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 - Class of 1949

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i x I V ,F X I 'W V K ' S69 Lf 0 QQ,--' W' Vf - ff A Mgffi if W ffffff Oz px F RN., xl f Lyn 45+ 17" 4, 1 x WJ xj V1,4,11f'bf-c ' E L Iyygyy A '-. 3 E 6 V 5 '-Q1 A 4 iq 1 L-V f 5 Jvyyfdpw .5 X I ' if W u E V six - b W f , f J XNFUYI Q .zV4J"C4ff-ff-11 AL,-LLJ A A lx, X ,yy 3' A Mi 1' ,f Qs I v L5'6,f5 5,5 ,L .8553-'V by v - V. i ir ,Y y' 1gf,mWf Q w J f M 5? 'J 4W1,4,g - wr' fu! fflf'4'A?vSMfy ef 3 NJ 5 f"' h N ,992 'fx l W' -ff M ,J Jw k 591119 JA Inf Siffpg' B ' MM77 If E' ff 'WSW ww ' es' f ,Q ' ' " f .' . 1' WC ,LW , W X x 5 ' N' Q54 ff J k fp! '- qi ' li! X K 1 5 il U f X IQ J WM lf V X l i 5 x 319' v f L . HJ ,, X ' -'jr '- ,QQ x ' X 1-iw-, "' ' , Qgjk, 37 f, Q, , R 2' N. MW - wk f , dffwf , wg , , tue' l ! i X W V ,, U Lfffif Q Y SH' 1 W .Ji L it IX' 'Wo R . RY JN AW ' C, E qw 314, by H3,aFfLn bxAAQy 2L,,a'w-gJ'J,2f3-+Q g 3? yfikfm ' wwwwbw fJZ?iLiiLT:k.,4 ' -, f A J i fy X . 'VWW4 1 X W I yb JE qv f V 7393 X BX 75 PX 3 A Kidz? J dw ffiwlgg 35 3 4 Whig, MU Q XQJQQGJ, f1w+.4.,p f J 0 5 U I L 2 . 4 ' ja - 1.- yV -.213 jf,F wg." e' ' 5 2,-3:5 7-,In . ,Y ,M ,il.,gV.'! 4- ,T ,V N ,x r, 1' J .Y ' W . -A 1 ,gt I A Z, r- , I 'V - 1 - " X :Q n .Fl-3 1 wiv X W A if - Af",,..fffj.f'-'f"'x,f!,,,.,,4 f , ' X ff 155 X Q51 avi ' xjffy if X ff M ,ggfs fs ff jf! 'W Q I -V 'if jf' ,L ' iw www Q QQ ig fwmfwg iq A ,,,,W-df W Q? E E3 S" W0if'97'fmW j xxvv -,.,' j - ',4' . P7 , V ' ' L.: ff ' - ' , 3 QW 1 ij, I' A 5' F gg . ' ,Q 56 QQ -- .L +a.'f... ,J . nl . , If E:-if. '. ' - - '-.n-MTLJ:-7 , wf .-cfri..-w, , f ,. lx v n-P1 Z2 ,W W5 wgw wg , Pijblpgkziajfij, WW vw ii? WW RF iw. Ni f 775 Q? KSN ' ff I J Q ffgfwwk ZV0ff'w4mqf I X 4 1 vf ll - " gf 5 WWA- M X . 3, Ng? gf . ,1V v N. , I m. Q ,gd as '9"""m""'? ,W 1 K M QQ? Www' 4 Hiwfw Q ffm fffffi fi 2 if 3 MJ ' fp, gk Ni 3 xi qEfww'ff'Rf if X 8 . if -is X Ex 5 x ig' R ' ' N X f? , XX X Ri RX S i . 1-A-1. Q2 ig Q A ' 'Qu -L5 as Y fi 2 "lg QL 5- NS! ix Qi . 43 gi ' 1-1, A D fi 'fs X Q Q. 'o x CR "" . 3 - Q it L. Y 3 .gg ,Q .E f' fm :TL K" Mb Q. 'T , x, K X2 X ' i. qs - Q -S: . .. --45N 'fx .ax 'P ...,-, .gi ' A f QUREYDN' like Jbiine jam As our forefathers of pioneer days built and established 'Abilene Town,"a community founded on hard work, dauntless courage, and intelligent foresight, so have we seniors, in our own small Way, been attempting to build and to make secure for ourselves a life founded on these principles of our forebears. Herein, we pre sehta pictorial account of a few of the memorable incidents we have experienced on the Abilene Trail as we traveled the high school roads of our journey. May all of us forever cherish the experiences, humorous, serious, and otherwiseg thejoys and tears--all the heartaches and wonderful memories--symbols of our hopes and dreams in the ever upward climb to success that we have recorded on these pages. Here it is . . . . your Orange and Brown. The Editors Abilene High School fr 'N f. 5 Q Abilene, Kansas N A Wim X. HM V-H -Y.,.....M..,....1 'B W - , 1 553 Q3 3 A Q Q Q!! A 52,4 A :swf 'W df I 1 We, the Forty Niners of Abilene High glflflel' School, gratefully dedicate this yearbook, the product and symbol of our efforts through '48-'49 to the spirit of the Abilene trail, and to the many brave pioneers who have passed this way and who have gained fame through their untiring efforts in push- ing through the wilderness and establish- ing a way of life which has lasted down through the years. This spirit is characterized by Mr. J. B. Edwards, an oldtirner who has con- tributed much to the almost forgotten his- torical background of Abilene, and who 'has gained recognition as the oldest em- ployee in the legislature at Topeka," his service dating back to 1907. Mr. Edwards and many people like him have done much to make our country what it is today. rip, MR., 1cB'EDw Wins 'FRY' Try, at y I Q ' A all A L W, 1, I . -main m it .1 .M --Qamrimf .3 Q , . , . ' ' U 3 Jgf., ,-rig F fi B 1 fwgggiiesif J, ' .- ' v, rcuwye c , intl 'lf f X, g' , is 41, ursifff LS H fa, 2 a '15ke5rfQQ .w Q, f ,QQ .J Us I I givin 3 J 1 4 Marg a 3 fi:iS1'M'? gags: .S 1 ,5 51 Aa., 5 32535 5 iiiigifiii? 2 HL i igfiiffi? Q 525513,-f , 1' Q 'Q fi? H V Hwiwgi an ik rf K . el 32:5 'E' B a 'iifziigsy 1 ,aiufgifwhllvf .Q3eB"?9f - 5 S , Mert W H ni' 'x if E35 il is, iqkf ' k , , if 242 B w 1 mm N 4 a , - WOW" Vernell Burton, Germaine Lucky, Betty Chapman. in Me Waking Don . , Sp0I150f X'fG Q egg I . ' 1 T ' , Miss Alice E' 5mcgGsineSS Marqger B Dong-1obS1YRaQthg Zey , ,Co-Edxtor-5 gioanne Jon a 1 S e '- PM Y Hardisfyf' Charlotte L k",k f. y' Fran- DOI' Othy Gilbert Yi H1994 kv W E s in g , Bonnie Leckrone, Barbara W i S Emma Pat Beetch. On 'Ii 4 Ioyce N MCC ormic . Y is Ma Gi5h,Dorma Russell, yon, Lyle And erson B ureen Pa t e e dham , Mar Ryu 3 ob t Q X W, X1 X in ix . 1 15 R' t As Tom Smith, J. B. Case, Dr. .T. M. Hodge, Ia- cob Augustine and many others of the pione e r days strove to build a better town, so Superintendent W. C. Rob- inson and Principal E. L. Fiedler are striving to build a better school, a gateway to life's experiences for the students of Abilene High School. E. L. FIEDLER Principal of Abilene High School W. C. ROBINSON Superintendent of Abilene Public Schools spa...- Q WIKI!! . ht-- u I , BAC KhROW, ieigto Killing Secretary. FRONTE1 H. Le man, - ' ' H war Row left to right-'Ernest L' Mgorel-1 E ' .d t, C- L, Bralnal' , - W, Keel, presi GH Gug C E, Wilson John 191-,treasurein l 'I +3 clmim5frafL0W -his Doris Hamme secretary to Principal E.. L. Fiedler. Margaret Wardrop and assistant, Doris Fuller, secretaries to Superintendent W. C. Robinson. Margaret Wardrop is also clerk of the Board of Education 432 ., W' B1 .ef Li Q. Q. vs- y L Eugene Carlile O. J. Budd Margaret Samuelson Charles B. Tice 2 Henry O. Cronkite r othy C omin , Asfmw L All Alvin W ,,,, Neva E Weisge Edberg MW Lorita Higginbottorn Rebecca Tice Alice E. Sinclair Mildred Coles L. Wayne Dickerson David L. shirk Z X Kenneth M. Rock Betty Lowe A pw'-f v- Qi'-, Leonard M. Pike . Russell E. Wo M - f.. Winnie Tgcott 'Il 'ek Mabel I. Pinson 'CE-5 1 A 'gg Henry Ewert ,V dx fr N L C ' fs ,sq we ,L c, ff Donald .T Fred C. Perdue Q M W L4 'G Wx cHfW AQK Q5- V ' A ' to 's .Q f I IVF X K Ji -:Ji a Ui f fn J ill. bd lg ,J ,,,, LX' 1 xu I . J ,-93' s ,fm t QE E li s e 5 ohm B1 Representative of the school spirit is the Student Council with Reed Perry as their eader and Miss Winnie T. Scott as advisor. Junior Rotarians and Junior Lions were selected from these students School dances rere plannedg Care packages were mailedg and other activities were sponsored by this STANDING, left to right: Monte Myers, Ella Jo McMchon Reed Perry Jackie Scott Pat Gay Neil Anderson, Dolores Carcuff, Glenda Haynes. SEATED Jay McDan1els Marlene Myers Dean Robson, Miss Winnie T. Scott, sponsorg Doreen Cronkite John Biegert Mary McD891e1S vice Presi 3 37 :Y Reed P?ggef'C JQE ,, CANDJDA TE S QUEEN CANDIDATES 94 2g Vg! G 969 y, 9 Q,f Y -TEEN DANCE if Sne Owbo bil 08 -FEI J Q avr I 4,1 4 T 3 sf, it . Sxn, nw l 'fafiefl ,J 54 dent, a b mall horse shoe given to him by the yearbo Pat Gay . 'I' O' 'Ley and I.. Q3T-f1e- 5 iii: TTY ,Sh I lf' I fuk. L' 'Tides I lm 'ii oi Abilene Big Senior I - F or the iir st time in the history School, a boy has been nominated by the Class oi l94B-49 and elected by the student body to reign as 'Abilene Cowboy See." Pt special assembly in the iorrn oi a radio pro- grarnby the S onrnalisrn Class served as the setting or bestowing uponBob Sexton, Senior Class Presi- 'I rown silk ribbon denoting the honor, and a - with a boot attached, which were ok co-editors, Nlartha :R 6' or Emi 9-J lf: Shirley Krenger Robert Russell Sec.-Treas. Vice-Pres. 5 I ' l i if eruom ff" Robert Sexton President , .N f vs. V2 '. , yi- ,N - - Q ix Herbertine Clark Vernell Burton Kenneth Bebermeyer Richard Brayton A K f - Clarice Bettis Geneva Adam Connie Berger Emma Beetch Kenneth Baker Lucy .To Allen Phyllis Bell Q V 'w . A"' 'w Bevie Allen VNB Verna Beadleston in Garnet Bolen l . if i W if Neal Anderson Robert Bowers Dorothy Becker William K -.- Lyle Anderson f Cleason Botz A S ' Edith Bogart 'MP I Norma Blosser 'L '-A :Hia- 1 ii A N A 'iw . f .41 ' 5 Y 'Wx It Q9 TSX " 'x Q? Eugene Decker Marilyn Hummel Lucille Haffa Lavarre Gibson Ioan Headley Dorothey Gilbert at K .az ix .3 5: l 553 im 1 i.Wh.f Bonnie Hanna John Dobkins Verl Eckman Dona Cormack Ioan Hern Willard Davis Qlfl l0I"5 , ' o f -I 1, I I ' Q ' 4 -iff? ,xv 7 I1 fhx rf 9 X f 1 N 1 I' x xl if gf KN Q X fd 5' Y' X W' Mx 4, 1' Maxine Connor ff ' Irene Chase V' Lg 5 Q 'AV John Glatt M Dorothy Dexter KG I Betty Chapman U V- , ,L SX J S S. . Dwight Flora 25-2.4 Y Doris Hosie ,'1T.1,?- Leonard Daniels t G3-Y Chester Gay G-?i5SW1nt Frank rancis Hardisty Marilyn Gish Frank Davis I 1? 23.357- Dolores Carkuff PM 5 ,sv fri" 'N is Wk iff' qi .ai-vm lb- was ,1-K ,..,av :rf ,s , f -:f ' John Houlton Melvin Murphy '24 -J " 1' , " ,,,-gr -1, Wa ne Owen Harold Johnson , ,Lf Fl ss.. Y 7: 25" 4 1' - Germaine Luckie Donald Kolling Donna McCormic Kenneth Neher Robert McDaniel Bonnie Leckron M Robert Harding Hester Longanecker en iam Y-'X Bill Knopp Sammy Owens Clifford Holley Bonnie Myers Joyce Needham fikfg- ...... .-f Dennis Murphy Elizabeth McKnight Reed Perry John Maynhalt Merlin Moorman Maureen Payton Joanne Jones Norma Partch Earl Percival ' Charlotte Leshle Alice Maynhart 'TIT' 0 ,,, ,p i ls ia iil u yn. 0 19' .-rss' -ss. we Y ,YW ua, ...lx Q1 K' !!,f K Maurice Howard Robert Sisson Eugene Wilson Shirley Swanson Jackie Scott Mary Lou Sidener n ober Starburg Wright owe Wyckoff Schmutz as Robson t R James Parks Marvin Zeigler John Pientka w"SQ . . ., , ' rw, isa, -5? Y' uf Dorothy Wilson William Wilson xr bxxXl 5 1 eniom 4 as it-,. f -7-V 7 , Cor, ,,.,,.f Q- ,ff gg ff!!! ' ' -S-Tgi-w,5x' f , A1 Rasp Virginia Robson Jean Root Phyllis Smith 'T lf 1 -f Donald Robson' f Barbara Wissing Betty Sanders Delbert Sexton 'FA Martha Zey 45 by A J s 2, WHL Elaine Snyder Gayle Wilson J 5 3.. 4 x. S. NL 3 x X . My f F Jlre r . 'cf' eel ry W M EK7 S - ,: . A A t . Y - Teens Take to the Trail. Ita! --Read A11 About Teachers sign on the dotted line. ig 1 9!EgAf:S On .fggiine gui! 15 un iam ert l Cole L.Chalker,G BACK ROW--A. Barlow, A. Garten, G. Easter, J. B1eg , . , Brax, I. Campbell, L. Ayre, I . Bowers, J. Cobb. SECOND ROW--I. Carlson, M. Crane B. Crough, G. Cox, J. Foster, P. Alexander, D. Brown, D. Bergrneier, 1. Anderson J. Birdwell, A. Baskerbille. FIRST ROW--R. Darling, C. Burcham, M. Cowan, E. C 'rns,A. Arganbright, D. Curran, J. Clemence, I... Espenshade Brown, B. Farr, H. 31 ' "'- -1-A-n sACK ROW--R, M omery, N- KaPPe1o2reI:iB. McNu1tY, P. Gilliland, L. Hartman R M d erson H Jud h ' ' amy' 5- M0h1er, C. Ming. SECOND , ' a aus' J' Mont' E Koe. .1 a , EZ. Krenger, M. A. Gibbs D Gilrl RQW--D. Gary, S. Hen- ghse PEB , M. Markley, FIRST ROW--M.,Mgnroe1 agxd, B. K1ppenberger, E.. Lady, .. , . Huffman, P. Houlton, M. Kuntz, W. M Hagrne-sKcIgokgn:ifE, J, McMahon, P, ' , ' 0 fey, M. Gil. W 'shaar P Nagely F Thorpe CK ROW--B. Sexton,D. Robson, P. Whitehair,M. E1 . 1 - -- ?2?Stuart,T. Thacker,E.. Nemechek, J. Sexton,B. Owen,D. Tmkler. SE-CSN? 1-igWB L. Snyder, M. white, R. semen, J. A. Scupin, J. Neher, M-V1Y1T1'eIfA' M'erYS IQ. Watson B. Springer,B. Scriven. FIRST ROW--M. Sexton,B. 10 B, - Y V ' B - ' A. smne, L. Money- L- W11S0f1'l" Stark' G' an Us Strunk, 5, Smith, V. Walburn, 16 kirk. 5 'vi 5 59,9 0l'l'l0I'e6 BACK ROW--G. Callahan, J. Gabhart, J. Dahlstrom, H. Fuller, E. Chapman, L. Camp- bell, H. Eggleston, E. G. Davis, J. Foust, H. Cutshaw. SECOND ROW--M. Cole, N. Buie, P. Chase, E. Arganbz-ight, P. Clark, J. Anguiano, P. Alexander, G. Dawson, W. Beetch, D. Cruse, S. Conklin, J. Dexter. FIRST ROW--B. Connor, V. Davis, P Eye,B. Cherry, L. Buie,R. A. Dahnke, J. Alstrom,R. Cowan,G. Anguiano, R. Duddy L. H k, D. Glatt N BACK ROW"K' Maffsolf' J' Hoffman' R' Mgrii:o?Qn?1TVs?EooND BIIZVOW--L Luthi Gerboth,D. Hoffman,D. Kiefer-1e,J. vlrliimxgi Markley, R, Kolling, N. Merryfield B Gish, R. Longbine, L- Hampton' ' now--M. Lufhi, s. Hood. D- Hoffman E D. Minter, J. McDaniel, E- Kouing' FIRST Houlton, B. Hart. D- Hart' M' Lmd' BACK Row D T -- . 1 . H. Wilkins, G. Seatzlolgi fgiwlafkins, D. Phillips. I. Whitehair A y Woodson, A, yocum E Smithg iris Rager, L. Zook. SECOND. RCSWOU-Il28.PD. Ruch Zey J. Wissin I . ' ' elers M.K S . " ' e1'1'Y L ' g. Fms ' - fdpf, P. W ' Parks, P. shivers, S. Ar Row--D. Sanford. D. wilson h1feha1,.,A. M. Olsen, L A ,X ankm, F. Rice, N. Sidener B iosaendorff, J. Trane, J 4 X E a - E: ' - ' 54 , 3 17 I f , R x EPQJAHQQH BACK ROW--I. Baskerville, V. Brown, J. Comer, D. Cronkite, A. Allen, C. Crane, L. Atkinson, M. Curran,S. Farr, B. Cameron. SECOND ROW--C. Bienz, K. Alstrom, F. Easter, K. Gilliland, J. Garten, N. J. Collins, J. Callahan, E. Brown, A. Green- wood,E. Eng1e,C. Glatt, I... Dungey. FIRST ROW--M.Gi1, V. Gary,S. Farr,C. Engle, S. Neaderheiser, L.. Baker, D. Brainard, B. Cyre, M. L. Curran, R. Gasswint, D. Cooley, J. Ayers. E. -P. Neyer: F. Moore- QW--G' s xoraan- K' Jonijlfiuay- SECONDrRB. Hoff- F Neyer, D. Huigmzfrlapg, B. Hefnlkip Helm, K- 'now--11 W" ' de, ' , , n In 1 ' . Jifiko Hogan: BACK RO R. Mea , Lmdgfe ' J- .S- ward, A' Odle, 1 F. Holmes' D love, M- HendersZ?ens.A' M' Horan Ho lton L- Koepse ynhaft B' New M Hin' W' H Hou ' .K- a . ,w. Knauss' ' man' M' Myerxims. 5- Hawes' es. Martin,D' 1503 Loader, G- Hayn -P. Lowryf ' BACK ROW--G. Roggendorff, D. Whitehair, H. Woodford, R. Schneider, D. Wilson, D. Ruch, J. Trone, G. Webb, W. Roff, B. J. Wood, B. Singer, C. Stapf, R. Riddle. SECOND ROW--D. Schiller, B. Parks, G. Sims, J. Sampson, D. Schmutz,E. Picking, J. Sexton, D. Schmutz, D. Rider, B. Tudor, D. Stirtz, G. Yeadon, M. Sexton. FIRST ROW--D. Wagner,E. Scroggins, J. Selby,W. White, J. Simmons, P. Wise, P. Strunk, S. Sanders, D. Stewart, R. Starburg, E.. Vinson, R. Townsend, P. Wilson. 18 - Lend i Cl Cnguaf A ., D, . Chlbert, M H . umme 1, C M. Ing: D. Dext er. V R . obson 1 Cr lfiifson, 5 s EHSEN5-3--J.c:tt1,SD, Carkuf , .Sellers Micupin 5' 1 SS B. e 'deals-3 so giS5 M Sa . Bergerfflgelson, L. J A , ' MeYer5, ' Hen, Sponsoredby the community Y .W .C .A. , Y -T een iostersChristian i mental, and spiritual gr ovvthg helps build character, and promotes good citizen- ship. Under the supervision oi Miss Betty Lowe, iaculty sponsor, the l35 member group have taken a part in school aiiairs such as participation in the world week oi prayer With the Hi-Y ,packing oi Red CrossChristrr1as boxes, sponsoring Red Cr oss membership drives, and giving oi the Mother-Daughter Banquet in May. cial, 3 Y-Tee n Cab' P inet--STANDING 't?""" h e 87 H1-Y mem., CL D L-- --- M ' Henry Ewert led t es f Ch istian character. I Q tablish and maintain lugh standards o r i- M--vanguar 5 of Gfizend cya Z0 H i - Y Cabinet--STANDING-- left to right, Freddy Rice, Bob Watson, John Biegert, Neal An- derson, Kenneth W right. SEATED--left to right, Tom R ob s on , Bob Russell, Dean Robson, Mr. Henry Ewert, Bob Sexton, Lyle Anderson, John Maynhart. .W , Q? Ja? lonfufnerciaf X954 Qfenfia! r MIM-- QCOI' QPJ 0 Q - ' ,- -., -.amng a commercial subject ---nip in the Commercial Club, which this year totals 58. Alice Maynhart, Presidentg Gayle Wilson, Vice-President: Martha Zey, Sec- retary: and Shirley Henderson, Treasurerg each head a group of girls to plan and present programs for monthly meetings of the club under the supervision of Miss Winnie Scott and Miss Mabel Pinson, Sponsors. ' and .. th e chosen by the second-Year typmg - 0 1- Horiz0nS, the em 'Broademng u 1- to members t has served as an inspiration throughout the Yea shorthand studen S, of the rsh Chay Jay Club- . .dents and Donna . . B1 ser, V1Ce'PreS1 Officers Jean Root, Pfesldent' Norma os 0- 10118 with various committees conducted the pr -tl-easurer, 3 Cormack, Secretary grams- 21 SCLOJ SW 'n ioneew L New cheerleaders were Pat Gay, Evelyn Lady, Marlene Myers, and Betty Sanders. In new uniforms of brown pleated skirts and gold corduroy jackets with an "A" anda megaphone on the back, a bucking bronco on the pocket, the costume is complete. New Helping with half-time stunts, running concessions at games and contributing pep to pep rallies and games are some of the duties ofthese 113 girls and their Sponsor, Miss Re- becca T ic e . Reorganized in 1946, the purpose of the club is to promote good sportsman- ship and school spirit. Mem- bership is open to any girl as long as she abides by the rules of the constitution of the Pep megaphones were issued with the outfits. gli? uiff Jai! HAZ em berG. A. A. Cabinet mem, t S. are"STAND1NG, left C? right, Clarice Bet-tis V1C':f'President5 Beverl' SP1'1f1Ser. me mbe r shiy P gram? .Te A . . an nn Scupin Presidentg Joan En le S t Q chairmang Pat Gay Pro Barbara Hart as , , , t. S Ort . S , por s captain-J Ming financial- MZ P S CaP'fa1n5 Miss Reb ' , ane Sellers at-,St ' , rlene M , , ecca Tice, L ' -' Program' vers, P'L1b11C1ty, ucy J0 Allen, soclals Claring The Girls' Athletic Association of 67 members, sponsored by Miss Rebecca Tice, has as its aim the promotion of an athletic program to further mental and physical health and improve athletic ability. ' ' d folk dancing are offered in weekly meet- Volleyball, basketball, hiking, softball, an ings. if Heari- Irnfz FORMS New - t 1 Fiaster, Gwvmlolyn first flag OUIJA giftafe STANDING--Vernell Burton, Phyllis Smith, Robert Russell, Marilyn Gish, Joyce Needham, Frank Davis, Betty Chapman, Earl Pe r c i va 1 , Bonnie Leckron, Francis I-Iardisty, Barbara W i s sing , Donald Robson, Joanne Jones, Miss Alice Sinclair, Donna McCormick. SITTING--Dorothy Gilbert, A1Rasp, Le onard Daniels, Clarice Bettis, Maurine Payton, Germaine Luckie, Martha Zey, Pat Gay, Charlotte Leshley, Emma Beetch. E Pike. A, club has shot mm, Mawr two Sli, ICJ the Un' 51:11- smipshots D3-K9 in me an- That Locker 1 put the arm of zh both holes in txt time you close e you Inst any of possessions this you locked your gs Wouldrft walk Phat little gadget rs on the' front ment to decorate 1' locwkczr It was You wmzicl think 'au wcmld he Lim t memmlize their t more of them Q than any other make an effort to wsmbinatiozis, and wished by the mime of us want 'EP Www iw ciowlvdnkt . 's nwerlffl' to 09 , ra I Cordon Cox . is, RCP0rter' V' ce- to right: W1uardDaV 'dents Ivan Huston, 11 ra Officers, leiherlin Moorman,PTeZGatChd0g3 Dwight F O , rllgreiicllgriii, William Greenwood' re ' SeCTCtary' in 1928 and is not national organization of boys studyin agriculture. ed asa g vocational All F. F. A. activities are boy-initiated and boy- directed. The results, therefore, are due to farm- i n g objectives which are set up and car- ried out b 1: selves. er train y he boys them- To year is 37, and the boys are di Pike. tal membership this rected by Mr. L. M. OY5 .1 Jw 1 F. F. A. was founded I ri , 'M-3 I, F. F. A. Shop "Workout" r. Carl Martin's "Brushoff" .24 Andy ay on flue frai! . 5. legafea '64 These 'word slingers" of whom only two had had previous experience, studied the de- bate question, Resolved: That the United Nations now be revised into a Federal World Gov- ernment, under Coach Kenneth Rock. They attendedtournaments at Emporia, Topeka, Hut- chinson, Russell, Osborne, The CKL at McPherson, and the District at Newton, accompa- nied by Mr. O. I. Budd, Guidance Director. First place trophy was won at Osborne, and second place rating at the regional in Newton. CLASS MEMBERS: Standing left to right. Louise Hampton, Ioan Headley, Phil Gilliland, Coach Rock, Dennis Murphy, Marvin Weishaar, Marilyn Gish, Lucy J'o Allen, Bruce Sexton, Gayle Wilson, Bill Brennan, Sitting left to right. Bob McDaniel, Mary Lou Sidener, Neil Anderson, Dorothy Dexter, Pat Gay, .Tack Mohler, Delores Carkuff. FIRST TEAM: Standing: Neg. Delores Carkuff, and Neal Anderson, Aff. Lucy J'o Allen and Pat Gay, and Gayle Wilson Alter- nate, to the left of the Osborne Trophy. Left to right standing: Director R. E. Worman, Diana Cruse, Doreen Cronkite, Dean Gilli- land, Don Adleson, Jim Milham, Lyle Chalker, John Glatt, Bill McCormic, Mary Lou Sid- ner, Fred Rice, Vicky Viola, Bob Warner, Sally Rice, Dick Stirtz. FOURTH ROW: Phyllis Wilson, Kay Ewert, Jerry Gabhart, Donna Weak, Charles Marshall, Barbara Moorman, Elaine Engle, Joan Trone, Shirley Sanders, Keith Lowry, John Houlton, Connie Engle, Dean Robson, Tom Robson, Paul Alexander, James Bill, Norman Kappel, Kent Stewart. THIRD ROW: C. J. Stapf, Nancy Merryfield, Jeannine Sampson, Barbara Hart, Diane Brainard, Gladys Koepsel, Diantha Schiller, Ida Mae Turner, Don Gary, Kenny Baker, Kenneth Wat- kins, Bob Viola, Kay Gilliland, Lyle Anderson, Wayne Owen, Berneta Owen, Neale Gerboth, Bruce Sexton, Eva Scroggins, Delores Wilson, Evelyn Lady, Bob Sexton. SECOND ROW: Marlene Myers, Betty Kippenberger, Eunice Brown, Eugene Howard, Beverly McNulty, John Biegert, Bob Watson, Jim Montgomery, Shirley Swanson, Jack Trone, Lee Atkinson, Donna Sanford, Nancy Rasher, Jane Sellers, Lois Snyder, Jim Scrivens, Mary Ann Gfeller, Burl Pepper, Norma Blosser, Douglas Carlile. FIRST ROW: Joan Henderson, Vivian Gary, Eugene Wilson, Elaine Snyder, Barbara Newlove, Frieda Easter, Carol Sue Fiedler, Mar- lene Conklin, Gwendolyn Goodel, Shirley Bethe, Mary Ann Gibbs. Ltiiica rganizafiorw ff M 5 Left to right: C. J. Stapf, Eu- gene Wilson, Bob Warner, Dick Stirtz. Shirley Jordan, Kent Stewart, Mary Ann Gibbs. Em Ctlfl OPCAQ5 !l"Cl, Left To Right: Jane Sellers, Betty Kippenberger, La Donna Ruth Morley, Eugene Wilson, Jim Milham, Eugene Howard, Frieda Easter, Mary Lou Sidner, Bill Scriven, Barbara Newlove, Norman Kappel, Elaine Snyder, Eva Scroggins, Kent Stewart, Bob Sexton, Dick Stirtz. Lower Picture, Left to right: Elanor Longanecker, Joan Guilfoyle, Vivian Gary, Lois Snyder, Katheryn Snyder, John Biegert, Phyllis Lowry, Bill McCormic, Mary Ann Gibbs, Bob Watson, Phyllis Wilson, Joan Henderson, Lee Atkinson, Doreen Cronkite. Annual Ve spers Practice 29 eta Van Gr itehair, Wh Phyllis le Co Mary ille FV C sk Ba an Iv Curran, hart, YU Ma John Nemechek Pete l'S Bowe Bob sty, i rd Ha ancis , Fr Co le uziic 66165 BOYS' ENSEMBLE: Donald Robson Tornm v Y Thacker, John Biegert, Isaac Cole, Robert Watson, Donald Kolling, Garnet Bolen, E. G. Davis, and accompanist, Bill Sc riven. STRING ENSEMBLE: Elaine Snyder, J' oyce Needham, Accompanist Vivian Gary, Phyllis Wilson, La Donna Ruth Morely, and Phyllis Lowry. '37 GIRLS' ENSEMBLE: Phyllis Smith, Maxine Schmutz Shirley .Tordan Cl ' , , arine Ming, Joyce Needham, Lucy Io Allen,Maxine White, Dona Cormack, Phyllis Roggendorff, and accom- panist, Phyllis Whitehair. 31 5-1 WN, vie ubb Three Sirens. Caught. sticks. R PLAY Packedwith laughs from start to fin- ish, "Susie the Siren," junior class play, directed by Miss Margaret Samuelson, was presented Friday evening, December 10. Headed by Marlene Myers as Susie, a teenager inclined to overdramatize herself, the cast of 16 students were: Jim, Susie's boy friend, Robert Watson, Susie's father, Principal Reynolds of Weston high, Kent Stuart, Susie's mother Gladys Henry, Midge, a less sophisticated girl friend, Clarine Ming, Blimp, a boy who thought he had a way with women, Ed Krengerg Agnes, Beverly, and Nona, teenagers, Evelyn Lady, Ardella Strole, and Betty Kippenbergerg Jumbo, football player, Dean Robson, Mrs. Comstaly, a dowager, Joyce Stark, Gussie, girl with a passion for bubble gum, Peggy Lohseg Petey, Susie's brother, Bruce Sexton, a teacher, Bernita Owen, Mr. Foley, prin- cipal of a neighboring town, Marvin Weis- haarg Officer Dugan, John Beigert. Woof! I HS'-'Sie The Sifen Backstage. Maid Se rvice . H1-S for -mg! . , mai' h ',,,.C -1 :Avail 72-., 1. f1 - - .2 3.1:-iff: t 5 .. is , .- ' .3 F" " Q. .- ,- A. ,f li . 1 Fwy K ,Tx I , , . , 5: V I 1 . ,V ., fy-'lrsw - . ' ' . , " T A' ' . . ' I ' llc' 'N :y':'1':-E:-z.:-S ' , , - v. fl ' - ' ,':"EY,"'3: , , "?-1-':41k. " .grfa mdsfww -.fw - -. .: -, .,.,.,3 , -f -- A H A 1 ' ' f.-J - - ' ' hw., H..-N., ,. xnteflo Study Hal Dec01'at1ng 1' CLASSES AT WORK ON THE ABILENE T RAIL ., .... ,P T :,. -4-- . -A QQ- . N-..1f' ,, V-.M PhY 5 - ,. , '. ' . ' " 'a V A .T , Mr. C. B. Ti.ce's Home R oom J' Conference with the Guidance D11-ecto r ecwefi rom flue ..S7,W0feL00L Lyle Ayers With his pure bred Hol- stein. Trip to Beech Willard B heifer. eetch with pure bred Hereford saga Qld ' on MQ 91.3110 jaai These seven people are responsible for keeping alive interest and pep at all the games and add' , ing color to the per- formances. Twirlers. Shirley Jordan and Mary Ann Gibbs, and drurn maior, Kent Stuart, strutted before the band at half time in colorful formation d s an cheerleaders, Pat Gay, Evelyn Lady, Marlene Myers, and Betty Sanders kept the crowd chee i the games. 1' ng the boys on during Pat Gay, Evelyn Lady, Marlene M ers B y , etty Sanders. 033.23 tsl. Sv OW? Jdffemlanb At an impressive night ceremony on the athletic field, Jackie Scott, Sen- ior, was crowned football queen before the Abilene-Chapman game. Maids of Honor, Bonnie Leckron and Shirley Krenger, presented the roses and crown made of chrysanthe- mums to the football captain, John Maynhart, who crowned Queen Jackie. Reed Perry, Student Council Presi- dent, escorted the queen to her throne on the bleachers. Betty Kippenberger, Junior, was escorted by Leonard Dan- iels, Mary Kay Stapf, Sophomore, by Kenneth Baker, Janice Callahan, Fresh- man, by John Glatt. 1 ang el'lL0l" elfelnlflflelfl uchetfa Gay Ke nny Ba Glatt kgr -A1 rn Ras . X5 .. 925016 v- P u T hui-nb 5 Bm W mon X. 60 Ir. Parks 1 C9 gjrcwax O 99,1 -To Harold I hnny Maynh art Ohnson ,f X, .--'lf ,fy--4' H ck A to Ba' e Tgtmbeclafes ma bewff? ,K oz T126 are goinivsxo Xi5e if qragexiw ' I p uqgc 051 ' . ,- . fy ' kk me news gg xiqtfifglg V. O59 I X decllffmsofl Fl an Amxw ' Q0 0 N X rfkviil X H " S "--.xxx 5 '.:kx00 Q if 0 H f N. 3 Q? 8,4-4' 150 L arding I as T-K.. 9 - -f J' l fn . 5? I-1.,-.'3Q Rah 1 film-,,f lo wgpuw -:fggm, .., , pasgegu VH '1.yr,k qzv -dev - ,,, -U 'vu A 1 . A -1 ,TV up ball er! 4 l.lllCI, --'--'.- V .-'.Av-A,.-.A-" I nz l 'mm fo . Oct. ' - -"A-' Football Honors ,,'ffw,,, Deaf! lsoupfgfd-figgd Oct giUiftl0Il City .,,,4 ,,..,A,,, Cowboy Letterman who I awed Lfibsm, ,gore Nm: 3 MC herson .,...A...., . , - - , . . 'fe . who '1Co1 . Pr- e ' anhattan Bob Hdlfllhg, Cowboy fullback. l Iogur ,Vs pl USO' Nov ......., rvveivcd a backfield bc-rth on thx- Pfff fhpmllg to HJ' tw 1' ' Chapman C,'.K.L second te-am whimzh was sp- 3173. On alway their 00 game NOV. Hillsboro lectvd by the coaches of the C.K.l,. fu' ,385 is 3 fo1,g,h'4"j fielj l ' """ football tvams. Hardmg was one "fra-ir 1011 Um- A, L 581,na ui' Llxc sparkplugs in the Cowboy 'tau With 0th,.,, ' game backfivld and scored four touch- '..k ing I, Hggrin . 3 no rlowns for the Cowhands this year. F'f7t1euI7'S.' gton' Us 'Gaining LL-am honors were Ken- V LE' LI 7 lieth Baker, gllalfl, and Al Rasp, L,-rv AOOLA, - halfback, who wvro elected hon- ' LQ Bn N . ornvy Co-Paptains of the football A S L1-nm. ff., f' ' e ,,,,- -I h'SCh0gX Coach Y ' - ul' 6 Abilene Vug S T. C., PWM' g Mol due K- ' KanS2V5 hattail F ed Pei' ' iv of te Man d Coachv Y Shark, U? 'Kansas Sta ' A. I Ko Heal Qoach, Dave Qronklfe, f" l P7 Asst Coacha -..f,. 'vinrzogr Jfdf Fresh. ,ffl f,ffg'f- Q-of Buff . Ge -.ya Koi ws! Cwal 8' J 9.9 - V 11. 'bema 012 C V Lin Ohn. ,110 NNW-5 U, JO! U1-Us COIN: , 0,0 83 yr 2,6 Q 14 Loy off' A N Q F " V a!1SO!1,' gx0?6e5 309 56109 ' . X .9 Oofb 6199 -xfwp 1660 we 4 Rece. H11 Pla bigsxki Wee Q6 x 2, fb. Ive Let 'Vets xioivchgoziovei l' ers alexa ,l........There ........,..There .,.Here ........Here There S.7!.Cl'.5? grob ll ve! as 7 v O Abaiene. B-Ks" . Enlefprlse Abilene Smok V E ay Oct auey League S 46B,s,, De C Oct- If Salma ....... . A.,,,,,,. Chedule Abilene Oct' Agape --'-......,4A,x-.'---..w. -'.."-A""' "'"""""---------.,.. H Q re Solomon Oct. 28 E,itg:fhflS .,.,.,.,,..,,. A"'--"'--A-4 here NOV- 2 Solvmiihlsf W , - ALL- - Q... L i ifiiiflifj '-------V------.Here Abilene Varsity Squad No. NAME Year Weight NAME Year Weight 20 Gary, Don ...,...,...,.. ..,.......... J unior 140 Garten, Alvin ,.,.,,..,.,,.,,,.,,.,., ...Junior 148 21 Knoll, Warren .................A Sophomore 140 Bowers, Bob ,,.,.,........,....... ...,... S enior 162 22 Minter, Duane .4...,....o....... Sophomore 130 :':Maynhart, John ..,.......,.,.,,,. Senior 164 23 Sexton, Bruce ..... ............. J unior 138 Robson, Dean .................. ........ J unior 145 24 Gay, Chet .....,,.,.......,.. r..............,.... S enior 140 Glatt, John ..,...,..., .o......... . .Senior 188 25 Tinkler, Dean ..,.....................,.,..,,..... Junior 143 Wilson, Bill .,......... ............ . .Senior 177 26 Hoffman, Don ...,......,....... Sophomore 144 Parks, Junior .........,,.,...... ....,.i S enior 215 27 Zeigler, Don .,.,.. ...........,...... S ophomore 170 Sexton, Bob ..........,..4.....,................ Senior 178 28 Baskerville, A. .....,........................... Junior 155 Hart, Dale .,............,...... ..Sophomore 130 29 Davis, E. G. .............,..,,......... Sophomore 147 Johnson, Harold ..... - ..,,...... ...Senior 140 30 Wilkins, Howard ............ Sophomore 160 Watkins, Kenneth Sophomore 158 31 Gerboth, Neal ..................... Sophomore 138 Rasp, A1 ,,,,,,.,-,-,.,,,,,,,,-q,-,,,-.,,-,-,., msenigy 140 32 Daniels, L. ........... .........,....,........... S enior 150 Watson, Bob -'A'.-'-- '."." -----.-' J u nior 145 33 Glatt, Dean ........ .Sophomore 145 - 34 Cole, Isaac .,......... ............. J unior 150 Krenger' Ed '"""""""""""""' 'Junior 155 35 Whitehair, P. ..... ............. J unior 152 Sifarburg' Bflb """""""""""" '-Senior 110 36 Percival, Earl .............,..........,........ Senior 165 V10121' B0bb1e ----e'----4-----e-ee-- ---Jumof 110 37 Gabhart, Jerry .................. Sophomore 158 Callahan, GHFY ---------- S0Ph0m0Y'e 130 38 iHa.rding, Bob ........... ..................., S enior 158 Dawson, Glen ..,........... Sophomore 120 39 "4Baker, Kenneth .....,. .... - ........ S enior 152 Fuller, Harry ,--,.,,,,- ---Sophomore 146 40 Cobb, John -------------- - ----------- Junior 157 Milham, Jim ..... -. ............ sophomore 135 41 Dobkins, John .. ............. Senior 168 VI 'N C' 'K C NER5' 1349-1949 fl Uuf H , t. -we ' evirtg W ii W , , . , I W' A er Y ,N Q .V QTY N - I 9 Ou VHE F K lf NN lm... : NW ll We - sen as A. H 5 ng an 5 Gay ! ..lI1 it ' . fi? -.fif I, L X Jae-Q. -1: . ,,, ,P--...V A -I W: F 1 1liiiiiiii4H??'l' -v'v' -!'i"f5M4F7f'fv?"'-:iii IA" "" ' in-ups SY ,fra-'LvvfsJifA,gq11'1gg ' it ' 'f ' M M' W ,IQ A Fig lf' 'A J q C' B 'xflfrfm V ' , , f t right. Dolores Cafkuff' t O L ' 1' Otis Characters Seatelcig- lsorothtl Dexter' ccorneliibson, iEmi1Y Kimbmug .' Mrs. skinned: Don , . aret Skinner? GiK1eStilxid:3Q, Left to 1'iSht:c3:g2?Sh!111i5ardi QM1-. Skmne ' ' ht Flora' S uelson direCt0r7Dw1g am ' Hilarity ranked high in the fast-movingcomedy, 'Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," presented April 8, at the city auditorium. The plot centered around Cor- nelia Otis Skinner fDorothy Dex- teri and Emily Kimbrough, fDo- lores Carkuff, who were making their first trip abroad, without a chaperone, to the 'wicked' city of Paris. Safety purses, bedbugs, and e dramatics Corne1ia's flair for th added to the sparkling comedy. The curtain was drawn with the girls' decision that they had had a lovely summer but they would never come back together and they wouldn't ever be nineteen again. Characters Seated, Left to right: Marilyn Hummel, fship's stewardesslg Bill Bren- yig Bonnie Leckron nan, fLeo McEv0 finspectorlg Reed Perry, fDick Winters Standing, Left to right: Lucy Jo Allen fMadame Elsiejg Pat Gay, fwinifred Blaughl. Characters, Seated Left to right: Clarice Bettis, fThereseDg Joan Headley, fl-Iarriet St. Johnfg Bob Harding, fAdmiralJg Bob McDan- ip ' s pur se rj. Standing, Left to right: Francis Hardisty, fMonseur De La Croixjg Don Kolling, fwindow Washeri. iel, fsh A 'Vespers' Ken Dawson, returned Senior SENIOR SPONSORS: D. J. Tylerg Miss Neva Weisgerberg C.B. Tice. 52 oo! 26126 - L' , 2 gl -1 2, w e 225157 are M V 1' -Y 1 ' i f, . f .4 if ifks 3 'va - ,- Q E: -- " 'i ? Y 'E si ig A, 'Hx -3 'Mi r Qygf ""' .. 1 Q W H F 1 V I 5 5 1 "E .f f Business Abilene Cowboy Joe " It' s Here!" Tumblers A Club Dance Physics exander 33 M, Weishaar, 29 B Sexton, 25 H. Wilkins, 35 P. Al , 26 J B rs 23 D Tinkler, 22 J. Blegert Coach David Shirk, 28 J. Cobb, . Owe , I. Anderson. Front Row--Student Manager, Bob McDaniel, 30 E. Percival 21 B Russell, 20 A. Rasp, 32 L. Daniels, 39 Bob Sexton. Abilene Minnea olis 26 Qflene Mcphergon 40 Qgliene JCL City 42 llene Concordia Ab? ene Wamego 45 Abllene Jcn City Abllene Chapman 32 ibllene Chapman Abliene 5al1na 46 Abllene Russell Abllene Clay Center 32 bllene Beloit A F eHe Herxngton 27 Abllene Salina Atliene Wamego 38 Qffene Clay Center 28 Abllsne Manhattan 52 Abllene Herington 30 Abilene MaF10h 34 A f ene Manhattan Abll he Qlllsboru 27 bllene Mcpherson ene Sacred Meartgs has-um-W N. T 1.4-9111.1-my H SHAGH DANIELS fNf.'41O arx 1 A,n 1nr PYSC lf! ye lg 5 u.......rif"" B llkin . Ax ng ' 01' Russell 1 5 M. -A I f. . A 1 Leollllrd ljnnipk null Q R leo 27 I inQQ5L 44 Sgaorfd E David Shirk head basketball coachzhenlg' D1 ,' . . Cronkite, T95 ' hl 1, d1rector,HeH1'Y t . ertnitoailif Charles Tice, tenms Coach' Fred ma ' h Perdue, head football coac - In She Goe s ! 30, F. Holmes, 55, D. Whitehairg 52, CJ. Staff: 26, B Tudor, 22, M. Myers, 23, D. Stewart3C1:'onkiteg 25, G Roggendorffg 58, D. White, 50, D. Huffman, 28, E Vinceng 24, L. Baker. 37, J. Foustp 38, R. Madansg 29,N. Gerbothg 22, E.G. Davis, 28, J. Milhamg 33, J. Hoffman, 27, D. Minterg 26, G.Dawson, 34, L. Hawk, 26, D. Hoffman, 24, Dale Hart, 20, B. Watson: Fred Perdue. QD. Zeigler- Absentj. Under The Basket B Trounce Uons D'1-2-U OUT' , . C r. c hy 'IH QW ug- -x M21-xv C'f:wbfw3f,: v-ml pl 4- E' 'wlwnmfixflf We pint' fa? ' - LL , ' w -Ar. 2ztpEHywi 131.2 Ar133UE4,7E!fif'LiEi I,iUm,. ,L MW' f'55"1" We hen, Yi ii-521 W3 T ' 'Q' -f ml .3 M tu 26 Vg' in Fh"'W ww- I WM ww P A Y ihf ,W uf! 1 'IV fp, LJ ZH 1F ,- N34 ,N if U NY rm Q 41 Fwd As :RUR iiif rx gs 11219: E, Q m .E 45 C ft. '9 fQ'C3.f?51f J M-.Q -' q F V! f 1, , "UNE, an-12' C V ,J N xg :W I Q, 3 M I X, . ,. .- Q- '45 X11 ff LL LL' ,W 55 Q--. V my ww Uh? gs M Qifzcg 4 5 5New Basketball Ru L , ' A rf ,. Q ,K - A ,. .ff ,f nil .Q X, - W3 C13 I7 +2 509 'Q , Q L WH'-4 151' FQFWQLQJ-f:w,.h ' "" " u "W 5 D 59 +. N35 ' 'fm SU f-+ 93 YkI',f'x-L' Hills Rui' hw 5 wwf Q U , u. M W- -w ,, K- Z Q. , N ,. J , ' iff. ""' M ff- 51 f Q. F3 'Wg' WM' Af. fxwam' N1 w' 3' 'Nr-u 'ef O f -. . LN , .4. hm , . in Q., 5 N.. mu-N w..f-aww fin, O L Q' W 11' 5 I3 N N 'UN 5.1-rf. rubs mu 'fm , 45' ,Vu-, W' ir? .Ml hills Q, Q... E 'NQ3'-If Ar: QM- 1-, Q V X -, , ,L , , . W 'M 3-Q, f my !5f'5?v- ,,,, Ag, h Q -C Q-..,.,O.. ,Q 5-5 f- N N1 , i .JAY .nt wifliifxs iam 1344535 14 , We ,ML Q MV: , 'Am gk, YJ 1-YS Q45 if L. 501 S55 L4 L' ,4 Xwsfwz' 'nf X., A N -fx , ' -f fs. ff" I 'x'f'?fI Wm! Nw. 'kffffi - A H H?g:gE::,'E::E:::.,E si, A Q rn Q, C MVS 2 QA g K .,. . ,L mm QM. Lum V, kk Mme, ima X UUMW -N .N,ph' j2,,,14fx:,. , 'V If O 75 A. W ff-J :Jug 1 .5 im? 1lem'fMf,L,g,v 33531 gi, W,,,,1 " fffw, X X lffffz' ,-, J 1: R A ,Q 5 .. ,Q -Q L. 9+ U L ., I L M aa, .9 Iv,-, " ' M 4 , O M mf? 'f fa D3 Ef 5:1 . ess.. .mmm X 'ff ffm, 'Eff .Q y,"' Of- U 'Q' M Q, -1 W A ' ' up ' ig- A -., Y ' nl. U w , 4 . , fy. i 5 , Jil' '. V. luis, lhu- lux!! lv 4iv.M :st :my X, ,' fffwf M M Wf"5I'?-.,,,'!i""f HU? linux uf1'1'r lhk ' I Q ' V K Wifi 4 Mnmf ff 'S "fr A ' . , .an ,Q 1 namvm iraz-in W, vw ,U .X 1 fr H3 I sip.: ni' hound-. vmmws 3- igmwmi X f!1'ffnim,W S K 353.1 i,',,Qi!A A-1' l Q I vlxzlfw- it iw nuhpori-msmlikv. 1 Cuff' Un, np' . V. " ,JU ,Iv v 7 2: X JS lk! IHII1' ,Wi l 11,6 :ing ab,-Q t 13 '36 3 v my N , S , C Phe 1' S on CQ, mf, Osf- g '. S In ,, H K lg? uf: ..,..., QQ.. ,,4..,,,. 4 .... .,,1..f ' ....- X : 'mter in 0 , Bowers ' U t I 5 P1 um Verff I . , , m , nh me a ACHLH1 Simi. frmu thc' hfmxf: zgtgzxxmo Wim NI2Lllh11U321. shosxi ! 'a-lihawtt ' ' mg hifi zo right. Woods, C!f'ILYi'llQ!3l', ami Xvillftm. LAM vzfzxzv' wi Q11 . 1' af Lhf: sf-usuzx was Iiluvfrai za' Mzs11E'::.Li':m Fridzw. Mizzwbi 4 374+- Queen Jackie Holds Court SQL ,s 2-, Prexy 'Shag' and his Retinue Russ' Worman steps lightly. .SZAoof ,Jw Pleasant Pastime Band Dance ' at 'A' Club Dance, eniord ADAM. ENEVA Y-Teen l.2.3.4: G,A A. 1.2: Pap Club Comm. Club 4: Mixed Chorus 2.3.4: Jr. Play Stage Cree: Jr.-Sr. Comm. ALLEN. EVIE Y-Teen l.2.3.4: G.A.A. 1,2,3: Pap Club Comm. Club 3.4: Ish Chay Jay 4: Mixed Chorus 2,3.4: jr. Play Stage Crew: jr.-Sr. Comm. ALLEN. LUCY JO Y-Teen 1.2. .4: lorshlp Chairman 3, Soclal Chalrman 4: G.A.A. 1.2,3.4, Sec. 2. Trees. 3. Social Chairman 4: Pep Club 3.4: Comm. Club 4: Mixed Chorus 4: Pep Band 1.2: Band 1.2.3: Student Council 3: Girls' Ensemble 4: Debate Squad 4: Jr. Play Cast: Sr. Play Cast: jr.-Sr. Comm.: Sr. Ring Comm. ANDERSON. LYLE Student Council 2: Soc.-Trees.: Band l,2.3.4: Pep Band 3.4: Hi-Y l.2.3,4. Treas 3. Pres. 4: Junior Lion 3: jr.-Sr, Comm. Yearbook Photographer: Booster Photographer: Lyceum Comm. 2.3: Quill and Scroll 4: Sr. Play Scenery Comm. ANDERSON. NEAL Student Council 4: Band l,2.3: Pap Band 2.3: Hi-Y 1.2.3,-1. Vice-Pres. 4: Jr. Rotarian 3: Debate Squad 4: Jr.-Sr. Com jr,-Sr Program 3: Announcement Con. 4: Assembly Comm. BAKER. KENNETH Football 1.2.3',4': Basket ball 1.2: Tennis 1.4: T:-.ck "A" Club 3.4: Band l.2.3.4: Hi-Y l.2.3.4:Pep Band 1.2.3, : jr. Rotarian 4 BEADLESTON. VERNA Y-Teen G.A.A 1.2: Comm. Club 3.4: Ish Chay Jay 4' jr - Sr Comm m.: 3. 3: 4 BEBERMEYER. KENNETH Basketball ll: Hi-Y 4: Mixed Chorus 1.2: Jr.-Sr. Comm. B ECKER . DOROTHY Comm. Club 4: IshChay Jay 4: Mixed Chorus 2: Jr.-Sr. Cosmu.: Minneapolis, Kansas 1 BEETCH. EMMA Y-Teen l,2.3.4: G.A A. 2: Comm Club 3: Booster Exchange Editor: Yearbook Feature Ed : Mixed Chorus 1,2.3,4: Jr.-Sr. Comm. BELL. PBYLLIS Y-Teen 1.4: Cola. jr -Sr. Comm. BERGER. CONNIE Band 1: Y-Teen 1, Club 3.4: Mixed Chorus 4: Ish Chay Jay 4: 2.3.4: Sec. 2. Social Chairman 3, Vice- Pres. 4: G.A.A. l.2,3.4: Pep Club l.2.3.4: Cox. Club 3.4: Ish Chay Jay 4: Class Sec.-Trees. 3: Jr. Play Stale Cree: Sr. Ring Comm.: Jr. BETTIS . CLAB ICE -Sr. Comm.: Sr. Play Prop. Comm. Y-Teen l.2.3.4: G.A.A. 1,2.3,4. Cabinet 2. Vice-Pres., 3.4: Ish Chay Jay 4: Comm. Club 3.4: Pap Club 1.2.3: Sr. Play Cast: Yearbook Typist: Booster Editorial Staff: jr.-Sr. C omm. BLOS SER . NORMA Bank l.2,3.41 Y-Teen 2.3.4: G.A.A. 1.2.35 Comm. Club 3.4: Ish Chay Jay 4: Vi ce-Pres. 4: Jr.-Sr. Comm. HDGABT. EDITH MDFREY. . G A A Y-Teen 1.2.34 . Jr. -Sr. Comm. . BOLEN. GARNET . . l.2.3: Cox. Club 3: Pep Club 1.2.3: H1-Y 3.4: Mixed Chorus 1.2.3: Boys' Ensemble 4: jr.-Sr. Comm. BOTZ. CLEASON H1-Y l,2,4: F.l'. BOWERS. ROBERT Football 1.2.3'.4: A. 1: Mixed Chorus 1.2: Jr.-Sr. Cog. " A" Club 3.4: F.l'.A. 1: Mixed Chorus 3.4: Livestock Judging Team 1: Jr.-Sr. Cox. BRAYTON. R ICHARD Hi-Y 3.4: F.l'.A. 1: BRENNAN . B ILL Marshall . Missouri 1. Football 2.3: Track 3: Band 1.2: Pep Band 1.2.3: Hi-Y 1.2. 3. 4: Mixed Chorus 4: Jr. Lion 4: Sr. Play Cast: Jr. Stage Crew: Jr.-Sr. Comm. BURTON . VERNELL Band 1: Y-Teen l.2,3.4: G.A.A. l.2.4: Pep Club 1.2: Comm. Club 3: Yearbook Mixed Chorus 1.2. High 2 CABKUFF. DOLOBES Typist: Booster Staff: jr.-Sr. Comm.: 3.4: Sr. Play Prop. Comm.: Wichita East Y-Teen l.2.3,4: Student Council 4: G.A.A. l,2.3: Pep Club 1.2,3.4: Comm Club 3: Debate Squad 4: Assembly Comm. 4: Sr PlayCast: Jr, jr.-Sr. Chairman o Play Stage Cree: Jr.-Sr. Program Speaker: f Invitations. CHAPMAN. BETTY ANN Y-Teen l.2,3.4: G.A.A. 1.2.3: Pep Club l,2.3,4: Mixed 4: Booster Chorus Typist: Sr. Play P CHASE. IBENE Y-Teen 1: jr -Sr. CLARK. IERBERTINE Y-Teen 1: G.A.A. 4: CONNOB. NAXINE Y-Teen G. 3.4: jr.-Sr. Comm. CORMACK. DONA Y-Teen 1.4: G.A.A. Jay 4. Sec.-Treas. Jr.-Sr. Coma. DANIELS. LFDNARD Football 1.24.34 " A"Club 3.4. Pr ,4': Basketball 1.3'. Exchange Editor: jr.-Sr. Comm.: Yearbook rop. Comm. Chairman of Table Decorations. Mixed Chorus 1.2.4: jr.-Sr. Co-3. A.A. 1.2: Pep Club 1.2.3: Comm. Club 2: Pep Club 4: Comm. 4: Mixed Chdus 1.4: Club 3.4: Ish Chay Girls' Ensemble 4: 3',4': Baseball 1: es. 4: F.F.A. 2.3.4: Jr . Llon 4: Booster Business Staff: Jr -Sr. Comm.: Sr. Play Scenery Comm. DAVIS. FRANK Hi-Y 3.4: Comm. Jr.-Sr. Comm.: Kansas 1.2 DAVIS.'ILLARD Hi-Y 2,s,4: F Cl Sr ub 3: Jr. Play Stage Crel: Booster Staff: . Play Scenery Comm.: Junction City. ,F.A. l.2.3.4,, Treas. 37 Reporter 4: Live- stock Judging Team 3: Jr. Play Cast: Jr.-Sr. Comm. DAISON. KENNETH Football 3.4': F.l'.A. 1.2: Booster Staff: Lake Andes. South Dakota 3. lst Semester 4 DECKER. EUGENE Basketball l.2.3: Baseball 1.2: "A"Club 4: Hl-Y 3.4: Student Manager of Football 4: Jr. -Sr. Cox. DEXTH, DOROTHY Student Council 1: Y-Teen, Social Chairman 3. Program Chairman 4: G.A.A. 1.2.3: Pep Club 1.2.3,4. Sec.- Tress 2: Mixed Chorus 4: Sr. Play Cast: Jr. Play Cast: Jr.-Sr. Comm. noenus. Joan Football 1: Basketball 1: Track 3: Bi-Y 4: Class Vice-Pres. 1: jr.-Sr. Comm.: Longford, Kansas 1. ECKMAN, VERL Jr.-Sr. Comm. Q FLORA, DWIGHT Basketball 1.2: Student Council 1: Hi-Y Member- ship Chairman 3:1-'.F.A. Watch Dog 1. Sec. 4: Jr. Lion 4: Sr. Play Cast: Jr. Play Stage Crew: Jr.-Sr. Comm. FRANK. BEVA Y-Teen1.2.3.4: G.A.A. 1.2: Pep Club 2.3.4: Comm. Club 4: Jr. Play Stage Crew: Jr.-Sr. Comm. GASSYINT. IAYNE Basketball 1: Hi-Y-1.2.4: Jr.-Sr, Co1. GAY, CBET Basketball 1.2'.3': Football 2.3,4': Golf 34: Track 3: Baseball 2: U A' Club 3.4: Student Council T, Vlce-Pres. 1: Hi-Y l.2.3: Jr. Lion 3: Class Vice-Pres. 1: Jr.-Sr. Comm. GAY. PAT Student Council 4: Publicity Chairman 4: Y-Teen 3.4: G.A.A. 1.2,3.4, Hike Captain, Program Chairman 4: Pep Club 3.4: Comm. Club 4: Mixed Chorus 4: Cheer Leader 4: Debate Squad 4: Jr. Play Cast: Sr. Play Cast: Jr.-Sr. Comm.: Jr.-Sr. Program Speaker: Co-Ed. Yearbook: Booster Editorial Staff: Girls' State 3. Quill and Scroll 4. GIBSON, LAVARRE Track 3: Hi-Y 3.4: Mixed Chorus 3.4: Boys' Ensemble 3: Junior Rotarian 4: Jr.-Sr. Comm. GIIBERT. DOROTHEY Y-Teen 1.2,3,4: Songlaader 3: Typist 4: G.A.A. Pep Club 1.2: Comm. Club 3: Mixed Chorus 1.2: Girls' ln- semble l.2.3: jr.-Sr. Comm.: Yearbook Typist: Booster Editorial and Business Staffs. GISH. MARILYN Student Council 2: Y-Teen G.A.A. 1.2.3,4: Pap Club l.2.3.4: Comm. Club 3: Mixed Chorua'2.4: Football Queen Attendant 2: Senior Assembly Comm. 4: Junior Play Cast: Jr.-Sr. Comm.: Yearbook Senior Clase Editor: Booster Edl- torial Staff: Qulll and Scroll 4: Sr. Play Prop. Comm. GLATT. JOHN Footbull 1.2,3'.4': "A"Club 3.4: Band 1.2,3.4: Bi-Y l.2.3: Pep Band l,2.4: Junior Lion 3: Junior Stage Cree: Jr.-Sr. Chairman of Dance. HAFFA. LUCILLE String Ensemble 1.2.3: Comm. Club 3.4: Ish Chay Jay 4: Mixed Chorus 3.4: Junior Stage Cree: Jr.-Sr. Comm. HANNA. BONNIE Comm. Club 3.4: Ish Cha, jpy 4: Mixed Chorus 1: Jr.-Sr. Comm. BARDIMI. ROBERT Football l',2'.4': Track 2,3'.4': Baseball 1: "A"Club 3.4: Hi-Y 1,2.3.4: Mixed Chorus 4: junior Lion 3: Senior Play Cast: Jr.-Sr. Comm.: Class Sec.-Treas. 4: California. Missouri 2. BARDISTY, PBANCIS Basketball 1: Hi-Y 3.4: Mixed Chorus 4: Junior Play Cast: Senior Play Cast: Yearbook Sports Editor: Booster Staff: Jr.-Sr. Conn. BEADIEY. JOAN Band l,2.3: Y-Teen 1,2.3.4: G.A.A. Pep Club 4: Comm. Club 3.4: Pep Band 1.2: Sr. Flay Cast: Jr. Play Cast jr.-Sr. Comm. BEEN. JOAN Y-Teen 2.3.4: Comm. Club 3.4: Mixed Chorus 3.4: Jr.-Sr. Comm. IIOLLEY, CLIFPORD Mixed Chorus 4: Bgye' Ensemble 2: junior Stage Cram: Jr.-Sr. Comm.: Sr. Play Scenery Comm. HOSIE, DORIS Band 1.2.3: Y1-Teen 3.4: Comm. Club 3.4: Ish Chay Jay 4: Jr.-Sr. Comm. HOULTON. JOHN Band 3.4: Boys' Ensemble 1: Jr.-Sr. Cox. BOIARD, MAURICE Jr.-Sr. Con. BUMMIL, MARILYN Y-Teen 1.2,3,4: Pianist 4: G.A.A. Pen Club 1.2.3: Comm. Club 3: Mixed Chorus 4: Sr. Play Cast: Jr. Play Cast: Jr.-Sr. Chairman of Program Booklets. JOHNSON. HAROLD Football 1.2,3.4': "A" Club 4: Bl.-Y r.F.A. 1.2. 3.4: Jr.-Sr. Comm. Jonzs. Josuuz Y-Teen 2.4: G.A.A. 3: Comm. Club 4: Chorus 3.3.45 Jr..Sr. Comm.: Pep Club 3: Yearbook Club Editor: Booster Bus ineas Staff: Quill and Scroll 4. KNOPP. BILL Jr. Stage Cree: Jr.-Sr. Chairman of Boom Decoration: Sr. Play Scenery Comm. KOLLIW, DON Hi-Y 1,2,3,4: 1-'.F.A. l.2.3: Chorus 2.3.4: Boys' Ensemble 4: Sr. Play Cast: Jr.-Sr. Comm. 4 7 I eniom KRENOQ. SHIRLEY Y-Teen l.2.3.4: G.A.A. 1.2: Pep Club l: Comes. Club 3.4: Ish Chay Jay 4: Comm. Club Treasurer 3: lixsd Chorus 1: Football Queen Attendant 4: Class Sec.-Treas. 4: Jr.-Sr Cox.: Sr. Play Prop. Cog LILCKRON. BONNIE Y-Teen 2.3.4: Comm. Club 4: Chorus 3.4: Sr. Play Cast: Jr. Stage Crew: Jr.-Sr. Comm.: Yearbook Feature Editor: Booster, Editorial Staff: Football Queen Attendant 4: Chapman Kansas l LESIILEY. CHARLOTTE Pep Club l.2: Conn. Club 3: Yearbook Club Reporter: Booster Staff: Jr.-Sr. Comm. LLYKIE. GEBIAINE Y-Teen l.2,3.4: G.A.A. l.2,3,4: Pep Club l.2,3,4: Comm. Club 3: Chorus 3: Jr. Stage Crew: Jr.-Sr. Chairman of Seat- ing and Place Cards: Yearbook Typist: Booster Editor in Chief: Quill and Scroll 4. LOWANECKEB. HESTER Y-Teen l.2.3.4: G.A.A. l: Comm. Club 3.4: Chorus l.2.3.4: Girls' Ensemble 2.3: Jr.-Sr. Colm. NAYNBART. ALICE Y-Teen 2.3.4: Pep Club 3.4: Comm. Club 3.4: G.A.A. 3.4: lah Chay Jay 4: Chorus 4: Jr.-Stags Crew: Ir.-Sr. Coma.: Coma. Club President 4: Sr. Play Prop. Comm. IAYNBAKI. JOHN Football l.2.30,4l: Track 3.4' "A"Club 3.4: BILY 3.4: Devotion Comm. 4: llxed Chorus 4: Jr. Lion 4: Jr.-Sr. Comm. ICCORHC. DONNA Y-Teen 3.4: Comm. Club 3: Jr. Play Cast: Jr.-Sr. Colm.: Yearbook Staff: Booster Editorial Staff. KIDANIEL. BOB Basketball l,2.3: Football l: "A"Club 4: Jr. lotarlan 3: Hi.-Y-3.4: Class President 1.3: Jr.-Sr. Comm.: Clay Center. Nebraska 1. ICKNIGBT. ELIZABETH I Y-Teen l.2.3.4: G.A.A. 1.2: Pep Club 1.2: Jr.-Sr. Comm. Freshman Chorus. EOHAN. IERLIN Basketball 1.2: F.F.A. 3.4: Vice-Pres. 3. Pres. 4: Jr. Rotarlan 4: Llvestock Judging Teal 3: Jr. Stage Crew: Jr.- Sr. Cog. IURPBY. DENNIS Hx-Y 1,2.3: llxsd Chorus l.2.3: Boys' Ensemble 1: Jr- lotarlan 3: Jr.-Sr. Coma. IURPBY, BLVIN Hi-Y 1.2.33 Jr.-Sr. Comm. IYEBS. BONNIE Y-Teen 2.4: Comm. Club 3: llxed Chorus 2.3. NEEDBAI. JOYCE String Ensemble l.2.3.4: G.A.A. 2.3.4: Girls' Ensemble 4: Jr.-Sr. Comm.: Yearbook. Underclass Editor: Booster Staff! Irh ch., J., 4. llaed Chorus 2.J.4: sr. Play Prev. Cens- NEKK. ENNETB Jr.-Sr. Com. OIEN. IAYNE Band l,2.3.4: ax-Y 2.3.4: Pep nsna l.2.3.4: Jr. Rotarlso 4: Jr.-Sr. Comm. OIINS. SAIIY ll-Y 2.3: lined Chorus l.2.3.4- PARKS. JAIES Jr.-Sr. Comm. PARTCB. NORIA Y-Teen I.2.3.4: G.A.A. l.2.3: Pep Club l.2.3.4: Comn. Club 3.4: Ish Chay Jay 4: llxsd Chorus 4: Jr. PAYTONr NAUREEN Y-Tasn l.2.3: G.A.A. l.2.3: Pep Club 1.2.3: Colm. Club 3.45 Activities Editor: -Sr . Comm. Ish Chay Jay 4: Jr. Stage Crew: Yearbook Booster Editorial Staff. Co-Editor lst Semester: Jr.-Sr. Comm. PERCIVAL. EARL Football l.2'.3'.4': Basketball l.2'.3'.4'i Blllblll 1'.2' Golf 3',4': " A" Club 3.4: lixed Chorus 4: Jr. Rotarlan 3: gr. Play Cast: Jr.-Sr. Conm.: Booster Business Staff: Sr. lay Scenery Comm. PERRY. REED Football 2.3: Basketball 1.2.3: Student Council 3.4: Pres. 4, g:-y 1,2,3,4: Vice-Pres. 2: 'jr. Lion 3: Class Pres. 2: Sr. Play Cast: jr. Play Cast: Jr.-Sr. Comm. PIENTKA. iIOEN Baeketbal 1: F.l".A. 4: Jf-'Sl'- col-- gcftballi l'.2'.3'.4': Basketball 1.3'.3'.4'i Blllblll 1'-2'I "A"Club 3.4: Vice-Pres. 4: Class Sec.-Traas. 23 If-'sl- Comm.: Booster Sports Editor: ull'4 CHUYUI 4? sf- Pl!! Scenery Comm. BOBSON. DONALD ll-Y l.2.3.4: IlixedChorus l,3.4: Boys' Ensemble 2.4: Senior Play Cast: Jr.-Play Cast: Jr.-Sr. Comm.: Sf- Bin! CGI!- Chalrman: Yearbook Business llanalifi BDOUYOY Edn9fi'l 'nd Business Staff: Quill and Scroll 4. ROBSON, THONAS Band 1.2.3Q4: B:-Y 3.4, Brotherhood Chairssn 3.4: Jr- Stlee Crew. I IA BOBBON. VIN N Y-Teen l.2.3.4: Treas. J, Pres- 4: G-4-A- l.7.3.41 POP 48 Club l.2.3.4: Conn. Club 3.4: lixed Chorus 4: Football Queen Attendant 3: Jr. Play Cast: Jr.-Sr. Conn.: Assenbly Comm. 3: Sr. Play Prompter. ROOT. JEAN Y-Teen l.2.3.4: G.A.A. l: Coram. Club 3.4: Ish Chay Jay 4, Pres. 4: llxed Chorus l.2.3.4P Jr.-Sr. Cosaa. ROYE. 'ILLIS Bl-Y l,3,4: Jr.-Sr. Comm. RUSSELL. BG Basketball l.2.3'.4': Baseball l'.2': " A" Club 3.4: Sec, 'l'reas. 4: Jr. Rotarlan 3: Class Vice-Pres. 2.4: Bl-Y 1.3.4, Service Chairman: Jr.-Sr. Comn.: Booster Sports Editor: Sr. Play Scenery Comm. SANDERS. BETTY Y-Teen l.2.3.45 G-A-A- l: Pep Club l.2.4: Comm. Club 3.4: Ish Chay Jay 4: llxed Chorus l: Cheer Leader 4: Jr.-Sr. Cox.: Sr. Play Prop. Conan. SCBIUTZ, NAXINE Y-Teen l.2.3.4: G.A.A. 1.2.33 Pep Club 2: lixed Chorus l.3.4: Glrls' Ensemble 4: Comm. Club 3.4: Ish Chay jay 4: Jr. Stage Crew: Jr.-Sr. Conn. SCOTT. IACQUELINE Student Council 3 Chairman 4: G.A.A. Club 4: Class Sec.-Treae. 1: Jr. Stage Crew: Jr.-Sr. Conn. Football Queen 4. SEXION. BOB Basketball 2.3',4': Football 4: "A" Club 3.4, Pres. 4: Band Orchestra 4: Bl-Y 3.4, Sec.-Treas. 4: Pep Band 2.3: jr. Rotarlan 3: Class Vice-Prep 3: Class Pres. 4: Jr. Stage Crew: Jr.-Sr. Chairman of Properties: Abilene Cowboy joe: Sr. Play Scenery Comm. SEXTON, DELB T Bi-Y 4: F.F.A. l,2.3,4: Livestock Judging Team 3: Jr. Stage Crew: Jr.-Sr. Comm.: Sr. Play Scenery Cog. SIDENER. NABY LOU Band 2.3.4: Orchestra 4: Y-Teen l.2.3.4: G.A.A. l.2.3, Pianist l. Sport Captain 2.3: Pep Band 3.4: jr. Stage Crew: Jr.-Sr. Coram.: Sr. Play Prop. Cox. SISSON. BOB lli-Y 1,2.4: Jr.-Sr. Colm. SIITB. PHYLLIS Y-Teen G.A.A. 2.3.4: Pep Club 2.3.4: Colm. Club 3: llxed Chorus l.2.4: Girls' Ensemble 2.3.4: jr. Stage Crew: Jr.-Sr. Conn.: Booster Editorial Staff: Kansas City. llssouri l. SNYDER. ELAINE Band l.2.3,4: Orchestra 4: Y-Teen 3: Illxed Chorus l: Pep Band 1.22 Jr.-Sr. Comm. STABBURG. KIB Ili-Y l.2.3,4: Jr. Stage Crew: Jr.-Sr. Colm. SIANSON . 3 SHIRLEY Band l.2.3.4: Chorus l.2.3: TODD. JANE Band 1.2.3,4: Pep Club 2.3. l.2.3.4: Pep Attendant 3: Jr.-Sr. Comm.: Olathe, Kansas 1.2.3. lNlNBRi"'R0lll'l' Football 1:-Basketball 1: Track l: Band 4: Solomon 1. Salina 2. IILSON. DOROTHY Y-Teen 2: G.A.A. 1.2: Comm. Club 3.4: Ish Chay Jay 4: Jr.-Sr. Comm. UILSON. EUGENE Band l,2,3.4: Orchestra 4: Hi-Y 3.4: Pep Band 3.4: Jr.-Sr. Comm. IILSON. GAYLE Y-Teen l.2,3.4, Publlclty Chairman 4: G.A.A. 1.2,3,4: Pep Club l.2.3.4: Comm. Club 4, Vice-Pres. 4: Debate Squad. Alternate. 4: Sr. Play Cast: Jr. man of Program: Girls State 3: IILSON. IILLIAI Football l.3.4': "A"Club 4: F.F.A. l.2,3,4: Jr.-Sr. Comm. IISSING. BARBARA Y-Teen 1: G.A.A. 2: Pep Club Chorus 3.4: Jr. Stage Crew: Jr. Booster Editorial Staff: Salina IRIGHT. KENNETH Football 2': Student Council 3. man: F.F.A. 2.3: jr. Lion 3: IYCKOFF. RICHARD Football 1.3: Bl-Y l.2.3: F.F.A. l.2.3: Jr. Stage Crew: Jr.-Sr. Comm. ZEIGLER. IABYIN Football 1: lil-Y l.2.3.4: llxsd 4. ZEY. IABTBA G.A.A. 1.2: Pap Club l.2.3: Comm. Club 3.4. Sec. 4: lah Chay Jay 4: Jr.-Sr. chlfllll of loom Decorations: Yearbook Co-Editor: Booster Editorial Staff: Announcement Comm. 4: Sr. Play Prop. Comm. .4. Sec.-Treas. 3: Y-Teen 1.2.43 Service ,2.3.4: Pep Club l.2.3.4: Pres. 4: Comm. Orchestra 4: Y-Teen 1.2,3,4: G.A.A. l: lixed Pep Band 2.3: Jr.-Sr. Comm. Y-Teen l.2.3.4. Sec. l. Publicity Chairnn 2: Con. Club 4: Ish Chay Jay 4: llixed Chorus Band 3: Girls' Ensemble 1.3: Football Queen Play Cast: Jr.-Sr. Chair- Jr.-Sr. Program Speaker 3. 2.3: Comm. Club 2: lixed -Sr. Comm.: Yearbook Staff: l. 3: l'li-Y 3.4, Social Chair- Jr.-Sr. Chairman of Properties. Chorus 1.2: Junior Rotarlan ' Indicates Lattered ' Indicates Service Stripe I' CTOHIAL YE BOOKS CUSTOM VER5 MYERS Cb A. I nv A ' 1 mcuuvouun woven, us. ' , A51 V ,N 4 .-. f53?:'fl'. fgvf F n ,-. 3, -E K nc .,,. Y 5- q , 51-:nl 94-. .- 5521 4, L 1. q.:r . iii' bf Eiga... 1 E? ' ali 5--'VTE 1 . 2-5 Af ,, .W S , 'vif v' 9:2 .?. ' in . 1, 4 El 'R L54 '- L- , hi, P Eff. 7'+:3 X -be ,,- rigg- I as H vii' 1- ,.f 5 Y- ,Q W 1.4 f Y v , x J, . -,A .- :-.ak Vp. 'gd - 51. ' "iff f 'f'f- H 'L' fl g .Q . ' f --5.1 , ,1IT71"Lj-ififf - ,lf 7:1 12.35 ., ' ,Wi-,Q,l'!'.Q ' 1'-gm-' -. -fi 'J ,pdf-4 ' ' 15:-. 'iff A: 5.71, , -,f ' f,j--js, ...,gg. - ' ua fr ' JL uh. ".--,1,.g:',.'f',1? Amp .,. IH 1' fiifi "tx 1, j'--4 , iff' JW" Lg --H .Vx f"n.f+1.T- w,:,f. wh , . ,. .wa-1 H91-'If-2, ,N'1!,,Q,- 55131 TAC., b L5 -- - ,.33'F,.' If ,..,.H'1 'L:l:1"f,. 'J .4 qw' sb -a-L ,' 'I -'l ,, , , w 1 Us W 1 f-5 ,, , I 'N 3 'J 1 ! 1 1 5 -J i 5 E E 5 E 5 2 i 5 1 s Q i I 5- 4-4 JN -.W r 1 54? 'Cz X V,. k kind' Y gf, Srl xxiffl "1 ' if .PLL V 'yA,fyr1r'Kf' J' lfvhungri . 4,-1,"-",.,-fl..1-,,a',. I 'iffrl-I y 1' 4" " U7 '37 YJ in 127-yy'-ff' pyllil' J-" 17 ' A 'J fg'7'h'yf'.1f fl' mf " .Jg77.f'A V27 . '7'f"""?2"iN 'W ,272 f'1'lJ1'f ffw- L1 'Y ,fy f , ,,- . .1 u ffyaflvw- 5 rang S . X, 55'

Suggestions in the Abilene High School - Orange and Brown Yearbook (Abilene, KS) collection:

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