Abilene High School - Flashlight Yearbook (Abilene, TX)

 - Class of 1947

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,212 x 4 XM X, I' Zfijfp ' 'x ff .U Q my UR A f . ' -X, ' 5 'I 0 TE xxx 0 u 9 a X PIIE55 II I II X., 'XX wx, nuonunuu ' FOUNDED , vnu:v.2.. w 2 'NV xwxxxg- W J IIT Ui Q BILLIE PLILER Editor IACK YATES Business Manager DOYLE NASH Photographer BERTA HOPKINS Senior Editor DUANE UNRUE Layout Editor MISS TOMMIE CLACK Adviser STAFFORD ENGRAVING COMPANY ABILENE PRINTING 8: STATIONERY COMPANY THURMAN'S STUDIOS THE FL7-XSHLIGHT "'WWW1mW'WgkW"'Wl?W 5 PuBusHED BY THE STUDENTS ,-A' --,' T ' ' FBILENE HIGH scHooL A ABTLENE, TEXAS 1 ' 2 5 I947 l t 4 Dear Mr. Sublett: A We take this opportunity to express our appreciation for the help and advice you have so willingly and pleasantly given us. Being mindful of the many beautiful flowers you have so graciously brought to brighten up our school, we hand you the biggest orchid of all, the 1947 Flashlight. Never shall we for- get the countless hours you have spent making attractive and beautiful stage settings for our assembly pro- grams and your original and efficient service in the dramatic department. Those who have worked with you in this department have learned to respect and admire you at all times. Acting as both instructor and friend to us, you have taught us to appreciate the best in life, the value of accurate Work, and the knowledge of good literature. You have made Abilene High School a better place in which to study. This volume of the Flashlight is yours, and We hope it will add to your happiness. Lovingly, FLASHLIGHT STAFF. 6 1f5:4i:.-A ,W -A A fl? . rir..a35!i2.f,Mj, H 1 if l 'h.Ql'v l , 4 ,A mg. V E. ,, , .J -gf is gi t , 1. X ERNEST R. SUBLETT In recognition of his efforts to make a better Abilene High School, we dedicate this, the 1947 Flashlight, to Mr. Ernest Sublett, Whose high ideals, liberal spirit, true character, and enthusiasm have been a great incentive to the students and teachers. V T EAGLES NES 'Wm 2 ESQ!-l!l s:l?" if ,, J Elf! li-iii V- 1 'Q' lui Illia: 5 ii! HOOL CHAMPION SC E P!-READ NOQN Administrafiau MR. L. E. DUDLEY, M. A., LL. D. Superintendent To the Students ot Abilene High: Aggin it is my privilege to extend g word ot greeting to you. l Wont it to be or Word of congrgtulotion tor g yegr's Work Well done, tor opportunities not neglected, for promises tultilled. lt should, glso, be CI Word ot hope gnd confidence in the tuture. Mgy your orp- precigtion tor gll thot is begutiiul ctnd good continue to improve with the yecrrs thot lie crhecrd. Sincerely, L. E. DUDLEY Degr Mr. Dudley: Your gctivities during the rnctny yegrs in the Abilene Public Schools gre Well known to crll ot us. We sincerely gppreciotte your eitorts to mgke Abilene High School g better plctce, gnd We shgll think ot you oiten gnd miss you when we gre gone. Sincerely, FLA SHLIGHT STAFF Mrs. jackson, cr letter, please MR. JOE C. HUMPHREY, B. A., M. A. To the Students oi Abilene I-liah School: This school year will stand out in many of our minds for a lona time. lt happens to loe one oi those post-War years that most oi us knew were coming. It is my wish that you have learned these important lessons: preparation, adjustment, coopera- tion, loyalty, obedience, and iear- lessness for riaht. We wish for you continued suc- cess. IOE C. HUMPHREY Principal Humphreys go picnicking MR I H NAIL A B,M. A. Assi tantPr1nc1pa1 We have come to the end of an- other school year, but in doing so have begun many new friend- ships which will never end. We shall all remember the year l946- l947 in different ways: the new friends made, new experiences, the fun we have had and the hard work that has been done. Let us make it all add up to real Eagle spirit that will always keep on a high plane of life. May l congratulate those who are graduating and wish for each student of Abilene High School much happiness and success. l. H. NAIL MRS. EDITH C. SMITH B A Student Counselor Dear Students: Ideas rule the World. It you Wish to have and exercise power, you will do Well to till your mind and soul with the best ideas and ideals to be found in qreat literature. Having stored this potential source of power, you will be ready to use the ammunition ot your Words and thoughts in the tiqht for a better World. Sincerely yours, I EDITH C. SMITH MISS TOMMIE CLACK, L. I., B. A. English Abilene High School MISS BENNIE SPECK, B. O., M. A. English Rule High School MRS. C. B. I-IICKS, B. A. English, Prczciicol Lcziin Rocky Ford High School, Colorado l MRS. SELMA BISHOP, B. A., M. A. 1 English Bollinger High School MISS BOBBIE CLACK, L. I., B. A. English Abilene High School . i ' . I VZEJII za " Q --f A . 7 ii Q x vi -,J Never split on infinitive Miss MARY BAGGETT, B. A., M. A. MRS. KATHRYN MoRRoW, B. A., M. A. English E1'1QliSh Abilene High School BSHOI1 Hiqh School 3 114 5 n Xl 5, tx xr' xx - Q , lxrix A, V, I.. " ills .D li q NX Q XXMX ku pxxt, KZTXKQX llsctl ffl I M155 CLAUDINE OLSEN, B, A, MRS. CAROLYN WOOTEN, B. A. Mrss MARIQN WALKER, B. A. English , English English, loumalism Simmons Academy Blanket High School Abilene High 54311001 MISS WILLIE FLOYD, B. A., M. A. General Science, Physics Ardmore High School, Oklahoma So what? MISS ODELL IOHNSON, B. A., M. A. BiolOQY, Physiology Stamford High School 'Ks E MRS. MABEL MCCORMICK, B. A. Chemistry Washington High School, Portland, Ore MR. VAIDEN HINER, B. S. Physics Abilene High School l MISS BELLE IONES, B. A. MR. S. SMlTH, B. A. MISS MABEL REEVES, B. A. Algebra, Commercial Arithmetic General Mathematics, Algebra Alflebffl Tuscola High School Ennis High School l-OCk1'19Y High School Q93 "Homo Ulu X AS l KE, CZ X N Bm Ufvhfl gleob. in jqaf , LXXEQ Q '..Jfl2 N fix MRS. EDITH BALLARD, B. A Geometry San Saba High School The destruction, or construction of a triangle? MISS MARION CHAMBLISS, B. A., M. A. MRS. E. M. RANDOLPH, L. l., B. A., M. A. MISS MYRTLE TRANTHAM, B, A, Algebra Spanish, Mathematics Lqfjnl English Cisco High School Snowville High School, Virginia Simmons Academy fy :Q 1. 44323 I . X -1 'Af J Y A AEM f A hr f W ,SQLXVW 1177? Aix MAI MISS FERN BROCK, B. A., M. A. Commercial Law, Civics, Sociology Moron Ifigh School Courtesy is the mark of good breeding 2 MISS SARAH HARDY, B- A- MR. WILLIAM D. LAWSON, B. A. MR. IOE WEST, B. S. American History, En lish Histor Q7 Y Athletics, World History, Social Studies Athletics, Civics, History Abilefle High School Du Pont High School, Nashville, Tenn. Groveton High School MISS LUCRETIA CURRY. B- A. MES. M. M. BARNES, B. A. MES. JEROME MARK, B. A ATUGUCUU HfSfOfY American History, Texas History LCIUT1 Am9flCCU1 HfSfOTY, CIVICS Abilene Hiqh SCTIOOI Breckenridge High School World HISIOIY Abilene High School of I7 l 1 . MR. CHESTER O'BRlEN, B. A Bible Big Spring High School Let's all sing together MR. ERNEST SUBLETT, B. A., M. A. MISS RUBY COMPERE, B. S., M. A. MR. ROBERT FIELDER, B. S. Public Speaking, Chemistry Home Economics Band, Orchestra Sweetwater High School Abilene High School Abilene High School lfgf MRS. NANCY MURRAY, B. L., L. S. MRS. BETH HENAGAN, B. A. MISS OUIDA CLEMONS, B. A., M. A. Library Art, Design, Home Economics Vocal Music Synodical College, Fulton, Mo. Siamford High School Abilene High School I MR. P. E. SHOTWELL, B. S., M. ED. Athletics, Geometry Canyon High School MISS LIDDELL GARRETT, B. S. Physical Education Anson High School MISS MINNIE ALICE MAYFIELD, B. S. Registrar Abilene High School as Mr. Kaerwer makes his plans. MR. W. K. BENTLEY, B. A. Athletics was JAMES PETREE B R E B. A Abilene High School A .Secretary to the'Principal AX ba 44 Refuqio High School N1 7 Www' ll- U:-CUE 0 ' - x I 'i 'X f 'f,,1, . V!" if I V' ,N NVQ , N- 'Q Your combination-27-3-I U MR. VV. RAINEY OWEN, B. S. Diversified Occupations Certiiicaie Ravenna High School Metal Shop El Paso Technical Institute MR. DONLEY STEPHENSON, B. S. MISS EVA GARVHXL B. AH MA A. Wood Shop Floydada High School W'ill it he a chair or book shelf? MR. GEORGE IZAERWER Federal Journeyman Machinist Typing, Bookkeeping Commercial Arithmetic Como High School ,gsm 7 Kei? J Kltihi gg din! ' fi 1,93 V X MR. 5. 1. MooRE, B. A., B. S., M. A. X Q, , X I I . Vocational Agriculture 'XL it i Simmons Academy cb: I 5 1 X f Xi ' MRS. HELEN WILLIAMS, B. S., M. A C Typing, Shorthand f Trent High School ,f I., MRS. BIDDIE IACKSON Secretary to the Superintendent Denison High School MR. P. F. MCCARTY President MR. HORACE CONDLEY BOARD OF TRUSTEES MRS. H. A. PENDER MR. IOE SMITH Vice-President Secretary MRS. GEORGE SWINNEY MR. GECRGE BARRON MR. L- P- COOK STUDENT ASSOCIATION EXECUTIVE COUNCIL SALLY OWENS MARJCEIE LEWIS WILMAN BARNES NANCY SANFORD IACK YONGE CALDWELL BE OFFICERS lack Yonge . . . Wilman Barnes . Marjorie Lewis . , . . lack Yates ,... Senior Nancy Santord Caldwell Beckham Sally Owens ...., ...,...j'unior , . .L Sophomore Marilyn Davis . , I .4.......... . . . Freshman ACTIVITIES Milk Fund High School Recreation Lost and Found Coronet Flower Fund MARILYN DAVIS CKHAM . President . Vice-President . . . . Secretary . , . . .Treasurer Representative Representative Representative Representative Student Hall Patrol 61515555 SENICDRS gi! ml , x "7 ll MR. ERNEST 'SUBLETT MISS MARION CHAMBUSS WILMAN BARNES PRED GERLACH , , Adviser . , , AGVISEI - Presldent Vzce-P1'es1dent 511155 of '4 7 FRANCES HYNDS GWENDOLYN GLENN Reporter Secretary SENIOR OFFICERS MARY RUCKER Queen EDDIE ADAMS IERRE ANDERSON PEGGY AUSTIN Football '44-'47, Track '46, A Club Iunior Academy of Science '44-'47 Pep Squad '45-'47, Library '45-'47, '44-'46, As You Like It '47 College: University of Texas Stage Crew '47, National Thespian '45- College: Hardin-Simmons '45, Sports '46, Skating '47 '47, Los Leales '46, G an G '47, Al-IS Theater '47 College: Texas State College for Women lANlCE ATKINSON Office '44-'46, Pep Squad '45-'47, G an G '47, Back o' Curtain '45, Glee Club '44-'46, Theater '46, National Thespian '45-'47, Declamation '46, Stu- dent Council '46 College: Texas State College for Women FRED ADAMS Intramural Basketball '45-'47, Tennis College: Hardin-Simmons CLASS OF '47 BILL BAGLEY LORELLE BAILEY LA WANDA BOLLINGER Rifle '45, spoils '47, A ccippeiifi '47, skfiiiriq '45, Hiking '46, Needlecraft Bend '44-'46, Record '44-'46, Typing Glee Club '47, Vice President Rifle '45 '47, G an G '47 '47, G an G '47 College: Texas Agricultural and College: Hardin-Simmons College: Draughon's Business Mechanical BOBBY BAILEY MAXINE BALLARD Football '45-'47, Hall Patrol '47, Band '44-'47, Orchestra '45-'47, Rec- A Cappella '47, Basketball '45 - '47, ard '45-'47, G an G '47, Student Council Track '47, Student Council '46, Siwarn '45, Game '47, Secretary Orchestra '47, l-li-Y '45-'47, A Club '45-'47 First Lieutenant Band '47 College: Abilene Christian College: Hardin-Simmons GARLAND BARE l National Honor Society '47p Educa- tional Film '45g Iunior Academy of Sci- ence '47y Student Council '46g Treas- urer Student Council '46 College: Cornell University VVILMAN BARNES EARL BOURLAND Band '44-'47g Record '46g Pilots '47 College: Texas Technological National Honor Society '47g B Club '44-'46g Golden Gloves '44-'47g Battery '45g Library '47g Student Council '44- '47g Siwam Hi-Y '45-'47y Record '46g Sophomore Reporter '45p Senior Presi- dent '47g Vice President Student Coun- cil '47g President Y Co-operative Coun- cil '47g Theater '47 College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical IMOGENE BARLOW GOLDA BARRINGTON Cadet Corps '457 Girls Hi-Y '45g Rec- Glee Club '47g Record '45g Social ord '467 Photography '47g G an G '47 English '46: Handicraft '47 College: Hardin-Simmons College: Hardin-Simmons CLASS OF '47 GAY BEARD BARBARA IEANNE BELEW BETTY BENNETT Glee Club '46y Educational Film '46g National Honor Society '47g Orchestra Record '45g Back o' Curtain '45g Li- Handicraft '47g G an G '47 '45-'47p Knitting '45g Record '46p Fine brary '467 Pep Squad '45:-'47y G an G College: Hardin-Simmons Arts '47y G an G '47g Library '47 '47g Library Club '45-'47 College: Hardin-Simmons College: McMurry IACK BEEMAN STUART BENSON Rifle '45y B Club '46y A Club '47p Record '45y Glee Club '46y Football Football '44-'47 '46g Pilots '46g B Club '46g Baseball '46 College: University of California at College: Texas UniVefSilY Los Angeles AUDREY ANN BERTRAM MARGARET BLACKWELL GENE BLAKLEY Band '44-'47: Record '44-'46: Game Pep Squad '44-'47p Back o' Curtain Model Airplane 43 B Club 45 A 47: Siwarnasis Tri Hi-Y '47: G an G '45g Los Leales '46: Student Council '46g Club '47: Boxing '47 Boys Glee Club 47: Secretary Siwamasis '47 Handicraft '47: P. l. E. Tri Hi-Y '47: '47: A Cappella '47 Football 45 47 College: Hardin-Simmons G an G '47 College: University of California of College: McMurry Los Angeles MARTHA NELL BLACKBURN National Honor Society '47: Office '47: Knitting '45: Record '46g Game '47y G an G '47 College: Hardin-Simmons NONA BLAKEMORE Skating '45: Typing '46: Library '47g Pep Squad '47: G an G '47: Library '44-'46: Office '47 College: Hardin-Simmons CLASS OF '47 DOROTHY BOND IOHN BONTKE DIANNE BRADSHAW Game '47g G an G '47 National Honor Society '47g Band '44- Band '44-'47: Dramatics 47 G an G College: Hardin-Simmons '47: Football '45: lunior Academy of '47: Pep Squad '45 Photography 45 Science '46: B Club '45: Captain of '47: Home Econonucs 45 Tripod Tri Band '47 Hi-Y '47 College: Texas University College: Hardin-Simmons BETTY BONNER Glee Club '44-'47p Dramatic '45-'47: Sketching '45: Hall Patrol '46g Library '45-'47y National Thespian '47 College: Southern Methodist DAVID BOWERS Football '44-'477 Intramural: Basket- ball '44-'46g Boxing '44-'46g Track '44- '46y Baseball '46: Record '44: Siwam Hi-Y '45-'47: A Club '44-'46g Athletic Editor Flashlight '46y Secretary Siwam '46y President Siwam '47: National Hon- or Society '47 College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical BOBBIE BRANNON ' LON BROOKS CHARLOTTE BROWN Hiking '45: Record '46: Skating '47g Declamation '45: Band '44-'47g Stu- As You Like lt '47: G an G '47 G an G '47g Office '46g Student Coun- dent Council '46g A Cappella '47: Rec- College: Hardin-Simmons cil '46 ord '46: Game '47: Amici Hi-Y '47: Dra- College: Abilene Christian matics '45g Tennis '45 College: Rice BILLY IO BREEDEN RUTH BROOKS Pilots '47 Banker Diversified Occupations '46, College: Texas Agricultural and Vice President Diversified Occupations Mechanical '47g Hiking '45: Skating '46: G an G '47 College: Hardin-Simmons CLASS OF '47 if-Us L f I PATSY BROWN IOHNNIE BULLOCK EDINA CAGLE Tennis '45: Record '46g Typing '47g Cadet Corps '44: Girls Hi-Y '45: Photography '45g G an G '47 G an G '4'7p Pep Squad '47: Secretary Skating '46p Game '47y G an G '47 College: McMurry . G an G '47 College: Hardin-Simmons College: Hardin-Simmons BILLY BROYLES IACKIE BUSTER Future Farmers of America '45-'47g G an G '47p Record '45: Miss Lib- Vice President Future Farmers of Am- erty Sophomore Class '45p Personality erica '47: Reporter Future Farmers of Girls '45y E Club '4'7: Student Council America '46 '45: Zenith Tri Hi-Y '47 College: Iohn Tarleton College: Hardin-Simmons NEAL CANANT SARA CARLYLE IERRY CARTER Machine Shop '46 Skating '45: Game '47g G an G '47 Pep Squad '44-'47: Tennis '45p Glee College: Texas Agricultural and College: Hardin-Simmons Club '44-'46y Back o' Curtain '45g Los Mechanical Leales '46g Theater '47: Zenith Tri Hi-Y IACKEY CAPERTON ' Glee Club '46: A Cappella '47: Girls Hi-Y '45: Fine Arts '467 Typing '47 College: Hardin-Simmons '47: G an G '47 College: Bob Iones ' FREDDA CARPENTER Record '45: Los Leales '46g Theater '47g Glee Club '44-'467 Student Council '45: Pep Squad '45-'47g Debate '45y Siwamasis Tri Hi-Y '47: G an G '47: National Forensic League '47p Chair- man of Checkers Pep Squad '47 College: Hardin-Simmons CLASS OF ,47 ALICE CHANDLER ' National Honor Society '47g Office '45: Hall Patrol '47: Record '45: Glee Club '44-'46: Student Council '44-'46: Social English '467 Personality Girls '46g G an G '47: Fine Arts '47: Pep Squad '47 College: Texas Technological RUTH CHASE Glee Club '45"47y Home Economics '46: Record '46: Game '47y G an G '47 I College: Hardin-Simmons BETTY CLAXTON A Cappella '44-'47g Glee Club '44- '47: Pep Squad '47y Record '45: Fine Arts '45-'47p Library '45g Oiiice '46p Hall Patrol '45 College: Iuilliard Institute of Music LAWRENCE CHANEY BILLY RAY CHELF B TGCITH '44:-'45: A Team '47: B Club National Honor Society '47: Photog- '44-'46g Sports '47 raphy '45g Iunior Academy of Science College: Hardin-Simmons '45-'47g Machine Shop '45: Corkers Hi-Y College: Texas University DORIS CLEMMER CHARLES COMBS MARY LINDA COOK Glee Club '45-'47g Hiking '45: Music Diversified Occupations '47 Record '44-'46p Handicraft 47 G an G '46y Fine Arts '47: G an G '47 College: Texas Agricultural and '47 College: Hardin-Simmons Mechanical College: Hardin-Simmons BETTY COLE IAMES COOK Girls Hi-Y '45: Record '46: Game '47g Band '44-'47p Record '45g Educational G an G '47 Film '46: As You Like It '47 College: Abilene Christian College: Hardin-Simmons CLASS OF '47 MYRA COOKE SARAH CRAIG MARGARET CUNNINGHAM Glee Club '45: Band '45-'47: Orches- Student Council '45p A Cappella '45- G an G '47: As You Like It 47 UCS '45: Record '44-'45: COYf9SPO1'1ClG1'1C9 '47: Pep Squad '47: Library '46g Fine College: Hardin-Simmons '47p G an G '47 Arts '47p Record '46g Skating '45: Glee College: McMurry Club '45-'47 College: McMurry ARDEN CORBITT Glee Club '45-'47: Pep Squad '45-'47: G an G '47: Back o' Curtain '45: Typing '46p Theater '47 College: Texas Technological BILLY CRIER Dramatics '44-'47y Battery '44-'46g Hall Patrol '45: Student Council '44-'46: 'Stage Crew '44A'47: Extemporaneous Speech '44-'47p National Thespian '44- '47g Theater '45-'47g President National Thespian '47g National Forensic League '45-'47: Sports Editor of Battery '46 College: Texas University DORA MARGARET CURRY MARY CURRY ' ZANE DALTON Cadet Corps '45: Hiking '45g Typing National Honor Society '47: Glee Club B Team '45: B Club '45: Game '47: '46: G an G '47 '44-'47: Office '46: Hall Patrol '47y Rec- Student Council '45 College: McMurry ord '45: Sports '46: Typing '47: G an G College: Texas Agricultural and '47: A Cappella '47 Mechanical College: Hardin-Simmons MARTHA CURRY MONTIEL DALTON National Honor Society '47p Glee Club Glee Club '45i T9f1f1iS '45: PYIOTOQ- '44-'47: Office '46y Hall Patrol '47y Rec- raphy '47: G an G '47 ord '45g Typing '47: A Cappella '47 College: Texas Technological College: Hardin-Simmons CLASS OF '47 NANCY DANIEL ARVEL DAUGHTREY PATTY DAVIS Pep Squad '44-'47y Glee Club '44-'47g Future Farmers of America '44-'47g Back o' Curtain '45: Record '46: Li- Back o' Curtain '45: Record '46: Typing Historian Future Farmers of America brary '47: Student Council '45: Pep '46p E Club '47g Zenith Tri Hi-Y '47g '47: Fidelis Hi-Y '47 Squad '45-'47p G an G '47 G an G '47 College: Texas Agricultural and College: Hardin-Simmons College: Hardin-Simmons Mechanical PAT DANIEL LA VAUGHN DAVIS Pep Squad '44-'47: Glee Club '44- Drarnatics '45: Cadet Corps '45g Typ- '47y Back o' Curtain '45: Typing '46g ing '46: G an G '47 E Club '47p G an G '47 College: Draughon's Business College: Texas Technological LOYD DeARMON LAURETTA DILLARD I. T. DIXONI Senior Play '47g Produce Selling '47 Record '45: Skating '47y Correspond- Machine Shop '47 College: Texas Technological ence '47g G an G '47: La Pluma Tri College: Abilene Christian Hi-Y '477 Parliamentarian La Pluma '47 College: San Angelo Iunior College l. R. DeGUlRE BILLY DILLON Library '457 Record '45p Future Farm- Rifle Club '45g Record Club '45: Box- ers of America '45-'47 College: Hardin-Simmons ing '47p Dramatic '46g Glee Club '47g A Cappella '47: A Club '47g As You Like It '47y Sports '47g Vice President Dramatic '47 College: Hardin-Simmons CLASS OF '47 P HM DOBBYN IUNE EANES SHARON ELO Track '46g Football '477 A Club '47y Cadet Corps '45p Skating '45g Social Back o' Curtain '45 Theater 45 47 President A Club '47g Basketball '47 English '46g G an G '47 Hall Patrol '47p National Thesplan 47 College: Texas Technological College: Baylor College: Texas State College for Women BORDEN DUFF EL Glee Club '45p A Cappella '45-'47p Record '46: Theater '47y Hi-Y '47 College: Hardin-Simmons ELIZABETH ECHOLS Band '44-'47p Orchestra '44-'47: Rec- ord '44-'46y Student Council '46g Na- tional Honor Society '45-'477 Fine Arts '47: G an G '47g Office '47: Library '45 College: Abilene Christian BOBBIE FINKLEA Band 47 Record '46: Click '47p Tri- pod Tri I-I1Y 47 G an G '47 College MCMurry IATHERINE ELLIOTT GORDON FAULKS SHIRLEY FIELDS National Honor Society '47p Glee Club Future Farmers of America '44-'47 Pep Squad '45-'47 Record 46 Glee 46 A Cappella 47: Skating '45g Rec- College: Iohn Tarleton Club '44-'47: Personality Girls 46 E ord 46 G an G 47 College McMurry ELOISE ESCUE National Honor Society '47g A Cap- pella '44-'47: Student Council '44-'46g Hall Patrol '45g Pep Squad '46: Na- tional Thespian '47: Record '44-'46g Fine Arts '46g Theater '47: Siwamasis Tri Hi-Y '47: G an G '47: Sophomore Sec' retary '457 Vice President lunior Girls '46 College: Hardin-Simmons Club '47: Student Council 45 College: Texas Technological PAUL FULKS Record '44: Library '44-'47g Library Club '45-'47g President Library Club '47 College: Hardin-Simmons CLASS OF '47 Football '44-'46y Track '44-'46: Intra- mural Basketball '44-'47g Baseball '44- B Team '46 '47: B Club '44-'46g A Club '45-'47: Glee Club '46g A Cappella '45-'47g Theater '47g Siwam Hi-Y '47 College: University of Arkansas FLORA FISCI-IER Office '45p Cadet Corps '45: Glee IOANNE FORD Office '46: Pep Squad '47g Girls I-Ii-Y Club '45g Record '45y Sketch '46: G cm G '45g Educational Film '46p Fine Arts '47y '47g Theater '47g Pep Squad '47 G an G '47g Vice President As You College: Texas Technological Like It '47 College: Hardin-Simmons BILL FOSTER Record '44: Rifle 47 B Club 46 College: Texas University IAMES FRUGIA GWENDOLYN FURNEY INEZ GARY Baseball 47 Tennis '47p Sports '47 Skating '45p Record '46g Click '47p Pep Squad '47gSkat1ng 47 G an G College Hardin Simmons G an G '47 '477 Typing '46g Library 47 Library College: University of Texas '44-'46: Battery '47 BARBARA FULWILER Glee Club '44-'46p A Cappella '44- '47g Pep Squad '45-'477 Hall Patrol '47g Interscholastic Typing '46: Record '45p Los Leales '46y National Honor Society '47p Fine Arts '47: G an G '47 College: Baylor University College: Baylor MARIORIE GAFFORD National Honor Society '47g Record '457 Los Leales '467 Theater '47: Na- tional Forensic League '44-'47g Glee Club '44-'46g Pep Squad '44-'47g De- bate '45y Student Council '47p Siwam- asis Tri Hi-Y '47g President G an Gp President Siwamasis '47 College: Hardin-Simmons CLASS OF '47 VIRGINIA GARY GWENDOLYN GLENN Girls I-lxY 45 Sports 46 As You Student Council '44-'46g Pep Squad Like It 46 Theater 47 G an G 47 '45-'47g Dramatics '47g Back o' Curtain College Hardin Simmons '45y Record '46g Theater '47g G an G '47g Siwamasis Tri Hi-Y '47p National Thespian '47p Hi-Y Sweetheart '46g Sec- retary Senior Class '47 College: Abilene Christian WARREN GOLDSMITI-I Rifle '44-'46: Sports 47 College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical FRED GERLACH B Team '45g Tennis Club '44-'46g Golf '45g Intramural Tennis '46p Intramural Golf '45g Quartet '46g A Cappella '44- '46g Glee Club '44-'46g Battery '44-'46g Business Manager of Battery '46g Siwam Hi-Y '47: Vice President Senior Class '47 College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical RUTH GOATES Skating '45: Sports '46g Ready Writer '46: Star Gazers '47: Glee Club '47y Girls Basketball '46g G an G College: McMurry SID GOODLOE IEANNETTE GRIFFIN PATSY GURLEY T9H1'1iS '45: Rifle '47: -A-I1'1iCi Hi-Y '47 Hall Patrol '45: National Thespian Pep Squad '45-'477 Back o' Curtain College: New Mexico Military '44-'47: Cadet Corps '45, Theater '45- '44: Library Club '467 Student Council Institute '47, Pep Squad '45-'47: G an G '47, I '44-'46, Library '45-'47 AHS of the Air '45, Samuel French College: McMurry Award for Best Actress '46 College: Texas State College for Women LENA IO GLOVER ' EARL GUITAR RGCOTCI '44-'47: G GII1 G '47 National Honor Society '47, B Team COlleqe2 DrC1uqhOI1'S '45: Golden Gloves '45: Football '44- '47g B Club '45, A Club '46: Athletic Editor Flashlight '47 College: University of the South CLASS OF '47 IERRY HAILEY IACKIE HAMILTON I-IAYDEN I-IARRELL Vocational Agriculture '44-'46y All National Honor Society '47, Glee Club National Honor Society '47p Football Sports '47 '45-'47: A cuppellfl '45-'47: Pep Squad '45, sketch '44, Record '46: skating '47 College: Texas Technological '45-'47: National Th9SPiCm '45-'471 Ten' College: TGXUS U1'1iV9fSilY nis '46, AHS Theater '47: G an G '47: National Forensic League '47: Presi- dent AHS Theater '46y Vice President A Cappella '46 College: Hardin-Simmons IEAN HALE NANCY I-IARKEY Intramural Track '46: Record '45: Band '44-'47, Orchestra '44-'47: Rec- Rifle '46: Library '47, Library Club '47 ord '44-'467 Handicraft '475 G an G College: Rice '47: P. I. E. Tri Hi-Y '47 College: McMurry LAVERNE HARRIS IOHN RAY HARRISON CLARENCE HASTINGS A Cappella '44-'47: Glee Club '44- Boxing '45: Band '44-'47: Baseball Tennis '47 '47y Sextet '46: Fine Arts '45: Record '46: Orchestra '45: Intramural Basket- College: Abilene Christian '46g G an G '47p As You Like It '47 ball '45-'47g Radio '44g Record '46: Rifle College: Hardin-Simmons '45: Game '47 College: Iohn Tarleton DON HARRISON IOAN HARVEY , Intramural Track '44-'46: Track '47: National Thespian '45-'47: AHS The- Basketball '47g Sports '45g Tennis '45: ater '45-'47: Handicraft '47g Pep Squad Skating '46p Sports and Skating '47 '47g Student Council '46: Dramatic Hob- College: Hardin-Simmons by Tri I-Ii-Y '47 College: Louisiana State University CLASS OF '47 WAYNE HAYNES I CURTIS HAYS DUANE HENDLEY B Team '45: Glee Club '46: A Cap- Future Farmers of America '44-'47: B Team '45: Intramural Basketball pella '47: Baseball '47: B Club '457 Secretary Future Farmers of America '44-'46: A Team '45-'477 Basketball '47g Siwam Hi-Y '45-'47y Theater '47g Presi- College: Iohn Tarleton Track '45-'47: Baseball '47: B Club '447 dent Sophomore Class '45 A Club '45-'47: Office '47 College: University of Arkansas College: Hardin-Simmons BOB HAYNIE IOYE HEATON B Team Intramural Basketball '44-'46g Record '44-'f-16: Click '47: P. I. E. Tri Siwam Hi-Y '45-'47: A Team '47: B Hi-Y '47 Club '44-'46: A Club '47 College: Texas Technological College: Texas Technological C. A. HENSON IULIAN HERRING DOROTHY HOLLADAY Record '45y Sports '47: Aniici Hi-Y '47 Band '44-'47: Orchestra '457 Record Sextet '45y A Cappella '44-'47: Sweet- College: Texas Agricultural and '45g Science 146: Game '477 Track '47g heart Future Farmers of America '45g Mechanical Engineering '47 Glee Club '45g Iunior Queen '46: Pep College: Texas Agricultural and Squad '45-'47: G an G '47: Eagle Band Mechanical Sweetheart '47: National Thespian '4'7: Theater '47g Trio '47p Secretary Typing '46 Collfge: Abilene Christian IIMMY HERRING I. D. HINTON Future Farmers of America '46 Football '44-'47: Basketball '44-'47p College: Hardin-Simmons Track '44-'47y B Club '447 A Club '45- '477 Siwarn Hi-Y '47g Student Council '47 College: Oklahoma University CLASS OF '47 IIMMY HOPSON A BERTA IEANNE HOPKINS R. L. HOWARD Tennis '47 National Honor Society '47g Tennis Rifle '46: Chess '47 College: Texas AqriCul'turCIl Gnd '44: Sketch '46: Vice President Sketch College: Texas Technological Mechanical ' '46y Knitting '45g Flashlight '45-'47y As- sistant Iunior Editor Flashlight '46p Sen- ior Editor Flashlight '47: Quill and Scroll '47 College: Abilene Christian lOAN HOLMES MARGIE HORN Tennis '45g Diversified Occupations Glee Club '44-'47g Pep Squad '44- '46: Secretary Diversified Occupations '47: Personality Girls '46y Record '46: '46 E Club '47: Future Farmers of America College: Texas Wesleyan Sweetheart '45 College: Texas Technological CLAUDIA HOWELL IOAN HUGHES HARMON HURST Glee Club '47: Record '45: Tennis Pep Squad '45-'47: Record '44-'46: Diversified Occupations 44 46 Chess '46p Chess '47: G an G '47: Secretary Library '47: P. l. E. Tri Hi-Y '47g '47: Boxing '47 Chess '47 G an G '47: Student Council '45 College: Rice College: Texas Technological College: McMurry DOUGLAS HUDDLESTON NORMA HUGHES Football '43-'46: Track '44-'46y Record G an G '47: Zenith Tri Hi-Y '47 '45: A Club '46 College: Stephens College: Baylor University CLASS OF '47 FRANCES HYNDS '44- National Thespian '45p Battery '47: Student Council '47: Sketch '45: DE WITT ISOM MARY IACKSON Ready Writers '44-'46: Lens and Shut- Glee Club '44 46 Fine Arts 47 ter '457 National Essay League of Am- College: Hardin Simmons Sports '46g Quill and Scroll '45-'47: Na- erica '46: President National Essay tional Honor Society '45-'47: Press '47: League of America '46 G an G '47g P. l. E. Tri Hi-Y '47p Re- College: McMurry porter G an G '47: Reporter National Honor Society '47: President Quill and Scroll '47: President P. l. E. '47: Re- porter Press '47: Editor Battery '47: Reporter Senior Class '47 College: Texas State Teachers College ' DOROTHY IMKEN I, W, IVINS Skating '45: Sketch '46g Correspond- Rifle '45: Track '46: Chess '47g Bas ence '47p G an G '47g Office '47 ketball '47y President Chess '47y lntra College: McMurry mural Truck '47 College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical s WALTER IARRETT ANN IOHNSON KENNETH IOHNSON Band '44-'47g Battery '46y Back o' Cur- G an G '47p Glee Club '45-'47: Pep Battery '45p Intramural Basketball '45g tain '45g Golf '46g Tennis '47: Vice Squad '44-'47g Tennis '45g Record '46: Model Airplane '45g Rifle '45g Record President Back o' Curtain '45 E Club '47 '46: Chess '47p Secretary Model Air- College: Texas Technological College: Texas Technological plane '44: Vice President Rifle '45 College: Texas Technological DON IENNINGS IRA lOl-INSON Machine Shop '46 ' Band '45y Sports '47 College: Colorado Agricultural and College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical Mechanical CLASS OF '47 MARGIE JOHNSON Glee Club '47g Los Leales '46g Fine Arts '477 National Thespian '47 College: Texas State College for Women ESTES IONES Hall Patrol '45p Reporter Battery '45: DON KENDALL Typing '46g Rifle '45-'47: Metal Shop Have You Met Editor Battery '46: Fea- '47 ture Editor Battery '47f Record '45: Bat- College: Texas Agricultural and tery '44-'47: Press '45-'477 Student Coun- Mechanical cil '45-'47: Vice President Press '467 Quill and Scroll '45-'47y Co-operative Council '47: Ouadra Hi-Y '47 College: Texas University BERNIECE IONES IETTIE MAE IONES Battery '45: Counselor's Office '45g Glee Club '47: Lens and Shutter '45g Record '45: National Thespian '45: Cor- Educational Film "46g Click '47 respondence '44-'46: Reporter Corre- College: Baylor University spondence 7165 G an G '47 College: Hardin-Simmons IOAN KENDRICK BETTY KOONSMAN BOB KUYKENDALL Hall Patrol '457 Ta Te Tri Hi-Y '47g Band '44-'46g Record '44-'46p Handi- Glee Club '44-'46: A Cappella '45- Back o' Curtain '45: Record '46g Glee craft '47g G an G '47 '47: Photography '45y National Thespian Club '46p Pep Squad '477 Tennis '47 College: Abilene Christian '44-'47g Pilots '45-'47: Typing '46g Sec- College: Texas Technological retary Pilots '46g Tournament Play '47g Basketball '47 College: Hardin-Simmons LLOYD KING RAMONA KROTH , National Honor Society '47p Varsity Football '44-'46g Student Council '45: Glee Club '45-'47g A Cappella '45-'47: Siwam Hi-Y '45-'47: A Club '44-'46g President Iunior Class '46y Treasurer A Club '47 College: Texas University Cadet Corps '45y National Thespian '45g AHS Air '45g Allied Youth '46g The- ater '46y La Pluma Tri Hi-Y '47y G an G 4 '47g Office '47 College: Hardin-Simmons CLASS OF '47 BETTY IO KYLE BOBBIE IOYCE LANFORD SHIRLEY LEACH Glee Club '44-'46y Battery '44-'47g Glee Club '44-'467 Dramatics '45g Pep Pep Squad '44g E Club '47: G an G Skating '45p Quill and Scroll '45-'47: Squad '45-'47g Office '46: National Thes- '47 Press '47g Circulation Manager Battery pian '45g Record '45g Educational Film College: Colorado University '47: Parliamentarian Quill and Scroll '46g Theater '47g G an G '47 '47 College: McMurry College: Abilene Christian GENE LANDRUM B Team '45g Intramural Basketball '45g Basketball '45-'47g Track '45-'47g Baseball '47g B Club '45p A Club '45- '47y Siwam Hi-Y '45-'47g President B Club '45g Vice President Senior Class '47 College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical RUTHETTE LASSITER G an G '47: lunior Academy of Science '45g Typing '47g Glee Club '47 College: Hardin-Simmons 'Z KIRBY LEESON MERLENE LEWIS NANCY IEAN LINDSEY Golf 45 Rifle 47 Record '44-'46y Handicraft '47y Presi- National Honor Society 47 Battery College Southwestern dent Handicraft '47 '45-'47y Los Leales 46 Games 47 College: McMurry , MARIORIE LEWIS Accompanist A Cappella and Trio '44-'47g Record '45g Fine Arts '45-'47g National Society '45-'47g Siwamasis Tri Hi-Y '47y Secretary Iunior Class '46g President Fine Arts '47: Treasurer Na- tional Honor Society '47g Vice Presi- dent G an G '47: Secretary Student Council '47g Student Council '44-'47 College: Baylor University CLASS OF G an G '47 College: McMurry DORIS LINDLEY Band '44-'47p Orchestra '45-'477 Cor- respondence '47y Student Council '467 G an G '47p National Honor Society '47 College: Abilene Christian '47 LINDA LINN CATHERINE LONG EMILY LOWRIE National Thespian '46g G an G '47: G an G '47 Glee Club '44-'46y G an G 47 Rec Chess 47 AHS Theater '46 College: Abilene Christian ord '44-'46 College Lake Forest College: Texas State College for Women FLOSSIE LONDON Record '44-'46: G an G '47y Game '47 College: Hardin-Simmons IIM LOONEY National Honor Society '47: Band '44- '47g Orchestra '45-'47y lunior Academy of Science '45p Record '46: AHS The- ater '47: Student Council '46: Presi- dent Orchestra '47: Second Lieutenant Band '45g Hi-Y '47 College: Baylor University IAMES LOWRIE DON MCALISTER HOWARD McCRANlE Cadet Corps '45: Football '44-'47: Football '44-'47: Track '44-'46: Intra- Intramural Boxing 45 B Team 45 Basketball '44-'47: Track '47: Baseball mural Basketball '44-'46: Boxing '44-'46g Basketball '47g All Sports 47 '47p B Club '43-'45: A Club '45-'47 B Club '45: A Club '45-'47: Siwam College: Montana State College: Texas Agricultural and Hi'Y '44-'47 Mechanical . College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical ELLEN LYNCH Record '45p Tennis '47: G an G '47g A Cappella '47g Treasurer G an G '47: Siwamasis Tri Hi-Y '47: Treasurer Si- Wamasis '47: Basketball Sweetheart '47 College: Texas Technological IOE ANN McCARTNEY Home Economics '45: Record '467 Art '46: G an G '47: Game '47 College: Hardin-Simmons CLASS OF '47 NELDA MCCLURE IANE MCCRAW ROBERT MCELRATH Battery '45-'47: Hiking '457 Record Cadet Corps '47: Girls Tri Hi-Y '46: Basketball Manager 44 46 Manager '46: G an G '477 Skating '47g Reporter Library '47g G an G '47 B Team '44-'467 A Cappella 44 47 B Skating '47y Assistant Feature Editor College: University oi Texas Club '44-'46: Intramural Basketball 45 Battery '47g Quill and Scroll '47: Press '47: President Press '47 College: Hardin-Simmons FRANK MCCOMBS A Club '47: Goli '46g B Club '44-'46: F tb ll '44-' - ' oo a 47, Basketball 46 College: Hardin-Simmons Amici Hi-Y '47g Office 45 47 College: Texas Technolo 1 l BEATRICE MCDONALD V Glee Club '44-'46g A Cappella '47y G an G '47: Record '45: Gregg Writers '46: Student Council '46g Fine Arts '47 College: McMurry IANELLE MCFADDEN GLENN MCGEHEE EMILY MCGREGOR Record '45: Hall Patrol '45: Typing Sports '47 Cadet Corps '45: Glee Club '44 46 '46y Library '46: G an G '47: Theater College: Texas Technological Record '44-'46: G an G '47g Skating '47 and Sports '47: Allied Youth '46 College: Abilene Christian IOHN MCFALL B Team '45p Intramural Basketball College: Hardin-Simmons IACK MCGLOTHLIN Record '44-'46g Library '45-'47: Li- '45: B Club '45g Golf '46 brary '47p A Cappella '44-'47f Glee College: Texas Agricultural and Club '44"47: Senior Play '47: Tourna- Mechanical ment Play '47 College: Abilene Christian CLASS OF '47 BETTYE SUE MCKINNEY DON MAGEE OPAL MAPLES Glee Club '44-'46: A Cappella '47: Glee Club '45: A Cappella '45-'47g Glee Club '44-'47: Student Council Tennis '46p Theater '47y Office '46 Future Farmers of America '45g Record '45: Office '45: Pep Squad '45-'47 A College: Texas Technological '45g lunior Academy of Science '46g Cappella '47g Back o' Curtain '45 Fine Photography '47: Vice President Pho- Arts '46g Theater '47p G an G '47 Trio tography '47 '47 College: University of Colorado College: University of Texas WYNETTA MCLAUGI-lLlN Office '46: Home Economics '45: So- cial English '46: As You Like It '47: Secretary Social English '45-'47 College: Abilene Christian CHARLES MAIOR B Club '46: A Club '47: B Team '467 Golden Gloves '47: A Team '47: Na- tional Thespian '47: AHS Theater '47 College: North Texas State Teachers College KELLY MARTIN GLORIA MATHIS RUTH ANN MATHEWS Declamation '46g Intramural Track Glee Club '45-'47g Tennis '45: Fine Band '44-'47g Record '44-'467 Click '46g Football '46g A Cappella '47g Ten- Arts '45-'47g A Cappella '47g G an G '47g G an G '47 nis '45p President Educational Film '46y '47g Vice President Fine Arts '46g Of- College: Southern Methodist All Sports '47y President Boys' A Cap- tice '46 University pella '47g Golden Gloves '45-'47y Bas- College: Abilene Christian ketball '47g Track '47 College: Abilene Christian CHARLES WAYNE MATHIS BILLY MATHEWS Star Gazers '47g Tennis '47 Future Farmers of America '45p Rec- College: Columbia University ord '46g Diversified Occupations '45- '47g Hypo Hi-Y '47 College: McMurry CLASS OF '47 LOUISE MAY LEROY MIDDLETON IAMES MITCHELL A Cappella '47p Fine Arts '47y Record Football Manager '44-'46g Basketball Band '44-'4Vg Iunior Academy of Sci- '46y G an G '47 '44-'47g Track '47: Baseball '44-'47g ence '45g Pilots '46g Game '47g Hypo College: Abilene Christian Rifle '457 A Club '4Bg Sports '47g Presi- I-li-Y '47 dent Sports '477 Student Council '46 College: Baylor University College: Hardin-Simmons HUBERT MIDDLEBROOKS IAMES MILSTEAD B Tearn '44g Intramural Basketball Hall Patrol '46g Library '47p Tennis '44-'46g A Team '44-'47y Basketball '4'7g '45g Record '46g Glee Club '46p Presi- Baseball '47g B Club '44g A Club '45- dent Library Club '47 '47g Siwarn Hi-Y '45-'47g Secretary Si- College: Abilene Christian wam '47 College: Texas University CHARLES MOI-IR HUGH MORRIS WALDO MOUTRAY Hall Patrol '45-'47: Band '44-'47g Rec- Football '47g Star Gazers '47p Aces Iunior Academy oi Science '45-'47g ord '46: Pilots '47: Lite Under the Micro- Hi-Y '47p Vice President Star Gazers President Hobby '47g Hypo Hi-Y '47 scope '45 '47 College: Texas Technological College: University of Minnesota College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical IAY MOORE IIMMY MORRISON Vocational Agriculture '45p Wood Band '44-'47g National Thespian '45g Shop '46: Record '46p All Sports '47 Dramatics '46g Record '45: Foreign Cor- College: Texas Technological respondence '45-'47g Vice President For- eign '47 College: Hardin-Simmons CLASS OF '47 LOUISE MULLINS DOYLE NASH KATIE RHEA NEWMAN Pep Squad '45-'47g Record '46g Typing National Thespian '47: Iunior Acad- Skating '47g Fine Arts '46: G an G '47: G an G '47 emy of Science '47y Ouill and Scroll '47: Record '45: Pep Squad '44-'47p College: Abilene Christian '47: Flashlight '45-'47p Battery '47p Stu- Glee Club '47: Hall Patrol '46p Treas- dent Council '46: Assistant Flashlight urer Skating '47 and Battery Photographer '46: Flash- College: Hardin-Simmons light and Battery Photographer '47g Glee Club '467 National Honor Society '47g Senior Play '47 College: Texas University KENNETH MUSGRAVE DONNEA LEA NELSON Vocational Agriculture '45: Record Glee Club '47: Hiking '45: SkC1Ti11q '46: All Sports '47: Future Farmers of '45: Ari '47: CC1dGt COYPS '45 America '45 College: Scoggins Academy of Beauty College: Texas Technological Culture WELDON NEWTON SAMMY NUNNALLY BENNIE OLIVER Manager Basketball '46y Life Under Football '45: Golf Club '44-'47 Record '457 Iunior Academy of Sci the Microscope '46p Rifle '46y Skating College: Texas Agricultural and ence '46y Photography 46 Correspond '47 Mechanical ence '47p Hypo Hi-Y 47 College: MCMUTTY College: Hardin-Simrrnns CHRISTINE NICHOLSON Latin Club '45y Skating '45-'477 Bat- tery '46-'47g Vice President Latin Club '46: Secretary Skating '47 College: Hardin-Simmons IEAN OATES Record '457 Fine Arts '45-'46p Office '45-'46: Correspondence '47g A Cap- pella '44-'47g Glee Club '44-'46p G an G '47g Reporter Fine Artsg Ouestors Tri Hi-Y College: Texas Christian University CLASS OF '47 EVALINE OVERTON g ANNA PAGE EARLENE PARKER Hall Patrol '467 Glee Club '47: Skat- Glee Club '45g Skating '44-'477 Rec- Office '46: National Thespian 45 ing '45: National Thespian '44g Social ord '46p Battery '46g G an G '47 Record '45-'47: G an G 40 Theater 47 English '46p AHS Theater '47 College: Hardin-Simmons College: Abilene Christian College: Texas State College for Women RAINEY OWEN A Cappella '44-'47: B Club '44-'457 Dramatics '45g Intramural Basketball '45g Glee Club '45g Basketball '45-'47g Quartet '45-'47g Siwam Hi-Y '45-'47p Baseball '47g A Club '45-'47g Intramural Track '46g National Honor Society '46- '47 College: Texas Christian University BILLIE PALM Glee Club '44-'45: Pep Squad '47g Hall Patrol '47p National Thespian '47p Theater '45-'46: G an G '47 College: Hardin-Simmons Club '44- IOYCE PARKER PEGGY LOU PEAK WANDA PENDERGRAST G an G '47g Skating '45 Future Teachers '45y Latin Club '45- Glee Club '46-'477 Hiking '45: Skat College: Draughon's Business '46f G an G '4'7g Hiking '45y Tennis '46 ing '46g Fine Arts '47 College: McMurry College: Hardin-Simmons 4, . ANNA LOUISE PATTERSON PAT PEARCE A Cappella '44-'47: Glee '47y Tennis '44-'46g Glee Club '44-'47g A Cappella '47: National Thespian '45: Fine Arts '47: Office '46g Accom- panist Glee Club '47 College: Abilene Christian Pep Squad '45-'47: Tennis '45: Record '46: E Club '47y Siwamasis Tri Hi-Yp Historian Siwamasisg Treasurer of Ten- nis '45y Reporter E Club '47g G an G '47 College: University of Texas CLASS OF '47 LYNN PERKINS A Cappella '44-'47g Quartet '45-'47g Educational Film '467 Vice President Educational Film '46g Game '47g Presi- dent Game '47: Student Council '47g Reporter A Cappella '47y Siwam Hi-Y '47 College: Southern Methodist Univer- sity BILLIE PLILER Flashlight '44-'47p Sophomore Editor '45g Iunior Editor '46g Editor '477 Glee Club '44-'46g Office '45: President Iunior Girls '46p Quill and Scroll '45-'47: Sec- retary Quill and Scroll '47p National Honor Society '47: Secretary National Honor Society '47: Student Council '47: G an G '47g Siwamasis Tri Hi-Y: Chap- lain Siwamasis '47 College: Abilene Christian MARY PLILER Skating '44-'4Bp Office '46g Star Gaz ers '47g G an G '47 College: Hardin-Simmons RAY PERRY MARTHA PLILER B Team '44: A Club '44-'46y Bird Skating '44-'46g Office '46: Star Gaz- Dogs '43-'45y Basketball '46: Track '46g ers '47y G an G '47 Glee Club '47, Siwqm Hi-Y College: Hardin-Simmons College: Hardin-Simmons ELETA POLLOCK BARBARA POWERS LOYAL PROFFITT Band '44-'47: Record '45: Skating '45- Glee Club '46: Skating '47: G an G B Team '45: B Club '45: Rifle '46 '47: G an G '47 '47 Skating '47: Student Council '46 College: Abilene Christian College: Draughon's Business College: Hardin-Simmons I . FORREST POSEY Band '44-'47: Swing Band '44-'47g Student Council '45: Record '44-'46y Theater '47: National Thespian '47: Vice President Band '47p Vice Presi- dent Harmonix '47 College: University of Texas SHIRLEY PRIOUR National Honor Society '47: Record '44-'46: Library '47: Pep Squad '47: G an G '47: Student Council '45p Hall Patrol '46g Office '47: National Honor Society '47 College: Hardin-Simmons ' CLASS OF '47 IACK RAMSEY Educational Film '46: Photography '47: Parliamentarian Photography '47: Siwam Hi-Y '477 Student Council '47 College: Texas University ANN RANKIN Hall Patrol '457 Pep Squad '44-'47p Student Council '46: Glee Club '44-'45: Tennis '45g Personality Girls '46: Rec- ord '46: Zenith Tri Hi-Y: E Club '47: G an G '47: Vice President E Club '47 College: Stephens College RUTH ANN REED Glee Club '44-'46y Office '467 Stu dent Council '47: Record '45y Educa- tional Film '46g Click '47g G an G '47 College: Texas Christian University PHYLLIS RAMSEY Hall Patrol '45: Ready Writers '44- '46: Office '44-'46: Student Council '47: Life Under the Microscope '45: Future Teachers of America '45g G an G '47: Ouestors Tri Hi-Y: Secretary Future Teachers: National Honor Society '46- '47: Club Editor Flashlight '47 College: McMurry CAROL RAYMOND Office '44-'46: Hall Patrol '47: Pep Squad '44-'47g Glee Club '44-'46: Typ- ing '47g G an G '47: Educational Film '46: Secretary Typing '47 College: University of California IACK REESE PAULINE RISTER IANETTE ROBERTS B Club '46g AHS Theater '45: Sports Future Homemakers '45: Record '46p Girls Hi-Y '45: Record '46: Handi- '47g B Team '46y Intramural Basketball Games '47p G an G '47 craft '47g G an G '47 '45-'47y Intramural Track '45-'47 College: Hardin-Simmons College: Hardin-Simmons College: McMurry SAM REEVES CECIL WAYNE ROBERTS Machine Shop '45: Stage Crew '47g AHS Theater '46 Thefiief '47 College: Hardin-Simmons College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical CLASS OF '47 RAYMOND ROBERTS BILL ROGERS Life Under the Microscope '45y lunior B Team '457 Golden Gloves '45-'47p Academy of Science '46y Pilots '47 Baseball '47y Rifle '45g A Club '47: College: Hardin-Simmons Treasurer Gun Club '46 , College? Texas Agricultural and Mechanical ' MARY RUCKER National Thespian '44-'477 A Cap- pella '44-'47g Battery '457 Theater '45- '47: National Forensic League: '45-'47g National Honor Society '46-'47y Student Council '45p Declamation '45p Secretary Theater '47: Reporter National Thes- pian '47: Senior Queen '47g Flashlight Queen '47g G an G '477 Siwamasis Tri Hi-Y7 Parliamentarian Siwamasis '47p Hi-Y Sweetheart '47 College: North Texas State DAVID ROBERTSON IOE VAN ROGERS B Team '45g B Club '44-'47: Golf Dramatics '46: National Thespian '47: '45.'46, Sports '47 Theater '47: Reporter Theater '47 College: Texas Agricultural and College: Hardin-Simmons ' Mechanical .xt-ff HENRI BOB RUSSELL BOB RUTLEDGE BUDDY SATTERWHITE National Honor Society '47: Battery Football '44-'47g Tennis '47g B Club B Club '44-'461 Football 44 47 Ten '45-'47: Office '467 Sports '46: Press '43-'45g Pilots '46: A Club '47: Library His '45-'47 Club '47g P. I. E. Tri Hi-Y '47: G an G '46-'47 College: Schreiner Military Institute '47: News Editor Battery '47 College: Oklahoma Agricultural and College: Texas State College for Mechanical Women SAMMIE RUSSELL Record '45g Sporting '46: AHS The- ater '47: G an G '47 College: Abilene Christian NANCY SANFORD Hall Patrol '45: Office '45y Pep Squad '44-'4'7: Office '45: Library '45: Glee Club '46: Student Council '47: Field Marshall '46g Vice President Pep Squad '47p Record '45y Social English '46g Zenith Tri Hi-Y '47: E Club '47: G an G '47: Senior Representative Student Council '47: Personality Girls '46 College: Texas University CLASS OF '47 JEAN SAUZE Band '44-'47g Orchestra '477 Record '44-'46: Pine Arts '477 G an G 1' College: McMurry lUNE SAUZE AL SCHROEDER Band '44-'46: Iunior Academy of Sci- ence '44-'47g Future Teachers of Am- MILDRED SCOTT As You Like lt '477 G an G '47 College: Hardin-Simmons erica '44-'46: Hi-Y Photography Club '47g Star Gazers '47g Vice President Academy of Science '46 College: California institute of Technology Band '44-'47g Orchestra '47: Record '44-'46g Fine Arts '47: G an G '47 College: McMurry ANNETTE SCOTT National Honor Society '47: Back o' Curtain '45: Office Worker '44-'46: Pep Squad '44-'47g Hall Patrol '44-'47y Glee Club: '44-'47: Los Leales '46p Theater '47: Siwamasis Tri Hi-Y '47y G an G '47p President Pep Squad '47: Treas- urer AHS Theater '47 College: Baylor University HERBERT SEIDEL National Honor Society '47p Orchestra '44-'47: Record '45: Game '47g Tennis '46p Board of Strategy Y. M. C. A. '47 College: Hardin-Simmons ANN SHEPHERD Hall Patrol '-45: Student Council '45- '47g Pep Squad '45-'47: Glee Club '46g Record '45: Social English '46y Person- ality Girls '46: E Club '47g G an G '47: Zenith Tri Hi-Y '47: Sophomore Queen '45: Treasurer Pep Squad '47 College: Missouri Christian AMELIA SMITH Band '44-'46: Record '46: Fine Arts '47: G an G '47 College: Abilene Christian Glee Club '45-'47: Record '45: E Club Glee Club '45-'47: Grammar School '47: G GH G '47 Coach '47: Theater '47g Record '46 Colleqer TSXUS Technological College: Arkansas University CLASS OF '47 BETTYE IOYCE SMITH Cadet Corps '45: Iunior Red Cross LORAH SMITH Band '44-'47: Record "44-'46: Fine MARY FRANCES SMITH Back o' Curtain '45: Library Club '45: Girls Hi-Y '46: Educational Film Arts '47: G an G '47: Office '47 '45-'47: Pep Squad '45-'47: Library '45- '46: Photography '47g Staff Sergeant College: Abilene Christian '47g G an G '47 Cadet Corps '45: Future Farmers of College: University of Texas America Sweetheart '47p Student Coun- cil '47 College: Hardin-Simmons DOROTHY MAE SMITH LORETTA SMITH Cadet Corps '45g Girls I-Ii-Y '45: Edu- Cadet Corps '45y Skating '44-'46g cational Film '46g Library '47: G an G Lieutenant Cadet Corps '46: G an G '47 '47p Corporal Cadet Corps '45 College: Scoggins Beauty Academy College: Hardin-Simmons MARY LEN SMITH MARY ELIZABETH SNOW National Honor Society '47g Band '44- '47p Orchestra '45-'47: AHS of the Air '45y National Thespian '44-'47p Record Radio '45: National Thespian '44-'47: Secretary National Thespian '47: The- ater '45-'47y Student Council '45g Pep CHARLES SPEARS B Club '45y A Club '45-'47y B Team '45g A Squad '45-'47 College: Texas Agricultural and Squad '46: G an G '47: Senior Play '46: Handicraft '47p P. I. E. Tri Hi-Y Mechanical '47p Interscholastic Typing '46 '47y G an G '47: Student Council '46: College: University of Texas SGCTGTUYY Hf11'1CliC1'0fl '47 College: Texas University. SHELBY SMITH CLINTON SOIOURNER Orchestra '44-'47y Hall Patrol '46: Band '44-'47y Life Under the Micro- Lens and Shutter '45y Record '46y Fine scope '45y Record '46: Game '47 ANS '47 College: Hardin-Simmons College: Eastman School oi Music CLASS OF '47 NELDA IEAN SPLAWN IEANNE STOKES Cadet Corps '45: A Cappella '46: Glee Club '45-'47y Record '44-'46g G an G '47p Glee Club '45y Record '45g E Club '47g G an G '47 Red Cross '46 College: Hardin-Simmons College: Abilene Christian GEORGE SWINNEY Lonestar Boys' State '46: Banking '47: Record '45g Band '44-'47g Press '46g Battery '44-'47: Quill and Scroll '47g Chess '47y National Honor Society '47y Advertising Manager Battery '46y Busi- ness Manager Battery '47 College: University ot Texas GEORGIA SPURRIER NADINE STUBBS Pep Squad '47y Skating '46y Fine Glee Club '47g Hiking '45: Sports '46g Arts '47y G an G '47: Student Council Handicraft '4'7g G an G '47: Vice Presi- '46 dent Sports '46 College: Hardin-Simmons College: University of California HILDA LA VERNE TATE LARRY TEAGUE ALONZO THOMASON Glee Club '44-'47g Skating '44-'46g National Honor Society '47p Machine Band '44-'47: Rifle '457 Intramural G an G '47y Handicraft '47 Shop '45-'47g Life Under the Microscope Basketball '46g Record '46: Hi-Y '47 College: Hardin-Simmons '45g Iunior Academy of Science '45-'47 College: University of Texas College: Hardin-Simmons ' THELMA TATE GENE TERHUNE Educational Film '45g Photo '45: Glee Game '47 Club '47p Cadet Corps '45: Star Gazers College: Abilene Christian '47: Skating '46y G an G '47 College: Hardin-Simmons CLASS OF '47 t MONTY DON THOMASON lntramural Track '46g Glee Club '45g A Cappella '47g National Forensic League '45: Back o' Curtain '47g Na- tional Thespian '44-'47: Theater '47g STANLEY THOMASON Band '44-'47: Orchestra '45-'47g Box- ing '47: T. B. Film '46g Record '45g Ten- nis '46: All Sports '47 College: Texas Agricultural and BAGNAL THURMAN Cadet Corps '45: Glee Club '457 Bat- tery '45-'47g Hiking '46: National For- ensic League '45: Quill and Scroll '46: Press '47g File Editor Battery '46: Re- Declamation '45g Vice President Back o' Mechanical porter lunior Class '46g Managing Ed- Curtain '45: Thirteen Masgues '45: itor Battery '47: Treasurer Quill and Track '47 Scroll '47: President Hiking '46y P. l. E. College: Southern Methodist Tri Hi-Y '47y Co-operative Council '47 University College: University of Texas HELEN THOMPSON BILLY THORNTON Record '45: Press '46y Battery '45g Track '47: Future Farmers of Am- G an G '47: As You Like It '47 erica '44-'47 College: Hardin-Simmons College: Abilene Christian MARGARET IANE TIMS BILL TODD MACKY TRICKEY Fine Arts '47: G an G '47g Hall Pa- Football '44-'47: Basketball '44-'4'7g B Team '45: A Team '45-'47g Track trol '4'7: Siwamasis Tri Hi-Y "47 B Club '45: A Club '45-'47 '44-'47: Grammar School Coach '47 College: Hardin-Simmons College: Notre Dame Basketball '47: B Club '45: A Club '45 '47g Siwam Hi-Y '47g lunior Hi-Y '46 College: Colorado University TRAVIS Grupali Tri Hi-Y '47: As You Like lt Office '45: Junior Academy Of Science '47p Battery '47g G an G '47g Reporter '45: BCII1d '44-'47: Pilots '47 As You Like lt '47 College: Abilene Christian College: Hardin-Simmons CLASS OF '47 ERNEST TYE WANDA TURNER BARBARA VAN ZANDT Band '444'47g Record '44-'46y Library G an G '47g Record '45: E Club '47 National Honor Society '47: Band '44 '47: Quadra Hi-Y '47 College: Texas Technological '4'7g Orchestra '47p Dramatics '47: Rec College: Hardin-Simmons ord '46g Theater '47g G an G '47y Glee Club '45 BILLIE MAE TUCKER H6111 Patrol '4'7p Glee Club '44-'46: Handicraft '45y Typing '45-'47: G an G '47 College: Abilene Christian College: Abilene Christian DUANE UNRUE Football '45: Student Council '46g Flashlight '477 Quill and Scroll '47p Hall Patrol '47g Eods Hi-Y '4'7: Award of Merit Mechanical Drawing '46: Lay- out Editor Flashlight '47g National Hon- or Society '47 College: University of Texas MELBA VARNELL Red cross '45g Hiking '46g G GH G 475 Star Gazers '47 College: Hardin-Simmons ANN WALKER Field Marshal Pep Squad '46g Secre- tary Pep Squad '47p Back o' Curtain '45p Office '44-'467 Personality Girls '45p Glee Club '44-'46g Fine Arts '46y Record '46g E Club '47g Secretary E Club '47g Reporter Glee Club '48g G an G '47y Student Council '47g Zenith Tri Hi-Y '47g Stage Crew '47 MCDANIEL WARD Record '44-'46g Band '46g Chess '47 Vice President Chess '47 College: Hardin-Simmons College: WENDELL WAGLEY Band '44-'47g Debate '44-'47p Student Council '45-'47g Tennis '45g Rifle '46y National Honor Society '47g National Forensic League '44-'47g Reporter Na- tional Forensic League '457 Secretary National Forensic League '47 College: University of Texas BILL WALKER B Team '45g A Team '45-'477 B Club '45g A Club '45-'47: Hall Patrol '47 College: University of Texas. CLASS OF '47 OUIDA WARE IOYCE WARREN LODEMA WATTS Hiking '45y As You Like It '46p Fine Cadet Corps '45g Glee Club '47p Girls Hi-Y '45g Sports '46g Star Gaz Arts 475 G an G '47 Hiking '45p Lost and Found '47g Pho- ers '47g Student Council '-467 Reporter College: Abilene Christian tography '477 G an G '47 Star Gazers '47g G an G '47 College: Hardin-Simmons College: Hardin-Simmons BILLY WARREN PAT WATSON Record '46g Handicraft '47 Pep Squad '47p Los Leales '46g As College: Abilene Christian You Like lt '47y G an G '47 College: Hardin-Simmons GENEVIEVE WELLBORN BETTY WHITE ANNA LQUISE WIEDERAENDERS AHS of the Air '45: Fine Arts '46p G an G '47: Record '45y Ready National Honor Society 47 Office Games '47p A Cappella '45: Glee Club Writers '46: Star Gazers '47 '47g Lost and Found '47: Future Home '467 G fm G '47 College: HGTCHH-Simm0US makers '45g Educational Film 46 College: Hardin-Simmons BOB WHETSTONE Typing '47: Golf '43-'45 College: McMurry Hiking '47g Secretary Future Homemak ers '47: G an G '47 College: Hardin-Simmons BILLIE FRANCES WHITMAN Glee Club '46g Pep Squad '47: Ten- nis '46g AHS Theater '47: National Thespian '47y G an G '47 College: Hardin'Sirnmons CLASS OF '47 EUGENE WILLIAMS MAXINE WIMBERLEY WANDA IEAN WINDHAM Skating '46: President Skating '47g Cadet Corps '44-'46g Hiking '44-'47y Star Gazers '47: Sports 46 Ready Boxing '47 Record '46: Warrant Officer Cadet Writers '46: President Star Gazers 47 College: Hardin-Sirnrnons Corps '46y G an G '47 G an G '47 ' College: Hardin-Simmons College: McMurry MARY ANNETTE WILLIS G an G '47: Glee Club '45y Tennis '45: Click '47 College: Southwestern NORREEN WINDHAM Interscholastic League Spelling '46g Future Teachers '44-'46g Girls Hi-Y '45g Social English '46g As You Like It '47: Treasurer Future Teachers '47g G an G '47 College: Bob Iones University Dramatics '45p National Thespian '45p V GERALDINE WINTER lOHNNY WRAGG Glee Club '46: Tennis '45: Record National Honor Society '47g Office '45-'47: Back o' Curtain '45: National Thespian '45: Los Leales '4B: Recrea- tion '47: Pep Squad '47: G an G '47: Questors Tri Hi-Y '47: Student Coun- cil '46 College: Abilene Christian 46: G an G '47g Fine Arts '46 - College: Hardin-Simmons MARY FRANCES WOOD lACK YATES Vice President Sophomore Class '45g National Thespian '44-'47g National For- ensic League '47: Siwam Hi-Y '45-'47g Reporter Siwam '47y Board of Strategy Y. M. C. A. '47: Co-operative Council Y. M. C. A. '47: Flashlight '44-'47g Business Manager Flashlight '47: Stu- dent Council '47y Treasurer Student Council '477 Thirteen Masques '46: Lone Star Boys' State '46: Quill and Scroll '46-'47: National Honor Society '47g President National Honor Society '47p Senior Play '47 College: Texas University Back o' Curtain '45g Office '45g Los Leales '46g A Cappella '46g Pep Squad '47: Game '47g G an G '47: Questors Tri Hi-Y '47: Vice President Los Leales '4t-3: Vice President Game '47 College: Hardin-Simmons MONA MARGARET WRENN Future Homemakers '45g Glee Club '45g Record '46y G an G '47: As You Like lt '47 College: Texas Technological CLASS OF '47 lACK YONGE, lr. WILL ANN YOUNG DOROTHY ZUBER President Back o' Curtain '45p Na- Record '45g Office '46: Educational G an G '47p Rhotography '467 Tri tional f Thespian '44-'47g Thirteen Film '467 Theater '45-'47: G an G '47 Hi-Y '47 Masques '46: National Forensic League College: Texas State College for . College: Hardin-Simmons '46: Theater '45-'47g AHS of the Air Women '45p A Cappella '44-'47g Glee Club '44- '47p Golf '477 Secretary Golf '47: Foot- ball '46y A Club '46p American Legion Oratory '46g Extemporaneous Speech '44-'46p Battery '45: Amici Hi-Y '47: Na- tional Honor Society '47g Lone Star Boys' State '46g President National For- ensic League '47g Student Council '44- '47: Co-operative Council Y. M. C. A. '47y President Student Council '47 College: University of Texas BETTY RUTH YOUNG ARCHIE ZICKLER Record '45p lunior Red Cross '46g Pho- Record '45 tography '47p G an G '47g Secretary College: Texas Agricultural and lunior Red Cross '46 Mechanical College: Abilene Christian IAMES BAILEY DICK FRYDENBERG BOBBY HAMILTON Educational Film '46: Rifle '45g Foot- Pilots '46: Band '44-'46g Record '46g v As You Like It '46 ball '45: B Team '45: As You Like It '47 Tennis '45 College: Texas Agricultural and College: Texas University College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical Mechanical ANN CAWTHON Record '44-'46: Orchestra '44-'46: Band 44346: G an G '47: Office '44-'46 College: McMurry DAVID FUDGE Football '44-'47y Track '47g Rifle '45: B Club '467 A Club '47g Siwam I-Ii-Y '47g Intramural Basketball '44-'46: In- tramural Track '46 College: Texas Technological CLASS OF ,47 IUANDA WATKINS Cadet Corps '45: Skating '45: Sports '4Bg Sports and Skating '47 College: Rollins University BOB REILY Football '43-'46g Intramural Basket- ball '44-'46g Track '44-'46y B Club '43g A Club '44-'46g National Honor Society '45-'47: President Sophomore Class '44g Hall Patrol '44-'467 Siwam Hi-Y '44-'47g Library '46g President A Club '47g Vice President Siwam '47: Chaplain Siwam '46 College: McMurry HUGH WHITE Football '45: Glee Club '46y B Team '46: Chess '47 College: Princeton University IIMMY LAWLER Diversified Occupations '44-'46 College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical .om --tl. ' IOAN SHACKELFORD Office '44-'47g Pep Squad '45-'46g Hall Patrol '47g Secretary Iunior Girls '46: Record '45: Educational Film '4B: Flashlight '47g Secretary Educational Film '46: Typist Flashlight '47p Siwama- sis Tri Hi-Y '47 College: Hardin-Simmons r nh Qtr ig.. st tt Lui- l A x Q9 ODELL WILLIAMS GLENN WOODY Future Farmers of America Photography '46 '46 College: Massachusetts College: Texas Agricultural Institute of Technology and Mechanical CLASS or '47 ilu fllllemnriam GEORGE HARRIS Born at Abilene, Texas Ianuary 6, l930 Died on March 4, 1947 "There is no death! What seems so is transitionf This lite ol mortal breath Is but cr suburb of the lite elysian, Whose portal we call Death." TQ? SCHOOL LIFE The Winning poster . . . Fleas, maybe? . . . A lady named Lou . . . Rev Crier . . . Ready to make your speech? . . . Seniors? . . . Where's Ann? . . Gwen and Bowers . . . Their first party. X' 912 ry X IUNICDRS HAROLD HUGHES BURL TROUTMAN President Vice President Glass of '48 Junior Officers SUSIE ROSE ROY WILHITE Secretary Reporter MISS OUIDA CLEMONS IEHRY FOSTER MR. WILLIAM LAWSON Adviser Queen Adviser CLASS OF '48 Hobby and Future Career GENE AARON TED ADAMS Sports Hunting Ranching Engineering HELEN ACKER Reading Actress RAY NELL ALEXANDER GORDON ASBURY Science Radio and Aviation Laboratory Aeronautical Engineer RAY ARCHIBALD Fishing R. E. A. Construction MOZELLE ASHLEY BILL AUSTIN Swimming Eating Private Secretary Minister WAYNE ASKINS Sports Professional Baseball MARVIN AUSTIN IOI-IN D. AYER Sports Sports Easy Lite F. B. l. Agent DORLA DEAN AYER Music Secretary MAXIE BAACH DON BAIZE Raising Flowers Good Times Florist Author RUTH BAILEY Sports Secretary E. T. BALDRIDGE DECK BARNES Eating Tennis Engineer Doctor TOMMIE SUE BALDRIDGE Collecting Cards Nurse M.. HELEN BERRY Flying Singer GLORA BIRD AUBREY BLACK Drawing RPf"CliI1Q Fashion Designer OU MGH ELIZABETH BISHOP Music Educational Director ROSEMARY BLACK ROLAND BLACKFORD Pressing Leaves FC-'1'fI1fU9 Music POIUICIGH ALVAH BLACKERBY Debating Minister FOY BLANTON IOANNE BLUNK Records Music Musician TSCICIIGT IO ANN BLANTON Dancing Secretary BOBBY BETTIS Swimming Ambassador CLASS OF '48 Hobby and Future Career BEULAH BEASLEY VICTOR BEHRENS, Ir Sports Stamp Collecting Physical Education Commercial Art CALDWELL BECKHAM Photography Doctor DARLENE BELEW VIRGINIA BENNETT Singing Drawing Designer Health Nurse CHARLES BELL Sports Army RUTH BIGGERS Sports Auditor , CLASS OF '48 Hobby and Future Career ELIZABETH BOND Playing the Piano Secretary THOMAS BOUCHER Latin Professor IACKIE BRASHER Being Happy Nurse IEAN BRATTON Matchiolders Firewoman MARGIE BOWERS Collecting Elephants Secretary Music REBECCA BRAWLEY Playing the Piano Foreign Explorer IEAN BUCHANAN IANE BRIGHTMAN Records Records SeCTefC11'Y Secretary YVONNE BREWER Horseback Riding H o usewite Music Pianist EUGENE BRILEY GRETA IOYCE BROCK MCfChfU91'Y Collecting Snapshots Machinist Psychiatrist IANE BRITAIN BYRNICE BROOKS ANN BUCHANAN Collecting Toy Dogs Talking on the Phone Airline Hostess Cosmetician IOE BRUTON Driving Marines ALVIN BRAUNE HAROLD CANNON Hunting Bowling Merchant Seaman Mechanical Engineer IPI-IA BUSH Sports Ranching ODIS CLAXTON Swing Music Band Leader ROGER CLOUD LOVETA COFFMAN Playing Golf Horseback Riding Sheet Metal Worker Actress IOHNNIE COATS Collecting Vases Primary Teacher DICK COLLINS SHARON CONE Football Reading Architect Nurse CLIFTON COLLUM Playing the Guitar Music ROSEMARY CLEMENT Debating Teacher CLASS OF '48 Hobby and Future Career SUE CANNON PEGGY CAUDILL Sports Photography Business Woman TYPiSf BOBBY CARTER Hunting Mechanic LAWTON CHAMBERS BETTY CHEEK Hunting Collecting Animals Farmer Secretary DOROTHY CHAPMAN Swimming S tenographer W. S. CI-IORN PAT CLARK Riding Reading Electrical Engineer Actress SHIRLEY CLARK Airplanes Pilot BUFORD CLEMMER Hunting Architect CLASS OF '48 Hobby and Future Career GASTON COOK lOE COUCH Hunting Dating Civil Engineering Aviation EVELYN COUCH Reading Actress CONSTANCE COWDEN CRANFORD COX, lr. Collecting Records Having Fun Interior Decorator Soldier CORINNE COWDEN Collecting Records Secretary TROY CRANE CHARLES CUTHBERTSON Playing Golf H uniing Engineer Civil Engineer DONNA CRUMP Dramatlcs Certified Accountant BILL CUMPTON LUCILLE DANIELS Athletics Music M6ChQHiC Mugjcjgn DOLORES DANIELS Tennis Rancher HMMY DARLING Sports Electrical Engineering RICHARD DEAN Magic Mortician BETTY ANN DEAN Reading Secretary BILLIE DOBBINS BOBBIE IEAN DREWRY Drawing Reading Costume Designer Public Accountant I. C. DOBBS Athletics Engineering hm BILL EVERI-IEART Psychology Psychiatrist PEGGY SUE EARNES PATSY PINK lesting Drawing Secretary Teacher PAT FERGUSON Reading Fiction S tenogra pher BILL FIVEASH CLYDE FLETCHER Collecting Pennies Model Airplanes Accountant Mechanical Engineering PEGGY FLEMISTER Dancing Dancer GENE EDMONDSON Sports Engineering CLASS OF '48 Hobby and Future Career ROBERT DUGAN MARVIN DUNN Sports Delving into the Unknown Structural Engineer Neurological Surgeon IODY DUNLAP Sketching Housewife LANELLE EASTER IAMES EDINGTON Stamp Collecting Hunting Medicine Rancher BOBBIE SUE EASTIS Writing Poetry Model DON ETTER BOBBY IACK ESTES Hunting Hunting Science Doctor ESME' ESTES Ar Secretary DAURICE EWING Keeping Scrapbooks Recreational Leader CLASS OF '48 Hobby and Future Career LOUISE FOLLIARD PAT FORTUNE Dancing Dramatics Nurse Musician PRESTON FORTSON Working Accountant GLENN FOSTER DICK FRAGER Sailing Swimming Engineer Engineer IERRY FOSTER Horseback Riding Rancher Jw! KATHERINE FREDERICKSON S tockraising Ranching IUNE FRALEY PAT FUGITA Collecting Pictures Skating Music Teacher Marriage DAVID FULLER ROD GALUSHA Drama Playing Golf Medical Doctor Salesman NORA BETH FULLER Collecting Stamps Missionary IO ANN GAY EVERETT GENTRY Music Sports Secretary Chemist WAYNE GAY Ranching Rancher IANICE GENTRY VVYVONNE GOOCI-I Swimming Cooking Model Homemaker BILLY GILLIS Basketball Trucking CLASS OF '48 Hobby and Future Career LEE GOODMAN GAY GRAVES Livestock Reading Rancher Airline Hostess IAN GOSE Sketching Art MARIE GRIFFIN ELLA PAYE GULLEY Collecting Dogs Collecting Stamps Voice Teacher Nurse DAVID GUIN Sports Construction Engineer ERWIN GUNN ANNETTE HANEY Racing A011119 Engineer Winner ot Academy Award ALBERT HAILE, Ir Sports Machinist EDNA PAYE HARENDT BILLY HARRIS Sports Collecting Ties Salesclerk Salesman HELEN ANN HARLOW Singing Housewife I-IOLLEY HARRISON LAVERNE HAVINS Biology Collecting Antiques Farming Nurse ROBERT HART Athletics Pilot IAMES HEAD BURCHEL HENDERSON Hunting Machinery Geologist Mechanic BILL I-IEMBREE Sports Geologist CLASS OF Hobby and Future Career IIMMY HENDRICKS THERON HIGGINBOTHAM Sports Model Airplanes Ranching Engineer BORDEIX5 HESLEP Basketball Mechanic BILL HISE BEATRICE HOHI-IERTZ Sports Reading Geologist Secretary WOODROW HOBBS, Ir. Hunting Pilot '48 DON HOLDEN MILDRED I-IOLLINGSHEAD Horses Traveling HCIUCIIGI Bookkeeper HAYNES HOLLEY Tending to Stock F arrner GLADYS I-IOLLOMAN Singing Singer ol Band BILL HOLLOWELL Sports Engineer DOROTHY HOLT Collecting Whatnots H ousewiie VIRGINIA HOLT JULIA HOUSTON Sports Horseback Riding Telephone Operator Ranching JAMES HOPKINS Pets Ranching WANDA HOUSTON HAROLD HUGHES Chewing Gum Singing Stenographer Business Man ILA HOWARD Collecting Pertume Bottles Dietitian CLASS OF '48 .aw MARGARET ANN Secretary MARY OLA KILLOUGH CHRISTIE KING Photography Dreaming Stenographer Pianist ARTHUR KIMBROUGH Hunting Electrician IRES KIRK BIRDIE LACKEY Music Reading Musician Beauty Operator DOLORES KRINKIE Horseback Riding Business Career BILL IOHNSON LEE IONES Structural Engineering Professional Sports WINNIE KEITH MARSHALL KELLEY Singing Photography Stenographer Eflqfneef Collecting Postcards Hobby and Future Career MAXINE HUMPHREY HOMER HUTTO, Ir Shows Sports Sales Clerk Farmer DOYLE HUTSON Sports Engineer IERRY IARRETT LEROY IENNINGS Reading Sailing Engineer Business Man WANDA IEFEERIES Collecting Dishes Dietitian Radios Sports DOUGLAS IOHNSON Having Fun District Attorney KELLER CLASS OF '48 Hobby and Future Career BUDDY LAMBERT IOHN LARGE Radio Work Model Airplane Building Electrical Engineering Farming TOE LANIER Hunting Dentist W. A. LAVENDER MICKEY LEHR Metal Work Sports Machinist Machinist IOYCE LAVVSON Skating Secretary FRED LEVRETS Basketball Civil Engineering CLIFF LESTER BONIBELLE LEWIS Sports R1tlerY Scientist Interior Decorator GEORGE LIVELY ELWIN LONG Athletics Spgffs Engineer Teach er EARLENE LLOYD Collecting Postcards S tenogra pher HELEN LOVELADY FORREST LUCAS Drawing Flying Designer Aeronautical Engineer ROBERT LOVING Sports Architect TED Mcl-XLISTER .BONNIE MCDONALD Stamp Collecting Collecting Pictures American Consul Music NINA MCDERMETT Collecting Postcards Stenographer MARGIE MARTIN MILTON MARTIN Dating Drawing Nurse Engineer MARY FRANCES MARTIN Collecting Snapshots lnterior Decorator TYLMAN MASON MINA MATTHEWS Sports Good Times Physical Education Teacher Singer ARLIE MATHEWS sports Engineer EDNA McMINN ANN MALCOM Skating R.d1ng Horseback Nurse Model CAROLYN MALLETT MARVIN MANTOOTI-I Collecting Soap Skating Iournalist MGCIUCIDIC BOBBIE MALONE Letter Writing Nurse CLASS OF '48 Hobby and Future Career DELBERT McDONALD IOI-IN MCKINZIE Collecting Money Popular Music Lawyer Counselor ROSEMARY McDONALD Drawing Designer BETTY McMAI-ION BILLY McMINN Reading Records S ecretary Architect DAVID MCMEANS Photography Business M an IAMES MAIOR Model Airplanes Engineering CLASS OF '48 Hobby and Future Career DORIS MATHIS CHRISTINE MAYFIELD H orseback Riding RGGCUUQ S ing j ng Nurse BETTY MAY Reading Famous Wiie IOHNNIE MAYFIELD IIMMIE SUE MEEKS Dancing Bicycle Hiding Typist Secretary MARVIN MAYFIELD Golf Interior Decorator RONNIE MILLER Hunting Technical Engineer IOANNE WADE MICHAEL WANDA MILLER Collecting Souvenirs Slcating Housewife Nurse BILLY MITCHELL IEAN MONK Woodwork Swimming Rancher Airline Hostess EVELYN MINSI-IEW Collecting Books Secretary ROBNA MOORE CLAUDYNE-MOORE Business Administration Art Missionary Fashion Designer ELMO MOORE Science Laboratory Technician PEGGY MORGAN BILLIE IEANNE MORAN Reading Reading Business Administration Missionary DEE MORGAN Hunting Forest Ranger CHARLES OSBORN Science Doctor ANETTA PARISH Collecting Photographs GENE PARMELLY Making Scrapbooks Musician Pilot ELLA PARMELLY Music History Teacher PEGGY IO PASS BARBARA PECHACE Dating Reading Housewife Doctor LONA SUE PATTERSON Collecting Dishes Pianist Hobby and Future Career GENE NEWMAN ARDELLE ONWILER Sports Music Success in Business Reading FRED O Coin Collecting Petroleum Engineer K RUBY ANN OLIVER Collecting Postcards S tenographer l O RETTA OWEN Tennis Psychologist SBORNE CLASS OF 48 BILLIE IACK MORRIS ANN NELSON Skating Dancing Housewife I nterzor Decorator BEVERLY ANNE MORROW Baseball Concert Pianist C. W. NESMITI-I EDDIE NUNN Metal Work Stamp Collecting Farming Electrical Engine r RONNY NEW Guns Doctor CLASS OF '48 Hobby and Future Career C. W. PEEPLES Model Airplanes Civil Engineer BETTY IO PERMENTER CLARA PERRY Reading Mathematics .Dancing Secretary MARILYN PETTY GRACIE PHILLEY Watching Sports Music Stenographer Doctor MAXINE PETTY Dating Housewife WELDON PHILLIPS lANICE PINKERTON Hunting Skating Welder Marriage BOBBY PIERCE Science Medical Research BILL PLUMLEE Driving B usiness Man Tennis Engineer DON POWERS LAVERNE PRESTON Riding in the Rain Nurse LYNN PRESTON SHELTON RANCIER Singing Having Fun Construction Engineer Farmer IUANITA MAE RAMSEY Cooking X-Ray Technician MARIDA JUNE RAY NEECA LEE REDUS Collecting Rocks Photography lnterior Decorator Telephone Operator LAVONIA REDDEN Music Writer tor Magazines NANCY ROBERTS Secretary CLASS OF '48 Hobby and Future Career YSLETA REED ELWYN REINHARDT Collecting Foreign Money Piano Dress Designer lournalist RUSSELL REESE Sports Protessional Baseball LILLIAN RICHARDS BETTY ANN RIEK Photography Music Airline Hostess Teacher MARY RICHARDSON Collecting Bibles Medical Technology LOUISE RIVES IOYCE ROBERTS Collecting Toy Dogs Music Reporter Concert Violinist GLENNA ROBASON Reading Pharmacist Collecting Whatnots Co PAT ROE Tennis Pilot SUSIE ROSE MOLLY ROY Riding in the Rain Driving Ranch Owner Hotel Hostess CHARLENE ROSS Cats Dietitian IOE RUCKER CHARLES RYAN Dating Radios Electrical Engineer Radio Engineering l. CARO RUSSELL Photography Laboratory EVELYN ROGERS llecting Perfume Bottles Archeologist CLASS OF '48 Hobby and Future Career IUNE SADLER LOUIS SANFORD Dancing Books Pilot Doctor NETTIE IANE SALDANA Collecting Buttons Nurse REED SAYLES DICK SEARS Golf Riding Horseback Architect Doctor BOBBIE LOUISE SCHOOLER Popular Music Typist SIDNEY SEIDER LA VERNE SHERMAN Sports Collects Stamps Mechanic Secretary EUGENE SEWLLL Athletics Sailor IOE SHOTWELL IESSIE SIMS Sports Collecting Perfume Bottles Professional Sports English Teacher MILDRED SIMONIZH Horseback Riding Business Administration DORRIS SIMPSON BILL SMITH Dancing Sports Housewife Floor Walker BETTY SMITH Reading Architect LOISTEEN SMITH IENNIE SUE SNOW Reading Driving Business Career Nurse SCOTT SMITH Science Research Scientist IOAN SUBLETT Music IOAN TEAGUE Dating Housewife MARION THOMAS IMO IEAN THOMPSON Music Drawing Lawyer Artist RUSTY THOMAS Sailing Merchant Marine IOSIE TOLAND ETHEL NELI.. TREADAWAY Cooking Tennis Designer Concert Violinist BARBARA TRANTHAM Collecting Records Fashion Illustrator CLASS OF '48 Hobby and Future Career Recreational Director BETTY LOUISE SUDDERTH Reading Secretary YVONNE TALLEY WARREN THAXTON Playing the Piano Boxing Housewile Music ALEK SPICER BETTY STAGGERS Sports Collecting Records Professional Track Stenographer MARY SPINKS Playing the Piano Secretary EDWIN STAHL BETH STROUD Hunting Collecting Postcards Pilot Secretary IUNE STRICKLAND Painting Nurse BILLY SWAN Sports Electrical Engineer fix CLASS OF '48 Hobby and Future Career CLIVE TRICE DORIS TROTT Loafing Collecting Postcards Lithographer Iournalist WANDA TRICE Horseback Riding Secretary BURL TROUTMAN WYNNADELL TUGGLE Sports Reading Professional Skoorts School Teacher IO ANN TUCKER Drawing Commercial Art IEANNE UNRU Singing Secretary E BETTY WAGONER Cooking Housewife PETE VLETAS Tennis Engineer IO ANNE WAGNON GENEVA ROUTI-I WALKER DCIIQCUIQ Horseback Riding Pilot Physical Education Teacher BETTY WALKER Collecting Postcards Housewife IAMES STANLEY WALKER MARIE WALKER Hunting Reading Architect Housewife IIMMY WALKER Athletics Navy RONALD WALLIS I. B. WATSON Music Sports Musician Actor DOROTHY WALLS Reading Decorator Sports lournolisrn IEAN WILLIAMS BILLY IOE WILLIS Reading Record Collection Housewife Public Accountant MAURICE WILLIAMS Driving Mechanic MARTHA WILLIS WANDA WIMBERLEY Reading Sewing Secretary Dietitian BOBBY WIMBERLEY Reading Minister OLNA WINEREY WINDELL WOOD Music Sailing Lawyer Business Man PEGGY WISE Designing Piano Teacher BROOKS WILHITE GYNELLE WILLIAMS Correspondence Cooking Reporter Housewife ROY WILHITE CLASS OF '48 Hobby and Future Career LEONA WAXLER MARGIE WI-IATLEY Playing the Piano Dancing Nurse Secretary CHARLES WEETH Art Aviation IAMES WHEELER BOBBIE WHITLEY Music Collecting Records Orthodontist Reporter IOAN WHEELER Collects Little Bears Nurse CLASS OF '48 Hobby and Future Career ARLEN BAILEY ROYCE FARNESWORTH Sports Declaiming Rancher Business Man BOYD CARPENTER Photography Railroad Engineer PRESTON FORTSON ELMO MOORE Hunting Fishing Government Official Farmer IAMES ROGER HOPKINS Being Happy Farm er SIDNEY SEIDER LOISTEEN SMITH Hunter Cooking Mechanic School Teacher AULTMAN SMITH Eating Scientist IOAN WHEELER TOMMY WOODY RGUCUIIQ Reading the Bible Daily SGCFSUIIY Minister BOBBY WOODARD Dating Business Man GRAY WOOTEN BoNN1E WRIGHT Collecting Ties Cooking Policeman Secretary NANCY WOOTEN Dancing Professional Dancer ALAN YAW BENNETT YOUNG Fishing Boxing Oil Man Prize Fighting ALLEN WRIGHT Hunting Business Man SCHOOL LIFE What a waltz! . . . Darlene sings . . . Our own Dolly sisters . . . Dunn crates , . . Wall flowers . . . A nice couple . . . leanne and the wolves . . . Winning by a nose . . . C'mon buy a corsage . . . Their favorite occupation . . . Peggy in her act . . . A. H. S. lnlc Spots . . Oh, loolcee . . . Our faithful public address boys. SCDPHQMQRES 611155 af '49 SCOTTY HOLLAND , C. L. BARNES President Vice Presidenf IOAN PARKERSON Secretary SOPI-IOMORE OFFICERS MABEL HAWKINS Queen CASEY PRITCHETT Reporter MISS MARY BAGGETT MR. GEORGE KAERWER Adviser Adviser Last School and Pastime FLORENE ADAMS LEONARD ARRICK C. L, BARNES BETTY BIBB North Iunior High Abilene High School Abilene High School Midland High School Singing Boxing Football Swimming LORENE ADAMS BETTY ASHTON GLORIA BENSON ANN BOLLINGER North Iunior High South Iunior High North Iunior High North Iunior High Skating Skating Horseback Riding Movies TROY BOONE PATSY CAGLE SHERWIN CLARK RUBY PAYE CREW Abilene High School Abilene High School South Iunior High Elmdale Dancing Dancing F ootbal Horseback Riding WESLEY BRADSHAW NELLIE CASILLAS ELDEEN CRAIN BILLY CUTHBERTSON El Centro High School Abilene High School Abilene High School Rison High School Swimming Reading Dancing Swimming CLASS OF '49 IOETTE DIPPLE MARVIN ELLIOTT MARY ANN ETHRIDGE IULIA FRUGIA South Iunior High North Iunior High North lunior High Beaumont High School Dancing Football Swimming Dancing PATRICIA DUNN OMADENE ELLISON PATSYE FERGUSON BILL FRY South Iunior High Abilene High School Paznpa High School South Iunior High Walking Dancing Dancing Dancing FRANCES GENTRY IOAN GOOCH BILLY IOE GRAVENS ELIZABETH GRISSOM North Iunior High South Iunior High Abilene High School Haskell High School Skating Horseback Riding Skating Dancing BILL GLOVER SHIRLEY IEAN GOOCH LEWIS GREGORY MARY SUE GUNN North Iunior High North Iunior High South Iunior High Abilene High School Archaeology Reading Football Dancing Last School and Pastime LOWELL HAMILTON MABEL HAWKINS HARVEY HICKAM ROSELLE HOLT Stanton High School Tucson, Arizona Abilene High School South lunior High Dancing Horseback Riding Skating Dancing ERNESTINE HARPER IEAN HIBBERT DAVID SCOTT HOLLAND IOHN IAY HORN North Iunior High Cisco A. C. C. High School North Iunior High Skating Skating Football Archery BETTY HUCKABAY HELEN HUNT MARY MERLE IAMES HERSHEL IONES North Iunior High North Iunior High Abilene High School Abilene High School Dancing Art Dancing Skating NELL HUMPHREYS HOLLEY IVEY IIMMIE LEE IERDEN BILL KEMMERLING Abilene High School Abilene High School North lunior High Abilene High School Skating Breaking Horses Piano-Playing Dancing CLASS OF '49 CHARLENE KILGORE SUE KING RUPERT LAMAR SUE LEE - North lunior High ' Abilene High School Abilene High School Abilene High School Reading Dancing Dancing Movies RUBY IANE KINCAID BUDDY KLINGMAN FRANCES LAMBERT IACOUELINE LENEAVE North lunior High Wylie North lunior High North lunior High Swimming Sports Tennis Photography ANNETTE LEWIS PHIL LITTLE IOYCE IUNE MCBEATH PATRICIA MCGEEHAN South lunior High North Iunior High North lunior High St. loseph Academy Horseback Riding Basketball Swimming Sketching BETTY LITTLE MARIORIE LIVELY BARBARA McCALEB IOYCE MCKEG North Iunior High North Iunior High Abilene High School South Iunior High ' ' ' ' ' ' ' D ncin Picnics Bicycle Riding Bicycle Riding a g Last School and Pastime BETTY MCKENZIE DELORIS MARBLE DIXIE ANN MEARS IACK NIXON Sabinal High School Carl Iunctiorx High North Iunior High Westport High School Swimming 1 Skating Dancing Football I BETTY MCMASTERS IAMES MARTIN DONAL NEWTON MARY ANN NUNLEY A. C. C. High School North Iunior High South Iunior High South Iunior High Dancing Basketball Swimming Dancing ROY O'NEAL OSCAR L. PAGE DAVID PHILLIPS FRANK POLK North Iunior High Abilene High School Leonard High School Abilene High School Basketball Dancing Football Dancing SALLY OWENS IOAN PARKERSON CLARENCE PHIPPS MARY POPE North Iunior High South Iunior High Abilene High School North Iunior High Tennis Dancing Football Music CLASS OF '49 KENNETH PRESTON ARLEN RASEY BETTY RUTH REA DONALEEN REYNOLDS Abilene High School Abilene High School North Iunior High North Iunior High Dancing Skating Reading Reading CASEY PRITCHETT IANIECE RASH L. I. RENFRO WESLEY RICHARDS North lunior High South Iunior High South Iunior High Abilene High School Hunting -Painting Boxing Dancing CURTIS RISTER SHIRLEY ROYALL GENE SPRATLEN IO STEPHENSON Abilene High School North Iunior High South Iunior High Rotan High School Dancing Swimming Pool Dancing BILLY FRANK ROW BETTY LOU SHRUM ANDREW STANYER BOBBY STRAIN Abilene High School South Iunior High Boude Storey High School South Iunior High Football Volleyball Fishing Football Last School and Pastirne I DICK STEARNS BILLY VAN WAGONER BILLY RUTH VARNELL WAURINE VETETO Reagan High School Abilene High School Abilene High School South lunior High Basketball Football Dancing Dancing ANN THOMAS IACK VAN WAGONER lUNE VAUGHAN HELEN VLETAS North lunior High South Iunior High lennings lunior High Abilene High School Horseback Riding Basketball Dancing Movies DORIS WAGONER IOE WALLIS IIM WELDON MARY WHITE Abilene High School North lunior High Abilene High School North lunior High Dancing Swimming Dancing Swimming THOMAS WALKER CHARLES WATSON IAMES WHATLEY MONT WHITE Milby High School North lunior High Iackson lunior High Abilene High School Studying Table Tennis Dancing Dancing CLASS OF '49 fx-'O , ,K x . , gl j I Vg! X f P X V I X , I X I l. D. WHITMAN OUIDA WILLIAMS DICKIE YOUNG DONNIE RAY ELMORE North lunior High North lunior High Abilene High School Corsicana High School Hunting Hiking Dancing Basketball CHARLES WILLIAMS ROSEMARY WILLIAMS GORDON ZUBER MARY LASSITER North lunior High University lunior High leiierson lunior High Tyler High School Dancing Tennis Movies Skating BETTY PETERS WYNONA ROSS ALDRIDGE MASON Marlin High School North lunior High Abilene High School Movies X Skating Dancing . g t SCHOOL LIFE Poor car . . . Snow iight . . What mean boys . . . Ready, aim, iire! . . . Watch it! . . . White Al-lS . . . Whoops! .... Fighting again . . . Give the Green Marble some help . . . Silly boys. Q EKU x W Kfs s! X141 .f jj FHESHMEN 1-.4 F C gf fiiim N f f S 'S .1-f' ' 1 XM T, 611155 of '50 2 HUBERT INGRAHAM IACK DELANO Presideni Vice Presideni MARY HART Secretary FRANCES SMITH Queen MISS ODELL JOHNSON Adviser IOHN B. STEPHENS Reporter Favorite Food and Last School ALVIN ALLEN BOBBIE IUNE ANTILLEY Banana Pudding Pineapple Pie South Iunior High South Iunior High ' PATSY 'ALLEN CHARLES ATKINSON Ice Cream Pie South Iunior High North Iunior High MACK BAGGETT EDWARD BARFIELD Fried Quail Turkey Hamby South Iunior High ' I. T. BALL LULA VEE BARLOW Apple Pie Fried Chicken North Iunior High South Iunior High EUTICE BARNES GWENDOLYN BEARD Banana Pudding Pork Chops North Park South Iunior High IOE BEALL BILL BERRY T-Bone Steak Fried Chicken North Iunior High South Iunior High LAVADA BEVERS BOBBY BLACK Ice Cream Pork and Beans South Iunior High Stamford High MARY BISHOP WANDA BOYD Lemon Pie Fried Chicken North Park South Iunior High CLASS OF '50 ROLLIE BRUTON ELLEN CAMPBELL Slteak French Fried South Iunior High South Iunior High DON CALLOWAY LORENE CAMPBELL Cherry Pie Fried Chicken South Iunior High, . South Iunior High JOYCE CAPEHART LILLIAN CHAPPLE 'Candy Fried Chicken South Iunior High North Park DRUSILLA CAWYER ..ODYENE CLARK Mashed Potatoes Chocolate Pie South Iunior High Merkel High BILLY DEE CLEMMER BILLY COLLIER Ice Cream Baked Ci'1iClCeI1 Rock HiII South Iunior High E. G. COCKERELL BARBARA CORBITT Pork Chops Hamburgers South Iunior High South Iunior High ADDIE LEE CRAIN MARILYN DAVIS Fried Chicken Creamed Potatoes South Iunior High South Iunior High GLENN DARLING RATHEL DAVIS Ice Cream Pineapple Pie Eimdale South Iunior High LYNNON GRANT IOYCE HARRELL CLASS OF '50 Favorite Food and Last School ZELLA MAE DAVIS LADELLE DENNIS Fried Chicken Sweets South Iunior High South Iunior High IACK DELANO DOUGLAS DOBBYN Fried Chicken lce Cream South Iunior High North Iunior High FAYE DUKE WAUNDA EVANS Sandwiches lce Cream North Park North Park MARY LOU EVANS BONNIE FEWELL Ice Cream Chicken North Iunior High South Iunior High BILLY M. FINKLEA CARROLL FORBUS Pecan Pie Cream Chicken South Iunior High North Iunior High I. T. FLETCHER MOZELL FOSTER Fried Chicken Pop Corn North Park Tye MARY IO FRAZIER BILLIE IEAN GILBRETH Pineapple Pie Deer South Iunior High South Iunior High E. I. GARDENHIRE IACKIE GOODMAN Chicken French Fries South Iunior High South Iunior High Spinach Fried Chicken South Iunior High South Iunior High BOB GREGG LOLA IEAN HARRIS Banana Pudding Apple Pie North Park Sweetwater DOROTHY ANN HARRISON MARY HART Apple Pie Fried Chicken South Iunior High North Iunior High HATTIE ANN HARRISON FRED HAWKINS Cocoanut Pie South Iunior High RAYMOND HAWKINS Fried Chicken South Iunior High LELA MAE HILL Shrimp Mexican Dishes Oklahoma South Iunior High DUSTY HENDERSON DARRELL HOOD Bananas Fried Chicken Knott High North Park IAMES ROBERT HOPKINS BETTE HUCKABEE Cherry Pie Fried Chicken South Iunior High South Iunior High MARY LETA HUBBARD BEN HUDMAN Cherry Pie Fried Chicken South Iunior High North Park Favorite Food and Last School WINNIE FAYE HUDSON HUBERT INGRAHAM Apple Pie Steak North Iunior High South Iunior High MARIE HUNTER ROGER IVEY Ice Cream Steak North Park North Park TEXAS IOHN PATSY IONES Potatoes Potato Salad North Iurxior High South Iunior High HOWARD IOHNSON MARGARET KENNEDY Ice Cream Ice Cream North Park Elmdaie ROY KNOWLES LOLA LANCASTER Cream Potatoes Pineapple Bastrop Iunior High South Iunior High KENNETH KNOX ROY LARGE Cucumbers Shrimp V South Iunior High North Iunior High CAROLYN LASSETTER GUY MCFADDEN Shrimp Fried Chicken South Iunior High Waco MARILYN MCCALEB DORTI-IA MCKINLEY Fish Hamburgers North Iunior High Odessa CLASS OF '50 BILLIE IOYCE MCNEIL ALDEN MACKEY Candy Fried Chicken North Iunior High North Park IOHN MCOUIEN PRENTICE MARTIN Hamburgers Fried Chicken South Iunior High South Iunior High ROBERT MARTIN CHARLES MILLER Brains and Eggs Ice Cream North Iunior High North Park IIMMY MIDDLETON FLOYD MILLER Red Beans Chicken South Iunior High South Iuriior High RAY MILLIORN MARY LEA MITCHELL Fried Chicken Pecan Pie South Iunior High North Iunior High BENNIE MITCHELL BOBBYE IEAN MOBLEY Chicken Pecan Pie South Iunior High South Iunior High VOL MONTGOMERY FRANCES NICHOLS Fried Catfish Pie South Iunior High South Iunior High REX MOORE EUGENE NIEDECKEN Meat Chicken South Iunior High ' South Iunior High Favorite Food and Last School GEORGE OLIVER BILLY O'STEEN Chicken Fried Chicken North Iunior High South Iunior High ' R. C. OSBURN FLOYD OWENS Bread Pudding Pecan Pie South Iunior High North Iunior High BEN PARR TOBY PAYLOR Apple Pie Chocolate Malts South Iunior High South Iunior High KENNETH PARR DORIS POLLOCK Banana Pudding Shrimp North Iunior High South Iunior High IANIS POOR IOHNNY PRICE Apple Pie Fried Chicken South Iurxior High North Park CLARENCE PRESSWOOD IOE RANDEL Fried Chicken Fried Chicken North Park South Iunior High CELETA REDDEN WANDA RENFRO Olives Apple Pie North Park North Iunior High WILMA REID WALTER RINEHART Salads Fried Chicken South Iunior High South Iunior High CLASS OF '50 ANN SANDERS HELEN MARIE SCOTT Pop Corn Pecan Pie South Iunior High South Iunior High PAT SANDLIN IUNE SCOTT Chocolate Pie Fried Chicken South Iunior High South Iunior High IIM SELMAN NORMA IEAN SHIELDS Fried Chicken lce Cream South Iunior High North Park CLEON SHANKS LAWANDA SISSON Hot Rolls and Butter Pineapple Pie South Iunior High South Iunior High COWDEN SMITH IEANIE LYNN SMITH Bar-B-Oue Mexican Foods North Iunior High Winters FRANCES SMITH LAURA IANE SMITH Fritos Fried Chicken North Iunior High South Iunior High PATRICIA STANYER IANE SUGGS Fried Chicken Fried Chicken Dallas South Iunior High IOHN B. STEPHENS MONA SUE TAYLOR Mashed Potatoes Frog Legs South Iunior High North Park CLASS OF '50 T' Favorite Food and Lost School LQWANDA THORNTON I. R. TURNER Fried Chicken T-Bone Steak South Iunior High South Iunior High DONALD LEE TURNER RUTH TUTT Cake Cheese South Iunior High Ehndctle VIOLET VLETAS CLARA MAE WALKER Mashed Potatoes Fried Chicken North Iunior High South Iunior High PAT WAGLEY PATSY WALKER Fish Pecan Pie Dallas Houston BARBARA WALLACE BILL WILLIAMS Dill Pickles French Fries Elmdcde South Iunior High BYRDIE LEE WEST BETTY WILLIS Chicken and Dumplings Fried Fish Rock I-IiII South Iunior High MARIE WILLIS MARSHALL MULLENS Baked Red Beans Fried Chicken South Iunior High South Iunior High FRESHMAN FROLICS Yer out! . . . Dodging the bull . , . Look what I got . . . Opening presents . . . Peek-cz-boo, Mr.Humphrey! SCHOOL LIFE Thanksgiving at San Angelo . . . The Stars and Stripes . . . Drum Major and Sweetheart . . . Near the half . . . Eagles show off . . . Playing at a game. SENIOR BOX SUPPER Proudly Presents Frances I-lynds F F ..., F .Most Versatile Duane I-lendley F F F ..., .Most Versatile Marjorie Ruth Lewis ,Most Representative Wilman Barnes ,..i,, Most Representative Dorothy Holladay ........., Most Friendly Bob Reily ,.t..,.,.. ....,. M ost Friendly Billie Pliler ..,. F F , F FMost Dependable lack Yates .,,., ..,,. M ost Dependable lack Yonqe ...,t,.,.i.,... Most Valuable RUN N ERS-UP AWARDS FOR MERIT THE FLQSI-ILIGI-IT Mary Rucker F F , F F F F ,Flashlight Queen Ann Shepherd F F F F F .Most Admirable Girl lim Dobbyn ,i.i.i F F F Most Admirable Boy Girl Boy Girl Boy Girl Boy Girl Boy Boy QUEEN M,APtY'S THRONE MARY RUCKER Blue-eyed senior beauty . . . friendly and vivacious . . . likes everybody . . . Siwam Hi-Y Sweetheart . . . Member of A Cappella, National Honor Society, and Parliamentarian otSiWa1nasis Tri l-li-Y . . . sports red fingernails . . . enjoys dancing . . . plans to enter Hardin-Simmons University . . . yearns to major in speech . . . A natural for FLASHLIGHT QUEEN . . . Here's to you, Mary Rucker. JIM DOBBYN Newcomer to Abilene High School . . . short, blond, and athletic lim Dobbyn . . . Outstanding in football and basketball . . . likes fried chicken . . . enjoys going steady . . . dislikes studying Shakespeare . . . Wants to study engineering . . . friendly people are his choice . . . a sure winner for MOST ADMIRABLE BOY. Qjlifal ANN SHEPHERD Lovable Ann Shepherd . . . pictured as MOST ADMIRABLE GIRL of Abilene High School . . . five feet and two inches of school pep and spirit . . . loves to ride in the rain . . . hates to wait . . . Lively pep- leader prefers to yell "Yea, Team, Fight!" . . . despises sarcastic people . . . A true Eagle, Ann will go places. Q 143-T' FRANCES HYNDS The Brat with the beaming personality . . . Frances Hynds . . . lively, animated MOST VERSATILE GIRL . . . edits the Battery . . . Member P. I. E. Tri Hi-Y . . . Member of Co-operative Council . . . Presi- dent of Quill and Scroll . . . Reporter of Senior Class and G an G . . . dislikes operas . . . likes sports . . . a "killer" in basketball . . . We're tor you, Frances. f 5 1' .. you get lil DUANE HENDLEY Six feet and tour inches, one hundred and ninety pounds, light hair, and there's Duane Hendley . . . MOST VERSATILE BUY . . . Numbcr'85 on the Eagle Squad . . . Wins honors in football, basketball, and track . . . Member of A Cappella . . . enjoys eating anything at any time . . . Here's to one ot Abilene High School's leading sportsmen. , I xx I l Q ,.,.J 1 JI! WILMAN BARNES ' President oi the Senior Class . . . Chair- man of Co-operative Council and Board of Strategy . . . Vice President oi Student Council . . . President of Siwarn l-li-Y . . . MOST REPRESENTATIVE BOY . . . Wil- rnan Barnes . . . dislikes politicians . . . enjoys going steady . . . delights in eating chocolate pie . . . "Pusher" will go places with his externporaneous speaking. 'ni Ax If 09623. , x., I 1' F' t. l l 3, til V feb MARJORIE RUTH LEWIS Tall, graceiul, senior . . . Secretary of Student Council . . . Accornpanist . . . President of Fine Arts . . . D A R Repre- sentative . . . Treasurer of National Honor Society . . . Vice President ol G an G . . . Member ol Siwarnasis Tri Hi-Y . . . enjoys playing the piano . . . adores rose cor- sages . . . dislikes unfriendly people . . . Charming Marjorie Lewis is the choice for MOST REPRESENTATIVE GIRL. ti DOTTIE HOLLADAY Beautiful Dottie Holladay . . . likes friendly people . . . Band choice for Sweet- heart . . . Enthusiastic member of A Cap- pella and Trio . . . Pet aversion, fried onions . . . enjoys wearing red . . . would like to be a successful housewife . . . Gar- denias are her favorite flowers . . . Student choice for MOST FRIENDLY. GIRL. , 3, .5,, U C l Q! gf"-Qlflll , .V Y vi. Y. 2. ',"x5Qf3,rblQ,fi, filfgg .il I uri ,, . if xx is BOB REILY Likable football co-captain . . . likes to eat chocolate cake . . . declares that some day he'll do away with wearing shoes . . . dislikes silly girls . . . enjoys teasing . . . makes friends easily . . . Bob Reily . . . MOST FRIENDLY BOY . . . Vice President of Siwam Hi-Y . . . Never seen without a cheery srnile and a friendly "Hit" livin t-l gl' ! ' ,f x X X t xx t ,,,.,N l X X , y -J JACK .YATES Business Manager of the Flashlight . . . Delegate to Lone Star Boys' State-l946 . . . President ot National Honor Society . . . Vice President of Ouill and Scroll . . . Treasurer of Student Council . . . Member of Co-operative Council and Reporter of Siwam Hi-Y . . . enjoys eating and sleep- ing ? . . talkative girls disturb him . . . yearns to become a lawyer . . . lack Yates . . . natural tor MOST DEPENDABLE BOY. ii Falk il X W , V 1 if X J . 171 lf ' 'lll AX! y K BILLIE PLILER Charming and likable Floogie . . . Edi- tor of the Flashlight . . . Secretary of Na- tional Honor Society . . . Secretary of Quill and Scroll . . . Chaplain ot Siwamasis Tri Hi-Y . . . likes tried chicken . . . red is favorite color . . . plans to enter Abilene Christian College . . . Billie Pliler . . . choice of Abilene High tor MOST DE- PENDABLE GIBL. V 49529. W ,, I cg Sk ., X 0 :Avg .Xxx B gg ti Xxx tgggff:-5:1 f NANCY SANFORD LLOYD KING ANNETTE SCOTT RAY PERRY Most Admirable Girl MOSf AClIT1i1'Clbl6' BOY Most Versatile Girl Most Versatile Boy RUNNERS-UP IEANNETTE GRIFFIN BILLY CRIER Most Representative Girl Most Representative Boy .gg 'fif' BONNIE LEWIS BOB BAILEY I MARIORIE GAFFORD DAVID BOWERS Most Friendly Girl Most Friendly Bay Most Dependable Girl Most Dependable Boy MERIT I GEORGE SWINNEY ESIVIE ESTES Mechanical Drawing Aff BETTYE CLAXTON Voice ROLAND BLACKFORD Vocational Agriculture AWARDS IACK YONGE BILLY CRIER Public Speaking Dramatics RUTI-I BROOKS Diversified Occupations ELIZABETH ECI-IOLS I. FORREST POSEY LYNN PERKINS Girls Band Boys Band Voice SUE KING MARGIE LEE IOHNSON ANNA LOUISE Clothing Foods WIEDERAENDERS Mathematics MERIT AWARDS ANNETTE SCOTT ' Pep Squad I . Q 'BARBARA FULWILER IOHNNIE WRAGG PHYLLIS RAMSEY , Shorthand I Bookkeeping English h V GARLAND BARE Spanish LARRY TEAGUE Science NORREEN WINDHAM Latin FRANCES HYNDS Io umal i sm BILLY ,RAY CHELF HAYDEN HARRELL Machine Shop Wood Shop BYRDIE LEE WEST IEAN LINDSEY Bible Social Studies SCHOOL LIFE Will she get him? . . . Thanks to director Ernest Sublett . . . Stage fright? Attention from the master . . . EVeryone's haclc to normal SCHOOL LIFE Dobbyn reports . . . Thanksgiving program . . . Solemn PIE . . . National Honor So ciety . . . Importance ot Scholarship . . . Basketball Trophy . . . Iunior-Senior meeting . . Listen closely . . . Pep Squad Banquet . . . Sweetheart oi Siwams Organize firms Q RUTH BIGGERS Iunior Editor IUANITA RAMSEY Faculty Editor MARGARET KELLER Iunior Editor IIMMY DARLING Assistant Photographer THOMAS BOUCHER Asst. Business Manager MISS TOMMIE CLACK Adviser I. D. WHITMAN Sophomore Editor ROSELLE HOLT Sophomore Editor MARIE HUNTER Freshman Editor MARY LETA HUBBARD Freshman Editor MARY BISHOP Freshman Editor IOAN SHACKELFORD Typist PHYLLIS RAMSEY Club Editor DUANE UNRUE Layout Editor EARL GUITAR Sports Editor MARIDA RAY Iunior Editor LILLIAN RICHARDS Junior Editor DAURICE EWING Iunior Editor TED MCALISTER Assistant Layout Editor DOYLE NASH Photograph er BERTA HOPKINS Senior Editor Artist IACK YATES Business Manager BILLIE PLILER Editor FLASHLIGHT Winner of AII-Texas Rating I946 in Texas High School Press Association First Row: lean Lindsey, Nelda McClure, Estes lones, Henri Bob Russell, Frances Hynds, editor, Bagnal Thurman, George Swinney, Bettie Kyle, Inez Gary Second Row: Evelyn Minshew, Carolyn Mallett, Lanelle Easter, James Wheeler, Roy W'ilhite, Olna Winfrey, Elwyn Reinhardt, Ieanne Unrue, Ethel Nell Treadaway, Harold Hughes Third Row: Gene Newman, David McMeans, Brooks Wilhite, Charles Mathis, Wilma Reid, Roland Blackford, Iackie Leneave, Mozelle Ashley, Doris Trott, Glora Bird, Io Ann Gay Fourth Row: Corinne Cowden, Christine Nicholson, Helen Titlow, Helen Lovelady, Beverly Ann Morrow, Louise Rives, Maxine Humphrey, Marion Thomas, loye Heaton, Doyle Nash, Miss Marion Walker BATTERY Frances Hynds . . .....,...... Editor Bettie Kyle , , Circulation Manager Bagnal Thurman . . . . . . Managing Editor Estes Tones .. .........,. Feature Editor George Swinney .. .... ,...,,,. B usiness Manager Nelda McClure ............,. . . Assistant Feature Editor Henri Bob Russell ............, ...,.....,,. , .. News Editor All-State rating in 1946 in National Scholastic Press Association All-Texas rating in Texas High School Press Association, 1947 Second in feature Writing, won by Estes Tones, in Texas High Echool Press Association Second in small advertisements, won by Lanelle Easter, in Texas High School Press Association wi , 7X 4. gg 'X , t tl , 't l" , MB" li ,.. N1 ' . . K V 1 V N, . X? 2 -T XI ? : M Us L 5 Q ' THREE MINDS UNITE WYNcoN MoNEY MAKES THE PRESSES ROLL QUILL AND SCROLL First Row: Estes Iones, Billie Pliler, lack Yales, Frances Hynds, Beitie Kyle, Baqnal Thurman, George Swinney Second Row: Berta Hopkins, Henri Bob Russell, Nelda McClure, Olna W'infrey, leanne Unrue, Ethel Ne-ll Treadaway, Elwyn Reinhardi, Evelyn Minshew, Duane Unrue, Doyle Nash Third Row: Marida Ray, Phyllis Ramsey, Harold Huqhes, Billy Crier, Roy Wilhile, Carolyn Malleii, Lanelle- Easier, Lillian Richards, Miss Marion Walker PRESS CLUB First Row: Frances Hynds, James Wheeler, Estes lones, Carolyn Malleii, Betiie Kyle, Henri Bob Russell, Lanelle Easier Second How: Louise Rives, Maxine Humphrey, Glora Bird, Doris Troii, Olna Winfrey, Elwyn Reinhardt, Baqnal Thurman, George Swinney, Miss Marion Vllalker ACCOMPANISTS First Row: Second Row: Barbara Belew Anna Louise Patiersor Marjorie Lewis Eloise Escue Bonibelle Lewis Barbara Trantharn Chrisiy King QUARTET TRIO Harold Hughes, Fred Gerlach, Lynn Perkins, Rainey Owen Opal Maples, Dorothy Holladay, Doris Maihis OFFICERS OFFICERS KELLY MARTIN GLADYS HOLLAMAN Secretary-Treasurer President IACKIE H AMILTQN BARBARA FULWILER Vice President Librarian A CAPPELLA Miss Ouida Clemons Ray Perry, Kelly Martin Mary Rucker, Gladys Holloman, Iackie Hamil- ton Christy King, Anna Louise Patterson, Marjorie Lewis, Bonibelle Lewis Barbara Fulwiler, Betty Staggers, Lynn Perkins, Ellen Lynch, Eloise Escue Fred Gerlach, Harold Hughes, Doris Mathis, Dorothy Holladay, Opal Maples, Rainey Owen, Lloyd King Ioe Shotwell, Genevieve Wellborn, Constance Cowden, Rosemary Clement, Lanelle Easter, Corinne Cowden, Mary Frances Wood, Charlene Ross, Dick Sears Wayne Haynes, Gloria Mathis, Pat Pearce, lan Gose, lean Buchanan, Katherine Elliott, Helen Ann Harlow, La Verne Harris, Pat Sandlin, Roy Fish Martha Curry, Mary Curry, Esme Estes, Ipha Bush, lean Oates, Geneva Walker, Mary Richardson, Sarah Craig, Bettye Claxton , Lona Sue Patterson, Bobby Hamilton, Lon Brooks, Cecil Roberts, Don Magee, Thomas Boucher, Borden Duffel, Wesley Richards, Robert McElrath, Dick Collins, Ardelle Onwiler Charles Preston, Lynn Preston, Alek Spicer, Burl Troutman, Sidney Seider, Ioe Couch, Don Baize, Bob Reily, Gene Blakley, lack McGlothlin, Douglas Iahnson BGYS GLEE CLUB First Row: lack Smartt, Lloyd King, lack Van W'agoner, Kelly Martin, Bonibelle Lewis, Arlen Bailey, Dick Sears, Decherd Barnes, Billy Van Wagoner Second Row: Arlen Rasey, Billy Roberts, Harold Hughes, Dick Collins, Miss Ouida Clemons, Thomas Boucher, Wayne Haynes, Roy Fish, Maurice Williams Third Row: lack McGlothlin, Borden Duffel, Cecil Roberts, Robert McElrath, Lynn Per- kins, loe Shotwell, Dick Frager, Wesley Richards, Don Baize, Bobby Hamilton Fourth Row: Gene Blakley, Don Magee, Fred Gerlach, Lynn Preston, Douglas Iohn- son, Charles Preston, lohn Ayers, Bob Rutledge, Billy Dillon Charles Major Fifth Row: Lon Brooks, Charles Weeth, Burl Troutman, Rainey Owen, loe Couch, Bobby Bailey, Alek Spicer, Sidney Seider, Iames Bailey, Eddie Nunn First Row: Katherine Elliott, lean Buchanan, Betty Staqgers, Lanelle Easter, Rosemary Clement, lackie Hamilton, Eloise Escue, Ellen Lynch, Gladys Holloman, Bonibelle Lewis, Barbara Eulwiler Second Row: Miss Ouicla Clemons, Dorothy Holladay, Mary Rucker, Christy King, Marjorie Lewis, Anna Louise Patterson, Constance Cowden, Corinne Cowden, Mary Frances Wood, Gloria Mathis, Genevieve Wellborn Third Row: Arden Corbitt, Pat Sancllin, Mary Curry, Martha Curry, lan Gose, Pat Pearce, La Verne Harris, Helen Ann Harlow, Doris Mathis, Opal Maples, Margie Horn Fourth Row: Ieanne Stokes, Charlene Boss, lean Oates, lpha Bush, Arclelle Onwiler, Geneva Walker, Lona Sue Patterson, Esnie Estes, Mary Richardson, Bettye Claxton, Sarah Craig, Wanda Houston Fifth How: Donnea Lea Nelson, Hilda Tate, Dolores Chase, Lila Lee McKinney, Ruthette Lassiter, Ann Iohnson, Marjorie Iohnson, Mildred Hollinqshead, Doris Trott, Patsy Cagle, Elizabeth Bishop, loyce Warren GIRLS GLEE CLUB 5 if , BLENDING TONES TO GIVE US PLEASURE l 0 t O First Row: Susie Rose, Marilyn Davis, Laura Iane Smith, Billie Iean Gilbreth, Ann Malcom, Ann Nelson, Betty Sudderth, Ioyce Lawson, Beatrice Hohhertz Second How: Miss Ouida Clemons, Texas Iohn, Iody Dunlap. Golda Barrington, Iune Scott, Glora Bird, Wanda Penderqrast, Evaline Overton, Katie Rhea Newman, Helen Berry, Greta Ioyce Brock, Ruth Goates Third Row: Iackie Caperton, Nell Humphreys, Nancy Wooten, Darlene Belew, lane Brightman, Ianice Gentry, Annette Scott, Fredda Carpenter, Nadine Stubbs, Shirley Fields, Pat Daniel, Iohnny Mayfield Fourth Row: Ann Buchanan, Pat Fortune, Barbara Trantham, Marie Griffin, Iimmy Lee Ierden, Betty Willis, Ioan Teague, Gay Graves, Frances Smith, Mary Io Frazier, Doris Clemmer GIRLS GLEE CLUB 6 5 Glee. Club 3 gr . 'fl n si. 2-1 5 W D 1 ,Q 0 L Rf dt- sf s K N x x B ,fkibxz-N5 'J if- ,Q 0 f of , e. Q 1 'S First Row: Charlene Ross, Ianette Roberts, Ethel Nell Treadaway, Betty Staggers, Barbara Fulwiler, Marjorie Lewis, Alice Chandler, Billie Gilbreth, Barbara Trantham, Celeta Redden Second Row: Miss Ouida Clemons, Pat Ferguson, loan Blunk, Louise May, Genevieve Wellborn, Dorothy Walls, Tommie Sue Baldridge, Ioanne Michael, Louise Luna, La Nelle Christopher, Marjorie lohnson Third Row: Geraldine Winter, La Verne Harris, Pat Clark, lune Scott, Pat Sandlin, loan Malone, lane Suggs, Anna Louise Patterson, Gloria Mathis, Amelia Smith, Elizabeth Bond, Dolores Chase Fourth Row: Constance Cowden, Mary laclcson, Doris Clemmer, lean Buchanan, lan Gose, Bettye Claxton, Sarah Craig, Lona Sue Patterson, Gladys Holloman, Doris Mathis, Marie Griffin, Corinne Cowden, Peggy Farnes, Nora Beth Fuller, Nancy Roberts Fitth Row: Mary Richardson, lean Sauze, Elizabeth Echols, Iune Sauze, Ouida Ware, Ardelle Onwiler, Dorothy Holt, Gracie Philley, lanie Tims, Barbara Belew, Donnea Lea Nelson, Esme Estes FINE ARTS CLUB OFFICERS Marjorie Lewis . . 4 ..... President Barbara Fulwiler . . . . , .Vice President Ernestine Harper A, ..... Secretary Ethel Nell Treadaway . A ,... Reporter First Row: Odis Claxton, Dorothy Holladay, Lon Brooks, Caldwell Beckham, Cecil Hutchens, Don Etter, Iimmy Morrison, Ralph Cabaness, Wendell Waqley, Iohn Horn, Troy Boone, lim Looney, Mr. Robert Fielder Second Ftow: Eugene Niedecken, Dee Morgan, Cranford Cox, Estes Iones, Billy O'Steen, Marshall Kelley, Earl Bourland, Iohn McQuien, Bobby Martin, Scott Smith Third Row: Walter Jarrett, Iulian Herring, Tom Ed Travis, Charles Mohr, Herbert Bradshaw, I. D. Whitman, Iames Martin, Fred Osborne, Iohn Bontke Fourth Row: Alonzo Thomason, Rusty Thomas, Aultman T. Smith, Bill Fiveash, Bobby Pierce, David McMeans, I. T. Ball, Iames Cook, Bill Spencer, I. Forrest Posey Fitth Row: Ira Iohnson, Warren Thaxton, Foy Blanton, Bobby Black, Brooks Wilhite, Charles Atkins, Bill Glover, Leroy Ienninqs, McDaniel Ward, George Swinney Sixth Row: C. L. Barnes, Iimmy Middleton, Iohn Ray Harrison, Clinton Sojourner EAGLE BAND OFFICERS OFFICERS IOHN BONTKE I. FORREST POSEY Captain First Lieutenant HM LOONEY Second Lieutenant WALTER JARRETT Second Lieutenant ODIS CLAXTON Drum Major f ,X S S A E Y "T7j Z 5 sy if .IQ sf' T15 Q sg H-jj f T 7 if vi fx ,.- Nz f l SWEETHEART DOROTHY HOLLADAY ! First Row: Olna Vxfinfrey, Annette Lewis, Bobbie Finlclea, Rosemary Black, Ioan Wheeler, Neeca Lee Redus, Maxine Ballard, Elizabeth Echols Second Row: Ruby Kincaid, Mary Mitchell, Iennie Sue Snow, Ann Bollinger, Hattie Ann Harrison, Lorah Smith, loette Dipple, lean Sauze, Eutice Barnes, Ernestine Harper, lune Sauze, Audry Ann Bertram Third Row: Dianne Bradshaw, Eleta Pollock, Ruth Ann Mathews, La Verne Preston, lo Ann Gay, Mary Beth Snow, Myra Cooke, Doris Lindley Fourth Row: Betty Koonsrnan, Lavonia Redden, Iulia Houston, Mr. Robert Fielder, Bobbie Tune Antilley, Nancy Harkey, Barbara Van Zandt GIRLS BAND OFFICERS Elrzabeth Echols . . . .....,. , , . ......... ,Captam Maxine Ballard ,..., , . . First Lieutenant Audry Ann Bertram , . T . . Second Lieutenant Nancy Harkey ...... . . . Second Lieutenant Olna Winfrey . , . . . Drum Majorette AG" I j Qi se. ,rf 5 Q.. MERRYMAKING WITH THE ROBERT FIELDERS 4 JCB grotto, .I lf L., L4r, ifx First Row: Ioyce Roberts, Ioe Lanier, Herbert Seidel, Elizabeth Echols, Maxine Ballard, Emestine Harper, Olna Lee Winfrey, Myra Cooke. Second Row: Ethel Nell Treadaway, Marion Thomas, Doris Lindley, I. D. Whitman, Dianne Bradshaw, lean Sauze, lune Sauze, lohn McOuien, Cecil Hutchens, Annette Lewis, lirn Looney Third Row: Shelby Smith, L. C. Scales, Ioe Wallis, Warren Thaxton, Rusty Thomas, I. Forrest Posey Fourth Row: Barbara Belew, Mr. Robert Fielder, Odis Claxton, Nancy Harkey, Mary Beth Snow, Barbara Van Zandt OFFICERS HM LOONEY President ODIS CLAXTON Vice President 15 X bl Il? in X yr X ,-U I 5 ORCHESTRA "I-IIS VERY FOOT HAS MUSIC IN'T" OFFICERS MAXINE BALLARD Secretary ETHEL NELL TREADAWAY Reporter MARY BETH SNOW Social Chairman , , tug tl. A C xf JXHJOJ N First Row: Ethel Nell Treadaway, Eloise Escue, Sharon Elo, Gwendolyn Glenn, Mary Rucker, leannette Griffin, Loveta Coffman, Fredda Carpenter, Marjorie Gatford, loan Harvey, Betty Bonner Second Row: leanne Unrue, Ioan Teague, Iulia Houston, Daurice Ewing, Tune Sadler, Annette Scott, Margie Lee Iohnson, Iackie Hamilton, Dorothy Holladay, Marjorie Lewis, Donna Crump Third Row: Mr. Ernest Sublett, Opal Maples, Mary lo Frazier, Nancy Roberts, Virginia Bennett, Mina Matthews, Pat Fortune, lack McGlothlin, I. Forrest Posey, Annette Haynie, loan Sublett Fourth Row: Robna Moore, Wilma Reid, Evaline Overton, Betty White, Bobbie Ioyce Lanford, Mary Lassiter, Shirley Priour, Lavonia Redden, Barbara Van Zandt, Marilyn Petty, Iackie Brasher, Mary Richardson, Ann Buchanan, lim Looney, Charles Major, Helen Acker Fifth Row: Bob Kuykendall, Bill Austin, David Fuller, Iames Wheeler, lack Smartt, Wilman Barnes, lerry Iarrett, Monty Don Thomason, Wayne Haynes, Ted McAlister, Roy Fish, Lon Brooks, C. A. Henson, Clyde Fletcher, lack Yates NATIONAL THESPIAN OFFICERS Billy Crier ..,. leannette Griffin . . Mary Len Smith Peggy Austin . , . Mary Rucker ., Tournament Play "WHAT A LlFE" By Clifford Goldsmith rlenry Aldrich . . . , .lack McGlothlin Barbara Pearsons . , .,.. Mary Rucker vlr. Bradley . . ..,,.. Billy Crier Vlrs. Aldrich , , , . . .Mary Len Smith Miss Pike , . , Mr. Nelson . Mr. Ferguson Miss Shey , , . , . , .President Vice President . . . , .Secretary . , . Treasurer ,. Reporter . . .Ioan Harvey , , .Pierce Reese , . Lynn Perkins . Annette Haney First Row: loette Dipple, Mary Ann Nunally, Gloria Grush, Betty Bibb, Ioan Sublett, Annette Haney, Helen Acker, Gwen Grush, Mary White Second Row: Ellen Lynch, Eloise Escue, Sharon Elo, Loveta Coffman, Gwendolyn Glenn, Mary Rucker, Fredda Carpenter, Marjorie Gafford, Annette Scott, Flora Fischer, Mary Annette Willis, Ioye Heaton, Mabel Hawkins Third Row: Pat Dunn, I. Forrest Posey, Dorothy Holladay, lim Looney, Iackie Hamilton, David Fuller, Odis Claxton, Betty Bonner, Donna Crump, Opal Maples, Bobbie lune Antilley, Gynelle Williams, Billy Roberts Fourth Row: Sam Reeves, Barbara Van Zandt, Nancy Roberts, leanne Unrue, Ioan Teague, lulia Houston, Virginia Bennett, Hattie Ann Harrison, Dorothy Harrison, Evaline Overton, Louise Mullins, Billie Palm, Betty McKinney Fifth Row: Lavonia Redden, leannette Griffin, lune Sadler, Bobbie Ioyce Lanford, Robna Moore, Evelyn Rogers, Mary Lassiter, Wilma Reid, loan Harvey, Mina Matthews, Mary Io Frazier, Pat Fortune, Iackie Brasher, Marilyn Petty, Ann Buchanan, Earlene Parker, Ianelle McFadden, Sammie Russell Sixth Row: Charles Maior, lack McGlothlin, Borden Duffel, Ierry Iarrett, Bill Austin, Guy McFadden, C. A. Henson, Monty Thomason, Wayne Haynes, lack Smartt, Mr. Ernest Sublett, Wilman Barnes, Roy Fish, Lon Brooks, Clyde Fletcher A H S THEATER OFFICERS Billy Crier ....,. . . , , . . ,.,,... President Fredda Carpenter . . . .... Vice President Mary Rucker ,... ..,. S ecretary Annette Scott . , , . . ,Treasurer Marjorie Gafford .... ..., R eporter NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE First Row: lack Yates, Iackie Hamilton, lack Yonge, Billie Crier, Wendell Waqley, Marjorie Gafford Freolcla Carpenter Mary Rucker Second Row: lerry larrett, Dorothy Hollaclay, Marjorie Lewis, Marion Thomas, lack McGlothl1n Christy King Rosemary Clement Mr. Ernest Sublett Third Row: Lynn Perkins, Clyde Fletcher, Wilman Barnes, lack Smartt, Roy Fish, Marvin Dunn Thomas Boucher HONORS WON Abilene Christian College Invitation Meet First in Externporaneous Speech--Billy Crier First in Declamation-Ted McAlister Second in Declamation-Thomas Boucher First in Debate--Marvin Dunn and Bill lohnson Second in Debate4Marion Thomas and Rosemary Clement LOS LEALES First Row: Lowell Hamilton, Billy Mitchell, Nettie Salclano, Troy Boone, Mildred Hollingshead Billy Collier Bette Huckabee Second Row: Mrs, E. M. Randolph, Clara Perry, Peggy Bailey, Dortha McKinley, Bobbye Mololey Nellie Casillas Pat Ferguson Don Holden First Row: Mr. joe C. Humphrey, George Swinney, Frances Hynds, Billie Pliler, Marjorie Lewis, jack Yates, Barbara Fulwiler, Mary Rucker, jack Yonge Second Row: Phyllis Ramsey, Elizabeth Echols, Doris Lindley, Mary Len Smith, Wendell Wagley, Rainey Owen, Doyle Nash Third Row: jean Lindsey. Barbara Belew, jackie Hamilton, Anna Louise Wiederaenders, Berta Hopkins, Shirley Priour, Mary Beth Snow, Henri Bob Russell, jim Looney Fourth Row: Johnnie Wraqq, Barbara Van Zandt, Katherine Elliott, Martha Curry, Mary Curry, Annette Scott, Lloyd King, Earl Guitar, john Bontke Fifth Row: Garland Bare, Wilman Barnes, Marjorie Gatford, Billy Chelf, Herbert Seidel, Hayden Harrell, Larry Teague, Duane Unrue NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY jack Yates . . ....,... President Billie Pliler , . . . . .Secretary jack Yonge . ,.,....4. Vice President Marjorie Lewis 4...,.,. , , .Treasurer Frances Hynds , ....... .....,. R eporter 3 tri NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS JUNIOR ACADEMY OF SCIENCE First Row: Marvin Dunn, Caldwell Beckham, Bill Iohnson, Scoli Smith, Billy Ray Chelf, Larry Teague, Bobby Pierce Second Row: Dee Morgan, Garland Bare, David McMeans, Iohn Bonike, Al Schroeder, lerre Anderson, Bichard Dean, Dick Sears Iames Martin FUTURE HOMEMAKERS First Row: Marie Walker, La Verne Sherman, lean Williams, Wyvonne Gooch, Virginia Holt, Ioyce McBeath Second Row: Shirley Gooch, Doris Pollock, Betty Ruth Bea, Miss Ruby Compere, Sue King, Mary Killouqh, Ouida Williams FLASH First Row: Dorothy Goolsby, Betty Sudderth, Marshall Kelley, Betty Ioyce Smith, I. R. Turner, Gene Newmon, lo Ann Blanton Second Row: Rosemary VVilliams, Louise Luna, Mozelle Ashley, loyce Warren, Rosemary McDonald, Marie Griffin, Bobbie Schooler, Betty Ruth Young, Elizabeth Bond, lmogene Barlow Third Row: Mary Merle lames, Bettye Thornton, Dorothy Zuber, Bill Berry, Gene Aaron, lla Howard, Ruby lane Kincaid, Glenn Woody, Bennie Oliver, Mrs. Helen Williams CLICK First Row: lack Nixon, Wesley Bradshaw, Caro Russell, Ioye Heaton, Don Magee, Laura lane Smith, Ruth Reed, Iackie Leneave Second Row: Shirley Royal, Gwendolyn Furney, Ruth Ann Mathews, Katherine Elliott, Evelyn Rogers, Helen Berry, lack Ramsey, Margie Lively, Mrs, Mabel McCormick Third Row: Bobby Vifoody, Wanda Renfro, Wilma Reid, Lila Mae Hill, Carolyn Lassetter, Geneva Walker, Mack Baggett, Mary Annette Willis, Dianne Bradshaw, Bobbie Finklea, Marilyn Davis STAR GAZERS First Row: Mary Pliler, Betty White, Beverly Morrow, Charles Mathis, Helen Lovelady, Hugh Morris, Raymond Hawkins, Lodema Watts, lmo Ie-an Thompson Second Row: Wanda Windham, Delbert McDonald, Elizabeth Bishop, Ruth Goates, Iimmy Hopson, Ronald Wallis, Thelma Tate, Florene Adams, Lorene Adams, Miss Belle Iones RIFLE CLUB First Row: Bill Everheart, Bob Montgomery, Shelton Rancier, Iimmy Selman, Bobby Black, Ted Adams, Iimmy Middleton Second Row: Iames Head, Roy Alford, Boyd Carpenter, Harmon Hurst, Douglas Iohnson, Buddy Lambert, I. T. Ball, Mr. D. P. Stephenson First Row: Iohnnie Mayfield, Marjorie Gattord, Fredda Carpenter, Annette Scott, Ann Walker, Nancy Sanford, Ann Shepherd, Barbara Fulwiler, Margie Whatley Second Row: Ann Nelson, lane Britain, Barbara Pechacek, lean Monk, Darlene Belew, Ann Malcom, Ianice Gentry, Ann Rankin, Pat Pearce, loan Teague Third Row: Ierry Foster, Gladys Holloman, Rebecca Brawley, lackie Brasher, Mina Matthews, Louise Mullins, Peggy Wise, Susie Rose, Ioan Sublett, lean Bratton, Pat Roe Fourth Row: Io Ann Tucker, Nancy Wooten, Anetta Parish, Margaret Blackwell, Ioan Harvey, Georgia Spurrier, Pat Brown, Katie Rhae Newman, Gwen Glenn, Carol Raymond, Bobbie Ioyce Laniord, Robna Moore, Iackie Hamilton Filth Row: Miss Liddell Garrett, Ioan Hughes, Mary Frances Smith, Patsy Gurley, Mary Len Smith, Patty Davis, Marilyn Petty, Opal Maples, Gay Graves, Mary Rucker, Eloise Escue, Ioan Kendrick PEP SQUAD OFFICERS Annette Scott i , . ........., . . . , .President Nancy Sanford . . . .... Vice President Ann Walker .,..., . i . .i.., Secretary Ann Shepherd , i , ..,..,........, Treasurer IOHNNIE MAYFIELD Eredda Carpenter . . . . .Chairman of Checkers EREDDA CARPENTER ANNETTE SCOTT ANN WALKER NANCY SANFORD ANN SHEPHERD First How: Ethel Nell Treadaway, Peggy Caudill, Iohnnie Wragg, Mary Frances Wood, Ioanne Ford, Flora Fischer, Billie Whitman, Alice Ann Chandler Second How: lnez Gary, Virginia Gary, Margie Bowers, Helen Berry, Caro- y lyn Mallett, Lanelle Easter, Bay Nell Alexander, leanne Unrue, Nancy Roberts, Billie Palm Third Row: Sarah Craig, Bettye Claxton, Shirley Priour, Dorothy Holt, Wynnadell Tuggle, Ann Iohnson, Wanda Houston, Evelyn Rogers, Ioan Blunk, Virginia Bennett, Charlene Boss PEP SQUAD MARGIE WHATLEY LLOYD KING PAT PEARCE Sweetheart Most Valuable First Row: Lola Lancaster, Wanda Boyd, loyce Harrell, La Vada Beavers, Barbara McCaleb, Christine Nicholson, Margaret Kennedyi Second Row: Mozell Foster, Byrdie Lee West, Eleta Pollock, Mary Lou Evans, Marilyn McCaleb, Ann Sanders, Addie Lee Crain, Barbara Wallace Third How: Miss Fern Brock, Patricia Stanyer, Betty Willis, Omadene Ellison, lulia Fruqia, Dixie Ann Mears, Annie lo Hamilton, Birdie lean Lackey . SPORTS AND SKATING First How: Nell Humphreys, loyce Roberts, Bernice Brooks, Ianice Pinkerton, Pat Fuqita, Pat Wagley, Wanda Watkins, Emily McGregor, Second Row: Dell VVyatt, La Verne Sherman, Edna McMinn, Wanda lefleries, Mary Frances Martin, Wanda Miller, Betty Cheek, Mary Hart Third How: Miss Mary Baqqett, Glenna Robason, Ann Thomas, Gloria Benson, Carroll Forbus, Billie lean Moran, Frances Gentry, lean Hibbert HIKING First Row: Betty McMahon, Doris Iones, Nina McDermett, Iune Strickland, Roy Large, Odyene Clark, Peggy Landreth, Beulah Beasley Second Row: Anna Louise Wiederaenders, Cordia Bontke, Maxine Wirnberley, Margie Kilgrove, Edna Faye Golleher, Tommy Wells, Wanda Wimberley, Ipha Bush, Miss Liddell Garrett BOYS AND GIRLS SKATING First How: Greta Ioyce Brock, Lila Lee McKinney, Nelda McClure, Betty Perminter, Eugene W'illiarns, Hayden Harrell Second Row: Pat Sandlin, Anna Page, Bobbie Brannon, Loretta Smith, Betty Clark, Iune Fraley Third How: Miss Bennie Speck, La Verne Havins, Ioyce Lawson, Loyal Proffitt, Marvin Mantooth, Sidney Seider, Weldon Newton PILOTS CLUB First Row: Garden Asbury, Stuart Benson, Cranford Cox, Robert McElrath, lohn Guitar, Ioe Lanier, Earl Bourland, Tom Ed Travis, Don Etter, Billy O'Steen, Burchel Henderson Second Row: Bobby Martin, Charles Mohr, Rebecca Brawley, Shirley Clark, Laverne Preston, loan Wheeler, Peggy Morgan, Io Ann Wagnon, Christy King, Raymond Roberts, Paul Lucas, lohn Horn, Theron Higginbotham, Mr. Robert Fielder Third Row: Wayne Phillips, Bob Kuykenclall, Chuck Weeth, Alonzo Thomason, Aultman Smith BOYS SPORTS CLUB First Row: Bill Smith, Leroy Middleton, I. C. Dobbs, Billy Frank Row, Ray Archibald, Timmy Weldon, David Robertson, Glenn McGehee, Sidney Goodloe Second Row: lackie Goodman, Sherwin Clark, Clarence Presswood, Kelly Martin, Kenneth Musgrave, Bill Fry, Walter Rinehart, Cliff Lester, lack Reese Third Row: Cecil Roberts, Billy Dillon, Bill Williams, Bennett Young, E, T. Baldridge, Eugene Niedecken, Bill Fiveash, Eddie Adams, Warren Thaxton Fourth Row: lack Van Wagoner, Ronnie Miller, Stanley Thompson, Mr. L. B. Russell, Millard Ienkens, Ierry Hailey, lay Moore, Ira Iohnson SKETCHING First How: Patricia McGeehean, Ianice Rash, Ladelle Dennis, Will Ann Young, Eddie Nunn Second How: Mrs. Beth Henaqan, Annette Lewis, Mildred Sirnonizh, lody Dunlap, Helen Hunt, Alek Spicer HANDICRAFT First How: Frances Nichols, Merlene Lewis, Nancy Harkey, Mary Beth Snow, loan Harvey, Margaret Blackwell Second Row: Dorothy Walls, Ianette Roberts, Yvonne Talley, Katherine Frederickson, Winnie Keith, Betty Earl Young, Betty Koonsman, Gay Beard Third How: Darlene Sanford, Bobbie Drewry, Mary Linda Cook, Miss Marion Chambliss, Nadine Stubbs, Golda Barrington, Hilda Tate CHESS CLUB First Row: Billy McMinn, George Swinney, Dick Sears, Claudia Howell, Marion Thomas, H. L. Howard, Hugh White, McDaniel Ward Second Row: Mr. Vaiden Hiner, Arlen Bailey, Charles Atkinson, lohn McQuien, Charles Osborn, Bobby Bettis, lack Miles , rf- - - V -t . ,m.mmm.m AS YOU LiKE IT First How: Don Baize, Evelyn Minshew, Helen Titlow, lessie Sims, Ioe Bruton, Ioanne Ford, Wynnadell Tuggle, lennie Sue Snow, Doris Paucett Second Row: Mildred Scott, Vesta Merritt, Wynetta McLaughlin, Norreen Windham, Neeca Lee Redus, Helen Vletas, Mona Wrenn, loyce Warren, Margaret Cunningham, Martha Nell Blackburn, Dorothy Bond, Betty McMaster, Ioan Gooch Third Row: Peggy Lou Peak, Maxine Ballard, Audry Ann Bertram, Margie Bowers, Virginia Gary, Faye Harendi, Plassie London, Margie Martin, Dorothy Chapman, Helen Thompson, Patsy Walker, Nelda Splawn, Mrs. C. B. Hicks Fourth Row: Albert Haile, Betty Walker, Ruby Ann Oliver, Dolores Krinkie, Mary Sue Gunn, Betty Shrum, Bill Kimrnerling, Iames Bailey, Bobby Hamilton, Iames Cook, Wesley Richards, Bobby Wimberley LIBRARY CLUB First Row: Dortha McKinley, Io Ann Gay, Earlene Lloyd, Evelyn Couch, Winnie Faye Hudson, Donaleen Reynolds, lack McGlothlin, Iames Milstead, Marjorie Tatum, Shirley Priour Second Row: Patty Davis, Miss Mary McCall, Mary Frances Smith, Patsy Gurley, lane McCraw, Dorothy Smith, Sue Lee, C. W. Nesmith, Ernest Tye, Gene Hale, Paul Fulks, Nona Blakemore, lnez Gary, Betty Bennett, Mrs. Nancy Murray E CLJB First Row: Io Ann Tucker, Nancy Sanford, Ann Shepherd, Ann Rankin, Pat Pearce, lane Brightman, Ann Walker, Darlene Belew, lanice Gentry Second Row: Wanda Turner, Iohnnie Mayfield, Gay Graves, Ierry Foster, Nancy Wooten, Margie Whatley, Anetta Parish, Ann Malcom, lerry Carter Third Row: Miss Mabel Reeves, Iackie Buster, Margie Horn, Shirley Leach, Ieanne Stokes, Norma Hughes, Ann Iohnson, Ianice Atkinson, Pat Daniel, Sue Sellers, Shirley Fields First Row: Billie Pliler, Ioan Shackeliord, Peggy Lou Peak, Sharon Elo, Frances Hyncls, Margie Gaiiord, Ellen Lynch, Patsy Brown, Mary Rucker, Eloise Escue Second Row: lanelle McFadden, loanne Ford, Peggy Austin, Emily McGregor, lean Sauze, Phyllis Ramsey, Tune Sauze, Annette Scott, Fredda Carpenter, Flora Fischer Third Row: Sammie Russell, Georgia Spurrier, Katie Rhea Newman, Martha Nell Blackburn, Dorothy Mae Smith, Henri Bob Russell, lnez Gary, Nona Blakemore, Betty Bonner, Bettye McKinney, lackie Hamilton Fourth Row: Will Ann Young, Ruthie Reed, Carol Raymond, Billie Frances Whitman, Claudia Howell, Bobbie Finlclea, Dianne Bradshaw, Betty Koonsman, leannette Griffin, Geraldine Winter, Berta Hopkins, Dora Curry, La Vaughn Davis Fifth Row: Betty Collins, Ramona Kroth, Bobbie Brannon, Anna Page, Nelda McClure, Lila Lee McKinney, Barbara Belew, Margaret lane Tims, Dorothy lmken, Flossie London, Gay Beard, Betty Ruth Young SANTA CLAUS VISITS LITTLE SISTERS GANG Marjorie Gaiiord Marjorie Lewis . Patsy Brown .. Ellen Lynch , Frances Hynds OFFICERS .. President Vice President . , .Secretary . , .Treasurer , , , ,Reporter FIRST ROW: Janette Roberts, Margaret Blackwell, Flora Fischer, llarbara Fulwiler, Alice Ann Chandler, .Iac-kie Buster, Margie Horn, Louise Mullins, Earlene Parker, Lauretta Dillard SECOND ROWV: Jane Brightman, Pat Pearce, Nanvy Sanford, Ann Rankin, Ann Shepherd, Nancy Harkey, Mary Beth Snow, Billie Palm, livaline Overton, Sue Sellers, Shirley Fields THIRD ROVV: Joan Harvey, Janiee Atkinson, Shirley Leach, Ann VVa1ker, Loretta Smith, Nadine Stubbs, Shirley Priour, Mary Frances Smith, Patsy Gurley, Patty Davis, Bobbie .loyre Lanford, VVanda Turner FOURTH ROW: Miss Tommie Claek, Joyce Wa1'1'en, Margaret Cunningham, Mona Wrenn, .Jeanne Stokes, Joan Hughes, Norma Hughes, Bettye Claxton, Sarah Craig, Barbara Van Zandt, Margie Johnson, Mrs. Edith Smith FIFTH ROVV: 'Betty Cole, Johnnie Bnllot-k, Ruth Chase, Sara Carlyle, Pauline liister, .lo Ann Mc:Cartnev Imogene Barlow Emily Lowrie, Ann Johnson, Ruth Goates, XVanda VVindhani, Donnea Lea Nelson, t'hristine Nicholson, Thelma 'liaitt-, Lodema VVatlsZ Pat llaniel G AN G FIRST HUVV: Jerry Carter, Alice Ann Chandler, Gwendolyn Glenn, Dorothy Holladay, Marjorie Lewis, Audry Ann lleriram, .Ioye lleaton, Mary Annette WVillis, Mary Pliler, l"at Clark, liaVerne Harris SlCtTtlND RUNV: Mary Frances NVood, .lohnnie Wragg, tleneyieve VVellborn, Ruthette Lassiter, Dorothy Zulfer, Hilda 'l'ate, Mellia Varne-ll, Amelia Smith, Maxine Ballard, Elizabeth ldchols, Betty Jo Kyle THIRD HOVV: .lean Gates, Mary Jackson, Doris Clemmer, La XVanda Hollinger, Ouida NVare, Mary Linda Cook, Merlene Lewis, .lat-key Uaperton, Maxine Wimlwrley, Anna Louise Patterson, Gloria Mathis FOURTH ROW: Myra Cooke, Doris Lindley, Norreen Windham, lvlargie Johnson, Jettie Mae Jones, Betty VVhite, Virginia Bryan, Helen Thompson, Martha Curry, Mary Curry, Janette Roberts, VVanda, Pendergrast, Donnea. Lea Nelson, llillie Mae Tut-ker FIFTH ROVV: Helen Titlow, Nelda Splawn, Katherine Elliott, Ruth Ann Mathews, Gwendolyn Furney, Jane Mc-Uraw, Imogene Barlow, Dorothy Bond, .luanda VValker, Wynetta Mvlnlllglilin, lilildred Sc-ott, Anna Louise Wiederaenders, Lorah Smith F 1rst Row: Billie Dobbins, Lauretta Dillard, Brooks Wilhite, Doris Lindley Bosemary Clement lean Oates, Dorothy lmken, Berniece Tones Second How: Emily Lowrie, Bamona Kroth, Claudyne Moore, Ella Eaye Gulley Bobbie Malone Patsy To Allen, Mary Lee Smith, Barbara Corbitt, learl Stuart, Estelle Wright Third Bow: Mary Lea Mitchell, Betty lean Laird, Beyerly Bobertson, lane Kina loyce Mcliea Betty Ashton, Ann Bollinger, Charles Watson, Toe Wallace, Ted McAl1ster Mrs Katherine Morrow, Myra Cooke INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS SOCIETY Brooks Wilhite Timmy Morrison Doris Lindley , , lean Oates . . . Dorothy lmken . , . . President Vice President . , , ,Secretary . , . . . .Reporter Representative TYPING First Row: La Wanda Bollinger, Patsy Brown, Carol Raymond, La Vaughn Davis, Iackey Caperton Second Row: Ruiheite Lassiter, Billie Mae Tucker, Martha Curry, Mary Curry, Dora Curry, Miss Eva Garvin, Beatrice Hohhertz ORDER OF BUSINESS EFFICIENCY First Row: Doris Clemmer, Ierry Carter, Eloise Escue, La Wanda Bollinger, Pat Brown, Georgia Spurrier, Barbara Van Zandt, Peqqy Lou Peak, Ioanne Blank, Iulia Fruqia Second Row: Iames Fruqia, Iohnnie Wraqq, Ioan Hughes, Iune Sauze, Ie-an Sauze, Bobbie Brannon, Betty Cole, Claudia Howell, Eleta Pollock, Imogene Barlow, Miss Eva Garvin First Row: Mack Byram, Arvel Daughtrey, limmy Darling, Margie Whatley, Susie Rose, Roland Black- ford, Olna Winfrey, Betty Smith, Billy Broyles, Carlos Appleton, Holly Harrison Second Row: Elton Poor, Scottie Slaughter, Lee Goodman, Franklin White, Glenn Darling, Roger Hop- kins, Alvin Braune, Wayne Gay, Woodrow Hobbs, Glen Rucker, Bobby Hamilton Third Row: Bruce Freeman, Cecil Mercer, Gervis McGraw, R. V. Lindsey, Haynes Holly, Curtis Rister, Elmo Moore, Fred Levrets, Mr. I. l. Moore Fourth Row: Ioe Cisneros, I. R. De Guire, Billy Frank Thornton, Borden Heslep, Floyd Ray Owens SWEETHEART SUSIE ROSE FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Roland Blackford . Holly Harrison .,., Carlos Appleton . . . Iimmy Manly . . . Mack Byram . , , Iimmy Darling ..,, Billie Broyles . . . Odell Williams ,.,.. Billy Frank Thornton ............i.,.i..........,.........President . . First Vice President Second Vice President . .Third Vice President ,....,..,.Secretary . , , . . . ,Treasurer .,........Reporter . . , Parliamentarian ......,.Sentinel F. F. A. SHOW Blctckiorcfs prize chickens . . . Pride of the herd . . . A Darling cow . . . Aren't my pigs pretty? . . . A Blue Ribbon cow . . . Come and get it . . . Bringing home the Wool First Row: Don Kendall, lerry Altman, Glenn Mitchell, Holley lvey, Ronnie Miller, Sam Reeves, Mr. George Kaerwer Second Row: Bill Truly, Don Iennings, Ben Parr, Oscar Page, I. T. Dixon, Roger Hackney, W. A. Lavender Third Row: Eugene Briley, Charles H. Williams, Harold Cannon, Bill Cumpton, Elwin Long, Kenneth Parr, Iames Williams, Alan Yaw WORKING IN THE SHOP MACHENE SHOP CLUB lerry Altman ................. President Glenn Mitchell .......,... Vice President Holley lvey .,.. Secretary and Reporter DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS ir MAXINE HUMPHREY Holly Shop Saleslady -k BOBBY BOURLAND Safeway, lnc., No. l6 Grocery Salesman -A' CHARLES COMBS Safeway, Inc., NO. l5 Meatcutter nk HEBMAN CARDWBLL R. M. White Company Band Instrument Repairman t JACK NICHOLS Abilene Machine Company Machinist ni' BERNIE lENNlNGS Fulwiler Ieweler Watch Repairman 'Ir SHBLTON RANCIBB Everett Engineering Company Sheet Metal Worker 'A' MR. W. BAINEY OWEN lnstructor DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS if r, ARLIE MATHEWS Thornton's Department Store Grocery Salesman 'A' CLIVE TRICE Crain Office Supply Offset Printer if HMMY HENDHICKS Spears Printing Company Offset Printer 'A' ROBERT YOUNG Pender Company Printer 'A' RUTH BRooKs Minter Dry Goods Company Saleslady 'k IOI-IN LARGE Farm Implement Company Farm Mechanic 'A' ROGER CLOUD Abilene Plumbing and Roofing Sheet Metal Worker 'A' MR. W. RAINEY OWEN Instructor DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIGNS if EVERETT GENTRY Vaden Engineering Company Machinist 'A' BILLY HARRIS S 61 O Cloihiers Salesman if BILLY MATHEWS Thorntorfs Department Store Shoe Salesman 'Ir lOAN HOLMES Fabric Mart Saleslady if WALDO MOUTRAY Hughes ci Olds Archiiecis Draiisrnan if BOYD CARPENTER Brown Electric Service Eleciric Motor Repairman ak HAROLD CANNON Powers Machine Shop Machinist if ERWIN GUNN Harker Refrigeration Supply Refrigerator Parts Man if MR. W. RAINEY OWEN Instructor ,4 fhleffw N Shot" brings in the cake no tba!! DABLENE BELEW Football Sweetheart DAVID BOWERS BOB REILY Tackle-170 CAPTAINS Back--158 Three-year Letterman Three-year Letterman PAT MURPHY P. E. SHOTWELL lOE WEST Assistant Coach Head Coach Assistant Coach EAGLE SQUAD First Row: Bob Haynie, David Bowers, Bob Bailey, Earl Guitar, Robert Loving, Doug Huddleston, George Lively, lack Beernan Second Row: Dan McAlister, Bob Reily, l. D. Hinton, Lloyd King, Gene'Blakley, David Guin, Bill Walker, Rainey Owen, Hubert Midcllebrooks Third Row: Marvin Austin, Iirnmy Walker, Bill Rogers, Rupert Lamar, Ioe Bruton, Charles Major, Charles Spears, I. B. Watson Arlen Rqsey, Bill Todd ' Fourth Row: lames Lowrie, Duane Hendley, Frank McCon1bs, lim Dobbyn, Burl Troutrnan, Doyle HutsonfCoaches Pat Murphy "scat" Russeii, 1. B. Neely, P. E, shotwai ' L. B. NSCAT" RUSSELL WILLIAM "SHORTY" LAWSON W. K. "lAKE" BENTLEY B Team Coach B Team Coach Freshman Coach SEASON REVIEW By EARL GUITAR ABILENE 12-ODESSA 26 The Eagles invaded Broncho Stadium at Odessa to open their Conference play for the year before a crowd of about eleven thousand. The Eagle air attack was more than equal to the Odessa attack, but Abilene's ground game could not seem to click. Both Eagle tallies Were the result of superb passes by Lloyd King-one to Hendley, the other to Middlebrooks. Midway in the second quarter the Eagles launched a drive with King passing to Middlebrooks and Hendley. Reily broke loose on the old statue of liberty play for twenty-six yards. Middlebrooks then scored on a l7-yard pass play from King. The score at the half-time was Abilene 6, Odessa 12. The Warbirds broke loose again late in the fourth quarter when Middlebrooks took a long pass from King to the one-yard stripe. Fullback Bob Reily plunged for the touchdown. TI-IE EAGLES TRAP A SANDIE LLOYD KING HM DOBBYN l. D. HINTON Quarferbacke -7168 Back--l 79 Backel 56 Three-year Ietterman One-year letterman Two-year letterman ABILEN E 12-MIDLAN D 27 The Eagles were hosts to the Midland Bulldogs in the second conference tussle of the year. After guard Bolo Bailey recovered a Midland fumble on the opening kick-off, Reily and Hinton advanced the ball to the three-yard stripe. A few plays later Hinton plunged over left guard for the first Eagle touchdown. The Warbirds came back in the second quarter with a 43-yard touchdown drive. After Hendley took a long pass to the Midland 27-yard line, Hinton and Reily advanced the ball through the left side of the Eagle line to the one-yard line. After several unsuccessful tries, Hinton then took the ball over left guard for the score. The game ended with the Eagles on Midlands six-yard line. THE WARBIRDS SWARM ON MIDLAND LOVING FOILS AN AMARILLO ATTEMPT ABILENE 13-SWEETWATER 28 The heavily favored Sweetwater Mustangs traveled by air to take the Eagles at the Eagle home field. Abilene was trailing Sweet- water by fourteen points when Bob Reily returned the kick-off for fifty-four yards. Pass interference moved the ball to the 30-yard line, where King passed to Beeman for a first down on the 16-yard line. Reily drove hard over center for another first down, but the Eagles were stopped on the two-yard line. King returned the Sweetwater punt to the 39-yard line, With a series of passes to Mid- dlebrooks and Beeman, the Eagles worked the ball to the seven-yard line. King tossed to Hinton for the score, and Hendley's try for conversion was wide. Early in the third quarter Owen recovered a fumble on the 38, Reily picked up 16 yards on an end run, and King pasesd to l-lendley on the three-yard line, On the next play Hinton hit the line for the touchdown, and l-lendley's kick was goody but the Eagles were unable to pick up the two touchdowns margin. DOYLE HUTSON lACK BEEMAN DON MCALISTER Back--150 Back-170 Back-l 45 One-year letlerman One-year letterman One-year Iettermcn FOOTBALL Lost: SOMETHING, HAM ABILENE 39-LAMESA O Seven thousand fans turned out on Armistice Day to watch brilliant play of the Eagles against Lamesa. Abilene broke the scoring ice late in the first quarter with King passing to Hendley deep in the end zone. l-lendley's try for conversion was good. The Eagles played better as the game progressed. After Guitar's kick was nullified by a holding penalty, King passed to Middlebrooks for the extra point. Shortly before the half, Dobbyn took a pass from King and ran forty yards for the tally. Early in the third quarter King went around end for seven yards and a touchdowny but as he crossed the goal line, he fumbled, and Bowers recovered the ball for the touchdown. l-lendley's perfect kick made the score 27-U. King scored again shortly after to make the score 33-U. ln the fourth quarter Dobbyn made a beautiful sprint after an interception to complete the score 39-O. lAMES LOWRIE EARL GUITAR BOB BAILEY Guard-160 Guatdfl 60 Guard-165 One-year letterman Twayear Ietterman One-year letterman FOOTBALL DOUG HUDDLESTON BILL TODD Guard-I 70 GUU1' d-1 53 One-year letterman One-year Ietterman FRANK MCCOMBS Center-1 64 One-year le-Herman ABILENE 34-BIG SPRING 12 The Eagles continued their new surge for third place in District 3 AA, displaying their most powerful attack of the season to defeat the Steers at Big Spring on November 22. Abilene's pass attack could not be stopped, as tour Eagle receivers caught twelve of King's fourteen passes. Lamar scored the first Eagle touch- down as a result of a blocked punt. Later, the Eagles again got possession of the ball on a pass inter- ception. Hinton broke loose behind beautiful blocking for a 46-yard gain, then Hendley took a pass for 23 yards and a touchdown. As a result of a 75-yard drive and a nine-yard pass to Middlebrooks, the thir Eagle touchdown was pressed over. Hendley kicked all the Eagles' first-half extra points to give a 21- half-time lead. After a slow start in the second half, the Eagles again scored on a skillful pass from Kin to Owen. With Guitar's extra point-kick, the score stood Abilene 28, Big Spring 6. Dobbyn and Hinton mad three long runs to set up King's 23-yard touchdown pass to Hendley. Thus at the close of the game the score was Abilene 34, Big Spring 12. FOOTBALL ABILENE 14-SAN ANGELO 6 The Abilene Eagles played like a State-championship-bound ball club before a crowd of five thousand fans at San Angelo on Thanksgiving Day. Slarnming over two quick touchdowns, the Eagles staved off a late Angelo attack to finish District 3 AA in third place. King looped a long pass over the Bobcats' secondary to Hinton, who ran the remaining seventy yards in the first three minutes of the play. When the Eagles again received the pigskin, they moved deep into Bobcat territory on a pass from Hinton to Hendley. Hinton then passed to Hendley for the distance, but the play was called back on a penalty. A few minutes later the Eagles received a punt on their own twenty-nine-yard line: then Dobbyn ripped through a hole on the right side of the line, veered to the left, bounced off a couple of Bobcats, and raced seventy-one yards for the next touchdown. Hendley added both points from placement. lt looked as if the Bobcats were in for a terrific thumping, but our team cooled off after a fast start. The Eagles held a good defense for the rest of the game to win by a clear margin. RAINEY OWEN HUBERT MIDDLEBROOKS End--165 . End--170 Two-year Letterman One-year Letterman DUANE HENDLEY End-1 87 Two-year Letterman FOOTBALL Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene RUPEBT LAMAR GEORGE LIVELY BOB HAYNIE Tackle-192 Tc1cklefl80 Tackle- -165 One-year Letterman One-yegr Letterman One-year Letlermcm SCORES Breckenridge l 9 Abilene Midldnd Amdrillo 34 Abilene Sweetwdier Brownwood U Abilene Ldmeso Odessd 26 Abilene Big Spring Lubbock lZ Abilene Sdn Angelo THE LINE COMES UP AS HINTON GRABS A POE Q: twgfswf' M My ,, Wgfsssff ws tru NS M NW, . ,,M,,,,, IM awww, M,,gEkmi2k, ,, ft lnawwf ,WW we V ..fm..,m4gmg5gt,. Mitt fmwizmgvwgwm :':5ggg3?24gJ,:Ug:ggg:E3Z. ,ngfggggq ""' M'N3iwE,. M293 . ' fswltiff A I S1255 f:aYi,p5Ef QMEF5' at 3. 'T W if L I igiiiilfgffifg . ff? t Q I 1 .f sway. , H' 'QTL' ,Typ tf flwi t 'E5S,1.1' 'J T29-. ' fu. vamp?" ' f".,"" X :': 'I ,.... .fg.,-5,,:5- -.- LU Mk 5' I . 3 -, ,H 3 .5 ,,..- .,., f -' - 1 . ,... , - ' fi' -f . , -' .. 2 I ,, Q ""' I ww Q 'Ag-.1.:.:5235:"IiI::1"I,,.-f'j:g'gfgf: :- ' Sw-M k I ff? 7 4 OTS? 2' gf 333. ly, Aigsff? 54 A 'NM -. A If - 'ilfrin I -- 4 -V -II-'-Inv:-22'.:Z,'.'Z'v'f-:'E- " 'I 'ij' W nfs., w "vw tw, ,- .Mm ,.,, . 1: 3 Q ' I ., ' , It , .V :Eh-. :E .:: ..ggQ,: .,:,g:53.L-::.:: '55, , ,tr 44' - 9' A -ff -:..-1 -V--11.3-.M l - V, LL, :.,, .,, W E, 'I ., .,A. ., RAY PERRY M c1nc1qerABc1ck Three-yeczt Letterman HENDLEY BULLDOGS A MUSTANG STUDENT COACHES IACK SMARTT MACKY TRICKEY WAYNE I-IAYNES ROY FISH ROBERT LOVING BILL WALKER Center-157 End--145 One-year Letterman One-year Letterman FOOTBALL EAGLETS-B SQUAD First Row: lerre Iarrett, Charles Preston, Charles Bell, Larry McLeskey, Vxfeldon Phillips, I. C. Dobbs, Clarence Phipps, Ioe Shotwell Second Row: Len Preston, Dick Collins, Robert Hart, Buddy Satterwhite, Bobby Strain, Roy O'Neal, Hubert Ingram, Bobby Carter, Bobby' Dugan Third Row: Don Powers, Scotty Holland, Iames Major, Mickey Lehr, Billy Swan, Harold Hughes, Lee Iones, Eugene Sewell, Lawton Chambers Fourth Row: Hugh White, I. W. Willoughby, Prentice Martin, Bobby lack Estes, Lynnon Grant, Weldon Turner, R. C. Osburn, Melvin Gire, Bob Rutledge, loe Couch Fifth Row: "Shorty" Lawson, Millard lenkens, I. B. Neely, "lake" Bentley, Henry Ford, "Seat" Russell SCQRES Abilene Breckenridge l3 Abilene Throckrnorton Abilene Breckenridge 6 Abilene Brownwood Abilene Aspermont 6 Abilene Sweetwater Abilene Sonora 39 Abilene Sweetwater Abilene Snyder 33 Abilene Anson Abilene 21 Anson A fighting team of Eagles . . . Time out . . . Reily circles end . . . "Shot" gives instruciions before the game . . . Hendley fights for that touchdown . . . Ham tries ioi' C1 deep pass . . . Hirllon gels mabbed . , . Loving makes cr shoestring tackle . . . Hinton breaks 1691 kvfb ll ELLEN LYNCH Dear Ellen, We have chosen you the first SWEE' HEART ever elected by an Eagle ba lcetball team. We feel that you hav set a very high standard lor the baske ball Sweethearts that may follow yo in the future. The Cagers LAKE" BENTLEY Coach "HAM" MIDDLEBROOKS Forward L Two-year Letterman "COUNTRY" GETS MOBBED S 1 i , t I 1 . ,, rv "BALDY" LANDRUM Guard Two-year Letterman 'D ,Q- - J 11" X- , 1 X, ' --Tr' N A VIEW FROM THE SIDELINES BASKETBALL ' IIM DOBBYN Guard One-year Letterman V ' ' K 5 I DUANE HENDLEY Center Three-year Letterman High-point Scorer "COUNTRY" POOR Forward Two-year Letterman LANDRUM AND MIDDLEBROOKS MIX IT HENDLEY SCRAMBLES FOR THE BALL BOB BAILEY Guard One-year Letterman BASKETBALL "CHUCK" WEETH Forward One-year Letterman B5 41, 5 LAWTON CHAMBERS Forward One-year Letterman ALL EYES ON THE BALL BASKETBALL "BALDY" SHOOTS A LONG ONE BURL TROUTMAN Forward One-year Letterman RAINEY OWEN Forward One-year Letterman EAGLES COVER A HIGH TIP-OFF "I-IERSI-I" HINTON Guard TWo4yeC1r Leiterman BASKETBALL EAGLE SQUAD Top Row: Hubert Middlebrooks, Duane I-Iendley, Elton Poor, Burl Troutman, Lawton Chambers Coach W. K. Bentley Bottom Row: Iim Dobbyn, I. D. I-Iinton, Rainey Owen, Bob Bailey, Gene Landrum, Charles Weeth Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene .Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Winters Ballinger Midland Graham Levelland Levelland Priddy Steohenville Ballinger Burkett Sweetwater Ballinger Lamesa Breckenridge San Angelo Big Spring WINNERS OF DISTRICT Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Lamesa Graham Breckenridge San Angelo Odessa Sweetwater Big Spring Odessa Midland Bowie District Tournament 50 Big Spring Midland Bi-District Tournament 32 El Paso El Paso A ASSOCIATION ACTIVITIES So full they con't get up . . . "Doc" Murphy tollcs with the boys . . . Per- fect borrmony . . . Bob introduces our footboll sweetheart . . . Everybody bod plenty to ect . . . All the ice creom you con ectt TRACK SQUAD GETS READY y Sprint Relay: Mickey Lehr, Hugh Morris, Bill Rogers, Bobby Carter, Roy Fish High lumpers: Hershel Iones, Bill Walker, David Fudge, Roy Fish, I. D. Hinton Hurdlers: Duane Hendley, I. C. Dobbs, Robert Hart, Iames Edington Distance Runners: Gene Edmondson, Bobby Dugan, Tirn Mason, I. C. Dobbs, Sid Good loe, Iulian Herring, Leroy Middleton Mile Relay: Roy Fish, Marvin Mayfield, Iulian Herring, Bill Rogers Shot Put and Discus Throwers: Bob Carter Burl Troutrnan, Iack Beeman, Duane I-Iendley Lloyd King, Bob Rutledge, David Fudge, Bob Bailey TRACK SQUAD First Row: Micky Lehr, Bobby lack Estes, Bill Rogers, Weldor. Phillips, Leroy Middleton, Donald Turner, I. C. Dobbs, lim Walker, Iulian Herring, Bob Bailey, Lloyd King, Bobby Carter, Max Manly Second Row: lim Manly, Robert Hart, Macky Trickey, Lon Clyde Brooks, Lee Iones, Walter Rinehart, Monty Thomason, David Fudge, Iack Beeman, Burl Troutman, Hugh Morris, Sid Goodloe, Duane Hendley, Bob Rutledge, Tylman Mason, Marvin Mayfield, Roy Fish, I. D, Hinton, Bill Walker, Iarnes Edington, Hershel lanes, Bobby Dugan, Gene Edmondson BOXING TEAM GOLDEN GLOVE WINNERS BOXING SQUAD Top Row: David Fudge, Gene Blakley, Chuck Ryan, First Row: Troy Boone, Charles Bell, Kelly Martin, Lynnon Grant, Prentic Bill Rogers, Howard McCranie Martin, Toby Paylor D , , Second Row: "Shorty" Lawson, lames McGuire, lim Manly, Bennett Young , goffom Sow' Lynnon Gram' B111 Todd' Premlce Mm' Iirnmy Walker, Ioe Bruton, Howard McCranie, Bill Rogers tm' ermeu Ounq Third Row: Odell Williams, Chuck Ryan, David Fudge, lohn Ayers, Gen Blakley, Bill Todd, Wayne Phillips, Charles Mathis, Bill Dillon RINGSIDE VIEWS ldclf choiqes in . . . Bill covers up . . . Blokley loolcs over his victim . . . Troy leords with o left . . . Dillon comes in close . . . Bert iolces it calmly . . . As his opponent covers up, Todd throws oz leii . . . lenlcens shoots d stroiqhi lei! . . .Cofuiiously Chuclc sizes up the enemy. OTHER SPORTS SHOTS FROM THE COURTS District 3 AA Champion Tennis Tectrn: Fred Gerloch, Buddy Sotterwhite, Pete Vletcls, Russell Reese, Roy Wilhite .. s, I K INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS I. C. Dobbs, CoptorinfRobert Duqorn, Robert Hon Top How: Chories Preston, I. B. Wotson, Tir Matson, Lynn Preston PROSPECTS FOR 1947 FOOTBALL Centers and ends . . . That charging Ea ale line . . . The hit-baclc drill . . . Aspirants to the Eagle baclcfield . . . The hard-worlc bays, the rough linernen . . . "Shot" directs Work on the sled . . . Blocking practice on the dummies GOLF CLUB First Ftow: Clifton Collurn, Thomas Ray, Don Reid, Dilmus Iames, Rod Galusha, Troy Crane Second Row: Don Calloway, Iack Yonge, Reed Sayles, Roger Cloud, Bill Hise, Marvin Mayfield, E. G. Cockerell Third Row: Mr. Morgan Hampton, Preston Fortson, L. C. Scales, Sammy Nunnally, Rusty Thomas, O. C. Blankenship, Gervis McGraw, Mr. I. H. Nail TENNIS CLUB l i First Row: Charlene Kilgore, Iane Britain, Ellen Lynch, Ioan Kendrick, Betty May, lean Monk, Barbara Pechacek, Bonibelle Lewis, Mabel Hawkins, Betty Bibb Second Row: Dick Prager, Wendell Wagley, Andrew Stanyer, Frances Lambert, Betty Little, Sally Owens, Mary White, Leroy len- nings, Roy Wilhite Third Row: Ioe Wallace, Allan Wright, Vic Behrens, Pat Roe, lean Bratton, Peggy Wise, Pete Vletas, Windell Wood, Glenn Foster Fourth Row: Kirk Gregory, Billy Van Wagoner, Donal Newton, Deck Barnes, Pierce Reese, Fred Gerlach, Clarence Hastings, lames Frugia, Iames Stahl, Iimmy Walker Fifth Row: Peggy Io Pass, Peggy Caudill, Maxine Petty, C. L. Barnes, Bill Gillis, Dale Havins, Louis Sanford, Timmy Hopson, Dolores Daniels, Ioretta Owen, Susie Rose A CLUB First Row: lack Beeman, Bill Todd, David Bowers, Earl Guitar, Bob Reily, Lloyd King, I. D. Hinton, Gene Landrum ' Second Row: lim Dobbyn, Doyle Hutson, Rupert Lamar, Robert Loving, Duane Hendley, lames Lowrie, George Lively, P, E, Shotwell Third Row: Bill Walker, Scotty Holland, Bob Haynie, Hubert Middlebrooks, Macky Trickey, Rainey Owen, Don McAlister, Ray Perry, Bob Bailey, Elton Poor Fourth Row: Bobby Carter, Arlan Rasey, l. B. Watson, David Guin, Bill Rogers, Gene Blakley, limmy Walker, Bob Rutledge, Burl Troutman B CLUB First Row: Bobby Dugan, lohn D. Ayers, Roy O'Neil, Dick Collins, Weldon Phillips, Larry McLe-skey, Mickey Lehr Second How: Bobby Carter, larnes Major, Ie-rry larrett, loe Shotwell, Chuck Ryan, Harold Hughes, C. W. Peeples, Don Powers Third Row: Albert Haile, Buddy Satterwhite, Charles Preston, Scotty Holland, Bobby Strain, Arlan Rasey, Charles Bell S FEurth Row: Robert Hart, Lee Iones, Bill Hembree, Bill Swan, David Fudge, Lawton Chambers, Len Preston, Clarence Phipps, Eugene ewe A ASSOClATION FALL OFFICERS SPRING Bob Reily .......,... ,.A.. P resident ......,. ........ l im Dobbyn David Bowers .4..,..., . . .Vice President . , . A....A...... Elton Poor Hubert Middlebrooks .,..,,. ..... .......... S e cretary ............... F...,.,.,..,... H ubert Middlebroolcs First Row: lack Beeman, Bill Todd, David Bowers, Earl Guitar, Bob Reily, Lloyd King, l. D. Hinton, Gene Landrum Second Row: W. K. Bentley, Doyle Hutson, Rupert Lamar, Robert Loving, Duane Hendley, lames Lowrie, George Lively, Mr. P. E. Shotwell Third Row: Bill Vlfalker, lim Dobbyn, Bob Haynie, Rainey Owen, Maclcy Triclcey, Hubert Middlebrooks, Don McAlister, Ray Perry, Bob Bailey, Elton Poor The A Association is one of the few organizations which you can become a member of by receiving an athletic letter. To be eligible for the club, one must have received a major sport award. This is the organiza- tion which promotes most of the activities of the athletic department. When there was an athletic event, this club sponsored the selling of cushions and sometimes programs. The principal goal for this year is the raising of funds to buy a trophy case to be placed in the gymnasium. lf this is secured, the athletic trophies and pictures of the various teams will be placed in the main hallway of the gym. The planning of parties and most athletic social events are planned by this club. To the Eagles: During this year we haven't won the championships that l would have liked you to wing however, there has been a definite improvement in efforts. To those of you who are graduating, we extend our best wishes. We are always for you. Gall upon us when we can help you. To those of you who will be with us next year, we wish a most successful year. Great teams are developed through many months of hard work long before the championship games are played. May you have the spirit of a championfthe spirit of a great Eagle. P. E. Shotwell PEP SQUAD Audry greets "Prof" . . . "Marching along together" . . . Visitors from McMurry . . . "For the black!" . . . Pep from "Pusher" . . . "Prof" Bynum re- turns . . . The proud quartet . . . That old black magic PEP SQUAD Pep Squad Banquet . . . A present tar Annette . . . "Yea, Team Fight!" . . . Yea, Margie! . .. Spotlight an Walker . . . Pep leaders on parade . . . The faithful pep squad . . . Admirable Ann Ladies and Gentlemen, Patronize Our ,4 dzferfisers IN SI-IOES.. AS IN ALL TYPES OP MERCHANDISE, HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS KNOW TO PATRONIZE LINTZ. EOR THE ULTIMATE IN FINE SERVICE, TEENIE, JACK, AND LYNN SHOP AT 2 8 9 Cypress Street Telephone 5 2 0 7 For FINE Photography Joan, Betta, and Doyle go to TI-IUR1VIAN'S, where skill and modern equipment are found. FOR THE MASTERS TOUCH GO TO THURMANS THE HOUSE OF BETTER PHOTOGRAPHY 1 13 8 North Second Telephone 3 703 I 1 901' Style and Quamfy . . . BILLIE, DUANE, GWEN, AND JACK USE DISCRIMINATING TASTE IN PURCHASING THEIR CLOTHES AT 0 ! 244 Pine Street Telephone 5234 We Extend Our Best Wishes To Members of The Senior Class of Abilene High School ir'k'k WHEN YOU DINE OUT--DINE AT TI-IE W I N D S O R AMONG PEOPLE OF DISCRIMINATING TASTE. . ir'k'k Bowl minhnnr "3-Xhilrnv'a 0911111 Quiet" DON BURGER-DUDLEY YARD MANAGEMENT North 4th and Pine Telephone 3 3 Wilman, Jack, Mary, and Margie Are Thoroughly Satisfied With The Merchandise They Find ar Grissam's. "TI-IE STGRE OF DISTINCTIONH Iili ISS MQW When You're Hungry, Thirsty and Tired.. .IT Really Helps To Bunk A BITE TO EAT ,Z A Flavor Nor Copied Nor Borrowed. . .An Original CreaTion. Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. AB!LENE, TEXAS MEAD'S FINE PASTRY SHOP Is Recognized Throughout West Texos os One of the Finest Bakeries in This Region. JIMMY, DICK, ROSEMARY, AND TED FIND IT HARD TO CHOOSE FROM TI-IE VARIETY OF CAKES, PASTRIES, COOKIES, AND BREADS OFFERED BY .... M E A D' S FINE PASTRY SHOP 0 Butternut Telephone 9 14 1 Frances: "The Battery Brais always pick the best." Baqnal: "Yes, sir! We always drink Barq's ROOT Beer Or Barq's Oranqe when we are thirsty." Estes: "Barq's is tops With mel" George, drinking his Barq's, is iOO busy for comment. FOR REFRESHMENT AND ENJOYMENT , - -1-.ii-5 ri E, f mf-v umm: , ss BARQ,S 7 K F7 BARQ'S .E ' ' - - Q ORANGE M, if ROOT BEER R X ITIS' anna .i ff g N,Y, HT- Q 144 1 Butternut Street Telephone 7 173 Prepare For Leader hip 'ktttttktttttittii DEGREES OFFERED Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Home Economics, Physical Edu- cation, Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Bachelor of Music and Master of Arts. Five hundred courses in thirty-three fields afford students a wide choice. COURSES OFFERED Bible, Religious Education, Philosophy, Business Administration, Economics, Sociology, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Education, Psychology, English, Iournalism, History, Government, the Languages, Home Economics, Engineering Drawing, Physical Education, Mathematics, Speech tincluding Radio Speechl, Music and Art. SCHOOL OF MUSIC Instruction in Band Music, Music Education, Organ, Piano, Theory, Voice and Violin. The school sponsors the University Chorus, A Cappella Choir, Ouartets, University Orchestra, String Ensembles, Cowboy Band, Cowgirl Band, and Beta Mu Kappa. ' CHURCH TRAINING Courses are offered in Religious Iournalisrn, Church Music, Religious Education, and Bible. ALSO . Teacher Training, Pre-Nursing, Pre-Engineering, Pre-Medical, and Pre-Law Courses. ATHLETICS AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION Hardin-Simmons' football teams were Border Conference champions in 1941, 1942, and l946. In the latter two years they were undefeated. Physical Education classes, Basketball, Baseball, Track, and Tennis complete the physical development program. COWBOY BAND Approximately one-third of the members of the world-famous Cowboy Band are former Abilene High School students. 'kt'A't'k1kk'kt'ki't'k'kir'k'k RDI - IMMO I VER ITY For additional information concerning enrollment, write E. W. Ledbetter, Secretary-Treasurer, Hardin-Simmons University, ABILENE, TEXAS Abilene is' Meet Jlfiederu J-leiel Abilene's Favorite Place to Dine Congratulations tothe Senior Class on the Completion ofa Successful School Year WCDCDTEN HCDTEL North Third at Cypress Phone 4314 J. K. Wallingford, Mgr L " .- +4:":'2f:-N V"'frJ 4N941E59431Riw-acbe:+2-2?-2-2411-2:1ir55229:5+1-2::iz2-'-2925-35:Igr:I:ra1:21:'-'-arf:"-1:21:I-2if513153:S:Er:I5:1ss:1:1xl:I:-:-:-:-1-:-:-:V:-1-wg.,I I. ' ---' -V V V I. - - -:,:,:,:,:a,:,43--g:.,::g:,:::g-29,34.:.,.,.,.-. . 25:55 ,-4I:,55:,g,:,:.I,I,:.::1,: V. -1-1 I .I ,I I1 V-: 21,1 ----'-'-'- :. -' - - - Q555-:g:gg.ggg:gg5,5,5,5I5, V ---.-V2.2VEIESEIE.E22VE'2s2-222.' -P " V. I- I ' .II .I ,I V.V II I ' ' " " j -I V1 V 525552:--1 :rg-I 51. VV V . ij- '," -V-1. : : : :1:5:g:5:5:5:5:IE2s ' Il V1 I - - 3 '- -E2 3' af 'f' " V ' ' ' ' 2 -V 1:1-:.2.25515,I.ViZi52iI:'i1Eff V--- V 3 Z. V ' ' ,jgjll A . I ,g..VV.V-I V. V ,. I.I IIV, -IVIVIV-2 I. I-VS: .. g.. .-V.E.V,I.:-:VVVV.VV-,VV:VV.: . . I V V 1' ., T V V V 1.5.5, V, P51-3?'1':' ' -2- 3-23122,-Vz.-,"'EZE5fQf5i"' ' 2-1 '31-flifiziiiiiigii' -'-' -' "1'si,'a:: ' - pg.. I I.5:r:5:5-35.5, j:Ij 5:5g5'1':r-5:r - - I .:E1:E:.-:fi-ErEr"'I :,.5: ' . 253555 .5E5E3:5:5s -2-1-5-j,I 2.s2-:.,-'-ff-1f-'1-'- -we-Vf'I 535551212 If-25. 55535525.1323,iff I gI,5,,,,II,I ,, .I,. ' 55,355 35252555255 5555. I5I:-,-:- fiffiffiiiifi -- E?EifiIEE'IiE5,fg'5'- i::f'f5f5E? EQ'?EE?5QfQ2QE?EEirlff V-V-V-- EEEEEEEQEEEEEIQ' 532232 if 52555 -'fi 5225252 15522525232 152352: 5-'-'--5-' . ss ' . 4 V. ,-V. .V V- .- V. ,.,.,.,. ,.,. 4. I. , I ..,, ,.I.,I.I .I I , I I ,I I. , 1-EE:31i.3.3 I " :5.I.5-fr Qi?-Q1Q:Z:.r'f'E2I'f"-ff-F'' .IiiQIQ.Vififif'iifiifi-EE2E2EQE525EE5QiiEEEiiiEZfQEQ:2f2:Q EEEEEEEE-Eg2:E:15:jEE:'g1I IZIZI.EE5-E1:5-'rE:i2.QEQE2E23EEE5 I' 232525 g:5EEE5EEEE5Ei25E5EiI:f-VVI':'jEffffi'5':'E' Ifirf'-fi ' . " 2 '.,,Qi?1 I " ,. , 'A ' 1-:--V - V: "-1-2-rffrfrizirllrl 1 K I-I-.-I-.-I" I-fl-fish .2 I I IIIIIII 3 4,,- ,- , VI: I,.,:.ip,3:3I.j A:23.-:1:-:-I-:-.-:-.-V.-.V31-3V1-f1:--52511:-13:E2fE:-if-3 W- - ----- W "" Vmf-51554271as-'iV.5..35255.QEQV3...3.5:z:..s:5:a:z:e:5if5:3:. ":-?-1:5:3 ::s s 2 z5- 35 2 2 1 151 552 255 252515252529-f-fi13555f'iiliifei3T?EEEViff?1-f25':-?fE????if'1-:ISE-5EQF'I "'-" ' -1, 'A"" '21,-I1 - - f- - " "HE:5'i Z'Z'i2., I 'fr'I-'f-flf?i"Q23-'1ZEif21'EiQ52?2?25EEEFEEEQEHEEEEZQQE555555525552255532izisisiiisiiisizizie Eff' -I V- V ' - --'I-f':E'Ei--:.I.,g -I . I .,,I I VIIIjg jg: 1 :j:5e5sg2g5gigagigagVg g1g:g:g:I1 :V.5::I.,,..: , , ..V m f, f...V:V:.1.: . H V, I. - -V ..., .,:I:I:,.I.:,I. . .:4.I I ' - . -.:- V---',-.---1--V1-:V:-.Vp-E1:-:V:'-'p'.1:2.:2 .-:I-1:22'E'E'I12E'.5:5-2511.-Ijfg., T' ..'1f.l:rff: -: 1-:2 15IE1E2EfE5E2E1E5E12255255522E522555255335EgE3E5E5E5E5E5E3 gg2.:sozb:qqW.I.I.I:g The Iris Graham Memorial Dining Hall ,flflcmur y i Fraud rff its W c ,N uf Z? king Hall-- ' But proud, too, of the fine worlc former Eagles are doing on our campus . . . as leaders of our student body . . . future leaders of this area! jlflcwlur y Wclmmcs the 611155 af 1947 to Our z1m,uus.l Select the field you want . . . business administration, band, choral or piano music, journalism and public relations, pre-medicine and other sciences . . . speech and radio . . . languages and professional training . . . a well rounded social, religious, and recreational life. SAY TO YOURSELF: "PM GOING TO MCMURRY COLLEGE The Student is a Big Part of Abilene Christian College The ACC Student Council, pictured above, is one of the ubig wheels" in ACC. They promote all kinds of student activities . . . not least of which are friendliness and morale! VISIT THE CAMPUS-- MAKE YOUR PLANS TO ENROLL-- SUMMER SESSION BEGINS FALL SEMESTER 1947-48 JUNE 11 BEGINS SEPTEMBER 16 Abilene Christian College QE ,fiirg Ef S wg? cnN'rr.:NNmL 1947, 1847 EDISON T H OMAS ALVA Y.--,: -- 2' . - . ., h I, S 1 -t . , .- I847- I93l 'QPHE XWIZARD or MENLO PARK PATENTED oven moo INVENTIONS, 335 ON ELECTRIC ues-n' AND POWER. ,f B mf" . , WS 5 r ' X W ,,-,Q:-AA, To V0 ff N f I DEA Enom BOYHOOD 'rms A HANDEAD WAS AN ASSET TO W O f EDISON-11 Sum ouT DISTRACTING 'Qi' f SOUNDS, HELPED HIM CONCENTRATE IT Tool: 000 EXPERIMENTS - ""'S """T"' oven AN 9-YEAR PERIOD urwgw1QNTJEDE2Ei2"ng?g , 'ro FIND A SUITABLE FILAMENT 166215 Pgrrglngvgcmfgg QC J EDD THE INCANDESCENT L R was THE FIRST OF U My S Ilwssmssue if - JOB, ' , fe, ELECTRIC UEHTS, g mgggggf gfg QT MOTION PICTURES, ,QD ENJQQLEQEQQ. - Q,,E,,,,,,,L,,,,,, TELEPHoNES,ELEcmnc ggwfgg egvggn gm A PowER-Au. MADE Pwpggmgg n I PRACTICAL BY EDISON. 1- gfgi, S c-rmgmnvu by nad, xnwqn TZ Q' I 1 VNkstTexas Uuhues Compafyf Abilene 19 Alas! Sufhnufing Stare IS WITHOUT A DOUBT LESTER'S Marida, Lillian, Pete, Daurice, and Wendell have picked Abi- lene's most interesting store to clo their shopping in. They, like everyone else, know that for the FINEST IN JEWELRY IT IS 1 3 4 Pine Street Telephone 6 274 THOMAS, BILLY, EARL, AND ANNETTE KNOW THAT NOTHINGfCOULD. EE FINER HORACE HQLLY MOTORS LIN COLN-MERCURY Sales - Service " When lgcffvr Aufamabilcs Arc l5'uil! BUICK Will Build Chem " LONE STAR BUICK CC. 141 S ore NJUST OF S I E , Phyllis: "My, but this store has everything!" i Margaret Ann: 'It certainly does." i Juanita: "My mother shops here because she finds everything she needs in the way of household commodities." Jeanne: "My father comes here because of the wide variety of hardware and sporting goods offered." Helen Ann: "Yes, you need not make but one stop when you are shopping at ' DEPT. STORE , M "A City Within Itself" ' 4th and Oak ,-- nr,'ETt STI'-,F 1 ms if j N52 tv. if if fe ff, WJ as Q , Q 1 P f -me 6 i ' f ei:-f-Q 1: if A -"' K xv! AF'1?41Jf5'I?'P?iJ'Z'lMf52-. ' f ""5V 1 - ' ' 53 Z, KH gf .lDfc'!Z'.'::5"1w-M-1L5"'f1T2-'J fy f '- Q K jf . 1 Q to J 1:3 on Z . 1 D ze' A"' i S if Z2 1 Fewer lvln ' ,,,2?:7i' wg , 1 Send a Letter M 6 i To Your Love . . . On our specially designed stationer A type cmd Weigizi Announce lifeis supreme event fer every need-in Q with genuine engraved lorilliant array of col- Weddinq fOTU1S- gs - Pink, Pearl, ,-f reen, Ivory, Blue. We have a Wide selection i ffl I tlll C 1:-1 51.00 per box of the smartest and 3 xm -5-,ffl d iii, , S f N ' May be Personalized Q 1 KC- I at slight additional Prices vary from as ,imma 1: Q iii, S g PINK 11 I: Cartefslmc K 319.50 per 100 X .if K SCIY - - - piiiiied Wedding ieime Matching or Contrasting Colors "Tg1rZ?f1Cpg3'1" priced from tor all Stationery with folded Notes! 37.35 for 50 15 Cents in home Size bottle Your Choice ei ie "Finest for Fountain Pens" White, 21555, Green, 310.70 per 100 51.00 per box lnlene , rmtmq tatzonery ompamj Printers, Stationers, Office Cutfitters Store No. l-1038-1044 North Second PHONE 5445 Manager E. 1 i P. o.BOX 1560-ABILENE, TEXAS W. H. CBil11 HANEY Factory, 1274 North Second Street E' 1 1 "Where You Meet Your Friends" Pat, Nancy, Jack and Monty, as do all high schoal students, meet their friends at the CLHNHC PHARMACY SERVE- DIAL 321 T anner BETTER DAIRY PRODUCTS "They Taste Better" ICE-MILK-BUTTER-ICE CREAM CHOOSE The Hendrick Memorial Hospital School of Nursing For Your Career in Nursing Hendrick Memorial Hospital School of Nursing is affiliated with Hardin-Simmons University. Earn University Credit as you receive your basic course in nursing. For information on the school write Director of Nursing Hendrick Memorial Hospital Abilene, Texas For Extra Freshness take TAYSTEE BREAD L xg i 4 , Meri 'V .'J'l cs-Af ON SALE AT YOUR GROCER'S-FRESH DAILY tling plant is b ld For A Real y F Fine Trear, 1 Drink RCYAL CROWN CQLA .. .,.-A-1-1-:1:11r:r 2 QE1E121E125E12322E2222222iziE55i22i552s:5:s:24 ::1:-. C714 ff1f'5'f'ff1f'f iu i Has The Reputation. of Being WEST Texas Fmest Fu rniru re Mart. gg '"'r"rrr1'1rrr1'f11fr21f 2 FOI' Th!-3 Very BEST in mji ljmf m jljtjggmfnfrg Household Furnishings, ,ff F Come To Barrow Furniture Company 290 Cedar Street Telephone 4396 After school have a Coke -11""T7 Patsy, Mary Len, Shir- ley, and Mary Frances agree that the most ef- ficient training in sec- retarial science and ac- counting can be had at Gail College. Gail graduates, since 1931, have been employ- ed 100 per cent. Interview HELEN ROBINSON, A. B., Founder-President GAIL COLLEGE 503 1-2 Pine Street These boys from Abi- I is i lene High school know that Richards S h o e Shop is the place for a sparkling shine. After or visit to Richards, 1 Wc1lter's, Don's, Freddie's, Gene's, Iohn's, ond Irc1's shoes will really SHINE! Kivlzards Shaw Serviee PHIIITIII6 PHONE 4722 Elm at Second Street CALL US FOR THAT NEXT PRINTING IOB NEWSPAPERS LETTERHEADS STATEMENTS INVITATIONS BOOKLETS BUSINESS CARDS TABLOIDS ENVELOPES INVOICES FOLDERS ANNOUNCEMENTS PERSONAL CARDS PERSONAL STATIONERY l6z1sscy1s' Zfriufing ampauy The Classical and Popular Recordings You Want to Own Are to Be Found at The Record Shop These smart girls know to buy the best in Music at EWS" 320 cvPREss sn E ORD H 2ar.sfs2m:zmt 3 Z0 Cypress Street TC1CP1'1011C 8224 David, Jack, and Chick Are Hoping Thar There Is a Ford Convertible In Their Future MY t For the Best in Cars, Automobile Ports, cmd Service, Visit -- ,- UNIVERSAL MCDTORS Qoijztitiz "The West Texas House" THEFPENDE11. QMPQNNQ FURNITURE LOOSE LEAF FILING DEVICES l SYSTEMS SAFES 'V' ETC. Manufacturing Stationers I Complete Line of Office Supplies 273 Cypress Street Telephone 7225 ABILENE, TEXAS For Something in MILLINERY . . . MILLER-PERKINS Know that for Q Youthful, Orlqmofl, D t t1Ve Wardrobe They Must Go to MILLEFLPERKLNS Ham, Janice, Ann, and David know They will always see a goocl show at The l ' on suonnwnv or nnzrucnfff -mposuis PIN .,s,. af'UNDERFRSSf:. Your Theater of Certified Hits Motion Pictures Are Your Best Form of Entertainment 955 South lst Street Telephone 3095 i Superior Service and Quality Are Offered At The Farmers and Merchants National Bank These Boys Always Bring Their Finonciol Attoirs To The Farmers and Merchants National Bank 202 Pine St. MEMBER F. D. I. C. Tel. 5246 Billie: "I s u r e l y would like to have this beautiful Watch." The Two Anus: uYes, and the rest of this jewelry is wonder- ful alsof' Billy Rory cmd Herbert heartily agree that for the finest of fine things qo to FN DIAMONDS 'ff' JEWELRY WATCHES Cf Agn ,550 GIFTWARE 126 Pine Street J Telephone 5785 -L--li A Complete Stock of I fi' i ' 3 , .-Ritl'-95: -:ac-:Q:g:yQ3:1:g:g:- , , g - f:f:f:5:i:fi2ffi2i --,V-3.1.1ifififEfififffiiifififffffififfiftiz W , 1, """ ""' t ?,3-3-315::efff:sfs:s:z:s:s:sf111-'- t ' ' '-:se:2:f.-: --'f' :a:,e:-eases? 1245 7 3 : --f ff- .:5gz:1 ""f'f'1'f'f'f'1'f 'A'A"' ' ,:,,,, -me 3 .:s2z55:555 5 3:555Z:Qsgjj1i3E2555E5i:2:1 5, ,.:'...-. s N -I M ' ll II ee.., Pam' an WH " t 1- 'e'e I: LE 3392! Lf- --'-fzlffif:1pf:fifiE:fif:fi2Z::::gg:ggg.: :.:i- "j..-151155 .i- 535 ifffjjifitiiifiiftftiitf? i ' it" 50 th Cm: lfumb r Zampany Peggy, Billie, and Mina Are greatly impressed by the brilliant display of crystal and jewelry to be found at C. M. PRESLEY IEWELERS ine Street Abilene, Te-xcrs The Best in Foods l Can Always Be Found at PIGGLY-WIGGLY STORES for Margie, Audry, and Bonnie Abilene Laundry Company "The Good One" SINCE 1894 768 Walnut Street A Phone 5266 For all kinds of electrical equip- ment, Ellen, Jim, Gene, and Joan go to MILT MCKEN- ZIE'S for the finest. MILT MCKENZIE ELECTRIC COMPANY 450 Pine Street Phone 4224 FOR A REFRESHING DRINK THESE SMART BOYS CHOOSE Pepsi- Cola Mary, Gwen, and Margie -as do other hi h school A g students - open their ac- counts at THE cmzms NA1loNAL BANK ABILENE, TEXAS UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT DEPOSITORY MEMBER F D I C. lOl P St t T I ph e 4301 "It's REX A. SIVIITI-YS for us,7' say Susie and Ann, ufor the best of jewelry, crys- tal, and pens." REX A. SMITH JEWELER ABILENE, TEXAS 1026 North Znd Street T 1 ph 7045 This beautiful DeSoto, the choice of Rebecca, Jerry, and Marilyn, is only one of the many fine cars sold by Jack Yonge Motor Company 1441 So. First Phone 6236 Wfhether it's sweet peas, roses, or orchids, Abilene 1-ligh School students choose to patronize UNIVERSITY FLORISTS "Say It With Flowers and Say It With Oursw 1202 Ambler Phone 5169 FOR MILES AND MILES AND MILES of Dependable Service Naturally It's CHEVROLET Western Chevrolet Co. 1402 North lst TELEPHONE 8995 ' A Home ABIlENE BOOK Library .... STORE "The Largest ls one of the f 1 d mi' Exclusive Book h lpf 1 S , Store m p s cz 11 qh 11 1 West Texasf' t d t n PENN GILBRETH h P p' t Build y own 365 Cyp with books from Ph 4428 A Dietitian's Care .... Is responsible for The Fine Quality Food and Well-Rounded Menu that is found at The ,116 75146 ffzyh Eafcfvria WHEN IN NEED OF MEN'S AND BOYS' WEAR OR SHOES YOU CAN BE ASSURED OF THE BEST AT REASONABLE PRICES 'VVI-IITEI-IURST'S RIGHTW5 IAUNDRY "YOU CAN'T GO WRONG THE RIGHT-WAY" 609 Oak Street PTIOHC 5295 "EVERYTHING IN HARDWARE" China-Glassware--Kitchen Ware-Westinghouse Refrigerators and Roper Gas Ranges-Philco Radios-Speed Queen Washers LION HARDWARE CO. The Largest Hardware Stock in West Texas Phone 3241 East of Post Office CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS SMITH - CRAIN PHARMACY Northside For Your Convenience-Two Locations Southside Dial 3 2 O 7 Your Neighborhood Dial 3 2 O9 802 Hickory Druggist 3 101 S. Seventh SI-ICE SERVICE STORE Makers of Cowboy Boots and Shoes Luggage, Boot and Shoe Repairing Abilene, Texas 441 Pine Clothes for Young Men and Men Who Stay Young "Styled for the Four I-Iundreclv 'QPricecl for the Fort Millionl' Y Ahilene's Largest Store for Men and Boys 15 8 Pine Street PIIOHC 5 5 44 IN ABILENE IT IS- 13.371 1' AMF Home of Clean Dairy Products-Milk, Butter, Ice Cream "All Pasteurizedv 4th and Chestnut Phone 6 2 7 7 C Leon or a like f2Y J. R. Fielder O. D. Dillingham FIELDER f DILLIN GHAM LUMBER COMPANY Cook's Varnish and Paint 410 Chestnut Wall B0a1'd Wall Paper Telephone 817 1 and 817 2 Sash and Doors ABILENE, TEXAS Che kzylzf Kind af Insurance at the Right Zimc IS TI-IE SERVICE EXTENDED BY Enom eiiegizmuiler GENERAL INSURANCE Let Us Give You the Feeling of Security That Is Warranted Qnly by Protective Coverag 509-10 Miins Bldg. D I 5665 Best Wishes From ISEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO.I THE FRIENDLIEST STORE IN TOWN 358-66 Pine Street Phone 5285 Preferred zen FOR FINE QUALITY CLEANING MR.AND MRS.THERON'GUEFEY ABILENE. TEXAS 1174 South Second Street Phone 5297 Sk iles Mvfnr Kompany SALES ..... , SERVICE I ISI North Second Phone 6158 flr1!l,M zz ic mzpauy "Everything in Music" Pianos-Musical Merchandise-Complete Stock Sheet Music ond Studies 434 Pine Street Telephone 5 13 1 J. M. Radford Grocery Company Pioneer Wholesale Grocers Since l883 I-IAS SUPPLIED WEST TEXAS WITH TI-IE BEST IN QUALITY FOOD PRODUCTS BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION St mlined courses in Business Administration, Secretaryship, d A counti q pl s Southwicle Placement Service, hove proved shot d steppi qt t p t f th d f hgh h 1 q d t Prestiq th pl y b q t td df D gh q d t at ha d 'l t q l 'S t y b q b ld q bank t t th y l th gh th D gh y t b tt pay. Large select student body, nationally-recognized courses. 1 DRAUGHON'S BUSINESS COLLEGE TI-IIS 1947 FLASI-ILIGHT COVER IS A PRODUCT OF Universal Cover Company SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS INTERSTATE THEATRES DEDICATED TO COMMUNITY SERVICE BRINGS TC A. I-I. S. STUDENTS TI-IE FINEST IN SCREEN ENTERTAINMENT WELCOME TO TI-IE PARAMOUIIT MAJESTIC QUEEN PALACE NlCKl NNEY-CLARK Nl A R G O' S Insurance Shoes and Sportswear Exclusively 189 Pine Street FIRE--TORNADO-CASUALTY AUTO PHONE 5 14 1 2 04 Alexander Bldg. Phone 5 6 7 3 Riga 5Z.H'?Zflll'7'f fa Q If67fwzuEL'e IKUIILI .7ZlfI'Illfljl0I7 201 Walliut ABILENE, TEXAS Phone 5 5 7 7 IT Is Evidenr Thar g IAMES AND KELLY ARE FAVORABLY IMPRESSED BY THE PERFORMANCE OF THIS AMAZING "JEEP" STATION WAGON SOLD BY Hill and Hill Company The "Ie-ep" is typical of lhe fine- products Sold by Hlll AND Hlll COMPANY I I "HEAD FOR THE HILLS' " FOR QUALITY SCHOOL LIFE P Advertising . . . Spreading good cheer . . . Heave ho! . . . The trainer . . . What a chin . . . Straight from India . . . Biackface . . . Hamum and Hailey band School Friends f-X 'DN .H -w,-I-IL ,M,.,, , :QZIVCCJ il LJ-lx Xl 1 3 ff 77 x FS rg S See You 0115 Gollege ff' 77 Smfe Thing .,,-. :Pl an ' 1 f Ll Hcquaintcmces 0 A "Sf 1oufcl H Fl' ulol flcquczizatance be forgot If ff Never by True eagles H11 good angles Oi fnfnwi ' 0 in xfXN'0'3' 'H' o IIN L IM Wag" ' R' 'M' . W if W ' 5 Ng' A ' 'IV I, yt- 1 1 igbwifiga x ov ' A "3a9g"x , ,3 2 y nf Q

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