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ul. ax 4, if ,. .f.,,.--Q., 1 ,R ,SEV 1 4151 ww . I 5?i?WW5ffAM "i l' : 5 ' Q 1 X4 , ffle' , ' --725372 Q f Q f-'Li .Ji - ' W A Q ' 4-1gf.V?Q w -r,fJy.'3 IZ, - QJE' ii 5.541 1 4 FMR GU 3.5 QUEWEU PRESENTS SCHOOLTIME ,Q M at ABILENE HIGH SCHOOL Q Abilene, Texas P -ho IDIEIDHCCATIIOINI ff' Mr. and Mrs. Moore enjoy the banquet Speaking of Time, We think it is high time to pay a tribute to someone who has tor fourteen years taught faithfully in our school. Mr. I. 1. Moore, a teacher ot Vocational Agriculture tor twenty-seven years, has been actively connected with the Abilene Area lunior Livestock show tor thirteen years, cmd in 1947 was elected dean of all vocational agriculture teachers in Texas. In 1948 he received a fld pin for meritorious service from the Texas Vocational Agriculture Teachers Association. The Ollie B. Webb Chapter of the Future Farmers ot America, led by Mr. Moore, has Woniticnany honors for Abilene High School. Among them are the tollowing: F '39-'41W-First in Tri-State Public Speaking '40---Second in Poultry '47-'48-eelimmy Darling was State FFA President Q Abilene High teams Won: First in State Public Speaking f First in Dairy Iudging ' Third in Poultry Fourteenth in Livestock ffffh ,N The Abilene FFA has competed in the National Contest twice, and has senth a boy as 5 an American Farm Delegate. It has also sent twelve boys as Lonejar Farmers. W It is men like Mr. Moore, putting countless hours into unseltish Work'tor the citizens ot our school ariyl community, that are our unsung heroes. With pride and heart-t sincerity we dedicate the 1949 FLQASHLIGHT to Mr. I. I. Moore, who is ceaselessly contributing to' ur Schooltime. ,-. 1 V 'll 41 Understand now, boys? 1 air' Qllcil SCI-IOOLTIME IN ABILENE l-HGH SCHOOL consists of varied things . . . Timegivers, Class Time, Favorite Time, Sports Time, Clulo Time, Timesavers . . . all of which go together to make the integral institution which we all love so clearly. "Dear Qld Abilene High" is not simply a phrase spoken Without meaning, it is something very close to the Abilene High heart ot every true Eagle an intangible feeling that sweeps over the student body at the last pep rally, for instance, and at the graduation exercises. This devotion will remain with ns long alter we have actually completed our Schooltime at Abilene High. VIEWS OE OUR SCHOOL W' Band Room and Cafeteria 'X . E .5 Theli5Eagles' Nest, our gymndsuim and the home of the Eagles, is a familiar sight to every student. Nineteen hundred and iorty-nine marks the addi- tion of a new wing in Abi- lene High. This new sec- tion provides an extension to the cafeteria and a sep- arate band department, with a sound - absorbing playing-room and individ- ual practice and dressing rooms. Hand in hand with progress, Time marches on! a A ,...,,,.MN V It may look deserted now, but at noon this, the East Door, may be seen through a swarm oi girls. lt is also the entrance for many students in the morning, when they dart in just before the first rays oi winter sun. We all love this view of the building. Time- ivers MR. NAT WILLIAMS, B. A., M. A. Superintendent Dear Students: Permit me to say "Thanks" for the happy year ot work. It is the association with fine young men and Women like you that holds tast the ties ot men and women to teaching as a profession. Surely that joy is a posses- sion we can earn together as we work diligently at worthwhile tasks. Franklin said, "Dost thou love life? Then do 'no' squan- der time, for that's the stuff lite is made ot.' So each day we should do that day's work so Well that when we look back upon it a year later, there will be no regrets, for "Time, like words, cannot be recalled." As we look toward another year ot working together for those of us who will return, let us remember "Time is a gentle deity" ever guarding and guiding us accord- ing to our acceptance and mastery of our responsibili- ties. May 1949-50 be a great year. It will be as We make it. Most cordially, NAT WILLIAMS Giving his time for us Hard at Work MR. JOE C. HUMPHREYS, B. A., M. A. Principal Dear Students: We have attempted to teach you the real values of life: virtue, honesty, truthfulness, loyalty, consideration for others, obedience, reverence, and sacredness ot work. We hope We have taught you to take pride in your workmanship. We can continue to build a qreat civil- ization it you have learned and will practice the real values ot lite. May I wish tor each student in Abilene High School successful adjustment to your community and your society. May you have the happiness and satisfaction that individuals can enjoy it they learn and practice the objectives of Christian living. IOE C. HUMPHREY MR. I. H. NAIL, B. A., M. A. Assistant Principal Dear Students: Time: One's experience during a specified period. I sincerely hope the time you have spent in Abilene High School has helped to equip and adapt you to a genuine lifetime of enjoyment and success. May the time-honored customs and traditions ot our school always mean as much to you as they have this school year. The time you have spent in Abilene High School has added much to these traditions, and you are to be congratulated as a student body for your iine school spirit. May I take this timely opportunity to congratulate the 1949 class and wish tor them the very best time can hold. May time prove that the many friendships each one has made will be very valuable. I. H. NAIL Not posing-just thinking 1 MISS TOMMIE CLACK MRS. SELMA L. BISHOP MISS BOBBIE CLACK LI., B. A. BA., MA. L.1., B.A, Enqjish English English F A C U L I I I I T MISS MARY BAGGETT B. A., M. A. English Y B- A-I M- A- Visiting Teacher EHQUSII MRS. EDITH C. SMITH MRS' C. B. HICKS MRS. KATHRYN MGRROW IS CLA DI . BIA, BAA' MIA. M S U NE I OLSEN Enqlish, Practical B4 A. Latin English English IVIITS MAHIAN WALKER ' " J MISS MARY IO HAMILTON MR. ERNEST SUBLETI B' A' Hs., MS. B' A-f M-N 1,'m1Ii::h,lrmzmllisrzl Music Spcewlz F A C U L T H. A. Y Mlilfl IEAHAII HARDY MISS LUCRETIA CURRY B. A. Ili.-:Imy History MRS. M. M. BARNES MISS LUCILE RACK MR. MAX HARRISON If A- B- S-f M4 A- B, S. Education Ilminfy Civics: Sociology Hjsfofy MISS ALEISE CLINE K B. A. MR. TONEY POULOS MR. I... WEST English, Student B, A, B, S. Counselor History, Athletics History, Athletics F W . A , vv:,.' ' ..., I -. V C , M I U I 4 tstt ttttt f MRS. NANCY L. MURRAY MRS. LOUISE BROWN B. L., L. S. Y B. A. Library Library f fx? MISS BELLE IONES MISS MABEL REEVES MISS MARION CI-IAMBLISS B. A. B. A, B. A., M. A. Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics MR. WILLIAM D. LAWSON MRS. EDITH BALLARD MR- B- L' BT-ACKBURN BA. B. A. B- A- Drivers' Education Molhemolics Mczthemulics, Aihlelics Alhlelics F A C U L T B, S. Y Music MR. ROBERT E. FIELDER MISS WILLIE MAE FLOYD MISS LOUISE SELF B. A., M. A. B- Sv, M- S- SC-iemye Chemistry, Biology MISS MYRTLE TRANTI-IAM B. A. Lcztin, English QR Rx NS .I I ' - I SS ' E sw 1. fs- I Sw , 5 .,... ..,, ...,.,:. X . .,L'.,, 3 I. X z ii lie. . ,,,,k , X MISS ODELL IOI-INSON B. A., M. A. Biology MR. VAIDEN P. HINER MISS RUBY COMPERE B. S. B. S., M. A. PhYsics Home Economics F A C U L i T MISS EVA GARVIN B. A., M, A. Y Business MRS. BETH HENAGAN B. A. Ari, Home Economics MRS. YVONNE BROMLEY B. S. Business MR. GEORGE KAERWER MR- W- RAINEY OWEN MR I I MOORE Federailourneymcm BIS- B S 'B S Machinist ' W ' " ' ' Machine Shop Diversified Occupation Vocational Agriculture MII. II. A. DUNN MR. W. K. BENTLEY MISS MARILYN SI-IANKLIN B. S. Mfvwlzrllliwfrl llI!7WlllCj Wr:c1rlSlJcv11 MH. P. Ii. SHOTWELL Ii. S., M. IA. fIll1l0lic'::, MClll19IllflllC'!f B. A. B. S. Physical Education l'l1ysiI'I1l ELlIll'IIllkWI1 F A C U L T Y MRS. LADDIE FOY B. A. Enqlish MISS MINNIE ALICE MAYFIELD MISS BILLIE TUCKER MRS- TQA1 TWORRIS B- S' Secretary to Principal B, S. RGUISYYUV AIIGIIKILIIIFE Clerk BOARD OF TRUSTEES MR. HORACE M. CONDLEY MR. W. E. FRALEY MRS. GEORGE SWINNEY President Vice-President Secrelqty MRS. V. E. BEHRENS MR. RUFUS G. STARNES MRS. THOMAS E. ROBERTS MR. ROY SKAGGS The iaithtul members of our Board of Trustees put many long hours into the im- provements of our school. The students appreciate this time spent, and want to pay tribute to these unseltish men and women. OFFICIALS I if . if MRS. IOM MORRIS MRS. IRENE DUKE MISS MARY BAGGETT AIfC'lIflICllI1'O Secretary fo the Visililiq Teacher Superzzilondelzl What would Abilene Hiqh School be Without the several offices so important to its existence? The staff members in the superin- tendents office, the principals office, the counselor's office, and the attendance office expend their time toward a smoother-run nina, happier school . . . one that We are proud to call our own. MISS RILLIFI TUCKFR MISS MINNIE ALICE MAYFIELD MISS ALEISE CLINE fkfwrefrxry Io the Reqistrcxz' Student Counselor Principal 5 1 wwfviwi Mi. Nail explains . . . Faculty tea . . . our own MI. Fielder . . . Mrs. lliclcs 'eads the spelling bee . . . Pep iallc from Mi. Paulas . . . Mi. Williams loyal Eagle HMI. Harrison seems ia be auinumbeied . . . Child Clevelapmeni cliscussian . . . Llappy occasion. Glass Time CALENDAR Senior Box Supper October 30, Senior Follies 4......,... May 13 Iunior-Senior Banquet . May 13, DICK STEARNS IERRY FIELDS ANNETTE LEWIS OWEN President Vice-President Secretary SENIOR OFFICERS Student Teacher Day , , March 4, National Honor Society March 23, Senior Picnic ,,,.. ..,, A pril 1, Senior Day ......,.. . . . May 25, Graduation Exercises , . May 27, 1948 1949 1949 1949 1949 1949 1949 1949 gf 7 If-?'2?v 1 if NELL I-IUMPI-IREYS Senior Queen 1 F? . YQ. ' L' qw .gg-.11 ..Q ,mg f ' .Q"Hw.5 tw. 4 N: 4.-ng.,-:'syWi im.:..gX,,s ,V ' -1, 5 ' T',K4', ,..-411ome3.:,,-3.1,,gg ' I. D. WHITMAN IACKIE LENEAVE Representative RGDONST MISS MARY IO HAMILTON MR. ERNEST SUBLETT Advisor Advisor GENE AARON Machine Shop '46y Photogra- phy '47: Record '48 Favorite Subject: Machine Shop College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical LORENE ADAMS As You Like It '48: Star Gazers '47: Girls' Glee Club '49: Future Homemakers '49: Librarian Girls Glee Club '49: Skating '49: G an G '49: Pep Squad '48 Favorite Subject: Sociology College: Hardin-Simmons BETTY ASHTON Future Business Women '48- '49: G an G '48: International Students Society '46-'47: Record '47-'48: Library Staff '48-'49 Favorite Subject: Bookkeeping College: McMurry GLORIA BENSON G an G '48-'49: Skating '46-'47: Fine Arts '47-'48: AHS Theater '48-'49: Stage Crew '48-'49g Pep Squad '48-'49g Ta-Te Tri Hi Y '48: Semper Unum Tri Hi Y '48: Dele- gate to Model Legislature '47: Na- tional Thespian '48-'49: Secretary Skating '47y Field Marshal '47- '48: Senior Play '49 Favorite Subject: Dramatics College: McMurry ROLAND BLACKFORD Future Farmers of America '45- '48: Vice-President '45-'46g Presi- dent '46-'47: District President '46- '47: Reporter '47g Reporter Skat- ing '48: Diversified Occupations '47-'49: Reporter '48: Banker '48- '49: All Star Intramural Basket- ball '47 Favorite Subject: Diversified Oc- cupations College: Hardin-Simmons SENIORS FLORENE ADAMS Star Gazers '47: Secretary '47: As You Like It '48: Girls Glee Club '49: Skating '49 Favorite Subject: Sociology College: Hardin-Simmons RICHARD ADAMS Machine Shop '46-'47: Diversi- fied Occupations '47-'49: Presi- dent Diversified Occupations '49 Favorite Subject: Mathematics College: Hardin-Simmons C. L. BARNES Tennis '46-'47: As You Like It '47-'48: Vice-President Sophomore Class '46-347: President Diversi- fied Occupations '48-'49 Favorite Subject: Diversified Oc- cupations College: None BETTY BIBB Tennis '46: AHS Theater '47g Fine Arts '47-'4S: Secretary Ta-Te Tri Hi Y '48: Pep Squad '47-'48p Delegate to Model Legislature '47g Senior E '48-'49: G an G '48-'49g Library Staff '48: Senator Model Legislature '48: Secretary Home Room '48-'49 Favorite Subject: Design College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical KATHRYN BLANCHARD G an G '48-'49: Typing '47-'48: Sweetheart Future Farmers '48- '49: President Future Business Women '48-'49: Future Business Women '48-'49: President Home Room '47 Favorite Subject: Stenography College: McMurry 1 'wi' v f. --an ..,. - 3-'.,."' x'..f1.'?"9'Lri,'3"i, 'imt .v ,N ,Q ' - 'ff 'ML SENIORS KENNETH BLANCHARD Future Farmers of America '46- '49 Favorite Subject: Agriculture College: Hardin-Simmons ANN BOLLINGER Girls Band '46-'477 Internation- al Students Society '46-'47: La Pluma '45, President '46: Co-Op Council '46-'48: Record '47: Pop- ular Record '48: Amata Tri Hi Y '47g Semper Unum '47-'48: Skat- ing '48 Favorite Subject: Civics College: Texas Christian LAVYNDA BRANCH Glee Club '47g AHS Theater '46- '47: Pep Squad '47-'48: Field Marshal '47: Senior E '48: Zenith Tri Hi Y '47: G an G '48-'49g Oi- fice '46-'47g Secretary Home Room '47-'48 Favorite Subject: English College: Texas Technological RALPH CABANESS Chess '46- '47: Record '47: Model '48-'49, Vice-President '48- '49: Student Council '46-'49, Vice- President '49g National Honor So- ciety '48-'49, President '49: Eagle Band '46-'49: Boys State '48: Vice- President Home Room '46-'47 Favorite Subject: Mathematics College: Hardin-Simmons MILTON COPELAND junior Academy of Science '48- '49: Boxing '47-'49y G old e n Gloves '47-'49 Favorite Subject: Chemistry College: Abilene Christian O. C. BLANKENSHIP Future Farmers of America '46- '47: Golf '48, Secretary '48: Di- versified Occupations '48-'49 Favorite Subject: Diversified Oc- cupations College: Texas Technological TROY BOONE Eagle Band '45-'49, Lieutenant '49: Los Leales '45-'47: President Los Leales '48: Operators '497 Vice - President Operators '49: First Aid '45g Record '47-48: Track '45 Favorite Subject: Band College: McMurry I OSEPH BRANDON Music '48g junior Academy of Science '49 Favorite Subject: Chemistry College: Texas University MARY ANN CLARY Typing '47-'48: Dabblers '48- '49, Vice-President '48-'49: G an G '49g Fine Arts '49: Office '48- '49g National Honor Society '49 Favorite Subject: Chemistry College: Hardin-Simmons DON COUCH B Team '47-'48: A Club '46-'48: Tennis '48-'49g Baseball '47-'48: Intramural Basketball '46-'49: All Sports '47: Football '46-'48 Favorite Subject: Physical Edu- cation College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical MELVIN DEARING Machine Shop '45-'49: Vocation- al industrial '47-'48, President '47- '48 Favorite Subject: Machine Shop College: Texas Technological IEAN DUNLAP Skating '47: Typing '47-'48: Fu- ture Business Women '48-'49: G an G '48-'49g National Honor So- ciety '49 Favorite Subject: Shorthand College: Hardin-Simmons IERRY FlELDS As You Like It '49g Vice-presi- dent Senior Class '48-'49: Student Council '48: Vice-President Home Room '49, Parliamentarian Home Room '48: National Honor Society '49g Senior Play '49 Favorite Subject: Physics College: Texas University MARY IO FRAZIER AHS Theater '46-'48: Press '48- '49g Ouill and Scroll '48-'49: Glee Club '46-'47: National Thespian '46-'48: Battery '47-'49, Advertis- ing Co-Manager '47-'48, Business Manager '48-'49: Student Council '4'7: National Honor Society '49 Favorite Subject: Science College: Hardin-Simmons ANN GILBERT Typing '48-'49: G an G '49 Favorite Subject: Design College: McMurry SENIORS IOETTE DIPPLE AHS Theater '46-'48g Senior E '48-'49, President '48-'49: G an G '49, Vice-President '49: National Thespian '47-'49, Vice-President '48: Ta-Te Tri-Hi-Y '48-'49, Pro- gram Chairman '48-'49: Pep Squad '47-'48: Student Council '47- -'49: A Cappella '48-'49: Decla- mation '47-'49: Senior Play '49 Favorite Subject: A Cappella College: Hockaday IAMES EDINGTON "A" Club '45: Rifle '45: "A" Club '46: "A" Association '46-'48: Captain Track Team '47-'4B: Pres- ident Home Room '48 Favorite Subject: Machine Shop College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical BOBBIE FOY As You Like lt '47-'48: Skating '48-'49: G an G '49 Favorite Subject: Mathematics Career: Secretary FRANCES GENTRY Skating '46: AHS Theater '47g Record '47-'48: Music '48-'49: Vice-President Skating '46: Girls Band '47: Eagle Band '47-'48: G an G '49 Favorite Subject: English College: Hardin-Simmons EDNA PAYE GOLLEHER Hiking '46-'47: Readers '47-'49: G an G '49 Favorite Subject: Bookkeeping College: Hendrick School of Nursing Q 03 SENIORS SHIRLEY GOOCH F u t u r e Homemakers '46-'47: Pep Squad '47-'48: Attendance Office '48-'49: I-Iome Room Re- porter '48g Flashlight, '497 Senior Editor Flashlight '49: Typing '47- '48g G an G '48-'49g Quill and Scroll '48-'49: Library Staff '47- '48: Usher Senior Play '49y THSPA Delegate '48 Favorite Subject: Dramatics College: Hardin-Simmons ELIZABETH GRISSOM Photography '46-'47g Reporter Photography '47: Little E '47-'48: Senior E '48-'49g G an G '49: Si- wamasis Tri Hi Y '48-'49: Student Council '47-'49: Lost and Found '48-'49: Secretary Home Room '46- '48: Merit Award Homemaking '48g National Honor Society '49 Favorite Subject: Homemaking College: Sophia Newcomb ANNIE IO HAMILTON Skating '46-'477 Typing '47-'48: Semper Unum Tri Hi Y '47-'48: Future Business Women '48: G an G '49 Favorite Subject: Shorthand College: Abilene Christian FRED HAWKINS Rifle '47g All Sports '48g In- victus Hi Y '48-'49: Operators '49: Stage Crew '49: Intramural Bas- ketball '47-'49g Intramural Volley- ball '47-'49g Student Council '48: President Home Room '47g Nation- al Honor Society '49p Senior Play '49 Favorite Subject: Physics College: Texas University BURCHEL HENDERSON Pilots '46-'47: Record '47-'48: Operators '48-'49 Favorite Subject: Physics College: Radio School PRISCILLA GRIFFITH AHS Theater '47-'48: Press '48- '497 Secretary Press '48: Quill and Scroll '48-'49: Battery '47-'48g Business Co-Manager Battery '47- '48: Business Co-Manager Battery '48-'49p G an G '49: Senior Play '49 Favorite Subject: Science College: Baylor School of Nurs- ing LORE'I'I'A HALEY Reading '48-'49 Favorite Subject: Design College: None BILLY IOE HAMMOND All Sports '47-'48: Bowling '48 Favorite Subject: Mathematics College: McMurry HUBERT HAYS Diversified Occupations '48-'49g Reporter Diversified Occupations '49g President Home Room '49 Favorite Subject: Diversified Occupations College: Hardin-Simmons METTA IUAN HERMAN Skating '46: Fine Arts '47: Sen- ior E '48: Reporter Senior E '48g G an G '49y Siwamasis Tri Hi Y '49: Pep Squad '47: Vice-Presi- dent Pep Squad '49: Hall Patrol '47: Secretary Home Room '47 Favorite Subject: Civics College: Baylor School oi Nurs- ing BORDEN HESLEP B Club '46: Track '46: lntra- mural Basketball '47-'48: Future Farmers '47-'48: A Cappella '48- '49: National Thespian '48-'49: Stage Crew '48-'49: Battery Pho- tographer '48-'49: Declamation '47-'48g Historian Future Farmers '48: Corkers Hi Y '48-'49g Senior Play '49 Favorite Subject: Photography College: Hardin-Simmons DAVID SCOTT HOLLAND A Club '47-'49g A Association '48-'49g President A Association '48: Sophomore Class President '47: Captain Football Team '49: Football '46-'48: Track '47y Bas- ketball '47-'49 Favorite Subject: Physical Ed- ucation College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical ROGER HOPKINS Future Fanners '46-'49 Favorite Subject: Vocational Agriculture College: Texas Technological NELL HUMPHREYS Skating '46-'47: Reading '47-'48: Fine Arts '48-'49g Glee Club '46- '47: Senior Queen '48-'49: Flash- light Queen '48-'49: President Skating '46: Student Council '47p Secretary Home Room '48: Vice- President Reading '48 Favorite Subject: Homemaking College: Hardin-Simmons IACQUE NELL HUNTER Fine Arts '47-'48: Senior E '48- '49: Semper Unum Tri Ht Y '48- '497 G an G '48-'49: Pep Squad '47-'48: junior Queen '47-'48: Sec- retary A Cappella '48-'49: Secre- tary Senior E Club '48-'49: Sweet- heart Future Farmers '47-'48: Spirit of Athletics '49 Favorite Subject: A Cappella College: North Texas State SENIORS BILLIE lEAN HOGG A H S Theater '49: National Thespian '49: G an G '49g Eagle Band '49: Fidelis Hi Y '49y Sec- retary AHS Theater '49, Favorite Subject: Band College: Louisiana State Uni- versity ROSELLE HOLT Quill and Scroll '47-'49: Presi- dent Quill and Scroll '49: Editor Flashlight '48-'49: Flashlight '46- '49: National Thespian '48-'49g National Honor Society '48-'49: Reporter National Honor Society '49: Delegate to Hi Y Convention Pampa '47: Delegate to THSPA Denton '47-'48: G an G '48-'49g Student Council '48-'49: Questors Tri Hi Y '47-'48g Zenith Tri Hi Y '48-'49 Favorite Subject: English College: Randoph-Macon Wom- an's College IOHN lAY HORN Pilots '46-'47: Hypo Hi Y '47-'48: junior Academy of Science '47- '48: Classical Record '47-'48: Model '48-'49: Eagle Band '46-'49g Photographer Battery '48-'49: Sec- retary l-lypo '47g Senior Play '49 Favorite Subject: Photography College: Hardin-Simmons OPAL HUNT Diversified Occupations '48-'49: G an G '49 Favorite Subject: Chemistry College: Texas Technological l OHN l ACKSON Diversified Occupations '48-'49: Treasurer Diversified Occupations '48-'49 Favorite Subject: American His- tory College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical O 3,... Qu .,g.?' of -1 if t f y? ti x'-'7 Sw xc .Q A30 vu ,ylutiiilfsz 'Hifi , Tvkomldg win Jaxx Qi :W qw, A 'll "Nez" 5' l ff: . llffi i fi EQIP -1:-'We at -'-:.,'j'. . . 1 w 'Uk - ' Ning' 1 SENIORS DALTON IOHNSON Future Farmers '47-'49: B Club '47g Football '47: Baseball '47-'48 Favorite Subject: Agriculture College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical CHARLENE KILGORE Tennis '47g Correspondence '-47: Typing '48g Skating '48: Tennis '49: Bowling '49: Fidelis Tri Hi Y '49: G an G '49 Favorite Subject: Photography College: Hardin-Simmons RUBY IANE KINCAID Photography '46-'47g AHS Theater '47-'48g Press '48-'49: Na- tional Thespian '48-'49: Reporter National Thespian '48-'49: Man- aging Editor Battery '48-'49: Girls Band '46-'49: Eagle Band '47- '49g Reporter Eagle Band '49: Ouill and Scroll '49: G an G '49g Sec- retary Home Room '47g Senior Play '49 Favorite Subject: Photography College: Hardin-Simmons FRANCES LAMBERT Tennis '46: Skating '46: Press '48-'49: Pep Squad '47-'48: G an G '49p Hall Patrol '47g Library '49: Reporter Home Room '49g Typist Battery '49: Circulation Staff Battery '49g National Honor Society '49 Favorite Subject: Algebra College: Abilene Christian GERALDINE LEVRETS Literary Awards '47: Secretary Literary Awards '47: Typing '48: Sweetheart Future Farmers '47- '49y Future Business Women '48- '49: Secretary Future Business Vtlornen '48g G an G '49: Presi- dent G an G '49: Hall Patrol '47- '48p Office '48-'49y President Home Room '47-'48 Favorite Subject: Shorthand College: Hardin-Simmons LYNDON KEY Rifle '47g All Sports '48: Future Farmers '48-'49 Favorite Subject: Vocational Agriculture College: Abilene Christian MARGIE KILGROVE Hiking '46: Readers '47-'48g Vice-President Readers '47: Sec- retary Readers '48 Favorite Subject: Typing College: Draughon's Business College HAROLD KLINGMAN Football '46-'47g B Team '47: A Club '47-'-48: Slide Rule '48-'49y Sergeant-at-Arms '48-'49g Tennis '48-'49g Baseball '47-'48g Intramu- ral Basketball '46-'49 Favorite Subject: Mathematics College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical IACQUELINE LENEAVE G an G '49g Reporter G an G '48-'49: Quill and Scroll '48-'49: Secretary Quill and Scroll '49: Battery '46-'49: Circulation Staff '46-'48g Editor-in-Chief '49p Stu- dent Council '48-'49: Press '48-'49: Reporter Press '48: Skating '47g Reporter Skating '47: DAR Rep- resentative '49g Pep Squad '48g Click '46p Typing '48: National Honor Society '49 Favorite Subject: Iournalism College: Hardin-Simmons ANNETTE LEWIS OWEN Semper Unum Tri Hi Y '46-'47g Record '47-'48g Secretary Record '47: Music '48-'49: President Mu- sic '48: Secretary Senior Class '49: Girls Band '47-'48p Drum Ma- jor Girls Band '47-'48g Lieutenant Girls Band '48g Eagle Band '48- '49: Majorette Eagle Band '48-'49g Secretary Home Room '4'7y Sketch '46-'47: G an G '48-'49: Senior Play '49 Favorite Subject: Band College: Stephens BETTY LITTLE Tennis '4B: Skating '47: Pep Squad '47-'48: Typing '48: Press '48-'49: G an G '49: Quill and Scroll '48-'49: Battery '48-'49, Cir- culation Manager '48-'49: Vice- President Press '48: Usher Senior Play '49 Favorite Subject: Dramatics College: Hardin-Simmons MARIORIE LIVELY Skating '45, Secretary '47: Hik- ing '47: Future Homemakers '48- '49: Fidelis Tri Hi Y '48, Worship Chairman '48: Treasurer Home Room '46: Secretary Future Home- makers '48 Favorite Subject: Sociology College: Hendrick School of Nursing NINA MCDERMETI' Tennis '46: Hiking '47: Record '48p Future Homemakers '48: Amate Tri Hi Y '48, Vice-President '48: G an G '49: AHS Theater '49: Glee Club '48-'49: National Thespian '49 Favorite Subject: Art College: Hardin-Simmons BETTY MCKENZIE Skating '45: As You Like It '45g AHS Theater '46: Skating '47: Tripod Tri Hi Y '48: Iunior Classi- cal League '49: G an G '49g Sen- ior Play '49 Favorite Subject: Latin College: Hardin-Simmons IOHN MCQUIEN Chess '46: Classical Record '47: Model '48: Eagle Band '46-'49, Captain '48-'49: Co-Op Council '48: Secretary Model '48: Invictus Hi Y '48: Program Chairman '48 Favorite Subject: History College: Hardin-Simmons SENIORS PHIL LITTLE All Sports '46-'47: "A" Club '47- '48g Metal Shop '48-'49 Favorite Subject: Metal Shop College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical IOYCE MCBEATH F u t u r e Homemakers '46-'49, Treasurer Homemakers '48, Presi- dent '49: Reporter Home Room '47-'48 Favorite Subject: I-lomemaking College: McMurry PATRICIA ANN MCGEEI-IAN S lc e tc h '46-'47g International Students Society '47: AHS Theater '47-'48: Tripod Tri Hi Y '47-'-49: Co-Op Council '47-'49: National Thespian '48-'49, Stage Crew '48- '49: G an G '49: Future Teachers '48-'49: Pep Squad '47-'48: Bat- tery '47-'49, Art Editor '48-'49 Favorite Subject: Art College: Texas Technological E Y DAN MCNABB V All Sports '46-'47: Diversified x ,X . '? Occupations '47-'49 tg, is h X 3 ,S Favorite Subject: Algebra ' ' tt? i vffigt College: Texas Technological kkkvx 3 'V' lg. 'QQ , 'A X19 ' IAMES MARTIN f Iunior Academy of Science '46- I ' '47: AI-IS Theater '47-'48: Operat- inf-,K In ors '48-'49: Eods Hi Y '48: Invic- ...F ' N tus Hi Y '48-'49: Stage Crew '47- If '-,' V xi X '49: Acting Lab '49: Eagle Band ygx Q 1 ,,,5 : ,v '47: Senior Play '49 j f -..' Favorite Subject: Mathematics :GN H A MT y f College: Texas Technological ",' . ' ' . ' :I if ' 'fx- Saw if . I .A ww, AF' ,Q milf. F' -vw s X' i-iXt,i?Sr9i fits: .L-1: V gf.: ui.. . - at H sf ,.'-,422 '.- -.wfdr-I .N ,-, Q wie f e SENIORS ARLIE MATHEWS Record '46g Rifle '46: Diversi- fied Occupation '46-'48: Secretary '46-'47: President Home Room '47- '48: Model '48: AHS Theater '49: Secretary Home Room '48-'49 Favorite Subject: Diversified Oc- cupation College: McMurry KEITH MILES National Honor Society '47-'49: Tennis '48: Intramural Basketball '48: Invictus Hi Y '48: Flashlight '48-'49: Sports Editor Flashlight '48-'49: Quill and Scroll '48 Favorite Subject: Physics College: Rice BOBBYE IEAN MOBLEY Los Leales '46-'47g International Students Society '47-'48g G an G '48-'49: Library '48-'49: President Library '48-'49: Library Staff '48- '49: Secretary Home Room '46- '47-'48: National Honor Society '49 Favorite Subject: History College: Texas University FRANCES NICHOLS I-I a n d ic r aft '46-'47: Future Homemakers '48-'49: G on G '48- '49 Favorite Subject: Homemaking College: None MARY ANN NUNLEY AHS Theater '46-'47y Fine Arts '46: Tennis '47: Senior E '48-'49: Hall Patrol '47-'48: Pep Squad '47- '48: G an G '48-'49: Semper Unum Tri I-Ii Y '46-'47y President Semper Unum '47: Reporter Home Room '48-'49 Favorite Subject: Design College: Hardin-Simmons IIMMIE SUE MEEKS Record '46-'47p "42" '46-'47p Reading '47-'49 Favorite Subject: Sociology College: Hardin-Simmons STANLEY MILLSAP Intramural Basketball '47-'49: Amici Hi Y '48-'49: Track '48: ln- tramural Track '48-'49 Favorite Subject: Physical Edu- cation College: McMurry BEVERLY ANNE MORROW National Essay League of America '45: Battery '47-'49: Rec- ord '47: Feature Editor Battery '48g Eagle Band '48: Orchestra '46-'497 Dramatics '47: AHS Theater '48-'49 Favorite Subject: Band College: McMurry BOB NORTHCUTT Diversified Occupation '48: Skating '49: Sports '47 Favorite Subject: Sociology College: Texas University ROY O'NEAL A Club '46-'49: A Association '48-'49: Siwcrm Tri Hi Y '47-'49: President Iunior Class '47-'48: Re- porter A Association '48: Intramu- ral Basketball '46-'47: Baseball '48-'49: Football '48 Favorite Subject: Science College: Southern Methodist SALLY OWENS Tennis '46, Skating '47: Fine Arts '47-'48: Senior E '48-'49: Stu- dent Council '46-'49: Secretary Student Council '48-'49: Semper Unum Trl Hi Y '46-'48: Co-Op Council YMCA '46-'48: Ta-Te Tri Hi Y '48-'49g Pep Squad '47-'48: President Pep Leader '48-'49: Na- tional Honor Society '48-'49p Sec- retary National Honor Society '48- '49: G an G '48-'49: Sophomore Representative '46-'47g Secretary junior Class '47-'48: Secretary E '48y Office '48: Senior Play '49 Favorite Subject: English College: McMurry EDDIE PLOWMAN Future Farmers '47-'48: Treas- urer Future Farmers '49: Office '48-'49 Intramural Basketball '48: President Home Room '47-'48 Favorite Subject: Vocational Agriculture College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical MARY POPE Senior E '48-'49: G an G '48-'49p Pep Squad '47-'48: International Students Society '46-'48p La Pluma Trl Hi Y '46-'47: Semper Unum '47-'48: Vice-President Semper Unum '47: Secretary Semper Unum '48 Favorite Subject: English College: Hardin-Simmons HAYLE RANDOLPH A Association '48-'49: A Club '47-'4B: Football '47-'48: B Team Letterman '47: Tennis '48-'49: Amici Hi Y '47-'49g Boys' Glee Club '47: A Cappella '47-'49: Vice-President A Cappella '48- '49: Boys' State '48: Senior Play '49 Favorite Subject: Biology College: Tulane University DONALEEN REYNOLDS Dabblers '48-'49: Reporter Dab- blers '48: Amata Tri Hi Y '48: G an G '49: Future Homemakers '46- '48: Sketch '47 Favorite Subject: Art College: Hardin-Simmons SENIORS GERRY PHELPS National Thespian '49: Quill and Scroll '49: junior Editor Flash- light '48: Senior Editor Flashlight '49: A Cappella '48-'49: G an G '49: Amate Tri Hi Y '48: Presi- dent Amate '48: THSPA Delegate '48: Senior Play '49 Favorite Subject: Mathematics College: Hardin-Simmons BILL PLUMLEE Intramural Basketball '46-'49g Football '47p A Club '47-'49: Track '48: Manager '49, Track Team '49: A Cappella '48-'49: Boxing '48-'I-19: Intramural Track '48-'49: Amici Hi Y '48-'49: Vice- President Amici '48-'49: Stage Crew '48-'49p Worship Chairman Hi Y '48-'49: Model Legislature '48: Mixed 'Chorus '48: Stage Crew '48-'49: Senior Play '49 Favorite Subject: Photography College: Oklahoma University CASEY PRITCHETT Machine Shop '46-'47p Diversi- fied Occupations '47-'49: Slide Rule '48-'49: Reporter Sophomore Class '46-'47 Favorite Subject: Mechanical Drawing College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical IANIECE RASI-I Art '46-'47: Vice-President Art '46-'47p International Students So- ciety '47g President International Students Society '47p Art '48: Eagle Band '48-'49: G an G '49g Hall Patrol '47 Favorite Subject: Art College: Abilene Christian ODESSA RICHEY Skating '47: Typing '48: Future Business Women '487 Vice-Presi- dent Future Business Women '48: G an G '49: Treasurer G an G '48-'49: Social Chairman Home Room '48 Favorite Subject: English College: Abilene Christian .ue f,?l,.'5'2t16..,iN-T? git6L.., W-iw .. c O - gin ,- o 1 'gibrg lx it .A-I-Y.. -7.5- Q :MM . . '- j. 921433699 . My ,-we x' 'i i' ' --:,5'iw:?l. SENIORS ALENE ROE Typing '48-'49: G an G '49 Favorite Subject: Typing College: Abilene Christian WYNONA ROSS TROUP Favorite Subject: Creative Writ- ing College: Baylor SHIRLEY ANN ROYALL Photography '46-'47: Future Homemakers of America '47-'49 Favorite Subject: I-Iomemaking College: Hardin-Simmons LEONARD SAWYER Future Farmers of America '47- '48: As You Like It '48: Photog- raphy 49, Reporter '49 Favorite Subject: Physics College: Oklahoma University EUGENE SEWELI.. B Team '46: A Club '47-'49: A Association '48-'49 Favorite Subject: Mathematics College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical NEIL ROGERS Football Letterman '48: B Team Letter '47: A Club '47-'48: A As- sociation '48-'49: Future Farmers oi America '47-'49: Senior Play '49 Favorite Subject: Agriculture College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical BILLY FRANK ROW Rifle '46: Sports '47-'48, Vice- President '47, President '48g A Club '48-'49y A Asociation '48-'49: Basketball '47- '48g Intramural Basketball '46 Favorite Subject: Physics College: Hardin-Simmons CHRIS SAMPSON Skating '47, Secretary-Treasurer '47: Typing '48, Secretary '48: G an G '49: Fine Arts '46: Pho- tography '47: Record '48 Favorite Subject: Sociology College: McMurry IACKIE SUE SEAY Fine Arts '48: Senior E '48-'49, Vice-President '49: Student Coun- cil '48-'49: Secretary Pep Leader '48-'49: G an G '49: A Cappella '48-'49: Secretary Home Room '48: Glee Club '48: Senior Play '49 Favorite Subject: A Cappella College: Hardin-Simmons I ERRY SI-IOEMAKER Sophomore Football '46-'47p B Team '47-'48: Baseball '47-'48: A Club '47-'48: Tennis '48: Slide Rule '49, Vice-President '497 In- tramural Basketball '46-'49 Favorite Subject: Algebra College: Texas Agricultural apd Mechanical BETTY LOU SHRUM As You Like It '46-'47: Skating '47: International Students So- ciety '47 - '48: Future Business Women '48-'49: G an G '49 Favorite Subject: Shorthand College: Kansas City Univer- sity CLARK SUTLEY Record '47-'48: Operators '48: Fidelis Hi Y '48, Secretary '48: President Operators '48 Favorite Subject: Photography College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical IOHNNY TAYLOR Rifle '47: "A" Club '48: C Squad Football Team '48: Track Squad '48 Favorite Subject: Wood Shop College: North Texas State MURRAY TRAVIS "A" Club '47-'49: "B" Squad '47g "A" Squad '48: Basketball '47-'49: Hi Y Co-Op Council 47- '48: Siwam Hi Y '47-'49, Presi- dent '48-'49 Favorite Subject: Mathematics College: Trinity University IACK VAN WAGONER A Cappella '48: Gunners '47- '48, Secretary '48: Fine Arts '49, President '49: Student Council '47-'49, Iunior Representative '47- '48, President '48-'49: National Honor Society '48-'49, Sergeant-at- Arms '49: Aces Hi Y '48-'49, Pres- ident '48: President Amici Hi Y '49g Co-Op Council '49, Reporter '49: Glee Club '46-'48, Secretary '47-'48: All Sports '47: Senior Play '49 Favorite Subject: Mathematics College: Texas University SENIORS DICK STEARNS All Sports '47: Intramural Bas- ketball '49: Pilots '47: Eods Hi Y '47g Intramural Boxing '48: Na- tional Honor Society '48-'49, Vice- President '48-'49: Art Editor Flash- light '48: Golden Gloves '48: Quill and Scroll '48-'49, Vice- President '48-'49: President Senior Class '49: Amici Hi Y '49: Treas- urer Student Council '48: THSPA Delegate '48: Student Principal '49: Senior Play '49 Favorite Subject: Mathematics College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical MARIORIE TATUM Library Staff '46-'47: Library '46-'47: Future Homemakers '47- '48: Fine Arts '49 Favorite Subject: Art College: Abilene Christian GLORIETTA TRAVIS Vice-President Home Room '48: Vice-President Sketch '47: Classi- :al Record '48: Dabblers '48-'49, President '48: G an G '49, Secre- tary '49: Office '48-'49: Fine Arts '49: Hall Patrol '48 Favorite Subject: Chemistry College: Hardin-Simmons ACIE VAN CLEAVE Future Farmers of America '47- '49 Favorite Subject: Woodshop College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical WAURINE VETETO Skating '46-'47: Semper Unum Tri Hi Y '46-'47, Vice-President '47: Pep Squad '47-'48: Hall Pa- trol '47-'48: Fine Arts '47g Tennis '48: Senior "E" '48-'49: G an G '49: Senior Play '49 Favorite Subject: Design College: Hardin-Simmons wiki: ra, .I . SENIORS IOE WALLIS International Student Society '46-'47p Tennis '47-'49: Iunior Academy of Science '48g Vice- President junior Academy of Sci- ence '48 Favorite Subject: Physics College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical WILLIS WEBER All Sports '47-'48: Boys Tennis '48-'49 Favorite Subject: Mathematics College: Hardin-Simmons MARY WHITE AHS Theater '46-'48: National Thespian '47-'48g Ta-Te '48g Vice- President Ta-Te '47p Pep Squad '47-'487 Home Room Vice-Presi- dent '47g G an G '48-'49g Senior E '48-'49 Favorite Subject: Latin College: Hockaday OUIDA FAYE WILLIAMS F u tu r e Homemakers '46-'47: Good English '47-'48g Fine Arts '48-'49: Treasurer Future Home- makers '46-'47: G an G '49: Pep Squad '47-'48p Attendance Office '49 Favorite Subject: Homemaking College: McMurry WAYNE WILSON Fine Arts '48-'49g Social Chair- man Fine Arts '48 Favorite Subject: Physics College: Harding KENNETH WEBB Photography '47-'48: Flashlight '47-'49p Business Manager Flash- light '48-'49: Student Council '48- '49: Treasurer Student Council '49: National Thespian '49g Intramural Basketball '48: Delegate to TSI-IPA '48: National Honor Society '49: Senior Play '49 Favorite Subject: Dramatics College: Texas University WA NDENE WHITAKER ' As You Like It '46-'47p La Pluma '46 - '47p Correspondence '47 - '48: Skating '48-'49p Secretary Skating '48: Reporter Skating '49 Favorite Subject: Sociology College: Hardin-Simmons I. D. WHITMAN Eagle Band '46-'49: Orchestra '46-'47: Flashlight '46-'497 Flash- light Photographer '48-'49: Quill and Scroll '48-'49: National Honor Society '49: Student Council '47- '49g Senior Representative '48-'49: Lone Star Boys State '48: Treas- urer National Honor Society '49y Spelling '49 Favorite Subject: Science College: Rice ROSEMARY WILLIAMS Photography '46-'47p Student Council '46: Reading '47p Fine Arts '48-'49: Office '48: Questers Tri Hi Y '47-'487 Vice-President Home Room '47p Secretary Home Room '48 Favorite Subject: Typing College: Abilene Christian DWIGHT WORLEY- A Club '47-49: Macbeth '47g Tempest '48: Future Farmers '48- '49: Football '47-'48: Baseball '48- '49: Stage Crew '48-'49p President Home Room '47g Vice-President Home Room '48: National Honor Society '49g Senior Play '49 Favorite Subject: Physical Edu- cation College: Abilene Christian ESTELLE WRIGHT International Students Society '46-'47y Readers '47-'48: Future Business Women '48-'49g Vice- President Readers '47y Reporter Home Room '48: G and G '49 Favorite Subject: Shorthand College: Abilene Christian GORDON ZUBER Sports '46-'49g Tennis '48g Foot- ball '46-'47g Boxing '48: Track '48- '49: Charter Member Eods Hi Y '46-'48y Sergeant-at-Arms Eods '47-'48g Vice-President Home Room '46-'47 Favorite Subject: Physics College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical SHERWIN CLARK Sports '46-'47p Rifle '47-'48p Di- versttted Occupations '48- '49p Bowling '48-'49 Favorite Subject: History College: Abilene Christian RAY MYERS Slide Rule '48-'49s Reporter Slide Rule '48g Senior Play '49 Favorite Subject: Sociology College: Hardin-Simmons L. C. SCALES Record '40-'47q Golf '47-'48: Model '48-'49 Favorite Subject: Chemistry College: Hardin-Simmons SENIORS DONALD YARBROUGH Typing '47-'48g Woodcraft '48- '49 Favorite Subject: Woodshop College: None CARLOS APPLETON Student Council '46-'47: Future Farmers ol America '46-'48, Vice- President '46-'47, Treasurer '47- '48g Baseball '47-'48 Favorite Subject: Vocational Agriculture College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical RITA HORNE Future Business Women '49 Favorite Subject: Shorthand College: Draughon's Business College BILLY O'STEEN Pilots '46-'47, President '47g Model '48, President '48y Eagle Band '46-'48, Second Lieutenant '48 :President Home Room Favorite Subject: Mechanical Drawing College: Texas Technological ANDREW STANYER Football '46y All Sports '46g Tennis '46g Fidelis Hi Y '47g .Co- Op Council '47: Glee Club '48: AHS Theater '47-'49y National Thespian '47-'49g Stage Crew '47- '48g Eagle Band '47-'49, Alternate Drum Major '48-'49y Orchestra '48-'49q Sergeant-at-Arms Invictus Hi Y '48-'49 Favorite Subject: Band College: Hardin-Simmons J-.' . f., -isfitifi-if ,, ,::. , , SENIORS l I I estern belles . . . Senior pulcliiitucle . . . Sing it, Cowboy! . . . Our beautiful Western queen . . . luitchin' for a 'ne . . . the old chuck wagon . . . G an G initiation . . . just restin' . . . plumb tuclcered out . . . qet 'im, Carlos. 3 1 M 3 i z Y , A X -f Yi Q 2:ae:::s::. , 8 it Qi Q Q if! 'Q --W., Q' . Q' - ,J .5 ,N L fl " N .. f - 0 1: 'fyiiu 1,24 QQ'-ff' , 5. -- 4 ,.,ff,,J' ,, ww. V 'P my 53' 'vi Sway, Qxm 5 ad 'fkwx . asfM.:P5g,gg:iqq,gf 'B N"1""'3Mi'fllwNu' 1-4-Nitin s, is WA. M., ..,, 19 0. '1.:,.5:5.5:,.,-2-,-, , V. ,.1g::..:: ....., : A N , , Ww aww Q 'ffy,ff rw Y' W 'M' ww' , W M ww " 2' 4' f xj' A-1 fl Q5 -,Jeff "M Vw H N, 'mfr -' g ESM , W X k hw ,, QW .XV SQA gg x ., K M if SM '2fTN'?i3 KgQi Q29 xg . N W, A f VS fy QV Ai xg CALENDAR IUNIOR IAMBOREE November 3, 1948 IUNIOR-SENIOR BANQUET May 13, 1949 IUNIOR P1cN1c 1 ,f W' May 211, 1949 PRENTICE MARTIN BOB HAYS DIANE ESTES President Vice-President Secretary JUNIOR OFFICERS IERRY WILSON GLENN WILHITE Represeniative RGPOTTST MRS. IERRY PHILLIPS Iunior Queen C- B- HICKS MR. H. A. DUNN Advisor Advisor BARBARA ARLEDGE "A relish to life" WILL ARMSTRONG "A brilliant mind" CHARLES ATKINSON "lolly, easy qoinqu LULA VEE BARLOW "Ever cheerful" BARBARA BASS "SoCiable and charming" IOE BEALL "An ideal rlasfsniateu MARY BISHOP "Always dependable" TAYLOR BLACK "A herald good" CLARENCE BLANKENSHIP "Laughing, lull oi lun" JUNIORS fs , we I 5 .I 'Y-is 'I-Q 5 . MARTHA ADAMS "Spreads melody around her" IERRY ALTMAN "A Comely young man" CORNELIOUS APPEL "Naturally friendly" WILLIAM LEE BAACK "Conqenial" GENE BAGLEY "Happy-go-lucky" I. T. BALL "Full oi' misrliief' GWENDOLYN BEARD "Quiet and reserved" GLORIA BENNETT in her smile" ,.. 1 Qi N' w dal 1 ,keg C fl' illfifi' NX 2. ,M Isfkigxflxix ' 'L ffl 7315. 5531? BOBBIE LOUISE BOWDOIN "Calm and serene" KAY BOWERS "A star in twilight" WANDA BOYD "Cour1eous though coy" LYNNAN BURKETT "A friendly Way" ANNA BURROWS "A smile for everyone" NAWASA CALDWELL "A celestial smile" TOMMYE IEAN "Radiant with energy" DOLORES CHASE "Lovable and friendly" 1 gg L .f V f-2 Vik 09,45 au. .1 .-,Qs if vi- fi A ' mf. , ,- f wr in 5 NM, 'wi JUNIORS mi: J, Q if V . ' - '3 f " V ., . , , 3 I ,Ql3?7f HMMIE BRIDGES "A lively personality" ROLLIE BRUTON "Lord of himself" MARY BURFORD "Constant and kind" DON CALLAWAY 'Many good qualities' KATHLEEN CARSON 'Natural and pleasing' DRU CAWYER "Full of enthusiasm" FOY CLEMENT 'Unusually successful' E. G. COCKERELL "An earnest worker" DOROTHY COGDELL "A lovely face" 1 IIMMIE CONLEY "Gentle ot speech" IOAN CONLEY A pleasing personality" CARL CONNALLY "A man oi words" DALE COX "Says little, does much' IACK CRIER "A peerless student" PAT CURTIS "Out lor a good time" GLENN DARLING 'Valiant and successful" MARILYN DAVIS "Fresh and lair" MARY DAVIS "Ever !aithiul" JUNIORS BILLY COLLIER "Goes ever forward" EARLYNN COLLIER "A clear mind" ERMA COLLINS "Generous and kind" BILL COOPER "A gentleman born" CHARLENE CORLEY "Roots oi sunshine" RONALD COSTIN "The making ot a genius" DON CUTLER "Good natured and cIever" TED CUZICK "King of good fellows" l MARY DANIEL ' "folly, yet quiet" In Qs- 4. 0 9 Q 9 Q U Q52 sf' 5.30 5. rx 1 'I Q I I . I .O RATI-IEL DAVIS "A friend to all" ZELLA MAE DAVIS "Wins fairly" MARY FRANCES DAY "A lively personality" DOYLE DOBBS "Peppy and lively" PAYE DUKE "Merit wins the soul" BOBBY DUKES "Strong personality" NITA RUTH FAULKS "ln harmony with all" BONNIE FEWELL "Her smile contagious" BARBARA FIELDER 'Friendly and successful" Q e S Init, ' 523: L JUNIORS ff' . lsszs I 0' 2:-v.g,.' C 5 ,a Et: J, Z M. I P rf 5296 I 53 wifi? H -us: .. - 51,6 ' L if X I 'if' w.. 'Ir 1 LADELLE DENNIS 'A natural on the stage' SARA DICKINSON "A humorous disposition ANDY DILLARD "Unlimited resources" MARVIN ELLIOTT "Goodness untold" DIANE ESTES "Highest oi beauty" WAUNDA EVANS "Pure in thought" CHARLES FISCHER "Plenty of grit" CARROLL FORBUS "Never meets a stranger' IOANNE FORD "Blythe, full of glee" 1 IACKIE FRAMBERS "Strong in belief" IOHN FRY "Makes liie worthwhile" ERWIN GALLE "Makes hours seem short" BILLIE IEAN GILBRETH "Good as she is fair" RICHARD GILL "No limit to his deeds" IACKIE GOODMAN "Fun and laughter" BETTY GREEN Simplicity and naturalness" IANIS GREEN "Popularity tits her" BOB GREGG "A likable boy" JUNIORS VELVA RAY FORTSON "Attractive and admirable" MARY FOSTER Pep and she are synonymous BILLY IACK FRALEY "Humorous and jovial" BILL GALUSHA "None can be his parallel" DORIS GIBSON "Achieves worthy results" ELAINE GILBERT "Beauty has she" FRANCES GOSSETT "Brings friendship" MARY FRANCES GRAVENS "Grace in every motion" LYNNON GRANT "A peerless wonder" BARBARA HALE Through lite with a smile" IAMES HALLMARK "Never turns back" NEVA HAMILTON "Happiness her lame" PEGGY HARRIS "Full of iun" BILLY HARRISON "A herald good" DOROTHY HARRISON "Amazing brightness" BOB HAYS "Quiet but Witty" GWYNN RAE I-IIBDON "Divinely lair" ELIGE I-IICKMAN "Guarde1' ol his deeds" n W 5 ., m , Q,-Q I 'K , g. JUNIDRS FAY HARKINS om ol delight" MAE HARKINS as a rose in bloom' I I 1 X ll I ways HATTIE ANN HARRISON "A cheeriul companion" MARY HART "An artist at scattering sunshine" TOMMY I-IAYDEN "Stimulates good cheer" JACK HILL "A worthy gentleman" MARGIE HOBBS "Helpful and sweet" EARL ,HODGES "Strong and handsome" LAVOYCE HOLLEY "Confident of her future" BOB HOPKINS "Sound reasoning" R. B. HOWARD "Well worth knowing" RONNIE HUMPHREY "Time for courtesy" BILLYE RUTH HUNT 'Painting cannot express" MARIE HUNTER "Beauty and brains" BETTIE IOHNSON "Her aim noble" MERLENE JOHNSON Thoughtful of her friends" DORIS JONES "Eternally cheerful" JUNIORS tr. I ii 3 C f - EDDIE HODGES "Happy4qo-lucky" BRONA LOU HOLDEN "Boundless grace" lOl-IN HOLLAND "Ever glad-never sad" MARY LETA HUBBARD "Loveliest of lovely" BETTE HUCKABEE "Quiet and unassuming" BEN HUDMAN "A faithful worker" HUBERT INGRAHAM "Vitality and success" ROGER IVEY "A good sport" TEXAS JOHN "No truer one" ' a .1 , - v , .392 K 1?- fp 1' sie FREDDIE lONES "Always dependable" PAT IONES "Personality plus" IRENE IUDD "A brilliant personality" BARBARA KING "A sparkle in her eyes" GILBERT KORMAN "Enlighlens us all" IUNE LANTZ "No limit to her goodness" lUNE LE MAY "Faithful and loyal" NANCY LINDLY Flawlessly happy" BURL MCALISTER "A keen sense ol humor" 1' be,, ' Q 'V J 'Via - .,-:ai 73,1 -, 4 'FS -LQYW, - - ,V . .Y om 3 if-:Us Y-5"':i, U ' '2 ,f , .ai1'1','f"f' gli ' . -rn, 53: JUNIORS IRIS KENDALL "Dainty from head to toot" MARGARET KENNEDY "A true friend" KENNETH KNOX "Untouched by cares" ROY LARGE "A part ol all he meets" DON LASSITER "A happy medium" CAROLYN LASSETTER 'Potentialities unlimited" IOE BILL MCALISTER very dependable Floogie MARILYN MCCALEB 'A form of light and life" PAUL McCARTY "Ambitious" IOAN MALONE "Distinguished and broad-minded" MARY MARTIN 'Untiring energy" PRENTICE MARTIN "Never an idle moment" JIMMY MIDDLETON "Fun-loving" MARY KATHRYN MILES "Trustworthy and loyaI" PEGGY MILLER "Deserves the best" MARGARET MOI-IR "So faithful" VOL MONTGOMERY "Lover of beauty" KENNETH MOORE "Unconquered will" JUNIORS "A bringer ot new things CARROLL MCCLAIN "Thrifty and thoughtfu1" SOPI-IY MCMA!-ION "Beauty and personality' ALDEN MACKEY "Finishes what he starts" BOBBY MASON WENDELL MATHIS "Always a happy medium CECIL MERCER "Best of behavior" RAY MILLIORN "Never a rainy day" BENNIE MITCHELL "Through life with a smile' MARY LEA MITCHELL "Knows no wrong" PAT MOORE "Trustworthy" THERESA MOORE "Her friendship a prize" IACKSON MORRIS "Thoughtful and kind" MAXINE MULLINS "A heavenly smile" IAMES MUSICK Holds a banner of honor" FRED NEWMAN "Radiant with energy" IOYCE OLSON "Cultured and refined" R. C. OSBURN "His knowledge is force" BILLY O'STEEN "Mirth lives with him" JUNIORS H MARY FRANCES MORRIS "Full of fun" DON MORROW "A smile of pleasure" MARSHALL MULLENS "ResourcefuI always" DON NEWTON Generous and so gracious' BUDDY NOTT "More loyal than words" GEORGE OLIVER "Cheer!ul and helpful" FLOYD RAY OWENS "Dependable and polite" NANCY PACE "Courtesy her password" TOBY PAYLOR "Friendly and happy" MARIAN PECHACEK 'Fills the air with beauty" BETTY PEEL "Charm and personality BOBBY PERRY "Handsome and happy" LEE PINKSTON "Enthusiastic" BILLY IO PLEASANT "Kindness is her trait" IANIS POOR "Comely as a rose" LESLIE PRICE 'Daring and courageous IOE RANDEL Ever-flowing knowledge" DON REID "Brings good cheer" H JUNIORS CLAUDE PAYNE "Acme ot politeness" MYRTLE RUTH PAYNE "A lovely person" NITA PAYNTER "Enthusiastic and cheerful BOBBE PETERS "None can be her parallel IERRY PHILLIPS "A queenly poise" CHRISTINE PIERCE "Vivacious and kind" DON POSEY "Always a pal" CHARLES PRESTON "A spark ol genius" IOI-INNY PRICE "Guarder oi his deeds" QPIQT: if swag .. M B U WILMA REID "As fair a lass as ever" L. I. RENFRO "Friendly and gay" RONALD RHODES "Outstanding athlete" BILLY DALE ROGERS Good naturecl and polite" HERMAN ROSNAU "A relish to life" HAROLD RUCKER "lntelligent and friendly' L. C. SCALES, IR. "Achieving good results' CLAUDE SCOTT "Always looks ahead" lUNE SCOTT "Talent belongs to her" 9 JUNIORS ff DON RICHARDS "A happy young man" IOHNNY ROBBINS "Goodness unlimited" BETTY IANE ROBERSON "A rare personality" CARLTON RUSSELL "A good herald" ANN SANDERS "Comely as a rose" PAT SA NDLIN TAYLOR SEARCY "Ever courteous" BARBARA SEIDEL "Faithful to all" RUBY LUCILLE SEIDER "Carefree and happy" Affectionate and cheerful' IUANITA SHIPLEY "Quiet and iriendly" VERA MAE SHIPLEY 'A personality most rare" ERNEST SIKES "Valiant and daring" BETTE SMITH Energetic and fun-loving" BETTY GAY SMITH The voice of summer breeze" BILL SMITH 'A natural gentleman" I LAURA IANE SMITH 'Sweet and sparkling" I MARLIS SMITH "Iovial and polite" JIMMY SOIOURNER "Always gay" JUNIORS IIM SELMAN "Trustworthy" CLEON SI-IANKS "Well worth knowing" NORMA IEAN SHIELDS "Brings joy to all" DALE SIMPSON "Clever and good" LA WANDA SISSON "A winning person" ADDIE IANE SMITH "A true friend" BILLY IOE SMITH "Full of mischief" COWDEN SMITH Loyal and faithful" FRANCES SMITH "Dignity in every gesture' .. h I if ' I Q ' -a PATRICIA STANYER "Quiet and friendly" IOAN STEGER "Dignity is her talent" IOI-IN B. STEPHENS "Courteous and polite" PAT STRAIN Spreads happiness around her" DON STRANGE "Has a Way with girls" IO ANN STRICKLIN "Always a smile" SUE TAYLOR "Carefree and gay" CORA BETH THACKER "A winning wee thing" IACK THOMPSON "Gentle in speech" 4 of if-jL"" "1 nf . , .. , . .N f JUNIORS ln. IOAN STEWART "Many good qualities" ERMA ST. IOI-IN 'Friendly and useful" 1 IOHN STOREY "We enjoy his wit" IANE SUGGS "Music follows her" IACK SWINSON "Untirinq energy" DOROTHY TAYLOR "Spreader of melody" LA WANDA THORNTON "Good natured and friendly LAURILEE TUCKER "Nice to know" DONALD TURNER "A friend to have" VIOLET VLETAS "A bringer of new things" PAT WAGLEY "Refined and cultured" DORIS WAGONER "Charming and cheery" NAOMI WALKER PAT WALKER "Gentle of speech" WENONAH WALKER "Easy going" ARLIE WATSON "An unconguered will" DOLORES WATTS Character and personality" DAN WINTERS "Deserves the best" Graceful and charming" JUNIORS .lte xv Sis xi 'HQ SF T, ax .W QU l. R. TURNER "O uiet and unassuming' HENRY TYSON "Ever cheerful" IUNE VAUGHAN "A winner of friends" ACIE WALKER "A serene personality" CLARA WALKER "A faithful worker" DORIS WALKER "Friendly and natural" BARBARA WALLACE 'Stimulates good cheer' VICTORIA WALTON "Carefree and happy" BRYAN WASSON "His knowledge is force CI-IARLEEN WAXLER "Source of reasoning" BYRDIE LEE WEST "She is a friend indeed" BETTY SUE WIDENER "Music in every tone" BILLY WILKERSON "Fun-loving" FREDDIE WILLIAMS "Helpful and thoughtful" IAMES WILLIAMS "Cheerful but reserved" IERRY WILSON "Untirinq energy" SHIRLEY WINTERS "Unusually charming" IOYE WITCHER Admirable and attractive" x ' .uf 1, '. JUNIORS SARAH WIDMER "Confident of the future" BRAD WILDE "Noble aim" GLENN WILI-IITE "Never idle" ROBERT WILLINGI-IAM "Happy-go-lucky" BETTY WILLIS "Sweet and happy" IACK WILSON "Thoughtful of others" GENE WOLFE "Humorous and kind" MARY ANN WOOLSEY "A lovely smile" TOM YOUNG "Happy and carefree" A ' .1 , Q 5 ' X' l'Lf4i"., c Q, b f 'III wfffwfwzl f1fm1mf1r1kff1f: , , . IlllII4'fI for the juniors . . . Hope Duffy sizzqs . . . Queen Jerry and her roycvl Four! . l,. l. nfllrfmfw. . .CDWI wl1r1r1vpifa11sgwllwl , . . AHS f1lll1IfE5'l . . . Tlzcufs H1111 Ma'AIisle'r. ff Q . v 9 Q' z 0 9' if Q Q49 i, n.sn,' 7 'sid' ,Qi4.,f PQ gl fbias Qx"',f 5 CALENDAR SOPHOMORE CORONATION November 9, 1948 SOPHOMORE PICNIC April 30, 1949 Our roll shows the favorite subject cmd choice of vocaiion. MARVIN TATE I-IORACE LOVING HELEN I-IAYNES President Vice-President Secretory SOPHOMORE OFFICERS WAYNE THOMAS BARBARA GRAY Representative Reporier 1 me, 5 'f Q . M -, -ffl.:-Qt .4 K x ' 'N ' :- lamp BURGESS CLIFTON Sophomore Queen MISS MARILYN SI-IANKLIN MR. WILLIAM D4 LAWSQN Advisor Advisor Q . I I f Lai: I 6 gap-I' I '-in , 5' '1' 'Nik 3 -9 f' J Y 1 1 Q- 29? 'Na I f f . fydnfy t 4" i X K Al in 1 " il- 'A ' f t -i' f f I " 'Av' fl . it t- " SOPHOMORES DAN ABBOTT Spanish Engineer EWELL ADAMS Algebra Engineer LARRY ADAMSON History Missionary MILDRED AKENS English Secretary BILL ALLISON Physical Education Engineer Tl-IURMAN ALLISON Vocational Agriculture Farmer DOROTHY ALTMAN Art Airline Hostess E. I. ANDERSON Physical Education Coach GARY ARMSTRONG Physical Education Architect MAX ARRELL English Doctor THEOLA ASH Art Interior Decorator MACK BAGGETI' Vocational Agriculture Rancher VIRGINIA BALL English Stenographer IESSE BARNETT English Rancher IUNE BARRINGTON Algebra Singer WAYNE BATES Mathematics Coach VIVIAN BAUM Band Nurse FREDDIE BEAL English Farmer BOBBYE BEALL Biology Housewife SAMMY BEAM Algebra Dairy Farmer IOHN WAYNE BEARD Band Pilot JAMES BELL Algebra Rancher IIMMY BELL Woodshop Mechanic BETTIE BIEN I-Iomemaking Housewife BOBBY BLACK Physics Engineer DON BLACKBURN Mathematics Rancher TOMMY BLAIN Mechanical Drawing Engineer BENNY BLANKENSHIP Physical Education Engineer HAL BLEVINS Machine Shop Rancher BONNIE BODINE Tvpinq Stenographer RUTH BOEHNING Biology Nurse ALICIA BOUNDS English Musician 'Q ff t -. . ,fr ' 1' . fb SOPHOMORES SHIRLEY BOWEN Music Teacher WAYNE BOWERS Algebra Army Air Force BETTY IO BOYD Homemaking Dietitian ROSS BRADFORD English Engineer BILL BRAMLEY Mathematics Lawyer PAT BREWSTER Music Musician DAVID BROCK Physical Education Rancher MACKIE BROWN Science Engineer MARY BETH BROWN English Writer IIMMY BRYAN Mathematics Engineer IOHN BUCHANAN Algebra Geologist DANIEL BULLEN Physical Education Engineer WILFORD HERMAN Mathematics Airplane Work LUCIA BURNETT Science Doctor LOGAN GENE BURT Vocational Agriculture Rancher DOROTHY BUSBY English Secretary BARBARA BUSH English Airline Hostess WANDA BYRAM World History Nurse WANDA BYRD Algebra Secretary FAYTINE CANNON English Airline Hostess VAL CANON Band Engineer MARY LOUISE CANTRELL English Designer IOHN CARAWAY English Engineer ALBERT CARGILE Mathematics Band Leader EARL CARMACK Photography Photographer DOROTHY CARNAHAN Radio Speaking Actress BARBARA CARTER Spanish Model CHARLES CASEY Woodshop Architect DELANO CASTLE Mechanical Drawing Pilot GERAL CATHEY Physical Education Engineer DON CAUDILL World History Rancher IOANELL CAUDLE Algebra Commercial Artist 'R ,Q L SOPHOMORES IOYCE CAUSSEAUX Glee Club Piano Teacher DONNA MAE CHAMPION English Iournalist BETTY CHANEY Biology Nurse ROY CHAPMAN Mathematics Mechanic CARROLL CHASE Metal Shop Machinist CECIL CHILDERS Biology Doctor PATSY RUTH CLARK Algebra Secretary BILLY DEE CLEMMER Vocational Agriculture Rancher BURGESS CLIFTON English Nurse YVONNE COALSON Public Speaking Actress IOAN COCHRAN English Iournalist BILLY COLE Vocational Agriculture Farmer TRAVIS COLLETT Algebra Mechanic KATHERINE COLLIER English Reporter MARIAN CONAWAY English A Secretary ORENE CONAWAY English Designer ELAINE CONDLEY English Surgeon WANDA CONNELL Algebra Airline Hostess DOROTHY CONRADS English Secretary IOAN CORNEIL English Secretary BOB COUCH Woodshop Engineer EDYTH COURTNEY Homemaking Teacher CAROLYN COWDEN English Secretary IIMMY COWLEY Algebra Engineer ROY LEE COX Wooclshop Engineer PATTY RUTH CRAIN Glee Club Designer LOUESE CRAWFORD English Switchboard Operator BARTLEY CRISMAN Woodshop Big Game Hunter IO ANN CROW Iunior Business Training Secretary OUIDA CROWDER Spanish Stenographer IIM CROWNOVER A Cappella Singer PATSY CUMBY Home Economics Housewife SOPHGMORES I i PEGGY CURB I Public Speaking I Secretary BARBARA CURRY I English Child Specialist EDDIE CURRY Mathematics Engineer DANNY DANIELS Mathematics Photographer DONALD DAUGHTREY Vocational Agriculture Manager SHIRLEY DAVENPORT Latin Model DOTTY DAVIS Physical Education Airline Pilot DOYLE DAVIS Algebra Mechanic PATTI LOU DEAN A Cappella Ccynrnercial Artist IUAN DEAN I DEATHERAGE q Algebra Hodsewife REX DEEN Band Navy CHARLES DENNIS Mathematics Engineer ROBBIE DENTON Biology Surgeon BETTY DERINGTON Algebra Housewife IANE DOSS World History Nurse BETTE DRUMMOND Mathematics Housewife Q is I fart- , . 5:5-E f SARAH MAUD DUKE World History Home Economist IUNE EDINGTON Algebra Model DOTTIE ESSARY Algebra Secretary HAROLD EVANS Algebra Engineer ALICE EVERETT Public Speaking Archaeologist PEGGY FAULKNER English Model EARLYNE FERGUSON Music Singer IEAN FINK Algebra Airline Hostess DORIS FISH Biology Teacher CARROLL FORRESTER World History Teacher I ACK FRAGER Algebra Engineer VERDENE FREEMAN Art Airline Hostess GERALDINE FULLER English Secretary IIMMY FUNKHOUSER Algebra Geologist W. H. FURNEY English Architect IUDY GALBRAITH Public Speaking Entertainer SOPHOMORES LEONORA GAMMAGE Music Designer NANCY GATLIN English Commercial Artist PAT GILBERT Physical Education Rancher PAUL GOLLEHER English Machinist BARBARA GRAY Biology Nurse MURFFEE GRAY World History Telegraph Operator EDWARD GREEN Mathematics Doctor KENNETH GREEN Mechanical Drawing Architect IESSE LEON GRIFFIN Algebra Mechanic RANDALL GRIGG History Archaeologist RAYMOND GUEST History Aviation Mechanic IIMMY HAILEY Physical Education Engineer RICHARD HALL Science PEGGY HANEY Algebra Airline Hostess SANDRA HANKS Algebra Actress IANETTE HARRIS A Cappella Music Director LETA HARRIS Music Airline Hostess SYLVIA HARRIS English Secretary BETTY H A RT English Secretary BOBBY HAWKINS English Engineer I ERRY HAWSEY Band Geologist HARRY HAYES Diversified Occupations Motor Rewinder EVELYN HAYNES English Secretary HELEN HAYNES A Cappella Music Director I. C. HAYNES Mechanical Drawing Architect LEROY HAYNES Physical Education Aviator PATSY HENDERSON Music Lawyer DON HENDLEY Rancher Physical Education Coach VADA HALL Music IEAN HENSON Musician Alqebffi Professional Swimmer TERRELL HAMILTON Biology Archaeologist KENNETH HAMRIC Iunior Business Training it Q x I Pilot 'ss --" ' ' V' ri ff" N 1 sv I 2 : - .Q X T g g s..f'H - " 'Ita .-2' .. ,. gr' ,I N, ' y ' ..:. fi! 'Q I , "ui il, 0' 45 I y ff 41 W .. ,qi ,943 J' SOPHOMORES MELVIN HENSON Physical Education Engineer MADELINE HERMAN Biology Nurse WILFORD HERMAN Mathematics Engineer EUDELLE HESTER Biology Doctor HARRY HILDEBRAND Mathematics Engineer HELEN HILDEBRAND English Musician BETTY HOGAN Biology Nurse GEAN HOLDEN Mechanical Drawing Engineer IACK HOLDEN Iunior Training Geologist IOYCE HOLLEY Algebra Secretary BETTE HOLT Literature Housewife DWIGHT HOOD Algebra Carpenter BETTY I-IORNBACK English Housewife IACK HUDZIETZ Band Band Director IANE HUNT English Secretary TOMMY HURST Animal Husbandry .Rancher MACK HUTCHINSON Physical Education Engineer MARIE IRVIN Homemaking Housewife BILL IAN ETSKY Science Merchant Marine IANELL IEFFERIES Biology Laboratory Technician LOUISE IENNINGS English Airline Hostess BOBBIE NELL IINKENS Mathematics Secretary BETTE LU IOHNS Algebra Interior Decorator FRANK IOHNSON Vocational Agriculture Rancher ARTHUR ION ES Mathematics Roughneck HUBERT IONES Physical Education Engineer IOE IONES Algebra Aviator ROBERT IONES Physical Education Iournalist HAROLD KAI-ILER Algebra Teacher BILLYE KEITH English Interior Decorator BILL KENNEDY A Cappella Athletics DON KENNEDY Q .. if English 'SYN 1333, Manager ' ' ,jj. af '-g,: "1-:Q 'L' 'mf .1 . ,a mi 'f L -if-,,o, Q -Q SOPHOMORES MARY KERR English Nurse ALBERT KILLAM Woodshop Rancher ELLEN KILPATRICK Physical Education Ladies' Marine Corps GLENN KIMBLER Woodshop Farmer KAY KINCAID Biology Teacher HOLMAN KING Algebra Orchestra Director MARY LOU KNIGHT Biology Doctor IANE KUYKENDALL Physical Education Secretary IOHN DAVIS KUYKENDALL A Cappella Actor STANLEY LACKEY Band Geologist IRA O'DELL LAIRD Mathematics Air Force IACQUELINE LAIRD English Secretary MILDRED LAMAR World History Telephone Operator IUANELL LANDERS Art Commercial Artist DON LANDRUM Mathematics Engineer HARLAN LANG Band Architect - MELBA LAVENDER Mathematics Astronomer MAX LEACH Algebra Engineer EARL LEESON Mathematics Engineer DIANNE LEFLER Biology Airline Hostess L. D. LEGGETT English Pilot IACKIE LESTER Biology Rancher MORRIS LINDSEY Mechanical Drawing ' Engineer ' i Physical Education Commercial Pilot CHARLES LITTLE KATHERINE LITTLE English Airline Hostess MARYLYN LOGAN History Stenographer MAXINE LONDON Algebra Stenographer HORACE LOVING Mechanical Drawing Architect PAT LOWERY Physical Education Stenographer ORVETA MCCLAIN Algebra Stenographer PAT MCCOY Algebra Housewife RAYMOND MCCALLUM Metal Shop Mechanic g .-1, Sli? 'vi lv I , ., ' , 'v I gl 'nt . Z1 . , ..., A , , ,V,. ' I 'H V' ' Y' SOPHOMORES RAYMOND MCDANIEL Mathematics Electrical Technician GUY MCPADDEN Algebra Engineer RICHARD MCGEHEE Mechanical Drawing Petroleum Engineer DON MCGRAW Mathematics Coach NORMA McMAI-IAN Band Psychologist IIMMY MANLY Band Architect FRANCES MANN Algebra Secretary REDAH MASI-IBURN English Housewife DORIS MASON World History Stenographer TOM MATTI-I AEI History Doctor IERRY DON MELTON Public Spreaking Actor NANCY LEE MERRILL English Reporter CHARLES MICHAEL Art Teacher BILLY DAN MILLER Physical Education Mechanic IERRY MILLER Physical Education Engineer MILDRED MILLER Homemaking Secretary IOE DON MITCHELL Metal Shop Boxer BONNIE MONTGOMERY Mechanical Drawing Engineer IACK MOORE Vocational Agriculture Farmer PATTY MOORHEAD English Singer GILBERT MORRIS Physical Education Biologist ROBERT MORRIS Algebra Engineer IIMMY MORROW Algebra Engineer IERRY MUSTON Physical Education Mechanic PEGGY MUSTON English Secretary NORMA NeSMITl-I Biology Nurse I-IOMER NEWMAN English Engineer EDGAR NEWTON Vocational Agriculture Rancher FLORA NICHOLS English Nurse GENE NIEDECKEN Machine Shop Machinist GLADYS NIEDECKEN World History Housewife DONN NOLAND Physical Education Engineer -1 A 8 1 1 I t 5 1 -.- , C' -5 ., , rf' ' f 75 ,W -M 0 , , . ,iw as ' 1. xlib I if B, sith, I l 4 l kt 15'-ft, 1 4 hi. SOPHOMORES BOB NUCKOLS Physical Education Test Pilot GWENDOLYN NUNN Music Musician CHARLOTTE OATES Physical Education Rancher's Wife BILLY BOB O'BRIEN Latin Doctor IOAN ODOM I-Iomemaking Secretary FRED OLDS Physical Education Car Dealer LEE PAGE Band Engineer RONNIE PARKER History Car Dealer AVANELL PARTLOW Algebra Nurse SAM PENDERGRAST Public Speaking Actor TOM PENDERGRAST English Iournalist LA ZELLE PERRY Algebra Designer MARNELL PETERS English Bookkeeper GLENDON PHARISS Algebra Engineer FRANK PHILLEY English Dental Technician SARAH PHILLEY Speech Home Demonstration Agent RETHA PHILLIPS Algebra Model PATSY PIKE Public Speaking Radio Director IEANETTE PILCHER English Teacher SIDNEY PITZER Algebra Engineer lOl-INNY POLK Mathematics Petroleum Engineer HARRIET PORTER Algebra Housewife CHARLES PRATT ' Mathematics Aviation Pilot CLARENCE PRESSWOOD Vocational Agriculture Rancher. I. LEE PRUITT English Mechanic IERRY PUTMAN Woodshop Pilot LOIS PUTMAN Algebra Secretary BOBBY RANKIN English Rancher WADE RAY World History Boxer PEGGY RENIFRO English Secretary IERRY ROBERTS Biology Business Man I OHNNIE ROBERTS Algebra Teacher SOPHOMORES HOWARD ROGERS Woodshop Engineer MARIORIE RUCKER Algebra Pharmacist MELBA RUCKER Band Career Girl IOI-IAN RUSHING Latin Secretary DON RUSSELL Machine Shop Mechanic NORMA RUSSELL Band Band Leader CHARLES RUTLEDGE History Coach BOBBIE ANN SABIN Algebra Secretary ROGER SAGE Algebra Petroleum Engineer IO ANN SANDERS English Stenographer IOE SCALES Physical Education Mechanic BUNNY SCOGGINS Iournalism Secretary ELLA RI-IEA SCOGIN English Secretary ERNESTINE SCOTT English Teacher GLENN SCOTT Mathematics Aviator IOY SCOTT English Secretary U 9 Pr S si," :gjs . --' I ' -'H gg-+ TOMMIE SEALE Mathematics Teacher DOROTHY SEAY A Cappella Opera Singer X fl!! uf BOBBYE SUE SELLERS Spanish Secretary ELEANOR SELLERS Latin Housewife IOHN SI-IELTON World History Radio Announcer MARTHA SHERWOOD Mathematics Nurse CLIFFORD SHORT Art Commercial Pilot DICK SHOTWELL English Farmer MAMIE SKIPPER English Airline Hostess IIMMY LEE SMARTT Physical Education Baseball Coach BARBARA SMITH Algebra Secretary IUANDA SMITH History Teacher SAM SMITH Algebra Druggisi ANNA SODERSTROM Geometry Secretary DONALD SPENCER Science Scientist FREDDIE STACY Algebra Pilot fr F! ' tt- 1 wi , J I' , M' . L .Q . ,r,,,-1 SOPHOMORES TED STARNES English Railroad Engineer BOB STEARNS English School Administrator CAROLYN STEARNS World History Housewife KATHERINE STEELE English Surgeon MARGARET STEELE Band Nurse MARIAN STEINMAN Public Speaking Housewife BETTY SUE STEWART Physical Education Airline Hostess SANDRA ST. lOl-IN World History Dancer IACK STUARD Physical Education Engineer IERRY SUGGS Physical Education Trainer DAVID SWIEDOM Mechanical Drawing Electrical Engineer NANCY SWINNEY A Cappella Singer MELBA TALLANT World History Stenographer RAYMOND TARR English Pilot CLABORN TATE Algebra Architect LOIS TATE A Cappella Pianist MARVIN TATE Physical Education Coach DOUG TATUM Drivers' Education Mechanic DOROTHY TAYLOR English Civil Engineer I AMES TAYLOR Algebra Engineer PATRICIA TEMME Band Nurse TRAVIS TERRELL English Pilot ARELENE TEUBNER A Algebra Housewife CHARLES THOMAS Algebra Mechanic WAYNE THOMAS Latin Engineer BILLY THOMPSON World History Radio Builder BILL THORNTON English Mechanic SHELLA LEA THORNTON A Q5 S: RJ O English Teacher BARBARA TITLOW Biology Stenographer MARGARET TOWNSEND Glee Club Teacher NORMA TRANTHAM English Secretary BETTYE TUCKER Spanish Interior Decorator i I 'W K z i I S K ix 1 t I Q 2 .S 1 .Em 3 Q si T gv -. I x X Q Q' V, I ' a lahi gl A 'gui .1 . . ' .'f7'o4 I , ,K . . A-:V-6 g 1 -to ' -' . 5.1.8 SOPHOMORES BOBBYE TUCKER Physical Education Airline Pilot IO ANN TURNER Physical Education Teacher IOY TURNER English Secretary ANN UMBERSON Mechanical Drawing Architect MARCIA UNGREN Algebra Housewife IERRY VAN HOOSIER Spanish Veterinarian GLOAN VARNELL Science Housewife MARION WAGLEY English Stenographer DOLORES WALKER Music Secretary IERRY WALKER Algebra Rancher RILEY WALKER Woodshop Engineer BETTE WARREN English Designer IERRYE WASSON Algebra Teacher NITA BELLE WATSON Algebra Secretary B. W. WEATHERSBY Metal Shop Engineer COWAN WEAVER English Secretary ANN WEBB Chemistry Research Chemist DOROTHY WELDON English Secretary MARGARET WEST Physical Education Secretary LYNN WHITE Art Concert Pianist PAYTON WHITEAKER Vocational Agriculture Cattle Rancher MARION WHITEHEAD Algebra Civil Engineer BILLY WILKERSON Vocational Agriculture Rancher MARTIN WILKINSON Algebra Civil Engineer GLYNDA WILLIAMS English Stenographer HELEN WILLIAMS Biology Graduate Nurse IIMMY WILLIAMS Algebra Doctor BILL WILLIAMSON English Rancher IOHN THOMAS WILLIS Biology Scientist MARIE WILLIS English Lawyer OWEN WILLIS Physical Education Memorial Engraver EVELYN WILSON History Nurse MARY LOUISE WILSON WILMA WISE FRANCES WOODS BURL STUBBS Homemaking A Cappella Homemalcing Physical Education Housewife Success Secretary Coach DOUGLAS WIMBERLY MARILYN WOOD ANN WOOTEN Mixed Chorus Science English Singer Missionary Nurse College Degree IOHN WOOTEN BETTE WRIGHT FERN WYATT World History English Spanish Pilot Make-Up Artist Model BETTY WORLEY BILL WRIGHT GEORGE YONGE Algebra Biology Mathematics Secretary Scientist Lawyer 'A' 'k i' Crowninq Our Bonnie Oueen Burgess 'xo ' Q Iii QW I 'Wi' ,fb MM 42? ,ZH 'Avg 5213, my Vlqfgl 4 :gl 2 tn?" 7 ' JM! ,, fy, ,iff - .wg W 5, 11 Aga , ,. 1 5? , vg 1, , x H4 5 5 ,,, Li, ,, 45 ' ,mv -1 . .eww YW A x .6 6, X X f .NX .N X QQ as , X s Auf, t I gy , , ,wif-'en-. - I , NELIL. HUMIPHIRIEYS Where there ore cz tlosh ol qolden hoir, cz pair ot triendly, smiling eyes, cr quiet voice lull of subdued louqhter . . . there can be found lovely Nell Humphreys, the Senior Queen ond FLASHLIGHT QUEEN ol l949. ' .Q ..--Q., I mvu' A7511 N5 UL .4- ll IM k 5 s - . II 85 -'- f , . 4' JACK VAN WAGGNEIR President ol the Student Council, a junior member ol tlie National Honor Society, a valuable member oi the Hi-Y Co- operative Council, President ol Aces Hi- Y Club last year and President ol Amici this year, lack is a born leader with a smile and a helping hand lor everyone. All Abilene Hiali is proud ol lack Van Wacyoner, MOST VALUABLE BOY. 'I X f-xXx? 'anis J-AQQA-s ir'k'k SALLY OWENS President Pep Leader, Secretary of the National Honor Society, Secretary of the Student Council, and Secretary of her junior class, Sally Owens has added much to the Schooltirne of Abi- lene High. Loved by all who know her, she is our MOST REPRESENTATIVE GIRL. 1lr'k1k we V ,,, -HL ....., ..,.. O ,l:,4kxm' 5,8 'k1l"k JERRY WILSON Since April of last year, Ierry repre- sented the students oi Abilene High in nine conventions, and there were nu- merous other conferences to which he contributed. He is next year's Editor of the Battery and President ot the Texas High School Press Association. Because he was both a trustworthy delegate and a person representative of our school, the students selected lerry Wilson to be their MOST REPRESENTATIVE BOY. 'k'k'k F-.. ,. ,. y q.....' . , , , " ,EQ .j2"b oe- , Q57 .fa lr 'k'k'k CHARLES PRESTON Whether he is on the gridiron, presid- ing at some meeting, singing in the Quartet, or just offering a cheery "Hi," this Co-Captain of the Football Team has plenty of ability and drive. Charles Preston fills the 1949 title for MOST VERSATILE BOY. 'k'k'k ir'k'k DIANE ESTES Good at anything she undertakes, this attractive brunette was Queen of her sophomore class, is a tennis letter- man, and excels in all the many activ- ities in which she participates. We are proud to present Diane Estes, the MOST VERSATILE GIRL. 'k'k'k l 'kit BETTY HART Petite, pretty, brown-eyed Betty was Oueen of her freshman class and is Queen of Future Farmers of America. Always cheerful and willing, she is the students' choice for MOST ADMIRABLE GIRL. ttf r 5 glue? if 'N All-1' 1 ign , 5 , 2 Av' r E 5' Unxnsl Rfb . . . ll l D Q' 'z 9 ,, ,J ifla I .F hi F53 'kit PRENTICE MARTIN Webster defines "admirable" as "de- serving the highest esteem." Surely no boy in Abilene High better tits that de- scription than Prentice Martin. His likable spirit and plucky will to Win have carried him tar in the hearts of his schoolmates, who have designated him MOST ADMIRABLE BOY. 'k'k'k .lf-'23, -, , xl! T iii! . t ',,u.-, . , 0 A S che! ,. i. f 4 at if if ' DICK STEARNS Senior President, Treasurer of the Student Council, Vice-President of the National Honor Society, Vice-President of the Quill and Scroll, Principal on Student-Teacher Day, and Art and Lay- out Editor ot The F lashliqht-this Floogie has gone far in Abilene High. All the students know him by his outstanding activities and his winning grin, and have chosen him MOST FRIENDLY BOY. iririr tit JACKIE SUE SEAY As Secretary Pep Leader, Iackie Sue has evidenced at the games her great loyalty and boundless enthusiasm. A member of the committee to promote Abilene High as the friendliest high school in Texas, lackie Sue Seay's spar- kling smile and twinkling eyes made her easily the MOST FRIENDLY GIRL of 1949. 'kirir A7 wwxrggl DN, ,R L . f . Q, 3 ' , ,mm ' ,Wi . tit JOETTE DIPPLE President oi the Senior E Club, Vice- President ot G an G, Vice-President of National Thespian, Ioette proved herself capable ot assuming and executing her many responsibilities. The student body bestowed upon her the title oi MOST DEPENDABLE GIRL. 'kirir TS .im W.-. ---.......- Zl' Al.,- A ff! 'Q 1 If 7 A 541 T 2, 'A . 1 ri Lil A 1 riff'-'fe 'Li W X un' U iririr BORDEN HESLEP Borden's good disposition and reliable nature are as well-defined as his red hair. A tour-star member of National Thespian, he is intensely interested in dramatics. His hobby is photography, and as photographer tor The Battery he has distingushed himself. We present Borden Heslep, Abilene High's MOST DEPENDABLE BOY. kit ,.-,,-.-.- M..- . ., ELIZABETH GRISSOM WAYNE THOMAS MARY WHITE NEIL ROGERS Most Ropresezztative Girl Mast Representative Boy Most Versatile Girl Most Versatile BOY 'kit RUNNERS-UP IERRY PHILLIPS ROY O'NEAL Most Aclmiralnle Girl Most Admirable Boy iii' BURGESS CLIFTON HAYLE RANDOLPH IACKIE LENEAVE RALPH CABANESS Most Friendly Girl Most Friendly Boy Most Dependable Girl Most Dependable Boy SAM PENDERGRAST IERRY FIELDS IOE WALLIS IERRY WILSON Drarnatics Science Mechanical Drawing Public Speaking 'k'k'A' IQHN MCQUIEN ANNETTE LEWIS OWEN Band Q,-Chestfa AWARDS iii' IOYCE MCBEATH IO ANN STRICKLIN FOOdS Clothing 3RISCILLA GRIFFITH BORDEN I-IESLEP CASEY PRITCHETT GERALDINE LEVRETS Bookkeeping Photography Diversified Occupations Shorthand IUNE SCOTT Spanish I 2535 fi? SHIRLEY BOWEN Ph ysicai Education '6P. ,.3, te, '-'X 7 1 CHARLES PRESTON Voice FOY CLEMENT DICK STEARNS Social Studies Mathematics -kit' MERIT AWARDS 'kiri' -K -ii 41 -K 41 .inn ROSELLE HOLT English HERMAN ROSNAU Latin NEIL ROGERS Athietics IACOUE NELL HUNTER Voice 1,:--'ff-1-"3 - , j.,nuf:ff,gQnf,. " -gms'-aunt' " 'I' 'iii E I PATRICIA ANN DALTON JOHNSON IACKIE LENEAVE MCGEEHAN IAMES EDINGTON Wood Shop journalism Art Machine Shop MES W ml lnlesting the Campus . . . Surrounded ond loving it , . . Comfortable, boys? . . . Lunch time qorrqs . . . AHS beouty . . . Theres the bell . . . Bock orqofin . . . Gut oft lost! Sports Time if ,P ' 1 . IACQUE NELL HUNTER Spirit of Athletics QP dll .12 Q FCDCDTBALL P. E. SHOTWELL Athletic Director Football Coach Baseball Coach COACHING STAFF W. K. BENTLEY Basketball Coach Assistant Track Coach Sophomore Football Coach B. L. BLACKBURN Baseball Coach "B" Team Football Coach WILLIAM LAWSON Boxing Coach Assistant Baseball Coach Sophomore Football Coach MANAGERS IOE WEST Track Coach Assistant Football Coach TONY POULOS Tennis Coach Assistant Basketball Coach "B" Team Football Coach IERRY SUGGS TOBY PAYLOB FOOTBALL CAPTAINS ,. 114 HVIY lI'JI.I.ANIJ CHARLES PRESTON 'V lffffkl 'VU 74 '11,f'k1Q, 2112 HUB LNGHAHAM Ili Rfwk, 175 uwvrful, hurl!-runnilut lmll 4-urrim-r . . . vvwp- ll' l1lllIl"l' . . . MIHIILZ, llllvllius-ni rl:-ff-nwixl' Mig, gmnwvrflll liln'm:ln . . . strung dm-follsiw' Slmmlll lv:1lIl1:1nuHm'r . . . slnurt qu:u'lvrlx:u'k un hu-lwr . . . :n rnmzlm :uni rn-andy lvluye-r . , . playa-r . . . ups-m-el up big: hulvs fur Pluglo hum-ks 4h-r Lhv . . , fim- pass--r . . . um- ul' lhv mx I4 hw-mul .lriluy All-llistrim-I lmvlx . . , syn-:lrlxvzui , . , 1-xvvllx-111 lllnwlmr' :ulul hzlrfl-hiliimg I:u'klvr , . . l'uum-rs on thv squml . . . mln-in-lull-nl nn In I1-ml ihq I urls- lwlnuim' :ntl:u'k , , , thi, ig hig Nvmnnl :1 x1-rsalila' playa-I' . , , hv lvtlvlwnl this yvill' for Lqilllll' :lilzulx in 'L11 . , . this is Hu- svcmul u ll ,,- thv xl-vmnl Linn-. lhut Iw has I--H1-rn-nl. CAPTAINS ELECT LX X f i :S L. . K N ' L'IIIfN'I'If 'lf fJTf'XLIl'LN WON LNf'Lx'GHAVx' qw If HJ, I .IH x1'h1L'k't', LHS Sirmlg, husky lim-man . , . 1-xc-1-llnwl in uh-fvlusixv ltivhql ,hifly hum-lx . . . fzuwtml plilya-r um liupgh- play . . . cnllsistm-ul hurl!-lulm-lxil1Lf lzlvlxlv . . . ,,,,,g,.,- V A A .igmw-r-ms Ulu-nfuvl-I runm-r . . . film 1-nulnh-cl on tu Alw-Intilmu-11 ilu- Hzlfh- Lino in Ali' P- ull-rmmnl pluyvr. :lnml '5lI. FOOTBALL BOB WHITE SU Center, 155 Could always be depended on smart, defensive linebacker . . . counied on to strengthen Eagle line in '49 . . . hard-hitting pivot man. LYNNON GRANT 43 Back, 152 40- Back, 149 Dependable, hard-working back , . , Fast, elusive runner . . , specialized good defensive haliback . . . smart, on end sweeps . . . one of the Eagles quick-thinking quarterback , . . had lots leading ground gainers . . , h d of hustle and spirit , . . one- e l - ' ar run y ar etter mng and rubber-le ,d ' gge ball carrier BILL COOPER 1 DON STRANGE 811 End, 162 Tall, lanky end . . , excellent pass re- ceiver . . . good downfield blocker . . . strong defensive player , . , one-year letterman. 83 End, 154 Outstanding, defensive end . . . good tackler . , . dependable, hard-hitting def fensive and offensive player . . , able receiver. N R nk s LM. . MELVIN HENSON FOOTBALL ic-Y ROY ONIIAI, H7 IIn.1,I!S5 4 3, I' WJNIXLIJ HHOIJIXS lwl flllflffl, IM! Hfllfllllllimq flllfllfl llfxfl lub: uf ,wwf-1 , , . :afxw :muh flillfvll flllllhfj H11 :r'r1:w11 , . , Illflflnli . . . f'Xprw'tmi In lv fVJWf'lllll in 'ffl . . firlfv tvxmjklw- uxvi 4-Xvvllr-lx! lwlflvkfrl. H. Cf. OSHUHN 711 'I'm'kle, 1611 Hin, cllvlt tclcklfv , . , vmvormi 11 lui uf imritory , . . Slow but clqqmffssivv . SHIP lsluvkrfl . . . dvfmxsivv sl11iw4 . . . plnxyvd 11:1 thr' qood of llw ivcim. DIN IUR Z 1 1 Nl HS fl W1 11 r Hmlsllilm, pmszsfsrxmqqimu Und . . :sllnmq ml imtlx wffmlscx mu! sivfonsv . . oiton llmww mwxuy IKUIHIDIS for louq lcussws , . , lwst pass Cutchm' on tho Squmi . . vxvwllmmt fTH'YkU1lIld plciyml x COAQII P I JIOIVV FOOTBALL fs NEIL ROGERS EDDIE HODGES 62' Guard, 180 71 V- Tackle, 178 Big, rugged guard . . . strong on lieth Stocky, hard-working tackle . . . hard- ffense and defense I , . chosen All-District hitting . . . fine blocker and powerful tackle uard . . , hard-charging linenian who liked . . . improved greatly as the season pro- rough . . . helped make Eagle forward gressed. fall successful. CHARLES FISCHER BILL GALUSI-IA 52 Cenfer,l6f1 45 Back, 165 Rough and ready pivot man , , . strong Stecky, hard-running back . . . extra n offense and defense , , . smart, power- point specialist . . . Eagles' leading scorer il linebacker , . . determined, hard work- with 52 points . . . a junior . . . exceptional T . . . liked it rough. runner on end sweeps . , . used his speed to excellent advantage. l MARVIN TATE 58- Guard, ISU Smart, hard-liitting lineman . . , gained more playing time than any other player on the squad . . . a sophomore . . . de- pended on to strengthen the Eagle forward wall in '49 and '5O. IOHN B. STEPHENS 82 End, M8 Alert, dependable end . . . good down- field blocker . . . good pass receiver . . . strong defensive player . . . good all- round player. Y . ff ' . I V fr , ' I . N In Q gg i- A M A r M b ' .- at ' ,.. IW, or ' 1- r st? wssr 'WW , ti ' ff 1 A 'lttr A- I' I ft' jj r ,,tt, I FOOTBALL SEASON REVIEW By KEITH MILES ABILENE 6-ODESSA 20 Abilene - Odessa 6 ,...,... ...A,... F irst Downs ..,..,,. ......... 8 161 ..... .4... Y ards Gained Rushing ,.,. ..,.. l 67 3 of 9 ..... , . . .Passes Completed ..... A,.. 1 of 3 29 ......... a.., Y ards Gained Passing .... ....,,.. l 5 3 for 32 ,..........,.....,.., Punting Averages ...................., 6 for 33 3 for 35 A,... ,.........w..... . . , Penalties ....,.......,......,..... 5 for 25 Playing in the Bronchos' new stadium before a crowd of 14,000, a fighting team of Eagles fell to the dis- trict champions, 20-6, in Abilene's first Conference game. The Eagles, who exceeded the Bronchos in total yardage gained, fought a tough, defensive battle, but the Red Hosses scored once in the first quarter and twice in the fourth on long runs. The Eagles pushed across their tally late in the fourth quarter when Martin intercepted a pass on the Odessa 35-yard line and returned it twenty-three yards before being pulled down. Galusha smashed over from the 2-yard marker, but his kick from placement was wide. EAGLE SQUAD J" if fl. - 45, , ar, , .1 .. f 4 P, 1 Q 1 X s ' Q ' my , A 3 v ' ' S ' Q , , it , ' . ,.:,f- - ' .tg -rs. fqquz If my K P 9 D E y 3 if ll Q X i 25: 7 If Q 5 if t gl :"' First Row: Managers Ierry Suggs, Toby Paylor Second Row: COACHES-Mr. Tony Poulus, Mr. Ioe West, Mr. Pete Shotwell, Mr. Shorty Lawson, Mr. B. L. Blackburn, Mr. lake Bentley JThird Row: Bill Galusha, Pat Gilbert, Roy O'Neal, Bill Cooper, Buddy Nott, Vol Montgomery, Hayle Ran- dolph, Burl Stubbs Fourth Row: Melvin Henson, Charles Dennis, Arthur Iones, Bobby Dukes, Claude Scott, Marvin' Tate, Ronald Rhodes, Neil Rogers I Fifth Row: Gilbert Morris, Iohn B. Stevens, R. C. Osburn, Iirnmy Bridges, Don Strange, Rollie Bruton, Bob White, Murray Travis Sixth How: Iames Hallmark, Prentice Martin, Bob Hayes, Don McGraw, Scotty Holland, Hub Ingraham, Don Turner, Lynnon Grant, Charles Fischer Seventh Row: Iack Thompson, lfmmy Hailey, Kenneth Green, Iohn Caraway, Dwight Worley, Ray Mil- liorn, Benny Blankenship, George Yonge, lack Lester r FOOTBALL Henson finally downed ABILENE 21-MIDLAND O Abilene Midland 17. A AAA AA First Downs A A A A 9 263. A A A Yards Gained Bushing A A A 134 U of 4 A A A A Passes Completed A A A A 1 of 4 OA A A A Yards Gained Passing A 22 2 for 51A A A A A Punting Averages A 6 for 35 4 for 50 A A A A A A A AAAA Penalties A A A A A A 5 for 55 The Eagles notched their first conference victory of the season over their guests, the Midland Bulldogs, on Qctober 22. Galusha broke the scoring ice late in the first quarter on an end-run from the 2-yard line and then kicked the first of three perfect placements. Neither team threatened again until the third period, when Midland drove to the Eagle 10-yard stripe before being held there by a powerful Eagle forward wall. The Warbirds took over on downs on their own 5-yard line and in eight plays carried the pigskin to the Bulldog 6-yard marker with Martin sweeping left cnd for the score. Later the Eagles gained possession of the ball near midfield and, sparked by Henson, drove to the Bulldog 4-yard line. Henson carried over for the tally. A crush- ing, outstanding offense supplemented by a powerful defense determined this victory, the third of the season. FOOTBALL Ai3iLi3Ni3 ss SWEETWATER Abilene Sweetwater l 1 First Downs A I3 130 Yards Gained Rushing 347 4 of 15 Passes Completed O of 5 100 Yards Gained Passing U 6 for 28.3 Punting Averages 5 for 31 3 for 25 Penalties 9 for 85 ln the most bitterly fought game of the season, the courageous Eagles fell to the visiting Sweetwater Mustangs, 28-6. The Warbirds took the kickoff attcr the first Pony tally and drove quickly into scoring position only to have the ball go over on downs on the Mustang l-yard line. The Ponies kicked out to the 32-yard marker, and the Eagles quickly struck for a touchdown, with Turner cracking over from the 5-yard line. Galusha's kick was wide. The Mustangs scored once in the firstguarter, once in the second, and twice in the fourth. The Eagle offense was handicapped greatly by injuries to Martin and Turner. Galusha sweeps right end FOOTBALL Henson outruns his pursuers ABILENE 26 LAMESA O Abilene Lamesa l5 First Downs lU 2Ol Yards Gained Rushing 93 5 of 7 Passes Completed 8 of l7 84, i Yards Gained Passing 85 4 for 39 Punting Averages 3 for 38 3 for l5 Penalties l for 5 After a slow start in the first half, the Eagles finished with a blast to shut out their visitors, the Lamesa Tornadoes, 28-O. The Eagles started their first goalward drive midway of the first quarter when lngraham intercepted a pass at midfield and returned it to the Lamesa 33-yard line. Henson, after carrying the pigskin to the Whirlwind 4-yard marker, scored from the 8-inch line. Early in the second half, the Eagles gained possession of the ball near midfield. A pass-lateral, Grant to O'Neal to Holland, carried to the 15-yard stripe and lngraham scored to make it l2-U. Late in the third guarter Grant led an 83-yard march downfield to the Lamesa 20-yard line, carrying over from that point and running over the extra point. With a minute to play, the Eagles took the ball on downs on the Tornado 28-yard marker. Grant passed to Stubbs for a score, and Galusha booted the extra point. ABILENE 5l BIG SPRING O Abilene Bifl Spring ll .,,. , First Downs 7 304. . . Yards Gained Rushing 39 3 of 5 , Passes Completed , 8 of 20 F 92 Yards Gained Passing lO4 l for 34 . Punting Averages 7 for 28 6 for 30, , , . , . . i Penalties . i l for l5 The entire Eagle squad saw action as they swamped the Big Spring Steers 5l-U in their third conference win of the season. Scoring was initiated FOOTBALL by Stephens as he recovered a Steer fumble in the air at midfield and raced over for a score. Holland pushed over the second score from the 2-yard line late in the first quarter. And minutes later lngraham tallied on a brilliant 8l- yard jaunt to raise the score to 21-U. Scoring ended in the first half on a 55-yard pass interception return by lones. A pass, Grant to O'Neal, clicked for 40 yards and the next score. Early in the fourth quarter Hayes smashed for ten yards and a touchdown. Bowers cracked over from the l-yard line to make it 45-O. The final score of the evening came on an off-tackle plunge by Dennis. ABILENE 7 SAN ANGELO 6 Abilene San Angelo l l First Downs . 5 l78 Yards Gained Bushing l33 4 of 10 Passes Completed . 8 of l2 48 Yards Gained Passing 22 5 for 44.8 Punting Average , 8 for 44.2 I for 5 Penalties . . 3 for l5 Playing in their annual Turkey Day game with the San Angelo Bobcats, the Eagles came from behind to defeat their arch-rivals and hosts, 7-6. The Eagles played excellent defensive ball, as the Bobcats were never in pos- session of the pigskin in Abilene's half of the field. The Bobcats' score came on a long run in the second quarter. The Eagles' tally was set up by lngraham as he carried 86 yards on a fake punt to the Bobcat 7-yard line. Galusha scored from the 5-yard stripe and then kicked perfect placement for the game-winning point. An outstanding highlight of the game was l'lolland's exceptional punting. This victory lifted Abilene to third place in the final district standings. Galusha scores against Odessa BASKETBALL SCOTTY HOLLAND HUB INGRAHAM GLENN DARLING Forward Guard Forward TWGYQCU lcuermun Two-yeczr lettermcm QUGYOGT IOUCUTIUII Captain DON STRANGE BILL GALUSNA KENNETH GEEEN Center Guard Forward One-year leitermcin One-year Ieiiermcm One-year leitermun BASKETBALL IJNNMN LglqAN'1' In uN LANDHIIM MVK SWAIN' f',,,Wf1,,l fillflfff QWVIWK .yH,,Y,,1H 1,,H,,Im,m OHM WWI 1,114,I,W,,, Um' VUKII IUHUIIIIRIII MfpN1p 'VAHH Hjmgy gqmgqqg HOB KTOIICTH HORAFII LOVIN I'4v1wf:1xl xlzmzxi A J' ' ' X: 'W'-"A"1'f1H 0:10 yum lfiffvillllilll ijllngixfnll lxxffrfllllulll THE '49 BASKETBALL SEASON After a slow start the Eagles, defending district champions, gradually improved and by the end of the season were a match for any team in the district. The Eagles finished the regular district competition with eight wins and four losses, but were defeated by the San Angelo Bobcats, 45-40, in the District tournament. With only one graduating letterman, the Eagles will have plenty of capable and Oxy eri enced material for the next few years. bilene bilene bilene bilene bilene oilene bilene bilene bilene bilene bilene bilene bilene bilene bilene Lubbock Polytechnic Anson , Colorado City Winters Hamlin Coleman Plainview Brownwood Hamlin Big Spring Big Spring San Angelo San Angelo Sweetwater BASKETBALL SCOBES Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene EAGLE SQUAD 43 4l 43 25 32 29 33 39 52 20 48 23 25 District 40 Sweetwater Gdessa Gdessa Lamesa Lamesa Woodrow Wilson Midland Lubbock Midland Polytechnic Polytechnic Highland Park Highland Park Tournament San Angelo First Row: Ierry Suggs, Burl Stubbs, Don Landrum, Prentice Martin, Melvin Henson, Iohn B. Stephens rrles Fischer, Raymond Tarr Second Row: Boy G'Neal, Lynnon Grant, Glenn Darling, Vol Montgomery, Buddy Nott, Horace Loving ineth Green Third Row: W, K. Bentley, Bob Couch, lack Stuard, Neil Rogers, Murray Travis, Andy Dillard Hub ln ham, Don Strange, Scotty Holland, Tony Poulos. nv'-u-1 Q-... M ff Q? T 9523? n I V? Q f ff cf .sri A U ,l , x 4 '55, f H: OY O'NEAL HAROLD HUGHES GENE LANDRUM CHARLES BELL Outlieid Third Base Outfield Shortstop DAVID PLATTER Second Base BASEBALL BASEBALL SCORES Abilene .,..,.... 9 Hamlin A . . . A . . Abilene .4., .,.. l 1 Winters Abilene ,... . . 7 Hamlin . , . Abilene ..., .. 5 Odessa Abilene .,.. . . . 7 San Angelo . . . . . Abilene .... .... l 8 Midland . . Abilene . . . .... 2 San Angelo . , . . . Abilene . . . .... 7 Sweetwater Abilene .... .... 7 Larnesa Abilene ..,. , , . l5 Odessa , . . Abilene .... . . , l4 Sweetwater Abilene ..., ..,. l 6 Odessa AVID GUIN RAINEY OWEN SCOTTY HOLLAND HUB INGRAHAM Outiield ROBERT LOVING :ww , ,,. ' 4 1 'M - ,Ai A MM.. - An.. BASEBALL if STUART BENSON TQBY p AYLQP. Catcher Manager Captain The Eagle baseballers ended the District 3AA baseball race in third place with a record of five wins and seven losses. A fine pitching staff, led by Leslie Price and Rainey Owen, gave the Warbirds a powerful defense, while hitters, such as Stuart Benson, Gene Landrum, Scotty Holland, and Rainey Owen led the offensive attack. The Eagles, who were defending district champions, are expected to have a strong team in '49 with four returning lettermen. BASEBALL SQUAD - .4 , ,RvuV,CX, First Row: Coach B. L. Blackburn, Toby Paylor, Carlos Appleton, Iohn B. Stephens, Will Armstrong, Harold Hughes, Gene Landrum, David Platter, Rainey Owen, Charles Fischer, Coach W. K. Lawson. Second Row: Charles Bell, Stuart Benson, David Guin, Roy O'Neal, Bob Strain, Hub Ingraharn, Scotty Holland, Robert Loving, Don Strange. BOXING ooichmr GLQVES Arrell throws o riohi . . . Two solid punches . . . Rhodes Scores home . . . lvey ducks cr rioht. BOXHNIG SQUAD ,mt 'H First How: Toylor Block, Frorrk Philley, Mox Arrell, Doriold Clowdus. Secoricl Bow: Bex Broclley, lohhhy Price, Bobby Dukes, Booer lvey, Bill Smith. Third Row: Boyfriend Guest, Sionley Millsop, Bill Plumlee, Arthur lohes, Bohold Bhodes, Bill Kerr ecly, Bill Cooper, Cooch Shorty Lowson. BOXING LETTERMEN 1' TAYLOR BLACK MAX ARRELL BILL KENNEDY BOBBY DUKES RONALD RHODES BILL COOPER l'Iyweight Lightweight Welterweight Welterweight Middleweight Middleweight Climnpion Champion EAGLES WIN GOLDEN GLOVES By arriasssirifr a total of fortv-three points as compared to twonty-five for their nearest competitors, the Knights of Twlmiiluiis, Shorty Lawsorrs high school fighters, won the Abilene Regional Golden Gloves team championship for the tiltti strfxialit year. Three individual championships in the lighter divisions were Won hy Taylor Black, flyweiahty fl. I. Anflersori, liantamwoiglitg and Max Arrell, lightweight. Black won through a first-round knockoutp Arrell, through rl tiirf-fi murirl devisifirig and Anderson, a defending champion, was uncontested. Team standouts who failed to win their weights this your were Bill Kennedy, Ronald Rhodes, and Bill Cooper. GOLF Illllft Eagle golf team has played three matches this year, beating Lubbock twice and losing once to Midland. On March lt? the golfers played in the Fort Worth Exposition Tournament in which they placed fourth. Lee Pinkston won tirst place- medalist honors. They will play in the Texas State High School Golf Tournament at Dallas on April 27. Pirikston is expected to place high in State honors. The Eagles will have a strong team in '49, as they have no flllltltlfiilllfg players, Lelt to Right: Lee Pinkston, Coach Morgan Hampton, E. G. Cockerell, Don Calloway. - 45? 4' a ff? TRACK ,, E Sprint Relay Team: Burl McAlister, Bill Galusha, Gilbert Morris, Prentice Martin. Hurdlers: Claude Scott, Ewell Adams, Ronald Rhodes, Don Turner, Dan Winters, Jerry Walker, Bill Ken- ady, Donn Noland. TRACK Although left with no returning letterrnen, the Eagle track team is expected to place high in district and non- conierence competition. Strong runners, such as Sutley in the 440-5 McAlister in the 220-and l0O-yard dash, and Sutley, Gilbert, Winters, and l-ludrnan in the mile relay, are depended on to Win running honors for Abilene. Preston in the shot-put and discus and Zuber in the pole vault and broad jump will lead the Eagles in field events. Broad Iumpers, High Iumpers, Pole Vaulters: First nweBill Galusha, Gordon Zuber, George Yonge, tylor Black. The Eagle trackmen placed second in the district meet at Midland on April 9. They won first place in the mile relay, shot-put and broad jump, and placed Second Row-elerry Muston, Don Turner, Pat Gil- art, Sam Smith, Claude Scott. high in other events. tt EAGLE TRACK AND FIELD SQUAD TRACK .ni I , , 'fp' 440-Yard Dashers: Pat Gilbert, Dan Winters, Clark IUOYUFQ Dcshersf Bm Gqlushg' Gilbert Momb Sutle Richard McGehee Ben Hudman Burl MCAhSter' Prentice Martin 'Y' ' ' Distance Runners: First Howe -lack Prager, Ierry Weiaht and Discus Men: Glenn Darling, Don Spen- Miller, Bobby Hopkins, Claude Scott, Pat Moore Mar ,9 A D M ,G I - B fd ' k L I B-H shall Mullins, Bill Kennedy 25621115123 Cimiigvpggggqny U gels IUC ester I Second How flztaymond Guest, Rex Bradley Ken neth Moore, Bay Milliorn, Earl Rudder, Dick Hall Danny Daniels, Arlie Watson TENNIS V A e , E G, s f ,, i t A Xt ,Ms Q. . vu.. -wwmqgq, - 1,,11nm.UC'mumu u ., -,1...... ... , , .....- . .V ., -... Hit it hard, Gene . . . My, what form! . , . A nice return . . . One oi them is bound to get it. .s xx X xks fl s Y5 ik TENNIS Q - a s -I i I 1 I f 5' ' 'f - -vvvvvv '::5::::.5f,, Wi , , .:f::., .,., , ' 'I' :gf ' Q' HBE I as W ll ,,,, I win J I , , fl -I . ' I 9? '- ' l 5 M x,,,,,,,Mw W", K ...,. aEEf:-2:2 '-'-' Y y -- - ' 'Yi V mm sq m my Q W wqkswu, , by MTW - h PM gl' 4 ,,.,: ---x 0, ? - "-' W' , I ,.g1.5:5a5s:s ::::,.,,.,.-.-.VL W x .,.... . I Q HAYLE RANDOLPH DIANE ESTES IOE WALLIS The Eagle tennis team is strong this spring, especially in boys' and girls' singles with Hayle Bandolph and Diane Estes. There are three returning lettermen and the largest sguad in the history of Eagle tennis. The netmen have already won a dual match with Sweetwater and expect to win many more. With only one graduating senior, the Eagles will have plenty of capable and experienced material in the years to come. TENNIS SQUAD First How: Bettye Tucker, Betty I-Iornback, Ianis Green, Kay Bowers, Wilma Wise, Helen Haynes, Elaine bert, Pat Wagley, Gwen Beard Second Row: Marlis Smith, Tommy Hayden, Diane Estes, Mary Francis Morris, Maxine Mullens, Marcia gren, Bill Wright, Tom Matthaei, Don Posey Third Row: Gene Bagley, Gene Wolfe, Hayle Randolph, Ioe Wallis, Harrell Line I INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL Each year there are two intramural basketball tournaments. In one only members of physical education classes compete, in the other any student of Abilene Hiah School may participate. It is an important part ot boys' intramural sports. INTRAMURAL CHAMPICNS PHYSICAL EDUCATICN CLASS CHAMPIONS INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS First Row: B. W. Weathersby, Roger Ivey, Leroy First ROW: Bud Klinqman, Bobby Mason, Dick Haynes, Bobby Perry Stearns Second How: Danny Daniels, Manuel Hickam, Darrell Hood, Daniel Bullen, Carroll Forrester, Dwight Second ROW5 DON CO1-Ich' DUTVGH Cl1CIDmCU'1i ISPFY Hood Shoemaker, captain A ASSOCIATION First Row: Lynnon Grant, Don McGraw, Diane Estes, Charles Preston, Hub lngraham, Scotty Holland, Roy Nleal, Prentice Martin, Don Turner Second Row: W. K. Bentley, Melvin Henson, Eddie Hodges, lohn B. Stephens, Marvin Tate, Ronald Jdes, Charles Fischer, Bill Cooper, lerry Suggs Third Row: Kenneth Green, Don Landrum, Glenn Darling, Don Strange, R. C. Osburn, Bob White, Toby ylor, Leslie Price, loe West, B. L. Blackburn Fourth Row: Bob Couch, W. D. Lawson, Horace Loving, lack Stuard, Eugene Sewell, Hayle Randolph, nley Millsap, Billy Frank Row, lames Edington, Raymond Tarr, Tony Poulos The A Association is the athletic organization which consists ot lettermen in all ot the tive major sports: tball, basketball, baseball, track, and tennis. The members ot this organization are the outstanding leaders Abilene High School, both in athletic and scholastic tields. Last year for the first time the A Association cted a girl to represent the athletic department as the Spirit ot Athletics. lacaue Nell Hunter was chosen the members to be the Spirit ot Athletics of '49, succeeding Cray Graves. OFFICERS Scotty Holland , . President Hub lngraham . , Vice-President Charles Preston . , . Secretary Roy O'Neal , . . . , . , , . Reporter lacaue Nell Hunter Spirit ot Athletics Hancling out the B Team jackets QZMYJ Time FLASHLIGHT ...fl Konnoth Wehh, Business Manaqerf Dick Stearns, Lay-out Editor: Roselle Holt, Editorf Mary Bishop, Club .'riitoi,' Mario lirintor, junior Editorg Miss Tommie Claclc, Advisor 'l'lrce l'Ifi::lilial1t Cliiln is composed ot students working on the annual stall. These students nrnst main- 'iin ci ninoty rivorrriqo in order' to hold a position on this stall. 'l'l1i:s your tl1rfI'lr,i::i1iiotit won the rating oi All-State at the Texas liitili School Press Association. 'R' Torn Yoirnfi, Assistant Photoqrapherp Mae Harkins, Iuriior Editorg loe Bill Mcklister, junior Editor: I. D. Ntritrnori, Piiotorirophorp Shirley Gooch, Senior Editor: lerry Phelps, Senior Editor. Bette lit lones, Sophomore Editorf loe Handel, Advertising Manager' Keith Miles, Sports Editorf Miss Rena ,ee Williams, Advisory Sidney Pitzer, Feature Editor. BATTERY Q33 First Row: Evelyn Wilson, Sophy McMahon, Ierry Wilson, Verdene Freeman, Mary Io Frazier, Priscilla lrittith, Iacqueline Leneave, Betty Little, Ruby Seider 'Q jp .lgg ' tw fm 5:9 lava. Igyffit 9' Second Row: Hope Duffy, Ioann Rushing, Ioyce Lee Holley, Byrdie Lee West, Ronald Costin, Glenn Wil- ite, IoAnn Sanders, Iacaueline Laird, Pat Walker, Clara Walker, Bunny Scoggins Third Row: Margaret West, Nancy Pace, Nita Paynter, lrene Iudd, Betty Chaney, Barbara Curry, Ioan fochran, Bobbie Foy, Bette Huckabee, Frances Lambert, Katherine Collier, Miss Marian Walker Fourth Row: Mary Lee Mitchell, luanell Landers, George Oliver, lack Swinson, Ben Hudman, Iohnny olk, Iimrny Sojourner, Iohn lay Horn, Billy Thompson, Borden I-leslep, Douglas Wimberly This year marks the twenty-second anniversary ot the Battery. For the tirst time every student subscribed mr the Battery both semesters. In Denton last December the Battery won All-State rating at the Texas High School Press Association. orden Heslep Won fourth place in newspaper photography, and Ierry Wilson was elected President of the exas High School Press Association tor 1949. OFFICERS lacqueline Leneave , . ,Editor-in-Chief Ruby lane Kincaid , Managing Editor Mary Io Frazier Business Co-Manager Priscilla Grittith. . Business Co-Manager Betty Little . . Circulation Manager Getting ready to go to press QUHL AND SCROLL li JI it ww l Ln.-:I Hriw: f. ll. Wliitmrrii, lcirrriieliiiri Lerieuve, Roselle Hott, Priscilla Griffith, Dii-lc Steciiris, Mary lu Piciiiivi Ihwiiiiil lffiw, ltwtty l.ittlf-, filiiiley Gwcivti, lerry Wilson, Ruby Seitivr, Hciiinlcl tfwstiii, Mtiiifi liimter, tvtiiit bisliwp 'lt,ii,l lfiiw Mini, Miiiiiiii Wiilki-il Iii.-lg tlvvitisiiii, Iiiif ttill Mvltliasts-1, 'lliiii Y-iiiiiq, lit-imvtli Wiftili, klviiy l'tii-lgis, lti.tt5 limi- lxiiiiuiitl 'llifi iiirviiibers nf this club receive membership if they fire on either of our sclioel piililiccitioiis. All aver- ge tit iiirioty is required for the members of this Club. PRESS CLUB 'lim Prem: Club is uoiiiiuosed of members who are interested iii Cietivities of the Battery. They visit the iiitfrraz fmcl writrgh the Buttery primed. Activities of this club include ci variety ot thiiius, such us disciissiiiq fmrs for the piiblishiriq of the Battery cmd surveyiriq of Cirticles. fit I'ii-il Huw: Riitiy lf1flF? Kirifrriid, Betty Little, Ierry Wilson, Priscilla Griffith, lccqueline Lerieove, Mary lo Frazier Seforitl How: Frances Lambert, Katherine Collier, lohnnie Robbins, Tom Periderqrost, Cowdeii Smith, Ruby Seicler, Mary Lea Mitchell, Vitss Morton Walker. nys, T GanG First Row: Wandene Whitaker, Iacqueline Leneave, Odessa Richey, Glorietta Travis, Geraldine Levrets, ette Dipple, Ruby lane Kincaid, Billie lean Hogg, Bobbie Louise Rice, lean Dunlap Second Row: Nell Humphreys, Priscilla Grittith, Mary lo Frazier, Mary Ann Clary, Frances Gentry, Beulah aasley, Nina McDermett, Donaleen Reynolds, Shirley Royall, Reta Ioyce Horn, Loretta Hailey, Iimmie Sue eeks Third Row: Bobbye lean Mobley, Miss Tommie Clack, Ouida Williams, Katherine Blanchard, Ann Bole iqer, Coretha Alene Roe, Annie lo Hamilton, Betty Little, Frances Lambert, Betty Ashton, Estelle Wriaht, Jsemary Williams The Candle-liqhtinq Ceremony The G an G is an important organization in Abilene Hiqh School. Composed of senior qirls, its members sponsor one or more sophomore qirls in an ettort to make those qirls teel more at home in high school. OFFICERS Geraldine Levrets . . . . , . President loette Dipple , i i Viceepresident Glorietta Travis , . , Secretary Odessa Richey , , , Treasurer lacqueline Leneave . . Reporter GanG First Row: Charlene Kilgore, Roselle Holt, Gloria Benson, Annette Lewis Owen, Lorene Adams Florene Adams, Marjorie Lively, Ianiece Bash, Ioyce McBeath, Elizabeth Grissom Second Row: lackie Seay, Mary White, Betty Mcliinzie, Gerry Phelps, Shirley Gooch, Betty Sanimons l,aVynda Branch, Metta luan Herman, Barbara Sparkman, Sally Owens, lacaue Nell Hunter, Chris Sampson Tliiro' Row: Mrs. Edith Smith, Edna Faye Golleher, Marjorie Kilqrove, Betty Lou Shrum, Pat McGeehan Opal lliint, Bobbie Foy, Ann Gilbert, Waurine Veteto, Mary Ann Nunley, Mary Pope Tho protiranis presented in G an G meetings have been interostinq and varied. Some of the contributions were lectures on the proper use of cosrnotics, the appreciation ot fine crystal, china, and silver, and the correct social procedures under different circumstances. Everyone is listening intently AHS THEATRE First How: Pat Strain, Gwen Beard, Borden Heslep, lerry Don Melton, Wayne Thomas, Evelyn Wilson, lly lean Hogg, Pat McCoy, Kay Kincaid Second How: Pat McGeehan, ludy Galbreath, Gloria Benson, Ioanne Ford, Beverly Ann Morrow, Bobbe eters, Mary Leia Hubbard, Ladelie Dennis, lune LeMay, Margaret Mohr Third How: Andrew Stanyer, Kenneth Knox, Iim Selman, Sam Pendergrast, Mr. Ernest Sublett, Bette ummond, Glynda Williams, Nina McDermett, Patsy Pike, Marion Steinman, Ted Starnes The AHS Theatre was organized tor the benefit ot students interested in acting. Many ot its members do at have an apportunity to attend a great number ot plays, and it is therefore through the meetings ot this club at they are made to realize what an opportunity the stage Otters. The AHS Theatre represents all dramatic activities in Abi- lene High. This year there were tour major productions: 2000 Nights in the Theatre The Skin ot Our Teeth Cone-act tournament playl l The Tempest The Man Who Came to Dinner CSenior playi. A OFFICERS lerry Don Melton .,., Pf9SfClG1'1f Borden Heslep . . . , . Vice-President Billy lean Hogg , . . Se-cretarY Mr. Sublett at the switchboard 5 ,e x fl 4 W ,X 9 I A- pw N wx f . A S V X s , Q 'X X , 1 Q Ci f ,- A , ,A Q Jr if ,gg 35 NATIONAL THESPIAN TROUPE NO. 353 First Row: Andrew Stanyer, Borden Heslep, Patricia McGeehan, Ruby lane Kincaid, Ioette Dipple, lerry Wilson, Ruby Seider, Mary Lea Mitchell, Iames Martin, Kenneth Knox Second Row: Ted Starnes, ludy Galbraith, Marion Steinman, Ladelle Dennis, Gwen Beard, Wayne Thomas, Kay Kincaid, Billie lean Hogg, Pat Strain, Mary Leia Hubbard Third Row: Sam Pendergrast, Guy McFadden, lim Selman, Mr. Ernest Sublett, Dwight Worley, Gloria Benson, Roselle Holt, Ioanne Ford, lerry Don Melton, Gerry Phelps, LaZelle Perry The National Thespian, as its name suggests, is a national organization ot students interested in act- ing. This year the main program produced by the Thespian was Shakespeare's The Tempest. What a struggle! OFFICERS lerry Wilson i . i . , President Ruby Seider . . . , . ,Vice-President loette Dipple i i . . . . Secretary STAGE CREW l'ir::l Rovif: Glcvricr l?0risori, lofrririe Ford, Ruby Sr idcr lbrry Wrlsori loello Diprvle Clorrcr Boiirioll Srwnrifi Row: Mr. Eriiosi Siibloll, lcrrriess Mclrliii Trofl llcrwkirm Dwicrlil Vforloy Bill Plliiiile Q Kormblli Grrrrrri, Cflifrrlos lioririis, Horrrce Lovirig 'l'lirz Slrifro Crow luis cglifrrrre ol rxrrrrriqiriq the blciqb lor crll ciwclrribl urolirririi cmd scliool culivi Y l iri llicw riiirlilririiirii. BIG E CLUB 'l'liri liirr lf is llirw rildossl rlivifziriri ol llie E Cll,ll'US iii Aliilcarire llifrli Scliocil. ll is Corriposed Ol szrvriicir f11rl:: rarily. This ye-ur, lfvcciriso of the ex' lmrrirfly srririll of the sfvriirir Class, lbe E Club lirirl fixfrrirrliririrrlly law IIl0llll'-OTS. Ol'TlCEHS lm-ltfi lliririlfv Prosrdorif jricflcirv iflwriy Vive-Pr0sr'c'lQ-ri! Sully Own-riaa Smireicvry Marry Ariri Nlirilrvy Treasurer' i Virsaf How: lrrvqim Noll Hiiriler, lcrclcie Sony, ffwilei lliririlo SfXf'fJ!lffRfDW.'SC1llY OWoriH,l.c1 Vyridci Brcrrmb, lvlrrry Arm Nirriloy, Mriry Wlillo, Tlrirrl How: Wrriiririo Velolo, Elizabeth Gris- nririi, Mrrry ljwprv, Missa: Clriiidiriev Qlseri LITTLE E First Row: Ioy Scott, Betty Worley, Helen Haynes, Pat Brewster, Io Ann Sanders, Wilma Wise, Doris Fish, LaZelle Perry, Betty Hornback Second How: Mrs. Edith C. Smith, Patty Moorhead, Sandra Hanks, Betty Hart, Theola Ash, Io Frances Thompson, Bunny Scoqqins, loyce Lee Holly, lohan Bushing, Louise Ienninqs, Earlyne Ferguson Third Row: Dolores Walker, Iune Edinqton, Shirley Davenport, Eleanor Sellers, Dorothy Weldon, Dat Lowery, Bobbie Beall, Barbara Bush, Buth Boehninq, Marcia Unqren, Bettye Tucker, Ann Wooten The Little E, contrary to its name, is the larqest branch ot E Clubs. It is composed oi sophomore airls. iii: It's Square Dance time OFFICERS Betty Worley President Doris Fish , . Vice-President Helen Haynes . Secretary Wilma Wise Parliamentarian LITTLE E -Divx! . First Row: Diane Leller, Norma Trantham, Katherine Steele, Waynel Phelps, Elaine Condley, lohn- nie Roberts, Wanda Byrd, Burgess Clifton, Barbara Smith Second Bow: Wanda Byram, loAnn Crow, Mamie Skipper, Sandra St. lohn, Dorothy Seay, Orene Conaway, Marilyn Wood, Madeline Herman, lean Einlc, Shella Lea Thornton Third How: Peaqy Haney, Peaqy Benlro, Carolyn Cowden, Alice Everett, Nancy Gatlin, Yvonne Coal:-son, Dorothy Taylor, Barbara Gray, Norma McMahon, Gwendolyn Nunn On April 2 the members oi the Little E Club had a picnic at State Park. There, as on their club rnootinq days, they square danced in addition to other activities, Mrs. Edith C. Smith sponsored the event. iii' i' if ir Swinq around, but don't tall down E CLUB First Row: Marian Pechacek, Theresa Moore, Hope Dutty, Kay Bowers, Betty Gay Smith, Dorothy Coqdell, Nancy Pace, Bette Smith, LaWanda Thornton Second Plow: Doris Gibson, Mary Hart, Vera Mae Shipley, Frances Smith, Gloria Bennett, Barbara Fielder, Pat Curtis, Mary Poster, Sophy McMahon, Maxine Mullins, Marilyn Davis Third Row: Miss Odell lohnson, lo Ann Stricklin, Betty Peel, Violet Vletas, Martha Adams, Barbara Kina, Elaine Gilbert, Iris Kendall, Barbara Bass, Wilnia Beid, lanis Green The E Club is composed ot junior airls seeking qood i' 'A' i' Vhe "Big E" leaves its name to the present "E" Club entertainment durinq school hours. OFFICERS Kay Bowers , , . .President Dorothy Coqdell ..,, , , , .... Vice-President Betty Gay Smith ,. . Secretary-Treasurer Hope Dutty , . Reporter FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA O 3 Y nb- S1 I11:,t lu 1,2 ll-11111 A'l'llll13, l11w'1 lVl1'llf'1tt1, llvtty Cfl1f111f1y, 101111111 lviitflwll, Uuiitd L'111w-l1-1, Many VV1l1:1111, Sliirlny Roydll, l111 lt' !l,1t111.:, 11111111.11 l1'11w lfllfin tf1I1v11t1i-lc, llfilfin Willifnns, Mrnntill l'-it-151, lWf111f1li-1-11 H1-yiiultls, Vn1dn111' llTL't'lIlllll, lvltllltllltl Livt-ly, Betty lm lC'1',1l, l llftltlt' f,111111w11, ltfullfurl A111 1l111' 'l't1111tl1'1fw' l'lll4 ltwsfs, M111-1 llVlIt, lffxtrs-,' tfuinliy, l'11t1i1'i11 Stiiillfjllttltl, t'l111't1 Nivliulia, llwlwiws Watts, tintty Willis, Mtiriniie lltlllltll, l'111111'-1:4 l1!l111111, lflruy 1111111 lxiw- l'1 ulftr l1'11w.' liflirusa ltulw tyllllfl' 111, l11f111 lli tlll tl4lIIlll!'IfTfTt', Pedcgy lklillw, lV7c11y Fl11111r'eS Duy, Kntlioiiiiv Utnsnii, Nvvd Hdiliiltcvn, NH111111 l'lu:1::- ll, lt11tt111 Mm- l'l11lli11::, lv tttfr lVl41:sl1l,1,1111, l'v:111y llt1tlllf.IlK'T' FUTURE TEACHERS CLUB 'l'l11: lllltllttl 'l'1i111:l1cw1:: Cflulw ins Iltftillg? up Ol Students who fire truly interested in tedcliinq Us G pro- trrtlillfitl. 'l'l1i:: y1w111 111111111 cat the tuture tocictiers dttended C1 nieetin-1 ot the Delta Kappa Gc,1111111d Teachers' E31 iftirrty fit llcudin Sinitnons University, Gnd there cicquired ct better knowledge ot liow the Future T9C1Cl1- 1111: fit fl.1111s1i1:r1 C,:llllJSl1tJtllClOtDC1'C1lQ. R Q X Q d 1x,:ef,ef-Q is N 94' lR1111 liful lfuw' M1-llf1 l.11vf-11fier, Hvrflie lee Vvlftst, VVil111n Reid, terry YN1lsf111, Den l..C1Tlf'lTt1IlT, Mdrilyn lldvis, Gloria Bennett, Miss lflvitlii 'l'11111tl1f1111 .'I1'1-1-111 l1'11vf, lw'l111y l.ffr1 Mitrliwll, Pf1t1i1'1c1 l'."lt'Gf'1'l11111, l,l1lfI Vw' tffrilmw, Ivitvw Vllnggmt, Vit-101111 Xjtfmttimy Iwm, Iukidy CGHQVH l.111.:11 tti 1, llliuy A1111 W111iI:s11y, llr11l1111'1 l':lIltI FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA i Y- , i First Bow: Holley lvey, larnes Caudle, Lavoyce Holley, Geraldine Levrets, Betty Hart, Barbara Bass, Eddie Flownian, Donald Bay Daughtrey, Glenn Darling Second Flow: Roger lvey, Frank lohnson, lerry Walker, Bill Williarns, Dick Shotwell, Bryan Wasson, Boy Large, Erwin Galle, Clarence Presswood, lohntiy Price, Don Blackburn Third How: Cecil Mercer, Don McGraw, Bill Galusha, Bobby Perry, Glenn Scott, L. D. Leggett, Boger Hopkins, Billy Dee Cleninier, Mack Baggett, Payton Whiteaker Fourth Row: Mr. l. l. Moore, Lyndon Key, Carlos Appleton, Dwight Worley, Bill Wilkerson, Fred Bay lanes, Don Bussell, Acie Van Cleave, Walter Boach, Neil Bogers Fitth Row: Saniinie Beam, Billy Cole, Melvin Hassey, lack Bister, Dalton lohnson, Thurinond Allison, lack Moore, Edgar Newton, Hubert lones, Bruce Freernan The results at the State ludging Contest at College Station could not be obtained, because ot the late date. Those cornpeting in poultry judging were Boy Large, Clarence Presswood, and Glenn Scott. ln livestock judging were Glenn Darling, Dalton lohnson, and Dwight Worley. Dwight Worley represented the club in the speaking contest, OFFICERS Glenn Darling President Floyd Bay Owens First Viceepresident Don Blackburn Second Vice-President Iames Caudle . . , Reporter Billy Wilkerson , Secretary Eddie Plowrnan Treasurer Presenting a trophy nm J 1 H H7111 IJ Jw M111 JJK'f1,f" 'H gg g xv VVIIIIHIV1 pcmlfrx' . . . !.wk:: lzkw :sw IIHICIJ ffm . . Hwy IJ srmkv fmu ',f I ll qf ffm- fllulwm M-rl Ilzv fjllfxixll mm ivw Ux1IV7i1'UI'f N-'f1w+ mv vw wwf" llzfwzv , ., .V ...x . .. , . un I1 l x fI1fIH'I ffxl MH .'1'1111k.s , . fl!! e1H1:1cuy,'r1f1?f1ff1z1::v'wf2s FUTURE BUSINESS WOMEN-TYPING CLUB First Row: luanita Shipley, Bobbie Louise Bice, Chris Sampson, Katherine Blanchard, Mary Martin, Geraldine Levrets, Odessa Birliev, Christine Pierce SeCti1ifiHovV: lvfrs. Yvonne Bronilcy, LaVoyco Holley, lanis Poor, Nita Faulks, Margie Hobbs, Shirley Wiriters, Charlene Waxler, Ann Gilbert, Alena Bee, Mildred lviiller, Bonnie Bodine Third How: Betty Shrum, Betty Ashton, Betty Sammann, lean Dunlap, Annie lo Hamilton, Estelle Wright, Mary Davis, Doris Pollock, Bette iohnson, Patsy Clark, Letta lohnson, lane Hunt The Typing Club has members Who are interested in typing as a business or a career. They en- deavor to better their accuracy and speed in typing. The purpose ot the Future Business Women's Club is to train girls to be eiticient stenographers and secretaries. COIN AND STANlP CLUB-READING CLUB The Coin and Stamp Club is composed of persons who collect rare coins and stamps as a hobby. The club is an interesting one because oi mutual interests. Miss Beeves' Beading Club enioys reading as a pastime. The club period every Wednesday is spent in reading. Members may read anything they choose. First Bow: Bobbye, linlcens, Brona Leu Holden, Margie Kilgrove, Mary Brown, Maxine London, Bettie Bien, Melha Lavender Second Pow: Miss Mabel Reeves, Iiinmie Sue Meeks, Doris Vfaqoner, Geraldine Puller, Edna Faye Golleher, Merlene lohn- on, Ella Rhea Scoggins Third Row: Mrs. Edith Ballard, Terrell Hamilton, Richard McGeehee, Ernest Silces, Claude Payne, lack Holden, Ronnie fiontgomerv JUNIOR ACADEMY OF SCIENCE ak. JJZISQV . ,,, 2 'AN R an nwi First How: Bill Wriqht, Ronold Costin, Vol Ccinon, Bobby Hopkins, lednette Pilcher, Gene Wolfe, joe Wfillis, john Shelton, Miss Louise Seli Srwfioiiri' Row: Covil Childers, Pcilil McCorty, Cleon Shanks, Don Spencer, Kenneth Moore, Stondlee Dfiviclzsoii, loo Brciridon, lfinies Tciylor Thi:-s your the liinior Academy ol Science was orqdnized ior the eleventh time. Any student inter- frzatcvcl in :sciomre cfm profit from the meetings ol this club. They discuss the lotest developments in .srfireiico find chemistry. 'kit OFFICERS llolihy llopkins President Vcxl Cmion Vice-President lociilelle Pilcher Secretary Future chemists? MODEL CLUB t,F"",f N gs, fn.-,I lim-.'.' Hilly O'Stwm1, Ralph Qfaivaiiwss, lfiilin lVlcQiiie1i, loiin lay llorn, lolin Storey, Billy lack Firiltw' f:f't't'II'i7 lfww.' 'lifuv liooni, Iexziv llawsey, liininy lVlOIIOW, Cliltorfi Short, Wfrnlex Rav, Rex Detrii, lttzy lfliayfiiztni lllillllf ltriw. Ailic Nlfitlifiws, l.. C. Scales, Rollort Hardy Lf,-fu, liniiny Bell, llf7Vl!'l Sweifloni, Gear: Hftl"lPil1, lit ll f it llf'H',J The hoys in the Model Club have airplane inodelinq as a hobby and an interest. They receive in- structions and inforination on the rnodelina of airplanes. OFFICE WORKERS Cnr office workers assist the principal, the reqistrar, the attendance clerk, the counselor, and the assistant principal in the work carried on in each office. I 1r:.t F'm-.': Mary VYhite, Rosemary' VVillivnns, Billie lucker, Geraldine Levrets, Glorietta Travis, Helly Wrzrrr-n. Zfxllfl Mae Davis, Sliiileqq Gymj Sef'cn'F Row: Miss Vinnie Alice l-lafftield, Miss Marv Baaqett, Mary Ann Clary, ldlvftie auth lflavrie, Inna l.Plv'l-IV, Elillv lfff Nocpez, Mrs Marv Mcirris. Mr. N113 fini Rm-,fg Mi. lol' lf. Hviiriphrffv, lliornas Char, lerrv lNA!ll5LlIl, Sullv ff!-'F1I.5, lfluiv lwlaztiri, Bf,l,l,ie lflfnnifl' lwv'-is, l"i1n:'ts Wann, lfliss Nurse Lflinf. VOCATIONAL INDUSTRIAL M1'X"IIINII ESIICIJII QQ wa. rf I PC I l11.':I I1'11w' I'11111:: Z1111I, Ii. W, VJ1r1II111:s! I111 Ii+w,1II, Ii111111111 I:s1111, I111:1I1:s If1I11111II111, II. Ii, H:1w1111I, Ii11y11111111I IVIVMXIIIIIIII, I11111-1. II'I,,'II'I1, I, 'I' I'I1I1I111, I11I11111y M 'I'11II111!1 Q111111I Iwtf. IJII 'Z 1111 I1141w11, IQ1111111I1 I11fk:s1111, IVI4111111-I II11IQ11l11 I'11111I111 I1111v:s, II11I III11V1111:, L'I1111I1':s VViIIi11111:a, I'I11I I.1llI1, 'N, II. IIIIIII' I2 my A1111:.I1 11111, I'1111 II 1'I111::11 'I'I1fI Vf11:f1I1r11111I I11cI11:sI1Ir1I CI11I'u ILFCIIIIS tho oporc1Ii1111 QI Vc11io11s 111c1cI1111Qs. II is now 11 charter 1119111- Iwr III II11- SI11Iu V11r:r1Iifa11r1I I11rI11:1I1ic1I QIKIICIIIILCQIIICJII, wI1i1:I1 is only Iwo years c1Id. AS YOU LIKE IT 'I'Il1- 1111111 11IIf1IIf-II I11 II1i:-: 1:I11I1 eeveuy VVUKIIIOLSQILIY 1111111111111 is SIJQIII III VCIIIOIIS Ways, the IIIGIIIIUGFS vwryf111I111IyfI11111f1r1:stI111y Iikw. I 1 Qlkg SEE .as-N.-. 4 IQ 4 1 i I I IHJII .IffI,u. IfI1s, I' Ii II1f'Ics, W'1111"if21I Mmhls, Gf'1C7lUG5 OIIVI-I, I.c1W'11111Ir1 SISSCIII, N111 P.1v11te1, Adriw Irma S1111II1, Iwnnell 131 111- tx ENVI-If1 IfI"I'IfIII1 51- f1111' I1'f1w. IfI1'1f- II1f'k1111111, C9Iv'1'I'us N19-IL 11" kf111 IVIIZJ I'If4If1s, ItIfII II11:I1111'111 IIIFNIIIPIIIIIS APPDI, Irmvrf 711.11 K11I1r-11'111w I,1IIIf IIN!! f11 1 IIf1II1 lI1lr I I1'Q'.-J I1:11fII I+ 2:1 11115, IIVIYI I1'1"j11tI Ii"III' 1111 1'CIIIII, I'I171I,v11c1 furry, Iwve VV1I1'I1C-1, I.I1IfI V011 Iv'11'IPw I.e-i111n11'I SGXVYPI, 1 -IIII'II! I'I.1II4-up I1fv11-17111 -1111x I,'1Iw'1 I 11' I' !':s'11 Il: !I1v I111:sE1x' LIBRARY CLUB First How: luanell Landers, Betty McKenzie, Mrs. Louise Brown, Glendon Phariss, Anna Soderstrom, flildred Lamar, Keller Roberts, Leta Harris, Marie lrvin, Ioan Cornell, Cora Beth Thacker, Betty Ashton, Joris lones Second Row: Mary Lou Cantrell, Iack Wilson, Mildred Akens, Marion Waqley, Mrs. Nancy ffurray, Nina McDermett, Billy Thompson, Ioan Cochran, lames Haynes Third Row: Ann Webb, Bobbye lean Mobley, Sarah Dickinson The Library Club, composed of the library staff and other students interested in library work, is of ervice to the whole school. lts members learn the many phases of library procedure and make ise of this information in the school library. uk ti These very important persons must eat OFFICERS Billy Thompson . , President Marion Waqley , . . , , i Vice-President Pat Waqley , , . Secretary-Treasurer NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY I 1.11 111 I fi '1"111l111 111 ' 1'I: .'11111111.:, .1 1ll'1: UW1-:1s, llfilgiw l'11I1111n,s, Rmsvllv ll11lI, llwilli Nilws, l1i1'l-1 V1i11 VI1'11r'11111e1' ' J 1:1 I.'I IIIIIII1, 7- 111 li1111l 151, IS11 IIIIIII1 l.1'v1- I11, LIIMII1-Ilfi l'111v1s, Nlciiv AIIII l'I1iiv, Ifli: il111Il1 G1iss11111, l1i1'I:i11 I 1 1'1 I:111 .1 I.111.1 I II1111 I1'11u. IJI1 l111 1' II1111111I111 IfI111,' I11 Ik111,C11-1, I1wi11l11 W111l1-y, Iiwrl lI1iWIc111::, lwiiy l'11-l1Is, IQ11111111II1 W11I1I-,ll11I1l1y11 l111i11 Y, IIIIKF N11Ii111111I IICIIICJI Sfwgieiy is lciiiiided 1111 leur bcisic qiicilitiesz sclielcirsliip, service, leadership, fIIIfI I,'IlI1Iflf'If'I, I'iv11 I1l?I 1:11111 cal these iiieiiibers were choseii iheir jiiriior yenir, ciiid leii per ceiil were 1I111 1111 II1i:: V11r1r, PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB-SLIDE RULE CLUB I'I11- flliflfi Iliilo Cfliib Iemriis sysieiiiciiicfilly the use of the slide rule ds cm ordinary help. IIIIF' I'I111I111111111I1y Club cfcirisisls Ol members wlie wish Io know more dboiil the icikiiiq, develope IIII 11111I 111i11Ii1111 fil 11111111 r1i11I11res. Some of its meriilrwers fire mood FIIIICIIOIJT plioloqrcipliers cmd are 111 IIIVIIIY II!l1IfIII'I fl profil Irruiii lheir hobby. , "'1 Q 3 I 4-s M .gk l'11::I I1'11w: IJ1111 l,11f,si1111, A1111 Willk-NI, Ilill Willicmis, Miss He Ile lciiies, Bobby Wcillcive, Iuhri Fry, 'l'11yl111 Smiirn' .,11111.11l I1'11w I'1111I Ill11k11111y, If1I-,1II1 C'111irl11ey, ldmes Miisirk, 41l1,11x11 Vdriiwll, Crimlvii Stwmiis, IDLII IX1l11111'e 'l'I,11,l f1'11.:" I1111 fl1'11I1-:-1, l.'1II'y A1I11111s1111, Miss Willie IVI1111 lllwyd, Iif11111y Dmiiels, ll1iy11111111I Iwlwlldiiivl ALL SPORTS First How: Wayne Bates, Taylor Black, Don Landrum, Darrell Chapman, Iimmy Middleton, Don Kennedy, Douglas Wimberley, Don Dial Second Row: Harlan Lang, Riley Walker, Tommy Seale, lack Dunn, Iohnny Dillard, Ronnie Parker, Iimmy Smartt, Douglas Tatum, Tommy Hurst Third How: Iimmy Williams, Homer Newman, Iack Wilson, Iohn Wayne Beard, Albert Cargile, Carl Connally, Charles Miller, Darrell Hood, lack Stuard. The All Sports Club is composed ot boys interested in sports' individual sports as well as team sports. Once more sportsmanship is given special emphasis to those boys participating in Abilene High School athletics. iii' OFFICERS Darrell Chapman ..., President Don Landrum ,,,. Vice-President Gilbert Korman . . , . Secretary Don Kennedy , Treasurer Come see our tumblers, jugglers . . . . SKATING CLUB .316 R Q6 C0 as IIIVKI I Ifrllfwm I,I1r,Ir1rII.f11xrI W I I I . IJI1..- IIII1II-- I-Ifxvk, fum Ilwlilxmqfxx, Bcfkplvic- Ivuy, Ic1r'kxwI'1-1mII4-S, Ifxmcx CoIIms ,IIN f., III IIIII I I ' :II 4 fI II I.'If1IiIzrIVI1lIxwf1',', II Allll 'I'11c'kw1, IIr11lirfI IIUIIUI, limi IIIIIISOII II III II.If"I., II IIIII .IIUIIIIIII I'Iw1If I-III V III:-11 Isxvrnlitr- spmrt, ns III:-y If-fun ilu' IIILIIIY Skills HIIKI twrlmlliqllws wt SIKLIIIIIG. BOWLING CLUB III I Ilwx VII11 1:1 Inv II :III ' 'I11: ss lI1f1I Inn: IIII m1I::ifIf1 fwiivity. SIWIIISHIFNI lwy IVIIS. SUIIIIKI II1:4I1-Ip, II11- v'II1I' Iwwls nl III II 'I' IIQJIIII :II In I I IKII.. .J Imfx IIIssI1Iw5w, LII'1'IVVIIl UIIUI., UI 'llll WiII1ile1, VVIIIICHI1 Buclvk, Iimmy SOIOLIIIIOI, FICHIWQII Mnyv, IIDIIIILIII Ru In nz, I rxvzzy. I hunt IIN: I I Iww I IIf1:Iv'l11-I HIL I11IIw IXIIIII II 'f X I um, Nrmmi Wmlkm, Brmrlief Fowebll, Doris mms, "nk 1 ' qmylm, 1' I C Id Hrlh II101 L11 LI IIII I I III "I 'NIHI Iiwttv I!II'Ifffl1L'iv , I lm, I lfww- lnlwlf tml Amm Iiuuuws, I,+amImIx LIIJIIIIIILIQEJ, Peqqy Ramiro, I'IC1III6'?I Porte-1, BUIIXIIILI Spmkxxmn, Pvqqv IXI1IIw1, IQ Arm "rw-x-J I if In ILIwfxIul+:srfx1 " f I' 4: If nz, 'IIIIIIVIIK' WI1iTr1kf'1, Ifxms-S IINII, Suv I"1yIfur', IIIiI1uIwtI1 IVIIII-W, I7u1wII1y Davis, IMI-I-y A CLUB ' Www , 1 .1 First Row: lerry Suqqs, Prentice Martin, Andy Dillard, Lynngvn Grant, Roy O'Neal, Scotty Holland, Hubert lnqraham, Charles Preston, Bob Hays Second Row: Mr. Pete Shotwell, Will Armstrona, Charles Fis Cher, Don McGraw, Bill Cooper, Eddie Hodaes, Sam Smith, Wayne Bowers, lohn Holland Third Row: Robert lones, Pat Gilbert, W. H. Purney, George Yonqe, Don Morrow, Dan Vlfinters, Neil Roaers, Dwiqlit Worley, limmy Bridqes, Harry Hildebrand All the boys who come out for athletics in Abilene High School are eliqible for membership in the A Club. Sportsmanship is aiven special emphasis at the A Club's meetings. 55 or Q 2 sf , ,. A M was Q First Row: Burl Stubbs, Vol Montgomery, Melvin Henson, Hayle Randolph, Buddy Nott, Murray Travis, Arthur Iones, Kenneth Green, lack Swinson Second Row: Charles Rutledge, lockie Lester, Toby Paylor, R. C. Osburn, Bobby Dukes, Bill Galusha, Ronald Rhodes, Iohn B. Stephens, Benny Blankenship, Mr. Ioe West Third Row: Rollie Bruton, Bobby White, lack Thompson, Horace l.oVinq, Charles Dennis, lohn Buchanan, lack Roberts, Hubert lones, Ewell Adams, Randel Griqqs A CLUB N,,,1,...- .... 1 1,1 ,,,,,,, 11 ...X ia! fa,- Q .5 E 4 x-4: 11 1 11 1 '11I1',' 111'II11C 1111w, f311111111y Mi11s11p, FIIQKWIIP Swwc111, 1105110 Priro, 151111110111 11111111111 C111111'1Os Mi11'11e11, '1no111111y Hayden, , 1'1 , 111 11. .1.111lfJ111 2 1'1111 I-11 11, 11111 111111111 1W1,'111 111111115 11111111 1V1111'1i111, 1111y111o1111 1111Y1I, 1V111111s 1.i1111scy, 1.11111y 1N1i11111, Rc1y111c111c1 GUPSY, 111 111111 11 1 1T 11'1, 1 11:x 1111:111::, 11'11l 1'11w1111s, Max AIIKX11, 1111111 WY111'11WIl, 1111111 S11Tk'1'Y, 111111111y '1'11y1111, 11111111115 QUVBRII, 15111111 '11111:111, 1511.1 'x'f1.111 14111: 1'I11111::. III 1 11 11 11 1'1 -1. :1 1:1 1111 11:1 L91' it 11111111 1i'11i11'c, Ff. 1. AI111I1S1111, 11111 1C'111'S, Gi1111111 1N1C1111s, D011 11111101, 1v1c11vi11 111119, 1i111111y 1 1111 11 ff, 1'1,111'11 W, 11. 111-11t111x, I11111111y 1111111:so11, 1111111 1111111111115 Willis, 1V111r'k 111111'11111s1111, 111151 M111111111, 151111 110111'11ey, 111111115 111111111 11111 111111 11111:s11f1, 111111 1!11'A11:st111 11171 11111 1-111111113 1'1.11.1, 131111 V111111111, 1111'k Hill, Ii111111y 1i1y1111, 1i1111C'f11111'11, 1111'1c F'111c1111, 1111111110 Sc'-111, 111111 01115, 1111111111 C11-Hq' 11 Ill 1 111 11111111 BOYS TENNIS 1 Q Sw W 4 iq it First How: Keith Miles, Gems Buqlvy, Dwi Nfewtoii, Willis WQlic2i', Charles VVc1tsOh Hermit! How: Mcxilis Smith, limi Pwsflv, lfsriy ROl?fNIlS, Owe-ri Vxfillis, Clcliehce Blflrilcerisliip, limmy Fliriklimiswr The Roy: TDHYIIS wris crqmiiir-tl this jfffflf tor thu piirposw of plriyiriq qciocl, ClFXCIH tsrmis Us G pustinw. Spmisorrid liy thv physittml Oriurfvtifiii tc'-rirlim, Miss Mclrilyri Shcmkliri, tho Girls Tennis Cluh stuciivs lhv mriny tvwltiiiqiif fs mil skills of tunnis plfiyiiiq. 'l'his study is ritciflsi trite-rfvstiiiq ivy tho showing of films which feature famous tfvmiis plqyms, mmmww. Nb? sm xlusamaww . 'H Q' Firsl ROW: Erriestiiiw Scott, Mfuv FIVIITCGXS Morris, Diane lfstvs, Dorothy' Cohrflfls, lXlUI'l!'Y Mprrill, Arm Wrihlt, Mcxiy Lfuu Crmti ll flury Lou Knight Seroim' Row: Miss Maxilvn Slifmkliii, 'iw-kim Ray Hilwflou, Bwtttl Smith, Mfxry Hurt, Clmiri lieiriiiett, Bmlfurfi Titliiw, lntw Diss Tliird How: lflmqciwt iliO'f1IlSPIIf'l, Ami g'Illllf1IS, Patsy Ruth Vlmlz, Mmciricb Lomloii, Luis Putmcm, Psqqy Mtistfm AUDIO-VISUAL AID I'11::I Ifww. I'1f-1I II4I'NI1IIl1i, Illlllllj II1y1:11, ISIII W1if1I1I, I311yI1- IH 1vi:s,SI1111Iw,' I.111'kvy, I71111111I Ii11IIr11, IW1'I11111'I'11sIIv, CIIIVIQ SIIIIOY ffm-1'11l11l l1'11w: I41IIv II11I1- IIf1111'1:a, III' v II1111111, I,f111y A1I1'I111s11111, 'Il-:I Cf11sfi1'Ic, I5111c'I11-I II11111I111::1111, 11 111 Ifl11g1111-, 1311111151 Ikmniplg IJwif1I-I II11111I TI11111 lfffvff IJII. V1111I1-11 II111f 1, I2 'IX I., 11 'I1, I,. I.Hf111I111,Ii1III'l11111I1111, I'Ic1v11111111I IVI1'I51111I1'I, A. CI, I'11ww1s, f3i1I11vv IX'iI:t1'1j B0IWI7y III111Ic I'1111lll1 I1'1'1w. I'11-1IfJI1I:a, I1:1I1 I'111111 1, II11I11I U111111111111, IIr'111y 'I'y:11111,'I'11111111y III11I11, II11311111111I I1111, L'I1111I11::k'11111lq, IX"IvIvi11 IIOUII' Inq, ICIII I'1v 'I'I11- Vif11111I AIII, :1111,11::1111 II I -1 M1 IIIII' 1, ir, 11 fIiII1'1f'11I s111I 11I1'I11I1 fW1c11111i,'f II II1I:: v11111, iI Ima I11'v11 uw-1v I1wI11I11I i11 I111'11isI1i11q 1e1I11f'f1Iif11111I 1-11I1'1I111111111-11I I11 I:11- 'JfIII -1:1 I11f'11I111'11I:2 II II1f-::1'I1111I1'1111i1'11I11111II11111111I1IiI111:1::I111w11 IN 1I:2 I111'111I1v1S. MUSIC CLUB II111I1-1 IJI1, I'i1-I1I1-1':z 1x1'1'II"11I 2111I111'I1111, II11 111wf111I'111:: MI II11 N11::i1' CIIIII' 1111111x II111 11vI1viIz' 11+'1I.11I111vI1 VV11-I11vs1I11y 111111'11i11C1 I1:1I4-1111111 I11 vv1111f:1:: Ic1111I:1 11I 11111::1f' . . .,.,..,., ..,,,, , , 'MWQ 1 , 1 ,. 5 Qi? we nu T . ., , .. 1 . . I11::l Huw' IM11:: VV11II-1111, I'11II,' I-111II1 1 1 XIII, I"II'y' I'I11II1p::, A11111-IIQ OW111, I4-Nttv S1111 W-X11I111-1, IVI1113' Ix11II1v1111w INIiI0s, Bwtto II11fIUII11f" Ii:-14111111 Huw: I11111:1',f 4511111-',, IV11If+111 CNIIII1, I111111 I'11111111IIy, I'c1I f1lc111v111, IvIr11II111 SI11-1v1 '1111 1I I'11I1i1'i11 'I'-111111112 Viviun IIGIIIII, IIIIIIYI III. I11I111, If1f1I-11111111-I '1'I1i11l Huw: IfIf11r11111-I 1SIfff'I1-, I'1-1111"-:Q Q21 11I1x', I'r1y1f IIIIIQU, S111'xI1 IIic'Ici11sn111, I11-'Ii II111I,rI-'I11, II111111111 IiI111'1, 'WiII111.I II1111111111, IVIC11- yfflif- II111'Ii1-1, Mf1II1f1 II11r'Ii1-1, IW' Ii1r1111I1111, INI1, Ii11I1f'1I I'if1I1I1'1' l'111111I1 Huw' I,.111 IH11111, IL111 f'11II1'1, I51II II1 IIIII1 I.11111iIv11'1 'I'111'Icr11, Ii11'1cI WiI1I1', R1sIw1I VViIIi1111I111111, 1'I1.Hl.-S Atkinskml Mgkp Mrlfffml, II11111I1I II111'I1f'1, fI.111I1f w 11If111w1 ii A CAPPELLA First Row: Elaine Condley, Ianette Harris, Yvonne Coalson, Naomi Walker, Patty Lou Dean, Diane Estes, Carolyn Lassetter, Doris Gibson, Ioan Malone, Iune Scott, lune Lantz, Billie lean Cfilbreth, Pat McCoy Second Row: Lois Tate, Helen Haynes, Patsy Henderson, Barbara Bush, loette Dipple, laclcie Seay, Shirley Winters, Faye Duke, lane Suqqs, Lucia Burnett, Dorothy Seay, Nancy Swinney Third How: Barbara Seidel, Pat Sandlin, Billy Bob O'Brien, lim Crownover, Billy Thompson, Tom Matthaei, lack Swinson, Bobby Black, Burl McAlister, Borden Heslep, Prentice Martin, lacaue Nell Hunter, Wilma Wise Fourth Row: Sarah Widrner, Bill Kennedy, Harold Rucker, Marvin Tate, lim Selman, lohn David Kuykendall, Alden Mackey, Charles Preston, Hayle Bandolph, Bill Plumlee, Benny Blankenship, Edward Green, Alicia Bounds OFFICERS Charles Preston , , , , . President Hayle Randolph . , r Vice-President Iacque Nell Hunter . .Secretary Billie lean Gilbreth , Librarian The A Cappella is composed ot senior, junior, and sophomore students who are chosen through the Glee Club and mixed chorus. This year they participated in the "Feast ot Carols" which was presented at Christmas-time in Behrens Chapel at Hardin-Simmons University and "My Heart ls Glad" at Easter- time in Abilene High School Auditorium. T, U1 MNA-an MIXED CHORUS I11 I I 1 111 11 I1I1-I1111, III1f'II1I Iwrx 'I'I1f1111tc111, N11111111 IIIIKTIIIIIIIIII, I111111 IIo11s1111, IUn11c11I1y Ii11::I1y, L1111111s1 AuIn111s, Flownv 1 1 I1 I I1 1 If II'1III!S, .lI111I11y Iiwyflll, Ii11111111s:s IIIIIIXIII, l11111111II I.1111fI111::, I1111111I11 SIIIIIII, IvI111y I.1-111 IIIIIVIIRIIKI, F111111'os N1 I1 I I II IIII M1111 I111Iy111f I'f111111l'f111 II111 1 1 1 I II "1 N 1111, I'11I VIf11IIc111 LfI111f1 VV11II41-1, IJ11I111fv:s KfI111s1-, N11111'y IVIr'1'111II,IVI1111Iy11VV11ucI, IVI111111 VV1II1s, LfI1111I11II0 QGIS, I 1I I1I I'I1 I1 II I I1111111II1111 I 1111' I1 f IIII' 11II1w', I1111111I11:: W1111I111Iy, I,,l',i3111I11s, 'I'111I SI11111115, II1Il IIIY, IIIIIEIIY Iluilvy, B11I1SIv111'11s f 11 11111 1111 I1 1111 fL11I:,'1If1 IIIII Ill 111111111 1111 11I 1111I:s i11111111::1r11I i11 11111si1' 'I'I11:4 y11111 1I111s11 1q11I:s 1155151111 111 II111 11111111112 I1 11 t'1 III II I "III, II1f11I' lII111I." I "" 1 111 1 '1111 IJ1II1 If 1tI1, A1111 lif1fI--1st111111, CI111sti11r1 Piwrceh, Nina NI1fI3111111vI1, Doris Irmvs, GWPII Ilocxui, I.f'OIlOI'Cl f3CIIIlII1CKjG, I1 IIIIII III IVIVI 1111 I11 II1 s IIIIIIY I11 II111111It1 11, N1'1w11sr1 Lfr1I1Iws'HII, C1c11f1Iy11 iToWdr111, GWM111 N111111, Imtm 111111151111 Ix'Iq1q111o1 T,wWu5Qng1, II 1 111 I II 'II I f'11ss11111x Ikftty IIIIT- THE GIRLS SEXTET Helen Haynes Wilrrrcr Vflse Dorothy Seuy lecque Nell Hurrler Nancy Merrill lcmette Harris 'Ir ir THE BOYS QUARTET Charles Preslorr Benny Blurrkerrslwlp Mczrvirr lute Bill liermecly ABILENE HIGH SCHGOL A CAPPELLA FINE ARTS CLUB l'1I.1 l1'11w, 1111, 'Tl11'1111111, l3v1vif1 llI1lliS, Nc111c'y Swimirfy, Sc1rf111 Wi1111111, 11111: V1111 W11111111111, P111 S111111li11, Avurmll Purllow, 1,111:, 11111-, W111,'11- Vl11:z1111 12111111111 Huw' 1111111-1111 l'iI"l1f'1, l'1111y 141111 llfvuri, Mf11c'1r1rr'1 1111111 XIVKNS1, 1Nl11II11D11C' 011116, l'l11W11I1i Gicwri, '1'r11r1111y1' lvuu Clicmi- 11l'111Il, 111111-f L11111l111+w1111, 1111111 1Vi11l111111, 11111111111 15c1w1l11i11, Mcxry Guy K1111 iirflll I lfww: ilfl1lS'f l1f111fl111sw111, V1I11fI 11111is 111111, Ncrwcxsu Culdvvoll, Vilfllllltl Bull, Aliviu Bc1111111s, lv1111qc11v1 'l'c1w11so11L1, Bur'lwc1rG 121 1111 1, lV1y1111' 1111111 ii1I'IJ1l1', 1,111 1f11114:s, 11111111 lurir- S111i111, Billiv 11vc111 Gil1110111 1111111 17-1111111111111, I'5f11-7, 11111 1'111f- A115 flilill r'c1111r1i111111 1111ly qirls, 15111 1111211 41 s11v1'i111 11111111111 was 1111111111 lwys. As 5101, 10W 1,11',11 11111 111 111111 1111111111ucf111f111, l1'1W1'V1?l, W1- :any 111 f111yw111e wl111 lilaus 111 311151, 11113111 1111- Fiiiw A11sCll11l1." 0 l'111,1 lfflw: lf.-,nw llruroll, Nlmy llurford, Clara Wnlkvr, Brvtly Wrrrrmi, Fvlwia- 511111111 llvriuiw Ffwvll, 111110110 Hcxrris, Dru ll'l'.V'f 11, 1111111 11111r1nq11111 1111111111 l1'11vv: li'1l54'111'1Iy Willi11111s, Ouidrx Wlllil1TT1S, Psyrdiffe 1.00 VVPS1, 1:11'q11r11111:1 l411ir11, liwtkb 11011, VVCII1C'iG Connell, Beulah 111-f1:,111f, 11 yfv- lllfifill, l.11f"y HIIIIIQ11, 111110 Suqqs 'l'l1111l l111w.' l!11:a:: 1!lr11y 111 llf1111il1f1r1, N011 l-lu111pl1rQyS, Norma 1043111 Sl1iQ1'1s, 1111111 Lrmtz, Pcfrzqx' Curly llorvtliy Harrison, HC111ie 1'-.1111 1'f11111,1111, 1:11111 111-1111, Z1-1111 lVi'1l' Davis, lfluricv Willis BAND AND ORCHESTRA ' W 'F was, amid Mg rcfctice mckes perfect . . . striking up the bcmd . . . foe, II., deliherates . . . fhree Roses in CI rmq . . . cz ttle shy . . . playincz at Sch Angelo . . . oh, how inferesied they are! . , . this is how it should be done . . hasta lc: vism, senoz. BAND BliCltirinr1l.w: Brad Wilc'le, Annette Lewis Gwen, Boloert Hardy Lee, Bohert Vtfillinqhani, Billy Osteen, Val Clflllflll, Troy Bourne, Bill Brantley, Pal Stanyer, lerry liawsey, Sara Dickinson, lX4araaret Steele, Paul McCarty, Ir., Vivian Banni, Patricia Ternnie, Mackie Brown. Oboe: Holman Kina. Flutes: Kay Kincaid, Martha Sherwood, Iahn lay liorn. French Horns: lanieee Bash, l. D. Vtfhitntan, Beverly Morrow, Betty Sue Widner, lininzy Clariley. Alto Saxopliones: Wilicnrd Herinan, Billie lean Hoqq, lerry Phillips, lohn MClC,llllK'?ll. llfimrirurif Bobbie Iinkens. Bass Clarinet: David Swiedorn, Melha Bricker. Alto Clarinet: Bnby lane Kiiirwiirl, Stanrllree Davidfron. Tenor Saxophone: Marjorie Bricker, Billy lack Fraley. Baritone Sax- aplimir-.' Don Chiller. CVj'JliIll?lSf Clarence Blankenship, lohn Vtfayne Beard, Narnia MCMahan, Larry Dun- wawclie, Ronnie Parker, lcmhn Storey, Don Posey, Larry Adainson, Delbert Berry, Mike McCord, Stanley Laekey, TICl1lllJOIlf?1If llddieffi1rry,Bex Deen, Don Lassiter, lack Hudzietz, Lee Parte. Baritones: lirn Crawnovor, Sfininey Beam, Max Leach. Basses: lirniny Middleton, Andy Stanyer, Kenneth Knox, Milton Copeland, Perr'i1:::s1'o1i: Doris Wcilker, Frances Gentry, linirny Morrow, Lanrilee Tucker, Balph Cabaness, Bay Cfhapiiirxii. orrleniis 'S' Iohn MCfQllliNll Captain Ralph C1Ctl'JC1Ilf?fS1S First Lieiiteriarit Troy Boone Sevoricl Lieutenant Billy O'Steen SC'?L.'OIlCl Lieutenant Annette Owen Maiorette Eagles on parade ORCHES'RA First Row: Earlynn Collier, Beverly Ann Morrow, Holrnan King, Charles Pratt, Robert Hardy Lee, lerry Hawsey, Martha Sherwood, lohn lay Horn Second Row: lerry Phillips, Betty Sue Widener, Iimrny Conley Third Row: Mr. Robert Fielder, lack Hudzietz, Lee Page, lirnrny Morrow, Ralph Cabaness OFFICERS limrny Conley . . President Ralph Cabaness Vice-President Betty Sue Widener Secretary lerry Phillips , , , , Reporter The Abilene High School Qrchestra is definitely an up-andfcoming organization. Next year, ac- cording to Mr. Robert Fielder, director, a large number oi potential players will coine trorn the junior high schools. Abilene High has good reason to be proud ot its orchestra. The orchestra plays on 5 Q I , 9' 1. fl .,Mj'3l,A A J ha if s V . if f 9 .9 .x,.x.... 1 9 X 9 .QI N quam , . M 4+ iw- if f , 9 x es K R KX '99 g ,M +1 4 -an 16' 1 0 DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATEONS PEGGY HARRIS Crain Office Supply DAN MCNABB Scxfewciy Food Stores Almost the entire roll of former Diver- sified Qccupcttions students can be found Worlcinq in the oriqinctl firms which qcive them their port-time em- ployment. Mr. Rainey Owen, super- visor, stcttes thot ninety-nine per cent of his qrdducrtes mode "notable con- tributions to the Wcrr effort." lOHNNfE ROBBINS EARL CARMACK ROLAND BLACKFORD Pender Company Cdineiu, lzicoipoiuteftl C-iouldinqs IERRY ALTMAN O. C. BLANKENSHIP I. T. BALL HUBERT HAYES Abilene Electric vc-retts Engineering Co. Reporter-News Glenn Furniture Company DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS With the help of Mr. Rainey Gwen, many students earn money enough to pay their way through high school. Some of these students Continue their work after graduating from high school and thus enable themselves to attend college. Many, however, continue with their positions, often obtaining perma- nent jobs with the firms that tirst em- ployed them. W-X-A-A--.......,..,.,., lksls WAUNDA HVANS RICHARD ADAMS SUNY AIN! Sllllll Uiiivorscrl Motors X ff? HAHHY HAYIIS XVESLEY WHLLHURN IACKSCN MORRIS Ciffxffll Flortric' Crain Qlficto Supply Zmqith Clmmpyg lll.CIKllf GOODMAN CTASFY PRITCHITTT KENNETH PARR CHARLES WATTERS Alfilviufi flfilf-sa 1 fftiiipixrty lXl+ilfilw Mavliiiio ll. R. Carroll Garaqw RI'OWIlFllfIlltl1l'P Repair DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS MR. RAINEY OWEN BOB GREGG NELL HUMPHREYS Instructor l. C. Psffmnpy Co. Sully Ann Shop L, lr IOHN MCKSON IAMES WILLIAMS IAMES BELL Abilene- Plumbirlq ci Roofing COA T. D. Chupluun Hlvlu-SYSTPIH Food Slow SHEHWHNI CLARK OPAL HUNT L. l. RENFRCJ BOB WILLIAMS Spears Prinlinq Hendrick Memoyicxl Hospital Texas The-mire l, CS L. Cleaners f4er"' ' a STJDENT COUNCIL First Row: Dick Stearns, W'ayne Thomas, Foy Clement, lerry Wilson, Sally Owens, lack Van Wag oner, Ralph Cabaness, I. D. Whitman, Kenneth Webb Second Row: Marie Hunter, Bobbie Sabine, Iune Scott, Barbara Gray, lackie Leneave lackie Seay loette Dipple, lo Ann Stricklin, Norma Trantham, Helen Hildebrand, Katherine Steele Third Row: lacqueline Laird, Faye Duke, Patty Moorhead, Betty Ashton, Sophy McMahon Mary Frances Morris, Ruby Seider, loyce Lee Holly, Theresa Moore, Marilyn Logan, Peggy Harney Fourth Row: lack Crier, Mary Kathryn Miles, Mary Ann Woolsey, Vlfaundene Deathredge Bobby linkens, Io Ann Crow, lean Fink, Ierry Fields, Sidney Pitzer Fifth Row: Ted Starnes, Sammy Beam, Ann Webb, Katherine Collier, Mary Frances Grayens Roselle Holt, Herman Rosnau, Ronald Costin, Glenn Wilhite, Miss Sarah Hardy Sixth Row: Gene Holden, Dan Abbott, Earl Lee son, Timmy Conley, Billy lack Fraley Brad Wilde Iohnny Dillard, Blige Hickman, Billy Harrison One ot Abilene High School's most imporf tant organizations, the Student Council, was or- ganized in l922. A constitution which has undergone little change since it was drawn up at that time. The purpose ot the Student Council is to originate and put into ettect ideas and regula- tions for improving the high school. Much interest has been manifested in this organization. The council has approximately sixty-tive members each semester. OFFICERS lack Van Wagoner . President Ralph Cabaness . Vice-President Sally Owens . . Secretary Foy Clement . . Reporter Kenneth Webb Treasurer Our school lawmakers JLFIUUL LIl'E . ig W' is mfl' 'S The six Hot-rocks . . . while dreominq of their senior rinqs . . . be cozretui, now . . . "rorinq" to o . . . on industrious crew . . . this could be on eventful drive . . . they Coit it that good old mountain 'ew . . . there'1I be G hot time tonight. SCHOOL LIFE is X X Xl NSR 'X is 5? W' 1 1 -Q 1 fr, , 5 X? in 1? VY Ag' ik YA ,S A Ev A .1 H, Ns. wwf S --in Q F ', W- "" is 131, H91 W. -M, A ' L. 4 v .s Q V X X H111 ,"!11W1,1g1 M1111 111 111vv11 ..., K :HH f11111f7ry, Dick? . . . Hwy will 1110140 11411 p11cufo1711111I1Q1's . . . lw011f11-9 1111111111111 . . , fl !111'111!1'v 1-l11'l 111 H111 1,w::I 111111 Vw11111i ull 111111117 in 4400 31111111 Ulmzs , . szlzuvvimy ll 1111111 wf 111'.' ""' uv F 3? Wa? X ffm W if is Sgi , fi mm SCHOOL LIFE In 'iifr - xx 1 I f -'we 'ww .ga r,,.,,m.........-f""" zzzlfzwfvirzfy pmfyrum . . . Mr. Butter, Bundroom janitor . . . "Skin ot Our Teeth" . . . Break lim! ffffmtf, , . . Situ-H11 entcrrtums . . . our ettjctent Student Council . , . bevy ot beauties . . . Mr. Brcmnon, 1'!f,f,f11f1::' tffvlpeft . . . Our Mr. Bzuzztt . . . Custodian Wclrrezu . . . Mr. Ioiner, of Course. SCHOOL LIFE ?1l'g3'jTf'hsXJi fix ' ts 0 9 lf' f A A Qi' argl await 5 1 lunior Clczss sponsors, Mrs. Hicks ond Mr. Dunn . . . biology is interesting . . . o cowgirl? . . . Jrwgrd, rnorch . . . The Notionczl Honor Society initiation . . . thot sweet music . . . on interesting notomy . . . the nord clirnlo . . . it oin't easy . . . the uptown liillbillies --M-4i...........,, Time-Sewers You Crm always dvpcnd upon LESTERS for nationally advertised products for gI'IlllU1lli0ll gifts . . . Bulova'fElgin - Grucn - Hamilton - Longines cnrus A Uorlins P- Mido. PARKER AND SHEAFFER FOUNTAIN PEN SETS Costume Jcwclry - Luggage - Billfolds + Tic Sets - Belt Buckles HOME OF BONDED DIAMONDS O ...W of LESTER'S Q, yswebw 40:64 WW A A As' A Telephone 6274 THREE MINTER fans: . A fan prop background and Scotty ond Jackie, fons for Minter Clothes. 0 ! ll, , . 1 P '.. A' n n' - 'Qiv ' ' . f FAST - BIG - WIDE - LONG NAsH.-,-Q4mffyfE I94-9 Franklin Motor Company S d and Elm Streets Abilene T Glen ond Ronald shop for new spring clothes while Morie ond Shirley offer their suggestions. inn if-I Foshion Center of the West x VP -1 -l 1 f 2n c 'N o' 1 1' L ,'lTll"' . . .... : li ---- ' '- ' ' -:I-:-: '-1 .-.-, -.',. A I .... 0 .-.-.- : I.: -.'.'. : ug.: x ""-folxsol Plans for working . . . plans for college . . . plans I for living . . . now is the time for planning. A :Z A 5' Be sure to include your low-cost elec- , . A tric servant, Reddy Kilowatt, in your plans for the future. Through the con- Q veniences and comforts of modern elec- tric service, he can help make your """l'1 5 "l' ' work easier and your life more pleasant. WestTexas Utilities Oompafyf When you ire Hungry Zlzirsfy and Tired .... .7! Kefzlly Halas to DRINK A BITE TO EAT frosty co d 56 A Flavor N01 Copied Nor Borrowed! . . . An Original Creation. Dr. Pcpper Koifliug Eomparzy ' ' wwwwmw ,:1:-" x xQY.':2'51:-. ""-::: -IN .' ' 1 QMMMEWQJ t . -' isgqgrww eeemmwwws N. as exe X XX illfsilx Hqwwf ,,,5 .4:::,, BRINGS nlcn BEA ii 'ro YOUB n0ME... ,,g d3. :,.:1tg... '- V. N ir 4 . 'Y' g, ,etlfiif The Stanford Furniture Company, West Texas' largest furniture store, Min: vites your charge account. Here will find a splendid assortment of wanted things for the home most rea- sonably priced. b- : t. Hepplewhite Dining Suite This is Mahogany in all its superb beauty! The suite consists of the graceful junior table, four finely carved side chairs, a host chair, cabinet with three glass-enclosed shelves and six-drawer locking buffet. Antique solid brass hardware. arf: is FURNITQE eoumw Celiliir Elissa Tetggzn' matazfagw, 63.1880 126 Pine 8 3 Phone 9114 INC. L J ' 'Potteryn Poppytrail by Metlox Crystal Fostoria Jewelry of Distinction CHINA LENOX-CASTLETON-SYRACUSE """"'w-'ff'-r-':'f1'Wr A "e'W,,....,,e1 A.o wg WATCHES OF SUPERB ACCURACY Sterling Gorham Reed 86 Barton Wallace International Heirloom Diamonds of Finest Quality Hamilton - Bulova - Longines - Gruen - Elgin - Mido Like Texas, Busch 8. Sons Are Famous for Brands Your Account Invited Credit No Extra Cost "Where West Texans Buy With Confidence" II eanlinue aaa gclucallion am! enjoy line Summea in Jfaacfin-Simmawi Zfniaeadlll' ,f L - f l Q ,rf BEHRENS CHAPEL First Term Sacorrd Terrri Third Terrrr Dlffllilllffl CDFVERlflT lifrflrf-lrrr ral Art, lirrflrf-lfnr ul flriwrir-fr in Physivrql liflt1CK'1ilOIl, lllftfllf rrtfrrv lfrlrrvfitirirr,191-wrrrflrrry Erliivrrtiviri, hfrrlrwlcur wt Music, Rfrffhfelor of Hlrsirif-ss Arlrrrirristrrrtifrrr, Mfrstfrr fit Arts, arirl Mastrfr of Music. SUMMER SCHOOL CCJlllQSl'fS: Art, Bihlw, Ricrlrnqy, Busirifrss Arlrriirristratiori, Chrirrristry, lfrlrrwrtifrri, lrlrralislr, l'1If?I'lCh, GOVOIIlIYl0Ill, llistrnry, luurrralisrri, lVlfIlll','IIlf1llffS, Physical Eclucatiarr, Physics, Psychology, Radio, Sfwiulfrrry, Spfrwcrlr, rrrul Musir, incluclirrq Organ, Piano, Voice, Vif,liH, 'l'hf'ury, rrrrml Musir: lfflrrvrrtifurr. , Iune 2 to Iuly 9 ,luly l2 to Auaust l9 August 22 to September 9 WORK SHOPS: ln Musir' Etlrrvrrtifwrr, Art, Rriarlirra, Curriculum arid Child Study. SUMMER Cl IORAL SCHOOL: The lohrr Finlay Willianrsan Vtlvstmirists-r Choir Colle-qs will be liolrl at Harfliri-Simrrioris Iulv 6 to lfi. MUSIC RECREATION CAMP: The te-nth annual school for band directors and band members will he held August I5 ta 27. 57115 I5 Mcmurry As your Flashlight is being read and re-read this summer, you will see rising on the northeast corner of the McMurry College Campus, the new Radford Memorial Student Life Center .... It is literally McMurry College, for in it, and in the building itself will be centered the spiritual, social, and cultural life of the institution. Upon your graduation, we hope you will investi- gate the possibilities of further studies at McMurry College. Come to the campus and visit with the teachers, with your former classmates who are now members of McMurry's student body, and find out for yourself how much your college training can mean at this friendly, growing school. A A' Say to yourself: "Pm going to sw MCMURRY p coLLE t fall! :4 Each Year We Welcome Many ABILENE HIGH SCHOOL Graduates To The Campus of Abilene Ehrisfiezn Hellege 4 ul- Y Hardin Administration Building ABILENE CHRISTIAN COLLEGE llf d f dl ll g h lpf 1 ll g a Christian college Abilene Hlzriefiezez Kellege Stiwiemis gmjoy Siioppiiig at 7.LliO1fMiOli7S... Above: I. D. is explaining the finer points of Above right: Mcrriczn experiences no difficulty in fashion to Betty Sue os they go through the wonderful choosing Eust the right tie to go with Dicks new selection of junior frocks from Thornton's second floor Arrow Shirt. There's C1 swell collection of Arrow cool of fashion. sport shirts ond T-Shirts, too . . . first fioor. wtsizgigl 'if ..'..,. " ' ""'--2'-H'-A1 " '- -9,-.-. . . . ,.,. ,, ,. ,. .KJ . , lr DEPT. STORE "A City Within Itself" 4th and Oak Abilene's Most Modern Hotel Congratulations to the ABlLENE'S Senior Class FAVORITE on The PLACE TO Completion DINE of 0 High School Career WOGTE HGTEL NORTH THIRD AT CYPRESS Telephone 4314 J. K. Wallingford, Manager MW'-2 Joette, Sally, Mary, and Metta Juan Find the Largest Variety of CAKES, PASTRIES, COOKIES, AND BREADS in West Texas at ME!-XD'S Fine Pastry Shops 9 1 0 Butternut Telephone 3 5 7 7 No. 2-1220 North Eighth Telephone 9984 erry, Pinkie, and -lack agree that THE 1949 BUICK with D Y N A F L O W 'k smooth, powerful pick-up 'A' dependability in all weather 'A' long, graceful lines IS T1-IE BEST CAR YET Lone Star Buick Company 141 Sycamore "just off South First" STUDY REFRESHED A CUC - HAVE A COLA "WHERE YOU MEET YOUR FRIENDS" Ann, Troy, John, Don, Hope, and Nlrlrilyn, as do all other high school stu- LECl1fS, l'I1CL'f fl16lI' f'.I'lCl1dS Ill' thi' . . CLINIC PHARMACY Ahilenc's Prescription Drug Store l442 North Third Street T916Pl'1O116 5223 , Abilene High Athletes RQY, DUN, CHARE,E,b, IVIUHRAY choose BANNER MILK he Lexx X because "It Tastes Better" aplwf Moe, Joe Bill, and Joe know that the best buys in Cars, Automobile Ports ond Service ore found or Universal Motors 902 North Fourth Telephone 4336 Go Io Gail . . . this Summer Mary White . . . .loette Dipple . . . Pat lVlcGer-:han s Q Draw up plans type out GAIL COLLEGE Stenographic Course Secretarial Science Accounting Course Business Administrat Technical Courses ,Op Register lor 3 Months at a time. Since 1931 JRADUATES EMPLOYED l0O'll, Competent Instruction Careful Guidance and Placement Day and Night School Q I L C o L L E G E Helen Robinson, A. B., Pres. 1l8V2 SYCAMORE FIRST FLOOR I. P. Bridges, M. D. F. C. Hodges, M. D. THIRD FLOOR 7' M' Hooks' MA D- 1 N. Bufdm, M. D. SECOND FLOOR I. A. Kennedy, D. D. S. E. R. Cockerell, M. D. W' B' Adamson' M' D' Edwin E. Middleton, MD, E' D'Se1'e'S' MD' L. I' Plckmd M' D. Donold H. McDonald, M B. M. Porter, M. D. M. T. Romsey, M. D. W 'VN V - Q Ain ralm-Q . W - - 4 mywgmw 1,5 , M 'N' A MM l M, 4 ,I . . .W ne w ..,...... K K Y A W. .. 3, . . - . . H , . , . N 4 ,M X: N ff.. Q .-4 J- ,vxmniwg " " ' ' 1-'fi m- - M ' ' - - -N... - ' Q.fwwf?1:ik-..i.- fi CLINIC BUILDING cl-IQOSE The Hendrick Memorial Hospital School of Nursing F or Your Career in Nursing Hendrick Memorial Hospital School of Nursing is affiliated with I-Iardin-Sim- mons University. Earn University Credit as you receive your basic course in nursing. For information on the school write Director of Nursing Hendrick Memorial Hospital ABILENE, TEXAS Lincaln - Mercury Sales and Service - ,W v HORACE HGLLY MOTORS 5f"'f"'x ' ' f"ff5 ? Telephone 4722 ., qzvln Elm at Second Street V Q MM, ,... , .. H 1 ' NEXT PRINTING IOB ' we TWG CG' Newspapers S V 59? 'A ' F W ' F' Letterheads 'fy ' gage mf msgs? V rm K A ' iii 4 feu an rm www ,fe S 7 . Statements N 2 W!" slr If Vt" f- wmmw to 4 ,..,.. - - f S2225 Fun' ewes 1 '-:' - - - -1:-- 1 1:--nf: Inv1tat1ons ,, 4 We-ew tx fr 5 Booklets S Q. 2355 gg Busrness Cards wi 2 Tb1'd ..o, .. . t or S S, l if M1 'N 5 , , ,A - W S Involces 4 V A A S. ,.. 1 tit 2 . ti FO1dGfS '.f:.::,,. 45- K Qefeaxfw ig1,i1'e.inm t fi?" fx fi'w??5w,Q rffn In ,Efj-'2:'.I1j:'-:fi ':" , ze. A f Announcements er.. ..,-e. : tw Q.: ..-. iw semwmlm we New W ne, eyslwkqfitf -Sn W W- Koa, Ni wvjigz .-... si 5-:gf v' -'-- , rfjffxg ---., ' ,Q-gg :-: t,,,, r --':- if .gjfegggz H w e ..... - Per SOHCI1 Card S Kussvyis' Zfrinfing Personal Stationery South 521415 Humber Hvmpany EVERYTHING TO BUILD ANYTHING 501 Sycomore Street Telephone 6232 ABILENE, TEXAS SERVING ABILENE AND WEST TEXAS SINCE I 8 8 9 We Appreciate Your Business I Farmers S Merchants National Bank 202 Pine Street p Tel. 5246 ond 5247 Out For a Good Time at Your Theatre of Certified Hits! I Certainly Like to Order Over These Individual "Talk Back" Speakers South 14th Euvlwooo 2:sssszisriszs'::a::,',.gg'l Skyline D,-ive-ln Fine Quality Food and a Well-rounded Menu at Lowest Pos- sible Cost may be found at the New . . . Enlarged . . . KBILENE HIGH CAFETERIA Mrs. I. I-LW oodrum, Manaqer RC rates first ! Tastes best for thirst! ROYAL CROWN BOTTLING CO. 301 Chest t f 'Urns S aooo our-: 9 768 Wolnut Street tNorthsideJ The Good One" Since 1894 Cor. South Hth ond Chestnut tSouthsideD The Best in Jewelry, China and Crystal, and Other Fine Products are Distnlayed at ERI-ZXA. SMITH f-X5 L H156 North Second Street Telephone 7045 FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE AND SAFETY . . ,5 9 DRIVE IN BANKING WINDOXV llllll twslslm nm- - - - 25 ff: g P 0 PLENTY OF FREE ff PARKING SPACE W- - L -4 mms W, ef nwfgr ' Member FDIC and Federal Reserve System FIRST STATE BANK 381 CHESTNUT STREET Clothes for Young Men ond Men Who Stay Young Qi: 1 o "Abilene's Largest Store for Men and Boys" 158 Pine Street Telephone 5544 Kay, Jackie, and Faye know that the best buys in jewelry are found at- C. M. Presley JEWELERS 209 Pine Street Abilene, Texas rl X I if , l Viv , "Q: mv'-'X 5' l -Y' 4 t W ,,,:.,.:..,..:?.V.. ,....:..t.,.... .. E? Q . , . "'Q rf 2 r ' V. 5 A -:+I .IZ-iii.: . E ,. .,.,..giiigiis-1-5-5-.g45:gr55ifg555,.E:.531E5r5::.:.5.,.:.::.,,.f.:,z,:..A.,.,.,. ,..:.'..,::....g5.5.:.,,..,,,.,:,. ig, ..,.. N, .,..., ..tTA....-,',,i.,., ,Z .Q . V -1 ,: 1: - 4 . VV - " -V-Mu: -x.-L, -:iz-.i,.,... ..,.. ..-N-wrwn-.-..e:.-.N-..T. -.-. 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Pictured ore Bill Plumlee, Verdene Freemori, Iockie Frombers, ond Storiley Milsop in if Department Store North 3rd cmd Cypress Happy they ore attending Drouqhorfs so soy these Abilene Hiqh qroducrtes, with about l5 others ot the Closs ol '48 Lett to Hiqhr: Loisteeri Smith, Martha Willis, Faye Wilkerson, W. S. Chorn, Ir., Ruth Biqqers, ond Billy Ioe Willis. BUSINESS The streamlined Draughon courses in Busi- ness Administration, Secretarial Training, and CPA-plus Southwide Placement Serv- ice--has enabled thousands of high school graduates to step into attractive incomes in only a fraction ot the traditional time and expense-to begin drawing handsome pay checks two to three years sooner than in other comparable professions. State and G, I. approved. Write for free Catalog. I DRAUGHONS Hart-Wagley Realty Company Real Estate and Securities ll9U North Second Phone 3223 Abilene, Texas X High School Students inspect modern Drive-In Deposit Window at The Citizens National Bank Abilene, Texos lOl Pine PHONE 4301 L. D. Pierce Sales Company Dealers in All Types of FLOOR COVERINGS "Serving cz Communitys Need" Abilene, Texcxs 242 Chestnut Street Phone 3164 RtGr1TW"'Ay IAUNDRY "You Can't Go Wrong The Right-Way" 609 Oalc Street P110116 5295 B. H. GRAY, Owner Wlzifelzursfs Abilene's Newest Men's Store 274 Cypress Street -- is headquarters for --- MCGREGOR SPORTS TOGS JARMAN SHOES VARSITY TOWN SUITS NUNN-BUSH SHOES TIMELY SUITS B.V.D. SPORTSWEAR WESTMINSTER SOCKS U. S. KEDS IN AIBILENE I-ISS" I ' GHG ' Plant: Retail Store: , Fourth ancl Chestnut -E, 1201 Butternut Phone 6277 - ' 1 Sl Phone 2-2211 ' r- SHOE SERVICE STORE P Makers of I COWBOY Boors AND SHOES LUGGAGE, BooT AND sl-IoEMIiE15AIR1NG Abilene, Texas Phone 615 8 J. R. Fielder o. D. Dillingham FIELDER f DILLINGHAM LUMBER COMPANY Cook's Varnish and Paint 410 Chestnut Wall Board l l Cl 8l72 Wall Paper Telephone 8 7 Cm Sash and Doors ABlLENE, TEXAS J. HI. HHDFUHIJ GRUCERU CU. WHOLESALE GROCERS Supplies West Texas With the Best In Quality Food Products South First and Oak Telephone 6201 P. O. Box 569 Phone 8591 BUR I O f LINGO Sash and Doors Screen Wire Wall Paper C Wall Board Mouldinqs Insulation Roofing I Metal Lath Fencing .... Dealers 111 .... Hardware Cement , D , Canvas Lumber Lumber and Building Materials Paints B ' lc Gl Liiife Abilene, Texas Qilfs i When It's Show Time Make Abilene's Home-owned Theatres Your Family Theatres he L I N235 225 Pine Street 151 Pine Street Phone 7803 Phone 5 704 HAY'S GROCERY Sandwiches - School Supplies - Meat - Groceries 109 Peach Street -:- Phone 2- 1 5 O3 ABILENE, TEXAS "EVERYTHING IN HARDWARE" China-Glassware-Kitchenware-Westinghouse, Philco Refrigerators, and Ranges Westinghouse and Philco Radios-Speed Queen Washers LION HARDWARE Co. The Largest Hardware Stock in West Texas Phone 3 241 East of Post Office Department Store 242 Cypress Street ABILENE, TEXAS Telephone 7263 "BETTER VALUES FOR CASH" Whether it's Time for New Sp ring, Fall, Summer, or Winter Suits, Coats, Dresses, Hats, or Shoes IT'S TIME TO VISIT f -' ,. . ' i mfs, Fashion Center of West Texas 189 Pine in Abilene Phone 2.3429 SKILES MOTOR CO. "Your Local Oldsmobile Dealer" New and Used Cars SALES-SERVICE 1151 North Second Phone 8585 "The West Texas House" THE Pgn DER' QMPANM Manufacturing Stationers Z 7 3 Cypress Street - Telephone 7 2 2 5 ABILENE, TEXAS T. S. LANKFORD Sz SONS Industrial Uniforms School Jackets and Coveralls ' e SUNLITE BBEQD "A Te5xan's Choice" St i tit BRADSHAW OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY Agency for REMINGTON-RAND Typ t , Adding d C 1 ulcxtinq Machines, Pilinq Equipment d S ppl Office Furniture. The Remington-R cl P table Typewriter fills C111 scho 1 d L t o lifetime. 1137 B tternut Street Phone 5077 ABILENE, TEXAS BALDWIN PIANOS-CONN BAND INSTRUMENTS 1175 North Znd Phone 3735 See HOIQ You Save at IUQGLY wmqwet Five Stores Coniiehienily Located Eager To Serve You Seniors, Congratulations and Good Wishes From Fraley and Company Abilene, Texas Your Butane Gas Dealer Butane System Ranges, Water Heaters, and Refrigerators THE CHICKEN SHA CK We hatch, grow, process, freeze and fry our own chickens. just the Best Chicken You Have Ever Tasted! Salads - Sandwiches - Drinks 2201 South First Phone 2-0391 LYDICK-HOOKS ROOFING sir, Q COMPANY f NEI? of Abilene, Inc. Z Q I Over 50 Years in Texas nailz? Nutritious! 329 P1urt'iiStreet P.o.B0Xs4 - ICE CREAM ,-'Cixi 1 I ij!! , , ,, fi' ' We M ig 69: I ' 4 - I. -I I A H if f fr Q , 1' -' 97 f Q Send o Letter to Your Love . . . On our specially designed stationery. A type and Weight for every needs-fr-in a brilliant array of col- ors --- P i n k , Pearl, Green, Ivory, Blue. May be Personalized at slight additional charge. Say... "Thank You" Promptly! With folded Notes. Your choice of White, Ivory, Green, Pearl! Announce Iife's supreme event with genuine engraved wedding -:nga ,... l 1 llllllllmf X S 'V Q it QQFFTEKINK 4: forms. 'S 4 We have o wide I , f h Matching or Contrasting Colors Se echon 0 T e for all Stationery smartest and newest 20 cents in home size borne. Styles "Finest for Fountain Pens" ' E rinting Sf Stationery ,ompany 5 W. H. tBilll HANEY M cm ager PriH'C6J:f"5f'3tffchners, Office Outfitters! PRINTING ENGMVIM unwu-uns mums if , ut. . A f-N ,-in 'anna if .',,,. Factory, 1274 North Second Street P. O. Box 1560-ABILENE, TEXAS Store No. I-1038-TOA.4,,.NQr1h Second PHONE 5446 or tr" M' When Ifs Pictures It's THURMANS The House of Better Yplaotogwphy OJ E50 Good-bye 61: ME 5 '1 nf' 5 6 5 . P 1. i 45 2 , S, , i ,L Hx 4 4 I! LE A ff hx i A fi L. I A I. -1 u, , ,W , , , W, ,, , , , , , ,, WW ,,,, ,,,,, ,, , ,, HWY, ,,,,,,, ,WW YW, WWW, , , v u

Suggestions in the Abilene High School - Flashlight Yearbook (Abilene, TX) collection:

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