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 - Class of 1938

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1 SY ,Mn W, Ly., ,gffi 1 ' 1 ggrw, I f x l I I , 1 '4 r-.,.,-,. ., ., , J Fr X x 9 Mi . F, fn 2 ,e,fQfL',ff r, L X, . 1. My i Q 74 K ig , ,V 1 gl 'f v. 4, NM, , . .. . X rf, 5' ,2 f x f I 1 1 I ' Q -'V A-F.. X 1 I S Q I A 1 .Qi gf WVU. 1 V' ,s 5 qw, , If ' 'ATN f, ..q 5, .'1'I ---,'t 1 Q7-1 1 , Wt .e .X , -W x -' .g ii 5, ,ig 1 fig .ssh -, .xnxx ' x x I '1 , 'IVXX 1 'f iq, ef. I '- 11 A. .A.14j,1f' ,fi A' 5 1 'X l X , .f,,,,,'f,,1 ,H r Mi' 1,'l'?Q"?71 4 UV. X4 , UQ., Xe . , x,f6.'f . A F" Ln' . 1 N 3' , 44" 'xl I 1 1' X-Raft . v f , f sn . A Q G , I I li Gif xxx 'x " 'al ' .pf V .V mf., -1. .HI THE CHEQNCE2 AND EHHDMUN X wtf AIBILENE HIGH SCHOGL ABILENE, KANSAS NX f ?T ' X 5R15 1938 STAFF p TloWfBennie Course. XVcndell Harmon, Bob Pollc om How-LeRoV Jolley, Christine Nelson, VVil1na Sta EDITOR-IN-CHIEF' Wendell E. Harmon ASSOCIATE EDITOR Bennie Course BUSINESS MANAGER Christine Nelson ORGANIZATIONS EDITOR Wilma, Staehli PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR LeRoy Jolley SPORTS EDITOR Robert Polley FACULTY ADVISER Kenneth M. Rock FQIQEWQDD THROUGHOUT THE country, picture magazines are becoming more and more popular with the reading public. Hence, in this yearbook We have attempted to stay abreast of the times and present Abilene high school as it really is, in pictures, rather than in flowery and involved Writing. We sincerely hope that by these pictures We have shown Alma Mater in all its seriousness and at the same time in its abundance of humor, and We hope that this book will aid faltering memories throughout the coming years. DEDICATIGN T0 ATHLETICS, the department that is rapidly be- coming one of the most essential supplements to the program of education, because of its ability to develop both mind and body, its training in co-operation and be- cause of its lessons in sportsmanship, We respectfully dedicate this yearbook. Twelfth Year for Gardner Became Superintendent in I926g Van Osdoi Rounds Out Five Years A5 Drincipa , Rules With "iron Hand" ibut Students Like It NCE AGAlN ABILENE high school has added a successful year to its history. The T937-38 school term was skillfully managed by the schoolis three authorities: Superintendent F. C. Gard- ner, Principal M. VV. Van Osdol, and the board of education. Mr. Gardner has now served Abilene twelve years in the superintendency of its schools. From this, one may judge how well he fills the office. In glancing backward, some interesting incidents are found in the superintendent's life. Shortly after Mr. Gardner had graduated from the eighth grade, he accepted that wild and woolly ad- vice, "Go west, young man, go west!" For two years he was employed on a cattle ranch in Colorado. He stated, "I have never spent a more interesting or profitable two years in my life." After a taste of the west, Mr. Gardner returned to Emporia to continue his education. There he ac- quired a high school education at the Roosevelt high school, Having a desire for more knowledge, Mr. Gardner enrolled at the Kansas State 'teachers col- lege of Emporia. The next institution of learning he attended was the University of Kansas. Still seek- ing education, the young man went East this time and his education was given a polishing touch at the Teachers college of Columbia University. Principal Marvin VV. Van Osdol sounds rather lengthy and strange to our ears after we have heard everyone call him "Van.,' lt's not that we donit re- spect him that we never speak of him as Principal Van Osdol. lt's not that at all. It is just because he's "Van" to us. By looking at hint, one would guess that Van was an athletic type of man. And right the guess would be. He figured in high school athletics, both basketball and football, at Pretty Prairie, Kansas. VVhen he had graduated from high school, he decided to further his education. As a student at the Kansas State Teachers college of Emporia, he played foot- ball three years. Fishing trips are "tops', with the principal. He has gone a' fishing to Minnesota several times. This year was Van's fifth anniversary as principal of Abi- lene high school. The board of education is made up of six out- standing men of this community, Howard Keel is a prominent clothierg E. L. Morse is cashier of the l Drineipal MARVIN VAN OSDOL Emporia State, B. S. in Ed. University of Chicago Avis Klover, secretary Citizens Bank: H. C. Leonard is owner of Leonard's Music Store: O. L. Snider is a successful farmer of Abileneg Y. Y. Young is with the Kansas Power and Light Co., and G. E. Duckwall is an executive of the A. L. Duckwall Company. Superintendent FRED C. GARDNER Emporia State QLife Certificatej University of Kansas, A. B. Columbia University, A. M. i . . A Doris Hoekensmitli, A secretary Council doverns Student Affairs Sponsors Dennu Carnival, Hobo Dau, and Student Activitu Ticketgi Twelve Seniors Honored Bu Being Cnosen To The National Honor Societu Student Council llli STCDIQNT COUNCIL is an organization whose purpose it is to co-operate with the Prin- cipal in regulating the student affairs of the school. The Council is composed of an executive board elected by the student body and nieinbers elect- ed by classes and organizations. The officers for 1937-38 were: l.eRoy Jolley, presidentg Catherine Green. vice-president, and Theodora Stants, secretary- treasurer. Six connnitteets functioned throughout the year and each of the twenty-three Council nieinbers served on one of these committees, The eonnnittees were: assembly, publication, athletics, house and grounds, lost and found, and social, The Student Council sponsored an all-student car- nival which was held in the high school building on No- vember 12. lt also had charge of Hobo Day on March 4, planned the pep chapels, and sponsored the student activity ticket. The Council elected the following junior Rotar- ians during the year: Bob Keast, Bob Knox, Vtvinston Kinderdick, Kenneth Nicolay, Fred Gans, Conrad Hake, Harold Leckron, Merven Neis, VViln1er Kuhn, LeRoy jolley, junior linsworth, and Bob Keel. Cum Laude 'tmp liowfllaniona Boyd, lvilmvr Iiuhn' lluth liliniir, Junior ICHSWOFUL Mildred Hess, und Virgil AIUSOH- Bottom llow--Wendell lil. Harllwli. prosiilent, lioseinnry llaslouer, Harold Leekron, secretary-treasurer, Margar- et XYnr'ilrop, llolnert Owens, and XVil- ma Stat-hli, vice-presiflellt. Governors St-ated, lt-ft to riglit: Ilosemziry Mur- ray, debate, llutli l+1'nii,e', senior class: Phyllis lYl1et-ler, soplioinoro elassg Iionnn XVntt, tl. A. .X.3 ll2ll'g'kll'l'l. XYarrl- rop, G. li., Maxine Lzinyqhliii, junior class: Mr. Albert Hawkes, sponsor, Norinzin Vlilllll'll2LlI', F. F. A.g Vineent tbllonnell, sophomore 4-lass, Miss XVin- nie Scott, sponsor, CllI'lSll1lO Nelson, annual, 'l'ln-otlorn Stunts, set-1'eta1'yQ and Lt-Hoy Jolley, Iiresiclent. Standing, loft to right: ll1LlllUI'l11C Green, vice-presirlenlg Patricia, 'Pown- ley, vocal niusieg Boll Volley, atlileticsg lnilt- lit-rp:ei', Hi-Y: NYilme1' Kuhn, lioosterg llzirolfl Leekroii, bandg XVQ11- dell Harmon, senior' 4-lztssg Merven Nets, Melioyle, l'l't'Sllll12il1 class: and llolierta Stunts, G. ll, Hose- niatry Harmon, freshinzin 1-lass, :intl lid Long, junior class, are not in the Die- ture. National Honor Societu ROM Tlllf GR.'XlJU1XT,iNG class of 1938, twelve students were chosen as nienibers of the National Honor Society. Those honored with inenibcrship were: Virgil Al- lison. Ramona Boyd. Ruth lfinig, Junior linsworth, XN'endell IC. ilarinon. Rosemary Haslouer, llliildred lless, Vlvillllld' Kuhn. llarold T.eckron, Robert Owens, Xylllllll Staehli, and Margaret XYardrop. To be eligible for nienibership to the National Hon- or Society, the student inust rank in the upper one- third of his class, scholastically. From this one-third, twelve are chosen by a fZlCl1lty connnittee for their service to the school, their character and for their leadership in the activities of the school. The group inet on April 22 to elect officers. Those chosen were: Wiendell Harmon, president, VViln1a Staehli, vice-president, and Harold Leckron, secre- tary-treasurer. .Xt the final chapel of the year, the group received gold pins and signed their nantes in the National Hon- or Society nieinbership book. l SENIOIQS RVTII IGMIG-l'laufvssimialg Nvll'0'l'l'0S. Sturlvnt, Cuunvil 253 Studc-nt Count-il 43 Operetta 3--lg National Honor So- cicty. CARL BALIPWIN-lnrlustrial Arts: F. F A 1-'P-'i MILDRED RICYN4DLIrS+I'1'ofvssiu11al. LAXVRENCE VAN SlCKEL-l'1'uf0s- sionalg Bouslvi' Staff. RUBY EMlt,i-Ilonns licuntunicsg Gloc Club 3--lg Opcrctta 3. G. C. E'l'IIl4lRlNtQTON-l'rufvssiunalZ Basketball 4: Sm'-. Ili-Y 2g Iifmste-1' Staffg Clivvr Loader 4. JEAN ASLlNt'l4l'rofvssiunal3 Sturlvnt Council 33 Band 3--lg Boostvr l'1clitru'g Gloe Club 2-3--lg Operetta 2-33 G. A. A, Revue 1-2. WARREN LOGAN-Golieralg Glue Club lg State Livostock Judging Tvani lg F. F. A. 1. CIIARLIGS Ml'lil'lIY-G4-lw1'alg lfuut- YIYIAN IIIGIIOFF-t'un1l11vl'c'ialg Class ball 1-2-Il--lg F. F. A. 1-2-Z!--L. Night 3. YVIIAMI-Ili lil'HN-Al'ruft-ssirulal2 Stu- ALINE XVIIITIG-Co1n111v1't'ial: Glue llvlll Vllllllfil -ll liilllll 2-31 St-llitu' f'1ub'1. A l'layg .luuior llotarian 4: Btmslor Slaffg Class Sm-.-T11-als. 23 National llnnur Society. li.-UVIUINCIG IHSSMAN A lllllllSll'lill ANS. Sim, LiW,Sf,,l.k Judging Tmim l"Al'l'll li. Mt-lilUYLIG--I'rufvssitulalI 3: F. F' A' 3. Music- Cr. tl. ll. -lg tilt-me Club Q-3--I: Ulu-1'0tla 2-3. v Y V 1 ' Q lll4INNll4l CIVUHSIG--l'1'ul'vssin11al3 Has- IMEIAA MVNALL-I'1"'l"SN"""'l' kvtball 1-2-3-4: lianll 2-3--lg Annual Staff: Svnim' Play: Junior Rotarian Kg 1ltNlSlK'I' Staffg Class Vic'Q-l'1'osi- mlm-nt 4: Gloe Club: Class Night Pro- Miizicvux Nllzis-czem-ml: lfoulball :a-4: g"i"'l V39 G' A' A' WVU" Lg' Stutlont Cmuwil 4: Baud 41 Junior Rutarian -lg Houstvi' Staff: Hlvo Club 23 Class Night 1,1'0gI'Zl1ll Ilg U1ll'l'0llll NIGUMA 0Bl'lRMl+IYl'lli-Smc1'eta1'ialg 2. U0lll1Ill'l'L'l2ll Club Soc. 3. DALE IIICRCPIR-I'1'ufc-ssitvnalg Stumlvnt VAl'GllN MARTIN-K'ul11l1u'l'L'i:ll3 Stu- , y 7 1 I h l :hint Count-il 2-3: G. A. A. St'l'.-'l'l'02lS- 1: Jllinmhl hu Z Nklmfr Huy: 'Minim- 1: 1'l't'Slllt'lll 4: Jr.-Sr, lianuuvl tmul- Nutt-lL1:1n,.3g ilvlvlulln- Squad 163, Luns- mittm, mmimnau' tt-1 . tatt:v Class Xiu--I ws. -Q film- fllub: C. Ix. L. Quarlvt Zig Class Night 1-ZZ: Oporotta 2-3. XVILLIAM I'IISI'II.l'I - l'l'ol'c'ssiu11alg YERI ,INN BH-LKINS -Y 1,l.4,f0SSimm1 . S"'m"l' may- Junior Playg Smiiur l'layg Gloo Club 1-2-il-lg Class Night 2. IDA Mllllllilll EMI!! - l'ml'1-ssimialg DHNALIJ B1DXVELIAYI,,,l,,Sl-1.in1 AHS. Booster Staff. Ulm- Club 1-2-22--lg tuwwtta f'Ullllt'll 4: Hanll 1-2-Z!--l: Ili-Y 'l'rc-as. SENIOIQS XVI'IXIJI'II.I. IC. IIAIHHPX---I'l'nl'1'SNiUl" IillIillTIIY IlAYHUF1"ill1'm'1':ll. NUHMAX YVIIl'l'l'IlIAIR 7 I114lllst1'i:ll :llg Iizlskvlbzlll I5-41 Sllltllxlll l'UIl11l'il 4g Iizlud 1-353 Alllillill 1-Illitwg Jllllilbl' l'l:1y3 S1-llim' I'l:ly: .lulxiur IUll2ll'i2lll 35: lhmstm' St:1I'I': Vlzuss I'1'vs. 553 Xzlliou- :ll IIUIIUI' Souix-ty. IiI.IZAl2l'I'1'II 41l'II.If'HYI.I4Z 1 I'ruI'vs- siunul: -Illliiill' l'l:nyg Svnim- l'l:1y: IfUllS1l'l' Stuff. LYI.l'I SW:xN+110llllll1'l'l'i2ll. CIIRlS'l'lNI'Z Nl'II.S4rN - l'1'ul'1-ssimlzll' SIIIIIUIII i'umu'il 43 Allllllill Sl:ll'I': tl Ii. 'l'1'v:xs. 21 Xvil'1'-l,l'l'S, Il, f'4lIllllliTfP1' f'll2llI'IllIlll 4: llnustq-1' Sf:lI'i'. ICIPIPIIC 1lI'NZI'Il.MAN - l'l'uI'4-ssinllzlli Ulm' 1'll1lr4g 11lll'1'l' IAXZIIIUI' I-3-4. IlI"I'lI .IlPXl'ISiHl'lII'l'1ll. LINFHLN IIICNNl'I'l"l'---lmlnsirizll Arts: 1ll1'l' Vllllr 21 1'll1'v1' lA'2l1ll'I' 1: I". I". A. ,I-ZZ-I!-4. JUNE ASI'ER"'-Gl'lll'l'illZ Sf-nim' VIIIN. MAX JAMES-Ge11e1':ll. IQHSICMARY IIASL4,JI'l'IIl-l'1'ofussimv :nlg Juuim' I'I:1yg S1-ninr Plnyg Buns- lvl' Sfilffj 1114-0 Club L!-II-43 UlM'l'4'1l1l 2-Jig G. A. A. Iil'Vllt,' I-:lg Xilfitllllll lluuor Suciuty. lbAI.l'Z INNbl.I+IR-Gvlw1':f1l: Baud 4: HIM- Ullllb 1. VICIAIA IllUSIEYK'ollxlm-l'1-iul2 Glu- l'llllb 2-43 tlpvrvttzl. 4'Al.VIN .lt DIINSUN-I11uIllsl1'i:ll Arts. l'IiI'I'l'IIA lll'IYNUl.IbS f I'1'uft'SNilll1:Il1 Iiuusla-1' Slnff. lllHl'I'I SHX'l'lDN--G0llM':1l3 1,1199 Vlllh 3: F. F. A. 1-2. Arts: Fuullmll 22-Z!-43 Sllldvlll Cunn- vil 43 Stzxlv I.iv4-stnwk .lllrlgillg 'l'44zu11 42 I". I". A. 1-13-Ii-4. RITHY l'Al7L-llvllvlulli Bmlslvl' Slzlffi .Vx-4-s, Vllllllll. Hub 4. FRANKLIN I'I'f'Kl'I'l"l'-G+'llvl':lI: Foot- Q I hull l-1.-Sw-43 .luniur l'l:1yg lioosfel' Stzlff. RUSH l'Ill'II.I"S-4lvlnwal3 Glen- Club 1- 4. R1 D I5I'IIt'l' l'f rI.T.I41Y-Gs-11v1':1l 1 l"ouIb:1ll 2-I5-4: liuskvtlmll 11-3-4: Sllldllllt' lttrllllfil Z!-41 liznml 2-R-4: Anuuzll Stuff: -Illllitll' RlIl:ll'i2lll 31: Iimmsta-1' Stzlff. .IANI-I IJILICS - l'I'Uft'SSiUll2llI Sllltltillf f'ulIll4'il 15 HMISIM' Slilff, XVAYNIC IIIflSSlCI.liAl!'1'II - 111-1w1'a11: Hilllll I-2-I-5-4g film- Vlulm 2-4: Ulwr- vtial ZZ. ALICE MAE BUYCIG--GHIlP1'a1l. SENIODS 1 11t1111Cli'1' KI1ll'II.f1'1'11t'11ssi1111:111 Gulf 1- RAMHNA 114PYIIJSM-1'11t:11'i:1l1 G. R. t'1'R'l'IS VII.-XSli-fit'll1'l'ili, .I-JZ-43 lilllltl l-L!-51-4: .l1111i111' Il11t:11'i:111 Nl11si1' t'11111111. t'h. 25: tl. H. Vim-- -lz t'l:1ss Night: .l1'. l'l:1y: Sr. l'12lj'. l'1'1's. -t: .l1111i111' 1'l:1y: S1111i111' l'1:1y: 4211-11 t'I11h 1-2-35-4: 0111-1'1-ttz1 Hg Nal- ti1111:1l lltblltll' S111-iety. - lll+IlCNIt'1'I tQARY-t,le111:1'z11. NIARtlA1lI'I'l' XvxxlfliilfT1'fCtj11l1lll'I't'12lII Q' "1"'xG'U,f ":'1"'Q1lTL: fl"H'l""'f'l:l nf Lui' 11111111111 W11:111111:-1'1-11t'11m11111111 11111111 1115. 1 ,1. . . .1 ltlll-I 1111111 111111 5. I-Z-3-4: Hi-Y Prog. wh. 3: Iwwiw tlt'lll -tg tlI1-11 t'l1111 2-31 11111111-ttzl 2-ZZ. NVARICIGN 1'1ASLtb1'1C1i - 1111h1st1'i:1l Arts: 1911111111111 2-C13 Stzttv 1,iv1'st111'k .l1111,2i11g: T1-11111 33 I". A. A. lf!-Il-4. L VRTIS tlA1iV1'I1ift111111-1'z11: .11111i111' 1111154 311111011 11111511 111111. 111111, 1: 1.j lf' t'A'l'lII'IRlNlfZ t'1iAXV1f't11ilb 7 1'1'11t'11s- A- 1-3. Nitbllillf lZ1111st111- Stuff, l1I'IS'l'l-Ili I.AHH-S1-1'1'1-t:11'i:1l1 tll1-1- Club 4: Vi1'1--Pre-s. Ish t'hz1y .Iuy 4. 111111, M1-t'1.lN'l'lt'K-t,Le11111':1l, 15l'2'l"1'Y A'l'N1I'---t'11111111e-1'1'i:113 t'. K. 11. 'l'y11i11g 23 H11111'1'tt:1 2. . 1, ' ,'if"1-'- l,'t'1l A't1': 1'1:111s'1'11x lfl, sM1'1'11-1'1-1111-SS11111111z Illf,::ifmlf1-211s F QQ'-f,f.':f4 I N 1:1111- 1'11111 241-.13 1111111-111111 11. ' ' ' ' ' ' ' tI11l"'1'tlN 1+'0XVl.l'Ill - t'111111111f-1'1'i:11: 15111111 1-1:-il-4. 1lAllt1l.lP 1.l'1l'KRUN-Gt'll1'1'il11 8111- x1ARJURlE XVIIITLIQY,-114111111-31. 1111111 t'1111111'il 4: 11211111 1-2-3-4: .I1111- -. -. 1.,. '1.-"-1.53: 1111111111311 11ms 1'1+11f1-11111111111 S1111 "fl iM"'1',"' 'ij LN N15 1'f" ' . . 1 , , . t. lx, I., 511111 J-.1--L: -11'.-511 1111111111111 1l1-111 ftDllIlt'l1 3: 111111st111' 11111111111 1111- ml I Ytllimml Ilmmr Wwimv 1-1'1-11:1 12: .l1'. :11111 S12 1'1:1y 111111111111-1 " A ' ' i " tl. A- A, Rt'Yllt' 1-LC: N:1ti1111:11 Iltblllll' Iit11S11lIi'l' tIXVICNSYI'1'11t'11ssi1111:1l1 .112 S111-i111y, Piilj' Ctlllllll, Uh.: S11 l'I:1y liusiiivss I Mgr.: li1111ste-1' Stuff: t'l:1ss Night: .I1'.- 1lI'I'l"l'Y I,l11t'KRt1N+1'1'11f11ss11111:1l. Sr. l'i2llit1llt'1Q C11111111. t'h.g Nz1ti1111:11 II1111111- S111-iety. l1A1VRl'INl'I'I litPl1511-18117111111111111-1:11. Vllltlll. M. Al.I11St1N-G1111111':1l: 11'1111t- l1:1ll 1-2-Il-43 15211111 1-Z2-I-1-45 .I1111i111' l'I:1yg t'l:1ss l'1'1-s, 1: 1111-11 t'I11l1 -It l111NNA WA'l"l'-mt'11111111111'1'i:1l1 St111l1-11t t'l11ss Night 1: N:1ti1111:1l 1I1111111' S111'i- MAXINE WILMHRIC - 1'tPllllllt'l't'12ll1 t'111111"il 4. Qty. 1111-1- Clllb 1-2-za-45 1P1lt'l't'1Iil 2-ra. -1-..........,,-... . SENIOI-QS XVAYNIG S'l'l'l'IiiGvlle'1':1l. 'IRI.I'lNlC PICAIQSUN T f'u1111110l'm'iz1l G. A. A. Ilika- Capt. Zig G. A. A. Fi ll2llIK't' l'h. 4g Svu.-'l'l'v:1s. Ish Vhuy .Izzy 4. I'AI'I, PII'II.BI?Gel1v1':1lg Hlev Club -1, LMA STAICIILl-1'1'uI'1'ssiul1:1lg XXII- , . . , . mml Mutt: l.. Ii. IHIVUIIUIIS Uh. 31 42 Ii. l'1't'N. 4g JIIIIIUI' I'lzlyg Svuim' l'l:1y3 I:llUNlL'I' l'Iflilo1'3 Mlm- fllllll I-2- 'i-4: Uporvllzl 2-Jig Jr.-Sr. Ilzuuluoi Ummm. Uh. Zig In-vl:l111:lIio11 45 N11- llllllill lltllltbl' Society. IPAIIICIII. 1'IARK-I'ulnlln-1'4'i:llg Billltl 2 . .,, 1 1 . I-..-.,, hlvv flllll .1--I: Ups-1'vIlzl 2. 1 41 41 1 1 1 1 - I InA1 I. I LANAMAN-1 01111111-l'v1:ll I'-Xl'lI IIICIIT--121-l10l':ll. IIJICLLI-I MIQYICH-41'l'o1'vsSi1r11:1l. GIRACIC l':l'l.I'lll+lllPlllllll'l'l'liIlI I'l'vs. I.I'IllHY .l1lI.I.I'IY 4 IIltlIlSll'IiIl Arif Ish 1'h:ly .lay 4. Slmlf-nl llllllllvll Pm-S, 4: QX111111. Slillhl-' II1 Y Vim--I'1'vs. Sig SUIIIUI Play: .luuiur lf1Il21l'l:Il1 4: Ihmxlll Stuff: Vlnss l'1'vs. 213 Yivv-l'1'vs. I f'i:lss Night I. I,I'I'I-I GII.-l'0111111vl'f'i:1l. IIUIQHTIIY MlI.I.IGll-th-111-1'z1l3 Svuim I'I:lyg Class Vivv-I'l'1-s, 533 Vlzuss Nigh IlHIi0'I'lIY HUFLTIrx-S141-1-1.11-iul. I'l'Hu1':1111 IZlII'1'E AIACIII'lN+fslQIIl'l'2llI Student IIRYFIC M1'f'1lHMIf'li-G1-x101':1I3 Rilllil 0011111-il Il: .lulliur nlll2ll'lilll 3, I-2-Hg ills-el fllllll 2-3-43 U1wl'etI:l, l.AVI11lUQNI4Z STAIIH -- I'u11111wl'vial Glvv fllllll 4. IGIINA III1'KINSlIX7S1'1'l'e'I:l1'i:llZ GI1-1 Fluh 4. I .IVNIUK IGXSXY1PI!'l'lI---l'l'ul'vssiolI:llI ICIJIA KIHXIUDIG-I'1'ui'm-ssin1l:ll5 Ilon- l0l'SI1ll'l'j Gln-0 1'luI1 25 Ulu-11-tlzl 2. NICLSUN IPAYIIIPl"I4'--lla-111-1':1I3 Hpvr- I I Mtn 2,3 Hlvv Uluh I-L. MIIIIDICICIJ Nf'IIl'I,'l'Z f'l'I'lll'l'SSlHIIZllZ li. Il. Pizllxisl 4: Iiwrslvl' Stuff: Gln-v lllllli 2-Si-41 Hpvrvtlal Ill .I1'.-Sr. llam- quvl Ch. Ifnullballl I-2-Ii-4: .llllllHl' Iiulzllwlll' Flaws l'I'4'Sl4lK'l1l 4: Nzutimml Ilunm Nm'iL'U', l lf. HAI 1 1 !liNl'IlIflll'l1l'I':1l' I" lf' -X 'Y 1 1 1 - IN UIUPIIIX ll-XIII--lmulm-l'4'l'1l' A 4 , llnufl 2--li Ulm' illlll Zi-fl-43 U1N.'I'l'll2l '7 'I XI1"l'UIi IPICII0I"I"4Gv1101':ll' Glu' 4. fllllb THREE GUESSES SENIORS WITHOUT THEIR DIGNITY' JUNIGRS ENTEQTAIN LAVISHLY Seniors Are Honored Guesls at Annual Junior-Senior Banquet Dreseni "Anne of Green Gables" to Large Appreciaiive Audience NDER THE LEADTYRSHIP of Fred Gans, presi- dent: Franees Meade, vice-president: Bob Knox, secretary and treasurer, the juniors have coni- pleted their third and linal lap as underelassnien in their high sehool career. The juniors were repre- sented in student council by Ed Long and Maxine Laughlin. Junior Rotarians were: Fred Gans, Bob Knox, XYinston Kinderdiek, Conrad Hake, Kenneth Nieolay, and Bob Keast. The class was excellently guided through the year by its sponsors: Miss Lawellin, Miss l'inson, Mr. Brooks, and lllr. Collins. The juniors were well represented not only on the oridiron but 'ilso on the basketball court. Those out for football were: Lester Akers, junior Murphy, Al- fred Switzer, Bob Keast, Fred Gans, Don Vickers. Earl Hardisty. and Ed Long. Those out lor basket- ball were: Alfred Switzer, Conrad llake, Vtiilnier NfVen- ger, Dale Cavender, Fred Gans, Ivan Cheney, Donald lflolnies, and lid Long. The annual class play "Anne of Green Gables" was presented on May 5, by the junior class under the capable direction of Miss Cfhristniore. lt was well received by a large audience in the city auditorium. The juniors eliniaxed the year by entertaining the seniors with the annual junior-Senior reception. The reception was given at the Hotel Sunflower on April 22. 15 4 l i lLll'ilOF5 T.. Aker, M. Allen, F. lianman, E. Bariizwtl, li. Betlie, K. lllziek, F. lilaz- er, .l. Bowyer, F. llrennenizin, ll. liren- nenizin, lil, Callnhain, IP. i'avenmler, J. Uhrisinan, A. Clark, M. Coker, l, When- ey, M. Coleinnn, NY. Uorinziek, ll. lll'2Ll1S, H. t'r:1wl'or1l, M. llalinke, ll. lbowns, .l. Plaster, l. liinery, M. I'1'inii,g', 0. Ep- ler, XY, Fritz, I". thins, ti, liiese, A. Gish, tl tlongh, K. Green, CT, Hake, Ifllvzt llziiieu, ll. llaisloner, J. llnrris, H. IIerelienroesler, 'l', llerren. 1', Hill, D, llolines, V. Hoover, F. Iloui:,h, li, llowairtl, H, Iliiinharger, M. llnril, U, Jaiines, ll. Jorilon, lb. Kezlll, li. Ka-ost, XY. Kilicleriliek, ll. Knox, ll, Kruger, Il. llucly, V. lmnilis, M. liziilrgli- lin, Janet liet.7lair, IG. Long, lt. Mt-Coy, li. lVlt-Kee, J. Mull, lll, Mzill, IC. Mark, ll. Marshall, Y. Mnrsteller, B. Mzisten. J. Masten, F. Meade, M. Millinin, B. Miller, ll. Moore, il. Minler, J. Murphy, l.. Murphy, fl. Mustarrl, S. Mnsioe, M. Nelson, K. Nieolziy. Il. 0'lJell, V. l':i:.g'e, .l. Patterson, L. Pzilterson, ll. l'alterson, 'V. l'ane:1ke, ll. Phelps, .l. l'ooler, N. Przither, li. llam- ey, P. llziy, J. lit-rllly, IZ. lleynolils, ID. liiekenizin, IP. Ilizor, li, llose, tr. llos- siter, ll, Singer, Il. Sonrlers, M. Simp- son, M. Slillie, li. F-tanks, ll. Sirowig, A. Switzer, L. 'l'hiel, ll. Tiefie, l'. Townley, ll. Towne, M, Tnllis, V. Towne, V. Van Sit-kel, H, Veal, G. Vossloh, J. NVelsh, XVilnia YYenger, XViliner XVeng,'er, IC. XVilson, Bob XVor- ley, R. XYliiteh:1iI', J. YYood, D. XYright. l VF? R A LA YY IGLLTN lil. S. University of Kansas llorner Conservatory Latin linker Vniversity, A. B K, S, 'I'. C., l'itlsburg', Calendar SI+Zl'TEMI51'1R Tlli---167 kids elntter np A. H. S. I"reslnnen get in j0lll'l1illlSll1 elass. Several seniors try to dale Miss Irwin before they find onli that she's a new teacher. ltilh-Miss Nelson puts her anti-gum-eliewing: t'tlIDIlilljJ,'ll into foree. Mildred Hess is the Boos- ter's first editor. liitli-Lousy lyeeiun which we found out later was about tele- vision, Vans irked. Elin 4 iamurizwr vicToR R. ALLEN, Jr. A student who, by his noble character, won the respect and admiration of all with whom he came in contact. SGDHOMGDES ARE JUST CATCHING ON Groduollu Are Overcoming Freshmen Tendencies, but No One Would Ever Guess li, Guilfoule, Horbeck, ond Sierreii Leod Group llli SOPHOMORE CLASS of Abilene high school, under the head sponsorship of Miss Helen Irwin, forged ahead to be one of the most active classes in school. Officers for this year were: Bill Guilfoyle, presi- clentg llarriet llarbeck, vice-president, jack Sterrett, secretary-treasurerg Phyllis NVheeler and Vincent O'lJonnell, student council representatives. The sophomores took part in many school activ- ities as music. forensics and social events. ln the Penny Carnival, the sophomores had as their stunt a bowling alley. Don Davis represented Abilene high in the Central Kansas League oration contest on April II. Vincent O'lJonnell. Marjorie Russell and Mary Cathteriine Horan were sophomore representatives i11 debating. There were twenty members of the sophomore class in the .Xbilene high school band. Twenty sopho- mores were in the vocal music department. Dale lirdman. cornetist, won a "superior" rating in the dis- trict music contest. There were several promising sophomores in ath- letics this year. Tom llarris had the misfortune to break his leg' while playing in the Chapman-Abilene football game. Others on the football team were, jack Sterrett. jim Machen. Prentice Gary, liarl Hard- isty. Glenn linsworth and Robert Akers. ln basket- ball, Jack Sterrett, Prentice Gary, jim Machen, Don Davis, Bill Guilfoyle, llarold Gary, Harlow lNlcCosl1, Glenn Mehl. and Robert 'l'hompson took part. On May 16 the sophomores put on a clever one-act play as their class night stunt. l 1-lth-LeRoy Jolley tells the kids why they should buy an ae- tivity ticket. 1Tt li-Ulass officers elected. Had to wake up Bill Guilfoyle to tell him he was president of the soph- omore class. Zolli-Ae-rieulture students at- tend State Fair at Ilutehinson. Six gallons of eider consumed. Zlst-Iluteliinson fair grounds overrun by ill'2l11,L1'l' and Brown mu- sieians. Make fine showing. Sev- eral stayed for nigfht performance and liiteh-hiked home. 23rd-Sllake Dance. Zitli-Braild new stadium ded- icated and Ruth Irlmig crowned as football queen. Cowboys conquer Swedes, 19 to 0. OCTUHIGR lstkliailroaders rumble over tlowboys, 36 to ll. School llay at the Central Kansas Free Fair. Sth--Ruby Paul elected presi- dent at the Colnmereial t'lub's initial meeting. tith-Harmon emphasizes Fire Prevention WVeek over KFBI. 8th+Staehli illlll Jolley on Sopnomores I.. Adam, ll. Alter, A. Annis, J. Arnold L. Aslilli-:', A. Atkinson, ll. Haier, ll. Bater lj. liarber, L. Hass, K, Beech, A. Bischoff f9lllPr'l'g'l'l', ld. t'olenian, J. l'opeland, V Cormaek, IT. Coulson, ff tfovt-rt,, IJ. Crane K. Vrane, ll. Davis, lv, Davis, XV, Davis lb. Ibiekinson, D. lflngrle, L. lilnpqlt-man, L lllngle, V. lflngle, IG. l'lnri,u,'ht, ti. llfiisworth D. l'll'tllll2lll, l. Franklin, M. Fuller, K Funk, .l. tlarvie, ll. Gary, l'. Gary. H. lillH'lE'l', Ii. ltluilfoyle, M, llall H rison, ll. llaslouer, It. llaslouer, Y. Hawk G, Haynes, F, llerman, .L Ilerr, M. Herr M. llesselbarth, VV. llieks, S llill M Horan, .l, Iioulton, H. llutehison 141 James, M. Judah, li Keim, ll. Knight, V Cosh, i. .leiee, .l. Maehen, U. Martin, G. Mehl, N. Meuli, M. K. Murray, M. Murray, R. Murray, L. Nottorf, V. Ullonnell E Orth, M. Palinor. Patterson, lt. Paul, II. l,l,El,'lllilll, ll, lleecl, V. lioniberger, lf, llose, M. liussell, D Samuelson, K. Sauer, C. Say, H. Sexton, F. Sexton, C. Sexton, K. Slll'Illlill'd, D. Smith, IJ. Solomon, ll. Stants, 'l'. Stants, ll. Stark, ll. Starr, li. Steinberg, .l. Ster- rett, ll. Stone, l'. Stradtner, li. Summer- field, l'. Swvanger, l'l'. Taylor, li, Taylor, J. 'l'haelier, O. 'l'lllllll, l. Van lluyne, S. Van Siekel, L. Veltnian, D. Vickers, B. NVardall, li. lYarner, ll. YYeller, lil, 'Wey- ant, l'. XVheeler, XV. XYiedower, ll. XVil- kins, ll. XYilliams, M, lVllllillllS, M. iVil- son, M. XVisby, ll. lVoolverton, li. NYolf. 1 Il ICLIGN IRNVIN Commercial Park College, A. B. l'nivt-rsity of Kansas University of Colorado Cr. Howell, B, Hurt-hard, L. Vain, li, Cof- 1 1 lelarlieek, lu. Harfllsty, 'l'. Harris, ll. liar- Kollinlf, K. Lowry, ll. Mt-Cleskey, ll. Mc- 1 'N l , . M. Pancake, II. Parker, C. l'arizo, L. Verdant Freshmen Gain Experience Organization Headed bg Roberta Townleg, Dresident, with Miss ibloome as Head Sponsorg Droiecied bg "Freshman Dag" ban IIEN Tl I I2 DOORS of Abilene high school swung open on September 7, one hundred and eighteen freshmen entered the portals of the school. This class was led by a group which included: Rob- erta Townley, president, George Rogers, vice-presi- dentg and Wayne VVilliams, secretary and treasurer. Rosemary Harmon and Vincent lXlcBoyle represented the class in the student council. The class was under the able supervision of Miss Evelyn Bloome, head sponsor, who was assisted by Mr. Fred Allison, llliss Ethel Giles, and Mr. Henry lVise. This year the freshmen sold at the Abilene-McPher- son football game and the Abilene-Salina basketball game. The proceeds from these two projects went toward buying this page. The freshmen were active in many phases of school life. A freshman basketball team composed of Bill Barber, Anson Coulson, Dean Funston, Kenneth Chap- man, Richard Royer, Bill Gough, james Boyd, Charles Gary, Dale Kirkpatrick, lid McCullough and llarvey Ollstedt and coached by Floyd Currier played a sched- ule of games in conjunction with junior high basket- ball. jim Thacker lettered on the high school first team. The following freshmen were on the varsity squad in football: Anson Coulson, Dale Kirkpatrick, lid lllc- Cullough, Everett llluir, Henry Kohman and Bill Bar- ber, the latter playing as regular fullback on the first eleven. The freshmen were active in other organizations also. Robert Bamnan was treasurer of the lfli-Y, Rose- mary Harmon and Vincent lllclioyle were members of the Student Council and Dick Young was on the de- bate squad. The class was also well represented in the band and in the vocal music department. Fresnrnen L, Adam, li. Annis, ll. Bauman, B, Barber, B. Barber, E. Barber, P. Bear, Pl. lilnesi, J. Boyd, B. Brown, M. Burke, J. Burnette, R. Callahan, K. ChaD1T1H-1'l, A, tflgirk, L. Clark, S. Coffelt, L. Cok- er, I.. Connor, A. Coulson, B. Cusit-k, L, lmyhoff, ll, llobkins, Y. llowns, D. l':gf.fll'SlU1l, K. Erin'-k, M. Fair, B. Frahni, Y, Freed, H. Fregxon, M. French, A. Funk, 1?-. Funston, IJ. Funston, C. Gary, 15. Giles, NY. Gish, J. Goodell, B. Gough, K, Griffis, P. Gruen, P. Guil- foyle, H. Hansen, S. Hardisty, XY. Har- greaves, R. Harmon, L. Hasloruery U Henne, V. Hensley, R. Herren, S. Hess M. Hill, E. Hoffman, M. Hoffman, H Houlton, M. Howard, J. Hutton, A. lr- by, C. James, D. Jordon, M. Judah B. Keel, CL Kennedy, M. Kenney, D Kirkpatrick, H. Kohman, M. Kohman C. Kohrs, B. Korn, O. Kuhn, B. Longi lr. Long, V. Mc-Boyle, IG. McCullough ll. Meier, B. Milham, D, Miller, E. Mill lipzgan, E. Muir, H. Mustard, R. Neal IC. Nels, IG. Nichols, ll. Obermeyer. li. Ullstedt, L. Patterson, Tl. Reynolds, . S. lleynolds, t'. Rin "wood, C. llissinan, 5- tl. Hoge-rs, ll. Roof, IS. floss, ll. lloy- er, H. Hyun, I. Seriven, A. Simpson, M. Simpson, ll. Smith, l. Snyder, ti. Stel- ter, N. Strauss, C. Strowig, XV. Strunk, ll. Swacler, l.. 'l'hm-kt-r, L. Thompson, l'. Tidric-k, lb. Tober, ll. Townley, M. Van Sic-kt-l, F. Veltnizin, L. XYhite, D. lYhitehuir, XV. XYhitn-hnir, F. XVind- sor, C, XVoods, M. XYylder, ll. XVylie, NV. NYi1liams, D. Young, ll. Parker. .3 ...Boss N 4 i B. S. EVIGLYN BLOOME Home Economics Ft. Hays Kansas State, University of Colorado University of W'iseonsin i i L t 3 KFBI. Ellsworth Bearcats out- mud the Cowboys. 11th-Gnilfoyle's mother tells if from history quiz for her "Mid- night Ride of XVillie Dawesf' Qtitli-Pollard 1'laye1's score a her to keep "Speeds" sparkler hit with "Broken Dishes." clean so that it would be niee when she gives it back. editor and starts to work. 13th-Harmon ehosen annual 19th-Polomeme Potters pre- 2Tth-"llo Fish l'erspire'!" by Rock in Ili-Y. Roberta and The- odora Stunts give package wrap- ping demonstration in G. lt, 2!Itli-Mel'ln-rson Bulldogs chew Som 3 lycomug N0 one Slppt S0 it BIt'litlylllL'll. Collins' homburg must have been pretty good. lVith Slll2lSllt'tl by football. Prof. Rock in the hero role, the Iitith-t'ollins has sore lieald. Lions devour Mayor Callah:1n's Has-Beens in their annual charity game. NOVEMBER Sth--lVe send the faculty to 22nd-NVi11ua Staehli exempt Teachers' meeting and take a hol- YOU'VE GOT DANDRUFF, BUDDY' 1 "Trails" is Girl Reserve Tneme Thanksgiving ibaslzets, Red Cross Drive, Tuberculosis Campaign, Mother-Daugnter Banquet, Are Among the Activities of 6. R. PONSORED BY Tllli Community Y. W. C. A., the caravan of Girl Reserves began its journey through another year on September 28, 1938. The captain of the troupe, Xkilma Staehli, president, 'with the guides. llliss Neva VVeisgerber, Miss Vera Lawelliu and Miss iivelyn Bloome, sponsors, led the group very successfully along the road, using the theme "Trails" as the basis of the entire year's pro- grams. In order to start the trip off right, a get-together in the form of a paper sack party, was held to wel- come all the girls of the school to join the company. The girls were introduced to the officers of the organ- ization, the president, XYilma Staelili, vice-president, Ramona Hoydg secretary, llarriett Ciuglerg and treas- urer, Yirginia Landis, and to all the cabinet members. The different committees of the group planned the various activities for the club. The service committee, under the direction of Christine Nelson had charge of the collection of food and money for Thanksgiving baskets to the needy, helped with the T. B. seal campaign and also aided in the Red Cross drive. VVilma VVenger and her committee had charge of the publicity of the club, furnishing posters for every meeting and writing accounts of the activities of the club for the papers. The finance committee conducted by Virginia Lan- dis sold candy at one football game, canvassed the town during the Christmas season selling wreaths and took charge of the G. R. book exchange. Ramona Boyd and her committee were in charge of the membership campaigns for both semesters. The program committee under the leadership of Patricia Townley planned the programs and devo- tions for the meetings. ln November a pageant was presented before the City Federation. A lovely VVliite Gift service was held at Christmas time, with the food and money going to help needy families of Abilene. ln December, names for 'iTrailinates" were drawn and after a month of secret friendship, the names were revealed. Faith MeBoyle, chairman of the music couimittee, furnished vocal and instrumental music for the club. Mildred Schultz served as pianist. Margaret Vllardrop and Roberta Stants served as representatives in the Student Council. Myra Hurd, chairman of the social committee, planned the Mother-Daughter banquet, which was held May 3. Mrs. VV. Asling gave the main address of the evening. NFIVA L. XV IGISG lil RB Eli German and I I istory Kansas NVt-sleyan, A. B. Vniversity of Wiscon- sin, M. A, University of Kansas University of Colorado iday. tith-Language of "Foo" is sweeping the school. Sth-New Booster staff. xvllllltl Slaehli is the goat by accepting: the editorship. Sith-Mrs. I'aul Royer in G. R. Max Moxley gives account of his liluropean jaunt in Ili-Y. lllth-Students massacred by Mr. Paul Lawrence, pliotographer. llth-Hay l'ierson gives fine Arniistiee Day talk in chapel. Uhapnian Irish swamp the Fow- boys in their annual Armistice Day battle. GR Executive lsoarcl Seated, Left to Right--Wilina YVen- ger, publicity ehairmang Roberta Stants, student council representative. Margaret Wardrop, student council representative lianiona lloyd, member- ship chairman and vice-president, Faith Mt-Boyle, music chznirinanl XYil- ma Staehli, president: Myra llurd, so- cial chairman, Christine Nelson, serv- iee ehairinan: Mildred Schultz, pianist: Patricia 'I'ownley, prograni cliairinanl and Virginia Landis, treasurer and fi- nance ehztirman. Standing, Left to lTiglitfYera Lawel- lin, sponsor: Iflvelyn Hloonie, sponsor. Neva, YYeisgerber, sponsorg and Har- riett Gugler, secretary. 113thf'l'he old building takes on a festive air for the annual all- school carnival which was a de- cided success, ltithilfllizabeth tluilfoyle, Fred Gans, and Faithe Mcltoyle appear on Klflil. 1Sthf'l'he journalism class sees the inner-workings ol' a news- paper at the Reflector. 20th-Slaehli and llarinon on KFHI. 22inl!-t'l1:11i1ber ot' Coinnieree honors the 4-II with an achieve- ment banquet. Rennie Course and his Swingsters in Hi-Y. Dicnic Tops Off Hi-Y Year with Homer Weller as Dresideni, the Hi-Y Secures Manu Dromineni Businessmen as Speakers for the I5i-uueelelu Meetings, Successful Year as a Whole HE JXBILIINIC HlGH SCHOOIXS Hi-Y organiza- tion has just completed another successful year under the guidance of Doyle Brooks and Roy Martin. The directors, during the past year. were as fol- lows: Homer lYelle1', president, XYinston Kinderdick. vice-presidcntg lfred Gans, program chairman, Tom Harris, secretary: Bob Bauman, treasurerg Dale Ber- ger and Merven Neis, student council representatives. The purpose of organizing the Hi-Y is to create and maintain, in the community and school, the high standards of Christian character by banding the boys together for clean living, clean speech, clean sports, and clean scholarship. ln the fall, the club held their annual picnic which was held at the Red Bud lake. There were plenty of hot dogs, soda pop, and apples to be consumed by the approximately one-hundred boys present. The games which the boys played were soft-ball and a good game of tug-o-war. Throughout the year, the club held bi-weekly meet- ings for which the program committee provided many interesting speakers such as Max lXloXley, Rev. Ralph Taylor, R. Long, Bill Willis, Harold Sappenfield, C. G. Malin, George Yeadon, john Lehman, and Kenneth Rock. lllax Moxley presented a vivid picture of the ever-changing Europe which was very interesting. Llilrd-l-'zlcnlty has a turkey vlmpcl. dinner. 2-ifll--lVillIl01' Kuhn and Eddie Gnnzelman on KFBI to aid in the Red l'ross drive. 125th-t'owboys defeated by Flay Center in the Turkey Day gzune. tl1in,2's. debate at Topeka. DI'ZCEMl5liR Iird-Seniors please a full house with t'Silas h12ll'l191'.U Har- mon. Keel and Boyd have leads. -itll-In-bzite tournament here. iitlllxvitdlilil Lion's club quar- tet and girls' trio entertain in Tth-Van Usdol and the journ- alism class hash over a few lltliktflboiincll. lloran, Rns- sell, Chrisnian, Crans and XVOIILIEI' ltith-XVilma Stat-hli selected for ID. A. R. 1'llgl'iIll2l20. 1Ntl1-Grii'e Sexton gives i1n- prvssive Cliristinas lnessageg sub- ject: "Tho Mississippi River." llannds down Marion in SVZlSlll1.S ops-ning' baslcotbzill granle. 33 to li. 21 st-Harriet Harbeek and Dick Young win prizes in the Boostr-r's Rev. Taylor was the speaker for the annual Christmas club meeting, His talk was concerning the be- ginning of Christmas. R. Long, an active Abilene business man, gave a talk in which he related his i11- teresting trip to Europe. "Sportsmanship in Life," was the subject upon which Bill Willis gave a very earnest talk. The first speaker of the year was Har- old Sappenfield, who told of his experiences in China, this talk being based on the adventures of his trip around the world several years ago. C. G. Malm made a very unique chalk drawing of a "typical coun- try landscape scene" during one of the club's meet- ings. George Yeadon, local game warden. presented for the club an interesting discussion pertaining to the dangers of hunting. Following his talk, an.open forum was held in which the club members asked questions in connection with hunting. In one of the most interesting talks of the year, John Lehman, county attorney, told of the methods used in captur- ing criminals. Kenneth Rock, the speaker for the Halloween meeting, gave a humorous talk entitled, "Do Fish Perspire?" Bryce McCormick, Ruth Soud- ers. Warren I-laslouer, Katherine Black, and Warren Logan, students of Miss Christmore's dramatic class, presented the play, "The Underdog," April 5. The club enjoyed the production very much. HI-Y Executive l5Od Fd Seated, Left to flight-Homer YVel- ler, prvsidentg Mervin Neis, student council representative: XVinston Kin- derdielc, vice-president, llobert Ban- man, treasurer, lfale Berger, student council representative, Tom Harris, secretary, and Fred Gans, DFOSFHIH chairman. Standing-Mr. ltoy Martin and Mr. Doyle Brooks, sponsors. IJOYLE K. BROOKS Mathematics Ft, Hays Kansas State, B. S., M. S. 5 .- Grnana Clirnaxes Isancls Activities Musicians Receive Trip To National Contest for Dating "I-iiqhig Superior" at Salinag Dresents Spring Concert ITH THF CLOSE of the 1937-38 school year. the Abilene high school band wound up its twenty- seconcl year as an organization for the better- 1ne11t of instrumental music in Abilene high school. The band, under the direction of Earl R. Ray, op- ened its season very successfully on September 21, 1937, XYl'lC1l a group of sixty-five musicians journeyed to Hutchinson for the Kansas State Free Fair. The group was resplendent in their new uniforms consist- ing of an orange satin jacket with a zipper front and brown wool patch pockets, On the breast pocket was the A. H. S. monogram. The rest of the uniform consisted of white trousers, an overseas cap and an orange tie. The band's goal for the year was to be able to at- tend the National Regional Music Contest which was to be held in Omaha, Nebraska. ln view of this fact, the group started earning money early in the season. On the afternoons of September 28 to October 1, in- clusive, the band played for the western performances of the Central Kansas Free Fair. At the end of that week the coffers were just 375.00 better off, VVith the arrival of the football season the musical aggregation was awarded a free trip to Manhattan for the annual homecoming game at which time they were privileged to witness a chapter of the eternal feud between Kansas State college and Oklahoma During the local football season Professor Ray en- tertained the fans with a small military band. This year the leadership of the marching band was in the hands of llliss Bonnie lllilham who showed excessive talent in baton twirling. The Abilene band also entertained many local civic organizations throughout the year. On October 27, the band gave a short concert for the Rotary club at its regular weekly meeting. In addition to this, Mr. Ray had many small ensembles who played for va- rious occasions such as Hi-Y, G. R., church organiza- tions, women's clubs and the men's civic clubs. The instrumental department gave a public concert' on March 31. 1938. Included in the program were such selections as "Heigh Ho" fro111 the picture "Snow lYhite and the Seven Dwarfs." "Builders of Youth" which was the required Class "B" contest number for the National Regional contest, and i'National Vic- tors." On April 14, Professor Ray took his instrumental group to Salina where they entered the National Reg- ional qualifying contest. Upon returning to Abilene, the group had six of their nine entries eligible for the national contest. The ratings for those eligible are as follows: band, highly superior, brass sextet, su- perior, cornet solo, superior and bass clarinet, excel- university. Isanci 1 Flutes-Keel, MeCleskey, Stradtner, Harris. Oboes-Course, YYe1ler, Hicks. Clarinets-Nieolay, Leckron, McCosh, VVylder, Stone, Keel, Chai-5m2lU, WVRF- ner, Stants, Covert, Foltz, McKee, Voss- lqyh, Eggleston, ldmig, Kinderdiek, Bar- ber, Asling, Bert, Hansen, Strowig. Alto Clarinets-Hess, Funston. Bass Clarinets4Keast, l'arizo, Souders, Bas- soons-Seriven, Callahan, Rizor. Saxophones-Alto, Meuli, Callahan, Summerfieldg tenor, Hake: bklrilolw, Leekron, llamey. COI'Il8tSfl':I'llllliLll, Knox, Fowler, Strowig, Lowry, Carl- son, Hoyer, Gary, NVil1ia1ns, Orth, Blazer, Stone, French 1'IOI'l'lSff1ql11tlt5l"- dick, Townley, Vickers, Milhain, llob- inson, YVit-clower, Landis. Baritimiic-sl XVel1e1', Hesselbarth, Say, Clark, lirieh. 'lYl'lJllll70llE'S-cillllS, Tliompson, Berger, Nichols, Eisele, lirown, Thimsen. Basses-Jordan, Long, Neis, James, Pooler, XVhite. String Bass-Gary. lfor- eussion-Polley, XYorley, Patterson, YVisby, Blaesi, Long, Kenney, .Patter- .son, Asling. t EARL 11. RAY Instrumental Music John Tarleton Agr. Col- lege North Texas S t a t e Teachers' College Southwestern Band and Orchestra Conserv- atory Simmons University T e x a s Technological College University of Kansas lent. f'lll'lSllllilS story and poem contest. NVQ- knock off for Christinas vaca- tion. 28th-Miss Nelson blossoms ont in a IICNV Chevrolet. JANUARY 3rd-Gleiin Mehl has a eraek- up at the intersection of First and Buckeye. -lth-Senior class vetoes class rings and pictures. Cowboys win their first C. K. ll. tilt from the Ellsworth Bearcats. 7th-Cowboys eked out by liigzlily-touted Salina Maroons, 19 l lo IS. lorh-Mr. Rock shoots up to Clyde to assist in installing a Lions club there. 11th-The gift to the school from the class of 1937 finally ar- rives: a nineteen volmne set of the XVorltl Book. 17th-Joyce Burnette decides she has a crush on Bob Polley. ifltli-Barbara Sue takes ad- vantage of l'1tliering:ton's feminine respect and wails his knob. 21st-lhiinoretl that Mr. YVise hurt his ankle doing the 'tBig Ap- ple." Chorus ls "Superior" At Emporio Receives Highest Qotihq Given: Date Ah "Excellent" at Soliho Contestg Dresehts Christmas Concert Over KFBI HIC lXllXlflJ CIIURUS, under the baton of Henry lYise. had a successful year, doing more work than has been done in several years. The separate glee clubs worked mainly on music for the chorus: the boys' glee club met Tuesday and Friday mornings at 7:50. and the girls' glee club at 3130 Monday and Thursday afternoons. The mixed chorus met every Monday. ltednesday and Thursday during the activ- ity period. XYhen the all-school l'ennv Carnival was held the 4 - 4 glee clubs sponsored a fortune-telling liootli, with l'atricia Townley as general chairman. Cln Sunday, December Io. the mixed chorus gave .a concert over radio station Klflsl, featuring six- teenth century hymns and Christmas carols. Many directors from other towns gave as their criticism that the chorus sounded like a professional choir. Three concerts were given this year: one to the grade schools on March 243 one to the high school and junior high, March 253 and a formal concert was giv- en March 25 for the public. The chorus journeyed to Salina to participate in the district music contest on Thursday, April 14, They sang "Agnus Dei" and "Adoramus Te, Christe" and received an excellent rating. The girls' glee club received a superior rating on two selections, "The Lfitli-.Iournalisin class starts on "History of 1'larI,v Abilene." 28th-Marie Kenny tliinks New in Canada. .It-rsey is at sweater. Iilst-Czlgt-i's are guests at the Lions elull. nlilltlgu Allen is the speaker. tith-Myra Ilurd air-conditions tttgytgy wisp: 1"l'31iHVARY Roek's waste basket by kiekilli VW-at gfusic lst-Rei' Rlflllfltls tledieates 11 it hott- in it, ilimpiirta stare, n. s. song to his current heart-tlirolu. 11111-Alll1ll1ll-SQITIIIQ contest Iionnie Cillltlllilll. between boys and girls begins. Bud-I'aul Collins, Roy Martin. and Fred Allison attend the Gola den Gloves boxing tournament at Salina. executive meeting. Ilrd-llarris, Maelien. ind Krlilll- W foyle st-ntl up a balloon that lands ltlisftl. A. A. kid party. livery- one looked natural for .i tliange. Ktlihllarheek and tluilfoyle tlirow one at I1ill's house YVinner gets a lialf-liolidav 14th-Myra Ilurd and Xvlllllil XVenger are Iiostesses at the G It Nightl' and 'Wthen .joseph lYas .X-XYalking." The girls' small ensemble, singing Xtednesday, .Xpril 13, was awarded an excellent rating for their interpretation of i'Ye Xtho The I.onging Know." Mem- bers of the ensemble were: Ramona lioyd arid tier- trude Gough. sopranosg Doris XYeller and Melva Kla- t'ie Callaltail, secolttl Stlllflllltlfsl eau ,Xsling and Kath- erine lfllack, altos. Soloists and their ratings at the district contest were: Ramona Boyd, soprano, goodg Blelva Marie Callahan, medium, goody Darrel Clark, tenor, av- erage: Donald Howell, baritone, highly superiorg lhe mixed chorus, girls, glee club, girls' small en- semble and soloists took part in the state music con- test, held in limporia. .Xpril .26-39. The same contest pieces were used. The ratings were: mixed chorus superior: girls' glee club, excellent: girls' small en- semble, composed of Ramona Boyd. Gertrude Gough, llelva Marie Callahan and .lean Asling, superior, The soloists and their ratings were: Ramona Boyd, goodg hlelva ltlarie Callahan, superior: Donald Bowell, su- perior. A few of the contestants were fortunate in hearing Helen Jepson, world famous opera and radio star. .Ns has been the custom for several years, the vocal music department furnished the music for the Bac- calaureate service, Sunday, May 15. t Chorus I First Itow, Left to lliglttkli. tfrans ' U. NX'oods, li. Townley, A. Bischoff, D Ibit-kinson, Il. Gufrler, Ifl. XXX-iyaiit, T Stants, V, Ilosie, A, Clark, Il. Phelps XY. Hicks, IC, linriprht, Il. Stunts 1 , Iiutvell. lxee, li. xxtlI'lt'j', W. Slut-llli, ll, Slllltlt'I'S, I'. Townlev, H. YYilkins, M. Laughlin, Y. Iiandis, Ii. Summerfield, ll. XVeller, H. Callahan, Il. Harmon, M. Murray M. Herr, Il. Hll11llJ2ll'g'L'I', M, Hill, V Ilelfloff, I', Smith. Third Iiow, Left to llight-t', Funk, I. St-riven, Ii. Frahni, Il. Mustarid, M. Van Sickle, I. Franklin, M. Murray, E. Viekiiisoii, I.. Thompson, M. Iiohman, XY, llavis, 1' Covert, Il. Iimig, I.. Has- louer, J, XVelsh, M. Iiinigr, P. Helm. Fourth llow, Lett to Iliuht -D. Clark, .I. t'hrisman, IZ. Keel, IG. Neis, M. XX'ylder, ll. Harheek, M. Kenny, F. Sexton, Ii. Milliam, Il. 'l'ol'l'I', li. lillielk Y. t'orniaek, I.. .XslinL:', sl Cot't't-It, Iii. Stunts, II. 3let'leskt-y, K. Black, J. Asling, I'. Ilay, B, Met'ormit-k, Fifth Ilow, Left to Iliglitflh tiar- ver, H. NYist-, It. Haslout-r, F. Mt-Hoyle, Il. lloyd, II. Iltttehison, IC, liarlit-i', H. Iiztlir, II. tfllt-ll, J, Iiurnette, tl. tlourh, M. XX'ilniore, If. Hath, Iv. Iliekt-man. -1- -- -- -- M. t'allalian, M. Nelson, I., Nottort, F. Iiannian, Il. Yiekers. , . ,MI t'oIeman, Ii. Starr, L. Phelps, H. Stone, Il :st-eond Ilow, Left to liightftb, Mc- y V, Allison, A. Clark, Iiut-ille Ilavhoff, Debaters Make Impressive Record Argue tne Judges Out of Second Dlaee In the State Meetg Future Farmers Attend Manu Judging Meets Tnrougnout Central Kansas Debate 1 mg . 11,191-1' Arguers Seah-11 1,1-1'1 111 Iliu'111-11Iarj111'ie Tlus- s1-11, J111- 111111 l'111'is111a11, Vi111-11111 11'1J1111111-11, 111111 Mary 112l1119I'1Ili-' Horan. St111111i11g 1,1-1'1 111 Iliprhtgllick hvllllllil, Mar'j111'i1- 1'1111111-1', 1111111121 YYe11ger, Mr. 1'iz1y1111w1111 1.1-es, 1-11111111 1I11se111ary Mui'- ray, '1'11111111111'11 S12l111S, 211111 B011 Urans. Future Fartners of America F'1'1fR iX'1'T1fX1J1NC1 meets at 1u11eti1111 City. 11e1'- 1511.1fX1l HIGH 5311011115 1'111111te1"1.Jf The Future i11g't1111. Clay QQCIIICT, L'11z111111a11. 1i11111111'iz1, '1'1111eka. 1:Z1l'111C1'S of ,Xnierica has 111111 Z1 Very active year, 111111 XX'111l1111g' the 11111111 district Contest 211 Siliillil, 111z1i111y t111'1111g11 the e1'1'111'1s uf Mr. Fred ,-X11iso11, the iX11i1e11e high school 1111111111-1's,e11ache1111y B111 Ray- 1'11c:11i1111:11 zigriculture i11struct111', 111111111 1.1-es. c1i111axe11 21 highly successful 11157-38 Lezuliiig this 111'g:111izz1ti1111 1111- the past year were: sc111'11111e hy wi1111i11g se1'111111 111z1ce in the stziu- 111111'1111- 1.111y11 Sexton, 111'esi11e11tg N111'111z111 XY1'l1tC11Zl11', vice- 111e111 111-111 at L2111'1'e11ce, 1:L'111'11Z11'y 23-26. 1 Sod Busters 1911-51 Ilnw, L1-ft 111 111fJ,'111'XXv21X111" XX'11i11-1111i1', .11111k 111111111111, 1'11i1i11 121-111'. 1121I'1'11S 1"1'1-111111, 1711111-'1' 1fll111l, 211111 1111'- 11i1- 1'1-1111111111 S1-11111111 1i11w, 1,.1.-ft 111 11111111 -.X11s1111 1'1111ls1111, 1'11111'11-s 1liss111z111, 111-1111 1411111- s11111, 112lX111IlllI1 S1:1r'1', f'2l1'1 XY111111s, 14111- 1-11111 111'l1llt'1l. '1'11i1'11 lluw, L1-fl 111 1iip:111-111111111 1111sI11111-11 I1'1'111111is Y1-111111111, l.1111is 11215- 111111-1', XY2ll'1'Q'11 1.11g:111, 1l11y111111111 1'111'is. 111111 K1-i111 Ruse. 511111111114 1,1111 111 1113111 -121-1'11111'11 1"1'1-141111, 1:l111L'I't 1'z11'k1-1', X'11i1111111 1i11p:1e, 1"1'11111'is 13I'141lI16'111Qil1, 111111111 1121Y1lt-'S, S11111 1l1-y1111111s, Huy 111111'11s, ,111l111 111-1111 11I11s1111', N111'1111111 xY11114'112l11', 111-111'g'11 S11'111'1', 1,111y11 SeXl1111, 1.y111 1'1l1g1L', f'11111'11-s lX1111'1'111y, 1Pz1x'i11 131111-1', 1111-11 M1-111, .I1111 M11st1111, l'1'11111is llzxy, 1211111-1'1 A111-rs, 11l1112l1t1 B:11'111-V, lI11111'y K1111- lllilll, 111111 Mr. Fred A1lis1111, 11'esi11e111g 51111111 Dean 1'.ZlStC1', sc-c1'etz11'y. 111- 1 1 15111-Vi1'1111' R. :X11l'11. il s 1111111 1IlV1'11 i1ll11l'k'SlN'1'1l'11111' :1l1. 1111ss1-s f1'llI11 us. 113111-.I:11'k 111111111111 1'1-111-ives 11111 111'i1'1-s t'111' 11is six 1':111'11s .11 . NVi1'l1i111. ILXYMUN11 LE1'.'S . 1 . 1 . 1 21s14A 1111111s11 11111-1'1'11111s 1' 1-W' -'11-IJNVN 11l11g1is11 . - , , . - - , , 1 . , IN A 4 V 11.11111 1111 .111111l1- 11111 1111115 11111111 X111'2lI11J11el1 1151. "ENUM" MMP' " 111' l'i1111s 111' 111111 1111 11111-s111111:l1i1'11 Kzulsas 512110 211 l,',' AT f 111' Ni11111111', B12l1l11klT1i111, 1.5. 1111'-1's1 ' 1 ' ' . . . . .1 5 i 221111-.l11111t 111111-1111: 111 111- H 1x:111s11s M. A. v 1 , , A X. 111111 lf, 11. Miss XX111sg'1-1'l11-1' i1'1i1-11 111 111111111111 "'111-111111111111-S11111l11i 111'1'-1i1- S1ll'lll'1Sl'S 4'Y1'1'j'1lllk'. "1i1114-NX 1- 2111 s111'111: y:11-:1- 1 Train in Vieuu of Business Career lsn Cnau Jau and Commercial Clubs Drepare Students for a Career in tne Business Worlclg Meetings Are Dart Educational and Dart Recreational XY11' - 5161105 11I'S1 1'1111, 1.1-ti 111 11151111 A11111- llt t1l"11-1- 111111:1:1:111, N1-1111111 41111-1 1111411-1' 211111 1'Il111 111-1111. S 111111 1.1. 11, 1.1-lt 111 lI1u11t- A1111 1111 111111111113 1111111111111 12115-il, Yiyjglll 111-111I't', 11111 l'111111:1 11':1tt. 1111111 111111, 1.1-it t1 11 111 N1 1,. ,. 1 12 ---. 1-1'11'll1 1 .11w-1111, 111111-X 1'il1l1, 111111 111-st1-1' 1.- 1t'11111't11 1'1 W, 111-1't 111 11i:g'111- 11111'11 .1111' 1115 l111111t1111, t11"11'1- F1111-1' 'lI1t1 1"11111 111111111s1111 51IIlt111l"' 111 111'Il1' Miss 3111111-1 1'i11 Q1111, 111111s111' 1 1- 1 111111 1 1117 Cnau Jau Commercial Club 511 C11 XY ,111 15 Z1 1'11111 s111111s1,11'1-11 115' Miss 31111161 1115 1'C1'l'1iN'1'11X1- s1'c1'ct111'i11s 111111 sta-1111911111111-1':1 11i11s1111 1l11' t111' 1111-11111t'1's 111. t111- S11tJl'111il11t1 Class. c1111s1- t111-g11v1'1'11i11g'1111r1y 111 t1111 tf11111111111'1'i:11 t,'11111 1111- 11:11111- 111 t111' C11111 is 11t'1'11'c11 11't1l11 t111'cc s11111't- :tt 11110 i11it1111 I1S5L'1l11111' 111 Sl'111C11111t'1', 11125. 111111 11111111 1'11'11t'11't111's "s11, C11.11I1I1t1 "jimi" 111fict'1's Q11-ct1-11 xx'1'1'c': 1Q1111j' 111l111, 111't's1t1t'1l1Q 1.e11111s f1111CL'l'i l111' t111s 10211418 C11l11 we-111: C11'11C1r iifpicr, 1.211151 Vice-p1'es111c11tg 1qt1SCI11!l1'j' 31t'14t1'Y. Sl'C1'f'1Il1'j', ,11'1's1111-11t 111-stt'1' 1.111111 viC11-111'11si11c'11tg 111111 1110110116 M11rg':11'Ct NN1:11-111-1111, 11118111055 1l1I1l1ZlQ'l'1'j 111111 R1111t'1't 1'c:11s1111 1lL't'1'C1jZ11',X"1I'C!1S111'C1', A1Z1I'S11I111, 1,1'Cf1SllI'01', XYINNI 1.3 '11, Z2Nt11-111-111111-rs 1-1111 1111- 11i11t11 511411111 N. 111 l1t11111l1t'l'- 1-1111: 111111 1-' 4 111 1.11111-11111111 111111 if wt- 111'11111is1- 111 11111111 tht- t1'1-s1111-s 11111111-. 2Tt11W11111w 1111 IIZISSUS st1111y 111111 111-1'111'11i11,2' t11 t111- 11111-st 1111111i list. 111N11'1t'1 1-111111-st :lt S:11i11:1. 11t111111l1'1't'1211 1-I11111111'i:1 Sl'1t1- 1' 1 , 1. MAHVI1 lst-tl, A. A.'s 11s111-1' 111 S111'i11g' with 11 "S111'i11g: 1'2ll'1y.11 '1'111- .111111-ti1111 t'ity 131111- .12lyS I1l'l'1i 11111 21 1'i11t111'y 11v111' t111- A111- 11-111- l'11w1111ys, 313 111 23. -1111-A-1111111111-' 111,211 s1-1111111 11s- sumes the 11ppea1'11uce of a hobo 1.1. lfmptwrizt S1Zl11', 11. 1,11l11111l11.1 1111141 l1l'Lt741J.' 1'1111v1-543 11116-g1111 1'111Yt'I'S11j' 1T117dDC1C1'5 A11l1'j' J11111- ,X111'1I, 1'i1'2l111i 1111111112111 1- Hutty 111-1-k1'1111, .11-z1111-lt1- 1.1-t'1:1i1', 111-s1-A 1I1Ll1'j' AIt,'1'115', .1111111il11 111111, A12lX11l4' M1111, H1111 A12lI'S112l11, 1t1t'11t-' X111-y1-1', 3121K- inc- 1V11111il111, X'1-1'11i111- 1X11111ai11s, 111111121 1111ll'1111y, M111't1111 N1-1s1111, N1'l11l1I1 t1111'1'- 1llPj'l'1', 111111K 1'11111, 1.111x'1'1-111-1- 1111111-1-4 s1111, A11-1'1e111- 1'1-111's1111, .11-1111111- 1'111111-1-, H111111'111- 121-y1111111s, 11111111111 1111'1it'1ll21ll1 t11'1-111- 1l11ssit1-1', 1N1:11'i1- Stil1i1-, 1111111111 't'11x1'111-, M111-u-411-1-1 W111111-1111, 1111111111 NV11tt, .X1i111- XY11it1-. 1I11s1-111:11'y YY11it1-A 1lfl1I', 211111 143111111 XYi1s1111. '1'111- s111111:s111's 111'1-3 Miss 1111111111 1'1ll- s1111, Miss XYi1111i1- S1-11tt, il1111A11bS .1'11,'11'll Irwin, 31.1141-21. 1. VINSON U111111111-1'1-1111 SI I sity, M. A. L'1114'I11-Ill 1 1 A1111 MQ11- 111151-1-, 1111111411111 1511811 311-1- V11 112l112l1121l1, A111121 l'12l1'1i, X'i1-t111' I'1-- H11t't', ViVi1111 111-1111l't', l'1111111 111C'1i11lNt1Il 111111a:1-111- 1'111l1t'1'j', 11111 1XI1-1'11- 1'I111ig', 1111111 1'11ll1g', t11'111-1- 1'1l11t3I', .X1111-1'I11 t1isl1, 1'I1x'11 H11111-1-, 1'11111 111-1111, xY1'l'211111l 111t'1xS, V1-111111 1'111Si1-, 11111'11t11y 1111l111t11l, 111-tty Hu11111111'g'1-1', 11111111111 1ft'El1l, 111-1111is 1.1111y, 1111st1-1' 1.11111', A111xi111- 112111 "111i11. 'mst' l C112 lllhxlmw 'll Igh 'S than, nusivif lllf lOCRNiXl,lSKl llepartnient issued fifteen lit rosters during 14357-35 ina Staehli, lean Asling, and Rennie Course act- ing as the editors-in-chief for the four nine-week pe- riods. The students holding the office ol' news editor were llale lierger, Merven Neis, Christine Nelson. cl ll t ' and Lawrence Van Sick -. ment editor were Robert l'olley. XYlllllL'l' Kuhn. lillllit Monroe, and Rosemary llasloner, The feature edi- tors were Rennie t ourse, Ida Merle l.nig,, Ruby l'aul. and lilina Klonroe. lfranlclin l'uckett, llale llergcr. llerven Xeis, and XX'endell llarinon held the position of sports editor. Geneva l,eClair, Mildred Schultz. i Staehli were copy readers. The proof and Ylilinz , readers consisted of jane tliles, Mildred Schultz. lda Merle liniig, and Mildred lless. The business inan- alfers were: Robert Owens. Xliihner liuhn, Uretha Rbeynolds. and LeRoy 'lolley G. C. lftherington, lilizabeth Guilfoyle, llale ll irger, Lfretha Reynolds, Robert Owens. and Christine Nel- son assisting. The scandal sheet, called "The . sued on April 'l'. A staff consisting ol: LeRoy lol- ley. editor-in-chiefg Xylllllil Dale llerger. front page feature editor, was el Reflector on ,Ianuary 27. TX twelve-page Rooster containing ill tht tx niaterial on early' .Xbilene was published in May, lhe l 'n to supervise this project was governing board e iose Scribes Vatlierine t'rawi'ord, Vretha l Holds, liuby Paul, llos'eniz1l'y llaslouer, lielioy Jolley, XXX-ndell llarnion, Mel'- ven Neis, .lane tlilt-H, lfllizabeth ixllll- foyle, tl, U, Iflllierinixton, liob Owens, Xvlllllil Stat-lili, llolx l'ollt-y, llllllbllllt Nelson, llennie Course, lvale ltigti, Jean Aslinpx, lf'ranklin l'uelu-tt, XYilnier Kuhn, Mildred Hess, Mildred Si-hlllll, Ida Illerle lfniig, and Lawrenee Yan Sit-kel. lilina Monroe is not in the ple- ture, editor: and Rennie Course, eeted to edit the .Xbilene llaily headed by Robert Owens, chairtnan, and LeRoy Iol- ley, XYihna Staehli, and Christine Nelson served as as- sistants. The history was written in twenty chap- ters and proved to be a worthwhile project. with Mildred lless. XYil- lYendcll llarinon was chosen early in the year to act as the editor-in-chief of the Orange and Brown. Assisting hiin were the business manager, Christine Nelsong associate editor, Rennie Course: organiza- tions editor. XYilina Staehlig photography editor. Le- Roy jolleyg and sports editor, Robert l'olley. The pictures were taken at the high school by Mr. Paul Tiose ae ing as assign- fl i ,- Lawrence front llastings. Nebraska. The annual sales campaign was carried on as a con- test between the boys and girls. The total nnniber of yearbooks sold was 408. The girls won the C011- test and the reward was a half-holiday, The engraving was done by linrget'-liaird and the Abilene Daily Reflector printed the book. lt was published during the last week of school. with Catherine Crawford. L ll The persons responsible for the articles in the an- nual are: Student Council, Mildred Hessg journalism, lilnia Monroe: Debate, Catherine Crawford, ti. R. and llraniatics, XYilma Staehlig lli-Y, l.eRoy jolleyg ish Chay vl ay, Ruby l'aulg Connnereial Club, lda Merle liniigg F. lf. A., NYihner liuhng Band, llale Rergerg Chorus. lean ,Xslingg Athletics, Robert Polley and lfranlc Puckett: Ci. ,X. A-X.. lfretha Reynolds, National llonor Society, lane Giles, and Questionnaire, XVen- Xpril lfoof' was is- Staehlt, society erlitorg .i ' K' : X 1 'ailable dell llarnion. We ETZLTV' I ' Wy- W, ,,.,., 1 "jungle" when the alninal eonven- ltlth-Cowboys rninble on in tion ot' the Knights ol' the Road the regional at Clay Center by W eonvenes. have Long. .loe lkob downing: a favorite. Manhattan. l'hrisnlan. Ramona lloyd. and llet- I!! to QT. Kl'3NNl'7"'ll M- lim-'K ty ,lane t'rawl'ord reeeive prizes iifhflcm. th.. third HHH. this lllnalisli for being the best-dressed lranips. ,N,,,,,,' HH. qqmmmm High mush. Mt-I'ln-1-son l'olle:.:'e, A. 4 Ilixie Melotll' MIISTWN ill Vllillwl ed the llands and moved into the V 'R' A 1 1 yi y 7lll"l'1'0l'- Kill' NWS fl' UIW' finals at the tournament. '1'llQf'1'S'l5 'ill his fill" renee to direct the K, l'. band. 17111-st, 15111-it-15, pay. Fm- tll' li A . . , ' ' 1 I , A , ' . . ll I' , flll1"lX- l- lflltl' Vllll' llllxwllle onee the treslnnen are il st '1- llllYt'l'Hlly ol Volorado , ,.,,l , ,A - - , I ' 5 Q' Nmtthwwlwu Umvmwib .ln txu lent llllltllillll in the e113 Qot11fA, II, S, ilmlifm-ium im. ' ' z lilorlnln 'l'lle Uowllovs '1 tl'll'l' - v-.1 1 V i v .. ,V 'W I - - - - K llltlllt my nan qelorania. mylumlml Uuiwwily W llU1St' in the l't1'QllPll2l1l basketball gj,,1h7'1'1w A q'ul,,.1pl vlmil.. dj, lUlll'lljllllt'llI 'al Clay lenter. dnnip 1-et-It-41 lily VI-uf. llltllry yyisn. gint the loneordia lanlhers and IIIUVU its annual eoneert in ellapel and into the second round. 1-t-peut at night before a large au, l 7 I CANDID A. H. S Classics Are Dopular in Abilene Seniors Dreseni "Silas Marner" in a Drofessional Mannerg Juniors Dlease Large Crowd With "Anne of Green Gables" "SILAS MADNEIT' "ANNE OF GDEEN GABLE5-" Tmlly XYintlirnn W ...,. vYY,, . -YM . ,,,. Verrline Mulkins Anne Shirley ,.,,,, ., ,,,,.,,A,,, ,,,A,,,,, l H111-ir-ig, 'lmwnlpy 'Nm A """" M" "' '---"'- Billy lqisfilr Florenve llenisvn ..,,,.s,.. ,.,, .,,,... , , .lniiim-U NVc-lsh i11rfll'1'ey Cnss s-.. ,,,,..,,,,,,. Roh Keel lllurthzl liinilmlv llunstan Cass . . Squire Fuss , Silzis lllnriivr , Muster Bryon- .., Mary Gunn W .lnnu Gunn ,,.., Ur. Kimble W .. Num-y LZllllllll'll'l' Priscilla 1Alll'lllt'l1'l' ., liimie, ZW yours ulcl ,,,,,. f.YY lalppie, 19 yours ii Azu'fmn XXvillllll'HIl, 3515 years old Auron YViiitl1run, 24 years old ss - ,lloscinziry Haslouer ----,,l.r-llny Jolley ,,--,-,,,,lmle Berger ,-,-XVcnmlcll Harmon ,---,,Wilnicr Kuhn --,,--,,.iunu Asper Elizaliuili Guilfoyle -,-,---lh-iiiiio Course A .v,, llzlinrviia Boyd Minnie Stcarn N. Mrs. ,Xl6XRllflt'l' Sm Mattlicw C'utl1In-rl 'll!4L'l' ,,,, Mzirilla Cuthbert W, Mrs. Rachel Lynrlo , Mrs. Barry ,,,, ,,, liizuia Barry -V In-nnis likuly ,,,..-ih-1'ii'lirlv filillp-:ll ,,,,l'i'4-iiiis Lay -,,,,,,Alyi'n llurml linszilyiio 0175-ll Nzxnvy Przitlier lfl s..,.. ..,A,.. ,,,l?oro1.liy Miller ,-,,,.lfI21ll Guilfoylo ,,-,-,,XYilnia Staehli ,--.lininiy Guilfoylc ,---,-Curtis Garvor sl-nizlry NYliilvhair Mrs. Allen - ,,.. ,,,..,,,.,, B lzirir- Cliltjlllilll Josie Pye ,,,,,., ,,- ,, Ilirrrwlliy llivkciiian Moody SIllll'f-Z'L'4lll ,A ...,,,.f,Y ,,,...,, l 'lnlwni-41 l32ll'll2ll'll Gilbert Blythe ,,,.,. ...,.YYf .,,,..,,, . - Wliolv Crans lrn Mills ...,,.s,,..,, ..,.s., ,,..,,..,, A l L-lvin Finig IGHTII E ll CH RlS'l'MOHlQ English University of Kansas, A. B. Ifnivcrsity of Su. Culi- furnia, M. A. University of Colorado clieiiov of pzirviits and friends. Zilstffzirl Tlinrlow. of Norton. is sc-ls-vtml to take on-1' tin- reins of lln- Abilene Cowlioys for next year. Fozwli M1-Coy, Zlfll'l' :in up and down l'0ill'lllllQI i'Zll'l'lil', :ln- 1101111008 plains to enter lfnivorsity of l':i1ifo1'11in. at Berkley. APRIL lst-Tho svlioollimxsc- burns down. llnlnivs and MvN:1ll break up. Townlc-y ieither oinfl gots an F. Miss Giles gets inzirrivil. Hess niakes np her Inind. i'l'otts" is sober. Paul Holni gots drunk. Hur- lu-vk is silent. Ii4lSl'lll2ll'j' llnrninn isn't lmy-1-1':1xy. K1-:1sl's inonili is slinl. Pulley lnls snnn- 1l:l1lK'l'. lloc'k's l1:1i1' 5:1-ts in his i-yrs. NV1- win lin- C. lx, I.. toollizill title. l'lll1l2ll'llll is-lls ll funny jukv. As- ling: :nets intm-lligm-ni, Stan-lili irnvks ilnwn iln- llzlll. llun'i spoil it by looking :it tin- ilnlv line! 21141-"'l'lni April Ifuif' Uilllll' out yvsivlwlziy. "lunar-y" Iinwvllin lillil'll ns dupe in-ilillm-i'. Slick is 1'li:i1""4-il with 1'Ul'l'llllllllLl' lliv inor- zlls ni' Ilvlvn XVilkins. 1il'5lllll'lll Nix-ulny. Mario Km-nny, Roliwt Sirowig. f'Ulll'il1l llallw, Phyllis k w J Q . : .J U L Jo "FOOTBALL QUEEN A D ATTENDANTSU X LME HN, ' ' 'w.2.'f'QCH'v . -, 'YISHY' Aka ivfv AYV' .Q , V , .v-4 ', P- 5' p- , , " ' 'V 1, wi m,"+ -v COWBOYS FALTED AFTER CDDENEIQ Dedicate New Stadium bg Downing Lindsborq and Then Go winless for the Remainder ofthe Seasong Six Requlars Graduate IIIC 1937 l70O'l'B.Xl,l. season found the Abilene high school Cowboys still in the throes of a vie- tory drouth that began with the opening' of the 1936 season and continued uninterrupted throughout the past eanipaiggn except for an early season win over the Linclshorg Swedes. ,Xlthough a dismal tail- ure in the "win" eolunin, the season will eventually prove itsell' as a valualmle conditioner lor the under- elassinen who are expected to develop into one of the finest grid niaehines ever to represent .Xbilene high sehool on the gridiron. The hopes of the Cowlioy fans were given a great hoost last Septeinher when the llands, led by Pren- tiee Clary, opened the season hy roping the Vikings .t QA, ,.A QW my .ggi ,,fA, ,fly I and then ran the seore t' 1 t l -t hy the tiniekeeper. from Lindshorg, IQ t ers eanie next and proved to he the pin that pricked the Orange and Hrown huhhle hy runilmling over the helpless Hueksters, 35 to 0. The Cowboys played host to the lfllsworth l'le:ti'eats the following weeit. and on a field that was nothing' short of a quaginire, the Cats waded to a so to 0 vie- tory. ln its lirst encounter on hostile ground, the ,Xhilene team was completely outelassed lmv the Salina Ma- roons who scored alter only a few iniinutes had elapsed o gj o 0 it ore lmeing stopped The id2l1lilSiti1C1l stepped out of the league to meet i Gridders First Row, Lett to l:lgL'l'ltgAlfl'0xl Switzer, end: Norman xYlllll'llilll', taek- lel Lester Akers, guard: Junior lilns- worth, eenter: liloyd Sexton, I.Z'Ll2lI'llI Virgil Allison, tackle: and .lim Mat-lien, end. Second Ilow, Left to llight -Vhnrles Murphy, halfhaek: Hill liarlver, full- haekg Prentiee Gary, liztltlvztekg and Bob Polley, quurterlraek. First naw, Lt-ft to lli,:'litfl1l'd liens, end: Don Vickers, taekle: .lnnior Mur- phy, guard: ldarl llurdisty, et-nterg Robert Akers, guard: 'Pom Harris, taekle: and Glen liinsworth, end. Sec-ond Row, Left to llisrlit-Frzuik Puckett, quarterhaek: lloln Kenst, full- baekq lylerven Neis, halflvaekg and Fred Gans, ltalfhaek. 'Phird Tlow, Lett to liig'ht-llenry Kohman, Hob Taylor, lildward Metful- lough, Dale Kirkpzttriek, .las-li Ster- rett, Everett Muir, and .Xnson Foul- son. 0 0. The lflerington Railroad- XVheeler. Naney .lane Prather and XVendell Ilarinon. tl, Ii. holds its meeting in the Vozy pool hall. Af- ter the grangr sung: "Sweet Vio- lets." Misses XVt-isgerher and La- welli11 put on at display Ull how to play billiards. Ilrd-Still reading: "'l'l1e April Foo." flll1'iStl110l'l' assassinated hy disappointed .lunior play east seeker. Body found in gai'lm,are enn hy Dale t':lvender. George t'hristiun 1-1tl1ering:toJn's favorite food tlld Quaker :ind his favor- , ite drink is Old Quaker. Junior- Senior theme will be "1nfants' l'll.VIN 11. Mt-lTllY l'hysieal lfldui-ation i':llIllUI'l2L State, li. S. Italy," High seholzistie honor lie- stowed U11 liupe tlil and NV:1yne Stuek, Cnrolling' Collins eaiugrht UtPllllt01'l't'itll1Q'. t'li:irged with sil- ver-plating' eopper eoins. Is sen- teneed to life in the eleetrie ehnir. Rayinond Miller appointed mayor of the nudist eanip south of town. -1-t1l?"1'U5l'l'ii Allison returns to sellool after getting 1'id ot' his :lp- pendix at the Memorial llospital. t'an't listen to any "Little Au- drey's" for fl'Zll' ot' llreaking the stitehes. 5th-Mrs. Ii. M. Altfltbiltlllgil. Abilenes bid for faune in the world the undefeated Junction City Blue Jays. They held the lays to two touchdowns in the first half, but were unable to stop Lallis, junction's colored flash, in the last half. The final gun sounded with Abilene on the short end of the score, 33 to 0. lt was a revived Orange and Brown squad that took the field against the Mcl'herson Bulldogs. Having been unable to score in previous games, the Hands showed more puncl1 and aggrcssiveness and stayed abreast of the Bulldogs until the last quarter when Holbert, colored half, broke loose for a 95-yard dash that ended the scoring at 20 to 12. and from there on made up for lost time by playing a crashing game from his guard position. A deadly tackler, he was also a power on offense. llflerven Neis, halfback-This was the first and last year that Merven played under the Orange and Brown colors. He strengthened a doubtful reserve force 6 and saw considerable action. Robert Polley, quarterback - Polley was the 'gbrainsu of the Cowboy attack, a leader who at all tinies could keep his teammates keyed up to a fighting pitch. V The following underclassnien received letters: Jim Nachen, Alfred Switzer, Glenn llnsworth. junior The Chapman Irish entertained the Bucksters on Armistice llay and were rude in giving their guests a sound beating. lt was in this game that Tom Har- ris, sub tackle. received a broken leg and was forced out for the remainder of the season. The Irish were Murphy, Tom Harris, Bill Barber, Fred Gans, Don Vickers, Lester Akers, Prentice Gary, Bob Keast, lfarl fiardisty, and Robert Akers. Out of this group of yearlings, .lim lAlZl.CllCll, jun- later forced to forfeit this game. For their last road trip, the Cowboys traveled to Hays where they tangled with the Hays Cadets on a snow-covered gridiron. The Cadets were out-played and out-gained but took advantage of enemy fum- bles and won, 20 to 7. The Clay Center Tigers were Thanksgiving Day guests of the Cowboys in a game that was a finale for both teams. Determined to bring an unsuccessful season to a successful close, the Hands out-charged the Tigers but still lacked the punch that is needed for counters and succumbed, 13 to 0. This game wound up the grid careers of six regulars and eight lettermen. Senior Lettermen Virgil Allison, tackle-'f,Pege" was the bulk of the team in more ways than one, He took care of his side of the line in a manly manner and will leave a big hole in the line when he graduates. ior lllurphy, Bill Barber, Lester Akers and .l"rentice Gary were regulars on the 1937 aggregation which helps to confirm the belief that within a year the Abi- lene Cowboys will be a team to be reckoned with when Central Kansas League laurcls are handed out. Prentice Cary, colored half, who will be a junior next year, was one of the Cowboy's main scoring cogs, hav- ing registered most of the Orange and Brown coun- ters this season. jim lllachen, Alfred Switzer and Junior Murphy, three ends, will engage in a battle royal next fall for the wing positions while the guard notches will be capably filled by the Akers cousins, Les and Bob. Oddly enough, one of the hardest-charg- ing backs on the Abilene squad this year was a fresh- man, Bill Barber, who is ex- pected to develop into a first- class gridder by the time he's a senior. ,llarl llardisty will prob- ably take over the pivot duties in 1938 after understudying junior linsworth this season. VVith the end of the 1937 sea- Nornian W'hitehair, tackle- Norman was Abilene highis "one man gangfi He was surprisingly fast for his weight which he used to the best advantage in the line. junior Ensworth, center-One of the team's outstanding per- formers. Vlfas given all-league rating because of excellent de- fensive play and his steady offen- son. Coach lilvin C. McCoy, brought to a close a four-year coaching career to, as he says, "enter a saner profession." His successor will be Mr. Carl Thur- low, who has been at Norton dur- ing the past year. Although unsuccessful in his sive maneuvering. Franklin Puckett, fullback- Frank could play either fullback or tackle well. He also proved himself an adept signal caller on various occasions. Lloyd Sexton, guard-Lloyd came into his own in mid-season Standing-Albert Hawkes, line eoaehg Floyd Currier, freshman eoaeh, and lilvin lVft-C7'oy, head eoaeh. Kneeling4Don Davis, student manager title bids during the' past two years, lNfcCoy's record is not all one of constant defeat. During his first two years at Abilene high school his gridders captured the league crown both years and his cagers were champions once. I of art, speaks to G. R. on famous 1 1 paintings. McCormick, Black, Souders, Logan and Haslouer, from the dramaties class, present l "The Underdog" in Ili-Y. Miss l.AUL E- COLLINS Christmore's plea brings devout Science silence throughout the produc- Nob. state T. C., Peru, tion, ' titli-Found: Deep in the an- nals of the City of Abilene, the name: Jule LeRoy Jolley. Tth-About 2 o'cloek this af- ternoon a blizzard strikes Abilene from the north and roars unabated throughout the night. Sand-like snow swirls before a howling gale. A. B. V irginia Polytechnic No history session at Mike's. Sth-lVorst blizzard in twe11- ty years tthey all arei. About halt of Abilene high's population digs their way to school while the rest dig deeper in the blankets. School dismissed for the day at 9 o'clock in the morning, Run on linimeut at local drug stores. Lack of skiis causes postpone- ment of music contest at Salina. 12th - xvlllllfl Staehli with "lVhen Ma Rogers Broke Loose" wins highly superior in the CKL declamation contest at Herington and Don Davis cops an excellent Baslteteers Finish Sixth Four Senior l5erth5 To Be Capahlg Filled Next Year bg Strong Second-string Contenclersg Finale for Coach MCCOQ CQRAXVII Oli 'l'l'll'f Xltilene fuwltttvsl toxgj-33 lt:ts- ,Xlter :t v:te:ttion lzty-oil. the tovvlttws ertnte ltztek on ketlutll e:tntp:tig'n wonltl resentltle, sontewh:tt. :t blztnnztry 4 :tml stttteezetl out :t vietort over the lflls- roller-eo:tster with higlt spots :tt eztelt eml :tml :t wot'th l'ie:tre:tts for their tiirst le:tgtte win, ji to Jo, long' v:tllev in the nticltlle. with l'olley's tiieltl goztl :tml ll:trnton's free throw .Ns :t nueletts :tronntl whieh to lnniltl his te:t1n this ttrovitlingt tlte tn:trg'in of vietory. veztr, L.'o:teh Rletov hzttl font' returning lettertnen, The following' week sztw the towltovs lmnrelv eketl Llonrml llztke. lYemlell llztrnton, Holt l'olley, :tml liens out luv the highlt -totttetl Sztlimt Mztroons. to to IX. nie ilourse. To this tlttztrtet w:ts zttltletl ll:tle Llztven- :tml strangely enough, sztw thent tttrn :tronntl three tler, xYlllllL'I' Xlettger, l'rentiee ti:try. .Xllretl Switzer, tlztys lztter :tml tlnntp the Clay Center 'l'igers, Sl lu lvftn Cheney :tml .lint 'I'h:teker nntil it looketl like :tn 30. when Xtiltner XYeng'er slittttetl in the tleeitling :tggregzttion th:tt eonltl eztuse sonte tronltle in tlte Lien- eonnter witlt live seeomls to plzty . tr:tl K:tns:ts Leztggne. On the two following liritlztys the eowlmoys rztn ntl This sqttzttl openetl its sehetlttle on lleeentlter I7 lay :tg':tinst the llerington Rztilrozttlers :tml tlte Klel'herson winning over llztrion, 33 to 37, with Holm l'olley seor- linlltloggs :tml were tleie:ttetl in lmttth :tttenttttsg lw llers ing the winning' lt:tskets :titer lfeker. Klztrion eenter, ington. zo to 33, :tml hy the Hulltlogs, 37 to 35. hzts pnlletl his te:tnt to within two points of tlte llztmls The next week lonml the llztmls :tt th:ttnn:tn lt:-ing late in the gztine. swept nmler hy tlte Green Title, 34 to 36, :tml enter- .Xpp:trentlv off to :t stteeesslnl se:tson, tlte lineksters tztining the Lintlslmorg Swetles on the honte eottrt :tml took their longest j:tttnt ol the se:tson tlte following wliipttittgtltettt. 34141 to. week :tml tttet the ll:t5's lmli:tns on tlte large eolisetttn Un l"eln'tt:try et, the lhteksters lost :tnother one- eonrt :tt llztys. 'lihe large reetztttgle w:ts too tnneh point tleeision, this titne to the lfllsworlh l3e:tre:tts in for the Hztmls :tml they snecuntlietl, 25 to 31. the L':tt's tlen, Lt tu 33, :tml on the following 'l'ttestl:t5' ii ii Caqers First How, l.t-i't to llifrltl-ffllolrt-l'i 'l'ltottx1tsott, gttttrtli tl. t', ltltlterittu- ton, forwztrtli I+'r:tttk l'ttt-kett, g'u:trtl: Holt l'ollev t'orw:trtl: XYil- 4 E ,Ll l St-eotttl llow, Lt-fl to liitgltt-flfrt-tl Gztns, gttztrtli little l':tvt-tttler, for- wztrtlz Alfrt-tl Switzer, guttrtlg Hen- nit- l'lJLl1'Ht', t-entt-r: Conrgttl llztke, gttztrtlz XYt-tttlt-ll llttrnton, gttztrtll :intl lion lloltnes, ettatrd. 'I'hil'tl liow, l.ei'I to liightflvzttt Flttfttt-y, l'orw:trtl: l.t-stt-r Akers, g.g'tt:trtl: Itorlztnd Ilstntt-y, forwztrti, lint lhttlt-r, et-tilt-ri llttoll llt-r- eltt-ttrot-tlt-r, uunrtl: :tntl lfltl l.onp.g', forwztrtl. with his ortttion, "Death on the Kuhn. M. Wttrtlrop. tlwens, li. Iiigltwttygf' Boytl. :tntl ll. 1A't'lil'Ul1. lfltlt-Girls knoek oflf for tlte l-lllt-Spring' vztezttion. Mnsie ilfll'l'lIllUll heeztttse they won tlte eontt-st still in progress :tt Sztlinat. ttnnnttl sttles Villllllillgfll. llistotgv Mixetl t-horns, t-xt-ellent: girls' twojet-ts thte. Hpenittg' tlztv of ntn- prlet- elnh. superior :tml ltttml. sit: eontest :tt Sztlintt. lion Howell, hig'hl.v superior. A"m'i'i'l' NV- 'l'lWKl'iS ltoy's low voit-e. gets :t highly sn- inlll-Aillft' spring' vatezttion. Aix't1l.n'tt pt-rior: girls' t'llSl'llllllKt. exeellentg ltitlt-'l'r:tt'k nteet :tt Sttlinzt. Ft, Ilttys Kztllsilrs Slilllh Dale lilrtlntttn, fl'llIllINtl, superior: Vowhoyeintlel'111ett in loo fztsl H- S' Fretl tlttns, ll'tlllllIUlllt. gootl: XVin- Vtllllliillly. ston Kintlertliek, horn, exeeilent, lTlh-listster Q'l'l'l'llllQ'S! Nzttionztl llonor Sotfietv atn- lNlll-The hettrts ot' tlte nottneetl. Menthers: Allison. R. sehool's tztml town'st eligihles :tre lintig. I-lnswortlt. W, llIl1'Il1Ull, still om.-e ztgztin atftet' t'lntterin,:' Stzteltli. R. Ilztsloner, Hess, 'W. for :IIIIIUNY ttiirltt ntontlts. Miss l , , I Traclz Returns To Sports Calendar Atter a Lag-ott of Several Years, Cowboas Again Take To Ctnders Under Tutelaqe of "Newt" Currlerg Attend Meets In This Dlstrtctg To Kansas Delags l"TlCR .X l..Xl'SlC of four years. i938 saw a reviv- al in track at .Xbilene high school. Twenty-one A bovs answered the call of the cinders this season, the group consisting of three seniors. three juniors. eight sophomores and seven freshmen. Six contests were on the Cowboys' schedule. The first was a dual meet with the ller- ington Railroaders on .Xpril 12, which found the llands crushed by the experienced lleringtonites, On .Xpril 16. the local thin-clads attended an invitational meet held at Salina in which were entered many Central Kansas schools. The following week, April 22, a picked team entered the .. Kansas Relays held at l.aw- rence. The boys who made the l"rt-neh, Royer. trip: Bill liuchard. Ci. C.. lath- erington, llarold Gary, l'ren- tice Gary, Don Holmes, LeRoy Hu,.l.hurd. BASKETBALL CONTINUED they crushed Marion for the second time. 28 to 24. Giving the best exhibition of basketball of the en- tire season. the Cowboys almost tripped the Railroad- ers on lfebruary it but were finally subdued. 30 to 28. The following evening they whipped the Sacred lleart Knights at Salina for the first time in seven years. 26 to 20. The remainder of February was spent in bowing to Lindsborg, 26 to 25. in an upset: Chapman, 37 toi26g and to Mcl'herson, 35 to 26. On lNlarch I the Hands were victims of the .lunction City liluejays, 36 to 23. and on March .t they closed their league schedule by again being eked out by the league champions, Salina, 36 to 34. On March 9. the Bucksters entered the Regional Tournament at Clay Center with all the odds against them but in their first encounter they dumped the Concordia Panthers. 30 to 27, and moved in against the favored Manhattan XYildcats whom they defeated, 32 to 27. ln the semi-finals, the Hands ran up against the Chapman irish and were defeated for the third time in as many meetings of the two teams 33 to 23. Following are the lettermen, the first four ' being First How-Garvie, Sterrett, Reynolds, Il. Gary, Seeonfl liow--Cusick, Engle, llutton, Coulson, l'Itli- erinpqton, Starr, Shephard, Woods. Third How-Caveuder, Fregon, Gans, Bass, Murphy, Barber, Ensworth, Currier, Fourth llowfGa!'dner, P, Gary, Holmes, Tliaeker, Reynolds, .lack Sterrett and jim Thacker, The Bucksters traveled to Clay Center on ,Xpril 26 for a dual tneet with the Tigers and on the following day they participated in a triangular meet with Chap- man and llerington at Chapman. The season closed yy ith tl C t l Y 1 city. of the year. ating. it H Xkith only three ' ie en ra lsans: s League meet at Salina and the Regional meet in the same lflovd C urrier was the coach Cowbov trackmen this men gradu- certain that is almost this revival of track at ,Xb1- lene high school will not dwin- dle in the next few years. Next season Carl Thurlow will take over the thin-clads and will track. no doubt build these under- classmen into top-notch cin- dermen who may regain the place .Xbilene once held in seniors: liob Polley. G. C. litherington. Wit-ndell Har- mon, Bennie Course. Fred Clans, XYilmer XYenger, Con- rad Hake, ivan Cheney, -lim Thacker, and Alfred Switzer. Senior Lettermen Bennie Course, center-Hen was a stabilizer for the Cowboys this season. lie has been on the first team for three years and this season was second in lfland scoring. lle was mentioned on several all-CRL sec- ond teams. Yllendell Harmon, guard-Harmon has been on the 5 c first team for two years and this year played a steady game at his guard position. Although not a high scor- er, he was a power on defense. Bob llolley, forward-l'olley on the team but made up for style of play. Although not a points he did get usually came they would do the most good. was the smallest man it in his hard-driving consistent scorer, the at crucial spots when Ci C lftherineton, forward-This was "Potts',' . . . . Pg first, and last, year on the first team. llis seemingly endless store of energy proved valuable to the Cow- boys when the going got tough. industrial Art Pittsllurg Kansas R, S. Stout Cniversity Colorado Stale Kansas Wesleyan ROY M,XliT1N 24 S. tate Irwin announces she will be at home in Liberal shortly after Julie 12 when she will reply with a ..yl,S.,, ltbth-XViln1a XVt-nger chosen to lead the Girl Reserves next year as their presidentg Harriett, tlugler, viee-presidentg Shirley Hill, treasurer and Doris Jean Funston. secretary. New Ili-Y of- ficers elected: Conrad Ilake, presi- dent: Tom Ilarris, viee-president: Dale Kirkpatriek, secretary, Ed Long and Winston Kinderdiek, student council representatives. 20th-Tom Collins of the Kan- sas City Star spoke at Rotary yes- terday aud we. who were unable to attend. are deeply indebted to Mr. Roek for relaying the speech to ns plus sound effects, gestures and appearanee. Blstgllistory sessions all over town. Those at the Cozy are served beer every halif hour. Sen- iors trying to guess the theme of the banquet tomorrow night but juniors prove they can keep a see- ret. Berger, after considerable nnderhanded bribery. found it out this afternoon, but kept it to him- self. "AtaIantas" Have Active Year G. A. A.'s Are Cowbotfs Most Logal "Depper-Uppers" Activites Include Scavenger Hunt, "Follies", and Dep Chapels llli GIRLS, ATlll.lfTlC Association began an- other successful year on September 13, 1937, with a meeting for all the girls in high school who were interested in athletics. The board chosen to lead the G. A. A. met every month at which time the program for the next meet- ings were planned. This group included Yaughn Martin, presidentg Rosemary XVhitehair, vice-presi- dentg Mary Catherine lloran, seeretaryg Shirley llill, treasurerg Treva llerren, social chaimang llelen VVil- kins. publicity chairmang Merlene Pearson, member- ship chairmang Melva Marie Callahan, pianist, Beth Miller. hike captaing Bonnie VX'ardall, song leader and Donna Watt, student council representative. Throughout the school year. the G. A. A. held some very interesting parties and meetings. On September 24, the G. A. A. sponsored a pep chap- el before the Lindsborg football game, Mary Cather- ine Horan as "crystal gazcrl' prophesied the results. On October 22, the members of G. A, A. were seen about town 'iswatting flies," "hunting horseshoesf' and "car license tags" in their annual scavenger hunt. lfor the annual Penny Carnival the G. A. A. present- ed a program in the school auditorium after the car- nival in the gym. The program consisted of a short skit. and a musical, "Follies" On November 30, the G. A. A. met to elect girl cheerleaders. Out of eight candidates, two girls were ZS A chosen, Treva Herren and Mary A11n Fuller. This year the G. A. A. girls bought orange and brown sweaters so that they could sit in a body for a cheering sec- tion at the games. The cheerleaders had orange and brown gaberdine slacks and the orange sweaters. As a rule each year at Christmas time the G. A. A. girls give a party for the needy children of the grade schools. This year they decided that they should have the party just for the members of the organization. For St. Patrick's Day a very interesting program was planned. As each girl entered the gym, she re- ceived a piece of Hmoneyl' and then went on her way to shop for a spring hat. The hats were placed at different "shops" in the gym. After the shopping trips, all the girls were served cookies and punch, and later played games. Each year the members of G. A. A. are given awards for their outstanding work. The awards given this year went to VVanda Hicks, second award: and twen- ty-seven other girls who received their first award. They were: Katherine Green, lidra linright, Mary Catherine Horan, Harriet Hutchison, livelyn XYeyant, Dorothy Samuelson, Mary Vtfylder, Lorena Adams, lma 'lean Van Duyne, Juliette Thacker, .Phyllis Stradtner, Rosemary Haier, Mary Ann Fuller. Bever- ly XYolf, Doris XYoolverton, Mary Ellen llill, Doris jean Funston, Betty Keel, Constance Ringwood, Ro- berta Townley, and Mary Catherine Murray. 22nd-Abilene high sehool's social season reaches its climax with the juniors entertaining the seniors at a semi-formal reception held at the Ilotel Sunflower, The elosely guarded theme turned out to be HA Gypsy flilllllhn Followed by sehool dance at the t'ountry t'lub. Miss lrwin is kept busy. Track team is i11 Lawrence today for the Kansas Relays. "Paul Muni" Rock goes on another spree. This time it's a hillbilly which the Professor imitates with an amazing naturalness. Honor Society elects officers. NVendell G. A. A. Executive Board Left to right-Merlene l't-arson, mein- bership chairman: Helen XYilliins, pub- licity chairman: Shirley llill, treas- urer, Miss Lucille Nelson, sponsorg Treva llerren, social ehairmang Donna NVatt, student eouneil representativeg Rosemary XVhitehair, Yll'L'-'Il1't'5iLlt'lllQ Beth Miller, hike eaptainl Molva Cal- lahan, pianist: Mary t'atherine Horan. seeretaryg Bonnie XYartlall, song leafl- er: and Vaughn Martin, president. ' ' ' i Ilarnion, president: XVilma Staeh- li, viee-presitlent1 and Harold Leekron. secretary-treasurer. 25th - Honor Society dines with the Lions elub at noon. Dr. Sehwalm, president of Mt-l'herson eollege, is the speaker with the subject: "Love of Excellence." Qtitli-.Tournalism class reach- es rough-house proportions as "The Early History of Abilene" and the annual take form under the skillful t?J touch of Roek's rising 'riters. Zittli-Mixed ehorus to Ein- poria for music festival. Indivitl- i LUCTLLE NELSON University of Oklaho- ma, B. S. Kansas State at Man- hattan Bethany Geo. Peabody, Nashville CUMMUNISM IS UNDERMINING BILE Ellltill SCll00L Poll of Senior Class Reveals Many Startling Facts About Potential Careers, Favorite Magazine, Religious and Political Views, and Other Interesting Information. UMMVNISM. that sinister monster that has ieared its ugly head out of Russia to strike at nearly every corner ot' the globe. has finally eaten its way into Abilene high school where it is un- dermining, to an unknown degree. the student body of that institution. Al- though the only visible sign of "red" in A. ll. S. is the ink in the bookkeep- ing department and the only hammers and sickles are those used by manual training students, this curse on the hu- man race is surely and not so slowly moulding the pliable and not too well- developed minds of the senior class ol' the afore-mentioned schoolhouse. This shocking llll-0l'1llillltlll was se- was taken in senior class of the editors of cured by a toll which l'it'lll'1li1l'j' of 123318 of the Abilene hi':l1 school by the 153518 tP"an':e and Brown. ln answer to the question. Ulf compelled to join one of the three. would you choose to be a f'0IIll11l11llS1, lfacist, or Nazist'?". thir- ty-nine or about forty per cent of the senio1's answered with that word that freezes the heart of every American: liUlll1l111lllS1. ttf that thirty-nine. twen- ty-three were 1'0llllll11I1l'1it'S, and sixteen were t'ommunists. lisq, The other fifty-five per cent was divided between Facist and Nazist with about thirty and eleven per cent respectively. The purpose of the poll, which was taken exclusively of those who. within a year, will be sprinkled throughout the entire 1'nited States. was to record for these students how they reasoned and thought while in high school. The edi- tors attelnpted to give questions whose answers would be verified within sev- eral years and thus give the students a chance to see how efficient they were at progmnsticating. There was a total whose answers were of thirty questions compiled and will be discussed here briefly. "Do you like swing music'f", was an- by thirty- boys while Ruby Em- swered in the affirmative seven girls and forty-three Grace lrlpler, XVilma Staehli, ig, Margaret XVardrop, Lawrence Van Sickel, Max James, and Clifton Fow- A. B. ler were the only dissenters. The fa- vorite swing tune proved to be "The lbipsey Doodle" with twenty-tive votes followed by "I Double llare You" and "Rosalie," Benny Goodman was by far the class' favorite orchestra leader. followed by Wayne King. Jan Garber. Tommy Iborsey. and l'aul XVhiteman. The answers 1tllllltt11lt'S110ll. "ilow long do you think the liig Apple will remain popular?" varied all the way from Nel- son llayhoff's five years, through Dar- rel t'lark's three years to Mildred Iless' and Alice Mae l5oyce's one month. Eddie Gunzelman definitely set Septem- ber of 15138 as the end of the "giant fruit." Probably the most assorted group of answers was given regarding the best book during the past year. "Gone lVith XVith the XVind" was tl1e favorite of both boys and girls while the boys gave "Hurricane" second place and the girls liked "How to lVin Friends and Influ- ence l'eople" second best. Dorothy Houlton. Ruth Jones. and Neoma Ober- meyei' liked "Nice Gi1'ls Don't Swear' best and Lawrence Van Sickel betrayed his patience by mentioning "Anthony Adverse." I'icture magazines are sweeping the no f-ountry and A. H. S. seems to be exception because Life easily won as the favorite magazine. The girls ran true to for111 and after Life rated such mags as American, Good Housekeeping, llelineator. and Vogue as excellent while Grace Flanagan's uncensored choice was True Uonfession. The boys second choices ranged from "Potts" IGtherington's Esquire to God's Revival- ist, which is the favorite of Paul Helm. Bob Keel. "paper boy of A. H. S." slip- ped in a little advertising by voting for his Satevepost. An unexpected result was obtained when the answers to the question. "How much should a boy spend on one date?" were averaged. The girls definitely proved themselves not gold-diggers by limiting their maximum at 1141.65 while the boys' average maximuin was 32.31. The individual figures ranged all the way from liryce M cf7ormick's ten dol- lars to Lyle Swan's fiitttitl. "Liz" Guil- foyle said, "all he's accounts for the ct llaslouer's pocketbo got" which probably undition of "Speed" ok and LaYergne Starr evidently was thinking of some- thing else when she wrote "two hours." Th poll re' :ltd tl ' t tht "' ' ," 1 . f l. I, v. 1 0 101C ll' Ill'0 t'l't'1lCt' XVZIS edies s -4-ond while the boys' girls muv- with coni- was exact- lil ' 1111151011 S ly reversed. Charles Murphy, Dale l'ooler, and Lloyd Sexton surprised us by showing a preference for heavy ro- mance. "Hurricane" proved to be the class' favorite moving victure urob- 7 ably because it was shown in Abilene only a few days before this question- 1l11ll'0 was dist1'ibuted. XVallace l-Gerry led a long Tyrone l'ower and would choices. list of boys' favorite stars and Robert Taylor, as be expected, were the girls' Alfred M. Landon is to be the Repub- lican candidate in 19-10 if the class of '38 has however, showed a anything to say about it. They, lacking in political knowledge when they gave the second most votes to l'aul V. MeNutt, a faith- ful Democrat. Our own mud-slinger, J. Earl lindacott. had his hat tossed in- to the ring by Dale Pooler. All but thir- teen of those questioned considered the New Deal a failure, ren Logan, Ruby and all except XVar- Paul, and Merlene I'earson believe Franklin D. Roosevelt will 11ot be re-elected to a third term. According to the results, which were assumed to be honest, the senior boys average 7.5-1 hours that in school, and ly lazier, requiring answers ranged froi of sleep, excluding the girls are slight- S.1-l hours. The n Lawrence Holmes' ten hours to lVayne Stuck and Lupe Gil's five. Another interesting fact was that the boys average 2.93 hours study- ing each day while 3.515 hours. 2- ' 1 the girls average is Further tabulations showed that fifty- nine seniors like ol ives and that eight- een girls and thirty boys are planning on seeking higher learning next fall while the remainder are either undecid- J . lG'A RL IGNIJA COTT History I University of Kansas, Harvard University 1 ual results: lbonald Howell, boy's low voice, superior, Melva Calla- han, girl's medium voice, super- iorg Ramona Boyd, girl's high voice, good. The mixed chorus, Abilene high school's pride and joy, receives the only "superior" handed out by the judges in the chorus section. 3rd-G. R. Mother-Daughter banquet. "Trails" is the theme with Mrs. J. YV. Asling giving the principal address. 5th-"Anne of Green Gables," presented by the juniors, pleases a large crowd at the auditorium. Townley, Frans and Ray have leads. MAY 2nd+Vocational Ags trip to Manhattan for state judging meet. tith-C. K. I., track 1110011 at Salina. 10th-Last meeting of G. R. and Hi-Y. 12th- 13th- 14th-An anxiously 1-11 UI'YV1111'111N1' 1110i1' s1-111111ll11,f 1hiS 111-1-s 111' th1-11' 1'1-s111-1-ti1'1- s1-x1-s ill the 1'1111. 1'i1'i1 1-11gi111-1-1'i11,g'3 Curtis Gal - 1 .' rv - D . . .1 A b . 1 . . -. . . . . 511111121 1111- 11-111.1l1- 111111111111 11- 111.11 1111- ls1-111111' 1'l11ss. '111111 1111l1111'l11g' gurls 1'1-- 111111111-11111: 1.1111-11111 111-11111-tt 211111 1111111 1 N 1111111111111-s 11'1l1 t1'111'1-1 1-1111s1st1-111111' 111'1-1' 1-1-i1'1-11 1'11t1-s: Ntxtllllil 11111-1-1111-y1-1'. Mil- 1111111-ll, 1'111'111i111:: l'1'1-st1111 Smith 100 1111195 1N'I' IIUIII' Willlill 11111 N1'2lI'N 1l1'1-11 111-ss, 1111111 limig. 1111111111111 B11y1l, 11h111'111is1ist: W11,1'111- Il1-ss1-lh111'tl1, 111151 1 11'hi11- 1111- l1l1l11'S s:1y "1111." Mi1111'1-11 111-y1111111s, 1+Iliz11l11-th 1111il1'11yl1-. 111-ssg 111-11111' 14l111'N1', llhllilllg' 111111 T111- 1-1-lig-i1,11N 1-11-wg 1,f 11111 1-lugs W1-1-11 l1111'11t11y 1111yl111ff, 11111'11t1111' M1111-1'. 111'111'1- 111111 1111121-1'. 111'i11ti1111g 11111 Al1'1'li11t11 sl11111'11 XV1ll'1l sixty-111111 s11i11 th:11 1111- I'1ll11'l', f'111'1S1ill1' X1-ls1111, l111s1- l'h1-111s. ,i11111'11111is111: 1'11111 11l'1'I. s1'1111ti11g': 11.11 1'111'istiz111 1'1-lig'i1111 is 1111- 111111' t1'111- 1-1-- 111'St1-I' 11211111 211111.14-12111 ANHIIQ, 'l'h1- f111- 1'1'l1 ll11s111111-11 1111-1111-1111-g 1i11y111111111 N111 111511111 111111 111' 1-ig-111y.gix 11111 1,1'1-111-1111: 11111'i11g' l11111's 111111'1-11 ill 111-111-1': xV1'l111l'11 11-1'. 1'1111'i1-11lt11l'1-1 .1, 111. 1121I'11ll1'l', SZIQN 1-itht szlying 111111 11111-11111111111. 111 1.11111-1-11 l'1111'1111111, 1,1-11111' .111111-'11 .l1111i111- l-I11s- 11111111 111111 Vi1'1111' 111-ll111'1', 111'2ll'fSll11l11 111' S1111111111' s1'h1111l is il 111-1'i1l1-11 11111'1111- Wwrtll. 111111 NWI. 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Suggestions in the Abilene High School - Orange and Brown Yearbook (Abilene, KS) collection:

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