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, Q? W 8 ' 1 xx 'Y 5 is .f'f,?gjf, ' 'yi MTN mv? if 3 nf W Q' vw as V , W5 V +1 Q. gy. L, 6' It 8 V ' , 'l'.?'w W ,vfsn I V A f ,Q QM f , Q wwf . A Wxwwllbg, 1 ff for V I Y IW Xu -. 1.7 f ,VX I ' ...f :Q 4-- ' ,f . X Q. 1. gig,-.ff.'..INb. .. gs 777 JM ' ,f9',:'f. ff2-jg Q' J xg ,1 ,ffl IKJKN7 1..0QA':1f' ,yy 5931 Jin . . ,., HR-CD51 'ljijgjf fl' 1-.J .f-'ff 1 5 is O' uunen X ' foe a I V n ' A. I, f' . W IIADCUAIVIIS l 2 XS, 5 1 p vis H n ss I non its SUGAR PAGE Editor-in-Chief ELMER MOORE Business Manager BENNY MCGLOTHLIN Sta!! Photographer VIRGINIA MAXWELL Sta!! Artist MISS TOMMIE CLACK Editorial Adviser FRANK H. ETTER B 'ness Adviser I x X h,x , K Q ga 5 N, f gf . I N S si N Ik Nx ii' iw, fiflgff S9 eefwmf 59 Jflpjsbacu in ,,. I , . I, VI' VIVTEGAYGE ffiilft' ,,ua,1f, ,, J-L 'f J' E' I fh'o"L'2 .gjwfrf fvdfo. ,lJfJ.9f., pwvdl ,Kid S FORD ENGHAVING COMPANY 4 .bfff I iq 1 . ,aaafff-S ABI E BINTING 5: STATION Y COMPANY ' . is-E7'NRMAN'S STUDI S - is Us GMM 1 wemxsxAx,xcam DMM Px5XLEXX9,'YE79Px5 OAWV . mkXw,x9Av WN '5 beef 290615, CADQQAIAXXXKXQ YQNXQW vJ'v52 'xv We wma 0? xUpwb'wA band, wmv-5 'wk b2XouJ Yo-ihoul gov The LQLXZ DY We 'inhod XJ2Aff Avwmn,XJJKnX'ewq ADdi?Y.lDC3.'YfU'5x' N9 'xvAqv020Y,Yor he ka A kwa 9942. Q?- VYDVAXW-X, 5 X1 '5uqAr Am! Exvoer I f Q1 'V 1 K , F3 4' ' . 7 I ' 4X ,' 4 ",' fini, ,"' "i z i ,! ' A ij-, Lvl- fl 1 A , , .', EV, s..I' Us Z' A .V . t w V J .- 'J' f AQ5' i, -, -va' W WX Z-R THE F ABJLENE LASH LIGHT TEXAS H 2 8 794 U P U7 fo d 7719 hey: and ndwce- Sl U wflfn ly and 0 ann 7llfE SQ r I 45,qnf er w hm an In HDJCOWIH d wlffmauf Q dass have endefq ed fo Ae 940 4311117 I5 gaur We h w I add fo CPE PP HE L, 0 Umgly 5 gffrfwod Elmer K' 8,59 WWA? f 0 I, Y Q f-rr iss!-X Y, ' Q ' 4 'I' 57 -y U pe 'f M if ' ' H7 F foo r yqu us, 'T 7 Pl 'hf ' ri il' il your Ag i 55 gf X U f . Ie K , . x Q KXQ N ZR ffN fSV?ZET??R3 NF NA QAM X Hl? W Rf J ISM gi gsx HQ fy gay 5 wi 3 Qijxijifyf' J X 1 nd PM X CGNTENT5 Hur UN1 F04 fb I Pnvorffes Wlhfer 'T fg- ffrcull' 4SkEfb 1 PM - ly Edfure ,Q Q r-fs w i Clfvsses 11 .4 I ""-i 'EF fa V gg Y E I - C-.:-.:.- 9 I Qfjwhlkjffbns tj so f V-4, S f 9 mn P P 5 S aEg:-:-- Pflkhds , . Q g H" Dew- Q15 Q HAI Psifjh X IEW? bfi H?-'id ? QQ" gf-'RX It pam- Bs U se, X N! 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Q A f Li' , 'L Q l fffy M 1 , . 2.51 W ' 'f H fyp Q, :XX KH 7 I I , xxx RN X 2 Q Q ANU -X X X QIX "K f Wiz ' , 4v1f,'7fw,f11,f4q,g,452 ' pf : ,iw ' ,mm K: A ',.' Qt- f ' wa YLPXSXRLXGYYY GYQLENP a . C , w L V PO3XXY?xEN5,'YEE3PxS Q , AMX ZSAQA' K 2 A V f jf Beer Fookbp-XXBQLF, J xx DY AH .Hwe mzmkha 0? We qearhm-ae WAX LPWYRX the hH?:NFDDx'bFm 5eaeon"'are S . Qerhnp The mo-ik qXar'mva.Dvr pep N f ' ' rnklkea Aye VKXXEA w'Mw-Wang-9 and N '- Lheerzbemnd which were 'W A N qemfme 9?'w1k Yhnr NM mat forever W A ' , '7Kncerek.X, N ' ivqnr and Emer W' i M N V 1 i ' V , f ,X Q L C2 KW X gs N 2 W X X . f J 1 i 'gwygxklvlbsbf ,qc-,,.'2tf'X,4s-40' frvu.MLJI'-'JL . .WW ,Q . - M452 AM' 3'TjjdM 1K+iW-Zwcglffw ziwfofofiw. Qiwfgffmvfvwiww Y A , ' ' y, - . , TSW H f 5' Ef'q4',:?fI HW' K ' . V' " V V W2 W K L . ,L.,A - . U , , , M, .. , COACHING STAFF DEWEY A. MAYHEW Head Coach By those who know football, Dewey A. Mayhew is considered one of the top ranking coaches in Texas. His first and main objective is to teach boys fundamentals and then instill into their minds the advantages of powerful running plays, thus he develops not only All- State backs and linemen but also boys that gain national recognition and honor. By combining experience and knowledge of boys and by coaching two of its three State Champion teams, Mr. Mayhew has established a fine record for himself at Abilene High School. W. K. BENTLEY Working with nearly every sport during the year, Mr. Bentley contributes a great deal to athletics. Having been here four years, he has made friends with many con- testants in all fields of inter- scholastic sports. HOWARD L. MILLER Much of the success of the Black and Gold elevens must be attributed to its line coach, Howard Miller. His untiring ability to make his charges give just a little more than before is the reason that many an enemy back has been stopped and many more will be. DEWEY A. MAYHEVV' I. B. NEELY To Work with younger boys and prepare them tor big competition is the hard task of Mr. Neely. He is especially effective in arous- ing an interest in boys to know and love the game, thus is a valuable asset to the 'athletic department. 1 BENTLEY MILLER NEELY Page 9 ABILENE EAGLES GENE DALTON Quarterback- Two years Dalton was the field-general and commander of the aerial attacks, for his passing was among the hast in the District. S, G. GENTRY End Last year His consistent ability to break into the clear when the team took to the air, made Sparky a valualile wingman. I. C. JONES Halfbacik-Last year Following in the footsteps of his brothers, Iones proved him- self to be a good blocking half and a strong defensive line backer. BTLL ION Guar -- wo years His quick thinking and extra amount of energy made Bill the guard that he Was. Coach Mayhew R. V. RUCKER Endv'-Last year Though Without previous experience, Rucker was the most consistent and dependable man on the team and steadily improved in each game. Qi. DALTON GENTRY l. IONES B. TONES RUCKER Page ABILENE EAGLE DICK STOVALL Guard- - l,ast year Captain Wlieri it came to Eagle tight and spirit, Dick had w truly the mainstay in the forward wall. Tells Them HOW Rl5.YlVlOND PATTON Center - -One year S hat it takes, and was l. W. BROWN Tackle- Last year A big tackle was Red who had plenty of grit and determination to see the qarne through to the end. lAMES COVVAN Center- Two years Although Cowan started the season as a reserve, he was promoted to a req- ular when Patton injured his shoulder. TRAVIS ABLES Tackle --Last year Witli his great natural ability and speed, Travis was to be rated as one of the best linemen. Raymond earned his letter in the earlier part of the season, tar, on account at an injury, he was not able to continue to play. Pl-XTTON ABLES STOVALL Page l l BROWN COWAN ABILENE EAGLES PABBIXDJICRE SELLERS Fiillhackef Two years With his abundant power in line drives and his love of the game, Parramore Sellers made himself an outstanding contender for honors. VVAYNB HACKNEY Guard---Two years ln order to overcome inexperience, Hackney gave his be-st at all times EAGLE SQUAD Top Row: Iames Cowan, R. L, Berry, Verne Paul Tatum, Ray- mond Troutman, lames Black, Raymond Patton, I. C. lones, lohn Collins, S. G. Gentry. Second Row: Will Smith, Tom Collins, Charles Killian, B. B. Hendricks, Stanley Iarrell, Louis Gee, Bob Phillips, Bill Poisall. Third Bow: l. W. Brown, Dick Stovall, Travis Ables, Ewina Iones, Parramore Sellers, Charles Narrell, Pt. V, Rucker. Fourth Row: Gene Dalton, lack Boles, Earl Bauqhton, Wayne Hackney, Clyde Matthews, Iames Phillips. SELLERS llACKNljY Page I ABILENE EAGLES WILL SMITH Back - -Last year "Wee Willie" iznmediately gained the respect of all opponents, for when it came to brokentield running, he was ct rnan to be feared and watched at all times. CHARLES NARRELL Haltback- Last year Although handicapped by iniuries a niaior part of the time, Narrell gained a place on the eleven by his excellent puntinq. EAGLETS First How: Dubb Dull, Iohn Shirley, Ioe Bennett, Samuel Smith, Edison Stout, lunior Thomas, Iohn Torn Winniford, Elmer Tedtord, Elbert Hendricks, W. O. Maxwell. Second Bow: George Watson, lames Maroney, Sam Clark, Iohn Howell, lame-s Tate, Dub Shields, Clyde Shelton, lack Clarke, Morris Tompkins, C. H. Collins. Third How: C. G. Whitten, Billy Colwell, Allen Stewart, Charles Morman, Gene Goltz, Murrel Gray, Ierry Patton, Mar- vin Weakley, Max Fischer, Louis Chase, Kenneth Killian. Fourth How: Donald Iolly, Billy Kiker, 'W'eldon Rhodes, David Lantz, Buren Betterton, Charles Box, I. L. Warren, David Philley, Bobby Morton, loel Mclvlinn, Aubrey Gay. Fifth Row: Henry Francis, Iarnes Hawkins, Bill Davis, Wal- lace lVlcCleskey, Herman Truitt, Bay Hardwick, Dornian Far- mer, Freddie Procter, Tom Iohnson, Floyd Kelley. Sixth How: I. B. Neely, Buck Baldridae, W. C. Kilpatrick, Maloy Cozart, David Gouqh, Stanley Carneron, W. D. Winkles, Dick Grant, Deter Scoain, VJ. K. Bentley. Page JH SMITH NARRELL SEASON REVIEW By Tom Burditt ABILENE 7- BRECKENRIDGE 56 ln a pre-season tilt the Eagles found the Breckenridge Buckies far too powerful to cope with. i From the first the Warbirds were in deep water, with the Buckies scoring very ofteng l however, late in the fourth quar- ter Smith broke off right tackle and reached the goal un- touched. The point after touch- i down was good. This was the only Eagle score. l l Smith goes around right end ABILENE UfSWEETWATER l9 Operating behind a stalwart line, the Mustangs of Sweetwater swept over the Eagles with a bril- liant running attack. Although the line held for a short time, the experienced boys from Sweetwater finally pushed over a score in the first quarter. Scoring again in the first and third, the Mustangs were riding highg nevertheless, the Eagles scared them in the fourth when they covered a fumble on the op- ponents' 40-yard line. Passes from Dalton to Sellers and Iones gave the Yllfarbirds a first down outside the penetration line. After losing ten yards in three downs, a last-down pass for ten yards came short of a first down. The defensive work of the line and the passing combination of Dalton to Sellers were outstanding. ABILENE O--THOMAS IEFFERSON l3 ln the third nocturnal tilt of the year, the Eagles suffered another defeat at the hands of the San Antonians. Neither of the leff's two touchdowns came from long bruising drives, but were made in short order in the closing minutes of the first half. The occasional offensive power of Sellers and Dalton was all the Warbirds had to rely upon, and only once did the Eagles threaten, going to the Mustangs' 5-yard line before giving the ball up after four unsuccessful attempts for a score. Abilene seemed to play the lefferson Mustangs an even matched game at all times, making twelve first downs to the eight of San Antonio, but never found the glint that would have sent them in search of pay dirt. By this time, however, the boys had learned many tricks they would never learn anywhere but in actual play. Narrell pulls through a tight spot f rf- rf W ' l Yea, Team! Eagles, Fight! Yea, Team! Eagles, Fight! Page 14 SEASON REVIEW sh-ii' J vs- f' Yea, Team! Eagles, Fight! ' Fight! Fight! Fight! Gene bucks the Odessa Broncos ABILENE 7fODESSA l9 Playing their first game on their own field seemed to be all the Eagles needed. Early in the first quarter Dalton chalked up a tally, and the point after touchdown was good. Being ahead for the first time in the season might have proved to be a good omen, but trouble was ahead. The rest of the first half was the Eaglesg however, in the last of the second quarter Odessa scored. They failed to kick goal, and still Abilene led by one point. Before the second half was nine plays old, the Bed Horses of Odessa were leading 13 to 7, and the rest of the game was the visiting team's, since they scored again before the final gun. Ables and Brown were standouts in the line, while the defensive work of I. lones in the backfield was notable. ABILENE 7eMlDLAND 45 Losing a heart-breaker the week before proved too much for Abilene, and Midland found that they could score nearly at will against the boys in Black and Gold. Trailing by l3 points in the early stages of the game, the Eagles finally managed to stage a scoring spree and came through with their only counter. On a 46-yard pass from Dalton to l. lones, the Abilene team went to the Midland 4-yard line. Sellers then went over from the l-yard marker for the only Warbird score. The conversion for extra point was good. As in games before, Sellers was the mainstay in offense and defense, Dalton's passing was good, and Stovall's performance was his best of the season. fand over for a touchdown! ki, E My aff my r L Fight, Eagles, Fight! And win this game today. Page J 5 SEASON REVIEW Exlgu MS ltltllll all The Black and Gold Forever will hold sway. Sellers tucks it away ABILENE l3ieLAMESA 14 ln the sixth game of the year, the Eagles went to Larnesa, expecting a much harder game than they were given. lt proved to be the closest game of the year, with Abilene losing by only one point. When first downs are considered, one wonders how Lamesa ever reached pay dirt twice, for the War- birds made thirteen first downs to their opponents' eight. Narrell scored in the first quarter, climaxing a long drive. The point after touchdown was missed, this proving to be the downfall of the team. lt was the fourth quarter before the Black and Gold machine began to roll again. Sellers went over and kicked goal, but was one point short of a tie. Although Dalton did not figure in either of the tallies, his running stood out. ABILENE U-ARLINGTON HEIGHTS 6 Abilene lost their seventh game of the year to Arlington Heights of Fort Worth. Being scored on in the initial period seemed little handicap, for the Eagles frequently penetrated the Yellow lackets' 20-yard stripe, only to lose the ball on downs or by a fumble. Seemingly outplaying their opponents, as in the week before, the Warbirds rolled up twice as many first downs and more than two hundred yards from scrimmage to the Arlington Heights' scant fifty-two yards. All Eagle-backers' hopes were lost when Sellers went to the lacket 3-yard line and then fumbled, the ball being covered by Arlington Heights in the end zone for a touchback. An Eagle eludes a Yellow Iacket sg 7 , alll So charge and block Page 16 14 f SEASON .REVIEW f' 2 ,I Q 'MAS tlllltltl I it if A And men of courage be Beautiful blocking by the Eagles ABILENE 20-BIG SPRING 27 ln an effort to make up for the performance of the week before, the boys from the Eagle Nest showed their best offense of the year when they tangled with the Big Spring Steers. 'Trailing by 27 to 7 at the end of the third quarter, they tallied twice in the fourth period of the game. Bill lpnej, guard. cau.QlZJ.LC1 blockejhpgss ancimged fag! yards untouched for a counter. Abilene's last score came when Dalton threw a pass to Sellers in the flat, Sellers running eighty-sixfydrds for the touchdown. This was one of the most spectacular runs of the afternoon, and it put the Eagles back into the "old ball game." The Steers tightened down, nevertheless, and once again the Abilene boys had to be good losers. ABILENE 9fSAN ANGELO l3 The Turkey Day tilt proved to be an exciting fray for the fans. At the half the score board read: "Abilene 7, San Angelo G," but trouble started for the Eagles in the first play of the second half. Fumbling the kickoff, the Warbirds found themselves defending their goal when they should have been on the offense. San Angelo tallied almost immediately, but the game was far from over. Gain- ing a safety after they had pushed the Bobcats back to the l-yard stripe, the Eagles tried desperately, even until the end, for one more counter. When the final whistle sounded, however, the Abilene team was still thirty yards from the double stripes and victory. The bearers of the Black and Gold had lost, but they had learned to lose like sportsmen. A Turkey Day pass ct MT ti That you may bring T AHS victory. Pagel7 PEP SQUAD A George Bichardson Dickie Dane Emmons Buth Evelyn Foote Choc Spangler Sam Conner Fir.e:tBow: Myrl Biggerstait, Buth Cunningham, lane Buzloee, Margaret Fagan, Molba Laiikiord, lo Nichols, Gwendolyn Grisham, Doris Bohannon, Marilyn Maxwell, Donna Dean McCehee, Patsy Burrage. A Second Bow: Billie Gayle Logsdon, Francine Powell, Frances Vfallace, Maxine Daugherty, Mary- bel Graves, Doris Massey, Wanda Wallick, Helen Anne Reynolds, Billie lean Glass, Lou Brock, Kay McCarty, Mary Alice Nelson. Third Bow: Celena Mae Lawrie, luanita Helton, lnetia Tucker, Frances Pollock, Genevieve Thomp- son, lo Nell Page, Wynogene Ballard, Frances Choate, Mary Alice Fowler, Mary Katherine Baxter, Clara Mae McCoy, Nina Belle Fleming. "Yea, team, tight!" echoes and reechoes throughout the auditorium, and an- other pep rally is on its Way. The Pep Squad, besides lending its vivacious person- ality and color to all the football and basketball games, took the lead in selling tuber- culosis bangles. OFFlCEBS Dickie Dane Emmons . . r President Mary Frances Spangler . . , ,Vice President Buth Evelyn Foote Secretary Myrl Biggerstatt Treasurer Patsy Burrage Chairman of Checkers Loyal leaders Page 18 I K X PEP SQUADH George Bichardson Dickie Dane Emmons Buth Evelyn Foote Mary Frances Sam Conner Spangler First Bow: Myrl Biggerstaff, Kathryn Boucher, Edith Tucker, Nancy Cunningham, Elinor Sivley, Bitsy Gruver, Sue Shepard, Buth Bevell, Claudia Webb, Erneitine Haines, Doiiifess Balch, Patsy Burrage. Second Row: leanette Sheppard, Lyndell De Marce, Grata leier, Marietta Council, Gloria Bacon, Kathryn Hall, Sue Duval, Ollie Dean Cox, Billie lean Wisdoni, Norma Barton, Carole Coates, Io Hanna Crawford, Elouise Cagle. Third Bow: Billie Mae Kent, Florence Ewing, Laverne Baker, Aileen Biddle, Gladys Marie Guest, Elsie Mae Saylor, Betty Sue Kane, Mary Lula lones, Ioy Whitlock, Corin Cooper, Constance Corrie, Maxine Beasley, Margie Givens, Miss Vivian Liddell, adviser. Climaxing a full season of supporting the Eagles, the members of the Pep Squad attended a dinner in the fall. ln the spring, plans were made for the annual home- coming in the latter part of April. The morning after homecoming, the new members were initiated at a sunrise loreakfast, a fitting finale for the year's social activities. oPPicERs lt is Dickie Dane Emmons . . .President Mary Frances Spangler , . i .Vice President Buth Evelyn Foote . i ,Secretary , MYTl Bkggerstaff Treasurer Patsy Burrage Chairman of Checkers Yea, Eagles! Page 19 V i i Q- E, zum' it WJ , BUYS BAND I f l N J jju xf- - i 4,41 . ...- 1 A ..h.-gn... l. Allen, M. Bantau, B. Boger, H. Bond, E. Burtord, F Cadenhead, H. Clark, P. Clark, L. Cohen, D. Collum, T. Davis, VV. E. Gibson, B. Glover, l. M. Go lensen, G. lanes, B. lordan, C. Knox, W. D. arty, B. Middlebrooks, B. Mills, E. Moore, ll. Morgan, M. Obar, ll. ltendor, B tty, W. Beed, M. Bcesc-, Reeves, ll. V. Biclifrrds, C. Hay, l". Holly, P. Holmes, M. Hughes, C. A. Boday, C. Bogers, C. Sammons L. Scarborough, L. Shanks, B. Shaw, VV. Snow, G. B. Spaulding, I. Steakley, l. Stephens, T. Teal, l. atson, VV. Vfright, T. Blakney, L. Boggs, B. Breihan, C. F. Briggs, I. Brooks, B. Collier, l. Crutchiiel , l. L. Edmondson, B. Fielder, l. Griitin, B. l. Hagood, C. Harvey, C. l. Harville, B. Henderson, C. Hobbs, B. Hunter, G. King, C. Kuykendall, B. B. Lewis, D. Miller, L. Milstead, L. Moore, G. Overshiner, E. Pittman, D. Smith, l. Snow, H. Stokes, L. Turner, B. Williams, E. Yflfilliams, l. Williams, C. Willis, W. Wragg, D. Yarbro, C. York. Martial music heralds the approach ot the Eagle Band, the organization that was instrumental in cultivating an appreciation tor good music among the students. lt also loyally supported our school and assisted in many city activities. At the Sweet- water game a tantare announced Kathryn Barnes, who had the distinctive honor of being the only girl in the history ot the band who had been chosen Band Sweetheart for two consecutive years. OFHCEBS W. E. Gibson . . . President Freeman Holly . . . Vice President Charles Sammons , Secretary-Treasurer lra Allen . , . . Drum Major Larry Scarborough . Librarian Cn review Page2U 1 1 1 i 1 I i l alla!! Gll'l.S BAND il 1 WOT 'W '71weL.Jv T' B. L. Antilley, B. Bates, B. Bourland, N. Caperton, M. E. Clark, H. Collins, G. Dellis, L. Dickey, N. Dryden, M. French, 'lf G. Grisham, E. Hailey, V. Hamilton, D. Harris, M. Harrison, T. Hay, B. I. Heir derson, N. Hilburn, l. Hobbs, F. Hooper, D. D. lenioings, l. M. lones, Lyon, D. Newman, VJ. Pool, D. li. Hiissoll, D. Spurrier, G. Steeler, B. V. Todd, L. Vxfatsoii, M. F. Vifclvb, M. Vlfilctox, V. Woriiacli, M. O. Hurt, B. l. Yarbio, K. l. Aldrodge, H. I. Bailey, li. I. Chiles, M. li. Lfoirliicin, VV. Colluiii, D. Cuibirth, M. A. Davis, F. Evans, M. Fonville, M. Francisco, l. Gilleland, V. Grizzard, M. E. Haag, N. Harris, A. Harvey, L. Hays, B. L.' Landers, N. Massey, M. D. Mathis, B. Mauldin, V. Mills, l. M. Mohr, N, Nelson, Z. O'Neal, N. Poston, l. Schaefer, N. Schaefer, V. Tripp, M. lohnson, L. Gravens, D. Shipley. T L The Abilene High School Girls Band has the distinction oi being the only organ- ization oi its kind in any Texas high school. Given another year or two, the Girls Band, which is less than two years old, promises to be one oi the outstanding bands of Texas both ior uniqueness and for musical art. OFFICERS Mary Elizabeth Vtfebb , President Grleanor Dellis Vice President Maxine French . . Secretary' Dorothy Spurrier Reporter inspection day Page 21 SEASON REVIEW Lei me qo in, Coach!" Game from the sla'el1'nes Debut of Hue Eagles 'fWjlZIeverf1ZI 'em up?" The old Eagle spirit aotfa have a line A Lim Page 22 JUNIOR RED CROSS Na First Row: Dorothy Alexander, Mary Ruth Pearce, Imogene Biggerstatt, Tommye Hay, Pat Ryan, Gloria I-Iollingshead, Iohn Garrett, S. C. Herring. Second Row: Frankie Lee Grittin, Marjorie Spieler, Claude l-Iufiman, Billy Williams, Ann Gaines, Catherine Ferne Smith, Ianie Barnett, Iennelou Kuehn, Murriel Young. Third Row: Miss Myrtle Trantham, Ora Massey, Mary Ann Murray, Curtis Reed, Iessell Bailey, Barbara Street, Anne Collins, Virginia Teague, Bobbie Martin. At club meetings, first aid and the activities oi other Iunior Red Cross clubs were studied. With the money received trom a drive tor membership in the Iunior Red Cross, the students bought much needed glasses tor some high school boys and girls. Also a scrapbook was made to exchange with a school in a foreign country. The social Was a picnic. OFFICERS F all Term Spring Term Pat Ryan . . . . Iohn Garrett President Iohn Garrett , . . . , , Cldude Huttman Vice President Tommy I-Iay . , Tommy I-Iay Secretary Gloria I-Iollingshead .... , Ann Gaines S b If Im Reporter crap oo ma 1 g Page 23 SONS AND DAUGHTERS First How: Milton Young, Marvin Myers, Sam Nixon, Betty Kiker, l. B. Dean, Bobby Fielder, Ellison Cferlach, Hugh Ledford, loe Snow, lohn Crutchfield, lohn Griffin, Dennis TNoods. Second Bow: Clark lflfozencraft, l. C. Reeves, Boyd i s, y Wooten, Dornan Boberts, lerry McConnico, B. A. Delaney, Emory Brown, Earl Lawless, - i vin King, Lee Henry. Third Row: Mis. Gray Wooten, Charles Grant Willis, Otis Harvey, Dean Miller, Walter H. Blackf burn, lr., Bill Davis, Bobby Smith, Mack Hobbs, Tommy Blalcney, C, G. lllfhitten, Kenneth Killian, D. T. Scogin, Larry Summers, Steve Williams, Harold lones, William Snow. Fourth Row: lack Bela, Theo Brown, Claude Huffman, Thomas Brownlee, Bill Terry, Wayne Stover, Baldwin Stribling, lames Nuclcols, Paul Holmes, Carl lensen, Hal Hervey, Baymond Daniel, Herman Truitt, lean Balch. The members of the Sons and Daughters of Legionnaires sought to preserve memories and incidents of the World War and to promote patriotism, peace, and good citizenship among the students ot Abilene High School. Besides upholding these principles, the club assisted in selling poppies before Memorial Day. During the spring the initial payment was made on a plague memorializing the World 'War dead. The only requirement for membership was that one's father had fought in the World Vtfar. CDFHCEBS Ellison Gerlach President l. B. Dean . Vice President Betty lo Bishop , Secretary Virginia Storman . . ,Treasurer Bobby Fielder Sergeant-at-Arms Prayer for Peace Page 21 5' iii' 77 or LEGIUNNAIRES 6 1' f :M m f',fKl5yH 'PV First Bow: Marjorie Black, Minnie Alice Mayfiel , Etta ontke, Mary Booth, Peggy Lou Dishon, Wynogene Ballard, Catherine lohnson, Mary Alice Nelson, Nancy Cunningham, Donness Balch, Buth Arrick. Q Second Row: Dorothy Coffman, Bubydeen Storman, Billyio Stewart, Frankie Lee Griffin, Elizabeth Grubb, lohanna Vlfilliams, Marta Ve Everton, Dorothy Shipley, Billie Marie Harvey, lo Powers, Gloria lune Hobbs, Patty lane Allen, Nadine Poston. Third Roy: Helen Watts, Margaret Hardy, Gwynn Sandlin, May Elizabeth Burton, Mamyeruth Lewis, leanne Buch, Dorris Bowell, Nell Lawson, Lillian Belyeu, Cna Faye Foster, Helen Bailey, Monta Middlebrooks, Sarah Henry, leanne Moutray, Carla Louise Garretson. Fourth Bow: Bose Shirley W'alkow, Patty Vtfinters, Geraldine Shaw, Maribel Boberts, Patsy Bur- rage, lane lennings, Dickie Dane Emmons, Nancy Blankenship, Peggy Anne Carswell, Mildred Tote, Mary Ella Bathmell, Virginia Storman, Billie lean Wisdom, Margaret Alexander. Fifth Row: Patricia Clark, Leia Bates, Carolyn Myatt, Lucy Ann Bryant, Mary Smith, Eileen Grish- am, Vauncille G'Bar, Mickia Cogdell, Zella VVhite, Opel Pate, Zola Mae Stevens, Perla Hudson Dudley, Virginia Boyd, Maudie La Verne Blackburn, Kathryn Boucher, lacauelyn Stephens. Pledge: "To uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of Amer- icag to inculcate a sense of individual obligation to the community, state, and nationg to promote peace and good will on earthy to safeguard and transmit to posterity the principles of justice, freedom, and democracy." CFFlCEBS Ellison Gerlach President I. B. Dean . i . .Vice President Betty lo Bishop . Secretary . . Virginia Storman i Treasurer Bobby Fielder . Sergeant-at-Arms A reminder Page 25 FLASHLIGHT rr? First Row: Charles Campbell, Sarah Crawford, Van Wiley Williams, Clyde Parmelly, Sugar Page, Elmer Moore, Willa Gene Behm, Sue Duval, Bay Cannetax, Billy Bains. Second Row: Quentin Buch, Alice Williams, Elinor Sivley, Doras Bragg, Mary Boggs, Dorothy Korman, Marjorie Black, Dorothy Fitch, Mary Booth, liinmy Longley, Billy Bay Stewart. Third Bow: Miss Tommie Clack, Wanda Wallick, Edna Ferrell, Peggie Lockhart, Virginia Maxwell, Ann lames, Margaret Vletas, loanne Kenner, Daisy Marie Brannan, Tom Connolly Burditt, lim Brennan, Frank H. Etter. Vtfe, the Flashlight staff, are responsible tor this publication, which we hope meets with your approval. Needless to say, this book represents months ot hard work. ln December we went to the Texas High School Press Association conven- tion in Denton, at which time Benny McGlothlin won first place in the State photog- raphy contest, and the Flashlight received an All-Texas Honor Bating. ln the spring we had a picnic, which is one of the rewards we receive for our efforts. Sugar Page . , Elmer Moore . . , . , Benny McGlothlin Clyde Parmelly Tom Burditt ....,. Ann lames . Dorothy Fitch , , . Wanda Wallick . Virginia Maxwell . Glen Norris . Miss Tommie Clack At StGHOrd,S Frank H. Etter , , STAFF . . . , Editor-in-Chief Business Manager , , . . . . Photographer Advertising Manacyer . , . . Sports Editor . Club Editor , . . . ,Senior Editor , Typist Artists . , . .Editorial Adviser , Business Adviser Page 26 BATTER Y .Qx First Row: G. W. Haggard, Lavina Cambell, Eilene Dwyer, loe Kerr, Alyeene Archer, Lavon Baker, Corin Cooper, Constance Corrie, Laverne Baker, lack Williams. Second Row: Patty lane Hays, Billijo Dunning, Nola Finch, Evelyn Vifilson, lames Booth, Gean Clark, Edith Braune, lo Nell Page, Maurine Curtis, Poole Robertson. Third Row: Ellison Gerlach, Boyce Shelton, Louise Williams, Gene Rule, Som Tucker, losephine Bentley, Dorothy Spurrier, Ellis Grisham, Rebel Hope, Carol Goldsmith, Marietta VVilcoX. Fourth Row: Lillian White, Louise La Roe, Sarah lo Wragg, Patsy Lester, Rebecca Tittle, Gene- vieve Eaton, Eileen Riddle, Leila Nolan, Eslaell Robertson, lack Reynolds, Bill Beants, Benny McGlothlin, Gene Spaulding. Honors won: All-American Honor Rating, National Scholastic Press Associationg State champion- ship, Class A, Bi-Weekly, Texas High School Press Association. lndividual honors in Texas High School Press Association contests: Ayleene Archer, first in news writing and third in editorial writing, Eskell Robinson, first in sports column and fourth in sports story writingg Sarah lo Wragg, second in news writing, Gene Rule, fourth in column writing. STAFF Ayleene Archer . Editor-infChiei Eilene Dwyer Managing Editor ' lack Reynolds . Feature Editor Marion Walker Exchange Editor Louise La Roe . . . Social Editor Gean Clarlc . . . Typist Billiio Dunning .Typist Io Nell Page . Typist Ioe Karr . . .Business Manager Lavon Baker . . . . . . , Advertising Manager i Corin Cooper . . . . . . . . . .Circulation Manager Iames Booth . . . . . . .Associate Circulation Manager i Lavina Cambell .... . .,.. . Advertising Salesman Patty lane Hays . . .... .Advertising Salesman The winners! Page27 1 High School Service Flag made in l9l8 by Mrs. lim Young. The 235 represents the num- ber ot boys Abilene Public Schools gave to service. The Gold Star Service Flag, bearing eleven stars, was burned in 1923 when the High School building was demolished by tire. irkk ROLL OF HONOR VVILLIAM MINTER BATIER Member of lst Divisiong killed in action at the Battle oi Belleau 'VVood, on Iune 18, 1918. 1-le went to France in the spring ot 1917. IOHN A1 1STER GOODNIGHT Member ot the Student Association Training Corps: trained at Fort Sheridan, lllinoisg died ot influenza While home on furlough on September 28, 1918. HOMER WELLS BURKETT Member ot Company 13th Regiment, United States Marine Corps, A.E.F.y died on October 2, 1918, the day alter his arrival in Brest, France. BEN WATK1N S FULLER Member ot 36th Divisiony killed in action "some- Where in France" on October 7, 1918. LIEUTENANT ARTHUR STUART BROWN, M. D. Member of the 36th Division: killed in action near Marseilles, France, on October 8, 1918. IULlAN GRAY CLARK Member ot 136th Divisiong died ot wounds at Win- chester, England, on October 25, 1918. IOHN BASCOM COIL Member of the 89th Division, 356 Company killed at Dalaumontre, France, about nine o'c1ock on the morning ot November ll, 1918--two hours be- tore the signing ot the Armistice. Fate stole their shining youth- All dreams that lite would hold! On stern War's crimson tapestry, Death Wove their names in gold. Page 28 like YLIXSVUGHT ' Q E p xi? THE PBXLENE, 'YETCBS i' . v4mxX2e,xQ4Q -S I r 'Pexmw iwmnva, Q vxafm We vmenx are ow 5 3? 2 are qovr 1 ark fda k . TW gm? me new pnqef, Ami Hx q ' 9. Eur wmrf-evryrkeex The r'worw,Yoo,nnmed bg LYWDNL2 A Ulm'-5 U-'km 924 We Wmvmx Q5 ovkekandknq, Lonqrpwvxnvon-5 ko euerqbodxp DQNQNQAXQ, ivqfw and Elmer Q fm ff A N ' Q25 V f 2 Kiki ? v S I givw, fi? f Yi , , - , 112522-er - . 141:21 "Tk Pf'f'.s11,ggev f W , -,,vN5,.,, vig . 2 . W, ' A Q A Mui , .ijix J 4 kv. 3 fa Lk, f wG2wiWW'3 RITA TAYLQR FLASHLIGHT QUEEN Future Farmers Sweetheart, '40 Like the colors of the rainbow, Or a jeWel's brilliant sheen, ls our dainty Rita Taylor, Senior choice for Flashlight Queen ,v - -.- MOST REPRESENTATIVE BOY President of Clciss, '37 President of Clctss, '30 Vice President ct Cldss, '40 Vice President of Student Council, '40 Cheer Ledder, '40 SAM CCNNER DICKIE DANE EMMCNS r MOST REPRESENTATIVE GIRL Secretary of Class, '37 Secretary ot Class, '38 Secretary ot Class, '40 Secretary of Student Association, '40 Secretary ot National Honor Society, '40 President ot Pep Squad, '40 MOST FRIENDLY BOY Vice President of Class, '39 President of Class, '40 National Honor Society, '39, '40 MAURICE PAIN RUTH EVELYN FCCTE P P iii MOST FRIENDLY GIRL Secretary of Pep Squad, '40 President of Glee Club, '40 Charter Member of A Cappella Chorus, '37-'40 MOST VALUABLE BUY President of National Honor Society, '40 President oi Student Association, '40 Hi-Y '40 Band, '36-'40 GRANT JONES RUNNERS-UP Elmer Moore Choc Spangler Dick Stovall Marilyn Maxwell Poole Robertson Norma Barton Kathryn Barnes Patricia Clark 4.7, , BILLIE MARIE GIST and GEAN CLARK, representing Art and Stenography Departments, respectively. DICKIE DANE EMMONS and ROBERT ODELL, representing Dramatics Department. WI-ICYS WI-ICD GERALDINE SHAW and HMMY ATKINSON, representing Voice Department fy Q" ' 5435 ogg J. '- 2 .1 sf., w :Y - - M iz Hvr- .V 7 54.55-1 . . D, 2, ' S. H, NI' -W MQ, M.: i ' , tb- - ' - . few fml .f .. , . N ,M ,4 . .. .it. .w,w , tj Q, -'ivy' -i , sa 3 X A ,, V. A.,,. -, 'fx WHO'S WHO EDVVIN IENNINGS and MINA MARGARET WHEELER, representing Mathematics and Speech Departments, respectively. DOROTHY MACK AMAN and RALPH MILLS, representing Music Department. BOYCE SHELTON and MARIORIE SEWELL, representing Art and Science Departments, respectively. wHo's Wt-to 1 , ,F . 4 is fi 9. X . , . W! K to ,-eff -. wr ' :-:gf 17 LV WY Y 7 Y W ' First How: Frances Evans, Sewing Department, Ayleene Archer, lournalism De partmentg lames Kelley Lewis, Speech Department. Bottom Row: Sugar Page, Language Department, George Richardson, Shop Mack Davis, Agricultural Department, Wanda Bond, Cooking Department. 'Y HE N? L PSSYXLXGYYY 9? pawsiilmwxs N MXZS, X940 r 'ichovlrz vfmw ovY dvr new e vJ eq D20 UJ vkddr do kheq AY . X 9 Am! z no Narayan here v Mheq cuz v , zXvcmnKXq, 'Tenn dawn deep who q , X Adx4fNY,hox1JtZU2Y V epecmk gmac in xH E VGU9 Y Thanx occupq A VBR Ark-5. Akov9 hx , avr he 'iw 7vqAr ADA Emer 'Q Xluvrf ' n 1 i5QgZ,2f"ffHff':1,'f,ffLr4,ifg,fWff0f,,f,M,, WW' i C7 ' C4fWW5iw6- Q11 If Winter comes, can Spring be far behind?" ADMINISTRATICDN L. E. DUDLEY, B. A., M. A. Superintendent Another school year has almost ended. lt has been a busy year for most of us and, therefore, a pleasant one. To the extent that We have applied ourselves to our respective duties, to that extent have We profited. lf we have neglected opportunities, let us now resolve to make stepping stones of our past mistakes. May each of you reap dividends throughout your lives from the information gleaned from your textbooks, from habits of right conduct formed, from the mental development achieved, from the inspiration obtained from association with your teachers, and from the friendships made during your stay in the Abilene High School. Sincerely, L. E. DUDLEY V F.. ,. it , 5 ltr T .P 4"'K i . 3 . i. rain. 5. iv. 5 - GJ? ' i lg .V 1 ir. ga,-.A. Irv! l. if 1 f, if, 2 V V.-1 il' K . . 2 A l lr. q'- , . L, sr L' 'A gi" I it :fift- l 'T- Iggt-gi ifi Q 1 1: is-I ,,1. i 3' f S11 'F ' li' e if' it r r . .,,, i':.f ,. .rf 'li ge l" i . v ' 4 .: 3: 1 itplfr ,K silt Ifltililn ti -fliittff. tx .2 , 1551527 3 .M if . :rf . . 1, iw ADMINISTRATICDN H. S. FATHERREE, B. A. Assistant Superintendent ln my library there is a large collection of yearbooks, both high school and college. l call them my "Encyclopedia ot Friends." lt is a source ot extreme pleasure to refer to those books occasionally and renew triendships and relive happy experiences. The Wealth that they contain tor me now is in exact proportion to the investment l made in triends and satis- factory experiences during my school days. It is my earnest desire that you may have stored up in this book treasures that will grow in wealth because ot the associa- tions ot your happy school and college days. Sincerely yours, l-HLLIARD S. PATHERREE re 112 ADMINISTBATIGN BYBON ENGLAND, B. A., M. A. Principal Feelings of genuine regret always attend the departure of a graduating senior class. Strong friendships and close associa- tions must be temporarily forsaken. The teacher's compensation is drawn from the fact that most of these friendships are solidified and deepened by separation. Life does not now begin for those who leave at the year's endg it merely takes a turn in a process begun at birth. This new turn will mean what one wishes and strives to make it mean. To those who steadfastly try to interpret life's new challenges and meet them accordingly, the turn will mean continued usefulness, happiness, and achievement. To those who lightly consider these new responsibilities, a new turn will result in confusion, maladjustment, and temporary failure. My wish for the graduating seniors is that they thoughtfully approach this new departure, resolved to sacrifice selfish inter- est for the good of all. Sincerely yours, BYRON ENGLAND ADMINISTRATICDN lOE C. HUMPHREY, B. A., M. A. Assistant Principal Six ot the happiest years oi my lite have been spent in grand old Abilene High. Never shall l be able to torget the many pleasant experiences of these years. The rich friendships formed among all ot you are the treasure l carry from this great insti- tution. May all the years ahead in your earthly journey be tilled With a sincere determination to be true and loyal citizens. Your community and your government depend upon each oi you. l have iaith and contidence that you will successfully answer the challenge: " 'Tis not what man does that exalts him, but what man would do." Sincerely, lQE C. HUMPHREY age 45 ADMINISTRATICDN MRS. EDITH C. SMITH, B. A. Student Counselor "The words of the good are like a staff in a slippery place." The millions oi words which you, dear students oi Abilene High, may whisper, speak, or shout into the ears oi your comrades will be your most vital contribution toward their strength-or their weakness 5 toward their happiness---or their sorrow. Would you do great deeds? "Words are deeds." Do you long to rule? "Ideas rule the world." Would you go torth to battle? "Speech is God's mightiest weapon." May you gather strong and beau- tiful ideas from Shakespeare, from Browning, from the Bible, from your own minds and hearts--from many and varied sources- and scatter them like rnanna to ieed those who are hungering and thirsting for wisdom and strength, tor joy and comfort. Most sincerely yours, EDITH C. SMITH BGARD QF TRUSTEES Mr Erlo D. Sellers l. M. Hooks L. I. Acliors l. R. Fielder Mrs. l. D. Perry lj. L. llarwoll Wbzltor lorrett The Board ot Trustees is the governing body ot the Abilene City Schools. Among its many duties are the electing ot teachers, the determining ot the policies ot the school system, the voting ot bonds tor new school buildings, and the providing tor the up- keep ot all the local schools. The Board ot Trustees consists ot seven Abilenians, elected every two years by the voters ot Abilene. Also present at the meetings held once a month are the executives ot the school system. As a result oi the excellent management ot the Board, the Abilene School System ranks among the best in the State. Presiding at the past year's meeting was l. R. Fielder, and serving as Vice-President was E. L. l-larwell. The acting secre- tary was Miss LaVelle Cooper, secretary to Superintendent L. E. Dudley. PARENT - TEACHER ASSCCIATICN First Bow: Mrs. Oliver Cunniriaharii, Mrs. Selina L. Bishop, Mrs. C. H. Shepard, Mrs. W. B. Snow, Mrs. Tlfl'7IlIflS Brownlee, Mrs. M. ll. Norwood, Mrs. Arthur llay. fievozifl lrow: Mrs. B. L. Driviiz, Mis. M. A. lluiihcs, Mrs. L. P. Cook, Mrs. Price Campbell, Mrs. Boss lrri1riirrpi.:,Mrr3. i.l'.LZtark, Mr:a.ll. M. Fisfldor, GBOUP CHAIBMEN Senior Class Mrs. B. B. Blankenship junior Class Mrs. I. P. Bohannon Sophomore Class Mrs. C. L. Nelson COMMlT'l'EE CHAHHMEN Mrs. M. A. Hughes . Mrs. L. P. Cook Membership Proqrani Hospitality Mrs. Boss lenninqs Mrs. Price Campbell Mrs. Dwiqht Williams Mrs. I. WL Boqer Mrs. l. F. Clark Mrs. T. N. Carswell Mrs. Toe 'Williamson Mrs. W. D. Bond Dallas Scarborouqh Mrs. lohn Dressen Vlfelfare Mrs. Oliver Cunninaham Finance Freshman Class .. . . . . Mrs. R. M. Fielder Publicity Publications Health Telephone Music Visual Education Badio Parent Education . AUDITCBS Mrs, Edith C. Smith Mrs. W. B. Keeble CGUNCIL DELEGATES Byron England Mrs. E. L. Harwell Mrs. zwm X Becord Mrs. B. E. Davis LOCAL CFFICEBS Mrs. W. B. Snow . President C. l-l. Shepard Vice President T. E. Brownlee Recording Secretary M. E. Norwood Treasurer Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. lohn Bishop Parliamentarian Mrs. A. A. T-lay Historian Ai the Stare- Corivenzion Paac 47 STUDENT ASSGCTATIGN Qu. Byron England Choc Spangler Grant lanes Dickie Dane Emmons Miss Annie Lee Vfilliams Charles Sammons Hollis Manly Sam Conner loc Bob lay Comor Clay Democracy in its best torm is represented by the Abilene High School Student Association. lt consists ot two bodies: a House ol Representatives, whose members are elected from the home rooms by the students themselves, and an Executive Coun- cil, elected by the house members. The meetings are held every other Tuesday after school. The major accomplishments ot the year were: the furtherance ot the banking system, sponsoring ot Friendship Week and Vice Versa Night at basketball games, sending flowers to bereaved students and their families, and a trip to the State Con- vention ot Student Government at Tyler. EXECUTWE CGUNCIL Grant lones President Sam Conner , , Vice President Dickie Dane Emmons Secretary Choc Spangler . Senior Representative Charles Sammons junior Representative l-lollis Manly Sophomore Representative MS me Law., Toe Bob lay Freshman Representative Page 45 FACULTY Firsi Row: Miss Tornmie Clock, L. l., B. A., English, Miss Bennie Speck, B. A., B. Q., M. A., Enqlish Miss Thelrno McPherson, B. A., Enqlish, Miss Bobbie Clock, L. l., B. A., Enqlish. Second Row: Miss Vxfinniired Plolf, A. B., M. A., Enqlishy Mrs. Selma Bishop, B. A., M. A., Enqlish G. W. Hoqqord, B. A., lournolisni, Enqlish, Mrs. Miolcie Miller, B. S., English. Third How. Miss Mory Bogqeti, B. A., English, Mrs. Carolyn Woolen, B. A., English, Miss Morie Win sion, B. A., Hisiory, English, Mrs. Kothiyn Morrow, B. A., Enqlish. Iago U FACULTY First Row: Miss Build Bpley, B. A., Enqlisli, Miss Annie Lee VVilliorns, B. A., English, Miss Nell Mewshow, B. A., English, Mrs. Editli C. Stniili, A. B., English, Miss Soroli Elizobeth Clorlc, Secretory tc ' ' l Prtnciyoot.. Second Bow: Miss Myrtle Trontlfioin, B. A., Lotin, l. l. Moore, B. A., B. S., M. S., Vocdtionol Aqrioulf ture, W. B. Gwen, B. S., Vocviztionol Qccupotions, Miss Vivion Liddell, B. S., Physicol Education, Mrs. C. B. l-licks, B. A., Lotin. Third Bow: Miss Cuidfr Clernons, B. A., Music, B. T. Bynum, B. M., Music, W. K. Bentley, B. A., Physical Eduootion, l. B. Bloolcwell, B. S., Slioo lfvlorlfg Miss LdVelle Cooper, Secretory to Superintendent. ' v roge t FACULTY First Bow: loe Hurnphrey, B. A., M. A., Government, Law, Curtis Gwen, B. A., Vforld History, Miss Sarah Hardy, A. B., American History, l. B. Neely, B. A., Ancient History. Second How: Mrs. Annie Blalock, B. Moclern History, Mrs. leneva Youna, B. A., Ancient History lunior Traininq, Typina, D. A. Mayhew, A. B., Athletic Director, Civics. Third How: Miss Lucretia Curry, A. B., American History, Mrs. M. M. Barnes, B. A., American His tory, Texas History, Miss Pansy Gardner, B. A., Ancient History, Miss Fern Brock, A. B., M. A., Arneri can History, Sociology. Page bi FACULTY ! i First How: Miss Willie M. Floyd, A. B., M. A., Physical Geography, laines L. Cullar, B. A., General Science, Vaiden ldiner, B. A., Physics. Second How: H. M. Cowclen, B. A., General Science, l-l. l-l. lolqnson, A. B., M. A., Che-inisiryg Miss Cclell lohnson, A., Biology. Third Row: Lonnie Briqqs, B. A., M. B. A., Typing, Miss Virginia Corruili, B. S., Secreiarial Train- ina, Typing, Howard Miller, B. S., lunior Training, Occupations. Page 5 FACULTY First Row: Dori Weatherby, B. A., M. A., Mathematics, Miss Marie Tucker, B. A., Mathematics Frank H. Etter, A. B., Mathematics. Secorid How: Mrs. M. B. Norwood, B. A., Mathematics, Miss Mabel Beeves, A. B., Mathematics Culleri Willis, B. A., Mathematics, Mrs. Lucile Divan, A. B., Mathematics. Third How: llce W. lay, B. A., Mathematics, Miss Belle lortes, B. A., Mathematics: I. F. Borert, M. A. Mathematics. P me SI? FACULTY Nil First How: Mrs. Nancy Murray, B. L., B. C., Librarian, Miss Buth Hutchison, B. A., B. S., L. S., Fresh inan Librarian, Mrs. B, M. Banclolph, L. L, B. A., M. A., Spanish, Prank Cain, B. A., Mechanical Drawing Stanley Cameron, B. S., Vocational Occupations. Second Row: Mrs. Buby Gatlin, A. B., Spanish, E. C. Polk, B. A., Spanish, Mrs. Buth P. Pearce, B. S. Foods, Miss Buby Coinpere, B. S. M, A., Clothing. Third Row: Mrs. Beth l-lenaaan, B. A., Art, Design, Miss Yetta Mae Slayton, B. A., M, A., Spanish C. B. Fora, A. B., B. M., Public Spealfina, Corner Clay, B. A., M. A., Public Speaking, Vtfalter Dagiqherity B. A., Spanish. Winn' BASKETBALL HQWABD L. MILLER Considering Mr. Millers athletic record while in Abilene High School, one could never wonder at the splendid basketball teams he has produced for this school. The boys that play under him have the utmost confidence in his judgment, and to find a better disciplined team on any floor would be a difficult task, indeed. Mr. Miller has a record that is yet to be equalled: he is the only coach to take Eagle guintets to the State Meet twice in succession. Because he is a man of few words, when he speaks his boys listen. The re- sult? Fine basketball teams. Much of the fame that Abilene High School has received through this sport can be traced to its coach-a sportsman Hu . and a gentleman-Howard L. Miller. MILLER SEASON BECOBD Abilene Qpponents Abilene CDPOHGHTS T 26. . , Tuscola l2 39 . Brownwood V 18. . , Hamlin . 12 30 , Brownwood 45 . Highland 23 23 Sweetwater 3l Stanton 23 26 San Angelo lB Big Spring 26 32 Breckenridge 35 Sweetwater l9 Zl l-lamlin 28 San Angelo ll 404 Totals 23 I . Breckenridge 28 29 Averages l DTCK STOV ALL Captainef-figh-point maneAlO2 points STOVALL P Q SS Guardeef-feight 5' 10V2" Following in the 'footsteps of being captain of the football team, Stovall was also elected captain of the l94O cagers. An outstanding athlete during his senior year, Dick made another mark in the field of basketball, for he was an excellent offen- sive player and was high-point mon for the season. -flew' 'timiz-t V125 . ig .P is . ,Q 2 , .15 TSE: wg Vifiit -I tt .. il . 1.1, .5 .. 1,1 Tli .vt 1 3 V U ,E "wif . .l' ' -it figli 7 t 2-,ta 5 ,, 'll 1355-fffl , . , 5 l 4 -4 ' lt Ft'-if ft ::t2f:f?QZt 1.35 It-1 ii""iixE BASKETBALL FREEMAN HOLLY DUB HUMBER RAYMOND PATTON Guarde Height 5' 8U Holly's exceptional ability to figure out the opponents' defense was one of the factors in the suc- cess of the Eagle offense. The most polished player on the squad, Freeman was responsible indirectly for many of the points the Warbirds scored. Guardf-Height 5' 8" Dub was the most dependable reserve from the second string and was a "dead-eye Dick" when shooting for free goals. All the fight and determination that is traf ditional of a true Eagle, Dub pos- sessed, and there is no doubt that he will be a better guard next year. Center 'Height 6' 4M Being the tallest man on the squad was one advantage that Patton had under the basket. Be, cause of his height Raymond was able to talce the ball on the re- bound and put the team in scoring position often. Cosper makes a hard shot Headed for the basket l'11f,'9S HAS K IiTBALli, WELDON COSPEP GENE DALTON SAM STOVALL Centerf Height 5' S" Cosper was one ot the hardest 'orkers on the tearn. l-le was 'ell repaid tor his ettorts, tor he ad a peculiar knack in hitting ie goal trorn long distances. Be- ause ot this slcill and his speed xfeldon kept the Warhirds out ot anger at niany critical moments. Center-f Height 5' llw Gene was another iootball play- er who rnade good on this years cage crew. Though slightly short to play center, Dalton was good detensively and had one ot the hardest one-hand shots to guard in the district. Forwardm Height 5' Vit' The old hustle and tight was one quality that Sain had an abundance ot. l-le had the inf stinct always to he at the right place at the right tirne and his capacity to worlc with ease against all torrns ot opposition defenses gave hirn potential power on the ottense. Vfatch the hall -watch the goal! Water good cold water! age 5 7 BASKETBALL I. E. SMITH Forward-Height 5' ll" Although it was Smith's first year on the Eagle cage team, he held his own because of his line ball-handling and his good eye for the basket, therefore he was not only good defensively but was runner-up for high point man also. SEASON REVIEW By Tom Burditt The Eagle basketball squad had tive of the fastest cagers in the district, a tact which accounted tor their staying in the race so long. Abilene opened the season with a win over Tuscola by a 26 to I2 count. Hamlin, Highland, and Stanton were the next victims ot the Eagles, and apparently the 'War- birds were on the rampage. In the second round ot the Colo- rado tournament the towering Steers from Big Spring defeated Abilene by the score ot 26 to l8. Victories over Sweetwater, San Angelo, Brownwood, and a loss to Breckenridge were the outcome ot the next tive games. Having ended the practice season by beating San Angelo and losing to Sweetwater and Breckenridge again, the Eagles entered district play. Meeting Hamlin first, a team which the Eagles should have defeated easily, Abilene found themselves on the short end ot the final score by 25 to 21. So the 1939-40 basketball season closed with the Warbirds boasting of nine wins and tive losses and a six- point better average on each game than their opponents. But they were just not able to click when clicking was most needed. SMITH . ERESHMAN BASKETBALL Top Row: R. B. Leach, Aubrey Cole, Richard Owen, Stanley Stevenson, Eugene Ford. Second Row: Taylor Paul, lohn L. Higdon, Ioe Dabney, Oberon Moore, C. H. Collins, Ierry Patton. Bottom Row: Buck Frances, Max Fischer, ' wis Chase, W. D. Winkles, Tom Morris. A - my ORGANIZATIONS ROLAND DANIEL GREEN FUTURE TEACHERS First Row: Annie Harvey, loy Etheredge, Mary Lou Medlen, Bucilla Morris, Captola Kimbrough, Louise Mosley, Iune Etheredge. Second How: l. F. Boren, Dorris Ann Rowell, Alvina Carrillo, Clara May Bowden, l-lollyce Rucker, Willadeen Baker, Leta Kate Rhodes, Elsie Fay Cannon. Discussing problems and learning points which Would be helpful to future teach- ers were the principal interests oi these girls. Aiding them in their study were talks by various teachers and members ot Future Teachers clubs. Miss Tommie Clack gave the club some helptul ideas and Miss Ethel I-latchett ot the Hardin-Simmons Future Teachers club spoke at an entertainment in Mr. Boren's home. The club was invited to a meeting ot the Future Teachers at Hardin-Simmons University to hear a speech by the head oi the psychology department. ln addition to this, the students are encouraged to read articles and to make reports to the club on these articles. This is the tirst year that a club ot this type has been organized in the school. Mr. T. F. Boren is the sponsor, and it is his desire to be ot help to those interested in teaching as a profession. The club was named in the honor ot our late superinten- dent, R. D. Green. GFFTCERS Fall Spfjnq Louise Mosley - . . Louise Mosley President lMarie Goldsmith . , Marie Goldsmith Vice President Bucilla Morris . . . . , , l-lollyce Rucker Secretary Captola Kimbrough Captola Kimbrough W Reporter ,. F. Boren ..., ..,. . , ... .,........ T. F. Boren Adviser Some good pointers 'Dage 59 I 1 GIRLS GLEE CLUB First Row: Lura Mae Free, Bobbie Sarrels, Shirley Kethley, Rebecca Tittle, Ruth Evelyn Foote, lane Iennings, Billie Louise Webb, Ella Faye Free, Geraldine Shaw. Second Row: Gladys Mae Lovelady, Sue Duval, Louella Lane, Sarah Ann Stowe, Helen Talbot, Marian Wright, Gloria lobe, Gloria Hollingshead, Rebel Hope, Shirley Ruth Iolly, Elizabeth Ann Helm. Third Row: Dorotha Nell Boyce, Ruth Revell, Doris Kuykendall, Ianice Robertson, Helen Watts, Vauncille Martin, Betty Pope, Ethel Dean Bullen, Alice Lou King, Louise Page, Clyde Parmelly, Mari- bell Roberts. Fourth Row: Miss Ouida Clemons, Bessie Lee Cornelius, lennie V. Grimes, Billie Marie Gist, Marian Riddle, Vonzeal Wall, Ruth Norman, Sarah Lou Owens, Verla Ioyce Perkins, Mildred Frances Cook, Ruby McFall, Wanda Lynch. i ln 1939 the Girls Glee Club won iirst division rating in Region ll at the State Cign- test and second in the National Contest at San Antonio. ln February, l94O, a chosen delegation Went to the Musical Clinic at Mineral Wells, which was conducted by , , , I , l Noble Cain. On April 12 and l3 the club participated in the State Contest here,. and in the National Contest at Waco on April 26 and 27. A OFFICERS Ruth Evelyn Foote ,... ....... P reside lane lennings ..,, .... V ice Preside Lura Mae Free . . . ,..,. Secreta. Rebecca Tittle . . . . . . Report Miss Guida Clemons . . . , , . Advis "There are .smiles . . Page lllllli - ,ii ,, ifirliigill I GIRLS GLEE CLUB .M Qgiilglttl .5 nfq, elllli ,un ,X 3, at tt. itil llli' .in iiittlttai yfilsilkliij im.. M Y .,,e,ig , mtttttti 2' IH Hitt lil iii J . .i 1 .I t ' nl ill n ,. rllilii iiliistisgif isis: ri Ji ll i mf ill ,,-, -l. i xi -I lllglliizgx giitlfllilf 'tivtitlitt' "'l:- gi- will it, tit, lv ':', fttlilsxltli H li' :I iii e' illglgigil ?lx'tl.l :, it ' it , Mit, iiiliziifr is iii illtilfl 1 ' c X , i First Row: Peggy Lou Dishon, Mary Elizabeth Stribling, Iacquelyn Stephens, Nancy Cunningham, i Norma Bains, Lyndell DeMarce, Grata leter, Mary Ellen Truitt, Elouise Cagle, Perla Hudson 'Diileyfwg' ff 9' Fl t! Second Row: Nell lean Glass, Sue Baker, lane Buzbee, Maevalene Bridges, Louise Mosley, Fran- ces W'atson, Buth Williamson, Patty Allen, Melrose Chaney, Billie Todd, Kathryn Myatt. : ' :l.1,Q' Iilltitisit Third How: Frances Grimes, Billie lean Glass, Alyne Pee, Donna Buth Russell, Lou Brock, Kathryn Mg W. Boucher, Kathleen Vtfoodier, Catherine Snow, Frances Cheli, Bertha Lee Gracy, Mary Alice Fowler. iE'i ll lf: 3' till Fourth How: Bettye Reeves, Victoree Benton, May Elizabeth Burton, Lucy Ann Bryant, Betty lean Fish, Ann Gaines, Betty Brock Martin, Flora 'White, Genelle Heath, Ierry Keith, Miss Ouida Clemons. fxsiifftirii 'lililallxll iielillliigii B iiiigitgtiit Assisted by the Boys Glee Club and the Orchestra, the Club gave its most memor- able program ot the year, The Messiah, staged before a silver curtain backdrop, set- ting oit a group ot simulated stained-glass Windows which lent a Christmas spirit to the scene. For a program ot popular songs in chapel during February the girls Wi fiiilf, tlil dressed formally, and later in the year they presented a performance of classical ltglligiliii and semi-classical spring songs and wore spring-time clothes to represent the season. illgiigzi billlllllllll --mir: orricsris Ruth Evelyn Foote . . ,.,.. President N I I I gli' limit ,ane lennings ..,., . i ,Vice President illll,2Eltftll lsura Mae Free , . , i Secretary iii 1": li J 'll ill' lfitlti: ,Ei Mig, Rebecca Tittle , , . . Reporter Miss Ouida Clemons . . i . ,Adviser filililillgll gseilitllitit Lovely iassies and lovely songs 2 iittiil zge 6' lllglllilq i 'N' 31 lgfflltlllla i ,'ir:'i:1M l E llll I M gt., uxl'! I .fill ftivir, 'ftiiiititi I Q I 'fl-2 e 1532155 i H-ri: 'ft' ix -fmt. . tzifaftl ti L?whv -silt: liit iiftiilitaii ll 2 1 ltgiili Wmuls lliillllt, ltiitf ., iii lun-' :tg Still gzlstgggigi rttiiiigist lxtftztig f?f?,1i5t.i2 Wi T " sl! writ. ,1 FF'4A QM! gy iliftiltiig wet, :gs iwtlifiii l fit Eiifipilifi lf: iv- 4 ,li liiiisit In-gl. nrt I-fit 'xi ftlng, l 5 I ti'5ii9'fii .r ,. l :M 2 1. i nf: .IQ Yi, lintgl 51 ' vw i f3E.,:, if. X yt' :'wHw ,ii ,rr 1:193- - 1 -is- .rpinr l 1',5fil:r:h lttziigfzi fit!! llf still .Hi lfzfl '5f:t1'?5lli 1, 'tr te VV1'T z?::.f 7r,'f '. UHUM' H1 ii ittlarx- fgllitgiif tilili Eli L V ,li thi til at , I I sy ill e Eh, illallel iltititi t"l'tEti'l .l. gf :,9, ,N ,.A, .,!, NH,, ,t I 't L' li'ilt5'g2I dig! vlitg I .Unfit ldftlltl' it Quits: l' "HEP E-Jim , ,.mri,y 1 ' fi. it gif' Vt" l 135557 ,-,tv 'Mtplll v Q,1t,' light tr 1,54 iight? ,g i' . . 5 . M2 Xl: , ,ku su F as aw . li dw GIRLS GLEE CLUB l Y 5 it gi ,, 3 Lista- 4.. nic First Row: Annette Grubbs, Dorothy Mead, l bara McQuary, Ion Ann Grisham, Lavinia Ward, lean Boyce, lo Dean Steele, Doris Quattlebaum, Dorotha Hutstedler. Second Row: Lillie Vletas, Sarah Ballard, Margaret Balch, Ann Boberson, Billie Mae Kent, Kathe- ryn Hall, luanita Helton, Billie Gayle Logsdon, Bhetta Henderson, Doris Massey, Charlotte Shelton, Carolyn Myatt, La Ngle Sham. Third Row: Alene Henley, lohnanna Williams, Christine Smith, Charline Taylor, Katherine Baxter, Marietta Council, Margaret McAdams, Yvonne Fulter, Lora Lee Cook, Mary Ann Murray, Margaret Sewell, Bernice Hudgins, Billie lane Yarbro, Marilyn Kimbley, lo Anne Nott. Fourth How: Lavona Harris, Donna Dean McGehee, Edith Tucker, Frances Choate, Helen Monk, Melba Hunter, Willie lean Cullen, Mary Lula lones, Geraldine lones, Minnie Alice Mayfield, Geral- dine Davis, Betty Io Bice, Myrl Hankins, Frances Barker, Martha Vlfork, Tiny Ruth Aldridge. Fifth How: Dorothy Honea, lo Ioyce Longley, Marjorie Weatherby, Alice Williams, Winnie Dudley, Anna Verne Clement, Peggy Hawes, Imogene Hassey, Katherine Oliver, Catherine lohnson, Billie Lois Aman, Mary lo Storman, Miss Flora Lee Pope. Ynez Brown, Marta Ve Everton, Bar- The Glee Club has a greater percentage ot students from every class than any other high school organization. Because it is so large, it has to be divided into six groups. This talented group, under the direction ot Miss Guida Clemons and Miss Flora Lee Pope, has Won State and National recognition and has proved to be inval- uable to the school. OFFICERS Kathryn Hall ,,,,, . , . . ,.,, . Presiden Billie Gayle Logsdon . , , , . ,Vice Presiden 999 s Ann Boberson , . , . , . , , ,Secretar3 sv an na 0 W v Sarah Ballard ,.,,, , .Beporte Miss Flora Lee Pope , . . . .Advise "Peace on the earth . . Page NR BOYS GLEE CLUB First How: Boyd Richards, lack Allen, limmy Atkinson, Floyd Miller, Truett Thompson, Billy Shaw, David Dubbs, loan Balch. Second How: W'illiain Patterson, Raymond Plowman, Otho Higgs, B. F. Abbott, l D. Hanks, Horner Buttin, lack Pollard, A. C. Green, Hadley Barlow. - Tlzird How: Alton Wilsoi'i, Billy Cochrane, Glen Thornton, Bobby Perkins, Bobby lackscn, loe Bob Wliisenaiit, Warreri McGlothlin, Derrell Seymore, lack Bela. Fourth How: Miss Guida Clemons, Bose Shirley Walkow, Mack Fastus, Phil Kendrick, Bobert Page, Richard George, 'Wallace Patterson, Bado Archer, Hollis Manly, Bill Comer. The Boys Glee Club's singing iar overshadows the tact that it has few members. This is evidenced by the record made in the spring ot l939 in State and National Con- testseiirst division and second division rating, respectively. The boys had the privi- lege oi singing under the direction oi Noble Cain ot Chicago at the Music Clinic spon- sored by Mineral VVells in February. OFFICERS Floyd Miller i .President limmy Atkinson , . Vice President Truett Thompson Secretary-Treasurer Miss Guida Clemons Adviser Found-V the lost chord! age 53 A CAPPELLA if 'W A . Q , P I A 44 ,sir 4 s " tis.. . J , .qi fr S, I TT T F it Y I A ,f ' i ,,,, , ., A Y A A First Row: Homer Ruttin, Sarah Ann Stowe, Shirley Kethley, Billie Louise Webb, Floyd Miller, Ger- aldine Shaw, lacquelyn Stevens, Ruth Evelyn Foote, Miss Ouida Clemons. Second Row: Verla loyce Perkins, Frances Miller, Ella Fay Free, Bobbie Sarrels, Rebecca Tittle, Maribell Roberts, Vauncille Martin, Lura Mae Free, Louise Page, Dorotha Nell Boyce. Third Row: Alice Lou King, Billie Marie Gist, Helen Talbot, Betty Martin, lennie V. Grimes, Von- A zeal Wall, lanice Robertson, Ruby McFall, Mildred Frances Cook, Helen Watts, Sarah Lou Owens. Fourth Row: B. F. Abbott, Raymond Plowman, lames Atkinson, lack Pollard, Truett Thompson, l. D. Hanks, Billy Shaw, A. C. Green, William Patterson, Otho Higgs. A "The King of Love My Shepherd ls" is an anthem that can be heard driiting through i the closed doors ot Room 15. Yes, Miss Guida Clemons' A Cappella Chorus can be heard any day the ninth period. They are practising tor a chapel program, or may- be a contest. The A Cappella Chorus has won many trophies tor dear old Abilene High. They are as proud ot their school as We are of themg We say, "Hats off to Abi- lene High School's A Cappella Chorus." orncsss , Homer Ruttin , ..,,,, , , , . . . . .President Floyd Miller . , , .Vice President lerry Shaw ......, , , . ,Secretary Billie Louise W' ebb . . , . . , Reporter Miss Ouida Clemons . . . . , . Adviser A Cappella choristers Page! SEXTET-QUARTET l-Jlll!Fl1'l FRIHEE' BlLLEE l.OUlSFf Wllhh Q5FHAl.lJENiI i5lYfK'x'.' L1ElliTl""i' iinllfl l E' illfl? l'Vl1l.'v'N VVVV P W?'E'l'l' Vlil l GIRLS ISEXTFT AND EQYS QUARTET Hv0lIl,77,'J wfvii: l'ir'Si Divisicvii rciliiiq iii Slcxier Cciiiifgvsl cmd Scvcwiid ljivisimi iuiiiiffi iii Nfrlioiicgrl Qjoiiiesl iii lQ3?,!. First place iii Filth Amiucxl Hiqh School Soriq Festival held ul Hczrdih-Simmons University qold iwiilims. lifl.Sll, 5Wllvl lllvllXflY A'fl4flNSQN HONIEE RUPFEN l. D. HANKS C li? ik 4. . 12,5255 ' t,l" ,Sl tu , , it i ge lt t, . ,t ,x l, 1, , 1 I t .4 , t E C li, L ttf l . , llrill " -ll. 25 ,fl .L ,. V. l l l f Ill gt ,. t l t l int t 'tl ,.t,r tt' ZH!- tm .tw wilt.: e 7fuxti"', l, ,.,,t, rx ':.:::-, Vin lt! tit k . l Q, l f, l is iitiitttt ,hes'f" ORCHESTRA Dorothy Mack Aman, Billie leanne Arnwine, lanie Barnett, Nancy Blankenship, Boy Boger, Betty lean Brown, Mary Elizabeth Clark, Orleanor Dellis, lack Dressen, leanette Gaar, Berne Glover, Mary Elizabeth Haag, Paul Holmes, Mary Sue Hooker, Milton Hughes, Marie lohnson, Bryce lordan, Boy Keni- per, Wilara Leverett, Balph Mills, leanne Moutray, Celeste Norvell, B. E. Person, Mary Buth Pierce, Algeno Roddy, Lucian Shanks, Lyndell Srnith, loe Snow, lerry Stephens, loe Steakley, Herbert Stokes, Mary Elizabeth Thompson, Deidra Vandertord, Mary Evelyn Varnell, Mary Elizabeth Webb, Torn Porter West, Ruth Williarrison, Nadel Hilburn. As the rnorning sun shines lazily through the auditorium windows, a hush falls upon the chapel audience, Then as the stillness is broken by the opening notes of Tales from Vienna Woods, a thrill ot pride is experienced by every student as he listens to the Abilene High School Orchestra. This orchestra Won the highest pos- sible honor in the National Contest last yearee-that of First Division rating. Providing entertainment tor the organization was the orchestra banquet held late in the spring. OFFICERS Dorothy Mack Aman ....,,, , , , , .President Bryce lordan , . , . . , . , Vice President Mary Elizabeth Clark . l l ,Secretary No Work-all play Pagef C, FINE ARTS A Wi? First How: Vonzeal Wall, Margaret Dennis, Mariorie Dennis, Vauncille Martin, lack Dressen, Billie Louise Webb, Rebel Hope, lanico Robertson, Helen Vlfaltss, Billy Ward. Second How: Beese l'oster, Orleanor llellis, Sarah Lou Qwens, Gladys Mae Lovelady, Bobert Har- well, Peggy Hawes, Shirley lolly, Dorothy Mack Arnan, Mary Alice Fowler, Miss Guida Clenions. Third Row: Maeyolene Bridges, Aletha Fuller, Billie Lois Ainan, Doris Quattlebauni, Perla Hudson Dudley, Boyce McGarr, Billie Gayle Logsdon, Genelle Heath, Lucy Ann Bryant, Billyjo Stewart, May Elizabeth Burton,,Nancy Cunningham, Billie leane Wisdom. Recognizing the tact that composers, like other great men, are human after all, the Fine Arts club study the lives oi composers along with their works. Because mu- sic appreciation is their guiding principle, the members have good reason to look for- ward to club day. Sometimes outside artists furnish the entertainment, but more often members ot the club present the programs. All clubs were privileged by invitation to attend the Fine Arts Meeting held April 2, l94O. At this meeting, which was in truth a special chapel program, the in- creasing trend towards appreciation ot tine music in the student body became ap- parent. The delightful program, with the exception ot one novelty number, con- sisted oi all-classical selections. CPFICEBS F all Spring lack Dressen , lack Dressen President Billie Louise Webb Billie Louise Webb Vice President Vauncille Martin Helen lilfatts Secretary Bebel Hope A i Reponler "Music hath power . . ge tg! NATIONAL THESPIAN TROUPE 353 f"i1'stRoW: Vifairen McGlothlin, Wood Butler, Sant Tucker, Nina Belle f"le1i1ing, Dickie 'Dane Ern- mons, C. B. Ford, Sam Conner, Poole Robertson, Robert Odell, foe Bob lay. Second Row: Billy Ely, learine Moiitray, Elizabeth Grubb, Peggy Anne Carswell, Derrell Seymore Billie Louise Antilley, Horner Ruffin, Kathryn Boucher, Mary Elizabeth Clark, Mildred Frances Cook: Louis Wofford. Third Row: Mary Katherine Baxter, Ann Roberson, Tommye Gaye Grisham, Lora Lee Cook, Dor- othy Dowdy, facile Ashton, Myrl Hankins, lohnanna Willianis, Emory Brown, Dick Grant, Bobby Dean Duncan, Ollie Belle Chase, Lou Brock, Iimmie Beasley. Fourth Row: Verla loyce Perkins, Roy Kemper, Otho Higgs, Margie Barry, Mina Margaret Wheeler, Bill Henslee, Dixie Bailey, Fawn Nell Barlow, Mary Elizabeth Haag, Willene Henry, Betty Martin, Mary Doris Mathis, lean Balch. Glamour, style, and thrills bid you take a look at the National Thespians, a pop- ular organization which attracts attention to Abilene High School each year through its production of plays. The honor of being one of the ten best clubs in the nation was bestowed upon this organization this year. Each year the club presents a major production and this year Cyrano de Bergerac claims this honor. The program for The Merchant of Ven- ice in i939 Won first place in the nation. OFFICERS Phil Schultz . . . President i Sam Conner , , ,Vice President Dickie Dane Emmons Secretary Nina Belle Fleming i Reporter Minstrelizing PUQJG NATIONAL TI-IESPIAN SOCIETY TROUPE 353 ROY KEMPER WARREN MCGLOTHLIN DOROTHY DOWDY' SAM CONNER "YOUTH TAKES OVER" Although the floodlights and music so characteristic of the famous Hollywood premieres were lacking, the premiere ot "Youth Takes Over" was no less thrilling to Abilene l-ligh School. lt was a new experience for the students, since this was the A first world premiere ever presented in the history of the school. The cast was well rewarded tor its hard work, as a Samuel French Award placque was awarded to C. B. Ford and Troupe 353 for their excellent performance. CAST Albert t........ . , . i . r..........r .t.... S arn Conner Dr. Pierson ..,.,,,....,........,. ..... L ouis Wofford Energetic high-school girl .... .... K athryn Boucher Albert's self-appointed girl . , , ....... Dorothy Dowdy School's perfect gentleman , . , .i.,.... Poole Robertson Mrs. Rathbone ..,...,... ,... P eqQY Anne Carswell A teacher ,..... ,.... . . , ...,,.r..... Bill I-lenslee lanitor ,.,i..,..........,.,..,..........,....... Robert Odell Also: Warren lVIcGlothlin, Roy Kemper, Bobbie Dean Duncan, Ann Roberson, Verla loyce Perkins, Marta Ve Everton, Lora Lee Cook, Royce McGarr, Wood Butler, loe Bob lay, Elizabeth Ann Grubb, Mildred Frances Cook, Choc Spangler, Patsy Burrage, Patti Crawford, Patty Hays. Eagles in a black-out Page 69 wtfwnn- -W ., CYCLODRAMA First Row: Emory Brown, Margie Sears, Geraldine Shaw, Harry Saunders, Mrs. Howard Miller, Nancy Blankenship, Kathryn Barnes, Bebecca Tittle, Billie Louise Antilley. Second Row: Billy Shaw, Kathryn Boucher, Virginia Grizzard, lack Herman, Carey lune Neal, Donness Balch, Ioe Bob Lilius, Lou Brock, Mary Alice Nelson, Floyd Miller. Third Row: Hal Hervey, Dorothy Spurrier, lames Atkinson, lane Cawthon, Genevieve Thompson, Elton Daniel, Billijo Dunning, Sue Shepard, Nancy Cameron, Blair Morton, Thomas Brownlee. The Cyclodrama is a dramatic society organized to promote knowledge oi stage crait, make-up, and directing. The club presented the school a complete new set tor make-up this iall, celebrating its triumphs. ln April the Cyclodrama joined with the National Thespians in giving a banquet in the Crystal Ballroom ot the Hilton Hotel. Transformation QFUCEBS F all Spring Harry Saunders , . . Harry Saunder President Van Wiley Wililiams . , , , Donness Balcl Vice President Nancy Blankenship . . Nancy Blankenshir Secretary Kathryn Barnes ..,. , . , Kathryn Barne Reporter Page .n Q Q 0 ' 1 CYCLODRAMA ' rwf.. First Row: Mrs. Howard Miller, Malcolm Schulz, Bitsy Gruver, Ieane Bohannon, Vondell Womack, Iacquelyn Stephens, Gwendolyn Grisham, Doris Bohannon, Bill Tobin. Second Row: Frances Simmons, Ion Ann Grisham, Patty Biddle, Gwynn Sandlin, Marion Boyd, lackie Lanier, Ruth Harrison, Patricia Clark, Margaret -Balch, Lillie Vletas, Mary lean Hembree, Iohn li. Higclon. U Third Row: Iasmine Quarles, Ann Stinchcomb, Billie Brown, Catherine Snow, Mary Frances Chelt, Margaret Fagan, Lynette Wallace, Berta Baye Beed, Charline Grittis, leane Parker, Terry Keith, Cath- erine Iohnson. During the year the members of the Cyclodrama presented "The Boer" tor a teachers' convention at Hardin-Simmons University, Their performance was criticized iavorably and adversely by the teachers and judges who were there. ln this way, the actors received some good advice on how to improve their plays and were en- couraged in their work. "The Wonder l-lat," presented in the spring, was their ma- jor production ot the year. OFFICERS 'W f Fall Spfjnq Harry Saunders . . ,.,., . Harry Saunders President Van Wiley Williams . . . , . .Donness Balch Vice President Nancy Blankenship . . . . ..,.. Nancy Blankenship Secretary Kathryn Barnes , . . , , . , , , Kathryn Barnes Reporter Cn dress parade age 77 BACK O' CURTAIN First How: Helen Watts, lean Bracken, Imogene Hill, Billie Marie Gist, Leila Noland, Iack Rey-3 nolds, Gene Rule. l Second Row: Charline Taylor, Celeste Cheshire, Martha Farr, Marta Ve Everton, Evelyn Owens, Leona Bell Brannan, Mozelle Lowrie, Marian Biddle, Norma Markum. Third How: Mrs. Selma L. Bishop, Mary Ann Noland, Robert Bradbury, Dick Cope, Kenneth Mc- Beath, Freda Smith, La Nelle Williams, Patricia Ward, Ella Marie Garner, Frances Koonce. An initiation party in September and a picnic in Gctober were the tall social events. Cn the twenty-second ot February a formal party, a George Washington theme, was given at the Young Women's Christian Association building. THE IEWELED HAND Chafacws Loviz IN A FRENCH KiTcHi3N Ann Andrews . . . . . , .... , Lelia Noland Characters Richard Burns .... ,... I ack Reynolds Bob Waring . . .. ..,..,. Dick Cope iccquinot V P Q H A Igck Reynolds Alice Ambrose . . . ..., Marta Ve Everton mme Chemin? Taylor Clarie Collins . . . , .Mozelle Lowrie A , ""' ' ' ' 'BH M 1 , fs. Police Officer ,. . , ,. Royce McGarr Molhepmlaw ' ' 1 19 Que Jlsl Molly the maid . . . Martha Farr 73 OFFICERS A lack Beynolds . . . , . President, Fall Boyce McGarr . . President, Spring Leila Noland . .Vice President Imogene Hill . , , . ,Secretary Gene Rule , . Reporter Billie Marie Gist . . , . Treasurer lean Bracken . . . . Historian Dick Cope , . . . Sergeant-at-Arms Mrs. Selma L. Bishop . ...... .Sponsor "Love in a French kitchen" Page LGS LEALES First Row: Chief Iaramillo, Doris Wood, Nelda Harper, Harriann Bice, Frances Pollock, Billie lane Yarbro, Bubye Faye Huskin, Edith Ayer, Willie Dean Porter. Second Row: Bay McClure, Elmo Osborne, Basil Flannaqan, Zella White, Doris Hailey, Bobbie Lee Cheek, Norma Clark, Bobbie Dee Goodrich, Marie Killam, George Mack Williams. Third Row: Mrs. E. M. Randolph, luanita Hawkins, Dorothy Stevens, Doris lohnson, Clolene Iohn- son, Norman Kina, Kenneth Mansell, Christine Lockley, Esther Carrillo, Merietta Green, Billie Byers, Maxine McDonnell, Wanda Woods. Un mejor entendirniento de las naciones de habla espanola, un deseo de hablar mejor la lenaua herrnosa de millones de habitantes de diez y nueve paises del mundo, y el aprender de canciones espanolas, dieron a este club su oriaen. Los proqramas consisten en piecitas, canciones, y habladores espanoles. Este ano tuvo dos romerias. un banquete en el Hotel Hilton y una pieza de capilla. GFFICEBS Fall Spring Doris Wood , , .Doris Wood ' President Harriann Bice , , , , . Norma Clark Vice President Frances Pollock , , . , . . . Frances Pollock . Secretary lElmo Osborne , . , . , , . . . , Elmo Qsborne Treasurer Chief laramillo . . , Basil Flannaqan Sergeant-at-Arms Mrs. E. M. Bandolph . . , , Mrs. E. M. Randolph B .I d Q1 CI OTGS GSDGHOZGS Porye 73 en . 'vi .v,vf.H'!- Q' 1-iii! ,f - l! x A it ., ,As : 1,111 , il Jil f,! -5545 E7 :Sli I.: .ll B- 5. 'x - 1 a S . 'L ..-5, it Tutti 2 ' is., i 4- 1 ,f U f2'l . N4 I 'lf lsr- it ig. "nn, ,.. l nz.. :Zil- 151 rg -- fi. ji . It if I 1-r cf.. .z it 7, it .nf , : E, rwrw. .i , , .gl ' gtiri ,-I. S li l rite'- s lhiri .'lH!ri'i ,El gtldfrtf Mg - wr., 127 :sg time iT"f?5Er, Lt. ,,. -1-'ii .mg iggus 7 I s 5 Q" i V... i l -fnll'iv1.U Hfrigr, giislisiz .Wh V flltl- Ilztllhf. L.: 5,2 MLN.. Mists ,wipin- z.. QW! Fwy, ,mfr Qllilg A r,,,. i-it :TE mm. if lizfj 'ist ' "gif -:sry U., NATIONAL PORENSIC LEAGUE 69 First Row: Katherine Baxter, Frances Miller, Vitocd Butler, Mina Margaret Wheeler, Kelley Lewis, Kathryn Barnes, William Snow, Clyde Parrnelly, Torn Carpenter, loe Bob lay. Second How: Mary Elizabeth Clark, Marta Ve Everton, Rose Shirley Walkow, Patty Riddle, lane Iennings, Margie Sears, Peggy Ann Carswell, Margie Givens, loyce Ponder, Verla Ioyce Perkins, Mar- garet Sears, Baldwin Stribltng. Third Row: Mary Ellen Truitt, Sam Henry Smith, Tom lourneay, Robert Ford, lean Balch, Calvin Mclntosh, lohn Garrett, Tommy Webb, Raymond Thomason, Dick Cope. Fourth Row: Comer Clay, E. C. Polk, Bill Terry, Miss Pansy Gardner, Bruce Rowlett, Miss Bennie Speck, Hollis Manly, Mrs. Carolyn Vrfooten, Sam Conner. For the students participating in debate, declamation, and extempore speaking the National Forensic League holds a special significance. To these students this organization is not only their tinancial sponsor tor trips to tournaments but it also tosters interest in speech activities in every way possible. ln March, the Abilene Chapter holds the largest Tournament ot West Texas, at which more than thirty schools are represented. ln April, following the District and Regional meets, a banquet is held celebrating the triumphs ot the year. The Abilene Chapter has been represented in the National Speech Meet two years in the past and was eligible again this year, since Patty Biddle won Humorous Decla- mation and Sam Conner won both Extempore Speech and Criginal Oratory contests at the Bi-State National Forensic League Meet in April. OFFICERS Kelley Lewis . , . , , . .Presiden Kathryn Barnes . . ,. . .Secretam Mina Margaret Wheeler . , Reporte Corner Clay , , , , . , . , . . Advise. ASSISTANT Anvrssrts i Miss Pansy Gardner . . , Extemporaneous Speaking E. C. Polk . . . . . , . , . Senior Declamatior Miss Bennie Speck . . . junior Declamatior Mrs. Carolyn Wooten . . . , , . , Debate . . man and wife." Page 74 RADIO GUILD First How: Tom lourneay, Louise Ptobertson, Hollis Manly, Kelley Lewis, loyce Ponder, lean Balch, Tommy W'ebb, Bobbie Mae Henderson. Second How: Truett McGregor, Marjorie Sewell, Mary Buth Higgins, lo Ann Dunn, Mildred Frankf lin, Elsie lewel Scott, Hardy Loudermilk, lames Tate May, Robert Ford. Third How: Corner Clay, Marian Biddle, Louise Wellborn, Don Miller, Lavoyce Crow, Allyce Cliver, Melba Lanktord, Sharla Fay Little, Clitiord Benham, A. C. Green. The Badio Guild has been one ot the leading clubs. in a way, it has acted as a publicity director tor the school, as it is in charge oi the programs which are presented over our local radio station every Thursday afternoon. Cn these programs are ot- tered the members Club has the more ditterent organizations, activities, and leaders ot the school. Many ot the ot this club are interested. in ditterent phases of radio as a profession. The a picnic each year near the end ot school, thus mixing social activity with serious work ot presenting programs. An aim oi the otticers this year has been to present at some time each ot the club members on a radio program. Every other radio program is presented by the extempore speakers under Miss Pansy Gard- ner. . CFHCEBS Fall Spring Kelley Lewis , , . . Kelley Lewis President Hollis Manly ,lames Tate May Vice-President loyce Ponder , . loyce Ponder Secretary lean Balch Hollis Manly Reporter Comer Clay , Comer Clay ACiViS9I' Quiet! We're on the air! l Page 75 I Mi 'i51i:tffr.?: 4'i?'f':f. ,, . , 1, H+ . D i . T .,' . Qui in :ir :gig ll H ' iiffiff fn, rf, 0, ,, a 4 T SQ V I .lv 1 i 1 .Ai.,. , JUNIOR ACADEMY OF SCIENCE IULIUS OLSEN CHAPTER First How: Kenneth Ford, Gene Goltz, Emmett Lawless, Weldon Wimberly, PeQfQIY Anne Carswell, Edwin Jennings, Boyce McGarr, lames Booth. Second Row: Arlin McCurley, Raymond Daniel, Claude Huttman, Bill Terry, Dixie Eullilove, Del- mon Bice, Billy Scoggins, Hugh Baltanz. Third Row: lay Wooten, Baldwin Stribling, Lloyd Stayton, Cooper Vaughn, Doman Boberts, Cayton Knox, 'Wilson Holly, B. M. Cowden. The lunior Academy ot Science was organized in September, l939, with B. M. Cowden, adviser. The purpose ot this club is to become acquainted with the scien- tists ot this age by reading and studying them and to develop scientific interest in the students through the encouragement oi individual research and the fostering oi knowl- edge through the current advancements ot science. There is a prerequisite ot one year ot science before a student may become a member of this club. The lunior Academy ot Science is a branch ot The State lunior organization which is sponsored by the Texas Academy ot Science. Each member ot the club takes a project and reports on it at the club meeting, presenting the development and progress that he has made. CEETCEBS Walter Qughton . . . , . . . . , . , . President Weldon Wimberly . , , ,Vice-President Peggy Anne Carswell . Secretary Emmett Lawless . . . . .Reporter B. M. Cowden Adviser Experimenting again? Pnrye 76 JUNIOR GEOLOGISTS First Row: Franklin Northrup, Doman Roberts, Margaret Alexander, Arlin McCurley, Charles Fos- ter, Guy Evans. Second Row: Miss Vlfillie M. Floyd, lustin Edgar, Billy Wallace Scott, Glenn Moore, Buron Clark, Pete lohnson, Kenneth Knight. Studying fossils found in this particular section and specimens from other sec- tions makes the program for the lunior Geologists Club not only an interesting and entertaining one but an educational one as Well. The club has been active for three years, and during this time enough specimens have been obtained to form the basis for a permanent exhibit. A large portion of these stones were given to the organization by Mrs. W. A. Riney, Whose husband collected them for the economic section of the State University. Field trips and lec- tures on fossils have also added to the knowledge of the club members. OFFICERS Fall Spring Arlin McCurley A ..,.,.... . . Arlin McCurley President I GuyEvans. ,, ,.,,,,,, . . Dub Davis Vice President Margaret Alexander . . . . . . Melba Hunter Secretary Doman Roberts ......,..... , ,Margaret Alexander Reporter Miss Willie M. Floyd , .Miss Willie M. Floyd Advjgef "What is this, Miss Floyd?" Page 77 A F J STAR GAZERS First Fiovv: Frank Fugitab Blake Cockrell, Charles Escue, Bitchie Keeble, Maxine Daugherty, Mary- boll Graves, Frances Wallace, Doris Tarrant, Bessie Lee Cornelius. Second How: Ruth Mullins, Dorothy lean West, Voncele Q'Bar, Leta Bates, Louise La Bae, Bob Vlfheeler, Bobert Schultz, Billie Louise Martin, Frances Shepherd, l. F. Casey. Third Ftow: Mrs. M. E. Norwood, David Dubbs, lean Boyce, lrvin King, Earl Hoppe, Barbara Russell, Ioan Schooler, lean Lawrie, Bobbie Gage, Theo Brown, Dolores Harris. "Mrs. Norwood., l found Cassiopeia last night!" was a tamiliar exclamation heard from many ot the Star Gazers. This group not only is well informed on the planets and their oddities but also studies the myths from which the constellations have re- ceived their names. Any Star Gazer will tell you that the starry section overhead was caused by a milkmaid who dropped her bucket. Their social events included the annual Christmas party held at the home ot their sponsor. OFFICERS Fall Spring Bitchie Keeble . . . Charles Escue President Charles Escue . Butus Choate Vice President Maxine Daugherty . . . .Vera Ash Secretary Ffgmk Fuqua Frank Fugita Ai Sergeant-at-arms ' Mrs. M. B. Norwood , . Mrs. M. E. Norwood. Right here is jupiter! AdViS9I' Page 78 A. A. A. COLLECTORS .fc-HN -i ,MM W - , ,AWN First How: leanne Cole, Sarah lo Wragg, Bernice Herring, losephine Bentley, Sarah Ann Stowe, Lucille Folliard, Helen McCauley, Sarah Aycoclc, Bettye lo Horn. Second How: Marian Vlfright, Patty lane Allen, Gloria lobe, Betty Martin, Dorotha Nell Boyce, Mary Ellen Truitt, Doris Pittman, Melrose Chaney, Wanda Walliclc, Maxine Beasley. Third Row: Mary Bob Means, Vivian Nunnally, Doris Kuykendall, Norma Massey, Buby Mclfall, Helen Talbot, lune Lyon, luanita Helton, Louise Oldham, Ollie Dean Cox, Dorothy Newman, Miss Odell lohnson. The three words that appealed to these girls were add another article. Their greatest delight was in finding another piece to add to their collections. The girls were initiated in a rather unusual manner: each one was required to wear sorne- thing she had collected. Their collections consisted ot such things as china dogs, cats, and many unusual articles. One oi the social events was a potluck supper held at the home oi Buby Mcljall. OFFICERS Sarah Ann Stowe , . , , . . . . . . President Ml WW" losephine Bentley . , .Vice President Bernice Herring , . . . Secretary no Sarah lo 'Vlfragg . Reporter rf Miss Odell lohnson . . . Adviser We collect everything but the rent Page 79 TENNIS First Row: E. Hamilton, Ruth Harnrnond, lvlerlyn Mattes, Maurice Pain, Louise Page, Chuck Fran- cis, Olga Moore, Christine Smith, Kate Nell lvlciuldin, Gloria lune Hobbs. Second How: I. W. Sorrells, Myrtle Wliite. to Ann Luther, Probert Darnell, Billy Shaw, Norma Mar- lcuni, Betty Io Delano, loy Wliitlock, ljulalicr Browning. Thizd How: Iarnes L. Cullar, Thornas Roberson, lack Flornister, Ray Preslar, Burns Free Grady Vtfeir, Theo Priour, Loc Henry, Phil Kendriclcs, Truett Thompson, Glen Thornton, lack Pollock. "Cut your serve a little more" Well might be a phrase heard at the Abilene High School. tennis courts, for it is by these matches held every afternoon after school that the participants tor the lnterscholastic League are chosen. There are tour divisions in the tournament: boys singles, girls singles, boys doubles, and girls doubles. The Tennis Club holds itsrrneetings on club day and enjoyed a picnic because ot regular strenuous practice. They protited by the criticisms ot their coaches and tellow stu- dents, and thereby improved their play. CFFlCEl:tS Chuck Francis President Maurice Pain Vice President Merlyn Mattes ,Secretary Louise Page Reporter lames L. Cullar Adviser Hacqueteering Page S0 'i . FUTURE HOMEMAKERS W' ft M Q93- First How: Prebble Smith, Mary lo Bush, lrene Mouldin, Gladys Marie Guest, Wanda Lynch, Alice Lou King, Evelyn Wilson, Mary Ruth Hardin, Ruth Rucker, Evelyn Culvaliouse, Betty lo Haley. Second How: Betty lean Fish, Rachel Varnell, Flora White, Mildred Cullen, Doris Montgomery, Teresa Boggs, Glo Bello Watts, Elsie Roberts, Lilalcc Baker, VlElCtllGI1C Bglqg, LaVcrn Blaclcburii, Vir- ginia Boyd. Third How: Miss Vlfillie M. Hines, Dorothy Nell Haynes, Eloise Clenirner, Dovie Teal, Wanda Bond, Ardalia Leonard, Betty Pope, Mozel Stevenson, Nola Finch, Norma Grittith, lnez Aslcins, Bertha Mae Vifeelcs, Edith Braune. Bringing together the girls interested in home economics and aiding in further- ing the work of the school in the home have been the main objectives of the Future Homemakers. The club printed a yearbook containing the roll, constitution, creed, programs for the year, and social activities. The girls planned and served the Fu- ture Farmers banguet and the DiversiiiedGccupations banquet. Among the social activities were a Christmas party, a tea, a hayride, and a Mothers and Daughters social. L GFFKYERS Q , , Fail Spring 4 Dv th V' jf ' Alice Lou King . , . , , . Alice Lou King ff 5- li ' ' X I 2 , President f ssie 'll if ' 3 " ' Wanda Lynch Wanda Lynch J l fs Vice President if A 'rf ' Gladys Marie Guest , , . ,Ruth Rucker VEII yt - iit Secretary "t'iii' K ' y "'ii A f Evelyn Wilson . . . Mildred Cullen it 1 23 , RGPOHQI ,s Mary Ruth Hardin . Mary Ruth Hardin 'F ilelilll I ' Parliamentai an Etiquette in action Page Sl ,FTW-1-,-5, ini FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA First How: Louise Qldham, uclc Qnzg Helen Monroe, Ioe Favor, Doris Lind Antilley, Thurman Broylos, Bita Taylor, Frank K. Anti loy, Mack Davis. Second How: Leonard llarlpor, Boyce Gaines, Hobert Taylor, Walter H Blackburn, Delbert Farmelly, Billy Neelix, Clyde Qldham, George Branch, Clarence Beasley, Earl Wilson. Third Bow: l. l. Moore, Horace Wilson, Welton Lindsey, Herman Davis, Milton lohnson, Truman Vlfariord, Sam Smith, Paul Spieler, Victor West, Ernest Trice, Bay Gene Mims, Frank Elliott, Lynn Knight. The purposes of the Future Farmers ot America were to create more interest in the intelligent choice ot farming as an occupation, to improve the rural home and its surroundings, to encourage co-operative effort among students ot vocational edu- cation in agriculture, and to develop competent, aggressive rural and agricultural leadership. Each year the boys select their Future Farmer Sweetheart from the student body. This year they chose Louise Qldham, Helen Munroe, Doris Lind Antilley, and Bita Taylor. At the club's annual Father and Son banquet Doris Lind Antilley was crown- ed queen. ' if 9, orricnas 11 EQ, ' TT'g4lQM- -"' ff T Fall Spring A i "F "T'l'F"' 4 Thurman Broyles President . Thurman Broyles 4 AJ Mack Davis Vice President , Mack Davis U, Frank K. Antilley Secretary Frank K. .Antilley , It glib T Vi loe Mack Favor Treasurer . loe Mack Favor 1 tty. y Buck Francis Reporter Buck Francis MLK 5 ff' Clarence Beasley Farliamentarian Clarence Beasley we A Earl Wilson Farm Watch Dog Earl Wilson First prize Winners Horace Wilson Librarian Horace Vlfilson Page ds FUTURE FARMERS OE AMERICA 1 T T "EAL we Hamm- First Row: Eugene Lavender, Herbert Poe, Vtfill iam l-lenslee, Charles Axe, Leo Richards, Vfillard Martin, l. C. Reeves, Bill Biggerstatt, Gerald Collett. Second Row: Max Fischer, Carlton Hobbs, Gilbert Carlor, Lloyd Cfalos, ljldon Axo, C. W. Forbus, Palen Keith, Billy Keith, l. W. Brown, Troy Lee Tate. Third Row: Doyle Carter, l. C. Braune, Will Smith, Raymond Plownian, lrving King, Charley Dunn, Billy Dunagin, Pete Evans, Dewey l-ligginbotham, G. C. Lockley, Clyde Shelton. The ideal qualities ot Future Farming have been shown to the fullest advantage by the Ollie B. Webb chapter ot Abilene High School. Fiity-tive boys participating in outside projects earned a labor income ot 52,524.84 February 14 was designated as Future Farmers ot America and 4-l-l Club Boys Day at the West Texas Livestock Show. At the West Texas Fair the Abilene l-ligh School chapter booth, consisting ot poultry, livestock, and agricultural products, Won a ten dollar prize. The Abilene chapter was represented by tour boys at the National Future Farmers Convention held at Kansas City, Missouri, in October: Thurman Broyles, Frank K. Antilley, Merrick Harvey and R. L. Bland. Among the many honors conferred on our local Future Farmer Chapter are: A prize oi fifteen dollars tor first in State Chapter contest. A First in State Public Speaking, Won by Sam Conner. Designation ot being a Lone Star Chapter. This honor is gained by scoring eight hundred points with distinctive service and participation in outstanding ac- tivities. CFFlCERS Thurman Broyles President Mack Davis A . .Vice President Frank K. Antilley Secretary loe Mack Favor Treasurer Buck Francis . . Reporter Clarence Beasley . Parliamentarian Farl Wilson Farm Watch Dog Horace Wilson . , . Librarian This little pig goes to market Page 53 DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS WN fwivltxf 5. First Row: Harrison Rule, ,Mary Louise Smith, David Gray, Rita Taylor, Leroy Landers, Imogene gg . Bruton, Qdell Young. Second Row: Dennis Cheek, Wilson Harvey, Alvin Vantrecse, lack Goodman, Finis Williams, D. A. Shackeltord, Eugene McAllister, V. M. Todlock. Third Row: l. M. Pittman, Marcia Lindley, loreto Davis, Doyle Smith, Virginia Baird, Willie Schmidt, Norris Sparks, Edward Webb, W. R. Gwen. Students interested in finding a place tor themselves always go to W. Rainey Owen. He is their friend and helps them solve their problems. These students work in local department, grocery, and mechanical stores. The work is so diversified that even girls planning to be nurses may secure experience with positions in doctors' ottices. Many students obtain tull-time positions after graduation. The pay ot the students ranges from twelve to forty cents an hour. The scale of wages depends on experience, ability, and type of labor. Leroy Landers Qdell Young . . Rita Taylor Mary Smith . lmogene Bruton lean Morris . F W. R. Gwen . . Norris Sparks, salesman, Minter's OFFICERS Vice President President . Secretary . Reporter . Banker . Banker Adviser Page 84 DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS Doyle Smith, top and body repairman, Universal Motors Toreto Davis, saleswoman, Waddington's lack Goodman, salesman, l. C. Penney Company Mary Louise Smith, saleswoman, Franlqlin's Virginia Baird, office work, Montgomery Ward 54 Company Rita Taylor, saleswoman, Presley lewelry David Gray, doctor's assistant, Doctor Varner's office V. M. Tadloclc, lr., salesman, V. R. Allen Grocery Frances Finley, technician, Terrell Laboratory W. T. Comer, mechanic, Mayfield Bros. Garage "Working hard but enjoying it fully" applies to the Diversified Gccupations Class. The Club held two Weiner roasts, the annual banquet in February, and an annual steak fry in May as their social events. Because of the members' outstanding Work the Kiwanis Club invited the entire class to a luncheon as their guests. Eugene McAllister, tinsmith, Wills Tin Shop T Fat Moore, salesman, Montgomery Ward Sf Co. Page 95 DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS Geraldine Coplen, saleswoman, Minter's Basement Dennis Cheek, electric motor repairs, Holmes Electric Shop Einis Williams, tinner, Shackelford Tin Shop Leroy Landers, draftsman, Ered Buford Company Cdell Young, meat cutter, Safeway, Number 14 lean Morris, saleswoman, Eranklin's Harrison Rule, meter repairman, Community Gas Alvin Vantreese, machinist, Miller Machine Shop Willie Schmidt, sales and office work, Crane Cffice Supply Ernest Trice, top and body repair, Universal Motors The Diversified Occupations course has achieved state-wide recognition for its work. This course has been taught only four years in Abilene High School. The class viewed motion pictures on such subjects as applications for positions, correct dress, and phases of salesmanship. The students who enroll in Diversified Occupations attend school one-half a day and work the remaining time. "Earning while learn- ing" really applies to this class. Edward VV ebb, machinist, Abilene Machine Shop Charles Lewis, grocer, Safeway Number l4 l Page 80 fx d i A fx, Ayr M3 U' ' MODEL AIRPLANE .ff . Salpt First Row: Harold lones, Donald Yarbro, Billy Kiker, Eugene Burch, Sam Smith, Raymond Daniel, Willie Keel, Iohn Ioe Crutchfield, Clark Wozencraft, Fred LaGrange. Second Row: limmy Higgins, Bobbie Smith, Gus Fowler, Neil Bradshaw, Iim Tom Bracken, David Rudd, I. D. Fulcher, Steve Williams, Carl Cadenhead, Mack Hobbs, I. C. Reeves, Hugh Ledford. Third Row: lames Vletas, Donald Frydenberg, lames Reeves, Roland Woods, De Oatis Moates, Doyle Hitt, L. A. Webb, Gene lackson, L. W. Woods, H. G. Castle, Barton Daniel, Stanley Cameron. "Tighten that strut a little bit." You are now listening to the Model Airplane Club broadcasting from their studio Room 5. And now to tell a little about the members of this club. The boys learn not only the fundamentals of airplane manufacture but also the principles of aeronautical engineering and mechanics. Entering several meets, they always manage to bring back a few places. They build rubber and gasoline powered motors, besides building planes for exhibit. Late last spring they had an exhibit of their work in a local store. OFFICERS ' Fall Spring Raymond Daniel . . , . . ,...,. Raymond Daniel President Cfene Burch .,..,..., ...,,...,.....,.. Cf ene Burch Vice President Willie Keel . . . ...,.... . . , . , . , Willie Keel Secretary . Sam Smith , . . , . . , . , , . , .Charles Ellis . Reporter l "Ready to fly" Page 87 ,frm W til-4,lz',i' ., . l,:..vexgn5j ffxiwiiflf t Wy, ,ff-,Q ,Q-eg l U ,,t 'iw , ,Q flfl' , is rgiii, !, 5.55,-,:,gl, l l tfvfl Qwwl-1 f :2N:'1" ,.., .5'.-1,23-, I t 11.1 L, I v.. tl ,,,,5,f. I 1 ' -Q ,l,aw1- if ,1 A., . it L ft . E cl , 5, 'Q' t, ,:, 'S E. ,, nw - i E I 71, if 'ij 5 ,J :A oy, ll ,i-e:f?'1 Ezilif U5 . W 1 TYPING CLUB ,L I '11, lysis. M, ' ,gn S-1 ,yea-f , L K, :YV K. 'lui Lk.r i J, K i my Ji 4 A W f N S l X First Row: Lonnie Briggs, Wayne Stover, lo Nell Page, Vtfilson l-lolly, Bascorne Hill, Herold Mas- sey, Billie Mae Kent, Lillian White, Wilbur Tillett. Second Row: Bertha W'hite, Andrew Baldwin, Harry Siewert, Louella Lane, Bettye Reeves, Clifford Vaughn, Don Collum, lack Bela, Betty Faye Owen, Norman Wilkerson, Mack Black. Third Row: Orville Alford, William Sheppard, Martha Sue Baker, lack Lawrence, Augusta Lee McGuire, Norna Lee Clinton, Donna Dean McGehee, Roma lean Richards, Meldean Blanks, lna Fay Blanks, Aileen Roberts, B. F. Abbott, Billy Torn Clark. Nirnble, flying fingers and keen minds were characteristic of the rnernbers of the Typing Club. Striving to becorne better typists, they improved their accuracy by reg- ular practice. As a result of hard and earnest work, they Won places in local con- tests and became more skillful each day. Edith Ayer, the most successful typist of the club, Won first place in District with an average of eighty-three Words a rninute. OFHCERS l-lerolcl Massey . . . . . ,,,.. ,,,..., P resident Bascorne l-fill . , . . , Vice President Billie Mae Kent . .Secretary Lillian White , , Reporter Our contest Winners Page 88 FOREIGN CORRESPONDENCE First Row: Billie lane Lackey, lane Buzbee, Freda Fugita, Io Hanna Crawford, Molly Hinds, Doris Lind Antilley, Madie lo Bond, Laura Sample, Annette Grubbs, Mariorie W'eatherby, l1Vilma Connally, Celeste Norvell. Second Row: Elizabeth Spears, Frances White, Nina Blair, Lucille Clark, Patty Sarrels, Billie lean Glass, Bobby lackson, lasper Harvey, Clara Strange, Winnie Dudley, Martha Work, lone Tillett. Third Row: Carole Coates, Elouise Cagle, Kathleen Davis, Margaret Dickinson, Billie loe Parrish, Miriam Yates, Patsy Lester, Buth Barrett, Dorothy Pitts, Carla Louise Garretson, Frances Grimes, Shirley Covey, Grace Hardin, Billie Mae Buster. Fourth Row: Miss Yetta Mae Slayton, Billie Ruth Thurman, Virginia Butler, Buth Flores, Mary lean Thomas, Buth Norman, Nila Massey, Io loyce Long ley, Betty lo Tate, Dorothy Mead, Merle Walker, Opel Pate, Ethel Newman. A bit of the charm of Mexico City, the grandeur of old Bome, and the frivolity of Paris was brought to the members through their correspondence. Besides learning new facts about old places, they made many lasting friendships with foreign boys and girls. Since the War has begun in Europe, the members have not been able to correspond with the involved countriesg therefore the club has turned to establishing friendships with the Latin-Americas more and more. OFFlCEBS Molly Hinds , . , , Bobby lackson President Doris Lind Antilley . . . Doris Lind Antilley Vice President Madie lo Bond ,... ,..,... . ,,,. M olly Hinds Secretary lo Hanna Crawford ,.., , . , , ,Madie lo Bond Reporter Miss Yetta Mae Slayton . . . Miss Yetta Mae Slayton Adviser - Foreign ian mail Page S9 giifialf. . su-A PERSON ALITY GIRLS , ' 15 'fa , ,, First How: Ruth Evelyn Foote, Betty Arrell, Ella Faye Free, Mary Frances Spangler, Patsy Burrage, lane lennings, Lura Mae Free, Ethel l-lambrick, Gloria Bacon. Second How: Maurine Curtis, Ruth Cunningham, Patti Crawford, Io Nell Page, Patty lane l-lays, Frances Miller, Myrl Biggerstatt, Ernestine Haines, Lavina Campbell, Kathryn Crook, Virginia Shepard. Third How: Mrs. Kathryn Morrow, Grata leter, Shirley Kethley, Maribell Roberts, Margie Sears, Lyndell DeMarce, Kay McCarty, Kathryn Hall, Frances 'Watson, Marylin Maxwell, Sugar W'illiamson, Virginia Maxwell, Margaret Sears. Charm, grace, and poiseathe qualities which constitute personality-Were aims that members ot this club were trying to attain. ln order that the members might ac- quire more poise and grace, Margery Wilson's and Emily Post's books ot etiquette Were studied. Ways to arrange the hair and the proper Way to use make-up to the best advantage was also discussed. CFFlCERS Patsy Burrage , . , . . , .President Mary Frances Spangler .,., . Vice 'President lane lennings , . . . , . Secretary Myrl Biggerstatt , . . . Treasurer Muttet Free , . . . . .Representative Keeping trim Pffqe 90 PERSONALITY GIRLS When a successful banquet is achieved, the sponsoring organization is quite justifiably proud. Casualness and formality blended delightfully to make the annual Valentine banquet of the Personality Girls one to be remembered with pleasure by those who attended it. Acting as toastmistress, Patsy Burrage, the club president, presented Lester Dor- ton as the King of l-learts. From his throne he watched a program that was heartily applauded by all. The program consisted of a song, 'ilndian Love Song," presented by Shirley Kethley. The guest performer, Bitsy Gruver, did a toe dance, and Patti Crawford read a satirical poem. Choc Spangler and Bill Agnew quoted, or mis- quoted, sayings from Confucius. Also giving wise saying from Confucius were Lester Dorton, Sam Phillips, Rachie Hughes, and Ben Moody. COMIVHTTEES PCR BANQUET Virginia Maxwell , , . , , Food Sis I-lambriclc Decoration Kay McCarty Decoration Choc Spangler .Decoration Patty l-lays . , Decoration Patsy Burrage, Chairman Decoration lane lennings Program Patti Crawford Program Curly Curtis Program Maribell l:iOlD9l'iS . , PTOQICUTI Personality blended with beauty Page 91 L - - t . -fd GANG First Row: Leona Bolle Brannon, Dorothy Stevens, Bertha Mao Vxfeeks, Buth Arrick, Frances Vllayto, Lucille Folliard, Pearl Myers, Vivian Nurrnrilly, 'Ianie Barnett, Marian Wrifglit, Dori:-3 Kuykendall. Second Row: Vtfillie Dean Porter, Patti Crawtorcl, Sugar Page, Shirley Kelhley, Maribell Roberts, Betty lo Arrell, Ayleen Archer, Kathryn Barnes, lane lennings, Nancy Blankenship, Geraldine Shaw, Buth Evelyn Eoote, Buth Revell, Buth Rucker, Doris Wood. Third Row: Dixie Bailey, Billie Birth Bourland, Lillian Harvey, Betty Faye Gwen, Virginia Baird, W'ilrrra Connally, Marietta 'Wilcox, lessie Marie lones, Sarah Ann Stowe, Dorothy Newman, La Vern Blackburn, Billie Louise Antilley, Dorothy Sburrier, Virginia Boyd, Clyde Parrnelly. Fourth How: Dorothy Pitts, Catherine Crook, Marrrine Curtis, Billijo Dunning, Qrleanor Dellis, Dor- othy Mack Aman, Mildred Cullen, Gloria lune Hobbs, Mary Elizabeth Clark, Edith Braune, Christine Waldrop, Geraldine Hopkins, lna Fay Blanks, Helen Talbot, Patty lane Hays. Fifth How: Rachel Varnell, Eloise Hardy, Mary Catherine Baxter, Maxine Beasley, Wanda Wal- lick, Marjorie Dennis, Margaret Dennis, Gladys Mae Lovelady, Virginia Maxwell, Ann Iames, lose- phine Bentley, Peggy Anne Carswell, Grata Ieter, Lyndell De Marce, Miss Odell Iohnson. During December a festive Christmas party was held in the auditorium tor the "Little Sisters." Santa Claus handed out gifts from the Big Sisters to the freshmen girls. ln February the members entertained their mothers with a Valentine tea at the home ot lane lennings. ln this way the mothers met each other and the members ot the club. CFHCEBS lane lennings . . ,Presiden Bita Taylor Vice Presiden Kathryn Barnes . Secretary Nancy Blankenship , Treasurer Miss Cdell lohnson Adviser Miss Tommie Clack , Adviser Mrs. Edith C. Smith Adviser Ah . . . Santa Claus Page 92 First Bow: Ella Marie Garner, Frances Northrup, Corin Cooper, Eileen Odom, La Wanda Hamilton, Addie Luo Bowden, Alice Iacobs, lnoz flskins, lreno Mauldin, Peggy Hawes, Doris Tarrant. Second How: Eileen Grisham, Gloria Bacon, Dorothy Fitch, Lavon Baker, Doris Montgomery, Moe zelle Lowrie, Lyndell Smith, Elizabeth Spears, Gloria Hollingshoad, Elizabeth Ann llolin, Dorothy Nell Boyce, Shirley Buth jolly, Buih Norman, Louise Pago. Third How: Doris Monk, loyce Ponder, Dickie Dane Einnions, Doris Dale lennings, Rebel Hope, lune Grant, Ollie Dean Cox, lo Nell Page, Nadine Plowman, Ruth Cunningham, Vauncille Martin, Myrl Big- gerstatt, Choc Spangler, Patsy Burrage, Leta Bates. Fourth Row: Luella Lane, Mary Ruth Hardin, Nell B. Snow, Evelyn Wilson, Lucille Miller, Maxine Daugherty, Frances Wallace, Marybel Graves, Bessie Lee Cornelius, Eilene Dwyer, Mary Ellen Gist, Teresa Boggs, Thelma Bishop, Ruby Deen Storman, Bobbie Hays, Miss Tommie Clack. Fifth How: Genevieve Thompson, Dorothy Holmes, Doris Iohnson, Bobbie Sarrels, Barbara Street, Alice Lou King, Frances Koonce, Captola Kimbrough, Lavina Campbell, Virginia Shepard, Gloria lobe, Merlyn Mattes, Kate Nell Mauldin, leanne Buch, Bobbie Louise Knight. The chiet iunction ot the G an G was to sponsor the "Little Sister" movement. This helped the freshman girls to become acquainted with and adjusted to the new surroundings. The members also worked tor points, which they gained by service to the school. The girls having a certain number ot points were given awards. One service they did as their main project was to clean the trophy cases and hang the plaques. The girls also kept tradition by taking charge ot the retreshments for the Sen- ior picnic. OFFICEBS lane lennings , , . . , . ...,, President Bita Taylor ,Vice President Kathryn Barnes . . Secretary Nancy Blankenship , Treasurer Ayleene Archer Reporter Miss Odell lohnson . Adviser Miss Tommie Clack Adviser Mrs. Edith Smith Adviser Beautitying our trophies Page 93' ,, i . Q Btu! '14, tr,llfv .j' zgfiizfgiiii 1-. ui 2'- f,.,,.:V U , Eli? rim? H :rt V-' if, liitiglz .4, its mwlrita t Multi! 'l " th I , 'win rf ti . 1 ,. png: tw ii 5 .vq in wt H r ,f '1i,r 'Q li" t. It EHEWH t '::i"et' , 5: , ,- if vi-ima if :"l t fa E ,E t V1 Z i,rtll:'i' 1.,,l if , t 1 , V! , , gf t , t . -i',.+ in I 4 Y l ,tl I . 1. , I.. -my R 1: i l 4 .,.. ,.i f win rf, SPORTS if E if 41, lf! A ' ' it ,, a First How: Nell lean Glass, Marvin Myers, Lillian Harvey, Weldon Eryar, Carolyn Myatt, Donald Nelson, Barbara Nell Kirk, Turley Wheeler. Second Row: Roy Bourland, Gene Bates, iielen Morris, Lyndell Smith, Elsie Mae Saylor, Melha Dres, Earl Lawless, Leon McAllister, Thelma Bishop, Howard Cughton. Third Ftow: Virginia Ferrell, Ruth Revell, Hhetta Henderson, Evelyn Mosshart, William Patterson, Leila lo Oliver, Kenneth Plumlee, lla Ruth Adams, Troy Willis, Ierry Bracken, Cullen Willis. Keeping pace with the sports World was the fascinating pastime ot the sports clulo. Territory from Maine to California was covered by reports on sport tourna- ments held in the various states. There was no limit to the range ot sports, as all types from goli to archery were studied and discussed. CFFICERS F all ' Weldon Eryar Spring i , . Kenneth Plumlee President . . , , . ,Earl Lawless Vice President Marvin Myers Carolyn Myatt ,,,., . , Nell lean Glass Secretary , Lyndell Smith Reporter Carolyn Myatt All-round athletes Page94 Hi-Y lr A-f- . Q , .4 A .Q l First How: Freeman Holly, Norris Sparks, Mack Beed, Elmer Moore, Wilbur Tillett, lim Brennan, 3 Poole Bobertson. 'X f - -A ' 1 '. i x ' Second Bow: E , ljick Starr, B. V. Bucker, Cfrant lones, Kelley Lewis, Glenn Neill, David Gray, Guy Evans. l Third Bow: Curtis Owen, Charles Sammons, Mack Davis, Boy Boger, Bob Cecil, lrvin King, Bob y Phillips, Billy Dan Campbell VV. B. Gibson, t Aside from being the only religious organization in Abilene High school the Hi-Y is also one ot the most successful and envied oi the boys' clubs. When he enters high school every boy hopes to be honored by becoming a member ot this Worthy organization. The purpose ot the Hi-Y is to create and maintain throughout the school and community high standards oi Christian character. To uphold this purpose, the boys practise clean speech, clean sports, clean scholarship, and clean living. CFHCEBS Xlorris Sparks . President Vlack Beed, Dick Starr Vice President Elmer Moore Secretary Poole Bobertson . Treasurer Freeman Holly . Chaplain 7'ornorrow's leaders Pfltjfl rift SOM E SNOW! l. "Bulls eye," sorys Bob Willioms. 2. Dog pile! 3. Anything for refuge. 'kk 4. Tlfigfs the bell! 5. Did ii hurt? 5. Hard going. 7. Mrs. Hiclcs ond Miss johnson enjoy the snow orlso. 8. Yepee! We hit one! 9. Yo, ho, lieove ho. fyq THE? msmem ,GL Ewa. I inc eg D minapclxs ABQ, Q, mv 'P ehow VMLX2, LM-9-mares, rndvnhm Yuma me Yme Yo V 0-aoonq ngvkhe x 'Kem-z D har NA, M Abt Z HN Loma And, 9Fq l'Anzw:alX To beer O Hugh, Pour Trkumvhmwk wears nr bewnd us 52niorgs, and three' are We Ahead oi' ABU 'PW ?fE9TNx-029. A 6 Num-A Amd ao Um Q ova we odhq boo ' ?UQfW ADA I o 1, ,J rl .1 I w f x If 1 7 , . . Y ' , hw' I f ,. ' , .X f , J. , I I. I fi . v X 1 x X 3 f A ,UI cf Y y JJ" I I! I ff X I fl,.1 2 s' X ff' X , vi I I I .1 if' L ,Su . Aja!! 1 V A r Nfl' sf CMN L f 3 1 I' 4 J . k 0 . v fl , H . 3 I -Q ' Ig 1 , ,,. 1 . - A ,' Q, K . f' EY fo r M 'ff WA WWW rw r fgfffzir i1'9rA M52 fr rr 2 we F "Where smiling Spring its earliest vis n , . .A . K .. ,, . v x.,,,k. a Q 1 , H J ,b' aah I. A pouse thot refreshes. 2. Why The blank look, Mr. Polk? 3. l'Did you heor . . 4. Do-si-do. 5. St. Nick is here! 6. Breckenridge or bust! 7. The stu- denfs pol. 8. OhhfIQQiSfIUffOH doy! 9. "Yo Worltor ride?" lO. Whoops! Hes ovor! ll. The Press Conveniron Wos so-o much fun! 4 i lv , 4 Ifni 2-I H I l. Queen of il'1eF. F. A. 2. "Now remember, girls . . 3. Phoioqrapllefs Favorite. 4. Hundred per cent. 5. Strike uptlqe band! 6. Spills ahead. 7. Do as the Romans do. , , 7--. .M V W V .,....A.,.,.-.3 ,,-.....,.:,,....,,,,.,.........,,,i5a,,T-...f..i....1,..gifY ,,,,, 1 -. -,....,,...,mfu, ,-.,,,.31..,,Q. w:w.w.TmmfummewaQw WJ.. , Z l. Positively the last day to buy annuals! 2. That good old box-supper arab! 3. "Glamour plus." 4. The Sextet at leisure. 5. The Battery Brats -Ve what have they? 5. Tapping time. 7. Future heauticians. " " " ' ' " ' " ' ' -.---.gf-A - -M. -.,..A---4--t-if ----,--- ...-d.u.N-Q-MM--e---n..-. . . u ,'. ,T 7 1 E wt H3 ttf FA it 1 5 it PS' Ei 15 is I X 4' Q l M l n F' .fl gi ti sl! 35 E: it 2? it rw it it .. it W H! Zi Q? it at 5 W l' it .,a it V H j F W J lt 3 l 'E J it 1 l it jl ll E it ii, .l li S, ill V l ri. t 5 e V X , ,. 1,1 y ? 1 v 1: F it t li . ., J li ill! l. Baclcers oi the Eagle baslceteefs. 2. Did it go over? 3. The toothall game is over . . . We eat! 4. Which one is mine? 5. Must be good, eh, Benny? 6. Come on! Rope a haslcet. 7. Denton shows its Southern hospitality. 8. Mrs. Smith's taith- iul assistants. L, .,,wm-.T-:,v.x4....n,.1,gf1-is-.-x ,1..4,nm,.qw1f.1.,,,fm,3agnf.-,1e...,m2.mmn.-n,..m..n.,.f.-..i,.5.-..M.Q.,,g.-.,a..,,h.,.L,mq...u.g,1.?.m-.s.v.w ,,.:..1..s..Qfi,-,..1,...i...,....- .alas-...f,.1.....,..-..,,:B.,,,wff,sw-u.ifxw.,1.fm1mumm .mmf1Nmv.mmm1 a .m .,,:,.--u.Lgg,,,Ei.-,. ...im ..... ,,,. -A -sY,--.,-s!4,eg.,.5.,.,.m.e....m....,- Q... ,.,.,,,,,,.,,..,...,iu,,7--1..m....w,.f..-..-..,wf4..,u.- L..q.:..1.-. Mx.-X..--...R umm-. s:.,:u.-,..u,f - f1mmQ..w......-s.,.--.J.i..,.w,.,.,,4.,.a,..f...ws..-.:..,.....-.-- t ..s.......,....1...u.,.Lp....,A.g-N-.- .JE N l l. "Chl o concert in the pork . . 2. "Every deed .rewards itself." 3. We Caught Mr. Thurman this time! 4. Mr. Moore or the lorir. 5. Thor closs is closed! 6. "l'll rolce thot one." 7. "Coke, please." 8. F. F. Afs ond dods. 9. The Hillbilly quortet. lU. An odoroble sweetheart of the F. F. A. ' 155 EI 3 t ii? 155 25' 5 N l. .1 E iii gi ii ie UNE ,. t it at ... N ix 'Hg It: fi ' .li it 1 it . it it I y. ii' E I t Z E V ! .W '1 Ii gl I it n . . M 1,1 'tt 1-li Q. M' Iii ill it it 5. it ti ii! if i W xx. .it '! at , if Wi t U cg.. l. Could it be Poole? 2. Freshmen know their business. 3. "Do you take this woman?" 4. Back o' Curtain banquet. 5. An hour with the engraver. 6. "Under tiotion, Volume 3 . . 7. The niqht before Christmas . . . 8. "Chhh! No, john." it . k, Sv ,ff 'E gy 5,1 I 1 Wx! ,.,,: .- . 3 'fl ' SHR Skid?" SHN? A' l. Hawaii beckons. 2. Did you say service? 3. Masters ai their art. 4. My Roxanel 5. A little more black, ma'am. 6. A Tough Woikaui. 7. A buii's eye! 8. Time for studies aqain! ,NY - WW -D WV Y, ..-W .,.... ..,,.,.,.,,e, ,1:,,,-Y,.1-:em-mfivvmmmmmvnmmmmnn-mwmfxmuwdmvliff- iq-mn YYYYV W VVVY Y-Yi A VYVVV Y H rv-Y V YW W YY ww in L 1 Y rf I- VVVVVQ --u ,wr ,YYY Q-YW -WY-,kv YYVYY Y ,LL ,.1,...w...,..,.L--,,,,u..,,.,.....,.,,g:QW, , ,,l!w.m.u--.-M...- NK,- .A-nv A 1 X .Aw fr i I x x.. , -X ' The choice ai The Eaale Band. 2. Our teachers meei Senator Connally. 3 Listen io ihe chant of the box-supper auciianeer, 4. Marilyn aeis her man. 5. "Wish ina will malce ii sa." 6. There goes The hell! 7. Super-Salesman Cullar. ---H - W- -LVL.- ,,,. V - eel. - .A -b- :,..--ee........,.-m..-.refefP....:.1-.A-...pg--1: e1e.,L.44,::--. - ---, -:Mez-5 gf ,Y V V149--. .. TRACK First How: Robert Schultz, Charles Box, Bob Cecil, Stanley Iarrell, Parramore Sellers, Dubb Duff. Second How: Grady Vlfeir, lrvin King, C. I. Collier, Iimmy Arrell, Horace Bradley, Bill Davis. Third Row: Sam Smith, Gene Dalton, Charles Narrell, Will Smith, Weldon Rhodes, W. K. Bentley. As soon as basketball season was finished, Coach Bentley issued his call for the track boys to report. ln the first days of February the runners, high jumpers, hurdlers, and all the other boys worked out consistently each afternoon in the gymnasium. Many of those who had gridiron records and a few who had had experience on the hard-wood court could be found among the squad. With such seasoned material Coach Bentley might have expected more than he obtained at the first meet that was held in San Angelo. As far as the points scored are concerned, the meet was unsuccessful, but the boys showed new interest in anticipation of the District Meet that was held the following week. At District Meet the team came home with three y y ...ug- places: King finished fourth in the lUU-yard dash, Sellers placed fourth. in the 220-yard low hurdlesg and A f . ' the mile relay team, composed of Narrell, King, A y Schultz, and larrell, captured third place honors in A V ' Q the relay event. All of these runners were, therefore, 1 . entitled to enter Begional Meet that was held in Abi- A A A f lene, April 20. "On your mark, get set . . Page 105 4 . -Wigan .- BUYS TENNIS 4lf..wW-'i 7"f First How: Turley Wheeler, Don Bowers, Tom Burditt, Iimmy Atkinson, Wallace Wright. Second Row: Bed Burditt, E. H. Hamilton, Billy Dee King, Glenn Gordon. Third How: laiiies Cullar, Ioliii Shirley, I. W. Sorrells, Bay Preslar. The boys on the team this year played more matches than ever before. Matches with Breckenridge, Abilene Christian College, McMurry, Clyde, Sweetwater, and Botan gave the netters all the competition desired. ln a meet with Breckenridge early in the season, both juniors and seniors lost all matches but senior singles. ln an unfinished tournament held a week later in Abilene, again the Eagle players were beaten early in play. A dual meet with Sweetwater provided the Warbird net- ters with their first victories. Wright, senior singles, beat lvy of Sweetwater 6-O, 4-6, 6-3. Atkinson and Burditt, senior doubles, defeated Hawley and Stevenson 2-6, 6-2, 6-3. Gordon, junior singles, also won his match. -- Cn March 30 Abilene senior team entered the San Angelo Invitation Tourna- ment. Again the boys made a good showing, both singles and doubles advancing to finals. ln finals Wright downed lvy of Sweetwater 3-6, 6-3, 6-4, but Atkinson and Burditt tasted defeat at the hands of Stevenson and Hawley, Sweetwater doubles, by a 6-4, 7-5, 6-O score. At District Meet Burditt and Bowers lost in the first round to Hagsdale and Bogart of Botan. The score was 4-6, 6-4, 6-O. Wright, however, went to the finals by beating Botan and Anson, but in the final match that lasted four hours he finally bowed to Cfrubbs of Colorado, after playing five sets. The scores were 6-l, 2-6, 6-1,9-11,7-5. Both Bowers and W' right will return next year, and some of the upcoming junior players are King, Hig- Senior ,letters don, Hamilton, Gordon, and Sorrells. Page 106 GIRLS TENNIS in ft i First Row: Ruby Faye Huskin, lmogene Biggerstaff, Merlyn Mattes, Helen Ann Reynolds. Second Row: Miss Vivian Liddell, Ruth Hamrrond, lanice Robertson, Olga Moore, Louise Page. Perhaps in no other sport has there been more interest created in the past year than in tennis among girls. Starting with little material, Miss Vivian Liddell devel- oped in her three seniors and three juniors players who were a credit to the school. ln the first and only dual meet of the year, the Baird tennis girls found the Abilene girls exceedingly hard to handle. Ruth Hammond, senior singles, defeated Baird singles 6-2, 7-5. Betty lo Delano, junior singles, defeated Baird junior netters by a 6-4, 6-l count. The junior doubles team, composed of Blair Morton and lanelle Warren, downed Baird junior doubles 6-2, 6-l. At the San Angelo lnvitation Tournament the girls again gave a good account of themselves. Although the senior doubles, composed of Louise Page and Merlyn Mattes, lost in the first round, their first round opponents were the experienced San Angelo doubles. Ruth Hammond, senior singles, also lost her first match. The next week-end was District Meet. There Louise Page, playing singles, advanced to the finals by drub- bing Loraine in the first round, Wylie in semifinals, and losing to Sweetwater in the finals by a score of 6-2, 6-2. Merlyn Mattes and Ruth Hammond went to the semifinals in doubles by downing Stamford 6-4, 6-2, but losing next to Roby 6-2, 6-6. Thus ended the season with the best showing of girls tennis in recent years. Q Girls tennis team Page 107 ttf' s T 'fi , f Leahmon Bryant Taylor Paul D. B. Weatherby Douglas Cowsert Wiley Connally W. O. Maxwell, lr. I. I. McClure Charles Morman Golf, at the present time, is not an interscholastic sport. This did not, however, dampen the interest of the six or seven golfers whom Mr. 'Weatherby finally selected to represent Abilene High School. ln the first meet with McMurry, the Eagle golfers defeated the lndians by winning 2 out of 3 matches, and tying 2 others. By an even more decisive score of 4 matches to l, the Abilene golfers next defeated Abi- lene Christian College players. The first high school competition came from Colorado golfers. The Warbirds again proved their superiority by defeating them by the same score of 4 matches to l. On the first out-of-town trip the golf teams were again victorious in drubbing the Sweetwater Mustangs by 4 matches to 2. With this record to present, one can easily see why Mr. Weatherby could boast of one of the best golf teams he has had in re cent years. Though many of his golfers are graduating seniors, next year Abilene High will again be well represented by many younger boys that are playing this year. Page lf SWEETWATEB DUAL MEET Abilene Sweetwater Dick Stovall ..,...., Lost l up to ..,,... ,.,,.., L acy Wiley Connally .... Won 4 and 3 from . . . . . . . .Gill I. I. McClure .,., , ,Won 3 and 2 from . . . , . .l-ledericlc: W. O. Maxwell ..... Lost 5 and 4 to . . , . .Stevenson Taylor Paul ,.,...., Won l up from . . . . . Ederle Billy lohnson ......, Won 4 and 3 from . . . . , . lohnson Q ..... f 1 8 :I - A L ' ,6 ' I f 1 I al k I W Q U M H .La Q fi M ,, T :K fu 'I1V11'i1 111. -11 11 1 , 11111 11 111111111 1 1, 1- 111 1 1, 11111,11 111 111 1-1 1 1111.111 '11u 11 .1 111 11 1 1 1 I 1 1 11 1 111 ,1 1,1 11 11, -111 11111 111111 1' 111 1 1!, M111 11' 111 1 1 11111111 111 1 111 1 I . 111 M 1 1, 11, 1 1 11 11 ,111 1, 11" mwdg ,11,1 111 11111 11111 1,11 11111111 1111 111 1' 1111111 1 11 111 11.1 1' '1111 ,W jll 1111 W t1-, N .1611 1 111 111.11111 1 ft J www 1 1 1 1111111 11 11 111 11111 111111 11 1uyw 51111 .1111 15111 11111111 'S1111 11551111111 1111151 lg111,1l1111 1115111111 11511111111 111111111 uN1' 131'1111g 15102111 1, hx 1 .ww , 11.11, 121' 11,11 111.11111111,1 -111-1 1 29111111 .11 ,111 W, qw MADLYN ADDISON Foreign Correspondence '38, '39, Star Gazers '39, '40, G an G '39, '40. College: McMurry. Major: Home Economics. BILLIE LOUISE ANTILLEY Glee Club '37, '38: Band '39, '40, Girl Reserve '36, '37, junior Draniatics '37, '38, Cyclodrarna '38-'40, Battery '38, '39, National, Thespians '39, '40, Stage '39, '40, G an G '39, '40. College: McMurry. Major: Dramatics. BETTY IO ARRELL Pep Squad '38, '39, Social English '37, '38, Personality '38- '40, G an G '39, '40. College: Mills. Major: Science. IIMMY ATKINSON Glee Club '36-'40, A Cappella '37-'40, Tennis '36 - '40, Cyclo- drarna '39, '40, Radio Guild '36- Ouartet '39, '40. College: University of Texas. Major: Music. CLASS OF 1940 IACK ALLEN junior Geologists '36, '37, First Aid '39, '40. College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical. Major: Aeronautics. AYLEENE ARCHER Glee Club '36, '37, Foreign Correspondence '38, '39, Ouill and Scroll '38-'40, Ready Writ- ers '37, '38, Battery '37-'40, Ed- itor ot Battery '39, '40, G an G '39, '40, National Honor Society '40. College: Hardin-Simrnons. Major: Iournalisrn. RUTH ARRICK Ernbroidery '38, '39, G an G '39, '40. College: Parson's Beauty School. Major: Beauty Operator GLORIA BACON Pep Squad '39, '40, Person- ality '39, '40, G an G '39, '40. College: Abilene Christian. Major: Education. 1 DOROTHY MACK AMAN Orchestra '36-'40, Girl Re- serve '38, '37, Cyclodrama '38, '39, Fine Arts '38-'40, G an G 39, '40, National Honor Society '39, '40. College: Hardin-Sirnnions. Major: Music. RACHEL ARRANT Los Leales '39, '40, G an G '39, '40. College: Hardin-Sirnrnons. Major: History. INEZ ASKINS Future Hornemakers '39, '40, G an G '39, '40. College: Abilene Christian. Major: History. IEAN BALCH Glee Club '39, '40, Science '30, '37, Debate '30-'40, National Forensic League '38-'40, Na- tional Thespians '39, '40, Radio Guild '38-'40. College: Hardin-Simmons. Major: Speech. Pagell0 CLASS OF 1940 LAVON BAKER Pep Squad '38-'40, Knitting '37, Tennis '37-'39, Foreign Cor- respondence '38, Quill and Scroll '38-'40, G an G '39, '40, National Honor Society '40. College: University ol Texas. Major: Business Adrninistra- tion. LETA BATES Sock and Buskin '36, '37, Travel '37, '38, Star Gazers '39, '40, Externporaneous '38, '39, Band, '38-'40, G an G '39, '40, National Honor Society '40. College: Baylor N u r s i n g School. Major: X-Bay. lOSEPHlNE BENTLEY junior Dramatics '36, '37, For- eign Correspondence '37, '38, A.A.A. Collectors '38-'40, Bat- tery '39, '40, G an G '39, '40. College: Texas State College for Woinen. Major: journalism. LaVERN BLACKBURN Sons and Daughters ot Le- gionnaires '38-'40, Future Hotne- rnakers '39, '40, G an G '39, '40. College: Hardin-Sirnnions. Major: Speech. Page-ll! i KATHPLYN BABNES Pep Squad '37-'39, Mask and Wig '37, '38, Cyclodrarna '38- '40, National Forensic League '39, '40, Student Association '38, '39, G an G '39, '40, National lloiior Socgiety '39, '40. College: University ot Texas. Major: jouriialisni. KATHERINE BAXTER Pep Squad '39, '40, Glee Club '39, '40, Knitting '36, '37, junior Dramatic '37, '38, Cyclodrarna '38, '39, National Thespians '39, '40, Declaniation '36 - '40, Stu- dent Association '40, National Forensic League '38-'40, G an G '39, '40. College: Abilene Christian. Major: Dramatics. MYBL BTGGEBSTAFF Pep Squad '37-'40, Personal- ity '38-'40, Knitting '36, '37, So- cial English '37, '38, Battery '38, '39, G an G '39, '40. College: McMurry. Major: Business Adrninistra- tion. NANCY BLANKENSHIP Pep Squad '36-'39, Qrchesrra '36-'40, Student Association '40, Foreign Correspondence '36, '37, Latin '37, '38, Cyclodrarna '37, '38, G an G '39, '40. College: Southern Methodist. Major: Music. jANlE BABNETT Orchestra '36-'40, Mask and Wig '36, Student Association '37, Knitting '37, '38, Girl Fie- serve '38, '39, junior Pied Cross '39, '40, G an G '39, '40. College: Abilene Cliristian. Major: Pre-Medical Science MAXlNE BEASLEY Glee Club '37-'39, Pep Squad '37-'40, Knitting '36, '37, Petri- tied Polishers '37, Kodak '38, Social English '38, Ptythrn Byt- ers '38, '39, A.A.A. Collectors '39, '40, G an G '39, '40. College: Texas Technological. Major: English. THELMA BISHOP Pep Squad '39, '40, junior Bed Cross '38, '39, Sports '39, '40, G an G '39, '40. College: Hendrick School oi Nursing. Major: Science. MELDEAN BLANKS Glee Club '37, '38, Knitting '38, '39, Bythm Byters '39, '40, G an G '39, '40. College: McMurry. Major: Business Adrninistra- tion. .jipjiiij xi ,wi .l ' i ii W .,l ' ,M l ,til tit 'l iii' Nj t,'i fit if QM. lj. it tlii Iljjl l"j E ' j ' j .. ,, Jiri, tj " ti: wi 1' ill i l 'tj .it ul 1. lj: " tiitlli ix i'3,"i it wi, xi l t f .jill 1- i, ,. it it it it l r r l . .j, , . ,l i ij il ,t l j: 1:'j . jjj it -tj i. ill ,XE M Yi Wit j il' j ij i tit VI . it it it, itil ., , jjj i 1. , .1 . -2 ji t li T ,il tl' itil. t"j I., Mi 3f,1' :tilt .j it i :jjj . tt' .j,',j Wt ,E iw t :iii 15 if iijij j, 'iii , 'i ', itlil j l , , fiat jtiliii. . 1, L lift jjj 'il tltjtjl ltt wi iff igtillg itil if,1.,i.ii it wivtitiiijilv :X ,xii if lil j, iiijiijjjii jj:-Etjfji'?jit'i' MARY BLEDSOE Fine Arts '38, '39, Star Gazers '39, '40, G an G '39, '40. College: Draughon's. Major: Secretarial Training. ADDIE LOU BOWDEN Knitting '37, '38, Foreign Cor- respondence '38, '39, Travel '39, '40, G an G '39, '40. College: McMurry. Major: Music. LEONA BELLE BBANNAN Petrified Polishers '36, '37, Embroidery '37, '38, Girls Ten- nis '38, '39, Back o' Curtain '39, '40, G an G '39, '40. College: Hardin-Simmons. Major: Mathematics. THOMAS BBOWNLEE Falcons '38, '39, Sock and Buslcin '36, '37, Glee Club '37, '38, Cyclodrama '39, '40, Kodak '37, '38, Tennis '37, '38, National Honor Society '40, College: Hardin-Simmons. Major: Business Administra- tion. CLASS OF 1940 TERESA Boeos Los Leales '36, '37, Future Homemalcers '38, '39, G an G '39, '40. College: University ot Texas. Major: Mathematics. DOBOTHA NELL BOYCE Glee Club '36-'40, A Cappella '39, '40, Knitting '38, '37, Girl Beserve '37, '38, junior Dra- matic '37, '38, Fine Arts '38, '39, A. A. A. Collectors '39, '40, G an G '39, '40. College: McMurry. Major: Music. EDITH BBAUNE Bible '37, '38, Future Home- malqers '39, '40, G an G '39, '40. College: Draughon's. Major: Business Administra- tion. IEANNE BUCH Latin '36, '37, Stamp Collec- tors '37, '38, Sons and Daught- ers of Legionnaires '38-'40, G an G '39, '40. College: Hardin-Simmons. Major: Business Administra tion. BlLLlE BUTH BOUBLAND Tennis '37-'39, Band '39, '40, G an G '39, '40. College: McMurry. Major: Stenographic. VlRGlNlA BOYD Sons and Daughters ot Le- gionnaires '39, '40, G an G '39, '40, National Honor Society '40. College: Scott and White Nursing School. Major: Nursing. EILEEN BROWN Foreign Correspondence '37, '38, Social English '38, '39, Ten- nis '39, '40, G an G '39, '40. College: Parson's B e a u t y School. Major: Beauty Operator. EUGENE BUBCH Model Airplane '38-'40. College: Texas Technological. Major: Engineering. Page llZ CLASS OF 1940 l TOM BURDlTT Science '36, '37, Tennis '37, '38, Flashlight Sports Editor '39, '40, junior Academy ot Science '39, '40, National Honor Society '40. College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical. Major: Pre-Med. FRENCH CADENHEAD Band '38-'40, Student Associ- ation '39, '40. College: Hardin-Simmons. Major: Law. RUFUS CHOATE 'Woodcraft '36, '37: R a d i o Scouting '37, '38, Kodak '38, '39, Science '39, Star Gazers '40. College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical. Major: Domestic Engineering. ELGISE CLEMMER Glee Club '39, '40, Los Leales '38, '39, Future Homemalcers '39, '40, G an G '39, '40. College: Abilene Christian. Major: Home Economics. Page ll3 PATSY BURRAGE Pep Squad '37-'40, Treasurer of Pep Squad '39, '40, Sock and Ruskin '36, '37, Cyclodrama '37, '38, Personality '39, '40, Presi- dent ot Personality '39, '40: G an G '39, '40, National Honor Society '40. College: Texas State College tor Women, Major: Art. l0HNNlE MAE CAPERT-QN Short Story '37, '38, Foreign Correspondence '38-'40, G an G '39, '40. College: McMurry. Major: History. GEAN CLARK Band '37-'39, Shorthand '39, '40, Battery '39, '40, Typing '38, '39, National Honor Society '40. College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical. Major: Engineering. BLAKE CCCKRELL Freshman Dramatic '36, '37, Kodak '37, '38, Star Gazers '38- '40. College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical. Major: Electrical Engineering. l. A. BUSTER F.F.A. '36, '37, Satety '37, '38, Model Airplane '38, '39, College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical. Major: Mechanical Engineer- ing. PEGGY ANNE CARSWELL Star Gazers '36, '37, Cyclo- drama '37, '38, junior Academy ot Science '39, '40, National Thespians '39, '40, G an G '39, '40, National Forensic '37-'40. College: Randolph-Macon. Major: Chemistry. MARY ELIZABETH CLARK Band '38-'40, Orchestra '38- '40, Sock and Buskin '36, '37: Cyclodrama '37, '38: National Forensic '38-'40, Student Asso- ciation '39, '40, G an G '39, '40. College: McMurry. -5 Major: Dramatics. WILMA CONNALLY Glee Club '38-'40, Foreign Correspondence '36-'40, G an G '39, '40, National Honor Society '40 College: University ot Texas. Major: Social Science. SAM CONNER Freshman Class President '36, '37, Ye Little Players '36, '37, Sophomore Class President '37, '38, Cyclodrama '37, '38, junior Representative '38, '39, F.F.A. '37-'39, Yell Leader '39, '40: Senior Class Vice President '39, '40, Vice President Student As- sociation '39, '40, National For- ensic '39, '40, National Thes- pians '38-'40. College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical. Major: Animal Husbandry. VVELDON COSPER Football '38-'39, Basketball '38-'40, National Honor Society '40. College: Howard-Payne. Major: History. KATHRYN CROOK Cyclodrama '37-'39, Person- ality '39, '40, Petrified Polishers '36, '37, Radio Guild '39, '40: G an G '39, '40, National Honor Society '40. College: Hardin-Simmons. Major: Speech. MAURINE CURTIS Social English '37, '38, A.A.A. Collectors '38, '39, Personality '39, '40, G an G '39, '40. College: University ot Texas. Major: journalism. CLASS OF 1940 CORIN COOPER Pep Squad '37-'40, Knitting '36, '37, Foreign Correspond- ence '37, '38, Ouill and Scroll '38-'40, Battery '38-'40, Student Association '37-'39, G an G '39, '40, National Honor Society '39, '40. College: University ot Texas. Major: Business Administra- tion. OLLIE DEAN COX Pep Squad '37-'40, Foreign Correspondence '36, '37, Social English '37, '38, March of Time '37, '38, A.A.A. Collectors '39, '40, Glee Club '38, '39, G an G '39, '40. College: Abilene Christian. Major: Home Economics. MILDRED CULLEN l.M.P. '37, '38, Short Stories '38, '39, Future Homemalcers '39, '40, G an G '39, '40. College: Hardin-Simmons. Major: Mathematics. RAYMOND DANIEL Sports '36, '37, First Aid '37, '38, Leather Craft club '38, '39, Safety '38, '39, President ot Model Airplane '39, '40, junior Academy of Science '39, '40. College: Sparton School of Aeronautics, Major: Aeronautical Engi- neering. BESSIE LEE CORNELIUS Glee Club '37-'40, Nature Study '37, '38, Star Gazers '39, '40, G an G '39, '40. College: McMurry. Major: Business Administra- tion. PATTI CRAWFORD Personality '39, '40, Flashlight '39, '40: G an G '39, '40. College: McMurry, Major: Art and Literature. RUTH CUNNINGHAM Pep Squad '37-'40, junior Dra- matics '36-'38, Glee Club '38, '39, Personality '38-'40, G an G '39, '40. V College: Texas State College for Women. Major: Designing. MAXINE DAUGHERTY Glee Club '36, '37, Foreign Correspondence '36, '37, Battery '36, '37, P e p S q u a,d '38-'40, Ready Writers '38, '39, Star Gaz- ers '39, '40, G an G '39, '40. College: Hardin-Simmons. Major: Dramatics. I I Page CLASS OF 1940 IORETO DAVIS Short Stories '37, '38: Diversi- fied Occupations '38-'4O: G an G '39, '-40. College: Draughon's. Major: Bookkeeping. ORLEANOR DELLIS Glee Club '36-'38: Social Eng- lish '36-'38: Girl Reserve '36, '37g Band '38-'4O: Orchestra '38-'4U: Flashlight '38, '39: Fine Arts '39, '4O: G an G '39, '4O. College: Baylor Universityq Major: Music. MARIORIE IEAN DENNIS G an G '39, '4O: Fine Arts '39, '40 College: Baylor University. Major: Music. BILLIIO DUNNING Girl Reserve '36, '37: Student Association '37, '38, Glee Club '37 - '4U: Cyclodrama '37 - '4U: G an G '39, '4Og Battery '39, '4O. College: Texas State College tor Women. Major: English. Page 115 MACK DAVIS Hi-Y '39, '4U: F.F.A. '38-'4O. College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical. Major: Business Administra- tion. LYNDELL DeMARCE Pep Squad '39, '4U: Glee Club '39, '4O: F o r e i g n Correspon- dence '38, '39: G an G '39, '4U: Personality Girls '39, '4O. College: McMurry. Major: Social Science. IACK DRESSEN Orchestra '36, '4U: Mask and Wig '36, '4O: Cyclodrama '39, '4O: Fine Arts '39, '4U. College: Southern Methodist. Major: Piano. SUE DUVAL Sock and Buskin '36, '37: Short Story '37, '38: Flashlight '38, '39: Glee Club '36-'4U: Pep Squad '39, '4O: G an G '39, '4O. College: McMurry. Major: Business Administra- tion. KENNETH DAY Band '37-'4U: Orchestra '37- '4Up Glee Club '39-'4U: Student Association '39, '4O. College: McMurry. Major: Business Administra- iioii. MARGARET DENNIS G an G '39, '4U: Fine Arts '39, '40 College: Baylor University. Major: Music. DAVID DUBBS Glee Club '38-'4O: Radio Guild '37, '38: Star Gazers '38, '39: Science '36, '37. College: Gail Business Col- lege. Major: Business Administra- tion. EILENE DWYER Ouill and Scroll '39, '4U: So- cial English '36, '37, March ot Time '37, '38: Battery '39, '4O: G an G '39, '4U: National Honor Society '4O. College: McMurry. Major: journalism. DICKIE DANE EMMONS Glee Club '38-'40, Pep Squad '37-'40, President ot Pep Squad '39, '40, Mask and Wig '38, '37, Cyclodrama '37, '38, Secretary of Sophomore Class '37, '38, Na- tional Thespians '38-'40, Student Association '37 - '40, Secretary Student Association '39, '40: Secretary ot Senior Class '39, '40, G an G '39, '40, National Honor Society '39, '40. College: Texas University. Major: Dramatics. NOLA FINCH Glee Club '38-'40: Knitting '36- '38, Art '38, '39, Future Home- makers '39, '40, Battery '39, '40, G an G '39, '40. College: Texas Technological. Major: journalism. LUCILLE FOLLIARD Pep Squad '37-'39: Sock and Ruskin '38, '37, junior Dramatics '38, '39, junior Red Cross '38, '39, Art '38, '39, A.A.A. Collec- tors '39, '40, G an G '39, '40, National Honor Society '40. College: Texas State College tor Womeri. Major: Design. CHUCK FRANCIS Tennis '35-'40, Falcons '38, '39, Golt '38, '39, National Hon' or Society '40. 4 College: Rice Institute. Major: Engineering. CLASS OF 1940 FLORENCE EWING Pep Squad '38-'40, A.A.A. Collectors '39, '40, G an G '39, '40. College: None. DOROTHY PITCH Pep Squad '37-'39, Press '38, '37, A.A.A. Collectors '37e'39, Senior Editor ot Flashlight '39, '40, G- an G '39, '40. College: Texas State College tor Woinen. Major: Government. RUTH EVELYN FOOTE Glee Club '37-'40, A Cappella '37-'40, Pep Squad '37-'40, Sec- retary ol Pep Squad '39, '40, Y. L. P. '30, '37, Cyclodratna '37, '38, Kodak '38, '39, Person- ality '39, '40, Student Associa- tion '38f'40, G an G '39, '40. College: University ot Texas. Major: Dramatics. DIXIE PULLILOVE Science '38-'40, First Aid '39, '40 College: Texas Technological. Major: Drarnatics. MAURICE PAIN Band '36, Star Gazers '38, '37, Kodak '37, '38, Golt '38, '39, Ten- nis '39, '40, President ot Senior Class '39, '40, National Honor Society '40. College: McMurry. Major: Medicine. BASIL FLANNAGAN Science '36-'38, My Native State '38, '39, Los Leales '39, '40, National Honor Society '40. College: Rice Institute. Major: Mathematics. CHARLES FOSTER Radio Guild '38, '39, junior Geologists '39, '40. College: llf.Ifdlll'SllI1IllOl1L3. Major: Mathematics. CECIL GANN Kodak '37. College: Hardin-Simmons. Major: English. l Page116 ELLA MARIE GARNER Maslc and Wig '38, '3'7, Cy- clodrama '37, '38, Star Gazers '38, '39, Back o' Curtain '39, '40, G an G '39, '40. College: Drauglioifs. Major: Boolzeepiiig. W. E. GIBSON Band '38 - '40, President ol Band '39, '40, I-Ii-Y '39, '40, Na- tional Honor Society '40. College: Texas Christian Uni- versity. Major: Petroleum Engineer- ing. MARIE GGLDSMITI-I Girl Reserve '36-'39, Short Story '39, '40, Future Teachers '39, '40, G an G '39, '40. College: I-IardinASirnrnons. Major: English. A. C. GREENE Glee Club '39, '40, A Cap- tfella '39, '40, Stamp Collectors '37, '38, Radio Guild '39, '40. College: Abilene Christian. Major: History. Paqell7 l ml l 4 , , l j l lm, fit. lift CLASS or 1940 j Vjnj j "ll I ll rj t J l l j . 1 l j i lil' 1" I lilj l l' l 1 ' lgl .1 ' ' ' .Alf 1 ' ,lx l IACK GATES LOUIS GEE I' j Hi-Y '38-'40, Band '39, '40. Band '38, '39, Football '39. i College: McMurry. College: Texas Agricultural ll ll Major: Business Adrninistra- 2ff1dMeChGHiCC11- l , tion. Major: Engineering. , j I li l ,i l , 3l l 1 j j i MARY ELLEN GIST CARRGLL GOLDSMITH ' G an G '39, '40. Football '37, Bible '38 g l College: Texas State College College: Hardin-Simmons. 'j IOT WOm9U- Major: Science. I E, ,Ng Major: Business Administra- lil 1 tion. ' I l I 2 TUNE GRANT MARYBEL cRAvEs Aft '36-'40, G fm G '39, '40. YNPGD Squad '37, 31910 Foreign I, .ll iiitiiegiigjszifsztngiftmF Eilffipttitioflii ttfgf I ' rl ' ' College: I-Iardin-Simmons. 'EL' Major: Business Adrninistra- " il ,ll tion. l l " jg I tllf 1, li li 'I Wi ll-ill DIXON GRIFFITH NORMA GRIFFITI-I ltij j First Aid '38, Science '39, '40 Foreign Correspondence '38, Cgjjegeg NOHQ. '39, Future Homernakers '39, ,iii '40, G an G '39, '40. 'll College: Hendrick Nursing schosi. ,tltiyglggjgq Major: Nursing. Elgillmu lllllllflllit EILEEN GRISHAM Sons and Daughters of Le- gionnaires '38, '39, junior Dra- matics '36, '37, Social English '37, '38, Cyclodrama '38, '39, G an G '39, '40. College: None. MARY RUTH HARDIN Embroidery '36, '37, Knitting '37, '38, Future Homemakers '38-'40, G an G '39, '40. College: Hardin-Simmons. Major: Home Economics. ROBERT HARWELL Foreign Correspondence '36- '38, Cyclodrama '38, '39, Fine Arts '39, '40. College: Washington Univer- sity. Major: Music. NADEL HILBURN Glee Club '36-'38, Band '38- '40, Orchestra '39, '40, Embroid- ery '36, '37, G an G '39, '40. College: Hardin-Simmons. Major: Business Administra- tion. CLASS OF 1940 GLADYS MARIE GUEST Pep Squad '39, '40, Freshman Dramatics '36, '37, F u t u r e Homemakers '37, '38, Glee Club '37-'39, G an G '39, '40. College: Hardin-Simmons. Major: Dietetics. LILLIAN HARVEY Glee Club '37-'39, Embroidery '38, '39, Social English '37, '38, Sports '39, '40, Short Story '38, '39, Girl Reserve '38, '39, Na- tional Thespians '39, '40: G an G '39, '40. College: Parson's B e a u t y School. Major: Beauty Operator. PEGGY HAWES Glee Club '37-'40, Fine Arts '39, '40, Girl Reserve '37, '38, Foreign Correspondence '38, '39, G an G '39, '40. College: Fairmont. Major: Music. ELIZABETH ANN HELM Glee Club '37-'39, Fine Arts '38, '39, G an G '39, '40. College: McMurry. Major: Art. LaWANDA HAMILTON Girl Reserve '36, '37, Em- broidery '37-'39, Travel '39, '40, G an G '39, '40. College: McMurry. Major: English. DOROTHY HARWELL Glee Club '38, '39, Sock and Buskin '36, '37, junior Dramatic '38, '39, Future Homemakers '39, '40, G an G '39, '40. College: Hardin-Simmons. Major: Music. PATTY HAYS Pep Squad '37-'40, Ouill and Scroll '37 - '40, Battery '36 - '40, Personality '38-'40, Cyclodrama '37-'40, Knitting '36, '37, Foreign Correspondence '37, '38, G an G '39, '40. College: Texas State College tor Worrieri. Major: Business Administra- tion. BASCOME HILL Leather Cratt '37, '38, First Aid '38, '39, Typing '38-'40. College: McMurry. Major: Business Administra-- tion. Page l CLASS OF 1940 GLORIA IUNE HOBBS Glee Club '36-'38, Knitting '36, '37, Foreign Correspondence '37, '38, Tennis '39, '49, G an G '39, '49 College: Abilene Christian. Major: Music. GLORIA HOLLINGSHEAD Glee Club '36-'49, Pep Squad '36-'39, Sport '36, '37, Kodak '38, '39, G an G '39, '49, National Honor Society '39, '49 College: Hardin-Simmons. Major: History. PAUL HOLMES Band '36-'49, Orchestra '38- '49, Student Association '36-'39, National Honor Society '39, '49. College: Hardin-Simmons. Major: Ministry. E EAXHOPPE Tennis '36, '37, Science '37, '38, Star Gazers '38, '49 College: Agricultural and Me- chanical. Major: Electrical Engineering, Page 119 IACK HOLDEN Mask and Wig '36, '37, For- eign Correspondence '37, '38, Kodak '38, '39. College: Duke University. Major: Chemistry. WILSON HOLLY Band '36-'38, Glee Club '49, Foreign Correspondence '38, Rythm Ryters '39, '49, junior Academy oi Science '38, '39. College: University ot Texas. Major: Pharmacy. REBEL HOPE Glee Club '36-'39, Iunior Dra- matics '38, '39, Fine Arts '39, '49, Declamation '36, '37, Bat- tery '39, '49, G an G '39, '49, National Honor Society '39, '49 College: Hardin-Simmons. Major: Iournalism. RAYMOND HOWARD Choice ot Vocation: Sales- manship. BILL HOLLIDAY Iunior Geologist '36, '37, First Aid '38, '39. College: McMurry. Major: Business Administra- tion. DOROTHY HOLMES Los Leales '36, '37, Foreign Correspondence '37-'39, Student Association '38, '39, G an G '39, '49 College: Hardin-Simmons. Major: English. GERALDINE HOPKINS Wise Owls '37, '38, Embroid- ery '38, '39, Foreign Correspon- dence '39, '49, Shorthand '39, '49, G an G '39, '49 College: McMurry. Major: Business Administra- tion. i ANN IAMES Pep Squad '38, '39, Latin '36, '37, A.A,A. Collectors '38, '39, Club Editor ot Flashlight '39, '49, G an G '39, '49, National Honor Society '49. College: Texas State College for Women. Major: Interior Decorating. STANLEY IARRELL Football '39, '40. College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical. Major: Mathematics. EDWIN IENNINGS Band '35-3495 National Honor Society '37-'4O. College: Rice Institute. Major: Chemistry. GRATA IETER Pep Squad '39, '4Ug Glee Club '39, '4Og Knitting '36, '37g Pho- tography '37, '38y Personality '39, '4U: G an G '39, '4U. College: McMurry. Major: Speech. GRANT IONES Band '36-'4O: Orchestra '37, '38g Hi-Y '39, '4O: Student Asso- ciation '37-'4U: President ot Stu- dent Association '39, '4U: Na- tional Honor Society '39, '4U7 President of National Honor So- ciety '39, '46, College: Southern Methodist. Major: Law. CLASS OF 1940 ALLIE RUTH IENKINS Foreign Correspondence '39, '4U: G an G '39, '-40. College: McMurry. Major: English JANE IENNINGS Pep Squad '37-'39: Glee Club '38, '39p S. P. O. R. '36, '37p For- eign Correspondence '37g Cy- clodrarna '38j Personality '38- '4Ug Debate '38, '39: National Forensic League '39, '4Ug Presi- dent ot G an G '39, '4Op National Honor Society '4U. College: University of Texas. Major: Iournalisrn. DORIS IOHNSON Pep Squad '38, '39g Travel '38, '39g L an L '37, '38p G an G '39, '4U. College: Ruthertord's Busi- ness College. M aj o r: Calculating a n d Cornptorneter. IESSIE MARIE IONES Band '38-'4U: S. P. O. R. '38, '39: Foreigin Correspondence '37-'39: Girl Reserve '36, '37g G an G '39, '-40. College: Texas Technological. Major: Mathematics. 1 DORIS DALE IENNINGS Band '39, '4Op Girl Reserve 36, '39j Knitting '37: G an G 39, '4U. College: McMurry. Major: Music. CARL IENSEN Band '38-'4U: First Aid '37, College: Southern Methodist. Major: Law. SHIRLEY IOLLY Sewing '37, '38g Fine Arts '38- '4U: G an G '39, '4O. College: Denton. Major: Music. IOE KARR Battery '37-'4U: Business Man- ager ot Battery '39, '4O: Ouill and Scroll '39, '4Og Cyclodrarna '37, '38: Stamp Collectors '39, '4Og Rythm Ryters '38, '39: Stu- dent Association '38g National Honor Society '4O. College: john Tarleton. Major: Business Administra- tion. Page ll CLASS OF 1940 RITCHIE KEEBLE Latin '36, '37, Hobby '37, '38, Typing '38, '39, Star Gazers '39 '40, National Honor Society '40 College: McMurry. Major: Mathematics. CAPTOLA KIMBROUGH Future Teachers '39, '40, Ko- dak '38, '39, G an G '39, '40, National Honor Society '40. College: Hardin-Simmons. Major: Mathematics. BUEFORD KNIGHT Shop '36, '37, Bible '37, '38, Stamp '36-'39. College: Hardin-Simmons. MaQor: Social Science. DORIS KUYKENDALL Glee Club, junior Dramatics '36, '37, Fine Arts '38, '39, A. A. A. Collectors '3 9, '4 0: G an G '39, '40. College: McMurry. AMaior: Speech. Page 121 PALEN KEITH Future Farmers '36-'40. College: None. ALICE LOU KING Glee Club '36-'40, A Cappella '39, '40, Future I-Iomemakers '37- '40, Freshman Science '36, '37: G an G '39, '40. College: Hardin-Simmons. Major: Music. CAYTON KNOX Band '37-'40, Science '39, '40, junior Academy ot Science '39, '40, Stage Crew '38, '39. College: University ot Texas. Major: Pharmacy. AILEEN LANDERS Knitting '36, Embroidery '36, Girl Reserve '37, Kodak '37, Tennis '38, Star Gazers '38-'40, G an G '39, '40. College: Bob jones. Major: English. SHIRLEY KETI-ILEY Glee Club '37-'40, A Cappella '37-'40, Sextet '39, '40, Fine Arts '37, '38, Personality '39, '40, G an G '39, '40. College: University ot Los Angeles. Major: Voice. IRVIN KING Star Gazers '36-'40, Future Farmers '39, '40, Hi-Y '38, '39. College: Agricultural and Me- chanical. Major: Agriculture. FRANCES KOONCE Star Gazers '36-'39, Back o' Curtain '39, '40, G an G '39, '40. College: Draughon's. Major: Stenography. EMMETT LAWLESS Radio Guild '36, '37, Stamp Collectors '37, Football '37, Ko- dak '38, '39, Science '39, '40, junior Academy of Science '39, '40. College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical. Major: Civil Engineering, TACK LAWRENCE Typing '38-'49 College: Hardin-Simmons. Major: Business Administra- tion. MARCIA LINDLEY Girl Reserve '35, '36, Em- broidery '38, '37, March ot Time '37, '38, Diversified Occupations '38, '39, G an G '39, '49 College: Abilene Christian. Major: Biology. GLADYS MAE LOVELADY Glee Club '39-'49, Bible '36, Future Homemakers '37, Back o' Curtain '38, '39, Fine Arts '39, '49, G an G '39, '49. College: Abilene Christian. Major: Music. RALPH MCADAMS Choice ot Occupation: Ranch- ing. CLASS OF 19-40 VIRGINIA LEHR Foreign Correspondence '39, '49, G an G '39, '49. College: Hardin-Simmons. Major: Mathematics. DALMA LIVINGSTON Girl Reserve '36-'38, Library '37-'39, Travel '38-'49, G an G '39-'49. College: john Tarleton. Major: Business Administra- tion. CELENA LOVVRIE Pep Squad '37-'49, Knitting '36, '37, Foreign Correspon- dence '37, '38, Star Gazers '39, '49, G an G '39, '49. College: McMurry. Major: Business Administra- tion. GUY MCCARTY Band '37-'49, Bible '36-. College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical. Major: Aeronautical Engi- neering. l KELLEY LEWIS National Forensic League '37- '49, Debate '37-'49, Shopworlc '37, Ready Writers '38, '39, Tumbling '37-'49, National Hon- or Society '39, '49. College: Abilene Christian. Major: Mathematics. HARDY LOUDERMILK Radio Guild '37-'39, Falcons '38, '39, College: Texas Christian. Major: Social Science. MOZELLE LOVVRIE Glee Club '37, Girl Reserve '38, '37, Los Leales '38, '39, Ready Writers '39, '49, Back o' Curtain '39, '49, G an G '39, '49, College: Texas State College tor Vtlomen. Major: Business Administra- tion. ARLIN MCCURLEY Archery '38, lunior Geologist '39, '49, junior Academy ot Science '49 College: Hardin-Simmons. Major: History. Page 122 CLASS OF 1940 BENNY MCGLOTHLIN Ouill and Scroll '39, '40: For- eign Correspondence '35, '37: Battery '39, '40: March of Time '37, '38: Flashlight '36-'40g Na- tional Honor Society '40, College: Texas Technological. Major: Salesmanship. VAUNCILLE MARTIN Glee Club '38-'40: Fine Arts '39, '40: A Cappella '39, '40: Sextet '39, '40g G an G '39, '40, College: Baylor. Major: Music. MERLYN MATTES Tennis '37-'40g Star Gazers '37g G an G '39, '40. College: Baylo r Medical Nursing. Major: Nursing. IAMES TATE MAY Band '38-'40g Radio Guild '39, '40 College: Oklahoma Univer- sity. Major: Architecture. Page 123 I r TRUETT MCGREGOR Future Farmers '36, '37: Shop 37, '38: Radio Guild '38-'40, College: Hardin-Simmons. Major: History. DORIS MASSEY Glee Club '37-'39g Pep Squad 39, '40. College: Abilene Christian. Major: Art. KATE NELL MAULDIN Foreign Correspondence '37- '40: Tennis '39, '40: G an G '39, '40. College: Hardin-Simmons. Major: Botany. PEARL MEYER Pre-Med '35, '36g March ol Time '37, '38: Glee Club '35-'37g G an G '38-'40, College: Hendrick Nursing School. Major: Nursing. AUGUSTA MCGUIRE Dramatic '36, '37p Girl Re- serve '37, '38: Star Gazers '33, '39: Typing '39, '40. College: Draughon's. Major: Business Administra- tion. HEROLD MASSEY Rythm R y t e r s '38-'40g Na- tional Honor Society '40, College: McMurry. Major: Public Accounting. VIRGINIA MAXWELL Pep Squad '37-'397 Flashlight '39, '40g Sock and Buskin '36, '37g Art '37, '38g Personality '38- '40: junior Red Cross '37-'39: G an G '39, '40g National Honor Society '40. College: Texas State College for Women. Major: Commercial Art. DONALD MILLER Band '38, '39: Chemistry '37y Radio Guild '39, '40. College: Hardin-Simmons. Major: Business Administra- tion. FLOYD MILLER Glee Club '38-'40, A Cappella '38-'40, March ot Time '37, '38: Radio Guild '38, '39, Cyclo- drama '39, '40. College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical. Major: Aeronautical Engi- neering. RALPH MILLS Band '38-'40. College: West Point. Major: Mathematics. EDWARD MOORE Band '37-'40. College: Hardin-Simmons. Major: Music. CHARLES NARRELL Football '37-'40. College: Texas Christian. Major: Physical Education. CLASS OF 1940 ERANCES MILLER Glee Club '37-'40, A Cappella '39, '40, Pep Squad '38, '39, Cy- clodrama '37, '38, Social Eng- lish '37, '38: G an G '39, '40. College: Texas Technological. Major: Music. HELEN MONROE Glee Club '38, '37, Knitting '38, Foreign Correspondence '37, Tennis '38, '39, Art '39, '40, G an G '39, '40, EEA. Sweet- heart '39, '40. College: Texas State College tor Women. Major: Commercial Art. ELMER MOORE Glee Club '38, '37, Mask and Wig '38, '37, Cyclodrama '37, '38, Flashlight '37-'40, Business Manager ot Flashlight '39, '40, Hi-Y '38-'40, National Honor So- ciety '39, '40, Vice President ot National Honor Society '39, '40. College: Texas Technological. Major: Business Administra- tion. GLENN NEILL Battery '38, '37, Press '38, '37, Science '38, '39, Hi-Y '39, '40. College: University of Texas. Major: Pharmacy. LUCILLE MILLER Girl Reserve '37, Stitch bv Stitch '38, '37: Knitting '38, '39, G an G '39, '40. College: Draughon's. Major: Stenography. DORIS MONTGOMERY Embroidery '38, Foreign Cor- respondence '37, Latin '38, Fu- ture Homemalcers '39, G an G '39, '40. College: Hardin-Simmons. Major: English. GLEN MOORE Stamp Collectors '38, '37, Shop '37, '38, lunior Geologists '38-'40. College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical. Major: Agriculture. DONALD NELSON Sports '39, '40. College: Hardin-Simmons. Major: Business Administra- tion. Page 124 CLASS OF 194 0 DOROTHY NEWMAN Band '39, '40g History '36, '377 Social English '37, '38: March oi Time '38: Foreign Correspon- dence '39g A.A.A. Collectors '39, '40: G an G '39, '40. College: Hardin-Sitnnions. Major: Business Adtniriistra- tion. CLYDE OLDHAM Future Farmers '36-'40. College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical. Major: Animal Husbandry. SUGAR PAGE Flashlight '37-'40: Editor ot Flashlight '39-'40: Los Leales '37g Press '36: Student Associa- tion '39, '40g National Honor So- ciety '39, '40: G an G '39, '40. College: North Texas State Teachers. Major: Spanish. HAL PENDER Band '36-'40, Golt '38, '39g Na- tional Honor Society '38-'40, College: Hardin-Simmons. Major: Music. Page 125 RUTH NORMAN Glee Club '37-'40g Foreign Correspondence '38-'40g G an G '39, '40- College: Abilene Christian. Major: Horne Econoniics. IO NELL PAGE Pep Squad '37-'40g junior Dra- matics '36-'38g Personality '38- '40: National Honor Society '39, '40, G an G '39, '40. College: University ot South- ern California. Major: Business Administra- tion. CLYDE PARMELLY Glee Club '37-'40, Latin '36, '375 Debate '37, '38: National Forensic League '37-'40g Flash- light '37-'40, G an G '39, '40y National Honor Society '40. College: McMurry, Major: Business Administra- tion. B. F. PERSON, Ir. Band '37-'40: Orchestra '39, '40 College: Hardin-Simmons. Major: Music. EILEEN ODOM Girl Reserve '36, '37g Nature '38, '39, Travel '38-'40, G an G '39, '40. College: McMurry. Major: Religion. LOUISE PAGE A Cappella '39, '40p Glee Club '38, '40: Knitting '36, '37: VV'ild Flowers '37, '38, Tennis '38, '39: G an G '39, '40. College: Abilene Christian. Major: Music. RAYMOND PATTON Latin '36, '37: Basketball '37- '40g Football '38, '40. College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical. Major: Electrical Engineering. ROBERT L. PHILLIPS, IR. Hi-Y '39, '40: Football '39, '40: First Aid '38: Leathercraft '39, junior Geologists '39, '40. College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical. Major: Mechanical Engineer- ing. F hi-.J l. M. PITTMAN Band '35-'40, Los Leales '38, Diversified Occupations '38-'40. Choice ot Vocation: Linotype Operator. FRANCES POLLOCK Pep Squad '39, '40, Knitting '36, Girl Reserve '37, '38, Social English '38, '39, Los Leales '38, '39, Spanish Music '37, G an G '39, '40. College: Hardin-Simmons. Major: Business Administra- tion. BETTY POPE Glee Club '37 - '40, F ut u r e Homemalcers '39, '40, G an G '39, '40. College: Texas Technological. Major: Veterinary. MACK REED Star Gazers '38, '37, Photog- raphers '37, '38, Cyclodrama '38, '39, Science '39, '40, Hi-Y '38-'40. College: Rice lnstitute. Major: Engineering. CLASS OF 1940 DOROTHY PITTS Orientation '38, '37, Bible '37, '38, Star Gazers '38, '39, For- eign Correspondence '39, '40, G an G '39, '40. College: Draughon's. Major: Typing. IOYCE PONDER Glee Club '37, '38, Knitting '38, '39, Radio Guild '39, '40: National Forensic League '39, '40, National Honor Society '40, G an G '39, '40. College: Hardin-Simmons. Major: Speech. WILLIE DEAN PORTER Los Leales '38-'40, Star Gaz- ers '37, '38, G an G '39, '40. College: Hardin-Simmons. Major: Business Administra- tion. MILTON REESE Band '38-'40, Orchestra '36- '40, Typing '39, '40. College: McMurry. Major: Business Administra- tion. NADINE PLOWMAN Future Homemczkers '38-'40, G an G '39, '40. College: University ot Texas. Major: Business Administra- tion. WANDA POOL Band '39, '40, G an G '39, '40 College: University ot Texas. Major: journalism. FRANCINE POWELL. Pep Squad '39, '40, Glee Club '38, '39: Short Story '39, '40, G an G '40. College: McMurry. Major: History. RUTH REVELL Glee Club '38-'40, Pep Squad '38-'40, Girl Reserve '37 - '39, Knitting '38, '37, Sports '39, '40, G an G '39, '40. College: Gail Business. Major: Secretarial Training, Page 125 CLASS OF 1940 HARRIANN RICE Girl Reserve '37: Social Eng- lish '37: Music '38: Los Leales '38-'4U: G an G '39, '4O. College: Abilene Christian. Major: Business Adniinistra- tion. GEORGE RICHARDSON Science '38, '37: Model Build- ers '38: Tumbling '39, '4U: Yell Leader '39, '4U: Hi-Y '39, '4O. College: Abilene Christian. Major: Physical Education. CHARLES ROGERS Band '38-'4U. College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical. Major: Agricultural Engineer- ing. R. V. RUCKER Football '38-'4O: Hi-Y '39, '4O: National Honor Society '49, College: Hardin-Simmons. Major: Diversified Farming. Page 127 BOYD RICHARDS Glee Club '36, '39: F.F.A. '38, '39, College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical. Major: Vocational Agricul- ture. MARIBELL ROBERTS Glee Club '38-'4O: A Cappella Chorus '38-'4O: Embroidery '37: Fine Arts '38, '39: Personality '39, '40, junior Dramatics '387 Wise Old Owls '36: Pep Squad '37, '38: G an G '39, '4O: Na- tional Honor Society '4O. College: McMurry. Major: Voice. BRUCE ROWLETT Short Story '38-'4O: National Honor Society '39-'4U. College: University oi Texas. Major: Chemical Engineer- ing. RUTH RUCKER Glee Club '38, '39g Los Leales '38, '39: Future Homemalcers '38, '39: G an G '39, '4U: Student Association '39, '4U. College: McMurry. Major: Mathematics. l ROMA IEAN RICHARDS Knitting '37, '38g Foreign Cor- respondence '38: Rythm Ryters '39, '4O: G an G '39, '4U. College: McMurry. Major: Business Administra- tion. POOLE ROBERTSON Vice President ot Freshman Class '37: lunior Dramatics '35, '37: Cyclodrama '37: Falcons '38: Star Gazers '36: Student As- sociation '39-'4O: National Thes- pians '39, '4O: Hi-Y '38-'4O. College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical. Major: Aeronautical Engi- neering. MILTON RUCKER F.F.A. '38-'38: Sons and Daughters of Legionnaires '38- '4O. College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical. Major: Engineering. BOBBIE SARRELS Glee Club '38-49: A Cappella Chorus '38-'4O: Latin '36- '38: Fine Arts '38 '397 National Hon- or Society '4U: G an G '39, '4U. College: Hardin-Simmons. Major: journalism. ELSIE MAE SAYLOR Glee Club '37-'39, Freshman Dramatics '36, '37, F u t u r e Homemakers '37, '38, K o d a k '38, '39, Pep Squad '37-'49. College: McMurry. Major: Dietetics. PHIL SCHULTZ Mask and Wig '36, '37, Cyclo- drama '37-'39, Flashlight '37, '38, National Thespian Society '39, '49, National Honor Society '39, '49. College: McMurry. Major: Business Administra- tion. MARIORIE SEWELL Star Gazers '36, Knitting '37, Bible '38, State Hall '38, lunior Academy ot Science '39, '49, Radio Guild '39, '49, National Honor Society '49, G and G '39, '49 in College: Abilene Christian. Major: Pre-Med, F VIRGINIA SHEPARD Pep Squad '37, '38, Wise Old Owls '36, Embroidery '37, lun- ior Dramatics '38, Personality '38-'49, G an G '39, '49, National Honor Society '49, College: University ot Texas. Major: Business Administra- tion. CLASS OF 1940 LARRY SCARBOROUGH Band '36-'49, National Honor Society '39, '49. College: Hardin-Simmons. Major: Law. ROBERT SCHULTZ Star Gazers '39, Back o' Cur- tain '49, College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical. Major: Engineering. BILLY SHAW Falcons '38, '39, lunior Dra- matics '36-'38, Cyclodrama '39, '49, Stage Crew '39, '49, Tennis '39, '49, Flashlight '38, '39, Na- tional Thespians '39, '49, E College: McMurry. Major: Business Administra- tion. IEANETTE SHEPPARD Pep Squad '38-'49, College: None. VVILLIE LOU SCHMIDT Diversified Occupations '38- '49, Social Usage '35, '36, Travel '36, '37, Shorthand '39, '49, G an G '39, '49 College: University ot Texas. Major: Accounting. WILMA SCOTT Shorthand '39, '49, G an G '39, '49, College: Draugl'1on's. Major: Business Administra- tion. GERALDINE SHAW Glee Club '36-'49, Sextet '37- '49, A Cappella '37-'49, Ye Little Players '37, Mask and Wig '38, Cyclodrama '38-'49, G an G '39, '49, College: Hardin-Simmons. Major: Voice. GORDON SHIPE Basketball '36-'38, Rifle '38, Los Leales '38, Golt '36-'38. College: Northwestern Uni- versity. Major: Dramatics. Page 128 CLASS OF 194 0 BILLIE IO SMITH Foreign Correspondence '36, '37, Tennis '37, '38, Social Eng- lish '38, '39, Fine Arts '39, '40, G an G '39, '40. College: Texas Statc College tor Vfoinoii. Major: Speech. NELL R. SNOW Girl Reserve '39, '40, Future I-Ioniernakers '39, '40, G an G '39, '40. College: Southwest State Teachers College. Major: Home Economics. NORRIS SPARKS Diversified Occupations '38- '40, Short Story '35, Back o' Curf tain '35, '36, Sock and Buskin '36, Radio Guild '37, '38, HifY '33, '40, National Honor Society '4 . College: University ol Texas. Major: Engineering. DOROTHY SPURRIER Glee Club '37, Band '38f'40, Girl Reserve '36, Iunior Draf rnatic '38, Cyclodrarna '38v'40, G an G '39, '40, Archery '37. College: McMurry. Major: Drarnatics. Page 129 I. E. SMITH Basketball '38-'40. College: Abilene Christian. Major: Physical Education. WILLIAM SNOW Band '36-'40, Latin '36, '37, Debate '38-'40, Externporaneous Speech '38, '39, Student Asso- ciation '37, National Honor So- ciety '38-'40. College: Harvard. Major: Medicine. ELIZABETH SPEARS Glee Club '37-'39, Girl Re- serve '36, '37, Foreign Corre- spondence '39, '40, G an G '39, '40. College: Hendrick School oi Nursing. Major: Nursing. DICK STARR Tennis '36, '37, Red Cross '37, '38, HifY '38-'40. College: Texas University. Major: Business Administra- tion. LYNDELLE SMITH Glee Club '37-'40, Orchestra '37-'40, Girl Reserve '37-'39, Sports '39, '40, Latin '37, G an G '39, '40. College: l"lC,II'ClIILSIHIIIIOIILS. Major: Englisli. MARY FRANCES SPANGLER Glee Club '36, '37, Cyclodra- ma '37, '38, Student Association '36-'40, Executive Council '39, '40, Ye Little Players '36, '37, Pep Squad '37-'40, Vice Presi- dent ot Pep Squad '39, '40, Na' tional Honor Society '40, G an G '39, '40. College: University ot Texas. Major: Designing. PAUL SPIELER Story Telling '36-'38, Kodak '38, '39, F.F.A. '39, '40. College: Iohn Tarleton. Major: LLOYD STAYTON Science '39, '40. College: Aer-Industries Tech' nical Institute. Major: Aerodynarnics. jjj ij ,'I1,s ,III , It I UI: lil, Iiftft I I WI. IIIIII ,I I., itll II, . III I . , ,I EI 'I tl I H I" II It I 'II Ill ' I I I I . I I' ., . 3. 'I I: II Iv ,e II It Q' Il! I 1 III! I IH: vt' :II I I I fi I HI .4 , , III I I I., in ,I If III lx- IIIIII I III! I II-IIII I MII ig S- I III tit ,I I 'N I 'II I I I ' .III IIIIIIIII U- I I Irlljily III IIIIIII 'III ,, I .N I I II. :III Igttili f, I IIIIIII II ! WH' It 'itil Q I -Iglg III I . III' H :Eg if Il IHIIIII I, It IPI!" IIIIIQJI' igfwgsfi. fs: .alt IIIIIIIIIIIV ,"I??3?lI.1 II Igtiigzii I I't5I1I IIII I t'lf' I.Ig,t IIIIIII It a,tIpIIii., III Iltiffi fitjt IIIIII- IIIIIIIII ' I, I ,gg ti V tij- IIIIIIII 'I if iii? 'ithi III IIIIQE tfftljttt jissfjftj I Ili, -iff IO ANN STEPHENS F.F.A. Sweetheart '37, '38, Fu- ture Homemakers '37, Embroid- ery '39, '40, G an G '39, '40. College: Oklahoma Aviation School. Major: Air Hostess. BARBARA STREET Future Homemakers '37, lun- ior Red Cross '39, Social Eng- lish '38, '39, G an G '39, '40. College: Coaling lunior Col- lege. Major: Home Economics. SARAH ANN STOWE Glee Club '37-'40, A Cappella '38-'40, A.A.A. Collectors '38- '40, Knitting '37, Girl Reserve '37, '38, Student Association '37, G an G '39, '40, National Honor Society '40. College: Texas State College lor VVonien. Major: Music. DOVIE TEAL Glee Club '36, '37, Petrified Polishers '36, Girl Reserve '36- '38, Ready Writers '39, '40, Fu- ture Hornernakers '39, '40, G an G '39, '40. College: Texas State College tor Wonien. Major: Home Economics. CLASS OF 1940 Doraori-IY STEVENS Girl Reserve '36, Foreign Cor- respondence '37, '38, Los Leales '38-'40, G an G '39, '40. College: Hardin-Simmons. Major: Business Administra- tion. RUBYDEEN STORMAN Orientation '36, '37, Bible '37, Correspondence '38, Foreign '38, '39, Sons and Daughters oi Legionnaires '39, '40, G an G '39, '40. College: Hardin-Simmons. Major: History. HELEN TALBOT Glee Club '37-'40, A Cappella '39, '40, A.A.A. Collectors '39, '40, G an G '39, '40. College: lohn Tarleton. Major: Domestic Science. TOMMIE TEAL Band '36-'40. College: Hardin-Simmons. Major: Music. MOZEL STEVENSON Glee Club '38, '39, Pep Squad '37, '38, Knitting '37, Future Hornemakers '39, '40, G an G '39, '40. College: Baylor Nursing School. Major: Nursing. WAYNE STOVER Kodak '38, '39, Rythm Ryters '39, '40. College: Texas Technological. Major: Chemical Engineer- ing. RITA TAYLOR Tennis '38, '39, Foreign Cor- respondence '37, '38, Knitting '36, '37, Diversified Occupations '39, '40, Flashlight Oueen '39, '40, F.F.A. Sweetheart '38, '39, G an G '39, '40. College: Lady oi the Lake. Major: Designing. BlLL TERRY Science '39, '40, lunior Acad- emy ot Science '39, '40. College: Texas Technological Major: Aeronautical Engi- neering. Page 130 CLASS OF 1940 GENEVIEVE THOMPSON Pep Squad '38-'4U: Knitting '38, '37: Cyclodrama '38-'4O: G an G '39, '4U. College: McMurry. Major: Speech. RACHEL VARNELL Glee Club '38, '39: Spanish '38, '39: Future Hornemalcers '39, '4U: G an G '39, '4U. College: Abilene Christian. Major: History. CHRISTINE WALDROP Knitting '37, '38: G an G '39, '4U. College: Abilene Christian. Major: Nursing. FRANCES WALLACE Pep Squad '39, '-49: Knitting '38: Girl Reserve '37:, Social English '37, '38: Foreign Cor- respondence '38: Star Gazers '39, '4U: G an G '39, '4U. College: Hardin-Sirntnons. Major: Business Adniinistrae tion. Page131 TRUETT THOMPSON Glee Club '36-'4O: Tennis '39, '4Ug Art '38, '39g National Honor Society '4O. College: University of Texas. Major: Modicitio. IAMES VLETAS Travel '38, '37: Kodak '37f'39: Model Airplane '39, '49, College: Texas University. Major: Law. R. G. WALDROP F.F.A. '36-'38: Typing '38, '39: Shorthand '39, '4U. College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical. Major: Stenography. VVANDA WALLTCK Pep Squad '37-'4O: Knitting '36, '37: junior Dramatic '37, '38: Rythrn Ryters '38, 39: A.A.A. Collectors '39, '4Ug Flashf light '39, '4U: G an G '39, '4U: National Honor Society '49 College: McMurry. Major: English. WILBUR TTLLETT First Aid '37, '38: Travel '38- '39: Science '38, '39: Rythrn Ryters '39, '4Ug Hi-Y '39, '4U: Na- tional Honor Society '4O. College: Rico ljistitutc. Major: Civil Engineering. VERNON VOYLES Short Story '37, '38: Golt '38, '39 College: Hardin-Sirnrnons. Major: History. CHESTER WALKER Orchestra '36-'39g Los Leales '37g Kodak '38. College: Hardin'Sirnmons. Major: Music. ROBERT WALTER First Aid '37: Texas History '38, '39: Science '39, '49 College: University oi Texas. Major: Law. l l I it I ,ll I i l l l ll'I5 i i p lil it ii ily lx 'ft at 1 3 t Exit, ll i .fling W tl ROBERT WARD Tennis '39, '49 College: Southern Methodist. Major: Law. MARY ELIZABETH VVEBB Glee Club '36-'38, Band '38- '49, President ot Band '39, '49, Orchestra '38-'49, Archery '37, '38, Student Association '37, '38, G an G '39, '49, National Honor Society '49 College: Hardin-Simmons. Major: Stenographical Train- ing. MINA MARGARET WHEELER Glee Club '37, '38, Cyclodra- ma '37, '38, National Thespians '38-'49, Debate '37-'49, Tourna- ment Play '37-'39, G an G '39, '49: National Iloronsic League '37-'49 College: McMurry. Major: Speech. BOB WILLIAMS College: Hardin-Sirnrnons. Major: Physical Education. CLASS OF 1940 FRANCES WAYTE Glee Club '38-'49, Bible '38- '49, G an G '39, '49 College: McMurry. Major: History. BERTHA MAE WEEKS Girl Reserve '38, '37, Embroid- ery '37, Hornernakers '38-'49, G an G '39, '49 College: Abilene Christian. Major: Art. MARIETTA WILCOX Band, '38-'49, Los Leales '37, Foreign Correspondence '37, '38, Battery '39, G an G '39, '49 College: Texas Technological. Major: journalism. EVELYN WILSON Girl Reserve '38-'37, Future Hornemalcers '39, '49, G an G '39, '49 College: San Angelo Tuber- culosis Sanatorium. Major: Nursing. BILLIE LOUISE W'EBB Glee Club '36-'49, A Cappella '37-'49, Sextet '36-'49: Girl Re- serve '36, '37, Fine Arts '38-'49, G an G '39, '49 College: Hardin-Sirnrnons. Major: Voice. VICTOR REED WEST EEA. '38-'49, Kodak '37, '38. College: Radio School. Major: Radio Engineering. NORMAN WILKERSON Diversified Occupations '38, '39, Rythm Ryters '39, '49. College I-Iardin-Sirrirnons. Major: Business Administra- tloii. DORIS WOOD Social '36, '37, Los Leales '37- '4O, G an G '39, '49 College: Abilene Christian. Major: Medicine. Page If w, l CLASS OF 1940 BILLY DAN CAMPBELL Iunior Academy ot Science '39, '46, Science '36, '37, Kodak '37, '38, Star Gazers '39, '49, I-Ii-Y '39, '4O. College: Texas Agricultural and Mechanical. Major: Electrical Engineering. LUELLA LANE Glee Club '36-'40, Social Eng- lish '37, '38, Typing '39, '407 Knitting '36, Embroidery '37, G an G '39, '-40. College: B a y l o r Nursing School. Major: Nursing. B. F. PERSON, IR. Born Iune IS, l923 Died March IO, l94U "Death is the starlit strip be- tween the ccmpanicnshio of yesterday and the reunion ot tomorrow." Page 133 RGBERT FORD Story Telling '36, Petritied Polishers '37, Leather Craft '37, Los Leales '38, '39, Radio Guild '39, '46, National E o r e n s i c League '38-'49 College: University ot Texas. Major: Law. MARY LANE Glee Club '37f'39, G an G '39, '4O. College: Draughon's. Major: Secretarial Training. BOBBIE LOUISE KNIGHT Art '39, '40, G an G '39, '4U. College: University of Texas. Major: Spanish. MARIAN WRIGHT Glee Club '38-'40, Petrified Polishers '36, '37, Cyclodrama '37, '38, A.A.A. Collectors '38- '4O, G an G '39, '49 College: Hardin-Sirnrnons. Major: Business Administra- tion. B. F. PERSON, IR. SUMMER SCHOOL "":?'2 Front Bow: Emma Cozart, Lola Grace Maytield, Kathryn McDaniel, Wadine Ware, Ernestine Taylor Second Row: Guerdon Busby, Raymond Cham loers, lohn Gambill. Other Graduates: Vernon Crain, Rosa Lee Harvey, Margaret Higginbotham. CCMMEN CEMENT PROGRAM luly 28, 1939 lnvocation , , Cullen E. Willis Salutatory . , . . Guerdon Elliott Busby Living with Gthers Valedictory , , , Mary Ernestine Taylor Living at Home A Definition of Life , Awarding ot Scholarships Presentation ot Diplomas Professor England at worlc Rev. Willis P. Gerhart Principal Byron England Superintendent L. E. Dudley TEACHERS Superintendent L. E. Dudley Principal Byron England Cullen E. Willis Miss Annie Lee Williams Pda Si s A, 1. iz LQ? if by 3 r, ef, fav iiiiiii ,I is ,11 5 lhliliil lillfii' I ' l ,mil Eilllllll ill!!! , ill I JW liwul 4 I ieizlfl l l ll 'fl I 'lisa llllll is Eiliilllll lllu .,g. l I 1 HUUH Jill .lil I Vx! ,,i ns?-51' W, EIEVU zl ll .Mm wwf: lllllil. n+f ll 1 liggfgrp Vszxvzl MUN Ilizili NHL l HLMl WAN 'Kiwi ,, ,Q Hlfil. 2-111 i-:ng LW. Hill' 552:11 fgiisg Qfiigi ,M sim KH! A in EH hi 11 . I lilly ' x I 51 ,yH Lx: ll I if 1: l I l I I will lJ+ lillillilill 'I lil 1 will If My T! HA! i il l llifllw Qqsi Ill Iii lhlqnd I e If Maggy: flu.--' V51 1, mm' Ilrlbll ff. ii 5+ if, ejii El 'ggi If awp: 1' ul ASW 'ivilii 'fl -fm, i-mi 3' U. grlllsi We 'z gmt Mei, 'HMI ii Hi 1, mil: Villi- I-:fill 412251 :AVI Sw!!! ,izwfi FWV Iilil ,ff HEI., Qfiil ,ww " 'i I.-r .wi ww: iVM Izgiii 32321 :Hu lllll- lr I I I fl' ,ll I I I, I Eiiim Slim I+.: I-i-qi M Wigf new I-, vi wwf 3-Lili NW? :im ,,,,. wif. ill: if Ii .TW z' fi Wg' I ,ig Nei .lim 1:- 41, ! 4, di UH Ni, 3 il 'lsllil ll NMWWW ll ll 51, illflli IE ali? fills' W5 :mW will zlliil 2 I ,me :i'I' :glxl . I. :Vai .fm ,. I gilli Fil! iiiiii I Sill iii? Ili? ml 'll will ..,,, fill? lm. lil! liz! iii I I islli ,HI 55243 NHC film ml CLASS OF 1941 ILA RUTH ADAMS DORIS LIND ANTILLEY MARTHA SUE BAKER Miscliievous Oueenly Bewilchinq WILLADEEN BAKER DONNESS BALCH MORSE BANTAU Accuraie Heavenly True IAMES BLACK MACK BLACK WALTER H. BLACKBURN Serious l-lesiiating Dynamic ROY BOGER MARY BOGGS IEANE BOHANNON Exceptional Accommodaiina Fanciiul HALL BOND MADIE IO BOND BURLENE BOWEN Active Delicate Aqreeable DAISY MARIE BRANNAN IIM BRENNAN MAEVOLENE BRIDGES Conversational Superior loyous iw Page CLASS OF 1941 I. C. BUMGARDNER 'WOOD BUTLER NANCY CAMERON Easy-going Entertaining Artistic RAY CANNEFAX BOBBY RUTH CARTER ROY CARWILE Candid Tactful Bashtul IANE CAWTHON MELROSE CHANEY BILLY TOM CLARK Spicy Sweet Solemn PRESTON CLARK LOUIE COHEN C. I. COLLIER, IR. Generous Spirited Whimsical WILEY CONNALLY MILDRED COOK DICK COPE Industrious Humorous Creditable CONNIE CORRIE 'A - IAMES COWAN SARAH CRAWFORD Vivacious Handsome Modest Paqe 137 A 1 ffm W ll 5 lx W' TQ TT B1 t 1 1 ' Ytlxiif it 1 U CLASS OF 1941 BARTON DANIEL TOMMIE DAVIS MARGARET DICKINSON Substantial Dignifiecl Sterling LOUISE DICKEY CHARLES DORTCH MELBA DRES Effective Dependable Genuine PERLA HUDSON DUDLEY IANEICE EASON GUY EVANS Studious Peaceful Obliging NINA BELLE FLEMING MARY ALICE FOWLER MILDRED FRANKLIN Refreshing Congenial Attractive ELLA FAYE FREE LURA MAE FREE MAXINE FRENCH Petite ' Coy Engaging ALETIIA FULLER IEANETTE GAAR IOHN GARRETI' Smart Vital l,OC'1I1Q1ClOIlf5 Page 138 V R I I CLASS OF 1941 I NELL IEAN GLASS BERNE GLOVER GLENN GORDON Saccharine Serious Earnest DAVID GRAY IENNIE V. GRIMES TOMMYE GAYE GRISI-IAM Steady Tallcative Sombre GORDON GUSTAFSON WAYNE I-IACKNEY EVELYN HAILEY Reserved Valuable Cute ERNESTINE HAINES KATHRYN HALL ETHEL HAMBRICK Bright Flasliy Versatile VIRGINIA HAMILTON RUTH HAMMOND DAVID HARBER age l39 Fashionable Timarous Qualified LEONARD HARBER WILLENE HARBER NELDA HARPER Absorbed Ouaint I Considerate CLASS OF 1941 MELBA HARRISON IASPER HARVEY WILSON HARVEY Brilliant Immaculate Tolerant CHARLES HAY TOIVIMYE HAY GENELLE HEATH Loyal Precise Viqorous BETTY HENDERSON RHETTA HENDERSON IUANITA HELTON Exceptional Aqreeable Care-tree TACK HERMAN BERNICE HERRING HAL HERVEY Fun-loving Serene Energetic OTHO HIGGS IIVIOGENE HILL CLAUDE HUFEMAN Smallftry Inspiring Determined MILTON HUGHES DUB HUMBER LA DELLE ISBILL Convi ncinq Happyfqo-I Lzclcy Suave Page 140 CLASS OF 1941 BILL IONES WANDA IONES BRYCE IORDAN Biawny Energetic Dependable ROY KEMPER IOANNE KENNER DOROTI-IY KORMAN First-rate Thoughtful Intelligent MELBA LANGEORD LOUISE LaROE 4 EARL LAWLESS Unusual Modest Nonchalant Lsvll-V' PATSY LESTER SHARLA LITTLE RILLIE LOGSDON Resol te Appealing Deserving VV. D. LONG WANDA LYNCH KAY IVICCARTY Handy Gracious Scatterbrain ' RUBY MCEALL WARREN MCGLOTHLIN NORMA MARKUM Superlative Restless Sweet l gclil I CLASS OF 1941 IUANITA MARR AVA LUCYLE MARTIN PEARL MARTIN Calm Coquettish Social MARILYN MAXWELL DORIS MAYFIELD MARY BOB MEANS Scinfillafinq Spunky Shining DORIS MONK LOUISE MOSLEY CAROLYN MYATT Domestic Amusing Impressive MARVIN MYERS CAREY IUNE NEAL IO NICHOLS Unconcerned Charly Confident LEILA IO NOLAND MARSHALL OBAR LELIA IO OLIVER Individual Enjoyable Exceptional WALTER OUGI-ITON BETTY FAYE OVVEN SARA LOU OWENS Scientific Refined Melodious ,Page l42 f,,' CLASS OF 1941 I WILLIAM PATTERSON PAULINE PENCE VERLA IOYCE PERKINS Pensive Taciturn Dramatic REX PERRY DORIS PITTMAN MARY ELLA RATI-IMELL Helpful Deliberate Pleasing BETTYE REEVES BEVERLY REEVES WILQLA GENE REI-IM Spriqhtly Convincinq Sparkling LELA KATE RHODES AILEEN RIDDLE MARIAN RIDDLE Obscure Vibrant Optimistic DOMAN ROBERTS DOROTHY ROBERTS IANICE ROBERTSON age l43 Intellectual Darling Tiptop ESKELL ROBINSON ALGENE RODDY WARREN LEE SALLEE Sporty Sleepy Speedy CLASS CF 1941 CHARLES SAMMONS DAVID SCOGIN SUE SHEPARD All-round Meditcztive Sincere WILLIAM SHEPPARD IOHN SHIRLEY GENE SPAULDING Zeolous lndustrious Clever GWENDQLYN STEELE IERRY STEPHENS RAY TARRER Comicol Ambitious Diplomatic MILDRED TATE REBECCA TITTLE BILLIE VENE TODD Ritzy Electric Lively MARY ELLEN TRUITT EDITH TUCKER HELEN VLETAS Etticient Quiet Diliqent CHIEF WARDEN FRANCES WATSON LCIVERNE WATSQN Stolwort Adorable Seiitimeiitol Page l-14 CLASS OF 1941 HELEN WATTS CLAUDIA WEBB ELORA WHITE Frank Spirited Strilcinq LILLIAN WHITE LOUISE WILLIAMS RUTH WILLIAMSON Sportive Naive Extraordinary VONDELL WOMACK WANDA WOODS MILDRED WOODY Dainty Eager Sympathetic IOHN WORK SARAH IOE WRAGG WALLACE WRIGHT Faithful Scholarly Unaftected BILLIE IANE YARBRO MIRIAM YATES LOY HEMBREE Gentle Discreet Spontaneous MARGARET SEARS MARGIE SEARS ROBERT TAYLOR Amiahle Animated Studious go i-lb li! I, mfg ,, It I I 3' Ilfj RL? iI . iw, lf E? il if IIITIE 'IT It W VIA 13 Ili I :I I I I Ili vi 1 'Ill M I I 11319 1 ff lt I It I I 11" v I 'gtg I 1 I I Ii I" IE, is I vi MII Ig-4 Ii HIV' I M Qs, I I E55 I F511 I I tl I M I 'Nr ffyiaf .1 wg, I I! "l'hvl?5 'fig ft, 'wi I1 3, ll ex t wit 4 ti g WI W M ,15 11 It I I 15332 I will gg Igg- 1-Ilvgn list tit M lg 1I,:wIwlIiggEfE 1.11 si ff!! ,E Il mi 1223 mst 2 '55 'uttivtiglt tIl1waQfi ' I l,.,, get it V? N551 'Ir 21:5 I' 1 lil ,, ,im I 1 4 1 1 I 1 -itil ill gi 'Ifif Tlttlilfltii' mst 'Wi I-sig llifysx wi. img tw tty, High litifi its it ifitwa CLASS OF 1941 LADY IANE ANDERSON EAWN NELL BARLOW GEORGE BRANCH Blithe Plausible Philosophical ELOUISE CAGLE CAROLE COATES IO HANNA CRAVVEORE Superb Modern Uplifting BILLIE MARIE GIST DOLORES HARRIS GLORIA IOBE Creditable Original Demure HELEN REYNOLDS ELSIE SCOTT I. W. SORRELLS Stimulating Priceless lntluential CLASS CALENDAR CIass Organization . . I . , ,,.,..... , .,.. . . . .,,. September I4, I939 . , .October 23, I939 October 26, I939 Theater Party for Oueen, Marilyn MaxweII , , Iunior-Senior Banquet . . . , ...,. .... , , . , . , A HAWAIIAN LAUAU Program WELCOME TO THE ISLE , , . I , I . TWIN STARS OVER HAWAII , I. .CharIes Sammons Margaret Dennis Marjorie Dennis HAWAII CALLS ..... .... , ..,... I . . , .Superintendent L. E. Dudley HAWAIIAN MELE ,,,,.. ,,.. .....,,..,,,. . . . ......,.. GirIs Sextet PRESENTATION OF THE KEY OE FLOWERS ....,... ,,... K athryn Barnes DANCE OE THE IIWI . . I . I , . I Bitsy Gruver CLei GirI Chorus? ALOHA TO THE VISITORS OE THE ISLAND , I . .PrincipaI Byron EngIand HAWAIIAN TAPESTRY . . , ,,.. . , , . , I , , .Iim Brennan SONGS OF THE SURF OF HAWAII NEI . I , I ...,. .GirIs Sextet "Aloha Oe" .,.... . . ..,.i.,....,...,,. "Auld Lang Syne" Page l4 SOPHCDMORES OFFICERS ' GFHCERS Billy D. King A A A A A.A. A A A A President lack Williams ,..,....... A A A Reporter Hollis Manly AAAAAAA ,Vice President Miss Nell Mewshoiw A A AAAA ,Adviser Kcrtliryn Boucher A A .Secretory E. C. Polk A A AAAA A A ,Adviser umM..i...,f, CLASS OF 194 2 MARGARET ALEXANDER PA'l"l'Y ALLEN GERALDINE ANDERSON "Blondie" Hpill None BILLIE IEANNE ARNWINE LOIS ARRANT VERA ASH "Billie" "Sleepy" "Red W., lr." BENNY BAILEY IACK BAKER WYNOGENE BALLARD "Temiile" None HVVIHIJIGH NORMA BARTON GENE RAY BATES IOE BENNETT "Bruton" "Slio1!y" None HELEN BERRY IMOGENE BIGGERSTAFE MARIORIE BLACK "Chicken" "Tiny" "lVlCz!qy" KATHRYN BOUCI-IER ROY BOURLAND CLARA MAY BOVVDEN "Tun1cy" None "Moshe" MARION BOYD DORAS BRAGG BOBBY BRASELION "Little Boyd" "Dotty" "Brass" LOU BROLIIQ IOHN RW POLLS BLI'I"I'Y IVAN BROWN "Beg" HlOl1lIlIVH Nmzc FRANK K. ANTILLEY EDITH AYER "Edie" DOUGLAS BARRON "Baby Doug" VICTOREE BENTON "Vickie" V DORIS BOHANNON "DO Lo BO" IEAN BOYCE If "leonie" ' I. C. BRAUNE N ',MLIlC'! N LULAIIA Bli4PWNIN'.,2 5 'L'i1l:if1" Iii 1 I Page M8 ' Q 4 CLASS OF 1942 'K I I 1 I , , A i Jw, Q 1 I I I I W. II ,I I y I H , fl, ul N I AI RED BURDITT MAY ELIZABETH BURTON IANE BUZBEE CARL CADENHFIAD I "Glurp" "Scilly" "Buzie" "Corky" HARMON CARTER CHARLIE CHAPMAN DAVID CHASE GENE CHAUNCEY "Baby-Face" "Hard Times" "lunior" None BOBBIE LEE CHEEK CELESTE CHESHIRE ROBY IEAN CI-IILES FRANCES CHOATE ' "Cl1eekie" None "Toby" "Fran" I SAM CLARK BARBARA CLAYTON CLEO CLYBURN MICKIA COGDELL I None "Babe" None "Mike" III Ig I J IEANNE COLE TOM COLLINS DON COLLUM COLITO CORNELIUS ' "lec11iy" None None 'fChumpy" BILLY COTHRON IOHN CRUTCHFIELD EVELYN CULVAHOUSE NANCY CUNNINGHAMP I "Bill" "lol1m1y" "Frcmkie" "Beans" I T LEA ROY DANIEL GERALDINE DAVIS MARY ANN DAVIS PEGGY IEAN DISHON A I'COWbllCk9i!' "ferry" Hpllddlflw "Peg" IUSTIN EDGAR FRANCES EVANS MARGARET FAGAN BETTY IEAN FISH "Curley" "Fran" "Margie" "Fish" Igglf' IJLII Page149 IQM - I: I wig IACK FLEMISTER CLASS OF 1942 MARTHA FONVILLE KENNETH FORD MARTHIEL PORMAN - "jackson" "Monkey" "Model T" "Use" BUCK FRANCIS RAYMOND ERAZIER YVONNE ISULEER KATHERINE ANN GAINEI None "S11O1-fy" None "Karen" CARLA LOUISE GARRETSON GLENN GARREIT HELLENE GATES ELLISON GERLACH ' HCOIICYH "Iski" "Gale" "Garlic" IVIARGIE GIVENS BILLIE IEAN GLASS IVIOTZ WRIGH'I' GLOVER BILLY RAY GOLDSIVIITI-I "Roiqh" "Babe" None "BiII" GENE GOLTZ BERTHA LEE GRACY LUCILE GRAVENS DAYLE GRIGG "GoItzie" "Skippy" "CiIe" ".S::riiiy" FRANCES GRIMES GVVENDOLYN GRISHAIVI VIRGINIA GRIZZARD ELIZABEIH ANN GRUB3 HDODGYH "I.itiIe Sister" IIGIIIHQTVI "Lizzie" MERLAINE GRUVER MARY ELIZABETH HAAG MILDRED HACKINLEY DORIS HAILEY "BUSY" "1Ic117r7ie" "L11lf1be-llc" "IIc1Ici-Ilfrrliw II. II. IIAMIIIVON PLGGY IIAMILION IIIANCIIS IIAIIISIQIQ IIILLIII MARIE HARVEY HULIIJ' "l'ccficcf' HIIIIJIIH Nunn X175 ., Page ISO 5 n CLASS OF 1942 ,: ,mv S N. X rx OYQZYAS-,Y . ORA BETH HAVENS MARTIN LEE HAI N MARY IEAN HEMBREE None "Buck" "Sugar" WILLENE HENRY BILLY DEE HENSLEE IOHN L. HIGDON A, "Willie" "Dee" "LczlC1yette" X BETTY HOLLINGSHEAD EUGENE HOOPER RAYMOND IARAMILLO "Bettykin" "Geep" "Chief Cherokee" GERALDINE IONES HENRY IAMES KEITH KENNETH KILLIAN "Gerry" "Billy" "Knock-out" GAIL KING NORMAN KING TRUMAN KIRK None None "Bird Dog" BOBBIE LOU LANDERS VERNA MARIE LANE TACK LAN R "Skipper" "Verna" " vig-Qi' HUGH LEDFORD ARLINE LONG IIMMY LONGLEY "l-luqI1ie" "Shorty" "l-li-lic" MARGARET MQAEAMS HELEN MPCAULEY I. I. MCCLURE "Mac" "Mac" "Icy" age l5l LEE HENRY "Squire" IAMES HIGGINS 'fffmmy' MARIE IOHNSON I '- "Rie"V BILLY DEE KING "Flzicy" HOPE LAMBERT "Hopeless" MARY LOUISE LATHAM "Melly" ERNESTINE LOWE "Dopey" MAXINE MCDONNELL "Mackie" , ITT U i I it .I i I if I ii In 1 , I n I I ji 'ti Ii, ' , I .S I I I i I I I it I ti, Iii ,pi ' it I, ,Mit I T' 1 , IW ' iii I ,V , It I Ki i li 'Q ' ig I NSW Iii I wx' 11 1! W I iw, 1. 1. img if I, it MQW - CLASS OF 1942 IEWELL MCKINNEY HOLLIS MANLY MERLE MANSELL BOB MASI-IBURN "lt1dYM "Hal" "Sqi1eeky" None NORMA MASSEY MARY DORIS MATI-IIS BELVA MAULDIN ALBERTA MAYFIELD "Carrots" "Dose-y" "Be-lvie" "Chicken" MINNIE ALICE MAYEIELD MARY LOU MEDLEN BILL MILLS HELEN MORRIS "Min" "Bill" "Little Bit" "Dimples" BETTIE IANE MORTON BLAIR MORTON MAE AVONNE MURRAY MARY ANN MURRAY "lame" "Mortimer" "Shorty" "Brut" MARY ALICE NELSON NANCY NELSON LOUISE OLDHAM ZELDA O'NEAI. "Mollie" "Nam" "Ease" "Shorty" EVELYN OVVEN I. A, OWENS IEANE PARKER EARLEEN PARMELEE "Lyn" "Gay" "Firecracker" "Lunie" RILLIE IOE PARRISH OPEL GLENDA PATE TAYLOR PAUL TOMMY PENNINGTON "loclie" "Boonie" "Diib' "Ditto" PRESTON PETTY DAVID PI-IILLEY IAMES PHILLIPS DONALD PITTS "Petty" "Pl1illey" "Cheese" "Sonny" Page l52 CLASS OF 1942 RAYMOND PLOWMAN KENNETH PLUMLEE "Baz" "Ken" IERRY POWELL IO POWERS "Dumdum" "Millie" DALE PUCKETT NORMA RAINS None "Lucy" HOLLYCE RUCKER DORIS SAMPLE "Rucker" "Dobbie" PATTY SARRELS BILLY WALLACE SCOTT "Pat" "Bill" FRANCES SHEPHERD DOROTHY SHIPLEY "Shep" "Dot" IOYCE SMITH CATHERINE SNOW "lice Fil" "Cc:gqie" IACOUELYN STEPHENS BILLYIO STEINART "fc1clcie" "Cliilley Bo" Page 153 NADINE POSTON BILLIE IO POWELL "Deny" "Bill" ROSA LEE PRICE THEODORE PRIOUR "Rosie" "Theo" THOMAS ROBERSON LOUISE ROBERTSON "Lefty" "Skippy" LAURA SAMPLE GWYN SANDLIN "Lolly" "Sandy" MARGARET SEWELL LGNELLE SHAW "Mugqins" "Nellie" ELINOR SIVLEY BOBBY SMITH "Ellie" "Bob" IOSEPH SNOW' MARIORIE SPIELER "IoefBynum" "Marge" NORMA STOVER MARGUERITE STREET "SmolcYH "Rita" CLASS OF 1942 U.M.TADLOCK IAMESTATE IUNKHITHOMAS MARYIEANTHOMAS HUmH HTUwf' HChemf' HM In IONE TILLETT ERNEST TRICE VIRGINIA TRIPP HERMAN TRUITT "Tilly" "Ernie" "Gemma" HVVIIIHIPYU INETTA TUCKER MARY EVELYN VARNELL ROSE SHIRLEY WALKOYV LYNETTE WALLACE HNHQH HEVQH HROHQH HSpeedyH PATRICIA WARD OLA BELLE WATTS LOUISE WELLRORN GRADY WEIR "Till" "OIG" "DimpIeS" "Ou Borrowed Time" DARLEEN WERNER TOM PORTER WEST GENE WHITE ZELLA PAYE WIIITE HDeduH HCOHOUH HA4eT' HZQNH IOY WHITLOCK BETTY IO WIIITLOW C, G. WI-IITTEN RONETTA WILDMAN None "Io" "GIut" "Honey" IACK WILLIAMS LANELLE WILLIAMS LATAINE WILLIAMS VAN WILEY WILLIAMS "SlIn1cy" "Mission "Tame" VIWIIIZZCIII NV.D,WWNKLES EDNA ERLE MUNTER PATTY MUNTERS ULUEIEANE MUSDOM HDubH None HPUV' HBUV i Page I5 CLASS OF 1942 . gv IOHN CRAIG W KEITH HELEN MONK EDWIN STEWART ,lohnnlew "ferry" None "Ed" ANN STINCHCOMB DENNIS WOODS IAMES WOOTEN VVILLIAIVI WRAGG "Stlnlcle" "De-nnie-" "lay" "W1ll aaqe 155 ROBERT GLENN KILLGUGH Born February 19, 1925 Died Ianuary IO, 1940 "An angel came and beckoned And he from out ean'h's night Went eagerly and joyously Into Gods great realm of liql'1t." ROBERT GLENN KILLOUGI-I H l T ROAD SHOW Jwf? coraowtrrou W Members of Court Queen , . Ann Doss King . limmy Connor Prime Minister . . . l. T. Bell Chancellor , Bill Tippen l-lerald , .Marshall Millsap Court Dancer . . , , , ,Marjorie Black High School Road Show Princesses Marjorie lo Massey, escorted by Guerdon Busby Senior Dorothy lean Shaw, escorted by Ellis lones . .Senior Kathryn Barnes, escorted by loy Biddle . , . , lunior Dickie Dane Emmons, escorted by Bill Gilbert lunior Bita Taylor, escorted by Leonard Antilley lunior Ethel I-larnbrick, escorted by Bill lones , , , Sophomore Frances Watson, escorted by Edward Cornpere Sophomore Buth Williamson, escorted by Charles Sammons Sophomore Nancy Cunningham, escorted by Van W. Williams . Freshman Naoma Fugita, escorted by Theo Brown . , , , . , . . , Freshman Doris Hailey, escorted by loe Bull , . , . , Freshman Coronation Directors: Miss Qdell lohnson, Mrs. Beth Henagan. The 1939 Boad Show will long be remembered tor its originality in costuming and setting. The princesses representing the ditterent classes in High School were gowned in pink lace and black tatteta evening dresses, and the stage was set with large pink trees. Ann Doss, senior, was crowned Queen in the coronation ceremony. P9155 ia S ' it 'w"'a r QFHCERS A W. 1'-f'f W loe Bob loy President lohn l-lowell Vice President Molly Hinds Secretory Ann Roberson Reporter CLASS OF 1943 TINY RUTH ALDRIDGE BILLIE LOIS AMAN IAMES ANDERSON IACILE ASHTON Hobby: Collecting pictures Hobby: Collecting greeting cards Hobby: Football Hobby: Tap dancing MILDRED AUSTIN IOHN FRANK AXE SARAH AYCOCK BUCK BALDRIDGE Hobby: Swimming Hobby: Skating Hobby: Collecting pictures Hobby: Model airplanes MARGARET BAICH HARWELL BARBER MARGIE BLAIR TOMMY BLAKNEY Hobby: Listening to tlie radio Hobby: Baseball Hobby: Reading Hobby: Model airplanes LUCILLE BLEVINS ALONZO BOGGS FLORENE BOWEN NEAL BRADSHAW Hobby: Baseball Hobby: Collecting postcards Hobby: Collecting pictures Hobby: Model airplanes EDWIN BRAHANEY LEONARD BRANCH BILLY BREIHAN FRANCES BREWER Hobby: Bowling Hobby: Model airplanes Hobby: Driving Hobby: Collecting coins BILLIE LOUISE BROWN YNEZ BROWN CHARLES FLOYD BRIGGS CALVIN BROOKS Hobby: Collecting stamps Hobby: Collecting pictures ot Hobby: Football Hobby: Football movie stars BOBBY GENE BUCKLES BILLIE BYERS CHARLES CAMPBELL IOE DONALD CAMPBELL l Hobby: Stamp collecting Hobby: VVriting letters Hobby: Collecting Gopher Hobby: Collecting match lolders match tolclers TOM CARPENTER DOYLE CARTER THURSTON CARTER ALVINA CARRILLO I Hobby: Moflel airplanes Hobby: Basketball Hobby: Fishing Hobby: Collecting pictures it t, t t, I t t I tx' l 1 t, 1 It t l ft, t n,, 1 t T " tit ,t ,vt t it it . ,tt . ,, ,, t, I lin 5 ltmf Page l5S CLASS OF 1943 PATRICIA CLARK ANNA VERNE CLEIVIENT DOROTHY COFFIVIAN RICHARD COLLIER Hobby: Doimiiiq Hobby: Crocbeliizq Hobby: Sports Hobby: Reorliizq ANNE COLLINS WYNELLE COLLUIVI LORA LEE COOK BOB CORLISS Hobby: Correct speech Hobby: Topping Hobby: Toe doiwirxg Hobby: Collecting stumps SHIRLEY COVEY KATHLEEN DAVIS DOROTHY DOVJDY WINNIE DUDLEY Llobby: Collecting lipstick tubes Hobby: Collecting coins Hobby: Dromotics Hobby: Art DUBB DUFF IO ANN DUNN IESSE LLOYD EDIVIONDSON IVIARTA VE EVERTON Hobby: Wiilirtcy motor: Hobby: Colleotino pictures Hobby: Collecting stomps Hobby: Collecting stamps BOBBY FIELDER MAX IISCHER C. W. FORBUS NCIRMA IO FORMAN Hobby: CoiIlectiz.:I sto:iI1I.-: Hobby: Footbndl Hobby: Foiminq Hobby: Keeping tiiofies MARY FRANCISCO ANNIE IEINEL GALLE RICHARD GEORGE TEDDY PAUL GODININ Hobby: Horseback iiflmq Hobby: Slcotiriq Hobby: Model oirplones Hobby: Sxvorts EUDERA GOLDSIVIITII ROBBIE DEE GOODRICH DICK GRANII IOI-IN GRIFFIN Hobby: llo1'sebCini'k ridiiilf Hobby: Colle-fling bicoluIe:s Hobby: Loafing Hobby: Pets ION ANN GRISHAIMI ANNETTE CIRUBBS BONNIE FAYE GIINIIIER BILLY IACK HAGOOD Hobby: Tennlfc Hobby: Collectmo Coins Hobby: Collexitmq pictures Hobby: Pholofyropliy Pliqe ISR II, I 'HIV I, II I EI: IIIII I' II I IIIIII' 'II II II I I I II IIIII III I IIIIIIII I IIIIUIIIII III I III I II IIIIII III III III! III I I I I 'I II I II IIIII,IIII, III I I I I III I I I II, ,S I M! I I: II IIIII , I III II , ,, II I ,II I I N II IIII' IIII III :III IIIQIIII I IIIII III I I IIII I IIIII I IIIIXII Q' II I I IIIIII I I I I I I I: I III , I! I: ,N I I I Ipi IIII I I II.. I NIIIIIII IIIIII IIIIIIIUII VIIIIII I lI,I I I IXIIX ,imp I IWIIQSJI IIIVIIIIIIIII I!,I YIIIIII 'IIIIIIIII I IIII I ISU I I. II I IIII I IIIIIIIII I3 'IIIII III I IIIII IHIII I3I, III? I II IIIISQI I 'Ig IIIIII IIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIII III IIIIIII IIIIQI :III IIIIIII IIIIIIIIEQII IIII I -I yljlfvlh., CLASS OF 1943 GLORIA HAILE LETA PAYE HAILEY BILLY RAY HALE BETTY IO HALEY Hobby: Colleciing whatnots Hobby: Movies Hobby: Slcaiing Hobby: Movies MYRL HANKINS DOROTHY HARDIN GRACE HARDIN RAY HARDIJVICK Hobby:CoNecHng arndeslor Hobby:SkaUng Hobby:CkMecnng pnimes Hobby:Shopwork liopecliesi FRANCES HARP MELVIN HARP RUTH HARRISON WAYNE HARRISON Hobby: Dancing Hobby: Baseball Hobby: Collecting popular songs Hobby: Pbotogropliy ANNEIHARVEY OTE HARVEY ROBERTIIAY DOROTHY NEU,HAYNES Hobby: Reading Hobby: Listening to good music Hobby: Raising sheep Hobby:CoIleci1ng rnafcb covc LAURHEIHAYS BOBBEIMAE HENDERSON ROB HENDERSON ALENE HENLEY Hobby: Having a good time Hobby: Radio serials Hobby: Loaiing Hobby: Reading BILLY DEE I-IENSLEE GENEVIEVE HENSLEE S. C. HERRING DEWEY HIGGINBOTHAM Hobby: Taxidermy Hobby: Playing piano Hobby: Horseback riding Hobby: Horseback riding MARY RUTH HIGGINS WELDON HILL MOLLY HIND9 MACK HOBBS Hobby: Dancing Hobby: Woociworlc Hobby: Movies Hobby: Model airplanes BETTYE IO HORN HUGH DAVID HORN IOHN C. HOWELL BESSIE LEE INMAN Hobby: Collecting dogs Hobby: Model airplanes Hobby: Receiving notes Hobby: Valley ball Page 160 CLASS OF 1943 III GENE IACKSON IOE BOB IAY IEAN IENKINS CATHERINE IOHNSON Hobby: Swimming Hobby: Hunting Hobby: Sports Hobby: Stamp collecting GLORIA SUE IOHNSON PETE IOI-INSON IOY IOHNSTON EDITH IONES Hobby: Art Hobby: Photography Hobby: Collecting glass dogs Hobby: Stamp collecting HAROLD IONES K. P. IONES E. I. KAY META ALICE KEITH Hobby: Fishing Hobby: None Hobby: Sports Hobby: Collecting perfume bottles GEORGE KERR MILDRED MARIE KILLAM MARILYN KIMBLEY IENNELOU KUEHN Hobby: Stamp collecting Hobby: Music Hobby: Reading Hobby: Collecting postcards CLARA NELL LAWSON DOROTHY LEHR BILLY BOB LEWIS PEGGIE LOCKHART Hcbby: Art Hobby: Sports Hobby: Cornet Hobby: Correct speech IO IOYCE LONGLEY RAMONA IO LOWRIE VADA RAY MCADAMS CALVIN MCINTOSH Hobby: Dancing Hobby: Bicycling Hobby: Reading Hobby: Archaeology SUE MARLIN PEGGY MARTIN INELCOME MARTIN WILLARD MARTIN Hobby: Skating Hobby: Reading Hobby: Swimming Hobby: Baseball NILA MASSEY DOROTHY MEAD MANUELA MENDOZA MONTA MIDDLEBROOKS Hobby: Bicycling Hobby: Designing l'lOI"bY.' None Hobby: Listening to radio Page IGI I: If AIR I .I I 3. I' l, II II , mi' i, 1 II II VI It 15' i III II II, II II I I I II Ili III I I , I I I . I I IXII EI II II I I. 'I QI is II lt III I I I II EI IU Ii, II It II I 5 f I I. 7 I 1 1 I CLASS OF 1943 DEAN MILLER IACK MILLER LOUISE MOHR LAMAR MOORE Hobby: Camping Hobby: Collecting asb trays Hobby: Bicycling Hobby: Hunting IEANNE MOUTRAY MAXINE NEWBERRY E'III'IEL NEWMAN MERLE NEWMAN Hobby: PTCILYICIIIQ violin Hobby: Movief: Hobby: Howoback 1i ling Hobby: Mofiel oizptzmos CHARLES NICHOI. MARY ANN NOLAND IO ANNE NOIII' VONCELE OBAR Hobby: Swimn1i11'7 Hobby: Swim1n111g Hobby: Kniltinq Hobby: Tennis ALLYCE OLIVER HOWARD OUGHTON SALLIE PARKER REBECCA PARKS Hobby: Table tennis Hobby: Bicycling Hobby: Reading Hobby: Movies RICHARD PARIAIN MABEL FATE DONALD PIERSCN EVEREIWV PI'I"I'MAN Hobby: Tennis Hobby: Collecting Co1111C books Hobby: Mechanics: Hobby: Hiinting IASMINE OUARLES BILLY RAINS RERTA RAY REED ERMA LEE RICHARDSON Hobby: Knitting Hobby: Collevting records Hobby: Riding aioiznii Hobby: Rosebirll PATTY RIDDLE ANN RORERSON CARROLL ROGERS DORIS ROWELL Hobby: Movies Hobby: Collecting 1er'o1d5 Hobby: Collecting movie Hobby: Collecting EVl'IClllYL1lS star pictures EUNICE PAYE RUSSELL VONCYLE RUSSELL PAULETA RLVIHEREORD VIARY SAVELL Hobby: Collecting wliatnots Hobby: Skating Hobby' Liste11111g to popiiiai' sonqyfr Hobby: SV.'III1H1lJIL'l Purge I0 CLASS OF 1943 NATALIA SCHAEEER VERA SCHOOLER MALCOLM SCHULZ WILMA SHEPPARD Hobby: Designing Hobby: Collecting autographs Hobby: Collecting gunz Hobby. Collecting picture:-, INALTER SI-IERVVOOD MARTHA ANN SKILLERN GARIAND SLIGH SAM HENRY SMITH Hobby: Scoutworlc Hobby: Collecting spoons Hobby: Swimming Hobby: Debate DAN SORRELLS IOHNNIE SPEARS ROBERT STANFORD BILLY RAY STEWART Hobby: Scouting Hobby: Wood carving Hobby: Aviation Hobby: Collecting odds ond ends NORRIS STITTS EDNA STOVER CLARA STRANGE BETTY IO TATE Hobby: Eating Hobby: Movies Hobby: Reading Hobby: Photography VIRGINIA TEAGUE RAYMOND THOMASON NANNIE BETH THOMPSON IfIf'I"I'Y LOU THORNTON ,I Iss i. I' If X ii I I II" II I I 121: it if I I I I I I I I 1 ,Ig Ie :Q W II! Hobby: Collecting inatcli covers Hobby: Photography Hobby: Pliotogrcipliy Hobby: Movies DOLLY TRIRP LILLIE VLETAS LAVINIA WARD IJEALVA WATKINS Hobby: Collecting rocks Hobby: Listening to popular Hobby: Dancing Hobby: Reodinq music GEORGE WATSON NENA MAE WATSON CLIFFORD VVATTS DORIS IUANA WATTS Hobby: Hunting Hobby: Heading Hobby: Dancing Hobby: Dancing MARIORIE WEATHERBY L. A. WEBB TOMMY VVEBB DOROTHY IEAN WHITLOW Hobby: Collecting Vases and Hobby: Model airplanes Hobby: Fishing Hobby: Skating bottles Page 153 I IIIIIQ III Ili II I III - .IIIII :I hi' III 'I ' 'iii Ii I ,SHI III IIII E III II II If iI Q III Ii 2 ii, ii' ., I III IIIII IIIII III' I I VIII IIIII I I iight IEQJIQI WIFE? ni: I I .is 1II I IIZIIQ vIif:e 'INISIK fm. I-I' LII.- II I.. wp: I IQI I wig IIIIQI .nv Ezgiii .tfii Izijii nil Ill! ' :si I 'I IIN! I I III If EI IWW? IIZCIEI IMI!! 4 Ie mga! VIII IIIII H In-me ,,, iitfg og. X, IiI:X I I-, 2 , Ikfl SIN: IIIIM Qliifi 312555 Eff!! IIVE. WI, Hg, IIN gizIsi Iiaiii IZIIIII 5351 MI I IIN: :I va ILIII' 'nag ,II IH, I:-In :j5f.?5E-- ,QR':"i:I UI, fy: iysisfiv, :,'I'f:Z, ,3i,s.ipi ',I',1ZE Mix- :Wifi ff"I'ifl HIIIQII IZIIWIIE NQIIQII: .31 PII I III I IMI Iizifi -IISII If, 'IIIIW IIII :I I I I 'L II .I iff III IM III I IIIII II IIIII 'MII' IIIIII I III I f H as I I 2 If HEI I CLASS OF 1943 MYRTLE VVHITE ALICE WILLIAMS BILLY WILLIAMS EARL WILLIAMS Hobby: Soccer Hobby: Movies Hobby: Hunting Hobby: Playing a saxophone IOHNANNA WILLIAMS SHIRLEY WILLIAMS CHARLES GRANT WILLIS IOHN TOM WINN1FORD Hobby: Modeling clothes Hobby: Collecting records Hobby: Model airplanes Hobby: Collecting stamps MARTHA WORK DONALD YARBRO CHESLEY YORK HELEN BAILEY Hobby: Music Hobby: Collecting coins Hobby: Music Hobby: Reading SARAH BALLARD QUENTIN BUCH DOROTHY GOOCH PI-IIL KENDRICK Hobby: Designing Hobby: Archery Hobby: Collecting French coins Hobby: Model airplanes First meeting held September 28, 1939. Oueen elected on October 5, 1939. Freshman party given on November 6, 1939. Candy sale on November 9, 1939. Game Night, held on Ianuary 12, 1940. First place in boys' declamation at Abilene Christian Col- lege, won by loe Bob lay, March 2, 1940. First place in humorous declamation in National Forensic League contest held in Dallas March 29 and 39, won by Patty Riddle. CLASS ADVISERS Miss Pansy Gardner Iames L. Cullar Page164 l t 1 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY First Row: Phil Schultz, Maurice Pain, Kelley Lewis, Edwin Iennings, Elmer Moore, Dickie Dane Emmons, Grant lanes, Kathryn Barnes, Larry Scarborough, William Snow, lo Nell Page, Sugar Page, Paul Holmes. Second Bow: Benny McGlothlin, B. V. Bucker, Gean Clark, W. E. Gibson, Norris Sparks, Bobbie Sarrels, Lavon Baker, Corin Cooper, Mina Margaret Wheeler, Dorothy Mack Aman, Billie Louise Vtfebb, Mary Elizabeth Webb, Willie Schmidt, Hal Pender. Third Bow: lames Booth, Thomas Brownlee, loe Karr, Bitchie Keeble, Maribell Boberts, lane len- nings, Nell B. Snow, Sarah Ann Stowe, Marjorie Sewell, Elorence Ewing, Truett Thompson, Basil Elan- nagan. Fourth Row: 'Wanda Wallick, Maya Miracle, Wilma Connally, Tom Burditt, Herold Massey, Ayleene Archer, Eilene Dwyer, Katherine Crook, Captola Kimbrough, Virginia Boyd, Clyde Parmelly, Ioyce Ponder. Fifth Row: Comer Clay, Chuck Francis, Tommie Teal, Weldon Cosper, Wilbur Tillett, Ann lames, Patsy Burrage, Choc Spangler, Lucille Folliard, Virginia Maxwell, Leta Bates, Virginia Shepard, Byron England. Cnly those few possessing outstand- ing traits of character, leadership, schol- arship, and service are chosen for mem- bership in the National Honor Society. ln the spring of l939, five per cent of the OEETCEBS , , C t . . ,P 'd t Tumor Class were elected to the society, gran longs I Iesl en shortly before mid-term, two graduating Elmer MOOIQ ' P V159 PfQS1dQHf seniors were made members, in Eebru- Dickie Dane Emmons Secretary ary, forty-six spring graduates were Kathryn Barnes I Tmasurer ' n membershi . qlve p Byron England . , Adviser The officers of the local chapter as- sisted in the organization of a chapter at Hamlin in the latter part of Cctober. Page 155 ' t ltliil ill stt ttt lift it ,. ,V i tl i t t I t it Qt i it ,t t lt t tt 1 Wi 2 , lt I! tt it is t t ti, tt 'l it . W 1 t Eli' ty it tltli ,il ,,- i t ,t 2 , ill W til itll li ti 1 tlxlt tt'i tilt' Ill! E t t t 1 tilt tl ti' t t tail ' :tilt H tt 1' 1 t , in Nl 'alll JW, J . X AUTOGRAPHS , -f7fDf17- 1 CLZQPM M J,,V,L+ Aff.,.VvfLpCJ xfffff Heres to our golden schooldczyse Spring, Autumn, Vfinter, they passe -e Q Heres to our cherished companions To every teacher cmd class. X-. S I 1 j. ,J i x!7 AUTOGRAPHS Qs 1 1 1 4 'K . - I I I 7 I -X' 1 1 ..,J I .. I , l 1 - I 1 I' 'ar 1 . I . ' . - x ' , f - , ' , , .1 4 if . ' 2.2 . VZ, g .,' Here'S to each happy reminder Oi dear old Abilene High, Heres to your iavoriie auioqraphse Good luck, good speed, and good-bye Page157 SIGN ON . . . l Familiar to us all, when tirne for the publication oi the annual comes around, are the students lounging comfortably about the campus, Writing in others' books and sign- ing pictures. They stay until dark every day so that all their friends rnay be included in their yearboolis. The Staii sincerely hopes that this edition of the Flashlight brings you as many happy hours as the pictures show you have spent here. Page 168 - THE FLPXSHLXGHT NE revs PBXLE , WAW 28, N940 Dam Frlzrxde, regime QDUY qzmzm-altgl D615 of Qkxihzrxe we App And AN me EJYVAEYNT b High 'iahom wm be dropping in To 'sau gov io And To bm 'rm fkrxzwrxqe gov Advzrkkezd Rn wr x5zArbom4. Exrnwfumg, iuqm' and Emer .J ,- S ! s Z I . ,NN MQW will - ,,,, , , The "Howdy Neighbor" City-home of our loyal advertisers f' 5 5 ,,. . ,t. y g gy- ! 4' ISE young men and young Women who ore graduates in thrift ond eoonomy revel in the swonlqy olothes Campbells offer for smort young sophistioates . . . tor we're thirty seven years young in the Woys of youth. " " ' ' ' sw--iv: gf, iw f W , za? t :QE ' 'stew 1-tw, 41331 Wg,-2515 ' I x -un -f.,, 'fa-,nr ' P 16 ,,,,M,...n....f.. wr f y ,I I if M 5 I I rf, , A ' f' ' w ,T . , , A M . 1 , , , , , 5, 5 ff if 4 " 9 R9 J 'Le' f'!U?Tu4n! 'wif V gl! 1- x,,ff W, , an L 4 .,MA .V Q, .. ,. ML., . ....,, ....'2,, i, V-.f.... I In al 1 , P , f .ffiif 'CP 110 UL ff ...pf THUPMHNS 'THE HOUSE OF BETTER PHOTOGRAPHY Your Official Photographer 71140-'41 t Us Help Plan and Put Over Your Social Functions High School Students Headquarters in Abilene zfm my afwaxfi W Une ,im 561,001 emu at the I-ICDTEL WCDOTEN 171 Bob Westbrook, Mgr. f . 9 ,,-' A 1' in .1 'Y ,Q Q' .f 'Q .' Lg: eww - fmf g e eb at Abilene High School students, ex-Students and faculty members can lool back on the traditional Junior-Senior Banquet each year with happy memories knowing it was held in the HILTON HOTEL BALLROOM, where fine food and good Service are always to he found. J w W .. I' ' , q 'ir 5' pi' 270 Rooms . . . 270 Baths . . . 352.00 to 353.00 "Serving Abilene ond West Texas" C. N. HILTON, President FLETCHER L. BRUMIT, Manage Page J f!fn,,,w?"" fr-.wi "'s..... iii me- umm :if lilxerlsl ii Q xliirf s .42 liil -llxililifii l f . li . my fxXl'xlViifg llfjll 51.lifg4,l 5431114 if... To enroll in your home city for your college education. At H-SU, you may eguip and rain yourself with complete courses in Liberal and Fine Arts, and Professional Training n Pre-Medics, Pre-Law, Pre-Engineering, Art, Speech, Music, Education, lournalism and Xllied Fields. iardin-Simmons University is a Member of the American Association of Colleges, the Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, and the National Association if Schools of Music. lts recreational and athletic programs are ot high rank, and varied enough to be attractive to every interest, either in intercollegiate or intramural fields. Shown in the picture are several of Abilene High School's busy delegation of graduates attending Hardin-Simmons who are leaders on the campus there. lee Millsap, left, president of the Cowboy Band, was president of the AHS Eagle Band, and was voted "most valuable" boy in Who's Who. Frances Sears, seated, is business manager of the H-SU Brand, the first co-ed to hold the position in the history of the 24-year-old campus IIQWSDGDSY. Karl Bonneaux, looking over her shoulder, is junior cheerleader, and dramatic star, who was freshman class president. At AHS he was a dramatic leader. Seated, right, is Forest Vtfade Tippen. editor of the l939 Bronco, H-SU yearbook, doing graduate work this year, While serving as the Cowboy Band and Artist course managers secretary. Conferring with him is R. B. Glenn, former Flashlight business manager, now editor of the 1940 H-SU Bronco. Inset, Zona Horn, president of the Cowgirls, co-ed social organization, and a former co-editor of the Battery, who was once voted the Flashlights "most friendly" girl. 'hese are just a few of Abilene High's popular campus contingent at Hardin - Simmons. 'or Catalog, Pictorial, or a visit by a representative, address l. T. Haney, Secretary-'l'reas- trer, or Harry H. Hayes, Field Secretary at H-SU. ye 173 ww f IIIIIII fi Z :ii v li? E ,MM lx ,s ga W t Adare ,W ati f 2' ,I . 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The Poloulotr flliilelze fiillzristicm College W L i,i,9 l Salutes the Spirit oi Abilene l-ligh School and invites all army 'Gp members oi the 1940 Senior Xia' DQ Class to give careful consider- gf 'Sy ation towoircl enrollment in . " Ve, . V K? . . ,jp wx filizleme Clzrzstmii College Summer Session Upens June 41 Freshman Registration for 35th Session Begins September 9, 19410 ljresirlezzt qDUpCll'IH1CIf1t Store For IBHSIHCSS ABILENE PRINTINO fd STATIONERY COMPANY Igriuturs -:- Stationers -:- Coimpktc Qfficc Cdutfitters Store 158 Cypress St., Pactory 241 I-Iictory St. - i Abilene, Texas BULED SHEETS OFFICE FURNITURE FILING CABINETS AND FILING CABINET SUPPLIES DESKS-CI-IAIBSETABLES LOOSE LEAP SYSTEMS ACCOUNT BOOKS BANK SUPPLIES-BLANK BOOKS A. B. DICK CO. MIMEOGBAPHS AND MIMEOCTBAPH SUPPLIES N 1 V clCIllliIlC k4IlgI'ElVCd XNCJIIIIISQZ IIIVIIHIIOIIS illlll fTXllIl0llllCClllCIltS 238.95 For 50, No Extra Charge for Engraving Plate Choice of 35 different styles ot lettering. 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X A 0 Included in the knowledge you will need is an under- ,L kj ' standing of the value of Electric Service and the fact that the l if 'J , L, cost is determined by the Incentive Rate Schedule. The more V X ' iQ , you use, the lower the rate. x, if Mix yy wig, M ,ld Q . O ' if 5 y aft jf West'IeXas Utilities 1 ei Compan i :5'XQLj J' lf' ii 'lx Ny 1 Ka KJ X. GNU rj X . Pg 180 Vlfe appreciate having a part in helping you to publish your "Flashlight" now, While you have the opportunity, knowing that it will mean more to you in future years. An Amicahle lite lnsurance Policy taken now, While you are insurable, will become of greater value to you year by year, and you will appreciate the protection it atforcls more each clay. HGLLIS L. MANLY general flgent I ew , 'xi---Q L- I ANHCABLE MFE B,-DG, 716 Mirns Bldg. Phone 7174 WACO, T AS fwfr! L cg H , 7, The Weq Qllexas House ,..,, I J . if ff' f ' ' --" ' f' "' " f- A If-. A . rg' 4 "l'- . f'l ' ' 7 ' ' - ' . ,, . cf' .f-elf" I r I 4,-I' . ' 1-" ' ' If P I A ,fi ue, ,ENEDERQ -,.Mmw4. I , f r ' . 1 I , FURNITURE f ,LooSE LEAF I FILING DEVICES Q, I SYSTEMS SAFES Z Erc. jlfanufacturinggqstationers Complete Line of Uffice Supplies EBILENE, TEXAS age .181 Abilene High School Students take TloVlE QUT for a Sandwich made with . . . HIEHITS FINE BREH BUY ME ine IT'S FRESI TEXHS THEHTH I home operated.. We give you 5 out hes entertainment for the price. High School students and friends buying their tickets for an afternoon of pleasure and entertainment. p fwne 78 0- Page 0 o Gawue 7fwq 'ae JWM Abilene High stuflents have money loft for drinks and eats after purchasing their school supplies at- F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. Cpfiliilenejs School Csupplg fffeadflzuartersv Jealih aacf gaudy., Vim, Vigor and Vitality . . . so neves- sary for the Clayls work at Abilene High-found in every bottle of ro- lreshing DOUBLE COLA. UUUBLECULHBUTTLIHGCU. p W p Page 183 7!w Wwdh A U! Qaulfn M 760 .Jlealih af Www H. c. cum Humans cu. qfpe do good .fithograph Qrinting Our Specialties: RULED FQRMS LEDGEB SHEETS LETTERHEADS ENVELOPES PQST CARDS FORM LETTERS MAPS PICTURES BILL HEADS CIRCULARS tm V N, Better Photostctts At No F Extra Cost Blue Prints at 5C Per Sq. Ft. CHENOVVETH PRINTING SHOP SOUTHWEST MAP St PHQTQ CQPY CCD. 1801 Pine Street Phone 3322 PC1gel84i Carroll Dickenson ex- hibiting the chassis of a 1940 fbegafa in the lobby of the Hilton Hotel 'QP DICKENSON MCDTCDR CO. DISTRIBUTOR DQSOTO AND PLYMCUTH Phone 3300 Abilene, Texas l44l S outh F' t High School students pause at the Mcfellm eancfq ewuzim for delicious candy. Complete needs for students and teachers. Q-'mm Q., 3 if 938 Wfcfelfan Slcvwi - 5c la 57.00 Page 185 , l 0 9131 Um Saw Naw! You're Graduating . . . bow nice! Please accept our congratula- tions for we know it is a big occasion in your life. We would deem ,,,, it an honor if you would select your clothes from our store-we'll do our best to please you. C00 Also complete line of Gifts for Graduates-and new sports and summer clothes for everyone, whether ou're raduatin or not. Y g g XMXNYESSE' X xv EsrAm.xs X ., 242 Pine Street HENDIQICIY MC-EMOIQIAL HGSDITAL SCHCGL QF NURSING Uffers a three-year course in Nursing to graduates of ACCREDITED high schools, leading to eligibility for Regis tration. Students are admitted in Sep- tember of each year. For bulletins and full particulars write: DIRECTOR OF NURSES l'lENiDRICK Mrmoau-it HosP1TAL Abilene, Texas P q 156 lla mga, t 1 if I 0 lim Your Qld ul?.-ali, lileiasifldilialking QIQJIZ xy r , 1-,gn - .X .N -., ' 'tv' A '-- 'tzis-11,7 1:7 ' I.!,,. MA., f ' MQ The management ofetheeParea1iieent,,Mages11c, and : -- 'L A4-,fb ' - fm,-a,,.N .ifi I ' 'i"?Z"'L""-'Y'r:. LTV"-' fi A'i .eiipress its' appreciation for Pgiiiwpgtmmi ipgeralaw Cgntindgdeesp' ii ii erm' ' n. . .sw-"Nr-'S"f'4. . fl.. 'LT -fs-ly -ffx, s' AIR uk' - M M,- CoND1T1oNED ' l-iw- A. , Plus L 'l.L " The Best Obtorinoble in STUQQ Gnd Scfeen MATINEE DAILY IN ALL FOUR THEATERS Attractions . , 2 P. lVl. to 11 P. M. Continuously We Conqvolulole Abilene liliqh School p fr every member of the graduating class of 1940, for every teacher and administrator who s labored so efficiently to make possible this excellent session, and We invite each graduate of Abilene High to become a lVIcMurryan ith us you will find outstanding instruction, an unusual democratic spirit and an emphasis on iristian character. Yours will be the opportunity to develop by participation, not simply by servation, in the class room procedure and student activities. Call Us For Descriptive Literature mcmurry Qollege ABILENE, TEXAS Frank L. Turner, B. A., D. D., President e-187 v 744 M6 66714 QU- 044 .Pfifh . i X fi, . f. , nfl li ff' - -- 211, , 1 9 ' ' 1 1 QW J Q this Book Willvbeoome deairer V Vp TO Sax? kiwi- " f'-'I 'lid " to you. e are a to con- fxjy 9 M- lb We EQ 5' '35 tribute this bit to help you get ' ' fAibUCL?,5 ,arm-e. herqmf it out. Goo OL 'Mix . Q Lied- LXBVUX1., up ' Mdfa 6wzm!9Wf0"Uf1c t Hgaagion Clsnfsz of kgs Qfysifn F E E D COTTONSEED PRQDUCTS Manufactured by West Texas Cottonoil Company AHLENE, TEXAS P Gur experts will dramatize your 'best ones . . . and Disguise your poor ones! aw QALL 'rvpss OF aeziurv senvlcg' West of Wooten Hotel on 3rd For Appointment Dial 7281 Completely Air Conditioned by Frigidaire i PLAY GOLF iutwui can suit cuunsf Reasonable Green Fees 25C Week Days 40C Saturdays and Sundays sl Q. r Q A Stop on the way to an engagement for z1- i r K ' suneruon RUDT BEER At Vlack Eplen's Stands oth and Grape Phone 4261 3rd and Hickory age 189 .f ' '... Kgfgflfja ia' J, 1 U , H Z., 'lx 1 ill H - I ' wx UNE 'E-i f i YEAR W E 2 E 5:51. f ' ,,l, ,gig A1,.,,.,,, Q YO 2' X S' -N ' As Low As SOC Weekly 12531235 A Low As 50C WeeklY CW LK NO INTEREST . . . NO CARRYING CHARGES T ulel.e'l5J?-a,BIO 134 P St Abi e, Taxa: I M E R c U R Y 8 EXPERT BODY REBUILDING UNIVE RSAL MOTGRS HGWARD DRUG CO. FREE DELIVERY 182 Chestnut St. Telephone 620 ABILENE, TEXAS P Western Auto Associate Stores Home Owned and Home Operated Athletic Goods-Western Flyer Bicycles--Davis Auto Tires Auto Accessories-True Tone Radios 1.L1.l-.---.-.- .....l...1 . P B b O Telepl1one3O51 181P St t ?arson's School of 3eauty Culture One of the Oldest in West Texas Air-Cooled 2 Hickory Ph 2 O05 7 Abilene, Texa R. F. st. John Motor co. Distributor ' for Gfrfzgdlwz. ancf eau One 4371 5th and Pine St 91 f ii i I You will alwa s find Q nam: , y . rliilfinliizon . 5 W , iiii in the High School I 3 ' g BQ! QM Cafeteria RICI-IARD'S SI-ICE SI-IOP 404 Edin Shoe Repalhinq an-cf fbyeflnqz IVIcKay and Cement Work for Ladies - , WE LEAD IN OUR LINE 170 Cypress Sf, Abilene, Texas I AS-PART our OUR SERVICE We can be very helpful about arranging the right insurance protection for you FIRE, TORNADO, HAIL, AUTOIVIOBILE, LIABILITY, ALL MARINE COVERAGES, AND BONDS L".?73Z'Z2'!.t?6i'!SIL',ff.l?f 509-io Mims Bldg. Dial 566 Page 1 I PARTNERS IN WEST TEXAS We at Sears feeI ourselves almost as much a part of West Texas as the mesquites and wild Flowers, for we have been serving West Texas for such a Iong time. West Texas has been good t S Ci e can think of no higher or finer ambition than to be a partner with West T' t g f ward, grow and prosper with it. SEARS9. RUEBUIIH ANU E04 558 66 P St Abl T HOME OF KIMBALL PIANOS New, Used and Repossessed Pianos COLLINS PIANO COMPANY -101 Grape St. Under New Manageinent Phone 2-0187 I Prescriptions a, Specialty PAIN' S PHARMACY 'TTI-IE FRIENDLY STORE" Frank M. Faiu, Mgr. Dhone 6267 Free Delivery nge 193 W CREDIT 0,04 D A ou T o B u v I T A C REX A. SMITH 2 H JEWELER E Headquarters N S run sms is COMPLETE BANKING S E R V I C E S SAFETY FOR YOUR FUNDS-Nlember Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation LOANS-We are always ready to make sound loans. CHECKING ACCOUNTS-For your convenience. TRAVELERS CHEQUES, BANK DRAFTS TRUST DEPARTMENT-We Z1Ct as Executor, Administrator and Trustee. SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES. FARMERS Sz MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANI ABILENE, TEXAS We swim ' anner I MILK-BUTTER-ICE CREAM Wfhey Taste Betterw J. M. RADFQRD GRCDCERY C0 E Sam 1223 Recommend STAR STATE COFFEE I Wkafamm Jlwwwakead 400041 me Sava! lady aj Me ABILENE HIGH SCHOOL CAFETERIA Umm Q,mfU,,Q0.D K RTM! oooq ous' SINCE 1894 768W 1 S Ph 5 CORCORRAN'S CLOTHIERS AND TAILORS dEverytl1ing for the Young Manga Phone 3984 Cleaning and Pressing 233 Pine St. 1361 POSITIONS The record of our Southwide Employment Department for last year-1361 calls for office help, 1031 placements, and 330 unfilled positionsevirtually insures inspiring employment opportunities when you graduate here. These beginning positions in business, many of them with nationally-known concerns, pay good starting salaries, provide congenial surroundings, and offer inspiring opportunities for ad- vancement. Truly, the Draughon training and placement facilities offer the surest and shortest route to fascinating employment oppor- tunities when your next school days are over. cZDM1Rxc1.5, Press. " USINESS COLLEGES DALLAS LUBBOCK WICI-HTA FALLS ABILENE, TEXAS NASHVILLE, TENN. PADUCAH, KY. MONTGOMERY, ALA. IACKSON, MISS. RIGl'lTVQf""Ay IAUNDRY ll ou eau!! Qc Zlfaang. Me Riqfrl Way" 609 Oak Street Phone 5295 ai., LION HARDWARE CO. QM if ' ' K 5 y , . . UM N, ?1eflEveryth1ng 1n'Ha1'dWaTe'Uf7' MMJVM x D I X 'n a s Ware-Kitchen Ware Westinghouse and Philco Electric Refrigerators N T Philco Radio-Speed Queen- Washers glXjt,g,X Lrg P A 'AML T' X' et s Give You a Demonstration . Phone 3241 KA! K 591-b,lfg,X XA lk .I XJ A,,yxJgs.c.ajXEast of Post Offic N X i 'NX Pagel9 .5,.-. nn----1u--.-n--.u-n1u--n---sin Mal CoWlooy Boots and Shoes 5 ERVICE 5 LUQQGQG i Boot and Shoe Repairing Abilene, Texas 441 Pine SL Mmm an "" q,3 Zi,nr .S - IGF'-L 1 ee 1 4 STORES ------ 4 MARKETS Owned and Operated by J. P. NICHOLS Sr SONS P E N N E Y ' S J. C. PENNEY CC., Inc. 115 Pine Street I ?an9w1'ulaiion4 - - - May the Spirit of the Eagles and the Service of he Y the Clinic Always be With You CLIQQIC7 PPHADRIQILQLCY lClCPh0H6 5223-5224 Corner 3rd and Beech nge 197 F F . N th 7th F66 EISI 01' Delivery Good Things to Eat and Hickory Fancy Groceries, Selected Meats, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. All Pantry Supplies Dial 7227 I MASSEY COMPANY Sales and Service Telephone 734 ABILENE, TEXAS I QEQQQ, MStyled For the Four Hundredw HPriced For the Forty Millionw 158 Pine St. Abilene,s Largest Store For Men and Boys PIIOHC 5 5 THE CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK ABILENE, TEXAS UA Service Institutional jffember qederal qleposit Insurance Gorporation Pczq lxlll U'f"s' i ' , ' UO O l',r'm THU' nl?-f' 1 .P -w.-if - ' IN 2 'f ujiflf ,fgfflli 4. .,.! . .- ,- " - HPl'.f..',ff1cf 71ff :nf OF COURSE D X 'L'-'g, '.'-awlniil .,-. li .v:..'x. fur p., fa 7: 1 Home a1ry Proclusts.. . H - 5- " 4 ., l G" ll' ' fe-MTllc,TButteTa'1Td fcefremw ' ' A' ' V' ' J '1 Q 'Ailipasteurizegll j L... 4 4tl and Chestnut ext- Q ' Phone 6271 J. L. GEORGE GULF STATION GOODRICH TIRES, BATTERIES AND FAN BELTS THAT GOOD GULF GASOLINE AND GULF PRIDE MOTOR OIL BETTER WASHING AND LUBRICATION Z4 l'lo S e Free--Call For and Delivery Service-Free Ph 7027 Y YYY SALES CHEVRQLET f SERVICE i.lfi, i. EXPERT BODY REBUILDING WESTERN CHEVROLET Co. J. R. FIELDER O. D. DILLINGI-IAM FIELDER -DILLINGI-IAM LUMBER COMPANY Cook's Varnish and Paint 4 10 Chestnut St. Tel. 3 73 3 Wall Board Wall Paper Abilene, Texas Sash and Do 199 Glvxan Printing Qlnnqzmng Telephone: Diol 4949 Abilene, Texas 1446 4m HTAYSTEE BREAD" fzellainfi qaafznaifi fongm ll HALL Music CoMPANY it " verythinq In Music" Mason 81 Hamlin-Chickering Pianos 5 E 1 King Band Instruments Complete Stock Sheet Music and Studies 434 Pine Street Telepho 5l'3l FTSCI-TER BROS. MOTOR, BCDDY HND FENDER WCDRKS PAINTING AND TRTMMTNG Axles and Frames Straightened by the Bear System Bodies and Fenders Rebuilt 24 Hour Wrecker Service S hF c dPpl Sr Ph 621 EAT.. IO-BOY AND Pitt STEIVIWINDER 1 The Energy Food "Chuck Full of Goodness" Prin Otti ng Equipment Loo Acc CRAIN OFFICE fliume gg UUE Printing Carbon Paper Bond Paper se Leaf Forms PR I U Typewriters ount Books Adding Machines SUPPLY 18' H UU "Everything For the Office at a Saving" - - 1121 No. Second Phone 4271 I I Conn Band Instruments-Baldwin Pianos Abilene Greenhouses ll . PO 66Say It With Flowers" Complete Stock Reeds, Strings, Music Supplies puiar and Ciassical Sheet Music Studies and Teaching Material "A Complete Music Service" LILLIAN MORRISON MUSIC SHOP li- and the I MCDANIEI.. MUSIC CO. FCI. SO. and Jeanette NO. Znd Phone I I I N '.iwi-14-i? ?'ufnKi-Qs' 7 A sparkiing PN gl f i Bracing Beverage 0 Step A ead in atch an weiry PSF LR Repairing DIAMONDS M.. ,f Q. Q.. coRNEL1Us 12-ounce Regular IEWELERS 3077.-E ig' Guaranteed Watch Repairing K Abilityf-Accuracyf-fCo rtesy i-ml-'n"'-H M 159 Chestnut Ab Iene Texas I ,IIIIE WILLIIIIIIISIIIN I el-+4 ' INSURANCE iii? hone 6336 1092 N. 2nd E pho BEST W1sHEs BARNES-WILLIAMS DRUG COMPANY Hickory At Eighth "Always Room to Park" ne 5555 Sth and Hickory PETTY MGTOR COMPHNY STUDEBAKER SALES AND SERVICE Studebaker-The Champion of Champions-For 1940 Drive the 1940 Studebaker Ten Miles, and You Will Buy lt Phone 6635 534 Pine St. Hllltl lllllllltll PHHHWHCU, IHC. N. E. PEAK, Owner Phone 3231 Abilene, Texas FRANKLINS The Newest Creations in Dresses and Sportswear are now on display in our store. 5lfll.E5 MG-l-CR CQ. CILIISIVIOBILE-CADILLAC We have a complete line ot attractive items for Misses and Women that will keep I 5261311 smart, and attractive at prac- SALES AND SERVICE VISIT Us AND BE CONVINCED 1151 N-2116 St- Difll 3961 234 Pine Street Abilene, Texas Abilene' Texas I J. HARVEY CLARK South Texas Lumber INSURANCE Cempany Mlilverything to Build FIRE-TORNADO-CASUALTY-AUTO , M ' Anything ' Alexander Building Phone 5673 pee-Gee paint WGN pgpe l TH E WH-ISHN EHFE me Qu-4-'JV C. L. IOHNSON MEDALS-TROPI-HES P , EFFICIENT REPAIR DEPARTMENT fopflefof Gifts For Every Occasion Anything in the Store On North Second Street DIVIDED PAYMENTS Between Pine and Cypress C I M I D S I-I E Y Free Phone 3443 H Private Booth 2-0108 209 Pine SUCSQEDIT IEVVELEEEHGHQI TQXG Page 2 EHGFIHUEFI5 FUR THE BETTER BUDH5 In TEHFIS A THANK YOU MISS PAGE, ELMER MOORE. MISS CLACK AND MR. ETTER FOR GIVING US THE OP- PORTUNITY OF SERVING YOU THIS YEAR. The 1940 Flashlight Cover Is a Product of Universal Bookbindery IIITDJIIIIHII ul Ihml Stn-1-l S.-XX .-XYIUNIU, 'IIQXNS Zifhaj Gwen? Sindy Beamfq eulfufae The shortest route to success-- in time and expense. Study under the Famous Internationally Known Cowboy l-lair Stylist. Easy Payment Plan Llberal DISCOUNT For Cash A group oi seniors getting ready to leave on a convention tour, in complete Cowgirl regali This costume is worn only on occasions of this type. Scoggins Academy of Beauty Culture Phone 2-0248 ABILENE, TEXAS 1741 Pine Ll - L h E A JOHN WARD'S MEDICAL EUIUHHS Um EI' U- ARTS PHARMACY 590 Pine Street LUMBEB THAT DOES NOT COME BACK Fast Free Delivery ll9U North Third Street FOB CUSTOMERS WHO DO Phone 7234 Our Service Ends Only When You Are Satisfied Sun glechic eanopanq Everything Electrical Phone 4224 450 Pine .fnaedfmeai Ga. Automobile FinanoingeGeneral lnsurance 4th at Walnut Phone 456 SEE BILL FULWILEB Page 20 01 Ol f e!1pct'1ll'L1l5.d ert' m t 5 fxkql Viseens . , . ' v X11 1 il 1 1' tl' NylAAbi1BTe dy 5913, . . .11 ..,4, .A.., 1 P., . . . 201 lene ' iiayn Cqlleqe ......,... . .1 , . . , ,178 V bile e kire nhous f ........ 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L., Gulf Station 199 Grissom Department Store . . . 188 Hall lvlusic Co. ............ 200 Hardin-Simmons University 173 Hendrick Memorial Hospital 188 Hilton Hotel ,....,,.... . . 172 Howard Drug Co. 190 Ienninqs Lumber Co. . . , 203 Lester's Iewelry Co. ., 190 Lion Hardware Co. .... 196 Longhorn Creamery . . , 199 McDaniel Music Co. . . . 201 McLellan Stores .... 185 McMurry College . ,. 187 Manly, Hollis L. .. 181 Massey Motor Co. .. 198 205 Mead's Bakery .... Minter Dry Goods No-De-La Shoe Shop Paramount Theater ...,... Parsons School of Beauty Pender Co. ..........,. . Penney Co., I. C. ,... .. Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. .. Petty Motor Co. ..... . Popular Dept. Store .. . Piqqly-Wiqqly ..... Presley Iewelry Co. . . Radford Grocery Co. R. C. Cola Bottling Co. . . Rene' Beauty Shop . . . Richard Shoe Shop .,.... Right-Way Laundry Co. Schultz Grocery Co. . . . . Sears, Roebuck :Sr Co. Shoe Service Shop . . Skiles Motor Co. ....., . Smith, Rex A., Iewelry South Texas Lumber Co. ...,,. . 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Suggestions in the Abilene High School - Flashlight Yearbook (Abilene, TX) collection:

Abilene High School - Flashlight Yearbook (Abilene, TX) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


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