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iikf 3. . -, ..,- .,,q,. . -A ,1 - 1- . . . . ., - UH .tif 3 . 1 1 S J . !!'! 0113 c W A ' ,L 'iv Nils- -4 V .gffg-., 1 - - l 1 41f'x .Z I 'i' fwg w!fNH4L5 1 , '?' FLAQHLIGHT '73 VoL46O Abilene High School Abilene. Texas Wendg Laihrop, Ediior Go placidly amid The noise and hasTe, and remember whaf peace There may be in silence. As Tar as possible wiThouT sur- render, be on good Terms wiTh all persons. Speak your TruTh quieTly and clearly: and lisTen To oThers, even The dull and ignoranT7 They, Too, have Their sTory. Avoid loud and aggres- sive persons, They are vexa- Tions To The spiriT. IT you com- pare yourselT wiTh oThers, you may become vain and biTTerg Tor always There will be greaTer and lesser persons Than yourselT. Enjoy your achievemenTs as well as your plans. Keep inTeresTed in your own career, however humble: iT is a real possession in The changing TorTunes oT Time. Exercise cauTion in your busi- ness aTTairs: Tor The world is Tull oT Trickery. BUT leT This noT blind you To whaT virTue There is: many persons sTrive Tor high ideals: and everywhere liTe is Tull oT heroism. Be your- selT. Especially, do noT Teign aTTecTion. NeiTher be cynical abouT love: Tor in The Tace oT all aridiTy and disenchanTmenT iT is perennial as The grass. Talce lcindly The counsel oT The years, graceTully surrendering The Things oT youTh. NurTure sTrengTh oT spiriT To shield you in sudden misTorTune. BuT do noT disTress yourselT wiTh imag- inings. Many Tears are born oT TaTigue and loneliness. Beyond a wholesome discipline, be genTle wiTh yourselT. You are child of The universe, no less Than The Trees and The sTars: you have a righT To be here. And wheTher or noT iT is clear To you, no doubT The universe is unTolding as iT should. -l'hereTore be aT peace wiTh God, whaTever you conceive Him To be, and whaTever your labors and aspiraTions, in The noisy conTusion of liTe lceep peace wiTh your soul. WiTh all iTs sham, drudgery and broken dreams, iT is sTill a beauTiTul world. Be careTul. STrive To be happy.-"DEsiDERATA" 2 lnTroducTion X. ' Cjfggmqpf !7U5 .ZEZMQ ,W 70066 gram JAM! aw 6224555 qi, Qjflpgm Aga! ww AOSXQQXZLQZQ fneyfi ,gmc 4541666 05 gzvzdlfiwgy QQZAF WMS 7172072417 026977 if 67 QQ fW29c1!Of09'5. CCB. 'cw MM, ff-02055 0,56 QMQJMQQQQMQ f WWW A ggygyqpiiiwmf Ml 2 ff! 40772774 J! Olen Frazier, Sally Sfrader, Mr. Max Irwin, Jena Bodine, Dana Greene. Joe Moore. Lx' -5- . "Desidera+a" ..... .. Facuilry and Academics ... and Orqamzafions .. Aflwlefics CONTENTS ..4 STuden+ Life ............. I6 .56 .86 I56 ....I94 ..........254 lim, Ofvff Ovvbf? JMML :may MW, ..-.0g,Lnm4 lub 'KC'-'vxf -fpx.n,1.wcyL?! ,Aj-GLM - 'D h'-Q V- ,C jqga , Jyxovx. QJWAL vom-L i .U it "fig WA EDHLQ, 'yV0'-'L!aQ.O- 3 ssc! '13.Q,v. f1'k.K5,p'v:fy1,,Md. W 24,4 WW. '44, gm F Mil lnfroducfion-3 Go placidlg amid ihe noise and hasle and remember whai peace fhere mag be in silence. Mr. Bill Spencer and llwe Eagle Band yi, 'LU omg wif ve M 4 , ku? 'VL S, I 5, 5 5 M ., ,F ., ff -+, K 4 ,R x , ,, A 'sgjailfv ,,l :,y Q- EJ' if ' 4 - 9 ' 1 I an .A Randy Sfricklancl, lsial1Gindral+, Joseph Flores As far as possible wilhoul surrender be on good lerms wilh all persons. "Desidera+a ' '-5 Mrs. Marie Denham, Be-HW Lehmann , , i fb 'u e h 4, I in 4 , , us, K ago 9 W xi. 4 ' a 1 9 0 Au .W I L. .Q y Vernon. Lamar Davis, Bob Ellis, Jimmy Sfronq M Louis Franklin, Ni+a Houlihan. Gigi War+ers ,l Speak gour +ru+h quieilg and clearly: Iisien +o oihers . . . fheg. ioo. have iheir Sforg. "Desid era+ Enjog your achievemenls as well as your plans. Q Keep inieresied in gour own career. however humble: if is a real possession in +he changing foriunes of +ime. 5 Lynn Hall "Desidera+a You are a child of fhe universe, no less fhan fhe irees and ihe siars: gou have a righi io be here. Kay Humphreys xo .. . Y 4 i'x I Mike Young. Roger Love, Karen Gilmer, Alma Pink. Wendy La+hrop yu'- And wheiher or noi ii is clear io gou. ihe universe is unfolding as if should. Denae HamleH "Desidera'ra Be gourself: Especially, do noi feign affeclion. Neilher be cgnical aboul love: for in lhe face ol' all aridifg and disenchanlmenl if is perennial as ihe grass. Marla Wadley ,, ,, N 42 ,, W ' 4 W , M , I lf ,. lfff 1. '. 2 X , V, F, K N , ,, E , WV A , L W 5 , 3,3-f,f4,ln1,- " I M , H -, , 'A 4 Q1 7l"'E, t , My ,., ' "h"'v1 3 if 1 xg ' 'wggzfff' N 4 L1 M Joan and David Tolberv Coach Blackburn and Dee Dee Hamilfon "Desidera+a ,MwM,, o JUWJCQQMJLQJ XLQQJJWALLJ Mfqjljy OJ qj' u .Www WW M gig Wjwigcm QNMJOLU' -PWOMLJQ WW' e CQWVWQ Therefore be ai Cfwjbj peace wiih God whaiever you conceive Him io be. X Z1ocU,fJf!'1mJ6 W f WWW fe me I4--"Desidera+a" I 1 Q 5 fi!" 'Nm . ENN -,A "Desidera+a"-15 STUDENT LIFE , w Qpjagqw M...,gff'3" " "'uf TKFJ 'f' ,551 Xff ' u 'bf wh f X K . . . .Q-.A bd-u f pg- f gwusr Tum ! " 1, X!-rv ' Vfv "" -.,.' , ' mx ' ' , V. .LM - M ,f 4 .A fgzf-QW? I sl A . n pau xt ' "A' ' ails' A -f'f'c""r .l I ' d vr ' , Mr X 'A ' ' f" U , -- ' ,-,-M-4,.,.' , t, . fizw 'lu-f-g.m.,..,,1 -Q ,f:.:,, , 4 x 1'3'x-I 4 , , ,,,N -JM Q I , Wtgfzxmlf , A Lian- 1 mf- . M ':lf"'7'.-5:-' .i ',gf'L'-Ksnvnfgb "'H2r- "M ff' Hf.,.,.L.,, aff' ww , ,477 Q5 if 1 ' 'X 'F W 1, . wg. ik K AI-IS ls Slepping Slone lo Our Fulure Encounrer and reponse, ren- sion and sensi+ivi+y, ioy and fears-all are a par? of +he feelings lhaf make up our high school lives. Enlering as sopho- mores wifh new hopes and fears, we encounier a new range of sighls and sounds. As juniors, we come To know bef- Jrer The old fensions and ioys, as well as +o experience new ones. As seniors, we look back, while again we look ahead. We have many experiences before us, buf hopefully our backgrounds ar Abilene High will have helped us grow lo meer Jrhem. Audiforium X' vs . min Wil? Q new W., immgf The Courfyard 1 1 The Eagle Gym and Champ 3-F-ew, ilttffi' Involved in cheerleader Tryouls is Theresa Wurschmidl. . .A+ 'rhe end of spring, bare lee? became a more and more lreguenl' sigh+ . . . Prepar- ing for commencemenl exercises al The Taylor Counly Coliseum, a I972 senior lakes a lasl minufe look . . . Team compelifion. good food. and a day from school fulfilled a fradilional evenf for '72 seniors. 20-S'ruden+ Life Spring . . . For many al Abilene l-ligh, spring marked The beginning ol new experiences as well as The end of old. Sfepping our and heading in new direclions were almosl 550 gradualing seniors. Mr. Webb, principal for I7 years, le1C+Al'lS fo Take a posilion in planning second- ary cirriculum for Abilene Pub- lic Schools. Flashlighls and Aquilas were presenlecl To lhe sludenls in assemblies. Deserv- ing s+uden+s received Gold "A" 's and alhlelic awards. ,W ' s. G., 4 .mg ,W- fw N w 1 -rv 10-'9 Honor graoluales Marilyn Kolly and Debbie Bounds wail oil sfage for lhe beginning of fhe I972 final farewell assembly . . . Taking his furn al bat Clinl Thomas, disiricl 5 AAAA's mos? valuable player iwo years in a row. helped Abilene High malce bi- regional . . . Abilene High Schools '72 Aquila, The liferary magazine, had a cover which represen+ed vari- ous Types of li+era+ure. 22-S+uden+ Life .fl i 3 ,ii - wb wwg s K 'x g L " ff: IWW Sfudenf Elecfions Highlighf End of Year Springfime meanf closing ouf fl'1e year wiffi assemblies. Flashlighfs were delivered fo sfudenfs and faculfy in May of I972. Presenfafion of Aquilas were also done in May. Elec- fion of cheerleaders and Sfu- denf Council officers were faken care of before flwe sclwool year came fo an end. Volunfeers from sfudy fiall readily assisfed in moving 83 boxes of I972 Flashlighfs info flwe building for dis- fribufion fo sfudenfs and feaclners . . . Sfudenf Council fiopefuls con- gregafe behind sfage awaifing fheir furn fo make a campaign speeclw , . . Assisfing Judy Griffin, edifor, Mr. Escoe Webb revealed flue fion- ored feacfiers in flie '72 Flashlighf. Sfudenf Life-23 Bicycling was a hobby for many AHS sTudenTs, among Them was RoberT King . . . ReTreshmenT Tor Debbie Elkins during a momenT of summer relaxaTion is The ever popu- lar ice cream cone . . . Eagle Squad members Joseph Flores and JeTT Hill help wiTh The upkeep oT Champs cage by puTTing on a Tresh coaT oT painT . . . STudenT Council members hosTed The TaculTy waTermelon TeasT during orienTaTion weelc. 24-STudenT Life Summer. . . Summer arrived and wiTh iT came opporTuniTies Tor a change oT pace aTTer a year oT school liTe. For some, iT was a Time OT relaxaTion, wiTh vaca- Tions and days OT sleeping laTe. For oThers, iT meanT sum- mer iobs To help in gaining experience or To provide money Tor spending or saving. Never really leaving The idea of school acTiviTies behind. oThers aTTended seminars, workshops, and convenTions. 5 .. i 'ii I A f-.. X , ,A ,, W Q V ,-L ' .yawn f.,, . i fs W fy Q ' J, W' W , ' .M 3,3 fffigvi Q, Sfudem' Life-25 Augusl I8 lni+ia+ion Involved Sophs Seniors Becky Scales and Sky Mos- man label Eagle name lags for soph- omores lo wear al fhe sophomore- senior lea , . . Seniors spoon feed sophomores al fhe annual summer ini+iaTion , . . Mr. Jacks. represenla- Hve from Newslolo Yearbooks. shows Wendy Lafhrop and Carolyn Glenn how To plan 'rhe I973 Flash- lighl al Angelo Slale Universily. 26-Sludenl Life 9x ,Q SA W -,-,,". l S 'V Summer busied Al-TS sTu- denTs and TaculTy in readying Tor The '72-'73 school year. QrienTing sophomores inTo The ways and wiles oT high school girls, senior girls sTaged The sophomore iniTiaTion and Sen- ior Tea. Teachers Tound Time To replenish Their supply sTocks and gaTher more inTormaTion, while many sTudenTs were employed in summer iobs. FaculTy members oT The science deparTmenT unpaclc supplies To be used during The '72-'73 school year . . . Working during The school year and inTo The summer, ICT sTudenT Randy STriclcland learns The business OT a meaT marlceT NaTional lv1eriT Award SemiTinalisT, Rob Spil- ler demonsTraTes how To use a gyro- scope. STudenT l.iTe-27 Sky Mosman and Becky Scales cha+ while awaiTing The morning bell . . . Singing "SouThern Man". Dan EasT- burn adds his TalenT To The AHS choir producTion, Campus Review '72 . . . "MighTy" seniors '73 ponder over The Two poses oT senior group picTures Trom which To choose . . . Head cheerleader Jarilyn ScoTT and mascoT Dee Dee l'lamilTon lead The sTudenT body in The vicTory yell. 28-STudenT Life Fall. . . By Tall, The '72-'73 school year was in Tull swing. STudenTs were involved in a varieTy oT acTiviTies, one oT which was Campus Review '72, puT on by AHS Choirs. Nine clubs par- TicipaTed in The second annual 4 Sing-Song. ChrisTian Club received TirsT place in club compeTiTion. Senior class was TirsT in class compeTiTion while sophomores won cosTume. FooTball caused an air oT exciTemenT, also. -1, , 3, fx Q ,, B., IU 'J king" ' 1 , xff, 'fl ry X. "xxx K V , w5q.,.t, in ,I-. Q - ,ifzimgrkj signal, Vfs' Q 5 ' ' 4 "' 9 H hi M A nv 'L 1 .U gg, 7' ?, L' -Y clullnhi 'L ' A " , 2 g,, ' ,L "' h .r-L. A m 'mg' "By ' "' "ks - ". ... f"' -fvn:.s.." Wk 'J "fl!f"f-3 'Wf5i l? Pam DuVall and Brenda Palmer Sfudenf Life-29 Principal Bill Graves welcomes slu- denls 'ro Abilene High in an opening assembly . . . Dixie Gowler and Debbie Maylwall inspecl 'flue lirsl edi- fion of +l1e BaHery for flue I972-'73 year . . . Checking oul lexfbooks is parl of beginning school for anoflwer year. 30-Sludenf Life Hin 1 613' Jigs? W"i'QN 'w3:ft7'. f'g'11ii in xipvfi A-.9 '-, PM I . :rx Sf: - 4 vip X Q , i.. ' Y' :sh 'S ff' Q 4 ,x UQ! by Choirs Chilly Tall winds did noT slow The pace oT acTiviTies aT AHS. Campus Review, direcTed by Mr. Danny Hood in OcTober, provided an evening oT musi- cal enTerTainmenT and also helped The choir raise money. AHS concerT and mixed choirs as well as The Lincoln Junior High girls choir parTicipaTed. Open house was hosTed by The ParenTs' Club and l:aculTy To acquainT parenTs wiTh AHS. ln early November. iuniors anTici- paTing Their senioriTy ordered Their class rings Trom STar Engraving Company. ffl .Q .H . T Nancy Runyan. Taina Curry and Theresa Wui'shmidT rehearse Tor Their number in Campus Review '72 Homemalcing sTudenTs Charla Dieckman and Lee Large helped pre- pare reTreshmenTs Tor Open House during American EducaTion Weelc . . . Filling ouT an order blank Tor senior rings is iunior. Sue Buckley. STudenT LiTe-3 I Gigi Named I972 Homecoming ueen l"lalT-Time acTiyiTies oT The homecoming game were high- lighTed by The crowning oT Gigi WarTers as The '72-A73 Homecoming Oueen. She was chosen by The sTudenT body aTTer The presenTaTion oT The Top Three nominees, including Jena Bodine and Julie Ouigg. Sing Song provided a zesTy lciclcoTT Thursday beTore The game. wiTh lively enTerTain- menT Trom sTudenTs and Tac- ulTy. To boosT spiriT, The NHS sold brighT gold balloons. The homecoming game was played againsT Odessa Permian on OcTober I3. lsiah OindraTT and Regina SmiTh were Two of The Tive hosTs and hosT- esses aT The second annual Sing Song . . . Four guiTarisTs and a TluTe player helped To seT The baclcground music Tor ChrisTian Clubs Sing Song number "We Are One in The SpiriT" . . . Gigi WarTers, escor+ed by sen- ior class presidenf Guy Rosser was crowned I972 Homecoming Queen aT The Odessa Permian TooTball game. 32-STudenT l.iTe iisss. Miss Nicole Boullier, a nafive of France. spoke +o Mrs. Jones' sixfh period French class aboul life in France . . . During POW week. sponsored by AHS s+uden+ council, Brad Osner sells a POW bracele+ +o Mr. Hood Mike Sfallings reserves a I973 Flashligl-1+ from homeroom represenfalive David Bridges. S'ruden+ Life-3 3 Following +he banquet held al' fhe Slarliie Inn, foofball was pu'r aside for anolher sea- son and Eagle inferesf lurnecl To baskelball, concerls and workshops. Helping To bring honor once again 'ro Abilene High, lhe Band earned a "I" in UIL marching conlesl. To enable work +o begin on 'rhe club sec- Jrion, Mr. John Kline spenl a day a+ AHS 'raking group pic- rures. Anolher aclivify, spon- sored by lhe S+uden+ Council, was homeroom Thanksgiving baskefs. Enrerlainmenl for The program was provided by 'rhe Concerf Choir. Soloisf Sandra Rifchey added her +alen+ fo The annual AHS Thanksgiv- ing program Symphonic bell choir direcfed by Mr. Danny Hood enhanced fhe AHS Thanksgiving pro- gram . . . Mr. John Kline, profes- sional phofographer, readies his camera' for Taking club piclures for The Flashlighf . . . Using a carl from science lab +0 +ransporf a heavy Thanksgiving box 'ro 'rhe aucliforium are Alberf Simpson and George Hollingsworlh. 34-Sludenf Life Ei pam? ,.-Ss. Drama Presenls Two Big Fall Shows Marvin lRandy Earpl is +he middle of an argumenf befween Wanda lJana Hursll and David llerri Shippl in +he play "En+er Laughing" by Joseph Slein . . . Slar, lcindy Bealll displays a fir of rage in AHS Drama Pro- ducrion "S+ar-Spangled Girl" David Kolowilz lTerri Shippl is nor very perceplive +o advice given by his boss Mr. Foreman lKirlc Nashl. Sluclem' Life-35 Sandra Rodriguez poses for a picfure Taken by a Third period phofography sfudenf . . . Sophomore Jeff CosTin loolcs for a vicfim for which To relieve him of his snow ball . . . ExciTed over The firsT snow fall, Linda Rodri- guez cafches some of The large flakes on her Tongue . . . An AHS sTudenT removes snow and ice from The Top of The car during The firsf winTer snow. 36-STudenT Life WinTer . . . As The firsT snow fell in early December, winTer was offi- cially here wiTh iTs Tradifional flurry of acTiviTies. As The rush of pre-ChrisTmas parfies and shopping Trips loomed near, AHS hosfed 35 Cooper Exchangees. Cn The lasT day before The holidays, Sanfa Claus paid a yisif To The chil- dren of faculfy members dur- ing The band's annual Chrisf- mas program. School acTiviTies were resumed in The new year wiTh The NHS inducfion in January. fu 'Y' .. i 1' -7 -w,,"' A Y, 'id 5 Y- A if Q y-..... ,., A in ,N 4 'IRQ , Q.,4Q..M, Q f, TS ' "' n ,..n..WqaV 4 xxx X Xt . ' , xl 'X ,rw , Y , 5 5. .1 W 6 Ay w n K A. , 77, f .umxwq U-.Mx 1 1 v S+uden'r Life-37 M f - 2 SanTa VisiTs AHS ChrisTmas Program ChrisTmas spiriT increased sTeadily as The preparaTions Tor celebraTing The holiday season reached a climax. The band provided musical enTer- TainmenT To seT The mood Tor SanTa's visiT To The campus. During his sTay he promised To Tulliill The wishes OT children OT TaculTy members. The Chris- Tian Club spread ChrisTmas cheer by disTribuTing Ten boxes oT Tood and cloThing To The needy. l.eTTers To SanTa were a parT oT Mrs. Grayls shorThand classes' acTiviTies. STudenTs resumed school acTiviTies one day earlier Than scheduled due To The TirsT "weaTher holiday" Tor Abilene Public Schools since IQ47. fXwaiTing SanTa's arrival are The lay- lor children. lvlarlc and TiTTne . . . Making sure she geTs her leTTer To SanTa oTT in Time is shorThand sTu- denT Sonia Davis . . . Jana Graves, a liTTIe shy, Tells SanTa whaT she wanTs him To bring on ChrisTmas. 38-STudenT LiTe fa 5 I ,- ' ,, :sw -- S 2-F2 sa K 'lf Q- i - iii "AT ' 1 is is 4 .5 W, ,. A.i. L A r , . s .,',. A L' 71, 1 33 53: fgiib IYS S i 7 iriifx 55 ,. , H j 3 sq ga IM- YR , U B SMA, we-Q 4, . Y S . riffs W- fl . 5 .G il , 5 ilfiwgil, S " 3 saw? 'S x-X' 6 My y Q QX if Wm vi' Q' ' 'Q:txfk, . Befh Correu, Mary Hood and Brenda Flanagan of Mr. Waggonefs firs+ period biology class prepare for Their homeroom parly Filling her plafe wilh holiday snacks af a lea hosfed by homemaking sfudenls is Mrs. Madeline Ligon . . . Curious Roberf Newman ra++les Chrisfmas giffs as Kevin McAuliffe looks on. Sfudenf Life-39 School Dismissed Due 'ro Bad Wealher Winler wealher broughl eighl inches of dry unpaclcable snow lo lhe Abilene High campus. Superinlendenl A. E. Wells dismissed school for six days due 'ro 'rhe inclemenf wealher and The adminislra- lion cancelled mid-semesler exams +o 'rhe delighl of many AHS sludenfs and lacully. Mr. Wells said final exams for Abi- lene Public Schools had never been cancelled. AHS 'roolc on a new appearance a+ The occurance of an eighf inch snow . . . Dee Dee Hamil+on, AHS mas- cot finds diversion during half-+ime af 'rhe Midland baskelball game . . . Profifs raised by a baslcelball game befween fhe faculfy and Senior Men '73 wen? To aid in The suppor+ of AHS TAP Queen nominee Belinda Briley. 40-Sfudenf Life S ,z lc, 9 "f1:f.!Q :-X me A - J, . "Im - fax ' - 2. 4 Q -qw, :- Y. .gc '- "lj Y! ...rf f 1 X Exchange sludenf, Ana Godoy, from Brazil is inlroduced af an Operafion Mainsfream mee+ing . . . Sludenls from Abilene High lisfen +o Mike Blanfon, chairman of You+h Employ- menl' Service, speak af a meeling of Operalion Mainsfream, held af 'rhe Abilene Chamber of Commerce . . . To aid in suppor+ing Belinda Briley for '73 Tap Queen, Jody Berryman fakes charge of The sophomore bake sale al Weslgafe Mall. Sludenl Life-41 US Prisoners of War Re'rurn Home The school year '72-'73 will be a year 'rhaf people will remember. l-lislory will record if as l'he. lirsf eleclion year in which fhe eighleen-year-olds voled. Anolher memorable day was when The Uniled Slales honorably wilhdrew from fhe Vielnam War and POW's were reuniled wilh lheir families. Along wilh 'rhe good came sorrow when Two former US Presidenls died. Joyce Landry removes her bracelef when she discovers her POW has come home . . . lnferesfed s+uden+s wafched daily release lis+s of POW's. AHS sludenf Gary'Diehl secures a polihcal shclcer on a car as parl of a Gov ernmenl course prolecl . . . Across fhe nalion flags were flown al half masl in memory of Harry Truman and Lyndon Baines Johnson 42-S+uden+ Life Z i g A i YUPM 23' i +- sssff ' ' g sa z i T Honor Soc:ieTy Delivers VPO Candy DRINKS ' POPCORN QLAIVDY 6641! ' Q W 1 .J V I E53 I N S Q A . usnff I i he -.-N. , . - , , ' , I ReTurning To The VPO as a money raising proiecT Tor scholarships, NaTional Honor SocieTy sold box candy insTead oT homemade candy. Also as a money making proiecT, "A" AssociaTion Took charge of The snack bar aT The junior high baskeTball TournamenTs They sponsored in The Eagle Gym. Honor socieTy members Janel May- hall, Leigh Anne Grover. and Debbie Rhoads prepare To deliver candy Trom The ValenTine PosT OTTice . . . STeve Simpson, anTicipaTing a long bus ride, waiTs Tor The bus ThaT will Take The AHS swim Team To a meeT . . .James SmiTh works aT The snack bar in The Eagle Gym during The iun- ior high baskeTball TournamenT. STudenT l.iTe-43 fri . 6 Seniors Wins+on Whlll and Jeff Hill acl as announcers al 'flue AHS Senior Radio Day . . . Ordering his gradua- fion invifafions from Sfarr Engraving company is Lloyd Dail . . . ln Febru- ary, Mr. James Langford measured Kenf Tippen for his graduafion cap and gown. 44--Sfudenf Life 5-.ow Sundry Ac:TiviTies Close Th X 'f Eager To serve AHS Through a STU- denT Council oTTice. candidaTes made numerous posTers and hung Them ThroughouT The school . . . The resulTs. an assorTmenT oT eye-caTch- ing posTers, awaiTed The arrival oT The sfudenf voTers To sway Them To Their candidaTes Mr. W. A. Owens. AHS draTTing Teacher, reTired aTTer eighTeen years. 4 4 ,gf L: fi Winnie i. . Q T I F ARE. F" .I RZMIYNI Twhfmn IU! YK!-HISIKIH Uv" "ff v ' .,..,-M T ef.3g..,m f: f 'T MM.. . .-. . H ' .... e '73 Year As The school year came To a close. senior acTiviTies goT underway. Seniors were meas- ured Tor Their caps and gowns and They ordered Their inviTa- Tions. The businesses oT Abi- lene were invaded when senior sTudenTs raised money Tor The TradiTional Radio Day. Voicing Their preTerences Tor Baccalau- reaTe and Commencemenjf excercises, seniors Tilled ouT various quesTionnaires. Many sTudenTs, however, sTarTed preparing Tor nexT year. STudenT Council cam- paigning commenced and whaT seemed like a jungle oT posTers appeared. ElecTions were To be held March 8. The close oT This year had a special meaning To Mr. W. A. Owens. Having TaughT draTT- ing Tor eighTeen years, Mr. Owens made The '72-'73 school year his lasT aT AHS. STudenT LiTe-45 '73 FlashlighT Honors Mr J C Lambdin Our honor Teacher has won The respecT oT many aT AHS, noT only pasT and presenT sTu- denTs buT The TaculTy as well. A maTh Teacher, aT AHS Tor seven and one halT years, Mr. James C. Lambdin has served as co-chairman oT The execu- Tive board oT sophomore or junior sponsors Tor mosT oT his Time here aT AHS. Mr. Lambdin has demon- sTraTed his concern Tor AHS sTudenTs by being more Than a Teacher. He is Their Triend. Because we recognize and appreciaTe his concern. under- sTanding, and devoTion, The '73 FLASHLIGHT honors Mr. James C. Lambdin. f 46-STudenT LiTe fr R 'I 4 D Q 5: ' ' A V1 45, A , V , ,,,,,..,f j f R ,, i - kwa? 5 ,1 r' u W . N is ' f' ig Q .... 2, 'Wfvfmfzg Olen, Nancy Honored by STudenTs PreTTy, charming Nancy HuddlesTon won The TiTle oT Miss AHS. All Three years aT AHS, Nancy was involved in The FuTure Teachers oT Amer- ica. ln her junior and senior years, she was acTive in Con- cerT Choir, STudenT Council and The SpiriT Club, in which she was an officer, her senior year. She was also a member oT Siwamisis Tri-Hi-Y. Mr. AHS Tor I973 was Olen Frazier. Olen parTicipaTed in TooTball and STudenT Council all Three years aT Abilene High. During his senior year, he was presidenT oT The Coun- cil. A Two-year member oT NHS, Olen was a member oT The "A" AssociaTion and Fel- lowship of ChrisTian A+hle+es. Olen received The honor oT BesT Tackle of The Year, and he belonged To Ymia Tri-Hi-Y. 48-STudenT Life 45' .1 'ar' ,..,,.a1? fn 1,5 H", f' 'rw 4:9539 V4 4,4 ,sf if lisfiylxgs ' I T 2 is Q J ,wif . w T s .em lv 'Q Q . x iffy' gi 1 1 FM 3 if ' w 1,:,:,.:. gn , - ,mx RM. ,WH f 'iff ...,. ..-f ,..f 1 1 v X S 5 T Ei f rg Q. if - -J wil. "uw ' 4571: Fava, Ji Tiwi. iWa?Wj9si"lfW , 1,231 T A fan: . . . i L T if 1 f N 1 Y sfgkg g ips... .7 K in 5-i2"t' T 1 i ""'-4 ,. ' 'ff Q' 7 ' . -.s gm -N Ie .. f. uf, fi 1' -J ---ig Qlsxv N fgvvzv,-sy .s . '-..f12s4QW'gs' ,A ff, 4' iet5.?,1,fs:1x.l', 4 +3 5 sms' '24,- .K 4 .'- ' - 4.5. . -s 4-315: -i u 2.5155 Sffv2.'2',xE.- Q in .ymygqag shi c, 5 yaskmsgrbf, i ' 3fg9'evf'5l,'i. qt: ' ' L HJ- :ws B " , v ,."'8- M 'i ..'.'.'5-fffw-azz? ga ,gy " X 7'f"ii"'fLfi . - lf'-sl . " " i fA,P-'.+f'm?4,'F- .1 'rf f',.fE.s.Q 5. 3 .mg 1'-E ,fi as., ' , 1 s, .S Julie, Billy Are OuTsTanding Seniors CuTsTanding in high school acTiviTies, Julie Quigg and Billy Sudbury were chosen by seniors as class TavoriTes. Julie was a Three-year mem- ber oT l:uTure Teachers of America and was The record- ing secreTary her junior and senior years. As a junior, she parTicipaTed in The SpiriT Club and was The class STudenT Council represenTaTive. Julie was acTive in STudenT Council and UlTimus Tri-Hi-Y all Three high school years. Billy TransTerred To AHS Trom Odessa Permian in his iunior year. As a iunior and senior, he played TooTball and baseball. During his senior year, Billy belonged To The ChrisTian Club and Fellowship oT ChrisTian AThleTes and served as presidenT oT The "A" AssociaTion. STudenT Life-49 Ka+hy and Bob Are Junior Favori'res Favoriles of fhe junior class are Kalhy Rucker and Bob Bai- ley. Kalhy was aclive ar Abilene High bolh her sophomore and junior years, She pariicipaled in Sludenr Council as well as Spiri+.Club. Kalhy has been a member of Chrisfian Club for lwo years. She is also a mem- ber of Siwamasis Tri-Hi-Y. Bob served as junior Class presidenl and was aclive in Sludenl Council worlc. l-le par- Ticipaled in loolball and bas- kelball as a sophomore and junior. Bob was a member of lhe lvlalh Club and The Nafional Honor Sociefy. 50-Sfudenl Life 3? L. 11. ui' l".,,.---Q .,s, is so if, V isssr l Mary Kay, Ronnie Represenl Sophs Chosen as sophomore class favoriles were Mary Kay Sud- bury and Ronnie Williams. Perl Mary Kay served as her homeroom's secrefary her sophomore year. She was a member of 'rhe Fulure Teach- ers of America ancl a member of fhe Spirif Club. Mary Kay belonged 'ro Ullimus Tri-Hi-Y. Ronnie was The sophomore class presidenf and was a member of Sludenl Council. l"le was involved in sporls- Traclc and loofball. l-le was a member of The choir as well as The Fellowship of Chrislian Afhleles. If Lean ,. 4 . V, :kv I Q K i' M ,X H R . ,J Kxygifix, M YAQNX Q.,-6Q,'X,. X RX b lx -sw:-V+ Cm PX X 1 - X J' Yagi' . Aj kyxfxx Akqrk f i ' R K ' ll .MIA-L,i.3 L, 36xXkNj:'!k C lgpkgx-X7 JL'fX'Jkb,.F X il xi Xxgx,-xfligyx, X V 'S jx , ix chikJ1ky,xEL .. . E M W V' XB ll7'1gvJzQL ' I 1 N J lxavfn . R V , . A N . , -C C Jw'-f--1-ex xhxlnix fiw-D Xl4Xlj'i'X W J ' 4 i M 'B .r Sfuclenr Life-5 I i 3 Who's Who af AHS ,fl i J . lv fr f is S f Nafional lvlerif Scholarship semi-finalisf Chuck Bradford excelled in speech and mafh. Jarilyn Scoff exhibifed much enfhusiasm as head cheer- leader, volleyball feam mem- ber, and Sfudenf Council member. Nafional Honor Sociefy presidenf Roger Love showed himself capable in bofh aca- demic and leadership roles. Serving in a number of posi- lions as a compefenf school leader. Gary Sfirman also excelled in foofball and base- ball. Jeff Hill, Eagle Squad mem- ber, has shown himself fo be superior in all his fields of endeavor. All-sfafe choir member Nancy Evans broughf honor fo herself and fhe choir. 52-Sfudenf Life me fa, Debbie lvlayhall, member of Concerl Choir, served AHS as direclor of Sing-Song and Sen- ior Follies and as BATTERY co- edifor. FLASHLIGHT edifor Wen- dy Lalhrop was a 'rwo-year member of The NHS. Mary Ann Diaz excelled in cosmelology and as a sfudenf leader. NHS members Carolyn Glenn and Bobby Ellis won The Nalional English awards. Caro- lyn received Oplrimisl and Homemaking Awards: Bobby excelled in La+in and drafling. Cheerleader Carla Willis eslablished herself as a fine volleyball member. Chuck Chapman a Jrhree- year baseball member, earned honors in draffing and Scouls. Sluclenf Life-53 l u ' as l s L ll I Lee l-leil and Rob Spiller disfinguislned flxemselves in flue science and mafh fields as well as being Nafional lvlerif semi- finalisfs. Sfudenf Council vice-presi- denf Dana Greene parfici- pafed in a variefy of acfivifies from Sing-Song fo sporfs. Academically oufsfanding, Paul Ogden was also acfive in aflnlefics. Junior Marlca Morris brouglwf lnonor fo herself flirougli l'1er involvernenf in AHS acfivifies. An "A" sfudenf. Clwarloffe Webb proved lnerself fo be an excellenf volleyball player. Serving as Sfudenf Council corresponding secrefary, Sally Sfrader also parficipafed in Operafion lvlainsfream. 54-Sfudenf Life 4, 33:22. -aA,. 1, 5 W Sm A, I "- ff , if dy. -- . I 4 L,,. i, ly "X I , vu J" Q . W Q Q s . I I 5. I 5 ,,, ,, . sl D1 5 Who's Who Junior Mark Fox excelled as a swimming Team member. Jimmy Srrong was recog- nized as an NHS member as well as a member of fhe Track Team. Parlicipaling in sporfs, Max Brinson brouqhf honor 'ro AHS in baskerball and +rack. Sophomore Jody Berryman was aclive as class sludenl council represenlalive. Rick Gravens excelled in foolball and baseball. Sophomore class vice-presi- den+ Slan l-lamillon is credifed for his parricipafion in sporls. Gary Smifh broughf disfinc- lion fo himself as an alhlefe and leader. 'i i r,i. 1 Sfuclenf Life-55 Faculig and Academics ,Q f 4 QM ,Pg Q' U . A xx.. , -2 wqq. ' ,,,,,,f. x X .. X a R is k was MW AW x xx Ziff' ' 97:4 fx 'X 'F' " - ,: f' "'h ,Q-L. ff? 1 , -.X i ak In xnxx , 5 1 ' 1. 'X 'f ff: Y A 'Y t Y A5 m V' Q .A E K? 2 ' K .-k rip., ---. , :Rx tv V :KK xx H x ff.- 1 , l Q2 KAW .lv A fx 4 A A X - M , W-mx-' 7- A ,, 1. T' 1" QT Sig X --N.-..,,,, 4 ff" -+"-neun-. .N A -. H- R 1 V f . VY- V' ' I A-aff' A ' M I V .WM p ' A , . ?'fff,Q.,. .Q 'i A f E wi ' K' 4:-F f' I 2' M' , ' 5' A ,A Q "W"Qw-,.., y -ff .. i 2 'rw L' 5 My-ig' EL A N- ml a H 'O' 4 P Q if 1 S ,s tl' 4 2 If If fi 2 4, fu: ? f ,' ix ki . Sfmt -" ty? s. .,vJ,, 2 ibkl.Kt, in t x wk 21 is 0 1 X V as X 1 4 sv . . k , 1' ' f x -1 1201 0 QNX R I ' r 1 fx' u'-. 44. -s 94- Q 3, I 'T S 2 K EXW1 yi f W X' 1 J 1-x Q ' Q z c -5' Kwtv Q J M ff' :tx xy, i ft ' ' X .Q J mf? I ,,, . I as 1:11 , , 2 .1 4 t ' J " M JI" 3 1 J W Wm. Y S wtf. ' Y " Mix 95 I K X . 1 . . 0-Nxlfig' .. 5' , ' - , V ' 1 7, . Q L..L V , K: .5 . . ' .,,smM M V, ii , W A' v.::'Q.,,,,,,.,..i i f .f.-s 1 K fv' M ' I 'Z ' - -as , -" ' ww' J n 1 L?'W"f i 'f'W?:?fw 'E ' M' wif ug , Q M. MR. BILL WRIGHT-Presiden+ MR. C. G. WHITTEN-Vice Presideni MRS. W. M. RUTLEDGE-Secreiary iv1R.DARRELKNieHT ',q. iii iiiiii Mies. CLAUDE MQADEN "'f DR. HERMAN scrifxrreia - A MR. o. HENRY Youne if -av. If , yl x New Members Come +o School Board Showing grear enrhusiasm for rhe upcoming four-sen'1es- Ter school plan, Mr. A. E. Wells, superinlendenl of rhe Abilene Public Schools, carries our his main duly: lo supervise and approve policy changes in 'rhe curricula of local schools. He feels lhar 'rhe new plan will give srudenls an opporruniry for a grealer number of varied eleclives. Plans for lhe curricula of lhe 30 schools wilhin rhis disrricr are discussed by rhe School Board lwice a rnonlh. Final approval is given by Mr. Wells before rhe plans are handed over +o school adminisfrarors. Superinlendenf for over fwenry years in Abilene. Mr. Wells has had a broad back- ground in a school policy adrninisrralion, including par- riciparion in high school and college sludenr governmenf as well as experience as a leacher and principal. ln addirion To school-orienled acriviries, Mr. Wells is acrive in church and civic organizalions. 58-Academics K, I. ' .. ,,.. . i' STaTinq one oT his maior responsibiliTies oT AHS, Mr. Bill Graves poinTed ouT ThaT helping AHS Tace "The Tre- mendous challenges in educa- Tion due To a changing soci- eTv" is essenTial. He believes ThaT a primary concern oT edu- caTional leaders is The "insTruc- Tional direcTion and division' oT Todavis educaTion. Mr. Graves came To Abi- lene High wiTh experience in educaTional adminisTraTion. He has served in public schools as an English Teacher, coach, counselor, direcTor oT sTudenT acTiviTies, assisTanT vice-princi- pal, and vice-principal. ln addiTion To his busy schedule aT AHS, Mr. Graves is conTinuing vvorlc on his doc- ToraTe Trom Texas Tech. As principal, Mr. Graves spends much Time in his oTTice wiTh records and schedules . . . Mr. Graves dis- cusses second semesTer courses wi'Th PaTTi Henderson Mr. Graves wi+h his wiTe Linda. and dauqhTers Laura and Jana, was honored aT The homecoming pep rally. AdminisTraTion-59 MR. BILL GRAVES-MA Principal MR. JAMES LANGFORD-MS Assisfanf Principal MR. NANO ORTIZ-BA Assisfanf Principal MR. ELMER WRIGHT-MEd Dean oi Sfudenls M sf- 1, .3 1 e i is 'Vi' ,, 154 x ffm 'f ,Q mfs, ww e-' ' ' Y, -1 Q? G? ii? 5 M1 ? P' is l im Vice Principal Assumes Du'ries al' AHS Helping Jrhe principal wi+h adminisfralive responsibiliries of running AHS are Mr. James Langford and Mr. Nano Orliz, assisranl principals and Mr. Elmer Wright dean of slu- denrs. As assislanf principal, Mr. Langford oversees allendance records, cus+odial services, dis- cipline policies, and records. Mr. Orfiz, new 'ro 'rhe adminis- lrarive slafi, assis+s Mr. Lang- ford wilh discipline and super- vision of exrra-curricular ac'rivi- lies. He also makes invenrories and oversees The press box al home foolball games. Con- cerned wirh srudenl affairs, Dean Wrighf was in charge of scheduling acrivilies and organizing Jrhe club program. He was also co-sponsor of Siu- denf Council. Dean Wrighf discusses Sludenl Council correspondence wi+h a s+u- denl . . . Meefing in fhe hall al The close of school, Mr. Orliz and Mr. Langford discuss rhe day's even+s. 60-Academics C I A'd ' G 'cl of SI'uden'rs OUHSG OI'S I In LII GYICG A Sfudenf regis+raTion problems are sfudied by Mr. Blackford and Mr. McAIpin Mrs. Marie Denham 'ralks wilh a new sfudem' enrolling a+ mid-Ierm. To help sludenls' high school life run smoofhly while preparing 'rhem for lhe fulure, fhe counselors form a neces- sary par'r of +he AHS facully. Besides helping sludenls wifh personal problems and schedule planning, The counse- lors consull wilh parenls and leachers, provide informalion aboul adiusfmenl problems, schools, and careers. Mrs. Mary Alice Taylor, Mr. Roland Blackford, and Mr. Chesfer McAlpin are sopho- more and iunior counselors. The larler fwo are also voca- lional counselors. Mrs. Marie Denham, senior counselor supervises srandard- ized Tesls, conducls research sludies and follow-ups of grad- uales, and makes surveys of high school seniors. MR. ROLAND BLACKEORD-MEd Voca+ional Counselor MRS. MARIE DENI-IAM-MEd Senior Counselor MR. CHESTER McALPIN-MEd Vocafional Counselor Co-chairman Sophomore Class Spon- sors MRS. MARY ALICE TAYLOR-MA Counselor Academics-6 I Sludenf assislanl Cindy Bryan+ gels insfrucfions from Mrs. Ava Davis. while Mrs. Peggy Payne gives inforrnalion by phone. M i N, Linh? . QS, Mrs. Jean Vick records a message for Principal Graves . . . Needing help in regisferinq for +he second semesfer, a sophomore is assis+ecl by Mrs. Alice Taylor, counselor. 62-Academics J' X x 'wi' fiat!! if s 4.1 g fig nf N 'es . g. + nf' l"1S,?f,1-... , ,...,.-R21 5 'M-w-f-f'..c,,, Office Personnel Keep Sfudenf Records Vifal fo fhe daily roufine of work af AHS is fhe perform- M-gg ance of fhe office personnel. Dufies of The regisfrars include regisfering sfudenfs, keeping scholasfic records, and giving informafion fhaf con- cerns sfudenfs and classes. Keeping affendance records, sfudenf accounfs, and per- forming secrefarial work are ofher dufies of fhe office per- sonnel. Mrs. Evelyn Raymond records fiffh period affendance while Mrs. Bar- bara Wafson fofals sfudenf accounfs for fhe monfh. Mamiya W . Se... Mu' .. ,,f1,.,.. I J- If A ' y 511' H-.Q c 1 .1 .t . lf ig .g., f, 1 , Mrs Ava Davis, regisfrar: Mrs. Shirley Norman, assisfanf affendance clerk: Mrs. Peggy Payne, assisfanf regisfrar: Mrs Evelyn Raymond. affendance clerk: Mrs. Jean Vick, secrefary fo principal: Mrs. Barbara Wafson. book- keeper: Mrs. Peggy Wrighf, secrefary fo counselors: Mr. Ike Garza and Mrs. Hazel Harris, School-Communify coordinafors. Academics-63 1, .5 5. . M I 5 5 -I O YC E A B BUTT- BS ',Z'V Qf' a 1 :.' T ZA' E n g I i s h I I I . E u I u re Tea c h e rs of A m e r- I ' I III I Mies. NYOKA ANDERSON-BS M . .. . ..I I Eng I i sh, Adva n ced Reading III' I . . if s -,I---' -H IIII I . ii . 5 M RS. M ARTI-I A BROOKS-BS ' W'III 'I ' 'Fi 'X I Q' AIII i Q 'R X' English II I I A I My . MISS MILDRED BUTLER-MA "1XL'A .. , i ' English I I . IIII MRS. JUDI CRICK-BA Arl. English MRS. DONNIS CRUMP-MA English Ill. Ecology Club MRS. GAY DALE-MA English IV, Eulure Teachers of Amer- :ca MRS. JO DOOLEY-BS English Ill, Pholography Club MRS. CORIN DUVAL-BA English IV, Eulure Teachers of Amer- ica MRS. REBEL JACKSON-BA English ll MRS. MADELINE LIGON-MED English Ill MRS. MARILYN SMITH-BS English II, Ill MR. CECIL SPRINGER-MA English IV MRS. ANN STEPP-BA English II MRS. ANN VVARD-IVIA English ll, Aguila MRS, MARIE YAEGAR-MA EnglisI'1,Journalism, Ballery, Quill and Scroll Porlraying a role in Cl1aucer's Tales are English sluclenls Sleve Scanlon and Teresa Wurschmidl. 64--Academics .. . s K X w .. ..... . .. . . ,ss ffw ' Gdxxs was s A JQEIU 5 rv: QR Qs R 5 is gf' s if ls- f 5 ,f I S., X. 5 J ., is I sf Z X ' fi i-if X , 1 ' --asifw mggmm-Q., fx -If. .4 .. .gi-I I Y' U ....., 1 s. sv I ,ms K ia I all Group ProlecTs Add VarieTy To English Even Though knowledge oT The English language is com- mon To all aT AHS, The English DeparTmenT oTTers many courses To beTTer sTudenTs in English skills and To explore The world oT The wriTTen word. TradiTional English courses oTTer uniTs in myThology, com- posiTion, liTeraTure, heriTage oT auThors, poeTry, grammar, and ProiecTs such as Tilms and slide shows. Making The number oT Eng- lish Teachers a sTaTT oT lo, Mrs. Nyoka Anderson and Mrs. Marilyn SmiTh were added To The TaculTy. Mrs. PaTricia Ann BurTon replaced Mrs. Ann STepp who resigned in November. English sTudenT Kendel Herold is shown The TundamenTals oT The cello by cellisT John BesT during a biogra- phy uniT . . . Junior honor's classes prepare bulleTin boards as shown by sTudenT Joyce Grimes . . , Mrs. PaTricia BurTon assumed her posiTion in November aTTer Mrs. STepp resigned. Academics-65 New Course Offered +o Juniors MR. CARL BACON-MS Physics, Physical Science. Sophomore Class Co-Sponsor, Malh-Science M eg Wd.. Club qs MR. GEORGE FORKERWAY-BS Biology. JV Eoofball Coach MISS MAROURITE GRIFFIN-MS Chemislry I, II, Junior Academy ol Science MR. DICK GRUBER-BS Biology. Pxssislam' Eoolball Coach MR. VICTOR MEDINA-BS Biology. Enyironmenfal Science. Sci- ence Club MISS LOUISE SELF-MS Biology. Sophomore Class Co-Spon- sor MRA JOI-IN TOWNSEND-PhD Biology MR. DEE WAGGONER-BS Chemislry, Biology. Human Relalions Club ISK. i Having made lheir lirsl slides for microscope s+udy, s+uden+s Kay Sim- mons and Shirley Wolfe view Ihe resuI+s . . . Larry Tarver and Rey Marlinez run +esI's on food Io find iI's confenf. oo-Academics Ann Farnsworrh wriles up a lab reporl for an experimenl in Chemis- +ry . . . Biology s+uden+s Ellen Vick and Brenda Hodges make slides for viewing under The microscope . . . Finding llwe melfing poinl for paradi- clnlorobenzine are Roberl Spiller. Roberl Ausfin, and Mike Young. Experimen+a'rion Vi'ral +0 Science Classes mfs J' For 'l'l'l6 purpose of delving info The wonders of science, Abilene l'ligl'i offers biology, cliemislry, pliysics, plwysical sci- ence, and lliis year. environs menlal science. Tlwis new course involves Two plwases- classroom inslruclion and on- +l'1e-iob lraining. Two science Teaclners lur- fliered llieir educalions lasl summer. lvlr. Jolwn Townsend received liis docrorale ol plwi- losoplny. Mr. Viclor Medina received Training concerning wafer problems for llie new science course. New To +l'1e deparfmenr were lvlr. Pal Aguilar, and Mr. George Fork- erway. Academics-67 Sam Spence and Jack King use a large slide rule fo demonsfrafe a problem in frigonomefry . . . Mem- bers of Mrs. Presswoocl's geomefry class fix a bullefin board for fhe classes. Figures Tend fo Puzzle Mafh Sfudenfs Even wifh fhe advenf of fhe compufer, knowledge of mafh- emafics is useful in everyday life. The mafh deparfmenfs curriculum is designed fo help sfudenfs improve fheir every- day mafhemafical skills and fo offer more advanced courses for fhose who wish fo delve furfher info fechnigues wifh numbers. The Mafh Deparfmenf offers six courses which include algebra, geomefry, infroduc- fory algebra, frigonomefry, elemenfary analysis, mafhe- mafics of consumer educafion. To prepare sfudenfs for com- pefifion, slide rule and number sense insfrucfions were given fwice a weelc. New fo fhe deparfmenf are Mrs. Ann Riggan, Mrs. Dar- lene Johnson, and Mr. Ted Harris. 68-Academics f',,,.... iii ., W' - rarer W if MR. JOHNNY SMITH-MEd ii' Algebra I and MOCE, Malli Club YW MR. CHARLES STORM-MA Trig, Calculus. Elemenfary Analysis, 3 Mallw Club '54 fbimssg qf ' ' Z" -,QSLQSI "k' MF wx 1- ' 3553 wif.. "Ai f I 7 ff'!i,r"' J , 2. ,igfif gi gariy'- 'fi' M" ,' 5 - 535563535 1 V- if ,I fyfixf V I 1J.fg.f I - mg. 5 35 ye, gi , I A , ' I - If , f Mr, Lambdin is giving insfruclion in Algebra Io Becky Pannell. MR. B. L. BLACKBURN-MA Algebra III and IV MRS. LEONA BRYANT-MECI Algebra l and Il MR. TED HARRIS-BS In+roducI'ory Algebra, Fellowship of Clmrisfian Allmleles. Head Baseball Coach, Assisranl Eoofball Coach MRS. PATRICIA JOHNSON-BS Geomefry MR. J. C. LAMBDIN-MEd Algebra III and IV MRS. GEORGE LEONARD-BA Eundamenlals of Malls, Mallw and Science Club MRS. DOROTHY PRESSWOOD- BS Oeomelry, Clwrisfian Club MRS. ANN RIGGAN-AB Geomefry, Algebra, Clarislian Club Academics-69 HisTory PorTrayed in SkiTs and Displays WiTh eighTeen-year-old sTu- denTs eligible To voTe, poliTics during This elecTion year became a main Topic in social sTudies. GovernmenT classes enTered The campaign spiriT by working aT The parTies' head- quarTers. The VieT Nam War, economics, human relaTions, and ecology were also some oT The subiecTs covered in classes of The deparTmenT. ln American hisTory sTudenTs parTicipaTed ,in group discus- sions, prepared proiecTs, viewed Tilms and were encour- aged To relaTe The pasT To The presenT. World hisTory oTTered sTudenTs a background Tor social sTudies, a sTudy oT world governmenTs, and social prob- lems while psychology and sociology provided insighTs To acTion of mankind. s l 70-Academics I li.. Q ln Mr. Olsen's class, American hisTory sTudenTs engage in group discussions . . . Nancy Miller uses headphones To lisTen To a record concerning hisToric sTrikes . . . Lazeda Pringle Takes The consTiTuTion required in all governmenT classes. i 4- 1 1 4 ' V -A 1, . H I Maggy 5 1 , ju, 9 E Y Ml 544 -MEAE? he 'fi is al ai big I i if ff! W-,x .5 il film ., li A X. . Q, 4 9 if, 1 . . Eff 5.15 4' 'Wi V., 5-"1 nv N I ' L9 5' 3 R3 MR. JACK ALDRIDGE-MEd World Hisfory, Aflwlefics, JV Eoor- ball, JV Baslcefball MRS. CLARA BRADEN-BA Psychology, Sociology, American Cullures MR. GLEN CLEVELAND-MEd Amercian l-lisfory, Texas Hisfory, Sfudy. Golf, Golf Club MRS. ETHEL CLIFTON-MEd Governmen+ MR. JOSEPH KEYS-BA American Hisfory Currenl Even? Discussion Club MRS. NELDA MACON-BS World Hislory Co-sponsor Drama Abilene MR. LYNN NICHOLS-BA Governmenf MR. NORMAN OLSEN-MEd American His+ory lnfernafional Relafions Club MR. JAMES RIVES-BA American l-lislory Spor+sman's Club MR. CARL ST. CLAIR-MEd American l-lisfory Chess Club MR. JARYL YOUNG-MA World Hisfory Ron Dix, American lwislory sludenl, views a bullelin board prepared in Mr. Keys room al flue beginning of 'l'l'l6 new year and lerm. Academics-7I Tonya McCombs. a sfudenl in Miss Haas' class, works lo complefe her firsl homemalcing projecl. as eff? f1 4'l'e:l,gZL-:1 - Q- f is s Q f . ff-if fi? 9 xx ?i 72-Academics Penny Sylvesfer and Debbie Winfers look on as Cindi McClure fills The cups a+ +l'1e Clwrisfmas lea . . . Nancy Evans, second year lwomemalc- ing sfudenf, pins a pa++ern fo dress maferial. .fs ,, " A 44" , 'if " 4- 5A?q, 6 G 3? I 0 Aft ' 1 - Qffglfflmi- sf w Jr ...4g. an ' e 'uv Egg?- ygff . ., I nf I li, H 'an Q, 'x ,nd M T42 w I l 8 f Q. . as 55 -2. . . i T . ,. 354- ' - f . I2x-iL'1?' - if if 4. 4 J E f. Homemaking STudy Includes Child Care 411.7 ,. it K lb. 2 l , z fi I s ff 5 K . SeparaTed inTo Two divi- sions, The Homemalcing DeparTmenT oTTers a varieTy oT courses. The sTudy oT Toods incorporaTes The selecTion and prep,araTion oT common Toods as well as Toreign dishes. UniTs in nuTriTion, child develop- menT, and Tamily relaTionship prepare sTudenTs Tor TuTure liTe. CloThing sTudy involves fabric selecTions and consTruc- Tion. Also. There are uniTs in household managemenT. For juniors and seniors, The pro- gram includes consumer edu- caTion and home and Tamily living. The homemaking deparTmenT sponsors FuTure Homemakers oT America. Club members are involved in pro- jecTs Tor The resT homes and The STaTe School. MRS. MARTHA CARROLL-BS Homemaking I, II FuTure Homemakers MRS. ETHEL ELLISON-BS Homemaking MISS KAY HAAS-BA Homemalcing MRS. KATHERINE MEADOR-BS HFL. Homemaking Ill FuTure Homemalcers MRS. KAY VIERGEVER--MS Consumer EducaTion. Homemalcing II, III, l:uTure Homemalcers Play Time in Child Care UniT is noT only Tun Tor The chil- dren buT also for PaTTi Jones who enTerTains one oT The liTTIe guesTs . . . Using a Tondue poT, Becky Spann and Nancy Fisher prepare parTy doughnuTs Tor Open House. Academics-73 Business Fu+ures S+udied Offering a varieiy of courses. The business deparr- menr of AHS has a dual pur- pose. I+ offers srudenrs 'rhe opporluniiy lo become acq- uainled wilh ihe business world, and if also gives Jrhern 'rhe chance 'ro prepare for col- lege. -'rr - - 1 This deparlmenl has an enrollrnenl of approximaiely IOOO sludenrs. Headed by Miss Avis Deavers, The busi- ness educalion deparlmeni offers Typing I and II, shorr- hand, clerical praciice. general business, business law, econom- ics, bookkeeping, and English. MISS JOZELL BRISTER-MEd Typing I. Economics Narional Honor Socieiy MRS. PEGGY CROUCH-MEd Typing II MISS PERCY DARWIN-MEd Typing I, Bookkeeping MISS AVIS DEAVERS-MA Bookkeeping, Clerical Praciice MISS VIVIAN FOX-MEd Business English MRS. BILLIE GRAY-BA Shorfhand, Business Law Senior Class Sponsor MR. GARY HAECKER-BBA, BS Business Ma+h, Tennis MR. MAX IRWIN-BBA Business Law, General Business Sfudenf Council Ea Ie S uad Chris- ' Q q . Tian Club, Flashlighf and Baifery Business Advisor 74-Academics Nr-' -'rf Leonard Hiclcam vows fo fell rhe frufh as he is sworn as a wifness by Paul Reed in a moclc cour+ Trial rried by The business law class . . . Timed wrifings are a regular parf of iyping for all sfudenfs. T 4'-ET' U H yi .fo if f ' A 4- .4 isbn- iw K I ,IB . . ,Y 5 ' ,. X ' 4 1--. y I - ri 1. iiffglrfgfiffeffjsfiifiii F W , ' Ibn 5J2fAi?T'fijriWs5f'i!,'.,TCS f U H 5efgepQ4jw95Qfr?gjij, T Q ns-'KX U MISS LYNDA COLLINS-MEd Spanish I, ll, Pan-American Club MRS. MARIA GRlFFlN-BA German. Spanish III, German Club MRS. JOYCE JAY-BA l.aTin, World l'lisTory, Roman Forum MRS. SALLIE JONES-MEd French, French Club Languages Provide VarieTy in STucly X rye- Adding a Toreign Touch To The curriculum, The language deparTmenT oT Al-TS oTTers Tour Toreign languages. NOT only are These courses con- cerned wiTh The sTrucTure oT language, buT They also expose sTudenTs To The culfure oT The counTries whose language They learn. LaTin classes read a varieTy oT sTories--Trom myThology To Caesar. Playing scrabble using Spanish words highlighT The Spanish classes. French sTu- denTs sTudy "The LiTTle Prince." STudenTs Taking Ger- man help Themselves by read- ing a publicaTion wiTh TeaTures oT inTeresT Tor German sTu- denTs. German, French, and Spanish classes perTecT Their vocal accuracy by lisTening To naTive speakers in The lan- guage lab. For Laura Cullers and Max Brinson, bookjackeTs provided addiTional inTerpreTaTion oT "The LiTTle Prince." . . . STudenTs goT in The mood oT a Spanish ChrisTmas by breaking a pinaTa made as a class proiecT. Academics-75 Fine Ar+s Elecfives in Jrhe curricula of The Fine Arfs Deparfmenl allracled hundreds of AHS sfudenfs. Their choices were made in sludy of arf, drama, speech, choir, band, and orcheslra. A large number parlici- pared in music classes. Class lime provided pracfice Time for concerls, conlesls and assemblies. Sludenfs in drama and speech lcepf busy in rehearsing +heir plays, sludying funda- menfals of speech, and debaf- ing. Drama s+uden+s were involved in Two maior prod- uclions The Tirsl semesferz a musical, one-acl plays and a conlesf play, 'rhe second semesler. MR. ROBERT FOARD--MS Drama. Drama Abilene MR. DANNY HOOD-BME Choir, Music Theory MR. PAUL KELLY-M Ed Orchesfra M RS. CAROLYN PRESSWOOD- BS Ar? MR. BILL SPENCER-BS Band Band Club MR. TWAIN THARP-BS Speech I, ll: Deba+e Speech 84 Forensics 76-Academics Con+ribu+e +o AHS Success 3113 1 , i f .: V- . ga, P' .K .1 , l .49 QQ 4 F -A I vi' . KL ig Sfeve Kelley, orchesfra member, . V su warms up on scales before class . . . Le+ha Morris. a concerf choir mem- ber, pracfices wifh Mr. Hood on a solo number for confesf. Mae-2 l .Zi ' , we , mga, 5 gg, Isaac Munoz, arlr sfudenf, works To comple're his original creafion . . . Early morning pracfice is jus? roufine for band member Mark S+ewar+ . . , Speech sfudenfs received a fair share of fhe awards in fhe firsf +our- namenf of The year . . . Adding To +he Chris+mas spiri+ was +he concer'r choir singing carols as They walked down fhe AHS halls. Academics-77 Vocafional Ed Offers Variefy of Courses Preparing fhemselves for fhe career world, sfudenfs enrolled in vocafional educafion receive classroom as well as on-fhe-iob fraining. A new course, pre-employ- menf lab, was added fo fhe wide variefy of subiecfs. Taughf by Mrs. Judy Bird, fhis course was open fo iuniors. New in equipmenf were fwo pieces obfained by fhe Dafa Processing Deparfmenf: a more powerful cornpufer and a high speed prinfer. Upon complefion of class of shop fraining, sfudenfs are qualified fo obfain a iob relaf- ing fo fhe field. The diversify of fhe vocafional educafion deparfmenf enables sfudenfs fo choose courses ranging from sales work, office skill, and frades. Cosmefology sfudenf Mary Diaz sfyles hair of a regular cusfomer as parf of class work . . .June Sanders, a sfudenf in disfribufive educafion, works af Sears half a day . . Assembling a radio is fraining in class for Mark Srnifh. 78-Academics .X 1 'x I N -'wil - . 1 .ai-if . .fx ', . David Massey and Bobby Seals com- plefe flwe replacemenf of an exhausf pipe. MR. BOB BARLOW-BA Dafa Processing, OEA-Dafa Process ing Club MR. JOHN BERRY Building Trades, VICA-Chapfer 595 MRS. JUDY BIRD-BA Pre-Employrnenf Lab, OEA-Office Educafion Club MR. CECIL COUCH-BA Disfribufive Educafion, DECA MR. ROBERT DAVIS Refrigerafion and Air Condifioning VICA- Chapfer 705 MRS. SUE DAY-BS Home Economics Cooperafive Edu- cafion, Eufure Homemalcers IHEROI MR. BILL DECKER-BS ICT, VICA-Chapfer 69 MR. WENDELL DECKER-BS Vocafional Agriculfure, EEA MRS. OUIDA HARKEY-BS Vocafional Office Educafion, OEA- Vocafional Office Educafion Club MR. JOHN HARLOW-T84I Cerfifi- cafe, Machine Shop, VICA-Cliapfer 34 MR. HENRY KEITH Radio and Television, VICA-Cliapfer IOO9 MR. ROSS PLANT Elecfrical Trades, VICA-Clwapfer 581 MRS. WILLEEN ROBERTS Cosmefology, VICA-Clwapfer 597 MR. BILL SCOTT-MA Vocafional Agriculfure, VA Cooper- afive, FFA MR. TRAVIS SMITH-BA Aufo Mechanics, VICA-Clwapfer I45 MR. FRED STIRMAN-MEd Dafa Processing, OEA-Dafa Process- ing, Senior Class Sponsor Academics-79 PE Adds GymnasTics To Schedule MRS. BARBARA BEENE-MEd l-lealTh, Physical EducaTion, Girls' Track, SpiriT Club MISS BEVERLY H066-BSE Physical EducaTion, Volleyball Coach MR. RODNEY JENKINS-MEd Biology, Drivers EducaTion, I-lead BaslceTball Coach MR. ERNEST PARK-BA HealTh. Physical EducaTion, AssisTanT FooTball Coach MR. CHARLES PERKINS-MEd Physical EducaTion, OTTiciaTing lnTra- murals and GymnasTics Club MR. JERRY TAYLOR-BA l-lealTh, FooTball Coach "A" AssociaTion lSeniorsl MR. JERRY THORMAHLEN-BS Head FooTball Coach, GeomeTry "A" AssociaTion MRS. LUCY WEAVER-MEd l-lealTh The overall goal oT The phys- ical educaTion program includes improved physical TiT- ness Tor The sTudenTs and a general knowledge oT games and acTiviTies. The program is seT up basically Tor The sopho- mores To parTicipaTe in Team acTiviTies, while The upper classmen Tind an acTiviTy They can pursue aTTer leaving school. The sporTs covered by The boys only are: wresTling, weighT Training, hand ball, Track. and raclceTball. Girls cover condiTioning exercises and square dancing. BoTh boys and girls cover TooTball, bas- keTball, volley, soccer, speed- ball, soTTball, badminTon, Ten- nis, golT, and gymnasTics. ln gymnasTics Donna Dixon pracTices on The balance beam. 80-Academics ...sa-... is , . i.. . . T ii ' . 7 W , MISS BEVERLY BALL-M Ed Swimming Coach, Physical Educa- Tion, SpiriT Club. Cheerleaders x Q . l f . - 5 Y as-fa .Tw 'Tlzfl ,Y .wma Q34 3.55. . . 1. K I ai . K f , sf ff - 23 5' fy-,,. .f f vvsfs-as 'Tiki T 9:1 'W Gymnasfic sfudenf, Toni Moser, is assisfed by Carol Nicholson in iump- ing lhe sidehorse . . . Sfephen Giusfo keeps his eye on fhe ball as he prepares 'ro hil il in a handball session during boys PE . . . Players a++emp+ To lceep The volleyball from sfaying on +heir side in a game in boys PE. X-il Q? i I e s., , M7 K V : , ,. I I S as ii A liir 'i ffllf' - Q Q i L 5 Academics-8 I Nb MR. JOE HARWELL-MS Machine and General Woodworking lnduslrial Arls Club MR. W. A. OWENS-MS Dralling lnduslrial Arls Club MISS MILDRED STOKES-MEd Pholography Flashlighl, Quill 8: Scroll .Z lnduslrial Sludenls Prepare lor Fair Over lwo hundred lilly slu- denls were enrolled in indus- lrial arls classes laughl by lhree leachers. Dralling-gem eral, lechnical and archilec- lural-allracled bolh boys and girls. Fundamenlals learned in lhese classes served in helping lhose inleresled in dralling as a career or parl- lime work. Across lhe hall lrom dralling classes, machine and woodworking classes prod- uced allraclive and uselul lur- nilure and obiecls lor home use. Pholography classes gave sludenls lhe lundamenlals in handling cameras, laking pic- lures. and working in lhe dark- room lo produce black and while piclures. Membership in lhe Induslrial Arl Clubs provided opporlu- nily lor exhibils ol sludenl work in compelilion. ln pholography, Risalda Pena and Linda Rodriquez lake a piclure ol lhe lirsl snow . . . Woodworking slu- denl, Alex Tschaar, 'Finishes a clock case. 82-Academics ncsaww, Mwcun- .f:wwre,xe-w1ny1w.'af'fi- swab ,M 1. 'M-sal, wmsv. ,fs M, ru. .s ..-L, ..,,, ...if :sf-. .,, Special Services Accommodale AHS !'l', if, kr , .5 J S is if H' - L s 4 Qswissff, as f L L 4, if us. , Noi associafed wi'rh a deparfmeni buf viral +o all AHS are ihe special services. Library services were improved wi'rh new arrange- menfs of books and furnish- ings. Miss Dorofhy Sherman and Mrs. Valenda Brown worked lo keep marerials available +o fill sludenis' and 'reachers' needs. .ln lhe clinic Mrs. June Whirf was busy keeping healrh records and helping ailing slu- denfs. Mrs. Suzanne Chalcrafl coordinaled all audio visual maierials and equipment Issuing a permit Mrs. June Whiif performs one of her dufies . . . Mrs. Suzanne Chalcraff checks a film l'iTle before showing if. -H gf Ji?- -.N I K , iii- . X ij ,T il " i isri rsss. is 'ii 751 - - - -f S Q.- Q 'i S' ? L is f '55 5.-Q , ."' 5 jgtgfi. f L w MRS. VALINDA BROWN-BS Library, Library Club MISS DOROTHY SHERMAN-BS Library, Library Club MRS. JUNE WHITT-RN School Nurse MRS. SUZANNE CHALCRAFT AV Coorclina+or Mrs. Valinda Brown and Miss Doro- Thy Sherman make a check on ency- clopedias before making an order for a new ser. Academics-83 . , ,-,Q: -1. si-E .' K w' 4 r Ladies Plan Nulrilious Meals i - i ,j,fs '-2.3-35192 :Eli -'." ii , i On llle Olller Smle Ol llle , ' L " lunch line, a re sixleen caleleria . k ii r 55' f I Ci- in ' b - ' l' a ies w ose io is To pre pa re ,Q 'N .-. Q . l: ,gb 4, Q 1 a nd serve 600 'ro 700 meals a 41 Q, f ' VX i I T11 s":x.i'i . fs.. l,'l K K k 5, f K, .. .L H ,,. .sighs I-3. s ,if -f H 'rf each dav lor 700 lo 800 slu- '-'ifyyf f . denls and ifacully. These meals Wiiaaii ii ' Ag '5 5 , 9 musl meel specific slandards "V" 'F ' and are based upon a plan lor l good nulrilion. For Those who do noi wanl complele lunches, olher foods are served bv ladies working in Jrhe snack bar. ln charge of lhe daily preparafions are Mrs. Novah Johns, and Mrs. Neva Mc:Dearman snaclc bar supervi- sor. 84-Academics V ' Y I f -f -...J by sf , X as ' 5 f 2 gi e, xg 2 QQ' , ads s 'lapse l + .rx 'W s 5 I gs WQS. n1l-...- hun- For Mrs. Berfha l-lesfer and Mrs. Elhel Landrum, lhe days work begins wifh preparing +he meal dish . . . Working in The snaclcbar, Mrs. Roberla Newsome slraighlens up al 'rhe end of fhe day. f - W 1 l ffwd' " l 0 n f-C A 1 f s as H.. - Y ,.f CusTodial Care Keeps AHS ATTracTive X ,N 9 4? "YNY 'fa' .,, , 3 if f 3, ., 5 - b of 9? if M T f Q , .?'?'2-2. ,-5 4 'MLK-2 S 1'5" fy, . . PuTTing in a ToTal oT abouT 520 man-hours oT worlc, The cusTodians Torrn a crew work- ing in Two shiTTs To keep Al-lS cornTorTable and clean. Besides sweeping and dusTing class- rooms and halls. The men did lighT mainTenance and lcepT The campus clean and Trim. During holidays special clean- ing and polishing headed Their worlc lisTs. Mr. E. l-l. Park coor- dinaTed and supervised The worlc. CUSTODIANS: TOP ROW-Messrs. ErnesT Park, Ricardo AlcorTa, Carl Clemmer, A. Z. Decker. SECOND ROW: Messrs. Harold FuTrell, Mar- Tin Garcia. Edward 6riTTin, R. E. Johnson. THIRD ROW: Messrs. Wil- liam Johnson. Lee Melchor. Ted Ray, C. O. WolT. Shoveling replaced sweeping Tor Mr. Ricardo AlcorTa and The cusToclians aTTer an eighT inch snow on January Il . . . Housekeeping duTies Tor Mrs. Bobbie Moore require a sTop in The library To geT iT ready Tor The day's acTiviTies. Academics-85 Clubs and Drganizaiions , ,V X . V .W , w. 8 R 4 'V ,, i x I, 4 .. .. .P y , ,Il if .M I, 'xx Y' ,S Nl' I K ,M ,-1 . 5, 'N .1 Y 45? I Y . fm Q f uni jf ,. fQQffsf VV ' 1 wffrfi M' r V' X . , ., A, ,A , K , ,I A I ,+ 5 , K , Q as jj, Q . iv' ' iv-Q7 gi Pdf un. iii!" 'bww ""hmX . - 't-rw - fn 7 ' T, M '- 3" is vi K Q, . i , -Q ive., , I 1 if 'gf' ff: -X f ' ' Y' ia. 'Q Q A if -f f'.1 "Q: 'EI '15 , t 'Q -Q W -' " . 3 Magj . 1153-.K.::4 .. 4 f' f- " . 'VA -. , ' Lf'fQ4A ' STudenT Council Involved in AcTiviTies AcTiyely involved in school liTe, The Abilene High STudenT Council sponsored many acTiy- iTies. As in The pasT. They were responsible Tor helping wirh OrienTaTion and promoTing AHS spiriT. Members spon- sored The annual Sing-Song beTore Homecoming, door decoraTions. and sporTsman- ship awards. This year The Council added a new iniTiaTive by awarding The SpiriT STiclc To The mosT spiriTed class. Also new This year was The selecTion oT Eagles oT The Weelc, aca- demic and aThleTic. SecreTary Sally STrader reads corre- spondence To STudenT Council oTTi- cers: Olen Frazier, presidenT: Jena Bodine. recording secreTaryt Joe Moore, Treasurer: and Dana Green, vice-president ily' STUDENT COUNCIL-BOTTOM ROW: Belinda Silva, Cindy Parker, CaThy Aaron, Susie Chaney, BeTsy Dodge, Belinda Briley, Nancy HuddlesTon. SECOND ROW: Lamar Davis, Dana Shaheen, Judy HinTon. RaT EllioTT. Denise lce. Renee HeTlin, Janel lv1ayhaIl.Tl-HRD ROW: Rosemary Riv- 88-OrganizaTions era, Dee Jay Walls. Mary Henry, PauleTTe ZeTzman, Karen Clay, Cheryl Nicholson, Doug CoThern, Taina Curry. FOURTH ROW: Clark Urban, Randy Lee Carr, Bill Pier- ponT, RoberT Newman, Rick Chevrie, Mark Fox, Monica Morrison, Liz HowerTon. STUDENT COUNCIL-BOTTOM ROW: Vanessa Pimp- 'ron, Rl'ionda Smifln, Pam Fry, Wendy Laflirop, Pam Cor- nish. Gail Ford, Sleve Scanlon. SECOND ROW: Snirla Minafra, Aline Owens, Becky Slrader, Sliari Mafliiews, Regina Srnilli, Carla Willis, Jarilyn Scofl. THIRD ROW: .fy A I ' ' ,FM T 2 5 Wye , ,,, iw gf Q.-zz . 5 -1, was 0, in Mi. cl 9 "' 'W har Q5 ' Y' 'J NI ,-3' 0 no f Debbra McGee, Loraine Timms, Pamela Manis, Becky Scales, Becky Boone, Sieve Byrd. Cynlliia Turner. FOURTH ROW: Bob Bailey. Jeff Hill, Mark McCord, Alice Pillman, Sky Mosman, Kim Briley, James Crim. if .,' v,- 1sI,.4'g 1' lf' X 1F Jena Bodine explains lo Joe Moore lwow llie new Sludenf Council aflendance board works . . . Jeff Hill and Joe Moore pack Toys 'ro dis- fribule To needy clwildren. Orqanizalions-89 STUDENT COUNCIL-BOTTOM ROW: Joe Moore. Jena Bodine, Sally Sfrader, Olen Frazier, Dana Greene. SECOND ROW: Celia Doyle, Kafhy Rucker, Pafrie Ru+- ledge. Sylvia Perez, Gordon Gilbert Ronnie Williams, Sian Hamilfon, Mr. Max Irwin. THIRD ROW: Becky Spann, Susan Ducker, Bruce Brock, Bob Ramsey, Mickey Smifh, Laura Cullers, Margarei' Mar+inez. FOURTH ROW: Jack King, Richard Beheney, Rudy Arredondo, Gilberf Chacon, Joe Guerra, Eddie Earles, Eli Carrasco. Mr. Elmer Wright FIFTH ROW: Lanny Vinson, Duane Fox, Doug Shepherd. Danny Edmond, Earl Swinger, Richard Sullivan, Randy Sfrickland. ? 5 11 I Exchangee Ana Godoy and s+uden+ hosless Becky Spann mel AHS slu- denfs a+ a recep+ion . . . CHS slu- denfs Kendall Prui++ and Dean Hul7s+edler, and AHS sfudenrs Cy Difmore and 'Pa++i Burks were four of fhe many people who parficipafed in Exchange Day. 90-Organizalions Exchange Days Promo're Friendship Srriving for involvemenl' of more sfudenfs wirhin The school and inside The commu- nify kepl 'lhe Sfudenr Council busy inifiaring and observing sfudenr programs. Sludenls had opporruniries To broaden conlacls wi+h orher schools in exchange days wilh Cooper and Winlers High schools. As Vice-presidenr of The Oil Bell Dis1'ric'r, The Sfudenr Council parficipaled in sfudenl organi- za+ion and furfhered infegra- lion of siudenls in communily affairs wirh Operafion Main- srream. Rewriring lhe SC con- srilufion helped make sfudenf governmenf more efficient Organizing ro run for Srafe S+uden+ Council Vice-president Dana Greene, David Halbert Ronnie Wil- liams. Sally Slrader, and Olen Frazier prepare pamphlefs. STUDENT COUNCIL-BOTTOM ROW: Debbie Crow, Jessica Buller, Gigi Warfers, Julie Ouigg, Cassie S+ephen- son, Dixie Gowler, Twanna Myers. SECOND ROW: Deb- bie Mayhall, Brenda Flynn, Nina Purcell, Andy Reece, Jody Berryman, Molly Brown, MaryAnn Chunn. THIRD ROW: Nanneffe Wrighf, Phyllis ,FuH'on, Susan Jones, Dan Easfburn. Guy Rosser, David Wilburn, Chuck Chapman. FOURTH ROW: Julie Burke, Cary Billingsley, Larry Chap- man, Riclcy Gravens, Charlie Weber, Chuck Sillon, Kenny Edwards. Organizafions-9l Delivering candy +urned our To be fun as LeighAnne Grover and ofher NHS members discovered . . . New induclee Becky Boone receives The symbolic candle from Darlene Price while Carolyn Glenn and Cindy Par- ker ge? ready To receive +he nex+ inducfee. New Members lnduc+ecl ln+o NHS NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY-BOTTOM ROWg liams, Darlene Price. THIRD ROW: Celia Couch, Roxann Donna Dixon, Susan Green, Deana Hendrix, Cindy Parker, Aaron. Alma Pink. Jody Yarbrough, Carolyn Glenn. Bob Mike Young, Sfeve Scanlon, SECOND ROWg Ka,-en Gil. Ellis. FOURTH ROW: Olen Frazier. Miss Brisler, Chuck mer, Debra Sewell, Peggy Wilson. Paula Spiller, Doris Wil- Bf5dlOVd' ROQGV I-Ove, Joe Moore' John Leach- 92-Organiza+ions I- NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY-BOTTOM ROW: Char- loffe Webb. Sally Sfrader, Dana Walson, Sherri Bailey. Joyce Grimes. SECOND ROW: Nila Sfevenson, Debra Rhoads. Karen Brisfow, Kalhi Richards, Beclcy Boone. bln THIRD ROW: Bob Bailey, Terry Warren, Doug Cofhern, Lee Daniels, Randy Dozeman, FOURTH ROW: Jimmy Sfrong, Danny Sco++, Craig Shewmake, Paul Ogden, Bill Pierpont CD33 l 53 ,S 4 -5 Nor always keeping lheir noses in books, members of rhe Narional Honor Sociery parricipared in a wide variery of acriviries. The year began in planning for Homecoming Balloon Sales. Brighl' gold bal- loons were sold +o raise money for scholarships. Members also helped To hosl' Open House and larer merged wi+h Jrhe Cooper Honor Sociery +o hos'r College Nighlr a+ Cooper. Bringing ioy To rhe hearrs of lovers on February I4, mem- bers sold Valenline candy ar rheir "Carnival of Hear+s" and dressed in zany coslumes 'ro deliver The candy. NHS officers 'For I972-73 were: Roger Love, President John Leach, vice-presidenfi Carolyn Glenn, reporferq Cindy Parker, hisrorianq Alma Pink, secrelary: and Darlene Price, Treasurer. Organizafions-93 STaff KepT Busy WiTh EvenTs aT AHS Trying To capTure The evenTs oT Abilene High kepT The FlashlighT sTaTT on The go. Work on The '73 l:lashlighT began early when members aTTended a spring workshop sponsored by NewsToTo oT San Angelo. EdiTor Wendy LaThrop and copy ediTor Car- olyn Glenn TormulaTed more plans aT The San Angelo STaTe Workshop. OTher members aTTended a Tall workshop aT WyaTT's CaTeTeria, also spon- sored by NewsToTo. Being a member oT The Texas l-ligh School Press Asso- ciaTion and lnTerscholasTic League Press convenTion, The FlashlighT was able To enTer The conTesT wiTh oTher books across The sTaTe. This is The TirsT Time The FlashlighT has been a member oT ILPC. From The THSPA conTesT in DenTon, The l972 FlashlighT received an All-Texas raTing. Working diligenTly To geT ouT The '73 FlashlighT were The 5Th period sTaTT members . . . SecTion ediTors KaThryn Bains, Paula Rash. and BeTh Lehmann discuss plans Tor The Flash- lighT wiTh Miss Mildred STokes. 94-OrqanizaTions L, Q T ,,wN,sv...f: - 1. J 2. A Q eiwww --,4."s. 'iii ,-Fl . e4 - Q99 155301 rf-f i FLASH LIGHT STAFF-BOTTOM ROW: Lachrisfia Havens. Joyce Lan- dry, Sharon Wood, Paula Rash. SEC- OND ROW: Brenda Palmer, Pam DuVall, David Bridges, Kafhryn Bains, Cy Difmore. THIRD ROW: 'Denae Hamleff, Roberl' King,Be+h Lehmann, Carolyn Glenn, Ronnie Duncan . . . Gafhering ideas For +he I973 Flash- Iighf Karen Mcfxuliffie, and Lynn Hall. L V a T'-v. aku Head phofoqrapher, David Bridges. develops film needed by fhe staff . . . Edilor Wendy Lafhrop smiles affer learning +ha+ fhe firs+ dead line for ihe annual was mei . . . Business manager Brad Osner and business supervisor Mr. Max Irwin discuss The finances of +he annual. Organizafions-95 " '. w e -wr W 1 ,.,5Q1,-Q gf f Adyerlising annual pre-sales, Denae l'lamleH does lwer parl by pulling up poslers . . . Plwofoqraplwers for 'rlwe Flaslwliqlwl' Rober+ King, Cy Dilmore. and Paul Glenn . . . Working hard To meel +l'1e December I5 deadline, Karen McAuliffe ancl LacI'1ris+ia Havens busily work on llweir ad sec- lion. 96-Organizafions Summer VacaTion SpenT in 'aff W vw-eww Mexico CiTy To provide recogniTion Tor people who have creaTively conTribuTed To The media was The main goal of Ouill and Scroll. On club days The AHS journalisTs meT and worked on Their publicaTions. To be a member oT lnTernaTional Ouill and Scroll, one musT be classi- Tied as a iunior, in The Top TourTh oT his class academi- cally, and recommended by a publicaTions sponsor. GeTTing an insighT To Span- ish speaking counTries was The aim oT The Pan American Club. This year, as in The pasT years, The club, along wiTh The Spanish classes, made a Trip To Mexico CiTy, Mexico. To raise money The club held a Mexi- can supper. The Club is under The supervision oT Miss Lynda Collins. OUILL AND SCROLL-BOTTOM ROW: JoAnn GranT, Sue Buckley, Cheryl Hood. SECOND ROW: David EsTrada. Mrs. Marie Yaeger. Gary Diehl. PAN AMERICAN CLUB-BOTTOM ROW: Debbie Marfinez, Linda Lopez, Naomie Gonzales, Olga Pecina, Eliseo Carrasco. SECOND ROW: Janis Douglas, Terri WeaTh- erby, Gloria CasTro, Geneva Moore. Vicki Munoz. THIRD ROW: James Scanlon, Mr. VicTor Medina. Guy Rosser. Bessie MonTez. Clubs--97 BaTTery STaTT Informs STudenTs aT AHS Publishing sixTeen issues OT The BaTTery, The sTaTT worked To keep The sTudenTs, TaculTy and paTrons inTormed abouT evenTs aT Abilene High. Super- vised by Mrs. Marie Yaeger, journalism Teacher, sTaTT mem- bers, assisTed by TirsT year journalism sTudenTs, composed The bi-weekly paper which was prinTed by Abilene PrinTing and STaTionery Company. Mr. Max Irwin served as business advisor. The BaTTery was enTered in several conTesTs: Two oT which were The InTerschoIasTic League Press ConvenTion in AusTin and The Texas High School Press AssociaTion in DenTon. From These conTesTs The BaTTery received an A-I raTing. Several sTaTT members aTTended workshops aT These convenTions. -ai' h-'rcmh TQ' - ,ili,i .. -iii AssisTanT ediTor Cheryl Hood works To compleTe The TirsT page oT The ChrisTmas issue . . . Mr. Max Irwin, business advisor, Talks over The 'Finan- cial record oT The paper wiTh busi- ness manager Darlene Price. 98-OrganizaTions W ffl W ,M,.,c.. ,si.., . , t 'wvmw L N I f l .V I I. 1 W. '41 'x,i' BATTERY STAFF: BOTTOM ROW -JaneT Dudley. SECOND ROW: JoAnn Grant Sue Buckley. THIRD ROW: Sue WaTson. Mrs. Marie Yaeger. FOURTH ROW: Darlene Price, Debbie Mayhall, D'Aunn Wes- Ter. FIFTH ROW: Cheryl Hood, Dixie Gowler, Joe Guerra. .5 yy i iii .gi..::372,y .T ev-V., w.s', Av .. Ms., wt'-, iz . 72 'V jg any r x' iiff-La., . f"'4fv51' ' wb-Lvl gs so ,,,,. ,..giL..sa1 .,, ,gi ,I ' mf Busy Trying +o puf our a newsy and inferesfinq publicafion, The Ba'r'rery Sfaff affaclcs fhe necessary paper work . . . Mrs. Marie Yaeger, spon- sor of The Bafrery, discusses fhe num- ber of pages for +he r1ex'r issue wifh Darlene Price . . . Sharing The responsibili+y of edi+ing 'rhe Ba++ery, Debbie Mayhali and Dixie Gowler collabora+e in pasfing proofs on dummy pages. Organizafions-99 Marching Band Takes Trip fo Corpus Parficipafion in pep rallies. civic parades, and foofball games signified a porfion of fhe year's acfivifies by fhe Abilene Eagle marching, con- cerf, and symphonic bands. Long hard hours were spenf on fhe pracfice field geffing ready fo perform during fhe half fime fesfivifies. Affer marching season, The band did nof resf. More hard hours were spenf polishing confesf pieces. This year fhe band enfered fhe Ull. Solo and Ensemble Confesf, Sweefwafer lvlusic Eesfival, and fhe Corpus Chrisfi Buccaneer Music Fesfi- val. Foofball programs, fruifcalce sales, bake sales, and a Spa- gheffi Day raised funds needed fo fravel fo Corpus Chrisfi for fhe spring frip. IOO-Organizafions Twirlers for fhe Abilene Eagle Marching Band were Deborah Denney. Barbara Sfevenson, Sylvia Jones, Paffi Burks, Sherry Bailey, and Ginger Gayden. li FS i 5 if f u Leading The Abilene Eagle Band on +he field during half-lime iesrivifies were drum maiors Barbara Hanson and Cy Dirmore. BAND--BOTTOM ROW: Sieve Sfrickland, Brenr Osner, Gary Tucker. Nannefle Wrighf. Monefie Long, Kay Jackson, Sherry Bailey, Ronnie Lee. Cafhy Knupple, Cheryl Nicholson, Cheryl Hood. Belh Lehmann. Susan Wilson, Suzy Hobbs. Pauleife Zefzman, Barbara Han- son. SECOND ROW: Ginger Gayden. Carol Nicholson, Larry Wood, Sylvia Jones. Paiii Burks, Berly Almaguer, Janis Bruner, Dianna Zimmerle, Wesley Norrell. lan Benlley. Ken Lewis, Curfis Roberrson. Joe Black. Mark Sfewarf, Diane Wurschmidf. Kafhy Richards. Melody Myrick, Charlene Eubanks, Twanna Myers. Virginia Marquez. Barbara Sievenson. Cindy Williams, Leann Koonsman. JoAnn Granf, Darlene Price. THIRD ROW: Vicki Fairclofh. Gayla Conrad. Loyd Marr. LoreH'a McKinzie. Mildred Rhodes. Joyce Francis. Sfarla Sfewarf, Julia Flores. Mary Parker, Deb- bie Sfokes. Ysidro Resales, Jimmy Wafson, Malcolm Crawford. Kim Plemons, David Bridges. Mariano Hernandez, James Young. Mike Cole, Ermelinda Rodriguez, Ricky Thompson. Glenn Carfer. Jonathan Arram- bide. Cy Difmore. Lee Daniels, Roberf King. Calhy Aaron, Alberf Loya, Rudy Tolenfino. Dale Bosfick, Mike Weldon. Brad Osner. FOURTH ROW: Adele Olbrichf, Denice Wurschmidr, Joni Lamberl. Josh Arrambide, Deborah Wilson, Deirdre Wilson. Regi Eure, Jana Hallmark. Larry Landrefh, Terry Cannee fax. Sam Spence, Tim Howard. Alan Herman. Mike Wood. Sieve Ulmer, Mark Surface, Jim Porferfield, John Gresham, Mike Sfallinqs, Larry Smilh. John Owen. Bobby Ellis. Andy Reese, Russel Whisenanf, Darill Anderson. Denise Slraffon. Jeff Cosfon, Marcus Whil- more, Carolyn Ray. Raymond Flores, Noel Flores. Adolfo Flores. FIFTH ROW: Paula Spiller, Jimmy Diaz. Mr. Bill Spencer, Diedra Moore. Deborah Denney, Larry Moore, Eddie Gilbert. Craig Shewmake. Ben McWilliams. Jimmy Higgins, Mike Close. David Weaver, Charlie Wafson. Wane Giles, Randy Trull, Mike Young. Kevin McBride. Wourfh Mou- fray, Ronnie Lewis, Sieve Gilbert Billy Wood, Lee Ales, Raymond Samya. Gordon Malkow- ski, Wayne Packo. Organizafions-lOl . . , , ,.,. A 5 is ,i fr.. NM 1' 'H :W I A , l ' ' L L . N., , r . . - ..X. L V A, -..H L ..... , . -"- .. -A1 Q. i . Ge++ing ready for confesfs sTar+ing March 3, Mr. Bill Spencer Takes Time ouf of The busy rehearsal 'ro work parls . .. Officers for fhe band were Mike Young, firsf lieufenanf: Darlene Price, secrefary: Sfeve Slrickland, second lieufenanf, junior grade: Larry Moore. capfain Proper+y sergeanfs in charge of help- ing +he officers were Gary Tucker, Bobby Ellis. JoAnn Grant Paulefle Zelzman lbo++om rowlq Cheryl Hood. Sfarla Sfewarf. Mike Close. I O2-Organizalions Band S+uden'rs Earn Honors 'Kea 1 1, Dislricl region, area, and sfafe win- ners were: Diedra Moore, region: Deborah Denney. Mark Sfewarl, S+eve Gilbert dis+ric+ winners. SEC- OND ROW: Sylvia Jones. disfricfg Paulefle Zelzman, Ka+hi Richards. Mike Cole. region winners. THIRD ROW: Malcolm Crawford, Mike Sfallings, Andy Reese, Mark Surface, region winners. FOURTH ROW: John Owen. Brenl' Osner, Larry Moore, Barbara Hanson. area win- ners. FIFTH ROW: Larry Smilh, area: Mike Young and Lee Danials sfale winners . . . ln an annual evenl of The Abilene Eagle Band, +he chil- dren were ins'rruc+ed on how They are 'ro direc+ lhe band during lhe Chrisfmas Concert Organizalions- I O3 E Z CONCERT CHOIR-BOTTOM ROW: Laurie Shedd. Nancy Huddlesfon, Brenda Coffman, Slephanie Williams. Kalhy Wood. Geneva Moore, Sherry Bailey. Jana Hall- mark, SECOND ROW: Teresa Wurschmidl, Ramona Hamil+on, Taina Curry, Nancy Runyan, Shirla Minalra. Melinda Tallanr, Gail Eosler, Margarel Williams, Raulefle Zelzman. THIRD ROW: Rhonda Hari, Brenda Palmer. Randa Bruce, Becky Boone, Jan Walker, Nancy Evans, Ann Earnsworfh. FOURTH ROW: Sky Mosman. Lelha Morris, IO4-Organizafions Sandra Rilchey, Belinda Briley. Jody Yarbrough. Marfha Cogburn. FIFTH ROW: Randy Pool. David Willis, Tim Bradshaw. SIXTH ROW: Winslon Whifl, Jeff Nelson, Ednoi Carrasco. John Grasham, Paul Eorsylh, Bufch Gin- draff. SEVENTH ROW: Dennis Redman, Larry Pearce. Charlie Webber, Larry Slough. EIGHTH ROW: Doyle Walker, Roberi Newman. Lanny Wilson, Larry Fisher. NINTH ROW: Jerry Mullins, David Gililland. Gary Hous- fon, Mark Eox. Thir'reen Make Regional Choir for AHS Under The direcfion of Mr. Danny Hood, new fo AHS, fhe choir engaged in a wide vari- ely of concerrs and confesls. "Campus Review '72," an enferrainmenl special per- formed by fhree choirs, was 'rhe firsf concerl, 'Followed laler by "Requiem," a concerf of combined AHS and Cooper choirs a+ Heavenly Resf Church. The choir also gave a concerl af Thanksgiving and a Chrisfmas concerf a+ Cirizens Nafional Bank. Sfudenfs making regional choir are Ramona Hamilfon, Shirla Minalra, Geneva Moore, Sherry Bailey, Sle- phanie Williams, Sandra Rifchey lboffom rowl, Lefha Morris, Lanny Wilson. Jerry Mullins, Doyle Walker, Larry Pearce, Brenda Palmer, and Nancy Evans lsecond rowl Officers 'for Concerf Choir are Sre- phanie Williams. Teresa Wurschmidt Nancy Runyan, Mark Fox, Lanny Wil- son, Larry Pearce, Wins+on Whi++ . . . a rehearsal is direcfed by Mr. Danny Hood. Organizahons-lO5 MIXED CHOIR-BOTTOM ROW: Linda Gladish, Denise Jeff, Sara Torres, Kafhy Weidig, Mary Ann Loya, Melanie Hunler, Pa+'ri Minafra. SECOND ROW: Connie Hagler, Paula Ross, Be+h Davis, Lachrisfia Havens, Joyce Bries- ven Splawn. mer, xan Miaaieion. Kafhy Langan, Donna Wm. Gui'rars New +o AHS Choral Program BASSES: BOTTOM ROW: Randy Pool, Bufch Gindraff, Eclnoi Car- rasco, David Willis, Dennis Redman. SECOND ROW: Jerry Mullins, Win- sfon WI'1iH, Mark Fox, John Gras- ham, Doyle Walker, Charlie Webber. IO6-Organiza+ions ALTOS-BOTTOM ROW: Jana Hallmark, Sherry Bailey, Nancy Hud- dlesfon. SECOND ROW: Margaref Williams, Ramona Hamilfon, Debbie Mayhall. THIRD ROW: Sandra Ri+- chey, Jan Walker, Randa Bruce. FOURTH ROW: Rhonda Hari, Belinda Briley. FIFTH ROW: Sky Mosman, Brenda Palmer. SIXTH ROW: Teresa Wurschmiclf. THIRD ROW: Lonnie Prescoff Ra Ian amil Ion, Paul Kelly. FOURTH ROW iechmann erry Cagle, Bryan Lasyane Shane Wunkles David arker Sfe v-...W f f 'M W' L M . ,,,, n'ifv"i ,Jo .fn 5 ,, ., y,,,.,,Q2 :.:s:5.:. , 7 .,, . , N . we -f , f' , A-fm' ,, H ' e M,,' -1 '-,,..N..g ,..! f 'A-A -f .fa "4 My -. ' .. .A ...ff ,R f.,.,gv' , 7' A P' -, .A Of' ,- 3 TENORS-BOTTOM ROW: Lanny Wilson. Larry Fisher. SECOND ROW: Larry Pearce, Paul Forsyfh, Tim Bradshaw, Larry Slough. THIRD ROW: Roberf Newman, Jeff Nelson. GIRLS GUITAR CHOIR-BOTTOM ROW: Pafiie Rufledge, Jenniffier Shields, Carolyn Johler, Donna Sco++, Marfha McMillan, Connie Tannich. SECOND ROW: Luanne Ligh'H:oo'r. Befh Edgar, Connie Carr, Janie Tay- lor, Ann Shelley. THIRD ROW: Linda Orr, Anneffe Broyles, Karen Tubbs, Molly Brown, Marianne Tay- Ior, Mary Kay Williams. FOURTH ROW: Regenia Scoff, Melia McAIis+er, Chris Hu1'chins,Ka+hy Kimbrough, Lee Large. J' P., SOPRANOS-BOTTOM ROW: Shirla Mina+ra, PauIe++e Zefzman, Nancy Evans, Melinda Tallanl, Jody Yarbrough. SECOND ROW: Geneva Moore, Taina Curry, Nancy Runyan, Becky Boone, Laurie Shedd. Marfh Cogburn, Lefha Morrison, Gale Fosfer, Kafhy Wood, Sfephanie Williams, Brenda Coffman. Orqanizafions-IO7 'ss r 0 my so T Q ion . gi Y 2 , ,si 1 ROMAN FORUM-BOTTOM ROW: Denise STocz, Caro- lyn Glenn, Michael Poer, Joe Moore. Karen Gilmer, Cindy Vernon. SECOND ROW: Marilyn CuTbirTh, LaureTTa ATkinson. Terry Warren, Lamar Davis, Sara Bowser, KaThi Richards. JoAnn Hood, KaThee Harkrader. THIRD ROW: Doug CoThern, Thomas Fry. Paul NoTgrass, Celia Couch, Dawnelle Woodall, STeve Kelley, Randy Duncan. Paul Lan dis. FOURTH ROW: Bob Ellis, Sam Spence, Daniel SmiTh Marci McKeehan, Tom Cain, Melissa Baker, Diane Brown Geneva Paige. FIFTH ROW: Dennis Bush, lan BenTley Mark CarTer, Jimmy STrong, Debbie Turnbow, PeTe Bar rera, Tony Prock, Eddie Greenlee. Classics Inspire LaTin Club AcTiviTies Classical language, liTera- Ture, and hisTory were The Tocal poinTs Tor The Roman Forum. Members spenT club Time lisTening To speakers, planning Tor The sTaTe conTesT, and planning club parTies. Speakers whom They heard were Dr. Alexander Undvary paralleling ancienT Roman cul- Ture wiTh Today's, and Dr. Ray Ellis speaking on The Greek language. Club members also enTered The JCL convenTion aT ForT WorTh in March and voTed on new provisions in The JCL consTiTuTion. AT The ChrisTmas parTy, members presenTed sponsor Mrs. Joyce Jay wiTh a Greek-LaTin Bible. Bobby Ellis, Cindy Vernon, and Lamar Davis look over The ChrisTmas issue oT The ACTE publicaTion. lO8-Clubs 'Ns 'NX i J --........ rw-snags 4 sr- efmwwwaua. f ,pwngf 7' iz 211' l my 24 li'1 if -. .-f-' l .gn 4 sw.. , Celia Couch +ries 'ro discover 'rlwe "murderer" as Daniel Smifh supplies fhe missing clues . . . Absorbed in 'rhe works of Myers and l-lerodolus. Michael Poer s+udies Greek bisfory for con+es+ compefifion . . . Playing "Mucius Scaevola and Porsena", Debbie Turnbow "murders" Geneva Paige . . . Lamar Davis and Bob Ellis reign as queen and king aT+l1e club's annual "slave aucfionf' album' effryh 'M wifi! ss . , , .X , W :dWg,,s,,".f iw, W A Fglqlh-2,31 3 ig. A 'i"wI," , . V, w,'xf6'P-A1,iif L4 rv if I 13, ' sf f' .'tW.s f ,A LQSSH3, s?3'2.i-ifrgs.+'2 tiff ,vw A .Qs 53 'K' f5fS"fJ,'3,:..:if,i1,4iul-'3'f-- 4.5.1 izlzvf, , 'l V-' 'fit '. 3.11 Clubs-IO9 OrchesTra OrchesTra members devel- oped Their orchesTral Techni- ques during Their club Time. While working on conTesT music They learned To enioy music and work TogeTher in harmony. AcTiviTies oT The orchesTra varied Trom a Tour in AusTin To selling chocolaTe crunch bars To raise money. OuarTeTs also enTerTained aT The Lions Club and The crediT union aT STaTe School. Added To This, The orchesTra accompanied The local and all-region in Their preTormance oT The Reguim. UlL solo, ensemble conTesTs were held in March aT l-i-SU. All region orchesTra members Tor The 72-73 school year are Celia LiTTle- Tield, Cindy Edwards, Regina SmiTh, and Mike STallings. I IO-OrganizaTions Members Took AusTin Tour ORCHESTRA-BOTTOM ROW: Cindy Edwards, Celia l.iTTleTield. Judy Buck- les, Linda Warren, Mike STallings. SECOND ROW: Suzanne Cannon, Miss Ale- dia Brown. Danny Edmonds, KaThy Higgins, KenneTh BurneTT, David MarTin. THIRD ROW: James Ballard. Mr. Paul Kelly, Danny MarTin, Mike Rios, Regina SmiTh. LIBRARY-BOTTOM ROW: AniTa Calloway, presidenT: Vickie Edwards, vice-presidenT: PaTricia Murray, secreTary: CaThy LamberT, Treasurer: Cheryl Spencer. SECOND ROW: Donna Walker, Susan Rogers. Barbara Lang, Paula LamberT, Gary WyaTT, Mrs. Valenda J. Brown. THIRD ROW: Miss DorThy Sherman, Debbie King, Janis Bruner, Members Work k,,' ....f,.,:: fi1f??2rWif T . , .5 X- H T. 3 ,,y' ig 'SNS 5 riii 1 'LN""' Vyyy 5 r'ii gf , . WWW, 4 r 'i r we AL. CynThia Hines, Vince McClure, Jim Hood, Jean PeTTy, Tena Edwards. FOURTH ROW: Linda Ake, Susan Temple- Ton, Larry Jones. Billy Massey, NiTa STevenson, Billy STe- vens. FIFTH ROW: Joseph Broye, Edgar WaTson, Melody Myrick, Rhonda Hawkins, Julie Burke. on Library Problems Plans, duTies, and problems encounTered in The library are a Tew oT The many Topics dis- cussed by members oT The library club during regular club meeTing Time, Membership in The club is volunTary, buT mosT oT The members work in The library during Their classTime also. Members oT The club planned a bake sale as one OT Their money raising proiecTs To help send several members of The club on a Trip To Mexico. PuTTing Their heads TogeTher, Debbie King and Deborah Thiboduaux con- Ter on The organizaTion oT The card caTalogue . . . Checking in maga- zines is one oT The many responsibili- Ties oT Julie Burke as a worker in The Abilene High Library . . . David Hull assisTed by CaThy LamberT Tile library cards Trom ouT-going books. Clubs-I I I Chris+ian Club Wins Firs'r in Song Organized for The fellowship of Chrislians af Abilene High School, 'rhe Chrisfian Club was fhe second largesl' club. Hs enrollmen+ tolaled ren per cen+ of fhe srudenf body. Dur- ing club lime members share in +he love and influence Chrisf has on +heir lives. Club Jrime also provided a quiel' Time for worship in 'rhe midsf of busfling school ac+ivi+ies. The club also had several guesf speakers during lhe year. Some of +hese speakers were sfudenfs from rhe local colleges. Chrisfian Club mem- bers +ook par+ in fhe annual Sing Song, emerging wi1'h 'firsf place in song compefifion. Affer a called mee+ing af Don Jolly's house, Chrisfian Club members Irene Piefszch, Donna Hunf. and Lynn Hardaway Took 'rime 'ro s+udy +he Bible. Sponsors Ann Riggan and Dorofhy Presswood were presenfed wi+h roses for +heir supporf of fhe club in Sing Song compefirion . . . Connie Tan- nich and Rhonda Hari' work on The final slaps of fhe club's Chrisfmas proiec+ by sor+ing 'rhe many clofhes. I I2-Clubs es? .b'l . -Y-Hx wry' . 7- Q-:55-M 5 552 . 4141 ,Q 49 EQ 4 X mtv ,Z ii , 3: 'Q Ag. ,, gF Q :Q wif ff x ' Sl ,N e if QR 1' S f f in sr S fi - iv gg Lx, 1 Mw- GERMAN CLUB-BOTTOM ROW: David Willis. Cynfhia ROW5 SCOH .Sl19ll0ni Qvnfhie SlV0V'Q' NGVWCY Griffin, Edwards. Joyce Grimes, Shirely Sfubblefield. Janel May- Sfeve BYVdi JW' Poflefhelcl- lflalllafl Cvafes- FOURTH hall. SECOND ROW: David Slevens, Gaye Hamm, Pau- ROW! Randall EVeV5ClYlQ- RQUVNS Sllldebalief- Alan Her' lelfe Zelzman, Sfeven Ulmer, Kendel l'lerold. THIRD rnan,Crd1Q5heWmGlfe- B'll P'9VP0"Wl- TAGS Conven+ion A++encled by Club G CI b ' ' 'r d . erman u is associa e y If wilh lhe Texas Associalion of German Sludenfs. TAGS holds a convenfion once a year, and lhe German club usually alfends. . ln order To raise money, lhe club has a yearly balcesale. The A . A C money was used for a picnic. 'NN , l i 7 V, Theffluqb had meelings al Mrs. V' Y Gri if 's house To lislen To ,sv r ' ,, Y records, rapes, and view slides C., 'V by l' ol Germany. Performed for a C , 'il'l "German" audience, The club presenled a German play by , s, Thas Slrass, a medieval Ger- Vyy l f- man poel. D Nancy Griffin shows lhe bullelin i W ' '-i"- - .VVA .A 4 board of Germany To Alan Herman A 'C and Nalhan Coales. l I4-Clubs l ,., ,- .l FTA-BOTTOM ROW: Nancy Huddlesfon, Mary Kay Sudbury, Paffi Minafra, Pam Cornish, Susie Chaney. Carla Willis, Taina Curry, Linda Jones. SECOND ROW: Shirla Minalra, Debbie Rains, Dana Shaheen, Befsy Dodge, Belinda Briley, Becky Monroe, Julie Ouigg, Lefha Morris. THIRD ROW: Nancy Runyan. Susie Williams, Toni Mel- lon, Jena Bodine, Janelle McLemore, Kafhy Spicer, Judy Hinfon, Delores Campbell. FOURTH ROW: Randy Ken- nedy, Bill Kelmer, John Womble, Kurf Wafson, Mike Sfow- ers. Daniel Easfburn, Joel Cecil, Eddie Earles. FTA Club Has Annual Career Mon+h The goal of Fulure Teachers of America Clubs is +0 help sfudenls decide if lhey wanl To become a professional leacher. FTA provides inform- alion on vocalional opporluni- Ties in educalion and furnishes Hs members wilh experience and underslanding in The leaching field. Members use clublime in planning for 'rhe career monlh which is April, and for fhe Teacher award. During April, members of FTA will honor all The leachers. Officers for 'rhe FTA club are Jena Bodine, Presidenf: Judy Hinfon, His- forian: Julie Ouigg, Secrefaryp Nancy Huddlesfon, Vice-President Becky Monroe, Treasurer: and spon- sor, Mrs. Gay Dale. Clubs-I I5 FHA Provided Elderly wi+l1 Lap Robes The Tour chapfers of FHA: Rose, Key, Torch, and Ama- cila, parricipared in severral aclivilries. "The Happiesl Girl ln The Whole U.S.A." was The song 'rhey presenred al' rhe Sing Song. Making lap robes was a maior FHA proiecf. They devlivered 'rhem +o The resf homes around Chrisfmas lime. The main goal of The club is +o help rhe members lead more useful and salisfying lives Through Fufure Homemaking ac+ivi+ies. FHA-BOTTOM ROW: Susanne Cannon, Lachrisfa Havens. SECOND ROW: Judy Dillard. Dianne Cannon. Roma Keesee. THIRD ROW: Linda Alce, Nifa Houlihan, Judy Campbell, Brenda Hodges. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Ann Viergiever, Cindy Evers- dyk, Darlene Keesee. Sandra Webb. Making and delivering lap robes 'lo The elderly was a proiecf sponsored by FHA. FHA-BOTTOM ROW: Lynn Zachary, presidenf: Caren Cook, Donna Walker, Mrs. Meader. SEC- OND ROW: Melanie Miller, secre- faryt Nifa Slevenson, Naneffe Wrighf, Lynn Owens. THIRD ROW: Karen Buckner, Sue Brooker, Ralinda Grant Karen McAuliffe. FOURTH ROW: Carol Whifworfh, Shirle Wolfe, Cindy Jones, Debbie Ake. Karen Kinney. I I6-Clubs 5 f. iz Q I FHA--BOTTOM ROW: Judy Yaw, Laura While, Dana Wa+son, vice-president Lore++a McKenzie, Laura Wafson, president SECOND ROW: Debbie Craig, Carol Rives, Paula Cowarl, secre+ary: Suzie Gaulding. THIRD ROW: Q -, Sherry Baca, Becky Williams, Pam Wenlrek, Carol Nichol- son, Cheryl Nicholson. FOURTH ROW: Sheliah Penning- fon, Monica Morrison, Liz Hower+on, Dawn Harlow, Mel- ody Myrick, Mrs. E+heI Ellison. FHA Delegafes, Roma Keesee and Melody Murick, discuss FHA work being done in This area. FHA-BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. Mar- fha Carroll, Rhonda Caffey, Janey Knupple, Donna Tucker, Leanne Geariely. SECOND ROW: Pal McKennon, Nancy Ca'F'ley, Laverne Salyer, Brenda Ferguson. THIRD ROW: Judy Bowden, Juanifa Mackey, Jane? Haddock. Pam Adams. FOURTH ROW: Gene Had- Iock, Lazeda Pringle. Clubs-I I7 FHA lHerol Club Sold Recipe Books FHATHEROJ-BOTTOM ROW: Johnny Jiminez, KaThy Walker, ChrisTine Abel, presidenT: Susan Reid, Brenda Gardner, Treasurer. SECOND ROW: Naomi Gonzalez, Sandra CorTinez, Mary RuTh Sigala, Cyndy GunTer, Cel- esTe Dillard. Pam Jones. THIRD ROW: AlTus Reese, Joni The 25 members oT The FHA lHerol Club spend Their meeTing Time by having speak- ers, panels, and business meeT- ings. This is in accordance wiTh The NaTional Program oT work. PromoTing inTeresT and knowl- edge in Home Economics Rel- aTed OccupaTions is The main goal oT The club. ExTra acTivi- Ties oT The club include pro- grams To inTerpreT HECE, a campus clean up or beauTiTica- Tion proiecT and a banqueT honoring employers. The club also sold FayoriTe Recipe Books. NoTes on The clubs lasT meefing are looked over by ChrisTine Abel and KaThy Walker . . . In her work. Brenda Gardner looked aTTer chil- dren. I I8-Clubs LamberT. Della Coplin, Sherry Herpeche, Kelly Paschal, Nelda SmiTh, Joanne Paschal. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Sue Day. Cindy Way, Laura WhiTe, RiTa Brooks. Kay Moss. Ramona HamilTon. FIFTH ROW: Terry Ward. Norris Ben- neTT, Alfred Miller, Joel Cecil, Charles Reece. 2 J ICEB R Lao' We 1 ....,,,,, ""'--. , - 4 ' ,,.'fff, For Sandra Corlinaz and Joni Swan- son a field +rip fo Chris' Nufrifion Cenfer provided more 'food facfs 'For Their sfudy . . . Working af her iob a+ Aileen's. Kay Moss measures maferial . . . Looking for homemak- ing ideas from magazines are Schar- lene Upfon, and Della Coplin . . . Joann Paschal gels on-+he-iob-'lrain- ing a+ Taco Bell . . . Tax bullefins and income informa+ion are sfudied by Brenda Gardner, Ramona Hamil- 'ron and Susan Reid . . . Thanksgiv- ing favors for 'rhe res? homes were FHA proiecf for Mary Sigala. Linda Lopez, and Naomi Gonzales. Clubs--I I9 Club Time Used for Praclice Periods DRAMA ABM-ENE-BQTTOM ROW Sarah Penng MaHhews Dolores Rios Valerie Maples THIRD ROW Sharon Munson, Melissa Jones, Edgar Wafson Ill Debbie Mllie SCOTT Kelfh D9lCl'1m3nn Cara GFICS Chfls Landers, Tim Sfrickland, Debra Roberfs SECOND ROW McMurray David McBride Paula Harper Lonnie Chevrie Ginger C-ayden, Susan Willingham, Mark Edwards Bonnie Wifh The new lille, Drama Abilene, five produclions were produced in The '72-'73 sea- son. "EnTer Laughing" opened The season on Ocfober 20 and 2I, followed by The Neil Simon comedy, "The Siar Spangled Girl" on November 28 To December I, "The Small World of Millie Mclvor" was Drama Abilene's enfry in The UIL One Ac+ Play coniesl. The Drama Deparfmenr was also aclive in Forensic compe- Hiion, afrending 'rournamenfs from San Benilo ro Wichira Falls. The Drama Awards Banquel' was held in May. DRAMA ABILENE: Randy Earp, Vickie Thompson, Jana Hursf, Kirby Smifh, Sally Carpenrer, Cindy Beall, Gary Smifh. I2O-Clubs Foremans Drama Abilene presenled +he play "En+er Laughing." Playing fhe lead- ing roles were Jana Hurst Randy Earp and Terry Ship . . . "STar Spangled Girl" was presenred in November. The casf included Kirk Nash. Cindy Beall, and Bob Moore . . . Dressed in early morning aHire, Judy Thomas and Kirby Smilh do a scene in "En+er Laughing." . . . Kirlc Nash and Bob Moore do a scene in The Neil Simon comedy "Sfar Span- gled Girl." . . . "The Small World of Millie Mclvor" was presenfed for The UIL One Acf Play Confesf. Sfar per- 'Formers were Gary Smifh, Cindy Beall and Jana Hursf. Clubs-I2I g I fi ii. V, g W -M V. an 'MQ K 1 X .... .si 5 . U Q' if il" sv f 1 we 'lg l l Q ss. 'SUYZ' CHESS-BQTTQM RQW: Mike MCEIFOYI David Harrison' rosco, Doyal Lyons, Larry Fisher, Dale Bos+ick, Bill Miller, Wilfred Dumon+, Susan Rogers, Glenn Carfer, Kafhy Lan- James BOQQS- Sl?Ve l-afWiQfdf B'llY Woofil- FOURTH gan. Mr. Carl S+. Clair-Sponsor. SECOND ROW: James ROW5 Norman N'el5S9ni M'ClW59l Spaflisi VfC+0r Crump' Smifhy Bruce Henry' MGH Agony Sfeve Liles' Al Cooper' +on, Jerry Sinclair, Ivan Musser, Bill Willis, Don Godard. Ray Nichols, Curlis Conway. Tl-llRD ROW: Ednoi Car- Club Parlicipanls Develop Chess Skill Selling off fo a good siarl, The Abilene High Chess Club began wifh approximalely lilly members in ils iirsl year. Par- 4 'ricipanls of +he club ioined " 'rogelher lo promole chess enlhusiasm and improve lhe playing abilily ol Hs members. Sfuden+s in +he club planned To have a 'rournamenl wifh Cooper Chess Club. lvleefings were held every second Tues- day nighl and on club days. Usually informal, mosl' of lhe ' club meelings were spenl in playing chess and lisfening 'ro music. 1 Deciding which move would be besf lo help lhem win are James Boggs and Sieve Liles . . . Mr. Carl S+. Clair ponders over a move he has To make in a game wifh Kafhy Langan. i MW' r . f fr I22-Clubs V. I xg V MW, i 4 M-, . -.,...... Money Raising Ac'rivi'ries Finance Trips ""s., Promofing belfer under- slanding of speech and ifs dif- ficullies is lhe main purpose of 1'he Abilene High Speech Club. Mosl of The club lime is spen+ in planning +ournamen+s. Some of The lournamenfs in which 'rhe club, parlicipaled were The New Braunfels, Texas Tech, San Benifo, Midwesfern Universily, and Universily of Texas Tournamenfs. Members of lhe club also 'roolc parl' in picnics, parlies, and a special end-of-The-year 'rrip. This lrip was financed by various money raising acfivi- lies. A+ Chris+mas, lhe club go+ +oge+her and wen+ carrol- ing for The faculfy. Preparing for debafe, Melinda Norfhcul poinfs ou'r possible s+ra+egy To Lynn Hall . . . Demonsfrafing her abilify in documen+ing a poin'r is Leigh Anne Grover . . . Hun+ing 'For cards To prove +heir argumenr are Chuck Bradford and Tim Bradshaw. SPEECH: BOTTOM ROW: Melinda Norfhcuf, Brenda Thompson, Tina Giles, Cindy Parker. SECOND ROW: Joe Velasquez, Lynn Luflrell, LeighAnne Gro- ver, Nancy Coafes. THIRD ROW: Brian Johnsfon, Chuclc Bradford, David Sfampley, Mr. Twain Tharp. Clubs- I 23 akxfaq .riff si-I vi' X r' idols- i,,r ,W ww, M Bruce Harvey praciices on a golf sfroke . . . Mr. Glen Cleveland gives Mark McCord, club presidenl, a few poinlers. Club Encourages Par'ricipa1'ion in Golf Membership in rhe golf club is no+ reslricled fo golf pros alone. The main purpose of lhe club is lo encourage inleresl in fhe sporl of golf and fo edu- cafe nclonly The club mem- bers buf every one in +he heal1'h'Ful value of golf, nor only during high school buf for a lifefime. Club Time was spenf walch- ing 'Films and lisfening To guesl' jig h e speakers from golf courses. ' 1 V 1 eoLF CLUB-BOTTOM ROW: Gary Wyaff, Don Oversfreef. David 51 Allen, Mr. Glen Cleveland. SECOND Q ROW: Vicki Thompson, Mark McCord, Mar+in Sfewarl, Mark Hol- Y i' 3 loway. THIRD ROW: Paul Cloudus. E Paula Harper, Roberf Orfiz, Dirk g L ' V- is g. Kerley. FOURTH ROW: Jerry Mul- f f gg, 'Yi lins, Ivan Musser, Chad Anderson, i if B H i l ruce away' ,',, I24-Clubs Club Members AcTive in TournamenTs PrOmOTing inTeresT in Tennis and supporTing The AHS Ten- nis Team were prOiecTs The Tennis club did besT This year. They spenT Their club Time Organizing money making pro- iecTs and deciding on ways OT creaTing inTeresT in AHS Ten- nis. AcTiyiTies included money- malcing proiecTs such as a scrap-iron drive and bake sales. and TournamenTs in which mOsT OT The club mem- bers compeTe in. The club consisTs OT approxi- maTely 25 members and Coach Oary Haeclcer, Their sponsor Tor The second year. Junior Joe Guerra and Sophomore Clay Brandon, The Tennis club offi- cers, and Coach Gary Haeclcer dis- cuss The upcoming schedule OT Tour- namenTs Tor The '73 season. W TENNIS CLUB-BOTTOM ROW: Ducker, PaTTi Jones, Janis Douglas. lew, Pamela Manis. Valinda Barnes OND ROW: Diane Oles. Rhonda Sfeve Kelley, Karen STauTzenberger. John ATlcins, Susan Ann Dunn, KaTTa Bal- U-Nan Jaynes. SEC- HarT, Randy Duncan, Milicenf Allen, Mela- nie Miller, Debbie ElliOTT, Mr. Gary Haecker. THIRD ROW: Marcia Mclieehan, Brenda Palmer, Pam DuVall. Joe Moore. Clay Brandon. Lanny l.amberT. Tim Powell, Joe Guerra. Aubrey Jerige. Clubs-I25 SPQR'l'SMAN'S-BOTTOM ROW: Brad Ogner, Dru Hall, Darrel Barnes, John Leach, Elfon Crawford, Randy Dunn. James Vedrine, Mike Rodriguez, James Crim. SECOND FOURTH ROW: Roger Love, Dewayne Whife, John ROW: Mr. J. W. Rives, Mike Mims, Paige Myers. Floyd Blakeney, Sfony Morlon, Ken Fos+er. Kaerwer, Jim McElyea. THIRD ROW: James Kennedy. Sporlsmen Concen+ra+e on Car Racing Crearing an inreresf in vari- ous spor+s and building a sporfsman like conducl in 'fer' young men was The goal of lhe Spor+sman's Club. Films were viewed and public speakers were inviled 'ro give 'ralks. One speaker was Mrs. Shay Nichols, a racer, who spoke lo ihe club abou? her hobby. She pres- enfed piclures and fold how 'ro build cars. Some members of lhe club are racers and shared lheir experiences in racing wi+h ofher members. Also dis- cussed were orher sporls such as hunfing and fishing. Mr. J. W. Rives has been sponsor of 'rhe club for seven years. Assisfing Floyd Kaerwer in choosing films +o be used for fhe Spor+sman's Club is Jim McElyea. I26-Clubs Na+ure Trip Planned 'ro Forl Phanlom ECOLOGY: BOTTOM ROW: Marr Hamillon, Vicki Fairclofh, Gaila Con- rad. Deana Rhoads, Vicki Woodell, Mrs. Donnis Crump. SECOND ROW: Mariean Milchell, Jackie Pakes, Cheryl Hicks, Robin Dennis, Brenda Flynn, Larry Gonzales. THIRD ROW: Carol Slewarf, Juffa Lanham, Dana Allison, Sandy Colf- man. Beverly Garrel, Dodi Wilson. To help preserve lhe envi- ronment members of lhe Ecol- ogy Club learn The conserva- lion ol nalural resources and work wilhin lhe communily To keep il beauliful. Exlra aclivilies for lhe club included a bicycle lrip To Lake Forl Phanlom wilh lhe Environ- menfal Science Club, and a parfy during which members hosled a speaker from lhe Environmenfal Aclion Organi- zalion. The club also collecled newspapers. aluminum, and glass lor recycling. 5 Plans for fhe Ecology Club boofh in The TAP Carnival were made by Robin Dennis. Carol Sfewarf, Slel Smifh and Sandy Coffman . . . Doing Their parf 'ro keep +he AHS campus clean are Ju++a Lanhan, Becky Scoff, and Beverly Garref. Clubs-I27 y. GW iCC If I f SPIRIT CLUB-BOTTOM ROW: Jane+ Rinard, Linda Gladish, Kalhy Wood, Kris Childs, Marsha Boles, Debbie Kenneally, Shari Malhiews, Darla Morris, Cindy Miller, Carol Powey, Micha Parks, Mary Kay Sudbury. SECOND ROW: Darlene Crofford, Kafhy Rucker, PaHy Jones, Pam Fry, Beverly Rosengranrs, Linda Jones, Jane? Carfer, Deb- K 4 The Bold Gold, led by Teresa Wurschmidf. cheer 'rhe Eagles on fo vicfory . . . Blowing up balloons for chair favors are one of +he responsi- bililies of fhe spirif club members as Terry Warren finds our. I28-Clubs bie VOlmer, Mary Kay Williams, Connie Carr, .,Q:clcy, S+rader,jMarianne Taylor, Melia McAlis+er, Ronna Dayis, Terry'Colrer, Debra Oliver, Denise Yarbro, Susan Ducker, Dawnelle Woodall, Diane Dendy, Kim Hughes, Carla Johnson, Dani Henderson, Kaffa Ballew, Debbie Ellio++, Paula Perkins, Mary Ann Chunn, Paffie Rurledge. S Bold Gold Boosfs Spirif 'Tl Promofing spirif and a sense of unify for all sporfs is fhe main goal of fhe Abilene High School Bold Gold. The clubs l60 members spenf fheir fime pracficing yells, chanfs, and pom pom roufines. Exfra acfivifies include decorafing fhe gym for pep rallies, making locker boosfers, chair favors, and fhe crash sign. The spirif club parficipafed in foofball, baslcefball, volley- ball, fraclc, fennis, and base- ball. Sponsors are Miss Beverly Ball and Mrs. Barbara Beene. Performing wifh fhe assisfance of fhe cheerleaders and officers, fhe Bold Gold parficipafed in encouraging fhe mighfy Eagles. . W SPIRIT CLUB-BOTTOM ROW: Roxann Aaron, officer Gale Fosfer, Lee Large, Mary Shaheen, Laura Whife Donna Timms, Nancy Huddlesfon, officer: Janice Wil- liams, Laurie Shedd, Daneffe Bourland, Celia Doyle, Sfe- phanie Williams, Lindsay Davis, Teresa Wurschmidf, offi- cer. SECOND ROW: Sandra Rodriquez, Kafherine Kim- brough, Pafricia Murray, Regina Smifh, Cynfhia Hines Melinda Tallanf Sall Sfrader, Linda Orr, Marka Morris, ' Y Marsha Landis, Molly Brown, Cafhy Carr. THIRD ROW Cindy Scannell, Dana Wafson, Molly Rios, Linda Whife, Shirley Wolfe, Regina ScoH', Cynfhia Turner, Jessica Buf- Ier, Susan Townsend, Denise Ice, Lisa Sanders, Sheri Shea. LuAnne Lighffoof, Suzie Knupple. FOURTH ROW: Terry Warren, Randa Bruce, Tonya McCombs, Sally Carpenfer, Gaye Hamm, Delores Villilavos, Carolyn Henderson, Ann Farnsworfh. Judy Purvis, Valeria Basey, Paf Mingle, Brenda Bullingfon, Becky Boone, Carol Agnew, Karen Bradford, Debbie McManus. Clubs--I 29 COSMETOLOGY-BOTTOM ROW: Mrs. Willeen Rob- erTs, Belinda Weems, Teri Fraser, Vicki FolTz, Becky Wom- mack, Peggy STeadman, Barbara Hanson, Mary Diaz. SEC- OND ROW: LeTicia Sanchez. EsTher Rodriguez, Mary McClure. Paula CowarT, Cindy Nunnally, STarliT Simmons. Shirley Lambert CaThi Michaud. THIRD ROW: Dena Dixon, Robbye Cleveland, Helen Loya, Dana Wilson, Renee HeTlin, Vickie Kendrick, Jodi Hodges, Re+ha HarT, Cindy ForresTer. FOURTH ROW: MarTha Pruski, Rose Ann Jenkins, Susan GriTTiTh, Melinda Crow, Marilyn Campbell, Eva Perez, Debbie Davis, Becky NewTon, Pam Brown. Club ls FirsT for The FourTh Year Leadership in a world oT work is The aim oT The Cosme- Tology Club. Members use Their club Time reviewing con- TesT procedures and Training Tor compeTiTion. ParTicipanTs enTer inTo Three divisions: local hairsTyling, chapTer ceremonies and public speaking. ATTer local They enTer inTo disTricT compeTiTion. NexT come sTaTe and Then naTional. For Tour sTraighT years The chapTer ceremonies Team, made up oT The club oTTicers. have placed TirsT in disTricT compeTiTion. AcTiviTies in which The club parTicipaTed were a ChrisTmas banqueT and Tilling Thanksgiv- ing baskeTs Tor The needy. Mrs. Willeen RoberTs is spon- sor Tor The club Tor her sixTh year. During a Tuesday nighf session, cos- meTology members pracTice hair seTs. Modeling The hair sTyles are lTop rowzl Bonnie Cruse, Peggy STeadman: lBoTTom Rowzl Mary McClure, Jodi Hodges, STarliT Sim- mons. l3O-Clubs in ' sv WW DRAFTING CLUB-BOTTOM ROW-Tracy Niedecken. Manuel Pena, Alejandro. Ruelas, I.anna Dixon, Donna Dixon, Belinda Silva. SECOND ROW-Trina Smi+h. Randy Maynor, Roberf Snyder. Harlon Youngquisl, Wes Norrell, Dean Ververs, Sara Yeager. THIRD ROW-Randy Ver- non, Philip Compher. Dane Alexander, Terry Cagle, Mike Close. Mr. W. A. Owens. FOURTH ROW-Leonard Hickam, Alberf Simpson, Don Sfeele, Mike Oles, Douglas Macmahan, Sfeven Eads. Mike Cole. Indus+riaI Ar+s Clubs En'rer Con'res+s . . W 5 An exceIIen+ showing in Induslrial Arls coniesfs Ias+ spring allowed siudenls 'ro win I5 firsl places. In The draffing conlesi, Rob EIIis won firsl place in sfafe. The Induslrial Aris Clubs ceniered around promoling inferesf in wood- working and induslrial draffing and affending bofh regional and sraie confesis wi+h com- pelifion in woodworking and draffing. Under The direcfion of Mr. Jo Harwell in woodship and Mr. W. A. Owens in drafling, Ihe clubs aliended The Texas Induslrial Arfs Slale Fair in Ausiin. The regional confesl was held in April al ACC. WOODSHOP-BOTTOM ROW-Bob Sliler, Kennefh Smiih, Delberf Janda. SECOND ROW-Dale Verner, Paul Cloudus, Roberl Oriiz. THIRD ROW- David Adams, David Na+ions, Malcom Crawford, Mr. Joe Harwell. FOURTH ROW-Charles Murphey, Larry Smifh, Richard Allen, Richard Jersey. Clubs-I 3 I OEA Members Allend Area Conlesls OEA-BOTTOM ROW: Lynne Carroll, Belh Flores, Roma Keesee, Karen Malhiews, Karen Baack. Carole Cole, Glenda Dieckman. SECOND ROW: Palricia McBride, Lana Earp, Jonye Gogle, lreasurer: Nina Purcell, Deana Hendrix, presidenl: Susan Middlelon, Deborah Thibo- deaux, Karen Burkharl. THIRD ROW: Sheryl Amarine, Furlhering lheir knowledge ol lhe business world, mem- bers ol lhe OEA club spenl lheir club lime lislening lo guesl speakers. laking lield lrips, and discussing club busi- ness. Club members used lhe knowledge lhey gained in lhe club lo advance lheir sland- ings al several conlesls. These included an Area IV Youlh Leadership Conlerence al Howard Junior College held on March 2nd and 3rd, a slale Leadership Conlerence held April I3lh and l4lh in San Anlonio, and Nalional Leadership Conlerence on May 5lh lhrough 8lh in Albu- guerque. OEA sludenl Roma Kesse answers lhe lelephone as parl ol her secre- larial dulies al lhe Adminislralion 1 . Building . . . Typing mail-ouls keeps Karen Baack busy- l 32--Organizalions Anila Miller, Risalda Pena, Susan Jones, vice-presidenl: Cassie Slephenson. Tanya While, Glenda Calloway, Mrs. Ouida Harkey. FOURTH ROW: Alice Brown, Alma Pink, secrelary: Linda Slewarl, Marilyn Meredilh, Yolanda Nel- son, Teri Harrison, Lynelle Hill. ,ww -My ,ff , . OEA PRE-EMPLOYMENT-BOTTOM ROW: Kafhy Sanford, Judy Nofgrass, Diannia Sfanfill, Vickie Scales. Green, Carmen Suarez, Beffy Reyes. Sandra Fraser, Janie Karen Clay, Olivia Lopez. FOURTH ROW: Beckey Wil- Hudson, Kim Andress. SECOND ROW: Debbie Davison, Iiams, Elaine Tipps, Olga Gonzales, Mildred Prince. Paf Debbie Howefh, Gail Ford, Sherry Hudson, Julie Howard, Baffee. Linda Jones, Mrs. Judy Bird. Cindy Williams, Di anna Zimmerle. THIRD ROW: Rhonda New Club Prepares Members for Jobs Pre-employmenf OEA club was designed fo prepare sfu- denfs fo become fopflighf office personnel. Club firne was spenf discussing proiecfs and goals of fhe club. The club also had a Chrisfmas parfy, fook various field frips, and parficipafed in an OEA work- shop. Members affended several confesfs including area con- fesfs in Big Spring and a sfafe confesf in San Anfonio. These confesfs were concerned mainly wifh office skills. Mrs. Judy Bird, sponsor of fhe club, supervised The money raising proiecfs of selling B- Craff Kifs and novelfy ifems. Checking finished English Reference Manuals are Linda Jones and Julie s Howard . . . Diligenfly working on manuals are Kafhy Green and Karen Clay while Sandra Fraser reads fhe fruif of fheir labors. Organizafions-I 33 x Sfudenfs lnvolved In DECA Training Disfribufive Educafion Clubs of America are designed fo develop fufure leaders for marlcefing and disfribufion. The program helps members fo undersfand fhe responsibili- fies of cifizenship in fhe field of compefifive enferprize and fo develop a sense of individ- ual responsibilify and an appreciafion of civic and social obligafions. Club fime is spenf discuss- ing and planning upcoming confesfs and evenfs. DECA fakes parf in fhe Area Youfh Leadership Conference, and employer-employee banquef, and confesfs wifh compefifion in demonsfrafion, adverfising, iob applicafion, and displays. DECA sfudenfs parficipafe in a sec- ond period group discussion . . . Donna Randall marks merchandise af T G 8: Y . . . The officers of DECA club are Lisa Warner. reporfer: Donna Randall, vice-presidenf: Roy Scarbrough, presidenf: and Paf Ellioff, secrefary. I34-Clubs ,wmv P XXL. if DECA-BOTTOM ROW: Jane Shipley, Leska Vasquez, Kelly Jones, Sherri Brooker, Susie Bell. Nena Williams, Pam Diener. SECOND ROW: Pa? Ellioff, Lisa Warner, Donna Randall, Brenda Buckley. lrene Pena, Almose Hamilfon, Jackie Louis, Mr. Cecil Couch-Sponsor. THIRD ROW: ss .l , Karen Day, Joel Lawson, Mike Rios, Billy Burns, Fred l-lun'r, Judy Bruno, Kay Grissom. FOURTH ROW: Jimmy Boyd. Richard Cain, Glenn Wallace, Donny Vickers, Roy Scarb- rough, Curfis Owens, Charlie Marsh, David Tolberl. fins -2' 1-Mun Kay Grissom. Donna Randall, Sandra Williams, and Brenda Buckley work as salesladies a+ a local family cenfer . . f As one of his dufies af a super markef, Fred Hunf loads sacks in ' cars . . . Saleslacly June Sanders works in lhe men's clofhing deparl- O .:::,..,,...' QM men? affer school and on Sa+urdays X t kW,5c,,..1-.fr "i"Tir5I5:""il'?f' . . . Kelly Jones works as a cashier and creclif assisfanf in a variefy sfore. is 5. j - Clubs-I 35 Richard Cain marks fhe boxes as Mike Rios looks on . . .Jane Shipley shows a nofebook prepared for a confesf . . . Pal' Ellio++ and Curfis Owens give a sales demonsfrafion of a fape recorder fo The DECA class . . .Sue Bell, a saleslady firs all ages for shoes . . . Named Boy and Girl of The year in DECA are Ro Scar- Y brough and Donna Randall. I36-Clubs ln. RADIO 81 TV-BOTTOM ROW: Oran Jordan, Jerry Car- fer. Roberf Earnesf, Neilon Anderson, Ronnie Scruggs, Mike Brooks. SECOND ROW: Carlos Daniels, Dennis Redman, David Chacon, Terry Conner. THIRD ROW: Donald Neill, Kyle Dolson, Margarilo Ramirez, Ronnie Broach, Will Offo, Mr. H. J. Keirh, sponsor. FOURTH ROW: Jim Sawyer, Mark Condra, Bob Thomas, George Shriver, James Boswell. Clubs S+rive for Leadership and Skills MACHINE SHOP-BOTTOM ROW: Tom Sylvanus, Ken Demone, John Alkins, Gary Roemisch. SECOND ROW: John Poor, Allen Young, Hiram Miramonfez. THIRD ROW: Bob Terrell, Tony Papasan, David Tucker, Richard Allen, John Rhodes. In 'rhe Third year of organi- zalion, Jrhe Radio 84 TV repair club slrove To develop leader- ship and skill. The club's pur- pose was fo develop an under- slanding of elecironics and crailsmanship, To develop skill in 'rhe use of equipmenl and fools of 'rhe frade, and lo develop a willingness 'ro work and cooperaie. Mr. H. J. Keifh direcled ihe club mem- bers while preparing ior The annual VICA spring conlesis. In vacafionally relaied Machine Shop Club, members slrove To promo+e high regard for craffsmanship. Mr. J. T. Harwell sponsored The club in preparaiion for +he disfricl conlesl' held in March al San Angelo and 'rhe sfale conlesi al Eorl Worlh in April. The club is helpful +o young men who plan on going info my mechanical or engineering fields. Clubs-I37 On-The-Job Training Is ParT of ICT BOTTOM ROW: CaThey Cook. Connie Anderson, Debbie Barron, Pam Cook, Suzy MilsTead. SECOND ROW: Becky Scales. Diane Tweedie, Janel Mayhall, JeaneaTTa Kay Burns, Susan GuisTo. Marla Wadley, Joan Thomas. THIRD ROW: Rickie Cooper, Harold Ferguson, Rhonda PaTrig- nani, Becky STeel, Inez Brannon, Cindy Gaulding, JeaneTTe FosTering a greaTer respecT Tor The responsibiliTies oT work- ing and developing leadership abiliTies OT The sTudenTs involved were The main goals oT The IndusTriaI CooperaTive Training Club. STudenTs inTer- esTed in on-The-job Training and enrolled in ICT classes were eligible Tor club member- ship. Club acTiviTies included a ChrisTmas parTy, Employer- employee banqueT, and con- TesTs. in which The sTudenTs were encouraged To compeTe wiTh Their parTicular skills. The club parTicipaTed in The VICA disTricT and sTaTe conTesTs. q'P, VarieTy in ICT iobs comes in work such as Tha? oT TIoris+ shop Tor Con- nie Anderson, and a sTudio Tor Tim Perkins. I38-Clubs fffT?.Q, Headrick, Mr. Bill Decker, sponsor. FOURTH ROW: Larry Slough. Randy STrickIand, Lynn Lowe, Mary Kay Kiel, Mike Baird, Joni Hollabaugh, Tim Perkins. FIFTH ROW: CarITon Bell, Gary GarreTT, Ben McWilliams, Marvin Long, David L. Webb. David BarTleTT, Gary Crain, TimoThy GarreTT. C U 555 i is .s. Q S H f. ' n TA if , if ,ii .3 T - Q ,mf 1 x i- S31 Q :I 5 G an 5 1322 ' On-'rhe-job fraining for Gary Crain, fupper riglwfi, Dennis Adams, and Gary Garrefr flower righ+l, involves work wifh machinery . . . Mary Kay Kiel's work in a denfal lab, and Mar- vin Long's af a TV sfafion complefe 'rheir ICT fraining . . . ICT officer 'rhis year were Cafhey Cook, secre- Tary, Janel Mayhall, Treasurer, Dennis Adams, president Gary Crain, par- liamenfarian, Tim Perkins. reporfer: and Gary Garreff, vice president Clubs-I39 Diverse Aclivilies lnvolve EDP Members Exercising rheir lalenf and knowledge in finding The errors in lheir pro- grams are Debbie Crow and Dixie Gowler . . . When accidenls happen +here are always cards To be picked up as Darrell Blounf finds oul. DATA PROCESSING-BOTTOM ROW: Peggy Wilson. Dana Walls, secrefaryq Pafly Weems. Theresa Alford, Dar- lene Crofford, April Burfon, Darlene Price, vice-president SECOND ROW: Curlis Conway, Denae l-lamlell, Debbie Crow, Jane+ Sroneberg, lreasurer: Pal Graham. Tim Brad- shaw, Craig Malhis. Tl'llRD ROW: Randall Andrews, I4O-Clubs ' :iw Wi N .y gg W 4 , ir., kwa' ,M .7 rp V 3 K , "" , Q W 1 V-mam J ' sz - : N MW A xx J 'T 5' , ii Se Doug Doinern, Kevin McBride, Gary Pelerson, Larry Moore, president Don McFadden, Mr. Bob Barlow. spon- sor. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Fred Slirman. sponsor: Jim Johnson, Mark Carfer, Kerry Willingham, Bill Broyles. Terry Smifh, Terry Galle, Adolfo Flores. Various acfivifies kepf fhe members of fhe Dafa Process- ing Club busy This pasf year. Creafing colorful wreafhs and crosses from salvage key-punch cards was one of fhe ways fhe members made money for fhe club. The money was used fo help sponsor some of fhe members fo fhe sfafe compefi- fion. The new IBM ll3O com- pufer offered enferfainmenf, recreafion, and invaluable experience in fhe rising field of compufers. Three compufer languages are faughf during fhe course of fhe year. Many of fhe club meefings were spenf discussing job opporfunifies. Checking for possible keypunching errors is Mr. Bob Barlow helped by Debbie Elkins Developing his speed and experfise on fhe new key- punch machine is Kerry Willingham . . . Engaged in making decorafions for 'rhe club Chrisfmas proiecf are EDP members. . "7 i , Q or .... -SR Mk 4 Clubs-I4I Rehab Tour Given by FuTure Nurses FuTure Nurses were kepT busy This year learning as much as possible abouT The nursing proTession wiTh a career in nursing in mind. AcTiviTies included parTici- paTion in Sing Song '72, Mem- bers sang "WhisTle While You Work", in "liTTle people" cos- Tumes and won TirsT place in The cosTume division. A Tour oT The Abilene RehabiliTaTion CenTer, a bake sale, parTies, and public speakers were also included on Their calendar. Sponsoring The FuTure Nurses Tor her TirsT Time was Mrs. June WhiTT, The school nurse. Dressed in "liTTle people" cosTumes. The FuTure Nurses sang "WhisTle While You Work" Tor Sing-Song 72. FUTURE NURSES: BOTTOM ROW: Vanessa Johnson. CynThia Maxwell, Sylvia Perez. Debbie Lyons, BeTh Davis. SECOND ROW: Ms. June WhiTT, JoKaren Richardson, Connie Caldwell, Maryann Loya, Rhonda Tucker, JeaneTTe I42-Clubs ,M ,V 'WW' lf, W- 'ai I 'Lum lil: mv, 1---f as ' T- ' Anderson. THIRD ROW: Nancy Blankenship. Denice WurschmidT, JenniTTer Shields. Gwen Lieb. Debbie Han- cock. eff as 'J'f'?, ' I T 52" is 3 YV ,Q-141 'f..""I-f- 1' Mas' 1-Nikki! INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS: BOTTOM ROW: AlberT Simpson. WinsTon WhiTT, Joel Lawson. SECOND ROW: Gail Moore, Donna ShorT, MargareT Wil- Iiams, MargareT Broom. THIRD ROW: Joan TolberT, RoberT AusTin, AlberT Solis, Elaine Black, Mr. Norman Olsen. FOURTH ROW: David TolberT, Linda Rodriquez, Johnny MarTinez, Jim Johnson, STeve Wanegrin. Serving as presidenT oT In+erna+ionaI RelaTions was RoberT Wilson: Rob Spiller was presidenT oT The Acad- emy oT Science. CurrenT SiTuaTions Discussed by Clubs i, i. M JR. ACADEMY OF SCIENCE-BOTTOM ROW: James Perry, Dan Ferree, Marcus WhiTmore, Mike Young. SECOND ROW: PeTe Barrera, Darcy Tielcing, Rob Spiller, Miss MarguriTe GriTTin, Gene Wiseman. EnTering inTo iTs sixTh year, The lnTernaTional RelaTions Club was involved wiTh relaT- ing world evenTs To sTudenTs' lives aT Abilene I-ligh. Mr. Norman Olsen and his mem- bers spenT Their club Time dis- cussing world siTuaTions. MeeT- ings were usually inTormal which helped To make parTici- panTs become more inTeresTed in world aTTairs surrounding Them. While encouraging individ- ual sTudy, Miss MarguriTe GriTTin helped The members oT The Junior Academy oT Sci- ence To develop scienTiTic inTeresT. Club Time was used To sTudy currenT happenings in The scienTiTic Tield. BoTh clubs have had The same sponsors since organiza- Tion. Clubs-I43 Drilling To prepare Tor The wiring oT The house builT by The building Trades sTudenTs is elecTrical Trades club member Dwayne Morris. ELECTRICAL TRADES-BOTTOM ROW: Michael L. Wilson. SECOND ROW: Roger WaTkins, Mike Halpayne, Peggy STeadman. THIRD ROW: Mark Prien, Dub Hicks, Ray PruiTT, Dave Adams. FOURTH ROW: Dale Beck, Terry Brooks. Richard Behney. Harry CarTer. ElecTrical Trades Club Wires Houses Tooling wiTh various proiecTs and discussing new Techniques in craTTsmanship are The main acTiviTies Tor The ElecTrical Trades Club. The proiecTs involve The consTrucTion oT elecTronic sensors and phase converTors as well as rewinding moTors. To TesT skills and increase eTTiciency, The members oT The club parTicipaTe in a Tall dis- TricT conTesT and a spring sTaTe conTesT. To prepare Themselves Tor The rigors oT The conTesTs, members held meeTings oTher Than Those scheduled aT school. Rounding ouT Their acTivi- Ties, The members wired The houses builT by building Trades classes. Dwayne Morris and Mike Fisher spend parT oT Their class Time as well as Their club' Time working on The rewinding oT a moTor. I4-4-Clubs .fr se! AV Club Members Assisl in Class Work A.V.-BOTTOM ROW: Marsha Boles, Mary Shaheen, Jeff Davis, vice-presidenf: Richard Swim, Ricky Cravens, Linda While, Dana Wa+son. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Suzanne Chalcraff, Mike Phipps, Joel Lawson, Chad Anderson, Rick Shipley, Joe Cook, Herman Cas+illo. THIRD ROW: Danny Medulla, Randall Andrews. Tom Clarke, David Wil- burn, Kuri Warson, Gary Filzgerald. Liz Howerron, Mic- key Smilh. FOURTH ROW: Doug McMahan. secrelaryq Ricky Thompson, presidenlg Par Canavan, Danny Edward, Vic+or Crumpron, Tom Cain, Richard Sullivan, Mike Har- din. Sludenrs inleresled in learn- l ing and assisring in piclure i i vylix proieclion, sound reproduclion f , P. 45 and malerials prepararion are ix y 1 Q alrracled To rhe Audio Visual 'X 6' i 'T W Club. X lnslead of alrending regular Y gg ,J club meefings, members of lhe V3-T ff AV club donale Their club .. lime To showing films and per- : s forming olher audio visual ser- 3 A ' vices required by olher clubs. H f'Tff"- Q, The club work is coordinaled XS- T iii: w Q by Mrs. Susanne Chalcrall. T ' The Audio Visual clubvalso 1 l alfracls many rechnicians. : ' Q They are provided ihe oppor- +uni+y lo operale sound equip- men'r in +he audirorium and Qvm- Second year AV sfudenf, Vicror Crumpfon, prepares 'ro show Hamlef +o +he senior English classes. Clubs-l45 ,,... K AL ra ? K f if A I is Vg 2 K .1 ,A TL' v fl' ,six K, 'X T M, 1 .. 2 A if l f f' f f T fx i T f f J 5 is ' if ,: W K 'X f R fi ' FON T lf i , 'T 1 A A 4, AUTO MECHANICS-BOTTOM ROW: David Cleelc, Jerry Brown, secreTary: Dee Jay Walls, presidenT: Jesus Lopez SECOND ROW: Mr. Travis SrniTh, Cosrne Perez, Johnny Sanchez, Randy Dieclcrnan, Danny Medulla, THIRD ROW: Ralph Johnson. Jerry Robinson, John Briley, Mark CveTl:ovich. Gary Henry. FOURTH ROW: Ronnie Dun- can. PaT Canavan, Phil King, vice-presidenT: Randy Free- rnen, Lloyd Dail. AuTo Mechanics Does General Service Developing basic skills in The Tools oT The Trade necessary To analyze, repair, mainTain, and do general service on auTomo- Tive eguipmenT was The main goal oT The AuTo Mechanics Club. Members oT The club parTic- ipaTed in several conTesTs dur- ing The year. Among These were The VlCA Tall and spring disTricT meeTs and a VlCA sTaTe conTesT. Members were TesTed on Their slcill, speed, and Technical abiliTy. They also were TesTed on selecTed pro- iecTs aT disTricT and sTaTe con- TesTs. Mr. Travis SmiTh has been supervisor and sponsor oT The AuTo Mechanics Club Tor eighT years. Johnny Sanchez, Danny Medulla, and Marlc CveTlcovich, assisTed by Mr. Travis SrniTh, replace The pisTons in an overhauled engine. I46-Clubs cy T is X 3 ,i ,, 5' . . -1, " ' - A rf ,g ig W"""GllnI lnsfalling new shocks is one of Johnny Medulla's many +asks in au'ro mechanics classes during fhe day . . . Hard af work, Ronnie Duncan helps 'ro insfall shocks . . . Mr. Travis Smirh offers poin+ers +o Par Canavan and Mark Cvefkovich on a mufflar repair To be done as class work . . . Phil King gels ready for +he end of class by puffing his 'l'OOlS away. Clubs-I47 Members Travel Tor Several ConTesTs Developing aggressive rural leadership abilifies and esTab- lishing young people in Tarm- ing, ranching and relaTed busi- nesses were The main goals of The FuTure Farmers oT Amer- ica. BoasTing a membership of abouT IO5 sTudenTs, The FFA parTicipaTed in livesToclc shows, Tairs, and cooperaTive acTivi- Ties. The club members Traveled over The sTaTe parTicipaTing in disTricT. area, and sTaTewide leadership and iudging con- TesTs. Painfing Trash cans To be presenTed To Mr. Bill Graves for The campus were Senior FFA sTudenTs. l 'XY 5 As an annual evenT, The club selecfs a sweeThearT. This year The club selecTed Miss Lynda Rae as FFA SweeThearT. I48-Clubs War Leaders of The FFA Club were Rod- Vinson, vice-presidenf: Jimmy Parker ney Wilson, president Eddy May- reporTer: Larry KnighT, secreTary nard, Treasurer lboTTom rowl: Lanny Glen AlTman. senTinal. FFA-BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Bill Scorr, Lanny Vinson, Jimmy Parker, Glen Allman, Rod Wilson, Eddy Maynard. Larry Knighf. SECOND ROW: Vince McClure, Gordon Crawford, Bill Tarpley, Jane? Agnew, Lynda Rae, Suzan Gillis, Tommie Harendr, Kenl Tippen. Ronny Maynard. Lee Davidson, David Gragg. THIRD ROW: Michael Rob- inson, Marlc Williams, Jim Williams, Paul Shyrles, Scofr Thane, Rusry Trull, Roberf Dol, Randal Johnson. FOURTH ROW: Bob Newberry, Rusfy McLeskey, Gary McNu'r'r, Eddie Warren, Gary Hendrix. FIFTH ROW: Rodney Oli- ver, Guy Weeks, Ken Edwards, Kim Clay, Ronnie Smifh, Paul Grohman, Lewis Clemmer, Phil Rancier, Randy Trull. Before lhe iudging is lo s+ar+. Larry Knighl' and Mr. Bill ScoH check enfries. 5 Clubs-I49 "WA, Y FFA-BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Wendell Decker, Lanny Vin- son. Glen Alrman. Jimmy Parker. Rod Wilson. Eddy May- nard. l.arry Knighl. SECOND ROW: Kafhy Higgins. Sandy Shyrles, Julie Williams, Kay Grohman. Dennis Perry. Tim Ray. Bill l"les+er. THIRD ROW: Janer Fosfer. Sandra Taggart Diane Prirchard, Kendra Jefer, Frank Walrrip, ,gf MW W Q KA Vt 'F N Q A Yvgifi X if i EES: Y? 3:1 if 1, Q f L- 3 J if , sixfr L, xy -O: fs, yvfx, fxxyffx Q JPL, , "ex fx V ' 'QW ll 5 X, jf-ff? Xbixxixxlix 11' J 1 is QF. i, XX, ., " REM' -.Afifufi fini i fall. Mark Williams prepares his pig for rhe Showing af fhe AHS-CHS live- sfock show. . . Mr. Gene Allen. Key Cify Kiwanian. presenfs a rrophy fo Gordon Crawford for his champion lamb. ISO-Clubs Jim Bryant Roy Smifh FOURTH ROW Richard Burler Richard Emery. Marvin Mirchell Linda Warren Terri Cor lee, Dwighr Keifh, Greg Daneworfh Phil Rancier FIFTH ROW: Larry Jones. David Glilland Keirh Hisey Chuck Kaake. i fb :nu Fu+ure Farmers Show Hs Lives+oc:k ,255 .,5w r ' Q! 35 ,s - f g .. FFP '99 Q an 1' if K 3 fn-1 Wf,. . , , ::. If L , ,1 ,- fs My ,L as if " .3 ' ' 5 Y jdiamiw i w.:1i,',- I ,. .. K V . . m.:f.g,:ssg4,,. . Y i A+ fhe AHS-CHS show were Kay and Paul Grohman showing fheir grand and reserve champion Turkey . . . A+ The same show. Lynda Rae showed fhe champion rabbif Lanny Vinson's grand champion for 'rhe AHS-CHS sfock show was shown by Neesa Hindman . . . Lanny Vin- son shows fhe frophy and ribbon won by his grand champion pig af fhe AHS-CHS show. Clubs-I 5 I New Science Club Sfudies Environmenf gal"f5.R -fs 2 Q!"' . 2. R 51,35 il M lik E- ,or 'E fff, N. 1 Q N :vi K 1: A H.. Eff: i fa Ll, ii: nr t ,Wil-i gig' if mr. s?..f i 3 X ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE-Joe Black, David Franklin, Dabra Rhoads. Rifa Brooks. Danny Woods Mike Smifh Briff Tipmore, Sfeve Kelly, Mike Whefsfone, Dianne Danny Winkler, Jill Davis. Dana Wafson Mark Griffin M Dendy. Dawnelle Woodall, Paula Gelleff, Garry Housfon, Vicfor Medina. Eighfeen members of fhe Environmenfal Science Club spenf fheir club fime involving ofher people in cleaning up fhe environmenf and helping ouf fhemselves in fheir spare fime. Members cleaned up parks and worked wifh fhe Environmenfal Acfion group affer club hours. Environmenfal Science also fook a bike ride fo Forf Phanfom Lake wifh fhe Ecology Club. To help finance fhe club's acfivifies, fhe girls held a bake sale and fhe boys helped our by painfing numbers on curbs. Mr. Vicfor Medina was fhe sponsor of fhe Environmenfal Science Club in ifs firsf year. Jill Davis and Dana Wafson examine wafer samples in search of various fypes of bacferia as one of fheir club proiecfs. I52-Clubs 5 l .9 Sprinkling sal+, Danny Winkler pre- pares a salf wafer aquarium for a club assignmenf . . . Mike Smillw makes a bacferia cul'rure . . . Mike Whe+sTone and S+eve Kelly slerilize The moullw of a +es+ lube To prepare if for a bacferial 'rransfer . . . Daw- nell Woodall searches for bacferia in some wafer samples. Clubs-I53 MATH AND SCIENCE-BOTTOM ROW: Mark Hollo- way, vice-president Marfin Sfewarf, presidenf, Cary Bill- ingsley. SECOND ROW: Ron Dix. Alice Ann Bledsoe, Cafhy Aaron, Bob Bailey. George Hollingsworfh. Jim Malh and Science Learn UIL Rules During club lime, members were coached in The basic rules and Techniques of Ull. comperilion, which foolc place in Andrews, Lubbock, Slam- ford, and l-lardin-Simmons. Conlesr acliviiies include num- , ...le ber sense, shorr curs in mul+i- plicalion, and raising numbers To powers, wifh s+ress .placed on speed and accuracy. Sponsors of The Malh and Science Club for lhe year were Mrs. Maurine Leonard, Mr. Johnny Smirh, and Mr. Charles Sform. The science sponsor for +he club was Mr. Carl Bacon. Advising his slide rule con+es'lan+s, Mr. S'l'orm gives Greg Scales and Ron Dix some hinrs on speed and accuracy. Club Helps lo Furlher Musical Sludy Band Club-BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Bill Spencer, sponsor: Gregory Slern, Josue Arrambide. Brenl Osner. Joyce Francis, Susan Wilson, Mary Parker, Calhy Knupple. Cy Dilmore, Ginger Gayden, Monelle Long, Terry Cannelax. SECOND ROW: Loyd Marr, James Young, Mike Weldon, Eddie Gilberl, Slarla Rulh Slewarl, Belh Lehmann. Debo- rah Denney. Deborah Slokes, Barbara Slephenson, Kay Jackson, Larry Landrelh. Tim Howard. THIRD ROW: Ron- nie Lee, Lee Ales, Wayne Packo, Joni Lamberl, Mike Slallings, Diedra Moore, Janis Bruner, Virginia Marquez. Suzy Hobbs, Larry Smilh. FOURTH ROW: Sleve Slrick- land, John Owen, Russell Whisenanl, Kim Manloolh, Paula Spiller, Jonalhan Arrambide, Lee Daniels, Jimmy Diaz. Sleve Gilberl, Billy Wood. FIFTH ROW: Jimmy Walson. Larry Wood. Charles Walson, Mark Slewarl, Mike Close. Mike Cole. Noel Flores, Adollo Flores. SIXTH ROW: Jimmy Higgins, Ben McWilliams, Worlh Moulray. Band members who wanled lo lurlher lheir musical slucly ioined lhe Band Club. These sludenls spenl lheir lime prac- licing on solos and ensembles , , lor lhe UIL Solo and Ensemble Conlesl held in March al Har- din-Simmons Universily. During concerl season, lhe club lime was spenl praclicing on sighl reading and polishing up lhe conlesl pieces. Sludenls also heard reporls lrom colleges slaling lhe lype ol musical program ollered al lheir school. Under lhe direclion ol Mr. Bill Spencer, lhe Slage Band provided enlerlainmenl lor lhe Eagle Band Spaghelli Day. Clubs-I55 Aihleiics vs 3 ff' jf I 'L if 1-1 vu. ' GM 4 . rf fb Cz' 4' 4 4..,ff2. K, ,AQR w 'XJ ff Five DedicaTed Girls Lead Warbirds PromoTing spiriT was The main job oT The Tive AHS cheerleaders. They Tound Their iob To be Time-consuming buT very worThwhile. Beginning in The summer, The girls prepared Tor The 72- 73 year. They made posTers, abouT I5O, and pracTiced old and new yells. When school opened, The cheerleaders were ready Tor The all-imporTanT TirsT pep-rally. They hung pos- Ters each week and arranged pep-rallies during The TooTball season. They also worked closely wiTh The SpiriT Club oTTicers To help co-ordinaTe The Eagles "Bold Gold." These girls boosTed The Eagle spiriT aT all aThleTic evenTs. Warbird mascoT, Dee Dee' l-lamilTon. willingly poses To have her picTure made beTore The pep-rally . . . Carla Willis decoraTes The gym To encourage spiriT Tor The Big Spring game . . . Cheerleaders Tor The 72- 73 year were Dee Dee T-lamilTon. mascoT: Susie Chaney: Carla Willis: Jarilyn ScoTT, head: Belinda Brileyt Taina Curry. ociaTion Honors Two Eagle Fans Because They were acTive and enThusiasTic in Their sup- porT oT The AHS aThleTic pro- gram, Two of Abilene High's Eagle Tans were honored by The "A" AssociaTion. Teresa WurschmidT was recognized by The associaTion as The girl who conTribuTed mosT in boosfing The Eagle Teams. Coach Blackburn, alThough reTired from coaching duTies, was selecTed Trom Ta-::ulTy nominees as lnspiraTion oT AThleTics. Five seniors assumed The responsibiliTy of presenTing Champ, AHS mascoT, aT The pep rallies and Town TooTball games. Known as The Eagle Squad, The boys also assisTed aT The pep rallies. Members were JeTT Hill, lsiah GindraTT, Randy STrickland, Joseph Flores and Mark McCord. ilqaugq Mbna W AThleTics-I 59 Eleven LeHermen Relurn ,.,.. -, ...W-.-.. .ar -wvvffwuanp.-.w T 3 I SEASON RECORD Abilene High Opponenls I4 Sweefwaler 7 I4 Cleburne 6 6 Temple I2 I9 Big Spring 34 A O Permian 48 2 7 Odessa I2 gi ' 0 Midland High 33 V W Y O San Angelo 52 ,ig 'i O Midland Lee 25 I O Cooper Zl Early in August Coach Ernie Park li 333, beqan The +eam's Training for lhe T9 ii season. gi' X4 BOTTOM ROW: Rick Chevrie, Mike Oles, David Nalions. Randy Andrews, Olen Frazier, Randy Pool, Gary Simpson, Thomas Hines. SECOND ROW: Coach Ted Harris, Ken Branch.Tommy Clarke, David Pres+ridge, Dennis Burl, Gary S+irman, Alan Slephens, Richard Sullivan, David Wilburn, Randy Leonard, Billy Sudbury. THIRD ROW: Coach Jerry Thormahlen, Billy Porler, Danny Slack, Gary Fifzgerald, I 60-Afhlefics Chuck Sillon, Larry Pierce, Lewis Clemmer, Kennelh Edwards, Maurice Gindrall, Bill Pursely, Ken Bryanf, Coach Jerry Taylor, Coach Dick Gruber. FOURTH ROW: Coach Ernie Park, James Smilh, Ronnie Maynard, Terry Conner, Terry Bunkley, Mark Condra, Rusly McLesky, Harold Jones, Scoll Huddleslon, David Halberl. QuarTerback Gary STirman drops The ball oTT To wide receiver Mike Oles iusT as a Temple lineman breaks Through. Coaching STaTT Acquires New Members f T ' ... ---wk! - , W- ...-M .. . v-ns... -.. .. cw ,. N ,E , .,.,, --M-wr "I . 'K-me -- f age "arc i as -H-W-.' - .cgi c M eimii ia.aaa, - ,, iria He:- " cs - ' V f'1w- .fig a"i gi- -"----n-.. T . A N, aff-'-, K ' jj .- ..1, 1- V Ti' "'- ' V " .' 't . , i i """"' K L Atgi 7 W ,f.i ,:i.A . E - K . A ...... 'Q .ie' P , . 3 rw .,-' V 1 'Wu I The members oT The '72-'73 sTaTT are Coaches Jerry Taylor, George Forkerway, Dick Gruber, Jack Aldridge, PaT Aguilar, Rodney Jenkins. Jerry Thormahlen, Ernie Park, and Ted Harris. Jenkins, Aguilar, and Harris assumed oTher coaching duTies aT The end oT The TooTball season. Four new men ioined The coaching sTaTT oT Abilene High. They were Coaches George Forkerway, Dick Gru- ber, Ted l-larris, and PaT Agui- lar. Mr, Jerry Thormahlen assumed The head coaching duTies Tor The .Third year. AssisTing wiTh varsiTy were Coaches Ernie Park and Jerry Taylor. Mr. Park coached deTensive and oTTensive lines as well as nose guard: Coach Taylor, deTensive machine. Mr. Gruber worked wiTh The sec- ondary while lvlr. l-larris worked wiTh Eagle receivers. Mr. Forkerway and Mr. Jack Aldridge handled The JV squad. Coaches Aguilar and Rodney Jenkins assumed "B" Team coaching duTies. AThleTics--I ol Abilene Eagles Open Season WiTh Win By deTeaTing The SweeTwa- Ter lvlusTangs I4-7, The Abi- lene Eagles opened The TooT- ball season. l-lalTbaclc Thomas l-lines made boTh Touchdowns. Nose guard Glen Frazier and Billy Sudbury aided The one Touchdown win. Randy Leo- nard booTed The exTra poinT. The Warbirds won Their sec:- ond game oT The season by holding oTT The Cleburne Yel- lowiaclceTs, I4-6. The Eagles scored Touchdowns in The sec- ond and Third guarTers. Cle- burnes only score came on a sudden sTrilce laTe in The Third quarTer. QuarTerbaclc Gary STirman c:ompleTed Il ouT oT 23 passes Tor l25 yards. WiTh Two wins, The Eagles Taced The Temple WildcaTs in The lasT oT The pre-disTricT games. Billy Sudbury, Randy Andrews. and Glen Frazier puT up a greaT baTTle againsT The CaTs. STalwarT oTTensive eTTorTs by Gary STirman and Thomas l-lines highlighTed The Eagle oTTensive play. Hines made The one Eagle Tally. Time ran ouT on The Eagles wiTh The score I6-6. Beginning in The pre-disTricT games. guarTerbaclc Gary STirman seTs The pace Tor his impressive punTing record . . . l-lalTback Thomas Hines charges Through The SweeTwaTer MusTang deTense To score Tor The Eagles . . . Gary STirman carries The ball To make a TirsT down in The acTion againsT Temple. I 62-AThleTics Eagles Overpowered by STeers, PanThers iw in Q . 3 ' .FE , X kk 2' SL Ax i . M 5, Two Eagles punish Permian quarTerback. Tommy Campbell, as Randy Andrews and Richard Sullivan circle Tor The kill . . , Eagles Richard Sullivan. Randy Leo- nard. RusTy Mcl.esky ThwarT The oTTensive eTTorT oT a PanTher Tailback. WiTh a 2-I record, The Eagles began disTricT play againsT The Big Spring STeers. Rick Chevrie and Randy Pool were ouTsTand- ing receivers. Chevrie scored TirsT wiTh a I5 yard recepTion. The second TD came Trom an 89 yard run by Billy Sudbury and Thomas Hines who crossed The goal line as a piTchouT. Going inTo The air, The Eagles Tlew 76 yards in 8 plays. QuarTerback STirmari Tired To Mike Oles, Randy Pool, Alan STephens, and Henry GindraTT Tor The Tinal TD. SpiriTed Homecoming acTivi- Ties iniTiaTed The encounTer wiTh The Permian PanThers. The War- birds, ouTnumbered and ouT- weighed, puT TorTh an all-ouT eTTorT. The powerTul PanThers simply ripped The Eagle deTense aparT in rolling a sTaggering 34-O halT-Time lead. Thomas Hines and Alan STephens were The only ones To have plus signs in yards rushing. The Tinal score was 48-O. . " - ' . 3' X' 'A A- '. " , 'Z' ws-'os " T - i- :iw v' 'N .9-. -'asm -zf' 'ss " ss DisTricT Play Holds DeTeaT Tor Eagles lvleeTing The Odessa Bronc- hos, The Eagles conTinued dis- TricT play. Alan STephens headed oTTense carrying I2 Times Tor 96 yards. DeTense was lead by Danny Slack and RusTy lvlcl.esky. Billy Sudbury was The leading receiver in yardage, wiTh one ca+ch Tor I5 yards. The Tinal score was I2- 7. DespiTe The eTTorTs oT Chuck SiTTon, subbing Tor injured quarTerback Gary STirman, The Eagles losT To Midland Lee Bulldogs, 33-6. The Eagles' oTTense was hampered by a sTeady drizzle. BrighT spoTs Tor The Eagles were The recepTions oT Rick Chevrie and Mike Oles who pulled down Three passes apiece, and a sTrong show oT Tullback James SmiTh who scored Abilene's 6 poinTs. The San Angelo BobcaTs came againsT The Eagles wiTh all They had. The Angry Orange poured iT on unTil The sound oT The buzzer. The Tinal score was 52-O. Alan STephens Turned in a sensaTional per- Tormance. He picked up over halT The Eagles' ground yard- age. Wide receiver Randy Pool lunges To caTch The ball Tor a IO-yard run . . . Alan STephens sTreaks pasT an Odessa defender. I64-AThleTics 1- 4.7 - iii. Tsls. -Aw STrong ETTorT PuT ForTh by Warbirds Q.-.W W.. 2- . T""""lll1m1q.....,,,, -- K A """"""'-P-vauw.. . wap., - 4 .Lf M rw'-i.,...,,,.,Q,,,. 1w.Q,,,,,,gg,?'!"'f - M ,..1,, we M . is .W s . , 4, A -4 - me 1,13 Ni , - Q.: . ,Sass ,. " ' W. X- -.W . .. .. .. cg. --1 . vnsni .. -1 .. A . fs ' N aww, ,W-aww YJ 44-awk , ,A A sv f sg-P AHS approached The end oT The season by Tacing Mid- land Lee Rebels. Thomas Hines Tinished wiTh 8 yards on I7 carries. Alan STephens added 30 yards on 6 carries, buT The diTTerence in The game was l.ee's abiliTy To pressure Gary STirman. The Rebels scored 25 poinTs during The TirsT guarTer, buT The resT oT The game was maTched even all The way wi+h The Tinal score sTill 25-O. The mosT anTicipaTed game oT The season is The one againsT The cross-Town rivals, The Cooper Cougars. The Eagles, expecTed To launch an all ouT passing aTTaclc, sur- prised The CaTs by running sTraighT aT Them. Gary STirman wenT To The air only 5 Times. Thomas l-lines' rushing and Tackling kepT The Eagles in conTrol early in The game. From The second guarTer on, iT was all Cooper. The Eagles played Tough buT were deTeaTed, ZI-O. Leading The mighTy Warbirds onTo The Tield To Take on The cross-Town rivals are The Eagle cheerleaders . . . DespiTe The eTTorTs oT a surge oT Eagles, The Cooper Cougars remain undaunTed and reTain The ball. AThleTics- I 65 F 3 K QT so v T Q? T T cv 5? QW Team Work in New Leadership Junior VarsiTy and "B" Teams sTarTed wiTh new mem- bers on The coaching sTaTT. Under The TuTelage oT Coaches Jack Aldridge and George Forkeway. The JV's Tinished wiTh a 5-5 record. Happiness came wiTh The Trouncing oT disTricT oppo- nenTs. Coaches PaT Aguilar and Ted Harris led The "B" Team To a 2-4 record This year. This was The TirsT year Tor boTh oT These coaches. whose showing looks were promising Tor The Eagles in The TuTure. The "B" Team was successTul in The early parT oT The season by deTeaTing Cooper 24-I7, buT had To spliT The glory in The lasT game againsT The Cougars when The Eagles were deTeaTed 20-6. SENIOR LETTERMEN: TOP: Mike Oles. Gary STirman. Ken Branch, Alan STephens. Maurice GindraTT. BOTTOM: David NaTions. Randy Pool, Billy Sudberry, Gary Simpson. Thomas Hines. NoT picTured are Olen Frazier, Rick Chevrie. Charlie Anderson. -as-44' .A '99-4 BOTTOM ROW-Jimmy Hailey. STeve STewarT, Simon Hernandez. Ricky Gravens. ScoTT HuddlesTon. Ronnie Maynard. Gary EiTzgerald, Ken BurneT. SECOND ROW- Danny McBride. JeTT Bruno, David Kelsey, Harold Jones. , , . T. ,J . 12? . r , Q pr ag- M ' -, H James SmiTh. Ray SmiTh. RoberT King. John Joeris. David Hull, Jimmy loo-AThleTics Minor. Terry Conner. THTRD ROW-CurTis Bledsoe. FiTo Aguilar, Tony Thomas. Paul Ogden, Earl Swinger. Chuck Kaake. Bill Willis, Chuck SmiTh, Ken Oliver, Mark CarTer, BOTTOM ROW-Pere Escobedo, Andy Presfridge, Mike Ricker. Isaac Munoz. Eliseo Marfinez, Andy Reece, Gary Edwards, Junior Preszler. SECOND ROW-S+eve Car+er, Danny Cooper, Ronnie Williams, Noah Smilh. Bobby Rich- ards. Sfan Hamilfon, Scoff Nelson, Lee Oliver. THIRD Row- esfy souihsfd, Eddie ef-sen- lee, Gary Smifh, Jim Johnson, Dave Massey, Joe Holland. FOURTH ROW-Coach Paf Aguilar, Charlie Weber, John Ford, Joe Braye, Randy Lobsfein, Roberf Kearney, Sfeve Splawn, Dan Smifh. SEASON'S RECORDS "B" TEAM Eagles Opponenrs 20 Winfers 0 24 Cooper I7 I2 Graham 26 8 Snyder 36 6 San Angelo I3 6 Cooper 20 JUNIOR VARSITY Eagles Opponenfs I2 San Angelo I4 34 Snyder O I2 Brownwood 6 34 Big Spring 2l O Permian 2I 6 Midland 2I O Odessa 8 28 San Angelo IZ I4 Lee O O Cooper 26 Receiving recognifion a+ fhe foofball banquef were Randy Andrews and Olen Frazier. Randy received 'rhe "Figh+ing Hear+" award: Olen. fhe besf Tackle award. A+I1Ie'rics-I 67 Pre-disTricT Closes wiTh I I 6 Record Ready, willing, and eager To go, The mighTy Warbirds bas- ke+baII Team opened predis- TricT. Led by Coach Rodney Jenkins, The Eagles made Their presence known in eighT games and Three TournamenTs. The Eagles ended II-6 in predisTricT play. Though The Eagle gym raTs had Tough opposiTion Their expecTaTions were greaT as They received The TuTure oT The on-coming season. Special recogniTion should also be given To JV Coach Jack Aldridge as a greaT asseT To The Warbirds. Eagle John Blakeney ThwarTs a Two- poinT aTTempT by The Snyder Tigers .. . Warbirds geT lasT minuTe insTrucTions Trom Coach Rodney Jen- kins in a home game. I 68-AThleTics Coach Rodney Jenlcins assumed dufies as head baslcelball coach for fhe fhird year. Larry Wiley fighfs for possession while Jimmy Williams looks on in Their game againsf Odessa High . . . Dwayne Williams fighfs 'ro ou+- sfrelch an Odessa Bulldog for pos- session while Larry Wiley awaifs a possible chance for recovery. Afhle+ics-I 69 l'losTing The San Angelo BobcaTs, The Eagles Tell as They losT by one poinT, 44-43. Abi- lene Trailed by Tive aT The halT and pulled wiThin Two aT The end oT The Third. This dropped The Eagles To I-4 in disTricT. The Eagles were sTopped by The Lee Rebels in Their sixTh disTricT game by a score oT 79- 60. The Eagles did manage To geT wiThin 3 poinTs in The Third period buT could noT seem To come up wiTh The needed eTTorT. The Eagles nipped The Cooper Cougars 57-56 in Their TirsT SAAAA clash wiTh The cross-Town rivals. This win puT Al-TS 2-5 in disTricT play. VARSITY BOTTOM ROW: Don STeele, James Edwards John Blakenelf MGX BWWSOVW -l5me5 Shaw DWGWTG W'l Jeff Hill. sEcoND Row. Mamie Harris. Jimmy Williams hams Randy Keesee I 70-AThleTics VARSITY Eagles OpponenT 88 Big Spring 87 53 Permian 54 66 Midland 70 55 Odessa 58 43 San Angelo 44 60 Midland Lee 79 57 Cooper 56 75 Big Spring 82 47 Permian 49 62 Midland 72 65 Odessa 74 7I San Angelo 72 64 Midland Lee 76 73 Cooper 70 Sammy Flores makes a baskeT aTTempT againsT a ThreaTening Big Spring STeer . . . Eagle James Edwards searches Tor a receiver in The game againsT Midland Bulldogs. HearTbreak Losses Plagued The Eagles IT Took work, buT The Eagles sTood I-O in The second halT oT disTricT play againsT The Big Spring STeers, wiTh a score oT 82-75. The scores rarely sepa- raTed by more Than 3 or 4 poinTs. ln The Tinal sTages oT The game, wiTh The eTTorTs oT Larry Wiley, MonTe Harris and John Blakeney, The Eagles were vicTorious. The Eagles sTumbled in Their baTTle wiTh Permian. They had a glimpse oT vicTory when They Tied The score 47-47 wiTh less Than a minuTe To play, buT in The Tinal I2 seconds Permian came Through wiTh 2 poinTs and vicTory, 49-47. Midland seemed To play as They never played beTore againsT The Warbird Team. The Eagles played well buT Tell shorT by a score oT 74-62. Odessa High spoiled a 29- poinT scoring perTormance by MonTe l-larris by Taking a 74- 65 win. Again The Eagles could noT seem To Tind Those Two poinTs To puT Them over The Top in The game wiTh San Angelo. The Eagles, TormenTed wiTh bad luck, waTched in TrusTra- Tion as The BobcaTs hIT a Ten TooTer as The Tinal buzzer sounded, leaving The score 72- 7l. For a second Time The Lee Rebels were vicTorious over The Eagles. During The TirsT Two guarTers The game was abouT even, buT during The Third guarTer, The Rebels Tucked iT away and Tinally downed The Eagles 74-64. Once more The Eagles won over The Cougars by a very Thin margin oT 73-70. lT was The Cougar's game during The lsT halT, buT The Eagles Took over in The 3rd guarTer. Coach Jack Aldridge, a member oT The coaching sTaTT Tor Three years, once again was The coach Tor JV baskeTball. XG-if 0,...,.onn fx 7 s, if j SAW JUNIOR VARSITY-BOTTOM ROW: Byran Harris, Jack King, Larry TaTum, Bob Bailey, Tim Ray. SECOND ROW: Mike Phipps, Dana Green, Ricky Callaway, Earl Swinger, Jimmy Minor, Ray Duncan. I 72-AThleTics JV s Have lmpresslve 22-5 "B" TEAM-BOTTOM ROW: James Vadrine. Leslie Sfover, Ted Mi+cl1ell, James Splawn, Randy Sfevens. SECOND ROW: David Chicon, Shane Winkles. Billy Sfover, David Sloul, Andy Tolen+ino. THIRD ROW: Eddie Guy, Mike For- resfer, Ken Ellis, John Ford, Mike Wlwefslone. 73 Record Baskerball managers were Terry Smi'rl'1, George Hollingsworflw, S+eve Byrd, Billy Crim . . . Earl Swinger sfrelches for a baske? in flue game againsf rhe Cougars . . . Dana Greene leaps 'foward 2-poinfs in The Cooper game. Afhlelics-I 73 New Coach Comes To AHS Volleyball By pracTicing during sixTh period and aTTer school, The volleyball girls prepared Tor TournamenTs and disTricT play. Scheduled Tor Their season were Three TournamenTs as well as The disTricT games. The girls received TourTh in The Key CiTy TournamenT: hosTed by Cooper. They placed Third in The Snyder TournamenT. and also compeTed in The Arling- Ton TournamenT. ReTurning leTTermen This year were Janelle McLemore, Roxann Aaron, Carla Willis, Jarilyn ScoTT. Serving Tor The AHS Eagles Volley- ball Team was Geneva Paige . . . Jarilyn ScoTT reTurns The ball wiTh a spike . . . Managers Tor The AHS Eagles were Kim Hughes and Aline Owens . . . VarsiTy Volleyball mem- bers were BOTTOM ROW: Roxann Aaron-capTain, Shirley Jenkins, KaThy Higgins, Denise JeTT, Carla Willis. TOP ROW: Kay Grohman, Geneva Paige, Coach Beverly Hogg, Janelle McLemore-capTain, Jarilyn ScoTT. I 74-AThleTics JV VOLLEYBALL-BOTTOM ROW: Sandy Slwyfles, Deb- Baker. Coach Beverly Hogg, Laura Culler, Alice Piflrnan, bie Williams, Jane? Dudley, Danna Timms, Kafhy Kim- Cindy Erwin, Marka Morris. brouqlw. TOP ROW: Debra Oliver, Lynda Rae, Melissa Refurning Senior LeT+ermen were Carla Willis, Roxann Aaron, Jarilyn Scoff, Janell McLemore, and Shirley Jenkins . . . Roxann Aaron makes a poinl in +he Snyder game. Aflwlefics-I 75 Sfrefching To hif anofher winning serve is Becky Spann . . . HiHing a scoring nef sho+, Rhonda Hari' and Susan Ducker 'rake The poinf. . .Joe Guerra and Ronnie Lewis warm up a'r 'rhe nef . . . Ann Tippeff and Jeanne Owen pracfice 'For a dual march. he I 76-Afhlefics i 1 5 , , Q1 --s:4gi,,I'i 113+ ,bil Qiilm lliisifigi fi s'i -, ' WM" f., , N ',,s f , . 1, ? rj ,iif kVG,V,h , K X h 'fii i h' - i A h ii 1 , git gk V Q Vi I ,KVA W .kkr dyy A V,,,lV Qi , ,.V,A,. I ,,LL My 1 VAYVV A 1, , A , WE L i ii'i ' i 'i ' i iis siri ss's , , ! shihiisi Url i W 5 A ,ia ri i , S 'f-1 I f f f' 7 , ,k.' , w 5 f 71'-w,,iw, 1 , -.V.t?1gi4 '. I ' Q f A... 1 1 V' W ,1ffi?ff?i i rrrf 5 Ju uf Tennis Has Five ReTurning J' ,,.Mf""""!T ,.,.+,-, fJ.' V .,--AA . , ic 'f .,,. , 1 ,..1..f ,,,-.,,.f.5:.1 ::- -:W - - ,fn .ra g . W i , A '.:, 1 I -,qw -Hi, gigw- V. Q ' f2--f QI- isii , Iyf f .2.Q '..' -H .. A i by .."- .. , xiii " Haw T L"' VVV: ...,,,.. A . .. ...W J Y E ,ww agegmtawagggwg Ewikaiw. Tybee sr is af mgjilggwfaiasf uf T Tigre JL W Q39 5-5 n 9 wi 'Maw A K vim?fggiggggeggigggggimgmggwig G' Q ggjiid' gk A ,ifsaiyfga 3 gmnggggggf ggi Tiki QWWHSW' af, 555535 Wgiwffaffags Wggarifgf Wiiiwew , Vi c, I T , 1 ,, ,v V Iv I Q ., A H -. H3 V f is fs, M., , . 1- My :iii ,, Ziffwff , f .- X, 'Y -"' ' ' 5- N ,ygzkkusf-f A 1 wwf TTff-2?mf4Ke?'gygM5'+iggnfiZ7g5a- flaw ,N T .W K4 , 54. , LeTTermen Under The direcTion oT Coach Gary Haeclcer, Abilene High's Tennis squad opened The '73 season in a double dual in Odessa, where They losT To The Odessa Schools. During The year The Team par- TicipaTed in a number oT Tour- namenTs, and maTches as well as disTricT aT San Angelo. This year was spenT devel- oping poTenTial and capiTaliz- ing on The experienced eTTorTs OT The Tive reTurning leTTermen -Becky Spann, Rhonda l-larT, Aubrey Jerige, Ann TippeTT, and Susan Duclcer. LasT year The Team Tinished 3rd in disTricT. David King won disTricT and regional singles and disqualiTied Tor sTaTe. The doubles Team of Aubrey Jeriqe and Clay Brandon pracTice Their neT volleys. UV BOTTOM ROW-Becky Spann, Susan Duclcer, PaTTie Lanny LamberT, Clay Brandon, Joe Guerra. Aubrey Jer- Jones. Valinda Barnes, Diana Oles, Ann TippeTT, Jeanne ige, Ronnie Lewis. Coach Gary Haeclcer. Owen. SECOND ROW-Rhonda Hart Randy Duncan, AThleTics-I 77 Three LeTTermen SupporT Golf Team CapTained by Bruce Harvey and Jerry Mullins, members oT The goIT Team pracTiced aT The Municipal GOIT Course. ReTurning IeTTermen, Mark McCord, Harvey and Mullins, added sTrengTh To The Team. Early pre-disTricT acTion was in Snyder, Brownwood, Midland, and Laredo inviTaTionals. In The Abilene InviTaTional, Dick Kerley Tied Tor second place in The medaIisT sTandings aT 76 when The weaTher haITed The play. Along wiTh Kerley, I'Iar- vey, Mullins, and McCord, Ivan Musser compeTed in The Border Olympics GOIT Tourna- menT and ranked elevenTh as a Team. Jerry Mullins concenTraTes as he lines up The puT shoT . . . Approach- ing The green, Mark McCord addresses The ball. 25155 .. I- J f ., YQ if ,ffvf I W.,-mf' 5 is - ? , 2 .gi T . 3 2 .-, X pei. if N KJ. -gif., A s is - . as 'Y' ' E SS 'T 5244" ,uf -N fs ws... .,. , Q, ,sc IEW .,-L , .1 ., , c ,'s--.553 5 , K , , . A. f:.m.,ss-,, Q. " f we 'W -I ssqsigslfzfff .,.. - , its , ywmff-1:91 S! e'i,,-p,,,sss ,I1L'u? -'N we 4 ef, ' ' 'S N 'T H5123 T' I 3 I if fray 'E 25 H SI X k I -v f -i f ,if U, Q X Zi, :tag if my ,wr "2 I c M sfxsuj v i. ,Mf,'gi,,f J, W' Q. , Tv - Bmw ' . - T ' . 1, s 3- wa - Q 2 1 ,, 2--ff -1 ,.- f - w ' 'lf , Q. , is 5, :..f-gs-.im - Q s f ,wif-4. , .-5-,1:'.x.2,Y , ,hy -- .g -rg .- - Q- 5 , A, . . ., , .:..W,,,.-,.., 'T , W W ' ' ,f , 91-v , . LRFQW' T, . I "I "M . I MMM We IRT , 'Vg I A 1 K nf?ii,fi Yew., ' .. .5-we I i,,,f""F1f'f W Q " M4 ,y?f'lu5Tf1:-VY Mwvws ei Af-r124n.,f,,H'3"s ' V- ' ff" ,'zf.,b, x 3 ff atv-:ww ',.. 3421 HIL-,,'3+?l7""3'ff1 9-2""'.'. Ms- A w-VW 1 ,f - A - :Q --L.. . 'T H ' ' ' as qfiwffl V, , 4' fi' -Us U 1 :Awww gg' fy ei9jzg.,if,,.5: My-qg,j:,,gu 5 .5 . .gf kM"i.u1'3H'-" iff 1 .,.'sf'?' 95.5. .yi-,,if,r-l , ,Jw F N I, T , ,.g 'Q , 4 A V -W 1 1 gui5!j9i,fisjfM2'f,f'i1s.. ff x:, Y- Xxx . ff ,wx 1-,aw iif?,f',,ssw,-i' T, uf I ,jg J, i guzaijfg 51 Q Q gow, 5,3 .M .njvyi ' lf Q1-lr, iw sp-Rs 313,43 g1,f4t:. ,ZN45 ,,,f1sEy.i, .wgxiicigfwflis is lgafiligls fag: f' ZT:.2,i"r4 ?'-ff' .?QffT' 5 if .xfL'aw:efE?,fsiTss . I ,- WL IQ? f GOLF-BOTTOM ROW: Richard Emery, Dean Vernerr, RoberT OrTiz, Dirk Kerby. SECOND ROW: Manuel Pena Mark McCord, Paul Cloudus, Ivan Musser, David Allen, Anderson. I 78-Afhlefics RAW Don OversTreeT. THIRD ROW: Mark Holloway, MarTin , STewarT, Jerry Mullins, Bruce Harvey, Gary WyaTT, Chad f-'-N-B Coach Glen Cleveland demonslrafes fhe correcf puffing sfance . . . Along wilh several members of The AHS golf Team, Gary Billingsley pracfices feeing-off . . . Coaching fhe golf feam was Mr. Glen Cleve- land. Jerry Mullins and Bruce Harvey were The +eam's co-capfains. Afhlefics--I 79 Six LeHermen Give Slrenglh lo Team Defending a SAAAA dis- lricl baseball championship for The lourlh year, The Abilene Eagles had lheir work cul our lor Them. Coaches Ted Harris and George Eorkerway, new lo The slaff, slarled workouls The firsl of February wilh 6 relurning lellermen-Wayne Williams. Doyle Walker, David Gililland, Randy Keesee, Chuck Chapman. and Gary Slirman. ln an early scrimmage, The Eagles losl lo Ranger Junior College. Again Eagles look il on 'rhe chin al Lubbock lvlonle- rey, losing 6-O. ln an encounler wilh Eorl Worlh Paschall, The Eagles losl lwo and won one. Coach Ted Harris discusses his plans Bill Pursley performs one of his many of The season wilh a reporler, 'rasks as Eagle baseball manager. VARSITY-BOTTOM ROW: Alan Mayhall, Jerry Hicks, Billy Sudbury. Edgar Walson, Neil Willis. Brad Mann. SECOND ROW: David Nalions, Lanny Fisher. Jim lvlcElyea, Doyle Walker, Ronnie Maynard, Chuck Chap- man, Rudy Alvarado, Allen Young. THIRD ROW: Leonard I 80-Afhlelics Hickam. Paul Grohman, David Gililland, Tommy Clarke, Larry Talum, Bob Bailey, Gilberl Chacon, Randy Pool, Coach Ted l'larris. FOURTH ROW: Phil Rancier, lvlonle Harris, Randy Keesee, Gary Slirman, Paul Ogden, Rusly McLeskey, Mickey Smilh. JV-BOTTOM ROW: Lee Oliver, Ricky Gravens, Mark Srewarf, Andy Reese. Kennefh Smilh, Homor Roberson. SECOND ROW: Glen Mayes, Gary Fi+zger- ald, Jerry McKennon, Ken Lewis, Larry Fisher, Rudy Miramonfez, Ray Smilh, Larry Landrelh. THIRD ROW: Ken Oliver, Filo Aguilar, Sleve S+ewar+, Bill Wil- lis, Rodney Oliver, David S+ou+, Billy Sfover, Mike Phipps. OUTFIELDERS- BOTTOM ROW: Randy Pool. Gilberf Chacon, Billy Sudbury, Rudy Alvarado. SECOND ROW: Mike McElroy, Buddy Mayhall, Mike Phipps, Doyle Walker. Afhlefics-I 8 I Senior Jerry Hicks delivers a fasfball Ca+cher Chuck Chapman prepares +o pockel Gary S+irman's sfrike. in pracfice 'ro ready himself for dis- 'rricf play. BATTERY: BOTTOM ROW: Doyle Walker. Chuck Chap- O+her members of The baieball Team were: Ronny May man, David Gililland. SECOND ROW: Randy Keesee, nerd, and Jimmy Minor lboflom rowl Ricky Gravens Gary Sfirman, Monly Harris. Rusfy lv1cLesky, and Paul Ogden. I 82-Alhlefics lnfielder Gary STirman runs hoping To caTch The pop fly ball. ConTidenT of sTriking The baTTer ouT, David Gililland Throws one oT his special balls. INFIELDERS-BOTTOM ROW: Ken Lewis, Tim Williams, Neil Willis, Brad Mann. SECOND ROW: David Gililland, Gary STirman, Randy Keesee, Bob Bai- ley, Larry TaTum. THIRD ROW: Lanny Wilson, GilberT Chacon, Tommy Clarke, Phil Rancier. Randy Keesee, piTcher. awaiTs The pil' h Nl' li S 'Th T lt T' T I C er lc ey ml a es 'me Ou signal from The hind caTcher. To decide whaT kind oT ball he will Throw To This baTTer. AThleTics-I 83 - ROW: T N' Ci li , J ii M T D' , Mark FOX, Blame Bumsj Randy Kenedy sieve JoBrCcTd-i'TOPz1ul Kelly, Riiageln CSTTSE STECOTXIIS SirT12Json',XKenr1eTh Trull, David Crow, Kevin McAuliTTe ROW: Cindy Jones, BET Kiel. THIRD ROW: Mike MeTcalT. AHS Swim Team Improves Record Working ouT beTore and aTTer school To perTecT swim- ming and diving Techniques as well as To improve Their Times, The swim Team Traveled across Texas To compeTe in The vari- ous swimming meeTs. Prior To regional compeTiTon, The Team had a 3-3 record in dual meeTs, coming ouT on Top oT ForT STockTon, Andrews, and EasTern Hills. The 400 Frees- Tyle relay gualiwfied hiqhes+ in every inviTaTional, wiTh The AHS Team Taking 6Th place in The Texas Tech and 5Th place in The Odessa lnviTaTionals. ReTurning leTTermen were cap- Tains Mark Fox and Ruben OrTiz. Swimmers Oran Jordan and Mark Fox pracTice Their Timing as They come oTT The blocks. , , ,!, L, I 84-AThleTics . Lx ff , img TWiW3 w 1 A ,, , HTQMIQTT M, Nw. . ffm 1, 4 , V I 5,1 :sig , -f . X, f f E 2 3 Experienced LeTTermen Pace Eagle Team Beginning wiTh a solid nucleus To build around, Coach PaT Aguilar had Three '72 DisTricT winners-Larry Wiley, Alan S+ephens, and Thomas Hines-and Three oT The winning spring relay Team -Hines. Bruce Blackshear, and STephens. Also reTurning were Billy James on The long jump, along wiTh Wiley: and Max Brinson and Wiley in The high iump piTs. AssisTing wiTh Track was Coach Ernie Parks. The Season opened in The EorT STockTon relays. An improved Team Tied Tor 4Th in Snyder Relays a week laTer wiTh The 2-mile relay Team oT Ken GregsTon, NaThan CoaTes, AlberT Solis, and Jimmy STrong seTTing a new record oT 8:I l.3. Members oT The spring relay Team were Thomas Hines, Alan STephens, Bruce Blackshear and Charles Ander- son. TRACK-BOTTOM ROW: Floyd Kaerwer, Fred WrighT, AdolTo Flores. Noel Flores, Joseph Flores, David Parker, KenneTh GregsTon, Joe Holland, James SmiTh-manager. SECOND ROW: Ronnie Williams, Harold Jones. Thomas Hines, Charles Anderson, Bruce Blackshear, Alan STephens. Maurice GindraTT, David Merrell, Alex Tschaar. John Foreman, STeve CarTer-manager. THIRD ROW: STan l86-AThleTics HamilTon, MaTT HamilTon, KenneTh BurneTT. NaThan CoaTes, RoberT AusTin, RoberT Solis, David Jones, Isaac Munoz, Gary FiTzgerald, Dale Gibson, Gary Hendrix, Kevan WiTTer-manager. FOURTH ROW: Terry Bacon, Billy James, Terry Conner, Chuck SmiTh, Terry Bunkley, Jimmy STrong, Max Brinson, William Gibson, Ricky Callo- way. Wi. , 3' fifffffii' iii 9 EV i ,,,3-51 i,, Vi. . ,, ii ,113 fl s -f yi9,,5, ,,,f4s3,i .L ig ,A i . ,f - f- ,V f qp.1i3 4, A R.. , , , A A , fi 5 , ' , , 'Q 11 A iff' ,f Q ,W Af! 1' if i ' F: -i',ifi'?i'51:wg7 Wi"'K1,'f"fe,L f, L- ,T' ,L - .fc ,Q' ' -f s ,wr-,wx ii ' ,Alf ' K V. ,, ,,i 5, , , -V . K . . - , i ' , --" it A A ul 5 is fi ' " 1 ,Vi f "' N-" if 'l iw' . .fi f M T 'so 4 , -W"'5""" I ,M V,,i ,,, , L , f N i . i 'QWXNA ,J i ' ,,,,g2 .5,,21y,, f ,A V, , ' 7 s - , A V ff'-,' . A , 1 ' 'V '-' ,' 'ft mf" J fi -A fill? fic." - ,Q Q ,.,,,,,, , ,, , 1 M my ,, jing, . I Z . ,gif , gif ' L 1!4V,. 3 , bl gy 72... 'Q fgflw Sprinfing fo r 'rhe Eagles fhis year were Thomas Hines, Charles Ander- son, ancl Billy James . . . Head lrack coach was Coach Pal Aguilar . . . Parlicipaling Alex Tschaa Sfephens, an in The mile relay were r, David Merrell, Alan d Terry Bacon . . . Rep- resenfing AHS in broad iump was Billy James. Afhlefics-I 87 Coach Ernesf Parks was assis+an+ Track coach . . . High jumper, Max Brinson, clears +he bar. Record of 8:I I Se'r by 2-Mile Relayers Running Through his paces is hurdler Harold Jones . . . In shof puf and discus fhis year we were Dale Gib- son, Terry Bunkley, Bill Gibson. and David Jones. I 88--Afhlefics Five MeeTs SeT up for Girls' Track Y. 5365, .EK GIRLS' TRACK-BOTTOM ROW: Rosemary Rivera, PaTricia Murry, AniTa Calloway, JenniTer Pieper, Laura Balz, Frances Dail. Mary Parker, Mrs. Barbara Beene. SECOND ROW: Barbie Saunders, KaThy Wood, KaThy Rucker, Pam Pyland, Susan Rogers, CaThy Aaron, Bessie MonTes, ChrisTene Abel, Debbie STalker. THIRD ROW: Cindy Branch, Temperance WashingTon. Debra Rhoads, Tina Hubbard, Brenda Flanagan, Janice Williams, Brenda OclsTrcil, Kay Hum- phreys, Managers. FOURTH ROW: PaTTi Henderson, Phyllis FulTon, EThlene Reece, Regina ScoTT, Flora Mayes, CynThia Hines. law- .my sae" RelaTively new This year To AHS was girls' Track. Launched Iasf spring, The pro- gram grew Trom IO To 30 par- TicipanTs. The girls worked ouT every day during sixTh period and aTTer school. CompeTiTion was planned aT disTricT and regional levels. EvenTs ranged Trom dashes and relays To high jump and discus Throws. Man- agers were Kay Humphreys and Brenda OdsTrcil. Coaching The Track girls her TirsT year aT AHS was Mrs. Barbara Beene. The AHS girls overpowered, ouTran, and ouTscored Two vis- iTing opponenTs Trom Anson and Jim Ned. Coming oTT The sTarTing blocks are Temperance WashingTon and Janice Williams . . . Barbie Saunders and JenniTer Pieper make The low hurdles . .. SprinTer Rosemary Rivera warms up in a pracTice. AThleTics-l 89 AHS GymnasTs STreTch for Perfechon STemming Trom The inTeresT shown in gyrnnasTics Trorn The regular physical educaTion classes, The gymnasTic Team work-ouT is conducTed sTricTly as a class siTuaTion which hoped To enTer inTo compeTi- Tion nexT year. ApproximaTely TwenTy parTicipanTs, including some Trom local junior highs, meT wiTh Coach Charles Per- kins almosT everyday beTore or aTTer school. WorkouTs Tor The girls included Tloor exercise, vaulT- ing, Tumbling, and working on The uneven parallel bars, side horse, rings and The horizonTal bar, Tumbling and vaulTing made up The boys' rouTine. Joyce Landry works on spliTs in floor exercise. GYMNASTICS-BOTTOM ROW: BeTh Edgar Mary Kay Powell Kay Hum phreys, Joyce Landry. BACK ROW Kaakey Lowry Phil Dunagan Debbie STaulker, Theresa WurschmidT. Coach Charles Perkins Monika PieTzsch STeve Scanlon. RIGHT: Monika PieTzsch pracTices a pirouTTe on The balance beam I9O-AThleTics Kay Humphreys execufes a backward hip pullover on The uneven parallel bars . . . On +he s+ilI rings, Mike Thornfon does a shoulder s+and . . . Sleve Scanlon 'fries a leap-off dis- mounf on fhe side horse. Afhlelics- I 9 I Q BOTTOM ROW-Ann TippeTT. Susie Chaney. Carla Wil- lis. Jarilyn ScoTT. Belinda Briley. Taina Curry. Susie STal- cup, Doyle Walker. Coach Jerry Thormahlen. SECOND ROW-Thomas Hines. Randy Pool, Billy Sudbury, Guy Rosser Chuck Chapman Mark McCord. Mark Fox. Rhonda l'larT. David Wilburn. THTRD Nine SporTs One oT The largesT organiza- Tions aT Abilene High, The "A" AssociaTion, is comprised oT The cheerleaders and The leTTermen Trom all AHS sporTs. Each year, as is TradiTion, The "A" AssociaTion selecTs The SpiriT oT AThleTics and The InspiraTion oT AThleTics, a girl and Teacher who have sup- porTed The aThleTes ThroughouT The year. These special people are announced aT The AThleTic Assembly aT The closing oT The year. The "A" AssociaTion runs The concession sTand during The baskeTball season and, To raise Tunds, They sponsored a junior high baskeTball Tourna- menT. "A" AssociaTion oTTicers Tor The '73 year were Tommy Clarke, vice-presi- denT: Billy Sudbury, presidenTg Rhonda HarT, secreTary-Treasurer. T92-AThleTics Tom Clarke. Ken Branch, Jim Bryant Lewis Clemmer. Jerry Mullins. Larry Pearce. David PresTridge. FOURTH ROW-Monfe Harris, Billy James. Max Brinson. Larry Wiley, Gary STirman, RusTy McLeskey. Richard Sullivan. Randy Andrews. Bruce Harvey. David Gililland. ROW-Mike Oles. RepresenTed in AssociaTion "A" ASSOCIATION-BOTTOM ROW: David Halberr. Paffi Henderson. Debra Rhoads, Rosemary Rivera. Janelle McLemore. Roxann Aaron, Jeff Hill. SECOND ROW- Bruce Blackshear, James Edwards, Gary Simpson, David Nafions. Rick Chevrie. Olen Frazier. George Hollings- worlh. Brad Smilh. THIRD ROW-Winsion Whilr, Bill Pursley, Kenny Edwards. Roberl Newman. Randy Leonard, Chuck Si++on. Alan Slephens. Randy Keesee, Lanny Wil- son. FOURTH ROW-Maurice Gindrafr, Dwayne Wil- liams, James Shaw. John Blakeney. Terry Bunkley. Mark Condra, Jimmy Williams, Don Sfeele, Paul Grohman, FCA Ac:'rivi'ries Involve More AI'hIeI'es FELLOWSHIP OF CHRISTIAN ATHLETES-BOTTOM ROW-Ken Branch Jeff Hill Chuck Chapman, Mark McCord, Lanny Wilson Chuck Kaake. Olen Frazier. SEC- OND ROW-Bobby Richards, Dale Gibson Billy Crirn, Jimmy Hailey, Kevin McAuliffe Randy Pool, Ricky Gra- vens, Shane Winkles, Mike Oles Coach Ted Harris. THIRD ROW-Brad Smiih. Bill Pursley David Halberi. Mike Phipps Gary Simpson Billy Sudbury David Nalions. Sian HamiI+on, Sreve Simpson. FOURTH ROW-Chuck Si++on. Alan Sfephens. Tim Ray, Rick Chevrie. Larry Pearce. Doyle Walker. David Por+er, Gary Smifh, Mark Carler, Ken Burnerl. Allen Young. FIFTH ROW-Tony Thomas, Mark Fox, Kenny Edwards. Jerry Mullins, Lewis Clemmer. Sam Jernigan. Jim Bryant Chuck Smifh, Jimmy Williams, Rober+ King. Don Sfeele. SIXTH ROW-Paul Ogden, Max Brinson. Mark Condra, Rusfy McLeskey, Randy Andrews, Terry Bunkley. Gary Sfirman. John Joeris, Jimmy Minor, Lee Oliver. Alhlefics-I93 Classes rw MRM M. 1+ S ' l72l Leading 'fine acfivifies of fine Senior dent Snirla Minafra, secrefary: Sky Class of '73 are officers Guy Rosser, Mosman, reporferq Cary Billingsley, vice-president Winsfon Wniff, presi- S+uden+ Council represen+a+ive. 196-Seniors M-..--Q Seniors -Leaders of Today fiw ROXANN AARON-"A" Associ- alion 2, 3: Band I, 2, properly ser- geanl 2: Band Club I: NHS 2, 3: Spiril Club 3: Volleyball I, 2. 3. CI-IRISTINEABEL-FI-IA'I'Iero 2, 3, secrefary 2, presidenl 3: Library Club 2. DAVID ADAMS- Sporlsman Club I, VICA-Building Trades 3. DENNIS ADAMS-Red Cross 2, VICA-ICT 2, 3, presidenl 3. ZULEMA AGUIRRE-FI-IA-Ama cifia I, Mexican'American Club 2. JIMMY ALLRED-Radio and TV 2, 3, Treasurer 3: Civil Defense I. GLEN ALTMAN--FFA I, 2, 3: Rodeo Club I. 2, 3: Eoolball I, 2. RUDOLFO ALVARADO. SHERYL AMARINE-Girls Clwoir I, 2, 3: EI-IA-Key I, Torch 2: OEA 3. CONNIEANDERSON-Chris Ilan Club 2: VICA-ICT 3. NEILON ANDERSON-Radio and TV 2, 3. RANDY ANDREWS-"A" Asso- cialion 2, 3: FCA 2, 3: Dale Process- ing 2. 3: AV Ieclwnicians I, 3: Baslcel- ball I: Eoorball I. 2, 3. RUDY ARREDONDO-Inlerner Iional Relalions 3: Red Cross I. 2: Sfudenl Council 3: Mexican-Amerk can Club 3. LAURETTA ATKIN- SON. ROBERT AUSTIN. KAREN BAACK-FI-IA-Amacilia I, 2: OEA 3. KATI-IRYN BAINS-Band I, 2: Band Club I: Clwrislian Club 3: Flashliglwl 2. 3: Pan-American Club 2. MIKE BAIRD. GAIL BALL- Ecology 3: Fulure Nurses I, 2, 'frea- surer 2. DARREL BARNES-FCA 2, 3: Sporlsman Club 2, 3: Pan- American I: Baseball I, 2. 3: Elec- Ironics Club 2, 3, lCooperI. Seniors-I97 Giving lneir lime and experience in order To make llwis year llwe besl ever are Ivlrs. Billie Gray and Mr. Ered Slirman. PETE BARRERA-Jr. Academy ol Science, vice-presidenl 3. DEBBIE BARRON-Fulure Nurses 2: VICA- ICT 3. DAVID BARTLETT-Spor+s- mans Club I: VICA-ICT 2, 3: Radio and TV 2. CI-IERYL BASSINGER SPENCER. JOE BAUIVIGART-Clirislian Club 3: Jr. Academy ol Science I, 2: Red Cross 2. CINDY BEALL- Aquila I, edilor 3: Tlwealre I, 2, 3, president 3: Nl-IS 2, 3. CARLTON BELL-VICA-ICT 3. LINDA BID- DLE-Erenclw Club I. 2, 3. CARY BILLINGSLEY-Civil Defense Club 2: Ivlalli Club 3: Slu- denl Council 3: Golf Club I: Golf I, 2, 3: Sludenl Council Class Repre- senlalive 3. CHARLES BLAKE DARRELL BLOUNT-Band I: Clwrislian Club 3: Red Cross I. 2, 3: Rodeo Club 3: Dafa Processing 2, 3. JENA BQDINE-Eulure Teach- ers I, 2, 3, vice-presidenl 2, presi- denl 3: Volleyball I, 2. 3: Miss FTA I I98-Seniors Q bf I -is 5 pa' J, - ,-.. Q . I :g a g R I' di, gf I I if 'H - z 'ff'.-"t.:- -W . - Tw ' ,, - 5 F: 4, ,I I K ? ,f I E gli u , -',-' 'N fl .. .. fs: Sponsors Encourage Senior Ac'rivi'I'ies ROBERT BONHAM. JIMMY BOYD-DECA 2, 3: Sfudenf CounciI I. CHUCK BRADFORD-Marh Club. reporrer 3: Red Cross 2: Speech CIub I, 2: Sporfsman CIub 2: NHS 2, 3: Deba+e Team 2, 3. KEN BRANCH-"A" Associa- Iion 2, 3: FCA 2. 3: Eoo+baII I, 2, 3. INEZ BRANNON-VICA-ICT 3: Library CIub I: Arr Club I. 2. JANET BRANUM-Cosme+oI- ogy 2. BELINDA BRILEY-"A" Associafion 3: Concer+ Choir 2. 3: Fufure Teachers I. 2, 3: SIuden+ Council I. 2, 3: CheerIeader 3. BOBBY BROCK-In+erna'rionaI Relarions 3. BRUCE BROCK-DraIIinq 23 Red Cross I, 2: Rodeo CIub I. 2, 3: S+u- denf Council 3. SHERRI BROOKER -DECA I: Erench CIub I. 2. MARGARET BROOM-Chris Tian Club 2: In+erna+ionaI Relafions 3. ALICE BROWN-EHA-Torch I: OEA 3, parIimen+arian 3: Sfudenf Council 3: Black Srudies CIub 2. JUDY BRUNO-DECA 3: PE Spe- ciaIIs+s I. KAREN BURKHART- PoIiIicaI Science CIub 2. PATTI BURKS-Band I, 2, 3: FHA Amaci- Tia I. 2: Maiore++e I. 2, 3, head 3. JEANETTA BURNS-VICA-ICT 2.3. DENNIS BURT-FCA 3: Mafh Club 2: GOII Club I: Eoo'rbaII 3. DENNIS BUSH-Roman Eorum 3: Pre-Med 2. RHONDA CAEFEY -FHA-Amacifia I, 2. 3.. RICH- ARD CAIN-DECA 3: Fu'rure Teachers 3: SIuden+ Council I, 2. Seniors-I99 New Direc+ories Aid in Communicafion GLENDA CALLOVVAY-OEA I, 3: S+uden+ ReIa+ions I, 3: Black Sfud- ies Club 2, DELORES CAMPBELL -EI'IA-Key I: Eulure Teachers 2. 3: Red Cross 2. DIANE CANNON- EI'IA-Torch I, 2, 3, vice-presidenl 3: Red Cross I. KEITH CARMI- CI-IAEL. BECKY CARPENTIERE-FI-IA- Rose 2. 3: Eufure Teachers I: Spiril Club 2. EDNOI CARRASCO- Boys Choir I: Concerl Choir 2, 3: Pan American 2: Choir Club I. ELISEO CARRASCO-Srudenl Council 3: Ooll 2: Pan American Club I, 3: Golf Club 2. LYNNE CARROLL-OEA 3: Red Cross 3. JERRY CARTER-Radio 81 TV 2 3: vice-presidenl 3. SI-IERI CARTI WRIGHT-French Club I, 2 3. SYLVIA cf-xsrmo. JOEL' CECIL-ETA 3: Inlernalional Rela- Iions 2: Sporlsman Club I. SUSIE CI-IANEY-"A" Associa lion 3: Chrisfian Club 2: Eufure Teachers 3: Srudenr Council I, 2, 3: Volleyball I: Cheerleader 3. CI-IUCK CHAPMAN-"A" Associalion 2, 3: Chrisfian Club 3: Sludenl Council 2, 3: Baseball I, 2, 3: Eoolball I, 2. TOMMY CHAP- MAN. RICK CI-IEVRIE-ECA 2, 3, presidenl 3: Sludenr Council 3: Eoolball 2, 3. TOMMY CLARKE-HAI' Associa- Iion 2, 3: ECA 2: Rodeo Club I: Eoorball I, 2, 3: Track I. KIM CLAY-Band I, 2: EEA I, 2, 3: Rodeo Club 2, 3. PAUL CLOW- DUS-Golf Club I, 2: Ma+h Club I, 2: Golf I, 2, 3. STEVE COGBURN -EEA I, 2, 3: Drafling I: Baslcelball I 2 200-Seniors ew 559 ff ,I 1 . J Swim C: .. T T " 3 f it : ' ' .V 1 ' 'iiilg li, ,L ' .I J Wifiwiiifiikx . if f ' ' f : Looking over The new 73 direcfories are Mr. Max Irwin. Sally Slrader. Joe Moore. Sherry Williams and Chuck Siflon. CAROLE COLE-EI-IA-Key I: French Club 2: OEA 3. VICKI COLLINS-Chrislian Club 3: Span- ish Club I: Spiril Club I: Transfer from Robinson I-ligh. Waco 2. STEVE COLLUM-Oymnaslics 3: Woodworking I. 2. CATl'lEY COOK-Band I, Band Club I: EI-IA-Amacilia I. 2. vice-presidenl 2: VICA-ICT 3, presidenl 3. PAM COOK-VICA-ICT 3. RICKIE COOPER-FFA I, 2: VICA- ICT 3. CARLTON COSTON-Pan American Club 2. CELIA COUCI-I -Ouill 8: Scroll I: Roman Forum 2. 3: NHS 2, 3. RANDY COWARD. GARY CRAIN-Red Cross 2: ICT 2. 3: AV Technicians I: Ollicialing Club I. 3. ELTON CRAWFORD-Sporls man Club 2. 3. DEBBIE CROW- Chrislian Club 3: Sludenl' Council 3: Dala Processing 2. 3: Transfer from Allus. Oklahoma I. JOYCE CUMBY-FHA-Key I: Sludenl Council I: Cosmelology 2. 3. MIKE CURRIER. TAINA CURRY-Concerl Choir 2, 3: "A" Associalion 3: Eulure Teachers I, 2. 3: Sluclenl Council l. 2, 3: Spiril Club 2: Cheerleader 3. MARK CVETKOVICH. Seniors-2Ol Cheering Ihe mighfy Eagles on were The '73 Homecoming Oueen nomi- nees Gigi Wariers, Julie Ouigg, Jena Bodine. LLOYD DAIL-Red Cross 2, 3: Sfudeni Council I: Aulo Mechanics 2, 3. CARLOS DANIEL-Radio 84 TV 2, 3. GREG DANKWORTH- EFA I. 2. 3: Rodeo Club I, 2. 3. LEE DAVIDSON-EEA I, 3: Rodeo Club 2, 3: Transfer from Sle- phenville High 2. LAMAR DAVIS-Roman Eorum I, 2, 3: Sfudenl Council I, 3: Opera- Iion Mainslream 2, 3: Spirif Commil- Iee 3. SONJA DAVIS-Chrislian Club 2, 3: EHA-Key 2: Red Cross I, 3: Spiril Club 2: Pan-American I. DEBORAH DENNY-Band I, 2, 3: Band Club I, 2, 3: OEA 3: Major- eI'Ie 2, 3: Iransler from Dallas- Thomas Jefferson I. ANITA DIAZ -EBLA I: Spiril Club 2, 3: Sludenl Council I: Sludenl Relalions I: Mex- ican-American Club I, 2. FEBRA DIAZ-Human Relaiions 3: Spiril Club I: Sfudenl Council 3: Mexican-American Club I, 2. MARY DIAZ-Red Cross I, 2: VICA-Cosmefology 2, 3: Pan- American I. PAM DIENER. CEL- ESTE DILLARD-FHA-Hero 2, 3. RON DIX-Maih Club 2, 3: Bas- Ice-Iball 2: Swimming 3. DONNA DIXON-Chrislian Club 2: FTA I: IA-Draffing 3: Orcheslra I, 2: NHS 2. 3. JANET DODD-Chrislian Club 2, 3: Spiril Club 2: Sludenl Council I, 2. BETSY DODGE- Eulure Teachers I, 2, 3: Red Cross I: Spiril Club 2: Sfudenf Council I, 3. 202-Seniors ueen Nominees Show En+husiasm Z' 'Pvc A' 4931? 6 as ROBERT DOTY. MARK DRAKE -Drafling 2, 3. RANDY DUNN- Pholography 3: Sporlsman Club 3: Dara Processing 2. EDDIE EARLES -FCA 2: Fulure Teachers I, 3: Drafling I, 2: Sfudenl Council I, 2, 3: Foo+baII I, 2: Track I. LANA EARP-Aquila I: OEA 3: Roman Forum 2. DAN EASTBURN -"A" Associafion I. 2: Fufure Teachers 3: Tennis I, 2. PAT ELLIOT-Chrislian Club 2: DECA 3, secrelary-Ireasurer 3: Spiri+ Club 2: Sfudenl Council I. 2, 3. BOB ELLIS -Band I, 2, 3: Roman Forum I, 2. 3: NI-IS 2, 3. NANCY EVANS-Concerl Choir 2. 3: Chrisfian Club 3: Red Cross I: Music Club I, 2. RANDAL EVERS- DYK-FFA I: German Club 2, 3. DAN FERREE-Library Club I: Tennis I. 2. MIKE FISCI-IER-Elec Irical Trades 2. 3: Woodworking I. ADAM FLORES-Choir I, 2: Chess Club 3: Ecology 3: FBLA 2: Orcheslra I: Pholography 3: Pan- American Club 2: AV Technicians 2. BRENDA FLYNN-Ecology 3: Sludenl Council 3. VIKKI FOLTZ- FHA-Key I: Cosmelology 2, 3. reporler 2. CINDY FORRESTER- FHA-Key I: Spiril Club 2: Cosme- Iology 2, 3. JANET FOSTER-FFA 3: PE Spe- cialisls 2: Transfer from Clarendon High 2. SUSAN FOWLER-Chris Iian Club 2, 3: Fufure Teachers I: Spiril Club 2, 3: Dafa Processing 2, 3. TERI FRASER-Fulure Teachers I: Red Cross I: Rodeo Club 3: VICA-Cosmefology 2, 3. vice-presi- den+ 3. LARRY FRAZIER. Seniors-203 Pep Rallies Boosl Eagle Spirrl' OLEN FRAZIER-HAM Associalion 2, 3: FCA 2. 3: Sludenl Council I, 2, 3, presidenl 3: NI-IS 2, 3: Foolball I. 2, 3. RANDY FREEMAN-Aulo Mechanics 2.3. STEVE CALLA- WAY-Clwrislian Club 3: German Club 2: Sporlsman Club I. CINDY GAULDING-VICA-ICT 3: Pan- American Club I: Crealive Wriling 2. EDWIN GENEAUX. DAVID GILLILAND-Concerl Choir 3: FFA 3: Rodeo Club 2. 3: Baseball I, 2. 3: Foolball I. KAREN GILMER- Roman Forum 2. 3, secrelary 3: NI-IS 2. 3: Biology Club secrelary I. CAROLYN GLENN-Roman Forum 2. 3. reporler 3: NI-IS 2, 3. reporler 3: FLASI-ILIGI-IT 3. DONALD GODARD-Chess Club 3: Roman Forum 2: Sporlsman Club I: Sludenl Council 2. JONYE GOGLE-OEA Ireasurer 3. MARY GONZALES-Red Cross 2, 3: Library Club I, 2, 3 presidenl 2: Mexican-American Club 2. DIXIE GOWLER-Sludenl Council 3: Dala Processing 2, 3: Ballery I. 2, 3 edi- lor 3: PE Specialisls I: Quill and Scroll 2, 3. PAT GRAHAM. KAY CRIS- SOM-DECA 2, 3: Red Cross 2: Rodeo Club 3: Sludenl Council I: Golf Club I. 2. PAUL GROI-IMAN -Clwrisfian Club 3: FCA l, 2, 3: FFA I, 2, 3: Red Cross 2: Baseball I, 2, 3: Foolball I, 2: "A" Associalion I, 2. ANDREE GUEST-Clwrislian Club 2, 3: FFIA-Rose I: Fulure Nurses 2: Spiril Club I, 2, 3: Library Club I. CYNDY GUNTER-Arl Club 2: FI-IA-I-lero 3. JIM GUTHRIE- Ecology 3. GENA HADLOCK- FI-IA-Amacila 3. LYNN HALL- Flaslwliglil 3: Speech Club 3: Spiril Club 2: Pan-American I: Debale 'learn 3. 204-Seniors ff 'W . , Q ik I Nui T RAMONA HAMILTON-Concerl Choir I: FHA-Hero I. DENAE HAMLETT-Chrislian Club 3: Elash- lighl 3: Eulure Teachers I: Sludenl Council I: Dafa Processing 2, 3: Operalion Mainslream I: Golf Club 2. TOIVIMIE HARENDT-EEA I: Rodeo Club 2: Class presidenl 2. TERI HARRISON-Girls Choir 2: Fufure Teachers I, 2: OEA 3: Girls Traclc 2. RHONDA HART-Concerl Choir 2. 3: Chrisfian Club 3: Spiril' Club 2, 3: Tennis 2. 3. BRUCE HARVEY- "A" Associalion 2, 3: Eoolball I: Golf I, 2, 3. caplain 3. JENNIFER HARWELL-FFA-Amacifia I, 2. 3. LACHRISTIA HAVENS-Girls Choir 2, 3: EI-IA-Amacilia 2, Torch 3: Elashlighl 3: lransler from Cooper 2. Leading The lighling Warbirds once again are fhe Senior Men. Borrowing Ihe Sirloin Sleer may become a fra- dilion if Ihe men have anylhing lo say aboul il. Meanwhile inside, Coach Charlie Perkins encourages The Team lo fighl for AI-IS. Seniors-205 Finding coffee and doughnufs Io Iheir Iilcing aI Ihe Senior Breaklasf are Charles Murphy and Be+h Leh- mann. RENEE HEELIN-SIucIenI Council I. 2, 3: VICA-Cosmefology 2, 3: Golf Club I. DEANA HENDRIX- OEA president 3: NHS 2, 3: PE Spe- ciaIisIs 2. MARY HENRY-Chris 'rian Club 3: EHA-Amacifia I. 2, sec- refary 2: SIuden+ Council 3: Tennis 2: Spirif Commiifee 3. MARIO HERNANDEZ-Band I: Band Club I: S'ruden+ Council I. 2: Mexican- American Club 2. SHERRY HERPECHE, CALVIN HICKAM-Draffinq 3: Machine Shop 2: Eoolball I, 2. JERRY HICKS. JEFF HILL-"A" Associa- Iion: FCA 2, 3: S'rudenI Council I, 2, 3: BasIce'rbaII I. 2, 3: Operafion Mainsfrearn 2. 3: Eagle Squad 3: Vice-presidenl of Jr. Class. LYNETTE HILL-Chrisfian Club 3: Fufure Teachers I, 2: OEA 3: Girls Track 2. MORRIS HILL. JUDY HINTON-EuIure Teachers I, 2, 3: Spiril Club 2: SI'uden'r Council I, 2, 3: Operaiion MainsIream 2, 3. KEITH HISEY-FFA I, 3: Sporlsmans Club 2. 206-Seniors mb ...YM 'QQ E,- -was 13, X vwyy P: TI, :.:1f if C ..-.-if 47 M 1. I is ts ' it lag aw ' m- ' . IL msgs 3 QS N1 . ., . M- 2 .. 4 Q , ..V, , ,K . X 5 3 . ,, ,My 4 I iii -.I-Q . 0 ,s 2 .E f-,W L u.. 2 A 1 E54 U. 3 .I V gk ,g A ,5 Ifhigf i ff.. . gsm--, ---- -. - 5-5, Seniors Conlinue Old AHS Tradilions BRENDA HODOES-EI-IA-Torch 2, 3. JONI HOLLABAUGH- VICA-ICT 3: Dafa Processing 2. MARK HOLLOWAY-Malh Club vice-presidenl 3: Golf I, 2, 3: Civil Defense I, 2. CHERYL HOOD. NITA HOULIHAN-FHA-Torch 2, 3. secrefary 3: Currenl Evenls 3: Volleyball 3: Transfer from lvlacona- guah High. Peru, Indiana. LIZ HOWERTON. TONI HUBBARD. NANCY HUDDLESTON-Concerl Choir 2. 3: Eulure Teachers I. 2, 3: Spiril Club 2, 3: Sludenl Council 2. 3. RANDY HUETT-Eulure Teachers 2, 3: Roman Forum I: Swimming I, 2. KIM HUGHES-Girls Choir I. 2: Chrislian Club 3: Eulure Nurses I: Eulure Teachers 2: Red Cross 2: Spiril Club 2. 3: Dara Processing 2, 3. BILLY JAMES-Sluclenl Rela- lions 2: Eoolball I: Track 2. MELINDA JENKINS. ROSEANN JENKINS-VICA-Cos- melology 2, 3. SHIRLEY JENKINS -Chrislian Club 3: PE Specialisls I, 2: Volleyball I, 2, 3. KENDRA JETER-Concerl Choir 3: EEA 3: Fulure Teachers 2: EEA Sweelhearl 2. JOHNNYJIMENEZ-Chrislian Club 2: Sludenl Council I, 2: Pan- American I: Operalion Mainslream 2. 3. RALPH JOHNSON. RONALD JOHNSON--Chrislian Club 2, 3: FFA I, 2. KELLY JONES-DECA 3: Eulure Teachers 3: Spiril Club 2. SUSAN JONES-Eulure Teach- ers I: OEA 3: Spiril Club 2: Sludenl Council 2, 3. Seniors-207 Seniors Assume Leading Roles a+ AHS FLOYD KAERWER. RANDY KEESEE-"A" Associalion 2. 3: FCA 3: Sfudenl Council 2: Baseball I. 2. 3: Baslcelball I, 2. 3: Foolball I. ROMA KEESEE-FHA-Torch I. 2. 3. secrelary 2. presidenl 3: OEA 3: Red Cross I. 3: Spiril Club 2. DWIGHT KEITH-FFA I. 2. 3: Rodeo Club I: Foofball I. VICKIE KENDRICK-VICA-Cosf melology 2. 3. JAMES KENNDY- Roman Forum 2: Sporlsman Club 3. MARY KAY KIEL-Red Cross 3: ICT 3: PE Specialisls 2. KATHY KNIPPA. JANEY KNUPPLE-FHA-Amacifa I. 2. 3: Srudenl Council 3. BILLY KREMPIN-Oflicialing Club I. 2. JOYCE LAMI3-FHA-Amacila I. Torch 2. PAULA LAMBERT. SHIRLEY LAMBERT-Girls Choir I: FHA-Amacila I: Red Cross 2. 3: VICA-Cosmerology 2. 3. JONI LAMBERT-Band I, 2. 3. VERA LANG-FHA-Torch I: Sfudenr Council 3: Library Club I: Girls Track 2. WENDY LATHROP- FIasIiIiqI'i+ 2. 3. Edifor 3: Roman Forum I. 2: Srudenr Council 3: NI-IS 2. 3. JOEL LAWSON-DECA 3: Inrer- narional Relafions 3. JOHN LEACH-Sporfsman Club 2. 3: NHS 2. 3. vice-presidenl 3: Baslcelball I: Foo+baII 2. BETH LEHMANN- Band I. 2. 3: Band Club I: Flaslnliglwr 2. 3: Roman Forum I. 2. RANDY LEONARD-"A" Associarion 2. 3: AV Technicians 2: FCA 2: Spor+s- man Club 3: Sludenr Council 2: Foolball 3: Track 2. 208-Seniors SUE LOCKARD-Girls Choir I, 3: l:l'lA-Torch l. 2. 3. MARVIN LONG-Gymnaslics l: Sporlsman Club l, 2: VICA-ICT 3. ROGER LOVE-Sporlsrnan Club 2. 3: NHS 2. 3. presidenl 3: Baslcelball l. LYNN LOWREY-VICA-ICT 3: Arl Club 2. VIRGINIA LOZA-Red Cross I. 2: Sludenl Council l, 2: Sludenl Rel- alions 3: Library Club I: Mexican- American Club I, 2. KIM MAN- TOOTH-Band I, 2, 3: Band Club I, 2, 32 Dale Processing 2. DANNY MARTIN-Clwrislian Club 3: Orches- lra I. 2, 3: Tennis 2: Tennis Club 2. JCI-INNY MARTINEZ-Draft ing I: lnlernalional Relafions 3: Slu- denl Relalions 2: Relrigeralion ancl Air 2: Mexican-American Club I. KAREN MATI-IIEVVS-CEA l. DEBBIE MAYI"lAl.l.-Girls Clioir I: Concerl Clwoir 2. 3. reporler 3: Ballery 2. 3. Edilor 3: Eulure Teacln- ers I: Quill and Scroll 2: Sludenl Direclor ol Sing Song 3. EDDY MAYNARD-Band I, 2: EFA I, 2, 3. lreasurer 3: Rodeo Club 2, 3. LYNDA McCOMBS-Clnrislian Club 3: Mallw Club 2: Pan-American I. Exercising his lalenl in drawing. Ruben Orfiz works on a flal for +l'1e fall procluclion of "En+er Lauglwingf' Seniors-209 Campus Review 72 Reveals TaIen+ MARK MCCORD-"A" Associa- Iion I: ECA 2: Sludenl Council 2, 3: Golf I, 2, 3: Golf Club I, 2, 3, presi- denl 3: Eagle Squad 3. DON MCEADDEN. PAT McKENNON- Chrislian Club 3: Library Club I. JOYCE MCLEMORE-Eufure Teachers 2, 3: Thealre I: Volleyball I, 2, 3. BEN McWILLIAMS-Band I,2.3: Band Club I. 2, 3: Drafling I, 2: VICA-ICT I. DEBBIE MELTON- Choir Club I: Chrislian Club 2, 3: Sludenl' Council I: Tennis 2. 3: Ten- nis Club 3. MARILYN MEREDITI-I -Fufure Teachers I: EI-IA-Rose 2: OEA 3. SUSAN MIDDLETON- OEA 3: Arl Club 2. ALFRED MILLER. ANITA MILLER-EI-IA-Amacifa I, 2, 'frea- surer 2: OEA 3. SUZY MILSTEAD -Drama Club I, 2: VICA-ICT 3: Crealive Wrifing Club I, 2. SI'IIRLA MINATRA-Concerl Choir 2, 3: EHA-Rose I: French Club 2: FTA 3: Sludenl Council 3: Class Treasurer 3. BECKY MONROE-FTA I, 2, 3, freasurer 3: Spirif Club I, 2: Sfudenl Council 2, 3. BETTIE MOORE- FHA-Amaci+a I: VICA-ICT 2, 3. GENEVA MOORE-Concerl Choir I, 2, 3: Pan-American Club 2, 3. Secrefary 2: Sing Song Mislress of Ceremonies 3. JOE MOORE- Concerf Choir I, 2: Roman Forum 2, 3, presidenl 3: Sludenl Council 2, 3, freasurer 3: NI-IS 2. 3. LARRY MOORE-Band I, 2, 3, capfain 3: Da+a Processing 2, 3, presidenf 3. DWAYNE MORRIS. LETHA MORRIS-Band I: Concer+ Choir 2, 3: Fufure Teachers I, 2, 3. PAUL MORRIS-Sky Diving Club 3. 2IO-Seniors MARGIE Iv1ORSEfEu+ure Teach- ers I, 2, 3: Girls Track 2. 3. STONY IVIORTOINI. l.ANEI.I.E MOSLEY-Chrisfian Club 3: FHA- Amacila vice-presidenl 2: Dafa Processing 2, 3. SKY IVIOSIVIAN- Concerf Choir 2, 3: Erench Club 2: Sfudenl Council 3: Library Club Ireasurer 2: PE Specialisls I: Class Reporler 3. WORTI-I IVIOUTRAY-Band I. 2, 3: Band Club I. 2, 3. JERRY IVIULA LIINISHAI' Associarion 2, 3: ECA 2.3: Boys Choir I: Concerl Choir 2. 3: Baskelball I: Golf I, 2, 3, capfain 3: Golf Club I. 2, 3. CHARLES MURPI'IYgI3and I, Dafa Processing 2, 3. PAIOE MYERS. DAVID NATIONS-"AH Associa- 'rion 3: ECA I. 2, 3, vice-presidenl 3: II" I Woodworking 2, 3: Eoolball I, 2. . M is Ii 3. DONALD NEIL-Radio and TV - g. F 2, 3, presidenl 3: Ollicialing Club I 1 ' i. YOLANDA NELSON-FI-IA- ' g 'f Amacila I. 2: OEA 3. ROBERT I T iii 'ii"I"'i' I NEWMAN-'IAN' Associalion 37 Concerl Choir I, 2, 3: ECA 2, 3: ' 'I : 5,42 .,.,. g,.,1.,', Eufure Teachers 2: Sludenf Council ."ffofZf29:i,FQLi' 1 E o Il I, 7 Swirnmin 2: Track i as O The 3 Q 4 if? fo- One of The Ialenls expressed al' Campus Review '72 by Dan Eas+burn and a friend was singing and playing The guilar. Seniors-2I I EIec:I'ives Give Varie+y in Senior S'rucIies SUSAN NEWSOM. MELINDA NORTHCUT-Speech CIub I, 2, 3. presidenf 3: Thearre I: Debare Team 2, 3. MIKE OLES-EooIbaII I, 2, 3: "A" Associafion 2. 3: ECA 2. 3. SARAH OWEN-Roman Forum 2, 3. BECKY PANNELL-Band I, 2: Eu+ure Teachers I. 2. 3. CINDY PARKER-I-Iuman Relafions I, 2: CIass Reporrer I: S+uden'r Council I. 3: NHS 2. 3. JIMMY PARKER- FFA I, 2, 3. reporfer 3: Rodeo Club 2. 3: Baske+baII I. RI-IONDA PATRIGNANI-VICA-ICT 2. 3: Iransfer from MerkeI High 2. BOBBY PATILLO-Ar+ I. 2, 3: Band I. 2: Band Club I, 2: Wood- working 3: Library CIub I. RISALDA PENA-FBLA I: Mex- ican-American CIub 2: SI'uden+ Council 2: Library Club, secreIary I. SARAH PENNS-Girls Track 2. 3: Sfudenr ReIaIions I, 2. 3. FERMAN PERALEZ. GUADOLUPE PEREZ. SYLVIA PEREZ-Operafion Mainsrream 3: Principals Commiiree 3: Mexican- American CIub I, 2: EuIure Nurses 3: Srudenr Council I, 2: Da+a Proc- essing 2. TIM PERKINS-Civil Defense Club 2. vice-presidenf 2: EEA I: Woodworking I: VICA-ICT 32 vice-presidenr 3. SUSAN PERRY -Principals Commif'ree 3: Exchange CIub 2: Chrisrian CIub 3: I:HA-Ama- cifa I, 2: Red Cross 3. GARY PETERSON-Dafa Process- ing 2, 3. MARIE PIETSCH-Chris Tian CIub 3: FBLA 2: Iransfer from HayIieId High, AIexandria Virginia 2. ALMA PINK-OEA 3, secrefary 3: Srudenr Council I: Srudenr Rela- Iions 2: NHS 3, secrefary 3. MIKE POER. 2 I 2-Seniors 2- If , , '1a4 fe,:f' eil - 5.11, -,3"',fi . 11,-:wing -1 'sgfwaaf if W 1: . ,,, ,. ,., :AK we In 'I M 0 J . we , A . . Y Zigi L.., gg .5 . W NX , ,x ' ' w,.: ,,,, . "F - " i ' 0 . , m,.L r . . f , ff A5 9' -9 , I Lil I ., 1 . ii ' I RANDY POOL-Boys Choir l: Concerl Choir 2, 3: FCA 2, 3: Slu- clenl Council I, 3: Baseball 3: Fool- ball I, 2, 3: "A" Associalion 2, 3. TIM POWELL-Tennis Club 21 Operalion lvlainslream 3: Chrislian Club 3: Sporlsman Club I: Tennis 2, 3. DAVID PRESTRIDGE-Foolball I, 2, 3: Sludenl Council I, 2, 3: "A" Associalion 2, 3: FCA 2, 3. DARLFNE PRICE-Band I, 2, 3: Ballery 3: French Club I, 2: Dale Processing 2, 3, vice-presiclenl 3: NHS 2, 3, lreasurer 3. LAZEDA PRINGLE-Fl-IA-Ama' cila 2, 3. DIANE PRITCHARD- FFA 2, 3: Rodeo Club 3: Roman Forum l. TONY PROCK-Roman Forum 2, 3: Foolball I: Gllicialing Club I. NINA PURCEl.L-Gym- naslics I: OFA 3, reporler 3: Slu- denl Council 2, 3: Golf Club 2. Becky Spann serves Mr. Twain Tharp several of lhe goodies 'rhal were available all day lo Teachers from The Flomemaking Deparlmenhs "Chrislr'nas Tea." Seniors-2 I 3 Class Pride Mirrored by Senior Rings JULIE QUIGG-Fulure Teachers I, 2, 3, recording secrelary 2, 3: Spiril Club 2: Sludenl Council I, 2, 3: Class Sludenl Council Represenl- alive 2: PrincipaI's Commillee 3. BOB RAMSEY-Pholoqraphy Club 3: Sporlsman Club I: Sludenl Council 2. 3: Sludenl Relalions 2: Operalion Mainslream 3. PAUL REED. CHARLES REESE-Band I, 2: Fl-IA-I-Iero 3: Red Cross 3. DANA RI-IEA. SANDRA RIT- CI'lEY-Concerl Choir 2, 3: Chris- Iian Club 3: Choir Club I, 2: Madri- gals 2. CAROL RIVES-Girls Choir 2: Fl-IA-I'Iero 3. ESTHER RODRI- QUEZ-FI-IA-Amacilia I: Red Cross I: VICA-Cosmelology 2, 3: Library Club I. LINDA RODRIQUEZ-Mexicam American Club I, 2. MACARIO ROMERO-Eleclrical Trades secre- lary 3. TERRY ROSE-Radio and TV 3: Eoolball I, GUY ROSSER- "A" Associalion 2, 3: Sludenl Coun- cil 3: NI'IS 2: Pan-American 3: Ten- nis I, 2: Tennis Club I, 2: Class Vice- Presidenl 3. NANCY RUNYAN-Girls Choir I: Concerl Choir 2, 3, secrelary 3: EI'IA-Rose I: Fulure Teachers 3: Spiril Club 2:ASludenI Council I, 2: Pan-American Club 2. JOHNNY SANCHEZ-Sporlsman Club I, 2: Aulo Mechanics I, 2. SUSAN SANTIBANEZ-FI-IA-Rose I: Library Club I: Mexican-American Club I, 2. BECKY SCALES-Red Cross I: Spiril Club 2: Sludenl Council 2, 3: VICA-ICT 2, 3: Girls Choir I: Music Club I. GREG SCALES-Malh Club I: Arl Club I, 2. STEVE SCANLON -Gymnaslics 3: Sludenl Council 3: lransler from Palmer I-Iigh, Colorado Springs, Colorado 2. ROY SCARB- ROUGH-DECA 3: EFA I: Baslcel- ball I, 2. JARILYN SCOTT-"A" Associalion 2, 3: El-IA-Torch I: Slu- denl Council 3: Sludenl Relalions I, 2, 3: Volleyball I, 2, 3: Cheerleader 3. 2 I4-Seniors iq f - o gy .ery A 4 3 I .gf QW' ,?+?"T4s.xf'f?s ' W'5'Wl'3' Tv ' 'Aki Y, ,,. !,.:, ff , M, , sw I - T Hifi Ti, J f: . .- , . l i, .ii B I Pride was a Icey word for Seniors '73, This was reflecled many ways, bul especially by Iheir rings. PETE SENTENA-Band I, 2: Band Club I: Mexican-American Club I, 2. DEBRA SEWALT-Ecology. vice-presidenl 3: Roman Forum I, 2: Sludenl Council I: NHS 2, 3. DANA SHAHEEN-Fulure Teachers I, 2, 3: Red Cross I: Spiril Club 2: Sludenl Council I, 2, 3: Girls Traclc 2. CINDY SHANNON -Band I, 2: NHS 2: Transfer from Reagan Counly High 3. JAMES SHAW-Woodworking I, 2: Red Cross I: Sludenl Relalions I. 2: Baskelball I, 2. 3: Traclc I: Ar+ Club I, 2, JANE SHIRLEY-DECA 3: FI-IA-Torch I: Library Club 2: Tennis I, 2. RICKY SHIRLEY- Eufure Teachers 3: Red Cross I. 2: Roman Eorum I: Officialing I, 2. ALBERT SIMPSON-Inlernalional Relalions I, 3: Ran-American 2: Library Club I. GARY SIMPSON-Eoolball I, 2. 3: AV Technicians 2: ECA 3: HAI' Associafion I, 2. BRAD SMITH- FCA 2. 3: Baslcelball I, 2, 3. CHERI SMITH-FHA-Amacilia I. 2, Torch 3: Spiril Club I: Dala Processing 2, 3. MICKEY SMITH- "A" Associalion 3: Fufure Teachers 3: Sludenl Council 3: Baseball I, 2, 3. NELDA SMITH-FHA-Hero I. ROBERT SNYDER. BECKY SPANN-HAI' Associafion I, 2, 3: Sfudenl Council I, 2. 3: Tennis Club I, 2, 3, presidenl 2, Tennis I, 2, 3. Spirif Commillee 3. BETTY SPEARS-FHA-Key 3: Gymnaslics I: Spiril Club I: Rifle Club I. Seniors-2 I 5 Filling ouf senior aclnievemenl sI'ieeIs can be hard as Joyce Cumby, Sleve Gallaway, Vera Lang. and Glynice Self Iind out Ac+ivi'ries Keep Seniors Busy SAM SPENCE-Band I, 2, 3: Ivlalli Club I: Roman Forum 2. 3: Siudenl Council I, 2: Pre-Med Club 2. KATHY SPICER-Fulure Teacln- ers 3: Spiril Club I, 2: Sludenl Council I: PE Specialisls I, 2. PAULA SPILLER-Band I. 2: Band Club I. 2. ROB SPILLER- Band I. 2. 3: Band Club I: Jr. Acad- emy oT Science presidenl 3: Sporls- man Club 2: NHS 2, 3: Nalional Ivleril Semilinalisf. SUSIE STALCUP-"A" Associalion 2, 3: Red Cross I: Spiril Club 2. 3: Sludenl Council I: Drama Club I: Tennis 2, 3. BECKY STEEL-FI-IA- Key I: VICA-ICT 2, 3. DON STEELE-"A" Associalion 3: FCA 2, 3: Siudenl Council I: Baslcelball I, 2, 3. ALAN STEPHENS-"A" Associ- alion I, 2, 3: FCA 2. 3: Rodeo Club I, 2: Foolball I, 2, 3: Traclc I. 2, 3. CI-IERYL STEPHENS-VICA-ICT 3: PE Specialisrs 2. CASSIE STE' PI-IENSON-CEA 3: Spiril Club 2: Sludenl Council I, 2. 3: Sludenl Rel- alions I: Class Sludenl Council Rep- resenlalive I: Class Secrelary 2. DAVID STEVENS-Aquila 2: German Club 2. LINDA STEVENS -FI'IA-Rose I. LINDA STEWART. MARTIN STEWART-Malb and Science Club presidenl' 3: Golf I, 2, 3: Civil Defense presidenf 2: NI-IS 2. 3: Golf Club I. STARLA RLITI-I STEWART -Band I, 2. 3: Band Club I, 2, 3: Speech 3. GARY STIRMAN-"A" Associalion I, 2. 3: FCA 2. 3: Slu- denl' Council I, 2: Baseball 2. 3: Foofball I. 2, 3: Class presidenl I. 2 I 6-Seniors JANET STONEBERG-French Club I: Dafa Processing 2, 3, 'frea- surer 3: Pan-American Club 2. SHARON STOUT. MIKE STOVVERS-Fulure Teachers 3: Slu- denl Council I, 2, 3: Pan-American I: AV Technicians 2: Opera+ion Mainslream 2, 3. STEVE STRICK- LAND-Band I, 2, 3: Band Club I, 2: Malh Club 3. RONNIE STUDEBAKER-German Club I: Oliciciaiing Club I. 2. BILLY SUDBURY-MAI' Associa- 'rion 3: Chrisfian Club 3: FCA 3: Baseball 2, 3: Foolball 2, 3: Iransfer from Permian High, Odessa 2. RICHARD SULLIVAN-HAI' Associalion 2, 3: Sludenl Council 2, 3: Machine Shop 2. 3. vice-presidenf 3: AV Technicians 3: Eoolball I, 2, 3. MARK SURFACE-Band I, 2. 3: Band Club I, 2: German Club 3. SANDRA SURRATT-German Club I: Rodeo Club 3: Golf Club 2, 3. SANDRA TAGGART-FTA 3: Elashlighl 3: PE Specialisls I, 2. DAVID TALBERT-Band I: DECA 3: FEA I: Infernafional Rela- Iions 3, vice-presidenl 3: Sporlsmans Club 2. PHILLIP TATUM. SCOTT THANE-"A" Associalion 2: EFA I, 2, 3: Red Cross I, 2, 3: Rodeo Club 2, 3: Eooiball I, 2: Track I. JOAN THOMAS-I:HA- Amacifia 2: VICA-ICT 3. JUDY THOMAS-Speech Club 2: Sludenf Council I: Drama Club 2, 3, secre- 'rary 3. VICKI THOMPSON- Dralling 2: Thealre I. 2, 3: Ari Club I, 2. Trying Io sell an A.H.S. boolccover To Wendy Lafhrop and Dixie Gowler are Margare+ Marfinez and Debbie Mayhall. Seniors-2 I 7 Ballads were very popular in Mrs. Duyals English classes lor Seniors Gene Wiseman, Donna Tucker, Sleve Slriclcland and Marqarel Williams. Crea+ivi+y Livens Senior Classwork RANNAH THRONE-Chrislian Club 3: Transfer from Kickapoo I-Iigh, Springfield Missouri 2. MIKE THORNTON-German Club 2: Gymnasfics 3: Sporfsman Club I. DALLAS TIEKING-Jr. Acad- emy of Science 2: Refrigerafion and Air 3. DANNA TIEKING-FI-IA- Amacila I: Dafa Processing 2, 3. DARCY TIEKING-Jr. Academy of Science 3. KENT TIPPEN-FEA I, 2, 3: Red Cross 2: Sludenl Coun- cil I. RUSTY TRULL-FFA I, 2, 3: Red Cross 2, 3: AV Technicians I: Officiafing Club I. DAVID TUCKER-Machine Shop 2. 3: Biol- ogy Club I. DONNA TUCKER. CYNTHIA TURNER-FHA-Torch I: Orchesfra I, 2, 3: Spirif Club 3: S+uden+ Coun- cil I, 3, S+uden+ Relations 3: Girls Track 2, 3: Blaclc Sludies Club I, 2. CINDY VERNON-Roman Forum I. 2, 3, +reasurer 3. DEBBIE VERNON-Chrisfian Club 3: Fufure Teachers I, 2. 2I8-Seniors Working on The school newspaper is no+ all fun as Dixie Gowler, co-ediior of Ihe AHS Baflery soon finds our. LANNY VINSON-FFA I, 2, 3. vice-presidenl' 3: Rodeo Club 2, 3: Sfuclenl Council 2, 3: Eoolball I. MARLA WADLEY-FHA-Ama- cilia 2: Roman Eorum I: VICA-ICT 3. MIKE WADLEY. DOYLE WALKER-"A" Associalion 2: Con- cerf Choir 2: EFA I: Rodeo Club 2: Spor+sman Club 3: Baseball 3: Fool- ball I. KATHY WALKER-FHA-Hero I. 2, 3: HECE advisory commil- ree. DEE JAY WALLS-Civil Defense I, vice-presidenf I: Red Cross I: Sfudenf Council 2, 3: VICA-Auro Mechanics 2, 3, presi- denf 3. FRANK WALTRIP-Officb afing Club I: Refrigerafion and Air 2: EFA 3: VICA 2: Thealre 3: Slu- denl' Council I: AV Technicians I. LISA WARNER-Currenl Evenls Club 3: DECA 3, reporler 3: ETA I: Red Cross 2: Sfudenl' Council I: Golf Club, secrelary 2. EDDIE WARREN. GIG-I WAR- TERS-Spirif Club 2: S+ucIen'I Coun- cil 3: FTA 2, 3: Homecoming Queen 3. DIANE WATSON-FHA-Ama cifia I: Pholography Club 3: PoIi+ical Science, secrefary 2. KATHY WATSON. KURT WATSON-FCA 2: Fufure Teachers 2. 3: Red Cross 3: Sfudenl Council I, 2: AV Technicians 2, 3: Baseball I, 2, 3: Foolball I. RUSSELL WEATHERSBY. DENA WEAVER-Chrislian Club 3: FHA-Amacifia 2: FTA I. DAVID WEBB-Sporlsman Club I: VICA' Dafa Processing 2: Pan-American Club I. SANDRA WEBB-FHA-Torch 3: Eufure Nurses I, 2. GUY WEEKS. Seniors-2 I 9 Pic+ure Taking Began Senior EvenI's BELINDA WEEMS-EI-IA-Key I: VICA-Cosmelology 2, 3, secrefary 3. TRACEE WETSEL. DEWAYNE WHITE. TANYA WHlTE-FHA- Rose 2: Eulure Nurses I: OEA 3: AV Technicians 2. WINSTON WI'IITT-"A" Associ- afion 2, 3: Concerf Choir 2, 3: In+er- nafional Relalions 3: Thealre I. 2, 3: Eoolball I, 2, 3: Track I, 2: Class Presiolenl 3: Sludenf Council I, 2, 3. DORIS WILLIAMS-Chrisfian Club 3: NI-IS 2, 3: Pan-American Club 2: Ari Club I. DWAYNE WILLIAMS. JIMMY WILLIAMS- "A" Associafion 3: FCA 2, 3: Slu- denf Council I, 2: Baslcelball I, 2, 3. NENA WILLIAMS-Girls Choir I: Chrisiian Club 3: DECA 3. SANDRA WILLIAMS-DECA 3: EI-IA-Key I. SUSIE WILLIAMS -Band I, 2: Eufure Teachers I, 2, 3. KERRY WILLINGI-IAM-Roman Forum I: Dafa Processing 2, 3: NHS 2, 3. CARLA WILLIS-"A" Associa- fion 3: Eulure Teachers 2, 3: Spiril Club 2: Sfuclenf Council 2, 3: Class Reporfer 2: Cheerleader 3: Volley- ball I, 2, 3. NEIL WILLIS-Baseball I, 2, 3. DANA WILSON-Chris Iian Club 2: VICA-Cosmefology 2, 3: Library Club I, 2: Operafion Mainsfream 3. LANNY WILSON- Boys Choir I: Concerf Choir 2, 3, vice-presidenl 3: FCA 3: Baseball I, 2, 3: Music Club I, 2. PEGGY WILSON-Dara Process- ing 2. 3: NI-IS 2, 3. ROBERT WIL- SON-Infernafional Relalions presi- clenl 3: EFA I, 2. RODNEY WIL- SON-FEA presiclenf 3: Rodeo Club 2. 3, presiclenl 3. DEBBIE WIN- TERS-EI-IA 3: Sfudenf Council I, 2: PE Specialisls 2. 220-Seniors I Summerlime allows variance in aHire for Lanny Wilson, Chuck Chapman and Darrel I Bounf who reporled for piclures. GENE WISEMAN-German Club I: Jr. Academy of Science 3: Pre- Med Club 2. MICHAEL WOLAV' ER. BECKY WOMMACK-FHA- Key I: VICA-Cosmelology 2, 3, presidenf 3. MIKE WOOD-Band I, 2, 3: Pholoqraphy Club 3: Pan- American I: Pre-Med 2. JOHN WOODELL-Malh Club I: Crealive Wriring 'Club 2: Fufure Teachers 3. KATHY WOOD. TERESA WURSCHMIDT-Com cerl Choir 2, 3, secrefary 3: Gym- naslics 3: Spirir Club 2, 3: Pre-Med Club 2: Gymnasfics Team 3: fransfer from Jona+han Alder High, Plain Ci+y, Ohio 2. JODY YARB- ROUGH-Concer+ Choir 2, 3: French Club 2: NHS 2, 3: Iransfer from Midland Lee 2. JUDY YAW-FHA-Key 3: FBLA I: Golf Club 2. MIKE YOUNG- Band I. 2, 3: Band Club I: Jr. Acad- emy ol Science 3: Da+a Processing 2: NHS 2, 3. HARLON YOUNG- OUIST-Boys Choir I: Drafling 2, 3. LYNN ZACHRY-FHA-Rose I, 2, 3, presiclenl 3: Spirif Club 2: Sfudenf Council 3. Seniors-22I J ' '72 Carrying our 'l'l'I9 duries of officers five: Bob Bailey, president Max Brin- u for The l973 Junior Class were Celia son, vice-presiclenli lvlarlca Morris, Doyle, sludenl council represenla- secrerary-lreasurer: and Susan 222-Juniors Duclcer. reporler. Juniors-"The Leaders of Tomorrow" ii : ,w ti -fi asain L1 Hg , sg NX. l F Cafhy Aaron Carol Agnew Rachel Aguirre Linda Alce Theresa Alford Dawn Allen Janice Allen Linda Allen Milicenl Allen Joe Allison Belfy Almaguer Chad Anderson Kim Andress Lee Ares Sherry Baca Terry Bacon Bob Bailey Sherry Bailey Melissa Baker Jon Barbee Richard Behney Connie Benne'r+ Timofhy Benneh' Neil Berry V. G. Berry Joe Blaclc Nancy Blankenship Alice Bledsoe Marsha Boles Beclcy Boone Danelle Bourland Vickie Boyd Karen Bradford Tim Bradshaw David Bridges Joyce Briesacher Juniors 223 Juniors Work on School Publicahons Max Brinson Karen Brislow Rifa Brooks Diane Brown Pamela Brown Billy Broyles Randa Bruce Jim Bryanl' Judy Buckles Brenda Buckley Sue Buckley Brenda Bulling+on April Burlon Ricky Burlon Connie Caldwell Marilyn Campbell Donald Cam bell P Danny Campos Sally Carpenler Susan Carpenfer Mark Carler Larry Chapman Karen Clay Lewis Clemmer 224-Juniors iz S T Y 3' -M : -Nu i Easy .Q Q. 'W X H2 f 2 + G+.. wi vi ff Jim- , '1 1, X WN ' f - Q kip., ,L :rs 1 - ir 'l IQ 'if ff- 3 sag, ii- A . Mike Close Nancy Coales Nailwan Coales Terry Coker Mike Cole Mark Condra Curlis Conway Terri Corlee Richard Corfinaz Doug Colbern Paula Cowarl Debbie Craig Malcolm Crawford James Crim Darlene Crofford Melinda Crow John Crowe Viclor Crumplon Bonnie Cruse Laura Cullers Lee Daniels Lindsay Davis Debbie Davison Karen Day Dianne Dendy Randy Dieckman Judy Dillard Cy Dirmore Jeanie Dolson Janis Douglas Celia Doyle Susan Ducker Janel Dudley Ray Duncan Ronnie Duncan Pam DuVall Sfeven Eads Cindy Earles Cynrliia Edwards James Edwards Kennerlw Edwards Vickie Edwards Juniors-225 Sponsors Assisl Juniors lvlark Edwards Debbie Elkins Jesse Elkins Kimberly Empie Regina Eure Ann Farnsworfh Von Faulkner Dan Fincher Larry Fisher Gary Filzgerald Adolfo Flores Gale Fosler Ken Fosler Duane Fox Mark Fox Sandy Fraser Virginia Garcia Beverly Gardner Bryan? Gilberl Paula Gillell Peggy Glass Paul Glenn Olga Gonzales Janice Gooch JoAnn Gran? Ralinda Granl John Grasham Kalhy Green Dana Greene Nancy Griffin Joyce Grimes Kay Grohrnan Leigh Ann Grover Joe Guerra Carlos Guerrero Cynlhia Gufierrez 226eluniors in Ac:'rivi+ies ' ' ' :"4,:fP: ' he i.i:i'- ' " ,-la . " ., .sl , Q 5 3,2 ff 4 525, cr A ma y, I - -L ,nv-,.,ig, K g 'Y .4'5g?',e'15'jf .-0. x W. ' 14. g,,6.1QfiS-3' R , s V17 , l i X 1. . Ki, .1 iii? ii .- in 4 ei X ff' ' - , i W"' W J K .iisslsi, Z 5 , 6' i - ei: fx- -5 1, . f: as 1 H 3: ,W Munir x i Y Q L -' . -:- K V-. .f F' 2 . 51395 '-s...sf F .s,. ' , J A - J v , .LN "vias . 2 ' ' -me M91 91" ' M X 1,Q:Qe"-fff:1f-- if '- P - , ,. ,,... ,, ., , , .. 3' x if .t i ' Nu 1 T iff' H X ., s,,. se,,,,Q, -f,,. QL ,s.., W... sg, iii ,if -f em.. . Q ., .X if 5. ' 5 M 3 351 1 f', 'Qi A K 7 'Q 9 2 f.',ff2,zi, '-r , Janef Haddock David Halberf Gaye Hamm Barbara Hanson Lynn Hardaway Kafhy Harkrader Dawn Harlow Paula Harper Rhonda Hawkins Paffi Henderson Gary Henry Alan Herman Debra Herrera Jimmy Higgins Kafhy Higgins Jodi Hodges George Hollingsworfh Ronald HoneycuH Garry Hous+on Debbie Howe+h Scoff Huddlesfon Ava Hudson Sherry Hudson Kay Humphreys .2'115,y4 : Q : V . :- 1 W E- ' ' 75? v fi, " Exif- J h"1 ? 5:3 ff- ,J 1 q ' i,si if s Q 3 N isiu J iu s N A 1 y . F is P5235 :leafs-14 Mgciigsg, , .I A kt D any .5 ,, .,i... . , if 5 'Sn wg TOP ROW: Fred Hunt Sieve Hunt Jana Hurst Denise Ice. BOTTOM ROW: Corrie Jackson, Jerry Jackson. Thomas Jack- son, Pam James. Checking over records for class acfivihes are Mr. Roberf Davis and Mr. Chesfer McAlpin. chairmen of The iunior class sponsors. Juniors-227 Aubrey Jeriqe Isabel Jimenez Brenda Johnson Jim Johnson Randall Johnson Brian Johnsfon John Johnslon Connie Jones Linda Jones Susaneile Jones Pa1'+i Jones Sylvia Jones Rilra Kachel Brenda Keesee Sfeve Kelley David Kelsey Debbie Kemp Debbie Kenneally 4 "' K 5' i ' Jx' .., ,ya ,- , uf f if . ' K X 5:61. ' I V E Q :.: ,. -F , i Q Q, 43' an e' -91 228-Juniors r-H h s J Y H-.W ,..,.,f.i' .vw .MW M-J .K llsavwvwizwfn. "KSA Juniors Paula Gillefl and Jill Davis are doing an experimenf in Environ- menial Sludy, a new course offered This year . . . Typing from a 'fran- scrip+ion machine in Pre-VOE is iun- ior Judy Nofgrass. Juniors Eligible for Two New Courses ,, ss,, 8 ve. W- if ,Z wi' z 4 . 9 5:4 1 A4 4 Randy Kennedy Mark Kenf Debbie King Jack King Roberl' King Jayne Kinlcer Suzie Knupple Leann Koonsman Cafhy Lamberl Mary Lamberf Marsha Landis Debi Laningham Debbie Leddy Sherri Leelh Ken Lewis Shannon Lewis Lu Anne Lighffool Celia Lilllefield Diann Lomax Dora Lopez Jesus Lopez Olivia Lopez Mary Loya Lynn LuHrell James Lyon Doyal Lyons Karen McAuliffe Kevin McAuliffe Donald McBride Kevin McBride Mary McClure Tonya McCombs Jim Mclflyea Marcia McKeehan Jo Ann McKennon Lorella McKenzie Juniors-229 Jim McKenzie Rusly Mcl.eskey Susan McMullan Juanila Maclcey Valerie Maples Sandra Marlin Joshua Marlinez LaDonna Massey Craig Mafhis Curfis Mayhall Janel Mayhall Ronny Maynard Suzie Mealer Danny Medulla Cafhi Michaud Melanie Miller Nancy Miller Milne Mims Mariean Mi+chell Clark Moody Marlca Morris Monica Morrison Toni Moser Kay Moss Sharon Munson Carla Murray Twanna Myers Ray Nichols Carol Nicholson Cheryl Nicholson Judy Nofgrass Paul Ogden Joel Olbrighl Tim Oldham Debra Oliver Rodney Oliver Susan Oliver Debbie Olson Linda Orr Brad Osner Bren? Osner Gene OH 230-Juniors X, ,...,. , sfwmg iw , , V 2431 so . J if 5 4 5 A 'Sz wp. 'Adv s ' 5 , Qgtgfwx 5517.3 .,, I Jgsfismrf,-ki 355135 .5 Q. -Er V 55 2 lyy J ycLi,c , sms J . f :fax gi . . .- , W. J, 384 3 fs Q .. ---- ..V. Q saw in ' O S J . , 5 ig, x, x ,J 1 . E , Qi c A ll A :NRS .4 i s L. , f ,... Q. m is- Q, 1-as , f , , W I ire Q 3 .lla 'Y .. , A V, J ..... 45 .psf .f'73 -"' :fl V .,.f . ,133 0 v ' r . as 1 v F L . -I xi , A - L 'fy' ggi ir ' Rf M sf" Li.. ., .ix , Juniors Involved in Campus Review Larry Pearce adds 'rhe finishing nole To one of Concer+ Choir's Barber Shop OuarTe+s. -. 2- ' ,aff fred 1:5 ' f P . ., .... . L- N: L ir: ,. . it , LZ, f t. . M. ,. '- -,Q -5. . i L 'Q x xx -: . Mvfen 08 0 f I P 'i N" ' ii wig ui ,A . ig.. 'D im , : 0 N 'Q 5 J -Xe Q 5 T, if 1 'sorts i s fi si wx ' .. fx? E -..k:, ,,yg'gf .. . . ., .S -..' ,Ya f L-:J 'way izi :ga Q iiaffe gf' 1 ,K sf ,My,s,,,i5 .yggfg dy 1 J S .. J J if iigaigi - , . ,..: . , . . ., ' A ' Q - sz c. ' F i ss s A 1 Q. .1-,z s ,IT . 4 " ' N ' A5d3"'i3iK" . ' 1 w 5, 5,24 - .5 .54 2' sir: E laws: ,A ,,. .h , :aug q. K ,- L L MM , :-i. - N., ' . -, is - z, J' ish i f' X, kai' ,, i Q 1 V. H ' QS J , , . N, i, 1 N - ,iiiigkl .L , A- Q--,1 12 V f 1 - f H s an U' es: 6334- X . K 'kg H We Fla Don Overs+ree+ Aline Owens Curlis Owens John Owen Lanell Owens Roy Owens Geneva Paige Eddi Pallarez Brenda Palmer Jimmie Papasan Joanne Paschal Cindy Peacock Larry Pearce Sheila Penninqlon Eva Perez Lora Perlcins Kim Peferson William Pierpom' Monika Pie+zch Floyd Porfer Jim Porferfield Raymond Por+illo Cindy Pra+her John Pres+on Juniors-23 I Loyal Lorraine Pufman Pam Pyland Lynda Rae Phil Rancier Paula Rash Carolyn Ray Tim Ray Dennis Redman Susan Reid Belly Reyes Debra Rhoads Kafhi Richards Chrisfina Riley Rosemary Rivera Cur+is Roberrson Ermelinda Roclriquez Sandra Rodriquez Beverly Rosengranls Kafhy Rucker Le+icia Sanchez June Sanders Barbara Saunders Jim Sawyer Karen Sawyer Vickie Scales Ann Schofield Daniel Sco++ Tim Sco'r+ Ronnie Scruggs Mary Shaheen Laurie Shedd Doug Sheperd Craig Shewmake Mary Sigala Sfeve Simpson Carla Siles 232-Juniors Band Members Supporl' Eagles , , ai S if f fi? is , KE Q' 1-5 Tn. Band members, Carol Nicholson and Leann Koonsman. anficipale an Eagle louchclown af fhe Big Spring game. - M we EQSXEGH ' - , 1 .z S g Chuck Siflon 'YN sg ' ' - 3 .", i r r - fJ!'2?-53. f r iifzissvggi- 3 fsfefkig-far: : imc . 3, ei ii'. X . 5 N. af A xi? 3, vs fy, E Q if ri Xa if I le X5 'if :sw - .- 5 ,.4Wffqis-,ss-www,.Q 1 A , 5.2. 3 3 ,V iz- . 5,1 Q, 3 ' ' ' Aaif ki, . .UQ F 5 ,111.4 eeii is wi , H S V i r ,,. 51 Y Ls . iiz I ,, . '-, 1: , - N- i iggg S- Larry Slough Daniel Smifh Gary Smilh Mike Smifh Regina Smilh Terry Smifh Darlene Snyder Nora Solis Mike Slallings David Srampley Diannia Sfanlill Peggy Sfeadman Rancly Sfevens Nifa Slevenson Denise Sfocz Sally Slrader Tim Sfricklancl Jimmy Sfrong Shirley Sfubblefield Carmen Suarz Gene Summrall Richard Swim Bill Swiney Melinda Tallanl' Juniors- Larry Talum Janie Taylor Susan Templefon William Tidmore Ann Tippef Elaine Tipps Joan Tolberf Alex Tschaar Jeri Tubbs Gary Tucker Gary Turnbow Susan Turpin Debbie Ulmer Sclwarlene Upfon Clark Urban Martha Vesf Donny Vickers Donna Walker Jan Walker Glenn Wallace Dana Walls Duwaine Warcl Vickie Warden Terry Warren Filling ouf forms for 'flue PSAT 'resf before Taking il' is lunior Terry Warren. 234-Juniors , 1' wif., L , ,vi 'fur ' M ,Mui ,, 1, 2 Tw-4 , . Q, K 11 i f ff , M, ,My Q ay 4 I I 11 i liz, , ig: 5: , ,, A 1 f 4 46 - .1 'req QQ' Q3 H55 S f 4-ff V! - ' f ' i f ' "T lj ' fs T 'f siik V I , paw A I W , V 1 "1 ' V' if' . , . ii,,, , , if ' af 1 A V: T ,A "4 if 1' , Q N' 1 2. ' 1 frix, vpn ww w-wwf? ,, .?.,.s, wt . x 'Q 4 r if E6i1,'wvV. .A .X .avi T ,wg V, , J in lg 4, 17 is ' "ff:"Il.lk l ws H 11 , Aw-f, . i U, fri. xanax. .Ds 4.-f Q s Juniors Take Prepara'rory Board Tes+ Q 1 I .sv , me 1 fi H W e 4. if l in 1 J Q Y 1' Q? is 'E E, if er rg is TE? , ccs , , , W Q lvlf' is rw ' - pr..-. '+L-.mg ' zaigfi , f V--. ,... 56555 .L fe - Q t ffmf fir 'U '- , L i ii .- ' Q. gl we ii- - 7 ' .L V ,ra 1 3 , fi X " "l'5'X' ' Q J M '2f?...1 WY- - , L as me Dana Walson Laura Wafson Tom Walson Vela Wafson Cindy Way Charlofle Webb Charles Weber Parry Weems Pam Wenlrcek D'Aunn Wesler Rodney Wheeler Michael Whelslone Gary Whisenan+ Laura While Linda While Glen Wilburn Cindy Williams Mark Williams Rebecca Williams Sfephanie Williams Michael Wilson Palrick Wilson Danny Winkler John Womble Kafhy Wood Larry Wood Sharon Wood Dawnelle Woodall Vicki Woodell Sandy Wrighl Diane Wurschmidl Denice Wurschmidl Denise Yarbro Allen Young PauleHe Zelzman Dianna Zimmerle Juniors-235 ll 1' mwah? I I Leading fhe Sophomore Class for council represen+a+ive. Shan Hamil +l'1e year '72-'73 are Joy Jolly, Ton. vice-president and Ronnie Wil reporfer, Shari Mafrlniews, secrefary- liams, president ireasurer. Jodi Berryman. sfuden+ L. Sophs-Followers of The Leaders 3 l . 1 ' -s - Q, 1, 5 if ,r 3: 1 -. . -af, A 4 1 ,i fi U , , 'i . ,, ,'.5.S.g1 V V -V I ,V c , W, V ,.,.W: Y ir ,155 H A ,J 1' B X F jj r 1 'I 1 ?f 'N is 3 .aww . in . , 1- ef naw. 5 , V , , ,,.wJQLL: ig?? 'x ,a,L ' ? V' H f ,Q Qgj , 1 4,1 r. si' a is fi 4 1 'vw , 2f:.,f-- K v V if H Him, Zell 0 lair 5 1' i E? .., f i 1 Ba rg ik l H - A X l An.. 6 x ,. e iii' W writ sf ws, if I Pamela Adams Jane+ Agnew Jesse Aguirre Debbie Alce Marlon Alexander Riclcy Allbrighl David Allen Cindy Andrews Jonafhan Arrambide Josue Arrambide Sandra Aus+in Kim Baccus James Ballard Karla Ballew Valinda Barnes Rhonda BarneH Valeria Basey Carl Ba++s lan Ben+ley Jody Berryman Charles Blahak Tully Bledsoe James Boggs Dale Bosfick Larry Bowden Judy Bowden Sara Bowser Vickie Boyd Cynfhia Boykin David Bragg Cindy Branch Clay Brandon Pamela Briley Sonia Briley Marlha Brooker Dianna Brown Sophomores-237 Rodney George con- cenlrales on his design in draffing class . . . Sara Bowser seems fo enioy working wiflw clay in arf class. Jerry Brown Molly Brown Annefle Broyles Janis Bruner Jeff Bruno Cynflwia Bryanf Larry Buck Karen Buckner Marina Burdell Julia Burke Avery Burns Rhonda Burns Bob Bur+ Becky Burron Jessica Bufler Douglas Byrd Nancy Caffey Terry Cagle Tom Cain Anile Calloway Mike Camp Judy Campbell Ronnie Campbell Terry Cannefax 238-Sophomores -s Q , f Ib ,.,, 5 , ., i ' -if 'T A " A 211413 2 Q :,, , ..,. V i . f ey x L , x 2 af 9 -4 fi 3 x 34 , fi 3 ,t 1' ii, 0 if '-4 W ' p if 2 K , V I we f fxi i V- L A " - '- ' V141 . -." 45 " K ' 2. , lb .. ' -' Ai no -22: ,M .... as Y . ... Rfk f , if any ii , ' iri vi, all R -' A If '14'?'f' V ,- an Q of iw? 3'-41 1 P Y , 'ia gtg' QQ , WY use i , f . Rv 'S '59 If x v 5 , ,WX Sophomores Encoun'rer wiv-g,:'ir21f-ff,bx3s2 .ii .i - New Su biec+s 'Lil W , gkvl -1- Elm. WS! 'ii if F X, 5 is , i' if I ,QM X1, S mfs S. K-L- . ,, -. 2 f'fi'!g,"' f i 6 Q H - ., ...., 3, Q ,Mg ,A M - Q K J" 2 1 r A . 1 , .Q ii C . yr X Vi Q, ' ix' 'i K i L 5 : 14 i 3932 i if i s ig if pp at " . 195, .' 19+ . 1- -. s 4' , s vs- T, iw .. I y f- ,i.. . A S-41. V E. X 4 fi Sas 5. .ess ' -in as 5 xr- i " A, ,Wil 3 Z.. J 3 , H' H .P 'lu -fs .ii , ,rw-A. M semi? ' wr .5 93' I -'iff 2 sf il .L 5 if fi . 5+ S viz.. - A . 1,5 .34 if , Qfwm . k ' b. i H Q sg.. i X5 I ,. M i- f ws. ,. w I-.5 as fsck: i ,. x C ,ww 2 -+ve, K ,:ws1-,ii - Sc s 'V Susanne Cannon Ca+hy Carr Connie Carr Glenn Carler Janef Carler Keifh Carler Herman Caslillo Mary Casfillo Kim Chance Elaine Childress Kris Childs Mary Ann Chunn Grace Clark Theresa Cole Philip Compher Gayla Conrad Caren Cool: Danny Cooper Debbie Cooper Pan Cornish Befh Correu Eva Corfinaz Jeff Cos+on LaFawn Coward Sheila Crain Gordon Crawford Billy Crim David Crowe Fina Cruz Cindy Cullifer Marilyn Culbirfh Frances Dail Pafricia Daniels Connie Davidson Elizabefh Davis Ronna Davis Sophomores-239 AHS Welcomes Karen Decker Dwayne Deichmann Pearl Delgado Robin Dennis David Derden Jimmy Diaz Charla Dieclcman Brad Diener Marlc Dix Lanna Dixon Kyle Dofson Lee Drummond Wilfred Dumonf Randy Duncan Alisa Dunn Ann Dunn Randy Earp Belh Edgar Tena Edwards Debbie Ellio+'r Brenda Ellis Michael Emanuel Richard Emery Cindy Erwin 240-Sophomores 4 Y KJ il ku r...,f-1 OJ . nf - ,gf Agia. if . wiv ss. an S fs , in Q iq 'fy 'x 7 1. 3 - ! . . NAA., ,,.,,,..,. , ,Q--K, m,:kg,, are-kiss., f?'1f?s.f1 i,, . Y 4. dew wad ' I . ss.. s.-,. X 1 3 . , rge Soph Class -'sewers-...I Assuming fhe dulies of chairmen of sophomore sponsors, Mr. Carl Bacon and Miss Louise Self check fhe calender of evenrs. L i 3 ,. I Sr V V as 'fjigij J . 1 -i .1 I 5 We - 1551. :aw 3.ff3t::f2gQg55::g3:gal' i 3' 3 ii 'E L, F i ,,,:. , yi M, JK ,ai ' li. 1 zu 9 i 5 Q fs G ss aw. i X wo, , 1,,:s,MinWs1, ,. .ip e ' ' ,Fu R' iv 45' S5 K i af F i 5 ,f -.Q l .235 J z-as V fe' 5 ef Y if 9 Sherry Fsles David Fslrada Charlene Eubank Cindy Eversdyk Vicki Fairclolh Pam Farmer Mark Faughf Brenda Ferguson Vicki Fifzgerald Brenda Flanagan Cafhy Flafl Elizabe+h Flores Noel Flores Raymond Flores Rudy Flores Mike Forresfer Joyce Francis Vernessa Franklin Camille Frosf Pam Fry Thomas Fry Phyllis Fullon Brad Gallaway Sylvia Gaona Frank Garcia Olivia Garcia Angelia Garner Beverly Garrell Suzie Gaulding Sandy Gay Ginger Gayden William Gibson Sfeve Gilberf Tina Giles Suzan Giles Linda Gladish Shelly Glenn Deborah Gonzalez Randall Goodgion Julie Granfom Ricky Gravens Eddie Greenlee Sophomores-24l Eagles Show Their A+hle+ic Prowess Kennerh Gregsfon Ricky Gregsfon Cara Grice Mark Griffin Jan Gunfer Eddie Guy Deborah Hackney Glenda Hackney Connie Hagler Jimmy Hailey Henry Hale James Hall Ma1'+Hamil+on Sran Hamilron Debbie Hancock David Harrison Cindy Havins Lorrie Hawkins Carolyn Hazelfon Johnny Hazlewood Carolyn Henderson Dani Henderson Gary Hendrix Pa+ Hernandez Kendel Herold Gary Heslep Lois Hesrer Cheryl Hicks Sharon Hicks Cynfhia Hines Larry Hobbs Suzy Hobbs Eleanor Holigood Jim Hood Mary Hood Kennefh Hudson 242-Sophomores A .Q , 5, '- 'i x X K 5 X gd f ' SJ fl lk hh .1 ggi? 4 , M, 1 K :4 if ' iSE'r"' N if 'x . - 5' . . f 4 ' r ',.... ':w.sg'3 ' -. K X... 1 ASW , c,ii,, g 5 Q . O H .V,, .y.g,c b,f,V. M ,JmLtmm,:,.,5 i ,, iff . 'Lf f ' Q2 f H - L Us 'KE Y K M. 4 Q R , M. i 1 9 5' ' i f . V V P ,f ,g gfe rg " . 1 0 ' - if, s I , 'x rf ' QM V 5? A K4 .yy Q A If M .V ,af .4 ve .V sf :fra-Qin Abilene l-ligh's "B" +eam prepares fo praclice some of lhose mar -. f .FF Q' L JL'af'E Q ? ii .W sv, .A vicfory claiming plays. David Hull Donna l-lun+ Melanie Hunfer Chris l'lul'chins Cindy Irwin Kay Jackson Barbara James Delberl' Janda Becky Jennings Carolyn Johler Carla Johnson Brenda Johnslon Joy Jolly Cindy Jones Cynlhia Jones David Jones Karl Jones Larry Jones Linda Jones Wynona Jones Chuck Kaalce John Kammerer Roberl Kearny Darlene Keesee Sophomores 243 Sfeven Kellar Kafhy Kimbrough Rober+ King Vicki King Karen Kinney Judy Kirgis Carlwy Knupple Jerry Konlos Randy LaFlower Lanny Lamberf Paul Landis Larry Landrefh Joyce Landry Debra Lane Barbara Lane Kalhleen Langan Julia Lanham Lorelfa Large Bryan Lasyone Ronnie Lee Debra Lemond Judy Leonard Ronnie Lewis Gwen Lieb Gymnasfics ream member Debbie Sfallcer Qolcs af 'flue world upside down. 244-Sophomores ....i.., .,,L , WML, ,I fe.. . Q W.. .As -sie . adiif- ff-5-fiiiigz, - ii , fx H23 F was X 631 ia Q .-.ei ,, is f Q51 ' l l i B 4-E fi . e i Q. H ra P .. f, . W ,,,,, bu: A . .L i,: b. H .i i if Vis r r i g r RX M: r si? YQ' 1, , 1 K L. Q "" H ,f L fy K i, " 'r fr ' - L - P N A i wi fe L. , , . Lx.. A I r a- -- , X fkhl . A A 5, .4915 5 I 5 gf .. me .V . . .TQ K i ff fgffe-E, . ij. A r f , - .1 Alle'-. K 1: ' F efY,.,+,, . ,. .. , X .Wx L - . - 4 L . - gf TQQQQKQ - 2 gf- if N ig Y , if I ff ' .s Q L 1 .gif r - 3, P , . . w :aaa 4 5 , wee , . 'vlizztttz '-i-1-it A21 XR ,2l5R'ii ,,, ,, l 'Eif.:':':i.'g.f1-iq 'x fe 1 -.mi r K' X ' A ...'y,1::::. cs., ,r re,-' 'avg as . ,wig- , 1 f '. .. 1 3 v. . 9-, ., - ,V W 1-.1 . f -.Aria . ' A 'TQ' .i . . ...L L Q., ., ,Y -, Lk . xx. in .5 . '-1:5 :gm f i S. ek 1 ff ' Y 3 Q 4 " 1 ,x ,f f : 1 QF ,Q V Q 9 K Sophs Become Involved in Gymnas+ics S+eve Liles Paula Long Alberf Loya Mary Loya Jeff Lyon Melia McAlis+er Cindi McClure Vince McClure Russell McCorkle David McKenzie Dan McKnigh+ David McLeod Douglas McMahon Debra McManus Marina McMillan Virginia Marquez Loyd Marr Debbie Marlinez Norman Massey Bonnie Maflhews Shari Mafniews Cynlliia Maxwell Allan Maylwall Randy Maynor Debra Meador Gloria Medrano John Medrano Ann Mercer David Merrell Norma Mesa Michael Mefcalf Roxanna Middlefon Xan Middle+on Cindy Miller Debbie Mills Palfi Minafra Sopl'1omores- lnvolvemenl ls Key for Many Sophs Palsy Mingle Marvin Mirclwell Ted Mifchell Pal' Mize Johnny Molina Karen Monfforl Brenda Moore Diedra Moore James Moore Darla Morris George Morris Greg Morris Pamela Morris Tricia Moss Pafricia Murray lvan Musser Melody Myrick Terry Nelms Jeff Nelson Chris Newman Tracy Niedecken Vickie Oakley Brenda Odsfrcil Adele Olbrichi Diana Oles Lee Oliver Elizabelh Oriiz Roberr Orfiz Alan OH Lynn Owens Mary Parker Micah Parks Kerry Palferson Manuel Pena Reymunda Pequeno Paula Perkins 246 Soplwomores Involvemenf included more +han iusf school affairs for Joyce Landry and ofher sophomore girls who ioined "Y" clubs. Janice Pinlc Kim Pinlcsfon Alice Pilrman Kim Plemons David Porrer Carol Powell Mary Powell Nancy Powell Sheree Pralr Judy Purvis Barbara Regan Debbie Rains Elvia Rangel Connee Raun Andy Reece Noel Reed . Deana Rhoads Mildred Rhodes Bobby Richards Milne Ricker Janel Rinard Molly Rios Kevan Rifler Homer Roberson Andrew Roberls Carla Roberfs Carol Ann Roberfs Gwen Roberfs Lloyd Rober+s Shelly Roberfs Sophomores 247 Talen+ Displayed in Class Produdrions David Robinson Connie Rodriguez Susan Rogers Ysidro Rosales Paula Ross Connie Rulherford Pallie Rufledge Dee Salyer Raymond Samya Lisa Sanders Tim Scanlon Cindy Scannell DoneH'a Schaeffer Lydia Scarbrough Donna SCOH Mike Sco++ Regenia Scoff Anifa Seguin Sheri Shea Ann Shelley Scoll Shellon Jennifler Shields Sandy Shylles Belinda Silva Kay Simmons Jerry Sinclair Belinda Sinks Debbie Sipple Rick Skaggs Dianne Slack Brenda Smifh Chuck Smifh Gary Smi+h Georgia Smiih Jack Smifh James Smilh 248-Sophomores Q-fe., . .f ,R gy Q N F .. -:fir c,s 3 fl-11-.fx ikvmm K, L ag 6 - I , 1-wise, .. gtg su,-g ig , , 'UN :SW ' K 'Qi i f 5 i . I' ., V Q' Q .n l 11.4 ' f 'Jia 'M fs 3 P new ' s 1 , R ., K "T1"3ig3iiYET is ' - V .A 'sf .5 F 4 T3 F gr ,. I 22s.?fsa,i?. Q h ef Q5 Larry Chevrie in his magic choirs' "Campus Review" Shipp's ieacling role as David "En+er Laughing" gave AHS of fheir +aien+. acf in fhe and Terri Koiowifz in a sampling '-Q1 . ' ,ew .V 1 .-.- , ,fn Q. r , , 31 ,,.. ,, in V ,gg if, 'A,.. . Vifv A or viii , i i 1 a , , ,, 5 ,, ,, A K '. 'Qif!',i'f K 1, in I if fffifj i l iiii + " "ff ' W 'M ,, " E1 -ig, V ' , 'W' , 3 0 'Y . Nj 1 Jug: D ,. 1 - " Q . ' - . Q' We E u,:E,, Ag,3 ve,-.H Q4 -Q v iff! 9F'7.'ZAg-', eq'-26' ig1,n5,,1?9 -R .05 '- ,iu -qv n'?vQ :QW .".31?-4.?Vf?.fW L . V Xf'W?'7fiTT i"ff 7 -'j2'fITff'f?Q'2 Wi.. , , ,Ng Wg,-z. . Fw i , ' ', :wily 1 i f 'ir ' LQ 'dia -' in ??'9i D : QL ' ii ' 1 ff ii' g y z ll Zi' ' .,., ,,.. , i . L35 gal if aaia i , y a Q 5' , I i .L 'V fi i Q Q M f ig f A K, ,, ' H f 5532 mf ,V 9 5 17' k d if 3 :,, , '. 5 I - if -up 1 lf if' X JK L if . ., Ei ,, , . ., -- ,Ly , . .Q : . K, ifemgj W, ,, , ' iy'i5 3 J W ,Q i gf i .i - 4,5 4" 'K A " . "Q, ie' Y 4, ii'i X fqf Jan Smifh Kennefh Smifh Kirby Smifh Noah Smifh Ray Smi+h Rhonda Smifh Sfephanie Smifh Wayne Smirh Gary Soufhard Debbie Sfaiicer Karen Sfaufzenberger Barbara Sfephenson Gregory S+ern Carol S'rewar'r Mark Sfewarf Debbie S+okes Terri Sfracener Becky Sfrader Denise Sfraffon Cynfhia S+rong Paul Sfucker Sophomores-249 Sophs Seek Cove+ed Drivers Licenses MarSSudbidSrqiD PennylxSylvesTer Connie Tannich Billy Tarpley Larry Tarver Marianne Taylor Donna Templefon Jerry Templin Dean Thedford Tony Thomas Ricky Thompson Susan Townsend Randy Trull Karen Tubbs Doug Tucker Rhonda Tucker Debbie Turnbow Sfeven Ulmer Ray Ussery Cafhy Vancil Dean Ververs Ellen Vick Dolores Villalovos Sfeven Villalovas Mary Villarreal Ma rgarer Wadsworfh Buddy Warren Lincla Warren Jimmy Wafson Donna Waffs Terri Weafherby David Weaver Theresa Weaver Kafhy Weidig Mike Weldon Andy Wes? 250-Sophomores A gf' ,E , 1 jiiiaix J " 1, 5 f ,gi x X, ,K f 5 1 K 5 2 ,L W, X 3 5 N : . 1 fm. - - - ,ursizeg s -, v-'TY J3' Y I '- if a il ,ii'i 4,6 Q s , I. K 5 N , . ggi s. - ,. ' 1-ffl' , w x A iowa gf his v ..-,.. . .- u-, . -.a '.- - '.' - I ' . . . . -3, . ,. U sau. , l.. I - ...f.-,-,-.'. . . - f 1 . . . .. . '.. -1-.'.'.'.'!- -.'4.'.z -1' '.e" . . . ','.'. . .. . ,,, ..-.v,'.'. - . -,'. ." ,--.en-""". Us lf, , J Hi ,E Q sf 'Q 9 if 3., - -i -V , .,,s,. 1 T ' ' i" V, s " - -smell, ff'-wan - ff- Ji ,'.: Iv H ' ' ' " ilk ' I 11 'LM ws' , l ,,, ' 4, '-G in fi ' , il Q Qfffflif L 3, -xg f 25 ' -sf f T 15 V m T iii A- , f 5 .A ' i .fflfffx A i ,L ' R' 341 5 ' Lf ' - ' A"-fri' "2 ' ff 2 fi Z Q T ig! ffl? I ,if-2. 'QQ fivTjf??fffQl f If ' A O 1' .QF g ., -- lv i,.- -ms. A .vos-.R f w X15 3 X ii Hu r, X ii if N ms' . , as s s ff' W an :J m e . if 1 fag l sk M T J w. i C -E li J' ,. L iii. . '35 law N , f K 0 , hw 331 X i , 3 l I ff. fillf' s ' 1 r -1 - ,, ' 1 T' , .sf .. A :,: 2.7 g ,W . . T V. I K , - :gasps ss: ,j . ', ' W,,g n 44' -, i Q. Q V ,g,3 . 21.. my I I , Learning whal makes a molor liclc is one of The problems Jraclcled by driver's ed siudenls, Mr. Rodney Jenkins inslrucfs. Susan Wheelock Marcus Whi+more Carol Whifworfh Briffa Willeford Ann Williams Debbie Williams Julie Williams Mary Kay Williams Pamela Williams Ronnie Williams Kevin Willingham Susan Willingham David Willis William Willis Casey Wilson Deborah Wilson Deirdre Wilson Susan Wilson Shane Winlcles Mary Wolfe Shirley Wolfe Susan Wolfe Billy Wood Fred Wrighl Nanefle Wrighf Gary Wya'l+ Randy Wya++ Debbie Young James Young Armando Vasquez Sophomores-25I wf1fL0,9g 0,-C 9Cm.,uyL 52 M ' flux! MALQLL Lfpw ?gAfa,-f5rf5f,f,qfj,S- !g,4,.,gc- , KZAQAX? ,WL,u13C?jgA6k,ClffJfLA4fpw! ,.ffZ1Lfbd,,f5pL1Qyv,C . Zim ' f VW? QWMQW- W 'Lf Unffymfvc Okfflg CfkM1,g,caL.fffL'4A4pQJd77fqA,ULdWMfq ' KGMMMLJW7 f J , fdfC7v1H7oa,-r. fQ4?!Q UUAZ-311067 JM-aff? Miami JLMQR Aim. f can R-Vw-,L f JAA-L,,XI if Bf-m,..L4J-QJJ ZSHAAL I APO? , ffyazff J 4 - x,f,A7dfL.L fin vm,Q,fM-cQ,,,V,0,b Qf3VL - ZZZi,ili fl? WW M W WL Sh ji QL. QL 9 UW xxx 317 ,P go 15 Axe 'Q 652' KW-,pn Q2 ,PY AP of Q, va ,L Q -NJ 5 W N if Index Wwvv le 'Jxx Mimi Qy"J : ,,.. , -M Q,causs1 m s 5 Q , fi, . O U ,I gf' if QF ' ,Q-E, ,X M..m,., . WT? 3 47 1 xg ai X 'Qi gfSf"'3'4 'X '- fi ' 9 ' - ':'z'13w,: Y ,A-.. .qX gms ' 2 2,4 f ak ' sw 3g,g.M?,.,5,..,,.,.aw-.....Mk4gnnu .. -o E 'L ml J If if P' ' ' 5 as 4 an 4 Y Q 1 ,yn n.ww-wwvkmwwwwn.-p,m..w-QWMMW N fx ffo1ww ,W . if M if 4 N if .2 2 M, fin 1 .s 4... .Q ' H I W I XY x I f ,. . XL ! '1 2 1 5 i s ' W, 'F 3' -. X V ,f .', fig L ' Q ,g e , .Q L RM ' ,fEfi5i'f ff1 "7, . , 'Q 11.5 . f K - I 'I 4 li Q ...Ji JOHN KLINE STUDIO Professional plmofographers for Hwe FLASH LIGHT for llwe pasf fourleen years 2 IOZ Norfh Six+l'1 Sfreel' Abilene, Texas Telephone 677-59l I 254-Adverllising LUSKEY'S 7eza4' leading Wutan Stoned IVlEAD'S SHGPPING CENTER 243 l-34TlT ST. lOl-5 N. l'lousTOrT Lubbock FT. WCTTTI 3I I2 N. IsT ST. 24I Webb Village Abilene Dallas MECHANIC ON DUTY AT ALL TIMES A. L. FISHER CONOCO Barnes 8: Williams Drug Center "WE FILL ANY DDCTUR'S PRESCRIPTION" 3402 NOTTTI lOTlT STreeT PERFUMES COSMETICS "CONOCO" The l'loTTesT Brand Going CHANEL DU BARRY GUERT-AlN MAX FACTOR Business 677. IO77 l-lgme 673.8524 PTWOFIE l'llCl4OI'Y Abilene Abilene, Texas STEAKHOUSE , , sis E. Hwayeo . - -iff.. MOI Q E73-469i T W E 'X li ' O N .,,,f? CHICKEN T" , g 942 N. Treadaway QE 796Ol Q 673AI572 PANCAKE HOUSE 3449 N. Firsf 79603 672-882l FAMll.Y FUN RESTAURANTS Adverfising-255 Jena Bodine iallcs wiilfi a bridal consullanl while af- Clneerleaders Jarilyn Scofi and Carla Willis enioy small and cuddly gills M- Caldwell' . . . S Abilene Prllllllllg' 645, Sl13.tl0I16I'y CO. 1017 N. Mockingbird-Pho. on 2-1354 z18Cedaf!AH Taas!0R4.2673 ,j Abilene, Texas 79603 Est. 1882 Gifts Gifts for all ages Antiques ' v Second Block of Pine Abilene, Texas 256-Adverlisinq E lim QV, Q, nffi if i3f2'1f, 1 SK " lily' A Taina Curry finds laiesf laslnions af Minlens. Willw llme Eagles . . Supremus Tri-Hi-Y ' X is ' Z ' ig I x ,su My i 93' Cindy Gaulding Presidenl' -lenle Kmfpple Gail Ball Debra Sewalf VICG-Pf95Idef1l Vice-Presidenf Secrelary Laureffa Aflcinson Debbie Crow Nancy Evans Brenda Flynn Suzy Gauldinq Jo Ann Granf Andree Gues+ Suzy Hobbs Kay Jackson Moneffe Long LaNeIIe Mosley Darlene Snyder Barbara S+evenson Linda S+ewar+ Shirley Slubblelield Danna Tieking Kaflmy Vancil Dana Walls Dena Weaver Shirley Wolfe Aclverlising-257 AMERlCA'S MOST BEAUTIFUL SHOES W1 ,, -WY me Largest Selection of Fashion For beautiful flower arrangements Karen Footwear in the Southwest McAuliffe goes to- Downtown 1054 N. 3rd BLOSSOM si-lop ggguggalnst 1027 N. Mockingbird Phone 677-7629 Abnenel Texas -I MIILIEIIMAN 327' MIILIEIIMAN First National-Ely Building 0 P,0, Box 2379, Abilene, Texas e 677.1323 INSURANCE SPECIALISTS Morey Millermon I Jim Millermcln 0 Glenn Beard SAMBO'S RESTAURANT Eagle Study Hall Open 24 Hours 401 Westwood 258-Advertising Phone 672-7581 if .",vt:lQ W 55vaqkSf Si - mi I ff f 1 W i QNMQ 5' Mary Lamberf and Randy Keesee look over a selecfion of clofhes in 'rlfme YOUNG WORLD SHOP. 9 Q "Fashion Centers of the West" DOWNTOWN SUBURBAN 220 CYPRESS RIVER oAKS 673-253I 673-259I Adverfising-259 Why Al-lSers Like Hardin-Simmons Universify I like I-l-SU because if offers a good educafion for fhe business and profes- sional world. If is a small universify, buf ifs educafion facilifies are rafed highly. l'l-SU Senior: Al-IS Class of l969. Q .giyns X ,awe . saws, . I chose I-lardin-Simmons because when l visifed fhe campus l was very impressed wifh fhe friendli- ness of fhe sfudenfs and because if is a small school where fhe professors can falce a personal inferesf in fhe sfudenf. I-IASU Sopho- more: AHS Class of l97O. I-lardin-Simmons Universify has fhree fhings going for if. Firsf is a Whaf Abouf You? brillianf, professional faculfy. Second is adminisfrafive personnel whose concern is fo sfudenf needs: individ' ual and group. And fhird is fhe feel- ing of excifemenf and harmony in fhe l'l-SU sfudenf body. You donlf believe me? Come see for yourself. I-I-SU Junior: Al-IS Class of I97O. Why Noi' H-SU? ' :'sA"s-I 4. gp. will EQ S' .Hof s if rl 9 X 09 I Q I t X X X A facully and STGII' IIWGI I Chose Hardin-Simmons ' appreciafe and are inferesfed Univergify because I wanfed 5 ,... e X "' , , . I in 'rhe sfudenfs. plus a sfudenf worfhwhile educafion wifh all 3 'I Y body of friendly COOPGFGIIVS fhe conveniences of living in , ,if an 5 people, malce up l'lardin-Sim- Abilene, I-lardin-Simmons is w A 1 , mons Universify. This and a small enough fo afford an - ' good program of COUFSGS are opporfunify fo make many life' 5 whafd m'-iacgi me dlecgidledgo longsfgendskl-I-SU Sophomore: affen - . 'm ga i, Al-I asso l97l. L I foo. I-I-SU Senior: Al-IS Class L I of I969. Sherry Esfes malces a selecfion for a sale Debbie Mayhall pracfjces on 5 new O,-gan al af in KEN MAYHALL MUSIC CO. ,,,....,.,..... ,,......, ....., . house of 3101 NORTH 12TH.-AEILENE.TEXAS 79603 3532 North 6th Abilene, Texas 260-Adverfising lt's the real thing. Cggge. FZ .LI ls nursing in your future? For information write or visit MARY MEEK SCHOOL OF NURSING Hendrick Memorial Hospital Nineteenth gl Hickory Abilene, Texas 79601 SOUTHWEST SAVINGS a. LOAN 340 Hickory at North 4th Abilene, Texas 673-8153 Advertising Ile a Honda for Dfkunn Wester'. KENT'S HONDA "When you think of Motorcycles- Think of Kent's." 642 Walnut - Phone 673-7103 COUl1tS Christian College For Free Estimates Call 672-8405 ,gm RACK SHACK 901 North Mockingbird West Texas' Finest Carpet Stock phone 672.0325 Mitch Broyles 4242 North First SNOOKER POOL 672-8404 Abilene, Texas LADIES WELCOME JOHN R. WILSON, , We Service Ill lakes G lodels TRAVEL SERVICE Qgl i UTI Q 3 weston: music cnlrn DEQ D24 "Our Work Kc Your Satisfaction Guaranteed " WESTGATE SHOPPING CAPITOL Phone 692-7771 fAbiIene, Texas 79605 Airlines 0 Steamships 0 Tours 0 Cruises 1226 North Third o Abilene, Texas 79601 Phone 673-8146 h Lrrfwm- .WNW 1, 7 ' 4. -M realm- , A ,M W, mama Levvsnpnsss I orrssr sNAPou'rs I ' nuaasn STAMPS Encnxvmc R I N T I N 6 cLua sooxs 869 N. Mockingbird 677-8525 Abilene, Texas 264-Advertising NORTH'S MEITTUARY Air or Land Ambulance Service Abilene, Texas 242 Orange Street 677-6246 --. ,, ,. of E PEW CES n PR' atv" FOOD MARKET Open 7 to 9-7 Days A Week Carlos Appleton-Owner North 6th at Forrest Phone 677-1202 Abilene, Texas Adverfising-265 :Noni Unusual cards, giffs, and books are enjoyed by Olen Fra- zier and Sally Slrader. READ-N-RITE SHOP No.2 BURRO ALLEY :aw sqm, Belinda Briley ancl Kallwy Spicer sl'1op al- QA Cards ABILENE, TEXAS 79605 gmionery Giffs PHONE l9'5l 673-9342 Jewelry for Pre-Teen Sis thru College Miss Clwrislian Books by Avery 3648 No. 6th and in GRlSSOM'S RIVER OAKS KUYKENDALL OFFICE MACHINES W ,M STEREO BOX I83 ' IZ33 NO. 3RD ' ABILENE. TEXAS 79604 "Serving Wesl Texas Since I9I9" CLAUDE NEI!-ON Typewrilers ' Adding Machines ' Calculalors Duplicafors ' Dic+a+ing Macliines ' Copiers l 0 NElLON'S INC. PHONE 915 I 673-B751 P.O. BOX 3041 2304 NORTH 6TH ABILENE. TBKAS 79604 l233 No. 3rd 677-I486 aaa hr Brian CANDLE SHOP Since V965 Burro Alley Abilene. Texas 266-Adverlising ELLIOTT'S FUNERAL HOME, INC. Mrs. Pele Elliofl Jo Ann 84 Jolwn l-lamil Clnapel of Memories S42 Hiclcory Dial 677-4355 Abilene. Texas 76904 Ambulance Service NATIONAL SELECTED MORTICIANS iii W f.B , ai. mn., i i ANA. L i xi 2 i f'W43- ' K L ' 31 . F 1? ,. . ,, ess, aff? at f ff, s is lie-2m ' as Qi: "!'!v-Q., 'Wilt ,T :"T, p i " as HiL.w1'f5.4,i,L:f:. ' 'W s. 4,5 .4- LX! Keeping in +une wifh 1'he sfyles, Ana Godoy and Becky Spann seleci' 'Fashions ai'- We Wani' Your Business Thank You For Shopping ai' Sears I55 Sayles 677-28l I Adverfising-267 PONCA WHOLESALE WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR OF SCHOOL SUPPLIES AND CANDY 810 Butternut Abilene, Texas Phone 677-8012 GLENN H. BIDDLE STANDARD STATION 3401 Ambler Street Official State Inspection Station 673-5681 Shop at CLOTH WORLD OF ABILENE 650 Leggett Abilene, Texas Telephone 673-2901 SHOES DRESSES SPORTSWEAR HANDBAGS ACCESSORIES AND GIFTS FOR THE YOUNG MINDED U Q gi. ASIS Nix: GRIGSBY'S J, 'Q Euviwooo wEs .0??, 'tl :grit 'I 6 mulls . 4 s A61 5 A Come and See Us Anytime and X I' Browse Through our big Collection of Clothes and Shoes Open 9:30-6:00 Daily 7I8 Legge++ I722 Campus Court 692-765l 673-544' 268-Advertising PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS "Filling Prescriptions ls Our Speciality" CITY WIDE DELIVERY PEAK'S REXALL PHARMACY 1121 N. Mockingbird 677-5221 PRESCRIPTION LAB 1325 Hickory 672-1823 WHAT IS A MCMURRY EDUCATION WORTH? Those who have sTudIed aT lvlclvlurry over The lasT halT cenTury have risen To eminence in almosT every field and proTession-in medicine, in law. in science, in educaTion, in The minisTry, in iournalism, in manuTacTurinq and marlceTing, in Too many areas To enumeraTe. We are proud oT The conTril3uTion lVlcMurry College has made To The background oT These men and women. We are proud oT The conTrib- uTion They in Turn have made To our socieTy. MGM McMUR RY CO LLEGE Abilene, Texas 79605 I I55 Sa es Phone 677-598i Abnlene Texas AdverTisinq-269 1? f 1 Q ,L l i 359' , . sg- -Ag -- f w- .- ,,,,' 15- , 1 .ri fm it A stwma -K MW .. ' Good 'food-Good prices p f , J. pm 'I' f fl 1 I- ' 0 a sc ooi gm CAFETERIA .L ., Q .nm Tjfzs -SE-Eigkdf' "fills lm JUST AHEAD li "Better Plans for a Better Life" o TAX-SHELTERED ANNUITIES 16: 7 4 o Retirement Income 0 Family Protection y in ,T o Mortgage Cancellation o Disability Income gtyyy 0 Educational Plans o Hospitalization ' o Estate Protection o Major Medical REPRESENTING Cyrus J. Newman Rifflh Keeble CLU Boller Plans lor a Baller Ulu . Southwestern L1fe SINCI IPUJ - ,QOUYNWISYIRN Ziff INSUFINLLI COMPANY - 011115. IIXAS 673-8171 215 lst National Ely Building 270-Advertising SUPER DUPER FCOD STCRES FOUR STORES TO SERVE YOU- 155 Sayles-802 Pine--3661 North Sixth-2665 Buffalo Gap Road fuse space on this page for your annual partyj Aol e fs WAYNE HAYNES .4 Flifl 7 ifverybody Drives a Used Car" MOTORS Afoomplete selection ot books from Cliff Notes to Ctbe Pooja are at band for Susie Cbaney at- xxwj 4l42 N. Ist." Abilene, Texas Plone HVNDER 677-226l B O O K S T O R E Westgate Shopping Center Abilene, Tex. , ' wb. Bun s Duns Q3 "The lace for oung 4 megs fashiois' VonCleove Optical Service Co. Sayles 222 WESTWOOD - PHONE 67344934 692-9067 DISPENSING OPTICIANS Abilene, Texas BILL. VANCLEAVE ED PROCK PES. PH. G92-493 ES. PH. 873-9853 EXON Happy Motoring ! A FORD H!LL'S EXXON TESC0 R D 997 E. N. lOtb Street Co' Abilene. Texas 7960! FREE PICKUP AND DELIVERY Pumps' HOSE' Compressors Sales 8t Service 1024 Walnut Abilene, Texas R. J. "DUTCH" SCHULZ Phone 673-5422 272-Advertising AHS Carnival Commi'H'ee TAP COMMITTEE-BOTTOM ROW: Carla Willis, Carol Powell, Aline Owens, Brad Smirh, chairman. SECOND ROW: David Halbert Karhy Rucker, Mary Ann Cliunn, Gary Sfirman. THIRD ROW: Lee Oliver, Jimmy Minor. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Max Irwin, sponsor: Chuck Siffon. NOT PICTURED: Teresa Wursclw- miclf. In an all-school elecrion, Belinda Bri- ley was chosen AHS nominee for TAP Oueen. Adverfising-2 73 . .-.f-..wwfv:1f.fvzmvfJf.rv:u 4 4 i I , - . We IQ FINEST IN MEXICAN FOOD. TL-"M 512109 Q-BHSHG Needs for office and sfudy are ar hand for JO Ann Granf af- TACO BUENO 2549 SO. Firsr THE PEN DER QMPANY STATIONERS, PRINTERS, LITHOGRAPHERS North 5th at Cedar Phone 677-4339 I I:OO +o I I:OO Weekdays I I:OO IO I:OO Weekends R U S S E Y , S I42 ElmfAbiIene,TexOs,79602f677-2407 CREA Tl VE PRINTERS AND LITHOGRAPHERS 1 sim 1927 - 274-Adverfising FOUR LOCATIONS: JEWEI-ERS Store No. 9 1290 B tt t . . U emu The Einesf Diamonds and Wafches Store No. 12 1202 N. Mockingbird Store No. 13 River Oaks Shopping Center 32 I4 N' 'S+ 677'7234 Store No. 20 I Westgate Shoppmg Center Jewelry Designing and Repair Gold Bond 'StafT'lDS Abilene, Texag YM IA H i-Y On Jrhe Go Wilh The Eagles . . . YMIA HI-Y-BOTTOM ROW: Mr. Charles Perkins. spon- sor, Mr. Max lrwin, sponsor: Randy Leonard, Mark McCord. Wins+on WhiH, David Williams, Olen Frazier. SECOND ROW: Randy Kennedy, Doyle Walker, Chuck Chapman, David Halbert vice-president John Crowe. Tl'llRD ROW: Jimmy Minor, Lee Oliver. Max Brinson, Scoff Huddlesfon, Lanny Vinson, Randy Sfrickland. presi' dent Gary Sfirman, Brad Smifh, Sfan Hamilfon, Shane Winkles. FOURTH ROW: Mall Hamilfon, Mark Condra, Mark Fox, David Pres+ridge, Alan Sfephens, +reasurer' Kevin McAuliffe, Chuck Siffon. Adverfising-275 BORDEN, INC -I III, I I33 North Second Street We Teach A Complete Course in Cosmotology For Men 81 Women-A Lifetime Profession. Terms To Suit Your Budget Part Time Students Welcome V.A. Approved Call 673-4754 Day and night classes Edna Wisdom-Instructor Juanita Rhodes-Instructor Jessie Bryant-Manager Edna Wisdom, Instructor-Juanita Rhodes, Instructor bg AbiIene's Favorite Dining Spot Friends Meet at the Dam pc? RESTAURANT Over 40 Years Operations South 14th 81 Butternut "TI-IAT's WHAT ,, AH SAID!" 3, 5 Q, 1 ' 4 MEAD's FINE f 4 '- I BREAD sf '4, 'ZQBIG ,QW Sign cmd Plastic Co. "YOU NAME IT " WE'LL SIGN IT" PLASTIC 0 NEON 0 SIGN PAINTING Designers-Manufacturers Sales--Service Sign Engraving Plastic Vacuum Forming Dave IVIcIVIeekan Robinson Pharmacy David Mcneekan, Jr. We have Fountain Service, Cosmetics, Drugs, Prescriptions WE OFFER CITY WIDE DELIVERY 577.9469 1389 Ambler 929 Butternut Phone 672-2822 Abilene, Texas Abilene, Texas 79602 276-Advertising Deana Hendrix Vice-Presidenl Pai Elliofr Presidenf Cafhy Aaron Janice Allen Susie Chaney Sheila Crain Kafherine Kimbrough Melia McAlis+er Dana Shaheen Melinda Tallanf Marka Morris Vice-Presidenf 'W C '. ill f K X Da neHe Bourla nd Darlene Crofford Mar+ha McMillian Lisa Warner Backing rhe Eagles . - - Ta-Te Celia Doyle Treasurer V Molly Brown Cafhy Carr Chris Hufchins BH Kiel r ' 322' ff if Toni Mel+on Cindy Parker Bri++a Willeford Mary Kay Williams A Adverfising-277 Tri-Hi-Y I Q E LE CTRICITY I NW IS gl,-fl. SAFE f 1 E. r CLEAN QW Q FLAME LESS ECONOMICAL T0 LIVE CAREFREE ln automatlc electrlcal comfort all Q3 In we Electrlc lIvIng IS IN ow dcompany COMMERCIAL COLLEGE BETTER BUSINESS TRAININQ Free Employmenl Service M, J. Faclcelman Manager .V " ','LS , , fri 'S W .JI-U' ..,..,.-.Mag li 5' i ' ' -,N X9 2 . L. XXX x x6 ,XQRX w, XA Phone 672-8495 402 Bullernul 278-Adverlising Abilene, Texas Regina Hadloclc and Ken Branch visif Commercial College. Rhonda Caffey Presiden+ Dani Henderson Lynn Owens Cindy Forresfer Vice-Presidenf Wendy Lalhrop Jennifer Pieper ,fu , . M A Karen Gilmer Secrefary Tonya McCombs Regina Scolf Onward Eagles . . CAPARELLA TRI-HI-Y Nancy Caffey Regi Eure Janice Gooch Paulef+e Zelzman Treasurer Geneva Moore Janel S+oneberg Ann Farnswor+h Hisforian Lefha Morris Laurie Shedd Cynlhia Slrong Terry Warren Jody Yarbrough Jana Hallmark Adverfising-279 Margaref Mariinez and Brad Osner sioclc shelves wiih supplies from- MAYFIELD PAPER CO. Where Your Business Is Aooreciofed 208 Locust ST Bus. 915!673-4248 Abilene, Texas LION HARDWARE CO. Everylhinq in Hardware Housewares-Kiichenware IOOO ol olher ilenns Plenly oi Eree Parking Souih o1CCivic Cenfer 526 Cypress Ph. 672-324I Originals La rgesi colleclion of ESM www WEDDING GOWNS, BRIDESMAIDS, COCKTAIL, DANCE, DATE, AND PARTY DRESSES Jacque Borders, Bridal Consuliani 204 CYPRESS STREET ABILENE, TEXAS 79604 Tel. l9I5l 672-77l l DF CONSHOHDCKEN SHOOK TIRE COMPANY "WHERE TO BUY Tl-lEIv1" 502 Oak Slreef Phone 677-9lO5 Finssvons Pmgco .f-N. ,,'4Cmt6rnTa 1iwge2ntaad" lFE,,i T' ---- Tiil ' 7 x re f , y 0 n T 3-a3Ts5l'!5a55 ,,,J,...fe3gQ-E ELIBQEQUJEAE: ei-. - ' Sony-Panasonic: Eleclrophonic Sharp 6I7 Pine Sfreei Abilene. Texas 280-Adverlising C :fL""' .guaZ5rffTaesawL .E fiff A -'M "' .-.L-'.m,1zE ., V . -..,s..auuqr-wa-'rf M' ' - me . FOOD GOOD ENOUGH TO LEAVE HOME FOR 2525 S. 14th 934 N. Mockingbird 673-5312 673-5361 Abilene, Texas Upward Wifh The Eagles . . . Apis'rix Hi Y BOTTOM ROW: Clark Urban, Larry Chapman, James Vedrina, Randy Wyaff. TOP ROW: Kenf Tippen, Paul Morris, Rick Shipley V f APISTIX-BOTTOM ROW: Tony Papason, Mark Kent THIRD ROW: Bob Ramsey. Joel Cecil, Duane Fox, Paul Randy Carr. Gary WyaH. SECOND ROW: Randy Kee- Reed, David Allen, John Rhodes. FOURTH ROW: Mike see, Doug Shepherd, Kurf Wafson, Jack King, Dru Hall. Sfowers, Jerry Burns, Thomas Rives. Adverlising-28 I OPI xxisisiiiz 1 1 FASHIONS FOR INPANTS AND CHILDREN I H lg N N.. i 67 55:1 Tama Irwin finds clo+l'1es To suif l'1er'ras're a+ Kids' Koifage Toddlers 3-6x 7'l4 BANKAIEIICAIE OPEN: Fri.'rl'1ru Sai. 9:30 AM 'ro 6 PM funnglilliiiiggmgga " ' THE CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK ABILENE CLEARING HDUSE ABU-ENE ASSUGIATIUN 0 III NATIONAL BANK FIRST STATE BANK FIRST NATTONAL CFABILENE 282-Adver+ising DR. PEPPER-PEPSI COLA BOTTLING COMPANY How can something that sounds so strange, taste so good. ..- ,. . ,., , , ,. --. ..,. , ... .1 Advertising-283 IA an QA X 4, a af My ag . X M r J RW ' ,I Im Vx I Q. - A variely of goods are +0 be found af- James Boggs +es+s a new machine al'- EJ. HADEN GROCERY I-I.A. DANIEL OFFICE MACHINES Hermes Royal Zggigfgjer Typewriters-Adding Machines-Calculators Abilene, Texas 133 Cedar A. D. Boggs-Owner SMITH BROS. CARPET MILL OUTLET WlNCHELL'S 2l42 N. Is+ l350 N. Mocklngird i 673-385l 673-4989 Abilene' Texas Abulene, Texas SALES AND SERVICE III I lllllllllllllll llfhflllllltflllllllll ,,,, IW, BIBLE IIIIIInwIIIII cu. lil ill 7 Il' lll 3.1dI'O S '45 Lv ll A,2',f'ffj,Es DEPENDABlE -I Johnson SER-HORSES gumihu nm! fbcao 'ul am uh 9 du 333 Walnut Slreef 673-8301 201 Walnut Abilene, Texas Abilene, Texas 284-Adverrising FOR THOSE WHO DEMAND THE FINEST OAKWOOD VILLAGE HAIRSTYLING AND BARBER sHoP 3246 Norfh Firsf 672-3 I 90 CLINIC PHARMACY "AbiIene's Prescripfion Drug S+ore" 598 Wes+wood 677.5223 Abilene, Texas VARSITY CLEANERS SAIWS RENT All Arnold Shaver Owner 705 college Dr. ' Phone 673-8923 33'7 SOUII' 'S+ "Personalized Service For Particular People" We Reni' Everyihing-AImosI' 677- I 072 ,Sitka PIPE COMPANY, INC. JOHN J. HUNTER PLANT LOCATION-NO. INDUS. DIST. ANSON HIGHWAY OFFICE-I80I NORTH WILLIS-PH. 677-3443 Adverfising--285 .YOUR PRIVATE TOA WORLD GF ENTERTAINMENT 1441 Woodard 673-2585 I TV CABLE SERVICE OF ABILENE XJ Gigi War+ers 'finds books of all kinds af- ABILENE BOOKSTORE Middle of the Nlall River Oaks Village 673-6041 Ad +' ' Q-286 T0qcb ugie r fvfow X1 f A S-fn V ' I fy S3255 2701 South First hinge burgers maxican loud DRIVE-IN WINDOW IGB CREAM ALLEY tsp 20 llavurs hurs. llam Onward Pagles . . Ul+im us as XX il MF A Carla Willis Vice-Presiden+ Becky Scales Secrefary Carol Agnew Sherry Bailey Becky Boone Cindy Branch Befsy Dodge Paffi Henderson Judy Leonard Margaref Mar+ineZ Shari Mafhiew S Q F S s 'SE I' Micah Parks Julie Quigg Ginger Barbara Beene Cunningham Ann TippeH Hisforian Geneva Paige Treasurer Jody Berryman Marsha Boles Kim Briley Melinda Crow Judy I'-'linfon Jana Hursf Roxann Middlefon Becky Monroe Aline Owens . i N ' 9' Jena Bodine President i ff ' ,J ic J i f l X QQ f gVLlg.,g,gi , 7 1 , 11 . 4' 5 Carolyn Ray Mary Kay Sudhnvy CJ ra ug Adverfising--287, ABILENE AUTHORIZED NEW CAR DEALER'S ASSOCIATION Cantrell Cadillac Co. . Fred Hughes Buick Arrow Ford. Inc- Jack Chevrolet Rocket Oldsmobile Jgbe Ponfiac Ed Melson Volkswagen Bill Wasson Chrysler Plymouth Westmoreland Lincoln! Mercury Village Motors Big Country Dodge Sam Moser Motors Toyota of Abilene Mazda of Abilene BUY YOUR NEW OR USED CAR FROM ONE OF THE ABOVE FRANCHISED DEALERS l Abilene, Texas TEMPLETON-KIMBROUGH PHARMACY Free Citywide Delivery 1718 Campus Court Abilene, Texas 673-6447 So You Need lo Keep Beth Lehman and Kathy Bains enioy the h- ii B - h d CI atmosphere that surrounds them a+-- Somel mg ng ian aan ' I J 'l' Yourself Your Vehicle WE CAN HEL' DRIVE INN Your Bundmg 677-5266 Your Employees 768 Walnut 4131 North First Abilene, Texas Phone 673-1491 ABILENE LINEN SUPPLY WEST TEXAS LINEN SERVICE ertising-288 Shirley Jenkins Presidenl Janelle McLemore Vice-Presidenl Mary Kay Kiel Debbie Winlers VlCe-PreSlCl6r1l' Secretary Eagles Always- Ta ma Wai Tri- H i-Y Cindy Andrews Sue Buckley 'Janis Douglas Carole Cole Connie Jones Cindy Jones Kim Hughes Joyce Landry Kim Pelerson Debbie Oliver Laura Walson Dana Walson MarTl'1a Vesl Monica Morrison Marcia McKeehan Lynda McCombs Nannelfe Wrighl Slepllanie Williams Adverlising--289 ANDY'S AUTOMOTIVE Z'-X IZEX SERVICE "COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE REPAIRS" , ALL MAKES,AND MODELS X ' , I c. A. TARR X 162 3777 OWNIR - OPIIATOI X X 1.44 FIRST QUALITY 1466 Pine 672-4781 fx X Abiiene, Texas , FLOWERS 241 North 13th HIGH S 677-8103 Best Wishes . . .Warren and Jo High .ef A H H I ' f',-i, Wm, Unrlu a i g1.V.'?'5 Ehfjiy M ' "" Wim W P 7 .im rsmu 'i 'i ' 4. 77" 7' ' T,-..4 VII' ' 43 i 5 I A " I 6 A 6 ii A 6 W e J.. X ,I - ' --sew-. , rf: A S qi '-B3 Eddie Palmer "'iiI!2'j ' Alden Lancaster cpcu ' Z If Dewcyne Chitwood You'II like Tall Texan Protection SW N. First ct Mulberry Advertising-290 673-6414 "In Downtown Abilene-Just East of the Post Office" 357-67-77 Walnut Phone 677-2076 Baclcing lhe Warbirds . . . Siwamasis Tri-Hi-Y :Aff If 2,1 y -L , 4 W if ef . 56 'M Eyed 3, , Cassie Slevenson Presidenf Susan Jones Vice-Presiden+ Janel Dodd Secrefary Becky Spann Treasurer Sally Sfrader Marianne Taylor Debbie Vernon Debbie Williams Kim Andress Belinda Briley Cindy Bryanl Marlha Burdell Connie Carr Mary Ann Cliunn Karen Clay Terry Coker Laura Cullers Taina Curry Susan Ducker Bev Hogg Nancy l-luddlesfon Kendra Jeler Pafli Jones Brenda Keesee Mary Lamberf Cindy Miller Shirley Norman Carol Powell Judy Purvis Kafliy Rucker Kallwy Spicer Slrader Adverfising-291 I SHOP FQR uname mess ' FURR'S PROTE nf and u bonEus gf com Bonn sTAMPs NATIONAL BRANDS N COURTEOUS SERVICE N BEEE Y 216 Leggett Dr. 677-2658 B A077 .S'lll0N TWO LOCATIONS ABILENE, TEXAS 3161 South 23rd 692-6675 A Aaron, Cathy 86,103,154,189,223,227 Aaron, Roxann 92,129,174,175,197 "A" ASSOCIATION 192 Abbott, Ms. Joyce 64 Abel, Christine 118,189,197 ABILENE BOOKSTORE 286 ABILENE CHRISTIAN COLLEGE 263 ABILENE CLEANING HOUSE ASSO. 282 AHS CAFETERIA 270 ABILENE LINEN SUPPLY 288 ABILENE NEW CAR DEALERS 288 ABILENE PRINTING AND STATIONERY 256 ACME SIGN AND PLASTIC 276 Index B Karen 132,197 Baack, Baca, Sherry 117,223 Baccus, Kim 237 Bacon, Mr. Carl 66,154,240 Bacon, Bailey, Bailey '2 Terry 186,187,223 Bob 5O,89,154,172,222,223 223, Bains, Kathryn 95,197,288 Baird, Mike 138,197 Baker, Ball, M Melissa 108,175,223 s. Beverly 80 Ballard, James 237 Ball, Gail 197 Sherry 100,102,104,105,106, 87 BOOTERY 258 BORDEN MILK 276 Bostick, Dale 103,122,237 Bounds, Ms. Frances 84 Bourland, Dannette 129,233,277 Bowden, Larry 237 Bowden, Judy 117,237 Bowser, Sar 108,237,238 Boyd, James 135,199 Boyd, Vickie 223 Boyd, Vickie 237 Boykin, Cynthia 237 Braden, Ms. Clara 71 Bradford, Chuck 52,92,123,199 Bradford, Karen 129,223 Bradshaw, Tim 104,107,123,140,223 Adams, David 131,144,197 Adams, Dennis 139,197 Adams, Pamela 117,237 Agnew, Carol 129,223,287 Agnew, Janet 149,237 Aquilar, Fito 166 Aquilar, Mr. Pat 66,161,167,187 Aquirre, Jesse 237 Aquirre, Rachel 223 Aquirre, Zulema 197 Ake, Debbie 237 Ake, Linda 111,116,223 Alcorta, Mr. Ricardo 85 Aldridge, Mr. .lack 71,161,172 Alexander, Marlon 131,237 Alford, Theresa 140,223 Allbright, Ricky 237 Allen, David 124,178,237,281 Allen, Dawn 223 Allen, Mr. Gene 150 Allen, Janice 223,277 Allen, Linda 223 Allen, Milicent 125,223 Allen Richard 131 Allison, Dana 127 Allison, Joe 223 Allred, Jimmy 197 Almaguer, Betty 102,223 Altman, Glen 148,149,150,197 Alvarado, Rudolfo 197 Amarine, Sheryl 132,197 Anderson, Chad 124,145,178,223 Anderson, Charles 186,187 Anderson, Connie 138,197 Anderson, Derril 103 Anderson, Jeanette 142 Anderson, Neilon 137,197 Anderson, Ms. Nyoka 64 Andress, Kim 133,223,291 Andrews, Cindy 237,289 Andrews, Randy 14O,l41,145,160, 163,167,197 ANDY'S AUTOMOTIVE 290 APISTIX 280 Arrambide, Jonathan 103,155,237 Arrambide, Josue 103,155,237 Arrendondo, Rudy 197 Arwine, Ms. Tommie 84 Aston, Matt 122 Ates, Lee 103,155,223 Atkins, John 125 Atkinson, Lauretta 108,197 'AUDIO VISUAL CLUB 145 Austin, Ms. Laverne 84 Austin, Robert 143,186,197 Austin, Sandra 237 Ballew, Katta 125,237 Balz, Laura 189 Band 100 'BAND CLUB 155 Barbee, Jon 223 Barlow, Mr. Bob 79,140,141 Barnes, Robert 126,197 Barnes, Valinda 125,177,237 Barrett, Rhonda 237 Barrera, Pete 108,143,198 Barron, Debbie 138,198 Barltett, David 138,198 Basey, Valeria 129,237 Bassinger, Cheryl 198 Battee, Pot 133 BATTERY 98 Batts, Carl 237 Baumgart, Joseph 198 Beall, Cindy 35,120,121,198 Beane, Barbara 189,287 Beck, Dale 144 Beene, Ms. Barbara 80 Bell, Carlton 138,139,198 Behney, Richard 144,223 Bell, Susie 135 Bennett, Connie 223 Bennett, Timothy 223 Bentley, lan 102,108,237 Berry, Mr. John 79 Berry, Neil 223 Berry, VG 223 Berryman, Jody 41,55,91,236,237, 287 BIBLE HARDWARE CO. 284 Biddle, Linda 198 Billingsley, Cary 91,154,196,196,19B BINGO'S 286 Bird, Judy 79,133 Black, Joe 102,152,223 Blackburn, Mr. B. L. 69 Blackford, Mr. Roland 61 Blackshear, Bruce 186 Blahak, Charles 237 Blake, Charles 198 Blankeney, John 126,168,170 Blankenship, Nancy 142,223 Bledsoe, Alice 154,223 Bledsoe, Curtis 166 Bledsoe, Tully 154,237 BLOSSOM SHOP 258 Blount, Darrell 140,141,198,221 Bodine, Jena 88,89,198,202,256,287 Boggs, James 122,237,284 Boles, Marsha 128,145,223,287 Bonham, Robert 199 Boone, Becky 89,92,104,106,129,223, 287 Bragg, David 237 Branch, Cindy 189,237,287 Branch, Robert 160,166,19O,278 Brandon, Clay 125,177,237 Brannon, Artie 138,199 Branum, Janet 199 Braye, Breach, Joe 167 Ronnie 137 Bridges, David 33,95,102,223 Briesacher, Joyce 106,223 Briley, Belinda 4t,aa,to4,1os,155, 199,266,273,291 Briley, John 146 Briley, Kim B9 Briley, Pam 237 Briley, Sonia 237 Brinson, Max 55,170,186,204,222,275 Brister, Ms. Jozell 74,92 Bristow, Karen 224 Brock, Bobby 199 Brock, Bruce 199 Brooker, Martha 116,237 Brooker, Sherri 135,199 Brooks, Ms. Martha 64 Brooks, Mike 137 Brooks, Rita 118,152,224 Brooks, Terry 144 Broom, Margaret 143,199 Broom, Alice 132,199 Brown, Diane 224 Brown, Dianne 108,237 Brown, Jerry 146,238 Brown, Molly 91,107,129,238,277 Brown, Pam 130,224 Brown, Ms. Valenda 83,111 Broye, Joseph 111 Broyles, Annette 107,238 Broyles, Billy 140,224 BURGER CHEF 281 Burke, Julia 91,111 Burkhart, Karen 132,199 Burks, Patti 100,102,125,199 Burns, Avery 238 Burnett, Kennedy 166,186 Burnes, Jerry 281 Burns, Billy 135 Burns, Jeanette 138,199 Burns, Rhonda 238 Burt, Dennis 160,199 Burt, Bob 238 Burton, April 140,224 Burton, Becky 238 Burton, Patricia 65 Burton, Ricky 224 Bush, Dennis 108,199 Butler, Jessica 91,129,238 Butler, Ms. Mildred 64 Butler, Richard 150 Byrd, Douglas 89,114,172,238 C Coffey, Nancy 117,238,279 Coffey, Rhonda 117,199,279 Cagle, Terry 106,131,238 Cain, Richard 135,136,199 Cain, Tom 108,145,238 Caldwell, Connie 142,224 CALDWELL'S 256 Calloway, Anita 111,189,238 Calloway, Glenda 132,200 Calloway, Ricky 172,186 camp, Mike 238 Campbell, Delores 200 Campbell, Judy 116,238 Campbell, Marilyn 224 Campbell, Ronald 224 Campbell, Ronnie 238 Campos, Danny 224 Canavan, Pat 145,146,147 Candelaria, Rosie 238 Cannefax, Terry 103,155,238 Cannon, Dianne 116,200 Cannon, Susanne 110,116,239 CAPARELLA TRI-H1-Y 279 Carmichael, Don 200 Carpenter, Sally 120,129,224 Carpenter, Susan 224 Carpentiere, Becky 200 Carr, Cathy 129,239,277 Carr, Connie 107,239,291 Carr, Randy 88,281 Carrosco, Ednoi 97,104,106,122, BROYLES CARPETS 264 Bruce, Ronda 104,106,129,224 Bruner, Janis 102,11l,155,238 Bruno, Jeff 166,238 Bruno, Judy 135,199 Bryant, Cindy 62,238,291 Bryant, Jim 150,224 Bryant, Ken 160 Bryant, Ms. Leona 69 Buck, Larry 238 Buckles, Judy 110,224 Buckley, Brenda 135,224 Buckley, Sue 31,97,98,224,289 Buckner, Karen 116,238 BUD'S DUDS 272 Bullington, Brenda 129,224 Bunkley, Terry 160 Burdell, Martha 238,291 Carrosco, Eliseo 200 Carroll, Lynne 132,200 Carroll, Ms. Martha 73,117 Carter, Forrest 224 Carter, Glenn 102,122,144,239 Carter, Janet 239 Carter, Jerry 137,200 Carter, Keith 239 Carter, Mark 108,140,166 Carter, Steve 167,186 Cartwright, Sheri 200 CASA DE VELAS 266 Castillo, Herman 145,239 Castillo, Mary 239 Castillo, Sylvia 200 Castro, Gloria 97 Cecil, Joel 118,200,281 200 Index-293 Gardne Gooch, Chacon, David 137,173 Chalcroft, Ms. Susanne 83,145 Chance, Kim 239 Chaney, Susie 88,158,200,272,277 Chapman, Larry 91,224 Chapman, Chuck 53,91,200,221,275 Chapman, Tommy 200 'Chess Club 122 Chevrie, Lonnie 249 Chevrie, Rick 88,160,180,200 Childress, Elaine 239 Childs, Kris 128,239 Choir 104 Chunn, Mary Ann 91,239,273,291 Clark, Grace 239 Clarke, Tommy 145,160,180,2O0 Clay, Karen 88,133,224,291 Clay, Kim 149,200 Cleek, David 146 Clemmer, Mr. Carl 85 Clemmer, Lewis 149,160,224 Cleveland, Mr. Glen 71,124,178 Cleveland, Robbye 130 Clifton, Ms. Ethel 71 CLINIC PHARMACY 285 Close, Mike 103,104,105,131,155,225 CLOTH WORLD 268 Cloudus, Paul 124,178,200 Coates, Nancy 123,225 Coates, Nathan 114,186,225 COCA COLA 261 Coffman, Brenda 104,107 Cogburn, Martha 104,107 Cagburn, Steve 200 Cothern, Doug 140 Coker, Terry 225,291 Cole, Carole 132,201,289 Cole, Mike 102,105,131,155,225 Cole, Theresa 239 Collins, Ms. Lynda 75 Collins, Vicki 201 Collum, Steve 201 COMMERCIAL COLLEGE 278 Compher, Philip 131,239 Condra, Mark 160,225,275 Conner, Terry 137,160,166 Conrad, Gayla 102,127,239 Conway, Curtis 122,140,225 Cook, Caren 116,239 Cook, Cathey 138,139,201 Cook, Joe 145 Cook, Pamela 138,201 Cooper, Al 122 Cooper, Danny 167,239 Cooper, Debbie 239 Cooper, Ricky 138,201 Coplin, Della 118,119 Corlee, Terri 150,225 Cornish, Pam 89,239 Correu, Beth 39,239 Cortinaz, Eva 239 Cortinaz, Richard 225 Cortinez, Sandra 118,119 Coston, Carlton 201 Coston, Jeff 36,103,239 Cothern, Doug 88,108,225 Couch, Mr. Cecil 79,135 Couch, Celia 92,108,109,201 Coward, LaFawn 239 Coward, Randy 201 Cowart, Paula 117,130,225 Craig, Debbie 117,225 Crain, Gary 138,139,201 Crain, Sheila 239,277 Crawford, Elton 126,201 Crawford, Gordon 149,150,239 Crawford, Malcom 102,105,131,225 Crick, Ms. Judi 64 Crim, Billy 172,239 Crim, James 89,126,225 Crisp, Ralph 106 'Christian Club 112 Crofford, Darlene 140,225,277 Crouch, Ms. Peggy 74 Crow, Debbie 91,140,141,201 Crow, Melinda 225,287 Crowe, David 239 Crowe, John 184,225,275 Crump, Ms. Donnis 64,127 Crumpton, Victor 122,145,225 Cruse, Bonnie 130,225 Cruz, Fino 239 Cullers, Laura 175,225,291 Cullifer, Cindy 239 Cumby, Joyce 201,216 Cunningham, Ginger 287 Curry, Taina 31,88,155,104,107,201, 256,291 Currier, Michael 201 294-Index Cutbirth, Marilyn 108,239 Cvetkovich, Mark 201,146,147 D Dail, Frances 189,239 Dail, Lloyd 43,146,202 Dale, Ms. Gay 64 Daneworth, Greg 150 Daniel, Carlos 137,202 Daniels, Lee 103,105,155,225 Daniels, Patricia 239 Dankworth, Gregory 202 Darwin, Ms. Percy 74 Davidson, Connie 239 Davidson, Edward 149,202 Edwards, Mark 120,226 Edwards, Tena 111,240 Edwards, Vickie 111,226 E. J. HADEN GROCERY 284 'Electronic Data Processing 140 Elkins, Debbie 24,141,226 Goona, Sylvia 241 Garcia, Frank 241 Garcia, Mr. Martin B5 Garcia, Olivia 241 Garcia, Virginia 226 r, Brenda 118 Elkins, Jesse 226 Elliot, Debbie 125,240 Elliot, Pat 134,135,136,203,277 ELLIOTTS FUNERAL HOME 266 Ellis, Bob 7,53,92,103,104,105,108, 109,203 Ellis, Ken 173 Ellis, Brenda 240 Davis, Ms. Ava 62,63 Davis, Elizabeth 106,142,239 Davis, Jeff 145,228 Davis, Jill 152 Davis, Lamar 7,88,108,109,202 Davis, Lindsay 129,225 Davis, Robert 79,227 Davis, Ronna 239 Davis, Sonia 38,202 Davis, Debbie 130,133,225 Day, Karen 135,225 Day, Sue 79,118 Deavers, Ms. Avis 74 'DECA lDistributive Eclucationl 134 Decker, Mr. A. Z. 85 Decker, Mr. Bill 79,138 Decker, Karen 240 Decker, Wendell 79,150 Deichmann, Keith 106,120,167 Delgado, Pearl 240 Denham, Ms. Marie 6,61 Denny, Deborah 103,100,155,202 Dendy, Dionne 152,225 Dennis, Robin 127,240 Derden, Davis 240 Diaz, Anita 202 Diaz, Febra 202 Diaz, Jimmy 103,155,240 Diaz, Mary 53,78,130,202 Dieckman, Charla 31,240 Dieckman, Glenda 132 Dieckman, Randy 146,225 Diehl, Gary 97,254 Diener, Brad 240 Diener, Pam 135,202 Dillard, Ann 118,202 Dillard, Judy 116 Ditmore, Cy 95,96,102,104,155,225 Dix, Mark 240 Dix, Ron 71,154,202 DIXIE PIG 276 Dixen, Donna 80,92,130,202 Dixon, Lanna 131,240 Dodd, Janet 202,291 Dodge, Betsy 88,202,287 Dooley, Ms. Jo 64 Doty, Robert 149 Dotson, Jeannie 225 Dotson, Kyle 137,240 Doty, Robert 203 Douglas, Janis 97,125,225,289 Doyle, Celia 129,222,225,277 'Drafting Club 131 Drake, Mark 203 'Drama 120 DR. PEPPER 283 Drummond, Lee 240 Ducker, Susan 117,125,222,225,291 Dudley, Janet 98,175,225 Dumont, Wilfred 122,240 Dunagan, Phil 190 Duncan, Randy 108,125,177,240 Duncan, Ray 172,225 Duncan, Ronnie 95,146,147,225 Dunn, Alisa 240 Dunn, Ann 125,240 Dunn, Randy 126,203 Duval, Ms. Corin 64 DuVall, Pam 29,95,125,225 E Eods, Steven 131,225 Earles, James 203 Earles, Cindy 225 Earnest, Robert 136 Earp, Lana 132,203 Earp, Randy 35,12O,1'71,240 Eastburn, Don 28,91,203,211 'Ecology Club 127 Ellison, Ms. Ethel 73 Emanuel, Michael 240 Emery, Richard 178,150,240 Empie, Kimberly 226 'Environmental Science 152 Erwin, Cindy 175,240 Escobedo, Pete 167 ESTES HOUSE OF FASHIONS 260 Estes, Sherry 241,260 Estrada, David 97,241 Eubank, Charlene 102,241 Eure, Regina 103,226,279 Evans, Nancy 52,104,105,107,203 Eversdyk, Cindy 116,241 Eversdyk, Randall 114,203 F Faircloth, Vicki 102,127,241 FANOUS BROTHERS JEWELERS 274 Farmer, Pam 241 Farnsworth, Ann 104,106,129,226,279 FASHION LANE 266 Fought, Mark 241 'Fellowship of Christian Athletes 193 Ferguson, Brenda 117,241 Ferguson, Harold 138 Ferree, Dan 143,203 Fincher, Dan 226 Fincher, Dennis 137 Fisher, Larry 104,107,122,226 Fisher, Mike 144,203 Fisher, Nancy 73 Fitzgerald, Gary 145,16O,166,186,226 Fitzgerald, Vicki 241 Flanagan, Brenda 39,241 Gardner, Beverly 226 Garrett, Timothy 138 GARLANDS BEAUTY SCHOOL 276 Gaulding, Cindy 138,204,293 Garner, Angelia 241 Garrett, Beverly 127,241 Garrett, Buba 138,187 Garrett, Gary 139 Gaulding, Suzie 117,241 Gay, Sandy 241 GAY TRAVEL SERVICE 264 Goyden, Ginger 100,102,120,155,241 Geneaux, Edwin 204 George, Rodney 238 Giles, Wane 103 Gibson, Dale 186 Gibson, William 186,241 Gilbert, Bryant 103,155,226 Giles, Tina 123,241 Gililland, David 104,112,150,180, 182,204 Gillett, Paula 152,226,228 Gillis, Suzan 149,241 Gilmer, Karen 11,92,108,204,279 Gindratt lsiah 5,32,104,106,159,186 Gindratt, Maurice 160,166 Gladish, Lindo 106,128,241 Gloss, Peggy 226 GLEN H. BIDDLE STANDARD STAT Glenn, 204 Glenn, Glenn, ION 268 Carolyn 26,53,92,93,95,108, Paul 96,226 Shelly 241 Godard, Don 122,204 Godoy, Gogle, Ana 41,267 Jonye 132,204 Gonzales, Deborah 241 Gonzales, Larry 127 Gonzales, Mary Lou 204 Gonzales, Naomi 97,118,119 Gonzales, Olga Marie 133,226 Jan 226,279 'Flashlight 94 Flatt, Cathy 241 Flores Flores Flores Flores, Flores, Julia 102 Adam 203 Adolfo 103,140,155,186,226 Joseph 5,24,159 Beth 132,241 Flores, Noel 103,155,186,241 Flores Raymond 103,241 Flores, Rudy 241 Flynn, Brenda 91,126,203 Foard Mr. Robert 76 Foltz, Vikki 130,203 Ford, Gail 89,133 Ford, John 186 Foreman, John 186 Forkerway, Mr. George 66,161 Forrester, Cindy 130,203,279 Forrester, Mike 173 Forsyth, Paul 104,107 Foster, Gail 104,107,129,226 Foster, Janet 150,203 Foster, Kenneth 126,226 Fowler, Susan 203 Fox, Duane 226,281 Fox, Mark 55,88,104,106,184,226,275 Fox, Ms. Vivian 74 ' FRANCIS' BEAUTY SALON 290 Francis, Joyce 102,155,241 Franklin, Vernessa 241 Fraser, Sandy 133,226 Fraser, Teri 130,203 Frasier, Larry 203 Frazier, Olen 48,88,91,92,160,167, 204,266,275 Franklin, David 152 Freeman, Randy 146,204 Frost, Camille 241 Fry, Pam 89,241 Fry, Thomas 108,241 Fulton, Phyllis 91,189,241 FURRS 292 Futrell, Mr. Harold 85 'Future Farmers of America 148 'Future Homemakers of America 116 Edgar, Jennifer 107,190,240 Edward, Danny 145 Edwards, Cynthia 110,114,226 Edwards Gary 167 Edwards, Edwards, James 170,225 Kenneth 91 ,149,1 60,225 'Future Nurses Club 142 'Future Teachers of America 115 G Galloway, Brad 241 Galloway, Steve 95,204,216 Galle, Terry 140 GOOCH PACKING PLANT 290 Goodgion, Randall 241 GOURMAND'S 293 Gowler, Dixie 30,91,98,140,204,217, 219 Graham, Patricia 140,204 Grant, JoAnn 97,98,102,104,105,226, 274 Grant, Ralinda 116,226 Grantom, Julie 241 Grasham, John 104,106,226 Gravens, Ricky 91,55,145,166,182,241 Graves, Mr. Bill 30,59,60,61 Gray, Mrs. Billie 74,198 Green, Kathy 133,226 Green, Susan 92 Greene, Dana 54,88,91,172,225 Greenlee, Eddie 108,167,241 Gregg, David 149 Greyston, Kenneth 186,242 Gregston, Ricky 242 Grice, Cara 120,242 Griffin, Edward 85 Griffin, Mark 152,242 Griffin, Ms. Margurite 66 Griffin, Nancy 114,226 Griffith, Ms. Maria 75 GRIGSBY'S 268 Grimes, Joyce 65,114,226 Grisham, John 103 GRISSOM'S 259 Grissom, Kay 135,204 Grohman, Kay 150,151,174,226 Grohman, Poul 149,151,180,204 Grover, Leigh 42,92,123,226 Gruber, Mr, Dick 66,160,161 Guerra, Joe 98,125,177,226 Guerrero, Carlos 226 Guest, Andree 204 Gunter, Cyndy 118,204 Gunter, Jan 242 Guthrie, Jim 204 Gusto, Stephen 81 Gusto, Susan 138 Gutierrez, Cynthia 226 Guy, Eddie 173,242 H Haas, Kay 73 Hackney, Deborah 242 Hackney, Glenda 242 H. A. DANlEL'S OFFICE MACHINES 284 Haddock, Janet 117,227 Hadlock, Gena 117,206,278 Haecker, Mr. Gary 74,125,177 Hagler, Connie 106,242 Hailey, Simmy 166,242 Halbert, David 91,160,193,227,273,275 Hale, Henry 242 Hall, James 126,242,281 Hall, Lynn 9,95,123,204 Hallmark, Jana 103,104,106 Halpayne, Mike 144 Hamilton, Almose 135 Hamilton, Dee Dee 40,158 Hamilton, Matt 127,186,242,275 Hamilton, Ramona 104,106,118,119, 205 Hamilton, Stan 55,106,167,186,236,242, 275 Hamlett, Denae 11,94,95,96,113,140, 141,205 McClure, Mary 130,229 Hamm, Gaye 114,129,227 Hancock, Debbie 142,242 Hanson, Barbara 102,105,130,227 Hardaway, Lynn 112,227 Hardin, Mike 145 HARDIN SIMMONS UNIVERSITY 260 Harendt, Tommie 149,205 Harkey, Ms. Ouida 79,132 Harkrader, Kathy 108,227 Harlow, Dawn 117,227 Harlow, Mr. J. M. 79 HAROLD CRAWFORD TIRE CO. 281 Harper, Paula 120,124,227 Harris, Ms. Hazel 63 Harris, Monte 180 Harris, Mr. Ted 6O,160,161,180 Harrison, David 122,242 Harrison, Teri 132,205 Hart, Retha 130 Hart, Rhonda 104,106,112,125,177, 205 Harvey, Bruce 124,178,205 Havens, Lachristia 95,96,106,116,205 Havins, Cindy 242 Harwell, Jennifer 205 Harwell, Mr. Joe 82,131 Hawkins, Lorrie 242 Hawkins, Rhonda 111,227 Hazelton, Carolyn 242 Hazelwood, Johnny 242 Headrick, Jeanette 38 Heflin, Renee 88,130,206 Holloway, Mark 124,154,178,207 Honeycutt, Ronald 227 Hood, Cheryl 97,98,101,102,207 Hood, Mr. Danny 33,34,76,105 Hood, JoAnn 108 Hood, Jim 111,242 Hood, Mary 39,242 Howard, Julie 133 Howard, Tim 103,155 Howeth, Debbie 133,227 Howerton, Elizabeth 88,117,145,207 Houlihan, Nita 6,116,207 Houston, Garry 104,152,227 Hubbard, Toni 189,207 Huddleston, Nancy 48,88,104,107,115, 129,207,291 Huddleston, Scott 160,166,227,275 Hudson, Ava 227 Hudson, Kenneth 242 Hudson, Janie 133 Hudson, Sherry 133,227 Huett, John 207 Hughes, Kim 174,207,289 Hull, David 111,166,243 Humphreys, Kay 10,189,190,191,227 Hunt, Donna 112,143 Hunt, Fred 135,227 Hunt, Steve 227 Hunter, Melanie 106,243 Hurst, Jana 35,120,121,227,287 Hutchins, Chris 107,243,277 l Ice, Denise 88,129,227 Irwin, Cindy 243 Keesee, Brenda 228,291 Keesee, Darlene 116,243 Keesee, Randy 170,180,208,259,281 Keesee, Roma 116,132,208 Keith, Dwight 150,208 Keith, Mr. Henry 79,143 Kellar, Steven 244 Kelsey, David 166,228 Kelly, Paul 106,110 Kelly, Mr. Paul 76,110 Kelley, Steve 76,108,125,152,228 Lopez, Jesus 146,229 Lopez, Linda 97,118,119 Lopez, Olivia 133,229 Louis, Jackie 135 Lowry, Kaakey 190 Loya, Albert 105,245 Loya, Mary 142,245 Loya, Mary H. 130,229 Loza, Virg inia 209 Love, Roger 11,52,92,93,126,209 Lowe, Lynn 138 Kemp, Debbie 228 Kendrick, Vickie 208,130 KEN MAYHALL MUSIC 260 Kenneally, Debbie 128,228 Kennedy, James 126,208 Kennedy, Randy 229,275 Kent, Mark 228,281 KENT'S HONDA 262 Kerley, Dirk 178,124 Keys, Mr. Joseph 71 Keys, Ms. Lurline 84 KIDS KOTTAGE 282 Kiel, Bit 277 Kiel, Mary Kay 138,139,208,289 Kimbrough, Kathy 107,129,175,244,277 King, Debbie 111,229 King, Jack 68,172,229,281 Lowry, Lynn 209 Luttrell, Lynn 123,229 Lyons, Debbie 142 Lyons, Doyal 112,229 Lyon, James 229 Lyon, Jeff 245 M McAlister, Melia 107,245,277 McAlpin, Mr. Chester 61,227 McAuliffe, Karen 95,96,116,229,258 McAuliffe, Kevin 39,229,275 McBride, Danny 166 McBride, Donald 229 McBride, Kevin 103,140,229 McBride McClure Pat 132 f cindi 72,245 King, Phil 146 King, Robert 45,95,103,229 King Robert D. 96,166,244 King: Vicki 244 Kinker, Jayne 224 Kinney, Karen 116,244 Irwin, Mr. Max 74,95,98,201,275 J Jackson, Carrie 227 Jackson, Jerry 227 Jackson, Kay 102,155,243 Jackson, Ms. Rebel 64 Jackson, Thomas 227 James, Barbara 243 James, Billy 187,207 James, Pam 118,227 Jando, Delbert 131,243 Joy, Ms. Joyce 75 Jaynes, U-Nan 125 Jenkins, Melinda 207 Jenkins, Mr. Rodney 80,161,168,251 Jenkins, Rose Ann 130,207 Jenkins, Shirley 174,175,207,289 Jennings, Becky 243 Jerige, Aubrey 125,177,228 Jerse Richard 131 Kirgis, Judy 244 KLINES 210 Knight, Larry 148,149,150 Knippa, Kathy 208 Knupple, Cathy 102,155,244 Knupple, Janey 117,208 Knupple, Suzie 129,229 Kontes, Jerry 244 Koonsman, Leann 95,102,224,229,233 KUYKENDALL Office Mch. 216 L Laflower, Randy 244 Lamb, Joyce 208 Lambdin, Mr. James 46,69 Lambert, Lambert, Lambert, Lambart Lambert, Lambert, Cathy 111,229 Jani 103,118,119,155,208 Lanny 125,177,244 Mary 229,259,291 Paula 111,208 Shirley 130,208 McClure, Vince 111,149,245 McCombs, Lynda 209,239 McCombs, Tonya 72,129,229,279 McCord, Mark 89,124,159,178,210,275 M:Corkle, Russell 245 McCoy, Mr. Jessie 84 McDea rma n, Ms. Neva 84 McElroy, Mike 122 McElyea, Jim 126,229 McFadden, Don 140,210 McGee, Debra 89 McKeeham, Marcia 108,125,229,289 McKennon, Jo Ann 229 McKennon, Pat 117,210 McKenzie, David 245 McKenzie, Jim 154,230 McKenzie, Loretta 102,117,229 McLemore, Mc Knight, McLeod, D Mc Leskey, McMahon, McManus, Joyce 174,175,210,289 Dan 245 abid 245 Rusty 149,160,163,182,230 Douglas 131,145,245 Debra 129,245 McMillon, Martha 107,245,277 McMullan, Susan 230 McMURRY COLLEGE 269 Johnston Heil, Lee 54 Henderson, Carolyn 129,242 Henderson, Dani 242,279 Henderson, Patti 59,189,227,287 Hendrix, Deana 92,132,206,277 Hendrix, Gary 149,186,242 Henry, Bruce 122 Henry, Ms. Ann 84 Henry, Gary 146,227 Henry, Mary 88,206 Herman, Alan 103,114,227 Hernandez, Mariano 102,206 Hernandez, Pat 242 Hernandez, Simon 166 Herold, Kendel 65,114,242 Herpeche, Sherry 118,206 Herrera, Debra 227 Heslep, Gary 242 Hester, Bill 150 Hester, Bertha 84 Hester, Lois 142,242 Hickman, Calvin 74,131,180,206 Hicks, Jerry 206 Hicks, Cheryl 127,242 Hicks, Dub 144 Hicks, Sharon 242 Higgins, Jimmy 103,155,227 Higgins, Kathy 110,150,174,227 HlGH'S FLOWERS 290 Hill, Jeff 24,52,89,159,170,206 Hill, Lynette 132,206 Hill, Morris 206 Hines, Cynthia 111,129,189,242 Hines, Thomas 16O,162,166,186,187 Hinton, Judy 88,206,287 Hisey, Keith 150,206 Hobbs, Larry 242 Hobbs, Suzy 102,155,242 Hobgood, Eleanor 242 Y, Jeter, Kendra 150,207,291 Jett, Denise 106,174 Jimeniz, Isabel 228 Jimenez, Johnny 118,207 Joeris, John 166 Johler, Carolyn 107,243 Johns, Ms. Novah 84 Johnson, Brenda 228 Johnson, Carla 243 Johnson, Jim 140,143,167,228 Johnson, Ms. Patricia 69 Johnson, Mr. R. E. 85 Johnson, Ralph 146,207 Johnson, Randall 228 Johnson, Ronald 149,207 Johnson, Vanessa 142 Johnson, Mr. William 85 Johnston , Brenda 243 , Brian 123,228 Johnston, John 228 Jolly, Joy 236,243 Jones, Cindy 116,243 Jones, Connie 228,289 Jones, Cynthia 243,289 Jones, D avid 186,243 Jones, Harold 160,166,186 Jones, Karl 243 Jones, Kelly 135,207 Jones, Larry 111,150,243 Jones, Li nda 243 Jones, Patti 73,117,228,291 Jones, Ms. Sallie 75 Jones, Sue 133,228 Jones, Susan 91,132,207 Jones, Susanette 228 Jones, Sylvia 100,102,105,22B Jones Wynona 243 Jordah, Oran 184 K Hodges, Brenda 116,207 Hollabaugh, Joni 138,207 Hogg, Ms. Beverly 80,175,291 Hollabaugh, Joni 138,207 Holland, Joe 167 Hollingsworth, George 34,154,172,227 Kaake, Chuck 150,166,243 Kachel, Rita 228 Krempin, Billy 208 Kaerwer, Floyd 126,186,208 Kammerer, John 243 Kearney, Robert 167,243 Landis, Marsha 129,229 Landis, Paul 108,244 Landreth, Larry 103,155,244 Landry, Joyce 45,95,19O,244,247,254, 289 Landrum, Ms. Ethel 84 Lane, Debra 244 Lanford, Steve 122 Lang, Barbara 111,244 Lang, Vera 208,216 Langan, Kathleen 106,122,244 Langford, Mr. James 43,60 Lanham, Jutta 127,244 Laningham, Debi 229 Large, Loretta 31,107,129,244 Lasyone, Bryan 106,154,244 Lathrop, Wendy 11,26,53,89,95,208, 217,279 Lawson, Joel 135,143,145,208 Leach, John 14,92,93,126,208 Leddy, Debbie 229 Lee, Ronnie 102,155,244 Leeth, Sherri 229 Lehmann, Beth 6,95,155,192,206,208 288 Lemond, Debra 244 Leonard, Ms. George 69,154 Leonard, Judy 244,287 Leonard, Randy 160,163,208,275 Lewis, Ken 102,229 Lewis, Ronnie 103,177,244 Lewis, Shannon 229 Leya, Ann 106 Lieb, Gwen 142,244 Lightfoot, Lu Anne 107,129,229 Ligon, Ms. Madeline 39,64 Liles, Steve 122,245 LION HARDWARE 281 Littlefield, Celia 110,229 Lobstein, Randy 167 Lockard, Sue 209 Lomax, Diann 229 Long, Marvin 138,139,209 Long, Paula 102,155,245 Lopez, Dora 229 McNutt, Gary 149 McWilliams, Ben 103,138,155,210 Mackey, Juanita 117,230 Macon, Mrs. Nelda 71 Malkowski, Gordon 103 Manis, P amela 125 Mantooth, Kim 155,209 Maples, Valerie 120,230 Marquez, Virginia 102,155,245 Marr, Loyd 102,155,245 Marsh, Charlie 135 Martin, Danny 110,209 Martin, David 110 Martin, Sandra 230 Martinez Martinez , Debbie 97,142,245 Eliseo 167 Martinezi Johnny 143,209 Martinez, Joshua 230 Martinez, Margret 217,280,287 Massey, Billy 111 Massey, Dave 167 Massey, LaDonna 230 Massey, Norman 245 MARY MEEK SCHOOL OF NURSING 262 Mathiews, Karen 209 Mathiews, Shari 89,128,236,245,287 Mathis, Craig 140,230 Matthews, Ronnie 120,245 Maxwell, Cynthia 142,245 Moyes, Flora 189 MAYFIELD PAPER COMPANY 281 Mayhall, Allan 245 Mayhall, Curtis 230 Mayhall, Debbie 30,53,91,98,112,209, 217,260 Mayhall, Janel 43,88,114,138,230 Maynard, Eddy 148,209 Maynard, Ronny 149,160,166,1B2,230 Maynor, Randy 131,245 Meador, Debra 245 Meador, Mrs. Katherine 73 MEADS Mealer, Medina, BREAD 276 Suzie 230 Mr. Victor 66,97,152 Index-295 RUSSEY'S Medrano, Gloria 245 Medrano, John 245 Medullo, Danny 145,230 Melchor, Mr. Lee 85 Melton, Debbie 210 Melton, Toni 277 Mercer, Ann 245 Meredith, Marilyn 132,210 Merrell, David 186,187,245 Mesa, Norma 245 Metcalf, Michael 245 Michaud, Cathi 130,230 Middleton, Roxanne 245,287 Middleton, Susan 132,210 Middleton, Xan 106,245 MILANO'S 288 Miller, Alfred 210 Miller, Anita 132,210 Miller, Cindy 245 Miller, Lois 84 Miller, Melanie 116,125,230 Miller Nancy 70 230 Nicholson, Carol 81,102,117,230,233 Nicholson, Cheryl 88,102,117,230 Niedecken, Tracy 131,184,246 Nielssen, Norman 122 Norman, Ms. Shirley 63,291 Norrell, Wesley 102,131 Northcut, Melinda 123,212 NORTH'S FUNERAL HOME 222 Nalgrass, Judy 133,228,230 Notgrass, Paul 108 Nunnally, Cindy 130 O Oakley, Vickie 246 OAKWOOD VILLAGE BARBER SHOP 285 Odstrcil, Brenda 189,246 Ogden, Paul 54,93,166,182,230 Olbricht, Adele 103,246 Olbricht, Joel 230 Oldham, Tim 230 Oles, Diana 125,177,246 Oles, Mike 131,160,166,212 Owens MILLERMAN 8. MILLERMAN 258 Mill, Debbie 245 Milsteod, Suzy 138,210 Mims, Mike 126,230 Minatra Patti 106,245 Minatra, Shirla 89,104,105,107,115, 196,210 Mingle, Patsy 129,246 Minor, Jimmy 166,172,182,273,275 MINTERS 256 Mitchell, Mariean 127,230 Mitchell, Marvin 150,246 Mitchell, Ted 173,246 Mize, Pat 246 Molina, Johnny 246 Monroe, Becky 210,287 Montez, Bessie 97,189 Montfort, Karen 246 Moody, Clark 230 Moore, Bettie 210 Moore, Bob 120,121 Moore, Ms. Bobbie 75 Moore, Brenda 246 Oliver, Oliver, Oliver, Debra 175,230,289 Lee I66,246,273,275 Rodney 149,230 Oliver, Susan 230 Olsen, Mr. Norman 71,137 Olson, Debbie 230 Orr, Linda 129,230 Ortiz, Elizabeth 246 Ortiz, Mr. Nano 60 Ortiz, Robert 124,131,246 Ortiz, Ruben 209 Osner, Osner, Brad 33,95,103,126,230,28O Brent 102,105,155,230 Ott, Alan 246 Ott, G ene 154,230 Overstreet, Don 124,178,231 Owen, John 103,105,155,231 Owen, Lanelle 231 Owen, Sarah 212 Owens, Aline 14,89,174,231,273,289 Owens , Curtis 135,231 Owen s, Lynn 116,246,279 Roy 231 Moore Died ra 103,105,155,246 Moorei Gail 143 Moore, Geneva 104,105,107,210,279 Moore, James 246 Moore, Joseph 88,89,92,108,125,201, 210 Moore, Larry 103,104,105,140,2l0 Morris, Darla 246 Morris, Dwayne 144,210 Morris, George 246 Morris, Letha 76,104,105,107,210,279 Morris Marko 54,129,166,222,230,277 Morris Pamela 89,246 Morris, Paul 210 Morris Greg 246 Morrison, Monica 88,117,230,289 Morse, Margie 211 Morton, Lawrence 126,211 Moser, Toni 81,230 Mosley, Doris 211 Mosman, Sky 26,28,89,104,106,196, 211 Moss, Kay 118,119,230 Moss, Tricia 246 Moutray, Worth 103,211,255 M SYSTEM 274 Mullins, Jerry 104,105,106,124,178, 211 Munoz, Isaac 77,167,186 Munoz, Vicki 97 Munson, Sharon 120,230 Murphy, Charles 131,206,211 Murray, Carlo 230 Murray, Patricia 111,129,189,246 Musser, Ivan 122,124,178,246 Myers, Paige 4,126,211 Myers, Twonna 91,102,230 Myrick, Melody 102,111,117,246 N Nash, Kirk 35,120,121 Nations, David 131,160,166 Neill, Donald 137,211 Nelms, Terry 246 Nelson, Jeff 104,107,246 Nelson, Scott 167 Nelson, Yolanda 132,211 Neuman, Chris 246 Newberry, Bob 149 Newman, Robert 39,88,104,107,211 Newsome, Roberta 84 Newsom, Susan 212 Newton, Becky 130 Nichols, Mr. Lynn 71 Nichols, Ray 122,230 296-Index Owensi Mr. w. A. 115,132,131 P Packo, Wayne 103,155 Paige, Geneva 108,174,231,289 Pallarez, Eddi 231 Palmer, Brenda 29,95,104,125,231 Pannell, Becky 212 Papasan, Jimmie 231 Papasan, Tony 281 Park, Mr. Ernest 80,160 Park, Mr. Ernest 85 Parker, Cynthia 88,92,123,,212,277 Parker, Jimmy 106,148,150,212 Parker, Mary 102,155,189,246 Parks, Micah 246 Paschal, Joanne 118,231 Patrignani, Rhonda 138,212 Pottillo, Robert 212 PAWN SHOP 290 Payne, Ms. Peggy 62,63 Peacock, Cindy 231 PEAKS REXALL PHARMACY 232 Pearce, Larry 160,231 Pecina, Olga 97 Pena, Manuel 131,178,246 Pena, Risalda 82,132,212 Pena, Irene 135 PENDER COMPANY 274 Pennington, Sheilah 117,231 Penns, Sarah 120,212 Pequeno, Reymunda 246 Peralez, Ferman 212 Perez, Cosme 146 Perez, Eva 231 Perez, Guadalupe 212 Perez, Sylvia 142,212 Perkins, Mr. Charles 80,190,205,275 Perkins, Lora 231 Perkins, Paula 246 Perkins, Tim 139,212 Perry, Dennis 150 Perry, James 143 Perry, Susan 212 Peterson, Gary 140,212 Peterson, Kim 231,289 Petty, .loan 111 Phipps, Mike 145,172 Pieper, Jennifer 189,279 Pierpoint, William 88,93,114,231 Pietzsch, Irene 112,212 Pietzsch, Monika 190,231 Pimpton, Vanessa 89 Pink, Alma 11,92,132,212 Pink, Janice 247 Pinkston, Kim 247 Pittman, Alice 89,175,247 Plant, Mr. Ross 79,144 Plemmons, Kim 102,247 Poer, Michael 108,109,212 PONCA WHOLESALE 268 Pool, Ted 104,106,160,164,166,213 Porter, Billy 160 Porter, David 247 Porter, Floyd 231 Porterfield, Jim 103,114,231 Portillo, Raymond 231 Powell, Carol 247,273,291 Powell, Mary Kay 190,247 Powell, Nancy 247 Powell, Tim 25,112,125,213 Prather, Cindy 231 Pratt, Sheree 247 Prescott, Lonnie 106 Preston, John 231 Prestridge, Andy 167 Prestridge, David 160,213,275 Presswood, Ms. Carolyn 76 Presswood, Ms. Dorothy 69,112 Preszler, Junior 167 Price, Darlene 98,102,104,140,213 Prince, Mildred 133 Pringle, LaZeda 70,117,213 Pritchard, Diane 150,213 Prock, Tony 108,213 Pruitt, Ray 144 Pruski, Martha 130 Purcell, Nino 91,132,213 Pursely, Bill 160 Purvis, Judy 129,247,291 Putman, Lorraine 232 Pyland, Pam 189,232 Q Quigg, Julie 49,91 ,202,21 4,287 R RACK SHACK 210 RADFORD HILLS EXXON 272 Rae, Lynda 148,150,175,232 Ragan, Barbara 247 Rains, Debbie 247 Ramirez, Margarita 139 Romsey, Robert 214,281 Rancier, Phil 149,15O,180,232 Randall, Donna 134,135 Rangel, Elvia 247 Rash, Paula 21,95,232 Raun, Connee 247 Ray, Carolyn 103,232,287 Ray, Tim 150,172,232 READ-N-RITE SHOP 266 Redman, Dennis 232 Reece, Altus 118 Reece, Andy 91,103,105,167,247 Reece, Ethelene 189 Reed, Noel 247 Reed, Paul 74,214,281 Reese, Charles 118,216 Reid, Susan 118,119,232 Reyes, Betty 133,232 Rhea, Dana 214 Rhoads, Deana 127,247 Rhaads, Debra 42,43,93,152,189,232 Rhodes, John 281 Rhodes, Mildred 102,247 Richards, Bobby 167,247 Richards, Kathi 93,102,105,108,232 Richardson, JoKaren 142 Ricker, Mike 167,247 Riggan, Ms. Ann 69,112 Riley, Chris 232 Rinard, Janet 128,247 Rios, Damaris 129,247 Rios, Mike 110,135,136 Ritchey, Sandra 34,104,105,106,214 Ritter, Kevan 247 Rivera, Rosemary 88,189,232 Rives, Mr. J. W. 71,126 Rives, Thomas 281 Rives, Carol 117,214 Roberson, Homer 247 Roberts, Andrew 247 Roberts, Carla 247 Roberts, Carol 247 Roberts, Gwen 247 Roberts, Shelby 247 Roberts, Ms. Willeen 79 Roberts, Lloyd 247 Robertson, Curtis 102,232 Robinson, David 248 Robison, Jerry 146 Robinson, Michael 149 ROBINSON PHARMACY 276 Rodriguez, Connie 248 Rodriguez, Ermelinda 102,232 Rodriguez, Esther 130,214 Rodriguez, Linda 36,82,143,214 Rodriguez, Mike 126 Rodriguez, Sandra 36,129,232 Rogers, S usan 111,122,189,248 Romero, Macario 214 Rosales, Ysidro 102,248 Rose, Ter ry 214 Rosengrants, Beverly 232 Ross, Paula 106,248 Rasser, G Roy, Ted uy 32,91 ,97,196,214 85 Rucker, Kathy 50,189,232,273,291 Runyan, Nancy 31,104,105,107,214 Rutherford, Connie 248 Ruelas, Aleiandro 131 274 Rutledge, Pattie 107,248 S SALLY WALLACE 281 SALTA PIPE CO. 285 Salyer, Dee 117,248 SAMBO'S 258 SAM'S RENT-ALL 285 Samya, Raymond 103,248 Sanchez, Johnny 146,214 Sanchez, Leticia 130,232 Sanders, June 78,232 Sanders, Lisa 248 Sanford, Rhonda 133 Santibanez, Susan 216 SANDER'S 272 Saunders, Barbara 189,232 Sawyer, Jim 232 Sawyer, Karen 142,232 Scales, Becky 26,28,89,138,214,287 Scales, Gregory 154,214 Scales, Vickie 133,232 Scanlon, James 97 Scanlon, Stephen 64,89,92,190,191,21 Scanlon, Tim 248 Scannell, Cindy 129,248 Scarbrough, Lydia 248 Scarbrough, Roy 135,214 Schaeffer, Donetta 248 Scholfield, Ann 232 Scott, Becky 127 Scott, Mr. Bill 79,149 Scott, Daniel 93,232 Scott, Donna 107,248 Scott, Jarilyn 28,52,89,158,174,175, 214,256 Scott, Michael 120,248 Scott, Reginia 107,129,189,248,279 Scott, Tim 232 Scruggs, Ronnie 137,232 SEARS 267 Self, Ms, Louise 66,240 Self, Glynice 216 Seguin, Anita 248 Sentena, Pete 215 Sewalt, Debra 92,215 Shaheen, Dana 88,215,277 Shaheen, Mary 129,232,245 Shannon, Cindy 215 Shaw, James 170,215 Shea, Sheri 248 Shedd, Laurie 104,107,129,232,279 Shelley, Clara 107,248 Shelton, Scott 114,248 Shepherd, Doug 232,281 Sherman, Ms. Dorothy 83,111 Shewmake, Arthur 93,103,114,232 Shields, Jenniffier 107,142,248 Shipley, Jane 135,136,215 Shipley, Ricky 145,215 Shipp, Terri 35,121,249 SHOOK TIRE CO. 281 Shytles, Paul 149 Shytles, Sandy 150,175,248 Sigala, Mary 118,119,232 Sikes, Delilah 84 Silva, Belinda 88,131,248 Simmons, Kay 66,248 Simmons, Starlit 130 Simpson, Albert 34,131,I43,215 Simpson, Gary 166,215 Simpson, John 42,43,232 Simpson, Mike 160 Sinclair, Jerry 122,248 Sinks, Belinda 248 Sipple, Debbie 248 Sites, Carla 232 Sitton, Chuck 91,160,201,233,275 SIWAMASIS 291 Skaggs, Rick 248 Slack, Danny 160 Slack, Dianne 248 Sliter, Bob 131 4 Slough, Larry 138,233 SLOUGH PRINTING 264 Smith, Brad 215,273,275 Smith, Brenda 248 SMITH BROTHERS CARPETS 284 T TACO BUENO 274 Smith, Cheri 215 Smith, Chuck 166,186,248 Smith, Daniel 108,109,167,233 Smith, Gary 120,121,167,233 Smith, Gary 55,248 Smith Georgie 248 Smith, Jack 248 Smith, James 42,43,122,160,166, 186,248 Smith Jan 249 Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith 1 , Mr. Johnny 69,154 Kenneth 131 Kirby 120,121 Larry 103,105,155 Ms. Marilyn 64 Mark 78 Smith, Mike 152,153,233 Smith Mickey 145,182,215 Smith Nelda 118,215 Smith Smith Noah 55,167,249 Ray 150,166,249 Smith Regina 32,89,110,129,233 Smith, Rhonda 89,249 Smith, Robert 131 Smith, Ronnie 149 Smith, Stephanie 127,249 Smith Terry 140,172,233 Smith Mr. Travis 79,146 Smith, Trina 131 Smith, Wayne 249 Strickland, Steve 102,104,105,217,21B Strickland, Tim 120,233 Strong, Cynthia 114,249,279 Strong, Jimmy 7,55,93,108,1B6,233 Stubblefield, Shirley 114,233 Stucker, Bruce 249 Studebaker, Ronald 114,217 Stuart, Martin 178 Suarz, Carmen 133,233 Sudbury, Billy 49,160,166,2l7 Sudbury, Mary Kay 51,250,287 Sullivan, Richard 145,160,163,217 Sumrall, Gene 233 SUPER DUPER 217,271 SUPERETTE 265 Surface, Philip 103,105,217 Surratt, Sandra 217 Swanson, Joni 118 Swim, Richard 145,233 Swiney, Bill 233 Swinger, Earl 166,172 Sylvester, Penny 72,250 TA-TE TRI-HI-Y 277 Taggart, Sandra 150,217 Tallant, Melinda 104,107,129,233,277 TAMA WAI TRI-HI-Y 289 Tannick, Connie 107,112,252 Tarpley, William 149,250 VARSITY CLEANERS 285 Vasquez, Armando 251 Vasquez, Lesko 135 Velasquez, Joe 123 Whit, Winston 43,104,143,196,220,275 Whitworth, Carol 116,251 Wilburn, David 91,145,160 Wilburn, Glen 235 Vernon, Cindy 7,108,218 Verner, Dale 131 Vernon, Debbie 218,291 Vernon, Randy 131 Ververs, Gregory 131,178,250 Vest, Martha 234,289 Vigo Vica Vica Vica iAuto Mechanicsl 146 1Cosmetology1 130 1Electrical Tradesi 144 IICTJ 138 Vica iMachine Shopi 137 Vica 1Radia and TV1 137 Vick, Ellen 250 Vick, Jean 62,63 Vickers, Donny 135,234 Vidrine, James 126 Viergever, Ms. Kay 73 Villalovos, Dolores 129,250 Villalovos, Steven 250 Villarreal, Mary 250 Vinson, Lanny 148,149,150,151,219,275 W Wadley, Marla 13,138,219 Wadley, Michael 219 Wadsworth, Margaret 250 Waggener, Mr. Dee 66 Willeford, Britta 251,277 Williams, Ann 251 Williams, Cindy 102,133,235 Williams, David 275 Williams, Debbie 175,251,291 Williams, Doris 92,220 Williams, Dwayne 170,220 Williams, Janice 129,189 Williams, Jimmy 149,170,220 Williams, Julie 150,251 Williams, Margaret 104,143,218 Williams, Mark 149,235 Williams, Mary Kay 107,251,277 Williams, Nena 135,220 Williams, Pamela 251 Williams, Rebecca 133,235 Williams, Ronnie 51,91,167,186,236,251 Williams, Sandra 220 Williams, Sherry 201 Williams, Stephanie 104,129,235,289 Williams, Susie 220 Willingham, Kerry 140,220 Willingham, Kevin 251 Willingham, Susan 120,251 Willis, Carla 53,89,158,174,220, 256,273,287 Wilson SNOWHITE BAKERY 269 Snyder, Darlene 145,233 Snyder, Robert 131,215 Solis, Nora 233 Southard, Gary 167,249 SOUTHWESTERN LIFE 270 SOUTHWEST SAVING AND LOAN 262 Spann, Becky 73,177,215,267,291 Sparks, Michael 122 Spear, Betty 215 Spencer, Mr. Bill 76,103,104,105,155 Spencer, Cheryl 111 Spencer, Doyle 68,103,10B,216 Spicer, Kathy 216,266,291 Spiller, Paula 92,103,l55,216 Spiller, Rob 27,54,143,216 Splawn, James 106,167 Springer, Mr. Cecil 64 Stalcup, Susie 216 Stalker, Debbie 189,190,244,249 Stallings, Mike 33,103,105,110,155, 233 Stampley, David 123,233 Stanfill, Diannia 133,233 Stautzenberger, Karen 125,249 St. Clair, Mr. Carl 71,122 Steadman, Peggy 130,144,233 Steel, Becky 138,216 Steele, Don 131,170,216 Stephens, Alan 160,164,166,186,187, 216,275 Stephens, Cheryl 216 Stephenson, Borbaro 100,102,155,249 Stephenson, Cassie 91,132,216,291 Stepp, Ms. Martha 64 Stern, Gregory 155,249 Stevens, Billy 111 Stevens, David 114,216 Stevens, Linda 216 Stevens, Randy 145,173,233 Stevenson, Nita 93,111,116,233 Steward, Carol 127,249 Tarver, Larry 250 Tatum, Larry 172,234 Tatum, Philip 217 Taylor, Janie 107,234 Taylor, Mr. Jerry 80,160,161 Taylor, Marianne 107,250,291 Taylor, Ms. MaryAlice 61,62 Templeton, Donna 250 TEMPLETON KIMBROUGH PHARMACY 288 WALDR OP'S 284 Walker, Donna 111,116,239 Walker, Doyle 104,105,106,219,275 Walker, Jan 104,106,234 Templeton, Susan 111,234 Templin, Jerry 250 Teen's Action Program 273 TESCO EQUIPMENT CO. 272 Thane, Scott 129,217 Tharp, Mr. Twain 76,123 Thedford, Dean 250 Thoemahlen, Mr. Jerry 80,161,169 Thomas, Joan 138,217 Thomas, Judy 120,121,217,218 Thomas, Tony 166,250 Thompson, Brenda 123 Thompson, Ricky 102,145,250 Thompson, Vicki 120,124,217 Thorne, Rannah 218 Thornton, Michael 191,218 Thibeduaux, Deborah 111,132 Tieking, Dallas 218 Tieking, Danna 218 Tieking, Darcy 143,218 Timms, Donna 129,175 Timms, Loraine 89 Tipmore, William 152,234 Tippen, Larry 43,149,218 Tippett, Ann 177,192,234,287 Tipps, Elaine 133,234 Tolbert, David 13,135,143,217 Tolbert, Joan 13,143,234 Tolentino, Rudy 103,147,183 Torres, Sara 106 TV CABLE OF ABILENE 286 Townsend, Mr. John 66 Townsend, Susan 129,250 Trull, Randy 103,149,250 Trull, Rusty 149,218 Tschoor, Alex 82,186,187,234 Walker, Kathy 118,219 Wallace, Glenn 135,234 Walls, Dana 140,141,234 Walls, Dee Jay 88,146,219 Waltrip, Frank 150,219 Wanegrin, Steve 143 Ward, Ms. Ann 64 Ward, Duwaine 234 ward, Terry 118 Warden, Vickie 234 Warner, Lisa 135,219,277 Warren, Buddy 250 Warren, Eddie 149,219 Warren, Linda 110,150,250 Warren, Terry 93,108,234,279 Warters, Gigi 13,32,91,203,219 Washington, Temperance 189 Watkins Watson, Watson, Watson , Roger 144 Ms. Barbara 63 Charlie 103,155 Dana 93,117,129,145,152, 235,289 Watson, Diane 219 Watson, Edgar 111,120 Watson , Jimmy 102,155,250 Watson, Kathy 219 Watson, Kurt 145,219,281 Watson, Laura 117,235,289 Watson, Tam 235 Watson, Veto 98,235 Willis, David 104,114,251 Willis, Neil 220 wants, William 122,166,251 Wilson, Casey 251 Wilson, Dana 130,220 Wilson, Deborah 103,251 Wilson, Deirdre 103,251 Wilson, Lanny 104,220,221 Wilson, Michael 144,235 Wilson, Patrick 235 Wilson, Peggy 92,140,220 Wilson Robert 143,220 Wilson, Rod 148,220 Susan 102 155 251 WINCHELL'S 284 Winkler, Danny 152,235 Winkles, Shane 106,251,275 Winters, Debbie 72,220,289 Wiseman, Curtis 143,218,221 Witter, Kevon 186 Wright, Mr. Elmer 60 Wright, Fred 186,251 Wright, Nannette 91,102,116,251,289 Wright, Ms. Peggy 63 Wright, Sandy 235 Watts, Donna 106,250 Way, Cindy 118,235 WAYNE HAYNE MOTORS 272 Weatherby, Terri 97,250 Weathersby, Russell 219 Weaver, David 103,250 Weaver, Dena 219 Weaver, Ms. Lucy B0 Weaver, Theresa 250 Ronda 142,250 Stewart, Linda 132,216 Stewart, Mark 77,102,105,155,249 Stewart, J. Martin 154,216 Stewart, Starla 102,104,105,155,216 Stewart, Steve 166 Stirman, Mr. Fred 79,140,198 Stirman, Gary 52,16-0,161,162,166, 182,216,273,275 Tubbs, Jeri 234 Tubbs, Karen 107,250 Tucker, David 218 Tucker, Danna 117,218 Tucker, Doug 250 Tucker, Gary 102,103,104,234 Tucker, Webb, Webb, Webb, Weber, Weeks, Weems, Charlotte 54,93,235 David 138,219 Sandra 116,219 Charles 91,167,235 Guy 149,219 Belinda 130,220 Weems, Patty 140,235 Weidig, Katharine 106 Weldon , Billy 103,155,250 Wentrcek, Pam 117,235 Stocz, Denise 108,233 Stokes, Debbie 102,155,249 Stokes, Ms. Mildred 82 Stoneberg, Janet 140,217,279 Storm, Mr. Charles 69,154 Stout, Sharron 217 Stover, Lesslie 173 Stowers, Mike 217,281 Stracener, Terri 249 Strader, Becky 89,249,291 Strader, Sally 54,60,88,91,93,129, 201,233,266,291 Stratton, Dianna 103,249 Strickland, Randy 1,5,27,138,159,275 Turnbow, Debbie 108,109,250 Turnbow, Gary 234 Turner, Cynthia 89,129,218 Turpin, Susan 234 Tweedie, Diane 138 U Ulmer, Debbie 234 Ulmer, Steven 103,114,250 ULTIMUS 287 Upton, Schorlene 118,119,234 Urban, Clark 88,234 Ussery, Ray 154,250 V Voncil, Cathy 250 VAN CLEAVE OPTICAL 272 West, Andy 250 WEST TEXAS UTILITIES 278 Wester, D'Aunn 98,235,262 WESTGATE TV MUSIC CENTER 264 Wetsel, Tracee 4,220 Wheeler, Rodney 235 Wheelock, Susan 251 Whetstone, Michael 152,153,235 Whisenort, Gary 103,155,235 White, Dewayne 126,220 White, Laura 117,129,186,235 White, Linda 129,145,235 White, Tanya 132,220 Whitman, Gertrude 84 Whitmore, Morws 103,143,251 Whitt, Mrs. June 83,142 Wolaver, Michael 221 Wolf, Mr. C. O. 85 Wolf, Ms. 75 Wolfe, Mary 251 Wolfe, Shirley 66,129,251 Wolfe, Susan 251 Womble, John 235 Wommack, Becky 130,221 Wood, Billy 103,122,155,251 Wood, Kathy 104,128,189,235 Wood, Larry 102,155,235 Wood, Mike 103,221 Wood, Sharon 95,225,235 Woodall, Dawnelle 108,152,235 Woodell, Johnny 221 Woodell, Vicki 127,235 Woods, Danny 152 Woody, Kathy 221 Wirschmidt, Denice 103,142,235 Wurschmidt, Diane 102,142,235 Wurschmidt, Teresa 20,31,47,64,104, 129,159,190,221,273 wymf, Gary 111,124,17B,251,281 Wyatt, Randy 251 Y Yaeger, Ms. Marie 64,97 Yancy, Loyce 84 Yarbro, Denise 235 Yarbrough, Jody 92,104,221,279 Yaw, Judy 117,221 Yeager, Sara 131 YMIA HI-Y 275 Young, Allen 235 Young, Debbie 251 Young, James 102,155,251 Young, Mr. Jaryl 71 Young, Michael 11,92,103,143,221 Youngquist, Harlan 131,221 Z Zachry, Valorie 116,221 ZENITH TV 266 Zetzman, Paulette 88,102,114,235,279 Zimmerle, Dianna 102,133,235 Index-297 Wufh all Hrs sham drudgery and broken dreams If as shll a beaujrncul world Be careful sfrlve fo be happy 'W ' Www is 298-Closing , J? 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"s'if5I 'A fff' 3'3f'9f," :I vi' .4r'1It "9 SQ , 1 fn- A I 'Q i' 5 M' 1 Ls-I . I ' r , ' ' A ' 'iw' af - xc, . . I S W K r ka-X 4 . A A Y K1 6' 5 x SQ :fi - I an fi so ' I-si Es., L-W R 'S f ST FI? 'I' S A FN .. G--A Q'--. ' I nf?-5 i " -33.3-I5 A A-.4 are I -gg 4 -r fn? I 'we GS , I U , X I i v ' 5. 5 A W Q ' Eagioiz-IN-CHIEF' dy Lawfop, y ff as I If I 'fs Q SEBIONEDI S ,. ' , ,L I . I Alihlefics .... .tfsfeife Gallaway .I , Q 9 J ' , Q", . A, is N! Q f I Classes ....... f .... DenaeJ'IarnIeH fs J! lp f ' W' ' 5 I Leann Koonsman ,Q ,I ' , I ' Z 5 Joyce Landry A - B . , .QQ-'Qi A B as S , 4 Sharon Wood 1 y A ii U Clubs and Organizafions Kafhy Bains ii 1 V4 J b W All N L'LKa' A wi I se-iii-L.4+1vffg3nn gy 'Q Copy ...... Q .1 ..... Carolyn Glenn L , K :,1 I Faculfy and Academics . .Pam DuVaII I 5,4 'M - ,i,.,llQ,1' -A , ' Brenda Palmer Index ...'T .............. Lynn Hall Sfudenl Life ............ Paula Rash Phofograplners ....... David Bridges Cy Difmore Ronnie Duncan Paul Glenn Rober+ King BUSINESS STAFF .Lachrisfia Havens Karen McAuliffe Brad Osner EDITORIAL ADVISOR .Miss Mildred Sfokes BUSINESS ADVISOR .Mr. Max Irwin T he ia aff! Aff! aj The I973 FLASHLIGHT Slaff gives special 1'hanlcs To Carolyn Wrighl and Tim Old- ham, pho+ographers, and To Mr. John Kline, professional phofographer. We also fhanlc Mr. Dick Jacks, Newsfolo rep- resenlalive, Mr. Max lrwin, business advisor and Miss Mil- dred Sfolces, our sponsor, wi+h- oul' whose pafience and under- sfanding This book would never have been complefed. The favoriles phofographs were Taken in ROSETYME, home of Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Thompson, of Abilene, Texas. We ex+end a very special fhanlcs To Mr. and Mrs. Thompson for 'fheir gracious assisfance. Q2 - M3355 Mi 53Q5?? ?53t" 5 x - yvifipgfg ,gy XA, X36 fly fb Q -I HX? . D1 'T 'N X 'T ' . K- . 6553? ' LQ v'32fUN1v kfEs3g QJYZQX 5,352 gfjvgyonfifgmy ny? 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K7-5 Ox -3 3 5332 Eg 513 L5 if DXAQ H Yi OP P ' N ' Q X 'Q IQ, Q4 Q SD K6 A5 A oak '35, Q: L AE 55x13 if VJ Z O? 7 L LQ 2 Th A 3 S ,, 339 wg i435 Sggflxigzi A-B ix Q cg Cx Q. 9 Q QA fx, its :C mmm ,E A- 354-sb xggiw O 0 A Q9 2, 3 Q 'Y Q Q fy 5 5 43- Q QL o 'L , . S 3 Aj ok Org' of io Q Q, 'Q in ' J E-P C' 6 7 L 17585 Q F J px .' CNA Q LA Q -- if ' Swv-' ik , Qgbxfwsug U O fav Q 6 . EL Nl E 6 KLIQS xi X12 Q 2 fl af?-"X 3fi0H6X?f:2?gg3xA'Y N' Sf X ii? iw Q? 23

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