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Q. - f A A ,. L: -: . 5111 v , - ,I an QM .N . ' iM W. J ,nilgfi 'xii J 5 I ,E 1 3 A,fW.,Y.? 1 5 - 0 , Q ,'fx:,,JL3,L 7 ' V. f: vifyq' 'v k 1 - wwfkf gg f M . Sze' V522 V ' Alf 4 7' iff, , 'WS M,.,A, , , ,M NW I 1 ' K 2? ,- ga Y V 3 f fi if 2 Q QQ? j 5. fi? 5 QP fs P my W, , -, : , L - '1'Zi'iiiiA llllll Ill!!! , Ill li. 4, "i-lv: I i ?.iYi,i " Ae W 22210 HQ.. ,.,. , A 1 if fggfxirwxg is Wk' A -he fa ' W wr WW, 1-rw. , Q f Q-K WWW' wwf WWWQQM Wm 3, 94. 655' 7 W v , W' WAASL. " f' , 43,2 we 'ff'f-ww gag fk V pm. V Ami wk WH. W 2'- Lwsdov 'aufslm 1 A Rza.-reel! M14-a. Ceann." 09, E ,Zi JM? ,Lila ' ' "lLA.gi ARL ,fv- ,mwwwf mm if Www V N ' Y Jar' x WM ZANAJ in 5p'fXtJgfJ VJXNQQK Law' plfpl W LN, A x WNV ,Nj lf! Lf!! jf ,qw-J 1 Xmg wwf 1 fa J Om z Ldv 4 '7 26' K w6l,!'1,f1'X'! ,v PM ' 19 ' f fsEW'JfQ"1l mm, K N VNXKXNOQXI' Aix BCYQUN pfngyv kwa 6 25,19-xs.4.5x-g-2-l-N-13--Qs, hifxYXlgv5' K i?Bs5Wi,,J,4x,f,,1Mw Q l ' igmixmawy jxlsvxw, . if Q:,,s,i3:i33w if-MW.. ZQZJMQ zzf, xiii? ,QfIE.1Tfi.xgaf'3g 'W42,TM"fffZ"U K, igiifiim Q-iw-f-gms J4fQf,a,9y9M f -Bw-L Mk., Q, P! '- -JTTV Su. QL.,.--l.Z 'QD 4 li- JT ' '.: I -rg fr. 55 if if . E? 1 .2 2 6 3., . 4 w ,L.m'-7 Q 11. , .,...,f!".,W. ,W . W -A-35' 'vw vu ,Q , , K .gs , ,f. .3 2 I , . .wifzff Q' H1-',, - - ' wf.w'wwk:xwsQw4 ' . Q-ff--' 1----fmev-, wr-rn-mt Aw "' WM alayhi," if-, 1 ,,,,,,, 4' N..,.,,f""" new 0. .2553 Q. ,W tp ,md-1 'I ' A 1 'Q in gg..- Q :guna 4901 UF? QAef:j!a4A!i?Af ' V, 9 l i -I Aj xLE X Q ' 1 ,Q My ' M rg! alt! - G if My 2011 scifi , my NUM.. WH I ' , I X ABILENE, TEXAS I A f' X W "zzz, j ,Q 0 X xv f x ,4 W1 x 5 fa :S , 2 X X Q If I 1' h x- um 2 - " X "Wm X 2 ' X .QAL J- K gif, - K j 2 J X css r ,, ESQ I ' My v 1 xx X Lv xx U 7 I fx AV A' R. J ' a X ' J ! QNXTNLVI i.Q,,4'1,f k In . ,.- ,' ff 4' f N r' Xi' X - W yyll Q Y X' 1 IWW' f W'cnsu1I'f"" XIX V 4 i I .n g--,K X x I W' ' X M ,ff ' "sa, , IWW", ...Qu A 1 "Champion School of Story nf the Zfmr X. Once upon a time there was a school - X l l X I a high school- X . 1 4 bursting at the seams N ,f ' with loyal Eagles. Its - gk N 'W name was Abilene S lm' m AW: High School- all the West!" School days of the wonder- ful year of 1953-1954 dawned on a bright sunny September fourth. There were 593 Sophomores who were running around like little lost kittens, 417 Juniors were upper-classmen now, and 350 Seniors were "oId hands at this stuff" by this time. This was to be the last year to use the old The Student Council Thanksgiving program was held again that year with all those decorated boxes of food being taken to the homes of the unfortunate after the assembly. And there was the Christmas assembly with the children of the faculty members on the program. The big decorated Christmas tree was once again placed in the foyer of the main floor. building which had seen so tered to Learn" and "Gone just a few have pleasant many who had "En- Forth to Serve." Not memories of eager teachers, carved-on desks, familiar lockers, crowd- ed stairways, and the push and pull of Freshman Alley at noon - memories which went to make up the "Best Years of Our Lives." New AHS'ers were W welcomed at a Coke f-mfg Witt 519 l party before school days began - an an- nual affair sponsored y , ,N X J by the Student Coun- l cil. Soon after the X j commencement o f X school, class meetings X-, fx were held and class , ""' u officers and class queens were elected. Then came the Queen's Race to see who would be awarded the "Golden Apple" and who would reign supreme over this 1953-1954 FLASHLIGHT. A trip which gained recognition not only here at home but also in nearly every state in which the students traveled on their way to Massachu- setts was the Exchange Trip. Thirty students left in September and were gone for two weeks - two weeks not one of them will ever forgetl A f t e r mid-term ,0 Uv U C763 Tl came the always X4 Q 3 f popular TWIRP sEA- jf? . A f I SON! The girls es- K Q l7 f corted the boys for 'N X nf a n oth e r hilarious , xr, , time. About this same is Q-2 Q time came the Volen- N K tine Post Office which K the National Honor R QE Society has made an E -K annual affair. With the Easter i-'X season came the im- l pressive and unfor- L if f X i gettable Easter K Pageant staged by L. 'l f members of Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y Clubs. Late .5 in April the Exchange X X Group from North rx Adams, Massachu- X C. 1-ky Xl setts, came to visit us. 'IZD At lost came that final glorious month - May! The seniors were so rushed that they could hardly breathe. Activities h a p p e n i n g then were the Senior Play, the Senior Follies, the Junior-Senior Banquet, picnics, exams, the Baccalaureate Ser- vice, and at last, the night of the Commencement which brought an end to the year of 1953-1954. ln these following pages are pictures that ars typical of the happenings that took place in tha year. They go to make up this "Story of the Yea 1953-1954." 1953-I9 4 9111 lf! gh! Staff N 1 Claudette Isbell Our artist Dorothy Staggers Club editor Jeanne Perry Layout editor Eugenia Burson Senior editor Sue Spikes Senior editor Mary Jo Medley Editor Jim Bowen Sports editor Preston little Business manager Ray Williams Assistant business manager These seniors must bid farewell to the FLASHLIGHT this year. Janet Walter . . . . . . Junior Editor Joanne Yarbrough ..... Faculty Editor Maralyn Martin . . . .. . Junior Editor Kay Berry ....... . . Faculty Editor Reva Pritchett .. . . . . Club Editor Virginia Echols . . . . Photographer Jerry Anstead . . . . . . Photographer 3 Checking those six-weeks grades - Each year we have the privilege of dedicating the FLASHLIGHT to one who has shown outstanding loyalty and service to the school. This year we are dedicating the 1953-1954 FLASHLIGHT to one who has been a friend to students and teachers alike and has supported Abilene High School in all that it has endeavored to do. Abilene High has been indeed fortunate in hav- ing her on its faculty staff since 1921. She began her career here by coaching a girls' basketball team to victory in its four games. Today we recognize' her as one of our most respected English teachers and our only teacher of Latin. We are happy to dedicate this book to you - Miss Myrtle Zffllllffllllfl Dcdimfce xl ii 1 .5 N. Q! 3 ,51 s '9f: 11? p':X 'WJ ' 1 'hs' -.0 Ag . , , ,hz ' Rkfanc, . Jlfui Miss Myrtle Zfrarziluzm r 1 Eiall Winter Spring San ten ts Sarnpns Seenes 5'all Seatares ,elelrninistratien Saenltg Seniers Crips Eieetaall Winter Seatnres ,Ynniers Winter Sparts Basketball l6'aning Organizatiens Spring Seatnres Saplrernares Spring Sparts Vallegaall l6'ase6all GW Zfraek Tennis Personalities pflelaertiselnents 6 . .26 i n umpus Scene . High" Xa Abllefle . HDQOY O ., S 1, '4 'C Q 'n vi "School of Eagle fame" l' f' ,fl e always will uphold you Q5 the best 'm .5'N:4-. .. f . .- 'W'-Z'!'i1f'Q1 M'---v -- ,T A --.,. ,V T.-T t ,. ,L .8 .W , ,4 . . I K , .. v ., 'awww 4-vvfv-'-v-.W-f-wwf F1-1. 7. 9111! 9111! 5'caturcs 1 Administration gaculty ' Senivrs Crips t Qwtball WV. . 3' IIN - fwthtzlL,11rf,t1 rullibs. elcvtivus. studies ,,A,-,.,.,g ,Q fx' A' ' 0 '4 ' . ' 1 ': . t. iw N 1 1--- - Y:-1 -au, u . M. ..,z,',4 -,, :.,,,h .ghgixjgl-g,fgJn.:.2eA-4':Ji.i,, Q ...K Q l x . is S . . f . el-Y bf- ' H .. 'M . xxx ..,..,, W W iw ik, Q V " -V ,. F Q so l if I e N . at 4 5 5' ,X fu' . , -W Q - 'ff " x - , -'QA W N . xx? Ng.. , . w Es 4393, JI, X, w 1 ,A . E A . -nirxv sf., W "' X Y Q 5 X- 1 5 X ,. ' i W Q I L M U, 1,4 f 51.163 'I E Slllfx iii September The Booster Club backs the Eagles. The Exchange Group poses by the bus that took them East. Are you going to the Olympics, boys? Who wants the 8:15 bell to ring? The Puzzle Club meets again in Room 9. X.,4l-f 4. hed. V 4.- ,, t 'vt V33 gang, gf? Q, ,, . Y ' ' o 9 T 3 .. xi -v, T' I. A l ' iw: 5 i 1 ' K U-f 0 i T -7- Ocfvber Dr. Sutton talks io student body. Captain Kidd comes to A. H. S. Recording onnucll sales is work! Mr. Kenny's home room performs Winners - Poster and Queen! ji PAA lr .4. ' ,, .- fff, , H. ., , Wn.kmvf4..ls.' " A 'gkwg' -.ws Hgiii -R: M mw... ,Z W,i , ., I 'r 7 a 2 - 3,515 ' . .T V K ..n A . l 1 '7 '1 ., i' X N "'-1.1. t V n.. l N Q I I I 5-Cm. hi' f 'ini-'f".' .. 1..7-'L A sd Q3 9 5 ' ?'?'-f: w f' -'TT' - Y" Agon- "' Mr. A. E. Wells Nineteen hundred fifty-four marks the end of Mr. Wells's third year as superintendent of the Abilene city schools. We are indeed fortunate to have a man at the head of our schools who is constantly seeking new and constructive ideas for im- proving our educational system. Mr. Wells was born in Springtown, Pucker County. He received his early education in the Fort Worth schools. After graduating from Polytechnic High School in 1927, he enrolled in Abilene Christian College where he received his B. A. degree four years later. He has a M. A. degree from Colorado State College of Education, Greeley, Colorado, and he has done more graduate work at the University of Texas. While a student, Mr. Wells was outstanding in both athletic and scholastic fields. As a school man, he has been a classroom teacher, coach, principal, and superintendent. He has also taught in the summer schools of a number of our Southwestern colleges. Mr. Wells believes that Abilene High School is not only the best high school in Texas, but also of all the Southwest. He believes this because of the splendid spirit manifested on the part of the student body toward work and all school activities, because of a faculty which is interested in the students, and because of the relationship that exists between the student, teacher, and home, that allows maximum results in educational attainments. 13 V f " Il 9 I ,4 K Wkmffia. 01- Krs90 Jlwtf .Z'.79n'l' l6i39-5 -A3Qsf.'T ll rs amy. ,IN-...M-, "l"tA.fs 'YHTCQ T5 'U' 51.1413 gan .Ciba tg do 5 i 1" .tl 5: Lf Q Q G l:f.J'Jl"'L Tf5.Uc:,g ' s si. D ', I -Qxorb st XX 'Wsxt 0 x X " K ' s- ' ' l'l CI-N-'L Dahl? I Gigi IJIB "4 343411. s kg 'R' V! 6' . L I1 htm'-D"f " B ,dx Jiim Q FQ Ill. 'f--K5-1 XX ' ,Ugg 6 my ' 5 Je ck ebb 1- M RKQ f'fNe Cf7ro 3 A A "X X'4f.smS "ON-2. R N1 lxqftstg 2 336 'f'8Qs nviha ff-T L Bk Cl.9.55: 1 ua 'J N- Qgstfxsm dw JTQA xox' gg-iw Jul F I DR. CHARLES ROMINE One of the busiest persons in Abilene High School is our principal, Dr. Charles Romine. However, he is never too busy to stop for a friendly chat or to discuss our most important problem. Not only is he interested in the students, but also in the students' activities in the school, as well. While discussing our school, Dr. Romine said, "Naturally I am so interested in Abilene High and want it to be such a good school that I am completely sold on it- faculty and student body. Therefore, l want to help each doy make it a better school." Dr. Romine was born in Meridian, Texas. When he was eight, his family moved to Valley Mills, Texas, where he received his early education. After finishing his work at Clifton College, he entered North Texas State College where he received his B. S. degree in 1931, and his M. S. degree in 1941. This past summer he received his Ed. D. degree from Colorado State College of Education. Dr. Romine has been a classroom teacher, a coach, an athletic director, the director of a youth center, o Boy Scout Field Execu- tive, a director of curriculum and instruction, and a principal. He came to Abilene from Temple where he was the principal of Temple High School and dean of Temple Junior College. We are indeed fortunate to have Dr. Romine as principal of Abilene High School. 14 MR. .I. H. NAIL Many students of Abilene High School are aware of the activities of our busy assistant principal, however, many of us do not know some of the facts of his earlier life. Mr. Nail was born at Eden, Texas, in Concho County. He received his early education in the Eden Public Schools. After graduation he attended Howard Payne College, the University of Chicago, and the University of Texas. He received a B. A. degree from Howard Payne and a M. A. degree from the University of Texas. Mr. Nail has been in public school work for twenty-five years. He has been a member of the Abilene High School faculty for ten years. He finds Abilene High School an ideal school where faculty and students alike are friendly, industrious, and happy. He thinks it is a school with a rich background and a very fine spirit. We think that Mr. Nail has done much toward making our school an ideal school. He has given generously of his spirit and energy in working for a better school system. 15 QGM lsf.o.1.A. I gs QT. Qjfll 5 Qin A'?vJ'J.-P, QQ 2 wx 'A 'Si :Q-RQ-Jigfvgs :big I S-New sx'3buS- SA f 5'-fx 5 t4.fi,s3.a2mili f 3759'N'UV4f1fo5i'tl ll ffmtfs Fl pipe.. 64 ll. Qvwwyo NSW I1 IQSGAJD, Qgtnjqx- Q Gu. QQQ I. fi selsocuda CVRQX-4-I-Qchxjgy i 'lfeti XGWQXQN 11 ,mg ,Q frlv-kRt?L, 6, Y-X5 X QXG i fig-Q Qgw-S MQ LX N-is Www, MX xl I7 gfXQ5,g'Qt'i2 mt. ll fmsexx Qlnw I 'X QW-Q Sty "lAtx?f0-f. kbs' QQ, Mr. G. E. Stowe Mr. Stowe, business manager of the Abilene Public Schools, is a native Abilenian. He is a graduate of Abilene High School, and he was a member of Coach Shotwell's football squad that won State Championship in 1923. Mr. Stowe received his B. B. A. degree from Texas Christian University. He later returned to Abilene and Hardin-Simmons to do further study for his M. A. degree. He has been in the school business for 21 years. During his experience he has been a teacher, a high school principal, a football coach, and a superintendent of schools. He has been in the business part of the schools nine years and has been in his present position for the past four years. We appreciate Mr. Stowe's comment about Abilene High School. He thinks A. H. S. ranks as one of the best high schools from an instructional standpoint in the nation, and particularily in Texas. He stated that he hoped all graduates would reap their rewards as they were merited. 16 Que NPR wx !UOQ.Q.Xf f ,983 AAR-.QKQ i gQ. U 5Mt1ssex9,. 30x oglwsk 'lv CHX N-Sm-t' i5+wq9Q7 fjnli W1 R-'5SYxux'5 AIQQ: 0+ A wlfwi. 'Gs -To . Ewen... fiizfvc. S0 JDM Schcwl 1617 rd a::,,....-, . Www! R i.. A e SWK!! 9 Muff" ,e. Fm: ws- Ggllfewm' es'denf ey Mr. Morgan Jones Vice-President nd . n Mrs. T. E. Roberts . NWNXN Mr, Quia B611 ch Mr. Roy Skaggs . -1T Upm Un Ba nd Miss Mary Baggett B.A., M.A. English Visiting Teacher Zzculiy Miss Billie Bailey B.S., M. in P.E. Physical Education Mrs Selma Bishop BA MA English B. L. Blackbum B.A., M.A. Mathematics Physical Education Mrs. Morrow and Miss Garvin take time out from paper grading to read about new events. my., .,, -fn. : , ' - fx .. ff M ' 'yay 1 4 . f . ' .equi its , hw T IVA W. . Carlos Bradford B.S., M.S. Mathematics 18 ' frail' L we 5 Q . .MQ ' BMA in ft. H X? tw, mg, it - I l' Leon Barber B.S. in I.A. Woodshop Mrs. Louise Brown B.A. Commercial Et sl, sr if? Wallace Bullington B.S. History Physical Education Sfzzculfy Miss Mildred Butler B.A., M.A. English Miss Aleise Cline B.A., M.P.S. English Student Counselor if Bill Coulson B.S., M.A. Vocational Agriculture 19 Miss Jan Cannon Physical Education N f 1 X A 1 ii Miss Frances Caffey B.S. Home Economics 5 Leroy Crews B.B.A., M.A. Distributive Education Miss Ruby Compere B.A., M.A. Home Economics Dr. Romine acts as Interlocutor at the Minstrel Show Mrs. Margie Dawley B.A. Social Studies Miss Avis Deavers B.S., M.A. Commercial Alex Edwards B.A., M.A. Mathematics Robert Fielder B.S., M.A. Band Director Getting ready for another day. U Eiaculfy S i Miss Bobbie Duncan B.A., M.Ed. English Miss Mildred Franks B.S., M.Ed. Commercial 20 u H. A. Dunn B.S., M.Ed. Mechanical Drawing Miss Eva Garvin B.A., M.A. Commercial .Y , , gi J l . Q X John L. Germany B.A., M.A. Mathematics Mrs. Juanita Haney B.A., M.A. English Zzculfy , 5'-'vi 'tm-:SP Nat R. Gleaton B.A. History Physical Education Miss Sarah Hardy B.A., M.Ed. History Miss Margurite Griffin B.A., M.S. Science J. M. Harlow T8.l Certificate Machine Shop Bob Groseclose B.S., M.Ed. Social Studies Physical Education Robert Harwell B.S. Science Mr. Harwell relaxes behind the New York Times .pw cf of ,.,.w"""' vpn 5'1zculty Miss Vera Hayes l , f. B.S., MA, f 1 , Jf"""Spo6ish.,,-' 1 ff Q! ff' gil' I I Z aw if V B ' " 'I s X . M M 1 , r .v f ' Mrs. Beth Henagan 7 ' B.A., M.A. Art Vaiden Hiner B S M Ed Science Audio Visual X 'Si Ronald Howell B.A. Science Mrs. Nell Hicks English , W, 1 X. Q. is ff., . . N' if Q' ll my ' :mi N Hr- v. , x , iq: H, 'Q . - 1 , ' 04 3 as gl .3531 Q' 1 7,4 " .u . X .Y 'r' Mrs Sallie Hllley B S M Ed Home Economlcs The science teachers look for a rare speciman. Mrs. Edyihe Speech 22 B.S., M.A. s ., James .fi fiq 1 4 ': ly F Miss Odell Johnson B.A., M.A. Science 2' David Kennamer B. A., M. A. Social Studies William Lawson B. A. Safety Education Physical Education Zzculty Boyd Kirkham B. S., M. S. English Journalism E. J. King B. S., M. S. Social Studies Gene Kenney B. M., M. M. Choral Director Miss Jane LeFevre B. M., M. Ed. ' String Instruments R. A. McCollum B. A., M. Ed. Mathematics Miss Lee Etta McAdams B. S., M. S. Civics Mr. Sublett enioys a boat ride while on Massachusetts Exchange trip. ..ll!""' Miss Helen Meyer B.A., M.A. English J. I. Moore B.S., M.A., M.S. Vocational Agriculture 541 Qaculfy Mrs. Kathryn Morrow B.A., M.A. English is r t E t',, Nuuq, Mrs. Madie Newman ,t y 'e', Wx rrtr e l n M s.s. it - A Registrar ' 5 Rainey Owen 8.5. Diversified Occupations Bobbie Brown chats on telephone as Mrs. Hawkins and Mrs. Newman work! Mrs. Kathleen Parker B.A., M.A. English ,Lx ,f., X 4? 4 iq .1 I X . . 4 X Charles Moser B.S., M.Ed. Athletic Director g no r wtf h .gs We W:-.. ww.. .S-. Q'- Miss ir ik Mabel Reeves B.A., M.Ed. Mathematics , A -Tv,s.---v--nv-pm-if ,,,, -un A, , - x X ,K f X L y 5 Voodward Robbins B.A., M.A. Mathematics W5--2, :Q N-Ji-Fein Miss Myrtle Trantham B.A., M.A. English Latin 4 'W ,tis-l - - ,V 45' 3. iw AW, , . , -f .jklw - M A . ' 1 Zzculfy L ,,,... f Q. ' .sf X , . iwx il. ifffff ""' to .4 i-4A N il' ' E Ernest Sublett G B.A., M.A. W 5PeeCl" Dramatics L. 5 5 ' 141, 4. Miss Mildred Stokes B.A., M.Ed. English 5 ' r Miss Louise Self B.s., M.s. as Science in l ' 1 M ' K X ,J Henry Watkins E B.Ed. Social Studies ,.. , I, Physical - i--i L Education afliww A . Mrs. Lavinia Ward t B.A., B.S. 3 is Mrs. Ellen Turner B.A., M.A. English Assistant Librarian L Attendance office workers check on who has skipped todayl - 25 495 Miss Lavelle Aldredge Bookkeeper Miss Louise Wills B. A., M. A. Librarian Mrs. Haney waits as Miss Hardy gets a little refreshment between periods. gllfllffy Mrs. Polly Deaton Assistant Bookkeeper Mrs. Christine Short Attendance Clerk 26 Mrs. Jean Davis Secretary to Superintendent Mrs. Joyce Hawkins Secretary to Principal 4' Y.: X 2 2 K Queen . . . Secretory . . . President ...... Vice President . . . Reporter ................... . . Student Council Representative .... .. .. Sandra Bourlund .... Ann Mullins . . Gene Currie ..... Jim Bowen . . Mary Ellen Duke .Carla Sue Ferguson We r '53p A Club '51-'54 Seniars Beverly Adams Little E '51-'52y Fashion '52-'53g Ephesy '53-'54p Sec- retary Home Room '52-'54, Intramural Basketball '5l-'53g Intramural Volleyball '51-'52g G and G '53-'54 Edward Adams Barber Shop Quartet '5l-'52p Band '5l-'54p Boys' Choir '52-'54p Student Directors '52-'53p Music Appre- ciation '53-'54p Clarinet Quartet '5'l-'52p Highlander Festival '53 James Edward Adams Band '5'l-'53p Student Director's Club '52p Wood Shop Club '5lp Music for Fun Club '53 John Adams Sportsman Club '51-'53p Boxing Club '52-'54p Voca- tional Industrial Club '53-'54, Treasurer '53-'54p Golden Gloves '53-'54 Neal Akins Architects Club '52-'54, Vice-President '53-'54 A. D. Allen Flashlight '52-'53, Business Manager '52-'53p Re- sponsibility Award '52-'53p Merit Award '52-'53p "A" Award '52-'53p Student Council '53-'54p National Honor Society '52-'54p Boys Glee Club '52-'53p Band '5l-'52p Orchestra '52-'54p Junior Academy of Science '51-'52, Vice-President '51-'52, Pre-Med Club '52-'53, Vice-President '52-'53p Home Room President '52-'53g Domino Club '53-'54, President '53-'54 larry Allen Battery '52-'53, Associate Business Manager '52-'53g Attendance Office '53-'54p Press Club '52-'53p Wood Working Club '51-'52p A 'csv Eagle, Ronnie Myatt, stands supreme Club '53-'54p Football '52- '53p Baseball '52-'54y Book- keeping A w a r d '52-'53p Home R o o m Circulation Manager '53-'54 Wayne Allen Football '51-'52p Track '51- 28 ,,, 1 l Seniors Tommy Armstrong Sportsman's Club '50-'517 Gym Club '51-'50p Audio- Visual '53-'54 Lee Roy Atkins Sportsman's Club '51-'53, Secretary-Treasurer '52-'53p D. E. Club '52-'53, Delegate to D. E. Convention '52- '53g Tumbling Team '51-'52 James Babb Exchange Student 53-54 Student Council 52-535 Boys Choir 53- 54- Football 51-53 B Team 51-537 A Club 51-53 Little E 53-54 ' Don Baber Band 51-54 Second Lieutenant 53- 54- Pigskin R - Vice-President 51-53- Music For Fun 53- 54- High- land Festival Band 53 I I . I I I I I I I I I I I I l I I I I I fl I I ' I I . ,LM . I f 9 view '53f Track '51-'54p Student Director Club '51-'53, 'ilk I A I I I I X 'Q X , ' ' "1 X' X 6 Jerry Bailiff Student Exchange '53-'54g Vocational Industrial Club '53-'54, President '53-'54y Home Room President '52, Vice-President '53p Pan American Club '52-'53p Foot- ball '52, B Team '52 James Baird : -gzs Pilot Club '51-'52p Model Airplane Club '52-'53p Domi- i"' no Club '53-'54 if sv .iii Don Baker A Cappella '51-'52p Outdoor Club '51-'52p A Club '53-'54p Basketball '53-'54p Baseball '53-'54p Audio- Visual '51-'54 Clarice leads the flock. iv' Vaudine Baker t National Thespians '53- '54p AHS Theater '52-'54, Secretary '52-'53p Little E '51-'52p Secretary Home Room '51-'52g President Home Room '51: Singing Club '51-'52 Seniors Vic Baldridge National Honor Society '53-'54p Sportsman's Club '51- '52p Slide Rule Club '52-'54, Vice-President '53-'54p Boxing '51-'52g Home Room President '51-'52 Julia Banta Future Homemakers of America '52-'54, Second Vice- President '52-'53, Junior Degree '53g Mixed Chorus '52-'541 G an G '53-'54 Harold Barnes Vocational lndustrial Club '52-'54, Sergeant-at-Arms '53-'54, First Place Proiect '52-'53g Sportsman's Club '5'l-'52 Jack Barnes Football '52-'53g Boxing '52-'53p Gym Club '51-'52p A Club '52-'53 Joanne Barney Mixed Chorus '5l-'52p Eaglettes '52-'53p Junior Red Cross '51-'52f Fashion Club '52-'53p Ephesy Club '53- '54p Gan G '53-'54 Frank Batson Sportsman's Club '51-'53 Jim Baum Football '51-'53p Baseball '51-'54, lettered '52-'54: A Association '52-'54p A Club '51-'54g P res i d e nt Home Room '52-'53 Larry Beall Student C o u n c i l '50-'5lf Vocational Industrial Club '50-'54, Sergeant-at-Arms '50-'5'l, Vice-President '5l- '52, '53-'54g Boxing '50- '5'lp Football '50-'5lp Machine Shop '50-'51p In- tramural T r a c k '52-'53y Homeroom Program Chair- man '51-'52 ls this a practice session? Sue Mary Kay and Allene must be planning Seuiars Kathryn Bean Charmality '51-'52g Pre-Med Club '52-'53, Reporter '52-'53p Homeroom Secretary '52-'53g Representative to Freedom Foundation '52-'53p Vogue Club '53-'54, Vice-President '53-'54y G an G '53-'54 Gail Beaver Press Club 'Sl-'52, Reporter '51-'52p Typing Club '52-'53g Photography Club '53-'54g Audio Visual '5'l- '54p Crew Chief '52-'53, Certificate of Merit '52-'53g A Award '53-'54p Public Address Crew '52-'53 Carolyn Beckham Band '53-'54p Marching Band '53-'54p Dallas State Fair '53-'54g Fashion Club '53-'54p G an G '53-'54 Faye Beights Secretarial Training Club '51-'52p Thtramural Basket- ball '5l-'52p Foreign Correspondence '52-'53, Secre- tary-Treasurer '52-'53g Fashion Club '53-'54p Distribu- tive Education '53-'54p G an G '53-'54 Bill Bennett Gym Club 'Sl-'52, Secretary '51-'52 Gayle Berry Band '5l-'54p Marching Band '5l-'54p Maiorette '51- '54g Orchestra '52-'54p State Fair Orchestra '52-'53, State Fair Band '53-'54g Little E '5l-'52p Future Teach- ers of America '5l-'54g Delegate to State Convention '5l-'54p Reporter '52-'53p Vice-President '53-'54g First Place Twirling Trio '52-'53 Ruby Billington G an G '53-'54 Carolyn Blain 31 '54 Band '5l-'54g State Fair B a n d '52-'53g National Honor Society '52-'54p Stu dent Council '53-'54g Bat tery '5l-'53, Chief Proof Reader '51-'54, Reporter '51-'52, Associate Feature Editor '52-'53p Pigskin Re view '51-'53p H i g h l a n d Festival '52-'53p Orchestra '52-'54p All State Orchestra '52-'54p Future Teachers of America '52-'53, Reporter '52-'53p Student Conductors '52-'53p Press Club '51-'52 National H o n o r Society '53-'54p Exchange Student '53-'54p Orchestra '51-'54 Quartet '51-'53p AHS Theater '5l-'54p Junior Red Cross '53-'54g Style Club '52-'53p Homeroom Secre tary '51-'52p G an G '53 1' K- Seniars Pete Borden Outdoor Club '51-'52g "As You Like lt" '52-'53p Puzzle Club '52-'53, President '52-'53 Kay Bostic Future Homemakers of America '52-'54, Reporter '52- '53p Reporter of Homeroom '53-'54g Battery Circula- tion Manager '53-'54 I f' - Sandra Bou rland gig?-'qfii't Senior Class Queen '53-'54g Personality '51-'52p Vice- P President '51-'52p Fashion '52-'53g Junior Red Cross '53-'54p Tennis '51-'54, Secretary '52-'54p Battery Cir- culation Manager '52-'53p G an G '53-'54 fr Qi 1- Jim Bowen + ' S - ' Flashlight '53-'54, Sports Editor, '53-'54p Vice-Presi- - dent ot Senior Class '53-'54p Exchange Student '53- '54g National Honor Society '53-'54p Football '5l- ' '53y Boxing '53-'54y A Club '5l-'53y Music Apprecio- tion Club '53-'54g Assistant Fire Chief '53-'54 Maxie Bowen Sportsman Club '5l-'54, President '53-'54 Emil Bowlin Y Girl's All Sports '51-'52p Style '52-'53g Little E '53-'54p G an G '53-'54 r r A, 'X Dan Boyd Football '51-'53p Basketball '51-'54p A C I u b '51-'54y Track '53-'54p Stu d e nt Council '53-'54p National Honor Society '52-'54 Don Smothers, Ronnie Shirley, Dick Orsini, and Dick Miller croon "You, You, You" in assembly. . i f., Dicky Boyd l I ' 1 Vocational Agricul- ture Club '51-'54p Secretary of Homeroom '51-'52g A Award '5l-'52p Basketball '5'l-'52p Stu d e n t Council '53-'54 1 Q -ov 52' 4 l Nancy and the girls with the pom-poms are I Seulors Patsy Bradshaw Little E '52-'54p Intramural Basketball '51-'52p Record Club '51-'52, Program Chairmang G an G '53-'54 Charles Bradley Band '5l-'54g Highland Festival '53p State Fair Band '53f Photography Club '5l-'52g Architecture Club '52- '53p Slide Rule '53-'54p Marching Band '51-'54 Joe Frank Brooks Vocational Industrial' Club '52-'54g Diversified Oc- cupations '52-'54 Christine Brown Creative Writers '5l-' , President '53-'54, Certificate of Merit '51, A Aw 'rd '52-'53g Pre-Med Club '52-'53g Battery '53-'54 Af' if 1 X M Jerry Don Brown Band '51-'54p Marching Band '51-'54y Highland Fes- tival Band '53p State Fair Band '53-'54y Brass Quartet '51-'527 Pigskin Review '52-'53p Sportsman's Club '5l- '52g Music Appreciation '52-'53y Music for Fun Club '53-'54, President '53-'54 Sylvia Brown Orchestra '5'l-'53y Style Club '52-'53p Fashion '53- '54p Band '53-'54 .lo Ann Burleson ready for another great pep rally. -- ,53-,54 Gaye Burrow Girls A ll Sports '5l-'53 P. E. Majors '53-'54, Pro 33 Foreign Correspond- ence '51-'53p Style Club gram Chairman '53-'54p Battery Circulation Man- V ager '51-'52, G and G '53- '54 Q! 1' l Q C' 1' 4 I : 4x,, MT K 4 Seuiars Eugenia Burson Flashlight '53-'54, Senior Editorp Charmality '51-'52g Fashion Club '52-'53, Ephesy Club '53-'54, Reporterp Intramural Basketball '51 '53 Ca tain '51 '53 I . I p . I n- tramural Volleyball '52-'53p Intramural Baseball '52- '53p Attendance Office '53-'54g Student Council Rep- resentative '53-'54g an G '53-'54 I Mary Canant Little E Club '51-'52p Vogue Club '52-'53p P. E. Special- ist Club '53-'54p G an G '53-'54 Bette Carroll Personality '51-'52p Home Room Secretary '51-'52p Intramural Baseball '51-'52p Home Room Circulation Manager '52-'53, Home Room Vice-President '52- '53p Style Club '52-'53p Home Room Secretary '53-'54g Ephesy '53-'54p G an G '53-'54 Ray Carson A Club '49-'53p Football '50-'52, Reserve '49-'50, A Association '51-'54 Creta Case Press Club '51-'52g Pre-Med '52-'54p Library Club '52- '54, Certificate of Merit '52-'53g G an G '53-'54 Joy Casseaux. Junior Red Cross Council '51-'52p Little E '52-'53p ,l Music for Fun '53-'54, Secretary '53-'54f A Award '52-'54p Orchestra '51-'54g Secretary-Treasurer '53-'54p All-State Orchestra '52'54p First Division String Quartet ,sf J '52-'54p First Division Cello Solo '52-'54f First Chair ,'9'1jX Cello Section '52-'54 fi J ,N Jody Chambers Personality '51-'52g Battery '51-'53p Student Council '51-'53p Girls' All Sports '52-'53: pu E. Mciors '52, Yea, Victory - Abilene High! '54p Intramural Volleyball '51-'53, Captain '52-'53f ln- tramural Basketball '51- '53p Intramural Baseball '51-'52g Intramural Foot- ball '52-'53g G an G '53-'54 Pat Chaney Little E '51-'52g Distributive Education '52-'54, Secre- tary '53-'54p Delegate to Distributive Education Con- vention '53-'54p G an G '53-'54 34N It f,1 vi ll 'N- Scuiars Bettie Christian A Association '53-'54p Volleyball '52-'53, lettered '52-'53g P. E.' Maiors '5I-'54g Intramural Volleyball '51-'53g Intramural Baseball '5'I-'53g Intramural Bas- ketball '5I -'53, Captain '52f G an G '53-'54 Judy Clark Orchestra '51-'54p Charmality '51-'52g Vogue '53-'54, Secretary '53-'54f Attendance Office '53-'54p G an G '53-'54 Mary Jane Clarkson Fashion '52-'53, Reporter: Student Council '52-'53p Homeroom Secretary '52-'53g Intramural Football '52- '53p Intramural Basketball '52-'53p Intramural Volley- ball '52-'53p Ephesy '53-'54p G an G '53-'54 Pat Claxton Student Council '51-'52f Future Homemakers of America '52-'53p Vice-President Homeroom '51-'52g P. E. Majors '52-'53p P. E. Specialists '53-'54f Presi- dent '53-'54hIntramuraI Baseball '51-'53p Intramural Football '52-'53, Intramural Volleyball '52-'53p G an G '53-'54 La Verne Click Future Homemakers of A m e r i c a '51-'52, '53-'54y Foreign Correspondence '52-'53p G an G '53-'54 Jack Cloud Boxing '50-'52, Manager '51-'52p Outdoor Club '50- '51, Reporter '50-'5'Iy Little E '5'I-'52p Music Apprecia- tion '53-'54p Intramural Track '50-'5'l Exchange Students demonstrate their talent at BVYUM Cobb hcIf-Hrne perfofrncnce. FUIUl'e FCI'lTIeI'S of An'Iel'IC '51-'54, Program Chairman '53-'54p Dairy J u d g i n a 9 .,.r-v,-- - ,Z-,T if v 'C'-7 Team '52-'53 Melba Coker '53-'54f G an G '53-' Treasurer '53-'54 Eagle Ettes 53 54, Mixed Chorus '51-'52, Secretary '51-'52g Personality '5'I-'52p Style Club '52-'53p Ephesy I if ' , I, I ,M if' N Sr ig M gi if '51-'53g Vocational lndus- Smiars A Marlin Coleman Transfer from Pampa '53-'54p Pre-Med Club '53-'54p Reporter '53-'54 Dennis Conaway Photography Club '52-'53p Vocational Industrial Club '53-'54 Dan Connell Audio-Visual '51-'52g Press Club '52-'53f Creative Writing Club '53-'54g Battery '52-'54g Feature Editor '53-'54p Quill and Scroll '53-'54y National Honor So- W ' ciety '53-'54 jf. Owen Cook ' Tennis '51-'54, Lettered '51-'54p Exchange Student ' - '53-'54g Little E '5l-'53f Music Appreciation '53-'54g A Association '5l-'54g Basketball '51-'52g Assembly X Committee '53-'54 f E N r X , U, X 3 Regina Cook A National Thespian Society '51-'54p A. H. S. Theater '5l-'52p "Women of the Bible" '5l-'52p "Rumplestil- skin" '52-'53y "Aladdin" '51-'52p "Indian Captive" '53-'54y Secretary of Homeroom '51-'52p Student Council '52-'53y Fashion Club '52-'53p Eagle-Ettes '52- '53g Ephesy '53-'54, Treasurer '53-'54g G an G '53-'54 Bert Cooper Sportsman Club 'Sl-'52p Pilots Club '53-'54f Voca- tional lndustrial Club '52-'53 Elaine Courtney Student Council '51-'53p All Sports Club '51-'52p Personalit Club '52-'53p Fashion Cllub '53-'54y ln- word Puzzle' tramural Volleyball '52- '53p Intramural Basketball '51-'52f G an G '53-'54g National Honor Society '53-'54 Puzzle Club officers, Ronnie McGraw, Charlie Fleming and Lynn Emerson try working a cross- 35" Bennie Cowdrey National Forensic League trial Club '52-'54, President '53-'54g Barbershop QUGF- tet '51-'52p Manager of B Team Basketball '50-'51 Seniors Bob Crawford National Honor Society '52-'54, Vice-President '53- '54g Exchange Student '53-'54p A Club '51-'54p Stu- dent Council '51-'54p Basketball '51-'52f Football '51- '53p Track '52-'54 Carol Crownover Eagle-Ettes '51-'52, President '51-'52p A Cappella '52- '54g Student Council '53-'54, Reporter '53-'54g National Honor Society '52-'54p Charmality '51-'52, Program Chairman '51-'52p Fashion '52-'53, Secretary '52-'53g National Thespian Society '52-'54p Ephesy '53-'54g Secretarial Training, Vice-President '53-'54p Certficate of Merit '52-'53f G an G '53-'54, Secretary '53-'54 Kay Cullar Style Club '52-'53p Mixed Chorus '52-'53g A. H. S. Theater '53-'54g Eaglettes '53-'54p G an G '53-'54g Homeroom Treasurer '52-'53 v . . I Gene Currie Band '51-'54, Alt nate Drum M 'or '52-' , um Maior '53-'54, Captain '53-'54, Sergeant o Color Guard '52-'53p Orchestra '51-'54, President. -'53y Student Directors '51-'53y Senior Class Presidlent '53- '54p Junior Class Vice-President '52-'53p Mpsic for Fun '53-'54p "Soggy Seven" '51-'52p Deacon Peake's Disciples '53-'54i Most Representative Boy. Jimmy Curtis Band '51-'54, Second Lieutenant '53-'54p State Fair Band '53-'54g Highland Festival '52-'53g Pigskin Re- view '52-'53p Domino Club '51-'53g Sportsman Club '53-'54 Elinore Cutting Orchestra '51-'54g Student Directors '51-'52p Style Club '52-'535 Fashion Club '53-'54p All-State Orches- trq '52-'53GZNational Honor Society '53-'54p Student Council '51-'52p G an G '53-'54 NC I I .-ly Pirate Joy Casseaux waits for the show. Jane Crow Darby Battery '51-'54, Assistant Advertising Manager '51- '52, Advertising Manager '53-'54, Business Manager '53-'54, A Award '51-'52p Charmality '51-'52p A. H. S. Theater '52-'53p Quill and Scroll '52-'54g lntramural Basketball '52-'53p lntra- mural Volleyball '52-'53f Captain '52-'53f P. E. Ma- iors '53-'54g G an G '53- '54 Lynn Davidson Student Exchange '53-'54p Student Council '53-'54p Vocational Industrial Club '52-'54, Secretary-Treasur- er '52-'53, Reporter '53-'54f Photography '51-'52, Sec- reta ry-Treasurer '51 -'52g lntramural Track '52-'53 f'.4' , 1' 135. --v vm! oy' 7X 41 AW .1 ,ff 1 M U 2,4 I A 'tef- . 1 K "X vi Q, wi C Ilmgill X X, if insist '1- g -2' 1 bi-P 5 1 5 , 1 'F K Scuiars I rbara Davis Foreign Correspon ce Club '51-'53g Ephesy '53-'54p I I - G an G '53-'54 xg 'Y c..,: V, Bob Davis A. H. S. Theater '51-'54, Vice-President '53, National if - Thespian Society '5'I-'54y "Merry Wives of Windsor" v '52g "Rumpelstiltskin" '52g "As You Like lt" '53p Band '5'I-'54f Highland Festival '53p State Fair Band '53 X Q Gerald Davis National Thespian Society '56-'54, Four Stars '5lg Honor Bar '53, A. H. S. Theater '50-'54p Acting Lab '50-'54g National Forensic League '53p "Daniel Boon" '50, "Merry Wives of Windsor" '52p "As You Like It" '53g "RumplestiItskin" '52p Intramural Basketball '50- '51, Track '50-'51 Jane Davis Band '5'I-'54y Highland Festival '53g State Fair '53g Orchestra '52-'54g National Honor Society '52-'54, Treasurer '53-'54p Style '52-'53f Personality '5l-'52p Fashion '53-'54p G an G '53-'54 Marion Davis Style Club '52-'53, Secretary '52-'53p Mixed Chorus '52-'53p Secretary Homeroom '52-'53p Distributive Education '53-'54g G an G '53-'54 W. L. Dean Band '53-'54g Band Club '53-'54g Junior Academy of Science '53-'54 Ken Deatherage Student C o u n c i I '53-'54p Outdoorsmen Club '53-'5-15 Woodworking Club '53-'54 Dorothy Staggers makes like Chopin! Margaret Jo Dodge Eagle-Ettes '5I-'52g A Cap- pella '52-'54p Junior Red Cross Council '53-'54, Per- sonality '5'I-'52p Fashion '52-'53p Intramural Basket- ball '51-'52p Intramural Baseball '5'l-'52p Intramu- ral Volleyball '52-'53p G an G '53-'54 Scuiars John Downs Future Farmers of America '51-'54, Greenhand '51- '52, Chapter Farmer '52-'54f Band '52-'54, Marching Band '52-'54 Don Drennan Stud nt Council '5'l-'54, Vice-President '5 -'53, Presi- dent '53-'54p Sophomo Class Pres'de t '53-'5-47 Junio Class Presid 52-'5 Nation Th spian '51- '54g Na ' orensic League 'I-'54 A. H.lS. Theater '52-'54, President '52-'53p Vice-President ' 3-'54g Ex- change '53-'54p Most Representative Boy '5 - 3 Mary Ellen Duke National Thespian Society '51-'54, Secretary '52-'53p A. H. S. Theater '5'I-'53p Student Council '51-'52, '53- '54p National Honor Society '52-'54p Acting Lab '52- '54p "Aladdin " '51-'52, "Rumplestiltskin" '52-'53p "As You Like lt" '52-'53y "lndian Captive" '53-'54p Stage Craft '53-'54, Library Staff '53-'54p Ephesy '53-'54p Senior Class Reporter '53-'54p Homeroom President '51-'52, Secretary '52-'53p Assembly Committee '53- '54g G an G '53-'54 R. C. Duncan Machine Shop Club '53-'54p Wood Shop Club '51-'53p Basketball '51-'52 Arleen Durkee Charmality '51-'52f Tennis '52-'53p Style '52-'53p Ephesy '53-'54p National Thespian Society '53-'54p Band '52-'54, Maiorette '52-'54, Highland Festival '53-'54g Cotton Bowl Band '53-'54g G an G '53-'54 Kenneth Elliott Photography '51-'52, Domino Club '53-'54 Gerald Rlckashay Davis plays his ulce in the Delois Ellsion Foreign Correspondence '51-'52g Style Club '52-'53g Little E '53-'54p G an G '53-'54 cr ,,Dp :fi A C: f, Wanda Elmore '54 Library Club '5'l-'52g Fu- ture Homemakers of America '52-'53g Historian '52-'53g Distributive '53- Little E '51-'53p Ephesy '53- 54g G an G '53-'54 Seuiars Lynn Emerson Junior Academy of Science '51-'52p Domino Club '52- '53g Puzzle Club '53-'54, Vice-President '53-'54g Golf '52-'54g Intramural Track '52-'53 Frank Etter A Club '51-'54, Football '51-'54, B Team '51-'52g Basketball '51-'53, Baseball '51-'54g Vice-President of Homeroom '52-'53g President of Sophomore Class '51- '52p Reporter of Junior Class '52-'53 Martha Fain Charmality '51-'52f Fashion '52-'53g Ephesy '53-'54, National Thespians '53-'54y "lndian Captive" '53-'54p Stage Crew '53-'54, Attendance Office '53-'54y G an G '53-'54 Doyle Fannin Band '51-'54p Marching Band '51-'54p Brass Sextet '52-'53g Sportsman Club '51-'52p Music for Fun '53- '54p Pigskin Review '52-'53g Highland Festival '53- '54g Cotton Bowl Band '53-'54 Carla Sue Ferguson Personality Club '51-'52, Secretary '51-'52p Fashion Club '52-'53p Ephesy '53-'54p Intramural Basketball '51' ' ' - 527 Eagle-Ettes 51- 53p Battery Circulation Mana- ger '51-'52p Student Council Representative '52-'53, '53-'54g A Cappella '53-'54p National Honor Society '52-'54, Reporter '53-'54p Secretary of Homeroom '53-'54p G an G- '53-'54p Registrar's Office '53-'54 laquita Fields Reporter of Homeroom '51-'52p A. H. S. Theater '51- '52g Mixed Chorus '51-'52p Eaglettes '52-'54, President '53-'54g Girls Sextet '52-'53g Fashion Club '52-'53p Junior Red Cross '53-'54p Thespian '53-'54p G an G '53-'54 Jimmy Fitzgerald Woodshop C I u b '51-'52p Vocational Industrial Club Jack Cloud and Bill David Kennedy seem very 52-'54, Track '53-'54 interested in an early morning chat Rosemary Flanagan erziors Charles Fleming Track '53-'54p Gym Club '52-'53g Puzzle Club 1' '53-'54g Secreta ry-Treasurer '53-'54 Mildred Flippin Secretary of Homeroom '51-'52, Charmality '51- '52p Battery '51-'52y Fashion Club '52-'53g Stage N A. H. S. Theater '53-'54, Intramural Football '52- F , crew '53-'54y National Thespaun society '53-'54g 5 ' Ray Fraser i Football '51-'54, B Team '52-'53, Lettered '53- ' ' '54g Basketball '51-'54g Track '51-'54p A Associa- tion '53-'54p A Club '5'l-'54f Audio Visual '53- t '54p President of Homeroom '52-'54 it Dorothy Walker, Nancy Henson, Jan Carter, and Martha Fain get together for a few minutes be- fore classes begin. '53p G an G '53-'54 John Forbus Future Farmers of America '50-'5'lf Vocational Industrial Club '53-'54, Secretary-Treasurer '53- '54g A Club '51-'52p Intramural Basketball '50- '5lp Intramural Track '52-'53 Peggy Foster Future Homemakers of America '5l-'54, Treas- urer '53-'54g G an G '53-'54 Bill Fraser Outdoor Club '5l-'52p A Club '51-'53p Future Architects '52-'53p Little E Club '53-'54 Billy Fuller S Football '51-'54y lettered B , ' , Team '5l-'52g A Team '52- t ,. ff " '54p Baseball '51-'53p A l Club '5l-'54p A Association '53-'54 is wx. ,X Q P ,C 1.-Wil' 1,4 V! at ' s Mike Galaway Football '5l-'52y Track '51- '52p Future F a r m e rs of America '52-'54, Secretary '53-'54p Vice-President of Homeroom '52-'53, Secre- tary '51-'52g A Club '5'l-'52 ,Q 4 1 4 4 I-l L I Scniars X dx i Jacqueline Garrett Orchestra '50-'52p Fashion Club '53-'54p P. E. Majors x '52-'53g Intramural Basketball '51-'52p Intramural Vol- leyball '5'l-'52p Intramural Football '51-'52p G an G '53-'54 Barbara Gillis Battery '51-'54, Reporter '51-'52, Chief Proof Reader '52-'53, Managing Editor '53-'54p Little E '51-'54g , Quill and Scroll '53-'54g G an G '53-'54 I .. y Eugene Gist Vocational Agriculture '5'l-'53p Little E '53-'54 Jackie Goble Battery '53-'54f Junior Red Cross Council '51-'52p Little E '51-'54: G an G '53-'54 Barbara Golleher Band '51-'54p Highlander Festival Band '53p Cotton Bowl Band '53p Little E '51-'52g Typing Club '52-'53, Secretary '52-'53p Vogue '53-'54p G an G '53-'54 Rudy Gonzalez Track '52-'53p Sportsman Club '51-'52p Pilot Club '52-'53g Domino Club '53-'54 Jimmy Goode Dicky Hix isn't interested in watching this f, Audio Visual '53-'54 opemllon' V i, so Caroline Goss Free Lancers Unlaunched 51 52, Pre Med Club 52- '54g G an G '53-'54 lk . Seuiars Virginia Gray Orchestra '51-'52y Little E '51-'52g Foreign Cor- ,xx respondence '52-'53p Creative Writers '53-'54, Secre- V tary '53-'54 John Greer A Club '5l-'53p President of Homeroom '5l-'52g Music Appreciation '53-'54 Mary Virginia Griffith ,Q 6. Junior Red Cross Council '52-'53g Future Homemakers of America '52-'54p G an G '53-'54 'J Edra Merle Guthrie Future Teachers of America '51-'53p Little E '51-'52g Music for Fun '53-'54p G an G '53-'54 l I ,Tl i A tt' 5.3-5.1- F i ' t Don Harber A Club '51-'54p A Association '52-'54p Reporter of Sophomore Classy Football '51-'54, Tri-Captain '53-'54 it 32 Pat Harrell Foreign Correspondence '52-'53p Program Chairman '52-'53p Ephesy '53-'54g Library '52-'53, A Award '52- '53p G an G '53-'54 Norma Harris Little E '50-'52g M i x e d Chorus '51-'52p Eagle-Ettes '52-'53g A Cappella '53- '54g Vogue '52-'54g G an G '53-'54 Ann Mullins persuades Harold Smith to buy a notebook at the student store. Jimmy Harrison Vocational Industrial Club '52-'53f Wood Shop '53-'54 , 1 tt is N lik M Seniors Kenneth Harwell Future Farmers of America '53-'54, Tennis '53-'54 Ferrell Hays A Cappella '51-'54, Vice-President '53-'54, Gym Club '51-'52, President '51-'52, President of Homeroom '51- '52, '52-'53, Track '52-'54, Football '52-'53, B Team '52-'53, A Club '52-'53, A. H. S. Theater '53-'54, Stu- dent Council '53-'54 Patricia Hayter I Carousel Club '51-'52, Fashion Club"52-'53, Ephesy Club '53-'54, G an G '53-'54, Battery '52-'53, F. F. A. Sweetheart '52-'53, '53-'54 Nancy Henson National Forensic League '51-'54, Certificate of Merit '51, Parliamentarian '53-'54, Debate Squad '51-'53, Tennis '51-'53, Volleyball '51-'54, Lettered '51-'54, Intramural Football '52-'53, Intramural Track '51-'52, Intramural Basketball '51-'53, CounseIor's Office '52- '54, Future Teachers of America '51-'54, Correspond- ing Secretary '51, P. E. Maiors '51-'52, Little E '52- '53g Ephesy '53-'54, Cheerleader '53-'54, Exchange Student '53-'54, G an G '53-'54, A Association '51-'54 Gaylon Hicks Future Farmers of America '51-'54, Little E '53-'54, President of Homeroom '51-'52, Intramural Track '51- '53, Intramural Basketball '51-'53, Track '53-'54 Charles Hilburn President of Homeroom '51-'52, Football '51-'54, Let- tered B Team '51-'53, Boxing '51-'54, Golden Gloves Winner '52-'53, A Club '51-'54 R b . Loyal Eagles, Norma Osburn Pat Tallant , Q 9 er' W' Hfll Claudia McReynolds John Greer and Ann Mul Distributive Education Club 'ins decorme for Homecommg '52-'54 Newton Hilliard Future Farmers of America '51-'52, Football, B Team '51-'52, Track '52-'54, A Club '52-'54, A Association '53-'54 ' 2 'E 'VR " 0 'N qs A-if .ig eniors Jerri Hills Transfer from St. Joseph Academy '53-'54g Ephesy Club '53-'54p Eagle-Ettes '53-'54p G an G '53-'54 Dickey Hix Orchestra '51-'54g Little E Club '51-'54p Woodshop '51-'52g Boys' Glee Club '53-'54 Jeunelle Holley Girl's All Sports Club '51-'52, Presidentp Student Coun- cil '51-'52p Typing Club '52-'53g Music for Fun '53- '54g G an G '53-'54p Attendance Office '53-'54 June Holly Vocational Industrial Club Sweetheart '53-'54p Bat- tery '51-'53, Cartoonist '51-'52p Homeroom Vice-Presi- dent '51, Secretary '52, Secretary-Treasurer '52-'53y Personality '51-'52p Fashion '52-'53p Ephesy Club '53- '54p Stage Crew '53-'54p Audio Visual Secretary '53- '54i G an G '53-'54 Betty Holmes Library Club '51-'52, Program Chairmanp Homeroom Reporter '52-'53p Vogue Club '52-'54p G an G '53-'54 Carole Hooper Transfer Student, Vogue Club '53-'54, President: G on G '53-'54 all I g l z Big Sis and Lil' Sis! Carla Sue Ferguson and Gretchen Cordell. Jimmy Horn Band '51-'54g Highlander Festival '53p Cottonbowl Band '53g Pigskin Revue '53, Battery '52-'53p Little E '51 -'54 Bennie Houston Future Teachers of America '51-'54, Vice-President '52- '53, President '53- '547 A. H. S. Theater '51- '52g Mixed C h o r u s Ac- companist '51-'52p Girls' Chorus Accompanist '51- '52p Eagle-Ettes Accompa- nist '51-'52p Homeroom Vice-President '52-'53p G an G '53-'54 PN eniors John Howard Band '5'l-'54p Highlander Festival '53-'54g State Fair '53-'54y Pigskin Review '53-'54y Orchestra '53-'54p Sportsman Club '5l-'52p Student Directors '52-'53p Music For Fun '53-'54. .lo Ann Huckabay Battery '52-'54p Reporter '52-'53p Business Manager '53-'54g Circulation Manager '53-'54p Student Council '51-'52p Personality Club '51-'52p Fashion '52-'53p Ephesy '53-'54g Intramural football '52-'53p Home- room vice-president '53p G an G '53-'54. Jo Hudgens Future Homemakers of America '52-'54p Treasurer '53p Second vice-president '54g Homeroom Reporter '52- '53y G an G '53-'54. Kenneth Huffman A Association '53-'54p A Club '5'l-'54p Football '52-'54, B team '52-'53p Reserve letter '53-'54p Baseball '53-'54g Lettered '53-'54. Jerry Hunter Band '5l-'53p Machine Shop Club '51-'52p Pilot Club '52-'53g Vocational Industrial Club '53-'54. Jack Hurt Exchange Student '53-'54, Football '5'l-'53p B team '51-'53p Golf '53-'54p A, Club '51-'53g Little E Club '53-'54. Claudette Isbell Flashlight '52-'54p Art Edi- tor '52-'54g Certificate of M e r it '52-'53p Exchange Student '53-'54p National Honor S o c i e t y '52-'54p Executive Council 153154: Cute Cathy Higgnnbotham helps with yells Scholastic Art Awards '51- '52p Art A Award '5'l-'52p Spelling A Award '52-'53g Personality '5'l -'52p Fashion Club '52-'54p G an G '53- '54p lnterscholastic league Spelling, first prize '53, Bill Ivey Future Farmers of America '50-'52p Golden Gloves '50- '53p Metal Shop '53-'54. Sewers Sue Jacobs Junior Red Cross Council 51 52 Style Club 52 Ephesy '53-'54p Office Attendant '52-'53p G an G '53- '54 1.4-f' Bettye James A Cappella '52-'54, Sextet '53-'54, Librarian '53-'54g Student Council '51-'52g A. H. S. Theater '52-'53, Re- porter '52-'53p Secretary of Homeroom '53, Music Ap- preciation '53-'54p Distributive Education '53-'54p Na- tional Honor Society '53-'54 Connie Gwendolyn James Band '50-'52g "As You Like lt" '52-'53p Music Ap- preciation '51-'52, Future Homemakers of America '52-'54f Volleyball '50-'54, Captain '52-'53p Intramu- ral Basketball '5O-'52p Intramural Football '52-'53p ln- tramural Baseball '51-'52p Distributive Education '53- '54p G an G '53-'54 Janice Jennings Most Dependable Girl '53-'54p Student Council '51- '52, Corresponding Secretary '53-'54p A Cappella '52- '54, Accompanist '53-'54p National Thespian Society '52-'54g Eagle-Ettes '51-'52, Accompanist '51-'52g President of Homeroom '52-'53p Charmality '51-'54, Secretary '51-'52g Secretary of Junior Class '52-'53p Sweetheart of Future Farmers of America Club '53- '54p Ephesy '53-'54p National Honor Society '52-'54g Office Attendant '53-'54p G an G '53-'54 Donald Jewell Future Farmers of America '52-'54, Historian '52-'53, Vice-President '53-'54g Vocational Agriculture '51-'54 Jo Ann John Freelancers Unlaunched '51-'52g Library Club '52-'53, Treasurer '52-'53p Future Homemakers of America '53- '54p G an G '53-'54p National Honor Society '53-'54 Eugene Johnson Jim Bowen naps while on the way to Yankee Golf 151-154, Lene,-ed '51- Land- '54f Pan-American Club '52-'53p Music Appreciation ' ,N 1 lip ll G2 '53-'54y Boys' Glee Club '51-'52g A Association '51- '54 Don Jones Football '51-'52p Basketball '51-'52p Baseball '51-'52f l Little E '52-'53p Diversified Occupations '53-'54p Voca- tional Industrial Club '53- '54 J C i .9-9 i Smiars Befty,.JP!'iQn, Personality Club '51-'52p Style Club '52-'53g Little E Club '53-'54 bv Peggy Kelly -O' Secretary of Homeroom '51-'52, '53-'54g P. E. Maiors '52-'53p Intramural Football '52-'53g Little E '5I-'52, '53-'54f G an G '53-'54 Dorothy Kent Battery '51-'52p Orchestra '5'I-'54, Reporter '53-'54, Concert Mistress '52-'54p String Quartet '51-'54p Stu- dent Conductor's Club '52-'53p National Thespians '52-'54g Band Office '52-'54p A Award, Orchestra '52- '53g Little E Club '53-'54p All State Orchestra '53-'54g A. H. S. Theater '53-'54g G an G '53-'54 Elbertine Key P. E. Maiors '51-'53, Vice-President '52-'53p Intramural Basketball '51-'53, Captain '51-'53p Intramural Vol- leyball '5I-'53p Intramural Football '51-'53p Fashion Club '53-'54, G an G '53-'54 Dick Kincaid Audio Visual Club '51-'52p Tennis '5'I-'52g Little E Club '53-'54 Eileen Kincaid A Cappella '5'I-'54g National Honor Society '53-'54g Future Teachers of America '51-'53p Battery '51-'52p A Association '53-'54p Library Club '52-'53, Secretary '52-'53g Free Lancers Unlaunched '51-'52, Secretary I '5'l-'52p Merit Award '51-'52p Intramural Sports '52- '53g Volleyball '51-'54g Future Homemakers of Ameri- ca '53-'54p Program Chairman of Homeroom '52-'53p Q , G an G '53-'54 ' Anita Spurgin King Charmality Club '51-'52f Treasurer '5'I-'52g Student lmes- Council '51-'52p V o g u e Club '52-'53p Fashion Club '53-'54, Secretary '53-'54f G an G '53-'54 The Battery Staff discusses next week's head Bill King Audio V i s u a I '51-'52f Sportsman Club '52-'53p I' Little E '53-'54 48 Seniors Carolyn King Orchestra '51-'54p String Quartet '51-'52, All State Orchestra '52-'53p Band '51-'54p Highlander Festival '53p Cotton Bowl Band '52-'53p Future Teachers of America '5l-'54, Treasurer '53-'54, Future Teachers' Convention Delegate '52-'53p Little E '51-'52p G an G '53-'54 Richard Landreth Woodshop '50-'Sly Vocational Industrial Club '51-'53p Slide Rule '53-'54 Moritz Lankford Orchestra '51-'54p A. H. S. Theater '5'l-'52p Student Council '51-'52p Outdoors Club '52-'53p Future Farm- ers of America '53-'54p Vice-President of Homeroom '53-'54 Mgr! Beth Lankford Band '51-'54, Maiorette '51-'54, Head Maiorette '53- '54g Orchestra '52-'54p Highlander Festival '53p State Fair Band and Orchestra '53-'54g Texas State Twirl- if-g Contest '53f Future Teachers of America '52-'54, Sec.etary '52-'54g Future Teachers' Convention Dele- gate '53, Acting State Secretary '53f Office Attendant, Little E '51-'52p G an G '53-'54 Larry Largent A Club '5'l-'52i Basketball '51-'52g Battery '5'l-'52g Vice-President of Homeroom '51-'52, Secretary '52- '53p Student Council '52-'53 George Latimer Football '51-'52p A Club '5l-'52f Boxing '5'l-'54p Golden Gloves Champ '53f A Cappella '53-'54p Lit- tle E '52-'53g Boys' Chorus '53p Music Appreciation '53-'5-45 Vice-President of Homeroom '5'l-'52, Presi- dent '53-'54p Stage Crew '53-'54 Jean Lawless Jamie Bottoms watches as Jeanne Perry, Mary Eagle-Enes I52-l53i A Cap- Jo Medley and Mr Bradford count votes. ella 153-154 Vice-Presi gent of Homeroom '51-'52, S e c r e t a r y '53-'54p Per- sonality '5l-'52g Fashion Club '52-'53p Ephesy '53- '54p Intramural Sports '5'l- '53p Homecoming Queen '53-'54, National Honor So- ciety '53-'54p G an G '53- '54 Charlene Lenker Student Council '53-'54g '53-'54g Vice-President '53- '54- Little E '5l-'52- Office G an G '53-'54 Style Club '52-'53p Ephesy i Attendant '52-'54p' Intra- mural Sports '52-'53p Cer- tificate of Merit '53-'54- I Z, 'sf f Serziars Carol Ann Leon Fashion '52-'53p Ephesy '53-'54p Intramural Volleyball '52-'53, G an G '53-'54 4""' Jimmy Lesley Future Farmers of America '52-'54, Reporter '53-'54 I Ollie Grace Lesley Future Homemakers of America '51-'54p G an G '53- '54 Ronny Leveridge Exchange Student '53-'54g Boxing '51-'54p Golden Gloves '51-'54p Gym Club '51-'52p Intramural Track '51-'52p Secretary of Homeroom '52-'53, President '53-'54p Distributive Education Club '52-'53, President '52-'54g Delegate to Distributive Education Conven- tion '53-'54 Ann Lewis Little E '51-'52g Reporter of Homeroom '5'I-'52g Bat- tery Staff '51-'52p Intramural Football '52-'53g Fashion Club '52-'53p Stage Crew '52-'54f A. H. S. Theater '53- '54f Thespian '53-'54p G an G '53-'54 Frank Liles A Club '51-'54f Audio Visual '52-'53p Football '51-'54 Doris Lindsey Personality Club '51 -'52g Etiquette- Club '52-'53p Fu- ture Homemakers of Amer- ica '53-'54p G an G '53-'54 National Honor Society members serve by ing the trophy cases attractive. Jo Ann Little Charmality '5'l-'52g Eagle- Ettes '52-'53f Little E '52- '53g G an G '53-'54p Ephesy '53-'54g National Honor So- ciety '53-'54 1 X l nr' 6 4' Scnzvrs Preston Little A Cappella '5'l-'54, Barbershop Quartet '51-'52, Slide Rule Club '52-'54, Flashlight '53-'54, Business Man- ager '53-'54 Bill Lofland Airplane Club '51-'52, Slide Rule Club '52-'54, Presi- dent '53-'54 Gary Lollar Future Farmers of America '51-'54, Audio Visual '52- '54, Certificate of Merit '52-'53 Don Lucas Mechanical Drawing Club '52-'53, Library Club '53, Domino Club '53-'54 Ray McCarty Woodshop '51-'53, Vice-President '52-'53, Mechanical Drawing '53-'54 Diana McCharen A Cappella '53-'54, National Honor Society '53-'54, Ephesy '53-'54, Secretary '53-'54, G an G '53-'54 D. G. McCoury National Forensic League '52-'54, Vice-President '53-'54, A Award '52, Certificate of Merit '53, Boys' Owen Cook, Dick Orsini, ond Robert Osborne prepare to deliver the Thanksgiving boxes. Debate '52-'54, National Thes- pian Society '51-'54, President '53-'54, Vice-President '52-'53, A Award '52-'53, AHS Theater '51- P" '54, President '53-'54, Vice-Presi- dent '52-'53, Acting Lab '51-'54, "Skin of Our Teeth" '52, "Home of the Brave" '53, "Merry Wives of Windsor" '51, "As You Like lt" '52, "Aladdin" '51, "RumpeIstiI- skin" '52, "lndian Captive" '53, "The Rivals" '54, Stage Crew '51- '54, Band '51-'53, Flashlight '53, Sports Photographer Larry McCrdw A Capphella '53-'54, 'Boys' Glee Club '52-'53, A Club '52-'54, Football '52-'54, Lettered '53-'54, Track '52-'54, Vice-President of Homeroom '53-'54 51 .xi if . xt - I A , Y l i l . X . f X '. r-ff ,, Us n k , l .6 ll Y LL! .C-C3 I x 9 .5 X, .l .u 5. K t rf' r I ..':'. er..- 5:11 ia rs T Gerry McElyea . Charmality Club '51-'52p Style Club '52"53g Fashion Club '53-'54, National Honor Society '53-'54p G an G " '53-'54 Harold McGlothlin - ,T 1 y A Q ,N 'N A Club '51-'54: A Association '52-'54p Football '5l- T- 5- Qlig. f 1, 9 foto I fo rf' '54, Lettered '52-'53p Vice-President of Homeroom '5lg ' Baseball '51-'54g Basketball '5'l-'53 Maurice McLeod Woodshop '5'l-'53p Slide Rule '53-'54 Claudia McReynolds Student Council '51-'52, '53-'54g Personality '51-'52, Vice-President '5'l-'52g Fashion Club '52-'53p Ephesy '53-'54p Vice-President of Homeroom '51-'52p G an G '53-'54 I Leon McSpadden Transfer from San Angelop Music Appreciation '53- '54p A Cappella '53-'54 Bobby Mangum Future Farmers of America '5'l-'53, A Award '52- '53p Architectural Club '53-'54 Duncan Mann Football '51-'53, Lettered B Team '52-'53p Basketball coming game. '52-'53p Audio Visual '52- '54, Certificate of Merit '52-'53, A C l u b '51-'54p Track '53-'54p President of Homeroom '5l-'52 Eagles and Exes support the team at the Home Lloyd Marr Audio Visual Club '52-'54, Certificate of Merit '52-'53p Band '52-'54 I X . "nf 4 is s W3 S'-V i Seuiars Joyce Martin A Cappella '5l-'54g Fashion Club '52-'54g President '53-'54g AHS Theater '51-'52p G an G '53-'54 , Rebecca Martinez Personality Club '51-'52g Pan Americdn Club '52-'53, Secretary '53:iSLual'ertt Council Alternate '53-'54p Fash- ion '53-'54p G an G '53-'54 Coeriene Mashburn Charmality Club '51-'54p Distributive Education Club '52-'54, Reporter, '53-'54g Delegate to Distributivo Education Convention '53g Homeroom Reporter '53- '54p G an G '53-'54 Barbara Mason I Lf,-, ,Lf Fashion Club '52-'54g Diversified ccupations Club 53- 54 Reporter 53-'54- .E. Majors 1- 52- G an G I 1 I I I I5 I I '53-'54 url Q,-iT+'l'-IL XX o"'f"!x' Bill Mathews A Club '51-'52p Football '51-'53, Boxing '5'l-'53g Golden Gloves '52-'53g Track '52-'53g Gym Club '52- '53p Slide Rule Club '53-'54 Darlene Mathis A Cappella '53-'54, Sextet '53-'54p Battery '5'l-'54p Eagle-Ettes '51-'53p Junior Red Cross Council '51-'52p Fashion Club '52-'54, Reporter '53-'54p Audio Visual Secretary '53-'54g G an G '53-'54 Telling tall tales seems to be one of fAllan Mor- . ganfs favorite pastimes, or so it seernihto these Belly Mayfield boys who must listen! F u t u r e Homemakers of America '51-'52p Little E Club '52-'54p G an G '53- K-. X 'Q .pl l K5 Joyce Mayfield G '53-'54 Exchange Student '53-'54p Eagle-Ettes '51-'54p Little E Club '52-'54p Girls' All Sports Club '51-'52y lntra- mural Baseball '5l-'52g ln- tramural Basketball '51- '52, Captain '51-'52p G an Mfr A Qu ,u I ,V ,',. f lyfit 3 'gf 'xl ,W X ff Z xx 1 , I l x - I., K K-- , , 1 7' 1 .dimhn Seniors Shirley Maynard Little E Club '51-'52f Fashion Club '52-'54g Reporter of Homeroom '51-'52p G an G '53-'54 Mary Jo Medley Flashlight '51-'54, Editor '53-'54, Junior Editor '52- '53, Associate Club Editor '52-'53g Sophomore Editor '51-'52g Student Council '51-'53p Little E Club '51-'52g Style Club '52-'53, President '52-'53p Vice-President of Homeroom '52-'53p National Honor Society '52- '54, Secretary '53-'54p National Thespians '53-'545 Ephesy '53-'54g G an G '53-'54 Johnny Middleton Band '50-'54g First in Solo and Ensemble '51-'54p All Regional Band '52-'54p All State Band '53-'54p High- lander Festival Band '53p Cotton Bowl Band '51, Or- chestra '51-'54g All State Orchestra '52-'53g A. H. S. Theater '50-'51p Student Directors' Club '51-'53, Vice- President '51-'52p Reporter '52-'53p Music for Fun '53- '54f Pigskin Revue '50-'54 K! ,aj 1 - is ' -. Pat Miles y Personality Club '51-'52p Etiquette Club' '52-'53p Little E '53-'54g G an G '53-'54 ' it-3-fi, ,yyy 1 2 'J 1 ,sis Q 41 ' -X y Dick Miner -1 .. -g Football '51-'53, B Squad '52-'53p Track '51-'54p Let- H I tered '52-'53p A Club '52-'53p A Association '52-'53p A I A Cappella '53-'54f Boys' Choir '52-'53p Future Farm- ' ers of America '51-'52p Exchange Student '53-'54 Maurene Mitchell Q 'Q ' 'l. , 4' Girls' All sports Club '51-'52f Little E Club '52-'54f " ' ' G an G '53-'54 Yvonne Mitchell Battery '52-'54, Editor '53-'54, Associate Feature Editor '52-'53p National Honor Society '52-'54p National Forensic League '52- '54g Reporter '52-'54p National Thespian Society '52-'54, Report- er '53-'54p A. H. S. Theater '51- '52, '53-'54, Reporter '53-'54p Press Club '52-'53, Vice-Presi- dent p'52-'53, Reporter. '53-'54p Vice-President of Homeroom '51- '52, Secretary '52-'53p President '53-'54f Exchange Student '53- '54 Shirley Moore Girls' All Sports Club '51-'52p Future Business Women's Club '51-'53, Future Homemakers of A m e r i c a '53-'54p Intramural Sports '51-'53p Vice-President of Homeroom '53-'54p G an G '53- '54 3 :J F ' new ff . f he Field rs enjoy the refreshments at the Band party. H These the G miors Allan Morgan Band '52-'54, Student Directors' Club '52-'53p Music Appreciation '53-'54g Highlander Festival Band '53p Clarinet Quartet '53-'5-'ig State Fair Band '53 Grace Morrow Student Council '51-'52g A Cappella '51-'54p A Capel- la Queen '52-'53f A. H. S. Theater '51-'52g Junior Red Cross Council '52-'54y Secretary of Homeroom '52- '53g Girls' Sextet '53-'54g Certificate of Merit '5'l-'52g A Award '52-'53 Ann Mullins A. H. S. Theater '5'l-'52p Junior Red Cross Council '51-'52g Tennis '51-'52g Intramural Sports '52-'53p Vol- leyball '52-'53, Captaing Fashion Club '52-'53y Presi- dent of Homeroom '53-'54g Student Council '53-'54g Secretary of Senior Class '53-'54g Ephesy '53-'54, President. Tommie KL Murray Track '52-'54 -'54g Football '52-'53p A Club 1 '5 g A sociation,'53-'54p Spanish Club '51-'53, k Vice-Preside Pfssldent '52-'53p President of Homeroom ' l-'52 Patty Muston Student Council '51-'54, Secretary '53-'54g Secretary of Sophomore Class '51-'52p Charmality '51-'52, Presi- dent '51-'52g Fashion Club '52-'53, Secretary '52-'53g Eagle-Ettes '51-'53, President '52-'53p National Thes- pian Society '52-'54, Secretary '53-'54p Most Repre- sentative Girl '53-'54y Miss Front Page '53-'54p Head Cheerleader '53-'54, A Cappella '53-'54p Ephesy '53- '54p G an G '53-'54 Ronnie Myatt Flashlight Poster Contest Winner '53-'54p Battery '51- '54, Staff Cartoonist '52-'54, A Award '52-'53g Quill and Scroll '52-'54y Art A Award '52-'53p Sportsman ,fir A I Club '5'l-'53, Vice-President '52-'53p Reporter of Home- """i room '52-'53f A Club '53-'54p Track '53-'54 Carol Nance National H o n o r Society ' ' -'54p E I -E '52- senior girls get ready for Santa Claus at X , G anage,5y5g4, FU- f 5 I 1 onGpUrlY' x,+SR'tureHomemakers li 'X F' of America '53-'54p Style Y Club '52-'53p Charmality 1? '51-'52p Mixed Chorus '52- '53f Secretary of Home- room '51-'52 Delores Nash Fashion '53-'54g Foreign Correspondence Club '51- '53, Se c re ta ry '51-'52, President '52-'53g V i c e - P r e si d e nt of Homeroom '51-'52, Secretary '52-'53p G an G '53-'54 Dick Orsini - -, .pryfiar wavy? -.tw -r f ' Y , f HTL F I X l f A X. X ig. K, 5 -r-4 I 1 X. Seniors Syd Niblo Sportsman Club '51-'53f Music Appreciation '53-'54g Golf '52-'53g Exchange Student '53-'54 Jimmy Nix Band '51-'54g Highlander Festival Band '53g State Fair Band '53g Pigskin Review '53p Student Directors glxb '51-'53p Music for Fun '53-'54g Vice-President '53- Gerald Norman A Cappella '53-'54p Music Appreciation '52-'54g Boys' Choir '52-'53, Track '53-'54g Audio Visual '53-'54 Shirley Nuckols Future Homemakers of America '51-'52f Little E '52- '54g G an G '53-'54 Bobby Jack Oliver Football '51-'54, Lettered '52-'54, All-District '52-'54, All-State '53-'54, Tri-Captain '53-'54p Baseball '5'l- '54, Lettered '51-'54, All-District '51-'54p A Association '51-'54p A Cappella '53-'54p Registrar's Office '52-'53p President of Homeroom '51-'52, Vice-President '53-'54 Carol Jean Onwiler Band '51-'53g Highlander Festival Band '52-'53g Fu- ture Homemakers of America '51-'52p Fashion Club '52-'53, Ephesy '53-'54f G an G '53-'54 X ":,"' I? Football '51-'54, Lettered '52-'54g A Association '52-'54p Track '5'l- '54, Lettered '52-'54, Co-Captain '53-'54p B a s k e t b all '51-'53p A Cappella '53-'54p Boys' Choir '52-'53p A Club '5'l-'54 Jan Osburn Personality '51-'52p Fashion Club '52-'53p Ephesy '53-'54p Secre- tary of Homeroom '51-'53p Stu- dent Council '5l-'52g Intramural Sports '51-'53p Attendance Of- fice '51-'53g Principal's Office '53-'54p Audio V i s u a l '53-'54p Stage Crew '53-'54g G an G '53- '54 56 Owen Cook, Janice Jenningp, Carol Crownover, and Carla Sue Ferguson pack Thanksgiving boxes for the needy. R xg 'l Seniors Norma Osborn Personality Club '51-'52p Fashion Club '52-'53p ln- tramural Football '52-'53p Battery '52-'54, Reporter '52-'53, Circulation Manager '53-'54p Business Man- ager '53-'54p Fashion Club '52-'53y Ephesy '53-'54p Spirit of Athletics '53-'54p A Association '53-'54p G an G '53-'54, President '53-'54 Robert Osborne A Club '51-'54, Football '51-'54, Baseball '51-'54, National Honor Society '53-'54g Student Council '53- '54, Vice-President of Homeroom '52-'53 Ella Ruth Paine Band '51-'54p Highlander Festival Band '53g State Fair Band '53g National Forensic League '51-'54, Par- liamentarian '53-'54, Foreign Correspondence Club '51-'52p Student Directors Club '52-'53p Fashion Club '53-'54g G an G '53-'54 Nicky Leath Palmer A Club '52-'54g Football '52-'54p B Team '52-'53g Re- serve Letterman '53-'54p Track '53-'54 Linda Parrish A. H. S. Theater '5'l-'52g Orchestra '51-'54, Vice- President '53-'54p Quartette '51-'54p Intramural Sports '51-'53p Fashion Club '52-'53g Merit Award '52-'53p Junior Red Cross Council '53-'54p National '53-'54p G an G '53-'54 Juanita Parker A. H. S. Theater '53-'54p G an G '53-'54 J. W. Pelton A. H. S. Theater '52-'53p "Merry Wives of Windsor" '52f "As You Like lt" '53p Acting Lab '51-'53p Stage ' l 'Crew '52-'53p Audi '52-'53p ' Audio V i s u al '5'l- '52p Future Business Leaders of America '53-'54 Shirley Maynard, Nadine Odom, and DE 'Mg Hn seem to be in no hurry to join the after school rush. . Bill Perry Football '51-'54, Lettered '53-'54p Baseball '51-'54p Basketball '51-'54p A Club '51-'54g Treasurer of Homeroom '51-'52, RSPOVT' er '53-'54g Boys' Choir '53p Student Council '51-'53 l L 1 if "Y R94 J it Of aff' No' I be N Q, x 561110 rs Don Perry Junior Academy of Science '52-'53 James Perry Pan-American Club '52-'54p National Thespian Society '53-'54 Jeanne Perry Flashlight '53-'54g Stage Craft '53-'54f Ephesy '53- '54g National Thespions Society '52-'54p AHS Theater '5'l-'53p Intramural Football '5I-'52g Intramural Base- PN ball '51-'52p Intramural Basketball '5I-'53p Intramural on Volleyball '51-'53p "Women of the Bible" '52p "Merry Wives of Windsor" 'SI5 National Honor Society '53- '54p G an G '53-'54 Mary Jo Petty Future Homemakers of America '51-'52y Junior Red Cross Council '52-'53p Ephesy '53-'54p National Thes- pian Society '53-'54g Intramural Sports '51-'53g G an G '53-'54 Wendell Phillips Football '51-'54, B Team '51-'52, Lettered '52-'54p Track '52-'54, Lettered '53-'54p A Association '52-'54f A Club '5'l-'54y Audio Visual '53-'54f Vice-President of Homeroom '51-'52 M. l. Pinkston A Club '50-'52g Vocational Industrial Club '52-'54 Mary Powell AHS Theater '53-'54p Music Appreciation '53- '54p Mixed Chorus '53-'54p Attendance Office '53-'54p G an G '53-'54 George Barnett and M. L. Pinkston of Swanson Street welcome their neighbor, Mac Starnes. Lee Presswood Future Farmers of America '51-'54, A Award '52-'53p Parliamentarian '52-'53, President '53-'54, State in Poultry Judging '51-'52p D a i r y Judging Team '52-'53i President of Homeroom '53-'54 ss X mia rs Floyd Price Little E '5'I-'53g President of Homeroom '52-'53, '53- '54g Parallel Bar Team '52-'54p Intramural Basketball '52-'53 Charles Rains Rosemary Rasco Personality '51-'52p Junior Red Cross Council '52- '53p Vogue '52-'53, Band '52-'54p Highlander Festival '53-'54g State Fair Band '53-'54p Orchestra '53-'54g Future Teachers of America '53-'54g G an G '53-'54 David Ray Football '5'l-'52p A Association '51-'52, Architect Club '52-'53g Basketball '51-'52p Student Council '52-'53 t' , l Ruebel Reams Junior Red Cross Council '5'I-'52p Library Club '52- '53, Audio Visual '53-'54g Girls' All Sports '53-'54g G an G '53-'54 Jerry Reeves Little E '51-'54 Pat Rhoads 1ese Big and Little Sis teams exchange gifts Liffle E '50-'52: Battery '52-'54g Exchange Student '53-'54g Music for Fun '53- '54p Press C l u b '52-'53g G an G '53-'54 Don Rhoden Football '51-'54, Lettered '53-'54p Baseball '51-'54, Lettered '51-'54p A Associa- tion '51-'54p A Club '51- '54p J u n i o r Red Cross Council '52-'53p Student Council '52-'53p President of Homeroom '53-'54 V if l Seniors Conrad Roberson Woodshop '51-'52f Photography '52-'54 Pat Roberts Eagle-Ettes '51-'54, Sextet '51-'53, Quartet '51-'52p Personality '51-'52p Battery '51-'52p Intramural Sports '51-'52p Fashion Club '52-'53p Future Teachers of America '52-'54, Social Chairman '53-'54p G an G vw, ,r'1 '53-'54 Billie Rae Rogers Flashlight '51-'52, Sophomore Editorp Personality '51- '52, President '51-'52p Student Council '52-'53p Fash- ion Club '52-'53f Vice-President of Homeroom '51- '52p Ephesy '53-'54p Cheerleader '53-'54p National Honor Society '53-'54p A Association '53-'54p G an G '53-'54 Guyan Rogers A Club '51-'52p Domino Club '53-'54p Student Council '51 -'52 Betty Ross A Cappella '52-'54p Eagle-Ettes '51-'52, Vice-President '51-'52p A. H. S. Theater '51-'52p National Forensics '51-'54, Secretary '53-'54p Debate '51-'52, A Award '51-'52p Junior Red Council '52-'53p Student Council '52-'53f Stage Crew '53-'54g Intramural Football '52- '53p G an G '53-'54 Myrtle Ann St. John P. E. Club '51-'53p Foreign Correspondence '53-'54p G an G '53-'54, Intramural Basketball '51-'53p Intra- mural Volleyball '52-'53i Intramural Baseball '52-'53 Kay Scott A. H. S. Theater '51-'52p Secretary of Homeroom '52p Fashion Club '52-'53p Treasurer of Home- room '52-'53p Ephesy Club '53-'54g G an G '53-'54g Principal's Office '53-'54 Laverne Seider Eagle-Ettes '51-'53f Nation- al Thespian Society '51- '54p Fashion Club '53-'54g A. H. S. Theater '51-'52g P. E. Majors '52-'53y Art "A" Award '52-'53, Gold 3. 1 Gayle Berry serves 'Mary Beth Lankfor whil Ruth Paine, Ruby Gillington, and Edn Reiu look on. .9 Keys '52-'53p G an G '53- '54 ", -.bj,,igr pl Skipper Skaggs ii "Q 4 , W7 ff Xi 1,4 ,l Iomeroom tate Park. Scnmrs Dilworth Sellers National Honor Society '52-'54, President '53-'54p A Cappella '52-'54, President '53-'54i Highlander Festival '53p Barbershop Chorus '5'l-'52p Student Coun- cil '53-'54p A Association '52-'54f Tennis '51-'54, Let- tered '51-'54p Basketball '51-'52p Little E '53-'54p Pre- Med '52-'53, President '53p President of Homeroom '51-'53 Frances Sewell Future Homemakers of America '5I-'52y Girls' All Sports '52-'53y Intramural Baseball '52-'53p Intramural Basketball '52-'53g Intramural Volleyball '52-'53g In- tramural Football '52-'53p P. E. Maiors '53-'54, Sec- retary '53-'54, G an G '53-'54 Carol Shaw Transfer from Buffalo, Missouriy Band '53-'54p State Fair Band '53-'54p Little E '53-'54p G an G '53-'54 Ronald Shirley A Cappella '52-'54, Quartet '52-'54, A Award '52-'53p Student Council '53-'54g Music Appreciation '52-'53p Highlander Festival '52-'53p Diversified Education '53- '54, Vice-President '53-'54p AHS Theatre '50-'5lp Sportsman's Club '50-'5lp President of Homeroom '50- '51 Maryleen Showalter Exchange Student '53-'547 Responsibility Award '52- '53p Certificate of Merit '51-'52p A Award '52-'53p Music for Fun '53-'54g CounseIor's Office '52-'54g Future Business Women '51-'52g G an G '53-'54 Frank Sitchler A Cappella '5'I-'54g Little E '5'l-'52g Photography Club '52-'53, Secretary-Treasurer '52-'53p Music Apprecia- tion '53-'54 22 enjoys a sunrise breakfast at 5 5 . I r""N Qi, I is Xl ' 4.1 National H o n o r Society '52-'54p Band '5l-'545 First Lieutenant '53-'54, Color Guard '51-'54p All-State Band '53p Highlander Fes- tival Band '53g Orchestra '5'I-'54, President '53-'54, A Award '53, All-State Orchestra '52g Monroe G. Cheney Oil Theme Winner '53p Student Director '51- '53g Slide Rule '53-'54, Re- porter '53-'54p St u d e nt Council '53-'54 Arthur Smith Outd oor Club '51-'52p Architect C l u b '52-'53p Pilot Club '53-'54p Track '53-'54 4.-' xl"'iliL L,-r fy 1 anions' Barbara Smith Certificate of Merit for United States Student Exam- ination '53p National Forensic League '53-'54p Foreign correspondence '53-'54g Eagle Feathers '51-'52p Pro- gram Chairman '51-'52g Little E '52-'53g Distributive Education '53-'54, Bonnie Smith A Cappella '52-'54p Sextet '52-'54p Eagle-Ettes '51-'52p Secretary '51-'52p Certificate of Merit '51-'52p Charm- ality Club '51-'52p Foreign Correspondence '52-'53p Junior Red Cross Council '53-'54p G an G '53-'54, Clarice Smith Most Admirable Girl '53-'54g Junior Queen '52-'53p Cheerleader '53-'54p Battery '52-'54y Reporter '52-'53p Society Editor '53-'54p Ephesy '53-'54p Fashion '52-'53p Student Council '51 -'53p Charmality '51 -'52p Vice-Presi- dent '51-'52g Secretary of Homeroom '51-'52p Tennis '51-'52g "Alladin" '51g Intramural Sports '52-'53p G an G '53-'54. James Smith A Club '51-'54p Audio Visual '51-'54g Certificate of Merit '51-'52g Football '51-'54p B Squad '51-'53p Let- tered '51-'53, Donsimolhers A Cappella '51-'54p A Award '52p All State '52g Quar- tet '51-'54p Football '51-'52p Lettered B Team '51-'52p Manager '52-'54p A Club '51-'54p Highland Festival Chorus '53, Barbara Soiourner Student Council '52-'54g Treasurer '53-'54, National Honor Society '52-'54g G an G '53-'54g Reporter '53- '54p Ephesy '53-'54g Fashion '52-'53g Secretary of Homeroomg P. E. Maiors '51-'52g Girl Sports '51-'53. Shirley Spencer Band '51-'54p Student Directors '51- '53p Orchestra '52-'54p Music for Fun '53-'54f Highlander Festival Band '52-'53f State Fair Band '53- '5-45 G an G '53-'54, Sara Sue Spikes Flashlight, Senior Editor '53-'54p Eagle-Ettes '51-'54g Vice-president '52-'53p Sextet '52-'53g F utu re Homemakers of America '51-'5-45 President '53f Girl of the Year '52- '53g Reporter '52p Treasurer '53-54p A Award '52-'53p Junior Degree '51p Chapter Degree '53g District Reporter '53-'54p Area Degrees Council '53-'54p State Meeting '53g Student Council '53-'54p National Honor Society '52-'54, National Thespian Society '52-'54g Creative Writing '52-'53y A Award '52-'53p State Poetry '53y National Poetry Award '53f G an G '53-'54, Don Baber is cornered by Arabella Toney druring Twirp season! Sffninrs Dorothy Staggers Flashlight '53-'54, Club Editor '53-'54p A Cappella '52-'54, Sextet '52-'54, Eagle-Ettes '5'l-'52, Sextet '5l- '52g National Thespian Society '53-'54g A. H. S. Theater '52-'53g Battery '52-'54, Reporter '52-'54g Per- sonality '5l-'52g Ephesy '53-'54p Audio Visual Secre- tary '53-'54p Attendance Office '53-'54g G on G '53- '54 Joan Starks Charmality Club '5l-'52f Girls' Glee Club '52-'53g Vogue Club '52-'537 Future Homemakers of America '53-'54p G an G '53-'54 Mac Starnes Football '51-'54, Tri-Captain '53-'54, B Team '51-'54, Lettered '53-'54p Baseball '52p Track '53-'54g A Club '51-'54, A Association '53-'54p Boys' Glee Club '52- '53p A Cappella '53-'54 J . N. Steele Football '51-'52g Baseball '5'l-'52g A Club '5l-'52, '53-'54 Rusty Stevenson A. H. S, Theater '53-'54, Sergeant-at-Arms '53-'54, Acting Lab '53-'54g National Thespian Society '53-'54, Football '5'l-'52p A Club '5'l-'52g President of Home- room '53-'54 Jerry Storey Track '53-'54g Vocational Industrial Club '52-'53 Sportsman Club '51-'52, Vice-President '51-'52 1 Bopping Bobby lDavisl performs for interested Darlene Sf'-acener iudience Transfer Studentp Distribu- tive Education '53- 54- G an G '53-'54 Jerry Stringer Band '5'l-'54, Band Office '53-'54, Clarinet Trio '52- '53p Battery '51-'54, Re- porter '5'l-'54g National Honor Society '53-'54p Ex- change Stu d e n t '53-'54y Press Club '5l-'52g Typing Club '52-'53, Vice-Presi- dent '52-'53p Music for Fun Club '53-'54g G an G '53- '54 on it F 3 Smzars Darla Sudderth Orchestra '51-'54p A. H. S. Theater '52-'53p P. E. Maiors '51-'52p Fashion Club '53-'54p Poetry Award '53p G an G '53-'54 Pat Tallant Eagle-Ettes '51-'52p Fashion Club '52-'53g Ephesy '53- '54g P. E. Majors '51-'52, A Association '53-'54p Most Versatile Girl '53-'54g Cheerleader '53-'54p A Cappel- la '53-'54g G an G '53-'54 Sylvia Terhune Girl All Sports '51-'52, Reporter '5'l-'52p Fashion Club '52-'53g Future Homemakers of America '53-'54p ln- tramural Sports '51-'53, Captain '52-'53p Student Directors, G an G '53-'54 Karen Ticlwell Personality '51-'52y Fashion Club '52-'53, Vice-Presi- dent '52-'53p Ephesy '53-'54p Secretary of Homeroom '5'l-'53p Tennis '51-'52g G an Gi '53-'54 Arabella Toney A Cappella '51-'54g Secretary of Homeroom '51-'52 Personality '5'l-'52g Style Club '52-'53, Ephesy '53 '54g Intramural Volleyball '52-'53p G an G '53-'54 Patricia Tracey A. H. S. Theater '5'l-'52p Fashion Club '52-'53p Dis tributive Education '53-'54p Counselor's Office '53 '54p G an G '53-'54 Macy quicker Band '51-'53p Orchestra '5'l-'54, Merit A w a r d '52-'53y String Quartet '51-'54p A. H. S. Theater '5'l-'52g "Merry Wives of Wind- sor" '51-'52g Vogue Club '52- '53p Junior Red Cross Council '53-'54p Secretary-Treasurer of Homeroom '53-'54p Stage Craft '53-'54, G an G '53-'54 Carroll Turner F o o t b all '50-'53p Intramural Track '51-'53f Boys' Choir '52- '53, President '52-'53p A Cappel- la '53-'54p A. H. S. Theater '52- '53g "As You Like lt" '52p "Rum- plestitlskin" '52p "Home of the Brave" '53g National Thespian '52-'53p A Club '51-'53p Music Appreciation '53-'54 Buzzy Sellers presents Homecoming Queen, Jean Lawless, at the San Angelo-Abilene game. Z iffy A Seniars Bill Vaughn Band '51-'54p Highlander Festival Band '53p State Fair Band '53p A Cappella '51-'54g Boys Quartet '51- '54g All-State Choir '53p Track '53-'54y Music Appre- ciation '52-'53, President '52-'53 Earl Vaughn A Club '51-'52g Football '51-'52p Little E '52-'53p Domino Club '53-'54p Audio Visual '5l-'52 Joe Vick Football 'Sl-'54, B Team '52-'53, Lettered '53-'54p Basketball '51-'54, Lettered '53-'54p Baseball '51-'54, Lettered '52-'54g A Association '52-'54g A Club '51- '54g Vice-President of Homeroom '52-'53p Audio Visual '51-'54 Mattie Vinson Personality '5'l-'52p Future Homemakers of America '52-'54, Second Vice-President '53-'54g G an G '53-'54 Quinten Walker Baseball '51-'52p Track '51-'52g Football '51-'52g Pho- tography Club '52-'53 Shirley Walker Girls' All Sports Club '51-'52p Future Business Women '52-'53f Music for Fun '53-'54p G an G '53-'54 lck Grace Bobby Jack Betty Don and Sandra -luck Wallace iat before the A Association banquet. Audio Visual '51-'53, ViCe- President '51-'53p Little E '53-'54p Exchange Student '53-'54 ,... t p 7 Jean Wallace P. E. Maiors '51-'54, Re- porter '53-'54p Junior Red Cross Council '51-'52p ln- tramural Volleyball '52- '53g Volleyball '53-'54 65 X fv- C' if I x l I 1 I' I I Seniors Kenneth Wallace Football '51-'53, B Team '52-'535 A Club '51-'53p Presi- dent of Homeroom '52-'53p Pilots Club '53-'54 Clara Walthall Girls' All Sports '51-'52f Intramural Volleyball '51- '52g Intramural Softball '51-'52p Style Club '52-'53g Volleyball '52-'53p P. E. Specialty Club '53-'54i Intra- mural Basketball '51-'52g G an G '53-'54 Tommy Warren Band '52-'54g Highlander Festival Band '53p State Fair Band '53g Orchestra '53-'54p Pilots Club '52-'53p Little E '53-'54 Frankie Welch Student Council '51-'52p Intramural Basketball '51- '52g Intramural Volleyball '51-'52g Intramural Base- ball '51-'52y Intramural Football '52-'53p Little E '51- '52g P. E. Maiors '52-'54p Vice-President '53-'54p Vol- leyball '52-'53p National Honor Society '53-'54f G an G '53-'54 Joyce Welch Eagle-Ettes '51-'54, Secretary '52-'54g Personality '51 '52, Secretary '51-'52g Fashion '52-'53g Ephesy '53-'54 G an G '53-'54 Shirley Whitus Future Homemakers of America '51-'52p Intramural Volleyball '51-'52g Intramural Baseball '51-'52g Style Club '52-'53f Ephesy '53-'54g G an G '53-'54 Stanley Wiggins Sportsmanship Club '51- '52g Slide Rule Club '52- '53p National Honor Socie- ty '52-'54p Exchange Stu- dent '53-'54p Slide Rule Club '52-'53 10 : i,N ',' ,' K 'x, IYX s X 'I Xl 1 li I 9 Ray Williams Sportsman C I u b '51-'52g Slide Rule Club '52-'54, Flashlight '53-'54, Assistant Business Manager '53-'54 fig Little E Club members get ready to "swing your partner." 1 -latlonal Honor Society induction is always a mins Shirley Ann Williams Charmality '51-'52p Vice-President of Homeroom '51- '52p Fashion Club '52-'53p Little E Club '53-'54g G an G '53-'54 Lula Mae Willis Future Teachers of America '5l-'54, Vice-President '51-'52, Treasurer '52-'53p P. E. Majors '50-'5lg Foreign Correspondence '51-'53, Treasurer '52-'53p G an G '53-'54 Yvonne Willis Eagle-Ettes '5'l-'54f Personality '51-'52g Vogue '52- '53p Ephesy '53-'54g G an G '53-'54 Jerry Winter Slide Rule Club '51-'52p A Cappella '52-'53p Vice- President of Homeroom '5l-'52p Junior Academy of Science '52-'53p Pre-Med Club '53-'54, President '53- '54 Sarah Witherspoon Personality '51-'52, Treasurer '51-'52g Fashion Club '52-'53g Vogue '53-'54, Reporter '53-'54g G an G '53-'54 Betty Wright A Cappella '5l-'54p Charmality '51-'52g Intramural Softball '52f Intramural Basketball '53g Intramural Football '53g Physical Education Merit Award '53p Music Appreciation '53-'54p Style Club '52-'53p G an G '53-'54 Kenneth Yielding Theater '53-'54 Lauralee Young '53-'54p G an G '53-'54 Future Farmers of Amer '50-'54, Secretary '5'l-'52 Vice-President '52-'53, Cer tificate of Merit '52-'53p A Award '52-'53, Livestock Judging T e a m '52-'53 Audio Visual '51-'53, Cer tificate of Me r it '51-'52 Forensics '52-'53f A. H. S Charmality '51-'52p Fash ion '52-'53p Style Club '53 '54f Secretary of Home room '51-'52p Audio Visual Autographs E WG" KZASIER CWB 69 . M - 4. ,, '4 '31 6 0 zz c I1 e s Chuck Moser - E Head Coach and X Athletic Director - ' ' W x iiliisfwltgm lli5isl'lisisitSW BQ Nl Mii A Alle ELM Ni illig sill 'if lv. I nd . H k Watkins F b II L e Coach Bob Groseclose Assistant Football Track W 'A I! A ll-ll. X 3 r Six ii' K A RN A . 'I V, 5 K K-lf: x.. N Q Q X X5 B, L, Blackburn Wally Bullington William lShortyl Lawson Nat Gleaton "B" Teqm Football Asst. "B" Team Football Soph Football Soph Football Baseball Asst. Track, "B" Basketball Boxing, Asst. Baseball Basketball ll!! i l Q s s s i i C yy VX pf QW . ---+3 - 1 1 e- 1 1 ' 5 g a s ,ass -r - 5 - - , - I 'J l , I V Y l I I I X dy Q. g : is I Q 4 , l . lil .. 0 1 i 4 . . V I ' J- - li- X - . ."- I , , gl 14' ' . 'X l . - 3' 7 ' J : l ' il L il ai , . B V l' J . , 'III 4 f, J ' ' ,fa Q , ,f ,' 1 I ' l - , 1 J, V -il' ' rl X ,,.v " 50:1 ' I. r ri 9' 32 ay I N20 3 N ,pf 2- si .t n Q J wi - h ,Y ,- s 1' ' ' 2, ' f r s o . C' f f ' tc ' as -b -, sz. .., .fu 1 v . Chr: 1953-54 Szzgle Varsity Row l: Don Smothers-manager, Maurice Cook-C, David Bourland-B, Charles Hilburn-B, H. P. Hawkins-B, 'lorry McCraw-B Don Rhoden-B, Don Beall-C, Kenneth Huffman-B, Henry Colwell-B, Billy Jack Rudd-manager. Row 2: Bob Gay-E Robert Os-I borne-E, Dick Orsini-G, Don Harber-B, Wendell Phillips-B, James Smith-T, Bobby Jack Oliver-T, Ray Fraser-E, Mac Starnes- C, Bill Perry-C, Jim Millerman-B, Head Coach Chuck Moser. Row 3: Line Coach Hank Watkins, Twyman Ash-E, Jim Yarborough-E, Cullen Hunt-T, Dan Boyd-T, Joe Vick-E, Bill Fuller-T, Frank Etter-E, Bob Crawford-B, Glen Woods-T, Jock Crumpler-T, Nick Palmer-G, Assistant Coach Bob Groseclose. Row 4: Ronny McDearman-B, Hal McGlothin-B, Jim Briggs-B, Frank Liles-G, Jock Self-B David Steinman-G, Elmo Cure-G, Jim Tatum-G, Bob Hubbard-G, John Thomas-G. Uri-Hapfains Bobby Jack Oliver Tackle 215 2 years All-District All State Big, fast, rugged. Highly respected by teammates, coaches, and opponents. Don Harber Mac Starnes Back - 165 - 2 years Cenler ijlllggtrztl Year rilglz fffjrxnd Steady . One of the best blockers and tacklers on the squad. fl' f -rf . Dick Orsini Guard - 163 - 2 years All-District Selected as best blocker on squad by teammates. fe. -w - . g "x. ' ginygs l 9. Wendell Phillips Back - 163 - 2 years Hardest, most shifty runner on squad. L fx 3 E "3 25 Hal NlcGlothIin Back - 191 - 2 years All District Power runner - called upon when a few yards were needed. :si , X ' 'K . .lf s ,aa-I., I 1 Don Rhoden Back - 151 - 1 year Hard tackler. Never played bad defensive game all year. Honorable mention All-District. Q .77 Frank Liles Guard - 192 - 1 year 2nd Team All-District Agile - hard to move out of line. l 1 7 1 t l Dan Boyd Tackle - 193 - 1 year Big smart tackler played for good of team. 72 Scasau Kccord Abilene 28 Highland Park Abilene 13 Sweetwater Abilene 19 Breckenridge Abilene 60 Borger Abilene 14 Odessa Abilene 6 Pqmpq Abilene 32 Amarillo Abilene 28 Lubbock Abilene 39 Midlqnd Abilene 61 San Angelo Total 300 Tofgl Eagles Open Season with 28-13 Victory over Highland Park Halfback Jim Millerman returned a punt 59 yards for the first touchdown of the season. H. P. Hawkins kicked the extra point after every Eagle touchdown. Half- back Wendell Phillips carried the 42 yards over tackle for the next touchdown with Hawkins' kick making the score 14-0. The Scotties did not find the combination until a few minutes before the end of the first holf. A Harber to Vick pass ended the scoring in the first half. The third quarter was scoreless. Phillips took the ball over from the eight for the final Eagle tally of the game, with Hawkins kicking the extra point. The Eagles looked sharp in their first game, showing much promise for a suc- cessful season. Eagles Show Strength in 19-6 Win ever Breckenridge Abilene's fired-up Eagles called a halt 1 the 14-game winning streak of the 'eckenridge Buckaroos. The Warbirds amonstrated a vicious ground attack that etted 223 yards and an almost flawless efense holding the Buckies to 98 yards n the ground and 96 in the air. The first marker was scored two sec- nds before the end of the first half by 'uarterback Don Harber on a keeper play round right end. H. P. Hawkins kicked ue extra point. Breckenridge roared back to score early i the third period by way of Ford's pass- ug with Billy Dendy carrying it over. The ick was wide. Hal McGlothlin was the next Eagle to :ore, powering over from the one. Haw- ins' placement was blocked, making the :ore 13-6. Ronny McDearman sparked the ext assault with gains of 18 and 14 ards before Sophomore Henry Colwell :ok it over from the five. Hawkins' boot was blocked and the game ended 'I9-6. Eagles Crush Borger 60-0 The mighty Warbirds opened district ,lay in fine fashion with a score of 60-0 'ver the Borger Bulldogs. Wendell Phil- ips scored the first touchdown on a 52- 'ard run. The second was made by Ron- nie McDearman from the two, after runs if 54 and 10 yards set it up. Bobby Jack Jliver kicked the extra point on the sec- :nd TD. In the second quarter, McDearmon gal- oped 64 yards up the middle to score. Dliver converted. Jack Self made the iourth tally from the eight and Oliver's :ick was good. Jim Briggs roared across :rom the 13 for the next one to put the Eagles ahead 33-0 at the half. ln the third quarter Henry Colwell scored on an 8-yard pass from H. P. Haw- cins with Hawkins kicking the extra point. Hal McGlothlin ran the next two touch- :lawns over on power plays, with Hawkins booting both points. A pass from Haw- kins to Frank Etter ended the scoring. 182 ,B v it 1 Bill Perry 100 Vid! Center - 160 - 1 year End - 153 - 'l YSUV Excelled in pass defense - Wingman who specialized good linebacker. in P055 receiving- 75 Ray Fraser James Smith End - 175 - 1 year Tackle - 183 - 1 year Hard tackling defensive end. Had good spiritp liked it rough. 7 a . J an larry MCCNLW Frank Etter Back - 144 - 1 year End - 162 - 'I year Best tackler for his size Capable replacement G, on team. either end. 73 73 Bill Fuller Tackle - 181 - 1 year Rough tackle - good blocker and tackler V n KX 8 1 Twyman Ash End - 162 - 2 years 2nd Team All-District Steady, dependable - good defense against end runs. V. 51 1 Jim Nlillerman Back - 157 - 2 years 2nd Team All-District Fast, shifty, open field runner. A John Thomas Guard - 185 - 1 year 2nd Team All-District Selected best tackler on squad by teammates. az Bob Gay End - 163 -- 2 years 2nd Team All-District Greatly improved, our fastest end. ' H MSW 7' 3,1-E4 fp iii 'QZBTS' firing' - SI. ' -. ' ' ' " 1:-2 "Q' 5 i"f2?'ifiw . 'H " - 2 . 'rt'Wi:f4:r.f:'i-sm-ff , iii! ilu: 1 f A l l -1 7 i f 2 t -a 1 4. is--wi wid ws .. 1 ' .i.21-FH 5 - .,,.. - - 11,141 v,5gg,.:g g,g1lZ51j5.,1jgg2,.gi,gQ,54,3g r'l.,1.'t1,1:-f,,,,g mg Q .,Q?g1gi. ga. -gf t Q 'j-5, , . rfg zfl 7 . 1 . l..sl wi: gg:gr2g:.'irE,3,fi5s,ijrrg'r- A I , , gl Lf xl X Y " A-rz. er L H ,p WQQAX., ,I -ef-Q,-,fe 2 - sfr. . 1 I -1 1 '-I H. P. Hawkins Back - 135 - 1 year Smart, good ball handler. 74 Odessa Noses Out Eagles 19-14 The powerful Odessa Broncos eked out a 19-14 win over the Warbirds as Carl Schlemeyer, rated as the greatest school- boy passer in Texas' history, did a terrific iob of passing. Abilene's made the first Abilene touchdown with 2:25 left in the first quarter. Bobby Jack Oliver's kick was good. McDearman scored a few minutes later and again Oliver split the posts to give Abilene a deceiving 14-0 lead at halftime. The Broncs found themselves in the third quarter, though, as Johnny Crain scored. Schlemeyer's passes set up another tally also, as his pass to Bill Mason was good for six points. The lanky passer also kicked the extra point to put the score 14-13. Schlemeyer scored the next touch- down on a quarterback sneak to end the scoring in the hard-fought tilt. Harvesters Edge Abilene 7-6 On a muddy, cold field, the Pampa Harvesters slipped by the Eagles by a slight 7-6. The Eagles drew first blood in the second quarter, with Harber taking it over on a beautiful bootleg play, but a wet ball made extra point kicking a little difficult, and the kick was no good. Pampa's Ed Dudley caught a pass and scored, but the Harvesters had luck on their side, and Bob Wilhelm kicked the deciding point. Neither team could score in the third or fourth quarter and the score stood 7-6. Halfback Wendell Phillips was the lead- ing ground gainer for the Eagles and de- fensive standouts were Larry McCraw, John Thomas, Frank Liles, Bill Perry, Bob- by Jack Oliver, Henry Colwell, Mac Starnes, and Twyman Ash. Eagles Blast Sandies 32-7 After two successive losses, Abilene was not to be defeated as they turned their wrath on Amarillo. Wendell Phil- lips started off the scoring and Oliver's kick was wide. The Sandies then took the lead 7-6 to throw a scare into the Warbird fans. Hal McGlothlin roared over from the one to put the Eagles into the lead. Oliver's kick was good. End Bob Gay caught a pass from H. P. Haw- kins to score the third tally. Oliver miss- ed the try for point, and the Eagles led 19-7. Hawkins found Twyman Ash in the end zone for the next score, and the point was good. Jack Self scored the next marker and Frank Liles missed the point to put the score 32-7 as the game ended. Eagles Defeat Lubbock 28-0 Abilene's initial tally came from the shifty legs of Jim Millerman with Bobby Jack Oliver converting. After a decep- tive keeper play by H. P. Hawkins, big Hal McGlothlin took it over from the ten and Oliver's kick put us ahead '14-0, and the half ended in this manner. Don Rhoden, defensive' halfback, did a beautiful job of returning a punt 78 yards for a touchdown, only to have it called back because of clipping. On the next play, McGlothlin powered through the middle and ran the 78 yards for a touchdown. This time it was not called back, and the kick by Oliver was good. Sophomore back Henry Colwell carried the mail from the 16, and Oliver's fourth good kick put the score at 28-0, the first time since 1947 that Lubbock had been held scoreless, and the first time since 1950 that they had been -beaten on their home field. .f aa 1 .L 1 Ronny McDearman Back - 176 - 1 year 2nd Team All-District S p e e d y back, who led district in ground gained for most of season. Jim Tatum Guard - 158 - 1 year. Fast, rugged, should bolster next year's line. 0 I 27 '72 -lim 55995 Jack Crumpler BCClC -' - 1 YBCY. Hard Guqrd - - 'I yegrl d"lVl"19 -lU"1l0" l3C'Ck- Smart, quick, charging guard. Hollis Swafford Cullen Hunt End - 170 - 1 year. Came Guard - 189 - 1 year. A along well at end of season. bright prospect for '54. ' " ' , 'A N J' X 5' -'H . - -uf , :QR ' 1 7' . J X- X v-.-...,, 41 f K ' t ji ' I , 3 J 3 0 -ldtli Self Glen Woods Henry Colwell Back - 157 - 1 year Tackle - 196 - 1 year Back - 160 - 1 year Hard rUnI'16l'i shovld See Big husky Junior, will Shows promise to be much action next YGCY- help form next year's Eagle great. forward wall. Eagles Skin Bulldogs 39-13 Abilene's Ronny McDearman, the district's number two rusher, carried for the first touchdown two minutes and 45 seconds deep in the first quarter. Bobby Jack Oliver's kick was wide. Mc- Dearman carried for the second one also, and Oliver's kick put the score 13-O at the half. Jim Millerman ran the next one over from the nine, after Don Harber passed to Bob Gay to set it up. Oliver's kick was no good. Millerman set up the next tally with a 23-yard run, and then scored from one yard out. Oliver's boot was good, and the Eagles were in scoring position. Jack Self scored the next touchdown and H. P. Hawkins kicked the extra point. Henry Colwell ended Abilene's scoring with a smash from one yard out. Linemon Dick Orsini, John Thomas, Frank Liles, and Oliver were outstanding on de- fense. Eagles Wind up Season with a 61-0 Romp Over San Angelo The mighty Warbirds weren't to be denied as they scored almost at will against San Angelo in the season finale. Guard Dick Orsini started the ball rolling with the first touchdown. After he scooped up the punt, he blocked and ran all the way. Hal McGlothlin scored number two and Millerman scored number three. Sophomore Henry Colwell, who played a bang-up ball game, was the next Eagle to score on a 43-yard run, The third quarter found McGlothlin scoring again from the four yard line. Oliver's kick put the score 34-0. Colwell made another tally and Oliver another point. Ronny McDearman account- ed for the next touchdown and Hawkins kicked the point. Colwell took a pass from Hawkins and made his third score of the afternoon. Senior Half- back Larry McCraw got into the scoring column on a 33-yard statue of liberty play. The game ended with Abilene on the fat end of the 61-O count. can may Tex 1 Wendell Phillips gets some downfield blocking against Breckenridge. X L.. Jim Millerman roars across for Abilene touchdown Millerman returns a punt 59 yards against High- against Odessa. land Park for Abilene High's first touchdown of Sophs Sophs Sophs Sophs Sophs Sophs Sophs Sophs Total SOPHOMORE TEA M Ballinger Haskell Robert Lee Stamford Ballinger Winters Winters Haskell Opponents the year. SEASON RECORD B Team B Team 33 Snyder B Team 27 Merkel B Team 24 San Angelo B Team 31 Sweetwater B Team 31 Brownwood B Team 39 Goldthwaite B Team 14 Brownwood B Team 12 San Angelo B Team 66 Sweetwater Total 277 Opponents 1953-1954 Reserve Lettermen are: Kenneth Huff man, Joe Taylor, David Bourland, Robert Bob Hubbard, David Steinman, Charles Hilburn and A Team managers Don Smothers and Jack Rudd Nicky Palmer. x 5. I ,O A , 1 .W , H 6 . ' Lk K' , c l I .Q - if I 7 l d K Tl, A Q- 4 i T - -1 l 4' B ' .. " K V' 1, A 7 S 7 7 , J gi 4. 1 ,S Y ' ' ,!" Q wg' 6 "Mil ,I-'it .. L. . . -r.. -r ff - -J wx: A X 0 A c f ,JE S .9 QI' - in f f , 1 N f 7 L 16' Umm Row 'l: W. G. Black, Jim Pierce, Sam Caudle, Elvin Rogers, Jim Busby, Max Overman, Frank Scarborough, Glen Belew. Row 2: Don Bridges-manager, Homer Rosenbaum, Charles Milsap, Walter Campbell, Weldon Moore, Gerald Corder, Pat Bland, Teddy Jack Key, Vance Mcliaddin, Hollis Swafford, Roy Reed-manager. Row 3: Coach Wally Bullington, Bill Teague, Ronny Ceare , . .U57i'd!UT1, David Howle, Bob Armstrong, Phil Bailey, Leonard McCollum, Coach C. D. Grissom, B. L. Blackburn. Row 4: Mack Hailey, Freddie Green, Jerry Henderson, John Barfoot, Danny Owen, Gerald Haygood, Benton McClure, Bill David Kennedy, Joe Taylor. Saphamm' Cram 7 " J A- . fr'-wf: cj. we-1" - ' , - fn:-ff.: . ,L ." 1: fb-i - ii-.cr 1-:Z--'-If Row T: Gerald Lewis-manager, Herschel McCoy, Don Nichols, Bill Dunn, Jerry Gribble, H. E. Dunlap, Bob Nelson, Bob Young- blood, Franklin Yancy, Dean Chapman, Marcus Hicks-manager. Row 2: Jim Tyler, Jack Cunningham, Freddy Ewing, Joe Sparks, Ted Coleman, Bob Abbott, Steve Mclntire, Richard Asher, Lloyd Rosenbaum, Coach Shorty Lawson. Row 3: Coach Nat Gleaton, James Welch, Lloyd Head, James Mason, Tommy Scott, Ellis Barrera, Alan Sides, David Wooten, Bobby Campbell, Leo Jennings, Wayne Carpenter, Jerry Carter, Johnny Crow. 79 V-1 ,,-ry. T, .. U . - Wifffff ' Wihtcrkalures juuiais J WiHfi'f 5WffS - 1670556616411 '1f5'0fffff Orgzwizzziivns -. ' - V. ' , " . . ,-q . N 1 " - Nga- " K, n . . 4 -' , . ,-ji--1-T--wry g-V 7.3lv..6WTf -,fn-v-fn,-.. . -X 4 L -, . ,. l f : lzaskcgluzll' golden gloves ,vartzes ' .V 1. A,- v . ' xx. I ', X um- f'U4':,,. . . g , , .nu -, fun, '54 W 5,3 ...,. , ns - V. . -1 356' g ' ' . - '-R, 'VI' M, r15'.-. '-, " .Q-LMA' "bi -His 4' '5'. -5, -h L"-4 -2' '- - ,. 2 - ' 'f - ' ,- - N' 1 ' "Qwf"'- 1 . 4 :f.:'.f-1. N.--aa-.-'v f. mf: nz' N -L gf,-' 'sf -- 2 . ,J-5 ., W ' Y , . f .5 .V P. , '4' fr' ' ' '- . ..'-BugL434A3,.,g .... ,wg-J..A-.,L:'.QY,s-J-':,M112 J' I ' -'4' - -"' 'M - ' 5" ' V 1 W,!! A., 4,,.l T N 5 , I visi H: Agn - cEEZ32L?s . ummm. HAY ,QP 'YP' Q ' smuncn noon- 4 . 'X QQSFN ' Y q i W PQV, S 1 . . - Q, X UM , E Y 5 g 1, N V530 hi' 2 Qi , g - L- 1 ling: .. 5' PW N34 4, . 55, Mg ,Q , 55,4 . 3 N., , lr. Q 'W v li, 1 , . g 'sf EA . ' E !v - N. if fm K l v-17 .,' 4 g K N2-G " lik A A . . I f"f R F ,PM 5 fi if Qt 4-uni? cfm 4 3 . 45,1 qua 37,1 , ?t' fi 2 .1 . Ag . . .Q iff.. If lt! 'wa M4 fm B J, A -E, 1 A ps v his Y rf lit' X I mm january w,V'lT Eagle Cagers are in a last minute huddle. The arf department prepares for an exhibit. A new year ushers ID new packets' lt really IS snow Kuds' Comrade Duke punlshes Neophyte Dennis but what us Frank Hull dosng'? Palmer fi QKE4 J t is kbruury New faces make our talent shows a success. The A Cappella gleefully leaves on their annual tour. Valentine Post Office brings romance to a slide rule class. "What sayst thou, Sir Montmorency?" These band and orchestra members worked hard for All-State Meeting held in Dallas. 9 gl ll t' 2. . J ,lv .qif'V"" ' " Q-MDM y -G GIG I .--..,...,-mf'-ev Q, V 5 s ,ff 1 ,fl ' ,ln V ,- k ze , A E J ' V -4-NR . Aff, .4 7 H, 1 ' af, , w 5 .A W-, ,.. ., , N ,W .... M, -'N-.,,, Q W N"""""'+-. Q-v.. "Y--s-M.,,,s -.-...,,,,,i'st.J i I ! . " . N . .-6. 5 'x ' ' myth tfgrfii t .J Q-' ' 4 x .Ks 3 ' '3 A ., :gf ,,m..11K,, U f. fur Y,-mi, sh,- NF ce iunivrs Kay Barnes Patsye Barrnngton Jean Bass Judy Bass Ball Bassett: Donald Beall Glen Belew Bnllue Beth Bell LeRoy Bell 'S 3 os. as. J 001 Od ooro 41 of ,br CCC,-'V so 'The 9 X 4 ow 'oo e, O Stanly Bannon Pat Bnrdsong Max Blackburn Rose Lee Blackburn Kay Berry Pat Bnggers Betty Bnllungs Clara Ann Bennett Pat Bennett '-wi fanfare N - f .Lf . ff if: juniors 3 Q7 , H f re Ai wi 90' Kathleen Briggs Sarie Brogan .1 Bobbie Brown Danny Brown is V ,sr M X n. pb .' , ' ' .' , .'.',4 lf' 'i Jan Boyd Norma Jo Braddock Don Bridges 1? Pat Bland Pat Bogar Nellie Bonine Jamie Bottoms Melba Brown Jerry Bryan David Bryant O40 Q6 2 Q0 Oixeixfmrls Q3 ow QGQO for Q wee' Philip Burkett Don Burks Sandra Burt J. D. Butler e c:,YNXil06 is goo 051 .051 , 110 40 QV-XC005 Od 0 ce 5o'l , rel ' Koi CXO X60 44 ' lil Jimmy Butler Marilyn Button Ann Bynum Kay Carmack O Q S6 0171. of s 'ff' J 0,5761 '70 0 S C 0 Of f JO, 6017 '01 'dey 66 fre" o"e s 60 40,8 s fl Aleto Cleckler Hazel Coffey Don Colby Jimmy Cole if Jan Carter Rita Carter Sue Case Ronny Cearley ! 5 lik 4' as. l E.. 5 T i 3 ,funiars kv A 1111! 3 i in Q C Qmgrfp. 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V 4 Qi f I' Im xl Aff 49 ll U if f ,Q Helen Flannagan wr- E E Fi , ,,,,,, Mar Sue Flowers Y Lynne Ford l F an .1- " "IWC . T. , f 45 . . i ,i A N . V I V9'x F I , T5 F v my s X r s ,f F F z Begg. - ff' ' Ttilse , -,,Y,-. ii Eel V i QI' Yr L if as iv- 1 juniors A 1 b 4 ,,. i' x - ir. I , , ,QTA 'C SIN ,Z N. 'G ,.v ' -X. ' .r-M 94 " 1 wx ln file' ar .,- X I 7 4' J 1 Sue Gooch Sharon Goodrich Donna Graham Bill Graves if 464' 4 Q ,ws rrrr,, l 1 Bob Gay Clinton Gayle Cyrus Gibson Betiy Green Jerry Gribble Jerry Griffin Ms Leonard Franklin Kenneth Fraser Derry Fulks Theresa Gotlin - 'W yo , 9 Oxovoieel o Oo wow 55' 909 0 5 A0 Qkesl l ofxeoelkoto .Lax v Q0 ,Ho o 9 Oo -65 K sho Royce Griffin C D Grissom Evelyn Guitar Authur Gulley rg ' . . . - K l . , g I A xx " Y 1 ffl JU, A '- ' .im ,rl 'Nr 2 l 'i A.. .. ' . E' i. ' K 1 2. gag 1 X lv 4 xl' Ula Barbara Haddox Ross Hole Lynn Hall Robert Hall Wlfsilf . 5 -3 ff- iq six? av- ,, ... .fi 1 'i ,f Q' I W Wayne Hall Richard Hamrick Carol Harlow S 'ogdow 5 1- 1:96, 'see M 01 Bob Hawkins H. P. Hawkins Gerald Haygood Sue Head Barbara Hart Glen Harvey -P ' l diss FE 'ii' I wcf'1 B f'X l Audry Harrell Mary Ann Harris Dan Harrison Elouise Harrison Q 'ii' I .pf oi 'F sg 5 , 164, I juniors Harriett Ha rvey x is , X xg rw l lk :Sf R . xx lin 12,985 'R " 14413 A , P 'Y 1 qv-v "N 1 f 1 mi-wrspq" -:vw--1 -wwf?-553, 'Q' I . if t""' J' i lgx t t .Q .- Earnest Hodges Jane Holland Carl Hennesay Vaughan Herron Duane Hill Biniamin Hines Betty Jo Hines John Hobbs Sandra Hockersmith ,J-t juniars ,Ji In , - ,' Tom Hollingshead A qt V f Mary Holly . ' ln' ' 1 ' l Q 1 y gy , 'ct' V W ik, s, 1.1 X 'L F i - lf 'M in any i, .GQ WX Oyj: Q eil 6 xdx Y-06 X066 xp P5 60 ok 44 to Ogfi QSM l Gay Holmes Carroll Hopkins Milton Houston eel X David Howle Theda Howze Bob Hubbard Janis Hubbard 0 co 'K X095 as X c XOV- XX Sharon Hudgens Cullen Hunt Jimmy Hutto Carla lmes iflflw i -MQ Barbara Inman r 'V l 'sl ' 5. I Carolyn lsbell a Qzsnl Anna Mae Jackson 'F'- 1 Y X l I l n , x J . - pw 1. f f " ' ll u ,iff fl on JS: , ir fff . ' ,H ' Glendici Jackson iv 1' U - tt' i' Gloria Jackson ' v l 4 a 4' 4113 4' " ,4,. 80 N' '-ffor X637 Glenn T. Jackson "' NJ, 7 429,017 Glynn E. Jackson 7' I' yi. se, ,7'e,e'77s S-Yff o li A 09 ,O 66, fl rfb. 0,0 s fl-,' 91-0 '79 on . . 1' 4 Jannice Jarrett ,Q nb V v Mike Jenkins f J A Vera Mae Jenkins ,D J Margaret Jennings Arnold Jewell Harrell Jewell Marion Johnson P A ,' L J A 6 1 K 13' K gf . L X. X .P Sw? ,sq fe, juniors 1 'nv y fi.- 6 7 t Mary Nell Johnson Patsy Johnson Wanda Johnson Delores Jones Eldridge Kelley Dan Kenley Jane Key Mary Kay Kimbley .A Monty Jones Theiss Jones Betty Jo Jordon Delores Kussnnger Oluvua Knowles Barbara Laln X 4,09 . X ok P-9 o xo Bald 05 OXQ' 't Q weogloox xiccrool ' 0 bi O. allot O9 Q . 'Dow roll 06 Jfeoat- 0 -be Carroll Lane Martha Lane Carolyn Lankford Gwen Lareau V James Leddy Doyle Lemond Johnny Lenker Joyce Lindly Don Linley Loice Little Sondra Lockhart 1 N , 4 l if tw, . . Betty Lomax -kv, ' Adis Long S NIL 1 of ' ' x , I .. W V fb 1? A I r WMX! x lm ,t W w l tl w ,M 'NN wt' at ttyl tml All lm wt Xml Ml tl t l ill W l. J' Oo 6 0,6 , . you: 7,' , C66 'rf 'l' '1- oyeoia Donald McClure Laura McCormick Patsy McDaniel Ronny McDearmon Roy Long Gaye Longacre Don Lusby Clayrene Long Julian Long L iv 5 I fi jurzirfrs ft' A ,ye K Q Q Jimmy MicDermett ,Mt f J' E A James McEachern ,,.- , " ,A ' iv 'fl' Judy McGowen 1' ' PX i Dian McHan ,ggi J f J f m J J. J I J . Ziff 1 Q n J - -. U f I EW tx PV' jo 'R ss 'b bf Q: I f H J :rg Linda Ma han Jack Manley Robert Mclean Stanley McMurry Dixie McPherson :few wb, X Steve Marshall 09. 5656 Q 'q7,, he Doris Martin Qofgiigx? - e , IVV' I ,A AJ u CVLX xx li? SO vom: NGK K. 66- iozb OK 50 X the do 6 QOK OQXXOSOYQO1' , 5 J 456666 1 ' iii u J Dorothy Martin V J J of Maralyn Martin , f J ,wk Jf' in Dorothy Mathews , rf ,f J J y ' E X Y 'rx Bernice Maxwell Don Mayfield Barbara Mazy Shirley Mazy Deanna Miller Marilyn Miller Jim Millerman Charles Millsap Patsy Mitchell Arthur Moore Charlie Moore av- . A 61515. l X X 4, ez' X '- r mi l it ,V X 'C Dona Mae Moore o,., 7 J, IQ A0716 lv-S' s 6 8 ol? 0 Off 9 D07 007 efs O17 'll O ' 0,, 410, for O'C9Q,. of 17- Sl' Off so Je Go" 0 00. fo S 'O ,EN 000, . Oro! Marjorie Nelson Olene NeSmith Roland Nevans Marjorie Nix I if J J Bob Mosshart Fred Muenzler Janis Moore atalee Morris Marlene Morrison - we a ? :Ti 2 , 1. X ll. Asif y l K A . We iq v Q Ronny Mulhern Xu fm' l 'lui Y I f 1 in A -tv JJ 5' - r E C J l Q- fl Q ww' l 1 , 3 , I juuivrs ag- I, ik-:lx 4 6 Jane Perry vb James North Betty Nuckols Nadine Odom Donna Oldham Q, 1 oetTO'lo0oPPl RO Q: K Q9 X wif fi I qzx BXWXZ Ooxl X900 6+ Befsy Polk Kim Polk Tommy Pope Laura Powell Ofzxc Lucinda Prather Lynn Presswood Walt Prewitt Alton Pribble Qr J' fe Jo OO' fl' foreffy 0 60o,q.Zd .1 91' 0 . lf,Q7o7'S 8 9. 01,007 S QS, Charles Row Steve Row Billy Jack Rudd Loyle Ann Russell Q g 113. 4 P l Reva Pritchett Richard Puckett Carol Pumphrey Jeraldine Rogers Donnie Rosignol Barbara Ross fin i a James Rathmell Edna Read Truitt Renfro Barbara Richards I if qp-r' ,a fr s- E' ps 'emi I if . get if ff ! i juniors fc . W 'ml 48 lQ QQ. liver' A . X I Y . . W H un. , ' 3 ' l ll xl! f -5-fi juniors iqvu Billy Sanders Virginia Scarborough George Scheirton . , up i Frank Scarborough f.. rg , E X ' Pat Seabourn Jimma Jo Searcy Reford Schmittou Amy Schnoover Joyce Seabolt S S950 If Jack Self es. H lin? 'f' Wanda Sewell 00.0 ,' v ,, V- 0 '::. s VV OZMOXO 06 o"' . 94 . r', We -xg , obfgoxov .ofa tbl ,ol go 'lm-ofos' XXNAXX 50,4 , ...vi L' , ' A 1 hmll Tommy Seymore Loretia Shaw Laurence Siewert Norma Sinclair Norma Slaton James D. Smith Lu Ann Smith Patsy Smith Billy Snow Joe Sparks Jean Spurlin QT""?" 0 A Harlean Steele I David Steinman Gretchen Stephens J 'E all c 4 5 J l ff QV y i I 0 60 oss '71 f,y eh 5 Of 1 of 91- Pat Stephenson Mike Stevens Joy Stewart Cyrena Stow Jimmy Stracener Larry Street 4' Robert Strickland 7 'Y fuuzars Joyce Summers Linda Sutton Hollis Swafford Glenda Swann gf. N., Xi! . ,f ., 1,- 41 'T v W , fn- 'lf 4 'nf juniors rf: 1 1 if- ,v , S T A " I Bill Thomas 32" Mary Ann Tatum Deborah Thomas Bristol Thomas Rose Swiedom Jean Swilling Jerry Tate Jim Tatum Y Sandra Thompson Margaret Tipton Elsie Todd V .T ,,f 1, in 3 Mark Touchstone Leo Townsend Betty Jo Trice X905 ,560 Yhoofo' ova P-'xl' YXOXN ,xo Q06 5096 boftsl qevl Shirley Trotter Mary Tutt Annette Vaughn Patsy Vaughn xoov' C ZQ240 , 6601, 004, Nelda Vestal Virgil Wade Dorothy Wagner Marye Wagoner 'M X ' -r ig KNUX. 'F"'l', 'Q I Bobby Wakefield Dorothy Walker Bill Wall all ' E? - . N : Q 1 fs: , . V 0 E 1 ,V - - 5x 4 i f 'KA 1 K. X f J? V I 'qv L X 2 f X H ml! Janet Walter N- N.. W! Evelyn Warner Don Waters Dixie Watson juuivrs oo 9 of 9'5r cole db! 6.00, lV1j6o'7S C0116 0 S '7 'Yu by '74 eb D opcofs. '7 Mona Watson Doyle Watts David Webster Charlotte Welch Thomas J. Welch Sammie West X in i f N, as ,qi y 1' A t' I K - V1 M - i , ' E Q ' . ' 'D D QQ' N I . t'--r We L I ,,. Nt' , ER 5 mf 2 ' QM! 1' .Qs-. 4 1 .i we . Zi. may-7:1 '1 G l E ws X27 ff N Qs SIL' -fxwx -1 f 1 I iw juuiars l I 'Q' 1 X HF ef", 'YY ,, xv - 1 1 K1 . 31 3 all , vig. A4 H, Max Winters Leah Wood Glenn Woods Gayle Wright f-45 u,.' E. B. Westmoreland ' Phil Widmer Bobby Williams H ID Flossie Williams Gloria Williams lleen Willingham ood? x0 ' W Roloefy 69 xelo oo" loofx' Ps Xegso X940 SNK .. 'rl Glenda Wright X fr Gayle Wyatt i .' Frankie Wylie R M ", ff 5 4 Jim Y brough Joanne Yarbrough LaVaughn Young I Teddie .lack Key 5 15- V 5 F. 9- ,. 5. . I y ot rho Aufvgraphs N Rigtv o all 545 1 RcSf.voQcL1 Llwiw' ' I 1 1 O iw ' . G .Q l gi 9 l xr X ,H ,ug ,fri ,,,LfgHA, 4 '?",.Q:5!L,f"' A-'ia 1' my hulk , . . Wg I 'H Q 11 Qin , 5 Nr A ng. ' , ww, ,, "' """ , M l . f 3 it 'B x fx U57 ' x . , W X, N 'I N I 109 Basketball The 1953-54 Eagle Basketball Team Row 1: Ronny Mulhern, Joe Vick, Billy Jack Rudd - Manager, Don Colby, Bill Perry. Barnett, Charles Row, Dan Boyd, Twyman Ash, Leslie Strange, Coach Nat Gleaton. SEASON RECORDS November Junvdry 5 Abilene December 8 Abilene 11 Abilene 12 Abilene 12 Abilene 15 Abilene 17 Abilene 18 Abilene 19 Abilene 19 Abilene 21 Abilene 22 Abilene 28 Abilene 28 Abilene 29 Abilene Arlington Heights 35 Arlington Heights 33 Childress 40 San Angelo 51 Poly lFt. Worthl 46 Mineral Wells 42 Big Spring 37 Brownwood 35 San Angelo 6 Plainview 45 Paschal fFt. Worthl 55 Paschal CFL Worthj 63 Millsap 34 Brady 20 Plainview 68 2 Abilene 8 Abilene 9 Abilene 15 Abilene 16 Abilene 22 Abilene 23 Abilene 26 Abilene 29 Abilene 30 Abilene February 5 Abilene 6 Abilene 9 Abilene 12 Abilene 13 Abilene Row 2: Bruce Boyd, Carlton Winkles, George Snyder Odessa Midland Borger Pampa Lubbock Amarillo San Angelo Pampa Borger Amarillo Lubbock San Angelo Odessa Midland Dan Boyd Joe Vick Charles Row Center forward guard Bill Perry forward Although the Eagles had a new coach, no returning lettermen, and very little experience, they did rather well this year. They won l5 of their 30 games, ll of lo non-conference games, and 4 of ld conference tilts. Seven of the eleven lettermen will be back next year, with Joe Vick, Dan Boyd, Charles Row, and Bill Perry lost by graduation. Next year's prospects are Qood. Twyman Ash Ronny Mulhern CUYITOYI Wif1kl9S forward guard f0I'WCll'd Tfil Q .X K . itll 1. u l5f Don Colby guard f,,.........- - W A rx.. Leslie Strange George Barnett Bruce Boyd Billy Jack Rudd center forward guard manager M., j ,Q 11-3 Eagles Boyd, Ash, Mulhern and Vick await rebound from Row's shot. Twyman Ash trys a hard one from the side. 112 me . I r. . PZ-rl Vick, Perry, Colby, and Row work the ball in closer to the basket. B TEAM Row 1: Ronnie Bankhead, Max Overman, Jim Pierce, David Bourland, Henry Colwell. Row 2: James Welch, Phil Widmer, Roy Long, Mike Lockerd, Hollis Swafford, Gene Colvin, Manager Gerald Lewis. 1953-54 SEASON SCORING Rebounds Player Offensive Defensive Fouls Ronny Mulhern . . . 19 64 67 Dan Boyd .... . .123 122 87 Twyman Ash ........ .. 78 104 72 Joe Vick .............. . . . 47 79 67 Charles Row C18 gamesl .. 49 32 52 George Barnett ........ . . . 28 20 13 Leslie Strange . . . . . 16 26 27 Carlton Wrinkles . . .. 20 19 30 Don Colby .... . 6 18 37 Bruce Boyd . 7 8 6 Bill Perry ........ . 9 15 14 David Bourland . . . . 1 4 1 Abilene totals: ...... , .403 508 513 Opponents' totals: ............. 364 492 Field Goals 99 101 101 96 49 26 24 19 9 11 5 5 522 446 Free Throws Tried Made 178 103 159 92 81 47 71 44 108 69 59 24 28 11 31 12 41 19 15 5 11 5 4 2 780 416 683 385 Total Points 301 294 249 236 173 76 59 40 37 27 15 12 1518 1489 The emphasis on team play is evident in the narrow point spread of the top five scorers. got off to a late start because of a broken hand at the beginning of the season. The Eagles outdid their opponents in every way, though only winning 15 of their 30 games. Highest individual total in one game was 26 points by Ronny Mulhern against Lubbock. Next was Dan Boyd with 22 against Plainview. 113 Charles Row Ealing Boxing participants: Joe Buckley - Middleweight, Dan Harrison - Bantamweight, Jim Yarbrough - Runner-up for Lightheavyweight Division, Lynn Emerson - Batamweight, Benton McClure - Runner-up for Heavyweight Division, Jim Bowen - Runner-up for Featherweight Division, Don Beoll, Winner of Lightweight Division. fb 'i Kenneth Fraser catches o right to the face in the annual Golden Gloves. kr . t 51 5 Don Beall - Winner of Lightweight 5 4 Division of Golden Gloves. 114 n. .J 1 . fi xers left to right are: Bill Mathews, Jimmy K, John Arispe, Kenneth Frazier, David Ram- ', Melvin Rogers, Bill lvey, John Adams. Not tured: Don Thurman, George Latimer, Jack lnley, Manager Don Smothers. , H . W , 9 Row 1: David Ramsey goes after Has- kell's Jerry Mullins. Jim Bowen misses a right to the head of Hamlin's Ray Williams. Row 2: George Latimer and Rotan's Don Posey trade lefts. Bill Mathews is looking for an opening. Row 3: Abilene's Don Beall and Ken- neth Frazier are slugging it out. ., Jim Yarborough connects with a right to the jaw. 115 1, -...ax 9 v 'I I T, Sh Nmfmtmmw I r Qi' X I K' I I I V fu ' l 1 4 3' I . , ' rp-J f ' I Q I L 1 V 1,4 J 1 I ' " X s 5 ,- ' 1 541 1 l Us X J x' p 1 lx x. V' I 1 I ' 117 glzzslzlzylzf Edif0I' Art Editor Mary Jo Medley Claudette Isbell Business Managers Photographers ., S, il . E ' , T Preston Little, Rqy Williams Virginia Echols, Jerry Anstead 'Ha Club Editors Lay-Out Editor Reva Pritchett, Dorothy Staggers 118 Jeanne Perry Staff of 1954 1 ll Y.. ,. l 'X- l 5 fi . s i' v. . li, 3 fi l LW i f Y or .,. 5' ' ' N , . 1 ' in 1 A ' .. ' Q 1 X A Q v ,,,, ? 7 I ik if - A 7 ,gif , Q. X I 1 .. . ,..-. ,. ' 'E TAQ A T .. K , ' if vw -' .1 5 Y if izigi , -K at , K ,.,: SQKAFMIWM K V .. 9 ,3,.f ., hX -, 'K Miss Mildred Stokes, Mr. Carlos Bradford Sophomore Editors Sponsors Nan Rich, Sandra Willis Senior Editors Faculiy Editors Eugenia Burson, ' ff-' x .. . ....i A , , Sue Spikes Kay Berry, Joanne Yarbrough xi 'V " .. A i 'Mx -if in ,.. . mu .. Junior Editors Sports Edifor Janet Walter, Maralyn Martin 119 Jim Bowen -J' i XJ ,xv I in ff' Nzzfirfmzl ffrfmfr Srfciely R C, my 'iff 5 li asa? 202 5'? i. sg l if S 5 5: 1 L li Q it Row 'l: Mary Ellen Duke, Janice Jennings, Diana McCharen, Jerry Stringer, Carla Sue Ferguson, Carolyn Blain. Row 2: Claudette Isbell, Barbara Soiourner, Mary Jo Medley, Carol Crownover, Yvonne Mitchell, Sue Spikes, Frankie Welch, Row 3: Jim Bowen, Linda Parish, Eileen Kincaid, Jane Davis, Ruby Billington, Elinorc'Cuttingf-Billie Rae Rogers, Carol Nance, Miss Odell Johnson. Row 4: Vic Baldridge, Dilworth Sellers, Bob Crawford, Robert Osborn, Don Drennan, Skipper Skaggs, Don Boyd, A, D, Allen, Stanley Wiggins. This year the National Honor Society held two inductions, sponsored the Valentine Post Office, cleaned the trophy cases, gave a reception for the seniors, Glfxd performed services for the school and community. ' 1 , , Row I: Karen Tidwell, Betsy Polk, Norma Braddock, Suzanne Pearce, Ann Bynum,1l.inda Sutton, Gerry McElyea. Row 2: Mar- garet Dodge, BWR Virginia Echols, Maryleen Showalter, JoAnn Little, Shirley Moore, Betty Carroll, Glenda Wright, Jon! Perry. Row 3: ncymcker, Sandra Dickenson, Jean Lawless, David Webster, Dick Kincaid, Cyrend Stowe, Jeanne Perry, Bar- bara Haddox. Row 4: Don Burks, Phil Widmer, Theiss Jones, Julian Long, John Howard, Jim Millerman, Jack Crumpler, Jimmy Fitzgerald. 120 tbl' ,nuff .Av -rl' l',u,s .yu-4 '11 ,Nafivmzl ffwwr Srfcicfy ,. 'GP as are I v Officers are Dilworth Sellers, Bob Crawford, Mary VPO messengers serenade Mrs. Bishop's class. Jo Medley, Jane Davis, and Carla Sue Ferguson. National Honor Society members prepare pretty Sue Spikes tries to aid Arabella Toney in deciding packages of candy for special delivery for Valen- what to send. tine. VPO candy is all ready for delivery. Now here is a distinguished looking group of sing- ers and candy eaters. 121 Student Eauncil . ! , 5,2 Row l: Ronnie Ghirley, W. G. Black, Charlene Lenker, Janice Jennings, Carls Sue Ferguson, Johnnie Dillard, Suzanne Pierce, Glenn Belew. Row 2: Carol Crownover, Claudi McReynolds, Barbara Soiourner, Mary Jane Clarkson, Sue Spikes, Jane Perry, Cyrena Storw, Janet Walter, Natalee Morris, Gayle Wright. Row 3: Lynn Davidson, Bob Crawford, A. D. Allen, Skipper Skaggs, Buzzy Sellers, Don Drennan, Robert Osburn, H. P. Hawkins, Mrs. Parker. The Student Council has been very active since the first day of school. The Coke party for the sophomores, the Thanksgiving program, the Christmas tree in the hall, the student directories and ' " 'l ' ts. Besides these proiects, the Homecoming activities were some of the many Student Counci prolec some of the members have been on exchange programs and have attended Student Council meet- ings in this area. Q 1- X I 'Q r ,lt tt ,M eg Q. ' as X 3- - Q-gg .J . .4-5g.p-4F'1 Bl k Doroth Wagner Weynoka Briscoe Ruth Ann Polk, Mary Row I: Donna Oldham, Gretchen Cordell, Olivia Knowles, Janie ac , y , , Ellen Duke, Eugenia Burson. Row 2: Ann Mullins, Jimmy Tyler, Patty Muston, Ruby Billington, Steve Marshall, Laurence Sie- wart, Bobby Williams, Theiss Jones, Delores Wilburn, Mr. Edwards. Row 3: Robert Leman, Butch Gray, Jimmy Butler, Leo Jen- Owen, Allen Sides, Jane Key. nings, David Bourland, Sam Coddles, Bob Hubbard, Danny 122 fudcnf Hound! Row 1: Betty Holmes, Linda Sutton, Jackie Duncan, Gwen Larue, Dorothy Walker, Kay Hendley. Row 2: Laura McCormick, Mary Sue Flowers, Linda Parish, Clarice Smith, Barbara Haddox, Pat Seaborne. Row 3: Don Coonrode, Bill Perry, Jimmy Briggs, DaVid Webster, John Barfoot, Don Burks. Twirp Sweetheart Bill Perry is escorted by Barbara Soiourner and Clarice Smith. 1 Student Council officers are: Steve Marshall, Vice-President fre- placing H. P. Hawkinsjg Barbara Soiourner, Treasurer, .Lanice Jennings, Corresponding Secretary, Patty Muston, Recording Sec- retary, and Don Drennan, President. I Kplffgfy Editorial stuff 'vw' K . j llfk I Wi.. Row 'l: Dorothy Staggers, Jerry Stringer, Pat Rhoads, Yvonne Mitchell, Barbara Gillis, Darlene Mathis. Row 2: Jo Anne Greene, Christine Brown, Jean Dean, Jackie Gable, Barbara Thompson, Carol Howk, Martha Walder, Jane Stringer. Row 3: Jo Ann Miller, Barbara Pruett, grace Morrow! Betty Billings, Ann Shultz, Sandra Weldon, Debby Thomas, Clalrfe Smiut. Raw 4: Jan Carter, Jean Wallace, Bobby Spence, Robert Cate, John Hobbs, Dennis Palmer, Ronnie Myatt, Bill Bassetti, Mr. Kirkham. Battery editorial members wrote the inspiring editorials, drew the amusing cartoonsfsqofed the latest fashiori h,ighlig!ats,lana rg rded the news xof lthe 'school' shot e read! elilery twd weelis ingxllxev-BAXTBRY. gl ' ' - l -, x 4 - X x X W ' L o ' 3- 'l V' Qi: t saw' L1 I N X A ,X l J J L X W V l D Xl A W xx N Y s , xa N- R X l X- F N A X I Planning pages for the next editon of the Battery are page - Q . ,Jr 'X ' editors John Hobbs, Clarice Smith, Barbara Gillis and Yvonne , J . ' N X l - Mitchell. - X 4 X XX I' 1' N, 1 3 ' '. x -X I i 'U V 4' s i - l. I v Fx I , " sl F X., xxx! X J Y? l t 1 .' , - xx' Q , 5 l N 5 x . , , , 124 x J ' Kgffg Business Staff 7 ,li .L I, fl' sl- lit it fl Row 1: Norma Osborne, Mary Kay Kimberly, Jane Crow Darby, Jo Ann Huckaby. Row 2: Ruth Ann Polk, Gretchen Girdner, Betty Witherspoon, Gail Blount, Judy Matejowsky, Ann Hills. Row 3: Barbara Pruett, Sherry Smith, Sherry Miller, Sandra Dickinson, Patsy Barker, Dorothy Walker, Joyce Downs, Mr. Kennamer. Learning practical business pro- cedures, balancing the budget of the AHS school paper, and hand- 'S , ling advertising campaigns are ll among the duties of the business ' staff of the Battery. These are the members of the Quill and Scroll. They are Bar- bara Gillis, Dan Connell, Ronnie Myatt, and Yvonne Mitchell. Another member, Jane Crow Darby, was absent when the picture was made. ' 125 ,Miss Wm! Page and RUNNERS-UP rf ii. C2 HLQJ .V R if R '55 xr 'ir x fg '!1z'1 a. W ' Miss Front Page Paity Muston Runners-Up Runners-Up Grace Morrow Norma Osborne Clarice Smith E Jean Lawless r 1,4 N9 "Ms, r A fa-1575.33 Patty Muston IX 1 N L a 611115 Q Row 1: Gerry McElyea, Kathryn Bean. Row 2: Shirley Maynard, Faye Beights, Julia Banta, Norma Harris, Mary Powell, Creta Case, Yvonne Willis, Anita King, Wanda Tucker, Connie James. Row 3: Frances Sewell, Peggy Foster, Clara Waltholl, Joyce May- field, Patsy Bradshaw, Emily Bowlin, Betty Holmes, Doris Tucker, Darlene Stracener. Row 4: Gay Burrow,'Pat Claxton, Shirley Moore, Yvonne Mitchell, Betty Ross, Betty Wright Files, Linda Parish, LaVerne Seider, Shirley Nuckols, Betty Mayfield, Betty Jor- dan, Delois Ellison. H The G an G is an organization of senior girls. They have helped the sophomore girls become acquainted with Abilene High. The big event of the year was the Christmas party where the sopho- more girls met their senior sisters. Jean Lawless Vice-President . Barbara Solourner , 0' Reporter - Ek ' 1 K " fb , n . s T s s me , l . qi li' "Ya l V l' . Q""'r, X I . i ,, V ,fi , . Q l i C' 5 T ' 5 ' S t N fl! . lt B I A if Norma Osborn President Carol Crownover Melba Coker Secretary Treasurer N 127 Gnu 5-to 1 l .9 Row 1: Charlene Lenker, Carol Shaw, Carolyn Beckham, Nancy Henson, Carla Sue Ferguson, Diana McCharen, Mary Ellen Duke. Row 2: Kay Culler, Janice Jennings, Arabella Toney, Pat Tracey, Rosemary Flanagan, Barbara Gillis, Jackie Goble. Row 3: Sue Spikes, Mary Jo Petty, Martha Fain,,1 Grace Morrow, Mary Jo Medley, Melba Coker, Joyce Gossett, Anita Spurgin King, Delores Nash. R 4: R ' ' ' ' ' ' ow eglna jock, Carol Crownover, Barbara Sogourner, Laqulta Fields, Eileen Kincaid, Christine Brown, Carol Hooper, Carol Nance. Row 'l: Ann Lewis, Mildred Flippen, Jerry Stringer, Marion Davi Coerine shburn, Betty James, Darlene Mathis. Row 2: Bar- bara Golleher, Pat Chaney, Jo Ann Little, Pat Roberts, Jerri Hills, P ayter Row 3: Carol Ann Leon, Frankie Welch, Connie James, Laverne Click, Bennie Houston, Jean Lawless, Billie Rae Ro rs, Clau ia McReynolds. Row 4: Pat Tallent, Jan Osburn, Betty Christian, Jean Wallace, Carolyn Goss, Kay Scott, Laura Lee Young, Shirley Williams. 128 511145 - r' 1 ' it l 1 ' W XX , , 1 wr V 4 7 " , V . 'V V' G Q Y I I N ' W 7 ' 1 5 'lv ' , - 1 A x 1 Q - J t 5. r . k g 3 X ,15 ' 3 xi ., 1 l l l -1 Row 'l: Norma Osburn, Karen Tidwell,'Ella Ruth Paine,'Maurene Mitchell, Mattie Vinson, Pat Miles, Pat Rhoads. Row 2: Myrtle Ann St. John, Jo Ann Huckaby, Elsie Gont, Patty Muston, Ann Mullins, Claudette Isbell, Jo Ann John. Row 3: Sandra Bourland, Eugenia Burson, Clarice Smith, Barbara Smith, Mary Eileen Showalter, Elbertine Key, Lula Mae Willis, Shirley Williams. Row 4: glargtaret Green,' Mary Jane Clarkson, Shirley Spencer, Jo Ann Barney, Kay Bostic, Sylvia Terhune, Joyce Welch, Becky Martinez, ue e Reams. .fs-f""' 1, A 2 0 9 I Row l: Dorothy Staggers, Carolyn Blain, D l J S d ara o u derth, Joy Casseaux, June Holly, Edra Merle Guthrie, Shirley Raughton, Donna Oldham. Row 2: Mary Griffith, Arleen Durkee, Bette Carro Clark, Dorothy Kent, Sue Jacobs, Mary Canant, Joyce Martin. Row 3: Doris Lindsey, Jo Hudgins, Edna Read, Rosemar R anda Elmore, Jane Crow, Peggy Kelly, Miss Aliese Cline. Row 4: Margaret Dodge, Bonnie Smith, Ruby Billington, Gaye Berry, Beverly Adams, Mary Beth Lonkford, Jeanne Perry, Jane Davis, Elinore Cutting. N'-i" " 'C 129 2.5.5, A 61116 I Row I: Larry McCravL rray, Dick Orsini, Kenneth Huffman, Wendall Phillips, Don Rhoden, Charles Hilburn, Ronnie Myattf Row 2: Joe Pruet, Don Harber, Don Smothers, Jim Baum, Frank Liles, Mac Starnes, Hal McGlothlin, Newton Hilliard. Row 3: Ray Fraser, Dick Miller, Robert Osborn, Wayne Allen, Frank Etter, Joe Vick, Nicky Palmer, Larry Allen, J. N. Steele. Row 4: James Smith, Bob Crawford, Bill Fuller, Bobby Jack Oliver, Bill Perry, Charles Row, Duncan Mann, Don Baker, Mr. Moser. I1 Events on the calendar of this club this year have included presenting an assembly, spo sor- ing the banquet at which the Spirit of Athletics was presented, and sponsoring sport "W" Row I: Bob Youngblood, Jack Self, David Steinman, Bob Hubbard, Jim Tatum, Don Bridges, H. P. Hawkins, Glen Belew, C. D Grissom, Henry Calwell. Row 2: John Burnett, Jim Yarbarough, Benton McClure, Donald Beale, Ronnie Cearly, Bob Armstrong Frank Scarbrough, dd k Jimmy Cole, Phillip Bailey, David Bourland. Row 3: .lack Crumpler, Bob Abbott, David Howle Jack Cunningham, G. . Davidson, Ronny McDearman, Twyman Ash, Billy Jack Rudd, Maurice Cook, John Thompson, Mr Groseclose. Row 4: Mr. Watkins, Kenneth McFarland, Glen Woods, Gene Colvin, Weldon Moore, Pat Bland, Gerald Haygood Cullen Hunt, Jim Briggs, Hollis Swafford, Bob Gay, Jim Millerman. 130 fl gfllb 9, ei l , . 1? E l Row l: Derald Patton, David Day, Donald Jackson, Jim Busby, H. E. Dunlap, Jimmy Tyler, Don Harrison, Bill Dunn, Johnny Crow. Row 2: Carol Lane, Jim Anderson, James Mason, Leo Jennings, Dan Kenly, Marcus Hicks, Jack Terhune, Bobby Darden, Bob Nelson, Jerry Carter. Row 3: Bobby Campbell, Phil Widmer, Alien Sides, Richard Asher, Tommy Scott, John Barfoot, Bob Batier, Llo d Rosenbaum, Freddy Ewing, David Wooten, Ellis Barrera. Row 4: Mr. Gleoton, Billy Mitchell, Ted Coleman, Ronnie Wilson, Y Leslie Strange, Freddie Green, Danny Owens, Homer Rosenbaum, Walter Campbell, Don Nichols, Elmo Cure, Mr. Bullington. K9 - 2, ' N S . s In hx J - B ex, ti 1 L V12 R we fl w S 43 W i J I Row I: David Lewis, Sammy Caudle, Elvin Rogers, Jim Pierce, Jerry Carter, Jerry Henderson, Hershall McCoy, Roy Reed. Row 2: Gerald Lewis, Joe Taylor, Ronny Bankhead, Mickey Gilbreth, Charles Phillips, Jimmy Carpenter, Lane Dawdy, Larry Scott, Max Overman. Row 3: Mr. Blackburn, V513 McFadden, Wayland Kessler, Bill Teague, Altus Scott, James Welch, Robert Jenkins, Charles Williams, Steve McEntire, Mr. Lawson. ROW 4: Don Burks, Bob Mosshart, Ronnie Mulhern, Roy Long, George Barnett, . . . dl John Mayes, Bill David Kennedy, Richard Asher, Joe Davis, Bruce Boyd, James Leonar 131 .lf ,4 Assaciafivn X wwf... Row I: Billy Jack Rudd, Ray Fraser, Billie Rae Rogers, H. P. Hawkins,vQormo Osborn, Don Rhoden, Dick Orsini. Row 2: Don Har- ber, Dick Miller, Henry Calwell, Bill Perry, Nicky Palmer. Row 3: 'foifhtsyi Mbqay, Mac Starnes, Billy Fuller, Owen Cook, Derald Patton. Row 4: Frank Liles, Dan Boyd, Jackie Crumpler, Joe Vick, Frank Etter, Jim Baum. The A Association is an organization for students who have lettered in any sport during the year. The cheerleaders are also members of this organization. i 2 t 1 i Row I: Nancy Henson, Patty Muston, Bob Hubbard, Larry McCraw, Charles Hilburn, Kenneth Huffman, Bettie Christian, Pat Tallant. Row 2: David Steinman, Jim Baum, Jimmy Briggs, Cullen Hunt, David Bourland, Bob Mosshart, Don Burks, Jack Self, Clarice Smith, Pat Bennett. Row 3: Ray Carson, Hal McGlothlin, Bobby Jack Oliver, Ronny McDearman, Buzzzy Sellers, Glenn Woods, Twyman Ash, Jim Tatum, Bob Gay, Robert Osborne. 132 X ,lleilelee ffleh Selzeel Srelzezezge Greup F the Row I: Carolyn Blain, Jerry Stringer, Pat Rhoods, Maryleen Showalter, Laura McCormick, Nancy Henson, Carolyn Isbell. Row 2: Betsy Polk, Jim Bowen, Jerry Baliff, Owen Cook, Lynn Presswood, Sandra Hockersmith, Mrs. Parker. Row 3: Syd Niblo, Jack Hurt, Pat Bennett, Dick Miller, Yvonne Mitchell, Joyce Mayfield, Dorothy Walker Jack Wallace Claudett Isbell Row 4 R ' , , . : onnie Leveridge, Stanley Wiggins, Bob Crawford, Don Drennan, James Babb, Lynn Davidson, David Webster, Ronnie Nevans, Mr. Sublett. ln September members of the Exchange Group went to North Adams, Massachusetts, where they were the guests of students in Drury High School. They stayed in the homes of students who came to Abilene High School in April. Drury Jfzyh Selma! Student Sifehemge Greup Row 1: Marcia Gamari, Judy Drocup, Betty Brown, Arlene Snopek, Bernard Anderson, Henry Noetzel, Donald Adams. Row 2: Michael Harsch, Donald Sherman, Eleanor Wright, Reita Tanner, Barbara Zepka, Teresa Bellini, Angie Gimonetti, Shirley Duprat, Beverly Cook, Joan Dion. Row 3: Alan Murray, Betty McCrea, Bessie Wilson, Mellisa Jones, David Dickey, Emery St. Cyr, Larry Tassone, Jack Burdick, Mr. Daniel Wheeler. Row 4: Kenneth Maltese, Carl Sweeney, Dick Norcott, Carl Melcher, Mrs. Marion A. Sweeney, Victor Monette. 133 5'uiure Homemakers af America ...., X nd. I , JM Row T: Helen Flanagan, Barbara Gilkerson, Polly Greene, Marisue Hall, Sue Spikes, Kay Berry, Mary Griffith, Barbara Ramey, Mattie Vinson. Row 2: Nina Couch, Joan Blount, Jeanette Wallace, Genetta Jones, Redah Sue Anz, Glendia Swan, Laverne Click, Darlene Gravens, Mary Perkins, Kay Von Hendley. Row 3: Miss Coffey, Georganna Lee, Gay Sanders, Sylvia Terhune, Francis Ball, Joye Davis, Shirley Kauffman, Judy Millard, Sue Huff, Jean Ray. The activities of the Future Homemakers of America Club were too many for a full report. During the year some of the members attended the State Fair, the district, area, and state meeting, and the district camp. The club members were hostesses for the District F. H. A. meeting, and they helped to in- stall the officers of Abilene Christian High School F. H. A. and to initiate the G. H. A. members of the junior high schools. The Christmas party and the Sweetheart Banquet were big events. S' nf! 'Q 1 t 'fs L ' S LQ 3 1 g I . ,. :if Q- id 1 c J 139 Y lt lg 1 E l l t 5 1 1 is H g 55512-if t " Row I: Joyce Summers, Julia Banta, Dora Sue Christian, Gloria Williams, Shirley Mazy, Barbara Richards, Sue Gooch, Reva Prit- chett. Row 2: Betsy Davis, Lou Ann Smith, Jo Ann John, Connie James, Norma Witcher, Patsy Barker, Doris Lindsey, Mary Holly. Row 3: Kay Kinnarcl, Dorothy Cunningham, Carol Nance, Roberta Brown, Rita Perrin, Faye Wimberley, Eileen Kincaid, Mary Ann Conner, Sharon Hudgens, Sandra Standefer, Jo Hudgens. 134 Zzfurc' flvmenzak ers l l 2 3 l it 1 .K ' Row I: Dorothy Martin, Flora Jean Hawthorn, Lavelta Lawrence, Shirley Rushing, Jean Bass, Joyce Wells. Row 2: Janis Winters, Jo Ann Miller, Gail Blount, Margaret Wells, Joyce Downs, Nancy Chappell, Estilene Goodwin, Miss Ruby Compere, Row 3: Dorothy ' ' ' ' ' K B stic Massenger, Joy Lewis, Peggy Jones, Claudine Swan, Margie Krempm, Shirley Moore, Ollie Grace Leslie, Barbara Hitt, ay 0 Newman. f A, 4 B ' ' L I A Kay Berry, president of Key Club, served as Mis- Sweetheart, Dan Boyd, and Girl of the Year, Revo tress of ceremonies at the FHA banquet. 135 Pritchett, were presented at the banquet. gulurc Zzrmers Row I: Tommy Lawless, Don Earp, Dicky Boyd, Janice Jennings fClass Sweetheartl, Pat Hayter lCIass Sweetheartl, Donald Coonrod, Donald Jewell, Lee Presswood. Row 2: David Sitchler, Leon Dobbs, Ronnie Blevins, Bobby Jinkens, Donald Ray Byrant, Wayne Lightfoot, Jerry Schmidt, James Brooks, Charles Lightfoot, David Ramsey. Row 3: Mr. Moore, Don Colby, Larry Largent, Elvin Rogers, Kenneth Ables, Moritz Lankford, Bruce Boyd, Jackie Ashworth, Jerry McKinney, Lloyd Rosenbaum. Row 4: Jakie Bow- ers, Jimmy Butler, Jack Manly, Gary Lollar, Jerry Marshall, Wayland Lilly, Brett Foy, Albert Meissner, Clinton Lesley, Charles Trice. The Future Farmers studied farming techniques and advanced methods of farming. They entered their proiects in a stock show and brought back a number of prizes. A big event for the club was their banquet and other socials. 5 Q ' l is we ...l 3 Row 'l: Charlie Blanks, Jimmy McDermitt, Marion Johnson, Janet Walter lClass Sweetheartl, Martha Chapman lClass Sweet- heartl, Ronald Carson, Donald Graven. Row 2: John Shelton, Larry Ackers, Lewis Crowder, Jimmy Munselle, Gene Vinson, Max Blackburn, Tammy Seymore, Sammy Davis. Row 3: David Warner, Sammy West, Reppy Guitar, Arnold Jewell, David Greene, John Barbee, Gary Ray. Row 4: John Downs, Johnny Baize, Leo Townsend, Jimmy Lesley, Mickey McCowen, Stacey Arnold, Bryant Cobb, Larry Mills, Ronald Curtis, Mr. Coalson. 136 4 W Hi W gi. K' ? X I . X Future Farmer's Queen Janet Walter reigns with Princesses Pat Hayter, Martha Chapman, and Janice Jennings Officers are: John Barbee, Lefty Curtis, Donald Coonrad, Sammy West, Mike Galaway, Lee Presswood, Dicky Boyd, Arnold Jewell, Jimmy Leslie and Don Jewell. The iudging team is composed of Marion John U7 son, Gary Ray, and Sammy Davis. Ziff. 'Sl- Mike Galaway shows his champion Southdown lamb. Bryant Cobb holds his broilers. Elvin Rogers has a Hereford calf to show. John Downs and Jerry Griffin show 3 their Crossbreed xl VH li lambs. .9 sw , . e 1 win - e """' ' 1' , .1- X. ty' S me h MT I . I Q I Donald Coonrad is ready to show s Hereford calf. Larry Ackers is proud of his Grand Champion pen of lndian River broilers. 138 451 ,.,i,, N - glhl x j ,. Q 7. ,I Mr T O McCornc1nt owner of Mccks Auto Exchange hands Mr Coulson the keys to a new GMC pickup El fi- M in-.--. yljjar Red Zrrfss ,Q vi' l - me 3915 N, 4 , 1 .R L W K ,fr li. A 5 Q .ar .J Wt " f t 'f X 'J y! ' ' , -5. 'ink JK Q .1 N j Q, ,' il. . ' ' sg, aff. 1 nw L , 4 . 'Ik -N I ,n 'i I A - l 1 x xc in 'J 'K' ' Wh :JJ . , J ' -its C mf., I l 1 ' f 15' ' rf: S 0 1 ,. 'WWW .. nqqq V Q X X , .nu t Row I: Annette Vaughn, Carolyn Blain, Grace Morrow, Sondra Bourland, Laquita Fields, Margaret Dodge, Norma Arrell, Maralyn Martin. Row 2: Sh'l Cl K ' ' ir ey ary, ay Barnes, DW ?Qlker, Jan Carter, Carolyn Davis, Margaret Smith, Jean Archer, Doris Martin. Row 3: Janet Walter, Bonnie Smith,- ncy ucker, Sue Bowen, Ann Boren, Juanita King, Idanell North, Sally Ellinger. Row 4: Peggy Conselman, Jane Perry, Cyrena Stowe, Linda Parish, Leah Beth Wood, Deloris Wilburn, Gayle Wright, Lou Myrle Mann, Margaret Jennings, Mrs. Haney. The Junior Red Cross Council gave a program and an Easter egg hunt for the State Hospital, and they made Christmas decorations for Veterans Hospitals. They also sent special greetings on holidays to the Golden Age Group and helped conduct the Junior and National Red Cross member- ship drives. X Q 9 i W ' Ft ' " P . Officers of Junior Red Cross for the past year were Dick Kincaid, Jane Perry, Cyrena Stowe, Janet Walter, and Roger White- hurst. 140 lfibrrzry gfllb Q ' 1 C 2 9? 1 3 , l 'Y S Y l i l f, 1 l 3 t I . l l L. Row I: Janis Talley, Celia Har ' J ns, ay Stewart, Barbara Carlton, Tommy O'Steen, Wilford McCann. Row 2: Mary Hembree, Eva Mattingly, Neal Hollingshead, Jerral Phariss. Row 3: Miss Wills, Betty Nuckols, Shirley Williams, Mrs. Ward. This year the Library Club attended two conventions. During club periods, the members went on field trips, gave book rev' lk ' ' news, ta s and presented programs. For their socials, they had a Christmas party and picnic in the spring. 5'0rc'ig14 Hvrrespvrzrlcncc J 0 ' ' ar 3 i lr Y - 51 in .3 t ,W X , ' X N v it 'I . f A he .S 'dn ,Xe l . ' K g ::x t lyk: K ' e K K mg'-if A t. U12 '- me -H " pl. J g W I 5 fi . it r . Row 1: Evelyn Courtney, Elizabeth Hix, Joanne Yarbrough, Jerry Ann Fleming, -l9f"Y MUSSlewhite. Row 2: Betty Ross, BUl'bCl"0 Smith, Myrtle St. John, Isobel Shipley, Carolyn Shepherd. Row 3: Karen Hopkins, Jane Preston, Sylvia Hamilton, Martha Har- rell, Nan Rich, Mrs. Morrow. Members of this club became better acquainted with foreign countries by writing letters, lis- tening to talks by foreign students, and by hearing reports on books with foreign settings. Activities were a party with a foreign theme. 141 Cflzzzrmalify Klub , -.5qm---- 1 l 1 ,.'L..-Q X Row 1: Patsy Abbott, Charlotte McCraw, Nelda Taylor, Jo Ann Green, Gretchen Cordell, Martha Chapman, Helen Deatheridge, Sandra Willis, Ann Hills. Row 2: Ricky Turner, Johnnie Lou Davis, Ruth Ann Polk, Betty Witherspoon, Judy Mateiowslcy, Karen Manly, Myra Roberts, Lu Edington, Ann Shults. Row 3: Barbara Thompson, WGYHORG Bflscoef Pe99Y Chcief Kufhleen Mims, NGHCY Grantham, Mary Frances Dobbs, Sandra Weldon, Mrs. Turner. Row 4: Sharon Taylor, Betty Beall, Sherry Smith, Helen Miller, Mildred Billingsley, Carol Ann Birdsong, Jonnie Lee. Charmality Club enjoyed music, pantomimes, readings, and speakers on fashion, beauty, and health during club periods. They also took personality and aptitude tests. ef' -H1434 Correct table setting, given by Mrs. Hilley, was not only entertaining but helpful as well. Officers Ruth Polk, Betty Beall, Gretchen Cordell, and Ann Schults discuss a program for next week's meeting. 142 Vmzfivmzl Industrial 67116 Row l: Newty Jones, Dale Butler, Walt Prewitt, June Holly, Joe Lang, Bob Ashbranner, Bennie Cowdrey. Row 2: Floyd Lester, Gary Bruton, Ronnie Cearley, Sam Fullingim, Jimmy Fitzgerald, Don Estes, Jack Erwin, Don Thurman. Row 3: R. C. Duncan, Douglas Cook, Lynn Davidson, Sammy Fulligan, Weldon Moore, Bob Ashbrcinner, Joe Rutherford, Bill Ivey, Mr. Harlow. The Maching Shop studied machines in club periods. Some of the members went to Odessa in April for a district meeting, and to Austin in May for a State meeting. Pictured here are the officers of VIC: John Adams, Benny Cowdrey, Joe Rutherford, Bob Ashabranner, Lynn Davidson, Jimmy Fitzgerald. Some of the equipment of the Q maching shop is shown in this picture. i 143 fab aaa Stage Krew l D lc J kie Duncan Marilyn Miller Ann Lewis Row 2: R Gerald Davis, Sue Head, Martha Fain, June Holly, Mary El en u e, ac , , . ncy cker, Betty Ross, Regina Cook, Jan Osburn, Theresa Gatlin, Markey Touchstone, Jan Carter, Mildred Flippin. Row 3: Rusty Stevenson, Jack Hurt, Gene Engle, D. G. McCoury, Frank Hill, George Latimer, Jec-:mine Perry, Mr. Sublett. The Acting Lab and Stage Crew have prepared the auditorium and stage props for the pro- h A t' Lab. grams during the year. Characters for maior productions were chosen from t e c ing Nafiaaal Sfarcasias 1 l 2 fi T5 ,lg I Row 1: Nancy Henson, Carol Pumphrey, Ella Ruth Paine,fEdlena Flair, Mary Kay Kimbley, Marlene Nance. Row 2: Mrs. James, Bobby Davis, Ronald Nevans, Yvonne Mitghell, Sandra Dickenson, Betty Ross, Glenna Isbell. Row 3: Gerald Davis, Jimmy Her- rington, D. G. McCoury, Don Drennan, Julian Long, David Webster, Gary Turner. These club members were the debaters, declaimers, and extemporaneous speakers of Abilene High School. 144 . ff .Si Uzmfer is sf ET Row 'lz Sandy Burk, Carol Pumphrey, Bobbie Brown, Kay Cullar, Barbara Boyd, Sue Head, Mark Touchstone. Row 2: Pat Baucam, Bobby Davis, Patsy Ashmore, Dorothy Kent, Judy Williams, Mary Ann Harris, Sharon Sparks. Row 3: Robert Cathey, Judy Stange, Jan Case, Sandra Bravenec, Virginia Nunn, Joy Locke, Dorothy Wagner. Row 4: Frank Hill, Julian Long, Don Drennan, D. G. Mc- Coury, Yvonne Mitchell, Vaudine Baker, Rusty Stephens, Mr. Sublett. The A. H. S. Theater program has included reports on plays, recordings of plays and musical comedies, talks by people interested in the theater, and discussions of current motion pictures. The club members also presented short scenes from plays. X ff' so Vi' 1, gg XI in W2 -v l ' I Row T: Donna Oldham, Peggy Rogers, Juanita Parker, Sue Connell, Ann Lewis, Mildred Flippin, Martha Walker, Donna Haley. Row 2: Mary Kay Kimbley, Mary Powell, Donnie Alexander, Nadine Chambers, Elizabeth Bogart, Darlyne Box, Evelyn Guitar. Row 3: Ferrell Hayes, Gerald Davis, Kenneth Yielding, Robert Cate, Bryan Tatum, Dennis Palmer, Ronnie Nevans, Harold Walker, Mr. Sublett. 145 ,National U1 Crvupe 353 .1 Row I: Jackie Duncan, Martha Fain, Mary Kay Kimbley, Carol Pumphrey, Dorothy Kent, Reva Pritchett. Row 2: Arleen Durkee Marilyn Miller, Regina Cook, Mary Jo Medley, Carol Crownover, Jerry Lou Estes. Row 3: Dorothy Wagner, Mary Ellen Duke Janice Jennings, Donnie Alexander, Laverne Seider, Sue Spikes, Mr. Sublett. Row 4: Mary Ann Harris, Bobby Davis, Gerald Davis Don Drennan, Gene Engle, Jeanne Perqg Sandro Dickinson. The Thespians held regular meetings once a month. During the year there were two initiations One was formal, the other, informal. The club sponsored some plays and two parties. N l ii P2 Row 'l: Patty .Mustory Markey Touchstone, D. G. McCoury, Yvonne Mitchell, Mr. Sublett. Row 2: June Holly, Patsy Ashmore, Amy Schoonover, Ann Lewis, Vaudine Baker, Mildred Flippin. Row 3: Dorothy Staggers, Sandra Burt, Mary Jo Petty, Mary Sue Flowers, Laquita Fields, Mary Powell, Sharon Sparks. Row 4: Mariorie Nelson, Jimmy Herrington, Julian Long, Frank Hill, Robert Cate, Dennis Palmer, Rusty Stevenson, Sandra Bravenec. 146 1 1 1 . 5 Specialists G5 J Row 'l: Wanda Sewell, Clara Mae Walthall, Frances Sewell, Gay Burrow, Frankie Welch, Pat Claxton, Olene Nesmith, Clara Ann Bennett. Row 2: Maxine Smith, Alice Sherwood, Darlene Fortson, Patsy Johnson, Ruebel Reams, Vera Mae Jenkins, Frances 3 M B 'I Rosie Mowles Mary Conant Jane Crow, Jean Wallace, Buchanan, Shirley Herrington, Shirley Ashabranner. Row : iss an ey, , , Betty Christian, Ina Jean Rucker, Macline Chambers, Jody Chambers, Charlotte Welch, Joyce Gossett, Jane Key. The main activity of the P. E. Specialists has been officiating at the intramural sports. ln ad- dition to this work, they have had some socials. Woadcraff glllb A" Q. 'xp X, ' N l . -'l A L 3 C 'S it ' , C, J exif, gs . ff'7"i4 'M F xx fiesta wad! i Row 'l: Don Tucker, Carl Hennesee, Tommy Landreth. Row 2: James Leddy, Merle Griffith, Jimmy Harrison, Ken Deatherage. Row 3 Duane Wood, Stewart Cox, Ray Carson, Mr. Dunn. The members of the VVoodcraft Club have used their club periods to work on their class projects since additional time is needed to complete their proiects. The group enjoyed a picnic in the spring, 147 gilfll Crushers nf America Y. Q , P gy g 3 ii 'i 4 . t Q Row 1: Eunice Martinez, Betty Jo Jordon, Carolyn Lankford, Rosemar Marlene Nance. Row 2: Edna Iiead, Lula Mae Willis, Miss Cline, Pat Roberts, Sandra Reid, Patsy Warner. ow: : Carolyn King, Qhary Beth LankfordJRuby Billmgton, Melba Brown, Bennie Houston, Jean Swilling, Gayle Berry. Members of the Future Teachers of America Club were guests at the Abilene Classroom Teacher dinner and the Delta Kappa Gamma tea. They attended a district conference and the state convention and assisted at the Oil Belt Teachers Convention. juuinr Academy af Seizure 'SY C7 W, T, Dean Jean Dean Clinton Gayle Jerry Bryan Duane Hill Ben Pilcher During the club meeting of the Junior Academy of Science, the members made experiments, planned week-end field trips, and heard speakers. The high light of the year was the trip to the Texas Academy of Science meeting in Galveston. gufure Kusincss lenders ! f'v s Q' T 4 x " t W 'Lf l 1 ' fx :El if" ' W if 5 . f k lk . lf. . Row T: Marjorie Nix, Mary Wagoner, Clara Matthews. Row 2: Jerry Tate, Margaret Tipton, J. W. Pelton, Norma Sinclair. The Future Business Leaders conducted a survey of local businesses to determine iob employ- ment possibilities, to learn of the duties of office workers, and to find out about the average pay of beginning high school graduates. C716 cjrcrzfizfc Writing 61116 and I c Press gfllb ...xxx Row 'l: Press Club Members - Jane Stringer, Roxie Logan, Margaret Paulk, Barbara Pruett, Gretchen Girdner. Row 2: Creative Writing Members - Carol Howlz, Amy Schoonover, Glenn Goza, Edward Heck, Dan Connell, Christine Brown, Mrs. Bishop, Virginia Gray Knot picturedl. Row 3: Press Club Members - Sandra Steinberg, Jean Dean, Jerry Roberts, Jack Smith, Jack Inman. Row 4: W. C. Brashear, Dora Cobb, Paul Culp, John Hobbs, Mr. Kirkham. The members of the Creative Writing Club and the Press Club have studied different types of writing. The Creative Writers have written essays, poems, and short stories. Both groups have entered contests. 149 ,Audio Visual i iff? Clif Row I: Johnny Pechacek, Gail Beavers, Joy Stewert, Barbara Inman, Norma Sinclair Dale Tennison Bill Lapham Row 2' Jimm , , . . y Good, Ronnie Carmock, James Smith, Ray Fraser, Wendell Phillips, Gerald Norman, J. B. Butler, Gary Turner. Row 3: Syd Niblo, Ra Carson, J V' k M'k L k d h ' ' ' ' y oe ic , I e oc er , C arles Cox, Don Boker, Cecil Lassiter, David Day, Mr. Hiner. Boys of this organization have shown films, run the P. A. system for programs, furnished rec- ords, and made recordings. The girl secretaries have run the telephone system and checked out sup plies. The members' work has been of great service to the school. 'I Row 'l: June Holly, Ruebel Reams, Jan Osburn, Kay Barnes, Theda Ball, Darlene Mathis Row 2- Carol Hopkins Roger Whitehurst Lloyd Marr, Glenn Jackson, Eldon Tennison. Row 3: Don Lusby, Don Beall, Don Webb, James gmith, Gary Lollar. Row 4: Eddie Carpenter, Jimmy Lesley, Don Waters, Duncan Mann, Tommy Armstrong, Carl Ewell. 150 irst Semester officers ire Glenda Wright, Dar- Ruth Paine. ene Mathis, Nita King, :nd Joyce Martin. Zzshiau Klub .pK- Row 'l: Suzanne Pierce, Darlene Mathis, Joyce Martin, Glenda Wright, Barbara Finley,nElla Ruth Painef' Darla Sudderoth, Dolores Nash, Carolyn Isbell, Gerry McElyea, Johnnie Dillard. Row 2: Betsy Polk, Janis Hubbard, Anita Spurgin King, Carol Chapman, Laura McCormick, Claudette Isbell, Lucinda Prather, Judy Bass, Sylvia Brown, Jackie Garrett. Row 3: Dixie McPherson, Gay Longacre, Bristol Thomas, Jamie Bottoms, Marilyn Miller, Elaine Courtney, Jane Key, Faye Beights, Shirley Maynard, Jean Cur- ry. Row 4: Pat Stephenson, Betty Green, Barbara Haddox, Jackie Noble, Jane Davis, Jimma Jo Searcy, Elinore Cutting, Laverne Seider, Elsie Gant, Becky Martinez, Mrs. Henagan. S' C23 A study of latest styles of clothing, coiffures, and make-up was made by the Fashion Club. One of the most important events of the year for the club was a style show presented in assembly in December. A club meeting - 5 A, !iXS? A-- Second semester of ficers are Claudette Isbell, Laura McCor mick, Janis Hubbard, Betsy Polk, and Ella Eusig r gill! .F rl ' Nt 'F . x r twill lr i Row 'l: Jerry Stringer, Joy Causseaux, Edra Merle Guthrie, Pat Rhoads, Lee Davis, Nancy Allred, Lannie Skaggs, Darla Brion, Peggy Dixon. Row 2: Dan Harrison, Shirley Spencer, Pat Dixon, Mary Showalter, Gloria Jackson, Nary N I Johnson, Sandra Anderson, Elsie Tarver, Jerry Whetsel. Row 3: Robert Hall, Jeanelle Holley, Betty Jo Hines, Shirley Walker, arle Brogan, Gene Currie, Don Baber, Bob Robbins, Johnny Middleton, Mr. Fielder. Row 4: Joe Fielder, Billy Thompson, Don Walden, Joe Tarver, Jerry Don Brown, Jimmy Nix, John Howard, Don Lindley, Doyle Fannin, John Hamil, James Adams. The plans and activities of the Music for Fun Club included the organization ofa tonette band, group singing, presentation of programs in the club, exploration of different interests in music and two socials. OHM Warkcrs , N l s bf! 4 .1 1 Row 'lj,Dorothy Staggers, Kathryn Bean, Johnnie Dillard, Carol Chapman, Jeanelle Holley, Mrs. Hawkins, Annette Vaughn, Patsy Smith, Linda Sutton. Row 2: Patsy Swinney, Judy Clark, Julia Banta, Jo Ann John, Mary Powell, Mary Showalter, Gayle Wyatt, Carla Sue Ferguson, Bobbi Brown, Mrs. Newman. Row 3: Clara Matthews, Martha Fain, Jamie Bottoms, Jan Osburn, Joyce Welch, Eugenia Burson, Charlene Lenker, Sue Jacob, Dorothy Ken Joanne Barney. Ro 4: Miss Baggett, Janice Jennings, Bon- nie Smith, Betty Jo Hines, Larry Allen, Georgia Osburn, Kay Scott, Mary Beth Lankford, Betty Ross, Mrs. Short. These are the students who helped so diligently in the attendance and registrar offices. They ran errands and answered the telephone. 152 Cam Mode s If I ?. lil' ' it 'r - an 5' Y n , ,Q C 1,1 V I , ' .A 3 1 - y ,of at its x A nf Row 'l: Donna Graham, Janice Thornton, Anna Jackson, Carol Green: Betty McGee:.Betty Woods, Nancy Windham. Row 2: Mrs. Brown, Barbara Mazy, Doris Solomon, Alma Casey, Aleta Cleckler, Naomi Johnson, Evelyn Flannagan. Row 3: Mary Beth Thorn, Murlene Critz, Nelda Vestal, Betty Magee, Barbara Inman, Melba Bertrand, Nita Cocker, Sarah Davis, Betty Deatheridge. The Teen Mode Club studied personality, fashion, etiquette, good grooming, and planned a Primp party. Slide Kula' welt: X Row 1: Ray Williams, Harvey Pinner, Fred Murror, Elton Higgs, Mike Jenkins, Butch Grey. Row 2: Chris Johnson, Vic Baldridge, Jimmy Herrington, Bobby Wakefield, David Webster, Earnest Hodges, Mr. Bradford. Row 3: Joe Bridwell, Bill Lofland, Preston Little, Bill Matthews, Charles Bradley, Skipper Skaggs, Maurice McLeod. The Slide Rule solved problems in lnterscholastic League and studied slide rule. They had one social each semester. 153 Zfhofagraplzy 61116 . i S i Y is x 1 3 iQ Eg 'Q 2 Elf gl l 2 5 f 3 ll 2 l 'W Row 'lc Betty Joiner, Virginia Echols, Delores McKee, Deborah Thomas, Donald Ames. Row 2: Gail Beaver, Jerry Wallace, Billy Hampton, Leroy Bell, Robert Smith. Row 3: Miss Griffin, Bill Yager, Reford Schmittou, John Varner, Lewis Giles, Bobby Cleckler, Alton Pribble. Row 4: Mr. Harwell, E. B. Westmoreland, Conrad Roberson, Jerry Anstead, Richard Hamrick, Bobby Wood, Arvin Carlisle. During the year the Photography Club has drown up a constitution and by-laws, entered con- tests, had guest speakers for special topics, lectures, and slide programs from Eastman Kodak Com- pany. They have also had quiz programs. xx s lt appears that the members of the Photography Club are bei entertained with slides. Pictured here are officers of the Photog- raphy Club. They are Virginia Echols, Reford Schmittou, and Alton Pribble. 154 Sporfsman Klub if is , 5 K4 fi 5 151 f N i' , is. rn M ' Phil lce Tommy Whiteman Harold Landrum Row 2' Bill Row 1: A. J. Bleaker, Gary Turner, Tommy Pope, Travis anmng, , , . . Braymer, Bill Lapham, Jimmy Curtis, Mike Cox, Eugene Pendry, Leroy Mason, Leroy Franklin, Jerry Fisher. Row 3: Mr. McCol- b M ' B wen, Rod Anderson, Stanley Binion, David Bryant, Stanley McMurry, Donald Lus- lum, David Simmons, Larry As ury, axie 0 by, Thomas McMillian. Hunting, fishing, and camping were studied this year by these sportsmen. Officers of the Sportsman Club for this year were Donald Lusby, Larry Asbury, and Roy Olds. 155 Style 61116 Row 1: Sandra Thompson, Joyce Allen, Barbara Hart, Olivia Knowles, Rita Carter, Nona Watson, Pat Bogar, Jackie Duncan. Row 2: Sandra Lockhart, Elsie Todd, Betty Apperson, Dixie Watson, Rose Marie Swiedom, Theresa Gatlin, Betty Billings, Pat Mitchell, Mrs. Hicks. Row 3: Janis Moore, Bernice Maxwell, Norma Slaton, Audrey Harrell, Georgia Osborne, Sandra Dickinson, Mary Sue Flowers, Pat Bennett, Becky Willingham, Jo Ann Burleson, Hazel Coffey. The Style Club has studied good grooming and changing styles. Besides the discussions by members of the club, the group has heard visiting speakers. ,, 3 Officers of the Style Club ar Jackie Duncan, Sandra Lockhar Pat Bennett, Barbara Hart, ana Sandra Dickinson. 0-swpw Looking for the latest fashions are these members of the Style Club. 156 Vogue 61116 il 'P , 1 l2'erf-'mt Tx. ' Qi t 4l?,f:'x ' l ,g gy. l F d x Ql . . T 7 .,,. - Row 'l: Kathryn Bean, Ann Bynum, Sarah Witherspoon, Evelyn Warner, Sharon Goodrich, Eloise Harrison. Row 2: Donna Mae Moore, Judy Clark, Theda Boll, Nellie Bonine, Delores Jones, Tommie Rosales, Kay Carmack. Row 3: Betty Holmes, Carole Hoop- er, Patsy McDaniel, Margarite Green, Laura Powell, Theda HOWZB. Billie Beth Bell. The Vogue Club planned and carried out many activities this year. Two of these were a fashion show and a talent show. The group also studied health, good grooming, cosmetics, styles, and etiquette. X l f 2 4 Row 1: Harriet Harvey, Jerry Rogers, Barbara Estes, Jerry Estes, Barbdfd ROSS, PUTSY V0U9lWn- ROW 21 -1071 Boyd, Barbara Golleher. Nadine Odom, Janice Jarrett, Flossie Williams, Norma Jo Braddock, Barbara Lane- Row 31 MiSS FfCII1l1S. D0f01l1Y MCITTheWS. Gayle W Ott N H ' ' ' ' ' ' y , orma arrls, Gaye Holmes, Natalee Morris, lleen Willingham, Becky Willingham. 157 l Sphcsy lyk F i r re J fy 'll l , W ' K 'ilu Raw 1: Dorothy Staggers, Carol Ann Leon, Karen Tidwell, Nancy Henson, Carla Sue Ferguson. Row 2: June Holly, Arabella Tgney, Martha Fain, Melba Coker, Diana McCharen, Miss Duncan. Row 3: Patty Muston, Jerri Hills, Pat Tallent, Bette Carroll, Janice Jennings, Regina Cook.. lfow 4: Joanne Barney, Clarice Smith, Jean Lawless, Barbara Soiourner, Jima Perry,.Mary Ellen Duke, Mary Jo Petty. 7 The Ephesy Club members studied eitquette and fa h' cl ' l s ions urmg c ub periods. Their activities ended with o style show and a party in the spring. ,sr I . 34 -5' V ' iw , f ' 2,57 . We A ' Row I: Norma Osborne, Jo Ann Huckaby Charlene Lenk , S J b , er ue aco , Rosemary Flanagan, Jo Ann Little, Yvonne Willis' Row 2: Ann Mullins, Arleen Durkee, Claudia McReynolds, Shirley Whitus, Mary Jo Medley, Carol Crownover. Row 3: Joyce Welch, Jon Osburn, Eugenia Burson, -Billie Rae Rogers, Kay Scott, Mary Jane Clarkson, Beverly Adams, Pat Harrell. L 158 Sphesy Officers of the Ephesy Ciub are Ann Mullins, Charlene Lenker, Diana Mc- Charen, Eugenia Burson, and Regina Cook. Janice Jennings, Mary Jane Clark- son, and Carol Ann Leon would prefer having meetings outside. V? -c-If Members of the club are waiting 'J for Miss Duncan to agree or disa- gree to their request. 1' . ,. l 159 Members of the Ephesy Club get new fashion ideas from maga- zines. Diiferswed Oceupafivus 'ti Row 1: Larry Beal, Jerry Bailitf, John Forbus, Harold Barnes, Winifred Whitaker, Royce Griften, Roy Dixon. Row 2: James D. Smith, J. B. Whisenhurit, Don James, Max Winters, Robert Strickland,6Jerry Cloud, erry Don Hunter, Joe Brooks. Row 3: Dennis Connaway, M. L. Pinkston, Guy Kemmerling, Hollis Keith, Don Jones, Warner Earn st, Charles Barton, Jimmy Hutto, Mr. Owen. The Diversified Occupations Organization has helped train a number of students in the type of work in which they are interested. In addition to working, the students have kept records, have studied their occupation, and have attended the annual state meeting. V 1 Dennis Conway Marilyn Rea Abilene Electric Company Pender Company 160 gchll gms!! dx Z3izfersMed Ocrupafians James Smith Pender Company Hollis Keith Universal Metal Craft Jerry Cloud Daniel Office Machines Guy Kemmerling Pender Company Billy Snow Spears Printing James Hutto Denman Music Company Max Winters Lydick Hocks Roofing and Sheet Metal Roy Dixon Abilene Plumbing and Roofing Company Truitt Couch Western Press Joe Brooks Franklin Motor Ray Fillman Bradshaw Printing Z7iversMed Occupafians Jerry Bailiff Galbraith Electric John Forbus Vaden Engineering Co. Royce Griffin F. C. Olds Company Harold Barnes Abilene Plumbing and Roofing Company J. B. Whisenhunt McAllister Construction Don Jones M System, No. 5 Jerry Hunter Pender Company Ernest Warner Pender Company Charles Millsap Abilene Typewriter Exchange M. L Pinkston F 8. M Bank Building gf l I 5 -4 w Z1 5 "' all it 3. E w 3 ! as ,, v .. ,. i N. K V ' W. 4 ,,. .., s , ummm...- 4...- ' '-1? 'Q Yi , :wx ,, I , , ' '53 -L.. . -ml ,J .q .ug . .N N .4 ggi' A if wr' 5 :rn-.sw cusp.. F "'- 'im' lux.. i ng l ni.. y L. 7 ,M v e V . I l"""i ll iliiwf ' l y.. 'tl 53 :ia Q-Y. A gil .gf-'75, ,, 'S 9512 , K . t",l ig. , QHQIW 1 ' M f Az. F' hx . was , .,,.. . l l H , Parallel l5'ar Saaaa 5 3 V l f Row l: Bobbie Glidewell, Margaret Parker, Joyce Seabolt, Betty Lou Barbee. Row 2: Roy Parker, Jan Cannon, Lorene Williams, Donald Cameron, Jerry Snell. Row 3: Ray Fillman, Adis Long, Floyd Price, Gene Engel, Carl Ewell, Earl Ewell. Parallel Bar Squad participated in half-time performances at the basketball games and assem- bly programs, gave benefit programs for service clubs and Abilene State Hospital. ne Engle exhibits precision in a flip he performed for so my audiences this year. cv, . .... if - ei iirfufi -if Here is teamwork as shown by Gene Engle, Don gamleron, Joyce Seabolt, Ray Fillmon, and Earl we . Balance is displayed by Bobbie Glidewell, Betty Lou Barbee, and Lorene Wil- liams. Biffle 5 gfllb fi? grbz . HL? .r. 1 fgibb.. 'V M4' A we , L x .f . -. . , an i' ' ., .v4,,,...v ' ..' , ,ws -.3 3. . A' F """ 7 ' 9 J an ...aw A l 1 y - Iyui F . T' fl! l 3 1 , Row I: Sandra Perry, Linda Mahan, Sylvia Pierce, Katie Martin, Maureen Mitchell, Betty Lomax, Pat Miles, Bobby Notgrass, Charlie Moore. Row 2: Jo Ann Lollar, Mary Frances Moore, Shirley Mitchell, Qeuy Mayfield, Shirley Nuckols, Lynn Presswood, Kenneth Minton, Mrs. Parker. Row 3: Joyce Mayfield, Joe Parris, Kim Polk, Clifton Pine, Jimmy Powers, Gary Norwood, Harold Nor- wood, Byron Penrod, Betty Parmelly. d th ' eriods because they have learned to The members of the Little E Club have erioye eir p square dance. Also during the year they have had a party and a picnic. ,f l f f xi'-sig, 1 l 3 ill ,,' ,Et "Q fi 1 l B tt Joe Trice Shirley Trotter Linda Sutton. Row 2: Ken- Row I: Melvin Rogers, Patsy Smith, Loretta Shaw, Carol Shaw, Ann Ray, e y , , neth Wells, John Waldop, Jane Rister, Shirley Williams, Barbara Reeves, Jean Spurlin, Pat Swinney. Row 3: Jerry Reeves, Mike ' ' II J S arks, Laurence Siewart, Scheirton, Miss Reeves. Stevens, Larry Street, Stanley Wiggins, Buzzy Se ers, oe p 164 , lfilflefdub ffl ,, if 'Q f, . if 5 . X If ,.. ft , .KU Row 1: Jackie Goble, Bettyidoriqqt Betty Gillis, Bess Leggett, Peggy Kelly, Gwen Lareau, Goldie Jewell, Glenna Lindsey. Row 2: Dick Kincaid, Carol Harlow, Dorothy Kennedy, Sonia Kahler, Arvella Goodman, Bill King, Gayle Wyatt, Barbara Ross. Row 3: Milton Jennings, Jack Hurt, Gaylon Hicks, Charles Holt, Monty Tom Jones, Cy Gibson, Dickie Hix, Mr. John Germany. l FX -u '35 R" 'V . l 5525 I ll .j,5l.,3': .. gt l-lflggill Row 'l: Patsy Burkleo, Kathy Briggs, Patsye Barrington, Emily B owlin, Ellen Davis, Edlena Flair, Pat Biggers, Doris Barley. Row 2: Sue Coston, Peggy Cornelius, Lynne Ford, Eddie Fay Brecheen, Ja nina Barron, Patsy Bradshaw, Danny Brown, Bill Bassetti, Ray- mond Bynum, Jakie Bowers, Delois Ellison. Row 3: Jimmy Duke, Bob Coons, J. D. Butler, Bill Frazer, James Babbs, Max Farmer, Phil Burkett, Jimmy Farris, Mart Leghorne, Mr. Edwards. 165 ,flrclzitcciurzzl 61116 is l 5 i l 3 Q 1 i , 5 Y. K Row 1: Billy Webb, Charles Kirk, Glenn Jackson, James Rathmell, Nadine Current. Row 2: Wayne Dickey, Ray McCarty, Bobby Mangum, Bobby Click, Elton Whitehead, Mr. Maddox. Row 3: Cecil Thomason, Ross Hale, Clark Hampton, Charles Milsap, Bill Graves, Billy Joe Carson, Arthur Haddox. During the year the members of the Architectural Club met to discuss and work on architectur al problems. Music Apprcviatiou f.. x. ' 1 nn- Row 1: Mona Lumpkin, Betty James, Pat Sepborn, Sandra Hockersmith, Pat Birdsong, Charm Edwards. Row 2: Jackie Cloud, Bunky Johnson, Gerald Norman, Steve Marshall, Theiss Jones, Jim Bowen. Row 3: Frank Sitchler, Owen Cook, George Latimer, Carrol Turner, Allen Morgan, Edward Adalns. Row 4: Carla lmes, Syd Niblo, John Greer, Leon McSpadden, Bill Vaughn, Tom Hollingshead, Ronnie Carmack, Martha Dart. t The Music Appreciation Club has enjoyed recordings of vocal and instrumental music of all ypes. 166 isfribufizfc fdumfion I X af! l if nv' AFST' Row I: Frankie Wylie, Marian Davis, Lynn Hall, Coeriene Mashburn, Pat Tracey, Bettye James, Faye Beights, Doris Tucker, Gret- chen Stephens, Darlene Stracener. Row 2: Ronny Shirley, Jerry Musslewhite, Connie James, more ucker, Pat Chaney, Delores Kissinger, Martha Lane, Barbara Smith, Lota Hansford, Leroy Atkins. Row 3: Kenneth Sample, Ronny Leveridge, Robert Hill, Jimmy Barron, Deloss Edwards, Bill Wall, Danny Brown, Joe Beasley, Jimmy Stracener, Mr. Crews. This year the Distributive Education Club made a scrapbook of their club, sold Christmas and greeting cards, and booster plates, attended the annual state and national conventions, and partici- pated in the annual Employer-Employee Day. Darlene Stracener Minter's i T la 'is .4-. . Delores Kissinger R by Faye Beights Montgomery Ward White's A 1-,w . ' gl Q R X wp sl Q dk ' grim R ' IV.. X 'I q . if A 's Q 1 nk w 'f ,Q ' Q H fi A' urn Z, " i ,, 1 AU . K. K ' s 9 ntl, -if, K 4,-. K. ' 1 sffffpw -ff' I , , K V., 1 ,if .V SQ Wim 1 ! if 2 l f wp wt igstwffiifi , r is K if QD 'T' Q M. Q., X is , .. :zz-1, Minn W- i' t . Q ,S ,qi 1 . c H x si Q Q S .Q Q U tif. 'ft Wt S t .u A XS, mmm N. A t 3713 It -. 4. K ,L wg 3? N E AQ: L L T ,W .M -W b -3 L' .W Disfrilfufiifc' 5dumliof1 Deloss Edwards Frontier Savings Stamps Frankie Welch W. T. Grant's Lota Hansford Retail Merchants Association Connie James Woolworth Robert Hill Lester's Jewelers Roy Adams West Texas Utilities Pat Tracey W. T. Gront's Marion Davis Robinson's Drug Coeriene Mashburn Woolworth 169 . hu- + , .11 .F ftfllfllfllflfl Danny Brown W. T. Grants Pat Chaney Dislribufiw W Q 'E Ulll rum l Y w Minter's Bettye James Thornton's Department Store Martha Lane Montgomery Ward Joe Beasley Browning Food Store Ronald Shirley Montgomery Wa rd Jimmy Barron Mrs. Baird's Bakery Ronny leveridge S 8- Q Clothiers Kenneth Sample Thornton's Department Store 170 iii A- i Ifersvmzliiy 1 I C if at , . 'XX ii ui si i Row I: Dorothy Jo Cunningham, Quo Prickett, La Nell Yielding, Sharon Hooks, Xon Milam, Loudell Fitzgerald, Paula Stroud, Freddie Powers, Sara Sides. Row 2: Nan Neas, Anna Beth Bell, Patty Webster, Janie Black, Marilyn Tracy, Gayle Hanks, Bever- ly Briley, Ruthie Bonifield, Beverly Browning. Row 3: Carole Doman, Sharon Osborne, Margaret Massey, Sherre Smith, Carolyn Adams, Shirley Morrison, Della Glover, Nita Harvey. Row 4: Shirley Giles, Margaret Lou Allen, Harriet Thomas, Nona Little Glenna Isbell, Beatrice Smith, Earlene King, Marisue Hamrick, Marlene Merrick. The Personality Club had speakers who discussed traits that f .Jke one ci desirable person. The group also had programs for entertainment. 'st semester officers were Anna Beth Bell, Beverly iley, Nona Little, Gayle Hanks, and Lou Dell Fitz- irald. Second semester officers were Xon Milam, Ruthie 171 Bonifield, Sherre Smith, Carolyn Adams, and Sharon Osborne. y m fl f7lI,l7,l76'ffll .X ' ,F A ll , X! lk ' i Q.. LVN il, is I Row l: Harriet Harvey, Doris Martin, Nadine Odom, Bettye Jarnes, Patty Muston, Carol Crownover, Jean Lawless, Gayle Wright, Pat Tallant, Arabella Toney, Joyce Martin, Janice Jennings, Diana McCharen, Carla Sue Ferguson. Row 2: Dorothy Staggers, Barbara Hart, Bonnie Smith, Ferrell Hayes, Cecil Cox, Frank Sitchler, Don Smothers, Roy Davis, Larry McCraw,1 Ronald Shirley, Darlene Mathis, Carolyn lsbell, Sandra Hoclcersmith. Row 3: Grace Morrow, Barbara Haddow, Amy Schoonover, Bobby Williams, Preston Little, Bill Vaughn, Gerald Neuman, Blenn Belew, Jack Self, Jimmy Cole, Johnnie Lenker, Margaret Dodge, Norma Harris Pat Seabarne. Row 4: Betty Ross, Carol Carpenter, Marjorie Nelson, Bobby Jack Oliver, Buzzy Sellers, Mac Starnes, Leon Mc- Spadden, Julian Long, Bing Kelley, Wayne Hall, Dick Miller, George Latimer, Betty Jean Files, Eileen Kincaid, Cyrena Stowe lMembers not pictured: Bill Perry, Ruthie Bonifield, Carolyn Adams, Dick Orsini, Don McClure.l 1 The A Cappella Choir has sung for many audiences here in Abilene and in other cities of Texas and the Mid-West. The annual spring tour in February was the big event of the year. This year the choir went to St. Louis, Missouri. ln April the group went to Brownwood for the choral con- tests. A Cappella officers are Ferrell Hays, Barbara Hart, Carol Crownover, Bettye James, Dilworth Sellers, and Bobby Williams. 172 Girls Serie! Dorothy Staggers, Grace Morrow, Betty James, Bonnie Smith, Cyrena Stowe, Darlene Mathis , L V ' f wi Hays .Qzmrfef Ronald Shirley, Don Smothers, Julian Long, Bill Vaughn. 173 faglc-Sites Row 'l: Yvonne Willis, Ruthie Bonifield, Patsy Ashmore, Linda Mahan, Anna Bell, Kathy Briggs, Carol Pumphrey, Goldie Jewell, Jan Milam, Gayle Hanks, Sharon Hooks. Row 2: Betty Green, Carol Greene, Beverly Browning, Eddie Bracheen, Joan Blount, Bar- bara Finley, Janie Block, Jerri Hills, Carolyn Adams, Pat Roberts, Kay Cullar, Marlene Nance. Row 3: lsabell Shipley, Gloria Wil- liams, Joyce Mayfield, Sandra Burt, Sylvia llierce, Melba Coker, Joyce Welch, Sarah Davis, Nan Nease, Sandra Bravenac, Jeanette Wallace, Margaret Allan, Nance Allred, Jean Spurlin. Row 4: Vickie McLain, Carol Nance, Laquita Fields, Gay Sanders, Sylvia Hamilton, Sue Spikes, Martha Harrell, Bennie Houston, Virginia Nunn, Sharon Sparks, Pat Warren, Regina Cook, Nora Ruth little, Sherre Smith, Geneta Jones. Not Pictured: Sharon Osborne, Elizabeth Hix, Barbara Waldrop, Natalee Morris, Bobbie Brown, Beverly Briley, Karen Hopkins, Jane Preston, Mary Wagoner. ' Eagle-Ettes is a choral group composed of girls from the three classes. During the year they provided excellent entertainment for local and out-of-town groups and participated in contests. .-4 Eagle-Ette sextet is composed of Gloria Williams, La- Eagle-Ette officers are Janie Black, l quita Fields, Margaret Smith, Linda Mahan, Elizabeth Fields, Sue Spikes, Linda Mahan and Hays Kharus Row 1: Billy Webb, Harold Walker, Edward Adams, Mart Cleghorn, Rose Marie Sweidom, Bobby Sartor, H. E. Dunlap, Butch Gray, Jack Inman. Row 2: Leroy Bell, Bill Teague, Jerry Roberts, Dickie Hix, Joe Bridwell, Elton Higgs, Marcus Hicks, Theiss Jones, Herschel McCoy. Row 3: Robert Smith, Henry Calwell, Walter Campbell, Altus Scott, Max Farmer, Jimmy Briggs, Bryan Tatum, Kim Polk, W. G. Black, John Barfoot, Row 4: Bill Perry, Danny Owens, Vance McSpadden, Joe Sparks, Bob Wood, Jimmy Stowe, Gerald Corder, James Babb, Allen Sides, Tommy Scott. Members not pictured are: H. P. Hawkins, Jim Welch, Jack Smith, Ronny McDearman, James Perkins. v The Boys Chorus along with the other choral groups presented programs for assemblies and participated in contests. There was a larger membership this year. "How duzzit work?" won . .. . J ' is-mx-gy,,,S' ,iv ,g -, . yn. .'vyg,,,q i 3 ,gig r --is-x. - - ..g2mzm4g ,g3l , G 'gf.-Qi: . fr, Q 1 1 . f ,x . 'QSM'-' Q' 1 , x .NX lj D ack Lkxxe 5 Apparently, Bill Perry is gerdBLll Vaggllgnkxhpon MZ H painted at the idea of pa en, ic i er, an . wor mg, Dick Orsini. 9' s g 1 A , -.-l! 1!. f- Curious people did not have to guess about who was traveling in this bus. Sllfffl Period Girls Zlzarus Row 1: Norma Jean Jones, Sandra Bravanec, Julia Banta, Margaret Smith, Pat Vaughn, Row 2: Neda Coker, Ann Schultz, Mona Lumpkin, Ellen Davis. Row 3: Donnie Alexander, Melba Bertrand, Margie Newman. A Cappella Choir Trip The A Cappela Choir members left February 'l8th on their spring tour that took them as far as St. Louis, Missouri. Along the way concerts were given in North Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Ark- ansas. The group returned February 27th. '55 C +135 Members of the A Cappella Choir take a tour through Kansas State Teachers College. ijt M 'Z X ul! S .J- ,Ng Mrs. Jennings and Mrs. Ferguson are ready to find a good' room for a good rest. -f v--v Q Abilene ffigi School Orchestra VIOLINS Dorothy Kent Elinore Cutting Mcymcker Betty Jordan Carolyn Blain Darla Sudderth Joyce Sumners Helen Flanagan Madine Chambers CIFO 0"' Judy Clark Margaret Massey Jerry Schmidt Lewis Giles Elizabeth Hix Lue Edington Ronnie Kirkpatrick Bobby Click VIOLAS Carolyn King Linda Parish TROMBONES Joe Tarver John Hamil A. D. Allen CORNETS Jimmy Curtis John Howard Arthur Moore CELLOS Dicky Hix Joy Causseaux Joyce Hayes Barbara Carolton Nadine Chambers FLUTES Ann Bynum Virginia Echols David Bryant BASSOONS Steve Marshall Skipper Skaggs FRENCH HORN Jerry Tate Gayle Berry Tommy Warren Edna Read n CLARINETS 4Mary Beth L one avis l Gene Currie Allan Morgan Sarie Brogan Edward Adams BASS CLARINET Shirley Spencer TENOR SAXOPHONE Ja n Boyd PERCUSSION Rosemary Rasco Ruby Billington BASSES Johnny Middleton Don Huffsteadler Bobby Griffith Reford Schmittou Mortiz Lanford oboe ,Abilene High Selma! C7014cerf Hand DIRECTOR - Mr. Robert Fielder FLUTES Ann Bynum Peggy Conselman Carolyn King David Bryan? CLARINETS Jimmy Herrington Gene Currie lAllan Morgarv.C4f.a-11 Edward Adams' Carol Shaw Sue Coston Jerry Stringer BASS CLARINETS OBOES ian Boyd' Charles Bradley MCHSUG H0ll. -lane Davis HZSJOROQTXXOPHONE PCU' Culp Alberi Meiggner Mary Bell! LC1r1lCfOI'Cl . 1 L D Shirley Spencer BASSOONS Jimmy McDermiH t awrence Siewart Bob Robbins Seve Marshall Jqmeg North Sara Marie Brogan fr. 4 -.LJ Skipper Skaggs Bobby Woods Peggy CO"'e'iUS H 'Mo CUWNET Ano sAxoPHoNEs BARITONE sAxoPHoNE Beffy Jo Jordon fl Ella Ruth Paine ' Barbara Golleher Joe Fielder .'4.,-N 'f.A wi E' CORNETS John Howard Bill Vaughn Jimmy Curtis Bill Thompson Raymond Bynum Bill Bassett: Markey Touchstone Arthur Moore HORNS Tommy Warren J D Bu ler Amy Schoonover Kay Kinnard Edna Read Gayle Berry Jerry Tate TROMBONES Jerry Whetsel Dan Harrison Joe Tarver Ronnie Carmack Doyle Fannin Don Ltnley Jimmy Nix Jerry Marshall Don Webb John Hamil BASSES iddleton Brom Waters PERCUSSION Ruby Bullington Bobby Davis Rosemary Rascoe Carolyn Beckham Robert Hall BARITONES Jerry Anstead James Adams Eddie Carpenter Lloyd Marr Charles Moore Additional Personnel In Murchmg Ban Jimmy Farris ldanel North Don Moore Elizabeth Bogart Elsie Tarver Glenna Lindsey Nancy Windham Merlene Critz Crestino Gonzales Tom Hollingshead Cecil Lassiter Byron Penrod Jonnie Lee Robert Smith Donald Waldren John Downs Charles Bratton Harold Norwood Carolyn Beckham Richard Johnson Jane Turner Darla Brian Bobbie Miller Lannie Skaggs Mary Beth Thorn Redah Sue Anz DRUM MAJOR Gene Currie MAJORETTES Mar Beth Lankfo Gayle-Berry Arleen Durkee Jan Boyd Sandra Carroll Sue Bowen COLOR GUARD Skipper Skaggs Lawrence Siewart David Bryant James North Abilene ffzylz Schaal rd .-, Baud Sn ring Spring ?ealnres Sennernares Spring Sports Volleyball l Baseball 605 Crack Cennis Personalities Advertisements r l7 fill Qaienies, enanzs, fareurells, graelnatlan ! X O v 1 5 --4 ff , A.. 2 X N D 1 X Aa sn ' , x X s N Q w X X Q N K, , Q ' A N t s 1 x a I W Q x 4 ,af gm 'firm , .1 ,Bb ti. ,551 .swf R f A A . 4 e 4 3, 3 L1 1 ' 1, 4 W-M. V+ 'X mn.-f 5 1 Q-uk' 1 ., L , 5 ' . M, ,, 3 M, N --ul 5 S24 . .' M fvwx I Y my A 1. w -Q, mf .saw 1 0,131 , t fl! April Nan Rich, Joanne Yarbrough, and Sandra Willis pre- pare for the Latin Banquet. Ronald Nevins, Mary Kay Kimbley, Jimmy Horn, David Webster, and D. G. McCoury seem happy about leaving on a debate trip. What's the matter, girls? Don't you like Loretta Shaw's Ballet? There's nothing like a good hot day and a game of tennis! fSays whom?l No, there's nothing wrong with the picture. lt's just Don Drennan lsupposedly a ghostll talking to Mary Ellen Duke in the contest play "The Wind ls Ninety.' g y A . X K bb.. bn ki X N ' ' - vi 'i May Bill Bassetti and Maralyn Martin are checking the last edition of the Spanish paper. The last meeting of NHS is being held. Ann Mullins and Patsy Compton are participating in girls' track, Spring fever seems to have gripped these students, The fitting of caps and gowns produces an exciting atmosphere. .Ni lsyiy G wi 'tl i ri .ls iii . cgaf- il '.n,,, Pu , '32, . ,,, 9 Q 1-4-ww' W-M 4 X Secretory ....,.... ...... . . . Ann Schults Student Council Representoiive President .......... .... . . . .. Reporter ..... Vice-President . .. Queen ...... . Allan Sides Danny Owen . Jim Busby John Burfoot . . . Janie Black 'tb KJ i .. ff Patsy Abbott Larry Ackers Carolyn Adams Evan Allen , Margarette Allen Rod Anderson Sandra Anderson if Nancy Allred Donald Ames Norma Arrell Shirley Ashabranner Richard Asher 'C -' Patsy Ashmore Tony Baeza David Bailey Johnny Baize Ronnie Bankhead Sue Bowen, Rickey Turner, and Sandra Carroll entertain at the Minstrel Show. 3 :Qui lf' 'f'-- Jerry Avery P l P M John Barfoot Patsy Barker Doris Barley George Barnes George Barnett 186 P I ., Sapha Redah Sue Anz BLI, S' V, fi Janina Barron if 701175 , Bob Batier V V , 15 i Pat Baucum 'law ' f W' J ' Bettye Beal iliycvlf Af Dr. Sutton speak. 3 5,1 s I px r-wr , ,A f r 02, X ,A B slr. 3'-J: .vt 5 Y' 3 if f X pi W ali- " an- I S .. Q1 xi lax' ' ' ..v' Ann Boren Joe Beasley Melba Bertrand Mildred Billingsley 'K' Carol Birdsong , Janie Black l W. G. Black Hoyne Blackburn ' l A. J. Bleeker ' Gail Blount - Joan Blount 'ii s I 'xx 'Q if IC Clem Boulte David Bourdland Elizabeth Bogart Ruthie Bonifield Sue Bowen Jackie Bowers Darlyne Box isa- 'av The sophomores meet in the auditorium to hear iff ffl' 4 n Joann Bradley W. C. Brashear Charles Bratton Sandra Bravenec 63 ' fi? I :,, 1 Z I ' . ,Mm . l 1 l f" ,T-'r4:5:f 'HEI-. J Eddie Faye Brecheen Darlg Briansv Richard J. Bridwell Jimmy Briggs Beverly Briley ' Charles Briley ,J diiy I B .-v, Af' 'll ,A Q . if--,IA . J, .,i :ii as ge , A i Larry Briley Weynoka Briscoe Donald Ray Bryant Francis Buchanan Patsy Burkleo Jimmy Busby Raymond Bynum Bobby Campbell Joan Blount and Geneta Jones sing for the Captain. Samuel Brown W. C. Brown Beverly Browning Hugh Brown Roberta Brown Bill Brayner h A James Brooks 31:1 'Sax tr' X . Qi Dale Butler Leroy Campbell Walter Campbell 188 Alvin Carlisle as A 1 , i 3 l if U' nl l7I'6'.S' - ,J rt' X '1 4' 3. S1 . Barbara Carlton Billie Carmack Wayne Carpenter Shirley Williams yo Show. X Sandra Carroll Billy Carson Jerry Carter X11 Na C Q Jan Case "' Robert Cate - Robert Cathy -f . K X13 Sammy Caudle X ss f I Nancy Collins K., , Te Coleman XL? eldo Coker X N Xxx 1 SX A Bobby Click John Cleckler dels a tune at the Pirate w s K g., A - an 5' 3' b 1 as , 6 5 N l Sue Cochran 'Y h Dora Cobb . if- png' f , ' Ira Clayton Shirley Clary Peggy Chase V I 'Jerry Cloud Nancy Chappell . g uh an 'fi Martha Chapman ' Nadine Chambers .V ' Madine Chambers . s V I i f A ru ni f r 5 Susan Connell Mary Ann Conner Robert Cook V Henry Colwell vf- - 1 f g, M Mike Cox. 93 I H i if ill. g M C lil ? Gretchen Cordell ' "isa iff? ' V is Nina Couch l ' l Q ' Truett Couch lfifji I 'Q my , V Q is C it ll' Merlene Critz N John Crow jf, Evelyn Courtney g Q W Cecil Cox f- 4 'C-'I , Nadine Current Bobby Darden Martha Dart G. W. Davidson 1 X iv li Dorothy Ann Cunningham -' Dorothy Jo Cunningham ':V. MJ Elmo Cure , f-.-1. 5 lf. Alai 35 X +A :emi Q l L 5 i -i., X Birdie Lee Davis C Ellen Davis L Joe Davis w '36- ff f w Q I ,JV i fl ls high scyol goin o be like this? . It I , Jonnie Lou Davis Joye Davis 190 1 Ray Davis if- Y? Wl7!'65 I Sarah Davis V 3 f u Sharon Hooks, Carolyn Adams, Sherry Smith, and Linda Mahan sing of the Harvester's fate on the gridiron. f 5 ' Q Jean Deon g ,S ks g Betty Deatherage ' , fr f 1 " 2 K , W' I Burl Deatherage ' f l X Helen Deatherage ' gif J Sandra Perry l Wifi, x l 'fllgm 1' A F33 fl ' -im nr-A A. E uf! 1 1 Joyce Downs Jimmy Duke ig .,1-g H. E. Dunlap lv , L xg' " 555' 'f i KH :mia-,ir 43 s , mst,-il Nelson Edwards Lue Ednngton Betty Edwards 5 . Jerry Fisher Loudel Fitzgerald Don Freeman 1 Freddie Ewing John A. Ferguson Ray Fillman Peggy Dixon Leon Dobbs Mary Frances Dobbs Carole Domann Sally Ellinger Jack Erwin ll! F - H yrir I fred S , J mfs? A I ii A ink f. F " x , , ,x YB by tn, - ,l-,Fa I.-W,,f.,,5.f , :,.15fi?1jl-Ie Q11 5 1 ' - Q- V A, Edlena Flair h V ' Qi . E Evelyn Flanagan , A - 'I X Jerry Ann Fleming I .,4 ' Q j X 1 x M: ' r Q , SZ 6- 'x N l .,-1 ,J ., , 1 2 N sl 1? te 1 'F on rg: N Darlene Fortson , Q D , F y Shirley Giles Leroy Franklin Frances Fulton 1 Donnell Gannaway l. Barbara Gillcerson F A Gretchen Girdner V wx , Gordon Mechael Gilbreth Lewis Giles 'X l'??52if Jerry Gist ng., 5 Betty Glidewell iv - 'P' Bobby Glidewell :fa - F V y i' ' ,f X . Della Glover Arvella Goodman Nancy Grantham Darlene Gravens Donald Gravens Butch Gray Carol Green qu Polly Green, Margaret Allen, Margaret Smith, and Carol Birdsong prepare for another day's work. X ,Bb Freddie Green 4- Jo Ann Green tw Polly Green Il7!'6'S 5,49 NE' , is ,- I IL ,,, "WN f . 9 ,O 'fr :lv If J Carolyn Greenwood V5-1 . tg we Q A , L , 5 K A' 1 ' x l Q., Bobby Griffith Arthur Haddox Sharon Taylor searches fo a good book Don Hagar Mack Hailey Donna Haley 4' Marisue Hall ' Q 'Y John Hamil Sylvia Ha milton Billy Ha m pto n "' Clark Hampton Esc-yt, Marisue Hamric J Gayle Hanks .J ,ffl Q 5 vs. 6 L- -.f t Us , J . . 5 r 1 - - f . A J' A Q it 1-E1 X u Martha Harrell Sam Hanson Royce Hardaway Nita Jean Harvey Iva Lavina Hatchet Flora Hathorn Joyce Hayes Mary Hembree Jerry Henderson Celia Harris Freddie Harrison Gene Harrison .S- Hun wr-' 'ET Kay Hendley Booth Henson Janyce Herring Jimmy Herrington f Shirley Herrington A Marcus Hicks ' l' Victor Hicks 'gaf'52- '-"Q 1.-we '7 0.v..:x f MT' 2 f -if X f-V rel: L 1 Elton Higgs Kenneth Hildreth Sharon Hooks Charles Hoot Karen Hopkins Callie Horner These sophomores agree to something, but what? Barbara Hitt Elizabeth Hix Thomas Hollingshead Carol Hawk Roy Hudspeth Martha Sue Huff Frank Hill Ann Hills H ' K Don Huffstedler Phil Ice th Il7l'6'S f . l C v ' E r"r F f NI 1 gif 'I pt 6'1- iyx Glenna lsbell -- .Aan Ai 1 S . W l Y l- Ki 1 K Ax -A i Donald Jackson Helen Jackson Peggy Cornelius and Amy Schoonover supervise the sophomore girls in cleaning the band room. Edward Jenkins f Milton Jennings , Goldie Mae Jewell f X Axfill l ' Q as , E I g Peggy Jones mm. Q 5 Shirley Karffman 6 'Ji' , 1' If Bill Kennedy Ronald Wayne Kimble Jerry King Juanita King Kay Kinnard Ronnie Kirkparrick 'UI As., . Bobby Jinkens 1 Harold Johnson Jimmy Johnson Richard Johnson Betty Joiner Genefa Jones Jack Jones Dorothy Kennedy K Wayland Kesler Bob Youngblood Earlene King 2:22:21-K 1 me t gt, 1 sf? MU, ,,LV N -flew 1 f :,- Q.. i,fii,'-A Yyi' 11 59 lil " 3? A 5 LW Dorothy Krempin h f ,'l Q Jerry Lackey if Tom Landreth f Harold Landrum ff . Tom Paul Lawlis Georganna Lee Wayne Lightfoot Charles Lightfoot Wayland Lilly Glenna Lindsay School is out' Margaritte Greer, Shirley Williams, and Barbara Pruett lead the rush. D'Ann Langford Bill Lapham Cecil Lassiter David Lewis Gerald Lewis Joy Lewis Nona Little Joy Locke Mike Lockerd L if Bess Leggett .EM 3.1 -5.15. gy ix .,tt g. i s La velta Lowa ra nce 'l' l 196 Vll7l'6'S "5 mt' 'E V. L iv 1 - Katherine Lowrie l f pn- Edward Lumpkin Mona Lumpkin Betty Jean Mag ,Gp f' .-is I 0 Jerry McKinney Thomas McMiIIer James Mason Leroy Mason Margaret Massey Judy Mateiowsky Library Club officers fThomas O'Steen, Wilford McCann, Celia Harris, Joy Stewart, and Barbara Carltonj look over new books. Wilford McCann Benton McClure Leonard McCollum Hershel McCoy Charolet McCraw Nancy McCreight Steve McEntire AVgnce McFadden Betty McGee ' Delories McKee Karen Manly A Travis Manning Jerry Marshall Katie Martin Eunice Martinez l . no kj -1.'L"' ,, . N H -4 A K' af f . BNN B B If I Clara Matthews S h Evo Matfingley John Moyes Donald Mazy Marlene Merrlck Jo Ann Mme' Sherry Miller Wanda Mills Nan Neas Bob Nelson F1 Gor Norwood Harold Norwobd .iv Evan Allen, Thomas Hile, Jerome Roberts, and Keith Kimbler are trying to pass biology. .,n.4 , 1- ,gf ZZ, 1' ,gf .I f I I I f' 434' 1 'lf f 1 k,'3,f, 'u.,4ff -rf-,sv ,f ,,-' .-,Vx ff',,, -f-1. .AQ ,egg Tommy O"Steen , , ' Max Overman f ' Q L f Danny Owen ' - A li S Dennis Palmer 1,253 ig 411744 2 , ,JI 4 Betty Parmelly Darrell Paschal Derald Patton Sandra Perry Jerral Phariss Gene Pendery Mary Perkins i 4 Charles Phillips M ' 4. Mary Pickering M -21? Jim Pierce I Ben Pilcher Harvey Pinner Ruth Ann Polk Fredna Powers , , , , f, , 1 ffgffaftff, - ZA-fl 41 'L Virginia Nunn V-.1 K, ff-!1acL.1!cd,+cQ 5, AQ 11,6-' I-,I Clarice Osborne , . ,Q 4, - ' fi f f , , 4-Q1 - 44- Sharon Osborntff V"""""' ' 13 A' I 1 5 , v f vf-Zf, C2152-QL 5 73212 ff'-9 -'a f 4 7 1' f Jimmy Powers Jane Preston Malla Qua Prickett Larry Proffitt V . Barbara Pruitt V Barbara Ramey it David Ramsey 'ga l l ff Sandra Reid Marty Reynolds Gary Ray Barbara Reeves Ann Rhea ' W Nan Rich Jane Rister ' A zvnx X x fi Jerome Roberts Jerry Roberts Myra Roberts Melvin Rogers 9 .fi 1 ' 'gif l i-r- 4- - N' " . ,' A A ff W . yn i Q4 f W, l Elvin Rogers Homer Rosenbaum Lloyd Rosenbaum George Barnett, Joe Taylor, and Bob Batier find plants to be interesting. Ronnie Rosignal Ina Rucker . 1 ' 200 Roy Reid S 1' JT 3 L ' , .. ? K Saplzo' 1 1,1 f -1.rl- A .. f - g f VA' L if . ig. -v K Shirley Ann Rushing l'lflt7I'6'5 L r , td .IW I N8 ' Q A3 4. I 'A . fx leg Lillie Ann Russell Kenneth Sample Mary Gay Sanders Bob Sartor Jerry Schmidt Altus Scott , Skt. i 11' Ili I in Sli .1 'B 'f ii ltffh "5" N 5 PM all l 1 fl.. 4 . . 1 t Jane Rister and Jo Ann Lollar bag a San Angelo Bobcat. Steward Scott Tommy Scott Neill Seale John Shelton la, ' Carolyn Shepherd is as A if Ill Sarah Sides Ann Shults Alan Sides Louise Smith Margaret Smith Maxine Smith Robert Smith Alice Sherwood lsobell Shipley David Simmons Lannie Skaggs Beatrice Smith ' .5 ' l Don Smith Y 1 Joe Smith f ' . ' F l X l .L ' 'S-7 Z My 4 fs 'ri T f 1 N -.-1? M...-.vw , W nf, ,, K HF K E4 Jpr-1 2? X I t .E Sandra t efer Juwh ' gap I 4 2 Elsie Tarver Bryan Tatum Joe Taylor Nelda Taylor Miss Self and these girls seem to be interested in a new biology proiect. Sherre Smith Sherry Smith Jerry Snell Roland Snipes egg I Leslie Stange Faye Snow Sharon Sparks Anita Springfield Sandra Steinberg S' I 5' Jane Stringer . f 'im 1 X Paula Stroud Pat Swinney Janace Talley "av it - -f S T v 1 U N, X Sharon Taylor Bill Teague Jack Terhune 1 f F, ,. 6 Harriet Thomas Cecil Thomasson l . lk I Barbara Thomasson l 2oz VIl7I'6S f, .M K , 1.-9: Mary Beth Thorn Janice Thornton Lynn Todd l 5 . z Q Tony Baize, Hayne Blackburn, Wanda Mills are dressed for their Pan-American Club meeting. rt W T 1, I - Marilyn Tracey ,, A A ' Charles Trice 1 9 , Don Tucker A yi, J cfm? ' K -MXN I ' C. 4' T Delbert Turner 4, , K ' V' Gary Turner 6' Rickey Turner 1 A Jim Tyler f A , ' - Q. ff' 5 'gi A N! I . M' 5 x fl 1- -9 my' im, s ' . -iii' gin. ' Harold Walker fi John Varner Virgil Vinson Don Ray Wagoner Donald Waldren John Waldrap Don Webb Patty Webster James Welch Sandra Weldon Martha Walker A - Jeanette Wallace ig' -7 ' Q W !.a?k Thi, A , ,hw , Neal Warner Patsy Warren 'ii Bill Webb - Z L K I E' ,F it ish 6 in :gk , x Kenneth Wells Margaret Wells Elton Whitehead Roger Whitehurst John Whiteman Shirley Williams Becky Willingham Doloris Wilburn Charles Williams Bobby Whisenhunt Joyce Wells h 0 Judy Williams 644i MQ 5 Sandra Willis , f . Darlene Wilson ,, L VUL Ronnie Wilson if ' - Qwcga, if xg "X f Qi-60. :IZ 1 y1,o0"'6F Faye Wimberly Nancy Windham Carlton Winkles Janis Winters 'eff Betty Witherspoon Bobby Wood Betty Woods 5 ffffif' These Sophomores loin in the merrymaking at a l social. I David Wooten Billy Yager Franklin Yancy La Nell Yielding 204 8 jgvofo Mow, Aufngraphs QW. o9fj'Qa,,9Q'QjQ?,w WW MW filly, 5i', y505jC,,?g,,QA I I ' 4. N 205 '1- Fa-1 t an .1 , C r i , , 4. g Aiwa 3, ' f ' ' 1 I Forensic officers are D. G. McCoury, Yvonne Mitchell, Julian Long, Betty Ross, and David Webster. Jack Hurt is giving Gene Engel a bit of advice in "The Rivals." Teddy Jack Key and John Thomas find something amusing, but it isn't that English book. M . ling ei. 0 lx.. lg, 19" NT Wil Q ..,, . l Em H01 Jerry Anstead finds there are other iobs to do besides taking pictures at Talent Shows. Our faithful custodians are Mr. Warren, Mr. Brazzill, Mr. Brannan, and Mr. Zimmerlee. Band members take advantage of civic opportunities. What has happened to Hal McGlothIin's hair? 206 " Q 1 r. ' '- we J 3 M e ,J A 9 ' f...- 'K . gf ' H S 1-1, Wg, , .K ,. wr - 'AA wa V, , , V, 6.4 ,Q .vw .zu Fl' I Kenneth Wallace lnfielder Manager Robert Osborne and Edwards. L 77 uhm 3 4- L if in 421 i 1' , N, r V gif' I' i un Joe Vick, Kenneth Huffman, and Don Rhoden Infielders. 16215661112 ff . 'eiiiigs , 1-1. ,, S-1 . :,,',,.: - -'Liriff ',1?'.'!! W 1 ,ga x Rf! H. P. Hawkins Infielder mascot Earl .-7 i - . Y' , 1" -Q 59 5 N U " if' i F , rv. 5 1' 444' ,Q Qf A 4 Wk? w ff . Q Jim Baum and Frank Etter- Patton Knot picturedl. 208 .2r. Outfielders - Derald Baseball ,li Q s. lf l if, i .ew . QM n ' Q , w 1 S 93 f ll "' 14552 f ' A 5 J M " , - iii ,B ESM? I f B 2 gl I li" ' 4. if ' - w 1 i I .fi ff -P ' h ,.,,, K ,A 3 ' Q I Freddie Green, David Bourland, Hollis Swafford Sammy Caudle, and H. E. Dunlap - lnfielders. uce Boyd, Don Harber, Phillip Bailey, and J. N. Steele - chers. 1 i'F9fS ill if ill if' 5 , l ,.., ,ki Q' 53 5' 'mkge ii ' is anry Calwell, Glenn Belew, fielders. and Twyman Ash- ' s df, .,. is ig, .,. ,s,.."1r,m , . 'M , an F ,,.., g ' k, ' as l i 1 ' l , I ..,X 'iyf I i A ,A K -Q I ' -',-"" V 7 l im, - all :V , , Y was A . ' . fl'-fs - J ' - 's ' Cullen Hunt and Bobby Jack Oliver - Catchers. Carlton Winkles, Billy Perry, and Altus Scott - Outfielders. 209 G05 -C1111-if-f '- """"-t4vrv-vm: HX .,Wso,WW ' f--f....,, :i' . Q B, 154. 1' J C! Members: John Greer, Stonle B' ' J -f neesffo. y muon, oe Sparks, Eugene Johnson, RonqyLMcGraw, Ray Olds, Lynn Emerson, Bill Braymer, Jack Hurt, Clark Hampton, David Simmons, Bill Lapham, Johnny Pechacek Jerome Roberts, Roger Whitehurst, Roland Snipes. Tennis .pe is-at if I fp C , 1 i W ,K it 2 Q- M. ' '- ff, l , 3 'Q ' J al .. - B' - A , Row 'lz Gary Turner, Don Lusby, Bill Graves, Larry Asbury, Ben Hines, Buzzy Sellers, Owen Cook, Carol Hopkins, Billy Carson, Ronny Rosignol. Row 2: Linda Mohan, Annette Vaughn, Jo Ann Greene, Barbara Thomasson, Sherry Miller, Sherre Smith, Sandra Bour- land, Gayle Wright, Kay Barnes, Pat Bennett, Gay Longacre, Nan Neas, Sherry Smith, Sandra Weldon, Ann Hills. Miss Jan Cannon, coach. - sun!-so-ROM b 'XUX Q 1 . t 0 . Z A I 1 t mi 'ix N ., 'il n it ' nf it 1 ' 's' J W - J ' 4' . ,. S ix- W I fi UNK F 2 'C ' . 5141415 " f , . l .P - A ' 4' f lklu 4- K Q , . n KA 4 , X L ! K 'A N , 41 if gg .f . . 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Wayne ,ei ,..--- C' .,,4.e,..,,.,4..ww, 'BEF P .. ..f.fE., ,,..w,J., - lx ., , . , ' 1 B Y-2.4 .A ,ffl M f x , D if , LEM. A5 - ,L Kwik f-53.55-..1f2w WW Q X B ggi lmmiwm X' ,fix QB' M-f M 1 mwk X , 34' .XA Mlddle Dlstance and Dlstant Runners Jerry Henderson, John Barfoot, W G Black, G. W. Davudson, Allan Sides, Bob Crawford, Joe Pruet Don Baker, Bob Mosshart Duck Orslnl, James Leonard Don Burks, Dick Miller. Ferrell Hays, Ronme Myatt Jam Brnggs, Hal McGlotl1lin, Nnck Palmer Mac Starnes, Vance McFadden, Billy Mitchell, Glen N Row 1: Jean Wallace, Betty Christian, Melba Brown, Clara Bennett, Nancy Henson. Row 2: Nona Little, Charlotte Welch, Jane Key, Georgia Osborne, Mary Gay Sanders. Volleyball Miss Billie Bailey Coach N0 SMOKING PLEASI Girls' physical education classes practice volleyball. 'X W- Q 'x . x -'J A 3 'R Y .4i24f1,. 1 ' wi' - fi? k ' -1 ls a 3 YA 1 .av 7-nmjgf, .k"' "!.., f 3:25, Sandra Hvurland 'V' N M 4 ' u 4, f ,S K .x . W ? . . ,H i X44 ' -W? Drcnmzu ' 'S' 's y lf Q il Ji 191 2 , ,I , f 'Q' A I ' ' I X I x QW . Patty Winston rf' sk Y 'X aiiqgkf A Jw, ,. W ,F f 66146 Currie 219 L 1 Pa I Callanf X62 ,num- , "'3f',,,,,,w ,- o lfcfffby fuck Oliver 221 Ularirc' 1 . Smith 222 1 P K si X If ,Wm Aflillermau 2 2 3 ,f X Nancy J-16145014 4 !,.w'9':vv1:ff L,,,,v janice jennings in-n nf Y ! . 4 ' i Dilwarflf Sellers 227 in Nzfrmz 0560141 228 ' A ' 1 5' A , 1' 'Rr A K S 2 l T Grace Morrow Most Represeniahve Glr Q? yu gg? H P Hawkins Most Representative Boy x4 Carla Sue Ferguson Most Versatile Glr ,A 5 4 ' x M A 'rn' 1" VW X Dick Orsini Most Versatile Boy F531 Bull Perry Janet Walter Don Rhoden Most Valuable oy Most Admnrable Girl Most Admlrable Boy vu' if Kunncrs up wwf. 'CP li Barbara Sogourner Larry McCraw 1 5'll'e R09 ROQGYS Jim Bowen ' I ' I Sig' ,kia L A . :T l l B . . . F ' ffl A xv, W KA l . Q A. I ' gf x 1 . X X Most Friendly Girl Most Friendly Boy M057 DePend0ble Girl Most Dependable Boy 229 N., if HOMECOMING QUEEN VIC SWEETHEART jean Lawless june J-frilly . M Eglin, I A ,. . hlilgpf. i f ' Vinvrf' , , TWIRP SWEETHEART FTA SWEETHEART Hill Perry ,Mary Hath Ifwkfard I I J Q, W' ,H L 5 cf 6' A. ' k L' , ,i"f:'-,. - Xi? ,.. ' ' ' my ,' Ghecrlcndvfs Cl . on Qflq Noncv Hens 6 smirk Patty Muston Head Cheerleader 'iff Bm-le Roe Rogers 4M PQ' Tolfonf Jan Boyd Mary Beth Lonkford Sandra Carroll Arleen Durkee Coyle Berry Sue Bowen 'A x , f lt Don Drennan Don Rhoden Mary Ellen Duke Public Speaking Athletics Dramatics nga 01-4,- 1 Gerry McElyea Shorthand iiit it S' Melba Brown Jerry Stringer Jimmy Fitzgerald Physical Education Bookkeeping Machine Shop Meri? 1 Roy Olds Grace Morrow Dilworth Sellers Mechanical Drawing Choral Music Choral Music w in gm! Harold Barnes Dan Boyd Carol Harlow Diversified Occupations Science 232 Spanish Ronny Leveridge Distributive Education rss!-:KS f , . .. . f X. 1 .sw .A.. ei Shirley Moore Ray Carson Jane Davis lee Presswood Clothing Audio Visual Social Science Vocational Agriculture 5 we N Freddie Green Ronnie Myatt Audry Harrell Wood Shop Art Foods Awards I I , If Cyrena Stowe Virginia Echols Dan Connell fl " Typing Latin Journalism fx " 7' -N' Stanley Wiggins A. D. Allen Gene Currie po,-oghy Kem English Mathematics 253 Band 0,-clqesfrq I 0 ll. " 'fm-J aqqvf., I I W MW Autagraphs ,fi CFDA A-'ffl 161A mu-fL Cl.ML.Q ki vvx aw ,hvfwfLQWs-zk1.xlN fL.la,-...pf ,,l ,K J. L " Y hy-ski. 'V 1 X I . f,,.xl-ffl, ax-XA p A fd-911'-ff 'Nkf f WF: W M1 fs 50 WAQJWQWKLQ, WWW ,i My 1 1 i 234 ' f JI! UHHUHII Hkmmllll 2 i i L KG I - - and you re known by the woe you give "' Ind1v1dua1s 11ke bus1nesses are known by the k1nd of serv1ce they g1Ve to thexr commun1ty buslness 8SSOC18t8S and natlon For your futures sake be sure the serv1ce you g1VG 1S your best' We of your e1ectr1c serv1ce company, proud as we are of our serv1ce, strlve constantly to 1mprove serv1ce to our customers and the communities We serve. Electric Service - T,,d,,,,s WestTeXas Utilit1eS Biggest Bargain any U i N o i 0 0 I N . , 1 'N D u Elf 236 N- Q' ff' Jw' If . Q .1 Z X4 1131 L- ' 1? ' I ,lfvbvf . X ,ff GF' A v '!?' ' f, A .71 111' I Y l X .991 9 f -Aff ,v , I -if 1 V I 'K 2,2f X' I 'C 41134 r X f" VK! I 13 I. ' Mvlllurry Cullvgf- has ll high rvglurml uml warm fefMr1affE .HQl1 Svhgggv ,X V -r- 'Q A Mc'M1lr1'y students aml gI,l'llllll2llt'S gui tlwir se-lmlustif: ' '7 N your vlslts. :-uvlm an ilu' lzuglf- llzmrl s ilIlp1'ill'ilIl1'!' ll! fN'l1'MYl'!'iQg .' Ill yspy,yg,aS"p11'llR-:fl iT5I3v. . ,, , . fp-H, up 41 -ffQ.,nfffu-f J1'-l A M ' QW X R Q N X 'QB MQ X ., ' - Y N K , 4 - N ' D 5 " We'd Iikle to Have YOU at McMurr'y' . ' . x l ' . We- Llniulc you woulsl like' Nl4'Mux'ry. Klux' luis uf l'4'2lhUllS. Irg as lrivmlly as your own AHS, At M1'lVllll'ryg: you'll mvvt wtflxlm-nts w!iilx'Cln'istiul1 lmvkgxmlxmls luml ideala, und t0ag'lwrs who will make yo111'i11tvn-sfs ll1vir'il1ln-wsts. You'll figmd suqkhl alvtllyilivsfvvarsity l.lllll1'll1'S, lllll'E1lllUl'2il sports. a fine N 1 x V X . , lmml uml K'll0lillh. and mlm other stuslcnl mgnnizzliions. Y'uu'll get H l'1'f'llllf1 of lmlonging at MvfVlur1y, . . 1 .. . Xauul wllul s marc. X011 ll grtl za lll'5l-l'lilSS vrlllvzlllml. x ' x . x 5 , x , " Best Wislu-5, , , x ' 9 Dr. Hzlrolfl C. Cooke- v 1 5 Presidmll, lVl1'Mu1'ry College Q ' K F X 1 1 f ,V V x K x x 237 A 1 N- Each Year We Welcome Many ABILENE HIGH SCHOOL Graduates to the Campus of Alollene Clmshon College Ill! HN "Tl l-lordln Admlnustrotuon Building ot ABILENE CHR STIAN COLLEGE you vvlll fund o friendly college o helpful college o Clwrlstlon College Abilene Clmshan College DON l-l lVlORRlS Pl'eSlder1T 238 1' lllli gg! gig 55 nt Viiietxg 'll' EEQEEELQM ,L mf' fy un 'WWWH' I. 5,1 Abilene s Oldest Over 60 years of Dependable Banking Service Farmers 81 Merchants National Bank CORNER FOURTH G CYPRESS v Enloy life eat out more often You will enloy one of our specials gveavaoov Chicken Dinner -- Sea Food Dinner QMS AT wi langforcl's Special Dixie Pig's Ham Plate 'N ABHENE DI Q Dixie Pig Drive-Inn Butternut at l4tn Pnone 2 0096 Abilene, Texas , ,fm Q 7' 'xg' ZZ .U V ..... '. fly 1 X1 ' fx 1 M gg!! 1 A X ., 2 Z ,f ng , gm A t., Higham 6 : .m f- J M X i '.,t X . , f hangar.: 5. .M ,Jin .V - afff f "" 0 ,M , to - xets so i .. , yy 1111 :SW fT'3L1-'rf uw " ' - ,1 I M "' c- V QL C1 'iff' sniff- EC, Kauai.-1 i H I , J ip, A , If . + ziinwff I i. . D f --TJ hh ' s c F3 1 ' ' '- , f- . ' ...ul V r pr: . H gi. , 3 A 1 X T ly' ,mL""" 4w't""'t 'Ml i . W, g - . l ful' . D ' A Q Pr- A '- mi E'sff'!L-,. I , new 'V . , . . o K' 01? ' - -- . Y V q o o o 239 ggqfw 1 HARDIN SIMMONS UNIVERSITY ' Chrlshan ' Co Educational ' LiberaIArtsEducatioI1 I -1 ' Reserve Officers Training.Corps .x'1"" 'dt-3 I 'S . ff f 1 , I N' X . ,, E . J, x , , J K, 1 f' 5 I wi I - - S I 1 32344 - ,M ,L ,L 'M , - L0 3 4, 0 J V - ,M- L - f ,'4 " K " '-Yf' .,, . ew, :- ami A . --Z --" , ' 2 ,, if-fffFf S 'T 1. 1, 9, Kia. - : I ' I , f at .-5 L- - '-" 1 4 T. ' I5 s I ' ur- .. , 1, A, I - A . A 1 is :se - -::- V I I i .Q 7- W ,af -' - . f' x l A -5- . :- '., nf, M 5 K x 'Shi' f: F: - - I-, ' Z N LLL if ' --S -- - I M"'14" Q 9 I s, ' ' bf' , A, ' are " ' - I I , f D I o 0 I , I 0 .1 -L f ' 1 a x r Q l 240 femme Perry and Mary I0 Medley find the people at the Citizerfs friendly and helpful. Future business men end women learn Gbeuf banking or The Citizens 1 Lltlzens dtlondl Bank ABILENE TFXAS CHEVROLET CADILLAC W"Q3i-vwgdkx A is rw' :mer-ip' , WESTERNWEHEVROLET Q0 1 I C O I I I ,. ll - 1 ' ll 1 l 1 i 1 "Vis I , 3 L . fl x ' 5 'wi 1 4 . - if t I 1 .,-c..TI, ' , ' m- Q ' A . , . Uuaf- . , .M - .., , V - .-Q ' 5, L .. W- " " ' " I x - ' s' X 1. gyw r l D 1- A ,f+qf"', , - .-- N- Q N nsvmmvnouuo s, A , - -A , - 7 K . V sv . ' 'Z. 'K 5 -wx' - ' K . :,. L 1 r 1. x -f 1 V ' . fu A.. .- , 1 fi x t , 'vff-fn ' 1 7 3 1 . . . 241 A tl V05 1' I I . J f f i ll' A Dqemtmemf Stow 742 Cypress Street Al3lLENE TEXAS Telephone l 7263 Where Peop'le Buy Wslth Confidence Hal w'1n Pmnos Conn Ban Tnstrumentq A DI Xllfl MU C eo l l7'5 North Second Telephone 2 3735 21 es Motor o Oldsmobule Rocket New ond U erl Fors SALES SERVICE l l5l North Second Telephone -l S585 Russeyls Printing Company CALl US EOR THAT NEXT PRINTING JOB Elm ot Second St Phone 4 4722 ,- 1 -5 r I Y ' 1 V V r Y f 3, L ' 1 ' U . . in I D, in X 5 5 2 7 E Q x ' - 1 I T 1 I , I, x ,V 51 E ky 1 f A A Aw l I f - - 4.5 A A " L .1 A 'K ,I , , 'I yr .idk gf 1 1' 'eff' - - ,- Q 1 A . ' 1 7 I Q L . I jf , C1 I A 'G' ' L ' l ' T.. F I ' n JI - U ' A A Q I C l ' Sl' S ' K ' uouun ll 'E""' I' , gf. uumgmu 5, J - TT Y A A I 0 ll ' ll S ,J ., w 'u . -L L 242 PHONE 4-9122 DICKEY'S FLORAL DLL. WLC ' ER "T11i11l.'ir1g of -RPIIIPIIIIIPT in 918 LANE ABILENE, TEXAS , 2 K A ,,'f" 1 ' l ' x Ronnie, Eugenia, Don and Sandra admire the beautiful crystal at C. M. PRESLEY JEWELERS 209 Pine Street Abi lene, Texas ROYAL CROWN B O T T l I 1 COM ,0 best t 243 The Best In Jewelry China Crystal and Other Fme Products are displayed CTT JEWBLER 0Pmmz'm1s'r ILENE TEXAS 1056 Y 4 7045 THE FRIENDLY FIRST d The in I E E EEF THE FIRST STATE BANK e ederal Deposit Insurance Corporation 5 0312 HU L E as T Cohorotolotuohs to the F Senior Closs oh the LAC Completuoh o o yv Hugh School Coreer ff 3 f ,fi ,,l ld! f ORTH THIRD AT CYPRESS ep! h J K Wo'Iuhgford Mohoger u I I I . I at 9 X' Ill 1 v S AB N. Second S reet Telephone - ll S ll ,gn W F Convenient an Safe "T-T T T 'T - -fi WWA'-1 Drive-in-Banking -, , 7-1 ,, .. ' .. If E l E' 'leitfggk-Q Efficient and Courteous , . Q s 1 24-Hour Depository ' .-A Q1 Af X541 1 , , VH - M fi . .4.............-..., ,. .. V , .A I 3 ' o - 5 Fourth and Chestnut wx I I Q I A V x T . y JN B L 3 T ' T 4 Q . i Q I ' T . . 'R N N . . N . X x W gp . C f . N S S - , N X A 1 , ' K T' T 5 1' A , ll I 5 C . . T 1 ' L s 1 244 gDADAMA 0 . fr 7 f ' . 1 fCll!A0l'l yfrf . A145 ,fluff '. A'l'l'lf'f' .fwrfnf fm' I f 0 60146 ' WORLDS LARGEST MANUFACTURER OF OFFICE MACHINES, ' SUPPLIESAND EQUIPMENT 1137 BUTTERNUT STREET , TELEPHONE 4-5077 , ABILENE, TEXAS 8 L '4 Q J R Fleder O D Dnllmghom Fielder Dlllln ham LIIIVIISEIH IUIVII ANY Cooks Vommsh Romt Ch 118171 Woll Boord ond Wollooper ABTLENE TEXAS Sosh ond Doors MEET YOUR FRIENDS WHITEHURSTQS DISTINCTIVE CLOTHING FOR WOMEN AND MEN 274 Cypress Street Telephone 4 658 "'f'pi-'7 1:- A B BARRUW. FURNLTURE C0 H 7 We F urn1sh Homes No th Th d f d 4 4396 O . O ' I . ' ' Q ' ' ' 410 esnut ' ' Telephone - I I, .-J ff f Y, ,vi l .-1-1.-l'g!' 94 , f V- L M' A A' W, ,L,,.- Z- ...,-4, 4.1. . Y I 4,:vw,,f"-O ge E ,-E.f .,.,..., if erfv --L M. EL- A--,E f FI c l ' ' f l I - "1f ' "" "', "-M1 , 4.5 ,.,..,1..4. 1 f1...f- ' 94' . 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W , I I I p ' ' 3 ii., f L if IV I X i A ii ,A 'U '1 gf Y V T P t . ia ,U i B ne ystems R ges Water Heaters and Refrl erators 246 Nff-Qu 2 RISSOMS 773 CYPRESS A lean K arla Que Janet and Claudette thmlc lt 1l ould be nzce to wear these cool Clothea rom GRISSOMS " Wap 4 W e DN ff 1 gpg Hitt' EIIRWIIIG 47 ai FQDEGEM ST Bobby lack, Nanrv. Patty, Clarlqe, Pat, Mac, Don, and Bzllze Rae enjoy good Foremost mtzk. MILK AND ICE CREAM f"A lu, ' . I. ' ' 4- A' -- J' ' A to - - . l7 Q?',l, .H 1' I :ii - wkf, ,. e Q ' ' , t ERNEST , zkik x R ,. , 2 K. K V. Kxyiii. .f x ' A li A A - .A ' , t f ' t A A , ii 335 "' A . M" , g f -, 51,2 A A-, , f g , i X 'L X ' 1 ', N all t 1' e 1 2 s 'M' WU' 2 ' , Ax 1 V K - I 1 uw- ' ' I ru It 'lj Al, Q . - X N , , I f . q 5' f s A A Q g I ' F' r ,. ,F . I "A Nl s 'id' it ' 1 Q " Q H. ... J ii t 247 l Y. ' ful Y iw Dorothy Illll Hon, krrv .xml Hex .1 Und .1 good l ' . ' 1 f " ' I I i' Q L w 'A v K 4 .1 ll selection of ime clothes x 5 . .Q ' 1 1 at ' L 1 lv 1 . i 0 " ' , x 248 'ORTION CKS TLT THE RECORD CENTER X2-Q Your Fovonte Shopping Center ONE STCP FOR EVERYTHING lllill u TEE STORES LOCATED 5' HB E ' lj um 4th and Oak IHIIILHEH ' ZZ!! -755-'H 12th and Butternut Elmwood West A CITY WITHIN ITSELP K T TI ' 1 TN t S , at Thornton's ' T X X T 0 . -Hi .I f I' UE lm! dp. 'iii 'J Tiiigg' T u ,r L X ,Tia 'Q Il I 249 tw! F ' L I , l 7 U 77 There s Cl one and only W- in refreshment too E N I - 5- ,. -. I AS.-5 r 4' jgfsw X I ,1 JI' x 4- XXXMX N ff aw 2' ff Wifi l X if ff' Q X-Ik I '7 Tx ' 1' li!! EV' N ,,-n-""""-'.-"- ..:,,, f , " sf Q A - , 4 771 If ffl' V-4.1 11. f, Tl fp X' W I JJ Meri k"""1'kf4'-"!K"c f T E4 e J BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY 1, TEXAS COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY 250 E ef' Q67 i I - A E THoRP's SHOES . 4 4 t ABILENE, TEXAS 91 Q ., Q no , is E. . - I C QM 1-cgi n. Vitality Polly Parrott V 1 RAND SHOES FOR MEN AND BOYS P. o. sox 569 TELEPHONE 4-8591 LUMBER AND Q V P M SINCE 1881 BUILDING ABILENE, TEXAS MATERIALS " 1, Q ,Q 1 ,I quznifuw and I Q ,: if V I abshomtivs n 21:11 WAL.NuTfAQzE1' ' ABN-ENE' TEXAS Seniors, Congrotulotions ond Good Wusnes Fronn Abilene, Texos YOUR BUTANE GAS DEALER Butane Systems, Ranges, Water Heaters, and Refrigerators 251 1 , 1 fx, f," . 'W -1 -- fr- 7 i-- ' -rr V-"' W- ' A' ' -- ' ' DIAL 4 6232 six Q- IGHTWE IAUNDRY S? fs w gth Rght ,B HQQAY GWNER Q1 all K5 f 7Jj0l'dQlZJ' N RICH MILK I SAK - - X 3 3 3 N .5X ' ' " x B xx X S " uCon' o ron ei -Way" N x g N . . - ml. . X - - , e 'Q kg? O9 Oak Street xg T I pl 4- U5 .N X ' 1 x 'X f 5 g e! X nouns QT.Il.C. P. O. BOX I39S PHONE 2 7879 W EST-lTE1XxAS:BR,IeC 61-PLE Co., CERAMIC 6, METAL. TILE' 13RaCKfAQOU5YlCELOTEx FLOOR COXJERINO-MOOERNFOLO DOORS 0:6 llO9 WALNUT ST. ABILENE TEXAS I ff 'pit Eh M 7060.4-, ,O f Aamir? AW M arab ZZZ2,.iif2' ' Ja fa 1' -'L'-U I :Ty 4.-66fQ..,,,.g,V for Li-f:e,4owiq-J E .' X Vein-L-Q44g Dr. Pepper Bottl111g4CE 490 Chestnut St. Abilene, Tex .I 5 E, 57 I rf' A1 I r I 253 X A A K, ei , f b! f E if rl n .ri A lrfIt's Show Time ' E 1 e'A erjes Home-Owned Theatres N ft 3, KK Wg . Q V. ,NH Ai urFamllyTl1eatres Cx ' g X J it I E J V Q . ' Q E lbmr Ulurnl Qlrahn l..l . M922 TE 7 ' "ffm iEi5g!.PLmu2A E twfw es- S - . Ofvigxiy BULANCE SERVICE i , a Hlflld S IZUISIQPUI I-1Cn1Q And Chapel of Memories 5-I2 Hickory Street Telephone 4-4355 ABILENE, TEXAS Ttwoughtulmess Chorocterizes Our Service Eine quolity food ood o well- roumded menu ot lowest possible Cost rrroy be found ot the , . Q v Abilene High Cafeteria MRS, GUS MAXWELL, MANAGER 254 3 Convement Locatlons 2457 Every Day Low Prlces us Frontier Saving Stamps N IYDICK HOOKS ROOFING CO OF ABIIENE INC Over 50 Years ln Texas 329 Plum Street Phone 4 4088 II90 NORTH SECOND TELEPHONE 2 3223 TOM WAGLEY REALTY COMPANY O REAL ESTATE d SECURITIES ABILENE TEXAS , I a - . I 4 is ' No. 5 H ' 53 o. ' fn A ik' N . 9 I SAVE two wAYs . III . ix? PI No. Io ' ' 1318 A .s ' o I C 255 of-:ffl-'H 1 Q .f'- I f 121- .4 ...Hoff ' -I V4 V Y A . . . 1 N I fi l Y' 5 3 U 4' , ,... .YA ' 7 ' -i .L ' In A I ! K , ll , 6565555 2 2 562- E :fs i ' A K I I I - 1 Uwe GOODQNEH .. r .fieffje . ' 4 ,f . Tl Y - H I . 'XIX ' ,liff fr 'T " f A i W'e Give -U."'9lf Green Stamqii jj, Cl Q., ' A! Z'7lf,,4,e An, CN ep, , l l ,,, ' - I -'I fp mn Walrwilt-Street Cor. South l nd Clwestn Wlortlwsiclel '- A f . gg U f L tffvv at DRAUGHON'S you will find the following advantages: 5 I. Special training for a definite employment obiective. s' F- 2. Successful placement service. Q in 9 3. A chance to prepare for a worthwhile career at a saving in time 1 d . . 4. fcinsirliczpsypersonal interest in your progress, with individual instruction. ff Ziiilflccf iffiilfl.l'QgfQZcrhffle2inQ1'fl.Clo' Course gmd"o'e5' 7. A convenient enrollment date. , . 1317? So. iss St. Drauglmon s Business College A.l2'..,f?j,T,..g BOB SPRINGER W, WILLIS COX, JR. W. Wllllll UIIX, Jlt. l lllllllllllll AGE CY 31 8 Cedar Sr. Phone 2-2805 GENERAL INSURANCE Abilene, Texas l 256 A9ed4XwQda., U'-GN fplvftlw nzeaf 6 ,K - Q dfmglfwlaa 'Q7Zfffmf4'w"'5 1444, 6'-I 654144, ! rifwfed'-9 'P if 4 mba' 'QjZi6'L'?2 we 445 ' "Yi m.,,g1 - ,,.,fzQ..0J- Vijay fwomz- .9144 43.5 Mk , Mfffffxffwfm wp WWMMW X A-wif? ' . ' ClL.,.w4.Q 6L'7fW"'J" m uv, Xb VVJJ XDAA 'V ,X Vwlvkg M B QR iiiQ1ffl9 iifj w V5 giffcf f Y 'ax Q? Tfffwfbwfgf df LwdX MQ QQQLVEAUGMQ Qww .s.,...w G-Q-gfxl Nf,,"EjgA"'W'f,LW-52 V FJwa"FW .4 CF? 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