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F0 if 1, Q3 ff -fgs If 159' " r'-51, 5--- ff' Q' .-4 . I ' V t fi H 1 1 , . 2 ' -.E X 3' in BJ 0' IW" Z' .. - --,hx x ,. ...-.,.,..-..-.-.-.-...,.,.l, Y 1 -V ,V XX ,LJ Wizifw S lQil'i'- Eg. X s:-aa'- QL 45 X -s S-. up ,L Qi I lr!!! l al-of-LLC'-fs." 1 ' -fl' J", f f ,,5?,ff5'?56 1 J 0'-4 -fx. I lQg hm Ill 1 ,QMBJJF J fxbfgifgimy ,,4,,f,,,3,,,, ,gn ,!HW!,ZWk' f,,w,?ZW7fL06QMJ,JZ4Z,,.f,, ,om ' ' . T 1 Wj5?5:5?f?i?ff 545fp3.,JfQ15ifffJ5 f f' Q 3 5133 U N wfsffj sig 15 543553355 -. ,Dfw . Of' X" 1 rw A Nag m by KX f X L E Wy! .X X. X 333, 3,1 NO? 'A' it X, J ' K9 Ov JgH qyjjw Q77 5 C90 Wi VQVWQ Q WW fi Wf'?fTfw Wi if ,ff Af f jg V :J-f IUXVQJD' 1 X fdfli jd f' VMIL F Uxvjlf Aj WQINV , ML f VV u TK U0 ffifygwf Mwffgfv rw Us Qf g'Lf'f,,w f A aff M MWWJMQ ,ff Dag iii? fy 777 M Q f,f 3fQMW!!O 0-J-Ag I I? MJ' . - ! if TM 0 WJ W4 L ,W ff MW 'ljwf' My 1 M LM +L 5 I Q lj .fy F Lf' 7 if Nan Rich shhfdmc?gio2!f! JXWM JEL iehrgr Mr. C. G.B d savor Editorial Advii r fy QV 0 aiigmqnuger Business Ad If fix' sfqffmginbeaivd syan clyndges :J Rk D c pbu B b K kpctrick FI s L Yhn ghay ?y'LL b Q lsls I SHy ChmMdy Sd2NII like if' x ' - .I ual K fm 4 f X, T ., l n X " ,It V., Q , W x x - . - -'lm . ' . ". Q '. Nui. f . an , fi R -ey ,. ,P 1 ur- w.' . -bi ' .af . .-1 K 1 15176. ,,,,.L, ,f ' 's-Va , ,fgff -1f.f"1'f.n.- ,.' 1 1 . ,ly Mt K l r V I Ying Q-1 ' U. A , UxLbSv'9'L A E - ,gxu-KYWJGY i , ' " XL F Hifi - ip lfdfi, , I JJ ? ' X Q, LQ 5 ,, .3 ,g. ' 2 , ' - , p 3 .75fI",T'v'., V .L n it 'W ,S ' X Q ' 111 . '. V , . ,, L. . ' 'IT . g',. fg. A Af .I V: 8 4.-5 ,V - .I .,, , X f X X . Y J44'k 'ML A57 x 06121. 47444, 5 WS, Q Zfgfgzff! fianfxoa ' I , Zn! ?qj . '44-zz 44 ' "'i 4' I 3212565 gffe ,ff 'awww ' MM,-, 7 'O fff W 5,11 Af ,., Ai zf i 4 Q29 E 0 v, T... , ' , ' Q . ' YQ., ' 'Y M, Q. - , Q re 'sf-. ' ' ' A 7 - 'af ki? ,Q f- ,, Q, 'Lea V - Y Y, I 'L . Y ef:- Y 411. ' .u..L..." ' , ff ,-, DE D I c A T I "Necessity first invented stools, convenience next suggested elbow-chairs and luxury, the accomplished sofa last.' So it is that ' Abilene High School grew from a two-room wooden structure to a two-and-one-half millio dollar Plant. This Year our M 7- if fywf' 7 "Champion School of All the West' is simply overflowing with XM C W LQ MJ new people, and it seems W has reached the extreme M O Point of Perfection Maj JDM' rf with new buildings, new equipment, and new departments. l J! V So it is with great pleasure W that we, the Flashlight Staff A 4 of 1956, dedicate this yearbook to our new campus WW which is truly -1 1,1 1 1, fv . f f .ffff fi-JI kc -Z X if VW U71 f' " - f 1 A , , , , 1' psifzx ,fff4AifQ,QgKf !4gycAfQ,CfLf,, I Q fi' 27 1 ' 'I' ' V ' f V ,.A,a,fcff2f1'?1 Af bfi-f4Q,fe,ff ff f LJQJQHJ ZUXLCO 1 V "' ' A ,. ' 1 ,' Q, , , ,f' , ,fWL'ffw kf 4ziA,4,4 jf ,Q?V4 f41!2J- vQff1fff-Jw ', ,, , , . fcfc f 1' -1' +L V 'y A 4x24-,,,.5,-f,.,f x.,Z..f 'C,fC.,C5-fCf,f2L,L.Q',qXfx V4,,f!L-1 ZLL? !,7V!5kgJL f xyiffgfgf Mfzflfflfgx XL5 Af, .fgtfff-.,,f,CJfQj f 1 , fvc-4j,1p . is 6' 1 V 17 U7 ' f" '97 K J "I L41,1!L!4,2 4 in flfjjl if , 11,1 ff f , ly I r If 1 I , I ,A XL f g. Q fl CiC.,Cf,fL, 4, fue., 1, Qfawf AZ, :TZ 4 , Vbjy fijq-ji,-!l,f,,,f Xi A 4' Hxfff? M 1935! 1,1 . , JU , . ,J 42. 'ff r Q 1,4 , 1" ,I my A. 15. -I JJ' V , fkx 1 ICG J V ' If W' lb V I If f XL if X f 1 r,.', I 1 , ' 1 7., M? I V -,IW :Lf Z' ff?" I 1 wx I V' 5 AUDHOMUM GYMNASUM SNACK BAR fl VOCATIONAL BUILDING and GYM PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE IIWNQ ,gwbli ,mm :UMW mann: mmm! nu 1883943 umm: mul I1 IIUWI 72" su. r.-S' Q an-" pf ft' 5.55 W "uh fi' I I .- J- I --yy: No great work was ever done in a hurry. Milton did not write 'Paradise Lost" in a sitting, nor did Shakespeare compose Hamlet" in a day. To do anything great requires patience, perseverence, and enthusiasm. The faculty and leaders of our community had an abundance of all three. Soon their enthusiasm spilled over into the student body. Plans were drawn, and our new Abilene High School had its beginning. 4 14525 8 4.wJ1f4fwcl6!a4fm I X 3 1 .7 TZ ii ' ., 'wf.mw.W,,,A wk + -MMMMQM, 3 Wi? 1. --Z f,- O My xiii 1 G Q. 1 ,, S 5 if 4,1 a -5 i Q ' 4 N . + 9 - I v,.. .m.,....,w--wwf" X' K Sf v,,'.k ! vi LY., w .AA e Q 4 G 1' Mr. E. A. Wells Reality follows visiong vision comes from dreams. A constant dreamer for a greater Abilene Public School System is Superintendent A. E. Wells. Ready to share their dreams and to listen to all dreamers who have visions for Abilene High are Principal Escoe Webb and Assistant Principal Alex Edwards. By looking around us, we can see that reality does follow vision. l2 MR. ESCOE WEBB me-ll Miss Mary Buggett VISITING TEACHER 3- 'i ,,,,,,0WM ax ,ff i .W Mrs. Raymond, attendance clerk, inspects the work of these girls. The workers in the Counselor's Office help score tests. Miss Aliese Cline COUNSELOR Mrs. Eula Raye Pace Miss Louise Wills LIBRARIANS 1' DONT illlllil um vain rim 'urimiiiieiri llll All lilisiltllalllii tif '3 Checking in books is one ofthe duties ofa library worker. A' iff' Student help is greatly appreciated in the Office. ----........-,,, Miss Ruby Billington SECRETARY to PRINCIPAL Mrs. Christine Short REGISTRAR s ,J 5,44 -lfjft, Mrs. Selma Bishop Miss Mildred Butler Miss Bobbie Duncan English is sand to be the foundation for all other learning A student of English is given the opportunity to understand and appreciate lvterature, and to learn to express himself effectively in both written and oral communication x X Q., ll Creative Writing students ask Mrs Bishop about rules for an essay contest Miss Helen Meyer Mr. Tommy Morris Mrs. Kathryn Morrow Mrs. Kathleen Parker Miss Mildred Stokes Mrs. Ellen Turner Mr. Robin Tibbets nglah ln addition to his studies in literature, to the works of authors of the world his study of grammar and usage writing and iournalism are offered pecially interested in writing. which introduce-s him the student continues each year. Creative to those who are es- I These boys make last minute prepara- tions for a panel discussion. Mr. Edward Tapscott Mr. Donald Walker Mr. B. L. Blackburn Mr. C. G. Bradford X rs. Leona Br a h Cftf j ,LJ ua! Mr. R. A. McCollum Miss Mabel Reeves Mr. Woodard Robbins Math There are eight math courses offered in our department. These courses o pen the way for further study in math and supply a basis for training in many vocations. i 1- I K I' LM" Mr. Kuykendoll discusses a problem with his students. Mr. Clyde Echols Miss Margurite Griffin Mrs. Mary Grubb Mr. Robert Harwell Mr. Vaiden Hiner Miss Odell Johnson Miss Louise Self .dl Q Lgsk M' ' To offer courses to help the students better understand liv- ing organisms, natural resources, matter, motion, and re- lated subjects is the desire of the instructors in the Science Department. QNX A I This Physics problem must be very difficult. K Y 3. 4 A91-' 1 H. ' r 'aihfl' 'Q lf, Mr. Nat Gleaton Miss Sarah Hardy Mr. F. J. King Miss lee Etta McAdams aadg' Mr. David Kennamer Studies in this department are planned to give the student a general background for understanding the organization of our government, human relationship, and problems of the past and future. sham A study of the globe gives a better understanding of the po- sitions of the countries. Oral reports make Civics more interesting. Mr. Vernon Spence Mr. William Sproull Mr. Edward Terbush Miss Fleur Walton Mr. Henry Watkins aah! ' Courses offered in the Social Science Department are American History, Civics, World History, World Geography, Texas History, Psychology, and Sociology. i' L Miss Vera Hayes Mrs. Nell Hicks .I Mr. Roque W llborne c My These Spanish students are reciting their lesson. f ,yr ww X L A oe Latin and Spanish are courses offered in our language department. They develop a special interest in people and history of foreign countries. r r' Latin students follow their book as one student translates. Courses in the homemaking department prepare girls to care for a home of their own or to continue study for a college ma- jor in that field.' Senior boys may enroll in a class called Home and Family Living. Miss Frances Caffey Miss Ruby Compere Mrs. Sallie Hilley These girls are cleaning up after an experiment of cooking Making children's clothing is a project in Homemaking. GN Mrs. Nancy Johnson Miss Gaynelle Lambert In a new course, Office Practice, business skills are practiced. Concentration is necessary for correct typing. Miss la Verne Darter Miss Avis Deavers Mrs. Carolyn Jo Etter 8 . Typewriting, shorthand, transcription, office practice, bookkeeping, and commercial law are among the courses offered to students who are interested in furthering their education in business. Mr. Charles Moser Athletic Director Mr. Bob Groseclose Mr. Wallace Bullington ww ' An enlarged physical education program has come with additional room and facilities in the new gymnasium. Greater emphasis is placed on the study of health and corrective needs. Q. x Miss Billie Bailey Miss Jan Cannon Volleyball is a favorite sport with the girls in P. E. classes. The new gym provides more room for the boys' P. E. classes to play basketball. Speech Speech Mrs. Beth Henagan Art Mr. Robert Fielder Band Mr. Merlin Jenkins Band Mr. M. F. Johnstone Choral Mr. Ernest Sublett Mrs. Edythe James dine Am Beauty finds expression in art and music, and in A. H. S. a student has a wonderful opportunity to practice and to learn. An equal wonderful opportunity is here for the student interested in public speaking and dramatics. These band students prepare for a practice session. The potter's wheel is a new addition to the Art department. The Eagle-Ettes are ready for the day's singing practice. 1 , N lii V ff r i U Students in the drama department learn the correct technique of applying make-up. By using this exercise, speech students learn to make gestures gracefully. 1 Wi i, as - l l ' .. l Mr. H. D. Bankston Woodshop Mr. H. A. Dunn Mechanical Drawing Mr. J. I. Moore Agriculture Mr. Billy Coulson Agriculture Mr. J. M. Harlow Machine Shop Mr. James Jeter Auto Mechanics Mr. W. D. Lawson Drivers Education Mr. Rainey Owens Diversified Occupation Mr. Leroy Crews Distributive Education U A visitor in the vocational building will find much activity because here the students are receiving practical training for vocations in agriculture, trades, merchandising and selling, mechanics, drawing, woodwork, and safe driving. Students in the mechanical drawing classes en- ioy working in the new well-equipped lab. D. E. students learn to operate the cash register. R P' ,, M,-N? v The D. O. studentsmake detailed plans and keep accurate charts. xg Driver Education students learn to drive in new well-equipped cars. Boys learn to make many useful items while studying in the woodshop. Q Knowing how to operate a number of machines well helps the boys secure better positions on leaving school. Careful study is made ofthe soil and its treatment in one of the agriculture classes. vx v- flmod S I iii". "' o "ae 'si ,' I :K Q wx aullllms 55109 ,,....-suv' J' airxblk' x Wu, umm ga. ik, ,Q .14-if awww' if , 'E 1 L Nm SJWJZ4 SENIO We were Seniors this year. We had dreamed about it for a long time, but now we had our Senior rings to prove it. Our first big thrill came when we entered the new building as the first graduating class. At our first class meeting we elected officers to make plans for a year of many activities. Our nomi- nee became Flashlight Queen. This was followed by Senior Radio Day, Senior Follies, the Senior ploy and picnic. The Baccalaureate Service and Graduation proved to be both a beginning and an end - the begin- ning of careers as men and women and the end of our high school years. U We will long remember the sponsors of our class: Mr. McCollum, chairman, Mrs. Henagan, Mr. Groseclose, Mr. Kennamer, Miss Lambert, Mrs. Bishop, Mr. Moser, Miss Baggett, Miss Coffey, M Mrs. Hicks, Miss McAdams, Miss Meyer, Mrs. Turner, Miss Walton, Mr. O r. Crews, wen, Mr. King, and Mr. Moore. 32 'Wm C'ZaMaff9 6 President ..... .............. . . George Barnett Vice-President . . . . . . Raymond Bynum .... . . ,eketporterfz .............. . . . Qp9nfet.Smith Student Council Representct' ' Q'-'X -"""Fl" Y BEET '?f .I +A' 'f bf- xt.:fN LARRY ACKERS '53-'54, Future Farmers of America, Gold "A" Award. '54-'55 Future Farmers of America. '55-'56: Future Farmers of America Chapter Vice-President, Homeroom President. GAROLYNT Txbidms '53-'54, Personality Club, Reporter, Eagle-Ettes, A Cappella '54-'55: Music Appreciation Club, A Cappella, Homeroom Secrel tary. '55-'56, Ephesy Club, G and G, A Cappella, Stage Craft Battery, Editorial Writer, Homeroom Secretary. CELIA AGUIRRE '54-'5i: Junior Red Cross Council. '55-'56, Pan American Club EVAN ALLEN , l53"l5iZ Domino Club, Track. '54-'55':'Architecture Club, Audio- Msugl. '55-'56, Lame. "E" Club. MARGARETTE ALLEN '53-'54: Personality Club, Eagle-Ettes. '54-'55: Fashion Club, A Cappella, Student Council. '55-'56, Pan American Club, Presi- dent, G and G, A Cappella, Spanish Newspaper, Editor. r 1 Nil, ,. ' K ,,.j4 lllv A A g 4. o , 3 . . V, I . K . 0 I sf 1 1 1 - , J If .9 , , gi - f, 4' s . 1 l - ,Q a 4 -q. " -.-r .f J .- ' ' L' 0 1 ' " I 4- A, 1 4 .40 1 i llil . " ly. I Z I -1. 4 B 1" sc., - ,I , SANDRA ANDERSON ff, ft 'Aff f M '53-'54, Music Appreciation Club, Foreign Correspondence Club. '54-'55, Fashion Club, Office Worker. '55-'56, Ephesy Club, Of- fice Worker. PAT ANDREWS '53-'54, Transfer from Athens, Alabama. '54-'56, Music for Fun Club, A Cappella. REDAH SUE ANZ '53-'54, Future Homemakers of America, Library Worker, Bat- tery, Band, Marching, Homeroom Vice-President. '54-'55, Little "E" Club, Band, Concert, Marching, Orchestra, Battery. '55-'56: Future Teachers of America, G and G, Band, Concert, Marching, Orchestra, Battery. JOSEPH ARDEN '53-'54: Domino Club, Homeroom Vice-President. '54-'55: "A" Club, Basketball, National Honor Society. '55-'56, "A" Club, Basketball, A Team, National Honor Society. 34 NORMA ARRELL i3-'54, Junior Red Cross. '54-'55: Tumbling Club. '55-'56, Dis- 'ibutive Education Club. SHIRLEY ASHABRANNER 53-'54: Intramural Sports, '54-'55: P. E. Specialist Club, Secre- Jry, Intramural Sports, A Award. '55-'56, Creative Writing Club, resident, G and G. RICHARD ASHER 53-'54: "A" Club, Football, Sophomore Team. '54-'55, Domino Ilub, Golf. '55-'56: Junior Red Cross Council. PATSY ASHMORE 53-'54: A.H.S. Theater, National Thespian Society, "Indian Cap- ive", Eagle-Ettes. '54-'55: Seventeen Club, Reporter, A Cappella, Slational Thespian Society, Roman Forum. '55-'56: Junior Red :ross Council, G and G, A Cappella, Acting Lab, Homeroom Reporter. CAROL ATCHISON 54-'55, Transfer from Breckenridge, Texas, A.H.S. Theater, Na- ionol Thespian Society, National Forensics. '55-'56, A.H.S. The- zter, National Thespian Society, National Forensics, President, 'Flibberty Gibbet." wv.--1- 1 ...---.i-.-1.1.-.. ..i.i QUA ATKINS '53-'54, Personality Club. '54-'55: D.E. Club, Secretary. '55-'56: D.E. Club, Secretary, G and G, Student Council. JERRY AVERY '53-'54, "A" Club. '54-'55, "A" Club, Football, B Team. '55-'56, "A" Club, "A" Association, Football, A Team. DAVID BAILEY '53-'54, Future Farmers of America, A Award. '54-'55: Future Farmers ot America. '55-'56, Future Farmers of America, Voca- tional Industrial Club, Homeroom Reporter. DOROTHY BAILEY '53-'54, Transfer from Pineville-, Louisiana. '54-'55, Future Home- makers of America, Future Teacheilsxof America. '55-'56, Future Teachers of America, Reporter, Junior Red Cross Council, G and G. 35 E '54-'55: Transfer from San Antonio, Texas. '55-'56: Ephesy Club, President, Eagle-Ettes. GEORGE BARNES '53-'54, Sportsman's Club. '54-'55s Vocational Industrial Club. '55-'56: Vocational Industrial Club, President. GEORGE BARNETT '53-'54: "A" Club, "A" Association, Basketball, Lettered, Student Council, Homeroom Vice-President. '54-'55, "A" Club, "A" As- sociation, Basketball, Lettered, Junior Class President, Student Council, Homeroom Vice-President. '55-'56: "A" Association, Senior Class President, Homeroom Vice-President, Basketball. ELLIS BARRERA '53-'54, "A" Club, Football, Sophomore Team. '54-'55, Domino Club. '55-'56: Pan American Club. 36 BRANDT BAIZE '53-'54: Future Farmers of America. '54-'55, Future Farmers ol America, Track, Lettered. '55-'56: Future Farmers of America, Sportsmanfs Club, Homeroom Vice-President. JERRY BOB BALLEW BETTY LOU BARBEE '53-'54, Future Homemakers of America, Attendance Office. '54-'55, Tumbling Team, Parallel Bar Team, Secretary. '55-'56: Fashion Club, G and G, Audio Visual. JOHN BARFOOT '53-'54, "A" Club, "A" Association, Student Council, Sophomore Class Vice-President, Men's Glee Club, Football, B Team, Track. '54-'55, "A" Club, "A" Association, Football, A Team, Track, Na- tional Honor Society, A Cappella, Homeroom President. '55-'56: "A" Club, "A" Association, National Honor Society, Vice-Presi- dent, Football, A Team, Captain, Homeroom President, Track. PATSY BARKER '53-'54, Future Homemakers of America, Batte-ry. '54-'55: Future Homemakers of America, Reporter. '55-'56: Distributive Educa- tion, Treasurer, G and G. JANINA BARRON ' 53-'54: Little "E" Club, Homeroom Secretary. '54-'55: Fashion Ilub, Eagle-Ettes. '55-'56: Ephesy Club, G and G, Eagle-Ettes. -x Goa BATJER 53-'54, "A" Club, Football, Sophomore Team. '55-'56: Transfer :rom Austin: Motorcycle Club. PAT BAUCUM i3-'54, A.H.S. Theatre. '54-'55, Vocational Industrial Club. S5-'56, Vocational Industrial Club, Homeroom Treasurer. BETTY BEALL 34-'55, Transfer from Prairie Valley. '55-'56: Ephesy Club. BETTYE BEALL 53-'54: Charmality Club, Homeroom President. '54-'55: A.H.S. 'heatre, Flashlight, Sophomore Editor, National Honor Society, Aerit Award. '55-'56: Ephesy Club, Flashlight, Senior Editor, lational Honor Society. MELBA BERTRAND '53-'54: Teen Mode Club. '54-'55: Distributive Education Club. '55-'56: Distributive Education Club, G and G. MILDRED BILLINGSLEY '53-'54: Charmality Club. '54-'55: Style Club. '55-'56: Future Business Leaders Club. CAROL BIRDSONG '53-'54: Charmality Club, Homeroom Secretary. '54-'55: A.H.S. Theatre, National Thespian Society, Library Club, Homeroom Re- porter. '55-'56: Pan American Club, G and G, Attendance Office. HAYNE BLACKBURN '53-'54: Pan American Club, President. '54-'55, Pan American Club, President. '55-'56: Pan American Club. 37 WAYNE BLACKLEY '53-'54: Future Farmers of America. '54-'55: Future Farmers of America. '55-'56: Little "E" Club. JOAN BLOUNT '53-'54: Future Homemakers of America: Eagle-Ettes. '54-'55: Style Club, President: Eagle-Ettes. '55-'56: Ephesy Club: G and G: Eagle-Ettes. RUTHIE BONIFIELD '53-'54: Personality Club, President: Eagle-Ettes: A Cappella. '54-'55: Junior Red Cross Council: A Cappella: National Honor Society: All State Choir. '55-'56: Junior Red Cross Council: Stu- America. DAVID BOURLAND '53-'54: "A" Club: "A" Association: Football, A Team: Basketball, B Team: Baseball, A Team: Student Council. '54-'55: "A" Club: "A" Association: Football, A Team: Basketball, A Team: Base- ball, A Team: Audio Visual. '55-'56: "A" Club: "A" Association: Football, A Team: Basketball, A Team: Baseball, A Team: Home- room Vice-President. SUE BOWEN '53-'54: Red Cross Council: Band, Marching, Maiorette: Home- room Secretary. '54-'55: Music For Fun Club: Band, Marching, Concert, Maiorette. '55-'56: Music For Fun Club: G and G: Band, Concert, Marching, Maiorette. JAKE BOWERS '53-'54: "A" Club: Homeroom President. '54-'55: "A" Club: A Team Baseball Manager: Homeroom President. SHARON SUE BOWLES '54-'55: Transfer. '55-'56: A.H.S. Theatre. 38 dent Council: A Cappella: National Honor Society. PATRICIA BOOHER '54-'55: Transfer from Haskell. '55-'56: Future Homemakers of ANN BOREN '53-'54: Junior Red Cross Council. '54-'55: A.H.S. Theatre: Roman Forum Club. '55-'56: Fashion Club: G and G: Office Worker: Student Council. ii s we si l 1 F , I 1 1: I y lt.-' ' is ... P -sf- DARLYNE BOX '53-'54: A.H.S. Theatre. '54-'55: P. E. Specialists Club, Library Worker, Merit Award. '55-'56, Fashion Club. BRUCE BOYD '53-'54, "A" Club, "A" Association, Basketball, Lettered, Baseball, Lettered, Future Farmers of America, Homeroom President. '54-'55: "A" Club, "A" Association, Basketball, Lettered, Baseball, Lettered, Future Farmers of America. '55-'56: "A" Club, "A" Association, Basketball, Baseball, Future Farmers of America. CHARLES BRATTON 53-'54, Band, Marching. '54-'55: Band, Concert, Marching. 55-'56: Band, Concert, Marching, 2nd Lt. SANDRA BRAVENEC 53-'54: A.H.S. Theatre, Eagle-Ettes, Merit Award. '54-'55, :ashion Club, A Cappella, Homeroom Secretary. '55-'56: Music Appreciation Club, G and G, A Cappella. BILL BRAYMER '53-'54: Sportsman's Club, Golf. '55-'56, Transfer from Austin, Golf. If I DARLA BRIANS '53-'54, Music For Fun Club, Band, Concert, Marching, Home room Secretary. '54-'55, Band, Concert, Marching, Music Club '55-'56, Fashion Club, Audio Visual, Office Worker, Band, March ing, Concert, G and G. Joe smnweu. x '53-'54: Men's Glee Club. '54-'55, Music Appreciation Club Men's Glee Club. '55-'56, Puzzle Club. WEYNOKA BRISCOE '53-'54, Charmality Club, Student Council. '54-'55, Music Ap preciation Club, Student Council, Golf, Homeroom Vice-President '55-'56, Ephesy Club, Golf. ,i JOZELL BRISTER -f Future Business Leaders of America '55-'56, Future Business Leaders of America, President, G and G JAMES BROOKS '53-'54: Future Farmers of America.n'54-'55: Future Farmers of America. '55-'56: Automobile Club: Future Farmers of America. HUGH CLARK BROWN f53-'54: Tennisp Homeroom Treasurer. '54-'55: Music Apprecia- tion Cluby M.en's Glee Club: Homeroom Vice-President, President. '55-'56: A.H.S. Theatre: A Cappellap Homeroom Treasurer. SAM BROWN '54-'55: Domino Clubp Audio Visual. '55-'56: Distributive Education. W. C. BROWN '54-'55: Domino Clubp Audio Visual. '55-'56: Distributive Education. BEVERLY BROWNING '53-'54: Personality Club: Eagle-Ettes, Reporter. '54-'55: Seven- teen Clubp Eagle-Ettes. '55-'56: Style Club, G and G. DON BRYANT '53-'54: Future Farmers of America. '54-'55: Future Farmers of America. '55-'56: Diversified Occupations. JEAN BUCKLEY '54-'55: Transfer from Del.eon. '55-'56: Future Business Leaders of America. PATSY BURKLEO '53-'54: Little "E" Clubp Homeroom President. '54-'55: Fashion Club, Vice-President: National Honor Societyp Eagle-Ettes. '55-'56: Ephesy Club: G and Gp National l'Lcy1or.Society. HELEN BURLINGAME '54-'55: Transfer from Enid, Oklahoma. '55-'56: Future Business Leaders of America. 40 .IIM BUSBY 53-'54: "A" Club, Football, B Team, Lettered, Student Council iophomore Class Reporter. '54-'55: "A" Club, "A" Association iootball, A Team, Lettered, Student Council. '55-'56, "A" Club 'A" Association, Football, A Team, Lettered, Student Council. DALE BUTLER 53-'54, Vocational Industrial Club, Homeroom Vice-President. 54-'55, Vocational Industrial Club, Student Council. '55-'56, Vo :ational Industrial Club, Homeroom Secretary. RAYMOND BYNUM i3-'54: Little "E" Club, Band, Concert, Marching. '54-'55, Solo .nd Ensemble Club, Student Council, Boy's Choir, Band, Con- ert, Marching, National Honor Society. '55-'56, Solo And En- amble Club, Band, Concert, Marching, Band Captain, Senior lass Vice-President, National Honor Society. DON CAMERON S3-'54: Parallel Bar Team. '54-'55: Solo and Ensemble Club, and, Concert, Marching. '55-'56: Architecture Club, Band, Con- art, Marching. BOBBY CAMPBELL '53-'54, Football. '54-'55, Football, "A" Club, Merit Award, Wood Shop. ' 3 A A rt. JOHNNY CAMPBELL '53-'54, Transfer from Big Spring, Texas. '54-'55, Music Appreci- ation Club, A Cappella. '55-'56, Music Appreciation Club, A Cappella. WALTER CAMPBELL '53-'54, Music Appreciation Club, Football, B Team, Basketball, B Team, Men's Glee Club. '54-'55, Music Appreciation Club, A Cappella. '55-'56, Music Appreciation Club, A Cappella. RAY CANANT '53-'54, Transfer from Wylie High School. '54-'55: Future Teach- ers of America, Future Business Leaders of America, Band, Con- cert, Marching, Men's Glee Club. '55-'56, Little "E" Club, Future Teachers of AmericNaHClub, Band, Concert, Marching. W il I BARBARA CARLTON '53-'54, Library Club, Vice-President, Orchestra. '54-'55, Music for Fun Club, Orchestra, Library Club. '55-'56: Foreign Cor- respondence Club, A.H.S. Theatre, Orchestra. .ll qii... ,. - ,. ., as 41 BILLIE CARMACK '54-'55, Little "E". '55-'56, Fashion Club. WAYNE CARPENTER '53-'54, "A" Club, Football, Sophomore Team, Tumbling, Home- room Vice-President. '54-'55, "A" Club, Football, B Team, Tum- bling, Roman Forum. '55-'56: Automobile Club. SANDRA CARROLL '53-'54, Junior Red Cross, Band, Marching, Maiorette, Student Council. '54-'55, Music for Fun Club, Band, Concert, Marching, Maiorette. '55-'56, Music for Fun Club, G and G, Band, Concert, Marching, Maiorette. JERRY CARTER '53-'54: "A" Club, Football, Sophomore, Homeroom President. '54-'55: "A" Club, Football, "B" Team, Tumbling. '55-'56, Stu- dent Council, Homeroom President. JAN CASE '53-'54: A.H.S. Theatre, "Indian Captive," Stage Crew, Acting Lab, National Thespions. '54-'55, A.H.S. Theatre, Acting Lab, National Thespian, "Heidi", Stage Manager, "A Midsummer Night's Dream." '55-'56: A.H.S. Theatre, Acting Lab, Office Worker, National Thespians, "Flibberty Gibbet," Student Di- t'eCl'OI'. DIANE CASTLEMAN '53-'54: Pan American Club, Future Homemakers. '54-'55, Fu- ture Homemakers of America. '55-'56: Style Club, Girls? Glee Club. SAM CA E '53-'54, "A" Club, "A" ssociation, otball, "B" Team, Base- ball, Lettered, Student Council. '54-'55, "A" Club, "A" Associa- tion, Football, Varsity, Lettered, Student Council, National Honor Society. '55-'56: "A" Club, "A" Association, Football, Varsity, Lettered, Audio Visual, Vice-President, National Honor Society. MADINE CHAMBERS '53-'54, P.E. Specialists, Orchestra. '54-'55, Style Club, President, Orchestra, Intramural Sports, National Honor Society. '55-'56, Ephesy Club, G and G, Orchestra, lntramural Sports, National Honor Society. NADINE CHAMBERS '53-'54, lntramural Sports, A.H.S. Theatre. '54-'55, Intramural Sports, Volleyball, Lettered, Merit Award, "A" Association, Li- brary Worker. '55-'56, Volleyball, Lettered, Office Worker, Ephesy, "A" Association. 42 MARTHA CHAPMAN 53-'54, Charmality Club, Homeroom Secretary, Future Farmers of America, Sweetheart. '54-'55, Style Club. '55-'56, Fashion Club, Reporter, G and G, Reporter. NANCY CHAPPELL '53-'54, Future Homemakers of America. '54-'55: Pre Med Club. '55-'56, Pre Med Club. PEGGY CHASE 53-'54: Personality Club, Roman Forum, Counselor's Office, Stu- :Ient Council, Intramural Sports. '54-'55, A.H.S. Theatre, Roman iorum. '55-'56, Red Cross Council, G and G, Registrar's Office. BOBBY CHRANE lome Bound Student. SHIRLEY CLARY '53-'54: Style Club. '54-'55, Red Cross Council. '55-'56: Ephesy Club, G and G. XJ!,.Q-SAYTON '53-'54, "A" Club, Basketball, B Team. '54-'55: Little "E" Club, Boxing, Golden Gloves Champion. '55-'56, "A" Club, Boxing, Track. BOBBY CLICK '53-'54: Mechanical Drawing Club, Orchestra. '54-'55, Pilot's Club. '55-'56, Diversified Occupations Club. DORA COBB '53-'54: Press Club, Vice-President, Orchestra, Red Cross Coun- cil, Homeroom Reporter. '54-'55, Style Club, Future Teachers of America, Student Council, Orchestra, National Honor Society. '55-'56: Ephesy Club, Student Council, G and G, Orchestra, Na- tional Honor Society. NEDA COKER '53-'54: Teen Mode. '54-'55: Distributive Education Club, Sweet- heart. '55-'56: Distributive Education Club. 1 ------i-- 43 JUNE COLLINS '53-'54s Megargel, Texas. '54-'55: Girls' Choir. '55-'56: Foreign Correspondence Club. HENRY COLWELL '54 "A" Club, "A" Association, Football, A Team, Lettered, A Team, Lettered, Basketball, B Team, Student Council. '55: "A" Club, "A" Association, Football, A Team, Co-Captain, A Cappella, President. GRETCHEN CORDELL '53-'54: Charmality Club, President, Student Council, lntramural Sports. '54-'55: Junior Red Cross Council, Student Council, Ex- change Student to Wisconsin, National Honor Society. '55-'56: Junio-r Red Cross Council, Student Council, Treasurer, G and G, Vice-President, Homeroom Secretary. NINA COUCH '53-'54s Future Homemakers of America. '54-'55, Little "E" Club '55-'56: Little "E" Club, Re'gistrar's Office. TRUETT COUCH Q apdolsgtsngiuslub. '54-'55: Domino Club. '55-'56: Vo- Wiffjflwl fi MW wi. Oulillllll A Eu 9' L A C L C XX' . '53-'54: Student Council, A ela. '54-'55: A Cappella, Na- tional Honor Society. '55-'56, Music Appreciation Club, Student Council, National Honor Society, A Cappella, Vice-President. JOHNNY CROW '53-'54: "A" Club, Football, Sophomore Team, Baseball, Sopho- more Team. '54-'55, Roman Forum, Golf Club, Golf Team. '55-'56: Golf Club, Golf Team. l l QQN. CUNDIEFL l '54-'55: Transfer from Roby, Texas. T'55-'56: A Band, Marching, Orchestra. ELMO CURE, JR. l '53-'54: "A" Club, Football. '55-'56, "A" Club, "A" Association, Football, Audio Visual Club, Homeroom Vice-President. 44 BOBBY DARDEN 53-'54: "A" Club. '54-'55: Vocational Industries Club. '55-'56: locational Industries Club. MARTHA DART 53-'54: Music Appreciation Club. '54-'55: A.H.S. Theatre. 55-'56: A.H.S. Theatre, G and G. ELLEN nAvls I 53-'54: Little "E" Club, Eagle-Ettes. '54-'55: Puzzle Club, Eagle- ittes. '55-'56: Ephesy Clu-by Audio Visual, Eagle-Ettes. JOE DAVIS 53-'54: Future Farmers of America, Homeroom President. 54-'55: Future Farmers of America, Red Cross Council. '55-'56: uture Farmers of America, Red Cross Council. JOHNNIE LOU DAVIS 53-'54: Charmality Club, Vice-President, Student Council, Red :ross Council, Intramural Sports. '54-'55: Fashion Club, Intra- nural Sports, Office Worker. '55-'56: Ephesy Club, G and G, Dffice Worker, Homeroom Secretary. JOYE DAVIS '53-'54: Future Homemakers of America, Library Club. '54-'55: Future Homemakers of America. f55-'56: Fashion Club, G and G, Library Club, Secretary. LEO DAVIS '54-'55: Domino Club. '55-'56: Pan American Club. I ROY DAV '53-'54: "A" Club, PMQEIT' ' u 7 A Cappella, Track. '54-'55: Parallel Bar Club, A Cappella, Boys' artet. '55-'56: "A" Club, A Cappella, Boys' Quartet, Track, Homeroo Vice-President. HELENE DEATHERAGE I 'A '53-'54: Cxhmzmality Club, Student Council. '54f'55: Red Cross Council, Future 'Business Leaders of America. '55-'56: Nursing Club, President, G and G. 45 ' -X-..... .-.,,..f- PEGGY DIGBY '53-'54, A.H.S. Theatre, Homeroom Secretary. '54-'55, Fashion Club, Homeroom Secretary. '55-'56, Ephesy Club, Homeroom Secretary. PEGGY DIXON '53-'54s Music for Fun Club. '54-'55: Little "E" Club. '55-'56: Future Business Leaders Club, Secretary-Treasurer, G and G. MARY FRANCES DOBBS '53-'54, Charmality Club. '54-'55, P.E. Specialists Club. '55-'56, Distributive Education Club, G and G. CAROLE DOMANN 1 '53-'54, Personality Club, Homeroom Secretary. '54-'55: A.H.S. Theatre, Homeroom Reporter. '55-'56, Fashion Club, President, Audio-Visual Club, Reporter, Homeroom Reporter. C LARRY DOUGIDAAN '53-'54, Tran fer from Lubbock, Texas. ' -'55: Sportsman's Club. '55-'56, rtsman's Club JIM DUKE '53-'54, Little "E" Club. '54-'55, Domino Club. '55-'56, Domino Club. DAVID DUNLAP '54-'55, Transfer from Denver, Colorado. '55-'56, Pan American Club. H. E. DUNLAP '53-'54, "A" Club, Football, Sophomore Team, Baseball, Men's Glee Club, Homeroom Secretary. '54-'55, "A" Club, "A" Associa- tion, Football, B Team, Baseball, Lettered, Men's Gleet Club. PAT DUNN '54-'55, Transfer from Carrollton High School. '55-'56, Student Council. 46 LUE EDINGTON 53-'54: Charmality Club, Orchestra, Volleyball. '54- lub, Orchestra, Volleyball. '55-'56, Fashion Club, Drchestra, Volleyball. JOYCE ENTREKIN 55-'56, Transfer from Abilene Christian High School. JACK ERWIN 53-'54, Vocational Industrial Club, Metal Shop Club. '54-'55 'ocational Industrial Club, Metal Shop Club, Merit Award 55-'56: Little "E" Club. FREDDIE EWING 53-'54: "A" Club, Football, Sophomore, Student Council. '54-'55: Domino Club, Track, Audio Visual. "55-'56: Automobile Club. LOUDEL FITZGERALD 53-'54: Personality Club, Treasurer. '54-'55, Music Apprecia- ion Club. '55-'56, G and G, Treasurer. '55, Fashion Eagle-Ettes, EDLENA FLAIR '53-'54, Little "E" Club, National Forensics. '54-'55, A.H.S. The- atre, Future Teachers of America, Girls' Chorus. '55-'56, A.H.S Theatre, G. and G. EVELYN FLANAGAN '53-'54: P.E. Specialists Club. '54-'55, Seventeen Club, Secretary '55-'56: Music Appreciation Club. DARLENE FORTSON '53-'54: P.E. Specialists Club, Intramural Sports. '54-'55: P.E Specialists Club. '55-'56: G and G. N. L. FRANKLIN '55-'56: Vocational Industrial Club, Secretary, Machine Shop 47 2' 'P+ CLARA LEE GLENN MICKEY GILBRETH '53-'54: "A" Club: Homeroom Reporter. '54-'55: Sportsman's Clubp Homeroom Vice-President. '55-'56: Sportsman's Club. LEWIS GILES '53-'54: Photography Clubp Orchestra. '54-'55: Pilots Club: Or- chestrap Exchange Students to Wisconsin. '55-'56: Junior Acade- my of Scienceg Orchestra. BARBARA GILKERSON '53-'54: Future Homemakers of America. '54-'55: Demisells Club. '55-'56: Junior Red Cross, Reporter. GRETCHEN GIRDNER '53-'54: Press Clubp Battery. '54-'55: Seventeen Club. '55-'56: Ephesy Cluby G and G5 Counselor's Office: Flashlight, Art and Layout Editorg Homeroom Secretary. JERRY GIST '53-'54: Wood Shop Clubp Future Farmers of America. '54-'55: Future Farmers of America. '55-'56: Domino Club: Future Farm- ers of America. '54-'55: Transfer from Brewer High School. '55-'56: Future Home- makers of America. DELLA GLOVER '53-'54: Personality Club: Homeroom Secretary. '54-'55: A.H.S. Theatrep National Thespians. '55-'56: Fashion Club, Vice'-Presi- dentp G and G. ARVELLA GOODMAN '53-'54: Little "E" Club. '54-'55: Distributive Educationg Library Worker. '55-'56: G and G. NANCY GRANTHAM '53-'54: Charmality Club. '54-'55: Style Club. '55-'56: Ephesy Clubp G and G. 48 DARLENE GRAVENS 3-'54: Future Homemakers of America. '54-'55, Future Home- akers of America. '55-'56, Future Homemakers of America, and G. A ooN GRAVENS 3-'54: Future Farmers of America, Treasurer. '54-'55, Future :rmers of America, Treasurer. '55-'56: Sportsman's Club. ANN GRAY t3-'54: Transfer from El Paso, Texas. '54-'55, Band, Marching, .H.S. Theatre. '55-'56: Band, Concert, Marching, A.H.S. The- tre, G and G. BUTCH GRAY 3-'54, Student Counfi'l7'Male Gleelllub. '54-'55: Music Appre- ation Club, Student Council, National Honor Society, Exchange 'uclent to Wisconsin, Male Glee Club. '55-'56: Motorcycle Club, 'uclent Council, A Cappella. ,------+,X CAROL GREEN '3-'54: Teen Mode: Eag '54-'55: Farmington, New Mex- o. '55-'56: Ephesy, G and G. """ ' ITPUPPKXI D I ga Xi". . t 1 Q. A I 5 9 Q an .dad L, A . .X ' - ., ,n',3 ' .--s. lf ' . -x. I' 7 Q U9 s Q ' -. . E 3 T is 'T cyl , 3- u' l T' ' nxt.-..f,i "M"-L. 0 3 L ' bl ' u, ',I N -. r , . P 0 ' Q it I IV 4' I HI, I 'fbf ' X44-1 YVINAM fkx FREDDIE GREEN '53-'54, "A" Club, Baseball, A Team, Football, B Team. '54-'55: "A" Club, "A" Association, Football, A Team, Lettered, Baseball, A Team. '55-'56, "A" Club, "A" Association, Football, A Team, Baseball, A Team, Homeroom President. DAVID GREENE '53-'54: Future' Homemakers of America, Chapter Degree, Home- America, Track. '55-'56, Golf Club, Golf. POLLY GREENE '53-'54:Future Homemakers of America, Chapter Degree, Home- room Vice-President. '54-'55: Future Homemakers of America, State Degree, A Award, National Honor Society. '55-'56, Future Homemakers for America, Future.Teachers of America, Treas- urer, National Honor Society, Homeroom Treasurer. JO ANN GREENE GUITAR '53-'54: Charmality Club, Battery, Volleyball. '54-'55: Music Appreciation Club, Eagle-Ettes, Battery, National Honor Society. '55-'56: Red Cross Council, National Honor Society, G and G. 49 DONNA HALEY '53-'54: A.H.S. Theatre: Student Council. '54-'55: Future Busi ness Leaders, Reporter: Student Council. '55-'56: Future Home makers of America. MARISUE HALL '53-'54: Future Homema ers 'of America, Secretary, Chapter De gree: Band, Marching. '54-'55: Future Ho makers of America President: Band, Concert, Marching: Exchan e Student to Wis consin. '55-'56: Future Homemakers of Am rica, Treasurer: Dis trict President: Future Teachers of America: Bond, Concert, March ing: G and G. . YLvlA HAMILTON? '53-'54: Charmality Club: Tennis: ag e-Ettes. '54-'55: A Cap' pella: Homeroom Vice-President. '55-'56: Cheerleader: "A" As- sociation: Music Appreciation: G and G: Student Council. BILLY HAMPTON '53-'54: Photography Club: Football. '54-'55: Domino Club. '55-'56: Sportsmcn's Club: Stage Craft. . 'S CLARK HAMPTON '53-'54: Architecture Club: Golf: Football. '54-'55: Golf, Lettered "A" Association: Golf Club. '55-'56: Homeroom President: Golf, i -K- Qxfp, GAY SANDERS HANCOCK '53-'54: Future Homemakers of America: Eagle-Ettes: Volleyball. '54-'55: Volleyball: "A" Association: Future Homemakers of America, Secretary: A Cappella. '55-'56: Future Homemakers of America, Secretary: G and G. ,QAYLE HANK '53-'54: Personality Club, Secretary: E e-Ettes. '54-'55: Music Appreciation: National Honor Society: Student Council, S.A.S.C. Delegate: A Cappella. '55-'56: Student Council, Secretary: Ephesy Club: National Honor Society: A Cappella: G and G. BARBARA HARRIS '53-'54: Future Homemakers of America. '54-'55: Seven-te-en Club. '55-'56: Fashion Club. CELIA HARRIS '53-'54: Library Club, Secretary: Library Worker. '54-'55: Library Club, President: Counselor's Office: National Honor Society. '55-'56: Counselor's Office: Ephesy Club: Student Council: Na- tional Honor Society. 50 Lettered: "A" Association: Golf Club. X ' is -. ii,-Q - FREDDIE HARRISON 54-'55: Wood Shop Club. '55-'56, Pre Flight Club. NITA HARVEY 53-'54: Personality Club. '54-'55, Style Club, Flashlight, Layout Editor. '55-'56, Fashion Club, Flashlight, Faculty Editor, G and G. LEVINA HATCHETT 53-'54: Library Club. '54-'55: Library Club. '55-'56: Library Club. JOYCE HAYES '53-'54, Personality Club, Orchestra. '54-'55, A.H.S. Theatre, Or- zhestra, First Chair Cello. '55-'56: A.H.S. Theatre, Orchestra, First Chair Cello. JERRY HENDERSON 53-'54: "A" Club, Football, B Team, Track, B Team, Homeroom lresident. '54-'55, "A" Club, "A" Association, Football, A Team, .ettered. '55-'56, "A" Association, Red Cross Council, Men's Glee Ilub. G and G. President. Club. KAY VON HENDLEY '53-'54, Future Homemakers of America, Junior Degree Stu dent Council, Homeroom Secretary. '54-'55: Future Homemokers of America, Reporter. '55-'56, Future Homemakers of America BOOTH HENSON '53-'54: Future Farmers of America. '54-'55, Future Farmers of America. '55-'56, Future Farmers of America, Homeroom Vice JANYCE HERRING '53-'54: Pan American Club. '54-'55: Style Club. '55-'56: Ephesy L-UNM! "BB"!9I9'L Aj '53-'54: Band, Marching, Concert. '54-'55: Junior Academy of Science, Secretary, Band, Marching, Concert. '55-'56: A.H.S The b qtrewatio l!,Tl?PiaI,risnSocietyi Pan'd,'WMancliimg,IEIqric9t llltfifli fs! lfflfivif, ,I'.'L4Yv ll .J D 51.4 if ' l - I fn'-M, , U 1 I, 1 SHIRLEY HERRINGTON 753-'54, P.E. Maiors Club, Intramural Sports. '54-'55, Future Business Leaders, Vice-President. '55-'56, Fashion Club, Acting Club, G and G, Homeroom Vice-President. DONALD HETHERINGTON '53-'54, Future Farmers of America. '54-'55: Future Farmers of America. '55-'56: Little "E" Club. it ' , ILDR '54-'55, Architecture Clu , Reporter. '55-'56, Little "E" Club. FRANK HILL '53-'54: A.H.S. Theatre, National Thespians, "The Indian Cap- tive," "The Rivals." '54-'55, A.H.S. Theatre, Vice-President, Ro- man Forum, National Thespians, National Forensics, "Macbeth," "A Midsummer Night's Dream," "Abe Lincoln in lllinois." '55-'56, A.H.S. Theatre, President, National Thespians, National Forensics, "Flibberty-Gibbett." ANN HILLS '53-'54, Charmality Club, Tennis, Battery. '54-'55: Music Appre- ciation Club, Student Council, Junior Queen, Homecoming Queen, Tennis. '55-'56: Ephesy, Vice-President, G and G, Secretary, Audio Visual, Secretary, Runner-up, Miss Frontpage. ELIZABETH HIX '53-'54: Foreign Correspondence Club, Eagle-Ettes, Sextet, Or- chestra, String Quartet. '54-'55: Fashion Club, National Honor Society, Roman Forum, Exchange-Student to Wisconsin, A Cap- pella, Quartet, Orchestra, Concert Mistress. '55-'56, Junior Red Cross, National Honor Society, G and G, A: Cappella, Orchestra, Concert Mistress. "Ye-c L.-li T481 L I' 311- V'-sh NEAL HOLLINGSHEAD '53-'54, Library Staff, District Delegate. '54-'55, Roman Forum, Secretary, National Thespians, Library Staff, Vice-President, State Delegate, "Heidi," "Macbeth," "Midsummer Night's Dream", Act- ing Lab. '55-'56, A.H.S. Theatre, National Thespians, National Forensics. SHARON HOOKS '53-'54: Personality Club, Eagle-Ettes. '54-'55: Junior Red Cross, Student Council, A Cappella. '55-'56, Junior Red Cross, Presi- dent, G and G, "A" Association, Cheerleader. KAREN HOPKINS '53-'54, Foreign Correspondence Club, Eagle-Ettes. '54-'55, Stu- dent Council, A Cappella, Junior Red Cross, Roman Forum. '55-'56, A Cappella, Quartet, Trio, Junior Red Cross, G and G, Attendance Office. 52 DAVID HOUSE 54-'55: Metal Shop Club, Vocational Industrial Club, Two First 'laces in State Meet. '55-'56, Metal Shop Club, Reporter. CAROL SUE HOWK 53-'54, Press Club, Orchestra. '55-'56: Diversified Occupation Ilub, G and G. SUE HUFF 53-'54, Future Homemakers of America, Intramural Sports. '54- '55: Future Homemakers of America, Intramural Sports. '55- 56: A.H.S. Theatre, Homeroom Secreta1q,G and G. rm :cell 53-'54, Sportsmards.. fflsif-'55:" I Science Ilub, Reporter, Student Council. '55-'56, Automobile Club. HAROLD INMAN 53-'54: Pilot's Club. '54-'55, Future Farmers of America. '55- 56: Diversified Occupations Club. GLENNA ISBELL '53-'54: Personality Club, National Forensics, Recording Secre- tary, "A" Award, Regional and District Poetry Reading Contest, First Place. '54-'55: Seventeen Club, Roman Forum, National Forensics, Recording Secretary, Merit Award. '55-'56: Junior Red Cross Council, Roman Forum, National Forensics, Corresponding Secretary, Future Teachers of America. DON JACKSON '53-'54, "A" Club, Football, Audio Visual. '54-'55, Audio Visual, Audio Visual Club, Roman Forum. '55-'56, Press Club, Presi- dent, Battery, Sports Editor. HELEN JACKSON BOBBY JENKINS '53-'54, Future Farmers of America. '54-'55, Future Farmers of America, Wood Shop. '55-'56, Vocational Industrial Club. 53 ED JENKINS '53-'54, "A" Club. '54-'55: Sportsman's Club. '55-'56, Music For Fun Club. CHRIS JOHNSON 53 54 fhotography Club, Slide Rule Club. '54-'55: Junior ly of Science, National Thespians, Audio Visual. '55-'56: Junior Academy of Science, Secretary-Treasurer, National Thes- pians, Audio Visual. JAMES JOHNSON MAUREEN JOHNSON '55-'56: Transfer from Geneva, New York, Typing Club, Vice- President. NAOMI JOHNSON '55-'56: Future 'Homemakers of America, G and G. 'CI' YVONNE JOHNSTON '54-'55: Transfer from Gladewater, Seventeen Club, Vice-Presi- dent, A Cappella. '55-'56: A.H.S. Theatre, A Cappella. GENETA JONES '53-'54, Future Homemakers of America, Eagle-Ettes. '54-'55: Style Club, Eagle-Ettes. '55-'56: Ephesy Club, Eagle-Ettes, G and G. PEGGY JONES '53-'54: Future Homemakers of America. '54-'55: P.E. Specialists Club. '55-'56: A.H.S. Theatre, G and G. SHIRLEY KAUFFMAN '53-'54: Future Homemakers of America, Library Club, Home- room Reporter. '54-'55, Future Homemakers of America, Library Club. '55-'56: Future Homemakers of America, G and G. 54 '53-'54: Teen Mode. '54-'55: Future Homemakers of America. BILL DAVID KENNEDY 53-'54, "A" Club, Football, B Team, Homeroom President. 54-'55: "A" Club, Football, B Team, Homeroom President, '55-'56: ittle "E" Club, President. N wAYLANo Kssis ff 54-'55: Music Appreci ' Club. ' -'56: "A" Club. KEITH KIMBLER 54-'55: Distributive Education. '55-'56: Distributive Education. EARLENE KING 53-'54: Personality Club. '54-'55, Vogue Club, Audio Visual, iecretary. '55-'56: Junior Red Cross Council, G and G. JERRY KING 54-'55: Sportsman's Club, President. '55-'56: Junior Red Cross Iouncil. KAY KINNARD '53-'54: Future Homemakers of America, Reporter, Junior De- gree, Band, Concert, Marching, First Place Twirling Solo. '54-'55: Red Cross Council, Band, Concert, Marching, Maiorette, First Place Twirling Solo and Trio. '55-'56: Student Council, Red Cross Council, Treasurer, Future Teachers of America, Band, Concert, Marching, First Chair French Horn, Head Majorette, G and G, Orchestra. .t RONNY KIRKPATRICK '53-'54: Orchestra, Band, Cadet. '54-'55, Roman Forum, Orches- tra, Band, Marching. '55-'56, Pre Med Club, Orchestra, Band, Marching. DOROTHY KREMPIN '53-'54: Future Homemakers of America, Treasurer. '54-'55s Seventeen Club. '55-'56: Fashion Club. JERRY LACKEY '54-'55, Domino Club. '55-'56: Domino Club. 55 TOMMY LANDRETH '53-'54: Wood Shop Club. '54-'55: Vocational Industrial Club Vice-President. HAROLD LANDRUM '53-'54: Sportsman's Clubp "A" Clubp Baseballp Homeroom Presit dent. '54-'55: "A" Clubg Baseball: Homeroom President. '55-'56 "A" Clubp Baseball. D'ANN LANGFORD '53-'54: Pan American Club. '54-'55: Pan American Club: At- tendance Otfice. '55-'56: Pan American Club. BILL LAPHAM '53-'54: Sportsman's Cluby Audio Visualp Merit Awardf Golf, Homeroom Vice-President. '54-'55: Golf Clubp Golf Team: A Award. CECIL LASSITER '53-'54: Domino Cluby Audio Visual: Band, Marching. '54-'55: Press Clubf Band, Concert, Marching. '55-'56: Tumbling Clubg Audio Visualg Band, Concert, Marching. TOM LAWLIS '53-'54: Future Farmers of Americaf Student Councilp Homeroom Vice-President. '54-'55: Future Farmers of America, Chapter Sec- retary: Merit Award. '55-'56: Future Farmers of America, State Meeting: Auto Association Club. 'Y MINA PERSON Homebound Student. GEORGE LEE A BESS LEGGETT '53-'54: Little "E" Clubp Intramural Sports. '54-'55: P.E. Specialists Club. '55-'56: International Friendship Club. ROBERT LEMON '53-'54: Student Council, Sportsman's Club. '54-'55: Domino Club, Homeroom President. '55-'56: Vocational Industries Club, Student Council. JAMES LEONARD '53-'54: "A" Club, "A" Association, Track, Lettered, Homeroom Vice-President. '54-'55: Parallel Bar Club, Roman Forum, "A" As- sociation, Track, Lettered. '55-'56, "A" Association, Track, Co-Captain. GERALD LEWIS '53-'54: "A" Club, Football, Sophomore Team, Baseball, Basket- ball, Manager, Homeroom Vice-President. '54-'55: "A" Club, Baseball, Homeroom Reporter. '55-'56, "A" Club, "A" Associa- tion, Baseball. WAYLAND LILLY '53-'54: Parallel Bar Club, Future Farmers of America. '54-'55: Parallel Bar Club, Tumbling Club, Future Farmers of America. '55-'56: Parallel Bar Club, Tumbling Club, Future Farmers of America. GLENNA LINDSEY '53-'54: Little "E" Club, Band, Marching. '54-'55: Solo and En- semble Club, Band, Concert, Marching. '55-'56: Fashion Club, G and G, Marching, Concert. -1. .A . . l 4 N. 4 " , -an 1 s I 'I 1 9 A ' s I A" o NONA LITTLE '53-'54: Personality Club, President, Eagle-Ettes, Student Council. '54-'55: Music Appreciation Club, A Cappella. '55-'56, Ephesy Club, G and G, President, A Cappella, Secretary, Treasurer, Homeroom Vice-President. JOYE LOCKE '54-'55: Transfer from A.C.H.S. '55-'56: Ephesy Club, G and G. MIKE LocKERo Q '53-'54: "A" Club, Basketball, B Team, Student Council, Audio Visual, Merit Award. '54-'55: "A" Club, "A" Association, Basket- ball, A Team, National Honor Society, Audio Visual, A Award. '55-'56: "A" Club, "A" Association, Basketball, A Team, Na- tional Honor Society, Audio Visual, President. STUART LOVE '53-'54: Pre Flight Club. '54-'55, A.H.S. Theatre. '55-'56, A.H.S. Theatre, National Forensics. 57 BETTIE MCGEE '53-'54, Teen Mode Club, Reporter, Homeroom Vice-President. '54-'55: Fashion Club, Student Council, Vice-President of Home- room. '55-'56: Seventeen Club, Reporter, G and G. ROY MclEMORE KENNETH McLANE '55-'56, Distributive Education Club. THOMAS McMILLIN '53-'54s Sportsman's Club. '54-'55, Sportsman's Club, Secretary- Treasurer. '55-'56: Puzzle Club. VICTOR McCALLlE '54-'55: Sportsman's Club. '55-'56, Vocational Industrial Club. WILFORD MCCANN '53-'54, Library Club, Homeroom President. '54-'55: Roman Fo- rum, Student Council, National Honor Society. '55-'56: Creative Writing Club, Vice-President, National Honor Society. W HERSCHEL McCOY '53-'54, "A" Club, Football, Lettered, Boys' Choir. '54-'55, "A" Club, Football, Lettered, A Cappella. '55-'56: Junior Red Cross Council, A Cappella. NANCY McCREIGHT '53-'54: Personality Club, Homeroom Secretary. '54-'55: A.H.S. Theatre, Homeroom Secretary. '55-'56, A.H.S. Theatre, G and G. VANCE MCFADDEN '53-'54: "A" Club, Football, Track, Boys' Glee Club, Homeroom President. '54-'55: "A" Club, Football, Track, A Cappella. '55-'56: "A" Club, Football, Track, A Cappella. 5 BETTY MAGEE '53-'54: Teen Mode. '54-'55: Red Cross Council, Student Council. '55-'56: Ephesy Club, G and G, Student Council, Attendance Office. SHIRLEY MANGUM '54-'55, Transfer from Wills Point High School. '55-'56, Recrea- tional Reading Club, President, G and G. KAREN MANLY 53-'54, Charmality Club. '54-'55: Style Club, Vice-President, Re- aorter. '55-'56: Fashion Club, G and G. TRAVIS MANNING 53-'54, Sportsman's Club, Baseball. '54-'55: "A" Club, Baseball. 55-'56: "A" Club, Baseball. JERRY MARSHALL 53-'54: Future Farmers of America, Student Council, Band, Aarching, Concert. '54-'55, Future Farmers of America, Audio fisual, Student Council, Band, Marching, Concert. '55-'56, Fu- ure Farmers of America, Vice-President, Band, Marching, Con- ert, First Lieutenant, First Chair Trombone. KATIE MARTIN '53-'54, Little "E" Club. '54-'55, P. E. Specialist. '55-'56, Music for Fun, G and G. JAMES MASON '53-'54: "A" Club, Football, Sophomore Team, Tumbling, Track, Student Council, Homeroom President. '54-'55, "A" Club, Foot- ball, B Team, Tumbling, Student Council. '55-'56: Automobile Club. LEROY MASON '53-'54, Sportsman's Club. '54-'55, Sportsman's Club. SHEILA MASON '54-'55: Transfer from Pecos, Texas. '55-'56, National The-spians, Eagle-Ettes. 59 MARGARET MASSEY '53-'54: Personality Club: Orchestra. '54-'55: Roman Forum. '55-'56: A.H.S. Theatre: G and G: Roman Forum: Future Teach- ers of America: National Thespians. JUDY MATEJOWSKY '53-'54: Charmality Club: Battery. '54-'55: Fashion Club: Nation- al Honor Society. '55-'56: A.H.S. Theatre: G and G: Student Council: Eagle-Ettes: National Honor Society: "A" Association: Cheerleader. CLARA MATTHEWS '53-'54: Foreign Correspondence Club: Re'gistrar's Office: A Award. '54-'55: Style Club: Audio Visual: A Award. '55-'56: A.H.S. Theatre: G and G: Audio Visual: Homeroom President. ' JOHN MAYES '53-'54: Band, Marching, Concert: Homeroom Vice-President: "A" Club: Baseball. '54-'55: Solo and Ensemble Club: Band, Marching, Concert. '55-'56: Solo and Ensemble Club: Band, Marching, Concert, Property Sergeant: Orchestra. BARBARA MAZY '53-'54: Teen Mode Club. '54-'55: Future Business Leaders of America. '55-'56: Fashion Club: G and G. I k ,4yV,,.. IT ir , Ifla! ZJX7 1 1' ' -'L ' Q .pf .T 1 L We hw . ' Vffmfff' X, .1-'Ivy If V! if' L . -1' ' ,IL Z7 J! If 4 I . V i 'A .P 'A 1' if I -ju' 5 .ri f W , " -lb " I, M4 ' fl I 'AL . 'X' - if G ,ffl pi,-My ff" , Vi .eff ,K ff 1 ,,f , its f by ff f' , -1' 1 ' , ff 1" 4. cm 7 DONALD MAZY '53-'54: Domino Club. '54-'55: Little "E" Club. '55-'56: Pilot's Club. XANTHIA MILAM '53-'54: Eagle-Ettes: Personality Club, Vice-President. '54-'55: Red Cross Council: National Honor Society: Student Council: A Cappella: Exchange Student to Wisconsin: Homeroom Vice- President. '55-'56: Red Cross Council: National Honor Society: Student Council: A Cappella. JAMES MILES '53-'54: Transfer Student. '54-'55: Football, B Team. SANDRA MELTON '53-'54: Transfer from California. ,fl BOBBIE MILLER WANDA MILLS 53-'54, Pan American Club, President, Homeroom Reporter 54-'55: Little "E" Club, Student Council. '55-'56, Little "E" Club Student Council. CHARLES MILLSAP 53-'54: "A" Club, Football, B Team. '54-'55, Vocational lndus- rial Club, Vice-President, Football, B Team. '55-'56: Vocational ndustrial Club, Vice-President. BILLY MITCHELL 53-'54, "A" Club, "A" Association, Football, Track. '54-'55: "A" Ilub, "A" Association, Track. '55-'56, "A" Club, "A" Association, 'rack. GERALD MONTGOMERY 53-'54, Pilot's Club. '54-'55: Vocational Industrial Club, Flash- ight, Photographer. '55-'56: Vocational Industrial Club, Report- ar, Student Council. 10" DON MOORE '53-'54: Pilot's Club, Band, Concert, Marching. '54-'55: Solo and Ensemble Club, Band, Concert, Marching, Color Guard. '55-'56: Solo and Ensemble Club, Band, Concert, Color Guard, Second Lieutenant. MARY FRANCES MOORE '53-'54: Little "E" Club, National Forensics, Intramural Sports. '54-'55, A.H.S. Theatre, National Forensics, Treasurer. '55-'56: Seventeen Club, G and G, National Forensics, Student Council. SHIRLEY MORRISON '53-'54, Personality Club. '54-'55, Style Club, Reporter, Secretary. '55-'56, Future Business Leaders of America Club, Vice-President. ROSIE MOWLES '53-'54: P.E. Maiors Club, Intramural Sports. '54-'55: P.E. Ma- jors Club. '55-'56, D.E. Club. 61 FRANCES MUSICK '54-'55, Transfer from Brownwood High School. '55-'56: Library Club, G and G. BOB NELSON '53-'54, "A" Club, Football, Sophomore Team, Baseball, Home- room President. '54-'55, Automobile Club, Secretary. '55-'56: Automobile Club, President, Boy's Glee Club. DON NICHOLS '53-'54, "A" Club, Football, Sophomore Team, Homeroom Presi- dent. '54-'55, Parallel Bar Club. '55-'56: Pan American Club. IDANEL NORTH '53-'54: Junior Red Cross Council, Band, Marching, Concert, Homeroom Secret ry. JSA-155: S lo and Ensemble Club, Band, Marching, Conce - ping Merit, Award. '55-'56: Fashion Club, G and G, Band, Marching, Concert, Property Sergeant, Orchestra. GARY NORWOOD '53-'54, Little "E" Club, Homeroom Vice-President. '54-'55, Little "E" Club. '55-'56, A.H.S. Theatre, National Thespians, Student Council. VIRGINIA NUNN '53-'54: A.H.S. Theatre, Eagle-Ettes. '54-'55, A.H.S. Theatre, Eagle-Ettes. '55-'56, A.H.S. Theatre, Eagle-Ettes, G and G. CLARICE OSBORNE '53-'54, Personality Club, Intramural Sports. '54-'55, Puzzle Club, President, Intramural Sports, National Honor Society. '55-'56, Ephesy Club, G and G, Intramural Sports, Attendance Office, National Honor Society. SHARON OSBORNE '53-'54: Personality Club, Secretary, Intramural Sports, Home- room Secretary. '54-'55, Music Appreciation Club, Student Coun- cil, Eagle-Ettes. '55-'56, Ephesy Club, G and'G, "A" Association Student Council, Miss Front Page, Head Cheerleader. TOMMY O'STEEN '53-'54, Library Club. '55-'56, Pan American Club, Library Club 62 MAX OVERMAN '53-'54, Junior Red Cro-ss Council. '54-'55, Junior Red Cross Council. '55-'56: Junior Red Cross Council. DANNY OWEN '53-'54, "A" Club, "A" Association, Football, B Team, Lettered, Track, Lettered, Sophomore Class President, Student Council. '54-'55: "A" Club, "A" Association, Track, Lettered, A Cappella, Junior Class Student Council Representative, Victory Bell Team. '55-'56, "A" Club, "A" Association, Victory Bell Team, Captain, National Honor Society, President, Homeroom President. LINDEN OWEN BETTY PARMELLY '53-'54, Little "E" Club, Intramural Sports. '54-'55: A.H.S. The- atre. '55-'56, Seventeen Club, G and G, Registrar's Office, Home- room Reporter. SANDRA PARRISH 55-'56: A.H.S. Tl1eatre,G and G. EUGENE PENDERY '53-'54: Sportsman's Club, Homeroom Vice-President. '54-'55, Sportsman's Club, Automobile Club, Homeroom Reporter. '55- '56, Domino Club, Vice-President, Homeroom Vice-President. BYRON PENROD '53-'54, Little "E" Club. '54-'55: Sportsman's Club, Band, Concert, Marching. '55-'56: Automobile Club, Band, Concert, Marching. SANDRA PERRY '53-'54, Little "E" Club, Homeroom President. '54-'55s Fashion Club, Junior Red Cross Council, Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer. '55-'56, Ephesy Club, Homeroom Reporter. JIM PIERCE '53-'54: Football, B Team, Basketball, B Team. '54-'55, Roman Forum, Audio Visual, Golf Club. '55-'56: Junior Red Cross Coun- cil, Audio Visual. 63 JIMMY POWERS '53-'54: Little "E" Club: Future Farmers of America. '54-'55: Future Farmers of America: Junior Red Cross Council: A Award. '55-'56: Future Farmers of America. JANE PRESTON '53-'54: Foreign Correspondence Club: Eagle-Ettes. '54-'55: Seventeen Club, Secretary: Eagle-Ettes, Secretary. '55-'56: Junior Red Cross Council: A Cappella. DAVID QUALLS '55-'56: Transfer from New Mexico: Typing Club. LINDA RAGLE '53-'54: Transfer from Haskell, Texas. '54-'55: Future Home- makers of America: A.H.S. Theatre. '55-'56: A.H.S. Theatre: G and G. 64 '53-'54: Junior Academy of Scienc ent 54 55 Junior demy of Sience P gsrd5kStudent n 1 55 6 Junior Academy of Scuen X President Senior Cla s tudent Cou cil Representative '?7MMYKJ SLVWW '53-'54:FSlide Rule Club Audio Visual 54 55 Parallel Bar Club: Boxing 55 56 Domino Club Audio Visual '53-'54: Charmaluty Club Reporter Student Council Battery '54-'55: Vogue Club Reporter Responsibility Award Eagle Ettes Roman Forum Student Council Battery Advertising Manager A k Award: Junior Class Reporter 55 56 A Association Ephesy A-Club: Cheerleader G and G Battery Business Manager '53-'54: Transfer from Cusco Texas 54 55 Solo and Ensemble Club: Band, Concert Marching First Place Twirlmg Solo and Ensemble. '55 56 Solo and En mbe Club Band Concert 'W' v Marching, Librarian G and G '53-'54: Personality Club 54 55 Domino Club Library Club A Certificate 55 56 AHS Theatre Library Club DAVID RAMSEY 53-'54: Vocational kqricu'ltural Club: Golden Gloves: Home- oom President. '54-'55s-Automobile Club, President. '55-'56: ittle "E" Club: Future Farmers of America: Homeroom Secre- ary-Treasurer. GARY RAY 53-'54: Future Farmers of America: A Award. '54-'55: Future iarmers of America, Treasurer. '55-'56: Future Farmers of kmerica. PAULA RAY BARBARA REEVES 53-'54: Little "E" Club: Intramural Sports: Library Worker. 54-'55: Se-venteen Club, Reporter: Eagle-Ettes: Exchange Student o Wisconsin. '55-'56: Ephesy Club: Future Teachers of America: 3 and G: Student Council: Eagle-Ertes. ROY REID 53-'54: "A" Club: "A" Association: Track, Lettered: Student iouncil: Homeroom Vice-President. '54-'55: "A" Club: "A" As- ociation: Football, Lettered: Track, Lettered. '55-'56: "A" Club: A" Association: Football, Lettered: Track, Lettered. MARTY REYNOLDS '53-'54: Sportsman's Club. '54-'55: Transfer from Guthrie. 155-156: Future Farm K '53-'54: Foreign Correspondence Club, Secretary, Vice-President: Flashlight, Sophomore Editor. '54-'55: Pre-Med Club, Vice-Presi- dent: Flashlight, Club Editor, Merit Award: National Honor So- ciety. '55-'56: Pre-Med Club, President: Flashlight, Editor: Na- tional Honor Society, Reporter: Student Council: G and G. JANE RISTER '53-'54: Little "E" Club. '54-'55: Style Club. '55-'56: A.H.S. The- atre: G and G. c MY RIX '53-'54: Transfer from San Ange o, Texas. '54-'55: Men's Glee Club: Tennis. '55-'56: A Cappella: Tennis. 65 MYRA ROBERTS '53-'54, Charmality Club, Library Worker. '54-'55: Style Club Roman Forum. '55-'56: Ephesy Club, Future Teachers of Ameri- ca, G and G, Counselor's Office, Homeroom Secretary. s Jos noamsouj '55-'56, Sportsman's Club, President. HOMER ROSENBAUM '53-'54: "A" Club, Football. '54-'55: "A" Club, "A" Association Football. '55-'56, "A" Club, "A" Association, Football. PEGGY ROSSER I '55-'56: Transfer from Big Spring, Texas, Ephesy Club. INA JEANNE RUCKER '53-'54: P.E. Specialist-s Club, Intramural Sports. '54-'55: P.E Specialists Club, Intramural Sports, Flashlight, Sophomore Editor Merit Award, National Honor Society. '55-'56: G and G, Flash light, Club Editor, National Honor Society. LILLIE ANN RUSSELL '54-'55, Puzzle Club. '55-'56s Future Business Leaders of Ameri- ca Club, G and G. ALTUS SCOTT '53-'54, Student Council, Baseball, Lettered, Homeroom Vice- President. '54-'55, "A" Association, Baseball, Lettered, Student Council. '55-'56, "A" Association, Baseball, Homeroom President. AX XX K X TOMMY SCOTT '53-'54: "A" Club, FootbEll,'Sophomore.leerm, Boy's Ch ir, Home- room President. '54-'55, "A" Club, Football, B Team, Boy's Choir. '55-'56, Little "E" Club. RAY SHAFER '53-'54, Transfer from Lubbock, Texas. '54-'55: "A" Club, Foot- ball, B Team. '55-'56s Junior Red Cross Council. 66 CAROLYN SHEPHERD 53-'54, Foreign Correspondence, Intramural Sports. '54-'55: For rign Correspondence, Reporter. '55-'56, Future Business Lead ers of America, Reporter, G and G. ALICE SHERWOOD 53-'54: P. E. Maiors, Attendance Office. '54-'55, P. E. Majors Attendance Office, Merit Award. '55-'56: Ephesy Club, G and G, Attendance Office. ROY SHERWOOD 53-'54, Homeroom Vice-President. '54-'55, Vocational lndus- ries Club, President, Student Council, Homeroom President. 55-'56, Architecture Club. JACQUELINE SHIELDS 53-'54, Transfer Student. '54-'55, Pre-Med Club, President, Na- ional Forensics, National Thespians, Future Teachers of Ameri- za, Roman Forum, Speech Merit Award, National Honor Society. 55-'56, Pre-Med Club, National Forensics, Future Teachers of Xmerica President- Roman Forum National Thes ians- G and I I i P I 3, Student Council, National Honor Society, Treasurer. ISOBELL SHIPLEY 53-'54, Foreign Correspondence, Secretary, Eagle-Ettes. '54-'55: 'uzzle Club, Secretary, Eagle-Ettes. '55-'56, Music for Fun Club, agle-Ettes, Vice-President. LARRY SHIVE '55-'56: Transfer Student. ANN SHULTS '53-'54: Sophomore Class f55: A Cappella, Stu- dent Council, Reporter, Battery, Society Editor, Exchange Group, Responsibility Award, Junior Class Secretary. '55-'56: A Cap- pella, Battery, Editor, National Honor Society, Secretary, Senior Class Queen, Flashlight Queen. ALAN SIDES '53-'54, "A" Club, Football, Sophomore Team, Homeroom Presi- dent, Sophomore Reporter. '54-'55, "A" Club, Football, B Team, A Cappella, Homeroom President. '55-'56: Automobile Club, A Cappella. SARAH SIDES '53-'54, Personality Club, Attendance Office. '54-'55: Seventeen Club, Roman Forum, Exchange Student to Wisconsin. '55-'56: Red Cross Council, Attendance Office, Golf. 67 DAVID SIMMONS '53-'54: Sportsmon's Club: Golf Team. '54-'55: Sportsman's Club, Vice-President, Golf Club: Golf Team. '55-'56: Sportsman's Club. l LANNIE SKAGGS '53-'54: Music for Fun Clu A.H .W heatrey Band, Marching. JS'54-'55: Music App ' ' T ub- an Forumf Future Teach- ers of Americofileporter, rch str , e 1"s'TUdenT Councilg Merit Ay6rdg N tion l r Societ . '55-'56: A.H.S. Theatre: Future'Te ers gh,A eric , Corresponding Secretaryg G and G5 Student 'l, C rresponding Secretaryp National Honor Society. ALTON SMITH '55-'56: Transfer: Architectural Clubp National Honor Society, Homeroom Secretary. CARL SMITH '54-'55: Transfer Student. '55-'56: Pre Med Club. sc 5 Louise smmi , X - C X..-f TY fffgi' XA' ' - R S.. , 2-rg I X t Tile- .T I 1 ' KT' K" ' . -111 -qi 1 QE- IT L,,g.f'5Qf . 'Tx:.Q' .Wg K . fi' e --f S, ws iv 'A 5-1-- .F-YM hx X1--J , ' xx E"-Y 5 f' J". e ' ' 7' . a 'X-A I A.-..-fi-' Q.- ' ,svkf if . L ' . ' A, TCX1 I .- 'J . .M J- - l f. 'RSM '-.Q H x . Q 5 - Q GARET SMITH I t '53-'54: Red Cross Councilp Eagle-Ettes, Sextetp Tennis Team. '54-'55: Music Appreciation Club: Roman Forump Student Coun cilp Tennis Team, A Cappella. '55-'56: Ephesy Clubp A Cappella. MAXINE SMITH f, '53-'54: Personality Club. '54-'55: Vogue Club. '55-'56: A.H.S. Theatre. ORAL SMITH '53-'54: Transfer Student. '54-'55: Style Club. '55-'56: Distribu- tive Educational Club. ROBERT SMITH '53-'54: Photography Club: Band, Marching. '54-'55: Music Ap- preciation Clubp A Cappella, Band, Concert. '55-'56: Pre Med Club: A Cappella. :SHERRE SNQQL. 53-'54: Personality Club: Fagleffttes: Tennis. '54-'55: Music Ap- areciation: A Cappella: Tennis: Homeroom Secretary. '55-'56: X.H.S. Theatre, Reporter: National Thespians: Stage Craft: G and G: A Cappella: Tennis: Homeroom Secretary: Senior Class Reporter. g 'si-I RY ITH 53-'54: Battery: Te nis: Hom m Secretary. '54-'55: Music Ap- areciation: Tennis: eroom Secretary. '55-'56s Ephesy Club: -lomeroom Secretary: Senior Class Secretary: Runner-Up "Miss iront Page": Homecoming Queen. WILBURN SMITH 54-'55: Music Appreciation Club. '54-'55: Domino Club. ROLAND SNIPES 53-'54: Domino Club: Golf. '54-'55: Golf Club: Golf: Homeroom 'resident '55-'56: Golf Club, Vice-President: Golf. SHERRON SPARKS 53-'54: A.H.S. Theatre: National Thespians: Eagle-Ettes. '54-'55s 5i.H.S. Theatre: Roman Forum: National Honor Society: A Cap- aella. '55-'56: Junior Red Cross: Thespians: Secretary: G and G: 'Flibberty Gibbet": A Cappella, National Honor Society. COLETTE SPRINGER '54-'55: Junior Business Leaders. '55-'56: Fashion Club: G and G. ANITA SPRINGFIELD '53-'54: Charmality Club: Student Council: Homeroom Secretary- Treasurer. '54-'55: Music Appreciation: Eagle-Ettes: Attendance Office: Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer. '55-'56: G and G: Eagle-Ettes: Attendance Office. SANDRA STAN DEFER '53-'54: Future Homemakers of America, Chapter Degree: Intra- mural Sports: Volleyball, A Team. '54-'55: Future Homemakers of America, Vice-President, State Degree, Girl of the Month: "A" Association: Volleyball, "A" Team: National Honor Society: "A" Award: Homeroom President. '55-'56: "A" Association: Volley- ball, "A" Team: Future Homemakers of America, President: G and G: National Honor Society. BETTY STANFIELD '54-'55: Transfer from Winters. '55-'56: Little "E" Club: G and G. JUDY SULLIVAN '53-'54s Band, Style Club. '54-'55: Solo and Ensemble Club, Band, Concert, Marching. '55-'56, Future Business Leaders of America, G and G, Band. CLAUDINE SWANN '53-'54, Intramural Sports, Homeroom Treasurer, Future Home- JUDITH STANGE '53-'54, A.H.S. Theatre, Library Worker. '54-'55, A.H.S. Theatre, Library Worker, Student Council, "Heidi", "Macbeth." '55-'56: A.H.S. Theatre, G and G, National Thespians, Eagle-Ettes, "Flibbertygibbit." JIM STOWE '53-'54: "A" Club, Basketball, B Team, Boy's Glee Club. '54-'55: "A" Club, Basketball, A Team, A Cappella. '55-'56, "A" Club, Basketball, A Team, Homeroom President. LESLIE STRANGE '53-'54: "A" Club, Basketball, A Team, Track. '54-'55: "A" Club, "A" Association, Basketball, A Team, Golf. '55-'56: "A" Club, Basketball, A Team, Audio Visual. JAYNE STRINGER '53-'54: Press Club, Secretary, Battery Staff, Intramural Sports. '54-'55, P.E. Specialists Club, Homeroom Secretary. '55-'56, Dis- tributive Education, G and G. PAULA ST '53-'54, Personality Clu . 4-'55: Style Club, Treasurer, Regis- trar's Office, A Award. '55-'56, Future Business Leaders of America, Library Worker's Club. makers of America. '54-'55: Future Homemakers of America, i Intramural Sports. '55-'56, Future Homemakers of America, G and G. JANACE TALLY '53-'54, Library Club. '54-'55, Library Club. '55-'56: Library Club, Photography Club. ELSIE TARVER '53-'54, Music for Fun Club, Band, Marching. '54-'55, Music Ap- preciation Club, Band, Concert, Marching. '55-'56, Fashion Club, G and G, Band, Concert, Marching. 70 ss BRYAN TATUM '53-'54: A.H.S. Theatre: Boys' Choir. '54-'55: Music Appreciation Club: Boys' Choir. '55-'56: A.H.S. Theatre: A Cappella. NELDA TAYLOR '53-'54: Charmality Club. '54-'55: Music Appreciation. '55-'56: Distributive Education: G and G. SHARON TAYLOR '53-'54: Charmality Club: Homeroom Reporter. '54-'55: Future Business Leaders of America, Secretary: Homeroom Vice-Presi- dent. '55-'56: Fashion Club. 'F TEAGU '53-'54: "A" Club: Student Council: Homeroom President. '54-'55: "A" Club: Student Council: Homeroom Vice-President. '55-'56: "A" Club: "A" Association: Audio Visual: Homeroom President. ELDON TENNISON '53-'54: Pilot Club. '54-'55: Vocational lndustries Club. '55-'56: Vocational lndustries Club. JACK TERHUNE '53-'54: "A" Club: Student Council: Homeroom Vice-President. '54-'55: Wood Shop Club: Homeroom President. '55-'56: Pilot Club: Student Council: Track. HARRIET THOMAS '53-'54: Personality Club: Homeroom Vice-President. '54-'55: Music Appreciation Club: Roman Forum: Homeroom Secretary. '55-'56: Ephesy Club: Homeroom Reporter. BARBARA THOMASSON '53-'54: Charmality Club: Battery. '54-'55: Seventeen Club, Vice- President: Girls' Chorus. '55-'56: Ephesy Club: G and G. CECIL THOMASSON '53-'54: Architecture Club, President. '54-'55: Architecture Club, Secretary. '55-'56: Little "E" Club: Audio Visual Club. 71 JANICE THORNTON '53-'54, Teen Mode Club, National Forensics, Merit Award. '54-'55, Future Business Leaders of America, National Forensics. '55-'56: Ephesy Club, G and G, Attendance Office. MARILYN TRACEY '53-'54: Personality Club. '54-'55, Pan American Club. '55-'56, Distributive Education Club. BETTY TUCKER '53-'54: Little "E" Club. '54-'55: Future Business Leaders of Amer- ica. '55-'56, Future Business Leaders of America. DON TUCKER '53-'54, Wood Shop Club, President. '54-'55: Wood Shop Club, President, Student Council. '55-'56, Automobile Club. GARY TURNER '53-'54: Sportsman's Club, -Terrntsi 'Treamesblational Forensics, Audio VisuulLQ54-L55: Automobile Club, 1 resident, Red Cross Council, Audio Visual, National Forensics, Fla ight, Sports Editor. '55-'56, A.H.S. Theatre, National Forensics, ' e-President, Homeroom Vice-President, 'Flibbertygibbetf' . 4 l f rv' 8 il l i M15 1 ML, W! M ,.-Q ji , yi uyvm. ' - f 1- 1 , - V4 hi' My CJ. fill " M J .Wwe 'W7 JIM TYLER '53-'54, "A" Club, Football, Sophomore Team, Baseball, Student Council, Audio Visual, Homeroom President. '54-'55, "A" Club, Football, B Team, Baseball, Homeroom Vice-President. '55-'56, "A" Club, Baseball, Student Council, Audio Visual. GENE VINSON I JOHN WALDROQA L '53-'54: Little "EU Club. '54-'55, Little "E",CIdb, Flashlight, Pho- tographer, Merit Award, Responsibility Award, Annual Merit Award, Photography, National Honor Society. '55-'56, Little "E" Club, "Flibbertygibbet", National Honor Society. HAROLD WALKER '53-'54, A.H.S. Theatre, Boy's Chorus. '54-'55: Music Apprecia- A tion Club, National Forensic, A Cappella, Wisconsin Exchange Student. '55-'56: Music for Fun Club, A Cappella, National Forensics. 72 MARTHA WALKER 53-'54, A.H.S. Theatre, "The Rivals", "The Indian Captive", Bat- ery, Reporter, Homeroom Reporter. '54-'55, A.H.S. Theatre, Na- ional Thespians, "Heide", Acting Lab, Battery, Sports Editor, Iomeroom Reporter, Certificate of Merit. '55-'56: National Thes- aians, National Forensics, Acting Lab, "Flibbertygibbet", Home- oom Reporter. BILL WALLACE 53-'54: Photography Club. '54-'55: Photography Club. '55-'56s locamtional Industrial Club. JEANETTE WALLACE 53-'54, Future Homemakers of America, Eagle-Ettes. '54-'55, Style Club, Eagle-Ettes. '55-'56, Ephesy Club, G and G, Eagle- Ettes. NEIL WARNER 53-'54: Future Farmers of America. '54-'55: Future Farmers of Vocational Industrial Club. . PATSY WARREN 53-'54: Personality Club, Future Teachers of America, Eagle- Ettes. '54-'55, Music Appreciation Club, A Cappella. '55-'56, .ittle "E" Club, G and G, A Cappella. ,-C f...i ',111 ' I 1 'I , . "Lf .-, fa, . C ' ' :swf f X - - 1 . . . ft f.,,. X., - ,yer j If ' 1 J 1 ,- . f,,'., 'J..'1 V ' - f-ff f ' 1 1-1 - l,,..,- f.....d IM 'Jff if BOBBY WATSON '54-'55, Domino Club. '55-'56: Typing Club. BILLY WEBB '53-'54, Audio Visual Club, Audio Visual. '54-'55, Architectural Club, Men's Glee Club. '55-'56, Architectural Club, Men's Glee Club. DON WEBB '53-'54: Little "E" Club, Band, Concert, Marching, Audio Visual. '54-'55, Audio Visual, Gold "A", Band, Concert, Marching, Stu- dent Directing Club. '55-'56, Ensemble Club, Band, First Lieu- tenant, Assistant Drum Major. PATTY WEBSTER '53-'54, Personality Club. '54-'55, Fashion Club, Homeroom Re- porter. '55-'56, Ephesy Club, G and G, Homeroom Secretary. 73 JAMES WELCH '53-'54: "A" Club, Football, Sophomore Team, Basketball, B Team, Boys' Choir. '54-'55: "A" Club, "A" Association, Football, A Team, Track, A Cappella. '55-'56, "A" Club, "A" Association, Football, A Team. SANDRA WELDON '53-'54, Charmality Club, Battery, Tenrjfs. '54-'55, Little "E" Club, Reporter, Future Teachers of Amerfca, Battery, Advertising Man- ager, A Award. '55-'56: A.H.S. Theatre, Future Teachers of America, President, Student Council, Battery, Business Manager. JOYCE WELLS '53-'54, Future Homemakers of America, Band. '54-'55: Pan American Club, Band. '55-'56, Ephesy Club, G and G, Audio Visual. BOBBY WHISENHUNT '59-'54, Future Farmers of America. '54-'55: Future Farmers of America. '55-'56, Domino Club, Future Farmers of America. ANN WHITE '53-'54, Transfer Student. '54-'55s Fashion Club, A Certificate. '55-'56, Distributive Education, G and G, Student Council. l if ij .J 4' , 71. fl ljljltllr W! . BM T - W Wy .gl Cl' l ll ll 411 lf' pl F3 ' xl! f Yl 53' x lil ly lf -. .l x . X-V JY P 1 KAY WHITE X '54-'55, Future Homemakers of America. '55-'56, Future Home- makers of America. ELTON WHITEHEAD '53-'54: Architectural Club. '54-'55: Pilot's Club. ROGER WHITEHURST '53-'54: Junior Red Cross, Chairman, National Forensic, Golf, Audio Visual, Gold A Certificate, Speech, Student Council. '54-'55: Junior Red Cross, National Forensics, Vice-President, Junior Class Vice-President, Golf, Audio Visual. '55-'56: Junior Red Cross, Stage Craft, Student Council, President. TOM WHITEMAN '53-'54: Sportsman's- Club. '54-'55: Automobile Club, Vice-Presi- dent. '55-'56, Little "E" Club. 74 DONNA WICKER 53-'54, Future Homemakers of America, Gold "A", '54-'55, Future Homemakers of America, Thespians, Gold "A". '55-'56, Ephesy Club, G and G. JUDITH WILLIAMS '53-'54: A.H.S. Theatre. '54-'55, Future Homemakers of America, Stagecraft. '55-'56, National Forensics, A Cappella, National Thespians, Band, Concert, Marching. BECKY WILLINGHAM '52-'53, Charmality Club, Freshman Queen, Tennis, Student Council. '53-'54, Personality Club, Student Council, Homeroom Secretary. '54-'55, Music Appreciation Club, Audio Visual, Golf. 55-'56, Music Appreciation Club, Thespians. SANDRA WILLIS '53-'54, Charmality Club, Flashlight, Sophomore Editor, Home- 'oom Secretary-Treasurer. '54-'55, Foreign Correspondence Club, Roman Forum, Flashlight, Junior Editor, Merit Award. '55-'56: Ephesy Club, G and G, Flashlight, Senior Editor. DARLENE WILSON '53-'54: Charmality Club. '54-'55: P.E. Specialists Club. '55-'56: A.H.S. Theatre, G and G. Marching. 75 '53-'54, "A" Club, -'55, "A" Club, J56: IIAII CIubillAl1 NANCY WINDHAM -'54, Personality Club, Band. '54-'55, Library Club, Band -'56, Future Homemakers of America, G and G. CARLTON WINKLES Basketball, lettered, Baseball, lettered Basketball, lettered, Baseball, lettered Association, Baseball, Basketball, Captain JANIS WINTERS '53-'54: Future Homemakers of America, Intramural Sports '54-'55: Little "E" Club. '55-'56: Ephesy Club, G and G. BOB WOOD '53-'54, Photography Club, Boy's Choir, Band, Concert, March ing. '54-'55, Domino Club, Band, Concert, Marching. '55-'56 Auto Club, Audio Visual, Audio Visual Club, Band, Concert ,BEIILWOODS Music Appreciation Club, G and G. BILL YAGER . BOB YOUNGBLOOD '53-'54: "A" Club, Intramural Basketball, Football, Homeroom President. '54-'55: "A" Club, Football, Lettered, "Abe Lincoln in lIIinois." '55-'56, "Merchant of Venice", "Romeo and Juliet", "Flibbertygibbet." FRANKLIN YANCY I '53-'54: "A" Club, Football, Sophomore Team. '54-'55, "A" Club, Football, B Team. '55-'56, Auto Mechanics Club, Vice- President. LaNELL YIELDING '53-'54: Charmality Club, Intramural Sports. '54-'55: P.E. Spe- cialists Club, Volleyball. '55-'56: Ephesy Club, G and G, Volley- ball. GLORIA YOUNG '55-'56: Transfer Student, Solo and Ensemble Club, Library Club, President, G and G, Band, Concert, Orchestra. MALCOLM WOODARD 76 '53-'54: Teen Mode Club. '54-'55: P.E. Specialists Club. '55-'56: '53-'54, Photography Club. '54-'55, Automobile Club, President. Miss Myrtle Tra ntham Donald Ames They never quite leave us, our friends who passed Through the shadows of death to the sunshine above, A thousand sweet memories are holding them fast To the places they blessed with their presence and love. 77 In M Mina McKenzie . .N MGR! Qllqvtlll in 14. Jf..-9. mv .A-h V lv Even Seniors can pose. The color of Sandra's face matches her red hair as she receives candy from the V.P.O. Enthusiasm runs high in Mr. Bradford's slide rule class at the beginning ofthe term. A typical scene around the campus of A.H.S. at lunchtime. Deana Barnes' and Sherry Cook make plans for the Senior Follies. 6' Ly ,HS is im . anta presents young hopefuls with a second tate Championship trophy. lan Rich reads the story of the princesses for we Flashlight Queen presentation. he Senior rings arrive in time for Christmas iresents to the Seniors. oger Whitehurst presents Ann Shults as Queen f Winter Wonderland. l new year-a new Homecoming Queen! Will 'be Ann, Sherre, or Sherry? YM, xxx ax r-ff i .A 'lP'.'TiflEllWW1f lsliikil vw ml? JUNlO R CLASS QUEEN "Will the meeting please come to order?" As this familiar plea resounded through the cafeteria the Junior Class of 1956 began an active year. With only two years remaining, these seniors-to-be began working diligently to make the class a memorable one. First on the agenda was the election of officers and the class queen. In assembly she was presented as the queen at the end of the rainbow. In a later assembly the class was in charge of the skit for the pep rally before the Sunset of Dallas game. The next major event was the Junior assembly program given to raise money for the Junior-Senior Banquet. The Junior Class also hosted the Senior's commencement exercises. This completed the activity of the Junior Class. Helping the Junior Class in its activities were Miss Loving, chairman, Miss Deavers, Mr. Dunn, Miss Hardy, Mr. Gleaton, Mr. Hiner, Mrs. Morrow, Mr. Lawson, Miss Reeves, Miss Turner, Miss Bailey, Mrs. Grubb, Mr. Harlow, Mr. Robbins, Mr. Watkins, Mr. Sproull, Miss Griffin, Mr. Jeter, Mr Mrs. Johnson. . Germany, Mrs. Bryant, and 80 I I I ....7!zeGla44aff957 CLASS OFFICERS President . . . ................ .... V ee Perini Vice-President . . . . Grefowiig Secretary . . . . . .felt-yia ilambert-1 Reporter .................. . . . Virginia Ganey Student Council Representative .................. Elecive Blair mall '13 Q 'Ns Bertha Abbott Butch Adams Loveta Alexander Joyce Allen Rosie Allen Wanda Allen Jane Alling Mary Jane Archer 'N -.+ .f is Gaylord Armstrong Scotty Arnold Adrian Ashley Nona Bailey . . ., ,, wwe. ,t,. W mai, I I ff Darla Barbee Jerre Bardin Zena Barnett Jesse Berrera Shirley Bassetti Beverly Beall Fred Beall Jack Bedford is .Qizizii i E -f-f vi W ' 2,4 ,wif -. rf? ' -- ,f ffm f ' , , 'i'.1,lfEi?5IE . - - ' 55 ls, . ww .Z :a il- Carol Body Judy Boehms Charles Bottoms Tom Bourbon Ronnie Boyd Charles Bradshaw Alfa Brock James Brooke l: 1 I Bvrnell Blain Elecive Blair A. J. Bleeker Ronnie Blevins Dwayne Bennett Randall Beyer Mary Billings Ervin Bishop Barbara Black Joy Black Royce Blackwell Jimmy Blackwell I' is. . v'ilf lf Penny Brooks Barbara Brown Barbara Brown Betty Joyce Brown Hershel Brown Jesse Brown Lette Brown David Browning Ralph Bruton Patsy Bryan Betty Bryant Delma Bryant Sue Buchanan Glynda Buckner Diana Bullock Rita Bumpus Linda Bugrkvqt Barbara Burrows Dale Burson John Busby Wilma Chapman Mike Collum Ken Chorn Homer Cleckler Betsy Clemmer Frances Clemmer Carla Cobb Roy Cochran Robert Cathey Don Chaney Betty Chapman Lyneve Chapman Beverlye Butler Donald Campbell Bobby Carmack Bob Carothers Jimmy Carpenter Bufford Carr Betty Carroll Saunclra Carte-r Y X N- Bill. Sil 1 arbara Colwell Bo way Carter Conaway Donald Cook Sherry Lynn Cook Cary Cooke Chris Coursey Jacky Crow Rss Camp Loree Davis Patsy Davis Ray Davis Vernefta Davis David Day Bobbie Dobbs James Dooley Gene Dowell Sandra Duncan Jerry Dunlap Sue Eddington Norman Fitzgerald Sandra Fields Sam Fish Bob Flannagcm Edna Flores Kay Fle-ming Esther Flores Thelma Lou Foller Emogene Edmondson Alton Edwards Billy Edwards Johanna Edwards Patsy Edwards Leslie Elick Jackie Elmore Judy Eplen -Z-AM-,,,.,..,.......... ..,. .... . -W Wi , Norma Fortune Sandra Fountain Sandra Fox Larry Frazier Gail Galbraith Virginia Ganey Flora Garms Joe Garvin Joa nne George Eddie Gibson Patsy Giles Charles Gilles Qin I F 1 Madaline Gilstrap Dan Green Larry Green? W GlyrmfGFeQT:WX Olen Griffing William Griffith Richard Guthrie Art Haddox QM? Jon Hays Roger Helgensen James Herrington Thomas Hile Margie Hodges Troy Holcombe Ralph Holloway Jim Hooks -X-Axim Bobby Harrison Jeannette Harrison John Harrison Linda Gail Hayes Norma Haddox Peggy Hancock Jenena Harding Carolyn Hardy Katy Jo Hargrove Mary Lou Harlow Evelyn Harris James Harris WW ws? -in - Priscilla Housewright Caroll Howard Joel Hudgins Thelma Mae Hudson David Hughes Jack Hulsey Rena Humphreys Don H. Hunter Cayloma Hurst Melinda Husbands Betty Hysaw Bonnie Ivey Arthur Jackson Barbara Jackson Jackie' Jackson Bettye Jefferies Dale Johnson Delores Johnson Johnny Johnson Martha Johnson Cecil Josey Lafon Jowers Rodney Joy Bryan Judd Sheila Kee Loretta Keith Tommy Keever Dorothy Keith RosQl'eeJones M JM f Q Mary Beth Johnson Harold Johnston Betty Jones Dcmnie Jones David Jones J. R. Jones Jerry Jones - W 4-" 0- MLW yy. Dorothy Kemper John Kennedy Richard Kennedy Grace Kesler Mike Kesler Kathryn Kimmey Mike Kincaid Boyd King Rufus King Bobby Kirby Charles Kirk Barbara Kirkpatrick Kaye Kring ' a Mary Dean Lamb Gayla Lambert MQ Barbara Lanfair Gwen Lankford Ruth Largen Fran Lashlee Loretta Long Mary Long Phil Long Sharon Lowary Ted Lucas Grace Ann Lynn Winnie McClure Pat McDaniel Barbara Latta Geraldine Lawrence Ann Ledbetter Roy Leddy Jerry Lee Rusty Lehrer Guy Lemond Allan Leonard Jogarroll McDavitt KQEEW1 McDole Donald McDonald Rush McGinty John McGowen Mickey McGuire Byron McReynolds Donna Maiors 'N +41 Doll Martin Eddie Wayne Martin Larry Martin Jossie Mashburn ,- x "ii Lyle Mashburn Barbara Mathews Judy Mathis Barbara Mauldin Mary Maxwell Glen Mayfield Joe Mendoza Gary Mercer Marilyn Moore Nancy Ruth Moore Ted Moore Willard Moore Joan Morris Wanda Morrison Charles Mundy Betty Jo Murdock Don Methvin J. W. Milam Betty Lou Miller Judy Miles Mike Miller w' d Millsap argal Mitchell Waynewitchell ff' harlsie Murphy Clint 'Murphy Ja ' 'e Murphy -fflanccla Musick Lynn Musslewhite Sandra Neas Nancy Neil Barbara Neilon Pat Oden Mary Jo Olney Paul Page Doug Parker Roger Lee Parker Dayland Parsons Wayland Parsons Nancy Payne 0 ve. Beverly Paxton Stuart Peake Mike Pelfry Vee Perinif Mary Sue Rains Joe Rasco Ann Ratliff Wayne Ratliff Edna Reeves Frankie Reid Worley Reynolds Norris Risty Doris Perry Vernon Perry Burta Petitfils Claudine Phillips Henry Pinkston Donald Pollock Helen Pope Laquita Poston R 1 .l Toni Rivera James Robbins Wanda Robbins Gay Roberts Jimmy Roberts Judy Roberts Kay Roberts Nannie Roberts Peggy Roberts Gloria Rodgers Gwen Rogers Pat Rogers .4 Jimmy Rose Pat Rose Betty Ross Jeanne Rosser Nancy Sample Jay Sanders Wesley Sanders Kenny Schmidt Arnold Sikes Flora Simons Mary Singleton Teddy Jack Sloan Bob Smith Dema Smith Don Smith Fran Smith Nancy Smith Jerry Snell Joyce Spicer Donald Springfield Paula Spurlin Jerry Stancil Rueben Standley Charles Steph trickland Donald Stephens Nelson Stephens Har s Edward Strackbein Dickie Strange fx! as-ft? fffffff f Diana Strickland Donald Suggs Mary Sumpter Jack Sybrant Judy Sybrant Darlene Tanner Faye Taylor Elm Lona Truitt Jimmy Turkett James Turner Kenneth Twomey Darrell Varner Joyce Vestal Billy Vick Amerette Vonderhoff Toni Thompson Mary Beth Thorn Sara Thurman Joe Taylor Max Taylor Raymond Taylor Jean Tesson Terry Test Ethel Thackerson Coye Thompson Dean Thompson gave OHV G55 A Billie Tidwell Martha Tinkle A. B. Todd, Jr. -ilmnlbl Nancy Waddington Mary Walker Sarah Walker Jimmy Wallace Judy Pride Walter Jerry Watson Rosa Warner William Watson Beverly Watts Patsy Watts Mary Ann Weber James Webster Warren Weir Guy Wells Eddie' Wesson Carlene White Charles White Frieda White Jo El White Kay White Ray White Carol Wright Laverne Wyatt Mary Jo Young Jane Yarborough Mike Young Margaret Youngblood Jimmy Zacharias Jennie Wiggins Leon Wilburn Arlan Williams Celia Williams Charlotte Williams Don Williams Marilyn Williams Pat Williams S Aa .:a, . f' i 1 LV .faith 'gg 425 2 Gb I ' . .s ! df if f ,LW ii 'Qt Y. I 1 3 5 5. Wifff -Ll' ,mmf f Everybody loves a parade. Here is a preview of the Hi-Y parade. ' Bull fights and Madrid interest all Spanish students. These Junior girls accept coupon books to sell for a noney raising project. Queen Sandra Duncan and Guy Wells stand at the "Foot :if the Rainbow." .i - . I A k.,..,.., . s mu uaiimauatn K saws! K!-kink! l ' , r 3 . l s xr s 'L , 51' A f -Q Q35 X E . A :., K -'54 : V. , i' ' 1 ,mi . 0 SOPHOMORE CLASS QUEEN The Sophomore Class of 1955-56 entered the halls of A.H.S. looking forward to being the first class to graduate having spent all of their high school days in the new Abilene High School. The Class's activities began early in September with the election of officers and a nominee for Flash- light Queen. This event was followed by the presentation of the sophomore queen. The next activity on our calendar of events was the talent show which carried the theme of "School Days." In this presentation the sophomores let the upperclassmen know that there was talent in their class. The Sophomores also presented the skit for the Amarillo pep rally. Ready to guide the Sophomore activities were Mr. Harwell, chairman, Mr. Bullington, Miss Darter, Mr. Morris, Mr. Wellborne, Miss Hayes, Mrs. Parker, Miss Self, Miss Butler, Mr. Bankston, Miss Cannon, Miss Conpere, Mr. Coalson, Miss Duncan, Mr. Spence, Mr. Tapscott, Mr. Turbush, Mr. Walk er, and Mr. Echols. 106 7fze 61644 of 1955 President ..... .... R andy Hurst Vice-President .... . . . Gerald Galbraith Secretory .... ..... J udy Royal Reporter ................... . . Sherry Addington Student Council Representative . . . . . . Christi Smith QE .cv--, S, 5 K,-. err err L, Ji it Earlyne Abbott Betty Adams Billy Adams Charles Adams Jane Adams Jill Adams Sherry Addington Bobby Adkins William Adkins Joe Agan Wade Anthony Vena Archa Bettie Armistead Deanna Armstrong Pat Armstrong Ann Arnold Wayne Arrant Barbara Ashby Sue Ashley La Verne Ashton f' Carol Ailts Barbara Alexander Helen Alfred William Allan Ronnie Alldredge Carol Allen Nancy Allen Paula Allen Edna Alston Judy Anderson N Fred Barron Sharon Barron Dickie Barry Lester Barry Milton Bass Wayne Baxter David Bean David Beck Earline Beechly Frances Benitez La Vonne Ashton Charolotte Bailey Gerald Bailey Ann Baldridge Jim Baldry Suzanne Barbee Patsy Barlow Susan Barrera Jean Barrett Kenneth Barrett Peggy Bennett Sue Bernard David Binkley John Binkley Bobby Birdsong Beverly Black Sylvia Blackley Wilma Blain Melba Bleeker Linda Blevins Carolyn Bonfield Gary Bonine Kay Bonner Terry Bowen Jimmy Bowman Myretta Bowman Jo Ann Boyd La Verne Boyd Nicky Boyd Mary Gene Bradshaw Lyn Brooks Barbara Brown Elma Jo Brown Lewis Brown Mary Brown Tommy Broyles Wade Bruton Billie Bryan Buzzy Bryant Mike Bryant Ruth Brady Morris Brannon Ruth Branscum Sharlotte Bratton Truman Bridges Patty Briggs Lynda Bright Pete Brock Edwin Broesche Brenda Brooks Max Burrow Boyd Burrus Paula Butler Tommy Butler David Button Nancy Coffey Byron Calcote Bettye Campbell Shurley Campbell Will Cannon Zanne Bryant Beverly Buie Linda Bullock Alton Burkes John Burkett Anne Burleson J. W. Burleson John Burlingame Betty Burns Margaret Burns Margaret Carpenter Aubrey Carroll Mauva Carroll Doylene Carter Judy Caskey Martha Cathey Linda Chandler Jimmy Chandler Dean Chapman Billy Charles Henry Chism Sharon Christie Oma Coats Edward Cockrell Marvin Cockerham Freddie Coffey Donnie Cofield Clarice Cole W. E. Cole Chuck Colvin Charles Craig Wanda Crane Ruby Crawford Robert Cullen Robert Culp Lonnie Cundieff DeeAnn Dalling Linda Daugherty Larry Daugherty Benny Davis Richard Colvin Don Connell Victor Conner Kenneth Cook Pat Cook Tommy Cooper Wayne Cooper Gary Coppinger Myrna Corley Marian Cox Diane Dodson Tommy Dodson Pat Dohogue Donna Donald Bobby Drake Jean Dunn Martha Dupree Wayne Dye Linda Edington Dorothy Edwards Bobby Davis Haskell Davis Ray Davis Martha Davis May Davis Janice DeArman David Deaton Jerry Dehlinger Leo Dennis Betty Dillon Sheirlene Ellison Roger Mac Evans Kenneth Farrington Don Fer uson Don Ffriy Ralph Fisher Dorothy Flowers David Fewell Eva Fortune Becky Foster Jimmy Fry Pat Fudge Jane Fulwiler Jean Fulwiler Lawrence Furnish Carol Ann Goddy Gerald Galbraith Gervis Galbraith Peggy Galbraith Wanda George Betty Jo Gregory K. D. Griffin Karla Griffin Jane Griffing Frances Griffith Margaret Grounds Robert Grounds Loren Guess Phillip Gully Carolyn Gunnels John Gibson James Gilbreth Bee Ann Gilchrist Bill Gillis Jayleta Glaze Jerry Gordon Margaret Goss Lloyd Graham Morgan Green Sue Gregg ... "W Carl Harrison Margaret Harrison Modean Hassey Dubby Hedges Angie Henley Wayne Hennesay Bobby Henry Cynthia Herring MgyfAn n Herrington Tony Hilburn H'E!W Q Sandra Hads Jenna Hale Brook Hall Clifford Hall Janet Hall Jean Hallman Carolyn Hampton John Haney Jack Hankins Judy Harris 1 lx I J , ww. ,rx Mary Hildreth Elizabeth Ann Hill Joe ' 'Gerald Hitt V. M. Hitt, Jr. Laura Hobbs Carolyn Hodges Jane Hodnott Elizabeth Hoffman Edna Marie Holladay Robert Holladay Drexal Holley Darla Holt Lolita Holt Jane Hooker Glenda Hopkins Gerald Horn Verna Horne Don Horton LaNelle Houston DeWayne lvey Mary Ivey Elvin Jennings Barbara Jerdon Jimmy Johns Joe Johnson Mary Johnson Pansy Johnson Harriet Jones Judy Jones Janelle Huddleston Lori Maryon Hudgins Glenda Huffman Warren Hulse Nina Humphreys Randy Hurst Bunny Hutchinson Sharon Imes Brenda lngalsbe Ronnie Ingle ,,r L .X Sue Kidwell Melba Kimmey Iran King 1 Marilyn King Patsy Kin nar R-2,-47,4---fii'T Doyle Knight Ann Knott Bobby Ray Lack Billy Lacy Jerry Don Landers Kenneth Jones Linda Jowers Barbara Keith Keith Keller Leldon Kelso Peggy Kemletz Jimmie Kemp Patsy Kennedy Billy Mac Key Sandra Key Jim Lane Claudia Lanham Kenneth Larner Dan Laughter Judy Laughter Louise Ledford Larry Legg David Lemon Linda Leslie Vonzell Lester George Lewis Judy Lewis Temple Lewis Norma Lindsey Paul Lippott Jerry Livingston Wyoma Lockhart Dale Lollar Midge Lollar Marvin Lo-ng Bobbie McDaniel Sandra McDonald Sue McKinney Mike McKinnis Robert McKissick Jon McMahon Judy McMillan Buckie McMullan Ann McNair Richard McPherson Joe Long Suelena Lowran Jorge uera Darlene Luna Bill McAIis'rer Jim McCann Jack McChesney Charles McClaichey Don McCollum Joyce McCollum Wi' Bert Mayes Bill Medley Fred Michaelis Johnny Michel Charles Miller Donald Miller Paula Miller Linda Mills Voncille Minshew Julie Minter Judy Malone Benny Mann Linda Marshall Phoebe Martinez Tony Martinez Dorothy Massey Jimmy Massey Kenneth Matting Grover Maxwell Judith Maxwell Ervin Mitchell Gene Mitchell Gere Mitchell Jerry Mitchell Ronald Moody Derrell Moore Joyce Moore Gale Moore Jimmy Moore Betty Morrison ley o-..,.-an sAy"5 Linda Morrison Gary Mosley Tuleta Mosley Judy Murray Jimmy Naler Earl Nall Billy Neill Bobby Nerren Betty Newman Butch Newman Alan Peake Sherry Pebworth John Perkins Hurley Perry Bill Petty Sue Phariss Nancy Philley Bobby Phillips Gail Phillips Dewayne Pierce George Nichols Billy North Charles Norton Dana Ogle Peggy O'Neal LaNita Pace Judy Parker Andrew Parks Barbara Parsons Kenneth Payne Karts " ,g 5 4 P XX SW" 'fC,r5'.:::'--E,xEiEL'iEf:,f W fjiffit rt' X Q X t f W fi 0 "' in E Guy Pyron Carol Radney Carol Randolph Sandra Randolph Ralph Rasco Wanda Ratliff Douglas Neal Sandra Ray Linda Raymond Bobby Reagan TLP! i Ida Mae Pilgreen Carol Pine Betty Plummer Gregory Portillo Virginia Pounds Janice Powell Gilbert Prather D0lli.lfrFEEEt'f'-s- Joe Purifoy Glen Pyeatt V..-,,,, an , , ,-g . 5, C -0 -5 ul 1 5, . 5- .,, J , s u T -. "' " " - J - , J n ' is sf 5 T 4- 1 5 -I . Jack Reese Lynda Renfro Harmon Rex Nellie Jane Rhea Darrell Rhodes Jerry Richards Sue Richter Cliff Roberts Elaine Roberts Fern Roberts Sam Robertson Sherman Robertson Jerry Robinson Mary Sue Robinson Clarecia Roe Ray Roe Gary Ross Judy Royal Betty Russey Harriet Saikin Joyce Shipley Steve Short Judith Showalter Jerry Sides Frances Sue Simmons Pat Sims Ann Slaton Carol Smith Christie Smith Elaine Smith Floyd Sanders Royce Sanders Sylvia Sanders Glenn Schmittou Anna Scott Nancy Scott Henry Seale Connie Sedberry Jerry Shackelford Monica Sheriff - 21:6 Charles Sparks Robert Spencer Sandra Sprain Janice St es teel Gaylon Steel Eva Steen Rosie Steen Barbara Stone Linda Stone Hollis Smith Janette Smith Janice Smith Judy Smith Larry Smith Menda Smith Virginia Smith Ted Smothers Joyce Snow Karley Sowell -if 1-y Joe Stout Janna Strickland Malcolm Strole Jerry Stroud Nelda Stroud Janice Stuard Butch Sullivan Robert Swafford Efidif-L5w.QnSwf,l Ka y Swa rtz L Pamela Tally Anita Kay Tanner Gary Tate Gerald Tatum Ann Taylor Barbara Taylor . Lydia Taylor Nelda Taylor Doyle Tennison Don Terrell Joe Tucker Shirley Turner Jimmy Tutt Leon Valentine Joe Varnell Jack Vaughan Kenneth Vaughan Betty Vick Cecelia Vick Joy Vinson Joy Terry Kay Test Barbara Thomas Evelyn Thomas Judy Tibbets Joe' Touchstone Freddie Townsend Gerald Townsend Christell Trainer Iva Nell Travis Travis Watson Willis Watts Jan Wayte Ronnie Webb Linda West Pat White Sandra Whittle Barbara Wilkins Jim Willeford Carl Williams Richard Von E "Riley a er Rufus Wallington Leo Walter Gary Ward Joe Ward Linda Ward Roy Washburn Don Watkins Lewis Watson Charles Williams Jonell Williams Judy Williams David Williamson Patsy Williamson Carey Sue Willis George Wilson Ken Wilson Roy Winkler Dale Winkles Weston Winter Travis Watson Eddie Woods Gayle Woods Joyce Woods Mary Frances Wood Darrell Woody Kenneth Woody Mike Young - Janet Davis Marion Dudley Patricia Markham Betty Plummer artha Robertson Q . X' 5 Bill sides 'F 'seo 'I' Q91 Barbara Word Kay Wright Jan Yarborough Hollis Yielding Dale York Robert Yandell Durlene Young John Young 9 ,Q V 1 5+ Qu ,- Q , Y 5 " Ra li ' ' s in TN " Qs ,J M, .A I 1 i I. . ks.. SWS'-J Alf! X I 'Q s Qs: Sophomores sing "Out Behind the Barn" for Ama- rillo pep rally. Sophomores enioy homeroom party. These biology students are sketching from the microscopes. Sophomore beauties admire Linda, "Queen of the Heavens." is rw- , F, WQM f ' Yu. iv: rfw:,W,ig.Ns K Ns A ' is , ' " '- K- A . , 7 14 744-119146 'resenting "School Days," the Sophomores introduce ,ome of their talent to A.H.S. 'he lowly Sophs are auctioned as slaves by second 'ear Latin students. Jonald Campbell received the much coveted football weater. A favorite spot for most Sophomores is the snack bar. he lower classmen show they can meet anyone in a wood snowball fight. X 1 X gala. as-pm INK ag, miami ttfky 1, X new y i l,AS ' A S .. ' 5 K N A I jg i - '--'----1-1 -- -:.- -----' Y - -'-'-- f' -ly---,,.-f , uv-' ,.9-S-v-'J AJ ,g,,,eQ4,"',Q,' Mb' wi -+A-+,:A,., mama Q.,....Sb 'L...,..if4,Lo Lf. - 67T,.,.i f '.'J'.L4f Lg 5 l if-'-+75 ffflflb Q, f ..,.: D ' wx,Q,,,.U.,, I J-'Ck-af' wi R 1, ,.,,,,-LL . 1-DAn n, W 0.115 n .1-A,4n f' e 1 N, 1 X,- X-. n , ,q 1'l1 ,- ul 114 W V' -Av- 2:12, 5449? 1 171111 -'f' 11 -, 1 .11 W 1 ,d ,-E21 Q N V . 1 I I 1 . , f -fx I QV 'sis . JL- 1 Yr - Y E' 1 1 . . ,, V 3 ,' 1 I, 5 N A Q' - 11 1 XX V 1,-figlzjw V. 1 1 QJQN 1 x ,"l s A 4:-,J 1 A r -Af x X 1 -'11 1 ,.,X,, K . k 1" - V 1 1 1. ,JL-"'J"""" - ' 1-'Q ' Y 11 l-1M.A ,I x ,A ,, . , t W A 1x , V "' ' - ' ' E "' V 1 11 '1 1. ' X 1' fu fl!-is,, i fs 1-" 'xx 5 1"' , , W . x , , " . xy V. U .N1 - b . ., ,V 1 .1 ' 1 21 1 , ' , I 1 , 1 , , 1 P ' 'N' 'F ' X A kr If 1 xvj?y,,M,, , W QI X k h X , V . il 1,1 . I ik 1 1 1 .41 1 11 ,I o P1 1 , 11, ' U 1 F 1 , 1. .. 1 ,f L 1 "4-4 'M' 5' , 1 1 1,131 ,WV H, 1, 1 , r A 1 E ,ii I .. N1.- .Lin ,M ,o"' A 044 in A... ' Nam Siwlia Qfafifrffdyfbl' Queen Shan 'www' x M ,QZMWJ ea, Wx W fVWbL7' n 'saw A y D- W ' 1- MD ,, xx Q V :JV VL if V5 VTLLMGJ-ij JV ' np, J 1 U M! "LR I, H WDA' Y jW 1 VCX ILM.. JD K f , L U - W fb fm , 1 C , , jlfffi yt 1 V 2 WM o ,Q 5 . . Q fy! is Ruth Am IMA Gal 138 Z5 f 7 f If S- KJQf.z15 Y, - ff ww, k R ,ff A K , I , f 3, ty if 'y,,,ifj,,,0f',, lfeaage Bafwed Mau aww, ew, 139 Scum Ccudle S O Ann Hills Glu: 1 J f f f , ' 1 V! , ,M , Q f' fy, MQL1 Ili A ' 'I K 1' A . My X X aff 2 7 duff " , ,x 1, f ' , , ,LL , K ,f U .. kg Q x , , X ' Blau I fc" f 1171215222 I fc x , MC- ,f , , X C x.,kL1LA,L7-L 2Ljf5A7lC.l'7,gjJL6tL s dfffg yy ,. K 1 ,, ff "L U - gf 5 f V. -: ff ck.f'.1 f ff 5 .u FA 'Z' 4044 A"N'fL:"1 fy r x L If V X V. I VV, N I VL!! '-zyck Lf?fL,g5LLg,cyy . H aff!-LL H J-' X L Lf' 7236 ., . f WA '.SakrahAm1fQf V J. X ' -!'I.K.f XY! K Ziff Lfgfxv V R xg , X V 4 v W, V V ' - L ink. g 4 f' 54,467.44 -1,71 X 1'-x K! , J ff- , L ff! 4 4 1 x 1, fgf XJLK' iijdu L x 1 ji Ki. L Katz A L A .1 K X' V, 1 M ' "LLVZfJXgijf , Y , f' ff' ' Qiffgfq ,f ' f if L C. f ,, L, X Q44 tif ,LC M5471 'L JL! CX 4, K if LJ I L Vee Perini Gerul d Galbraith 5 01444 Sherr y Addington Ca? 2.2 'Ie- c ,fu fx fx I I. Chrisfl Smifh Hugll 'Clark LBrown Most Friendly Girl Mosf Friendly Boy - ,Cl f N- ,-v A I if I 'fl I .f f , CQ, c -' N N fl nr' by 1 " - ' - 'l J " f"'Glynn Gregory y ' J' '-Xxjvlost Vcluw 'l' Bqyr, f r L I' .1 ,4 Jvfx all VJ 1 ' If A ff ' , ,J X I i I 7' 1 -i ,fy AV Pl A if I ia Hamilton cl Girl ly v All Aroun Best 12" K S , - 4 David Bourland Best All Around Boy .l 5 ' 4 'yv 'Y ,f"' Raymond Bynum N. L. Franklin ,Wilford McCan'f'P Henry Colwell Mathemetics Machine Shop , Athletics -an-fi.. Manx Q 'Y?'wt ,. f Elizabeth Hix Alton Smith Orchestra V Woodshop 6'-3 ,puns 'wmv ec: Qua Atkins Celia Harris Roger Whitehurst Distributive Education Social Science Public Speaking gpg! fl? jv- flvilfk fx Gerald Montgomery Mary Lee Harlow Don Gravens Joe Robinson Diversified Occupations 3 - Latin Auto Mechanics Art 144 iv -NW lx 1 , ,.-- Jozell Bristeljd ' Warren Weir Patsy Bryan Frank Hill Business Debate Clothing Dramatics i g, i , ,4 xx. S Choral Music ' 5 at 'Carolyn-Adams Vance McFadden Choral Music .... W Henry Seale Reppy Guitar Spanish Agriculture - fi' I I t .Si ': Y-. i f it X if Worley Reynolds Sue Edington Photography Foods i X, Betty Bryant Physical Education Q my W Science , s fr , X Mike lockard Audio Visual Qs? V127 i 1 Don Webb Band wr- 4-O fs v Sherry Smith ww S Jackie Shields Homecoming Miss Future Teacher 'Y Vee Perini Future Homemakers 546 646211 " 1144? 1' C 14004 all 24-2 142 C X 4521.5 YWKC ff? ,Cfv 0 Q mg, 155' Norma Dry Judy Mateiowsky Mary Gene Bradshaw Distributive Education Vocational Industrial Club Future Farmers N n pw . ,......,.-Mg..-new-"!""""'w I .hiv r ffwfaffq ' I V 5' 5"'f,'3'-fl 4 l X ' ' fs' 'ki nag: ,W.,,. -I, .An g Ann Hills ,r- 'm,y. f"' M - ROW I: Wally Bullington-Assistant Football Coach, Assistant Track Coach, Chuck Moser-Athletic Director, Head Football Coach, Hank Watkins-Football Line Coach, Bob Groseclose-Track Coach, Assistant Football Coach. ROW ll: Shorty Lawson- Assistant Baseball Coach, Sophomore Football Coach, Tommy Morris-B Team Baseball Coach, Assistant B Team, Foot- ball Coach, B. L. Blackburn-Baseball Coach, Bi Team Football Coach, Nat Gleaton-Basketball Coach, Assistant Sophomore Football Coach. C' The importance of coaches in the production of any team cannot be underestimated. Cer- tainly the general agreement is that Abilene High School has the best coaching staff in the state. One has only to look at the season's records of the various athletic activities to con- firm this fact. The proud coaches are eager for a piece of the Victory cake. --Jinydf r it x N " 'gnlx f ,. 1 ' bv E NE9'f,.v.H 149 -1 , eii T Recon! Q, Abilehe Highland Park . . . Abilene Sweetwater . . . Abilene Breckenridge .. Abilene Borger .... Abilene Odessa . Abilene Pampa . Abilene Amarillo .. Abilene Lubbock . . Abilene Midland . . . Abilene San Angelo . -A Abilene ' Abilene El Paso ..... Dallas-Sunset ., Abilene ., 33 Tyler ...... . .. 13 Gregqoryeadvagces for another tally in the State Cham- -picfriship game. 74 53 ROW I: Roy Reid, Manager: Charles Bottoms, Guy Wells, Hubert Jo-rdon,,1imn1y Carpenter, Chuck Colvin, Gervis Galbraith, Reyes Diaz, Bill Sides, Henry Pinkston. ROW II: Jerry Avery, David Bourland, Elmo Cure,lJim Busby, Sam Caudle, Henry Colwell, Freddie Green, Vance McFad- den, Homer Rosenbaum, James Welch. ROW Ill: Bill Teague, Manager, Mike Pelfry, Gerald Galbraith, Stuart Peake, Kim Winston, Butch Adams, Charles Bradshaw, Erwin Bishop, Kenny Schmidt, David Hughes, John Barfoot, jQW IV: Joe Ward, Jim Perry, Clint Murphy, Boyd King, Rufus King, Jim Rose, Glynn Gregory, Mike McKinnis, Bufford Carngarold'5f6pTigns. I 150 V Q L a-Q Y Y 5 ' Henry Colwell A uard ight Halfback 2 Year Letterman rman All-District All-District All-State All-American 1 i 'ary Colwell presents to Mr. Webb the district trophy, the reward meeting the first goal set by the team. Roy Reid N Bill Teague ' 2 Year Letterman 1 Year Letterman S! I 1-sul: -.,i Q 'L ' I "VD srss i it ' he 1 151 L tsi X ark' WT ss. 1 ff I Freddie Green Left End 2 Year Letterman All-District All-State A determined Eagle is brought down by the Buckaroo onslaught. PRE-DISTRICT REVIEW Abilene 34-Highland Park 0 The Eagles flashed by the Highland Park Scotties to start the season with a decisive 34-0 victory. Abilene already had on outstanding offense, although defensive power was slack. Henry Colwell, Jimmy Carpenter, James Welch, and Glynn Gregory landed in the scoring column. Abilene 'I3-Breckenridge O Revenge-hungry Warbirds found 'l3 to be a lucky number as they slapped the Breckenridge Buckaroos l3-0 for the thirteenth straight Abilene win and avenged the only loss of last year in the same swift stroke. Henry Colwell scored both Eagle markers and Coach Moser's defense held All-State Bennett Watts and his crew scoreless. Abilene 45-Sweetwater 20 Ancient enemy Sweetwater proved to match for a vastly superior Eagle team and came up on the end ofa 45-20 score. Four touchdowns clinched the game in the first half before the Mustangs could cross the 40. Jerry Perry Bufford Carr Boyd King Rufus King Right End Left Tackle Left Tackle Left Tackle l Year Letterman l Year Letterman 1 Year Letterman 2 Year Letterman .Q , 'fo H Q All-District it T i L in 2 i sy W ...Htl ,, in - ,V Q1 J Q Kenny Schmidt Butch Adams Left End Right End l Year Letterman 'I Year Letterman Abilene 35-Borger 6 Abilene opened its district play with a roar as the iigh flying Eagles handed a fired-up Borger team the ,hart end of a 35-6 score. Five backs shared in scoring honors as the Eagle ine opened gaping holes in the Borger defense and topped the opposing offense dead in its tracks at rucial moments. Scoring credits went to Glynn Gregory, David Lourland, Henry Colwell, Jimmy Carpenter, and Charles tradshaw. .QC Jerry Avery Mike McKinnis Right End Right End 1 Year Letterman 1 Year Letterman Abilene 47-Odessa 0 The Eagles turned what experts predicted to be their toughest game of the year into a race track as they scored seven touchdowns against mighty Odessa. James Welch was the hero of the night as he chalked up three touchdowns and gained a lion's share of the yardage. Henry Colwell, David Bourland and Jimmy Car- penter also went through the Bronco defense for touch- downs. The Eagle defense turned in an outstanding per- formance as they stopped Odessa cold on the ground and nearly so in the air. James Welch gets in the clear to make a touchdown against Tyler EP Vance McFadden Right Tackle 1 Year Letterman .Mi ' 7 E "T: Fi P' HX Clint Murphy Right Tackle 1 Year Letterman Henry Colwell mes to a ead end in the surprisingly good Ama- rillo line. 5 Abilene 40-Pampa 12 Abilene pounced on the Pampa Harvesters from the opening gun in a lightning attack that netted three touchdowns on the first four plays from scrimmage and later added a fourth for a 27-O lead at the end of the first half. The Eagles added two more scores in the second and third periods to coast to a 40-12 triumph. Glynn Gregory was the thorn in Pampa's side all night as he picked up two touchdowns and gained 129 yards on the ground. Butch Adams, David Bourland, Henry Colwell and James Welch each notched TD's for Abilene. Stuart Peake Elmo Cure Right Guard 'Center 2 Year Letterman 2 Yean etterman All-District All-D -as-K - f 1 1,3 0 . Q 11 Abilene 35-Amarillo 'I3 The Amarillo Sandies pulled an unexpected trick out of the bag as they held the powerful Warbirds to a 7-7 tie at the end of the first quarter and a 14-7 half- time lead, but Abilene buried the game Sandies in an avalanche of hard running backs in the second half for a 35-13 victory. Junior speedster Glynn Gregory ran the Sandies ragged as he racked up 220 net yards and found pay dirt three times. David Bourland scored twice and Henry Colwell accounted for the other Warbird tally. Gerald Galbraith Center 1 Year Letterman Jim Rose Center 1 Year Letterman 5 W 5 ,M ,- l- . Z- v vr"'N"' 5. m y My . 6 , A Q f - A L Y - ,, ' V' B it ,J Y B rt 2 ' 4 L 3 V ' B Y Y Y ,y ,r B U r Homer Rosenbaum Hubert Jordan Guy Wells Erwin Bishop Right Tackle Left Guard Left Guard Right Guard 2 Year Letterman 2 Year Letterman 2 Year Letterman 2 Year Letterman Abilene 62-Lubbock 7 The Eagles pounded out an unmerciful 62-7 victory -ver once mighty Lubbock before a crowd at least one- ualf Abilenians who made the trip on a special train or the contest. Henry Colwell counted for four touchdowns to lead n attack that lacked the sput and sputter lightning that ad marked the previous Warbird victories. Glynn Gregory, Jimmy Carpenter, John Barfoot, nd Charles Bradshaw each tallied once. The mostly sophomore team of Lubbock's was owerless to stop the Eagle machine even after the whole bench went into the game. Abilene 28-Midland 7 Alert defensive play for the Eagles routed the Mid- land Bulldogs 28-7 for the 19th consecutive Warbird triumph and a cinch for a district championship tie. Glynn Gregory overshadowed Midland's great Wahoo McDaniel as he paced the attack with 16 points and some fine defensive work. He gained l06 yards rushing against the famed Bulldog line. David Bourland scored once from the four as some of the finest faking of the year had everyone fooled. Elmo Cure and Homer Rosenbaum recovered a fumble behind the goal line for the other Abilene score. Henry Colwellrcharges through the Midland line with the help of a David Bourland Quarterback L Year Letterman All-District N "im I mv V l if ., in :liz fkil . 7 .K M N in il i A if lm s t an-g. Bill Sides Fullback I Year Letterman . 4 4 .N ,. . 14. .. ,KL 1- '.,,,"f:- .1-i Eff.. 4 rs. Q k'.r '.,,.L,',,.:'? 'V I sb? es off around end against San Angelo Magician David Bourland is caught by the camera in his trickery. Abilene 35-San Angelo 6 The Warbirds swept aside their last obstacle to an undisputed district championship by stunning San Ange- lo, 35-6 for their fifth straight win over the Bobcats.. Glynn Gregory led the closely knit team as he scored 17 points, intercepted two passes and ate up nearly half of Abilene's yardage. Bourland and Gregory teamed up a pass for the first TD, then Bourland collected one of his own. James Welch and Henry Colwell, an old Angelo enemy, turned on the power to finish out the scoring chart. 'T rim Busb Right Ha fback 2 Year Letterman Charles Bradshaw Right Halfback 1 Year Letterman . . ,, ill-fl ff' .f i . K . BI-DISTRICT Abilene 61-EI Paso High 0 The Eagles rolled into the semifinals of AAAA foot- ball with an amazingly easy 61-0 triumph over the El Paso High Tigers. Everyone who made the trip played after the first string racked up five touchdowns in the first quarter. Glynn Gregory and Henry Colwell scored twice, with other markers coming from Jimmy Carpenter, Butch Adams, and Charles Bradshaw. James Welch Fullback 2 Year Letterman Henry Pinkston Right Halfback 1 Year Letterman Q' . -, . 5 l i 4 D .. . 1. rv-.g ,L R' IQ W my-, Qt? X , iw Q- ff ti S1 g ' . , I L1 gf 1 A A ,V g 1 1253.-X , y A L,-fy :", S L ' .. or 1 S f ef' 2 Q -'fi' 1 l , ' My ..1 I K Q f, , wr -, M .1 K ,E i-52? fk: If if X 1 an mx . F X - ,. is K v i. Q . - fr.: A Harold Stephens John Barfoot Jimmy Carpenter Iyn Quarterback Left Halfback Left Halfback eft Halfbac 1 Year Letterman 1 Year Letterman 2 Year Letterman 2 ar-Le an All-District All-State All-American STATE SEMI-FINALS Abilene 33-Dallas Sunset 6 The Eagles rambled through the famed Sunset defense for 33 Points before the opposition could score and moved on into the state finals with a 33-6 win. James Welsh, playing as he did in the Odessa tilt, scored four touchdowns and gained a big share of Abilene's yardage. The same pass combination that worked against San Angelo clicked between Glynn Greg- ory and David Bourland for the other score. Defensive work by Freddie Green, Stuart Peake, Rufus King, Sam Caudle and Henry Colwell high- lighted the program. STATE FINALS Abileiie as-Tyler 13 The Eagles battled their way into the state championship for the second consecutive time by rolling over the Tyler Lions, 33-13 with a show of offensive and defensive might that left Tyler players and fans open- mouthed. Following the near perfect signal calling of David Bourland, the Warbirds made 351 yards on the ground and held Tyler to 58 yards on the ground and 80 in the air. Glynn Gregory, clinching his all state honors, led the Eagles' offense with 171 yards on 16 carries for two touchdowns. James Welch also counted two touch- downs, followed by Henry Colwell with one. Every member suited out played, even two with orders not to make contact because of injuries. The game was a perfect climax to a perfect season and will bring the 1956 Eagles into play with a 23 game winning streak to protect. Q. S ll fr 5' , l .Q "-, it Q pls "M 5 :Xi VJAVV My : L x, -W It 7 Joe Ward Gervis Galbraith Mike Pelfry Kim Winston Left End Quarterback Left Guard Right Guard 1 3 '- Charles Bottoms David Hughes Chuck Colvin left Halfback Left Guard Right Hvlfbdfk R .E Randall Beyer proudly receives his "B" team iacket from Coach Blackburn. Reyes Diaz Fullback Both the "B" and Sophomore teams have good records for the season. The "B" team won seven games and tied one, while the Sophomores won six, lost three, and tied one. While giving boys of all the classes an opportunity to participate in football, these teams also prepare boys for the varsity squad. l 7 Yilgq 77 78 ,wi kr, 0 I U 'flair "B" TEAM ROW I: Charles Williams, Manager, Roy Flores, Eddie Woods, Tony Martinez, Reyes Diaz, Pat Jones, Roger Mac Evans, James Herrington. ROW II: Randall Byer, Ronnie Aldridge, Ronnie lngle, W. E. Cole, Charles Bottoms, James Brooke, Gervis Galbraith, Olen Griffing, Truman Bridges, Bob Swafford. ROW III: Coach B. L. Blackburn, Joe Ward, Alan Peake, David Williamson, Max Taylor, Ralph Bruton, Bill Petty, Mike Pelfry, Bobby Phillips, Coach Tommy Morris. ROW IV: John Young, Bob Smith, John Busby, Kim Winston, Floyd Sanders, Jimmy Roberts, John Burlin- game, Chuck Colvin, Jimmy Johns, Manager. --Aff' t I S ., --4--?1.:...:i,sf "fff1Ewff2 .ew . .,,, . 2 ., 1 L. A 'K fi, . si ,if.1f4v?r-fsq,,f','. 2 1. ,, 4 V K mes42f?ff,ffsfwss 'P i -' ' li'iff-W" -. w f' 7 K HH- .1 'MW VFW-wi55'!4i5 5 ,L ,.zw s3,, .,,E--5, ff:'Q::gf1:::":4zes,.j--.,,g-.,i 'f .,::.,,..:,,'Ey5sx A-fix., - .rf xi: mi? Vg ' " ,L V- . Q gg S I . . ..... .. .i.s...,,. M ,, . , i ll i,:ff:.-. ,. ,W-:sis I..-11:2-:::.mmk,...,. .lx -in ,If-.s..l,,. . A ,s . ' fi. - sr- 'e e r 1 ' . . . x ,.,, ,. ' ' gig? - A . ' 'I7 ' 2 .fff?'LLfi+fi2l- . 1 ' . .1514-1 5.5, is, sqm .:Agg,,,. .. ,Z ,Q MQ, , ...EPP Q8 ", 2 565 5542 . 'SEQ lrgg, , is , rfifmm -an V' H , ,KL ,, It g N., MMA! 'L .fl V ppt, LX no 4 wif' Ns I PM ' IA Q-rel D 7 iw- KK-fp, I 7If:lC,S 2385413 4, 71.48 g I ix y, A J i f Ip, I ,r . J ' If ...J I ff" we 1 - ' . fm iz 7 I. "i y?7"'fl ' SOPHOMORE TEAM ROW I: Rikki McPherson, Morris Adams, Jerry Simpson, George Lewis, Dale Winkles, Malcolm Stroll, Kenneth Mattingly, Drexol Holley. ROW II: Ronald Everett, Warren Hulse, Randal Byer, Gilbert Prather, Mike Bryant, David Beck, Freddie Coffey, Roger Mac Evans. ROW III: Coach Nat Gleaton, Charles Miller, Jack Harper, Bob McKissick, Butch Newman, Sam Robertson, Donald Campbell, James Pillans, Gary Pray, Coach Shorty Lawson. ROW IV: Ted Smothers, Manager, Travis Watson, Carl Harrison, James Phillips, Richard Colvin, Max Taylor, John Gibson, Ray- mond Portillo, Steve Short, Jerry Sides, Manager. 'I59 ROW I: David Bourland, Ted Lucas, Carlton Winkles,'BrueeTgoyd, Vallie Malone. ROW ll: Gary Copinger, Jerry Sides, Ralph Bruton, Jim Stowe, Leslie Strange, Mike Lockeraf! Glynn VGFEQUFY, Joe Arden, Roy Reid, Coach Nat Gleaton. S flaw! Abilene . . . . 61 Sweetwater .... . . . Abilene . . . . 61 Sweetwater . . . Abilene .. .. 57 Highland Park Abilene .. .. 56 Highland Park Abilene . . . . 59 Lubbock ..... . . . Abilene ' ' ' ' 47 Lubbock ' ' ' Jim Stowe demonstrates the hook shot at the Abilene .. .. 47 Paschal .. bcskeiboll assembly' Abilene . . .. 43 Paschal . . Abilene . . . . 53 Snyder .. . Abilene .. .... 76 Snyder . .. Conference Games Abilene .. .. 32 Midland ,... Abilene . . . . 68 San Angelo . Abilene . . . . 56 Odessa . . . . Abilene .. .. 63 Midland ..... ... Abilene .. .. 65 San Angelo ... ... Abilene . . . . 56 Odessa . . . . . Abilene was successful in the three tournaments they entered. In the H-SU tournament Abilene won second place and Borger took top honors. The Eagles also won second in the Abilene tournament in which Odessa won first. ln the Odessa tournament Midland was the winner and Abi- lene came in third. Abilene placed third in the district. 160 Ted Lucas sinks a shot against the Bobcats. Carlton Winkles-Captain David Bourland Bruce Boyd Senior Guard Senior Guard Senior Forward 3 Year Letterman 2 Year Letterman 3 Year Letterman .XX Y ,j2 -4, x N . 15233 " ' 0352? 0 C ge' , 5 N f Qx QP +""M-NN u 1 if X! A. if . 45? f +1 Q9 I lx I - - K . kkkk y N i' 7 I3 Q 15 if 2 -X 4 sd W . f 'x 33 QV . W SE? bv 5 QVWQH .,x .ws-an-an-wwfa News-snowman 'nsudnnsww-rmffmm x 35 hr f aff ew, 45 at Q fi f n 16 PQ , . f,i,i..x52 ,tt lim'rezsifivwsggg-wQ?5ww1Vx.t1ifitmefrg:wWggsgsvps:et,WeWesms?3wrgf ggwssQwmK:sgg sE5s,,5mgge X l A 5 ffffi C I K 11- .Vg g . 4 5 I , K f,hkk 'elf --fg , K ,M K , , . . .L Ai. I h 2 1 . ,I '1 ' AX I +17 T A 7 1 ,T fl, , , ff' V 9 l oi. P " ' 1 t f , f r A b Q ' A S Q " 4 .1 . Q 2 ,V 'i'T"'r' I F. ' " A f A' K S 'A 3 - fs' ' It r A . Y 9 K ' 5 Q ,wtf K 5, q K . A. sz Q' iv" 5 A ,Qr I ,, 11, IF , K-3 'Yi K' y 'fi' ,J Q r 5 it A 1 Y-ar A grill.: if 5 E J . 3 I , t , W A ,f ww' - 'H' 5' lul f, S f ROW I: Carlton Winkles, John Harrison, Don Smith, Butch Adams, Gerald Lewis, Jimmy Carpenter. ROW ll: David Hughes, Manager, Harold Landrum, Hubert Jordan, David Bourland, Robert Carothers, H. E. Dunlap, Bill Teague, M 1 ger. ROW III: Kenny Schmidt, Charles Bradshaw, Jerry Mclver, Freddie Green, G , ruce oiyd, Altus Scott, Harold Stephens. Abilene High's power-packed baseball team enters the 1956 season with high hopes of win- ning a state title after falling in the state finals in 1955 to Paris, 2-'l. Six returning all-staters make the squad one of the most formidable ever fielded by the Eagles. After watching Coach B. L. Black- burn's crew in early practice games, spectators agreed, "We're going to state!" Roasting Eagles Altus Scott Pitcher . 'tr' R . renew f J I M l- 'Q - X I A J I I W zlj X11 5 GI Jimmy Carpenter Bruce Boyd Gaylord Armstrong Robert Carothers -- dtcher Outfielder Pitcher Pitcher Shortstop First Baseman RESERVES ROW I: Jerry Paul Dehlinger, Bill Sides, Jon Edgar Mc- Mahan, Randy Hurst. ROW ll: George Nichols, Alan Peake, Jerry Stroud, Butch Newman, Pat Armstrong. B BATT ROWI: Hubert Jorda , lynn r o . ROWII: ltiqgg sid Steehens, Kenny Sc mi t, tus Scott, Bruce Boyd. rf iii? of Sk a ws ,K ,K ,iii r A. il X A i ff w., Q L -I -fa- David Bourland Jim Tyler Travis Manning Carlton Winkles Freddie Green Second Base Pitcher Pitcher Outfielder Third Base B OUTFIELDERS ROW I: Jimmy Carpenter, Don Smith. ROW II: Gerald Lewis, Jerry Mclver, Charles Bradshaw, Carlton Winkles. INFIELDERS "' ' J . YA WWI I iw' ROW I: Harold Landrum, H. E. Dunlap, John Harrison ROW II: Freddie Green, Robert Carothers, David Bour land, Butch Adams. r , 5-11 I -'Q l TT, i Q, A fy .A - 'il' gi D' SJ G l Egan ! K- ,gm l af ,Q 'lf if .-- Q . s ll, , L , 5, ,- s 5 Lu i 's-N Alf-v . ROW I: Carter Conway, lran King, James Brooks, Joe Purifoy, Ronal Doud, Leslie Elich, James Herrington, Larry Shive, Eddie Woods, James Leonard. ROW Il: g Jimmy Zacharias, John Barfoot, Freddie Beall, Wayland Kesler, Danny Owen, Doug Parker, Vance Mc- Faddin, Jim Perry, Billy Mitc e , Rufus King, Stuart Peake. ROW Ill: Bob Swafford, Manager, Charles Steinman, Manager, Randell Beyer, Jack Harper, Ralph Bruton, Sam Robertson, Duane Pierc , Jerry Mitchell, Roy Reid, Manager. ROW IV: W. E. Cole, Manager, David Lemon, Temple Lewis, Jerry Landers, Billy Vick, Weston Winters, Travis Watson, Noel Orr, Carl Harrison, Richard 7wck 1 RELAY TEAMS King, Mc- l. King, Peake, Barfoot, Kesler, Zacharias, Shive, Elich, Woocls. Kennedy, Rodney Joy, Manager. WEIGHT MEN Winters, J. Mitchell, B. Mitchell, Peake, Faddin. 5b ss -f ,Q . . Q .K F, sn ,Q N W1 XJ , i iss- f Q, ' ihnri "" off" sew' Danny Owen James Leonard-Captain High Jump Pole Vaulter Eagle cindermen started their season with a decisive win in the Possum Kingdom relays, and show prom- lse of adding more trophies in the circuit of important meets. Only six seniors are on the squad, forecasting a track dynasty over another year. Although the team is not considered as strong as last year's, it is almost a cinch to make the state meet again. John Barfoot Captain 'IOO yd. Dash-Sprint Relay Billy Mitchell Vance McFadden Discus Discus :L SPRINTERS S h iv e, Wood, Elich Brooks, King, Zacharias Kesler, Barfoot, Harper Beyer, Watson, Landers Harrison,w , DISTANCE RUNNERS P a r k e r, Beall, Vick, Pierce, a f , , C o n w a , Herrington, Doud, L e m o n, Lewis, Purifoy, Kennedy. I r ROW I: Janis Joseph, Wanda Robbins, LaNell Yielding, Lue Eddington, Peggy Rosser. ROW II: Charice Osborne, Barbara Lotta, Madine Chambers, Sandra Standefer, Nadine Chambers, Shirley Bassetti. Volleyball is a regular part of the lnterscholastic League. The girls who are in this athletic event spend long hours of practice after school. Before going to the District Tournament in April, the team meets competition in games with teams of surrounding towns and in tournaments. Last year the team placed second in district. Vliss Bailey instructs Oma Coats in serv- ng. The "B" Team practices volleyball after school. , -,Q , -li" - "'i V A X .ge 345315 in 5 X X' l 3 N s sri' 'iam S K J 4 'N if K -V U' vw' ,. .si :qv , I, ROW I: Judy Sybrant, Barbara Neilon, Shirley Turner, Diane Dodson, Sharon Christie, Sherry Pebworth, Sharon Imes, Judy Malone. ROW II: Linda West, Pat McDaniel, Penny Brooks, Ann Baldridge, Judy Jones, Joy Terry, Sandra Fox, Janet Hall, Jan Wayte, Bettye Campbell, Connie Wilson. GIRLS' TENNIS Our girls' tennis team began its season by playing in three out of town tournaments. The District Meet was la ed in Abilene in A ril. Comin out for tennis were So homores and Juniors onl , and no returnin letter- P X P 9 P Y 9 men. Mass Jan Cannon is coach. p- . ,-.,. -eng Single players are Sharon Christie and Sherry Pel worth. Sophomores Diane Dodson, Ann Baldridge, Lind West, and Betty Campbell play doubles. Junior girls who play doubles are Judy Sybrant, Ba bara Neilon, Sandra Fox, and Penny Brooks. sl' sq , X P-I 9.49 if' t ,, J' tyvltfgtfzzz V! ...fa R V, f ,, , ,, 1 - , , ,yt Vx, Amin, , ia lk ,Q Q I ,v ' i ti , l .fh-WiM , 'yn .I ' Q , I. l 1 lkx' K 1 Q I xl ' 7 MX Ill!! 4 gy x .U Q l Kill 'IN ROW I: Joe Rasco, Will Cannon, Billy Fincannon, Wade Anthony, Larry Daughtery. ROW ll: Jackie Davidson, Joe Touch- stone, Worley Reynolds, Bobby Thompson. ROW Ill: Bobby Conaway, Dean Thompson, Eugene Hawkins, Glenn Schmittou, Mr. Sproull. BOYS' TENNIS Coaching the boys' tennis team is a newcomer to A. H. S., Mr. W. H. Sproull. The schedule for the boys' sam included a number of out of town tournaments and finally the District tournament here in Abilene. There fere no returning lettermen for the '56 team. Billy Fincannon and Bobby Thompson represent Abi- lene High in boys' singles. Playing doubles are Joe Touchstone and Wade An- thony. Another doubles team is Glenn Schmittou and Bobby Conaway. it . T . . r ' l,L,Z"'i, ietire s be A' A W ...L K .,,-- sa... ' ig' 7 Q7 ROW I: Martin, Dalling, Bullock, Davis, Fulwiler, Black. ROW Il: Oden, Briscoe, Fulwiler, Barbee, Leslie, Simmons, Fleming. ROW III: Mathews, Parsons, Thomas, Blackford, Housewright, Littlefield, Miles, Miller. Increased interest in golf is shown by the large number of boys and girls reporting each day the seventh period for the sport. In play in Brownwood, the varsity team won the first match and lost the second by three strokes. Later the team beat Stamford, Amarillo, and Sweetwater. The three big events of the year the Fort Worth Recreation Track and Golf Meet, A8.M Track and Golf, and next the District Meet in April. Returning lettermen are Clark Hampton, Jerome Roberts, and Roland Snipes. ROW I: Davis, Wallingford, Lopham, Crow, Snipes, Roberts, McDonald. ROW II: Kuykendall, Braymer, Watkins, Gilles, McReynolds, Methvin, Gulley, Crow. ROW III: Arispe, Brown, Norton, Johnson, Green, Leonard, Hampton. I' - I 4 , , i I74 ,nu ROW I: Davis, Wallingford, Lapham, Crow, Snipes, Greene. ROW II: Watkins, Braymer, Arispe, Johnson, Leonard, Hampton. ROW Ill: McDonald, J. Crow, Roberts. ' 0047 wese golfers represent A. H. S. in tournaments: ahnson, Wallingford, J. Crow, Hampton. ROW : Mr. Kuykendall, Snipes, Roberts. . I ROW I: Mr. Lawson, Reid, Busby, Hooks, Mateiowsky, Hamilton,l Polk, Osborne, Dunlap, Bishop, Mr. Moser. ROW ll: Colwell, Bradshaw, Adams, Boyd, Bottoms, Teague, McKinnis, Schmidt, King, Pinkston. ROW Ill: Strange, Green, King, Gregory, Winkles, Wells, Owen, Pelfrey, Lockerd, Leonard, Aver , Cure. mo PM H1411 - - The "A" Association is composed of all boys and girls who have lettered in one or more sports while in high school. This club holds an annual banquet and elects a Spirit of Athletics. ROW I: Mr. Morris, Jordan, Caudle, Sides, Standefer, Edington, Chambers, Colvin, Hampton, Mr. Bullington, Mr. Gle ton. ROW II: Mr. Groseclose, Galbraith, Carpenter, Hughes, Winston, Peake, Snipes, Murphy, Carr, Galbraith, ROW Ill: Ward,,Carothers, Perry, Rosenbaum, Mitchell, Rose, McFadden, Stephens. e QP: Xrff'-L ' i " xl ,Q 'W2'14" 1 ,fi . X ff 'x l K E x 'ii !9jf9l,LL ill fA5efQ1Zff-xi' Elllhin-n Polk Judy Mateiowsky X X fn" T?V4' Yi? J Sl' '1- -T Q ,I1 a h' ' if Q 2' U NM' A Sharon Osborne V.f"d L 'V ! J Glenn M959' Head Cheerleader ,I V ' J rf Museo' V , , V I ff! VLJL' 'T' ix. L-ff' .JV r x iff! "' ' " j V J. ffw J WJ V7.1 .5 V, f j jj L' . bw 'Ll "J p' r n x, . , .' i A j I "KA V Sharon Hooks Sylvia 1-lamiltan K 'l l c l"" T 1 t X 9 -' if I S 5 l ar-1, If 'Em 1.4 I 1,45 ,I ilu 51- li 'H-. ,. xl i ki' V . I The Victory Bell rings for a second Sta Championship for AHS. Co-Captain Sammy Caudle presents the 195 State championship silver football to Mr. Wel for AHS. Do you think Midland would claim these chee leaders? Sophomores, iuniors, seniors, line up for the trac tional march to another great pep rally. The Harvesters seem to be in a tight spot. This team doesn't have the zip ofthe Eagles! Q F at ff f -uf x ' j , 1 1 . nl 1 TVX' K9 ""X.bKl. YH vvvzwxxw v ' VY 3. is if wx E i . 5. at lin 7 X is Ltkfs5,3g,l ' a2f14.Jl..-S Pat, Jo Anne, and Jerry check the Thanksgiving gift boxes. The teachers enjoy refreshments in the living room of the new Homemaking Department. The Homemaking girls serve at their annual Christmas tea. Don tells Mr. Fielder what he wants for Christmas. A 1 M1 is X , r i -ra, t fs ft 'fly has ,fr ' T 4' ....,....l- aiianalallanaa acieflf ' Thirty-one Juniors and Seniors are formally in :lucted into the National Honor Society. 'resident Danny Owen presides in the induction. 'olly Greene explains the N H S emblem. 'Jew members repeat the pledge ofthe N H S.. - 'A : x t t l I J 'pit III' i ggi , ' 6240111744 The Dramatics Department had a ful and successful year. First on the agendc was the fairy tale "FIibberty gibbet." It wa: given for the benefit of the grade schoo children. "He Ain't Done Right By Nell" was one of the first paid assemblies. Everyone savi this exciting melodrama which was c success. E e . -Q F. A 3 M ,. wt, ff ' 8 ,.,4..., ,, it, W.,- S ' in 14,418 A culminating activity for the A. H. S. letter- men is the "A" Association program where 3. 4. the Spirit of Athletics presides. Ann Hills is the "Spirit of Athletics." Modeling for the Fashion Club are Rosalee Jones and Sharon Taylor. Charles Mundy accepts the position as editor of the 1957 Flashlight. Kay Kring receives a sweater earned in vol- leyball from Miss Bailey. l 'Til lfllllll It 'N y.. 1 4 ...A , x ?'i'i" 1.5, mr , H Z. .t.l Members of the Aquila Staff worked diligently to compile and publish the school magazine. Working on the maga- zine are Wilford McCann, Glenna Isbell, Peggy Galbraith and Mrs. Bishop. These boys show model planes built for a proiect in Pre-Flight. The physics lab seems to be a favorite spot for these students. Members of Mrs. James' speech class pre- sent the program for giving "A" Awards. Roger Whitehurst-Twirp Sweetheart of 1956. i 'E i 12' tif: .3 Q F5990 fi! il' J' .s.....-mf Jlmeamf 7!zef1e l. These "children" know some of the win- ners of "A" Awards. 2. For the spring induction, the National Honor Society used the theme "Our World!! 3. Ribbons were presented to the new members. 4. Mr. Gleaton and Mr. Morris present sweaters to the basketball team. Leslie Strange is a proud recipient of a sweater. 5. Pictured are some ofthe new members of the National Honor Society. .125 U L . llam a, 1 ' - l il Ei' ' If .id Q Qi' sf. 91 A '-sf 3 ,rr-' '22 'i X ' ffi 5 A ' l's in A'-38.21 :lik fumes zu, in ,ws Sammy, Stuart, and Homer are in the finals for best dressed boy. Contestants in the pie-eating contest are aided by these pretty misses dressed for the occasion. Swishing through the halls in attire of the past were Mrs. Grubbs and Miss Griffin. Mrs. Bishop and Mr. Sublett win in the contest for best dressed teachers. fNext paget These short dresses! My! My! Here is a group posed in the styles of 1881. It is iudging time for the best dressed woman teacher. Sarah and Stuart are winners in the best dressed students' contest. Here is a quartet of 1881 dandies from the A. H. S. faculty. Mrs. Parker leads in the singing of old songs. Helping her are the entertainers of the day. Pin Y 1 ' 1 al .S , 5 xr 3 44 X f , F .u - . m A -Mala ...fm 1? UI ,I ' Qj Vt- , 4 I DAT: fc... 5, W ,Au-Q E , S' A , -..f ,ff iw f gums E Hi . fx V QA Joi? ,S BBT M 29 HC c ,JXOLUEU 101 Q2 .if-uf vp-' "4-""9" -" ear-web 14 Winners of an essay contest receive money prizes. They are Wilford McCann, Shirley Morrison, Leon Valentine, Nancy Sample, and Peggy Galbraith. Seated on stage are the winners of Responsibility Awards. A model for the Fashion Club's style show is Shirley Herrington. An important decision to make in the spring is that one concerning Student Council of- ficers. Here is a skit for one of the candi- dates. This quintet entertains with lively music and iokes. 'Q amd , ig? - -4-vp. 1 Q .anim . L l If fmm ll " A picnic in the grove is entertainment for Lola Pratt. Don Ferguson cmd Judy Eplen have the roles of Willie and Lola. The boys sing for Lola. Mr. January and January give advice to Willie. 4" 24 "' 55 f xx I Q4-1 99' E Winning the Ford Motor Award in the Auto Mechanics contest are Roy Lester and Leonard McCollum. David Bourland is the 1956 winner of the Thornton Award. Going to the state contest to represent Abilene High School in speech events were Carol Atchison and Roger Whitehurst. Vee Perini and Warren Weir represented us in debate in the state events. Jerry Lee won a trip to the National Science Fair in Oklahoma to show his telescope. Other speech students representing the school in Austin were Elecive Blair, Jerry Watson, and Stuart Love. .-.. 5 gli 'r A. .f ,q R X - P' -fe MQNNWHS mf Responsibility Award winners for the second semester are Don Jackson, Jimmy Herrington, Ruthie Bonifield, Raymond Bynum, Celia Harris, Nan Rich, Polly Greene, and Scotty Arnold. A winning team in poultry judging is Jimmy Pumphrey, Dale Burson, and Malcolm Strole. ln area contests Kenneth Williams, Jimmy Powers, and Denzil Randell ranked second in meat iudging. Winners of dairy products judging in area and state are Jimmy Roberts, Wesley Sanders, and Wayne Bell. Bringing home honors were V I C members Kenneth McDole, Alton Edwards, George Barnes, Truitt Couch, Dale Butler, and Gerald Montgomery. V Participants in VIC, mechanics division, were Leroy Franklin and Robert Lemen. Jerry Ren- fro, Bobby Campbell, and David House entered proiects in the contests. SZ'aZ'e7aack Med X . In T, 4 , Ap-.,, ...NW N. 5 X LIE Q ,iff .LS 1956 State Track Contenders-James Leonard, first place pole vaulter Wayland Kesler, fourth place in 440-yard dash, Stuart Peake, shot put ter, Donny Owens, high jumper, and Billy Mitchell, fourth in discus were the A H S delegates qualifying for the state meet in 1956. f' Wayland Kesler James Leonard I STATE CHAMPS-FIRST ROW: Manager David Hughes, Pat Armstrong, Bill Sides, Don Smith, H. E. Dunlap, Hubert Jordan, Jimmy Carpenter. SECOND ROW: Butch Adams, Jerry Mclver, Robert Carothers, George Nichols, Kenny Schmidt, Gerald Lewis, Harold Stephens, Manager Bill Teague. THIRD ROW: Coach Shorty Lawson, Altus Scott, John Harrison, Freddy Green, Glynn Gregory, Charles Bradshaw, Bruce Boyd, Carlton Winkles, Coach B. L. Blackburn. 7ma4' Alai 7956 Abilene's Eagles made their fourth trip to the state baseball tourna- ment pay off with the 1956 crown. The Warbirds, after winning tight games from Edinburg and Paschal of Fort Worth in the first round and semi-finals, finished with a 13-0 rout of Highland Park of Dallas in the finals. The Eagles shattered six old records in the tournament and tied another. Six players, Freddie Green, Altus Scott, Jimmy Carpenter, Glynn Gregory, Robert Carothers, and Bruce Boyd were named to the all-tourna- ment team. Strategy at the dugout The Eagles are iustly proud of the trophy Q , , ' illillh 'il kv , -,ai 'IIOPI '7!1eScamce62m The faculty members were guests of the science department for open house before the exhibits were taken to the Science Fair. Miss Self, a science teacher serves Miss Deavers and Miss Lam- bert. These students look at the winning entry made by Nan Rich. This entry was taken to the Na- tional Fair in Oklahoma City. Most of the biology students prepared a proiect for the fair. These study a chart. John Waldrop shows his project in the physics department. Another interesting project is this one of tropical fish. Tommy Cooper points out an interesting item on this oil chart. l M . .M Q The Campbells order " their caps and gowns. Memoaafle Samba fbcufi Radio Day at KWKC was a clay full of worry, fun and hard work for the seniors and sponsors. There was much planning to do. A... '5 1'-vlan: 1 Q .1 N Q LW 535. MK 'K A Y M A happy event was the annual signing party. Sign my annual, please. Z 4 May Bmwylflilze JUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET SENIOR PLAY 'K bl. ii .. 'rglfgui "You Can't Take lt with You" was chosen for the senior play for 1956. Included in the cast were Ruth Ann Polk, Stuart Love, Danny Owen, Carol Atchison, Sam Caudle, Eliza- beth Hix, Sharon Hooks, Ann Shults, Frank Hill, John Mayes, Ben Pilcher, Jackie Shields, Mike Lockerd, Neal Hollingshead, Ray Canant, Joe Ar- den, Billy Hampton, Jerry King, Glenna Isbell. 9 W Della Glover is presented a scholar- ship by Mr. Webb. 'iq fir N S Very solemn seniors file into the auditorium. ""' 1 D 4 efazzawm, SENIOR DAY BACCALAUREATE COMMENCEMENT K,II f ' ' A . . . . . li l IVV 1 in f The auditorium is the setting for the Senior "". 1 ,.'. Q lK'fll Day program and the Baccalaureate Sermon. K Q X sin A s 4 , X Ngs If e' is gas, ' , g X U f i s Q , 4l,E5l.:fY Si s 5 Rlallll 4 2,53 4,2854 '3' V ig ge N sl an T, Nl lu! lllulllgfhuul - gxfllllzl' lfs ' X" lf or N 1 W mlzwlznnl , , '.'l"l's A A 5 yu . Q N j ' ""l14r- hwrx 'Q ' 1 1 Q, -1 .19 I Jimmy Herrington and John Mayes proudly show their proof of graduation. f ' 1 ft-1. wi .ih, .Q,l7,, ..' iq 1 0 I2 The seniors begin that long march at the Eagle Stadium. Three hundred forty seniors await that mo- ment when they will be the proud owners of a diploma. Della Glover, the salutatorian, speaks of education. Other honor graduates are Jozelle Brister, valedictorian, Kay Kinnard, Lannie Skaggs, Ruthie Bonifield, and Raymond By- num. Mr. Wells passes out diplomas to Mina Per- sons ancl Jim Pierce. The final affair of the evening is the re- ception given by the National Honor Society. lx y A. 41 X '2XXwxRxjXv,X kj if fl " ! l XXBMX. Nix aft Kofi! YNXJXTW f Q 5, V V flwb 1 y ng Y' EK 1 I ,I my 1 e-' X Q , - fpfu . . ,Q 2 P1 JF -, I I "NT, ,si B 5 .1 ff 4 If 'Q 1 4 M,,w ,, vs " Q3 ,X A ' 'Lgt if J xii. fb Q is Q ,5- E mls V . f Q 5 f K . X Roger Whitehurst gives the welcoming address. Miss Self proudly shows the biology lab to Mrs. R. M. Hix and some other young visitors. The '54 room is being admired. Ever one is roud of the homemaking de Y P ' partment, especially the home-economic students. i J... -'Q,MWwW. The Junior Quartet sings the very popular "Great Pretender" for the Junior Assembly. A big hit on the Junior Assembly program was the ventrilo uist agt by Boyd King and "l"""l"'l"!- ' ' I' fbvfflf Henry made quite a discovery in his "Trip to Paris" when he found Sharon. Lovely Queen Ann presides over her court. Paris has never seen a chorus line to match this 6T1'9l i'551?l1H??5i3'H..E' - 'vw' ""pUr a greater future. In dreaming again, we can gain courage from Thoreau's words, "If you have built your castles in the air, your work need not be lostp that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them." I all NHL d,Q-vULCu.. AQ, H-lrl'SJ4fvwd. .feta 05 in-1. 7 am! Nah ki J' gr L Q , ,.. Gia H, .. f., r, L .I M . ,mv ., ww' 1 -Q A WQWW n W Wm WW Q4 WM4MmM AM WW WMM? Dem Pgjukxnkj, 'jx W fx, ea I S. if E , , fvg K3 V VJ- , - 5:O6vU5 5 Mr Q W T mean 1-K' Ckesclss, I 2064-3 ggv -XX 'AS , 041 Q . Tx X4 ' U I 2 mcg? - ,, 'QEZVBQBEA SACXA kOS5v wxova AQXAAN -UAE GHC W X . Some, FQQXJXE iwsx 0ioEv wgaf CMA Mfxekv XCSS jbabrjfn QQKEWNASXNIVP - X NX aww case, maxi gifs A Nkie-WaXN'5q' E l,wf6Xf5fg5b+ qmnsgf PQNMMM M,-M Wx EXW M A NSBXAX mi N- qui MAS: Sfams lm, Le H45 ' YN rgxsnuwwx QS . 1 JAQXAQS LGEQV XIXS5 x555n A Cbvwl RVN SQEKN DAGS, 355,045 X546 Eogvkg xxfwmf THQE .Q Evnrwwxg xncfduf XDSQEYX COiYNvw3YxgSD . Xfxcncv AAA YWXAXKMAQSD vvxf' fghrovxcl av Que? ? id 3 knows BOW. SQVXCE sX'0E Abwfx SDXQNM is Qcxcixsnxf CWOXY QOUCEKX 54, SMS-X1 Vow? ' CQ ExVSwD XXBOSQS-JYN 55 Ljbuf' QPOu13txYXi- up . Q KBEBTS 1 QLEX xixfxaxy -QQXAQAS is XmfxQYE,g- P u 8 , J ix kg Cdgvx RBC, YYxCbS.ax asa EFX! Q GA AAfX1vx'3U-BGR ' 1 - OC 26 Q So. 4.0 5. A V ' S nd 'bg vEvnEx,x,,Yp?v,AYXfxEv.2x5 'ex rx mf Q -' Sig LQXHACQB b 'AS Qguril I Svksx TE: U? 5 QOY 'PIN . ,gil .FA 5 t QGU' asxgo Afxalhxix Lo VE'0rNErvLbS'r' 'XXKS QA ,WI Xhhbk ' SQGV SQYNCQ. SLXAE lab CgYS5Af1!, ', ,: I., , p , ,.:,...,- 1'V., 1.1M ,,,, Vxevxis Xzfvvwx AAUISE-ARD V' L6 U ,A LA vx vx is ' wifi K gym., mi fff-:Aww K wr mm W.. ie i - I .PI 5, we 1 MW, N , N tm .. .Q or - 5 We. li E, t ,,2 , ', ,P,,, ff l . L Nan Rich Rusty Lehrer Editor K Business Manager The Flashlight was ours for almost a year, and now it is yours. We have worked hard, figured budgets, in- terrupted your classes and told you nothing. 'Y Miss Mildred Stokes Mr. Carlos Bradford Advisors Nita Harvey, Faculty Editor Barbara Kirkpatrick, Gretchen Girdner Flora Simons, Paula Spurlin Assistant Layout Layout Editor Junior Editors We have tried to make the book interesting Ind as representative of Abilene High School ac- ivities a We Larry Daughtery Ann Slaton, Carolyn Hodges Sports Editor Sophomore Editors 5164! s possible. hope that you enjoy the results of our ffforts as much as we enioyed our work. s. Jerry L 1' K, , Betfye Beall, Sandra Willis Senior Editors -qv-r 'sv iq, -iljakr-'E' 3'- 'X ee, Don Campbell, Charles Mundy Ina Jeanne Rucker, Gab Lambert Photographers Club Editors ' ww Rf' 1 9- 1 S lttwmlf 'sk Lb x . flf 7 ..-of-C"'l ROW I: Parsons,lHg'rington, Guitar, Milam, frQi,eleI?Ross, Terry, Rosser. ROW II: Harris, Glover, Cobb, Adams, Smith, Bullock, Colwell, Parker. ROW III: M1fC esney, Herrington, McReynolds, Pilcher, Perini, Whitehurst, King, Le- men, Carter, Gray? Lee. QE.- Qauncil The Student Council originates and puts into effect regulations for improv- ing our school. Some of the proiects of the Council include giving a Coke Party for sophomores at the beginning of school, presenting the Thanksgiving pro- gram, decorating the Christmas tree in the auditorium, preparing student directories, and sponsoring the Homecoming activities. . .VS Y ROW I: Weldon, Reeves, Kinnard, Boren, Bernard, Reed, 'cheft, Busby. ROW Il: Cook, Magee, Cordelhq Kem per, Skaggs, Forgusonf' Galbraith, Allen. ROW III: Murphy, a kford, Blair, Neas, Moore, Dalling, Gunnels, :Daniel Blevin, Norwood. ROW IV: Johns, White, Dodson. ,nifty OWI Morrxson lowers Turner, Smith, Shields, Rnch Atkuns Kung Addmgton Truntt ROW ll Montgomery Nichols Busby Terhune ce Rotlutf Kung, Hampton, Pierce, Sndes Norwood Roger Whitehurst Rufus King . . . Goyle Hunks . . . Lonnie Skaggs . . Gretchen Cordell Sponsor Mass Porker, looks on cas Student Coun cnl offncers go over plans of meeting. D , Z. Q W , el? -1 K' fl 1 I.. V X ROW Bonifield,,MiIam, Burkleo, Sparks, Beall, Shields, SkaggbLHarri4ElH2:nksA.xlROW ll: Osborne, Green, Shults, White. hurst, Rich, Rocker, Bynum, Hix, Miss Johnson. ROW Ill: McCann, Stan ,'Cf1ambers, Cobb, Waldrop, Caudle, Lock- ard, Arden, Owen, Barfoot. C , ,f ,-gm.-. '.,ll.-Swish, Members of this club are chosen by the members of the faculty on the basis of Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service. Among the many services of this organization are cleaning and cataloguing the trophies. Also the Valentine Post Office is sponsored every year by the National Honor Society. fix xx JU X -sb The V.P.O. Singers meet beforefgoing out to serenade the school. ' ' N 'xl ix ld One V.P.O. quartetwdlglilgers a singing telagram. X' l ' 5 All H Blover, Chase Allen Kinnard, B t, Sl?ogviE9Willis. ROW ll: Domann, Simons, anant Herrington Lee uw, Kin l i Ia ,110 tl y Danny Owen .. . President John Barfoot Vice-President Ann Shults . . . . Secretary Jackie Shields .. .. Treasurer Nqr! Rich .. . . Reporter , l I V" 4 K ' ,. 4. , . students are flocking to V.P.O. booth to purchase Delivery teams are assigned to postsf , andy and singing telegrams. E' 'Bs f lu I ROW I: Minsheyff, Sho ok, Dupree, Galbraith, Loader, Holt, Foller, Walker, Shults, Hancock, Polk. ROW II: Mr. Kennamer, Brooks, Jones, avis, Daughtery, Ledford, Alexander, Sample, Weldon, Young, Jowers. ROW III: Jack- son, Johnson, Cannon, Hall. f . Ealing Members of the Battery Staff plan the layouts, type the copy, sell the ad- vertisements and edit the school's bi-weekly newspaper. Both the Editorial and Business Staffs receive valuable training for future journalistic work. Assignments for another edition of the Battery are dis cussed by Ann Shults, Don Jackson, and Mr. Tibbets. EDITORIAL STAFF - A- 'Ann Shults .................... Editor-in-Chief Veta Alexancleb . . . . . . Managing Editor Maxine Showalter . . .X . . Feature'Editc5 Nancy Sample .. .. Society Editor Don Jackson . . . . . . Sports Editor BUSINESS STAFF Ruth Ann Polk .............. Business Manager Sandra Weldon . . . . .. Business Manager I Peggy Hancock , . . . . Advertising Manager T Will Cannon . . . . . Circulation Manager s 'wo girls on the Battery Business Staff check the sub- Circulation Manager, Will Canon, and George Young cription list. Battery member, type up circulation reports. Pam Glad This club is for all students who are interested in journalism. During club periods, they hear speakers from the Reporter-News, KRBC-TV and from various departments from the different colleges in Abilene concerning semi-professional newspaper work. ROW I: Galbraith, Tibbets, Hancock, Williams, Johnson, Jackson, Williams, Alexander, Daughtery, Foller - ww ejbw W'-W -51 N, it 1 T: Z l 3 ROW I: Edington, Browning, Ashmore, Stanfield, Tally, Wilson Williams, Atchison, Johnson, Walker, ROW Il: Musick, Weilding, Sparks, Brister, Glover, Allen, Kinnard, I Barbee, Huff, Matthews. ROW'llI: Entrekin, Willis, Boren, Young, Mangum, Box, Johnson, Booker, Cobb, Hotchett, Chambers. ROW IV: Carroll, Bowen, Briscoe, Thomas, Smith, Matejowsky. l GMM The purpose ofthe G and G is to help Sophomore girls become acquainted with the school and their classmates. lt was organized in T922 for Senior girls. fr -. ROW l1Anz, Taylor, Stringer, Wellsi Popalio, Greene, Winters, Cordell, Hanks, Rosser, Gravens, Atkins. ROW ll: Lind sey, Briians, Hall, Bogart, Weldon, Skaggs, Roberts, Beall, Grantham. ROW III: Flair, Langford, Burlingame, Morth Shields, Tarver, Standefer, Isbell, Reeves, Preston, Anderson. ROW IV: Trantham, Birdsong, Nunn, Bertrand, Case, leg gett, Carroll, Haley. 3 fT?2"t5"N:'m1 Webstat-,f5mith, Osborne, McCreight, ljlgqkg, Milam, Rosales, Digby, Burkleo, Perry. ROW ll: Dobbs, Hamilton, Russell . X VL!! X fL"l" X fi A' Nona Little .... Gretchen Cordell Ann Hills ...... Martha Chapman Sandra Standefer Shults, Barnes, Carlton, Springer, Herrington, Thorn, Jones, Arrell. ROW Ill: woods, Martin, Flo- Wallace, Blount, Rucker, Taylor, Stcinge, Ragle. ROW IV: Mowles, Domann, Borki, Swann, Hend- . . . President Vice-President . . Secretary . Reporter . . Treasurer ROW l: Cook, Powers, Sides, Thornto ider, Couch, Bowles, Moore, Chapman, Deatherage ROW ll Davis Hopkins, Bognifield, Chappell, Kaufffrttyi, g, Sherwood, Dixon, Harvey, Manly, Mazy, White. Row Ill Bravenec Gray Stringer, Jones, Pcnzmelly, Chasb, Davis,1 Bailey, White, Sullivan. ROW IV: Barron, Aguirre, Osborne Magee Little Sellers Dart. , Q,-y'-N Jane Preston gives a "Little Sis" a candle after the G and G initia- tion. Getting letters from their Big Sisters helped the Sophomore girls get better acquainted with A. H. S. V 5 an as .. JK In Y 00 Officers of the G and G discuss plans for future programs. "Little Sisses" meet their "Big s A fx OW l: Sitchler, Allen, Flores, Martinez, Barrera, Aquirre, Langford, Milton. ROW ll: Sitchler, Hayes, O'steen, Blackburn, unlap, Davidson, Thompson, Davis, Gonzalez. ROW III: Long, Escobedo, Barrera, Mendoza, Nichols, Flores, Barrera. an 14 ' elai- The Pan American Club members study the people and customs of Latin American countries. To get a better understanding of the people, they listen to speakers of Latin American origin from this territory, 'hree club members are on their way to 0 club Club officers pose in authentic Spanish costumes be neeting. fore a club program. ROW I: Watts, Massey, Miller, Ratliff, Hoffman, Williams, Smith, Simms, Edwards, Cooke, Hampton, Huckaby, Richter. ROW ll: Boyd, Clemmer, Bryan, Joseph, Bowman, Harris, Smith, Grounds, Lashlee, Garms, Sumpter, Swan, Hendley. ROW III: Barlow, Morrison, Ashby, Lanham, Barry, Pruitt, Vick, Williams, Hildreth, Ellison, Clemmer, Wiggins. 4u2fu4eJl The F.H.A. is composed of the women of tomorrow. Through this guidance in these early years, these girls are gaining valuable information for tomorrow. The F.H.A. has a banquet each year, electing a Girl of the Year and a F.H.A. Sweetheart. ROW I: Ballard, Williams, Greene, Phillips, Thackerson, Mor' on, Rains, Fox, Talley, McKinney, Little, Hally Haley ROW ll: Bright, McCollum, Griffin, Trainer, Bernard, Steen, S , Briggs, Minshew, Thomas, Haddox, Reeves, Gra vens. ROW Ill: Standefer, Campbell, Holt, Kemletz, Ashby, Rhea, Johnson, Snow, White, Holt, Hodges, Roe, Kauffman 62.41.14 s aww: he highlight of the evening was the presentation of F. H. A. onorees. Buests enioy the banquet, which carried out the s"""""' heme of "Singing in the Rain." """'--L Vee Perini, F. H.A. Sweetheart, and Polly Green, Girl of the Year. Polly decks the cafeteria with streamers ty for the banquet. Sue Richter and Edna Reeves decorate umbrellas to be used in the program. ilC lZ XMI x l ROW I: Jamison Burkett, Skaggs, Weldon, Roberts, Greene, Kinnard, Shields, Hall, ROW Il: Trainer, Flair, Harlow, C se, Eple , WTlliams, Chapman, Anz, Boehms, Blain. ROW III: Reeves, Crawford, Girdner, Keith, Arnold, Herrington 1Brooks, Sample, Blackford. 4wZuae7 ofrq ' The Future Teachers of America is compos'ed of all students who have an interest in the profession of teaching. They have an annual initiation and elect a Mr. and Miss F. T. A. for the district convention. Miss Aleise Cline is sponsor and Sandra Weldon is District President. Delegates to the District Convention meet in Miss Cline's office. These girls are the officers of the Future Teachers of America. H Edmgton Kirkpatrick Hargrave Chambers Cobb Carlton Hayes. ROW ll: Mayfield, Morrison, Giles, Hildreth, Holliday, Schoonover Nerren Cobb Ray Owens Long ROW Ill Morrison, Butler, Allen, Todd, Sample, North, Mayes, Ross, Kring, Mr Fnelder Barnett Young ROW IV nz Mathis Cundreff Hays, Mr. Jenkins, Hitt, Bardin, Brannon. The Abilene Hugh Orchestra directed by Mr. Robert Fielder, wins recognition each year in the area an contests and in the city as entertainers. The forty mem- bers of the orchestra practice each day during the seventh period. President . . . Vice President Secretary . . . Reporter ..... Head Librarian nw R, John Mayes . . Lue Edington Nancy Sample . ...-.. Elizabeth Hit Annelle Popalio Asst. Librarian . . . . . Lynda Hayes ta .xtr- ROW I: Green, Sample, Tesson, White, Furnish, Taylor, Inglqsbe, Massey, Todd, Bourbon, Bowen, Schoonover, Popalig Skaggs. ROW ll: Cochra Hays, Hall. ROW III: Mayes, Moore, Taylor, Long, Bogart, Bynum, Hooks, Mitchess, Cameron, Kirkpatrick, Crum'p,VPollock, Barrera, Hollowa lee, North, Grant, Kessler, Leonard, Pylatt, Smith, Giles, Anz, Bratton, Cundieff, Verner, Moore, Young, Webster, Snow, Thorn, Math ' 5 An important part in the spirit and life of the school is the Abilene High School Eagle Band. Students can look back over the year and remember the many occasions when the band brought recognition to our school. One particular event was the Sweepstakes and individual awards in first division in the annual contest. Students will also remember the concert with Raphale Mendez, the assembly programs and the pep rallies. Color Guards: Green, Moore, Bourbon, Furnish. Maiarettes: Kinnard, Tesson, Long, Boy: Herrington, Lee, 7'7lc7Xlister, Vick, Wagner, White, Sample, 'Popalio, Giles, King, Mathi Halloway, Showalter, Long, Washburn, Mitchell, Carpenter, Cundiff, Todd, Hittf-'Wilson Cundieff, Bratton, Hays, Moore, Hitt, Watson, Horten, McGinnety, Woods, Flannagan, Seah ,ro T :f . 67-li . 5' .Q f Jllivan, Tarver, Crow, -Canarrmj Keever, Burkett, Penrodjfring, Txnar Whetse anagan, Stephens, Jone5,'EFii:pman, Ross, Tanner, Adams, Wi liams. ROW IV: Herrington, 'atson, Bardin, Mcczzsmn, Chorn, Hitt, Marshall. ' One of the Marching Band's greatest contributions to school spirit and life is the support it gives. during he football season. In preparation for each week's game the band meets early for practice in all kinds of weath- rr. Oftentimes after school practice is necessary. The excellent half-time performances were results of their en- leavors. irroll, Bowen, Bardin. Drum Major: Bardin. ROW I: Hays,, ,THall, Massey, Williams, Plummer, Tarver, Harris, Gray, Mags, irner. ROW Ne Sullivan, North, Low-5255 George, Lindsey, on, Bynum, Von Endi, Adams, Crum Hooks, Mitchell, Lassiter, Martin, glesby, Glazg, Anz,fWebeter. ROW III: Keever, Canant Kring, Pylatt, McGuire, Miller, Kesler, Webb, Maiglaall, McGowen, Chorn, Adams, 'nes,9Stephens,U1apmcm, Williams, Schoonover, lanner, Adams, Swanson. -...,- H J V' Q In ff, ,Jafr IAKU ROW l: Flannagon, McAllister, Tanner, Adams, Ross, Chapman,QH,grring1on. ROW Il: Todd, Bynum, Hooks, Mitchell, McGowen, Webb, Marshall, Hitt. ROW III: Eplen, Swanson. , A "" , 'T ' H" ,. -Il SW, 6 The Stage Band is a newly formed organization that performs at community and school functions. Membership is voluntary, and the band is under the di- rection of the Assistant-Director Jenkins. Baahg The Book Browsers help in the operation of the library. They aid teachers and students in finding books and references. Each girl works at least one hour a day. ROW I: Musick, Perry, Young, Taylor, Little, Davis, Harlow, Neal. ROW II: Sumpter, Goss, Brown, Rickten, Shults, Taylor Donald, Miss Wills, Nerren, Hatchett. Rf! K Membership: Bonifield,-Smith, Elmore, Ashmore, Davis, Ferguson, Hanks, Youngblood, Methvin, Brown, Mc- Coy, Eplen, Hopkins, Littlefield, Showalter, Edington, Colwell, Williams, Neas, Allen ravenac Johnson Hiar Ledbetter, Shults, Walker, Andrews, Campbell, Helgeson, V,Rix,y' Stubbs, Colwe Smith, Little I Q , On, Kring, Harding, Kemper, Hamilton, Sides, Smith, McFaddefn, Tatum, Todd, Shirley, ampbell, Bishopf Cox. f ,aeqwzze ' The A Cappella Choir has sung for many audiences here in Abilene and in other cities of Texas. The annual spring tour in February is one of the big events of the year. Members of this group assisted in the school's production of the musical "Seventeen" 209 -s J-2' it nuff-I" ROW I: Accompaniment, Coffey, Bailey, Miller, Chandler, Christie, Gregg, Jowers, Springfield, Trainer, Housewright, Blackford, Yarbrough, Shipley, Foster,iTalley, Murphy. ROW II: Thomas, De Arman, Kee, Moore, Johnson, Bowman, Sitchler, Derryberry, Brown, Edington, Davis, Chapman, Roberts, Williams, Cathey, Briggs, Lashlee, Johnson. ROW III: Jackson, Spurlin, Reeves, Wallace, Kirkpatrick, Stange, Barlow, Fudge, Baldridge, Tibbits, Campbell, Johnson, Yarbrough, Tinkle, Pope, Weber,Q:grne?.' new-em Q The Eagle-Ettes, an all-girl vocal organization, has proved to be a very talented group. During the year they provided excellent entertainment for local and out-of-town groups and participated in contests. ,,. J, The members of the Junior Girls' Quartet are Betty Ross, Judy Eplen, Glenda Littlefield, and Kay Kring. 2 ,-Nonaflrittley'-E.lizabeth Hix, Karen Hopkins, an f fRfJthielliBonifi9.ld7are members of the Senic Girls' Quartet. 4. QQ OW I: Boyd, Harrison, Touchstone, Royal, Graham, Nelson, Judd. ROW ll: McDaniel, Henderson, Carter, Brazer, Landers. OW Ill: Watson, King, Kemp, Ray, Swafford, Jenkins. Bag! Ghwm The Boys' Chorus is another fine vocal organization of A. H. S. This male chorus has presented many fine programs in our assemblies as well as in other schools in our city. Vlembers of the ,Maier X 'or Quartet are Robert Smlith, Members of the male Sophomore Quartet are Edward Herschel MCC y, Cecil Cox, and Roy Davis. F Broesher, Don Ferguson, Jerry Landers, and John Q ,exif Burkett. xt 4. 'Vx . X r J Q l 0 . x 1-, ,ig LI-it ' . ' , ld 1 , SM L ,. Sl ROW I: Hills, Manlin, Bullock, Hall, Jer A Randolph, Domonn, Roe. ROW ll: Lewis, Johnson, Haney, Gilbreth, Ad- kins, Rasco, Sitchlen, Darnell, Teaguef lll: Caudle, Norton, Herrington, Barnett, Pierce, Sloan. . if acfzh dual The boys of this service club operate the public address system for pro- grams in our school, show films, furnish records, and ljnak ecording-Q,,The F x . ' 1" W. girls in the club are the secretaries. X pf' " Y, 5 ll If -K vb l Nfl Q J JD - - fl K ,f V ll , V ' V 1' , Mg" . fp 1, ROW l: Brykafaviq Henry, Fewell, Matthews, Barbee, Phillips, Lanfair. ROW ll: Mr. Hiner, Thommason, laughter Pinner, Smith, oore,' McGuire, Stevens, Lemond. ROW III: Turkett, Maxwell, Jones, Day, Cure, Elich, Tyler. ROW IV: Wood, Lassiter, Strange, lockard, Petty. ig. S! ,ffm CL-Q,c1s all ylbf Lf-V411-c,fT D X , 'QXOVCJN M! ,,N.gAfx.f , ,, 4I4..4'll ,fVLff, X M ig fyv-fpfg. ,Wd-1-if If Witch 7. K' T VT 10W I: Blair, Murphy, Wilson, Moore, Cook, Walker, Jackson, Singleton, Marshall, Lashlee. ROW ll: Mrs. James, V 1-i ioehms, Blain, Isabell, Shields, Atchison, Murphy, Williams, Miss Walton. ROW III: Hill, Neill, Weir, Love, McReynoIds, Nt' ' , Vhitehurst, Turner, Hollingshead, Watson, Ferguson, Strickland. ,lfp .T . Q6 .'-ff 1- .1 1 I Z !,4',,,-,riff XZ, . Ar ' 4 . X if 'LVL The Forensics organization is one that we can be proud of. The members have won many honors in the fields of debate, declamation, and extemp- oraneous speaking for Abilene High School. They have attended many tourna- ments in which they have truly represented our school. ROW I: Hill, Blain, Turner, Atchison, Isbell, Blair. ROW II: Duncan, Harding, Bryant, Fountain, Walker, Skaggs. ROW III: Neill, Ashley, Perini, Herrington, Pelfrey, Von Ende. 5' - . ----'SF' ' .0542 ex 4 I sv itiaw'1 ?'t.5.Mli.xi.ct-!'ifH!'!A'A Q xl' rf ROW l: Singleton, Walker, Johnson, Fountain, Keith, Murphy, Shiflet, Shields, Williams, Lashlee. ROW ll: Jackson, Deaton, Hollingshead, McReynolds, Whitehurst, Herrington, Norwood, Ashley, Strickland, I This organization has certain requirements which one must obtain before he may become a member. Regular meetings are held each month and two initiations are held during the year. The Abilene Chapter, Troupe 353, is a member of the National organization. ROW I: Mr, Sublett, Carroll, Blackford, Stange, Wood, Smith, Blair, Addington, Willingham, L. Johnson, Smith, Atchison, rks, Watson, Hill, Ashmore, Cook, n. ROW Ill: Voshen McGmty. X Case. ROW ll: Glove Marshall ,Dal Johnson h.,,, 9 a s l OW I: Morris, Ledbetter, Roberts, Kesler, Buchanan, Showalter, Black, Galbraith, Tidwell, Murphy. ROW ll: Colwell, obbs, Brown, Ganey, Pendery, Matthews, White, Tesson. Barbara Black, 'lCII,l2Q!',Q ,Colwell, Vir- ginia Ganey, and Toni Rivera, officers of Style Club, discuss plans for future meetings. t sw em Girls who are interested in the latest fashions ioin the Style Club. They discuss the various colors, designs, and patterns of the latest model garments. l l'.m.f ae My ..f i 'l g,f'js" -4- A- Ill: a...J n":'l ROW I: Shelton, Rodgers, Baize, Bailey, Bradshaw, Boyd, Ramsey, Ackers. ROW II: Mr. Coalson, Strole, Pumphrey, Bean, Munselle, Brooks, Rosenbaum, Gist, Bailey, Rasco. ROW1Nr-Griffin, Ingle, Watkins, Bailey, Lawlis, Guitar, Sikes, Henson, Davis. ROW IV: Mitchell, Thompson, Rich. Wanna? affq ' "Learning to do, doing to earn, earning to live, and living to serve" is the motto of the Future Farmers. This group of boys study advanced methods of farming. ROW I: Sanders, McDonald, Reynolds, Parker, Markham, Marshall, Taylor, Mitchell. ROW ll: Randell, Walker, Her- rell, Burson, Watkins, Chandler, Robertson, Parks. ROW Ill: Williams, J., Williams, K., Stephens, Rose, Joy, Moorg,,Sgt- ton, Townsend, Mr. Moore. ROW IV: Lehrer, McKee, Roberts, Griffin, Mitchell, McMullan, laughter, Pittman,fMitchell, , 0' ,-.X if Mary Gene Bradshaw, the F.F.A. Sweetheart, is presented by Bruce Boyd. Joanne Morris, Charlotte Bailey, Mary Gene Bradshaw, and Pat Markham are the four nominees for sweetheart. The fathers are always honored guests at the F.F.A. Banquet. Marty Reynolds and Jerry Marshall give a soil demonstration as a part of the program. 3, . Q fb-F W., w .5 5 ' E James Brooks works on his project of building a The Ag boys get a sheep ready for judging. trailer. ll., ' . Don Colby, Abilene F. F. A. member, exhibits the grand champion Duroc barrow. 2 F. F. A. officers are Reppy Guitar, Larry Ackers, Arnold Sikes, Marty Reynolds, Jimmy Powers, and Donald McDonald, llil L , ' X Melvin Jones shows his pen broilers in the county show. rib Doug Parker parades his Hereford calf. :rry Ackers tends the calves of his commercial feeder roiect. -ue... A huddle of rabbit breeders at the stock show. I 1 :V l ' Nwrftfsigw at K ll s :fri ii!!! nw'3h.0"S,fl.4an.. if 'femur r i Jimmy Munselle helps on the trailer construction in the Ag shop. N ig, ,"":i "wi":'W"1"'i"5'W"'fN"f7my My ll Q ll ' I X '4 5, Vi .U H V ' ,r ,,,,,,,, Z 'ii' Ai 'iii ., .1 l i 1 " li' 34" " A 'E ' 'Q ,bi it X wx I ep 4: ' si llff I 'X ' lk :tik i ' P DE.: ' ' i ii ' .gf .W , .. 3' ' 5 - L." 9 ' it r se r s r rsll e Gary Ray with his champion pen of three Ccapons. i-,gi 1 V1 n-. ROW I: Hysaw, Wood, Alling, Youngblood, Brooks, Lester, Murphy, Ledford, Singleton, Shiflet, Markham, ROW ll: Kirk- patrick, Tinkle, Weldon, Skaggs, Ferguson, Glaze, Gary, Jones, Blackford, Hollingshead, Arnold. ROW Ill: McCreight, Blain, Fortune, Smith, Ailts, Jones, Adams, Watson, Norwood, Ashley, Deaton, Tatum. ROW IV: Brown, White, Parsons, Nunn, Thorn, Ross, Love, Turner, Arrant, McGintz, Willeford. 14. Al..-S '7 This club is organized for all students who enioy any type of acting or speaking in general. During club period, the members discuss current plays and playwrights. Q Bill Newton examines some of the lights of the stage. The tournament play cast admires the trophy won by Dorothy Kemper and Roger Whitehurst at the Sonora contest. ' ' han-Sa ,Z DWI Burk Carlton Walker Whittle, Cox, Alford Wnlleforcl Smith Cook Hill Atchison Johnston Strickland Herring n ROW II McGinty Archer Powers, Lockhart Nesmith Case Carter Littlefield Marshall Powell Hill ROW Ill :rt Lotta Hobbs Huddlestcn Hall, Randolph, Flair Morlcling Wilson utchlson Stang ROW IV Spurlln mcan Truitt Kring Watts Musick, Yoshen, Kemper Blain Keith Buckner Fleming Mathews Huff West Frank Hill .. Jim Willeford Sherre Cook . Milam work o OFOP stage 1fr"""' ' f " . i 1 " i lun ROW I: Herrington, Rosser, Lester, Walker, Ashmore, Cook, Blain, Keith, Shiflet, Xgj,om'9-,-fROW ll: Ray, Taylor, Sparks, Smith, Stange, Fountain, Murphy, Atchison, Willingham, Whitehurst, Furguson. ROW Ill: Burks, Sybrant, Blair, Arnold, Johnson, Case, Gilbraith, Ganey, Walker, Williford, Benton, Turner. ROW IV: Harrison, Williamson, Cathey, Watson, Hollingshead, Hill, Herrington, Norwood, Hampton, Waldrop. dwfwwaszwewp Producing a play is a heavy burden for anyone connected, and there are certainly enough people connected! Casting the play, memorizing the scripts, props lighting, and sound effects are some of the many problems in producing a play. But then comes the actuality-the night of the play. Such is the normal life of the Acting Lab and Stage Crew. Learning to emote in acting lab can be quite h m- Members of the stage craft class prepare sets for a Qrous, forthcoming drama department production. I I gh.-1 Judy Eplen and Don Ferguson hold leading parts in "Seventeen." The music depart- ment and the speech department worked together in this production. Families resent roblems at conventions as P I P proved by this scene from "Skin of Our Teeth." , sw fx- The Dramatic Department presented a por- tion of "Skin of Our Teeth" for the Inter- scholostic League Contest. ROW I:-J hnson, Hodges, Yarbrough, Pugh, Burlingame, Brown, Bassetti, Wright, Allen. ROW ll: Humphrey, Dowdy, Page, Ke uaIls, Dye, Mrs. Johnson, Miss Darter. '7 ' Glad. The Typing Club members work busily every club meeting on methods of increasing their speed. They discuss plans by which they might make their typing more valuable in everyday life and carry out these plans in actuality. . . . The International Friendship Club members' interest lies in a concern for their fellow man. As the title suggests, friendship is stressed for not only the people we encounter every day, but it is to be carried throughout the world. ROW I: Spicer, Vonderhoff, Stancil, Leggett, Cobb, Travis, Bryant. Row Il: Wellborne, Davis 4557 ,2,,J2J fl DW I: Neilson, Kinnard, Rosser, Brown, Boehms, Jones. ROW ll: Brooks, Sybrant ort, cCoy, Burrows, Blackley, ass. Row lIl: King, Shafer, Carter, Pierce, Overman, Henderson, Asher, Kemp. 'RGM44 Members of this club gives parties for old people and shut-ins. During the week different members visit the hospitals cmd report on these visits during club periods. Also, at Christmas time they help to deliver the boxes for the Good- fellows. -Vx ROW I: Sides, Husbands, White, Ashmore, Lindquist, Kinnard, Housewright, Bailey, Chase, King, White, Bonifieldf ROW nolds, Fulwiler, Thompson. Milam, Ogle, ROW Il: Simmons, Cordell, Hodges, Fewell, Smith, Beall, Whitehurst, Laughter, McRey- - 2- - I Xi il .- ROWI Dallmg Hale Dodson McDonald Russey Bowers Malone Herrington Horne. ROW Il: Leslie, Saiken, Gilchrist, Stone Brady Alexander Ramon Baron ROW lll Barbee Simmons Bullock, lmes, Henley, Edington. GMA This group ot Sophomore girls is organized for the study of personality development They also study all of the latest fashions. interesting to girls ot other fashion clubs was the style show the Charmality Club presented in Posing for a late picture are Charmality members Fulwiler, Terry, Royal, Bullock, Dodson, Smith, Daugh- tery, Miss Meyer, and Smith. 5 H l 5 tx T'- Fgy l , gf! OW I: Smith, Armestead, Giles, Derryberry, Chappell, Shields, Rich, Schuhard, Campbell, Cullen, Fish, Seale, Kirk- iatrick. pee- ecf Glu! The Pre-Med Club is designed to instruct students who are planning to enter the medical profession. This club investigates the specialties in the medical field. Some of the officers of the Pre-Mecl Club are examining ci beef heart and a model of a human heart. ,M Humphreys lvey Dunn ROW Il Ratllff, Dillon, Pettifels, George, Du- qwime flfwua The Nursing Club is an active club The members of this organization visit and work in the local hospitals for experience They discuss the various phases of hospital work and the requirements for entering this career. Officers of the club, President, Helen Deatl rage, and Secretary, Sherry Addington, an the Texas State Secretary, Loretta Long, ar discussing the convention. IOW I: Mundy, Standley, Hudgins, Tally, Taylor, Anthony, Chism, Bonine. ROW ll: Bedford, Burrus, Williams, Sher- vood, Agan, Nall Terrell. ROW Ill: Mr. Echols, Shackelford, Harman. 5 The Shutterbugs is a new name for the photography club which is striving to foster and develop each member's knowledge of photography. They go on field trips trying to find unusual material for pictures. 1 The Shutterbug officers are busy examin- ing negatives before they are printed. The officers are Lari Hudgins, Charles Mundy, and Ruben Stanley. xB' ROW l: King, Lowrpnce, Scott, Moore, Hopkins, Pebworth, Allen, Foster. ROW II: Keith, De Armon, Jerden, Vinson, Stone, Luna, Cdmpbe l, Wil is, Fudge. o This is a club especially organized for sophomore girls. These girls discuss problems of personality development and acquaint themselves with the proper etiquette for various occasions. ROW I: Slaton, Bryan, Sanders, Hodnett, Gunnels, Abbott, Pritchett, Lewis, Hall, Jowers, Test, Blevins, Bennett, Baldridge, Steen. Chandler. ROW Il: Christie, Miss Loving, Minter, , -e v . I fi, 1 ROW I: Harvey, Lindsey, Davis, Barbee, .Fones,"Johnson, Reid, Edington, L. Edington, Herrington. ROW ll: Box, Domann, Glover, North, Bogart, Chapman, Mazy,KEzzell, Estes, Mrs. Hennagan, Taylor. Glad The Fashion Club strives to learn about the current clothing styles throughout this area. They discuss the color schemes, the patterns, and the styles in which they look the best. Much time and effort was spent on making the style show a success. I .-'srl l .1 for sv., 11' - lf- in o the Fashion Club examine the decorations 1' h J Sl5l5c3lW lylwff If ROW I: Kimbler, McLane, Jackson, Dry, Wells, Allen, Atkins, Bcxllew, Carmack. ROW ll: Mr. Crews, Shelnut, Biggers, Moore, White, Barker, Griffith, Tracey. ROW Ill: Arrell, Bertrand, S. Brown, W. C. Brown, Billings, Dobbs, Mowles. The Distributive Education Organization's members meet their regular classes in the morning and work in the afternoons. They also meet during club periods where they discuss the v rious art and methods of selling. X , K 3 ,QM ff f1.,f'Xfff,l f ff if A Af' 'frf KV K' ET lf Lgjh EN XAX T! 'PN Kult, r gp I ., F ,f , as r xl Q1 QW 'lf ,L l r fy lf i fs "1 1 xgrn, li Kfxuf' kj V ,if 1 'L 7fwi! up P , ' 5 Y LQ lf V A V .X Y J J Q Ili-ff 'I Officers Francis Griffith, Quo Atkins, and Truitt Biggers examine manuals of instruc- tion. L di. ,,..,, -fb, sk. e Vx xx i K .. ,,,,..4s.s Y!! l .j ---...M 14 S Keith Kimbler Norma Dry Fabric Mart Newman's Jewelry T7 Marilyn Tracey Holly Shop " 9 N L Patsy Barker Mary Dobbs Sam Brown Thornton's S. H. Kress Sears-Roebuck I nd f 1 1- " 1 sv 2 lx , Nelda Taylor Gerald Moore Bobby Carmack Caldwell Music Paramount Theater S 8. Q Clothiers 233 I Norma Arrell Ann White Mary Billings Munden's Hardware Grqnf'5 Minferfs Jerry Ballew Thornton's l00 SRM l Kenneth Mclane Nabors Grocery geese? 'N De NU' Rosie Mowles Carol Sue Hawk Joyce Wells Zenith Cleaners White's Auto W. T. Grant 234 A! Francis Griffen Grissom's r"1"7F!3' Rosie Allen Thornton's W. C. Brown M System No. 10 Melbu Bertrand Arthur Jackson Robinson's Drug Cc1llowoy's Truitt Biggers Refrigeration Supply and Electric Leslie Shelnut Quq Atkins A 8- P Food Store Minfefg 235 ,"i ROW I: Cook, Marsh, Cupps, McCallum, Wesson, Barrnett, Hile. ROW II: Coon, Kincaid, Cooper, Darnell, Wilson, Broyles, Jeter. ROW Ill: Johnston, Pillans, Sartor, Lester, Yancy, Bailey, Mr. Jeter. 140010114 ' The Auto Mechanics Club is designed for all admirers ofthe automobile. By studying together, they enjoy the comradship of working together, thus learning valuable points which will aid them in their study of the car. The officers of the Auto Mechanics Club are Franklin Members of the Auto Mechanics Club examine a Yancy, David Bailey, Eddie Wesson, and Leonard Mc- machine during their club period. Collum. k""""' "., ROW I: Hitt, Parsons, Stephens, Webb, Sherwood, Lewi ameron, Mr. Dunn. ROW ll: Anthony, Coursey, Gilbrith Smith, Crowder, Caroll, Steel, Taylor. " ' Glad Members of this club meet to discuss and work on architectural problems and to learn more about the various types of architecture. 'Glad The boys in the Automobile Club spend their club meetings studying and making sketches of different types of automobiles. ROW I: Graham, Walter, Dunlap, McGuire, Martin, Mason, Nelson, Kincaid. ROW Il: Hall, Twomey, Hudgins, Moore, Thompson, Munselle, Turkett, Penrod, Green. ROW lllz' Carpenter, Tucker, Ewing, Sides, Hunter, Wood, Howard, Brooks. 95? . KM. iN'M , . if l ' im' ROW I: Perr , Thornton, Brisco , osser, Hlrris, Roberts, S ringfield, Wells, Willi inters. ROW ll: Smith Davis, Y 'B-'lj tl P an ' ' ' Titans, Shults, Grantham, ea I, Carroll, Bu loo, Digby,Barnes, Qirdner. ROW Ill- an , Yielding, Davis, Stringer, Wick- , Green,lb01'nas, Reeves, Blount, Wallace, iss Lambert. ROVtkW: N. Chamber , . Chambers, Cobb, Osborne, Mag ig' U11 e, Preston, Truitt, Jones. X 'l 4 I '- Afllkbi gphwfq Glu! Senior girls join together in the Ephesy Club to discuss the many different phases of etiquette. They discuss the styles and fashions of today, also. Their activities are brightened by the added speakers who come to talk to them. Early in the school year the members of Ephesy en- Spanish teacher, Mr. Wellborne, told about his doll ioyed a panel discussion given by young working collection during one ofthe club periods. men and women. i l l l . , i ' rw "" , - t Q quirk' t I' l 1 f wg V w . vt f t 1 ntl s. -5,x'n.l.. These Seniors, Mergamtimih Harriet Thom- as, Xan Milam, and Sharon Osborne meei to discuss club affairs. Ephesy officers are Patsy Burkleo,ffDeana Barnes Ann Hills, and Sherry SmifhEo'hh- ny avis takes Sherry's place in this meet- ing. Working togelher on a club problem are these four senior girls. ROW l: Hassey, Kimmey, Strickland, Brown, Shipley, Yarbrough, Wright, Mills. ROW ll: Robinson, Philley, Smith, Moore, McGowen, Coats, Wilkins. ROW Ill: Sheriff, Stuard, Miss Butler. 0 The Charmality Club members plan interesting programs for learning of the latest fashions and discussing personality development. Guest speakers are often invited. The Seventeen Club strives to learn more about fashion, hair styles, and etiquette. Included in the club programs are speeches and demonstrations. ROW I: Wyatt, Roberts, Chapman, McGee, Abbott, Winn, Moore, Weber. Rogers, Smith, Fields, Neel, Archer, Kimmey, Parmelly, Edwards. ROW ll: Mrs. Bryant, Warner, Edmondson 7 i l IOW I: Loper, Jennings, Kirk, Franklin, Mateiowsky, Lemen, Renfro, Miller. ROW ll: Campbell, House, Sparks, Steven- son, Sullinger, Wilson, Mr. Harlow. sw ew All boys who are interested in machines and industrial arts make up this club. They strive to increase their knowledge of machinery and how to handle it. The Machine Shop officers gather for final plans before a club period. These officers include Charles Kirk, David House, Bobby Campbell, Leo Jennings, Tom Stevenson, N. L. Franklin. Mr. Harlow and a student examine one of the machines in the shop. 1 -S Q :- L ,LL , .I L' W' N ',,,-A ff , ROW I: Couch, 453, Kenndy, Blair, McDaniel, Bailey, Bratton, Barbee. ROW ll: Cole, Chorn, Body, Allan, Brock, Aley, Bordin. ROW'-jlxg Cathey, Cleckler, Allen, Beeman, Brannon, Culp, Cockerell. aide The Little E Club spent their periods this year learning new skills and steps in folk and square dances. lt is one of the largest and most active clubs in school. ROW l: Touchstone, Roberts, Owens, Robbins, Lamb, Lanfair, Steel, Long. ROW ll: Michel, Pilgreen, Maxwell, Young Loader, Miller, Majors, Lynn. ROW lll: Perry, Richards, Stephens, Whitman, ShQ91fQ1,5Wob6Yer, McAlister, Maxwell, Mr Walker, Miss Walton. 'Lfvm ROW l: Whitman, Gilstrap, Jones, Ramsey, Donald, Leddy, Rosser, Schudel Canant,' Blackley, Hetheringlon. ROW Il Miss Reeves, Kennedy, Rosenbaum. ,f Mmm Bill David Kennedy .. . . . President Elecive Blair . . . . . Vice-President ,I J f' ' Eplerfi. . . . . . Secretary Q--A Pdf Nlalsaniel . . . . Reporter liams, Marli,n,' drop, Rex, Scotj Row li Gilsfmpl Qvlliher, l'lUClSOr1, Jowers, Fealhersfon, Renfro, Lankfprd. ROW Il: Livingston Sfandfleld Sprain Wil I' IH, DUW5, Garrelf. ROW Ill: Test, Jones, Keever, Hildrefbg Sanders,, Kring, Sullivan Thomasson Wal ,LZ ,nf 11 FW 5 - fc si lugs, -4 A nh ' ROW I: Massey, Wilson, Carter, Hysaw, Smith, Hutcheson, Ward. ROW Il: McClure, loader, Harding, Mur- ry, Marshall, Miller, Addington, Adams, Mrs. Hicks. ROW III: B. King, Johnson, Isbell, Gregg, Vick, Galbraith, Pelfrey, Whitehurst, Ledbetter, Williams, Lambert, Corley, R. King. it iff 7 All the students in Abilene High who take Latin are members of the Roman Forum. The main event of each year is a banquet with customs, food, and entertainment based entirely on Roman customs. ROW I: Thurman, Sides, Shields, Maiors, Parker, Harlow, Swartz, Reynolds. ROW II: Gully, Harvey, Chappell, Sho ,f-.i,..,.,-.A walter, Gaddy, Archer, Tinkle, Murphy, Clemmer. ROW Ivy Busby, Roberts, Valentine, Martin, McGowen, Watson, Kes Ier, Ramsey, Braymer, Giles, Massey, Robertson. Ny, hx-. I J. fm 9 Y, 51 L A I X I Q. ,g .- Vlxnf' 2 I '4""""'L 5 ...- M ,, RN ROW I: Bowers, Lashlee, Roberts, Brooks, Burns, Blackley, Fleming, Eplen. ROW ll: JALDD-VLHi4White, Tesson, Neas, Ganey, Perry, r, Showalter, Walker. ROW Ill: Gilles, McGuire, Bennett, Moore, Cooke, O'Steen, Beyer, White, Nel- vin, Bishop, , wer. Mead Worley Reynolds . . . . . President Kay Swartz . . . . . . Secretary Mary Lee Harlow . . .... Treasurer Bob Nerren .. .. Vice-President ROW I: Singleton, Anderson, McDaniel, Black, Bryan, Humphrey, Fountain, Miles. ROW Il: Ross, Buckner, Wadding- ton, Lanfair, Sumpter, Petifils, Brown, Blain, Arnold. ROW Ill: Ashley, Methvin, Harrison, Stancill, Lemon, Bridges, Dunlop, Sides, Galbraith, McMahon, Dehlinger. X , Mrs. Etter, Morrison, W, Bond, Pittman, Buckley, Brister, Keith, Russell, Moore, Stroud, Dixon, Miss Deavers. ., ,MJ awfovzeg ' .feacfelzfi Members of this club cmd their guest speakers have discussed employment requirements, duties of office workers, and office etiquette. The Music for Fun Club was organized for all people who are interested in music. Their club periods are spent in listening to and discussing recorded music. Ax ROW I: Wilson, Woods, Bravenec, Rodgers, Tanner,- Bowen, Martin, Flannagan, Perry, Campbell. ROW ll: Walkeri Rix Jenkins, Shirley,x7XT1'drews, Mr. Johnstone.C K I 0 , ROW I: Jones, Bryant, Miller, J, Binkley, Gray, D. Binkley, Davis, Butler. ROW ll: Griggin, Horton, Mitcham, Harvey, Hood, Osborne, Green, Robinson, Mr. Turbuish. ROW lll: Lindburg, Wilson, Blackstone, Pyron, Jones, Colcate, Adams, Douthit, Batier, Norvell. M Glad The Motorcycle Club is composed of "wearers of the black leather jackets and motorcycle boots," and other students who are interested in motorcycles. The club strives to make the motorcycle driver more safety conscious. These girls are a great help in the offices of AHS. One can find them assisting the faculty in the Registrar's Office, the Attendance Office, and the Counselor's Office. ROW I: Deatherage, Perry, Cordell, Harris, Roberts, Couch, Boren, Bonifield, Sybrant, Bailey, Sample. ROW Il: Thornton, Blair, Chase, Hopkins, Box, Johnson, Briscoe, Girdner, Lankford, Reeves, Brians. ROW III: Weldon, Anderson, Bowen, Osborne, Magee, Parmelly, Preston, Whittle. E i 11 46"7" " K 1 -11 ' Ill - Q li I 1.1 2 T lifl I1 L! Xb- Q ROW I: Mr. Kuykendall, Lapham, Hampton, Roberts, Crow, Snipes, Davis, Moody. ROW II: Greene, Johnson, Gully, Gilles, Norton, Leonard, Crow, Broymer, Methvin, Brown. X44 L, Ny' ,QV ix' ' A N sl ,- T 3 - R Q . ' 'LHS Golf Club- ies to promote good sportsmanship and a better interest ,fx , fight: fundamenLals'o golf. K X D l -, . X i ssl'-J 1 "ill - ,XV l I ' V X JN' xr X Xff Y N by is A x 1' ON ff- ,K 'Glad The Tumbling Club learns various stands, flips, and pyramids. They perform at half times and at other schools. ROW I: Fish, Mr. Sproll, Harrison, Dowdy. ROW ll: Standley, Wallace, ' Helgesen, Kirby. ROW Ill: Todd, Durham. TOP: Yoes. ' rvwvsm, 248 ii ,,u be 5 g I RfWfl?Ubr1n, Knight, Sybrant, Neill, Israel, McChesney, Fisher, Word, Davis. ROW ll: Mr. Tapscott, Warner, Cleckler, , ou hman Ham ton, Haney, Mitchell, Adkins, Mr. Kennamer. ROW Ill: Fry, Robinson, Parker, Sanders. , 9 fl P The members ofthe Sportsman's Club study the diagram of a gun. The officers are Joe Robinson, Brandt Baize, and John Haney. 8 Glad The Sportsman Club strives not only to increase the members' knowledge about sports, but also to cultivate sportsmanship. In addition, the club studies the various techniques of the particular sports. Shift r-an I An... i' -r . -'MQ I -Jawa. ROW I: Inman, Edwards, Bryant, Tennison, Reagan, Montogomery, Barnes, McDole, Snell. ROW ll: Mr. Owen, Neill, McKinney, Rister, Wallace, Click, Baucum, Mashburn. ROW Ill: Mulkey, Millsap, Couch, McCallie, Butler, Landreth, Goode. 'ZZ 9. G The Diversified Occupations is Chapter 69 of the Vocational Industrial Clubs By giving students experience in different occupations, this organization prepares them for a life vocation. Members of the D.O. are justly proud of all their The officers of the D.O. discuss plans for a meeting awards. l?!?1-' llla ...uv 'fri un H .1 V, 1 ..u s x 7" i v Bobby Click Alton Edwards Southwestern Home Builders Wrights Parts Company K3 4 -Y , Philip Rister A A A Plumbing Sol Hicks Harold Inman Parks Brothers Garage Balfanz Construction 719.6 G 69 V 51' , ig Bill Wallace B 81 G Electric John Robinson Pender Company Kenneth Wells C 8. H Electric George Barnes Perry Dental Labs Eldon Tennison Jerry McKinney D8.D Sales and Service Kuykendall Typewriter fwjflqg ,gf fi ,' li? 51.59 1- fi . 4 Pat Baucum Truitt Couch Don Bryant Jerry Snell F. C. Olds Co. Chronicle Publishing Co. Galbraith Electric Camera Inc. Dale Butler Abilene Machine Co. ' lhlumg Lee Reagan Gerald Montgomery McCormick Typewriters D 8. W Tire and Appliance Co if-rj as a ll Robert Cook Kenneth McDole Eugene Goode Fred Hughes Motors Abilene Typewriter Exchange Hoppe Electric Service P giv- .X ,xi L ft sqft i Bobby Darden Jimmy Powers Victor McCallie Billy Snow bilene Reproduction Co. M Systems Spears Printing 81 Spears Printing 8- Otfice Supply Office Supply S Lyle Mashburrl Charles Millsap John Neill Wilson Printing Co. Abilene Typewriter Exchange Carpenters Bearing Co. P o 2 if fi J? ROW l: Mr. Groseclose, Calwell, Reid, Jordon, Busby, Schmidt, King, Gregory, Green, Teague, Tyler. ROW Il: lngle, Deh- linger, Martinez, Smith, Dunlap, Newman, Seale, Stowe, Carothers, 1VYr.'Blacklaurn. ROW lll: Yielding, Williamson, Camp- bell, Lemon, Cannon, L, Green, Smith, Elich, Evans, Hardin, Hughes, Avery, Lewis. 7 tx V, Y' ,X ,. x J 1 A ' L -f' ' li mix I I Q ' V' . :V ' N V' ujqrlelud it in ' ll The "A" Club was organized in September, 1943. All the boys who come out for athletics in Abilene High School are eligible for membership in this club. Sportsmanship is given special emphasis at the club meetings. ROW I: Mr. Lawson, Young, Bridges, Carr, Murphy, Pinkston, Bradshaw, Boiirland, Sides, Rosenbaum, Mr. Watkins. ROW Il: Bishop, Beyer, Jones, Galbraith, Roberts, Pelfrey, McKinnis, Rose,, Petty, McFadden. ROW Ill: Mitchell, Bruton, Bottoms, Malone, Lucas, KTTTQ, folvin, Leonard, Owen, Armstrong. 3 Y .,, E XOW I: Mr. Moser, Galbraith, Strole, , Caudle, Peake, Adams, Baldry, Landers, Harrison, Landrum, Mr. Morris. IOW Il: Cook, Armstrong, Boyd, Watson, Wells, C. Winkles, Peake, D. Winkles, Sides, Robertson, Nichols, Smothers, lick, Phillips, Hulse, Mattingley, Arden, Boyd, Lackerd, Gibson, Perry, Kesler, Clayton, Swafford. U ll The "A" Club has increased so much in popularity that sections have been created for the different interests. ln addition to group discussions, films are shown at the meetings for illustrations. It I ,X 1 1 f 7 is 51 133 I, ROW l: Mr. Gleaton, Frazier, Caffey, Johns, Jay, Williams, Steinman, Simpson, Griffing,5lHerrington, Mercer, Mr. Bulling- ton. ROW ll: Kelso, Alldredge, Conaway, Carpenter, n, Brooke, Cole, Hurst, Pierce, Strange. ROW III: Mclver, Beall, Beck, Busby, Ward, Shafer, Winston, Mosley, Stubb , Bryant, King. ' ,TQ 1 lit al "N These students are proud of certificates in a Na- He tional Contest. Another student, Bob Youngblood, the first semester. is not pictured. . 5 TWO c 9 l V e Pete Bfofk hildfds' Scholcsllc These students are winners Contest. l ,1, - Chr' O Wits Johnson ,S I Mr. Webb presents a key and certificate to Dar- Aworde " o f Q ESO a pro Iene Wiggins. She won these awards in the ' esponsfbili, Scholastic Art Contest. y Admiring the Sweepstakes Award won at the 'liri- " 'tt L 3 National Essay nity University Speech Tournament are BillyNeilI, Ann Jackson, Stuart Love. l l ti ll . vc S li' Ql ic , V, Xtlf li ,l 257 T 'N limlfliiiflilstoifuil af v I h W hiv? -WV' '7tfs a great country- Jwlkfkxxliy, and you can iXeL'ilJ0,Ji help make it g r e a fe r ! " lf H - ww ' .1 UV' ' , , ff ' ' Q, ' 'VJ' W 'TQ' f , West Texas is a land of progress . . . a land 6 ff with a bright future. For you, the graduate of today I Efeff and tomorrow, it is also a land of opportunity. plenty of That bright future can also be your future. Yours is the opportunity to grow with West Texas, P0 WUI' QM to build for yourself and your community. in , lhelpiyou makesthis a "greater country," you if if ' may be sure that there will always be west IBXM df L, x "plenty of power in West Texas." 1 fill' lyk, Qzgn 66 M V My on My f mg 0 0 Q ,Q A 'ei VWestT s Utrlmes fi' X Lg 1' fb W 2 T fx f f . diy? t e W em e X 9 - ' Vp at CJ Lyff ' t . UBI' . r J x A ' . ' , r bt ' " ' "s J f v X CN X of I2 There's CI "one ond only" in refreshment, too KT, M XQWM 'itjl D Q- I fix' iam? WJ!!! l fi 2 4'-,S fXf X 1 x T' X1 y ,Jf -7ff MQ? vo?-QQ! ,,?"'E 'Z -af in ,ffm 0 4f'fV"ff6f'2f'-mu 12.-0 0,.,.f-.sg iu...1ff mfmw WK 3 fVgfv.Za! f F X Borneo UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE CA COLA COMPANY av TEXAS COCA COLA BOTTLING COMPANY I ' I X ' x Z f X , 7 rf fx , Z, X, - ' ' 5 F f X X f H - A X L I I if M " 'M ' 1 1- ,- ' S W -X-K , A ri' ! w' it A ' L, :-I ! K ,i 1 ,O I .O ' 'T7 A X N Q -A . AS f ,f 4 1 K, - 5 ' ' ' 4.5, , .. J A rays f piglwffx I A , f ,Q I , , A 4-f ,V ' Y! . X . V T li Q- 'Ar gf x 'qfzy 47 A1 Y V gdzcf 7 if 'f!f6'A'fA- A :Of 113.--of VX C Lo- K JT A V! V -' ff I-M, V In 'I 1 'j .J Ll ,f , , 259 C K 7 . nn! I-.A'l'lClf'f' ,CZFNZL fer I K WORLDS LARGEST MANUFACTURER OF OFFICE MACHINES, . SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT T937 BUTTERNUT STREET TELEPHONE 4-5077 ' " ABILENE, TEXAS IiX.'IDu"I7f. 1 III- I 'I Xl 'ext 'A I xi,-fi Ma .Z HIKI I x NAIC., wiv!! N A Z" I 9 0 o - I u e S PI'1Ht1I1 Com an QL fjffl, If I CALL Us FOR THAT NEXT PRINTING JOB X- 1- J I ef It VT-fEIrr5pt'Second St. Phone 4-4722 t1IJfMffiJ U ! AMBULANCE SERVICE II' 2 IOH S UYIQPCI OITIQ And Chapel of Memories S42 Htckory Street Telephone 4-4355 ABILENE, TEXAS Thoughtulness Chorocterizes Our Service nom cnown somme coMPANY SOI Chestnut 260 J R Fle er O D Dilimghom Flelder Dlllln ham LUMBEIH IUMPANY Cooks Vormslfm Pomt Ch lam Woll Boord ond Wollpooer ABILENE TEXAS Sosh ond Door F or my favorzte Q MMM K JW Wag f new GMM WJ Z7 u 6 ffm wwf fied! Agway !jML aMWVw QC Alf WJ '4"5? ... 4'-M-f fv 2 4Ui5RY COMPANY ig'-bk-Cf me soon one 056: if 0ii 0 S te C 894 7 nut - Cor South 'I'Ith 8. Chest 1 CNorthsldeJ CSouthsideD I I . -r ' g f F , I ' . . gi 7 .W I ' .4 U . V . . 0 0 0 Y I X ' ' 410 es nuf ' ' Telephone - Q ' . . . F C, X, f I . , "'4 I 1' A F fl ff., llllr A I X xyg , ' V 2 ,ff 4 fl ' i ' . A, W Y LW ZZ , I Zufyf f'7 I' f , , A, gf ' ' f , r JI X pX4!7f - fr! X , ' L 4 ! 5 4 Ll ' I X! , X A' MX14 ' J ff fif e" Q' ' x. -z Q 0 7 Q- 'P 14. 7 f ll ll Continu u 1 o em' d ' 1 Y P I 261 LAUGI-ITEP1 NORTH FUNERAL HUNIE AMBULANCE SERVICE 242 Orange Street Telephone 4 6246 Abilene Texas to a Keen Kzd C141 rf I 'Cf f The West Texas House ,jjj EQ? DER. QMPANK , f, anufacturmg Stationers 213 Cypress Street Telephone 4 4359 ABILENE TEXAS EVERYTHING IN HARDWARE hrna Glassware Krtchenware Westrnghoase Philco Retngerators and Ranges Westinghouse and Philco Radios Speed Queen Washers EH E3 WARE UQ The Largest Hardwa re Stock in West Texas Telephone 2 324l 526 34 Cypress Street f X f .1 ' , ' ' C U . -If TSA: , . . . . 0' Q., 0 . fu ' ft. ,L ,"-A-'pf '12,-'fj-df 1 '-'lf ' , IATTQ. fe-c -f i ,iffy Ifyrgrf 1 " f'-"' J' A 2 .f k 4, ' Q, f ' YA t',,4.L, ,K -- ' 5... 1' 5 -'Ti I' X .T ffl. L VL ,f'.4.:- ' -,, !'. 1 .ff fr -I T ff J" fd ' 'I T . L 1 Y 4 I . I u ll I df ' v ' V I , ' , I - n I I f' In vb K J - 1 ll ll C T T T 1 Q E A D 262 P. 0. BOX 569 TELEPHONE 4-8591 BURTQN LINGCD LUMBER AND smce las: BUII DING MATERIALS ABILENE TEXAS Seniors Congrotulotlons ond Good Wnshes From FRALEY 81 COMPANY Abulene Texos YOUR BUTANE GAS DEALER yt g dRf Q I QW, ,bak lfYDICK'HO0KS ROOFING C0 OF ABILENE INC Over 500Y ears ln Texas Q, IO ef I , . Butane S s ems, Ran es, Water Heaters, an e rigerators and a swell person . . . BAQAMAAA, I A 5 0 I , F G- Q69-o.e9y N E 1 V I 1 I l 1- A. . ,E f qfyf-414-' AX " 0 X 1 e 329 Plum Street Phone 4-4988 263 J iffy if 1 f Wi i W' W I Wi VWMWWL-ii3MQPi1e,Students i Mi 1 J 4 My ,Ju Jil ,i1's:Jf:rQ6F g R WW rf ""WQ'xf"7r'r?r - fs h if fV0'fi'ii'iQ f WW as if ff W WW wwf i 4 ,,30.3'ii65ii'i"ii' WU ' MM i Uv i 5 ' f' ' WJ? 2 95112112 ii1wniuu1fW,f,Wi , , 9. 'Vp WWW i 'f J. "ii if f 1 'C , a' 595+ fflfh, Zpprxyirieefur sincerest appreciation For the privilege given us in making 'f f f g l 'A qi J7' the photographs contained in this book i w ZZ wma 64:25 f if , 'Mgt I s. XZ 'A . 3 ' -. lg,,3L,.,,l 73a 3 i l MEF, 'i mm v 96-.59 wir fi'-eU"h' f , it 4' iv h!i2':,!1-of-66,'5-'fo-a-?N1f' ' r if-A--J. 'Cf -c-f. ' ' ' 1 - Q siiwsdf f? 2 E. jf? fi-"T ?T,'z"5'f.Z Q ' of-' 54',zx4...,,4ZffvLWeQ', N 1 Q5 X vs ,733 ,o it F, 1- - 3 3 ig? "'l0'f'42f'fL"" jg' ' ' ' J ' '.fZ'-vfff-442.-I i 4.4-m-AJ Jr! g ff., ifwffto -f " I fl.f'I-bv-Qu., .fy f--iq' . Lf3,uJ ' ,vs I. 9, Q-,, 1 , A' H I . iq3'Y-AVA. fri?-till., iff'-l6YJ?'b1J-iz? ,H I ' , I A Frlendly School Offermg the Bachelors Degree 1n 17 F relds Offermg the Masters Degree ln Bxble and Educatxon W fi Ah1lene Chr1si1an College 4 L First Things First for Fifty Years .J X Kwik A Fw 'l av B HARD N SIMMO UNIVERSITY GREAT A REATER TOMORROW Social Physical Academic 'O' , I 1 V XIX' . 4 A 1 V K C ' ' 91 I ' I 'SVR I R p A Xb A J A I 1 , V OK . . A l 1 ' 'QNX Fx , I .J A A QVK 4 - Spmtaal . ' ' A Education Foursquare .1 X I. .M r at ki . . . f -Q 4 Q 1 A sz' ourwiversity- ght at Home" f Graduating Seniors of AHS . . . McMurry College Welcomes You At McMurry, you'll find friendly students, capable teachers, small classes, a Christian atmosphere, a fine college education, and lots of things to do xeoe pl A great many AHS graduates continue their education right here in Abilene at McMurry Collebe Why dont you 70m them on the Reservation P You re Welcome at McMurry College Estabhshed 1993 Abllene Texas Dr Harold G Cooke Pres1dent 267 Ink ots . '-Cf ,inf f 6 xx Ni ' k Xxx? NM W ff- KL 5 5 0 , 5 I t r I , KVM' F' 'IE A ' . " ' I r i' ' A : V in "-0 ig !-Rig' 5+ A A "f 9 W ' un' A X , - T ,t Pjbb Nap! E .I:ifeToafoui:I:,or:c:.:fl2l1ou we F E ' HW Y? R!! L ch:t..n' yfziisifaiiqnzlf' 'W ' HSM' I a or 's IC me lg's am ak-ALM, K .ya ' W4 I 1 Cf if, ' Q-5 ':. og Cat' wigs. Qi -' 'P V ' k . 'fic-'j - QL' 'ff 4 , fr' 1 rr V5'-ifglfl fri fwkkrm f of 14 h ,M 'P 4249 096 X Abnlene, Texos E' lll lllllllllll lllllllllll 1 , I I I lllllll I Q ll:l:l: B I' 6 9 I :.: I P 2-7979 RAMIC 61 METAL. TILE- FLOOR COVERING-MODERNFOLD D .g. BRICK-ACOU5 Z, Lam ' ff WQZZMQWQW5 c7"o M 268 'F,,f01'11v- LUMBER HDZ OAK DIAL 4 6232 RIGHTWE IAUNDRY ifou Can t Go Wrong the Rught Way B H GRAY UWNER 609 Gola qtreet Telephone -4 5295 XD 2' N T 7970 am' ionufii M I I. K -1 .. Y -ge, -, , ' :Y - '! Y' N J ' FWF' Z P 2 1 A . I I4 -ff 1 - 2 b f V Q 1 . ' . :lj B X E b . ' , l 5' I L l l x L - A .J ' l 4 X . , L, ' n f L' 1 in: , ' ' ' , , , 5 1 p , k . wi "" A 4. J ' ,I , . P -4 -A 4 Aats V- Qt., U A I A X. ,,. U , Y ll I - u - A V, ' ' 'q .. .I 1 M g K . . , . I X K ,f .. ,9 f -uc "gui A Z 1259.22 1,0 QT.B.C. 269 GUJJRL Lfy-a a. .fvuuugzug ' , ': 6.4. xu ff f vvlQ'v' :ve -" " "I J' " if' 44 'I I," ' t' wi fi- Xa 4-e ef DRINK e ' ER Sgggzg ' DR PEPPER 'T K ' eff ' Qvxl. JJ fmiff for Life 'fe,Qief..,e X ' Sv A, 'TA2 'K , U X ' I tx. Qu' W Q :V J, . Pepp5e rXBottl1ng Coix .mkeebv , , Bkn67Dnve ,197 J Wg if ' Abilene, Texas X X 2. A ,. -Wg ' , 6 DepeezeeeezSzeee 6242 Cypress Street ABILENE, TEXAS Telephone 4-7263 "Where People Buy wifh Confidence" gg as !..'l 3! 1 1:3 W Y-P1 P 2 X X P' -new f-2e M Yu X ABllENE'S OLDEST-In Qur 65th Year of Dependable Banking Service it ff Eormers 8. Merchonfs Nofionol Bank VN CQRNER FQURTI-I G CYPRESS 270 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS . or amous Zvr s M I f S .Q Q Clothicrs ' Aff- wat: :zfAfa:izfa:seaz:as212 '-:-:. if2:11Es'fS::f:isES?1E::sE -"'1.' "1:' ' at pi' ,I N bl fx- . 1 1,1931 Ju.-LQ. ?A.lU.l Q-it K JACK A. TUCKEIR 55, 'M 4'n-1-411-.Lr,,,.,,,- aa: Ab' 158 P' ' BALDWIN PIANOS 8. ORGANS MCDAN EL MUSIC CO of VN HQ F WJ 156291 MQW! L Old oblle Rocket ffl Om se GFS W JJ J N LESdgEPC3!?CEffL Z! fy gy! Mm!! nr 0Ll?iQ'h7llll.A. llene, Texas lIlC . Buescher 8. Martin Band Instruments A 5' , 1 1 orh e T M. .G H WNW ff ' ftgfzfff J, - X . 2 jlx ffif .bfi rp ' ' Mft' Tghepfiytne his asf' 1 JI A 'X I A It V 'f tt t In 'J .W 'J . X M tif 1 f ,f it tt FF Xt, ff 271 The best in diamonds, watches, silver and other five products are displayed at: REX A. SMITH JEWELRY STORE "Abilene's oldest established Iewelery store" 1056 North Second Street 5 Margaret Smith .and Cary Norwood find the watch of their choice at Rex A. Smith. x I -if .4 Vg' Ai T gr' J 0 B S vin -JNL 1 , v :U y tg, 3 ,' -it N J High School seniors who want to be sure of placement opportunities, handsome starting incomes, chances for promotion when their next school days are over should send at once for USHORTCUT TO SUCCESS," showing an average of five is calls for each DBC graduate - with many an average at 82,700 to 33,600 a year. i X Streamlined courses will enable you to qualify at a big saving in time and expense. ' Call or write at once for com lete information re fardin Y Summer Term and S ecial P lv S P SB' -N3 money-saving plans. S Q- ri V p DRAUGHON ' S BUSINESS COLLEGE Yi 1317V lst St. Telephone 4-8574 .KX V X Q 3 -13 vw S S T YTLTT V X 1 ij lj l l 'S fs N S T it 4 N 3 , , T T xg tRlJlL NES Qaaaralulatiam ex Y Sei ro me Y j ' ITE Senior Class , f Rx A an the T X .ACF TO Completion Y' in ir was of a E Q if X EAT High School r J si - W Career Y NORTH THIRD AT CYPRESS Tele home 4--lilfl Ji K. Wallin lard aria er 1 M 272 Q if fi QMJVUAYMJ MUQWQML Exim N ffm LPMMHW AZJ KWXXNKE jx WWW N fvwwiw-'5 RIQQQMS N igxk X gr R Nm XSQQ ESQ R rs r ,T Q rx Q 'P if fr xx 3 ,Y . X 5 Y X S xx Q X l? i 5 5 sw . . . F-V -Hn' Don Campbesll and Gretchen Gardner fund c wnde selechx X . X X r f ,mf . . Tx hx fr-X jf X . arc nd cgstume lewelry X SX I sk -X . Q fi W' , R SN - 5 792 ' at... ' A Q iw 0 , Q ' r P Q . 3: ' QA, N -f 7 fy q gvvu' veljgam Tk X 'xxx Q N I W f' I ' zyavaa, Z KA - A CX I .1 I A 1 4 J' 5,4 . 2 ' X V Q? Y r K V x ' Nr xx' X- . h XX .K 'QX V M fx . w i sux K ' I 1 wx .' '- ' 273 x N. Gale Purnell a ld Gayla Lambert know that they can fmd yewelry for any costume at Thornton s I I I W MMVI MMIII' MW HH ur Fovorlfe Shopping 5 NX ONE stop FOR EVERYTI-u MV I -R I 4th and Oak HIE ll Jah" HI I2th and Butternut Elmwood West QUEEII FJ mm H51 ,I I 1 11 ,X A CITY WITHIN ITSEL ' 274 , Aw ftfffff ,ff wx DE'Sx,T0 the RIDE ISU 5. 3 H REVELATION PLYMOUTH nf-AJ Ina Iecm e Sandro: Nan cmd Shufley wmsh th wergfthe owner of th s beout ful ne two tone car X Jock Yonge Moten? DE SQTO PLYVVUQUTH X H41 South Fnrst g 'N Teiebhome 4 6236 N X.. eet bur fnends Ut W'?aH'TEI-iURST s IQ bnctwe clothmg ws' 5 ' f W,gU1en and men J X. i 274 cypress street Phone 4 6158 M471 . - MWJQWWJ jam? W. A ,ml Cecxl Thomcrsson cmd Rush McGmty know that they H can fmd clothes for any occasxon cnt Data-i+,lf1! '7'7MZ'o'ZZMff 274 Cypress Street Plwne 4-6158 27 9 fi Y, 1 X X 5 X v Q Nanme Roberts and Sandra Anderson are mterested n the wonderful dnsplcly of leodmg cosmetics at wwfjiw afgggw ww 276 ETTER THAN GOODIT S G00 1f"'E 39' f x H L RAW mn: fmfmzrw R ff: I If f J I W1 Foremost products are favorites with theseatx dents Bull Petty Bnllue Tndwell Gayfe Hanks' Jim Pierce ff' Mllilff Wjgstckmm Vusnt our new modern super market at 12th an Mockingbird Watch for the opening or -ur new Iocatior. th Wychwood AddltiOn ghipqpusnhl -if D 3 Cogwement SAVE TWO WAYS Every Day Low Prices Plus Frontier Saving Stamps Locatlons No 5 2534 So 7 No 9 1310 Butternut ik No. I0 1318 No 8 ., A - 5 fr fr A ,, f t ' i ., I ., .34 lv , j t 1 .s S S ' J S U- 4 . , l .LIL , A X 'V f ' CV pg i' ETS U x v - ICE - s , r N , Xl 'z. .1 " "' at g 5 W Q S wif S l jj.. y 5, , , ff! is - . KJ-,M es V I' ' ' - f ' .f ,I ' ' ' u- 4,4 . S . . I I ' I i I 8 ,V 1 A i ff: ,il LI I I If A iff. I I M V I A I p I r ,. f , 1 . . I ' i -V r -if bury! f""k A . 'K 5 ' ,ff L . ,NM "' , U ' 1' .P .A I , x a I A , , , Z 'H A r A , xi lm .- xr ! wi I, J l , I I ' im, a fi "M ' ' " .: ' t - 1 gg? . ' S iff d Tk . 277 fy ff NATIONAL ff' 7 fgqgyi 455 441f' fffffj' AIILENI WHL m Wim Seam mmf, Z Dyna EVERYDAY LOW PRICES FURRS SUPER MARKET NORTH 1231 4 GRAPE North 12th at Grape Street K 1 f . , 4 1 . Mix' .fy 1, ,f ' V X A , f , , ff' A, . 4 ,' f 1, ef fx E :Vi ff 2 'X ,' , , 'ff 1 wfiff U7 ji' 1 ff, f f X . 3 'L L -f "fi ,f ' 'if "9'fl"5 lj, 4 2 ' 4 1 ef if fyx' 2' , 1 , . ,X ,,fc-rf. K-5754 ffl 'C 737650-5 I jfQ 14.118 I 1 , 'fr . 1' 1 , 'V Q fzjz T,,g,Lf!f Leif 6121 4 'aj fffffrf 7 -. rr ' Aff ' E' if If 1, Z. gp - ye gf: j gf , A lagbaefguf-.5 ,- 433 '?3iL,3g3ei?f.5? " f',QA ffl H , L "i 'f : E13 , fite? sggrig ' 'Qr- 2'- Ill ' A' . gt ' ' j E V 5 5 3--:-'5'jff5'1.xi..i-1,lug Qivg g 1,2 , -. ., gwaaoxgf ' ' . 5: k ,g I E' 'Site Fil if -5 E' is .... ,W .,...r .. H ' rf 1-- ff ' V Q ' .. U ww ' . sph I ., 45 -.:-ss Q VV . .. "Wh .w,,.w-.-f.-A--- I EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE , T , , , N ' I - .- , , . I . J" . , . . 278 CHEVROLET - CADILLAC wife' WESTERN CHEVROLET CO s muse T ph a 561 Fume queluty food Q W rounded menu of lowest possub'e cost may be found or The 3 mimi Abilene I-hgh Cafeteria Mrs R G Johns Manager A 4001 ou s reef ele one -2 Q rm d e I I - 4, . U 1 I L Q f '- Ai E V I flu h V X h Qi h vs O I I L, 279 Kay, Sara Ann, d D admire the fine sel ti of china displayed t. C. M. PRESLEY JEWELERS 209 Pine Street Abi Iene, Texas Post Scrzpts SQA, 1, f M M Q.2,,:,Q,, 1-L. Wm 9 L Z M014 7M azu2w2,,z, Zawxmzf az, AV Alf. 94615 MAX? QU 3 E ixggiillfl QR ENDLY FIRST 94 it W Xi E2 X EQSXTHEVFIRST STATE BANK X3 Q kk Q r ederol Deposit Insurance Corporotlon . J I - - u I 1 I l 5 ' J 4' 5 ' . 2 V ' WW . rx.. " f F X 1 ' ' M X x Y 'if Q X X . K X M Xl ll . A t El X ' Q . XX in NW, -rm, 3, X 'rer x A Comfeni on Sofa Q N V' fx! 2 ,1 X" ' Dfiwe-in-Banking QY tl W' X . ,ij tl ' Efficient and Cougrteous W0 A.-- --- --5-of V+ M v K' 24'H JD ' J ,N X "Te Q Q 4 ' I "' 4, 2 1' OUT QPOSHOYY , X H f ,Q A I X4 t tf., w " rf ' -:Kg f , ' 5 . N Un, A in :L I,,- e- of , . N Xl , ,ig f x, 'A ,gi ' ' 1- fm., A A t aw F W Wx ' N N1 G X x5 X4 N N X -17 111i lu1 X ru ES E ri h e ' X Q Fourth and Chestnut X o ' 0 X v X: Q o . 280 f 5 f MJUM lqwi- 'V I, ' ,Il I , ,, 0 7 Q I . W AA MVORD or ' 5' KSM. ' I . ' A4 , 0 .I V W' L1 1, , shlight Staff, would like to use this last page of the advertis' g section to s anks t OUR FRIENDS, THE ADVERTISERS. Beceause of their help, our yearbook is helped financially. Let's show them we ap- preciate their assistance in making the Flashlight possible by purchasing their products and services. I 7 'e INDEX T0 ADVERTISERS e 1956 FLAS Z, '? I ADVERTISER Pa ADAJERTI jjjfww i e Abilene Christian College' ............ 4. 6 ion H wal . . . i . . Abilene High celeiefie ... ........... 279 iyei' - eXJReefii,Qi comp .. . 263 Abilene Laundry ...... ........ . aniel usic ntpany ..... - .... e . . . 271 Bordenfs ....... ....... ....... 6 9 McM y e . . . . . Bradshaw's ............. . 2 Mi er's .iffy ..... .... Burton-Lingo Lumber Compa .... . . . . 363 STI . . .ljf ,,........ . . . 277 ceiieweys ........... . . .268 Penei Cori? ...262 Citizen's National Ban ..... . . .... Po ular . . I ...' . .... . . . 270 Coca-Col tling r ..... 5 sley Jewelryfli. . . . . . 280 Dixie Pi .. ...... , ..... . 268 yi Rek A. smiih .... '. 272 Dra n's es C lege . . . . . Rightway Laundry ........ . . . . 269 Dr. per tli amp . . . ....... VA 70 Rose Construction Company ..... . . . 271 Elliot's Funeral hfie . ..... ...... 4. 260 Royal Brown Bottling Company .... . . . 260 Marmers c ts B .- .... 270 Russey's Printing Company ...... . . . 260 Fielder-Dil ngha umb r -mpa ...... 261 S81 Q Clothiers ........... . . . 271 First State Bank .... .... ......... 2 80 Skiles Motor Company ......... . . . 271 Foremost Dairies .......... ........... 2 77 South Texas Lumber Company .... . . . 269 Fraley and Company . . . ............. 263 Thornton's ................ . . . 274 FurHs ............ . . . 278 Wallace Studios . . . . . 264 Grissomfs .............. . J . 273 Western Chevrolet .... . . . 279 Hardin-Simmons University . . . . . . 266 West Texas Utilities . . . . . . . 258 Jack Yonge Motors .......... . . . 275 Whitehurst's ..... . . . 275 Laughter-North Funeral Home . . . . . . 268 Wooten Hotel . . . . . . 272 281 J iffy Vfw ,JLAJ-w-if ,Qu-eclf,.z,,Q,f!L, A2AyO Chjjarz ,J 2,0610 ffff ff MA? 2642! Ugly lffffj-fwg 57 Cdwwbffkg ,fwM, Zfadf-LX Q 02Z1zw5LQ,efL 1 740V AQCJJ A"fffQfz1Zif My ,Q XYZ? WW ffm! Qfflwz ,5f,JLQQQ 4 - A, ' 5 - J M2 ' X U ' Z J Q l , iii f Q ' f amz ,QQ friifgx jzfy 5Q Q yW45 - ' 5.w9. . 3 3 3 MW' .ILQJ 4456, OK w Q Y 'K mf Q H53 1 l . . . piecejwdweya MQW? M- MM MLQX K ,W WU, MM? mwmv 'U -P7 ' H J ji' XKWWM Ns A , dwfww .fs ix X ' Em N ' ips E will M , X XKf,66fNJ4DX Swidile, Sf-n4,wL . . ?MQwwaQ QK?QwWMm , ,VA 4 ,, wi,-ab ,T .mf WCM. . I WMfr7j!07LN.,g! Q Znwo M QHWWMWMWW QWWMJ W! " A . - Af 1 M A . W !yf',-j,i14j'ff 'WLLWM F www J f , Jw fff ' A gp-'C' . r , 2 7' , f:ALf..:wL, , , fclbw - wwf! 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E -- - ' 5 -WHL ,H 4- of 1: , ,V ' .1,!LR1 QL A .. -f if'-'36 'E ' 2 g'47"ilQ 2 .SUSE E ,A :L 561-f , 'iii' .' , Q, A ' - 4 ' 53? 5. 'Lf ,E . qs f- 'QL- Us I' 1 . -A 1 N. -im.-.M-,- J' 1 4 v . X r 1 5 f 5 , 0 , .8 ' ag , UV, mg '- 2 :fn W f yank Q ' "D, 77 XA, - 5,3 by MAMM ,ao ,Wm . My 3AA,,.,iJ if-119 AAU cava-L. 5 WML Cv.-vw-1 - f ' QWWX M2224 X 915 v , V Q ffl' gkxiii iksgfffvizfyfffifynp W' V? 15 wyfffwfwf f.-'Eff ':fw,,iW W 615-aj 'gkfy -ik-.5 f- f',' ,,'j:T-Riff 'Y ,..,A.,4-,v f lwkwywmy-F r ' V V i I, js ' 7 mf ' ,. H .- i' f ' Y 'k 'zf' - ' . 4 va . A I M "' J a i 2 jg 1 . ' 'S ,. i ' - S x-as N A m y O IL T 12" N dgiis ,, y b V . ' ,.. ' - Q "'--- , ' ' ""Wvf" 4 , I-. 12 W- W l - Saw b H ,guru A 1, n ' I t5LxjQS--N. - V. f' ' ' 'I -X 'Ea a '.', V7 - ' ' ' ' R"-5-...Nh I I .:.A ii. 47, , ' I -. 5 5? ,.-"' A-.-, ,iff A- ' I A ji,-':'E'k f -W ' H 4 fiis' ' ' ' L' W. ,- 1- J ,' A A ' N' --f - H" , ,. f i A Q S M ' Q. z i I i 7 1 ' 334 : .,'j if--L A ' A A325-f 'J ,: . A L ,xg A 1 54 , -- ' 1 gf . , , - " . -Q ' Q Y A -, ', . , ,Q ' C5 -lit V .Y 4 Q K Jr , lv K z '9 - I .K 5 , d ' ' 'P-4. X ".' . 9 r ., t g -Y-' . ' fb hw v.4. 14? b , 3 R -Je?-'f A afvf"'f 4 is ' 5 sa. ., 1 4 - A .,VV L vl Q Q Q it n 1 f. V , lf! H ., vvf' I,-Q rf ,Q v. 1 S iigz ,WE 21 ' ' l it ,. ' , W , - 'f lga .X 4. I D - v I, Z 1. ,P LQ.. Sm X .bi Q 5 N ,Ax 1 . Y -Qi- . fi ffi eh li ,dl L 1 , 4 E N.. 'T it,, l 4.5 V hsx . 4 ,ily ,',i.f':: E' , Y. Y! H XI.,gkA:: '- FS , D4 5 Fw. X X79 .f-5" "Qi ' Y ' - il mn- 4 . sda :f,zf ' 1" ff 'f ff Q f 3:4 Lsz' , 5 L, ' - V K ' , . 'S ' f , ,,,,. iff L H 1 . X., 'a g fig' 1 I j W, -Q - 51404 . ," Af '5,'fw .' - P 7"'M+-f L. W-E5 X' 1,,A-- f.l1 F, Jv f . , -if T, . V-..ff:' , k V zu :.. ., A . i ii , pf I ,',, ' ' i,V. 1 T ?k .. 7 Z . diem K.-fx it .4 , V i , 'V"' -1- V A 5 2 bw -A ' I .dvi ,, 1 ,q , . -9 f V ' V -A AAI In V. Q J,- ....-.:s.4. , 4 iMLmi5Aj.l, V V x - ' ' " " Zia-5 .5

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