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. . ,-,--nu ' ' ' ' .- N .- . .1 ' ' ' I Y V 1 . , A ,f ,Sgr , I ,A -1' , 5 , l 4, 4, W i 22 J. 53 fl fE1UfO4 ,J 4b A, . M Dear ofd Abi- Xena High, J IGrand ofa' Ab!-lane Hgh, ', ,Q ham! ' l 3 1 1 1 L . , IA ' A IJ, .UQ 'J ' sl IJJV' J 1 Loyal Jusf fo 'you - MP6 I Faffh-fu! and Wue ,Blue , We a lo fr V! fri' to I, LF ww Q NV , , . , A f' H ,x 1.4117 4 ,1 , QT Q' Schoof of ' Eajfe A fZ7me , A M77 -ner of fhe Game , F 1 V 1 ' , , Q 1 V V 1' fi V I' V 1' F U '-A Q Hghf' JWQL 1 J J V J' 'J 4 5 4 4, 4 ryfzf fo fhe end, and when youve wan if fhen , 75 I9 VA V lf'l'!+If,I' 1' IFE ,ff . J J W J Q School of all F 'DMM-ww! W N ' Xjilfjn K X' Lf, M f ol 194, f ' ,A is 4, ys hryffijfjjof 21 Uffvfffe n .best 12 N---5 . 6 if Q Cfffjfd .' I 'ij P-4 0 My f ' I if A fy L J b +' , - 6, Jw ,i"" . ,1 W, -'nf 'bf 'f V'-f' ' '1 1, ' lg. 119 on ,Io N IC In .3 Y V 9 W W if ,V gf" ':' - Q , I 2 ,fi ' I 'lv' A ngzif if ,g cheers fdfjfg U M3 f - V I IQ' iff F fkff 49-4-dfx-0413 f.a.f-'-11.5 l0.JSaf0cA,- sf t , . W Cs? 1-g,,,.44,,p,,g fa - I izry 1'Qt'd't 1 .',V abc' -77-fa,f,,..f 4,54-1!g4,7! W A Qfafaci: 4' ' ' 0 T7 1 w x I 604 QQQJ zmfizzifw Q 1 ' f fi?A 2406! Zf,:f3"V X e Sw SEQ 5 fi W9 A 5 N 2 NNY? Qs ff W gg? X5 N 9 ax rw 5 x X X ky 5' JN N, bi Q M5 jk X xv 3 R Ng X fam' JQWZM, MPUWATW ,Awww MMLIMZM QQEUMAQ . v-4. K A -LW' 'Vo ,J W 5, duff J f"'4p . "ff . , 'vu M myM5y M fQif?yff3 jARfff2yM f VW l Wfw'ZW f A ' A , fCffwf,fi W Myvfffjwfnmy 2?K'i?1.Qjm W ,gfm T 22? EZ KMNWAQ -H . FV ' Fw .25 A . v . " ,. I k , s J A ,XX X.. .AIX V iq! KJ X xv.,--,Ax KK - Ax 1 ' , ,z-N, 5 owy . W1 X fig iii? ix' f Q 4, RH gk. 1 AX ,Qu A NM 'V A "f ' , Q . :N . W 5. ' . 635, AN - fmt. N I 1,11 N NN qv 'r L, . 1 - . ,H 2 Q ,fm wfwwww Qg?gQiQ?jwQmMQKg WW MfN X Lv W' J ' kg: X ' -v Q01 , 'M 'xx' VV J at Q -' PC ' 'f K N' ' A ' Q M. - sl 5 A 5 xx 2w 'QQWQVWQ WX -1 it v ,J . f' E . L L L9 mg? KI, X 5, K , OV. ., EQ. H, , t , , ,r ,t E Nga ,f GGQNELE G TDYJ' EoB MAYFIELD Q a 1 . if-' x II r l If I ,I I - Vg .1 'l Editorgy Business Manager r 3' - . .H ' X va. il ff .3 - -S! ft If GEORGE FOSTER TED PITZER X .L'!Sif-"ABQ 1' LayoutEditor Photographer I we 'f - xl t f'1,if'3 rf, .. PEGGY PAGE 1 ni f . . -I .,. 'Q' Senior Editor . 1 iii Ioan Williams, Faculty Editorg Edith Boehlert, Art Editorp Phyllis Clemmer, Club Editor, David Bowers, Sports EditoiXiBillie Pliler, lunior Editor: lack Yates, Assistant Business Manaaerg Doyle Nash, Assistant Photoarapherg Assistant Iunior Editors: Berta leanne Hopkins, Dorothy Cralotreeg Sophomore Editors: Marida Ray, Lillian Richards, Ruth Biqaersg Assistant Layout Q l Editor: timmy Walker Q' X 42 ff 10 1 W 2'LfMlmg5fJs' 6, W VPN A aux V, wjgjgfngiexifgm U5 6 6 0 W M 'Q UNE W. Sikicinr fl E90 in Pgkwhegg HQ Students 'I X, Xvaklgwff 200 ' JA 1346 C' fQ GX ang MRS. MILTON RAGSDALE The saying, "Like mother, like daughter," certainly holds true in this family. Mrs. Bishop's daughter, Mrs. Milton Bagsdale, attended the University of Texas and has her B. A. and M. A. degrees. Mrs. Bagsdale majored in government and Was employed by the Eighth Begional War Labor Board in Dallas. She is now in Washington, D. C., and is in the Policy Division of the National War Labor Board. ffauariug Mrs. Selma Z. Bishop Mrs. Selma Bishop, who has taught at Abilene High School for sixteen years, is one ot the most beloved teachers oi the faculty. Mrs. Bishop attended the University of Texas, Where she secured both her B. A. and M. A, degrees. Since she teaches English and takes a special interest in creative writing, she has spon- sored such clubs as Ready Writers and National Essay League oi Am- erica, and has published poems ot her own. She takes a special interest in her daughter, Eleanor, who is a graduate of Abilene High School. Mrs. Bishop takes an active part in church Work and is a valuable mem- ber ot American Association oi Uni- versity Women and the Delta Kappa Gamma, an honor organization for women teachers. She is the wife of Mr. Iohn A. Bishop. MRS. SELMA L. BISHOP MBS. SELMA L. BISHOP Because oi our appreciation oi the high ideals, worthy accomplishments, and genial guidance ot one who faithfully serves dear old Abilene High- one who inspired us to greater things and has planned ior us and trusted us, We lovingly dedicate thisethe 1946 Flashlight-to Mrs. Selma L. Bishop. LAdrninistration, Classes, Favoritesi fx .X 1 , flirt h 'I'-1' 'QI fAY.Ar -'.-' .4. uw' ' 4 I Q . mfufv t f w . i, if ff I This is the Zyeardfor reconversidn, and our annual takes on a.peace- time appearance. Pieasantycolars and padded covers' eine back -to' brightenfftogir book. Althouqh the, year 1946 brings backkni ny' andnoveli ehlerfiehts in... I i -ydbgiiyv-'A lite, We have not reached intoxthei 'tiitfire' for at tthemef'i'fistea'd, 'We ha'vje,.ftaken a tandby of ,Eagle- land-"O1df .Ba dy," oiifeisfadium eagleyl-as :the theme di odr book, and doesn't he deserve it! 'AAS ken- durinq as EaqIefSpirit, "Qld Bal- dy" has -taken distant journeys hand linderqone weird experiencesf' bgt fstili she remains, tgigniQhant1yfV our Eaqleg QWe hope this boiokihas captnred' the scenes .?and,qitrnlgsgS, , of life cn Abilene High School that Yon will Want pto x-remember th later wqyears. As for a riolicallrofs this- annuais sections, yo,u,fini:1 Athleticsg Chibs, 'anlda Advieftisel ments-all with 'a Qienerai sprink- Iina of 'popular features. A 1 rr, lik 4 . J 5 in i ,. 3 ,W g Vind, Y L 1 FOREWORD t H ' ,,,,r-mff.s,,, ,,,. I . 0 Q ,za JF' 1? :-, L P Q 1 . bb A F 0 E 6 E ia 9 4 J kv 5534! W . E 4 1' Q 2 , . -X W Q N- ,, ' Af" A , sae A 5,3 ' -I x f fd-.as ' V' if : 1 - m K H .J " Q A MINISIR IIO f P V I G V 1 Y Y' .SJ 1. Q ,H A -if i .f M xg! J l L L Dry' XZ! 7 I .-4' .1 'A' f . fA6fA6 by QL ',Jj,J,'.2f0C 0, pf f nfl ,pw M f QQ zt,fD"d f H ' I . Mrv,..fL7L44 . ,if I' . flfin ZX f' 4 '- X MR. L. E. DUDLEY, M. A,, LL. D. Q: Superintendent To the Students: Your editor requested a message from me. Since space is limited, briet l must be, "ln titty words," so my instructions ran, . . . "Give us Whatever advice you can." lames Russell Lowell once had a similar task to do, His Words ot wisdom, l commend to you: "Greatly begin! though thou have time But for a line, be that sublime! Not failure, but low aim is crime." L. E, DUDLEY Busy moment in the ottice E I i Dictating to Mrs. Sheppard MR. IOE C. HUMPHREY, B. A., M. A. Principal "Enter to learn, go forth to serve" Burn this thought into your mind and soul so deeply that you will never forget the underlying principle upon which Abilene High School is founded. My prayer to Almighty God is that you may allow Him to give you strength, courage, am- bition, and determination to understand and execute this noble motto of all true Eagles. IOE C. HUMPHREY tx . U Je,- -., - ff, ...wp- ?,,, e . MR. DON B. WEATHERBY, B. A., M. A. A - M Assistant Principal ln a country where the form of government is a democracy, the underlying principles must undergo a greater test in the period immediately following the close of a war than during the conflict itself. The problems that we now face surely make us realize that we must put forth great effort to win peace. May we put aside our personal differences and work together to push the cause of democracy ever forward. DON B. WEATHERBY 1 X 1 7' ,' I ' .fl if -iq kv. f, .J ,. 7 J , , K 0,7 -1 'EK :nik tf. .1 b rf 1 " ,cf t '.f-Q-. ' A-lf a c. 1 !",- -. I L , . ,.,l- L Qur own Mr. Weatherby Moy I help you?" MRS. EDITH C. SMITH, B. A. Deorr Students: K The lgnd todgy is filled with youth movements permitted ond even promoted by odults. This edger- ness to give to boys ond girls cr port in re-shoping the World in which they ore living gives you on opportunity to do dll the Wise ond good deeds for which your gbility and trorining hcfve fitted you. In your thinking gnd plgnning for tomorrow, mgy your brood humonity legd you to consider not just your- self, but oll the peoples of the world. Sincerely yours, MRS. EDITH C. SMITH f'+'lx MISS TOMMIE CLACK, L, l., B. A. Peabody, Mclvlurry English Hobby: Old Books Clubs: Flashlight, G an G t Q MRS. SELMA L. BISHOP, MISS BENNIE SPECK, B. o., M. A. MISS BOBBIE CLACKI L, In B, A, MRS- A B N ANANCEI B, A., M. A. Uni ersit of T xa , I L ' " ' , , University at Texas Hgfdingimminss George Pibcfi MCMUUY University oi Texas, Trinity English English ng is A Enghsh Hobby: Writing Hobby: Poetry ,.,, Hobby: Outdoor Lite. Hobby: Reading Clubs: National Essay League oi Clubs: Short Story, Spelling Clubs: Social English, Declarnation America, Ready Writers t l t W l X MISS MARY EAGGETT, T B. A., M A. MRS. KATHRYN MORROW, MRS, C, B. HICKS, B, A, MRS. CAROLYN VJOQTEN, B, A. HardinASin'.rnons B. A., M A. University ot Colorado HGTdi1'1'SimTI'1O1'1S Eflqlish University of Texas, Baylor English, Practical Latin Emzflish HOUDYI Refldiflq Hobby: Art Hgbb 5 Regdin Hobby: Collecting Demitasse Clubs: Skaters and Sports Club, Ctubg International Student Y Q Sophomore Sponsor Society MR. WILLIAM D. LAWSON, B. A. MR' IOBE I-ISFUXAQPHREY Abilene Christian MISS A' B' Southwestern: Southern Physical Education' History AmSTiCC1Il HfSfOTY, EHQUS11 Methodist Hobby: Sports History Cjvjcg Club: Football "B" Team, Iunior Hobby: Reading Hobby: Gardening Sponsor 1. 'K A, h I I an I I . iffiff-7 www-. , . - MISS LUCRETIA CURRY, A. B. MISS' FERINI BROCK, A. B., M. A. Abilene Christian MISS MARIE VUNSTONI University of Texas, Howard American History B. A., A. A PGYUG Hgbbyj Reading Texas Christian, Peabody Civics, Sociology Hjgtory H bb :T 1 ' Cf:ub:ygkSt?X5 Hobby: Collecting Souvenir Spoons Club: Senior Sponsor 2 t t MRS. HOLLIS R. BOND, B. A, T MRS. NANCY MURRAY' Hardin-Simmons MRS. M. BARNES, B. A. B. L-I L' S- HiSiOIY , Hmgimslmmons , Texas State College for Women, Hobby. Cooking American History, Texas History Rudnmh Club: National Forensic League, Hobbf Coueclmg Dlshes Hobby: Cooking Iunior Sponsor - ' Club. Llbrary , l MISS NVILLIE FLOYD, B. A., M. A. Southern Methodist, Hardin-Simmons Pre-Flight, Physics Hobby: Aviation Clubs: Iunior Academy ot Science, Pilots MR. ERNEST SUBLETT, B. A., M A. Sul Ross State Teachers, Hardin-Simmons Chemistry, Public Speaking Hobby: Photography Club: Theatre, Senior Sponsor MISS ODELL IOHNSON, B. A., M A. University of Alabama, Southern Methodist Biology Hobby: Animal Pins Club: First Aid MR. W. I. FOX, B. S., S. M. HardinfSimmons, Brown Chemistry Hobby: Photography MRS. HELEN WILLIAMS, B. S., M. A. Draughon's Business, McMurry, Hardin-Simmons Shorthand, Typewriting Hobby: Reading Club: Gregg Writers MISS EVA GARVIN, B. A., M. A. East Texas State Teachers Typewritinq, Bookkeeping Hobby: Stamp Collecting Club: Typing MISS RUBY COMPERE. B. S., M. A. Texas State College tor Women Homemalcing Hobby: Hunting Club: Future Homemakers of America MRS. BETH HENAGAN, B. A. Texas Christian University Art, Design Hobby: Art Club: Art MR. R. T. BYNUM, B. M., B. A. Hardin-Simmons Band, Orchestra Hobby: Instrumental Music Club: Record MR. DON B. WEATHERBY, B. A., M A. I I Baylor, Texas Technological Mathematics l-lobby: Sports Clubs: Banking, Golf MISS MARION CI-IAMBLISS. A. B., M. A. Texas Woman's, George Peabody Algebra Hobby: Summer Camp Work Club: Sophomore Sponsor Miss MABEL REEVES, A. B. MR- TRUMAN N1-XNCE, B- S. Hqrdingimmons North Texas Stale Teachers Algebra Mathematics, History I-lobby: Travel HObbY5 RQUCUYIQ Club: lunior Red Cross Club? Rifle Miss MYRTLE TRANTHAM, B A. MRS- E- M- RANDGLPHI I-lardinASimmons L' I" B- A" M- A- Lgfml Mathematics Peabody, Abilene Christian, Hobby: Dramatici Hgfdmslmmons Club: Future Teachers Spcmishf MGI-hemulfcs I-lobby: Travel Club: Los Leales MR. S. I. SMITH, A. B. Abilene Christian, Texas University Algebra Hobby: Gardening Club: Tennis MISS BELLE IONES, B. A. McMurry Mathematics Hobby: Collecting Silver Spoons Club: Knitting MRS. EDITH K. BALLARD, B. A. Hardin-Simmons Spanish, Mathematics Hobby: Young People Club: Educational Film ll! 1 if df 9 MISS MARGARET COLE A B MR W K BENTLEY B A Hardin-Simmons Hardin-Simmons lournalism, World History Physical Education Hobby: lournolism Hobby: Archery Clubs: Battery, Press Club, Quill Club: "A" Club and Scroll If .M ,419 , .ir ,jg of , N f f' li 1 9 , ' ' ,1l,. - LSLVIX , ' lwf ,gf ' J xfl ' Club: Fine Arts MR. GID WALDROP, B. M., M. M. MH- P- E- SHOTWELL. University of Rochester, Baylor B4 S-I M- Ed- Vojce West Texas Teachers, University Hobby: Rare and unusual of Texcsl recordings Director of Athletics, Head Football Coach l-lobby: Boys MRS. DOROTHY CLEVELAND, MR. l. D. VANNOY, B. A. B. A. University of Texas Hardin-Simmons Physical Education Clubs: Pep Squad, Sports Club MISS OUIDA CLEMONS, B. A., M. A. North Texas State Teachers, McMurry Vocal Music Clubs: A Cappella, Fine Arts MR. W. RAINEY OWEN, B. S. MR. I. l. MOORE, East Texas State Teachers A. B., B. S , M, S, Part-Time Cooperative Training Hardin-Simmons, Texas A. :St M. Hobby: Fishing Vocational Agriculture Club: Diversified Occupations Hobby: Poultry Club: Future Farmers of America MR- DONLEY STEPHENSON' MR, 1. H. NAIL, A. B., M. A. MR. GEORGE KAERWER, B- S- University of Texas, Federal lourneyman Machinist MCMUTTY Howard Payne Certificate Shop Mechanical Drawing, New Mexico A. St M. Hobby: Athletics Mathematics Hobby: Woodcraft Club: Sophomore Class MRS. LANELLE SHEPPARD MISS Machine Shop Hobby: Woodwork GENEVIEVE THOMPSON Secretary to the Principal Secretary to the Superintendent I A BOARD OF TRUSTEES MR. PAUL MCC!-XRTY MRS. PENDER MR. IOE SMlTl-l' President Vice-President Secretory MR. GEORGE BARRON MRS. SWiNNEY MR. L. P. COOK MR. HORACE M. CONDLEY STUDENT COUNCIL Benibelle Lewis, Weldon Bdiliti, Dickie White, Edith Boehlert, Bill Frazier, Marjorie Lewis Mrs. Edith C. Smith Mr. Joe C. Humphrey Advisers x 'ki-.NX 'ki-k N 'ki-Q, N. x X-F. " N lltktla 'kt n Q, N . ic it . x 'W 'tt lkhlltlwl X :QQ N9 A Sflamilfg Kraufn af youth Lieutenant William R. Agnew, Troop B. 113th Cavalry, killed in Germany, October 14, 1944. Technical Sergeant Curry Allen, Marine Corps Air Force, killed on Bougain- ville, on November 1, 1944. Lieutenant Alto L. Baker, killed in a plane crash at Victorville, California, on September 19, 1942. Staff-Sergeant Hugh E. Balfanz, 725th Squadron, 45lst Bomb Group, killed near Luxembourg, on October 4, 1944. Flight Officer Buddy Bob Beasley, 33rd Ferrying Command, killed December 15, 1944, when his airplane crashed into Lake Pepin, at Pepin, Vtfisconsin. Sergeant R. L. Berry, 394th Squadron, killed in Luxembourg, on lanuary 23, 1945. Lieutenant lames E. Bilberry, navigator of bomber, died in an airplane crash, at Biggs Field, El Paso, October 24, 1943. Second Lieutenant George H. Blackburn, lr., 368th Figher Squadron, 359th Fighter Group, killed while guarding Remagen Bridge, in Germany, on March 10, 1945. Second Lieutenant Claude F. Brewster, a flying instructor at Olathe, Kansas, died in an airplane crash near Abilene, Texas, on May 14, 1944. Pharmacist Mate Third Class Calvin Brooks, Second Marines, killed on Saipan, on lune 17, 1944. Sergeant Leahmon Bryant, 422 Squadron, 305th Group, killed over Europe, on December 6, 1942. T-5 Stanley Coppinger, Harbor Craft Service, killed on Saipan, on April 2, 1945. Private lewel D. Craig, 31st Division lnfantry, H. Company, killed on a lap prison ship, on October 24, 1944. Private First Class Walter A. Edwards, 44th Division, Seventh Army, died of wounds, in France, on lanuary 7, 1945. Corporal Charles M. Ellis, Radio Specialist in the Signal Corps, killed in a truck accident in North Africa, on lanuary ll, 1943. Private Dennis Ross Francis, Army Air Force, killed in an airplane crash in California, on February 6, 1942, Ensign M. D. tChuckl Francis, U. S. N., killed in the Pacific near Biak, on lune 12, 1944. Lieutenant Thomas Rex Francis, 8th Air Force, killed over Hamburg, Ger- many, on May 14, 1944. Seaman First Class Harold Lloyd Freeman, U. S. S. destroyer Braine, killed forty miles off Okinawa, on May 27, 1945. Seaman First Class S. G. Gentry, U. S. S. Houston, killed in action, February 28, 1942. Private lustin Gray served on Bataan and died in a Japanese prison camp after the Death March. Captain Rudyard Kipling Grimes, M Company, 57th lnfantry, Philippine Scouts, died in prison camp Number One, Cabanatuan, Philippines, in the sum- mer oi 1942. Private Bernie Hagins, Company A, F Infantry, killed on Attu, on May 19, 1943. Second Lieutenant lames Randolph Haile, 379th Bomb Squadron, 534th Bomb Group, killed near Frieburg-Breisgau, Germany, on luly 12, 1944. Sergeant Willie F. Heleman, Motor Transport Service, Persian Gulf Command, killed in a motorcycle accident at Abilene, Texas, on March 25, 1945. Sergeant loseph D. Heleman, who had completed fifty missions in the Army Air Force in ltaly, killed in a motorcycle accident at the Abilene Municipal Air- port, Abilene, Texas, on March 25, 1945. Sergeant Roy P. Hervey, lr., 29th Pursuit Squadron, died on Bataan, lune l, 1944. Cadet William T. Holliday, A. A. F. T. D., Class 43-F, killed in an airplane crash at La Grange, Georgia, on March 31, 1943. Seaman Second Class Freeman Holly, died at a naval hospital at Newport, Rhode lsland, on November 27, 1943. Private First Class Robert Height lackson, Third Army, died in Luxembourg, February 15, 1945. Lieutenant Robert Stanley larrell, 22nd Fighter Squadron, 524th Fighter Group, killed in an airplane crash in Leipzig, Germany, on April 19, 1945. First Lieutenant Robert Eugene lay, Pilot lnstructor, Army Corps, killed in an accident on a cross-country flight near Memphis, Tennessee, on April 17, 1945. Lieutenant Granville lohnson, Naval Air Corps, lost in an airplane crash in the South Pacific in lune, 1944. Sergeant Le Von R. lohnson, 15th Air Force, 301 Bomb Squadron, killed over Piombino, ltaly, on April 23, 1944. Corporal Sam R. Iohnston tRhoades Chalkerl, killed in ltaly, on March 29, 1945, while testing a bomber. Flight Sergeant Carson lordan, 434th Squadron, killed in Germany, on August 18, 1943. Cadet Fred Keathley, Flight B, Squadron 18, died April 23, 1943, at Santa Ana Army Air Base. First Lieutenant Guy Harmon Kemper, fighter pilot in the Marine Air Corps, killed while returning from Rabaul, New Britain, on December 19, 1943. ' GLW Jmperishable Zfhcy Wear Corporal Donald Kilpatrick, Fourth Marine Division, killed or: lwo lima, on March 11, 1945. Private Ronald Knight, Army of the United States, killed on Saipan. Gunner's Mate Third Class Clayton Leach, United States Navy, died of wounds in the Pacific Theater, on luly 19, 1944. Lieutenant lames Emmett Lee, 587th Bomb Squadron, 394th Bomb Group, killed in an airplane crash near Kellogg Field, Battle Creek, Michigan, on lanuary 8, 1944. Private First Class Charles Benton Little, Company B, 348th lnfantry Regiment, Third Army, killed in action while carrying messages in Germany, on March 6, 1944. Private Ray Edward McClure, Company l, 35lst lnfantry, 99th Division, killed in Normandy, on luly 7, 1944. Platoon Sergeant Bobby G. McCracken, Ninth Marines, killed on Guam, on luly 27, 1944. Staff-Sergeant Eugene F. Mantooth, Second Division, 38th lnfantry, killed in France, on luly 27, 1944. Lieutenant Melvin Millard, Battery V 200th Coast Artillery, died on a lap prison ship, on October 24, 1944. Lieutenant Bert Don Miller, Squadron 576, 392nd Group, killed over Germany, on March 15, 1944. Private De Oatis K. Moates, died at McCook Field, Nebraska, on lanuary 29, 1945. Captain Thomas Ray Monroe, Test Pilot, killed in a plane crash at New Castle, Delaware, on luly 21, 1945. Private First Class Glen E. Moore, Headquarters Battery, l3lst Division, died in a lapanese prison camp at Kanburi, Thailand, on October 19, 1943. Corporal 1. B. Morrison, 60th Coast Artillery, killed on Corregldor, on Decem- ber 26, 1941. Corporal Walter C. Oughton, killed in an airplane crash at Oliver Springs, Tennessee, on March 19, 1943. Lieutenant William S. Pennington, Squadron 94, Group L, killed in an air- plane crash in England, on October 11, 1942. Corporal lack Perry, killed in the Philippines, on April B, 1942-the day be- fore Bataan fell. Sergeant Earl Proctor, 36th Division, died in Boston, on September 20, 1945. Second Lieutenant W. A. Pruitt, Army Air Force, killed in a flight from India to China, on lune 15, 1944. Lieutenant 1. W. Raynes, Second Marines, killed on Guam, by a lapanese sniper, on Iuly 27, 1944. Flight Officer Milton B. Reese, 21st Bomb Squadron, Saipan, lost on a B-29 raid over Nagoya, on lanuary 14, 1945. Delmon Dee Rice, Army Air Force Reserve, killed in an accident at Stamford Flying Field, on September 28, 1943. Sergeant H. V. Richards, lr., Company F, 495111 Infantry, 102nd Division, killed in the Roer crossing, on February 23, 1945. Second Lieutenant Henry Barrett Roberson, lr., 312th Squadron, killed in an airplane crash in South Carolina, in luly, 1943. Private First Class lvan Pierce Rogers, Third Marines, killed on lwo lima, on March 9, 1945. Captain lonathan N. Routh, 68th Division, lllth Observation Squadron, killed in Sicily, on August 5, 1943. Corporal R. V. Rucker, Sixth Marines, killed on Okinawa, on May 15, 1944. Lieutenant Parramore Sellers, Filth Air Force, killed between Biak lsland and Morotai, on February 24, 1945. Second Lieutenant Grady Shytles, lr., Tl-450-AAF-BV, killed in an airplane crash at Bakersfield, California, on lanuary 2, 1945. Second Lieutenant Albert L. Spann, lr., Army Air Forces, killed in Northern ltaly, on February 25, 1945. Private First Class Ted W. Srygley, killed in plane crash in the Panamint Mountains overlooking Death Valley, California, on August 1, 1944. Private Billy Virden, 131st Field Artillery, died at Fitzsimmons Hospital, Den- ver, Colorado, on February 21, 1943. Corporal Vernon 1. Voyles, Troop G, 112th Cavalry, killed inland on Arawe, New Britain, on lanuary 4, 1944. Staff-Sergeant lim Bob Wheeler, Troop G, 112th Cavalry, killed at Afua, New Guinea, on August 4, 1944. Flight Officer Charles E. White, Fighter Squadron 59, Fighter Group 33, killed in Burma, on December 31, 1945. Lieutenant Orvil White, 8th Training Squadron, Class 44-B, killed in a plane crash on luly 8, 1944, at Mather Field, California, Lieutenant Charles A. Whittington, Bomb Squadron 758, Bomb Group 459, lost during a flight from Brazil to Africa, on February 8, 1944. Captain Henry P. Widmer, Field Artillery, died of car accident at Coleman, Texas, on August 30, 1944. Second Lieutenant Thomas W. Williams, Squadron 99, Group H, killed in a Flying Fortress collision at Brooksville, Florida, on lanuary 13, 1944. Sergeant W. Preston Williams, Twelfth lnfantry, killed in Germany, on Sep- tember 14, 1944. ' 1 fkkff If al ,f 14' rt 1' 'riff ' 5 L - ' , 7- 'YY 7 gg- , "" .sb-L 8915!--q. Q x 7' 'li-Xffkt I ' ' 1+ - W ni ,lf WILLIAM WOODSON MITCHELL You orre not cleod. You, with your joviol philosophy oi life ond kind underslondinq of hurnon norture, will never die. You will olwoys live in The heoris of every student of Abilene I-Iiqh School. Your strong, firm, Chrisiion chororcier served os of quide io ihose who knew you. J 1 .. 5 . ra xc -afj, dbgod-fuk, X I I I fs f- , 1 I ' f 17, A . 7-' ,fffxwffd 6 M,-f LLJJ ' A ' ' 1' 7 'f A 'M' I 'f 1 - Q A I I!! r,.v W 1 ,fi JI. JA: v il ' - ' . yi !M41H' vi, 'JWWR f L. f - 0 ' I ' - H api' I' , ,, Q , 5 A 'Q 4 P I fd-'H U- 1 'QD I 2554, flvffl-' ,jp Q, XJ? IIVA Xllfrvu V 'rf' IL' , . My ,PGN H, I - ' Q ' 47' . ff V J ,..A-"'ix.x1f,?,.,f h,LfVLf A in . I 1 I ' f-vflf' . 0 Gu ff' F fn 0 ff W ' of 1 ' . 'T ' ' ,,f' 3 A V4 If , I IJ! I Q , 5.1, .1 .JJ ,.QM, ff, ' A , fx bf . QVKW , I i,.fm ' K Y 1+ ' 2 'fi' . ' fwffi, Lum, pf,-UIQLJ bf .ibm b NC! . iq - fn I!! 1-.L f . f f' V' xf ,.4Af1,,-Q -f .1 ij X A H , . , -Q A Q- W f4Id,5jd,4wb!,. f V A 4 I' Qbjg XL, L4 I, 74,0 X J I. V' - S' 1 .J - - f-' iff ffr"',V'-fi' '17 f fj L,4'f'Mif A ff in . , . .1 ,, ., Vx! ' . u ff'QffA Qk4Q'vfAf,4.ifH?fU' fuf,LfM mY "' . ff! 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VF, f 'V ffl, ,.-u rf,-,gl Q. N I Y Sfniors f-X 'DS I ,.,.,.,-rl 1,.,.,wm 1, M1- 123 9 ...f M I I ES 'II '51 J. BILLY MUEPHEY GLENN GREEN ' President Vice-President Seuiar 0Mcers BILLY BRASELTON NORMAN DALTON Vice-President Reporter I MR. ERNEST SUBLETT MISS MARIE WINSTON Adviser Adviser VII -ig. PEGGY ACKERS IOVETTA ADER CHARLES ALEXANDER Dramatics '46: G an G '46 Glee Club '43-'45: Related Arts B Club '44: Rifle '46 College: Texas State College '44: Home Economics '45 College: Texas University for Women ' College: Baylor Major: Mathematics Major: journalism Major: Nursing DOROTHY ANN ADAMS Glee Club '45: junior Red Cross '46: Reporter junior Red Cross '46 College: Hendrick Memorial School of Nursing Major: Nursing BETTY ALDREDGE Cadet Corps '44: Record '46 College: Hardin-Simmons Major: Music CLASS OF '46 ELSIE ALEXANDER EFFIE MAE ANDERSON IOE ANTILLEY Cadet Corps '45: Girls Hi-Y Cadet Corps '43: l-liking '43-'46 Tennis '42: Hall Patrol 713: Li '45: Iunior Nurses Aid '45y G an College: john Tarleton brary '41-'43: Future Farmers of G '46: junior Academy ot Science Major: Designing America '42-'-46: Secretary F.F.A '46 College: HardinASirnmons Major: Medical Missionary ROBERT ALVIS Record '43-'46: Eagle Band '43- '46: Orchestra '44"46: Preisdent Orchestra '45: National Honor Society '46 College: l-lardinASimrnons Major: Law '42-'44g Vice-President State As sociation F.F.A. '46 College: Texas Technological Major: Agriculture BOB ANTILLEY Future Farmers of America '43-'46: Librarian F.F.A. '44: Re- porter F.F.A. '44-'46 College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical Major: Animal Husbandry HAROLD ARMSTRONG I-IUBERT AUSTIN MOZELLE BAGBY Diversified Occupations '44-'46 "B" Club '43-'45: Basketball Pep Squad '44-'46: Glee Club Branch of Service: Navy '44: Rifle '44: "A" Club '46 '44-'4G: G an G '45g Record Branch of Service: Navy '44-'46 RAMONA ASHBY College: Hardin-Simmons Major: Business Administration IOYCE AYER Record '45: Correspondence Skaters '44: Sketching '45: '46: G an G '46 College: Hendrick Hospital Major: Nursing Gregg Writers '45g G an G '46: Office Staff '46g Vice-President Gregg Writers '46 College: Abilene Christian Major: English CLASS OF '46 MAEWYN BAILEY, DONALD BAKER IOI-INNIE BARRON Tennis '44: Debate '44: Pep Orchestra '43-'45g A Cappella Hiking '43: et Corps '43y Squad '43-"46g National These 'flllp Tennis '457 Rifle '46 Pep Squad '45: rsonality Girls oian '45g Glee Club '44-'46: College: Hardin-Simmons '44-'46: V' e-Pr ent Hiking 'Mg Student Council '43-'46: Person- Major: Ministerial Student Secretar sonality Girls '45 ality Girls '45g G an G '46g Ca ez exos Christian Theater '46: President Tennis University '44: President Personality Girls V155 Vice-President Glee Clulu 'fl5y Treasurer Pep Squad 'flflg Na, tional Honor Society '46 College: Texas University Major: Ifistory WELDON BAILIFF Student Council '43-'46: Art Club '43-'-46: President Art Club '44p Senior Representative Stu- dent Council '46: National Honor Society '46 College: Texas University Major: Art Major: lisychology MORRIS BARNES Hall Patrol '45: Bank '46: Band '43-'46: Skating '44g Radio '45y Library '46 Brancli of Service: Alllly HENRY BASS CAROL SUE BENNETT ROBERT BENNETT Band '43A'46g Life Under Micro- G an G '46g Typing '46 Foreign Correspondence '46: scope '43-'45: First Aid '46: College: Hardin-Simmons President Foreign Correspon- President Life Under Microscope Major: Business Administration dence '46 '46: National Honor Society '46 College: University of Texas College: Rice Institute Major: English Maiarg Chemical Engineering HERBERT BEASLEY LOU IEAN BENNETT Mechanical Drawing '44y D.O. Office '44-'46: Hiking '44g Ten- '44-'46: Rifle '46 nis '45y National Thespian '46g Branch oi Service: Navy G an G '46: Dramatics '46 ' College: McMurry Maior: Speech CLASS OF '46 BARBARA BENTLEY Battery '43-'46: A Cappella '45: Record '43-'46g Battery So- licitor '44: Advertising Manager Battery '46 College: Sopliio Newcomb Major: Music , BOBBIE BILDERBACK BlLLlE MAUDE BISHOP Library '43-'46: Battery '44-'4i5: Tennis '44g Los Leales '45g Girl Scouts '43-'45g G an G '46p Re- porter Los Leales '45 College: Hardin-Simmons Major: Art Glee Club '43-'46: A Cappella '43-'46: Tennis '44: Record '45g Office '43-'46g Student Council '44g Fine Arts '45g G an G '4Bg National llonor Society '46 College: llarrlitnriliriiiiions Major: Science BILL BIGGERS :- JUNE BIRD Rifle ' 7 B 4: Golf '44- Speech '44: Glee Club '44: 46 Battery '45: Sketching '46 Colle : Tex Ag 'cultural College: Draughon's an chaTTY5i .4 Major: Business Administration Major: PPil'OlFA1lIll Engineering IAYNE ROSE BISHOP HAROLD BOEHNING 6' , BOBBIE BOYD I-Iikmg 44 M1croscope'45: G Band '44: Record '44: Micro- 4 . Record 43 46 Cadet Corus an G 46 scope '45: Rifle '45 '44: Skating 45 College Hardin Simmons College: Southern Methodist College Texas Christian Mayor Bible Major: Medicine Major Dress Designing EDITH BOEHLERT Sketching '44: Flashlight '457 Youth Council '45: Ouill and Scroll '46: G an G '46g Student Council '46: Art Editor Flashlight '46g Secretary Student Council '46: National Honor Society '46 College: Hardin-Simmons Major: Modern Languages DAVID BOWERS Football '444'46: Intramural Basketball, Boxing, Track '44-'46g Baseball '46: Record '44g Hi-Y '45: A Club '44-'4B: Athletic Edi- tor Flashlight '46y National Honor Society '46y Secretary Hi-Y '46 College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical Major: Medicine CLASS OF '46 BOB BRANCH BILLY BRASELTON NADINE BRIMBERRY National Thespxan 44 Track Mechanical Drawing '43: Golf Girls Band 44 Tenms 44 44 Rifle 43 Radio 44 l'l'1OCIl1'!1' '44: Senior I-li-Y '43-'45: A Club Skaters 45 G an G 45 '44-'46p Football '44-'46: Basket- College Ohio State College Texas Agricultural ball '44-'46, Muiorz Music and Mechanical Branch of Service: Naval Air Major Ilor tzr ultui rm Corps PAUL BRANNON B Team '44: Record '44-'46 College: Hardin-Simmons Major: Medicine MARY BRIGHT Band '43-'46: Skating '44-'46: G an G '46: Girl Scouts '43-'45g President Girl Scouts '44 College: Abilene Christian Major: Business Administration El.. WANA BRITT A 'M IEAN BROCK MARIE BROOKS Hiking '40-'42: Record '46:fGY . ' G an G '46 Iunior Red Cross '46: Secre- an G '46 Q 'N College: McMurry tary of D. O. '46 College: Southern Methodist . , Major: English College: McMurry Major: Music Major: Merchandising IOE BRITTAIN ERNEST BROOKS ' B Team '43-'45p B Club '44: Record '45: Rifle '46: Stage Golf Club '44-'46: Vice-President Crew '46: Student Council '46 Golf Club '45 Branch of Service: Marines College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical Major: Mechanical 'Engineering C, , j r CLASS OF '46 ROSEMARY BROWN PAYE BYRAM IAMES CARR Skating '44y Back of Curtain Los Leales '45: Gregg Writers Future Farmers of America '45: Gregg Writers '46: G an G '46: G an G '46g Office '46 '43-'46 '46 College: Draught:-n's Branch of Service: Marines College: Abilene Christian Major: Business Administration Major: Business Administration WINSTON BROWN BETTY CARAWAY Basketball '46: Rifle '46 Glee Club '45: G an G '46p Branch of Service: Marines Record '44-'46 College: Baylor University Major: Nursing t 1 5 Eid DON CAMPBELL Golf '44g Football '44-'46p Bas- ketball '46: A Club '44-'46: Hi-Y '44-'467 Secretary Golf '43g Presi- dent Golf '44. Branch of Service: Army Air Corps j. R. CANON NELLIE CHOATE Battery '43-'45: Record '45p Battery '46p Stage Crew V145 Typing '46p National Honor Sol Skating '45: Press '46g Glee Club ciety '46 '44-'46y Circulation Manager Bat- Branch of Service: Army Air tery '46 Corps College: Texas Technological WAYNE CAMPBELL Major: Chemistry Rifle '44g Los Leales '45g Golf '46 Branch of Service: Marines CLASS OF REVA CATHEY Cadet Corps '44g Hiking '43g Ready Writers '44-'46g G an G '46p President Hi-Y '45p Treasurer National Essay League of Amer- ica '46 College: Hardin-Simmons Major: English '46 DERWIN CLARY Rifle '44p Tennis '45: Record '46g Eagle Band '43-'-46: Student Council '46 College: Hardin-Simmons Major: Commerce MARY CLINTON Diction '44g Red Cross '45 R. B. COMER Golf '46: Reporter Golf Club Gree ctub '45y A Cappella '44i '45 t '46f Sextet '46p Fine Arts '46: President Red Cross '45g Libra rian A Cappella '45 College: Baylor University Major: Music PHYLLIS CLEMMER College: Texas University Major: Electrical Engineering Record '44g Office '45p Hall Patrol '45: Flashlight '44-'46: G an G '46p Quill and Scroll '46g National Honor Society '-46: Club Editor Flashlight '46 College: Rice Institute Major: Pre-Medical IUNE COATS Orchestra '43-'467 Pep Squad '43-'4E5: Diction '45g G an G '46: Student Council '44-'46: Reporter Record '45y Vice-President G an G '46g Vice-President Orchestra '46p Secretary Sketching '46 College: juilliard School of Music Major: Cello lOY CONLEE Skating '44-'46: Cadet Corps 455 Glee Club '46 College: Scoggin's Beauty School Major: Beauty Operating RUENELLE COOPER Stagecratt '44: G an G '46g F.F.A. Queen '45: F.F.A. Sweet- heart '46: Miss Liberty of junior Class '45 College: Hardin-Simmons Major: Business Administration LILLIE BETH COUGHRAN Pep S :'46y Gleegplub '43-'457 Stage-Cragillg P rson- ality Girls '45: lThe' 146: Field Marshal Pep Squ '45: Vice- President Pep Squa '46 College: Texas niversity Major: History 4, I EUGENE CONNALLY MACK CORLEY Cadet Corps '44g Intramural National Thespians '46: Los Basketball '44g Rifle '45: Secre- Leales '46 tary Rifle '45 Branch of Service: Army Air Branch of Service: Navy Corps CLASS OF '46 lEAN CRAIG Glee Club '4l-'43: Skaters '43- '45f Social English '46: G an G '46: Glee Club '45 College: Draughon's Major: Business Administration lOYE CRAlN Record '44-'46g G an G '46 College: University ot Southern California Major: journalism AUBREY CRIDER Library '44: Hall P ol '45: junior 15244, PBA. '44p A Club '45, Team '44-'457 Boxing, lntramurf1l!45g lntramulal Foot- ball '46 ' Branch of Service: Marines NORMAN DAULTON Football '43-'46: Track '43-'46p Boxing '45g A Club '43-'46: Re- l porter Senior Class '46: Hi-Y '46 Branch of Service: Navy BETTYE CRUTCHFIELD Band '44-'46: Orchestra '43- '46: Pep Squad '43-'44: Stardust- ers '44-'467 Record '44-'46: Stage- craft '43: Secretary Orchestra '44g Vice-President Orchestra '46g National Honor Society '46 College: Texas State College for Women Major: Music VIGNON DAULTON HELEN DAVIS IUANITA DAY Hiking '43-'45g Skating '46: Los Leales '45: Skating '46: G an G 46 Future Farmers Secretary Skating '46g G an G G an G '46 of America Queen 46 '46 College: McMurry College McMurry College: Hardin-Simmons Major: Business Administration Major English Major: English DONALD DAVIS Rifle '44: Record '45p Band '43- '45 College: Hardin-Simmons Major: Music MAGGIE DAVIS Pep Squad '45: Glee Club '44: Red Cross '46: A.H.S. Theater dent Red Cross '45: Reporter Red Cross '46p A.H.S: Theater '46 College: Draughon's Major: Business Adniiuistzutiozr CLASS OF '46 l WANDA DEAN Band '43-'46g Student Council '44: Skating '44g Majorette Girls Band '45g Drum Majorette Girls Band '46p Record '44-'46y Orches- tra '45g National Thespians '46: G an G '46 College: Hardin-Simmons Major: Business Administration MILDRED DELANO Cadet Corps '43-'45g Tennis '44y Hiking '45y Record '45: G an G '46 College: Hardin-Simmons Major: Physical Education DORRIS DEMMER PATSY EDINS G an G '46 Red Cross 44 G an G 46 College: McMurry Pep Squad 43 46 Glee Cluo Major: History '43-'46g A Cappella 43 46 Record 45 Fine Arts 46 College Hardin Simmons Major Music ALEX EASTUS Glee Club '45: National Thes- pian '43-'46g Stagecraft '44p Na- tional Forensic League '44: Back of Curtain '45: Theater '46 College: Duke University Major: Law A 'FRANK EDMONDSON IUANITA ELLIS DUANE FAUCETT Track '44-'46g Rifle '44-'46g Skating '44y Hiking '45y Sports Model Airplane '44p Record President Rifle '46 '46: G an G '46: Secretary Hik- '45: Pilot '46 Branch of Service: Navy ing '45: Secretary Sports '46 College: Texas Technological College: Bethany-Peniel Major: Engineering Major: Physical Education DICKIE ELAM National Forensic League '43- '46g National Honor Society '45- '467 Hi-Y '45: Debate '44: Sports Editor Battery '45: President N, F.L, '45y President Youth Council '45g President junior Class '45: Most Representative Boy '45: Edi- tor Battery '46 College: Terms University Major: lournalisui BETTY LOU ETHRIDGE Cadet Corps '43-'46: junior Red Cross '44g Los Leales '45g Skat- ing '46g Vice-President Los Leales '45 College: Hardin-Simmons Major: Spanish CLASS OF '46 IAMES FEWELL IEWELL FORTSON MARGARET FRALEY Machine Shop '44-'46 G an G '46 National Thespian '43-'46g C Branch of Service: Army Air College: McMurry det Corps '43-'45: Hiking 45 Ma'or: Economics Tennis '46: G CID G '45 Corps 1 GENE FLEMING Glee Club '45: Battery '46: Record '45: Press '46g President Press '46 Branch oi Service: Navy College: Hardin-Simmons Major: Physical Education GEORGE FOSTER Flashlight '45A'46p junior Acad- emy of Science '44g Quill and Scroll '45-'46: Layout Editor Flashlight '45-'46g National Honor Society '467 Hi-Y '46 College: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Major: Engineering x 1 K, ,, DOROTHY FRANCIS Red Cross '43-'45: Pe MARGARET FRY COY NELL GANDY p Squad Hiking '43-'45: Skating '46: G G an G '46: Ouill and Scroll '44-'46p Glee Club '44-'46g Per- an G '46 '44-'46g National Honor Society sonality Girls '46y Office '45 College: Hardin-Simmons Major: Business BILL FR AZIER Extempore Speech '44: Debate '44-'46: N.F.L, '43-'46: Photog- raphy '45g Rifle '46: Vice-Presi- dent Stagecralt 714: Vice-Presb tlent N.F.I.. V151 Student Crnmcil Vlfl-Vlti: Vice-Plosiflmlt SllIllLTlll Council '44-'fltip lwICSl'lf7lIl N,F.L. 310: ljl'e,::si4,let1t Youth Cffmvufgil 710: National llonor Society '45-'46 College: McMurry Major: Business Administration '45-'46g Future Teachers of Amer- ica '45p Sophomore Editor Flash- light '44g junior Editor Flashlight '45y Editor Flashlight '46 College: Baylor Medical Major: Medicine IOHN FRANK FULLER Hall Patrol '44p Tennis '44p Photography '45g Rille '46g Na- tional Honor Society '46 Branch oi Service: Naval Air Corps CLASS OF 346 DAVID GARRETT Cadet Corps '44: Eagle Band '44-'46: Stage Crew '46: Radio '447 Photography '457 Record '46: Co-Manager Stage Crew '46 College: Hardin-Simmons Major: Business Administration NEZEBETI-I GOODMAN G an G '46 College: Abilene Christian Major: History BERNICE GILLIS junior Red Cross '44: Girls Hi- Y '45: Library '46g G an G '46g Secretary Library '46 College: Hardin-Sirnrnons Major: Business Administration CONNIE GREEN Typing '46 College: Draughon's GLENN GREEN Football '43-'46g A Club '44-'46y B Club '44g National Honor So- ciety '45-'46: Quill and Scroll '46: Student Council '44-'45g Box- ing '45 Branch of Service: Merchant Marines Major: Business Administration ADA GUIN Debate '44g Hall Patrol '4fl: Pep Squad '43-'46g Personality Girls '44-'46g N.F.L. '44-'46g Na- tional Thespian '44-'46g A Cap- pella '46g Glee Club '43-'46y G an G '46: President Tennis '44p Treasurer G an G '46 College: luilliard lnstitute of WANDA MAE HALE junior Red Cross '44: Future Homemakers of Texas '44-'46g G an G '46: Vice-President F.H.T. '45g President F.H.T. '46 College: Texas University Major: English RUTH HAMILTON Glee Club '43--'45: National Thespians '43-'46g Student As- sociation '43g A Cappella '44-'46p Stagecraft '44p Pep Squad '43- '45: Sextette '46: National Honor Society '46p G an G '46p PFA Sweetheart '46 College: Hardin-Simmons Music Major: English Major: Voice BILLENE GUITAR N.F.L, '43-'46g Hiking Club '43- '457 Press Club '46: G an G '46: Quill and Scroll '45-V165 Reporter WA'l'l3 'fllig Battery f5nrviv:o lffli- li'-l "lla: N,lT.l,. Sfvvivelfiiy 'fliip liai- lfl'lY News llflitfii' 'fllig National Hulliir lQlfii'ie'ly 'flfffllj Coll'-fling 'llL'X4Il3 University Major: Prc-Law ARTHUR HALL Band '43-'46: Orchestra '44g Record '43-'46g Student Council '44: President Record '46: Swing Band '46 Branch oi Service: Navy CLASS OF '46 Pep Squad '46: Battery '44- B Club '44g B Team '45: Rifle Office '44-'46p Hiking '44y Baclf LULA MAE HAMPTON 1oE HARBER C9 W CAROLYN HARRIS '46p Quill and Scroll '46y Skating '44-'46g Secretary B Club '46 o' Curtain '45g National Thes '46: Press '46g G an G '46p Na- College: Texas Technological pian '44-'46: G an G '46: Gregg tional Thespian '46 Major: Physical Education Writers '46 College: McMurry College: Abilene Christian Major: Business Administration Major: Speech GEORGANA HANKS Pep Squad '43-'46p Record '43- '45: Glee Club '44-'46: Student Council '43-'45: G an G '467 Fine Arts '46g President G an G '46 College: Texas University Major: History TED HARDIN Foo ' ' '43-'46g Boxing '43-'46g Basketball '44-'46: A Club '43-'46p Glee Club '43- '45p Vice-President Sophomore Class '44 College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical Major: Liberal Arts LUTHER HARRIS LESLIE HAVINS IACK HENDERSON Public Address Crew '44-'46: Hiking Club '44g Band '44-'46: Glee Club '4If.45: A Cappella Radio '43-'46 Record '44-'46: G an G '46: '42-'45g Quartet '45 Branch of Service: Navy Sig- National Honor Society '46 Branch of SerXiee:xNavy nal Corps College: Abilene Christian XX.. Major: Spanish GENA HASSEY Red Cross '44: Skating '45g Gregg Writers '46g Battery Typist '46 College: Hardin-Simmons Major: Uutsiiicsu Adruiuiistration MOZELLE HEFLIN Library '44g National Thespian '43-'46: Stagecraft '44: Back o' Curtain '44: Future Teachers of Amoririrx '44-716: Theater "IG: G an it '4t5: llwsifloiut I'.'1',A. '46 College. lltnulrrt-Liiriiiiioiis lflalorz English CLASS OF '46 X DUANE HENDLEY Football '43-'46g A Team '44- 46 Branch of Service: Naval Air Corps BILLIE HIATT Glee Club '43-'45: Hall Patrol '45: National Thespian '43-'46: Stagecraft '44: Secretary Radio Club '45: National Thespian Sec- retary '46: Student Council '46: Theater '46: G an G '46: Library '44: Office '44-'46 College: Hardin-Simmons Major: Dramatics CARLTON HODGES Record '43-'46: Eagle Band '43 '46: Student Council '45 College: Southern Methodist Major: Medicine LOUISE HENSON WANDA I-IITT Battery '45: Skating '43-'46 Hiking '44: Battery '44: A Cap- College: Abilene Christian pe-lla '46: Office '46g Glee Club Major: English ' - ' - ' ' 46, G an G 46, Sketching 46 College: Hardin-Simmons Major: Business Administration LEARLENE HOLTZCLAW LETHA HOOPER Secretary Glee Hiking '44y Microscope '45: Library 44 46 Skating 43 45 A Skating '46y G an G '46 Glee Club 43 45 A Cappella A Cap- College: Hardin-Simmons '43-'46: Fine Arts 46 G an C A Club Major: History '46g Sextette 46 President Skat ing '45 nt Glee Club '45g Treas- College Juilliard Institute of urer Hi-Y '46 Music College: Southern Methodist Major Voice Major: Athletics MARYANA HOLLY Office '46g Pep Squad '43-'46, Tennis '44g at-se jciub '43-'45: Back o' 'CurtcQyx44-'46p Person- ality Girls'f'44-'46, G an G '46, Secretary Tennig44g Miss Lib- erty of Sophomore Class '44, Band Sweetheart '46 College: Texas University Major: Designing CLASS OF ALMA HONEA National Thespian '43-'46g Stagecraft '43-'46g Radio '45: Glee Club '45g G an G '46g Theater '46 College: Hardin-Simmons Major: Voice X, 746 AT, W I HOMER HOPKINS RAY HOWARD IOHN O HOWZE Los Leales '44g Photography Track '46g Intramural Basket- Footbfalfk 44 Bask 5 '45g Rifle '46: Hall Patrol '45 ball '46 Golf '4 lu 0 4 Iiranrvh of Service: Navy Branch of Service: Merchant Secretiiiy Go Marines C Texas lufml IIERBERT IIOIISTON Band '43f'46 Branch of Service: Navy and Mechanlcal Major Tlialneoiluq BOB IIOWERTON Rifle Club '43-'46g Glee Cluln '46y A Cappella '46: Track '46p Vice-President Rifle '46: National Honor Society '46g Hi-Y '46 College: Texas Christian Major: Science h........4...,...M,.M,c -,, - DOUG HUDDLESTON Football '43-'46g lntramural Basketball '43-'46: Track '43-'467 B Club '43g Record '44-'46 Branch of Service: Merchant Marines lOAN HUGH'ES Office '46 Pep uad 43 46 ' : Sq ' -' : Glee Club V '4 -4 7 Tennis '447 National res ran 44 46 Per sonality Cflris '45Lp an '46g- Theater '46y Pep Leader '46: Secretary Tennis '44 ' College: Texas University Major: Music MARY RUTH HUTCHESON G an G '46 College: Texas Technological Major: Home Economics WANDA HUDSON Gregg Writers '46p G an G '46 College: Draughon's Major: Business Administration GENE HUNTER Band '43-'46g National Thes- pian '43-'467 Ouill and Scroll '44- '46y Radio '45g G an G '46y Eagle Feather Editor '45g junior Secre- tary '45p Secretary Gregg Writers '46: National Honor Society '46 College: Abilene Christian Major: lournalism CLASS OF '46 HENRY FLEMING lAMES Ready Writers '43-'46g Poetry '44g Student Council '44g Micro- scope '45g Essay '-465 Vice-Presi. dent Ready Writers '44g Secre- tary Poetry Club '4flg Secretary Essay V165 National Honor So- ciety '46 College: University oi Texas DOROTHY IOHNSON Battery '43-'46: Debate '44g Record '44: Glee Club '44g Quill and Scroll '45-'46g Microscope '45p First Aid '46g Reporter Micro- 'scope '45 College: Baylor School oi Nursing Major: Nursing KENNETH IONES lntramural Basketball '45g De- clarnatiorr '467 Track '46g Rifle '43-'46g Tennis '45 Branch of Sf-rvico: Army Major: Government CELESTA IOHNSON Record '43-'46g G an G '46 College: Hardin-Simmons Major: Business Administration HAROLD IONES Model Airplane '44g Band '43- '45p Los Leales '45g Vice-Presi dent Los Leales '44g President Los Leales '45 College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical Major: Aeronautical Engineering VINA FAYE IONES DORIS KENT Cadet Corps '43-'46y Los Leales Hiking '44: Skating '45: Typing Hiking 43 junior Red Cros '43-'45: Skating '467 G Cm G '45I '46g G an G '45 '44g Record 46 G an G 46 Vice-President Los Leales '45 College: Gail Business College Texas State College Special Course after finishing Major: Business Administration for Women High School HELEN IOYCE KEITH Skating '45: Glee Club '45: G an G '46: Gregg Writers '46 College: McMurry Major: Business Administration CLASS OF Major Voir ri DOROTHY KINC AID Declamation '44-'46g National Thespian '44-'46: Girl Scouts '45: Cadet Corps '45g I-Ii-Y '45y junior Academy of Science '46y G an G '46g Ready Writers '46: Vice- President Hi- Y '45 College: Hardin-Simmons Major: Speech '46 WILLIAM KING WANDA LAWLESS IOHN LEESON Band '43-'46g Orchestra '44p Skating '44g junior Red Cross Football 4 lB Te in 45 Rifle '44: Tennis '45g Record '4G: 'fl5g Record '46: G an G '46 College Sotitiliwee-tern Vice-President Orchestra '44: College: Southern Methodist ajoi Law President Rifle '4flg Swing Band Major: English - '46 Branch ot Service: Navy X: MARGARET ANN LAMB All '44: Hiking '44-'467 Glor- Cluliv '44-'46: Hall Patrol '45g Na- tional Thespian '46: Pep Squad '46: G an G '4B: Reporter G an G '46 College: Baylor University Mulor: Art A, ii. Ln? , Boxing '4Gg junior Academy ol Science '45: Glee Club '45 College: Rice Institute Major: Diesel Engineering MERLYNE LEVERETT G an G '46: Gregg Writers '46: Hiking '44 College: Abilene Christian Major: Business Administration MARY ALICE LITTLE Hiking '44: Student Council '44: Tennis '45: Office '45: Record 46: Pep Squad '46: G an G '46 College: Hardin-Simmons Major: Business Administration ILA PAYE LORD Hiking Club '43-'45: Film Edu cation '46: G an G '46 College: McMurry Major: English LUNELLE LEWIS Red Cross '44: Girls Hi-Y '45: Cadet Corps '43-'45: G an G '46 College: Hardin-Sirnrnons Major: History CLASS OF BETTY LOGAN Girl Scouts '44: Glee Club '45: Girls Hi-Y '45: G an G '46 Typing '46: Office '43-'45 College: Hardin-Simmons Major: Science '46 KATHERYN LOVING Record '43-'45: Pep Squad '44- '46: G-lee Club '44-'46: G an G '46g Fine Arts '46g Secretary G an G '46 College: Texas University M4'lif.JIf Law IA MES LOWRIE Football '43-'46: Track '44-'46: Basketball '-457 Cadet Corps '44: B Club '43-'45: A Club '46 College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical Major: Engineering LENA IO LOWRIE RUSSELL MCCLURE Record '43-'-46: G an G '46 Basketball '43-'45: Rifle Club College: Draughon's '43-'45 Major: Business Administration College: Texas University Major: Engineering XX It DON MCALISTER 'V Tram-'46: Football ' 4-'46, Golden Gloves '46: HT- '46 College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical Major: Engineering I GRACE MCCULLOCH PAT MCMAHON HAROLD MCMURRAY Glee Club '45: Hi-Y '45: junior Los Leales ' '47 Re Squad '44- Track '43-'46: lntrarnural Ba Academy of Science '46: G an G '46: Tenni '45 Niaonal Thes- ketball '43-'45y Rifle '44 Boxing '46 pian '44-' 6: T eate 6: G an G '45: Record '45 College: Hardin-Simmons '46 College! TQXCIS T9ChUOl0fJ1CCIl Major: Mathematics College: Texas State College Major: Business Administration for Women Major: Dietetics W. A. MCDONALD PATSY MCMINN Record '43-'46 Hiking '-45: Sports '46p Secre- Branch of Service: Army tary Hiking '44p Sergeant-ab 'x Arms Sports '46 College: Hardin-Simmons Major: Nursing CLASS 0F '46 DSN M225 Future Farmers of America '43- '45: Glee Club '46: Record '43- '45: Gun Club '45: Film '46 College: University ol Maine Major: Forestry Horr MAG FREDA DELL MANGUM Hiking '44: Knitting '45: Press '46g Battery '43-'46: Quill and Scroll '44-'46: Student Council '45y Advertising Manager Bat- tery '45g Business Manager Bat- FRED MARR Cadet Corps '45: Tennis '46 Branch of Service: Army Air Corps tery '46g National Honor Society '46 College: Harris School of Nursing Major: Nursing or-,if '43-'46, Vic -Hesident Golf '44 ,Z Branch of"Servic:e: Navy HELEN MARONEY Cadet Corps '43-'46: Hiking '43-'46p G an G '46: Glee Club '46: Sergeant-at-Arms Hiking '45 College: Hardin-Simmons Major: journalism INEZ MASSEY Red Cross '44g Hiking '45g Filnt '46g WATS '43-'45g Glee Cluh '43-'45: G an G '46 College: Hardin-Simmons Major: Business Administration VONDA MASTERS BOB MAYFIELD Flashlight '44-'46: Quill and Scroll '46y National Honor So- ciety '46g Student Council '43-'46g Iunior Academy of Science '43- '45y Rifle '44: Treasurer Quill and Scroll '46: President Iunior Academy of Science '45y Assist- ant Business Manager Flash- light '45g Business Manager Flashlight '46g I-li-Y '46 MARY EVELYN MAYFIELD Sketching '457 Spanish '46g G an G '46 College: McMurry Major: Art College: Rice Major: Governrneni Hiking '45g Skating '46g Sports '46g G an G '46 College: Abilene Christian Major: Business Administration ,IIMMIE ETTA MAYFIELD Hall Patrol '45g Tennis '44g Glee Club '45: Reporter Tennis '44g Art '45g Pep Squad '44-'46: Gregg Writers '46: President Gregg Writers '46g G an G '46 College: Hardin-Simmons Major: Business Administraiion CLASS OF '46 NORMA MAYEIELD BOB MILLER IOYCE MILLIORN Tennis '44 Red Crosx' 5: Glee Art '44: Battery '44p Radio '45p Tennis '43g Spanish '44g Record Club '44-'4 7 Pep S '44-'467 Theater '46g National Thespian '46: G an G '46 Personalit girls '4 ecretary '46 College: Hardin-Simmons Senio ass College: McMurry Major: Business Administration College: Hardin-Simmons Major: Art Major: Business Administration OTHELL MERRELL Los Leales '44: Girl Scouts '45: Cadet Corps '43-'45g G an G '46g Glee Club '46 College: Business College Major: Business Administration DAVID MILLER Cadet Corps '44: Rifle '45 College: Texas University Major: Speech TEAN MIZE G an G '46 College: Texas State College for Women Major: Home Economics LUCILLE MULLINS Hall Patrol '44: Hiking '44: Photography '457 Record '46g G an G '46 College: Texas Technological Major: Art BILLY MURPHEY Golf '44y Football '42-'46: B Team '45: Track '42-'46: Basket- ball '44-'46g junior Hi-Y '45: Sen- for Hi-Y '46: A Club '44: Captain Football Team '46: Pep Squad Sweetheart '46y President Senior Class '46 Branch of Service: Army FLORA MERLE MORGAN Band '43-'46: Orchestra '43-'467 Battery '43-'46: Secretary Orches- tra '45: Exchange Editor Battery '45: Reporter Orchestra '46: Eagle Feather Editor Battery '46: G an G '45: Quill and Scroll '4G: National Honor Society '45-'46 College: Hardin4Simmons Major: Music IOY MUNDEN Hall Patrol '45: Pepfquad '43-'46: Glee Club 713345, Stage- craft '44: Perso mi ours '44- '46:XTheaterf.ClH'45: G an G '46: Secretary P Squad '46g Reporter Stagecraf 44 College: Texas iversity Major: Horne Economics CLASS OF '46 MILADENE MUSICK SARAH NOLAND EUGENE NORMAN WATS '43-'45: OffiCS 715: Ten- National Honor Society '45-'46: Public Address System '44-'46: nis '44: LOS L9Gl9S 715: Record G an G '46: agecratt"44g Quill Band '43-'46: Radio '44y Record '46 and Scr l '4 '46: ennis '46: '44-'46 College: Texas University Peaturegdito Batteybgg '45: Re- College: Hardin-Simmons Major: English porter toqgqphy 47 Manag- Major: Mathematics ing Editor Battery '46: Treasurer National Honor Society '46: Vice- President Press Club '46 College: University of New Mexico Major: journalism NELDA TUNE NASH Theater '46: National Thes- pian '46: G an G '46 College: Hardin-Simmons Major: Dramatics MARTHA NOLLNER Hi-Y '45: Library '46p G an G '4E: Vice-President Library '46: National Honor Society '46 College: Hardin-Simmons Major: Library MARY BETH NORMAN MARY LOUISE NUNN DAN OVERMAN Glee Club '44-'467 Microscope Hiking ' 7 di Council '45: Banking '44-'46: Record '45: '45: First Aid '46: Ready Writers Photograp ' 7 rt '46g Pep Educational Film '46: National '46: G an G '46 Squad '46, t' al Thespian '46: Honor Society '46 , College: McMurry G an G '46 College: Texas Technological t Major: Literature College: Hardin-Simmons Major: Pre-Medical Major: Art VERNITTA NORRIS BGB QBRJEN SkCIiiI1C! '43:'45: R9C0Td '45i Diversified Occupations '44-'46g G an G '46: Student Council '44 Record '46 Colleqer DfC1l1qhon's College: Texas Agricultural and Major: Business Administration Mechanical Major: Engineering CLASS OF '46 ROBERT OWEN "3 I PAT PERKINS Model Airplane '44: Future Farmers of America '44-'46: Stu- dent Council '46: Secretary Model Airplane '44: Secretary FFA '45: President FFA '46 College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical Majoi: Agriculture Glee Club '43-'46: F e Home- makers '43-'45p Debate '44: NFL '43-'46: National 'Flys ' ri '43-'45: Pep Squad '43-'4 , G an G '46g National Honor Society '45-'46: Personality Girls '45p President Glee Club '44-'46: Secretary Na- tional Honor Society '46: Most Valuable Member Pep Squad '46 College: Southern Methodist Major: Spenrtli P I GLORIA PETTY Band, '43-'46: Tennis '43-'45: Typing '46: G an G '46g National Thespian '46 College: Abilene Christian Maior: Business Administration PEGGY IEANNE PAGE Flashlight '434'46: Glee Club '43-'46: A Cappella '44-'46: Na- tional Honor Society '45-'46: Quill and Scroll '45-'46: G an G '46: Sophomore Editor Flashlight '44: Club Editor Flashlight '45: Senior Editor Flashlight '4G: Student Council '44y Gregg Writers '46, College: Abilene Christian Major: Business Administration tm: :::: : B tea '44: A Club '44-'46: Birdibog '43-'45g Basketball '46: Track '46: Glee Club '46: Hi-Y '46 College: Hardin-Simmons Major: Science WILLIE LAURA Pl-IILLEY IOHN PITTS DORlS lEAN PLOWMAN G an G '46 Model Airplane '44p Rifle '45g Cadet Corps 44 Glee Club 44 College: Abilene Christian Library '46 '45: A CCIPPGUG 45 Skcfefs 45 Maior: Home Economics Branch of Service: Merchant Cadet Corps 45 Fine Arts 46 Marine ,College Hardin Simmons DOROTHY PHILPOTT G an G '46: Record '46 College: Ohio State Major: Dramatics Major Home Economics TED PITZER Flashlight '44-'46: Battery '44- '46: Quill and Scroll '46: Senior Hi-Y '46: Record '44g Photogra- pher for Flashlight and Battery '44-'46g Reporter I-Ii-Y '467 Vice- President Ouill and Scroll '46: National llonor Society '46 Cc,-liege: 'l'r'-:ras Agricultural and Ivlecluanlffal Mayor: Eugiiieerlng CLASS OF '46 IUNE PRESTON X If LOYAL PROFFITT CHARLES RATHMELL Band '42-'46: Skating '43-'45g B team '44g Rifle '45: Student Model Airplane 44 Diversified Record '46: G an G '46 Council '45 Occupations 44 46 Vice PIGSI College: McMurry Major: Music l 1 v 1 I Branch of Service: Navy dent Diversified Occupations 46 POLLY PRESTON Orchestra '43-'46: Pep Squad '43-'46: National Thespian '43- '46g Radio '44: 13 Masks '45-'461' Stagecraft '457 Theater '46: Sec- retary of Orchestra '46 I College: Hardin-Simmons l Major: lnterior Decorating Q National Honor Society 46 Branch of Service Navy MAX RANDOLPH Stage Crew '44-'46: Declama- tion '46: Dramatics '46: National Thespian '43-'46y l3 Masques '44: Los Leales '45: Record '45: The- ater '46: Secretary Los Leales '457 President National Thespian '46: National Honor Society '45 Branch of Service: Army EMMA IEAN READ Band '44g Office '45: First Aid '45: Pep Squad '46: Hiking '44g Skating '45: Gregg Writers '46: G an G '46 College: Hardin-Simmons Major: Business Administration WINFORD REED HUBERT REESE junior Academy of Science '44- '46: Glee Club '46: Declamation '46: Student Council '46: Secre- tary junior Academy of Science '46: National Honor Society '46 College: Abilene Christian Major: Science BOB REILY B Club '44: A Club '44-'46: Hi- Y '45: President Sophomore Class '44: Hall Patrol '45g Library '46g National Honor Society '46 Branch of Service: Navy I Band '43-'46: Record '43-'46: Student Council '46 College: Hardin-Simmons Major: Music DORIS REID Battery '43-'46g Tennis '44g Knit- ting '45: Quill and Scroll '45-'46: Press '46: Advertising Manager Battery '45: Business Manager Battery 716: Secretary Quilt and Stroll 716: Sof:1'otf.r1y lticrss 'flbg National Honor Sovif-ty '40 Cf-llcgt-2 Ali-ilcttc Cliristiau Major: Ijuglislt CLASS OF 546 BILLIE IO RHOADES IOAN ROBERTS SUDIE ROLLINS Skating '45: Record '46p GanG Hiking '44: Lens and Shutter Cadet Corps '44: Pep Squad 46: Secretary Skating '45 '45: Glee Club '44-'46: Record '46p G an G '46: Hiking '44y Rec- College: Draughon's '46g Pep Squad '46: G an G '46 ord '44-'46 Major: Business Administration College: Hardin-Simmons College: Abilene Christian Major: History Major: Designing BA LE Pep Squad '43-'46p National Thespians '43-'46: Red Cross '43- '45: l3 Masques '44-'46y Student Council '44: G an G '46: Theater '46: Senior Queen '46g Flashlight Queen '46 College: Texas State College for Women Major: Business Administration ELAINE ROGERS junior Red Cross '44: Future Homernakers '44-'46g Library '46g G an G '467 Reporter Future Hornemakers '45p Vice-President Future Homemakers '46 College: Hardin-Simmons Major: Business Administration PATTY ROSS DOROTHY RUSSELL BETTY ROSS Tennis '45: Gregg Writers '46g Tennis '44p Record '44-'46g Glee Office '44-'46g Hiking '44y Back G an G '46 Club '45: Pep Squad '46y G an G o' Curtain '45: Gregg Writers '46y College: Hardin-Simmons '46 G an G '46 Major: Business Administration College: Bob jones College: Abilene Christian Major: Bible Major: Business Administration MARIE ROSS LLOYD RUCKER G an G '46: Educational Film Tennis '43-'45y FFA '46g Presi- '46 dent Greenhand Chapter FFA '46 College: Hardin-Simmons College: McMurry Major: Iournalism Major: Mathematics F' CLASS OF '46 MURRY JEAN SAUNDERS BILLIE ANN SHEPPERD BETTY IOYCE SMITH Record '45: junior Red Cross Record '44: Pep Squad '43-'46: Cadet Corps '43-'45p junior Red 465 G an G '46: Glee Club '46 Glee Club '44g Tennis '45: Office Cross '44: Hiking '44: Girls Hi-Y College: Hardin-Simmons '45: Personality Girls '46: G an G '45y Film '46: G an G '46g Sec- Major: History '46 retary Cadet Corps '46 College: Baylor College: Gail Mqjorg English Major: Business Administration IOHN SEWELL BILLY SKIPFER B IGCIUI '44: Future FCITIHSIS Of Future Farmers of America '44s America '43-'46: Secretary FFA '46 '46 Branch of Service: Army College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical Major: Agriculture BILLY IEAN SMITH CLEON SMITH GLENDA SMITH Glee Club '43-'45g Hiking '44g G an G '46 G an G '46 Girls Hi-Y '45y Skating '46: G an G College: University of Texas College: McMurry '46 Major: English Major: Business Administration College: Hardin-Simmons Major: Pre-Medical BUD SMITH GENE SMITH Worked half-day for four years Record '43-'46: Band '43-'46p Branch of Service: Navy Orchestra '43-'46g President Or- chestra '46: National Honor So- ciety '46 College: Hardin-Simmons Major: Music CLASS OF '46 MARGIE SMITH CHARLYNE STEELE IOHN SUBLETT Hiking '43-'45g Library '44-'46p Pep Squad '43-'46g Library '44- Future Farmers of America '43- G an G '46 '46y Los Leales '45: G an G '46g '46 College: Draughcn's National Honor Society '46 College: Texas Agricultural and Major: Bookkeeping College: Hardin-Simmons Mechanical Major: Business Administration Major: Farming TRUMAN SMITH I-IARRAL Basketball '43-'46: Rifle Club B team '44g Track '43-'46g Box- '44: A Club '45-'46 ing '43-'45: Football '44-'46g Golf Branch of Service: Navy '44: Hi-Y '46g A Club '44-'46 College: Texas University Major: Athletics 1 " CHARLES TANDY " l V!! H. D. TERRY Hall Patrol '44: Band 433465 Microscope '43-'4Sy lunior Acad- emy of Science '46: Vice-Presi dent Microscope '45: President lunior Academy of Science '46: National Honor Society '46: Hi-Y '46 College: Tulane Major: Medicine B tcatn '43: A team Track '42-'46: Football '43-'46: Basketball '42-'46y Boxing '45: Baseball '45g Student Council '4l: Hi'Y '44- "' ' :Glee Club '43-'46y A Cappella 4-'46: Vice-President Senior Cl s '45: Vice-President Hi'Y '46: Vice- President A Cappella '46g Na- tional Honor Society '46 Branch ot Service: -Navy WAYNE THORNTON Record '43-'45: Rifle '46: Sec retary Record '44 College: Ohio State Major: Business Administration KENNETH TATE '43-'4G: Bmskotlnall 'lllig 'Track 'fllH: A Club '-14-'fllip Pllulfuqlrrivlty 'flllf Proul- clurlt l'll'Jl'llIll,II'lllY 'fllr Lfillc 11" llfllfllll- 'lllllllf 11" ,. ,,,L,,I,,o Major: liusiucsu Aulutiiustratiou BRUCE THOMPSON Band '43-'46: Record 'flflp Golf 'flfwg 'l'l1oatcr 'flfjg Druui Major Bklllkl '46 Collf-qc: 'lkvxuti Agricultural and l'vlf:a'l1',xr11f'fL,1l Major: Agricultural Lliigiucormq CLASS OF '46 SANDRA TILLETT MARY IANE TREADAWAY WANDA VAN ZANDT Glee Club '44-'46: Pep Squad Glee Club '43-'46: A Cappella Glee Club '44-'46: Gregg Wri '46: G an G '46 '43-'46: Record '43-'45: Pep Squad ters '46: G an G '46 College: Texas University '46: Fine Arts '46: G an G '46 College: Baylor Major: Voice College: Texas State College MaiO1'Z BL1SiI19SS ACl1'1'1if1iSlTCIliOT1 for Women Major: Music BOB TODD HARLEY VAN CLEAVE Office '45g Rifle '44g Photog- Basketball '46: Future Farmers raphy '45: Film '46: National of America '44-'46 Thespian '43-'46 Branch of Service: Navy College: Hardin-Simmons Major: Science I REBECCA WALKER GEORGE WATKINS THOMAS WATTS . Cadet Corps '45: Girls Hi-Y '45: Rifle '44: Lens cmd Shutter '45p Band '43-'46: Library '44-'46 Gan G '46 F.F,A. '46y Student Council '44g Record '43-'45: National Forensic College: Hardin-Simmons F.F:A. Historian '46 League '44: Library '46 Major: English Branch of Service: Navy College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical Major: Engineering DOSEY WALTON G an G '46: Pep Squad '46: Office '46: Iunior Red Cross '44- '46: Secretary Iunior Red Cross '45g President Iunior Red Cross '46 College: l'lCIIlllIl-SIIIIIIIOHS Major: Science DORIS WATSON Glee Club '46g Record '46g G an G '46 College: Southern Methodist Major: Public Speaking CLASS OF '46 BILL WELDON B team '44: Intramural Basket- ball '45: Track '43-'46g Basketball '46: B Club '44: A Club '44-'46 College: Baylor Major: Physical Education CHARLES W ILCOX Future Farmers of America '43- '46 Branch of Service: Army BILL WILLIAMS Record '44p Diversified Occupa- tions '44-'46: President D, O. '45: Band '45g junior Academy of Science '46 Branch of Service: Army Air Corps DICKY VVHITE Extemporaneous Speech '44-'46: Model Airplane '44: National For- ensic League '44 '46: Student Council '44-'46: Tennis '44-'46: President Model Airplane '44g President Student Council '46y Vice-President N, F: L. '46: Presi- dent Tennis '46: National Honor Society '46 College: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Major: Technology ALTON WILLIAMS Record '44: Tennis '45g Golf '45: Theater '46y Band '43-'46 College: Baylor Major: Medicine i ,, BILLY WILLIAMS Glee Club '43-'46: A Cappella '43-'46: Future Farmers of Arn- erica '45g Track '46 College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical Major: Mathematics IOAN WILLIAMS Hall Patrol '44: Hiking '44: Na- tional Thespian '44g Flashlight '44-'46: Faculty Editor Flashlight '46: Co-Club Editor Flashlight '46: G an G '46: Quill and Scroll '46 College: I-Iardin'Simmons Major: English BOBBY IOE WILLIAMS A Cappella '43-'46: Track '44- '46: Model Airplane '44: Future Fariiiorzs ot America 715: Typing '46 Branch oi Service: Navy CLASS OF ' IOLENE WILLIAMS 3- 46- Personality 'iris ,WILUAMS Glee Club '43-'45y Office '44- '46: Tennis '44: Pep Squad '43- '46: Personality Girls '44-'46: G an G '46g Sophomore Queen '44g Flashlight Queen '44: Field Marshal Pep Squad '45: Presie dent Pep Squad '46 College: Texas University Major: Music Glee Club Q645:lPep S ad , I . -.467 Q. an G '4Fp Viccffjtmsi Pur- so. 1 ' I ,fs '45 If 'O c r L- ' ' f ' 1 -1 , f I1 Jljty F 1 i C H351 ,eras Univ- Maor: it usic t s.Jf ,.. 6 ,-,, RUTH WILLIAMS MARGARET WILLIS BERTIE LOU WILSON. Girls Hi-Y '45: First Aid '46: Band '43-'46: Orchestra '43-'46g Orchestra '44- tional ,Foren- Office '46 Record '43-'46g National Honor sic League P3 Squad College: Hardin-Simmons Society '45-'46: G an G '46 '43-'46: Perso 'yGir '45: Stu- Major: Mathematics College: Hardin-Simmons dent Council '44 -'1' Major: Chemistry College: Bob Iones Major: Spanish WINSTON WILLIAMSON THOMAS WILLIS Library '44e'46: Rifle '44: Ten- Track '44-'46: Rifle '44g Record nis '45: Library Club '46g Presi- '45p Future Farmers of America dent Library '46: Student Coun- 46: Historian FFA '45 cil '46 College: Hardin-Simmons Major: Business Administration College: Texas University Major: Business Administration IOY WILSON MONA RAE WINKLES RAMONA WRIGHT Hiking '44g Skating '45-'46 Pep Squad '44-'46: Office '45: Cadet Corps '44: Glee Club College: Draughon's Hiking '44y Tennis '45: G an G '43-'46g Hiking '44g Gregg Writers Major: Business Administration '46: Record '46 '46: G an G '46 College: Abilene Christian College: Columbus Conserva- Major: Business Administration tory of Music Major: Piano ll ll LOVENIA FAYE WILSON LAURA WOODS 'ff' ,. N. 1 Red Cross '44g Skating '45g Pep Squad '43-'46- lee Club Gregg Writers '46: G an G '46g '44j Tennis '44p Per ity Girls Student Council '45 '45 'T College: Hardin-Simmons ff College: Texas Uniyer I Major: Business Administration Major: Music 'RX 5 CLASS OF ,46 j IEAN WROTEN Band '43-'46: Record '43-'46: Student Council '43A'45g Orchestra '44-'46: G an G '46 College: Texas State College for Women Major: Music BOBBY YOUNG Battery '43-'467 Library '43-'46g Hall Patrol '45: Los Leales '45: Cadet Corps '45: Future Teachers of America '46y Advertising Man- ager Battery '46g Secretary Los Leales '46 College: Texas Agricultural and CLARA LEE WILHITE Girls Band '43-'46g Battery '43 '46: G an G '46 College: Hardin-Simmons Major: Music Mechanical Major: Chemical Engineering X LORRAINE YARBROUGI-I ANNA WARREN G an G '46g Los Leales '45 G an G '46: Skating '46 College: McMurry College: Hardin-Simmons Major: Foreign Languages Major: Business Administration ,AQ. H- BILLY IACK FREEMAN BILLY LIVELY BETTY I0 MCNUTT Metal Shop '43-'46 Rifle Club '43-'46 G an G '46: Skating '44-'45g Branch of Service: Army Branch of Service: Army Air Sports '46 Corps College: McMurry Major: Physical Education IIMMEY KIMMEY ELBERT McCRANIE Future Farmers of America '43- Pilots Club '46 '46 Branch of Service: Navy Branch of Service: Navy CLASS OF M6 LAVOY OVXIENS IO PATSY SMITH IDA BETH TINER G an G '46: Gregg Writers '46: G an G '46g Hall Patrol '46 Battery '43-'46: Feature Writer Cadet Corps '44-'45: Skating '45: College: Hardin-Simmons Battery '46: Quill and Scroll '45- Hikinq '44 Major: Business Administration '46: National Honor Society '46g College: Hardin-Simmons Press Club '46: G an G '46 Major: Business Arlministration College: Hardin-Simmons Major: Iournalism KENNETH POLLOCK MARY SPICER Metal Shop '44-'46 G an G '46 Branch of Service: Army Air College: McMurry Cgrpg, Major: Business Administration E X . Take aim, Alec . . . Flowers on the wall . . . My friends, ii you will buy this box . . . Royal C ?1'. . . Signed, sealed, delivered . . . Ah, that chicken! . . . loe and Mozelle . . . Marryinq Sam in a pensive mood . . . Resiina on the soft gym Hoof. jf QW' "Wt H, 1 Ray, 'I 'fi nn ies X, 'Q as gqg Pep rally . . . Welcome baclc, Eugene . . . Garland Bare discusses China . . . Flag carriers . . . Charles and his embalmecl cat . . . "By de people, tor de people, ot de people!" . . . Bishop Hines talks ot Atomic Age . . . Taking Flashlight pictures . . . You can smile . . . Larry at the piano. 1 'J 'MVR , V o 1 byte' it or Our school library . . . A. H. S. sextet . . . Every sh 'Must have some fun . . . Waco, here they come . . . Battery subscriptions taken here . . . Auctioneer Robert . . . Programs? ? ? . . . Where did he get that halo . . . Eagle Band on parade. i . E yzltnicfrs LLOYD KING Presiden Jjx! :Ov -.nllllll" 'ul llll 'llllll ' iilllll at Qu 0 X ie3fl""f -' 1,'v ::L- '-"A lllll"'-: l- ! "'llllllL 51, L, I W 'd i 'Z ' I Yuma! Ohms IUNIOR CORONATION BAGNAL THURMAN Reporter MARGIE LE 5 ,6- Q l C L A S S O F '4 7 First School and Favorite Sayings EDDIE ADAMS BOYD ALEXANDER Valley View Travis "What say?" "Ask Miss Hardy" FRED ADAMS College Heights "Ah, come on" LOWELL ALEXANDER REYNOLDS ALLEN Central Pioneer, Texas "Let's go" "That's my first name" GRADY ALLEN Travis "Shw'lcins" IERRE ANDERSON PEGGY AUSTIN Central Central "Well, I tell ya" g, "Well, corn!" IANICE AyCiNsoN Valley View f'BrOther" ki BOBBY BAILEY LORELLE BAILEY Vernon, Texas Travis "Oh, fellas" "Girls, please" IAMES BAILEY Snyder, Texas "Hubba, hubbau DON BAIZE GARLAND BARE Tuxedo, Texas Hastings, Nebraska "Fidcllesticks" "It's Cx Wonder" MAXINE BALLARD College Heights "It's the Girls Band" IMOGENE BARLOW GOLDA BARRINGTON Big Spring, Texas Clyde, Texas "Ie-epers" "Double check" WILMAN BARNES Fair Park "Buy me that" I , IJXTI . I f W C A s s 0 F ,4 7 First School and Favorite Sayings DORIS BAZE BARBARA IEANNE BELEW - --. .f-1 i.-N SGH Aflqela, Texas Shamrock, Texas "Sex you" "Let me tell you!" GAY BEARD Edgewood, Texas "Sure as fate" BET Y BENN T AUDREY ANN BERTRAM Alta Vista San Angelo, Texas "My name isn't Scatterbrainul "I think I understand" STUART BENSON Alta Vista "Oh,--" NAOMA BEST IAMES BISHOP Alta Vista View, Texas "Nope--" "I guess-" CHARLES BIRD Goldthwaite, Texas ,Yep J. MARTHA NELL BLACKBURN GENE BLAKLEY Elmdaie Santa Anna, Texas "Iiminey Crickets" "I'II work" MARGARET BLACKWELL Central "Listen, Bubu NONA BLAKEMORE LA WANDA BOLLINGER Seminole, Texas Highland, Texas "Tri1'rIeI1eader" "Get I1ep" RUTII BLAKENEY IIouston, Texas "Hot tamale-" BETTY BONNER EARL BOURLAND Valley View Lamar "Good I1onk" "Shoot" IOHN BONTKE Lamar "Iu:3t my Mick" C L A S S O F '4 7 First School and Favorite Sayings BOBBIE BRANNON BILL BRAZZIL South Bend, Texas Flat, Texas "I saw a spookn "Loan me a nickle" CHARLENE BRANTON Alta Vista "Sure thing" IANE B N RUTH BROOKS Ka i , isisouri Center Point, Texas NTSB? a lie" "Okay" ' LON BROOKS College Heights "Good deal" BILLY BROTILES EUGENE BULLOCK New Hope Brownsville, Texas "You would" "Ali, bc quiet" VIRGINIA BRYAN Frederick, Oklntlionm "Eat, drink, and be IIICIIYH IOIINNIE BULLOCK RICHARD BYRD Valley View Butterfield "Give me a bite" "Thrill-dill" E DOROTHY BURKS San Angelo, Texas "I don't care" PATSY BROWN FREDDA CARPENTER College Heights My Lamar "I want some gum" "Margie has it" SARAH CARLYLE Elmclale "I know" Y , IER Ubi ' ' R ALICE C NDLER I 0 F ' rk ' H-Q " xx' use" ANN CAWTHON Dallas, Texas "Dot's is best" fab' if- Y1,Q,4flffQ ad C L A S S O F '4 7 First School and Favorite Sayings BILLY RAY CHELF IOY CLARK Alta Vista Ial, New Mexico "Give 'em air" "Oh, so gently" DORIS CI-IANEY Wylie "Siruplcton" IUNE CLARK DORIS CLEMMER McCamey, Texas Rock Hill "All right, you" "You got me" MELBA IUNE CLARK Fair Park "My mamma said No" BETTY IOYCE COLE CHARLES COMES Travis Travis "Tops with nie" "What's the use?" BETTY SUE COLLINS Odessa, Texas "Doi1't ask mc" MARY LINDA COOK MYRA LOU COOKE Donie, Texas Memphis, Tennessee "How am I doin'?" "I just live here" MELBA COOK Fair Park "Gee, Patty" I X X IQNIQQCOVOPERK DOROTHY CRABTREE College Heights Paulton, Illinois "Where's the fire?" "You don't say?" ARQEN oo T f Cente , 1 f x s lr ,fn I -I ,m '13 xy f I-O SARAH CRAIG CLAUD CRIM I-Iamby, Texas College Heights "I remember that" "A bargain" BILLY CRIER'-Sr, Lamar "I thought I would die" C L A S S O F '4 7 First School and Favorite Sayings BEN CUMMINGS DORA CURRY Lamesa, Texas Lamar "Where's the camera?" "Weight broke the bridge MARGARET CUNNINGI-IAM Elmdale "Drat it" MARTHA CURRY IATIQISET egsitis North Park ta -ix "I got a new crush" "Nato ' MARY CURRY North Park "Silence" NA ' QANIEL LA VAUGHN DAVIS ir ark Locust "R ' "Not now" ARVEL DAUGI-ITREY Colorado, Texas "How long 'til the lJoll':"' .,---v I'A'l"l'Y DAVIS j. H. lirrtillllllj Stamford, Texas North Park "It's Troop 2" "I just take my time" I THERESA DAVIS Ceritral "That's awIul" LOURETTA DILLARD ' EVA MAE DIXON Temple, Texas Hamilton, Texas "I should say" "I think I Cari" BILLY DILLON Muskogee, Oklahoma "Gracious" l. T. DIXON WANDA DUGGINS Valley View Liberty "Hummm!" "Hurry" BORDEN DUFPEL Dallas, Texas "I Wish I could" A -4-mlm 599' . 'ff fl jhi 3 C L A S S 0 F '4 7 First School and Favorite Sayings ' M ELIZABETH ECI-IOLS KATHERINE ELLIOTT A. C. C. Demonstration School Colorado City, Texas "Bright idea" - "'Do ya-dig-25 LONNIE EDWARDS Spur, Texas "Suitable" SHARON no SHIRL 'L FIEI..DSA-" Aim vista" Col1eg'c?l-leiqlits "Hust-must" "It was a moment oi 'insanhyw ELOISE ESCUE Dallas, Texas "You took the Words riqht out of my mouth" f x OY FISH IOANNE FORD Star ity, Arkansas f f 1, Graham, Texas 'Ahern--" ' 'f "Excuse you" aj PLOITA FISCHER Travis "Good uifjlitl " GENE FREE N DICK PHYDENBllltLj Alta ,T Fair Park 'Novlk r3.3 nhen "Listen to my trombone' Q I EARLENE FRY Travis "My brother gave it to me" DAVID FUDGE GWENDOLYN FURNEY Valley View Electra, Texas "lust another tormentoru "Double check" BARBARA FULWILER Central "My hackle" X f' IVIARIOBFIE G FORD VIRGINIA GARY Eaiar Dunn, Texas "Dondeu,,e a,Eredda" "Now it was this Way" INEZ GARY Dunn, Texas "I-Ionest? " f C L A S S O F '4 7 First School and Favorite Sayings PATSY GIST RUTH GOATES Central Locust "l'll admit it" "Girls4" .P e A GWENDOLYN GLENN Central "l suffered thc consequences SIDNEY GOODLOE IEANET -IGH! FIN Alta Vista Algfa' ar "You remember?" "I lea o-'Hne nread" NANCY GREEN Pickwick, Tennessee "It's my sister's" Ze-f' W f X If' ,fffi , fff' EARL OUIIAR I .D ION Central Travis fn w H O 4 f ' +---As XV, - iz.- i K Y "I'in the rnissinq line" "Well, boys" I I 7 I I l -" 'Y' I , X-,. 5 I , f ' 'Rx PATSY QUHLE .5 ,QM JN J X - Wort iam, oxas , f f "Soinotiino" ALISEITI' llAIl.lI IEAN HALE Locust Alta Vista "What was I doing?" "Nuts" IERRY HAILEY Alta Vista "When I graduate--" BETTY HAMILTON NANCY HARKEY Travis Valley View "I reckon" "Who said that?" CHRIS NE I-IkMMERS iemtra 'f H Jlfon t get you HAYDEN HARRELL BILLIE RUTH HUMBLE Locust Houston, Texas "Who missed me?" "lt's amazing" DON HARRISON Merkel, Texas .Eek-H Q22 C L A S S O F '4 7 First School and Favorite Sayings IOHN RAY HARRISON CLARENCE HASTINGS Fair Park Temple, Texas "In the groove" "Going my Way?" LEE WALLACE HART Houston, Texas "Did you see hor?" WAYNE HAYNES CURTIS HAYS Merkel, Texas San Angelo, Texas "RecxlIy?" "Ah-man" BOB HAYNIE Alta Vista O "No wonder" 4 KX fre. Q6 f IOYE HEATON C. A. HENSON Travis .Alla Vista "Come again" "No siroo- -" BETTY HENRY Faigllark "Who all-agroou 2 ,I 'IHELMA HEHHELL IULIAN HEHHINO Double Mountain College Heights "You said it" "Why?" IIMMY HERRING Ballinger, Texas "Keep going" PAUL FAULKS DOROT KDA! Knox Ciiy, Texas Waco., V xas 'J"SlyJerb!" "Where hagdffou been?" If j , , bf' 3 Af" Lf U H. D. HILL, Ir. Cross Plains, Texas ,, . ., Counl me in if IOAN HOLMES MARGIE H RN San Angelo, Texas 'Qi "Of course not" "Too bad bouxt you" ,X BERTA IEANNE HOPKINS Lamar "Can I go home?" C L A S S O F '4 7 First School and Favorite Sayings R. L. HOWARD IOAN HUGHES Biq Lake, Texas Commerce, Texas "Who said so?" "Look Who's talking" CLAUDIA HOWELL Cisco, Texas "Yeah" HARMON HURST DOROTHY IMKEN Canyon, Texas Valley View "Who-me?" "Too bad!" FRANCES HYNDS Martin, Tennessee "I got it, Dickie" DeWlTT ISOM WALTER IARRETT ' Tye, Texas f' Alta Vistaxx "At your command" 'Trayelinqfor j i t qoiiiq somewhere? ' l. W. IVINS Travis "Well, well" BERNIE IENNINGS A N l 'V l S N Central ' L ar I "Shucks" "ls tha so?" DON IENNINGS Colony Hill "At your service" BERNIECE IONES IEAN IONES Fair Park Alta Vista "May l check your book?" "No kiddin'?" ESTES IONES Merkel, Texas "Brats" IETTIE MAE IONES IOAN KENDRICK Central Wingate, Texas "Sure" "Let's sing something sweet DON KENDALL Alta Vista "Sez you" C L A S S O F '4 7 First School and Favorite Sayings MARY KILPATRICK BETTY KOONSMAN LCIITICIY Central "That's it" "Dream stuff" LLOYD KING ltr? "limi 1 ling, please C no to o1'dor" BAMONA KROTH BOBBIE IOYCE LANFORD Alta Vista College Heights ' "Nuts" "Right-flank" ' , ' 1 BETTY Jo KYLE W' J Mineral Wells, Texas , , l 1 "Oh, kid" v , I Q N .. 0' 5' MICKEY LEHH MERLENE LEWIS Alta Vista Travis "Wlial C1 Charactorn "Meanie! " MARIORIE L Pai a, Toxas ' lolul last" DORIS LINDLEY FLOSSIE LONDON Wichita Falls, Texas Merkel, Texas l "lt was only I" "Come and get it" IEAN LTNDSEY Kermit "Wait a sec" HM LOONEY EMILY LOWRIE Eastland, Texas Lamar "lt's the B. B." "Prove your point" IRA LORD Midland, Texas "Sonic day l'll learn" NELDA MCCLURE HOWARD MCCRANIE College Heights Billings, Montana "What happened" "l fe-rgot" BILLIE GENE MCCOY Sweetwater, Texas "How about it?" C L A S S O F '4 7 First School and Favorite Sayings BEATRICE MCDONALD IaNELL MCFADDEN Crane, Texas San Angelo, Texas "Throw that ball" ir V V "Tell me, I know" A X' -Xe, H ROBERT MCELRATH College Heights "Yes, senorita" fi ANN MCFALL GLENN c EIEE Alta Vista Alt is "Watch out" "I know her address' IOI-IN c LL A ' ta "Wh I - Q esomo' Y IACK MCGLOTHLIN BETTY MCKINNEY Fair Park Iowa Park, Texas "Please, Teenie" "Great--" EMILY MCGREGOR North Park "Slick as a chick" WYNETTA MCLAUGHLIN CHARLES MAIOR McAdoo, Texas Lamar "Yes, Mani" "I'm satisfied" IIAZEL MCMINN Travis "IIow1,ly" OPAIKM RLES NELDA MARTIN Mui 'jxTQ3ias Albany, Texas "Wh14t i quy" "Yep " THITELLY MARTIN "givi- Overton, Texas "Pin 'ein on" GLORIA MATHIS ROSELYN MERRICK Murfreesboro, Tennessee Alta Vista "Gene is here now" "Sing on" RUTH ANN MATIIEWS Lamar "It's the G. B." , CLASS OF '47 First School and orite Sayings HUBERT ID BROOKS LEROY MIDDLETON A ista Bradshaw, Texas " ' -" "Yipe, yipe" BOBBY MIDDLETON Bradshaw, Texas "I entered to learn and served the consequences" RONNIE MILLER GLENN MITCHELL Travis Hamby "My word" "Who do you think you're kiddin'?" IAMES MILSTEAD San Angelo, Texas "Well, just a little Init" IAMES MITCHELL DON MONK Allen, Oklahoma Lamar "I tried" "Naturally" CHARLES MOI-IR College Heights "The good old band" IAY MOORE MARVIN MANTOOTI-I College I-Ieiqhts Wylie "You better not" "I hope so" IIMMY MORRISON Lamar "Once upon a time--" DOROTHY MULLINS KENNETH MUSGRAVE Central Wichita Falls, Texas "I wish I knew" "Me, too" LOUISE MULLINS Valley View "Dunno" DOYLE NASH KATIE RHEA NEWMAN Caddo, Texas Central "Action--camera" "I told Shorty" DONNEA LEA NELSON Travis "Whee V--" C L A S S O F '4 7 First School and Favorite Sayings IO ANN N C LS SAMMY NUNNALLY Rota , xas College Heights ' icate" "My dutyfu PERRY NUCKOLS Rotan, Texas "Oh! " IEAN OATES BENNIE OLIVER Alta Vista North Park "I'm going crazy" "Is the lab still there?" THOMAS ODELL College Heights "Yes, Ed" EVALINE OVERTON ANNA PAGE Colby, Kansas Alta Vista "I-Iurray" "Did you see him?" RAINEY OWEN Fair Park "Now, pop" BILLIE PALM ANNA LOUISE PATTERSON Alta Vista Central "Too many Billies" "It's Mozart for me" EARLENE PARKER Odessa, Texas "Nuts" PEGGY PEAK WANDA PENDERGRAST Alta Vista Phoenix, Arizona "BQ GGYH "You in that study hall?" PATRICIA PEARCE Alta Vista "Now!" LYNN PERKINS RANDALL PLEDGER COHEQG Heiqhts Brinkley, Arkansas "Give me strength" "That is she" BOB PILLOW San Antonio, Texas "You'll never get me" Wkffffu C L A S S O F '4 7 First Schoola Favorite Sayings I gg LlLER ELETA POLLOCK Alfa Vista Alta Vista "Careful-now" "Very exciting" K MARY PLILER Alta Vista "I promise---" l. FORREST POSEY VIRGINIA PUTMAN College Heights I Potosi, Texas "Hey " ' "lt's mine" l x I I' SHIRLEY PR1oUR 7 .v - YE Ci St. Ioseph's Academy n IACK RAMSEY SI-IELTON RANCIER olleg ights Del Rio, Texas ou ys" "l betchau PHYLLIS RAMSEY Central "ll started this Way" a i ta Travis 'M o -" "Look at my band pin AN ASNKIN CAROL RAYMOND il s MARY RASBERRY Colony Hill "It's all inthe mind" R TLISREED SAM REEVES pg lar Valley View "Gen, you clon't say?" HOUCIIH l C ESE we "QL , you dope" PAULINE RISTER RAYMOND ROBERTS Tye, Texas LCIYHGT "I wish you would" "SUV, 5115" IEANETTE ROBERTS Goldthwaite, Texas "Wait, l'll tell" CLASS OF '47 First School and Favorite Sayinqs BILL ROGERS HENRI BOB RUSSELL Fair Park Fort Worth, Texas "Oh qet quiet" "Great Scott" MARY RUCKER Weatherford, Texas "How wonderful" SAMMIE RUSSELL BUDDY SATTERWHITE Fair View, Texas Lamar "Bright idea" "Pe-te's fuzz" NAlNEX'SjQ'QRD Aqta ista l "Get your linegstraiqhf' LJ DOROTHY IEAN SAUZE HERBERT SEIDEL Valley View Fair Park "Law" "Don't rush me" DORIS IUNE SAUZE Valley View "Do tell?" AL SCHROEDER MILDRED SCOTT Lamar Hamlin, Texas "Glad you met me" "I'm spellboundu ANNETTE so T Lamar ' ' ' kno M" I SUEBSELLERS IOAN sHACKELFoRD 'T6mar.f X Fair Park f'B6 difterenfu' "Murals-rl" I DILITSELMAN, C jntral I in " ii. down" LARRY SHARPE AMELIA IEAN SMITH Elk City, Oklahoma A. C. C. Demonstration School "No rata data" "So what?" ANN S EPI-IERD Hobart, lflahoma "For Pete's sake" C L A S S O F '4 7 First School and Favorite Sayings DOROTHY MAE SMITH MARY FRANCES SMITH College Heights St. Ioseplfs Academy "Oh yeah-" "lust a minute" LORAH DEAN SMITH A. C. C. Demonstration School "Well, look" MARY LEN SMITH MARY BETH SNOW Travis College Heights ' "Yes, lout can he sing?" "Check and double check' I I Lv Er v l SHELBY SMITH Olden, Texas "Nosoy" BILLY RAY SNYDER l. R. SOUTH Camden, Texas Buford, Texas "Really, do you?" "Mow 'em down" CLINTON SOIOURNER Freer, 'Texas "I'm with ya" CHARLES SPEARS GEORGIA SPURRIER Denver, Colorado Travis "Prove it" "Okay with mo" l IE i Y S' IRE?- O es'ia,F'l5x'l1s "VV at' tl?euglit?" f IEANNESSTV , GEORGE SWINNEY , ' ,. ' ' 'j Alta vista 1-'+l7'h ' syvglu "You're forgiven" NADINE STUBBS College Heights "Sure enough" HILDA TATE GENE TERHUNE Baird, Texas Perryton, Texas "Hit's no difference" "I Warned you quys" LARRY TEAGUE Canadian, Texas "Riff-Rafi" C L A S S O F '4 7 First School and Favorite Sayings ALONZO THOMASON HELEN THOMPSON Wylie College Heights "That beats me" "Oh me" MONTY D 5' AsoN e q s Colle e "Never again" I X n I I l I ' . I 'SETANLEY THOMPSON ' BAGNAL THURMAN J 'r North Park JL Denison, Texas ' "Ah-" xx "Horrors" . . 'fl 1 X X x ' l' VONCELE THOMPSON Travis "Tut-Tut" BILL TODD TOM ED TRAVIS Lamar Lamar "Fight 'em" "You say you can?" IOSIE TOLAND Tye, Texas "Aw, I don"t believe that" BILLIE MAE TUCKER DUANE UNRUE Larnar Elkhart, Indiana "Happy-cot" "Phooey" ERNEST TYE Paducah, Texas "It's amazing" BARBARA VAN ZANDT ROBERT VON ROEDER Zephyr, Texas Austin, Texas "Hi, shorty" "Yep, yep" CARLETON VARNELL Locust "Eh-law" WENDELL WAGLEY MCDANIEL WARD Alta Vista Travis "He, you" -A "Ah, raft" fx ANN WALKER" Merkel, Texas, "Sit downfpep girls" f'. f CLASS OF '47 First School and Favorite Sayings ANNA WARREN GEORGE WATTS Travis North Park "I'm with you" "Yes, that's right" IOYCE WARREN Travis "Smooth, isn't he?" LODEMA WATTS GENEVIEVE WELLBORN North Park North Park "I hope so" "Mear1ie" HILDA IO WEAVER Electra, Texas "Superb" BOBAVYHETSQNEL I FRANKLIN WHITE ' I with cemmi "IiIor1estly?" V "Double check" BETTY WHITE Kerrville, Texas "Yes, definitely" BILLIE FRANCES WHITMAN EUGENE 'WILLIAMS Sweetwater, Texas New Hope "I'l1 go" "Not so hot" ANNA LOUISE WIEDERAENDERS Lamar "Yi, Yi" MARY ANNETTE WILLIS MAXINE WIMBERLY Alta Vista College Heights "That's for me" "It's a krioclcoutu BOBBY WIMBERLY College Heights "By all means" NQBREEN WINDHAM MARY FRANCES WOOD Texon, Texas College Heights "It's not a bit cold" "Very exciting" GERALDINE WINTER Truby, 'Texas "Oh, kid" CLASS OF '47 First School and Favorite Sayings BOBBY WOODY IOI-INNIE WRAGG Lamar College Heights "A bargain" "Bright idea" GLEN WOODY Travis "You lead" MONA WRENN IACK YONGE, Ir. Travis College Heights "Tripleheader" "This way, please" LACK YATES Alta Vista "There's a crow in here" BETTY EARL YOUNG WILL ANN YOUNG Central College Heights "In the groove" "Get hep" BETTY RUTH YOUNG College Heights "On the beam" BOBBY BOURLAND BILLY IACK FREEMAN Lamar Valley View "Ha, ha" "Nurts" IEAN BROWN College Heights "It's a hit" BOBBY HAMILTON IO ANN MCCARTNEY Iayton, Texas Crossroads "I wish I knew" "Look, look!" BUDDY IONES Fair Park "Out cold" IANE MCCRAW BOB RUTLEDGE I-Iamby Woodward, Oklahoma "Anyway-" "I get ya" BILLY MATHEWS Paris, Texas "No, kid" I MRS. HOLLIS R. EOND Adviser '99 L L35 MR WILLIAM LAWSON lj' Adviser If ,ffl The lunior yell leaders . Out steps Queen Dottie . . . YET skirt too short . . . Lloyd cmd Dottie ot the Coronation . . . TIRE-lnniof girls' teqnq is good competition for theifl Squad-blthey tluinlcl. Getting Baldy's approval . . . Trumpets sextet . . . The Eagle Bands field day . . . Going places . . . Pro Bynum . . . Presenting colors . . . Our lovely Band Sweetheart . . . ln full swing. Io Svphomorcs IIMMY WALKER President WALKER resident Saphvmorc OMMS MISS MARION CI-IAMBLISS Adviser Y! A71 ON X I El'ke4 S avi MR. 1. H. NAIL Adviser N. Q .J KKN-ff Miss MARY BAGGETT I ' K Adviser 'Q E 2 H f, .I ff, 1 RUTI-I WATANABE Secretary OLNA LEE 'WINPREY Subject: Bcmd DILMUS IAMES Reporter I URBAN WINKLES Subie-ct: Biology . GENE AARON NITA ADAMS RAY NELL ALEXANDER NAT IE lx RSON Subject: Metal Shop Subject: Biology Subject: History Su ' ' lis HELEN ADAMS TED ADAMS ROY ALFORD CARLOS APPLETON Subject: History Subject: Mathematics Subject: Mathematics Subject: Mathematics RAY ARCHYBALD MOZELLE ASHLEY BILL AUSTIN IOHN D. AYERS Subject: Physical Education Subject: English Subject: Bible Subject: Physical Education GORDON ASBURY WAYNE ASKINS DORLA DEAN AYER ARLEN BAILEY Subject: Pre-Flight Subject: Mathematics Subject: Algebra Subject: Physical Education C L A S S O F '4 8 RUTH BAILEY TOMMIE SUE IEALDRIDGE C. L. BARNES CALDWELL BECKHAM Subject: History Subject: Biology Subject: Wood Shop Subject: Science E. T. BALDRIDGE IACK BARKER DE-CK BARNES VIC BEHRENS Subject: Physical Education Subject: History Subject: History T" Subject: Athletics DARLENE BELEW VIRGINIA BENNETT NAOMA BEST RUTH BIGGERS Subject: Algebra Subject: Art Subject: History Subject: Latin LZ CHARLES BELL HELEN BERRY BOBBY BETTIS GLORIA BIRD Subject: Mathematics Subject: Mathematics Subject: Wood Shop Subject: Art .-. H 313, ,LLL - f, ELIZABETH BlSHOP ROLAND BLACKFORD IOANNE BLUNK ELIZABETH BOND Subject: Algebra Subject: Vocational Agriculture Subject: History Subject: Algebra ALVAH BLACKERBY FOY BLANTON MABEL BODlNE TROY BOONE Subject: Algebra Subject: Band Subject: Algebra Subject: Band THOMAS BOUCHER MARGIE BOWERS HERBERT BRADSHAW IEAN BRATTON Subject: Music Subject: History Subject: History Subject: English BENNETT YOUNG DOROTHY BRADFORD IACKIE BRASHER REBECCA BRAWLEY SulOi9Ct1 Algebra Subject: English Subject: English Subject: English C L A S S O F '4 8 EUGENE BRILEY GRETA BROCK lOE BRUTON LEAN BUCHANAN Subject: Wood Shoji- Subject: English Subject: Mechanical Drawing Subject: English lANE BRlTAIN BYRNICE BROOKS ANN BUCHANAN HAROLD BULLOCK Subject: History Subject: Algebra Subject: History Subject: History lPHA'BTlSH MACK BYRAM PATSY CAGLE lACKEY CAPERTON Subject: History Subject: English Subject: English Subject: English BOBBY BYNUM LOLA PAY CAGLE HAROLD CANNON BOYD CARPENTER Subject: Algebra Subject: History Subject: History Subject: Algebra ROLLIE CASEY BESSIE CHAMBERS LAWRENCE CHANEY MARY FRANCES CHAPPLE Subject: Science Subject: English Subject: Science Subject: Home Economics PEGGY CAUDILL BILL CHANEY DOROTHY CHAPMAN RUTH CHASE Subject: Algebra Subject: Algebra Subject: Home Economics Subject: History BETTY CHEEK W, S. CHORN SHIRLEY CLARK ODIS CLAXTON, lr. Subject: History Subject: Biology Subject: Algebra Subject: Band HERBERT CHEEK PAT CLARK BETTYE CLAXTON ROSEMARY CLEMENT Subject: Science Subject: English Subject: History Subject: A Cappella C L A S S O F '4 8 BUFORD CLEMMER LOVETA COFFMAN CLIFTON COLLUM GASTON COOK Subject: Mechanical Drawing Subject: Dramatics Subject: History Subject: Vocational Agriculture jUNE CLOWDUS QQLLLNS BlLLlE CONAWAY LETA PAYE COPELAND Subject: History Subject: Athletics Subject: Algebra Subject: English DOLORES COTANCHE CONSTANCE COWDEN CRANFORD COX, jr. LUCILE CRAWFORD Subject: Algebra Subject: History Subject: Band Subject: Algebra EVELYN COUCH CORINNE COWDEN IEAN CRAIN DORRIS CUPPS Subject: Algebra Subject: Hwy.,-:X Subject: Algebra Subject: Cadet Corps DOLORES DANIELS IIMMY DARLING RICHARD DEAN BILLIE DOBBINS Subject: Glee Club Subject: History Subject: History Subject: Speech LUCILLE DANIELS BETTY ANN DEAN ANN DeMARCO j. C. DOBBS Subject: History Subject: Algebra Subject: History Subject: Physical Education BOBBIE IEAN DREWRY IO ANN DIINLAP LANELLE EASTER HENRY ETTA EAVES Subject: History Subject: Art Subject: Algebra Subject: Home E:onomics BOBBY DIIGAN MARVIN DUNN BILLIE IEAN EASTMAN IAMES EDINGTON Subject: Algebra Subject: Biology Subject: English Subject: Algebra C L A S S O F '4 8 GENE EDMONDSON BOBBY ESTES DON ETTER DAURICE EWING Subject: Physical Education Subject: English Subject: Band Subject: Algebra OMADEAN ELLISON ESME' ESTES BILL EVERI-IEART PEGGY SUE FARNES Subject: History Subject: Art Subject: Algebra Subject: Algebra ROYCE FARNSWORTH BILL FIVEASH LOUISE FOLLIARD PAT FORTUNE Subject: Spanish Subject: Algebra Subject: Algebra Subject: English PATSY PINK PEGGY FLEMISTER PRESTON FORTSON BILL POSTER Subject: English Subject: History Subject: English Subject: Wood Shop J GLENN FOSTER DICK FRAGER DICKIE YOUNG FRANCES FREEMAN Subject: Science Subject: Wood Shop Subject: History Subject: Physical Education IERRY FOSTER BETTYE FREDECK BRUCE FREEMAN PAT FUGITA Subject: History Subject: Algebra Subject: Vocational Agriculture Subject: Algebra THOMAS FUQUA NORA BETH FULLER VIRGINIA GARY WAYNE GAY Subject: Ordnance Subject: Bible Subject: Algebra Subject: Band DAVID FULLER IACKIE GARRISON IO ANN GAY IANICE GENTRY Subject: Biology Subject: English Subj9Cl3 Band Subiefiii Alqehra C L A S S O F '4 8 BILLY GILCHRIST IEAN GOOCH LEE GOODMAN IAN GOSE Subject: Algebra Subject: English Subject: Vocational Agriculture Subject: Glee Club BILLY GILLIS WYVONNE GOOCI-I DOROTHY GOOLSBY IO ALYCE GOSS Subject: Physical Education Subject: Algebra Subject: Latin Subject: Algebra IUNE GRANT MARIE GRIFFIN ELLA FAYE GULLEY LOTA FAYE HAGAR Subject: English Subject: History Subject: Algebra Subject: History GAY GRAVES DAVID GUIN MARY SUE GUNN ALBERT HAILE Subject: Algebra Subject: Athletics Subject: History Subject: Metal Shop ERVIN GUNN ANNETTE HANEY EDNA PAYE HARENDT ERNESTINE HARPER Subject: History Subject: History Subject: Algebra Subject: Band IACKIE HAMILTON HORACE I-IARDIN MARY ELLEN HARLESS MOLLYE HARRELL Subject Bible Subject: Algebra Subject: History Subject: History BILLY HARRIS BETTYE HARRISON ROBERT HART LA VERNE HAVINS Subject: Algebra Subject: History Subject: Art Subject: History IEAN HARRIS HOLLEY HARRISON IOAN HARVEY IAMES I-IEAD Subject: English Subject: Algebra Subject: English Subject: History C L A S S O F '4 8 BURCHEL HENDERSON LLOYD LEE HENRY PEGGY I-IEYSER BILL I-IISE Subject: Wood Shop Subject: History Subject: English Subject: Biology IIMMY HENDRICKS BORDEN HESLEP THERON HIGGINBOTI-IAM DON HOLDEN Subject: History Subject: Algebra Subject: Mechanical Drawing Subject: History MILDRED HOLLINGSHEAD BILL HOLLOWELL VIRGINIA HOLT IULIA FRANCES HOUSTON Subject: English Subject: History Subject: English Subject: Band GLADYS HOILOMAN V' DOROTHY HOLT IAMES HOPKINS WANDA HOUSTON Subject: History Subject: History Subject: Algebra Subject: Algebra lLA HOWARD ROBERT HOWLE HAROLD HUGHES HAROLD HUSBANDS Subject: Algebra Subject: Algebra Subject: Athletics Subject: Athletics IESSIE HOWLE BETTY HUCKABAY IEAN HUNT DOYLE HUTSON Subject: Home Economics Subject: Typing Subject: History Subject: History HOLLEY TVEY DILMUS IAMES IERRY IARRETT LEROY IENNINGS Subject: Metal Shop Subject: Biology Subject: Algebra Subject: Algebra LORINE IVIE MARY MERLE IAMES WANDA IEFFERIES BILL IOHNSON Subject: Biology Subject: Bible Subject: Biology Subject: Algebra C L A S S O F '4 8 BILL R. IOHNSON MARGIE LEE TOHNSON HERSHEL IONES MARGARET ANN KELLER Subject: Mechanical Drawing Subject: English Subject: Algebra Subject: Biology DOUG jOHNSON WAYNE IOHNSON LEE IONES LAURA RUTH KELLY Subject: Physical Education Subject: History Subject: Algebra Subject: journalism MARSHALL KELLEY DAN KILLOUGH FRANCES YARBROUGH IANE KING Subject: History Subject: English Subject: Algebra Subject: Mathematics BILLIE jEAN KILLAM MARY KlLLOUGH CHRISTIE KING SUE KING Subject: Algebra Subject: Home Economics Subject: Music Subject: English Q lORlTTA KISSINGER BIRDIE IEAN LACKEY RUPERT LAMAR GRACE LANG Subject: English Subject: Bible Subject: Mathematics Subject: English DOLORES KRINKIE BETTY IEAN LAIRD, PEGGY LANDRETH IOE LANIER Subject: History Subject: Algebra Subject: History Subject: Physical Education JOHN HOWARD LARGE HMMIE LAWLER BILL LEE KIRBY LFESON Subject: Mechanical Drawing Subject: Algebra Subject: History Subject: English W. A. LAVENDER IOYCE LAWSON SUE LEE MICKEY LEHR Subject: Metal Shop Subject: Music Subject: Typing Subject: History C L A S S O F '4 8 BO E LE GEORGE LIVELY FORREST LUCAS BARBARA McCALEB Subject' gebra Subject: Athletics Subject: Algebra Subject: Algebra BETTYE MCMASTER ROBERT LOVING TED McAl.lSTER NINA MCDERMETT Subject: History Subject: Athletics Subject: Mechanical Drawing Subject: English CDONALD ROSEMARY MCDONALD IOHN McKlNZlE BETTY MCMAHON Subject: History Subject: Art Subject: Mathematics Subject: Algebra DELBERT McDONALD lAMES MCGUIRE KATHRYN MCLAIN DAVID MCMEANS Subject: Algebra Subject: History Subject: History Subject: History U I ' sf jj I I -r MINA MATTHEWS EDNA MCMINN IAMES MAIOR CAROLYN MALLETT Subj, . ' Subject: Algebra Subject: History Subject: Algebra BILLY MCMINN GENE PARMELLY ANN MALCOM BOBBIE MALONE Subject: Mechanical Drawing Subject: History Subject: Art Subject: History ARLIE MATHEWS CHRISTOPHER MARSH MARGIE MARTIN DORIS MATHIS Subject: English Subject: Mechanical Drawing Subject: Algebra Subject: Music IIM MANLY MARY FRANCES MARTIN MILTON MARTIN IOHNNIE MAYFIELD Subject: History Subject: nglish Subject: Vocational Agriculture Subject: Music C L A S S O F '4 8 BILLIE IACK MORRIS IIMMIE SUE MEEKS WANDA MILLER BILLY MITCHELL Subject: Algebra Subject: History Subject: English Subject: Algebra MARVIN MAYFIELD RONNIE MILLER INA MILTON IEAN MONK Subject: Algebra Subject: Metal Shop Subject: History Subject: Art IERLENE MOOTY ELMO MOORE BILLIE IEAN MORAN PEGGY MORGAN Subject: English Subject: English Subject: Bible Subject: History CLAUDYNE MOORE ROBNA MOORE DEE MORGAN BEVERLY ANN MORROW S M ' Subject: Algebra Subject: English Subject: History Subject: usic PEGGY IO PASS ANN NELSON RONNY NEW WELDON NEWTON Q - - . . Subject: English Subject: English Subject: History Subject: Algebra WALDO MOUTRAY C. W. NESMITH GENE NEVVMAN IACK NICHOLS Subject: History Subject: Machine Shop Subject: History Subject: Mathematics RUBY ANN OLIVER FRED OSBORNE ANETTA PARIS CLARA PERRY Subject: Algebra Subject: Band S ' ct: Algebra Subject: Mathematics ARDELLE ONWILER IO RETTA OWEN ELLA PARMELLY BETTE PETERS Subject: Music Subject: Spanish Subject: History Subject: History C L A S S O F ,4 8 TOMMY 'NOODY LONA SUE PATTERSON GLORIA PEEL MARILYN PETTY Subject: English Subject: History Subject: History Subject: History NANCY WOOTEN BARBARA PECHACEK BETTY IO PEPMENTER MAXINE PETTY Subject: History Subject: History Subject: English Subject: English GRACIE PHILLEY CLARENCE PHIPPS BOBBY PIERCE FRANK POLK Subject: Algebra Subject: History Subject: Athletics Subject: Mechanical Drawing WELDON PHILLIPS BILLIE LEE PIERCE MARTHA PLILER ALLEN WRIGHT Subject: Metal Shop Subject: Algebra Subject: History Subject: Algebra 1 1 , . --.L -, - L LA VERNE PRESTON EDWIN POSEY IUANITA RAMSEY WENDELL WOOD Subject: Band Subject: Athletics Subject: History Subject: Algebra VIOLET PROCTER DON POVVERS ARLEN RASEY DAVID ROBERTSON Subject: English Subject: Biology Subject: Athletics Subject: History MARIDA RAY NUEL REDUS RUSSELL REESE H. L. RICE Subject: History Subject: English Subject: Metal Shop Subject: Latin BEVERLY REDDING NEECA REDUS ELWYN REINHARDT LILLIAN RICHARDS Subject: English Subject: Algebra Subject: journalism Subject: History C L A S S O F 94 8 WESLEY RICHARDS LOUISE RIVES CECIL ROBERTS IOYCE ROBERTS Subject: Algebra Subject: History Subject: Algebra Subject: Algebra CURTIS RISTER TED RIVES HAZEL ROBERTS NANCY ROBERTS Subject: Wood Shop Subject: Algebra Subject: English Subject: History PAT ROE XJSIE BILLY FRANK ROW CARO RUSSELL Subject: English Subject: History Subject: Algebra Subject: Algebra EVELYN ROGERS CHARLENE ROSS MOLLY ROY IUNE SADLER Subject: History Subject: Music Subject: Algebra Subject: Biology 'S I, jx? L. C. SCALES DICK SEARS EUGENE SEWELL IMARGARET Sl-IEFEfELlw Subject: Mathematics Subject: Music Subject: Algebra Subkct: English BOBBIE L. SCI-IOOLER SIDNEY SEIDER ROSEMARY Sl-IAHEEN LA VERNE SHERMAN Subject: History Subject: Algebra Subject: English Subject: Algebra DORRIS SIMPSON BETTY SMITH LOISTEEN SMITH IENNIE SUE SNOW Subject: Biology Subject: History Subject: Algebra "' Subject: Biology AULTMAN SMITH BILL SMITH SCOTT SMITH NELDA JEAN SPLAWN Subject: Geometry Subject: Algebra Subject: Algebra Subject: Glee Club C L A S S O F '4 8 ANN SOLOMAN BOBBY WOODARD BETTY STAGGERS IUNE STRICKLAND Subject: English Subject: History Subject: Music Subject: Art ALEK SPICER MARY SPINKS PEGGY STEVENSON BETH STROUD Subject: Algebra Subject: History Subject: Algebra Subject: Mathematics IOAN SUBBLET MARY NELL SUGGS CLOIS TARR MARIORIE TATUM Subject: History Subject: English Subject: Algebra Subject: Art BETTY SUDDERTI-I BILLY SWAN HELEN TATUM ROSEMARY TATUM Subject: History Subject: Algebra Subject: English Subject: Bible IOAINPTEA GUE ' RUSTY THOMAS IMO IEAN THOMPSON BETTYE THORNTON Subject: English - Subject: Band Subject: Art Subject: History WARREN THAXTON PEGGY VJISE IIMMY THOMPSON EMMA IEAN TIDWELL Subject: Algebra Subject: History Subject: Algebra Subject: English BARBARA TRANTHAM CLIVE TRICE IACK TRIPP BURL TROUTMAN Subject: Algebra Subject: Band Subject: Algebra Subject: Athletics ETHEL NELL TREADAWAY WANDA TRICE DORIS TROTT IO ANN TUCKER Subject: Orchestra Subject: English Subject: English Subject: History C L A S S O F '4 8 WYNNADELI. TUGGLE DOROTHY TUTTLE BILLY VAN WAGONER PETE VLETAS Subject: History Subject: History Subject: English Subject: Athletics WANDA TURNER IEANNE UNRUE BILLIE RUTH VARNELL IOAN WADE Subject: English Subject: journalism Subjefltt l'IiStOfY Sllbjedl Er1qliSl'1 BETTY WAGONER DORIS WAGONER GENEVA ROUTH WALKER IIMMY WALKER Subject: Art Subject: History Subject: A Cappella Subject: Physical Education IO ANNE WAGNON BETTY VVALKER IIMMY WALKER MARIE WALKER Subject: Algebra Subject: Athletics Subject: Mechanical Drawing Subject: Algebra DOROTHY WALLS RUTH WATANABE IIMMY VVELDON BILLY IACK WHEELER Subject: History Subject: Orchestra Subject: History Subject: Algebra OUIDA WARE IUANDA WATKINS MARGIE WI-IATLEY IAMES WHEELER Subject: English Subject: History Subject: English Subject: English IEAN WHEELER jUNE WHITE MONT WHITE Sl' BROOKS WILHITE Subject: Biology Subject: Band Subject: History Subject: Band IOHNNIE WHEELER LA VERNE WHITE EDWIN WHITNEY ROY WILHITE Subject: History Subject: Algebra Subject: Algebra Subject: journalism C L A S S O F '4 8 H PAYE WILKERSON JEAN WILLIAMS BILLY IOE WILLIS S. P. WILSON, jr. Subject: Algebra Subject: English Subject: Algebra Subject: Algebra CHARLES RAY WILLIAMS MAURICE XIVILLIAMS MARTHA VVILLIS WANDA WIMBERLEY Subject: History Subject: Athletics Subject: History Subject: Algebra Hubba, Hubba, Hubba . . . Bingo! . . . Refreshments for all! . . . The Sophomores choose them Cclmpcriqninq? . . . Class of '53 . . . Those jubilant Sophomores 3111 iillrmnrimn BILLY WAYNE WILSON Born at Burkett, Texas lanuary 15, 1930 Died of infantile paralysis is October 25, 1946 Y While he was in school, Billy Wayne was especially inter- L ested in mathematics, history, and shop. He enjoyed all kinds of sports. ln memory of our young friends Who were taken from us in the fall with the passing of the flowers, We paraphase Bryant's lines: In the deep warm earth we laid them as the trees' were casting leaf, And we wept that sons so precious were allotted lives so brief,- Yet truly fitting was it that these classmates ot ours, So young and so promising, should perish with the flowers. HERSCHEL -IETER Born at Abilene, Texas February 22, 1929 Died November 1, 1945 Herschel's favorite subject in school was Diversified Occupa- tions. Out of school he was employed by Everett's Engineering Company. His favorite sport was fishing. I J l ' ,f 'U ,f gil 1 ' , 1 1 ,f . i .fit - f Crownina sweetheart of the Pep Squad . . . Yfe-a, Team, Fight! . . . Yell, girls! yell! . . . Old Locomotive . . . Billy Murphey, sweetheart of Pep Squad . . . M le V . . . Yell, Sanford . . . Make it louder . . . Gorgeous Georgia! I s x P 5 W i 5 c ,H X X I i g fi ! 'Q F - 1 7 Ar' Q ss f f 3 . f Lzzfzfrife Barbara Biddle A Billy Murphey A A A Flora Merle Morgan H. D. Terry .,.l,. Bolo Beily ,..,,,.r Bonibelle Lewis A A A Maewyn Bailey A A Dickie Vifhite A A A Bill Frazier A A A Senior Box Supper EmmBEH5f?9mx Glenn Green A A A A Pai Perkins A A A U15 Waslzlzylzf PBOUDLY PRESENTS SMA A A ost lnielleciual Girl .Most Ailileiic Boy M ost Versatile Girl A A .Most Versatile Boy A ,Most Friendly Boy A A A A Mosi Friendly Girl A Most Dependable Girl A A Most Dependable Boy ,Most Bepreseniarive Girl Most Bepreseniaiive Boy A A Most Valuable Boy Runners- Zip and ,4 Wards far ,Merit for the year 7946 Grand March rw - 912 2 gf ,, e "': J Y li t fulj ,JE ,l l 'ix ll 'tt' t .J I A FLASHLIGHT QUEEN ' . .x, Sparklihg blue eyes , . . dark brown hair . . . is very timid about meeting new people . . . enjoys eating anything at anytime . . . dislikes people who will not yell in Pep Rallies . . . likes to dance . . . would like to be an X-Ray technician . . . all this adds up to BARBARA RIDDLE, Flashlight Queen EDITH BOEHLERT MOST ATHLETIC BOY y Fullback on Eagle Squad . . . three-year let- terman in basketball, football, and track . . . president of Senior Class . . . co-captain oi toot- ball team . . . runner-up for All Round Boy '45 . . . All-District backtield . . . member Senior I-Ii-Y . . . Pep Squad Sweetheart . . . Most Ath- letic Boy . . . BILLY MURPHEY . . . QQ, y lllfl ,,v I , . MOST INTELLECTUAL GIRL Art Editor oi Flashlight . . . lovely blond hair . . . likes to swim and hike . . . would like to be a diplomat . . . history is favorite subject . . . hobby is drawing . . . would like to major in language . . . likes Spanish foods . . . EDITH BOEI-ILEHT . . . Most Intellectual Girl . . . you'll go places, Edie, so here's to you . . . BILLY MURPHEY MOST VERSATILE GIRL Brown eyes . . . ouburn hctir . . . cgp- tgin ot Girls Bcrnd . . . enjoys photography . . . tries to tint pictures . . . Floshlight citg- tion in bond . . . would like to study music ond psychology . . . tirst closs musicign . . . plgns to crttend Hordin-Simmons . . . FLORA MERLE MORGAN . . . Most Ver- sgtile Girl H, D. TERRY ,tr A L, 4 rl fl? .rs FLORA MERLE MORGAN v l X' iil MOST VERSATILE BOY ice-President ot Hi-Y . . . member ot the Cctppellor . . . lettermcxn in iootbotll, boxing, ond trctclc . . . hglf-bgcli on Ectgle Squod . . . first in district in 220- and 440-ygrd clgsh . . . "Dick" spends his pastime plgying the steel guitor . . . ci ngturctl tor Most Versatile Boy . . , li. D. TERRY MOST DEPENDABLE GIRL Enerqetrc Pep Leader elected foot ball sweetheart hkes debatmq favorite sub ect lS lmstory remakes all her clothe to surt her personalrty would l1ke to be a boy MAE3AZ,Y.N A f 4 BAILEY I J4 ' lu, lf' I . 1, -K 21. MOST FRIENDLY BOY Center on Eagle Squad . . . five feet, eleven inches tall . . . classes chocolate cake as his favorite food . . . "Toma- haWk's" chief aversion is mathematics . . . likes the music of Boy Acuff and Bob Wills . . . dislikes shoes . . . makes friends Wherever he goes . . . BOB BEILY . . . Most Friendly Boy of Abilene High School BONIBELLE LEWIS asm:2-'tix A--. vlunuftmw ,wi BOB REILY MOST FRIENDLY GIRL Sophomore Queen . . . curly red hair . . . hazel eyes . . . five feet, five inches tall . . . loves to kick a football . . . enjoys swimming . . . dislikes people who are unfriendly . . . -enjoys playing the piano . . . Abilene High School's choice for Most Friendly Girl . . . BONIBELLE LEWIS Q RFB DICKIE WHITE Q . . G ,ik R in It IMOSTE REPRESENTATIVIE CSIRLI Five teet, eleven inches tall . blond hairll . . likes to wear Eioyishilclothes . . . thinks George Gershwin's music is super . . . vice-president ot State organization, Future Homernakers ol Texas . . . plans to rnajor in speech . PAT PERKINS . . . Most Representative Girl . best of luck, Perk. Q J MOST REPRESENTATIVE BOY K. I: Enjoys Ighod political vdebates staunch Republican . . .I plays a keen game of tennis . . . makes- model air planes for pastime . . . could live on apple pie . . . eictempore speaker Si. prexy ot Student Association Q46 . . . the students chose DICKIE WHITE . . . Most Represen tative Boy . . . be seeing you at Massa chusetts Institute ot Technology We re for you, Dickie PAT PERKINS 3 3 Q i 4 J 1 1 DEBATER Outstanding in debate and extemporaneous speech . . . wants to be a scientist . . . wavy black hair . . . had rather talk than eat . . . dislikes unfriendly people . . . plans to attend Har- din-Simrnons and the University ot Texas . . . a natural tor MOST VALUABLE BOY . . . BlLL FRAZIEH . . . here's to you, Frazier . . . RUNNERS-UP IOHNNY BOB MAYFIELD Mast Friendly Most Dependable Boy w w 1 R . XJ K , DICKIE ELAM BILLENE GUITAR LLOYD KING Mo Valuable Boy Most Representative Girl Most Repfesenfallve BOY X 1 Xi. , . 2 r TED HARDIN ADA GUIN COY NELL GANDY DUANE HENDLEY Most Versatile Boy Most Versatile Girl Most lntellectual Girl Most Athletic Boy AWARDS FOR MERET BILL FRAZIER MWC Public Speaking ! .gl LETHA HOOPER ELORA MERLE MORGAN Voice Girls Band DUANE UNRUE EMMA IEAN READ Mechanical Drawing C0mm9fClCfl WELDON BAILIFF Ari WINFORD REED Boys Band CHARLES RATHMELL Diversified Occupations M,AE EY Peg Squad RAINEY OWEN Voice 7 T . ROBERT OWEN Vocational Aariculture AWARDS FOR MERIT , 4 ' Xe R? h ' A "- L X 3 IODY DUNLAP QUIDA VVYARE DORIS LINDLEY IEAN LINDSEY Clothing Foods Latin Spanish BOB MAYFIELD PRED MARR HENRY IAMES Mathematics Wood Shop English 1 THNJ CHARLES TANDE' DICKIE ELAM NORA BETH FULLER Science 4 lournalisrn Bible BILLY lACK FREEMAN Metal Shop BILLENE GUITAR Social Studies ja Qffw Q SPORT , 1 D37-V pats ' , , Mf iw.Q . 4 ,QQ .v....Qi.l,.,, I Howe. Pwww gong Qu-QKOI3 'Sf' , L Nl-lvm, 0m'r:lH- lrAsSbJQ1l l'Ifnw5V'::l U'-bd G"""t" P WL' Mow. Park, ffgoqjud elagfas 50-WUI' I RQ ' Nldahw mWh" X'D ami hl-O6 06-CSOL4 QQ, h0LQ golf' QIYTJ' V4,,,,fA.qwf-J F ever wwe, any away. 4-rgubla. 1 9'4'B'f1 f'jff'fi""3 have, evj05,QCL .g0qY' fr-:emlshp QV1Afl.Yn QJDGL-,L-L0 tookulrl Q-rQmr'QL lo SONG 5004 xLume5', H1211 Qlwqys, Bob Hqmie, ' ZQL-Aff? 'wk Q CgA'2"':f"4"'V,,4..,,fIfli'f' 6 QP 3 W E , 3 I QP , WCf92'f'. xf L. , jim! A . Nb 5 E 35 J ff,.-,1.yfs. QfyV.lMiLv tint! GI 3 3 , fd gi X f gg? 315 YQLQ h H Q8 WJ QS 2f sQ5?3i??g5 xmiqgym -'EDQ.Q,+Q,S4f kQ'SxOY'Qz Mx 5 M311 I ue, 4, QGVQJ S Liefsuf- fy,- XM: !j lffgdwfgcg W fWMZWW'f,txmf M4 10W WMKJA ,, 651443 -,awww WML 7' Q5 x fgjii-' Y YVVXZB Qi ,yi hgh l X' U y but ', . v I. C AXQCINJJP' xhg '6fllll46'l1fl,I my ,Q A-:P QQ g BW! M' fuhf . .ff In the dressing room before the ggrrre The rewgrd for true Eggle Spirit FOGTBALL K L sn . 1 j QW X S EAGLE SQUAD First Row: Iames Lowrie, H. Dfilenry, Ted Hardin, Bay Perry, Lloyd King, Billy Murphey, David Bowers, Glenn Green J "Z"-'QE ,,.. -. ...He-f ' . 1-' Second Row: lack Yonge, lohnny Holloman, DofiiC,5mpbell, I. D. Hinton, Harral Steele, Bpyteily, Aubrey Crider, Kenneth Tate, Clinton McCombs, Don Mf:'A'li'steT""' "A" 2'5- Third Row: Mackey Trickey, Doug Huddleston, Earl Guitar, Norman Daulton, Bill Weldon, Duane Hend- ley, Bill Braselton, Rainey Owen, Hubert Austin Fourth Bow: Coach lake Bentley, Manager Leroy Middleton, Bob Bailey, Wayne Haynes, Marvin Aus- tin, Bob Todd, Rupert Lamar, Bill Walker, Boyrliish, Charles Spears, Buddy Albert, Coach William Lawson Well, fellows, I know that you will always ,-' 11-2' 2.,l,, -1 - . remember this season not tor the games ,.12' it ' won or lost, but tor the lessons learned. ,.s i rl fr Cne can always hold his head up when tlri ii,, he does his best and plays tor the good of if, rhl the team. l feel that we learned the true 1 y, y,, g QQ value oi team spirit and what was meant . "'l' l'l.Q , by "Have no regrets and no enemies" at the ,...s A y ,, .,' i'i "i,. end oi a game. tila A iail ili q ' . V tt., ,Q TAKE , 'lf The best ot luck to all oi you, and may you always keep the same high standards as you go through lite. Sincerely yours, COACH W. K. BENTLEY sta E55 by FOOTBALL Dear Football Fellows: l should like to express my sincere appreciation tor having the honor ot being chosen football sweet- heart this year. lt is one ot the highest honors l have ever received. l will do my best to make you proud ot me, as l am ot you. l am proud of the good, clean sportsmanship and co-operation you have shown this year. The coaches should be congratulated on producing such fine spirit and such a wonderful team. :Q ' , Sincerely yours ' Murphey BILLY lVlUltPl'lEY Captain Back' -el 50 ' X I ffMAEWYN MAENMYN BA EY Eagle Sweetheart 'Murph" was j u d g e d out- nding back ot the squad and of the outstanding backs of District, Winning All-District unanimous decision. I-le be- came an exceptionally hard runner to tackle, and developed great passing and kicking abil- ityf He Won All-State honorable mention. GLENN GREEN Captain t Guard--l55 Green governed the ottense as Well as the defense of the team. Since he Was a linesman, this proved that he must have had unusual leading ability, for most quarterbacks rule from the backtield. He be- came renowned tor his vicious tackling and blocking and earned second team All-District. Green KENNETH TATE BGB REU-,Y Q Tackle-220 C9nteff155 "Tater," repeatedly seen in hostile " a awk" prevailed as an unfol- hackfielcls as a tackler, developed un-, ering center throughout the season. He USUCII Speed for his size. He won won All-District honorable mention for the hall at the Ballinger game for being making so many fast and ferocious The OL1fSiClI1C1iY1Q Plfiver. tackles from his linebacker position. FOOTBALL I Y .? BIL Y BM. N Y - End 1652? 'NN N3 f VY X lx "BB" efned ever one's agree ciation a, the Qstlspzited rick? one stan ,out ut himsel, an er on thegqua N, He de le eryg Q at ,R was the oil 'ol in sg r, K Work sm'Qgnthly ri ty linex X4 X t so l xt Q, N N X X , t 3 Q 3 . .5 tl Y Xe ft F R - .2 x- 1 if XY Nigga ' 3 M Q , V' X692 Xxx , Q ' NN RAY PERRY H. D. TERRY X, N 1 N ERN ' 3: -.xx BQcke145 Back-142 ,,. , E , Mx- X ' g ,Yerry reigned as the best blocker on the squad. "Dick," one of the speediest and shiftiest backs ff Being blocking back, he did not run with the hall in the State, was repeatedly outstanding on end I P, , -Q . veby often, but when he did, he was cr compact runs. His star Qhone' at Big Spring, Where he 'LN I Q' c. and potent powerhouse. won the ball for being the best player. ,xl x xj ", ' N, K DAVID BOWERS Guard-165 "Granite Foot," a steady and depend- able player, obtained renown as a per- manent, "stick-to" blocker. He missed several games of the year because oil sition on the All-District second team mid-SGGSOH injury. ll with no close competitor. f 'v ig 1 Fl FOOTBALL , IK- 'TED HARDIN Back-W 140 2 l demons of the power- lunger of the squad. He exploded throug 'opposing nes and reeled off seemingly impossible yardage. State, ruled as NORMAN DAULTON , "Big-un," recognized by the Whole district as a jarring blocker and an im- ovable, barricading defender, won a j Tackle-l9S K li Ill!! LLOYD KING Backel 50 King, being a good passer, punter, and quarter- back, played as an essential part of the backtield machinery. He won the ball at Lubbock for breaking up so many opponent plays, DUANE HENDLEY Endfl75 Hend1ey's pass-receiving sur- passed all his other skills. He immortalized one pass play so that every team in the District still remembers it. I-le won All- District second team berth. DON CAMPBELL Tackle- 170 "Cowbell" had one of the hardest tasks on the field--outplayinq boys thirty and titty pouiifls heavier than he. He was a qood player with spirit, and earned much playing time. me FOOTBALL 7' EARL GUITAR Guard- l5U Guitar camo to the varsity sau from the "Ii" team with little experience, yet was alilc to start the Midland qarne. He possessed a snapping and permanent blocking ability. . ,Yi Wg , . ! lOl-INNY HOLLOMAN AUBREY CRIDER BILL WELDON Backfllfi Centerfl46 End -l7O "Mole," the smallest boy on the squad, pre- "Critter" lettered as center, but played near- "Red," the tallest boy on the team prov vailed as the best broken-field runner. He ly as much at guard as at the pivot slot. He to be a doubly valuable eno for he W was as hard to Corner as a mole and became turned out to be extremely important in the good on defense and had 3 knack for sna one of the best passers on the field, Midland game. gina high passes. He could do this at b end positions. ,H X f XP si' ,1A -LAX'-tix f .qff FOOTBALL V. l M. I. D. HINTON CLINTON MCCOMBS Backn 170 Tackle---155 Back- Hinton, despite lack of experience, playefl "Clint" earned the appreciation oi all iris? "'! " ' had the material that makes a in a great number of games. He was an teammates as a willing worker with anrldn- th-working football team. He kept the irst string backs improving all the time to keep their positions: therefore the tearn was always at its best. excelptionally deceptive ball handler, with breakable spirit. He played outs'tanding'foot plenly of smooth, flowing power. ball at tackle and guard. K SEASON REVIEW By DAVID BOWERS Y ABILENE 7f -ODESSA 18 in the first conference game of the season, the Abilene Eagles made a better showing than was expected of them. They rolled up twice as many first dawrls as the Broncos, though the score was in favor of Odessa. The first half oozed along with Odessa making the only touchdown. The kicking of Ray Perry stood out as the Eagles' greatest individual xae ievernent. ' Q , t ..............-.--..NM- t "Where do I go from here?" t t FOOTBALL The second half started off with a bang as Odessa chalked up six points and the Eagle plays began to click with professional precision. The Broncos were on the defense for the rest of the game, even though they managed a long touchdown run on a trick play. The Eagles threatened often, but never crossed the double stripe more than once-this on a sixty-yard drive. When the last whistle blew, the Broncos stumbled off the field with an l8-7 victory that they felt very lucky to have. Game Captains ABILENE 27--MIDLAND 6 The first half of the Abilene-Midland game turned out to be one of the most exciting exhibitions of foot- ball and teamwork in the District. ln the opening minutes of the game, Midland completed a long pass for a touchdown, This set all Eagle supporters worrying, and when the first quarter brought no decisive action, they really began to get uneasy. ln the second quarter, things began to pop. H. D. Terry started on an end-run that did not stop till thirty yards and a touchdown were marked up. Only one or two Bulldogs came close to Terry after the Eagle line, led by Daulton, had cleared the way. Before the crowd had quit yelling over this brilliant exhibition of team work, Terry caught a pass from King and sguirmed forty yards to the eleven-yard line. Murphey powered the remaining distance for the touchdown. Only a few minutes were left in the first half when this last touchdown was made, yet the mighty Eagle team rolled over the Bulldogs for another tally before the whistle blew. After the excitement and spectacular playing of the first half, the quite mediocre second half e which would would have been excellent football at any other timeiseemed uninteresting. Ted Hardin made an- other Eagle touchdown in the last quarter, and Duane l-lendley made his third place-kick of the garnefa three out of four record. , ff' Lil? 'X Y il 0 J if lr , WC'1TNllTlfI Up FOOTBALL l ABILENE 45-LAMESA 6 The Warbird Warriors gained another victory from the Larnesa Tornadoes to make their second confer- ence win of the season. The Eagles' leading scorer, H. D. Terry, made eighteen points, Lloyd King step- ped across the double stripe twice, and Billy Mur- phey and Ted Hardin once each. The night air was cold, and the Golden Tornadoes ccould not seem to keep up with the speedy Eagles. lt was not long until the Abilene forward wall had ripped the shivering Lamesa eleven into shreds, and the Eagle backs were stepping off yard after yard. The Tornadoes did manage a long touchdown run J against the Eagle substitutes, who were experiment- ing with new types of plays. The game ended 45 to 6 in favor of the Abilene Eagles. l MANAGERS ' H. D. Hill Leroy Middleton . The H ard-Work Boys ABILENE 7eSWEETWATEB l3 The Sweetwater game was the most heartbreaking loss of the season, because the Eagles rode the Mus- tangs like seasoned bronc busters for alrnost all the playing time. lust before the intermission, Green was in- jured while making one of his famous bone-rattling tackles and had to leave the game. As Bowers' oken foot had kept him from playing, Green's absence left the middle of the line without its regular playing br experience. When the second half started, King did not appear because of what the doctor feared was a broken arm. King had been quarterbacking in Green's stead and had been the middle linebacker, so the Eagles most ex- perienced players were missing from the center of their defense. Until the Eagle substitutes could get the f el of things, the Mustangs made two quick touchdowns, which put them ahead l3 to 7. One touchdown nd an extra point would win the game, and Billy Murphey led the drive which went after it. With the ubstitutes playing great football, the Eagles were an irresistible force. ln a matter of seconds, a touchdown would be made, but time was against them. The game ended leaving the Eagles nine yards and one play short of the winning score. A clean pair of heels 5 lx g COACH IEROME VANNOY A patient, dependable, well-liked, school- spirited coach 4 5 ' , T . -f ' - . F FOOTBALL ABILENE 32e fBlG SPRING 7 The Steers did not have the football team to stop the Eagles, who ran wild in this decisive conference victory. Gains of twenty or thirty yards were commonplace. Mur- phey became the outstanding back, making four out of the five Abilene touchdowns, To set up the first score of the game, an Eagle fell on a Big Spring fumble. Only four plays were needed to drive the thirty-four yards that gave Abilene the first six points. Throughout the game the mighty Eagle line, in full strength for the first time since the Odessa game, jarred the ball loose from Steer runners nine times and recovered six. One of the best examples of team collaboration was H. D. Terry's intercepting a pass and returning it behind deadly blocking for a 55-yard touchdown. A play which showed the power of the Eagle offense was on a try for a first down. The ball was snapped to Murphey, who used the blocking of Green, Bowers, an get through to the line. From there he powered through the Steers' entire secondary for a 46-yard touchdown run. This game proved that the Eagles had a great offensive club when they worked together. Good blocking-fgood running--touchdown! FOOTBALL y, . .L .L ABILENE lil!-SAN ANGELO 26 When the Bobcats and Eagles niet in the last game of the season, the fur flew and feathers fluttered. From the stands the Eagles looked to be the ketter team by far, because they were totaling twice as many yards as the Bobcats and getting many more first-downs. San Angelo's pass-completing and Abilene's fumbling made the differ- ence in score. After the first kick-off, the Cats were quick to make a tiiuchdown, but the Eagles made one just as quickly when t ey took advantage of a short punt and drove thirty-four yards to even the score. Angelo made another counter .ear the end of the half, and the Eagles proceeded to even iings up again, but fumbled the ball on the Bobcats' ieifnteen. That was the last chance to score in the first Y ta . If ti y Take it easy, the hard work is later ln the second half the rock-wall line of the Eagles held their opponents to only seven yards running. assing was the only method the Bobcats could use to make yardage, but they managed two touchdowns nyway. Again and again, Abilene would drive deep into pay dirt country, but lost the ball before they eached the goal. Lloyd King and Duane Hendley were a great pass-completing combination for Abilene, nd with the help of Billy Murphey, the Eagles took a startling toll of enemy ground. They made one touchdown by power alone, but wasted much scarce time when the over-anxious players charged off- side. The game ended with the ball in San Angelo's possession and the Eagles striving to get it. A Y1 Till-A ll ' X 0 l . The invincible Eagles do it again x . 1 1 f t FOOTBALL ' ' "Shorty," as Coach William Lawson is familiarly called by everyone, came to Abilene High School for his first year of teaching and coaching experience. He taught history and physical education classes, and coached foot- ' ball, basketball, and boxing. He was successful in all his coaching activities, with his football squad making good showings, the basketball team he helped coach going to the State Tournament, and his boxing team winning all the . tournaments that it entered. His boxing team did not get the publicity that he would have had it get because "going to the fights" was still pretty muah of a novelty. Since Shorty won the bantamweight championship of Ten- nessee in lQ42, he worked a great deal with the boxers . and other interested men to make boxing a major sport. , SCORES Abilene. . , ...,. l3 Breckenridge . . . , . , l3 - Abilene .... ..... l 2 Winters . , . . , . . 6 ' E Abilene .... ..,. 2 1 Merkel . , . . , , . 6 Q, Abilene .... U Merkel . ..,... ,, 18 Abilene ,... . , . U Breckenridge ..,. . . , . l9 "B" CLUB OFFICERS , , Wesley Bichards . . . ,.....,.,.. .,.,..... P resident Couch Wllllqm Lawson Charles Bell .,.,. ...., V ice-President George Lively ..,. , . ..,. Secretary "B" TEAM First How: David Fudge, jimmy Walker, Bill Smith, Wesley Bichards, David Guin, Gene Blakley, joe Bruton, Bob Haynie, Clarence Phipps Second Row: George Lively, Cliff Lester, Edwin Posey, Don Powers, , Harold Hughes, Billy jack Freeman, Burl Troutman, Bobby Dugan I Vi Third'Row: Bo cElr t john McFall, Lee jones, Melvin Gire, Weldon Phillips, Buddy Satterwhite, Dick Collins, Bill verheart, obert Hart, john Pittson, Eddie Adams Fourth How: john Large, Arlen Ftasey, john D. Ayers, Albert Haile, Hugh White, james Major, Billy Swan, Probert Loving, Charles Bell, Horace Hardin, Charles Major, Stuart Benson, Coach 'William Lawson Not pictured: Ted Rives, jerry jarrett, Vic Behrens, jack Beeman, joe Lanier, Allen Wright, Christopher Marsh, Buddy jones, Doyale Hutson, j. C. Dobbs, A. E. Lee, james Edington, Kenneth Preston, C. L. Barnes, Billy Dillon, Rupert Lamar, Eugene Sewell, john Ben Phillips F , WW i A FOOTBALL X -fe-awp "ft Marion Grant makes a pep talk . . . What's happening now? . . . Slow poke . . . He might get the Win- ning point . . . Will he make it? .Q Here comes Ted! Hope it's not lor mb Our Eagle . . . Perfect timing . . . The substitutes do it . . . BILLYciil-:ELTON BASKETBALL Abilene .... . Guard GAME SCORES FOR SEASON Preliminary Games Abilene ,,,,. Abilene .,., .... 2 5 Sweetwater . . . 8 ' ' ' Abilene. . . .... 33 Eula ....... . . .25 Abilene Abilene .... ..,. 2 9 Brownwood . . .2l Abilene Abilene .,.. .... 2 5 Brownwood . . .31 Abilene. . .... 34 Brownwood . . .32 Abilene, . .... 43 DeLeon ..., . . ,l8 I Abilene. . .... 35 Burkett ..... . . .27 AWIGHGW - - - Abilene ..,. ..., 2 O Brownwood . . .26 Abilene Abilene, . . .... 41 Sweetwater . . .20 Abllene Abilene. . . .... 46 Ballinger . . . . . .27 Abilene .... .,.. 3 9 Larnesa ..,, . , ,l6 Abilene .... .... 5 U Big Spring .... . . .13 , Abiiene. . . .... 30 sim Angelo . . .19 AWQHQ- - - - Abilene. . . .... 47 Winters ..,. ..... 2 5 Abllene' ' ' Abilene. . , .... 55 Big Spring .... . . , . .33 Abilene .... .... 4 2 San Angelo . . .32 Abilene. , . .... 37 Levelland . . . . .25 Alflilelie BILL flied? WELDOINI All-State Forward ...36 Levelland ....34 ....54 Ballinger ....39 ,,. .34 Sweetwater . .. ,,..28 ....46 Larnesa ...,27 37 Graham .. ..,.26 District Tournament ....4l San Angelo ,. ...,2U . .49 Lamesa ..... .... 2 3 . . . .53 Sweetwater , . . . . 24 Bi-District Tournament .....2l ElPaso... ....l8 ....23 ElPaso.,. ....25 ....25 El Paso... ....22 State Tournament ....36 Greenville .,..38 5 .... S GENE LANDRUM Guard DUANE HENDLEY Center ELTON POOR Forward BASKETBALL 17 2 . 1 f Z' J lp ff. 0 W ll , 9 Aw Q q f y .H J .fa X L" 437 T ' . , 'A J A i - f ,Q I Y . J , I Q ., f . ,. , 4 . ' .9 U Q If , ' A' 7? if Q . , "uv i 1 '9 .rf . Q ,Q IOHNNY HOLLOMAN' ' , COACH W. K. BENTLEY Guard 1 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT After the Eagles won the District Tournament in the Eagle's Nest, there was no doubt that the Abilene team was the best on the court. During the opening game against San Angelo, the first half looked as if the Eagles were going to have more than their hands full but when they came back from the half-time rest, they so far outstripped the Bobcats that the score was doubled in favor of the Eagles. They also played Lamesa and Sweetwater to win the District Championship, but had no trouble in winning by a sate margin both times. Bl-DISTRICT TOURNAMENT The El Paso Tigers, descending upon Eagleland with tenacious determination to win, nearly proved to be more than the Eagles could handle. They played the Abilene team three of the most exciting games of the season, with the Eagles yielding one game by two points and winning the other two by only three. When the starting time of the last game arrived, both teams were so nervous that nearly all the fans could see that the cooler team would be the winner. Before the third quarter ended, two oi the excited and ruffled Tiger main- stays had fouled out, leaving the Eagles more than a fifty-iifty chance to win. Still the Tigers fought hard and could be beaten by only three points. Basketball ability and cool deliberation showed in the winning team-the Abilene Eagles. . 1 , LON THUMAN SMITH BILLY MURPHEY HUBERT MIDDLEBROOKS Forward Guard Forward y BASKETBALL ' 'gtffg-9 t M 'HF' RAY PERRY I. D. l-HNTON DICKY WHITE iqttflllfi Center Guard 'Ha - STATE TOURNAMENT The Eagles were able to swoop down on Austin with a good team and many loyal supporters, even with two of their most important wingfeathers left behind in Abilene. Big Red Weldon and hustling Billy Murphey were in a sick bed. Weldon showed u in t' t l p ime o p ay tn the game, where a six-toot-nine inch Greenville star was held to his most unimpressive game of the Greenville season After holding the ball and killing time during the last minutes of the game, Greenville managed to win by one field goal. Since Greenville later won third place in the State and beat the Eagles by only one field goal, the Warbircls left Austin with one ot the top ranking teams in the State. Landrum l-lollroman Perry Murphey Hinton Walker White Poor Middlebrooks Smith Owen Braseltontj-,9'!dley1W?on I .1 1 I iq EAGLE SOI IA D t . 0' 1 f ii l A, f L L- T"" " -of ' A CLUB First Row: Q5-di Hardin,,rLloyd King,Ray Perry, Bill Braselton, Bill Weldon, Harral S eele, Lon Truman Smith ' Second Row: 'lN7l"5Fv1n Z7-Xus1in7'H'bert Middlebrooks art Guitar, Wayne Ha es, Don McAlister, ob Reil , HKD. Terry, Bill Walker, Third Row: I. D. Hinton,'Roy Fis , ' owers, Mackey T ickey, Duane Hendley, Norman Dau ton, Hubert Austin, Rainey Owen ' 2 B 5 ' ' , ' , L ' , Dou Hudclleston, Fourth Row. Don Campbell, Gene Landrum, Iohnny Flol oman, o Bailey, Bill Todd Iacl, Yonge Iarnes owne q First Row: Nina Mcllermett, Peggy Io Pass, Susie Rose, Peqqy Wise, Pat Roe, Iulia Houston, Ierry Foster Leroy Middleton V ..,1, ,Y Second Row: Ethel Nell Treadaway, Bobby Pierce, Glenn Foster, Billy lack Wheeler, Windell Wood, Roy Wilhite, Vtfanda Houston, 1Betty Sue McKinney Third Row: Timmy Walker, Leroy Ienninqs, Aultman Smith, lackie Hamilton, Billie Whitman, Brooks Wilhite, Kames Hopkins, Bobby Bynum, Mr. Shelby Smith ' ' e S 'd l Fourth Row: Lona Sue Patterson, Anna Louise Patterson, Claudia Howell, Helen Berry, Ann Buchanan, Peppy Shytlos, Herbert ei e, ,Milton Martin, Fred Marr, Wayne Phillips 4 BOXING 1 lack 'Turner Charles Bell Bill Dillon A A Turner . ...,. 0 ...v,.. . 1 1 1 . Shorty shows 'em how TB!-XVE1-ING SQUAD ,. First Row: Bennett Young, Howard McCranie, ed Har ' Coach Lawson, lack Turner, Assistant Couch Clell W etsell Second Row: Iimmy Morton, Billy Dillon, Bill Rogers, Gene Blakley,!David Bowerg Elbert McCranie CHAMPS NMLENE ToURNAM1gN'1' . 1 A, Flywelght Don MoAlisteI' A A Featherweightx A A A Bantarnweight ardir1 ,... A , , A , .,A'VVelterwei5TD Lightweight Clinton lVfcCombs ......., A A ,Middleweight David Bowers A A A, A AA Light Heavyweight J BlG SPRING TOURNAMENT A A i......... Flyweight Bennett Young ,.....,... A David Bowers A AAAAAAA AAAA. L ight Heavyweight if IUU-YARD DASH nw?-' '-f.,,.-,..k-d?.-1h- I led,Ha.rdJ.u,a,.,, .,,.4 .,,, ....... 'TF irsi.. Bqqdily .,......,,,..... First MILE RUN Frank Edmondson .,..... Second Leroy Middleton . . . ..,.. Third Bill Walker ..,.,....,... Fourth LOW HURDLES ' Bill Williams ......,4,.. Second SHOT PUT Norman Daulton .. ..,.. First Duane I-Iendley . . , 4,,, Second IOO-YARD DASH 'ed Hardin ...., ......., T hir Abilene .... TRACK DISTRICT ch afar 720-YARD DASH 'MU YARD DASH BSU-YARD DASII Lmfierry .,,,. .,.,.... F irst Hftfferfy .....,...,.... First Marvin Austin ..,...4 .... l Tirst Don McAlister . . . Third .Roy'Fish J . , . . . .1Thigf"Bob Middleton . . . . . . .Third Thomas Willis ..,.....,. Fourth 'T I 440-YARD RELAY MILE REEAY HIGH HURDLES W Hardinjfteily, Willis, Landrum ,FlardinfTrickey, Bill Williams .......,....., First "' f. f . . . ,............ First I ..,.,. ......... Second Bob Williams .... ..., S econd HIGH JUMP BROAD IUMP DISCUS THROW f"""" """""'SQ- .L Bob Williams ...,.,...... Firstsjle-dillIg,LdiQ .......,....., ir,st.4 Harold McMurry ....... . First y ....,. 1 Second Bob Howerton ..,. ..., S econd Norman Daulton . . . ..., Third POLE VAULT Duane Hendley .,......,.. First Abilene ......, Bill Williams . . . .,.. Second San Angelo . . . Bob Williams . . ..,4, Third Sweetwater . , TEXAS RELAYS ' 220-YARD DASH H. D. Terry . , - f'.ffffffFirst RESULTS OF THE TEXAS RELAYS . . .First plcrce, with I2 points Lamar CHoustonD RESULTS OF THE DISTRICT MEET Firstplace, with 961-2 points . , ,Second place, with 37 I-2 points . . . . . . .Third place, with I2 points 440-YARD RELAY iliardin, Reily, Willis, Terry ' , . . . .Second place, with ll points ll:-lt, Saniniiv Russ:-ll, Im1'1Sf'1111p.' 1' 1 VHXXIIQII XilI'll llriffill Yil'1 l"1"111n'vw All'1111'4 N'llll'X' llfvlvf-V111 zxllll S i GIRLS sPoRTs First lluwz Mrs. lvmwilliy 4'l4-vvlzuiirl, l'ogg'::y l'1-:1k, IXl:1rp::1r1-I Allll Lzlmlr, lS:1f:11:1l 'l'l111r1i1:111, I':nl AlwAli1111, l4'r:1111-4-s llx11 N I' mls, Virginian Sm-mul Huw: .lf-:111 I':lll'llHll2lIl, t'u11slz1111-1- 1'11w1l1-11, f14I'Illll' ' - , . 2 1 , . . . , . ., . . , '-' 'f-wt ll1'1111l:1 XN"1llii11Q Yl'll'X' Nl-ll Suggs . , , ,. 1i1f11i. Hvlo-11 Al:1rn111-y, Allllil, XV2ll'l'6'll, lmlmvs l. . . . . . ,, 1 - A 'l'l1i1'rl Huw: NIiil'll'if' 'l'Hl11i11, Kutllryii fVil'l'lllll, .l11:111i1:1 lllllis, .ll-un Williams, Hulvliin- .If-:111 M:1l41114-, I'iillHl'2I Sinimiinli. ll4lv11 Yl tus: lllvtty l'l:1rk, Mary Furry, A11ll'ih2l f'lll'l'j', .Iunw l'l:1rlc U lfuurlli limr: Hillin- Xv?'ll'lN'H, ll:1 ll w:1rrl, lla-11l:1l1 H1-:wie-y, lClim1,lr1'll1 l-lislwp. l1m'l1-111:1 Wulls, W:111cl:1 .le-1111 Wiiullium, llulli liwsilvi- s 4' 1111 l"rr lla-tlyv Ylillllll. Nzuliusf Stulwlis, .luiiv Sil'il'kl2lllll, l11h:1 lluuh, l1z11'l- - , ' ' " ' 'X 'v lvr lll'lllil'l ll'1111w1-v M1-lim Y:1r111-ll. N4'ZJliH'lll 42111111- lfiftli lhnr: Alnlwl lfiodiyu-, Hillis- XVy:1lt, Nllrlrval :WllllllIlIZil, A'l:115.,11xjVA1111 lx l ,, . . . lII'lIl f'll'll'l4'llI' l'1"lIllUlI l"1ttV l4'lll'tllIl!' Al:11'gi1- limwrs, lmmlliy llfvll. XIV!-illllil "INN . GOLF lfirst liuw: 1' " . ' ., .lohii ll. Howze, Bill l3igy,!e-1'st:1ff, AI2lI'X'lll Mayfield, l4'1'1-llfly Gerlzufli, ,Unlrliy .luck lllslvs, liupxm-r filllllll Soc-mul Huw: Herlwrt Huustun, lie-:111 C0t21Ill'ilL', Prestnn Fortsu , Joh11'lX1-4: H. li. Comer, Llhilrles Hircl, flUl'd1lll Asliury, llult Xl:1"'ev ,7l'hi1'd Row: Mr. 11011 R. NVQ-11tl1e1'i1y, Vharles Crain, J. R. South, ayne- l':1mpl1el, .I1JB'Bl'iEfilill, Vulter .J:11'14el,l, Bill Sulmuii xlzlvid Rolierlswii . -if" . , .. X.-i. , P F i.lJ7"A'mf4 VPIAAAZ c:m'.F 1'1,'1'r: 111114 Nj? -. J 9 A Y FOOTBALL "tif Relaxing at training camp . . . Last minute instructions . . . Going after Lubbock . . . "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" . . . Shorty . . . Loyal supporters . . . Won another one . . . I. Duncan .introduces the boys FLASHLIGHT STAFF BO? MAYFIELD Busmess Manager GEORGE FOSTER Layout Editor PEGGY PAGE Senior Editor EDITH BOEHLERT Art Editor COY NELL GANDY Editor-in-Chief PHYLLIS CLEMMER Club Editor TED PITZER Photographer DAVID BOWERS Spot ts lktitol' IAUK YA'I'tIi1 Asxislaiit Busirve Mf'll7i1fj9l DOROTHY CRAHTREII Assistant Iunior Editor DOYLE NASH Assistant Photographer BERTIE HOPKINS Assistant Iunior Editor A BILLIE PLILER, J Iunior Editor MISS TOMMIE CLACK Editorial Adviser IOAN WILLIAMS Faculty Editor MR. FRANK ETTER Business Adviser LILLIAN RICHARDS Assistant Sophomore Editor RUTH BIGGERS Sophomore Editor IIMMY WALKER Assistant Layout Editor MARIDA RAY Assistant Sophomore Editor BATTERY . lfirsl llmvg 'IH-ll l'ilzm-l', llillm-11:-tlllilzllx 'IR-fl1ly Allillglllll, Inlris lla-id. lfivkim- Illlzxm. H4-mf Ilunlm-V, Iflmum M1-rlv Allllllilll. Miss Mau'- -":ur4-I V1 - ' ,., ll: Sa-4-mul Huw: .lrmn XX'illiums, Iiivllalrrl lwzlll, lll'll1' l"I4-ming, lin-ttiv Kylv, lil-rllin-4-v .Imam-s, Iiulll Illallu-llvy. Ilugllzxl 'l'l1ll1'l11:nl1, l"l':ul1- we-x Hymls, liilliv iisw v, 411-fn'gv Swinm-y 'l'l1iI"l ll"W3hl,r'f' lluvt, l-'rmlfly121-u'l:l1lu, llnrwlll llllil'll1'!4. Hwy NN'illniln-, lhmlrlvy Ytrllllll, Il:1l'lv:ul':l li:-null:-y, lllllil Mm- H11 lt Ne-lliv l,11mt1' ll' y on, l l7nm'tl1 linwi lmlwllv l':JlSlo'I4, .l6'Hlllll' l'lll'llP', Svlsif- llusn-. lfllhvl Nvll 'llw-:14l:ux':uy, l'Ilwyu Iir1nlu:u1'rlI, 1':l1'avIyn Mnllvll, Imam hm- , . l'2ol,lm'sn11, AIHIH l':lg:q-, Nwlxlu Mx'l'llll'n-, lnllll Higgl-Vs, l4I:r llwtln 'l'l11f-I' Svlylllllllfl thr' lvifwf-1-lily IIVXYH Hll Alvilr-nv 'lllull Sr'l1fml's slmlw-mls :4ll'l fuvlllly, llu- l5:l1t,9l'y l!1':4lsls-urnjwxllrllalllsm Ivy 1ll'Jll'll1'l'. 'l'l11- ' k l'1lIHf1l'5' m1tm'vll llw 4'lillll'SlN Hll1lIlSlll'l'Il lwy Svlu-lzusiiv Miwgnzim-, Quill Yllll Svvrrll .lw11rl1:4listi1' Sm,-ivly, l'lvllIlIIlllJI lro-ss A.::4wiglliny1, :mul Ilrtf-rsvlmlzaslin' In-:nggllv l'1'e-xx Vmlfw-l'4'm-1-. l PRESS CLUB l First Iluwi Miss Alz11'f.1zlI'1-tl'ulc Ibic-kiu .lCl:m1, l.lll2lA12ll'1JZllll1lt0ll, Tcllrly Alilllglllll, lmris Ill-irl. Hem- l'llU!lllllQ.f, llillvm- lluilsnr, I' 1 I 4' Q ' ' as vs .om-s, jf-m'ge . wmm-y y Svvolxd Huw: Henri Bull Russell, l'llNVyll ,R1'll1ll2ll'1ll, H1-11-11 'I'hom11s1m, lie-Ltiv Kylv, Ida lieth 'I'im-V, N4-lliv Ulmalte, Ilichznrrl In-1111, ljlillillill llll1lll'lll2lI1, 1'll'lllll't'S Hynls Aspiring fra 1lI'O1U0f6 :L lnvttcl' news shes-t, and In lllL'l't'2lSl' the intern-st nf the stuff in 1ll2lllQl'N of jHlll'Il2lllSHl, the Tlutiery Ilruts nn'- gimized the Press Club in 1945. QUILL AND SCROLL First How: iwggzy 121:44-, 'IW-clrly Alkllllllllil, Imris Ili-id, Hills-1tuQl1il:1l', lrl:tQI3t-th 'I'inur', T1-tl l'itm-V, Holi Muyfit-lvl, llivkit- Illlum Sevtmri Huw: tiny Null tlstmly, Mstus .lmws, lf'1':1m'cs 1lT3'mIs,j Billit- l'liIt-lj., I!:1g.:n:tl 'l'hm-mzxn, lit-tlie Kyiv, Z mvitl l!uwv1's,tln-m'ut- l9u:4tu1' fi 1 'Phirtl ilnw: Miss M:tx':.:'zu'tAt Vols-, live- Hart. .iozln NVllll2Lll1S, Phyllis L'lt'lNlIIt'l4, I'11lit11 Hm-hit-rt, Lulu Mau- llilllllillill, th-urge Swin- uvy, Ne-Ilia: Climate, l"Io1':1 Merle Al'UI'3.1'ZLll, .luck Yzmtczs Quill and Scroll, the International Honor Society of High School loumalists, was orqanizod for the purpose oi encouraging and reward- inq individual achievements in journalism and allied iields. NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE lfirst, Huw: Adel Guin, Billy Crier, Dim-ky XVhit,e, VVe11dull XV:l'ggleY, Jack Yoiigv. Igiillt-ue tluitur, FI'r'tTtTYi'T'TP1'fe-utr-1' Se-court Row: Mrs. Pansy Iitmd, Mal"ul'i "' ,Cm.Ld.,...M:u'Vin Dunn, Roseluary Clement, Mau-Ii Corley, Don J'uWet's, .Hobby-.lzfuek Estes, Tlwmas Watts, Mztcwyu Bailey, ic-cie Elatni lust plain nuts about world problems and argumentation, members of the National Forensic League spend their time in deciding what President Truman should do next and in trying to improve their chapter. S Q if fc fri Xi WV' x I LLL NATIONAL HONOR? SOCIETY First Huw: lrickite Iclkllll, J' frziz' ' Iiille-iw Guitar, Flmwt Mt-rle Alrn'g'm1, AIilI'g'2ll'tJl YVIIIIS, Coy Nell tlztncly, Max ,llzlurlulp 1, Ruth ll uniltou, lwegrgy Paige, Put l't-rkins V ..... h Set-:mtl Row: QIITZIVIYITU Steele, Martha Nnllnor, Isla Beth 'ITIllE!l', AIRIHYVYII lglztiley, Bohhie Bilrle-rbzicrk, Phyllis I'l6'llHllt'l', Edith rehleilt, Betty t'i'utc-lifielcl, Leslie H3X'IIlS, Gent' Hunter, lmris Reid, 'Ferldy Mzthgum fl'hii'fl Row: Than ILIYGYIIIZIH, AVQIKIOII Iiziiliff, I'll2Il'IL'S Ruthmell, 'limb lie-ily. llwh Hnwerton, Ilubert Reese, Henry JZUTIUS. . ll. TE1"', lux led I'llZ6l l+'uurth Ilmv: .l. ll. Czmun, T311-ky XVhitP, tieurgt- l4'wstc1', Iiuh Mziyfielil, .ltvluw Frziuk Fullc--V, tleiw Smith, l'h:u'lQs: 'l':m4ly Henry is L..,.f- I iss, llnhti-1't Alx".' l"iftt-on pci' cent of tht- gl'2'lfIllilLlIlg vlziss is selettt-d tu the Nzitiwmll IIUITIII' Soviety fm tho hzisis of four l't'l1llIl'6'l!lt'IilSI wlizintvte-1', It lKIt'l'SI1I11, st-lmlarsllip, :incl serviwe. lu Ahilexw High Srlwul tivo per vt-nt :ire vllrrsuim :luring their -IUYTIUI' year, :tml tt-11 per vt-nt :nrt- elmswn clui'i11:.:' the-ii' senior year. NATIONAL ESSAY LEAGUE OF AMERICA Fivst Huw: Mrs. Selma Il. llishu 1, Phyllis llzxnmvy, Htinvy .lzxm:':4, lrilmus .IZIIIIQSY Ili-'W'itt Tsmn l S1-vulitl llmv: l-Svtty XX'hite-, lievorly Mm'1'uw, Ilurotliy Kim-ziicl, 'I'l191't-sa Ilarvis, Xvilllflil .lean VVIIICIIHIIN, Ruth limit:-24, Mary lit-th ll'Ill2lll l'zxtsv t':1g.1'le Mzuif' ut' these SILIKLEIILS lmvc won places in Y2lI'IlIUS im1teSts througrlmut the' mitimi, 'l'he1'eszi Davis and Hg-m'y .lnmt-S platjcfrl in e State Put-t1'v Clnitest. lmrotllv Kim'-aid, Phyllis Rzimsvy. .Inuet lirown. :ind Ili'-m'y .lzinwz-1 placed in thv Natiumil lligh Suhool vetry gXS!4fIl'IJlLI'Ill. Phyllis limxisefy wnn sixteenth 1:15100 in the natitm with 2111 essay on "How to Re-educate Emil IIl'llt'kI1t'l'.I UBRARY CLUB M First, Row: 'Flvillyn Until-li, Betty llennm-ll, Mary Frzinres Smith, 'atsv Gurlvy, Billiv Matirh- liislnm, lllIll'l'llil Nollni-r, 'NVinSl0n 'VVilliamSrm, .ljE1'lllt't't' Gillis, 4'hzurlym- Stealth, Clara lit-Q Vkfilhitv, Vom-e e imma fn, Palsy Fink . , . ' V. v . hvconil Itow. .Iuhn l'ltts, Ilmma:-1 Watts, Mrs. Nancy Murray, Morris Barnes, l'aul .Fulks 'Phe Memorial Library was started in the early spring uf 1945 when Mrs. Carolyn Kunkel and her family svnt two houks, "An Intel- ligent. American's lluicle to then Peace-," by Sumner Well9s, and "My Cuuntry," by Russell XV. llavenport, in ineninry of he-r ds-:erased liusbzmcl, Casey XY. Kunkel. Vasey Kunkel, an uutrttainliiig me-mher of the c-lass nf 1932, suffi11'Pd a ll0l'VOUS ll1'82lkfll'lXY1l while man- aging.: a factory during' the war. The Alemorial Library now has ninety-nine books in memory of those who at une time attended Abilem-s High SC-huol and are now dead. 'Phe Library Staff is made ni of students who rulunlarilv give their timv and efforts tu thv fum-1iuning.:' ol' the- lihrary prograin . l . . . 1 . . . . . ul' the srhool. Thoy help with thc- C'll'l'lll2lil0Il, tylilllil. Inc-c-haniczil p1'en:lrat10ns of hunks, and assist studs-nts in finding: iw-fviw-liclc' ma- lvrifll. This yvfir thoy haw- syn-nt lllllbll timu in mvuiitiiigg lmnks for the evaluation of tha- 1-riteria. UBRARY STAFF First Row: Billie Maude 13lSll0D,,tlit'l'l'll6'l'6 Gilliy, Clara Lee NVilhite, Patsy Fink, Loveta Cot't'm:1n, lfllainv Hoge-rs, Mary Frances Smith, Patty Fortune, Ann Alilll'U1ll,,liUlJ61'i MQEIJ 1, Billie Gene Molloy, lnez Gary? lilarllm Nolli ' Vharly me Stevie, Sarah Craig Secrnnl How: lXl2ll'5?,'l6 Smith, Amit arr n, pvc-lyn Frruvli, .l9U.n Braltton, NYinStm1VVillia1nsm1 atsy Gu1'?7hBetly Tiennvtt, Mar- iraret' Fraley, Letha Ilooper " , ' Third Row: Mrs. Nancy Murray, Morris Barnes, Vat Roo. .lov Antilley, Thomas NV:1tts, Bobby XVO0ll2ll'fl, Bill .Iohnsfwn , lug if 1 , r ri' C CORRESPONDENCE First llow: ltelief-vu XV:lllu-V, Jimmy Alcwrisoii, Morris Foster, Joanne lilunk, livrniw-e .Iom-s, Luville Gaulle A Seq-mul Row: Mrs. Kathryn Mmwmv, Marie NV:illcei', Elsie Alexander, ltuhert llennott, lluvicl Alt-Nleulis, lrllllvllk' 1.4-xvls. liillllllllil Ashby, XVillie Lauren l'hilley Do you like to Write letters to unknown people? That is what the members of Correspondence Club clo. Before the wcir they Wrote to people in foreign Countries, but since this type of correspondence WGS stopped during the war, they wrote to the Lotin-American Countries, SOCIAL ENGLISH First Row: Norm-en NYimllimn, XN'ai14lz1IJ1l5:'p:'i11s,lluldzi llztrringtoii, XYynettzx Mm-liaiughlin, Clyde Flelulier, Nancy Szinfmwl, Ann Sliepliercl, live Ch' ll91' Sec-und lt ' rs. rl"l'Lllll2lll Nance, lllvzilene Ove-rtmi, .lune Furtson, June lllunes, .lean Craig, lCl Xxzlllil Britt, Lola Faye- Hug.1':u'. l.rn'elle Hailey, ise xll'l'llllOll2'll, Jo Ann ' ' ' lt is not ledrninq, il is not skill, which people require in society, it is manners. Such phrases ct sociol custom os introduction, bre and butter notes, cmd books on etiquette are discussed ond Commented on ot each club meeting. fl! LJ. 1 First Ilclwz .lat-kie hlilllllllllll, ,Allll B11c'l1anz111, Louise Folliairfl, M:11'yz111:1 Holly, Susie Hose, l'eg,'g'y .lo l':1ss, llc-:ln l:l'2lttOll, Betty Sm- Mc-Kiuimey Second Row: Mrs. lflditli Smith, Wyxietta Mc-l,augl1li11, Annette Haney, Phyllis Ramsey, .lean tlzltf-S, .Iuunitu Ramsey, Dnrotliy Russell, Czlrolyn Harris, Lou .lean Bennett X 'l'hi1'cl Row: Mellla Cook, .lflklllllte Ford, ilogili Sligig-:Lge-lf4QQ, Carol Ruy111u11d, Allll XVJllliQl', .lzuiice Atkinson, Nlillkllfll Kelley, Ronny Kew, Dick lFl'?lf1,'Ql', Alva Bla:-kerby, HQ D. lil 'V' The office Worker renders G great service to the school by doing the little things that make cm office run efficiently: cis, running errands for members of the student body cmcl tcrculty, showing new students ground the school, und giving first uid to those who need it. They form the courtesy committee of Abilene High School. OFHCE STAFFS First Row: Billie Hiatt, VVill Ann Ylbllllg, lxwetzn Coffmzrn, Cz11'olIle1111eftt, Ruth llz1111iltu11, Bolxbie Hiltle1'l1:u-k, H1-111'i Bob Russell, Mrs. VVil1ia111 Sl1e1111:11'cl, Mr. Joe tl, H1111111l11'ey Set-und How: Helen Berry, l'ully Pl'tlStOll, -Mate-wyn Bailey, Ju:111 HlI2l,'ll6S, 'Mswgie VVilli:1111s, tt, Vat Roe, A1111 Nelson, VV:'111clz1, Hale, Jolene NVilliz1111s, Rc1l1e3g1fi!Tc7Bhj,2QP' 'l'l1i1'tl Row: Pitt Mc-Mz1l1r111,"lVl'Fli'y C'111'1'y, 1 Etl'tl1?l Curry, llorotliy 1'111ki11, ldu Beth Tiner, Dosey VVr1llf111, lAZlV0lll21 Reddeii, Nancy llulrerts, Glorizt Mathis, Miss Bully QiOl'llIJPl'6, Mr. Don B. NVez1tl1e1'l15' GREGG WRITERS First Row: Faye Byram, Elaine Rogers, Wanda Hale, Gena Hassey, loyce Ayer, Wanda Van Zandt, Iirnmie Mayfield, Peggy Page, Mrs. Helen Williams Second Row: Phyllis Clemmer, Lavoy Owens, Betty Ross, Wanda Hudson, Emma lean Read, Dorothy Russell, Rosemary Brown, Merlyne Leverett, Carolyn Harris, Beatrice McDonald, Helen loyce Keith, Gene Hunter "Take a letter?" Yes, these girls will be able to take that letter. They learn secretarial etiquette and improve their ahility in short- hand during the meetings. ,Y ix TYPING CLUB X K. . 1 First Row: Io Patsy Smith, Carol Bennett, Nancy Daniel, Pat Daniel, Dorothy Holladay, Miss Eva Garvin, Betty Logan, Ai Q orbitt, Nona Blakemore, Billy Gene McCoy ' V , Second Row: Billie Mae Tucker, LaVaughn Davis, Dora Curry, Bob Kuykendall, Bob Williams, I. B. Canon, Connie r en, Bob Woody, Doris Kent, Betty To McNutt Other Members: Cleo Clary, Presidenty Terry Spires The Typing Club was organized tor those students who are interested in furthering their ability. Their interest and Work in the typing club will he rewarded with honors tor entries in Competent Typing Tests and Artistic Typing Tests, 5 1 ii t First Brow: Margaret Willis, Flora Merle Morgan, Peggy Page, Margaret Lamb, Kathryn Loving, Georg- ana Hanks, Ada Guin, Maewyn Bailey, Polly Preston, Pat Boss Second Row: Miss Tommie Clack, Betty Crutchfield, Alma Honea, lda Beth Tiner, Nellie Choate, Myrtle Fuller, Pat Edi s, Phyllis Clemmer, Mary lane Treadaway Third Row: Betty Boss, Iimmie Mayfield, Letha Hooper, Bobbie Bilderback, Ruth Hamilton, Mary Clinton, Maggie Davis, Barbara Riddle, Dosey Walton, lean Wroten Fourth Row: Vina Faye lones, Pat Campbell, Gena Hassey, loyce Ayer, lean Mize, Mary Ruth Hutchin- son, Marie Boss, Wanda Hudson, Bobbie Boyd, Mary Bright, Clara Wilhite, lune Preston Fifth Row: Billie Ann Shepperd, Pat McMahon, Billie Hiatt, Mary Louise Nunn, Lucille Mullens, luanita Ellis, Betty Logan, luanita Day, Wanda Hale, Elaine Rogers, Mozelle Bagby, Emma lean Bead Sixth Row: Mrs. Edith Smith, Doris Kent, loy Wilson, Betty lo McNutt, Maggie Smith, Pat McMinn, Lavoy Owens, Anna Warren, Helen Maroney, Teddie Mangum, Doris Reid, Lula Mae Hampton GANG Georgana Hanks ,... .....,,,.... . , . President lune Coats ...i,... . . ,Vice-President Kathryn Loving . . . . . ,,.... Secretary Ada Guin .,.,..,,...,.........,..i.,.... .,,. . . . , .Treasurer Margaret Ann Lamb .......,,,...,,..... l l l , , ,.,,,. Reporter ' THE iNiTiATioN First Row: Dorothy Philpott, Nadine Brimluerry, Dorothy Kincaid, Barbara Bentley, Carol Bennett, Ramona 'Wright, Geraldine XYinter, Jo l'atsy Smith, Joan NVi1lia1ns Second llow: Carolyn Harris, Dorothy Russell, Gone Hunter, Leslie Havins, NVanda Van Zandt, Charlyne Steele, Bernive Gillis, Billie Bishop. Martha Nollner, Vonda Masters, Inez Massey V Third Row: Sandra Tillett, Betty Joyce Smith, Margaret Fry, Barbara Keppler, Mary Alice Little, Mona Rae Winkles, Doris Ili-own, Billene Guitar, Lou .lean Bennett, Margaret Fraley Fourth llow: Billie Jean Smith, Vignon Daulton, Elsie Alexander, Reber-ea XVal1cer, Lunt-Ile Lewis, lla Lord, Helen .loyf-o Keith, Dorothy Ann Adams, Lucille Galle, Ramona Ashby, Rosemary Brown, Merlyne Leverett - GANG 'First ltow: Gi-are Mt-Culloch, lteva Cathay, Mildred Delano, Coy Nell Gandy, lidith Boehlert, Faye Byrain, Ann Miller, Billie .Io lthoades Sec-ond Row: Mozelle l-Iefhn, Gloria Petty, XX anda Dean, .105 Munden, Joan Hughes, Maigie Xlwtamsif Maiyana Hollg, To annie Barron, Louise Mc-Cullough, ICI VVana Britt A2 Third Row: June Bird, Nelda Nash, Joy:-e Milliorn, Betty Caraway, Sadie Rollins, Nelmitli Goodman, l, r , 1 ", Norma Mayfield, .lolene XVillia1ns Fourth Row: Nvanda llitt, Doris VVatson, Betty Aldridgre, Effie Anderson, Mary Spicer, Mary Beth Norman, Jayne Bishop, Lear- lene Holtzclaw, .lean Craig, Bettye lfltlirirlgzt- The G an G, which is composed of senior girls, strives to learn the finer things in life, such as the correct use of silverware, the accepted patterns of china, glassware, and linens. The highlight of the season was the Big-Sister Little-Sister Christmas Party. Mrs. Penn Gilbreth gave a talk on the best sellers of the year, and the art work and binding of good hooks: Mrs. Pat l-lenagan talked on the selection of colors for dresses. fn, F V' Tlfgjf X E ' I, First How: Ann Walker, Ianice Gentry, oan Hughes, Margie Williams y Munden, Maewyn Bailey, Ann Malcom, Nancy Sanford ' ' Second Bow: Mona Bae Winkles, Pat Eolins Iohnnie Mayfield, Ier ter, Iolene Williams, F-Pei-ncisNNancy Daniel, Pat Daniel, Annette cott, Ann Rankin, Darlen e ew! Third Row: Mrs. Dorothy Clevela , ackie Hamilton, laniQIfkH1so'nT'ShiHey Fields, ,Mm- gie Gattord,NGeorgana Hanks, Kathryn Loving, Iimmie Mayfield, Polly PrestoEBarbara Biddle, Maggie Davis '-'Toirth Row: Ada Guin, Sandra Tillett, Charlyne Steele, lda Beth Tiner, Ann lohnson, Pat McMahon, Billie Hiatt, Carol Raymond, Katie Bae Newman, Mozelle Bagby, Emma lean Bead, Margaret Beth Blackwell PEP SQUAD MARGIE WILLIAMS .,,,... ,...,. if esfitei-X LILLIE BETH ooUeHRAN l l . .,,..,... Vice-President IOY MUNDEN . ...,..,, ....,.......... S ecretary Y ....,,, .,,. .,,,,... . Imaging I IQAN HUGHES ,,,,. ,,.r C hairman of Checkers i 1 Hughes Williams Munden Coughran Bailey C , if Wipe First Row: arbara Fulwiw Dorothy Holladay, Mary Rucker, Ioan Shacicelford, Gwendolyn Glenn Eloise Escue, Barbara cek, lane Britain , ,, Ser ond Row Ieanetl 'RQ fffin Doris Baze Bobbie Ioycf lanford, Mary Smith, Dosey Wctltoif loan Har Vey, Mary Frcnicezs S1nllliEl?fEy-Cllrleyj Betty S4er1r'1ettL'PattyiP2avis Third How: Mary lane lireadawcxy, Louise Mullins, Mary Louise Nunn, Ann Nelson, Susie Rose Mar garet Lamb, Mary Alice Little, Lula Mae Hampton, Robna Moore, loan Teague Fourth Row: -Matthews,QVlolly Rob Rebecca Brawley, Marilyn Petty, laclcie Brasher, lean Bratton Pat Plow, loan Tdc'lcef,AGay'Gfa?fes,'Glgsdybsy Hollfomanglohnnie Mayfield Fifth Row: F er, Ar lbitt, Pat Ross, Sudie Rollins, Rosemary Shaheen, PGQQY Wise Ann Shepherd, Louise Folliard, Pat Pea ce,'Margaret Sheffield,"Margie Whatley PEP SQUAD The Pep Squad is the most loyal supporter of football and basketball. The Pep Squad gave a dinner for the football boys before the Odessa game. The other activities besides the usual pep rallies in assembly were a bonfire before the Sweetwater game, and a public pep rally at the Federal lawn before the Big Spring game. Billy Murphey was presented as the Pep Squad sweetheart at the annual banquet at the Wind- sor l-fotel, which was followed by a pep rally at the Paramount Theater before the San Angelo game. FIELD MARSHALSJQ QQ Nancy Sanford, Ann Wallier x' i is is RIFL CLUB First How: Charles Williams, Curtis Ristei, lolin Ray Harrison, Bert Howden, Finest Brooks, Frank Edvnomlsfnt, Fug-eine tformally. Bob Howerton, Wendell Wagley, Charles Alexander Second Row: Mr. L. T. Nance, Herbert Bradshaw, Paul lludrnfrn, Donald Baker, Glen Woody, 'llionias Vnqufr, lion Bare, llarfvlfl Boehning, Bill Bagley, Charles Spears, Bobby Hamilton Third How: Glenn Mitchell, Winston Brown, Claud Crini, H. L. Howard, Arthur Kimbrough, Dicky Young, Gene Newman, Bill Hollo- way, Wayne Iohnson, Roy Alford, Iohn Frank Fuller Fourth How: lack Palmer, Frank Polk, Buford Clernnier, Dee Morgan, Elmo Moore, Cleon Smith, Weldon Newton, Ray Archibald, Holly Ivey, Bill Iohnson, lean Hale, Herman Cardwell Fifth Row: I. B. Watson, Boyd Carpenter, Billy Gillis, Homer Hopkins, Wayne Thornton, Larry Sharpe, Bill Rogers, Sam Nunnally. Iimmy Weldon, Doug Iohnson, Clarence Iones, Billy Frank Row, Maxey Baach Learning to use and handle a ritle properly is the aim of this group of sportsmen. A large part of their club activity consists of re- lating hunting experiences and expressing opinions on which gun and ammunition are best to hunt the various types of game. GIRLS CADET CORPS First Row: Billie Conaway, Shirley Clark, lanice Pinkerton, Loretta Smith, Maxine Wimberley, Bettye Etheridge, Vina Faye Iones, Dorris Cupps Second Row: Mrs. Dorothy Cleveland, Barbara McCaleb, Glenna Robinson, Wanda Wimberley, Violet Procter, Wanda Miller, Billie lean Killiarn, Helen Vletas, Mary Nell Suggs Although the War is over, the Girls Cadet Corps still maintain their excellent standards of physical training for the girls of Abilene High School and assist the school whenever possible. lfirst Row: Miss Mary Baqqett, Billy lean Smith, Mrtrqatfvt Fry, Viqnon Doulton, luanitft Day, 'l'onnny Woorly, luno Cjlwwfius, W'.IIl'it'l Vendeiqtast, Donnefi Lea Nelson Second How: Mf1ntVfltitP', Pf,1tl"v1f,1it'1, Wflltflft Winvlterly, Mary Merle lalnes, Wanflfi Miller, Byinice Brooks, Betty Lllieek, Robert Von Hneder, Clois Tarr Third How: Barbara Mcllaleb, Uma Dean Ellison, Billie Conaway, Violet Procter, Birdie Lackey, Molly Harrell, Daurice liwina, Margie Martin, lean Williams, Nelda Martin, Nuel Bedus, Bobby Woody Fourth Row: Mary Ruth Hutchinson, Bobbie Schooler, Buth Bailey, loyce Roberts, Leia Faye Copeland, Bonnie McDonald, lo Ann Kelley, Donna Reese, Martha Pliler, Sybil Butler, Mary Pliler, Maxine Petty, Laverne Preston SKATING "Keep 'em Rollin' " is the lively motto ot the Skating Clubg their colors are blue and white. 'l'o acquaint the students with the many and various sports is the purpose oi the club. First Row: Miss Fern Brock, Greta Brock, Mary Bright, Bobbie Boyd, Bessie Chambers, Sue Lee, Betty Huckabay, Learlene Holtzclaw, Carl Butler Second Row: Don Harrison, Mary Ola Killouqh, Edna Earl Hicks, Barbara Keppler, Hazel McMinn, Sara Carlyle, Dorothy Burks, Mo- zelle Ashley, Betty Thornton, Patsy Cagle, Billie Moran Third Row: Vina Faye lones, Betty Etheridge, Ioy Wilson, Billie lack Morris, Eleta Pollock, Christine Nicholson, Georgia Spurrier, Betty Peters, Mary Frances Martin, Dolores Cotanche, Mary Lee Smith Fourth Row: Fred Adams, Loretta Dillard, Ioy Clark, Rosemary Tatum, Hilda Tate, lmoqene Thompson, Vonda Masters, Virginia Putman, Edna McMinn, Levern Sherman, Doris Trott, loyce Lawson, Peggy Landreth D First Row: Dan Killough, Charles Wilcox, Ruth Hamilton, Ruenelle Cooper, luanita Day, leaneff Qrifiin, lohn Sewell, Lawton Charn- bers, Roland Blackford ' -'rf' ' Second Row: Iohn Guitar, Curtis Hayes, Henry Ford, Billy Broyles, Jimmy Kimmey, lames Bishop, Scottie Slaughter, O. C. Blankene ship, lirnrny Darling Third Row: Thomas Willis, Edwin Whitley, l.oe Goodman, Mack Eyrani, Arvel Daugherty, Gordon Faulks, George Milford, Billy Ioe Leggett, Mr. l. I. Moore Fourth Row: Billy Cunipton, Ted Adams, Lloyd llucl-zei, lolvn llnlwlett, l. lt. llokilrim, llflwin Lonq, Carlos Appleton, Billy l"1c1nk 'l'l:rnne ton, Bruce F're-ernan, Billy Skipper, Gaston Cook FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA F F A work is used to stimulate interest in Vocational Agriculture and to train rural boys ior leadership. Farm youth is being trained and organized in this the greatest rural youth movement in existence. This work furnishes rural youth a wonderful opportunity to train themselves in the art of making a living and developing leadership in their local communities. Their motto sets forth the vocational nature of the work when it says: Learning to do-Doing to learn-Earning to live-Living to serve. OFFTCERS First How: Mr. Moore, Holly Harrison, lohn Sewell, Robert Owen, Lawton Chambers Second Row: Bob Antilley, Charles Wilcox, Odell Williams E First Row: Bruce Thompson, Maryana Holly, Bobert Alvis, Lon Brooks, Thomas Watts, Caldwell Beck- ham, lames Mitchell, Morris Barnes, Odis Claxton, Marvin Dunn, Charles Mohr, Eugene Norman, Carlton Hodges, William King, I. Forrest Posey, Mr. Raymond Bynum Second Row: Troy Boone, .Marshall Kelley, timmy Morrison, Cecil Hutchins, Scott Smith, Marvin May- tield, Don Eti9f,xCjlT1CITiC3f5 TC1t1dy,5 llonry Briss, lim Looriey, Estes lowes, Ernest Tye, Milton Martin, Bobby PtQt'LfC, Alonzo Thomason " Third How: Wintord Heed, Gene Smith, Iolm Bontke, Fred Osborne, Hoy Wilhite, Clive Trice, David Mc- Means, larnes Cook, Alton Williams, Brooks Wilhite, McDaniel Ward, Tom Ed Travis, Leroy lennings, Iulian Herring, Foy Blanton, Stanley Thompson, Bill Fiveash, George Svvinney, Herbert Bradshaw Fourth How: David Garrett, C. L. Barnes, Wayne Gay, lames Vtfheeler, Earl Bourland, Cranford Cox, Dee Morgan, Bobert Von Boeder, Warren Thaxton, lohn Harrison, Clinton Soiourner, Dick Frydenberg, Arthur Hall EAGLE BAND i Being one ot the best bands in the state ot Texas, the Eagle Band learns to march as Well as to play with precision. The band attended the State Meet in Waco, Where several ot the members sat first chair in the State Band. SWEETHEABT MARYANA HOLLY l First Row: Olna Lee Winfrey, Wanda Dean, Elizabeth Echols, Maxine Ballard, lean Wroten, Nancy Har- key, Betty Crutchfield, lulia Houston, Betty Koonsman, Doris Lindley, Anetta Parish, Mr. Raymond T. Bynum Second How: lean Sauze, Audrey Ann Bertram, lune Sauze, lune White, Bobbie Finklea, loan Wheeler, Necia Bedus, La Wanda Bollinger, lo Ann Gay, Laverne Preston, Ruth Ann Matthews, Eleta Pollock, Gloria Petty, Mary Bright Third Row: Barbara Van Zandt, Ann Gawthon, Mary Beth Snow, Myra Lou Cooke, Iune Preston, Lorah Dean Smith, Gene Hunter, Clara Lee Wilhite, Margaret Willis, Amelia lean Smith, Leslie Havins GIRLS BAND The purpose of the only all-girl high schocil band in Texas is to combine busi- ness With pleasure in studying instrumental music and presenting enjoyable programs. loy Sandra Morgan-sage Silikes fried chicken- likes everybody, particularly those who supply her with strawberry ice cream cones-plays "Mary Had a Little Lamb" on the cornet-also is mastering the flute, clarinet, and saxophone -- marches with the Girls Band in the capacity of mascot. ' I . ,L ' 1 l ,fn f, ,JV 1, IVY 1' V 1 Q", ORCHESTRA First How: Polly Vreston, Ioyco Roberts, Shelby Smith, l,lC?lI1JS1llilll, lim Looney, Iefm Vlfroten, Olma Lee Winfrey, A110 cr Pfrrisln, Maxine Ballard, Elizabeth Echols, Robert Alvis Second Row: Herbert Seidel, Ruth Watanabe, lee Lanier, Flora Merle Morgan, Clara Wilhite, Clive Trice, Stanley 'l'honxpson, 'lloy Wilhite, Doris Lindley, Myra Lou Cooke, Mary Beth Snow Third Row: Ethel Nell Treadaway, Betty Crutchfield, Marian Thomas, Barbara Beley,- Nancy Harkey, Mr. Raymond T. Bynum, Ann Cawthon, Margaret Willis The purpose of these meticulously trained students is to provide recreation for their members and culture for their listeners. FINE ARTS First Row: lackey Caperton, Bobbie Bilderback, Letha Hooper, Marjorie Lewis, Mary lane Treadaway, lean Oates, Genevieve Well- born, Betty Staggers Second Row: Louise May, Ian Marie Gose, Peggy Morgan, La Fray Medlin, Nora Beth Fuller, Ruth Watanabe, La Verne Harris, Doris Mathis, Kathryn Loving Third Row: Mary Annette Willis, Sarah Craig, Betty Claxton, Christy King, Betty Thompson, Clara Mae Arnold, Georgana Hanks, Pat Edins Everything from swing to religious hymns is sung at the meetings of the Fine Arts Club. The members of this club are interested in developing their ability to sing and to appreciate music. ' J ,bf , i SEXTEQE Christy Kina, Mary Clinton, Doris Mathis, Laverne Harris, Ruth Hamilton, Letha Hooper X '-. QUARTET: Freddie Gerlach, Iohnny Holloman, Lynn Perkins, Rainey Owen S--fi ACCOMPANISTS: Boyelieiqwis, Marjorie Lewis, lane Britain Q 1' , mf V gy ,www A CAPPELLA X First Row: Le-tha Hooper,,Mariorie,Lewis, Mary Clinton, Lynn Perkins, lohijlolloman, y, Dorothy Holladay, Ruth Hamilton, Miss Ouida Clemons T ' 'ii' 1 Second Row: Betty Stagg rs, lackie Hamilton, Rosemary Clement, Billy Williams, lack Yonge, Thomas Boucherf McElraT5 Mary Rucker, Q3arbara Fulwile , Genevieve Wellborn H Third Bow: m1s, Gladys 1-lollomani Peggy Page, Nelda, Splawn, Charlene Ross, Lloyd King, Ray Perry, Ke y Martin, Freddy Gerlach, Louise May, LaVerne"Harris, Pat Eclins, Ada Guin, Bobbie Bilderback '- "-- f'-' ' 1""i"' Fourth Row: lean Oates, Betty Claxton, Harold Baker, Bobby Branch, Harold Hughes, Borden Duffel, lack McGlothlin, Hubert Reese, Mary lane Treadaway, Wanda Hitt, Christy King Fitth Row: Genevieve Vfallcer, Clair Arnold, Robert Kuylcendall, A. E. Lee loe Couch, Bobby Williams, Bobby Howerton, lohn Ben Phillips, George Lively, Rainey Owen, Sarah Craig, Ardelle Onwiler i f -Aff A 'W' T X by.,-, - BOYS GLEE CLUB First How: Miss Ouida Clemons, Bonibelle Lewis ry, Kelly Martin, Lynn Perkins, Freddy Gerlach, Billy Williams, lolinny Hollornan, Thomas Boucher ,. ' ---"l" , Second Row: lack SrnarttDick Sears, Donald Balger, 'Robert McElra h, loyd King, jRoy Fish, lack Yonge, Ray Perry, Vlfayne Haynes, Alva BlackerbY E. A U u""'h----V-5' 'K Third How: Alex Eastus, Gene Fleming, Borden Duffel, Cecil Roberts, larnes Milstead, Harold Hughes, Weldon Eailiff, lack Mc- Cvlothlin, Hubert Reese, Bobby Young, Billy Van Wagner Fourth Row: A. E. Leed oe Couch,-Robert Kuykendall, Bill Williams, Bob Howerton, George Lively, Rainey Owen, lohn Ben Phillips, Bob Branch, Bill Dillon, Bob Williams, Don Magee A ,Q , 'Fl 1 . A 41. 2- X ,Q D 4 First How: Billie Dobbins, Gay Beard, Margie Iohnson, Ianice Atkinson, Pat Pearce, Alice Ch ler, lean Bratton, Pat Daniel, Nancy Daniel, D I ' ' ' ' , fo Q- Second How: Nellie Gaye Choate, Bea McDonald, Robna Moore, Nancy Wooten, Pat Roe, illie Pliler, Carol Raymond, Ruth Ann Reed, Ann Nelson, loan Teague . ' Third Row: Hilda Tate, Mary Merle lames, Esrne Estesj Helen Maroney, Bettie Kyle, Mary Annette Willis, Mildred Hcllingshead, Vir- ginia Putman, Margie Whatiey, Margaret Sheftieldhri Fourth Row: Mary Curry, Marth ie Ioyce Lantord, Dorothy Adams, Earlene Fry, Margaret Ann Lamb, Ioanne Wade,,Kath- erinue ElliotL Billie Palm,CBpnnie McDonaEll,!tEdna Couch, Ian Marie Gose Fifth Row: LaNelle Easter, Doris Wa son, Wanda Hitt, Patty Fortune, Ioanne Blunk. lean Buchanan, Doris Mathis, Kathryn Loving. Georgana Hanks, Billie Mae Tucker, Billie Frances Vtfhitrnan, Betty McKinney, Othel Merrell The two most important productions of this year's work were the Messiah at Christmas and The Seven Last Words at Easter. Other productions were presented in chapel and at the Parent-Teachers Association. 1 GIRLS GLEE CLUB First Row: lackie Hamilton, Bobbie Bilderback, Ada Guin, Bonibelle Lewis, Barbara Fulwiler, Pat Perkins, Annette Scott, Ann Rankin, 4 r'orie Lewis, Margie Gaiford -f- e ' Susie Rose, Peggy Io Pass, Wanda Houston, Rosemary Clement, Betty Bonner, Ieanne Unrue, Fr nter, Letha Hooper, Ruth Hamilton, Louise Folliard, terry Carter, Ianice Gentry, Darlene B w Third Row: La Fray Medlin, La Verne arris, hristy King, Mary e Treadaway, lean Oates, Peggy Page, Helen Berry, Eloise Escue, Dorothy Holladay, Mary Rucker, Genevieve Vtfellborn, Ann Malcom Fourth Row: Geneva Walker, Ardelle Onwiler, Charlene Ross, Dolores Daniels, Mary Beth Norman, Pat Edins, Betty Staggers, Geral- dine Winter, Betty Logan, La Verne Sherman, Dolores Krinlcie, Opal Maples Fifth Row: Nelda Splawn, Iune Clark, Grace McCullough, Clara Mae Arnold, Lona Sue Patterson, Betty Hamilton, Bailinara Powers, Gracie Philley,'Gladys Hollornan,jHelen Keith, Lucille Galle, Betty Claxton, Sarah Craig will V' Y l lil-IWJX1 LOS LEALES First How: Mrs, E. M. Randolph, Pat Clark, Pat Gist, Barbara Fulwiler, Mary Frances Wood, Ted McAlister, Harold lone-s, Ianice entry. ier Second Row: Annette Scott, Peggy Austin, Mary Evelyn Mayfield, lean Lindsey, Nesa Lee Reese, lohnny Wraqq, Nancy Wooten, ean Monk, Ann Malcom, Marfoxie Third Row: F enter, Mildred l-lollinqsheaci, Fay Wilkerson, Marqie Iohnson, Ardelle Onwiler, Don Holden, Charles Os- orne, Bobby Yoima, Delbert McDonald A r 9 fe! L., First, lliiw: Diwk Sears, Lon l'lrooks Derwin C'la1'V Nlargrie NVh'Ltley, Arthur Hlill xxvllildlll Kind, Flora Nlerle BIOI"""l1l I' t P Sin ii L , 1 . , . ,, . . . -ai earoe Javk .' 1 ' 1 H 4 U Y Y Set-ond Itow: .Inne Preston. .loan Gay, Ernest Tye, Julian Ilerring, Margraret She1'field,r Anetta Parish, Ann Johnson, Darlene lie- leiv, Ann Rankin. Louise Folliard, Ann Nelson, Joan Rlunk, ' e L ' " 'lihird l-low: l1onaldGay, Don Etter, Clinton Sojonrner, Eiigenu Norman, Alonzo Thoinason, Ramona Vi'1'ight, BIl11',?,i2l1'6'E Beth lilaekwell, Carol Sue Bennett, Jn Patsy Smith, David Garret, 'lvfllll Ed Twivis, Mt-Daniel ,XVa1'd Fourth llow: Billy Mc-Minn, Arlie Mathews, Baibara Helew, Myra Cooke, llilly Crain, 'llC'S, Monty Don Thoinason, C. A. Henson, .lennie Sue Snow, Dean Ayers Fifth Row: Clayton Nichols, CeCi1'Roberts, Fharles Mohr, lliolc Frydenbu1'g', .liinlny Thompson, Doris Nell Brovk, Shirley Clark, Lola Faye Cagle, Betty Ann Dean, Mary Rasherry, Pearl Miller, Aubrey Black, Fines Flores RECORD clue Hwi: LEARN TO First How: Joe Swafford, FOV lllanton Kenneth Johnson 'Pom Fd Travis Fred Osborne I'l'1vid tl'trrett, Kennvtli 'Xlnsp5r'iv0, I' W1 , , ,,. A . ,,, . , ,K ,. . . . , git, Alexander, .Tay Moore, Earl Bourlancl Second Row: Doris YVag'oner, .liininiv Met-ks, Gloria Peel, Betty Joyce Cole, Johnnie I'3nIlot:k, Patsy f'ani1mlwll, Dorothy Mullins Ruth Chase, Joyce XVarren w ' f., ' , Third Row: Reynolds Allen, .lo Ann 'I'ur-ker, Gay Graves, .lean'4?okeS, NVanda Turner, Suk' c-llers, Shirley Fields. Margie Horn 'Allil 'VV?llk61', Billie Ann Slieplierd, .lasik Mt-tllotrhlin, .laines Milstead " , . 1 --" H' ' fi 'Fourth ROW: John Mcliinxie, .Ioy Ili-aton,lllonniti Mi-llonalcl9Pa ty Davis, Shirley Priotiiy, ltlinily Mf'tli't-y,'oi', Iiolaliie IH'L'Wl'Y, MHXU1 Huinphrey, Louise Rives, lieth Stroud, .lt-aiieini Past-hall ""' " 1. Fifth Row: Troy Crain, Lena .lo Ilowrie, Hazel Roberts, Frances Yarlwrougli Betty Nic-Mahon, Ili-tty Suddertli, Martha NYillis XX'anda Jefferies, June Sadler, .lo Alym- tloss, llarlnara 'I'ra11thani, Joan Dunlap, Gladys Hollonianu Sixth Row: Sue King, lirnestinv Ilarper, XVyvonne tloot-h, Bobbie lirannon, Bett5"Pm'mente1', Anna I'ag.z'e-, Nelda lXlc't'lure, Tlettl fY'2ll'FlXVtlY, .loyue Milliorn, Alozollo Iiagliy, Katie line Newman, Martha B1?UJliillll'Il, Earlene l'arkt-r Seventh Row: .lusie Tolanil, Gloria Petty, VVanda Dean, Maxine Petty, lloris l1lE'llllllL'I', Patry Iirown. ttvralrline- XYinter, Iloris XYat son, Mary Alive Little, Mona llae XVinkles, .It-an llruwn, Ann Miller, Billie Jo Hlioacles I A I .. -., . 1 I I , fy U on ca 214.4 I First ilmv: Margaret Cunningham,'Betty VValkf-r, Iiarhara Bentley, Pat, Edina, Ada Guin, Sandra Tillelt, Dorothy Philpott, Minw Matthews, A oily Roy, llziy Ne-ll Alexander "'SR'Uinl -.owz -.uby Ann Hliver, lmrothy XYalls. Janette liulmerts, Louise Mullins, Lucille Mullins, Juan Teague, ltnbna Mnore, Ilnlnres Krinkie, linogeiie Barlow, Mona Margaret XVrenn 'I'hir4l Huw: Betty .lean Laird, lluella Xvhite, Claurlyne Moore, Rosemary Mt-llonald, Borden lluffel, Maurive XYilliaxnS, XV. S. Cflifirn, liill Faster, Buddy Lambert, Cecil Hutvhins, Alvin Siewert, Don Melton lfourth Row: .lovetta Acler, .lo Ami lllazium, Carleton Varnell, Bill Chaney, Bobby VVimherley, Bobby NVOoflarrl, Law-ta Coffman, .inycfe Frain, Drnwxthy Vhapnian, Bettye McMasters. .lean Crain, Ge neva NValker, Ilyn Mallett Y Fifth llmvi Ilan Killong'h. Mellaniel Ward, Mary Linda Coak, Merlene Lewis, lfllla Varnielly, Mary Spinks, th-nv Vzirinelly, Marinn 'I'huinas, .lane llritain, Harbara l'tt4'llHt'Pli, .Tru-kiv Brasher, Marilyn Petty, Bonilrelle in-wis, .inhnnie Mayfield .91 wi ,4 K 'RECOR ' Wm Lis' RN First Huw: Gene Smith, Kfarltun Hmlges, linher! Alyis, Max .1 nherly, Juan lfCllfll'lt'li, Maxine llallarrl, Auilry Ann Hertrain, .lim lmniiey, J. Ffwrest Posey, NVinford Ileed Sec-oncl Huw: XYanfla VVimberley, Eloise Est-ue, Margaret NVillis, Elizabeth Idchnls, .Iune Sauze, Ulna XVinf1'ey, .lean Sanze l,aNelle liaster, Bill Fiveash, Rusty Tha 1. Thirrl 1-low: Suclie Rollins, Hetty Aldridge, lflffie Alicleiwiii, Amelia Smith, lmrah Smith, Ilori:-1 Lindley, Barbara Yan Zandt, Leslie Havins, Betty lioonsman, Peggy Sue Farnes, .loan XVllEE3lOI', Bobbie Finklea Fourth Huw: Ann Cawthon, Nancy llarkey, Mary Beth Snow, l-letty Crutehfielrl, .lean WVroten, Barbara 'lllll'llb'l', Frances l'1l'6'6'lIlSlll, Ilillie .lean Iiastman, 'Tnnnnie Sue lf!:1l4lrifl,2'e, Charlene liuss, linth Xnn Mathews, Katherine Iflllintt, Gwen I-'nrney Fifth Raw: lflnssie London, .ln Ann Mi-l'artney, Xxllllllllll Barnes NVayne Askins, l,. l', Si-ales, Clih- 'l'rit'v, f,ll'2llll'Hl'C-I Uux, .lainvs lit-acl, Hubby iiettis, iiurrhel Henilerson, Billy Harris, ne 4 'on, Fred UsI1o1'iie, VVarren 'Vhaxtun lli V I EDUCATIONAL FILM First Huw: Ilulh Ann lim-rl, Iioli 'l'oflcl, Lynn Perkins, .Ioan S11-QVl'IiGIfUulI, Kelly Marlin, Bnlrlrie .luyve l,anfm'd, XVill Ann Y0un:.:', lmrcl """ ' "W Second Row: Jaineis Pauli, Marshall K1-llley, lI4ll'Ck10 Ilnmtku, Ilan Uvelriiizui, Garland llare, Juan VVSIIIP, Mwlba Plmlc, lilizlabetli Rrmrl 'l'hirfl liuw: Varol Iiayimmcl, .loamie Ifurfl, .Ianu 3In'l'raw, .lack llainsvy, Tlicvmas Alvlmtt, Iiernil-v Bevker, Anna Louise VVivder- xymlurs, .Ietlie Mae Jones, Bnrmleli Ileslep l+'uurtli How: Clay llvarfl, Alilrlred Ilelamw, lion Mage-Q .lames Hailey, Bcity .Ioyro Smith, Dmmtliy Mae Smith, Inez Massey, 'Flielma I di h I ' 'I L11-, Mrs, 'I 't C. ballarcl ' 1 if 'Phu liiglilihglil uf thi- season for tho rxieiiilmi'5 of the lflmlucatirinal Film l'lulv wax il sin-el,-li by Mr, Morgxaii, explaining' tho new of films in IJ32lK'IllI1,9,'. ln our postwar world, films will lue uswl in vlzissiwwrmis to leash the SLIUIQAIIIS, thus climinaling thu lecture tyiws of . ,, , . uc-alum. lhe menibers ul ihix L-lnh also ln-arn how to imvrzxlv various typvx mf film mal-hines. RED CROSS-FIRST AID First Ruw: Miss Mala-l lim-res, laiixiec-11 Smith, Dorotliy Ann Adams, llwsvy'XYallr11i, XXYYHIHIIIPII Tupxgle, lim-ity Ruth Yuimg, .lane ng, Miss Urlvll .lulinsrm Sm-voml llnw: Alvah Iilackorlmy, Troy 'Blmm-, Jayne Rose Bishop, N1-Ida SIJIIIVVH, Mary liwth Norman, Henry lislsz, C'lara Pvrry, c Illla Faye Gullvy, Molly llrawlvy, Virginia Bvimltt Thl- First Aid Vlulr lllf'IIlIlGl'H not rmly learn how to dell-rinine ihe vxll-ni of an injurv and how to trvat it lml lhvv also learn hnw , , , . . . . . A. . . I in he-lp pI'OVvllI aci-4-all-iiisr The Iivfl Cruss f'l11h s mam iiitvrvsl 11vS in niaking' lisvful aria-los lor tho Amvrivan lil-d Uiuss, JUNIOR ACADEMY OF SCIENCE First liuw: Benny Oliver, Czlltlwttll Het-kliztm, limi Monk, Al Svliroecler, tlliztrles 'I'rtntly, Hubert Reese-, Bill XVilli:xms, Billy llzty Uhvlf ' Set-mul lluwr: Jean Mize,Grzu'e Mt-t'ullough, lim-uthyKiuvztitl, Billy Hise, Doyle Nash, Raymuml Iltmlmerts, lluatiw E'll1'llk', .Iohn Tioiitke, Imris Uliaiiey, XViIlia Lzturzt Vhilley 0 'I'hirfl llow: Mr. XV. l, Fox, tbrIist'l:1Xttm, Mztrviii Dunn, .Ivrry A11c'Ie1'sm1, Larry 'IH-zigue, 'David Fuller, St'-ott Smith, XY:1lilu Mou- trzty, Miss XVillie Fluvil 'l'lirt1ugh the Juniur At-:ulemy tml' St-iexir,-Q, yilllllg scientists ztrv being illslflwml to ill'IllHl' their intt-rs-sts by fuftuztlly pm'fu1'1i1iiig' vnrieftl 0X1J6'l'Illlt'lllS. The high prwiht of tht- ya-:tr was thv trip to XV:i4'rv tn utteml tht- zinnuul inet-tiiig of thu 'Vvxzis :XCEIKIPIXIY of Stiimiwt- PILOTS First How: XV, A. BIUIYOFIIIIZIII-I, Millnrtl .Im-nkeus, Fllht-rt AlCC1'miie, Miss YYillic M. Floyd, .lzimtls Mitchell, Holi Kuykonflzill, Bassett Killlt-r, Iluzme lfziilwutt, Ftmrrt-st Ituvzls, Ltmat Itlflwartli The Pilots t'luI1 consists nf :t group nt' lmys who 2ll'0 iiitereistetl in flying mul :tru willing' to learn ull they vnu zihout it. In their iiivotiiigs they study Civil Air livgulfttimis untl thtt tlifI'e-rviit details of all plitiitts. Nine pilnts with Z1 tnlztl uf ll-I l-2 tluztl lwurs mul llit sulo hours. ,,. J A. H. s. THEATER First Row: Javk Yonge, Barbara Riddle, Polly Preston, Billy Crier, Thomas ililuuc-her, Mavwyn Bailey, .loan Hughes, Joy Mnndvn, NIaf"gie Davis N X A iSeconcl Row: Jean Bratton. Doris Daze, Pat Clark, Jeannette Griffin, Mary Smith, Mary lint-ker, Maryana Holly, Annette Haney, .Ianic-e Cooper, Alton XVll1lZIIllS, Bruce Thninpson Third Row: Rosemary Shaheen, Joan Harvey, Peggy Caudell, Betty Bonner, Jeanne l'nrue, Janice Atkinson, Jo Ann Balderaclc, Alma Honea, Linda Lynn, 'J' Frazier, Alex 'lflastus . Fourth Row: Mr. Earnest bu , Bob Branch, Sharon Elo, Mfozelle Heflin, Lon Jean Iiennvtt, Nelda Nash, Mack Corley, Max Ttanmiolpli, Bob Miller, Billie .l.'alm, VVil1 Ann Young, Pat Mt-Mahon, Billie Hiatt l f. ll' NATIONAL T ESPIAN First l' . Mr, lllarnest Snhlett, Alex Eastns, Jack Yonge, Gene Hunter, Billie lliatt, Max ltanrlnlpli, Billy Vrier, Mary I-ina-ker, ar' .ewis, Mary Smith Second Row: Mary Beth Snow, Loveta Coffman, Margaret Fraley, .lean Bratton, 'Poggry Caurlill, Sharon Elo, 'IH-gay Austin, .loan Harvey, Jeanne Unrue, Annette llaney, Jeanette Griffin, Doris Baze,i.Inne Clark h 'Pliirtl 'Rowzn Nelda Nash, Polly Preston, Ma:-k Corley, Jack Yates, Boi: qqllflll, Bobby Miller, Mom-lie Heflin, llc-tty Bonner, Janice twmper, llincla Lynn, 'Plnnnas l'Imn'her F'Ulll'lll Row: Alma llnnea, Ilnla Mae Hampton, lvlargaret Ann Lamb, llarlmarn Riclrllm-, Maewyn Tlailey, Val lut'lW'Z1llfrll, Lua-ille Mullins, Mary Ilonist- Nunn, Ruth llaniilton, Uoniln- '- ewis, .Ianiue Atkinson, Iain -ivan l-It-nnelt, .lavkiv Hamilton, lloli Knyka-inlall , - LVV, Y SKETCHING I"i1'st lil-w: .lrmn Sulvll-lt. ldv:-lyii ling:-l's, l:l'l'l'l .l4'iIllll4' llnpkiiis, VlVt'lllllll llsiiliff, Ivorotliy l4l'fllIll'l'l'. Wzinrlu Ilitl. .lune Bird sm-mul Ilow: ttloriu liiral, Ifisinv lllstvs. lflowi Ifi:41-l1v1', lmroiliy linkin, Hill Jrwlinsun, Hill Austin, Mary Louise Nunn 1 1 ei lu ll'l1l X11 'Vliirrl Ilow: llt'l'lilll'Il IZ:11'l1t'ts, 'l'llt'l'llll lligg'g'i11lmtl1:1111, llolllny Minlrllf-ton, Vharlvs VV4'-vtli, Ilinry ll mtv, n- . ' , . 's. Bvth 116113 grain, Maury NlIl4'l'l' ' ' glU'lf'llilllJ lil? HS lllvy sw- it, lr1'i11g'i11g tin- slit-tc-lzts ln vluss I'n1' flisuussion, and l'YUllIilllIIll zxiizilysis zxiiiong tlut lIIk'l1llll'l'S urn- the llllllll l1llll4'llIlllSUl'lll0Slit2l,C,'ll Club. FUTURE TEACHERS First Row: Muze-110 lleflin, Mrlewyn Ilziilvy, NCJ1'1'G6l1, Windhaiii, Miss Ma1'gz11'et Cole, Phyllis Hainsey, Marvin Dunn Soooiirl Row: t,'z11'ol llcnnett, Peggy Peak, M:x1'g:11'et Fraley, Al Schroefler, Bobby Young, Christine Nicholson, Miss Myrtle Tram thmn 1? uture 'l'e:u-l1e1's is 11 new t-lull in Alrilt-no High Sc-linnl with the purpose of trying to interest boys and girls of ability :ind nmsoii ulity in the 1Dl'Ullk'SSlUll of toztvliiiig. 'l'In- Q-lub inoots i11 the llOllltlS of the I'llQllllJCl'S, at which time they discuss various topics 1101121111 ing to llu- tt-an-liiiig 1ll'Hl'L'SSlU1l. DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS BOBBY BOURLAND Safeway, Inc., No. 16 CHRISTINE HAMMERS Terreii's Laboratories BOBBY O'BRIEN I. C. Penney Company ROBERT YOUNG Pender Company HOWARD HOOD Safeway, inc., No. 16 IOAN HOLMES Minter Dry Goods Co. HIVIMIE LAWLER Hoppe Auto Electric Service HARMON HURST BroWn's Electric Company MR. W. RAINEY OWEN Instructor DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS LONNlE IOE EDWARDS Maker Brothers Air Fielol BERNIE lENNlNGS Fulwiler leweler CHARLES RATHMELL Farmer lmplement Company HAROLD ARMSTRONG Abilene Plumbing Supply CHARLES COMES Safeway, lnc., No. l5 BILLY MATHEWS Thornton Department Store ERWIN GUNN West Texas Distributing Co. HAROLD CANNON Power Machine Company MR. W. RAINEY OWEN lnstructor DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS FRANKLIN WHITE Service Parts, Inc. KATHRYN CARVER Rex A, Smith, Ieweler WALDO MOUTRAY Hughes G Olds, Architects DOUGLAS FLETCHER Abilene Electric Company EVERETT GENTRY, Ir. Vaden Manufacturing Company HERBERT BEASLEY David S. Castle, Architect DICK MILFORD Safeway, Inc., No. 9 IACK NICHOLS Abilene Machine A Company RUTH BROOKS Minter Dry Goods Company MR. W. RAINEY OWEN Instructor .f g .W ff :"' . Y ,J ' - ' . ' ' f rs . 1 J ' M f H ,U + JSM lf I ,I -HJv7f.4f J JY Y f 5 ' ' iy L Ag M. f ax v' ' 'L 4 1. , L . 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I ,LMI V Jul. .gnf K K X , X I Q , ,AQN4 ,Q ,QI I, A f If s 1 ' ' ' 2,-SEQ ggi? Q. as efkffgfff kiwi! K fl95re,f4f ww 'T-'ff 'ff p ff 4 n hoes 0 0 .fflffdff QAM 5200 yep dxf A9-X As in all Types of merchandise, jpg: finden X52 ,fgfvgifnlle f hugh school students know To ,-,M ,ie 44, ,fpfev L5 b parronlze LINTZ. Aigg gg 537, , if Meg fr .X .K 1455, Aix-5 I . 0 V' XKKKUQZ 717.7 ,A Tiana flrmsfoundahon, Doi, Barbarap, and'Don,f47,6, qdf, g:QH.,sh6'1qaTrsfvfQm , f xr V- Q' 'LHV52 ' . TQHLK it 'A ,Sa JW " ,M - ' X 55 f f I N T Z f - f I " If ' ' . T ' ' f Q. 4 if-!,r, 1 - n 4 ' - vQE,4' xy-J x.. Everyone Knows That. llwatch-the irnlie-Clpaysw are gone oreoer Today modern Photography is a science, and the equipment and oper- ator are a blend of skill and precision. For a FINE photograph, go to T H U R M A N' S The HOUSE of BETTER PHOTOGRAPHY if-4232 fxxy In the Way of Clothing I fy U, J, if .v ,f The finer Things are found at f'fi5f'f,,, ,ii 5' ,. X, Q, x,f.f4 J cf' ll MINTERIS if ,a nn,nn ,af J g f vw, 1 J, , f For dating, graduation, and any event of c' in importance, the clothes to suit the occasion , as ,Q ,Il , V asf, -. f. -ff, 1 "4-A-H. f- ff, ff 1 1 1 .1 ,gh maybe found at M!NTER S s ,ccl ai. s . . l.,-4 To be dressed as smartly as these students, E . i, y'fi'.V,, it See 'fa ,, ,L , ,.-f- , - f. . . 4, I, .,,,, . 4 " I ,i X - WL!! 1 f- 0 I 'I A fi -,fp 'V' 1' ,JILALJ Simca moo - , it i . ,Lf X . , .1 if 1,2 I f' ., ff ' A ffl I if V M K JL . -F LEADERS IN s1'vLz.f i n ,t if. 'T ,. I . , -2. , ,, I '7eli7" -f . V-nn ,Z 1 w e THE PEP SQUAD BANQUET--- As are the other outstanding social functions of Abilene High, is held at the WINDSOR. E When SERVICE and BEAUTY are considered in selecting a banquet site, naturally it's "ABlLENE'S OWN HOTEL", 4 P 4 5 7 ' BURGER-YARD MANAGEMENT With a Record nrollment... Hardin-Simmon University . . . Serves in a GREAT TODAY . . . Because its leaders strive to adhere to the principles of Christian education upon which it was founded 54 years ago by West Texas pioneers, and look forward to a . . . GREATER TOMORROW In the postwar period of greater responsibility to young people q,,:,:,,p,W.,,:E.5.i.:E. .... -'-- - -f 'Z ,:. . : - r :5-:-fgzi I: ,g'-52555 - V .. -1 '.:,. -1- V, .21-..,I -. , - V. - V . , , ,..,:g1:sgsg2gzg1ss-1gs:'- f-f -' 17:42-,-,,, .'f-1' 1-1- ' 215'-1"':a51 --g4f2-:'-212-1-52'-eg:1--'Lf'-'-fi555551252zgssg-4i2.i-:qfgE:'a-.,--1'' V . V p 5 ., . 2' jsi '1- jg.1S1":-1' -"2fsffi-'f-- I " i nf . V. Q ,. 5.,:-f5:5- riigfj ' . V-., "-2"-25:2-f:5:. V,q., ,-' ,If-3-S:-Q--5'-. Y ' E' ' . -. '.i:?:3i5?if?ff:f:1:i't" . -- - . N ' -wa, , I ' I' '- -- '1192.-:p-fn,I-I-'j:5s3?:f-1-if' '65f21ti'52ErE13?E:1VErE1,-.-5:ss:-:ri V. -' 1.1.f.1.:...:.11.:. .--,.,-.'P-i'522-EE?-1fi" '-'E-VfQ2Z2is51:::1V1: :1,,,,,z:QV1-1.g1- ,521:e'.:1:1Q-2255+mii22?'5-ffl-'1'i ' ffff 5, T' -, li --ia 'A iifQE152E:3QE55222523QEQSQEEEQEEEEEEIEEIEI'r-'-55.51125-5f'.5'QiifF-Z'fifiiiili-155511EIfE??iS""f1i"E3525?if525tE5 f'- ' "'i2"1- V i' ' 5 -'21 ' 'mfs-4i4"'f?'i'f.gg?alv"'4'513+ :::f:f-- 1:5 ' i Q'2E:i.',, ' .. .' ' ' " ' jx, -Qiigfriiils Til ' ,V 'fi ' " --i i -"" -15-3-5-.:z:2.s-a::5:s:z:ziat " ""-i:-- 1 2.- . 1- .-- V-n. fa. -- ----53:-fa - or "" ' .. . :,l1..V-:e ---5-25222-5-1.1 -."tiiIz5-i .2 - ' -1- s- ffff: , r1'f:f'1'gEf?f :f. 135-x:s4j3,,gf-: '-' .,V -V ' - V. h if .5-:, ' ,W .W - 2 3 ,V ,,.,.,::1,:::,.V1,. . '- ..::g-5' :1s5:E5E3E5r2,.5EA--:1-1' 1:i.-- mf' :PI .1 " Q "f.- ' , 4-:2f'i' 525- WA . 4,, A ,53Qw1?,.,aq,:.,1., V, .0 , ,.,.,,:M::::5f 1 in -,.-,.' . Wifi, .. ., ,V.:-:zgamgk . 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V ' 2 .V -- - V V - " Architects Conception of The Campus of the Fu ture, Which Includes Two ot The New Buildings Already Under Construction Therefore, the facilities and staff are being expanded to meet the requirements of high school grad- uates and returning veterans alike. To all, in fact, who choose to prepare for leadership in the new World of opportunity in a well rounded institution. Hardin-Simmon University ABILENE, TEXAS "Where Students and instructors Are Genuinely Friendly and Democratic" AbiIene's Most Modern Hotel 0 ' , , ,sq . l 5 if '? fl. .X Abilene's l lxl 'l' Favorite Place to Dine Congratula- tions to the Senior Class iff on the Completion of a Successful School Year WOGTEN HDTEL North Third at Cypress Phone 4314 J. K. Wallingford, Mgr. SPRING SCENE ON THE CAMPUS OE bilene Christian College Graduates of ABILENE HIGH SCHOOL are always Welcome as the flowers in spring - on the campus of ABILEN E CHRISTIAN COLLEGE At ACC, Christian living, coupled with the hiqhest quality instruction on the college level, is emphasized. Abilene Christian College DON H. MORRIS, President I fi ' x X X l N CN X., X, I, x X. S' K , ' gf" Vp' . V. lujpn ,X-rl:IGHT PIL I b I ' . N X I ,J , . . A B 10M X -M "U H 'r 4 . V L GN Ju y I Q X K J MJD HEAT , I Powsn XX. .2 .XX -2 . -3 X I I Q 'E fi 1 X gg ax I yy X QQ ' . 1 C-ggy. ?'3Q'5 N , . iv t I m a busy little atom iq W X lik' I split myself in two, KP k h li ' W lmultil a t' ig .. Xp X XA p y s many imes qx 'yi As I have jobs to do. Y' V4 . X ml 3 In summer, winter, spring or fall x 'N X Yf Y 3 U . I'm ready every hourg V .N I Just push a switch and watch me zip i. -- XX is . . . Q N3 lg A. With . . . light . . . or heat . . . or power. - sg Q' 4 5 F x I ix, " ' ' Q1 up Q p 5 West'IeXas Ut111t1es Q1 .lt fi Conway T-fr' X biIene's Most Interesting Store Is without Cl doubt LESTERS. , PAQ, BILLIE, und IOAN have come to the right plucc for 'N-..L,A l V, 'f'b M' THE l3'INES'I' IN IEWELRY ' LESTEPJS CREDIT IEWELERS t An interested, helpful stcztt awaits you at , C 7 . ., ,. 'M WW A... 'f 1 f' ,.,.,.4:13E:E:5:f:5:-.-.v:2Ff+2ff -:': 9.25" ".' :i:'f?"' ' 4' S , .- 33: .f .4.-. - 'flfr--ff 'F t -- - K LJ 4:1:r5:5E52Sr:. f5f5: 32155552 1 . 590150 letter :i::::1:7:5:1:3:I:-",',f:Ef:1:2g:f:' :f:f:I::g:5:-. Mama! .J :-95-'P' Elfozi. 'HQ 2:S':5:1:- 1' T0 YOU' I-We W ' f W VH: gk' sf 55 Q 'iff-Q . V Cd ,-.' . . . On our specially - I 22-A ls' C Af, ,.,. deslgned Stcmonery' ..,.,. . "FI ai 'ff- A type and Weight 'V'.' j 0 A '-'- 1:-Qff. '.ifi?:" 'f X if for every need-in C1 5 C ' , -'-'- ' brilliant array of col- x- - ors -Q Pink, Pearl, Green, Ivory, Blue. 31.00 per box May be Personalized at slight additional charge. Say . . . "Thank You" Promptlyl With folded Notes. Your choice ot White, Ivory, Green, Announce lite's supreme event with qenuine engraved Wedding torrns. . f' We have a wide selection 1 1 -27 3 ot the smartest and newest styles. U!!!I!!!!! mi El Z 9. O ET C5 LQ O P-1 O O I5 Q' Q Q.. 5. LQ Q Q O '-1 U1 Amman "f' 1 - .ir 'I Carterlmc y Prices vary from 3317.25 tor 50 to 319.50 per 100 u mn Inu ...Q E W X 1 - E il Printed wedding forms priced from for all Stationery. l5 cents in home size bottle perm. 356.75 tor 50 H to Finest for Fountain Pens" S1-00 Def box 59.25 per 100 lnlene rmtmg gr tatzonezfy ompany Printers, Stationers, Office' Outfitters Store No. lel038-1044 North Second PHONE 5446 , W. H. CBi1D HANEY ', Factory, 1274 North Second Street Manager I P. o. Box 1560-ABILENE, TEXAS I The Clinic Pharmacy Is the Place . . . To meet your friends for a friendly chat, a hit of refreshments, or anything in the line of drugs. For the best of service, Edith, Henry, Marga- ret, and Charles always patronize CLHNHC PHARMACY A , 'Af' t t ', 0 , 1 47, ,. wil, ' y , K , . ,H , y , ,. , You ,May Not Become a Tree- , ,ff B f J J -.1 Climber . . . as J, 1 . . A w Q. '- '- But you will get plenty ot, ' A PEP and ENERGY Q ' from BANNEIQ products. , Whether it's milk, ice, other Q dciiry products, or L v X s'- ICE CREQM M As Morewyn, Joy, Margie, cmd W Ioan pretei, Qyouget QUALITY PRODUCTS from anne i - Q 1 X -l x vi i' ' X ff . sb if x.'iz '! Q 5 7 L ii N L , is s 2 J X If? gxg A 5-' - 15 Y f' Q, CHOOSE X - X " I F - -3 'cl' , Q . J O t 0 ji Qlflmiig-lgendrlck Memorlal Hospital -R if E School of Nursin v,xL ,, ,, E J 3 , A z -A L. V i' ji ff 'S :aj for x .,, ., - -K .Q 3.3 is 1' YES' .-7 A M" ' ' E ,img fYour Career In Nursing .. fi g if A' Q N, Hendrick Memorial Hospital School of Nursing is affiliated with I' L X I-I d I , ar in-Simmons University. Earn University Credit as you receiv 4 Q ex e l your basic course in nursing. For information on the school Write Director of Nursing Hendrick Meinorial Hospital Abilene, Texas R , I xv., jj 5,3 n 255, he JF01g J tra Freshness at Y' M9 if ' if , qt, J jeff 5 if KQNGQJ gf VQSN H+ y lv f '-7 5' "' ,g,,' , 1 Y' AV WT Er f Ni- 'J XE FAB AD 1 fy J J' l P A at sq Sf ,X 7 J' j7sJ1xr -YFW ll, Jr, Poo i Fo r ' V xl 1 fy r A ,Q Q wif vi. N ON SALE AT YOUR GROCER'S FRESH DAILY VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE . . . And GRANTS is noted for its wicle selection of useful articles. Whether it's some- thing for the home or for personal use, FIRST try -Nw - GRAN ' Gail College Day School and ight School MAINTAIN BUSINESS STANDARDS OF EFFICIENCY AND PRODUCTION REQUIRED IN BUSI- NESS OFFICES DIRECTED BY EXPERT INSTRUCIORS EXPERIENCED IN BOTH TEACHING AND BUSINESS: C O U R S E S 1. Stenographic 2 Secretarial Science ' 3. Filing Science I R 4. Technipal Sicond-year Courses: a. Medic Q b. Legal c. Executive Secretarial 5. Business Administration COST Within the reach of every ambitious stu- dent. Courses may be paid: Cash, with dis- countg down payment with monthly install- mentsg or, choose subjects and pay three months in advance. Miss Helen Robinson A. B ADVANTAGES Expert Instructors with business and teaching ex- perience who maintain efficiency and production standards of business offices. 4 Excellent Equipment-56 typewriters provide extra production assignments. Fire-Proof Building-suited to a school in the heart of business district-one block north of the Post Office. Individual Instruction through re-grouping. Character Training and Correct Business Attitudes emphasized as well as high expertness in all skills. Courses Begun in Dau May Be Changed to Night, Vice Versa-Night School as efficient as Day. Employment Is Definite-Graduates employed since 1931 is 100 per cent. We have never let a student fail-guidance and interest in the student's Welfare place him in the right position from the first. l l Founder-President l 5 O 3 L2 P I N E Established 1931 Tslephwe 2-0337 J J I , SHINE! Boys from A. H. S. know that Richards Shoe Shop is the place for a real SHINE! P After a visit to Rich- ards Bob's, Tedls, .,'LlQXClisf and Elbert's shoes will SHINE! Lizards 57106 Imp f fl, A I 5 1, .' ' ff A U. . f K, - ' 5 PRINTING t- ll W ff an -' - uf iz: an ' E , Phone'4eZZi ,f f " "l"t',4 QQ , sA,! f' "':'Qn"ft5 Elm at She-conol,Street H Call Us For That N ext Printing lob J Newspapers , ' Letterheads! M " Statements ' Invitations, Booklets Business Cards Tabloials ' E Envelopes lnvoices Folders Announcements Personal Cards Personal Stationery Kusseyis' Printing nmhauy Q The Recordings You Want to 0wn Are to Be Found at THE RECORD SHOP These smart girls know to buy the best in music :lt -M 596' E H 320 cvpnsss sr. OPEN IQOUIU 903 PM Q SRTJOZOOAN 10900954 PAT, WAYNE, I X Are hoping there's a In Their Future For the best in Corrs, Automobile ports, and Service, Visit l ,LL 7 llmzfez' al Wlzffzfr PoLLY, and QQY- I T11 p t Congratulations to the Senior Class 1 New and Used Bicycles and Accessories BICYCLE PAINTING AND I 'J REPAIRING V. 1066 N th F t Ph 4477 x I -sf' 1 . flu!! and Wilhzms Hyde Slmp S "The West Texas House" THE PENDERL Qmew. ' FURNITURE LOOSE LEAF FILING DEVICES SYSTEMS SAFES if Ftc. ..73fa,nufacturing Stationers Complete Line of Office Supplies ABILENE, TEXAS FOR SOMETHING IN y MILLINERY. .. Smart girls visit MILLER-PERKINS Georgana and Gwendolyn know that for a youthful, original, distinctive WARDROBE They must go to MILLER-PERKINS vi ' t Your Theater of Certified Hits Motion Pictures Are Your Best Entertainment . fl on unouowcav or AMERICA' H' OPPCST. E PENE ST. UNDERPDSS SECURITY... SERVICE... SUPERIORITY . .. Farmers 2 Merchan National Bank Member F. D. I. C. Western Auto Associate Stores Home Owned and Home Operated Athletic Goods-Western Flyer Bicycles-Davis Auto Tires Auto Accessories-True Tone Radios . Telephone 3 O5 1 O. P. Beebe, Owner 181 Pine Street x WE CLOTHE THE NATION IN THE NEWEST THINGS THE SMARTEST THINGS iv- . X I A I -"Ill C.VglfYENNEY, CQMPANLY ,.,'f kjlporila Edu. 3 34 Pine Street orothyz "Um, what lovely jewelry. l'm coming To BUSCH 8. SONSf !" 5 Winford anal Alia are quick to agree t at for the finest of fine things go to DIAMONDS fmhmxxqw JEWELRY EXFUSCHGSGN 3 WATCHES 5' 'W GIFTXXI ARE J4.,,J,,g, J'a:tuJ4,4,uf-na-J ' zawoh 71W-WV 'W,M',0:eQ"LJ Q we Aw ww fauu lfiee mw -4Vu,4J.uJK4-LJJ-ax! Amtnaplet A E? WAJM A5 A .IEWHRY NEED . . . Is quickly filled at OWEN'S, the home of quality merchan- dise. Polly, Weldon, June, and Bob 1 show true wisdom in trading with MARVIN OWEN, JEWELER TAYLOR STUDIO Photographs of Distinction Comeros-EnIorgers- Projectors Photographic Supplies eljilrns ond Pciper Frames ond Mounts 466 Pine Street Phone 4848 Abilene, Texors 9 is L 1 MARY MUFFET JUNE BENTLEY TRUDY HALL TL nd' other smart h 1 If h S ex- clusively cxt ALTMAN'S STYLE SHOP 165 Pine Street Abilene Laundry Company "The Good One" SINCE 1894 768 Walnuf Street Phone 5266 Abilene High School Students inspect the bank's modern vault equipment. THE CITIZENS NATIUNAI. BANK ABILENE, TEXAS United States Government D T Y De ost or Member F. D. I. C. A Dietitian's Care .... Is responsible for The fine quality food and well-rounded menu that The students find at The Abilene fflylz Hafeferia For the Loveliest in BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS Phyllis, l-larral, Bobbie, and David prefer UNIVERSITY FLORISTS "SC1ylt with Flowers Soy li with Ours" A Home Library. . I5 one ol the finest and most helpful possessions a high school student can have. Build your own with books from ABILENE BODK STORE Wlllie largest exclusive book ,Ive store in f West Texas. Proprietors ,u qi-:Penn Gilbreth Olan L. Hicks 365 Cypress Phone 4428 .,ea..f-puff? Andi ef ffwAJ04jg1m 0-we 9' c E ., e , c dd Ad-f'?f,av-of-J f ' ,fe -' ""' I IW 7sJBW+fMW A we 1 Mm el fir-5-4if2i!6QKETgf-p,,e, QM VT, N-L, fm ,, ' ,,U!Q. if V QQ, A v N! Ina" ' AA x Wnhv of 'IKB83'-4-OQ K7 Has Supplied West Texas With the Best ' in Quality Food Products ,MW GOOD POSITION s o o N E R 'I'l1l'0l1,':','Il tho Sll'U1lIHIillPl-I vfnllegv-pxmuhe I7I"lllf"10ll t'ul11'sc-Q ' 'nu ' - " - .Y mrtltpzxlwllmln- 4 IL gf7V61'I1lNGI1l or earn 33,000 to b S il .4 NAME 11.mtN Dn. SI-ICE SERVICE STORE Makers of COWBOY BOOTS and SHOES LUGGAGE, BOOT and SHOE REPAIRING Abilene, Texas 441 Pine Street Clbthes For Young Men and Men Who S CSE Q my Young Styled For the Four Hunclredv 'lPricecl For the Fort Nlillionn Y Ahilene's Largest Store For Men and Boys 15 8 Pine Street Phone 5 5 44 IN ABILENE IT IS-S X! GHC f - '-' cl!! 7 ' , I 7 'Y Home of Cleaner Dairy Products - Milk, Butter, Ice Cream, and Cottage Cheese "All Pasteurizedv T 7 7 7 4th and Chestnut Phone 6277 J. R. FIELDER O. D. DILLINGI-IAM FIELDER f DILLINGHAM LUMBER COMPANY Cook's Varnish and Paint 410 Chestnut St. Wall Board Wall Paper Telephone 8 17 1 and 817 Z Sash and Doors ABILENE, TEXAS m e t' mf v- , it 4 ,V f g I ,. ji A Q n Q , Y -H , it' ' ' - L ' N .ef if t' We ,Xl V' : A. .fn ij!! ff! ," "f ', t X v jf' GROCEE2IES'5-4FRiJITS-VEGETABLES ' ,ff SCHOOL SUPPLIES , .241 Peachgtreet Phone 2-0159 af f ttf ,y 1 'gf' my H!" ttf, JU ' C7 "Everything in Music' ' Pianos-Musical Merchandise-Records Complete Stock Sheet Music and Studies 434 Pine Street Tclepl' 1 5 1 Ci ts OV The Gift That Platters C16-I3 f . - the Personality ' CCQSZOMS D Is the Gift That Is Keith Wright -few Cherished Q -Rtorlwgt FY IAUNDRY K: "Wifi 6a'Ln'Z' Qc. ZUfzi1ng,.Z'fze Riqfnll- ZUaq" 6095 0ukqStreet q B ' t H1009 5295 'IEVERYTHING IN I-IARDVVAREH China - Glassware - Kitchen Ware - Westinghouse Refrigerators and Roper Gas Ranges Philco Radios-Speed Queen Washers L1oN HARDWARE Co. The Largest Hardware Stock in West Texas Phone 3 241 East of Post Qffice CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR CLASS SMITH - CRAIN PHARMACY Northside For Your Convenience-Two Locations Southside Dial 3 207 Your Neighborhood Dial 3 2 O9 SO2 Hickory Druggist 3 101 S. Seventh The Right Kind of Insurance at the Right Time Is the Service Extended hy mm eltech andler EOINIRAL INSURANCI Let Us Give You the Feeling of Security That Is Warranted Cnly hy Protective Coverage 509-1O lV1imsB1dg. Dial 5665 Watches Silver . AISWQ'-. :an EN E aa: 2433, . Diamonds I 'Nw -X-IIIII III IW .4 1. China Jewelry CUT Glass C. . I3 R E S I.. E JEWELERS 209 Pine Street Abilene, Texas . 'xg'- , Y n ' v I ' ' Q if, J , 1"" 195' oil . - 'A Mi 'I , I MARGO'S ,of is M- MCKINNEY-CLARK ' ii W ,M f , 2, - ,B . ,, sf' 'W 1 -A J INSURANCE 09?,rUVnd,7Sp0rxTSweun"k EXCLUSIVELY 4 ,V , .. X fx . 1 .S I 18 In inQ.Si1f'eet I ' Fire-Tornado-Casua1ty--Auto Q A VV X 1 .' ' P 11642 14W,1, ' I 204-Alexander Bldg. Phone 5673 ff s-.ilu ff-F' .' g M ' A D ! U I gg-I ' D 'V V P , 4 . . n 5 . f A V 'V 115114, K K A I n .-V,.il Iwi! " Cf 'mf WALDROP FURNITURE W 1 .V :COMPANY "For The Very Best ' Q ,N box' Docorative Home Furnishers l f ' Q! Abilene, Texas ' 201 Walllut X V RX Ijhouc 5 5 7 7 26 5 Cypress ,IvC1CI.Jlf1011C 41 16 E -no Wqfx. . g v L-its Q33 ts bQesTWlshes m A s, Rols ueic A N D co. EQHEEERIENDLIESTASQQRE HN TOWN 'Ti 3558-Qgapine std-A Phone 5285 --is X, f-, Q K N ' Y Af' s sos:-ss XX,-1 A Q QR Nb AQPICEIT n- X X- ii- .gx s N 3 Ns .Msg We sig? For FinFQuEHyCIeCiHing --sh., ' so .l ' , . 'X ,,- ' -ai 51- ' ' EQAI X X ,-:flu 'QL ' X' Q Q MRYQND MRSDTHEROIXDQ-UFFEY xl N4 x K H H74 South Second Stroxot I In .R it 'uf-Lloilemiffexczs M P First Row: Claude Thorpe, Lee Smith, Huah R. Hawes Second Row: ilesse Wyatt, Alvin Siewart, Morris Foster Y Others are Don Melton, Cecil Hutchins, Horace Northrop. A They served in World War ll, therefore, their names lead all the . 41, rest. S 'w V 'R Hi X Q .SQ 'HX - Hi fb - .ox f x . X 'S XT- X E-559 ' s f N 5 1'-E-'w . isis is llmmllllf X N. S3 H3 as it of Q ' F i n NC , gg seep sr X ! -f J il f JJ ij ' f ff' if r 1 .. --ef 901' E?ric1i2f,5jh5qisSukvA o ig J Ql?J,l.,'l S ,lf j?" h J A T- I, adn' 1 :L A 'ffj - ' A A!!l ffm' ft,ff fl fr!! 5 X X if .4 I A 1 ,X f l'l 1 . A x A N"'qf""1 V"""""li "Tile key turns, ond the door upon its hinges qroonse they ore gone." V o 'X - , . . X ' 4. " 'X ,Jh s A ' A , Q M ix KK k 'fe S A , .IV fp 4 - k s. -, A- , , 5, x X : ms' xx " - -N' X. f ' X tk in ' ig 'n ' M0 sd ' P x ' x .. - xx 1 ' ' w45'W'W "' v' not t ff 'WW ' sown f V -, 1 , ovfggtaim .--, ht, k , , -,,, P ,x f.,,,,x IWW M at . - tw y 1- gm-gf .- X R "1 we A, .tg . I -. --A xox X, K ' 'lf lx!'x"' 1'X K- 'xx' ' -4 x ' L -,Q . - I ",f , O I X .5 v- In xxx bsix K t t 7 R ' - - - AK4 4' R-M X ' , , x tcx . 1 Qwffff f "W w BWLKWOMQEEQM Mwfdi M lwWfwf12ffWM M WMM lf X DSN WGN . fyL"jf4jw40,wCf-U50 ' ' 73 WJ" MW 2 , XM h A M E fwwwdg xigwwufyafbz v J WU fwfv-f"J ,,,AQ,,,.,-f5t"LJ -Q.f7Q-'-1f2'0UQ"'Q"W7j ,Q qwfvww W ww O,,JfQ,,.,vfJf gWMQ1f -ff W X4',QlfQ4ff0a2 M.J My Www ff A ff' MM M HWMWWWZ J M WW wiffwfw WW aw ju A V x . 3 Lifff gf ff f X f X MJ j'y" yjjf' fjj Y by ,f 0 1 Dfw D H ld 1'-lc' e fghpffi 7, ,Mol Abiygfiie gh, hamlvf ww fkw lv ' ,fb ' ff f ff lm - II N f - fl! ,YV X ff , 1 f ff f W l f 'f if' f F f fi? ' U ,.NA ' 'W LQ 'fx I! A5 A M KLU ltjusvff 5 TMFG EA Lyfana' We QM? We QQ! lb W fu dj al of Egje fZfbve,5 QULWDXUHEF of Game, , A Uf,ffW ff W Q 'I ' J ,Q g 1 ,R 9 Hsghgff fo fhellf d, and I when .youve won If fhen , f,'QVvm ? M ' W J 1 f JZ W f 71? jj 7 K A If J! U ij Q! fl M N , jj ML! f' f J AQ VT!!! f f ,I 'WML pf ' 74? if fl f -ff If ' ' , 64 .ff fi!! - f 5 , Ffl,V I VY V NJ' f 'X -f " , Lf yi fa +4 Q? , N fr WU I J ' V E Q , I .P if if i jo up A i I nf 1' f W J: Aj JMU N X if ' AV ,D lk! 'KH' fkfqy M 1 4 , U. 1,6 f E It R, 'j Ui' ' ,f1,f?g W47' V F , V Q 'ff' .rg ' "Q ff . ff 5 J ,fy ' ' , A nf flfij J I - ff 1' fxcj f 1' J ll F 'V if fw lx fy UV WN' ' L I A U ij jiri!! fi ,Ci I Xf Q: ' , :: ' V if I ! ' ,CMV X J' Tn 5 . f' 1 f I iz- Mft I ,. iff ,Vi + BXVOI L jJfJ K V,,f r jf ? :fy IV ' If V 0 U X J f - A , Lv- Fjfufbi if J If f if Cf, ,M If ly if f 3VfV ' . I ff hilly, I lf A J! I9 9 . A ' of I y jf J X In lv ' V CD ! N Xb, 9 J ff if ff 9 J J 3' J f 1 I - ff, V I I I Q' f f' P Y JU ALL 4 4 J J mf 1,4 J. ol O Q g h lof 1 Q!! ff76' Wesf K 'X i i O, b ,' V F' T' 1 V V V an J 'I Gt U31 J M' ll ala hold you as fha I besf. N--'QX I 6 0 1 ' 1 I 1 fo T 1 bf Q J J J l J. J 967' 017 fo VIC ' fo- 1 ry "-"v 9 lf'g'Vf'ilQf'5ff'I' EELS JTZMJ J ff'f'hVJ for Grand ofa' Abi - fene High. Wh Q' 1,6 4 an F1-PF Q

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