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 - Class of 1936

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I y The A, Oran Uri! and at !vv f , Qgbf Bro n WSXSiMmMmWJYWy, Mxi hf .V X. V1 wifi, . Qwggiggbx. Xqlkmzfpwgyzgggi Xi XX ' iq 'vgxsxwsiigggy A im A i A ' "fi - A XX 'iii'-4 A4 fini .+ ' STAFF Q 7 ly! Editor-in-Chief Maxine Bishop Associate Editor Janet Miller Business Manager Jean Buchanan Photography Editor Ross Haynes Organizations Editor Joan Hogan Athletics Editor Donald Makins Faculty Adviser Kenneth Rock I E Foreword Within these pages we have attempted to set forth the record of the trip of the Prairie Schooner across the Plains of Education. of the arrival at the ultimate goal. the Promised Land. VX'e have attempted to call to mind the memories of joys and sorrows. of triumphs and dis- appointments encountered. of obstacles overcome along a tedious way. XYe, the animal staff. consider the 1936 Orange and Brown a suc- cess only if we have printed in vivid. varied colors. clearly and realisti- cally. unforgetahle pictures of your lives and activities through the Golden Gate of knowledge, Abilene lligh School. Dedication To those early pioneer mothers who so willingly endured the long journey hy Uprairie schooner" across the plains of "Bleeding Kansas" and so optimistically weathered the frightening days of Xluilene that it might become the progressive city of today, we. the animal staff. dedi- cate this volume in the hopes that their aggressive spirit might per- meate the lives of this graduating class and encourage them to meet the struggles of life fearlessly and with the determination of those who helped make our education possible. f' . A '-'xg-,nc ,mfg 'N-2' jyi? Afhgafs' -:fs La.-Q--f. 'M' VW- . T'i' 2i""b' . I -i'2' "" A ' it ll 555-if ff ffi If .af-Z, X - ilif. 'fag '552 5 " ' fi -".. 3-3-fi:IE'13595E531:ssgsgiiii-.1-:.1.4 1' milpa, sf 'W X 4 ' - .. s ,...- 1...-...5.5,A - HSQ1-' .,4,, 'gin' F, so ,.,. .xggx 3, A: gjgg- y, 'gw.:,,:.. TIS: . 7 v fs - -c 5 " l, I y A. .A M' Ji +1- 'rf o' ..,. N '. -Eff " """"' ' .:.,. 91f..!E5:e:s:-1-.. V Drovers' Cottage Forerunners of the Trail F. C. Gardner Has Served as Superintendent Since 1926--Marvin Successful Leadership in 1935 HE HEAD DRIVERS of the caravan of prairie schooners which journeyed on the plains of education the years 1935 and 1936 were Superintendent F. C, Gardner and Principal Marvin Van Osulol. Members of the board of education which is the controlling body were How- ard Keel, presidentg XV. C. Grigg, vice- presidentg Ulin Strowig, O, L. Snider, Ernest Morse and H. C. Leonard. Two board members are elected every odd year and serve for four years. F. C. GARDNER F. C. Gardner has been superintend- ent of the Abilene schools for eleven years. He received a Bachelor of Sci- ence degree from Kansas State Teach- ers' college at Emporia and a Master's degree from Columbia Ifliiversity in New York. Marvin Van Osdol also received his Bachelor of Science degree from the Teachers' college at Iiinporia. Abilene Iligh school, dating back to 1880, is the ol-dest high school in this district, The first two years were in charge of XY, Franeher. A few of tl1e subjects taught during these yea1's were astronomy. mental science, mathematics and botany. No language study was of- fered, ln spite of its successful start, it wasnit long before the school was at- tended by a gang of rowdies who en- gaged in fights with the principal. For this reason, there was no principal for two years. Finally A. J. .Iewett of Val- ley Falls, Kansas, was hired. The top floor of the Garfield building was used for the high school classes from 1880 to 1894. Members of the first graduating class were Edward C. Little, Stuart 0. Henry, Nettie McCoy, Lida Romig and May Brenizer tMrs. Homer Wiilsonj. D. R. Gordon was chairman and J. G, Northeraft was secretary of the school board during the year 1881. In the year 1884, Latin and German courses were offered but they were optional, The first football team was organ- ized in 1893. This team WVOH all sixteen games which it played. In 189-1, the fourth year of high school was added. Miss Jessie Austin was principal in 1885. The city hall was used this year for the first time for classes. besides being used for the jail the home of the city marshal. A club, the "Mandolin an-xl Guitar," organized this year. and 11ew was Tl1e class of 1898 was the first to have a speaker at their graduation ex- ercises, During these early years. if a student failed in one subject he failed the whole school year. More clubs were added to the social life of the students. These were tl1e Uhi Phi, Alpha Nu ta literary organizationl, and the Clionian club for girls. Harold Barnes was prin- cipal during this year, The first "Orange and Brown" was edited by the class of 1905. These stu- dents were also the first to graduate from the new high school building which is the p1'esent junior high building. There was 11111011 music development i11 1911. An orchestra of eight mem- bers was organized. This was under the -direction of J, Earl Endacott. The graduating class of 1917 was composed of -13 girls and 10 boys. The present high school was first oc- cupied in 1919. A. F. Olney was prin- cipal in 1922. In 1925 there we1'e 23 teachers. XV. A. Stacey was superintendent and F. C. Gardner was principal. ln 1926 F. C. Van Osdol Principal in 1933-- Gardner became superintendent and the office ot' principal was taken by M. R. Gray. lt was this year also that Mar- vin Van tlsdol was hired as athletic coach. The class of 1927 l1ad ninety- three diplomas given out at the com- mencement exercise. The Student t'ouncil, which functions satisfactorily today, was organized in 1928. ln 1930. F. E. Hawkes became priu- cipal, lle served llllfll the end of the school year 1!l32-33. dol took the reins in as principal and Mr. intendent today. Marvin Van Os- 19213 zllld remains Gardner as super- MARVIX VAN OSDOL l'tl1llllllll0l'S which served during the year were as follows: teachers. lloward Keel. XV. C, Grigg and Ernest Morse: and building and grounds, tllin Strowig. H. V. Leonard and U. L. Snider. The bonded debt at present is 3120,- Utbtb. Several improvements have bee11 made on the sidewalks of the school. Both Garfield and tl1e high school have new walks. Trees were also planted on the Garfield school grounds. The school board is truly called the "Forerunners of fthe Trail." XVithout tl1e1n, we would still be in the back of the caravan of schooners on the plains of education. X,x,.,,.,-Q ,..,..,.,-,fx Howard VV. Keel XV. C. Grigg tllin Strowig L. Morse li. C. Leonard U. I.. Snider Drovers NUl4IIlIYK'bIV1'1I Unive- J. ISARL ENDACOTT Ilistury Iixmnfm WL'rIL'x':x11 I . 5.. B. lIlIIVK'I'5IIj uf Iizxmxu I'x1ivv1'xiIx' of Wim I. . . , 'unxin IIIKUIWITX of 44rrIw1r'1rIu WINNIIC 'I'. SUVIVI' Vmnlmxu Ii. 5. 'I'.l'..VI-111111111-II Ii N .XI.IiICIi'I' W. IIAWIQIQS AISUIIFII IQ. S. 'I', If, IILmys. B. S, IfS'l'III'fII f'IIIIIS'I'fIIUIIIQ ICHQIIXII I'nIx' " ' ' ' ' HNII5 ui Ixunsns, A, B IIIIIVITSIIX of I Soutwgrn CLII rmu. III. A. ICI. III. GILICS I.iIvr'zxl'iLn1 lfnixmwitp ui' Iiqlxsuw, A, B. l7l1ix'c'rsi1y ul' Unlornrlo Imlvvlwlty of INIIIIIICSUILI IIAYINIUND LICICS Iinilixh Ii. S. 'If If. I':I!Il7UI'Iil, B. 5. II11ix'c-nity' nf Iizm-us, NI, A. XIII X u '.' I,.XWIiI.I.IN I.1xIm Iigxkvr I'11ix'1-rxitx' X B , ,l x -U lx. s. '1' c' 1'if1'1.Q1f,, SI. 5. 1-11.x'1x ci 11.-cm' I,IIjNIl'llI Ifrlllmtiwxx Ii. S. 'If V., Iflllpnliil. B. S. I'AI'I. IC. f'UI.I.INS. Svin-Incl' X.S.'I'.I' '-' .. IKIII, A. B. IXIKXISI-II. I. PINSUN l4mnlm'I'c'n' Ii. S. 'I'. lf. I'I1u1pu1'1n, B. S. IIUIIIIIIIJILI I'l1ivm'1'Qity. ISI. A. 111-1 -'--f 1'uIIn"fc-, IIIIIVIIQU Urvgml IIx1ivs'l"-Ilv IIHY INIAICTIN Mzxmml 'I'x'z1ll1il1u li. 5. 'I'. if. IIIIIJJIIIIQ, B. S. Smut IInIx's'rNiIy f'uIul'LuIu Slain' Ihnnszu Wvslvyzllx ICYICIXN ISIMUNIIC Ilmm' Ifmllolnics Ii S 'II K' Ilxx ,.. . ., Ly, B. S. .IIHXNILX IIAWIQINS lylmysiraxl I'frlx1c'.11im1 Il, 5. 'I'. lf. Iiirkwillc. Ii. 5. I'11ix'mwily nl' XII-wuri Iinumx Vilx l'ux1w1'x':1lu1'y I"IlIClD gXI.I.ISUN Yrwzxliulxzxl Aurim'uIIL11'Q Ii. S. V., INI.1lxI11Il1gx1x. B. S.. NI. S. NICYA WICISIZICIIISICII llvl'1nzx1x :xml IIis1u1'5' IXLIIISLIS IVPSIUXIIII. A. B. LTIIIYPINIIQ' ol Wiwousin lllxivvn-xity of Iixuxsus III ' ' ' ' ' nu nity nl lolnrxulo IIAIII. II. IIAY III5II'lIIllK'III1lI Music - V 059 .' yr 1 .4 Il 4: " 'Lu'I1v1's 5'uIIvQ1' Sullillwnwtn-1'u Iiunxl mul Ur' rluwlrzn l'nl1w1'vz1tol'y Simnmnx U11ix'c-rsitx' 'I'0x1I- 'I'm'I11xuIogicuI College l'nix'4-rsity OI Ihxlxam IIIQXIIY WISIC Yvwgll Nluxis' Ii S 'I' I' II ., .Il1ll0II.l. B. 5. IlUYI.Ii Ii. BIIIJOIQS lQrm11n'I1'x' Ix. 5. I. I.. IILIXN. B S, X B 'NI S IiIfXNIf'I'II NI. IIOl'Ii IfngIIxII xII'I,IIl'I'NlllI IIUIII "" D X IS I ul ul-113 ui SUIIIIIKTII f'11Ii' I-n'11i11, III. A. lIIIIYl'l'SIIy of f'olo1'4ulu rsily Donald Makins, Bernadine Stants, Paul Harris, Ellen Srliwendener, Glen Korn, Ar- lene Clark, Charles Reed, Irene Martin, Bruce Dellava en, Catharine Robson, Lynn Baldwin, Joan Hogan, Mike Hogan, Phoebe Hillnion. Archie McCoy, Margaret Kauffman, Sain Parsons, Maxine Bishop, Gerald Black, Edna Baldwin, Orville Eniig. Arlene London, Dan Funk, Mabel Bretrhes, Sylvan Gar- ten, Eleanor Edwards, Lowell Hoover, Lorna Leonard. Eldred Woolverton, Jean Howland, Leland Giese, Gen- evieve MeNall, Clayton Cor- inaek, Rosa Patterson, Doug- las Bowell. Margaret Yeltnian, Walter Aker, Dorothy Coulson, Aven Eshelnian, Alice Marie Dan- iels, Herbert Bell, Anna Mae Nenieehek. Brooks Gibbs, Lesta Lou Welsh, Dwight Blaesi, Juan- ita Gary, Robert Blaclily, Lo- rene Shearer, Raymond Van Sickelr Vivian Worley, Paul Reed, Laura Eggleston, Vernon Witwer, Faye Snyder, Bob Wilson, Mary Alice Logan. Ryland Seaton, Ernest Morse, Mary Alice Steelsinith, Bert Funk, Willard Burnette. 2 AKER, XVALTIGR 1111111stri11l Arts ANl8l1A1'Gl1. 11l11XVA1:11 G1-11111111 1011111111111 Stllliltl 1-2-21--I, 2 1.1-tt11rs: 1111sk11t111111 Stllliltl 2-Z1-4, 51 1.11ttvrs: 8111111-11t t'1111111'i1 -1: vlllllllll' ll0l1ll'l:ll1 11. 11A1.l1WIN. I'I11NA 1'1l1l1Ill0l'l'l11l 1lAl.11WlN, LYNN 1111l11stri11l Arts Sl114lK'l1l' t'1111111'il 4: Sl'll11lI1l'8lll1l for K. 8. l'.: l111ys' GI1111 l'l1111 21--1: Alter- l111t1- 8111111 1,iv1-st111'k .l111lg'i11g' T1111111 211 1'l11ss Niglll 1: l1'. l". A. l-2-3: I". IV. A. 811111-1-11 l'1111t1-sl 33 4l11l'l'ltlll1 4. 11ANGl'll1'l'l'I11. l!1'll1l11'lNA V111111111-1'1'i:1l 1l1'I1.l1. 11lC111Zl1Zl1'1' i1l1ll18lI'lZll Arts ltlilfblllilll 2-4. 2 1.11111-rs: l111sk1-1111111 2- 51--1. 2 l111tt11rs: 'l'r111'k Stlllilll, 1. IIIGLI1. .IIGAN 4lt'11t'l'21l 1118111112 MAXINI-I l'r111f11ssi111111l 81111111111 i'1111111'i1 Vive-I'1'11si111111t 213 G. A, A. I11'V111- 1-2-21-4: Nz1ti111111l lI1111111' 8111'i11ty: liillltl 21-4: fJ1'C?ll1'8ll'Zl 3-4: 1C11it11r A-l111I1I1ll2 11, 11. 1'1'l1j,.1'l'2lIl1 l'l1i1lI'- 1111111 4g .11111i11r 1'111y3 I41111st1-r Stziffg Girls' Give fllllll 1-2-3-4g Girl's Low V11i1111 811111, G K. 11. M11si1- l'1111test 3- 4: Girl's Low V11i1-12 S11l11. Slillif C1111- tvst 41 Girls' 811xl1-tie 1-2-I1-4: Class Night Ig H111-1'11ll11 43 811111111' Plilj' 8111'1'i11l15'. I1I.A4'111,Y, 11111!l+l11'l' l'r11f11ssi1111:1l Boys' Glee flllllb 4. 111.Al'K. G11ll1Al,11 1'r11f11ssi1111111 liillltl -l-3 Boys' GI111- l'l1111 21. l11,Al'l8l, DXV1G11'l' l'1'11t'1-ssi111111l 1911111111111 811111111 I1--11 'lll':1l'li Sllllillll 2: -il1l1l4t1' l'l11y: l11-I11111- Sllllilll 2. 111111K. 1'l1.11l1N 1111l11stri111 Arts 'lll'Zll'lC 811111111 2-513 l111ys' GI111- 1'l11l1 -1: 4111111111111 4: I". l". A. 1-2. l111XVl'Z1.1,. I1t11'G1.A8 1l1'llK'I'2ll liilllll 11-45 li11y8' Gl1'11 l'l11l1 1-2. 11l11+l'1'1'11lC8, MAIHGI1 1lU11K'I'ZIl Ill'1'l1ANAN..ll1IAN l'r11t'11ssi111111l A11111l11l 8t11t'f: G. A. A. illI'l'Zl8l1l'l'I' 2-4: l:1108ll'l' 8l11t't'g 4'l11ss 'ill'l'118lIl'l51' 25 Girls' GI111- lllllll 1-2--1: Girls' 811xt11tt1- 2--1: 1'l11ss Night 23 011111111111 42 G. A. A, lll'Y1Il' 2-4: N11li111111l ll111111r 8111'i- 1-tyg 81-11i11r 1'l11y: St'1'l'l'li1l'X-'lll't'2181II'- 111' 111' N11ti111111l ll111111r Swvivly. lil'l1Nl'l'l"l'l'l. XYll.l,Al1l1 l'I'11l'1'ssi11ll:ll .llll1lt1l' l'l11y: li11j'S' Gl1-1- 4'l11l1 3-43 l'l11ss Night 113 ll1l1'l'l1llil 11 811111111' 1'111y. l'Al1l1t11.1., I1I1'Gl+lN11l lllll1l8ll'lill Arts l"1111tl1:1ll Stllllltl 12-31-4. Ii lA'IlM'8. l'l,A11K. A11l,l1IN1-I G1-1111r11l 'l'y11i11g 'llltillll 213 G. A. A. 111111112 1-23 Ish L'1111y Jay Vice-President 4. 1+'1111tl11'1ll 8111111-11 1-2-3-4, I1 1.11tt1vrs: 'ilI'2lt'li Silllilll l: lli-Y 21--1: l1'. I". A. l. U1 DLEMAN, ASHER Prof11ssi11nz1l If'111'1t11:111 811111111 3-4, 1 Letter: Basket- l111l1 Sllllilll 2-I4-4, 2 lA'll0l'8. t'11115IA1'K, t'1.AY'l'11N lll4ll18ll'l21l Arts lf. F. A. -13 13111111 4. 1'111'L8UN, 11G11G'l'l1Y I'r11f11ssi111111l liilllll 1-2-11--1. -1 1.11111-rs: fJl'l'llP8lI'2l 2- 21-4: Girls' G11-11 V11111 2-1-43 l'. K. 11. fllZ1l'lIl1'l 811111, C, K. I.. AIIISIK' l'1111t11st 213 11111111-11:1 -1: G. A. A. Ilerlw l-2: 811111111- l'l11y. l1ANll'Il,8. A1.14'l'I t'1111111111r1'i11l l1ANV8t1N. l'Z1'Gl'INI'I G1'l11-l':1l 111-l11AVl'lN. l1l1l't'l'l G1-111-r111 l-IIHYAIRI18. l'Il.l'lAN11l1 l'l'11t'1-ssi111111I l'lGGl,l'l8'1'l1N, LAURA fl0llll11l'l'l'l2ll Girls' Gl1-1- lllllll 1. IGNIIGRY. t'1f1iTI8 l'0lI1llll'l'l'l:1l 1911111111111 811111111 1-2-21-4. l 1.1-tier! 1111sk1-1111111 S1111214l 2-I1-4, 2 111-tt11rs: 'lll'Zll'li Stllliltll Ili-Y 1'r11si111111t 45 1i1lI1- ltll' H11l2ll'l211l 31. 1'IN11G. Ul1VIl.I.IC G11111-1'111 1-111ys' G11-1- lll1Il1 I1-45 1111111'11tt11 4: I-'. IP. A. J-2. 11I8l1I1I11MAN. AVICN I'r11f1-ssi111111l liilllll 1-2-Z1-4. 3 lA'lll'1'8Q Ol'Q5lICxSt1'1l I1-43 1711111111 811111, l'. K. L. Music 171111- tvst 4: t'11r1111t 811111, 8111111 C0l1ll'8l 43 I31111st0r 8tz1l'f. l"t1l'8T, IIAIIULD G0111-r11l liilllll Z1-4. 1"1iANKL1N, .LIGROY G11111sr111 1+'1111t111111 811111111 2-3-4, 31 Lettersg 1511s- 1c11tl11111 811111111 2, l"l1ANKl.lN. XVAHHICN G111111r11l 11'1111tl11111 811111111 2-31. FUNK, I1l+ll1'l' K'1111111111r1'i11l 11'1'NK. .I1AN111Zl1 .lIIlllI8lI'lZll Arts 11'1'NsT11N, IIAIKOLD l'r11f11ssi1111111 l111ys' GI1111 1111111 1. GAIQIJNICR, If'l1I'lD 1'l'l1fl'88ll11Iill. iiilllf Stlllilll 2-3, 2 L1-ltvrs. GAll'l'I'lN, SYLVAN l111111st1'i111 Arts l1'1111tl111l1 Slllliltl 2-21, l'. l". A. IZ. GARY, .l1'AN1TA l'1'11f1-ssi111111l lhlllll 2-Zi, l Leiter. Gll1l18, 1511111 BROOKS Ge11ur:11 l"1111t1111ll Stllliltl 1-2-3-4, 2 Lettlwsg 1 . 1 1111sk11t111111 811111111 Z2-31g .Iunior 11012113 lilll 4: 8111111-ut L'011111'i1 2-4. Glldslfl, LICLAND l'I'0l!088ltIl1ill 11'1111tl111l1 Sllllilll 3-4, 1 Letterg Basket- l1:1ll Slllliltl 3. GRIGG8, I1Hl111I11'l' GRIN-'1'11l 11111111 4, 1 Letter: Orchestra 4, 1 Let.- ter. GISII, DICANE G111111r11l HALL, HAROLD l'r11f11ssi11n11l 1111ys' Glve Clllll 43 Operettn 43 Senior l'111y. IlA11G1111lAVES, IIAIIRIET G1-neral HARRIS, PAUL G11110r11l 811111111111 C011111'i1 4: .I1111i11r liUl'i1l'lI1Il 45 Boys' Glve lllllll -lg f'lIl'l'l' Lllillli-'I' 4: U11l'I'6t11l 4: 811111111' I'l11y. l1A81A11111lR. AGNl+l8 1'r11f1rssio1111l fYl1'Cl108fI'il 2-31--15 Girls' G1111- l'11111 ti- 4g Girls' SeXt1-1111 4: fl110l'1'll1l -1: G. A, A. Ii11v11e 1-2-513 811111111' I'l11y 811e1fi111- ly. HAUGII, JAMES 1'1111111111r1'i111 'ill'2l1'li 33 Jllllltil' l'l11yg .llIIIll1l' Il0tilI'- lilll 43 Class 'llI'l'218.ll1'BI' 4. 11AYNlfl8, ROSS 1'r11l'1-ssio11111 81111111111 1'1111111'il 4: A11111111l Stuff: -llllilul' l'l11yg 111-111111141 l'i1108l1'I' 8t11ff: 1111ys' Gloe P11111 4: l'l11ss Night 3: 11111111-tt'11 -lg 81-11i11r I'l11yg N11ti111111l I11111111' Society. Ill'lAlll.I1lY, Nltllxhlltl 1101101111 Girls' Glee C11111 4: Operettn 4. 11If1N8I.I1IY, DONALD ll0ll1Il1GI'Cl21l C7111-111' Leader 4. IIICRSIIICY, FRANCES l'I'0fCSSlOIIill Sl11lll'I1f C1111111'iI 43 13111111 2-3-4, 2 1111111-rsg 01'Cll08f1'1l 2-4. I'1II1I1MUN, PIIOICIRE ll0II1I11l'1't'l1ll G. 11. 1111v11ti1111s lll12ll1'IIIlI11 45 Typing T1111111 31: B1111st1-r 8t11ffg l't1l111I181'Ciill P11111 1'211'lli1Il10lll51I'll1Y1. HOGAN. JUAN l'r11t'1-ssi1111111 81111111111 l'1111111'il 1-3: xlllllllill Staffg G. A. A. S1't'l'1'1Zl1'j' 3. 1'r11si11011t 43 lil11l8ll'l'SfZlff1 1'111ss 1'1'11si11e11t 25 Girls' G11111 l'11111 11 Class Night 23 .l1111i11r l'l11y i'1'0lll'l'fy Ul111i1'111:1I1g G. A. A. 1111v111- 1-2-21-43 Jr.-8r. Bfinquot '1'l1111111- 111111 111-1'11r11ti1111 t'11111111ittee l'l1i1ll'l1lZlIlI 811111111' 1'111y: N11ti111111l H1111- 111' 8111'i1-ty: G. A. A.. 4 Letters: Vice- l'r11si1l1111L N11ti111111I Honor S111'i11ty. IIUGAN, MIKE 1ll'I1l'I'ill l111s1i11t1111l1 Stlllilll 1: 8t11111111t L'111111cil 43 .ll11llt11' R11lill'l21ll 4: 150l18ll'l' 8t11ffg l"1111l1111l1 Stllliltl 2. lI1111Vl'l1i. LUXVN111. lI11l118ll'li1l 1xl'l8 11111111 4: Boys' GI1111 Clllll 21-43 St11te l,iv11st111-k .I1111gi11g TCQIIII Ci: UDf'1'ett21 4: I". F. A. 1-3-4. ll1.'1i1.l'IY, l'llYI11118 G1-11111111 G. A, A. Hike 111111 Point 1'1111t11i11 4: Girls' Gl1111 t'l1111 41 Oper11tt11 4g G. A. A. livvllu 1-2-II-4: G. A. A., 1 Letter, .I11N1'I8, WILNA lT11111111er1-i111, Business UI'l'lllNll'iI 3-4. KAUlf'l+'MAN, GLADYS General 1'111ss 'ilI'OfI8l1l'01' -11 Girls' G11-0 Club 2- 3-43 U110I'Qllll 4g G. A. A. 11111110 1-23 B1111ster Stuffg Senior 1'111y Specialty. KAl'l"l:'MAN. MARGARET M ICNGIGS. l'AI'l', I'l'0f0SSlUllIll 1'UllllllCl'Clil1 Girls' Glu- Club 4: G1-ux-tru 4. llnnnl l-2-J!-4: .Iuniur l'l:1y. Kl-IAN. IIARGLID MAKINS. lbHNAI,ll 1'l'0fl'SSllIll1l1 l'i'ut'1-ssioiizll Junior l'l:1y 3. linslcm-tlmll Ii: 'l'rnm-li Sqiuul 2: 'l'1-nnis Kl.AGl'lR. ANNlfZ'l"l'l:I 2-It-43 Stutlt-nt Count-il 2-3, Sufruziry- 1'rut'1-ssion:1l 'l'l'C2lNlll'Cl' 2: Rzunl 2: :xllllllill St:1t'!': G. R. l'i::nist 4: Pianist of Buys' Glu- Junior l'l:ty: Junior Rutnrizln I-L: Clllh 31 l'i2llliNI 1-fGil'ls' U-191' Clllh l- Rmrstu' Pltlitor: Burstor Stuff: Clzlss 2-Ii-41 ttlWl't"til 1'i5U1iSf43 G- A- A' l'rm-sich-nt 4: Glu- Club 2-4: Clzlss Roviu- l-2-Zi-4: UUONTUI' Sfilffl G- A- Night 2: Chu-r l.c-:ull-1' l-2: tipm-rm-ttal A.. 4 IA-ttm-rs: S1-nit-r Play 1'lillllSf. 43 I-'boil-alll Stufll-nr Blllllllglll' 43 Nil. KHIIART. l'Al'l.lNl'l iltbllill llnnbr Su-isvty: Sl-1131-r l'l:1y I'l'0l'l'SSltPllill BllSlll0SS Mzxnziger: Pu-sitlm-ilr of N:1- G. A. A. lfinalnu- Chzlirinnn 4: G. A. 1-101131 Honor Sm-ipfy. A. lit-V110 l-2-Il-4. MARTIN. .IRICNIC KUIKN. GIJCN l'Ullllll1'l'l'l2ll LAIJX. Gl:IRAl.Ib Gt.'11l'l'ill Boys' Glu- Club l: F. l". A. LARSICN. Al.Rl'ZR'l'A 1'0lIl1ll0l'Clill Girls' Glu- Club 2: H111-1'c-tial 42 G- A- A. Rovlu- 2. LIGNIIART. l.l'II,ANlJ G1-nm-1':ll Buys' Glu- Club l-Il. LICUNARIH, LURNA 1'0llllllCl'Clill G. A. A. R1-rum-: Sl-nit-r Play. IMGAN. MARY Al,lCl:I G1-in-rzll Girls' Glu- Club l-4. LtlNlll'll'IN. lbl'lll.l-ZY l'I'Ul'USSlHll2ll Bzlslu-tbzill Squzul l-2-Ii: T1-nnis 2-35: Studs-nt C1-unvil 2: .luniur Rotnrinn :ig Class l'r1-sith-nt Ii: Nziliuuul 114-nur Suvim-ty: lfuullmll Stullt-nt A1Illl2l,2fOl' Ii. LONDON. ARl.l'ZNl'I 11l'llUI'2ll LUl'l'. LAXYRl'1NCl'I Gm-in-ral LURICNSHN. VIRGINIA .ll'Nl-I 1'rufm-ssionall G. R. Svrviu- f'll2lll'lll2lIl 4: G. A. A. Social Cliziirlnnn fi: WIHSTHI' BUSUIUSS Maillzigi-rg Rurstm-r Stuff: Class Truss- uwl- gg: upt-ruin 4: G. A. A. R1-V110 1-2-3-4: .lr.'Sr. 15111111111-T Finnnu- Cliaiirinnng S1-niur l'lny: G. A. A. 4 Lettm-rs: Xillltlllill lluiiur Society. MQCUY. ARCllll'Z lnclustrinl Arts My-MILLAN. RAl.l'lI l'1'ut's-ssimull Fnotlrzlll Squzul l-2-Z4-4. 3 1.1-tu-1's2 Bzislu-tluill Squzul 3-4. 2 Li-tu-rs: 'l'1':ll'k Squzul. 2 l.l-tra-rs: Sfllllblll Cuunvil l'rL-sirll-nt 4: 15211111 1-2-3-4. 1 Lett...-I U1-.-1,1-S11-11 I-I: lli-Y Se-c1'1-tatry 2: .luniur Rotaxriam IS: Class 1're-sidl-111: 1: Clzlss Night 2. MQNALL, G1f1NI'ZV1I:IVlf1 f'0lllllll'l'Cl2ll Ish Clmy .Iuy S0l'l'L'fill'X-TI'02lSlll't'l' 4. MACIIICN. .IACKIIG 1,1'0f0SSi0Il2ll Grcln-stru l-273-4: G. R. l'ublic'ity Clniiriunn 4: .lunior l'lz1y: Clzlss Night: 1-23: G. A. A. lit-V110 2-3: Sc-niorl'l:1yg Nzltiunall llnnur Susie-ty. MARS'l'l4ll.l.l'1R. STANLEY Iumlustrinl Arts .luniur l'l:1y: Buys' Glu- Club 2-41 Fu-llnnill Squad Z5-4. 1 LQ-tier: Senior Play 3 Operetta 4, l'l'Gl'l'SSlUl12ll Rtmstm-r Stuff: Girls' Glu- Club 21: G. A. A. livrlu- l-2: Sm-nibr l'l:1y. MlCl,l,UR. MABHL 1'i'uft-ssit-1x:1l G. R. I"lllillll'K' 41ll2lll'lll2lIl Sl: llmnstm-1' lfltlittw: Rmnstc-r Sl:1I't'. Mll.l,lCR. INICZ l'rut't-ssimml G. A. A. l'ui11t' Czlptziiu Il. Yiu--l'rt-si- all-nl 4: Girls' Glu- Club 2-3-4: tlpt-rt-Ilan 4: G. A. A. lil-V110 l-2-344: G. A. A. 4 IA-ttl-rs: Iiuustor Stuff: 4l1ll'l'Cll2l 4. Mll.l,l-IR. .lANl'I'l' l'1'ofm-ssiminl Hi-4-lu-st1':1 4: Annual Stuff: G, A. A. l'ublivity f'll2lll'l'DZlll 3. l'innisl 4: .lunibr l'lz1y: Iiunstt-1' Stuff: Class Night 2-II: G. A. A, IQUYIIC Il: .lr.-Sr. lizllltlllvl lfmnls Cuininillu- Cl1:1iru1:nn: litmstl-r I':'lllltD1'1 S1-nior 1'l2lj'2 Nilllttll' :ll llollul' Snvivty. Mll.l.l:IR. MARY l'Il.lZAlSlC'l'll l'rol't-ssiminl f,l'Clll'Sil'Zl l-2-3-4. l 1.1-ttm-r: G. R. Viulinist 4: Girls' Glu- Club 31-4: Vin! lin Suhr. C. K. l.. Ct-iitl-st l-2-IL: Hp- 1-l't-ttzl 4. MtlH'l'. KATIII-IRINIC l'l'bfm-ssi4n1:ll Rand Zi. l L1-tit-r: G. R. Musii- Chair- lllilll 4: Tj'1llll,Lf Tuun IL: liunstm-r St:1t't':Girls' Glu- Club l-2-Il-4: Girls' St-xtm-tw 1-2-3-4I1,Ilt'1'k'll2l 4: G. A. A. Rovlu- 2: Jr.-Sr. Hillltlllvf l'rug'r:un 1'll2lll'lll2lll1 Girl's Muliuni Vuiu- Sblu. Slam- Conti-st 4: Sn-nior 1'l:1y S1vu-inl- ty. MGRNI-Z. ERNICST l'1'ul'n-ssiuilzll Gull' Squaul 1-2-3-4. 2 IA-tts-rs: Stu- qlt-nt Cuuucil 4: .luuior Ruturiann Il: Rays' Glu- Club 13: Bursts-r St:1t'l'. MORSE, l'Al'L l'rut't-ssiuunl Gulf Squzul 2-3. l Lu't'u': lluvstl-r Stuff: lloys' Glu- Club 2: Chu-r- l.u14lm-r 2: lfwmrlmll Squad Il: Nnrimml llunur Stwim-ty: Bunstm-r l!'usint-ss Al2lll2lLfl'l'f lionstl-1' Stuff. NASII. Gl,l:INlNbRA l'Ullllll1'l'Cl:l1 NIGLSGN, ALBERT Gunn-1'z1l ln-bzlto Slllliltl 24. 1 Lettl-r: Boys' Glu- Club 2. NIGMICCIIIGCK. ANNA MAE llonu- 1':l'U1l0llliCS G. A. A. Rvrln- 1-3. NGRTUN. Rl"l'lI l'rnf1-ssimlsll liutwstm-1' Stuff: G. A. A. Rm-viw 1-2: Senior Play. NELSON. RYTH MARY l'rof1-ssionul Siutle-nf Council Yiu--l'rt-sialm-nt 4: Stuclc-iff Council RitIll'l1Sl'l'f1lllX'll tm G. R. 4: Junior l'l:1y: In-lmtv Squml 4. l llt-ttt-r: Svliool lin-pi'm-si-iltaltivv in 4fl'IllltlIl 3: UIZINS Yiu--l'r1-sitll-nt Il: Girls' Glu- Club 2: G. A. A. R1-rllm- Il: Nlltlttllill Hoimr Snvil-ty. PARSUNS. SAM tll'lll'l'Zll l'A'l"l'l'lRSGN. ROSA i'Ullllll0l'4'iZl1 Girls' Glu- Club 4: U1-4-ri-tI:1 4. l'lfIA'l'l.ING. FRANK HClll'l'2ll lrt-luzttr Squzicl 4. 1 Luis-r: Clnss Night 'J l'llll.l.ll'S. PEARL l'Gllllll!'l'L'l2l1 l'lNKlIAM. CIIARLICS 'l'rnn-lc Squanl 2: Iiillltl l-2-4, l In-ltt-r. l'l.lTMl9. .ll'NlA Ga-in-rail Girls' Glu- Club 4: Gyn-i'4-ttal 4. Rlilflll. CIIARLES l'Gllllll0l'l'i1ll Rlililb. l'Al'L Cmnnn-rcizll Ilbys' Glu- Club 4: Class Night' Cl. mpg-11-Itai 4: f'Ull1llll'l'l'l1ll Club Atlvvr- tising Mzlnzxgror. Rlil-ISIC. IIAVIIJ Ga-in-r:1l Iillllll 4: ttrvllc-st1':1 4: N1-ni -r l'l:ly. RHRSHN. Rl-IRNICIC 4'Ull1llli'l'Cl2ll St:lml:11'sl1ip for K. S. C. RURSHN. CA'l'llARlNl'I f'0l11lll1'l'f'l2ll Stuslm-nt Count-il 4: G. R. Ru rt-s1-'lt-1- tin- to Studi-nt Count-il 4. SARIC. URIGN 4viClll'l'Zll 11211111 l-4. SCllWl'ZNlDl'INlCR. l'Il.l.lCN G1-111-rzll SClIWl'INlDl:INl'IR. Vl'lRNl'Ilbl4INl-I 1'ullllll0l'L'l2ll Sl'IA'l'HN. RYLANIJ llltlllSlI'lill Arts .luniur 1'l2lj'I Boys' Glu- Club 3144: Stem- l.iVc-stock Judging 'IR-:un IL: Clzlss Night 3: Huosti-r Stuff: Upvr- 1-ttu 4: l". If A. l-2-32 Sm-niur .l'l:1y. SICXTUN, ARZICLA General Slll-ZARIGR, LGRENE Guic-ral Girls' Glu- Club 2-4: Class Night l: tlIll'l'Ull2l 4: G. A. A. Rm-vuv l-2-23-4: Coniun-rciail Club Sl.HUl'. MAR.IORIl'Z COIlllI1Q1'Clill f'Ul11lll0l'Cl2l1 Club 1'r4-sith-nt 4. S'l'I-llGl.SMlTH. MARY Al,lCl'I Profossiolial G, R. I'1'0g1'211H Cliuirinnn 3: G. R. Pri-sitlcnt 4: Junior Play Businr-ss A12l112ll2Q91'Q Debate 3-4: 1+lxtL-1n1io1'l- 4: Booster Stuff: Class Sc-crm-fury Jig G. A. A. Revue 2: Jr.-Sr. Bunqiu-t Cmn- niittuz Ullzllflllilllj S1-nior l'l:1y Prop- vrty f'llZlll'1llZlIlZ Nutionul llunor Su- ciety: Piano Solo. C. K. L. Music Cun- test. Su-rs-t airy. ftontiuued on Page 333 Phyllis Hurley, Dudley Lon- cleen, Inez llliiler, Ralph Mc- Millan, Glznlys Kauffman, James Haufh, Frances Her- shey. Harold Kean, Jean Buchanan, Paul Morse, Alberta Larsen, Waircn Franklin, Annette Klager, Curtis Emery, Pauline Kohart, Eugene Car- roll, Wilna Jones, Eflwar-l Amsbaufrh, Jackie Mauhen, Stanley Marsteller, Betty Jean Jones. Robert Grifzfzs, Berclena Ban- Qerter, David Reese, Frances Whyte, L e R o y Franklin, Katherine Moot, Harwood Stracltner. Nellie Headley, Ross Haynes, Agnes Haslouer, Joe Tremer, Bernice Robson, Frank Peat- ling, Jean Bell. Geralrl Lady, Marjorie Sloop, Eldon Book, Mary Elizabeth Miller, llarolcl Funston, Ruth Norton, Lloyrl Sparks. Janet Miller, Donald Hensley, Virginia Ilowiifsoii, Harold Foust, Vernerlene Schwenden- rr, Lelanll Lezihart, Arzela Sexton. Asher Coleman, Glendora Nash, Charles Pinkhain, Pearl Phillips, Davicl Towne, Ma- bel Mellor, Paul Mc-nges. Harold Hall, Harriet Har- greaves, Lawrence Lopp, Fred Gardner, Ruth Mary Nelson. I ain't got nu body Getting lmulnlvi' Tliut'S limik with the hair mul Nlrw. Gzirrlnm' with Ilw high slmvs. lvell, I Swan The Tlirm' Illus- keteers Aclvertismuvnt Mutt axnml .lm- De-hornml Lunsf- horns Leave mc- illum- Some Funstnn, Ph, kid? Sex-tettu zlppvul Fleas nn thc- spot We're G l ll il y s Faye! It coulcl lu- voice A n 0 t h 0 r me-izll climber P'ups il's Blum-lily Some Spectacle For the love o' Mike! Marimbu t li Q s e people? A great fvutg in fact, two arent feet P P t e 'S liirtlirluy party. V55-mf' ww 1--...has 'fr gr ...N ir wa-" i Q wi gsm: Rosa 'v the Ran- who Altogether n o w "Two of a Kindl" .lest fcllers Bear facts The horse has a nice Stunts Ambrosia Mary, "Lizzy,'l Beth? Bingfs f i a n- ee Qelj Szun' s secret pas- oion Atten shun Y Ginger and Rs-rl Stop, Book and Listen Football hero "Dibby's" broth- cr, Lon Bah "Budding Burll' Nehi? Grr, Grrl fkin't love grand? Ilulf-VVit We saw the sea Heads-we win ller-no, sheg well then-Hershey When you and I were young, Mag- gie Mooting on the Bounty W h y telegrams stop The Hash Slingers Many ,Iuniors Are Outstanding in Yeafs Activities--Present a Colorful Junior-Senior Reception-- - ee as - Contrlbute Elmer Class Nlght 1111-li. i111'1111ti1111s: .I1-1111111- NVilki11s. 1l1-1:- "11Z11n1-1'," hy 151'2lfl'1l'Q' 1l1111is11111 M1'N1-il. 11r11111111s: .11-1111 hil1l11111X. 1'111111sg 1':1r1'11y11 111 1111- 1-111sS night 111'01.f1'5ll11. Tl11- 1'1lSf i11- N THE J,,l.HNI,:Y of HW I-Um. A' H- S' :l11'1-1-11. f11'1g1'Zlll1 111111 f,'1l2l1'1K'S 11111'111-l', fi- 11111111-11 l111r111111111- B1-111'k1l'111'ol5't11 G1-111-11, . . . znce. u' 1-st X11-11s N1-1'1'1-11 115 11111s111111s- hI11'11ll1l 1x111111-r1111'k, . il1'5I2l1'0 1.'l11rk, 1'111ss1-s 2ll'l'1lSS 1111- 11l11111s 111 1-11111:11111111. i , , . . . . 11-1. R11s1- 411111 1'111'S1l'1'. Mary M1l1lr1-11 111111111-r, 1111- '1l111111l' 1'l11ss 1111s ,111s1 1-111111111-11-11 11s .. . . . , , , , , V . As 1111- 1111111 11'2l1l1l'l' 111 the 1111131 .lU11l'- .l1-ss11- Mau- M11-1 11-S111-y, H1111 51102ll'l'l', 1111111 11111 111 1111- 111112. -1111111-1111, y1-1. 111- . . . , ' ney, the ,111111111's e1,11111'1l1111e11 the play, 211111 1'1'15r51011J011l1SOIl. 11-1'1-s1111g 11'1-li. '1'h11s1- who 111111'k1-11 1111- 1-11111's1- 111111 g11i1l1-11 11111 jlllliill' 11'11i11 w1-1'1-: Miss Y01'1l 1.11w1-lli11, Mr. I111yl1- K. 111-1111ks. Miss M11111-1 1'11lS1111 111111 Mr. 1'11111 111. 1'11lli11s. 111'1'i1'1-rs 11111111112 the l'l'111S for the 11-111'1812-15-151311w1-r1-: 1'1r111-st XV1-11s, 111'1-si1l1-111 2 1'11r11ly11 11r1-1-11. vi1'1--111'1-S1111-1111 f'ilEll'i1'S 11111'111-r. S1'1'l'1'l211'j'-1l't'ilS11l.'1'1'. 111111 ,kl'i1'11l' H1-1'1111 211141 l'1111l 1':l1'i11111Z. 1'15I11'6- S1-111111iV1-s 111 1111- 111-1111 1'1111111'il of 11111- 11l'1'l'S. .11111i111's 1'il1lSl'I1 111 1111-1-1 with il iligfillxl' 1-1111111'il. 11s .l1111i111- 1l411ill'1il11N w1-re l':i1l'i II11l1l111r1l. K1'llj'1l1l I'hili11s. 1111211105 liil1'1101' 111111 l'11111'l1-s 11111-111-1'. 'l'l11- j1111i111's s1111l 1'1'f1'0S11ll1l'111S 211 Y11- l'111I1S 1111x111-1111111 111111 f11111l111ll Q111111-s 111-111 wi1l1 passing L'211'ZlV211lS 11l1111g the way. 111111 131131111 was 1111- jllllilll' l'l1l'01' 11-1111- 1-1' 111 S11L'1l 1'l11l'1'12l1ll1110111S. Ill 1l11-s1- Q111111-s. f11'1- j1111i111-S 1'1111k1-11 ' high in 11l1ili1y: 1'h111'l1-s ji2ll'il1'1' 111111 l1i11k N11sl1.f11111l1:1ll 111111 l111sli1-11111111 152111111111- l1111'1l. 11'1ll'iij .11111 Villl 111111-, g11l1'3 K1-11- B 111-111 Collins. 101lll1S. T3i11'1N'l' 111111 Nash 111'1- 1111- 111111' 11-111-1' 1111-11 11.1141 will 111- 1111 1111- 11-11111s 111'X1 yl'2ll', A1 11 1'1-1111'11l K1111s11s l-'1'1-1- 1'11i1' 111-111 1-:1r1y in 11111 X1'ill'. V1-1-11 '1'hi1-1 111111 121-115' 1':il111'1'. ,1llll1l11'S. YY4111 fi1's1 1111-.1 S1-1-111111 11111111-s. 1'1-s111-1'1i1'1-ly. 111 1111- ,i1111gi11g' 1-1111- 11-sl 0111l'l'l'11 by 1111- 11111111- 1-11111111111i1'S . Q1'Ul11l. I111w1-1'1-1'. 1111- j1111i111's' first 111g 1-V1-111 W was 1111-ir lliilf. "Sii111111l12'..' 111' 4X111'll1112l 11111111-1'11l. 1:'i1'1-11 2l1'11ll11l1 1111- l'11111111'11'l' in 1111- 1-i1'1'l1- 111' I11'11i1'i1- S1'i11l4111l'1'S 1111 N111'1-111- 111-1' "" 1'1'17 '1'h1- 1-11s1 was 1-111111111s1-11 11f: 1111211108 , 11111'll1'I'. 111-11-11 1i1'111Y1l1112. Mary M1111r1-11 111111111-1'. 1:4111 S11l'i1l'l'l'. I'r1-s11111 .111l111s1111. 11111'111111111 111-11r. 1111s1- :X1111 1"111's1e1'. l'111'11- lyn 111-01-11. B1iri11111 1i11111l'I'1l11'ii. 1111-11 1'I1'11- 1-sl XVGHS. 111 1111- 11lIl'l'l'1'12'1 2'1Y1'11 l1y 1111- 11111si1-111 l111l1l1'l1l'S. 1'11111 11Ii1'l111l1z was 1111- only jlllliili' in 1111- 1-nst. '1'il1'l1C ,1ll1ll111' 11111si1'11111s w1-1'1- s1-111 111 521111121 111111 1'I11111l11'12l 111 t'll1l'l' c111111-s1s: 1'h111'l1-S 1I111'111-1', 111111111110 1l11l'111 .11111i111' 11111-kwalll, flute: l'1l'11OS1' XV1-lls. l111y's 111w V11ic1- s11l11. 1il1l'11lg' 1111- 1'l11'is111111s Sl12lS11l1. 215231111 'ff f HW' J'U11""S XVOH lmlmrs in fl f"'11tf'St 4TH ROW---I. A1111-ss, J. Duckwzill, E. F1'lb11sl1, A. Burkharflt, P. Barber, B. Collins, L. Curlis, D. B11Q111'1, SlN'l1Sm'9ll IU' HH' f'?'1'5lV3lll'N 111-1-'1-1-lily W. Custer, P. E11-l11111z. K. C11lli11s. SRD ROW-S. Clwse, 11. A. Forster, R. Fclbush, 1. Custer, J. 1'3l1l4'l'5 R"SllU1il1'.V 111137111 W1'1111- 1110 Aiidrews. A. BQV1111, B11uul1n1-1', G. D11ws11n, B. EiI11C1', E. Bath, G. Borchardt. ZND ROW-C. Barber, 111-111--wi1111i11g 51111-y 311111 15111 115111111111 J. Cook, II. Dic-1ri1-h, E. C11111-l:111rl, C. Custer, W. Fargo, C. Case, R, Blazer, H. B1-ar, D. Brown, J. Bis- WHS the mllhm. 01- HH, lmvm ,,11,,M,H for choff. IST ROW-L. Barkes, FOl'Sll1I11I, B. Atnip, N, Clarke, M. Clark, V. Cranier, F. Adanis, B. Epler, H BI'OXY111l1g. L. Dickinson, B, Dahnke. 4TH ROW-J. M1111-r. H. Jury, P. Muller, B. Frecinzm, B. Funk, D. Nash, S. Freeinan, P. Johnson, C Harshniun, C. Hopkins, F. Nelson. SRD ROW-J. Leffingwell, H. K11l1ff1H3H, P. Kugler, B. Kohman first 111'iz1-. T':21l'ly in 1111- sprint. 1111- Girls' A111- 11-1l1' ASS111'l:l111111 1'l111s1' 21S 'BVU' liflsllwc M, M. Hooper, M. Myers, I.. 111-rr, J. M. MeCleskey, C. Horner, D. Nash. ZND ROW--H. Monroe, Ai 'IUVUI1 ffil' 19311. 1111s1- xxllll 1"0l'S11-l', 11. Kliwer, D. HHff11'l'1lN'CS, T. Miller, D. Hosie, L. Kohman, R. Wilson, D. Long, L. Gray, G. Monroe, H. j111li111'. Harris, E. Hub11111'1I. 1ST RUWfC. Hogan, C. Gr:-en, J. Murphy, W. Hicks, M. Kindercliek, L. Hawk, 'l'l11- lglxl 11u1glg11111in15 111-111lf 111' 1110 D. Hzuiuh, R. Hogan. L. Huinphreys, H. Fiinston, R. Huston. A-NH. was HH, lmmlllvt Hind dzluvu givvu 4TH ROW-T. S11l1l114111S, E. Whitehair, li. Philips, V. Orth, E. Wells, D. Tilton, J. Nugent, J. Van Duyne, G. Sehzul. 3RD ROW-R. Ri1'l111rds, M. White, V. Thiel, J. Wilkins, F. Thurman, H. Sellers, O. Wat- f'I1 'l'-1":" '1.'.' -- . .. . . M Hx M UNIX In IH In V lx Nm kins, E. Xvlil, B. Simpson. ZND ROW-D, Poolcr. R. Woolverton, B. Yeltman, J. Sleichter, R. Shearer, 1-1-ss1'111 11111111211 1111- 1-f1'111-is of 1111-se Cmlunltuic Clmi14u10u5 5111411111 Killdcf' sctte, L. Robertson, I. Ross, Warclrup, H. Nichols, M. Ohermeyer, E. Priem, R. Bowers, T. Winters. F. Struiuht, R. While, B. Si11'1'. R. S1eve11s1111, S. Yerckler. 1ST ROWfB, Whitehnir, I. Shcller, M. Ras- , ountain limbers Caravan of One Hundred Twenty-three Sophomores Resumes Journey Across the American Plains-- LeRoy Jolley Guides Along Trail tllittlil' Ulf' l'llA1RlI'l Si'I1tl0ll9l'S 01100 more resunu-tl their journey across the Great Anueriean plains of etlueation. 'l'here were 12.223 llll'llllIt'l'S ot' the sopho- lll0l't' elass. 'l'heir scouts who heatletl the earvaran alul skillfully guartletl against tlu- dangers of the desert were LeRoy Jolley, president: Dale Berger. viee-pres- itlent: Xsvilllltl Kuhn, secretary-treasur- er: an-tl Mildred Hess and XVray Stro- wipr. student tTtlllllt'iI representatives. 'l'hey were carefully guided along the 1II1lllll0I'0ll trail of high school life througli the diligent efforts ot' their -ITII IlU'xYfI.. IIll5lXtll'.ll, Y, Allison. IC. fltimelixtazx. P. Lexi, N. Dayhoff, B. Course. J. B. Chris- nlan. If Baltlwin. I.. liennett. Illill IltJWfD. Graves. A. Dawson. Il. Boyd, Ruby Einlg, I. M. Einig. Iluth Ijinig. C, Vliriseo. II. Bath, IJ, Berger. IND I?0Wf-Il. Banflerter, K, Crawford, E. Guilfoyle, C. Ifn- right. if fliztse. Il. Vlark, IJ. Howell, tl, Giles, J. Asper. I.. Gil. IST ROW-C. Fowler. G. Epler, G I'IlLlllllil!illl. T. I"lsher, IC. lllekiiisoit. If. Ilayhoti, J, Aslinq, M, .I, Brnnworth, G, C, Etheringtgn. -ITII ROWf.l. Taylor, I.. Ilohnes, li. Mellonalri. I. Martin. H, Hoover. M. Janies. B. Keel, Y. Holt, C. Johnson. W. llartnon. Zlllll llOWfI-I. Monroe. F, Mt-Boyle. B. Leckron. D. Houlton, V. Mulkins, R Jones, .l. Morxut. H. I.ahr, ll. Ilollenlniek, LNIJ li0WfD. Ilesselbarth, W. Haslouer, H. Leckron. P. Hehn, B. Ivll'fI0l'lllll'li. G. Minter, I.. Jolley, B. Mrflintirk, W, Kuhn, B. Machen. IST ROVV4Y. Iloslc, Y Martin, D, Miller, M. II:-ss, R. Ilaslouer, I. Jones, MeNz1ll, R. King, I. Morehouse, M. Mall. 4TH R0W4D. Riznr, L. Sexton, C. Murphy, .l. R1-tltly, B. Yan Duyne, N. Whitehair, H. Weller, W. Stro- wim, J. Patterson. ZIRIJ ROWA-R, Paul, M, Pearson, IJ, Watt. LT, Reynolds. N. J. Thompson, M. Wihnure, M. Schulz, N, tlherineyer, B. Paul. I. Weaver, F, Pientkzi. 2ND ROWfJ. Rosproy, L. Swan, V. Towne, I., Yau Siekel. lt. Polley, I". I,llI'l'U'li, R. Owens, L. I'atterson, VV. Stuck, G. Sexton. IST ROW--A. White, L. Starr, M. Stillie, li, Phelps, ll. Soutlers, F. Musser, C. Nelson, M. Wardrop, M. Reynolds, W. Staehli, M. Whitely. sponsors. Miss .luaiula llawkins. Miss Winnie St-ott. Mr. Albert llawkes, and Mr. Roy Marti11. Menibers of the elass llll'l expenses by selling l't'l'l't'SIlllll'lllS at the football ganu- between t'lay Venter lllltl Abilene. alul the basketball games lN'lXVt'l'l1 flllllll- eil Grove illltl Abilene, alul Saeretl Ileart alul Abile11e. The elass was interestetl i11 llllllly fieltls ot' high sehool life, Some ot' the nu-inbers were outstaiuline' alul sueeess- t'ul in the feats they uiulertook alul the aetivities Illlt? whieh they entered. Ben- ny tlourse Zlllll llob l'olley plaeetl lIl0111- selves near the top as basketball stars. Ilale Berger alul lbonaltl llowell NYl'I't' i11- elluletl i11 the east of the operelta lllltllll' the flireetion of Mr. llenry Wise anti Mr. liaymontl Lees. The last rountl-up was a stunt given t'lass Night. lt was a play. "XVho's a t'owar4l'f". eleverly enaetetl by Vertline Mulkins. Wray Strowig. alul llale Ber- ger. lt was llIltIt'l' the able tlireelion of Miss .lualula llawkins. lu-:ul sponsor ot' the sophomore elass. Thus the sophomores elosetl :1 sue- eesstul ternl, Ilaving: erossetl the "Great Divide" they atre rezuly for the last halt' ot' their high sehool eareer. They were ever loyal to their Alma Mater, striving: always towartl its sueeess and their goal. alul always aetive alul alert along: the trail. 'l'he elass is a earavan ot' willing workers illltl will well be able to shoul- tler the responsibility ol' their tluties :ts juniors. Next year this elass will have the task ot' planning the junior-senior ban- quet' ftll' the group ot' gratluates of 1937, this year's junior elass. l'Z:u-h year a elass passes l'll'tbll1 the tlreat Plains Illltl with theln g.:'o some of the l.Zllll0llS au-tors alul aetresses, some ot' the stars I-I'ttlll the fieltls of aetivi- ties alul sports. :intl others must carry on the 1IlIlIt'N leI't for them to lll'l'l'tti'Ill. Next year this elass will also have the opportunity ot' showing their talent alul ability for aeting when they pre- sent the junior play. l'urple hills loom in the tlistaneei flowers show their heatls: aiul the sniil- ing sun breaks forth illlil glows upo11 the plains. The terln is now over and the earavan pitehes ealnp to wait for ilIlttlIll'l' illlftllllllln In Memory of james Rosproy tiur belovewl eoinrzule who. pos- sessing a eheerfnl tlisposition. won a plaee in the hearts of his class- ntates. Zllltl lll't'2llllK' a true fl'It'lltI of all who knew hint. Ile was a youth wholn the e11tire Vtlllllllllllllj' eoultl lflllllll with pride as its UXVII. Thunderin Horde One Hundred Thirtyjive Freshmen Assisted by Conran Hake Enter Gateway to Higher Education-- Presents "Uncle Dumlfs Cabin" OOKING INTO THE distance at the first of the school year, one could see many prairie schooners advancing across the plains toward the open por- tals of Abilene High school. Ypon a closer observation. one could distinguish in the early autumn sunlight many shades of green which proved to be the 135 freshmen, who were eager to prove their worth. The schooner halted at the gate, while the main driver, Conrad Hake, and his assistant. Dale Savage. helped the rest to descend from the high schooners. Bob Knox with his record book, called the roll. held tightly under his i1I'1l1 a small safe. Two of the trav- elers, Myra Hurd and Bob Van Doren, were chosen to represent the group. All were ushered into the open portals. and the chaperons, Miss Evelyn Bloomc, Miss Ethel Giles ,Mr. Henry lVise. and Mr. Fred Allison, closed the gate. They began their career quite indus- triously, each choosing the course in which he was lnost interested. Those boys who were interested in athletics. organized a basketball teain. lt was a very successful season for thein and they XVOII the majority of their games. The girls also had their volley ball. hockey, and basketball tournaments. Several from the freshman ranks showed their ability in music. Beth Trude had a leading part in the operetta. and Von- rad llake was in the saxophone quartet which won first place in an ainateur contest over radio station KFBI. The various classes and clubs sold candy bars. hot-dogs, and chewing gum at the home football and basketball games. This year the fl'0Sl11ll0ll sold at the Chapman-Abilene football game and at the Lindsborg-Abilene basketball game. The freshmen were high i11 their scholastic standing. and they showe-al tl1is by remaining at the top of the hou- or roll throughout thc entire year. Many showed great ability as actors and actresses i11 their performance of "Uncle Dumb's Cabin." which was the play given by the freshmen class night. This ended their class activities for the yea". l!l35-316. Next year. these freshmen will raise their flag higher and travel farther on across the plains as they go through their sophomore year. The first years are always the hardest. or so the saying goes, but the upper classmen feel sure that the sophomores of next year will find their green hues have all faded and vanished. The freshmen felt that it was hard to start out on the long journey across the plains in the prairie schoon- ers of knowledge, and the end of the journey seemed a long distance away, but their hearts will grow lighter as they near their goal after four years of hard work and difficulty. As sophomores, they will carry 011 practically the same routine as they did as freshmen. The boys will organize their basketball team and the girls will have their volley ball, hockey, and bas- plete the year with a class night per- ketball tournaments. Some will step forinance. And so as sophoniores, we higher on the ladder of fame toward mu- know they will succeed as well as they sic, lf they do as well next year as they did as freshmen. have this year, they will also remain at The Thundering Horde of freshmen the top of the honor roll. Then the ac- will become the honored graduates of tors and actresses of the class will com- 1939 and the business men of the future, 4TH ROW+B. Herchcnrocder, R. Downs, l.. Ak:-r, D. Holmes, H. Guion, C. Giese, C. Hake, F. Brenne- nian, D. Cavender, W. Book. 3RD ROW-H. Brenneman, S. Atkinson, M. Houlton, R. Flora, W. Cor- niack, P. Hill, K. Black, T. J. Herrin, M. Dahnke, E. Hance, B. Howard. 2ND ROW-l. Cheney, J. Harris, J. Easter, M. Emig, G. Bretchcs, R. Bogart, ll. Hockcr, V. Allen, F. Gans, K. Bethe. 1ST ROW -I. Goetz, l. Emery, M. Coker, G. Gough, A. Gish, C. Green. B. Crawford, J. Bowyer, A. Faust, M. J. Allen, M. M. Callahan. 4TH ROW-K. Nicholay, B. Marshall, J. Neison, D. Jordon, G. Milhain, J. Murphy, V. Marsteller, J. Parks, B. Kenst. SRD ROW-M. Milhain, V, Hoover, M. Hurd, S. Muster, T. Murphy, E. J. Mongerson, H. Parks, B. Miller, B. McKee. ZND ROW-Cecil James, D. London, V. Page, D. Kean, E. Long, M. London, D. Musser, W. Kinderdirk, B. Knox, J. D. Monroe. lST ROW-V. Landis, R. McCoy, H. M. Laughlin, E. Mark, Juanita Mall, M. Hughes, V. Hosie, L. 0. Murphy. 4TH ROW-V. Van Sickel, F. Sloop, D. Rainey, D. Rickcman, F. Wolf, B. Reynolds, E. Wilson, F. Win- ters, F. Schuelzky. SRD ROW-K. Rose, L. Phelps, R. Stats, A. Warhurst, B. S. Ross, F. Meade, M. Nel- son, C. Schuelzky, D. Singer. ZND ROWfD. Wright, W. Sparks, J. Rohrer, M. Young, J. Welsh, F. Winters, N. Prather, P. Townley, M. Tnllis, Wilmer Wenger, D. Savidge. 1ST ROW-B. Whitehair, B. Trude, Wilma Wenger, D. J. Towne, O. Rossiter, R. Strowig, R. Worley, L. Patterson, L. Smith, B. Veal, P. Pooler. 1 Zwvi Fraulein 2 "Shop"'ing Si Lusk out be- low -l Coy 5 Frankenstein 6 Which is the horse? 7 Our seniors? 8 Southern melof sly masters 9 Che-er up, Jean 10 Not lazy, just dreamin' ll Willard Z1 n ii in 12 Busketeers 125 All really to 20- 14 At home? 15 Equilibrium? 16 "Excuse me!" 17 Uh, stop, Man! op Wranglers Fourteen Students Receive Membership in the National Honor Society--Donald Makins President-- Usual Banquet Dispersed With S THE 111111: flllli ll11Zll'11'1l 2111 111111. those f1111r1e1111 st11111111ts. W1111 l'2lllk01l i11 1111' llIlI1Ul' 111111-1l1ll'1l 111' 11111 1'Zll'ilV2l11 1111111 NV1'l'11 l'l'11l1l 11114 11pp111' fift111111 11111' 1'1111t for 1111' 1111111111111 pf llll' trip 1ll'l'11SS 11111 11il1s 211111 plains 111 111lll1'Il1l11l1. w11r11 11111111111111111 1'11r l1l1'll1l111l'Slllll i11 11111 N111i111111l I'l11ll11l' S111-i11ty 1111 April T. 151313. l'1'i111' 111 lllt1 2llll111lll11'1-'11111111 fllt' 1111- 1ir11 C'Zll'il1'21l1 Y11T1'1l f111' s11v11111111111 1-11111li- 1lat11s fl'1llll 1111-1 lllllltll' group. 11111 the fi- llilll 1l111fisi1111 of tl111 l11t:'ll1l111l'S was priv- 1111 115' .1111111 Earl l'I111l111'111't, SIDUIISOI' 111' the g'l'11lll1 111111 S1111li1'Sl11Zlll f111' 11111 f2l1'lllly 1'11111111i1t1111 111: SBVGII. T1111s11 who NV0l'1E 11l111s1111 W11111: Max- i1111 15is1111p, .1111111 l1111'11a111111. Ross H11y1111s. .1111111 Irltlglilll. 1J1111l11y 1111111l111111, Yi1',u'i11ia .1111111 1.111-1111s1111. .larkie M111'111111. 11111111111 Makins, .Ianet Mil111r. l'1111l A1Ul'Sl'. 1211111 Mary N111s1111. F11y11 Snyder. 13t.'l'llillllllL' Stants 111111 Mary Alice St1111l- s111itl1. '111 11111liti1111 to Il high sc1111l11sti11 st111111- ing. thr1111 11111111' 1l11fi11it1- 11112111111-'S. 1111111- 0l'Slll11, 111111ra1'111r. 111111 se1'vi1'11 10 the s11111111l, lll1lSI 1111 111111111 ll1il11lfGST 1'1111sist- Zlllllj' fl1l'11ll,Ll'll 11111 four high s1'111111l j'l1i1l'S i11 Ul'1ll'I' t11 IPL' 11ligi11111 1111' 111111111111r- ship. At t1111 1'i1'st 111e11ti11g 11el1l April 23. 11111121111 Malcins was 111111111111 1Il'QNl1l011T. .1111111 ll11L2'2lll, vi1'11-pr11si111111t. 111111 .1111111 1111cl111111111. s111-1'111ary-t1'1111s111'111'. 1J1!Vl2ll- ing' fI'11Ill 11111 11111111111 path of 1h11i1- 111111111- 1'l1SS1lI'S. t1111 usual 1111111111111 was 1lis- 1101151111 with :11111 i11 its st111111, 1111 April 3111. illl 1111 s1'1111111 1'llill1l'l was 1111111 i11 1111111' l111l1tll'. 1'ri111'ip11l Marvin Van Us1l11l ,2'111'11 21 Sl111l'l' 11ist111'y 111' 1111' A11i1111111 chap- t111' N11, 1148 w11i1-11 r111'11iv1111 its 1'llill'11'1' -lZ1ll1li1l'Y 21. 11125, T1111 111113 11. 11. Tay- 1111- 11f the M11t111111ist l'lllll'Cll was 11111 1ll'llll'lI1l11 S1ll'2lli1'l' at 11111 1-1111p11l, 1111111 pins. 11111 llfllill 11XVZ1l'1ls 11f t11is Nlllltbllill St117l1?1j', XVOY1? p1'11s1111te1l the f11lll'l0t311 11ft111' il p111'i111l of p1'11b111io11 XVl1l1'll 1111111111 with 1111' last c1111p11l 11f thc s1'111111l year. The 111111111 is, "l1i,gl11' is the Sy1111111l of Truth." The colors are blue 111111 flame yellow. SRD ROW-J. Earl Enclavott, D. I.o1111e1111, D. Makins, R. Haynes. ZND l10WfJ. M31-11011, J. Miller, P. Morse, M. Bishop, R. M. Nelson. 1ST ROW-B. Stunts, J. Hogan, M. A. Steelsmith, V. L0l'91lSOIl, F. Snyder, J. Buchanan. KRD ROW-W. St1'11wig, P. Harris, P. Eirholtz. A. Hawkes, E, A111s1,1a11gl1. M. llllliill, B. Gibbs. IND ROW --D. Long. E. Morse, K. Philips, F. H'1rsl111y, A.BQVZ1I1. R. M1'Mill:111, R, HL1yll1'S, L. Bz1l1lwi11, 151' 111111' -M. lives, J, M111'an, M Html, R M. Nelson, W, S1-1111, C. 111111s11n, Y, Martin, F, H11g:111. ampfire Council Ralph McMillan, Chief Councilor, Assisted by Six Committees-- Charles H0rnerLeadsNext Year 1'2lIl11ll. 11I1'1111s1 Ai11l'Nl'I s111'i11l. 1'11111111'i1111 l11111s1111g l111l1s11 111111 Q'l'11llll1lS. 11111'i1l HN S,l,I,UHN,l, Fmlmil uf HN Am- 11111121 l1lNi' 111111 111111111. 1'1111l 11.11'l11111x. A1 1111111 lligh s1-1111111 1111111 iis first 1111111111115 M11111111y. 111-11111111' 14. 111115. 1vi111 th11 p1'11si1111111. l1l'1'Sl1lll1,Lf. 1111' 1'll'1l 111' 11111 j'l'ill'. 11111 1'11:1i1'1111111 111211111 w1'i1t1111 1'l'I1111'TS 111' 1111' 111-1-11111plisl111111111s 111 1111111' l'1'SI1t'1'1'lV1' 1'11111111i111111s 1111111111: 11111 s1-1111111 11'l'lI1. 1Itt'i1111rs f111'1l111s1'111111l M1111 1515355113 T11 pay Stlllll' 111' 11111 1'X11t'l1S1'S 1'lll'- 1v11r11 liilllill M1-Mill1111. p1'11si1l1111t: lilllll Mary Nl'lS11ll. vi1'11-pr11si111111t: :11111 V1111,2'1111 Martin, s111-1-11111ry-1r1111s111'11r. 1z11I1111. l1l11llll11'l'S 111 llll' l'1lllll1'll Stllll 1'illl- 115' 111 11111 l.i111lsl1111'g' 111111 NZl1'l'1'1l 1111111'1 1111sk1-1111111 :1111111s 1111 l"l1lIl'l12ll'.Y 14 Zllltl M111l1- up 111' I'1111l't1Sl'llTiITlY1'S fl'1llll 11111 1" . I VZl1'l1l11S 1-lass11s 111111 11l'Q'ill1lZ21ll11llS. 11111 ""1'-1"" I:"'3""1"'N WVU' l'l1'f'1l'1I l'-1' HN' st111l1111t 2111111111112 l1111lX 1'11111111111'11111s "'u"l'll 011111 Hx 111-11111 "1 11111 S1'h""l with tl111 111111-l111rs Zlll1l with l'ri111'ip11l Marvin Yan 11811111 i11 l'1'Qlll2llll1Q' 11111 slll- A111112 11111' I111y was s11l111't111l 1'1'11111 1'211'l1 11111 lllllllttl' 1111-11 N1'llll1l' 1'l:1ss11s 111 1111111111 dom affairs nf tht, Whlml. Aux, Ulnlllw, 11111 li1l11ll'j' 1'l1111's 11'ri1l11y l11I11ll lllll1'l1l'N 111111111 i11 1'1111ti1111, 111' i11 any thing NYl1l1'l1 w1111l1l 11ff111'1 Al1il111111 11ip:l1 S11l1it'll1S. is first 11111112111 l10f111'l' t1111 1'1111111'il 111 111' w11ig'11111l 11s t11 value illl1l 11ffe11'1. 2111111ll'11L'1'1ll1lN1l1ll'll1g' 11111ir l'1'Sll1'1'1lY11 t111'111s. '1'1111 S1'Ill11l'S 1'll11Sl'll this 111111' 11111 . .1111111-s llllllfll. l'll'l11'Sl M111-s11. l'i11ll ll21ll'lS. IiI'1111lCS 11il1l1s, Milc11 111122111 111111 N , , 1111ss 1l11y1111s. 'l'l111s11 s11l111't1111 fl'11lll 11111 Mx 111'11111111t11111s w11r11 :111l111lll11'1l t11 . . V , , , ,lll11l11l' 1'1ass NX 111'11: 1 l1111'l11s 1 11s1'. luarl f11111-ti1111 t111'1111,:'l11111t t1111 s1-1111111 y11111'. lI11l11111r1l. 1'l12ll'i1'S 111111111113 1'lIiIl'i1'N 11111'- l'12l1'l1 Illtllllllkll' 111 t1111 t'11llll1'll N1'l'V01l 1111 il 111111. lfl'l1j'11ll l'11i1ips :11111 .l1111i111' 11111-11- 1'11111111it11111. 1'1111i1'1111111 11f t1111 Yill'l01lS WMI groups w11r11: ass1111111ly. Fl'zl1l1'9S ller- ' 'I'l111s11 who 1'111ll1lI'lS1'1l 11111 151315-5113 st1111e11t 0011111111 111111 1119 various 01'Q'il1l- izations they l'6I1l'6S0llf9'1l were as ful- 111ws: F111-111ia H1'1g1111. G. A. A.: f'21fl1Zll'lllt' 11111181111 111111 lilllll Mary N111s1111. 11. 11.1 11111 A111s111111:11 211111 Mik11 I111g'1111. Ili-Y: 12.'11.1lcs 1ill1lIN, l111.1's' a1l1l11ti1-s: .1111111 M11- shey: 11t11111ti11s, C111-111111 1l11g1111g pnhli- l'2111. v111'11I 11111si1-: K1111y1111 1'11ilips. i11- Nll'1ll1l1'111'Rll 111t1si1': 1111ss ll2lj'l11'S. 11111 All- 11112112 11I11111st M11rs11. 11111 I31111s111r: 11:1vi1l I,.111g. 1'111'i11l11ll2ll ag'1i1-11111111111 1,y1111 1111111- Win. 111111111111 Fl'21ll1'1'N li1'l'Sl1t'j' 111111 1'a111 Harris. Nl'l1l11l' 1'111ss: 1Xl'll'lli' 111111111 ill11l l'a111 11li1'l1111tz. jllllltil' 1'lilNSI Mi111r1111 l111ss :111-.l XVray Sl'l'11XVlQ.f. S1ll1l111lll11l't' 1'111ss: Myra lllll'tl 111111 1111111111 Yilll 11111- 1111. lAl'11Slllll2lll 1-lass. A-X11 11l111'1i1111 111' l1l'Xl X1'2ll'.S S1ll1l1'l1l 1'11111111il 11ffl1'11l'S was ll1'l1l April 221. 111313. 1'l111rl11s ll11l'l111l' was 111111-11111 I11'11Sltl1'11IZ Ruth lflllli-Y. Vll'1'-l1l'1'Sl1ll'llf1 Illltl Myra 1I111'1l, s111'r11tary-1r11as11r11r. T1111 S11l1llS0l'S 111: 11111 1-1111111111 21l'1' Miss Winnie Scott 111111 Mr. Albert Hawkes. Abilene Rattlesnakes Abilene Host to Non-Decisive Tourney--Mary Alice Steelsrnith Ranks High in Debate and Extemp- 4'l'li HOW- ll. Jury, L. Franklin, V. Orth, W. Aker, P. Barber, H. Hoover, C. Baltlwin, V. Ilolt, D. Long. 3IlD llOWfB. Vt-ltinan, G. Mintz-r, J. Slt-irhtt-r, lf f4ttl'lllLl4'li, ll. Wilson, F. Gartlnt-r, I.. St-xttxn, I.. Bt-nm-lt, J. Parks. IND ROW-D. llargruavt-s, ll. Downs, N, ltVllllPllltll', Y. Allison, F. fxllison, li. Freeman, S. lfret-man, F. Br:-nneman, F. Wintt-rs. lS'l' ROWfJ. Monroe, .l, liastt-r, li. Rose, M. liinig, J. Cook, l.. Kohman, L, Haslout-r, W. llasloner, ll. lit-ur, G. Sexton. Hostlers Future Farmers Attend Hutchinson F air--Livestock Judging Team Cowbo Represellts A'H'S' atMan,lattan witlt- public spt-aking rontest in whit'h tht- tit-partmt-nt was rt-prt-sented by llonit-r .I llry. 'l'ht- livt-stot-li jntlging tt-am, t-omposctl tIllll2ll'll1OllLl Rt-ar, lit-rnartl x't'lT1YlLlll, Zllltl lbonaltl Ilargrt-avt-s. plat-t-tl first in tht- animal hnshantlry tlivision ot' tht- statt- t'ontt-st at Manhattan. Harnlontl Hear as high intlivitlnal plact-tl first among 1.95 stutlt-nts in tht- samt- tlivis- ion. Ilomt-r .lnry won st-t'ontl plart- in tht- pnhlit- spt-aking contt-st. lllfl LUNG, rough journey ovt-r tht- plains of the last four years has tlt-vel- opt-tl a large inunht-i' of high school boys into valuahle lfuturt- it-a. The following: tsrt-t-tl which t-ve-ry member at-tseptetl at. trail. futnrt- of fIl1'1llll'liI Farmt-rs of Anit-r- is a part of tho the he-:inning of the "l ht-lit-ve in tht- with a faith horn, not of wortls, hut of tlt-etlsg at'hievt-nit-nts won by the pros- t-nt antl past gt-nt-rations ot' farmt-rs: in the promist- of bt-ttt-r tlays, through hot- It-l' ways, t-vt-n as the ht-ttt-r things wt- Whilt- tht- whet-ls of timt- rollt-tl on ovt-r tht- tlnsty prairie, otht-r intlivitlnals won prizt-s antl honors. llarniony lit-ar was st-t'ontl choitft- for the Union Pa- now t-njoy havt- t-onto up to us from tht- t'it'it- stfholarship to K. S. ll.: .lack Slt-it:h- sti'tig.:'glt-s of formt-r years, "I lit-lit-vo that rural Amt-ritta can antl will holtl trut- to tht- ht-st tratlitions in our national lift-. antl that 1 tvan t-xt-rt, an influt-nt-e in my homt- antl rommu- nity whit-h will stantl solitl for my part in that inspiring task." To promott- tht- inspiring work ot' tht- tt-r won a prizt- tor a Kansas City livt-- stot-k t-xt-liangro essay: a11tl nlnnt-rons hoys wt-rv awartlt-tl trips to Kansas City for tht-ir work in hantlling the bt-t-f projt-t-t. With tht- assistantft- ot' tht-ir adviser. Mr. Frt-tl D. Allison. tht- Future lfarmt-rs t'amte to tht- t-ntl ot' tht- trail of high stvhool etlntcation antl rt-at'ht-tl tht- witlt-. opt-n fit-ltl of t-Xpt-rit-not-, organization of 1935-Bti. a gt-nt-ral t-let-- tion was ht-ltl at whit-h the following offit-t-rs wt-re chosen: liavitl Long, pres- itlt-ntg llarniontl Bt-ar, vit'e--prt-sitlt-nt: X antl .lohn t'ook, st-t:rt-tary-treasurt-r. l At the lI0'2'llllllllf.I of tht- yt-ar many mt-niltt-rs won prizt-s on tht-ir t-ntrit-s in the grain antl livt-stork t-xhihits of the Ut-ntral Kansas lt'rt-t- t'air. 'l'ht- or- ganization at-t't-ptt-tl an invitation to tht- llutt-hinson Statt- fair to whit-h tht-y niatlt- a vt-ry vnjoyahlt- antl t-tlut-ational trip. A projt-t't t-onsisting ot' raising ht-t-l' t'attlt- antl t'attt-ning hogs was t-arrit-tl on again this yt-ar hy tht- atlvantft-tl rlass in vot-ational agxrit-ulturt-. The t'lass ft-tl. t-art-tl t'or. antl weightt-tl tht- animals rt-gnlarly. A livt-stock jutlging tt-am rt-prt-st-ntt-tl the school i11 a statowitlt- t-ontt-st at ' Manhattan, April 27-25. ln connection with this judging contest was a state- Declamation Receives Excellent v u w t f . llll Tlllu t . lx. li. llltllllll2llllt'llf as tht- l'4lllf'lll1llllQ t-vt-nt. tht- tlt-ltatt- sttuatl ot' 19315-Citi t-oat'ht-tl hy liaymontl Lt-t-s antl t-onipost-tl ot' Mary Alit-t- Stt-t-lsniith. llomt-r .lt1ry, l-'rank l't-atling, Ross llaynt-s antl Ruth Mary Nt-lson -:'oniplt-t- t-tl anotht-r sat-t't-sst'ul season. "Rt-solvt-tl that tht- st-vt-ral statt-.4 shonltl t-nat-t ll'L.Z'lSlillltlll provitting' tor a systt-ni ot' t'oniplt-tt- nit-tllt'al t-art- avail- ahlt- to all t'itizt-ns at pnlvlit- t-xpt-nst-." was tht- topit- for tlisttnssion. Ahilt-nt- was host to a non-tlt-t-ision tottrnamt-nt lit-vt-mht-r T. Eat-h 1ll0llllll'l' of tht- tlt-halo t-lass partivipatt-tl. Four nit-niltt-rs of tht- t-xtra-ctlrrivnlar group, NVilnia XVtengt-r. XVilma Stat-hli, Dale llt-r,:'t-r antl llarmontl lit-ar, t-xpt-rit-nct-tl tht-ir first ittlll'llil11l1511l'. 'l'ht- first rt-gional invitational tourna- mt-nt attt-ntlt-tl hy Ahilt-no was in Topo- lca on lit-t-t-nilrt-r lil antl l-L. Mary Alice Stt-t-lsmith rt-t't-ivt-tl tirst spt-alit-r rat- ing' in six ont ot' st-vt-n tlt-lratt-s antl llt-l- t-n Browning rt-t-t-ivt-tl tirst spt-alit-r rat- ing in fivt- ont ot' st-vt-n tlt-lvatt-s. l"ivt- tlt-halt-rs attt-ntlt-tl tht- liniporia tonrnanit-nt .lannary IH antl 215. 'l'ht- final rt-gional lollI'l1alllt-lit for the tlt-hatt-rs was ht-ltl in Salina on L't-hrn- ary lil, Mary Alitvt- Stt-elsniith, first. al'- tirniativt-. tit-'tl with Lintlsltorg st-contl nt-g'ativt- spt-akt-r 't'or hight-st' rating antl rt-t-t-ivt-tl se-t'ontl spt-akt-r rating for the lt-agnt-. Alvilt-ne tt-ams rt-t:t-ivt-tl fifth plavt- in the lt-agut-. Alnilt-no was host to tht- C. K. L. Ora- tion. lit-t-lamation antl l'lXlL'lIl1lUl'll1lUUllS spt-akint: tfontt-st Tat-stlay, April ll. Mary Alit-t- Stt-t-lsniith rt-vtlivt-tl a super- ior rating tying with Salina tor hight-st? spt-akt-r rating. l'hot-ltt- llillnion also tiit-tl out tor t-xtt-mport-. lfrank l't-atling gavt- his oration antl tit-tl for thirtl place with tht- Mt'l'ht-rson rt-prt-st-ntativt-. Mary Bliltlrt-tl lloopt-r rt-ct-ivt-tl an ex- t-t-llt-nt rating on ht-r tle-t'lan1ation. Ver- tlint- Mulkins also lrit-tl out for tlt-tflania- tion, Miss Iislht-r t'hristinort- t'oat'ht-tl tht- tlt-clamation t-ntrant. Ahilt-no thus t-ntlt-tl tht- fort-nsic st-ason hy tying' with llt-rintrton for st-t-ontl plat-t- in tht- league. HND ROW-E. Christmorc, R. Haynes, F. Peatling, H. Jury, R. Lees, R. M. Nelson. 1ST ROW-P. Hill- mon, V. Mulkins, M. A. Steelsmith, M. M. Hooper. .L . T Torch Bearers "Harmony" Chosen as Yetar's Theme--Birthday of Missionary to China Honored With Silver Tea-- Mrs. Barber Speaks at Banquet IIE GIRL RESl'lRVl'l organization is one which the high school and state au- thorities may well be proud of for its service rendered to high school girls. Harmony was chosen by the G. R. cabinet as the theme for 1935-313. The first eve11t was a get-together party in September for the purpose of becoming better acquainted with freshman girls and new girls in school. The social committee had charge of this party. tin Thanksgiving. baskets were given tn the poor. and the t'hristmas white gifts were given to the Red t'ross socie- ty which distributed them among local needy families. The members also co- operated with the Red t'ross drive by helping collect funds at the various banks and the Trust company. t'hrist- mas eve. the club members sang carrols town aint from 8:30 to it o'clock over over radio station KFBI. Following this they Hoyt hall of the l'resbyterian church. where a lunch was served. A t'hristmas we1'e guests of the Y. XV. t'. A. at program was given for the members of the Brown Memorial Foundation. The play "The Gift" was presented. For the purpose of making money. the girls sponsored a doughnut sale. ' Miss Evelyn Bloome and the finance commit- tee were in charge of this project. They were assisted by the service committee. The club also sold candy. gum and hot- dogs at a football game. Go-to-church Sunday was observed in February. The members attended the Presbyterian church service. The Harmony sisters were drawn af- ter Christmas aml revealed at the Val- entine meeting. Various colored baloo11s were given to the girls in which was their sister's name. The purpose of these llarmony sisters was to develop a closer friendship among the girls. The G. R. and Y. W. l'. A. put on a silver tea for Miss Mildred tlwens. G. R. missionary to China. lt was given Feb- ruary 29 in honor of Miss ttwens's birth- day. The G. R. furnished a program. which consisted of singing by the girls' ensemble, worship, a talk about the work of Miss Owens by Helen Brown- ing. and a talk concerning China by Mrs. David Townley. The organization furnished a program for the t'ity lfederation club ill March. Steelsniith. president. pre- Mary Alice sided. The G. R. club and emblem was explained by the following girls: Bet- ty Leckrone. Jean Bowyer. XVreathea Hicks, Laura llerr and Ruth Sanders. The girls' sextette sang two numbers. Then a short play. "Grandma's Ques- tion." was given by Bernadine Stants. Ruth Norton. Carolyn Green. l,oreno Shearer. aml .leanne Wilkins, The important event ot' the second se- mester was the Mother-llaughter ban- quet in May. llarmony was carried out i11 the decorations and the program. The theme was "livery girl has her song of life: each best can play her part. Beautiful living is the harmony God into every heart." The speaker was Mrs. YVard Barber. whose subject was Illll "Mel- ody in a Girl's Life." The year's pro- gram was read by Margaret t'lark. sec- retary. The Senior farewell was given by Mrs. t'harles Volas. The -,liplomas were given to the St'lll4ll' girls at that time a11d the new officers for the vear ot' lttliti-HT were installed. The girls' sextette composed of Faye Snyder. Miriam Kinderdick. Katherine Moot. Jean Buchanan. Agnes Ilaslouer. and Maxine Bishop sang during the pro- gram. The string ensemble was com- posed of Mary l-Ilizabeth Miller. lileanor Bath. Jessie Mae Mct'leskey. Melba Ford, Jackie Machen. and Ulga XVatkins. violins: lborothy Bath and Virginia Lan- dis. cello: .lean Goodwin. viola: Annette Klager, piano. Throughout the year. the theme was carried out in posters a11d bi-monthly meetings. The girls who represented the Abilene Girl Reserves at Vamp Wood last sum- mer were: Bernadine Stants. Virginia Lorenson. Margaret clark and Kather- ine Moot. Those who represented our G. R. at conference at limporia were: Jackie Machen. Annette Klager. Mir- iam Kinderdiek and Jean Buchanan. A breakfast for the old and new offi- cers was given by the Y. XV. t', A. It was given Saturday morning. May 9. in honor of the old cabinet. Mrs. t'harles t'olas and Mrs. NVill Green were in charge of the affair. The officers for llP35-lttiiti were: Mary Alice Steelsmith. president: Ber- nadine Stants. vice-president: Margar- et ill2ll'k. secretary and t'hristine Nelson. treasurer. The chairmen of the different com- mittees were: l.esta Lou XVelsh. social: .lackie Machen, publicity: Virginia Lor- enson. service: tfhristine Nelson, fi- na11ce: Phoebe 1lill1no11. devotions: Ber- nadine Stants. membership: Maxine Bishop. program: Katherine Moot. mu- sic. Mary ldlizabeth Miller .was the violinist illltl Allllltiitl Klager tl1e pianist. Catherine Robson a11d Ruth Mary Nel- son acted as student' council representa- tives. ' The sponsors ot' G. R. were Neva XVeisgerber. Evelyn Bloome and Vera l.awellin. Miss NVeisgerber sponsored the following committees: program. music and social: Miss l.awellin spon- sored service. publicity and devotions committees: Miss Bloome sponsered membership and finance committees. Betty Jean .Tones served as finance chairman until she moved away. t'hris- tine Nelson, treasurer, was chosen to take her place. This year the tieasurer will act as finance chairman. llelen Browning. devotions chairman. moved away in February. Phoebe llill- nfon was chosen to fill her place for the rest of the term, The newly elected officers for ltttlti- 227 are as follows: President ...........,.... Miziam Kinderdick Vice-l'resident ..... t'hristine Nelson Secretary ....... ..... l ioberta Stants Treasurer .............,.. .............. . lune Moran The chairmen of the following com- mittees were chosen by the old cabinet. They are as follows: llevotions ................ .... X Vilma Staehli Social ........... ...... I eanne Wilkins Membership ...t'hristine Nelson Service ...,..... ......, t 'arolyn Green Publicity .. .... Patricia Townley Program .. ..., Margaret Vlark Music .... .... l iamona Boyd Pianist ., " "' .....l'.lmor XX ill Violinist ........................ .lileanor Bath S-tudent t'ouncil Representative ...... Bougbner Mary Mildred llooper was chosen to represent G. R. in the Student Council. but she will not be on the cabinet. These new officers were installed at the Mother-Daughter banquet. The club will have the same sponsors next year. Members of the Girl Reserves organi- zation may well be called the torch bearers along the trail for they take part in activities which light the way for each girl and better the 'trail for those wl1o follow in in their foot- steps. 'D O 01 "Q SRD ROW-M. A. Steelsmith, C. Robson, M. E. Miller, L. L. Welsh, M. Bishop, C, Nelson. ZND ROW-J. Machen, V. Lawellin, E. Bloome, N. Wcisgerbcr, V. Lorenson. 1S'l' ROWRH. Browning, M. Clark, A. Klager, K. Moot, B. Stants. -1 'Is ,K Trall Blazers Abilene Hi-Y Membership is Largest in District--Curtis Emery Heads Organization--Outstanding Happening is F ather-Son Party 111-1 111-Y 1'1.1'H, 1114- p11rpos1- of wl1i4-11 is 111 4'1'1-11t1- 111141 11111i11111i11 in 1114- 1'11ll1lll111l11j' 111111 s4-1141411 l1ig11 81211111- 21l'11N of 1'1ll'1S112lll 1'11i1l'Zl1'11'1' l1y 111111-41i11g tho 1111.VS f11gf1'1111'I' for 4-11-1111 living. 4-14-1111 sports. 4411-1111 NI11'1'l'1l 111111 4111-1111 S1'1l1112l1'- ship, w11s l'1'11l'j.T21l11Z011 this j'1:'2l1' 141 4'4111- 41114-t 41111- 41f 1114- most 11l11S1Z1Il1111lQ' j'0Z1l'S of 11l',LfZll11Z211111ll. 111 1114- first 1lSSl'lll111y, 111111111 M4'Mil- l1111 111111 1'11r1is 1'1lll1'l'j' l'Xl'112l1Il1'11 the- l1l'11l1'1I1111S 111111 111-114-fits of tl11- lli-Y 411'- g1111iz111i4111. A 1141111i11111i11g 4-41111111i1t1-1- 1'0l11l111S1'11 41f 11. 1', 1111114-1-i11g14111, S.Y1VilI1 1111114-11, Mik4- 111122111 111141 1'1111l Morse, w11s 2lI1l1111l111'11 141 1141111i111111- 11f1'11'1'l'S for 1111- 4'111'1'1-111 y4'111'. 11114-s w1-r4- 1w4-11ty-1'iv4- 1'1'll1S 1111' first s1-1111-s14-1' 211111 1'i1'14-4-11 1'1'll1N 1111' s4-4'41114l Sl1lIl0S11'l'. '1'111' I'r4-si4l4-111. f'lll'11N "Gus" 1'1Ill1"1'XI vi1'1'- f111111NX'11l2' 111'f1l'1'l'H we-1-41 4-14-4-14-41: pre-si411-111, i'1l2ll'11'S "Cl1i4vk" BZll'11l'1'1 sec- re-1111'y. 11. 1', ".li11s" 1111114-1'i11g14111: '11'L'ilS- 11r1-r. 1"I'l'11 111111sg s1114l4-111 414111111-il l'011l'1:'- s1-111111ir1-s. 1-141 All1S112l1121l 511111 Mike 1'111g':Il11 St'l'QUill11-511-Z1l'I1lS, XV11l1 Akcr: 11l'0QJfl'2llll 1fo111111it11-41 1'1lZl1l'lllilll. 1'1'4-sto11 .1111111N11ll. Sponsors w1-1'1- Mr. 1111y1t5 lirooks 111111 Mr, Roy B12ll'11I1. 11114- 41f 1111? first 111'1ix'i1i1-s of 1111- 01'- g1111ix111i4111 w11s 1114- Sl11111S111'111g of 1111- Slllliit' 4111114-11 114-141 l1l'1111' 141 1111: first 11411111- f4141tl111l1 g111114-. The s111411-111s 1114-t at the 1111111-tic fi4-141 111111 1'i11ish4-41 111 the i1114-1's4-4f1i4111 111' Tl1ir1l 111141 Br411141w11y wh1-r1- the-y g11v4- 11 few y1'11S 11f11FI' which 1114-y w1-r1- t1'1-1111-11 211 1114- Al1iI1-111- leo 171-1-11111 1'U1I1111llly. h11'l'11ll,fS w4-r4- s1rl11-111114-41 to 111- 111-141 bi- w4-4-kly, 21119l'll2l11'1y i11 1111- st1111y 111111 111111 Zl1ll11111l'111111. T111- 111'0g'l'2ll1lS 118112111X 1-1111- sis11-4l 41f Al1il1-111- sp4-11114-rs 111111 1'Il11'l'- 1il1ll0l'S. Thu s1-co1141 411'1'i4fi11l lll1'1'11l1g was 4-41111- 11i114-4l witl1 11 picnic 114-141 111 Brown Me- 11141ri11l p11rk, 114-141111-1' 131. T11lks l1y 111151 111111 "Uz- wi1l1 the giv1-11 by I1l'14S1111'll1S, "Skipper" Lipps Zio" Si1111111111s, were gir4-11, 11111111 1111L11'0SS. "Life," 111-ing Mr. 11 XV. xV11H111l'l', 4-41it411' 211111 11l11111S1ll'l' of the Al1i14-111- f'1ll'111l1l'16. A1114111g 1111- S1192l1il'1'S for 1111' lli-Y 4411111 w1-r4- Mr, K1-11111-th liock. Miss l'Iv4-1y11 11141411111-. Mr. B1111 11l'iUYf11l"11, 111-v. .l. ll. 1'l1illi11gto11, Mr. 111'll1'y 111111-s, Mr. 111ll'- 41141 1l41ff1111111. Mrs. A1114-1't l111wk1-s. 111-V. li. 11. q'11j'111I', 211111 114-r. l. NV. 11r11y. Mr. 1U1l'k 1111114-41 111141111 his fishing trip 141 Mi11114-s41111 l11s1 N11llllll1:'l' with Mr. M11r- vi11 V1111 11s4141l, M1'. Hoy M111'1i11 111111 Mr. 1'111'l SZll1l11S111l. Mr. i'l'ilNVf111'11 t11lk4-41 1111 sports writing for lllWYSl11lI11'l'S. Miss 15141411111-'s s1111j04rt 4f41114f1-1-111-41 111-1' trip 141 1111' 1'114-ifi4- 1f4111st 111111 Al11s1c11, l'I11r1114111y w11s 1114- 11111111 t114111gl1t 111. R4-v. .l. ll. 1'11illi11g14111's S111'111'1l. Mr. 111'lll'y 1111118 t111k1-41 l'11ll1'l'l'll1ll1.2' K1111s11s 1111y 111141 Iiilll- S2lN.N 1'21l'1y 41iffi4-111114-s: Mr. 11111-41141 I1411't'- 1111111. 4-1141111-tte: 111141 R4-V. 1. W. 111'11y. l11'I'S11llIl111j'. Mrs. 111lXVkl'S' s11l1j4-4't 4-4111- l'1'l'll1'11 1ll'l' trip 141 1'11ll'11l10 ill which sh4- 1l'IlVl'1011 111l'111lg,'1l 1-ight C11llll1'l'1l'SZ Eng- 1111141, 1'xl'il1ll'l1, B1'1Ll'1111ll, 111111ill111, l1111y. SNX'11Z6'l'12lI111. A11s1ri11, 111141 114-r1111111y. 114-v. T11yl11r 1111114-41 1111 1114- Y. M, l'. A, 111141 1114-111s for which to strive. T111- l'1ll'1S1Il1ilS lll1'1'1111KLQ' w11s 111-141 114-- 1'1'lll1191' 2-1 111 1111- high 501141111 QJQYIIIIIRIN- llllll. This w11s l11'1'1l1l11S 41114- 111. 1111- 11141st 41111st111141i11g 1111-1-1i11gs of 1114- year. '1'1l15 1141111issio1,1 to the lll1'1'11I1g' wus Z1 4:1111 111- t'r11it or Vl',Lf111ll111t'S or il t41y NY1l11'1l w11s giv1-11 141 1111- poor t'11111i1i4-s 111- A11il1-114-. T114- l1l'11gl'Zl1ll 4v4111sis11-41 111' 21 t'1-w. 1111111- 111'l'S l1y 1111' l1oys' 411111111-1' 4-41111pos4-41 111' 1111111 154-1'g4-1'. XVr11y Strowig. 111111 NYil- 51111. 111141 1'1l'1l0S1 NV1-lls. A f'1l1'1S111l21S 1-4-1141i11g l1y M11ry Mi14lr1-11 114141111-1', 114l11gi41 4111111-11 l1y 11l11Z M1114-r 211111 1A'l'11j' l'1211'l11'1'. Zl1'l'11111l111' 4111111-4- 11y N0l'l1li1 .14-1111 NV41l1'4- 1111-41 1f11Nl'lll11l'j' l'hilips. 11111 solo l1y 1111-Z M1111-r, v414'11l trio l1y l"11y1- Slly11P1', Ar- 14-111 1111s1o11 111141 M11y1111- Ii1'll1l1S111l, 11111- si1- l1y .1Illl1111' 11114'kw11l1 111141 his 112lll11. 1'41l111111S1111 1114- 111112111111 21f1l'l' which S2111- 1:1 1,Tl1111s 41istril11114-41 gifts. The l11st s41ci11l 4-v4-111 of 1114- y1-111' w11s s4-1111411 11ll111111l'1ll1ll Z1 party 211' 1110 lligll 1111 M41114111y 1-V1-11i11g, April 227. T114- 1.11111- 4-rs XVl1l'1' g114-sts 111. 1111- l141ys 111 1l1is 1"Jl1'1l01'-S1111 l1211'1j', This w11s 11111 s4-4-411141 11111111111 1.fl'1'1L1gt-'u1l0l'. l'1'4-si414-11t Clll'11S ZND HOW-D. Brooks, E. Alll5bi1L1g1l, W. Aker, P. Jt11lllSU1l, R. Mrirtin. IST ROW-F. Guns, M. llognn, C. Emery, C. Barber, G. C. Etherington. 1'1ll1l'1'y 11pp41i1114-4l 1114- 1'111111NY1ll,2' 4'o111111i1- 1114-s 141 1l2lVl' l'1l2ll',2'11 411' 1114- 211.fZl1l'I 111'- lc4-ts. 1A'l'11y .l41114-y. 1'11I11l'111Zlll, Virgil Alli- s4111 111111 G. 1'. 1'1T1l1'1'1l11.1'111llI XVl'1'S111llg' 111111 l141xi11g. Mik4- 11112'Zl1l. 1'1l1l1l'lIl211l, I-111 :XlllS11Jl1121l. 114111 ix1211i1llSI 4-1114-111111111114-111. 1'l'l'N111ll .1411111so11. 1'1lZl1l'lll21l1, 111111 K4-11st 211111 1'1l'll1L' A111l'S1'. '1'1l1' 11l'1C11fS 414111111111- t4-4- 1112101111 1114- l11'11'1' ol' 15 1'9ll1'N for 1-114'l1 4'4111pl1-. T114- w1'4-s1li11g :111-.1 1111X1l1Q' 4-41111- 111i114-4- 1'1l11N1' 1'i1'4- l1Z11l'S for 1141111 wres- 1li11g 111111 l111xi11g. Tl14-s4- w4-r4- 1'4111-41 1111- 4111 111 1114- r1-g111111- lli-Y lll1'11111l1.L' 211111 t11r4-4- 14-11l11s 11111 of 1111' t'iV1- w4-r4- 4-l141s- 1111. Those 4-14-4-11-41 1111 1111- wr4-s1li11g 11'Zl1llS w1-r4- 1114-li N11s11 vs. '1111' '1'1'1'll11'l'. Syl1'1111 1111r14-11 rs. 1i2l,Ylll11ll11 M1114-1. 1111- Vi4l ll4-11s1- vs, 1'1111l'1111 xV11111V11l'111ll. T114- 1111X1ll,2' 11-11111s w1-1'4- 1'111g4-114- i'211'1'1111 rs. 1'1l'1'111'l'1 13011. -14111N112'1'111 rs. Alvi11 llurk- 1l2l1'111. 1'1111l l1111'1'is vs. 1il'41111iN 111l1l1s. 1111l1'l' 1-1111-1'111i111111-111 4111 1114- 11l'111.fl'I1lll i11- 4'l11414-41 1111111' 1'11lllS '.11'l111'11llLf 11111111112 lit'1- 111141 11111 l111i141i11g of 1i11111111'l' 1111111. 3111- si4' 11y 1114- 1111,VN' 11l1:1l'11'1 111111 Il V111'Il1 so- l41 l1y 111111 1Vils4111 114-4-4111111111114-41 l1y M4-l- v11 M111'i1- 1'!l112l11Z1ll, '1'1l1' 1141ys' 111121l'11'1 1'11l1S1SfS 41f 1111l4- B111'1l'1'l', XVr11y Strowig. 111111 XVils4111 211111 1'11'lll'S1 NV4-lls. A ll11l111ll!l1111g' 1-41111111i114-4- w11s 211111111111- 1-4l 141 1141111i111114- 111'f11'1'1'N 1'11l' 1111' l11'X1 y1'Zll'. 'F1l11N1' 4'11114li4l1114-s w4-r4-: I'I11'1'S1- 114-111. 1'1'1'N111ll .1111ll1S11ll 111111 1'1I'l11'S1 W4-Hs: vim--111'4-si4l4-111. Virgil Allison 111141 1A'1'11y .11111l'.V1 s4-4'r4-1111'y. 1711111-1111 link.. 111111 .l414- N4-ls4111: st11414-111 4-4111114-il l'1'I11'0S1'- t111iv4-s. 1i1'llll1'11l 1'41lli11s, 1111l1111l' 11111'k- w1111. 1.11wr4-114'4- 111'11y 111111 1'1l21l'11'N llop- kihsg l1l'112'l'1ll1l 1'11Z11l'l1l2lll, xVl'1l111'11 11211'- 1114111 211111 xVl'11.V Strowig. '1'11l1 followiiig XVl'1'1' 4-11-4-14-41: pr4-si- 4l1-111. 1'I1'114-st XV4-lls: 1'i4'4--p1'4-si'.14-111. 1.4-- l'11j' .l41ll4-y: s4-4-1-4-t11ry. 1'11ll1'2111 11:l1C1'I st11414-111 1-4111114111 l'1'111'1'Sl'll12l11V1'S. K4-11114-111 1'411li11s 211111 1'l1111'l1-s llopkinsg I1l'1Ig'l'11lll 1'1lZl1l'IIl21l1. xV1'2l.V Strowig. T111- 1l'1'ilN11l'1'I' will 111- 01124111-41 114-xt f11ll fl'0l1l 1114- fresh- 1112111 4-l11ss. '1'1l1' 114-w 111'1'11'61'S w1-r1- i11- 1l'1111ll1'011 11t 11111 1'i11f111'l'-S1111 l12ll'1j'. T114- Iltllllllliliillg 4-11111111i111-4- w11s 1-41111p41s4-41 111' xV1'Il111'11 11i1l'lll11ll, 11411111141 AIZl1i1llN, 1'11111 M411-s4-, Miko 111121111 311111 1111111111 Griggs. T111- Al1i11-114- 11l',L2'2ll11Z:l11L1l1 111' 1114- Hi-Y 112lS 1111- 1211',2'l'N1 lll1:'ll1111'l'S11111 of Illly 41111- er 1-11111 in this 41istri4-1. The 1411-111 111t111 1-111-41111114-111 4-x4'1-4-41s 1114- 41114- 1111111111-41 l112ll'1i with 1111' Ill'X1 111rg4-st 1411111 11ei11g fifty. This 4-11r411l1114-111 is 11t 1111' A12111- 1111111111 High s4'l14141l. T114- 1'l111'1'11l111ll11-'111' 111111 1111121111118 1':l1'l'i011 4111 111'4- 111' 11114-1'4-sl t41 1l11SlI'1Y 1111 11111 11oys 111 NU1111111. Si114-4- 1114- I11'11Q'1'211llS 111'1- 114-114-1'i4-i111 111 1111 1111yS. 1114- lll1'lll11111'S1l1l1 is 11114-11 141 2lllyl111l'. wl14-1'4-11s it is 11111114-41 141 tl 4-1-rt11i11 111114111111 111' l11'I'1'1'll1!1Q.l'1' i11 11111111 N1'1111111S 111'1'ili1114-41 wi1l1 1114- s11114- 111-Y o1'g:111iz111i4111. Thus wilh 1114-ir 1'111ll'i11111ll2l1 l1l'11,LI'l'21l1l for 1111- s1'l1o411 j'1'i1l' 1114- lIl01ll111'l'S 41f tl14- lli-Y 11l'1,l'i1ll1Zi11111ll 111'4- t1'11i1 111ZlZ1'I'S for 1114- 1111l1'l' lll1'lll111'1'S 111' li1'4-'s long 4'111'11- V1111. '1'111'.V l1211'111'll1Zl1U 111 114-1ivi1i4-s whivh p11v4- 1114- w11y 141 I1 l1l'11Nl11'l'11llS 1'111111'1- for tl11-111 211111 111s41 1'l1l'll1S1l 11Xi1ll111111S for thosu l1ll'11111l'1'S of 1111- s111111-111 1111111' who are not in the oigauizatiou. Cacti Pickers Booster Staf' Edits Six-Page "Reeking Revealeri'--The Prairie Schooner" Theme of 1936 Annual-- Maxlne Blshop Edlt0r'ln'Chlef BI2l1i111S. I"11y1- S11y11111'. 5121111-11A11'11111',f11l11 1111s 111-1-11 11111 1'11sf11111 1111'1111Q11 11111 1111s1 11111111 Miller. T116 1111ws e11i1111's we1'1' y11111's. 1111 RIl11'1'1l 11Z.T11111'111111w111g s1111'1 HE EARLY npmilhilk Svlmmlmv. .I1111111 M1111-1-, 11111111111 N111ki11s. .11l21I1 1111- S111111I'Y1N1'11 1111- 111111111-111111111 512111111 511-1- drium by Hump hardy Ilinuwrs WIHNL 142111.31111A111111'1iBI611111'. H 111-1'-, 1-1111.111-111-1-1111-1'3 .I111111 1I11g-1111. 111-wg s1111-1i11,2' 11111111111-s w1-1-1- s111111 il LZ'l'1"Zl1 1111-. 4?-,ilwr OHMIFS on uw Stain wwe mo and N""1"fY "'1""1'2 -1111101 3fiU1'1'. 111'1111f ml. in HW dM,l,lUmnMu. uf Im, WWI- is i1:f41f1111113111 1111114111151 I1-1111. 8151111-11t.1 -1112111 1-1-11111-1-'111111 1-11115' 1'1l'21111:1'I l:11ss.11111'111-s. HW Hwlmk nf HN 1934. Hmumx :md u1t1,T,2l11.Q1,e:.1l11xli1rL111111i1'11.A.1111IHT11k 1i11111111111g's 111111 3121111 5Y1.l'1'1'1 3111'1'1111A111111 Hwmm' xyith un :lmn.0l,,-111111 11l111l11'. iIl,4,-Lliltjfilll xlmiee-h -11111' A-1 wilzivllilt 11,11111s. :11111 111111 .B1211x11IN. A-XSS1l1'1il11'11 11111 j'1'2l1'111l1Pk 1112l1'1iS 1111111111-1' s11-11 111 11111 N. ' ' A ' " 1""fD"""1" A numb' I INN --1111 1-1-11"11"'111111 11111111111111111111 111: A11i1111111 1111111 s1'1111111. lmmt wndm-S' Jean Luchumm' M'11"'l NNW" 11"111'111'11Nl" S1U'11'l11N W"1'1i1"11 111 H .- -. , . . - . - 1111111111 'MINI Mlumi' --11-1 ROSS H115'11f'S1 1w11 111111l'S1111:1S 1111'1111"'1111111 11111 11111' . 2lX11l1' 111s1111l1 was 1'1111N1'l1 111111111-111- Him, 1.enih,l.S' Betty -'mm Joints. Mary H U . H 1 1'11i11f: J1111111 311111111 ilSN11l'1i1Tl1 1-11i1111': Alum Stovlslllilll' 111lm4W Hillmmll and UN' 111fV NN 11.11211 1'111'1'1' VV91' 1'1'11111'11 HMT5' "Wm """"N- 111-11-1-'11 1"i'm'95W: .111Z111 I'10g:111. 'l'1111f111111XV111SI 111111111 11s IIS- hiv nil Amhimk Hui' wlmul. CMM was .1111111 1111,u'1111. 111':11111z111i1111s 1-11i1111': 1i11ss Sixtmlts to mv Wm, 1.mldM.S. Maxim, 11lN11'11'1111'11 111 11111 1111111 111 21 AN1'i1ll11i1l 1111Y1111s. 111111111x'1'111111Y 1111111111 :11111 111111- Bislmpt Virginia Juni, IIOWHSUU. Au, 11111111 A111'11 11. 111111' 11212'1'N 111i 1111S N1'2l11- 11111 M11ki11s, S111l1'1S 1111111112 .1111111 U111'.1l:l11- limit, Klugm.. Kmhvrimx Mom' 1,-10.0 1111.1 511111 l'1111111'11 HT111' H1'1'k1111l' R1'V1'111- im -1'-11 S1'11'1'f111' to Swv" HN l'uS1""SS S11y1l1-1'. 1111111 N111'11111, 211111 J111111 l1111-111111- M' fhiwmwl 17" Sm"l'h'l' UOHSMISO' lllil111l1L'1'l' 2lf1t1l' 1511115' -1121111 .l111111s 111111'1-11 au' 211111 1ll'111'111llS s1111'i1-s. 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SM'- 111111154-11111114 11111 111'i111i11g 11s111111is111111-111s. 211111 v1111-11 11111 W1'1'1' S11111111111'11 111'I'1'1'1' Illis WSIS 1'111111-111-1s 1'1P1' 11111 1-11g:1':1vi11g'. 11s ill 111 11i1'1- 11111 1l1'1'11'1'11l1' 111 111'i111 11111 high 111111111 S1'l1'1'11'11. 1111- 1111s1, w1-1'11 21XYi1l'111'11 111 1111- l5111'Ll'1'1'- s1'll11111 1111111112 '1'111- 11l1'1111' 111' 1111s 11-:11"s 111'il11Q'1' 111111 1411i1'1l 1-I11:1'11vi11g 1-111111111111 111' K1111s11s TIN. 1gl,,,SH,l. SI,mlNm.Wl al 4-hrisumls 1:1'111Y1l w11s 1'211'1'11'11 11111 111 11111 111111' 1111. 1'i1y, B1iss11111'i. '1'111' 1:l'f11'1'111l' 1'1'i111i11g: S101-y and l1,,,1m 1-,,1,11.,1. :mtl ,,ffL.I-M1 1'l11N 11111 :11s11 1111- 1l1'2l111111l'S NY1l11'1l 1'1'I1' 1'111llI1R1llj' 111' A11i11-1111 ll1'1l111'11 11111 11111111111 High In-ilu, fm- 11,11 INN of tlww :H-Ii. l'1'S1'll11'11 11i1'1'1-111-111 1111:1s1-s i11 llll' 11111g' :11111 1111 Il1111f1lH.'1':I1111j' XYIIS 11111111 111' 1111' 111115. j11111'1l1'j' 111' 1111- 1'Il1'1j' ll11l111'1'1'S 111-1'11ss 11111 11111111 .1111'1'1'11:11 s11111i11. R"N"1l111,-y 110g-:ml 3, jlminl-l wmll. HH. 11111111 A1111-1'i1-1111 1'111111s 111 11111 l11111I1Zl11' 1'I111'1yi1111111y11111'M1'.11,11,Bl111111-s- 1,1151 Sm,-y 1-1111111111 "His 51111111-1-'S 211211. '1'1111s 11111 111:11 s1-1111111 S11111l'1llN 111111 111. 11111 B111'g:1-1"1'111i1'11 l'1l1L1'1'ilY111,! 11,-1,5-1111-Q' 11'2lX'1'1N1' 1111- 1111111-,v1-111' 11'1-11 1111'1111g11 1111. 1'1111111z111y 1'isi11111 11111 11111111111 s111f1' 111111 --lnzlifh and Hoptp- w,.i11l1H by Igill 1.1115112'Zl11'XV2lj'111'11l111111S1lI1'SS XY111'1'11I1l1l1 Mr. 11111111 111111 111111111 1112111S 1111- 11115 Xl'2l1'.S lmhukoi il M,l,lm111m.t.. I.M.eiW,d HH, Prim, 1.1 1111- 11XI,1-1-i1-11,-N .,f 1111. 1'u1m-l.- Il111111l'Zl1111l1. f1l1' 11111 111131 111111111. 1111111 11f 1111-s11 111111- A11111111g11 111111 I1 1'1'XY 111. 11111 S111111'111S T110 1'11N1 Uf 1110 11111111111 WHN W1'1'11'Y4 l'111N w111'e 111'i1111111 i11 11111 1'111'is1111:1s iss1111 X1'111l 1111111 .i11111'11111is111 111 111311 s111111111 will 1'iv11 1'l'111S. '1'111- l1l11'1'1121S111' 112111 11111 1111- of 11,41 1g01,S111,-, Umm. ml, m,wSlmlN,I. fivmu HM, Imining. mm "f ln'-Vim: H" 'mir' 1-'111111'-"11'1' 'V111' 911185 WSIS 111111111 121111111111 11111 g'11i111111 111 111is 1'11lSS wi11 1111 111-111-1'i11i111 i11 1-1-111s 111' 111' 11111111112 111s 21111 111 111111 1H.iVih,g.e of Immishing. the RM-h,l,l01.. as t-muw mlsinegs In-in 1l11'k91' 111111 1YV1:'ll1j'-1'1Vl' 1'11111s 11V111' 111 11111 j11111'11111is111 1-111ss. '1'1111 s:1111s Cillllliilijlll w11s 1111111 1'2l1'1X 111 11111 y1-111' 11111 Il 1'i11111 1-111111111ig'11 w11s s111g1111 11111'111,f 11111- 111. 11111 111s1 w1-1-ks. 111 1111111111111 111 giving' 1111- .111l1l'1l:111Slll 1-111ss 111'il1'111'i11 11x11111'i1-111111 111 11111111131 511111 111111111g'i11: il l11'XYSl1ZlI1l11'. 11111 1-11111111111 11ig'11 S1'1111111 B1111S11'1' 1111s 1111111111v111'1111 111 print s111111111 11c1ivi1i11s l'92'111I11'1j' 311111 111'- 1'l1l'111111y. 1111'1P-11ll1'1'i11l'11l 111'111'y wzly 1111s- si111e wi111 h111111'1l1. 1'il1'1111j'. 211111 1111111i11is- 11'111i1111. 111 1'11is1- 1111111 s1-1111111s1i1- 211111 111111'- z11 s1111111:11'11s 111' 1111' N111'111'111S. 111111 111 1111- 1-11111'11,2'11 s111111111 s11i1'11 111111 s11111'1s1111111s11111. 111 111'11111' 111 111111111 if 1111ssi11111 1'1'11' 11111s1' 111. 11111 1-l:1ss 111 1111111 11f1i1-11. it w11s 1111- 111111111 111 1111v11 il 1'111111g'e 111' 11111 s1111'1' 111'- i g1111iz111i1111 11v111'y 11i11e w11111cs. 11111111112 I'11111' 1-1111111111111 1'112l11Q'1'S l111'11115.L'1l11111 11111 v 11111 1. f11L11'1i11, ZND ROWWR, HL1j'11t'5, D. A1L11i1114, M. H11g:111. .1. 311111111 Nl. Bis111111, Nl. A, S1111'1s1111111 593.12 P. Morse, B. Wilson, L. B:1l11w111. 151' ROW-1. Miller, G. Iilll11v1v111L111, 11. N11111111, J, Hogan, K. Moot, The edit0rS'iu'chief were Donald V. Lorenson, B. J. Jones, J. Bucha11a11, In Snyder. 311111 111111-.-1. 1'X1l1!l'1', P. 111111111111. 11. 51-11111n, R. Y1111 S1ck1-1, K. Rock, A. 1'1N11C1111i111. IC. f11111'sc, 111. 31111- 1 1 Tumble Weeds G. A. A. Organization Entertains Ten Small Girls at Christmas Party--Several Travel Talks Given-- Follies of 1936 Given May 1 11111 GIRLS' ATH1.1'1Tl1' Ass01'iati1111 S1R11'11'11 the year 15135-2111 wit11 21 Vaga- 11111111 Ilike. t11 whieh tl10 f1'0S11l112111 girls were guests. S611101111101' 17. The girls 1'0111-11011 their 11esti1111ti1111 at AIO1'1Ul1'S grove where they 111Jlj'L'11 several QZIIIIUS Zll1'11 112111 Rl weiner roast. The next social 111-1'asi1111 was a 11211- l11w0'011 party 1-leverly 11l'l'2l11Q.f011 l1y tl10 s111'i11l 1'l111i1'1111111, C111'U1j'11 Green. This took 111111-0 i11 the higll s1'l111ol yfylll. At tl10 G. A. A. 111l1'1S1111ilS 1111-'E'1111Q'. the 111'2I1ll1Z2l11111l t1'ie1l El new 4l11fSf2lIl11- ing plan. They invit1-11 1011 little girls 1101XYl'l'11 tl10 ages of five 111141 eight t11 a 1'111'ist11111s party w11i1'l1 was given 11y 1110 1,11'ga11iz11ti1111. AI01111N'l'S of tl10 G. A, A. 111111111111 gifts NV111l'11 were 11ivi11e11 111110112 t11e Slllllll l'1111111'l-'11, Mrs. 1'il111 Royer 111111 a 111l1'1S111li1S st111'y w11i1'l1 XVHS very 111101'0S1111g to t11e little girls. .loan 1111- 1:2111 was i11 t'1111I'g6 211111 w11s assiste11 11y .l1111et Miller. f'i11'U1y11 Green, and 1.1-sta Lo11 1Vl'1N11.U111Q1'S wl111 helped were .leaniie Wilkins, Franees M1-11110, Virgin- i11 1.o1'011s1111, Maxine 11isl11111, Inez Miller, Margaret Ulark, .lean 1'1111'1l11111l11. Kilfll- e1'i11e Green, l.111'ene S110211'1'l', 211111 G1a11ys Killlfflllilll. T110 next, social 611101'1Zl1l11l10l1t was 2111 01y11111i1: llZl1'1X i11 the high s1:1111o1 gylll M111'1:l1 Il. A 1111sket1111l1 1'U111'11Z111161111 w11s 11el11 after which 21 1111st11re queen was l'110S011. Rose A11n Forster was the NV111- 1101' with A1111ette Klager, 8011011112 Lesta 1.1111 Welsh. thi1'11: -101111110 XVi1ki11s. fourthg 211111 Lorene S11021I'01', fifth. The girls were j1111g1-11 1111 1111116 points: 110S1111'l'. walk 111111 g011U1'2l1 2l1l110111'il11C0. B1-si111-s the social 111001111,L2'N the Girls' 110111 their regular 1111 1"I'111i1YS. Many 111l1'l'l'S1111,L1' 111111 011111'11ti1111111 ineetings were 1l12l111lL'11. Mrs. All1e1't llawkes t11l11 of her trip t11 1'1111'01M' several years ago. At t11is 1l11'01111g Beth T1'1111e gave 11 tap 111111012 Betty lflliner 11ls11 t11l11 of 11er trip t11 1'1111't1lll5 last S11l1111101'. Miss Evelyn 15111111110 gave 1111 interesting 1l110'1"V10NV of 1161' j0I11'l11'y to t11e XVQSYCFII coast and to Athletie Ass111riati1111 meetings 111-l11011t111y Alaska last 811111111012 Mr. 11f:'I11'y NVise sang "Jean" 111111 "Sylvia" at one meet- ing after whieh 1111-1 initiation of the f1'4:'S11lllf'l1 was 110111. i11 eliarge of 1111-z Miller. Songs after the 11101-ti11gs were 1011 11y Faye S11y1101'. T11e 6X1-'1'11f1Yl' 1111111'11 for tl10 Girls' Atl1- 1eti1- Ass01'i11ti1111 for the year 15135-311 was: 11I'l4N1l1I'111. 11112111 Hogan: V11'l'-l11'l'S- i1le11t. Inez Miller: S0f'I'61211'y. Rose A1111 1'1U1'S11'1'1 1'1'1'i1S1l1'4'l', .102l11 B111-1111111111: hike Villlfillll, Phyllis 11111'10y1 song le1111er. Faye S11y11t'1'1 pianist. .lanet Miller: st11- 1l011t 11011111-il l'l'111'US01112111V1'. 1'e1-elia 1111- g1111:s111'i111 K'11Zl11'1llill1. f1i11'01X11 Green: 111111li1'ity l'1l1l11'1llZl11. .lean A1111'111lXI fi- 1111111-e C112111'll1Zl11, l'a11li11e K111lZl1'1. SIFUIISU1' w11s Miss .l11a111la H11wki11s. T110 A111111t 211 girls jo11r11ey011 t11 Alilllllilf- tan for play 1l11y 1111 April 25. All of tl10 executive 1111111'11 111111 110111121 NVatt, 11111'ene S1102l1'6l', A1111-1-t11 Larsen, A111111 XV11it0, Annette Klager. 1121111111 Jane A11111't'XX'S. l'atri1fia Townley. Betty 11111111-1' 111141 Mel- 1111 Rassette 11111110 the trip. T110 1111y was spent in playing 11iffe1'ent games such 11s tennis, 1111se111111, volley 111111, dodge 111111, tether 111111, bowling 111111 t11111111ing. The girls were 11ivi11e11 into different teams t11 17011111010 against each otlier. 1.11111'111-1111 w11s serve11 ar the college l121f9101'1i1.. After lunch the different teains 101111111 the 0i1111D11S. T110 1111st111'e contest was 110111 111111 t11e11 t110y 112111 the SNV11I11l11Ilg period. After this ev01'y111111y went to the mess hall for tl10 tea dance 111111 then 1101110. The play day, which was 110111 at Marymount Atfiltlltlllj' at Salina. was at- 101111911 hy 121 f1'0S1lIl1011 11t tl1e first of t11e year. Those wl111 XV611f were: Betty -121110 UI'i1YVf01'11, Maxine BI11112l11l. ,Irene Goetz, Nancy 1"1'21f110l', 1511111110 11111, Gor- 1101111 Sehuelzky, Beth Tr1111e. Janet 111111- rer. Roseinary 1V11l1611i111', 1501111111 Mc- Kee, Frances Meade, Treva .11-1111 llerren. 111111 Marc-eline D111111ke. T11e G. A. A. 11111111111 gyni 1101111111st1'11- ti1111 was 11el11 May 1. A very interesting 11I'llg'1'2lIIl was 11rese11te11 to 21 full 111111se. There were several solo l111ll11J01'S which were very well r01feive1l. T110 group 1 SRD ROW-R. A. Forster, J. Hawkins, J. Miller. BND ROW-P. Kohart, F. Snyder, C. Hogan, J. Mur- pl1y. 1ST ROW-C. Green, 1. Miller, J. Buchanan, J. Hogan, P. Hurley. Il161l11l0I'S were also 011j11ye11 by every- one wl111 atten11e1l. The 111'0gl'21l11 was 111'0Nl'111011 for one night fort t11e priee of twenty-five cents t11 every111111y. Miss Hawkins, the girls' gym 111St1'11CfO1', was the -11i1'e11t11r, Those XV1111 assisted tl10 1'1',LY1112l1' 1111110- i11g1'lass1-si11t11e s11l11 events were: Maxine liis111111, Faye S11y1le1'. litllllly XV11itley. 1'l1111'les 301111. 1111-z Miller. Hill 11111'1ll'111', Mil1l1e1l 11l'SS. 1'II111 I'I2l1'1'1S. 1115111111 A1111e1's1111. 11l'1l1'y XVis0. Virgin- i11 .I11110 1Al1'l'11S011. 111'1111y 1'11111'se. 1111111 Keel. .11'it11110 XVi1ki11s. 1'1'1'S1011 -l01111S111l, 1'11r11ly11 Green. 111111 S111-:11'01', 1,1119 Ber- ger 511111 111111 1Vils1111. T110 1101-11111111111ists were Miss 311110121 11R11'111'y 111111 Lewis 1V2111i0l', A161111 Marie iiilllilllilll. 511111 Mrs. 11'l11y1l i'111'1'101' assist- e11 1l111'i11g 111'a1rti1'e 110111'S- This was tl10 sixth 11111111111 110l11011S11'il- ti1111 s111111s111'01l 11y 1111' Girls' Atl1leti1' As- s111'iati1111, The l114f1l'01'S for 111-xt X0211' were 01001- 011 11y tl1e G. A. A. 1lll'1111M'1'N 11t 11110 of tl10 last nieetings ot' tl10 year, Tl10y W1'1'1'1 ltI1'Ni111'11f. -101111 Al.11l'l111yQ riee- I11'1'N1l1l'll1, Rose A1111 1'11l1'S101'Q se1f1'etary, Treva 1102111 Herreng 1l'l'2lSl11'6I', .111111-t 1101ll'l'1'1 st1111e11t 1-1111111-il 1'0l11'l1S61l1Z11lY0. AIZl1'LC'Zll'1'1' Ulark. 1'1Vl'I'j' 1111111tl1 1l111'i11g t11e ye11r the G. A. A. l'X0l'1111Vl' 1111a1'1l 11101 at t11e 11iffer- ent 110l111'S of 1110 1114'1ll1H'1'S. 1'1't'V11ll1S t11 t11is year tl10 last 111eeti11g of tl10 ,Lf1't11ll1 is 110111 11t 1i1'0XV11'S park over 21 week- 01111 l111t t11is year they 111111 il party in- ste1111. Alillly girls 1'ee0ive11 2UVZ11'11S i11 tl10 G. A. A. this y011r. T11 NV111 t11e first 21NV211'l1 UH' Jrirls 1111151 work for 1100 1111i11ts. T110 first aw111'11 is 21 s11111l1 sunflower 11111 wit11 G. A. A. on it. 'l'1111s0 girls who re- 1'0iv1-1l this award are: A12l1'g'Z1I'9f H1111l- t1111. Myra 1111111, A111ert11 Larsen, Beulah M1-Kee. 1.11re11e S1102l1'0l', 1'11t1'i1:i11 'f0NV11- 11-y. 1t11se11111ry 1V1l111'1l2l11', 111111 1111111111 .lane Andrews. T11 receive the s01'111111 IlXV2l1'11 NV1111'11 is 21 1-110111110 letter i11 A. 11. S. 1'1111'11's with t110 1111t1i11e of Kansas 111111 G, A. A. 211'l'UNS it. Il total 1111111111-1' 11t' 12110 points 111l1Sf 110 earned. T1111s0 who 1'QCl'1Vl't1 1+'1111st11n. Phyllis t11is 1l1V2l1'11 are: H1'11'11 Hurley. Alberta I1i11'Sl'11, Lorene S1l6il1'0I", 'Ma1't1111 .lane Andrews 111111 .lean 111112 1111y. T110 tl1i1'11 11w111'11 is Sllllllill' to t11e s01-- 11l1111 111111 111 11e1's1111 11111st 11ave 2.111111 1.11.11ts. lt is il 0110111110 1.1-tler K i11 G. A. A. 1'11l111's. A1Zl1'Q'il1'Pf 1'l111'k, 1J111'11tl1y 1'1111l- SUI1. 1101011 1"1111st1111 211111 Inez Miller 1'0- 1'eiv1-11 this i1NVi11"11. T110 f011l'111 111111 11igl11-st 21NVi11'11 is Z1 go111 "K" 11i11 with G. A. A, il1'1'0NS it 211111 i11 G. A. A. 1'11l111's. 'l11l1'1'0 111'0 only f11111' wl111 1'l'l'l'11'l1l1 t11is ZlN1'211't1. They are: ,1111-Z .111111-1. .loan llogan, Allll1'111' Klager 511111 V1l'g1111Zl 1101'011S011. T110 girls wl111 will serve 1111 tl10 1'X0l'11- tive 114111111 next year are 1'e1-ilia llogan. so1-ial 1'1l:11l'1112l11I 111-tty 1'111l101', 111111110- ity: A1Zl1'11l21 .lane A111l1'1-ws, f11l2l11i'1'I AIl'1'11'11l' 1'161'S011, 11ike 1'1111t11i11g 111101111 Fisher, song leaderg 111111 Melva Marie Callahan, pianist. 1 Aftvl' thc' tcsts. .2 In tht- spotlight. X Wht-rsfs Fatyv? -I Atlux ut A. ll. S. 7 SIJACU lgtlwl'-uppvrs. ti Gilrlw, tht- hvzttl huntvt' T Slum in 'I'vx41s'f N II.tt4'h1nu wllwthilxf, I "'l'Iw llgtl Ht' l.t'ft Bvhin to Winchvll, N Nlntfplmtit' illl'2k'l'j'z I .I axr. Io, tht- NIVHIIQ mam ll A Twhif, 14 Ilmpurltt G1'guslmp1w1's. 17 Wlxon, Bs-rt! tl. I Tho jgmiturs write' ll tvlu- grant. M--...,,,,, 4--.... H-nv-, '-s. --.., ' N... Interpreters o Reds Ish Chay Jay Organizations Uses Theme of "SeU'-Managementn as Basis o Programs of the Year,'-- -1'l'H l10WfL. l1lKl11'llllLlI1, F. Pflllllllg, P. 111-011, A. BCYLIII, E. Wells, A. L0111l1111, P. Eiclioltz, L. Sparks, G, Svliafl. IXRD ll0WfI1. Ri1'l1111'1ls, A. L211'S1'11, C. Rubsoii, I. Custer, G. McNa1l, M. Myers, M. M. Hoop- 1-1', M. l111ss1-111-, I.. 1Cggl1-st1111. ZIND ROWfW. Scott, R. Patt121'so11, N. Headley, L. LC01l2l1'tl, B. Bi1l1gC'1'- 11-r, B. l11111s1111, M. Sloop, Boughner, E. Bath, M. Pinson. IST l10WfB. Whitchair, 11. Funstoii, G. Nash, M. C'l111'k, P. Hillnion, N. lflarkv, E. Baldwin, O. Watkins, P. Hurley, I.. Slicarcr. Transactors o Trades Commercial Club Develops Leadership by Variety of Programs-- Members Enact "Dollar Downn N IANIKING l1Al'K ili'l'0NS 1111- wide 011011 pr11iri1- NYl1l1'l1 1'o11stit11t1-s 1111- join-111-y of 111555-36, tho 17111111111-1'1fi111 1111111 l'i111ls that its tl1'g2llllZ2lllIlll 11218110011 1p1it1- 111'tiv1-. l'l1tlt'1' t111- S1111C1'VlSl011 of Miss Alillll'l l'i11s1111 111111 111-1' 21SSlSl2l11l, Miss XVi1111i1- S1't1ll, 1111- 1'111l1 has provid- Stllll'1'0 ot' 1'tD11lI12llll01lSl1il1 211111 011- 1-11 Rl ft31'lillll1Ill'11t for 1111- 41 jl111lU1'S lllltl s1-11- iors SlIl'l'lilliZl11Q i11 11111111111-1'1'i111 work. Tho vhief purpose of the Clllll is to 111-v1-lop 11-11111-1's11ip 111111 i111livi1111111ity to S1lt'l1 1111 1-xt1-11t' that 1111- f111l11'G l1usi111-ss XX'tPl'lil'l' may 111l11pt hi111s1-lt 1110111 1'1-111lily to t111- 1-11vi1'11111111-11t of l111si111-ss. XVith t11is thought i11 11111111 t111- 1111-1-tings were lllZlll1ll'tl so that l12lt'l1 1110111lbl'l' might feel 1111- r1-spo11sil1ility Illltl s11tisf111'tio11 ot' ill'- Villlglllg' ll1lOl'l'Nll1l2 111111 I11-111-fi1'i11l pro- Q1'i11llS. This y1-:1r's 1ll'l'll'l'l'S 1-o11sist1-11 of Mar- ,l111'lt' Sloop, l11't'Slll'c'11lZ Mary Mildred llU11l1l'l'. vi1-1--p1'1-si1l1-111'1 1.o1'1-110 Slll'2l1'CF. St'01'l'lil1'yj Lloy11 Sparks. ll'02lS111'01'Q 111111 lllllll 111-1-11. 2ltlVl'1'llSl11g.1' 1ll1llli1g01'. A1'lC'11C lit'Y21ll was appointe-11 1-l111i1'1111111 of the I'l'Q,'l'l'IllltI11 211111 l'l1o1-111- 111111111111 was se- 11-1'I1-11 p111'li111111-11t111'i:111 to assist the group i11 tllllllllllllg' 21 pr111'ti1'111 knowl- 1-11g'1- ol' ll1l1'l1Zl1lll'lllZ1l'y l1lW. 1ltlllll'Zll'y to 1'0t'l'11l y1-111's. sp1-1'i11l tl11-1111-s w1-1'1- 1'l111s1-11 for 1-111'h 11l01lfl1'S 111111-ti11g-tl11- S1-pte-111111-1' th1-1111- 111-ing "1'l1111ti11g Ti1111-": t11fto111-1', "S1111-1111ws of 1111- l'2lSl"2 NtN'1'1I1l1C'1'. "I,oy11lty 11u11 1111111111111-"5 111-1-1-111111-r, "lI01116 V11111- i11g"': .l2l1l1l2lI'y, ",l11ve11to1'i1-s'1g Fl'l1l'11211'y, "ll21Vt' :1 ll02l1'lU1 AItll'i'll. HXVil11lSHQ April. "I"low1-1's": 111111 May. "Go11ls." 'l'l11- 1bl'tlQl'tllllS r111'i1-11 wi1l1-ly 1l111'i11g the yl'2ll' 111111 XY1'1'0 e11joy1-11 by 1111 the 1llClIlllt'1'S. At t111- NUV1-111111-1' 1116611112 Mr. S3111 111-ller spoke 1111 t111- topic, "I.oy111ty illltl. 111'11titu1l1-." 111 season 'with the .I11uu11ry meeting, Mr. Albert Hawkes 1-111p11asiz1-11 the 111-1-1-ssity ot' taking.: 2111 "l11v1-11t111'y 011 ll1111lt11.1' 'lllll' 111'0,1Il'211l1 l'l1Ill1'1111'll who w1-1'1- largely r1-spo11sil1l1- for 1111- Sl11't'K'SS of 1111- 11101-ti11g:s w1-r1- A1111-rta l11ll'S011, l11-1'- 1l1-1111 BZ11l1IC1'fGI', I11-r11i1-0 Ro11s1111, 111-111-- vl1-vc M1rN11ll, Lorna L1-o11111'1l. 111111 l'ltl- 1111 l'li1lflXVlll. A11 U11lSl2llllllllgI 1-v1-11t. w11s t111- t'hrist- 111:1s ll2l1'1y WVl1ll'll NYHS gin-11 111-1'1-111111-r 17. A13i1'jU1'll' Sloop. pr1-si111-11t, g:11v1- t111- XV1'l1'Ul11lll5.f 111l1lr1-ss 111111 1'1111ll111- 1'1-11t- li11,1:. il f01'1I1f'1' Illl'IllllL'1', 1'1-spo11111-11. A sl11bl'I 11111si1'11l l11'0jI1'IIl11 w11s th1-11 pr1-- s1-11t1-11 2lflt'1' which the play "A Dollar IPUXYIP' w11s 1-11111-t1-11. In the 1-Zv1-ry 1'11pil Typing 1'o11t1-sts. Faye SI1yllt'l' pl111-1-11 l'lS.fl1fll 211111 Iit1ll101'- ot' the 152 illl1illl'1l1' i111- Moot, tw1-lfth, writ1-rs 1-o111p1-ting: i11 t111- fourth l'tl11,Lf1'0S- sio1111l 1listri1't. For t111- novice, Maxine 1-ishop 11l21t'l'tl t'o11rte1-11t11, 111111 Boh SllC21l'1'1'. 1-ig:ht1-1-11th. i11 this 1list1'ict. Margraret Vlark r:111k1-11 tw1-11ty-11i11t11 of t111- sev1-11ty-five lltl- vi1:1- papers i11 tl11: state. J Faye Snyder is Club President llli ISII l'l1AY JAY 1'111l1 is 1111 111111111- ization l'0l111ltlS0tl of llll' 1111-111111-rs of 1111- 1111v11111'1-11 Hll01'lllill1tl 1-lass. 'l'111- 111111111 of t111- Clllll is i11voly1-11 i11 lll1'l'C Sll0I'lll2ll1ll Cl12l1'ilt'll'I'S. "sl1. 1-11. illlll r1-sp1-1'tiv1-ly. TI11- p11rpos1- ot' Ill1- 1'l11l1 is to 11111111 Z1 hot- t1-1' VtN'21ll11lZlI'y ot" I'l11g:lis11 1111-11 also ot' s11ort1111111l XY0l'1lS, to gain il 1l101't' 111-fi- 11it1- k11owl1-1lg'1- of t111- p1'i111'ipl1-s of sl1ort11111111 l'll1'01l,LTll 1111- r1-111li11g illltl w1'it- ing of Sl10l'fllZ11l1l. 111111 to 1'1-1r1riv1- 21 ll101'l' i11fo1'11111ti1'1- lli1l'liQII'0111ltl. lll',LY1ll211' 1111-1-tiugrs w1-r1- 111-111 o111'1- il 1111111111 11t XVllll'l1 the 1111-111111-rs gave l1l'l0f reports 111111 1lis1:ussi1111s 1111 s1-11-1-t1-11 top- ics. A 1l1'Og.f1'211l1 i'l1ill1'll1i11l 111111 111-1' as- sistants for t'2lt'll 11190111111 NV9111' appoint- 1-1l hy 1111- I11'l'Sltl1'11f. 'l'111- flllfllll' for t11is y1-11r's 111061111113 was. "Sl'lf-Al2ll1ilg0- 111t'1ll." 'l'l1is t111-1111- was 11s1-11 as il hasis for 1-111111 l1l'U2l'il11l. T111- t'ollowi11g: topi1-s w1-r1- 1lis1-11ss1-1l Ill t111- Vi1l'l01lS 1lll'l'fi11,L'S ill 1-1111111-1rtio11 wit11 N1'llb-lllillliljllllllllllfI I1l'1'StIl12lllly. 1111owl1-1lg:1-. proerasti1111ti1111. t't1llt'l'11l1'il1ltt1l. I1l'1'SO11Zll Illtlll'Zl1'5llll'l', illit- iati1'1- 111111 will power. T111- ls11 fllltly -lily 1111-111111-Vs Stbltl l'i1ll- 1ly 11t 11111- ot' t111- 1111sk1-1111111 1:111111-s to 0Z1l'1l lllt' 11111111-y to p11y for the pi1't11rc i11 t111- illllllltll. 'l'111- ot't'i1'1-1's ot' tl1is j't'1l1'.S 1-11111 NVOFO l"ay1- Sl1j'tl1'1', pr1-si-111-111: xxl'll'll0 Ulark, yi1'1--p1'1-si1l1-1113 211111 t11-111-yi1-y1- M1'Nal1, S1'l'1'4'lil1'X-l1't'ZlSl1l't'1'. 'l'111- last 1111-1-ting ot' t111- y1-111' was Z1 co111l1i111-11 1111-1-ting with llllx fl0Illlll0l'Cl21l 1'l11ll Illltl w11s i11 1111- fH1'l1l of Rl pi1'11i1- 111111 il ll1'tb21'2l1ll. illlllx lsh flllily .lay 1'l11l1 11111111111-rs fur- 11isl11-1l the Il1'05.f1'Z1111. T111-r1- w1-1'1- tl1i1'ti1-1-11 Illl'1l1ll01'S of the 1'l1111 who 1'1-1-1-iv1-11 t111-i1' theory 1'1-rtifi- 1,'2114'N tl1is y1-111' after taking: a t1-st tl111t i11rol1'1-s t111- pri11cipl1-s of Sll0I'flli1l1d. 1-light 1111-111l11-rs r1-1-1-iv1-11 tl11-ir 11w11r11s 111st y1-ar. 'l'l1l'1'0 w1-1'1- 15 who r1-1'1-iv1-11 1llt'l1' N11-wor1l 1li1't11tio11 1-1-rtifi1-11t1-s 111111 six who r1-1'1-i1'1-1l their 1110-w0r11 1'1-rtifi- 1-1111-s. 'l'l1l'1'0 w1-re 24 1111-111111-rs of the 1111111 this y1-ar. Thos1- w1111s1- pi1-tures 1lo lltll 11pp1-111' i11'0 Ki1Tllt'I'l119 Moot, Ber- 11111li111- Stants 111111 Mary l11111is1- Brill. SRD ROW-A. Daniels. I.. Sl10L11'Pl4, Y. SCl1W1'11tll'1101', G, M1-Nall, Y. Witwer, A. Clark, L. Eggleston, C. Robson, A. Larsen. END HOW--A. SPXUJII, I-1. Patterson, L, l,COI1Z1l'Ll, B. BL1l1g9l'T.Cl', B, Robson, M. Sloop, E. Schwendencr. 1ST ROW-G. Nash, P. Phillips, P. Hill111o11, M. Pinson, F. Snyder, V. Worley, P. Hurley. Echoes From the Hills High School Band Receives Superior, Orchestra an Excellent Rating in the C. K. L. Music Festival-- Members of Band Attend Mid-Western Festival at Lawrence-- Several bololsts Rank Highest 11111-s11'11 1'111'11ish1-11 1111- fi1's1 11111-1 111' 1111- 1-11111-1,-1'1 111111 1111- 11111111 1111- Sl'l'tlIl11 111111. T111- 1hi1'11 11ivisi1111 of 1111- 1-11111-1-1-1 w11s s111111li1-11 115' 1111111 1111- 11111111 111111 411'1'1ll'S- 1I'Gl i11 Il 1-11111111111-11 111'11K2'1'1lI11. Mr. 1111ss1-11 NVi11-y, 11i1'1-1-1111' 111 1111- 1f11iv1-1'si1,v 111' ICEIIISZIS 11111111 111 L11w1'1-111-1-. was 1111- guust 1-111111111-1111' 111 1111- CVOIHIIQ, 111111 1-1111- 11111-t1-11 1111- 1-11111111111-11 1l11111110I'S. Mr. 11111'- N111'I11 THE 1-'LASIIY 111111111 111 1'1Il1'1 Ii. 111151 1111- A11i1e-111- High s1-1111111 11111111 111111 111-1-111-s11'11. 11-11 1111- 1-111'11v1111 111' 111'11i1'i1- s1-111111111-1's 11v1-1' 1111- 111113, 111112 11'11i1 111111 1-111111111-11-11 1111- 11111s1 111'i1li11111 111111 s111-1-- 1111'11l111' ,V1-111' 111 i11s11'111111-111111 11111si1- i11 1111' hist111'y 111 A. 11. S. '11111' 11111111 1-1111sist1-11 111. s1-V1-11ty-tw11 llll'1Il1l1'1'S who fi1's1 111'11k1- 111111 1111' 111-1111- 1i111-s hy 11-1111111: 1111- 11111111711 1i1111s11s 1-'1'1-1- 1'11i1' 11111'11111- 1111 "s1'h11111 11111." T111- I1111111. 11s 111 111-1-v11111s A't'2l1'S, l11il,X'1'41 1111' :111 1'11111l1111I 111111 1111sk1-1111111 22l1ll1'S. N112 Huy 111':1111ix1-11 11 111-11 11211111 111' 11111'1y 11111- si1-i1111s who 1111151-11 flll' 11111st 111' 1111- 1111s- 111-1111111 Q'il1l1l'S. '11111' 11111111 111-1'111'1- 1111- 1'i1'st 11111111- 111111111111 51111111-. 1111- 11211111 11-11 1111- 21111111511 111-11 1'2111y i11 il "S1lil1U' 1l11111'1-" 1111-1' 1111' 11lXYl1. As 1111- 1l11s1 slowly s1-1111-11 11v1-1' 111is 11111'1 111' 1111111' 111'11g'1'11111. 1111- 11111111 was t'11111111 11111yi11: 1111' 1111- I'i11111s 111' 1111- 1111-11- i11s1111 V11111115' I111s1c1-1111111 111Ill'l11ll1l1'll1. 1-'1-111-11:11'y 1111. 'l'his X1-111' 1111- 11111111 wus 1'111't1111:1t1- 111 111111' 1111111' 411' its 1111-111111-rs 1111-111-11 111 Il1Ilj' i11 1111- K1111s11s l'1i11i1- 11111111 111 11I11111111'i11. 1 111-1-1-111111-1' 11-T. 'l'h1- 1111111111-1111' 111' Ihis 11111111 was 1l1-111'p:'1- Wi1s1111. 11i1'1-1-t11r 111- 11111111 211111 111'1'111-s11'11 :ll 1611111111-i11 'l'1-111'h- 1'1'S' 1-11111-g1-. 211111 1111- :111-st 1-111111111-1111 w11s A. A. 11111'11i11g. 11i1'1-1-1111- 111' 1111- lwlli- 15.11114 Ig, HAY V1-1'sity 111' 1l1i1111is 11111111. '1'h11s1- s1-11-1't1-11 111 111111' i11 111is 11111111 1'1'11111 4A1l11l'll1' W1-1'1-: 11111 111111-1', 1li1'1-1-1111' 111' 1111- A11i11-111- A111- 1 AY1llS141l1 Ki11111-1-1111-k 111111 1111111-1-1 Griggs. 1111-i11111 11111111, was 1111' 2'11l'S1 1-111111111-1111' 1"1'l'lll'1l 11111'11s: 1'11211'1t'S 11111-111-1'. 11111'i111111-I 211111 K1-11y1111 Philips. c1111'i111-1. '111 .1:11111111'y 2-1. 1111- 111111-11 11111y1-11 1111-i1' 1'i1'st l'0ll1'l'l'1' i11 ll 01111111-1 111 1111- hith 11fl1l1'11i1l1l1. A11-. 11111'111-1- '1'l11'111111111-2. 11'11111111111is1. 211111 511: 1111ss1-11 111lXY11l1lK1. 1-1111'i111-tist 211111 s11x1111h1111is1. 1111111 111' 1111- 1v1l1Vl'1'S1Ij' 111' 1i21llS11S. w1-1'1- 1111' 3111-st s1'h11111. '1'his 1-11111-1-1-1 AVEIS S111'1l 11 s111'- 1'1-ss 111:11 1111 M1111-11 5 1111' 11111111 211111 111'- 1-111-s11'11 1-111111111111-11 with 21 1-11111111111-11 1-11111-1-1'1 111 111l' ci1y 111111i1111'i11111, '11111' 111'- s11111is1s 111' 1111- 1-v1-11i11g. lflll' 1111it'111'111s 111 1111' 11111111 i111-111111-11 X1-1111w111-1-11111-s 211141 111'11w11 SXYl'211l'1'S XV1111'11 1'1-111111-1-11 1111- 1-11111-s w11i1-11 1111-.1 111-1-11 11s1-11 f111' 11111115' y1-111'S 111-1-vi1111s, 111111111 1111-111111-1' 1,11111g111 his 11w11 1111if111-111. The 11111111 ,i11111'111-y1-11 hI2lI'C11 QT 111 S11- 1i1111. XY111'1'C 11111' w1111 s1-1-111111 111111-1- i11 1111- l,'l'111'1'2l1 IQZIIISIIS 1.1-11g111- 11111si1: 1'1-s1i- v111 with fiv1- s11111-1'i111's. six 1-x1'1-111-111s. 111111 f1,1111' g111111s. '11111' ,i1111g1-s for 1his f1-s- 1iv111 we1'1-: 1111ss1-11 Wi11-y. 11i1'1-1-1111' 111' 1110 11111111 Ilf 1111- 1'11iv1-1'sity of K1111s11s: 111-111321: 'Wi1s1111, 11111111 111111 11111111-s11'11 1li- 1'1-1-1111' 111 1111- 1'11ll111P1'11l '1'1-111-111-1's' 1-111- 11-g1-: 111111 H1'Vi111- 11111-1-111-1's 111 I-111111111'i:1 '1'1-111-111-1's' 1'1I111'L2'1'. '11111' 11111111 ll11lj'l'11 "A1'i11111- 11Y1'1'1111'l"' 115' 121151-1' 211111 1'1-- 1'1-iv1-11 il s11111-1'i111' 1'11ti11:. '11111' 11111111 1111111 111111 i11 1111- BIi11w1-s11-1'11 11211111 1-'1-s1i1'111 111 1.11w1'1-111-1- Aiilj' T. S. 51. 112111415 11-11111 t'i1't1-1-11 s11111-s i11 1111- 1'11i11-1l S11111-s 1111111 11111't i11 t11is f1-s1iV111. S111111- 111' 1111- ,111112'1'S NVt'1'l'I 1Vi11i11111 1-'. 1,1l41NY1Q. 11f 1111-1,1111wi,: 111'11lll 1't1llllH1llj', f'1l1l'ilQt1I 1'I11wi11 1"1'1111k11 1111I1l1111111. 11i1'1-1-1111- 111' 1111- 1l11l111111111 1l21l141. N1-xv York 1'i1y: 11111111111 Nl. 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Moonlight Serenaders Glee Clubs Present "Old Spanish Customn Under Direction o Henry lVise, Vocal Music Instructor-- Rank High in Musi 1' Festivals lollg tho tr:llI ol lho lllllllj' S1'll00ll0l'S 1-olllll ho lI1'Zll'tl Iltti tPlllY tho 4-rios of tho ltrllt' 1tr:li:'lt-. ltlll :llso thu- V0lt'1'NUi lllilllj' ot illl' hlgh svhool Sllltlvlllrs lll 1Ill-1':ll':l- Yilll. Mr. ll1'lIl'j' Wiso, :l Qliltlllillt' ol' li. N. 'l'. V, :lt l'illll'Hl'l2I. vzllllt- lo Allllvlll' lilSl izlll :ls tho ll1'XY lllNll'llf'llll' ill tho rorall lll'Il1ll'l11l1'lll. Nl :'. NYisv. hol'or1- ill' Cilllll' to Allilhlll-. lllltl tslllght olll- .Yl'Ill' :lt Sor- 1-ry illltl Ullt' 'Yl'Jll' :lt llllllllllttll. Iiilllf SKIN. I'llll1'l' his 4lll'l't'llltll. lrotll gh-o 1'lllliS 1lzsl'tlf-l1mtl-ll lll :ull llllllsllillij' l'X't'1lfflll yl'ill'. lil-sillvs :lttvllnlillg tho illllllllll l'. lx. I.. 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Floyd l'lll'l'l4'l' Wvlll N1 111211 Svllool :ll tlu- l'on11Iry 1-lull 1-onrsl-, ai Illll1'1l im- givc-11 il position on llu- 1'0ill'1l1llg' slzlfl' all :II lbolltv Vily, Kllllslwf Wllvn' ll" W' lll'lWl'll Pflllf llllks IWW. FOOTBALL RECORD BASKETBALL RECORD Ya-111' GW' GL 4 ' Alu, UML Year GXV GL Alb. Opp. 'ts. l'ls. 1'l's. l'ls. 1925 .Y1. li 12 211 50 19213-IIT .... 113 579 21227 19213 ,,.. 9 0 201 Hlli 19213-QT ,,.. 15 573 222-ill 19127 .... T 1 239 132 1927 IIS ,,,.. 12 G11 512.1 19:5 ,,,. S I 2-19 522 1923-29 ,.,, lf! 5152 3813 1929 ,,.. T If 11321 5S 1929-Ill! ,,., ll fl-125 3132 1930 11.. T Z1 1243 57 19I'l1l-.11 .. 9 IZT-I 3554 1931 , ,,.. 3 5 T-1 NU 1931-Il! 1. T Il-Hi H16 1932 ,,.. Z2 li 5li 141-l 19321-C511 ,,,, I-I 4135 394 1933 , ,,., 13 -1 S-1 T5 1933-Ill ,,,, 15 13513 595 1934 ., ,.., G 11 126 T2 193-l-.15 ,,,, li-3 512 410 1935 ,... S 2 221 91 1935-36 .,... 15 U51 561 FT Abilene Cofwpunchers Armistice Day Victory Completes Abilene Unrlefbatefl League Record to Win First Place in C. K. L.-- Twelve Lettvrmen Will 6 raduate Thus lhl- foullmll SOZISHII llmlvll, plznwll :ll g.:'lI2ll'4l un lhll :ill V. K. Ii. 10211115 With only in fl-w iiiihulvs to play, Ahi- llll2l1lil1l4'l1'lNlj'. lf'r:1nkli11 was one of thu . , , . , . . lvlll- was ll':ili u' lil m " X n-- -'1-4 2 -' -'w - ff 4" HA' H IUIA IN MM tn shllllwl hw I 1 tilt I 134 1-1 Wllil dill, I lsr lllhvll lllllq. . :ll hh 1,, .iiilll KEl11..lXl . . , . 1'llLi'UU l'l'1lXYll 1 S El ill. U ' 'Vl'l'. . '. - Ll' I ' S ' I ' l X ' K ' 3 , ' ,' 2 M,1,mM.x.l,m.m Imuiulm, Hui 1 Owing, gml- , 1 I 1 in , 4 1 l ll l.lt til 1U lljx lui Ill my ls 1 . . hui rmlk Il paws fI'lrlIl 1 urns 111111 IDIIHIQKWI sllilllliz 4h-rs this sl-:Ishii :lull 1-rizlvlll-'ll llH'lll so . . H , V, v Y . 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'NW' l11lN XVIII'- 'llll' Hilllli' WHS l'l"'1l4U'llNT UVUI' KVIH- Alllslmllgll' IMI MM: lull was Imlkwl Ml-Millzlh, lIllill'll'I'lI1l1'lif lfillllll plalyvll Allilvlll' l'1'llll'lll"l TH IWIJIU1' 1'4'llllN'li' "H the C' IK' I" :Ill-lllilwllx Wann 1wm'llfv LZllZlI'1l Ull 4101-UIINQ' :xml 1lllZll'l1'I' hawk un liwll lill Nlwvllllwl' 1 will-11 Nll'I'lll'l'Sllll "f his flI'1H'5' "' ":"'h Inlsws mild hw Mfviisl- :null was lllm-ml all hulh U11 llil'- Q-univ lll'l'l'. Illlvlllllfillg' lu hrvulc llll- llll' fill" 'h'I1'l'NiWx Work' Hd 1'lf'y"ll his 'HSI l4l'I'l'IIl V. Ii, l., ll-:nm vllllivlls, "Hull" lull-lnislu-ll Ivzlglll- l'l'L'llI'll of Ihm- Vuwluuys, Primm' Will' 'IH' 4"'Wl"'-YS 'IHS ywuk' , 1-:lllvll signals this NUIINUII :lull will ln- lhm,l,W,l.. lung. 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FlllK'l'illQI4lll, B. Wlmlvortun, Y. Illini. ZNIJ HOW-A. Hawkes, Cnr- mll, II. Bl-ll, I.. Franklin, B. Gibbs, D. Mukins, L. Clxitis, R, McMillan, C. Barber, C. Emery, E. McCoy. 1ST HOW-V. Witwer, E. Amsbaugh, W. Aker, L. Giese, A. Burkhardt, D. Nash, A. Coleman, S. Marsteller. Curtis, I'itLl'lll half: I.:u'1'y was plan-ml Hll thv 17. K. ll. K'02ll'll1'S' lc-:lm because uf his triplv llirl-:ll nhilily, Ile was am X l'Xi'Ull1'I1f pzlssl-l'. 1llllll0l'. :11111 1'll1111l'I'. "lJi11k" will l't'llll'll lu-xl SUZISUII. Blxllwtelll-1'. full lnlvk: Sfilll was lliiftkd fm' his aihilily lo hm-k up the- liiiv :lull nmkl- vxvvlh-nl I2Il'kll'S. Ilv. zilsll. 1-uulll IlllllIjJ.'l'XViI1l thp hall fur him- gains. This was his lust j'K'2ll'. l'ulv111:111. right mul: Ashl-1' wus il sull- slilutv this sl-zismi, hut whvn iii lho LYZHIIO ho all-tml :ls pussvr lm H1'l!0IISO illltl will till xlufellslg "Ash" is :l so1iil,r1'. Bell, right half: Ill-rllurt SllffU1'0ll , l'l'lllll :1 km-lx ihjliry :ill sl-:mill hut mzilh- sl-ve-1111 tnllvllllmxlls whilv iii the gillllt' :is :1 suhslitutl-. lll- will prmdunte this your. liiiiery. l1llIll'll'I' Inu-k: Vurtis was il substitute l1ll:ll'Il'l'. NVhih- in the gillllti "Gus" Culh-ll sigiialls Zlllll did 501110 puutiug. "Gus" will graduate this year. Indian Combatants Abilene Hands Win Over Undefeatefl Lindsborg Swedes to Win Regional Tournament in Junction-- Cowboys Attend State Tourney Illtl Al-!ll.l'1Nl'I t'tlWBtbYS hatl an- tvthtsr vt'ry sat-t-t'sst'ul haskuthall st'astvn in 1035-30 with l'iftt't'n wins antl t'ight ltvsstrs. tfoatfh Mt'tTtmy's t:agt'rs finisl1t'tl st't'tmntl i11 the t't'ntra1 Kansas ltoagtlt' with nine 22111105 wttn antl thrt't' ltvst. liintlshtrrg ht'at1t'tl tht' t:onl't'rt'nt't' with an untlt'ft'att't1 lt'agt1t' 1't't't.lrtl. 'l'ht' t'irst, ganit' tif tht' st'astwn was tm ltt't-t'n1ht'i- 10 with t'tnnnt'il tlrtwt' ht'rt'. 'l'ht' Ilantls wtrn ill ttr lT. Tht' 11t'xt night tht' Ctnwhtrys jtlurneyt't1 to f'011K'tll'- tlia antl sintvthervtl tht' 1'antht'rs 47 ttv 20. ltltl Anishangh nt'ttt'tl 20 points in this gan1t'. t'lay t't'ntt'r was 1l11'11l'tl hat'k on -l21llllill'y Il tt' a 40 tt' 11 t'tmnt antl it ahpt'art'tl that tht' Vowhtvys wt'rt' off tts an untlt'tt'att'tl st'astl11. IItmwt'vt'r, on .lan- nary S. t11t' Satfrt'tl Ht'art Knights t't1gt't1 tant tht' lt1t'als 3333 to 2ti trn tht' Salina t'tmurt. Tht' t'tuwhuys sta1'tt'tl 1t'agllt' play on .lanttary 10 hy winning ttvt'r Mt'l'l1t'1'stmn 350 ttt 22, U11-lZ11lll2l1'X 14 tht' ltvt-al t'agt'rs t'nt-tmntt'rt'tl tht' strong Lintlshtlrsi Vik- ings at ltintlshtbrg antl att't'r trailing only fttnr ptvints at tht' halt' tlrtm11t't1 the tilt 2315 ltr lil. tin .lanuary 17 tht' AlCCUj'llll'l1 t'asily wtvn t'yt'r tht' Itlllswtvrth Bt'art'ats 20 ttv 14. 'l'ht' Salina Blartmtvns invatlt't1 tht' ltwal t-tatrt tan .lanttary 233 antl wt'rt' tltmwnt"tl 2T tt' 10. 11t'l1 antl Anishaugh lt'tl tht' st'tr1'ing. Tht' nt'xt night Itlllswtrrth was httst tt' tht' Vtuwhtlys antl lt'tl hy l'1int'ry antl linrkltartlt. suhstitutvs. Ahilt'nt' pt1nrt'tl it tin tht' l5t'art'ats 38 ttu 131. Prtvhahly the ht'st htrnie ganit' ttf tht: st'asttn was with tiliannxan on .lannary 2T. 'l'ht' A. II. S. t:agt'l's wt'rt' nttst'tl tvllt 25 tty 23, tm January 31 tht' Ilantls jtvnrnt'yt't1 to Alt'lll0l'l2ll llall in Salina wht'rt' tht'y tlttplit-att'-tl tht'ir tirst win tuvt't' tht' Martmtnns. this tinit' 222 to 28 in a rt':tl Ahilt'nt'-Salina thrillt'r. tin lt't'hrtlary Il. in a raging hlizzartl. tht' Vttwhtvys inatlt' tht'ir way ttf llt'ring- ttln wht'1't2 tht'y wt'rt' frtmxt' np tlntil tht' st'tfont1 half w11t'n tht'y thawt't1 out antl wtvn t'yt'r tht' l1ailrt'atlt'rs 2010 20. Ftml' tlays latt'r Ahilt'nt' was htvst to tht' llt'r- ingttln t-:tgt'rs antl this tintt' tnrnt't1 on tht' stt'ani tt' win ZQT ttu 27. 'l'ht'n tht' t'tvwhtwys 1vrt'part'tl l'tvr tht' higgt'st galnt' tat' tht' st'asttn wtht' Nai- slnith ganlt' with liintlshtlrg llt'1't'Ul1 lt't'h' rnary 14. 'l'ht' Swt'tlt's ltt'pt tht'ir nn'tlt'- l't':ltt'tl rt't-tvrtl, hy winning 328 tu 20. hltlllltlll st-tvrt'tl t'ightt't'n paints l'tvr tht' winnt'rs. Un Fvhruary 17. tht' Mt't'tny- tnt'n wt'rt' again tttl'nt'tl hat'k hy tht' Sat-rt'-tl IIt'art t'ZlQl'l'S ht'rt' Jil tu 231. In tht' ganit' tu tll'1't'l'lIl111t' st't'trnt1 plat't' tht' t'tuwhtnys wtvn t1x't'r hlt'l'll6l'Ntll1 Ft'h- rnary 21 hy a 20 ttu lti t-aunt. ln tht' last llilgllt' Qtllllt' ttf tht' st'astvn at Phala- lllitll. ltltl Anishangli st-turt'tl 20 points lt' lt'at1 tht' l'trwhtvys in a 310 tt' 313 win ttrt'r tht' Irish, ln tht' st'ast1n's final Qilllltf, Ahi1t'nt' was t'tlgt't1 out at Juntrtion City hy the lilute .lays 25 to 22, March 7. 'l'ht'n tht' Vttwlmys t'ntt'rt'-tl tht' rt'gitvn- al t'0nl'nt'y at .lnnt-titun t'ity antl t1rt'w tht' Manltattan l4lnt's in tht' first .rtxnntl lfritlay, Marvh 123. Mt-t'tly's t'agt'rs canit' tant on tap hy tint' ptvint. IIT ttv 20. in :t thrillt'r antl ht't'antt' t'ligihlt' tt' 1nt't't .lnntftitln t'ity in tl1t' 501111-lhllltll. Tht' t't1whtvys wtrn this ganlt' hy a 20 to 24 t'tn111t with liutl Mt'Millan sinking eight, out ttf tt'n l'rt'c thrtmws to ltt't'p tht' ltr- t'als aht'atl. lu tht' finals Saturtlay night. tht' Mt-- t'tvy t'rt'w n1t't tht' nnt1t't't'att't1 l.intls- htnrg Swt'tlt's who hatl Olllllllltlltrtl Iflt'r- ingttrn antl t'haptnan antl hatl tlt't't'att'tl tht' Vtvwhtrys twit't' in the lt'IlQl1t'. Htrw- t'Vt'r. Ahilt'nt'1ulayt't1t'xt't'llt'nt hasltt'thall ttt tltiwn tht' Vikings 24 ttl 17 antl win tht' rt'gitbnal for tht' first tinit' sint't' 10210. By winning tht' ft1lll'll2llllt'll1 tht' Cow- httys wt'rt' invitt'tl to tht' statt' ttturnt'y in Ttmuka, Mart'h 10. 20, antl 21, w11t'rt' tht'y wt'rt' pairt'tl with tht' Vlltllllllt' t'tln1t'ts, last yt'ar's statt' ttlianipitvns. in tht' first 1'tPllll'tl. 'l'ht' Mt't'ttynit'n 1nlayt'tl vt'ry gtvtrtl haskt'thall antl lt't1 2 to 0 at tht' t1nartt'r, trailt'tl S tt: 11 at tl1t' halt' antl 211 to 23 at tht' thirtl pvritvtl. hat tht'n wiltt'tl nntlt'r a harragt' ttf haskt'ts hy Millt'l'. all-statt' t't'ntt'r whtr st'ttrt't1 .Jh ptvints. antl lttst 45 ttn 20. ln tht' t'trnst1l:ltit111 l'ttll11tl. Ahilt'nt' ntt't tht' strung Argt'ntint' t'rt'w trtvni Kansas t'ity who ltmst ttf XVinl'it'ltl in tht' first l'tb11ll'tl hy tvnly twtv pttints, Argt'ntint' wtrn tvx't'r tht' llantls 212 tt: 24 antl wt'nt tan th win tht' t'ttllNtPlilllt1ll hrztt-ltt't. The Lettermen lftrrwa rtls: Anishangh is a st'nitlr antl was st't'tvntl i11 tht' C. K. L. intlivitlnal stctvring, ltltl was t'aptain this yt'ar antl 1IlIltlt't'Yt'l'X t'. K. li. all-star fttillll. Ht'll tit'tl t'tnr sixth in itrtlivitlllatl st-ttr- ing in tht' lt'agl1t'. Ilt' will 2'l'tltlll2Ilt' this yt'ar. l'l11lt'l'X saw nnltfh at-titvn this scastwn llltlltlllgll ht' was a sllh. Ilt' was a gtmtntl st-tart-r a11tl will ht' n1isst't1 nt'xt Xt'2l1'. , . . . t 0lt'lllilll is a Sttllltll' antl was ntttt'tl tttr tvnt' hant1t'tl shtuts. llt' 1rlayt'tl t'ttnsitlt'r- ahlt' hilt was a sith, l't'llfl'l'2 f'tllll'N0 is a Stl1lll0IlllDl'0 antl was t'lt'- Vatt'tl frtnn tht' st't'trn'tl 1021111 at niit1-st'a- strn. llt' was a hig ht'lp ht't'anst' tit' his Iut'ight a11t1 hall hantlling. tlaartlsi Mt'Millan is a st'nittr antl was a yt'ry tlt'pt'ntlah1t' guartl, llt' st-twrt't1 st'vt'r:1l points por 2211110 alstu, l5arht'r is a jnnitu' antl was tint' tit' tht' sn1t.rtltht'st playing guartls in tht' lt'agut'. llt' was always plat-t'tl on tht' ttrnght'st tlpptvnvnt ftvrwartl. linrltliartlt is a jnnittr antl although il snh. tlitl strnit' nit't' playing whilt' in tht' g:1n1t'. The Schedule Ahilt'nt' ttpp. llt't'. 10 ,l:4'4lll11t'll tlrttvt' ........ ZZI 17 lPt't:. 20 t'tt11t'tr1'tli:1 ,,,.,, ,,,,,, 4 7 20 Jan. Sl 1it'lay t't'ntt'r .. ,,,,' l0 ll Jan. N Sat't't'tl lIt'arl .. ..2ti 3151 .lan. 10 Mt'l'ht'rstnn ,,,, .330 22 Jan. 14 l.int1shtn'g .. .,,. 10 2325 Jan. lT iilillswttrtli .. ,.,, 20 14 Jan. 233 PkSalina ,,..,, ,,,, 2 7 10 Jan. 24 ltlllswttrth . .JZN lil Jan. 27 mfqllillllllilll .. 2233 25 .lan. 511 Salina ,,,,,, ...CE2 28 l"t'h. Il IIt'1'ingth11 .. ,,,, 20 20 l"t'h. T i1llt'ringtt1n .. .JST 2T l"t'h, 14 :5:l1llltlSlttbl'Q ,,,,.. .. .20 518 l"t'h. 17 itSat'rt'tl lIt'al't .. 2235 324 l"t'h. 21 Thlt'l'llt'l'Nttl1 .. H20 lti l"t'h. 27 t'l1apntan ,,,.,., .,,, I 10 3351 Mar. 7 .lttnt'titvn t'ity H ..., 22 23 l?t'nt'tt's htvtnt' 2'tllllt'S. Regional Tournament Mar. lil Manhattan ,,,,.,,,..,,,,,,,, 27 26 Mar. 14 .lnntftittn t'ity .. .... 20 24 Mar. 14 l.intlshtlrg ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ..24 I7 State Tournament Nlar. 10 ltllillllllt' . .,,,,,. 20 'IN Mar. 20 Argt'nt int' .,,,,,,,,,,,..,,.,,, 21 512 Bt'xt st'astvn tl1t' Vtvwhtvys shtvnltl havt' ant'1tht'r Sllt't't'SSflll tt'an1 with thrt't' lt't- tt'r1nt'n. Iiil1'lt01'. liurltlia-rtlt, antl t'tvnrst' rt't.urning, I.tung. XVt'lls, llarnttln, I'tnllt'y antl .lt'llt'y will also st't' at'lttvn nt'xt st':t- son. 'l'llt' pl:tt't's trt' ,xl1lSlHlllLZ'll. lit'll. Mt'- Nllllan. lCntt'ry. antl l'tllt'lllJlll will ht' hartl tt' l'ill nt'xt yt'ar. it 'E KRD NOW-Brtmwn. Jolley. K. Ftullins. Ltmg. Wells. Harmtm, Etlwringttln, Chastu LND ROW- n1t'ry, McMillan, Bell, Barber, Pulley, 1ST ROW-McCoy, Coleniun, Course, Anisbaugli, Burkhartlt, Hawkes. 7? 1 1 1 aravan lcirmishes Enter Spring Sports of Track, Several Letterman to Graduate 11lS SEASON 1-V1-ry st11111-11t 1111111111112 on going 0111 for foot11:1ll 111-xt f11ll w11s requir1-11 to 1'0I10l'f for fI'211'1i pr11cti1'1-. 'l'w1-nty-six 11nsw1-1'1-11 tl11- first 1-1111. 'l'his s11111111 pr11cti1-1-11 1-V1-ry 1'V01l1113.E 1111til 1111- l011g111- 111191-t May 2. 111 1111- CE'll11'111 Iq2lllS2lS 11-112110 1111-1-t at S11li1111, Al1il1-ne NVZIS 1'C1J1'1'Sl'11f611 hy 1li11l1l'S 111111gl1. Dick Nash, 1'1i1l'1 111111- 11111-11 :11111 J111110l' Murphy. 1111113111 to11k fourth pl:1c0 i11 the high jlllllll. Nzlsh 1-11- tcred tl11- 100 j'2l1'l1 111111 220 yi1l'11 1111sl1, H11111111111 1:o1np1-t1-11 i11 tl11- 220 211111 -1-10 yard 1l11sl1es. Murphy was i11 the 100 yard 11:1sl1. qvlli' four 1111-11 1-11t1-red tl11- n1il1- r1-lay 111111 took f011l'f11 pl111-1-. 11111111- 1111-111 won tl11- 1111-1-t witl1 5015 points to 1-115:1- 0111 Salina witl1 51 points. 1l1-ri11g- ton was third, 11Illswortl1 f011l'1'1l 111111 311'- 1'h1-rson fifth. Li111ls11111-,Q 11i1111't 1-nt1-r. Thosv o11t for f1'111'k w1-r1-: l'. Murphy. XV. 1'11st1-r. 5111111-r. 14. l'ollins. llilllgil. H:-1k1-. .l. BI11l'111lX. J. N1-lson. l'1llSXVt1l'f1l. l'. B11l11wi11. Fritz. Allison. 11111111-1'. T. Mill1-r. li. M1111-r, Sloop. K1-11st, GZIIIS, Kin111-r11i1'k, l'111'k1-tt. 11111111111-11. 1'oll1-X. 11. SllX1it1l', A111-11. ltizor 211111 Knox. TI11- fo11r l'l11l'l'1l1gI tl11- 1'. K. 11. 1111-1-t will 1'1-1'1-ive 11-1i1'1'S nt tl11- 1'h11p1-l 011 tl11- lnst 11:11 of s1-111101. Tennis 111 :1n 1'111ll1llI1111111 1l'll1l1S t11111'111-5' 111-I11 I1f-f111'1- tl11- 11'Zlf.'f11l' 1111-1-t. 111111 111111111-1-11 111111 l'1-t1- 311lk1llS won ov1-1' lirooks. Gihhs :11111 1511 1xlllS1i211121l i11 1111- 1111111l11'S. Kf'1llll'111 Collins won 111'1-r 151111 XVils1111. 111111 1.ZlNY1'l'111'1' Gray: 141111 NVi1son won over .lo1- N1-lson 211111 AV1-11 l'1N1l1'1lll2l11 t11 win tl11- singh-s 10111'11l'j'. 111 tl11- 11-11p:111- 1111-1-t 111-111 :ll M1-l'l11-12 son May 5. A11il1-111- took f1D11l'11l pl111-1- with tl11- 1111111111-s t1-11111 winning' f1111rtl1 111111 thu singlcs pl11y1-rs Sl'Yl'll11l 111111 1-ighth. Tl11- 1111111111-s t1-11111 1-on1pos1-11 of Malk- ins 111111 111111111-1-11 won 11v1-1' iillillllllilll 1-asily i11 tl11- first r11111111 13-2. ti-1, 11111 l111w1-11 to tl11- strong l.i1111sl1o1-g t1-11111 who won the 1111111111-s titl1- 3-0. 2-0. A111- l1-ne tl11-11 drew S11li1111 for tl1ir11 or fourth place. Mukins 111111 111111111-1-11 XV0ll tl11- first s1-I ti-3. 11111 lost thc 111-Xt two -1-ti 111111 3-ti to t11k1- fourth place. Collins, I11llll1101' 11111- singlos 111i1j'1'1', XVOII UVUI' tl11- lillswortli 0l1f1'y -1-tj. 8-ti, ti-0 i11 tl11- first 111111111 11111 lost to Hass- l1-1' of Vllillllllilll 6-8, 1-ti i11 tl11- SllC0lll1 1'0l1l111. 111 the 1-o11sol11ti1111. Collins l111w1-11 to Olson 11f 111ll11S1l01'Q 1-13. XXYHSUII 111'1-w Z1 11y1- i11 tl11- first l'011lll1 111111 lost to S11y111-1' 111' l1i111lsI1o1',g wl111 NVUII tl11- singh-s titl1- 1-ti. 1-ti. i11 1111- s1-1-111111 1-o11111l. Wilson th1-11 losl to 112111111- 111-ll 11f S:1li1111 i11 tl11- 1-11nsol11tion --1-ti. 1'ol- li11s 111111 NVilson w1-1'1- to 111311 for s1-v- 1-11tl1 111111 1-ighth 11111 11i1l11't 1'Ulll11l'1l'. Liinlsborg XYUII tl11- 11U11b10S title hy Tennis and Com In Meets at Salina, McPherson and Chapman winning 11v1-r All'1,ill'l'SUl1 i11 tl11- t'i11:1ls ivilillllllilll l'il'th 111111 111 11111 11111111 -1-43. T-5. ti--1. s11ns1-1'1-11111 with 205. S11y111-1' 111' l,i1111sI1o1'g won tl11- singlos l'3l'H112' "Y llilliis 115' t11'i'l'i111lIg' 1'11111pI11-Il 11f S:1li1111 ti-2. NNIIIIH 11-'11 101' I - - . .. llx T". 1-.1. 111 tl11- 1111: -15. l1111'g 2lll'.1 -1tJ1l1lSl.1ll 111 11W 1111-11:11 s1'11r1- NX , N1-xt ,Y1'21l', 111111 K1-1-1. -illll Villl 11111 11i1111sl111rg' w11s first. M1-1 il1'1'Sllll s1-1'- 11111. Sillllli II1i1' . 411121 llllilll fifth. 611 ld 111111 1'l1111l f'1lSl' will l'K'111l'll l'or 0011111111 1 .H 1 1 . . 1 lull, i11l,1l,l1,,H 1111 um in 111111:tl111sl11111l11l1l11sl1l11"'1l 111 tl11 11 , lu1lsw111'tl1 . '-1 , - - 1ll11l'll1'y. t1-r. . . . V V 1 H. Y I l'll1l111g oi l.1111lsI1111'g' 111111 .l11l111s1111 ASM Mun IU'm"'tl' to uh' 'IU' " ' 321111111 ti1-11 for low 1111-11111 s1'or1- 111111 w11ll will 111- 1111111112 1il0S1' 1-xp1-1:11-11 I11 son. 1'h11rl1-s 111l1'lll'l' 211111 .111ll1t1l' 11111'1i- TM I I Q 'l'l11- 1'I1l'ilV21ll S1i1l'1ll1S1'lf'S i11 whi- llli '- 1- -11111.' 121111. . 'xl I L li N I' llltlllj' ot tl11- 1111-11 111 1l1l'l'S 111 tl11- 1'-11'-11 111 4'll2'212'1'11 along tl11- t1'111l ot 1-11111-11t1o11 p11 G l 112111111 tl11- l1111s to l11tt11 t11111s1 1111 of j0111'lll'y 11111111211 lit'1-. Aftf-1' 1111 1-li111i1111tio11 golf 1H11l'112l111l'111 111-111 nt tl11- l't1l1ll1l'X 1-11111. 1':l'll1l' Mo1's1-. SPRING SPORTS RESULTS H1111 K1-1-1. 1'1121'11 l':1s1-. .Ii111 Yilll 1J11y111- Track 211111 l'1111l Al11rs1- w1-1'1- s1-11-1-t1-11 for tl11- 1 l'1l21l1lll21l1 A. ll. S, golf 11'R11ll. 2 Nilllllil ...m-W' . Avi .1 11' X -g- ,.' Q 1 5 111.111 ., Avy 1 Q V 1 9311: 9 ' 'A ' 1 mgpfw py, W V zxxg-,Z ,U lr! .-" 1 ' ' fi-- TTU A' , 1 -1 -ND Ri11v+1fll1K'l'j', Nelson. lNlcf'li11t11'k. K1-111, li. follins, Blurk. Hogan. AlIlSi7l1llgi1. 1ST l10WfP. Morse. l'11s1-. E. Morsc-. Wilson, Gray. llnkins. N1-lson. ZND I10uv'EllSV1'1Jl'1i1, T. Miller, Mill1'1'. F. S1111111, Kcast. 1ST ROW-Gans. 11-y, S11y1l1-r, Allen. 1gl'ftt1'1' tl11- 11-:1g:111- t11111'111-5' 1111-so fi1'1 1121l'111'1IH11011 i11 tl11- 1101111111 IQEIIISQIS i11- vit11tio11 1U11l'1l1'j' 111 S11li1111. 111ll11S110l'Q won tl11- 1111-1-t witl1 Silllllil l'11lll11llQ il 1'los1- s1-111111-11. 111 tl11- C. lx. 11. 1t1111'l12lllll'll1 111-111 111 T111-l'112l11111:l11 l'O11l'S1'1x111'i1 2S. 1':l'll1i Mol-sv 111111 111111 Villl l111y111- 1'l'lll'1'S01li'1'11 A1111l'll1'. Bob K1-1-1, 1l11lll1i1'l'01l1' l1lZ111, NVQIS 1111211110 t11 1-11t1-1' so Villl l111y111- was 111-xt i11 linv. Mo1's1- shot il -10 211111 -15 for illl SS t11- t:1l 111111 YZ111 ll11y111- 1-11111-1't1-11 1111 S0 witl1 il p11ir of -1Si's. NVitl1 21 1111111 11f 17-1, A11i11-111- 1111111 l.tJ11l'111 pl111'1- i11 1111- t11111'111-y. l.i1111sl1o1'g: won tl11- 1111-1-t witl1 1313. lihling' sl11111t- ing T3 111111 Sll,Yt111l' Sl. Silllllil w11s s1-1'- 111111 witl1 158, 15llswo1'tl1 tl1ir11 with 105, 31111 HOWQV. Nrlllillily. lf C11Stc1', lNl11ll01', B. follins, llxnlgh, 1111111-. J. 111111111151 Fritz, Allison, B111'bc1', lf Baldwin, R. Ki1111c1'11i1'k, Puckett, H111111211'1l, Pol- 11i7111'. Knox, 111-1'i11--'I1111 l'11lsw111't 11 B11'l'l11-1'so11 Al1il1-111- 11i1111sl1111'g M1'1'l11-1'so11 S11li1111 Al1il1-111- f'1lZ111lll21ll l'Illsw111'tl1 1.i1111st1o1'g- Silllllil l'I1lsw.11'1l1 Al1il1-no 1'll:l111l1zlll 11l'1'1llQ'111Il M1-l'111-1'so11 Tennis Golf STUDENTS' IDENTIFICATION ttlontinut-tl l'rom Page SJ Trek Records SNYIWIN- F-'-Ylf tny Mixnv .tt,1t't: STI'Il'1I.SMI'l'lIj tit-nt-ral Stutlt-nt t'ount-il 2: Ilantl Sl: tn't-lit-stra S fl-HI.: 1,m.,.llS M- A- Il. S- swung UD. 355-43 G- R- MUSIC i'lli'i""'i'U 3? G' t-n in St-ptt-ntlrt-r ltlilll. ITS timitl. yt-t A. A. Musit- t'hairman -4: .lunior1'lav: l'2lgL't'l' frt-shmt-n swt-pt into tht-ir t'aravan 'Vyllillg Tvillll 331 15-14-NWI' ltltlllhl' 45 to t-ntt-r upon tl1t- journt-v of l'our Iona Iioostt-r Staff: t'lass St-t'rt-tary-'I'rt-as- lm,-.41 5-pm-S uf In-,lil-10 M.1lm,m.,-ing .H-1.1. lll'l'l' 13 SIINIVUI VI-llllU'Il 33 Hi-'I-' tht- santls ot' timt- to gather knowlt-tlge tilt-e t'luh l-2-Sl--l: Girls' lliah Voice fl-Um tht-ir lt-atlt-rs antl t-xpt-rit-nt't-s. ' 1' . ' I- og - - . . . . Som' il- IX' It' Mum' tmmsl 1' 'I 4' 'I'ht- I'ra1l'1t- St'hoont-r t'host-n tor tht- t tlirl's lligh Voit-t- Solo, Statt- tontt-st? four yt-al' journey was tht- Ahilt-ne High t t , 41 t.it-ts' st-xtt-t-te L-3-4: 01-1'-1-11-21 49 ,. t,.,v .4.,. -' ' -..-1-I-' 1. -1. st-hool. I't-int-ital 1lll2ll'lt'S Ilawkt-s antl S ut-rintt-ntlt-nt I". t'. G2lI"tiIllil' t'omprist-tl I tl X -X Rtxut 1 ' 3-I INll1lIlNIlY Nm l'rt-sitlt-nt -l: National Ilonor Societyg H num t-mu fm HN mx, H U Th. St-nior Play Specialty. SPARKS, LLOYD f'tlIllII1t'l't'I2Il lt- p H "' ' ' .' 'I '- ' tlrivt-rs wt-rt- Miss Margart-t Sttott. Miss ltltht-I Gilt-s antl Mt, Frt-tl Allison. t-lass sponsors. The four wht-t-ls rt-prest-ntt-tl t'ommert'ial t'luh Tl'921SIIl't'l' -t. tht- four yt-ars' journey. Tht- spokes ot' g'yAx'1'g- Hltllixlxlplxltj tht- whet-l for tht- first yt-ar wt-re Ralph I-I-.,f0,,i,,m,l Mt'Milla11. prt-sitlt-nt: BOND' -IP2111 -I01l0N- G. N. Sl...H.ml.V 55: G- IL yil.4.,pr,tSi- vit't--presitlt-ut: antl Faye Snytlt-t'. st-t'rt-- .lam 4: -1-5-l,i,,Q 'pwml gg: t-lass Vit-Q- tary-trt-asurt-r. 'l'ht- stutlt-nt t-ounffil rt-p- pH,,1,l..,,t 4: 45. A. A. WWW. 3: yu- rt-st-ntativt-s. .loan lloaan aml llonaltl tional Ilonor Sot-it-ty. S'l'RAlVl'NICR. IIARWUUIP t'ommt-rt-ial llantl Ll-I1-4: III'l'lll'SI1'2l 32. Makins. t'ompost-tl tht- nt-t-kyoke antl tongrut- whit-h linkt-tl tht- a-alministration an-.I stutlt-nt hotly toat-tht-r. 'ropo uAIat:v .t. -Q tit-nt-ral 'romp ul-tinox 'L t't-nt-r'tl if 1 1 A if- N V f lfootlvall Stptatl 113 'l't-nnis Stluatl Z3 Qi 77 ,IX liovs' tllt-t- t'luIv I: tlpt-rt-tta -1. . ' 1 ' ' I--A x - '1'trWN1tI. DAVID X A, t'ommt-rt-ial YR nf- Ca M 'l'III'IMltIIi. .lots Q tit-nt-ral yy - Footlwall Stptatl Si--lg Boys' tllt-t- t'lt1h 3. VAN SIFKEII. RAYMOND I'rofessional tmrtfht-stra 2-Z:--l: Rooster Staff. Yltll,'l'MAN. MARGARET fIt'1lt'1'lll WIGLSII. LESTA l.tlU Professional Stutlt-nt Count'il Zig Bantl l: tl. A. A. lit-vue 2: St-nior Play: tl, Ii. Social l'hairman -I. XVII Y TIG, It'liANt ' ICS Professitmal G. A. A. Revue 3. XVI LSUN. BOB AIILYN l'roft-Ssional 'l't-nnis St1uatlgStutlt-nt t'ount'il 3g .lunior Rotarian 3g Booster Business Manager 45 Rooster Staff: Boys' tllet- Club 2-It--lg Boys' Quartet 3--lg t'lass Night l: Uperetta -t: tl. A. A. lit-vue L2-ZX-43 I!ov's Mt-tlium Voit.-e Solo, State t'ontt-st 4. WITWI-IR. YIGRNUN C. tit-nt-ral l-'oothall Stllllltl Si-4: Baskt-thall Squatl 3-I1--lg Trattk Stllliltl 3--lg Boys' Glet- t'lnln 2.3-4: 'l't-nor Solo t'. K. L. Mu- sit- t'ti11tt-st: Iioys' Qll:ll'lt'l fii 4l1lO1't-l- ta 4: G. A. A. Rt-vue 3. XVtPtll.VI'IRTUN. I'II,DREll lntlust1'ial Arts Football Sttttatl I-22 Boys' tilt-o ftlllll -x 0. NW IRLI-XY, Vi YIAN tlt-nt-ral tn't-ln-stra Ii: tllt-t- t'luh l-S2-43 Senior Flay Specialtyg tlperetta Ii. The int-mht-rs of this group startt-tl tht-ir journt-5' hy lt-atlina all four classes in tht- tlranat- antl Iirowu salt-s ttam- paign. At tht- ro-tlt-o ot' sports in hasket- hall. footl-all. Irat'k. antl tt-nnis. tht-,v wt-rt- wt-ll rt-prt-st-ntt-tl. 'I'ht-,v maintaint-tl thirtl plat-e on tht- honor roll all yt-ar antl entlt-tl tht-ir t'irst furlong' of the jour- nt-5' Inv alighting' among' tht- sunflowt-rs. milk wt-t--tl potls antl tumhlt- wt-t-tls antl tht-re prt-st-nting a t'lt-vt-r stunt on t'lass night t-ntitlt-tl "XVl1o Says t'au't'!" The t'at'ti of itllt-nt-ss antl lat'k of self will t'aust-tl st-vt-ral mt-mht-rs to linat-r antl ht- lost luv tht- waysitlt-. tint- liuntlrt-tl forty-four st-lt'-t-onfitlt-nt sophomort-s again ast't-ntlt-tl into the t'aravan to tfontinue tht-ir journey in st-art'h of knowlt--:lat-. The pulling fo1't't- for tl1is furlong antl tht- rt-st of the trip was l'rint-ipal Marvin Van tlstlol autl Supl. I". t'. tlat-tlnt-r. The tlrivt-rs wt-re .luantla Hawkins. Vera I.awt-llin. Alht-rt Ilawkt-s. antl Roy Martin. 'l'ht- spokt-s wt-rt- .Ioan Iloaan. Bt-tty .lt-an .Iont-s, Ruth Marv Nt-lson. antl .lt-an Rutfhanan. 'l'ht- nettkyokt- Zlllll tonaut- wt-re 1-'aye Snytlt-r antl llutllt-y Lontlt-t-n. stutlt-nt t-ount-il rt-prt-st-ntativt-s. Ilaving four lroys on tht- football Sttllilll. fivt- lvoys tlll tl1t-haskt-thall sttuatl antl mort- sophomort- girls in tht- G. A. A. rt-vue than any other class. tht- group was t-spt-t'ially outstantling in tht- rotlt-o of sports. 'l'ht-y rt-maint-tl thirtl on tht- IltlIl01'1'0ll, thirtl in tht- annual salt-s campaign anti were active in the music tlt-partmt-nts of tht- st-hool. The hack- grouutl for tht- sophoniort- t-lass night stunt entitlt-tl "Sauce for tht- Goslingsu was furnisht-tl hy the tlaisit-s. tlandelions antl t-at-tails. Caught 3llIlIlISI' some of tht- Russian thistles of carelessness a, ft-w mort- mt-ml-ers tlroppt-tl from the group. Itlntt-rin: tht- thirtl lap of their jour- nt-v 130 juniors helped push the wheels t'ron1 tht- miry santl antl t-lt-ar from the spokes tht- santlburrs antl Texas burrs which woultl rt-strain tht- progress of the group. 'l'ht- spokes of tht- third wheel wt-re Ibn-tllt-y Lontleen. Mary Nelson. Mary Alitft- Stt-elsmith, antl Virginia Lor- t-nson. Tht- nt-t'kyokt- a11tl tongue were .loan Hogan antl Bolt XVilson. the drivers Vt-ra Lawt-llin, Maht-I Vinson. Doyle Rrooks. antl I'aul Collins. I-'rom tht- largrt- grub box the Junior- St-nior lvantpit-t was sprt-atl. The them'- "'l'ht- Last Rountl I'p." was appropri- ately t-arrit-tl out i11 footl. thought. antl tlt-t-orations. "Honor liriglitf' a thret- atft t:on1t-tly was tht- first major pro-tlut-tion present- t-tl hy tht- group. Tht- st-t-nes were pre- st-ntt-tl against tht- hat-kgrountl of golden- rotl. phlox antl four-o't'lot'ks hlt-ntletl to- at-ther. ln tlt-I-ate an-tl oration several mem- ht-rs wt-re quite at-tive. A t-lever stunt was prt-st-ntt-tl O11 t-lass night thus entl- ing: another yt-ar, l'rt-paring for tht-ir last antl final rountl-up tht- Vowhoys asst-nil-letl early v in St-ptt-mht-r 1935 to traverse the fi- nal lap of tht-ir journey. St-vt-ral meni- ht-rs tlroppt-tl from tl1t- ranks hy moving away antl st-vt-ral tht- class. nt-w stutlt-nts joint-tl 'l'ht- tlrivt-rs for tht- final year wt-re .I. Earl ltlntlavott. Itlstht-r tjhristxnort-. Kt-nnt-th Rot-k antl Earl Ray. The heatl group were llonaltl spokt-smt-n of the Makins. Rernatlint- Stauts. antl James Ilaugh. lfranvt-s Ht-rsht-y antl Paul Har- ris wt-l't- tht- tongut-stt-rs. The Ieatl ritlt-r was Ralph Mt-Millan. prt-sitlt-nt of stu- tlt-nt t:ount'il. This yt-ar the group helped high st-hool wi11 first plact- in football antl st-contl in music. Several students wt-re outstantling i11 tlebatt-. oration antl ex- tt-mporant-ous speaking. St-vt-ral innovations this yt-ar were an opt-rt-tta t-ntitlt-tl "An Ultl Spanish Cus- tomi' a11tl tht- trip to tht- state musit: t'ontt-st. Tht-ir final stage protlutction was "The Swain." Ilaving reat'ht-tl .more .ft-rtile grrountl hy their thret- yt-ar journey, the IHICICQIUIIIIII provitletl for tht- play was of stfruh oak. sage brush. ynt-t'a antl mes- quite, The lf. lf. A. jutlzing tt-am was 1'UIll- post-tl of st-vt-ral senior mt-mhers. The group were gut-sts of the juniors at the .Iunior-Senior banquet. The last sot-ial t-vt-nt of the yt-ar was the senior pit'nit' May ll. As tht- rt-ins are tlrawn for the last time. a11tl tht- seniors tlt-stft-ntl from tht- I'1'2ll1'I6 St'hooner. tht-y rt-place tht-ir tlusty tfloaks with tvaps and gowns as they enter the perspective of the fu- ture. 7-,,i, , Grads' Land arkers N THE '1'W1I.11111'l' 111 11 111-W 1ll01'11, Il w11g1111 11'11i11 w111'111s its w11y 1111 11111 s1111111 of 1110 111-11:11 I1ivi1l1-. 8111110 111'11i1'i1- sa-111111111-rs 11IlVl1 1111'1-:MY 101111041 H10 T159 111111 111'1- 1lis1111111-111'i11g i11111 the 11ers111-c- 1iv1-. I111w1-v1-1', 11111- 111' 1111- 11111'11v1111 1111s 11111 111-1-11 111111- 111 s111'111111111t the 1111st111:11- 1,-1111f1'11111i11g it. TW11 1'11111's1-s are 11111111 to 1111- 11111'111't111111111 1111111- ski111101's. The-y C2111 1-11111-1' dig 1111-i1' XVEIX 1111'1111g11 the 11111'1'i1-1' 111' 11511111-11 1111- 11111111-11 11f 1111- w11g1111. N111- 111'1l1lVY. thu tw11 111'1Vl'l'S 1'11011S0 1110 19219 Nfl'l'11l1011S 1-11111's1- 111111 111-gin 11111111111i11K 11111 "X11111111-1' Shi." T111- lll1ll1'Sk11l111'1'N 1'X11Zl11N1 1111 oxten- si1'1- Y1l1'2ll1lll2l1'j' 111111 s1-1 111 w111'k. piling 1111- 1-x1-1-ss of 1111- 11111-111-11 i11t11 t111'1-1- gIl'1l111bS. XVll1l'll 11111' 111111-l with the 1111111- 111-'1'S 217. 218. 3111. '1'h1- s1-111111111-1's 1,11-111'i11g1 1h1-s1- 1111111111-rs 111'1- s111w1y 1111111'11111111i11g 1l11'1111g11 1111- s1111111s 111' 111111-. '1'h1- 111111111-1111111111-111 111' 1111- 1'Zl1'1Il1 is 1-111'1'i1-11 1111 i11 111is 1111111111-1': T111- 1111'Q1-1' 111111 1111111- i11111111'11111t i11-111s. f111'1111-1'1y 11NYlll'11 hy 1111- 1-111ss 11s il w111111-. 111'1- 111111-11 1'111'1l1 111 1111- 111111111i11g j1111i111's. 8111311-1'i11g 1111111-1' its wviiillt. 1110 two "ski11111-1's" Il'1l1lSfl'1' Z1 11111: 111111'k1-11 "Sen- i1111 Dignity 111111 111-s111111si11ili1y" 111 1111- first 111111, 111-111'i11,g' 1111- X11111111-1' 'I1T. 111111 1111- s1-1'1111-.l 111-1111 Q11 N1'V1'1'211 1'111'- 111115 111' 11-X1 I11111ks--1111111111 1'111' 1111- S1'2ll'l'1'11 111'S1iS 111' 1111- "s11'11111i11g S111111S.N A 111111 111' 1111- 1l1i1'11 11111' 1'1111sis1s 111' 11 l111'g1- 1111x 1-1111111-11. "'I'h1- S111115' 111111." NY1111'1l is l11'2l1'11K'i11ly 1151-11-ss. '1'h111 is 1111- l11s1 111' 1111- 1-111111111l's111111- 1111x1-s 111111 1'Zl1'101lS. A1'11-1' s1-v1-1'111 1111ys 111' 1ll111'1l-1l1'l'111"11 1'1'N1. 1111- 11111 1111111--ski11111-1's s111'l1111'1l11112'll 1111111i1i1111 111111S1I'i11111l' 1111- 1'111l11wi11,: s11111l1 111'1i1'l1-s 111 1'11n1111111. 1'1111l M111s1- 11-111'1-s il lllilllfllflll 11f 11111- 1'i11 111111s 111 "1li1'11-1111g" K1111x, F1151- S11y111-1' 11-11V1-s 111-1' sw1-1-1 s11111'111111 v11i1'1- 111 111111:1-111- 1ssi11f1'111' 111-111-1' 111' V11i1'1-. .1111'11i1- Alil1'1l1'11 111111 1'11111-l11- 111111111111 11-11v1- 1111111821111 1111-111111'i1-s 111 lllilllj' f1'i1-11'11s, 111111 XVi1s1111 11'ZlY1'S his v11i1'1- 211111 1111- 11111!-2l1Yi111l'11 1'l'11SI1l'1'11Y 111 Vlliltl VRISL'--ill 111111 1'1-11s111-rily is just 11111111111 1111- 1'1'1111111-1'. 111111 IIl'1lS11'j' 11-111'1-s 21 whi11- sw1-1111-1' 111111 Il 1111-1:'11111111111- 111 1111w111'11 11111'-1'is. l'11'11i1- M111's1- 111-11111-111l1s 11is 1111si1111ss 111-1111 111 154111 UW1-11s, K111l11-1'i1111 A113111 11-11V1-s 1111- 11111'1111111g'1- 111' 111-1' 111'41X1lll1fj' 11118. 11. S. 111 T111-1111 1"1S1l1'1'. 1111-z M1111-1' 11l:11s "'1'1111s" 111 111-1' 11:1111-- ing 115' 1111'11w111g 1111- 1PI11'111'11 111' A. 11. S. 1'1lXI1llll 111 1711111111 XVIII1 XVI' 1711111121 Xxvilfl f111'. 151111 Bl2l1'1ll.Y 11-111'1-s his "l2l1i1112u NVHXS 111 s111111-11111- who is11'1' 1111'1-11111 21 1111-11- 1111111111i111-, Phyllis 11111'11'X. 1111ss1-ssi11g 11111111112 11111 11111-11111 111111, 1'1-f11s1-s 111 111111 with 111-1' 111111 1111ss1-ssi1111. 1111111 vi1f1- V1-1's11. I,111'1-111- S111-111'1-1' fj11S1 il ,2'11l11-11igg1-1'J f111's11k1-s 111111113 11-11vi11g 111111 t11 the 11ll'1'- cy llf 11111' 111111 1111 g1'1-g'111'i1111s j1111i111' gals. 1111111ys Iiilllflflllilll 11-111'1-s S11-w111'1 V1-1'- 11kl1-1' 1'1-111111's1-f111 11v1-1' 1l1'l' 111-11111'1111'1-. Dudley 111111111-1-11 11-11V1-s his 111- l'1111-111-1- with 1111- Iilllj' 11-111'h1-1's 111 1'. Iilxlltllt' 11111'111-1'-su 111111 1111 111111 w111 1111 11111e 111 1111111 21 K1-111110 to 111111. 16111111 141111111111 s111'1'11wf1111y leaves thc 111'1lll,LZ'1' 211111 XV11y111- 141'11Wn. Mike 1111- g'1111 11-111'1-s his W1111111-1'f111 j0111'11111is1ic 1111- 1-111 111 l"I'2111l'1S N1-1s1111, Gus Elll1'1'Q', 11111- 11-11- l'X11'2l1lI'4l11l2l1'j'. give-s UNVZIX 1111s111-is 111111 11111-1-1-is of g111111 ll1lf111'0. I1l11y11 Sparks 11111vcs his S111i1111, g:i1'1 1'1'i111111 111 11111 Funk. 1111, y1-1111? 1111111.:- 111s l511w1-11 11111111ws 11 well-l11'11s111r11 111111111- 111111111' 111 f'1l2l1'll1S 111111'ig111. I1'1'llC xI1ll'11l1 11-11v1-S llel' s111'i111 1111si- 111111 111 Blifiillll Ki1111e1'11ick. B1111 M11- 111111111 11-11v11s 11 111111111111',f:15-1' 111111 Rl C1111 111? Vl'1'j' 111111-k 1'1lffl'l' 111 ".1i11s" Ii11l01'11lQ- 11111. 1,11w1'1-111-1- 1101111 11-11v1-s ll 1111'k1-1' 1'1111 111' "1'1111111111' BIl'1'11i11111'S" 11111g11zi111-s 111 1111- 111-x1 11111-111111111. 1'1-t1- 3Iilk1l1S 11-11v1-s 11is 11-11111-1's11i11 111 s1-1111111 11ff11i1's 111 .l':1'l110 NV1-11s, V1-1'111111 Wi1w1-1' 11-11v1-s his 1111111-1' 1-111111- 111 1121111 1'1lG1Zl'1', 111-1'11111 131111-k 11-11v1-s his s11s1-1-111i11i1i1y 111 1'1111i11 1h1'i111-rs 111 111111- 11111 1V1'ig111. 11wi1:h1 141111-si 11-11V1-s 2111 11111 fl111111----A Elllj' 11111 fI1I1ll1'+14l R11y111011'11 XV11i11-. 1,11w1-11 111111v1-1', 111-111111 L1111y, 111111 111-- l111111 I11'll1l1l1'I 11-11v1- W1-11411s1-11 v111111ti1111- 111 11,:1'i1'1111'111'1- 111111ks 111 Mr. A11is1111. w1111 will 11111'1- 3111111 11s1- f111' 1111-111. T111- 111-1i1-f of 1h1-s1- l:111s is 111111 11111s1- who 1-1111 1111. 1111. 111111 11l'S1' wh11 1'1l11'1. t0111'11. sv, 1 -g Q -Q xvilllil .111111-s 11-111'1-s 111111. 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I11-11111-111hi11g '1':111g'1-1- lips 111111 N111y111-11i111- 1-y1-s. 11111 111 1111-11111111 111111111 11-1-111. 111,l11y 1A'1'1v1IlQ'N1'k'1l 111111 1'11,1'11is K1lL'1l'1', 131-1'11:1'1'111-S1:1111s11-111'1-s A. 11, S. lll11l- IIN 11111- "111-1'11 2111111 s111111-111." l:1'111'l' 111-- 1111v1-11 111111 S111 11111'11-11 11-111'1- fxvll lllll1'l1- 11s1-11 1'1-11111-z1'1111s 111 .11111i111' I':llSX1'1P1'11l 111111 1.1111'1'1-111,-1- 111111111-s. N1-11i1- 111'2l1111'.1' 111111 3111111-1 I':1'1'tf'l1i'S l1-11v1- 1w11 XVUII-1'll1'YY1'4l 111'-111-i1s 111 Miss 11111-s. 1111111 N1P1'1tll1 11-11V1-s 11l'l' 11111-111- 11s11i11111i1111s 111 Ulggl XVg111giuS, R2l5'I1111l1'.1 Yllll Si1'k1-1 11-11v1-s his 1111is- 11-1'1111s 1111111111-is 111 111111 S111-111'1-1'. .111111-1 M1111-1' 111111 I,111'1111 1.1-111111111 11-11v1- 1111-i1' 11111111 11111ks 111 1.i11i1111 II1111111111'1-ys 111111 11Zlix11111-111 XVI11'11l'1l11. S11111 I'111's1111s 11-111'1-s 11111 1111- 211111 21 1111i1' of s11s111-11111-1's 111 K11llj'1111 1'hi1i11s. A1111-1111 I.111's1-11 111111 HilI'1'1CI Har- LI1'l'1l1'l'S 11-11v1- loads of love t11 1111 their 1l'Il1'1l01'S. I'. S. S11 11116-S A1'z1-111 S1-xt1111. M111'i1111 111111 HRl1'Tj' T111111 11-11v11 111-111' 11111 A. 11. S. f111' 5:0011 this ti1111-. 1"1'11111-1-14 11111's11e-y 111-11111-11t11s 21 11111111111 111' ll01'llS ffl 11111 11111111 111111' 111-111111.21-11 111 1111- s1-1111111 1111yW11yJ. Al21X1lll' Bislmp le-111'11s 1111- v1-ry s11'1111- 111111s j11I1 of 1-11iti11g noxt j'1'1l1"S 11111111111 111 1111- s111111-111 who is 01111111110 1-1111111111 1,0 11111111111 11. A111111-1 M1-11111' leaves 111-1' "1111s1- for 111-ws" 111 A111-110 Bevan. 11111'11111 If1'2l11 f111',Q1-ts 1111- 1111'11y 11x- 1'11s1- 111- 11s1-11 1111 1111- s1-1111111 y1-111' 11111 if 111- 11111 1'1-1111-111111-1' it. 111- w1111111 11111' i1 111 Viv A111-11. 1:1'1'111'llil B1111g1-1'11-1' 111111 1,11111'11 I'I,:1:11-- s11111 11-111'1- 1111w11111' 111111 1111 1'1111g:1- 111 noxt 11-1111's girls' s1-xte-tt1-. 11211 A111s1111111:11 11-11v1-s his l111ske-1111111 11111yi11g: 11l1i1i1y 111 l71I1l11'1. "Ii1'11i11s," B11g111'1. '1'h1- 1h1'1-1- 1xl'XZ11lS. R11111-1'1 111'i1.:gs. 1111- 1'i'11 111-1-s1-. 111111 P11111 I'Iil1'1'1N. 11-11v1- s1-1'- l'I'i1l 1111i1's 11f s11111's. 21 111-1'k1-1'1'11i1-f, 111111 El 1111141115111 11f B111't'1ll11lf 11111111-1-11 111 I11-1'- 11111'11 Vfdlflllilll. 11111111111 11111'1.:1'1-111'1-s. 111111 111111g111s B1'11w11. 111-n1-vi1-1'1- M1-N1111 11-11v1-s Il 111111k 1-11- 11111-11. "1111w 111 110121111 T11111 Hirlish 1"ig:111'1-" 111 1111- s1'h11111 1i111'111'y. 11111-11111 11'1111s11111 11-111'1-s his 1'1-s1-111- 11111111'1- 111 1'l2l1'k 1111I111- 111 1'1111'k 11111111-. XY11I1 A111-1' 111111 1'11111 M1-11g:1-s 11-:11'1- 1111-11' 11Il111'111g' :1I1i1ity 111 11'1'1111k 1'111'k1-1 111111 111111 A111111-1'. ll1'1'1P1'1'1 111-11 211111 11111201111 1'111'1'1111 11-1111- l1l1'11' :111111-111' 11l'17ll11I11'1l1'1' 111 1.111'1'y 1'1l1'- 1is. 11111111ks 11i1111s 11-11v1-s 11is 111'111'il11 111 1111111111 111111z1-11111111. 161111111 11111111 11-111'1-s 11is v111'i1111s girl i1111-1'1-sts 111 141'111'1- S2l1'l'. xxV1'l1 I'1N111'l1llEIll 11-111'1-s his kill 111'11111- 1-1' 111 "111-111 11is 111111'-' with 1111- girl 1'1'i1-1111. 111111 Funk 11-111'1-s 21 1'1111 11is1111 111111 Il 11111s1i1-1111-11 11111t1'h 111 K1-i1h 1111s1-. Wi11111'11 Ifll1'l1l'I11' 11-111'1-s M1-1v11 11211131- 111111 111 11:1l1- N11s11 11111'i11g g11-1- 1-11111 h11111's. 1'h111'11-s 1'i11k1111111 11-111'1-s s1-1'1-1'111 11i11- LI'1'1llllS 1111 80111111 11'11v1-s i11 1'1'11f1-ss111' 1'111- lins' w11s11- 1111sk1-1. 1111111113 1111- j1111i1111's 1'1111 11I11l1'1'Sf1l1l11 f1lOl11. l'11l1111N 4'21ll'1. 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A1111 111s1 111111 11-11st, those two 11111 1111111' Nk11l1ll'11S, F1'1111k Pcatling 211111 Ross 11111111-s, 11-11111 21 very 111111 1-11s1- of w1'i1- 111'-N l'1'2l1lll1 111 1111- ty111-w1'i1111' 1111 which 11111' w1'1111: this. RUSS HAYNICS FRANK PEATLIXG. 1Vi1111-ss1-sz MORSE AND REMORSE. Lassoing the Future NUI! ALLEN W ILSUSJ IC HAVE just vloswl ilu' film-s of Ulll' of the most sf-nsalinnal and iblll-Nlillllllllg' my VIRGINIA vlmlilfixsfrx AND !Ia.vm's. Ul'lll'1' Ilvllavf-11 and Uurfis .I+1n1- We now lmmwn mmm om- uf the must V ' V f'V.V Ullffll' HH' l'f'4'lll Will! HH' ffllflwl. 1H'iTllllill'l'IlSl'NOf thv1-vlvlrrariml. 'll lll- UIUN1 Nf'1lN'1l'l"lW. ill filvf. H10 NQHUSI- volvvs six Ill'0lllllllllll and 4lm'f'1-f'1iV4- fam- lll'fll'U"l UT' HH lIlf'll"'l1f'lll' Olhlll' lllllll J. ilivs. Nvlllllllvl' 11111' is Mr. and Mrs. Doug'- lflarl l':Il1l1lf'0lI, mio of our 1-lass sponsor-sl his Howl-11 fgjnxjml mN1,,,I,p, M,-I Huw- TIHN' 'NWN HW' "1'f1lfU"S" IWY lliNl"1'.V sill is a p1'o1'c-ssimlal lulNl1-Vilkl' valm' am rvsvarfrli afivinpfs in lllNf0l',V. W0 are I'0fU1'l'll1,2' to the case of "tho class uf TMS," 1'us0:l1'f'l1erl by IlU1'Ol1S0ll and XVil- son, i11vQst'ig'alors of ls-gal criniv. II' happens like this. Tho ,L2'l'Zl4lllilflll,2' rlass is llnldiugr its cfmmvellfioll May 13 Io frrelvlrlvlfo the llappy mfrfasioli of thir- iy years lwforo NVIIOH it 00111111014-fl lhv tirc-sumo j0lll'IlK"j' across thu plains ot' A. H. S. Ifnfortuziaroly. it falls un Fri- day. 1f011 Makius furnislivs his sani- l,2ll'll1lll for the hanqllci. Makius is ilu- lllllll01l2lll't' who lwvaiuu crazy lfroin crmiifiiigr his rlimfas iu glue vluh and is now a pativrit in his own hospital. lflacvh Qll0Sf is aiinoumrml by XVilla1'4l H111-110110, who Iwlivvvs lllIIlSt'lf the hut- lvl' as in lla- .luiiiori and Senior plays. l"rv4l fslEll'4llH'l' is flu- ll1'Jltl waifor. fm' lm is thu lriggw-sr flat-hvafl of rhv QVUIIIP and van fl10l'K'f0l'0 1-arry nmrv trays. llis as- sislaills arv Ruin-1'r Griggs, l'alll Harris and David Rm-csv. Tha- grrulr is safm- siuf-0 they 1l01l'l' liko H10 1lUl'l'l1OI'll "lll"'ll-fillll- tin" food. Ifl'ffll'C tlw billlillltll. wo 1ll'l'JlllQ'l'll for thc Ul'Uf0Q'fl0I1 of Makius by oulislillg as lNNlj'QIllill'4lS. lValr Akor. lfllrlrwl XVoolVc1'ton and Ralph McMillan. "l'vtv" is 00IlSf2ll1fl.V lonkvrl aftor by Arlc-no Vlark. and sinvv ,l'lll,2'0lll' is iiisanvly joallmls. wv Ihouglxi, it' would iw lmttvr lo pr4rfvf:t, him. "Burl" is of lltilv Valllu, lH'ff2XllSl' his uyvs aw vilfiw-ly on his wifv, Mabel Mellor, 130lXVt'1'Il rhvm illoy l'll11 thu untill sirlo of Solanum known as tho rrriiglim-st oi' Alvilvm- sull- lll'lPS. NValf and Iilfliwl arc' llllI'Nl'l'.Y l'll.Ylll0 l'l'0flllll'N of rhv larvsl all-signs. Tho Murso boys. famous for rhvir book, "Huw to Raise Qlllllfll1llt'lN." arm- guesfs of mlislioimr. At, thu foot of the table is a vavam-y. lt was loft to lmnm' .lamos ,lIaug'h. class l'l'0iISlll'kFI', who took all Ihu class funds and got, by with it but die-4l of wm- svim-iivo trouble. b Af this timo Leroy Fraiikliii. vight- ,vc-ar athletic: man at nhl A. ll. S.. ap- pears at' the floor with a if-l0g'1'an1. llv is a Wvsteru Ullifill boy now. He h2lSl1'I sllavvd for 25 years and is vn11stantl,s' wetting bruised up froin falls on his hi- 1-ycflu vause-41 hy his ll9ilI'tl'S tangfliiig' in tho spokes. The t,0l0g'1'am is from lfzlym- Nll,VllK'l'. lt roads, "Unable to lm ilu-rv stup l-Says You 11111011 for me stop-iwr you S the boys sfop Love Faycfl Uh, yvs, Faye is 1'll11I1l1l5I a boys' finishing scflimpl in Vliicago, Hel' two favnrirv pu- pils are I1fll'l',V and Marion Todd. Au vxcfolloiit dinnor is sf-1'V0rl. Thu cuoks for this g1'2l1lll affair are two of mu' old side-kicks, Eugenc- Carroll and Ilorlmrii Bell. l50I'W1'0ll the first aufl sc-voml ffuursvs. sincv tlwrv was Jloflling: lrvrivl' llarvvlrl llall sang :1 Solo. The saliilarillm lu-mips good vggs and no foinatoos. so Ihv rvsr uf tho guvsts allow him ru finish. un- l0Ill'll0il by human fruits. Than COITIPS tho first big thu evening. Leland L011l1a1't', Ross surpriso of Nl'Il1lOIlfS. and do all his 1lll'l.Y wm' 2 's vi'- so :lumix thai slrm- van vm lx hi x If is mt Sitting' ai tho falrlv nf' llUll1Pl'ill'l' Mar- only ff, fl-11, M'ill'l'f aml hlaflys Kauffman. ilu- Vnfff-v lwius. who 1lUl'f0l'lll on llw Slmwlmal Mr. and Mrs. Sam I'arsm1s arc- trap- vzv arlisrs: Sam 1-air-hvs lf--'l'ZlHll'l' hor. ' "' 'I . . . PWPJ lm' . Mrs. l'1ll'SI7lIS IN flu- f'Ul'llll'l' l'lmoln- llill- Arfruss thu ralrlv is lflel An1slral1g'l1. vw- mlm UN Vvrmm ufilwm, Img hm . A ., .. arm' of thi- voum- strip, "Tho Skllmf'-V lrliuls full 'ill flu- firm- Nlrs NVilwm-1 l'Zllllll,V. H0 got hls imlva frmn Mr. am! ix 1114- furinm' Bviwlpilgl lgm1m.l.,m,. .Vor- Mrs. N:1,x'l1m114l Van Sivlir-l, lla-sta Lou lVvlsllJ. Mr, aurl Mrs, Yau Nivkl-l arm- umi is an lf'0lIl!1ll. '- lll fiml flw most annular and . . . . . l a IPl'0lllllll'llf fannly 111 C'lm'a:o. and Hay ui I H I I X H Ill! ' I is a pl'UfG'SNlflllJll llail'-koi-pf1'-ham-k - '. asf a4lm'in,g' volmlm- prvsl-nt. Mr, am Mrs, lillgvllo f'Ult'lllJll1 ffzl0llflUl'il Nasl1.J I" ll "g'tlkl'1 ".l 'l fi' "il 0 mmm H fum! mmm L Xu I Mr. and Mrs, Lloyd Sparks fAllllil sln-r1'y, lhv llllll0l'illlll' jR0ll1'l'l' lavhly. mayor ot' llflilllllk, gin-s a short ilCf'0lllll ul' our las! lm-ufing' on May IIC. liliili. Tllv first' lllllllllbl' on Ilw lll'fl,2'l'ilIll is a platinum lnlunfl lllillll trio. 4'0lllll0St'Il of "I"l,v-trap" BlIlf'lll'll. "Ki4lrlm"' Simil- Nlllllll, "I'M11'ilitis" llurlvy. "H,vstv1"' Phillills illlil "'l'lmrns" l'a!l4-rsmi. whn sing' "'l'lw Ya-ars Ho 'Ruunrl and 'l'h4-,V arv Jl1'i'UlllIHlllll'1l by 1xl'0llll'll..' Sylvan f9a1'lvl1's fm-lic-s!1'a. "'l'l1s- Hill HUill'4lN." ' Thu nvxr numlwr is an amlajiu flaun- bv ,V , b xl Axlqls "" 'I W - ' . 5 1 1. , xg I V z . . 'f' 4, Q . kv its lay Mary lfllixalwill Millvl' aurl Iiylaml Sm-atou. This tl-am jHll'l'UI'lllK'fl for Sai'- gvanr lflarl Ilay's amati-ur 1ll'lJQ'l'illll. A play is 1ll'l'Sl'llf01l lay Ruth Mary Nvlsun and Alla-rf Nvlson, famous play- wrilc-s. l"l'2llli't'N llc-1'sl1e-'V is tho sponsor nf thu play. Shu gut lll"l' lravkiug' fl'01Il thu UXVIIUI' of rhv lil-rslloy Ulnwolsntu Co. Thl' last llllllllllll' vm Ihv 1ll'0jl'l'illll. illlll this sm'p1'isc of rho 4-wziirigg is tlw mai'- riago of Miss Hsilu-1' f'lll'lSflIl0l'K'. who was hit by Sliflllg' i'c-vm: to Mr. Kou- llvfll lim-k. who has ar last llll'l10'il 1lL1'2llllNI tllv Ill'llli'lIPli'S ol' lrzxrllvlrwlllmcl. Iiuriiamliiiv Slams and Dan lfllllli. who arc fZllllUllS upura singers, sing' softly, "A-xlU1l0." during rho wwilioiiy. Thv lwrillo wvars a Q'l'01'1l satin gown 4lvsig'11vrllwy Joan Hogan, who is a lll't'SSlllilk0l' in .lllflllNll'.V, Kansas. Afrox' tho C'Ql'l'lllUl1j', Harold "SlI2'2ll"' Kean, owner of the Kean Sri-amship Lines. offurs thv lll2ll'l'l0il vouplo a frm,- wuwlfliug trip to Pita-airn lslanrl, of "Mutiny I 1 Dnnalw or at Co. .Iauvi 1-ializiug' in male lwari froulrlo, l'l2',2'll'NlUIl and Orville limi: 01 the iouufyw famv. l Hensley is thc vuspifloi' vlvau- tho M. XV. Van Usclul Heal Estan- Millvi' is a floc-ini' aurl is sph- lyaura haw- lawn happily lll:ll'1'l01l and are liv- I.al1l'a's parm-nts ar Ihr- prvsi-nl. lhv past, and lll'0lHllll.Y will in ing' with hawk U1 the future. Mau Noizmcvlmlcl havv a dats- lPlll'l'Zlll. and arc wry prospf-1-mis, Mr. Ur-mi Sam is an 1-xport of a pw,-uliar 2ll'l'. llc is a laxillvriiiisl and has lu-vii stuffing' his wifi- for yours. iivtfiug' lravk fu Ihre SIUIQY. wv l'i11fl fhv mvn g'all14-1'wl 2ll'0llll4l a ralvlv rvll- ing ol' Ihr-ii' 1llZll'l'l04l lifu aml playing "Old Maid." Tin- womvii arrl playing' "craps" at aimrlim' lablv in Ilw oppositi- f?UI'll0l'. f'll3ll'll5N .pllllillillll is :lm jllNll4'l' ui' Ihre 1w:u'1- in Ualivo f'Ulllll,V. XYlll'l'PYl'l' thai is. 1'lll'iIll01' Ifldwarrls. his wifv. is lla- Nlll'l'lfl'. IIIOZ Alillor is an invalid. Shi' ff-ll in lovv with 1'l:x,V!mi f'Ul'lllilf1li who lvfl lwr. This bmlw hm' lwarr and shv has11'I nwvml sinm-. Arm-la Sm-xlmi. Mal'.irn'ic- Sharp and Y0l'llt'll0lll' Scliwvilflvlivi' havv at las! 0411110 iulo ilu-il' own. 'l'l1vy t'll1'Zlff'1l Thv S. S. S. our of their prmlm-Is and llavv lw11vI'ilwl fl'HIll il in lllUl'l' ways than mn-. Tllvy still usv thu illoflw. 'kllakvs you fvvl likm- 'V4llll'SK'lf again." :XHIIOS llaslnllvr is a l1lll'Ul' imlivillual. Slick runs 2ll'UIlll4l XVl"2ll'lll2' lrlavk aunl Q'l'l'K'll vlotlliug. 'Phu only way wa- van vxplain il' is that mluriiig' Thv u1wl'c'rt:L givou in 1936, sho foll in lnvu with mm of rho casl, and lic iloseilwl hor, just liku all ll'lNlllllK,'l1 flu, To Ill'llNl'l'Vl' 1111- lll1'lllUl"V of the SllU1'f 1'm11:l11m'v shv wvars rlw g'l'l'l'11. and the lrlavk is fm' tho llllIlll'llll1g' uf hx-1' lust luvvr. Wv haw- now spent a finv K'Vl'l1llly' of rvinmnlfranc-vs and ovoigvuiil- has oiijuy- oil liimsvlf lllllll1'llS1'lX. but all grrml things must um! N0llll'lll1ll'. aunl rhis is ihv 1-ml of this. XVhil4- all rho guosls slaufl al' altoutiou. Avvu IfSlll'llllEII1 aucl fh'l'fllfl Black play "Taps," and rho ow- ning' is 0Vi'l'. that is until Ilan Makias raises himsulf i'1'm11 his lll'lll'llll1l aml asks that tho 1'1'opl1ucy that we wrote hack in 1936, bu read. llc walls upon Avis Klovoi' to road it. Whou it is fiuisliml, rm pwrplo aw ou us likv wulvc-s and flv4'i1l0 to do away with us. IIONVUVUIQ wo said that Tliuy slmulfl spare us as an oxamplu to any- uiw vlsi- who is dumb 011011211 to think Ilwy 1-an Irmlrlivsy what flu-ir friends fwe- lmpwl will lm doing' iu 111112. two. fivv. or rc-11 years in lhu fllllll'4'. l'Ivvl'y- om- Illl'll lvavvs tho Sil1llfill'llllll and gfws lllllllk' and liws happily uvcr after!

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