Abilene High School - Flashlight Yearbook (Abilene, TX)

 - Class of 1953

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U' ' 3 1 2 :5 ff if 2 x, J J! 1 2. , 5, :L A 'J E ga 4 Z yu 1 A fx NN fl' 39-91 i E i 3 ? rl R A gal ' 9 ' A kb 9 ,. 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I ignagux A5 ' -L,gk ,QSMFNJ Qbxk-Si G- g..-,f- 'Q-A 5L5,,.L3XNxLmN E-A-XL A M ix r B 'J Bak wxsykhjw. .xjwfj Af xsA!,,x5,-Si qxxxkks-tm M' Nh- mx udg,-LX ,SA A s,,n.X FRN, gg., 59,3-,Q Xxig Q .Vx gk,-f..- fkwvsfw-'X AAMQ-kk . f X L N-5-'Sr -SX Q sq wc, Cx QW R -HL-.AA C4,.4Q N fffiliff ,y ff ji W WN N N xl 299535 lQ2w 5? X X Q w3R 5i s ffe ,Qww - -V 1-INC-. S1 c or Q0 Ann Sfuarh plagoui Bob Galley h gmplver jew-rg Seymore T l Fnancial Direeior D, , 1 viii 2 HJCTP ,T Orgfmgafions Rifa Burns K! OPS GQBIQ Cmwbgr j :I ' Sporfs Technician Charles prifcbeif e , , A j-:mice Hines L SQRIOT DIl'6Cf0l'S Glenna lard I unfor Dfretfor gary goiimlftg I 1 Joybomore Direcfors jslxgi waiter g Sandra Zmyompson S JOEIHIIC jflrbr u h L Eeclmfcal Dfrecfor Mr5,Remf,20i f?nancinl Dfreefer 1112 1Q Ef B1fg1clford N 1 f 5' w Ile Q X Mtv f,5 jJI!M,JM6j5 ' Z x! 1-J X , uf X Wjj ,HW Mya QN2 4 XJ Xf, MJ, , - l jf' f 1 J JH, A 2 X jf! 3 ,I IX, L Dio! J Produced 1 , P, , F f ,W yf 9? U y YJ 7 xf' JJ!! ,fxipvuv 41' ' N- QV 4 ,nf ff fw A M jj J ff, ll f f 5' ,AJ 3 J 4 k Q,1f W I I 1: I ifZVQf7i5Gf1 F. i 1 Nw!! fEQfIQiQv Q Ei The 19013 flaslvliglvt bbbi birectcb 9 ,. catcc has Tll5CY1T9 Offzfbilcllc High For om year, u v' ' 9 'lpcrfbrnling Stage of UFQ, ,Cbrh ' ' iw ' ' on thc' cm umcasinq wo I 1 unprovmq tl ' r 1 5 1cCltf3CI15 of tomorrow we Odricatc this, CHE 1.05.7 fl ZYSHI. IGI-1Ct0 M159 LUCRE Cl Zi LZ CURRY F,-N X l- 1-, ,--.f -athl- t-,,. . -,Tx -1 LQ S v-3 . ? '-Y .L . A x- , A x --N-gwx T, if i ,.-'2 vs 'li -. . h g - ' 'JB'-1 f -. :TW -Ha . t V F- , , I ,.. jf- V Q- . -2 ggi V X -as - S- '37 P V mia g I A,. , . . .. U Q ,L , N YE x sg. -NQ, ' E A: 4--V ,--i ?-L,,.. . i,. , f N X M .. I fs THE TEACHER- THAT sowsn or UNsz-:1-:N HARVESTSH The FLASHLIGHT dedicatee of 1953 ha planted the seeds oi learning in thousands of students during the thirty-three years she has devotedly taught in Abilene High School. For thirty-three years, she has helped to nurture those seeds into mature, useful citizens of the community. Ex-Eagles who reminisce about their school days at Abilene High will remember the 1953 FLASHLIGHT dedicatee, MISS LUCRETIA CURRY, for her wis- dom, her sweet disg sition. and her sparkling sense of humor. vga Ayiwlfyf , 3 I! L, ,ff ,lx 4 s W' if ,- M xy' up N L N' jf ' or bf 3 as s rol 4317 W 5 i l ul V. E 6.- ,, V' I V, -' - Qf'ij -rr 115 N-:tj l 1' I X-y ......,...cg. . s 4 Memory will recall the FRONT ENTRANCE to the minds of those who passed through its doors to prepare them- selves for the drama of life. K ' . V ti 51 3 4 1 kwgw-M-M-W-qw ,M --W-...Q , WL ,.,.... vuuuungq E3 6 V' 4 l .. ,.,. I I.. 3 -5-H-'H-U L l , l 1 Approving cheers of an Eagle performance echo from the galleries of the EAGLE'S NEST. Temper- ance, sportsmanship, and? physical fitness are re-l h e cr r s e d by successfull stars in the game of life. 5 Cheers in the Globe The- atre could not have sur- passed those heard in the EAGLE STADIUM where scores of fall scenes are performed. 7 T H ui ...-.- -,, Early morning sun- beams cast shadows on the EAST ENTRANCE where pre-school and noon scenes are en- acted. .f E I . ,f J-'tr . nv- ' cfm, ,rr K' .Q-xr r-... ,.,j?K ffis.,'X W ..-., ,,., M , S 3 T TW' s ' ' V , . , T ,. 5 g,.,.-.gf?Q??..n,.M.1 ..-ru,1r..z:,...,,..-.- 7 , - jf Q! l if L4-,bfggg ff 65 Penta Z' ii ag acyl S9 'gvmges 1 5 5 Q 15895 4 4f 4liC3 27 I 44 ver-Aseme nts 8 A6 ill' ,O ome with me anbl will Counsel theem fr. .4 ' . , 41,-,.f - 1 Zif. y . y- '4- .X - '. 1 4 ,,.:,v: 1 '-p . I 'Q Ax U 4 -. '- 1' x .' . ,, 1511 ,?. . f . - 'Z'-' f!. '., 1 -1 1 . f ,I N4 k ll 1 ' .u':'+1 'T'-x'l 'Q x Dx: -.A , ,M if f,Q',..'.:,ly 1 5, ' '- ii x:. iwbfwm xwu Nfmfh W N U -'! 115, ft.-f . f 'VT' , ' 1 qgvfu Ig 1 ' fill -.. v .'w ' ' . . - fi-jf--ix,.:., 1? '-' ' 9- wx- -J' .,v', if ' 4 X 3,514-5,,. EN-:if .i A .ix ' A ., - W ,. -4 - '. - -. . I W XR ,, ,, u..V,:z , 'I 4:28 h Xf5o? ' W jig- i f '4 , 34, , . X0 - b . 2 I ,4 7 559 2',L.' - ' 1 JJ f . lr' Ju : ' 1 .A Q.. 1 ' x r - . 1 ' P? ff fr 1 1 , I llsl ., f a J, J V x . , l Hfkr ' ' 1-x 5 ' - 13-N -' l'l I 1 .K 1 ' ' , 5 '-I .J ff A 4 .4 fwf 4f -5 , -l b - -' it 1 7- A X '7' 'l Xr ' ' My FX .. Y Q Xau Aix f ,dk if A 17, .f IN K 5,6 ie ,ff 5 is y f' ' E- R if I 1 ' ' xx ' , A I Q ff ,ff X! Mwli fwf f 4 gif' ff N W X, X Q g if fx ,' u , ,. -Q. 'By 2 K QQ U,-A ..-l-- Qyxxzkxxi xi X + X iv 'H VKX AfM'f7Y X n1QQNkt I Wx vvX'i 5 gl 2' ' K Ty .XE X ' k fax,t lx WX Ubf'- I I U' g Vfrx NX 1 N' u- aajbf .I Z ' , N N ,r -- - A- f 1 :H .s , Q A Af, f c' '- gf W7 X f .Q , . Y , X'-f': , V' rm-,H Ulf N I . mv iffy fffnv R tg.. fn 1 11,1 V M7 A I I , , 1'--1 'ff' , i-1 . 1 M X . 505.1-:Z If- ' 7, A 1:51 f fur n 11' ,Q agp, -1,321 ' ' ' F' 'ff x ' , l t Qthilene Glitg Szltnnls A. E. WELLS, SUPERINTENDENT Qxhilznz, 'ilzxas Students: The students of Abilene High School are to be commende for the wholesome spirit that has permeated throughout th student body this year and has manifested itself with each! individual's work, whether it be classroom studies or student activities. This true Eagle Spirit will be a challenge to all future student bodies and should characterize the life of those who will not be back next year in helping them meet their future problems. Our country today has entered upon the most perilous period in its history. At stake are the fundamental freedoms of our people, and peace. The youth of our nation offer our greatest hope for the proper solution to all these problems. The outcome will be determined finally by how well we bring to fruition our every resource of mind, of spirit, and of will. C?tl1iIe11e Gliig Srlqunls Alxilrue, Eexns ABILENE HIGH SCHOOL CHARLES ROMINE, PRINCIPAL Dear Eagles: If you would have your life as you would like it, be ready! Set your goals. Prepare yourself so that when opportunity comes, you are ready to grasp it. If you are prepared to accom- plish your purpose, sooner or later, if you are alert, you will succeed. Be your own driver. Be fair to the other fellow. Live up to your word. Keep your chin up! My best personal wishes will follow you wherever you go. Your friend, Wag, , xxx Nr IP' X ltr mv 'T l , lffvl ff ll-5 Al ,iaif L17 ' I M. - lf LN V-I fl, nal' 7 My ' - 1ni T Y ,.f 'i K it ,xv ' ' ff ,KN N 1. bs f if fm KI IIN MI lc t I 1 K ' 4 T M 47 iii? 11'-1' f' 'f LVZQZ' F4 :-- 1.11 'W' I ' '-' .aff , ft- f' svezi ..-4:-5 t J' 'ff 'ff7 f W' I . U' ' bi.-.17 -1 V , 5 l , f. ,Y ,rf N C-'Abilene Clitg jizlgunls Qthilrne, Eexas ABILENE HIGH SCHOOL J H. NAIL. Ass'T PRINCIPAL Dear Students: Again it is a pleasure to congratulate you as a student body on your many achievements this school year. May those who depart look back with fondest memories: may those who return dedicate themselves to even greater achievements in the future. You have been an ideal student body in your industry, friendliness, and co-operation. May I wish for you success and happiness. Sincerely, 12 - Qhilens Clliig Snhuuls d f Qtlmilene, filzxzxs BUSINESS MANAGER GEORGE E. STOWE MXNXXX t ff K4 , 'if' Dear Students: M ,QI The World is calling for good leaders, good spirits, and -gqthjffu I iz, for men of good will. Never for a moment entertain the ff 7M X ' I I I I Lsi- 1 fx' nu' 'ff 3'1 ij,-I? thought of mediocrity or defeatism. The World will be As You Q Ihr mtl :l iz I I:igiI.I-LI., ,,. fig Qs A. C. ANCONA B. A., M. A. Science 'I' W. K. BENTLEY B. A., M. E. Physical Education MRS. SELMA BISHOP B. A., M. A. English B. L. BLACKBURN B. A., M. A. Mathematics Physical Education CARLOS G. BRADFORD B. S., M. S. Mathematics MISS LAVELLE ALDREDGE Bookkeeper for Abilene Schools KENNETH ASTON B. S. Assistant Band Director MISS MARY BAGGETT B. A.. M. A. English ff' ,O 97 Ll! MRS. YVONNE BROMLEY B. S., M. A. Commercial MRS. LOUISE BROWN B A MISS MILDRED BUTLER Commercial B. A., M. A. English MISS FRANCES CAFFEY B. S. Home Economics 1 MISS I CAFIQINON B- S- Q-w.xlM.uAc fx ical Education MRS. MARIORIE CHAMBERS Assistant Librarian STUART CHILTON English, Iournalism MISS ALEISE CLINE B. A., M. P. S. English, Student Counselor if ill? ?,f ' MRS. I EAN DAVIS Secretary to Superintendent MBS. POLLY DEATON Assistant Bookkeeper MISS BOBBIE DUNCAN B. A., M. Ed. English H. A. DUNN B. S., M. Ed. Woodshop BILL COALSON B. S., M. A. Vocational Agriculture MISS RUBY COMPERE B. A., M. A. Home Economics LEROY CREWS B. B. A., M. A. Distributive Education MISS LUCRETIA CURRY 2125 2 Exif -in-4 MISS WILLIE M. FLOYD B. A., M. A. Science MRS. RENA FOY B. A., M. A. English -'i it 97 ALEX EDWARDS B. A., M. A. Mathematics ROBERT FIELDER B. S., M. A. Band Director MISS EVA GARVIN B. A., M. A. Commercial HENRY GREEN B. A. Mathematics BOB GROSECLOSE B. S., M. Ed. Social Studies, Physical Education MRS. IUANITA HANEY B. A., M. A. English I ,O ill '41 ,Q ', f, ff f .iff 4' 1 . QW MISS SARAH HARDY B. A., M. Ed. History I. M. HARLOW T. 6, I. Certificate Machine Shop If UVVIX aw- MRS. C. B. HICKS English MHS. SALLIE HILLEY B. S., M. Ed. Home Economics VAIDEN HINER B. S., M. Ed. Science, Audio-Visual MISS ODELL I OHN SON B. A., M. A. Science MISS VERA HAYES B. S., M. A. Spcmish MRS. BETH HENAGAN B. A., M. A. Art JEWZIL ' 18 DAVID KENNAMER B. A., M. A. Social Studies GENE KENNEY B. M. Choral Director W. D. LAWSON Safety Education, Physical Education MISS IANE LeFEVRE B. M., M. Ed. Assistant Bald Director 04 cu. Receptionist in I. I. MOORE B. S., M. A., M. S. A N Skis is-sv MISS LEE MCADAMS B. S., M. S . Civics R. A. MCCOLLUM B. A., M. Ed. Mathematics MRS. KATHERINE MILLSAP Superintendent's Office Vocational Agriculture Q ,O 97 Mi' sp- , B. A., M. A. English MRS. KATHRYN MORROW MISS THERESA MOORE Secretary to Principal W. A. OWENS B. S., M. S. Mechanical Drawing MRS. KATHLEEN PARKER B. A., M. A. English LEROY PARKS B. S., M. S. Science MISS MABEL REEVES B. A., M. Ed. Mathematics MRS. MADIE NEWMAN B. S. Registrar RAINEY OWEN B. S. Diversified Occupations I N. A 19' ,O I 212' AV f 35- L.. ,. ALAN SHIELDS B. A., M. A. Social Science MRS. CHRISTINE SHORT Attendance Clerk WOODARD ROBBINS B. A., M. A. Mathematics MISS LOUISE SELF B. S., M. S. Science X AON-I-J-Gifs MISS MILDRED STOKES B. A., M. Ed. English ERNEST SUBLETT B. A., M. A. Speech, Dramatics P. E. SHOTWELL B. S., M. Ed. Athletic Director MRS. EDITH SMITH B. A., M. A. English f avr B' fi' MISS MYRTLE TRANTHAM B. A., M. A. English, Latin MISS FLEUR WALTON History, Speech I. L. WEST B. S., M. Ed. Social Studies, Physical Education MRS. RUTH WHITE B. S. Social Studies MISS LOUISE WILLS B. A., M. A. Librarian Mrs. Bishop demonstrates hunt Gnd Ped! System- lVlr. Shields has a sweetie! Working hard, Madie? 22 Q' Mr. W. E. Frcxley Mr. Morgan Iones President Vice-President Ji Mr. George Swinney Mr, Ben Chapman F! Secretary Mr- Ollie MCMUUI Mrs. T. E. Roberts Mr. Roy Skaggs 23 fo' li Z3 f Rv L as 1-'S-ann-..- 3 -to in -iff X Sf' -.. I I W 4 fd N-I' f S Y 1 L. A ' , X Lf ' 'urs 'elf 5 ' 'I- 1 rg fl- , s 1 Is it a teacher's bulletin or a letter, Mrs. White? . . . Beautifying yourself, Mrs. Parker? . . . Eat heartily, Mr. Brannan, Mr. Zimmerlee, Mr. Warren, and Mr. Brazzil .. . Good yodelingl Mr. Fielder . . . The shining globe on the Christmas tree cannot outshine the one on Mr. Edwards' shoulders . . . Suitable schedule seems to be the problem for Mrs. Brown and Elizabeth Wilcox. 24 I ' Z7 1553525 Klbeit You have beserveb High commenbation, tvue applau5e,.mb love M H , T4-1 ' : i' ,- X x - 151 ' H26 X f f A Cong A, QM 1 ' --1 2: ' -.-. all ' JS-. -'5'1 !.--'f-i:,-21. -bf f, A SS 'LA , I , ' i2i.1Lg.E-'E ' .i:!ZT.71:, 'I . 1--g,:.' , ,iff Qgj5g,23i?fh.s,x N I Hilti.. . 'iw Q ' x :ggi M :,:,'5'2'Si'1Q? O11 VQYL .QA W - 5? f? 71, ef M A f , ' J V I A 3 -.ix X 5 -,I'3'g'f W tm Q , N ' f . I ff 1 1,1 z 'M ff Q x. ' :. 1 1 MSG' JA., 7 , . 1' Q. E114 fri K . dit' . I' , vim. , us 1' M y Ll . U, ' .xjgh - i , M Irv.-v 1 'L Zu ' -ga: ' . vx1 f X ' Af. -,3 1 :- x f- , . f y . 14,545 ' ,N N' g . Y ,-'Rl' f w -vis'-2 nl- N -- Z A - f 6 . 4-iiAQQ --:?fg:E L' iQ- 'Z' - , ll X' -, , A v tk Yliwfl ip.-f-.L X ' ' ' mf , 4? 5 tj , Lf? ' 'GSL - ,Q Y' gl, Q-., T- 1 A xgh M , ., -Y 7,7 D - 1156! 1 1, 5 . P , J .j-Frm 'mix ,gel '54 , f w . -1 fm. B It H 1' 1 ' i Qyxsw ' '- ' 1 WF, x1 'N I2 gg' , 1 1 'ny Laffy' , ,K M' I .Ji-N my mum ff V53 1 .- , LQ ,Qv FN, W1 - - g, Q' E D X Q 7 . 9 ' ' x' 19 I -,Il ' N 1', f' ' ' 9- - ' v . 'lil ' ' ,ll-fa.. A U . J' 4 ' 'Z YH 'Q X W-6-K ,Tw - uB,s?Q!.'f-.regexhx 'mliAg-Q--4- '- Kirk' -P J f, . x . -- 1 1 . . . . -:L 'iv ' .. . .' ,v . -. Q. ' -, ' .f 'lil ' V K 'W . . , , , A 1 Lf! - K I L w I u r 'ft d w ' -D: . .'f1,5-,-5.3.--. ' ' -,,' ' J' A,,. . I, y, . . -. ' -. ' Ugg' rr 1.2, n .- 1+ 'I ' A 'jjnlj 'E 'X' ! ' Q, 'ff s. dsbilm Kb MQW N N y ' iikive fn A 'S it H v 54, D, ' 0205i Ykymgm AW W 'f ',:.'..-I- WM I ,' v ':A fl ' r J w w 4, ,k Q! -1 ' sf W, ,N N -,YK 1 oft UUTPA K bow ' 'H 1' M v, . if Q, , p ,N,9uL ,, K A O NOW W L 5. 0 6 an 0+ b W 53:5 my , I X 0 N U1 4 1.5 Qg O1 gt .YH07 lm O' 2 'MP 1--,' G wi? H' ':: Ev 2 gm A Q - ,J M ' MW .gf 'Aw' , ,L f 'ff Msg 1 I ,-I 'fra it Rfb uDD6 Aman' D . W M 92.-ff A ef 7, .J M Ig ef '72 ..-. ,, jj' 'f l ' N ,, N X 4 - 153-A Pi.: ML A. ih 'a.f4 922519214:L-'?Hik'vMK' 21L9 + E lgaula lgnmvrz 21131151 Ahmirahlr CEM Q A ix CRE -Q kills, my X 4 ' xx A 8 , , L 565555. A K fx x 1 L - me vm. W ,.,,, ,EHA ,,. K fx f,.fvl1? N . ' 1 11 Suv Watkins lk HHH51 Bvpvnhahlv CEM Eharnll 'Hnghw 11131151 Efrivnhlg Cgirl f ,mit ' . v , v ' 1 .c W. gxs I x 4 'ffsw2f!s?+v',,z4mQ,.: K i ' 'L -15 ,ws - uf' 24-,Il ' ,muy 4 u -wb s Y. K .v 1 ,5 H is E .Y 4- 4 A .. fa.. 5' X' .af I 'K ft ii M' ! X 5 M De'u3..S,Sf?,?bSL2f'JF'0n 1-u.uff'L1Z?LZm.5'.!ii?,?12Z.m I0hn12,i2.cY'ffiH2umS ai Q2 T I 0 f-f E V 0 J f Wretha Whittle 5 Futura Teachers ol America Wlvlnllll W ---1-...- Darlene Warlick Pope Divoniiiod Occupations Marion Truitt Twirp Season if, X .. Q, 2,2 t vi 1 31 Sharon Hughes Futura Farmers ol Amari CC I 5515 Al .40 f Irig i ' ' , A if fl - ' ':.'.' ,- 75,45 ,0 we - pf' ' ec X - At first t .Q-I '. Q we I ' YQ l k X, lg Lgp he Kll The worlo 9 A stage, 7-Yno all the men .mo women merely playe rs h th h' ' g school boy . . . X V' s t o r if H , M ,W Q gf W V -I 'Cl lgiylm 5-:fri f 'N Xhmdfvf fu.-1 xffjg' X Y 'Il ,, o fl W P-I' 4 e v o K Go' xv' W 'w'4 f aw, kvcd 1 Chlld h -11 I ' i A t f 2 ' A I , fi t . A dth th lover... , Nil Ml. li E Th lp Ht-11 Th soldier . . . And th th 1 t ce . . . 700' Ppd 1 XI , X -,H Q 4 if d As Shakespeare XV would say, Wonderful, wonderful, and again most wonderful, describes the three class queens of 1952-1953. IAN BAGGETT-Senior Queen f SIN CLARICE SMITH-Iunior Queen 44 HARRIETT HARVEY-Sophomore Queen IBN? 0115 U26 little fO0l6ry that wwe men have makes-, A 9Yeat show y - , x J. mf- vg ,, ' l Q j'm3' fl Q ' QM O U :wif fo W' 72 J- O- ff! la 7 x l IN V , I N EWR X x xbzgf A .G 174 . 3 Q X- X' A QQ? ' . f..'K g , ' N 1. RJ.. Q U ,I g-, 4 'SSL P A Q 21? 1 , bf. J A I. x A ,.,,.1v I f J J, X X XX N - 1 X 1 .XX .' I l - W If L ' L QIAUJSTQ Q x Q L K f - if BILL VAUGHN Vice-President MACKEY NEWTON Reporter N mxinr Ugffirrras JAMES ROSE President IOHNNIE WILLIAMS Secretary-Treasurer 'ff' WRETHA WHITTLE Representative Sf M0125 R. H. ADAMS Band '50-'53, Brass Sextet '50-'5l: A Cappella '52-'53: Male Quartet '52-'53: Student Directors '51-'52: Music Appreciation '52-'53: Cotton Bowl '50-'51 IIMMY ALLRED Future Farmers of America '50-'52: Historian '51-'52p Woodshop '52-'53 ADELL ALTUM Future Business Women's '52-'53: G an G '52-'53 CHARLES ALVORD A Club '50-'5l: Baseball '50-'5l: Woodshop '50-'5l: Audio - Visual '50-'53: Audio - Visual Operator '50-'52 RANDALL ANDERSON A Club '50-'5l: A Association '51-'53: Baseball '50-'53, Lettered '50-'52 DOROTHY ARRICK AHS Theatre '50-'5l: Student Council '51-'52: Style '51-'52g Distributive Education '52-'53, Secretary '52-'53: G an G '52-'53: Sophomore Princess '50-'5l: Secretary Horne Room '50-'52: Treasurer Home Room '50-'Sl: Reporter '52-'53: Battery '50-'51 RAY AVERITT Distributive Education '51-'52, President '51-'52 BENNIE BAEZA l IAN BAGGETT Flashlight Queen '52-'53: National Honor Society '51-'53: Secretary '52-'53p Student Council '50-'53: G an G '52-'53: Personality '50-'51: Vice-President '50-'5l: Carrousel '51-'527 Fashion '52-'53, Vice-Presi- dent '52-'53: Stage Crew '52-'53: Secretary Home Room '51-'52 ROY BAKER 4 7 Mn 4945.5 is 'MJ' NNW. in Q 1 it t I W' 5-1' 'D' T SEXWTIS IOAN BALLEW A Cappella '51-'535 Iunior Girls Quartet '51-'52: Eaglettes '50-'5l: Battery Staff '51-'53: Iunior Red Cross Council '52-'53: Carrousel '51-'52, Personality '50-'51, Secretary '50-'5l: Tennis '50-'53 EULALIA BANTAU Future Teachers of America '51-'52p G an G '52-'53: P. E. Majors '51-'53: Singing '50-'51, Mixed Chorus '5l: Eaglettes '52: A Cappella '52-'53: Volleyball '50-'535 Intramural Basketball '50-'52 WINSTON BARCLAY Band '50-'53, Saxophone Quartet '51-'52, Property Sergeant '51-'53: Student Directors '50-'52: Photog- raphy '52-'53 IAMES BASS A Club '50-'53: Football '50-'53g Audio-Visual '50-'52: Vice-President of Home Room '52-'53 GLENN BEACHAM AHS Theatre '50-'53, President '50-'51, Vice-President '51-'537 National Thespians '50-'53, President '51-'53: Stage Crew '52-'53, Acting Lab '50-'53: The Merry Wives of Windsor '51, The Winter's Tale '5U, Daniel Boone '50, Aladdin '51, Rumplestilskin '52, As You Like It '52 DORIS ANN BEATY Little E '50-'5l: Fashion '51-'52: Vogue '52-'532 Orchestra '50-'53: G an G '52-'53 GEORGIA BEECHLEY Future Homemakers of America '50-'52, Girl of the Month '5l: G an G '52-'53 PAT BELEW AHS Theatre '50-'51, Secretary '50-'5l5 National Thespians '51-'53, Secretary '51-'52: A Cappella '50-'53, Secretary '52-'53, Sextet '51-'53: National Honor Society '51-'53: Iunior Red Cross Council '52-'535 G an G '52-'53, President '52-'53: Reporter of Iunior Class '51-'523 Of All He Dies Posses'd '51, The Merry Wives of Windsor '52 DAVID W. BENNETT Track '51-'52, Intramural Track '50-'51, Baseball '52-'53, Sportsman '52-'53g Outdoor '51-'525 Photog- raphy '50-'51 NANCY BENNETT Student Council 'Sli Sophomore Princess '5l: Ten- nis '5l-'52: G an G '52-'53: Music Appreciation '52-'53, AHS Theatre '5O: Carrousel '51 48 5fX?9Q7iX5 BETTY BETHEL Future Homemakers of America '50-'52: Choir '50-'51, Parliamentarian '50-'Sly Attendance Office '51-'53: G an G '52-'53: Intramural Volleyball '51-'52 BETTY BIRDWELL Little E '51-'52g Intramural Volleyball '51-'52: Fu- ture Homemakers of America '52-'53 BOB BLACK rchitecture '50-'5l: Boxing '50-'53: Baseball '50-'525 Club '51-'53g Student Council '52-'53: Golf '50-'52: udio-Visual '50-'53, Certificate of Merit '52 CONNIE BLAKENEY Eaglettes '50-'533 Glee Club '50: Foreign Corre- spondence '50-'52, Vice-President '50-'52: AHS Theatre '51: National Thespians '51-'52: Library 'SUJ Merry Wives of Windsor '51 CHARMAYE BLANKENSHIP Tumbling '50-'51, Reporter '50-'Sly AHS Theatre 'Sl-'527 Future Teachers of America '51-'53, Sweet- heart '51-'52, President '52-'53, State Recording Sec- retary '52-'53g Eaglettes '52p A Cappella '52-'53: Orchestra '50-'53, All State '51-'53, Cotton Bowl, '52, Concert Mistress '52-'53: Band Office '52-'53 MARIE BLANKS Future Homemakers of America '50-'535 Mixed Chorus '50-'Sly Iunior Red Cross Council '51-'52: G an G '52-'53 DOROTHY BOEHNING National Honor Society '52-'53: Personality '50-'5lg Student Council 'Sly Carrousel 'Sl-'52: Iunior Red Cross Council '52-'53, Corresponding Secretary '52-'53: G an G '52-'53: Secretary of Home Room '51-'52 IO ANN BOLEY Future Homemakers of America '50-'53: Little E '51-'525 Intramural Basketball '50-'51: Intramural Volleyball '51-'52: G an G '52-'53 NANCY BOND uture Homemakers of Americaq'5O-'53, Treasurer 50-'5l: Fashion '51-'52: Style '52-'533 Reporter of ome Room '51 RITA BONIFIELD Student Council '50-'51g Fashion '51-'53: G an G '52-'53: Battery '52-'53, Reporter '52-'53, Typist '52-'53 49 an in TQ- 4575 ei' l ,M 15 ings' mv- ! .sf E2 t 'f SIEXIWDIIS BILLIE BOSHER Future Homemakers of America '5l 53, Iunior De- gree, '52, Chapter Degree '53, Merit Award '52: G an G '52-'53 BARBARA BOULTE Little E '50-'52: Vogue '52-'53: G an G '52-'53: Na- tional Thespians '52-'53: Acting Lab '52-'53: Sec- retary of Home Room '50-'51 CATHERINE BOURLAND AHS Theatre '50-'52g Pre Med '51-'525 National Thes- pians '50-'53p Style '52-'53: G an G '52-'53: Student Director of Daniel Boone '50 JIMMY DAN BOURLAND A Club '51-'53: A Association '52-'53: Football 'Sl-'53, Lettered '52-'53: Baseball '51-'53, Lettered '51-'52 MIKE BOWDEN Pre Med '51-'523 Science Club '50-'51: Golf '50-'52 MACK BOWDOIN A Club '50-'Sli Football '50-'5l: Boxing '50-'5l2 Vocational Industrial Club '51-'53 IIM BOYKIN Architecture '50-'51, Treasurer '50-'5l: Golf '5l: Box- ing '5l-'525 Golden Gloves '52: Sportsman '51-'52, President '51-'52: Gym Club '52-'53 RUTH BRADFIELD Personality '50-'Sli Library '51-'52: National Hon- or Society '52-'53: G an G '52-'53g Vogue '52-'53 PAT BRECHEEN Little E '50-'52: Secretary of Home Room '50 G an G '52-'53: Circulation Manager of Battery Home Room '52-'53 EUGENE BROOKS A Club '50-'53: Football '50-'53, Lettered B T '50-'52: Intramural Track '52-'53: Student C '50-'52: Vice-President of Home Room '51-'53 50 SEKZGDIIS DEAN BROWN Vocational Industrial Club '51-'53, President '52-'53: Student Council '51-'52: AHS Theatre '50-'51 BUFFORD BURNS Vocational Agriculture '50-'51, Vice-President '50-'51, Sergeant at Arms '51-'52: Vocational Indus- trial Club '51-'53 RITA BURNS Style '51-'53: Intramural Basketball '51-'52: Intra- mural Volleyball '5l-'52: Secretary of Home Room '51-'53: G an G '52-'53: Club Editor of Flashlight '52-'53 ARLEN BYNUM A Club '51-'53: Track '51-'53: Football '51-'52, Let- tered B Team '52: Intramural Basketball '5l: Box- ing '5l-'53: Golden Gloves '51-'525 Audio-Visual '52-'53, Crew Chief '53, Merit Award '52: Reporter of Home Room '51 WILMA CAIN h G Cm G '52-'53g Music Enjoyment 'Sl-'52: Girls Sports '50-'5l5 Distributive Education '52-'532 lltifllfflufcl Baseball '51-'52g Intramural Basketball '50- 52 CATHERINE CARPENTER Future Homemakers of America '50-'Sli Record Club '51-'52: Style '52-'53: G an G '52-'53 LEAHMON CHAMBERS Vocational Industrial Club '50-'535 Audio-Visual '51-'53 GAIL COKER National Honor Society '51-'53: Personality '5O: Record Club '5l: G an G '52-'53: Vogue '52-'53: President ot Home Room '52 MARILYN COLEMAN Fashion '51-'52: Vogue '52-'53: G an G '52-'53: Bat- tery '52-'53, Reporter '52-'53 IEAN COLLETT Pan American '52-'53, President '52-'53: Future Teachers of America '51-'53: G an G '52-'53: Fu- ture Homemakers of America '50-'52, Reporter '50-'52, Historian '50-'52 51 .oe ffl 'X WV SEXIWDIIS BOBBIE COLWELL y Future Homemakers of America '50-'53: Choir '50-'51, Secretary '50-'51, President '51-'52, Song Leader '52-'53, District Secretary '52-'53: Sophomore Princess '50-'5lg National Honor Society '51-'53: G an G '52-'53: Registrars Office '50-'53: Vice-President of Home Room '50-'5l1 Secretary of Home Room '52-'53: Intramural Football '50-'5l: President of Home Room '50-'5l: Intramural Basketball '51-'52g Intramural Vol- leyball '51-'52 DONALD CONE Vocational Industrial Club '50-'53, Treasurer '52-'535 Treasurer of Home Room '51-'52 IUANEZ CONKLIN G an G '52-'53: Future Business Women '52-'532 Future Homemakers of America '51-'52 CORETTA COPELAND Musical Enjoyment '51-'52: Girls Sports '50-'Sl: Dis- tributive Education '52-'53: Intramural Baseball '51-'523 Intramural Basketball '50-'52 BARBARA CORDER Personality '50-'51g Carrousel 'Sl-'52: Iunior Red Cross Council '52-'53 DUANE COTTON Woodshop '50-'52: Typing '52-'535 Intramural Basketball '50-'5l: Intramural Track 'Sl-'52 LE ROY CRAWFORD A Club '50-'53: Football '50-'53, Lettered B Team '50-'52: A Cappella '50-'53, Quartet '51-'53: President ot Home Room '52 MILDRED CRAWFORD Future Homemakers of America '50-'51, Merit Award '50-'5l: AHS Theatre '51-'52: Stage Crew '51-'52: Future Business Women '52-'53: G an G '52-'53 BOBBY CRISMAN Future Farmers of America '50-'52, First Vice-Presi- dent '5l-'52p Abilene Fat Stock Show, Iunior Super- intendent of Rabbit Department '52: Student Council '5l: Poultry Iudqinq Team '50-'51 DON CROWDER A Club '51-'53: Football '50-'53, Lettered '53: Architecture '50-'51 SEKWIIS GAYLE CROWDER Flashlight '51-'53, Faculty Editor '52-'53: National Honor Society '52-'53: G an G '52-'53: Little E '52-'53: Fashion '51-'52: Student Council '50-'Sly Social Chair- man of Home Room '52: Sophomore Princess '50-'51 ANNE CROWE Iunior Classical League '51: Pre Med '51-'53, Re- porter '52-'53: G an G '52-'53: Social Chairman of Home Room '51-'52p Intramural Baseball '51-'52: Intramural Basketball '51-'52 BILL CUMBIE Band '52-'53g Little E '52-'53 DONALD CUMMINGS National Honor Society '52-'53: As You Like It' '50-'Sly Gym Club '51-'52p Sportsman '52-'53: In tramural Basketball '50 PATSY CUTBIRTH Student Council '524'53g A Cappella 'Sl-'53: Mixed Chorus '50-'5l: G an G '52-'53: Iunior Red Cross Council '52-'53, Chairman '52-'53: Carrousel '51-'52, Secretary 'Sly Tumbling '50-'51, Secretary '50-'5l: Sophomore Princess '50-'5lg Vice-President of Home Room '51-'52 HELEN DANIEL Future Homemakers of America '51-'53: G an G '52-'53: Intramural Sports '51-'52 MONTE DARDEN Slide Rule '51-'52 BEN DAVIDSON Diversified Occupations '51-'52g Vocational Indus- trial Club '51-'52. Reporter '51-'52g Little E '52-'53 AMIE LOU DAVIS Future Homemakers of America '50-'5l: G an G '52-'537 Distributive Education '51-'53 MARY IO DAVIS G an G '52-'535 Little E '51-'52: Personality '50-'5l: Mixed Chorus 'Sly Eaglettes '52: Junior Red Cggoss Council '52-'53: Secretary of Home Room ' -'51 55 Mar 9 li: at ci' s-'Q-4. lcv, s...,,Nt wwf' 'VX SEXWDIIS ROBERT DAVIS A Club '50-'53: A Association '50-'53: Baseball '50-'53: Golf '50-'52, Lettered '50-'5l7 Woodshop '50-'51 DAVID DEAN A Club '50-'5l5 Boxing '52-'53: Gym Club '51-'53: Track '51-'52: Football '50-'5l: Audio-Visual '51-'53: Debate Squad '52-'53 IOHN DEATHERAGE Sportsman '5l5 Future Farmers of America '51-'53, Sentinel '51, Dairy Iudging Team '52, Second Vice- President '53 VERLA DILL AHS Theatre '50-'5l: National Thespians '50-'53: Style '51-'52: Iunior Red Cross Council '52-'531 Future Teachers of America '52-'53: G an G '52-'53p Office Worker '52-'53: Secretary of Ath- letic Department '52-'53: Battery '5O: Vice-Presi- dent ot Home Room '50-'51: Reporter of Home Room '52g Secretary of Home Room '5l: A Win- ter's Tale '5O5 Daniel Boone '5O: Intramural Baseball '5lg Intramural Basketball '51 GLENNA DILLARD Flashlight '51-'53, Junior Editor '51-'52, Senior Editor '52-'53, Certificate of Merit '52: National Honor So- ciety '51-'535 Personality '50-'51, President '51: Car- rousel '51-'52p Fashion '52-'53: President of Home Room '50: Stage Crew '52-'53: Counselor's Office '52-'53: Intramural Football '50-'51: Intramural Vol- leyball '51-'521 Intramural Baseball '51-'52: G an G '52-'53, Vice-President '52-'53 BILLY DILLER Future Farmers of America '50-'5l: A Club '50-'5l: Football '50-'5l: Basketball '50-'51: Vocational In- dustrial Club '51-'53 C :Tw DILLINGHAM Band '5Q.Q53, '52-'53, Property Sergeant '51-'52, Co - Horn Quartet '51-'53, Brass Sextet '5l- e . 51-'52: Little E '50-'5l: Stu- dent Dire rs -'5 GWEN DOWDLE Tennis '50-'5l5 Mixed Chorus '50-'5l: Eaglettes '50-'Sli Personality '50-'5l: Carrousel '51-'52: Vogue '52-'53: G an G '52-'53 MILDRED DOWNING Eaglettes '50, Accompanist '5O: A Cappella '51-'53, Accompanist '52-'53: AHS Theatre '50: Future Home- makers of America '51-'52: Vogue '52-'53: G an G '52-'537 President of Home Boom '52 ROLEN DOWNS Architecture '50-'5l: Domino Club '51-'52 54 SEXZQDEXS KAY DOZIER Audio-Visual '51-'53 MIKE DUKE IO ANN ELLIOTT Sophomore Princess '50-'5l: Personality '50-'5l: Rec- ord Club '5l-'52: Vogue '52-'53 SARA ELLIS Band ' ' , Majorette '50-'53, Head Majorette 52- 53 State Fair 50 Cotton Bo arinet Quart t '52-'53, Twirling Due 2, Twirlinq olo '51-'52 Orchestra '51-'5 Stu ors '50-'5l5 ashion '51-'52' ogue '52-'53: St dent Council ' an ' -'53 SUE ELLISOR Future Homemakers of America '50-'5l: Distributive Education '51-'53 NATILEE EPLEN Band '5O4'53, Property Corporal '51-'52, Property Ser eant '52-'53 State Fair '50 Cotton Bowl '51 q , . . Band Office '52, Clarinet Quartet '52-'53: Orches- tra '51-'525 Little E '50-'5l: Student Directors '52-'53: Fashion '51-'52: G an G '52-'53 TOMMY ESTES A Club '50-'53: A Association '51-'53: President '52-'53: Football '50-'53, Lettered '51-'52: Basketball '50-'53, Lettered '51-'527 Track '50-'53, Lettered '51-'52: Stage Crew '51-'52: Student Council '52-'53p President of Home Room '50-'51 MARY EWING Sophomore Princess '50-'Sly Personality '50-'51, President '505 Carrousel '51-'52, Secretary '52: G an G '52-'531 Fashion '52-'537 Secretary of Home Room '52: President of Home Room '51: Home Room Circulation Manager for Battery '52-'53 TIM EYSSEN Little E '50-'53, Vice-President: Audio-Visual '50-'53: National Thespians '52-'535 Library '5O: President of Home Room '51-'52 IOYCE FERGUSON Girls All Sports '50-'5l: Record Club '51-'52y G an G '52-'53: Etiquette '52-'53, Reporter '52-'53: Re- porter oi Home Room '51 55 ?v-, C 4-D 5 'ive rw XTR'-v' SEXIWDIIS PAULA FERGUSON Future Homemakers of America '50-'53, President '52-'53: G an G '52-'535 Intramural Basketball '51-'52 DEE ANN FIELDER Future Homemakers of America '50-'Sly G an G '52-'53: Distributive Education 'Sl-'53 B,E.XMON12 FISCHER Tumbling '50-'52: Intramural Sports '525 Slide Rule '52-'53 WINONA FISCHER Little E '50-'52: National Thespians 'Sl-'53: AHS Theatre '51-'52g Record Club '52-'53: Acting Lab '51-'52: Debate '51 IEAN FITZGERALD Student Council '5O: Volleyball '50-'523 Style '51-'52, Program Chairman '5l-'52: Sophomore Class Report- er '50-'Sly Vice-President of Home Room '51-'52g Sec- retary of Home Room '52-'53: Vice-President of Girls Glee Club '52-'53: G an G '52-'53 ROBERT FLAIR Student Council '50-'5lg A Club '50-'5l: Library '50-'5l: Little E '51-'52: Distributive Education '52-'53p AHS Theatre '52-'53: Track '50-'52 IOHN FLETCHER Domino Club '50-'51: Pre Med '51-'53 NELL FOREMAN Etiquette '52-'53: G an G '52-'53 BILL FORTSON Barber Shop Chorus '50-'52: Intramural Basketball '50-'5l: Intramural Track '51-'52p Gym Club '52-'53 IERRY BOB FRALEY A Club '51-'53: A Association '52-'53, Secretary- Treasurer: Basketball '50-'53, Lettered '52p Base- ball '5l-'53: Runner-up Most Representative Boy '52: Vice-President of Sophomore Class '50-'Sly President of Iunior Class '51-'52: Student Council '51-'52, Vice-President '51-'52: National Honor So- ciety '5l-'53: President of Home Room '50-'52: Architecture '51-'52, President '51 SEXZQDIXS PAT FRANKLIN G an G '52-'53: Girls All Sports '50-'Sli Record Club '51-'52, President '51-'525 Puzzle Club '52-'53, Vice- President '52-'53 IAN FREE A Cappella '51-'53: Mixed Chorus '50-'Sli Eaglettes '50-'5l: Tennis '50-'53, Lettered '52-'53: Personality '50-'51: Carrousel '51-'52, Reporter 'Sl-'52g Junior Red Cross Council '52-'53: Junior Classical League '50-'53: Battery '51-'53, Reporter '51, Advertising Solicitor '51, Make-up Editor '52: Student Council '50 LOUISE FREEMAN Band '50-'53, Saxophone Quartet '50-'53, Librarian '50-'52: Future Homemakers ot America '50-'53, Choir Pianist '50-'52: Library 'SOJ G an G '52-'53 MARCIA FREEMAN Singing '50-'51, Secretary '50-'Sly Iunior Red Cross Council '51-'525 A Cappella '51-'53, Librarian '52-'53: Vogue '52-'53: Mixed Chorus '50-'51, Vice- President '50-'5l: Secretary of Home Room '52-'53: G an G '52-'535 Eaglettes '50-'51, Librarian '50-'51 BOB FRY A Club '50-'53: A Association '52-'53: Intramural Bas- ketball 'SU-'53, Lettered '51-'53: Baseball '51-'53, Let- tered '51-'53: Audio- Visual '52: President of Home Room '51-'52 BARBARA GALLE Future Homemakers of America '50-'51: Foreign Correspondence '51-'52: Record Club '52-'53 IACK GARNER A Club '50-'53: Football '50-'53, Lettered B Team '50-'525 Intramural Track '50-'52: Stage Crew '51-'52: Boys Glee Club '52-'53g President of Home Room 'Sli Vice-President of Home Room '50-'52 BONNIE GARRETT Library '50-'51, Staff '50-'5l: A Award '5l: Record Club '51-'52: G an G '52-'53 KAREN GENTRY Cheerleader '52-'53: Personality '50-'5l: Carrousel '51-'52: Music Appreciation '52-'53: A Cappella '51-'53, A Award '52, Girls Quartet '51-'53: Eaglettes '50-'5l: Tennis '50-'5l: G an G '52-'53 DORIS GIBBS Eaglettes '51-'53: Glee Club '50-'51: Little E '50-'51: Carrousel '51-'52: Vogue '52-'53: G an G '52-'53 57 gr' f'Vx . !'?f ? r1't -qv ,- IK 5' 'Q' fw- wc' .TV WS? fv- X' 5 SEXIWDIQS NAOMI GILBRETH Student Council '50-'5l: Mixed Chorus '5lg Pre Med '51-'52, Secretary '52: Future Business Women '52-'53: G an G '52-'53 EUGENE GIST Future Farmers ot America '50-'53, Iudginq Team '52-'53 IOYCE GRAHAM A Cappella '52-'537 Eaglettes '51-'52: Mixed Chorus '5l: Sophomore Princess '50-'5l: Student Council '50-'53: Personality '50-'Sly Carrousel '51-'52g Vogue '52-'53, Vice-President '52-'533 G an G '52-'53: Intra- mural Football '50-'51: Intramural Volleyball '51-'525 Intramural Baseball '51-'52 SHIRLEY GRAVES National Honor Society '52-'53: Little E '50-'51 g Sophomore Princess '5O: C a r r o u s el '51-'E-2: Eaglettes '51-'52: Vogue '52-'53: G an G '52-'53: At- tendance Office '52-'533 Secretary of Home Room '50-'51, '52-'53 MARY ANN GRAYSON Distributive Education 'Sl-'53: G an G '52-'53 ADA LEE GREEN Girls All Sports '50-'5l3 Intramural Volleyball '50-'525 Intramural Basketball '50-'52: Intramural Football '50-'5l3 Intramural Baseball '5l-'52: Rec- ord Club '51-'52: Puzzle Club '52-'53, Reporter '52-'53: G an G '52-'53 FREDENA GRIFFIN Future I-lomemakers of America '50-'52: Little E '50-'Sli G an G '51-'52 BOB GULLEY Flashlight '51-'53, Assistant Layout Editor '51-'52, Layout Editor '52-'53, Certificate of Merit '525 Stu- dent Council '50-'5lg Intramural Track 'Sly Out- door '5l-'52, Vice-President '52, Sportsman '52-'53: President of Home Room '51-'52 IUDY I-IAINES Carrousel '51-'52, Reporter '51-'52p Iunior Red Cross Council '52-'53: Student Council '52-'53: Battery '51-'53: G an G '52-'53 MARY NELL HAMMACK Band '50-'53, Cotton Bowl '51, Office '52-'53: Fash- ion '5l-'52: Student Directors '52-'53: Future Home- makers of America '50-'51 1 G an G '52-'53 58 SIYXIWDIIS DONNA HARRISON AHS Theatre '50-'Sli P. E. Majors '51-'52: Vogue '52-'53, G an G '52-'53: Battery '51-'52, Secretary of Home Room '51, Vice-President of Home Room '5l: Intramural Basketball '51-'52: Intramural Volleyball '51-'52, Intramural Baseball '51-'52 LUCY HAYNIE A Cappella '50-'53, Merit Award '51-'52, Girls Quartet '51-'53: Tennis '50-'5l: Music Appreciation '52-'53: Carrousel '51-'52, Personality '50-'5l: Stu- dent Council '52-'53: G an G '52-'53 IOHN DAVID HAYS Vocational Industrial Club '50-'53, President '50-'51, Sergeant at Arms '52-'53 WENDELL HEARNE AHS Theatre '52-'53, Photography '51-'53: Nation- al Forensi: League '51-'53, Vice-President '52-'53: Vice-President of Home Room '51-'52, President of Home Room '52-'53: Interscholastic League Ex- temporaneous Speech, lst in District, lst in Re- gional, 3rd in State '52g Battery '52-'53 RUTH HENNINGTON Intramural Champion Basketball '51, Intramural Volleyball '51-'52, Intramural Baseball '51-'52: Sec- retarial Club '5l-'525 Iunior Red Cross Council '52-'53 BARBARA HILL Future Homemakers of America '50-'52: Fashion '52-'53: G an G '52-'53 SALLY HILL Battery '50-'52, Fine Arts Editor '51-'52, Reporter '50-'51 p Singing '50-'51, Secretary '50-'5l: Future Teachers of America '51-'53, Future Homemakers of America '52-'53, Press Club '51-'52 IANICE HINES Flashlight '50-'53, Sophomore Editor '50-'51, Iun- ior Editor '51-'52, Senior Editor '52-'53, A Award '52: Quill and Scroll '50-'53: Tumbling '50-'51, Sec- retary '50-'5l: Iunior Red Cross Council '51-'52, Reporter '51, Future Business Women '52-'53, So- cial Chairman '52: Student Council '50-'51, Future Teachers of America '51-'52, Secretary '51-'52: Sophomore Princess '50-'5l: Secretary of Home Room '50-'51, Treasurer of Home Room '52-'53 TERRY HOBBS A Club '51-'53g Football '50-'53, Lettered B Team '5l: Architecture '50-'51, Home Room Circulation Man- ager for Battery '52-'53 IOE HOLLAND A Club '50-'53: A Association '50-'53: Football '50-'53, Lettered B Team 'Sly Baseball 'SO-'52, Let- tered 'Sli National Honor Society '5l-'53: Presi- dent of Home Room '51-'52 ax S..:::v ks L l ,fl Z .Je ,S ,nt fv- 55967525 IAN HOLT Secretary of Home Room '50-'5l: Little E '50-'51: Freelancers Unlaunched '50-'5l: Future Teachers of America '50-'53: Style 'Sl-'52, Reporter '51-'52: Re- porter of Home Room '51-'52: Battery '51-'53, Merit Award '52, Copy Editor '52-'53: Attendance Office '52-'535 Pre Med '52-'53: G an G '52-'53: Responsibili- ty Award '52 IAMES HOPKINS A Club '50-'53: A Association '51-'53p Football '50-'53: Baseball '50-'53, Lettered '50-'52: Future Farmers of America '50-'53 BILLIE KAY HUCKABAY Iunior Red Cross Council '52-'53: Attendance Office '52-'53: Student Store '52-'53: Reporter of Home Room '51-'527 Program Chairman of Home Room '51-'52: Personality '50-'Sly Carrousel '51-'52g G an G '52-'53 ARNOLD HUDDLESTON A Club '50-'53: Football '50-'53, Lettered B Team '50-'51, Reserve '51-'52: A Cappella '50-'53, A Award '51-'52, Quartet '51-'53, lnterscholastic League I Place Quartet: Audio-Visual '52-'53 ANN HUDSPETH National Honor Society '51-'52: Mixed Chorus '50-'512 Personality '50-'5l: Iunior Classical League '50-'52: Carrousel '51-'52, Reporter '5lg Battery '51-'53, Alum- ni Editor '5l-'52, Society Editor '52-'531 Student Council '52-'53, Corresponding Secretary '52-'53: Secretary of Home Room '52-'53: Registrar's Office '52-'53: G an G '52-'53: Music Appreciation '52-'53 SHARON HUGHES Head Cheerleader '52-'53: Future Farmers of America Sweetheart '52-'53: Iunior Queen '51-'525 Runner-up Most Friendly Girl '51-'52: G an G '52-'53: A Award '52-'53: Mixed Chorus '50-'51: Personality '50-'5l: Tennis '50-'5l: Secretary of Home Room '50-'5l: Carrousel '51-'52: Vice-Presi- dent of Home Room '51-'52: Battery '51-'53, Edi- tor-in-chief '52-'53, Circulation Manager '52-'53, Associate Business Manager '51-'525 Iunior Red Cross Council '52-'53: Press '52-'53: Reporter of Home Room '52-'53: Attendance Office '52-'53 IRIS ISBELL ' A Cappella '51-'53, Merit Award '52: Eaglettes '50-'51, Girls Trio '50-'51, Girls Sextet '51-'53: Little E '50-'5l: Iunior Red Cross Council '51-'52, Project Chairman '51-'52: Style '52-'53, Social Chairman '52-'53g Vice-President of Home Room '50-'5l: Secre- tary of Home Room '51-'52: G an G '52-'53: Intra- mural Basketball '51-'52 CAROLE IAMES Future Homemakers of America '50-'523 Future Business Women '52-'53: G an G '52-'53 IO IAMES G an G '52-'533 Distributive Education '51-'53p Future Homemakers of America '50-'51 LONNIE IAMES SEXMUEXS MONTY I AMES Future Homemakers of America '50-'5l: Distributive Education '51-'53, Secretary '52, Reporter '53 IUDY IARRETT Student Council '50-'53, Iunior Class Representa- tive '5l-'52, President '52-'53: National Honor So- ciety '5l-'53: G an G '52-'53: A Award '52: Iunior Red Cross Council '51-'53, Vice-President '51, Pres- ident '525 National Thespians '51-'53: Vice-Presi- dent of Home Room '52: Hegistrar's Office '52-'53: Winter's Tale '50, The Merry Wives of Wind- sor '51, The Skin of Our Teeth '51, Rumple- stilskin '52, As You Like It '52 CELIA ANNE IOHNSON Girls All Sports '50-'Sly P. E. Majors '51-'53, President '52-'53: G an G '52-'53: Intramural Basketball '50-'52: Intramural Baseball '50-'5l: Volleyball B Team '51-'52, Co-captai ' - DON IONES Band '50- 53, Drum Major '52-'53, Pro erty Ser- geant '5 '52, Property Corporal ' -'51, Solo French I-lor ' -' 3, '52, Horn Quartet '5 -' ass.Sextet '51-'53, Cot on Bowl '51, egion '51-'52, State Fair 'SOJ Debate and Extempfifaneous Speaking '50-'5l: Student Di- rectors '50-'53: Orchestra '51-'53 IESS IONES Outdoor '51-'52: Sportsman '52-'53: Intramural Track '52 WANDA IONES G an G '52-'53: Future Teachers of America '52-'53, Secretary '52-'53: Foreign Correspondence '51-'52, Reporter '5l-'52 E. I. IOSLYN Basketball B Team '50-'Sly Magic Club '50-'5l: Intra- mural Basketball '5O-'5l: Intramural Track '50-'51: A Club '51-'52: Boys Gym Club '52-'53 IUANITA KAHLER Future Homemakers of 'America '50-'52: Reporter of Home Room '5lp Etiquette '52-'53, Social Chair- man '52-'53: G an G '52-'53 MARTY KAMMERLOHR Iunior Classical League '50: Vice-President of Home Room '5l: Eaglettes '50-'53, Librarian '52: G an G '52-'53, Reporter '52-'53: Iunior Red Cross Council '52-'53, Vice-President '52-'53: Tennis '50-'51: Person- ality '50-'5l: Carrousel '51-'525 Mixed Chorus '50-'5l: National Thespians '52-'53 DELBERT KEESEE Woodshop '50-'52, President '51-'52: Iunior Acade- my of Science '52-'537 Intramural Basketball '50-'51 SEXWIRS NAN KIKER Personality '50-'Sli Style '51-'52: Secretary of Home Room '51p Future Business Women '52-'53, Treasurer '52-'53: G an G '52-'53 FREDA KILLOUGH Intramural Basketball '50-'5l5 Future Homemakers of America '50-'Sli Distributive Education '51-'53: G an G '52-'53 HELEN KING Future Homemakers of America '50-'Sli Student Council '50-'52g Vice-President of Home Room '5l: Intramural Baseball 'Sly Fashion '51-'52: Social Chairman of Home Room '52: Attendance Office '51-'53: Future Business Women '52-'53g G an G '52-'53 DAYTON KING A Club '50-'53: Football '50-'53: Track '50-'Sli President of Home Room '50-'51: Vice-President of Home Ftoorn '52 KAY KING Tumbling '50-'51, Treasurer '50-'5lg Carrousel '51-'527 Vogue '52-'53: G an G '52-'53: Attendance Office '52-'53: Student Store '52-'53: Tennis '50-'5l DALLAS LACY Band '50-'53, Cotton Bowl '50, Cornet Trio, State Fair '50: Orchestra '52-'535 Library '5l: Student Directors '51-'52g Photography '52-'53: Vice-Presi- dent of Home Room '52-'53 LOUISE LANG Future Homemakers of America '50-'5l: Record Club '51-'52g Etiquette '52-'53, President '52: G an G '52-'53 PADDY LANKFORD Student Council '51-'52: Sophomore Princess '50-'Sly Tumbling '50-'Sly Iunior Red Cross Council '51-'52, Treasurer '51-'52: Little E '52-'53: G an G '52-'53 BOB LAPHAM A Club '51-'53: Golf '5lg Basketball '50-'Sli Baseball '52-'535 Audio-Visual '51-'53, Crew Chief '52-'53: Me- chanical Drawing '5O-'5lg Vice-President of Home Room '50-'51 ROSE LATIMER Future Homemakers of America '50-'51, Reporter '501 National Honor Society '51-'535 Intramural Basketball Champions '50-'52: Intramural Base- ball Champions '5O-'5lp Intramural Football 'SOI Volleyball '50-'53, Lettered '51-'53: A Association '51-'53: P. E. Majors '51-'52, Secretary '51-'52: Fu- ture Business Women '52-'53, President '52: G an G '52-'53: Merit Award in P. E.: Secretary of Home Room 'Sli President of Home Room '52 SLIXZQDIQS PRISCILLA LAWHORNE A Cappella '51-'53: Mixed Chorus '5l: Eaglettes '5l: Interscholastic League '51-'53: Tumbling '50-'51: Music Appreciation '51-'52g Style '52-'535 G an G '52-'53 CARRIE FRANCES LAWLIS Iunior Red Cross Council '52-'53: Carrousel '51-'52: Tumbling '50-'Sli G an G '52-'533 Secretary of Home Room '50: Sophomore Princess '50-'51 BETTY LAYMON Future Homemakers of America '521 Distributive Education '52-'53 MARIORIE LEA Little E '50-'5l: Reporter of Home Room '50-'Sly Attendance Office '50-'Sly Battery '50-'52, Reporter '50-'52: Carrousel '5l 52: Eaglettes '51-'535 Li- brary '5l-'52g Style '52-'535 Acting Lab '52-'53: Rumplestiltskin '52p G an G '52-'53 DOROTHY LEGGETT Student Council '51-'525 G an G '52-'53: Little E '50-'525 Volleyball 'Sly Intramural Basketball '50-'52g Intramural Volleyball '51-'525 Intramural Baseball '51-'52 CHARLES LE SUEUR President of Home Room '5O: Barber Shop '504'51, Secretary '50-'5l: Intramural Track '51-'52: Slide Rule '51-'52: Pre Med '52-'53, President '52-'53: Boxing '51-'53 NORMA IEAN LEWIS Singing '50-'517 Secretarial '51-'52: Future Business Women '52-'53, Social Chairman '52-'53: G an G '52-'53 BRYANT LILLY WANDA LITTLE Student Council '50-'5lp Personality '50-'Sly Style '51-'52: Fashion '52-'53: G an G '52-'53: Future Teach- ers of America '52-'53: Secretary of Home Room '50-'Sli Attendance Office '52-'53 B. D. LOVING A Club '50-'527 Audio-Visual '51: Football '50-'52: Basketball '50-'537 Baseball '50-'52 65 -Lv s- 4? 'lt Mit 10 i -1 SEXEWDIIS PATSY MCCRAW Future Homemakers of America '50-'5l: P. E. Ma- jors '5l-'53: G an G '52-'53: Volleyball '50-'53p Intra- mural Basketball '50-'5l: Intramural Baseball '50-'51 IIMIVIY MCELRATH KAYE MCENTIRE G an G '52-'53: Music Appreciation '52-'53 PEGGY MCGINNIS Future Homemakers of America '50-'52g Fashion '52-'53: G an G '52-'53 MELBA MCKENZIE Volleyball '50-'525 Girls All Sports '50-'52: Vocational Industrial Club '52-'53, Reporter '52-'535 G an G '52-'53 THELMA McKENZIE Music Enjoyment '50-'Sly Library '51-'525 Distribu- tive Education '52-'53: G an G '52-'53 ARTHUR MCMILLIN A Club '50-'53: Football '50-'53: Track '50-'53: Base- ball '53: Intramural Track '51-'52: President of Home Room '51-'52 BARBARA MCMINN A , Cheerleader '52-'53: G an G '52-'53: Student Coun- cil '50-'52: Little E '50-'5l: Carrousel '51-'52g Vogue '52-'535 Secretary of Home Room '50-'51 IIMMY MCNEIL Flashlight '5l3 Domino '51-'52g Sportsman '52-'53: Attendance Office '52-'53p Intramural Basketball '50p Vice-President of Home Room '50 RAY MACKEY Woodshop '50-'51 64 5fX?Kt7ii5 BETTY MARTIN Personality '50-'Sly Little E '51-'52g Fashion '52-'53p Intramural Basketball '50-'51, Baseball '51-'52: G an G '52-'53p Intramural Volleyball '51-'52 LOU MARVIN Little E '50-'Sly Carrousel '51-'527 Vogue '52-'531 G an G '52-'53 ORVA MASHBURN Future Homemakers of America '50-'Sli Distributive Education '51-'53: G an G '52-'53 MARY IEAN MEDDERS National Forensic League '50-'53, Secretary '51-'52, President '52-'53: interscholastic League Debate '51, Third Place District '5lp Interscholastic League Extemporaneous Speaking '52, First Place District '52, Second Place Regional '52: Iunior Academy of Science '52-'53: Record '51-'52, Secre- tary '52: As You Like It '50-'51: G an G '52-'53 RAMON MIERS A Club '50-'521 Track '50-'52 ROYCE LEE MIMS Vocational Agriculture '50-'53: Parliamentarian Home Room '51-'52: Entertainment Committee '52-'53 CHARLSIE MINSHEW Tumbling '50-'5lp Intramural Sports '50-'525 Future Homemokers ot America '51-'o2: Eaglettes '50-'52: Distributive Education '52-'53: G an G '52-'53 FREDDIE MITCHELL Woodshop '50-'5l: Little E '51-'52 MYRA MOODY Student Council '50-'52: Personality '50-'5l1 G an G '52-'53: Style '52-'53: Secretary of Home Room '52 GERALDINE MOORE Sophomore Princess '50-'5l: Vice-President Home Room '50-'517 Personality '50-'51: Fashion '51-'52: Style '52-'53: G an G '52-'53 65 SEVOIIS WALDINE MOORE Secretary of Home Room '50-'5l: Sophomore Prin- cess '5O-'5l5 Personality '50-'Sly Fashion 'Sli Little E '525 Eaqlettes '51-'52: G an G '52 PAT MORGAN Vice-President of Home Room '50-'Sli Battery '50-'53, Reporter '53-'51, Solicitor '50-'51, Advertis- ing Manager '51-'52, E Gull '51-'52, Business Man- ager '52-'533 Little E '50-'Sly Carrousel '51-'52g Fashion '52-'53g Quill and Scroll '51-'535 G an G '52-'535 Merit Award '52g As You Like It '525 Intramural Sports '50-'52 IERRY MORRIS Sportsman '50-'5l: Vocational Industrial Club '51-'53 BETTY MULHERN Battery '50-'525 Style '52-'53: Foreign Correspond- ence '50-'51, Reporter '50-'Sli AHS Theatre '51-'52: Intramural Sports '50-'52: G an G '52-'53 DERLIE MUSTON Tumbling '50-'Sly Future Homemakers of Americ '51-'52: Intramural Sports '50-'52: G an G '52-'53 Eaglettes 'Sl-'52: A Cappella '52-'53: Distributiv Education '52-'53, Treasurer '52-'53 SUE NANCE Future Homemakers of America '50-'5l: G an '52-'53: Reporter Home Room '50: Vice-Preside Home Room '52 SUE NEAS Student Council 'SOQ AHS Theatre '50-'5l: A Win- ter's Tale '50: Style Club '51-'52: Secretary of Home Room '52: Tennis '5l5 Little E '52-'53: Attendance Of- fice 'SUJ Battery 'SO1 G an G '52-'53 MAXINE NEILL Personality '50-'515 Intramural Baseball '5l: Rec- ord '51-'52g Etiquette '52-'53, Secretary '52 CORDELIA NEWHOUSE P. E. Majors '51-'52g Style Club '52-'53g G an G '52-'531 Intramural Baseball '51-'525 Co-captain '51-'52p Intramural Volleyball '51-'525 Basketball '51-'52 LEE WAYNE NEWMAN Football '51-'53g B Team '51-'52: Lettered '52-'53: Track '51-'53, Lettered '51-'52: Track '51-'52, A Club '51-'53: Vice-President Home Room '51-'52p Presi- dent '52-'53 66 SENMUZXS MACKIE NEWTON A Club '50-'53: Sportsman's '51-'52: Intramural Bas- ketball '5l: Baseball 'SO-'53, Lettered '51-'535 Student Council '51-'53p Reporter Senior Class '52-'53: Na- tional Thespians '52-'53: A Association '51-'53: Stage Crew '51-'53: Audio-Visual '51-'525 Secretary '51-'52: Merit Award '52-'53 SANDRA NICHOLS Future Homemakers of America '50-'5l1 Fashion '51-'525 Style '52-'53: President '52-'53: G an G '52-'531 President Home Room '50 EDDY NIEDECKEN Future Homemakers of America '50-'5l5 Distributive Education '51-'53: G an G '52-'53 IANE NORMAN Tumbling '50-'Sly Library '50-'5l: Intramural Bas- ketball '50-'5l, Baseball '50-'5l: Future Homemak- ers ot America '51-'52, Secretary '5l: Student Council '5l-'53p Counseling Office '51-'53g Future Teachers of America '52-'53: Merit Award '51-'52g Future Business Women's '52-'53, Secretary '52: Secretary Home Room '51 MARVIN NORWOOD Orchestra '50-'52g Library '50-'Sli Spanish '51-'53 ANNE NOVAK Personality '50-'5l5 Student Council '50-'5l: Eaglettes 'SOQ A Cappella '51-'535 Mixed Chorus '50: Sextet '5lg Solo-Interscholastic '50-'53: Car- rousel '51-'527 Red Cross Council '525 G an G '52-'53 DON ORMAND Football '50-'52: Baseball '50-'5l: Track '51-'53: Stu- dent Council '5l-'53: Audic+Visual '51-'53: A Club '51-'53 CARROL PARMELLY Future Farmers of America '50-'53: Treasurer '51-'525 Reporter '52-'535 Home Room Reporter '50-'51 BILLY PAUL A Club '50-'53: A Association '50-'53: Football '50-'53, Lettered '51-'535 Baseball '50-'53, Lettered '50-'53: Vice-President Home Room '51-'52 EDDIE PAYNTER A Club '50-'53: A Association '52-'535 Vice-Presi- dent Home Room '52-'53: Representative Sopho- more Class '5O-'515 Basketball '50-'Sli Baseball '50-'52, Lettered '51-'52: Student Council '50-'51, Representative '50-'51 SEXIWDIIS STEVE PEAKE 2nd Lieutenant Band '52-'53, Concert Band '50-'53: Marching Band '50-'53: Orchestra '52-'53, Solo Band '52-'53, State Fair Band '50: Cotton Bowl Band '5l2 Cracker lacks Trio '5l-'53: Three Modernaires Trio '51-'52, Cornet Quartet '52-'53, Brass Sextet '51-'52: Soggy Seven Dixieland Band '51-'52: Student Di- rectors 'Sl-'53: Slide Rule '50-'51 IOE PECHACEK Woodshop '50-'5l, Model '50-'5l: Gym '52-'53 IONNIE PENNELL G an G '52-'53: Future Business Women's '52-'53 KENNETH PERRY Woodshop '50-'5l: Pilot '51-'52g Gym '52-'53: Box- ing '5l-'53: Golden Gloves '52p Intramural Track '51-'52 LARRY PETERS National Thespians '51-'52, AHS Theatre '50-'53: Stage Crew '51-'53: Little E '52-'53 GERALD PETREE Future Farmers of America '50-'53, Student Coun- cil '50-'52, Intramural Track '52-'53, Woodshop '52-'53 ANNELLE PETTY Girls All Sports '50-'5l: P. E. Majors '51-'52, Future Business Women '52-'53, Girls' Intramural Basket- ball '50-'Sly Baseball '50-'51: Co-Captain Volleyball Team '50-'Sli G an G '52-'53 BILL PIERCE Football '50-'53, Lettered '51-'52, Basketball '50-'53, Lettered '51-'53, Track '50-'53, Lettered '50-'53, A Club '50-'53: A Association '50-'53, A Cappella '52-'53, National Honor Society '51-'53, President '52-'53g President Home Room '51-'52 FRANCES CASH PITTMAN G an G '52-'53, Secretarial '52-'53, Girls' All Sports '50-'52, Future Homemakers of America '50-'51 GENA POWELL Acting Lab '51-'52: AHS Theatre '50-'5l: National Thespians '50-'53: Winter's Tale , The Merry Wives ot Windsor, A1addin, The Skin of Our Teeth, National Honor Society 'Sl-'53: G an G '52-'53: Vogue '52-'53 SEXMDYIS IOANNE POE G an G '52-'537 Carrousel '52-'53 PAULA POWERS Cheerleader '52-'53, Student Council '50-'5lg Red Cross Council '51-'53, Secretary '51, Treasurer '52: Future Farmers of America Sweetheart '53: Na- tional Honor Society '5l-'53, Treasurer '525 A Cap- pella '51-'52: G an G '52-'53 BOBBY IAMES PRATT lunior Academy of Science '50-'5l: Future Farmers of America '51-'52, Vice-President '52-'53: Football '50: Tennis '52-'532 Audio-Visual '52-'53 GAIL PRESSWOOD Future Homemakers ot America '50-'51, Little E '52: Secretary of Home Room '50-'53: G an G '52-'53 CHARLES PRITCHETT Flashlight '52-'53, Sports Editor '52-'53: Football '50-'52, Varsity Manager '52: Basketball '50-'51, Var- sity Manager '5l-'53: Baseball '5l: A Club '50-'53, A Association '52-'53, National Honor Society '52-'537 Student Teacher 'Sly Vice-President Home Room '50-'51 JERRY MURL PRUITT Concert Bands'5U-'53, Saxophone Quartet '50-'51, Cotton Bowl Band '51, State Fair Band '505 Stu- dent Directors 'SO-'53: Photography '52-'53 BILL RAMSEY As You Like It '50-'51, Model '51-'52, Gym '52, Sec- retary '51, President '52: President Model '52 BUD RAMSEY Barber Shop Singing '50-'Sly Tennis '5O: Gym '51-'527 Golden Gloves '53, Boxing '51-'53: Presi- dent Home Room '52-'53 DOROTHY RANDOLPH Band '52-'53, Library '52-'53: President '52-'53, G an G '52-'53 PAT RANDOLPH AHS Theatre '50-'53, Secretary '52-'53: Pre Med '51-'52, President '51-'52: National Thespians '5l-'52: Stage Manager '51-'52: Student Council '51-'52p Counselors Officer '52-'53, G an G '52-'53 69 515 XMTRS PATSY RASCO Little E '50-'52: Voaue '52: G an G '52-'53 OREL ARVID RHODES National Honor Society '52-'53: Concert Band '50-'53, First Lieutenant '52-'53: Orchestra '50-'53: Student Directors '50-'53, Secretary '51-'52, March- ing Band '50-'53, Property Sgt. '51-'52, Color Guard '52-'53, Clarinet Quartet '52-'53, Cotton Bowl Band '51, State Fair Band '50: State Fair Orchestra '52, First Division Cello Solo Contest '52, String Quartet '51-'52 HOWARD RICE AHS Theatre '52-'535 National Thespians '52-'53: Au- dio-Visual '52-'53 IACKIE RICHARDS 4-H Club '50-'53, Vice-President '50-'51, President '52-'535 Future Farmers of America '50-'53 MILDRED RISTER Future Homemakers of America '50-'52, Girls' All Sports '51-'52: G an G '52-'53 DOROTHY ROBERTS Personality '50-'51: Fashion '51-'52: Style '52-'53: G an G '52-'53 BETTY ROGERS Sophomore Princess '50-'5l: Homeroom Secretary '50-'51, Personality '50-'51, Future Homemakers '51-'52: Student Council '52-'53: Little E '52-'53: G an G '52-'53 HM ROSE President Senior Class '52-'53: Homeroom Parlia- mentarian '52-'53, Homeroom President '50-'51-'52, A Cappella '51-'53, Vice-President '52-'53: Audio- Visual '52-'53, Crew Chief '52-'53: Basketball '50-'52, Baseball '50-'52: Football '52-'53, Respon- sibility Award '52-'53 MARGARET ROSS Fashion '52-'53: G an G '52-'53 MARY ROSS G an G '52-'53 SEXZQDIXS ROBERT ROWNTREE Concert Band '50-'537 Marching Band '50-'53: Cotton Bowl Band '50-'5l: Magic Club '50-'53: Secretary '50-'Sli Pre-Med '51-'52p Student Directors '52-'53, Secretary '52-'53 NANCY RUSSELL Future Homemakers of America '50-'51: Fashion '51-'52, Little'E '52-'53: Future Teachers '52-'53: G an G '52-'53 lOE RUSSEY Little E '50-'535 Vocational Industrial '51-'53: Sports- man '52-'53 IANICE RUTLEDGE Future Homemakers of America '50-'52: Fashion '52-'S4g G an G '52-'535 Intramural Volleyball '51-'52: Intramural Basketball '52-'53p Intramural Baseball '50-'51 BOBBIE SANDERSON Mixed Chorus '50-'51, Accompanist '50-'5l: Eaglettes 'SOQ Personality '51-'527 Iunior Red Cross '51-'52, Secretary '51, Treasurer '52g Secretary Home Room '51, Vice-President '525 G an G '52-'537 Vogue '52-'53, President '52-'53: Student Council '52-'53 GERALDINE SCHMITTOU Little E '50-'51: Vogue '52-'53, Secretary-Treasurer '52-'53: G an G '52-'53: Volleyball '51-'52, Letter ed '52: A Award '53: Treasurer of Home Room '52-'53 DAVE SCHOONOVER' Student Conductors '50-'52: Photography '51-'53: Merit Award '5l5 Future Teachers '51-'52: Photog- rapher Battery '5l-'523 Band '50-'53g Orchestra '52-'53 LEE SCOTT Captain AHS Parallel Bar Team '49-'535 Little E '51-'53: Future Teachers '51-'525 Manager Foot- ball B Team '49-'52 DICKIE SEALE Football '50-'53, Lettered B Team, Varsity '51-'53: Track '50-'53, Intramural '50-'53, Lettered '52-'53: A Club '50-'53g A Association '51-'53p Boys Glee Club '52-'53: Vice-President Home Room '50-'51, Presi- dent '51-'52: Student Council '52-'53 TOMMY SEALE President Home Room '5O5 President Sophomore Class '50-'5l: Football '51-'53, Lettered '51-'53: Bas- ketball '5O-'53, Lettered '51-'53: A Club '50-'53: Student Council '50-'53: National Honor Society '51-'52, VicePresident '52-'53: Stage Crew '51-'525 President Home Room '51-'525 Audio-Visual '52-'53 'Li , 1-I' 'Qu ig I' 'vu' as -vlx SEXWZQS IERRY SEYMORE Future Farmers of America '50-'53, Reporter '51-'52, President '52-'53: A Award '51-'52, District Vice-Pres- ident '52-'53: Flashlight '52-'53, Photographer '52-'53 HUGHIE SHAFER A Club '50-'52: Intramural Basketball '50-'51: Baseball B Team '50-'52: Gym Club '52-'53 BURNELL SHAVER President Home Room '50-'517 Domino '50-'53: Presi- dent '52-'53, Vice-President '50-'Sly Latin Club '50-'51 CHARLES SHAW Band '50-'53, First Division Clarinet Quartet '5l: Cotton Bowl Band '51, State Fair Band '50, Sec- ond Class Musician '5l-'52, First Class Musician '52-'535 Orchestra '51-'53: Student Directors '50-'53, President '51-'53p Audio-Visual '50-'53 HAROLD SMITH Football '50-'53, B Team '50-'52: Track '50-'51, A Club '50-'53g Audio-Visual '52-'53: Latin '50-'Sli Vice-Pres- ident Home Room '50-'51 PATSYE SMITHWICK Office '50-'Sly Photography '50-'51, Secretary '50-'51: Secretarial '51-'53, Program Chairman '52-'53: G an G '52-'53 MARTHA SNOW A Cappella '51-'53: Eaglettes '50-'51, Reporter '50-'515 Battery '50-'53, Reporter '50-'53, Typist '52-'53: Little E '50-'5l: Carrousel '51-'S-2: Style '52-'53, Sec- retary '527 G an G '52-'53: Home Room Secretary '50-'51 CHARLENE SORRELLS DON SOUTHALL Acting Lab '50-'5l7 National Thespians '50-'51: AH Theatre '50-'5l5 Basketball '50-'5l: A Club '51-'52 Diversified Occupations '52-'53: Little E '52-'53 ED SPEED Little E '52-'53 72 5fN3Q7ll5 TOM spam Football '50-'52, B Team 'Sly National Honor Society '51-'53: A Club '51-'S2: Agriculture '50: Audio-Visual '51-'531 Student Council '52 WANDA SPENCER A Cappella '50-'53: Sextet '52-'53: Future Home- makers of America '50-'5lp G an G '52-'53: Sopho- more Princess '50-'5l: Home Room Secretary '51-'52: Home Room Reporter '52-'53: Intramural Baseball '51-'52: Intramural Basketball '50-'51, Captain '50-'Sly Intramural Volleyball '51-'52 IIMMY SPRADLEY Baseball '50-'53, Lettered '52-'53: A Association '52-'535 A Club '52-'53: Basketball '50-'51 CHARLIE STEARNS Vocational Industrial '52-'53 HELEN STEWART Sophomore Queen '50-'51: Reporter Home Room '51-'52: Personality '50-'51, Reporter '50-'51: Home Room Secretary '50-'Sli Little E '52-'53, Reporter '52-'53: National Thespians '52-'53: Stage Crew '50-'53: G an G '52-'53 IO ANN STUARD Flashlight '52-'53, Editor-in-Chief '52-'53, Iunior Edi- tor '5l-'52, Sophomore Editor '50-'5l: National Honor Society '52-'53, Program Chairman '52-'53: Future Business Women '52-'53, Reporter '52-'537 G an G '52-'53: Foreign Correspondence '51-'52, President '51-'52: Quill and Scroll '51-'53: Free- lancers '51: Personality '50-'5l: A Award '52-'53 GLENN TALLANT Track '51-'53, Lettered '5l: Football '50-'53, B Team '50-'52: A Club '50-'533 A Association '52-'537 Presi- dent Home Room '51-'52 IOHN TEAGUE Iunior Academy of Science '52-'53: Intramural Track '50-'533 Sportsman '51-'52p Intramural Bas- ketball '50-'5lg Domino '50-'51 GAIL TEAL Girls' All Sports '50-'Sly Distributive Education '51-'53: G an G '52-'53 GLENDA THOMAS Future Homemakers of America '50-'521 G an G '52-'53: Etiquette '52-'53 75 ? 5t a-wg 'iv !1 'q,l Oy' AQ' fi Qi-v rgg.-as QW' qi 'Q' if -filli- E, Af' 'V ,'..,v 'Ds Xtf-f-A E' LHS Nb-' SEXIIQDIIS MARY IOYCE THOMAS Foreign Correspondence '50-'53: G an G '52-'53 WINTON THOMAS Football '50-'53, Lettered '50-'52: Track '50-'52, Let- tered '50-'525 A Association '50-'535 A Club '50-'53: Reporter Home Room '51-'52 GAY TIFFANY G an G '52-'53: Little E '50-'52: Treasurer Home Room '51-'52: Intramural Basketball '51-'52 BETTY TOWNSEN AHS Theatre '50-'51, Carrousel '51-'52: Vogue '51-'52: Office '51-'53: Home Room Reporter '52-'53 FRANCINE TRAVIS Little E '50-'53: Sophomore Princess '50-'Sly G an G '52-'53: Intramural Baseball '50-'53, Basketball '50-'53: National Honor Society '52-'53, Reporter '52-'53 BETTY TRENTHAM Cheerleader '52-'53: Sophomore Princess '50-'52g G an G '52-'53: Secretary of Sophomore Class '50-'5l: Girls All Sports '50-'51, President '50-'5l: Student C o u n c il '52-'53, R e p o r t e r '52-'53: Eaglettes '50-'51, Vice-President '50-'51: Carrousel '51-'52: Red Cross Council '52-'53: Battery '51-'53, Reporter '51, Advertising Solicitor '51, Acting Edi- tor-in-Chief '52, Managing Editor '52-'53, A Cap- pella '5l-'52: G an G '52-'53: Secretary Home Room '50-'51 BENITA TRICE Little E '50-'5l5 Fashion '51-'52: Vogue '52-'53: G an G '52-'53 MARION TRUITT A Club '50-'Sly Football '50-'53, Lettered '52-'53: A Association '52-'53: Track '50-'53, Captain '52-'53g A Award '51-'52g Vice-President Home Room '50-'52 GLENN TUCKER Library '50-'53, President '52-'53, Art Award '51-'525 Vocational Industrial '51-'53 IERRY TURNER Football '50-'53, Lettered B Team '50-'51, Varsity '51-'53: Basketball '50-'53, Lettered B Team '50-'51, Varsity '51-'53: Track '50-'53: A Club '50-'53: A Association '51-'53: Latin Club '52-'53: National Honor Society '51-'53, Social Chairman '52-'53: President Home Room '50-'5l: Student Council '51-'52: Home Room Parliamentarian '51-'52: Of- fice Worker '52-'53 SEXWIXS BILL VAUGHN A Club '50-'53: A Association '50-'53: Vice-President Home Room '50-'51, President '50-'52: President Home Room '52-'53: Vice-President Senior Class '52-'535 Football '50-'53, Lettered '50-'53 EDGAR VEST Woodshop '51-'53 IO ANN VLETAS AHS Theatre '50-'Sli Home Room Treasurer '50-'5l: P. E. Majors '51-'52: Intramural Baseball '51-'52: Intramural Basketball '51-'52: G an G '52-'53: Fash- ion '52-'53: Library '52-'53 BETTY WADE Personality '52-'53: AHS Theatre '51-552: Intra- mural Basketball '50-'52g Intramural Baseball '50-'52: Intramural Volleyball '51-'52 WALLACE WADE String '50-'5l: Student Directors '51-'52g Music Ap- preciation '52-'535 Marching Band '50-'53, Cotton Bowl Band '50-'Sli Saxophone Quartet '51-'52 DICK WAGLEY Baseball '50-'53, Lettered '52-'53: Basketball '50-'53, Lettered '52-'53: Architects '50: Home Room President '51-'52, Vice-President '52-'53 LINDA WAGNER Junior Classical League '50-'5lg Style '51-'52: Future Business Women '52-'53: G an G '52-'53: Student Store '52-'53, Y-Teens '50-'53: Intramural Basketball '51 CALVIN WALKER A Club '51-'52: Distributive Education '52-'53: So- cial Chairman: Golden Gloves '50-'53: Feather Weight Winner '50-'Sly Football '51-'52 TOMMY WALKER Library '52-'53, Vice-President '52-'53: Architect '52-'535 A Club '52-'535 Baseball '52-'53 BEN WALLIS Audio-Visual '50-'Sly Future Farmers of America '51-'525 Diversified Occupations '52-'53 ws- in F' 'DC 'W' -fm. .9-. N4-Q., If fi if f 'vt vw SEXMDYXS CLAUDIA WARD Etiquette '52-'53: G an G '52-'53 KATHRYN WARD Band '50-'53: Tumbling '50-'Sly Music Apprecia- tion '51-'52: Style '52-'53: G an G '52-'532 Saxo- phone Quartet '51-'53 RICHARD WARE Future Farmers of America '50-'53 DARLENE WARLICK Girls All Sports '50-'5l: Intramural Sports '50-'537 Red Cross Council '51-'523 Library '51-'52: Battery '51-'52: Associate Copy Editor '52g Volleyball '50-'5lg Diversified Occupation '52-'535 G an G '52-'53 DARRELL WARREN Football '49-'50: Basketball '49-'50: A Club '49-'50: Vocational Industrial '50-'51, Vice-President '52-'53 MARTHA WARREN Free Lancers Unlaunched '50-'5l: Little E '51-'535 G an G '52-'53 SUE WATKINS Personality '50-'51, Vice-President '5l5 Student Coun- cil '50, Secretary '52-'535 Carrousel '51-'52, President '51-'52: National Honor Society '51-'53g Battery '51-'53, Exchange Editor 'Sl-'52, Feature Editor '52-'53p Home Room Secretary '52-'53g Red Cross Council '52-'53, Secretary '52-'53: Secretary Iunior Class '51-'523 G an G '52-'535 Principal's Office '52-'53 MOZELLE WATKINS Future Homemakers ot America '50-'53: Etiquette '52-'533 Vice-President '52-'53g G an G '52-'53 BILLY WEBB President Home Room '50-'5l: Slide Rule '52-'53: Secretary '52-'53 MARY PAT WEIR National Thespians '50-'53: Future Teachers of America '52-'53, Treasurer '51-'525 G an G '52-'535 Treasurer '51-'535 Little E '52-'53: Style '51-'52: AHS Theatre '50-'Sly Treasurer '50-'Sly Student Store '52-'53 76 SQNWIRS BUFORD WELCH Woodshop '50-'523 A Club '50-'525 Sportsman '52-'53: Baseball '50-'52 IAMES WELCH Student Directors '50-'5l5 Band '50-'53: Orchestra '50-'53: AHS Theatre '50-'52: National Thespians '51-'535 Bishop's Candlesticks '5O: Merry Wives of Windsor 'tilg As You Like It '52 IOLETA WEST Little E '52-'53: G an G '52-'53 CHARLES WHISENHUNT Football '50-'5l: A Club '50-'5l: Student Council '51-'52: Little E '51-'52p Red Cross Council '52-'53 GRACE WHITE Intramural Basketball '52-'53: Future Homemakers of America '52-'53: G an G '52-'53 IACQUE WHITE Little E '50-'52: Fashion Club '52-'53: G an G '52-'53: Intramural Baseball '52-'53, Volleyball '51-'52 NELLIE WHITE Future Homemakers of America '50-'51: Volleyball '50-'52, Lettered '50-'52: Girls All Sports '51-'53, Sec- retary-Treasurer 'Sl-'52g G an G '52-'53 ROY WHITE Future Farmers of America '50-'51, A Club '50-'51: Football '50-'51, Vocational Industrial '51-'53 WRETHA WHITTLE National Honor Society '52-'53: National Forensic League '52-'53, Secretary '52-'53: National Thespians '51-'53: AHS Theatre '50-'52: Future Business Wom- en '52-'53, Secretary '52-'53: Iunior Classical League '50-'51: Student Council '52-'53: Debate '52-'53: Merit Award '52-'53g Acting Lab '51-'52: G an G '52-'537 Li- brary '52-'53, A Award '51-'52, Vice-President '50-'Sli Senior Class Representative '52-'53 ELIZABETH WILCOX G an G '52-'53: Future Homemakers of America '52-'53: Future Teachers of America '52-'53 5. Q -Q... if . this 2, FQ 9 'CT' 3. f .rv ' titvl wr-7-v SQXWIRS CHARLYNE WILLIAMS Girls All Sports '50-'5l: Little E '51-'52: Vogue '52-'53: G an G '52-'53: National Honor Society '52-'53p Intramural Basketball '50-'52: Volleyball '51-'52 DOLORES WILLIAMS President Home Room '50-'51: Sophomore Prin- cess '5O: Gym Club '50-'52: Tennis '50-'52: Car- rousel '51-'52p Vogue '52-'531 Office '52-'53: G an G '52-'53 WALLACE DONALD WILLIAMS Football '50-'5l: A Club '50-'Sli A Cappella '50-'53: Slide Rule '5lg Sportsman '51-'525 Tumbling Team '51-'52, President '51-'52 IOHNNIE WILLIAMS Personality '50-'51, Student Council '51-'53: Car- rousel '51-'53, Vice-President '51-'52: National Hon- or Society '5l-'53: Battery '51-'53: Red Cross Coun- cil '52-'53, Reporter '52-'53: Secretary Senior Class '52-'53: G an G '52-'53: Tennis '51-'52 KERRY WILLIAMS A Club '50-'535 Football '50-'Sly Track '50'-53 PEGGY WILLIAMS Pre-Med '51-'52g Future I-Iornemakers of America '50-'53: G an G '52-'53: Interscholastic Typing '52: Vice-President Home Room '52-'53 WANDA WILLIAMS As You Like It '50-'5lg Little E '51-'52: Fashion '52-'53: G an G '52-'535 Intramural Baseball '50-'52: Intramural Basketball '50-'52, Intramural Volleyball '51-'52 DON WILLIAMSON Band '50-'53, Second Lieutenant '52-'53: Cotton Bowl Band '51, Student Directors '51-'53: AHS Theatre '50-'53, Vice-President '51-'52: A Win- ter's Tale '50, Daniel Boone '51, Skin of Our Teeth , Rumpelstilskin '53: Student Council '51-'53: Parliamentarian '52-'53 NORMA WILLINGHAM Little E '50-'53: Fashion '52-'53, President '52-'53: G an G '52-'53, Secretary '52-'53: National Honor So- ciety '5l-'53: Princess '50-'5lg President Home Room '50-'51, Secretary '52-'53: National Thespians '52-'53: Intramural Football '50-'51, Volleyball 'Sl-'52 CLAUDETTE WILLIS Girls All Sports 'SO-'51, Sophomore Spellin Champion '50-'5l: Little E '51-'52: Distributive Ed ucation '51-'53: G an G '52-'53 SENWIIS DELMON WILSON Football '50-'52, President Home Room '50-'52, Track '50-'53, Captain '52-'53, A Club '50-'53, A As- sociation '51-'53 LUCILLE WINKLER Student Council '50-'51, Future Homemakers of America '51-'53, Historian '51, Secretary '52, Par- liamentarian '52, G an G '52-'53, Vice-President Home Room '51, Reporter '52 DON WINTERS Little E '50, President '51, Vocational Industrial '50-'53 MARY WOLFE Future Businesswomen '52-'53, G an G '52-'53: Secretary Home Room '52-'53 BILLY WOODS Distributive Education '51-'53, Delegate to Distribu- tive Education Convention '52 SHIRLEY WORLEY Pre-Med '51-'53, Vice-President '51-'52, Secretary '50, Iunior Classical League '50-'51, Vice-President '50, Band '50-'53, G an G '52-'53 TRAVIS WRIGHT Audio-Visual '50-'52, Reporter '50-'51, Secretary '51-'52, President '52-'53 RILEY WYATT Football '50-'52, Baseball '50-'53, Lettered '51-'53, A Association '51-'53, A Club '50-'53 JERRY YARBROUGH A Cappella '52-'53, AHS Theatre '52-'53 DONNA YAW G an G '52-'53, Future Homemakers of America '50-'53, Treasurer '52, Interscholastic Typing '52, Intramural Baseball '52, Intramural Volleyball '52 In 40 ff ' R-Cf 'Q wr' 'gm sq: 1-.af kk 'Q-0 U 'YV' WTS x IO ANN YOUNG Foreign Correspondence '50-'5l: Pre-Med '51-'53, Vice-President '51-'53: G an G '52-'53 CAREY HOBBS A Club '51-'53: A Association '52-'53: Architecture '50-'51, Reporter '50-'5l: Football '50, Manager Track Team '52-'53, Manager Football Team '52-'53: Football '50: Baseball '51 TOMMY OVERMAN Football, '50-'53, Lettered '51-'53: Basketball '50-'53: Lettered '51-'53, Baseball '50-'53: A Club '50-'53: A Association '52-'53, Vice-President '52-'53: Vice-Presi- dent Home Room '52-'53 Glenna Dillard, Ruth Bradfield, Norma Willingham, Dick Wagley, and Charlyne Williams take their discussion on the privilege of Shirley Graves and Geraldine S ' Y industrious workers-sometimes. These girls al of Iackie Duncan, Barbara Richards and Carol voting seriously during lt's Your America Week. l g E ' els i 0 a , 5 ' Ln ' , E - s i 1 , ' x ft' 1 lu- , chmittou are Lovers Bob Gulle and Margie Lea meet with the can be found in the attendance office third -phrey. Even Thanksgiving plays can be fun! period. f viiHlII'vs l Pm U r f KMQXXN ,Q X ,' ,-5. I r 'Njil-q.,fx'- ' . ' , 4 .r 2 fpbsg A 1. Am , sr I . s +5-' f an Mi. g,g ,,,iggl5' . x ' .. V551 r.. . it ' X je t 5 M., fl I I ' x y ,ffxflt as ' 5 I Q ' Q I , M . -tl me 'lv I ,AF W swim' a i ft e' AV . 3 , . re ,I A K -Av 1 . -,E ,' r 5 . I t, t lm. f epsxe .kg l' Wxr' f V , Lfjl , f Q- ' , f r X N' 4, H 2 1 I L . . f t Q lf, 95 my V 9 Qty f t -QV 9' ., - A -A A 2 k it we ,rem , Among those presented letter jackets by texl Dr. Bob Estes was Mr, Romine hurries to present poetry awards. his son Tommy. Iames Bass, Betty Carrol, Iamie Bottoms, and Mackie Don't Let the Stars Get In Your Eyes moans Slim Willett Newton were all smiles when the photographer caught to Eagles in assembly. them at Casey's. Bobbie Sanderson sells Kay King an Eagle book cover. Athletics' important part in our democracy is shown in This Is America parade. 81 lf H X t l f . I , I an ' QQ 1, ,r Q gwiggw sa? Qi Ffvrj' W , av W K E 2 ft t , K' I , gr It .. Ee r ' . ' Z ws r X' is M Q., L ' .f, Incl-tru Duncan, alias. Humplcstrlskrn, and Ieanre Cook twrlchl watch over the evil brew. Santas helpers Sue Watkins, Joyce Graham and Betty Trenthcrm help trim the community Christmas treo. llorrrocnrrrrnq Queen, Johnnie Williams, and Student Council Vice-President, Don Drenncrn, present cr book to representatives irom Lubbock llr rlr as a acstrrrc ol qood sportsmanship while the Cheerleaders and Mr. Wells look on, aww' ,,.,g.r,,, :LM x Mascot Candy Galbraith leads the Ecrqle lootball team into cr spirited pep rally wrth guards Carroll Turner and Marion Trurtt The next class must be some-thinq special judging by the smiles of Paddy Lanklord, Kay King, Ann Novak, Currie Lawlrs Gwen Dowdle and Mary Ewrnq. 82 6 ZIZIN5 iii 7-Um he is too young! yet he loolze v ,,M euccesfully fibfbf i fk., ve. . fl 1 X ,, QQ? J , 1 ffm M N f xi rf 4 , .96 ,Q .Q tl . A X A 9 , 2 I ixxsa Ii A X . X 1 i V ell' X J V ' 5 J .,-.i.. 1 . vi-,N Mx WO. Y.-xx. N ..- 'Ou I w ' 'SQ 'SJ x X, znbyw iw PS5 X X sn. .'-I 'ea 'a GENE CURRY Vice-President FRANK ETTER Reporter Iiluninr Obffirvm DONV DRENNAN President Qltzlv I ANICE IENNINGS Secretary-Treasurer DON RHODEN Representative 50' wr-3 wg, 'Vu Beverly Adams ga, i 5' - 1, Ierry Bailiff VXA Edward Iames lohn Neal A, D, ' l Larry Adams Adams Adams Akins Allen 4 ' Allen :gf Wayne Iulian . Allen Ard - ' ,PS .. Q zu ky- .X ,yin S.. Qi ii ELI Tommy Leroy Armstrong Atkins 5 Q S Iames Don Babb Baber Don Victor I ack Ioanne F rank lim Baker Baldridge Barnes Barney Batson Baum 'Q 'XX 85 Larry Kathryn Beall Bean 1: A Nancy v Benson T 7 Ruby Billington Carolyn Blain ,435 H. I. x i Gail Faye Bill Beasley Beaver Beights Bennett Gayle Berry .il If George Black ,T 19 Q' S Pete Borden .41 David S. Bennett Sandra Iim Maxie Emi1Y 1,0 Dan Dickey Chflfles Bourland Bowen Bowen Bowhn Boyd Boyd BYGCUGY 5vv- 86 'O' kv' 4. v Le A Frank Patsy Bill loe Christine Io Ann Sylvia Bmdshqw Bradshaw Bmnon Brooks Brown Brown Brown Floyd Gaye Burks Burrow Q. ig Eugenia Shirley Burson Busher Joyce Butler Buyher 'W' V Mary Bette Ann Rag Creta by Iody Pat Canant Carroll arson Case Causseaux Chambers Chaney 'S Wi Mike Bettie Ch1ldeIS Christian .Tack Cloud Bryant Cobb Don Connell 'LT Iudy Clark Ben Elaine Bennie Virginia Bob Cooper Courtney Cowdrey Cox kCrc1wford Odis Cleove Roy C1 Melbcx Coker Owen Cook Jane Crow ,MW Doyle Gene Iames Elinore X Lynn Barbara Cumby Currie Curtis Cutting ' Davidson Davis Bobby Gerald Davis , Davis if 5. UI I gl E: L-:I U5 Q CD 5. UI I Q 1-3 :S U5 o or rr UD 5 U 35 4:5 W2 .. o R . Don Mary Ellen Roger Arleen Kenneth Delois Downs Drennan Duke Dunning Durkee Elliott Ellison 89 Sr 'Q 'L' -4 .fn BT 4? Wanda Doris Lynn Frank Martha Doyle Car Sue Elmore Embree Emerson Etter Fain Fannin Fer on , Laguita Rosemary ields Flanagan B- la, ' , 1 ' I ' -G - -'SEE Mildred Margaret ,J ' ' Flippin Forrester I , . , . 1 h Q 1 4: Q' - s 5 Peggy Billy -an ,, ' Foster Fraser ,,1-ggks.- 5 .F , 4 f-X V . Rqy Mary Margaret Billy lack Q, V Jacqueline Barbara lackie Fraser Fry Fuller Fulwiler t Garrett Gillis Goble A 90 'W Qi . f, - . ' 1 Barbara Rudy Iimimy I ,7 -, ,Qaroline Bobby Iohn Mary Virginia Golleher Gonzales 4 Goode ' Goss GreenWO0d Greer Griifiih E III Q: P1 U' YD 'K Z-' E5 HKD W0 1 Q D- GJ 1 wr'-Eta' Norma Ben Harris Harrison Lal 4' Iimmy Bob Harrison Hawkins errell Pat Nancy Gqylon Jerry Dickey Ieanelle Hays Hayter Henson Hicks Hills Hix Holley id ,NX X ff ' 4 lo Iimmy Hopkins Horn une Belly Holly Holmes Io Hudqens Q .0 il Barbara I ' Humphreys P' 19 9 S lack Hurt Bill Sue Bettye Don Ivey Iqcob James lame ,, 3 f 5 Bennie Iohfl Io ADH Houston Howard Huckabay Kenneth Huffman Ierry Hunter 1 Claudette bell Ianice Eugene Maxine 5 Iennings lohnson lohnson 92 Don Betty Jones Jordan , 1 f' ' ,JA-pl., f Elbertine Eileen Key Kincaid . P J s ' ' ' P ' Carolyn Kay King , ' King I I ' ,A , I Harrell Richard Knight Landreth I , ' 1 I I I l : D Moritz Mary Beth Lanford Lankiord lean Clayton Charlene Ollie Grace Ronny Ann rg nt aw ess Lee Lenker Lesley Leveridqe Lewis -,.... in IT , 5 ' , V . , S. D ,V V : A , 5 Q L L e V f 'Q 4 l st Glenetta T, J, Frcmk Doris Io Ann Lewis Lewis . Liles Lindsey Little J Preston Little 1' ill X 8 Loflcmd -I Gary Ray W Lollur McCarty lx Q L 'Q L 5 ll Tommy ' D. G. lVlcC1esky lVlcCoury 9 19 il S Carol Bobbie McDermett lVIcEntire X 1 I Nr fig F If - if Hcxl Maurice Annette Cluu Bobby Dunqcm Lloyd lVlcGlothlin McLeod lVlclVlcxhcm M lds Mangrum Mann MGH' x .0- I 94 -Q- -', 'T'-V' Ioyce Rebecca Coeriene Barbara Bill Darlene Marlin Martinez Mashburn Mason Mathews Mathis X- Terry Betty Ioyce A May Mayfield 'fix WW f .9 f Ioyce ' Shirley Mayfield Maynard A3 19 X 1' Q S Mary Io Iohnny Medley Middleton Dick Peggy Betty Sue Maurine Yvonne Miles Miller Miller Milstead Mitchell Mitchell S- Wayne Maxwell, W , ,,f'Y1, M cvlw W, ' -S xii! Ramona Moncibaiz if ' Avenell Shirley Allan Grace Ann Moore Moore Morgan Morrow Mullins K Patty Muston X Ronnie Myait Dolores Nash X 1 Syd Iimmy Niblo Nix 5 9.1 7 S Shirley Io Ann Bobby lack Nuckols Olinger Oliver Tommie Pat Murray Musgrave Gayle Myatt Carole Nance y 1 Morris Newberry Carol Dick Onwiler Orsini 96 'Wx JM. Q A .f fi Rob 't , ' Ian Don Bob Ruih Osborn O orne Osburn Owen Pace Paine Linda I. W. Parish Pelton Z .9 51 Kenneth ' Bill .,., Permenter Perry 5 4 il S Don Ieanne Perry Perry Wendell Martha Patricia Lee Ieanine Petty Phillips Pool Pope Presswood Price Laverne Parmer Larry Pricketi 'L K X 97 'A Q' fi My X. Charles Rosemary Shirley David Edna r Ruebel Mary Frances Rains Rasco Raughton Ray Read , Reams Renfro ,. sv .vm Glen Pat Reynolds Rhoads X V - , K K N.: ' , , '--. Don Conrad - Rhoden Roberson H - ' I fh fiai I X X ' 52? Robe Rogers Blllle Rae Guydrl Betty Iimmy Steve Ioe Juanita KGY Rogers Ross Rountree Rowe Rutherford Scott Scott xx X 'C' L f 1 ' A Dilworth Seider Sellers Barbara Smith T7 37' Clarice Smith Frances Smith Barbara Smothers Sojourner Frances Ronald Mary Eileen Frank Sewell Shirley Showalter Sitchler Bonnie Smith 3 il 7 Don Smith 1 2' it 5 Iames Smith Shirley Sue Anita Dgrothy Spencer Spikes Spurqin Staggers 99 Skipper Skaggs G' if if Ioan Starks gf' pn l gf 4 1 l 3 Q Q jg' 4 ' I Mac Mike 'I Starnes Stevens E Sylvia 5- Terhune Arabella 4 Toney ' r 4 Q V19 ,-. 1 si-fx Ljffl Robert lefry Darla Pat Strickland Stringer Sudderth Tqllqm Karen Tidwell If 51 7 Alan 5 Townsend Q :S Patricia Nancy Tracey Tucker X I E I r lt iw Carroll Io Ann Bill Earle Ioe Lorena Turner Vaden Vaughan Vaughan Vick Vineyard x ' i I A Q X I l . - l l W x fl ll X 100 Tl, lit Althea Taylor Mattie Vinson Ann Barbara Voss Waldrop Tommy Weir Fred Welch David Westfall if 4 Stanley Wiggins Igck lean Kenneth Wqllqce Wallace Wallace Frankie Welch I1 il Ioyce Welch 5 if Q S Pal Wheeler Harlan Ray Shirley Y Bud Williams Williams Williams VSVIHES Wilson 101 , f X Ierry Sox? Betty Ierry Kenneth Lcxurcrlee Winter itherspoen Wright Wright Yielding Young . 4 1 Billie Rae Rogers enjoys t?J counting votes AIWUYS IOYUI Eagle boosters me GGY19 for junior queen. Wyatt, Ee.: Q , rSc1roh Witherspoon, lim Dobbs, 6 . ' - . n o ond Arlen Bynum. Q T f - f 1 st , at A 1 f - v n ,, A ,iz Yvtkf U , W 7 :A X ' Y . k,-- g 5 I A ,K J gf .. K, M .. ft fs-livr sun- W Here reigns Queen Clorice Smith with attendants Ieonie Cook, Mimi Fry, Pot Hcryter, Carla Sue Ferguson, and Carol Crownover. , Yeti? xv X., 7 Seen at the Duce on a triple date are Sandra Lockhart. lack Self. Wayne Hall, Betsy Blanton, Barbara Hart, and Bobby Williams. Key City Play Boys fKim Polk, Reford Schmittou, Hay McCarty, and Don Watersl beat out western rhythm on the Cavalcade of Talent. Ronnie Shirley Sings The Lord's Prayer on the Cavalcade ot Talent. of, P Competing for first place in the High School division are the Oklahoma Driiters--Harold and Carl Gay, and Red Maxwell. Getting ready to go home are Iudy Haines, David Bennett, Glenn Tallant, Martha Pain. Charlene Lenker, Melba Coker, and Ioanne Poe. Nancy Tucker dances to Frosty the Snowman on the Cavalcade ol Talent. No quiz today puts smiles on the faces of Patty Muston, Vaudine Baker, and Mimi Fry. 105 if , ' pix ' rf f il 5 - , 5 C 5 jr 4 le ggffg f '-if it .AJ-, My , 5 l . S 4 I S r I 3 ' L,pa,,' xv 'fiona ,J in M.. sig iz gy Cf 5 Avy' 4 XLR I ,n v' l f ,-, r ' , 'Adil 'Ii A f lxi Brave Arvid Rhodes smiles as the doctor gives him a vaccina- fxgfsiizlgasgjogrgrxqsmr Engraving Company hands Bob FW his lion. ' . . Pat Tallant encouraqes Ierry Turner lo sa l do to reacher Demure Gayle Mya!! makes love to Don Ormand as Bill Pierce, Y P Delores Iones, and gang watch in The Liie oi Marion Truitt Arlen Bynum Us Nell Forman looks on' Vrwup Sweemeanl' Slim Kenny and Curley Groseclose croon their favorite song. Io Ann Olinqer smiles lor her school day piclures. Don't Let the Stars Gel In Your Eyes. Madame Buiterfly Pat Bland performs on Batlery Truth or Con- sequence program. 5 P1'iQDJ1IQDIRf5 Chey are as innocent as grace it9ePF-H . Q 1 I I 1 fl K ' . ' M - Y NX J QQ XX xx g QM . x QR x , , . - . Q '- v N if ' ,. ' --.. 31 A 1 KA. Q '17 ,.,., is . 06 0 ,l H ffl! N X65 fi 35: n .no ww :Min iwfwf f fin n f y ' fl ,l lvvif 5, , f f! --144: . ' --1 . .'-'.:g,i- I .-'F .' n no n ,, .-'Q' If X N 'ilu mm fn , fx if W I XX HOLLIS SWAFFORD Vice-President BILLY IACK RUDD Reporter Svnphnmnrr Gbffirmi I IM MILLERMAN President NADINE ODOM Secretary-Treasurer T DAVID STEINMAN Representative SQWEDLHQWBIIQERES vw L Phillip Bailey Clara Baker Evelyn Baker Theda Ball Ierry Ballew Betty Lou Barbee Iohn Barbee Freddie Sue Barker Kay Barnes Iimmy Anderson Ierry Anstead Dan Antille Y Betty Apperson Ioyce Aldridge Kenneth Aldridge Donnie Alexander Gerry Alexander Ioyce Allen Robert L. Altum lean Archer Bob Armstrong Gail Armstrong Peggy Armstrong Billie Arnold Larry Asbury Twyman Ash Iames Ashabranner lackie Ashworth Vaudine Baker Iimmy Ball vw '39 ff 4' I Y ,Y t,.. el , ,Y 19 Rose Blackburn Betsy Blanton pk 1 1-4 58 Pat Bogar Nellie Bonine Patsye Barrington Charles Barton Iudy Bass Bill Bassetti Donald Beall Ioe Beasley in Iamie Bottoms Betty loyce Boyd Ian Boyd XY Norma Io Braddock Kenneth Beasley Martha Kay Beene Glen Belew I, 5QVP1'iQ55llOI't9E5 Eddie Faye Brecheen Don Bridges Billie Beth Bell LeRoy Bell Clara Ann Bennett Pat Bennett Katie Berry Pat Biqqers Betty Billings Stanley Binion Patricia Birdsong Martha Birdwell Max Blackburn ff SQWTPLWQWIIQDIRFES Shirley Arvin Carlisle Kay Carmack Ronnie Carmack QQ Eddie Carpenter Frank Carter Ian Carter Reta Carter Karen Sue Case Rosanne Casey Ronnie Brown Alford Browning Gary Bruton lerry Bryan Campbell Carol Carpenter A X Iim Brown Nlelba Brown Freddy Burns Jimmy Butler Ann Bynum Iimmy Briggs Larry Briley Bobbi Brown Kathleen Briggs David Bryant Earline Bryant Q9 Phillip Burkett Sally Burkett Don Burks Iohn Burnett Qx Donald Coonrod Douglas Cooper Patsy Cooper Gerald Corder Robert Cate Ronnie Cearley Carol Chapman Hubert Cheatham Dora Sue Christian Ilene Clary Peggy Cornelius Pansy Couch Shirley Clary Ierry Cloud Ruby Coats Truett Couch Charles Cox Dorothy Crane Ierry Crowder Hazel Coffey Alice Cogdell Anedia Cole Ernest Cole Xiao N 5QtfP16ct5110ittB35 Iimmy Cole ancy lane Collins Patsy Compton Dennis Conaway Peggy Conselman Tom Conselman Maurice Cook SQWPLKQWUERES Tommy Davidson Yr' Betsy Davis Shirley Edwards Alyne Elliott Gene Engel Barbara Estes Don Estes Ierry Estes lames Etheridge Iean Evans Carl Ewell Earl Ewell Max Farmer . .sei Ronald Curtis Ierry Curb lean Curry G. W. Davidson Paul Culp lack Cunningham Sammy Davis Burl Deatheraqe Sandra Dickenson Iohnnie Dillard Roy Dixon lackie Duncan Lewis Crowder lack Crumpler if x' Q Doyle Eager Deloss Edwards Nelson Edwards no a qfs .1 K, -Q Ioyce Gossett Glen Goza Donna Graham Bill Groves Iimmy Farris Ioan Feemster Ioe Fielder Ray Fillman Carroll Fine Barbara Finley Helen Flannaqan 5QtfP16Qtl1wi1l55 Dan Hardy Barbara Hardwick Mary Helferman Robert Hembree Dorothy Higgins Charles Hillburn Duane Hill Ben Hines Bobbie Hipp John Hobbs lean Henderson Carl Hennesay Vaughn Herron Ross Hale Lynn Hall Robert Hall Wayne Hall Carol Harlow Audry Harrell Iohn Hamil Richard Hamrick Pat Harrell Mary Ann Harris Dan Harrison Elouise Harrison Barbara Hart Harriet Harvey H. P. Hawkins Edra Merle Guthrie Barbara Haddox il- 'il' 3-5- Anna May Iackson Glenda jackson Gloria Iackson Glenn Jackson Sandra Hockersmith Earnest Hodges lane Holland Tom Hollinqshead 2 lVlary Holley Gay Holmes Ca 3. AAA.. 'C' Glynn Iackson Connie Iames rrell Hopkins Milton Houston Darrell Howard Iannice Jarrett Mike Ienkins Robert Ienkins Margaret Iennings David Howle Theda Howze Bob Hubbard 5QWP16Qt5l16DiU55 flaw lanis Hubbard Sharon Hudgens Cullen Hunt Io Ann Hunt Jimmy Hutto Carla Imes Barbara Inman Carolyn Isbell 5QVP1'i05ll0ElE5 'I' Patsy Iohnson Wanda Iohnson Charlyne Iohnston Delores Iones Don Iones Monty Iones Dan Kenley Dorothy Kennedy lane Key Teddy lack Key Kenneth Killough Mary Kimbley Kneodah Kimbrough Bill King Delores Kissinger Olivia Knowles George Lackey Barbara Lain Betty Io Landers Carroll Lane f,'t Marion Iohnson Mary Nell Iohnson Norma Iones Theiss lones Betty lo Iorclan lo Nell Iudd Sonja Kahler I-lolly Keheley Var 'I' XZWYK, 5 if if ,Y Milton Iennings Harrel lewell vQ Benton Mcblure Donald McClure Laura McCormick Larry McCraw Ioe Lang Carolyn Lankfor Doc Lankford Tommy Lankford Lee Latimer Doyle Lemond I LL d Iohnny Lenker 5Q'i51fi05l'l0fU55 Dian McHan Bob McLean Gerald McLean Stanley McMurry Doris Martin Dorothy Martin Melton McNeeley Dixie McPherson I x i I Linda Mahan Steve Marshall Billie Miller Deanna Miller Marilyn Miller Iim Millerman Pat Mitchell Charlie Moore Dona Mae Moore Ianis Moore Mary Lou Moore Weldon Moore Charles Millsap ! Maralyn Martin Dorothy Mathews Bernice Maxwell Shirley Maxwell Don Mayfield Shirley Mazy George Meissner Karen McGlothlin Ronnie McGraw 'M S. W ca ear F MDMDDDDD Ioe Parris Derald Paiton Ieff Payne Suzanne Pearce Natalee Morris Marlene Morrison Frances Moses Bobby Mosshart Ronny Mulhern Dwain Murry 5 Marjorle Nelson SQVPLWFIIOYXES 1 L nn Presswood Y Alton Pribble Ieraldine Rogers Barbara Ross Billy lack Rudd Frank Scarborough Virginia Scarborough Reiord Schmittou loyce Seabolt Pat Seabourn lack Self Billy Sanders Sally Sanders Tommy Pope Laura Powell GT Iimmy Polk Kim Polk Clifton Pine Billie Pitt Betsy Polk Monte Pinkston Floyd Price Reva Pritchett Carol Purnphrey Billie leane Purvis Louise Randell Iamesngfllhmoll 5 f 1 llfflffl 0 5 Truitt Renfro Barbara Richards Bob Robbins 31 'CP Harlean Steele David Steinman Gretchen Stephens Ronnie Self Wanda Sewell Tommy Seymore Roy Sherwood Leon Shi le P Y. Lawrence Siewert I Pat Stephenson Joy Stewart Norma Sinclair Norma Slaton Buster Smith SQWPLHMR EWS -xii! if Iulius Taylor Odell Taylor Margaret Tipton Elsie Todd Markey Touchstone Leo Townsend Delbert Turner Mary Tutt Annette Vaughn Patsy Vaughn Nelda Vestal Virgil Wade Betty Io Trice Rachell Tarpley Ronnie Tate lim Tatum Mary Ann Tatum R11 Linda Sutton Hollis Swaftord Rose Marie Swiedom Weldon Tennison Gene Terrell Zebbie Sumpter Lance Teubner Bristol Thomas Deborah Thomas Iohn Thomas Oh Billy Thompson Sandra Thompson Mary Tillman Y , an ,, 'm-RM' ,e 1 Betsy Whlsenhunt I B Whrsenhunt Phil Widmer Norman Wilburn Bobby Wrlllams Doroihy Wagner Mary Wagoner Marnie Wagstaff Bobby Wakefield Dorothy Walker Ianet Walker Tv' 'K Lowell Warner Leah Beth Wood Gayle Wright Gayle Wyatt 5QWl51'i05llQ7IlE5 Max Winters lack Wittie Duane Wood Qs. Charlie Woods Wanda Wooley Frankie Wylie I im Yarborough Ioanne Yarborough Bob Youngblood I Iimrny Baum and Iames Busby assure Blfdweu Wants LYUU HG11 to 10014 Barbara Hart and Bobby Williams they will sit comfortably at the game. 125 if GD F giggle wmv.. Q Q i . , .V , N 'a 7 , . I , fs. , 1, . if ' 'I w he 9 V 1,1 . .. J. N I ll ,GS '- 's ' ' f 'ug 4-an L V - K- 5.3351-, , ii X fl 'Q g ew 1' Q H. t ll 1 Q- 4 2 . iz I ' i 4 .,.,.f- tr x 1. 'W h ,M L jiri? in 4 1' , I i x r, ll K' Q 1 1 I5 l Y sf 2 o - ,ii . E4 Touchstone lMarkey Touchstonel pays his lover's respects to Au- drex Uackie Duncanl by presenting her with a lamb in the forest of rden. Rosalind iludy Iarrettj tells Celia 1Mary Ellen Dukej and Oliver lDon Drennanl that she counterieited the swoon. Wit Touchstone challenges half-wit William lGerald Davisj. 124 JH Charles the Wrestler lCarroll Turner! prepares to wrestle Orlando. M.r. Sublett smiles even though hard at work on As You Like lt rehearsals. fl masculine Rosalind rebukes Orlando IGene Enqslj for his ardent ove. Sweet are the uses of adversity, says Duke Senior CD, C. Mc- Couryl to attendants David Dean and Iames Welch. Y df x X We wish to express our gratitude to Mr Emest Sub lett and the AHS drama de- partment for co-ordinatinq the annual Shakesoearean production and the theme oi the 1953 FLASHLIGHT. l :J - Spvin on lovelom Sylvius lBobby Davisl are Celia KPat Forest oi Arden is the meeting place ot Celia, Rosalind. and Belew? and Corin IBryant Lilyj ' Corin. Music in the forest was provided by iorester fBorm.ie Shir- It's brother against brother when Orlando and Oliver leyl. Lord lDavid Deanl and Jaques CGlenn Beachaml looked struggle. On. Duke's banquet in the forest is attended by Orlando. a lord. Stars Gene Engel and Judy Jarrett take a curtain call. and Amiens KBill Vaughanj. 125 , , M. , . V . . . , x . ' A I 1 x x..,',... 5 -, 3L5'.'.'.xb'.'.'.'.' V 1 its ' , . -wuz.. ' , 77'l '5'- YY f,, -1 31 qvss 4 I I V ill: Y!! A Y 3 1 . 1 .v ... ' ' 'S - I 'm . f iii EL! l I , -A ,IQ 4 5 1 5 . t. , rx i- 15- .EM i l c' IN ' X F x-SQ ,shun M A r 1 . ,, v I .ti lj, gg, , Aj J Av . X , A , i -J ff? l ' ,Alai W ' 1, A 'i . 1' K i k F ,' 1- if . 'xi 'H- a' i X Ji' if W N -V , , 'S' 'N- fl 1 . E! , 24 N.. -R44 .as JN J ff s.r....,..,........- PFW! Unexpected loloist at sing song is crooner Marion Truitt. Miss Stokes ?ves out svellirguwords to Linda Parish, Clau- dette Isbell, vonne Willis, ry Eileen Showalter. Skipper Skaggs, and Pat Miles, in Iunior competition lor the spell- ing e. Pint place winner ol Flashlight poster contest is sophomore Barbara Hart. Two Blease, Mr, Nail. says David Steinman as he takes ian Mcllan to the basketball game, Receiving As You Like lt programs lrom Mary Ann Harris are Leah Beth Woods. Annette Vaughn, and Cy- reno Stowe. Dancing to Swing Your Partner are Gail Crowder and Ierry Reeves. 29 IK Six I xvreatle for mg cm-abit df ,fx . ii N, IA .3 'NS gm . . -, , 1 M NM '. f L QQ K AW! X 'S f- 5 11 I x . K.. - 'ASPH ' -QW .ll U 'L 'v :f'53Qig.K 1, .Mx J 4 4 - wg jf ' W 4 'Y ' A f 63? A ,JMVWK A . 0 65, . : K, ?Qg I .' k - I ff' il -V ' x WN , C ffxxxxk I I . 'lat if gy, I P ,' xxx: E f-J A 12. ' ' ff ' fbi - . 4Qif, ' 5 ii K 'zoffx S RS: NT!! .5 0 -if K N if ' le- :A b X ,i2 ?f-Qffzffgahfff 1 - f 512- i I A,--2, - . ' 'N T' ..5'L.'LA'-L ff ,ff '- ii: X k X - - 22-fel - . ' , ' ,l? T f i T: x -. , fifz- If Q lf-lfyf 515 134 0 ,Ii X I ,ML I if if' ' - cflii F wif' ' ' -. we 1,,A,. I. 1. ' x fx ' f Xu ff I X JP-'IX 7 f I .:f. T':X l'v'f ,Q X - X 1 1 Leading the yells as you like them are the Cheerleaders for 1952-1953. DX Q ly K f A 2 J ye 1' I Wgiyf 'P 6 S P' HEAD CHEERLEADER, SHARON HUGHES 5 , 45 E 5 52 1' ,Q ei A J PAULA POWERS 'ml ' 1 3 FIT l lu , 0' K 5 BARBARA MCMINN . . R if A A , Q- in A A 1 x 2 I I BETTY TRENTHAM KAREN GENTRY 128 S 29551566 GH H ZVQCS ,of,t7arf Egg. n N if -A Q. ' - 254 - Q ,V ff fafz . K I V K .,.A BILLIE KAY HUCKABAY 129 Tliaglr Glnarhw P. E. SHOTWELL Athletic Director W. K. BENTLEY Footbqll Coach WILLIAM LAWSON Basketball Coach Boxing and Baseball Coach Assistant Football Coach Assistant Football Coach Emi? -. fl? 2- .fs . .lk A Kas 1 B. L. BLACKBURN 1 Baseball Coach Football End Coach 3, BOB GROSECLOSE IOE WEST Assistant Basketball Coach Track Coach B Team Football Coach Football Line Coach 130 - xii' 'Hetraitg Svquah 5 2 29 , sg ,W , 1, B Q 7 ' -l3l-l 4 1 L1 i Q. airf'-N2 Row 1: Iim Rose, Iimmy Briggs, Don Harber, Riley Wyatt, Terry Hobbs, Dub Galbraith lmascotl, Wen- dell Phillips, Iames Hopkins, Gayle Myatt, Glenn Tallent, Tommy Estes Row 2: Iimmy Millerman, Billie Paul, Bill Pierce, Eugene Brooks, Dayton King, Ierry Turner, Carroll Turner, Don Crowder, Winton Thomas, Tommy Seale, Marion Truitt, Bill Vaughn Row 3: Ioe West, coach, B. L. Blackburn, coach, Twyman Ash, Bob Gay, Lee Wayne Newman, Arthur McMillen, Dickie Seale, Arnold Huddleston, Billy Fuller, Bobby Iack Oliver, Iames Bass,johed,.Os- xhmn., Dick Orsini, Pete Shotwell, coach, Bob Groseclose, coach Row 4: Tommy Overman, Dan Bourland,sRay Carson? LeRoy Crawford, Bill Perry, Tom Speed, Frank Liles, Fred Welch, Hal McGlothin, Iames'Smith, lack Garner ' B 'ram 11' 5 3157 QA .X Row 1: Teddie Jack Key, Dan Kenley, Bobby Hubbard, Iames Buzby, Hollis Swafford, Charles Hilburn, Ierry Bailiff, Iirnmy Cole Row 2: Don Iones, Ferrell Hays, Charles Millsap, Iohn Thomas, James Babb, Dan Boyd, lack Hurt, Glenn Woods, Cullen Hunt, Iack Crumpler , Row 3: Bob Groseclose, coach, Pat Bland, Larry McCraw, Ray Fraser, Mac Starnesf Calvin Spencer, Dick Miller, Ioe Vick, Carl Ewell, Frank Scarborough, lim Tatum, Duncan Mann Row 4: Glenn Belew, H. P. Hawkins, Newton Hilliard, Don Rhoden, Frank Etter, Ronny McDearman, Bohflrawionql, Iames Baum, Ierry Watts, Kenny Huffman, lack Self Zllnnthall - -I . ,qi -.fr x ' PN I 4 Ji 5 --' K , M ' - -- 1., ' ' : - f, .- at . . fi. . H, . E X -1 , . :Mi eiigwy .?iL?4, A -J liyif-fb 1 ' ' 'L f ' W 54,937 lfllfifll-9 f f5i ?52'fi!.,if:L . G ' ' Tif f 1'2i'i-H H' ' 5 -' f L - G ., 9 ... X 5 'f it I fi 1 I . lr. mg Q A BILL PIERCE, captain End-140 2-year letterman t 1, J K Mascots Doug and Gervis Galbraith leam how it's done from Coach JERRY TURNER, Captain Pete Shotwell. Cemef..170 2-year letterman EAGLE FOOTBALL RECORD AH'D1S'f1C' Abilene 26 Arlington Heights 14 EAGLES UPSET YELLOWIACKETS, 26-14 . . The underdog Eagles played heads-up ball to de Abilene 14 Breckenndge 33 feat the favored Yellowjackets of Arlington Heights Abi 13 S t 7 The Yellowjackets scored first when Buzz Kemble wen 1 ene Wee Water around right end for 10 yards and the touchdown. Kem . ble's extra point try was good. Abllene 13 Bofgef 12 The Eagles took the kickoff and marched to Abi 7 P 13 touchdown. Wendell Phillips scored just before the en 1 ene Gmpa of the half, but the extra-point kick was blocked. . . Early in the third quarter Iames Rose passed t Abilene 7 Amanuo B Glenn Tallant for 32 yards and a touchdown. Over . . man's kick put the Eagles ahead 13-7. Minutes later a Abllene 6 Mldkmd 0 attempted Iacket punt was blocked, and Don Crowde Abilene 2 Lubbock 20 Legpeyeggitlgehind the goal line to give the Eagles si . Later the Eagles blocked another punt, enablin Abllene 0 Odessa 7 Ierry Turner to run 13 yards for the final Eagle score Abilene 26 san Angelo 6 Overman kicked a good extra point: the Eagles l 26-7. Arlington Heights scored late in the game to mak the final score 26-14. 152 Ellnnihnll -I 1 eg-ttf-s-wi -.gifts ,,,,s,' , 'i Ng---:M f- '-.Lgr'f:4':,'N - -W -- . N, qs, ,Af , -,-si. . -f -----an fiufsr isti- I '-N24 i 5- 7 , up W X . 1 R L I ' 3 Q N' I 1 'll ,,..' X I R T , X ' X . CARROLL TURNER BILL VAUGHN BOBBY JACK OLIVER Guard-1 78 Back-158 Tackle--217 2 -year letterman 3-year letterman 1-year letterman All-District All-District EAGLES DOWN SWEETWATER 13-7 In their first game at home in 1952 the Eagles were victorious over the Sweetwater Mus- tangs. The Eagles opened the scoring when Glenn Tallent plunged the final two yards early in the third quarter. The score was set up by a pass from Iames Rose to Tommy Seale. Eugene Kau- ri. Sweetwater back, took the kickoff and raced down the sidelines for 92 yards and the tying score. The extra point try was good, and Sweetwater led by a 7-6 margin. The Eagles scored the winning touchdown with four minutes left in the game when Torn- my Overman scored on a 10-yard run around left end. The score was set up by passes from Rose to Tommy Seale. McGlothlin kicked the extra point. and the Eagles left the field with a 13-7 vic- tory. t A ' I , ,df ' I F 1 I , 4 l 'x 44 TOMMY ESTES RAY CARSON DICK SEALE Back--150 Tackle-190 g y Center-167 2-year letterman 2-year letterman 2-year letterman 133 Ellnnthall F 'EX 67' A ' 1 ' 1 NW' 1 1 , x Q 1 ' E 2 7 R 9 - ' new TOMMY OVERMAN TOMMY SEALE LEE NEWMAN Back-152 End-167 Tackle-190 2-year letterman 1-year letterrnan 1-year letterman 13-12 WIN OVER BORGER OPENS DISTRICT PLAY FOR EAGLES A perfect extra point kick by Hal McGlothlin was the difference between victory and a tie as the Eagles defeated the Bulldogs of Borger 13-12. Fred Welch scored both touchdowns, the first on a 55-yard run, and the second on a two- yard plunge in the third quarter. McGlothlin's kick after the first touchdown was good, but the second kick was short. Borger scored in the second quarter when Ward drove three yards to climax a 53-yard drive. The extra point try was blocked by the Eagle line. Whisenhunt scored the final Borger touchdown on a four-yard plunge. The important extra point try was wide, and the Eagles had their victory. bm-0 M1 ,Pplf-V ,'l uh' , f ogg- . 0 ll: I ,1'. I I Qin. 4' 'll' 'u U 1 f I' 10. 4 'Y' ' '- Q P 1 C l 'rv' 1 J KIQIJ: ln.: Winning their first game is the purpose of these Eagles as they come onto the field to meet Ar- lington Heights. 134 illnnthall --HQ' Q ut ' 1 - ' H' xt .-.. A MARION TRUITT IIMMY DAN BOURLAND JAMES ROSE Guard-169 Back-147 Back-148 1-year letterman 1-year letterman 1-year letterman EAGLES LOSE HEARTBREAKER TO PAMPA 13-7 Pampa's Harvesters scored with fifteen seconds left in the game to defeat the Warbirds. The Eagles saw an apparent 7-6 victory become a 7-13 defeat. The Eagles were able to stop Pampa during the first half, but they weren't able to score themselves. Pampa scored late in the third quarter an a 36-yard pass. The extra point try was not good. leaving the score in Pampa's favor 6-0. The Eagles scored when Oliver tackled the Pampa punter before he could get the kick away. From the 13-yard line Welch carried the ball down to the 7. Then Rose pitched out to Iim- my Millennan, who skirted right end for the touchdown. Oliver's kick was good, making the score 7-6, Eagles in the lead. Q Pampa got the ball on their own 39. A series of passes moved the ball to the Eagle 4. Then a jump pass over the center of the line gave Pampa the victory. -Z 1715311 wr, i 1 3 5 ' l FRED WELCH WINTON THOMAS BILLY PAUL Back--168 End-188 End-165 1-year letterman 1-year letterman 1-year letterman 135 illunihall Eagle Warbirds' defensive wall plunges forward to stop a Lubbock passer. EAGLES CALM THE SANDIES 7-6 Amari1lo's Golden Sandies were defeated 7-6 in Amarillo by a hustling band of War- birds. The game was scoreless until the final quarter. Iimrny Millerman scored the Eagle touch- down on a 6-yard run around left end. Bobby lack Oliver's extra point try was good, which was the deciding factor of the victory for the Eagles. Amarillo scored minutes later. Their extra point try was short, giving the Eagles a 7-6 win. Tommy Estes intercepted a Sandie pass on the Eagle 10 to stop the most serious Amarillo scoring threat in the first half. Hal McGlothlin and Iimmy Dan Bourland were outstanding on of- fense. , 33.1 , X 9 I 5 DAYTON KING ARNOLD HUDDLESTON DON CROWDER Guard-145 Guard-188 Tackle-175 1-year letterman 1-year letterman 1-year letterman 136 Q Fllnnthall A '. - 'f T- fri tt V . F' 5 . '95 ' x f HN if xwff l -' i l Q GLENN TALLANT GAYLE MYATT IACK GARNER Back-159 Back-157 Back-172 1-Yer-II leffermflil 1-year letterman 1-vear letterman DETEHMINED WARBIRDS BEAT MIDLAND 6-O Abilene's Warbirds played their best game of the season against the Midland Bulldogs in Midland. The Eagles out-hustled and out-played the Bulldogs during the entire game. The Warbirds saw many scoring drives halted inside the Midland 10-yard line. Hal Mc- Glothlin scored the Eagle touchdown in the second quarter. The Eagle defense was able to stop the Midland backfield star, lesse Hatfield, every time he carried the ball. The entire defensive team was outstanding. Bill Vaughn was outstanding on offense. Although the Eagles weren't able to score but one touchdown, they soundly defeated the Bulldogs. 4 A W. -wi.. . - W Tommy Overman lands a flying tackle on a End Twyman Ash is hauled down after receiv- Breckenridge ballcarrier. ing a pass from quarterback Iames Rose. 137 Zllnnihall il 'Java TNR Q I I IAMES HOPKINS DICK ORSINI DON HARBER Back-148 Guard-152 Back-156 1-year letterman l-year letterman 1-year letterman EAGLES FALL TO LUBBOCK 20-2 Lubbock's Westemers, Class AAAI-X State Champions, defeated the Warbirds 20-2. The classy Westerners scored their first touchdown when Iimmy Welch smashed across from the Eagle 1. Lubbock scored again, climaxing a 99-yard drive when Buddy Hill passed to end Ed McCu1lum for the score. Lubbock led at the half 13-0. Lubbock's Welch scored on a 5-yard plunge. Dick Lowery's kick was good, bringing Lub- bock's lead to 20 points. Fumbles stopped Eagle drives all night. A fumble on the Lubbock one-yard line set up the safet ' aded back to pass and was smeared by the Eagle line. Carso he two Turners, Oliver, and Ash led the Eagle defense while Vaughn, Over- man. . Bourland and Tommy Seale led the the Eagle offense. Mg 15 'W S, X P V EM -Q 5, N 4 3 HAL MCGLOTHLIN WENDELL PHILLIPS IIM MILLERMAN Back-1 75 Back-160 Back-1 50 1-year letterman 1-year letterman 1-year letterman 138 3'Hnn1hall Big Bobby lack Oliver drags a Lubbock Westerner to the turf. EAGLES DEFEATED BY ODESSA BRONCS 7-0 Abi1ene's Eagles and Odessa's Broncos fought on even terms except for the final minutes of the third quarter when Odessa scored to win the game 7-0. The Eagle defense, led by Ierry Turner, Bobby lack Oliver, and Carroll Turner, stopped all the Bronco runners except Charlie Ward and Iohnny Crain. It was passes by Carl Schlemeyer. however, that put the ball on the Eagle one. From there Crain drove over for the game's only score. Odessa stopped the only real scoring drive by the Eagles on the Odessa 51. Fred Welch and Bill Vaughn were the big guns in the drive. Odessa had the ball on the Eagle 18 as the game ended. , A s ' A ff' BOB GAY Eagles scramble for the ball. TWYMAN ASH End-156 End-140 1-yedr 1eif91'1'I1Cm 1-year letterrnan 139 fllllanagvrn 9, ...A I S -'Q S 4 :Ill . 'sl' ,N 1-:,-.fi , -, .L , LG- . 'Ig'Al ' ' 5 zzzzzxfrlf ,fyb 5.-13'3:fi-C:2.l7 ' '. 7 -- I A TJ I 4 ,s'::'.::.-'-':'ffE' 'fffi-f'25 'I-1-ni -1 51 '32 '- 27 J T11-Z' ,m.A 111132155 - 'PH . 1 'wt l J '5.3E'f51t15?-'5E'f1fI-'Qfjff-Q-'fzizix'-ilt1E25'ff1.v 32112 . , . R .3-Q -' A L .v',NA, Q igzlglllilgi 52511 15:11 -'I H ' .1 1 if ssi ' ff12212125325E532-12:ii-1-315i-:E 212221213 Eftff 'E n ,sg ,ei ' it tan E2 S, fijy jgijfljl 52324, CAREY HOBBS CHARLES PRITCHETT EDDIE PAYNTER HAROLD SMITH WARBIRDS DEFEAT SAN ANGELO 26-6 TO FINISH FOURTH IN I-AAAA PLAY 'I' he Eagles closed the 1952 season by rolling over the San Angelo Bobcats 26-6. The Eagles' first score was set up by a 39-yard punt retum by Iimmy Dan Bourland to the Bobcat three: Bill Vaughn drove over right guard to score. The extra point try was no good. Tommy Seale recovered a fumble on the San Angelo 36 in the second quarter. Passes to McGlothlin. Vaughn, and Millerrnan put the ball on the Bobcat four. One play later Vaughn scored his second touchdown of the afternoon. Bobby lack Oliver kicked the extra point. The Eagles' next scoring drive originated on the Bobcats' 42. Bill Pierce scored on a 29- yard pass from Bourland. Oliver's placement was good, putting the Eagles in the lead 20-0. After a scoreless third quarter the Eagles scored their final touchdown of the year on a pass from Bourland to McGlothlin. San Angelo ended the scoring with a IB-yard pass from Walk- er to Slaughter. The iinal score-26-6. Q 'a With all eyes intently watching the game, Eagle substitutes anxiously await their turn to go into action. 140 VI MW!! 'V ct ' A NLM' ', 1 X17 Q ff 'QNBI i. , 1 433 -Qs' Iackie Cloud goes for Al Latimer in an Abilene Golden Gloves bout. Aided by Dan Boyd, Bob Gay, and Ierry Bob Praley, Bonnie Mulhern goes up lor a short one. Ierry Turner makes a tree throwAtoo bad, Sandies! X fl' lil 141 1' -,,. ,- M3: J X . N.-' .V V - ' Buff'- W g x ' B:-Qi-'-ff Ay gg tjffw- 1 ff, -W 5232 . so - gi' 1514 Shiv! if -t ' - , flfs nm I + , 1 Eff. T -air ,yall K 3 W fs i ma .5 ' ' 'M T .-...Lf is wvif. T.. ,,,, 4 'bl Tommy Seale gets off o shot in spite of Bobcat opposition, as Dick Waqley and Ierry Turner wait to see if it is good. Our trusty baseball coaches, Blacky fthe band leader! Black- burn and Shorty Lawson. Fast Dick Miller goes over the hurdles, Patsy McGraw watches Melba Brown spike the ball back across the net. A Association officers are Tommy Overman, Ierry Bob Fruley and Tommy Estes. Eankrthall The highlight oi the 1952-53 basketball season for the Eagles was winning the Cotton Bowl Tour nament in Dallas. The Eagles had a season record of 21 wins and 9 losses to iinish out the season in third place in district 1-AAAA. Dick Wagley was elected captain by the other ten lettermen. These boys have played together on the team since their sophomore year with the exception of Iulian Ard, who joined the team last Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene SEASON'S RECORD year. 58 Coleman 63 Roscoe 65 Coleman 57 Birdville 49 Poly of Dallas 70 San Angelo 57 Brownwood 62 Highland Park 87 Highland Park 66 Carrollton 94 Pleasant Grove 50 Crozier Tech 59 Adamson 76 Bailey 46 Amarillo 55 Abilene 45 Abilene 45 Abilene 33 Abilene 6 1 Abilene 55 Abilene 59 Abilene 6 l Abilene 4 1 Abilene 36 Abilene 43 Abilene 45 Abilene 43 Abilene 60 Abilene 50 Abilene Lubbock Clyde Borger Pampa Odessa Midland Brownwood San Angelo Amarillo Lubbock Borger Pampa Odessa Midland San Angelo Row 1: Ierry Bob Fraley, Tommy Overman, Bill Pier ce, Charles Pritchett, manager Row 2: Charles Row, Dick Wagley, B. D. Loving, Tommy Estes Row 3: Iulian Ard, Ierry Turner, Bob Fry, Tommy Seale 142 maskrthall IULIAN ARD Fast Bill Pierce and Dick Wagley make it hard for B. D. LOVING this Bobcat to pass the ball. ' g 1 4, sf, g s ,Q ff, r v 1 ,A , rg , - xlfwim I 1 W- U 1? t 14, atm? Eagles watch their fellow teammates in the Eagles' Nest. T Q k t Bill Pierce gets off a free shot while Bob Fry and Ierry Turner pggllzggor Yfgnfjgrglgz? S up wo guard for a rebound. 143 Ezwkrthall TOMMY OVERMAN BILL PIERCE TOMMY ESTES IERRY BOB FRALEY 1 ' 1 ' it wJ ,.M 'H-9 L - K .- JRR 7 ,Q ,Q I W, ,. -V N is. J 5. -ff . A , it ' - ' ' W . X 4 ffgfvdiiif' , g - . an -E-my ,,,, Q- k Dick Wagley jumps ball with his opponent from Amarillo as Tommy Estes, Ierry Turner, and Tommy Secxle prepare to go into action. 44 1 Tgaakvthall X N - an A 1 I a I be DICK WAGLEY IERRY TURNER BOB FRY TOMMY SEAI-E Captain 'woilwnnmg Bill Pierce rings a basket in the San Angelo High-jumping Ierry Turner tips the ball to Dick Wagley game while Tommy Seale prepares to get while teammates Tommy Overman, Bill Pierce, and the rebound. Tommy Seale keep their eyes on the ball. Enxing Gram QC:-3. -vw Row 1: Bob Black, Iohn Adams, Charles Hillburn, Ierry Wright, Ronnie Tate, Bob Williams Row 2: Ierry Cloud, George Latimer, Ierry Ballew, Fred Welch, Arlen Bynum, Bill Matthews David Dean 7 . 5 'v gi - 8 IERRY WRIGHT GEORGE LATIMER CHARLES HILLBURN CALVIN WALKER ARLEN BYNUM DAVID DEAN FRED WELCH 146 Enxing Gram ,pf BOB BLACK BILL MATTHEWS IERRY BALLEW BOBBIE WILLIAMS MORRIS NEWBERRY BONNIE TATE IOHN ADAMS The Eagle Boxing team, coached by Shorty Lawson, won the team championship in the Abilene Golden Gloves Tournament. Charles Hillbum, George Latimer, Fred Welch, and Don loy all won their weight divisions to give the Eagles their filth straight championship. Eagles D011 JOY and Bill Mfflhews fight il out Fred Welch stuns Q hmd right to Koge1's jaw in the light-heavyweight finals. in middleweiqht finglg. 147 -1 .4 L Hnllpghalt 1 Row 1: Rose Latimer, Captain, Celia Ann Iohnson, Eileen Kincaid, Melba Brown, Geraldine Schmittou, Ruth Hennington Row 2: Patsy McGraw, Nell White, Eulalia Bantau, Nancy Henson Skill and long hours of practice are two of the factors that helped make Abilene's vol- leyball team a winning team. The 1953 Varsity team played approximately twelve games and entered two tournaments. The team went to the semi-finals in the Sweetwater tournament where they won two honorable mentions-Melba Brown, Nancy Henson, Celia Ann Iohnson. Ruth Hennington sets up in a Varsity game with her Our Coach, Miss Bailey. teammates, Geraldine Schmittou, Rose Latimer, Eileen Kincaid, and Nancy Henson. 1 'l3EI5Pl1EIll - xc ,QI e bfi Beg Q A 'flu J W G if Row 1: Hal McGlothlin, Tommy Seale, Dick Wagley, Iames Hopkins, Bobby lack Oliver, Manager Eddie Paynter, Bob Fry, Glen Woodard, Gene Boyd, lim Spradley. Row 2: Coach Shorty Lawson, Ioe Youngblood, Don Rhoden, Jimmy Gamer, Mackie Newton, Don Har ber, Dan Bourland, Riley Wyatt, Robert Davis, Billy Paul, Randall Anderson, Coach B. L. Blackburn The Eagle Baseball Team, coached by B. L. Blackburn and Shorty Lawson, won the district title by defeating San Angelo. After winning the bi-dis- trict title games with Wichita Falls, the Eagles were defeated in the first game of the State Playoffs by Waco. SEASON'S RECORD Abilene 6 Paschal 7 Abilene 6 Paschal 18 Abilene 3 Paschal 6 Abilene 5 Goodfellow Field 2 Abilene 4 Goodfellow Field 9 Abilene 8 Odessa 9 Abilene 2 Lubbock 4 Abilene 4 Lubbock 3 Abilene 17 San Angelo 3 Abilene 5 Goodfellow Field 7 Abilene 7 Goodfellow Field 2 Abilene 8 Goodfellow Field 6 Abilene 3 Goodfellow Field 13 Abilene 8 San Angelo 9 Abilene 8 Goodfellow Field 9 Abilene 6 Goodfellow Field 9 Abilene l7 San Angelo 0 Abilene 2 Lubbock 6 Abilene 2 Lubbock 3 Abilene 18 Wichita Falls 2 Abilene 5 Wichita Falls 3 Abilene 1 Waco 4 PITCHERS AND CATCHERS W flank x7 f f .5 Iames Hopkins, Glenn Woodard, Iimmy Spradley, Gene Boyd, Mackie Newton. Not Pictured: Bobby lack Oliver. Eanvhall ef? X 4- 'KW S X, 'mf gfkz-4 s INFIELDERS: Iimmy Garner, Randall Anderson, Ioe Youngblood, Riley Wyati Not pictured: Don Rhoden ill-1 OUTFIELDERS: Tommy Secxle, Billy Paul, Iimmy Dan Bourlond. SHORTSTOPg Bob Fry 150 flrark ram t if Row l: Don Bridges, Lynwood Reinhardt, Lee Newman, Ierry Tumer, Tommy Estes, Gayle Myatt, Del- mon Wilson, Bobby Mosshart, Iprnmy Murray, Carey Hobbs Row 2: Mr. West, Charles Pritchett, Bill Mathews, Don Ormand, Kerry Williams. Jerry Bailiff, Fred Welch, Newton Hillard, Billy Fraser, Rudy Gonzales, Gerald Norman The track team is coached by Ioe West and W. K. Bentley. Marion Truitt and Delmon Wilson are co-captains. Bill Pierce, pole vaulter and broad jumper, Winton Thomas, high- jumper, pole vaulter and hurdler, Ferrell Hays, shot put and discus, and Dick Orsini, broad- jumper, were all absent when the pictures were taken. - h if ,wt W W YY Ei' EAM , Row 1: lack Self, Wendell Phillips, Ierry Watts, Larry MARION TRUITT McCraw. Row 2: Jimmy Millerman, Dick Miller, Ronnie McDear- man, f91lii Kenneth Stewart. 151 -1. Efrark MILE RELAY TEAM SPRINT RELAY TEAM . f I 'J ll Wi ,7i A I X - sg - m 'Al-if 1 - .l 1, , '1 .Ji N4 G 1 be Ir' U X A .x L L ,, .., xg, gf' r may i ' ' X Bobby Mosshart, Gayle Myatt, Iim Iim Millerman, Phillip Bailey, Delmon Millermcm, Delmon Wilson. Wilson, Kenneth Stewart. BROADIUMPERS HURDLERS Delmon Wilson, Jerry Turner. Fred Ierry Bailiff, Gayle Myatt, Gerald Nor- Welch. man. 152 Glrnrk A ,- C' 'ig' vi, 4-5 DISTANCE RUNNERS Row 1: Rudy Gonzales, Don Ormand, Bobby Mosshart, Lynwood Reinhardt. Row 2: Tommy Estes, Bill Mathews, Gayle Myatt, Kerry Williams, Delmon Wilson, Bill Fraser. SPRINTERS Tommy Estes, Don Ormand, Tommy Murray, Del- mon Wilson. I 153 WEIGHT MEN AND VAULTERS Gm Newton Hillard, Ierry Turner, Lee New man, Gayle Myatt. E mniz Gram Row 1: Maxie Bowen, Larry Asbury, Ben Hines, Buzzy Sellers, Owen Cook, Richard Hamrick, Bill Graves, Carroll Hopkins. Row 2: Anette Vaughn, Sandra Bourland, Ian Free, Iohnnie Williams, Ioan Hall, Kay Barnes, Iody Ballew, Carla Imes, Pat Bennett, Gay Longacre, Marnie Waqstafi, Gayle Wright, Iackie Duncan, Miss Ian Canon. +1 Q si l ,ggi-jr? A M f - 'X' OWEN COOK IOHNNIE WILLIAMS IAN FREE IODY BALLEW 154 V Pl1IIi5 .,x. J' 1 . xr A -,i- by t t ,.. hi , t - ' 5 M043 V f- DILWORTH SELLERS PAT BENNETT BEN HINES CARROLL HOPKINS Gulf Taking an active part in sports ot AHS, the golf team took part in golf meets at Brownwood, Cisco, Fort Worth, and Arlington Heights. One of the main events ot the season was when Abilene went to the district meet at Brownwood, and the winners of that event received a trip to the fair ways events at the State Meet at Austin. . . .dvr 1-9 x - 5 L if at, ' I . tm aka .op v,, z Vs ,Civ ' Row 1: Iohn Hobbs, Iohnny Pechacek, Ronnie McGraw, Bob Lapham, Lynn Emerson, Eugene Iohnson, Mike Bowden Row 2: Iulicm Ard, Ray Olds, Ioe Sparks, Ierry Cloud, Morgan Hampton 155 EKG 52131 5 5 But bo not look For Furtb er recommnae 176.11 thine own glabne-3,9 that thou art employgbw, f, H if :ff ff 'W w f ,f ,I , 'J' K 77 i ,fx Aff f 5 MX' w Jffff -fluff , ', 1, If-' If , 'WNB- ,w,.,1,ff ff XDHVWI 1 f ' ,' ' ,N ' X XX, mp fm 1 ,M ,f 1,. , , My W 1 f ' ff fff ,fvlf WM' W F W Q, M, Y. 'N ,v,, , XXX: . 'uf' f- '.,-ff-- A f ,.: ., I I X V A ff Nu W - x . Q, ,M 44 f f 1, fl!! ,NL NN V1X,N xN.,g.-,X-R5 9- KSQXRK Ma1y fwr2f f. ' -X N A X 9014.1 if -ff' '- fr f 'fx ' -nk, -5' .xg f 0f6o, ,2, ff 'Mfg . 3 A W-AQ C595 .QSSQZSOX ' v1 '-VQ54 Q Y W' MMA wi fi- A sv , ' 5 ff' . 1 EE 3 52 T 51-Cixi f 153 'mf' E , Q4 A X QQQQN7 Kmii v V ' 1 ,Qw ffm? 7 - CX . W 6,7 my N 1 Q 1 ff , fx -7',f,1f ' ,, 1 I ,f rf- X UQ K fe , ., 4 , is QQU4 V ,T--, - ' 1 Qi . dv , E-gf-.K wx . ,iP .:l, 1 - f A 1,31 rf tg' , 'ff X KY- f X? 14 W' ' f: yr. 1 1 W 7 fy -f' ilji g . . Lv 4 , .- 'if' 17.55 51? A 1 X , 4 'JK' 4 'lifjvlf f CDRW , f f-, In ,,: 1 K f my ggi, . ' 4? J ,,fi :!f: f ww mf' Wiz' Q M 0 .. foil' 1' A' -f V, QI - -I jfywf y 'yxkx ' I , 3 QQ, Nw Lf b X N: ffjff V 7 A ml W , 7 Q ' Q f1 - -1 ' ' 4, W E . .. t wg H 5f'S'54 ' X Qslhu o N A ' n-'lv' 'A-?v i' 'V f.,11:4:f- f-r 1 -H ! QKEXEEXQX EAT ' Zlilaahlight we Th ' f'2, ' T' IO ANN STUARD 2 Q0 J Editor A if 9,4 ' , A Y i . .1 R A A f X V 5' N X K ik, 1 .L, XX x Sq 'Q Y ' 1 X, Ka, E ft , NX ' 53 ' '9,,,,,, 310001: N lj MARY IO MEDLEY Iunior Editor Assistant Club Editor 041 Bob .,... 4. iwux: BOB GULLEY Layout Editor Assistant Photographer ' Assistant Business Manager 1 'EN .5 .,, - ' kv , A A Af lt, I - Z i , 32 . V 'N : X 2 L 'x ,. Air? wh IERRY SEYMORE .jsfigb ix --M Photographer ?9.s, .i, i, NSA J IA X , f, A. D. ALLEN 6 Business Manager Q ! 1913 Y x X E W0 s at 1 Oyoflms y X I ik 4 i L g gxi I fl me ,I A RITA BURNS A B Club Editor E 158 Staff nf 1953 IANICE HINES , GLENNA DILLARD 5 1 Senior Editors REN A FOY CARLOS BRADFORD Sponsors GAYLE CROWDER Faculty Editor . L 1 if sf! N -V, ' 'Q x i I ' if: bas - f ir- zxw f 0706 Q ,. . X7 4 X N L4 g 'S 9 . A i AX CHARLES PRITCHETT ,f it Sports Editor V QQ its it jf 51, CLAUDETTE ISBELL I, vi 'X Art Editor if? persons, living or dead, is ure co-incidental. 5 2 M 5 IN I K Q RM 'VW-.. Ap p NA p ' - :mx q t .IE H 41-1 I ,Q A A f L lf Any resemblcmcf to K 1 Jn L A , ff? REVA PRITCHETT, Sophomore Editor IANET WALTER, Sophomore Editor SANDRA THOMPSON, Sophomore Editor IO ANN YARBROUGH, Sophomore Editor sgx I I 3 E attuned I-Innnr Svnrivtg E , ' x Row 1: Gail Coker, Glenna Dillard, Pat Belew, Iohnnie Williams, Eugena Powell, Gayle Crowder, Ian Baggett. Row 2: Donald Cummings, Norma Willingham, Shirley Graves, Iudy Iarrett, Io Ann Stuard, Bobbie Colwell, Rose Latimer. Row 3: Charles Pritchett, Ierry Bob Fraley, Ch les Shaw, Bill Pierce, Sue Watkins, Paula Powers, Dorothy Boehninq, Charlyne Williams, Miss Ode o nson. Row 4: Ioe Holland, Arvid Rhodes, Tom Speed, Tommy Seale, Ierry Turner, Wretha Whittle, Ruth Bradford, Francine Travis. Members of this honorary organization must excel in character, service, leadership, and scholarship. New members-elect are presented at induction: which are held once each semester. - fo, I I X fd N J p tis J' -,f' - 2 ,,...-q X 5 , , lgne,-l2g1is, Sue and Skipper Skaggs didn't get in the group picture o rTe ational Honor Society members: so here they are! atinnal illunnr Svnrivtg Row 1: Mary Ellen Duke, Claudette Isbell, Mary Io Medley. Carol Crownover, Yvonne Mitchell Naomi Gilbreth, Verla Dill. Row 2: lack Fulwiler, Cordelia Newhouse, Sue Spikes, Iean Collett, Icmice Iennings, Ruth Henning ton, Doris Beaty, Mary Nell Hammack, Eileen Kincaid. Row 3: Bobby Crisman, Dilworth Sellers, A. D. Allen, Don Drennan, Bob Crawford, Dan Boyd, Stan- ley Wiggins, MisscyQdell Iohnson. 1 Y. 5 I '. I -.... I E Y 5 ,. -1 I Honor SDi'19llT':Q,?e M I lr' flnux--Jul, Fw' i X2 we + 15 llx' it I I ., - n -Q-., E xg ,.,,........ Serenading Mr. Ancona are VPO messen- Helping create interest in VPO are Io Ann Stuard 9?fS D011 Dfennfmf A- D- A-Hen' luck Fl-11' and Claudette Isbell, who are hanging Clcrudette's Wlleff BUZZY Sellers' T031 Speed, DCU! BOYCL pgsteys, and Stanley Wiggins. Stuhent Glnunril Row 1: Larry Largent, Iane Norman, Theresa Gatlin, Iudy Haines, lean Spurlin, Macky Newton. Row 2: Bob Black, Gay Holmes, Don Ormand, Gayle Wright, Elaine Courtney, Barbara Sojourner, Mrs. Kathleen Parker. Row 3: Gerald Petree, Bob Crawford, Betty Trentham, Bill Perry, David Ray, Tom Speed, Iody Chambers, Don Rhoden, H. P. Hawkins. Democracy in action is represented by our student council, the students' voice in school government. E -.--e.m.i, f 5' tat? Row 1: Johnnie Williams, Lucy Haynie, Ann Hudspeth, Norma Iones, Billie Rae Rogers, Ian Baggett, Myra Moody, Bennie Cowdrey. Row 2: Mr. Alex Edwards, Clarice Smith, Mary Io Medley, Betty Ross, Bobbie Sanderson, Ioyce Graham, Marilyn Miller, Betty Rogers. Row 3: David Webster, Bob Gay, Tommy Estes, David Steinman, Calvin Spencer, Patsy McDaniel, Wretha Whittle, Patsy Cutbirth, Barbara Hart, Mary Ann Harris. 162 Stuhvnt Glnunril Row 1: Iris Isbell, Betsy Polk, Darlene Warlick, Sylvia Pierce, Grace Morrow, Mrs. Kathleen Parker, Charlotte Welch, Mary lane Clarkson, Mary Margaret Fry, Marnie Wagstaff, Kay Carrnack. Row 2: Donald Cummings, David Bennett, Ierry Bob Fraley, Sally Hill, Delmon Wilson, Frank Etter, lim Yarbrough, Iackie Roberts, Pat Bennett, Mr. Alex Edwards. I 1 L11J'l59-J I1 ft' ,,.-gi Illllllfllll , 2' 'flag 1 wry , FBT 1 lrytl K - 5 Q 1 u'4 Q- ,-If V ' I ' R .Ark 4, ' j v , is l i 3 -ll ' V ' . :gb X r O ' ul l X 3 i ,5 :fl 'J pf' ' fi ll f ' '- Q 1 ,f I N t- L, 'f - 1 K :gif 4 , , k j? N X . V' .0 'LZ 1 fl lit l ll. 'Q S 7 ' A' '1 ' ' . ,, ' ui if E 514' Muff: Q 1 v f V ,fly X X 'r um Decorating the Christmas tree as a Student Coun- Hardworking Student Council Officers are Cil P1'Oi9Ct Ure Betty Trenthdm, Sue CCIS9. Bill Don Drennan, Sue Watkins, and Iudy Iarrett. Vaughan, Iim Hose. Ioyce Graham, Sue Watkins. Barbara Sojourner. and Mr. Edwards. 163 Eattvrg I E i L , mee Row 1: Barbara Hardwick, Pat Rhodes, Martha Snow. Norma Osbom, Sharon Hudges, IoAnn Huck- aby, Dorothy Staggers, Ierry Stringer, Iune Holly. Row 2: David Schoonover,, Ronnie Nevans, Ianis Holt, Barbara Gillis, Bettye James, Marilyn Coleman, Rita Bonifield, Pat Hayter, Ann Hudspeth, Ian Carter, Clarice Smith! Row 3: Wendell Hearne, James Hutto, Ierry Cloud, Iohn Hobbs, Betty Trentham. Bobbie Fox, Sue Watkins, Bill Bassetti, Betty Wright, Yvonne Mitchell, Mr. Stuart Chilton. Inspiring editorials, cartoons, fashion highlights, and news oi school events are produced by the editorial staff oi the Battery. Battery Brats hard at work are Ann Hudspeth, Iohn Hobbs, Barbara Gillis, Dave Schoonover, lane Crow, and Bettv Trentham. 164 Eattvrg Row 1: Betty Billings, Iane Crow, Pat Morgan, Barbara Richards, Betty Trice, Iody Ballew. Row 2: Sandra Dickinson, Larry Allen, Mary Sue Flowers, Paula Powers, Mr. David Kennamer. Learning practical business procedures, balancing the budget of the AHS school paper, and handling advertising campaigns are among the duties of the business staff of the Battery. The Battery and journalism are the main interests of the Press Club. Row l: Peggy Conselman, Iudy Rountree, Barbara Hardwick, Ann Rhea, Pat Rhodes, Charles Rains. Row 2: Ierry Cloud, Shirley Clark, Yvonne Mitchell, Bobbie Fox, Milton Huston, Arvin Carlisle, Al- fred Browning. Row 3: Dan Connell, Ronald Nevans, Larry Allen, Milton Iennings, Dewayne Woods,C1iiton Pines, Mr. Stuart Chilton. 165 658:65 Row 1: Mary Pat Weir, Paddy Lankford. Dolores Williams, Benita Trice, Glenna Dillard, Ian Bag- gett, Dorothy Arrick, Gayle Crowder, Charlsie Minshew. Row 2: Dee Ann Fielder, Barbara Corder, Carrie Lawlis, Gail Coker, Rose Latimer, Io Ann Stuard, Shirley Graves, Derlie Muston, Grace White. Row 3: Sue Ellisor, Amie Davis, Orva Mashburn, Eddie Niedecken, Monty Iames, Gail Teal, Geraldine Schmittou, Betty Townsen, Barbara McMinn. Row 4: Melba McKenzie, Lillie Io Iames, Mary Grayson, Sue Nance, Martha Warren, Charlyne Wil- liams, Donna Yaw, Betty Laymon. G and G was organized for the purpose of aiding sophomore girls with whatever problems they might have upon coming to AHS. This purpose is car- ried out through senior girls acting as Big Sisters to the sophomore girls. vw, ' pf- 4' Ng. Carroll Turner makes a good Santa Claus, don't you think? G and G officers are Marty Kammerlohr, reporter: Pat Belew, president: Glenna Dillard, vice-president: Mary Pat Weir, treasurer: and Norma Willingham, secretary. 166 68:6 L Row 1: Mary Io Davis, Louise Lang, Iris lsbell, Iuanita Kahler, Lucille Winkler, Rita Burns, Arletta Copeland, Wanda Little. Row 2: Wanda Spencer, Martha Snow, Bobbie Colwell, Margie Lea, Charmaye Blankenship, Paula Ferguson, Marilyn Coleman, Rita Bonifield. Row 3: Iohnnie Pennell, Ianice Rutledge, Iacque White, Wanda Williams, Kathryn Bourland, Dorothy Roberts, Darlene Warlick, Ruth Hennington, Coretta Copeland, Wilma Cain. Row 4: Priscilla Lawhome, Patsy Rasco, Betty Martin, Norma Willingham, Dorothy Leggett, Wretha Whittle, Francine Travis, Mary Wolfe, Thelma McKenzie, Mildred Downing. How l: Donna Harrison, Ioyce Graham, Iudy Haines, Billie Kay Huckabay, Ian Free, Iean Fitz- gerald, Norma lean Lewis, Pat Morgan. Row 2: Mary Dell Ross, Ioyce Ferguson, Kathryn Carpenter, Sharon Hughes, Ann Hudspeth, Ann Novak, Peggy McGinnis, Patsy Smithwick, Connie Blakeney. Row 3: Anne Crow, Gena Powell, Iohnnie Williams, Betty Bethel, Iudy Iarrett, Marty Kammerlohr, Lucy Haynie, Dorothy Boehning. Row 4: Mrs. Edith Smith, Betty Mulhern, Betty Wade, Ruth Bradiield, Nellie White, Helen King, Sue Watkins, Betty Trentham, Karen Gentry, Iody Ballew, Bonny Garrett. 167 J i new 90 v Row l: Mildred Crawford, Io Ann Boley, Geraldine Moore, Waldine Moore, Myra Moody, Nancy Russell, Marcia Freeman, Glenda Thomas. Row 2: Patsy McCraw, Maxine Neil, Nan Kiker, Ian Holt, Sandra Nichols, lane Norman, Naomi Gil- breth, Patsy Randolph, Verla Dill. Row 3: Pat Breecheen, Linda Wagner, Io Ann Young, Georgia Beechly, Betty Birdwell, Billie Bosher, Mildred Rister, Celia Ann Iohnson, Margaret Ross. Row 4: Adell Altum, Nell Forman, Ioleta West, Gay Tiffany, Ada Lee Green, Pat Franklin, Sally Hill, Mary Ioyce Thomas. Row 1: Barbara Hill, Nancy Bennett, Barbara Boulte, Elizabeth Wilcox, Bobbie Sanderson, Betty Rogers, Gwen Dowdle. Row 2: Gail' Presswood, Sue Neas, Doris Gibbs, Paula Powers, Helen Stewart, Io Ann Vletas, Annelle Petty, lean Collett. Row 3: Doris Ann Beaty, Io Ann Elliott, Lou Marvin, Ianice Hines, Winona Fisher, Patsy Cutbirth, Mary Francis Ewing, Kay King. Row 4: Carol Iames, Mary Iean Medders, Iuanez Conklin, Freda Killough, Nancy Bond, Peggy Wil- liams, Mozelle Watkins, Eulalia Bantau. 168 X ' Hngur Qllnh How 1: Bobbie Sanderson, Kay King, Dolores Williams, Benita Trice, Barbara Boulte, Gail Coker, Yvonne Willis, Eugena Powell, Rose Maryfl-1asgE,.Mary Canant. ROW 23 5QIC!h,ElliS.- lo Ann Stark, Patsy Rasco, Gwen Dowdle, Shirley Graves, Ioyce Graham, Donna Harrison, Marilyn Coleman, Marcia Freeman, Norma Harris, Anita King, Carol McCormick. Row 3: Mrs. Rena Foy, Doris Gibbs, Lou Marvin, I3 Ann Elliott, Betty Holmes, Geraldine Schmittou, Mimi Fry, Nanc Tucker, Doris Ann Beaty, Charlyne Williams, Ruth Bradfield, Betty Townsend, Miss Fleur Walgon. A Analyses of appearance, dress, and make-up are made in the Vogue Club. 1 v v Y it N D Q I A . ,f 1 , ' I r t V ' l 1 5 ' 27 lx 1 F , 'I gal in K K ll- f had lzalllf I Vgmx ij, r yy . ,lx I 4, w. it 4. :2 N af , git 8' ., f I ,J if I GL . 5 ,,t .49 I V fa, 1 .5 . 2 5 K s -fp' ,JJ .f f x. ' 1- ,Y , yy-Q-A , . 5--51-gli' 7-,Ri.?3Q a:g,1'.a V, 0' 1 'tfsfflv 1 '3i:3'Ji:..u6-' , f me If ' gps..-.. l,q..p':..' . -A-1,5 N.-ge.i'Zi-.,A.1g.0 ,ia 'malt' i::i.:,v:,2p 169 illaahinn Glluh Row 1: Wanda Spencer, Ianice Rutledge, Barbara Hill, Donna Oldham, Wanda Little, Laquita Fields, Norma Osborn, Darlene Mathisk Iune Holl . Row 2: Io Ann Vletas, y Scowbarbara Masornsylvia lerhune, Carol Onwiler, Shirley Williams. Cla Isbe aren Tidwell, Row : Betty Martin, Dorothy Leggett, Iackie White, Wanda Williams, Peggy McGinnis, Linda Parish, Ioyce Martin, Margaret Io Dodge, Pat Tracey. Bowls: Mary lane Clarkson, Sandra Bourland, Barbara Sojourner, Clarice Smith, Ioyce Welch, Ann ullins. Interest in latest styles ot clothing, coifiures, and make-up is displayed in the Fashion Club. I 'ww rf' 1 Fashion enthusiasts are Shirley Maynard, Ian Osburn, lanice Iennings, Barbara Sojourner, Sandra Bourland, Ioyce Welch, Pat Tallant, Ioanne Barney, Mary lane Clarkson, Shirley Williams, Martha Fain, Clarice Smith, Norma Osborn, Io Ann Huckabay, Lean Lawless, Karen Tidwell, Carol Onwiler, Linda Parish, Lula Mae Willis, Glenna Dillard, Ann Mullins, Cliifdia McReynolds. 170 if R - ' . R Q 3'Ha5h1nn Glluh WV 5 A 5 xi'-o ff! .. Vs ,.,,. ir: or-A am O' 2 ' DU 'H 1 - Row 1: Io Ann Huckabay, Glenna Dillard, Ian Baggett, Io Ann Olinger, Martha Pain, at Roberts, Margaret Ross, Barbara Waldrop, Sarah Witherspoon, Doris Embree, C Row 2: Pat Tallant, Ioanne Barney, Ann Lewis, Mildred Flippen, Ian Osborne, Pat Hayter, Claudia McReynolds, Ianice Iennings,'Mary Ewing, ,Eug ' Bgraon. Row 3: Norma Willingham, Patty Muston, Beverly , Shirley Maynard, Rita Bonifield. Billie Rae Rogers, 1eanLawless, Carol Crovinoiier, Pat Morgari, Regina Cook, 'l..auralee Young, Mrs. B. C. Henagan. ' f' ' -- 4 'ff 457 Fashion Club officers are Vice-president, Ian Baggettg Reporter, Mary Iane Clarkson: President, Norma Willingham: and Secretary, Patty Mustonp 171 mmnntitg Row 1: Sandra Lockhart, Carol Chapman, Annette Vaughn, Barbara Estes, Glenda Iackson, Kath- leen Briggs, Gail Mayfield, Harriet Harvey. Row 2: Mrs. Ruth White, Ianet Walters, Iamie Bottoms, Kay Barnes, Cyrena Stowe, Leah Beth Wood, Dixie McPherson, Mary Nell Iohnson, Pat Stevenson, Alice Cogdell, Barbara Iackson, Billie lean Purvis. During Personality Club meetings the traits that make one a desirable person are studied. 3 Row 1: Patsy Compton, Suzanne Pierce, Betsy Polk, Gayle Wright, Margaret Iennings, Bristol Thom- as, Marnie Wagstaff, Iohnnie Dillard, Marylin Martin. Row 2: Ianis Hubbard, Iudy Bass, Ian Carter, Betsy Blanton, Theresa Gatlin, Margaret Nelson, Nor- ma Slaton, Annette Iackson, Ann Bynum. 172 y Svtglr Gllnh 1 1 Row 1: Geraldine Moore, Rita Burns, lean Fitzgerald, Sandra Nichols, Elaine Courtney, Iris Isbell. Martha Snow, Myra Moody, Carolyn Blahi. Row 2: Billie Arnold, Cordelia Newhouse, Priscilla Lawhorne, Kathryn Ward, Betty Mulhern, Char- lene Lenker, Kay Cullar, Bette Ann Carroll, Mrs. C. B. Hicks. Row 3: Clara Walthall, Catherine Carpenter, Nancy Bond, Melba Coker, Mary Io Medley, Dorothy Roberts, Emily Bowlin, Althea Taylor, Elinor Cutting. Row 4: Sylvia Brown, Carol Nance, Delois Ellison, Shirley Whitus, Iane Davis, Betty Iordan, Arabelkx Topgy, Sue Iacob, Betty Wright. 7' ' f I 'M - , X 1 .9 H ,X N '. . xx R K I X s X w tl 1 , A fi 5 t - N 4 lx J f 'uv X -' ' f E , - 9 T all A-tl K' ' 4 f 'J B lr: Ill +1 I . r 4 '1..T.'i X V swf g v , 5 ' ', g U,,:...tv+Y - V-1 7 4' ,-Qei :3?t-if e :'-ll Y lulm. v l X f 'A lb 1 LQ' at.- .Q my 4. 4 X I ' W if fy Nw f io 62: to ,' 1' K H ' K 5 'tw ei t f K Game ,V gg 0 o, -L 55? X x SX Ti , I! y 'A Qtr li X x, .Ii 173 ,V 4 tiqueitr lib Row 1: Glenda Thomas, Pat Musgrave, Ioyce Ferguson, Louise Lang, Iuanita Kahler, Maxine Neil, Pat Miles. Row 2: Nell Foreman, Doris Lindsey, Inez Row, Arletta Copeland, Claudia Ward, Mozelle Watkins, Mrs. Bishop. Manners and rr finement are studied in Etiquette club meeting. Glharmaltig Charm and poise are studied in Charmality Club meetings. How l: Betsy Davis, Mary Lou Moore, Ianis Iarrett, Gayle Wyatt, Lynn Hall, Patsy Smith, Deanna Miller, Flossie Williams, Margaret Tipton, Marjorie Nix, Linda Sutton. Row 2: Iean Evans, Kay Poole, Natalie Morris, Patricia Birdsong, Freddie Sue Barker, Icme Holland, Zandra Hockersmith, Theda Howze, Barbara Ross, Sally Sanders, Patsy Borger, Theda Ball, Betty reen. Row 3: Mrs. Chambers, Betty Billings, Martha Birdwell, Ierry Crowder, Dixie Watson, Betty Apperson, Sylvia Pierce, Barbara Finley, Pat Mitchell, Laura Powell, Ioan Feemster, Barbara Haddox, Mary Ann Tatum, Miss Duncan. 174 lilnninr ittrh Glrmm Qlnunril The Red Cross Council is a school service organization affiliated with the Abilene Red Cross Chapter. Projects approved by the National Red Cross are carried out by this council. Row l: Mary Io Davis, Barbara Matthews, Pat Belew, Ian Free, Sharon Hughes, Iudy Haines, Billie Kay Huckabay, Mary Io Petty, Elsie Gainer, Marion Webb. Bow 2: Betty Ross, Iohnnie Williams, Ann Novak, Iudy Iarrett, Iody Ballew, Marty Kammerlohr, Car- rie Lawlis, Dorothy Boehning, Barbara Corder, Paula Powers. Row 3: Grace Morrow, Frances Smith, Mary Virginia Griffith, Iuanita Scott, Verla Dill, Betty Trent- ham, Sue Watkins, Patsy Cutbirth, Iimmy Dobbs, Charles Whisenhunt, Mrs. Iuanita Haney. Obffirr Mnrkrrn Student workers in the principals ottice, registrar's office, attendance office, and the counselor's office contribute to the efficiency of AHS. WK.. Row 1: Iohnnie Williams, Charlyne Linker, Glenna Dillard, Iohnnie Dillard, Tean Henson, Wanda Little, Shirley Worley Row 2: Nancy Bennett, Billie Kay Huckabay, Shirley Graves, Ianis Holt, Iudy Iarrett, Donna Harrison, Marylene Showalter, Betty Rogers, Mrs. Madie Newman Row 3: Ann Hudspeth, Dolores Williams, Sue Watkins, Patsy Randolph, Bobbie Colwell, lane Nor- man, Geraldine Schmittou, Marilyn Coleman, Charmaye Blankenship Row 4: Kay King, Helen Stuart, Verla Dill, Bobby Iack Oliver, Ierry Turner, Helen King, Sally Hill, Betty Townsen, Mrs. Christine Sharp, Theresa Moore 175 Svlihv 'iK1tlg ff t-1 .il it l 3' 2 5 s 1' Q l r t How 1: Iack Fulwiler, Stanley McMu.rry, Ray Williams, Glenn Iackson. Row 2: Ronnie Carmack, Bill Lofland, Victor Baldridge, Iohn Glasco, A. O. Gist, Stanley Wiggins. Row 3: Mr. C. G. Bradford, Billy Webb, Allen Townsend, Preston l,ittle, Fred Murrow. Raymond Fisher. Gaining skill and accuracy in using the slide rule is the goal ol Slide Rule Club meetings. Arrhitrrt l . D ' .. -A '1 ,wmzrl K, U. , ll' 03 ' X5 j.- 1 'S as '14 . ' if ' fl.: ,LV lg ll . lg. . LN. Row 1: Gail Armstrong, Don Owen, Billy Fraser, Arthur Smith, Kenneth Brisendine. Row 2: Mr. W. A. Owens, Ray Olds, David Hay, Charleswlkadley, Iohn Ferguson, Thomas Walker. Architect Club's purpose is to encourage architectural abilities and to provide guidance in the building trades. 176 Biuvraifirh Qbrrupatinnz Row 1: Gene White, Donald Cone, Iohn David Hays, Bob Pace, Darlene Warlick, Melba McKenzie, Darrell Warren. Row 2: Mr. Rainey Owen, Roy White, I. B. Osburn, Don Iames, Mack Bowdoin, Ierry Morris, Fred Cearley, Ben Wallis, Hollis Keith. Row 3: Bill Bratton, Richard Landreth, Don Winters, Guy Kemmerling, Edward Austin, Charlie Stearns, Harold Barnes, Billy Diller. Diversified Occupations trains the boy or girl in the particular field of work in which he is most interested and suited. By working and associating with his fellow employees, he will acquire the proper attitude toward his choice of work. I v I L' 'i DARRELL WAHHEN LOU MARVIN MACK BOWDOIN Elfefett Engineering COTUPUUY Hendricks Memorial Hospital Bradshaw Printing Company l Eiztrihutiuv I huraiinn I wi ' I' It N ' ,- I '.- ing lp 1 BEN WALLIS 14 , I - I ,RudY's Radio Shop N V: . .. xx 7 , V I t W I , 3 '19 i . F 0, if rr . r ' I Bowman AUSTIN I f .az ff . , I ' I , Lgdick-Hooks - - i e- 1 . Roo 'nq Company f i , ' I V 4' I V ' I 1 1 , f In 1 . -N, Y , . S-A I+' .A 1 1 , X x ' . , . . 3, a' as , I '4t-. . f I-T25 ' xt . -o BILLY BRATION Tucker Lindbergh Architect - 4-1 DARLBNE WARLICK Zenith Cleaners in IOI-IN DAVID I-IAYS Kaerwer Machine Company 'ls 4 .1 MI-.ZLBA MCKBNZIE Dr. West. Dentist is IOE BROOKS Universal Motors 2 , 1, l'!'iQ' , '9 I ,Vi , ' A ' I. is J ' ! .-., , I Q: I HOLLIS KEITH 'Q Cullar Cooler ,,. -gre-Q 'I L ,J I-5 Wu I xiii ,. IH ' BEM? b ..L Mr.- ' I 4 1: 4. 3 , , o I v Y . ,dunk 4 ' xl . x f - Z N msd -5 I, 'fx' ' N- iiw 16-.......fi-,-rm Inf - , f X lu ' Gfigkg-IBOYQ WHITE 17 iene ypmq E i ,i ' ' Exchange QQ' M P5 I L 5 - ,v FX xt, 1 I, V I , , X X N' r 71 ' Y ,I f- . - . 5 ' 7 V6 K' T ,V . , 'Q 178 I ' w 'I My . A Y -44 ' f Biuvrnifivh Gbrrupatinmi 41 CHARLIE STEARNS Galbraith Electric Company ...- ROY WHITE Abilene Electric Company -Q FRED CEARLEY H, B. Carroll Auto Service Lo BARBARA MASON Hendrick Memorial Hospital gi DONALD CONE IGL Cleaners 41 BILLY DILLER Abilene Plumbing and Roofing Company 1-0 DON I AMES Brown Electric QT. BOB PACE Pender Company Q? RICHARD LANRETH Abilene Plumbing A and Roofing Company L., DON WINTERS Franklin Motor Company .T HAROLD BARNES Abilene Plumbing and Rooiinq Company QT. GUY KHMMERLING Pender Company lp TERRY MORRIS Thornton Motors Eintrihuiinv 7 imraiinn J, Es? Z E 2 1 1. f Q1 GAIL TEAL Grissom's -0 DERLIE MUSTON Thornton's 1-Q EDDY NIEDECKEN F. W. Woolworth .T WILMA CAIN MCLELLAN 'S -5 DEE ANN FIELDER I. C. Penney lo IIMMY BARRON Mrs. Bcird's Bakery 9- MONTY IAMES Jackson Phcnnucy is COERIENNE MASHBURN F, W. Woolwor1h l DAN HARDY AGP Food Market 411 BENNIE BAEZA W. T. Grcmt's ...- LEE ROY ATKINS Lester's Iewelers ls TOMMY MCCLESKEY Frontier Stump Redemption -Lo WANDA FREEMAN Icckson Pharmacy 5 e 4 100 IW' .5 .V 1' -5 T SY fx NEE - 1 I . Q Q' 1 ' ,...-- Eiatrihutiuv 1 huraiinn 4.1 CLAUDE'I'1'E WILLIS McLellan's -L5 IO JAMES Popular Department Store in CALVIN WALKER Refrigeration Supply Co. Q-1 THELMA MCKBNZIE 21- 3- Mu .JI mm -I I MXN . x ls... l . :T 4 ' ,luv ,, ' t 1 ,X-.,, ' v. G Y vu A 42 . ,fs Q E I 9 .s Q sly' A Wi' pw? wt Q-1 FREDA KILLOUGH F. W. Woolworth lg ROBERT FLAIR McLellcm's ,T AMI LOU DAVIS Mack Eplen's Cafeteria .lg PAT CHANEY Minters ..- DOROTHY ARRICK Thornton Department Store lo ORVA MASHBURN F. W. Woolworth 181 nden Hardware cmd Variety Eiiatrihutiuv 'i iluratmn 4.1 MARY ANN GRAYSON Bea Haney Fashions lo BETTY LAYMON Robinson Pharmacy .lg RONNY LEVERIDGE S G Q Clothiers 511 CHARLSIE MINSHEW Thornton's Department Store l-Q CORETTA COPELAND W. T. Granfs Q1- BILLY WOODS West Texas Brick 6 Tile lo SHIRLEY BUSHER I ONES La Mode .i DORIS TUCKER Minters is SUE ELLISOH Holly Shop 182 Eintrihutiuv I huraiinn 7 Row l: Orva Mashburn, Pat Chaney, Dorothy Arrick, Derlie Muston, Charlsie Minshew, Betty Lay- mon, Melba McKenzie Row 2: Shirley Busher, Doris Tucker, Arnie Lou Davis, Sue Ellisor, Dee Ann Fielder, Io Iames, Robert Flair, Lee Roy Atkins Row 3: Coeriene Mashburn, Eddy Nieclecken, Gail Teal, Monty Iames, Wilma Cain, Coretta Cope- land, Mary Ann Grayson, Ronny Leveridge Row 4: Mr. Leroy Crews, Iimmy Barron, Dan Hardy, Bennie Baeza, Freda Killough, Calvin Walker, Tommy McCleskey, Billy Woods Distributive Education trains boys and girls who want to follow specific occupations. This course gives students a constructive means of studying and understanding their jobs. During the morning, students receive classroom training, experience is gained in the afternoon while they are on the job. wnnhnhnp Learning to make wood into useful articles is the purpose of the Wood- shop Club. g gyi I.. -L f -1 W 7 41. 'iw ' r .ix K 'Q -1 Row 1: Iohn Cleckler, Ioe Beasley, Ray McCarty, Donald Lusby Row 2: Mr. H. A. Dunn, Gerald McLean, Edgar West, Maurice McLeod, Iimmy Allred, Gerald Petree ilinturv lluhminrma mnmm I i P 1 g S T S lit' ig 5 ,. if 5 Row 1: Mildred Crawford, Ioyce Allen, Sandra Thompson, Naomi Gilbert, Norma lean Lewis, Rose Latimer, Ioanne Yarbrough Row 2: Mrs. Yvonne Bromley, Nan Kiker, Linda Wagner, Iane Norman, Carole Iames, Shirley Walker, Avenell Moore, Shirley Moore, Io Ann Stuard Pow 3: Adell Altum, Iohnnie Penell, Wanda Conklyn, Ianice Hines, Wretha Whittle, Helen King, An- nelle Petty, Patsy Smithwick Problems of business women and better business tactics are topics for dis- cussion in club meetings for Future Business Women. 5 iliuiurv I wrhrrs Row 1: Edra Merle Guthery, Wanda Little, Gayle Crowder, Ianis Holt, Pat Roberts, Nancy Io Rus- sell, Mary Pat Weir, Elizabeth Wilcox, Nancy Henson Row 2: Martha Ann Pool, Lula Mae Willis, Gayle Berry, Mary Beth Lankford, Charmaye Blanken- ship, Bennie Houston, Verla Dill, Jane Norman, Lois Little, lean Archer Row 3: Wretha Whittle, Sally Hill, Eileen Kincaid, lean Collett, Shirley Clark, Melba Brown, Wan- da Williams, Virginia Echols, Carolynsliingq Miss Aleise Cline Students who are sincerely and actively interested in becoming teachers are members of the Roland B. Greene chapter of the Future Tachers ot America. 184 Elluturv ll-Inmvmakrrz nf Amerira Bow 1: Louise McCutchen, Billie Miller, Charlyne Iohnson, Billie Newton, Elizabeth Wilcox, Maridene Crone, Miss Ruby Compere How 2: Carolyn Lankford, Francis Moses, Wanda Sewell, Frankie Wyle, Billie Bosher, Betty Bird- well, Louise Freeman, Marie Blanks Row 3: Helen Flannagan, Ineta Sumners, Peggy Williams, Sally Hill, Gloria Williams, Georgia Beech- ley, Peggy Foster, Sue Nance, Wanda Elmore, Kay Bostic Girls interested in the art of homemaking meet to study various phases of cooking and sewing. t 6 , Q1 1 Qi i I Row 1: Barbara Richards, Hellen Daniels, Io Ann Brown, Lucille Winkler, Paula Ferguson, Reva Pritchett, Betty Bethel, Donna Mae Moore, Miss Frances Caffey Row 2: Patsy Iohnson, Nellie Bonine, Bobbie Colwell, Sue Spikes, Melba Brown, Donna Yaw, Dorothy Matthews, Io Hudgens Row 3: Mildred Rister, Io Ann Boley, Dora Sue Christian, Grace White, Sharon Hudgens, Gene Terrell, Peggy Cornelius, Hazel Caffey, Lucille Willingham, Norma Sinclair 185 Ellutnrr illarmvrz nf Amrrira ..,, X: , HQ! 35, ' tb 'sv if? Row 1: Gaylon Hicks, Iohn Deatherage, Sharon Hughes, Paula Powers, Pat Hayter, Lee Roy Bell, Kenneth Yielding, Larry Mills, Mr. Bill Coalson Row 2: Doyle Eager, Iames North, Max Winters, Iames Hopkins, Bill Ivey, Burl Deatheridge, Milton McNe1ly, Iohn Barbee. Row 3: Freddy Bums, Danny Brown, Dick Miller, Dickie Boyd, Richard Ware, Bobby Mangrum, Ray Fillman, Charles Davis Row 4: Leo Townsend, Iackie Richards, Charles Holt, Don Smith, Iarnes McEachern, Roy Dixon, Charles Barton, Ronald Curtis, Bubba Crowder FF A members have as their motto, Learning to do, doing to learn, earn- ing to live, living to serve. cgi . vi' ' y' 4 , I V . I bg: W V ,A gg! , if ,5- f r . 11 ll , C A lg '? L q 'rf' ' My if t f V cr 4 . ' LW FH , f I it A ,P f r , B ' 4 lf tif? ' 1 -4 ' -. . . f 'i+ , V A fl R L ' at v ' P r I I if t vi! ,, 'V V A - i- 22 FFA officers are, Row l: Bobby Pratt, Tommy Sey- FFA queen is Sharon Hughes: the sweethearts more, Max Blackburn, Kenneth Yielding. Row 2: are Paula Powers and Pat Hayter. Don Iewell, Iohn Deatherage, Lee Presswood, Caroll Parmelly. Row 3: lerry Seymore. Not pic- tured is Bill Ivey. 186 illuturv illarmvrz nf Amrrira Row 1: Bobby Pratt, Teddy lack Key, Lawrence Siewert, Sharon Hughes, Paula Powers, Pat Hayter, Ierry Seymore, Iimmy McDermitt, Tommy Seymore. Iames Etherage Row 2: Royce Mims, Ierry Watts, Ioe Smith, Sam West, Mike Gallaway, Larry Largent, Max Black- burn, Newton Hilliard, Donald Iewel. Bow 3: Virgil Baker, Don Mayfield, L. I. Crawford, Arnold Iewell, Bryant Cobb, Iimrny McDonald, Larry Sedberry, Lee Presswood, Gary Loller, Billy Pace, Mr. I. I. Moore Row 4: Darwin Warlick, Carroll Parmelly, Tommy Davidson, Leonard Franklin, Clinton Lesley, Iohn Downs, lack Manly, Iimmy Lesley. Mr. Moore, the Ollie B. Webb chapter of the Future Farmers of America would like to express their appreciation for the seventeen years that you have taught ag- riculture in Abilene High School by dedi- cating this year's FF A club section to you. 187 EHZFA Z 1 r uf I u Ierry Seymore shows a prize-winning capon. Dick Miner holds the 1'ibb0H OVGI' Ilmmy Lesley's capon. I X 8 , Y ,I I' U N V E ' - v , ! LQQEXI1-H1 f54:q I w ,Mb---. ' , WIP , ' A P , if Q 4 gi I K L Q 1' 4 v A Sheep was Lee Presswood's project. Max Blackburn watches his hogs after feeding 'Q Lawrence Siewert prepares to show his hogs Mr. Moore cmd FFA boys look over some at the Fat Stock Show. cotton samples. 188 iluninr Amhrmg nf Svrirnrr fgffr' Row 1: Iimrny Rathmell, Iohn Lenker, Olivia Knowles, Barbara Hart, Buster Smith Row 2: Dorothy Martin, Patsy Cooper, Mary Iean Medders, Debbie Thomas, Dorothy Walker, Bob Williams, Mr. Leroy Parks Bow 3: Paul Culp, Norman Wilburn, Iohn Teague, Don Perry, Delbert Keesee, Glenn Iackson, Ierry Winters. Membership in this club requires interest in the many fields of science. Igrv-irlilvh t ul. ml: Row 1: Shirley Worley, Sue Case, Kathryn Bean, Creta Case, Christine Brown Row 2: Miss Louise Se1f,Jo Ann Young, Ianis Holt, Kay Berry, Caroline Goss, Ann Crowe Row 3: A. D. Allen, Dilworth Sellers, Iohn Fletcher, Charles Le Seuer, Mike Bowden Those who aspire to enter the medical profession begin to study and learn more about this important occupation in Pre-Med Club. 189 Qpnrtuman Row l: Bob Hawkins, Iess Iones, Ronnie Myatt, Donald Williams, Lee Roy Atkins, Iohnny Pec- hacek, Syd Niblo Row 2: Mack Bowen, Billy King, Doyle Fannin, Truitt Couch, Donald Cummings, Iimmy McNeil, Lee Affield, Doc Lankford. Row 3: Mr. R. A. McCollum, Ross Hale, Bob Gulley, Milton Houston, Iimmy Anderson, Larry Street, Buford Welch, Harrell Norwood. Row 4: Charles Cox, Larry Asbury, Richard Hamrick, Tommy Hollingshead, David Bennett, Robert Altum, Duane Hill, Iohn Adams, Frank Batson. Techniques of hunting, fishing, and camping are studied by these Sports- HIGH. QE N 6 is wa Hs, .yr X Sportsman Club officers are Don Williams, presi- Bob Hawkins looks on as Donald Cummings dent: LeRoy Atkins, secretary: and Ronnie Myatt, explains how to fool bass! vice-president. 15. 4 . illlaiuru LV 1 E t to e t Q F ' , Q f ttfsra 'vi , , nf t 9 W r A f Kg '+P Row 1: Dorothy Martin, Darla Suclcleth, Mary Frances Renfro, Clara Bennett, La Verne Parmer, Ce- lia Iohnson, Miss Ian Cannon Row 2: Iackie Garrett, lean Wallace, Patsy McCraw, Myrtle Ann St. Iohn, Pat Claxton, lane Perry, Shirley Edwards Row 3: Shirley Baughton, Betty Christian, Elbertine Key, Laverne Seider, Eulalia Bantau, Frankie Welch, Peggy Kelly P. E. Majors learn to officiate games as well as to improve themselves in various sports. Officers of the P. E. Majors club are Mary Frances Peggy Kelly throws basketball as other P. E Renfro, lane Perry, Elbertine Key, and Celia Ann Majors look on anxiously. Iohnson. 191 I Girlz all Sparta iv' Row 1: Rachel Tarpley, Betty Io Trice, Pat Wheeler, Patsy Seabourne, Patricia Biggers, Kay Car- mack, Norma lo Braddock, Io Ann Hunt Row 2: Reta Carter, Charlotte Welch, Gaye Longacre, Gloria Iackson, Olene NeSmith, Ioyce Al- dridge, Frances Sewell, Wanda Iohnson, Iody Chambers Row 3: Bobbie McEntire, Kneodah Kimbrough, Gay Burrows, Nellie White, Betty Landers, Shirley Maxwell, Maxine Iohnson, lane Key Members in this club are interested in all sports and help to encourage good sportsmanship. Mgm Glluh Row 1: E. I. Ioslyn, Bill Ramsey, lim Boykin, Bud Ramsey, Gerald Davis, David Bennett, Bill Bennett, Ioe Brooks, Bill Fortson Row 2: David Dean, Hughie Shaffer, Kenneth Perry, loe Pechacek, Lonnie Iames, Tommy Armstrong, Dickie Iones, Bill Mathews, Mike Childers, Mr. Henry Green Gymnastics develop agility and co-ordination in Gym Club members. 192 Auhin-liimml 1, 1 ' 5 Q F .i i Wim? 'N y i i H D, fix km ffl' , ' Bow 1: Gail Beaver, Billy Webb, Bud Ramsey, Don Ormand, Truitt Henfro, Larry Peters, Kenneth Yielding, Gary Lollar Row 2: Bobby Pratt, Duncan Mann, Tommy Estes, Frank Liles, Tim Eyssen, Bryant Lilly Row 3: Eddie Carpenter, Monty Pinkston, Charles Alvord, Robert Watson, Don Waters, Charles Cox, Bob Black With audio-visual aids learning is made easier. We have these students to thank for much of our audio-visual education. 1 4 vii, lx How 1: Ierry Alexander, Iohn Adams, Norma Willingham, Bobbie Colwell, Iohnny Pechacek, Kay Barnes, Weldon Tennison, Olene Ne Smith, Laura McCormick Row 2: Larry Asbury, Bob Lapharn, Iimmy Dobbs, Carrol Hopkins, Ben Hines, lack Wallace. Sammy Davis, Lloyd Marr, Ronny Cormack, Howard Rice Row 3: Amold Huddleston, Dick Adams, Doyle Lemond, Ray Olds, lack Garner, Tommy Seale, Ar- len Bynum, Carl Ewell, Donald Beale, George Black 193 ighninswvhy Row 1: Roy Cloud, Iimmy Butler, Frank Sitcheler, Tommy Weir, Dallas Lacy, Vernon Campbell, Ier- ry Pruitt, Robert Hall, Ierry Wallace, David Schoonover Row '2?'Virgil Wade, Merle Griffin, Wayne Allen, Bryant Lilly, Mr. A. C. Ancona, Don Estes, Lowell Wamer, Alton Pribble, Winston Barclay This club does much of the photo-finishing for the Flashlight and the Battery. .far -ef Roy Cloud, Dallas Lacy, Dennis Conway, and Frank Sitchler look on as Dave Schoonover ex- plains how to make a print from an enlarger. ' 194 Efgping Glluh Row l: Ieanelle Holley, Virginia Cox, Barbara Golleher, Ierry Stringer, Mary Eileen Showalter, Ka- ren McGlothlin, Mrs. Louise Brown Row 2: Io Hopkins, Gail Beaver, Martha Pool, Duane Cotton, Glenn Tucker, Patricia Pope, Glen neta Lewis Purpose of the Typing Club is to improve typing techniques. Zllnrrign Qlnrrwpnnhvnrr Qlluh Row 1: Elouise Harrison, Dolores Nash, Bonnie Smith, Faye Beights, Nancy lane Collins, Aleta Cleck- ler, I erry Musselwhite Row 2: Mrs. Kathryn Morrow, Connie Blakeney, Annette McMahon, Lula Mae Willis, Pat Harrell, Mar- lene Morrison, Mary Ioyce Thomas, La Verne Click, Darrell Howard Throuqn correspondence with students in foreign countries, friendships are formed. 195 little '-i Qlluh Row 1: Lorena Vineyard, Paddy Lankford, Sue Neas, Io Ann Little, Barbara Humphreys, Nadine Odom, Linda Mahan, Gay Holmes Row 2: Owen Cook, Delois Edwards, Iackie Cloud, Monty lones, Betty Sue Milstead, Ieanine Price, Patsy Barrington, Miss Mabel Reeves Row 3: Don Southall, George Latimer, Royce Griffin, Robert Strickland, Earl Vaughan, Gary Bru- ton, Carla Imes, lean Spurlin, Mrs. Edith Smith Row 4: Iimmy Horn, Mart Cleghorn, Freddie Mitchell, Tim Eyssen, Kenneth Permenter, Ierry Curb, Mike Stevens Little E Club is a recreational organization which devotes club periods to learning the skills of square dancing. Ifxfl' Row 1: Patsy Lewis, Ioyllaussegig Nancy Henson, Maurine Mitchell, Martha Warren, Rose Black- burn, Betty Lomax, Barbara Lain Row 2: Barbara Gillis, Iackie Goble, Gail Presswood, Royce Griffeth, Ioe Paris, Patsy McDaniel, Ioyce Mayfield, Patsy Bradshaw, lean Spurlin, Charlotte Welch, Carol Harlow Row 3: Mr. Alex Edwards, Morris Newberry, Phil Burkett, Delois Edwards, Robert McClain, Delbert Turner, Dicky Hix, Gay Tiffany, Ioleta West, Delores Jones, Bill Cumbie Row 4: Iimmy Rountree, Ronnie Self, Freddie Mitchell, Ierry Reeves, Max Winters, Tim Eyssen, Don Waters, Ioe Sparks, Carl Ewell, Gary Cline, Phil Burkett, Don Iones 196 A S! 141524 Eiiilr '-F Olluh Don Waters and Max Winters swing their part- Swing your partner, calls Mr. Wilson. ners, Delores Iones and Gay Tiffany. 3 , G ' F .f Row 1: Mary Pat Weir, Pansy Couch, Dorothy Crane, Patsy Kelly, Waldine Moore, Sharon Good- rich, Rosemary Flanagan Row 2: Gayle Crowder, Nancy Io Russell, Lu Ann Smith, Betty Lomax, Lynn Presswood, Betty May- field, Mrs. Kathleen Parker Row 3: Lee Grant Scott, Helen Faye Stuart, Robert McLean, Iean Currie, Sally Burkett, Ann Weber, Mary Tillman, Shirley Campbell Row 4: Francine Travis, Carl Ewell, Floyd Price, Kenneth Sample, I. D. Peables, Sally Smith, Barbara Smith, Rose Marie Sweidon, Ilene Willingham 197 ,X ' y S Marhine Shun 3 E yu 7711: E-2 1 ,UWM i Row l: Benny Cowdrey, Rubert Cheatam, Bobby Green, Ioe Lang, Larry Beall Row 2: Dean Brown, Wayne Maxwell, Buford Burns, Iames Gainer, Lynn Davidson, Frank Bradshaw Row 3: Bert Cooper, Iohnny Gamer, Iames Ashbranner, Iim Harrison, Ioe Rutherford, Jerry Storey, Floyd Burks Row 4: Mr. Iohn Harlow, Iim Fitzgerald, Iohn Forbus, Leahmann Chambers, Terry May, Glenn Tuck- er, Bob Ashbranner Reliability, precision, and ingenuity are developed in students b working with machinery. 5 QQMQA C V , ye fl 5 11 Zz E ' Ji 5 ,ffih 'HE 1 Q l ,.- , ., 7' , Afro . - af! 1 If 114 , ,fig ' , , I y 5? ,M , Industriously working are Bert Cooper, Ierry Ierry Hunter, Red Maxwell, Larry Proffitt, Storey, Lynn Davidson, and Iohn Forbus. Iohnny Gainer, and Iimmy Harrison look on as Mr. Harlow gives instructions. 198 A. EH. Sv. Efhvatrr Row 1: Sandra Dickenson, Carol Purnphrey, Evelyn Guitar, Gretchen Stevens, Dorothy Staggers, Marjorie Lea, Bettye Iames, Iean Perry Row 2: D. G. McCoury, Glenn Beacham, Don Drennan, Pat Randolph, Marilyn Miller, Gerald Davis, Mary Sue Flowers, Robert Flair Row 3: Ierry Yarbrough, Wendell Hearn, Gene Engel, I. W. Pelton, Ierry Bryant, Bobby Davis, Nancy Benson, Delores Kissinger, Dorothy Wagner, Mary Ann Harris Backstage drama as well as plays are the interests of members of AHS Theatre. They study dramatics, costuming, make-up and the production of plays. X B1 Row 1: Geraldine Rogers, Diane McKan, Iackie Duncan, Bobbie Brown, Mary Ellen Duke, Pat Ken- nedy, Iane Crow Row 2: Laura McCormick, Vaudine Baker, Eddie Faye Brecheen, Mary Kay Kimbley, lan Boyd, Pat Bennett, Rosanne Casey, Ierry Lou Estes X Row 3: James Welch, Markey Touchstone, Bobby Davis, Carroll Tumer, Arthur Gulley, Don William- son, Howard Rice ' 199 attuned Zifhwpiana Irnupv 353 S . 4 F , 7 f 1 2 l - Q, i 3 gf Rx l ' at 5 l K I 2 5 W' 'fi K J N f Row l: Margie Lea, Marilyn Miller, Laura McCormick, Iackie Duncan, Carol Pumphrey, Barbara Richards, Ioyce Graham, Bobbie Brown, Barbara Boulte Row 2: Marty Kammerlohr, Margaret Iennings, Patty Muston, Ianice Iennings, Carol Crownover, Nor- ma Willingham, Ierry Lou Estes, Pat Morgan, Hose Ann Casey, Howard Rice Row 3: Kenneth Permenter, Don Drennan, Gene Engel, Markey Touchstone, Arthur Gulley, Wendell Hearne, Carroll Turner, Tim Eyssen, Sandra Dickinson Members of this chapter of the national organization help with all the bothersome details as well as the dramatic roles in the play productions. S F . Row 1: Barbara Richards, Iackie Duncan, Carol Pumphrey, Pat Belew, Ioyce Graham, Ierry Lou Es- tes, Marilyn Miller Row 2: Markey Touchstone, Laura McCormick, Margaret Iennings, Marty Kammerlohr, Carol Crown- over, Ianice Jennings, Patty Muston, Pat Morgan, Howard Rice Row 3: Sandra Dickinson, Wendell Hearne, Arthur Gulley, Carroll Tumer, Gene Engel, David Dean. Don Drennan, Kenneth Permenter, Mr. Ernest Sublett 200 rting iliuh :mil Svtagv Glrmn ali How l: Mary Ellen Duke, Ierry Lou Estes, Barbara Boulte, Glenna Dillard, Margie Lea, Barbara Hum- phreys, Ian Baggett, Pat Franklin, Ann Lewis Row 2: Glenn Beacham, Winona Fisher, Ian Osborne, Helen Stuart, Kenneth Permenter, Iudy Iarrett, Don Williamson, Bobbie Davis. Row 3: D. G. McCoury, I. W. Pelton, Gene Engles, Don Drennan, Roy Peters, Carroll Turner, Arthur Gulley, Gerald Davis Preparing the auditorium, stage, and props for assembly is difficult, but fascinating. The student body is indebted to the stage crew for their work. Characters for major productions are chosen from the Acting Lab group because of their enthusiasm for dramatics. LIBRARY Row 1: Reubel Beams, Ioy Stewart, Mary Wagoner, lean Archer How 2: Miss Louise Wills, Betty Nuckols, Audry Harrell, Io Ann Iohns, Eileen Kincaid Stimulating enthusiasm for books and reading is the purpose of the Li- brary Club. 201 Eth lgerinh Glhnnm , , .r . ,K :Q- 1? 33' Row l: Marilyn Miller, Sylvia Williams, Iamie Bottoms, lean Fitzgerald, Nadine Odham, Martha Pain, Betty Green, Gretchen Stephens Row 2: Barbara Thompson, Amy Schoonover, Billy Lois Miller, Wanda Sewell, Iulia Banta, Melba Coker, Kay Cullar, Annette Iackson Bow 3: Ioan Starks, Frances Moses, Bennie Houston, Iuanita Scott, Donnie Alexander, Geraldine Schmittou, Patsy McDaniel, Iohnnie Pennell, lean Spurling, De Anna Miller In addition to singing for their own enjoyment, the members of Sixth Period Chorus also prepare musical numbers for special programs. flliusir Apprvriatinn lull Row 1: Ann Hudspeth, Lucy Haney, Nancy Bennett, Anna Iackson, Peggy Armstrong, Donna Gra- ham, Carol Carpenter Row 2: Iimmy Hutto, Theiss L. Iones, Kay Mclntire, Barbara Inman, Belda Vestal, Ronald Shirley. Allan Morgan Row 3: Wallace Wade, Ierry Don Brown, Harlen Williams, Wayne Hall, R. H. Adams, Iulian Long, Bill Vaughn, Gerald Norman Musical recreation is provided in the Music Appreciation Club. A Qlapprlla gigs: 5' i i 2 , . , ew Row l: Dorothy Staggers, Pat Belew, Charmaye Blankenship, Patsy Cutbirth, Betty Iames, Paula Powers, Carol Crownover, Ian Free, lanice Iennings, Arabella Tony, Martha Snow, Iris Isbell Row 2: Barbara Hart, Grace Morrow, Bonnie Smith, Don Williams, Frank Sitchler, Don Smothers, Ronnie Shirley, Arnold Huddleston, Lucy Haynie, Ioyce Graham, Wanda Spencer Row 3: Ann Novak, Betty Ross, Marcia Freeman, Ferrell Hays, Bobby Williams, Bill Vaughan, Bill Pierce, LeRoy Crawford, Ierry Yarbrough, Karen Gentry, Margaret Io Dodge, Priscilla Lawhome Row 4: Derlie Muston, Iody Ballew, Betty Trentham, Buzzy Sellers, R. H. Adams, Preston Little, Ierry Winters, Iulian Long, lim Rose, Marion Truitt, Lonnie larnes, Betty lean Wright, Eulalia Bantau, Mildred Downing The Abilene High School A Cappella Choir is an outstanding choral group. The choir provides excellent entertainment for local and out-of-town groups. fa I t t J X Leading the A Cappella in the capacity of officers are Marcia Freeman, librarian: lan .Free, robe custodian: Pat Belew, secretary: Buzzy Sellers, robe custodian: Marion Truitt, president: lim Rose, vice-president. 4 aglr-T 1125 l Row 1: Harriett Harvey, Yvonne Willis, Waldine Moore, Doris Martin, Io Ann Little, Patsy Seabourn, Pat Tallant, Carol Pumphrey, on, Marjorie Lea, Carolyn Isbell Row 2: Shirley Maynard 'Kay King, Eddie Faye Brecheen, Patsy Cooper, Connie Blakeney, Carol Nahce, Betsy Whiseghunt, Io Ann Barney, Patty Mgon, Sandra Hockersmithj Pat Roberts, Gayle Wright, Lorena Vineyard, llqrlen-e-.Mr1this ' M u 4 . .. Row 3: Ioyce Mayfield, Barbara Haddox, Ioyce Welch, ,Laquita Fields, Laverne Seider, Sue Spikes, Marjorie Nelson, Georgia Osborn, Billie Iean Pervis, lean Lawless, Cyrena Stowe, Carla Imes, Marty Kammerlohr, Regina Cook, Mary Lou Moore 'it' Eagle-ettes is an all-girl choral group which provides entertainment and participates in contests. Music is a part of their education. OFFICERS PATTY .MIISION President SUE SPIKES Vice-President IOYCE WELCH Secretary DORIS MARTIN MARTY KAMMERLO Librarians ..- At Christmas time the Eagleettes, with the aid of some dramatics students, present the birth of Christ in music and pantomime. 204 Rowl Don Bridges, Iohnny Lenker H P Hawkms D1ck Ors1n1 D1ck Seale Glenn Tallant Carroll Turner Edward Adams. Row 2 Glenn Belew, Ronnie McClure Thexss Iones Fred Welch lack Garner Calvm Spencer Gerald Norman, Mart Cleghorn Row 3 Wayne Hall, Iohn Tucker Harlan Wrlhams A D Allan Boys Chorus rs a newly orgamzed group to satrsfy the desxre ol boys who enjoy singing They along wrth A Cappella and Eagle ettes present assembly programs OFFICERS CARROLL TURNER President DICK SEALE Vice-President H. P. HAWKINS Secretary 1 Smart in K Y' , 5 Members of the Girl's Sextet are Dorothy Staggers. Pat Belew, Bonnie Smith, Charrnaye Blankenship, Wanda Spencer, and Iris Isbell. Nl -.... A Cappella members Iody Ballew, Paula The A Cappella heads for Springfield, Mis- Powers, Karen Gentry, and Lucy Haynie sing souri, and other points on their annual tour. for G and G party. 206 Engn Quartet 1 si , if it A as ff NJ! I ft Y, wi? Lonnie Iames, R. H. Adams, Don Smothers, LeRoy Crawford In assembly the boy's quartet sings and entertains its listeners. DIXIE LAND BAND Specializing in Dixie Land jazz, the Dixie Land Band beats out rhythm to entertain school and civic functions. .wtf if ff . I ,',V 1 , E fi Row l: Gene Curry, Robert Rountree, Iames Welch, Allan Morgan, Steve Peake, Billy Thompson Steve Marshall 207 !! Svtuhrnt Birvrtnru ,ia lf Row 1: llohrmy Middleton, Ruth Paine, Betty Io Iordan, Mary Nell Hammock, Edna Read, Sara Brogan, Shirley Spencer, Charles Shaw X M ' Row 2: Crestino Gonzales, Gene Currie, Carroll Dillingham, Nathan Tinkle, Don Williamson, Don Bgber, Bob Robbins, Iohn Hammel ' ' ' Row 3: Steve Peake, Arvid Rh on ones,Id n Howard, Moritz Lanford, Iimmy Nix, Iames Ad- ams, Edward Adams, Ioe R6Egf3?Fielder . Future directors receive opportunity and experience in this club which is especially for them. - Student directors enjoy their club period. 208 Ahilrne High Svrhnnl Gbrrhwira i 1 1 x FIRST VIOLINS Charmaye Blankenship Dorothy Kent Elinore Cuaing CWOIY'fI'Bldi!1 A . Darla Sudderth Nancy Tucker BASSES James Welch Moritz Lantord Johnny Middleton HORNS Don Iones dna ea , ayle Berry in . . . , W. at xml g,'1L...g SECOND VIOLINS Iudy Clark Peggy Conselrnan Sylvia Brown Ioyce Summers Betty Io Iordan Helen Flanagan Iames Rathmell FLUTES Ann Bynum Virginia Echols David Bryant PERCUSSION Ruby Billington Roy Cloud Don Williamson Robert Rountree VIOLAS -,' lacqueline Garrett Carolyn King Linda Parish SAXOPHONE Qin Boydx CLARINETS Charles Shaw Dave Schoonovear Gene Currie Sara Brogan BASS CLARINET Shirley Spencer BASSOON Skipper Skaggs l 'CELLOS as Lk-:yy Causseaux I, rvid Rhodes Doris Ann Beaty Dickie Hix OBOES lane Davis lvlary Beth Lankford TROMBONES A. D. Allen Don Baber Z ii! CORNETS Steve Peake Nathan Tinkle Dallas Lacy One of the honors awarded the Abilene High School Orchestra this year was an invitation to play in the mass orchestra at the Dallas State Fair. The orchestra has played several local concerts which have been enjoyed by everyone who has heard them. CLARINETS FLUTES CORNETS TENOR SAXOPHONE ABILENE HIGH SCHOOL CONCERT BAND Charles Shaw Sara Ellis 4 - Allan Morgan Net Eplen Ierry Stringer Paul Culp Gene Currie Iimmy Farris Arvid Rhodes Shirley Worley Sara Brogan Betty Io Iordon Nancy Tucker Ann Bynum Virginia Echols David Bryant OBOES lane Davis Mary Beth Lankford ALTO SAXOPHONES Iimmy Horn lerry Pruitt Wallace Wade Carol Carpenter Kathryn Ward Y I 3 5 s i 3 Steve Peake Nathan Tinkle A , Iimmie Curtis it Bill Vaughn Q V Vernon Campbell Iohn Howard R. H. Adams BARITONE SAXOPHONES I oe Fielder Crestino Gonzales BASE CLARINET Shirley Spencer F Dave Shoonover , 1 X Steve Marshall Winstonfhrclay Iames N ort CONTRA BASS CLARINET Ella Ruth Paine BASSOON Skipper Skaggs TRUMPETS Dallas Lacy Iohnny Lenker Bill Bassetti ' J x f J X 1 ,K I I l 5 I 2 I r E Y HORNS Don lones, , Ikey Dillingham Edna Read Mike Stevens Tommy Warren PERCUSSION Ruby Billington Bobby Davis Dorothy Randolph Robert Hall TROMBONES Don Williamson Robert Rountree lbnler Doyle 'F?r'nnin Iimmy Nix BARITONES Eddie Carpenter Charlie Moore lerry Anstead BASSES Iohnny Middleton lames Welch lerry Whetsel ADDITIONAL PERSONNEL IN CADET BAND Carolyn King K Peggy Conselman Dorothy Matthews Edward Adams Lawrence Siewert Charles Bradley Martha Pool Peggy Cornelius Carol Onwiler Karen McGlothlin Glenetta Lewis Bob Robbins Ian Boyd Virginia Cox WL, Barbara Golleher Ramona Moncibiaz Doris Moreno Jimmy McDermitt Don Estes Arthur Moore Markey Touchstone Billy Thompson Bill Cumbie I. D. Butler Amy Schoonover Gail Berry W. L. Dean Lloyd Marr lames Adams Eddie Person Iohn Downs Ioe Tarver Dan Harrison Iohn Hamil Ronnie Carmack Harold Norwood Don Linley Ierry Don Brown Don Waters Arleen Durkee Rosemary Rasco MAI ORETTES Sara Ellis, captain Arleen Durkee Mary Beth Lankford Gayle Berry ABILENE HIGH SCHOOL CADET BAND rf, J Virginia Cox 'ffzeq ff A Glluh I bum -1. Row l: Eddie Paynter, Don Bridges, Charles Millsap, David Howle, Carl Hennesay, Bobby Wake- field, lim Yarbrough Row 2: P. E. Shotwell, Harold Smith, Wendell Phillips, Robert Davis, Weldon Moore, Newton Hilliard, Dick Miller, Shorty Lawson Row 3: Arlen Bynum, Frank Scarborough, Iames Bass, Mackie Newton, Iames Hopkins, Nicky Palmer. Cullen Hunt, Gerald Corder Row 4: Don Crowder, Iack Garner, Iirn Hose. Tommy Seale, Dick Wagley, Bob Fry, Jimmy Spradley, I. B. Whisenhunt, Twyman Ash Participation in any sport qualifies one for the A Club. ,fl f- l. fn 5.4 Row 1: B. L. Blackburn, LeRoy Crawford, Phil Bailey, Arnold Huddleston, Tommy Pope, Guyan Rog- ers, I. L. West Row 2: Marion Truitt, Tommy Estes, Bill Pierce, Bill Perry, Billy lack Rudd, Dayton King, Ronny Mulhem X Row 3: Bill Vaughn, Bobby Iack Oliver, Don Harber, Dick Seale, Hal McGlothlin, ftobert Osborne, Charles Row, Iimmy Polk Row 4: Billy Paul, Glenn Tallant, Delmon Wilson, Winton Thomas, Lee Newman, Ierry Tumer, Billy Fuller, lack Crumpler, Carroll Lane, Duncan Marin 212 A Qlluh Row 1: lim Bowen, Don Orrnand, Kerry Williams, Charles Hilburn, Ray F Larry McCraw, Don Rhoden, Iohn Burnett, Bob Youngblood f , Row 2: W. K. Befmtley, Don Smothers, Iohn Greer, Dan Kenley, Frank Li1es,lMac Starnes, Iimmy Dan Bourland, Tommy Overman, Arthur McMi1lin Row 3: H. P. Hawkins, Glen Belew, David Steinman, Ierry Watts, Teddie Iack Key, Frank Etter, Terry Hobbs, Bob Lcrpham, Phil Widmer, Ioe Holland Row 4: Gayle Myatt, Dick Orsini, B. D. Loving, Odis Cleaver, Ronnie Wilson, Glenn Woods, Pat Bland. Iimmy Baum, lack Hurt, lack Barnes vs. .. f Row 1: Ronnie Tate, Bob Hubbard, Lynnwood Reinhardt, Bobby Joe Martin, Riley Wyatt, Charles Pritchett, Iames Smith, Hollis Swafford Row 2: Bob Groseclose, Iarnes Babb, Calvin Spencer, Don Beale, Tom Speed, Bob Mosshart, G. W. Davidson, Fred Welch, Carey Hobbs Row 3: Rity Carson, Carroll Turner, Ierry Wright, Iim Tatum, Iohn Thomas, Perry Pierce, Maurice Cook, Stanley Binion, Terry Hobbs How 4: Iohn Hobbs, lim Millerman, Iimmy Briggs, Ioe Vick, Dan Boyd, Don Burks, Bob Gay, Gary Cline, Iulian Ard 213 Illnrvnziw Row l: Pat Belew, Mary lean Medders, Barbara Smith, Betty Ross, Yvonne Mitchell, Mary Io Medley, Ella Ruth Paine, Nancy Henson, Gena Powell Row 2: Gerald Davis, Mackie Newton, David Webster, Kenneth Yielding, D. G. McCoury, Wretha Whittle, Miss Fleur Walton, Wendell Hearne. Iulian Long, Frank Scarborough, Arthur Gulley Maliciously manslaughtering the opposition, these academic grand viziers beg to dit- ter with anybody whose opinion is not the same as theirs. Debaters, declaimers, extempor- aneous speakers, and other speech groups fill the membership ot the National Forensic League. The National Forensic League is a nation-wide organization open to students compet- ing in the interscholastic speech activities, such as debate, extemporaneous speaking, and declamation and has as its purpose the promotion of these activities. A carload C! ! ll of Forensic members is returning This year's Forensic officers are Mary lean from GfOun'1Q'I1'1eI1t, Medders, Wretha Whittle, Yvonne Mitchell, and Wendell Hearne. 214 1 fig is l ,F it X t I , I. sl' i 2 f v J 'W' 1 w 2 . 3. i- V l Virginia Cox Arleen Durkee Norma Osborn, Sandra Bourland, and do dance murine in junior Assembly. yVhy Did I Ever Believe You When You Said You Lovec I lust w a eve always wanted in AHS are Delbert Turner, MG? C!SkS Iune HOUY of Billie RGB H0995- Billy Fuller, Frank Liles, and Don Harber as stage janitors. EUUY MUSWH Gnd Ieariie C0014 dCUiCe US Pf1iiY Sings i?l! Roaring twenties are back again as Doris Embree Bowden and Come to U16 Mflrdi GIGS Gnd See Paula Powers and lobby Davis revive the Charleston. 215 Karen GQUUY dance 'O P19059 HB MF-iieSiY- 'X Eeyff 1 x..x rf at 1 if an 'X , 1 v x G ff, ft 'tree' Th' v'k Af: 4 I fue ,IL ,xr V --A Sg r ' . 1 1 'n if I A . ,5,.-Aw' 1. J - JA' N ' Q. I r '- , s L My l' iuebi '.,g-igEE.g.ii:- 24 ' T5-yt, Y Q: o e he gf ' .W A , W- .3511 P I i . M- VLIFQNQ K M' . Y: V x A 4 xxx JK so 'f s t , s. my 1 ..,, . ., . ,- 'Eg . .,. T F . A f mf Q tit... Q5 N .. v fff , y 1. , 1 if 1 -its-an 'yt ,-'xx First place winner ol baby contest is sweet lit- tle Ierrv Seymore. Wha' hop oned to da birdie? , wonder Betty Trentham, ran Free, Dick Wagley, and limmy McNeil as Walter Blaney makes it disappear. Helaxin in the luxur t?l ot the gym are Bill Vaughn, sue Watkins, 'lxammy Seale. and Sharon Hughes, Dick Wagley, Norma Willingham, Geraldine Moore. and Wallace Wade enjoy the lood cooked by their MOTHERS ll !J at the Little Kid Box Supper. Ian Free. Bill Ramsey, lim Hose, and Karen Gentry decide that food tastes soooo good alter a strenuous game of Drop the Handkerchietl' Oh! Those beautiful creatures-'Bob Crawford. Buzzy Sellers, Iullcm Ard, Charles Hillburn. Bobby lack Oliver, and Dick Orsmi twithout a skirtll in the Iunior chorus line. -lfdff , is M2 1 yr, , Spanish can be interestinq. Cullen Hunt becomes skilled in wood shop. Bunky Iohnson putt: on the 8th green. Mrs. Henagan presents art awards to Sandra Lockhart. Laverne Seider. and Mackie Newton. Mildred demonstrates how not be be a secretary to Patsy Smithwick, Iuanez Conklin and Shirley Moore. Stanley Wiggins, Buzz Sellers, lack Fulwiler, Tom Speed, Bob Crawlord and 'Son Drennan deliver a sinqinq telegram from Mr. Parks to Kathryn Morrow. Mrs. Parker and Mr. Edwards watch Little E members sauare dance RESPONSIBILITY AWARDS For the first time in the x! history of Abilene High School, responsibili- ty awards have been given each month to a boy and a girl for notable service done without hope of reward. To the students who received these awards during the past school year, congratula- tions for being able to ac- cept and carry out re- sponsibility. Y o u r pa- tience and virtue well de- serve it. .A 'wifi- Q A A 1, gr 5 Q A A ,Qg I I ' 1 ' o Y N' Rx N r it wi' -..,,M-km ,V ., i4.,.t M 535-k..-,M, , A 4, ...J'?a6t.a.g , if Mamie Waqstaii, Dickie Seale. Nancy Bennett, and Glenn Tallant get atter-show refreshments at the drive-in. To make the game compete, Patsy Vaughn, Carol Chapman and Beckv Willingham buy popcorn trcm Eddie Poynter in the Eagle's Nest. Mr. Moore, Mr. Groseclose, and Miss Duncan are among a group ot teachers participating in Business-Education Day. Lawrence Siewert crowns her majesty Sharon Hughes, at- tended by Paula Powers and Pat Hayter. Mr. Nail, Mr. Kenney, and Mr, Shotwell like ringside seats at the basketball games. Arvid Rhoads, Arthur Gulley, and Ierry Seymore wait lor refreshments-cokss, that is! 5. -- -, W, fr K , -N., pu ll vlan! . X. . I M , ,. .. . .,'5,.:L g-.1-r . . its 1 L 'V 'I 'Q -iff 1 A 5 lxpf- N' ' vf ' f K l t yi -, i y .J . . L - r J ' i ,X ' 7 A N. 'A . X .f I , ' - .. Q QQ t li ' gm mi .M it 5 2 , 2-E Q 1 ' Y ZS l N 1 A 4' 1 ti 1 -f' V Q X Aeneas KA. D. Allenl tells Dido Ilan Baggettl he must Ilee. Nero thank Scarborough! learns to play trom teacher, Sahvls Crowder, accompanied by Ann Bynum and Virginia c o s. Linda Mahan, winner oi the Uke Contest, doesn't like to sleep at the toot of the bed. Gerald Davis sings and plays in the Uke Contest. , A -WW N4 K - .ff .54 F 1 9 ' .iv 5 s Y sit? Mr. Anthony KGene Allenl brings news to the court ol Dido that Aeneas has gone. Her servants are Ruth Paine, Sue Case, Debby Thomas. Olivia Knowles, and Io Ann Yarborough. Charles and Arthur Moore found Rome under the watch- ful eye ot their dog-Robert Dart. Shorty Lawson and Mr. Groseclose help present letter jackets. rl , 333. . 1 3.33 t W -.Y.... xft l FFA Boys pledge to do their part in making a strong organization. Mr. Homine treats teachers to breakfast, Eaqlettes. directed by Gene Kenney. present their Christmas concert. 7:30 is an early hour to start marching, but it has made the Eagle Band great. gommy Seymore foods his heiler in the Fat Stock Show am. 1.- 9 W Theresa Moore and Madie Newman keep the ottice CIICKIIIQ. Accuracy and precision are utmost in the mind ot wood- shop-worker Iimmy Cole. Ex-Eagle Martha Sue Hix Eresents Linda Mahan with first place silver l?l cup at t e Uke Contest. Bill Vaughn. 4-H member, exhibits his club call. AADDE' 5555511 NES eaureblg the Tbfllg 's to be solb. I I ff I , 1 I M ' ' XIIN x I 2 ' I I YN i. , I .X A I I ,K du Xklfgtx I if I .Q X X N -I . I, r. ,I ,I- . I A x I 'I I If .A ' .X I Ig' I I ere s to good tlmes and goodfrlends may you always have an abundance of both NMACKETXTGX W L 'H' AA-J-LJILJJ fJJS-r ff, H MM! 4 ,ZLLLLJAM Q f ffl 4,'77J 460 6 '53 ' x BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA COLA COMPANY sv TEXAS COCA COLA BOTTLING COMPANY , I O ,C 7 ,d if A A -fv- ,, A f I -f-X41 A V J K' A Q , Aa in J Q IQ, , A 7 5' ' -44,-A V . .,, I ,why . ,gi Nt!! ' r ny, 7- I A V14 -f,1.r A-A' V Y , Ll' 1 L , ,,'5 7 C . ,. ,- . 4 -W L. iywf K., viarie HU I -I Y W-L v I V ' 1' ' A .1 ' 4' T 1 I ' ' I 4 , ' 3 Y A Y H A i V V ' ' 5 , , v -gaf , , fVA iz!-1, 1F,, 'fwgfhey fir? it Y K, , 4 , t, rf., , fg ' T' Yr' 1' 7 54-,:!',,Vf'f-4-L-J1A '- I t- Y Y ,,'v, 1 J -f r A Z 1 T, C-C' T - 5 ' C,-'A - 1- , 1: - f' C A -ffl -A .ffff A 1 T 4, VZ jrgvg 'AVA I V 'v V . A OAA - A A ,1 -,,' ,-.-'. -'-'- L 1' -4 If T' 1 -.,,. V ,f u U ' Q Y A' , Av . lm 76: 1 C. : . f . f K ' ' A C! 222 . Are you wondering o aI?4 j99fy to write the VGQiS jjdPdiH':g M8VSi?XZJ9T.ig?OVmG- tion concerning currllvf?E1'?n4JnQ,lriI4twmnf?eiftii'i3e vvelcomejiifffl V!! . ff gn ff when visjfife HLSU Camigsffg 6740? di .,. t yr' 4 fl f Hardin- immim niver ity Fully Accredited Maintained by Persons Who Believ Christian Education DR RUPERT N. RICHARDSON P cl t 223 Each Year We Welcome Many ABILENE HIGH SEHOOL Graduates to the Campus of a Abilefnle A lirisfign Cgllege l-ldrdun Admunlsfrdllon Building dt ABILENE CHR STIAN COLLEGE you vvull fund Q helpful college Q Cllnstlon Colleqe Abilene Clmshan College DON I-l MORRIS President V l Q friendly college 224 ,. i - .lf , f ' gl, E fr r ' l f hill f X :N will ff: lil' M ill ,Fill ' Ml 9 1 .av T Y 'V' :Rfk -Y. il - fl - . ,Z 4 ,Z I, CW M73 4, ,Qdfofoevl-1' . J ,,2'J3 ,wif ff'sMAi.L CLASSES fr ci-iRisriAN INFLUENCE fr Euuv AccREnirEn McMuiiy is an established coeducational college which offers Bachelor of Science, Bachelor ol Arts, and Master of Education Degrees. Ot approximately 650 enrollment, studies are given during two regular sessions, the toll and spring terms, plus two short terms during the surnmer. Five different divisions are headed by capable, qualified protessors with doctorate degrees. The various divisions include: Religion and Education, Social Sciences, Science and Mathematics, letteis and Languages, Fine and Applied Arts with the courses from the coin'-:ned divisions heing Bible, Religion, Philosophy Psychology, Education, Physical Education, Library Science, Business Administration, Government, History, Sociology, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, General Sciences, Mathematics, Mechanical Drawing, English, Jour- nalism, French, Spanish, German, Art, Music Theory, Music Education, Voice, Piano, Organ, Band, Speech, Radio Speech, and Dramatics. For details, write: Jerome Vannoy, Registrar, Mclwurry College Abilene, Texas 225 .J Yr' F Cz , Hd WJJJ 5-1 an-m or Today r A D V90 Q f f I J Ks X 1 f X 67 c fri Wvfw I and Tomorrow! leahcagznaum aw: defame! The future of West Texas 1S your future for lt is you, the youth of today, who will build the new homes, new industries, and the new businesses of the greater West Texas of tomorrow! The West Texas Utilities Company, asiyour part- ner in that future, is building new plaints arid new - service facilities providing an abundance of Eiectricv Power power for the future you will build. 'Xi i ' 4' , I 'P WestTex5s'Uzilities .' Fx n r ,I if ,,r p f. F ' X A in - 5 A at -v ,J fyl, .V 3' ' :5 9'Q3- , ,, ' . 'JL' ,Af 1 ,M 4 ff f - S W' ' - 5.74-J ,F T f if I ' ' Fd T -, ls T ' J, to III, K I' :fe if 'J X ,vs Eg' r ' Q .f ,il of . 756, . ff. A fi L. ,if , ff , or 'J' N W' 1 2 E yn I 'fb 'T Xb L,.' if 1,1 .1 i J ' I LI' ,if jar I 'J I Q M , ' 'I V .. J , f M' 'fx K. Vip ! is i ' I 4 w! M A 1 I K 'M 'lb F: N 5 - , J 5' 2 if I U 1' xv U' 'I 5: x J JJ fly. fir, ' - fl 5' 1 .J .' 'X ' -. - . 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I I P 1 l ' 1 I - j xl G i K Q ,- Q 1 F 1 . I 6. 0 0 0 l aa ' V' l. -1 -N , V I O C :Cl J U - f-f . . ... 57 In A as Lg' ' s 'Y' X4 Kg- J L14 4 'Y 2' , 'Jr , -- ' - s f 1 .- iv - X 0 :N ' . 'cf '12 - - -- Ng' Q- .. A, v ' QV, 1 , ina .-v k . Q, V k 1 , ' 'rnf' 52 'Q-4 i 4-'N JJ if A V , , E5-f'fQef t'4'2-22.9-as I o . , , . . ' f Towhe Students! Ahrlexle High Ggrlqunl Our smcerest appreclatuon For 'the prlvllege guven us In making the photographs contained In thus book w I 610 m,M Mazkm 0 Fzne Portraits , . Off ' 4 ' I. ' ' I ' C ' 1- ' E, o ,Q ' Q ' r VY ' ,V '-3 , ,ff ff .1 ,L ., Sham lf! l,, 1' . I' I ' 91 f ti. r I A If . 55 x , N xA so- 05 in A jf K 5 I, If Q ly V. ,Eg 4 D' If AJ 1 I 5 P M H 'ls I r 1 '31 A 5 ,N 1 J 1- . rr jf ' 229 Qhxrley Carey and Geraldme help Terry choose hls summer wardrobe from the large selectlon of f1ne clothes RIQQQMS 250 F6353 EJEEQ AME ESEFEGESBQMENT go' aa B aa JeyaclSl1aonallagee tfo theetae ee d 7 Hoax Linda. m -Hunk ou heap .sf-0911 alefacc. ma dew Wu- bo.-re-am heap Q 'WN-C ul' ou wdw Qfftl- WM7 F64-n mq., z Fo some ella eacfqm me Mo Q qbgqf' Chnl sim f git' 4 V' S bl ,lf 1 qvyd. 0 'fbkfm wowf- u .Mm um f-wc. Aemqjmmildm 5, 1 i' REVVIEMBER Bonner on the label means quality on The table A , l 13 isa X j A r S, ll 1 li , ih- l M, Q ff 1 Barb r , Karen, etty, P ul , Bill, rr , n r r fha r X x r nergy n de Lfor playing the games and leading the cheers, there's nothing better than. . . c. F 7 C i 5 ' ' J n N 1 x ,O 6 I 41 ' 'V ' fx f fs ,I A f I ' 5 ' f - ' vi - ' M 231 vdewffpy . quahty and Charlene from . . . Avila? , 1 ii I X . sm., l xx a Nj ' - w My t A Your Fovonle Shopping Center ONE STOP FOR EVERYTHING E?, III III STORES LOCATED E BEE Hi m! W I 4th and Oak IEIIILHEH 3555 155' I I I2th and Butternut Elmwood West A CITY WITI-IIN II-SELF ord C5511 re features biletwls largest collectilms Aof labels and axrtists. S ang ' 'I -igu f ILISI in L VJ :-smug? 'I' I I ,I Z- 13 1s Ii-IIRIIZ I . 8 233 K 5 F e quo! 'ry food ed Io est possb!e cost y e fo dot he Abllene Hugh Cafeteria MRS GUS MAXWELL MANAGER : -i S DIAL 4 6232 in i ond Q well- round memuot l vv i A mo b Y r I un r ' M A 'L A 5' I .. A ,,, i ,-M A 0 .9 r-.. 1 U l ll AK , ' it S 34 WHERE YOU MEET YOUR FRIENDS Mary Pat, Janice, Gayle, and Myra, as do other high school students, meet their friends at . gf. Cmumue EDLs:mmaMzsa.ei:r- ABILENES PRESCRIPWON DRUG STORE N W V442 North Third Street 'lleiephohe 4-5223 , 13 - Q ,fr 153' E nioy life -- eat out more nften. You' will enioy one of oyr specials it Q 1 Chicken Dinner -- Sea Feoclbinner l I . , ,Lgiigfordf U eciqlfDixiePig1s.Haln Rlote ,N Annexe L, , ' ' af S., xr Dixie Pig Drive-Inn Butternut ot l4th Phone 2-0096 Abilene, Texos 235 M of W 'Dr-l U TESL NWHNESGDER HH 0 Congratulations to The Sensor Class ABILENE S MUST POPULAR HOTEL Phone 2 376l Cecll Warren Manager DRINK A Lift for Life Dr. Pepper Bottling' Co. , fl ', ', W Sandra, ry J d Jo Ann relax in th I I ge the indsor. rr. -. I I .,s i l,.u-f i , , PL li . - - L I ' 236 Z 440 -dacq Abllene s Oldest Over 60 years of Dependable Banking Service Farmers 8 Merchcmis Nahonol Bank CORNER FQURTH E7 CYPRESS HORAQE HQLLY MQTQRS 1330 North Farsi Telephone 4 7259 MryBth G Al thkh chyl 1 S SIVIARTER STYLINGF i BIGGER BRAKES! 1 BIGGER ENGINE! 'NO-Sl-lIET DRIVING! f' 1 4 , . iz 1 i In WT rl, A it T 'Mmm' if ur 1 A 1 7 5 3 ',1::iXt 'fsPna't - ' we lj 0111 ...the RlDEisa ff f l g ii i S -...fl REVELATION 5' TTS' S 'f-:et Benita, Arnold, Janice, and David LIKE the new DeSoto with l all its special features 1 BETTER VISION. . Jack Yonge Motors DE SOTO PLYMOUTH l44l Soutb Elrst T6'lGDlWOUG 4 5236 Cltlzens Natlonal Bank ABILENE TEXAS Where Service lxflakes tlne Difference 1 dh Future business men and women learn about banking at e Citizens o o o ' . , . Il ' ' ll I Jimmy and Marilyn find the people a Citizens friendly an elpful. 238 g-fe-4 KQHEVRCLET-CADILLAC i . i J T , i . , --il-i. 3' in WESTERN CHEVROLET CO 4001 South lst Street Telephone 3-2561 Jerry, Nan, Nancy, and Bob enioy a show at the Elmwood in comfort-with the individual heaters and in-the-car speakers. I Certainly South um. Diuld-9507 Like to Order ix fkxx nl CveiTheSe Individual . el U D U SKYUNE DRWEJN 'fTQIIq Bggld' Spegkerg :PZRQQZWSTNSFS? 5:Sfi?p'n22 20 T0 1953 SENIURS at DRAUGHONS you wlll flnd the followlng advantages Special trammg for a deflnlte employment oblectlve Successful placement service A chance to prepare for a worthwhile career at a savang un time and money A snncere personal unterest un your progress wuth mdnvndual mstructnon Speclal courses for hugh school commercual course graduates Guidance In selecting your career goal A convenient enrollment date 'l3'l7Vz S0 lst St T l 48573 Draughon s Business College ,t,Jfo,m,.,.og ,lane Bllly Ceraldme and Rose know that the best buys ln jewelry are found C M PRESLEY JEWELERS 709 Pune Street Abalene Texas ROYAL CROWN B O T T l I N G COMPANY 301 Chestnut I U I X 1' n n a Q n n u . 'Qt ,-. 2. ' ' . YB' If rl 3. ' ' ' ' oh, lf' . ' . . I . . . . U A, . . i 5. ' ' ' . 6. . . . . 7. ' t . 7 0 -' ' 9 l 7 l 9 l v ' al? I Y rl , ' l V t o o - s qw n A A I f ' R' Y i if 5' ' L ' Y J . ,, ,V xt I 240 PERRY HUNTER HALL We Lnsure Everythmg But the Great Beyond 2 Fame kaudg h 44368 Elbe t Hall ,I D Perly ,I THE FRIENDLY FIRST mrs d WISH THEM THE FIRST STATE BANK 2 4 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation UUTE SHUTEL ABILENE S Congrotulotlons tothe F!-WGRITE Senior Closs on the RIJICF TCD Cornpletuon o o A I-hgh School Coreer NORTH THIRD AT CYPRESS Telephone 4 ISI I J I4 Wo'l1ngford Monoger . Y A K . V 2 1 n I - I ll , 'IO cn ui in . Telep One - r . . ' , r. ll ll , A c ' I s f ,:-1 -' ------ Q gliljiifz .. D . -. -B k. g A -Ml til -4 .. 1.53 A ,I g ,Q Eff' ' 1 d C I ., 'i T l'-V J E 2 24-Hour Depository Q- . . . I If S - 2 1' I 7 I iv., I MI If ' ,L -Itift H, . , ----------....-...,. .,,. ' A I M Phone -8 55 Fourth and Chestnut , . U ' f E T ' 'T-T ' . . I A I 241 The Best in Jewelry, China, Crystal, and Other Fine Products are displayed REX A.SM1'rH Jlzwnnnm-f0mmm1-msr 5 T056 N. Second Street . Telephone 4-7045 N THE STORE WHERE YOUNG FOLK x North 3rd and Cypress LIKE TO SHOP. 9 9 Your Friendly Store Phone 4-5207 Clothes for Young Men and Men Who Stay Young ,Q 7 3454 S CLOTI-HEIQS Abilene's Largest Store for Men ond Boys 158 PINE STREET Telephone 4-5544 is, ,,r Jean and Jan approve the smart sport iockets that Ronnie is showing Don and llcey. 242 T' ABILENE' TSCA? LAUGHTER NORTH FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE 242 Orange Street Telephone 4 6246 Abilene Texas .-,Z Bu11d1ng and Construchon Co by 1781 Un ve ty B1 d 44275 nfnn nf KIAJ fluff Krnrrr X nf!! an WORLD S LARGEST MANUFACTURER OF OFFICE MACHINES SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT 1137 BUTTERNUT STREET TELEPHONE 4 5077 ABILENE TEXAS The best buys IIT Cars Aufomofuve Ports cmd Servxce are found at E U n ive rsca I' Moto rs 907 North Fourth Telephone 4 4336 2 1 A ., Q A ff ' A ' ' ' -ff f'-,, A, I I V l I W A If 'nf I, .1 47 I 1 ff A . ,Q , , IT: f ' I- It n I 7 See A P ' - ff' I I U O I A 1,4 , T .' v V T O Q f I.. A, J I, If N wwf 'A ' 4 - ' I, I6 C Inn A M' f' I ll ' ' I ll. or Call i rsi v . ' n la A 0 D . f' 2 f . 1 fjfy-1 lf 1 I -fzlr ., .C-,Vp iffy!! U - . ', I I - I 4 N ' X . 243 - , N The Home - , X' X X X of il -t , s. TTBOOCT-Gd ' , . X. . t STDT9mQ'3d5 X ' Q - ost , ,I Y . ws K XS X N L' vi - i XT tl A -- ' 't t A ' xx ' '- 'X T , av 1 X I XxSINCE189A f 1 : lj fx X l, ' SX A K an 'fad' at T T We t :R s A . N 2 . . . 0 ' A x 'XV 'T '- L . X . , I Ct 1 N 'TfHE eooo oegytef t. K .N AH xt 5 X ' XX . - ' N t H R 'X a X 'X . . We Gnle AW Greengtamps x . ' Y- , - A S Qt K' Wglhurugfrgefsk -f S- of Cor, South Nth ohd Chesthut 5 thlorthsidet ., Y ,ki y, Gle ream hom tSouthsideD .EQ Tom Wugley Realty O Company REAL ESTATE AND SECURITIES T190 North Second Telephone 2-3223 ABILENE, TEXAS 244 1 ,J ,,,.!! f A Y I 'f heLWest Texas House 1, ' f M EJPFE N DERX QM PANNL' I W Manufacturing Stationers 273 Cypress Street -Telephone 4-4339 , x-WLENE, TEXAS W H Dopcvzzfmewl Stone 242 Cypress Sweet ABILENE, TEXAS Telephone 4-7263 Where People Buy With Confidence When It's Show Time Make Abilene's Home-Owned Theatres Your Family Theatres Vw 25. A ' , -U 9 . I Lvjiiljj I W k J , .... I 1 X 01 W flfdfywq ! 1 4 5 4f'W! . if f W T ij A D 0 U B I. E RICH MILK 245 1 wily' if 7 W7 o f ,w my Ip I W K9 ' ,lf ' x ff o K V 0 N ' I- ,QW oKs ROOFING ,pvlf G Ns,, I I W M. 'f 7? - 7 FA of Abilene, Inc. on 1 1' ff X pf I 7 Q5-j W ls wi 'l 'k naw.. rms... fmfmzfn 7 Over 50 Years in Texas ' 7-Y if FQREMUST 329 Plum Street Ph'f'3'r4'4088 I Ice CREAM ,lf ,JJ flu- ,flaw L -fy-T 57? 7 ,,?fgg1nbotha,m-Bartlett Company il! ' V f LUMBER Amp BUILDING lvlATERlAl. Sherwin-Willioms Points lrnperiol Woll Popers l 802 Pine Street Telephone 4-7l l7 Balclwin Pianos--Conn Banol Instruments .....,.. VM, V. ...W l l75 North Second Telephone 2-3735 4 HQ. .. if guznituw ana! BEGOTQHUE afzgziza I 2D1 WALNUT STREET ABILENE TEXAS Hussey S Prlntlng Company CAL! US FOR THAT NEXT DRINTING JOB nn ot Second St Phone 4 4727 Congratulations Best Wishes Barnes 8 Williams Wt U E FPIENDS TVTEETQVERACQFFFECUP RIGHTWEIAUNDRY You Can t Go Wrong the Rlght Way B H CRAN GWNH UV COR Qm Telephone T 5775 9 0 0 El , - e 0 O ll I-! YQ X ll - A vm sestemn Telephone- -4-728V T x Xe T. ll 1 . - H I . Qk . . 1 I, -Q -A 4 K ' Y I ' YY A K: l X 4fWesf Texfas Buck 8: T11'6 Company Metai and P ast Wa sc t T les f Ti d fold D u 1 am c Le o 'n 01s sph He L T le Rubbe T le 9 C4 2 7879 g,mzezzf10Jz,1W M, 10 ,mlers fl Jzf f -I 7eva4 Sensors Congrowlofuons ond Good Wusnes From FRALEY 81 COMPANY Abilene Texos YOUR BUTANE GAS DEALER HCSYTCIIS R Wae Rf ff !lI7WALNUT STREET i 3 ' ff SUT 2 ,HT 7m- H I I .A T? j ff ,4 h 'T I i , lf 1 1 1' x P. . '- I I ' Y , 1 1 1 . ,- A I , r. ' 1 b ' f' f 4 Ii 1-'V vs nj, p ,f ,' 5 ' A-' r N, J -1 le, X! ' . 1 1 I. ' T iQ I i11 .0 i ' h 4' ty 1 ' Aco stica Tile j I I Q I :im-' i f 1 f'l0 hut Sf. I Phone - .I 1 K gf f , Y , I . I 'X 1 ' if 1 4 pq' c 1 , 1 we fb' I , J, - N 0 I ,' ' 0 ' 'V i I U ,fi l I I. ff if , 7 ' . . I, 1 1 if, In Za . 0 I OOL' of 11111 I .,f !l.!L'IL6, M , , , I 1 A But n s 1 , anges, t 1' Heaters, alld c rigerato nn :-lvnmeu 1 :um 1 rmmn m may 'ff' 4 V jjEyEi3YTH1NqiNHARDWARE. ' WI- -E T Chino - Clesswlcirel--liimnenwmre - Wesringhppse, Rhilpp, liefrigerotorsuond Ranges -'Westingliciusefond ljnilep Reglios - Speed Queen Wpsners '.', h 4. -- T , Q U' '- I .- l f 1' H . ' ' D '- Q TA ' WEA E CECCD The Largest Hardware Sf0CkiUwQ?ft Texpsk ,ffl ,ig 1- Teleplione 2-32-ll 525-34 Cypress Street J. R Fielder O D, Dillingham F ' Id D ' ll ' h I9 er- 1 llll aim LlllVllSEl'i UlllVll'ANY i Coolds Vernisli, Point, TeIZlgOCieTfg'I71 ' Well Boolrd ii Gnd Wallpaper Ai3iiENE, TEXAS g Sash and Dodrs ,Q x , MEET YOUR FRIENDS 's .T 5 .Q , VWHITEHURST'-Sm DISTINCTIVE CLOTHING FOR WOMEN AND MEN ii 274 Cypress Streer Telephone 4-6158 U Q , ,sl K ' ill , ,Q l, W , . . c g A. B. BARROW FURNITURE Go. T T - We Fumieh Homes A G T , I .Q North Third at Cedar . 4 Phone 4-4396 I r . V, A i.L 249 . I - ,,, 1' I A -I I jj- i V . -1 ' 'K 'F Emf FURN LIJRE . .. - ' L' 4 , ,Ihe Best to be had in Metal and Wood Office Ftrrnfi-ture, A '-' il .L 1 Q , , 1. WOODSFURNITURE Featuring an A Featuring F4 General Fireproofing Lines - 1 I J Ldopeld-lines J Herring-Hall-Marvin Lines ' A H Stowe Dqyis Lines H and ofhers OFFICE SUPPLY x' and others EVERYTHlNG FOR THE OFFICE AT A SAVlNG l A 1 5 ,AN D SWPPLY COMPANY ' A PRATT PAINT AND VARNISH A XMNDOXNSANDDOORS I Ql l8 North.FirsT Telephone el-7l62 ' - f lules Motor 04 l L ,A OldsmobiIe Rocket 'i ' FT 1 , New ond Used Core A , , SALES-SERVICE T ' fr l l5l Norrh Second Telephone 4-858 AMBULANCE smzvleg N i T T - lli an 9 K oll S UYIQPCI OYYIQ And Chapel of Memories 542 Hickory Street Telephone 4-4355 x -N ABILENETEXAS ' , Thoughfpqness Choroolerizes Qur ,Service ,- x -f , .' , - 250 K Partners in Crime U , 1 .- X 6 9' J W, - 1 J r in I 1 HY - 4 . x' S I 'S 0 K , 'N' 04liJ,a!fQa4,da444 ' -j u . 350-4c'laa69M4.g '- N ' f ar - 441 Q -v. zzfffy-MM ' ff Aga fggwafawg 4.1 , 5l f Friend or Foe vx'J vfxf 5 o 9 Q.. I J . i 1-'A- 4 ?i:'wf, Mm i 1 -,,,, .r A' 'R X . W 'J v Q Pj Ylfblrvfy Lia I 'Rf A s ,V Lp qw r' ty, K n r'lM,w L Q Svj' MQ' AM V , Q rev? X5 .583 R. 5,2 ,f np M. H X. ww. Ll l .I 5. q xx sq v ff - M N .WM 1 D ' ' xg N f'r QQ VWQU f W S' if 3? Q 3. , x 9,1 Q M' K GM fx V, gA,,,-fm wmiflwvi 4 5 ,saw 5 'ya N U 5 .wwf-Mfff I so s cmd lmbecules Q, A Q 1 x 'ffff. ' W yd? , pw 'S X ' . f I V7 W 45352 2,41 WWMZM fwffififlkw ffwwi-:ffffff f' Wf,M f Wm ' L3 . X . 1 ffwf J . gb I Awfnuawjhw !ZAZJ,4f.:1J jjfwfwbf fffffwff Mitt ffwxfqi ff fair Lf MMU? U ffyw M ,MM wil fffgf Wh ,QU Agp if Ji! QU 2' ' K ,',,!7fo. f ffwff' ,J ,mddg , 1 ,WfW of aff 'Q ', xl-' A lw52f f,vx PQQMQPWU WZf.?'Q1t. - N,, .x.s -Y su Ft M: M4531 Wifi. ,WQ,k..Q.1M M yjlv A' zfyffj P T T 7' M QP ff' 151 Qf A X 4 IV 1 . vb , ' JV 53 X 4 ' 7 I 'A xxx! fffl I3 iq Wh ee I s and little wheels Q Q' X I fl 6' f j - tx 254 x L.-1' I I I ., I f , K! s I I I I H y -L , y a , Q 1 1 5 : ' 5 1'-', -lit' 'Il 4fMQ,,ff,'d, - J f f ' 1 . ' IS sts N' . 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P, 21, - '. f J ' if ' A YQ , . ff, 1 SN ' f 1 , by , ' .1 U- -2. .5 x 54.5, INK K, gr , I rl .5-J N 1 ,i', I ,t,A z, I' ' l G, Y V ' 1 'Ax Q I- ,K .. ' K '71 ,' if , N'-Lx N, , v x ,I fav' fu' . V' 4 - x t , V - ' - , f ' - Q 55+- ' , I , ,Y S N, Ai- V, K- .fx 7 vfs, . . ' J 1 4 X X J ' f j V 1 I Ks.-1 ,N V X ' J - ' 4 V W' kb, M AT, ' N ' 7 , f T' ' f 1 Rib 'X ff ' 5,5 3 xxx , if . 7 ' ' J ' 'ff ' 55.1 ' X X2 '1 4 'A1:'jf2 . -1 1 fu x ' I 2 I 'PIPE , I ,, ,, x my if ' I' N. ! f , ,W 1' . I ' , It is not the fashion to see the lady the epilogue: but 'Tis I must make conclusion oi these most strange events. This year we have sought to give you something new and different, with the hopes that when you open this book in later life, you will find your- self once again a student of dear ole AHS, doing and feeling the things you did and felt. Keeping the students' interests in mind, we have tried to compile the 1952-1953 FLASH- LIGHT As You Like It. 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