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' x V ' ,V h Ng up 31, b 1f:C f47X f , N Ju X 1, I P ,fy 3 ,L Tr, , q Ne-L. X ., s ""'f - 5' , F xxx R v- N, ,S r X Q. I- -n ,. O A ' x f fl fn - , N f3"1fs g,, ., s- C' S, 6 - f - X. .TSX "k?5L XS g P s 1 S, ,LX ! I Lq,UuxjvQ,.0Ju,uvc..og-, Z M31 fwswfum JZ X AS' y7f7t9,5vfg'df1.jt-gif mmm J- f ,,ff X Ecco? . Q' , 'ff il J sl gif! i' i c x , 2 xv f i e . I 9' 'bf il WWA? ' imc X X 'Q 1? ' N Y XQ X . . .lr l in X I A ' t mf Q f 1 ,XJ x l f X . X, 'Six T DEAR ou: Amusns HIGH cajillx All - l 510 AIX by Dear old Abilene High, X 1' '.,A X75 bl y N Q vi Q Grand old Abilene High, J l X jp D ,U "U I rjkhhambion school of all the West, if gl KX X ,ix QQ - yi n X37 sf ' xi Loyal lust to you,- ' ,iid jx' If gl i We're faithful and true blue, A l ' ' Y, . ll J " l LI' 5' 'We always will uphold you as the best. i J, ,qi 'fi A ,J ,A X1 s A . l 'i A -X 'l F Ar. A Up ll I ,' ,LR hP,School of Eagle fame, X V if 1 'l Winners of the game I ll X l lxjfight right on to victory! N! .cg 'A j,lFight right to end, X6 fl ll And when you've won it, then Vp l- 078' K Three cheers for grand old Abilene High. 1 xx lQ 444-014-a 14.-c1.,,,.,,aa 1 Wzgaa jdxbmedwff 'Awe fwfgwf faaffzwcczdwpcwqbzawfffud Jdfdffu.. . ,MWWWwW Maw - MWWQJQJQJKMMW M2732 P s L -ff! A. 1955 FLASHLlGHT nts Vlews of bm 1 DEDICATEE We, the staff, dedicate this, the Flash- light of '55, to Miss Ruby Compere, who is deserving of the honor we bestow up- on her. A loyal Eagle for thirty years, and sponsor of the Future Homemakers of America Club, she is a friend to every- one and is willing to help those in need of aid. We hope that she will always remember this as "her" book. Miss Compere instructs one of her students about the proper wgy to seam up a skirt. O These are the views of the year 1954-1955 that the Flash- light staff saw "THROUGH THE KEY- HOLE" of the doorways that have opened to hundreds of students of Abilene High School for over thirty years. We hope these views will serve as a reminder of the life, activities, and friendships of this last year in Dear Old Abilene High. We invite you to H 1 take a peek through these , 4 r, I f' ,. ' f , ' , . " f ' ' Keyholes at our Facul- , . 1 J ,I 1' 1 4. f ' I ff' f' , ' ' " " T vu ty, who if ffl, In .v,Ahvf I 1 , J TQ O h hl d QC! ' C'tC4 4 1, . , , ll, f , as epe "7 ff-5 f ,dh .s 1 ff! 1 us, the Pegg? sriebc V 1 'J d sonalities, TEL ' 'Q 1 - f 1 :ef fd gs, LLP ig. you have chosen, e SQ, 'J 1 '!f,h 5 X :mb Xkh Classes, of which you lX,,C A 09- E E LA of-J ff 4 , .. ,--' riff ,Q bmw have been a part, Ath- C' A T754 X - T' 'DJQ-suv ua sm...-nk! an-1 letics, in which our Eagle ath- 2 sq, 'qjgllcgii KG' R6.a.J..7, Z, 3,1 : 1 letes are presented, the Organi- lei kclesf "'l'5x'l"' AA-hi' zations, which were your extra BSI TN' ,il-1 LlQx Uj0Km -:Ldrwv-1. . L- 1 C33 N' I ,T ' tivitiesy the Features, which depict gfpn X- gl i . .. . ,Cie m familiar scenes, and our friends, t A IC- 3 Q-PLC: 1 F? vertisers, who helped r book. cfs! l ? i JJ, N llzjsz ifgiilti -A I , 4 , 1 1 ' 1 1 I 1 J ' O -4 X a ' 1 4,6 -JZ , cf -u ,,f .27 y 54,14 Z FAMILIAR SCENES . . .the daily band practice . . . the' gym, scene of many programs ...the busy library the student gate at Eagle Stadium 1954-1955 .the activities in the Eagle Nest the long, long line in the Cafeteria . . .the crowd the East door if ,I Q v I D rf v i the Attendance office . . .the busy Student Store at 8:15 a.m. is The 1954 State Champion Track Team The doorways of Abilene High School have opened to many champions in its history, and the precedent has not been changed in its last year as "Dear Old Abilene High." Recognition was brought to A H S last spring by a champion track team, a first place in essay writing, and a second place in one act play. This fall the football team added anoth t t h ' h' Abilene High Champions! er s a e c amplons lp and made 1954 even more eventful. Congratulations to all The 1954 State Champion Football Team LOOKING -wmwgwffg-f.1f,:. ww1.f,,:f,Zami-.W,Mww.mM1-,,mnmmfm1m,w L,,,, M,,W.H,gwvmiffmmwifm ,,.,, ,wwf11fv..m.M.-.,.,x,mw-awbw,Airy ,, ,,... ...Mm Www ,...wfA-mkwmwfbwnwflwmwmwvfyU-'whwmr BOARD OF TRUSTEES Mr. Ollie McMinn Mr. W. E. Fraley-President Mr. Bert Chapman Mrs. George Swinney-Secretary Mrs. T. E. Roberts Mr. Roy Skaggs Mr. Morgan Jones, Jr.-Vice President The Board of Trustees is a group of citizens serving their community by assuming the important responsibility of directing and managing the Abilene Public Schools. We of Abilene High School wish to express our sincere appreciation for the time and effort they have spent in making our school system one of the best in the land. 10 Mr. A. E. WELLS, Superintendent This is the last year for the present high school building to be used as a high school, so, as we leave this building, the classrooms the corridors, andthe campus, will cause us to recall many treasured memories of good times as well as some heartaches. When we enter the new school plant, may we all realize the building is only a minor part of any school. The students and faculty are the part that really count. May the true Eagle spirit find fertile soil in our hearts and in our minds, and spring forth in all of our activities of work and play. May it remind us of the accomplishments of the past, and in turn give us a greater determination and effort to press on to new and greater goals in the future by helping us as individuals, as well as a school, to be real "Champions of all the West." wwf A. E. WELLS I1 Mr. Esco Webb, Principal A MESSAGE FROM OUR ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL It is a real pleasure to congratulate each of you as members of the student body of Abilene High School. You should be proud of your accomplishments for 1954-55. May I wish each graduating senior the very best that the future can hold. It has been a genuine pleasure to work with such a fine student body this year. Sincerely yours, J. H. NAIL A MESSAGE FROM OUR PRINCIPAL It is a ioy and a privilege to have an opportunity to work with this outstanding group of students and faculty' members of Abilene High School. A flashlight throws a beam to guide you toward your destination. As you travel on your iourney of life, you will find that this "Flashlight" will forever be a light of inspira- tion across your path so that the memory of your many wonderful high school experiences will inspire you to greater achievement. As the years pass by, thumb through your yearbook and let its light of inspiration shine again for you. Sincerely yours, ESCOE L. ws? Mr. J. H. Nail, Assistant Principal MR. GEORGE STOWE Business Mczncger MISS ALEISE CLINE MISS MARY BAGGETT Counselor 13 Visiting Teacher MR. WALLACE BULLINGTON MISS SARAH HARDY MR. CARL KUYKENDALL Inot picturedl MR. NAT GLEATON MR. DAVID KENNAMER MR. F. J. KING MR. VERNON SPENCE MR. HENRY WATKINS MISS LEE ETTA McADAMS MISS FLEUR WALTON SOCIAL STUDIES Pointing out the important geographical features .... . .rfai-gram- .im1s5Qm.g-IfWwmrmwwwmamiga-.Qw..X1fw1.:ffH,M... ff.- ,.-..4..f..,' ,. ,,.-M.MQ-wm....11v, l ,N1z,Wm, f..x.wQ-U,ri1,+fI-i,,:-quam: fkyf me V S ,m,1,,.,. Mwfvv.,-,V--ftfi U-.... , vw.. Discussing ci topic from American Literature . . . ENGLISH MRS. SELMA BISHOP MRS. JUANITA HANEY MRS. KATHLEEN PARKER .Q-L MISS BOBBIE DUNCAN MISS HELEN MEYER MR. ROBIN TIBBETS MISS MILDRED BUTLER MISS BILLIE RUTH LOVING MISS MILDRED STOKES MRS. LORNA DAVIS MRS. KATHRYN MORROW MRS. ELLEN TURNER MISS MABEL REEVES MR. JOHN L. GERMANY MR. R. A. McCOLLUM MR. ALEX EDWARDS MR. WOODARD ROBBINS MR. LEO DRAPER MR. C. G. BRADFORD MR. B. L. BLACKBURN MATH Studying o proposition in geometry . . . 16 MRS. MARY GRUBB MR. ROBERT HARWELL MISS ODELI. JOHNSON MISS MARGURITE GRIFFIN MR. VAIDEN P. HINER MISS LOUISE SELF SCIENCE Using their science knowledge to distill wafer . . . 17 9-Iwi k5Pi'iYCI V I'EMUi.i-'nfl-wzilriaiiigf mf-it -. za ,fu -Mr 1. -- fn. fx Sw: H, M ILM- Q :sfxmxi 7 lvgx, ' Eff' -'lun S39 6 :ws my fi. vi ff'sff:+a'i M WL- -if fffh Q- f ,-,,,L I, , W 'iixi'-9 f f ' : :fq.'I- ,ff-"L ' "5 ailfs 1" ., K W ' '. I , I: ' I 'L ' A LL1f ffTf:'?5f I I - 'rf ".- ' , I -I-mi ft, V A. i,V..mf wwf: wmffiisfifw MR. CHARLES MOSER AthIetic Director PHYSICAL EDUCATION MR- BOB MISS JAN MISS BILLIE GROSECLOSE CANNON BAILEY BOYS' PITYSICCII Girls' Physical Girls' Physical EdUCCITi0l1 18 Education Education AR. ROBERT FIELDER Director AR. RUSSELL GRIEP MSS JANE LeFEVRE Beginning an hour of practice. . . Music Practicing forthe A Cappella Program. . . 'S fl 'i'f Kai! L... ff ,fig AXQQC , X fy ,V 4 lik! C ,f ff . ff, X gig L X S X f K f I .4 f fu, 6 cel WQM7' .. r . ... .., .. in X , i r i i i r rf S iip. jf :ig Y f'..k-., ,K 17 sf, rr. rr n i H I if X E , MR. GENE KENNEY MISS ROSANNE CARRINGTON MISS AVIS DEAVERS Reodying themselves for o world of shorthand . , . BUSINESS Working for a foster speed . . . MISS EVA GARVIN r MISS GAYNELLE LAMBERf DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION MR. LEROY CREWS Getting training for cz vocation. . . Concenfrcning on learning salesmanship. . . DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS n gl MR. RAINEY OWEN ART MRS. BETH HENAGAN l Seeing the principles of art in students' work . . . Training in the different phases of drama SPEECH ,W W V ,, ,,..,.,,,,.,,,,..m. , -mm, W, ,Y Wwmwfiwmmwwmwrcvvw :MW 1-Q , , - M-1-,ww-.-em-M , MR. ERNEST SUBLETT MRS. EDYTHE JAMES ANGUAGES ISS VERA HAYES URS. NELL HICKS Understanding more about foreign lands. . . Helping a student with his proiect . . . MECHANICAL DRAWING MR. H. A. DUNN MISS FRANCES CAFFEY MISS RUBY COMPERE Learning to be Q good hostess . . MRS. SALLIE HILLEY Demonstrating the use of mochiner Y ' " MACHINE SHOP MR. J. M. HARLOW WOODSHOP MR. HAROLD BANKSTON Giving instructions in woodwork Selecting baby chickens for their projects . . . MR. JAMES I. MOORE MR. BILL COALSON MISS RUBY BILLINGS PrincipaI's Office MRS. JEAN DAVIS Superintendent's Office DRIVER'S EDUCATION f V zarllspw .'1wf:g.vif:smf 'I ,V fp I f9i1sIfifsvFi5'l' TU"VLrZ'1ezg 2 if V f1f?1??5g5fLlmiv',fqi A ie fsfsiiiwgfs - Q'Qgwgflr.W-gt-.1iff?' , ,.., I ,. , . :g J ,, E, ..-g-535 V - ,V 'fszszai 2: . Qwgg , we 3, uss'ifmssfgsf1L UNH. Y 'if3g?iif?Slf :'!L,,BaifKAiQ . --if: mf-3EELZ5iS:fI" rz?i3?f' iff 5iYiQ!'?biI?si"i5!iiItf.:, Z ':,5' 7f!lM"E'kf FZESEQW ggi., ms. ' .. ffzflf :ties I ,--- ., . ,,1fW MR. WILLIAM LAWSON R fax . ":" V,zVk..,I I ISIS "'k .ff 2, M A T V V kr V: xi .V I,,, MRS. CHRISTINE Miss LOUISE wlLLs Miss FRANCES RAY SHORT Librqriqn Assistant Librarian Attendance Office LIBRARIANS AND SECRETARIES , wegfiggwwff- Z ,aging f.-I..-...mf '. I flees 5 fzsfwsgt if 112' H ye QQ .54 . .. I9 . WX' 4 s . if milf. .E . R R as , f , ig? A Z? R, at . X + 96 5 W ' 1-nf . 5 2 f ag if vw, 21 . ,F ,I . I ' is E, F Wk 3 in fy -6 R 4 ' Q.. . R ...J R 'Z I' . ?' img .c,. f MISS LAVELL MRS. ILA VERNE MRS. MARY ANN ALDREDGE TUBBS SHUMATE Business Office Registrar Business Office Leaving for a driving lesson ..... i if S- f. .fs m1wraws1ffR.m.e4Mea:wmRmm4mZmemwzmnvmmamMmf7e,s-NLR-Rwmxf 3 ADMIRING -. FLASHLIGHT QUEEN LUCINDA PRATHER . .,,. , , ,..... W,..x,, ,,.. , , . .,.., ,.W.,WWMfm-w.,:,,Xm,,,wH MOST VALUABLE BOY MOST REPRESENTATIVE GIRL JACKIE DUNCAN MOST REPRESENTATIVE BOY T STEVE MARSHALL R SSSSS ' l fm, MOST VERSATILE GIRL PAT BENNETT MOST VERSATILE BOY TWYMAN ASH MOST ADMIRABLE GIRL NATALEE MORRIS MOST ADMIRABLE BOY H.P.H MCST FRIENDLY GIRL LINDA MAHAN MQST FRIENDLY BOY DON BURKS 5 5 K S MOST DEPENDABLE GIRL 38 BARBARA HART MCST DEPENDABLE BOY Q 4 li I I if JANET WALIER DAVID WEBSTER MARILYN MILLER ROGER WHITEHURST Most Represenhyivef' Most Representative Most Versatile Most Versatile Girl!! Boy Girl Boy fp, ff r", RUNNERS-UP LAURA MCCORMICK DAVID STEINMAN Most Admirable Most Admirable Girl Boy BARBARA ESTES JACK SELF ANN SHULTS JACK CRUMPLER Most Friendly Most Friendly Most Dependable Most Dependable Girl Boy Girl Boy 40 RAY OLD? MARALYN MARTIN TWYMAN ASH PAT BENNETT Mathematics English Athletics Physical Educahon " r'fig1Eif L' , . MEM AWARDS ? 2 7 A ,,. ., ,ij 2:23 srl 3 J' B Q JOHN WALDROP DAVID WEBSTER photography Science RONALD NEVANS Debate A BOBBY CAMPBELL ARK HAMPTO Wood Shop Me 'f Agin A A ,Bf., y .,.,- yi f , i AAA1' L.,, E555 f X RAYMOND BYNUM LYNN HALL LAWRENCE SIEWERT ,BET JO JORDON Lqfin Disfributive Education Band Qhestra 'Him' X iw - 1 , A L isii A if ' ff :?fZfTi f H . L:'AL , ' if 9 A 9235? V,:: H ' -X - -'f V '- ' 1:55 ff' , 'W' 'T' 'ffiiff-l?E!'i A 1 --' ' HART JULIAN LONG JEAN SWILLING KIM POLK Choral Music Choral Music Public Speaking Spanish EDDIE CARPENTER Audio Visual MERIT AWARDS EVELYN GUITARE Art Social Science 'H REBA POWELL Clothing PATSY BARRINGTON JACK ERWlN Business MGCl'IiI1e Si1Op JERRY CLOUD NORMA DRY LEO TOWNSEND MARGARET JENNINGS Diversified Occupations Foods Vocational Agriculture Drama r -X , PEEKING f w.my.mm.QMw,. we-.-ifffwfwv-1:--gm. .dwg Y--.w..,m,.,.mf2wMw an-AQ DON BURKS TWYMAN ASH LUCINDA PRATHER President Vice-President Queen JACK CRUMPLER Student Council Representative FRANK SCARBOROUGH Reporter PATSY VAUGHN Secretary s t SENIORS The Senior Class, faced with numerous studies and many activities, came to make history as the last graduating class from Old A. H. S. The members, three hundred fifty-two in number, met early in September to elect officers and a nominee for class queen. , The big events for the seniors began when their nominee became the Flashlight Queen, and when they received their rings in October. These events were followed by Senior Radio Day and Senior Follies in March. The last chapter of their history, completed in May, was filled with such events as the picnic, the play, and the farewell assembly. Then came the long awaited May 29 and 30 when the seniors had their Baccalaureate Service and the Commencement Exercise, followed with a reception by the National Honor Society. The teachers who sponsored the Senior Class this year were Miss Self, chairman, Miss Baggett, Mr. Groseclose, Mr. Kennamer,sMiss Lambert, Mr. McCollum, Mr. Moser, Miss Walton, Mrs. Bishop, Miss Cdffey, Mr. Crews, Miss Griffin, Mrs. Henagan, Mrs. Hicks, Miss McAdamsS,Miss Meyer, and x N, X tr 'i Mrs. Turner. if X . X l f li '- . ' Xl it 'xi' sl i- V ll YN :X - , 1 P t , N. N. Y-X .Q h . 5-N, , x X. t' X X X X XX' nie X 5 . Q. y -X. ' 3 t' '--. x l 'N X N ,X R. 3 xg Q , ' 1 x S5 xQ Rx . it Y X' .. .X - X Y ' T. X X - N N s N . , , g f m . K t X X. X . 1 -, at n Q x ' X5 .. 4 X b Y .kix . 'Q 1' X l I X l i X X X , . , - M - X , s X EX .x lxc xx '- . Y Q RX - t tl N X N X ,xx Y l 5 X x X 44 - l PETRA ACUNA listributive Education '54-'55p Little "E" '54-'55p G an G '54-'55 JAMES ADAMS '. l. C. Club '54-'55g Audio Visual Club '53-'54p Pilot Cub '52- i3g Band '52-'55 DONNIE ALEXANDER an G '54-'55g Eaglettes '54-'55p Thespians '53-'55p A. H. S. heater '53-'55p Mixed Chorus '52-'54f Charmality '52-'53 GENE ALLEN lunior Academy of Science '54-'55p Pre-Med Club '53-'5-45 l'rack '53-'54y Domino Club '52-'53p Football '52-'53g Baseball L52-'53 JOYCE ALLEN E an G '54-'55p Future Homemakers of America '54-'55f Style ,lub '53-'54g Future Business Women '52-'53p Student Council L52-'53 l JIM ANDEERSON Etusic Appreciation '54-'55p Exchange Student '54-'557 "A" lub '53-'54p Baseball '53-'54p Sportsman Club '52-53 X JERRY ANSTEAD ational Forensic League '54-'557 Debate '54-'55g Thespians 4-'55p Exchange Student '54-'55g Homeroom President '54-'55p idsummer Night's Dream '54-'55p Flashlight '53-'55y Assistant ,ports Editor '54-'55, Business Manager '54-'55p Photographer l53-'54g Certificate of Merit '53-'54p A. H. S. Theater '54p 'hotography Club '53-'54p Marching Band '52-'54p Concert land '52-'53p State Fair Band '53-'54p Highlander Band '52- 53p Cotton Bowl Band '53g Little "E" '52-'53 l DOROTHY ANTHONY El an G '54-'55g Future Homemakers of America '53-'55g Intra- ural Volley Ball '53-'54 45 SENIORS TWYMAN ASH The first day of school found these Seniors chatting about school and vacation. BETTY APPERSON Demiselle Club '54-'55p G an G '54-'55p Style Club '53-'54 Charmality Club '52-'53 JE ' COX ARCHER National Hono Soci ty '54-'55g Libr Assistant '54-'55 Library Newsette, -- - ' : -'55g A Award '53-'54 Book-of-the-Week Editor '54-'55y Junior Red Cross Counci '53-'55g Library Club '52-'53, Secretary and Reporter '52-'53 Future Teachers of America '51-'53g Library Club Presiden '51-'52 BOB ARMSTRONG President of Homeroom '54-'55g Pilots Club '52-'55g A Clul '53-'54p Football '52-'53, B Team '52-'53 LARRY ASBURY Music Appreciation '54-'55p Sportsman Club '52-'54, Presi dent '53-'54f Student Council '53-'54p Tennis '52-'54p Audie Visual '52-'53 Basketball '52-'54, Co-Captain '54-'55p Football '52-'54g Base ball '52-'54g A Club '52-'54g President of Homeroom '52-'54 Vice-President of Senior Class '54g A Association '54-'55, Presi' dent '54 1 JACKIE ASHWORTH L Vocational Agriculture Club '52-'55, Parliamentarian '54-'55 Area IV Dairy Judging Contest '53-'54p Gold A Award '531 '54g Pilots and Models Club '51-'52 ' PHIL BAILEY L Sportsman Club '53-'55p Little E Club '52-'53f President o Homeroom '52-'53 N JEANNE BAKER N Demiselle Club '54-'55p Platter Club '53-'54p Orchestra '53- '547 Band '53-'54p Girls Glee Club '52-'53g Pep Squad '51-'53, Future Homemakers of American Club '5'l-'52 4 l 46 L l l EVELYN BAKER 3 an G '54-'55g Puzzle Club '53-'54, Secretary '53-'54g Future tlomernakers of America '52-'53 l FRANCES BALL Ephesy '54-'55g G an G '54-'55p Future Homemakers of America '53-'54 THEDA BALL Style Club '54-'55g G an G '54-'55g Audio Visual '53-'54g Merit Award '53-'54g Vogue Club '53-'54g Charmality Club '52-'53y .ibrary Worker '51-'52p Future Homemakers of America 51-'52 l BETTY LOU BARBEE E an G '54-'55, Parallel Bar Team '53-'55g Future Homemakers f America '52-'53 gf KAY BARNES K 5 Music Appreciation '54-'55g G an G '54-'55p National Honor Eociety '54-'55p Student Exchange to Wisconsin '54-f55g Vice- resident of Homeroom '54-'55, Reporter '53g Auido Visual L53-'55, Secretary '53-'55, Reporter '54-'55f Junior Red Cross 53-'54p Competent Typist Award '53-'54g Personality Club '52-'53 Tun vim 5 PATSYE BARRINGTON -ibrary Club '54-'55, National Honor Society '54-'55g G an G 54-'55g Little E '51-'55p Intramural Sports '51-'53p Reporter of Home Room '53-'54, Secretary '51-'52, '54 L JUDY BASS pl'1esy '54-'55p G an G '54-'55f Attendance Office '54-'55p ashion '53-'54, Personality Club '52-'53g Homeroom Vice- resident '53, President '52-'53, Circulation Manager '52-'53 BILL BASSETTI National Forensic League '54-'55p National Thespian Society '54-'55g Little E Club '52-'55, Vice-President '54-'55g El Grito 'el Aquita '53-'54, Managing Editor '53-'545 Battery '52-'55, xchange Editor '52-'53, E Gull '52-'53, Chief Prootreader '53- '54 47 SENIORS All aboard for Odessa! The great moment has ar- rived at last. U tm CARL BAUGH Transfer from Wylie High School, Diversified Occupations Clu '54-'55 DON BEALL Boxing '54-'55, A Club '52-'55, Gold A Award '53-'54, Audi Visual '52-'54, Football '52-'54 GLEN BELEW Student Council '54, A Association '54, A Cappella '53-'5 A Club '52-'55, Baseball '52-'55, Football '52-'55, Stude Council Representative '53 LeROY BELL Audio Visual '54-'55, Pilots Club '54-'55, Tennis '53-'54, Ph tographers Club '53-'54, Vocational Agriculture Club '52-'I CLARA ANNE BENNETT Future Teachers of America '54-'55, National Forensic Leaguf '54-'55, G an G '54-'55, National Honor Society '54-'55, P. E Specialists '53-'55, A Association '53-'55, Volleyball, A Tean '53-'55, B Team '52-'53, Intramural Sports '52-'54, Physica Education Majors '52-'53 PAT BENNETT T G an G '54-'55, President '54-'55, Stage Crew '54-'55, A Association '53-'55, Music Appreciation '54-'55, Tennis '52 '55, Student Council Representative '52-'55, Treasurer '54-'55 President of Homeroom '53-'54, Exchange Student to Massa chusetts '53-'54, Style Club '53-'54, President '53-'54, A. H. 5 Theater '52-'53 KAY BERRY t G an G '54-'55, Future Teachers of America '54-'55, Studert Council '54-'55, Thespians '54-'55, Future Homemakers q America '53-'55, President '54, State Delegate '54, Junia Degree '53, Chapter Degree '54, State Degree '55, Vice-Presi dent '55, Girl of Month '54, Flashlight Senior Editor '54-'55 Faculty Editor '53-'54, President of Homeroom '52-'53, Vice President of Homeroom '52-'54, Pre-Med '52-'53, Intramurc Sports '52-'54 PAT BIGGERS Foreign Correspondence '54-'55, Little E '53-'54, Girls A, Sports '52-'53 48 l l E l BETTY BILLINGS tttery Circulation Manager '54-'55g G an G '54-'55p Variety ub '54-'55g Battery Club Editor '53-'54y Style Club '53-'54, Eporter '53-'54g Battery Reporter and Advertising Solicitor P-'53p Charmality Club '52-'53 STANLEY BINION :lf Club '54-'55, President '54-'55y Golf '53-'55p Sportsman Jb '53-'54p A Club '52-'53p Basketball, Football, and Track P l PAT amosoNG ,shion '54-'55p G an G '54-'55, Music Appreciation Club '53- 45 Charmality Club '52-'53 MARTHA .IO BIRDWELL emoselle Club '54-'55p G an G '54-'55g Student Council '54g shion Club '54p Charmality Club '52-'53 GEORGE BLACK 'odshop Club '52-'54, President '52-'53p Photography Club -'53p Audio Visual Club '52-'53 i MAX BLACKBURN tgtional Honor Society '54-'55g Future Farmers of America J55, Dqiry Judging Team '51-'52, Treasurer '52-'53, Dairy oduct Team '52-'53, Grass Judging Team '53-'54, Meat aging Team '53-'547 "A" Award in Agriculture '52-'53, Merit tvard '53-'54 ROSE BLACKBURN lventeen Club '54-'55p G an G '54-'55p Future Homemakers !America '53-'54g Little E '53-'54p Junior Red Cross '53-'54p H. S. Theater '52-'53 PAT BLAND Club '52-'54y Football '52-'54f A Association '54g Student 'uhcil '54g Varsity Club '54g Tumbling '52-'53y B Team '52- lg Vice-President of Homeroom '52 49 SENIORS , ,T mm we Posing for pictures seems to appeal to these Seniors. uw ms14l..tf 1 PAT BOGAR Demiselle Club '54-'55, Treasurer '54-'55g Attendance Offi '54-'55p G an G '54-'55p Style Club '53-'54p Stage Crew '5 Charmality Club '52-'53g Tennis '52p Student Council Alterna '52 NELLIE BONINE G an G '54-'55p Style Club '54-'55, Vogue Club '53-'54p Futu Homemakers of America '52-'53 JAMIE BOTTOMS Music Appreciation Club '54-'55g Stage Crew '54-'55p G an '54-'55g Student Council Representative '53-'55p Fashion Cli '53-'54g Secretary of Homeroom '52-'54p Personality Club '5 '53 JAN BOYD Little E '54-'55f Head Maiorette '54-'55p Concert Band '53-'E Marching Band '52-'55, Orchestra '52-'55g Maiorette '52-'5 Vogue Club '53-'54p Cadet Band '52-'53p A. H. S. Theater '5 '53p Student Council Alternate '53p Secretary-Treasurer X Homeroom '52 X NORMA JO BRADDOCK Attendance Office '54-'55f G an G '54-'55p National Horl Society '53-'55y Vice-President of Homeroom '53-'54, Vogl Club '53-'54p Girls All Sports '52-'53 I EDDIE BRECHEEN t G an G '54-'55g Fashion Club '54-'55, Secretary '54-'55p Eag Ettes '52-'55g Little E Club '53-'54y A. H. S. Theater '52-' lntramural Sports '52-'53y Robe Custodian in Eagle-Ettes 'Sq '53 ' DON BRIDGES A Association '54-'55p A Club '52-'55p Manager of Footb' Team '52-'55, Lettered '54, President of Homeroom '52-'53 4 JIM BRIGGS A Cappella '54-'55g A Association '53-'55p Track '53-'55, Lg tered '55p Football '52-'55p A Club '52-'55p Boys Choir '53-'5 Student Council Representative '53-'54, Battery Representati' '53-'54 50 KATHLEEN BRIGGS an G '54-'55p A Cappella '54-'55p Little "E" '53-'55p Eagle- tes '53-'54, Personality '52-'53 SARIE BROGAN an G '54-'55p Audio Visual '54-'55g Concert Band '52-'55, te Fair Band '53-'54, Highlander Festival Band '52-'53, wrching Band '52-'55p Orchestra '52-'55, State Fair Or- uestra '52-'53g Music For Fun Club '53-'54 BOBBI BROWN an G '54-'55f Thespians '54-'55p Battery '54-'55p Eagle- 'tes '54-'55g A. H. S. Theater '52-'54p "As You Like' lt '52-'53p ecretary and Reporter of Homeroom '52-'537 Student Council 2-'53p Registrar's Office '53-'54 l MELBA BROWN an G '54-'55g Exchange Student '54-'55g Golf Club '54-'55p IX" Association '53-'55, Secretary-Treasurer '54-'55, Reporter 3-'54g National Honor Society '53-'55i Future Teachers '52- '5, Secretary '52-'53, Future Homemakers '52-'55, Secretary -'53, Volleyball '51-'55, Lettered '52-'557 Merit Award '53- p Student Council Representatives '52-'53y Homeroom Presi- nt '51 -'52 T GARY BRUTON l. C. Club '53-'55, Vice-President '54-'55, State Meeting legate '53-'54f Little "E" '52-'53y "A" Club '51-'52, Foot- ll '51-'52 JERRY BRYAN ortsman Club '54-'55y Junior Academy Of Science '53-'54p H. S. Theater '52-'53, Homeroom Reporter '52-'53 J DAVID BRYANT ortsman Club '53-'55g Orchestra '52-'55, State Fair Orchestra 2-'53p Band '52-'55, Color Guard '53-'55, State Fair Band 2-'53, Highlander Festival '52-'53 PEGGY BURCH an G '54-'55g Future Business Leaders '54-'55 51 SENIORS There's no doubt in Pat's mind about whether there will be a proposal! PHIL BURKETT Little "E" '53-'55p Slide Rule Club '52-'53 DON BURKS Senior Class President '54-'55p Student Council Representatix '54-'55p National Honor Society '53-'55p "A" Club '52-'55p "i Association '52-'55y Vice President '54-'55g Track '52-'55g Lette ed '53-'54p Homeroom Vice-President '53-'55 X SANDRA BURT G an G '54-'55g Acting Lab '54-'55p A Cappella '54-'55g Th pians '53-'55p A. H. St. Theater '53-'55g Eaglettes '53-'54p "ll Indian Captive" '54g "The Rivals" '54p "Mrs, McThing" 'l "Heidi" '54p "New Faces Of 'l954" l JIMMY BUTLER Domino Club '54-'55p Future Farmers of America '53-'54p S dent Council '53-'54g Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer '53-'. Photography Club '52-'53p Homeroom President '52-'53 J. D. BUTLER Woodshop Club '54-'55g Band '5'l-'55g Marching Band '51-'J Concert Band '51-'55p A. V. Club '51-'54p Little "E" Club '52-'t Student Directors Club '51-'52 ' l MARILYN BUTTON G an G '54-'55g Homeroom Circulation Manager '54-'55y B' tery Advertising Solicitor '54-'55p Pan American Club '53-'fl ANN BYNUM G an G '54-'55g Student Council '54-'557 Music Appreciatt Club '54-'55p National Honor Society '53-'55f Band '52-l Concert Band '52-'55p Marching Band '52-'55p State Fair B '53-'54, All Region Band '52-545 All State Band '52-'54p 3 Division Solos '52-'54p Highlander Festival Band '52-'53f chestra '52-'55p State Fair Orchestra '52-'53p Vogue Club ' '54g Personality Club '52-'53 N KAY CARMACK G an G '54-'55p Red Cross Council '54-'55g Attendance Of' '54-'55p Vogue Club '53-'54g Intramural Sports '52-'54g G All Sports '52-'53, Secretary '52-'53g Student Council '52-'5 52 I RONNIE ,CARMACK Ausic Appreciation '53-'55, Band '52-'55,tadet '52-'53, Con- ert '53-'55, Marching '52-'55, State Fair Band '54, Highlander estival '53, Slide Rule Club '52-'53 1 some CARPENTER ittle "E" '54-'55, Audio Visual '52-'55, Audio Visual Club '52- 54, Concert Band '52-'55, Marching Band '52-'54, State Fair and '54, Highlander Festival Band '53 JAN CARTER B an G '54-'55, Vogue '54-'55, Battery '52-'55, Reporter and 'roofreader '52-'53, Feature Editor '53-'54, Magazine Editor 554-'55, Junior Red Cross '53-'54, Personality Club '52-'53 i SUE CASE an G '54-'55, Little "E" '54-'55, D.E. Club '54-'55, Pre-Med lub '52-'54, Secretary '53-'54, Reporter '52-'53, Vice-President 3-'54, As You Like It '52, Mixed Chorus '52-'53 i ROBERT CATE ,ittle "E" '54-'55, Thespians '53-'55, President of Homeroom P3-'54, Battery Reporter '53-'54, Feature Editor '54-'55, A.H.S. theater '52-'54, Acting Lab '52-'53, As You Like It '52 L RONNIE CEARLEY attery Circulation Manager '54-'55, Football '52-'55, "A" lub '52-'55, Machinist Club '53-'54, President of Homeroom 2 CAROL CHAPMAN an G '54-'55, Exchange Group '54-'55, Acting Lab '54-'55, hespians '54-'55, Attendance Office '52-'55, Merit Award 4, Music Appreciation '53-'54, Fashion '52-'54, Personality lub '52-'53, Homeroom Secretary '52-'53 DORA SUE CHRISTIAN an G '54-'55, Library Worker '53-'55, Future Homemakers f America '52-'55, Treasurer '54, Parliamentarian '53, ln- ramural Sports '5'l-'54, Homeroom Battery Circulation Manag- r '52-'53, Junior Red Cross '51-'52 53 SENIORS The snake dance increased the Homecoming spirit. SHIRLEY CLARK Distributive Education '54-'55, G an G '54-'55, Music Appn ciation '54-'55, Press Club '52-'53, Future Teachers of Americ '52-'53, Foreign Correspondence Club '51-'52 ALETA CLECKLER Little E Club '54-'55, G an G '54-'55, Intramural Sports '53-'51 Audio Visual '53-'54, Teen Mode '53-'54, Foreign Corresponc ence Club '52-'53, Mixed Chorus '51-'52, Girls All Sport '5'l-'52 l RUBY COATS i HAZEL COFFEY Style Club '53-'55, G an G '54-'55, Future Homemakers 1 America '52-'53 JIMMY COLE i Music Appreciation '54-'55, Reporter '54-'55, A Cappella '5i '55, Vice-President '54-'55, B Team Baseball '53-'54, B Tea: Basketball '52-'53, A Club '52-'54, B Team Football '52-'51 Boys Choir '52-'53, Vice-President of Homeroom '52-'53 i GENE M. COLVIN , Transfer from Greenville, Texas, A Association '54-'55, Traq '54-'55, Basketball A Team '54-'55, B Team '53-'54, Footba A Team '54-'55, B Team '53-'54, Tumbling Class '53-'54 N PATSY COMPTON Ephesy '54-'55, Treasurer, '54-'55, Student Council Represent. tive '54-'55, G an G '54-'55, Attendance Office '54-'55- Se retary of Homeroom '53-'54, Fashion Club '53-'54, Persohalit Club '52-'53 DENNIS CONAWAY Vocational Industrial Club '53-'55, Treasurer '54-'55- Photo' raphy club '52-'53, Vice-President '52-'53, Football '51-'53 A Club '51-'52 54 PEGGY CONSELMAN :ahesy '54-'55p G an G '54-'55p Band '52-'55, Junior Red ross Council '53-'54p Press Club '52-'53g Orchestra '52-'53 MAURICE COOK 1Club '52-'55f Tumbling Class '54f A Association '54y Foot- pll '52-'54p Homeroom Officer '52-'54 l i noNALn COONROD rudent Exchange to Wisconsin '54-'55f President of Home- :om '54-'55p Student Council Representative '53-'55p Voca- pnal Agriculture Club '52-'55, Parliamentarian '53-'54, Presi- ent '54-'55p State Dairy Judging Team '53-'54y Gold A Award l3-'54p Secretary of Homeroom '52-'53p Pilots and Model Club il-'52 DOUGLAS COOPER portsman Club '54-'55p Domino Club '53-'54p Pre-Flight '52- 3 l GERALD CORDER pusic Appreciation Club '54-'55p A Cappella '54-'55p Officials .lass '53-'54f Boys Choir '52-'54p A Club '52-'53p Football '52- 53 3 PEGGY CORNELIUS an G '54-'55y Band '52-'54y Concert Band '53-'547 State ir Band '53p Highlander Festival Band '537 Little E Club '53- 547 Future Homemakers of America '52-'53 CHARLES COX 'lusic Appreciation '54-'55p Tennis '53-'55g Audio Visual '52- l55p Sportsman Club '52-'53 l LoNA cnossv 'ransfer from Bastrop High School, Bastrop, Texasp G an G ?4-'55g Music Appreciation '54-'55 l l ss SENIORS New students in A. H. S. assemble in the cate- teria to take tests for Miss Cline. LEWIS CROWDER Student Council '54-'55p Homeroom Treasurer '54-'55p Futn Farmers of America '52-'55p Vice-President '54-'55p Da Judging Team '54-'55p Meat Judging Team '53-'54p Gold Award '53-'54 JACK CRUMPLER Student Council '54-'55, Homeroom President '54-'55p Nation Honor Society '53-'55g "A" Association '53-'55p "A" Club 'I '55, Football '52-'55p Lettered '53-'54g Homeroom Vice-Pre dent '53-'54 PAUL CULP Exchange Student '54-'55g Debate '54-'55p Parliamentaric '54-'55, National Forensic League '54-'55p A. H. S. Theat '54-'55g Stage, Crew '54-'55p Homeroom Parliamentarian '5 '55p Thespian '53-'55p "The Rivals" '54p "Heidi" '54p Press CIL '53-'54, Band '52-'54p Highlander Festival '53, Junior Acaden of Science '52-'53 JACK BENNY CUNNINGHAM "A" Club '54-'55, Junior Academy of Science Club '54-'5 Football '52-'54, Domino Club '52-'53p Vice-President '52-'5 Homeroom Vice-President '52-'53 G. W. DAVIDSON Homeroom President '54-'55p Track '53-'54g Lettered '53-'I "A" Club '52-'54g Audio-Visua '53p "A" Association '53g Fo ball '52-'53p Lettered '52-'53g Homeroom Vice-President '52 BETSY DAVIS G an G '54-'55f Seventeen Club '54-'55g Audio-Visual '53-I Intramural Sports '52-'54, Future Homemakers of Ameri '53-'54p Attendance Office '53-'54p Charmality Club '52-'f Personality Club '52-'53 CAROLYN DAVIS G an G '54-'55g Pan American Club '54-'55g Red Cross '53-'f Future Homemakers of America '5l-'54 SAMMY DAVIS Vocational Agriculture Club '53-'55p Poultry Judging Team '5 '54, Merit Award '53-547 Audio Visual '52-'53g Merit Awa '52-'53 56 l l B SANDRA DICKENSON an G '54-'557 Red Cross Council '54-'55, Reporter '54-'55g Jational Honor Society '53-'55g Battery '52-'55, Business Man- ager '54-'55, Advertising Manager '53-'54p Thespians '52-'55p 4 ational Forensics League '53-'54g Indian Captive '53-'54g 'tyle Club '53-'54, Reporter '53-'54p Intramural Sports '52- 3g A.H.S. Theater '52-'53p As You Like It '52-'53 WAYNE DICKEY D.E. Club- '54-'55g Architect's Club '53-'54 JOHNNIE DILLARD an G '54-'55y Battery Representative '54-'55y Ephesy '54- 5g Attendance Office- '52-'55p Fashion Club '53-'54, Student ouncil '53-'54p Personality Club '52-'53 ROY DIXON ".I.C. Club '53-'55p Gold A Award '52-'53p Future Farmers of Lmerica '52-'53, State Judging Contest '52-'53, Poultry Judg- g '52-'53 EILEEN DONNELL uture Homemakers of America '54-'55p G an G '54-'55 JACKIE DUNCAN an G '54-'55g Little "E" '54-'55, Secretary '54-'55g Registrars ffice '54-'55p Acting Lab '53-'55p Student Council '52-'55, orresponding Secretary '54-'55g Thespians '52-'55, Thespian f the Month '54g Style Club '53-'54, Vice-President '53-'54, he Rivals '54g The Wind Is Ninety '5-15 Heidi '54g A.H.S. heater"52-'53g Tennis '52-'53i As You Like It '53, The Indian aptive '53y Rumpelstilskin '52 BOB DUPREE oodshop Club '54-'55 PATSY SMITH EADY qn G '54-'55, Ephesy '54-'55p Counselor's Office '53-'55p ttle "E" '53-'54p Intramural Football '53-'54f Charmality '52- 3p Student Council Representative '52-'53 57 SENICRS Twyman Ash and Ronnie Mulhern present Mr. Webb the trophy won at the Brownwood tourna- fT1eFlI. I t ,M o I .l 4+ I J JAMES WARNER EARNEST Q y , Vocational Industrial Club '53-'55 f VIRGINIA ECHOLS Demiselle '54-'55, Reporter '54-'55, National Honor Socie '53-'55, Reporter '54-'55, G an G '54-'55, Flashlight '53-'5 Photographer '53-'54, Club Editor '54-'55, Orchestra '52-'5 Vice-President '54-'55, Future Teachers of America '52-'E '54-'55, Historian '54-'55, Merit Award '53-'54, Orchestra, Award '53-'54, Photography Club '53-'54, President '53-'5 Band '52-'53 l I CHARM EDWARDS G an G '54-'55, Distributive Education '54-'55, Music Apprq ciation '53-'54 DELOSS EDWARDS Distributive Education Club '53-'55, Little E Club '52-'53 ALYNE ELLIOTT I National Honor Society '54-'55, Library Club '54-'55, G an '54-'55, District Typing Contest '54, Fire Prevention Posti Contest Winner '53-'54, Spelling Bee Representative '5'l, '51 '54, Interscholastic League Spelling Contest, lst Place '51-'51 A.H.S. Theater '51-'52, President of Homeroom '52 ' GENE ENGEL Parallel Bar Squad '52-'55, Acting Lab '52-'55, Nationl Thespians '52-'55, "Heidi" '54-'55, "The Indian Captive" '5 '54, "The Wind is Ninety" '53-'54, "The Rivals" '53-'54, " You Like lt" '52-'53, "Home of the Brave" '52-'53, "Nels Holiday" '52-'53, "Rumpelstilskin '52-'53, A.H.S. Theater '5 '53, Stage Crew '53-'54 BARBARA ESTES G an G '54-'55, Treasurer '54-'55, Cheerleader '54-'55, St dent Council '54, Junior Red Cross '54, Vogue Club '53-'5 Reporter of Junior Class '53-'54, Reporter of Homeroom '5 '54, Intramural Sports '52, Personality Club '52-'53, Preside of Homeroom '52-'53 DON ESTES Vocational Industrial Club '53-'55 58 BETTY TRICE ESTES Fshion Club '54-'55p G an G '54-'55p Battery '53-'54g Little '53-'54g Girls All Sports '52-'53p Parallel Bar Team '52-'53 CARL EWELL prallel Bar Team '52-'545 Football B-Team '52-'53p Audio isual '52-'54g Little E '52-'53 JIM FARRIS ttle E '53-'55g Concert Band '52-'55g Marching Band '52- 5, Color Guard '54-'55y lnterscholastic League Band, Con- st '52-'55g Clarinet Quartet '52-'55p Cotton Bowl Band '54p hristmas Festival '53, Highlander Festival '53p State Fair Band 135 Model Airplane Club '52-'53, Vice President and Sec- Latary '52-'53 JOE FIELDER Etle E '52-'55p Concert Band '52-'55g Maching Band '51-'54, lghland Festival '52-'53, Property Sergeant '54-'55, State ir Band '53-'54, Saxophone Quartet '51-'52y Music for Fun '37 Model Airplane Club '5'l-'52 i BARBARA FINLEY lemiselle Club '54-'55p Battery '54-'55g Intramural Sports '53- 5p Eagle-Ettes '52-'55, President '54-'55p Fashion Club '53- fly Charmality Club '52-'53y Secretary of Homeroom '52-'53 HELEN FLANNAGAN lan G '54-'55g Future Homemakers of America '52-'55, Vice- esident '54, Parliamentarian '53 SUE FLOWERS an G '54-'55p Attendance Office '54-'55g Music Appreciation ub '54-'55, Thespians '53-'54g Student Council Representa- e '53-'54g Style Club '53-'54, A.H.S. Theatre '52-'53g Assist- nt Director ot' "As You Like It" '52-'53 LYNNE FORD an G '54-'55, Secretary -'54-'55p Student Council '54-'55g hesy '54-'55, Little E Club '53-'54g President of Homeroom 3-'54 59 SENIORS Members of the National Honor Society find it's quite a iob polishing our many trophies. LEONARD S. FRANKLIN Future Farmers of America '52-'55p Little E '5'l-'52 KENNETH FRASER Music Appreciation '54-'55p Golden Gloves '53-'55g Boxii '53-'55, A Club '52-'54p Track '52-'53p Basketball '52-'53 l THERESA GATLIN Music Appreciation '54-'55p Stage Crew '53-'55p G an G '51 '55p Vogue '53-'54p Homeroom Vice-President '53-'54g Studex Council Representative '52-'53p Personality '52-'53 ' CLINTON GAYLE Pilots Club '54-'55g Junior Academy of Science '53-'54g Pilo Club '52-'53g Parallel Bar Team '52-'53 ,NN 9 NL 4 l' "1 M 'N-1, CY GIBSON President of Homeroom '54-'55p Little "E" '52-'55 SULQOOCH 1 President df Homeroom '54-'55y G an G '54-'55p Future Hom makers of America '52-'55p Historian '53-'54p Girl of tl Month '54p Junior Degree '53p Chapter Degree '54p Vice-Pre' dent of Homeroom '52-'53 SHARON GOODRICH Fashion Club '54-'55p Vogue Club '53-'54g Little E '52-'53 ANN GORDON Transferred from Cleburne, Texasp Eagle-Ettes '54-'55p G a G '54-'55p Little "E" '54-'55 60 DONNA GRAHAM ittle E Club '54-'55p G an G '54-'55p Secretary of Teen-Mode 53-'54p Music Appreciation '52-'53 BILL GRAVES Iational Honor Socie-ty '54-'55g Architects Club '53-'55, Presi- ent '54-'55g Tennis '52-'55p Domino Club '52-'53p Secretary f Homeroom '52-'53g Student Council Alternate '52-'53 I BETTY GREEN phesy '54-'55p G an G '54-'55p Eagle-Ettes '53-'55, Librarian R4-'55p Fashion Club '53-'54g Secretary of Homeroom '52-'53g ,ixed Chorus '52-'53p Charmality '5I-'53p Vice-President of lomeroom '52p Secretary of Homeroom '51 J NIXIE LOU GREGORY ransfer from Cisco in '54p G an G' '54-'55g Marching Band 54-'55g Maiorette '54-'55g Concert Band '54-'55p Area IV .F.A. Sweetheart '54 J ERRY GRIBBLE iansfer from Throckmorton High School, "Heidi" '54-'55p arallel Bar Team '54-'55g Acting Lab '53-'55p Stage Crew '3-'55p National Thespian Society '53-'55p Woodshop Club 53-547 Football '53-'54p "The Rivals" Stage Crew '53-'54 ' JERRY GRIFFIN airy Judging Team '54-'55g Secretary of Homeroom '54-'55p Jture Farmers of America '52-'55p Vocational Agricultural lub '52-'55p Merit Award '53-'54p Grass Judging Team '53- 4g Meat Judging Team '53-'54, Gold A Award '52-'53p Farm dll Team '52-'53p Dairy Products Judging Team '52-'53 ROYCE GRIFFIN ocational Agricultural Club '53-'55p Little E Club '52-'53 I i EVELYN GUITAR Iational Honor Society '54-'55g G an G '54-'55p A.H.S. Theater I4-'55 6 1 l SENIORS i -Xf m.m.w. lt is a long, long road to Houston. These loyal Eagles are ready for that big moment. fs-. -mm ARTHUR GULLEY A Creative Writers '54-'55p Future' Teachers of America '53-'5 Vice-President '54-'55p Thespians '52-'53p A. H. S. Theater '5 '53p "As You Like lt" '53g "Rumpelstilskin" '52 BARBARA HADDOX G an G '54-'55p Ephesy '54-'55p Reporter '54-'55g Stude Council '54-'55p A Cappella '53-'55p Fashion Club '53-547 Chc mality Club '52-'53y Eagletts '52-'53 i i ROSS HALE Music Appreciation '54-'55p Architects Club '53-'54g Presidel '53-'54p Sportsmans Club '52-'53 LYNN HALL G an G '54-'55g Distributive Education '53-'55f Treasurer '5i '54g State Parliamentarian '54-'55y Personality Club '52-'53 A. H. S. Theater '5'I-'52p Homeroom President '51-'52 ROBERT HALL Audio Visual Club '53-'55g Solos and Ensembles Club '53-'51 Band '52-'55p Property Sargent '53-'55p Concert Band '52-'53 Marching Band '52-'55g State Fair Band '53p Cotton Bowl Ban '53y Highlander Festival Band '52p Orchestra '54-'55y Photi graphy Club '52-'53 N WAYNE HALL A Capella '53-'55p Music Appreciation '52-'557 Baseball '52 '547 Little "E" '53-'54g Boy's Chorus '52-'53p Football '52-'52 Track '52-'53 N Y JOHN HAMIL i Band '52-'55g First Lieutenant '54-'55p Brass Sextet '54-'5 Concert Band '53-'5 5 Marching Band 2-'55p State Fair Bar '54p Botton Bowl Bona '5-47 Trowa Trio '53-'54p Highland Festival Band '53f PigQTneReview '53p Property Sergeant '5 '537 Cadet Band '52-'53g Orchestra '53-'55p Solo and Ensemb '54p Music For Fun Club '53-'54p Student Directors Club '52-'I RICHARD HAMRICK Battery Photographer '54-'55, Press Club '54-'55p Photograpl Club '53-'54, Sportsman Club '52-'53 62 CAROL HARLOW an G '54-'55g Intramural Sports '53-'54p Little "E" '52-'54p ,erit Award '52-'53p Social Chairman of Homeroom '52-'53 CAROLYN HARRIS an G '54-'55p Music Appreciation Club '54-'55 MARY ANN HARRIS an G '54-'55p Exchange Student '54-'55y Stage Crewg "Indian aptive," "Mrs. McThing" '54-'55p Acting Lab '53-'55p Thespian 3-'55p Historian '54-'55g National Honor Society '53-'55f A. H. Theater '52-'55p Reporter '54-'55p Student Counci '51 -'53p Jture Homemakers of America '51-'52 ELOUISE HARRISON ushion '54-'55p G an G '54-'55p Future Teachers of America 4-'55g Vogue '53-'54f Foreign Correspondence Club '52-'53 BARBARA HART f an G '54-'55p Student Council '51-'55p Recording Secretary i4-'55p Homeroom Secretary '54-'55p A Capella '52-'55p Sec- etary '53-'54p Style Club Secretary '53-'54g Responsibility Iward '54g Junior Class Secretary '53-'54p Junior Academy of ience '5I-'53g Secretary '52-'53p Reporter '51-'52p Freshman Toss Secretary '5'I-'52p Eagettes '52f Sextet '52 HARRIETT HARVEY Z I an G '54-'55f A Capella '53-'55p Music Appreciatio Club 1 I U 1 - I I4-55, Vogue Club '53-545 Sophomore Q 52 C aglettes '52-'53p Personality Club '52-'53p V. I. C. Sweetheart 93 H. P. HAWKINS Cappella '54-'55p Homeroom President '54-'55p "A" Associa- n '53-'55f Baseball '53-'55i Lettered '54-'55i Football '52-'55p ttered '53-'55f "A" Club '52-'55g Boys Choir '52-547 Student I uncil '52-53g Vice-President '53 GERALD HAYGOOD Ewing Club '54-'55p Audio Visual '53-'55p "A" Club '53-'54p otball '53-'54 63 SENIORS Mary Kay Kimbley and Bill Bassetti dish out the consequences. Wm.ffwtmmw,m-la -.,, 1 was 7,ff--f,f I-Ally fL.- 1c,ft7-:ff-,t,s,w, t l l CARL HENNESAY Sportsman Club '54p Wood Shop '53p Football '52, Baseba '52g A club '52 VAUGHN HERRON Foreign Correspondence '52 DUANE HILL Junior Academy of Science '53-'55p Sportsman '52-'53p Phc tography '52 X BEN HINES Audio Visual '53-'54, Crew Chief '53-'54, A Award '53-'54 Tennis '52-'53, Lettered '52-'53 JOHN HOBBS 1 Battery '52-'55, Editor-in-Chief '54-'55, Sports Editor '52-'54 Press Club '53-'55, President '53-'55p Homeroom Reporter 'ssl '54g Regional Journalism Contest '53-'54, Merit Award 'SIQ Gold A Award '5-45 A Club '52-'53g Basketball '52-'53y Goli '52-'54 , SANDRA HOCKERSMITH N National Thespian '54-'55g G an G '54-'55p Student Counc '54-'55p Secretary of P and Hy A Cappella '53-'55, Libraria '54-'55, Sextet '54-'55, Accompanist '53-'55y Eagle-Ettes '52 '53, Accompanist '52-'53g Music Appreciation '53-'55p Inter scholastic League '52-'55g A Award '53-'54g Secretary ol Homeroom '53-'54y Battery Circulation Manager '53-'54p Exi change Student to Massachusetts '53-'54g Intramural Sport, '52-'53p Merit Certificate '52-'53p Charmality '52-'53 I EARNEST HODGES Puzzle Club '54-'55, Vice-Presiclent '54-'55g Slide Rule Clul '53-'54 TOM HOLLINGSHEAD Little E Club '54-'55p Music Appreciation Club '53-'54p A Banc '52-'54f The Sportsman Club '52-'53p Cotton Bowl Band '53 Saxophone Quartet '53g Highlander Festival Band '52 64 l l l GAY HOLMES hesy '54-'55p G an G '54-'55g Vogue Club '53-'54p Student uncil Representative '52-'53p Little! E '52-'53p Secretary of meroom '52-'53 CARROLL HOPKINS tional Honor Society '54-'55p Visual Aids Club '54-'55g Audio ual '52-'55g Tennis '52-'55f Lettered '52-'55p A Association -'55g Responsibility Award '53-'54p President of Homeroom I-'52p Reporter of Freshman Class '51-'52 DAN HORNE ansfer from Wacoy A Club '54-'55, Truck '54.'55 y MILTON HOUSTON oodshop Club '54-'55g Press Club '53-'54p Sportsman Club 2-'53 :Association '54-'55p CII '52-'54g A Club lmeroom '52-'53 'hesy '54-'55p cs an DAVID HOWLE Tumbling Class '54p A Team '54p Foot- '52-'55g Baseball '52-'53g President of THEDA HOWZE G '54-'55g Stage Crew '54-'55g Debate -'55p Thespians '54-'55g Intramural Sports '53-'54p Vogue X -'54p Charmality '5'l-'53g "Aladdin and His Lamp" '51-'52 B B HUBBARD 'esident of Homeroom '54-'5 , '52-'53p A Association '53-'55p X Eotball, A Team '53-'55, B Team '52-'53g A Club '52-'55s Stu- nt Council Representative '52-'54p Tumbling Class '54 an G '54-'55g BQf y - CIub '54-'55p swdem :change to Wisconsin '54-'55p Corresponding Secretary '54- 57 Athletic Secretary '53-'55p National Honor Society '53-'55p old A '53-'54p Fashion Club '53-'54p Secretary '53-'54g Per- tnality Club '52-'53 65 SENIORS SHARON HUDGENS CULLEN HUNT Football A Team '53-'55, Lettered '53, '54, B Team '52, Ba: ball A Team '53, Lettered '53, B Team '52, A Association '5 '54, A Club '52 JIMMY HUTTO Vocational Industrial Club '53-'55, Reporter '54-'55, Mu Appreciation Club '52-'53, Battery Staff '52-'53 CARLA IMES G an G '54-'55, A Cappella '53-'55, Accompanist '54-'55, Association '53-'55, Tennis '52-'55, Lettered '53, Music Appl ciation '53-'55, Audio Visual '53-'54, Little E Club '52-'Q Eagle-Ettes '52-'53 BARBARA INMAN Little E Club '54-'55, Secretary of Homeroom '54-'55, G an' '54-'55, Audio Visual '53-'55, Intramural Sports '53-'54, Te Mode '53-'54, President '53-'54, Music Appreciation Club '5 '53, Girls All Sports Club '51-'52, Mixed Chorus '51-'52 l CAROLYN ISBELL i G an G '54-'55, A Cappella '53-'55, Ephesy '54-'55, vii President '54-'55, Fashion Club '53-'54, Vice-President 1 Homeroom '53-'54, A. H. S. Theater '52-'53, Eagle-Ettes '5 '53, Exchange Student to Massachusetts '53-'54 l l ANNA JACKSON i Little E Club '54-'55, Intramural Sports '52-'54, Teen Moc '53-'54, Reporter '53-'54, Music Appreciation '52-'53 ' ANNETTE JACKSON Transfer from JAPAN, Eagle-Ettes '54-'55, Style Club '54-'5 Audio Visual '54-'55, Charmality Club '52-'53, Mixed Chorl '51-'53, Tumbling '51-'52 1 66 GLENDIA JACKSON B an G '54-'55p Secretary of Homeroom '54-'55p Foreign Cor- 'espondence Club '54-'55p Music for Fun '53-'54g Personality Club '52-'53 y GLORIA JACKSON oreign Correspondance Club '54-'55p G an G '54-'55p Music or Fun '53-'54y Girls All Sports '52-'53 GLENN JACKSON -Irchitectural Club '53-'55g Audio Visual Operator '53-'54p lide Rule Club '52-'53g Audio Visual Club '51-'52 GLYNN JACKSON iversifiecl Occupations '54-'55p Applied Science Club '53-'54p .uclio Visual Club '52-'53 DON JACOBS ress Club '54-'55p Thespians '53-'55p National Honor Society 3-'55p Dramatics Club '53-'54p Science Club '53-'5-45 Cross ountry Basketball, Track '53-'54g Football '52-'53 JAN JARRETT phesy '54-'55, Battery '54-'55g G an G '54-'55p National espian Society '53-'55g Vogue Club '53-'54p Intramural ports '52-'53p Reporter of Homeroom '52-'53p Charmality lub '52-'53 MIKE JENKINS unior Academy of Science '54-'55p Slide Rule Club '53-'54p ational Honor Society '54-'55 VERA MAE JENKINS oreign Correspondence Club '54-'55p G an G '54-'55g Girls ll Sports '53-'54g Future Homemakers of America '52-'53 67 SENIORS dressed for picture taking are these Seniors. MARGARET JENNINGS J Personality Club '52-'53, Secretary '52-'53g Junior Red Cro '53-'54, Music Appreciation '54-'55, President of Homeroo '53-'54p National Thespian '52-'55, Secretary '54-'55g "Run plestilskin" '52g "lndian Captive" '53g "The Rivals" '5-47 "Heid '54g G an G.'54-'55, Reporter, Acting Lab '53-'55g Attendant' Office '54-'55 - ARNOLD JEWELL i Future Farmers '51-'54, First Vice-President '53, Grass Tea '52-'54g Diversified Occupations '54-'55g Vocational Industri Club '54-'55 HARREL JEWELL Science Club '51-'52, Domino Club '52-'54g Future Farmer '54-'55 l MARION JOHNSON Sportsman Club '51-'52g Domino Club '52-'53g Future Farmert '53-'55 PATSY JOHNSON I Future Homemakers '52-'53, Junior Degree '53, Songlead '53f Secretary of Homeroom '52-'53p P.E. Specialists '53-'5 Intramural Sports '53-'54, Mixed Chorus '52-'53p G an G '51 '55 MONTY JONES Sportsman Club '51-'52g Little E '52-'547 Vocational lndustriq Club '54-'55, Secretary 1 NORMA JEAN JONES A Future Homemakers '52-'53g Student Council '52-'53p Styl Club '54-'55, G an G '54-'55f Mixed Chorus '52-'55 i THEISS L. JONES Vice-President of Homeroom '52-'53, President of Homeroo '53-'54g Music Appreciation Club '52-'55g Boys Glee Club '5 '54g Student Council '53-'54g National Honor Society '53-'5N Program Chairman '54-'55p A Cappella '54-'55p Wisconsi' Exchange '54-'55, President 68 I l ETTY .IO JORD 5 an G '54-'55g Foreign orrespon ence '54-'55y Future Teach- Irs of America '54-'55p Orchestra '52-'55g State Fair Orchestra 52-'53y Concert Band '52-'55g Marching Band '52-'55g State iair Band '53-'54g Highlanders Festival '52-'53, P b2-'53p Student Directors '52-'53 GLU. bxiilbu Lpdznx: ,Ok 0Cu.+a,-.QD'sft'wxb.,.JQ ' GAYLE WYATT Jot B an G '54-'55g Office Worker '52-'55g Vogue Club '53-'54g Eharmality Club '52-'53y Secretary '52-'53g Reid Cross Council 2-'53 BING KELLY Distributive Education Club '54-'55p Junior Academy of Science 52-'53g President '52-'53 DARRELL KENNEDY Golf Club '54-'555 Golf '53-'55p Puzzle Club '53-'54, Audio lisual '51-'52 I JANE KEY I an G '54-'55p A Association '53-'55g P. E. Specialists '53-'55p ice President '54 '55 Volle Ball '53 '55 Lettered '53 '55 ' ' f Y ' I ' 1 aptain '53-'55, "B" Voley Ball '52-'53g Student Council '53- 54g Intramural Sports '52-'54g Girls All Sports '52-'53, Presi- ent '52-'53 MARY KAY KIMBLEY an G '54-'55p Ephesy '54-'55p Battery '53-'55p Co-Business anager '54-'557 Reporter '53-'54, Thespians '52-'55, Reporter 4-'55g National Forensic League '53-'55, Corresponding Sec- etary '54-'55p Stage Crew '54-'55, "Heidi" '54, "Indian Cap- ive" '53, "As You Like lt" '527 President of Homeroom '54g A. 'I. S. Theater '52-'54, Intramural Sports '52-'53 , Y DELORES KISSINGER aan G '54-'55g Distributive Education '53-'55g Future Home- , alcers of America '52-'53g Mixed Chorus '51-'52 DIANE KNIGHTSTEP fransfer from Odessa in '54p Band '54-'55g Future Home- nakers of America '54-'55 69 SENIORS Miss Cannon, Miss Loving and Miss Lambert add a song for our entertainment. OLIVIA KNOWLES G an G '54-'55p Ephesy Club '54-'55p Intramural Sports '51 '547 Style Club '53-'54p Student Council '51 -'54pJunior Academ of Science '5'l -'53, Secretary '51-'52, Vice-President '52-'53 CHESTER KOEN BARBARA LAIN G an G '54-'55p Fashion Club '54-'55p Homeroom Stecretar '53-'54p Vogue Club '53-'54y Homeroom Secretary '52-'51 Little "E" '52-'53p Intramural Sports '53 QARR0LL,LA'8lE "A" Association '54-'55, Baseball '52-'55g "A" Club '52-'55 Officiating Class '54p Football '52-'53f Homeroom Presider '5 ,I V4 , - f , ,1 , ,A .- 1 , 2 ' '.AJo 3 . 1 ef'-5 .a',,J,.Jl v, .Ivy 1 5 ,. 4, s L. Lslffl A90 :rx"b""-if 'E DONALD LANE Pilot's Club '54-'55p Latin Club '53-'55g Track '53-'54 CAROLYN LANKFORD G an G '54-'55g Exchange Group '54-'55g Ephesy '54-'51 Attendance Office '54-'55, Merit Award '53-'54p Future Teacl ers of America '53-'54g Future Homemakers of America '51 '53g "B" Volleyball Team '51-'54g P. E. Specialist Club '51-'51 Homeroom Vice-President '51-'52 TOMMY LANKFORD GWEN LAREAU G an G '54-'55p National Honor Society '54-'55g Red Cros '54p Student Council '54p Little "E" '53-'54y Personality Clul '53p Tennis Team '53 70 l A JoHN LENKER Nusic Appreciation Club '54-'55g A Club '54g A Cappella '53- 55p Pilots Club '53p Junior Academv of Science '52-'53y Boys ilee Club '52-'53p Marching Band '52-'53g Concert Band '52- 53g Highlander Festival '52-'53p Cotton Bowl '52-'53 DON LINLEY Golf Club '54-'55p Concert Band '53-'55, Contest '53-'55p Aarching Band '52-'55, Contest '52-'55g Student Director Club 53-'54p Piaskin Parade '54p State Fair Bancl '53p Highlander estival '53g Cotton Bowl Band '53y Christmas Festival '53p ilot Club '52-'53 SANDRA LOCKHART Ausic Appreciation '54-'55g G an G '54-'55p Style Club '53-'54, fhairman '53-'54g Personality '52-'53f Treasurer of Homeroom 52-'53 PAT LOLLAR llusic Appreciation '54-'55p G an G '54-'55p Band '52-'54, enate '53-'54, Future Homemakers of America '52-'54, Style Ilub '52-'53p Vice-President of Homeroom '52-'53 t BETTY LOMAX little E '52-'55, G an G '54-'55p Distributive Education Club '54- 65p Intramural Sports '53-'54p Vice-President of Homeroom 53-'54 l JULIAN LONG llational Thespian Society '53-'55, Parliamentarian '54-'55p ational Honor Society '53-'55g National Forensic League '52- 5, President '53-'55g Debate '52-'55, First in District '54, First Regional '54, Second Round in State Meet '54y A Cappella 1-'55, President '54-'55 CLAYRENE LONG lpistributive Education Club '54-'55y Future Homemakers of America '51-'53p Attendance Office '52-'53 ROY LONG Track '54-'55, Basketball '53-'55p A Club '53-'55p President of ,Homeroom '54g Transfer Student in '53 K 7 1 SENIORS It is a long, long wait for senior rings. ill' GAYE LONGACRE Junior Red Cross '54-'55g A Association '54-'55i G GU G 154 '55, National Honor Society '54-'55g Stagecrew '54-'55p Ter nis '52-'55, Lettered '54g Fashion '53-'54p Girls All Sport '52-'53 ' DON LUSBY D. E. Club '54-'55, Vice-Presidentg Sportsman Club '52-'52 Vice-Presidentg Tennis Team '51-'537 Woodshop Club '51-'5 PAT MCBRIDE Physical Education Specialists '54-'55g G an G '54-'55 DONALD MCCLURE Music Appreciation Club '53-'55p A Cappella '53-'55: Boy Glee Club '52g Model Air Plane Club '51-'53, President '52-'5 LAURA MCCORMICK Student Council '54-'55, Athletic Office '54-'55p G an G '54 '55, Vice-President '54-'55, Music Appreciation '54, Fashio Club '53-'54, Vice-President, Massachusetts Exchange '53-'51 Junior Red Cross '52-'53, National Thespians '52-'54 JIMMY MCDERMETT F.F.A., Reporter '54-'55, Property Sergeant '54-'55, Gras Judging Team '53-'54, Meat Judging Team '52-'53, Gree Hand Treasurer '52-'53g Concert Band '53-'55g Marching Ban, '52-'55g State Fair Band '53-'54 JUDY MCGOWEN Future Business Leaders of America '54-'55p G an G '54-'55 Intramural Sports '53-'54g F.H.A. '51-'54 ROBERT LEE McLEAN Golf Club '54g Little E '5T-'54p Vice-President of Home Roorr '51-'52 , 72 l Slf Team 53 54 Architect Club 53 Slide Rule 52 Sports- an Club 53 54 Dnstrlbutlve Education Club 54 55 Presi- rsonalnty Club 52 53 Fashion Club 53 54 Intramural E h 54 55 S cretar of Homeroom 52 '53, Stage Crew 54 '55p gle Ettes 52 55 Vice President 53 55 Girls Sextet '53- L Little E 52 53 Cheerleader 54 55 A Association '54- J Tennis 52 54 Junior Red Cross 54 55 Student Council feqfx Ex- 545 '52 gle Ettes 5'l 53 A Cappella 53 55 Future Homemakers 53 Junior Red Cross 53 54 G an G 54 55 Attendance Tice 54 55 Secretary of Homeroom 53 54 Reporter 54 '55 yslcal Education Malors Club 51 53 Intramural Sports 52- Treasurer of Homeroom 51 52 Future Homemakers 53- asurer of Homeroom 52 53 President 53 54 Personality b 52 53 Junior Red Cross 53 55 Secretary 54 551 shllght 53 55 Jumor Editor 53 54 Art Editor 54 55 Na- al Honor Society 53 55 National Thesplans 54 55 Wis- sin Exchange 54 55 Audio Visual 54 55 Stage Craft 73 There were Eagles cmd more Eagles around during the pep rallies-little, middle-size, and big. DOROTHY MATHEWS Ephesy Club '54-'55p Office Worker '54-'55p G an G '54-'5 Exchange Student to Wisconsin '54-'55p Vogue Club '53-'E Band '52-'53p Junior Red Cross '52-'53p Future Homemake of America '52-'53 DON MAYFIELD SHIRLEY MAZY G an G '54-'55g Future Homemakers of America '52-'55, So Leader '54-'55, Reporter '53-'54, Chapter Degree '53, Jun Degree '52, Delegate to District Meeting '53 FRED MIEROW Junior Academy of Science '54-'55g Slide Rule '52-'54 DEANNA MILLER Fashion Club '54-'55p G an G '54-'55y Style Club '53-'54p P sonality Club '52-'53y Reporter of Homeroom '52-'53p A. H. Theater '5'l-'52p National Thespians '5'l-'52p "Aladdin and Lamp '51-'52 X MARILYN MILLER Junior Red Cross '54-'55g Cheerleader '54-'55p G an G '54-'J National Thespians '52-'55y Vice-President of Homeroom 'J Fashion '53-'54p Intramural Sports '52-'54p "Heidi" '54g "lndi Captive" '53y A. H. S. Theater '52-'53, Reporter '52p Studi Council '52f "Rumplestilskin" '52 JIM MILLERMAN National Honor Society '53-'55, President '54-'55g A Assoc tion '52-'55g President of Junior Class '53-'54g A Club '52-'. Vice-President of Homeroom '54p Lettered in Football '52-'. Track '52-'55, Co-Captain '55p Tri-Captain of Football '. President of Homeroom '52-'53p President of Sophomore Cl: '52-'53 LARRY MILLS Distributive Education '54-'55p Future Farmers of America '. '55y Livestock Judging '53-'54, Intramural Sports '53g A Awc '53g President of Homeroom '52 ' 74 I CHARLES MILLSAP cational Industrial Club '54-'55, Vice-President '54-'55, ssident of Homeroom '52-'53, '54-'55, A Club '52-'53, A,-Chi- t Club '53, Football '52-'53, B Team '52-'53 DUANE MITCHELL I PAT MITCHELL hesy '54-'55, G an G '54-'55, Style Club '53-'54, Charmality Ilb '5'l-'53, Parliamentarian '52-'53, Band '5I-'52 y ARTHUR MOORE oewriting Club '54-'55, Orchestra '54-'55, Tour '54, Con- t Band '52-'55, Marching Band '52-'55, Cotton Bowl Band p Christmas Festival '53, State Fair Band '53, Highlander ,tival Band '53 I I CHARLIE MOORE le E Club '53-'55, Concert Band '52-'55, Marching Band '52- Y State Fair Band '54, Highlander Festival Band '53 X DONA MAE MOORE 'enteen Club '54-'55, G an G '54-'55, Vogue Club' '53, pre Homemakers of America '52 NATALEE MORRIS un G '54-'55, "A" Association '54-'55, Junior Red Cross '54- 5 Cheerleaders '54-'55, Acting Lab '54-'55, Eagle-Ettes '54- , National Poetry Certificate '54, Vogue Club '53-'54, armality Club '53-'54, President '53-'54, Student Council '52- , Future Homemakers of America '52-'53, Student Council, fshman Class '52-'53 I MARLENE MORRISON bn G '54-'55, Fashion Club '54-'55, A Award '54, State ming Contest '54, Regional Typing Contest '54, District Typ- Contest, '54 Pan-American Club '53-'54, Foreign Cor- pondence '52 75 I SENIORS 1'f1r I- - - f -mi-gl Barbara Ross, a nominee for Homecoming Queen, rides with Steve Marshall in the big parade. - , V . - -V. vf-M. c-.ss-Q-,sw.ff BOB MOSSHART Track '52-'55, Lettered '52-'54, Co-Captain '53-'55p A Club ' '54p A Association '52-'54 RONNY MULHERN Track '54-'55, Lettered '54-'55p A Association '54-'55p A C '52-'55y Basketball '52-'55, Lettered '54-'55, Captain '54-' Stage Crew '54-'55g President of Homeroom '53-'54y "Nels Holiday Jr." '53 JACQUE NASH G an G '54-'55f A. H. S. Theater '53 MARJORIE NELSON Junior Red Cross '54-'55g Battery Circulation Manager '54-' G an G '54-'55, A Cappella '53-'55, Sextette '54-'55p Tl pians '53-'55g A. H. S. Theater '53-'54p Personality '52-' Eagle-Ettes '52-'53, Sextette '52-'53 OLENE NeSMITH Audio Visual '53-'55g Nursing Club '54-'55p G an G '54- Physical Education Specialists Club '53-'54y Girls' All Sp Club '52-'53 RONALD NEVANS Boys Extemporaneous Speaking '54-'55g National Forensic '55, Parliamentarian '54-'55, Boys Debate '52-'55: A- H Theater '53-'55g Battery '52-'53g Press Club '52-'53p Excha Student to Massachusetts '53-'54p National Honor Society '55g Reporter of Homeroom '52-'53, '54-'55y Thespians '54- Acting Lab '54y Merit Award '54g A Award '53 MARJORIE NIX Fashion Club '54-'55f G an G '54-'55g Foreign Correspondex Club '53-'54g Charmality Club '52-'53 JACKIE NOBLE Fashion Club '53-'55, Future Homemakers of America C '52-'53 76 l JAMES NORTH o and Ensemble '54-'55p interscholastic League Band Con- t '52-'55p Cancert Band '51-'55, Color Guard '51-'55, Ser- pnt '54-'55p Pigskin Parade '54p Cotton Bowl Band '54p State r Band '53p Highlander Festival '53g Christmas Festival nd '53f Music for Fun '53-'545 Future Farmers ot America ib '51-'52 NADINE ODOM RAY OLDS nsic Appreciation '54-'55, Audio Visual '52-'55p Maintenance ew '54-'55p Sportsman Club '53-'54, Secretary '53-'54p -chanical Drawing '53-'54p Merit Award '54p Golf '52-'5-45 chitecture Club '52-'53, President '52-'53 l JAMES oko 'le E Club '52-'53p Treasurer of Homeroom '52-'53g Sports- ln Club '53-'55g Junior Red Cross '53-'54 X GEORGIA OSBORNE hesy Club '54-'55p G an G '54-'55g Attendance Office '53-'55p lrit Award '53-'54, Style Club '53-'54g Eagle-Ettes '53-'51Jp ramural Sports '52-'54g Personality Club '52-'53g Volley Ball 52-'53p A Team '53-'54 JOE PARRIS nsic Appreciation Club '54-'55p Little E Club '53-'54p Sports- IH Club '52-'53 MARGARET PAULK le E Club '54-'55p G an G '54-'55y Battery '53-'55, Copy Eder '54-'55y Press Club '53-'54p Program Chairman '53-'54y amural Sports '53-'54f Reporter of Homeroom '53-'54 SUZANNE PEARCE wesy '54-'55g Exchange Student to Wisconsin '54-'55f Secre- y ot Homeroom '54-'55y G an G '54-'555 National Honor :iety '53-'555 Fashion Club '53-'5-45 Student Council Rep- entative '53-'54g Office Worker '53g Personality Club '52- p Battery Circulation Manager '52-'53 77 v w-ma 1 1-u i mu-my SENIORS Don Burks receives a Responsibility Award 'From Mr. Webb. wwf JOHNNIE PECHACEK Music Appreciation Club '54-'55p Audio Visual '52-'55p C '52-'54f Sportsman Club '52-'53 JANE PERRY Exchange Student to Wisconsin '54-'55g G an G '54-'55g J ior Red Cross '53-'54, Secretary '53-'54p National Honor ciety '53-'55, Secretary of Homeroom '52-'54p P2 E. Mai '52-'54, Reporter '52-'53p Intramural Sports '52-'54p Stud Council '52-'55 SYLVIA PIERCE Ephesy '54-'55p G an G '54-'55f Eagle-Ettes '53-'55p Little Club '53-'54p Intramural Sports '52-'54g Student Council 'E '535 President of Homeroom '52-'53p Mixed Chorus '52, Pre dent '52 CLIFTON PINE Music Appreciation Club '54-'55p Little E Club '53-'54p Pre Club '52-'53 M. L. PINKSTON Vocational Industrial Club '53-'55f Audio Visual Club '52 Club '50-'52 BETSY POLK Office Worker '54-'55p G an G '54-'55, Junior Red Cross ' '55f Secretary of Homeroom '54-'55g National Honor Soci '53-'55, Secretary '54-'55g Fashion Club '53-'54, President ' '54p Treasurer of Homeroom '53-'54g Exchange Student' Massachusetts '53-'54p Intramural Sports '52-'54g Stud Council '52-'53p Homeroom President '52-'53y Personality C' '52-'53, Vice-President '52-'53 KIM POLK National Honor Society '54-'55, Little E Club '53-'55, Presid '54-'55p Boys Glee Club '53-'54f Aeronautics Club '52-'53 TOMMY POPE Officiating Class '53-'55g A Club '52-'54p Track '52-'54p Fc ball '52-'53p President of Homeroom '52-'53 78 LAURA POWELL miselle '54-'55, G an G '54-'55, Reporter of Homeroom '52, W-'55, Vogue '53-'54, Intramural Sports '53-'54, Secretary- easurer of Homeroom '53-'54, Student Council '52-'53 LUCINDA PRATHER ltior Queen '54-.55, Stage Craft '54-'55, Audio Visual '54- , Reporter of Homeroom '54-'55, Battery Circulation Manag- '54-55, Ephesy Club '54-'55, Intramural Sports '53-'54, Sec- pry of Homeroom '53-'54, Fashion Club '53-'54 LYNN PRESSWOOD ture Business Leaders of America '54-'55, G an G '54-'55, dio Visual '53-'55, Merit Award '53-'54, Little E '52-'54, tramural Sports '52-'53, Future Homemakers of America 1-'52 ALTON PRIBBLE dio Visual '54-'55, Little E '54-'55, Track '53-'54, Photog- phy Club '52-'54, Vice-President '53-'54, Secretary of Home- om '52-'53 REVA PRITCHETT shlight '51-'55, Freshman Editor '51-'52, Sophomore Editor -'53, Club Editor '53-'54, Editor '54-'55, Future Homemakers America '5'I-'55, Junior Degree '51, Chapter Degree '52, rliamentarian '52, Vice-President '52-'53, Girl of the Month , National Delegate '53, State Delegate '53-'54, President -'54, State Degree '54, Girl of the Year '53-'54, National espian Society '53-'55, Stage Crew '51-'55, Responsibility ard '54, A Award '54, G an G '54-'55 CAROL PUMPHREY ting Lab '54-'55, G an G '54-'55, Office Worker '54-'55, tional Forensic League '53-'55, A. H. S. Theater '52-'54, gle-Ettes '52-'55, National Thespians '52-'55, Merit Award -'54, Senior Girls Declamation '54, lst-District, lst-Region, -State, Intramural Sports '54, Stage Crew District Contest JIMMY RATHMELL ortsman Club '54-'55, Architecture Club '53-'54, Junior ademy of Science '52-'53 REUBEL REAMS an G '53-'55, Foreign Correspondence Club '54-'55, Audio ual '53-'55, A Award '54, P. E. Maiors Club '53-'54, P. E. ecialists '53-'54, Library Club '52-'53, Junior Red Cross Club '52 ' 79 There was no warning given when this picture was made. JANIS REYNOLDS Fashion Club '54-'55y G an G '54-'55p Style Club '53-'54p ture Homemakers of America '52-'53 ANN LAN ELL RH EA G an G '54-'55f Little E Club '53-'55g Intermural Sports '54p Press Club '52-'53 JERALDINE RODGERS Secretary of Homeroom '52-'53, '54-'55p Ephesy '54-'55p G G '54-'55p Vogue '53-'54g Reporter of Homeroom '53-'54p tramural Sports '52-'54, A.H.S. Theater '52-'53, Vice-presid '52-'53 ARVELLA ANN ROSS I . 1 9 A.H.S. Theater '54-'55p National Thespian Society '54-'fl G an G '54-'55g Future Homemakers of America '52-'53 BARBARA ROSS Ephesy '54-'55, Secretary '54-'55g G an G '54-'55p Audio-vis '54-'55p Stage Crew '54-'55f Secretary of Homeroom '53-' Vogue Club '53-'54p Charmality '51-'52, Treasurer '51-'52 BILLY JACK RUDD Manager of Track '54-'55, Lettered '54-'55p "A" Associat '53-'55, Secretary '54-'55, Manager of Basketball '53-' Lettered '53-'55, A Club '52-'55g Manager of Football '52-' Lettered '53-'54g Responsibility Award '54p Vice-President Homeroom '54i President of Homeroom '52-'53f Reporter Sophomore Class '52-'53 FREDDIE SUE BARKER SALLEE Style Club '54-'55p G an G '54-'55g Future Homemakers America '53-'54g Charmality '52-'53p Physical Education S cialists '51-'52 FRANK SCARBOROUGH Reporter of Senior Class '54-'55y A Association '54-'55g tional Honor Society '53-'55p Student Council '53-'55p Au Visual '52-'55f A Club '51-'55p Football '51-'55g Baseball ' '55p Basketball '51-'53 80 3 l l l l i l REFORD SCHMITTOU ' Club '54-'55g Reporter of Homeroom '54-'55p Track '52- g Orchestra '53-'55, President '54-'55p Photography Club -'54p Battery Circulation Manager '53-'54, Domino Club -'53p Boys Chorus '52-'53p Homeroom President '52-'53 T AMY SCHOONOVER tional Essay League '54-'55, Secretary '54-'55p National Espians '52-'55y "As You Like lt" '53g Creative Writers '53- , Vice-President '53-'54, President '54-'55, Future Teachers -'55, Treasurer '54-'55p State Fair Band '53-'54g Marching Lid '52-'55g Concert Band '52-'55, Solo Horn '54-'55, Horn lartet lst Place '53, Property Sergeant '54-'55p Hilander ytival Band '53-'54p Orchestra '54-'55p Girls Chorus '52p Ele-Ettes '53f A Cappella '53-'55g Solo, lst Place '54p A.P.S. try Award '53-'5-if N.H.S.P.A. Poetry Award '53-'54 PAT SEABOURN tniselle Club '54-'55, President '54-'55p G an G '54-'55f eroom Treasurer '54-'55p National Honor Society '54-'55p l-fnappella '53-'55p Music Appreciation '53-'54p Student Coun- '53-'54g Intramural Soprts '52-'53g Eagle-Ettes '52-'53 RONNIE SELF national Industrial Club '54-'55g Machine Shop '54-'55p "Lit- E" '52-'53 i JACK SELF appella '53-'55p Football '51-'54, Lettered '53-'54p Track '55p Student Council '51-'54p Homeroom President '5'l-'53g 's' Glee Club '52p Baseball '51-'52 l , WANDA SEWELL n G '54-'55p P.E. Specialists '53-'55p Future Homemakers merica '52-'53p Mixed Chorus 'Sl-'53, Librarian '52-'53p rmality '51-'52 I TOMMY SEYMORE dio-Visual '54-'55p Future Farmers of America '51-'55, Sec- ar '52-'53 "A" Award '52-'53, Poultr Judging Team '51 Y I Y ' , Meats Judging Team '52-'53, Grass Judging Team '53- LORETTA SHAW tle E Club '53-'55g Intramural Sports '54 81 SENIORS an anxious father before a bashful suitor. I, .fr ,Neem-ff LAWRENCE SIEWERT Acting Lab '54-'55, "MacBeth" '54-'55, Little "E" '53-'55, chestra '53-'55, Band '51-'55, Concert Band '52-'55, Marci Band '51-55, Drummaior '54-'55, Captain '54-'55, State Band '53-'54, Sergeant '53-'54, Highlander Festival '52- Pigskin Review Band '52-'53, Future Farmers of America '55, Student Council '53-'54 ' NORMA slNcLAm I G an G '54-'55, Audio-Visual '54-'55, Style Club '54-'55, eign Correspondence '54, Secretary '54, Future Businessl Secretary '53, Future Homemakers of America '51-'53 I NORMA sLAtoN I G on G '54-'55, Vogue Club '54-'55f Audio-Visual '53,-'54, Award '53: Style Club '53-'54, Intramural Basketball. 52-I Personality Club '52-'53, Mixed Chorus '51-'52, Foreign C respondence '51-'52 CHARLES SMITH . I I Pilots Club '54-'55, Creative Writing '54, Merit AWClI'd 54 CORA SMITH G an G '54-'55, Fashion '54-'55, Homeroom Secretary '524 Red Cross Council '52-'53, Intramural Sports '52-'53, Chd ality '52-'53 4 JACK SMITH f Sportsman Club '54, Press Club '53-'54, A Club '52-'53, F ball '52-'53, Baseball '52-'53 JOHN SMITH Little E Club '54-'55, Concert Band '52, '54-'55, Marching Bt '52, '54-'55, Band Contests '52-'54, Biology Club '52 I LOU ANN SM'ITH Fashion Club '54-'55, G an G '54-'55, Intramural Sports '53- President of Homeroom '53-'54, Future Homemakers America '53-'54, Little E Club '52-'53 82 I SALLY SMITH an G '54-'55g Concert Band '54-'55p Little E '52-'55p Marching and '52-'55g Cadet Band '52 JOE SPARKS gys Choir '54-'55p Golf '52-'55, Little E '52-'54, Football '54g ce-President of Homeroom '54 JEAN SPURLIN Cqppellq '54-'55, Ephesy '54-'55p Eagle-Ettes '53-'54p Little '52-'54p Intramural Sports '52-'54p Girls Chorus '52-'53, Stu- -Fnt Council '52 i HARLEAN STEELE an G '54-'55g Distributive Education Club '54-'55g Style Club 3-'54 y DAVID STEINMAN fAssociation '53-'55g A Club '52-'557 Baseball '52-'55p Foot- Ill '52-'55y Student Council '52-'55, Representative '52-'53, irliamentarian '54. Vice-President '54-'55f Junior Class Vice- esident '53-'54p Homeroom President '52-'53p Junior Red Loss Council '53 GRETCHEN STEPHENS lan G '54-'55p Distributive Education Club '53-'55g A.H.S. eater '52-'53 CYRENA STOWE ,an G '54-'55p A Cappella '53-'55, Sextette '53-'55p National nor Society '53-'55p Student Council '53-'54p Music Apprecia- n '54, Vice-President '54y President of Homeroom '54p Typ- Merit Award '54g A Cappella Librarian '54-'55, Jazz Quar- '54-'55y Junior Red Cross Council '53-'54, Chairman '54p sponsibility Award '53g Personality Club '52-'53p Eagle- es '52-'53, Sextet '52-'53 JIM STRACENER tributive Education '53-'55, Photography '53-'55p Spanish b '52-'53 85 SENIORS 1-autumn-me fl MMA, 4 i tim, me ,Mr-ft. ,: in mt,-sf.tws1is n-un-an-1-f-was - sz .1-iw tx .1.f -W-mt 1 Members of the Audio-Visual staff set up the equip- ment for the Exchange Welcome. LARRY STREET Music Appreciation Club '54-'55g Audio Visual '54-'55p S dent Council Representative '54-'55p Baseball '53-'55g A Cl '53-'54p Sportsman Club '52-'53g Vice-President of Homeroc '52-'53. ' LINDA SUTTON Vogue '54-'55p G and G '54-'55f Office Worker '53-'55p IN tional Honor Society '53-'55p Merit Award '53-'54p Secretc of Homeroom '53-'54p Student Council Representative '53-'I Homeroom Circulation Manager '53-'54p Little E '53-'I Charmality '52-'53. HOLLIS SWAFFORD President of Homeroom '54g A Club '5'l-'54p A Associati '52-'54p Lettered B Team Football '52-'54g President of Horr room '52-'53p Vice-President of Sophomore Class '52-'537 B1 tery Circulation Manager '51-'52p President of Freshman Clc '51-'52. l GLENDA SWANN l Vogue Club '54-'55g G an G '54-'55g Future Homemakers America '52-'54 t l ROSE MARIE SWIEDOM A. H. S. Theatre '54-'55p G an G '54-'55p Boys Glee Clc piano '53-'55p Style Club '53-'54p Little E Club '52-'53 l 1 JEAN swlLuNG 1 National Honor Society '54-'55p G an G '54-'55p A.H.S. Theal '54-'55p National Thespian Society '54-'55y Future Teachq of America '52-'55, President '54-'55, Voting Delegate '53-' National Forensic League '53-'55g Librarian '54-'55g Deb '53-'55 JERRY TATE Transfer from San Angelo, Texasp Solo and Ensemble '54-' Concert Band '53-'55p Marching Band '53-'55p Property S geant '54-'55p Alternate Drum Major '53-'55f lst Class Br Sextet '53-'54g State Fair Band '53-'54g Orchestra '53-'55p 2 Vice-President '54p Foreign Correspondence '53-'54p Futu Business Leaders of America '53, Vice President '53 l sos YOUNGBLOOD l Football '51-'55, Lettered '53-'54i A Club '51-'55p Tumbliil '53-'54i Woodshop '52-'53p Intramural Sports '52-'537 Vic' President of Homeroom '52-'53 84 JIM TATUM ootball '52-'54p A Club '52-'54g A Association '54-'55 MARY ANN TATUM hsey '54-'55g G an G '54-'55g Future Homemakers of Ameri- E'53-'54g Charrnality Club '52-'53p Personality '51-'52 i WELDON TENNISON 'isual Aid Club '54-'55g Audio Visual Club '52-'55p Airplane lub '53-'54p Outdoor Club '51-'52 ' BRISTOL THOMAS n American Club '54-'555 G an G '54-'55g Fashion Club '53- 4p Secretary-Treasurer of Homeroom '53g Personality Club 2-'53, President '52 DEBBY THOMAS e-Med Club '54-'55, Secretary and Reporter '54-'55g G an G 4-'55, Photographer of the Battery '54-'55p Photography ub '53-'54y Junior Academy of Science '52-'53 MARGARET TIPTON ture Teachers of America '54-'55p G an G '54-'55g Future siness Leaders ot America '53-'55y intramural Sports '53'f 47 Foreign Correspondence '53-'54p Charmality Club '52-'53 El.SlE TODD emiselle Club '54-'55p G an G '54-'55: Style Club '53-'54s harmality '52-'53 A ARK Touci-isToNe Heidi" '54-'55f B011 ' ' 1 THTSTTHW '52-'55,PfeSiden' .4-'55TNUional Thespicins '53-'55, Vice- sident '53-'54: ate Fair Band '53-'54p "The Wind is Ni " '53-'54, "The ivals" '53-'54,WQIl1e-rlndiart"CipfiVe'7 '53-'54g Parade of Music 2: ,Wim Like wus ' so F 85 SENIORS - ,sv an-.hui-new N -K ,f-f t im, mmm., ,I , ,-ml Reva Pritchett cmd Joann Yarbrough admire the at- tractive hall decoration made by Study Hall D. l i i mmf...- ,f, 4,.- yield: .fwimwwf nmwemnmwx-tM LEO TOWNSEND ' Future Farmers of America '52-'55, President '54-'55p Historic '54-'55g Public Speaking '54-'55i Judging Team '52-'55p Me Award '53-'54p Gold A Award '52-'53 MARY TUTT y Future Business Leaders of America '54-'55f Little E '52-'5 Future Homemakers of America '51-'52 ANNETTE VAUGHN G an G '54-'55p Treasurer of Homeroom '54-'55p Office Wort er '53-'55, Junior Red Cross '53-'55p Secretary of Homeroo '52-'54f Tennis '51-'53g Personality '52-'53p Charmality '51-'I PATSY AUGHN Eagle-Ettes '54-'555 Secretary o Class '54-'55y Circulation Mana er '54-'55 E hse '54-'55 a Batte g p p y 7 G n G '54-'5 National Honor Society '53-'55g Mixed Chorus '53-'54p Vogi '53-'54p Student Council Representative '52-'54g Personali '52-'531 Secretary of Homeroom '52g Charmality '5'l-'52 I NELDA VESTAL Little E '54-'55, G an G '54-'55y Teen Mode Appreciation '52-'53g Little E '51-'52 ' '53-'54p Mus A ANN VOSS Distributive Education '54-'55p G an G '54-'55g ciation '54-'55p Record Club '52-'53f Student resentative '51-'52p Foreign Correspondence '5'l- Music Apprl Council Re '52 VIRGIL E. WADE Distributive Education '54-'55p Audio Visual '51-'54g Gold . '53-'54p Domino Club '53-'54g Battery Circulation Manager '53 '54p Officiating Class '52-'545 Photography '52-'53g A Clul '51-'52g B Team '51-'52, Lettered '5'l-'52 DOROTHY WAGNER G an G '54-'55g Acting Lab '54-'55p A. H. S. Theater '52-'5 Secretary '54-'55p Stage Crew '54-'55p National Thespians '5 '55g Stage Craft '54g Student Council '53-'54p Junior Red Cro '51-'52 86 MARYE WAGONER le-Ettes '53-'55p G an G '54-'55p Foreign Correspondence b '54p Library Club '52-'53g Future Business Leaders ot erica '53, President '53 BOB WAKEFIELD ortsman Club '54-'55p Audio Visual '53-'54p.Merit Award 7 Slide Rule Club '53-'54, Secretary '53-'54p A Club '52-'53p seball '52-'53g Treasurer of Homeroom '52-'53 DOROTHY WALKER ting Lab '54-'55p A. H. S. Theater '54-'55p National Thespian ciety '54-'55, Reporter of Homeroom '54-'55p G an G '54-'55p eidi" '54, Battery '53-'55p Intramural Sports '52-'54p Student uncil '53-'54, Red Cross Council '53-'54y Exchange Student Massachusetts '53-'54g Junior Academy of Science '52-'53, porter '52-'53 BILL WALL nsfer from Putnam, Texas: Little E '54-'55f Student Council 155, Distributive Education '53-'55 , I ,"'ff" - - f I fl ly' 'll' f'l 'I fl X-X f ' JANET WALTER 'ff " ad Ch rlea er '54-'55p National Hon r Society '53-'55p G G '54- 55 Exchange Student to Wi R. onsin '54-'55g Secre- y of H meroom '54g Miss Front Page runner-up '54-'55p nior Re Cross, Vice-President '52-'53g Flashlight '52-'55, phomo e Editor '52-'53, Junior Editor '53-'54, Faculty Editor -'55g Junior Queen '53-'54g Future Farmers of America een 53-'545 Most Admirable Girl runner-up '53-'54y Miss mfe ' - p""53T'57fTA'Ks'SOciation453i5A5Qudent R111 6'ncil '53-'54g Personality Club '52-'53, Reporter '52-'53 EVELYN WARNER miselle Club '54-'55g G an G '54-'55p Vogue Club '53-'54p rsonality Club '52-'53g Secretary of Homeroom '52-'53 DON WATERS ncert Band '52-'55g Marching Band '52-'55g Highlander Fes- vl '53, State Fair Band '53p Cotton Bowl Band '53, Property rgeant '54-'55, Audio Visual '52-'55, Little E Club '52-'55 DIXIE WATSON miselle '54-'55g G an G '54-'55g Secretary of Homeroom '54- p Reporter of Homeroom '53-'54g Style Club '53-'54, Charm- ity Club '52-'53g Tennis '52 87 SENIORS Dorothy Matthews models a beautiful win dress in the style show. IBF A, W, ,X,.,,,,tt. M, -,-,,....,,,,l n-W-wwws NONA WATSON Secretary of Homeroom '53p Vice-President of Homeroom '5 Personality '53-'54g Style '53-'54p Vogue Club '54-'55: Atfen ance Office '54-'55p G an G '54-'55 DOYLE WATTS Outdoor Club '52-'53p Sportsman Club '53-'54 DAVID WEBSTER National Forensic League '52-'55, Treasurer '53-'54, A Awa '53, Merit Award '54f Debate Team '52-'54g National Thd pian Society '54-'55g A.H.S. Theater '54-'55p "Heidi" '54p St dent Council '52-'54, Workshop '54f National Honor Socie' '53-'54p Massachusetts Exchange '53-'54, Slide Rule Club 'SI '54 CHARLOTTE WELCH G an G '54-'55f "A" Association '53-'55g P.E. Specialists '5 '55, President '54-'55g Intramural Sports '52-'54g Volleyb "B" '52-'53, "A" '53-'54g Student Council Representative '5 '53g Girls All Sports '52-'53, Vice-President '52-'53 SAMMY WEST Future Farmers of America '51-'55, Vice-President '53-'5 President of Homeroom '51-'52 ED WHEELER Battery '54-'55p Press Club '54-'55g National Forensic Leag '51-'53 PHIL WIDMER National Honor Society '54-'55, Vice-President '54-'55- B Team '54-'55g Student Council Representative '54-'55p A'Clu '52-'54g Music Appreciation '54-'55 FLOSSIE WILLIAMS G an G '54-'55p Homeroom Secretary '54-'55g Vogue '54-'5 Charmality Club '51-'53y Red Cross Representative '52p Mixe Chorus '51-'52g Homeroom Reporter '52-'53 88 l GLORIA WILLIAMS L an G '54-'55, A Cappella '54-'55, Secretary of Homeroom i4-'55, Future Homemakers of America '52-'55, President '54- l5, Treasurer '55, Junior Degree '54, Vice-President '53-'54, irl of the Month '53, Song Leader '53, Eagle-Ettes '53-'54, ,irls Sextet '53-'54, Vice-President of Homeroom '52-'53, In- amural Sports '52-'53, Merit Award '52-'53 DOROTHY WINSTON 'ansfer from Ft. Worth, Secretary of Homeroom '54, G an G L4-'55, Music Appreciation Club '54-'55 MAX WINTERS cational Industrial Club '53-'55, Vice-President '53-'54, Lit- E E Club '52-'53 CHARLIE WOODS lesident of Homeroom '54-'55, A Association '53-'55, A Club 2-'54, Football '52-'54, Lettered '53-'54 , GAYLE WRIGHT Usic Appreciation '54-'55, Secretary '54, G an G '54-'55, QCappella '53-'55, Secretary '54-'55, A Association '54-'55, Etional Honor Society '53-'55, Treasurer '54-'55, Tennis '52- , Lettered '54, President of Homeroom '54, Junior Red poss '53-'54, Eagle-Ettes '52-'53, Personality '52-'54, Vice- esident '52, President '54, Student Council '53 I FRANKIE wYuE ' an G '54-'55, Distribution Education '53-'55, Future Home- bkers of America '52-'53 JIM YARBROUGH cationol Industrial Club '54-'55, Golden Gloves '54-'55, Lersified Occupations '54-'55, Boxing '53-'55, Student Coun- '51-'54,A Club '51-'53, Football '5'l-'53, Baseball '53, Presi- :nt of Homeroom '52 T JOANNE YARBROUGH ture Teachers of America '54-'55, Future Business Leaders America Club '54-'55, G an G '54-'55, President of Home- m '54, District Typing Contest '54, Foreign Correspondence b '53-'54, Reporter '53-'54, Future Business Women Club -'53, Flashlight '52-'55, Sophomore Editor '52-'53, Faculty itor '53-'54, Senior Editor '54-'55 89 SENIORS U ROGER WHITEHURST Vice-President ANN SHULTS Secreta ry-Treasurer l 'RUTH ANN POLK Reporter A' " DANNY OWEN Student Council Representative Y GEORGE BARNETT ANN HILLS t Wesident Class Queen I JUNIORS The Junior Class has been kept quite busy throughout this year with its many activities. The year began with the election of officers and the class queen. The queen was presented in assembly in a very colorful Mardi Gras scene. In a later assembly the class was in charge of the skit for the rally before the Polytech game. The next major event was the Junior assembly program given to raise money for the Junior-Senior Ban- quet. This banquet completed the activity of the Junior Class. Helping the Junior Class in its activities through the year were Mr. Lawson, chairman, Mrs. Haney, Miss Deavers, Mr. Dunn, Miss Hardy, Mr. Harwell, Mr. Hiner, Mrs. Morrow, Miss Bailey, Miss Garvin, Mrs. Grubb, Mr. Harlow, Mrs. James, Mr. King, Miss Loving, Mr. Moore, Mr. Owen, Mr. Rob- bins, and Mr. Watkins. 90 l l Kenneth-Ablgs, Larry Ackers l arolyn Sue Adams Evan Gercild Allen v N 1 X V l I ' 1 J I I . 'JxuNloRs Margarette Allan Nancy Allred Donald Ames Rod Anderson Sandra Anderson Redcih Sue Anz - 1 ' 1 I V' Norma Arrell Shirley Ashbranner Patsy Ashmore Carol Atchison Qua Atkins Jerry Avery G. W. Ayers David Bailey - , These students are receiving one of the greatest hon- ors in A.H.S. - induction into the National Honor Society. Deana Barnes George Barnes George Barnett Janina Barron Pat Baucum Bettye Beall Joe Beasley Melba Bertrand Mildred Billingsley Carol Birdsong Janie Black Hayne Blackburn Melvin Rogers A. J. Blecker vrf 1 Dorothy Bailey Brandt Baize Joan Blount Ruthie Bonifield John Barfoot Patsy Barker Ann Boren David Bourland . Darla Brians . John Briggs Joe Bridwell- Beverly Briley Weynoka Briscoe Jozell Brister James Brooks Gerald Brown t JUNIORS my 637671 ' 9 1' - "AO lffvrrnfw 52" A gf'jf..Qf:f7ff K, K ue Bowen!,,:,,g ,A Jakie Bowers - 'DDQ-X' 'QVACX' 7 NN" Darlyne Box 4f'lfC"ff-'04-' '7 t'Q""o-'- '-2-og LVVQL L'- W. C. Brashear Charles Bpgtton Sanclra Bravenec M .4Q2,0'f+" X rf I, , 'X -K Everyone seems interested in this Victorious game! Beverly Browning Donald Bryant Joe Buckley Alton Burkes Patsy Burkleo Jimmy Busby Dale Butler Raymond Bynum Donald Cameron Bobby Campbell Johnny Campbell Walter Campbell Ray Canalfr Arvin Carlisle ll, Hugh Brown Roberta Brown Barbara Carlton Billie Carmack Sam Brown W. C Brown wwe carpenter J U N IORS 'Sandra Carroll -...,-.i Nadine Chambers Martha Chapman Nancy Chappell Peggy Chase Oliva Chia Shirley Clary Bobby Click Jerry Cloud Jan Case Alma Casey Diane Castleman Robert Cathey Sammy Caudle Madine Chambers Benton McClure really had to pay the I COnS9qU9I'ICe. Henry Colwell Mary Ann Conner Robert Cook Celinda Coon Gretchen Cordell Nina Couch Q , l Truett Couch Cecil Cox johnny Crow gmc Cure Jean Curry Bobby Darde Martha Dart Roy Davis l'1 ry y I , 4 Dora Cobb l l, f l Sue Cochran .Q ' 4, ' Ellen Davis J , ' l ' Johnnie Davis l I Neda Coker June Collins Letrace Davis Joye Davis Joyce Downs Jimmy Duke H. E. Dunlap Bill Dunn Poi Dunn Lue Ecldington Sally Ellinger 1 nl' '1 V it- , 1 JUNIORS Helen Deatherage Peggy Digby Peggy Dixon Mary Frances Dobbs Carole Kay Domann Larry Doughman fi Q willy Ji Jack Erwin mvswmmlmmm an il Come to the Mardi Gras! 0 Edlena FI ' Evelyn Flanagan Beverly Floyd Mary Floyd David Ford N. L. Franklin N on :r.fw,mHm:A..:rn . -.tw .Tug Sam Fullingim Lewis Giles Barba.LLQ,Ulcer5oni Gfefchen Girdner Betty Glidewell Della Glover Billy Golleher Arvella Goodman Ray Fillmon Billy Finccmnon Nancy Grantham Darlene Gravens Jerry Fisher Loudel Fitzgerald Don Gravens Ann Gray A Suzanne Griffin Arthur Haddox Donna Haley Marisue Hall Sylvia Hamilton Bill Hampton ampton Marisue Hamric Butch Gra.y Freddie Green Carol Greene Jo Ann Greene Polly Greene Jerry Greenwood JUNIORS ll QMJWHV 1 f. B. 4 I V 1 0 1.4 61, f A 4 lv If' I A loyal Eagle, Beverly Brileyf rounds up the, ' Buckaroos! , F -' X , L, f ' if I 'QV l i VI' .Y L, 1 fit' Q 1 1 f 4. ,, Gene Harrison 1' Nita Harvey I Levina Hatchett ' 1 fi' fri. 0 ' 1 in Flora,,Hathorn fJoyce ,Hayes I V Jerry Henderson fl , fi , ! y ' 19 ' A , . , lvl J X I , 4 1 I ' ,N P R if f 1 '. ' ' X ,1 Af ,, l ' nfl el '4 f ,- ' 1 'lf U P lf V U ll 'P I I l .ln ,, U lf 1 1 if 1 J l i , f If ff 'J lil l',' l r i fy rr lKay Von Hendley l lf! Janyce Herring Jimmy Herrington Shirley Herrington .J .f if 1, o .1 I r , I 1 l N 1 I ,. 1 , Elton Higgs ' Kenneth Hildreth Thomas Hile Frank Hill it I X! fl Gayle Hanks Celia Harris Ann Hills Barbara Hitt Dan Harrison ,Ereddieilarrison Z N ea I H olljggllea do , - 1 - J . 'I 'i L' . i 1 . 1 l I i , 1 1 . Q l 1 gg I 1 V i ' K ,, l l l l l v l atv l 1 ' I I l l I X ' l E xx l l l 1 u ' l l f' lk I I f , l, l '1 l . ln. .1 l xt' Nlartlwa Hulff' -v l' J L , Phil Ice l 4 :Harold Inman a di ' LJGlenna lslaelll' f ix ' X - ' ' ..' . .Irv Avy!! IX ' ' ' i . I 1 , i 1 il ,.+ f lv is if x , N l Donald Jackson Helen' Jackson Q 'Ed Jenkins X- l Lleo Jennings i,l- I g' 1 l ,J 1 ' 1 J'- ,Xxx M , r f , g0'v4.,Zf'2. ' rdyf 1-sf-LOC. LCG: -1.' 11.1.--Ez!cZ,f24 -1 . f - . . - ,ff ,h - ,4-IV: fnlfffyi-rf. ' K fffgd-ef-,vii 'el' cff.f' ,gi , ff' f f V. Y ' , n ,d'. L Sharon Ho s ,pZ,!,.f9' 'T' 'Q' 'af if I it aren Hopkins I X--1 . I7 f'f , -dd f Christine Horn ' " AJ' 'Q""" " " ' 1 .- ' -J' "', - f ,ff 'f6"C' ff' I 1 Vgf- 1421 U 4 K ,. '5 V. lift-I L f ,",1.-fy. Y V. bi. r 1 ' f . eff 'c ff, AIC' "5-1' - --fu ,Cgff f J' 3. David House Janice Howell Carol Sue Howk :nm ulna1la milala sw:fefwfm m We can always find much activity and many interest- ing things in the art room. Richard Johnson Betty Lu Joiner Geneta Jones Peggy Jones Shirley Kaufman Paul Kelly, Jr. I ,J i Lf , P - VX' f agwzlw-fr wmNv n1l av:wlqaillunu 5 VmYw:Q le, , U 1 Dan Kenley ill David Kennedy Dor th y Wayland Kesler ' Teddy Jack Key Earlene King Jerry King Kay Kinnard Bobby Jenkins Doris Johnson Ronnie Kirkpatrigk Dorothy Krempin El-tjijghnson 1 James Johnson Tommy Landreth Harold Landrum Robert Lemen James Leonard Gerald Lewis Nancy Lilly Wayland Lilly Qlsnmi Limlsev Mike Lockerd D'Ann Langford Bill Lapham Cecil Lassiter Tom Lawlis Georganna Lee Bess Leggett JUNIORS .mmwfslyi it ,,,1Wf -ggi-I-11-Us-an-Q M1 Off to a Victory! Wilford McCann Benton McClure Herschel McCoy Nancy McCreight Vance McFadden Bettie McGee v-:ill 7--f -gn---mnwiM:,,i wvwww eMc..,...,..m,-.-J. Dian McHan Thomas McMillin Betty Magee Jack Manly Karen Manly T .vig Manning 'U' s Marshall Katie Martin Doyce Long Lavelta Lowrance James Mason Leroy Mason Edward Lumpkin Mona Sue Lumpkin Judy Mmeiowsky Clara Matthews Xan Milam James Miles Judy Millard Bobbie Miller Sherry Miller Wanda Mills Kathleen Mims Gerald Montgomery Eva Mattingly John Mayes Barbara Mazy Donald Mazy Sandra Melton Marlene Merrick Are they having refreshments with study or study with refreshments? Shirley Morrison Rosie Mowles Marlene Nance Robert Nelson ldqtjg North Gary Norwood l i Bobby Notgrass Virginia Nunn Sharon Osburn Clarice Osbhrne Tommy O'Steen Max Overman Danny Owens Linden Owen Jo Ann Miller Owens Mary Frances Moore Byron Penrod Mary Perkins Sandra Perry Paul Phillips Jim Pierce .Bsrligmill Pilihi, , i JUNIORS , J eff' i ' il' . iky Harvey Pinner Ruth Ann Polk Annelle Popalio .Fre na owers Jimmy Powers Jane Preston David Ramsey Bonnie Randle ,w,ffL:sz1smm, in -un-mm f:mAfQfmi...,WM . ,QW:Q-www'Ms-Qnwiwf-Q-an-1-fn xwuwwi IWW ' -Q Miss Hayes' homeroom packs its Thanksgiving box. Goldie Rhymes Nan Rich Jane Risfer Bob Robbins Jerome Roberts Myra Roberis vm. f -wlywi.-I-.M .,,W,.wLA -m' lis smmhmmmawgfwri 1-gn. ff-. f-:-i.:,fis -- Q2 ,M ms 1 gi swf A-4525 i 0 X , lv W we V f..,..xA.. Wm - se sw Q ' J -:,,,f:w,iF. ,N 1, ,rags wgw,,,g . - A ii ' Q 1 lug W i '2:':5,, Sf" wRobi3sga3- sims-wzriiif Willard Runnels Lillie Ann Russell Kenneth Sample Gay Sanders Altus Scott .IO Gary Ray Barbara Reeves Pat Sellers Ray Shafer Roy Reid Sandra Reid John Shelton Carolyn Shepherd it M 259.9 + hs A 9, ,, rf K2 .ig 2,555 1 , W 9576 3 . 1 ZH, l M R: 1 Q t 1 x Y Q . E .Q 3 S.- K 8 f we Q Q 1 M ,, P rg if Sarah Sides David Simmons Lonnie Skaggs 'James Smith Margaret Smith Robert Smith Sherre Smith Sherry Smith Alice Sherwood Roy Sherwood Jacqueline Shields Isobell Shipley Ann Shults Alan Sides JUNIORS m M- mr, mwwr, v v , Eva Mattingly helps decorate the Good Fellow's building. Roland Snipes Bobbie Snow Sherron Sparks Anita Spjnsfield CT5'lT6tTe Springer Sandra Standefer -f - ff--f WM- fW m Betty Standfield Judith Stange Jim Stowe Leslie Strange Judy Sullivan Claudine Swann Bryan Tatum Nelda Taylor Charles Trice Betty Tucker Gary Turner Jimmy Tyler Gene Vinson Don Waldren John Waldrop Harold Walker Sue Smith Oral Smith Sharon Taylor Bill Teague 0 Wilburn Smith Jerry Snell Eldon Tennison Jack Terhune Harriet Thomas Cecil Thomasson Sandra Thompson Janice Thornton Lynn Todd Marilyn Tracey JuNloRs --wmv fmmmwm .1w.e1W.u-.-1iu-.is mwmmewsewrw ------f Glenna Isbell and Robert Cate seem bored with life in the play "How to Propose." Patsy Warren Bobby Watson Billy Webb fri 'Y CQQMQQSLBQ f James Welch Thomas Welch Sandra Weldon Joyce Wells Bobby Whisenhunt J. B. Whisenhunt A White y White lton Whitehead Roger Whitehurst 5 1 1--11 -- smmmmwmpwam Tom Whiteman ' , 5,4105 a r a a er . fZlZj ,Bill lyllllVdlllarlle W Deloris Wilburn Jeanette Wallace David Warner new Becky Willingham N O Sandra Willis K La Nell Yielding Paula Stroud Calvin Zuber 113 Darlene Wilson Nancy Windham Carlton Winlcles Janis Winters Bob Wood Betty Woods Bill Yager Franklin Yancy J STEWART PEAKE Vice-President ELECIVE BLAIR Secreta ry-Treasurer VIRGINIA RICE Reporter rc 1. I ': RU FUS KING SARAH WALKER President Class Queen l SOPHOMORES This year the Sophomore Class entered the halls of A.H.S. 629 strong. Early on its list of activities was the election of officers. These officers have done their iobs well and have earned the respect and lmdmiration of their fellow classmates. During the year this class has had a talent show and presented their candidate for Flashlight Queen. Guiding the Sophomores with their activities and pnograms were these teachers: Mr. Gleaton, chairman, Mr. Bullington, Miss Carrington, Mr. Ger- many, Mrs. Davis, Miss Hayes, Mrs. Parker, Miss Reeves, Miss Butler, Mr. Barber, Miss Cannon, Mr. Coalson, Miss Compere, Miss Duncan, Mr. Spence. DAVID HUGHES Student Council Representative 114 l if S5 sw X 1 Bernell Blain Elecive Blair Barbara Black Joy Black Royce Blackford 115 Bertha Abbott Butch Adams Celia Aquirre Loveta Alexander William Allan Joyce Allen Wanda Allen Elvis Allison Hershell Allison Mary Jean Archer Gaylord Armstrong Scotty Arnold Richard Asher Adrian Ashley Marylyn Sue Ashley Nona Bailey Darla Jean Barbee Jerre Bardin Zena Mae Barnett Shirley Bassetti Beverly June Beall Fred Beall Wayne Beall Dwayne Bennett Donna Betcher Truitt Biggers Mary Lois Billings John Binkley Ervin Bishop SOPHOMORES Carol Body Judy Boehms Bill Boothman Charles Bottoms Walter Thomas Bourbon Charlie Bradshaw Geneva Bradshaw Morris Brannan Alta Brock Pete Brock James Brooke Penny Brooks Barbara Brown Barbara Brown Betty Joyce Brown Hershell Brown Jesse Brown Bette Lou Brown Betty Brownel David Browning Carroll Bruton Ralph Burton Patsy Bryan Betty Bryant Sue Buchanan Glynda Sue Buckner Diana Bullock Rita Bumpus Linda Burkett l"l5lW CVOONSV, Jerry Watson, sings to his lassie, Bernell Blain. Barbara Burrows Charles Burrus Dale Burson 116 John Busby Beverly Butler . mm,' ,, ., ',-A , , ,. X A: l , . -,apr frmfw W-ffsw. 1- WAR.. .V f MAY UK X Pfwf- ,sas-'fre-me 'frm . 2 st .m ,y5 EK,e2 , ,,,vk, M, Cary Cooke WG ne Cooper Ga rY Copirtgel' Merline Critz Jacky Crow 117 Barbara Colwell Suzie Connell Donald Cook Sherry Cook Donald Campbell Frankie Campbell Bobby Carmack Bob Carothers Jimmy Carpenter Buftord Carr Mauva Carroll Ronald Carson Jerry Carter Saundra Carter Nelda Cathey Jerry Cavett Barbara Chambers Don Chaney Betty Chapman Dean Chapman Lyneve Chapman Wilma Chapman Kenneth Chorn Homer Cleckler Betsey Clemmer Frances Clemmer Carla Cobb W. E. Cole Mike Collum SOPHOMORES Martha Crow Reg Crump Sharron Darby Darlyne Davidson Joe Davis Laree Davis Patsy Davis Ray Davis David Day Margaret De Shazo Bobbie Dobbs Tommy Dodson Donna Donald James Dooley Norma Dry Pat Dehegne Jerry Dunlap Bob Dunn Don Earp Sue Edington Emogene Edmondson Alton Edwards Billy Edwards Johannah Edwards Patsy Marie Edwards Q i t I as Q s T be Q 1 M i 5 r ,A 'iv .V ,. ff. 1 Ns.- ixxsf' 'gf .ug .4 .1Zf-ffm? fs... .. QW, Q i .. M .sm sf -JQ, Wi- W . Qzff l :ff ' " 1, ,3 . J mv. . - iz, :gag-ft ,L-, '- W J i?fr st ZEN Q w Q M Ke. 1,5 1 ,R W 1' 5 F -E1 iff V- W W ' X 1 6 Q in vii gi 1 ig 5 Qi Q54 1 i Y 5' 23 151' i i .f,1,ff7i.',. , , ,-.. Y ,fs 3: .,s.- ,mpg 3. mit , f 5515- K 5 Q .M ii Q Sw 1 X 4 Q 'YF ,Xa . K, li il K afa r Y L, i R me V J KL 1 ii ,f if ry ' fp , ww W - in it . ,..,5, I L.. .. M g. mm .. .:. ze. ,qs si 4: M . .. .5 . 1 ' 7 Q 'V A5 ? 0,9 X K 1 K 4 QQ A W iii X Mr ,is i si Q , wg ,, A 2325 3 is Kg ' . X ,i,,, . X W, Psi . 0 N352 X f I 32 .J ' L 'gm Q ati 5 et ,X M M, .i,.if..,, .-if,--f ,. e ,. Vliegyv Wwzftgw -2-ss X, wfgwfegr-V ' srr' t , - ' , , ,. fm , -as if w 5' ' AI, V .. "' '-1 iifgbf s- I S' 5 I " fi 1,7 I. f. ,if ,.-L' .1 H' - ' V , - - - Leslie Elick Jackie Elmore Judy Eplen Nelda Estes Sewing seems to be the main interest of this class. ,W J, 5 -me-1. . .,.2Ns52Q,?w J is ,. Q, .,,, 1- 4- Q , fl ,fr ' sr naw 5 so '59 5, V ff' " ZW vim: 3571 -Nik , , ,Lil-i5sS 221- f Yi B 5 s issgfn y i 3 ' f 'ltllif' is Q25 fix? 2 1 -.fQLess:'W1.z'i my ,,--- X ,QM - iff- .i .fi Margie Everett June Ezzell Nancy Fanson 118 , 5,35 iii 3? M 5' g " iii X 23 H. Xi W I , Z A , P . ii gg ff 2 33 W if w 335, M 'i , , f W A -, f, ., w , ,, fs, T fw 'Q Q fri Qi? as . z 1 ,if tm lk NW-...L if 5 . ws.. -J. M .,., .. . 1 ' f ---- V . 5' 'z' . ' ':'i5,3gf55S??' .r Ti 3 . , gm- Y- -,..m-fx f vin-limi. 'AMY fav " ,is Y H' 7 59? V r - ' - 1:,gg3yi 'Lf y-N: 3: 43 " X J ,,.. . .- we ' if .. 3 V 34355. EE '.+S?- -.7 GW- . Mb, 5539? ' l 5 .zn?5:,"tf' we 'J ' ,. f X 4 ' - i , ,se swf . I A2 f- ' I lfamrs:i1f5 -lik Kenneth Farrington Sara Featherston ' fi-if 11 liizgf-QW, 9, ,- 1 4 X tis N Ralph Halloway Peggy Hancock Richard Guthrie Norma Haddox Don Hager 119 Glynn Gregory Olen Griffing Ardis Grisham David Gulley Steve Ferrell Mary Fewell Sandra Fields Sam Fish Norman Fitzgerald Bob Flannagan Kay Fleming Edna Flores Ester Flores Ann Floyd Thelma Lou Foller Darlene Fortson Norma Fortune Sandra Eggntain Lawrence Furnish Gail Galbraith Virginia Ganey Bess Garrett Joanne George Patricia Gilbert Mickey Gilbreath Patsy Giles Gary Gladson Dan Green Larry Green BQ-lsQvc ifov' Hot' .VVS SCPHOMORES David Haney Myrna Hanley Lou Venie Hanson Sam Hanson Jeanna Harding Carolyn Hardy Mary Lee Harlow Billy Harris Donnie Harris Evelyn Harris James Harris Bobby Harrison Jeanette Harrison John Harrison Jerry Hasty Jim Havner Lynda Hayes KD'Melba Hayes Jon Hays Roger Helgeson James Herrington Imogene Hicks Tony Hilburn V. M. Hitt Margie Hodges 'M ..,, - A air- :sg ts, fs ,. , 233, A -Q , v fini-52175 , 'J 'Wiki 'X 5 . ,QT ,. ,.. .,.,f..:"'i: ..:, Q l W , ii ug Q .Q mf Q X fi gi l 3 ss 1 at Y x J Sl Fl '9 23 x in gs 3 Q Q . gggsg , 1 Mite ra' 'X ' N24 Q as 1 at Es , gs, Ea 1 Vi I M A was 13 ttf? i 1 -.'. , - ' ,, , ...i,,.,,'2 ?,,.s5,gg ,Y S.. Jim Hooks Priscilla Housewright Carrole Howard Elecive plays her fiddle. Joel Hudgins ,im-env .w,,.,,Q:1iM..s..l:,.W,,-Mraz: ,,,. , , ,,m..y--v f-www. X 3 , , f' 55? NF f 6 if 2215? ff' si? its A M -.Sam .LZ , - , J 1.-, -fra ,.,.. ,X .. 2 W1 ' .Ji -:tw -, : ,iq , i sein 1"f?Lsu fl? 3:57, I - 35.22 . ' A fl, .375 " :Rev ,E ,.fa1,.,. .. ' 3 fa'f:?2S1Qj.. ff' A Q' 1' ,. Y David Hughes Q Jack Hulsey - Richa rd H u nter l ffl? ' ' l - ' " fl ,,:, J f A- fiziilv Cayloma Hurst M ,- Q - 'ffiiw SQQW 5:2 ,- Merlinda Husbands J 1.2.52 izrmf U . 120 Av ,J-Q2 - rrrl ffl tl' i i Q lil. , mg V...,V .,,--A s s vig? Q3 er 71 is 1 , .. I ., 2, S Ag Sins? S sslfl mtg X SV, Q we me ,rib S.: S 1 is .494 5,1465 in to fr em- Q if 'W eil' - r' 5. x ' at 5, E Bw F' 9? 15 ffnzssf W Grace Kesler Mike Kesler Nancy Kimmey 121 ,c.X,.,,S.. .M .,,X weve, , .x,.,,. .. - I , .V I qv, 1-af.'Z,-L , : ' A ,,,.. ' . L , Q , fs ,Z , , 3 if , iigxg if f , . 4 if SM gl V H X , rs ,, ... ...fa-.:. , Dorothy Kemper --in John 'K'en'ne'dy Betty Hysaw Barbara Jackson Jackie Jackson Betty Jefferies Deloris Johnson Mary Johnson Mary Beth Johnson Betty Jones David Jones Donnie Jones Jack Richard Jones Jerry Jones Pat M. Jones Rat R. 'Jones Rosolee Jones William Cleon Jones Hubert Jordon Janis Joseph Lafon Jowers Rodney Joy Bryan Judd Janise Junell Shelia Jo Kee Tommy Keever Dorothy Keith Richard Kennedy Sue Kennedy SOPHOMORES Rufus King Barbara Kirkpatrick Gail Kring Kay Kring Mary Lackey Gayla Lambert Sandra Landon Barbara Lanfair Gwen Lankford Mary Frances Lashlee Judy Laughter Geraldine Lawrence Gladys Ledbetter Loyd Ledbetter Roy Ledcly Clinton Lehrer Guy Lemond Roy Lester David Lewis Temple Lewis Barbara Lidia Steve Lindberg Nancy Little Glenda Littlefield Sandra Loader Latin students enjoy annual party. ..I,y ,sgsziieb we ci' 'tiff' . A 1 gr , 'G 15 5 is X Q 3, 'fi' ri 5 , 6 l 2 N if 3 . . 2' E ff , ' mwrfm t K - :Q If Mm-,,v: , X- 1,1w:,. V .- 23 t Q Eff fm 4 X X L I G 4 K Q, , J it M fc ma, eng, 18' A ' 5' Wil . 'wi f -Q. Lexi Q--if If 2 s ,nigga fmgigfgqr 'wtf--, ,, :Q - 9 422: tryy 1 Ffa D1-M if 'ir a tr , tt 1' wil is 5' J 1 1 4, Y T , 14 Z in 1 iq 1' x 4 SK xl K wt? gy-5672 if E 4' tm, it 'gg' X 5, W gr M, - K' lm. Eye ,,.. gp 3 N Z.. 34 tl 1 f if ist, r 'R L Y V. F -: W2 wrzw ,Y--,. . 1' 1- rev? :vw :Ms a Aw,,,.1sg 1 :-U: .wer it 59. 'I ' A- L. ity. , 4. H1 a my K e V rg 7 W li 22458- wa. M' B Garland Long Loretta Long Mary Long Phil Long In wi Z 5 13 Stuart Love 5 9 3 Katherine Lourie Ted Lucas x N L i ,Y -Q fx, 122 ,,.1',:-',1.4mf1, f -ff-' 4.-1 www f' - .Joe Lun Grace Ann Lyn Q 5 wi ms af? is ywfeeff- "2-1A Betty Lou Miller Bull Miller Ga ry Mercer Q -Don Methvin Judy Miles 123 Winnie McClure Leonard McCollum Pat McDaniel Jo Carroll McDavitt Steve McEntire Donald McDonald John McGowan Malcolm McGuire Jerry Mclver Jerry McKinney Mina McKenzie Byron McReynolds Patricia Mabry Donna Lou Maiors Lyle Mashburn Barbara Mathews Barbara Mauldin Glenn Mayfield Elinor Malone s I ,Xu 1 James Malone Lorene Malone Billy Mann Doll Martin Eddie Wayne Martin Jerrell Martin Larry Martin Malta Martin Eunice Martinez Jossie Mashburn SOPHCMORES Jimmy Miller Mike Miller Wilford Millsap Barbara Mitchell Billy Mitchell Marcial Mitchell Robert Mitchell Mary Moody 0' Billy Moore Frances Moore Gay Lee Moore James Moore Nancy Moore Ted Moore Willard Moore Bill Morgan Joan Morris Wanda Morrison Eddie Muller Charles Mundy Betty Jo Murdock Charlsie Murphy Clinton Murphy Janice Murphy Jimmy Myrick i S. .N - W. ,, M '-wfsfeigsggtfire -, H1 ,ms iir, f S fits K if N4 if 't ' 3? ff S ,Y Ag QQ A Q S? f ee S if We '35 L EF Z QM V W ',l- S ,':s-sfgfii x fa 3 will ei? is i yi .ef if ,Q W ex 'V ts Y ' nib - to , K f 1-s v 1 - i',. 2 Y - Earl Nall Nancy Neal Sandra Neas Barbara Neilon Teachers Cannon, Loving, and Lambert sing us a song. , 'Q 11156-, msg: VN John Newton Jo Ann Noble Jimmy Norvell Patricia Ann Oden Mary Jo Olney 2 . Q., .V 2' L-" ' Sf: R 'SSX' 451 Wayne Ratliff Robel Lee Reagan Mary Rains Joe Rasco Ann Ratliff J J J L ane Prather udy Pride eanine Pugh yndell Rains Judy Ord Don Owens Doug Parker Roger Parker Dayland Parsons Wayland Parsons Beverly Paxton Nancy Payne Stewart Peake o n er ins Doris Perry Vernon Perry Don Peters Thedford Peters Burtra Petitfils Jeral Phariss Claudine Phillips lda Mae Pilgrum Henry Pinkston Phyllis Polk Donald Pollock Helen Ann Pope Flora Porten Laquita Poston Reba Powell SQPHOMORES Mike Reed Odessa Reeve Virginia Rice Wanda Robbins Jerry Roberts Jimmie Roberts Judith Roberts Loneta Kay Roberts Louetta Gay Roberts Nannie Roberts Peggy Roberts Gloria Rodgers Melvin Rodgers Gwendolyn Rogers Pat Rogers Tommy Roots Jimmy Rose Patricia Rose Lyod Rosenbaum Homer Rosenbaum Betty Ross Scott Ross Jeanne Rosser Nancy Lou Sample Jay Sanders ,Q Wa ce f xr iii e 66 l 1 , ww It v , rig Y 5 is 5 f -1 L, . 4, , W mc: . , X ss N Nr , 5' at 'F H 5 kg W' N ami Q Q t We is 2 if . 32 gg S uf m l, ns fm 3 . . Q25 . s ss S 1 ' . 1' QE?5if'l"-x5E?il '-14522 .sums 'rl' ,,,, , .s,i: ,.,- --.-1s,.,f-1,-m?3x.,, , . Q -.sr - -.,.A..l1. . 4 1 151 3: :14 ,--J 1 t ' 45561 9 ?55x.,Ac 47,253 E F L , Efffge N if ti ' if 'SS '12 H24 :fr T Q ssic ,rtist Q lcl.,si ,sfss as - M i,.' :,-ww J nw ,.gm .: 4 .,A, ,J ,M J PS" WEE wie 4 Q1 ss itz 'liz y ms ASN was Q-we 2 Q all Q L , gen is Q Q X sf tal , ai iii mm- Wesley Sanders l rs ir. Q g 4 K e n n y S c h m I dt if g Ronny Schuchard Band members prepare for a warm-up Jerry Schmid' fs W gg? 5 mi it ,K 1 A i,2w?5 . k Efqgprgf Y 4, ,W 4 if . get ,H Fa R -sr S 3 ,K v ,, S, .,.. , .U , .. K. V, ij., f, . -i ,um ,, 9. Nw W i?m.s2sf',7 iwv ' 'i' ,V-.,f-ss., , session SYClneY Secle , , , tssttssts Juana S-als Margie Selden 1 Qt W 1 x '73 ,i N Q , S 5 P D K 'X I ser is Af .... f., I i f Sf' ff?-Levy .-4 if X yikgggiisgizazvifg gm " X Rani Duane Shafer Linda Shiflet , . ,cg WB' YQ K Jie K axe! Q? , sim, ' its Q V My 4 i 512 i 7 J ' rr E il l x xr ' its in MH: W: L is , , 1 is x Q fs M figs X V 1 2 7 J' 1 ' W S,,,fl ,,yl,r is QS i ly Y x W' ff if ,V W gg? " ri X cg LJ J .fi ' gs Qs Q25 f f it is ,,,,,i. M, 2" .51 if j 1 A5952-zr'2 f5,fQ, - vvv- 11 sfsygigp ' ages-2'fsf,. 1 -I rif f , M ts: 'f'.ff24fQ'?,,lfQ Harold Stephens Nelson Stephens Donald Sugg Shirley Summers Tom Stevenson Dickie Strange Barbara Strickland Diana Strickland Paul Stubbs 127 Durwood Shirley David Shout James Showalter Maxine Showalter Flora Simons Mary Singleton Teddy Sloan Bob Smith ' Carl Smith Demma Smith Don Smith Louise Smith Mary Frances Smith Maxine Smith Nancy Smith Susan Sparks Robert Spencer Joyce Spicer Leslie Spillman David Springfield Paula Spurlin Reuben Standley Charles Steph Chesley Steel Donald Stephens SOPHOMORES - X l ' fvlnjilffx fm L . 41 fi, Mary Sumpter Eddie Swanson Pat Swinney Janace Tally Darlene Tanner Cecilia Fay Taylor Joe Taylor Raymond Taylor Ann Templeton Jean Tesson Terry Test Ethel Thackerson Barbara Thomasson Albert C. Thompson Dean Thompson Toni Thompson .Mary Bfqh Thorn Iva Nell Travis Sara Thurman Billie Tidwell Martha Tinkle A. B. Todd Lona Truitt Peggy Tucker Jimmy Turkett James Turner Kenneth Twomey Our Sophomore team gets ready for practice. Joe Varnell Darrell Varner J. me y L 253323 A rl fifai A 1' img H '4-'H S +3 i agi3l?Et2iWl , ,, " J ' 'ist' mv X if Qi pr rigs ir Qs X 5 ,X ! ray C. Venable Joyce Vestal Billy Vick Amerette Vonclerhott Susan Voshen , XQQS 128 Marilyn Williams Patricia Williams ,Celia Williams Jennie Wiggins Leon Wilburn Jim Willeforcl Arlan Williams Charles Williams Judy Williams 129 Nancy Waddington Helen Wagner Dan Wagoner Mary Walker Sarah Walker Willa Jean Walker Jimmy Wallace Leo Walter Bill Warlick Rosa Warner Ronald Watkin Jerry Watson Don Webb Mary Ann Weber James Webster Warron Weir Guy Wells Kenneth Wells Laveryl Whetsel Carlene White Charles White Jo El White Kay White Ray White Darlene Wiggins SQPHOMCRES Shirley Williams Sue Williams Jean Gayle Willis Connie Wilson Donna Wilson Eugene Wilson Linda Wilson Roy Winkler Nita Winn Kim Winston M Q U Deana Wood I 4' Kenneth Woody - Carol Wright s A, La Vern Wyatt l l . 4 1 ,.- h 1 it .M 3' h I 3 . ' , Robert Yandall Y Jane Yarbrough , George Young I X s if . i Y l a ' 4 I Sophomores make posters for Queen Sarah... Q Mary Jo Young Margaret Youngblood ef t Jimmy Zacharias 150 Nita Schoonover CLASSES at WORK The cooking class serves a dinner they have prepared. The speech class presents "How to Propose" in assembly. Miss LeFevre directs the string section of the orchestra. Students of history take notes as Miss Hardy lectures. Members of the mechanical drawing class must keep busy to finish their assignments. 2 , 'Z W, .. 'za Q! .M www ,, mr 'we Ju. as .M Qfy , X . 'irish .. :gi -1 K . sw , 7 ' Am WM ,Q " K Ragga? 395, w him :wi P+ 01 W' is W N 4+ .ww J ,, n,g, . . 1.qf P dn., V .V . f f f gm 'gp 4 5 Q my X 5 2 Q - ,k Sf ' 1. Q Q 5. iv A ' ,Q 1' iw 33 as ,ai li W 1' .. fm . A . S? .1 - Mm N LK -5' X W ' 11 , , 1 194 "Www M G 4 " 5 f' .4 h w ,Wir .i-xgqagfgvz , if , gf . , kg-ig, ' I "5 Fi-2,121 g, , 'gi f 4 , , 5 ,Y ,x I H if vim,-I 51 .. - ww' ' ' ,. '-W. . W VA V. L , .1 . wy:ff,:, ,- -5 .b ,V ,..5--, A s S51 " . "L - 5'--59550 v V'-5"'Yf.-"' .. ' H If ST f -W 73 '- A , 2 ' " '- ' nf 3 5 ... Z., Q. ,,.Q ., 5 .. E Q A ffgffe -x 7s,,.M,, Q A "QE -::T:sa3"" 15 Q63 SEEING Row I: Joanne Yarbrough, Virginia Echols, Reva Pritchett, Jerry Anstead, Maralyn Martin, Janet Walter. Row ll: Mr. C. G. Bradford, Business Advisor, John Waldrop, Sandra Wil: Iis, Nita Harvey, Nan Rich, Delores Wilburn, Betty Beall, l - ez, Gary Turner, and Miss Mildred Stokes, Editorial Advisor. FLASH LIGHT Reva Pritchett, Editor, discusses page layouts with Maralyn Martin, Art Editor, and Jerry Anstead, Business Manager. Gerald Montgomery and John Wal- drop, photographers, are at work with the enlargers. STAFF Nita Harvey, Layout Editor, and Gary Turner, Sports Editor, are discussing a layout for one of the Sports pages. Janet Walter, Faculty Editor, Nan Rich, Club Editor, and Virginia Echols, Clul? Editor, are busy at work on their sections. Class editors, tiki, Betty Beall, Joanne Yarbrough, Kay Berry, Delores Wilburn, and Sandra Willis are identifying pictures. , t.:f,,s,s 5 ., f: -V www N.. .Mwewwwusf,wM. JOHN Hoass JAN CARTER .. ANN SHULTS .. BILL BASSETTI MARTHA WALKER . .. RICHARD HAMRICK .... MAXINE SHOWALTER .. DOROTHY WALKER THE EDITORIAL STAFF . .Editor-in-Chief Managing Editor . . .Society Editor . .Feature Editor . . .Sports Editor . . .Photographer . . . . .Reporter . . .Reporter PETE BROCK .... JOYCE DOWNS ... .. BOBBIE BROWN . . BARBARA FINLEY . MARGARET PAULK TED MOORE ..... ED WHEELER .... ROBERT CATE . . . PATRICIA ROSE .. If there were no Business Staff there would be no Battery, since it is these people who are responsible for selling the ads and getting them in the paper. Members of the Business Staff get good training for futureciournalistic work. BATTERY BUSINESS STAFF Row 'lx Loveta Alexander, Peggy Hancock, Marilyn But- ton, Jan Jarrett, Deanna Mil- ler, Janice Murphy Row 2: Jerry Hasty, Son- dra Loader, Mary Kay Kim- berly, Rihskma-Polk, Sandra Weldon, Sandra Dickenson, Sherry Lynn Cook, Mr. Ken- namer. Y Y N No.1 . .Cartoonist . .Dub Editor . . .Reporter . . .Reporter . . .Reporter . . .Reporter Photography . . .Reporter . . .Reporter BATTERY EDITORIAL STAFF ROW' l: Margaret Paulk, Bill Bassetti, John Hobbs, Jan Carter, Ann Shults, Mar- tha Walker. ROW 2: Maxine Showal- ter, Dorothy Walker, Joyce Downs, Patricia Rose, Bobbie Brown, Barbara Finley. ROW 3: Pe-te Brock, Ted Moore, Ed Wheeler, Robert Cate, Richard Hamerick. The first Battery was published on March 4, 1927. The Battery Staff is divided into two groups, the Editorial Staff and the Business Staff. It is the Editorial Staff that gathers and writes news for the bi-weekly A.H.S. Newspaper. Deadline days are busy days in the Battery office. 137 MISS FRONT PAGE and Runners-Up MISS FRONT PAGE R'-'nne'5'uP Runners-Up NATALEE MORRIS LINDA MAHAN JANET WALTER BARBARA R055 LAURA McCORMlCK LINDA MAHAN 138 PRESS CLUB ROW 1: Joyce Downs, Sherry Lynn Cook, John Hobbs, Richard Hame- rick, Ed Wheeler, Don Jacobs ROW 2: Cecil Lassiter, Connie Wilson, Joanne George, Peggy Hancock, Loveta Anderson, Ruby Coats, Nelson Stevens, Elvin Rogers, Freddy Lang, David Jones Organized in 1935, the Press Club creates interest in journalism. The members cuss the problems involved in editing a newspaper. There are no requirements for :mbership in this club. and a better understanding of all people FOREIGN DRRESPONDENCE ROW 1: Barbara T Chambers, lda Mae Pil- tgreen, Carlene White, Betsy Clemmer, Gwen 'Rogers, Betty Jo Mur- dock, Mrs. Morrow ROW 2: Betty Jordan, Gloria Jackson, Pat Rog- ers, Pat Bigger, Nelda Estes, Wanda Morrison, Wanda Allen ROW 3: Vera Jenkins, Patricia Gilbert, Barbara Mauldin, Carolyn Shep- herd, Jeanine Pugh, Bet- ty Jefferies, Mary Jo Ol- ney, Dona Wilson, Janis Joseph, Sandra Willis ROW 4: Mary Francis Smith, Reubel Reams, . Dorothy Keith, Mike Kes- ler, James Showwalter, Mike Collum, Reba Pow- ell, Joyce Allen Various correspondence clubs have been organized in our school since 1937. The main purpose of these clubs is to promote friendship with foreign boys and girls STUDENT ROW l: David Hughe Gayle Hanks, Rufus Kini Sharon Osborn, Roy She wood, Gretchen Cordell ROW 2: Lannie Skagg Jane Perry, Gayle Lamben Rosalee Jones, Ruth Ar Polk, Beverly Beall, Norrr Dry ROW 3: Reba Powell, Kc Berry, Dora Cobb, Linda M1 han, Joy Black, Sandr Hockersmith, Barbara Este Mr. Edwards ROW 4: Donald Coonro Linda Wilson, Jim Ya brough, Marlene Merric Bill Wall, Larry Green, W ford McCann OFFICERS: Steve Marshall, President: David Steinman, Vice-President, Bar- bara Hart, Recording Secretary, Jackie Duncan, Corresponding Secretary, Pat Bennett, Treasurer, Roger Whitehurst, Parliamentarian. The Student Council, organized in 1922, originates and puts into effect reg-2 J ulations for improving our school. Much interest is manifested in this all-important y X organization. ROW 'la David Hughes, Gayle Hanks? Rufus King, Sharon Osborn, Roy Sher- wood, Gretchen ,Cordell ROW 2: Lonnie Skaggs, Jane Perry, Gayle Lambert, Rosalee Jones, Ruth Ann Polk, Beverly Beall, Norma Dry ROW 3: Reba Powell, Kay Berry, Dora Cobb, Linda Ma- han, Joy Black, Sa n d ra Hockersmith, Barbara Estes, Mr. Edwards ROW 4: Donald Coonrod, L i n d a Wilson, Jim Yar- brough, Marlene Merrick, Bill Wall, Larry Green, Wil- ford McCa nn k X ' x , i X , -:Q L by ,E . is R l A sl :J 513 . 1 i . I The Student Council, organized in t COUNCIL ROW 1: Elecive Blair, Hel- en Jackson, Sue Williams, Johannah Edwards, Maralyn Martin ROW 2: Alta Brock, Sha- ron Hooks, Xan Milam, Gaye Longacre, Mary Kay Kimb- Iey, Marlene Morrison ROW 3: Betty Magee, Dor- othy Walker, Beniamin Pil- cher, Ronald Ross 1922, originates and puts into effect reg- ulations for improving our school. Much interest is manifested in this all-important organization. Two projects sponsored by the Student Council ch year have tradition around A.H.S. One is the paring and the delivering of boxes of food to the edy. ln assembly one of the speech classes pre- ted Mr. Sublett's play, "Spirit of Thanksgiving". Another highlight of the year is the Christmas e placed in the center hall which is being admired Gloria Rogers and Jane Perry. OFFICERS: Jim Millerman, President, Phil Widmer, Vice President, Betsy Polk, Sec- retary, Gayle Wright, Treasurer, Virginia Echols, Reporter, Cyrena Stowe, Projects Chairman, Theiss Jones, Program Chairman Texans and Wisconsians enioy the scenery at the Ranch Party sponsored by NHS. NATIONA ROW 'l: Theiss Jones, P Wiclmer, Gayle Wright, V ginia Echols, Betsy Polk, J Millerman, Cyrena Stowe ROW 2: Patsy Vaugl Clara Ann Bennett, Lin Sutton, Maralyn Martin, A Bynum, Evelyn Guitar ROW 3: Janet Wa I te Patsy Barrington, Alyne liott, Mary Ann Harris, 'Ki Barnes, Pat Seaborne ROW 4:fJQ.Qi.e,HcuQQ! Gaye Longacre, Jacqueli- Shields, Sandra Dickensc Melba Brown, Jane Perry ROW 5: Max Blackbur Frank Scarborough, J ac Crumpler, Don Burks, D4 Jacobs 4 l Jim Millerman gives the pledge to ne members of NHS HONOR SOCIETY Pon, Gayle, Xan, Ann, and Sam deliver a "Sing- pg Teleg ra m". ROW I: Suzanne Pierce, n Milam, Lynn Ford, Dora Ebb, Joanne Green KROW 2: Lannie Skaggs, 'etchen Cordell, Gayle -Emks, Roger Whitehurst, ally Green, Gwen Lareau, 'ZQ'ID6TI'fI'IIX' C I'RiOW'ii3:"J6hih wqldrop, an Rich, lnafieT 4?Zt 2' Bubby Bynum, Madine wambers, Clarice Osborne, um Caudle I 'ROW 4: Danny Owen, nhn Barfoot, Mike Lockard, ill Graves, Cecil Cox, Butch lray, Joseph Arden V l 1 Q fr A ,L ,Q ,i lyq 2, ,gli -4 Af'-1" J Members of NHS prepare to deliver de- licious candy for the Valentine post office. The Abilene Chapter of National Honor Splciety received its Charter in 1928. Among many services of this organizdticfrtzare cleaning and cataloguing the trophies. Its members are chosen onfthe"basis of Leadership, Scholarship, Charac- ter, and Service. A CLUB ROW 'l: J. Crumpler, Briggs, H. Calwell, Billy Rudd, J. Thomas, Cull Hunt. ROW 2: Pat M. Jones, Self, D. Bridges, D.i Bow land, R. Roy, G. Belew, Zacharias, C. Bottoms, A Moser. ROW 3: Mr. Grosclose, Scarbrough, B. Youngbloc J. Tatum, BLwQbbacd, Taylor, S. Caudle, H. Hawkins, Don Beall. ROW 4: Jo Barfoot, T. Key, H. Swafford, D. Ste' man, E. Cure, B. Mossha D. Burks, R. Cearly. ROW 5: G. Colvin, . Cook, G. Woods, H. Rose baum, G. W. Davidson, Bland, W. Moore, T. Ash, Bailey. The A Club was organized in September, 1943. All the boys who come out for athletics in Abilene High School are eligible for membership in this club. Sportsmanship is given special emphasis at the club meetings. ROW l: B. Judd D. Han dy, G. Gregory, S. Peake, D Horne, C. Davenport ROW 2: Mr. Blackburn J Kennedy, J. Harrison, G Moore, H. Landrum, B Campbell, J. Roberts, E Bishop, P. Stubbs, D. Gulley Mr. Gleaton. ROW 3: James Leonard, B Adams, S. Bradshaw, D Varner, R. King, J. Carpen ter, H. Jordan, D. Hughes, J Cavitt. ROW 4: J. Rose, B. Ca r o t h e rs, K. Schmidt, R Schmittou, S. Love, G. Cop pinger, G. Kring, R. Burton D. Chane y. ROW 5: J. Busby, M. Lock- erd, J. Arden, G. Armstrong T. Lucas, G. Wells, S. Seale D. Suggs, C. Lane. I I .3 i 1 ROW 'l: J. Henderson, F. Green, J. Grayson, V. Ma- lone, D. Hunter, J. Busby, B. Martinez ROW 2: Mr. Bullington, C. Winkles, S. McEntire, B. Teague, W. Carpenter, H. E. Dunlop, H. McCoy, J. Tyler, R. Hagler, S. Ferrell, T. Hil- burn, B. Edwards, Mr. Lawson ROW 3: J. Brook, D. Owen, J. Millerman, J. Car- ter, J. We-Ich, T. Sloan, J. Myrick, F. Yancy, J. Herring- ton, A. Sides, Mr. Watkins. ROW A: J. Miles, LLB. DQ Kennedyf B. Vick, L. Head, J. Avery, W. Millsap, C. White, B. Warlick, M. Jones, B. Boyd ROW 5: R. Mulhern, R. Long, T. Scott, V. McFadden, J. Stowe, L. Strange-, G. Bar- nett, B. Smith, R. Guthrie, R. Winkler, R. Shafer ne of the highlights of the football season was the Twyman Ash and Ronnie Mulhern present the basketball resentatlon of the district trophy to Mr Webb by trophy brought home from the Brownwood Tournament A ASSOCIATION Football Basketball Track Tennis Volleyball The A Association is composed of all the students who have lettered in football, basketball, track, baseball, volleyball or tennis. The cheerleaders are also members of this organization. In 'I947 a Spirit of Athletics was chosen by this group for the first time. CAPTAINS TWYMAN A JIM MILLERM JOHN THOA RONNIE MULHI TWYMAN I BOB MOSSHI JIM MILLERM CARROLL HOPK GEORGIA OSBC ROW 'l: Mr. Blackburn, Natalee Morris, Melba Brown, Jane Key, Sandra Standefer, Charlotte Welch, Gay Sanders, Barbara Estes, Mr. Moser, ROW 2: Bob Mosshart, BQlLHubbard, Roland Snipes, Jack Self, Don Bridges, Danny Owen, James Leonard, Sam Caudle, Henry CBlWellTFWelden Moore, ROW 3: Carlton Winkles, Elmo Cure, John Barfoot, James Welch, David Bourland, Jimmy Carpenter, Bruce Boyd, Jerry Henderson, ROW 4: Jim Millerman, Maurice Cook, Jim Briggs, Don Burks, David Steinman, Pat Bland, George Barnett, Freddie Green, Rufus King, Homer Rosenbaum I I I I I I I I ROW 1: Clara Ann Bennett, Marilyn Miller, Laura McCormick, Pat Bennett, Gay Longacre, Gayle Wright, Georgia Osborne, ROW 2: Mr. Groseclose, Hubert Jordan, David Howle, James Busby, Carroll Hopkins, Roy Reid, Guy Wells, H. P. Hawkins, Glen Belew: ROW 3: Stanley Binion, Stuart Peak, Ronnie Mulhern, Phillip Bailey, Frank Scarborough, Glynn Gregory, Billy Jack Rudd, Don Beall, ROW 4: Cullen Hunt, Jack Crumpler, Glenn WoodS, Hollis 5WC1ff0l'Cl, Leslie STFCFIQS, Gene Colvin, Twyman Ash, Bob Gay. ckburn, Groseclose, Bullington, and Moser "chatting" Members of A Association are admiring the Gold A won er Pep Rally. by Laura McCormick, Spirit of Athletics. 147 ww The mysterious G an G emblem is displayed by Pat Bennett, president. ROW 'I: Pat Birdsong, Jan Jarrett, Elouise Harrison, Lin- da Sutton, Patsy Eacly, Linda Mahan, F or s si e Williams, Maralyn Martin. ROW 2: Syl- via Pierce, Natalee Morris, Barbara Estes, Carol Cham- man, Mary Wagner, Annette Jackson, Patsy Boger, Dor- othy Winston, EVelyn'War- ner. ROW 3: Betty Apperson, Elsie Todd, Dorothy Math- ews, Barbara Finley, Gay Longacre, Laura McCormick, Norma Jo Braddox, Pat Sea- bourn, D i x ie McPherson. ROW 4: Gay Holmes, Betty Billings, Mary Ann Harris, Helen F l a n a g a n, Laura Powell, Ann Gorden, Janet Walter, Georgia Osburne, Marilyn Button GanG OFFICERS PAT BENNETT LAURA MCCORMICK LYNNE FORD BARBARA ESTES MARGARET JENNINGS Presid Vice-Presid Secret Treasl Repo I, GanG ROW l: Carolyn lsbell, Day Carmack, Mariorie Nix, Barbara Lain, Jan Jarrett, Lucinda Prather. ROW 2: Joyce Allen, Mary Floyd, Beverly Floyd, Lou Ann Smith, Sue Gooch, Dorothy Marin, Shirley Mazy. ROW 3: Betty Green, Marilyn Miller, Lynne Ford, Norma Jo Brad- dox, Barbara Ross, Martha Bridwell, Jean Spurlin. ROW 4: Jane Key, Barbara Had- dovx, Sylvia Pierce, Kay Ber- ry, Kay Barnes, Pat Bennett, Nelda Vestal, Barbara ln- man. G an G, a club for senior girls, was organized in 1922. Its main purpose is to help the sophomore girls become acquainted with the school and their class- mates. Each senior girl has the opportunity to select a sophomore girl for her "little sister". When the Christmas party is given, "the big sister's" true identity is made known. 1 i EOW l: Johnnie Dillard, anne Pierce, Betsy Polk, 'yle Joy, Marlene Morri- 1, Loretta Shaw. ROW 2: itsy Compton, Barbara rt, Doris Martin, Olene Smith, Clara Ann Bennett, lcie Gregory, Jan Boyd. W 3: Rose Marie Sweif m, Betty Lou Barbee, De- is Lilly, J o a n n e Yar- ough, Debbie Thomas, tsy Johnson, Wanda Se- Ell, Carol Harlow. ROW 4: s. Haney, Clayrene Long, leenDonnell,RuebelReams, tiarlotte Welch, Melba lown, Sally Smith, Dorothy innedy, Jclnisyxhgbbgqgdfi GanG At the beginning of each year, the senior girls are initiated into G an G in a candle light- ing ceremony. At this meeting the girls are told the secret meaning of G an G. ROW 1: Lynn Presswood, Margaret Tipton, Pat Mc- B r i d e, Geraldine Rodgers, Virginia Echols. ROW 2: Eve- lyn Baker, Theda Ball, Betsy Davis, Glenda J a c k s o n, Gloria Jackson, Ann Rhea. ROW 3: Amy Schoonover, Norma Sinclair, Nellie Bon- ine, Natalee Morris, Janet Walter, Gloria Williams, Gwen Lareau, Miss Cline. ROW 4: Mary Tutt, Dorothy Walker, Dorothy Wagoner, Sandy Burt, Georgia Os- borne, Theda Howze, Pat Mitchell, Dora Sue Christian, Sandra Hockersmith V----Y -- V r These girls are a great help in the offices of AHS. One can find them assist- ing the faculty in the Registrar's Office, the Attendance Office, and the Coun- selor's Office. LIBRARY WORKERS ROW 'l: Nancy Little, Neal Hollingshead, Sta- cy Lynn Stivers, Carol Birdsong, Patricia Rose ROW 2: Donna Don- ald, Janice Tally,,.J.eD.D- Cox Archeg NancyW'ind- ham, Patsy Barrington, Alyne Elliott, Thelma Fol- ler, Miss Rae ROW 3: M i s s Wills, Barbara Carlton, Joyce Vestal, Betty Brownell, Mary Lee Harlow, Levi- na Hatchett, Mary Jane Archer ROW 4: Jim Grayson, Jerral Phariss, Bess Leg- gett, Louise Smith, Dora Sue Christian, Arvella Goodman, Mary Lakey, Betty Joyce Brown, Mel- ba Hayes, Margaret De Shazo OFFICE WORKERS ROW 'l: Alice Sher- wood, Annette Vaughn, Jackie Duncan, Pat Sea- born, Linda Sutton ROW 2: Norma Jo Braddock, Patsy Eady, Patsy Vaughn, Carol Chapman, KayCormack, Pat Biggers, Weynoka Briscoe, Johnnie Dillard ROW 3: Lynne Ford, Doris Martin, Nadine Odom, Margaret Jenn- ings, Pat Bogar, Carol Pumphrey, Betsy Polk ROW 4:,J,afn.i s Hub- fbgrd, Judy.-BBETTLE-ukra 'NlcCormick, Dixie Mc- Pherson, Dorothy Mat- hews, Gayle Joy, Patsy Compton, Nona Watson ROW 5: Barbara Had- dox, Carolyn Lankford, Marjorie Nelson, Geor- gia Osborne, Sherry Smith, Jamie Bottoms, Bottoms, Sue Flowers Miss Wills and Miss Ray have boys and girls helping them throughout the day in the library. These helpers perform the duties of checking books in and out and ROW 'I LU WEEE' 'Qetty Jo Q Madine Chambers Dora Cobb Barbara Carlton Joyce Hayes ROW 2 Arlo Costin Glenn Mayfield iRonnie Kirkpatrick William Allen Morris Brannon Carla Cobb Carol Sue Hawk Tom Bourbon John Perkins Alton Edwards ROW 3 Wanda Morrison Flora Parten David Bryant Marilyn Button Virginia Echols Ann Bynum Sarie Brogan Lannie Skaggs Nancy Sample games Jan Boyd Ronal Dowdy 152 ROW 4 Cary Cooke Lewis Giles Jerral Pharris Redah Sue Anz Judy Mathis John Hamil Don Cameron Arthur Moore Robert Hall Kenneth Woody Amy Schoonover Jerry Tate A. B. Todd Zena Barnett Eddie Swanson Layne Dowdy Bobby Griffith Reford Schmittou The instrumental music Department ded by Mr. Robert Fielder has given ny concerts this year. The orchestra was organized in 1927. is year the orchestra has played con- rts in Brownwood as well as local ncerts. 'Until 1947, the band was divided "o two divisions, the girls band, or- lnized in 1938, and the boys band or- rnized in 1927. The band is now di- ed into a concert band and a march- band. The concert band made a r this year to Memphis, Tennessee id played many local concerts. Mr. Russell Greip is the assistant band rector and Miss Jean LeFevre is the rector of strings. ORCHESTRA Miss LeFevre conducts ci string section drill 153 it ff X ROW 'I Sarie Brogan Jimmy Farris Lawrence Siewert Nixie Gregory John Mays Betty Jo Jordan Annelle Popolio Sue Bowen ' Lonnie Skaggs Dan Green Don Furnish Diana Knightstep David Bryant Peggy Conselman Ann Bynum ROW 2 Jimmy Herrington Jimmy Caroll Lee Don Moore Elizabeth Bogart Elsie Tarver Gail Kring Tom Keever Kenneth Woody Linda Burkett Ray Canant Byron Penrod Kay Kinnard Amy Schoonover Jerry Tate Sandra Carroll Pat Whetsel Lynda Hayes Marisue Hall Tom Bourbon , SLe1.e-MQLshQl1j6QiQ ROW 3 George Wilson Idanel North Glenna Lindsey Jimmy Miller Judy Sullivan Peggy Cornelius Merlene Critz Raymond Bynum 154 Arthur Moore Jim Hooks Marcial Mitchell Jesse Barrera Don Cameron Ma rky Touchstone DonP"Pollock H E ' Ralph Holloway Cecil Lassiter Ronnie Kirkpatrick Steve Lindberg Bobby Woods Jerry Jones Lyneve Chapman James North Sally Smith Joe Fielder Jimmy McDermitt Jan Boyd ROW 4 Don Webb Charles Moore Eddie Carpenter CO NCER' Mike Miller Mickey McGuire Eddie Swanson John Eplen Buster Smith Mary Beth Ihorni Robert Hall Jerry Whetsel ' ,Charles Bratton X Don Waters ' Paul Kelly i Don Walden ' Paul Philips l Jon Hays 4 Darla Brian i Redah Sue Ani' l Jane Turner J Judy Mathis 1 John McGowen l Kenneth Chorn Robert Smith i V. M. Hitt Don Kinley Jerry.AAarshaJL Ronniefarmacki John Harhil l AND OFFICERS LAWRENCE SIEWERT Captain t JOHN HALMILN :first Lieutenant PAUL KELLY Second Lieutenant RONNIE CORMACK Second Lieutencl nt ll' MARCHING ROW l: Anny Bynum, Annelle Popalio, Loretta Long, Linda Burkett, ldanel North, Nita Schoonover, Gary Mercer Jimmy Showalter, Jim Hooks, Arthur Moore, Jimmy McDermitt, Jimmy Wallace, R y White, Mickey McGuire, Jfudf Mathis. ROW 2: Pat Whetsel, Grace Lynn, Lynda Hayes, Amy Schoonover, Lyneve Chapman, Barbara Brown, Glen no Lindsey, Betty Jo Jordon,fDwayne Crow, Jerry Watson, Eddie Wayne Martin, Don Pollock, Dwayne Bennett Don Smith, Reg Cruntp,QA5a'rk Toucl'Ts1'UjQ:Diana Knightstep, Richard Kennedy, Don Cameron, Judy Sullivan, Jo anne George, Jane TurnerlxRUW"3:"Joe Roscoe, John Mays, Kenneth Woody, Phil Long, Lawrence Furnish, Kell neth Chorn, V. M. Hitt, George Wilson, Don Moore, Jerry Jones, Gail Kring, Charles Moore, Mike Miller, Ray mond Bynum, Jesse Barrera, Bob Flanagan, Kay White, Reda Sue Anz, Peggy Conselman, Ann Ratliff, Ray Canant l l , A r pai Q' F' , - R f e. X ky ,id Ah ,- X3 'lx ,W ,'.m..Y A ' , ft ' .lf f W Yo- '. . ' 'slit N' H t l X f ,: , .. W i ' fl Q, ..l, ei-52: Y V f trs s,f,a, , A , X , J ' 55 'ff'-, 'wg ,kg ,Jog i . i 'r-4.5 .", , , , ,, ' '. ' " 'reef 5-1-V" 'ff 4 ir- ' " 57:5 ti 75' V l fs ff' 5 f ' f' ik 3' My Z i - Q ft 4, 4 1 ,ef A V Q, 1 35-lf X g , , , - Y " F332 D 'fig 5431 J is V' L if Q Xi . , " ,ywjjjr ".'. . W 'firm ..cr' 7 z V, I V Z ' ,!ffiA?ig '5.'Qlef ' K . . CSB 4 3259 , ,H tj. wwf ' 'E t Yv a x M V Q H lv, X jail. . Q iv , Xb 1 i V. V. kk W L LA' "1" . , "ff 'H ' 'ffm Pl .2-W' - , ' 1 I fx K 9 f www, - 'sz' 3 , ,c,, Uifiii , . ,kt, ff.- 156 A Marching Formation :BAND E Templeton, Jim Miller, Tommy Keever, Donald Stevens, Darla Brians,.Mary Beth Thorn, ,Bobby Woods, John Ronnie Carmack, Jerry Marshall. ROW 4: Don Linley, Jerre Bardin, John McGowen, Robert Smith, Peggy Sarie Brogan, Elsie Tarver,f Elizabeth Bogart, Marisuek Hall, Don Webb, Jimmy Herrington, Marcial Mit- Jerry Tate, Joe Fielder, Steve Marshall, Ronnie Marshall,l'Ronnie Kirkpatrick, Cecil Lassiter, Dan Green, Byron Steve Lendberg, Tom Bourbon, Mike Kessler, Ralph Holloway, Jimmie Carol Lee, Eddie Swanson. DRUM Lawrence Siewert. COLOR GUARD: Eddie Carpenter, James North, Jim Ferris, David Bryant. MAJOR- Jan Boyd, Nixie Gregory, Kay Kinnard, Jean Tesson,S5JLilcl.r-cllCBl'gL Sue Bowen. ffm fy " nf vfy, ll, . 1 . , , f .Lx , .ii 5 , X 1 P v Y, ' iff' ' ' 0 Presentation of the Homecoming Queen 157 ROW I: Harriett Harvey, Patsy Ashmore, Karon Hopkins, Ann Shults, Gayle Wright, Carla Imes, Sherror Sparks, Sandra Bravenec,,f'Eliiabeth Hix, Gayle Hanks, Xan Milam, Sharon Hooks, ROW 2: Doris Martin, Barbarel Hart, Amy Schoonover, Harold Walker, Johnny Campbell, H. P. Hawkins, Jimmy Cole, Herschel McCoy, Glen Belew Roy Davis, Rodger Helgesen, Donald McClure, Marlene Nance, Goldie Imes, Carolyn Isbell. ROW 3: Ruthie Bonnifield Margaret Smith, Gloria Williams, Sharon Sparks, Walter Campbell, Cecil Cox, Elton Higgs, Theiss Jones, James Welch Robert Smith, Henry Colwell, Johnny Lenker, Jack Self, Jean Spurlin, Margaret Allen, Patsy Seabourn, Sandra Hocken smith, ROW 4: Sandy Burt, Barbara Haddox, Sylvia Hamilton, Mariie Nelson, Danny Owen, Jim Briggs, Vance M Fadden, Gerold Corder, Jim Stowe, Julian Long, John Barfoot, Bing Kelly, Wayne Hall, Allen Sides, Cyrena Stowg Nona Little, Carolyn Adams, Sherre Smith. A CAPPELLA I A CAPPELLA OFFICERS GIRLS QUARTET President, Julian Long, Vice-President, Jimmy Cole, Sec- First Soprano, Barbara Hart, Second Soprano, Doris Ma retary-Treasurer, Gayle Wright, Librarians, Cyrena tin, First Alto, Elizabeth-Hicks, Second Alto, Cyrena Stow Stowe, Sandra Hockersmith, Robe Custodians, Doris " Martin, Wayne Hall I 158 ......nlsvss x EAGLE-ETTE OFFICERS GIRLS SEXTET Erbara Finley, President, Linda Mahan, Vice-President, Barbara Hart, Doris Martin, First Soprano, Ruthie Boni- ne Preston, Secretary-Treasurer, Sharon Osborn, Ruth field, Mariorie Nelson, Second Soprano, Cyrena Stowe, nn Polk, Student Council Representatives Sandra Hockersmith, Alto EAGLE-ETTES ROW 'I: Patsy Vaughn, Jackie Elmore, Marilyn Williams, Patsy Burkleo, Anita Springfield, Mary Singleton, verly Browning, Linda Mahan, Betty Ross, Virginia Rice, Priscilla Housewright, Lafon Jowers, ROW 2: Beverly tler, Janis Murphy, Mary F. Lashley, Annette Jackson, Deana Armstrong, Sharon Osborn, Cayloma Hurst, Margaret ungblood, Eddie Faye Brecheen, Glenda Littletielcl, Dolores Johnson, Maxine Showalter, Ann Ledbetter, Mary Ann eber, Beverly Briley, Nancy Fanson, Peggy Roberts, Nita Schoonoverp ROW 3: Betty Green, Ellen Rose Davis, Iso- ll Shipley, Betty Chapman, Mora Lumpkin, Lona Truett, Mary Billings, Judy Mateiosky, Natalee Morris, Bobbi own, Barbara Finley, Jo Ann Green, Sandra Neas, Saundra Carter, Glenna Butler, Barbara Lanfair, Dorothy Kem- r, Paula Spurlin, Ann Jackson, Ruth.YAnn,,a.RQxW 4: Barbara Colwell, Sue Edington, Sylvia Pierce, Mary agoner, Martha Tinkle, Kay Kring',"'J'ane Preston, Janina Barron, Virginia Nunn, Sherry Miller, Joan Blount, Ann ordon, Jane Yarbrough, Gwen Rogers, Barbara Kirkpatrick, Donnie Alexander, Patsy Warren, Jeanette Wallace, eneta Jones, Barbara Reeves, Betty Lou Miller, Jenena Harding. J Y . "ff ff .Z Q J Q ZX J ROW 1: David Short, Billy Webb, Jim Williford, Olen Gritfen, Jerry Dunlap, Butch Gray, Jack Smith, D5 Methane, Bryon Judd, Ben Matinez. ROW 2: H. E. Dunlap, Bubby Bynum, Jerry Hasty, David Haney, Jerry Rober Jimmy 'Zacharias, Rose Marie Sweidum, Jim Merrick, Bobby Sortor, Ervin Bishop, V. M. Hitt, Ray Cannant, Jeri Watson. ROW 3: Paul Stubbs, Billy Vick, Ronald Watkins, Wilford Millsap, Jimmy Powers, Tommy Scott, Mike Req Bobby Woods, Bryan Osborne, Van Gaines, Bob Corothers, Durwood Shirley, Bryan Tatum, Joe Birdwell. ' BOYS CHORUS HQ A v li' ,J jfliyjll, .qv-5 QV if flfllywh One of the most pleasing assemblies of the year was 'Furnished by the choral groups of Abilene High. This one was in the form of a baseball game at Ebbets Field. I r., the past four years the A.H.S. This year's trip proved how much Cappella Choir has taken ex- 'fun one can have on such a nded trips which have taken small amount of sleep. Despite em into a number ot states. the aftermath, none of the mem- is year their tour included bers would take' 'For their trip. i SIXTH PERIOD GIRLS CHORUS ROW 1: Billie Carmack, Ann Floyd, Jane Prather, Gloria Rodgers, Darlene Tanner, Thelma Lou Foller, Mary hnson, Darlene Wiggins, ROW 2: Norma Jean Jones, Royce Blackford, Doris Perry, Darlene Davidson, Flora Haw- Erne, Margie Everett, Ann Pope, Egllena Eair, Beverly Paxton, ROW 3: Peggy Gray, Judy Pride, Lona Crosby, kie Noble, Carol Body, Barbara Brown, Barbara Mauldin, Carol Atchison, Barbara Thomasson, June Collins. OFFICERS: Jimmy Anderson, President, Jimmy Cole, Vice-President, Carla Imes, Secreta ry-Treasurer. ROW 1: Pat Bennett, Dorothy Winston, Gayle Wright, Cyrena Stowe, Kay Barnes, Sandra Lockhart ROW 2: Beberly Bri- ley, Gayle Hanks, Sha- ron Sparks, Loudel Fitz- gerald, Weynoka Bris- coe, Carol Chapman, Annette-Springfield, Ann Bynum ROW 3: Nelda Taylor, Ann Hills, Jamie Bot- toms, Patsy Warren, Margaret Jennings, Lan- nie Skaggs, Margaret Smith ROW 4: Carla Imes, Marlene Nance, Sylvia Hamilton, N ona Little, Sherry Smith, Carolyn Adams, Sherre Smith, Ann Boss ROW 5: Pat Lollor, Pat Sellers, Harriett Thomas, Carolyn H a r r i s , Sue Flowers, A. B. Tod, Bryan Tatum, Robert Smith, Ronnie Carmack MUSIC APPRECIATIOI ROW 'l: Sheila, Key, bara Lidia, Jimmy Cole, Jimmy Anderson, Odes- sa Penthall, Lona Cros- by ROW 2. Johnnie Pe- chacek, Joanne Green, Harriet Harvey, M a r y Johnson, Nona Bailey, Ann Floyd ROW 3: Becky Willing- ham, Walter Campbell, Ray Olds, Theresa Gat- lin, Celinda Coon, San- dra Hockersmith ROW 4: Larry Asberry, Johnny Campbell, Wayne H a l l , Charles Cox, Ross Hale, Theiss Jones, Joe Bridwell ROW 5: Harold Walk- er, Wilburn Smith, Butcl' Gray, Dan Kenley, John- ny Lenker, Clifton Pine, Phil Widmer, Larry Street, Lenneth Fraser The Music Appreciation Club was organized in 1952. The club periods ar spent listening to records. Any student may become a member of this club. I l Wagner, Secretary-Treasurer: Mary Ann Harris, Reporter 1 ROW 1: Donnie Alex- ander, Mary Ann Harris, Dorothy Walker, Julian lLong, Jerry Anstead ROW 2: Martha Walk- er, Peggy Roberts, Jean- 'pie Wiggins, Sandy Burt, yle Mashburn, C a r o l Wright ROW 3: Nancy,.Mc- Creight, Carol Atchison, Judith Stange, Carol Pumphery, Doris Perry, Ed len 'r, Susan parks 1 ROW 4: Jean Swilling, Jacque Nash, Virginia N u n n , Jim Willeford, Scottie Arnold ROW 5: Bob Robins, Paul Culp, Arlo Costin, Paul E. Phillips, A. J. Bleeker, David Webster A. H. S. THEATER ROW 1: J a n Case, Frank Hill, Mark Touch- stone, Dorothy Wagner, Burnell Blain ROW 2: Mrs. James, Peggy C h a s e , Carol Bridsong, Mary Frances Moore, S a n d r a Foun- tain, Diana Strickland, Charlotte O w e n s , Mr. Sublett ROW 3: Sherron Sparks, Ann Gray, Betty Parmelly, B a r b a ra Mitchell, J e a n Curry, Flora Jean Hawthorne ROW 4: Jerry Watson, Ronnie Nevans, Linden Owen, E fy el y n Guitar, Judith Wi l l a r d , Rose Marie Swiedom ' Organized in 1945, this club's cheif interest is in dramatics. For entertain- ment during club meetings, members discuss current plays and present short scenes from plays. A.H.S. Theater is also in charge of publicity for all our plays. Historian, Mary Kay Kimbley,- Reporter W l I NATIONAL THESPIANS TROUPE '353 ROW l:Margare1 Jennings, M a r k Touch- stone, Mary Kay Kim- bley, Julian Long, Mary Ann Harris, Frank Hill ROW 2: Revo Pritchett, P a t s y Ashmore, Laura McCormick, Carol Pumphrey, Jackie Dun- can, Mr. Sublett ROW 3: Jan Case, Marilyn M i I l e r , Carol Chapman, J a n Jarrett, Sherron Sparks, Donnie Alexander ROW 4: Dorothy Wag- ner, Marjie Nelson, Jac- queline Shields, Sandy B u rt, Dorothy Walker, Sandra Dickenson, San- dra Hockersmith ROW 5: Pa ul Culp, Jerry Gribble, Gene En- gle, Robert C ate , Don Jacobs In 1938 the Abilene Thespian Chapter became a member of the National organization as Troupe 353. Its main interest lies in the field of drama. One must meet certain requirements to obtain membership in the society. - ROW l: Dixie McPher- son, Lucinda Prather, Ronnie Mulhern, Martha Walker, Barbara Ross, Theda Howze ROW 2: Diana Strick- land, Nancy McCreight, Maralyn Martin, Sarah Walker, A m y Schoon- over ROW 3: Bernell Blain, Jeannie Wiggins, Lynn T o d d , Natalee Morris, Virginia Nunn ROW 4: Jerry Watson, Mona Lumpkin, C a r o I Birdsong, C a r ol Atchi- son, Jean Swilling, Neal Hollingsheadk Jim Vwlle- ' FBTE' ' T ROW 5: Wayne Kim- bler, Jerry Anste-ad, Da- vid Webster, A. J. Bleek- er, Paul E. Phllips, Ron- nie Nevans i l l 2 li 2 it 9 Stage Craft, formally known as Stage Crew, meets first period. lt is in charge of flats, properties, lighting, costumes, and make-up for the plays. The members of this class also help with backstage work in assembly programs. ACTING LAB ROW l: Jan Case, Sarah Walker, Carol 4Chapman, Martha Walker, Jackie Duncan, Carol Pumphery ROW 2: Ann Gordon, Sandy Burt, Lynn Todd, Natalee Morris, Marilyn Miller,!N.e-a lf Hollings- gdb Mary Ann Harris ROW 3: Jerry Gribble, Margaret Jennings, Dor- othy Wa g n e r , Judith Stange, Donnie Alexan- der ROW 4: David Web- ster, R o n n i e Nevans, Gene Engel, Frank Hill, Julian Longfxgajgm OUC STONE l STAGE CRAFT ROW l: Reva Pritch- ett, Theda Houze, Barba- ra Ross, Lucinda Prather, D i x i e McPherson, Jan Jarrett ROW 2: Maralyn Mar- tin, Margaret Jennings, Ma ry K a y Kimbley, Mary An n Harris, Pat Bennett, Jamie Bottoms, Ga y Longacre, Treasa Gatlin ROW 3: Mr. Sublett, Wayne Kimbler, Ronnie Mulhern, G e n e Engel, Jerry Gribble, Paul Culp Acting Lab is a class which meets last period. The students in this class r are interested primarily in clramatics. Most of the characters in the maio are chosen from Acting Lab. l wk' gg i FUTURE TEACHER OFFICERS MELBA BROWN JEAN SWILLING AMY SCHOONOVER ARTHUR GULLEY LANNIE SKAGGS In 1948 the first picture of Future Teachers of America was seen in the Flashlight. The members of this club meet in the homes of different members one night out of every month. At the beginning of the year, a candle-lighting cere- mony was held to induct the new members. Several members have attended the district and state conventions this year. ROW l: Amy Schoonover, Arthur Gulley,JeanSwiIIing, Melba Brown, Lannie Skaggs ROW 2: Virginia Echols, Joanne Yarbrough, Debby Thomas, .E-c-llgbna Flugir, Clara Ann Bennett, Nldrgaret Tip- ton, Eunice Martinez ROW 3: Jackie xShields, Kay Berry, Lynn Ford, Mona Lumpkin, Dorothy B a i I e y, Gwen Lareau, Ray Canant, Miss Cline ROW 4: Deloris Wilburn, Dora Cobb, Pat Bennett, Dora Sue Christian, Rose Marie Swiedom, Jimmy Her- rington, Judy Millard Secreta Preside Treasur Vice-Preside Report 1 NATIONAL -J FORENSICS O ROW 'l: Ronnie Nevans, Julian Long, Mary Frances Moore, Mary Kay Kimbley, Jean Swilling, Roger White- hurst ROW 2: Miss Walton, Jan- ice Thornton, Edlina Flair, Carol Pumphery,'Clara Ann Bennett, Mrs. James ROW 3: Peggy Chase, Carolyn Harris, Theda Houze, Grace Ann Lynn, Frances Lashley ROW 4: Arthur Gulley, Harold Walker, Deloris Wil- burn, Jacqueline Shields, Bill Bassetti, Neal Hollingshead ROW 5: A. J. Bleeker, Jer- ry Anstead, David Webster, Frank HilYl,MAgrglogVCostin, Cy Gibsonmark Touchstonev i- ,., V Y , .. National Forensics was organized in 1932. Members of this club participate in debate, declamation, and extemporaneous speaking. They have won many honors in these fields for our school. OFFICERS ULIAN LONG President OGER WHITEHURST Vice President ARY KAY KIMBLEY Corresponding Secretary LENNA ISBELL Recording Secretary ONNIE NEVANS Parliamentarian EAN SWILLING Librarian New members of NFL are Paul Culp, Jerry Watson, Carol Atchinson Tommy Keever, Warren Weir, Linda Wilson, Jackie Shields, Carl Baugh ROW 'I: Sandra Sandeter, Gay Sanders, Dora Sue Christian, Shirley Mazy, Gloria Williams, Mary Perkins, Kay Hendley, ROW 2: Polly Green, Jean Ray, Mary Johnson, Dorothy Martin, Sue Williams, Gayle Willis, Winnie McClure, Kay Roberts, ROW 3: Reva Pritchett, Lavelta Lowrance, Eva Mattingly, Ann Pope, Nancy Little, Patricia Williams Kay White: ROW 4: Diane Knightstep, Shirley Kauffman, Ethel Thackerson, Judy Wil: Iiams, Annette Roseberry, Dorothy Batley. A7 X ,ff PRESENTING FHA Sweetheart G' I f h lr o t eYear STEVE MARSHALL GLORIA WILLIAMS .-.f f 168 ROW l: Frances Clemmer, Patsy Bryan, Sue Huff,,4 Myrna Hanley, Sue Gooch, ROW 2: Edna Flores, Donna Betcher, Sue Ashley, Peggy Gray, Beverly Beall, Norma Dry, ROW 3: Miss Coffey, Patsy Barker, Mary Floyd, Beverly Floyd, June Ezzell. The Home Economics Club was organized in 1925. In 1938 the club became known as Future Home- makers of America. This chapter is very active in sta te, national, and international proiects. The members choose a sweetheart and girl of the year and present them at their annual banquet. 169 H M E M A K E R FUTURE FARMER! of AMERICA OFFICERS DONALD COONROD Presidei LEWIS CROWDER Vice-Presidel DON COLBY 2nd Vice-Presidei MARION JOHNSON 3rd Vice-Presidei TOM LAWLIS Secretal GARY RAY Treasurn JIMMY MCDERMITT Reporti JACKIE ASHWORTH Parliamentaric LEO TOWNSEND Historic ROW I: Robert Mitchell, John Neil, Teddie Jack Key, Rusty Lehrer, Marcial Mitchell, ROW 2: Mr. Coalson, Tom Lawlis, Jimmy McDermitt, Donald Ray Bryant, Billy Moore, Bobby Whisenhunt, Melvin Rodgers, Larry Ackers, Eugene Wilson, Tommy Seymore, Max Blackburn, Jerrell Martin, Riley Walker, ROW 3: Neil Warner, Donald Campbell, Sammy West, Rodney Joy, Jerry McKinney, Don Owens, Philip Rister, Sol Hicks, Reppy Guitar, Harold Jewel, ROW 4: Sammy Davis, Gary Ray, Ro- land Wilson, Kenneth Ables, Marion Johnson, Brandt Baize, John Shelton, J. C. Venable, ROW 5: David Bailey, Jerry Gist, Cecil Lee Davenport, Don Colby, Leo Townsend, Gene Vinson, Jerry Mar- shall, Lloyd Rosenbaum, Lewis Lesley, Wesley Sanders. ' ROW l: Don Graves, Donald Coonrod, Don Mayfield, Jerry Griffin, Jackie Ashworth, ROW 2: Joe Davis, Lewis Crowder, Jimmy Munselle, Harold Inman, Don Williams, Wayne Bell, John Bar- bee, Ronnie McGraw, ROW 3: James Brooks, Jim Rose, Roy Lester, Billy Fincannon, Jimmy Roberts, Donald McDonald, Albert Pittman, James Moore: ROW 4: Bobby Jinkens, Bill Warlick, Harold Stevens, Melvin Jones, Temple Lewis, Frank Matthews, Charles Trice: ROW 5: Jimmy Powers, Wayland Lilly, David Green, Doug Parker, Leonard Franklin, Joe Taylor, Charles Williams, Scott Ross, Elvin Rodgers. There has been a Future Farmers organization in our school since 1930. F. F. A. members have as their motto, "Learning to do, do- ing to learn, earning to live, living to serve." Members of the FFA take part in an initiation. i l i n F U 1' l U l R E 2 l l l l l David Bailey exhibited Angus calves. Mike Galbway raised Southdown Lamb for tl show. FFA Sweetheart DIANA BULLOCH Runners-up LUCINDA PRATHER JERALDINE RODGERS NATALEE MORRIS Escorts ELVIN RODGERS TEDDY JACK KEY MELVIN RODGERS LEWIS CROWDER Donald Bryant showed Duroc Barrow FFA Won mC""Y honofs lllls Year- 3 as .'-' -,,: V 1 -f-' " li we -- .il ' 7 M ' ' , Cf' 'M ymmy Lawlis had a Hereford calf to enter in Melvin Rogers entered these Crossbred lambs ecznnual show. One of the big events of each year is the annual Future Farmers Father and Son Banquet. This year the banquet was l held in the cafeteria of South Junior High School. Each year a sweetheart is crowned at the banquet. l k QIl showed this Dui-QC hog, Teddy Jack Key raised rabbits for the show I are 'Q if fi 4 'H Mr .tw r 1 Q V '-Ai M in tw Wax The Architecture Club, organized in 1951, is composed of students interested in this field of work. The club periods are spent building models of different styles of architecture. GOLF ROW 1: Mr. KuyKen- dall, Joe Sparks, Bobbie Dobbs, Melba Brown, David Short, Larry Green ROW 2: Ronny Schu- chard, Lesley Spillman, David Simmons, Bill Lap- ham, Bryan Osborn, Jes- se Brown, Carroll How- ard, Larry Martin ROW 3: Bryon McRey- nolds, Terry Test, Arlan Williams, Bobby Ewell, Richard Asher, Gl'UTlZ' Hem-pimt, C. D. Gris- som, Roland Snipes, Dar- rell Kennedy, Ronnie McGraw ARCHITECTUI ROW 1: Billy Wek Cecil Thomasson, E Graves, Kenneth l' dreth, V. M. Hitt, Gle Jackson ROW 2: Jimmy W1 lace, Homer Cleckli Joel Hudgens, Adrii Ashley, Wayland Pc sons, Pat R. Jones ROW 3: David Lew Evan Allen, Dan Pete John Cleckler, Jimn Norwell, Dickie Strang Raymond Taylor, N Dunn The Golf Club was organized in 1949. The club periods are spent looking at movies, talking about various golf courses, and hearing professionals speak on the his- tory and fundamentals of golf. i The Seventeen Club is personality club of AHS. It was organized this year with Mrs. Turner as sponsor. During club meetings the members discuss latest fashions and personaiity development. They have had demonstrations for local beauty shops. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS ROW l: Janice Thornton, Sharon Taylor, Shirley Her- rington, Arthur Moore, Don- na Haley, Barbara Mazy ROW 2: Judy McGowen, MargaretTipton, JoanneYar- brough, Betty Tucker, Miss Lambert ROW 3: Miss Deavers, Ray Canant, Peggy Burch, Lynne Presswood, Deana Barnes, Jozell Brister, Alzert Meiss- ner SEVENTEEN ROW 1: Jane Preston, Yvonne Cason, Barbara Reeves, Sally Ellinger ROW 2: Barbara Thomas- son, Donna Mae Moore, Betsy Davis, Sarah Sides, Phyllis Polk ROW 3: Beverly Brown, Rose Blackburn, Loretta Oli-- ver, Mrs. Turner ROW 4: Gretchen Girdner, Barbara Hitt, Dorothy Krem- pin The club known as the Future Business Leaders was organized in 1953. Mem duties of office workers, and office etiquette , 'mi we .- -v- f,.-, i ..- .-li-.li-1 1-. me--1 -ff., -- bers of the club and guest speakers have discussed empnoyment requirements, Officers of the Style Club believe that plans for programs must be made in advance. STYLE CLUB OFFICERS JOAN BLOUNT Presider KAREN MANLEY Vice-Presider JANIE BLACK Secretar SHIRLEY MORRISON Reporte MARTHA CHAPMAN ,Program Chairma NADINE CHAMBERS Social Chairma The Style Club, organized in 'I95l, has fun studying good fashions and changing styles. During its regular club meetings the group has enioyed dis- cussions by members of the club and has occasionally heard visiting speakers. ROW l: Martha Chap man, Kathleen Mims, Janie Black, Joan Blount Karen Manly, Nadine Chambers Shirley Morrison ROW 2: Myra Roberts Freddie Sue Sallee Goldie Rhymes, Nita Harvey, Paula Stroud, Hazel Coffey ROW 3: Janyce Herring- ton, Dora Cobb, Nadine Chambers, Mildred Billings- ley, Nancy Grantham, Oral Smith, Jane Rister, Jeanette Wallace is DEMISELLE Pat Bogar, Pat Seabourn: Bobbi Brown, Virginia Echlq, ols, Nona Watson ROW 2: Jeanne Baker, Barbara Finley, Gayle Joy, Annette Jackson, Flossie Wil- liams, Norma Jo Braddock ROW 3: Elsie Todd, Betty Apperson, Laura Powell, Bet- ty Billings, Marye Wagoner, Martha Birdwell, E v el y n Warner The Demiselle Club was organized this year with Miss McAdams as sponsor. The members of this club have enioyed many varied programs. They have also had parties in the homes of different members. l OFFICERS AT SEABOURN DBBIE BROWN XIE WATSON -xr BOGAR RGINIA ECHOLS President Vice President Secretary Treasurer f' Reporter The Demiselles are enioying a Coke Party during Club Period. OFFICERS President ...... ......... . . . Sandra Neas Vice President . . . .... Cayloma Hurst Secretary .... . . . Virginia Rice Treasurer ......... .. . Gayla Lambert Program Chairman . . . . . Mary Billings Reporter ........ .. Dorothy Kemper CHARMALITY The Charmality Club members are listening to records during club period. i The Charmality Club was organized in 1950 for girls interested in the latest fashions and personality developntent. This group is sponsored by Miss Carrington. ROW 'l: Dorothy Kem- per, Mary Billings, Vir- ginia Rice, Sandra Neas, Gayla Lambert, Miss Carrington ROW 2: Nannie Rob- erts, Nancy Fanson, Dar- lene Tanner, Gloria Rog- ers, Joan Morris, Betty Hysaw, Rosalee Jones, Jo Carroll McDavitt ROW 3: Sarah Walk- er, Judy Roberts, Jackie Elmore, Gay Roberts, Paula Spurlin, Barbara Strickland, Rosa Warner ROW 4: Gwen Lank- ford, Barbara Cowell, Judy Mile s , Martha Crow, Deloris Johnson, Grace Kesler, Gladys Ann Ledbetter, Sue Bu- chanan, Donna Maiors ROW 5: Kay Kring, Claudine Phillips, Grace Lynn, Lona Truitt, Janice Junell, Betty Miller, Joy Black, Jean Farrington, Barbara Brown i -0' ' X 't CHARMALITY zie, LaVern Wyatt, Caro- lyn Hardy, Ann Jack- son, N o r m a Haddox, Mrs. Davis ROW 2: Jo EI White, Jackie Jackson, Sandra Fields, Margie Hodges, Joyce Spicer, Jean Walk- er, Kathren Kimmy, Mary Singleton ROW 3: Malta Martin, Patsy Giles, Nancy Neel, Jeanette Harrison, Nan- cy Moore, Linda Shiflet, Alta Brock, Jane Yar- brough ROW 4: Mary Ferrell, Emogene Edmondson, Pvt G.i-l.l-e,.g,, Nancy Payne, Rita Bumpus, Bet- ty Bryant, Carla Cobb, Mary Vfalker, Patsy Ed- wards,,f.., Templeton r' t' ' n , Y' - , . into two The Charmality Club became so large this yealitlfat it was divided groups. Mrs. Davis is the sponsor of this branch of flniefiflu 5Duringfclub periqd, the girls P of this club study fashions and have guest speakers. 5 ' " , Nancy Payne entertains the members the Charmality Club. f, . -. N . -. . K., v do C' . ' W P e I ,. - , xA' 'N A tl A I 4, .- 'M 6 P lxllt YJ Q I .g 5 'V U p X 5 ' I r N ' , 1 , - Q ' 1 OFFICERS. . 7 .1 ffssix -,V ' President . . . . Reporter .... P .... Vice' President ...... ',.f.'. . . Secktary-Treasurerf ..... , , , , ,,, , 7 LaVern Wyatt 1 . . . . Carolyn Hardy . . . Norma Haddox AnnJackson -. F g- f J l .Q , . 1 x V A U s ' The executives of the Personality Club plan their meetings and programs for club periods. PERSONALITY OFFICERS BETTY ROSS Preside VIRGINIA GANEY Vice Preside BARBARA BLACK Secretary-Treasur ELECIVE BLAIR Program Chairmc JUDY EPLEN Report KAY FLEMMING Social Chairmm In 1950 the Personality Club was organized. Its members are sophomore girls, exclusively. These girls discuss the problems of personality development and enioy many entertaining programs during the year. ROW I: Judy Eplen, Vir- ginia Ganey, Betty Ross, Kay Fleming, Barbara Black, Me- linda Husbands ROW 2: Martha Tinkle, Jean Tesson, Maxine Showalter, Lafon Jowers, Sara Featherston, Marilyn Vaughn, Diana Bulloch, Jan- ie Prather, Beverly Paxton ROW 3:1 ,LyU1glgVHoyes, Sue Edington,'CharlsieA'M'u'rphey, Saundra Carter, Janice Mur- phy, Sondra Loader, Sarah Thurman ROW 4: Judy Pride, Ele- cive Blair, Barbara Brown, Penny Brooks, Margie Ever- ett, Susan V RO : Judy Ord, Kay White, Barbara Langtair, N a n c y Waddington, Toni Thompson, Pat Oden, Glyn- da Buckner, Billie Tidewell if is X J wi I ' f ,n A , Xi fu V EPHESY ROW 1: Patsy Compton, Jean Spurlin, Barbara Ross, Theda Howze, Dixie McPher- son, Carolyn lsbell ROW 2: Patsy Vaughn, Lucinda Prather, Mary Kay Kimbley, Dian McHan, Jer- aldine Rodgers, Doris Mar- tin, Jayne Holland, Frances Ball ROW 3: Nadine Odom, Sylvia Pierce, Dorothy Math- ews, Gay Holmes, Jan Jar- rett, Carolyn Lanlcford, Bar- bara Hart ROW 4: Barbara Haddox, Johnnie Dillard, Betty Green, Pat Mitchell, Jane Perry, Lynne Ford, Patsy Eady ROW 5: Janis' -ljgbhbgrd, Judy Bass,T.':eorgia Osborne The Ephesy Club was organized in 1953. lt is composed of Senior girls in- terested in fashions and personality development. The main event of this year was a style show in December. These girls modeled dresses furnished by different merchants of Abilene. i l OFFICERS DIXIE MCPHERSON President tARoLYN ISBELL vice, President BARBARA ROSS Secretary PATSY COMPTON Treasurer BARBARA HADDOX Reporter JEAN SPURLIN Program Chairman The Ephesy officers make plans for a new venture, a style show. President ..... Vice-President ..... Secreta ry-Treasurer Reporter ......... Parliamentorian . . ROW l: Mrs. Hicks, Sandra Willis, Neal Hol- lingshead, Mary Lee FIEIEW, Myra Roberts, Peggy Chase Row Lonnie S aggs, Sandra Wedon, Margaret Smith, Lou Edington, Karen Hop- kins, Patsy Vaughn, La Nell Yeilding ROW 3: Harriet Tho- mas,Mona Lumpkin, Sherry Smith, Doll Mar- tin, Ruth Ann Polk, Jane Preston ROW A: Deloris Wil- burn, Sylvia Hamilton, Clarice Osbggpg, John- ny Crow, Don Lane, Ron- nie' 'Kirkpatrick -f ROW 5: Wayne Car- penter, James, Leonard, Wayland Kesler, Ray- mond Bynum, Butch Gray, Carroll Lane, Don- ald Jackson OFFICERS Mary Lee Harlow lx X s x .f l ROW l: Marilyn Wil- liams, Pat McDaniel, Nancy Wadington, Mina McKenzie, Kay White, Jo Carroll McDavitt ROW 2: Judy Eplen, Frances Clemmer, Sarah Walker, Diana Bullock, Judy Laughter, Marilyn Vaughn, Jean Tesson ROW 3: Judy Miles, Cary Cooke, Ted Moore, Lary Martin, Ray White, Mickey McGuire ROW 4: Bobby Harris- son, Scotty Arnold, Don Methuin, Bob Flanna- gan, Jerry Dunlop, Tom- my O'Steen, James Web- ster ROW 5: Thomas Mc- Millin, Rufus King, Boyd King, Betty Miller, Patllx Sellers, E r w i n Bishop, ,X Paul Stubbs, John Busby 3 xl Jw .xl ,- ' X7 ir sllfjgj f O . Bobby Harrison X M 0 Neal Hollingshead . Wiford McCann . . Karen Hopkins -fn- 7'- , ' A -f :mam - i ,Cu X wfit FORUM ROW 'lz Nancy Fan- son, Grace Kesler, Betty Hysaw, Connie Wilson, lSondra Loeader, Saun- ldra Carter i ROW 2: Darlene Wig- gins, Maxine Showalter, Nancy Chappell, B e ss Garrett, Penny Brooks, Barbara Brown, Sarah Sides, Jim Willeford ROW 3: Gayla Lam- bert, Jackie Shields, Gla- dys Ann Ledbetter, Nita Harvey, Juaniva Wood, Frances Lashlee ROW 4: Roger White- hurst, Jenena Harding, Burtra Ann Petitfils, San- dra Fountain, Martha Tinkle, M a r y Sumpter, l:gndbg,.Hayes CROW 5: Gordon Kirby, Ann Ratliff, Glenna ls- bell, Adrian Ashley, Vir- ginia Ganey, Judy Rov- erts, Jim Havner, Mike Kesler ROW 1: Mrs. Hicks, Annette Jackson, Patsy Ashmore, Ann Boren, Sharon Sparks, Carole Domann ROW 2: Mark Touch- stone, Amy Schoonover, Joyce Hayes, Sandy Burt, Wilford McCan ROW 3: Bill David Kennedy, Bill Teague, Ed Wheeler, Ben Pilcher, Frank Hill, Jimmy Her- rington From time to time since 1925, there have been various Latin organizations in Abilene High. The main event of each year is a banquet with costumes, food, and entertainment based strictly on Roman customs. J K L .ipod f Ca! LITTLE E ROW 1: Wanda Mills, Margaret Paulk, Frances Moore, D o r i s Moreno, Pat McDaniel, Betty Lo- max ROW 2: Barbara M a t h e w s , Katherine Lowrie, Geraldine Law- rence, Glenda Littlefield, Don Methuin, Gary Mer- cer, M i c k e y McGuire, Georganna Le e , Miss Reeves ROW 3: Charlie Moore, Donald Mazy, Phil L o n g , Kim Polk, Alfred McKinaly, Robert McLean, Joe L a n g , Jo Ann Owens, Flora Par- ten The Little E Club, as it is known today, was or- ganized in 1949. Members have a good time square dancing at club meetings. There have been various E Clubs in our school since 1947. ROW 1: Helen Jack- son, Betty Glidewell, Nixie Gregory, Anna Jackson, Barbara ln- man, Donna Graham ROW 2: Mary John- son Dorothy Kennedy, Priscilla Housewright, Barbara Kirkpatrick, Ge- neva Gwinn, Sue Ken- nedy ROW 3: David Brown- ing, Tom Hollingshead, Olen Griffing, Ester Flores, Ann Gorden ROW 4: Wayne Kim- bler, Cy Gibson, Jim Farris, Joe Fielder, Jerry Hasty, Richard Kennedy, Mr. Germany ,-.-...,,,,,,,c,,.,.,,,:,,,,.M,,M,a.,,,,,W,,,-,..,.v-fi.-Meme -- , -www. ,W ,,- -W-cc...:----M-f,, , rn.um-1fH:--- W: OFFICERS President ....... ......... ..... K i m Polk Vice-President .... ...... B ill Bassetti Secretary-Treasurer . . .... Jackie Duncan Reporter ....,.... .. Sandra Weldon ROW 'l: Loretta Shaw, N ita Schoonover, John Waldrop, Marilyn Wil- liams, Sandra Weldon, Flora Simsons ROW 2: Sally Smith, Leon Wilburn, Ray White, M a r y Sumpter, Janis Winters, Ann Rhea, N el d a Vestal, Chesley Steel ROW 3: Don Waters, Melvin R o g e r s , John Smith, Kenneth Twomey, J a m e s Webster, Law- rence Siewert, Bill Wall, Kenneth Woody ROW l: Royce Black- ford, Peggy Dixan, Bill Bassetti, Jackie Duncan, Jan Boyd, R e d a h Sue Anz ROW 2: Patsy Acuna, Kathleen Briggs, Patsye Barrington, K a r e n Sue C a s e , Billie Carmack, Jerry Dunlap, B o b b y Carmack, Darla Barbee ROW 3: Nina Couch, Aleta Cleckler, J o a n Bradley, M o r ri s Bran- non, Nancy Allred, Mr. Edwards ROW 4: Jakie Bowers, Robert Cathey, Robert Cate, Jerry C u r b , Wil- liam Allan, W. C. Brash- ear CLUB EXCHANGE STUDENTS ROW 'I: Maralyn An Shults, Ja ' Thei: Jones, Dorot yifilathew Kay Barnes 'ROW 2: Gretchen Cordel Jane Perry, Xan Milan Carol Chapman, Bgrbagr ,,l3LqXrt, Sarah Sidesfflizabet ..Hixl:w ROW 3: Mr. Edward Mary Ann Harris, Janet Wa ter, Butch Gray, Caroly Langford, Donald Coonroi Barbara Reeves ROW 4: Jerry Ansteai Harold Walker, Lewis Gile Melba Brown, .Steve-Mcuzsl Paul Culp, Sandra Dicl enson Ui . The Exchange program i gg school was started last year with North A. 6 , Adams, Massachusetts. This ye the Exchange program was with Ft. Atkinson, Wisconsin. The thirty Wisconsin students visited Abilene last February, and the LV thirty students of Abilene were guests at Ft. Atkinson later in the spring. FT. ATKINSON EXCHANGE STUDENTS ROW 'l: Betty Baker, Sandy Vail, Anne Gilbertson, Karen Abendroth, Pat Cunningham, Donna Krippner, Bonnie Jackowtiz ROW 2: Mr. Hunsader, Dwane Kamla, Bob Ross, Alice Whitford, Judy Hanson, Sally Zaspel, Bags Ander- ,sQn,,,Kay Whittlief, Pat Brummond, Miss Berg," Paul Tr6per ROW 3: Terry Rose, Tom Bartol, Jim Bartol, John Owens, Darrell Burrow, Ronnie Tellefison, Sonia Haug, Virginia Callum, Nancy McDermott, Barbara Pempberton Not pictured: Allan Hoffman, Irene Sandvold, Helen Patefield, Mary Ann Ramsey 186 fl i, fr! l filljhjlfl l ., Is., JL, T zfu ivy? .VJ ,Af 'lll rl! i ,, 1' Ni ,Ji LMI' i Vffw gffyyc my Lil XJ ,jr ,gf .Qi 1. ,ff I1-J fl, if if ff of . The Exchange ,students enioy a day at the l Hendrick River Ranch. l i l 4 -s X Miss Cline fAbilene sponsorl and Miss Berg QFL Atkinson sponsorl explore Hendrick's Ranch Q1 the exchange party. Members of the exchange groups make hash of the delicious barbecue. Several of the Wisconsinites go sighi-seeing in Abilene Two exchange couples resting after a hike. The Distributive Education Organization was started in 1949, with Mr. Crews as sponsor of the new group. The students in this organization meet classes in the morning and work in the afternoon. On club days, they have open discussions on DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION the arts of selling. NEDA COKER Sweetheart ROW la Stanly Mc- Murray, Neda Coker, Lynn Hall, Qua Atkins, Frankie Wylie, Donald Lusby ROW 2: Betty Lomax, Betty Lou Barbee, Delor- is Kissinger, Patsy Acu- na, Gretchen Stephens, Helen Jackson, Joe' Beas- ley ROW 3: Keith Kimb- ler, Truitt Biggers, Jim- my Stracener, Harleen Steel, Charm Edwards, Karen Sue Case, Ann Voss, Jerry Musselwhite ROW 4: Lota Hans- ford, Jan Moore, Clay- rene Long, Melba Bert- rand, Aryella Goodman, Wayne Dickey, Bill Wall OFFICERS President ..... .. Stanly McMurray Vice President .. ..... Don Lusby Secretary . . . . . Qua Atkins Treasurer . . . . . Frankie Wylie Reporter ............ . . . Jimmy Stracener State Parliamentarian . . LynnHall Sweetheart ......... .. Neda Coker WAYNE DICKEY VIRGIL WADE JIMMY STRACENER A.8.P. Food Store Minters West Texas Brick and Tiie BETTY LOU BARBEE GRETCHEN STEVENS 5-H. KFSSS West Texas Utilities ELDRED KELLY "M" System NEDA COKER Newmcm's Gift Shop JOE BEASLEY KEITH KIMBLER BILL WALL R. J. Day Grocery The Fabric Mart Sears Roebuck Co. 2 I 5 CHARM EDWARDS ARVELLA GOODMAN QUA ATKINS Jock Boles Insuronce The Holly Shop Minter's Agency FRANKIE WYLIE DELOSS EDWARDS DON LUSBY W. T. Grants Frontier Stomp Center W. T. Grants STANLEY MCMURRY LOTA HANSFORD MARILYN STEELE S. 81 Q. Clothiers Retail Merchants Assoc. TI'1ornton's LARRY MILLS VAUGHAN HERRON TRUITT BIGGERS Grissom's Minter's Refrigeration 81 Electri HELEN JACKSON BETTY LOMAX KENNETH SAMPLE Min1er's Grissom's Tl'10rI'IT0r'I'S K DELORIS KISSINGER CLAYRENE LONG LOUISE BEVELS Royal Shop Queen Theater W. T. Grant LYNN HALL JERRY GREENWOOD JERRY MUSSELWHITE Tho,-nf0n'5 Athletic Supply Thorn1on's SUE CASE MELBA BERTRAND JAN MOORE Zenith Robinson's Drug Kress Members discuss a late issue of a sportsman's magazine. SPQRTSMAN CLUB OFFICERS JERRY KING ................. President EUGENE PENDRY . . . . . . Vice-President THOMAS McMlLLAN . . .... Secretary The Sportsman Club, as it is known today, was organized in 1950. Outdoor sports such as hunting and fishing are emphasized. During club periods the members of this club enjoy guest speakers, movies, and demonstrations. R O W l: T o m m y Roots, Joe Rascoe, Eu- gene Pendry, Thomas McMiIIin, Mike Kincaid ROW 2: David Whit- man, Larry Doughman, Dwayne Crow, James Harrid, Jimmy Rathmell ROW 3: Willard Run- nells, Roger Parker, Mal- com Woodard, Mickey Gilbreth, Leroy Mason, Byron Penrod, Bobby Wakefield ROW 4: Jerry Byron, Mr. McCollum, Ed Jen- kins, Arthur Haddox, Ja mes Ord, David Bryant, Doyle Watts The Vocational Industrial Club was organized in 1947. Members of the club dy machines during the club period, and some have attended district and te meets. Lucinda Prather is the Sweetheart of the Machine Shop division of the Vocational Industrial Clubs. V. I. C. ROW I: Don Earp, Gary Bruton, Roy Sherwood, Lu- cinda Prather, sweetheart, Sam Fullingin, Tom Steven- son ROW 2: Marty Rockey, El- vis Allison, Jack Erwin, Ken- neth Ables, Charles Kirk, Don Estes, Mr. Harlow ROW 3: Autry Bellany, Ray Stevans, Ronnie Self, Leo Jennings, N. L. Franklin ROW 4: Thedford Peters, Joe Buckley, Stacey Arnold, David House, Roland Wilson OFFICERS ROY SHERWOOD ........ ..... P resident GARY BURTON .... .... V ice-President SAM FULLINGTON ... .. Treasurer BILLY GOLLEHER . . .......... Reporter DON EARP .... .... S ergeant at Arms Organized in 1951, the members of this club officiate at Intramurals and learn more about physical education activities. In the way of entertainment the P. E. Maiors have had a weiner roast this year. ROW 'la LaNell Yielding, Lette Brown, Shirley Asha- brcinner, Charlotte W e I c h, Jane Key, Clara Ann Bennett ROW 2: Shirley Bassetti, Darlene Wilson, Alice Sher- wood, Rosie Mowles, Mary Frances Dobbs, Evelyn Hor- ris, Pat McBride ROW 3: Nina Ray, Bar- bara McMichall, Billie Bailey, Darlene Box, Bess Leggett, Wanda Robbins, F r a n c e s Loshlee ROW 4: Betty Woods, Eve- lyn Flanagan, Katie Martin, Norma Fortune, PeggyJones, -ligje r, Wanda Sewell, Patsy Johnson MAJ P. E. MAJORS OFFICERS JANE KEY Vice Presidl CHARLOTTE WELCH Presidi SHIRLEY ASHABRANNER Secret: 1 I i I f-V CRL The AHS Chapter of Junior Red Cross was organized in 1938. JUNIOR RED CROSS ROW 1: Janet Walter, Sandra Dickenson, Maralyn Martin, Betsy Polk, Gretchen Cordell, Linda Mahan ROW 2: Barbara Estes, Annette Vaughn, Jean A - EL Xan Milam, arqn Hoolcs, Gwen Lareau, Kay Carmack, Pat Dahogne ROW 3: Judy Boehms, De- Ioris Wilburn, Jane Perry, Elinor Malone,Nelda Cathey, Sandra Thompson, Maura Carroll ROW 4: Ruthie Bonifield, Gail Galbraith, Marilyn Mil- ler, Burtra Ann Petitfils, Stacy Lynn Stivers, Karen Hopkins, Mrs. Haney ROW 5: Betty Jean Ma- gee, Mariorie Nelson, Gaye Longacre, Max Overman, Jimmy Powers, Durwood Shirley, Roger Whitehurst, Barbara Neilon, Celia Aquirre This group gives parties for old people and shut-ins. During the week clif- ferent members visit the hospitals and report on the visits at club period. At Christmas time they help deliver the Goodfellow boxes. OFFICERS .ARALYN MARTIN Secretary RETCHEN CORDELL Proiects Chairman NDA MAHAN Representative ETSY POLK Chairman XNET WALTER Vice-Chairman ANDRA DICKENSON Reporter The Diversified Occupations in AHS is Chapter 69 of the Vocational ln- dustrial Clubs. Organized in 1936, this organization prepares boys and girls for a life vocation by giving them experience in different occupations. V. I. C. CHAPTER 69 ROW I: Jimmy Hutto, Monty Jones, J. B. Whisen- hunt, Charles Millsap, Den- nis Conaway. ROW 2: Gerald Montgom ery, Bobby Darden, Royce Griffin, Truitt Couch, Dale Butler, Roy D i x o n, Car Baugh, Eldon Tennison ROW 3: James Adams Tommy Landreth, Mack Hai Iey, Warner Ernest, Georg' Barnes, Pat Baucum, Jacl St. John ROW 4: Robert Cook, Jin Yarbrough, Max Winters, E4 Lumpkin, M.. L. Pinkston Jerry Cloud, James Smith Mr. Owen OFFICERS JIM YARBROUGH President TOMMY LANDRETH Vice President JERRY CLOUD Secretary ROYCE GRIFFIN Treasurer MACK HAILEY Reporter TRUETT COUCH Sergeant of Arms 196 li DALE BUTLER MACK HAILEY A GERALD MONTGOMERY Kqrwer Mgchine Works Spears Printing Company D and W Tire Company BOBBY BARBEN M. L. PlNKsToN Abllene Reproduchon Wooten Prop. F and M Bank Building V. I. C. ED LUMPKIN Texas Blue Print Co. 25. WARNER EARNEST ROBERT COOK ROYCE GRIFFEN Service PQ,-15 Inc, Fred Hughes Motors Castle Architecture 5 E TRUETT couci-1 DENNIS CONAWAY JERRY CLOUD Crain Office SUPPIY Abilene EieCfI'iC Doniels Office Machine Service 34 ii 5 2 Q 25 if 5 2 JAMES S,MITH ELDON TENNISON Pender Company D and D Tire Service X., X: V. I. C. 5 2 3 i i Q S A TOMMY LANDRETH JERRY SNELL McAllister Construction Jones Studio ,. CHARLES MILLSAP MAX WINTERS J. B. WHISENHUNT Abilene Typewriter Exchange Wrights Auto Parts McAllister Construction KENNETH WELLS and H Distributing Company r PAT BAUCUM F. C. Olds Company J we 'Z is 5 5 as 5 wif.-,C '91, Q iii- T JAMES HUTTO Western Press CARL BAUGH ROY DlXO'N Mack Eplens Cafeteria Culler C00ler JAMES ADAMS West Texas Utilities Company V. I. C. DON JAMES Everetts Engineers GEORGE BARNES Perry Dental Laboratory MONTY JONES ARNOLD JEWELL Hoppe Electric Service Universal Metal Craft PRE-MED CLUB Bill Morgan Cary Cooke Mike Reed Don Thurman John Barbee Knot picturedl Nan Rich Jackie Shields Nancy Chappell Debbie Thomas The Pre-Med Club was organized in 1926. Various activities of this group include tours through hospitals. The members have visited Hendrick Hospital and the State Epileptic Hospital. The science clubs are some of the oldest clubs in our school. This club be- came a member of the Junior Academy of Science in about 1936. The members have weekend field trips and make experiments. l 1 JUNIOR ACADEMY OF SCIENCE ROW I: Mr. Harwell, Phil Ice, Dwane Hill, Benjamin Pilcher, Jimmy Herrington, Mike Jen- kins ROW 2: Lynn Mussel- white, Ted Moore, Nor- man Fitzgeralcl, John McGowen, Crisjohnsoq, Fred Mierowf Gene Al- lan, Billie Sanders, Jack Benny Cunningham The Automobile Club, organizea rms year, is one of the many new clubs in AHS. Its members have discussions and make' sketches of different types of automobiles. AUTOMOBILE ROW 'lz Bill Yager, Tommy Pope, Benton McClure, Gary Turner ROW 2: Leo Walter, Bob Nelson, Gerald Brown, Tom Whitman, David Ramsey, Tom Lawlis ROW 3: Jimmy Turk- ett, Marcial Mitchell, Jer- ry Roberts, Rod Ander- son, Eugene Penclley K e n n e t h Farrington Mike Kincaid 1 I Another new club in our school this year is the Nursing Club. It is composed of girls who plan to enter the nursing profession. Problems and methods of nurs- ing are discussed. NURSING Olene Ne'Smith Mona Sue Lumpkin Ma rga ret DeShazo Bertha Abbott Loretta Long Ann Ratliff Nita Winn TUMBLING CLUB OFFICERS CARL EWELL Presider BETTY BARBEE Secretar' RAY FILLMAN Vice-Presiden The Tumbling Club was organized in 1950. Members of this club perform many difficult feats which require co-ordination and balance. Also they partici- pate in half-time performances at the basketball games and give assembly prog rams. ROW l: Garland Long, Carl Ewell, Betty Glidwell, Ray Fillman, Earl Ewell ROW 2: Betty Lou Barbee, Norma Arrell, Janina Hard- ing, Betty Chapman, Donna Donald, Sharon Darby, Jos- sie Massburn, Mary Mooty ROW 3: Reuben Standley, Robert Spencer, Jerry Snell, Lynn Todd, Charles Burleson, Wilma Chapman ROW 4: Benny Mann, Roy Davis, Ray Davis, Gene Har- rison, Roger H e I g e n s e n, Mary W e b b e r, Amerette Vonderhoff ROW 5: Wayland Lilly, Layne Dowdy, James Leon- ard, Gordon Kirby, Jerry Gribble, Gene Engle, Dale Burson, Don Nichols, Harvey Penner Shoulder Stand TUMBLING TEAMS Head Stand Pyramid Peach Basket OFFICERS: Carroll Hopkins, President, LeRoy Bell, Vice-President, Kay Barnes, Secreta ry-Treasu rer. ROW I: Carroll Hop- kin s , Lucinda Prather, Barbara Ross, Kay Barnes, LeRoy Bell, Sarie Brogan ROW 2: Gary Turner, Johnnie Pechacek, Dixie McPherson, Rubel Reams, Jimmy Turkett, Clara Matthews, Theda Ball ROW 3: Leslie Elich, A. J. Bleeker, Boyd Bur- rus, W e I s on Tennison, Robert Hall, Norma Sla- ton, Earlene King, Lynn Presswood ROW 4: Donald Jack- son, Frank Scarborough, Eddie Carpenter, Charles Cox, B i I I Lapham, Ray Olds, Carl Ewell, John Cleckler, Ronnie Self AUDIO VISUAL ROW I: Maralyn Ma tin, Olene, Ne S m i t t Annette Jackson, Barbi ra Inman, Do na Gr: ham, Anna Jackson ROW 2: Alton Pribbl Bill Wallace, Bobby Ca mack, Roger Whitehurs L y I e Mashburn, Lesli Spillman ROW 3: Don Water David Browning, Dea Chapman, W. C. Brown Sam Brown, Ben Hine Guy Lemond ROW 4: Jerry Ma shall, Don Webb, Pai Kelly, Hershell Allison D a vi d Howle, Geral Haygood, Dannie Jone Mr. Hiner This club, organized in 1948, has been of great service to our school. Its, duties include showing films, operating the P. A. System for programs, furnish-' ing records, and making recordings. The girls serve as secretaries.. . . . . . . . . . . f ww The Fashion Club was organized in 1949. Mrs. Beth Henagan is sponsor.of his club. These girls are' interested in the latest fashions and styles. The Fashion lub sponsors a style sh'ow annuallly, using its own members as the models. I R , I., r ,su FASHION ROW I: Sherry Miller, Ruth Ann Polk, Ann Shults, Patsy 7 Burkleo, Eddie Bracheen, Judy Mateiowsky ROW 2: Johnnie Davis, Sandra Perry, Barbara Lain, Cora Smith, Mai- orie Nix, Linda Sutton Eunice Martinez ' iROW 3: Sandra Bra- venec, Patsy Birdsong, Sharon Goodrich, Lou Ann Smith, Elouise Har- rison, Ann White, Glen- da Swan, Sandra Reed y 15595 M: Janice Ho- well, Marlene Morrison Peggy Digby, Suzie Con- nell, Janina Barron, San- dra Anderson, Bettie Mc- Gee, J a n i s Reynolds, Norma Slaton, Earlene King ROW 5: Jan Carter, Mrs. Henagan, Betty Estes, Maxine Smith, Deanna Miller, Margar- etteWAllen, Lue Edington, I Elizabeth Discussions are cu part of every meeting of the OFFICERS ANN si-luLTs Presidenf PATSY BURKLEO Vice President EDDIE BRACHEEN Secretary-Treasurer RUTH ANNJPQKLK ReP0ffe" Club. I CAMPUS CANDIDS Members of Audio Visual set up the equipment for the Exchange Welcome Party. f"f4fv 5 Nxn N The girls quartet entertains in assembly. 206 X W X X Membersxofxthe cast of "Mi mmer Night's Dream" practicelfar a sceri' All F3 A David Day sings "Unhappy Day" in the iunior assembly. J l REVI WING f1'ff-:HM-H - ff1IK'.z.Qa2:a3iGk5SiE2iEL553'WHS?51'f9zi9K4?ii44?34P5iQ35iE?fA13?5i2?fikffriififfi-I..':::lW?f355iEEiHSff"wffl- MRKYENNNQQMNQWMWKW Qi 5 - 4 i. I A 't x 1 CHUCK MOSER HANK WATKINS BOB GROSECLOSE Head Coach and Football Line Coach Assistant Football Coach Athletic Director Track Coach COACHES Abilene High School is indeed proud of its coaching staff. Heading the staff is Coach Moser, who ends his second year as head football coach and director of athletics. Other second year men are Coaches Gleaton, Watkins, and Bullington. Veterans of the coaching staff are Coaches Blackburn, Lawson, and Groseclose. Mr. Moser and his staff have done well in their part in leading the Eagles to athletic prominence, having shaped their teams to win or to make strong bids for the District titles, and to win State Championship in track and football. Students, teachers, and patrons who have been associated with these coaches notice their strong character, their ability to handle boys, NAT GLEATON their loyalty to their work, and their belief in square play. Sophomore Football Coach Basketball Coach WALLY BULLINGTON B. L. BLACKBURN "B" Team Football Coach SHORTY LAWSON 'B" Team Football Coach "B" Team Basketball, Sophomore Football Coach Baseball Coach Track Coach Boxing, Baseball Coach Abilene . . Abilene . . Abilene .... Abilene Abilene . . . Abilene Abilene . . Abilene . . Abilene .... Abilene .... Abilene . . Abilene .... Abilene The Winning Catch FOOTBALL SEASON RECORD 40 Highland Park 13 Sweetwater . . 13 Breckenridge . 34 Borger ..... 21 Odessa . . . 41 Pampa . . . 47 Amarillo ... 35 Lubbock . . 28 Midland .... 27 San Angelo .. 61 El Paso ...... 46 Fort Worth-Poly 14 Houston-Austin STATE CHAMPION O F 1 9 5 4 Tri-Captains JIM MILLERMAN TWYMAN ASH Back - 3 year letterman - All End - 3 Year leffefmcm - All State 4- leading scorer - always 514119 - always Crime Tl1I'0UQl'1 dependable ' ' when chips were down JOHN THOMAS Guard - 2 year letterman State - elected best tackle 1eG!T1l'T1G1'6S SAM CAUDLE WELDON MOORE JACK CRUMPLER JACK SELF GUC1FCl - l YGCII' lelief- Tackle - l year letter- Tackle - 2 year letter- Fullback -2 year letter- mGr1 - Cl lUl1l0f - C1 HGV man - a senior - really mqn - a Smart tackle man - hard runner - UI'C1l linebacker improved during season plagued by iniurieg constant threat to op- H. P. HAWKINS Quarterback - 2 year letterman - smart field general - championship passer HENRY COLWELL Halfback - 2 year letter- man - elusive - hard to hit, open field runner ponents on offense PRE-DISTRICT REVIEW As the season opened, the screaming Warbirds buried the Highland Park Scotties 40-0. The Eagles, looking very sharp on defense and rolling in 6 easy touchdowns, made mincemeat out of a lumpy Highland Park eleven. In the next week's game, the Eagles slipped past the Sweetwater Mustangs 'I3-0. The Mustangs lived up to traditional billing at Fair Park Stadium, giving up every inch of ground with a fight, but bowing to Abilene in a great defensive game. Abilene's winning streak was broken on Friday, October I. The mighty Breckenridge Br'onco's came roaring in and beat the Eagles 35-13 before a crowd of 'I0,000. The Buckies threw at Abilene an unbeatable offense. Colwell receives pass and advances toward the goal while Swaf- ford gets his man. IHQQEHEIUBBAPRD JIM BRIGGS PAT BLAND JERRY HENDERSON Guard - I year letter- Back - 2 year letterman Tackle - I year letter- Back - 'I year letterman senior - great blocker - came through when man-big, rough senior - promising back for and tackler we needed him most tackle '55 season ABILENE 21 -ODESSA 7 .lust as in the first district game played against Borger, the Abilene Eagles played a never-say-die brand of football, turned tables on an aerial minded Odessa team and whipped one of the toughest clubs in 1-AAAA District on passes. The victory was spelled out in two long passes by Hawkins, one 85 yard run by Millerman, and a beautifully precisioned line. Already people were heard saying, "We have a State Championship team." Millerman and his running mate help pick up a few yards in the Eagles-Odessa game. It was teamwork like this that sent the Eagles to District. FREDDIE GREEN End - I year letterman dependable punter, promising end VX, T ,., ..i,. i V.,, A 1 , ,. I , - R , - J T -.s . .1 Lf. 15,25 .f,-9255 z,.i5'.1-. -:5l5i'.f'-Eixff V ' , - . , wr fs-fm ' z f 'ffs2f,,::ae.:f'fs-'I a,'i-Tgfgfw-:4.,.Q,l5: Tiki ' 'I ,,1f:.:Q,,i:iT?.rfxilizfvi ' f 1 " 4 -' , , , .guyz ,... . ,, v erase.. -- es, . 'I , .11,,?f:4.. :,,w, '5' , , ' A, ,S -1 ,4 'Si iii wwf? -5 , mfif ss. mf wh ww: -A V I My , 52. . gym -- ,141 1 zfvwgwf-:::' ,,m,,iyf.r'?:: f. ,Kg ,J Q, PHIL. BAILEY Halfback - I year letter- man - one of our most shitty backs Cul-l-EN HUNT BOB YOUNGBLOOD GLENN WOODS Tackle-2 year letferman Tackle-'l year letterman Tackle-2 year letterman -One of the bei?-T OHSNSG -small, but aggressive -smart offensive and Clnd defense lClClCleS defensive tackle i i I ABILENE 47 - AMARILLO 0 , The Eagles invaded Amarillo October 30, 1954 and literally tore hem limb from limb. This was the worst defeat ever suffered by the Amarillo Sandies at home. p Nine Abilene backs got in on the yardage manufacturing. The Eagles' great offense and defense play really paid off. i .lim Briggs blasted 4 yards for the first touchdown, then Henry Colwell shot 3 yards around left end for another tally. The score was 1-0 at the half because of H. P. Hawkins' long 54 yard toss to Colwell n the second quarter. In the second half Hawkins hit Swafford for 32 ong yards, and Phil Bailey crunched through the Amarillo line for two ore tallies. Halfback Jim Carpenter raced 9 yards around end for the Final marker, making the score 47-0. i i i The alert Eagles stop a hard fighting Sandie along the 50. i DAVID STEINMAN End-i year letterman- smart, dependable line- backer 1 HOLLIS SWAFFORD End-2 year letterman-big and strong-developed dur- ing the season vcr, Q, In ,52fJ,v,,f. 1ftflfisfgipi'jQ-gffgbigiggvzffQ. , - -, ' W ife ? - "f?'i1i5QQ 'fflvj 'Q img ww... . . .. ,.,.,.,. ,H .5 -.swim ,, X s 1- ,as--7 :if xl? '-051595 1 53 : I i 5 7 l w 4 , My V "1 if-,r 1 , ' W' wi- 3?wif4I5fZ?tfi1iv A LK?ifig?2fif?r'1Q?fffk2?' v,,gl5lf'?iiil'l HQ., YOEZ-i5fil,w'g--,av ' Q1-,gm - A , , 'ff . ff fri. Q7 . .T 3 . , ,,,, .. t , ., ,ygwgibi greg. seg y W, ,ff 7... ,ter 1 7:f,M,f1,v,-M sf ' e ' . H , 1 51 ii " 2 - '34, iwriffgstgm - V v , , ,.., ,.,,, , ,,. ,, 31 .C-., A .kif fi s ff haf? ,- . be--JV . f i tiff? X' - . 'xi A - . 'fm,s,, f.1,2,' -,f.f15. ff. 1- l 3, 5454, g igs aw. 1. T. r wffw ri-gf, 1, . .,.1ffQ I ,MagiK lgvii5,i,Wjgr,aagbiggmgg JOHN BARFOOT Fullback-1 year letterman- lots of speed - great help next year JOE TAYLOR MAURICE COOK DON BEALL Center-'l YBGI' LGTTSHTICIF1 Center-'l y e a r letter- Center-1 year letterman -good c e n te r , very man-lots of h U 5 f I e- -Senior-great valve to p 0 p u l a r with team- liked by everyone. squad. mates. ABILENE 35 -- LUBBOCK 7 The Eagles, relying heavily on Jim Brigg's power running, and an airtight defense swept past the Lubbock Westerners 35-7. So effective was the Eagle defense that Lubbock made only 3 first downs in the whole game. Briggs scored twice for Abilene, H. P. Hawkins chalked his first TD up for the season, Jim Millerman tallied once, and Sophomore Glynn Gregory went over for one score. In the first period the Eagles tallied twice. ln the second quarter Lubbock chalked up its score, but Abilene also marked one up in this period. In the third quarter Hawkins couldn't find a receiver and raced 40 yards up the sidelines for a TD. The final score came as Briggs went 27 yards through the line. This sacked up the Eagles fifth straight dis- trict win. Jim Millerman breaks loose for a goin in yardage in the Abilene- Lubbock game. ELMO CURE Center-1 year letterman -one of the best block- ers on squad. GENE COLVIN End-l year letterman- Sen- ior passer - rushes passes hard. JIMMY CARPENTER Halfback-1 year letterman- one of our best wide run- ners, very fast. TEDDY JACK KEY Guard-1 year letterman - h a r d working senior guard. DAVID BOURLAND Quarterback-1 year letter- man-All District-fine pass defender. ,.,..-f RUFUS KING Tackle-1 year letterman - R o u g h , defensive Sopho- more tackle. GUY WELLS RONNIE CEARLY JAMES WELCH,-' Guard-1 year letterman Halfback-1 year letter- Fullback-1 year letter- -guard with lots of man-great attitude, big man-hard runner, con- promise for '55 help to squad. stant threat to opponents offense. ABILENE 28 - MIDLAND 14 The Eagles invaded Midland and dumped the Bulldogs 28-14, as Jim Briggs tore up the purple line for 149 yards and outgained the great Wahoo McDaniels by 20 yards, the roughest game of the season. Briggs scored the first touchdown only 3 minutes deep in the game, and David Bourland intercepted a pass and ran the 73 yards for another T.D. Abilene made it 21-0 when Jim Millerman plunged around the right end for touchdown number 3. The final Warbird score was made in the last quarter when H. P. Hawkins went over on a keeper from the one yard line. Winning this game gave the Eagles the District Championship. Here is an example of the power running of fullback Briggs, against Midland. Caudle, Swafford, and Hunt cover up. ll HOMER ROSENBAUM Tackle-l year letterman -very g o o d blocking tackle. FRANK SCARBROUGH End-l y e a r letterman- s m a r t dependable senior end. DAVID HOWLE End- 1 year lettermon- fine end - hampered by broken arm. JIM BUSBY GLYNN GREGORY HUBERT JORDAN Back-'l year lettermun Fullback-'l year letter- Guard-'l year letterman -herd hlfflng defensive man-a sophomore with -very h a rd hitting back. lots of promise. guard, valuable player in '55. ABILENE 27 - SAN ANGELO 0 The Warbirds brought the 1954 district grid campaign to a scream- ing halt as they waltzed past the San Angelo Bobcats 27-0. Jim Millerman and Henry Colwell took the crossing honors for A. H. S. while H. P. Hawkins came through with three extra points. The score was 20-0 at the end of the first quarter. The last three quarters were give and take, but the Abilene line and backfield worked to- gether with the tooled precision. Thus the Warbirds ended San Angelo's football season and readied for a tough fight for State Championship. GLEN BELEW STEWART PEAKE Back - 1 year Ienermqn- E n d - 1 y e a r letterman- pint sized, but big inside. q U i C k , aggressive sopho- TTTOFS. , 1 ll" ' 2f ..: , .::.- ,..7 I... . , , E ',, . , 1..,.W ' I K... ,., . . iw-4?--ew . if' Wm . , Q. - Vf VV wifi? -. V 'P ::el5f'f"5.a.Vg,j5,.5g:V-.LW-, - 4 '- -' . . - V , ,,., .g,' 1 ,',,, V 'Q 451, . I 1- 'r,:S::Ig.1'12E-.2252 me 5 .- .... , ,. V. wwf- W -:V V1 -2 ,.,....,. if . 2.2, i . ,Vftffrf T' .-w' efi?Q"e4 -25:5 ,5f'i:Q:',g?2 ' Lf:--,Q A .fi5..tm1: ,- 3 'W' 'Dali if BILLY JACK RUDD DON BRIDGES ROY REID Manager-2 year Ietterman Manager-1 year Ietterman Manager-1 year letterman -"mother of the football -hard working equipment -fine junior manager with team," manager. big shoes to fill. ABILENE 61 - EL PASO 0 IAUSTINJ The Eagles roared on down the path to State Championship and completely overpowered Aus- tin of El Paso 61-0 here in the Eagle Stadium for the Bi-District win. Jim Millerman showed his heels to El Paso defenders for three touchdowns and Henry Colwell scored twice and gained 148 yards on only nine carries. Glenn Gregory scored two touchdowns and kicked three extra points. Freddie Green was hit by David Bourland for another tally and fullback .lack Self raced 31 yards for another. Quarterback H. P. Hawkins booted 4 extra points. The Eagles scored almost at will. ABILENE 46 - FORT WORTH IPOLYTECHNICI 0 The Eagles overwhelmed the Parrots of Polytechnic, Fort Worth, 46-0. For the first time in 23 years, Abilene became a state finalist as a fighting band of Warbirds used sheer force and some very brillant defensive play to trounce their opponents before 12,000 fans. The Eagles thwarted every move the Parrots tried to make. Poly's heralded spread formation passing attack was completely bottled up. This win set up the Eagles for the Championship game with Houston. Glynn Gregory breaks through the Poly line and makes another tally. Millerman, Thomas and other Eagles clear the way for Colwell in the Abilene-Houston Championship game. ABILENE 14 - HOUSTON lAUSTlNl 7 The gallant Warbirds captured the 1-AAAA State Championship by defeating Stephen F. Austin of Houston 14-7. Abilene's first touchdown came in the first quarter when Millerman made a plunge around right end. Houston's lone touchdown came in the second quarter, and the game was tied at the half. A beautiful pass by H. P. Hawkins, a wonderful fingertip catch by Twyman Ash, and some of the most powerful line and backfield teamwork brought the championship touchdown in the last 56 sec- onds of the game. Today A. H. S. is the proud owner of a silver football. The coaches have not relaxed even though the The Tri-Captains present the championship I winning touchdown has been made. 218 fg Mr. Webb for A, H, 5, "B" TEAM ROW 1: Jimmy Zacharias, Jerry Carter, Steve McEntire, Ben Martinez, Herschel McCoy, H. P. Dunlap, David Hughes, Wayne Carpenter, Kenney Schmidt, Darrell Varner, W. E. Cole, James Brooke. ROW 2: Bryan Judd, Manager, Boyd King, Ray Shafer, James Miles, Ervin, Bishop, Cleon Jones, Bobby Campbell, Jimmy Myrick, Tommy Scott, Henry Pinkston, Butch. Adams,,mMike Pelfrey, Bill Teague. ROW 3: Franklin Yancy, Billy Edwards, Buford Carr, Clinton Murphy, Bill Kennedyfflloyd Head, Jerry Avery, Vance McFadden, James Welch, Alan Sides, Charles Bradshaw, Johnny Kennedy SOPHOMORE TEAM ROW 'l: Bill Morgan, Don Chaney, Jim Tyler, Harold Stevens, Charles Bottoms, Reyes Diaz, Jerry Cavitt, Tony Hillburn, Bob Runnels. ROW 2: James Turner, Joe Mendoza, Richard Guthrie, Ralph Bruton, Wilford Millsap, Jimmy Roberts, Maynard Estes, Floyd Sanders, Pat Jon es, Olen Griffin, Jimmy Herrington, Gay Moore. ROW 3: Coach Shorty Lawson, David Gulley, Coy Thompsohilahrr-Bfusby, Bob Smith, Leon Johnston, Roy Winkler, Jerry Mclver, Kim Winston, Sidney Seals, David Day, Cecil Davenport, Robert Hagler. ' n t I VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM ROW 'lz Twyman,Ash, Ronnie Mulhern, David Bourland, George Barnes, Billy Jack Rudd Man ager. ROW 2: Roy Long, George Barnett, Jim Stowe, Leslie Strange, Mike Lockerd, Glynn Gregory Mr Gleaton, Coach. SEASON RECORD Eagles 39 Paschal lFt. Worthl 47 Eagles Carter-Riverside lFt Worthl Eagles 50 Paschal fFt. Worthl 52 Eagles Brownwood Eagles 70 Snyder 56 Eagles Odessa Eagles 66 Brownwood 53 Eagles Hereford Eagles 64 Levelland 57 Eagles Borger Eagles Birdville 52 Eagles Lubbock Eagles Childress 73 Eagles Midland Eagles 53 Lubbock 65 Eagles Stamford Eagles 57 Highland Park fDallasl 43 Eagles San Angelo Eagles Highland Park lDallasl 46 Eagles Odessa Eagles 67 Brownwood Eagles San Angelo Eagles 54 Stephenville Eagles Midland Eagles Odessa- Even though the Eagle Cagers did not win that much wanted place of champs of the South half of the district, theyldid fairly well this year. Twyman Ash, David Bourland, and Glynn Gregory were a little late getting to practice at the first of the season because of the prolonged football season. The Cagers won 'll out of 25 games for a neat average of 4471. Although this is a good average, it is nothing compared to what appears on the horizon for next year with four of the nine lettermen returning. l TWYMAN ASH-Captain CARLTON WINKLES RONNY MULHERN-Captain Forward-2 year letterman-senior Guard-2 year letterman-iunior- Guard-2 year letterman-senior- 1 -rebounder, best leader. fine defensive boy - and play excellent shot maker-3rd team All X maker. Star. . BASKETBALL BRUCE BOYD GEORGE BARNETT ROY LONG Forward-2 year letterman-junior Forward-2 year letterman-senior Forward-l year letterman-senior -fine hustler, good shot. -consistent rebounder and scorer. -fine desire, a hustler. 221 LESLIE STRANGE GLYNN GREGORY MIKE LOCKERD Center-two year Ietterman-Junior Forward - one year Ietterman - Center-one year Ietterman-Junior - hard worker - much improved Sophomore-one of the most prom- tireless worker, m u c h improved over sophomore year. ising sophomores. over sophomore year. BASKETBALL BILLY JACK RUDD Cagers stage a basketball demonstration for the student body. Manager - two year Ietterman - Senior - a steady worker - one of the best managers. 222 "B" TEAM ROW 'I: Vallie Malone, Dickie Hunter, Gail Kring, Jim Zacharias, Henry Pinkston, Jimmy Carpen- ter. ROW 2: Gary Coppinger, Bill Warlick, Jerry Mcllver, Billy Vick, Butch Adams, Cleaon Jones, Coach Bullington. ROW 3: Joe Arden, Sidney Seale, Charles White, Ralph Bruton, Ted Lucas, Gaylord Arm- strong. Ronnie Mulhern shoots but is fouled by 478. He made one tree throw score. ulhern shoots and makes 2 points for the Eagles ainst Odessa. Winkles, Strange, and Ash give Mul- rn able assistance. 223 ROW 1: Penny Brooks, Lafon Jowers, Judy Sybrant, Sue Vaughn, Rena Humphreys, Peggy Buroh. ROW 2: Gayle Wright, Ann Hills, Kay Barnes, Saundra Carter, Glenna Bucknew, Pat McDaniels, Sandra Loader, Connie Wilson, Gaye Longacre. ROW 3: Pat Bennett, Sherry Miller, Sherry Smith, Carol Body, Sherre Smith. ROW 4: Bill Graves, Charles Cox, Warren Weir, Carroll Hopkins. TENNIS - ,, , , V, f . fun- . 1 1,1 u 'ikviiiif' 1' it "'f Q ,. w, , " V A, V V H A ,, N, M , .,:,,,,, :Q E , V A ,.., ,,:. ,. yi, 3 !,, ,Wy ' fa- V H -1 vw 5 - 2' W ei ,, . 5, ' 3 gl .C i f 5 if ' W ' ' N I, K -f f 1 , . K I- W J xii, yr 'f,z'-Wil" QW V ,,,. 1-:v p AMX?eL'f-H V, , qfpi gz t , -me: " " ,lgswfg-liwsil w' Mai' .N 1-Mr' 4 ' il, -f fe-f eff' Jzl'f'l'.:5 5QiV7s.1'S it fl? AS ' fx,-25613, '91 , iIxJ:3f . 7l36Ix5i5,g7?:i,F 'FVW 2+ - Aa. .pm fx a- '12,-5' ,Q wr E iygfgfs, 1 ,-f gf? 'f -' 'z"'1?3"f'f2'f "T , S ,NH to ,ty W, , , , .V W ' 3 C. , , W. 1 ..,, A - ' I - - . -' ff'ff"f" ' - - ,, ..... ,- r 7 -2 ,, ,, ,,,. .. . GAYLE WRIGHT, GAYE LONGACRE COACH JAN CANNON SHERRY SMITH, SHERRE SMITH Girls' Doubles Girls' Doubles 224 BILL GRAVES AND CHARLES COX PAT BENNETT Boys' Doubles Girls' Singles TENNIS Under the direction of Coach Jan Cannon, the Eagle netters look forward to a good season. AI- though the district competition is stiff in tennis, we are hoping to win several titles this year. Returning nettersvwho have lettered are Carroll Hopkins, Pat Bennett, Gayle Wright, and Gaye Longacre. ANN HILLS and KAY BARNES CARROLL HOPKINS Girls' Doubles Boys' Singles 225 BASEBALL COACH' "Blacky" BLACKBURN Pitchers Bruce Boyd, Sam Caudle, Kenny Schmidt, Altus Scott, Harolc Stevens. Abilene High Eagles opened a tough 1955 season when they played Carter-Riverside of Fort Worth at the Blue-Sox Stadium. Three All-District performers of 1954 and seven lettermen were in the batting line up, making Abilene well equipped. Returning men are Twyman Ash, H. P. Hawkins, and Glen Belew, a second team man. The '55 season opened with three wins from Carter- Riverside. The outlook for the season as a whole looks very promising. Outfielders Larry Street, Butch Adams, Carlton Winkles, Glen Belew. BASEBALL - :L sic., Q! A-eff J ,-.,x.J1J JEJGN. Sf! , fx , if-Jxlggo .J-'N ' X ' ll K fs ri:-c.hf735'L14.2,2 ' 'Q' Q' ' .EQOA 2:.4.f4"5'Q:'J J se. .. JMB., fX,---ea Ls., 1 ' 'W f,Q.1-fvxsr,-,1 ,J 1.TL'.,J-5 lnfielders 'W Y' -, EDJ.. Harold Landrum, Pat Jones, Jerry Mclver, Jimmy Carpenter, Jimmy Rose, Henr?Pinkston, Cclgall Lane During the 1954 season the Eagles 'dd- vanced in District to a final playoff with Wichi- ta Falls for District title. Winning their game with the Coyotes in Wichita Falls, the Eagles were nosed out by them in the play off game at the Blue Sox Stadium. Six men of last year's squad made the All- District State team, and four made the second All-Star team. Catchers John Kennedv, Manager, Glynn Gregory, Cullen Hunt, Hubert Jordan Infielders H. P. Hawkins, Frank Scarbrough, David Bourland, Sam Caudle, Freddie Green, Robert Carouthers, Twyman Ash, H. E. Dunlap vL?23'JJ Ben Martinez delivers a right to his opponent. The Eagle boxing team, coached by "Shorty" Lawson, had sever to the finals in the Abilene Golden Gloves Tournament. Ben Martinez, flyweight, won in his division. Others reaching the finals were Ken- neth Frazier, lightweight, Jim Yarbrough, heavy weighty and Don Thurman, middle weight. COACH "SHORTY" LAWSON ROW l: Harvy Pinner, Ben Martinez, Don Thurman ROW 2: Kenneth Frazier, Jim Yarbrough, Robert Cowley 228 Another AHS student, representing the YMCA, gets a punch on the chin. Kenneth Frazier slugs it out with his Sweet- water opponent. TRACK Prospects for the 1955 track season seem very good with ten ofthe 1954 State Championship team reporting for workouts. Seated on the first row are Coach Groseclose, Bob Mosshart, Jim Millerman, Bob Gay, Don Burks, G. W. Davidson, and Roy Reid, manager. On row 2 are Coach Bullington, John Barfoot, Ronnie Mul- hern, James Leonard, Danny Owen, and Billy Jack Rudd, manager. Jim Briggs is not pictured. 229 TRACK SQUAD ROWl Ronnie Mulhern, Bobby Mosshart, Jim Millerman, Bob Gay, Don Burks, G. W. Davidson James Leonard, Danny Owen, Roy Lone, Carter Conaway ROW 2 Stuart Peake, Rufus King, Dub Parker, James Welch, Henry Colwell, Jo-hn Barfoot, Brant Baize Reford Schmittou, Bill Mitchell, James Brooks McEntire, Lyndell Rains, Jerry Suggs, Jack Self ROW 3 Vance McFadden, Rodney Joy, Jim Stowe, Hollis Swafford, Freddie Beall, Jimmy Zacharias Steve ROW 4 Cleon Jones, Roy Reid, Billy Jack Rudd, Charles Millsap, Paul Stubbs, Bill Vick, Melvin Jones Olen Griffin, James Turner Fielding one of the best teams in the state, the Abilene Eagles went all the way in 'I954 to become State Champions for the first time in many years. The Warbirds led in the field events in the Border Olympics, Bluebonnet Relays, Cow- town Relays, District, Abilene Invitation Meet, and Regional before reaching the finals. New records were set by Bobby Mosshart in the 880. The 1955 season opened with the Eagles winning 401A points in the Border Olympics at Laredo. The nearest rival has 21 points. Three new records were set by the Eagles in the meet. James Leonard rached 12' 3" in pole vaulting. Bob Mosshart made 'l:57.8 in the 880 relay, and the mile relay team set a record of 3:26.6. Don Burks was runner-up for high point man with 9M points. Billy Mitchell won in discus throw with 'I57' 2". 230 The 440 relay team gets ready for the tournament at Laredo. Jim Millerman, Bob Gay, John Barfoot, Ron- nie Mulhern TRACK Sprint Relay Team Mile Relay Team ROW 'l: Don Burks, ,James Welch, Henry Calwell ROW 2: Bob Mosshart, Jim Millerman, Bob Gay, John ABar- foot ' T Hurdles: Don Burks High Jumpers, Broad Jumpers, Pole Vaulters TRACK ROW 'l: Jim Stowe, James Turner Melvin Jones, James Leonard ROW 2: Jim Millerman, Danny Owen Brandt Baize, Ronnie Mulhern ROW 'l: Jerry Suggs, G. W. Davidson, Roy Long, Bobby Mosshart, James Welch, Carter Conaway, Steve McEntire ROW 2: Lyndell Rains, Jimmy Zachar- ias, Freddie Beall, Jack Self, Rodney Joy, Paul Stubbs, Billy Vick, Olen Griffin l Middle Distance and Distance Runners Vance McFadden, Rufus King, Stew- art Peake, Billy Mitchell, Reford Schmit- Weight Men 252 tou I ROW l: Gay Sanders, Dora Sue Christian, Clara Ann Bennett, Lue Edington, Charlotte Welch ROW 2: Miss Billie Bailey, Sandra Standefer, Nadine Chambers, Melba Brown, Jane Key, Georgia Osborne Seven games and one tournament made up the volleyball schedule for the 1955 season which began early in February with a game with Sweetwater and a tournament in Big Spring. At the tourna- ment Melba Brown was elected Co-queen. Georgia Osborne is the captain and Billy Bailey is the coach. VOLLEYBALL The volleyball girls practice before game time. 10 ,, MCMA ,swf GQ'-F Q52 V jgffg "A" TEAM Stanley Binion, Clark Hampton, Roland Snipes, Gerome Roberts, Ronnie McGraw, Mr. Kuy Kendall, Coach, Cnot picturedl Taking active part in sports of AHS, the golf team will enter in three golf meets-the Fort Worth Recreation Track and Golf Meet, A 81 M Track and Golf Meet, and the Odessa Track and Field Meet. Last year's Eugene Jghnson won the Fort Worth and Odessa tournaments and went to the finals in Austin. The Eagles shogld have e,prospeJr6us season this year. Y l A "B" TEAM ROW 'l: .lohinny Crow, Bill Lapham, Donald McDonald. ROW 2: Jackie Crow, Darrell Kennedy, Shel burn Perry, Jerry Fisher, Bolhby Ewell, Terry Test. 234 CHEERLEADERS Jn J of If If If? fly !fI,W'jfJ 5 wfnyvify, M, I , W, M ff, :KVM LINDA MA MIM,-wwwWI. ff.L,Mmm,:A-fm :.fffFa:,v W,..f E-,mwwwm-M MARILYN MILL NATALEE MO BARBARA EST M pg, DWWPQIVI REMEMBERING THREE CLASS QUEENS Three lovely class queens toss a coin in the fountain and make a wish when they are presented in assembly. Pretty Lucinda Prather is presented by the Senior Class as she climbs "The Stairway to the Stairs." The narrator, Maralyn Martin, tells the story of the wishing well. Lovely Ann Hills looks down on her Junior classmates in a Mardi Gras scene. The three queens stand by the fountain and make a wish. The magic mirror chooses the Sophomore Queen, Sarah Walker. Her escort is Jimmy Carpenter. i ,gs HOMECOMING ACTIVITIES me snake-dancers storm the Paramount. ueen Ann Hills and Escort Don Burks ride in the Home- aming Parade. 1n Hills is crowned Homecoming Queen of 1954. ie nominees for Homecoming Queen were Ann Hills, ura McCormick, and Barbara Ross. ,e band supplied the music for The Homecoming Parade. .,.a,....u,....wm,.,Nps. iz-mfr ff . --mn--.... , . - - W AL My rl www' ... , OUR PEP RALLIES Twyman Ash presents the District Football trophy to Mr. Webb. The students send the Eagles off to Fort Worth with a rousing cheer. The Eaglet-Ettes get in a huddle in a skit during a pep rally. Never shall we forget the ringing of the Victory Bell after becoming State Champs. Barbara leads the way for the Mighty Warbirds. A ff L X.. rl .1 jyif 'XXL QM r 5, 2 'Z if li si ls ffl as ,K AROUND A. H. . The Pan-American members wear costumes of the countries lthey study. ,The joy of Christmas is increased with the A CappeIla's singing of carols in the halls. Georgia Osborne displays her winning poster with Queen Lucinda. The anxious Seniors search for their rings. Member of the "Heidi" cast are made up 'For the big night. 241 Tre 11 ff7-f smwt,-wiw ,,,, i 5 SPECIAL DAYS X. "The Spirit of Thanksgiving" is downhearted abou this families' feeling toward Thanksgiving. Our modern family is disguested with life and it daily routine. "The Spirit of Thanksgiving" is cheered by the stor' of the Pilgrim family. Student Council members arrange Thanksgiving boxes for delivery. N v nv a Ni ' 1 1- 1 : .1 annum-me . AROUND A. H. s. 'he children and guests of the faculty are visiied ay Santa. 'he "Sagebrushers," Robbins, Watkins, Groseclose, Kenney, and Harlow serenade us in assembly. Jdessa High presents the Liberty Bell to AHS. Diana Bulloch dances for the Exchange program. The cast of "Heidi" takes a curtain call. ,A p 4 The mention of a mouse stops all discussions. Heidi is among her friends again. l HEIDI Presented for the Junior Service League Poor Heidi is unhappy injhe city I THE SHAKESPEAREAN FESTIVAL Presented by the Speech Department witches Judith Stange, Carol Chapman, Elective prepare a brew in their caldron. Lady Macbeth and Macbeth are portrayed by Margaret Jennings and Julian Long. M kjfjfioflff , The fairy dancers of "Midsummer Night's Dream gather around "Bottoms." It must be a serious matter to cause! a duel. HERE AND THERE Girls from the Ephesy Club modeled beautiful tall fashions. Gay Sanders, Sharron Sparks, Mr. Sublett, and Laura McCormick examine the Totem Pole of the victorious Eagles. Members of the Drivers Education Class admire their new black and gold Plymouth Little E Club The Dancing Dollies of Del Rio give us an exhibition in Jumo Assembly V . , . . Dosi-do and away they go in a meeting of the ' II ll ,, . . . ,, . . .. . . E l E i 1 +I w xv ME ING 1 , Q Q M ,w www' mmm, wmmwmwus-Q ,mms -1-L. wwf,-M. if Mwmzwwgm www Wm-www mm f.wm awww, . wm,n : Mm, 'e , were u There s Cl one and only . ln refreshment, too K f' J , ff jjffi -x , Qt X gf '? A M gf' fl If X Q 1 I ,f X 1 ,f A 1 N x 2 - x - x' e Af, A .,-m ff! I 'XTX A f jx 'r I f , I gf! ffl N e A eww 'M V' M - ff' . ly, U 'N ' M" ,I j BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY a - o :o LI G COMPANY r 248 J - "f :I Y ff 1. V, X ILM! Af' . 'df 9 y , I , f yi eff' ,W fl , fff ff I , . I! ,ay -N ,f',"' " f -lp f' ' , if f' 1' aff . , was ,af ' 1' , ' " ,QV A, , 1 , , Y 1. I iff' 'lL'f' ni. I0" J 'I' f'."'fJ V- 1" 11 3 F is i ,W if M54 Q r HAARDIN-SIMMONSJHCWQ' M,,+fi rf 1? 1121. mf' UNIVERSITY r N iw sw J ff f JJ jk! 'rpm J K! f A .I ii ,u r-'iq 'ids X ' ' Jw A i ww if W i r J l, ' ' Christian ,Jiffy fyfqixif fflii 3 " KJ 1 U1 9 f If - ,ff , ,, f,f'df ' Co-Educational ji Mtfd X ,ff"',,15O! wi? W Ne' 10 j, U ,Wig 1 1, J 2 'fff ' LiberalArfs Education lffkfrjyifj ,fif"'pA1WEy 32 ' JW fbi A o - A f 5-In 1, ' Reserve Officers Training Corpsp fri-fbfpfki QR! 7 sf' L, ' ' X L' , , , in CN fc, r H 'O ivcpfvlf' r , ry N J jf i 5111 if 249 I Ax 'kfwjlj Y' L L " l I yKx NX 71, KN?-igfzg Xp 132' X I!!! . X A PD A 1 Q 62, w - I . A 'ru , 1 Y M4 A 1 ' Y 4- he ', X '- I gt 5, X Q - . Y W ,A . f- st, - . K, . 'N' xg Q' RN --' E: XX " Q"j -UI k., f Y ' lx ' -. "I, "w, 004, ".,-' ff w, f 1 ' ' 4 ' get-. i f X ' ' . QM' Qj- s X -' ''--..,-"--.,,'w,ffff,,jjff,,I f fo' ,,"f,' , K I 1, ' 'Q if L, ' ' 'fffff5""' riff" " " " ' ,I , X -4 n I ! ' ,H . ' 5. Q .4 xx I . ' xx., X - X f,L7,'-,:5y,,,,,.'r' ' . " I s. N. A Y '...f"'ff 0, ' ' ' -' 1 A - N iv s X ..,,jZ,, 'L f N ,N . . X NN 1' X .3115 U -5 I lx: 5 Q , 1 . '- y . K Q Q lx x E I 4 -nun Qhx "..' you Q . . x X 5 X B. A , X . 'ff " I lg' K K .. ' '- - f f. . ' X' ' -, mg fl ,, X . ' ' X- I . , B N . , 7 4 Wax . u . K ' ..,. . V, 9 0 s h . ,V 1 I Qi , X V5 I X 3 I . . . , Q X x - - hi- F X si . 'xx I N. r R ' . . K X xK cgi X , .h . x N Av gg, 1 45' . , gt - ' A J - - -i lx, 5 1' ' 1 0 .E .. 4 X - , ' Q '-- ' , .A X , ' ' " ' N f ff ' ' 1 ' gf ' ' x ,,,'f, N .N - ,,,,fff , i 1 .. ,A X f f X Q "Z"'Z'ZZ' IZZCZCCCIIIIIH i " n f' N, 'X N K-N " , . ,,,'fff,,,W0,jfff,,jf,,,, ff,,,, lx, N' :X .,,,,,ff ffff 1 A gy , 1 ,07.,,:f,,W:1f,,,,fff,,Z:f,,Z,,,Im,,qI X-gs - up f- - --- ff-A A 'f, fffffff 00, "f,,,f'ff,"'-,1fj'- ' X 3 ' . - K x N ,, E XA ,,f1,Zfbjjjjfijjg,,,f0,,,,,, - f se , ,I 4, A, Y, A,,,4v,,0,f,,,,, ,,,,,:,,,h7,,,,. f,,,, f,t,w Z ' . 1, Q y 0 -s Q Culjf - ,ee --zu, ,f J ' 4 , , -20, " ' I Q f . 4' 'f,,, '- xr ,f 4 Q W-J . X I" ,ff ' K ' ff '1 Q7 X ,K , , , f 9 1 1 1. . x X "ffl , xyK X Ze QQ 1 f 2 4 all B " f ef g . S 1., , U? -.qcflx -1471, 1' X6 . 52 "ZZ 5, I Z ' 5 ff f 0 , ff 1 ' ffm ?,,' ff , - f , "'r , 9 I f , W! ,7 ,, , . f 1 n lar: XX o,, , f - - f X v,, - 1 , f . . "oy, 'OZ f 41 ' 1 I 'sn 00,01 00, V! , , f K ..,,, ,,f,,,,,:f,W C 7 ,,,,, 1 "a,"',, 2 ,I if' Q y M. -.. 4. I, 6 N 'iw' QQ- 4 f' . 'I 211. Z'.'-' ' A 4 1 T6 .2.':La::..,::L. ,Y I x X 'J -. ,, -' jf, f , 1,,'. ' .1 .ff ,',f ' 4 .."'.',",,Z.,:jn" l 3,111 1 . H K fx. f VX is M , S' ,ge X NQ XX xN Xx X U KW S ff ,Q f JM! 0 A 7 -I I J I 411 ,AJR Lflght for Freedom Power for Progress' Only 75 years ago Edlson lnvented the first practlcal llght bulb ThlS year is Light s Dlamond ubllee' Today all ofus know the ease and comfort that Reddy Kllowatt brmgs to every home ln this age of Electrical Lxvlngl Tomorrow holds an even greater promlse of new mlracles through electrlcity Reddy wlll serve you ln ways undreamed ofnow to brlng you new comforts and new le1sures WestTexas Utilities Compmyf X M X xxxX t M CS 007 " 9 l 99 LlGHT'S DIAMOND JUBILEE 1879 1954 250 Each Year We Welcome Many ABILENE HIGH SCHOOL Graduates to the Campus of Abilene ishan College Re l-ldrdin Adminisfrofion Building of BILENE Cl-IR STIAN COLLEGE ou will fin O ' riendl college 311-K 7gA'f-7 cn help u co ege C1 Christian College Abilene Chrishan Col ege DON l-l. MORRIS President 251 A f X fff nii? ,fr " f S rf e f M ,- - r AQLLLQQQQ ' A WL! 1 . , , fuki S. ' S enni r N iir . 'zkk AbiIene's Oldest - In our 64th Year of Dependable Banking Service Farmers 8: Merchonfs Nchonol Bank CQRNER FOURTH G CYPRESS - if UV f 97 f 3Convenient X Locations: I n 2 793' No. 5 2534 So. 7 . if No. 9 SAVE Two wAYs Every Day Low Prices if Plus No. 'IO Frontier Saving Stamps 1318 No- 8 252 P. O. BOX 569 TELEPHONE 4-8591 HURT -LI G LUM BER AND CQMPA Y BUILDING ABILENE, TEXAS MATERIALS P. O. BOX IBQB PHONE 2-7879 EST IIEIXQASI QRXIICN S IIIAILEE O CEPAM C 61 METAL TILE BRICK ACOLJSTI CELOTEX FLOOR COVERING MODERNFOLD DOORS ABILENE TEXAS ,wwf e919Q5f4QfHid r 1 jgyfy ZZZQIER ,Oz woo PM 6W -f -fo -ffbfyg jig? ,www 70Zf ,JHUNEEASQIEALEQAQ Z-JL VQLJ 777f Lfxdxys-4-2 Blifgneagge siigesmizer Heat and Refrloerators W Q jig! Oc., Yxzfc 5 ,Q .441 fig! M M f X ,jk M624 ZAJ ffbflf MQ? yan, zfdap-1.1 , M -f KV aff WIC! MMV? czrfzgus rcmalsgx JMJJ Q4fM W S Q Clotluers .IACK A TUCKER CO Ab1Iene Texas 158 Plne ,Z JV ,Jax XV!! J X . Q J I x I I X I 1' .J Nw , ,J J 1 J X 'I , .nw I 1 , "' ,1 XE ' I I 'I 1 ' - - Y I 9 1:09 WALNUT sr, . r " 'D f ' S ' K , U , I - , , ' . f ,ff 1 Z ,f ' ' " 1 , gf kj f 1 f J ff f 5, 1, 47 .Y j , E f 5 ' , 1 - f Q .M Lf ' f j A I ' . A K f , I, r 5 v , , K ,. f A ,- X Y f ' f gy-Z I ' , f I I L , I Z., , I ' 1 . -z I in if , . 7 f , U X 1 7 Y 9 , I A "' ,4 , 1 I bf! '-' 1,54 5 X Ziff! ' .fi iz' . 4 ' ... " ' . ', 5 ' 74 52' X , ' f if f .,! L' ,Z gy' ' I f J ' fu., -- . , . cc L " L, , , , 4 I lj ' Q '- l : . ' A iii-. Ssss:a2:5 :Q:2?::5:f2zi5 Siem Sieisis222si5123is?si2555553isisE551L2if22Esi525'eraE35if255255X1115P225252i55E555E1:2:sE:Es:5ifZs:::5.3:f:z:' 1.,i5f1. I.?sV2:1:s.t5eI1' 252525911 7 253 Tele WU OTE H OTE L ABILENIE S Longrolulotlons to the FAVUWTE Sensor Closs on the pl-ATT T0 Completion O O I l-llglw Selwool f I Coreer NQRTH THIRD AT CYPPESS Dl"1OfWG 'l llglfl T J K Wolllngford ldlonoger I 'TTHE FRIENDLY FIRST d Tm 'K 24H 'all' l' ll Al-9-lg -K3 THE FIRST STATE BANK 2 8455 h T Member Federal Deposlt Insurance Corporation X354 K QNJABILENE LAUNDRY COMPANY C THE oooo oNE A SWA wA'U'l'5X Vwwe G Cont nuously operated s nce 1894 M A SW' JCQL9-1X L,.N,MfCv.,gs W I CNo th d J W5 Mm I N , -r' ' , 4 Q, S . if EA kt' ea Kar ff' 19 Q l Q .C l V v' : -f .ar I ' ' Q., -I Q L' W 1 I X , , J .-'-iv '- .5 M, A . .A , ff If of 9 I S T 1' ki' S f ' T ' it ll ,' - 1 l f , ff . .K E N +j',,Ell'd".l - T Q. -r ' T "1 . S , yo ef' 7 4 I M51 STA1'fi'v- we-2. ' V " . V' Convenient an Safe ' ,QT ' i, .. mgltlligg Drivevin-Banking ' +7 E Efficient and Courteous Q. , VV---1-43" T' T I ll. E L - our Depository T 3 ,, Q, . .f -pl V I 5 it f. :Ll J-.L , f , ' 'r- " 'L l .R .-'A ,. , 1 ' ff' ' Phone - Fourth and C es nut . I -QT . W fl ' 1 . xfl fl .Q Pl 5 li , Sl s- T .Q Q w J . - l ,J .N u u l l "J X- - v T ' fe I ' ' ffl -, 'N , - , F A --UM., se . ,fs SQ EUDNT it J 3 , i i ,, ' " ' " T ffl ek T To CHQ " ' NSQEK if , 768 a nut Cor. South 'llth 8. Chestnut ,X . , , . re ill r Sl e fSouthsideJ qyieti-AM il Q t N- K9 Ll ., 254 ROYAL CROWN B O T T l I N G COMPANY - 3Ol Chestnut T Slziles Motor Co. H K "Oldsmobile Rocket" N f U New ond Used Cors T, O Smesfserfavrce l l5l North Second A 1 Telephone 4--8585 U ' 4 U oJ?KlflGIfI?fER-NORTH FUNERAL HOME 1-Wx lull xfl l' .l ff ' ' U AMBULANCE SERVICE 242 Orange Street Telephone 4-6246 Abilene. Texas Q45 T 'Sf Russeyls Printing CHQ' T 1 CALL US FUR THAT NEXT PRINTING JOB Elm ot Second ST. 'E Y MCMURRY COLLEGE PICTURED ABOVE are about half of the Abilene High School graduates of 1954 who continued their education at McMurry College this year. Remember fleft to right, top downl Bowdoin, Lenker Bradley, Bowden, Large, Case, Carroll, Gideon, Casseaux, Beckham, Clark, Emerson, Reid, Parrish, Rob inson, McRee, Mills, Blain, Osburn, Shotwell, Young, Medley, Clard, and Cutting? 3 .gs A 'Q sm- j fs. veg' , V li .- xw- , otx - - 'Mm I-QW? ! E 4. L Study .... . . . .Spiritual Q .-ff, NL, Ni' ,- . X, 7 f .E ' We'd like to have YOU at MCMURRY The members of the 1954-55 Freshman Class at McMurry Col- lege pictured above should feel right at home between the cov- ers of the FLASHLIGHT. They were pictured in your annual last year as AHS seniors. After graduation day they found a friendly welcome-and lots of things to do-at McMurry College. They found students and teachers with Christian backgrounds and purposes. They discovered numerous club and social activities at Mc- Murry, and a well-rounded pro- gram of varsity athletics, intra- mural sports and physical edu- cation. Best yet, they fou nd they could get a good college educa- tion right here in Abilene, and enioy all the fun of college and the comforts of home at the same time. 256 is fa ,J V ' ' Zi' p. V P " I nb 4-tbgsf -V f-sq., Social .... . . . .Sport r., 4 ani-fzilw' . , , 419 .19 f V ,K nfl' 'X . , . 47, , v if IGHTXXf"'Ay IAUNDRY yz44f?JLLEan't Gigi? the Right-Way" we ffl GRAY, QWNER " A V if V99 N 0 W if fe fffgzif' ' 6093211 Sine 4 ,Q I , TeIephone4Q'5295 U62 A L WUIWIZ3' .2 12 M X MILK RICH 'L' if M 1 ,Ll 1,3 A 1 if 'N GDC If ,QWQ if 1f'M? F , N frff".f'r.T yfywkyz 'M 'UVV O ulxbqdgxz W O ABMNE, TEXAS Temephoneilgim A ogg , J I 0 H O X ff! Mfwhere People Buy With Confidence 5 K 5 ggdw LYDICK-HOOKS ROOFING CO. OF ABILENE, INC. Over 50 Years in Texas 329 um S ree Phone 4-4088 257 J R Fle er O D Dillingham Flelder Dlllln ham LlIlVIBEP1 IUNII ANY Cooks Varnlsh Palnt Cl' lam Woll Board and Wallpaper ABILENE TEXAS Sash ancl Door EVERYTHING IN HARDWARE Chlna Glassware Kltchenware Westinghouse Philco Retrrgerators an Ranges Westlnghouse and Philco Radlos Speed Queen Washers The Largest Hardwa re Stock nn West Texas Bctldwln P1CI1'1OS Mcurtm Band Instruments MCDANIEL MUSIC CO rl llfl ttyl DW DR PEPPERQUWWQWXMW Allft for life S3 X ll Jtrwgsrfl . Pepper Bottling Col 490 Chestnut St Abllene, excrs ' X A .ra 'Q 0 ' I O 0 ., ls 6 p 1 I 1 I ' ' I ' ff 4IO es nut ' - " ' Telephone Q- Q I - A .- ' -. I . I I I d Q S - 0 A D A - 0 Q TGIGDIWOWG 2--324l 525-34 Cypress Street T Ifws or econd elep one 3 ' lf S JGOJW 4 .I XSL X. he 1-9' Of I IU. o 0 any I I DI E - l H M 258 Meet your friends VVHITEI-IURST,S Distinctive clothing for Women and men 274 Cypress Street Phone 4-6158 B b T ymcn, Don and Roy admire the new p T cfs at their favorite store. V . 1 i Whitehursfs A X .-'Tint A , I ' lIl7WALNUT.STREET r ii Qfggqf Em, ' ff amy bil X35 X AMBULANCE SERVICE in I. . , i r, N I II' 9 r ICH S UISIQPG OITIQ And Chapel of Memories 542 Hickory Street Telephone 4-4355 ABILENE, TEXAS Thoughfulness Chorecterizes Gur Service 259 DSLEQI K llfldll ff! NAJ fill!! flllff Af!!! em an and WORLD S LARGEST MANUFACTURER OF OFFICE MACHINES SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT 1137 BUTTERNUT STREET TELEPHONE 4 5077 ABILENE TEXAS The West Texas House HE ENDED. QMPANN1 Manufacturing Stationers 2X3 Cypress Street uelepnon A 4259 ABILENE TEXAS -we-"""'RV"" UMBER IIOZ OAK DIAL 4 6232 , . ff' 7 . f P fx! X 1.221 ' 1 F :fr -1 -FI 1 ., 1111 X f , . 9 v Q I ' I ll 5 ll Iv 'mr - - -I S Q l"L,-R I . I - nl I I - I 260 ,I J., , I - V 71' 4 1,1 , , Q , 4 '7 ' "ff, 4 'X V ' ' 2.1.1 L, 'Q c f , , . -, ' X'-' D M ff ff M' MJ ' 914 Qwcfifff WJ ' Reva, Maralyn, and Gary are enjoying the use of another service of conveniences at Ernest Grissonfs. EGee records and keeps your message on a private secretary board! Just say 1,11 leave a message for you -' s , We , - at. .. al!-f' - A L! W-Iggy. 'I' I' . . ff . A ,HS 196097 I V I A I A. ,. L I fl If 4,1 X I W I ' K. JI!! . 1 ,, A E ERNEST if? ZW 220 CYPRESS 261 if f 9 d pI y I THoRNToNs 1-LIXUM3 IQ, My In -L bi not SLILQUIQ WWJW IQWVQMS J-Qcxv uustmcmt 1fIXnwE7 0LVCf67f1-'aj T rv, C1577 Lvix QJXINI Jr L Q,C,Lx ,S Ugg otswwuu Q17 UMM, IM., ,awk Your Favorite S oppmg Center ONE STOP FOR EVERYTHING II H I II STORES LocATED l m ii I.-. HW I ,R 4th and Qak IQIIILIIEH EZ!!! Jah" ' I I2th and Butternut Elmwood West A CITY WITHIN ITSELF Admirin he ine array oflu gage on is a a ' are Jackie, John, ldanel, and x ! .E er . - If . I U , , 1 U-Qj -, f CV , +L,-Lvx EIL -0--og I' M4 N ,K I x I x ' 1 III I ,ft ' I f N1 ' Q K' g x I F Q Ahoy 1 'LJ I fb-uk. I .3 ' C, MIA I EITEIQ ii- Qg- I E", O oo E5 LE i I s I ' .. - . z UI ' I . U . II I Muna 'V -'-J 1 I , I f gg Ig IGI:-Iii f' I . 9 ' i I ll ll 262 o A i ' y 5 f A fx-5 7 ' ' 1 , ,ifsg A f V' xiii! rs, f t -i-o, he Stucientsff get n ff Q K . WKQ' I Xlvq' M' - H if 'ij HQ rbi . ,W uf' Oic i "1 M1 ii ' V . s J". L'vi,iL "1Q,,n- xv' .,"'- t if'-5 X fi ,fi 'Z f , ., M ,N , ' A Lg -'--f ,Fi ,,.,.f5"s Qi ' . if 5' My Jyiffiii Viv if3,2"Yff . f- , ff fir' f hrleme lgrglq Snlquul , Our sincerest appreciation For the privilege given us in making the photographs contained in this hook t ' " axlxgiff, N Mtg ' S . hlflwi i -g 4 , ' - . f i 1 N A N ' 4 -- 'X 1 ' ' I . .Q it 'i A' , A A A I X ip I , , "Makeup of Fine Powfmitf' A 263 Q ,sd A P' ' -f,.' A 1 V 1- - 1 , 4, 5 1 w 'X ,lx , , . , my , B, A. 1 1 . , . 0 I . K m xt h Q. '- M fjlbaisuyvc , H.. 'MM Q' QQ' mmfxfgfn g,JfX'W - dpkg. -x iwbd-L . W JJ'-Kmia, Lynne, and J fncl L Q, N , K, , 7 I A 9 Olwxjffyxi the latest fashio X y gk, ,I EXJUAYLA-AS, dp .ip ' -52 dd Cgjfment 'h -Lslswvv vull.. ' WW dy JE V x 3.1 af... fZ:jVwwL,X l'pW,'L LAM I 'Q'WQJf46XX'NfkAfw.4hk- A M3 S ,Qjifw 1 LL W ww L u Y K X 31 v TMR Q- . Q 3 N E X N '14, Q EEN X Q 1 hwy F-1 d1yVx,i-iJ1 V ER 'gy - X ivy? 490 ww ,P J'-fffd07209'fLWf4y WW ' Q X, 'W if. ,Za-lfwflk ' X XA ,gig ny.. , W- W : . 264 ww W C441-W' ' Sharon, ,,lng,Q.lQa.i:ih2 uebbie, Joanne and Olene enioy freshing drink at the - ffyjj life-eat more often. will enioy one of our specials . . . . . Chicken Dinner-Sea Food Dinner Special Dixie Pig's Ham Plate Dixie Pig Drive-Inn Butternut of lllfh Phone 2-0095 Abilene, Texas CHEVROLET - CADILLAC WESTERN CHEVROLET CO. 4001 South lst Street Telephone 3-2561 265 was Mpfd CONGRATULATIONS .QQ UM! BEST WISHESH. Jw SENIORSH. f .-Mj A 1955 , Q Ia BARNES at ,gr if if if A f . i DRUG CEN R ,ML l HWHERE GOOD FRIENDS TALK lVHlLE HAVING A CUP OF C FEEH A 701 Hickory Telephone 4-7281 5' l l8V2 Syccmore,4Alg,ilene, 'leiros . "A Rrofessionoj,,Col,lece ,Qi BUsiness" , ff -,Air Conditibnezl - Complete Secretarial, Accgggfcing, Business Allministration Courses, Transcribing ,I Q' Machines - Medical'and Legal Secretarial - Comptometer 5. u DAY SCHOOL . . .NIGHT SCHOOL interview: Miss Helen Robinson, AB., Pres. Fine Quality food ohnd o well'- rounded menu or lowest possible cost moy be found of the Ann .1 ene High Cafeteria MRS. GUS MAXWELL, MANAGER 266 .J Q l The best in diamonds watches silver and other fine prodbuscts are displayed at REX A SlVll'l'l'l JEWELRY stone Abzlene s oldest established jewelry Store 1056 Ndth Shcond Street M gg 1955 SENIORS YO U R l you Wlll flnd these advantages at DRAUGHON S T0 M 0 R R OW Special training for a definite employment oblectlve Successful placement service y A chance to prepare for a wort while cdreer at a saving in time K watts and money instruction Special courses for high school commercial course graduates Guidance in selecting your career goal .lk Nl A convenient enrollment date Ask for M09 Draughon s Buslness College l3I7M So Ist St Telephone 4 8573 John Theda and Sara Ann admire the fme selection of china displayed at C M PRESLEY JEWELERS 709 Pune Street Abilene Texas i . . I I . F df 4 i ,J a N k A ' - I I pl ,fi ,'J I A' , -71' "9 1 ' XA" V' . I , 1 ' ' I ' A l Y 0 o .-Q-F ' ,:::,::::::.5,:,::::::::::5. A:::g1g:5:1:,4E5E525:,:4- ' 0 0 . 9 - ' f E221 X 1 4. A sincere personal interest in your progress, yvith individual mul ummm l 64 , , l l ' ' nunuu uwmu f. ' ' . f Qfiril 1' 5, .',' zz. ,:Q.:4,451,jz.-335:51-:::,:-zz:::,151:gre,:g:1::::g::'5::1,:-2:-- . ' ' A ' -4 ,.., ..,.,.A. ,... ,.,. , , , ,.,,.....,... ,v..,.,.,, 3 . L,-74 , I . Il ll ' - ' . I n - r I, b - , Y . . 1- . I 267 e Z? fe og? 'JUQLQK Yonge Motors . '.., ,,' ' I 1,1 W. DESOT0-PLYMOUTF L 'f'44 T'SouTh First 1 Telephone 4-6236 X xx fi'-148-Nh! ooh' my xv hx Rl-3'M,. PURE... AWIRGIIIIG F Natalee, Janet, Linda and Mflrilyn enj0y,1 good FORELIOSTbMfIk. , 1, ' 1 ' I 1. ' 'I 'T-f ,QQ 'D P' MILK AND ICE CREAM KS' f ' I .- fx' X' .ff . I I 268 legfr out bankin t the Citizens C i t i Z e I 9 Ilwhe N F Q-I ' all C of 7 f ll fA!t,l.s" ,t iii li 'IWQ IM A fm MJ The Driver's Education de- partment is very grateful to Horace Holly Motors for fur- nishing this beautiful new Plymouth for this course. y a 4' A lm' M, af Z lv W f HORACE HCJLLY MOTORS 1330 North First Telephone 4-7259 269 Q KSA MWW' ' SIQN 6 Wk.X - , Nw LW55j5jQw,9Ji WWW W, , WRMHM Zn RENWMA' f' Aww fy WW' Q X, Q SOM, , V .. x SV ' Ma' f-sf' WW ,cfs .32 ,lzxf X,1-ibn ,QM CQMM33 .- .fy P it pr LL 5 Xnwbwgiuizsi MJT' Q A . fp, fy, f,,.f.-'f- X A 'f f:,,1 - ,fV 'f'i f.D 919 -, ff. qiff' A" ct Saw ffu,d,9.'ggxg" iv ,wg J- '.', i 5 , ek 'gy'i33.x-- tint, ,V .V 1.',, -it ax I Nu 'zzfzi 'jk J, : f 'A 'ffj4y'M' - wx ' ,Q it r N A , xx 3 4 Q 1 if si ig 5 , f x l A 4 it Q ? QQ, 3 E 296 Cbggjfij , J? xx ig-1 : A r T .L ' 'iff' 1 2 'S 270 - SPRING ACTIVITIES RED LETTER EVENTS. . .Pan American Pro- gram. . .Presentation of sweaters and awards . . .The Twirp Assembly and the announcement of the Twirp Sweetheart. . .Entries and winners in regional and state literary and athletic events. . . Election of Student Council officers. . .National Honor Society Induction. . .Presentation of '55 Flashlight. . .and last but not least, Senior Activities. The new Student Council officers were presented in assembly. Skits for presenting the candidates for offices for the Student Council were clever and entertaining. ASSEMBLY A scene from "Abe Lincoln in lllinois", the tournament play. AHS players won second in the State interscholastic League. HEADLINES The induction of new members into the National Honor Society is one of the highlights of spring activities. QQ 5, if Q-'wg fag, Y' ssigi 1 '-1,56 5 it S " ' Laura McCormick, Spirit of Athletics, presided over the '.'A" Association program. The Fashion Club's style show and the Student Council's Twirp assembly will be remembered as special events. l l MAY DAYS "A" Awards and Merit Awards came with MAGIC this year. Carol Atchison presided. Mr. Harwell could use a little MAGIC to move biology equipment. We left Old AHS in the care of Mr. Brannon and Mr. Warren, and Mr. Brazzil moved to help us in the new AHS. BUSY DAYS A new publication, The Aquilla, was issued by the proud staff members the last week of school. Miss Meyer was the advisor. The '55 Flashlight staff presented favorites, dedicatee, and award winners in assembly. An annual signing party was sponsored by the Student Council. Winners of FHA State Degrees POLLY GREENE, SANDRA STANDEFER SHIRLEY MAZY, DORA SUE CHRISTIAN, KAY BERRY f sg S Winner in Area Public Speaking and Area State Officer LEE TOWNSEND Winners in Poultry Judging State Winner in Ready Writing BILL BASSETTI Winners in Dairy Judging WAYNEYBELL, LEE TOWNSEND, GARY RAY JIMMY MCDERMITT Winners in Junior Fcirmskill in FRANKIE CAMPBELL, WESLEY SANDERS, Abilene District cmd Arec IV J, C, VENABLE MARCIAL MITCHELL, J. C. VENABLE, FRANKIE CAMPBELL E ,,, ,.,, . A U it at . ,,.. .ggi , f ii ,"f-"Ll ' f f fii , f Wig gift? x it it zxb.. ,f V, 'L'i5gEZ5iE:"' - 'iifii l f ',5L" in J OF :., it l AJJ, A f RESPONSIBILITY AWARDS il , Uh f s:::h?,,-f--5 1" fx. Aifgwi .'f:V I. Q, Theiss Jones, Jackie Duncan, John Waldrop, Reva Pritchett, Roger Whitehurst, Janis Hubbard, Don Burks, Ann Shults, David Webster, Betsy Polk, Jim Millermcln, Janet Walter, Julian Long, Georgia Osborn, Bob Mosshart, Laura McCormick, Lawrence Siewert, Ruth Ann Polk. Entries in State Speech Events Gary Turner, Ronald Nevclns, Ed Wheeler, Roger Whitehurst, Clara Ann Bennett, Jean Swilling, Carol Atchison, Carol Pumphrey fNot picturedj. Winner of the Thornton Award TWYMAN ASH Q The display of trophies won this year by the AHS Track team is evidence of their triumphs in great events such as the Border Olympics, Bluebonnet Relays, Cowtown Re- lays, and other well-known contests. Dur- ing the Regional Meet misfortune darkened the bright outlook for a possible State Championship when only five boys became eligible for the final contests. Bob Mosshart won first in the- 880 and James Leonard tied for second in the pole vault in the state. 9' M sg it I II TRACK 4 Q f 'ff H30 I , ,A - 5 , ' ' ,ff ww E? f 2' X 1 f W J. i ,f 1 , i E Rf BASEBALL Another great group of Eagles brought honors to AHS this spring when the baseball team defeated Midland for District title and won second in the State playoffs. Defeating Adamson of Dallas and Waco, the Eagles advanced to finals where they were defeated by Paris in a close 2 to 1 game. Besides winning second in the State, the Eagles placed eight players on the All-District team, three on the All-State and six on Second All-State teams. M5523 ,.,..L,,,.ga W4 ' A s'Z!fisiS1 t: 2. 'Y T34 JUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET QW-SILT . ' ' SENIOR ACTIVITIES 5 P S Rd Dy SENIOR FOLLIES "TIME OUT FOR GINGER" 1 Q E z . Lf MQW If SENIOR PLAY THURSDAY NIGHT CAST AND THE FRIDAY NIGHT CAST DIRECTOR, MR. SUBLETT SENIOR DAY Members of The Class of '24 were guests of The Class of '55 for Senior Day activities. Mr. Shotwell compared the curriculum of '24 cmd '55. , fcsgxg. 1 gf ng, Ronald Neva Ann Bynum, f BACCALAUREATE HONOR GRADUATES l ns, Virginia Echols, Maralyn Martin, , Alyne Elliot, Janis Hubbard. r - x I ? . ' 1 'Www 'WWV .,, 4 'F . . U . . A . E ,V . . gf ' 'W . ff My .tk i it I 'r ' 8 -Q 3" ww 'V ,, l "" sffwf ' Q A H. -an 'way af' 'QJHW QQ M, V. Q vw. xzswz awdiiif A iw 5353 i bww we M ,W 'fx V'-K ' WWQQW -me ,avian WA 3, its wi? . kfkggiifl ,,,Zg,,.5,c, ,mfg qhuvgiwiimggw W' W' fi. HV,-fVf5'57'li 'SWA w-V' ww ,MP rm 'cw if V! 'An- nf QF4- wiimwwm , W , VN it mgw ' zwwfwm S H ., 4 ,WV W. A cc W gig Y 3 .H I 922 1 ,V wxwww 17" A www? pw -4 Z? gi- at ' MW 4 -Qf55'V? ff VV 3 ,G , A wfi -Yrs? x , 4:9-5 M 35- 1fa,:g,ik tiger QAM f fffggll' mg i wicca, If ,M f ,zum 1. Wx 5 5f l9,2nmEl wlgygtww 2 Q " .5 '9WW".5"' MaQ,3Ei"',,,,Nm QW KRHII I .-W4 Wit, mm 1 'Hr 1 X ' as-if Wlfwamfilw 'N w M yn S ,,, Q Wzfimaaiflfitzc A225 iw axiom W, Mwagg vsms 5' a bf' 'i1f'A +'Sfvaf, Q, at fv gr A ' -cw, 144 psf' if 1 lZW"L5'94"1'i'S-""i ,X '?R+,',,"" ,'Qiil'2Q,?+'f:E'm HK, fl? gM'fjAZ35:'ffgg1 ,M:y.f'aqE' -iiqcxx N M if 'H 'wifif "lu ,iiufifw 'W 4- QW my 1-'.rJ5'll5'a. l 'M' 'fy ,M S . Wm, A mibng, ,Mm 4 v AY' r, Wx x LV if Q vp, Q, w gf - 5 , ,, +imMs' ,gmc ,, 4 -3. My 5 Mia, ,MA ygyqiw dl 2 My Pie K "A gt' ?' 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