Abilene High School - Flashlight Yearbook (Abilene, TX)

 - Class of 1944

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.XXRJ ' QC' ,A 1' ' :z , ww.- U 5 E-X v. Q' XX x Lo av Y , I 'f .1 fa 5 1 v xh X I H L .gg W U M , Wi' if ! , 5' 1 ' , A ' 1 f A Q gp 5 MQ, cf., M122 ' . Q fx X 343 Vi! X J' f Q fig x - if fl 9 4 f , X S grail T . ' um lxafuul, b 3 K+ , ,4nmQ,f,wuLQ71gVmQ,, dl MVA WA UL - by NK Xi MA WM ' ,MQ : '4 SX3 ' V. f .fl Q I xl S I ' la., jf Gr, wg w f Q1-QQ X QWW7 Q X ., XX U lx ' if wsw H fm NN ' ,gg - K f-Q ,-QM, V, f ff f Q' YR Q ' .Q . ---- -'1'- R,,liL'- . fb Q Q X5 g i g . N A ..-- -- -' F55 . XX .r' ... x ' rf! I f ,f ' -' 3, 8 NN ' W- X 1'1' :g-gg: N N A-A ,F .I 'wggiitttuysvll W W gf? fag? f Q A X ' A-- . W- ' -- 1? A x .Q wwf! -j, H227 lit EN K w v ,JQ42f...L FT if ii i93LlQj1M5,f 2f 44' N Q ' ' f '71 ,- -a: -is f suv N , .51 '-1, 1 gi, 1 ur f' -f2-'- , 4-. ff - f A5 - F5 Q ' 'Mgw if g- x ---- . 'B NX VY' ff? 'W . ix J .-1-1 If 1. 7 F' cv:-. -,, in 777' ' W ' N ' f XS -0421?-.f?f5,,: ' -.u iierea , 4' ,- ' 2' ' . ' 1 'Q X3 5 N 1gQ?Ii5.L ,f ', . Y,.!1r:g.'1f. :,'zr'r5' ' V W, , . him ff! I If I ' W ' I1 'VL'-4 S51 v ' L i'7i vI'!' Lil'-V-Q1lmnrra 'y',x42,3n'a'rfnr.' fr ' v :iP' 71- QHIIM HQ! M BU! y ilfvigif? I 5422175252-gfva235 i':i9gji35',f:51fgS:5:''12 ?f5'7ilg:13:iY'f,?1g9 2i5f7'f'f''f 1 7' ua, 'w I ff 'e 92 ' 1ffff'f4 Fe:'f'4 ffQi2'v'21effzfifw' inf Z1'i??f5a? 5 M ' l W ' , I 1, H ulziggfxyl-I A A HJ V ' 1 5 i 1 '11 . 1' in IN .Enigma EI 2' Nl il ll. , 5 If was nn H 1 , ' I '! illlt ,. V ' ' f llglfl A Zfffr , ' i , . I n -'uw 1 YfWL 'AWM4'4'5Q?E2na::ef2z.W WL , ww um . 1 I1 I ,I , 1 Q ' I 4 H T Ff 1 fry l ' gg: , f ' J' Qf 'WWF -ll ii i. 1 W VN V! 1 '11 wav 'X V A . A i YJ E+ Z -5. , WEE-:I X r ' , If Q ff 'tw , 1 1 I I ' , 3 A I Y i W1 f , N w 1 ll And th ou America 2' .., ,OLLMQ I Aww, ao 5!-04.-AJ yL0 44,41 LIAAJAJ gfM,vs.AAf1-0, .Q aw-J www? ,bf a Nm. A ff' Vg! frv-a film,-od ,iam .ff-.fu I in ff'-0 070W 'ty V' -ujyf -X A . Pl ,bw ' ,,, Aww, ,,f1WL0A, few 42 Wham, ff - , . fid,.f f if ,KIM-Ov' 3 MNWW -9 CLa,.A,4,U how 17abv'-f ' uw ,U LW AM Jam A fbfffggv 0 M7 A weak M My arf Awww J fflu. .D MJ vrfwfv qw MJ fymv QW. fp-MQ zfifw QW, MJ px, -90015 ML 64,440 1 M04 A ,Wfwgw jaw f-VN flvfffv 70M ffm Jilin! ML, WWW dm, MNA ,Mgpw WW. .MM fww MW, ,,.,fWw7f-A lx JL, fp, JU ,e,afr 1f Mfa wi ANT Xjwf-4.41 fu 4,404 WM! 'dd K 4 , , , h ,Q j-,owl fm' wa 17q,0.f QCMO Swv fpxpu fm, wwf' Z ,454-d fbwyw av A4-Q11 Jw MW 7L'ff'4'M' WL CWMAWW 'Al' JAWJW Jaw 7j'a AhAj A4011-5' ,du ,QWWQCOLQXG nvv, , Ttwjhr W Jlnw VWQIO, . P - 342,-Lfwigfw -, ,Q Jdfd gdddflxirf 55 JZ? jeg, lar. 5 Qtfoodlgw Dog . -- --W ,fish V3 6' o 0 j Wfffff f Jfaiigf, QI 8.953 fiira ikzwwz fad far 3 4,54 77-We Fad, flare Elpfbfqfcfcsvafy 0,-,,,Q,4-, af fx fda fir: rcafe .4946 fddf' .6iZQ,.d,d6Vd!,4X2Z! Q We ff 1ZW07f? Jilin! ferry M 24-3 17.45. Qi KUUIJC Iyaf 240414 pyf' Once of 7QfCf Hia! yay fafwlgf ,,,,q,, eaunf :fa ffl 6a ffeg if-fy 49 lfyf! iglffgf M442 Offlabf ' Wg? fad 'mare 7760 yay 5,3 , '27!i,70llg ,f -.Zu Z dd farg J , 66 gan' ZVXVJQJ' cyfyjg. 'Ti' mf f f-if fff goo .Azure 61142451 E7 ffPfQad17'16dNf,+q .1 70v0f IMKJ Qwaagzlwy, yan live' 5460 3 ' ' ' fi' aan Q0fJfWf'f'?'?r fxff M your CMJ-sf I-f Y Qgfuiifql yau 566074 16 me ffeoyau R413 I Z let Jkfcff Wfff if J2'J2Qf' 5'fIcf afdf are cQ,7LfZ fa ylfdzfbfti EVE l'lC'f1ff70!lfa:g 1? nf Efiifr 7 J Qin dgame lv 140-f End qov wryfflf-!,0kvw3 Lara? 17011 ff.-WDOCJICE QLX' 499' 1' MARY WATSON ,' ATI-IERINE ANDERSON Editor '. l Editor ED -. za' 5 - Manager A , ' o grapher MISS T MIE P ' MR. FRANK ETTER 'i idl Business Adviser Qowjikwww' W WM .MW briflwfi WM ,Q A if My V ,M L , ff , D f F ' -11 Jw A 0,9 , X945 ,L K 8 VV MTL . W P 5?LLDREI?GE1?CiUR NIASOOT KW- x f ry? , ,ff . 1CfUl'f o onversatzons? ANU I 1, ,gg A if ' I MW L xg' LMWWW , df J-'gf Lf ,ffilwxl 33 oi fr- if y ONNER CULVER UDV X Jef 5 ji I J LayouiEdiior O-LAFMGY I 1 . I ARY ANNE WHATLEY IOYOE COX I SeniorEditor OiubEdiiodr A A-YN MARTI SUE WILLIAMSON L ic ' Advertising Manager STAFF Victoria Pechin, Louise Oliver, David Richey, 1 i Barbara Ebbert, Boyd Rogers, Frank Benharn, Ooy Nell Gandy, Peggy Page. i f rw: .W w r' ' ' Pfesen w the mood an V 1' ffw !'5! l '-hw, K P t X Y t M . fww 1 ' l r . F m,.L, ,M ,sv-1.:-. I ' AYTQ.-- , . 'V Ni ,. W K . ' - will . . -,Q , 7 5 L 1 if 4 B 1 H A ' r A, 4 -m ,NX fi OOL FRANK H. ETTER, B. A. Teacher of Mathematics, Abilene High School, ten years Business Adviser of Flashlight eight years. Principal of Lamar School. DUN, PATSY, FRANK Deor Mr. Etter: To one who hos been our friend ond Counseiior, we dediodte this book, remem- ioerinq his unseitish dssistotnoe, ond rediiz- inq thot He puts todoy out oi himseit with piorstioity ond love. However, os We present him our hook, We would direct qrdveiy, ds did the Kino ot Hedrts: Begin oft the heqinninq otnd go on tiii you come to the end, then stop. MRS. FRANK H. ETTER And thus upon our journey iink'd together let us qo. PLASHLIGHT STAFF. pa ov ra 63 9 4 if E X. Tj X it t A f 1 Xl it 5 it Tmkunli 'Num Allin the golden afternoon. FOREWORD The time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many thinas: of shoes Wand ships-f-and sealing- wax---of cabbaaese--and Kinasfff' Well, we are not chiefly concerned with cabbaqes or sealing-wax, but we aqree with the Walrus: the time has come to talk of many thinqs. So let us drop down the rab- bit hole and rediscover our three-story wonderland. Unlike Alice, we shall find a few lines of Walt Whitman under an occasional mushroom, for although the Lewis Caroll wit well characterizes the hu- mor and optimism of American living, there is always behind our smiles a realization that ln this broad earth of ours, Amid the measureless arossness and the slag, Enclosed and safe within its central heart, Nestles the seed perfection. g, , O' X , X Novus rg' M SP M Xow 'O Af -Qx S mfg' g' SCXIQQIQ- 6,605 as Oy .71'1ec1rAmericcfzsinqing a AABILENE -HIGH SCHOCL Den -.Aki Iif xi ' if ,X Yea 'S-EVA! A Wg-1 ggnrxiqvpxne u 55 at -fa' bbt 0 935 uargzaipi v..Y N' e 'e r Sgwgl'-K.-,x ,Q-A53 Hfalwf tlkinxx sxr It is not they who give the Iifeeeit is you who give the life. ' 1 s' y M4 4 'L' I .X '9 I L X s K W yy . . Q I I Q, I 'fb lf' ink K ' A 9 sl X 16-v nh I I 1, if ,fldmiui tration 1 ,L I , All truths Wait in all things. SUPERINTENDENT L. E. DUDLEY Schools Attended Southwestern University, University ot Texas. Teaching Experience Navasota High School, Cleburne High School, Abilene High School, Summer Schools: Hardin-Simmons Univer- sity, West Texas State Teachers College, Sul Ross State Teachers College. Degrees B. A., Southwestern University, M. A., University of Tex- as, LL. D., Hardin-Simmons University. Civic Interest Abilene Rotary club. Cttices President, Secondary Schools Principals' Association, President, Cilbelt Teachers' Association, President, Abi- lene Rotary club, Supervisor ot High Schools, Superin- tendent ot Abilene High School, 1937-1944. C1 9' N C ,FTD x Q9 N X Whc1t We believe in Waits latent torever through all the continents. 1 4 ,ff J- V , ' A, I Tan, -f,','4 --A,j. rdf L Miz,- 1 , ' J 5' Z5 ,fx J . M' f ,Q gf weft 1 tt 1 J S- x .Q-.,. Q' D-A YI ' -' 11? 85221 any 6eA3'Sf:'z52'i3f .K E' 5,2 my mf5'f2fw,twtee -' IA-.7.Qf. -bQ'f rn Q Tired CID' , .rs E4 CD Q rn Q54 H11 : I .. 1 ,f.,-gl! ,U-5, Elk Q pf0-',-avf'E- , Wg' PU Q . ,91 E ,ig 522 QJAEBJ 2 gm. VD- , pP'- iC7 ':?' GSA Cl- Z V Od gt ' CD15 OWCD Q 'bi aww.. E -I 01,650 ff,-jglgk Q rrlug. .f.,,v.,g, H 3 , 8 JIID1 x CD -41. 'ovvi-Qlx KDQQ. ff,.,.lT 'AJ 95,9 -lg E la' . v-nm I j' gt 5 C1253 ' E5 'K Et '5 gf 5 ' '7 A fy ,nerr fp 'trys W? ta eff? 5 , ' ' - fi NUI eff at 5 t 3 1 ,A :T ft' IPD' DU f- ,I 'ffl I l-Q. FU J. ,fr f.--N.-CPE Q 2-9? m '43 ' 4- 5 D , 9- ?Y ,. v O 5,6 v-1 J , N -,. I-I . , - -4.0 1- - fx- ff' .- AT . E'3 '5f1 se t f- - f, :J ,Je ,, , , 4 vt ' f arf? I x ., -1 1 J .fl 5. J 2 7' 7' x No JX4 X1 sf' L Only the good is universal. MRS. EDITH C. SMITH, STUDENT CCUNSELOR Schools Attended Hardin-Simmons University, University of Southern California. Teaching Experience Colony Hill, Iberis, Abilene High School. Degrees A. B., Hardin-Simmons University. Civic Interest Abilene Wornan's Club, Taylor County Tuberculosis Association, Milk Fund Council, Abilene Girl Scout Association. Offices Secretary and Registrar of Abilene Girl Scout Asso- ciation, Citizenship Chairrnan of Abilene Woman's Club, Student Counselor of Abilene High School, l926-l944. I know that the past was great and the future will be great. ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL ICE C. HUMPHREY Schools Attended Southwestern University, Southern Methodist Uni- versity, University of Texas. Teaching Experience McMurry College, Abilene High School. 3 Degrees B. A., Southwestern University, M. A. Southern Methodist University. Civic Interest Kiwanis Club, Chamber ot Commerce, Masonic , Lodge' ,dd Qffice IOE CLARK HUMPHREY Assistant Principal ot Abilene High School, 1939- 1944. Wisdom is not finally tested in schools. ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL DON B. WEATHEBBY Schools Attended Texas Technological College, Baylor University, University of Texas, I-lardin-Simmons University. Teaching Experience Snyder, Texarkana, Mercedes, Corsicana, Abilene I-ligh School. Degrees B. A., Baylor University, M. A., Texas Technological College. Civic Interest Golf Clulo, Banking. Office Assistant Principal oi Aloilene High School, l94O- l944. Wisdom is of the soul. xslt -Q siffikiif is it X JN gui E X 'NSY gl Qs -.L -:Q 'br Qi f ls N ' A 1 G K 'L ' K 9: , L xi to N ,. L , x tm 11 N, vi f 'lvk Y U L C, V B ' 1 ' ' T 3 XAblIen Hugh School2Bourgj In Sgggpop S so , Y A is M, Q im. i Nc it A if Q, it - i W ' A . . fav X Q if 3 My was X 5 x, X. Mi KW XY-ftflk r lt Q Q A S X , v S Ae. QQ S Jw X MQ it X ' L ll K' MRS. ROLAND IONPS ' A To WS. ll. A, FENDER Civia Social, kliqiousfhgndk 5 iq Xia if 95' K' t K' f Civic, Social, Roliqions, anci WEclEixcatio1'Ii Loader H ' Q A K K it K A 3 E? Tin, W ,brag Qwmlifclixcrggoncil Leclqrcz lk ia N, if 'Pr' gs' X Q S at xg Qi vim A MR. E. B. FREE ' S MR. P. F. lVlc8ARTY K MR. W, E, IZQRRETT if MR. IGH SMITH Jfoty Enainecr for Tr-:Tas Vice ltsidcit omit? Boag 9. Preskieiit of thesbatrd J W E Secretary ofxc Boclgd Cotton Oil Company Vtfliolcsigo Distriyitoi oi l'oofl District Mfriaqoifuoi the Texas X' District Manaqmqgf tlio Soalaoarfl , X is A' QT 5- C' ' ' 'Lf' N . Proilucts Coca-Cola Bottling Company Lita lnsnrancc Company Q, if K5 no B S Y it Q S, s xy i N, y k Q Q, L. EHQDUDLEYX L ki ivgn.m.pt cooia .A N . lx y 5 Superintendent of Public Schools Statistician for West Texas xr, E Y tg Utilitics Company W A 3 ' 9 l wk s 'Lvxwfssk .hip Qgkltx 'maj Speak English, said the Eaqlet. I don't know the meaning ot halt ot those long words, and What's more I don't believe you do either. L.. MISS TOMMIE CLACK Flashlight-G an G MRS. C. B. HICKS Miss Liberty Adviser MRS. CAROLYN WOOTEN Personality Girls nan MISS BENNIE SPECK MRS. SELMA BISHOP Ready Writers MRS. KATHRYN MORROW MISS MARY BAGGETT Skaters MISS BOBBIE CLACK Story TellinqfSpe-Iling MRS. TRUMAN NANCE Sophomore Adviser MISS MARGARET BREEDLOVE Student Association-National Thespians4Stagecratt I Mystery---ancient and modern. I MR. IOE HUMPHREY MISS FERN BROCK MISS SARAH HARDY I Rifle--Hall Patrol Senior Adviser Student Association MISS LUCRETIA CURRY MRS. M. M. BARNES MR. FRED MCKINZIE MISS PANSY GARDNER Assistant Coach- B Club National Forensic League Sophomore Adviser , MRS. GEORGE MURRAY MISS MARIE WINSTON f I I Librarian Junior Advise! f 1 Twinkle, twinkle, little bat! Howl Wonder what you're at. MISS WILLIE M. FLOYD Iunior Academy of Science MISS OUIDA CLEMONS A Cappella - Quartet---Sextef Glee Clubs MRS. HELEN WILLIAMS Gregg Wriiers MR. ERNEST SUBLETT Senior Adviser- -Stage Crew--Radio MR. R. T. BYNUM Hand Orfrheslrcz -Record MR. W. K. BENTLEY Xithlelicn A Club'-V--Boys Cadet Corps MISS ODELL IOHNSON Life Under the Microscope MRS. EVA GARVIN Typing Bureau MRS. AMELIA IIAILE Pep Squude-HikinqwVV'ATS '-and the different branches ot arithmetic - Ambition, Distraction, Uqiiiication, and Derisionf' MR. DON B. WEATHERBY MR. FRANK ETTER MRS, M. E. NORWOOD Banking--Golf--Stamp and Bond Flashlight- Battery Sales - Iunior Adviser MR, SHELBY SMITH MRS. R. M. RANDOLPH MISS MABFL REEVES MISS BELLE IONES Tennis Los: Lealefs junior Red Cross MRS. A. II. GATLIN MISS MYRTLE TRANTIIAM MRS. MARVIN BURGESS junior Red Cross junior Rei! Cross Z7 Y, , -the Drctwling master was cm conqer-eelg he taught us Drawlinq Stretching, and Fdinttng in Coils. MISS RUBY COMPERE MISS WILLIE M. HINES F uture Homemcrkers MRS. PAT I-IENAGEN Girl Scouts Art MRS. DORTI-IEA LEE MR. GEORGE KAERWER MRS. LAVELLE HAYES MR. W. RAINEY OWEN MR. I. I. MOORE MISS MARY IO STORMAN Future Farmers Of America I EXECUTIVE COUNCIL JAMES HAROLD WRIGHT GENE HUNTER Miss SARAH HARDY MR. H, s. EATHERREE cEciL RUTHERFORD LOUISE DANIEL FRANK EVERTS MARTHA EENEER OFFICERS Frank Everts .TTT . President Cecil Ruthergord . . , . . , . , . Vice President Louise Daniel . , . , , . .,.. . T.T. Secretary Iames I-larolcl Wright . Senior Representative Martha Pender . I . . , Iunior Representative Gene Hunter , , I Sophomore Representative ACTIVITIES Path of Pennies Student I-Iall Patrol Milk Fund Lost and Found I-Iiah School Recreation Flower Fund I 4 5 i! Q -rl ,af yi ,I 4, 4? Lf . !,.f .3, M J 1.2 ff' U! A I J: .Q n r'-1 V , I , 'ffl' 41 f 1 1 ' I 5- .. ' I ' ' I 1 m 1 ' I V 6lasszf Qs' ' ' ' T, ' xr if VICTORY BDND SALE Abilene High School held its second Victory Queen Race from Ianuary 7 to March 8. Votes were counted on a basis oi one vote for every cent invested in bonds and stamps. The Iunior candidate, Georgia Mae Harris, won with a total ot 528,621.86 Mary lane Sage, the Senior representative, ran a close second with 326,708.94 The Sophomore choice, Maryanna Holly, sold S2l,768.83. Total bond sales during the eight Weeks amounted to S576,499.l8. , J M ale , ,9 I Miss Liberty's Court I PRAY MY CHILD SHALL KNOW Clfirst place in Texas Poetry Contestl What have I loved in lite? I could not say, Unless it is the simplest I have knowni A rigid, gnarled rnesquiteg a feather-spray W Ot blue across a Texas hilly the blown, ef 't Informal main street of my homely towng A store exhaling Iervid tropic smells: The stooped but kind old man Who stumbles down The Walk, while reading papers that he sells. But these more dear to me than all the rest: A friend Who lends a book for me to read, My mother at the breakfast table, dressed In cotton, or my father planting seed. Have I one Wish for my posterity? I pray my child shall know simplicity. -- -David Richey f' 6 1 ? 3 arf ,rg pl 'SO' ortcmt cur Are you all re MEA' - .1 DAVID HUNT President fog i I lv., vi lg, 1I,,f u s. .1 f-. 44 1' W L H., I 1,-,J'4 4 N 1 41911.31 J CLASS QF 1944 x fs, 'sl X 5 3 J 'Q OFFICERS ' 'H lf'-ll ', J l..,-L' 1 1, 8 ' ,H I If-I t In I l ALIEE BAELLARD ecreary I' ' 9. 11 1- v - '+ 4 I ' I 1 E411 Vik.: ,,L, tu? ,E 'kj ,T A0,fllL 4 ,, gr ' - J, f,Lf - E, ,, J, L,,s ' 4 1 1 I our-1 4- 4.-gre' .af is lf- 11,1 ,I ' I 4. fw fi 1 ' ' ,' 5 1 'we 4 ., jun- ,, 11 ' xx, 7 I 1 , 4 IL,,Y. -I' Nffn lJ,., 11 P ' 4 I , 1, . '0 af ' ..' rf., . 1 ' H X - I 2,1 4 ails t u I A U ,f ,C 1 4 I In IJ s -f lx 'lu 'tl ' 'IJ I U 1, , m 4, I -, . 4 I .1 lu 8, , ru. , 'ian I 1,'1 - , I., It 'l I 110, sf ly.- 'tx , MR.ERgIpEi5lciUBLETT I , -5 N H 19' 1 -', 1, I-,xIX. ext, X . 1... .KJ ,J .4 Sky. :Q H' - x I wi 1, N-,A 5 Q ..5 4 I. X ' A i e N f ev, A CONNER CULVER Vice President Mk, HELEN IEAN BOND Reporter MISS FERN BROCK Sponsor Q 1 W 'W X u'Y.p '54 . K W ., ex. rf F ,-.. , 5 , , 5 A ' Q1 - f1f'jfl,, Lua.. L many .Q , It R In .semi .,,4 CLASS or BILLIE ABBOTT Cadet Corps '43: Staff Sergeant '43: Pep Squad '43, '44g Hiking '44g Foreign Correspondence '4tg G an G '44 School: Mildred Elley Major: Business Administration KATHERINE ANDERSON Social English '4lg Flashlight '4l-'44g Editor Flashlight '44: House of Representatives '43: G an G '44: National Honor So- ciety '43, '44g Salesman of Bonds and Stamps '44 School: Hardin-Simmons Major: journalism MELVIN ARCHER Service: Naval Air Corps WAYNE AUSTIN Sports '4l: Rifle Club '44 School: Texas Technological College Service: Naval Air Corps RICHARD AYERS Star Gazers '4l: Glee Club '43: A Cappella '43 School: Hardin-Simmons Service: Army Air Corps BEVERLY BALFANZ Personality Girls '44g G an G '44 School: University of Texas Major: English 1944 DONAL ALLISON Model Airplane '4U: Rifle '44: National Thespians '44y Patrol Leader in Rifle: National Honor Society School: A and M Service: Navy' BETTY IO ANTILLEY WATS '42-'44: Hiking '44g Cor- poral in VVATS '42-'43: Lieuten- ant in WATS '44: President Hiking '44 School: Hardin-Simmons Major: Business Administration WANETA ASKINS Future Hornernaking '44: G an G '44 School: Draughon's Business College Major: Bookkeeping BILLIE RUTH AY ERS National Thespians '44: Stage- crait '44: G an G '44 School: Hardin-Simmons Major: Dramatics WANDA BAIZE Foreign Correspondence '4l7 Stagecraft '44: G an G '44 School: Abilene Christian Major: English ALICE BALLARD Cyclodrama '4lg Glee Club '40- '44p A Cappella '44: Personality Girls '43, '44: G an G '44: Sec- retary Girls Glee Club '44: Sec- retary Senior Class '44 School: Abilene Christian Major: Music CLASS OF ANN BALLARD Cyclodrama '41, Glee Club '41, '42, '44, A Cappella '44, Person' ality Girls '43, '44, G an G '44, Snnior Queen '44 School: Abilene Christian Major: Art SHIRLEY BASS Cyclodrama '41, Pep Squad '43, National Honor Society '43, '44, A Cappella '44, Personality Girls '44, Student Council '43, G an G '44 School: University of Texas Major: Music BILLIE BAXTER Glee Club '42, Battery Staff '42, '43, '44, Iunior Red Cross '44, G an G '44 School: Hardin-Simmons Major: Science LAURA LEE BECKMAN G an G '44 School: Harris Memorial Methodist Hospital Major: Nursing DOROTHY BERRY Pep Squad '43, '44, WATS '43, '44, Captain of WATS '44, G an G '44, Iunior Red Cross '44, Latin Club '41 School: I-Iardin-Simmons Major, Business Administration DONALD BIRD Model Airplane '41, Golf Club '44, Track '41, '42, '43, Hi-Y '41, '42 School: Massachusetts Institute of Technology Service: Army Air Force 1944 DEE ANNIS BARLOW Tennis '41, '42, N.F.L. '43, '44, Diction '44, Extemporaneous Speech '43, Pep Squad '43, '44, G an G '44 School: Texas Technological College Major: Science MOZELIE BATES Pep Squad '43, '44, Back 'o Curtain '43, '44, G an G '44, Embroidery '41 School: Baylor School of Nursing MGjOfZ YGlOTY Work DANNIE BEASLEY Diversified Occupations '44, National Honor Society '43, '44, Glee Club '40, G an G '44 School: Texas State College for Women Major: Economics SARA BEDFORD Latin '41, President Latin '41, Student Council '41, '42, '43, Bat- tery '42-'44, Editor Battery '44, Quill and Scroll '42-'44, National Honor Society '43, '44, Life Under Microscope '43, '44, WATS '42 '44, Lieutenant in WATS '44, G an G '44, Reporter G an G '44, Interscholastic League Press Conference '44 School: Texas University Major: Iournalism FRANCES BEVERS Girl Reserve '40, Iunior Red Cross '41, G an G '44 School: University of Texas Major: Business Administration VIRGINIA BLOCK Pep Squad '41-'44, Social Eng- lish '41, Student Council '43, G an G '44, l-li-Y Sweetheart '43, Gregg Writers '44 School: Texas State College for Women Major: Business Administration CLASS OF HELEN IEAN BOND Art Club '40, '4l, Glee Club '40, '44, House of Representa- tives '41, '42, President Gregg Writers '44, G an G '43, '44, National Quill and Scroll '42, '44, Librarian Quill and Scroll '42, '43, A Cappella '42, '44, Reporter A Cappella '43, '44, Battery '42, '44, Vice President interscholastic League Press '43, '44, Managing Editor Battery '43, '44, Reporter Senior Class '43, '44, National Honor Society '43, '44 School: Hardin-Simmons Major: Music SUE HELEN BRADSHAW Debate '40, '41, Latin '40, '41, President Latin '40, '4l, Library '42-'44, American Iunior Red Cross '43, '44, Glee Club '42-'44, G an G '43, '44 School: Texas State College for Women Major: Biology IAN BROOKS G an G '43, '44, junior Red Cross '43, '44 School: Hardin-Simmons Major: History R. L. BROWN. lr. Band '40-'44, House of Repre- sentatives '43, '44, Machine Shop '43, '44, Secretary Shop '43, '44 School: Hardin-Simmons Service: Navy Cl-IARLENE BURGESS Glee Club '40, '4l, Music '40, '41 School: Hardin-Simmons Major: Music MARY CAREY Cadet Corps '43, Girl Scout Nurses' Aide '43, G an G '43, '44 School: Buffalo University Major: Nursing 1944 JEAN BOWERS Glee Club '39, '4l, Tennis '40, '41, A Cappella '42-'44, Sextet '43, '44: Cadet Corps '42, '43, Gregg Writers '44, Surgical Dressing '42, '43, Home Nursing '42, '43, Afghan Making '42, '43 School: Texas State College for Women Major: Home Economics DON BROOKS junior Hi-Y '4l, Athletic '43, '44 School: Southern Methodist University Service: Navy REID BROOKS Cadet Corps '42, '43, Diversi- fied Occupations '43, '44 School: A and M Service: Navy IUDY BRYANT Cyclodrama '40, '41, Glee Club '40-'42, P e p S q u a d '41-'43, G an G '43, '44, Debate '44 School: University of Texas Major: Music CHARLES CAMPBELL Glee Club '40-'43, A Cappella '41-'43,' Golf '4l-'43 School: Texas A and M Service: Army Air Corps CHARLES CARTER Band '41-'43, Battery '42, '43, National Thespians '44 School: Texas University Service: Navy CLASS OF BOB CARTER Model Airplane '42 Service: Army Air Corps BARBARA CASEY Girls' Band '42-'44: Cadet Corps '43: G an G '44: Record '44 School: Draughon's Business College Major: Business Administration HAZEL CLAYTON Girl Reserve '4l: Pep Squad '43g Glee Club '42-'44: Secretary of Girl Reserve '4lg A Cappella '44y Stagecraft '44: G an G '44g Student Council '4l School: McMurry Major: Primary Education BONNIE CONSTANT Glee Club '4l-'43: Cadet Corps '43g Hiking '44g G an G '44 School: Draughon's Business College Major: Business Administration CALVIN COPLEN Service: Air Corps IOYCE COX Social English '4Zq S t u d e nt C o u n c il '42: Flashlight '44: G an G '44: National Honor So- ciety School: Baylor University Major: Business Adininistration 1944 I. O. CARTER D e b a t e '4lg Extemporaneous Speech '41, '42y Glee Club '43y Rifle '43y National Honor Society School: Abilene Christian Service: Army Air Corps IAMES HARVEY CLARK Tennis '4lg Model Airplane '42g Student Council '43: Life Un- der the Microscope '44 School: Texas Technological College Service: Marines ELBERTA CLINE G an G '44: Home Makers '44 School: Abilene Christian Major: Home Making IIMMY COOPER Vice President Freshman Class '4lg Tennis Club '4l: President Iunior I-Ii-Y '42y President Iunior Class '43g Cadet Corps '43g Presi- dent Golf '44g Photography '4Z: junior Red Cross School: A and M Service: Army Specialized Training Program CALVIN COWDEN Bicycle Club '4lp Future Farm- ers of America '42: Record '437 Science '44p Band '41-'43 School: Hardin-Simmons Service: Army CONNOR CULVER Student Council '4l-'43g Rifle '44g Model Airplane '43: Flash- light Club '43, '44g Lay-out Editor Flashlight '44g Secretary Senior I-Ii-Y '44g Vice President Senior Class '44g National Honor Society School: A and M Service: Army Field Artillery CLASS OF FRANCES DALTON G an G '44: junior Red Cross '44: Pep Squad '4l-'44 School: Nursing Major: Nursinq LOUISE DANIEL Cyclodrarna '4l: junior Queen '42: Secretary Pep Squad '44y Secretary Student Council '44g Personality Girls '44y G an G '44g Pep Squad '4l-'44 School: Texas State Colleae for Women Major: History EULA FAYE RYCI-ILIK Art Club '44: Band '4l-'44 School: Nurses' Training School Major: X-Ray Technician WAYNE DEAN Band '4l-'44g Battery '42-'44 School: Hardin-Simmons Service: Marine Air Corps LOUISE DeGUIRE Short Story '4l: Future Home- nialcers '44: G an G '44p Presi- dent Short Story '4l School: Hardin-Simmons Major: Mathematics DELWYN DILL Radio Guild '4lg Model Air- plane '41 School: University of Texas Service: Naval Air Corps I944 BETTY DANIEL Band '4l-'44: G an G '44g Treasurer G an G '44g Victory Corps '43: Record '44: Twirler for Band '44: National I-Ionor So- ciety School: Hardin-Simmons Major: Business Administration MARTHA DANIEL Record '44: Lieutenant in Band '42-'44: Band '4l-'44: Orchestra '42-'44: G an G '44: Victory Corps '43: National Honor So- cietyl School: Hardin-Simmons Major: Music TOMMY DAVIS Football '4l-'44g A Club '44 School: A and M Service: Navy EARL DeBUSK Band '4l, '42 School: Abilene Christian Service: Navy MERLE DELMER Tennis '4l, '-425 Life Under the Microscope '44g President Life Under the Microscope '44 School: University of Texas Service: Navy RICHARD DILLINGI-IAM s Q I Sports '4l: Iunior I-Ii-Y '4l, '42: Vice President of Iunior Hi-Y '42g Vice President Sophomore Class '42g Football '4l-'44g Basketball '4l-'44g Track '42, '44g Tennis '43: Football '44 School: A and M Service: Naval Air Corps I CLASS OF DOLLY DOWNING Band '43-'44 School: Hardin-Simmons Major: Mathematics HMMY DUCKWORTH Service: AFITIY Alf Corps STAY NER ALLEN DUGAN mm Collectors '4l: I Rlfdio '45 Vibe President Radio 44: Cadet Corps '447 Capmm m CG- det Corps '44 School: Hardin-Simmons Service: Marine Air Cor1OS EDWARD ENGEL Service: ArrnY Alf Corps FRANK EVERTS National Honor Society '43, '44g Band '4l-'44: National Thes' pians '4l-'44: N-F-L '42-441 H131 '43.'44g Los Leales 41: 5111449114 Council '43, '447 Slcqecwft 43' '44g Orchestra '43:' SlC1fdUSl?fS '42-'44, Sergeant in Bfmdf VIC? President of Los Leales: Presi- dent Student Council: President Stagecrait School: Virginia Military Institute Service: Marine Air CorPS R. C. FARMER Future Farmers of America '43, '44 School: University of Texas Service: Navy 1944 H. A. DOZIER A Cappella '44 School: Kentucky Engineering Service: Paratroopers DUBB DUFP Hi-Y '42-'44: Vice President '44g Sergeant-at-Arms '43: Track '4l-'43: Glee Club '42-'44: Presi- dent Boys Glee Club '44: A Cap- pella '42-'44: Basketball '43, '44: Football '40-'44: Football Captain School: A and M Service: Naval Air Corps IOHN EASTER School: Texas College of Mines Service: Army Air Corps ANNE ETHERIDGE Glee Club '4l7 G an G '44: Pep Squad '4l-'44g Art '4lp Ten- nis '43p Gregg Writers '44: Sec- retary Gregg Writers '44g Iunior Red Cross '43: National Honor Society School: Texas State College for Women Major: Designing WANDA FAIN Cyclodrama '4ly Freshman Queen '4lp Pep Squad '41-'43g Personality Girls '43, '44: Iunior Hi-Y Sweetheart '42g Future Farmers oi America Sweetheart '42-'44y Roadshow Princess '42g Student Council '42y Glee Club '42, '43p National Honor Society School: University of Texas Major: Mathematics MILDRED FAULKS G an G '44 , School: Draughon's Business College Major: Business Administration CLASS OF MARTHA LOUISE FEDERBUSH National Forensic League '44: G an G '44y National Thespian '44p Chairman Flower Committee '44: Stage Craft '44g Debate '44 School: lohn Sealy Major: Nursing CHARLES FLORES Bicycle '40 Service: Marine Corps BILLIE IEANNE FOWLER Tennis '4Og Glee Club '4l-'44g N.F.L. '41-'44g Red Cross '44g Stage Craft '43: G an G '44y Surgical Dressing '42g Home Nursing '42: Debate '41-'44 School: San Marcos Major: Business Administration BETTY FREEMAN Girl Reserve '4lg Cadet Corps '427 Hiking '44 . School: Hendrick School of Nursing Major: Nursing MAC FULLERTON Band '4l-'44g Lieutenant in Band '44g Stage Crew '42-'44, Dramatics '44: Debate '4U: Sci- ence '4Uy Orchestra '44: Student Council '44: Record '44g National Honor Society School: A and M Service: Marines GLENNA GAY Back o' Curtain '4lg Cyclo- drama '4lg Student Council '4lg Battery '42-'44g Quill and Scroll '42-'44g Pep Squad '42-'44y lunior Red Cross '44y G an G '44g Hiking '44g Reporter Hiking '44 School: Hardin-Simmons Major: English and lournalism I944 DUDLEY FISH Sports Club '43: Science '4l: Tennis '42: Iunior Hi-Y '41-'43: Football '41-'43: Basketball '42, '43: Track '41-'43p Golf '42: Ca- det Corps '43 School: University of Texas Service: Navy LOLA FONVILLE Band '41: Typing '42, '43: Rec- ord '43, '44g Band '41-'44g Secre- tary of Band '42, '43: Captain of Band '43, '447 National Honor So- ciety '43, '44: G an G '43, '44 School: Hardin-Simmons Major: Music lOE FRANCIS Future Farmers of America '4l: Model Airplane '42p Tennis '4lg Football '44g Basketball '41-'44g Baseball '43: Student Council '43 School: Rice Institute Service: Naval Air Force ROY LEE FULLER Band '41-'44g Debate '4l: Fu- ture Farmers oi America '44: Or- chestra '44g National Honor So- ciety School: Hardin-Simmons Service: Navy SHIRLEY GASKILL Pep Squad '41-'44y Latin '4l: Personality Girls '42-'44: G an G '44g Glee Club '41, '42 School: University of Texas Major: Art BILLIE IOE GILL Baseball Manager '42 School: Arlington Service: Air Corps CLASS OF DORIS MAE GRACE 'G an G '44g Glee Club '44g Stage Craft '44: National Thes- pian '44 School: Hardin-Simmons Major: Speech IAMES GRAY School: Texas A cmd M Service: Navy LENORE GREENBURG junior Red Cross '44g Reporter junior Red Cross '44: WATS '44: Sergeant in WATS '44: Student Council '44 School: University of Wisconsin Major: Physical Education LOUISE GUTHRIE Girl Reserve '4l: Future Home- makers '44: G an G '44 School: Hardin-Simmons Major: History DALTON HAINES junior Hi-Y '4l: Football '4lg Cadet Corps '43: Basketball '42 School: Hardin-Simmons Service: Army Air Corps ROSEMARY HAMBRICK Cyclodrama '4lg Personality Girls '42-'44p G an G '4-4: Sec- retary Freshman Class '4l: Sec- retary junior Class '43: Road- show Princess '4l: Band Sweet- heart '44 School: Hardin-Simmons Major: Business Administration 1944 MARION GRANT Hi-Y '42-'44: Sergeant-at-Arms Hi-Y School: University of Texas Service: Marines DORIS GREEN Glee Club '4l: G and G '44 School: Hardin-Simmons Major: Business Administration DOLORES GUILL National Thespians '4l-'44: Skating '44: G an G '44y Presi- dent Skating '44 School: McMurry Major: Science lOYCE HACKNEY Glee Club '41, '42: Embroidery '4l: F u t u r e Homemakers '44y WATS '43: G an G '44: Corporal in WATS '43 School: Baylor University Major: Medicine LARETHA HALL Shorthand '44: G an G '44 School: Draughon's Business College Major: Business Administration MAURICE HARBER School: Texas A and M Service: Naval Air Corps CLASS OF lUDY HARDY National Thespians '41-'44g Skating '44g G an G '44g Secre- tary of Skating '44 School: Hardin-Simmons Major: Business Administration ANNADELL HARKEY Debate '41, '42, National For- ensic League '4l 44y Social Eng- lish '4lg Record '44: G an G '44g Girls Band '42-'44g Glee Club '4l, '42f Victory Corps '43 School: Texas State College for Women Major: Home Economics lOYCE HARMON Girl Reserve '4l: Skating '44p Reporter oi Skating '41-1: G an G '44 School: Draughon's Business College Major: Business Administration PHLETUS HENDERSON Home Economics '4ly Stage Craft '44g G an G '44 School: Hardin-Simmons Major: Business Administration DAISY HICKS Foreign Correspondence '4lg Future Homemakers '44g Reporter Future Homemakers '44 School: McMurry Major: Mathematics MARY FRANCES HILL Glee Club '4ly Art '4ly Home- making '42g G an G '44g Story Telling '42 School: Abilene Christian Major: Bookkeeping 1944 Band '4l: Iunior Hi-Y '42y Bas- ketball '42, '44, Track '42, '44, Football '42-'44 School: A and M Service: Naval Air Corps ED HARMON Attended College High School, Greely, Colorado. School: Denver University Service: Navy lYRELDYNE HENDERSON Glee Club '42, '43p Red Cross '44: G an G '44 School: Draughon's Business College Major: Business Administration MARY FRANCES HIATT Girl Reserve '4lp Glee Club '4l-'44: A Cappella '4l-'44: Stage Craft '447 National Foren sic League '44, National Thespians '44p G an G '44: Surgical Dress- ing '43, Debates '43, '44 School: Hardin-Simmons Maior: Aeronautics DOUGLAS HILL Basketball '4Og Boxing '42g Di- versified Occupations '43-'44 School: National Association of Dyeing and Cleaning Service: Army DOROTHY HILLMAN Cyclodrama '4l7 Pep Squad '41-'44g Personality Girls '43, '44, G an G '44: Glee Club '42 School: Hardin-Simmons Major: Art , CLASS OF BURVIN HINES Poetry '44: Ready Writers '44g Student Council '44 School: University of Texas Service: Army Air Force MACK HOBBS Model Airplane '39-'42 Service: Army Air Corps CHRISTENE HOLLEY Latin '4lp G an G '44: junior Red Cross '44p National Honor Society School: Hardin-Simmons Major: History ADALEE HOLMES Latin '4l: Glee Club '4l, '43p Art '44p National Thespian '44 School Texas Technological College Major: Art MABETH HOPKINS Spanish '4O: Red Cross '4Og First Aid '4l7 G an G '44g junior Red Cross '44: Home Nursing '44 School: Hardin-Simmons Major: Business Administration WANDA HOPKINS G an G '447 Gregg Writers '44 School: McMurry Major: Business Administration -. .H 1944 HAROLD HITT Rifle '44f Patrol Leader '447 Cadet Corps '42, '43: Chairman Hall Patrol '44 School: A and M Service: Naval Air Corps CHARLENE HOLLEY Latin '4l: G an G '44: junior Red Cross '44y National Honor Society School: Hardin-Simmons Major: History LAUNA HOLLOWELL G an G '44 School: Hendrick's School of Nursing Major: Nursing ERNEST HOLMES Model Airplane '41-'44: Tennis '41-'42g junior Academy of Sci- ence '42-'44: Science Club ot Am- erica '44g Reporter of Science '44 School: University of Texas Service: Air Corps NETA IEAN HOPKINS G an G '44g Red Cross '44 School: McMurry Major: Business Administration MARY I-IOUGHTON National Thespians '4l: Cadet Corps '43: Library '44: G an G '44y Student Council '4ly Gregg Writers '44 School: Texas State College for Women Major: Business Administration CLASS OF PATSY I-IOWE G an G '44y Red Cross '44 School: Gail Business College Major: Business Administration MARY HUMBER Girl Reserve '4Up Pep Squad '43, '44g G an G '44 School: Texas Technological College Major: History IOYCE HUTCHINSON Future Teachers of America '4l: Vice President Future Teach- ers of America '4l: Student Coun- cil '4Z, '43: Cadet Corps '43: Ser- geant Cadet C orp s '43y Pep Squad '44: Gregg Writers '44 School: Abilene Christian Major: Business Administration GEORGE IONES Physical F i t n e s s '43: Los Leales '44 School: Texas A and M Service: Marines IOI-INNIE LOU IONES Cadet Corps '43g G an G '44 School: Hardin-Simmons Major: Business Administration WINNIE RAE IONES Glee Club '4l-'44: Reporter Glee Club '43: Battery '43: Ser- vice Editor Battery '44: Gregg Writers '44: G an G '44g Los Leales '44: Ready Writers '4Z: Victory Corps '43g Typing '43 School: Bob jones College Major: Music 1944 WANDA HUFFMAN Glee Club '4lg Tennis '4lg Ca- det Corps '43: Pep Squad '4l-'43: Treasurer Pep Squad '44: Person- ality Girls '43, '44: G an G '44 School: Hardin-Simmons Major: Business Administration W DAVID HUNT . h ,.f Tennis '40: Model Airplane '4l: lunior Academy of Science '42- '44g Hi-Y '42-'44g Debate '42-'44y Student Council '4Zg Chaplain Hi- Y '42-'44p President N.F.I... '44: President Senior Class '44g Na- tional Honor Society School: University of Texas Service: Naval Aviation GERALDINE IOHNSON G an G '44 School: Piedmont School of Nursing Major: Nursing DORIS IACOUILINE IONES Glee Club '40-'4Z: Red Cross '42, '43: G an G '44 School: Hardin-Simmons Major: Music IUANELL IONES Band '40-'42: G an G '44g Ca- det Corps '43 School: Texas State College for Women Major: Dietetics ELSIE KILGO Cyclodrama '4l: G an G '44: junior Red Cross '43y Pep Squad '4l-'44: Vice President Pep Squad '44g Personality Girls '43, '44: Student Council '43p Battery '43, '44 School: Texas State College for Women Major: Business Administration CLASS OF iff 1' -I r RV 4 4 I 'O 'll 'QRS IF CyclocRi'rlTaA74 l : Of- ensic League '40-'44: Tennis '44: Debate '40-'42: Cadet Corps '43 School: Texas A and M Service: Naval Air Corps DESA LEE LAIRD Glee Club '4O: Back o' Curtain '4O: Girls Band '4l-'43: G an G '44: Iunior Red Cross '43 School: Hardin-Simmons Major: History IOI-IN ALTON LANTZ Iunior Academy of Science '44: Football '4l: Vice President Me- chanical D r a W i n g '4l: CCIdeT Corps '42 School: University ot Texas Service: Army Air Corps BETTE IANE LEA Social English '4l: Pep Squad '41-'44: Glee Club '43: Stagecrait '43: National T h e s p i a n '43: G an G '43: Battery '44 School: University of Texas Major: Business Administration ROY LEE LEGGETT Future Farmers of America '4l- '43: Cadet Corps '43 School: Texas A and M Service: Navy EUNICE LEVRETS Cadet Corps '43: G an G '44 School: Gail Business College Major: Business Administration 1944 BUDDY LACKEY Back o' Curtain '4l: Glee Club '40-'44: Cadet Corps '43: Student Council '4O: Future Farmers of America '43 School: Texas A and M Service: Marine Air Corps GLENDEL LANG Band '40-'42: Student Council: Record '44: Orchestra '44: Glee Club '42 School: Abilene Christian Service: Navy CLIFTON LAWHORNE Band '43, '44: Stamp '4l: Rec- ord '44 School: Hardin-Simmons Service: Seabees . k,.li 4xLg xxns-A' BILLYX IOHN LADAS National Thespian '41-'44: Vice President Thespian '44: Thirteen Masque '43: Stage Crew '43, '44: Manager Stage Crew '44: N.F.L. '42-'44: Diction '44: President Dic- tion '44: National Honor Society School: Rice Institute Service: Marine Aviation J, DUWARD LEVERETT Band '41-'44: Record '44: Na- tional Honor Society School: Texas A and M Service: Army Air Corps VIRGINIA LEWIS Social English '4l: Secretary Social English '4l: Pep Squad '41-'44: Iunior Red Cross '44g G an G '44 School: Hardin-Simmons Maior: English xr t i Cl.ASS or EDWARD FINCHER Golf '43, '44: Stamp '41, '42y President Stamp '41, '42 School: Texas A and M Service: Air Corps ELIZABETH IOHNSON Pep Squad '4l-'44: Personality Girls '42-'44: G an G '44p Ten- nis '41 School: Hardin-Simmons Major: Baci-n-eeslniministration BILL LINDOW Cadet Corps '42, '44: Life Un- der the Microscope '44 School: University of Minnesota Service: Army Engineer MARIANNE MCCLURE Future Teachers of America '4lg Reporter Future Farmers of America '4l: Student Council '4l: Cadet Corps '43: Pep Squad '41- '44: Gregg Writers '44 School: Hardin-Simmons Major: Business Administration HELEN MCCRAW Cadet Corps '44: junior Red Cross '44 School: Texas State College for Women Major: Home Economics RAY MCGLOTHLIN Glee Club '42-'44: Quartet '42- '44: A Cappella '42-'44: President A Cappella '44: A Club '44: Foot- ball '42-'44: Track '43: Hi-Y '44: National Honor Society '43, '44: Cadet Corps '43 School: Abilene Christian Service: Navy 1944 MATTYE BLANCHE FLETCHER Girl Reserve '4O: Glee Club '41-'437 Fine Art '4l: Hiking '44: G an G '44 School: Hardin-Simmons Major: Music BUELL LINDLEY Future Farmers of America '41, '42: Secretary F.F.A. '42: Band '42-'44: Drum Major of Band '44g Orchestra '44 School: Abilene Christian Service: Marines BETTY LOU LIVELY G an G '44: Future Home- makers '42, '44 School: Draughon's Business College Major: Business Administration CHARLES McCOOK Model Airplane '4l: Record '44g Stage Crew '44: Library '41- '44 School: A and M Service: Coast Guard Air Corps THAD MCDONNELL Hi-Y '41, '42: Latin '41, '42: Basketball '41, '42: Track '42g Golf '44: Football '42 School: University of Texas Service: Navy HUNT MCKINLEY Band '4l-'44: Orchestra '42-'44g Record '44: Student Council '42- '44: Stardusters '42-'44: Captain of Band '44: Vice President Or- chestra '43: President Orchestra '44p National Honor Society School: A and M Service: Army Air Corps 4 CLA l BETTY KINZI Persona 'rl '43-' 4: PGP S uad '4 4 ' a Thes- q W iqns '4 - 7 SHUI! 40-4l. l: Un sity s T xas Major: Business rn ' KAY I. MARSHALL Glee Club '40-'44: Foreign Cor- respondence '4O: Los Leales '44: Battery '40-'44: Co-business Man- ager, Battery '44: G an G '44 School: Tobe-Coburn Major: Advertising WILMA MARTIN Tennis '40-'4l1:Posture Queen '4Z: Gregg Writers '43-'44: G an G '43-'44: National Thes- pians '43-'44 School: University of Texas Major: Dramatics GLENN MEEKS Art '41-'43: Bank '40-'44: Rec- ord '43-'44: Model Airplane '40- '4l: Stage Crew '43-'44: Band '42-'43 School: Hardin-Simmons Service: Navy MARIE MILSTEAD Tennis '43p Foreign Correspon- dent '4O: Glee Club '42-'43: G an G '43-'44 School: Abilene Christian Major: Chemistry I. E. MONTGOMERY F. F, A. '40-'43: Radio '43-'44 School: Texas Technological Service: Army Air Corps 1944 DARLENE MACKEY G an G '43-'44 School: Hardin-Simmons Major: Music AYNE ARTIN lunior Geologists '40-'4l: Mo , e Airplane '4I-'42: Student Coun- W il ' ' Flashlight '43-'44: Na- ' n espians '44: I-Ii-Y: Na- l tio al Honor Society S ool: A of M Ser ice:4Chemical Warfa W L! BETTY MAYFIELD Glee Club '40-'4l: Tennis '41- '42: Red Cross '42-'44 School Hardin-Simmons MARY ELIZABETH MEEKS Student Council '44: Social English '40-'4ly Tennis '40-'4l: A Cappella '4l-'44: Glee Club '40- '43: Vice President Glee Club '43- '44: Sextet '42-'44: National Hon- or Society '43-'44g Gregg Writers '43-'44: G an G '43-'44 School: Texas State College ior Women Major: Business Administration HOWARD MITCHELL School: Texas Technological Service: Navy Air Corps BOBBY RAY MOORE F. F. A. '42-'43: Basketball '42- '-13: Band '41-'42p Baseball '42 3 School: University of Texas Service: Navy ' . l l I l CLASS OF FLORENE MOORE Cadet Corps '44g Glee Club '42 School: Draughon's Business College Major: Business Administration 5.5 CECILE Nsssirr Eh Cadet Corps '43: Record '44' 1, 1. School: Michigan S College ATJY Major: English NORMA NEWMAN Social English '4l: Glee Club '4l, '42: Pep Squad '43: G an G '44 School: Hardin-Simmons Major: Business Administration LOUISE OLIVER Student Council '43: R a d io Guild '4l7 R e a d y Writers '4lg Flashlight '43, '44: G an G '44 School: Gail Business College Major: Business Administration TILLIE PACE Cadet Corps '43p Pep Squad '44: G an G '44g lunior Red Cross '44 School: Hardin-Simmons Major: Business Administration DAN PARRISH Foreign Correspondence '4l: Science '44 School: Oregon University Service: Marines . 1944 ELLA MAE MORRIS National Thespians '4l-'44: Cy' clodrama '4lp Diction '44p G an G '44 School: Pasadena Playhouse Major: Dramatics lEAN NEWMAN National Thespians '41-'43g Back O' Curtain '4l, '42g Cyclo- drama '4l, G an G '447 EEA. Queen '43 School: Texas State College for Women Major: Designing TOMMIE NELL NEWMAN Social English '4l: Student COUHCU '42: G an G '44: Pep Squad '42-'44: Glee Club '4l, '42 School: Texas State College for Women Major: Business Administration lOYCE MARIE OWEN Glee Club '41-'43y Latin '4lp A Cappella '4l-'44: Sextet '42, '43: Red Cross '44p Checker Hall Patrol '44: G an G '44 School: Southern Methodist University Major: Music MURRY PAGE Story Telling '44: President Story Telling '44, National l-lsnor Society School: Texas Technological Service: Navy MARY BETH PATTESON G an G '44: Diction '44: N.F.L. '42-'44: National Thespians '44: Extemporaneous Speech '44 School: Abilene Christian Major: Drarnatics CLASS OF BARBARA PAYNE Star Gazers '4l7 Record '44y G an G '44 School: Chicago Art Institute Major: Art SHERRY PECHACEK Cyclodrama '41-'44: Debate '41: Student Council '41-'43g Na- tional Thespian '41-'43: Diction '44g Extemporaneous Speech '42: Glee Club '41-'44: A Cappella '42-'44p G an G '44: Declama- tion '4l: National Honor Society School: Hardin-Simmons Major: Music PATSY PETTY Cycl dr ma ' C1 '42p F ld 1 ep S d '43g Pr s en e Sgu '44: Miss berty '43: P sonality Girls '4 V' resi nt Person- ality Gir ' : Fr man Repre- sentative '4l: ramatics '43: G an G '4 School: in-Simmons H., .. DIKKI ORD POE G an G '41 School: McMurry Major: English CHERRY POWERS G an G '44 School: University of Utah Major: Home Economics I. W. PROFFITT A Club '447 President of Metal Shop '44 School: A and M Service: Marines f 1944 BETTY I O PEARCE junior Red Cross '41, '42: A.A.A. '4Z: Orchestra '42-'44g Li- brarian Orchestra '4Z-'44: lunior Academy of Science '43: Secre- tary junior Academy of Science '43g Student Council '41, '42g Life Under the Microscope '44g Secre- tary Lite Under the Microscope '44: Cadet Corps '44: Band '41- '44y Lieutenant in Band '42-'44: G an G '44: National Honor So- ciety '43, '44 School: University of Texas Major: Medicine VICTORIA PECHIN Student Council '43: Flashlight '44: G an G '44g National Honor Society School: Hardin-Simmons Major: English GEORGE PLILER F.P.A. '42-'44: Secretary P.F.A. '43: President F.F.A. '44: Band '41, '42g Tennis '41: Cadet Corps '43, '44: Warrant Officer in Cadet Corps '44: Hall Patrol Chairman '44: Lost and Found '43 School: A and M Service: Coast Guard X BARBARA POSEY G an G '44: Diction '44 School: Hardin-Simmons Major: English IO ANN POWERS Back o' Curtain '41: National Thespian '42: F.F.A. Sweetheart '42-'44g Pep Squad '42-'44: Glee Club '42, '43y G an G '44: Per- sonality Girls '44: Externporan- eous Speech '43: Student Coun- cil '4ly President G an G '44 School: Abilene Christian Major: Aeronautics ' CECIL PRUITT Record '44: Cadet Corps '43g Corporal in Cadet Corps '43 School: Texas A and M Service: Naval Air Corps Q CLASS OF WAYNE RAMSEY Iunior I-li-Y '42: Stamp '4l: President Stamp '41: Student Council '42: Science '4l: Model Airplane '4l: Rifle '44p Vice President Rifle '44 School: Texas Technological Service: Navy AVA NELL REID Red Cross '44: G an G '44 School: University of Texas Major: Law EDITH RICE Record '44: Red Cross '44: G an G '44: Glee Club '41-'44 School Abilene Christian Major: Music IUNE ROBERTS G an G '44: Glee Club '42: Skating '44 School: Gail Business College Major: Business Administration MARY IANE SAGE A Cappella '41-'44: G an G '44g Sextet '44: Glee Club '4l. '42g Band '4l: Secretary A Cap- pella '44: Secretary G an G '44g Vice President Glee Club '42: Na- tional Honor Society School: I-Iardin-Simmons Major: Music CLIFTON SCI-IOOLER Band '41-'44: Lieutenant in Band '44: Orchestra '42-'44: Band Club '4l: Record '44: Student Council '44 School: klhem Methodist University Service: Marines I F' i 9.53 ' , ar I :MA D N AWM .1 1944 MARSHALLENE RAY Girl Reserve '4I: Vice Presi- dent Girl Reserve '4l: Home Nursing '42: Red Cross '42: Bat- tery '42-'44g Victory Corps '43: Gregg Writers '44: G an G '44: National Honor Society School: Abilene Christian Major: Business Administration BILL REYNOLDS School: University of Texas Service: Naval Air Corps DON RIDDLE Band '41-'42: Student Council '44: l-Ii-Y '44: Science '44 School: University of Texas Service: Air Corps KCECIL RUTHERFORDJ Back o' Curtain '41: Debate '4l: National Thespian '42-'44: President National Thespian '44: Diction '44: Parliamentarian Dic- tion '44: Thirteen Masque '43, '44: N.F.I... '43, '44: Declamation '42-'44: Student Council '44: Sen- ior Representative '44: Office Workers '44y Tournament Play '42 School: Bay r University wXiSerQcg-MIG red Division ya BILL SANDLIN Star Gazers '4l: Glee Club '42- '44: A Cappella '43-'44: National Thespian '44: Staqecraft '44y G an G '44: Student Council '42 School: Chicago Art Institute Major: Art MARYLO SEARS Cyclodrama '4l: N.F.l... '41-'44p Secretary N.F.L. '44: Band '427 Debate '41-'447 Diction '44y Na- tional Thespian '44: Declamation '4l: G an G '44 School: University of Texas Major: Speech CLASS OF IOY SUE SELF Thirteen Masque '44: Band '4l- '44: Orchestra '42-'44g Glee Club '42p Stardusters '43: Typing '43g Cadet Corps '42-'44p Record '44p G an G '44g Lieutenant in Bancl '44: Secretary Band '44: Reporter Orchestra '43y Secretary Orches- tra '44g Lieutenant in Cadet Corps '43p Captain in Cadet Corps '44: National Honor So- ciety School: Hardin-Simmons Major: English MARY LOU SHANKLIN Cadet Corps '43: Glee Club '42-'44g A Cappella '-44: Skating '44g G an G '44: Sergeant in Cadet Corps '43g Vice President Skating '44 School: University of Texas Major: Business Administration FR ANCES SIMMONS Cyclodrama '39: National Thespian '39: Typing '4l: Shortf hand '4l: G an G '44g Glee Club '4U7 Corporal in Cadet Corps '43 School: Texas Technological Major: Business Administration CALVIN SKINNER Student Council '42: Cadet Corps '43g Morse Code '43g Sci- ence '44 School: University of Havana Service: Army Medical Corps BILLIE RAE SMITH Future Farmers of America '43, '44 School: Abilene Christian Service: Army Air Corps NED SMITH Rifle '44: Patrol Leader Rifle '44 School: Abilene Christian Service: Air Corps 1944 BENNIE SEWELL Girl Scouts '44 School: Hardin-Sirnrnons Major: Business Administration ! IAMES SHELTON4 Band '4l, '42 ' School: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical Service: Navy ALDA SISSON Girl Reserve '4l, '4Zy Cadet Corps '43q Iunior Red Cross '44g G an G '44 School: Abilene Christian Major: Economics MARY ROSE SMALL Cadet Corps '42p Glee Club '43: Hiking '43 School: McMurry Major: X-Ray Dentistry FLORINE SMITI-I Glee Club '43, '447 G an G '44: Future Homemakers '44 School: Gail Business College Major: Business Administration LAVERNE SPEARS Band '44g Cadet Corps '44q Tennis '43g Glee Club '41-'43: F o r e ig n Correspondence '-421 Stamp '41-'43g G an G '44 School: Stephens Major: Iournalism CLASS OF DON SPENCER Future Farmers of America '44 School: Texas A 6 M Service: Army Air Corps ADELLE SPLAWN Tennis '4lg Glee Club '43y Rec- ord '-447 G an G '44: Band '44 School: Abilene Christian Major: Home Economics YVONNE STARNES ' Glee Club '41, '42g Band '42- '44g Record '44g Orchestra '44g G an G '44 School: Abilene Christian Major: Music ' ROBERT STERLING Diversified Occupations '44 School: Hardin-Simmons Service: Air Corps D. ORVAL STRONG Radio Guild '4lg Band '4l-'44: Librarian Band '43 School: Texas Technological Service: Navy CONNIE SWINSON Girl Reserve '4lg junior Red Cross '44: Student Council '43: G an G '44: Battery '44 School: Hardin-Simmons Major: Enqlish 1944 CHARLES SPETTEL Hi-Y '43 School: Duke University Service: Army Air Corps SHIRLEY SPROAT Student Council '44g G an G '44g Hiking '44y National Honor Society '44 School: Mildred Elley Major: Business Administration ROBERT WADE STEGER Radio '4l-'44 School: Texas A 6 M Service: Navy GENE STOVALL Golf '41-'43 School: Texas A 6 M Service: Air Corps REX STUBBS Hi-Y '42-'44 School: University of Texas' Service: Navy CHISHOLM THOMPSON junior Geologist '4Og Science '44g Librarian Science '44g Treas- urer Science '44g National Honor Society School: University of Oklahoma Service: Navy CLASS or EARL THOMPSON Band '41-'44g Record '44 School: Annapolis - Service: Na f ff 2' LEORA TOMPKINS Gregg Writers '44: G an G '44 School: American Aeronautical Institute Major: Aviation CHARLES VAUGHN School: Cornell University Service: Marine Air Corps MILBURN WARNER Future Farmers of America '4I- '43: Cadet Corps '43: Baseball '43y Reporter Future Farmers of America '43 School: Texas A 6. M Service: Marines MARY WATSON Flashlight '41-'44g Editor Flash- light '44y Future Teachers of Am- erica '4lp G an G '447 Cadet Corps '43: National Honor So- ciety '43, '44 School: Texas State College for Women Major: Business Administration SHIRLEENE WEIR National Forensic League '41- '44: Cyclodrama '4l: Pep Squad '44g Debate '4l, '42p Diction '44g Glee Club '4l 44: A Cappella '44: G an G '44g Milk Fund '42- '44 School: Our Lady of the Lake Major: Chemistry ,. 1944 G. W. THOMPSON Model Airplane '41 School: Texas A 6: M Service: Army Air Corps MARY TYE G an G '44: Red Cross '44 School: Texas State College for Women Major: Design ELIZABETH WALLIS Girl Reserve '41: Gregg Writers '44: G an G '44 School: I-Iardin-Simmons Major: Business Administration I. L. WARREN Football '4Og junior Hi-Y '4Og Golf '42 School: Texas A G M Service: Army Air Corps TROY WEEMS B Football Team '42g Track '43 Service: Navy DOROTHY IEAN WEST Girl Reserve '40: Star Gazers '41: Future Teachers of America '41: Pep Squad '43: Home Eco- nomics '42 School: University of Illinois Major: Business Administration CLASS OF MARY ANNE WHATLEY Latin '4l: Tennis '4lg Pep Squad '43g Flashlight '44: Library '4Z: G an G '44: Vice President G an G '44: National Honor So- ciety School: University of Texas Major: English GLENN ROY WILLIAMS Band '41-'43p Tennis '42y Stamp '4lg Iunior Academy of Science '44: Filing Clerk of Band '43: Banker '44 School: Baylor Medical University Service: Army Air Corps GWEN WILSON Iunior Red Cross '40, '4l: Fu- ture Homemakers '44 School: Abilene Christian Major: Medicine MARTHA WINTER G an G '44: Record '44 School: Hardin-Simmons Major: Public Speaking EULA MAE WOOD Short Story '4U: Future Home- makers '4l, '44: G an G '44: Secretary Futu re Homemakers '44 School: Hardin-Simmons Major: Telegraphy L , ED YATES National T espian '44: Photog- rapher Flashlight and Battery '43: Business Manager Flashlight '44: junior Hi-Y '4l: Senior Hi-Y '43, '44: National Honor Society '43, '44: Reporter Hi-Y '44: Presi- dent National Honor Society '44: Vice-President junior Class '43: Model Airplane '42g Vice Presi- dent Model Airplane '42: Student Council '44 School: Texas A 6 M Service: Air Force 1944 ANNA BELLE WILLIAMS Foreign Correspondence '4lg Stagecratt '44: G an G '44 School: Draughon's Business College Major: Business Administration SUE I. WILLIAMSON Flashlight '43, '44: G an G '44 School: Tobe-Coburn Major: Advertising IOE WINNIFORD Iunior Hi-Y '42p Future Farm- ers ot America '41-'43g Cadet Corps '43 School: Texas A G M Service: Army Air Corps LA NELLE WITCI-IER Girl Scouts '44: G an G '44 School: Abilene Christian Major: Education IAMES HAROLD WRIGHT N.F.L. '4l-'44: Vice President N.F.L. '44: Model Airplane '42g President Model Airplane '42g Student Council '4l-'44: Vice President Student Council '44: Glee Club '4ly Iunior Academy of Science '42-'44: Vice President junior Academy of Science '44: junior Hi-Y '41, '42: Treasurer Iunior Hi-Y '42g National Honor Society School: Texas A 6- M Service: Navy PAT YONGE Cyclodrama '4l: N.F.L. '41-'44g G an G '44: Personality Girls '42- '44: Pep Squad '41-'44: Debate '4l-'44: Field, Marshal Pep Squad '43g Chairman oi Checkers Pep Squad '44: Declamation '41-'43g Student Council '42: Glee Club '41-'44 School: Stephens Major: Speech , Q V 13' E , kg' 7, ,E I 'SM ff 1 'E' hx Y 1 Y Q E95 .. :, ? Eg Q9 , J.: , MWA , A i' , ,. Q K wzq ' 4 ALJ? G1 A :FW vi I 1-'w A .3 :Jia-Era ,f ,ff . e exit e ' ,Q w .Q 1 .if 2, iv. r Ji Qi is w 'gk 3,1 3 ? ,mffp aww ,Q , ww-mam Vi. wif' TZ fi Wk -X. , X, vw ff Q ik we BOYD ROGERS PATRICIA BUCI-I President S ecretczry OFFICERS IIM HARRISON GEOHGIQQQQQHARHIS me President CLASS OF '45 Advisers MR. D. B. WEATI-IERBY MISS MARIE WINSTON CLASS OF '45 HELEN AARON DQBMAN AKINS HELEN BAKER Success Aviator Nurse DOROTHY ANN ADAMS BOB ANTILLEY TRAVIS BARNETT Nurse Rancher Primer CRAWFORD BARRIER MARY BATSON FRANK BENHAM Civil Engineer Secretary Engineer B. L,-B-IQ'-ES. YVONNE BEASLEY K DOUGLAS BEERY n Designer Millionaire BILLIE IO BILLINGTON KYLEEN BLACKERBY DOROTHY IEAN BOTKIN Secretary Airline Hostess Dancer LOUISE BLAKEMORE BRYAN BOGLE BETTY BOUCHETTE Physical Education Architect Actress Teacher I 1 I f N IP' - f, ,JZ . , 1 ELEANOR BOULDIN N Singer '11 BARBARA BROWNING Pianist GAIL BURGESS Mechanic I CLASS OF '45 BILLY BRASELTON PATTY BRITAIN Pilot of a P-51 Teacher EDITH BOYD I BETTY BREWER EL 'WANA BRITT Graduaie Secretaryq f' Sienoqrapher GLADYS BUCHANAN ALTUS BUFORD Secreiary Diesel Enqineer PATRICIA BUCH GRACE BUCHANAN BETTY BUEORD Purchaser ' Typisi Mailiernafirs Teawher LOTTIE PEARL BURK MADLIN BURT Telegraph Operator Nurse DEE BURK NEVA BURROWS SAMMIE BUSTER Engineer Teacher Designer I CLASS OF 45 LOCKILOU BYNUM MARTORIE CAMPBELL IOHNNIE MAE CAREY Traveler Nurse College Graduate ANNA RUTH BYRAM HELENA CAREY BARBARA CARNEY Nurse Missionary Laboratory Technician NANCY CAWYER CORA LESLIE CLARK MAXINE CLEMENT l Housewife College Student Designer JACK CHANEY CLEO CLARY GENE COCHNAUER Band Leader Businessman Convertible Owner ROOKSIE NELL COLLIER R. I, COLLINSWORTH AUBREY CONNALLY Orqanist Pilot Civil Engineer IANE COLLINS NONA LEE CONAWAY BETTY COOK Musician Stenographer Housewife GAYZELLE COOPER Teacher V FLOY CUTBIRTH Chemist ANGIE DRES Aviatrix CLASS OF '45 . NANCY CROWLEY IEAN CURB Aviatrix Actress AUBREY CRIDER RUTH ANN CROWSON THURMAN CURRY Mechanic Radio Commentator Graduate PATSY DARDEN EMORY DILTZ Journalist Aeronautical Engineer GUY DANIEL RICHARD DAVIS CHARLES DODSON Aviator Musician Aviator EVAN DUVAL BETTY EDMONDSON Texas A. rS M. Student Secretary CHARLES DUNN BARBARA EBBERT GLADYS ANN ELLIO Engineer Aviatrix SPAR BEATRICE ELLISON Secretary REESE FOSTER Pianist EUGENE GLENN Auto Machinist ORAN ELMORE Marine PAUL FROST Athletic instructor CLASS OF '45 WILLEVA EARRIS Sienogtapher WENDOL GARRET Mechanical Engineer NANCY GLOVER History Teacher EDVVARD ALLEN GLEICH Chemist DOYLE FAULKS Flyer SUE GIBSON Artist IAMES GRAHAM Aviator BILLY FIELDER Dentist L V. GILBRETH Pilot LA NELL GRANT Graduate JOAN FOSS Singer TOMMIE SUE GLASS Nurse iEANNIE GRAY Secretary L ,ELASS OF '45 EDSON GREEN fgDD R Y CAROLYN GRISHAM Marine Paratrooper Pilot 4 'Y Pianist MARILYN GREEN WILLA GRIFFITH PATSY GRISI-IAM Navy Nurse Nurse Actress DOYLE GURLEY DOROTHY LOUISE CAROLYN ANN HALL Architectural Engineer GUTHRIE Typist Aviatrix 35,4 BETTYE GUSTAFSON JUNE HALE IOE FRANK HALL Designer Diplomat Technician IOEL HALL DOROTHY HARBER IOI-IN HARRELL Airplane Designer Graduate Football Star MYRTLE BETH HAMMERS HOMER HARKER GEORGIA HARRIS U Comm-jere Orchestra Leader Nurse ,,, CLASS OF '45 PAULINE HARRIS LORA PEARL HAYNES PAULA HAZEL journalist WAVE Dancer - IIM HARRISON MENOMA HAYNES MILLARD HEATH Physical Education Secretary Arcliiieci Desiqiie Tcaclicr ,ffl 5 L.-'T PATSY HENDRICK MARY' 'T INE BOBBY LEE HILL Nurse G Aeronautical Engineer xx. , r THOMAS HENDRICKS M GAYLIA WRAY HILBURN GERALD HILL Artist Interior Decorator Sailor BETTY LOU HODGES BOB HOLLOWELL HQRTENSE HQQKER Dramatic Teacher Engineer Designer EDITH HOLLAND WILDA HOLMES CHARLES HORN Designer Graduate Electrical Engineer 0 'Q Q CLASS OF '45 GENE HORTON JIMMY LEE HOWELL Aviation Cadet Mechanic CHARLES HORTON Engineer DWINN HUGHES LESTER HUMPHREY Navigator Fisherman FRED HUGHES Senator LA VAWN JACKSON KAY IOHNSON Engineer Iournalistq RUTH JAMES QQ gf Q Army Nurse BEATRICE HUDMAN Secretary SIDNEY HOWZE WILBERN HUDSON Engineer Engineer VERIENA HUTCHINS Musician PATTI HUNTER BARBARA IACKSO1 Rancher Secretary MONTE KEMMERLING Dairyrnan . f- -. A w WESTELLE IOHNSON D ALxii C Singer Avicfirix ' CLASS OF '45 HERSHEL KIMBRELL ROBERT KING ETTA IEAN LAMB Mechanic Sailor C Card Holder COLLEEN KING ZARA BETH KNOTT DARRELL LAWLESS Nurse Stenographer Success CHARLES LITTLE KATYDELL MCCARTY DON MCCLURE Aviator Success Aeronautics Expert EMILIE LONG BOBBY MCCLENDQN EVELYN McCLURE Desiqner Engineer ' Secretary CLINTON McCOMBl5 - HAROLD MCGEHEE MARKLEY MCMAHON Rancher A I I Rancher Graduate W ' ' L I EVERETT MCGEHEE VIRGINIA MCGAUGHEY LUCILLE McMASTER Sailor Costume Designer Housewife CLASS OF '45 Flyer ROSE MILLER Nurse MARCEIL MULLINS Nurse GLORIA MALCOI vi Plane Owner RUBY MILLER Air Hostess BILLY MURPHEY Lawyer Secretary PATSY MOBLEY Traveler VW-XNDA MUSTON Secretary GEORGE MILLER Aviator HENRY MOI-IR Doctor IAMES NEECE Pool Shark KAY MILLER Rancher W. M. MORRIS Sailor MARLIN NEILL Engineer NORMA MILLER Stenographer IEAN MOSSHART Secretary BETTY NELSON Stewardess ERNEST NICHOLS ' Sailor ALICE OSBORNE I Avicririx JIARTHA PENDER Radio Actress CLASS OF '45 ALBERT OLIVER TOMMY OLIVER Pilot Aviator GLORIA NORVELL NELSON OLIVER WILLENA OLSON Serremry Marine Nurse BURL OWENS BILLIE IOYCE PECHACEK Sailor Stenoqrupher CHARLES OVERTON WADE PARMELLY CHARLES PENDERGRAST Engineer Seiirrlor Iflenlisl DORA RUTH PHILLEY BILLY OUATTLEBAUM Secretory Stock Former BURNICE PERRY RHAMA DELL POPE NATALEE OIIINN llrur::ebi1r'k Rifior llif:iorY 'l'er1c'lif1r' 130,-rixyzim L CLASS OF '45 IOAN RAMSEY VIRGINIA RAYMOND DOUGLAS REEVES Chemist Foreign Correspondent Success BETTY RATI-IMELL BILLY EARL READ MARIORIE RICHAR Secretary Naval Aviator Aviatrix ALTA MARIE FRANCES RITTENBERRY BOYD ROGERS RICHARDSON Secretary Texas A. df M. Student Secretary DAVID RICI-IEY BILLY ROBERTS IACK ROGGENKAI M usiciczn F arm et Pharmacist MORRIS RUCKER BOBBY SAXON DOROTI-IA SCOTT Aviator Artist Secretary EARL ROSE E. C. SATTERWHITE THELMA SCOTT Rancher Doctor Typist , I v ya I A V I CLASS OF 45 PEGGY SEYBOLD HOLLIS SHANKS IOY SHEFFIEI-D Graduate ' Engineer Interior Decorator I VICTORIA SHAHEEN IOHN SHAW ALMA IEAN ASIBLEY Boogie Woogie Pianist Artist HOUSGWIIG LARENCE SIEWERT ELSIE SLAUGHTER BARBARA SMITH Aerial Engineer Comptometer Operator Secretory PEGGY SLACK IACOUELINE SMALL BILLIE DELL SMITH Nurse Costume Illustrator Secretory IANET SMITH MARILYN SMITH ELAINE STARNES Sfeflogfdpher Artist Bond Director J LON SMITH NONA MAE SNOW O, B. STEPHENS AVRIYOI Surgeon Aviator 7 . M I CLASS OF 45 ETTA IANE STEPHENSON PATRICIA STRAWN IO ANN TANDY Nurse Window Decorator Chorisler HATTIE STINCHCOMB DOROTHY SYMES Teacher Stenoqrapher Av' H, D. TERRY IACKIE THOMPSON Avialor I Doctor MEL THURMAN FRANCES TCMPKINS Prycholorfifzl Servrolary GENE TURNIDGE GUS VLETAS TOHN WALKER Secretary Submarine Commander Aerial Engineer LLOYD VANCLEAVE RIRDIE MARGARET Avimlor XVALKER Pj-irnist ,, , ,, E Q ii TENNIE REE TEAR Homemaker GLADYS TOWNSEP A viatrix C ARNOLD WALKON Army Olliccr FLEUR WALTON Success EMORY WILLIAMS Navy Pilot X ,f. A gms I. B. WALTON Pilot RENA LEE WILLIAMS Secretary BOBBY WRIGHT Navy Career CLASS OF '45 ALLEN WHITE LEROY WHITE Lithographer Scientist GERALDINE WHITE CLAIR WHITTEN Slenographer Secretary WENDELL WILLIS OLLIE DEE WINDI-IAM Musician Private Secretary EVELYN WILLOUGHBY GENELL WOODRUM Fashion Designer Business Career , 4,1 - 5 KD DON WRISTEN a' WINGTON Rancher -fiecretarg NADINE YOUNG FRED SCHULTZ Stenographer Engineer E I 5 K er ,453 Q a, Y My 1 ff K , ,Q 3 K sf 5 X :E Y, lk ? 2 zv V 2 1 Q 2 Xa A P2 A 'QM 1 ,W , H ' Q1fgw5?,93w,,f,f?ag.f 'zftpwxfg gi., . if f, Y' A ,3,,1w,, Af, X L 3, . + 4 Q. ' ' 51' sf X 1 ,n.,f?f , ,- Q S 3?5Ef?1bifk 'Th ,, ff ' T is ' il? : X , yiwigif' 'Lf ,11Q.-zfkwa X af fQ,,4,,,, , if 1 ,. gi A ' ?iv+g?i1 'jzafvsig-.f,1w 1 ,YJ ,- fx J .:,ii:,f53f5k2E5Z,Hiw . I In A 3 Q. M Q aw ' iigsag A 1, 5, 215221 ' A w :. , : 1 W-4, ' V 2 , ' -fu it f .. i5,b,,3,1 . IAI - I . P ,Y Q , ,L VA i' ' g' X 4' 'Wiz VME? ff l'-Qi . ' V .- N -1: - 4 , ' 1: 151435 -:A ,n 3:23 W SSL ' 5 V, ? .if Q .1 M 9' K Fiaaiiit ft ffiil 'Ss'--7 'fix - ,551 S-Z 2 ' 3 Q A wifgaik -A l-1, X - ,,-1 A- .,, M , - ...HW .V .. 22 ,L-'Ei Z wk, W -,K Agp- 5. W .V 4 2' Y ' f. VV, . ' W 1 my ' . , ' :gk 4 Q MQW 11, 8 'fa , BOBBY REILY President OFFICERS PAT PERKINS Secretary TED HARDIN DICKIE ELAM Vice President Reporter CLASS OF '46 ADVISERS MR. I. FRED MCKINZIE MRS, TRUMAN NANCE 1' MARY RUTH ADAMS BILL ALEXANDER GRADY ALLEN ROBERT ALVIS Pastime: Going to shows Pastime: Airplanes Pastime: Sports Pastime: Playing Flute BETTY ALDREDGE CHARLES ALEXANDER LILLIAN ALLEN IOE ANTILLEY Pastime: Singing Pastime: Football Pastime: Secretary Pastime: Hunting HAROLD ARMSTRONG IOYCE AYER IAMES BAILEY WELDON BAILIEF Pastirne: Baseball Pastime: Radio Pastime: Hunting Pastime: Painting pictures HUBERT AUSTIN MOZELLE BAGBY MAEWYN BAILEY DONALD BAKER Pastime: Football Pastime: Dancing Pastime: Singing Pastime: Loafing I CLASS OF 46 MARCENE BALLARD MYRTLE LOIS BARNES IOI-INNIE BARRON BILLY BEACHAM Pastime: Drawing Pastime: Playing clarinet Pastime: Eating ice Pastime: Horseback riding MORRIS BARNES FAIRY BARNHILL HENRY BASS HERBERT BEASLEY Pastime: Tennis Pastime: Reading Pastime: Playing clarinet Pastime: Swimming LOU IEAN BENNETT PAUL BENSON BILL BIGGERSTAFF IUNE BIRD Pastime: Swimming Pastime: Camping Pastime: Hunting Pastime: Drawing ROBERT BENNETT BARBARA BENTLEY BOBBIE BILDERBACK BILLIE M. BISHOP Pastime: Going to shows Pastime: Popular music Pastime: Eating Pastime: Riding EDITH BOEHLERT RAY BOONE BOBBIE IO BOYD PAUL BRANNON Pastime: Sketching Pastime: Skating Pastime: Working Pastime: Working HAROLD BOEHNING DAVID BOWERS BOBBY BRANCH CHARLENE BRANTCI Pastime: Camping Pastime: Sports Pastime: Hunting Pastime: Swimming BILL BRAZZIL NADINE BRIMBERRY MARIE BROOKS IEAN BROWN Pastime: Going to movies Pastime: Dancing Pastime: Going to shows Pastimes Shows MARY ANN BRIGHT IOE BRITTAIN RUTH BROOKS ROSE MARY BROWN Pastime: Horseback riding Pastime: Sports Pastime: Dancing Pastime: Swimming I CLASS OF 46 WAYNE BURT PATSY CAMPBELL I. R. CANON WANDA IEAN CASON Pastirne: Dancing Pastime: Drawing Pastime: Football Pastime: Koclaking DON CAMPBELL WAYNE CAMPBELL KATHRYN CARVER REVA CATHEY Pastime: Airplanes ' ' Pastime: Reading Pastime: Sleeping Pastime: Vlriting letters NELLIE GAYE CHOATE DERWIN CLARY MARY CLINTON BOB COLLUM Pastime: Dancing Pastime: Playing in band Pastime: Bowling Pastime: Sports WINONA CHRISTIAN PHYLLIS CLEMMER IUNE COATS R. B. COMER Pastime: Dancing Pastime: Reading Pastirne: Music Pastime: Sports L - I LLLc,,.-, EUGENE CONNALLY SAM CORNELIUS if LILLIE BETH COUGI-IRAN , IEAN CRAIG Pastime: Loafing Pastime: Playing pool Pastimgag Running aroundf Pastime: Skating . .. , ,- RUENELLE COOPER DON COTI-IRON Xxlxf .BERT COWDEN BETTY CRUTCHFIELD Pastime: Dancing Pastime: Knife throwing PasRnTe? Camping Pastime: Music NORMAN DAULTON DONALD DAVIS SAM DAWSON WANDA DEAN Pastirne: Football Pastime: Sports Pastime: Sleeping Pastime: Reading DELMAR DAVIS MAGGIE DAVIS IUANITA DAY ZADA DE BUSK Pastime: Sports Pastime: Dancing Pastime: Dancing Pastime: Knitting I CLASS OF 46 MILDRED DELANO HELEN DOWNING ALEX EASTUS PATSY EDINS Pastime: Music Pastime: Reading I Pastirne: Running around Pastime: Riding ALTON DENNINGTON CHARLES EAGER CLARENCE EBBERT FRANK EDMONDSON Pastime: Working Pastime: Football Pastime: Sports A Pastime: Hunting DICKIE ELAM VIRGIL ELLIS EVELYN FARNSWORTH DWANE FAUCETT Pastime: Sports Pastime: Hunting Pastime: Skating Pastime: Sports IUANITA ELLIS BETTY LOU ETHRIDGE Cl-IRISTENE FARR MARY BETH FERGUSON Pastirne: Riding Pastime: Dancing Pastime: Dancing Pastime: Playing piano ARLENE FINEG IEWELL LOVENE FORTSON MARIE FOWLER DOROTHY FRANCIS Pastirne: Radioing Pastime: Skating Pastime: Reading Fastime: Movies DOUGLAS FLETCHER GEORGE FOSTER MARGARET FRALEY BILLY FRAZIER Pasiime: Chemistry Pastime: Reading Pastime: Sports Pastime: Reading GENE FREEMAN COY NELL GANDY DAVID GARRETT HERSCHEL GAY Pastime: Working Pastirne: Reading Pastime: Airplanes Pastime: Football BILLY IACK FREEMAN ARVEL GARNER HM GARVEY TRACY GILBRETH Pastime: Hunting Pastime: Football Pastime: Football Pastirne: Shows l t I l CLASS OF 46 IOHN GRAVENS IOHNNIE FAYE GREENE BILLENE GUITAR WANDA MAE HALE Pastime: Riding Pastime: Sleeping Pastime: Reading' Pastime: Shows 1 GLENN GREEN ADA GUIN BETTY HAGINS ARTHUR HALL Pastirne: Camping Pastime: Acting Silly Postixne: Movies Pastime: Fishing I CLINTON HAMILTON GLORIA HAMPTON GEORGANN HANKS TED HARDIN Postirne: Art Pastime: Dancing Pastime: Reading Pastime: Athletics RUTH HAMILTON BEVERLY HANKINS IOE HARBER IOHN RODGER I Pasiime: Swimming Fastime: Flirting Pasiime: Football Pasiirne: Valley ball I LUTHER HARRIS LESLIE HAVINS IACK HENDERSON LOUISE HENSON lastirne: Radioing Pastirne: Fishing Pastime: Bircldoggin' Pastime: Horseback riding GENA HASSEY MOZELLE HEFLIN DUANE HENDLEY IIMMIE HERRING Pastime: Reading Pastime: Reading Pastirne: Baseball Pastime: Hunting BILLIE HIATT BILL HILL DONALD HITT IOHNNY HOLLOMAN Dastime: Riding Pastime: Football Pastirne: Tennis Pastime: Basketball EDNA EARL HICKS LOLA FAYE HILL MARYANA HOLLY LEARLENE HOLTZCLAW Pastime: Skating Pastirne: Flirting Paslime: Dancing Pastime: Skating I CLASS OF 46 i f if I ALMA I-IONEA HOMER RAY HOPKINS XL HARTON BETTY HOVVE Dastime: Swimming Pastime: Reading Pcgiixi . ng in cars Pastirne: Skating LETHA HOOPER IERRY HOPPE QHERBERT HOUSTON BOBBY HOWERTON Pastime: Skating Pastime: Raising Spaniels Pastirne: Hunting Pastime: Guns IOI-IN O. HOWZE IOAN HUGHES IEAN IACKSON DON IETER Dastime: Hunting Pastime: Eating Pastime: Reading Pastime: Loafing DOUGLAS HUDDLESTON NORMA IEAN HUNT IIMMY IENNINGS HERSCHEL IETER Pastime: Eating Pastirne: Dancing Pastirne: Sports Pastirne: Basketball BILL IOHNSON DOROTHY IOHNSON MARY IOHNSON HAROLD IONES Pastime: Swimming Pastime: Collecting records Pastime: Working Pastime: Airplanes CELESTA IOHNSON KENNETH IOHNSON BUDDY IONES KENNETH IONES 3 Pastime: Baseball Pastime: Photography Pastime: Reading Pastime: Eating VINA FAYE IONES VELMA KENT BILLY KING GLENN KIRK Pastime: Dancing Pastime: Swimming Pastime: Shows Pastime: Swimming E. W. KEESEE LESTER KILPATRICK WILLIAM KING ROBERT KUYKENDALU Pastirne: Football Pastime: Hunting Pastime: Driving Pastime: Electricity I CLASS OF 46 I MARGARET ANN LAMB PATSY LANKFORD MERLYNE LEVERETT MORRISK LIDIA Pastime: Drawing Pastime: Talking on telephone Pastime: Tennis Pastime: Hunting DON LAMBERT WANDA LAWLESS LUNELLE LEWIS MARY ALICE LITTLE Pastime: Fishing Pastime: Going places Pastime: Reading Pasiime: Tennis BILLY LIVELY BOB LONG IRA LORD EMILY LOWRIE Pastime: Hunting Pastime: Dating Pastime: Radio plays Pastime: Running around BETTY LOGAN ILA LORD KATHERYN LOVING IAMES LOWRIE Pastime: Chewing gum Pastime: Reading Pasiime: Movies Pastime: Riding LENA IO LOWRIE LAVONE MACKEY WANDA IUNE MANNING NELDA MARTIN Pastime: Riding Pastinie: Airplanes Pastime: Riding Pastime: Swimming ELMER LUCAS I-IOLT MAGEE LEWIS MARLOW WILLIE MARTIN Pastime: Acting silly Pastime: Sports Pastirne: Loafing Pastime: Dancing BOBBY MAYFIELD I-IUBERT MIDDLEBROOKS BOB MILSTEAD E. G. MILLER Pastime: Sports Pastirne: Hunting Pastime: Politics Pastime: Sports OTI-IEL MERRELL BOBBY MIDDLETON BOBBY MILLER IUANITA MILLS Pastime: Singing Pastirne: Photography Pastime: Drawing Pastimez Dancing I CLASS OF 46 K. C. FRY DON McALlSTER RUSSELL MCCLURE ELBERT MCCRANIE Pastime: Working on cars Pastime: Football Pastirne: Basketball Pastime: Hunting IOI-IN FRANK FULLER LOUISE MCCAIN FRANK MCCOMBS GRACE MCCULLOCH Pastime: Basketball Pastime: Dancing Pastime: Sports Pastime: Collecting EDNA MCDANIELS ANN MCFALL IEANNE MCKINZIEI PATSY MCMINN Pastime: Riding Pastime: Dancing Pcistime: Dancing Pcistime: Riding W, A, MCDONALD BETTY MCFARLING PAT MCMAI-ION HAROLD MCMURRY Pastime: Bicycling Pastime: Sleeping Pastime: Saving Napkins Pastime: Hunting DON MAGEE HELEN MARONEY INEZ MASSEY IIMMIE ETTA MAYFIELD Pastime: Riding ' Pastime: Sports Pastime: Volley ball Pgstime: Bicycling IMOGENE MANSELL MILDRED MARTIN VONDA MASTERS NORMA IEAN MAYFIELD Pastirne: Eating Pastirne: Skating Pastirnc: Eating Pastirne: Riding MARGIE MEANS IUNE MILLER BETTY MOORE IOY MUNDEN Pctstimet Running around Postime: Dancing Pastime: Riding Pdstime: Cutting up BOBBIE LEU MILLER IOYCE MILLIORN BILLY GLENN MOORE FRONTZ MYATT Pastime: Skating Pastime: Reading Pastime: Fishing Pastime: Hunting I CLASS OF 46 SARAH NOLAND MARTHA NOLLNER PERRY NUCKOLS SAMMY NUNNALLY Pastime: Dancing Pastirne: Reading Pastime: Movies Pastime: Hunting MARY NOLETUBBY MARY BETH NORMAN MARY NUNN BOBBYE O'BRIEN Pastime: Volley ball Pastime: Redding Pastirne: Drawing Pcrstime: Basketball DAN O'CONNELL DAN OVERMAN ROBERT OWENS SIDNEY PARKS Pastinie: Riding Pastirne: Reading Pasiirne: Airplane Pdstirne: Basketball WANDA OLDI-IAM LAVOY OWENS PEGGY IEANNE PAGE PAT PERKINS Pgstime: Dancing Pastime: Movies Pastime: Reading Pastimes Loafing RAY PERRY IOHN PITTS DORIS JEAN PLOWMAN ELTON POOR Pastime: Football Pastime: Horseback riding Pasiime: Riding Pastime: Basketball GLORIA PETTY TED PITZER KENNETH POLLOCK LYNN POWERS Pastime: Tennis Pastime: Hunting Pastime: Shows Pastime: Camping IUNE PRESTON RAY PRITCHETT MAX RANDOLPH CHARLES RATHMELL Pastime: Skating Pastime: Reading Pastime: Tennis Pastirne: Horseback riding POLLY PRESTON LOYAL PROFFIT BETTY RASCO ROSA FRANCES RAY Pastime: Reading Pastime: Running around Pastime: Reading Pastime: Drawing I CLASS OF 46 EMMA IEAN READ ELROY REEVES BOB REILY BILLIE IO RHOADES Pastime: Flirting Pastime: Harry Iames Pastime: Football Pastime: Reading WINFORD REED DORIS REID DON REVELL IAMES RIDENS Pastime: Music Pastime: Riding Pastime: Riding Pastime: Bicycling BARBARA RIDDLE IO ANN ROBERTS SUDIE ROLLINS LLOYD RUCKER Pgstime: Dancing Pastime: Swimming Pastime: Eating Pastime: Football SAMIE RIDGWAY ELAINE ROGERS PATTY lUNE ROSS DOROTHY RUSSELL Pastime: Riding Pastime: Movies Pastime: Music Pastime: Swimming , BOB RUTLEDGE EDITH SCHANBACHER BILL SELMAN IAMES SI-IAFER Pastime: Riding Pastime: Riding Pastime: Loafing Pastime: Photography 'Q MARY RYAN IOHN SCOGIN IOHN SEWELL RALPH SHARP Pastime: Music Pastime: Riding Pastime: Fishing Pastirne: Hiking BILLIE ANN SHEPPERD DAVID SHOCKLEY BILLY IEAN SMITH GENE SMITH Pastime: Movies Pastime: Playing pool Pastime: Movies Pastime: Woodshop BABS SHIRET SHIRLEY SMESTAD BUD SMITH RECIA SMITH Pastime: Dancing Pastime: Skiing Pastime: Loafing Pastime: Eating I CLASS OF 46 PAUL SNIDER IERRY SPIRES CHARLYNE STEELE LEROY STEPHENS Pastime: Scouting Pastime: Loafing Pastime: Eating Pastime: Horseback riding RALPH SOLOMON MELBA SPURRIER I-IARRAL STEELE PEGGY STEVENSON Pastime: Mathematics Pastime: Skating Pastime: Flirting Pastime: Reading DOROTHY STEWART IOHN SUBLETT KENNETH TATE MARCIA TAYLOR Pastime: Collecting Pastime: Sports Pastime: Flying Pastime: Skating SYBIL STOOL CHARLES TANDY BOBBY IO TATUM DEE TROY TEDEORD Pastime: Reading Pastime: Talking Pastime: Basketball Pastime: Sleeping BRUCE THOMPSON VONCELE THOMPSON IAYNE THORPE BOBBY TODD stime: Hunting Pastirne: Radioing Pastime: Skating Pastime: Sports TOMMY THOMPSON WAYNE THORNTON IDA BETH TINER MARY IANE TREADAWAY Pastirne: Making Friends Pastime: Loafing Pastime: Movies Pastime: Riding ELBERT WALDREP AUBREY WALLACE ANNA D. WARREN GEORGE WATTS ustime: Riding Pastime: Hunting Pastime: Radioing Pastime: Football DOROTHY WALTRIP IANE WALTON GEORGE WATKINS THOMAS WATTS Pastime: Reading Pastime: Reading Pastime: Outdoor life Pastime: Outdoor life I CLASS OF 46 ' LANELL WEEKS ANDY WERNER BOB WHETSTONE CHARLES L. VVILCOX lstimer Ridiflq Pastime: Sports Pastime: Working Pastime: Hunting BOBBY WEEMS BILLY WELDON DICKEY WHITE CLARA LEE WILHITE Pastime: Riding ' Pastirne: Football Pastime: Sports Pastime: Swimming ALTON WILLIAMS BILLY WILLIAMS IOAN WILLIAMS IOLENE WILLIAMS lstirne: Scouting Pastirne: Sports Pastime: Movies Pastime: Movies BILL WILLIAMS BOBBY IOE WILLIAMS , IOE WILLIAMS A MARIIE WILLIAMS Pastime: Science Pastime: Reading Pastirriyz Loafing , K 'X Pastime: Riding in the rain I ll 'J A x u J .Ji WINSTON WILLIAMSON THOMAS INILLIS BERTIE LOU WILSON IOY WILSON Pastime: Hunting Pastime: Hunting Pastirne: Letter-writing Pastime: Dancing MARGARET WILLIS FAYTEEN WILSON HAROLD WILSON GERALDINE WIMBERLY Pastirne: Reading Pastime: Movies Pastirne: Sports Pastirne: Dancing f Q P ,L ti. 4' ' HOLLIS WIMBERLY LAURA WOODS GRAY WOOTEN LORRAINE YARBROUGH Pastime: Fishing Pastime: R Pastime: Radio repair Pastime: Movies MONA RAE WINKLES CAROLYN WOOTEN IEAN WROTEN BOBBY YOUNG Pastime: Sports Pastime: Dancing Pastime: Reading Pastirne: Railroading I CLASS OF 46 CAROLYN HARRIS OVIE DEE McILROY LUCILLE MULLINS GENE HUNTER Pastime: Swimming Pastime: Sports Pastime: Music V Pastime: Reading L BOBBY IONES FLORA MERLE MORGAN I BETTY IOYCE SMITH Pastime: Sports Pastime: Cornet Pastime: Skating LEON SMITH ANDREW URBAN MARGIE YOUNG IOE WILLIAMS Pastirne: Piaying Pool Pastirne: Swimming Pastime: Letter-writing and MRS. TRUMAN NANCE LaVERIA STREET MELBA VARNELL IEANETTE ZELLER Pastime: Reading Pastime: Reading Pastime: Reading 3 U16 Qlzzshlighl Frescnls MARGIE WILLIAMS Sophomore Queen -,,. BOBBY REILY Sophomore President I dare say you're wondering Why I don't put my arm around your Waist, the Duchess said. 'I HN 1, i 'The King and Queen ot Hearts were seated on the throne when they arr ved with a great crowd -about them MARGIE WILLIAMS FLASHLIGHT QUEEN wgww' IWiHnotI'1aVe a single person sliqhted or left away. af ANN BALLARD Masq' FRIENDLY GIRLL ' . G 1 DUBB DUFF MOST FRIENDLY BOY I have loolced lor equals . . . and found them ready for me in all lands. DAVID HUNT MOST REPRESENTATIVE BOY Q ji Ji2r'7 f II LOUISE DANIEL MOST REPRESENTATIVE GIRL Every day in public appearing without fail, but never twice with the some companions FRANK EVERTS MOST VERSATILE BOY PATRICIA YONGE MOST VERSATILE GIRL U f Ong being appears. All Waits or goes by default, ti CI S I CONNEB CULVEB MOST DEPENDABLE BOY EEe B ,eeeee A R, 1 A v', . - '1 ,.,,.:'1'- SABA BEDFORD MOST DEPENDABLE GIBL The long brown path before me leading Wherever l choose. PATSY PETTY os epresen ai e Girl CECIL RUTHERFORD Most Representative Boy -H x.:.,p ' 5 IO ANN POWERS Most Friendly Girl Runners-lip MAC FULLERTON Most Friendly Boy Amos BALL Awe: our GENE SPIRES Most Dependable Boy HELEN IEAN BOND Most Versatile Girl HM HARRISON Most Versatile Boy Produce great persons, the rest follows. DAVID RICHEY English CHISHOLM THOMPSON Mathematics EDITH BOEHLERT Latin Himfims 301' Merit SARA BEDFORD journalism ERNEST BOO Social Studie TH s MAX RANDOLPH Spanish VICTORIA PECHIN Bible I A The divine ship sails the divine sea for you. CECIL RUTHERFORD Drcfmcztics ' PAULA I-IAZEL RAY MCGLOTHLIN MARY ELIZABETH MEEKS Pep Squad Voice Voice Hfafiaus ?0r ,Merit li S hd SHIRLEY SME STAD Art MARTHA DANIEL HUNT MCKINLEY BETTY PEARCE Band Band Science There is no endowment in man or Woman that is not tallied in you. DAN NIE BEASLEY Diversified Occupations is p Q 'fs 5 1 A.. IOHN EASTER Shop Hmfizfus ?0r ,Merit ,uf f .,.., fl 2.-: WANDA HoPKiNs WF, Commercial tn ' ev .E sw L5- A f JAMES LEE DossEY Mechanical Drawing LOLA PAYE HILL ' 'Foods Mt --:'f if ,- ,, - iezgg tit sgem ' 'f-in iwffi N g, as . A 1-gg,af:z4?w, 7, z5iw22,r5'f9i1 sg, . its WEEK A: -'-lfiwfiif A ' Wbieirfrgsesfivggggifmgf- its gmm V E, 9 2, Ei? , ., gris ly: BILLY QUATTLEBAUM Vocational Agriculture i S 2 L K K : 55 ignqvt: wtifxiramss sm- f f' 1-' E i f K tazffbifetfaiamsi may , ., H., A, ,,, I ww. Eff. ,W f f.,,-: : r We .x:5.::,,,: -1-iw, ge- ,, .gixwy S 5551-I ..., . ,- GENE SPIRES l uv! ' - fl? V . E , 3 Athletics ,::, M, mn ..,-,. .,.., - W mimi :mfs new .. my Aww Q 35 . :,:.+-LiRi:r:z : Srssfwrwgsr 2 ' wfgfgfar ' 1 :-. A -gryiamgelgwfsr -awww. v - iifgiihflf .525 .-'ZF i :'ff::?,:i33Q?53'? V Q . .A ,fggsM,5W,,im,,5Lv ., . .. . .. V gsfwggsssmwfxsfv ij .. M ,. .. : ggi1af13fggifetmzszfwwfwsis,11 lr 'P 'VVANCELE YOUNG Clothing is f 2 Q. 55 if T 1 X w Q 'S L . And to define America, her athletic democracy A . ' Q, ,Athletics Couch J. F. McKinzie Abilene High School-l929 l-lalt-back on l-ligh School team two years Abilene Christian College-l933 Coaching experience-l l years Couch W. K. Bentley Abilene l-ligh School-l929 End on l-ligh School team two years l-larclin-Simmons University-l 934 Coaching experience-l l years Zfofball FRED LEE HUGHE Student Manager lAMES NEECE VARSITY SQUAD First Row: Dudley Fish, Harold McGeh ee, Bay McGlothlin, H. D.. Terry, Bobby Lee Hill, Guy Daniel, Fred Lee Hughes Second How: Ralph Hardy, Dub Duff, Gene Spires, Ioe Francis, Gus Vletas, Har- old Boyd Harvey, Tommy Davis, Billy Murphey Third Row: l. W. Proffitt, Don Brooks, Norman Daulton, Bichard Dillingham, Earl Glenn Bose, Ted Hardin, lim Harrison, Duane Sandlin Fourth Row: Coach W. K. Bentley, Bex Stubbs, Neal Bradshaw, lerry Patton, O. B. Stephens, Paul Benson, Marion Grant, Paul Frost, Coach I. Fred Mcliinzie CO-CAPTAINS GENE SPIRES DUB DUFF 4U4BackAl37 44-Back-160 RICHARD DILLINOHAM if lERRY PATTON DON BROOKS 12 E d 160 54 - n -- fEnd--l95 45-End--160 SEASON R IE ' A WW' uw? P - ASON SCORES Abilene ...H44 Cisco... .,.,A..,, Abilene .,,. ......,. l 2 Amarillo .... ....., 4 l Abilene . . . U Breckenridge . ..,. . ,53 Abilene , , R l9 Brownwood ..., .i.., . . A , R U RALPH HARDY 31-Endel56 REX STUBBS 48-Center-168 ABILENE O--ODESSA 15 t The inexperienced Eagles lost their first conferenc- garne to Qdessa, on Eagle land. Although the Eagle played an excellent game and fought hard, they werq not good enough to stop the hard-hitting Bronchos. l ABILENE 21-MIDLAND 26 Playing under the lights of the Midland Field, th. Warbirds almost won a victory from the Bulldogs Abilene was leading 21 tc 13 at the end of the thirc quarter, but in a fourth quar ter rally the Midland tean scored one touchdown on c plunge over from the one yard line and then rnadf the winning s c o r e on c twenty-five yard run. The game ended, Abilene 2ll Midland 26. Murphey, Han rison, and Patton made Abi lene's th r e e touchdowns while Dillingham made the kicks good. ABILENE 12 SWEETWATER 28 Full of hope for victory, the Abilene Eagles left for Sweetwater to face the Mus- tangs. The Eagles, scoring in the first two minutes of play and playing a vicious game, scared th e Sweet- water team for three and a half quarters. ln less than ten minutes from the final gun, Sweetwater made a pair of touchdowns no more than two minutes apart. Abilene made the next touch- down, and Sweetwater's final touchdown went over the line barely thirty seconds before the gun went off, which brought the game to a sad finish for the Eagles. Bradshaw scored first for the Eagles, and Spires second. NEAL BRADSHAW EARL GLENN ROSE 50m .BL-1Ckm175 43eBack- 137 TOMMY DAVIS 33'--Center-IGU BILLY MURPI-IEY 20-Back-142 JIM HARRISON 49eBack--155 if 1 ze r ff' Vw--W.. 5 ' A-. I' . Touchdown Bound ABILENE 33--BIG SPRING 20 Playing on Eagle soil, Spires recovered a Big Spring tumble on the sec- ond play from scrirnrnage, and, circling his own right end, ran twenty-five yards, which netted a touchdown. l-lis try tor the conversion point was good. On the next lciclcott, the Steers made a touchdown, but the extra point was lost. Again Spires made a counter for the Eagles, his try for the extra point was blocked. Shortly before the first period ended, Duff rnade an eighty-seven yard jaunt for a touchdown, and Spires kicked the conversion goal. Har- rison tabbed the next touchdown on a thirty-six yard run, and Spires made the extra point to make the score stand 27-6 in our favor. McGlothlin ac- counted tor the Eagles' final touchdown, the conversion being blocked. Big Spring made two more scores, however. The game ended Abilene 33, Big Spring 20. MARION GRANT PAUL FROST H. D. TERRY 53--Guardv-149 55-GuardY164 23-Guard--137 -- v V t ' Q it Q V 1 9, I , t I 5 fx I i . . .. ' Spires scores against San Angelo I ABILENE 40--LAMESA 9 The Black and Gold, paced by speedster Spires, won their first confer- ence victory oi the year over the Lamesa Tornadoes in McCollum Field. Spires turned in tour touchdowns and three extra points tor a scoring total of 27. Duff also scored in the tirst quarter for the Eagles, and Spires added the point. Murphey made a touchdown in the third period, with l-lill boot- ing the conversion. Abilene led 20-7 at the halt, scored once in the third quarter and twice in the tourth, bringing the game to a 40-9 finish. GUY DANIEL I. W. PROFFITT DUANE SANDLIN 41-fllackle and Guard--l65 52--Tackle--180 25---Taclcleelfil ., ,....-nl , ABILENE 7-SAN ANGELO l3 With hopes soaring, the Abilene Eagles met the unbeaten San Angelo Bob- cats in the two teams' annual Turkey Day game, played in the Eagle stadium. Bucking bad breaks from beginning to end, the Eagles battled San Angelo to a standstill for two and a half quarters. After San Angelo had made the first touch- down, with the conversion being blocked, Spires reeled off an eighty-eight yard counter and then booted his own conversion to put Abilene in the lead 7-6. This was the first time this season San Angelo had been behind, and it looked like an almost certain victory for the,,Eagles. San Angelo passed, however, and the ball was completed for a touchdowh.. The conversion was good. That pass ended the scoring, but not the threat, as the Eagles made the game dangerous for San Angelo until the final minute. EAGLETS First Row: Herschel Ieter, Bay Perry, Herschel Gay, Bob Rutledge, Bobby Weerns, I. V. Gilbreth, Glenn Green, Paul Brannon Second Row: Douglas Huddleston, Hubert Austin, Clarence Ebbert, Hubert Middlebrooks, Prontz Myatt, E. W. Keesee, Don leter , Third Row: Frank McCombs, Ewell Kimbler, E. C. Satterwhite, Billy lack Freeman, Bobby Beily, Loyal Proffitt, lohn O. Howze, Billy Weldon Fourth How: Gerald Hill, Ioe Harber, Harold Wilson, Arvell Garner, Bill Alexander, Kenneth Tate, Duane Hendley, Paul Snyder, Coach I. Fred McKinzie First Row: Don Brooks, lim Harrison, Paul Frost, Marion Grant, Bichard. Dillingham, H. D. Terry, Billy Murphey, Dudley Fish ' Secondllitows Mr. W. K. Bentley, Norman Daulton, Balph Hardy, Fred Lee Hugh aniel, Gene Spires, Ted Hardin, Gus Vletas, oe Francis ii' ti Third Bow: Bex Stubbs, Hershel Kimbrell, lames Neece, Duane Sandlin, I. W. Proffitt, Bobby Lee Hill, Bay McGlothlin, Earl Glenn Bose, Dubb Duff A C L U B OFFICERS Don Brooks . . . ..... . .. , . President lim Harrison . . . . . . Vice President Paul Frost ....... . . ,Sergeant-at-Arms Mr. W. K. Bentley . , . . Adviser Crqanizedz September, l943 Number Enrolled: Twenty-seven Motto: Better athletics Activities: The study of interscholastic qame rules Achievements: Cultivation of a better knowledge and under- standing of fellow classmates First Row: E. C. Satterwhite, Billy lack Freeman, Loyal Protiitt, Clarence Ebbert, Ewell Kimbler, Frontz Myatt, E. W. Keesee, Bay Perry, loe Harber, Gerald Hill -Q Second Bow: I. V. Gilbreth, Duane Hendley, Morrisk Lidia, Bobby lones, Frank lVlcCombs, Hubert Austin, Lonny Hendricks, Herschel leter, Elbert Wal- drep, Wilbern Hudson Third Bow: loe Brittain, Paul Brannon, Sidney Parks, Charles Eager, Paul Snider, Charles Alexander, Bob Butledge, B. C. Farmer, Bobby Weems Fourth Bow: Bill Biggerstatt, Douglas Huddleston, lohn C. Howze, lack Turner, Glenn Green, Bobby Beily, Herschel Gay, Billy Weldon, Hubert Mid- dlebroolcs, Mr. l. Fred Mcliinzie B FOOTBALL OFFICERS Bill Alexander . . . . . . . ,...... President Frontz Myatt ,,.., .,.. V ice President Paul Brannon ..,. ...... ,.., S e cretary loe Harber ,,,.,, ..,,. S ergeant-at-Arms Bobby Beily ..,.,.,.. ,.,....,.. R eporter Mr. Fred Mcliinzie , , l ..,..,. Adviser Organized: Fall l943 Number Enrolled: Forty Motto: A better sports program in Abilene High School Activities: Discussion ot the value ot athletics to the youth oi America Achievements: The promotion ot a better athletic program in Abilene High School First Row: Maewyn Bailey Marjorie Williams, lmoqene Mansell, Betty Mcljarlinq, Mary Ryan, Dorothy Waltrip, Nell Mackey, Dor- othy lean West, Mary l-lumber, loan. Hughes Second Row: Gloria Petty, loyce Milliorn, Doris Reid, lean Brown, Edith Schanbacher, limmie Etta Mayfield, lane Walton, Ada Guin, Marie Milstead, Patty lune Ross, Mildred Delano Third Row: Mr. Shelby Smith, Derwin Clary, lohn Frank Fuller, Lloyd Rucker, Laretha Hall, Alice Marie Osborne, Bobbie Bilderbaclc, Patsy Fan Dar- den, Norma lean Mayfield, Laverne Spears T E N N I S OFFICERS Ada Guin r . . , A r . . r . . President Maryanna Holly r . . . .,,. Secretary limmie Etta Maytield . . . . .Reporter Mr. S. I. Smith ....,.. ...., A dviser Organized: 1943 Number Enrolled: Thirty-two Activities: Tennis practice R . w First Row: Mr. Don Weatherby, Charles Campbell, Don Campbgel Cozy skins, Fred Schultz, Charles Dodson, Lester lfgmphrey, limmy ennings, loe 1 rams k 1: Second Row: Everett McCfehee, C. B, Stephens, lack Woods, loe Winni- ford, Buddy Korman, Douglas Reeves, Sidney Howze, Charles Little, Hugh Clark, Eddie Grier'- Third Row: lim Garvey, Edward Fincher, Holt Magee, Billy Braselton, gnhn l-lilloman, lames Griffin, Donald Bird, Harral Steele, Elroy Reeves, Wade armo y G 0 L F OFFICERS limmy Cooper . . . . ,,.,,.. i , .....,. President Charles Campbell . F i ..., Vice President yllnwnfgampbegll .,.,. ,.,......, S ecretary Dorman Akins .... ...,. S ergeant-at-Arms Fred Schultz ,...,... ,.,,..,.. R eporter Mr. Don Weatherby . , . ..,,. Adviser Organized: l927 Number Enrolled: Thirty Motto: Learn to play the best game of golf Activities: The study of the rudiments of golf COACH W. K. BENTLEY 16' ll s k rf I 0 zz I I 6 Coach Bentley-- lake to his playersehas been coaching basketball since 1936. His excellent and superior coaching has sent the Abilene High School basketball boys to District tive times out of the past eight years and to State three times. His friendly and congenial disposition has Won him the friend- ship ot every Abilene High School student. E E A BASKETBALL SQUAD Bottom Bow: Gene Spires, Hershel Kimbrell, Bex Stubbs, Marion Grant, Billy Mur- phey Middle Bow: Gus Vletas, Guy Daniel, lim Harrison, Lon Truman Smith, Earl Glenn Bose, loe Francis Top Bow: Don leter, Balph Hardy, Billy Lee Hill, 'Vlfayne Austin, O. B. Stepheiis, I Harold McGehee Q69 BASKETBALL REVIEW ,X Q J, Wayne Martin PBE-SEASQN BEVTEW ln the first pre-season practice game, Lawn High School visited the Eagles and went home victorious, carrying a 35-32 score. ln High School's next game, Brad- shaw called upon the Eagles and were deteated 33-23, Kimbrell being high-point man for the Eagles. The hustling Black and Gold were next visited by the sky-scraping Throckmorton guintet, and Abilene came out on top with a 23-22 victory. The Abilene Eagles next overpowered the Anson Tigers 27-l5 in a rough session played in the Eagles Nest on lanuary 20. Kimbrell led the Eagles with a scoring total ot thirteen points. Cn lanuary 2l, the Eagles repaid Throckmorton's visit to Abilene and lost the game 33-l2. The annual two-game series played between the Warbirds and the Breckenridge Buckaroos ended this year with the victories divided. Abilene tirst went to Breckenridge and lost 35-l6, and the tollowing night Breckenridge dropped in upon the Eagles and was subdued by them to the tune of 24-19. BILLY MURPHEY GENE SPIRES GUS vLETAs Gugfd Two-year letterman Guflrd Forward DISTRICT REVIEW This year the District 3-AA was divided into the Eastern I-Ialt and the Western I-Ialt. Abilene, Sweetwater, and San Angelo played in the Eastern I-Ialt, and the win- ner ot the three played the winner of the Western I-Ialt tor the District title. The tirst game the W'arbirds played resulted in a 30-2l defeat for the visiting San Angelo Bob- cats. Grant was high-scorer ot the game with nine points to his credit. At the end ot the third period the score was 22-8 favoring Abilene. Erom then on, it was not a gues- tion of who would win, but how much Abilene would win. The game ended Abilene 30, San Angelo 2l. Sweetwater was Abilene's next Conference opponent, in which contest the Mustangs were overpowered in their own gymnasium by the close score ot 20-27. Two extra periods had to be played to break the 25-25 tie. The tirst loss for The Initial Tip-off the Eagles in the Eastern sector of the District 3-AA came when San Angelo downed the War- birds 81-18. Marion Grant was high-point man of the game, which was played in San Angelo. Cn February 9, Sweetwater repaid Abilene's visit and returned home with a 28-16 triumph. ln the second period the Eagles performed like champions: Vletas dazzled the Mustangs with a fancy heave, Grant pitched in one from the side- lines, and Stubbs, stepping into a Sweetwater pass, raced down-court and made a goal be- fore the Mustangs spotted the ball. 1-lalftime score favored Abilene 9-8. This victory gave the Mustangs a lead in the Eastern l-lalf of the District 8-AA. The Abilene Eagles, revitalized by practice, and eager to take advantage of a second chance to win the Eastern 1-lalf of this district, gave Sweetwater a walloping of 29-14. Doing the walloping for the Eagles was Rex Stubbs, leading the Warbirds with nine points. This left Abilene and San Angelo to play the remaining game. Abilene, playing on foreign soil, lost to the Bobcats 85-15. The high-point honor was held by Stephens. A decisive shot During the Miss Liberty Contest, the luniors played the Sophomores and won 22 18. C. B. Stephens led the Iuniors,..and Duane Henley the Sophomores. IOE FRANCIS REX STUBBS MARION GRANT Forward- -Guard Center- --Capt Two-year letterma Forward HM HARRISON O B On February 29, the students roared with laughter when they saw the bearded faculty Win over the Fighting 4-F's. H. S. Fatherree, who scored six points, dropped the varsity re- serves with dead-eye marksmanship that the Fighting 4-F's were unable to match. loe C. CLittle loe the Wranglerl Humphrey thrilled the students by sinking one free pitch. Leading the Fighting 4-F's was Bobby Lee Hill, who had a scoring total of nine points. The bearded fac- ulty Won the game with a 21-19 scoreeand with plenty of bruises. Cn March 2, the luniors Cwinners of the lunior- Sophomore gamel played the Seniors a fighting game. Leading the Iuniors with seven points to his credit was Hershel Kimbrell. Also playing a thrilling game was lim Harrison, coming up with a total of five points. High-point man for the Seniors was loe Francis with a scoring total of six points. The luniors led at the half ll-9. In the two minutes before the final buzz, the game was tied 23-23. Kimbrell made a field goal in the closing minute, bringing the game to a victorious close for the Iuniors, 25-23. HERSHEL KIMBRELL High-point man Forward funiors Versus Sophomores Wit AaK?1'?vim qiglfff W M ,K L., as A ' L, , , ,W 5 2 , L s , --H ' ' ,,,, , 15 1 ,F Y Q wp X. YY 'W V K ws . ' ,,,i, A x ,V , lMWetiiwWiN9 M A , 'iz -k .k , Y V1 iw: 'N H V , q ' J . , g ., 5 Ip TY wY 3? Ef3f ??fw?eai' -I 9F9'QifbfT Mf v 1 .,. Wmqx M E 2-Vi. .' 7 z -a..-r' . K -- -v J I ,Alf ' 1 H, ,.. f7,U,f f 4 V . ff -f' ,A www , iw? f f'g ,f,Qff7fVfn, w - ' 4 i f nj , fy 51-7 -Fi' AfV' 'k , ,' 2 -1:2 iff? .J JwAf -Qfw 'N if bavvf 451 'L-'14- J . G 4? Ai--2-J ! f f M ij ' A I in ry. V, j . P, , .mx-f if V uf-M 1 , I 1. A A-1 . I if , A 4 5 fi. 7 ,ei ff.,fT7'Z 45' 'LILVAX ,5 ,ij , ffl-fl f5 ? fxdmir NM: ' , r R V K, ff Q., f A .1 1 5 1' . X' 'Qf ' ' s 4 fi-E :Jim ,E 'fg 1' ,, ,rf If f ,f L J' ,9 . . . ,Q 5-:f f'w ' W ' ' 4? 4, 'axgff ff' A A 1 ff I V ,ft f J' 'fs' 532 uf, i. ffi,'f'5 14 bv' if , ff Lii fgff 7 'M x, f,.f4 11 -, -f '5 L,, VVA, gg, I f 'dhljziir I 531 wr If L1 fl,-' ' f ig-f LQfK..,.- ' .5 ,V , A ,fi E 5 -5 1 ,W i , 6 J 1 1 5' ,- 4 g !' 'I g 2 xi JG fig M. - ji. Jn... -, 4 ' --s-, -H :' wr ' f ,Q A. , , f,,,,f ' if Q , J V A , Y Q :ML-f5.fC,if .iffffi .A - f Q V fff . A ' 1 ,-.. A 'W sz A E 1 X Mm WW 2 4... .Q:i,.A ' . ,J Q WMM l , 1 , ,Wn , 06 . . q ? 1115 WW My ,Jw gm 05' 1i3 A, Iuwg :-. 1' A' .. Q' ' ' W , xyQ1i'i,3,, W 'xfiiywfgmgygp Q Q , .AA,,, ,Q.,.q ,. V, XNXX ..-- : 9 Wy v -'2' n - -V 1 -. -' Q ' 1? aqui THANKSGIWNG PROGRAM You Shan? be behefrdedf' Said Alice , , ,, FLASHLIGHT STAFF Y f i MISS TOMMIE CLACK PEGGY PAGE Editorial Adviser Sophomore Staff MR. FRANK ETTER COY NELL GANDY Business Adviser Sophomore Staff MARY WATSON BOYD ROGERS - Editor Assistant Lay-out Editor KATI-IERIQISHISENIDERSON BARBARA L EBBERT CQNNER CULVER Tumor Edlmf L?-out Editor FRANK BENI-IAM D YATES Photographer Business Manager IOYCE COX VICTORIA PECHIN LOUISE OLIVER Club Editor Assistant Advertising Manager MARY ANNE WI-IATLEY WAYNE MARTI SUE WILLIAMS Senior Editor s Advertising Manager BATTERY STAFF Hobby Young, Bctlv Jump- Leu, Ilurir 1-Lfsid. TNJIWUIB' '7 ll115U'I4 1 1'Cf12l Dell Kliilglglllll. Ii:11'hLu':1 Bentluy. Sum HvdI'm'd, lflnlitm'-ill-Clxivf lielcn Jean Bund. Ixliillilgillg Iidiwrz Betty LJu11utl1:111. Vu-Uusimss llilllllgtlf Kay Mauxlmull. TQU-k'vUSTlIk'Sb Mallrxgvri I'wl'4'ful4M!.hPF, Ad X' fB'I311ugc1'f Tia5'.IUh115011,QRUIIIA1111Cl'uX!'5UN. lixcllzmgc1'2411Lu1x: Pulmy l :m IJz11':1x:11. S4-rviuv Llfliturz Alzxrsllullm-mL: llily. NA-W Ediwrg Glg-mm Ggiy, lfggffun- lgllitm-3 Virginia 3Ic'GQu1gl1e5'- liuglv 1-'u-zulu-1' Editor: Virginia Hayrzmml. A11'1uN-uxexmt Pjdituv: XV:u'11r D:-1111 lluw--Yuu-Mrt T-Iuinurp .Tr-gm Vurbg Tiillvlle-4'911itz1x'1 Gun' Hmm-1'1 TJIUTQI Mvrlv Alurgamz Burvill Him-H: I,zn'u'm- 4wQl'2lTl1Ll'll, 4'11'vl11g1ti4.11 Alun glgt-rg 1'lm1'lp-5 l'u1'1v1'g Vzxt Ymltvl Bliss 4'l:1l'k. .X1ix'iN'1': Miss Tillflf Aclxise-V3 .Tuma-5 ShuI'v1'3 Ifivkin- HTJIIIII l':llSX I,2lIlTifUI'4lI I,:ux'1-l'l1e Spa-urs: Jm- XViHi:ll11s2 1'1Im1i.- Sxviurfnxl Sub- XYilTi:xmNr111 S:41':1h Nvflzmvl 0. ' gy., l 1, X 1: Pix ..1U-.f ur ul A .. First Row: Miss Fern Brock, Geraldine Iohnson, Laverne Spears, Mary Anne Whatley, lo Ann Pow- ers, Mary lane Sage, Betty Daniel, Sara Bedford, Virginia Lewis, Dorothy lean West, Betty lo Antilley, launell Iones Second Row: Marylo Sears, Adelle Splawn, Lola Fonville, Shirleene Weir, oyce Cong, Sue Helen Bradshaw, lune Roberts, Dolores Guill, Iudy Hardy, Christene Holly, Miss Tommie Clac Third Row: Adalee Holmes, Mary Rose Small, Laura Lee Beckham, Iacqueline lones, Neta lean Hopkins, Mildred Faulks, Marianne McClure, Ioyce Hutchinson, Billie Abbott, lonnie Lou lones, Mar- tha Winter Fourth Row: Martha Daniel, ace,1ouise Oliver, Ioyce Harmon, Mary Lou Shanklin, Vir- ginia Block, Ian Brooks, Desa Lee Laird, rances Bevers, Anna Belle Williams, Wanda Baize, Marshal- lene Ray, Betty Io Pearce Fifth Row: Ioy Sue Self, Yvonne Starnes, Dikki Ord Poe, Ola Faye Burgess, Rosemary Hambrick Betty McKinzie, Shirley Bass, Dorothy Hillman, Pat Yonge, Elizabeth Iohnson, Patsy Petty, Louise Daniel: Elsie Kilgo, Wanda Huffman, Lee Greenburg, Dorothy Berry, Annadell Harkeyi- 'i G an G OFFICERS lo Ann Powers .,,, . ,,...., President Mary Anne Whatley , . , . .Vice President Mary lane Sage , . , . , , , .Secretary Betty Daniel . . . . . . .Reporter Miss Tommie Clack . . , , . . Adviser Mrs. Edith C. Smith , , , ,.., Adviser Organized: 1922 Number Enrolled: One hundred and titty Activities: Big Sister Movement and Christmas Party uh First How: loyce Marie Gwen, VVilmanMartin, Barbara Casey, Marjorie Campbell, Winnie Tones, Edith Bice, Laretha Hall, Mary Tye, Charlene Burgess, Eula Faye Bychlik, Billie Lois Aman, Alice Bal- lard, Ann Ballard Second How: Neva Burrows, Ava Beid, Mabeth Hopkins, Elberta Cline, Phletus Henderson, Hazel Clayton, Bill Sandlin, Gwendolyn Wilson, Cherry Powers, Billie leanne Fowler, Shirley Sproat, Cecile Nesbitt, Victoria Pechin, Florene Moore Third Row: lean Bowers, Bennie Sewell, La Nelle Witcher, Virginia McFadden, Connie Swinson, Lavada Swinson, Mary Humber, Betty Donathan, Wancele Young, Mary Houghton, Mattye Blanche Fletcher, Billie Buth Ayres, Margie Donaldson, Waneta Askins, Helen Iean Bond, Marie Milstead, Tillie Pace Fourth Row: Mary Elizabeth Meeks, Daisy Hicks, Iean Turnidge, Leora Tompkins, Eulaine Hicks, Bonnie Constant, Tommie Nell Newman, Iean Newman, Barbara Posey, Norma Newman, Eula Mae Wood, Betty Lou Lively, Wanda Hopkins, Launa Hollowell, Eunice Levrets, Glenna Gay, Betty lane Lea Fifth Row: Ioyce Hackney, Sue Ioyce Williamson, Kay Marshall, Anne Etheridge, Barbara Posey, Mary Frances Hiatt, Sherry Pechacek, Martha Federbush, Mary Beth Patteson, Mrs. Edith Smith, Kath- erine Anderson, Mary Watson, Louise DeGuire, Frances Dalton, Ida Lee Tedtord, Iyreldyne Hender- son, Patsy Howe G an G PROGRAMS Candlelight lnitiation Program Badio Work -a talk by Miss Dorothy Compere Christmas Party Preparations Talks on China, Silverware, and Home Furnishings it ' w ill f V A M 1 : 2 l L , .r ' me ,lf A x ,,,, . , :J 3 V , . 5 U lv l 1' , S A S tl fllwl Ili X fs' I t lf 1' is First Row: Alice Ballard, Ann Ballard, Helen lean Bond, Sherry Pechacelc, Bay McGlothlin, Eleanoi Bouldin, lean Bowers, Mary lane Sage, Veriena Hutchins, Miss Ouida Clemons Second How: Hazel Clalgon, Ioan Foss, Mary Frances Hiatt, Maxine Clement, Betty Moore, Ray Boone, Shirleene W err, fetha Hooper, Mary Lou Shanklin, Martha Pender Third How: Io Ann Tandy, Westelle lohnson, Cfenelle Woodrum, Shirley Bass, Mary Elizabeth Meeks, Birdie Margaret Walker, loyce Owen, Bill Sandlin, lane Collins, Iimmy lennings, lohnny Holloman Fourth How: Billy Darnell, Leroy White, Bob Milstead, H. A. Dozier, I. Q. Carter, loe Williams, Dubb Duff, lim Harrison, Richard Ayers, Charles Campbell A CAPPELLA CEEICEBS Bay McGlothlin . . .,,,.. President Sherry Pechacelc l . , . . .Vice President Mary lane Sage . . . , l .Secretary lean Bowers ..,.. . . .Librarian Helen lean Bond . . . ..,..,....,,,, Reporter Eleanor Bouldin , . . . .Practice Accompanistj Miss Ouida Clemons . . ..,..,, , .,,. Adviser Crganized: 1939 Number Enrolled: Thirty-six Achievements: Presentation ot Christmas program at Breckenridge tor the Woman's Club First Row: Leroy White, lim Harrison, Ray lVlcGlothlin, Bob Milstead, Eddie Grieifff Q. Carter, Richard Ayers 1 K Second Row: Billy Darnell, lack Henderson, Buddy Lackey, Wade Parmellyglge Mlliams, H. A. Dozier, Iimmy lenninas Third Row: Miss Ouida Clemons, Ralph Sharp, Iames Neece, Billy Roberts, Don Camp- bell, Bobby Branch, lohnny Holloman BOYS GLEE CLUB OEElCERS Dubb Duti President Charles Campbell Vice President Eddie Grier Secretary l.Q6,WilliVarns ., y . , Reporter Miss Ouida Clernohsvw' AM-NEWER Adviser Organized: l93O Number Enrolled: Twenty-tive Activities: Entertainment tor civic organizations W, M its XXV, First Row: Kyleen Blackerby, Peggy Page, Ioy Munden, Margie Means, Gloria Malcom, Bobbie Bilderback, Lottie Pearl Burk, Ruth Hamilton Second Row: Miss Ouida Clemons, Dorothy Waltrip, Ida Beth Tin ,Lillie Beth Coughran,D Ioan Hughes, Betty Hagins, Ramona Wright, Mary Batson, Velma Kent WP! Third Row: Lillian Allen, Dorothy Iohnson, Mary lane Treadaway Billie nn Sheppard Patti Hunter, Margie Williams, Ada Guin, Carolyn Grisham, Clair Whitte , Betty McFarling Fourth Row: Mary Ruth Adams, lean Mcliinzie, Laura Woods, Nelda Wilson, Patsy Mob- llizy, Betty Gustafson, Tommie Sue Glass, Carolyn W ne Lamb, Georgia Harris, nqie Dres Fifth Row: Billy lean Smith, lnez Massey, Mary Beth Ferguson, Barbara Iackson, Patty Perkins, Betty Bouchette, Ieannie Gray, Iune Bird, Patsy Ruth Hendrick, Nell Mackey, Marceil Mullins, Mary Olive Newberry GIRLS GLEE CLUB OFFICERS Mary Frances Hiatt . . i . . , ,.,,.,,. ,..,.,. P resident Mary Elizabeth Meeks ..,. ..,. V ice President Alice Ballard ,..,.,... ...,. S ecretary Eleanor Bouldin . . . , , ,Pianistj Miss Ouida Clemons . . .... Adviser Organized: l923 Number Enrolled: One hundred twenty-tive Activities: Presentation oi the Messiah ff First Row: Mary lane Sage, Eleanor Bouldin, lean Bowers, Mary Elizabeth Meeks, Mary Frances Hiatt, Alice Ballard, Kay Marshall, Veriena Hutchins, Mary Lou Shanklin, Miss Ouida Clemons Second Row: Ann Ballard, Betty Moore, Bay Boone, loan Foss, H-ag-maj-,Cl-CQQQ11, Maxine Clement, Bill Sandlin, Shirleene Weir, lane Collins, Letha Hooper Third Row: Eulaine Hicks, Pat Yonge, Sherry Pechacek, Helen lean Bond, Westelle Iohn- son, Io Ann Tandy, Genelle Woodriim, Birdie Margaret 'Walken loyce Marie Owen, Martha Pender Fourth Row: Billie Ieanne Fowler, Mattye Blanche Fletcher, Bonnie lean Constant, Flo- rene Smith, Mary Bose Small, Adalee ' Bice, Winnie lones, Sue Helen Brad- shaw Marie Milstea ary Catherine ig GIRLS GLEE CLUB The programs presented throughout the year by the Girls Glee Club have been many and varied. One ot the most outstanding programs was the Seven Last Words given Easter Sunday in the Abilene High School Audi- torium. During the Christmas holidays the Cflee Club went caroling. Enter- tainments were turnished tor Civic Clubs in Breckenridge. The Glee Club I has appeared in chapel many times and has presented programs at the three local colleges-Hardin Simmons, Abilene Christian, and McMurry. First Row: Nona Mae Snow, Marilyn Smith, Wanda Dean, Betty lo Pearce, loy Sue Self, Betty Howe, Mildred Martin, Ploy Cutbirth, Theresa Bespess, Flora Merle Morgan, Mr. B. T. Bynum Second How: Billie Iune Miller, lean Wroten, Barbara Smith, Myrtle Lois Barnes, Martha Daniel, Iuanita Mills, Nadine Brimberry, Gloria Petty, Mary Bright, Annadell l-larlcey Third How: Barbara Casey, Margaret Willis, Virginia Lane, Eula Faye Bychlik, La Verne Spears, Betty I-lodges, Yvonne Starnes, Adelle Splawn, Betty Daniel, Tune Preston, Arlene Fineg, Lola Fonville, Gene Hunter, Elaine Starnes GIRLS BAND GFPICEBS Lola Fonville , , , , .,.,, , .,,. , , .Captain Betty Pearce , , First Lieutenant Toy Sue Self , . . . . . .First Lieutenant Martha Daniel , Second Lieutenant Mr. B. T. Bynum .i.. .,.. A dviser Qrganizedz l938 Number Enrolled: Forty-one Activities: Programs, Picnics, Parties First How: Darlene Mackey, Polly Preston, Betty lo Pearce, Martha Daniel, Gene Smith Betty Daniel, Iune Coats, Nona Mae Snow Second How: Betty Crutchfield, Gaylia Wray Hillburn, Loclcilou Bynum, Paulina Harris Wanda Dean, loy Sue Self, Yvonne Starnes, Hunt McKinley, Mr. Pt. T. Bynum, Arthur Hall Donald Davis, Buell Lindley, Margaret Willis, Elaine Starnes ORCHESTRA OFFICERS Hunt McKinley , . , President Bichard Davis , Vice President loy Sue Self , Secretary Betty Pearce Librarian Mr. B. T. Bynum , Director Organized: l927 Number Enrolled: Twenty-tour Activities: Concerts, Programs r 1 , First Row: Buell Lindley, Bosemary Hambrick, B. L. Brown, Robert Alvis, Earl Thompson, Har- old Boehning, Thomas Watts, Frank Everts, Bill Heavenhill, Morris Barnes, B, L,,BateS, ohn Walker, Hunt McKinley, Mr. B. T. Bynum Second Row: Boy Lee Fuller, Charles Tandy, Gene Smith, Wayne Dean, Iames Shelton, Iames Lee Dossey, Bruce Thompson, Harold lones, Wintord Reed, Eugene Norman, Clitton Lawhorne, William King, Henry Mohr Third Row: Don McClure, Henry K. Bass, Douglas Berry, Billy Fielder, Herbert Houston, Der- win Clary, Aubrey Connally, Alton Williams, Homer Harker, Mel Thurman, Glenn Meeks, Du- ward Leverett, Mac Fullerton, Richard Davis Fourth Row: Dorman. Akins, Bill Bead, Grady Allen, Wendell Willis, Oran Elmore, Doyle Bay Gurley, Arthur Hall, Don Davis, lack Chaney, Glendel Lang, Clifton Schooler BOYS BAND OFFICERS Hunt McKinley r . . r , , , Captain Mac Fullerton .,,.,. First Lieutenant Boy Lee Fuller . Second Lieutenant Clifton Schogler , r . .Second Lieutenant Mr. B. T. Bynum . . . Director Organized: i926 Number Enrolled: Fifty-tour Motto: Character, Service, Music, Fraternity Activities: Concerts and Social activities F P ' df' I 1, M First Row: Adelle Splawn, Virginia McGaughey, Martha Daniel, Clifton Schooler, Mac Fuller- ton, Glenn Meeks, Charles McCook, Cecile Nesbitt, 'Westelle lohnson, Billy Read, Robert Alvisx-N Second Row: Iuanell lones, Margaret Vlfillis, Flora Merle Morgan, Floy Cutbirth, Betty Howe, Theresa Respess, Dorothy lohnson, Gloria Norvell, Dorothy Stewart, Betty Lou Nelson, Nona Mae Snow, Lola Fonville Third Row: Billy Fielder, Aubrey Connally, Hunt McKinley, Henry Mohr, Clifton Lawhorne, lack Chaney, Bill Heavenhill, lohnnie Lou lones, Martha Winter, Betty Donathan, Wancele Young, lean Wroten, Barbara Smith 1 Fourth Row: Bruce Thompson, lohn W'alker, Annadell Harkey, Betty Daniel, Homer Harker, Richard Davis, Don McClure, Thomas Watts, loy Sue Self, Yvonne Starnes, Glendel Lang, Gene Smith RECORD OFFICERS Clifton Schooler . , , , ,pfegjdgm Betty Daniel . . . . , Secretary MI. BYHUIT1 . , , V -AdVjSQf Crganized: l943 Number Enrolled: One hundred and fifty Motto: Good music makes good people Activities: Listening to good music First Row: Buth Ann Crowson, Nelda Vtfilson, Marjorie Campbell, Bobbie loe Boyd, Celesta lohnson, Lena lo Lowrie, Billie Lois Aman, Elaine Starnes, Gene Hunter, Duward Leverett, Buell Lindley Second Row: Dickie Elam, Wintord Beed, Alton Williams, Arthur Hall, Don Magee, Billy Wil- liams, Laverne Brooks, Charlene Branton, Billie loyce Pechacek, Wanda Muston, Virginia Raymond Third Row: lean Iackson, Billie Ann Shepperd, Mary lane Treadaway, Barbara Bentley, Sybil Stool, Patty Britain, Birdie Margaret Walker, lane Collins, Victoria Shaheen, Virginia Lane, Bar- bara Casey, Earl Thoni.p.SQn ,,,,.. Fourth Row: Phyllis Clemmer, Paulina Harris, Cynthia Humphrey, Mary Ruth Adams, Edith Bice, Troy Weems, Cecil Pruitt, David Bowers, Mr. B. T. Bynum, Wayne Dean, Mary Katheryn Loving, Georganna Hanks RECORD Pnoa-RAMs Beethoven's Sixth Symphony March Slay Tschaikovsky's Fifth Symphony Rhapsody in Blue Unfinished Symphony Pictures in an Exhibition Firebird Suite Peter and the Wolf Scheherazade Shastakovichs Filth Symphony lean Bowers, Mary Elizabeth Meeks, Mary lane Sage, Miss Guida Clemons, Eleanor Bouldin, Verina Hutchins, lane Collins, Birdie Margaret Walker SEXTET The Sextet, one of the most important extracurricular activities in the school, has proved to be an attractive feature of many programs. Under the direction of Miss Ouida Clemons, entertainment was furnished throughout the year for the USC Clubs, Camp Barkeley, Civic Clubs, different churches in town, Abilene Christian College, McMurry College, and l-lardin-Simmons University. A special performance was given for the wedding announcement tea honoring Miss Win- nifred Pfaff. U f' X First Row: Gene Spires, Dubb Dutt, Conner Culver,'David Hun,t,QABd Yates, tMarion Grant Second How: Tommy Davis, Prank Everts, Don Biddle, Bay lVfCGlothlin, Boyd Boqers, Bex Stubbs. Third Row: Mr. Fred Mcliinzie, H. D. Terry, Guy Daniel, Earl Glenn Bose, Billy Murphey, Charles Spettel, Ioe Lee Hitt X Other Members: Herschel Kirnbrell, lim Harriso1ij in, Altus, Buford, Bob Hollowell, larnes Harold Wriqht, Bill Braselton M., HI-Y CPFICEBS Gene Spires , President Dubb Dutt , . . Vice President Conner Culver . , Secretary David Hunt . , . . Chaplain Ed Yates . , , , 'Reporter Mr. Fred Mcliinzie , , A fldviser Orqanized: l92B Number Enrolled: Twenty-two Platform: Clean sportsmanship, clean living, clean speech, clean scholarship Activities: Father and Son banquetg Sweetheart banquet Csetffe g x it-2. First Row: lean Krumm, Anna Ruth Byrumqlietty Brewer! Winnie lones, Dorothy Botkin, Zada Lee DeBusk, Morris Rucker, Mrs. E. M. Randolph Second Row: Steve Robertson, Rose Marie Miller, Rhorna Dell Pope, George lones, Maxine Clement, Alma leanne Sibley, Helen Aaron, Patricia McMahon, lda Lee Tedford, Max Randolph Third Row: Kay Marshall, Evan Duval, lerry Trickey, Rena Lee Williams, Rebecca Flores, Iames K. Graham, Iimmy Tittle, Clifton Williams, Homer Ray Hopkins, Bobby Young Los LEALES GFICIALES George lones , t . , , , , , ..,,, .Presidente Dotty Botkin , , , .Vice Presidente Max Randolph t , . . . . .Secretario Senora Randolph . . . ...A Madrina Se arginazo: l926 Numero de los sociosz Treinta y uno ' Actividades: Programas de musica espanola discursos por personas de habla espanola Proposito: Un mejor entendimiento de las naciones espanolas ye el mejorar de la habilidad de hablar esta hermosa lengua First Row: Margaret Ann Lamb, Clinton Hamilton, Bobby Miller, Eula Faye Bychlik, Sue Gib- son, Adalee Holmes, Marilyn Smith, Shirley Smestad Second How: Bobby Bay Middleton, Iacqueline Small, Wilma Thorn, Dora Ruth Philley, Evelyn Willoughby, Patricia Buch, Gladys Anne Elliott, Rosa Frances Bay Third Row: Weldon Bailiit, Edith Boehlert, B rrbara Iackson, Gayzelle Cooper, Ieanne McKin- zie, Iohn Shaw, Cleo Clary, Mrs. Pat Henagan,Betty Cook ART CFElCEBS Bobby Saxon . . , . , , . ,,,,.,, President Marilyn Smith ..,. Vice President Kathryn Miller . , . . ,Secretary Mrs. Pat l-lenagan , .Adviser Organized: l926-l927 Number Enrolled: Twenty-nine Motto: Art Washes away from the soul the dust ot everyday lite Achievements: Development of an appreciation ot art among its members and of a worthwhile service organization in our school community First How: Wilda Holmes Marie Owen, Betty Ioyce Smith, Marie Brooks, Barbara Bid- dle, Maggie Davis, QQ, Ann MCF all, Iohnnie Mae Carey, Betty Mayfield, Miss Myrtle Trantham R' Second Row: lnez Massey, Dorothy Francis, Gena Hassey, lacqueline lones, Charlyne Steele, Bernice Gillis, Charlene Holley, Christene Holley, Dorothy Louise Guthrie, Lockilou Bynum, Gay- lia Wray Hilburn, Mozelle Bagby Third Row: Melba Varnell, Nelda Martin, Nancy Warren, Gladys Buchanan, Lavada Swinson, Connie Swinson, Grace Buchanan, Patsy Howe, Mildred Faulks, Neta lean Hopkins, Patsy Campbell Fourth Row: Georgia Mae Harris, Barbara Carney, Aida Sisson, Wanda Cason Billie Baxter Marie Hobbs, Frances Dalton, Helena Carey, Marceil Mullins, Dorothy Harber, Frances Buford, Ld Nelle G-rant, Tommie Sue Glass JUNIOR RED CROSS OFFICERS LEleanor Bouldin .,.., ,,...,. P resident Q Myrtle Beth Hamrnersg. . , ,.., Ee President Emilie Long ....,..,.,.,, ,..,..,, S ecreiary Lee Greenburg .,,.. F . . .Reporter Miss Myrtle Trantham , . ..., Adviser Organized: l938 i Number Enrolled: Eighty Motto: We serve Activities: Canteen Work and aighans . 1 WL ... X3 . V , N f b First Row: Lora Pearl Haynes, Angie Dres, Tillie Pace, Emilie Long, Mtyrtleymkjljim-HQ,mm3,TSi -4 Eleanor Bouldin, Kyleen Blackerby, Dorothy Symes, Etta lane Stephenson, Nona Lee Conaway, Betty Io Edmondson Second Row: Miss Belle Iones, Ava Reid, Mary Catherine Higdon, Sue Helen Bradshaw, Mary Beth Ferguson, Beatrice Ellison, Ray Boone, Virginia Lewis, Mabeth Hopkins, Mary Tye, lan Brooks Third Row: Mrs. Ruby Gatlin, Elaine Rogers, Wanda Hale, Helen McCraw, Dorothy Berry, Lenore Greenburg, Betty Lou Ethridge, Brooksie Nell Collier, Patsy Edins, Marie Fowler, Ida Beth Tiner JUNIOR RED CROSS During the year the members ot the lunior Red Cross made Christmas tree decorations, bags tor checkers, pajamas, robes, and slippers tor the soldiers at Camp Barkeley A nutrition course was taught to nine students by Mrs. C. G. Farr. , The club also sponsored a lunior Red Cross membership drive in high school, which netted about forty-tive dollars. First Bow: Stayner Dugan, Steve Robertson, Charles Spettel, George Pliler, Billy Syrns K C Fry Bobby Bay Moore Second Row: Frank Benham, Billy Braselton, lames Lowrie, Wilcie Daulton, Bobby loe Tatum Don Ieter, Buddy lones, Andrew Urban Third How: Billy loe Willis, Paul Snider, Tracy Gilbert, Bob Collurn, Iohn Harrell, Wayne Burt Bobby Young, David Garrett, Iarnes Cullom BOYS CADET CORPS OFFICERS Stayner Dugan r Charles Spettel . . Steve Bobertson , , . Mr. W. K. Bentley A , A Crqanized: l942-1943 Number Enrolled: Thirty Motto: Guide right Activities: Close-order drill and physical fitness , , r . .Captain Lieutenant Lieutenant . . rMaior First Row: Mr. loe Humphrey, Tommy Wheeler, Wayne Ramsey, Bobby Wright, Boy Farnes Bobby Todd, Billy Beacham, Harold McMurray, Billy Glen Moore, Bobby Suggs Second Row: Iohnny Harris, Thomas Willis, Thurman Curry, Andy Vlferner, Lawrence Smith Harold Hitt, E. W. Keesee, Lawson Clemmer, Andrew Urban, Ned Smith Third Bow: Oran Elmore, Bobby Comer, Perry Nuckols, Harold Armstrong, limmy Kimmey lohn Sewell, Sammy Nunnally, l. Q. Carter, Don leter, 'William King Fourth How: Donald Davis, Bert Cowden, Bobby Howerton, lohn Harrelson, Billy Lively, Don ald Hitt, George Watkins, Wayne Austin, Winston Williamson, Herbert Houston, Grady Allen RIFLE GFFTCEBS Tommy Wheeler . President Wayne Ramsey , Vice President Bobby Wright , , . . Secretary Mr. Toe Humphrey , ,Adviser Grganized: September l9-43 Number Enrolled: Fifty Motto: Make America a nation ot ritlemenu Activities: The study oi rnarlcsmanship and the use ot the ritle First How: loy Sue Self, Glenna Gay, Sara Bedford, Betty lo Pearce, Nadine Young, Samie Bidqway, Betty Cook, Nancy lo Glover, Patsy Storey, Brooksie Nell Collier Second Row: Lunelle Lewis, Marie Fowler, Vina Faye lones, Mildred Delano, Reva Cathey, Cthell Merrell, LaVeria Street, Alta Marie Richardson, Fayteen Wilson, Babs Shiret Third Row: Evelyn Farnsworth, Peqqy Stevenson, Billene Guitar, Anna D. Warren, Geraldine White, Mrs. Amelia Haile, Menoma Haynes, Helen Baker, Helen McCraW, loyce Ayers, Chris- tine Farr, lnez Massey GIRLS CADET CORPS First Semester loy Sue Self ,..., Sara Bedford, , , Glenna Gay. , . Betty lo Pearce . . . Mrs. Amelia Haile. . . , . Craanized: Mid-term l942-l943 Number Enrolled: Thirty-two COMPANY A OFFICERS .Captain Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant , Vtfarrant Cfficer, . , Major. , , Activities: Assistance in school, town, and charity benefits Second Semester . , ,.,........ Sara Bedford . . . .Glenna Gay . , , .Nadine Young ,,...,..,BettyCook , , Mrs. Amelia Haile Achievements: Mastering close-order drill, improvement of physical fitness First How: Dorothy Berry, Louise Blakemore, Betty Antilley, Dora Ruth Philley, Willena Ol- son, Laverne Spears, Lenore Greenburq, Iohnnie Lois Barron, Betty Lou Ethridae, Mrs. Amelia Haile Second How: Billie lo Billinaton, Doris leane Plowman, lunne Stephens, luanita Day, Ioyce Hackney, Daisy l-licks, Kyleen Blackerby, Betty lean Aldredqe, Sudie Bollins Third Row: Iohnnie Faye Greene, Betty Ioyce Smith, Geraldine Wimherly, 'Wanda lune Man- 3Xi'na,hMarqaret Fraley, Nelda Martin, Marie Bro oks, Florene Moore, Bolobie Leu Miller, Ramona rig t GIRLS CADET CORPS COMPANY B OFFICERS First Semester Second Semester Captain ,.., . . Dorothy Berry . . . , . , . .Captain Second Lieutenant . . Louise Blakemore First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant . , . . . .Betty lo Antilley . , . . . .First Lieutenant Warrant Officer i . Dora Buth Philley Warrant Officer Major, ,,,, , , .Mrs. Amelia l-laile . . i Major Organized: Mid-term l942-1943 Number Enrolled: Twenty-nine Activities: Assistance in school, town, and charity benefits Achievements: Mastering close-order drill, development of physical fitness 'L khan!! . -V bg Wood, 5 by ..,l:f e ,A ,, L, First Row: Dortheal Kilgo, Myrtle Beth Hamm ers, Patsy Pett , Elsie Kilgo, Louise Daniel, Wanda Huffman, Pat Yonge, Georgia Harris, Paula Hazel 1- Second Bow: Dotty Botkin, Nancy Cawyer, Dorothy mes, Victoria Shaheen, Ioan Powers, Dee Annis Barlow, Patsy Mobley, Alma lean Sibley, Dorothy lean .West, Ola Fay Burgess, Shirleene W'eir Third How: Barbara Carney, ary Catherine Higdon, tta leanne Lamb, Emilie Long, Lora Pearl Haynes, loy Sheffield, Gloria V o -:-- A -- ' 2 - , irginia Lewis, Mary Humber, Marianne McClure, Anne Etheridge Fourth How: Norma Newman, Tommie Nell Newman, ludy Bryant, Shirley Gaslcill, Elizabeth Iohnson, Dorothy Hillman, Betty Bouchette, Kay lohnson, Betty Mcliinzie, Mrs. Amelia Haile, Pat Lanlcford, Patsy Grisham, Carolyn Grisham, Laura Wood, Frances Tompkins, Eleanor Bouldin, Glenna Gay , , f ii' 5 PEP SQUAD OEEICEBS ..,,. ,,..,. Jgilaega Louise Daniel , . . . , ..,. . , , . ..,, Vice President Elsie Kilgo ...,.. ,,.., S ecretary Wanda Huffman , . ,,...,,,. , .Treasurer Patricia Yonge . . . t .Chairman of Checkers Mrs. Amelia Haile t t . A . ..,,.,,, Adviser Organized: l923 Number Enrolled: One Hundred Activities: Performing stunts and assisting in civic affairs Achievements: The promotion of good morale in the school t is 5. u ,t -l First Row: Polly Preston, lune Coats, Barbara, Biddle, Betty McFarling, Marjorie Williams, lmo- gene Mansell, loy Munden, Lillie Beth Coughran, Marjorie Means, Ann McFall Second How: Carolyn Wooten, lacqueline Small, Virginia Raymond, Charlyne Steele, Nadine Young, lda Beth Tiner, Charlotte Sei, Bose Marie Miller, Lockilou Bynum Third Row: leanne McKinzie, Bertie Lou Wilson, loan Hughes, Patti Hunter, Bay Boone, Tillie Pace, Buth Ann Crowson, Billie Ann Shepperd, Georganna Hanks, Ruth Hamilton Fourth Row: Gloria Bonine, Yvonne Beasley, Betty athmell, loria Norvell, Dorothy Berry, Patty Perkins, Virginia McGaughey, loyce Hutchinson Mozelle Bates, Betty Crutchfield PEP SQUAD oFFicERs Pgulh Hazel, Pat Yonge, Patsy Petty, Louise Daniel, Elsie Kilgo, Wanda Huffman, Dortheal Kilgo j, r First Row: Cecil Ruthertord, Billy Ladas, Martha Pender, Sherry Pechacek, Katydell McCarty, Frank Everts, Dolores Guill, ludy Hardy, Clarence Siewert, Frances Tompkins, Miss Margaret Breedlove Second Row: Marylo Sears, Fleur Walton, Ioan Foss, Betty Moore, Mary Frances Hiatt, lgli Ina Martin Ruth Ann Crowson, Samie Ridgway, Polly Preston, Carolyn Wooten, Cleo Clary, ludy Barlow Third Row: Nona Mae Snow, Margaret Fraley, Barbara BroWning Adalee Holmes, Cora Leslie Clark, Genelle Woodrum, Mary Beth Patteson, Evelyn Willoughby, Helena Carey, Martha Lou Federb lex Eastus Fourth Row: Bob Milstead, Mozelle Heilin, Rith Hamilton, Alma Honea, Billie Ruth Ayres, Ella Mae Morris, lean Curb, Max Randolph, Donal Alison, Ernest Holmes, Charles Carter, Billy Dar- nell, Iohnny Shaw, Patty Perkins NATIONAL THESPIAN OFFICERS Cecil Rutherfor .- . . . .,.... President Billy Ladas .,,,..,... . .Vice President Martha Pender i....... ..... S ecretary Miss Margaret Breedlove . . .... Adviser Organized: 1937 Number Enrolled: Thirty-tive Activities: Production of plays ,vi 1 JJ rf ,,- A i V4 X A1 -I . . I First Row: David Hunt, Iames Harold Wright, Marylo Sears, Paula l-lazel, Annadell Harkey Gloria Malcom, Etta Ieanne Lamb, Pat Yonge, Ioan Powers, Bob Milstead, Patty Perkins Second Row: Shirleene Weir, Sarnie Ridgeway, Ada Guin, Beth Patteson, Martha Pender, Mar tha Fedelbush, Mary Frances Hiatt, Betty Moore, Billene Guitar, Grady Allen, Thomas Watts Dickie Elam Third How: Billie leanne Fowler, Miss Pansy Gardner, Dee Annis Barlow, larnes Shafer, Are nold Walkow, Alex Eastus, Cecil Rutherford, Billy Ladas, Billy Frazier, Buddy Korrnan, ,Ed Yates Frank Everts NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE OFFTCEBS David l-lunt .,..,.. , . , i , .... i ,President larnes Harold Wright , Vice President Marylo Sears , . Secretary Paula Hazel . , Treasurer Miss Pansy Gardner . , .Adviser Graanized: l933 Nurnloer Enrolled: F itteen Activities: Debate, declamation, and extemporaneous speech 1 First How: Bettye Hodges, Andrew Smith, Cora Leslie Clark, Frank Everts, Billy Frazier, Mary loyce Browning, Bill Sandlin, Hazel Clayton, Phletus Henderson Second Bow: Bertie Lou Wilson, Lillie Beth Coughran, loy Munden, Margie Means, Frances Tompkins, Betty Moore, Ruth Hamilton, Mary Frances Hiatt, Martha Federbush, Alma Honea Third Bow: Clarence Siewert, Billy lohnson, Balph Solomon, Billy Roberts, Alex Eastus, Billie Buth Ayres, Evelyn McClure, Doris Grace, Mozelle Heilin, Nellie Gaye Choate, Sara Noland Fourth How: Miss Margaret Breedlove, Billie Ieanne Fowler, Fleur Walton, Wanda Baize, Anna Belle Williams, Buby Miller, luanita Mills, Buenelle Cooper, Bette lane Lea, Carolyn Wooten, Polly Preston, Betty Crutchfield STAGE CRAFT OFFICERS Frank Everts ..,..... ,...,.. P resident Mary loyce Browning . . . . .Vice President Miss Margaret Breedlove . . ...., Adviser Organized: l943 Number Enrolled: Forty Activities: Make-up for major productions C ,f JAIMVLX First How: Billy Ladas, Mrs. Edith C. Smith, Bob Milstead, Sherry Pechacek Cecil Butherford, Katydell McCarty, lean Curb, lune Coats, Marylo Sears Second Row: Ella Mae Morris, Patsy Mobley, Cfenelle Woodrum, Mary Clin ton, Shirleene Weir, Dee Annis Barlow, Beth Patteson, Martha Pender, Billy Dar- nell DICTION OFFICERS Billy Ladas . . , ,,.. , . , , .President Bob Milstead ..,.. . , Vice President Sherry Pechacek . . . . . ,Secretary Mrs. Edith C. Smith Adviser Craanized: September l943 Number Enrolled: Sixteen Activities: Choral readina Entertainment: Party at Martha Pender's in Novemberg picture shows , , J First Bow: Barbara Browning, lames Harold Wright, Arnold Walkow, Chis- holm Thompson, Bob Hollowell, Ernest Holmes, Don Biddle Second Bow: Charles Horton, David Hunt, Calvin Skinner, Crawford Barrier Charles Overton, Bobby Mayfield, Dan Parrish Third Bow: Hortence Hooker, George Foster, Calvin Cowden, Altus Buford lohn Lantz, Donald Baker, Miss Willie M. Floyd JUNlOR ACADEMY OF SCIENCE Julius Olsen Chapter CFFICEBS Barbara Browning ...., .......,... .....,, P r esident lames Harold Wright ...A . . . Vice President Arnold Walkow , . ..... rt.. S ecretary Miss Willie M. Floyd .,,.. .... A dviser Organized: l937 Number Enrolled: Twenty Activities: Direction oi State Meets Achievements: Promotion of an interest in research Q73 JO'-'vlfy First Bow: loan Bamsey, Bobby McClendon, Betty lo Pearce, Bill Lindow Second Bow: Charles Tandy, Miss Odell lohnson, Glenn Boy Williams, Merle Delmer, Sara Bedford, lames Harvey Clark MICROSCOPE QFFICEBS Merle Delmer President Bill Lindow Vice President Betty lo Pearce . Secretary Miss Qdell lobnson Adviser Craanized: l943 Number Enrolled: Ten Activities: Scientific experiments First How: Mary Lou Shanklin, Dolores Guill, Iudy Hardy, Ioyce Harmon, Mildred Martin Letha Hooper, lune Preston, Miss Mary Baqqett Second How: Patsy Hendrick, Billie lo Billinqton, lune Roberts, Edna Earl Hicks, Recia Smith Vfinonci Christian, luanita Ellis, Louise Henson, Wanda Dean, Christene Farr Third Row: loy Conlee, Pauline McWill.iarns, Marcia Taylor, Myrna Hunt, Lanell Weeks Neva Burrows, Vernitta Norris, lean Craig, Bobbie Lou Miller, Nelda Martin Dolores Guill . ,, Mary Lou Shanklin ludy Hardy . . . . loyce Harmon i i Marcia Faye Taylor , . Miss Mary Baqqett Crqanizedz Mid-term 1943-1944 Number Enrolled: Twenty-iive Motto: Keep 'ern rollin' Activities: Dinner party Ambition: Perfection in skatinq SKATERS orricsris , i , ,President Vice President . , . . .Secretary i . Reporter . , . Treasurer i .Adviser First Row: Betty Io Antilley, Iohnnie Barron, Helen Baker, Glenna Gay, Geraldine Wimberly, Wanda lune Manning, Willena Olson, Menoma Haynes, Margaret Fraley Second Row: Billene Guitar, Mary Alice Little, Billie lean Smith, Louise Blakemore, Iohnnie Faye Greene, Shirley Sproat, Sudie Rollins, Betty Aldredge, LaVeria Street, Lillian Allen Third Row: Wilnia lean Brown, Betty lo McNutt, Lou lean Bennett, Dorothy Russell, Carolyn klllarris, Margie Young, Iulia Elliott, Ruth Brooks, Lola Faye Hill, Emma lean Bead, Frances Ftitten' erry Fourth Row: Betty Ptathmell, Samie Bidgway, Learlene Holtzclaw, layne Rose Bishop, Beatrice Hudman, Edith Boyd, Veriena Hutchins, Mary Batson, Ruth Iames, Dorothy Landers, Norma Miller, Mary Olive Newberry HIKING OFFICERS Betty lo Antilley , i ,,,, .,.. . i President lohnnie Barron . . . . .Vice President Helen Baker . . , . Secretary Glenna Gay , . . , Repoffef Mrs. Amelia Haile F ,,,, Adviser Organized: October l943 Number Enrolled: Ninety Motto: Miles with smiles Activities: Monthly hikes Achievements: Physical fitness 7 . rl 4 l iagovi MR. l. l. MGCDRE Future Farmers of America Adviser I have loved the earth, sun, and animals Mr. l. l. Moore, present teacher of Vocational Agri- culture in Abilene l-ligh School, has had thirty-on years' experience in the high schools of Texas, of ,which f enty- two have been spent in working with VocationalilA.gri- culture departments. l-le was principal at Reganfljub- bard, Calvert, and also superintendent for three tydlars at Calvert. 3 Mr. Moore was superintendent oi the agricultural division of the West Texas Fair, and in the spring oi 1936 he instituted the West Texas Boys Livestock show and has been the superintendent oi that organization for each year since. l-le is now district chairman in the Abilene District tor vocational teachers and is a member of the State Board oi Directors oi Vocational Teachers As- sociation. l-le has been District Future Farmers ot Am- erica Adviser ior the past six years and a member ot the advisory council oi Area lV, Future Farmers oi America. Mr. Moore has coached two state winners in the vocational agricultural public speak- ing contest and has had teams to win places in area and state judging contests. l-le is very versatile in that he has coached athletics for fifteen years and has directed bands and orchestras for six years in addition to his interest in agriculture. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA FATHER AND soN BANQUET C ' First Row: Mr. I. l. Moore y Lee Fuller, George Pliler, Wanda Fain, Tommie Nell Newman Io Ann Powers, .Charloiie4YSiegel obby Bay Mo ore, Billy Quattlebaum, B. I. Collinsworih Second Row: Cjinton McCom'bs, Harold McGehee, E. W. Keesee, Ered Kissenger, Ioe Antilley Virgil Ellis, Elroyieeves, Tom.m.3p13l-iornpson, loe Cisneros, Lloyd Van Cleave Third Row: Truman Meyer, Doyle Faulks, Buddy Lackey, Bob Antilley, Aubrey Crider Billy Bae Smith, Ernest Nichols, Leon Nichols, Millard lenkens, Bobby lohnson FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA George Pliler . . Boy Lee Fuller l . Bobby Bay Moore Billy Quattlebaum Aubrey Crider . , Ernest Nichols Shelton Leach . . . Harold Chapman Mr. l. l. Moore Organized: May, 1930 Number Enrolled: Thirty-five OFFICERS . . . President Vice President , ,Secretary , l .Treasurer , , ,Reporter l . . Sentinel , . .Song Leader Parliam entarian , , Adviser Motto Learning to do, doing to learn, earning to live, living to serve Activities: Production oi food and participation in community activities Achievements: Successful livestock and poultry show V I First How: Marshallene Ray, Anne Etheridge, Helen lean Bond, lean Bowers Mary Elizabeth Meeks, Marilyn Green Second Row: -Laura Lee Beckman, Winnie lones, Laretha Hall, Doris Green Elizabeth Wallis, loyce Hutchinson, Marianne McClure Third How: Mary Lucy Houghton, Leora Tompkins, Wanda Hopkins Mary Lindsey, '2'ilma!Martin, Frances Simmons, Miss Helen Williams GREGG WRITERS OFFICERS Helen lean Bond , . . , Anne Etheridge . . . , , , , . Marshallene Ray , . H loyce Hutchinson Mrs. Helen Williams Organized: l943 Number Enrolled: Seventeen Motto: Every member an efficient secretary Activities: Preparation tor lnterscholastic League Meet , ., .L . , President , . .Secretary Vice President . . . , ,Reporter , ,Adviser A ic, it ,xp , , a- L L2 1 n . First Row: Betty Daniel, Annadell Harkey, Yvonne Starnes,.Victoria Shaheen, Dorothy Symes, Connie Swinson, Etta lane Stephenson, Tommie Sue Glass, Fleur Walton, Miss Mary lo Storman Second Row: Evelyn Willoughby, Martha Pender, Sherry Pechacek, Mary Frances Hiatt, Martha Federbush, Charlene Holley, Christine Holley, Nancy lo Glover, Mary lane Sage, Marie Milstead Third Row: Paula Hazel, Carolyn Grisham, Lora Pearl Haynes, loy Sheffield, Gloria Malcom, Etta lean Lamb, Emilie Long, Wancele Young, Alice Ballard, Ann, Ballard, Mr. loe C. Humphrey Fourth Row: Betty Buford, Gladys Buchanan, loan Ramsey, Helen Aaron, Shialeene Weir, Billy leanne Fowler, Marshallene Ray, Gwendolyn Wilson, Louise De uire Fifth Row: Carolyn Wooten, Polly Preston, Betty Crutchfield, Cecil Rutherford, Richard Dillinghaml Kay Iohnson, Martha Winter, Mrs. Edith C. Smith, Miss Ruby Compere, Mr. Don Weatherby, Tillie Pace, Mr. H. S. Fatherree OFFICE STAFF The office workers are a vital part of the administration machinery of our school in that they form a communications system in the school. They do such things as run errands, find students for the office, and carry messages for the teachers. Sorne of theiigqualifications are these: to be pleasant, to show good judgment, and to have a good scholarship ratingf This experience is a benefit to these students because they receive practical business training in the offices. First Bow: Sherry Pechacek, Martha lane Nollner, Billie Maude Bishop, Betty Cook, Betty Bathmell, Shirley Smestad, lames Neece, Sue Helen Bradshaw, Mary Humber, loe Antilley, Mary Lucy Houghton Second Row: lerry Hoppe, Charles Dodson, Gladys Anne Elliot, Wilda lean Holmes, Martha Federbush, Alma Honea, Mrs. Nancy Murray, Bose Marie Miller, Adalee Holmes, Martha Plehmder LIBRARY The library of Abilene High Schoolhas grown considerably in the last iew years. lt is now taking sixty magazines and four daily newspapers. ltcontains twelve thousand volumes of books, which include reference and recreational books. 1 lts leading reference books are Britannica, Americana, New Inter- national, World Book and Compton's Pictured Encyclopedia. lts most out- standing new edition is the Current Biography, a monthly magazine. This mag- azine covers the lives of famous men of today who are in world news. All copies of Current Biography are kept and bound into one volume at the end of each YGCIII There are fifteen students who have been working in the library one year and eight who have been working two years. First Bow: Elizabeth lohnson, Shirley Gaskill, , Wanda Eain Pat Yonge, Bosemary l-lambrick, Louise Daniel, Paula Hazel, Ann Ballard. Second How: Patti Hunter, Betty Bouxchette, Kay lohnson, Clair Whitten Betty Gustafson, Shirley Bass, Betty Mcliinzie, Dorothy Hillman, Patsy Grisham Third Bow: Carolyn Grisham, Patsy Lanktord, Alice Ballard, Etta leanne Lamb, Gloria Malcom, lo Ann Powers, Dortheal Kilao, Wanda I-luitman, Elsie Kil go, Mrs. Gray Wooten PERSONALITY GIRLS GPPICEBS Shirley Gaskill , , ,,,., . , . . i . , , , President 3EgisiLl'Qiv.I. u PT. sb , f. D. , ., B. vice President Wanda Pain i i . i , . ,.,. ,Secretary Bosemary Hambrick Reporter Mrs. Gray Wooten , .Adviser Graanized: 1933 Number Enrolled: Thirty Object: Mutual, intellectual, civ Activities: Annual Banquet Achievements: Nutrition course ic, and social improvement DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS DANNIE BEASLEY Wc1ddlngton's Ladies Appcrrel GAIL BURGESS Refrigeration Supply and Electric CALVIN COPLEN Hoppe Auto Electric Service IEAN GARNER Minter Dry Goods Company RANDALL STORY Abilene Plumbing 61 Roofing ROLLIE CLOUD Pender Company BILLY KING H. I. Thomas Furniiure Company MR. W. RAINEY OWEN Teacher DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS ROWLAND GREGORY Russey Printing Company RUSSELL WILHITE I, 51 L. Cleaners PATRICIA STRAWN I. C. Penney Company LAVAWN IACKSON Safeway Incorporated, No. 25 CLARENCE SHIRLEY Abilene Electric Company WENDOL GARRE'l' David S. Castle Company NATALEE QUINN Minier Dry Goods Company MR. W. RAINEY OWEN Teacher DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS DOUGLAS I-IILL I, G L. Cleaners IOE FRANK HALL Safeway Incorporaied, No. 25 REID BROOKS Abilene Electric Company ROBERT STERLING Gibson Producis Company ALLEN YOUNG Kuykendali Typewriter Repair ALLEN WHITE Crain Office Supply OLLIE DEE WINDI-IAM Sears Roebuck G Company MR. W. RAINEY OWEN Teacher DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS WALTER ALEXANDER Crain Office Supply LEON NICHOLS Abilene Machine Company MARIE BROOKS C. M. Presley Iewelry IOE SARRELS Marvin Owen Iewelry EUGENE GLENN Service Parts Incorporated EMORY WILLIAMS Safeway Incorporated No. I6 TRAVIS BARNETT Fulwiler Printing Company MR. W. RAINEY OWEN Teacher First Row: Patty Perkins, Eulaine Hicks, Nancy Crowley, Eula Mae Wood, Daisy l-licks, Iewell Portson Second Row: Gwen Wilson, Marjorie Richards, Xflfaneta Askins, Margie Donaldson, Betty Lou Lively, Louise De Guire Third Row: Miss Ruby Cornpere, Billie Gates, Alta Marie Richardson, Elloerta Cline, lennie Ree Teaii, loyce Hackney, PeqQIY Seybold FUTURE HOMEMAKERS GI-'FICERS Patty Perkins .,,,. , , .President Eula Mae Wood . , , ..., Secretary Miss Ruloy Compere . . ..,. Adviser Organized: l925 Number Enrolled: Twenty-five Motto: Learn to do through service Activities: Gifts to Negro children . , Pt' - HAI?-:rd 1 SEX First Row: Betty Pearce, Katherine Anderson, Helen Iean Bond, Ray McGlothlin, Ed Yatesf Sara Bedford, Lola Fonville, Shirley Bass, Wanda Fain, Mary Watson h V Second Row: Marshallene Ray, Hunt McKinley, Chisholm Thompson, Mary Elizabeth Meeks, Frank Everts, Dannie Beasley, Betty Daniel, Martha Daniel, Shirley Sproat, Anne Etheridge Third How: Mr. H. S. Fatherree, Mary Humber, Victoria Pechin, Sherry Pechacek, Mary lane Sage, Ioy Sue Self, Charlene Holley, Christene Holley, Ioyce Cox, Mary Anne Whatley Fourth HoW:. David Hunt, Mac Fullerton, Donal Allison, R. L. Brown, Billy Ladas, Iames Harold Wright, H ' , Conner Culver, Roy Fuller, Murry Page, Duward Leverett NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY yy OFFICERS Ed Yates ,.... ,,,...,.... .,.,. 4 W , rrlfesidentlii N g h 1 B5McGlothlin . .Vice President Helen lean Bond . . , ..,., Secretary Sara Bedford ..,. .Reporter Crganized: l928 Number Enrolled: Former members, 755: new members, 26 Motto: l would rather have honor than honors Purpose: To dispel ignorance and superstition through the investigation ot truth Activities: An installation service was held in chapel at the close ot the school year for the new members who were chosen on the basis of their scholarship, lead- ership, character, and service. These tour cardinal principles ot the society were discussed by Lola Fonville, Ed Yates, Betty Io Pearce, and Bay McGloth- lin, respectively. XM... A Some are horn great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust uponihemf' Malvolio Act III, Scene I. Twelftfhilliightpl By William Shakespeare Directed by Mr. E. W. Sublett THE CAST Viola ...,,,... Nona Mae Snow Sea Captain . . Don Biddle Orsino ..,.. .... D avid Hunt Valentine ....ii,. Bob Milstead Sir Toby Belch A L . , .Billy Ladas Maria ...,.,i. Sherry Pechacek Sir Andrew Aguecheek Billy Darnell Olivia ..,...,, , . .loySue Self Feste ..,... Glenn Boy Williams Malvolio ...... Cecil Rutherford Sebastian ,Balph Solornan Antonio . A , t.,... Bill Lindow Fabian ..,. .,,t, M ac Fullerton PRODUCTION STAFF Guard . , . ..,. Bob Milstead Billy' Ladas Katydell McCarty Frank Everts Friar Don Riddle Bobby Saxon Barbara Browning Iames Wright E S Q A David Richey Betty Pearce T3E r..-f 'r' Qi Yatesx 7, All forces have been steadily employed to complete and delight me i E l WINTER sPoRTs 'ff The l-li-Y boys honor their fathers . . . What a feast . . . Sugar brings a 33,500 bond . . . Virginia plays for assembly . . . Snow ior snow halls . . . Learning a trade . . . Dean Adams speaks . . . Schools out . . . Carol singers . . . ln the Work shop . . . Hallelujah Chorus . . . Hi-Y at Three Acres Tell us all about it, Duhh . . . Congratulations, Teacher . . . Annual Pep Squad Banquet . . . Cuba has nothing like this! . . . The Sophomores' choice . . . Looks good, Marion . . . Our talented sextet . . .Hit 'em hard, boys . . . The bride to he 7 7 , r'-an L+-Jet You IUK3 Future Homemalcers . . . Senior Bond drive goes over . . . Some Americans will fuss about rationing . . . So Proudly We Hail, say the ,luniors . . . They sing Well together . . . A tor Abilene . . . Pep Squad on parade . . . Gift ot ap- preciation I r ,,,,, Z . ., M .M ADVERTISEMENTS A flllfldred YQUI'-5 FIGHCQ, or ever so mcmy hundred years hence, olhers will see them ploy C DH DDD. vs' DDDM11 DMV . INDEX TO ADVERTISERS X3 1 183 , S D Q 1n,Abiyxxf'7C an C eqe .... ...,... M cDaniel Music Co. . . . 4 , Q , ,208 M ie e uhd Q. ....,.E,,E.E...EE. 204 MCMurrY College . . , . . . . .181 1 Ab' ne Prinaugq GE D tionery Co. ,,,..,. 186 MGHIYI 1-101115 L- - - ' - - - ' - 195 ' trnarfwtyle op .,,.. E,....,,.,.. 2 02 E Mead S Bakery ' ' 1 77 Miller-Perkins ..,...... ,.4,, 1 92 Ba r C meriea . 4... -. .7 . . ..... 188 Minter's Dry Goods .......,..E, . . . . . .173 rq's Bo tlinq Co. . .fd ,...,,.. , .... 178 WLAN- 5 '1' O , O Barrow Furniture Co. ...E..,........... 189 Mowers' na1'171'f1f Ieyidfif --E- L lf?-71 4--- K I1 Bobby Walker Theater ....,.,..,....,. 2 'mast -1-Hb ee? G. T. CL an -gh ..... ' . . . 1+ ,,.. . ,. 4. h Broadway Theater .... ,......,.., 1 a13ars1e9s4abui ogg . ,,,, V205 f C D D , A E f 1:g5n'3e?15O. Eerglffrsll . -. . :Em L aeer1a .r.....r.......,. ,... . , .,., geyb 4, 9.4 . M'-1,12 , L D epsl- o1a ottlin o. ..4.,..,.... 017 6 Campbells ..,,,,4.........., ...V.... 1 71 IPI gly-Qiagfst eglcl, D D Iggy eg H Chandler, Emmette .D ...A . . D. . . 4..4. QI IIQWGEY D D Mp fglggo-7 G .5 1 1111 J1 11 A 41-152.21 Affe- 355:15 Cl kH ..,. r..,.., 0 al E - OCG11' - G1 D .Gr I f 1 1 oQalbCbo1vy1'f1 a m111I1 ..,, 1 Clini 1 mac .D .... .. ....... , D 2 eagghzs 5 QM 5qcce55187+Ag, CCG OIG? HV Q- E-E- '- 4- 82 me 'Ss 9sh0,1'C.1f...1.'.'12Cf....192 jjljffjge . . , .V . . , .2 - Riqhi-Wqgaundry . . .Sufn,cBYC.15.,. . .206 ro Ie e . . ....r..,,. . 935D D' Huis y' ntl o. r.,..,..... ......l97 1' Dr. P1 Q Boiling . 1 .,.., W 7 I. . .cfm .,.4.,. . .190 ugh? Hu ' ess Co qe ,.., X 1 hell - eb r Co. .200 , Duke Hiho 1 hGwb'YDD D D , D unkn . D Sho ervic tor .....,,.......,,.. . .206 f , hjf ' 1 1 - , 1 1 1ih4Cr harrriacy ............. . . .205 D 9111 1 Wghef Su 'Sl 111.1 if QXA... .f .... .........l96 , ' WZ! 1 e A ts nal D D Texas rub . . . ....... . . .198 ' J .cSQ' ihie ......... ,...,2U7 ielde - illinqh m L er C. ..' ..... .1 ' , D D D D jf. Q 1 J Star rut 0. 1..... . ...M208 D GSM. nessc igel' ,flayte inqCo ..,........ .....194 G1 W1 O' , ' 'T ' 1Thu 'Ssfudg ..........,....., ,...l72 Griss ' , rnest, Dep1 ent We 5 . 5 ,I 1 ' f D M1 .!1 D iversal er Co. .,,..,.......,. .207 1 usic CO. . . ....,..... DD . . .... 2 D niv S Otoz-S D '.'I 4-.4 D D D D D Hmdiffimmoq Hiv X DM ---- ---- 0 A Univ ny Florists .... ..... f .... . 202 1-lend ick Memorial, spi A ........ 200 ' 1 1 . 1 Hicks CD Fogy tore! ,.A..., .-.A 12 8 fl ldrop mrnit re.St re , .f D. . . . . . ,208 Hickory Gryfgj ..D. ... ... ,.... ,D 8 D WD9S1 D GS CO 11 Q01 ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 198 HiltonHotel..,...,f .... A .... '...l74 f XGSU1 11eSC -ji---Mil -185 J! 5 'D I este Auto . . ....,......,. . . .203 Keifh Wfiqhf Surjpyf -E----' - - ,W - y 5 Woolworih, rf O. . .1 .... .. . . . 189 Lester's credit Ie 16-rs . T... ...l98 1111001911 110191 '1'11 H-1180 Lion Hardware COD D D D 'D DDDD DD DDDDDD 1 - Wooten Hotel Pharmacy ..... . . . . .208 Longhorn Creamery . . f-. ...... 1.1, . 07 Zenith Cleaners ..,...... . . . , .203 Page 170 . 5 N 1 7 1 Mary Ann: This necklace is what l've been loolcing for. Joyce: Yes, and this purse seems designed iust for me. Sarah and Helen Jean agree that the best costume jewelry can be liouncl GT Succeeded by The Lintz Dep1.STore WE .ufle F l its yy, 439 f fffytpia N is ,fiiiijf if or y ,Jr rffiiw lr Q ,fy 1 l Filli- rf iii jg gni W .ffm , yy' Pyii Pj Aj u .1 7 A 'KA ' . P' 4' L f Egg: at my curly hair, son, says Mr. Thurman as he prepares to take a picture of Gail Burgess, the first person to have his picture made for the Flashlight. CGD For personal portrait pictures, The House of Better Photography comply with your demands. Thurman? N0 Doubt .Flbout It Mary and Katherine are about their leap year business. Leap year or any other year MINTER'S are on their toes for your business and are ready to fill your needs-clothes and gifts for the graduate. MtNTEn'5yy Ag M . CF W -. 5. LX. , 0 K . ,- ,Y p- -, - -Q Q TY 1 S' G A 'A . ' - v ' Q WJ' L Q -, .. 5, 3:11 kv? 'X .1 ' it-Gif 'F a if . A 'Q .- X, .X -6 r 7 E ' 0 S' 5 Q Q o in i F 'f Q . . ff c' , A34 , t- Q! fi MINIM ff -Y -f , COST a t o Q3 V rf' '13 l N or -jg, -s. -x 0 ' In Abilene as in Nine Oitiieif I -we ' Communities, It's the T B l U is FJ- ' Hilton Hotels are widely known to travelers, and widely accepted l x as truly ine otels5 But in each local community, as in Abilene, i e ilt n H te rives to rencle 'i a real service to its own city as 'AB ' well an fee a lc en loyalty to ivic activities. At home or away, , 3 u' fin a friei y welcome t the Hilton-and friendly Hilton ervk 3 - l , W. I. REIDY, Monoiqer 3 Abilene 'S o. N. H1LToN, President ' K g i I T, A HGTELS xas. A ' ene lPaso, Longview, Lubbock, Plainview A w ic . rque In New York: Hotel Roosevelt 32, I exi ' The Palacio Hilton in Chihuahua Q Ig CRM ' : song each, and Town House in Los Angeles G iitti C' Glenn Roy: Say, man, not that you're a wolf, but that coat you have on should really attract the girls. Don: I surely hope so, and you probably will not do so had yourself. Mr. Gililland: Yes, boys, whenever you want clothes that will make a hit with the girls, Come to csfieissoiws Wh Y ' H Th' 'wiimdf 'V en ou re ungry, lrs1y -ew, tmwku iid- ancl Tired . . . IT Really Helps To Mibukgsuwlf D-Wai yi? .Bunk A en: TO EAT wMl D I 4 A Flavor N01 Copied iwgjyjgmmme My My 'fl 40 '9 IW WMMMW ffl UH. PtPPE!l BUllllNl3 IIUMPANY ABILENE, TEXAS Gosh, June, I can hardly wait ro ear some of that Mead's fine bread with you, exclaims Boyd. Now don'T gif romantic, warns Kay. Louise says, Oh, Boyd is just that way, especially con- cerning Mead's bread. .. Bill: Yes, and Thar goes for us, Too. E 9 w 'v! ' Betty: Cecil, just because you're drinking that su p e r Barq's root beer, there's no need of looking so dramatic. Bill: Aw, he's just iealous because he doesn't have this orange that I'm drinking. Patti: Well, whatever kind, whether orange or root beer, you must admit-and Cecil, too-that Barq's products are tops with us. Barq's Bottling Co. P 178 sf NATURALLY It's HARDINfSIMMONS When rnost of the seniors graduate from Abilene High School, they naturally think of Har- din-Simrnons University as the next step in their educational trail and always have. Hardin-Simmons is right here at horne, one of the finest Universities in the land, and the old gang goes there. Naturally the gang Wants to stick together, and you'll Want to continue old friendships in college. So it's out to the Cowboy school. There are going to be lots of Abilene High's l944 graduates at Hardin-Simmons this fall. In the picture you see some of thern: R. L. B'own and Helen lean Bond on the left, and Cecil Rutherford, Betty Io Pearce, and loyce Sue Se f on the right, talking things over With Dr. R. N, Richardson, the friendly acting president of Ha din-Simmons, in the president's office. We'll be seeing you there next fall. lf yo u'Ve any questions, drop in on the Hardin-Sinr rnons business offices, and you'll get a pleasant reception and the answers you Want. We know you'll Want to go to college to get the best training you can, whether it be for the armed forces or for business, Naturally, it's- ffardiu- immzw Zin Zfer ity RIGHT HERE lN ABILENE Page 179 ,4 bilemfs JM asf JM zfdfrn flats! Q Comfortable The Hotel Q L3 That Makes Rooms at You Feel Popular at Home . Prices WCDCDTEN HCDTEL North Third at Cypress Phone 4314 BOB WESTBROOK Mg V 40 , VII! . Alf..i,-Jr . 4 ., A . ' A ulfufxzvw Lf' ' Z Z . K .1 - , .t Q fmbafm 1,6 64,611 As Eagles complete their c an e fli3t into f the higher realms of education, they will find this magni ' ot 'c struc- ture with the majestic tower awaiting their use at lVlclVlurry o e . 'T This proposed Student Life Center will make available the three most important phases of college life, as it will house a beautiful chapel, a 100,000 vol- ume library, and a social center with rooms for various organizations. This dream for the future also includes the erection ofa new dormitory for men, the completion of President Hall, the girls' hall, and a stately fine arts building. Making the dream come true is Dr. Harold G. Cooke, president of McMurry College. Dr. Cooke is conducting a gigantic program over the two states oi Tex- as and New Mexico in order to meet the demands ot a post-war world. Attain- ment oi success is assured by the excellent response given the campaign in its early stages. Many Eagles of Abilene High School in the past have become lndians ot McMurry College and they, too, look forward and work toward the realization oi their visions of a GREATER MCMURRY CULLEGE. Page 181 fills.. : L l u!'LO Page 182 Abilene Christian College . HARDIN ADMINISTRATION BUILDING AND CAMPUS The Kind of College You Are Looking For A Friendly Welcome Awaits If You Are Going to College in September You at ACC-Your College You Will Be Interested in the Advantages Offered By DHYS Here Will BG Happy, Memorable Days. ABILENE CHRISTIAN COLLEGE 1. A Co-Educational College-Moderate Size 1600 Studentsb. 2. Christian Associates-Bible Study. I 3. Excellent Library--Well Equipped Laboratories. 4. Personalized Education. 5. Scholarly, Thoroughly Qualified Faculty. 6. Live Program of Student Activities. 7. Athletics for all. 8. High Academic Standing. 9. Reasonable Expenses-Student Aid. 10. Well-Balanced Curriculum-Speed-Up Course. 11. Pre-Professional Training, 12. Friendly, Democratic Social Life. li. Successful Graduates. 1 15 . Demonstration School for Grade and High School Students. . Cosmopolitan Student Body. COME TO ABILENE CHRISTIAN COLLEGE The Friendly, Growing College DON H. MORRIS, President Fall Semester Opens September 12, 1944 Write For Catalog Today You Are Cordially Invited to Visit our Campus telephone us about or to your plans for your college work. Telephone 4381-4382. Page 183 5 ., jf QV! J! 'M N I X f W -,X ,f .1 X I X r' 1 , l ' 1 f x X' fr, fl. v I v I - 1 I-J' M. YJ 7 X ,rj Xi l will if J 1 wi ' .1 JL l The Paramount, Nlajestic, Queen and Palace Theatres ln all our undertakings a great deal ot thought is given to the peril of our country and the obli- gation We all owe to our central government as citizens interested in the education ot our children and in the educational systerng and we are especially desirous ot tinding a place in civilian lite tor our boys coming out of the armed forces. VVALLY AKlN, City Manager. Page 184 . f A '52 QT 'E+ x xx 0 - Qlw . in - fffuutiix Q V - , QTIE5 ElECTRONICS--- THE SCIENCE OF TODAY THE SERVANT OF TOMORROW Progress cannot be stopped. It is some- times temporarily blocked. Occasionally, its course is obstructed and frequently it is Slowed. But it is never stopped! The electrical industry is an example of progress in bringing the benefits of scien- tifie research to you proinptiv and econom- ically. The wonders of the modern elec- trical world . . the evervdav services which you take for granted . , . are the results of private research bv individuals and compa- nies instituted and conducted on their own private initiative. Today, under the impetus of war, the science of electronics is being explored and developed as never before. In the peace of toinorrow those developments will be .f iw , . . adapted for vo rr use. 'tour electric service X ' V T . . . eompanv, the XVest lexas Utilities Coni- ' ' ipanv, will bring those new and improved services to von. - If progress is ever slowed down or stop- ,,, f pecl, it will be because private initiative and d, fl A free enterprise have been intimidated, ham- Yo we ec r t nt u pered, or destroyed. 2 N ' ll ? 3 X I 8 W so wg 4 it - 5, J O O Q My ,la My to West'lE:xas Utilrtres QQ., iv fffffllvf MQ 3 xl Pofre i r re ,T A DISTRAICT AGENTS A.,xB. DICK COMPANY MIMEOGRAPH DUPLICATORS AND SUPPLIES Store No. 1, 1038 orth Sec nd Street 0119119 1f1M ? atzonemy ompamf ' 1 Pri s0?!Atiopbrs ttice Outfitters W. H. CBi1D HANEY . 'yn ' g Factory, 1274 North Second Street Manager and Buy r 7 I 5 P. O. Box 1560 - ABILENE, TEXAS . ig it 'L P F51 D . In 1 ' fd , ' 35 X 1, 77 1 of ff X 4 ' M! ere ' the ce get Genuine En- Q , ra e ddi nvitations and An- . oun e for on1y S1050 tor 50. Q5 K ' rinted WQddinqs for 56.00, 1 00 for 58.50 4 Q ff . if .-.-1' ' .-:5EE55f5fE' s' :gag-:+ ' if' 1 :E5555 L , gimme Page '1'1'1at's Getting Started R' tl .-93x MRL C50 Y:f:2:f:E:f:f:f: Q:f:QfI:' .,, ' :Likes S.FMW.iALlCER me 1 Hymie and Billie l Jeanne seem en- grossed in an album of the current hit Oklahoma whi l e a hot boogie num- ber puts Wayne and Gooch in the groove. All the latest pop- ular records and fa- mous classicals are found at the RECORD SHOP Whether football or band is being dis- cussed- Royal Crown Cola always manages to get into the conversation, as is evident in this snap of Coach Hilliard and Prof. Bynum, each with the drinlc that is best by his taste-test. Royal Crown Cola Bottling Company G Fl 0 'I Four smart girls are just aching to go for a spin in this super-looking convertible. A car like this is Worth saving up gas coupons for! For the best in automobiles and used cars Go to UNIVERSAL MOTOR Pat: Say, Louise and Dortheal, where did you get enough points to buy that pound of Banner butter? Easy and I had to buy ice cream and milk, but we surely get our money's worth when We buy Banner products. Paige ISS Undisputed Leaders in Our Field For 63 Years Attention, Young Americans! Mr. Barrow says: H 'D fl ,fig re :AJ re h r B now? Jvaufw 4 S+-A Joe-Bob, Bar-ot4+y7 A11rH-1ndeBean agreefi wholeheartedly. Barrow Furniture Company Page 189 GRANT Q'For the simplest and most decorative articles in the house don't pass bizxs, snub up -Q-sent-s,, says 5:9 iff a nd don't forget t h e costume5 ., -1-ev?-1'?9 'R its ' chimes A9231 in and Qizrnaee 'S Mary Frances, Ollie Dee, Sherry, and Gay- lia Wray have discov- ered that excellent qualities of wearing ap- parel and many other items which suit their needs can be found at Sears- Roebuck 8: Company Page 190 V For Superior Food ond Friendly Service, ond for Chots with Fellow Students, go to-- CLINIC PHARMACY Every in the school is represented in the ticket line at the Broaclway. Students seem toxrealize that films brought to the Broadway are always educational - - m , es ancl interesting. F , .Q Mic D A IMA-f UUUII IHEHIIIE III IIEIIIIIIEII HIIS P43191 Alice and Ann really look snappy in Those smart S p rin g Top- pers, and Th ey've iust found The acces- sories They need. Even fo r Twins, iT's easy To shop aT MILLER-PERKINS I 9 Shoe Shine Boy Ah :CAS Q55l9 o'?S ,Q- B-l' S Qs next. A. H. S. lZ:lClS lCI'1OW that f'-OI' an Gu-fl A-1 gh:-E it's S RICHAR S SHOE SHOP At Crowell's, the realms of better jew- I-H A- S-1 elry, , BQMIB pony - , an d inna- dick. consider a set of i 2. V 9' Mal Ag B u t 6 ' Q. whether it's by-QM: -Cro-ms - Crt N ir, aka, or ?L 1, they can't go wronga CRCDUVELL At the cage Mr. Fath- erree deposits for the athletic fund, and next in line is Mr. Dudley. Behind them wages a Flashlight - Battery dis- pute as to who has the more money in the h an lc. Regardless of who is right, both sides agree that the safest place for a deposit is Farmers 8: Merchants Natlonal Bank V W Y - V -.M For Super Q Hy Food fo P and Bo q T A. H. S. Std 1 Always P T PIGGLYJNIGGLY 7'R1Q TkewZ'ozi32tmnb1lh94N ' 5 535-:4 'JEE 22251741 im .EE:E W0ff fy . rtudkova M yjAm,Ww,g,f60X4w, An Amicable Life Endowment Policy will Guarantee Your Finonciol Independence Mr. Manly decides the argument-in this case it,s AMICABLE LIFE! HOLLI L. A N LY pst tt? GENERAL AGENT AMICABLE LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY 50l -05 Utilities Building: PeaceTime Careers Far-sighted young women, anxious to become es- tablished in happy and permanent careers While op- portunities abound, are now making reservations in Draughon's in unprecedented numbers. From banks, business, and industrial offices, rail- way agencies, insurance companies, and the like, came a constant demand for Draughon's graduates. In such positions graduates have not only handsome starting incomes and opportunities for advancement, but congenial surroundings, interesting work, stimu- lating social contacts, and security for the future. In careers like these, young people will have per- manent connections and continued opportunities for advancement when millions of the untrained, attract- ed to Wartime emergency jobs, will be making dis- appointed searches for employment of any kind. Thousands have found during the past half century that the Southwide Draughon training and placement facilities provide not only the shortest, but the surest route to early incomes and advancement. YOUNG MEN SELECTEES Young men not yet of military age can soon com- plete pre-induction courses here that will prepare them to render skilled service in military offices. In such positions they will be gaining experience which will be invaluable for resuming peace time careers. S0 for both young men and women wc offer facili- ties that will enable them not only to servo, but to achieve. New Time-Saving Courses Emergency schedules, streamlined courses, and individual progress enable students to en- ter any day and prepare for good starting po- sitions in only a fraction of the time required in other types of educational institutions. No one is rushed on or held back by others. Spe- cial summer rates and terms. f . ,I , I If m Q1 If if ,1 .1 ll, 'f ABILENE, TEXAS Page ies Diamonds Silver o WC1l'Cl16S Ching o Jewelry eg r Crystal awe M ' Pearls AMF y Q to ' if Clocks 5 0 Bracelets fffwf ig'-'Ze fpywu Book Ends RQMQM DEALER g Lockets Peng n. sm: H ', Belts A B , Lemf '- 'igxgs Pencils 2 l X I' l 0c La l 'i' J, 'ya' ' ':'- '441 2, ::,:3 53325132152 .:.:.:..A ., Miz: ,lf QW 0 'W w l ll s: e l l ' l of I' Agralgjffwlfl lc lflav c- ,a., elrl ,,.e 1 fl X? e S-rod of l' l llllll Iuunl' Q.QQxlifiiiiifieigieiiiiff 5'1 is f a' f:f -:-.-. ' . . H. areerr lrl fog MSU Moreau' ' f I ' A 1:2 VET' ..l zi., 1fs5e5i151fgi:?2S??f VL P d W uixr f f VU! ,cl',' -Vll l Cm 9 arr'f ll M! ..,, Paper fl il l ..... ..,r . lb South Texas Lumber Co. 501 Sycamore pl-,one 6232 Page 196 PRINTING PHONE 4722 ELM AT SECOND ST. Call Us For That Next Printing job NEWSPAPERS TABLOIDS LETTERI-IEADS ENVELOPES STATEMENTS INVOICES INVITATION S FOLDERS BOOKLETS ANNOUNCEMENTS BUSINESS CARDS PERSONAL CARDS PERSONAL STATIONERY T I Hussey s Printing Company Anything From Cards to Newspapers L95 foam! .flee J 1 ,L T , A T , te L ' 1' , 1 X- C, f - -' ' -Q' ,fps of 5+-Vw ' XJ J CL , Ci' nfl, -4? f fy! If fjl A ' 4 as 5 f ' ' , , :,i . ' .1 fiflj-.fat ' E' if .Q-f-1' is- vffvei ff' ' -1 ' I iv fy 1 Cf T 3+ V ' ff' i I C V 1 f ,f I g AQ' ,rw ' , , up f ' ' ' ' l Lx, f' Y 4 1 KK I I 1, Y, , . iff '16, V, , 7,5 5- ' Q - ,Q - .ef ff Jyilx I J f , x!.f'.f,' 51.1 ff!!! L'9'12.f'.-t-- 12611 Lf, 7 -'X 1 f P x Profession2lCCollege of BuSl11gSS,.LLv::,L',lQ QZRM p A, , , 1 1 1' ff., V QQ' fL'c' 'ff' VCT,-I T - ,C-:T Mfr., 4 TT ST 'VV ' - 7- ,fy 'Equipped With Remington , K , - ff y, p ,M f vp, . L JJ.,--ae. .C , ' , W.. v ,, .,,, A, ,kgxgfgx J.-It f JJv15,,f- ,f--a.,-A' ,, K-I, v jvlfaf ,, ,V ABR-5.5seo55P9,QQ13s5eS:i5HnHd2 .Oibf1s21wJ1eveeQLK5,fi. the . has bee,n,broadened and expanded. I A X W g 1 fy !,ff,d.-,K ' J ,fxsxlyzyf y f is 6211.11 sy,-.XV 4, C Gail, College is a versatile school. and each student is an important individual. !,M,,o' ,J 1- 4,1 , 1,.f4,fQ- ' -1, v..,tQfj .,fJ45'-Aj ,ff -1-f-SML, -g-- .L-...Zi .fyf-.1-Vyfpf Since 1951, gradtkajes en1BloyedJiO0 pier CEIEQ v Y VQJVLNQ JJ ,bpp !,gA-P, If Q ,Fh.l,V,'-J,,J- Q -,b,.f .,,,,C, .f Kal !' V Q IJ, I 142122 ,j-95x11 J:Q,L,,' ,,,fJ '..fi' 'T - '-f' A.fLfL,e-- KL? 1, If VYC 1 ,A ' f M f A . f' Miss HELEN ROBINSON,,A.B,, V I l an A V V va. A 503 ,2 pine , 9111- ., fl 'ff -5- M , f' f ' 'V ' .Founder-President I' if , .-- ' -4 '- ' 4.11 ' ' ' gf' f ,- , 1.1 v' g, tj ,, , , , 1,1 Ts- -., 31,1 -' . 1 A, ff' Q., , P43197 1 , I . ,. J JI a - . - raduates 5 f fefiffe ff rr ., F1 j, -Us-ASJ, A I tk. 3 fgvl vvljgw f-J 11 , X AAL K' f.-,Q Mx ' fx? YW K5 7r'X,,ff'?El7LX -- ' - L-' ...FM ff! 119 A l A-TX - -. QQ? , QQ vTf + Xffaagglli AIAA, if 52:1 if gf Jr ' Lgg1:ii.T'-5? ..h. - ,Ar X WH i ' 4-S 7 jj A X N x S t If 11 sglillyr AL l I lil Hold lvcrt i I uf 1 h Famous I F X I f Q No Interest or , , ,f V- .ff,!, I No Carrying DICIHIOIIQS 2' ' - S' 1910 ' . Chfme me CREDWT .ffuffl-.GRS f 134 Pine W f-.J Abilene, lexcxs me ' E I .V J A., 1 F ' H V Qs ' Ylqi , I I I . ' fy ' h if K 'JY hx s' M' X, it 5 , - r f K Q 'L 'yy' Ja.. xl ' y W5 . 5 V I r J kk if v V . Il ' 4 HV +4 , M ij M V, igvlfi J - .A' COTTDNSEED Pnonucrs Manufactured by West Texas Cottonoil Co. ABILENE, TEXAS l J , D A 4, A J sl , L, ,f y Wdiig?eXf 1 kr 4 .4 X -. T Q if D M A1 QE ff ND fi I El A X lf -' l E V D SFLEAF l LIN 1 EVICES' , f p D g SYSTEMS p g ff f j L, D if AFIVJY fy - ETC. 'X M ' 1 1 ff' 2 Manufacturing Statzoners Complete Line of Office Supplies ABILENE, TEXAS EVERYTHING IN HARDWARE China-Glassware-Kitchen Ware Westinghouse Refrigerators and Roper Gas Ranges Philco Radios--Speed Queen Wasluers l Llon Hardware Company The Largest Hardware Stock in West Texas l Phone 3 241 East of Post Office p J. R. FIELDER O. D. DILLINGI-IAM FIELDER f DILLINGHAM LUMBER CCMPANY Cook's Varnish and Paint 410 Chestnut Street Wall Board Wall Paper Telephone 8 17 1 and 817 Z Sash and Doors ABILENE, TEXAS , ENLIST TODAY IN A PRGUD PROF E SSION Join the U. S. Cadet Nurse Corps I Gft Free Training With Pay if 67 VK lt u can meet the req ' ent t entrance, ElV . - , , Full trainin th eden15g5Q g n aah-edit ' d 7a t ci on graduation you are eligible to become a regis re urse. 4Qg?9pi W,Mge4,6h5!1,Z if., 1.4.41 5 I i S hool uniforms and outdoor cadet untill? will baturggitied. Z 'l ' I L ' 'G W . i g onthly allowance o 2 1 , Q' . per mggltftigng mon s g 7 657'-43-OBJ lili- 20.00 per month during the next 15 to 21 IH ths as a lunior Cadet, 530.00 Dmonth until graduation as a Senior Caoletgdi Agfa' LL' 4'-' A-24 --CJ .4.4..u.fv..L ' l K SETJJZ f , - 0 To engage in en wor i ii3U e l 4 ' , - GAA, her r at'on wr'te . .as if L 5 Z ,cz 91 ' ' ' kg 0 Mem, f,z...+ .f VLVHendric?'i?i'Nle1?1'6orl'alFlospitgl 0 'Agn-fufvvr --- ASZ 4,3-94,,Ll gd , ,fd These stu dents have found that for durability, economy, - 19 and all-round quality perform- ance 9 Pontiac can't be beat. -J EMC5 Sheltgni-Webb Motor Co. 3,111 In spite of war-time shortages, there's no scarcity of fine iew elry here, proclaim these Abi Iene High students as they ad mire the fine stock found GT Marvin Owen Jeweler Whether it's luggage las shown in the picturel or any- thing in the line of quality of- fice supplies, the place to make your purchase is CRAIN OFFICE SUPPLY On a Hot Summer Day these happy high school lads and lassies can surely go for a bottle of that l lits-the-Spot drink. Yes sir, Pepsi-Cola is the icleal bever- age-since you get twice as much -and for a nickel, too. Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. Page 201 Abilene High School Students Contribute to the Wor Effort By Buying Bonds. CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK Abilene, Texas : Camp Berkeley, Texcs A United Stcrtes Government Depository l Member of F. D. l. C. l'Say, Bettye, this suit ensem- ble is just what I've been look- ing forf, says Georgia Mae, and Bettye readily agrees. Plowever, look at the classy clothes they're Wearing! Com- plete wardrobes like these can be purchased at ALTMAN'S J- . X Swlei? hgh fq YJ Veil ji i sAYit WITHFLOWERS lcall W Ig lil 'l'w,lVl' il .1 I ,391 Ffillgfeq But W ,gil We 4 , if ll ffl SAY it WITH 0URS ' ll ll lj ft 1 .H it all o o llUl - llil 3' Unlverslty tix ifitigih Qfi kft f 1202 Ambler ,f lfPh9h 5129 VH flf X 'llf-ffl ll, in 1, ,,' Q lllll gilt 1 -1 , 6 Sq- ?0 I4 QPYTZQ '11 06,9 ' 1 'Q' ,, - 9 A. f 7' Jr V f , 5 J , L77 le: 1 J I X? kj 2 , ' , , , -- , A ' ' I T X Y 4 V. .1 - f , V SIX eo 41 pvhu Q0 54 6 ., , f . - f ff' I A K sf 'L - 0 j ' I W T . ,jf . lf-if A' ' ,UQ ' I Elf If f A Q I4 7 C7 K l , fl -.- ew. f u X J , A , , CIT fbft A Q' L-kk 76 , I,, , l-' - f ,', '?., f 1' .A . I 'Aff A , , f' p ,I 9 , vs' ' f ff , -Lgff, wg? C L EANERS , M if 1, X i ' ,. W ,-- i ,if lf' b I J , T f 3, Y ,' ,. , 5 I ',.., f :1 Lv f IH It is a pleasure to serve both civilians and personnel q' 'A , 20 ' - -1 A 4 ffl. 'AZT E J , J I I ' l ' f' of theiglrmed Forces. I - R SMI cl V f 1 1 'I' f .1 , fi? , ' A T - G ' ' ' I Ig 'L' l5fTR.fmdgv1Rs.THERoN GUPPEY 'XY I Q, 'T - 'ff' -f A ll74 South Second 9 , ' I Abilene, Texos 'lui -- I ' .,,, me -r ,f ' rg 1 ,ff 'W' ' pb ' ' ' -A A we If c ,,,f,.' 'B pd A ' '7 . YU If L I A S ,Pls our 0 , ppillcfl emnce We can be very helpful about arranging the right insurance protection for you. FIRE, EXTENDED COVERAGE, AUTOMOBILE, LIABILITY, ALL MARINE COVERAGES, AND BONDS 509-10 'ms Bld . mm elte handler 0 5 NB KALDNSUKANC' Dial5665 xx x Auto Service Stores DN , 5 Q :I Hom DW e d Home Operated X Rc ISE I er Bicycles-Davis Auto Tires X .XS E ' ces ies--True Tone Radios 5, , :Q Telephone 3051 181 Pine Street QQ' SQILNQIIEKDQ I i, Kvyfbhis Q X is E, H yffepdfe thejFcRad5qNhich Are Necessary For Every Growing - Boy and Girl At Lunch-time Visit the bilene High Cafeteria J '-WZQMWJW . X E i V' Viva Qocio o P . wwf? s.w'lI,..Q007'l-lf 2 cm Since 189 A5 ggygj 0958 Strei?06 Phone 5266 JJ -1 E WZWPJQW V K .. W T330 AJ '.J.- i f.,:5 ' V f , 'Q' A VSV 'v'7C?'?4i you il MJ, X yogi X0 Lp' 5 x 9' .X Xxx ,fx iji. hy ' 'fwxl L' Q its 0 0 0 0 1 'tv it ynv' , X ty, M-1 JVQH J' 'XJ K NK 0' - 5 'J f ' X. 5,.q'w,ff .lf . is ' h' L' - - 'ff' V 4 i 7 HX ,N N x .ju .X xi' 0 1 .Jyxoajwdgmlffj Oxxx If . ,XYZ , fv .5J' 3 xxx Q tT,,,,-: MV I I 'xx Q . -I , ., ,X gy- , .pfh J 1 QW ip X X. I 7! U 1 fl f M.,Z.iji-L'-.A3f my K I Nt, . f ' N .1120 0' iff' .J ff 1.44, ,- f 2WE Qi'i7tXS ff1..19L72:.,t.,'1faZZQ:7l -E75 MMM. A Y L Q R Distinctive Photograpwmffhfaby Photographs A Specialty Soi HICKORY ST. '17 . ABILENE 14 YEARS IN ABILENE EXCEL PHOTO FINISHERS , .wf-Li-l, -JQ-3 fluidity P Glft3 For The Gift That Flaners Kd-VAXQ7 0CCaSi0l1S the Personality X KEITH filinlcnt 'slfhfllhlffns ,g li Hall Music Co. 1 - W- X Everything in Music Pianos-Musical Merchandise-Records V y yy cpygpienff anilliffgdies ll ill T? 31 4 ' y . ' yi B bbq? my ff , o y R ire df? J Smith - Crain Pharmacy Prescription Specialist Always Room to Park Hickory at Eighth Phone 3207-3208 Page 205 4 HX 34513 H, 74-xapwvfu JW' Q nEYZf't f flfayffaahwy .,wwJ' , t i 'U g 7' f E, aiagmwfwfda 1-ww 699 0'dkj1ree?i7a 2 69L P XVQ5hoii2?5J5 . ' QW! W 'Z a , 1 Ja, MAKERS OF cowBOYki'6'CWs AN i LUGGAGE, B001 AND sHoE REPAIRIN ' QS Q, yt Q OCERYI 0. . f i - ' hf sl rocers E 2 QR y - S'c-i 3 fa 0 J?j5qbf'l comft1e9idgRRSTAEC0IjfggbXy7f'lg? a Www Ewa if gi'sf6'SB? Be ui y Shop , ' t my N X be h disco nued our school for the duration P gg x 2 - A anches of Beauty Service ii s 'K 5' ' ert Operators - Same Location if MRS. LETHA AREY 812 I-Iiclfzvi y Dial 2-0057 I A .5 14 ' e vw ,0 . . . x:1i:i22llQHl,:6g!i 1,p,,lla,4gif' 3. -egg X? M M A MJ!!! I1 life.. fl 1 W'xL,j y r D' fl 4 A 2? A' 1 I ,f IQ 119 5- y 'iv G Q MW!! f' ' ' 5 I US l fa! ,-Aff! LER l L ,Q A4 X l Pine St. Abilen ex s l 4 9573 light Cover is 1 rocluc f 7 , If cf S .A I D :A , , - , QQ rf ' gtg! ml ' S jydeffgl 2 I if f ,A ,' f theq or if Jjiinn .. AY . Stay Young 9 of Q, ag z V- N I s ff I 1 11 4 , 5 l A ' f . o li f ,I ' f ' l Q e X l fl L I t eF ty Million ,, Cs.-orrufns I X . i 'l A ki f 5- TY Abilene? argest Store For Men and Boys 158 Pilxe Styx' K j bf A Phone 55 4 n Q lv no , 43 i of ffl , i ,x my-:V xx X 'lvg . , g , IW Pew LENEW- N 0 1 Nl X . 3 'Z' ,fix ' 7-Q . t xx e I X l J l . ml Y ll 'Xl I I h X- 'X 'X C Y My I' Gb f 1' X X ' 1 l .lil l X X' X K9-1 ,ill ' 3 ll 0 . lil' 3 V . 5 'Q' COURSI' M 3 Hiffpe of Cleaner NDai53j Ifrffducts-Milk, Butter, Ice Cream, and Co tage Cheese 4th and Cheftnul - X N All Pasteurizedv Phone 6277 '-f ji ll I Q, L fx Page 207 ' l 'EX ll'X l ,lg . 1 D. C. Clark P. P. Clark Clark Hardware Ca. C. E. HICKS Food Store Groceries-Fruits-Vegetables up School Supplies Hi-School Lunch Room 109 Peach Phone 2-0159 George Duke's Hilton Pharmacy Fast Free Delivery Filling Prescriptions ls Our Specialty Phone 4341 Pine at Fifth Hickory Grill J. D. Kynaston, Mgr. Phone 6181 1080 N. 2nd Furniture Decorations of Distinction lllaldrap Furniture Ca. Decorative Home Furnishers Abilene, Texas 201 Walnut Phone 5 5 7 7 Conn Band Instruments-Baldwin Pianos Complete Stock Reeds, Strings, Music Supplies Popular and Classical Sheet Music Studies and Teaching Material A Complete Music Service LILLIAN MORRISON MUSIC Sl-IOP and the McDaniel Music Co. ll73 North 2nd Phone 3735 Hotel Wooten Pharmacy N. E. Peak, Mgr. Phone 3231 Abilene, Texas Page 208 STAR FURNITURE 8. CARPET CO. Be Thrifty-Buy For Cash and Save 25 to 30 Per Cent at Our Store Phone 4833 Abilene, Texas ,- '--- E -. -1- -..., .vii Y ,k f!i, ig,i-K -w w-YQ! 4 I J 1f:J,.f3'-eg' ,, 53 f..,n -'- L- Q'-'-1 . - ., ,,,, ., , , .AM,-- w X .A - Q - f- - .f -4 rx- ,f ., ,L T, , , , ' ff '- iw I -ff 2 , if-ff 1-3, 4 b A k, , xi ,X -lh,xf?!, wi -X-.fb ff ' ' ,, , , A 4 12'- fi ,A ., . --'K --'fx Y . g ' ' r f' ' 1 ' 1 -, , -4' -fupif ' .V '- fn,-1-'f,, , mf. , , , , '.' ' ' : X X'l 'v' ' . ' .i ' ' ,TV tr, ,' ,jf ' -T ,u -- I5i: 1 .,1f V' Z Z Q, . K X - ,- , , 4 - x f f f : , I 1 -'V ,fm ., ,H 1 ff' -- V f '1-:'Q- ga. ' '. ' - - X ' - N ' - . , ,W 'x ' 'xx .' -4' ' N . - V' f ,f ' N - f ' '7 i'V f.Qf', M ', 1 A 1 i K 5 1 4 , I ,Z . i lil 2 4 A: 1 1 , , J Zhu, 1 FV? F4 -',' 2 ,,J,..4,,,,-, ,G-Ava! 7 fhf-a-4-g.4...., f 1764 AA. ,Q G+ Nxx, , ,4L4A-1-' 'l ,Ld- '-' f,,,.4 41' , C - Z Z ,A-L, 1-3 , if if 164 Mfg, : :mf A M7 OH- ,4...a, 5.4. 517 , I 5 7,.,...,5fL,-.1 M gan! ,Liao '44 fm ffffm' ff! WW' ffff . g,,,,,,. J Z 44 4X 'g.4,v-.1 'Lo oz. y ,f L 71 h YIWV ixfgir , , - 7 7440 N 4, , Q - A X ,V -UM. -V. ' In -, awww . f uf' - -V f X ' . X x - K ' f . x ,-,gm-,-:AI ., K X , , K f. . 5' , , t -iiuaiiifiih-5 S-LLQQ.-141 1, . XN A - v V - ' ' , -va. x ' -- i A A4W4a.'.'2n.Af- - 'r..1gj'g.' . ., ' 'V-x 5 3 . ,,,-,,:m,,-.1..af..'-.,,.U,gJ, wlklM,A'4 'h Q b Y l 5 4. ,.- 5 if W ww... hm, ,A-4zf,m1,' . 1 1- .Vi ' L ,Y'f5- - 9,7 14 iii -L 1 0,473 .X

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