY WAS AGA.NST THE CLAY TIGERS IN THE MOST SENSATICNAL FINAL MINUTE RALLY ON THE COWBOY COURT WITH THE SCORE OF 10-5b. HSNAPPY PLAY, CRDWDING DEFENSE AND FIVE SHARP SHOOTERSH LED THE GOLDEN COWBOYS TO THE CHAMPIONSHIP SPOT AT THE REGIONALS. WITH AN EERIE ABILITY TO HIT THE BASKET FROM HERE, THERE AND EVERYWHERE THE WRANGLERS DEFEATED ELLSWDRTH 55-NO. ADVANCING TO THE SEMI-FINALS ABILENE PLAYED A HARD FOUGHT 32 MINUTES AND WON 59-39 FROM AUGUSTA. BY WINNING 6I-U8 FROM THE SACRED HEART KNIGHTS OF SALINA, A MAJOR UPSET OF THE REGIONALS, THE ABILENE COWBOYS MERITED THE HONOR TO PLAY IN THE STATE CLASS A TOURNAMENT AT SALINA. JITTERY, OUTPLAYED AND WITH SPASMDDIC SCORING THE PLAYERS FOR THE ORANGE AND BROWN WERE ELIMINATED IN THE FIRST ROUND OF PLAY EY A DEFEAT OF N1-N5 FROM KINSLEY- s laorfd Zuiew C.K.L. SCORING: ADILENE 10 CONCORDIA 38 ADILENE 63 MINNEAPOLIS HI ADILENE M6 MCPHERSON 5U ABILENE 3U CHAPMAN -33 ABILENE 61 SALINA 86 ASILENE 1I HERINGTON H5 ADILENE 11 MANHATTAN 6I ABILENE 3 JUNCTION CITY 5I ABILENE 6 CLAY CENTER 55 ABILENE U5 JUNCTION CITY 53 ABILENE 50 SALINA 59 ABILENE 68 CHAPMAN 59 ABILENE N2 MCPHERSON 31 ABILENE 10 CLAY CENTER 5M ABILENE M8 HERINGTON 33 ASILENE N9 MANHATTAN 36 ABILENE 50 WAMEGO 31 BELOIT TOURNAMENT AGILENE 38 WAMEGO 36 ADILENE 33 RUSSELL U2 REGIONALS TIST PLACE, TOURNAMENT ABILENE 55 ELLSWORTH ho ABILENE 50 AUGUSTA 39 ADILENE 6I SACRED HEART M8 STATE TOURNAMENT QIST ROUND, ABILENE U5 KINSLEY 41 S.V.L. SCORING: ABILENE 35 SOLOMON E1 ABILENE 39 HOPE H ABILENE 53 ST. JOHNS 3U ABILENE 26 SALINA 33 ASILENE 29 ENTERPRISE 36 ADILENE M4 SOLOMON N3 AGILENE 5l HOPE 68 ADILENE 29 SOLOMON 3I ADILENE 30 HOPE 20 ABILENE N1 ST. JOHNS 32 ADILENE 26 SALINA 22 ADILENE 28 ENTERPRISE 21 ADILENE 31 SOLOMON 25 ADILENE 31 HOPE 36 ABILENE 38 ST. JOHNS 36 ADILENE 38 ENTERPRISE 3l ASILENE M6 HOPE 25 ADILENE U5 ST. JOHNS H3 ABILENE 31 ENTERPRISE hh BACK ROW, L. TO R.: K. GILLILAND, P. STRUNK, S. FARR, B. HOFFMAN. SECOND ROW, L. TO R.: COACH P. TURNER, R. WHITEHAIR, N. GERBDTH, D. MINTER, M. MYERS. FIRST ROW, L. TO R.: D. STEWART. C. J. STAPF, D. WHITE. .4 ix e,?T iWf: I I-In . f W ' 6.71, FROSH BA SKETBALL TEAM BACK ROW, L. T0 R.: G. PoRcH, C. MARSHALL, L. Els, G. HARRAS, R. B1EsEcKER. 2ND ROW: L. W. Drcxcnsou ICOACHJ, K. VAN BUSKIRK, J. BELL, M. SWANSON, W. WATSON, D. ADEL- soN QMANAGERD. IST ROW: H. SHANK, F. MADAUS, B. DAwsoN V. VuoLA. I FROS H AMD solv AND C TENNIS C046 ' . 7- HE 'Cf S: ckfn. HURDY-ES' mav- Mu NTER ' D ' G To FAIILHAM, PTHEIR MARK D DUST, I ' STRUNK S: L' To R RT' ' ' C 1 T. D HOFFMAN, D. STEWA OLE: R.: - L. To COACH JOHNSON' D. R ' J P Pork, el! J J. S OESON - Tun EXT ' J' 'VER' ON, J. lbw TRACK ERSON ' y-HGH JUMPX BROAD JUMPING: W. HOFFMAN n NG1 D ' i DXCK COACH L' W Greesmwoou, CoAcH D. L. SHIRK. 24225 F33 a'GfN firm fa. MARY Lou HENDERSON TAKE OFF FOR Q QSM BETWEEN SCENES ay rom we crilaf N M ROCK: L- To R.: K. .Dt COMIN. R. JOHNSON, J. McMAHoN - KuNa QUEEN OF THE WINTER CARNIVAL Mxss B' AND 5 B!LLlNGS' MAS EELS G AND LATTLE WH x B PLAZCHEDULE 5HOQ1xNG L. TO R.: B. WATSON, R. JOHN- WARDROBE EXPERTS, SEWING CLASS BACK ROW, L. TO R.: B. MOORMAN, D. KoL- LING, Miss B. BIL- LINGS. FRONT ROW, L. TO R.: M. SEX- TON, D. RUCH. HMUSIC HATH CHARW FOR MUSIC MAESTRO ALVIN SCHMUTZ ANNUAL BAND DANCE SON, D. J. TYLER, Muss NEVA WEISGERBER, C. B. TICE, J. MOHLER. 46 '3Y f+ N 1 SAYIIUEW-SON 44 as MISS MPRGARE OXRQQTOR e HHEADED FOR EDENH, A COMEDY IN THREE ACTS UNDER THE DIRECTION OF MISS M. SAMUELSON TOOK THE SPOTLIGHT IN SENIOR PERFORMANCES FOR THE UBEST YEARSH. HWILL BOB ROBERTS BE SENT TO JOLIET FOR IO TO I5 YEARSYH HWILL LIMPY TELL THE TRUTH lN TIME TO SAVE BOB, KATE'5 KID SROTHER?u ASKED THE YOUNG MAIOENS AS SGT. KELLY OF THE POLICE FORCE, DEAN ROBSON, ARRESTED Boa. THESE GIRLS TOOK ROLES AS AMATEUR DETECTIVES, RESIDING IN SOUTH CHICAGO, WHICH BECOMES A DEDLAM OF MANY ASSURD SITUATIONS AS THE SLEUTHS TRY TO DISENTANGLE THE MYSTERY. COLOR AND LIFE ARE ADDED TO THE PLAY BY THE BUDDING ROMANCES BETWEEN ROSINA BLANDISH, A STENOGRAPHER, EVELYN LADY, AND BARRY RICHARDS, A BROKER. PAUL WHITEHAIRL NANCY LANE, FILING CLERK, CARLYN BURCHAMQ AND HENRY BANKS, DRIVER, JOHN BIEGERT. THERE I5 KATE ROBERTS, HHERALDN REPORTER, CLARINE MINGS AND KEN HONARD, HSTARH REPORTER, JACK MOHLERQ WHO HAS BEEN IN LOVE wITH HER ALL THE TIME OF WHICH SHE 15 UNANARE. IMOGENE, THE MAID, IS PORTRAYED EY GLADYS HENRY WHOSE BRAVE WAYS wIN THE ADMIRATION OF HANK, THE LAUNDRYMAN, BOB TSON. OTHER BOARDERS INCLUDE, GLADYS HERMAN, MODEL, MARLENE MYERS: PEGGY WALTERS, CLERK, ELLA JO MCMAHANQ DOROTHY BRILL, STENOGRAPHER, BEVERLY SPRINGERQ MARCELLA TURNER, wAITRESS, BETTY KIPPENBERGERS MINNIE PETERS, CLERK, JEAN SCUPINQ WHO ARE ALL FACING THE COMPLICATIONS OF LIFE. HENRYIS EFFORTS TO HELP BOD ROBERTS, BRUCE SEXTON, BRING UNEXPECTED RESULTS AS HE FINDS LIMPY, KENT STUART: WHO 15 A DENIZEN FROM THE UNDERwORLD. THE SOLUTION OF THE PROBLEMS BRINGS PLEASANT RESULTS AND THE LOVE AFFAIRS END HAPPILY. BOO IS ACQUITTED AND THERE COMES A HEALING OF THE MISUNDERSTANDINO BETWEEN KATE AND KEN. ALL OF THESE EVENTS TAKE PLACE UNDER THE MOTHERLY EYE OF MRS. ORAL SKIPWORTH, BEVERLY NOT BE NEAR AT HAND, THEY ARE ALL HEADED IN THAT DIRECTION HOUGH EDEN MAY MCNULTY. ALT --EVEN LKMPY. ERS SEATED L. TO R. STANDING, L- TO R.: J. MOHLER, P. WHITEHAIR, M. MY . , ZND Row: B. SPRINGS, C. BURCHAM, J. BIEGERT, E. LADY, K. STUART, J. SCU- P'N' B' MCNULTY- SEATED, L- T0 R-, IST Row: D. ROBSON, B. WATSON, MISS . KIPPENBERGER, B. SEKTON, E. J, MQMAHON, G, HENRY, AMUELSON, B ABSENTEE: C. MING. rom fri ing agnf QUILL AND SCROLL, INTERNATIONAL HONORARY JOUR- NALISTIC SOCIETY FOR HIGH SCHOOL JOURNALISTS, wITH 3,200 CHAPTERS SPREAD THROUGHOUT THE UNITED STATES ANO EIGHT FOREIGN COUNTRIES, ANNOUNCED ON FEBRUARY 20TH THE ELECTION OF ELEVEN MEMBERS OF THE JOUR- NALISM DEPARTMENT OF AHS INTO THE LOCAL JOHN J. EBERHARDT CHAPTER. To BE ELIGIBLE THE STUDENT MUST BE IN THE UPPER ONE-THIRD or HIS CLASS, AND HAVE DONE OUTSTANDING WORK IN THE FIELD OF JOUR- NALISM. THE SGCIETY STRIVES TO ENCOURASE WORK IN JOURNALISM, CREATIVE WRITING, AND ALLIED FIELDS OF WORK Sv THE YOUTH OF AMERICA IN THEIR SCHOOLS. FOURTH ROW: K. PERRY. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: M. MYERS, MISS A. SINCLAIR, E. J. MCMAHON KSPON- SOR,, C. BURCHAM. 2ND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: H. OwEN, J. MORRIS. PROMISING TALENT QIOI-IN J. EBERHARDT, QUILL AND SCROLL, rancle ina!! THE DIRECTORS OF THE HBEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES" AND ITS ALL STAR CAST, THE JILLS AND JOES OF AHS, RUSH THE THEATER DOORS ON MAT 26 TO SEE THEMSELVES IN THE PREMIER OF THE MOVIE THAT wAS A YEAR IN THE MAKING. TO THOSE wHO wISH TO NAME CELEBRITIES, TO DESICNATE FEATURED PLAY- ERS AND TO AWARD UQSCARSH THE PRESS AGENTS HAVE THIS TO SAY "'TO EACH HIS 0wN', EVERY MEMBER OF THIS GREAT CAST IS A STAR IN HIS OWN RIGHT.n CLEMENCE, V. WALBRUN. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: I J. DExTER, P. SHIVERS, G. HENRY. ABSENTEES: B. Ohm eniom ALEXANDER, PAUL H -Y U5 BAND I,2,3,N5 PEP BAND I,25 BASKET- BALL l'2'3'Uf5 JR. LION. ANDERSON, IVAN F.F.A. l,2,3s HAH CLUB 3,N5 FOOTBALL l'2'N+5 BASKETBALL l'2'34N'5 TRACK U5 JR. ROTAR AN. ARGANBRIGHT, ANITA Y-TEEN I,2,3,U. AYRE, LYLE H -Y I,2,3,U5 F.F.A. l,2,3. BARLOV, ALFRED BASKERVILLE. ARLEN TRACK N. BECKER, LENA COM. CLUB 3,U5 ISH CHAY JAY M. BIEGERTI JOHN HI-Y l,2,3,4, CAB. 2,35 A CLUB 2,35 , SEC. U5 BAND I,2,3,N. PEP BAND l,2, BOYS ENSEMBLE I, 3,N5 BASKETBALL l'2'3+Nf5 TENNIS l+2f3ih5 SEC. I5 JR. PLAYS SR. PLAYJ STUDENT COUNCIL 2,35 VICE- PRES. 3: JR. LION. BIRDWELL. JIM FOOTBALL 1.25 TRACK 3. BOWERS, JACK I HAH CLUB 3,U5 CHORUS 1,3,U, BOYS' ENSEMBLE I5 BASKETBALL 2'3fNf5 TENNIS 3fN5 JR. LION. BRAX, GENE H -Y I,2,3,N5 F.F.A. I5 CHORUS 35 JR. ROTARIAN. BRISCOE, HAROLD SALINA l,2,3. BROWN, EVELYN Y-TEEN 2,3,N5 PEP CLUB I,2,35 CHORUS 3,N. BURCHAM, CARLYN Y-TEEN I,2,3,U5 C.A.A. I,2,3,U, CAB. 23 PEP CLUB l,2.3: CHORUS I,2,3,N5 YEARBOOK STAFF ASSOC. EDITOR N5 SR. PLAYL QUILL AND SCROLL U. CAIRNS. HUGH H -Y 3,35 CHORUS 2. CARLSON, IRIS Y-TEEN I,2,3,U5 G.A.A. I5 CBM. CLUB 3,h5 ISH CHAY JAY, VICE-PRESSBHS CHORUS I,3,M. CLEMENCE, HAZEL Y-TEEN 2,35 PEP CLUB l,25 CHORUS l,U5 NBOOSTERH, EDIPOR-IN-CHIEF U5 QUILL AND SCROLL U. CLEMENCE, JULE COM. CLUB U5 ISH CHAY JAY M: CHORUS l,2,3,U. COBB, JOHN HI-Y I,2,3,N5 FOOTBALL I,2'3'U+5 BASKETBALL I'2'3'5 BASKETBALL MANAGER MS5 TRACK 2'3f5 BASE- BALL I3 JR. ROTARIAN. COLE, ISAAC F.F.A I,2,3,U5 A CLUB 3, 5 CHORUS 2,3,N, BOYS' ENSEMBLE 35 FOOTBALL I'2'3fU'5 BASKETBALL l'2'3+Uf5 TRACK 2'3+N. COWAN. MARILYN Y-TEEN l,2,k5 BAND l,2. COX, GORDON HI-Y l,2,3,U5 F.F.A. l,2,3,h, TBBAB. 3, PBBB. kg LIVESTOCK JUDG1NG TEAM 35 JR. ROTARIAN. CROUGH, BONNIE PEP CLUB l,2,35 G.A.A. l,2,35 FRESH. CHORUS5 YEARBOOK STAFF ASSOC. EDITOR U. CURRAN, DELMAR HI-Y 2,U5 CHORUS I,2,3, BOYS' ENSEMBLE 2,35 FOOTBALL l,2. EASTER. GEORGE 3 HI-Y I,2,3,U, CAB. U5 STUDENT COUNCIL 35 JR. ROTARIAN. ll Il 1+ ll ll 1+ 'S irnff, j, MA' 5 D.A R ENGLE, JOAN Y-TBBN l,2,3,H, CAB. 3,hI C.A.A. I,2,3,M, CAB. 3,h5 PEP CLuB.l,2,3,U, PRES. N5 CHORUS l,2,3,N. ESPENSHADE, LOIS Y-TEEN 2,35 PEP CLUB I,25 COM. CLUB 3,U, V-cE- PRES. U5 ISH CHAY JAY U. FARR, BETTY LOU Y-TEEN 3,N5 COM. CLUB 3,U5 ISH CHAY JAY N. FOSTER, JIM F.F.A. I,2,3,U5 CHORUS 2,3,U5 FOOTBALL l. GARTEN, ALVIN HI-Y 3,U3 F.F.A l,2,3,U, REPORTER U5 HAH CLUB 3,U5 CHORUS 3,U5 FOOTBALL I,2'3+H+5 JR. LION. GARY, DON H:-Y l,3S HAH CLUB 3.h3 BAND I,2,3IhI PEP BAND I,2,35 FOOTBALL I,2'3fN'5 TRACK 2'3'H5 BASEBALL I'5 BASKETBALL l,2'. GIBBSY MARY ANN Y-TEEN l,2,3,U5 COM. CLUB 3: PEP CLUB l,2g BAND I,2,3,N, TwIRLER l,2,3,N, ORCH. 3. GIL, MARGARET PEP CLUB 2,3,U. OILLILAND, DEAN HI-Y l,2,35 BAND I,2,3,N, PEP BAND 1,25 JR. LION. GILLILAND, PHIL H -Y 2,3,U, CAB. N5 HBOOSTERH, EDITORIAL STAFF N5 JR. LION. GODFREY, POLLY Y-TEEN I,2,3S G.A.A. I: PER CLUB l,2,33 COM. CLUB 35 CHORUS I,2,3,N. HARTMAN, LELAND BASKETBALL I. HAYNES, WILLA MAY Y-TEEN 2,3,N5 PEP CLUB 25 STUDENT COUNCIL N. HENRY, GLADYS Y-TEEN 3,N, CAB. N5 PEP CLUB 3,35 COM. CLUB 35 YEARBOOK STAFF, ASSOC. EDITOR U5 JR. PLAY2 SR. PLAYS QUILL AND SCROLL U5 CLAY CENTER I,2S G.R. I,25 BOOSTER CLUB l,25 CHORUS l,23 MIXED CHORUS. HOULTON, PHYLLI5 Y-TEEN I5 COM. CLUB U5 ISH CHAY JAY, PRES. M5 CHORUS l,2,3. HUFFMAN, ROSALIE COM. CLUB 35 G.A.A. 35 PEP CLUB l,2,3. OUTSTA JOAN ENGLENANNG hH'ERS D DEAN ROSS . ' REPR JE ESENT AN ScUP,NAT'VE V M,A, GIBBS AND K.D. STUART SR. BAND MEMBERS 49 B I .B . . A,..B.L.,.i.. ...L .L 4, . ON eniord HUSTON, IVAN F.F.A. I,2,3,U, SENTINEL 2, VICE-PRES. 25 HI- Y 2,3,k3 HAH CLUB 3,N3 FOOTBALL I. FOOTBALL MANAG- ER Mig GOLF 2'3+N3 JR. ROTARIAN. IHDEI DELORES PEP CLUB Us Y-TEEN UQ CHORUS N3 HOPE I,2,3g PEP CLUB I,2,3, CHORUS 2,3, GIRLS TRIO 3, BAND 2,3, SEC.-TREA5. I3 STUDENT COUNCIL I: JR. PLAY, CHEERLEADER 2. JOHNSON. ROSS UAN CLUB N5 HI-Y kg FOOTBALL U45 ALL STATE THIRD TEAM, CKL, SECOND TEAM: TRACK hi VICE-PRES. UQ SOLOMON I,2,3g F.F.A. I,2,3, TREAS. 23 CHORUS I,2,35 FOOTBALL l,2+3'3 BASKETBALL l,2f3'3 VICE- PRES. I: SCHOOL PLAY 2. KAPPEL, NORMAN HI-Y 2,3,H3 BAND I,2,3,M, PEP BAND 2,3,U, ORCH. 3. KIPPENBERGER, BETTY G.A.A. 3,Ug PEP CLUB 3: BAND 3,N, ORCH. 35 FOOTBALL QUEEN ATTENDANT 3g FOOTBALL QUEEN Ng JR. PLAYI SR. PLAYS THOMAS, OKLA. I,2. KOEPSEL, GLADYS PEP CLUB 2,35 COM. CLUB 3,Mg ISH CHAY JAY N, BAND I,2,3. KOOKEN, BONNIE Y-TEEN I,2,3,h. G.A.A. 3.4: PEP CLUB l,2,3,U. KRENGER. ED H -Y I,2,3,U, CABL UQ HAH CLUB 3,H3 NBOOSTERH ADVERTISING MANAGER U5 FOOTBALL I,2,3'Uf: TRACK 33 BASKETBALL I,2', PRES. 2: STUDENT COUNCIL I: JR. PLAY, JR. LION. KUNTZ, MARLENE Y-TEEN 2,3,M5 COM. CLUB 3. LADY, EVELYN Y-TEEN I,2,3,U, CAB. bg G.A.A I,2,3,hg PEP CLUB I,2,3,N3 COM. CLUB My BAND I,2,3,N, PEP BAND I,2: JR. PLAYS SR. PLAY, CHEERLEADER 3,h3 FOOTBALL QUEEN ATTENDANT I,2. MCMAHON, ELLA JO G.A.A. 29 PEP CLUB 2,3,N: SEC. 35 COM. CLUB 3: YEARBOOK STAFF CO-EDITOR kg SR. PLAY, STUDENT COUNCIL 3,Ug QUILL AND SCROLL U3 FALLS CITY, NEB. I. MCNULTY, BEVERLY Y-TEEN I,2,3,U5 G.A.A. I,2,3,hg PEP CLUB l,2, 3,Mg COM. CLUB 35 BAND l,3,U: SR. PLAY. MING, CLARINE Y-TEEN I,2,3,u: CAB. 3,h. G.A.A. I,2,3,u, CAB. 3,Ng PEP CLUB I,2,3,N, SEC. 2: CHORUS 3,4, GIRLS' ENSEMBLE 3,h: JR. PLAY: SR. PLAY, STUDENT COUNCIL I3 FOOTBALL MA.D OF HONOR U. MOHLER, JACK HI-Y 3,h, CAB. U3 CHORUS M: VICE-PRES. 3, SEC. TREAS. U: JR. ROTARIANL SR. PLAYS RIO DE JANEIRO I,2. MONROE, MARJORIE Y-TEEN I,2,3,U: G.A.A I,2,3,h: PEP CLUB I,2,35 CHORUS 3,U. MONTGOMERY, JIM HAH CLUB My BAND I,2,3,U, COLOR GUARD I,2, PEP BAND I,23 TRACK 2'34H5 TUMBLING TEAM I,2, CAPT. 2. MOORE, RICHARD HI-Y 23 CHORUS I,2: FOOTBALL I: GOLF 3'N. MOURER. MARILYN Y-TEEN I,2,3,U5 PEP CLUB I,25 COM. CLUB 3: G.A.A. I,25 CHORUS 3,U. ' MYERS, MARLENE Y-TEEN I,2,3,lI, cw. 3.1I. s.A.A. I.2.3.1I. CAB- 33 PEP CLUB l,2,3,h, VICE-PRES. N5 COM. CLUB 33 BAND l,2,3,N5 YEARBOOK STAFF, CO'EDlTOR Us JR. PLAY3 SR. PLAY, CHEERLEADER 3,U3 STUDENT COUNCIL 2,35 QUILL AND SCROLL Us DEBATE TEAM U3 GIRLS' STATE 3. NAGELY, PHYLLIS Y-TEEN I,2,3,I-I3 COM. CLUB 3. CHORUS I,2.3.1I- NEHER. JOANNE Y-TEEN I.2,3,1I. PEP CLUB I.2.3.1+: CHORUS ll- OWEN, BERNETA' Y'TEEN I,2,3,U, CAB. U3 PEP CLUB 2,3,U3 COM. CLUB 35 BAND l,2,3, PEP BAND 2,33 UBOOSTERN, EDITOR -IN-CHIEF U3 JR. PLAYQ STUDENT COUNCIL N5 QUILL AND SCROLL N. ROBINSON, DAVE HI-Y Us CHORUS N, BOYS' ENSEMBLE Us FOOTBALL H+: LOS ANGELES, CALIF. I,2,3. DRIVERS TRAINING GROUP: L. W. DICKERSON, INSTRUC- TOR, C. GLATTL w. PHILLIPS. WATCHING THE SHOOTING OF A SCENE: P. LEWIS, I. TURNER, B. HART, D. HELM, V. GARY, E, SQROGGINS, E. SMITH. ROYAL CEREMONIES AT THE CROWNING OF THE FOOTBALL QUEEN: L. TO R.: B. KIPPENBERGER, QUEEN, D. ROBSON, R. WATSON, M. V. JOHNSON, J. HUFFMAN, J. CALLAHAN, C. ZEY, J. COBB. eniora ROBSON, DEAN HI-Y l,2,3,h, CAB. 3,45 UAH CLUB 2,3,H, PRES. N5 BAND 2,3,U3 FOOTBALL I'2'3fU'g CAPT. U5 CKL SECOND TEAM, BASKETBALL I,23 TRACK2'3Hg CAPT. 23 JR. PLAY5 SR. PLAY: STUDENT COUNCIL 3,43 JR. RDTARIAN: H1-Y MODEL LEGISLATURE 3. SCHNELL. ROXANNE Y-TEEN l,2,3s PEP CLUB I,2,3, CHORUS I,2: ISH CHAY JAY, SEC. Us COM. CLUB 3,N. SCRIVEN, BILL H1-Y I,2,3,N: BAND 3,33 BOYS' ENSEMBLE 3,N, VICE PRES. 23 JR. RDTARIAN. SCUPIN. JEAN ANN Y-TEEN I,2,3,U, CAB. I,2,3,h, C.A.A. I,2,3,h, CAB. l,2,3,N5 PEP CLUB l,2,3,Ug CHORUS 33 PRES. I5 SR. PLAYS D.A.R. REPRESENTATIVE M. G.A.A. SR. BASKETBALL CHAMPS: E. LADY, C. MING, J. ENDLE, B. MCNULTY, B. SPRINCER, J. SCUPIN. SEXTONI BRUCE HI-Y I,2,3,H3 COM. CLUB Up NAU CLUB 3,H, BAND l,2,3,U, PEP BAND 2,3,N, BOYS' ENSEMBLE Us HBOOST- ERH, ADVERTISING MANAGER U3 FOOTBALL I,3fh', CKL SECOND TEAMS BASKETBALL 2,33 TRACK 2,3,uS BASE- BALL I5 PRES. 35 JR. PLAY3 SR. PLAYS STUDENT COUNCLL 2: JR. LION: DEBATE TEAM Us BOYS' STATE 3. SEXTONY JOHN F.F.A. I,2,3,Ng HI-Y 3,33 LIVESTOCK JUDGING TEAM 33 TRACK 3'U. SEXTON, MERVIN F.F.A. I,2,3,N, SEC. Ng LIVESTOCK JUDCINC TEAM 35 HI-Y 2,Ng FOOTBALL I3 TRACK U. SHULER, GENE HI-Y N3 FOOTBALL his CKL SECOND TEAM: LOS ANGELES, CALIF. l,2,3. SMITH. SHIRLEY Y-TEEN 3,hg COM. CLUB 33 BAND I,2, TwIRLER I,2, CHORUS U. SPRINGER, BEVERLY Y-TEEN I,2,3,U, CAB. hy C.A.A. I,2,3,h, CAB. 3,M3 PEP CLUB I.2,3,N, VICE-PRES. 33 CDM. CLUB 3,N, PRES. My BAND I, PEP BAND I, CHORUS 3,H5 SEC. 3: SR. PLAY: FOOTBALL: MAIB or HONOR H. STARK, JOYCE Y-TEEN 3,53 PEP CLUB 2,3,U: CDM. CLUB U, CHORUS l,2,3,N: JR. PLAY. SNYDER, LOIS PEP CLUB ls CHORUS Us STRING ENSEMBLE I,2,3, GIRLS' ENSEMBLE U, BAND 3. ' STROLE, ARDELLA Y-TEEN I,2,3,U: ISH CHAY JAY N5 G.A.A. 35 PEP CLUB I,2,35 COM. CLUB 3,U, CHORUS l,2,3,M: JR. PLAYQ INTERNATIONAL BOOKKEEPINC OSCAR 3. STRUNK, ROSELLA Y-TEEN I,2,3,U: C.A A. I,2,3,h, PEP CLUB I,2,3. STUART, KENT HI-Y I,2,3,h: CDM. CLUB Us CHORUS 2, PEP BAND I,2,3,M, BAND I,2,3,4, DRUM MAJOR 3,N, ORCH. 3, BOYS' ENSEMBLE U5 JR. PLAYS SR. PLAYS JR. ROTARIAN. THACKER, THOMAS CHORUS l,2,3,k, BOYS' ENSEMBLE 35 TRACK 2'. THORPE, FRED HI-Y I,2, ,Ng CDM. CLUB U3 BAND l,H, PEP BAND l,U, TRACK 3 STUDENT COUNCIL M, PRES. U, JR. LION: JR. ROTARIAN. TINKLER, DEAN HI-Y I,2: NAU CLUB 2,3,hS CHORUS 3: FOOTBALL I'2'3'Nf: BASKETBALL 2'3Wp GOLF 2'3+: BASEBALL I's TRACK 3. VAN BUSKIRK, GRETA PEP CLUB I,2,3: ISH CHAY JAY U, CHORUS I,2,3,4: VIOLA, BOB HAH CLUB Us HI-Y 2,3,U: BAND I,2,3,U, PEP BAND I,2,3,N3 FOOTBALL 3, FOOTBALL MANAGER his GOLF U. WALBRUN, VELRIE . Y-TEEN I,2,3,N5 PEP CLUB l,23 COM. CLUB 3, G.A.A. I: CHORUS I: YEARBOOK STAFF, BUSINESS NANAG- ER Ng QUILL AND SCROLL U. WARNER, BOB WATSON, BOB HI-Y I,2,3,U, CAB. 3,h. UAW CLUB 2,3,U, VIEE- PRES. Us CHORUS 2, BAND I,2,3,h, PEP BAND 2,3,N, ORCH 3, BOYS' ENSEMBLE 3,Ng BASEBALL lf: TRACK 2', 3',N: BASKETBALL I,2'3'3 FOOTBALL I'2'3+Uig VICE-PRES. I, PRES. U3 JR. LIONS JR. PLAY: SR. PLAY: STUDENT COUNCIL U5 ABILENE COWBOY JOE- VL .... . 52 l.- emo:-A ' I. R WEISHAAR, MARVIN HI-Y l,2,3,Ng HAH CLUB 3,N3 FOOTBALL I: BAS- KETBALL l'2'3'4'g SEC.-TREAS. 25 JR. PLAY: JR. LION. WHITE, MAXINE , ' Y-TEEN I,2,3,hg G.A.A. I. PEP CLUB I,2,3,hg COM. CLUB 3,55 ISH CHAY JAY Us CHORUS l,2,3,N, GIRLS' ENSEMBLE 3,h. WHITEHAIR, PAUL HI-Y I,2,3,U, CAB. 2,39 UAH CLUB 3,N, COM. CLUB M5 CHORUS N, BOYS' ENSEMBLE Us FOOTBALL l', 2'3+Nf3 BASKETBALL l'2'3'3 TRACK 2'3 SR. PLAY: JR. LION. WILSON, LOIS Y-TEEN 23 COM. CLUB 3,45 ISH CHAY JAY U. TRIBUTE TO A STAR A CHEERY HHELLOH, A SPARKLING SMILE, AND A VIVACIOUS PERSONALITY MADE SHERRY REINRING A LOVELY YOUNG PERSON TO KNOW. THIS FRESHMAN STARLET wAS AN HONOR STUDENT AND POSSESSED UNUSUAL MUSICAL TALENT, EXCELLING IN BOTH VOCAL MUSIC AND PIANO. SHERRY LOVED LIFE. SCHOOL FOR HER WAS FILLED WITH MANY INTERESTING PHASES, EACH ONE AN ADVENTURE. HER TRAGIC DEATH STUNNED ALL AND ALTHOUGH SHE MAY BE GONE SHERRY WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN BY THE STUDENTS AND FACULTY OF ABILENE HIGH. BILLINGS. BERNITA I B.S., FORT HAYS KSC. BUDD, O. J. B.S., KSTC, EMPORIA. CARLILE. EUGENE B.S., FORT HAYS KSC. COMIN, DOROTHY A. A.B. UNIVERSITY OF CALIF.: B.S. OF L.S. UNI- VERSITY OF DENVER. CRONKITE, HENRY O. B.S., KANSAS STATE COLLEGE. DICKERSON, WAYNE L. B.S., KSTC OF PITTSBURG. EDBERG, EDNA A.B., BETHANY COLLEGE. EWERT, HENRY A.B., BETHEL UNIVERSITY5 M.A., UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS. HIGGINBOTTOM, LORITA B. OF ART ED., UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS. PIKE, LEONARD M. B.S., KANSAS STATE COLLEGE. PINSON. MABEL I. B.S.. KSTC OF EMPORIA: B.S. IN COM., B.S. IN ED., M.A., COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY. ROBSON, ROBERT B.S5, KANSAS STATE COLLEGE. ROCK, KENNETH M. A.B., MCPHERSON COLLEGES M.A., USC, CALIF. SAMUELSON, MARGARET B.A., SOUTHWESTERN COLLEGE, WINFIELO. SCHMUTZ. ALVIN W. B.S. IN MUSIC, KSTC OF EMPORIA. SCOTT, WINNIE T. B.S. IN ED., B.S. IN COM., KSTC OF EMPORIA. SHIRK. DAVID L. A.B., UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS. SINCLAIR, ALICE E. B.S., KSTC OF EMPORIA. SINGLETON, JUANDA B.S., NORTHEAST MISSOURI STATE TEACHERS COL- LEGES. TICE, CHARLES B. A.B., COLLEGE OF EMPORIA. TIEFEL, DOLORES A.B., UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS CITY. TURNER, PAUL B.S., UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS. TYLER, DONALD J. A.B., NEBRASKA STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE. WEISGERBER, NEVA E. A.B., KANSAS WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY: M.A., UNI- VERSITY OF WISCONSIN. WORMAN, RUSSELL E. B.M.E., UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS. JR. NBIG WHEELSH, WORK ON THE WINTER CARNIVAL WHO LEADS THE THE MUSIC BAND, R. E. WORMAN. ROBERT ROBSON, SUPERINTENDENT W. C. GEN. MATH INSTRUCTOR ROBINSON ON VACATION JR. WINTER CARNIVAL r CTURIAL YEA BUUHS cusnm vans MYERS Cb A- w bn ll! A ix INKOIIFOIIAYIF my-.M KANS. Y W W W W 'W 'W Y Y W W W 1 N W W 1 Y , ,W W , W W W W W . W W Q I l W P W E W . X W .5 ...aww ,W A, ,, , .,.,g,,, W, ,..4.W .-X ,., 3. 31 Sf? ' v i.- wit., C3 ' . ,NV IA. 1 H .AU 4 Q'-C . I .AIX A ' "1 . ,'T'.,1 -' Tffx A? I. x , Af .,.N-' C jf- A , Ut, nr," 54, lk-5 . ,. 1' 1. r i Ay.: . W - Y . , ' Q s 'LN l I Q , w 5 9 1 s. v. 1 1 fl F 4 3 S jf A i at K ll 5 lr . QQ Q 11 1 0 if 9: . W ', , , 1 '

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