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if ff! .mf Q- pf' X5,, 5ywJfQf6 I Ygfvdcydw J M' f 2 M 5 A' 45' .f,3f'if: M t ' M WCW? X W QW' f My ff -9 fl -fy F? 1,' WFYJ , N M , Mfdfp J . q,A!pm " My t 'X' 'zd'1,MZ 51 i ' Envy A. Ynvsfil n M f .f y'1f? L 'J "'f' mfffU gf F ' , A A M , I Q L V iff ff MLP W Q, 'MAA f a 25055, lfjaiffffk' lf W, sf mf? ' 07. xx C221 ' M - QM i M2902 Q Q . . gf Mag l 'Q 24.46. Zigi? yy ZMZMAM vp j?'5"'. My fiwfmp I QL M Mk J MW-1 wwmbu Mum, X, M Wwwpw WW ff JV, II My .- A ,, . f 16X M2195 finvxx gym M HQ ,wwf WW WA, W f H W J M AV 0 K ,fm Wy 9 H V gi 13,8 'IK f VM W M y XSL W j Q MWW W fiffM?i'fW ,W W M M MMM if M wyfffgw I WWW K ' A WMM ywwf W My HAWK Q ?, M4-K Rf :RNS w,fQ, Wiilga xiii E1 225:12 NE ' - fi f VKMW JW ' EL WW M D001 Qigwiw W SMX QW 'Eg GU M W 5553 LASLILIG Enter to Learn... FACULTY With the help and guidance ofa com- petent teaching staff, the students of Abilene High School learn the skills of becoming tomorrow's leading citizens. CLASSES The incentive to learn is instilled in the heart of each class member. A varied curriculum arouses intellectual curiosity and creates an interest in many different fields of learning. ATHLETICS By learning co-operation, responsibil- ity, skill, and teamwork, participants in athletics are better prepared to meet the problems of the future. Go Forth to ...Serve sa! QQ MM n rs to quire he char- acteristics for w ich t ey are o re , the favorites serve through their lnflU ence. They set examples for other stu- dents in classwork and extracurricular activities. CLUBS The clubs greatly serve the individual by promoting high ideals and develop- ing social skills. By their loyal support of worthy causes, both the school and community are served. ADVERTISEMENTS Advertisements are the medium by which the citizens ore informed of the types of merchandise sold by the dealers of Abilene. This service aids the devel- opment of the city both commercially and industrially. ,A...,., il I 3 BILENE HI 'WWE GH SCHOOL D E D I C ATI ,QM Wm' - - 1'3" ' H W E W " 'xm""i """'JAI3'W To you who have put the interests of Abilene High School first, have generously backed worthy causes, have refused to become depressed in spite of crowded conditions, have willingly co-operated in studies and extra- curricular activities, to YOU, the students of Abilene High School, we dedicate this, the 1952 FLASHLIGHT ,v fr Mfg A !!l.1 I .1 71' A 47 L X rl M Z ff' 7 ENTER TO LEARN Classes, Faculty, and Allllelics ca-operate To furllfler LEARNING, ' the purpose af our areal educational system. 9 JXP' writer' 1 'X lclvelllll it - Sv Dear Students: The encouragement and co-operation I have received while working with the students ot Abilene High School this year, for the first time as your superin- tendent, will always be remembered as one of my most cherished years as a school administrator. May the loyalty you have for your school's "Abilene Eagles" continue through the years and manifest itself in your loyalty to yourself, your tellowman, your country, and your God. May this enable you to enioy a long life filled with wholesome and rich experiences bringing to you all the happiness and pleasure one could desire. Sincerely, A. E. Wells 'IO 44,9 CH if 490441 IUCIIOOXV6: A -, M S Dear Friends: We hope you learn in Abilene High School how to enrerfain yourself, how To enferfain someone else, and how To entertain a new idea. We hope you learn how To balance your life giving proper a1'TenTionTo work, play, love, and worship. We hope you come To realize That The only True happiness comes from making others happy. If you olo These Things, you will go forTh To serve. Sincerely, Chas. Romine li VWIQFQWGQ 5- . X0 wg' Psgcoxs Dear STuolenTs: Many years ago The sTuclenTs of Abilene High School adopTeol a challenging moTTo, "EnTer To learn, go forTh To serve." Many sTudenTs have accepTecl and mef This challenge down Through The years anol The sTuclenT body This year has noT been an excepTion. I congraTulaTe you upon your achievemenis and wish for each of you success and happiness during The years ahead. Sincerely, J. H. Nail 12 80307 OM, SSS 8.84 Uno ' . QQ, ' Dear Sfudenrsa The secrer of great achievemeni' is The alerT cmd open mind Thar unafraid enrers into new fields with The spirir of The pioneer, glorifying every Task with a passionate and loyal devoiion. You musr have a courage which makes you willing To dare and 'ro die unTo self, a life of resistless, undaunted perseverance. LeT The words-vision, courage, and perseverance-burn Themselves into your soul if you are To walk in a manly and kingly way along the highways of life. Sincerely, G. E. Stowe 13 Miss MARY BAGGETT Mies. EDITH BALLARD MR' W, K, BENTLEY B.A., M.A. B.A., M.A. B.A, En9llSl'1 M0Tl'lemC1flC5 Physical Education Visiting Teacher Athletics i , l MRS. SELMA BISHOP MR. B. L. BLACKBURN MR. CHARLES BOWEN B.A., M.A. B.A. B.S. English Mathematics Chemistry, Photography .ff V f , .Q MR. CARLOS BRADFORD MISS FRASQES T MRS. YVONNE BROMLEY B.S., M.S. B.S. B.S., M.A. Mathematics Physical Education Commercial 14 R a MRS. LOUISE BROWN Miss ED,5u11,ER B.A. B.A., M.A. Commercial, Mathematics English f ,,,.,. L . M AIAII ., - . 'V q2::fL: :gag , MISS JAN CANON B.S. Physical Educafion MRS- W- H- CHAMBERS MISS ALEISE CLINE MISS RUBY COMPERE BA- B.A., M.P.S. Librarian Student Counselor B.A., M.A. Home Economics l - .W , X l A f .g, .- -ff I il .' MR. LEROY CREWS MISS LUCRETIA CURRY MRS. JOHN R. DAY B.B.A. B.A. B.S. Distribufive Education History Home Economics 15 MISS BOBBIE DUNCAN B.A., M.Ed. English MR- H- A' DUNN MR. JOHN EASTER BAS., M.Ed. Federal Journeyman Machinist W00Ul5l"0P Machine Shop we 1 "HH x I x MR. ALEX EDWARDS B.A., M.A. Molhemclics MR- ROBERT HELDER MISS WILLIE M. FLOYD B-S- B.A., M.A. MUSIC Science, Pre-Flight ,, I, I , - vi, 'martyr MRS. RENA LEE FOY B.A., M.A. English MR. BOB GROSECLOSE MISS EVA GARVIN B.A., M.Ed. B.A., M.A. Junior Training, Occupations, Commercial Athletics 16 I I I 1 M455 ELIZABETH GRUBB Miss RUTH HAMILTON MRS. vv. H. HANEY B.A, 78.5. B.A., M.A. English Civics, Sociology, Psychology English if ' af l! MISS SARAH HARDY MR. Lowm HAMQN5 Miss NQEKAJ-IAYES B A M Ed B.s. as., M.A. 'mstorgl ' English, Journalism Spanish MRS. BETH HENAGAN MRS. C. B. HICKS MRS. SALLIE HILLEY B.A., M.A. B.A. B.S., M.Ecl. Art English Home Economics 17 ' -.1 1 I. .,. ,MM ., fray, at st. RH. 'sf' t'lZj.:' i ,7,f'i,.'.' my..-. 1 fa., . Q4 . --b-- : W' V 'f:.5I. ,. 49' , ll 6' SE: W. wk , sd ,,-.. ' -Q -4- ,. zv. J 5 ' 0 152 A :::..,.,:,, :...:. . , .. , f 4 Rf NlR. VAIDEN P. l"llNER ' MR. PAUL ISAAC MISS CDEl.l. JOHNSON B.s. B.Av M.A. B-A., M-A. Physics, Audio-Visual History Biology, PSySi0l0gy and Hygiene 'uw x 3 -A 1: K 1 ' .pg 3. . Gi g?- ifiiwi -4 ' - i E: D.. ,fx .I'I!:. ' i M155 BELLE JONES MR. DAviD KENNAMER MR- GEQEXAKENNEY B.A. B.A., M.A. M' j Mathematics History, Social Studies Uslc MR. WILLIAM D. LAWSON MR. R.A. MCCOLLLUM MR. J. I. MOORE B.A. B.A. B.S., M.A., M.S. Safety Education, Athletics Consumer Mathematics Vocational Agriculture IB lg., yrs!- .D .ig yur' MRS. KATHRYN MORROW B.A., M.A. English MR. RAINEY OWEN MRS. KATHLEEN PARKER B.S. B.A., M.A. Diversified Occupations English 5- 'I MR. LEE-Q-Y W. PARIQ5- MR. BUELL C. RAUPE MISS MABEL REEVES B.A., M.A. B.A., M.Ecl. Civics, Commercial Law Mathemafics B.S., . Sci , U Y World Geography, Economics Nl ' :ir i lf il . , 1-2 1' :fm ll iii .N l w 1 - - .ec . ,A . l - 'K - . LEW-V Y g f .. l MISS LOUISE SELF MR. P. E. SHOTWELL MRS. EDITH C. SMITH B.S., M.S. B.S., M.Ed. BA., M.A. Biol09Y, Chemistry Athletics English 19 MR. ERNEST SUBLETT MISS MYRTLE TRANTHAM MISS FI-EUR WALTON BA., M.A, BA., M.A. h BA Speech, Dramatics Latin, English SOCIGI Sfudles. Speech MR. JOE WEST MISS EMMA LOUISE WILLS MRS' BOB NEWMAN B.S. B.A., M.A. B.S. Civics, History, Athletics Librarian Registrar K MRS. PATRICIA FARLEY MISS BILLIE TUCKER MR, OTIS CLAXTON Attendance Secretary to the B.A. Clerk Principal Assistant Band Director 20 B O A R D 0 F MR, W. E, FRALEY MR. MORGAN JONES, JR. MRS. GEORGE SWINNEY preside,-,f Vice-Presidenf Secretary T R U S T E E T s MRS. V. E. BEHRENS MRS. T. E. ROBERTS MR. ROY SKAGGS The Board of TrusTees is a group OT ciTizens vviTh The communiTy's inTeresT OT hearT. They are chosen by The vOTers for The irnpOrTanT respOnsibiliTy OT direcring and managing The Abilene public schools. We of Abilene High School should like TO Take This opporTuniTy To express our sincere appreciafion for The time cmd effOrT They have spenT in making our educa- Tional sysTem more efficient 21 MR. OLLIE McMl NN Mrs. .loan Davis and Miss Eva Watkins are Miss Lavelle Alolredge is secretary to the secretaries to the superintendent. business manager. Coaches confer. Miss Reeves expouncls on agonizing algebra The Bowens andthe band await Whisker-Boy. Two "supers" don't always make a soap ad 22 Mrs. Parker and Miss Bcxggett roof for Engle basket- ee-rs. Mrs. Hicks, are you from Arkon- sos? Shorty cmd Short- est see Sonic. Mrs. Burns ond Miss WoinscoTT plon ihe cafeteria menus. Dr. Sultan smiles of The "gulls." Mr. Romine chars with Sylvia, llcl, oncl Nell. MLW: .4 22, "Enter to Learn"-the first pa rt , ot the Eagle motto-is the key- -'Milf note ot the Classes ot Abilene - - l-ligh School. The education Q which students acquire and thei 764A building ot their character ore- , M , pare them tor the latter part ,held . ot the motto-"Go Forth to Serve." f g,,,,,C.f ieise Zlfw 44141 6244! Q34 ' ,fc Q 2 ,g,4,4-a! eflflfx, - Q' ,sql , fi'-3"-Y'-fjee, ,,,ZZ,,,,-,LJ if ,f 7 ft l V f -51,10 ' H X A. xizdfljkg-J Ac , ia - Jill: f ,a f ,F- L U4-A, ,,Zf,,,AAQf, ,. ,ji " ..c4b-:Ziff-K f A - 5 7 1 W My 'QLU jpbgaw W jj ff, 'X -X fffreff-2 faaga c f M f r. f , 1 , ,. r-,fy if . def , ff? 'J fyfff' -cf' ff? -Yr 'ff - 7:-f ,ilflff .' 2, -1' I, feefgjy 414' -gfifrfffffvf' for e if 4ef,Q f ,uf-iif,lZf,ffffg,ff'ef' MBS 'bs-N is ,,,,, M.. X Www -y H ,A ,iigw 2 4 . 7 Wbkpf i e fi 12' ., fi. i A 4 Dickie Secile, Betty Orsini, Patsy Cooper, and Dick Orsini climax The yeafe activities by signing annuals. SENIORS '52 Senior Class Officers-LLOYD, JAN, DORIS ANN, LORAINE, MONDELL, and BOB-read the school motto. OFFICERS PRESIDENT ,.,.,.,,,,,... . ..... . ...,....,... ,..,,, , I BOB BECKHAM VICE-PRESIDENT .,..,,,,..,.,. ......... . .,.,,.. A .... .,., M O NDELL BARNES SECRETARY. .....,7,..,.,..,,,..,... ..... ...,...,.. , , . .....,.. DORIS ANN ELLIOTT STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVE . .... , E,.,,. JAN COOK REPORTER ...,.......,,,,A,,77,.,..,,,.,...,.,,..L,. .,.,, LLOYD ROBERTS QUEEN ,,,.,,...,,, ,,,.. , . ..,.,..,,..,, .,.......,. A7,.. L O RAINE LOGAN SPONSORS Miss Louise Self, Chairman Mrs, C. B. Hicks Miss Mary Baggett Mr. Rainey Owen Mr. Buell Raupe Mr. R. A. McCollum Mrs. Edith Ballard Miss Sarah Hardy Mrs. Edith C. Smith Mr. Joe West Mrs. Selma L. Bishop 26 SENIORS '52 ARLIE ADAMS Little E '49-'52g Arnici Hi Y '50-'52, Program Chairman '51-'52g A Club '50-'51, Baseball '50-'51 GALE ADAMS Junior Classical League '49-'50, President '49- 'SO5 Siwamasis Tri Hi Y '49-'52, Secretary '51- '52g Tennis '50-'51g Fashion '50-'51g Student Council '50-'517 Junior Red Cross Council '51- '52, Secretary '51-'52p G an G '51-'52, Secre- tary Home Room '51-'527 National Honor Society '51-'52 LESLIE ADAMS Football '49-'515 Basketball '4'-95 Baseball '50- '52, Intramural Track '52g A Club '49-'52, Future Farmers of America '49-'5Og Stage Crew '52g President Home Room '49 WESLIE ADAMS Football '50-'5ig Baseball '49-'52g Basketball '49, intramural Track '52g A Club '49-'52g Future Farmers of America '49-'51g Stage Crew '52, Siwam Hi Y '51-'52g Audio-Visual '52, President Home Room '50 SARA ADAMS As You Like It '49, Girls' All Sports '5Og Secre- tarial Club '51-'52, Vice-President '51, Reporter '5lg Volleyball '49-'5Og Battery '49-'52, News Editor '51-'52y Reporter Home Room '50 DON ALEXANDER Audio-Visual '51-'52, Orchestra '51-'52 27 lllli ,H L 5 V 'md -i fiwe:L-::-:2a:a:a:a2a2a2a2z:a2.:a:'IEEE e iii' illll ew 'L J 'Qi -4 .Q Nix so ,:. vv,,..,.- . 4 l Stl Jil .mn ll 1- R35 Bw W Aiilll fl il if Q A L N S , ............,,.....,.A.,..A....,A,l:,.:l,,f:. L ,A:..:. 2 ....:...:.:.:.:4d4.:q,::,:.4,:, , L +1 ' , X F? , 4 . .- - es:-re.: i i 52 s - ..-: tit - - Ee- 2 Q: ,,,,, ,P Aki in i gggw' li ,. grlll ' V SENIORS '52 JANE ALEXANDER Fashion 'Si-'52, Battery '51-'52g G on G '51-'52y Secretary Home Room '5O. JIM ALEXANDER Football '49-'51, Lettered '51-'52, B-Team '49-'50, A Asso- ciation '51-'52g Honorable Mention All-District '5l. ARLEEN ALFORD Future Homernakers '51-'52g Band '50-'51, Student Directors '50-'5if Battery '51-'52. GERALDINE ALLISON As You Like It '49-'50, Girls' All Sports '50-'51, Vice-President '50-'5lg G an G '51-'52g Little E '5'l-'52. JEAN ALVO RD Little E '49-'5Og Secretarial Club '50-'52, Reporter '5lg Library 549: G an G '50-'Sig Reporter Home Room '49-'5O. PEGGY ARDIS Fidelis Tri Hi Y '49-'5Og Little E '49-'52p G on G '51-'52g Secretary Home Room '5lg Student Store '5l. NORMA ATKINSON Cheer Leader '51-'52, National Thespian '50-'52g AHS Theatre '49-'50, Secretary '507 One-Act Play '51, Second in State 'Sly .National Honor Society '50-'527 To-Te Tri Hi Y '49-'52, Vice- President '50-'51, President '5l-'52g Student Council '49-'5Og Red Cross Representative '49-'50, Quadra Sweetheart '49-'50p Junior Classical League '49-'Sly Declomation '503 Literary A '50y Fashion '50-'52. CAROL AUSTIN Zenith Tri Hi Y '49-'52, Vice-President '50-'52p Style '5'l-'52g A Cappella '50-'5'lg Student Council '49-'5Og National Thes- pian '5l-'52p Fashion '50-'51, Stage Crew '51-'52g Office '51-'52p CO-Op Council '50g G an G '51-'52, JAMES BARLOW Debate '49-'52g Distributive Education '50-'52, l-lypho Hi Y '49-'5O. MARSHALL BARNES Model Airplane '49-'5Og Wood Shop '49-'5Og Distributive Education '50-'52g Amici Hi Y '51-'52, Program Chairman '50-'51, Secretary '51-'52p President Home Room '51-'52. MONDELL BARNES Most Dependable Boy '51-'52, Football '49-'51, Lettered '50- '52, B-Team '49-'5Og Track '50-'52g A Association '50-'52g A Club '49-'52, Vice-President Senior Class '51-'52g Audio- Visual '49-'52p lnvictus Hi Y '49-'52, President '50-'52, Vice- Presiolent '49-'50, Co-Op Council '49-'52, Chairman '50-'52, Student Council '49. BOB BEAN Football '49-'52, B-Team '49g Tennis '49-'52, Lettered '51 -'52g A Club '49-'52, A Association '51-'527 Amici Hi Y '49-'50, Radado Hi Y '50-'5l, President '50-'5lp Audio-Visual '50-'52, 28 SENIORS '52 BOB BECKHAM Runner-up Most Versatile Boy '51-'52, Football '49-'52, Lettered '50-'52, Baseball '49-'51, A Club '49-'52, A Association '50-'52, Vice-Presi- dent '51-'52g Siwam Hi Y '49-'52, President '5l5 Co-Op Council '50-'51, President Senior Class '5i-'52, Flashlight '51-'52, Sports Editor '51-'52, Boys' State '50-'51, Stage Crew '51-'52g Mixed Chorus '50-'5l. BlLL BEHRENS Most Valuable Boy '5'l -'52, Vice-President Soph- omore Class '49-'5O, President Junior Class '50- '5lg Student Council '49-'52, Vice-President '50- '51, Parliamentarian 'Sl-'52, National Honor Society '50-'52, Most Dependable Bay '50-'51, Runner-up '49-'50g Invictus Hi Y '49-'50, Pres- ident '49-'50, Princeps Hi Y '50-'52, Worship Chairman '51-'52, Co-Op Council '49-'50, Chair- man '49-'50, President Hi Y West Texas District '50-'5lg Tennis Club '49-'50, Student Govern- ment City Mayor '5l-'52g Student Teacher As- sistant Principal '50-'51, RAYE BENNETT Amote Tri Hi Y '49-'52, Social Chairman '5l, Vice-President '50, Treasurer '5l, Tennis '49- '5l7 Fashion '50-'Sly Style '51-'52, Fine Arts '49-'50, Office '5l-'52g G an G '5'l-'52g Secre- tary Home Room '49-'50, BILLY BGB BERTRAM Football '49-'51, B-Team '49-'5lg A Club '49- '5lg Radada Hi Y '50-'52, Barber Shop Quartet '51-'52, Mixed Chorus '49-'50, Battery Circula- tion Manager '5l. BEVERLY BINION Fashion '49-'50, Music Enioyment '50, Secretary '5Og Girls' All Sports '51, Charm '51, Volleyball '49-'51, Orchestra '49-'51, Amote Tri Hi Y '49-'51, Co-Op Council '49-'51, Senior Flower Committee '51-'52, PEGGY BISHOP Little E '49-'50, Tumbling '50-'51, Junior Prin- cess '50-'5l, Treasurer Home Room '50,-'51, Fashion '51-'52, G an G '5l-'52. 29 ws Beverly, Darlene, and .lo Ann indulge in an cidven turous movie. Jimmy, Nancy, Gene, and Pat take time for re freshments. Cgl3jj,and Arlie practice diligentlyl?l for the golf YECITI. SENIORS '52 JOY BLACK Girls' All Sports '49-'50, Future Homemakers '50-'51, Secre- tarial Club '5l-'52g G an G '5l-'52 FRANCES BLA KEMO RE As You Like lt '49-'51, Secretary Home Room '50-'Sly Domino Club '5'l-'52, Secretary '5l-'52g Little E '49-'50 FREEMAN BLAYLOCK, JR. A Cappella '51-'52g Boy's Quartet '51-'52g Barbership Har- mony Club '5l4'52 JESSIE BOND Future Homemakers '49-'50g National Thespian '50-'5lg Abi- lene High School Theatre '50-'51, Acting Lab '5O4'5l, "Uncle T0m'S Cabin" '50-'51, "The Drunkardn '50-'5lg Girls' All Sports '50-'5lg Volleyball '49-'52, Lettered '50-'51, A Asso- ciation '5O-'5lg Distributive Education '5l-'52p G an G 'Sl-'52 JOYCE BOND Girls' All Sports '49-'50g Tumbling '50-'51, Future Home- makers '51-'52g G an G '51-'52 PAULINE BONTKE Girls' All Sports '49-'5Og Secretarial Club '50-'52, Secretary '50, National Honor Society '51-'52, A Cappella '50-'52, Reporter '5l-'52g Mixed Chorus '49-'52, Reporter '49-'5Og Battery '49-'5Og G an G '5l-'52 REX BOONE Student Council '50-'Sip Pan American Club '50-'51, President '50-'Sly Tennis Club '49-'5Og Intramural Basketball '50-'5lg Outdoor Club '51-'52, President '5l-'52 RAYE JEAN BOWDOIN Student Council '49-'5Og Sophomore Princess '49A'50g Kemas Tri Hi Y '49-'52, Vice-President '5Og little E '49-'50, Secre- tarial Club '5l-'525 G an G '51-'52 GENE BOYD Football '49-'52, Lettered '49-'52g Baseball '49-'52, Letterecl '49-'52, Basketball '5l-'52, Lettered '51-'52, intramural Track '50-'5lg A Club '49-'52, A Association '49-'52p Quadra Hi Y '49-'52y Audio-Visual '51-'52, President Home Room '51-'52 CHLOE BOYD Style Club '5l-'52y G an G '5l-'52 MARY GAYLE BOYD Bond '50-'52p Orchestra '50-'52g Mixed Chorus '4995Og Future Teachers '50-'52, Runner-up for Sweetheart '50-'52, Reporter '51-'52, Kemas Tri Hi Y '49-'52, Treasurer '5Op Co-Op Council '-497 Fine Arts '50, Girls All Sports '49, Future Business Women's Club '50-'52g G an G '51-'52 BEN BRADSHAW Slide Rule '49-'50, Reporter '49, Junior Academy of Science '50-'5lg National Thespians '50-'52, "Winter's Tale" '5l, "Merry Wives of Windsor" '527 Freelancers Unlaunched '50- 'b2, Vice-President '5l-'52, Associate Member '5Oy Princeps Hi Y '51-'52, Youth and Government '5l so , SENIORS '52 GE RALD BROESCI-IE Football '49-'50, Intramural Track '50, A Club '49-'51, A Cappella '49-'51, Boy's Quartet '51, Quadra Hi Y '49-'51, Merit Award for Mechani- cal Drawing '51, Slide Rule '51-'52, Student Council '50-'51, Parliamentarion '51, Junior Representative '50-'51 ME RLENE BROWN Future Homemakers '50-'52g Volleyball '50-'52, A Association '50-'52, Intramural Baseball '50- '51g G an G '51-'52 BOB BROWN National Honor Society '51-'52, Intramural Bas- ketball Champions '5O-'51g Poem Published in "National Anthology ot Poetry" '50-'51, Domino Club '50-'51, Little E '51-'52, Merit Award in Extemporaneous Speaking '50-'51, "The Merry Wives of Windsor" '51-'52 GAYLE BROWN Most Versatile Girl '51-'52p A Cappella '51-'52, Cheer Leader '51-'52, Student Council '51-'52, Junior Red Cross Council '51-'52, Tennis '49- '52, Lettered '50-'52, A Association '50-'52, Siwamasis Tri Hi Y '49-'52, Reporter Junior Class '50-'51, Tennis Club '49-'50, Reporter '49, Vice- President '5Og Sophomore Princess '49-'50, Style '50-'51, Reporter '50-'51, G an G '51-'52, Reporter '51-'52, Mixed Chorus '50-'51, Secre- tary '50-'51 PAT BRUTON Band '49-'51, Student Directors '49p Future Homemakers '50, Record '51, Secretary '51 BETTY BRYANT Fine Arts '49-'50, Fashion '51-'52, Tumbling '50, Little E '50-'51, Sophomore Princess '49- '5Og Junior Princess '50-'51, Amicii Tri Hi Y '49-'51, Secretary '50-'51, G an G '51-'52 31 After a tiring day at the zoo Carol, Hub, and Elna Ruth start for home. Jan and Gale are still friends after a close game Wheel Marinda reverts to childhood pleasures SENIORS '52 Golf '49-'52, Lettered '50-'52, A Association '50-'52, Golf Club '49-'50, Amici Hi Y '50-'52, Social Chaimran '51-'52g Pre-Med '50- '52, President '5l -'52. SUE BURTON Tennis '50-'52, Lettered '50-'52, Volleyball '50, Lettered '50, Girls' A Association '50-'52, Vice-President '51, P. E. Merit Award '50-'51, Tumbling '50-'51, President '50-'51, Kemas Tri Hi Y '49-'52, President '50-'51, Vice-President '49, Student Council '51, P. E. Majors '51-'52, President '51-'52, G an G '51-'52, Treasurer '51-'52 BOBBY BUTTON Football '49-'51, lettered B-Team '49-'51, A Club '49-'Sig Photography Club '49-'50, '51-'52, Vice-President '49-'50, President '5I-'52p Pre-Med '50-'5i, Vice-President '50-'5i. JOAN BYRAM Most Admirable Girl '51-'52, Style '51-'52y Singing '49-'50p G an G '51-'52, Secretary 'SI-'52. Club JUNE CANANT Volleyball '51-'52, Girls' All Sports '5Ig Intramural Basketball '51, Intramural Volleyball '50-'51, Future Homemakers '49- '5Og Future Teachers '5l-'52, Little E '5Ig Mixed Chorus '50- '51, Librarian '51, PIE Tri Hi Y '51-'52, G an G '51-'52. VERNOGHN CARPENTER Future Homemakers '49, Singing Club '50, As You Like It , '50-'51, Fashion '51-'52, G an G '51-'52. Q Head Cheer KAY CATHEY Leader '51-'52, Sophomore Princess '49-'50, Runner-up Most Admirable Girl '51-'52, Junior Princess '50- 5lg VIC Sweetheart '50-'51, Amote Tri Hi Y '49-'50, Secretary '49-'50, Amicii Tri Hi Y '50-'52, Secretary '50, President '50- '51, Fashion Crew '52. '49-'51, Style '51-'52, Office '51-'52, siege WYNELLE CHANEY Future Homemakers '49, Singing '50, As You Like lt '50-'51, Fashion '51-'52, G an G '51-'52. JAMES CHORN Band '49-'52, Student Directors '49-'52, "Heinie's Happy Five From Germany" '51-'52, President '5I-'52, Co-Cp '51-'52, .lunior Round-up '51, Hypo Hi Y '51-'52. PERRY CLARK Photography Club '51-'52. JAN COOK Most Dependable Girl 'SI -'52, National Honor Society '50-'52, National Thespians 'Si-'52, Acting Lab '49-'5Og AHS Theatre '49-'50, Student Council '50-'52, Corresponding Secretary '51, Senior Class Representative 'SI-'52, School Spirit Chairman '51-'52, Zenith Tri Hi Y '49-'52, President '5l-'52, Co-Op Council '5l - '52, Membership Chairman '5l-'52g Youth and Government '49, '51, International Hi Y Convention '51, Fashion '51-'52, Vice-President '51-'52, City Red Cross Council '50, Student '5I -'52. 32 Government City Commissioner '51, G an G LELAND COOK Football '49-'51, Lettered '51, B-Team '49-'50, Track '50-'52, Lettered '52, Intramural '50g Boxing '52, A Club '49-'52, A Association '51-'5'Zg Quadra Hi Y '49-'52, Future Farmers '50-'51, Mixed Chorus '49-'52, President '50-'52, President Home Room '50-'5I. SENIORS '52 CHARLES COOPER Band '49-'52, Properties Sergeant '51-'52, Color Guard '50-'51, Alternate Drum Maior '51-'52, "Soggy Seven' '51-'52, "Pigskin Revue" '49- '52, Clarinet Quartet '49-'52, Student Directors '49-'51, "Campus Caravan" '51-'52, Little E, Audio-Visual '51-'52 ANN CORDELL Ta-Te Tri Hi Y '50-'52, Proiects Chairman '50- '5l, Social Chairman '51-'52, Secretary '52, Youth and Government '51, West Texas District Hi Y Conference '50, Social Committee '51-'52, Flashlight '51-'52, Art Editor '51-'52, Art A Award '51, Fashion '50-'52, Future Teachers '50-'52, Student Council '50-'52, G an G '51- '52, Secretary Home Room '50-'51, Style '51- '52, Little E '51-'52 BENNETTA COUCH Future Homemakers '49-'50, Style '51-'52, G an G '51-'52, Clothing Merit Award '50-'51 BETTY JO CRAIG Orchestra '49-'52, Band '49-'52, Future Home- mokers '49, President '49, Skating Club '52, Singing Club '49-'50, Eagle Feathers '51-'52 LYNN CRAWFORD National Thespians '50-'52, "Merry Wives of Windsor" '51, "Aladdin" '51, Honor Bar Thes- pian '52, Four Star Thespian '52, AHS Theatre '51-'52, National Forensic League '50, President '51-'52, Degree ot Honor '51, Degree of Excel- lence '52, Debate Tournament '51-'52, Boys' Debate '50-'52, First Place District '51, Second Place Regional '51, Flying Club '49, President '49, Pilots' Association '51-'52, President '51- '52, Boys' Quartet Club '50, Slide Rule '51 JENNETTE CROUCH National Honor Society '51-'52, Kemas Tri Hi Y '50-'52, Social Chairman '50, Vice-President '50-'51, Flashlight '50, Debate '50, Fashion '51, Secretarial Club '51-'52, Secretary '51-'52, At- tendance Oftice '51-'52, Student Council '51, G an G '51-'52, Intramural Basketball '50-'51, intramural Football '50-'51 33 l Kay shines up to visiting celebrity. Aubrey, Bob, Jimmy, and Mr, Lehrer plan rousing Siwam party. Could they be smiling about what's in the punch? SENIORS '52 JOHN CROWE Diversified Education Club '51-'52, President '51-'52 DERRY CRUTCHFIELD Band '49-'52, Captain '51-'52, Property Sergeant '50-'51, M:-rit Award '49-'50, Orchestra '49-'52, Letter Award '51, Abilene Symphony Orchestra '50-'52, Student Directors '49- '51, National Honor Society '51-'52, Vice-President '51-'52, Student Council '51 -'52, Princeps Hi Y '51-'52, Little E '51-'52 CHUCK CURRIE Football '49-'50, B-Team '49-'50, A Club '49-'50, President Sophomore Class '49-'50, Quadra Hi Y '49-'52, Vice-President '5l"52, Diversified Occupations '51-'52, Vocational Industrial Club '51-'52, Treasurer '51-'52, President Home Room '52 CA ROL DEFFEBACH National Honor Society 51-'52, Junior Classical League '49- '50, Style '50-'52, Zenith Tri Hi Y '49-'51, Historian '50-'51, Office '49-'52, Service ltward '50-'51, G an G '51-'52, Secretary Home Room '49-'50 JOYCE DIXON Future Homemakers '49-'50, Style '51-'52, Intramural Basket- ball '5l, G an G '51"52 LOYCE DIXON Future Homemakers '49-'50, Style '51-'52, Intramural Basket- ball '51, G an G '51-'52 BEN DOZIER Slide Rule '49-'50, President '49-'50, Vocational Industrial Club '50-'52, Vice-President '50-'51, President '51-'52, Stu- dent Council '49"5O, President Home Room '49-'51 BI LL1 E BERYLE EASON Runner-up Most Representative Girl '51-'52, National Honor Society '51-'52, A Cappella '49-'51, National Thespian '50- '52, Acting Lab '51-'52, National Forensic League '51-'52, Debate '49, Extemporaneous Speech '51, Fashion '5O"5I, Vice-President '50, Amote Tri Hi Y '49-'52, President '50, Co-Op Council '49-'50, Youth and Government '49, '51, Chaplain of Senate '51, Office '50-'52, Eagle Feather '51 EMMETT EDWARDS Wood Shop '49-'51, Domino Club '51-'52, Sccrctary '51-'52 LETA El DSON Future Homemakers '49-'51, Vice-President '49, President '50, Secretary '50, Historian '51, National Convention '50, Voca- tional lndustrial Club '51-'52, Reporter '51, Student Council '51-'52, Diversified Occupations '51552 DORIS ELLIOTT Runner-up Most Dependable Girl '51-'52, National Honor So- ciety '51-'52, Secretary Senior Class '51-'52, Battery '49-'50, Counselor's Office '51-'52, As You Like It '49-'50, Student Council '51-'52, Eagle'Ettes '50-'51, Charm '50-'51, Little E '51-'52 . NORMA ELLIOTT As You Like It '49-'50, Junior Princess '49-'50, Charm '50- '51, Little E '5l4'52, Poetry Recognition '50-'51, Counselor's Office '51, Library '49-'50, G an G '51-'52 34 SENIORS '52 CHARLES ELMORE Student Council '49-'50, Architecture '50-'5ig Radacla Hi Y '50-'Sig Barber Shop Quartet Club '5l-'52 , LOWELL FINE Band '51-'527 Domino Club '51-'52 MARY FITZGERALD Girls' All Sports '49-'51, Secretary '49-'Sly Fashion '5lf52g Volleyball '50-'Sly G an C5 '51-'52, President Home Room '50-'52g Secretary Home Room '49-'50 ROBERT FOSTER Football '49-'Sig Boxing '49-'52p A Club '49- '50g A Cappella '49-'52p Barber Shop Quartet '51-'52y Quadra Hi Y '49-'52, Social Chairman '51-'52g Youth and Government '51-'52 G. L. FRANCIS Football '49-'51, Basketball '49g Baseball '49- '5l7 Golf '5l-'52g A Club '49-'5lg Little E 'Sl- '52y Raclada Hi Y '50-'5'lg Audio-Visual '49-'5l BARBARA FRANCOIS National Thespian '51-'52g Abilene High School Theatre '51-'52g "Aladdin" 'Sig Eagle - Ettes '5lg G an G 'Sl-'52 35 Cheerleaders Norma and Gayle rest between halves Marilyn catches photographer James Hanks' eye Loyal Eagles wonder what will happen nextl , NELL FULLER SENIORS '52 DARLENE FREEMAN National Thespian '51-'52, Stage Crew '51-'52, Fashion '49- '52, Volleyball '50, Amote Tri Hi Y '49-'52, Secretary '50, Publicity Charman '51, President Home Room '49 Student Council '49-'50, Alternate '51, Future Farmers of America Sweetheart '51-'52, intramural Basketball '50-'51, Intramural Football '50-'51, Style '50, Charm '51, Fashion '51-'52, G an G '51-'52, Vice-President Home Room '50, Secretary Home Room '51 RUTH GALLE Volleyball 49-'50, A Association '49-'51, Girls' All Sports 49 52 Student Council '49 JIMMY GARNER Football '49-'51, Lettered '50-'52, Basketball '49-'50, Base- ball '5O-'52, A Association '50-'52, A Club '49-'52, Student Council '49-'50, FLASHLIGHT '51-'52, Sports Editor '51-'52, Siwam Hi Y '49-'52, Secretary '50-'51, Co-Op Council '50-'51, Worship Chairman '50-'52, Junior Classical League '49-'51, Audio-Visual '49-'50 RANDLE GARNER Football '49-'52, Letterecl '50-'52, Basketball '49-'52, Letterecl '51-'52, A Club '49-52, A Association '50-'52, Runner-up Most Aclmirable Boy '51-'52, Siwam Hi Y '49-'52, Worship Chairman '50-'51, Co-Op Council '51-'52 PAT GA R RETT Tennis '49-'52, Fashion '49-'50, '51-'52, Charm '50-'51 Amote Tri Hi Y '49-'52, Social Chairman '50-'51, Future Teachers '51 -'52, Secretary Home Room '49-'50, G an G '51-'52 LOUISE GEORGE National Honor Society '51-'52, Charm '50-'51, Secretarial Club '51-'52, Trypod Tri Hi Y '50-'52, Proiect Chairman '50- JO ANN GILBRETH '51, Vice-President '51-'52, G an G '51-'52 REVIS ANN Gl LBE RT Student Council '49-'52, Reporter '51-'52, National Honor Society '51-'52, P.E. Maiors '51, Reporter '51, Interscholastic Typing '51, Ta-Te Tri Hi Y '49-'52, Reporter '50-'51, Co-Op Council '50-'51, Student Government City Commissioner '51, Battery '50, Vice-President Home Room '49-'50 Fine Arts 49-'50, Fashion '50-'51, President '51, Ta-Te Tri Hi Y '49-'52, Worship Chairman '51-'52, Co-Op Council '49-'50, Office '51-'52, Volleyball '50-'51, G an G '51-'52, Student Council Alternate '51-'52, Intramural Baseball '51, Secretary Home Room '51-'52 ANN GLOVER Future Homemaker: '49-'51, Glee Club '49-'50, Record '5 '52, As You Like lt '49-'50, G an G '51-'52 BILL GRAY Future Farmers of America '50-'52, President '51-'52, District Sentinel '51-'52, Little E '49-'51 RUBY GRAY Future Homemqkers '49-'51, Amicii Tri Hi Y '50-'51, G an G '50-'51 36 SENIORS '52 NANCY GRAYSON Flashlight '50-'52, Layout Editor '51-'52, Sopho- more Editor '50, Junior Editor '50-'5I, A Award '50-'52g Latin Merit Award 515525 Quill and Scroll '50-'5lg Zenith Tri Hi Y '49-'52g Co-Op Council '49-'5Og THSPA Delegate '5lg Battery '51-'52g Junior Classical League '50-'5lg Na- tional Honor Society '51-'52g Style '50-'52p Student Council 'Sig G an G '5l-'52 NATHA GRIFFIN Future Homemakers '49-'5Og Little E '50-'52: G an G '51-'52 ROBERT GRIFFIN Diversified Occupations '50-'52, Wood Shop '51 - '52g Little E '49-'SO7 Vocational Industrial Club '50-'52g President Home Room '49-'50 GAIL GRISSOM Cheer Leader '51-'52g Ta-Te Tri Hi Y '50-'52, Social Chairman '50-'51, Treasurer '5'l-'52g Amote Tri Hi Y '49-'5Og Junior Princess '50-'5lg Siwom Sweetheart '50-'Sly Tennis '49"5Ig Fashion '49"5lg Style '5l-'52, Social Chairman '51-'52p Stage Crew '52p Vice-President Home Room '49-'5Og G an G 'SI-'52 CAROLINE HALL FLASHLIGHT '49-'52, Sophomore Editor '49-'50, Club and Faculty Editor '50-'51, Editor '5'l-'52, A Award '5l7 FLASHLIGHT Club '49g National Honor Society '50-'52g Tl-ISPA Delegate '51-'527 Kemas Tri Hi Y '49-'52, Program Chairman '49, President '50, Publicity Chairman '5'l, Secretary '5'l-'52g Quill and Scroll '50-'52y Latin Award 'Sly Fashion '49-'5Og Style '50-'527 G an G '51-'52g Intramural Volleyball '51, Intramural Football 'Sly Intramural Basketball '51 JAN HALL Student Council 'Sl-'527 TG-Te Tri Hi Y '50-'52g Fashion '51-'52g Tumbling '50-'5lg Distributive Education '5l-'52, State Convention '52g Presi- Gqllgnf Garner getg Ggil 5 Coat dent Home Room '50-'5lg G an G '51-'52 37 . '31, i ms 1 N will-its ,-. :2::' 2 ss: :1:fsisiaEsEaEs s .,,,,,,, " ,, .... f " 32 :Esta-:lz-P:-:-::::E:! ..:,. f --'-- 1.5 , .4:, fs., . ' . ' ..... ' P -.-.- :fm-.:c' 2 .-us, if ills - ------ 5.55.1 Q. -xr . ,,, 1 ' I.. SENIORS '5 JAMES HANKS Debate '49-'52, Second in District '50-'51y National League '50-'52g FLASHLIGHT '51-'52, Photographer Runner-up Intramural Basketball '50-'5ig Baseball A Club '50-'51, Battery '49-'5Og Future Teachers Photography '50-'51, Domino '51-'52g Student Coun nate '49-'5Og Princeps Hi Y '50-'52g CoOp Council Youth and Government '51-'52p President Home Room TALKA HARBER Girls' All Sports '5O"51g Photography Secretarial Club '51-'52g G an G '51- PAUL HARPER 2 Forensic '51-'52g '50-'51g '51-'52, cil Alter- '51-'527 '49-'50 '49-'50, Secretary '5Op '52 National Thespians '50-'52, Vice-President '50-'52, "The Win- ter's Tale" '50-'51, "The Little Foxes" '50-'51, "The Merry Wives of Windsor" '51-'52, "The Skin ot Our Teeth" '51-'52g AHS Theatre '50-'52, President '50-'52g Acting Lab '50-'52y Stage Crew '50-'52g interscholastic League One-Act Play '5OA '52, Second Place Boy's Rating '5O"52p Stage Manager '50- '51g National Essay League '50-'52, Secretary '50-'52g Debate '52g Aviation '49-'52, Vice-President '49-'5Og Band '49-'52, "Soggy Seven" '51-'52, "Pigskin Review" '49-'52g Junior Round-up '51 GAYE HARRIS Band '49-'52, Corporal '50-'51, Sergeant '51-'52, First Divi- sion French Horn Quartet '51, "Pigskin Revue" '5Og Orchestra '50-'52g Student Directors '51-'52g Music Appreciation '49-'51g National Thespians '5O"52g G an G '51-'52 JANET HARRISON Secretarial Club '51-'52g Abilene High School Theatre '51p G an G '51-'52 MARGARET HARVEY Future Homemakers '50-'52, Foreign Correspondence 7195 Little E '5Og Arnicii Tri Hi Y '50-'52g Intramural Volleyball '49-'SO5 G an G '51-'52 BUZZIE HAYDEN Tennis Club '49-'5Og A Club '50-'51g Boys' State '50-'51g Little E '51-'52g Sportsmanship Club '50-'51, Industrial Vocational Club '51-'52y Princeps Hi Y '51-'52g Public Address '51-'52 MARINELL HENDERSON Style '51-'52g Mixed Chorus '51-'52g Amote Tri Hi Y '51-'52, G an G '51-'52 ELIZABETH HENNING National Honor Society '51-'52, Treasurer '51-'52g Fashion '50-'51g Style '51-'52g Junior Classical League '49-'51p Zenith Tri Hi Y '49-'52, Worship Chairman '49-'50, Treasurer '50-'51, Secretary '51-'52g Reporter Home Room '51-'52, G an G '51-'52 ILA BETH HESTER Most Representative Girl '51-'52g National Honor Society '51- '52g Student Council '49-'52, Secretary '51-'52g National Thespians '51-'52g Secretary Sophomore Class '4995Op Kernas Tri Hi Y '49-'52, President '49, Secretary '50, Girls' State '51, Style '51g Charm '51g G an G '51-'52, President '51-'52g Student Government City Commissioner '51g Tennis '50-'51g DAR Award '52 if ARLEN HILE Tennis Club '497 Model Club '50y Distributive Education '50- '52p Intramural Basketball '49-'50 ELLA HILL Fashion Club '51-'52, Treasurer '51-'52g G an G '51-'52 38 mg! fl SENIORS '52 MARJORlE HINDS National Honor Society '51-'52, Kemas Tri Hi Y '49-'52, Program Chairman '50, Service Projects Chairman '5Op Co-Op Council '49g National Thespians '5l-'52g Little E '49g Fashion '50-'5lg Style '51-'52g Stage Crew '51-'52g G an G '5'l"52 DEIDRA HINTON Zenith Tri Hi Y '49-'52, Co-Op Council '52g Fashion '49-'52, Intramural Basketball '5lg Volleyball Manager '49-'SO7 G an G 'Sl-'52p Secretary Home Room '49-'50 MARTHA SUE HIX Kemos Tri Hi Y '49-'52, Treasurer '49-'50, Social Chairman '50-'52, Queen '50-'5lg National Honor Society '51-'52, Secretary '51-'52, A Cappella '50-'52, Secretary '51-'52g Junior Classical League '49-'51, Latin Merit Award '5lg Tennis '49, Little E '50-'Sig Style '51-'52g Future Farmers of America Sweetheart '51-'52, G on G '51-'52 ANN HOHERTZ A Cappella '49-'52, Sextet '50-'52, Librarian '51-'52, lnterscholastic League '50-'52g Junior Classical League '50-'51, Secretary '50-'Sty Little E '51-'52g Fashion '497 G an G '51-'52 Bl RTHA HOLLADAY Future Hornemakers '51-'52g Little E '50-'5'ly Band '49-'527 Orchestra '50-'5'lg As You Like It '49-'50 LOUIS HOLLEY Football '50-'5lg Intramural Basketball '49-'5Oy A Club '49-'Sig Sportsmen '49-'5Og As You Like lt '50 39 l i 2 E Humorous Hope describes Marinda's white formal. Betty Makes sure that Marshall signs his library card. Shack, Margie, Glen, Pinkey, and Duvall pose in "the lineup"l SENIORS '52 Future Homemakers '49-'50, Secretary '49-'50g Junior Classical League '50-'5ig Abilene High School Theatre '50-'51, P.E. Majors '51-'52, Trypod Tri Hi Y '5'l-'52g G an G '51-'52 A. J. HOOVER, JR. Students Council '51-'52, National Honor Society Band '49-'52, First Lieutenant '51-'52, Color Guard '50-'52, Domino '51-'52, Vice-President '5l-'52 '50-'52g GEORGE HOUSEWRIGHT Band '49-'52p Wood Shop '49-'50, Reporter '49-'50g Student Directory Committee '50-'5lg Pre-Med '51-'52, Junior Round- up 'so-'51 BILL HOWERTON National Honor Society '51-'52y A Cappella '50-'52g Mixed Chorus '49-'50g Student Council '49-'52g A Club '50-'52g Track '50-'52, Intramural '49-'51, Sportsmen '50-'51, Slide Rule '51-'52g Tennis '49-'507 Boy's State '51 '49-'5Og Student Government 'Sly President '49-'Sl 5 Wood Shop Home Room JOHN HOWLE Football '49-'52, Lettered '51-'52, B-Team '49-'50, Baseball '49-'Sly A Club '49-'52g A Association '51-'52g Amici Hi Y '49-'5Og Raclada Hi Y '5Op Siwam Hi Y 'Sl 3525 Co-Op Council '5Og Audio-Visual '49-'5Og Battery '51-'52, Circulation Man' ager '51-'52, President Home Room '49-'50 MONA HUGHES Band '49-'52, Librarian '49-'50, Clarinet Quartet Clinic '50g Quadrilles '51-'52, Office '49"52g Sophomore Princess '5Og Junior Round-up '51, Tennis Club '5Og Little E '49-'52 '50: TMCA FRANCES GAY HUNT Secretarial Club '51-'52g G an G '51-'52 BOB HUTCHINS A Cappella '49-'52, President '51, Boys' Quartet '50-'52g Photography Club '49g Little E '50-'52, Audio-Visual '50 JOE INCE Junior Academy of Science '51-'52, Foreign Correspondence '50-'5lg Slide Rule '49-'50g Princeps Hi Y '51-'52 AVA GENE lRVlN Library Club '49-'50, Vice-President '49, Girls' All Sports '50y Student Council '49, Homemaking Merit Award '49-'50, Li- brary Service Award '49-'50, Distributive Education '50-'52, Reporter '51-'52g Junior Red Cross Council '51-'52g G an G '51-'52, Vice-President Home Room '51 JEANNE lRVlN Fashion Club '51-'52g Zenith Tri Hi Y '51-'52p G an G '51-'52 40 DOUG JARRELL Boxing '50, Football '49, B-Team '49, All Sports '49, Gym- nastic Club '5lg Vice-President Home Room '49 SENIORS '52 Ml NA RUTH JENNlNGS Future Homemakers '49-'52, President '51, Vice- President '51, Secretary '50, Treasurer '50, Re- porter '49, Chorus and Quartet '50-'51, National Meeting '50, State Meeting '50-'51, District Secretary '51-'52, District Vice-President '50- '5i, Secretary Home Room '50-'51, Distributive Education '51-'52, G an G '51-'52 DON JOHNSON Football '49-'50, B-Team '49-'50, A Club '49- '5Og A Cappella '50-52, Barber Shop Quartet Chorus '50-'52, Choir Stage Manager '51-'52g Diversified Occupations '51-'52, Vocational ln- dustrial Club '51-'52 JIMMY JOHNSON Football '49-'51, Lettered '50-'52, Track '49-'51, lntramural '50-'52, A Club '49-'51, A Associa- tion '50-'52g Intramural Baseball '49-'51g Future Farmers ot America '49-'51, Siwam Hi Y '51- '5Qg Stage Crew '52, Audio-Visual '50-'52g President Home Room '49 JIMMIE JONES Band '49-'52, Corporal '51-'52, Second Class Musicianship '51-'52, lnterscholastic League Clarinet Solo '51, Orchestra '50-'52, "Heinie's Happy Five From Germany" '51-'-52, "Pigskin Revue" '49-'52, Student Directors '49-'51, Little E '51-'52 JEANNE JOWERS Future Homemakers ol America 49- 52, G on G '51 -'52 PAT KELLY As You Like It '49-52, Secretary '49-'5Og Li- brary Club '50-'51, Little E '51, G an G '51-'52, President Home Room '50 Enthusecl after roaring pep rally, Mondell, Joe, and Donnie go out to fight! Kay, Ann, and Sherrod are all smiles, but what happened to Weslie? Showing off their "crew cuts" at the "Y" are Edmonds, John, and Jimmy. ,SSQXU wwf 2 V Q It 't xxx 5 A . f- Q ! f 15 nf SENIORS '52 CLELL KENNEDY Golf '5l-'52, Lettered '51-'52, Captain '5lg Golf Club '5Og Intramural Basketball '49-'507 Intramural Track '50, Audio- Visual '51-'52. WANDA KILGROVE Future Homemakers '49-'52g Acting Lab '49-'50g "The Drunk- ard" '50-'51, Director '50-'51, Stage Crew '49-'5Og Abilene High School Theatre '49-'5O: Girls' All Sports '49-'SO7 Cham- pionship lntramural Basketball '50-'5Iy Intramural Baseball '50-'51, Captain '50-'5lg G an G '5l-'52. DONNIE KING Football '49-'51, Lettered '50-'5lg Track '50-'52, Lettered '50-'52p A Association '50-'52g A Club '49-'52g Siwam Hi Y '50-'52p Co-Op Council '51-'525 President Home Room '49-'50, JACKSON KING Future Farmers of America '50-'52g Invictus Hi Y '49-'50, A Club '49-'52. ALVIN KUYKENDALL Slide Rule '50-'5lg Future Teachers '50-'51, President '50-'Sly Little E '5l-'52, ' BARBARA LACKEY l Singing '49g Tumbling '50g P.E, Maiors 'Sig Little E '50, Future Homemakers '49. AL LATIMER Boxing '49-'52, "Golden Gloves" '49-'52, Intramural '49- '52g Football '50-'5'lg A Club '49-'5I7 Radacla Hi Y '50-'52g Little E '51-'52g Audio-Visual '49-'5'l. MONROE LAWRENCE Future Farmers of America '49-'52g Sportsmen '49-'50g Wood Shop '50-'5Ig Intramural Track '50-'5I. CHARLOTTE LEE Volleyball '49-'52, Lettered '50-'52, Co-Captain '50-'51, All District '49-'Sig Tumblers '50-'Sig Girls' All Sports '49-'50, Reporter '49-'50, P.E. Maiors '5I-'52g Amicii Tri Hi Y '50-'52g Intramural Basketball '50-'51, Captain '50-'51, Intramural Baseball '50-'51, Captain '50-'51, Intramural Girls' Football '50-'51, Captain '50-'51, Secretary Home Room '49-'5O. WAYNE LEHRER t Future Farmers '50-'5Ig Mixed Chorus '5'I-'52, Football '49- '5Ig Baseball '507 A Club '49-'52g Quadra Hi Y '50-'52, MONROE LEVRETS Future Farmers '49-'50, Student Council '49-'50, Vocational Industrial Club '49-'52, MARTHA LIGON National Honor Society '51-'52, A Cappella '49-'52, Librarian 'SI-'52g Community Messiah '50-'Sig Amicii Tri Hi Y '49-'51, Treasurer '50g Fashion '49, '51-'52g Little E '50-'5lg National Thespians '51-'52, Acting Lab '51-'52p Junior Service League Play '5lp Volleyball '50, G an G 'si-'52, 42 SENIORS '52 LORAI NE LOGAN FLASHLIGHT Queen '51-'52, Future Farmers of America Queen '50-'51, Sweetheart '50-'52, Senior Queen '51-'52, Sophomore Princess '49- '50, Runner-up Most Friendly Girl '50-'51, Stu- dent Council '51, Little E '49-'50, Style '50, Charm '51, Secretary '51, Fashion '51-'52, ln- tramural Basketball '50-'51, G an G '51-'52, Secretary Home Room '50-'51 JERA LORD A Cappella '49-'52, Girls' All Sports '49-'50, Secretarial Club '50-'52, G an G '51-'52 ANNA MARIE McCLlNTOCK National Honor Society '51-'52, Littie E 719352, Junior Classical League '49, Aniote Tri Hi Y '49-'52, Sergeantfat-Arms '49, Service Chairman '50, Secretary '51, President '51, intramural Football '51, Basketball '51, Baseball '51, G an G '51-'52, Secretary Home Room '51, Reporter Home Room '52 NORMAN MCDONALD Wood Shop '49-'50, Secretary '49-'50, Outdoor Club '51, Secretary '51, As You Like lt '50-'51, Vice-President Home Room '49 WARREN MCDONALD Singing '49-'50, Championship Intramural Bas- ketball '50-'51, Vocational Industrial Club '50- '52, Second Place Milling Machine Work '50- '51, Amici Hi Y '50-'52, Aeronautics '49-'50 BARBARA MCDUFFIE A Cappella '51-'52, Zenith Tri Hi Y '51-'52, Fashion '51-'52, Mixed Chorus '51, G an G '51-'52 43 'A-J,,'f,' - 'U M, 1 9 4 "Deffe" tells team how it's done before Borger game. "lt's the school with the spirit!"-quote Ruby, Peggy, Vinita, Gayle, and Pat. Tumultuous yelling followed BiII's pep talk! SENIORS '52 KATHLEEN MCFADDEN Student Council '51-'52, Treasurer '51-'52, Junior Classical League '49-'52, Secretary '49-'50, Fashion '50-'51, Charm '51-'52, Siwamasis Tri Hi Y '49-'52, Vice-President '51-'52, Co-Op Council '50-'51, Secretary '50-'51, G an G '51-'52 RlCHARD MCNIECE Football '49, Student Council '49, Slide Rule '51-'52, Archi- tecture '49-'50, Radada Hi Y '49-'50 MARY MAHAN National Honor Society '51-'52, Student Council '50, Amote Tri Hi Y '49-'51, Pan American Club '51-'52, Reporter '51- '52, G an G '51-'52, Junior Classical League '49-'51 El LEEN MANN Future Homemakers of America '49, Singing '50, lt '50-'51, Fashion '51-'52, G an G '51-'52 MONIQUE MARLER Foreign Correspondence '49-'50, Student Council '49-'50, Little E '50-'52, G an G '51-'52 As You Like BOB MARTIN MARY MARSHALL National Honor Society '51-'52, Band '50-'52, First Drum '51-'52, Battery '49-'51, Orchestra '50-'52, Press '49, Secre- tory '49, Little E '50-'51, Fashion '51 -'52, Sophomore Princess '49, Kernas Tri Hi Y '49-'51, Program Chairman '50, Publicity Chairman '49-'51, Co-Op Council '49-'51, G an G '51-'52 Football 49 51, B-Team '49-'50, Baseball '49-'51, Basketball '49-'50, Boxing '51-'52, Track '51-'52, A Club '49-'51, Ra- daclcl Hi Y '50-'52, Little E '51-'52, Audio-Visual '51-'52 MARGIE MEADOR Battery '49-'52, Nnws Editor '50, Business Manager '51-'52, Press '49, Reporter '49, Fashion '50-'51, Reporter '51, Student Council '50-'51, Corresponding Secretary '51, Ta-Te '49-'52, Queen '51, Secretary '51, Acting Lab '50-'51, Council Convention '50-'51, THSPA '51-'52 JIMMY MERRICK Audio-Visual '51-'52, President '51-'52, Student Council '51- '52, Battery '51-'52, Circulation Manager '51-'52, Golf Club '49-'50, Domino '50-'51, Vice-President '50-'51, lntrsimural Basketball '49-'51, Intramural Track '50-'51 Tri Hi Y Student JO ANN MITCHELL RAMONA MlLLS National Honor Society '51-'52, Sophomore Princess '49, Student Council '49, Alternate '50, Future Homemakers '49, Trypod Tri Hi Y '49-'50, Co-Op Council '50, Junior Princess '50, Singing '50-'51, Fashion '51-'52, Counselors Office '51-'52, G an G '51-'52, Mixed Chorus '51 SHERMAN MONK Orchestra 49-'52, Merit Award '50-'51, National Honor So- ciety '51-'52, TMEA '49-'51, Battery '50-'52, Club Editor '51- '52, Amote Tri Hi Y '49-'52, Secretary '5O4'51, Student Council '50-'51, AHS Theatre '51-'52, Tennis Club '49-'50, G an G '51-'52 Baseball '49-'52, Lettered '50-'52, Golf Club '49-'50, Basket- ball '49-'51, Football '49-'51, Boxing '51-'52, A Club '49-'51, A Association '50-'52, Student Council '49-'50, Audio-Visual '51-'52, Radada Hi Y '50-'51, Worship Chairman '50-'51, Little E '51-'52, Library '51-'52 ri' TL ,, ..,,,. .. st 1 if - A - 2:-- 1 L f , ri R l ix if l F lv M my ---EEE.., In . swf 'iizzi :,V Q V 'i?L'?l',. ' i ieiiiiiiii' ,L ,W:,:, SENIORS '52 PAT MOODY Tennis Club '49-'50g Amcie Tri Hi Y '49-'52, Secretary '49-'5Op Junior Princess '50-'5lp Voe cational Industrial Club Sweetheart Nominee '50-'Sly Fashion '50-'52, Secretary '51-'52g Battery '51, Circulation Manager '51, Mixed Chorus '49-'5Og G an G '51-'52g Secretary Home Room '50-'51, Reporter Home Room '51-'52 JOE MOORE Football '49-'50, Lettereul '49-'52, Baseball '51-'52g Track '50, A Club '49-'52, A Associa- tion '49-'52g A Cappella '49-'52g Future Teach- ers '51-'52g Runner-up Most Friendly Boy '51- '52, Vice-President Home Room '5O: President Home Room '49 LA JEAN MOORE National Honor Society '51-'52, Singing Club '49g All Sports '5Og Library Club '50-'51g Secre- tarial Club '51-'52g G an G '51-'52g Volleyball '50 LYLIA MOORE National Honor Society '51-'52g Fashion '49-'Sly Student Council '49-'5Og Kemas Tri Hi Y '49-'52, Social Chairman '49-'50g Style '51-'52g Battery '51, Stage Crew '51y G an G '51-'52g National Thespians '51-'52 LARRY MORRIS Sportsmen's Club '50-'51, President '50-'51g Little E '51-'52 ROBERT MORRIS Sportsmen's Club '50-'51 Out-of+Doors Club '51-'52 45 ur' S it L of 5 of i fui. Paul makes like Macbeth for Mr. Sublett. Dickson, Caroline, and Mr. Bradford quickly develop an interest in FLASHLIGHT finances. John and Gaye test lamps in local store. SENIORS '52 Singing '49-'50, Eagle'Ettes '50-'52, Little E '50-'52, Mixed Chorus '50-'51, G an G '51-'52 SHIRLEY MUSICK Future Homemolcers '49-'52, President '51, Area President '51-'52, National Convention '50, Sub-Regional Representative '51, Delegate to Area and State '49-'52, A Award '50-'51, Amote Tri Hi Y '49-'52, Vice-President '50, Co-Op Council '49, Eagle-Ettes '51, Junior Princess '50-'51, Sophomore Princess '49-'50, Secretory Home Room '49-'50, G an G '51-'52 PATSY MYATT Future Homemakers '49-'51, Music Enioyment '51 -'52, G an G '51-'52, Secretary Home Room '50 ROSA ANN NEWHOUSE Vocational industrial Club '51-'52, Secretary '51-'52, District Sweetheart '51-'52, G an G '51-'52, Future Teachers '51-'52 JOANN NORMAN Future Homemakers '49-'50, Music Appreciation '50-'51, Sec- retarial Club '51-'52, Attendance Office '49-'52, G an G '51-'52 JANICE ODOR Future Homemakers '49-'52, Vice-President '50, "Girl-of-the- Month" '51, Mixed Chorus '49-'51, Eagle-Ettes '50-'52, G an G '5l-'52 DICK OLDHAM Band '49-'52, Solo Cornet '51-'52, Brass Sextet '50-'52, Cor- net Quartet '49, Cotton Bowl Halftime '51, Student Directors '49-'50, Sportsmen 50-'51, Little E '51-'52, Princeps Hi Y '51-'52, Orchestra '51-'52 NANCY OLDHAM Battery '49-'51, Eagle Feather Editor '50, Society Editor '51, Siwamasis Tri Hi Y '49-'52, Junior Queen '50-'51, Future Farmers of America Sweetheart '50-'51, Fashion '50-'52, Reporter '51, National Thespians '51-'52, Stage Crew '51-'52, Debate '49, Reporter '49, Mixed Chorus '49-'50, Student Council Alternate '50-'51, G an G '51-'52 COLEEN ORR Sophomore Princess '49-'50, As You Like It '49, Vice-President '49, Foreign Correspondence '50-'51, Secretary '50, President '50, Mixed Chorus '49-'50, Fashion '51-'52, G an G '51-'52 BETTY ORSINI Student Council '50-'51, Kemas Tri Hi Y '49-'52, Publicity Chairman '50, Sergeant-at-Arms '51, Style '51-'52, Mixed Chorus '49-'50, Future Teachers '50-'51, Junior Princess '50' '51, Fashion '49-'51, Junior Classical League '49-'50, Battery '51-'52, News Reporter '51-'52, Cafteriar Reporter '51-'52, Library '51-'52, G an G '51-'52 AUBREY OWEN Football '49,'51, Lettered '51-'52, B-Team '49, Reserve Letter '50, Basketball '49-'50, B-Team '49-'50, intramural '50-'51, Track '49"52, Lettered '50-'52, Captain '52, Most Representa- tive Boy '51-'52, A Cappella '49-'51, Merit Award in Spanish '50-'51, Student Council 'SO-'52, President '51-'52, Sophof more Representative '49-'50, Parliamentarian '50, A Associa- tion '50-'52, A Club '49-'52, Siwam Hi Y '49-'52, Secretary '51, National Honor Society '50-'52, Boys' State '51 U ED PALM Reporter Sophomore Class '49-'50, A Club '49-'52, Manager Football Team '51-'52, A Association '51-'52, Little E '49, Intramural Basketball '49-'50, Student Council '51 46 ' SENTIORS '52 JACK PARKER Football '50-'52, Leftered '51-'52, B-Team '50- '5ig A Club '50-'52g A Association '51-'52g intramural Basketball '51-'52, Audio-Visual '50- '52 LAVONNE PASCHALL Little E '49p Girls' All Sports '5O7 Library Club '50-'5ig Record '5lg National Thespians '51- '52g Stage Crew 'Sly G an G '51-'52 PEGGY PATTI LLO Spirit of Athletics '51-'52, Tennis '49-'52, Let- tered '49-'52g National Honor Society '51-'52g Junior Recl Cross Representative '50-'Sh Junior Red Cross Council '51-'52, President '51-'52g Girls' A Association '49-'52, President '51-'52g Student Council '51-'52g Junior Classical League '49-'5Og Siwamasis Tri Hi Y '49-'52, Historian '49-'50, President '51-'52g Co-Op Council '50- '5ig Tennis Club '49-'50, President '49-'50, Fashion '50-'5lg National Thespians '50-'5lg Mixed Chorus '49-'50, Secretary '49-'5Op G an G '51-'52g Vice-President Home Room '51-'52 JOHNNY PENSINGER Basketball '51-'52, A Club '51-'52 ELNA RUTH PETE RSON A Cappella '51-'52, Girls' Sextet '51-'52, Bat- tery '51-'52p Fashion Club '51-'52, President '51-'52g Tennis '51-'52p Siwamasis Tri Hi Y '5'I-'52g G an G '51-'52 NELL PHILLEY A Cappella '51-'52, Sextet '51-'52, Fine Arts '49-'50, "A Winter's Tale", Make-up Manager "SO-'Sig Future Teachers '49-'52, Secretary- Treasurer '5O4'5i, President '51-'52g Abilene High School Theatre '50-'51, Eagle-Ettes '50-'Sly Eagle Feathers '51-'52g Mixed Chorus '49-'5lg G an QL-'51-'52 'ii 47 Pauline, Jera, and Monctte busy themselves on the sewing machine. The average A. H. S. class prepares tomorrow's lesson. .lo Ann, Pat, and Frances work at becoming future "Rembranclts". SENIGRS '52 MARTHA PHILLIPS Future Homemakers '49-'50, '51-'52, Chorus '51-'52g Library Worker '50-'51g Library Club '50-'51, Program Chairman '51, G an G '51-'52 HUB PHIPPS Football '49-'52, Letterecl '50-'52, Co-Captain '51 -'52, Reserve Letter '49-'5Og Track '49-'52, Lettered '50-'52, Intramural '49-'51g A Club '49"52g A Association '50"52, President '51-'52g Most Aclmirable Bay '51-'52y Vice-President Home Room MARY PINKSTON National Thespians '51-'52g Tennis Club '49-'50, Stage Crew '51-'52g Style '50-'51g Fashion '51-'52, Vice-President '52g Future Teachers '51-'52g Amote Tri Hi Y '49-'52, Social Chair- man '50-'51p Junior Princess '50-'51, G an G '51-'52g Presif dent Home Room '51 SONYA PONDER Tennis Club '49-'50, Historian '49-'50, Junior Classical League '49-'51g A Cappella '50-'51gSiwamasis Tri Hi Y '49-'52, Social Chairman '51-'52, Student Council '51, Fashion '50-'big Junior Red Cross Council '51 -'52, G an G '51 -'52 BILL POPE Football '49-'51, Lettered '50-'52, B-Team '49-'50, Basketball '49-'51, Baseball '49-'Sig Future Farmers 1195517 A Club '49-'52g A Association '50-'51g Audio-Visual '51g Vice-Presi- dent Home Room '49 JOE POPE Football '49-'5Og Basketball '49-'5Op Vocational Industrial Club '49, Machine Shop '49-'51, Certificate '50-'51g Slide Rule '51-'52g Wood Shop Club '50-'51, A Club '49 DELLA LOUISE PRICE Intramural Basketball '50-'51g Intramural Volleyball '50-'51p Girls' All Sports '51g Fashion Club '5Og G an G '51 -'52 NELI. PRITCHETT Girls' All Sports '49, Photography '5Og All Sports '5O4'51p Eagle Feathers '51-'52g Mixed Chorus '51-'52, Librarian '51- '52g G an G '51-'52 DOYLE PURIFOY Vocational Industrial Club '51-'52g A Cappella '51-'52 HAZEL RAINS Library Club '50-'51, Secretary '51-'52g Library Worker '50- '52g G an G '51-'52 WALTER RANDOLPH Sportsmen '50-'51g Domino '51-'52y Golf '49-'51g Amici Hi, Y '49-'52, Vice-President '51-'52g Intramural Basketball '49-'50 MONETTE REEDER Girls' All Sports '49-'5O7 Library Staff '49-'51g Tumbling '50- '51g Fashion '51-'52, Intramural Volleyball '49-'51g Intra- mural Baseball '50-'51g Intramural Basketball '50-'51p Intra- mural Football '50-'51 48 is r . +A, 125 x i : I . ip iW1.,f1. SENIORS '52 BILLIE JEAN REICHERT Girls' All Sports '49y Little E '5Og Tumbling '50- '5lg Mixed Chorus '5O"52g Eagle Feathers '51- '52g G an G '5l-'52 BE TTY RHODES Runner-up Most Versatile Girl '50-'52g Sopho- more Queen '49-'5O, A Cappella '50-'51, Mixed Chorus '49-'50, National Thespians '52g Zenith Tri Hi Y '49-'52, Program Chairman '49-'50, President '51-'52, Social Chairman '50-'5'lg AHS Theatre '49-'5Og Youth and Government '49-'5Og '5I"52g International Hi Y Convention '5Ig Fashion '50-'52g G an G '5l-'52p Secretary Home Room '51-'52 VINITA RHODES Band '49-'52, Librarian '50-'5l, First Division Quartet '5Og TMEA Interscholastic Contest '50g Orchestra '49-'522 Music Appreciation '5Of'5lg Student Directors '49-'5Og Secretarial Club 'SI- '52g G an G '5l-'52 DAVID RICHARDS Future Farmers '49-'50, Little E '49-'52, Vice- President '50-'5I7 Audio-Visual '50-'51, Crew Chief: Intramural Basketball '49-'51, Captain '49-'5lg President Home Room '49-'50 CA ROLEE RICHARDSON Style '51-'52, President 'SI-'52g Ta-Te Tri Hi Y '49-'52, Social Chairman '50g Co-Op Council '49-'50g Fashion '50-'51, Fine Arts '50y Secre- tary Home Room '49-'5Og G an G '5l-'52 NORMA JANE RICHARDSON Volleyball '50-'52g Girls' All Sports '50-'52, President '50-'51, Treasurer '51-'52, Girls' A Association '50-'52, Reporter '50-'5lp Amicii Tri Hi Y 49-'52, Treasurer '51-'52p 'Secretary Home Room '50-'51g G an G '51-'52 49 In pep rally Joe and Carolee wonder what the final score will be. . Mina Ruth, Gaye, Gayle and Dollie examine differ ent types of curtains. Off with a swish go Raye, Grayson, Cordell, Betty and Charles! SENIORS '52 CAROL RIDGWAY Band '49-'52, Saxophone Quartet '50-'51, Library '51, Office Worker '51g Student Directors '49-'50g Singing '50-'51g Sec- retarial '51 JEANNINE ROBBINS National Honor Society '51-'52g FLASHLIGHT '49-'52, Sopho- more Editor '49-'50, Club and Faculty Editor '50-'52, A Award '5Og Fashion '49-'50g FLASHLIGHT Club '5Og Student Council '50g Charm '51g Pre-Med '51-'52, Secretary '51g Kemas Tri Hi Y '49-'52, Worship Chairman '49-'50, Finance Chairman '51- '52g THSPA '5O4'52: Caunselor's Office '51g Battery Circulation Manager '51p Quill and Scroll '50-'52g G an G '51-'52g English Merit Award '52 JACK ROBERTS Vocational Industrial Club '49-'50, '51-'52, Foreign Cor- respondence '48-'49g Writers '50 JANE ROBERTS Little E '50-'5'lg Fashion '51-'52, Kemas Tri Hi Y '50-'52, Worship Chairman '50-'51g G an G '51-'52 LLOYD ROBERTS Battery '50-'52, Sports Editor '50-'51, Editor '51-'52g A Cap- pella '49-'51g Singing '49-'5Op Junior Classical League '50- '51, President '50-'51, Freelancers Unlaunched '51-'52, Presi- dent '51-'527 THSPA '50-'517 Reporter Senior Class '51-'52 MARINDA ROBERTSON Fashion '49-'Sig Style '51-'52, Secrntary '51-'52, Siwamasis Tri Hi Y '49-'52g Junior Classical League '49-'51g G an G '51-'52g Junior Princess '50-'51g Attendance Office '51-'52g Library '51g Student Store '49, Secretary Home Room '49351 WELTON ROBINSON Future Farmers of America '49-'52 CARLITA ROGERS Future Homemakers H197 Volleyball '49"52p Tumbling '50- '51g Domino '51g Intramural Volleyball Champions '5Og Intra- mural Basketball Runners-up '51 DORIS ROGERS As You Like It '49-'50, Fashion '50-'51, Future Homemakers ' '51-'52p G an G '51-'52g Secretary Home Room '49-'5Og Re- porter Home Room '50-'51g Intramural Basketball '50-'51 PATSY SANDERS Kemas Tri Hi Y '49"52, Little E '49, Record '50, Girls' All Sports '50-'51g Attendance Office '51-'52g Battery Circulation Manager '51-'52, Reporter Home Room '517 Secretarial Club '51g G an G '51-'52 JOHN SARTOR Vocational Industrial Club '49-'51, Treasurer '50-'51, Slide Rule '51-'52, Secretary-Treasurer '51-'52 BARBARA SAUNDERS Siwamasis Tri Hi Y '51-'52g Fashion '51-'52g Secretary Home Room '51-'52g G on G '51-'52 50 SENIORS '52 JOYCE SCALES Photography f49-'50, Fashion '50-'51, Domino '51-525 Sophomore Princess '49g G an G '51-'52 DOLLIE SCOGIN Band 50-52, Orchestra '50-'51g As You Like lt '49-'50, Future Hornemakers '50-'52, Reporter '50-'51, Treasurer '51-'52g G an G '51-'52 B ETTY SEA RCY Fashion '49-'52, Model '51y Eagle-Ettes '50-'5lp Mixed Chorus '50-'51, Junior Princess '5Og Ze- nith Tri Hi Y '49-'52y Vice-President Home Room '50g Social Chairman Home Room '51g G an G '51-'52 JOE SEWELL Football '49, B-Team '49p Quadra Hi Y '49-'52, President '50-'51, Social Chairman '51g Hi-Y Social Committee '51g As You Like It '50-'5l7 Barbershop Quartet '51, Librarian '51, A Club '49 BOB SHACKELFORD Track '49-'52, Lettered '51-'52, Captain '52, Intramural '49-'52g Boxing '51, Lettered '51p A Association '51-'52, Secretary '51-'52g A Club '50-'52g Football '49p Student Council '515 Audio-Visual '51-'52p Barber Shop Quartet '49- '5Og President Home Room '51 SHERROD SHAFFER Aviation '49-'50g Hunting and Fishing '49-'50p intramural Basketball '49-305 Track '50-'51, Intramural '49-'5Og Sportsmen '50-'51g A Club '50-'5lg Audio-Visual '51-'52g Little E '51-'52g Princeps Hi Y '51-'52p Wood Shop '49-'50g President Home Room '50-'51 51 Champion FLASHLIGHT saleswoman Cordell receives a five dollar award from Billie Rae and Dickson. Mina Ruth and Bobbie expound at Future Home makers' program. Norma and Bob rehearse on important scene in "Aladclin". .. :.., 5 .A ff dt' , ' I ' if SENIORS '52 DARLINE SHIPLEY Fine Arts '50, Secretarial Club '51-'52, Poem Published '49, G an G '51-'52 CLIFFORD SHORT Aviation '49-'50, President '49, Vice-President '50, Art Award '49, President Home Room '49 BOBBY SIKES Photography '49, Vice-President '49, Wood Shop '50-'51, Vice-President '50, Domino '51 HELEN SIMONIZH Girls' All Sports '49-'50, Little E '50-'52, G an G '51-'52, Volleyball '49-'50, Attendance Office '51-'52 GARY SMITH Photography '49, Band '49-'52, Hypho Hi Y '49-'52, Magic '50-'51, Vice-President '50-'51, Audio-Visual '50-'52 JEANNETTE SMITH Girls' All Sports '50-'52, G an G '51-'52 CARL SPENCE Band '50-'52, Second Lieutenant '52, Cornet Quartet '50, Or- chestra '51-'52, Press '52, Student Council '52, Student Direc- tors '50-'51, Princeps Hi Y '52 THERESA STEELE Little E '49, National Honor Society '51, Quill and Scroll '50- '5l, Foreign Correspondence '50, Vice-President '50, Kemas Tri Hi Y '49-'51, Publictiy Chairman '50, Co-Op Council '50, Battery '49-'51, News Editor '51, Student Council '51, Secre- tarial Club '51, Vice-President '51, Singing '50-'51, Reporter Home Room '50, G an G '51-'52 BEVERLY SUE STOREY Little E '49-'52, Amote Tri Hi Y '49-'52, Publicity Chairman '50, Merit Award in Bookkeeping '50-'51, G an G '51-'52 CHARLES STOWERS Most Friendly Boy '51-'52, Football '49-'52, Lettered '51, B-Team '50, Boxing '49-'52, Intramural Golden Gloves '51- '52, Runner-up Golden Gloves '50, Intramural Track '51, A Club '49-'52, A Association '51-'52, Quadra Hi Y '49-'52, President '50-'51, Secretary '49-'50, Youth and Government '49-'50, Audio-Visual '49-'50, Co-Op Council '49-'50, Vice- President Junior Class '50-'51 NANCY STRAIGHTON Fashion '51-'52, Zenith Tri Hi Y '51-'52, Lost and Found '51- '52, Student Council Alternate '52, G an G '51-'52 DELORA STRICKLAND Singing '49-'50, Little E '50-'51, Mixed Chorus '50-'51, Eagle-Ettes '50-'52, Record '51-'52, G an G '51-'52 52 SENIORS '52 BARBARA STRICKLIN Cheerleader '51-'52, Junior Princess '50g Stu- dent Council '50-51, Zenith Tri Hi Y '49-'52, Social Chairman '50, Vice-President Home Room '50-51, Fashion '49-'52, G an G '51-'52 RICHARD STROLE A Club '51, Acting Lab '51-'52y Boxing '52, Track '52, Baseball '51, Pre-Med '50-'51, Vice- President '50-'51 Spanish Club '51-'52, Vice- President '51-'52 DA RLENE TALLEY As You Like lt '49-'50, Girls' All Sports '49-'5Og Secretarial Club '50-'52, President '50-'51, Vice-President '50-'51, Battery '49-'50, Volley- ball '49-'52, G Cm G '51-'52 GLYNA TARVER Student Council '49-'50, Secretary Home Room '50, Fashion Club '50-'51, G an G '51-'52 CAROLYN TATE Girls' All Sports '49-'50, Secretarial Club '50- '52, Reporter '50, Secretary '51, President '51, Battery '49-'52, YMCA Correspondent '49, Re- porter '50, Circulation Manager '51, Merit Award '50-'51, Trypod Tri Hi Y '50-'52, Reporter '50-'51, Secretary '51, Reporter Home Room '51, G an G '51-'52 PEGGY TATE Band '49-'52, Student Directors '51-'52, Vice- President '51-'52, Orchestra '51-'52, G an G '51-'52 53 Charles, Don, and Skipper advance the colors What tired feet these Eagle band members must have! A. J., Marlond, Derry, and Carl give a musical performance at halftime. SENIORS '52 JOE TAUER Vocational Industrial Club '50-'51, Slide Rule '50-'51, Little E '51-'52, Student Council Alternate '50-'51 EVELYN TAYLOR Singing '49-'5l, Record Enioyment 'Sl-'52, President '51-'52, Volleyball '49-'51, G an G '51-'52 TREVA TERHUNE Band '49-'52, Maiorette '49-'52, Orchestra '50-'52, First Divi- sion Flute Quartet '51-'52, As You Like it '49, Foreign Cor- respondence '49-'50, Eagle Feathers '51-'52, G an G '51-'52 WORTH TERRY National Honor Society '51-'52, Debate '49-'50, S.M.U. Tour- nament '49-'5O, Trinity Tournament '49-'50, Extemporaneous Speech '49-'50, Debate Club '50, National Forensic League '49-'52, Reporter '52, Degree of Honor '52, National Thes- pians '49-'52, Reporter '5i-'52, Four Star Honor Bar 'Sl-'52, "A Winter's Tale" '50, "Little Foxes" '51, State Contest '50- '51, AHS Theatre '50-'52, Battery '52, Copy Editor '52, Drama Editor '51-'52, Bypo Hi Y '49-'50, President '49-'50, E Club '49, Junior Rotarian '51, Acting Lab '49-'50, '51-'52, Literary "A" in Drama '50-'51 MAUREEN THACKER As You Like It '49-'50, Little E '50-'52, G an G '51-'52 JENNY LOU THOMAS Library Club '49-'51, President '49-'50, Trypod Tri Hi Y '50- '52, Future Homemakers '51-'52, G an G '51-'52 DELORES THOMASSON Future Homemakers '49, Skating '50-'51, Music Enioyment '50, Red Cross Council '51-'52, G an G '51-'52 BOB THOMPSON Vocational Industrial Club '50-'52, Quadra Hi Y '49-'51, Co-Op Council '49-'5i, A Club '49, President Home Room '49-'Sl BETTY ROSS THORNTON Future Homemakers of America '51-'52, Future Teachers '50- '5l, Volleyball '5l, Ta-Te Tri Hi Y '49-'52, Student Council '50, Charm '5i, Tennis Club '49-'50, Secretary Home Room '49-'50, Vice-President Home Room '50-'51, G an G 'Sl-'52 JEAN TODD Skating '49, Reporter '49, Variety '50, President '50, Diversi- fied Education '50-'52, Treasurer '51-'52, Delegate State Convention '51-'52, Secretary Home Room 'Si-'52, G an G '51-'52 JO ANN TULLlS National Honor Society '51-'52, Girls' All Sports '49, Little E '50, Student Council '50-'51, Amicii Tri Hi Y '50-'52, Vice- President '51, CounseIor's Otttice '51, G an G '51-'52, Alter- nate to Girls' State '5i PAT VAUGHAN National Honor Society '51-'52, Foreign Correspondence '49- '5l, Reporter '49-'50, Vice-President '50-'51, Library '50-'51, Eagle Feathers '51-'52, Secretary '51-'52, G an G '51-'52 54 si lt, g ,H 5 .... . ,a .,., is 1 ..... , ,A if I , if ..,. ,, V A , , , ii - iii ':" ' -- ii ar. fi.: , ft, " 3 1 W TEAM out ,. f 3 Tat? 1 A 5 , 1 iii if "' it -zi , Q-we - Q, ir--'3AFM'---- Q zlfi Z , it -- ,- .i5" ss , 1?w F- SENIORS '52 BENNY WALKER Library Club '51-'52 BETTY WALTER FLASHLIGHT '49-'52, Sophomore Editor '49-'50, Junior Editor '50-'51, Senior Editor '51-'52, A Award '50-'51, National Honor Society '51-'52, Quill and Scroll '50-'52, President '51-'52, Arnote Tri Hi Y '49-'52, President '49, Queen '51, Co-Op Council '50-'52, Membership Chair- man '50-'51, Hi Y Carnival Queen '51, inter- national Hi Y Convention '51, Youth and Gov- ernment '49-'51, Junior Princess '50, interscho- lastic Typing '51, Junior Classical League '49- '52, FLASHLIGHT Club '49-'50, Student Council '50, Fashion '50-'51, Reporter '50, Style '51-'52, Vice-President '51-'52 TRAVIS WALTON Band '49-'52, Property Sergeant '50-'51, Trom- bone Quartet '49-'51, Second Lieutenant '51- '52, Soggy Seven '51-'52, Cotton Bowl '51, National Honor Society '50-'52, President '51- '52, Audio-Visual '49-'52, Public Address '50- '52, Chief Operator '51-'52, Student Council Alternate '51-'52, Orchestra '51-'52, Princeps Hi Y '51-'52, President '51-'52, Program Chair- man '51, Social Chairman '51, West Texas Dis- trict Conterence '51-'52, Youth and Government '51, Boys' State '51, Board of Directors Univer- sity of Texas '51, Junior Academy of Science '50-'52, Vice-President '50-'51, President '51- '52, State Meet '50, Engineering Division of Citizens Traffic Commission '51-'52, Math Merit Award '52 DUVALL WEBSTER Barber Shop Quartet Club '51-'52, Quadra Hi Y '51-'52 DAVID WELCH Band '49-'52, Horn Quartet '49-'52, Brass Sextet '50-'52, Librarian '49-'50, Corporal '50-'52, Orchestra '50-'52, Little E '49-'52, Junior Classi- cal League '5O, Domino '50-'51 President '50- '51, National Thespians '51-'52, Band Merit Award '52 LONNIE WELDON Wood Shop Ciub '49-'51, Domino Club '51-'52 55 Ramona works hard at her lessons, or is it a letter? Jim Paul and Ronnie, two refugees from the Orient, give their version of "Chinese Mule Train." Senorita Mahan relates to the Spanish class her experiences in colorful Mexico. SENIORS '52 EARL WEYRICK A Cappella '49-'50, Librarian '49-'50, Barber Shop Quartet '50, Student Council '50-'51, Junior Representative '50-'51, Football '50, Manager '50-'51, Boxing Manager '50-'51, Track '49, Manager '50-'51, A Club '49-'52, Radado Hi Y '49-'50, President '50, Co-Op Council '50, As You Like It '50, Audio-Visual '49-'50, Future Teachers '51-'52, Student Gov- ernment '51 SYLVIA WHEELER Most Friendly Girl '51-'52, Little E '49, Junior Classical League '49-'52, Social Chairman '50-'51, Kemas Tri Hi Y '49-'52, Co-Op Council '49-'52, Social Chairman '50-'51, G an G '51-'52, Vice-President '51-'52, Red Cross Council '51-'52 LAVERN WHITAKER Little E '50, Fashion Club '52 ROBERTA WILKINS Bond '51, Future Homemakers of America '51-'52, G an G '51-'52 MARTHA WILLIAMS Little E '49-'51, Library '51, Student Council '51, PIE Tri Hi Y '49-'51, Secretary '50, Vice-President '51, Program Chairman '51, G an G '51, Secretary Home Room '50, Reporter '49 MARION WILLIAMS Football '50-'51, A Club '50, Gymnastics Club '51-'52, Secretary '51-'52, Slide Rule '51 SYLVIA WILLIAMS A Cappella '51-'52, Amore Tri Hi Y 719352, Vice-President '49-'50, Co-Op Council '52, Junior Classical League '49-'50, Mixed Chorus '49-'50, National Honor Society '51-'52, Na- tional Thespians '51-'52, Future Teachers '51 -'52, AHS Theatre '51-'52, G an G '51-'52, Design '51-'52, Reporter '51-'52 FRANCES WILLIAMSON Future Homemakers '49-'50, Library '49-'50, Library Club '50-'51, Fashion '51-'52, G an G '5I"52 DICKSON WILLIS Student Council '50-'52, A Award '50-'51, National Honor So- ciety '50-'52, Runner-up Most Dependable Boy '51-'52, FLASHLIGHT '51-'52, Business Manager '51-'52, THSPA '51- '52, Boys' State '51, Basketball '49-'50, Slide Rule '51-'52, Vice4President '51-'52, Number Sense '50-'51, A Award in Writing '50-'51 SALLIE WILLIS National Honor Society '51-'52, Fashion '50-'51, Pan Ameri- can '51-'52, President '51-'52, Junior Classical League '49- '51, Vice-President '49-'50, Amote Tri Hi Y '49-'51, G an G '51-'52 MARTHA WILSON Junior Classical League '49-'51, Mixed Chorus '49-'51, Eagle' Ettes '50-'52, Librarian '51, Amote Tri Hi Y '49-'52, Worship Chairman '50, Program Chairman '51, Stage Crew '51-'52, National Thespians '514'52, AHS Theatre '51-'52, Fashion '50-'51, G an G '51-'52, Design '51, Vice-President '51 MARLAND WINKLER National Honor Society '51-'52, Band '49-'52, Drum Major '51-'52, Little E '49-'52, Amici Hi Y '50-'51, Co-Op Council '50-'51, Princeps Hi Y '51-'52 ' 56 . il .il 1 t t .il 1 . fi SENIORS '52 JULIA WINTER Little E 119350, Student Council Alternate '50- '51, Girls' All Sports '50"5l, Secretary '50-'51, Kemas Tri Hi Y '49-'50, Service Projects Chair- man '5O351, Worship Chairman '51-'52g Sec- retary Home Room '51-'52, Vice-President '51, G an G '51-'52 JANICE WOOD Little E '49-'50, Zenith Tri Hi Y '49-'51, Junior Princess '50-'Sly Eagle-Ettes '50-'5lg Eagle Feathers '51-'52, President '51-'52g Fashion '50-'51, Mixed Chorus '50-'52, intramural Base- ball '50-'51, Secretary Home Room '50, G an G '51-'52 RAYMOND WOOD Basketball 49-50, BTeam 49 50, Intramural '49-'50p A Cappella '51g Mixed Chorus '51, Audio-Visual '49-'50, Domino '50-'52, Photog- raphy '50 GLENN WOODARD Baseball '49-'52, Intramural Basketball '49-'51, Champions '49-'50, A Club '49-'52, A Associa- tion '50-'52, Semag Hi Y '51-'52, Service Proi- ects Chairman '51-'52g Co-Op Council '51-'52, Battery Circulation Manager '51-'52, As You Like It '51-'52, Singing '49-'50 GERALD WOOLARD Band '49-'52, Wood Shop '49-'50, Little E '50- '52, Junior Round-up '50-'51 BA RBA RA WOOTEN Student Council '49, '51, Mixed Chorus '49-'50g Eagle-Ettes '50, Fashion '50-'51, Siwamosis Tri l-li Y '49-'52, Junior Classical League '49-'51, Co-Op Council '51-'52, Secretary '51, Youth and Government '51, Style '51, Vice-President '51g Student Store 50351, Sophomore Princess '50-351, President Home Room '50, G an G '51- '52 57 Jo Ann traps Edmonds in TWIRP Season. Mrs. Ballard, Worth, Gayle, and Lula Mae are gracious hosts at the Future Teachers' initiation The orchestra ends performance after recital of "Syncopated Clock." SENIORS '52 JOAN WRINKLE Fine Arts 719350, Record '51-'52, Secretary '51-'52, Nom Deus Tri Hi Y '51-'52, Program Chairman '5l-'52, Co-Op Council '51-'52 FRANCES WYATT Fashion '49-'52, National Thespians '50-'52, Stage Crew '51-'52, Future Teachers '51-'52, Tennis '50-'51, Alternate Girls' State '50-'51, Siwamasis Tri Hi Y '49-'52, Treasurer '51-'52, Vice-President Home Room 50-'51, G an G '5l-'52 KATH RYN YOUNG National Thespians '49-'52, AHS Theatre '49- '52, "Kind Lady" '49-'50, "Long Christmas Dinner" '49-'52, "A Winter's Tale" '50-'51, "The Late Christopher Bean" '50-'5l, "Daniel Boone" '50-'51, "The Little Foxes" '50-'5l, "The Merry Wives ot Windsor" '51-'52, National Honor Society '50-'52, Samuel French Award '49-'5lp Drama Merit Award '49-'50, G an G 'Sl-'52 JOE YOUNGBLOOD Most Versatile Boy '51-'52, Football '49-'52, Lettered '49-'52, All-District '50-'52, Honorable Mention All-State '5l-'52, Co-Captain '51-'52, Baseball '49-'52, Lettered '49-'52, Basketball '50-'52, Lettered '50-'52, A Association '49- '52, A Club '49-'52, Runner-up Most Versatile Boy '50-'51, Siwam Hi Y '49-'52, Vice-President '51-'52, Recognition from "National Anthology of Poetry '50-'51, President Home Room '50-'51 HARRY KIRKLIN Born: April 29, l933--Died: December 8, 1951 It singeth low in every heart, We hear it each and all- A song of those who answer not, However we may call, They throng the silence of the breast, We see them as of yore- The kind, the brave, the true, the sweet, Who walk with us no more." 53 Norma, Gail, Barbara, and Sonya chat about the world situationl?l. Pat and "Pinkey" shiver as they anticipate the chilling water. In pep rally before the kill Martha Sue warns the Breckenridge Buckaroos. JUNIORS Junior closs officers--JUDY, SHARON, JERRY BOB, EDDIE, PAT, oncl SUE look over their books. ,J . ---,af OFFICERS PRESIDENT ,.E.E,,.VE, ,,,.............., A,EEEY.7 J ERRY BOB FRALEY VICE-PRESIDENT ,77,..,,,.,,,,.,.,....,,,....,.,.. .,,.7,.,,, E DDIE PAYNTER SECRETARY .7,,V,..VEEEvI,,.Y ...., .,..... ..,.,.....,,, .,,,.E, S U E VV ATKINS STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVE .,..., . .,,,., JUDY JARRETT REPORTER ,......w,.77V.................,.,....,....,, .,.1.E-L ..,,.A,, PAT BELEVV QUEEN ,S..,SSS. ...Tir SHARON HUGHES SPONSORS Mr. W. K. Bentley, Chciirnion i Mrs. W, I-I. Honey Mrs. Beth Hencgcin Mr. Pciul Iscicxc I Miss Rufh HcirnilTon Mrs. Sue Dciy Miss Myrfle Tronfhcim Mr. David Kennorner Miss Odell Johnson Miss Mildred Butler Mr. B. L. Blackburn Mr. Gene Kenney Mrs. Kcafhryn Morrow 60 an Mi I 2 LR, fwmmx R, H. ADAMS JIMMY ALLRED JAN BAGGETT JOAN BALLEW JAMES BASS JUNIORS '53 Executive Dick gets help from Secretory Norma and Assisfcmfs Lcupham and Block. DON ASHER RAY AVERITT RANDALL ANDERSON JIM PAUL ARCHER EULAUA BANTAU DOROTHY ARRICK WINSTON BARCLAY DORIS BEATY GEORGIA BEECHLY I PAT BELEW DAVID S, BENNETT NANCY BENNETT BETTY BETHEL 61 I if fl ,S Q I f ' . ..... A ' 2 -'fiefk Q -Q, fi ' ' I ' A N ,. ' ,fly 5 lag It pays To poy attention. BOB BLACK JO ANN BOLEY GEORGE BLACK BARBARA BOLLINGER CHARMAYE BLANKENSHIP DOROTHY BOEHNING RITA BONIFIELD RITA BOTTOMS LACY BOLES BILLIE BOSHER BARBARA BOULTE CATHERINE BOURLAND MACK BOWDOIN JIMMY DAN BOURLAND JIM BOYKIN RUTH BRADFORD PAT BRECHEEN I H I JUNIORS '53 EUGENE BROOKS JANICE BROWN 62 L., '53 '1 zag- ' i-- Lr -A :"': ' A israel 5 I I ' , , F 4 6 W i "Cradle rock . , . withdraw" is slogan for new artificial respiration. NORMA BRYAN WILMA CAIN VIRGIL WAYNE BURKETT DERLIE MAE CAMPBELL BUFFORD BURNS FRANCES CASH RITA BURNS GAIL CQKER LEAHMON CHAMBERS AMN BYNUM MARILYN COLEMAN JEAN COLLETT DONALD CQNE BOBBIE COLWELL JUANEZ CONKLIN sus CONKLIN 5 unznz A DONALD COOK .g:a,... Lf -aw E ::" yi -W 1 JUNIORS '53 JOHN COOK 63 BARBARA CORDER SL I .,,,,, " - I ,, 11.-1"""::' gf? ' ' " -:I-1521? 1 ' ' 1- ...,.. , ,... . -nlnv 1 " " - . : 4 W' if I X 553, i .j, fl tg 'Q 4 Q 3 i Y ff : . FE, ? 5 it 5? X gui! W ggi, ' Tommy, Mary, and Lee examine negatives. BILLY DUANE COTTON ANNE CROWE I-E ROY CRAWFORD DONALD CUMMINGS NIILDRED CRAWFORD BOBBY CRISMAN NAOMI CUNDIEFF HELEN DANIEL GAYLE CROWDEIQ PATSY CUTBIRTH MONTE DARDEN AMIE LOU DAVIS DAVID DEAN ROBERT DAVIS JOHN DEATI-IERAGE a- 'Yr imp I Qw- W VERLA DILL GLENNA DILLARD JUNIORS 53 BILLY DILLER CAROL DILLINGHAM 64 if . J J Bcmery Brcns Nelda, Sczlly, and Pot work with Mr, Hawkins. GWEN DowoLE Jo ANN ELLIOTT E MILDRED DOWNING SUE ELLISOR ROLEN DOWNS CHARLES DLIRIQEE NET EPIEN MARY FRANCES EWING SARA ELLIS TOMMY ESTES TIM EYSSEN JOYCE FERGUSON DEE ANN FIELDER JUNIORS MARI DELL FISHER '53 ROBERT FLAIR 65 JEAN FITZGERALD JOHN FLETCHER RAYMOND FISCHER WINONA FJSCHER Tl? l:: I tal: Ij .,.,,.,.,., E 2 'EI' .:.:. A Q V.-V L II zzzzz I gb.. E TE "--, T E :::':: .,.. LI V , fi L LLI. W SSB. - :-: ,.,,. ...I --': I :E z IJIZV I IJIIJI ' 'iii-ami' I ..:,.,I ' LJ. :fr am 9 ' 5 -'-' -. 1? Brycmr, Bobbie, and Dove assist The cook. BILL FORTSON MARCIA FREEMAN JERRY BOB FRALEY BARBARA GALLE PATRICIA FRANKLIN JAN FREE JACK GARNER FRANK GATLIN LOUISE FREEMAN BONNIE GARRETT KAREN GENTRY DORIS GIBBS A. O. GIST NAOMI GILBRETH EUGENE GIST JOYCE GRAHAM MARY GRAYSON SHIRLEY GRAVES FREDENA GRIFFIN 66 JUNIORS '53 II LIU' -H. ,A,A, .i,. ,.,iEg EEEg. I -'-:-:- E :Eg I mf .. ..:.:EQEz: if .... . . 1, ..,.,.,.,.,., 4 -v I L' -cf 1 f L I 0 CuTI'1y on erve their classes by counting votes. MARY NELL HAMMACK BOB GULLEY JUDY HAINES DAMARIS HAYS WENDELL HEARNE SALLY HILL JUNIORS'53 BERTHA HAMPTON DAN HARDY I .,.,,Q 4, -I ,ff .IIIIIIIE ""' " , IIZIIII-I :::::::,. , I'-'1 Q. ' .I 3 Q I .......,, .... ig W -V ,::,-l- :-,A 1 LF " E E if : '2:.:, AL 'ff X :"' P - ROBERT HARRISON RUTH HENNI NGTON CAREY HOBBS LUCY HAYNIE BARBARA HILL TERRY HOBBS .JOE HOLLAND JANIS HOLT JAMES HOPKINS ,W , Quiz KAY HUCKABAY - 67. ARNOLD HUDDLESTON ANN HUDSPETH LONNIE JAMES MAUNIE JAMES CELIA JOHNSON DON JONES "Wl1a1's Steve get To be happy about that Charles hc1sn't'?" SHARON HUGHES IRIS ISBELL WANDA JONES W, EARL KAIN Nx ,fi E. J. JOSLYN MARTY KAMMERLOHR 68 DAVID lVlNS CAROLE JAMES MONTY JAMES JESS JONES --sk In I ..... "" I , :- 7 , ' .-1 .. 5, JO JAMES JUDY JARRETT KATE JONES JUNIORS '53 Y z W , vu? X 4: Frank spells ''cmfidisestcublishmenraricmismu ut spelling bee. DELBERT KEESEE HELEN KING NAN KlKER FRED KILLOUGH FREDA KILLOUGH LOUISE LANG LOUISE KIRKPATRICK . DAYTON KING DALLAS LACY 1 Wa 98 '?' al.: I 'l - gg i :l' 2 : . if IX KAY KING PADDY LAN KFO RD ROSE LATIMER BOB LAPHAM BU RL LASSETTER W Y W 'l' " ':' ,I CARRIE LAWLIS DOROTHY LEGGETT .:,-l' Z :.:.,. . J U N I Q R S ' 5 3 ":' 'A1:' n . X 1 PRISCI LLA LAWHORN CHARLES LeSEUER NORMA JEAN LEWIS 69 .52 ,.:' Qfy sa W' 3, ' '-":'- z 5 - :zz W A ,:.-:- E IAZQII A T , fT.T EM - -TT T BTTQY WANDA LITTLE Come now, boys, we wont to see foo. JIMMY MCELRATH DALE LONG MELBA MCKENZTE B. D. LOVING VIRGINIA LOWRY THELMA MCKENZTE BARBARA MCMTNN PATSY MQCRAW ARTHUR MCMTLLTN -Xkay JIMMY MCNEIL ELBERT RAY MACKEY BETTY MARTIN MARGARET MANN Lou MARVLLYT Y T l we A lf q, l ,.V.1, , 1, -:.,'j:: fin.-F ,- QgWwf Ti ,.:..1 ::.: PM :-' . gs ii. :, A ::: 5 5:5 5 ,Jig R ORVA MASHBURN PAT MATEJOWSKY Y 5 T 'MTE R.. jf was so igfxilfi : ,P msg W- QW Y 53355 3 2sfgT,,! I MARY JEAN MEDDERS RAMON MIERS 70 JUNIORS 53 V .. l ff I in 1 , is Q Q li E ak W mf ' ' va --I--::--:EE -I 5 . . ......g.. . 5 , w" .. , ,: ,..,: ....:,,.,- 3 -.,,,- 5 -2 ,,:,, .. ..,., .. , , YQO ' , vii f, 2 j 'Q W A 5 lA ?QFf M ' g l E i AW li? Capable A Cappella member POT Belew counts money from ' football ribbons. CHARLSIE MINSHEW WALDINE MOORE ROYCE LEE Mums pm MQRGAN EREDDIE MHC:-lE1L JERRY MORRIS MYRA MOODY BETTY MULHERN GERALDINE MOORE FRED Mossl-IART SUE NANCE SUE NEAS CORDELIA NEWHOUSE MAXlNE NEILL LEE WAYNE NEWMAN wi l' MACKEY NEWTON SANDRA NICHOLS ' Y JUNIORS'53 E,E lm EDDY NIEDECKEN SHIRLEY JEAN NORMAN YQHQE 7l ,e "Aha! Jimmy, Glenna, -and lonice out of class without ca permit!" MARVIN IIORWOOD BILLY PAUL ANN NOVAK EDDIE PAYNTER DON ORMAND TOMMY OVERMAN STEVE PEAKE KENNETH PERRY CARROLL PARMELLY JOE PECHACEK PAT PETERSON GERALD PETREE BILL PIERCE ANNELLE PETTY EUGENA POWELL :as-'1 I:Z., I-Q15 5 :SI ae- .A PAULA POWERS fy. -Q' ,ing f f GAIL PRESSWOOD JUNIORS '53 DOROTHY JO PRIDE LARRY PRICKETT 72 E, Q C ,:.: ,.f Aw'X -. 2 T , ., , : Ji Q ful Lf 15 J P, 4: ,f , 1 gf + 9' Q, . r 3 - 4 , 1 Q A -'gg-5 .... :.:.,,:gagagag::., , 151, L A :---:-:.:.: E , W- W'JfD ' " id ...' I ,, A Q T T M Clclrice and Ronnie, with the help of o few onlookers, dissect on unfortunate. CHARLES PRITCHETT PATSY RASCO JERRY PRUITT LAMAR REESE BILL RAMSEY LYNWOOD REINHARDT BUD RAMSEY LATHEY LEE RHODES PAT RANDOLPH ARVID RHODES JACKIE RICHARDS REBECCA RICHARDS MILDRED RISTER DOROTHY RICHEY DOROTHY ROBERTS JOE ROBINSON BETTY LOU ROGERS JUNIORS'53 JAMES ROSE 73 Behold-Queen S H A R O N I ROBERT ROUNTREE NELDA SANDERS STEVE ROWE BOBBIE SANDERSON NANCY RUSS I. JOE RUSSEY GERALDINE SCHMITTOU DICKIE SEALE JANICE RUTLEDGE DAVE SCHOONOVER TOMMY SEALE JERRY SEYMORE CHARLES SHAW HUGHIE SHAFER DON SMITH 4,4 W, , , W. III 'Wig W - 4 ,L num. In-I - - . :A A Rev. x HAROLD SMITH I MARY ELLEN SMITH JUNIORS '53 WAYLON SMITH PATSYE SMITHWICK 74 Tf , - .12 ...., A T Y -Y., .i 1 1 C B T if 1 4. ""' 'lie--S "" f :" . mis 1 ww- PM 13 X s ks 'TTTW T ,gg A .,-1 T T 1 fi Come on-get to work, Bud! wk ,,,, T MARTHA SNOW HELEN STEWART DON SOUTHALL JO ANN STUARD TOM SPEED JACK SWAN WANDA SPENCER DAVIS TARPLEY JIMMY SPRADLEY R- E. SWANN JOHN TEAGUE GAIL TEAL MAY JOYCE THOMAS GLENDA THOMAS RUTH THOMAS M :-'::- VWNTON THOMAS EA zuz GAY TIFFANY AAV1 zzzz TH I J U N I Q R S 5 3 :Lf .,'- 5: :,.,: a sasasasasaasa asa::sa-ae5s: - - - - - - - -'-'-'-'1 I 'I " BETTY TOWNSEN FRANCINE TRAVIS OX OE, 75 nn' in J loyal subjects support Queen Sharon. BETTY TRENTHAM JO ANN VLETAS BENITA TRICE BETTY WADE MARION TRUITT GLENN TUCKER WALLACE WADE LINDA WAGNER ERRY U DICK WAGLEY J T RNER CALVIN WALKER KATHRYN WARD MARTHA WARREN DARRELL WARREN MOZELLE WATKINS W SUE WATKINS ROY WEAVER JUNIORS'53 BILLY WEBB ,,., "" JOHN WEBB A . 76 i I 3 .1-S ., .,., . ,.,. , , '.'.f -252 f , ,A 'fiillf I II M IW IIII X I I EE53 - 1 II II 5 has rf? MARY PAT WEIR BUFORD WELCH We-'ve got that good old spirit. JOE ROBERT WELLS WRETHA WHITTLE ELIZABETH WILCOX DOLORES WILLIAMS DON WILLIAMS JUNIORS '53 WOODROW WI-IARTON JACQUE WHITE Q L . .,.., 3 , ' K 2:: a 7: Lx II EJ' " II ' .,., Q Mig P' Az I ::: 'gm an . 53 N uv NELLIE WHITE ROY WHITE SHERRILI. WILKERSON CHARLYNE WILLIAMS JOHNNIE WILLIAMS KERRY WILLIAMS , . gf, . lf 3 . PEGGY WILLIAMS WANDA WILLIAMS DON WILLIAMSON NORMA WILLINGHAM 77 m ' I Haw '45 , 1 : :-: .. ' if A f . CLAUDET E , vw-nm P 5 5 I I JUNl0RS'53 Q,wl lll in I as i f If IW' an x if A lll' ."' ' 9" ' ill I I ,r izu f ' zi. ' A.: . I 'E5f5f5?f:.:.:.::,. , f aw M 'lmW- lf 'fz flf' ' ff L :.:- . .:-: ..,,E : ' M ?gQQva - rmwyii ,I TE WILLIS LUCILLE WINKLER BEN WOOD DELMON WILSON DON WINTERS BILLY DO SHIRLEY WORLEY RILEY WYATT DONNA YAW TRAVIS WRIGHT JOANN YOUNG Come on Mack, smile a little. Glenn, alias Aladdin, tells Jimmy all about if. WS N WOODS 78 3, f ,..,. 'E' wmwwiza 7 g 133: 1' arm, ,pg : 2 ' .5 Il:- 5 'fsfws X- - - 'xr Q. ,-:.:.:-.-: v 4 ' ! M AE: V ,T i f-3 x I x 1 ,gg 51 , 'Vs .A g,r'.Af5' S, Q1 M 13535 E, - g fi 1 ,Q .MS 15 2 ,i mmvmw ,ff qwfzillx ,L ,, LV? A 1 .- -ff,'f+ I , 355215 I 5. 'mf' z Wifi? ., L .-fx 2 SOPHOMORES PATTY, DON, FRANK, GRACE, cmd DON DRENNANTsophomore officers-admire school trophies. ' OFFICERS PRESIDENT .,,o..oo,7ooA.oo.,oo.,o.......w.. vY.oV,.............Q... ,oo,,oo Y .o7, F R ANK ETTER VICE-PRESIDENT ,,o.7w.......V..................,,.. .v.Y.. i LQQN DRENNAN SECRETARY ,,Y,,7,,7,,,7,7.,,,Y.A,A.....,.,...,,w.7,,.77., .,,...., P ATTY MUSTON STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVE ....,. .....,. G RACE MORROW REPORTER o..,,A,...,A.,.,..A,......,..,.,,,.,,,.,,,,... .,.Ao,.,7 D ON HARBER QUEEN ..,,,... .C7VoC,, K AWG SPONSORS Mr. W. D. Lciwson, Chairman Mr. John Ecisrer Miss Mcibel Reeves Miss Fleur Wcilron Mr. Chcirles Bowen Mr. J. I. Moore Miss Jon Ccmnon Mr. V. P. Hiner Miss Ruby Compere Miss Lucretia Curry Miss Verci Hayes Mr. Leroy Pcirks 80 1' . W , . Q Gig Q T T Y V ..,... 'A ' 1 ff ., . . if "'-1 Yfgi, ' T ,T ,--, '.:, 3 .1 .,,,. .If I 'rv ' ,, .::,g ' e 4: ige, A .ug W Y T , K ,Q 1, - ::: 3' . ' ' , , ., , .,,..,.,. . . 'ft' Q ' 'Sz :.. , -A 1' 5:i E JIT . , X x 2 'ix 1' , , , 'V K 3 4 x M 623 5 x, wi 3 5 .,:::. , . . ,. E E A g E ff dt A ,. - 'E ----.:f-': z :z ::- A t L? ig 'ak J! ..l x Lrri I , I . gb ,as N asf ' ff if 4 4 K Ag 3 , 4 X Y L Cb BEVERLY ADAMS JOHN ADAMS A. D. ALLEN DAN ANTILLEY TOMMY ARMSTRONG EDWARD ADAMS BERNARD AKENS CHARLES ALVORD JULIAN ARD JAN ARTHUR EDWARD AUSTIN LOWELL BAILEY VAUDINE BAKER JERRY BALLEW LEE ROY ATKINS JAMES BABB DON BAKER V VICTOR BALDRIDGE SOPHOMORES '54 W'-Wvvfrq Twirling Corps goes into octionh JACK BARNES JOANNE BARNEY JIM BAUM KATHRYN BEAN HAROLD BARNES PHYLLIS BARNES FRANK TSOIN LARRY BEALL RUBY BEIGHTS Ti K f' .Y :H r . '55, 55:51 'L 21 X 81 2 Q YA 5 Q vvvlv- I by BILL BENNETT NANCY BENSON SI-IERRY BETHEL THELMA BLACKBURN CAROLYN BLAIN DAVID BENNETT GAYLE BERRY RUBY BILLINGTON CONNIE BLAKENEY MARIE BLANKS JIM BOWEN EMILY BOWLIN DICKY BOYD FRANK BRADSHAW SANDRA BOURLAND MAXIE BOWEN DAN BOYD CHARLES BRADLEY SOPHOMORES '54 Joyce, Vuudine, Mary Jo, and Peggy 'rake first glance of Freshman Alley. BILLY BRATTON C. L, BROWN DEAN BROWN RONNIE BROWN M PATSY BRADSHAW JOE BROOKS CHRISTINE BROWN JERRY DON BROWN ISYLVIA BROWNI , "" KI l..yv'M:yA 82 I: Q Q if ff ':,,,- :Z . . " , :::.,. A 1 5 I Hulk - 1, , Q LKL. ,- fi X Q24 'swf V "ff ,':, X X, kwa, 'ing I .-., : '. '... 3 25231 'P 1- "--i 2 , 1- . qQ I - -- -'-- 5 ny. .s .,:,V , , , - :,' qi? .V -"- x -: ,':-' f ' .1 gg -."' It , +15 . .. If ,J . "'5 ' if 1 I. :a ---- , ' f f I: ..-. li , -,- 1 ::: -- if ' ' if Q fx 3 f - 2 s. ' BARBARA BULLOCK GAY BURROW SHIRLEY BUSHER MARY CANANT RAY CARSON JO ANN BURLESON EUGENIA BURSON DALE BYRAM BETTE CARROLL CRETA CASE FRED CEARLEY PATSY CI-IANEY BETTIE CHRISTIAN SHIRLEY CLARK JOY CASSEAUX JO HELEN CHAMBERS RUPERT CHEATHAM JUDY CLARK SOPHOMORES '54 V. ff wil IQ I I I 'I xii 3, .wx L f , K. The Flashlight presents Queen Kay from the House of King and Queen Becky from the House of Wiilinghcxm. BOBBY CLECKLER LQVERNE CLICK BRYANT COBB DAN CONNELL PATSY CLAXTON MART CLEGHORN JACKIE.CLOUD MELBA COKER Yeeen I Li 1 ,V,, . 83 DENNIS CONAWAY ON ,6 efffff 503 I '-'-' ' bw? 'ITTQ' Q24 I 5' f '1,:: ,b,A: D :A:: ,.,,,.,.. . ,,4: W EWIISII ELAINE COURTNEY VIRGINIA COX OWEN COOK BERT COOPER IRMA CORLEY REGINA COOK NORMA COPELAND PANSY COUCH BENNIE COWDREY BOBBY CRAWFORD CAROL CROWNOVER JAMES CURTIS LYNN DAVIDSON BOBBY DAVIS JANE CROW GENE CURRIE ELINORE CUTTING BARBARA DAVIS SOPHOMORES '54 Mr. Bones has visitors! Bob, Arczbellcl, Lucille, ond Bill pay their respecfs. JANE DAVIS JIMMY DOBBS JOHN DOWNS MARY ELLEN DUKE GERALD DAVIS KEN DEATHERAGE MARGARET JO DODGE DON DRENNAN ARLEEN DURKEE M .,,...,,. N . H b Ti., .,..:. E ' Q . V A A by I I . " .,., gg :zszeaeaez L, .. .4 J z:f::.,:5:5:5a5a5ag,ga. 1 ,gp 3-::i:,.f:.,,: ., ,:, , :aim-I:I1,.,... 4 f - A - I ..,., . . ' ' "" j lg ,Y , V. ' JN, , : '1 "" . A, L M - "" -"' 'QQ' H12-?':: ,. X: - - - U f -I::iaeg,,, -' Q. If ff A I ., , I ' ' "" ' If S is 64 1 .251 :fa-5352" , ,WI . .. W . ... w:,:F' r. -V jg 1 3. W ,5- Q.-N I L ' I - 1, .2235 ' ,gg is .gd jg ' sv 'YS mph' . 1 'W W , v I H.-1.':.y' . Iv, , is me-1 I AT -1 .wi i Q2 ,Q,A . if I-Q13 'I in . ,,::g.:f5" an E :lib :" J 'I 5 H Lf . I . I 1 .f W 'I . A bi' ..,, I , ' I- I I' 'M "': KENNETH ELLIOTT WANDA ELMORE FRANK ETTER DOYLE FANNIN CARLA SUE FERGUSON DELOIS SUE ELLISON DORIS EMBREE MARTHA FAIN VIVIAN FAWCETT PAULA FERGUSON LGVERNE FLANAGAN MILDRED FLIPPIN SHIRLEY FRASIER MARY MARGARET. FRY LAQUITA FIELDS MARGARET FLEMING PEGGY FOSTER WANDA FREEMAN SOPHOMORES '54 F I I I I K WW W ,,,I sg 'E .. .. ' wflfrfvfg jg.: 1 ,K . , L! 'Uv 9 ff .v Y RSL A' 'X-??"n1 .N,f L , 4' fm Q Sophs ond seniors find coke delicious. gs 'I ' II- E I1 bu V JACKIE GOBLE ROBERT FUTRELL JACQUELINE GARRETT PATSY GIBSON JACK FULWILER MIKE GALAWAY WELDON GARRETT BARBARA GILLIS BARBARA GOLLEHER t av gg 85 if A O E x Y ei, L , E :.E, i ,.,. M gg fm 'V BB ag f If If 5 F' .EJ ,ggi 01" if Q YSQ ' 'fra , ' ww '99' 2 I I if 5' i ' N 4--A ' I, '+I " I ff I. I1 I f I? if Ifjgw' CAROLINE GOSS VIRGINIA GRAY JOHN GREER ' IMA GRIFFITH MONA HAGAR JOHN GRANVILLE BOBBY GREENWOOD MERLE GRIFFIN MERLE GUTHRIE DON HARBER NORMA HARRIS BOB HAWKINS FERRELL HAYQ NANCY HENSON PAT HARRELL BEN HARRISON UIBARBARA HAYS 'I PAT HAYTER SOPHOMORES '54 I I Bobby clnrggxtcfl dissecf Cl worm. Ugh! GAYLON HICKS DICKEY HIX JUNE HOLLY JIMMY HORN MARVINA HESTER CHARLES HILBURN JEANELLE HOLLEY BETTY HOLMES BENNIE HOUSTON 4 r , ...,'.-- P .:,5ge::: .-iw g ,., Q , S . g l ' :QI Sy If I 'I "" . L g 1 fi " 2 V my ..R- gfwf I ":,:, I-3 -.-h Y' ' -:1: 1 ' -,', If 1 5' 'Ig .-I-.I ."' ' 1 ,gffiis R'-- : " II 4' " 1 Y :,-, QVZVVSV: V Z . .,.- I i f .:I., "Q .:-:1 f ., ' fee ' . Q ,.,. I .:..,I-- - ---- 9 sv G L ia Q6 ' 5 - ' ..i:I::,:,I.::v vt 86 I , , 2: Z , W -FQ .Q .,1, ' 4"-5 V I ap, 4 ' fa ,, ,, 4 I ,mga . .mf - ' 3: Z P. -I. .xii A ,Vin ,. '!: S aw 'sa-"'A'f,:r:rE"3Er v , , , . .,,.::.-M... L-Q Y- uf ri X I if Q 12153 tg , , fm im Q .ns If 'gif T I TE I W? Q , J VQII- If :,. .. ,, I X STE E as 'J U 3 I I SX U ft Y sils XLR , 2 I K I gf s- I Af if 9 Y' H' X " f -I I A I I 1' '- I - , ' V T X I : . Tia f 'E - "' " 1.- I JOHN HOWARD C' KENNETH HUFFMAN BARBERA ANN HUNT JACK HURT BILLIE JEAN ISOM JCRIAN UCKABAY BARBARA HUMPHREYS JERRY HUNTER CLAUDETTE ISBELL SUE JACOB .IANICE JENNINGS DONALD JONES MARY SUE JONES DON JOY DON JAMES EUGENE JOHNSON LGNELL JONES MARY ELIZABETH JORDAN SOPHOMORES '54 3 CorIo Sue entertains Personality Club. PEGGY KELLY ELBERTINE KEY EILEEN KINCAID CAROLYN KING JUANITA KAHLER DOROTHY KENT DICK KINCAID BILLY KING KAY KING :ef 1 "QA ' .QW .L ' '53 V... . I , 4V,' I - W' .5 1 II 'I" , 'fig :,. 1 . B- J L: ' Q, :"' "" "" 'I ":- I "2"" ' ' , , vu . 1, ..:f' l ' qw Q t 1 z. .- 'i :liz-:VIS K If ,, if ' . 1,52 z:,35:g5m . ::: izz I ,ig In . 1 ':': 2, ' is I , A I f 1' 1 87 1 4 1 1 14- Te B I , W 1 2' I M 'I' 'I I z 4 I- R IX fzx : IETT I I I IIIII I ,.,. Z I --:-5 . EI M 1 "'. .,., : ..,. W ff - -1. .... ' W .,. : ' I. TR I In -I FEE' 2 fi I , I I I 2" - ' llllllzl -' . L, f . ' : "'f' : R 'f I --T .,-. 'ff ' Q: f4-' 'T - ':" ' .. ,.::- :: .::" I f:'S:fff? ,,. .:e:-f- f zzz .::.:::: 3 , 'T ' ' f 5 5 -.Q i f N, ---: -W' - fe 1: 1 ,I 1. , .1 53 4:24 , 5 I' ' , A 222 'iizi f ,I in H ' J II ' I I R' I If I ff :aff 3, .V I fe h -' ' Wh ., , I2:'z:E:E:E:E,2g:ja::':':f,::g: f ,,,.::' :j1E2i'g:I" - Mg::2'.' 'Z I'3i5Ii::311i':2-ff -fi? w g : lf X 5, HARRELL KNIGHT CRAWFORD LAMBERT MORITZ LANKFORD LARRY LARGENT C. M. LAURENCE BARBARA KNUDSON RICHARD LANDRETH MARY BETH LANKFORD GEORGE LATIMER JEAN LAWLESS CHARLENE LEN ER ONNY LEVERIDGE CLINTON LEWIS A FRANK LILES CLAYTON LEE JEAN LEVERET ANN LEWIS! x'fIOMVAS LEWIS SOPHOMORES '54 N112 ,, Wendell, Helen, cmd Mary Jenn study for Test of The Idsf minute. QQRIS LINDSEY PRESTON LITTLE BILL LOFLAND CAROL MCDERMETT BRYANT LILLY 'T' 'gf' JQANN LITTLE W. C. LITTLE ELSON RAY MCCARTY GERRY MCELYEA fx .: V. ,,., 1 '.,:g+:,:3:f:-:z I TIII , . A ,.,., e I T' fi ff ':E.1:x L. ,. 115' if .... I ' ' .,.,. . 4, .V 4 -s.':z:sz5, 2',EiE?fI'EiaEaEaEsgE:.fz M: -I I 'f-Aiea' We .X ' .133 2 .2 ,,,. - J , -- , , k Q V .:Ea5,.: :"""' "" - I YN ' I -- ' V , SF? A I T .. ' fi- '.- A I ' IT' "Q 2 1. ' V I , I. ,I ,WLT ' '- I A --- ' . I' Q' :':112 '-" ,.. I z ,-:: f r A I 1 ' ' f ' TW I L1 -....: +1 M ' X - "" .. 1,21 ' 5, ' , , x K 'L Auu ge 117 I I f-: iz., F ,Eff 1-1 'II " . I A I I -zbzz .,,A -:-- I ,,,,,:,:, I :zz .. " ., , ,.:. ,, ,,,. L , Q -1:.V:-V -"-.1. I 1-, 'i,,fK...,,1-.. ,Q I 2' ,. 1 -": - , ji '. Qgfd, 4 ., , t My is ,.,,, L i 1 , , -I , if . In "'-1 , if t., M, X fi .aazl , W f:" M , ' ' ,',-'v :Ig ,QW -E Q V Us f' " I ' W I K L '.3s2Qli512., EJ '-.1:.1. . I 'W' ..... ' if fb . . , 93' DICK MILLER -AV ,,, KAREN 'IVIQGLGTHLTNJ MAURICE MCLEOD BETH MCMINN -Y, PATRICIA MANN -ff! HAL McGLOTHL!XI.,i ANNETTE MCMAHOWIAT' CLAUDIA MCREYNOLDS QYCE MABTINYA BETH MARVIN COERIENEXMASHBURN WAYNE MAXWELL JOYCE-AMAXEIELDAE, MAARY .IO M-EDLEY'4-. PATVMILES 'T BlLLrMIjIEWS BETTY MAYFIELD TT' SHIRLEY MAYNARD M JOHNNY MIDDLETON T' SOPHOMORES '54 Boys, have you got your lessons? I A BETTY NLLSTEAE "F YVONNE MITCHELL SHIRLEY MOORE ANN MULLINS 1 MAURINE MITCHELL AVENELL MOORE GRACE MORROW TOMMIE MURRAY IR 89 K . 1 ,,, -, , ....., , A ,C 6 LA 'L ' 1 ,. 3 ,M .::. :,.:E I I N,:N ,.. W " ., ' .,v, .'.1 1 'E My A A RY f': f 1 . ' 1" ., I,:, ' fcz: - , R ., ,. f 5. . 6 ..... vt :-:-g I .,-- -'J X? x Wi sl II! il' P V. E' f Q Z., ,,,,,,, V, E H .,.. .::-: f I , :,1:: IS' . - mf-,Q.:'w, V rf .. 1 E - ,,.. ,. -5'-fgzmc-:, , -a'.-vp., .521 ' " ' WW ' Y E ' Y -Km l ,, u-13'-o .:,. 5 :'-,'Q :z-:W M ...., ..AM ,,,,,W -- '-1 PAT MUSGRAVE RONNIE MYATT ---X. DELORES NASH SYDNEY NIBLO SHIRLEY NUCKOLS PATTY MUSTON ROL NANCE MORRIS NEWBERRY BETTY NUCKOLS BOBBY JACK OLIVER DICK ORSINI ROBERT OSBORNE BOB PACE ELLA RUTH PAYNE CAROL ONWILER NORMA OSBORN JAN OSBORN PEGGY PACE SOPHOMORES '54 A hit thrills spectators of Hi Y Carnival. BILL PERRY JEANNE PERRY MARTHA POOL GLENN POWERS LINDA PARSH DON PERRY MARY JO PETTY PATRICIA POPE LEE PRESSWOOD 90 xv J... r J , ,A - - +- l wgf ' fl . 5 , , , ,. .L ...,. H , ,.,. , , .,.,. .K ..,.,.,.,., -I 1. ' , .... mx If' W H K, ,, I N Li QI Iii 3 wil ' I , IQ. X, - ' 7 V- . .f "iZ..TIfIIE lII":' I Q A 1 ggi :z,vu,,,: If , .,., I - ., I 'X I I I JEANINE PRICE SHIRLEY RAUGHTON JERRY REEVES MARY RENFRO DON RHODEN ROSEMARY RASCO REUBEL REAMS JEANETTE REED PATRICIA RHOADS JEANETTE RICE PATSY ROBERTS GUYAN ROGERS ,JOE RUTHERFORD KAY SCOTT CONRAD ROBERSON BILLIIE RAE ROGERS BETTY ROSS JERRY SANDERS - Y, .. .- , sz. Hx 0 'X'-Q4 SOPHOMORES '54 , A K U :EI A- gf ml The study of elecfric genemfor proves shocking. LAVERNE SEIDER FRANCES SEWELL MARY AILEEN SHOWALTER WILLIAM SKAGGS LEE SCOTT BUZZY SELLERS RONALD SHIRLEY FRANK SITCHLER BARBARA SMITH ,.,,,.?-,.,.-.--s :,. .,.. . 3 A A b Q W? C- I I' I ' Q21 In f ,,, 3.5 .. ' A ' ':"' , ..., I I' 1 ' E , I 2 N -,lA S-If .,:::f I --",, ..,..., A 91 .. L- BONNIE SMITH FRANCES SMITH DON SMOTHERS SHIRLEY SPENCER ANITA SPURGIN CLARICE SMITH MARGARET SMITH BARBARA SOJOURNER SUE SPIKES DOROTHY STAGGERS MAC STARNES JAMES STEEL RUSTY STEVENSON JERRY STOREY PATRICIA SPARKS BILLIE STEEL SUE STEIN FERREL STONE SOPHOMORES '54 Jimmy waits for Scroh to geT the poinf. JERRY STRINGER TALLANT SYLVIA TERHUNE KAREN TIDWELL ROBERT STRICKLAND DARLA SUDDERTH' ALTHEA TAYLOR CARL TERRY BEVERLY TOBY 92 - """'f'ff'f."'HiE, 2"I'1. ' zfwsr E , If W' I . . 'V ., so 5 ,. , I Iffff II ' I 5 III svn .I ' x 2 'Y',n- III III I I , I I 'ft uw M III II ,, . Im I. , .I-, uae. .... . -I '- mx .. ,....... ,, ,A 1 x , 5 K I 2. - ' ff In af ,X ,, ,, I I :::-.::::: 6 - X X ,iw N 5, iw.: III i 5 . I I IIT! fax M 5 M V zzl- IQ I VI Eff 'Af ayl w W ,JM .5 In f , -nwvxv , . , A455153 5 i w NS, fini ..- . . g-., xii "1 , I -I gy, -x?Q in ' ::. E zzi HX ' - .:.:: :::, I , 'K -L: ---:'- ,. 'Q' I E.. ,:, 2 :gs vm, Igiiif, "-' x - Sf-A ":':'-'2"' ' 4 ,.,.. 1 I ,K zzzzzzz I lzuz In L .1 . - - ,,,, , I s5as5s5a5ggga:a:: :s:s:a:a:s:aEa:aEa:aEa: 2 54' , I I' ' g- Ez.. w z wr ,M I :I : .1 w as gp H w iii W ix 5 A wr I 12 :,. 13155 IK Ill 4 .nf ' if f kg ARADELLA TONEY PATRICIA TRACEY NANCY TUCKER CARROLL TURNER JoAN VADEN BILLY TONG DORIS TUCKER MARRELL TUNNELL HELEN UPSHAW SYLVIA VASSAR JOE VICK MATTIE VINSON GEORGIA WALL SHIRLEY WALKER BILL VAUGHAN LORENA VINEYARD REVIS ANN VOSS LAVOID WALL I SO-PHOMORES '54 "Invitation to Waltz" is given by Jeannie Cook of sophomore assembly. MARIE WALLACE CLARA WALTI-IALL TOMMY WEIR JAMES WELCH JACK WALLACE BEN WALLIS DURETTA WATSON FRANKIE WELCH QV? Q I, . , ,,,,. ,, , ,, - www If- Uv. . sg -K Lys, ,X ,4 .,.. T '- 1-, -I on V W ,:-2E.-A:EE::- my -mil EE: M ,I I. :z ,, I: , Fl? - I 1 I A .. .... ,W .. ---- - W - ' "" f' - I ' I IfI.IIl'I ' 3' I 'EEE' I-f. , " - V -: ,.,:,:, , , ,, X 42:25. Ig -I IX . H L - ,:. I,,A:.:-:-: iflm-:.:.:.K VQLQLJ .. , ,L sf -, .,,- AE,i..5g5,,L:,,,-:.- I I Q 5 " j .,..: "" f '- A I .,... 3 3' . I i -I X353 L1 ' ' ...V 1 -:If ' 15 2-:i':': ' ' ' ILJAL J, -s 'X JOYCE WELCH ff' ' Rlll' I e:.,.,., I A I A-,-- l :. I I Ez. 1-:- I . :..g 1 I' I, ' ':2s:...2 . I ' ' I th-: sais' I .. M . ,.I::-'. . W . s "IQ-.fm - ' . ' .. I., ...., . I . - .,:.. , , . , .mv f :" ' "1 ' f ., H ....J. , .,.,..,,,, .,,.5,g', , f K ,- ' . , .I W if ,X '-,gg ,-,,:.- 4, , I , ' - I A , -L.. ., v .. .I 01 " ' mv.. .AI . -. - . I - -N .ax ', n- -5-1+ - . ,Q V, ' " f 12:1-is J , . If 3 + 4' , 5-I 5125- -if .. 11-13- ' IQ., .f.,-gg: 3 I -::2fQ4ga::: A ,. ':-"' rg' - SI II-"W LI' A- ' f I" 1.-"3::::ef" - " Y 1 , , AQ EW... fl.. - , 5-.C ' xi . ',.' f , ,M ,J I 9 fy Q 1 , ' -7 -22,45 nf-. - -' "Y an ... . IIIIII I I YP j, YQ N5 I W f fi Q if.. 3? Ig BI Q 5 f 'ggi ni f F wi we S XVI r II I I I I L .mf .fp M! J F ii? S9251 -,,.:f'.'4-, my if Il If' If H m i L, - " - f- 'I 1 I Y 255 If. -W I-A f 'z:r- I' - If , I I. - . 2r,.gz:b,?- 'mfr A i i W.,-..t..,.!.,.: I M., . 1 is I' N 3, 'S xg: rf, 5 DAVID WESTFALL RANDAL WHARTON STANLEY WIGGINS GLENDELL WILLIAMS RAY MAX WILLIAMS E. B. WESTMORELAND PAT WHEELER BARBARA WILLIAMS LAROY WILLIAMS SHIRLEY WILLIAMS DON WILLIS YVONNE WILLIS JERRY WINTER WANDA WOOLEY LUCILLE WILLINGHAM LULA MAE WILLIS LAURENCE WIMBERLY SARAH WITHERSPOON SOPHOMORES '54 Don Drenncmvemcees sophomore assembly. JERRY WRIGHT LAURALEE YOUNG BETTY WRIGHT JANE WRINKLE I - .. ..I . E, .N ,..., Y XL L 'I 94 , 'gk ' is - , 4? L , ff :4.Ty- - 0 " , , he ...sl Orchestre Quintet makes sweet music. Laverne ond Shirley try to find their reading records. Guy cmd Jimmy plcm o trip south of the border. Pat, Glenn, and Jock scramble for U note. ' Soph boys are cut home near garbage con. Mory Aileen serves in counselor's office, 95 FRESHMEN Hollis, Natulee, Becky, Steve, Borbcuro, and Carroll--freshman officers-buy school supplies cn our sfudenf store. OFFICERS PRESIDENT ......,...... ,AA,... H OLLIS SWAFFORD VICE-PRESIDENT .,.,.,,,,........,,,...,.7,..,,,,., ....... S TEVE MARSHALL SECRETARY ,..,,,.,..,..,.....,.....,,.,..........,..,.,.... .,..,, B ARBARA HART STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVE LL.,... AA.,,,, N ATALEE MORRIS REPORTER ...A.,................v..Vw..L...,.,......... EL.., C LWCARROLL HOPKINS QUEEN ........,. .,..,.. B ECKY WILLINGHAM SPONSORS Mr. H. A. Dunn, Chciirmon Miss Belle Jones Mr. Leroy Crews Mrs. Yvonne Bromley Miss Bobbie Duncan Miss Frances Bringhursf Mr. Bob Groseclose 96 JAMES ADAMS FIRMAN ALFORD SANDRA ALTMAN JEAN ARCHER PEGGY ARMSTRONG BILLIE ARNOLD .JACKIE ASHWORTH MARVIN BAKER VIRGIL BAKER THEDA BALL FREDDIE SUE BARKER JAMES BARNETT PATSYE BARRINGTON MAX BLACKBURN ROSE BLACKBURN BETTY BOYD JIM BROWN MELBA BROWN GARY BRUTON EARLINE BRYANT BITSY BURKS JOHN BURNETT J. D .BUTLER JAMES BYRD KENNETH CAMPBELL FRANK CARTER WANDA CASEY DORA SUE CHRISTIAN CARROLL COCKRELL EVELYN COFFEY DONALD COONROD PATSY COOPER JACK CUNNINGHAM JERRY CURB TOMMY DAVIDSON SAMMY DAVIS BOB ELLIS DINSEL EVANS JOE FIELDER LEON FOSTER FRESHMEN '55 .L I Y , 5,45 5 1 I QQ Q I I' K I fi 3 III . I4 II EB .T ' Emi ,G 3, . S , Q Hs Lx I" iw 97 FRESHMEN '55 98 3-1 LEONARD FRANKLIN GAY EROMAN HAROLD FULLER JOYCE GOSSETT GLENN GOZA DONNA GRAHAM BETTY GREEN BOBBY GRISWOLD LYNN HALL ANNA PEARL HARRIS MARY ANN HARRIS JANELLE HARRISON JIMMY HARRISON BARBARA HART .GLEN HARVEY ROBERT HEMBREE JEAN HENDERSON JANE HOLLAND JAMES HOLT CARROLL HOPKINS DARRELL HOWARD THEDA HOWZE BARBARA INMAN ANNA JACKSON ANNETTE JACKSON GLENN JACKSON TRAVIS JACKSON CONNIE JAMES HAROLD JEWELL MARION JOHNSON JIMMY JONES MONTY JONES KENNETH KILLOUGH BILL KILPATRICK KNEODAH KIMBROUGH DELORES KISSINGER OLIVIA KNOWLES GEORGE LACKEY CAROLYN LANKFORD JOHN LEACH DOYLE LEMOND BRYAN LITTLE JULIAN LONG D. G. MCCOURY LARRYiWAYNE MCCRAW FRESHMEN '5 ' ' , VIRGINIA MCCULLOUGII RONNIE MCGRAW ROBERT MCLEAN DUNCAN MANN STEVE MARSHALL moms MARTIN DOROTHY MARTIN REBECCA MARTINEZH i DARLENE MATHIS if 'DON MAYFIELD A9 NADINE MIDDLEBROOK BILLIE MILLER DEANNA MILLER PAT MITCHELL MARY LOU MOORE NATALEE MORRIS FRANCES MOSES STANLEY MYATT DONNA OLDHAM NANCY O'NEAL WENDELL PHILLIPS M. L. PINKSTON BILLIE PITT LAURA POWELL LYNN PRESSWOOD REVA PRITCHETT TRUETT RENFRO EDDIE ROGERS ARVELA ROSS BARBARA ROSS 0 JIMMY ROUNTREE KENNETH SAMPLE SHIRLEY SAVERANCE FRANK SCARBOROUGH JACK SELF I ,- Vg G A ,. 'T ,T . " 1 4 'f' , A Alf Fi -is A TAAA W ,, ws If'f' f ' ' T-,V A 'A Z ,'TI Izz' 99 , FRESHMEN '55 :I QI.. II kk qw Q if y ziggy H21 , A,.. I , IO0 WANDA SEWELL TOMMY SEYMORE LAWRENCE SIEWERT NORMA NELL SINCLAIR NORMA SLATON JAMES SMITH JAMES SMITH DON SMITH JEAN STARR DRURY STEELE GARY STRONG HOLLIS SWAFFORD MARY ANN TATUM JULIUS TAYLOR ROBERT THORNTON DELBERT TURNER MARY TUTT ANNETTE VAUGHN PATSY VAUGHN NELDA VESTAL VIRGIL WADE DOROTHY WAGNER DOROTHY WAEHR DOYLE WATTS BILLY WEBB GEORGE WELCH SHIRLEY WHITU5 BOBBY WILLIAMS FLOSSJEEUANE WILLIAMS -EECIKY WILLINGHAM Bos YOUNGBLOOD Arnerico is built on competition. Nothing in the educotion ot o young person develops cornpeti- tive spirit like othletics. From the moment one enters oth- letics, his competitive spirit is shorpened until the desire to excel is dornindnt, This desire to he on top hos l4eptAn1eric3on troditions ond institutions high in the postg the competitive spirit developed in sports will continue to eep rico o leoder in th Www! My lit wr' ,Q iw' ATHLE 102 Copmiins Joe cmd Hub with Mascots Doug cmd Ge-rvis led The Eagles To mcmy gridiron triumphs Tl Abilene High School Mentors P. E. SHOTWELL Athletic Director Football Coach Abilene ......, ...,,.., 2 O Abilene ......, ........ 3 6 Abilene ....... ..,.. 2 9 Abilene ..,..., ,.v,, 1 9 Abilene .,e.,ee ,.,., 3 3 W. K. BENTLEY JOE WEST Basketball Coach Track Coach Assistant Football Coach Football Line Coach SEASON RECORD Arlington Heights .,,Y 14 Sweetwater ..........,.., 6 Conroe .,.. .... ,.,.. .... O Breckenridge ......,.,.,. O San Angelo .,..... ..,., 7 Abilene Abilene ..,...,. ....... Abilene ...,.... ......, Abilene .,...... ....... Abilene .....,.. ....... Pampa., Odessa, Lubbock Amarillo Borgeru, BOB GROSECLOSE B. L .BLACKBURN WILLIAM LAWSON Assistant Baseball Coach Boxing Coach Basketball Coach Assistant Football Coach Assistant Football Coach FOOTBALL 'B ' , - ' , :,.:' fsEs:.sl Row I: Fred Welch, Don Joy, Charles Stowers, Bob Beckham, Joe Moore, Jimmy Garner, Randle Garner, Bobby Martin, Jock Parker, Wayne Lehrer Row 2: Eugene Brooks, Joe Youngblood, Bill Vaughn, Louis Holley, Jim Alexander, Donnie King, .lack Garner, Gayle' Myort, Jerry Turner, Carroll Turner, Tommy Overrncm Row 31 Coach P. E. Shorwell, Coach Bob Groseclose, Glen Tallanf, Leslie Adams, Dayton King, Weslie Adams, Ray Carson, Jackson King, Tommy Estes, Bob Bean, Dickie Seale, Billy Paul, Bill Pierce, Winfon Thomas, Coach Joe West, Coach B. L. Blackburn Row 4: Bill Pope, John Howle, Gene Boyd, Hub Phipps, Leland Cook, C. M. Lawrence, Tommy Seale, Aubrey Owen, Marion Truitr ,XJ ,- , V f . f' W j ' , 1. V ,YY 7 ' Row 1: Hal McGlo'rhIin, Ricky Wyatt, on Cook, James Rose, Don Harber, Earl Kain ' ' Row 2: Coach Bob Groseclose, Don Orrn , erry Hobbs, Charles Pritchett, Billy Dilllelr, Tom Speed, arold Smith, B. D. Loving, Arlen Bynum, Coach B. L. Blackburn A Row 3- Coach Joe West, James Babb, oberf Osborne Gerald Davis, Dick Orsini, Mac Sfarnes, Joe Holland, Larry Peter, Coach P. E. Shofwell A Row 4: Don Smoihers, Frank Liles, .lack Hurf, Robert Fufrell, Perry Pierce, John Forbus, Lee Newman, Bobby Jack Oliver, Virgil Wade 105 FOOTBALL - -. :,. ' sqm gm .ssiyr V, x 'M K H, lix jf - , OO govmm HUB pm O ' P OUNG?-ZXB5 ov 2-CenfOriS' CC7pf . Og BOC, ,Germ ,Veor I 133 01,7 '5'Nleol Exsmcx effemtulv NX- ABILENE WALLOPS CONROE 29-O The unbeaten Warbirds with claws flashing rolled over the Conroe Tigers for their third straight victory. The teams seemed to be well matched for the first quarter, but then the Eagles started rolling and came off the field with a 29-O victory. Five minutes deep in the second quarter Randle Garner passed to .lim Garner for the first Eagle tally. The TD was set up by a Conroe punt that went out on the Tiger QT. A Garner-to- Youngblood pass took the oval to the five and from there the Garner to Garner pass was thrown. Randle Garner hit Bob Beckham for a forty-yard pass that ended with the Warbirds on the one-yard line, after Beckham had pounced on a fumble the preceding play. Gene Boyd blasted for the count, and the Eagles led T4-O at halftime. The Tigers were pushed to their one-yard line midway in the third periodg there Bob Beckham caught Dudley Parker behind the goal for a safety and streaked down the sideline 80 yards for a TD. Gene Boyd kicked his third extra point ofthe night and the Warbirds led 22-O. The final tally came when Donnie King rambled 41 yards for 6 points. The Eagle Reserves were on the Tiger 30 when the game ended. F ED PALM EARL vvsviarciq Mqnlllger Mqnoger 106 FOOTBALL . .: as , ,:.,, T 'V,' , yaisy R is Q 45 T ' :' zq, . -zz . " , K, f y" 5 5 5 1' WJ ' jf 2 ,, so , lf? T A l l T ' QT' x ,fr , :,.,. VK " ' H , me ,w W - ll 5 JO5 ' 5055 8 1140 L! - P- l-I , NXXE 506:28 3'YeoiCkX1c?'9E ll V if gi' TXNX ,df V909 ,qy fer, 5 GU0 Wire' f-0,5 Ffmo 'Z-Xlecli Oxsxud "'Cr 'l P . ABILENE TROUNCES BRECKENRIDGE 19-O WiTh flashes of grinding power The Abilene Eagles wiped grudge No. 2 off The slaTe by ouTTighTing. and almosT oufclassing The Breckenridge Buckaroos, 19-O. The Eagles sTruck Tor a quick Touchdown The TirsT Time They goT The ball, Then baTTled The Bucks To a sTandsTill unTil early in The TourTh quarTer when They pushed over Two more Tallies To puT The game on ice. ATTer sTopping Breck on iTs iniTial drive The Eagles Took over on Their own 20-yard line. WiTh Boyd bearing The brunT of The running aTTack wiTh good assisTance From Joe Moore, Joe Young- blood, and Randle Garner, The Eagles pulled up Three firsT downs and drove To The Buck 29 before Garner Took To The air. ATTer one incompleTe pass, Garner hiT Beckham on The sideline and The ball was puT inTo play on The one-TooT line. The nexT play R. Garner wenT over Tor The score, Boyd kicked The exTra poinT, and The score read 7-O. Early in The TourTh quarTer Joe Youngblood reTurned a Breck punT To his own 38. Five plays laTer R. Garner wenT over Tor The second Warbird counTer. The conversion was missed and Abilene led by T3-O. T mble which The Eagles recovered on The The 'final Eagle score, made by Youngblood, was seT up on a u Buckaroos' 17. Va EW .. T 1 5 Vx :::.. E ., 1. . Elf, if ,,,: 1 is ,,.:.. .,...,, T :-'-1 ":' ":" 5 3 2 E 252525252525 :2:2:2:-' - :fr T ::,:. fs-" sg , .:,: ' I N' ' 'f-2: f T ,,. ' , ""' ' womans T no ' . . if K V I wil" .L O 8 f E 5 5 BE 1 it V V iq E CKH Kwwrff' wcvzxxemori Qyeofldr I 604114 q W '5-Teal 0'i':i'ld All-0-ellefm "HJ PAX' :Shin C717 'IO7 FOOTBALL Warbirds flock Sandie runner. ABlLENE BEATEN BY PAMPA 46-7 Seeking their second straight district victory, the Warbirds iourneyed to Pampa for a clash with the l-Iarvesters. When the dust cleared Pampa had humiliated the Eagles with a 46-7 victory. On the opening play Donnie King pounced on a Harvester fumble on the Pampa 211. King carried to the 15 tor a first down. There the Harvesters stiffened and took the ball on downs. The first two times Pampa had their hands on the ball in the second quarter, they scored and led at the half 14--O. The Eagles, trailing 21-O in the third period, came to lite when Randle Garner intercepted a pass on his own 28 and raced 70 yards to the 2-yard line, i-ie went over two plays later on a quarterback sneak. Playing recklessly, the Warbirds, trying gamely to get back in the ball game, set up three touchdowns in the last quarter by gambling on tourth down passes. 5 Q 1 A sig h :ings , , ,Y V Ti V if s DONNIE KING JIMMY GARNER MONDELL BARNES Back-161 End-155 Back-166 2-year letterman 2-year letterman 2-year letternnan 108 FOOTBALL I Q " , A . ,.,,, . .--, .. Q I 2-is .::.- :" zzi E 1 1 I YA 'aw 3' E - 3, xibhwg -355:52 ziit ,,,-- -: :egg " '-'1-it 'N wsksftigs ,JJ A '!"" g gg 3 .4 wmv . In :wx K Q ,N f xx :.' 2 . 1 , ' M ' I E 1 B ' is tr " - T T f -. if -1 1 LELAND COOK RANDLE GARNER JOHN HOWLE Tackle-243 Back-159 Back-163 1-year letterman 2-year lettermon 1-year Ietrerman ODESSA BEATS ABILENE 35-13 The Odessa Bronchos proved To be Too rnuch for the Abilene Eagles as they overpowered The Warbirds 35-13. The victory knocked the Eagles from The 1-AAAA race and simultaneously kept the hopes of the Bronchos alive. Donnie King climaxed a 47-yard Eagle drive with a 26-yard touchdown scamper around The left end. The extra point was missed. Gene Boyd added The second TD, seconds before The end of the first half, when he loped 58 yards with a pass interception. Boyd added The extra point To end the Abilene scoring for The night. Odessa powered to its first Touchdown with a 17-yard iaunt climaxing the drive. The point was kicked. With only 15 seconds gone in The second quarter, the Bronchos made it 9-O when a blocked punt rolled out ofthe end zone. Adams put the Bronchos in the lead with a 100-yard scamper to start the second half- A drive of 51 yards added 6 more points for Odessa. The Bronchos drove 70 yards for their fourth TD. The final score read 35-13 after an Odessa interception set up the final touchdown. The rough and ready Eagles are reverent during "Dear Old Abilene High," which closes the pep rally. 109 ' FOOTBALL Gomer picks up yardage crgcinsf Sun Angelo. ABILENE LOSES TO LUBBOCK 34-20 A Tlock of Abilene Ecigles sow The undeTeoTed Lubbock VVesTerners ccish in on C1 second qucirTer rolly Tor ci 34-20 win ond Their ninTh sTroighT vicfory. The Wcirbircls were Trdiling 6-O, olTTer Jcimes Sides hocl golloped 52 yords Tor C1 Lubbock Tolly, when Randle Gorner pcissed To Jim Gorner Trom his own 28 cind Garner carried The boil To The VVesTerner 38. He Then piTched one To Bob Beckhdrn on The Three cmd Joe Youngblood wenT over from There. Then The fireworks sTcurTed. ln less Thorn five minuTes The VVesTerners scored Three Touchdowns ond led 27-6 c1T The holf. Lubbock scored iTs Tindl Tolly when Sides wenT over climcixing cz 49-ydrd drive. The Wor- birds, Trying gornely To even Things up, scored when John Howle hiT Beckhorn on The VVesTerner 31 ond Beckhorn rcsmbled over. The Tinol score come c1TTer Chorles STowers recovered cr VVesTerner Tumble on The Lubbock 32. Four ploys ldTer Gene Boyd scored from The nine. The gdme ended wiTh The Worbirds on The Lubbock 33 TighTing vdinly for c1noTher Tolly. T L WW fir' il T . . . ,,,,.,.,.. gg? Q gf ,if 3' T ' 5 515 i ' mf 'Wm f , . V A S' at Tieasiig: :..... V. 'T V -::.-:-. Z:,-..- ' T L .... .f .,,... .... . . ..., . . ,,,, . 1 ., . .... . ii' T 'l""":' 5 , - ., JIM ALEXANDER BILL POPE CHARLES STOWERS Tackle-207 End-167 Guard-170 I-yecir lettermczn 2-year leTTerman 1-year lettermon 110 FOOTBALL ii as 3 Yi , 1 E5 "1 V V ............. 5 lf- 1. "s::. - ll W:-T w 1 i ,i 52:2 f:" 1 53 A i Ti if Y ' Y : 'N T ,Q Q , I ' .,.,.,:-- , , TT -225' A I V:,, - ' " 4' T r . - ws wr . if . 1 M 1 l :FT 'il 7 ' :f.Qif?5' - ? f Z fix , . . T .. ' ,L . T 1 3.4. -cs T E. .-.sf A -.-, 1. L ........ - os.- ,A,,, . f BILL VAUGHN JACK PARKER RAY CARSON Back-161 Tackle-170 Tackle-175 2-year leTTerman 1-year lefferman 1-year leTTerman ABILENE BOWS TO AMARILLO 21-13 - Amarillo's Golden Sandies, playing caTchup for mosT of The nighT, finally passed The Abilene Eagles in The lasT five minufes of play aT Fair Park STadium. The Eagles, playing Their final TilT aT home This season, led Twice in The game, 7-O, midway in The firsT period, and 13-7 afTer Three quarTers of play. The Eagles' firsT TD was seT up on a shorT punT which wenT ouT of bounds on The Eagle 33. Nine plays laTer Youngblood plunged across for The Tally. Gene Boyd converTed To make The score read 7-O. On The Third play following The kickoff, Jack Fry broke inTo The clear and wenT 65 yards To score. The exTra poinT was good and The counT was deadlocked. LaTe in The Third quarTer The Eagles drove 72 yards To Take The lead for The second Time. Taking over on Their own 28, The Eagles drove The disTance in five plays. Amarillo drove 91 and 28 yards respecTively To score and win The game. mf, Eagles waii Their Turn af Breckenridge game. 111 FOOTBALL l Boyd scores agoinsi' Amarillo. ABILENE OVERPOVVERS BORGER 4l-l4 Seventeen TighTing Warbirds ended Their gridiron careers Tor The Black and Gold by sTornping The Borger Bulldogs All -l4 in a Turkey Day game aT The Panhandle ciTy. The Eagles scored The TirsT Time They goT Their hands on The ball. Randle Garner Tell on o Bulldog fumble and Tour plays loTer sneaked cicross from The one. Garner Took a laTeral on The Bulldog Tive and carried The mail across, climaxing a drive ThaT sTarTed on The Eagle 32 and senT The Warbirds ahead T4-O. On The lasT play of The TirsT quarTer Joe Youngblood inTerc:epTed a pass and scampered To The Borger 39. Boyd, Youngblood, and King alTernaTed To The l8, There Boyd Took The oval ond crossed inTo paydirT. The Bulldogs Took The kickoff and rnclrched 6l yards wiTh Bubba l-lillmcin eaTing up mosT of The yardage and passing To Allen BryanT Tor Borger's TirsT Tally.'The Warbirds Took The kickoTT and marched 55 yards vviTh Bob Beckham going over on d pass play covering 22 yards. The half ended vviTh The Eagles cihead 27-7. The Bulldogs cashed in on a Tumble Tor Their final score. The Warbirds marched 70 yards Tor Their Tifih TD vviTh John Howle aT The helrn. AlmosT everyone goT inTo The acT vviTh Youngblood, Boyd and EsTes running and Beckham snagging a pass, Boyd did The scoring when he crossed info poydirt from The six. Mondell Barnes scored The loisT Eagle Tally when he snagged a siray Borger pass and gcilloped SO yclrds To The double sfripe. DICKIE SEALE C. M. LAWRENCE TOMMY OVERMAN Cenfer-152 Guard-l 85 Back-l 40 leyear leTTerman I-year leTTerman I-year letferman l 12 FOOTBALL i V . ,M ' , ,jg - ,,,. , E ... x E P, f .,.,. , ,, W... 5 + T 3 ....,. . . .,.,.,.,.,.,.. . . f " X . znzn z A " ,JN , :.5:z.g" 5' , . 'fi lr . if v i g ,... h M T 6: .:.,- V . .g .,,, : ..,.... - - - if Iirszss , . ::' 1 . I W-I . X i i? My Awww? ,z A A A W my - . 1, gm, L . ibihfg gj V ,pri I tk: 5 . Y ..-- - :-- , ' i '-.. V" 15' 4. f . ""' A 5351 H . -11:5 il M57 N , T .1."f A K ,ik W I A U jk g T 1 y TOMMY ESTES CARROLL TURNER BILL PlERCE Bock-143 Guard-158 End--155 1-yeor letfermcm 1-yeor-leTTerrnon 1-yeor letrermcm 1951 SEASON REVIEW The Wcwrbird Flock, ploying for The firsT secxson in The newly orgcinized 1-AAAA disTricT, ccirne ouT wiTh CI record of 6 won, 4 losT. The Ecigles swepT Through ci non-conference schedule wiTh decisive victories over such Tecims cis Arlingfon Heights of ForT Worfh cmd Conroe, boTh winners of Their disTricTs, cnnd Breck- enridge, STc1Te Chornpion in The AAA division, In disTricT ploy The Wcirbirds defec1Tecl Son Angelo ond Borger while bowing To Pompo, Odesso, Amcirillo, cmd Lubbock IAAAA STc:Te Chornpionl, To finish fifTh in The disTricT. Five Ecigles were plciced on all-clisTricT Teoms: Joe Youngblood, offensive back, cind Joe Moore, defensive buck, on The firsf Teams, Bob Beckham, defensive end, Gene Boyd, offensive bock, ond Jimmy Johnson, offensive gucird, on The second Teorns. King oufsprints o Golden ScmdsTorm. 113 X F 0 O T B A L I. V fi?f sf? 5 Q 151 L I ' l' " ' 1 ""' ' ffl-ltr. lf l' if 'ffl' ....., . -- i I Mi , '24 ,..' ,.... , ,, 1 Mfg 1 " ,. . ' aw A , .ani V ll x , gay Z Eb - . w g.. . . 51. 1 K 51, I 'I ' . , , if 'il -- 53: " JERRY TURNER Center-165 l-year latterman AUBREY OWEN End-155 I-year Ietterman Eddie Poynter and Corey Hobbs, Managers - X Row l: Don James, Robert Strickland, Wenclell Phillips, Don Rhoden, L Charles Hilburn, Kenneth Huffman, Rusty Stevenson, Jim Bowen, Delbert Turner, Duncan Mann Row 2: Dennis Conway, John Greer, Lawrence Wimberly, Rupert Cheetum, Bob Abbott, Mike Galaway, Jerry Ballew, Gaylan Bryan, o ny arnett, Kenneth Wallace, Gary Bruton, Bill lvey, Bob Youngblood Row 3: Coach William Lawson, Wayne Allen, Joe Holland, Arlen Bynum, Kenneth Sample, Joe Vick, Bob Crawford, James Smith, Bill Perry, Earl Vaughn, Frank Scarborough, Jack Self, Dick Miller, J. N. Steele Row 4: James Byrd, John Granville, J. R, Moore, Carroll Cockerell, Dan Boyd, Don Jones, David Ray, M. L. Pinkston, Hollis Swaftord, Bill Mathews, Gary Strong, Coach W. K. Bentley H4 BASKETBALL Row iz Earl Weyrick, Manager, Tommy Overman, Bill Pierce, Joe Youngblood, Jerry Bob Fraley, Randle Garner, Tommy Estes, Cha Pritchett, Manager Row 2: Coach Jake Bentley, Dick Wagley, Tommy Seale, Gene Boyd, Jerry Turner, Bob Fry, Coach Grosse Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene ,.,,,,Y ,,..,.. Abilene e...... ,,7..., Abilene Abilene.. . .. . . Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Snyder .,.,,.,, Avoca ,,,,.,,,,,7 SEASON RECORD ...24 Abilene Abilene ,,,,,., .,,Y,,, ........52 ' 43 Abilene. ...., e7,,..., 4 9 Birdville Y.e,,,e....,......,. 36 Abilene San Angelo .,,,,,,, ,..,A 5 8 Abilene Levelland ..,......,.v,,,,,, Brownwood ..E,.....,.... 54 ' Highland Park Abilene Highland Park 7,7Ao.,.., 51 A Brownwood ,,,,.Y,,,e,,,, 45 Abilene Snyder.. e...... .....Y.. 4 5 Abilene Laredo ,,,..,,,.,, ,..,,,,, 6 6 Abilene Kingsville i,,,.,. ,.,, . H47 Abilene Baytown., .. ,,,.,..,,,,, 36 Abilene Breckenridge ,,,,,,., .oo. 5 4 Abilene Abilene V,,.,.,.. ,.,,e,,, 6 O Abilene ..,,,,,,, . ,...... 58 ries close Lakeview ,,,.,, 53 Winters eee,,, 57 Borger ..,,., 55 Pampa ,7,,,e,L.e ,.,.,e 5 8 Odessa ..A,.., 57 Lubbock e,,,...... ,,,ee,. 5 6 San Angelo e.,,.....,,.,. 57 Amarillo v.,e,,,e. .,.... 5 5 Borger ....... Pampa e,,,,e Gdessa ,,,,,,, .. ...63 ..,....64 .. V,,, 74 Lubbock ,,,.,, .43 San Angelo ,.,uccuu.,,..Y 87 Amarillo ,,,., .87 The hustling Abilene Eagles fought their way to a third place in District l-AAAA. Fielding a team with only one returning letterman, the Warbirds outplayed many teams with experience and height. Showing determination, the Eagles ended the season with a 17-ll won-lost record. .loe Youngblood, the only returning senior, was selected on the l-AAAA All-District team. ll6 I BASKETBALL JERRY BOB FRALEY GENE BOYD RANDLE GARNER Forward Guard Forward Seole goes high in The air for Two points. Fry and Seole Try for rebound. H8 BASEBALL HORACE LOVING JOE YOUNGBLOOD SHERMAN MONK TOMMY MORRIS Pitcher Outfield Third Base Outfield SEASON RESULTS Abilene Winfers ........ ...... Abilene Winiers .............. Abilene ,vv,...A ..,.. G oodfellow Field Abilene Ballinger ..,..,.. ..v. Abilene Hamlin ..,...,, .,.e,,, Abilene ........ ....w.., A nson .....,.,...,.. Abilene Sweeiwaier .A7A,..ie Abilene ......e, ,..,A H amlin .... .... ,,.. Abilene .v,,e,., e,... B allinger ....,..... Abilene ...,.... ..... S an Angelo ........ Abilene .,eie,.. .,.,. S Tephenville .ei,..,i Abielne .....,.. ....e S weefwaier .,.,.,e, Abilene ....e,., .,.,, S fephenville .,.,,.e, Abilene ........ .,... Abilene Abilene ........ ..,,. Abilene Abilene Abilene San Angelo ........ Paschal, FT. Worth Goodfellow Field Wichita Falls ...v.. Wichita Falls ..,... Wichita Falls vsss.. DON BLACKBURN CHARLES DENNIS JAMES HOPKINS MAl2VlN TATE Second Base Short Stop Ouffield Catcher BASEBALL 'Sf ww t cg WSE 'sway RK f r li .. Q ,, rr fzwsiw riff' l Q5 sf' , A , A i f is ttf Q Pk g ..... t , X . V ti- . , , - - . . vs , ,-.. 7' fm - We .....,:,,,q,V:: A, GLENN WOODARD BILL POPE JOE MOORE JOE HOLLAND Pitcher Outfield Outfield Manager The Eagle Baseballers swept through their district with six straight victories against no defeats and racked up a T5-4 season record. The Warbirds won their first fourteen games including San Angelo, Stephenville, and a strong Goodfellow Field nine. After dropping two games to the Paschal Parrots and Goodfellow Field, the Eagles met the Wichita Falls Coyotes in bi-district play. The Warbirds nosed out the Coyotes in the first game 5-4, but then iourneyeal to Wichita Falls where the Coyotes beat them two straight games. i l l BILLY PAUL GENE BOYD RANDALL ANDERSON Outfield Pitcher First Base 121 TRACK . Mile Relay Team: Aubrey Owen, Gayle Myatt, Bob Shackelford, Distance Runners: Raymond Myers, Lynwood Reinhardt, Clayton Delman Wilson Lee, Arlen Bynum, Aubrey Owen, Glenn Tallant, Kerry Williams T SEASON RESULTS AT McNlurry College in the 3AA District meet, The Eagle Tracksters hurled, leaped, and ran far enough and fast enough To gain 59112 points with The nearest opponent, Brownwood, having 49V2 points. ln winning The district The Eagles placed first in high lump, discus, shot put, 220-yard dash, 440 and mile relays, with a Tie Tor first in The pole vault. Fourteen Warbird Thin clads entered in The regional meet by placing in Three first divisions of The district- Over the season the Eagles won Tour track meets including the Brady Relays and The Stamford Invitational. Jumpers and Vaulters: Arthur McMillin, Bill Pierce, Donnie King, Hurdlers: Winton Thomas, Dick Orsini, Bob Shackelford, Gayle Aubrey Owen, Dick Orsini Myatt, Dick Miller, Carroll Turner, Larry McCraw Back Row: Dick Miller, Marion Truitt, Jerry Turner, Gayle Myatt, f"' Winton Thomas, Bob Crawford 122 A TRACK 1 .gs ,. Weight Men: Ferrell Hays, Leland Cook, Bill Gray, Lee Newman, Sprinters: Eerrell Hays, Glenn Tallant, Tommy Estes, Dickie Seale, Hub Phipps, Jerry Turner, Harlen Williams Aubrey Owen V..- fvr Second Row: Don Ormand, Bob Crawford, Don Baber, Delman Wilson, Gerald Davis, Donnie King, Gayle Myatt, Jimmy Moore Row Row Row Row Row Bob Shackelford, Thomas, Aubrey Owen, Coach W. K. Bentley Jerry Turner, Harlen Williams, David Dean, Lee Newman, Dickie Seale, Houston, Bob Crawford, Larry McGraw Arthur McMillan, Clayton ee, 1 ra , John Greer, Newton Hilliard, Tommy Murray, Dayton King Delman Wilson, Lynwood Reinhardt, Bill Pierce, Gayle Marion Truitt, Raymond Myers, Ray Frazier, Tommy Estes, Arlen Bynum, Howle, Carroll Turner Myatt, Donnie King, Hub Phipps, Jimmy Moore, Winton Glenn Tallant, Gerald Davis, Don Ormond, Laurence Wayne Allen, Don Smith, Ronny Brown, Kent Davis, Kerry Williams, Carey Hobbs, Kenneth Huffman, John 1 Coach Joe West, Dick Miller, Dick Orsini, Leland Cook, Don Saber, Egrrell Hays 123 BOXING BILL MATHEWS JERRY BOB BALLEW DAVID DEAN ARLEN BYNUM 5 . 7 23235 ,L RIT? JOHN GRANVILLE RONNIE LEVERIDGE JIM BOYKIN KENNETH PERRY BOB BLACK I ss BEN HARRISON CHARLES HILBURN BILL IVY KENNETH CAMPBELL JERRY WRIGHT L"2--2:1-, "-- ,,,1 I ' 4 H 'EE ":.'f if . ,,.,,, ,, '.',, ' A ,H ,-, , -ttu LA - .,., , 52.23, lnl- ,, ,V I :,:, -:ii I . 1 5 ::,: -1 ,ig-Jie? Y 1 .- EE A 1:: W w E :,. Ki Q I I ,.:5 IF?-" I., f . zz., 1 JI A iw ., ' zi' A 6 ,, :., ' . "" J ..-. : , N .1 ,'- vw W LLJB gli W W fm GEORGE LATIMER JACKIE CLOUD LELAND COOK KENNETH CAMPBELL BOXING Boles looks for an opening. A neor miss on a left hook. Boles Takes a right iob. Cook gets ready for that K.O. punch. Winkler sizes Things up. sf MQ ,f AQ Mein! SYQWPHHZQAE , N,.q-31 . qw 3 fl K4 W ML. W was ' l wr "-.. Eugene Brooks, Coach Carlos Bradford, Ronnie McGraw, Ronnie Honeycutf, Julian Ard, Coleman Burns, G. L. Francis, Clell Kennedy l25 TENNIS Tennis Lefiermenz Peggy Poftillo, Gayle Brown, Nina Sue Burton, Jan Free, Buzzy Sellers, Bob Bean, Owen Cook DISTRICT MEET BOYS' SINGLES Bob Bean won over Son Angelo 6-4, 8-6 Bob Bean lost in finals to Sweefworer 6-4, 6-4, 3-6, 6-3 BOYS' DOUBLES Buzzy Sellers and Owen Cook lost To San Angelo 6-4, 6-8, 6-4 Buzzy Sellers and Owen Cook won Third place over Brown- wood 6-4, 9-7 CHAMPIONS GIRLS' SINGLES Gayle Browne won over San Angelo 7-5, 6-3 Gayle Browne won over Brownwood 3-6, 7-5, 6-3 GIRLS DOUBLES Sue Burton and Jan Free won over Son Angelo 6-I, 6-2 Sue Burton ond .Ian Free won in finals over Brownwood 6-1, 3-6, 6-I JUNIOR GIRLS' SINGLES Annette Vaughn won over Brownwood 6-3, 6-B, 6-4 Annette Vaughn lost in finals to Sweefwafer 6-2, 6-2 Row I: Nancy Bennefr, Dale Byrom, Johnnie Williams, Delores Williams, Sandro Bourland, Jan Free, Annette Vaughn, Karen Tidwell Arleen Durkee Row 2: Nina Sue Burton, Peggy Pofrillo, Clorice Smilh, Gayle Browne, Owen Cook, Bob Bean, Buzzy Sellers, Joe Brooks, Joan Bollew, Coach Jon Canon, Manager Don Southall 126 A ASSOCIATION Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 . Charlotte Lee, Nina Sue Burton, Jessie Bond, Nellie White, Merlene Brown, Ruth Galle, Norma Richardson, Peggy Pattillo 1 Coach Shotwell, Bill Pierce, Mondell Barnes, Bob Beckham, Jerry Bob Fraley, Robert Davis, Coleman Burns 1 Coach Blackburn, Dickie Seale, James Hopkins, Charles Pritchett, Tommy Estes, Bill Vaughn, Joe Holland : Coach Groseclose, Donnie King, Billy Paul, Winton Thomas, C. M. Lawrence, Randall Anderson, Glenn Woodard, Bob Fry il El 5? 3 3 ' X Y l M l 4 Row l: Row 2: Row 3: l Coach Shorty Lawson, Delmon Wilson, Lynwood Reinhardt, Earl Weyrick, Jimmy Garner, Joe Moore, Joe Youngblood, Leland Cook Coach Joe West, Frecl Mosshart, Bob Shackelford, Aubrey Owen, Carroll Turner, John Howle, Gene Boyd, Randle Garner, Sherman Monk, Bob Bean Coach Joke Bentley, Jerry Turner, Tommy Seale, Bill Pope, Jim Alexander, Jimmy Johnson, l-lub Phipps, Jack Parker, Gayle Maytt, Ed Palm 127 KAY CATHEY Head Cheerleader BARBARA STRICKLAND GAIL GRISSOM GAYLE BROWNE NORMA ATKINSON 128 VOLLEYBALL First Row: Nellie White, Nina Sue Burton, Merlene Brown, Carlita Rogers Second Row: Nancy Henson, Gercilzline Schmittou, Norma Richardson, Ruth Galle, Charlotte Lee For two years the Abilene High Girls Volleyball team has been district champions. They have participated in tournaments at Big Spring and Sweetwater this year. At Sweetwaterthey reached the semi-final bracket and two girls, Nina Sue Burton and Mer- lene Brown, made the aIl-tour- nament Team. 1 mo 'D MISS FRANCES BRINGHURST, Coach i 129 ga i ,BBL -M Go Forth to Serve - - - Although the Fovorltes, Clubs, ohcl Advertisements SERVE in dittereht copocltles, eoch ls imoortoht in the development ot the ihclividuol ohcl ot the school os o vvhole. Ps x kv u "T'FF- x X ' ' l -1 QL -- - X., 'F .1 - T, X P new X A . L, Ml" x -, 'SQ If' ' 71 f x 5 A l' TV' ff' X ,JA tktxfl, A K 1 X, X. wg R XX-A 1 Qqx, TQS. ' kr- 4 f P- Y YR xx' V. -. X 1:-' ., px Y X' .-X, 'if 5:1 , . X. -- ' est N - 'ki 1 'X 7-- Q, X ' .X YT' Q if ,A K ,, -- . . r-- - ' . sk sTr"fe- - . 'ax i lf 'Xb - , QL mfs- '23- The T952 FLASHLIGHT Favorites FLASHLIGI-IT QUEEN A,,A,,., SPI RIT MOST MOST MOST MOST MOST MOST MOST MOST MOST MOST MOST MOST MOST MOST MOST MOST MOST MOST MOST MOST MOST OF ATHLETICS E,A, , VALUABLE BOY v,,,E,,,T, REPRESENTATIVE GIRL .,.E.. REPRESENTATIVE BOY VERSATILE GIRL L, L VERSATILE BOY, AT.,, , ADMIRABLE GIRI., ,.., . ADMIRABLE BOY LLLLLLL FRIENDLY GIRL ,,,, FRIENDLY BOYD. DEPENDABLE GIRL ,.,,A, DEPENDABLE BOY .,LL.L REPRESENTATIVE GIRL ...L , REPRESENTATIVE BOY VERSATILE GIRL ....w.. VERSATILE BOY .,.L. ,, ADMIRABLE GIRLS I ADMIRABLE BOY ..,.,., FRIENDLY GIRL .,.L, FRIENDLY BOY ,..... DEPENDABLE GIRL ,,,,, DEPENDABLE BOY L,,,,, Runners-up I .,...., LORAINE LOGAN LWHPEGGY PATTILLO BILL BEHRENS ILA BETH HESTER ,, AUBREY OWEN ,GAYLE BROWNE JOE YOUNGBLOOD ..,.L.,.,JOAN BYRAM ,,,,,,,HUB PHIPPS ., ....L SYLVIA WHEELER .CHARLES STOWERS JAN COOK LL L. MONDELL BARNES BILLIE BERYLE EASON , JERRY BOB FRALEY BETTY RHODES BOB BECKHAM . ,......., KAY CATH EY , ,AI,L RANDLE GARNER ,, SHARON HUGHES JOE MOORE DORIS ELLIOTT DICKSON WILLIS 2 2 x . ORA NIE GGAXI f :NME ..g Q-M W ,sy WE? i iz x ,T ng!! H 6 l.: gggglifiq M' ff 35: f r 1 E Q Q ,f I , m?3'5 ,nuff X.: EQ? m. AUBREY QWEN 4 x xi 5 :SK x :frxlm ff qu pw , , .. , JQAN BYRAM 14 HUB Pl-I PPS 1 TA sasmasasaa-I-5 ' 5, ' T W si'- ,. 4 1 f 1 ' .aisiggsasasai .. 1 YAVV WH A fm JgL..:'1 :T:l:H1m A m . ' Wag 2 1 vii? L Q x MGNDELI. BARNES YQ Mm ffnipvmm + E f ii V, .. .., -YQ? ..,E::-, ,WE-: ------- " -Z.: ---- v, Q YA 14 ,WW v A 1 R 30" fl, E --R.. hgzgf fi X-'Ax iv mf gi if Q xfmf 6 M, gg? lllls " N ix N new ml l if 5 f 5 W W 3 f f E A if vw 1 af. Q X, Q-"F Y V - -. -mms L if 1 I X i li ..,. ,, ' .37 .- 1 ,if':kf. 3 .:-. 'z?T':" '-fi :" I .3-if, BILLIE BERYLE EASON JERRY BOB FRALEY BETTY RHODES BOB BECKHAM Most Represeniafive Girl Most Representative Boy Most Versatile Girl Most Versatile Boy RUNNERS-UP KAY CATHEY RANDLE GARNER Most Admirable Girl Mosf Admimble Boy f, SHARON HUGHES JOE MOORE DORlS ELUOTT DICKSON WILLIS Most Friendly Girl Most Friendly Boy Mos? Dependable Girl Most Dependable Boy 146 JEANNINE ROBBINS TRAVIS WALTON GERALD BROESCHE JOHN CROWE BEN DOZIER English Mathematics Science Distribufive Education Diversified Occupations MILDRED DOWNING BOB HUTCHINS Choral Choral M E R I T A W A R D S 'gl i n Wm - 'S J :": . f l " crar DAVID WELCH A JO ANN MITCHELL Band Orchestra BILL GRAY WARREN McDONALD NORMAN MCDONALD ROSE LATIMER BOB BECKHAM Vocational Agriculture Machine Shop Wood Shop Physical Education Athletics IA7 .I MON DELL BARNES Audio-VisuaI Latin :f.+...L, E.: I v " ' - . ei. ' - gg-:I-21:-'-"':2:-1 L ' ' -T 5::':: - , . Q31 Q ,ki ,M- gfgfiiati ,Q if f u I '- Z DON DRENNAN waaffspwkmg-0 LYNN CRAWFORD Mechanical Drawing NANCY GRAYSON JACK FULWILER RAMONA MILLS SYLVIA WHEELER Spanish History Dramatics I LLOYD ROBERTS Journalism MERIT AWARDS TALKA HA RBER Shorthand ROSA MORRIS DORIS ELLIOTT Bookkeeping Art BETTY ROSS THORNTON JANE NORMAN DAVE SCHOONOVER Clothing Foods Photography 148 'mf A +A, Q6 Clubs in Abilene l-lign ore pri- morily intended to serve the in- dividool. Purposes ot the clubs ore development ot cnorocter, personolity, otnletic skills, vo- cotionol interests, liobpies, so- ciol skills, personol oppeoronce ond interest in Ejts. lapwwlfjfv :Wt zckwifil mW go?-UL ,af-,PWW fQ2,z,fvM K 150 5344 D Zi, ,QMJQ ' Wisiittiftl ZW- L U Travis Walfon, Ramona Mills, Kathryn Young, and Derry Crutchfield are leaders in Scholarship, Characfer, Leadership, and Service. Bs-- 151 THE FLASHLIGHT STAFF The FLASHLIGHT wos ours for olrnost o yeor. Now if belongs to you. We Worked ot our tosk. We spent hours plonning, Trying to i moke the book interesting ond representative ot cull A. H. S. octivi- ties. We diol the best we could. And we enioyed our work. We hope you enjoy the result. CAROLINE HALL Editor-in-Chief NANCY oT2AYsoN BETTY WALTER JAMEs HANKS JEANNTNE TeosB1Ns LGYOUT ECHO' Senior Editor Photographer Club ond Faculty Editor u - nog.. OF 1952 DAVE SCHOONOVER MR. CARLOS BRADFORD BOB GULLEY ssisfonf Photographer Business Advisor Assisionf Lciyouf Ediior DICKSON WILLIS Business Manager RITA BURNS REVA PRITCHETT GAYLE CROWDER Junior Sfoff Freshman Ediior Junior Staff JO ANN STUARD GLENNA DILLARD JANICE HINES Junior Editor Junior Editor Junior Editor MRS. RENA FOY MARY JO MEDLEY BILLIE RAE ROGERS Editorial Advisor Sophomore Edifor Sophomore Eclifor , H-zmzw. THE BATTERY Row lb Ben Wood, Ann Hudspeth, Jo Ann Mitchell, Pat Morgan, Mar ie Meaclor, Carolyn Tate, Nelda Sanders, Lloyd Roberts, Pot Bostic, Barbara Hays, Sharon Hughes, Lynwood Rein ar t Row 2: Sora Adams, Sally Hill, Creta Case, Jane Crow, Jody Chambers, Nancy Graybon, Dorothy Staggers, Dorothy Kent. Ruby Billington, Jerry Stringer, Fred Mosshart, Barbara Gillis, Jan Arthur, Shirley Rogers Row 3: Worth Terry, Jan Holt, Pat Roberts, Jean Collett, Billie Steel, Janice Canon, Donna Harrison, Betty Trentham, Jody Ballew, Eugenia Burson, Betty Orsini, Betty Mulhern, Christine Brown , - Row 4: Sue Watkins, Charles Stowers, Elna Ruth Peterson, Judy Haines, Jan Free, Johnnie Williams, Martha Snow, Gay Froman, Billie Pitt, James Hanks, Lylia Moore, John Cook, Joe Russey, Mr. Lowell Halcwins, Sponsor A few of The Brats at work!l?l 154 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 'S Row 1: Martha Sue Hix, Elizabeth Henning, Derry Crutchfield, Travis Walton, Dickson Willis, Aubrey Owen, Theresa Steele Row: 2: Norma Atkinson, Jan Cook, Doris Elliott, lla Beth Hester, Jo Ann Mitchell, Sallie Willis, A. J. Hoover, Bill Behrens Row 3: Kathryn Young, Nancy Grayson, Ramona Mills, Carol Deffebach, Caroline Hall, Revis Ann Gilbert, Pauline Bontke. To be a member of This outstanding honorary organization one must excel in Character, Service, Lead- ership, and Scholarship. New members-elect are presented aT induciions which are held once each semester. NEW MEMBE RS, FALL, 'l95l Row l- Betty Walter, Gail Coker, Paula Powers, Peggy Pattillo, Billie Beryle Eason, Glenna Dillarcl, .lan BaggeTT, Pat Belew, Jeannine Robbins, Rose Latimer A Royv 2- Dorothy Boehning, Ann Hudspeth, Judy Jarrett, La Jean Moore, Jo Ann Tullis, Mary Marshall, Anna Marie McClintock, Gena Powell, Peggy Ardis Row 3' Bill Pierce, Jerry Bob Fraley, Louise George, Mary Ellen Smith, Martha Ligan, Mariorie Hinds, Jennetfe Crouch, Sylvia Williams, Mary Mahan Row 4- Patsy Vaughn, Worth Terry, Jerry Turner, Bill Howerton, Bob Brown, Wretha Whittle, Lylia Moore, Francine Travis, Bobby Calwell 155 STUDENT COUNCHL Row Row Row Row : Gail Grissom, Peggy Pattillo, Jan Cook, Margie Meador, Nancy Grayson, Jan E-aggett, Barbara Strickland, Norma Elliott, Sue Burton, Revis Ann Gilbert 1 Mary Ellen Duke, Sonya Ponder, Carol Austin, Judy Garrett, Kathy McFadden, lla Beth Hester, Jennette Crouch, Mary Marshall, Sylvia Williams, Ann Cordell, Dick Miller, Bill Ivey : Bill Perry, Mr. Alex Edwards, Sponsor, Jan Osburn, Clarice Smith, Jan Hall, Leta Eidson, Mary Ellen Smith, Patsy Randolph, Dorothy Leggett, Shirley Musick, Don Drennan, Carol Dettebach, Doris Elliott, Pat Muston 1 Julian Ard, Aubrey Owen, Bob Shackelford, Bill Behrens, Buzzie Hayden, Dean Brown, Lynn Crawford, Lloyd Roberts, Dickson Willis, Jimmy Merrick, A. J. Hoover, Derry Crutchfield Democracy in action is represented by this organization, the students' voice in school government. Outstanding projects are sponsored by the representatives each year. l Row Row Row Row I: Betty Joyce anelIe Holley, Paddy Lankford, Claudia McReynolds, Becky Willingham, Doris Embrey, Beverly Tobey,rMarvina Hester, Shirley Busher 2: Martha Williams, Ramona Mills, Jane Norman, Grace Morrow, Paula Powers, Dot Pride, Pat Mateiowsky, Barbara McMinn, Elaine Courtney, Anita Spurgin, Mrs. Kathleen Parker r ' 3- Mary Ann Harris, Olivia Knowles, Natalie Morris, Patsy Vaughn, Benny Cowclry, David Bennett, Jack Self, Eddie Poynter, Frankie Welch, Patsy Claxton, Elinore Cutting 41 Mary Jo Medley, Charles Whisenhunt, Ed Palm, Don Orma nd, Jerry Turner, Tommy Seale, Frank Gatlin, Eugene Brooks, Carl Spence, Jerry Storey, Jerry Bob Fraley 156 QUILL AND SCROLL Row l: Befty WalTer, Nancy Grayson, Margie Meador, Paf Morgan, Jeannine Robbins, Jo Ann STuard Row 2: PaT BosTic, Lloyd RoberTs, Caroline Hall, Janice Hines, Nelda Sanders, Carolyn Tate Sfaff members from The "FlashlighT" and The "BaTTery" are elecfed To membership in The Quill and Scroll, a nafional organization Tor high school iournalisfs. PRESS CLUB and FREELANCERS UNLAUNCHED Row I: Gail Beaver, Crela Case, Nelda Sanders, Sally Hill, Billy Jack Tong, Lloyd Roberts, Chrisfine Brown, Mary Elizabeth Leech, JoAnn John Row 2: Virginia Cox, Jerry Srringer, Ruby Billingion, Bill Vaughan, Carl Spence, Eileen Kincaid, Caroline Goss, Ben Bradshaw Row 3: Mr. Lowell Hawkins, Sponsor of The Press Club, Mrs. Selma Bishop, Sponsor of Freelancers Unlaunched Journalism and "The BaTTery" are main inTeresTs of members of The Press Club- Newspaper work receives full aTTenTion. Freelancers Unlaunched develop Their skill in all phases of writing. These sTudenTs have won many prizes wiTh Their work. T57 DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Distributive Eolucotion is o vocotionol progrcxm which troins boys onol girls who vvcint to follow coreers in retoil stores, wholescule houses, or in service-selling businesses. This course gives students ci constructive meons ot studying cincl unclerstoncling their jobs. Dur- ing the morning, students receive vocotionol troining in the clcissroom. In the afternoon they get on-the-job experience working in stores downtown. MR. LE ROY CREWS Sponsor MARGARET FLEMING SUE ELLISOR Montgomery Ward Holly Shop JO JAMES MINA RUTH JENNINGS AMY LOU DAVIS The Popular Grants Mock Eplen's Cafeteria 158 DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION , 1 -, ix' -1 11- ,. -ass! .. Z Q, r W we JIMMY BARRON Mrs, Baivd's Bakery BILLY WOODS Wes? Texas Brick 81 Tile Co. 1 JAN HALL Grcmfs MARSHALL BARNES West Texas Dry Cleaners ORVA MASHBU RN Woolworfh 1 DAN HARDY A 8. P RAY AVERITT S 8K Q Clofhiers ,f"',-' t- ! 5' V! Q. ARLEN HILE f Grissonfgs' 4 VIRGIL BU RKETT "M" System JEAN TODD Minfers JAMES BARLOW "M" System DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION ...Ax f'N"'m1'Y" ' ' ' I L.J 'Z""""1V-I BENNIE BEAZA Grants DEE ANN FIELDER Penneys CLAUDETTE WILLIS McLcIIuns MARY ANN GRAYSON Bea I-Ic1ney's JOHN CROWE TI1ornTons EDDY NIEDECKEN Woolworth GAIL TEAL Good Friends Shop MONTY JAMES Jackson Pharmacy i FREDA KILLOUGH Woolworfh KENNETH HITT Mintcrs JESSIE BOND McLeIIc1ns PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB Row iz Dove Schoonover, Kenneth Elliott, Jim Brown, Charles W. Bowen, Sponsor, James Hanks, Roy Cloud Row 2: Wendell Hearne, Lynn Davidson, Perry Clark, Robert Button, Bryant Lilly, Charles Bradley This club is made up ot students in the photography classes. They do much of the photo-finishing for The FLASH- LIGHT and The BATTERY. Photography cIub's officers in the A. H. S. darkroom FUTURE FARMERS 0F AMERICA Row Row Row Row Row Drewey Steele, Arnold Jewell, Clinton Lewis, Bobby Crisman, Kenneth Yielaling, Virgil Baker, Jerry Seymore, James Hopkins Max Blackburn, Tommy Seymore, Bill Gray, Loraine Logan, Nell Fuller, Paula Powers, Martha Sue l-iix, Royce Mims, Carroll Parmelly Albert Smith, Lawrence Siewert, Dick Miller, Jack Chapman, Monroe Leverts, John Deatherage, Gaylon Hicks, Kenneth Killough, Jackson King Mr. J. I. Moore, Sponsor, Frank Carter, Billy Clemmer, Sherrill Wilkerson, Ben Wallis, Richard Ware, Welton Robinson, Eugene Gist, Glenn Harvey, Bobby Pratt, Jimmy Allred, John Downs Gary Arnett, Gerald Pe-tree, Jackie Richards, Jimmy Lesley, Bryant Cobb, Bill Pope, Charles Holt, Donald Jewell, Dickey Boyd, Darwin Warlick, Lee Presswood Varied projects ancl activities make lite interesting for these vocational agri- culture students. Participation in tat stock shows are main events of the year. F. F. A. officers, every onel 162 FUTURE FARMERS 0F AMERICA The Ollie B, Webb Chapter ot the Future Farmers ot America is better known to us as the Abilene Chapter. When organized in May ot l93O, it was named tor the Assistant to the President ot the Texas and Pacitic Rail- way, Mr. Ollie B, Webb. The organization was instigated by Mr, F E Tutt, the 'First teacher ot vocational agricul- ture in Abilene High School. Down through the years the chapter has had a varied and usetul history, winning many local, state, and na- tional honors. Scores ot banners and trophies won by the organization can be seen in the trophy case and in the vocational agriculture room, Some ot the more outstanding honors are listed belowi lst place, State Public Speaking Contest was won tour times 2nd place, Tri-State Public Speaking Contest was won three times lst place, State Poultry and Terracing Contest at AGM College, l93l lst place, State Dairy Team Contests, i948 This team represented Texas in the National Contest at Waterloo, lowa, where an l-lonorable Mention rating was received. lst place, State Meats Team Contest, l95O. This team went to the National Contest at Kansas City, Missouri, where the Bronze Emblem was won. Sweepstakes in the Judging Contests at Coleman in l95l lst place, Dairy Judging Contest, i952 3rd place, State Poultry Contest, V948 and V949 The Chapter represented Texas in the National Chapter Contests twice. 163 GanG Row Row Row Row Darline Shipley, Gaye Harris, lla Beth Hester, Anna Marie McClintock, Betty Ross Thornton, Jennette Crouch, Loyce Dixon, Bennetta Couch, Joyce Dixon Dollie Scogin, Birtha Holladay, Sallie Willis, Betty Orsini, Martha Sue Hix, Jeanne Jowers, Patsy Sanders, Julia Winters, Mona Hughes Vernoghn Carpenter, Wynelle Chaney, Betty Jo Craig, Roberta Wilkins, Merlene Brown, Geraldine Allison, Ghloe Boyd, Joy Black, Lylia Moore, Carol Deffebach Mary Fitzgerald, Coleen Orr, Treva Terhune, Frances Williamson, Patsy Vaughn, Janice Odor, Rita Joyce Scales, Martha Phillips, Joann Norman, Marinel Henderson, Caroline Hall Row Row Row Row Gayle Boycl, Frances Wyatt, Carolee Richardson, Mary Pinkston, Pat Garrett, Joan Byram, Ann Cordell, Billie Beryle Eason, June Canant, Revis Ann Gilbert Jenny Lou Thomas, Pat Bostic, Sylvia Williams, Martha Wilson, Jo Ann Mitchell, Gale Adams, Peggy Pattillo Nancy Grayson, Margie Meador, Maureen Thacker, Monique Marler, Frances Blakemore, Hazel Rains, Darlene Talley, Natha Griffin, Tolka Harber, Gay Hunt, Rosa Morris Elna Ruth Peterson, Pauline Bontke, Theresa Steele, Carolyn Tate, Nell Philley, Pat Bruton, Evelyn Taylor, Gayle Brown, Betty Rhodes, Sara Aclams, Jeannine Robbins 164 GanG Row Row Row Row Peggy Ardis, Jan Cook, Kathryn Young, Sue Burton, Joan Wrinkle, Barbara Stricklin, Gail Grissom, Jo Ann Gilbreth, Betty Searcy Barbara McDuttie, Mary Pinkston, Betty Walter, Charlotte Lee, Jean Alvord, Carlito Rogers, Carol Ridgway, Peggy Bishop, Marinda Robertson, Raye Bennett Louise George, .lera Lord, Pat Hood, Barbara Lackey, Delora Strickland, Helen Simonizh, Ramona Mills, Louise Price, Jane Alexander, Barbara Saunders, Darlene Freeman Ann Hohertz, Martha Ligon, Della Louise Kirkpatrick, Beverly Binion, Deidra Hinton, Ruby Gray, Janet Harrison, Nell Pritchett, Janice Wood, Margaret Harvey, Nancy Oldham, Pat Moody, Carol Austin, Kay Cathey Ro W Row Row Row Jo Ann Tullis, Jan Wood, Marg:1rotHarvcy, Norma Elliott, Doris Elliott, Norma Atkinfon, Raye J:-Jn Bowdoin, Patsy Kelley, Mary Mahan Nell Pritchett, Barbara Francois, Lavonne Paschall, Jeannette Smith, Peggy Tate, Betty Walter Elizabeth Henning, Ella Hill, Jeanne Irvin, Doris Rogers, Pat Myatt, La Jean Moore, Mary Darling, Kathleen McFadden, Sonya Ponder, Loraine Logan Martha Williams, Shirley Musick, Mariorie Hinds, Ann Glover, Lavern Whitaker, Louise Price, Delores Thomasson, Jean Inman, Monette Reeder, Nell Fuller I65 The PILOT CLUB and The MODEL CLUB if f N-x Row 'li Paul Harper, Burl Lasseifer, Lynn Crawford, Joe Fielder, Bill Ramsey, Donald McClure Row 2: Miss Willie M. Floyd, Sponsor, Kennefh Perry, Joe Pechocek, James Baird, Raymond Fischer, Merle D. Griffin, Bill Loflancl Row 3: Bobby Cleckler, Guyan Rogers, Bob Ashabranner, Charles Trice, Jackie Askworth, Donald Coonrod 1 Study keeps these boys' feet on the ground Whether inTeresTed in flying planes or making Them, air-minded boys gain valuable knowledge during meetings of These combined clubs- STYLE CLUB Row it Bennetta Couch, Jan Holt, Gail Grissom, Carolee Richardson, Joan Byram, Marinda Robertson, Betty Walter, Verla Dill, Dorothy Jean Arrick, Rita Bottoms, Loyce Dixon Row 2: Ann Cordell, Joyce Dixon, Raye Bennett, Kay Cothey, Carol Austin, Wanda Little, Betty Orsini Row 3: Nan Kiker, Nancy Grayson, Kathleen McFadden, lla Beth Hester, Jean Fitzgerald, Rita Burns, Chloe Boyd, Linda Wagner, Mary Pat Wier, Mrs. C. B. Hicks, Sponsor V Row 4: Carol Deffebach, Caroline Hall, Lylia Moore, Sue Neas, Maurine Henderson, Beverly Binion, Shirley Rogers, Elizabeth Henning, Moriorie Hinds, Julia Winter Fashions, figures and fun find on en- thusiastic welcome in the Style Club. 4. Q 'E ' . , ,si?I5I2:5EEi5iz-I Searching for ways of becoming more stylish 167 CARROUSEL CLUB Row iz Kay King, Gwen Dowdle, Judy Haines, Billie Koy Huckabay, Mary Ewing, Dolores Willioms Row 2: Norma Bryan, Por Hayfer, Barbara Corder, Beverly Toby, Margie Lea, Martha Snow Row 3: Doris Embree, Karen Gentry, Betty Treniharn, Miss Fleur Wa lion, Sponsor, Jon Free, Anne Novak, Nancy Bennert Junior girls compose The membership of This new group, The Ccirrousel Club. They are interested generally in improving Their personalities. Row 1: Lucy Haynie, Ann Hudsperh, Sue Workiris, Pafsy Curbirfh, Johnnie Williams ' Row 2: Sharon Hughes, Shirley Graves, Joyce Graham, Glenn Dilla rd, Jan Baggerr, Lou Marvin,A.Jocly Ballew Row 3: Carrie Lawless, BeTTy Townsen, Barbara McMinn, Dot Pride, Po? Morgan,!Doris Gibbs, Marty Kammerlohr 'I68 P. E. MAJORS CLUB Row 1: Mary Frances Renfro, Charlotte Lee, Dorothy Martin, Nancy Lee Henson, , Pot Tallont, Donna Harrison Row 2: Celia Anne Johnson, Susie Burton, Revis Ann Gilbert, Myltle Ann St. John, Carolyn Lankford, .lo Ann Vletas, Rose Latimer Row 3: Connie Brockman, Dorothy Walker, Pat Hoocl, Miss ,Ian Canon, Sponsor, Annelle Petty, Betty Christian, Cordelia Newhouse, Barbara Soiourner, Elbertine Key, Eulalia Bantau P. E. and sports holcl a major position in the 'activities of these club members. Volleyball and basketball, only two of these girls' sports interests 169 fllf 17' if NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE YZ Row l: Bennie Cowolrey, Mary .leon Medders, Lynn Crawford, James Honks, Nancy Lee Henson Row 2: Jerry Stringer, Kqgpklfig, Don Drennon, Jim Poul Archer, Belly Ross, Bobby Davis, Ruth Paine Row 3: Jimmy Goode, Ronnie Brown, Ronnie Honeycutt, Miss Fleur Wolton, Sponsor, Yvonne Mitchell, Bennie Houston, Wendell Hearne Confesis proviole excilemeni for slu- denls who pciriicipaie in cleclamciiion, debate, and speech Tournamenis. Debaters waiting for competition 170 FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Row Row Row Row Lee Scott, Gayle Boyd, Lula Mae Willis, Nell Philley, Wanda Jones, Nancy Lou Henson Joe Pope, Charmaye Blankenship, Gayle Berry, Janis Holt, Firman Alford, Martha Pool, Jean Collett, June Canant, Edra Merle Guthrie ' Mrs. Edith Ballard, Sponsor, Dave Schoonover, James Hanks, Sally Hill, Carolyn Lankford, Sylvia Williams, Martha Wilson, Melba Lynn Brown, Eileen Kincaid ' Mary Pat Weir, Ann Cordell, Billie Beryle Eason, Frances Wyatt, Pat Garrett, Mary Pinkston, Bennie Houston, Eulalia Bantau, Janice Hines, Carolyn King The Roland B. Greene chapter of the Future Teachers of America has its membership in Abilene High. These students are sincerely and actively interested in becoming competent, qualified teachers. GYM cLu MJ, Row lr Roger Dunning, Bud Ramsey, , Ronnie Leveridge, Marion Williams, Donald Cummings Row 2: Bill Bennett, Douglas Jarrell, Jack Barnes, Joe Sewell, Tommy Armstrong, Dick Jones, Bob Brown, David Dean, Mr. Buell Raupe, Sponsor Tumbling develops agility and co-ordination in members at the Gym Club. l7l A CLUB Row 1: Row 2: Row 3: Row 4: John Burnets, Frank Scarborough, Joe Moore, Aub Owen, Jackson King, Mondell Barnes, C. M. Laurence, Arnold Huddleston, Bill Pierce, Jim Bowen Kenneth Huffman, Kerry Williams, Dayton King, Wendell Phillips, Mike Galaway, Earl Kain, Don Rhodes, Lawrence Wimberly Arlen Bynum, Don Drennan, John Greer, Charles Jerden, Don Harber, Dick Orsini, Robert Bob Crawford Joe Vick, Don Jones, Charles Hilburn, Don Crowder, Don James, Jimmy Fitzgerald, James Kenneth Wallace, James Barnett, Dan Boyd Wayne Allen, Bill Perry, Frank Etter, Futrell, Larry McCraw, Jimmy Baum, Babb, Mac Starnes, Dilworth Sellers, All tielols ot athletics in A. H. S. are represented in the A Club. These are the boys who participate in any sport. Row 'lz Row 2: Row 3: xxx Terry Hobbs, Eol Poynter, Bob Black, Riley Wyatt, Ben Harrison, Bill Kilpatrick, Larry Largent, Red Bryan, Jack Sey, Hollis Swatford Carroll Cockerell, Lynwood Reinhardt, Jim Rose, Dan Antilley, Hollis Keith, Frank Liles, Jerry Bob Fraley, Duncan Mann, Rusty Stevenson, Ronnie McGraw B. D. Loving, Glenn Tallant, John Forbus, Johnny Pensinger, Tammy Seale, Dinsel Evans, Kenny Campbell, Charles Row, Robert Osborne, Bob Lapham, Robert Harrison 172 A CLUB t' Mibbetl a G . C Row I: Row 2: Row 3: Row 4: Carey Hobbs, Earl Weyrick, Donnie King, Leland Cook, Randle Garner, Jim Garner, Bob Beckham, Charles Stowers, Harold Smith, Steve Rowe, Delbert Turner -P-Eg-5,-ff' Joe Youngblood, Carroll Turner, Richard Seale, Bill Pope, Ja ck Garner, Ed Palm, Gayle Myatt, Bobby Jack Oliver, J. N. Steele, Bob Youngblood Garry Strong, Wayne Lehrer, Jim Johnson, James Byrd, Charles Pritchett, Leslie Adams, Tommy Estes, David Ray, Glenn Woodard, Dennis Co awa , James Smith Jo n Howie, ene Boyd, Fred Mosshart, Bob Shackelforcl, Julian Ard, Earl Vaughan, Joe Holland, Tommy Overman, Jerry Turner, Bob Fry, Robert Davis, Randall Anderson, Hal McGlothlin, Dick Wagley Row l Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 l Owen Cook, Don Southall, George Latimer, Rubert Cheatham, Le Roy Crawford, Jimmy Moore, Don Smothers, Arthur McMillin Mr. P. E. Shotwell, Virgil Wade, Billy Psiul, Don Ormand, Fred Welch, Don Cook, Jack Hurt, Bill Vaughn, Jimmy Dan Bourland James Bass, Marion Truitt, Bob Bean, Winton Thomas, Jack Parker, Lee Newman, Billy Fuller, Clinton Lewis, Bill Mathews, John Granville Mr. Jake Bentley, Mr. Bob Groseclose, Mr. B. L. Blackburn, Mr. Joe West 173 ,"N Av, s , 'fl l'fA4v1' . SPORTSMAN CLUB l Row Row Row Row Bob Hawkins, Moxie Bowen, , Jim Boykin, Leg Roy Atkins, Jerry Storey, David Bennett, J Syd Niblo, Daavid Westfall, Marion Johnson, Ben Hines, Marrell Tunnell, Doyle Fannin, Danny Brown, Donald Williams Mr, R. A. McCollum, Sponsor, Stanley Wiggins, Jerry Don Brown, Luigi, Richard Anthony, Joe Tarver, Vic Boldriolge, Ronnie Mya tt 1 John Teague, Don Perry, Virgil Burkett, John Howard, T. J. Lewis, J. D. Butler, Eddie Rogers, Monty Jones, Ray Willioms, Frank Batson Sportsmeri find an interest in Jim's diagram. ati Hunting, fishing, and camping tech- niques are studied by these Sportsmen CHARMALITY CLUB Row IE' Barbara Hays',',Clarice Smith, Carol Crownover, Miss Bobbie Duncan, Sponsor, Pat Musfan, Anita Spurgin, Pat Mitchell, Patsy Vaughn Row 2: Gerry McElyea, Arleen Durkee, Betty Green, Laura Powellfflgggie Williams, Wanda Sewell, Patricia Pope, Barbara Knuclson, Carol McDerme1i', Kofhryn Bean, Nancy O'Neal Row 3: Lauralee Young, Mildred Flippin, 'Marvina Hesferff Jean Levereh, Sandra Allman, Althea Taylor, Vivian Fawcett, Billie Arnold, .loan Sfarks ' Row 4: Martha Fain, Evelynn Coffey, Shirley Ann Williams, Jane Crow, Betty Jean Wright, Carol Nance Bonnie Smith, Eugenia Burson, Coeriene Mashubrn, Norma Copeland New ways of being more charming is The aim of These sophomore girls who are members of The Charmaliry Club. 'Z Those charmingz Qfficersl --.4 I 175 23 VOCATIONAL INDUSTRIAL CLUB Row Row Row Row : Bobby Greenwood, Larry Beall, J. B. Osborn6fj'5ltTn'l5. Hays? Jerry Hunter Jimmy Harrison, Mack Bowdoin, Jimmy SplawT1?JVV'Ei?3T3lLB'i7o wning, James Gainer Dean Brown, Eugene Scott, Frank Brawshaw, Dale Long, Bufforcl Burns, Wayne Maxwell Ivy Daniels, Frank Gatlin, Kenneth Permenter, Leahmon Chambers, Warren McDonald, Mr. John Easter, Sponsor Some of machine shop's wheels 'I76 The Vocational Industrial Club, which is better known in Abilene High as Ma- chine Shop, is a charter member of the State Vocational Industrial Organization. These students develop reliability, pre- cision, and ingenuity by working with machinery. ,f 4 1 xx f SECRETARIAL CLUB QQ, F gf rw" , if JL , A 4, , ' Ji IZ-X if it ma ' Row l: Gayle Boyd, Jean Alvord, Sara Adams, Theresa Steele, Carolyn Tate, Jennette Crouch, Patsy Sanders, Raye Jean Bowdoin Row 2: Darline Shipley, Janet Harrison, Faye Beights, Pauline Bontke, Jera Lord, Louise George, Ruth Hennington, Gay Hunt Row 3: Carol Riclgway, La Jean Moore, Joann Norman, Joy Black, Patsye Smithwick, Norma Jean Lewis, Darlene Talley, Talka Harber Mrs. Yvonne Bromley Efficiency, office etiquette, and person- ality improvement, as well as shorthand and typing skills, are stressed in the Secretarial Club. Secretaries and shorthand 177 FASHION CLUB Row l: Margie Meaclor, Elna Ruth Peterson, .lan Cook, Pal Moody, Ella l-Iill, Billie Beryle Eason Row 2: Norma Aikinson, Nancy Oldham, Mary Pinksfon, Barbara McDuffie, Gayle Crowder, Rita Bonifielcl Row 3: Helen King, Phyllis Barnes, Vernoghn Carpenfejr, Wynelle Chaney, Lavern Whilaker, Eileen Mann, Loraine Logan Row 4: Ann Cordell, Frances Williamson, Louise Price, Nancy Bond, Martha Ligon, Nell Fuller, Betty Bryant These fashion-wise girls are aolvocoTes of The lafesl siyles ancl The pari They playin each one's inolividuc1liTy. FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS President ,,,......V Vice-Presiolenl ,7Y, , Secrefa ry e,,,...,.. Reporter ee,eee.,,e,,, Elna RuTh Peterson Billie Beryle Eason Pai Moody .. .w.,V.,...,. Ella Hill Social Chairman ,,ci. ,c,,. M cirgie Meador 178 FASHION CLUB ,I 7 ml' Row la Waldine Moore, Jo Ann Gilbreth, Benito Trice, Wanda Spencer, Geraldine Moore Row 2: Nancy Russell, Barbara Saunders, Pat Garrett, Frances Wyatt, Mary Marshall, Darlene Freeman Row 3: Ramona Mills, Mary Fitzgerald, Dorothy Richey, Doris Ann!Beaty, Net Eplen, Mary Nell Hammock Row 4: Monette Reeder, Coleen Orr, Deidra Hinton, Sandra Nichols,JSara Ellis, Jeanne Irvin, Mrs. S. P. Henagan, Sponsor SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS President ,, , Vice-President, Secreta ry ,, , ,, Reporter.. ,, ,. Social Chairman, ,Nancy Straiton ., Mary Pinkston Barbara Stricklin Mary Fitzgerald Jo Ann Gilbreth his 179 r i A JUNIOR RED CROSS COUNCIL 'N G Row Row Row Row CCII' iz Gale Adams, Peggy Pattillo, Sonya Ponder, Gayle Brown, Judy Jarrett, Bobbie Sanderson 2: Darlene Mathis, Jackie Goble, iris Isbell, Mrs. W. H. Haney, Sponsor, Darlene Warlick, Paddy Lanktord 1 Joanne Barney, Joy Casseaux, Pat Mateiowsky, Sue Ann Jacob, Virginia Lowery, Marcia Freemean, Dorothy Wagner Paula Powers, Delores Thomasson, Irma Corley, Betty Lou Griffith, Reubel Reams, Janice Hines, Janice Canon, Dora Sue Christian 3 4: The Red Cross Council is o service organization affiliated with the Abilene Red Cross Chapter. They y out projects approved by the National Red Cross. JUNIOR RED CROSS OFFICERS l Row i: Peggy Pattillo, Sonya Ponder, Gayle Browne, Judy Jarrett Row 2: Gayle Adams, Bobbie Sanderson, Paddy Lankforal ISO OFFICE WORKERS Row 1: Carol Deftebach, Billie Beryle Eason, Bobbie Calwell, Jo Ann Gilbreth, Raye Bennett, Kay Cathey, Carol Austin, Miss Billie Tucker, Mrs. Madie Newman Row 2: Miss Mary Baggett, Margie Meaclor, Doris Elliott, Jane Norman, Wanda Little, Norma Elliott, Ramona Mills, Jo Ann Tullis, Jeannine Robbins Row 3: Sharon Hughes, Marinda Robertson, Jan Osburn, Helen King, Nancy Bennett, Betty Tawnsen, Joann Norman, Helen Simonizh, Betty Bethel, Jennette Crouch, Patsy Sanders, Mrs. Pat Farley These are student members of the staff in the principal's office, the registrar's office, the attendance office and the counselor's office. EAGLE FEATHERS CLUB Row iz Barbara Smith, Jan Wood, Mrs. Brown, Sponsor, Jo Ann Tullis, Nell Pritchett Row 2: Betty .lo Craig, Treva Terhune, Pat Vaughan, Nell Philley, Margaret Harvey Eagle Feathers are interested in making A. H. S. a better place to continue their education. This is a new service club which carries out its projects within the school. 181 LIBRARY CLUB Row la Miss Emma Louise Wills, Sponsor, Betty Holmes, Betty Nuckols, Jean Archer, Wanda Elmore, Thelma McKenzie Hazel Rains Row 2: Donald Lucas, La Nell Jones, Tommy Walker, Oclis Lee Cleaver, Glenn Tucker, Ruth Bradfield, Mrs. W. H Chambers Sponsor The purposes of the Library Club are to stimulate enthusiasm for books and reading, to render The library services of The school efficient and effective, and to extend acquaintance with library resources. T82 President, Jean Archer Secretary-treasurer, Hazel Rains OUTDOOR CLUB Row li Peyton Randolph, Tommy Davidson, Harrell Knight, Stanley Myatt, Jess Jones, Pete Borden, Arthur Smith Row 2: James W. Smith, Roy J. Freeman, Brian Little, James Ashabranner, Moritz Lanford, David Kennamer, Sponsor, Robert Watson Row 3: Norman McDonald, Jimmy Rountree, Doyle Watts, Roy Lee Hamor, Bill Fraser, Monty Johnson, Worth Gibson Row 41 Weldon Garrett, .lack Cloud, Perry Pierce, Bob Gulley, Don Baker, L. J. Cook, Rudy Gonzalez, Bob Griswold, Don Mayfield Bob Thornton The call of the wild is answered by thesexfellows lat least during club meet- ingsl when they learn ways to master the out-of-doors. Rex explains the polycholce to interested outcloormen STAGE CREW ancl ACTING LAB i Row iz Norma Atkinson, Kathryn Young, Glenn Beacham, Don Williamson, Barbara Francois, Billie Beryle Eason, Winona Fischer, Martha Ligon, Gerald Davis, Maunie Lou James Row 2: Pat Kelly, Ben Bradshaw, Frances Wyatt, Paul Harper, Gena Powell, Pat Randolph, Nancy Oldham, Worth Terry Row 3: Marinda Robertson, Judy Jarrett, Lynn Crawford, Helen Stewart, Darlene Freeman, Martha Wilson, Mariorie Hinds, Wretha Whittle, Bob Beckham Row 4: Mildred Crawford, Sallie Willis, Bob Brown, Lylia Moore, Tommy Seale, Mary Pinkston, Carol Austin, Jack Garner, Jimmy Garner Preparing the auditorium, stage, and props for assembly is difficult but fascinating. The student body is indebted to the stage crew for their behind-the-scenes work. Real drama enthusiasts are members of Acting Lab. The characters for major productions are chosen from this group. RECORD CLUB ,.. ,W cc,,,, .. ,7 l Row l: Maxine Neill, Evelyn Taylor, Pot Bruton, Margaret Mann, Mary Jean Medders Row 2: Shorty Hampton, Louise Lang, Ruth Thomas, Delora Strickland, Joyce Ferguson, Catherine Carpenter, Pat Myatt, Lavonne Paschall Row 3: Pat Casey, Lamar Reese, Barbara Freeman, Lowell Bailey, Wanda Casey, Truitt Renfro, Joe Wells, Mr. Paul E. Isaac, Sponsor 184 PRE-MED CLUB i l Row iz Pat Randolph, Cathy Bourland, Naomi Gilbreth, Peggy Williams, Anne Crowe, Shirley Worley, Naomi Cundieff Row 2: Coleman Burns, Charles Durkee, George Housewright, Robert Rountree, John Fletcher, Jo Ann Young, Jeannine Robbins lf you aspire to enter the medical profession, the Pre-Med Club is the place to learn of the require- ments, educational facilities, and future in the fields of medicine- DOMINO CLUB Row i1 James Hanks, C. A. Cockrell, Frances Blakemore, A. J. Hoover, Jr. Row 2: Jimmy McNeil, Carlito Rogers, Bo Randolph, Jimmy Curtis, Rita Joyce Scales, James D. Smith Row 3: Lacy Bales, Lonnie Weldon, Emmett Edwards, Lowell Fine, Bobby L. Sikes, Raymond Wood These members of the Domino Clulo spend relaxing club periods playing such games as dominoes, 42, and checkers. 185 i LITTLE E CLUB Row l: Row 2: Row 3: Row 4: Charlene Lenker, Bob Martin, Norma Willingham, Dickey Hix, Tommy Weir, Frank Sitchler, Barbara Boulte, Rosemary Flanagan Martha Warren, Janice Brown, Gay Tiffany, Pansy Couch, Pat Maxwell, Mr. Alex H. Edwards, Sponsor G. L. Francis, Mary Jo Medley, Sherman Monk, Helen Stewart, Norma Elliott, Maurene Thacker, Ronnie Honeycutt, Ann Hohertz, Ann Cordell, Sherod Shatter Ronnie Brown, Bob Hutchens, Randal Wharton, Charles Lunt, Floyd Price, Don Asher, Freddie Mitchell, Al Latimer, Charles Cooper, Alvin Kuykendall, Joe Tauer "Swing your partner . . can be heard coming from the cafeteria when the Little E Club meets there, l for their main actiivty is square dancing. Row iz Barbara Gillis, Jo Ann Vaden, Jack Fulwiler, Barbara Humphreys, Buzzie Hayden, Don Williamson, Winona Fischer, Martha Williams Row 2: Gerald Woolard, Marlancl Winkler, Gayle Berry, Mary' Beth Lankford, Jean Starr, Dick Oldham, Mona Hughes, Peggy Ardis, Mrs. Edith Smith, Sponsor, Helen Simonizh Row 3: David Welch, Jimmy Horn, Owen Cook, Carolyn King, Ann Lewis, Doris Elliott, Monique Marler, Bob Brown, Pat Kelly, Beth McMinn 186 LITTLE E CLUB Row Row 2- Row 3' Row 4 Row lu Row 2: Row 3: ln Mrs. Kathleen Parker, Sponsor, Larryb Morris, John Webb, An na Marie McClintock, Beverly Sue Storey, Arlie Adams Geraldine Schmittou, Francine Travis, Pat Peterson, June Canant, Harry Kirklin, Mart Cleghorn, Dave Richards Sherrod Shater, Derry Crutchfield, Bitsy Burks, Robert McLean, Jeanine Price, Betty Milstead, Mary Canant, Peggy Armstrong, Patsye Jean Lewis larry Peters, Beverly Adams, Shirley Maynard, Gay Froman, Billie Pitt, Barbara Bullock, Jimmie Jones, Jerry Reeves rl Buzzie Hayden, Georgia Wall, Pat Wheeler, Frankie Welch, Margaret Smith, Barbara Golleher, Pat,.Ehoads, Merle Guthrie Mrs. Mabel Reeves, Jacque White, Patsy Rasco, Betty Martin, Jo Ann Boleyi Dorothy Leggett, Wanda Williams, Natha Griffin, Rosa Morris, Claudette Willis Charlyne Williams, Jim McElrath, Tad Wall, John Cook, Floyd Burks, Morris Newberry, Tim Eyssen, Derry Crutchfield, Geraldine Allison 187 ' I A. H. S. THEATRE Row iz Kathryn Young, Paul Harper, Pat Bostic, Don Williamson Row 2: Worth Terry, Lynn Hall, Laquita Fields, Grace Marrow, Ben Wood, Winona Fischer, Rose Blackburn, Nadine Micldlebrook, Verla Dill Row 3: Joe Rutherford, Jeanne Perry, Patsy Cooper, Mary Ellen Du ke, Regina Cook, Ann Mullins, Jo Ann Mitchell, Martha Wilson, Sylvia Williams, Cathy Bourland Row 11: James Welch, D. G. McCoury, Glenn Beacham, Lynn Crawford, Bobby Davis, Laverne Seicler, Darla Suclderth Backstage drama as well as plays are the interests of members of A. H. S. Theatre. They study drarnatics, costurning, make-up, and the production of plays. Row lf Betty Wade, Betty Mulhern, Carolyn Blain, Janelle Harrison, Charmaye Blankenship, Maunie Lou James, Mildred Crawford Row 2: Mr. Ernest Sublett, Sponsor, Joyce Martin, Linda Parish, Deanna Miller, Barbara Francois, Gena Powell, Janette Reed Row 3: Betty Ross, Nancy Tucker, Gerald Davis, Kay Scott, Bennie Houston, Yvonne Mitchell, Patricia Tracey, Alyne Elliott. l88 NATIONAL THESPIANS Troupe 353 REF?-2, S . Row 1: Peggy Pattillo, Kathryn Young, Worth Terry, Paul Harper, Glenn Beacham, Martha Wilson Row 2: Norma Atkinson, Billie Beryle Eason Row 3: Ben Bradshaw, Gaye Harris, Mary Pat Weir, Pat Randolph, Gena Powell, Frances Wyatt Row 4: Jan Cook, David Welch, James Welch, Gerald Davis, Don Williamson, Mary Ellen Smith This chapter of a national organization has ci large membership in A. H. S. These students help with all the bothersome details as well as glamorous roles in dramatic productions. il? at Row I: Lynn Crawford, Jim Paul Archer, Ronnie Brown, Winona Fischer, Cathy Bourland Row 2: J. W. Pelton, Joe Rutherford, Barbara Francois, Sylvia Williams, Judy Jarrett Row 3: Mariorie Hinds, Mary Pinkston, Regina Cook, Martha Ligon, lla Beth Hester Row 4: Lylia Moore, Laverne Seider, Darlene Freeman, Raye Bennett, Pat Garrett, Carol Austin, Nancy Oldham 189 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Row Row Row Row inte i J iz Maridell Fisher, Pat Claxton, Frances Sewell, Anna Pearl Harris, Sue Nance, Mary Ellen Smith, Paula Ferguson 2: Evelyn Baker, Helen Daniel, Juarez Conklin, Delores Kissinger, Martha Phillips, Donna Oldham, Natalee Morris, Marie Blanks 3: Carole James, Roberta Wilkins, Carol Onwiler, Betty Ross Thornton, Birtha Holladay, Faye Moore, Doris Martin, Kay Bostic, Miss Ruby Compere, Sponsor 4: Phyllis Snowder, Lucille Willingham, Louise Freeman, Pat Mann, Ruby Gray, Mary Jo Petty, Sue Spikes, Mary Darling, Merlene Brown, Melba Lynn Brown, Donna Yaw The Abilene Chapter of the Future Homemakers of America is very active in state, national, and rnational projects. These girls are preparing themselves to be better wives and mothers, Row Row Row Row i: Bobbie Colwell, Mina Ruth Jennings, Betty Bethel, Jane Norman, Jean Collett, Dollie Scogin, Juanita Kahler, Lucille Winkler, Reva Pritchett 2: Betty Rogers, Peggy Foster, Naolar Christian, Derlie Campbell, Charlsie Minshew, Janice Oclor, Shirley Musick, Tommye Lowa, Glengla Thomas, Jenny Lou Thomas 3: Doris Rogers, Janice Rutledge, Jeanne Jowers, Mildred Downing, Billie Bosher, Deloris Lilly, Virginia Lee, Norma Sinclair, Theda Ball, Mrs. John Day, Sponsor 4: Mozelle Watkins, Barbara Hill, Gail Presswood, Mary Ann Harris, Jayne Holland, Dorothy Higgins, Arvello Ross, Shirley Nuckols, Betty Mayfield, Lynn Presswood T90 PERSONALITY CLUB Row it Sarah Witherspoon, Mary Margaret Fry, Billie Rae Rogers, Ca erguson Row 2: Miss Ruth Hamilton, Sponsor Row 3: Pat Musgrave, Jan Arthur, Pat Miles, Karen Tidwel JaAnn Hucka , June Holley Row 4: Helen Upshaw, Jan Osburn, Jean Lawless, Ros mary asco, Margaret .lo Dodge, Billie Steele The traits that make one a desirable person are analyzed during Personality Club meeting? W 'mini Row l: Arabella Toney, Joyce Welch, Sandra Bourland, Dale Byram, Sue Stein, Melba Coker Row 2: .lane Davis, Claudette Isbell, Mary Elizabeth Jordan, Martha Ann Pool, Kay King, Beth Mg-QQQ, YVON19 Willis Row 3: Becky Martin, Dottie Staggers, Bette Carroll, Pat Roberts, Jody Chambers, Mary Ann Tatum, Frances Smith 191 JUNIOR ACADEMY OF SCIENCE Row I: Joe lnce, Barbara Hari, A. D. Allen, Olivia Knowles, John Dart Row 2: Julian Long, Wilburn Kimbler, Travis Walton, Mike Bowden, Bobby Williams, Mr. Leroy Parks, Sponsor lnieresi in many different fields of science is professed by The members of This club. Experiments are mcied during The weekly meeiings. GIRLS ALL SPORTS CLUB Row Row Row Row :glare Mae Wal1hall,f"Melba McKenzie, Laverne Parmer, Nellie Whiie, Jeannelle Holley, Elaine Courlney, Joyce Mayfield 2: Mary Lou Moore., Freddie Sue Barker, Barbara Williams, Gaye Burrow, Emily Bowlin, Jeannette Smiih, Frances Cash 3' Shirley Walker, Maurine Mitchel, Shirley Raughion, Aleia Cleckler, Barbara Inman, Donna Graham, Anna Mae Jackson, Beliy Joyce Boyd, Miss Frances Bringhursf, Sponsor 41 Sylvia Terhune, Shirley Moore, Avanell Moore, Mildred Risfer, Naomi Noble, Nancy Collins, Shirley Fraser, Ruth Galle 192 FOREIGN CORRESPONDENCE CLUB Row l: Dolores Nash, Jo Ann Sruord, Wanda Jones Row 2: Mary Joyce Thomas, Rebecca Richards, Deloris Ellison, Jo Ann Burleson, Ruth Paine Row 3: Shirley Jean Busher, Lula Mae Willis, Shirley Clark, Ann Voss, Norma Slaton, Mrs. Kathryn Morrow, Sponsor Friendships with sfudenrs in foreign counrries are culfivarecl Through correspondence by members of This club. WOODSHOP CLUB Row l: Kenneth Harris, Roy McCarty, Conrad Roberson, Glennis Henry, Buford Welch, Mrs. H. A. Dunn, Sponsor Row 2: Maurice Mcl.eocl, Edgar Vest, John Tucker, George Block, Duane Coifon, James Adams, A, O, Gisf . Skill and precision are developed in The members of Wooolshop Clubs as They learn To make wood info many useful orricles. 193 A CAPPELLA 5 Row Row Raw Row Row A S5 Pat Belew, Jan Free, Joyce Martin, Pauline Bontke, Frank Sitchler, Ferrell Hays, Priscilla Lawhorn, Wanda Spencer, Martha Snow, Iris Isbell hi" , Grace Morrow, Sylvia Williams, Marcia Freeman, Bobby Williams, John McGraw, Ronnie Brown, Doyle Purifoy, Don Williams, Elna Ruth Peterson, Barbara McDuffie, Arabella Toney Ann Novak, Billie Beryle Eason, Patsy Cutbirth, Arnold Huddleston, Bill Vaughn, Freeman Blalock, Jim Paul Archer, Leroy Craw- ford, Mary Elizabeth Leach, Martha Sue Hix, Lucy Haynie Paula Powers, Mildred Downing, Jody Ballevv, Bob Hutchins, Robert Foster, Don Johnson, Julian Long, Don Smothers, Karen Gentry, Jera Lord, Shirley Musick Betty Trentham, Martha Ligon, Nell Philley, Preston Little, Bill Howerton, James Rose, Marion Truett, Herbie Wagner, Betty Wright, Eileen Kincaid, Gayle Brown N GIRLS SEXTET BOYS QUARTET Pat Belew, Ann l-lohertz, Nell Philley, Doyle Puritoy, Bob l-lutchins, Martha Ligon, Elna Ruth Peterson, lris Isbell Bill Vaughn, Freeman Blalock l7 X ,, .. 1 EAGLETTES ,U W "L.fA'ff7V7 A' ., I. Row 1: Carla Sue Ferguson, Geraldine Moore, Patsy Musgrave, Janice Jennings, Margie Lea Row 2: Yvonne Willis, Gay Froman, Dale Byram, Patsy Cooper, ,Pat Tallant, Doris Martin Row 3: Dorothy Staggers, Barbara Hart, Derlie Mae Campbell, Patfy Muston, Doris Gibbs, Joanne Barney, Darlene Mathis Row 4: Connie Blakeney, Shirley Graves, Martha Wilson, Charmaye Blankenship, Charlsie Minshew, Delora Strickland, Carol Crownover Row 5: Laverne Seider, Bonnie Smith, Betty Lou Griffith, Joyce Welch, Sue Spikes, Eulalia Bantau, Rosa Morris, Margaret Jo Dodge, Pat Roberts OFFICERS SEXTET file , as f Carol Crovvnover, Pres., Betty Ro5s,YlliggPre5,, Bonnie Smith, Dorothy Staggers, Barbara Hart, Charmaye Blankenship, Sec., Patty Muston, Representative, Carla Sue Ferguson, Reporter Bonnie Smith, Eulalia Bantau, Pat Roberts 195 6th PERIOD MIXED CHORUS Row lr Pat Bostic, Carolyn Lanklord, June Conant, Rita Bottoms, .lan Wood, Ramona Mills, Melba Coker, Mary Jo Davis Row 2: Jenny Lou Thomas, Billie Miller, Marinel Henderson, Shirley Maynard, Laquita Fields, Lauralee Young, Barbara Hart, Regina Cook, Ann Mullins, ,lo Ann Elliott, Gail Coker - Row 3: Sue Burton, Betty Lou Griffith, Bennie Houston, Eulalia Banrau, George Roger Dixon, Leland Cook, Connie James, Marie Blanks, Edna Merle Guthrie, Rose Latimer Opportunity tor ioining a choral or- ganization is open To any student in Mixed Chorus. Members of The A Cap- pella are selected from students in the Mixed Chorus- oth periods officers are ready to sing! 196 . 5th PERIOD MIXED CHORUS I s ,. r .- H 1 , Row I: Virginia McCullough, Nell Pritchett, Patsy Cooper, Flossie Williams, Lorena Vineyard, Joanne Barney, Sue Stein Row 2: Wanda Sewell, Anna Mae Jackson, Norma Slaton, Aleta Cleckler, Delores Kissinger, Frances Smith, lma Griffith, Juanita Kohler Row 3: Kenneth Harris, James Byrd, Marion McLachlin, Bobby Williams As well as singing for their own enjoy- ment, members of the Mixed Choruses prepare numbers for special programs. 5th period's officers smile oh-so-sweetly. 197 BARBER SHOP CHORUS Row l: Bennie Cowdrey, Duvall Webster, Jack Carpenter, Jim Paul Archer, Lorena Vineyard, Accompanist Row 2: Mr. Gene Kenney, Sponsor, Billy Bob Bertram, Joe Sewell, Robert Foster, Charles Elmore, Carl Terry, Edward Wayne Adams, Freeman Blaylock Row 3: Lonnie James, John Cook, Tad Wall, Harlan Williams, Preston Little, Jack Manly, John McGraw The Barber Shop Chorus is o new choral group for boys who like To sing semi-classical and popular music. Secretary Billy Bob, Veep Joe and Prexy Robert 198 ABILENE HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA FIRST VIOLINS SECOND VIOLINS Ja Ann Mitchell Charmaye Blankenship Elmore Cutting Dorothy Kent Carolyn Blain Darla Jo Sudderth BASSES Virgil Baker James Welch Moritz Lanford Johnny Middleton FRENCH HORNS David Lee Welch Gay Harris Don Jones Carroll Dillingham Don Alexander Nancy Tucker Judy Clark '5Sy'tv To 'M'6'rVl'nA Norwood Virginia Gray Gail Beaver Deloris Lilly Wanda Morrison Elwood Melton Dannie Brown Darrel Howard CORNETS Dick Oldham Carl Spence Peggy Tate Lathey Rhodes VIOLAS Vinita Rhodes Carolyn King Linda Parish Jacqueline Garrett CLARINETS Charles Shaw Jimmy Jones Net Eplen BASSOON Skipper Skaggs TROMBONE Travis Walton 'CELLOS Arvid Rhodes Doris Ann Beaty Joy Casseaux Pansy Couch Dickie Hix FLUTES Derry Crutchfield Treva Terhune OBOE Sara Ellis PERCUSSION Mary Marshall Gayle Boyd ABILENE His:-i sci-looL CONCERT BAND FLUTES CLARINETS Derry Crutchfield Treva Terhune Georgia Wall Carolyn King Nancy Tucker OBOES Mary Belh Lanlcforcl Jane Davis Eb CLARINET TENOR SAXOPHONES Charles Shaw Shirley Harkricler Steve Marshall SW? Elm' ALTO cLAmNE1s Gm' 5""'lh Vlnila Rhodes , h H d VJIFISTOIW Barclay Jimmy Jones Burt a Ho a ay Mary Bell Hammock BARITONE SAXOPHONES Allan Morgan Gene Currie A. J. Hoover Net Eplen Dave Schoonover Jerry Siringer Shirley Worley Jean Starr Mona Hughes Arvid Rhodes James Cham BASS CLARINETS Charles Cooper Shirley Spencer BASSOON Skipper Skaggs ALTO SAXOPHONES Jerry Pruitt Wallace Wade Louise Freeman Jimmy Horn Kathryn Ward Barbara Golleher Carol Riolgway Lowell Fine CORNETS Dick Oldham Carl Spence Steve Peake Peggy Tate Marland Winkler Dallas Lacy Bill Vaughan Paul Harper Bill Cumbie Lathey Rhodes Gerald Woolard R. H. Adams Jimmy Curtis John Howard Bobby Williams FRENCH HORNS David Welch Don Jones Gaye Harris Barbara Humphreys Carroll Dillingham Gayle Berry TROMBONES Travis Walton D. Allen Don Williams Doyle Fannin Robert Rountree Don Baber BARITONES George Housewright D. G. McCoury James Adams BASSES ADDITIONAL PERSONNEL Johnny Middleton lN James Welch Jerry Don Brown Jerry Whetsel PERCUSSION Mary Marshall Gayle Boyd Ruby Billington Roy Cloud Firman Alford MARCHING BAND Sandra Altman Lyle Bert Charles Bradley J. D. Butler Virginia Cox Bobby Davis Joe Fielder Glenetta Lewis Karen McGlothlin Jimmy Nix Harold Norwood Carol Jean Onwiler Ella Ruth Paine Martha Ann Pool Lawrence Siewert Joe Tarver ABILENE HIGH SCHOOL MARCHING BAND STUDENT DIRECTORS CLUB Row Row Row Row Johnny Middleton, Dave Schoonover, Gaye Harris, Dorothy Kent, Wallace Wade, Dallas Lacy Firman Alford, Arvid Rhodes, Peggy Tate, Shirley Spencer, Elinore Cutting James Chorn, Charles Show, Lathy Rhodes, lkey Dillingham, Don Burl Jones, Jerry Pruitt, Robert E. Fielder, Sponsor A Steve Peake, Skipper Skaggs, Jimmy Nix, Winston Barclay, R. H. Adams, Gene Currie, Steve Marshall Learning the score-only one of the many details. So you want to lead a band! Student directors receive opportunity and expe- rience in this club which is especially for them. Row I: Row 2: Row 3: Learning is made easier with audio-visual aids. The student body is indebted to AUDIO-VISUAL CLUB ,I J siiisisi i,i:si ,:5:5:5:5z,., .zgzfg PM Q5 Davis Tarpley, Jimmy Merrick, Mr. Vaiden P. Hiner, Sponsor, Travis Wright, Jack Wallace Darrell Kennedy, Clell Kennedy, Jimmy Wayne Jones, Clayton Lee, Dave Lewis, Sammy Davis, Bob Ellis, Jackson Kay Dozier, E. B. Westmoreland, Lloyd Barron, Gary Smith, Charles Alvord, Glynn Jackson, Dan Connell, Billy King, Dick Kincaid, Roy Sherwood Billy Webb, Glenn these boys who operate and care for the movie proiectors and public address systems. AUDIO-VISUAL OPERATORS Row 'I- Row 2 Row 3- Row 4- Joe Vick, Bob Hutchins, Gene Boyd, Jack Parker, Mondell Barnes, Richard McNiece, Randal Wharton, Bob Lapham Don Southall, Joe Wells, Carl Terry, Tim Eyssen, Carroll Turner, Bob Shackelford, Charles Cooper, Jimmy Merrick, Bob Black Sherrod Shaffer, J, W. Pelton, Bryant Lilly, Buzzie Hayden, John Howle, Jim Johnson, B. D. Loving, Arlen Bynum, David Dean, Mr. Vaiden P. Hiner Weslie Adams, Lyle Bert, Travis Walton, Tommy Estes, James Smith, Crawford Lambert, Bobby Martin, Leahmon Chambers, Larry Peters, Charles Alvord 203 DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS y The mciin oloiective ot Diversified Occupations is to troin the boy or girl in the porticulor tielcl of work in which he is interested. His experience cts C1 vvoge ecirner will give him ci proper ottituole towcnrcl his work ond his fellow employees. MR. RAINEY OWEN Sponsor BOB PACE Pender Company BILLY DILLER Abilene Electric Company ff MON ROE LEVERETS McCormick Typewriter Company BOB THOMPSON Tucker-Lindberg Architects 1 ROBERT GRIFFIN Glenn Furniture Company DON JOHNSON Bourlond Furniture Company 204 DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS i i , i i i i L, ill i Ll.- x . a 205 DOYLE PURIFOY Bradshaw Printing Company HERBERT TRANTHAM McAlistcr Construction Company DARRELL WARREN Everett Engineering Company f BOBBY MASH BURN Abilene Electric Company BEN DOZIER Pender Company JIMMY McElra1h Bradshaw Office Supply 1 DONALD CONE J 81 L Cleaners CRAWFORD LAMBERT Grimes Cleaners WAYLAND SMlTl-l Whitaker Machine Company -I FRED CEA RLEY Automotive Electric Company JACK ROBERTS Fulwiler Printing Company JOHN DAVID HAYS Korwer Machine Company EDWARD AUSTIN Lydick-Hooks Roofing Company CHUCK CURRIE F. C. Olds, Architect 1 RICHARD LANDRETI-I Universal Metal Craft BEN DAVIDSON Bennett Jewelry R. E. SWAN Cullor Cooler 1 LETA EI DSON Terrell Laboratories ROY WHITE Abilene Electric JERRY MORRIS Thornton Motors 1 ROSA ANN NEWHOUSE Doctors Clinic HARBER TRANTHAM McAIister Construction Company DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS 206 DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS CLUB Row 11 Darrell Warren, Ben Dozier, Leia Eiclson, Rosanne Newhouse, Don Kennedy, Chuck Currie Row 21 Donald Combs, Harber Trantham, Billy Diller, Jerry Morris, Bob Pace, Richard Landrerh, Fred Cearley, Bobby Moshburn, Doyle Purifoy ' Row 3: Bob Thompson, Don Johnson, Edward Austin, R. E. Swan, Ben Davidson, Monroe Leverfs, Jack Roberts, Mr. Rainey Owen, Sponsor SLIDE RULE CLUB Row 1: Monfe Darden, Joe Pope, John Sarfor, Dickson Willis, Derry Fulks Row 2: Mr. Carlos Bradford, Charles LeSeuer, Bill Howerton, Richard McNiece, Gerald Broesche Skill and accuracy in using The slide rule are gained Through practice during Slide Rule Club meetings. 207 StudentsotAbilene l-liglnScnool are gratetul to tlfie businessmen and tirms tbat advertise in Tbe FLASHLIGHT. Take time to look tbrougn the advertise- ments ancl see vvno supports Abilene l-ligb ancl nelps make tbe publication ot tbis yearbook possible. Slriovv your apprecia- tion tor tneir support by giving tbem your business and encour- aging otners to do so. ADVERTI 208 I .,... .W Lf dx Q K X ': W 4 -...sas-I-I ..... L Q X Q QL H, ,W fx A f i T ...fi , '515:5:iEi':': 1: : MJ WW' wif .Wi W S S wx 4 2 wa, 4 it . if sw 5 S Eg S QAJQE, A 3 s?g igf Wg, .- E , 'Y I ' .ef ..., H ....: ss.: JV- B, 'vm -3 . A A 2 K? ' ww F? . nw E gk -f-'- -'swf Q MNH 2? gl Q 'Y as M 'sg N fy I fx 1,-'J E J i ,U go fgff . X Xfire-you yypndenng vvnere To go To school? If so, be sure Today I ' C if . -- . . . . . . . C 1o.,fWnfe"rl'1eipegigfffqr, Hardin-Simmons University, for Informa- K ya nr'-QL' -,L k, l:.Mf'1 jiojn' oioneegnyin'Qf75fE'Li'yfiozQ1gI,am.ond instruction. You'Il be welcome F "Vu J! jj JiJl1"'! Q- .3 m ' d ,gjiif 'Q f..yyn'eyn-iyou yifeif ine I-MSU Campus. ,- ,, v A ' 'i Xi" X X Y l' ' if A'A' lllll- lllllllllll UIIIVHI' It xiii! RTL' I ki Fully Accredited Maintained by Persons Who Believe in Christian Education DR. RUPERT N. RICHARDSON, President 210 Each Year We Welcome Many ABILENE HIGH SCHCOL Graduates to the Campus of Abilene Clvrislion College N ' H r 'llheministrolion Building ill' QQ, ,ll if ENE ciiiaisiif-xixi COLLEGE - in fl: ey Wiii find 'fy ofriendlycollege ' - ci helpful college o Christian College Abilene Clwrisfian College DON l-l. MORRIS, President NleNlurrq College ABILENE, TEXAS Harold G. Cooke, President dag -r 1 i i '-134: 3 r Msg. .'. ...mm-Ed 'I' SMALL CLASSES 'A' CHRISTIAN INFLUENCE A' FULLY ACCREDITED McMurry is an established coeducational college which offers Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, and Master of Education Degrees. Of approximately 650 enrollment, studies are given during two regular sessions, the fall and spring terms, plus two short terms during the summer. Five different divisions are headed by capable, qualified professors with doctorate degrees. The various divisions include: Religion and Education, Social Sciences, Science and Mathematics, Letters and Languages, Fine and Applied Arts with the courses from the combined divisions being Bible, Religion, Philosophy, Psychology, Education, Physical Education, Library Science, Business Administration, Government, History, Sociology, Biol09Y. Chemistry, Physics, General Sciences, Mathematics, Mechanical Drawing, English, Jour- nalism, French, Spanish, German, Art, Music Theory, Music Education, Voice, Piano, Organ, Band, Speech, Radio Speech, and Dramatics. For details, write 1 Jerome Vannoy, Registra r, lvlehflurry College Abilene, Texas 212 , . A i . ' X-.ffl - ,if 2 " ' sissy -Qi., S", ' T122 . ,.,e..-. 1- TTT1,Qf-:7QTg:'V'?LTiZ, 5' M itac .. will 371+---fwf , - " I ii ir u xrw k- i L Y 4? T 'F ' qfmxw fIne9f' ,fm wwf' x X lull, L 6'WAlY - You Lliiwwwb WON CAN L :ck IT .1 X X3 we A 1 A ., .CVQFVW 1 DOLITKC5 4' X S ure, it's a tough old Worlcl . . .but you can lick itl With your priceless heritage of American freedom you are invincible. Your irzclioidual rights are your best "Weapons, in the Eght to safeguard democracy from an ever-encroaching socialism. These rights must be guarded, and to guard them you must have the courage and will to work, save, vote, and pray. iWestTexas Utilities Oompafyf 213 PER GUUDNESS BAKE y Q"'M'g0Sf Vw? WX, SCX ,Z Il gl d TELI PRIMROSE JERSEY FARMS MILK "Cost No More Than Other MiIk" ll X 5, H V ll c- 1- ,- A 7- ii 'ff' ' b , -A I 1 1 if I' 2 R K6 S25 X15 5 ',,,.,-f' -4 W I 1 D Copr., Cartwright 4 "I'll be a when he can talk so he can . us he wants more . 1 yn W. WILLIS CCN 318 Cedar St. Real Estate 'A' Loans 'A' Investments ir Cox Sz Springer 318 Cedar St. Life. Accident Health. and Hospitalization Insurance PHONE 2-2805 13013 SPRINGER W. WILLIS cax, JR. W. WILLIS CIIX, JII. INSURANCE AGENCY 318 Cedar ST. Phone 2-2805 GENERAL INSURANCE Abilene, Texas 214 F031 PEGEQQZEAME IREFESESEHMENT afwef N-W 171' fasfegs' " f VE I ,, ,qi Q A RUC l ,l l l l-lub, Barbara, Norma, Gail, Jae, Kay, and Gayle all agree tl'iat tor the extra energy needed tar playing the game and leading the cheers, tnere's natliing better than . . . if may f , ' ., I if fifvp' .Q yi ," as ' K if Rewiemeeia-Bgfmef an file fe ,lull abel means quality an the table x X, KX 4. 215 l 'J f""'? fx Pf Offol 569 l I i TelephOpe4-SSW li URT -LI G0 CQMPA Y . . Dealers in . . Lulhber and Building Materials J in Abilene. Texas Since 'I881 216 x 'N M qi? ,e. F A 1 W i , L A N K F V KW .I I 1 1 I L J J x. L e ,. .,, v, X 1 K 6 fx II f ffRNfMT qv f X, , 1 44 . 1, ' , X 0 J Gmsx Ms 220 CYPRESS 217 Jimmy, Peggyy ond Bob ore overjoyed with G THE 1952 BUICK Smwameaawzpwmde hecouse it's A Mighty Speciol Cor with A Mighty Speciol Volue lane Sim gawk Qmpaaq VH SYCAIVIORE "Just ott South First" 28 l Ceriairily Like To Order Over Tliese Individual "Talk Back" Speakers South 'l4l'l'l- Dial 4-9507 d SKYLINE DRIVE-IN Qui for a Good Time ai Your Tlwearre of Certified Hits! 7 W xxx: T iliii :xgzseiariszsfssiz::,.gziT 5fiNlNPi Keep fun going . .. Pause for a Coke x Berfy, Ann, crnd Sherrod visiT one of the Eogles' favorite spoTs . . . ThornTon's ' T T centering To students. The Record I g 'r II T I I Io I d I T I Record Cenfre, lust one of rnony depor men s Centre feofures AbiIene's c1r es co ec ions o 0 e s dn or is s. Your Fovorife Shopping Cenfer . . . ONE STOP EOR EVERYTHING H E II 3 f gE Di g i 4th and Oak IMIIUIEH Wagga' -355555 7- "I "I I"' i' I I2i'h and Butternut f I ' Elmwood West A CITY WITHIN ITSELF Weslie, Kay, Gayle and James get their spring shopping clone early n " 4 ai' "' MA , 222 I' : I ' 'ET ' - f f 1132 , If -Sis-Ha - -,J I5 D I. ij W 0 T D Za AW Jfzflawgeeff ,a-azz! wiffffckfn' I 60146 ' da WORLD'S LARGEST MANUFACTURER OF OFFICE MACHINES, SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT 'I 'I37 BUTTERNUT STREET TELEPHONE 4-5077 ABILENE, TEXAS 223 , - , In fx Q 361 I fig ,. ,N 7-MFY -X NN YEL!! . , x w J gl , .f ' V , e Ld -W Q I UF' V 69 " Pl, 'I X 'L I, ' I 3 qll, , t ff ,J ,ff fe I 'VL . I , ,. ...V I qi fljmxl M lp Q 97 FV fy V t It 'rf' ff fx ., 'tl OF Cn' " fi ' Jef' we 4 ?7coZ'wzea QX - we 0 "1 f AS- ' P I Ls r' H Wt w ' if ,K f pr www" ,yn ' ' l Kg UM' '- . x ,Q V lf 4, 'f 1' ' ft y L A-Q! . f Q I I' I We 9 ,Jef W , .7 f 5 j ,lip 511 Y! .IJ J' gr 1 if Z 4 f' -' 1 1 9-' W, fj ,f ' l P" Xl' ,K .' I Off , ,sw ,ffm W f WJ, ju , J v,' ' Q .ffyj g , The Houee of Better Photography 224 SEE .... IE Mciyiiivm Dj Qskiiied efficient expe fiwoiiqm Z J if . ' Ig l 1 W! fl SX ony kind ot remodeling or construc- tion ioh TWT tm Go hy Or Co i I 2302 Swenson 4-4275 "WHERE YOU MEET YOUR FRIENDS" Sonyo, Noncy, ond Cothy, os do oil other high school students, rneet their friends ot QEHNHC EJTEHZTAERMZEACY ABILENES PRESCRIPTiOixI DRUG STORE T442 North Third Street Telephone 4-5223 CHEVROLET my We 2 f t W ty f mf W I I I HQ jj, M91 ld! WESTERN CHEVRO LET eo. 4001 South lst Street Telephone 2-3201 Sant! 'fexaa .Zemin Eampcmq EVERYTHING TO BUILD ANYTHING 11020 kS T I ph 46232 ABILENE TEXAS Fine ouolity food ond o well- rounded menu ot lowest possible costnvnnoy be found ot the NEW... ENLARGED . .. Abilene High Cafeteria MRS. GUS MAXWELL, MANAGER ,fr 4, ' , , f.,1f , , . I ,n . , 1 . - .ffl .,.i 5 'fi V- I' T' Ffyift,-' ' lx 1 A F l ,.-'v ll ,f li A' l, JU'-E li ' K' 0? In Enjoy life -- eat out moreofibhtl You will enioy one of our specialgl EVERYBQDY er-1S"""E . . A. A' Chicken Dinner -- Sea Food Dinner .IN Am AWE Langford's Special Dixie Pig's Ham Plate Ur A i Q Dixie Pig Drive-Inn Butternut ot lfltn Phone 2-0096 Abilene, Texos 227 HORACE Ho LLY M OTORS T330 North First Telephone 4-7259 The best buys in Cots, Automotive Ports, h ond Service ore toond ot U n ive rsol I Moto rs 902 North Fourth Telephone 4-4335 228 a BIGGER BRAKESI 'BIGGER ENGINEI :NO-SI-IIET DRIVIINIGI i BETTER VISIOINII 'Ifsz Ile IITII ...the RIDE isa REVELATION :SIVIARTER STYLI NGI Jock Yonge Motors DE SO-IG-RLYIVIOLITI-I I44I South First -I-GIGDIWOVIG 4-6236 AbiIene's Oldest-Over 60 years of Dependable Banking Service Farmers 8. Merchonfs Noiionol Bank GQRINIER EOURTI-I E7 CYPRESS 29 Future business rnen and women learn about banking at tbe Citizens Citizens National Bank ABILENE, TEXAS "Where Service Makes the Difference" A Lift for Life DRINK Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. 490 Chestnut St. Abilene, Texas J i LMfL'1z!01fJ .... Wzdbnexo 2901 !glftii6ZlLlfLlf CSL fZele,,Am 4-9731 ev-ilgifene, Zjexzm Iennings Lumber Company U18 Pine Street ABILENE, TEXAS BPS PA! NTS-FLATLUX-GLOSLUX-SATI N LUX LHQJTEQL WHNES L3 Congrotolotions to the Senior Close ABILENES MOST PGPULAR HQTEL Pnone 2-3261 Cecil Worren, Monoger ox-Hunter-Han "We Insure Everything Boi The Greof Beyond" INSURANCE AND BQND SEECIALISTS ZIO EEIIVI Bonk Building TeIephone 4-4363 WU OTE H OTE L ABII.ENE'S Congrotolorions To The EAVGRITE Senior Close on The PLACE TO Cornplefion of o EAT I-Iigh School Coreer NGRTH THIRD AT CYPRESS Telephone 4-4-BI4 J. K. Wollingford, Iifionoger The Horne 1' Bonded Dionfionds 232 Clothes for Young Men and Men Who Stay Young ES-QQ CLQTI-IIEIQS "AbiIene's Largest Sfore for Men ond Boys" T58 PINE STREET Telephone 4-5544 For Your Convenience and Scufetq... -ir DRIVE-IN BANKING Tmi N 'T4 T PTTANRRINOJ SFPTCEE if MEMBER FDIC AND FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM FIRST STATE BAN K 38I Chestnut Street Telephone 2-8455 Tom Wugley Realty Company REAL ESTATE AND SECURITIES U90 North Second Telephone 2-3223 ABI LENE, TEXAS 233 The Best in Jewelry, China, Crystal, and Other Fine Products are displayed at - lf RMA SMITH M ' s C O 5 JEWELEWMOMUMETRIST E ABILENE ' -v- TEXAS T056 N. Second Street Telephone 4-70-45 THE STORE WHERE YOUNG FOLK LIKE TO SHOP I , 4. ,rf 'lt" Your NATIIJNAL snnnnssrunr North 3rd ond Cypress Phone 4-5207 ROYAL CROWN B 0 T T l I N G COMPANY T ,7 ' I , ' f ,I -BO-l -Qhugestnut fl ylfl j ' , 'Pl , 7' 'N , O fl X 'f 'A 1 A V 'itil' ' tfifd f I .' ,- Nfl All lx ' l J l 4 y I gf !1" 7 lf ' I ll V - Q X1 ly f ii' John and Betty know that the best buys in i i C. M. PRESLEY i JEWELERS i 209 Pine Street i Abi Iene, Texas T0 1952 SENIORS . . . at DRAUGHON'S you will find the following advantages: l. Special training tor a definite employment obiective. -5, 2. Successful placement service. Nxt, , -a 3. A chance to prepare tor a worthwhile career at a saving in time 'l L9 'fy I and money. ' 5 4. A sincere personal interest in your progress, with individual f instruction- ! 131772 SOI IST St- 5. Special courses for high school commercial course graduates. Tel' 4-3573 6. Guidance in selecting your career goal. ' Ask tor catalog 7. A convenient enrollment date. D I1 ' B ' C ll ra on s uslness o ege i -ss. - - f se s fuer. -a -ss gv 4 QP . '73 U Xia Q' 2 siNcE 12:94 V, . N 'S . N N lx Q r , .. g l N , J y ', aj "Tl-lE GOQD UNE" "We Give 3595 Green Stamps" Q7QQ7f' j 768 Walnut Street Cor. South llth and Chestnut ihlorthsidei iSouthsidei i - a e 1 235 jewelry are tound at- "The West Texas House" TH E PEN DERK gmpamxcy 1 Munufacturi ng Stationers 273 Cypress Street -Telephone Ll-4339 ABILENE, TEXAS Dqaafz-Zmem! Stone 242 Cypress Street ABll.ENE, TEXAS Telephone 4-7263 "WHERE PEOPLE BUY WITH CONFIDENCE" When lt's Show Time Make Ahilene's Home-Owned Theatres Your Family Theatres lbffrr 0xH1rd7A'r1lf:r1 I.. TE p s, XAS we-M P l Cl Ht 5 lfflflffig F ou rth o nd C he stn ut Te I e D h O m G 4- 6 7 4.,.- .. Doiry Storei l20l Butternut Telephone 2-0276 lee Creom Store: 2-4-2l South 7th Telephone 2-0660 236 J. R. Fielder D. D, Dillingham Fielder-Dillin ham LLIIVIBEII COMPANY Coolds Varnish, Paint, 410 Chestnut Wall Board Telephone 4-8I7I and Wallpaper ABILENE, TEXAS Sash and Doors Q Q ZAEGESQDW IEIUERNHTUESE COL North Third at Cedar Phone 4-4396 A COMPLETE SELECTION OF HOME FURNISHINGS 'f0" - ALD f A X 0 X 6 3 x Z4 Qgecovuliwf' 7301116 ?I1frm?1ffmfz ZOI Walnut Street Abilene Texas I CONGRATULATIONS... BEST WISHES . .. Zhi HTH A MEGA ELK AhiIene's Only Exclusive Bachelor Laundry Service CALL US EOR SERVICE DAY OR NIGHT Plant: I ISS So. Second - Sub-station: Elmwood West Shopping Center 237 IRQ as 33 wi ll oo A COMPLETE HOME EURNISHERS V Jonn A. Wald rop, Jr., Owner Taylor lloonty Lomloor Company OUALITY MERCHANDISE PRICED RIGHT Phone 4-5238 Box 65 7Ol Pecan ST. ABILENE, TEXAS ZEA IIEIEINIE PASTE? "Special Cakes for Special Occasions" Ploone 4-65l 9 l902 Pine Slreel ABILENE, TEXAS Higginbotham-Bartlett Company LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIAI. ' Sherwin-Williams Painls Imperial Wall Papers 802 Pine Street Telephone 4-7l I7 238 I I8V2 Sycomore-Abilene, Texos "A Protessionol College ot Business" Complete Secretoriol, Accounting, Business Aclministrotion Courses, lvleclicol ond Legol Secretoriol DAY SCHOOL . . .NIGI-IT SCI-IOGL Interview: Miss I-Ielen Robinson, AB., Pres. Russeyis Printing Company CALL US FOR TI-IAT NEXT PRINTING JOB Elrn ot Second St. Pnone 4-4722 West Texas Brick St Tile Co. I IO9 Wolnut St. Pnone 2-7879 Aspliolt Tile Linoleurn Ivloderntold Doors Cork Tile Gloss Blocks Foundotion Vents West Texas Coffee SI Equipment Co. 88I Oolc Street Abilene, Texos Telephone 4-7032 I-Ieodquorters tori Fine Coteterio, Restouront ond Soclo Fountoin Equipment Also o Cornplete Line ot Supplies 239 IIIN DKIIIINQI I IIDI I IIIQIDIIYM lib! f ...ZWALM i ff ,l1 is i s MLM 7 i X i Kgm4ezz.,14izme CNW? 7UAo!e4a!ez4 of 1:51001 'corfzizcfes J-lgifene, Qexags Seniors, Congrotulotions ond Good Wishes From FRALEY Sz COMPANY Abilene, Texos YOUR BUTANE GAS DEALER Butone System Ronges, Woter I-leorers, ond Reirigerorors Supreme Cleaners 81 Laundry 265 Oo k Srreer Aeirsnr, TEXAS O E. Moior, Owner Telephone 2-3380 METAL FURNITURE... The Best to be had in Metal and Wood Office Furniture . . .WOOD FURNITURE . I . Featuring Featuring General Fireproofing Lines N I Leopold Lines Herring-Hall-Marvin Lines Stowe Davis Lines and others OFFICE SUPPLY and others "EVERYTHING FOR THE OFFICE AT A SAVING" SOUTHWESTERN LUMBER AND sxipriv COMPANY PRATT PAI NT AND VARNISH WINDOWS AND DOORS ZI I8 North First Telephone 4-7I62 Ieiles Motor o. "OIdsmobiIe Rocket" New and Used Cars SALES-SERVICE I I5I North Second Telephone 4-8585 Awiisummce seiwice IOI S UFIQPCI OITIQ ll' F And Chapel of Memories 542 Hickory Street Telephone 4-4355 ABI LENE, TEXAS Thoughtulness Charocterizes Our Service 241 "EVERYTHING IN HARDWARE" China - Glassware - Kitchenware - Westinghouse, Philco Retrigerators ancl Ranges - Westinghouse ancl Philco Radios - Speed Oueen Washers EH N RIELESEDWGALR CCL The Largest Hardwa re Stockin West Texas Telephone 2-324'I E 526-34 Cypress Street vi Compliments ot I T I ABILENE I Pigg Iyl Wigg ly Stores I I ' Ownecl ancl Operated by I E. C. NICHOLS 5 stoieas CONVENIENTLY LOCATED to sERvE You RIGHTWHIAUNDRY "You Can't Go Wrong the Right-Way" B. H. GRAY, OWNER 609 Oak Street Telephone 4-5295 CONGRATULATIONS . . . BEST WISHES . .. Barnes 8 Williams "WI-IERE FRIENDS MEET OVER A COFFEE CUP" TOI I-lickory Telephone -4-728l 242 LYDICK-HOOKS ROOFING T xxx sw-I Gown V COMPANY 1 5 , , 3 N of Ab'Iene, Inc. i s T 5 Q. J, 9, . it W olv ' 1 Rim.. mes... fmfa zfw . W 47 T vqqr A I ONZFTSO Years in Texas 'A' A lf' REM ST 329 Plum Street 4' P. 0, B... 344 W 'CE CREAM 'io' ' Q? ' - Q 2 cs gage ff Tiff of J. M. Raid ,Qijocery Co. wHoL siiftitgfieks Supplies West Texas With the Best In Quality Food Products Abilene, Texos Telephone 4-62Ol R. A. Bible Hardware 8 Implements John Deere Troctors oncl Implements, Johnson Seohorse lvlotors ond Penn Yon Boots, Guns, Ammunition, oncl Fishing Tcickles, Philco Roclios, Retrigerotors, Electric Stoves, oncl Deep Freezes ABILENE, TEXAS Telephone 4-5024 333 Wolnut Street 2 I 'N1EETY0rJRErQ1ENDs ALWAYS AT ' i1V5fFEEIe1T E H U R S ar A S 41 1DlsTuNc:TlvEgcLoTHlNG E05 WOMEN AND MEN f , '- A 'H -Ju K 1' A 274.fCyprees srfeer , H Tea1ephone4-6158 11 ' 411 Q ,. 1 1 ,. ww, , Af 11? V A Ba1cf1Win Pianos--C01mBan51 Instruments MGDANQI MF11S'IC' Ecco: -ku , nrunun , i'?1'Q""' L ' svn uma E 1 1175 Nerfh sewn Teleprme 2-3735 11 14 1 N513 LAUGHTEP1-NORTH FUNERAL HOME AMBULQNCE SERVICE A N 2g2gOrange Street' f- 1- ' ' ' " ' 1 f Y-'Telephone 446221161 '11 A 'T 1 "1ABilene, Texas " f 1' 'A f A T. Wilson Transfer 8a Storage Co. "'AbiIene's Leading Transfer Since 1895" A 1, A A L1G1-11 AND HEAVY HAULING U 417 1VleSQNiTe ST. P, O. Box 1057 4 x , , I My My U UN 1- 1 19 j ,7f,5 U Ml? f ""' HHN . 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