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 - Class of 1937

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f , Tw, lvxwrvmedm. WX O Quia? VLUZE bLLe:1e,J faxes Q ! mjyfwiyfiggiffi WWW Aww wydgjjfq DMM 1 A L i ' ' 'Qffflf mf 7127 453 Wf. 'ffMfiW7fW W Mya Ji V1 5 of MMYW Milt ffl? Q 1 , wifififf fff MMM I ffmiffffifi P r 1 I 4 f W QMJW ZW Zliwffjjffffw giwglfggmwwfff lfygfgw Www 'K 2 dv wr . x f ,. ' Pr ww if ,W wf 0' .. .- ' X 4 ff A , . Vs ,T A . lv .. , . .. , , 5 5 ' ' ,ff A j" ' 'U'-"' H ' - . E, QSM' ' fWW.5i2. fUfpew - ,ff -1-g if D K f A , JJ,-fu-PCD M D K, f .cf -ff fwwzfkfff Ny XXX - f 9 ,Q l f , ff, J x yd, W . Lg- ,. - V. ,A I X ,. I ' if' D-,M 4 QA, ',...y1 n- +. -- H - I C-ff' "Q 1, 'Lf J 1 LJ' 1,,:r.,Y, 4,.gf '0 .0 kd V .ga . l, .- , J" - , " 7 ' B. ,-'N A A 6 , - 1. a ! .i,,n..g . , x. .,l .,,,4 I AH. Sh- . , Q 1 5 ' 5 hw .-J ' Jo. 4 1. v-, .l., , f.J4.1N,..,-Liv., . I 5 Nia 'VVS LAL, . WWMMWA f 1 I GAA 34,011-Z fA.fvv!9"'1v-J-ng-W M Apu' 'ji fmt CUMX M WW fwkf ' ' fjm,,L,,QM NX ,,...M,k f 9 .M-Q"""' AH ' I M55 CMMPY SMX 3-Kfii l1"l.:-lQ1.1u Msibfv- 9 W, QWWWWW W ifffff ffffffff WJmMW'Wf yf ' WffjZ75M5?Gff yjP6Qf!,yWfjQj P3,7fLj fwwwfw J My W W Mjf V95 7'w'2!j!wj,fVr,Jff,jZ'jMif::fWfP wWQwfi wmww M! WJ WWW mlb--Qfww, ldwwvmpvyj WMW5 , fiuztwff' -EMM-MJW0fD WQWKOXQ wwy My WDAQQWW, zmzf' JgW.U.1AM,fw-if ' ,,LLfoX5Q1f'-2 U55 6461 seen by the Eagle as he whe the familiar canzpzzs sc was U55 gfaiggggf 7937 U55 ggoof in a nffany setting of living green, symbolic of the individual student amo 5, our carefully pre- served tradl ns. ,,w,,,r fs? M.Dsw.2,s .ma s W ,LMJ-L-A7 , MJUTMVSL Tb lbw-A1 -M" 170'vW A43 5 Wu ,vw gy 155 doflyziggf ILA! e9 lhdbdf ' gonna :flffazis Cwoofdiidg J, :gif ,ygv-f M147 E Edyiim- in Chief ' D cg WVaz osma sz I 4,1 Business Manager fa? f J'44'94 , . Cya as ifd1j W . D assistant Editing WS, Ed' dvadina Bass MW X5 Z4 dew! ' ,J AdvZgigEi ge1' U55 T WQJQZZ tif Spugliigscf gy ins Awfucfanfa of cqfiifsns Q11-figfi tfjacfioofj Oqfiifsns, Usxai 7937 U55 dvofzffi Efnbzanca to which zinnias flow like a fiery tide, and the open door extends its gracious invitation to old friends and new. Eaclicczflon UKQTEHCE 9016! A teacher in Abilene High School for eleven years. Director of the Tournament Play for three years. Winner in 1935 of thirfl place in the stale contest with "The Princess Mar- ries the Pagef, Organizer of the Polyhedron Club, Boys Glee Club. the Orclzestrn, the Boys Pep Squad, and the Mask and Wig. The present aflviser of the Cyclorlrama. Escliaczfion This, the tllfenty-fourth volume of the Flashlight, is respectfully dedicated to one of the most deserving teachers of Abilene High School-one who makes our minds work in circles and triangles while developing .students with clear headsg one who has given tirelessly and diligently of his time and talents in order that our school may retain state-wide recognition as a producer of first-class tournament plays. Frankness, friendliness, and good sportsmanship go to make up the striking personality of Abilene High Schoofs regular fellow. CYICUZEIZCE 9076! foal Booz viewed from the north lawn, the crisp flowers leading to the somber evergreen. O 150110 'Z U65 :buff manzgsu flaws agoiarz fgfi yarn to pzezarzt to you, His afucfanfi a zofoguzuwzs in aafsnrfwz fowz of kgs inattfsnfi fgab oacuz in susfzy-Jay iagoof Un. lllzlllflilflg tg.-: goofi hge Staff gas bgougfit onfjj of youu infszaibi, and buufi bfiab you wz lifeaaaaf wifg fga affofcfi. U55 fhaf Booz on which the morning sun stencils fretted leaf- patterns through the green of the mesquites. I E gagfzz af KVV0 fag galzuazy 25: U65 ibuclsnfi, uigszirzg in a new faznz, fzzoua in fffs fliofogy faflo1afozy ffisiz wifzbzgrzan fo accornflfiig iorrzabfgirzg wozfg Lvfiifs. rn li. . F , 1 , February 24: In their first conference, the newly elected school heads discuss the tattle- tale records of poor students. cqclmizzisffzafion Un emo 'ziam H-when evening shuts A certain moment cuts The deed off, calls the glory from the grayfi I l CQ 93. Q15.m,J'3.5.,LfKD. IIE WAS a grand old Eagle, our friend and superintendent. He entered his office two decades ago with the co-operation of the team-hers, the trust of the students, the respect of the citizens of Abilene, and the tranquil self-confidence that comes of long and unwavering service. He taught us daily lessons of manliness, obedience to law, self-discipline, friendliness, honesty, efficiency, faith, and devotion to dutyg and he taught us in the best wayfhy example. His kindly tolerance won him many a student friend, and his sense of humor saved many a young scapegrace. His ap- proachability endeared him to the most timid Freshman, and his approval was sought by the most experienced teachers. Alert and dignified, with a keen grey twinkle in his eyes belying his sober calm, he discharged his complex duties with matter-of-fact simplicity. He was a man who loved his friends and told them so. -M. B. Page I2 emo 'adam MA whisper from the west Shoots-6Add this to the rest, Take it and try its worth, here dies another day . 959 WENTY years ago Roland Daniel Green came to Abilene to begin what was to be a long and faithful term as superintendent of the Abilene Public Schools. Prior to l9l7 he was superintendent of the schools of Midland, Baird, and Cisco. His ability as a reliable leader was proved by the fact that he was for so long a period the director and guide of the institution that develops young Abilene. He was a deeply religious man, always sincere, tolerant, and practical, he served on the Board of Stewards of the First Methodist Church for a number of years, and this year was made vice- president of the Board. Among his social activities, he was a member of the Lions Club, and in 19241 held the office of District Governor. ln 1933 he was awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws and a year later received the degree of Bachelor of Science at lVlclVfurry, Where he had served on the board of trustees since the found- ing of the college. ln 1926 he received state-wide distinction when he was chosen president of the Texas State Teachers Association at the El Paso convention. To Mr. Green is due much of tl1e credit for the high rating of Abilene High School, which is one of the ten largest in enrollment and highest in academic achieve- ment in Texas. This year the high school offered fifty-one units of affiliated work. Because of his unswerving efforts, the public school system of Abilene has grown from a small beginning to seven ward schools, one negro school, one Americanization school, and one high school. Enthusiasm for the advancement of the high school as a contestant was always a stimulus to his unflagging energy. Only a few days before he left us, he welcomed heartily the delegates to the Texas High School Press Associa- tion convention, which Abilene High School sponsored. YVe of Abilene knew and appreciated lVlr. Green, but we little realized how much his worth and capability had spread throughout the South- west. After word came that he had passed on. the Dis- lrict Court ceased to func- tion for half a day, the State Legislature paused to pay a tribute to l1.H1, and the Na- tional Educational Associa- t'on passed special resolu- tions. Messages of condol- ence came to his bereaved family from many parts of the United States. TVhile he was with us, we saw only the cheerful, ten- der-hearted 'iSkipper" who had a slap on the back and a jocund greeting for every- one, but on looking back at his accomplishments, we un- derstand that he was truly great and that his influence on our school and on Abi- lene stands a lasting monu- ment to his memory. -M. B. AFTER SCHOOL HOURS Page 11 L. E. DLJDLEY, B. A., M. A. Superintendent NOTED teacher, when asked hy one of her pupils the recipe for happiness, gave L three rules: first, memorize something worth while every day, second, look for something beautiful every day, and third, do something for somebody every day. l am thankful for an opportunity to work where I can observe these three rules. Sur- rounded hy hooks and cultured people, I find things worth remembering easily acces- sible. To find something beautiful, l need hut look outside my office door or window. The third rule is the easiest of all, and how happy we all ought to be that the lines have fallen to us in such pleasant places! Each of you can do his bit to make of our school a pleasant as well as a profitable place in which to work. My congratulations to you on completing another successful year. Sincerely yours, L 5 murray, Page 12 l'lII.LIARD S. FATHERREE. B. A. Assistant SlllI6l'i7llUllll18Ill NOTHER year has written its message in the lives of all of us. Each of us faces ' another commencenient. The undergraduates look forward to the beginning of another and more profitable yearg the graduates are planning the conquest of life in the business world and the making of successful, happy hornes. The teachers are looking backward to the yearis work with a critical eye and forward to another with a desire to improve the endeavors of the past. As We, the teachers, stand in contem- plation of both past and future, we confess to a greater faith in the youth of the land and a greater hope for the future because of that youth. We believe that with the increased opportunities of this generation and with a ternperance and calmness of decision you will approach a perfection of character and citizenship of which we shall fall short. We believe in you and are offering our every ability toward the realization of a greater future for you. Yours sincerely, fayiffiafzcf cg. gafgazzsa BYRON EMQLAND. B. A.. NI. A. Prillcipal HE year just Closing reveals some irreparable loesesg time has waited for none. Shifting fortunes have created a new relationship between me and the high srchool students that has lmrought its full quota of new responsil1ilitieS. lf. in the final analysis. suvvess must he nu-asured lay happiness. then indeed has the year been successful. The vorclial, kindly synipatlletic ref-vption accorded my short connection with you has been deeply gratifying. I could voice no lic-articr wish than that our new relationship may prove increasingly laenelit-ial and satisfying. May each suc- ceeding year operate to bring each Student fuller opportunities with a full measure of devotion to the tasks that arise. Sincerely yours, Ewan sngfani Page 14 MRS. EDITH C. SMITH, B. A. Student Counselor TuoMAs Hisrwooo said, uTl1e zrorlrlis I1 theatre, the earth 0 stage. u7lll'Cll Cort and Aiature 110 with actors fillfi AY you ulways keep a clear high yision of the part you are to play in the drama l of lifeg may you never miss your cue: inuy you study your lines with under- standing and your husiness with u true sense of co-ordination. holding always in mind your legitimate and artistic relation to the other players. When you are cast for tragedy, may you act with dignity and restraint: if you find yourself in a comedy role, may your humor he elvrui, wholesome, and healing to all whom it touches. This above all: from your entrzuu-e to your exit, may your words and your performance he governed hy a close oluservancv of the- directions and principles of the Great Director of Life. Sincerely yours. 52155 C Smtffl FACULTY I D. B. WEATHERBY, A. B. Baylor Mafhyvnzclfics MRS. M. E. NORWOOD, B, A. HaI'din-Simmons Mafhematics C. B. FORD, A. B., B. M. Baylor Mf1flIv111c1z'1'cs MISS LUCILLE KNOX, A. B. MCMH1'1'y MrzIhematz'r:s MISS BELLE JONES, B. A. McMu1'I'y Jllzflzvmfzfics MISS MABEL REEVI-JS, A. B. Hardin-Simmons Mathematics IKE W. JAY, B. A. Hardin-Simmons Mczflzvnmfics MISS DORIS DANIEL, A. B. Hardin-Simmons lVIa1he'mafics Page 16 C. E. VVILLIS. B. A. Abilene Christian College fllarfhenzrrlirs FRANK H. ETTFIR, A. B. Abilene Christian College .lllllflllflllfl f ics 11185 ODELL JOHNSON, B. A. Southern Methodist Sf' ie 11 'uf MISS XVILLIE M. FLOYD, A. B. Harclin-Simmons Sl'f6llf'l' JOHN D. HUNTER, B. Hardin-Simmons SC'Z'f'lI6'f' H. H. JOHNSON, A. B., M. S. Baylor, A,Q'ricultural and Mechanical Svieilrf' MISS HELEN GRAUE WILLIAMS, B. A. Hardin-Simmons Sccrvfczry TOM BARNES, A. B., Sc. M. Hardin-Simmons Brown Page S1'im1f'v 17 A. FACULTY FACULTY MISS TOMMIE CLACK, L. I., B. A. Peabody, McMurry English MRS. SELMA L. BISHOP, B. A., M. A. University of Texas MISS BENNIE SPECK B. A., B. O., M. A., Hardin-Simmons University of Texas English English MISS BOBBIE CLACK, L. I., B. A. Peabody, McMurry - English MISS WINIFRED PFAFF, A. B., M. A. Trinity, University of Texas English MISS ANNIE LEE WILLIAMS, B. A. Southwest Texas State Teachers English MRS. W. H. HANEY, A. B. Hardin-Simmons English MISS MARY BAGGETT, B. A. Hardin-Simmons English Page 18 MISS ERNESTINE BRANNEN, B. A. University of Arkansas English MISS KATHERINE STUBBLEFIELD, B. A. Mary Hardin-Baylor English MRS. GRAY WOOTEN, B. A. Hardin-Simmons English Miss THELMA MCPHERSON, B. A. Hardin-Simmons English MISS RUTH EPLEY. B. A. University of Texas English Nl! Off'f,aj7 sfr1,1zt Football Comm Q MISS LUDEE MAE HARRISON, B. A. Baylor Commerical Page 19 FACULTY FACULTY MRS. JENEVE YOUNG, B. A. Texas State College for Women Kansas Business College Typing MRs. NANCY LEE HIC B. L.. L. Sc. KMAN, Texas State College for Women, Radnor, Daniel Baker Lib ru rian MISS RUTH HUTcHIsoN, B. A., B. S. Peabody University of Texas Frcsllnzan LfIII'fll'ifll7 W. R. OWEN, B. S. East Texas State Teachers IllUl'l'LCllII'lfllI Drawi HENRY A. TILI,I-:'I"r, B. S. Rice Institute Shop ng Miss WILLIE MAE HINEs, B. S. North Texas State Teachers Foods MIss RUBY COMPERE, B. S. College of Industrial Arts Clothing Miss BETH COOMBES, B. A. Texas Christian Ho me Economics, A rt Page 20 Miss GLENNA FAYE GRANT M. Ed. University of Texas PlljjSl'l'Cll Erluc-ufimz W. K. BENTL1-:Y, B. A. Hardin-Simmons Physical Tra1'ni11.g FwVl'ShHlUiI COCIFII E. C. Po1,K, B. Mus. E. M. RANno1.PH, L. I., B. A.. M. A. Peabody Abilene Christian College Hardin-Simmons Spa II 1311 A. Hardin-Simmons Spanish Miss LA1-'ON DERRICK, B. A. Abilene Christian College Spa II ish MRS. A. H. GATLIN, A. B. Hardin-Simmons Spun ish CoMER CLAY. B. A. Abilene Christian College Public Speaking MISS YETTA MAE SLAYTON, Page A. B. Hardin-Simmons S pu n ish 21 FACULTY 21' QV i Ji ygf Rf' ,pt Xl! Q jp f l T Q gf, 'I' Y txt , V El' 1 1 R ,fy K lt hit FACULTY R. T. BYNUM, B. M. Hardin-Simmons Mllsio Miss OUIDA CLEMONS, B. A. McMurry Music Miss MYRTLE TRANTHAM, B. A. Hardin-Simmons Latin, English MRS. C. B. H1cKs, B. A. University of Colorado Latin, English JOE HUMPHREY, B. A., M. A. Southwestern Southern Methodist Social Science MRS. M. M. BARNES, B. A. Hardin-Simmons University of Texas History Miss LUCRETIA CURRY, A. B. Abilene Christian College History Miss SARAH HARDY, A. B. Hardin-Simmons History Page 22 l I HOWARD MILLER, B. S. McMurry Assistant Football Coach Basketball Coach History MISS ANNIE BOND, B. A. Hardin-Simmons History MISS PANSY GARDNER, B. A. Hardin-Simmons History CURTIS D. OWEN, B. A. Page Hardin-Simmons History D. A. MAYHEW, A. B. Southwestern Athletic Director Social Science MISS FERN BROCK, A. B. Howard Payne History MR. J. I. MOORE, A. B., B. S., M. S. Hardin-Simmons Agricultural and Mechanical Vocational Agricultzcre ROY SKAGGS, B. A. Hardin-Simmons History 23 FACULTY 1 I XX fi, li x . 1 1 3 a . VP: f ,x I f 'Q I ' ' -A mag E V ye X mf ve- x Q W Y Q A A. . kL,. I. ,, Ie .., I .V ef f t ft li uk ft .rg-'I WF ?-fb . ML f., , I 4, -e, of 1. - -V . ef 4 , " 5:5 I' 54 fa, J A. " iff' 'R 5 ng, 1 ,S If if I gn ' +:y5'1f .,, W J 1 are l 5,5 W 4. U -.Q 5 ii 355 EX 2 . ' 1 .-,.. .4 , f 1 24' If Hz S .. 'Q .meer we I vm--., I. , Q if 3 X .4 em- spigg 3, ' 'Wm fwfl MRS. BARNES: "Now don't try to change the question." MR. FORD: "Get quiet. You all worry me to death." MRS. NORWOOD: "I'll help anyone who half tries." MR. WEATHERBY: "Give me your attention, please." Miss BOND: "Is that so?" MIss MCPHERSON: f'We1l, I just don't knowf' MISS CLEMONS: "You girls put down the IY1l1'1'OI'Sj this is no beauty shop." MRS. BISHOP: "Get that down on paper." MISS EPLEY: "Oh, now I understand." MISS BAGGETT: UI can be firm even when I'm smiling." MISS FLOYD: HNOW I'm not so sure about that." MR. MAYHEW: "Take Mr. A. and Mr. BX' MR. POLK: "Now get this, Senor." Miss STUBBLEFIELD: t'Don't ask me. Look in your footnotes." MISS TRANTHAM: "Don,t you know? MRS. RANDOLPH: "Why, Senoritaln MR. MOORE: "I always go by the Golden Rule." I x ily gffffi' Seplenzber 14: What means llzal far-away look in lfze eyes of Hob and Georgia Rllfll? fgfflflllflliflll? 52250 'za SENIORS OFl+'I1'lCRS Hrgrnnizzxtimi of Vlass: Svpleinber 2-4. Ad vist-Vs MISS UVIDA C'Ill'lMONS COMICR CLAX OIWIGLL HIGKMAN ROB IZICAMS l'l'PSlflUIll Vive-1'i'e-siclent First Terin lllllll 'l'lC'l'l4Z KARL BONNEAUX Vlvt'-,l,1'9Slil0l1l Vic-e-President Sfwrwiifl 'Fe-Vin Student Council ,I 'rosidoni Simlvnt 1'uun1-il Bl'I'l"I'Y NVIIAJAMS ELIZABETH , BRADSHAWV bi-u1'etzL1'y Reporter GIGUIIGIA Hl"l'H AILXRTHAA SHAXV CILANIDALI, , , Senior Editor Senior Fzivorite FHANKIE MAH POFF JEAN DUXVYER Editor of llzxttery Business Manager of Buttery DUNN,-X MARIE HART SHOEMAKER W""1DRH'm'7 liusiness Mainagor Efliim' uf Flashlight Uf Flilshlighf Page 2 r SIDNEY ADAMS Shfwrt Story '33, '3TC G, gin fl '36, WST, llythui Ryters '37, Major' Subjuut, Cum- iuerriail Sc-hrml, llarcliu-Simuirms Hubby, Koflzikiiig CA'I'lll'IlilNIC ALLEN llvzicliiigz' Club '34, 'Fvxzis Club '34, 'ZI53 'l'rzu'e-l Club '35, '36, Suuizxl lfliiglisli '36, 'QSTQ il :ui tl 'STC tllmi Club '35, '36, Major Subjevl, Cum- merwizil Svlmrul, Hail Hubby, liirliug zirouml TJCNA Bl .X lil li AN'l'll,lil'IY l'uL-ts f41Jl'llt'l' 'Ill-'IEUZ Funfiisiif 'CITQ N ai t i mv Il al Hmiur Siwiety 'IiT. Major Subjeut, Spec-vli Arts Sl-lwul, M4-Miiiry Hubby, Swiiumiiig .l ICRHY AVSTIN M, -..-,QA 1 .,.,4.1,m, 1. -X A X .4 i I lllfr '36, 'ZXTJ llzuliu tluilcl '36, T372 lfbiwiisil- '35, T562 llezuling '3!Z!, 'Jill Pep Squzul 'Ill-'36, Alzljui' Siilvjwvl. lllbllll' l':4'UllUllllCS Svliiml, Abileuv Clirislizui Ilobby, l'lIll9l'llll,L1' plast- vzircls CIill4"I'4lN ll!-.BIZ Tl'2ll'6l 'fl-'37, llzick U' 4 urtzuu ui. Mzijvvr Subjm-t, Merlivim- S4-limvl, 'Vuliine llfvbby, Gull' MACK BARNES lilllll 'iifliijiig History 'Zim Social English '30, S. l'. Q. li. '3H, '31 Majm' Subjvvt, liusiuvss Arliiiiiiisliutimi Nvllrmrml, Ilenyagl' Ilobby, 1-'milling ziruuuil Page 27 lllllli AHNEXV Sports Club 'CIZXI l"l:iy Makers '24, '35, l'i-rsou- zility Girl '33: Y. L. l'. '36, 'ZZTL Gliiw Club '35-'STL ll ziu G 'IHS-'ZZTL l'epSqu:14l '34, '37, Seen-lzury ul' Pep Squzicl 'SHI-'37, Naijrmr Subjewt, Publiv SIlE'Zllil1lg' Sn-lifml, llzi1'fliii-Simiiiuiis l-lrvlvliy, lliwix-S IGIMIAH Llilfl Al.l.lGN Art Club 'IIS-'37, Aliljlbl' Subjvvl, Art Svliuul, Sniillioru 3l9TliurliSI Hubby, 1':ii'tmn1iiig' J, M. AIIIGY lizuid 'Sill-'IXTL Nzitiuuzil Huuur Sm-in-ty YET. Mzijbr Subjewl, liiigim-oriiig' Svliuul, .-Xf.!'l'lC'lllllll'2ll :cull Alec-lizuiif-:il llbbby, lfixliiupq' llUllA1 'IC AY LUIZ Major Subji-vt. Iiliigriiie-vi'iiig' Sulmmul,iJlil:ll1rvIi1zlA,k M. Hubby, lin-auliiig MAIITIIA FAYIC IZAliKl'fli Art '35, 'tlfig l'vi'sou:ilily Girls 'Z!6. 'SZTQ fl aiu il '36, 'ZiTi Iizittvry '35-'Z3T. Major Subji-CT, llesixiiiiig' Svlirml, M4-Alurry Hobby, Knitting: lil I4 I EX IC BPIASLICY Tvxzis Club 'iiii-'353 41 Zlll G 'JUL 'CETQ Culliw- turs 'Ill 'SHSZ l'v1i Srluzul 'IZ4-TXT, llzirliu fiuilrl THE, .,,- ..i. Alzijm' Subjvwt, l':ll,'l'llSll Sl,-lifml, Twxus Cliristiziu Hobby, Muvies SEN IORS SENIORS C I'A'I"I'll'I I.lCE IIIGLL lDl':L1iizLlil' '33, '34l G :ni G '36, V171 PQD Sqilzul '35-'37, Los I4-axles '36, '37, Girl Reserve '34, '35, i'Gl'1t9lllll2l1 Clulv '36. Major Sulijm-vt, Home I':l,'OUlJllllC'S Sa-hrmol, Texas Stull- Vfillogv for XVHIHCII Hrmlnliy, Swimming' l!lLl,Y IQIQTTIGS l'm-ts '35, Scivm-0 '36, ul. 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Major Sulrjovt, Aeronau- tical l':llQ'lllEE'l'lIlf.f Svhool, l'ol11mbizL Iloliby, Al'l'11ll2lLlllL'S Iil'BY MAE XVlIl'I'lC i Girl jh-svrvzl '343 G :ui G ,.i., 5,, Alzijor Sulmjevt, Com- iiiorvizll Svliool, IDr:nug.rliou's llolvhy, l'oii1 1-ollcwiing Al.-XRI l'l XVl'l"l'3l AN Poetry '33, 31: Imi- mzxticf '33, '34, Homo lflvo- uomiv '34, '35: S1111-In-b '31 '36: A.,-MA. '33, T362 l'l-rsonzxlily Girls '33, '37, G 1111 G '37, P911 Squad '.,- V.,- nd' I l. Major Sulmjm-t, Melclivine Si-liool, MvAlurry llolmlmy, Kililliiig l'lil'IS'l't IN XVILLIAMS Huck G' f'lll'tZllll '35, '31i: Radio Guild '36, '37, Major Sulmjrwt, Slim-1-li School, Mv3lurry Hobby, lim-zuling I3E'l"I'Y XVILSUN l'l:1ym:1lwrs '34, '35, l'l-rsonzilily Girls '35-'37, G :ln G '37, Major Siilrjvut, History S4-liool, Viiiversity of Texas Hobby, Dunvixig' JACK VV HETSTON IC Clipping' '35, Chemistry '36, Forensic '36, Short Story '37. Major Sulmjvvt, Law Ss-liool, L'ziiVersity of Texas Hobby, l'ollw'ting coins MARY IXIGNA XVIIITE Glee Club '35-'37, Texas '35: Sub-llelr '36, Los he-:iles '34, G an G '36, '37, Radio Guild '36, '37. Major Slllljt'I't, Law Svhool, Southern Methodist llolulvy, YVriiiiig lGii0I'S t0 the l"rv:4i4lent VIRGINIA VVITITE I'rQ-Meinl '34, Glee Fluln '35, '33, Pe-rso1i:1lity hirls 36, 37. Major Sulmjvvt, Home lllcoiioniin-s S4-liool, llurrliu-Simmons llolxlry, llorsm-lmarfk riding I3lC'l"I' Y HFHNS YYILIJABIS G :iii G '34i: llersomilily Girls '35g Y. li. P. '35, '37, IH-in Squml '34-'37: Ur- :-liwstra '33-'ZS7: l"re:4idc-'ut ol' Pep Squzul '36, '37. Major Sillrjos-t, Physivzll lllzliu-:ltioii Svliool, llzmrllin-Simmons llolxlvy, Movios Hi JLLIS XVI I, LIAMSON I:2lL'k O' itllfllllll '36, '37. 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Major Suhjw-1, Slwuuish S1-howl, Abiloiiv f'lll'lSll11!l llulxhy, Hiking: ULA MAN VVRIGIVI' I'uet1'y '33-T161 l'1-rs1n1- illily Girls '36, '3T1 G illl H '36, '37, Mzijm' Slllljkkl, fifllll- lllt'I'l'l21l S4-limil, Texans l'11llm-5:14 fur NYc1ii11-11 lluluhy, lIm's1-lfzwk riding' ICAlIl,ENl'Z ALLEN l'e-11 Sq u :1 d '34-'36, G :1n nfl- '36, '37, Vlippimq tlub 6.1, 36. Blzljm- Sulwju-1, Hunw 14Zv4111o111i1's Svliruol, 'I'exz1s Stun- Culll-gte fur XV11111111 llnbby, llezuliiig' l2lCL'l.All lll"I'H ISUYIP Holm- Enlmimiiivs 'Slid- 'CSSZ Girl Rosa-live '33, HIT, Major Suhje-vt. Hmm- lC1'u11n1i1i1's S1-liool, l'l2l1'fllllASlllllllOllN llulmby, Spnrls lCLSIl'J LUVISE VLARK Latin 'SSI Story 'l'e1li11g: 'SHI 'l'1-xus 'Il-1, 'ISSI P1-11 Squad 'RIS-'ZKTQ P01-is Cur- nefr 'XSL XVisv Owl T165 filer- Vluln 'ilil 'il6: ll 2111 tl '36, ':l7l G. M. and H. V. '36, Major Subjec-t, Library XXY4Jl'lC SL'l1UOl, AlC'Bllll'I'y Hubby, Dam-iiig Page 39 ll. .l. XYUUDS Musk and XYig '33, '341 Y. L. P. '34-'SETI Nilllllllill llmmr Society '3l7. Mujur Sul1j91'l, llislury Swliuul, Kl1'Ml11'I'y llulwlmy, llziisiug' Cliivlums DI INNA MAIII lC VW N PLIllllI711lC L11 Luz '36, 'EZ-42 P1-11 Squad 'ZZ-1-2163 Ulm- Vlull 'ZH-'ISTZ lsliliillllfllll '33-'3T: fl Zlll G '36, '3lT, lC1lil41r of Flzisliliglil '?l6, 'GTZ N11- lltrlllll llrmm' Nwiely' '51, Mujur Siilfjm-I, Musiv S4'lllJ0l, ll1ll'lllllASlllllllUl1S Ilulllly, Singing' MAINIIC YUFNG Shurt S1111-y 'SESS Art T165 .lu11iu1' l7l'Illll2llll'S '36, '37, Glu- l'lul1 '36, 'BTC 12 2111 ll 'ZXTI N11li111i:1l . lliillill' S1n'iL'l5' 'Z,f. Major Sulvjec-1, l'11l1li1' S111-z1ki1i,2' S1-ln-ul, Almileiiv l'l11'is1iau1 llulmlmy, SXVllIllIIlIll9,' .I I-IAN lil IXYYHIL 'I'1'z1x'11l '23-1: Mask :1111l XYig 'Ill-'ZZTQ tl Zlll 12 '36, 'ISTL 'l'11ur11:1m1-111 l'l2lj' '36, 'HTL LZ:1llv1'y'1l3-'STL liusi- nl-ss 3lllll2lf.1'L'l' 111' l:1lllt'l'B' 'Zl6, 'STL l'1'f11w1'l5' t'l1:1ir- ..,, .,,- , lllilll 66, .111 Qlllll :lull Svrull '36, 'ill Allljlll' Siilvjw-1, Lam' S1-lwul, l'IllX'1'l'SlTY ul' Texas llwlwlyy, 'l'1-aisiiigr pwuple 5l.Xl'l!INl'I1'lll'Bll5l.lCY Girl llvsP1'x'1A 'HSL '34, A.A.A. '31, 'CUZ Sulv-Deli '33, T163 12 klll 1: Tm, ':,!T: l'1-11 Squzul 'CEB-'3TQ liavk 11' 4'u1'111i11 UST. Blzijur Siilrjvvl, Hmm- l'I1'1l111y111i4-s Svlwnl, 'IR-xzis Stall:- l'nll11::v fur XXvUIllL'l1 Ilulwlry, l11'sig411i11g' MVA MAH 1'11Fl"AlAN l'1f1'su11:1liIy Girls '26, '67, Glw- Vlulf '35, '26, S. l', Q. Ii. '34, '33, Sports '33, TH: Fim- Arts '33, lllllf Tvxus T352 Nflllfbllill l-lmiur Sm-imp' '3T. Major Sulmje-1-1, Musiu S1-liuol, AI1'Mur1'y Hubby, l'Ia1ti11g:,' SENIORS SEN IORS Scluml, Mc,-BI111'x'y GASTON UOGIDICLL AIHHRIS l'Ol,I,INS Travel! 'IZZL 'ZX-13 Radio AVI '36, Hume lim-11110111 Guilcl '36, 'SSTL Debate '3T5 ic:-a '27, G an G '36, '3T. Essay '37, I4'lashlip:'I1t '36, Majm' Subject, I-101119 '37, l':Xlt4I111J0l'1ll1E?OXlS H1-onoluivs Sm-zlliilxg WST, Bark O' Svlwmml, Ms-AIL11'1'y Curtain Wifi. Hobby, Gallivantimsi Major Subjvvt, Law Sc-howl, Abilvne- 1'hl'iSliZll1 Hubby, Debate HVELYN 111v1111Y IIXXBHI. DAVIS Slwrt S10 1' Y '114-'3151 mg Lean-S '33, 'zz-1. G 2111 G 15115, '37s '1'1'2WP1 Major Subjf-1-1, lfhlglisll '37, V S1-hfml, McMm'ry Miljvl' Sl111j"f'1. 1511211511 Hobby, Taking pirlllres Srflwul, Abilwue Christian Hobby, C011k11'tillL2,' animals YIOLI4I'I' DAVIS .ll'NI'I If'l.lT'I'U Shurl Slm'y'31i: Ilythm Cl an ll '36, 'LETQ 1119- Rylvrs 'ZSTQ G an G '36, Med 'IH-'Illi. 'IST3 National Hum-r Su- Major Subjvrt, Nursing vioiy TIT. S1-hm-l, Ht1llf1l'iL'k Alajru' Subjuc-1, Eugrlish XIl'lHf7l'i2l1 Svheml, Tvxas Tvvbnu- Hobby, Rm-arling' lb,2'iL-al Hubby, Taking pim-tures 1 vA1:1:A mem m:ls'1' 1311111111 HA1111 if , V 43,-V -3'-1 CIM 4 Ilgaflimsq 'ililz lfep Sflvklfl vain, 1115-'f:7g X 21 fli 1, 115111 524- 111 1, ,S1J""1 S1""Y 312 Ifmmm' Suvim-ly '37, Home 1' 11.11-11, 3111 En-rmmnics '36, 'IETQ Short 5111111 5111HE'1'1, S1 .. -yr, 'I-,fs T 4.2 H, U1 I .nur 2 sm 1gg4l,Hig3.JO H ex N ul Svhrml, Texas 8121111 , Mujm. Suhj,.,.lY Homu Vrrlle-ge im' 1x0llll'Il J l,j,.,m,m,i,.S Hobby, l'11o1wg'1'apl1y Svlnml, Texas Stab- X t'1vlI4,-g'e- fm' XVsm1v11 1 5 "M ' Hubby, 1'laying,' pianu X Q l, 1 sy " ,1 1 MAlUlAHl'I'I' HAIQHICR NYUII, IIARRIS HS111'1'1,f1f11'Y 71153191 Ilume 1Cr'm1r,mxi4-s '36, 11'21f'l11 ,511-, , ' '37, 1: Elll 4: tm, '::7. 111f1J'11' 5U11J1'4'1, 15113111511 11121-iI7I' Subjvri, Iltvllll' Sr-hmwl. Abilm-mf l'h1'isliau 14j.1f,mm1i.-S 110111133 9'0111'l'1111H' S1-lwnl, H2ll'fliIl-SEHIIIIUHA 51111119195 Hobby, Reading .Jl'ANI'I'A IIAILVICY NVAUE M yqA1pqpyy5 SWWIS Ululw '33, Slwrt Fm-1-wiv 'sz-4-'rafiz Iiarlio Stury '33, '23-lg Lbs Imales Guild '36, 'IZTC Delmiv 'EHQ '34, '35, Gb-0 Vlub ':':4- I-iatlwx' '34-'::T, 43172 1? P111 11 4315, -1112 Major Subjm-vt, Mr-diviuc RY111111 RY14'l'S 7115. 1317- Scheml, l'uix'm-rsity uf Blajm' Subjvvl, Umm- 'lqxxag 11191'C1?11 Ilmbby, Fiwhing Hobby, 'l'ou11i:4 Page 40 r .IAFK ABLE Freshnian Football '331 Gtiog'ra1rliit-al '34, Formi- sic- '36, Physit-s 'IlT, Major Subjn-vt, Art S4-bool, Abilr-ne l'ln'istian Hobby, Drawing HUB HIGAMS Arclian-ology '33, '34, Y. L, P, '34-'37, Football '34- 'ZSTQ Vive-l'1'esirlvnt of Senior Class, National Honor Society '36, '3T. Major Subjevt, Pt-troleuin Engines-ring Svliool, lfnivvrsity of Oklahoma Hobby, Football NALTA IIIHGHT Story Telling '35-'ILT G an G '36, '37, Major Stlbjex-t, Intorior Det-oration St-bool, Texas Statm- Follogre for XYonien Hobby, l'ollet'iing 2ll'flt'Alk'S on interior dc-voration I-ILAINE t'tl'l"l'NN Major Snbjevt, liraniatim-s St-bool, Ilarrlin-Siininons Hobby, iiantiing GlGNi:IYIlGVi4I liAN4'tM'K Gln-0 Vlub 'itil-'Z361 Twp Squad 'ISIS-'36, G an G 'ZQTQ Rytlnn ilytvrs '36, '37, Girl liesvrve 'CELL Major Snbjex-1, Business Aflininistration Svhool. Texas Tevlino- logival Hobby, Sports VALE HIE l-lU4'KFIllSMl'I'll Ifra in a t, i c Yvorkshop '34: Pep Squad 'IH-WST: ALA..-X, '36, G an G '36, 31. Major Subjec-t, Business Administration Sc-hool, Texas Christian Hobby, Piano Page 41 LA YliLl,I'2 ALIHHIUGE Glvt- Club '35, '36, Major Subjt-vt, Musiw Sf-hool, Hardin-Siininons Hobby, 1-lt-acliii:.1' YIGNLYN ISLANKS H o in 9 lCcO1io1iiit's T161 Girl Ili-serve T153 Snb- Iwb '35, '36, NVise Hwl 'S!6: IC in b 1' o i il tl r y 'CHL G an G '36, '37, Major Subjevt, Spanish St-bool, Harrlin-Siininons Hobby, Hiking' MILI JIIEIJ CHAPMAN Reading: Till, 'till Travel '33-1, '35, Girl Hestivo '35, '36, Art '36, '3T1 G an G ,,, . .,,- ob, ..i, Major Subjn-rt, History St-hool, Hamlin-Siininons Hobby, Art IlOl'l1l..-XS El NYAHI PS National Honor Soi-ivty '36, 'ZITZ Hyfhlll Hylvrs 'Zio-'ZITI Flasliliglil '37, Major Subja-rt, Ty1:ing.f St-liool, Abilt-nw 1'ln'istian Hobby, Tiiilivriiig AILICICN HAILIDIN National Honor Soi-it-ty , '36, 'ATQ Mask anrl XX'ig T133-'37, IR Q. Il, 7225: Glen f'lub 'itil-'3T: G an G 'SITQ Harmony '34, Major Snbj:-vt, Musiv Svbool, lIC'Blll1'1'Y Hobby, liicling' aronnrl T.l'l'lAl,IS .Il IXICS Gleo Vlub '34, '35, Ur- 1-lwstra 'ilil-'3T: Nature Study '36, S. P. Q, R. 'ZZSZ Vrvss '36, 'IITQ G an G '36, '37, Art '33, 'Z!1. Major Snbje-vt, Violin St-liool, Harrlin-Sinnnons Hobby, Art SENIORS SENIORS IN PROTIIY RAY BAILEY Poetry Club '35, '36, Los Lealvs '36, '37, Give Club '33-'37, G an G 'Il7. Major Subject, 'Fypingsp Svhool, Texas Slate College for VVOIHPII l-lobby, liancing' ICDGA I1 HRA I DLE Y Hand '35-'37, Orchestra '35-'37. Major Subject, Music Svhool, .lolin Tarleton Hobby, l'hot0g1'apl1y ABIIC COIIEN llancl 'SER-'37, Orchestra 'tl-1-736. Major Subject, Music Srliool, l'niVersity of Texas llobby, llanciiig RALPH l-'RY Latin '33-'35, 'Frat-k '3G. Major Subjec-t, St-ient-e St-bool, Mc:Murry llobby, Swiimning DVD GAM IIILL Mask and VVig' '36, 'SSTL lli-Y '36, '37, National lleograpliiv '35, '36, Glee Ulub '36, '37, Texas '36, 217. Major Subjec-t, Ulieinistry Svliool, APQl'lC'L1lllll'I11 and lNIeel'ia,nical Hobby, Swimming BILL H'AlNIlXI Major Subject, Mathc- matic-s Sc-hool, University of Texas I-lobby, Eating KAR L BONNICAVX National H on o r So- :-iety '36, '37, National Forensiv '37, Mask and XVig' '35-'37. Major Subject, lirainzttios Svhool, Tulane I-lobby, Making' others smile FEIXFON CAGLE T e X a s '33-'35, Social ldnglisli '36, Glee Club '33-'37, Major Subject, Business Adininistration School, Hardin -Simmons Hobby, Swimming VVANDA FOX Baek O' Curtain '38, '34, Modern Artists '34, '35, G an G '36, '37, Or- clit-stra '33-'37, Press '36, '37, Forensic '36, P. Q. ll. '35, National Honor Society '37, Major Subject, Music St-hool, Hardin-Siminons llobby, Radio .I. C. DOIJD Football '33-'36, Bask- etball '33-'36, F ore nsic '36, Hi-Y '37, 'Frat-k '36. Major Subjeet, Electric-al Engineering Ss-hool, University of Texas Hobby, Playing basketball E. L. HAAG Science '36, '37, Story Telling '35, Debate '36, '37, Major Subject, Military Tat-tics School, XN'est Point Hobby, Books PHILIP Il IGFLEY Golf '34, Football '35, '36. Major Subject, Medicine School, University of Texas Hobby, Golf Page 42 UVVEN l!AGi1IfIT'I' 11111111 '33-'37, Drum M21- jm' '35-'373 1101111111 '33-715. Blrkljlll' S11bje1-t, AIvr1i1'i11e S0111101, liaylur 31141111-111 Uollfigzge Hcihliy, 'l'11'i1'1i11g thc- baton LEONARD BALFANZ Slfwy Telling 'I!21 S. l'. Q. R. '33, '34, Nkllillllill FfJl'611S1I' '35, '3!i: 1l:111i41 Guild '2!T. Majm' Sll1Jj6'4'l, l'111-111ist1'y Scluml, liuylm' Hobby, Swi111111i11g' Ll PHRAINN 1iVl'ZH1G'1"1' 1li1'1 Iivseiwv 'ililg 121-0- 11o111i1-s '35-11 P1411 Silllild '34-'SSTL Los 14021195 '36, '3T. Mz1j111' Suhjevt, 1'I11g1is11 Sclmnl, AIl'B1111'1'Y Hrililiy, llz1111'i11g LH1'I1C FAYIC GOI,TJSMI'1'll Latin 'Sl-13 llfwine I'I1-11- 110111i1-5 'SS51 Art '36, '3lT. Mz1j111' Sulijewt, 111111114 1':L'O110l11ll'S SC'11l11D1, l111111111-Si111111f111s Ilnllby, Iilldifv BILL 'I'lCTl1I N:1tio11:11 11011411' S11- 1-iety '2!T: Nz1tir111z11 19111-- 1-11si1- 1.1121311111 '36, '37, Y. l.. l'. '36, TIT: De-lmte '36, TXT: Los 14E'?11L'S '35, Majm' S111lj94'1, 11111111-i1111 Sclimil, 'l'111z111e lfloliliy, 4b1'g'1111ixz11i4111 work FRAN K WAT HRS Musk 211111 XVig '36, 'ZZTQ 190111111111 '33-'IITQ Nz1tir111z11 1lef1,2'1'z111l1ic- '35, WHS. Major Sulijeut, 1'l'11'!l1l'1lll1 l'I11g'i11ee1'i11g,' SQ1111111, 1'11iu-Vsity of 'I'eX:1s Hobby, 11z111ci11g Page 43 1.141111 1CI.11l'IN IZALFANZ l'v1'sn11n1ily Girls 'fll5, 'ZVT1 G 1111 fl '36, '3T3 134-'ll 511112111 T12-'::T. Aliljill' S111ij4'1'1, Se1'1'11- tz11'iz11 'l'1'z1i11i11gr S4-111101, D1':111g'11m1's Ilulxby, 4,1lJ114'U111lf.L' f1r111s HARRY UllIl111'l' S1'ie1111-Q '35, '36, Soc- 1'311sk111 '36, '3T. Bliljtbl' Sllhjm-1'1, l':l1fl'11S11 Svlisml, Ag'1'i1'u1t111'a1 211111 3I6'4'1'l3Il1l'2'l1 1141111151 Gulf IPUHIS FUIID 'l'1'z1Y1-l 'ililz Girl 111-si-1'v11 'zlitg 11111119 lG1'4'111m11i1-s YH, '351 Lus 1.1-1110s 'ZISZ l'1'1-- M1-11. 'lilig K11ilti11g' 'ijllg fl 2111 G '2lii, 'RTI 11111114- S111111111-111'e TIT. Mujoi' S1111j1'1-1, 3I:1t111-- 111111108 Nllimil, l121111111-Si1111111111s Illililiy, 1'c11l1-11111: 11141111-1-11 1101,-11'y 1IUXYA1llI Kl'IAl1'l1Ill I!:11111 T132-'illlz 111111111 41111111 2315, 'ZQTQ 14'1:1s11lig.f111 '30, '31 5l:1j411' S11bj111-1, ll:111i11 1X1111Ull114'111Q' S1-114101, Vz11111e'1'11i1l 1111111153 l'l111111g1':11111y XVAl,'l'1CIl YIl"l'Ul1 Nz1tim1:11 11U114rl' S111-iety 'ZETL I-3:11111 '31-TLT: 011111-5- 1111 '33-'CST. Mujm- S11l1j114-1, l'I11gi11111-1'i11,2' Svliriol, l1O111l111J1i1 H11l1l1y, Musiv 1'HAIl1,l'IS XVI 1IT'l'IN11'1'UX 8111011111 l'111l1 'IIS-':lT. Mzijui' Sll1Jjl'1'1, Avi:1ti1111 Sulwfil, AICA1Ll1'1'Y Huliliy, lZ11i141i11g' z1i1'111:111c 1110111115 SEN IORS SENIORS BUIIBIIC IAEIG 1-IITNTER Girl liwseiwm' '31, '35Z G :lu G '37, Los Imnlf-S N- -.16 vm, In . Mzijur Sulmjecli, IJesi,u'n Swlimml, IIzxrclin-Simuious Hulilry, Vollem-ling I-30llY1'llll'S MVILIJU MARTIN Ilvmliiig '33, 'ZHZ Lux IA-:iles '35, '36, Ilythui Rytvrs '36, '37. Mzijm' Sulmjoc-1, Aermizlli- tiuzil I'Iii,2'i1iee-riiipl Swlmrml, 'Vvxas 'I'ef-hun- lmgivzll Iliilalmy, Iluzuliug ziiriilziumf strwrivs KA'l'I I IIYN M l'llllAY Spurts '33, '3,Ij Frwvusim- '31, '35, Art '36, l'vrsou- zilily Girls '37Z Glcw Club '35-'37: G an G '36, '37. Major Slllijvvl, Home Iimnioinia-S Srlirml, 'Vvxzis Iluirby, 'I'--unix I . 1 V f - IJIIYVIQ I'l'TBIAN I' r 4- s s 'KSC Hi:4Iu1'iv:1l 'IxI'IlX'f?l '341 Sm-ieiin-v '36, lf'm1lb:lll Yao. Alzijm' SlllJj0L'l, Mzullw- mziliws Svlirml, II2ll'4lIllfSlIIIIlI1Jll?4 Ilubluy, Imiiwiiig Ill INXIIG IVA YNIC IIEICIW Short Story '363 Sri- viive '36: Ciwift '33: N21- IIUIIFLI Gvugiupliii' '33, Mzijor Subjl-vi, History Svlmol, Alvilelue l'l11'istiz1ii llulvby, Swiiiiiuiiig' .IAM ICS S'l'I'Il"l I ENS Glen- Vlulm '36, '37. Aizijm' Sulrje-wt, Hi:4tn1'y S4-lmfil, Harcliu-Simmons Ilribliy, Foollizlll BIA ICGAIIICT M AL I AIGTT Gloe Ululs '34, '361 G aiu G '36, '373 Girl R0- serve '34, '35, lQl'2llllZ1flL' 91 NVm'kslwp '33, '34, Alzijor Subjef-1, Typiiig Sm-Iuml, l'uiVv1'sity nf 'Fexzis llriliby, Sporis 1'IfIAllI.ICS IN JYYIGIII7 'I'i'zu'ol '341 Ili-Y '36, '37, Hamlin '35-I, '35, Frmibnll 'IJ3 - '37, 1' l ez 0 Vluli '36 '37 I Mzxjui' Sulsjcrit, Tyliiug Sc-lmfil, .lrvliu 'l'2ll'1Efl0iI lIul1lmY, Fnollmll IWIIAN K I IG M AE I 'I PFI" Buttery '33-'37, Press '35-'37, 'l'l'2lYUl '35: Quill :xml Sn-rull '35-'37, G :lu G '37: Nzitirmuzil IIouwr Su- vivly '36, '37, Mzijwr Sulmjevt, .fl7llI'Il2lllSllI Srlmol, II:u'fliii-Simimms llribby, 'Vzilkiiig IPUNALIJ IIAYMUND Xzltiuiizil Ilmim' Sfwvielv '3T: Hi-Y '36, '37, 11001- lvzlll '35, '37. Mzijui' Subjert, lllillllff- iuulivs S4-howl, Nzivzil A4-:ull-iny Ilfilmlmy, Iluuliiig .II'ANI'I'A SH.-XIIAN Pep Squad '31-'37g Per- smizllily Girls '36, '371 G au G '36, '37. Major Subjm-wt, l'Iu,u,'lisl1 Svlmul, XVz1r1I Iielimmt Ilnbby, I'ull4'c'lill2Q2l11i1H2llS VAIiI.llC IAUVISE STIIIZBS Los Imzilws '3-I, '35: Press '36, '37, G :Lu G '36, '37, Major Subjw-t, .lmu'uiilism Svhool, Hmwlin-Sinmmiis Hobby, Keeping srrzlp book Page 4-I VIII, ,.,- ,L VN, . ,av , , MARY ANNA t'TAMI'Bl4Il1L Mask and NYM: '3T: ll an tl '37, Mujmn' Subject, History Swluml, H2ll'l1i11-SillllIl1Jl1S Hubby, Movies JOHN KIBIIIIIOVIEH Fomballl '36, '37, Major Sulujvct, Business xxlllllillif-1Il'2'lliHI1 Svlwul, Texas 1'hI'iSIi2lI1 Hubby, Fsmlbzlll L'l.Al'I1 Ma-ALJEN Nzltiunzll Gu41,2g1'up11iv '33-'35, Gym '32, '33l Musk :md NYU: '33-'3,. Mzljm' Subjvut, Sc-iam-e Sm-luml, l'nix'c1'si1y uf 'Foxzxs Ifmvbby. l7i4'11lIil1S in dzumls .l.NYll1'I' HEYNULIPS Hlw- Flulm '34-WLT: Musk :xml XVi,2' '35-'3T: L05 Imzlles '34, '35, 'I'1'z1vvl '34, Mzljm' Sulmje-vt, l:L1SiIlUSS .-X4llHilliS1I'3Yi1I!l Sn-111101, L'11ix'c1'si1y of Ta-xzls Ilubbv, lism-mwtim: fiv- dilH2ll'dS fill.-XNYII,I.lC WA'l'I'ZRS S4-iem-e '35-'37, L21 Luz '33, '34. lliljfll' Sllb-jl'l't, I'et1'u1--um 1CIHl'il1t'k'l'i1l4SI Sm-luml, Texas 'l'w41x1m- loggivzll Ilulrhy, Dum-ing' MISS 1bl'll JA t'I.EMUNS Adviser Page 45 Y f M, F. CUPE I'u--Med, '33-'34, Imat- hzlll '35, '3lS1 S1-ivm-0 '37, Major Suhjovt, I'ct1'4rla-um T':!l5.1'illPL'l'i!1Ll' Svlwnl, .-Xg'l'il'll1I1ll'2'lI :md hI4'1'h2llIi4'2'll Hubby, Sports Y ETINON LE VER NTT Major Suhjvvt, Scivnve Sc-11001, Agl'it'LlllIII'2'i1 mul lfL'4'h2llliL'2l1 Hubby, Sin,:'ing' Ji IIC M4 JRIIISUN Glel' Vlulm '33-'fjfj l.2ll2ll'll'l '33 - 'CZTZ VVuml- t'l'1lft T343 Ilfltill ,33-'3-11 l"l:whlil"l1t "IK "Sli - P- H, - . Maljul' Sllbjvvt, Stun' BI2lIl1l,'l'x'll1t'I1I S1-lmul, Hzlrwliu-Simmums Hubby, Singing IPA VTI? SI'I"l'4 JN I,:1tin 'Mg l't'Illt'IlIli2ll 5131 Ilan-k H' lV'll!'lZ1iIl '36, '3T. Mzxjm' SLl1hj1'4'T, Ilisfnry Swlmol, liemuu NV:1sl1i1u:Irm Hubby, Fishing' LA VUX Yi ll'NG Iviversifiwl 1VIL't'll1l2llilb!l:4 .,,, . - dv, 31, Mznjm' Subjw't, Ilzldio S4-lwol. .A,Q,'!'ik'1l1lllI'il1 amd AIt'K'hH.llil'ZXl Hubby, Fishing FUMFIR PLAY Advisel' SENIORS Last year Betty Burns Williams and Morris McDonald looked into the magical crystal sphere in search of the future of this yearls senior class. They saw that the senior play would set at new record in theat- ricals, that the Senior Follies would bring our chapel programs to a glittering peak of frivolityg that the stirring announcement of our team's having carried off honors in debate, extemporaneous speech, and the declamation would calm our effervescence down to a sober pride. Betty Boop, our intensely loyal pep leader, saw that our Eagle football team would come within an ace of winning State Championship, that the senior class would lose a member who would wander into the bonds of matrimonyg and that two of our teachers would be taken out of circulation in like manner. We all knew Miss Brannen was too good to keep, and Mr. Polk for the last few weeks had had the ecstatic look of one about to be married. Any Freshman could have prophesied with due emphasis and determina- tion that the Freshman Class would enthrone their princess as Flash- light Queen, but if one had, loyal Seniors would not have believed it. They foresaw the high honors the Glee Club would win, as usual. Anyone could have foretold without a crystal that Gladys Hillman would win something big, because she looks exactly like a winner, and has a 'gwinning smile." What she did win was the International Business Machines Essay contest. Do you suppose that even they realized, that Abilene High School would organize a Student Council? They foresaw that Abilene would be surprised at the honor of entertaining the delegates to the Texas High School Press Associa- tion Convention, which was held here this year. Even after this yeargs senior class was formally presented with the "Key to Senior Wisdomf, at the Junior-Senior Banquet on April 18, 1936, no one- not even Boop and Morris-could come within a mile of foretelling all the events that were to come to pass. The scintillating climax of the Senior picnic was capped when the Junior-Senior Banquet turned out to be as misty Dreamland where all found inspiring dreams to carry into the future. "lv X K J 24, ,VY vo?" May 15: The new Flashlights are as big as fach's heart and as full as Bettfs dale book. Lazio 'za JUNIORS HFFIUICRS fD1',2'2lllIZ?lIItDl1 of Vlatss: October 1 ZOLVS MUTLE Y I 'residout IIIXIIC DUTII FHIGIC S4-Q1'etzu'y HIGLIGN IJNYYER lf'I:1shIig:'ht lit-1n'use11tz1tiYe NANVY NIGLI, VOX S4ll'I2lI IfIl2lIl'INllI! LAXY I I ENC IG KVA I IE VOC I I, Genvrzxl fII12lII'lTIflH AI ISS SARA II HARDY Advism' ELTON HAILIC Y XYICWS-I'l'ESItIt'llt A LFRET1 IVA IIDROP Rv1m1'esentative of Student Council J. TZ. HAYICS Ifeattllw- Editor I !ICT'I' Y IIAN KS Dt-mwzltimx Ch1lIl'lHfl11 'l'I IUMAS NVILIJAMS Ifillanvv Chzlirmztn ICSTYS CT, FOLK Ad visel' Page MIS Sl'li IIABIB T.I'IlI.1NI4I UAILFX "l3ziliIvs" "Siim'lY" Ambition: 'l'1'fu'z-I Amiri1i4i11: Slviiugiwiim SIXVLAIR lZAIA'iI Bl4j'I'TY IZAXHXIQS 'AI1:1l1'hiv" "Betty Bello" Allibilifflli l'111F2'iY1"f'1' .-Xiiiisitimiz l'nrl4-rlukm-1' FAIRY 'VHEIAIA IZEAM IC. XY, BERRY "T3!rmts" "NllbS" Amlnitimi: Him-:xt pizmist .-Xmliitimig Eiigiiievi l'Il.TCANUIl IZISIIHI' Xl'II.l, l!l,AliNl'IX "'liLlI'k" "lluukie" AiiilnitiwiifSym-4411 'I'1':iL'iii-l' Aiiihiiimi: 'lwzivlivi' IIIENIC liIllSl'Ui'I I,4ll'ISIC UYNLQAI "llzllf-I'ilil" "1yiy1k" .-Xnilmitiimi Sowiul Ilustcss Ayylliitifynj Ii.,.'1fi1 KA'l'Hl'lliINl'l i'Al,LlXYl'ILI, NAIDINIC UICICS "IJu4-ky" "Ditto" Aiiiivilirmi XV1'ill'i' Aminilimi: A111111 Page 49 JUNIORS JUNIORS I. ,IQONARID ,DONAHUE "Iwo" Ambition: l'0HU'2lt'l01' LESTER ELLIS t'Hztppy" Ambition: l5l'Ug'f2,'iSt IV ICLYN If' ULXVI LTER "Elf" Ambition: Ste-w:n'4teSs it PIHCIVI' GHORM LEY HGPIIIIIDIISH Ambition: Doctor FA Y GHISSOM ' 'Fz1i1'y', Ambition: Author GERALD HARISICR 'ttleriy' Ambition: Instrnvtoi' in Swimming HELEN TJNVYER "Little Dw5'Gi"' Ambition: liibi'zu'ian DIXIE RUTH FREE "Ruby" Ambition: At-tress .L-XM ICS G lit il-ICE "Sqn i1't" Ambition: Manager of Battery RL'If'l'S G RISHAM "Goofus" Ambition: Aviator ELTUN HAILEY "Ii'onm:1n" Ambition: Coach LOVITA IYIARHOUN 'tSquatty" Ambition: Housewife Page 50 .I. B, HAYES "Pledge" Ainbitiuni llusinc-ss Mun R. P, IIICRVEY "Monkey-Dm-lm"' Ambition: D4vL'IOI' A. M. HINIDS "Hinds" AIlIlJiiItblIIR2lliiOfi1JQI'1ll1JI' FRANCES JONES "T:lIlL'y" Ainbit inn: Sten4vtJil'1lI1lN'1' AI.'I'0N IIEAUH "Lezu'h" Ambition: lingimfei' VIRGINIA LONG "Ginny" Ambition: Pianist Page 51 H. I... IIAYS "Svl':i1ii1'u11" Ambition: liovtwi' P, H. IIIIJ, "IIont" Ambition: 1'OflL'll II,A NAIC .IUIINSHN "'l'ubby" Ambition: lbmitm' Ill-IT'I'Y I,A'i'IIAAI "Bet" Ambitimi: Ilwportm' I.Il1A MAN LEWIS "Him-ki!-" Ambitimx: Ifibtifillli 'HAHLIGS Li iYI:Il.ACI4I "lfl10t"' Ambition: IiZlI'dXX'2lI'E BI4"I'L'IIilIll JUNIORS JUNIORS 4 I'AI1.-XLIGIC TJIXUN BIAN LY "I', D." Ambitirm: Rami-her o,. BI.-XIlGl'ER1'l'E BTV I JADE ..M:H.ty-i Ambitirmiiz Pianist 11IC'l"I'Y Ns-TNTHSH "Lizzie" Amlnitiunz Violiiiist AIAIICVS MILIACIL "1 '1'i114'e" Amiritimii Business BILIII M YILL M1 HIELAND H3lUl'1'i6U Ambilioii: filnbeii-utter ZULUS MOTLE1' "ZoliQ', .-Xmlmitimi: Geologist .IIGAN MARTIN "Jeanine" Ambition: Busiiiwss Xxvtrlllilll ALLINE MVGA ' "HEY Q? "Freshman" Ambitirmz Violinist .T A NE M ICSKIMEN "3IL1g'f.fiI1S" Ambition: Pianist DIXI IG MUNTGOM ICRY "Dix" Aiiiiiitiruiit Ijruggisl SAIUQTTA MORROXV "Szu'ita" Ambition: Yiolinist LZI1.l.ll'I BURKE lXIYA'l"I' "Sophie" Ambition: Actress Page 52 U I.l'IZY DELI, NIQIGB MARTHA l'EAIll'I1I "Put" "I':11" Xmhitimli Avizxirix Amlviliami A4-in-ss IAXVRI-INFIG WADE .IIGAN Ql'A'I"I'1,I'Il5Al'Al P0011 "LJ11:1t" X "l'm'k1-I" Amhitimx: Singm-1' X!IlbiIivrI1I 4'nx'tf-mlist .JACK IIHUICN ZICIAIA SVHMIIVI' "Roll" "I"i111:y" Xnlbitiunf Idmrimw-V Amlvhiun: SI1'l1H5l!'2ll?ll4lI' PNAKAIC S1'Hl'I.'l'Z f'I'1'l'l'I SIAIVSUX "NIm1If-" "IK-limf' Xlllbiliivlli ,-Xviznirix Amlfilirm: llzlru-In-1' 1l,AL'lm14j S'I'l1jXX',Xl1'l' 1'mrXNlfIl.I. 'l'AYl,4rIi 'llittlw l'm'uwa1te-1"' "'4Hl"llf'l.' Xlllliililulll A1'n'l1in-4-1 Ambilimn: SillL1l'l' t1lf.1rHflI'l IJ. 'I'AYlAPli ALFIIICI1 W.-Xl,I1llUI' "SIM-ik" "Sz1111my" Xnxlvitivm: l'1II71lHiSt'l' Amlxilimx: Ilusiuwss Mem .V ,,, .m JUNIORS JUNIORS BIAR1 IARET XVALL "Silly" Ambition: Designer BEN XVATSON UTYOSCIIZLH Ambition: Engzgineer ,BF KN IGLL VVI IITFI UACQ., Ambition: Sliiplmuilder l'l'l IAIAIG XVILLIABTSUN '-cue" Amlritimi: 'Vyliist HLEANOR YOUNG "Ellyn Ambition: Tm: dancer IJAIHCL BIRD "Admiral" Ambition: 'f02lCh6l' GEORGE VVASHINGTON "Georgie-Porgie" Ambition: Lawyer DOT XVICATHICRS "TJotski" Ambition: Stenograipher THOMAS VVILLIAMS "St1'eanilinc" Anibitiun: Journalist MARY YEATON "Terry" Ambition: Doctor MILDRE D YOUNG "Mille" Ambition: Nurse AUGUSTA BOND "Mickie" Ambition: Marriage Page 54 Olil VE BYN UBI "Huber" Ambition: SlUl10fl'l'2L1Jh0I' R. il. GA I A BRA I 'YH '-G.-.Liv .-Xiiiliitimi: Umm-11 MARY SVN HAYINS '4Susie" Ambitimi: '1'x':u'9l .IAUK K ING "Jm"' Amliitiuiiz Ilunml Ivivcvtoi' MARVIA LEE MMZIGHVIIC "i'i'iss" Amhilinu: Sl0Il0gl'!l17hf'l' SARAH EVELYN SYMNS "Suzv" Ambition: Author Page 55 GIG! TRU li I 301 N I IGN HX-- Amliilionz tfzrrtrmxiist IIAII I ZARA GOILS l 'CH "Hubs" Amlvitimi: Illlt'I'iU1' Ibemwzitoi' fll'Y Ki'IMI'iiIl "f'RlVt"AlkillU Aliiiiilirmi Aixfliiln-ut JVNIC i,AMBI1IIi'I' "Slug" Xmbitiun: Stn-1irigi':1p11wi FRANVES I'AY'I'4 PX "Fi':1ii" gxlliiiiliiillil l'11lL','iiSh 'I'Qzi4-in-1' PAIJCN K Iil'I'1l "Slick" Amliitiolii Farim-1' JUNIORS s l JUNIORS MNT BILLY AGNNNV 'WVQAJ YViilic" Anilmition: i'9TI'0il'll111 Eng.:'inee1' .I OI l NNUC A REN HALL "Sunny" Amlmitirm: Nurse lH'I'I'II l'Hl1lSTUl'Iilili "Kit" Ainlmiliun: '1'1':ix'i-I BIAILGAILICT CHX 'J . MlI2ll'f.!'1l5H Amhitiun: Artist A. K, INYJSS "Akv" Ainlritirm: Lzxwym-1' i i x xXx' if xy x xx,.4 X BE'l"l'Y Lili' HANTQS "Loki" Ambition: Designer X'IJkGTRskA ALLEN "Gi-niiiw Ambition: D6Sif.1'll01' PA LM Ii. HRA NCH "l'ziin', Ambitirm: Bfazillly Oporzitoi' SHIGIQMAN VOLICMAN "IA-wie" Ambition: Dentist NANCY NICLL VOX "Litll4- Nell" Anilritiun: Volumnist IIUIZRY ICIJXVARDS "1 1ip1Jy" Avnlrition: i':I1Q,'iIlUtQl' XYINFREI1 HARPER "XVhiinpy" Ainhition: i':1GCl1'ii'i21Y1 Page 56 AI YRLIC HINSUANY "Meri" Ambitiun: Ux't'hest1':x Imzicit-1' GRANVIl.l.T4I JOHNSON "I5a1'nvy" Ambition: liruggist CH ARLIGS M ARSHALL "t,'hzu'liz-" Ambition: Singer IHICNIG Mt NEI! "Coty" Anibitiwliz Helm,-lit-1' JACK RVSSICLI. "Jack-i" Ambition: Lzlwyci' Gl'IR'1'li'I SNUIMJIIASS "Red" Ambition: Htmusewift- Page 57 i.l-It DNA l-ID .lt PICRIS " I it-nny" Ainbitiun: St-if-ntist MARY VIRGINIA 1 ITTI it' 'ilinnie-" gxlliiiililillf Imrgtoi' ALIGN MILLER 'ttlippym Aiiihilitmiii Altwliziliit' I2iCT'i'Y SVN I'iT'i'S "l2vtSy" gxiiiljlllttlll Siilge-1' tl, T. SANIPIIJGIC "'l'm-d1um" mbitimi: At'l'liIlil11lit'2 Hi1g'i11t-t-1' ICYICLYN IZAUMHAIII PNFIIL "Hum" Ambition: Ilitvriul' I7t'L'Ul'LllU1' JUNIORS JUNIORS P' M JACK BOOZER t'Curly" Ambition: Electrical Engineer I vt PROT! IY COMIZR ..Ryey. Ambition: Typist HELEN COVVAN "Texas" Ambition: Radio Star R. U. FRY "Bud" Ambition : Lawyer DELMA MCADEN t'Moo" Ambition: Lawyer J. B. BIOATES "Bottle" Ambition: Electrical Engineer THOMAS BRABHAM "Brab" Ambition: Aviator DANA R PTH CONAXVAY "Dann" Ambition: Actress VVORTH FINLEY "VVorth1ess" Ambition: Naval Officer LIAR YBELLE HOLT ..HO1t,, Ambition: Interior Decorator JIMMIE RUTH INICGEHEE "Jim" Ambition: Nurse FRANK NIYERS ' 'Pick" Ambition: Cinema, Photographer Page 58 Nwmv A..,.,,M. MM. M, 0clol1er28: You win, Sammy! You have sold your lovely little queen to the wllole student body. VLll2C!5 'ZGZCZQLHZEIZ SOPI-IOMORES SOPIIOIVIOKIG OFFICERS Orgzxiiizatimiz October 8 BIARSHALL MI LIISAI' I I ICLEN OLDHAM Prosiclent Sec-1'etm'y MVRRY YVILLIAINIS DIARY ELLEN PLAY Rc-poK'IeI': , fs Flashlight Representative W .J "3 ' 3. I .I ICYYEL LIN I JSEY ROBERT XVYUIIE Flzislil ight Ii0Dl'CSL'llI2LtIVO Flashlight Represvntative FR ICSHMAN OFFICERS U1'g:qaLnizz1li:m: SAM CUNNICII P11-xinlent l,'Al' I I HOLM ICS lluportel' JOHN EARL BUSTER Flashlight Representative October 15 I2lC'I"IfY .IO BOXVBIAN Secretary HARRIET MURRAY Flashlight Representative GLENN NEILL Buttery Representative ADVISERS Sophomore M ISS KATHRYN STUBIZLEFIELD IKE VV. JAY Freshman MISS PANSY GARDNER CULLEN E. XVILLIS Page 60 IYITRNACIC ANN A GN IGXV MA IIUPIG A'I'l'IIISON RY IAN' AGN IC NV BIAIIK AN'I'II1 PNY ICIIIXA BET II G I-IN Ii A l'S'I'lN IZICTTY BUl't'HI'IIi I-I. K. I ZOXYBIAN ARIIICIUI Ill M b'I'I I Il'ANI'l'A IiI'STIlIi f 1 1 , . . p I ' x 'FIIOMAS I!I'ZT3I'II'I If - ,r , NI-XIIY I'II.I.I4IN CLAY IVAN DA BIAIG C IQICM ICNTS - I I5II.I.IIC IPICAN t'Hl4I.II'.I. ICI IXVAIIII V1 PBII"l1'IiI'I I+'IiAN4'ICS INIARIAN IIIIIGIHAN ICMBIA Cf IZA H I' VATIIICIIINIC l'L'Ii'I'IS 'I' I1L'l'I'l"l' IIA N JIMMY FUNNOII I'IIl 1'I'II'II"I' I.. 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KNIGHT UA YTON ICBTM IG'I"I' LA XV I .HSS HY III-I'I"I'Y II L"l'4 'I IIN .lt IHNS HIlAN'I' .INN KNHX LI PI' IC LLA LAYI1' I-ZAR I . IC LA XY I . ICSS GLAIIYS MAE LllV1CI.ADY DALMA LIYINIZST CIC LENA BIA Y Li WV Ill IG Page 69 3IHZI4Il.LIj LHXVIIII N FRESHMEN BL-XIIY HELL IIOLDER VVAN DA LYNCII IZENN Y MCG IA VPHLIN FCRA NELL IXIc'ALIS'I'I'IR RALI 'H IXIQGHA I WY VIRGINIA INIAXVVELL DORIS AIASSIC Y I il LLIIC M I IIDLEIJRUUK ICLBIICII BIOOIIIC RALPH BULLS GLICN BIOOR IC GLICN N NEILI. .I IM INT Y BIORR I S I if JROTI I Y NENVBIAN 4TL'Ii'I' NOIZSLIC 'X' I IIGINIA NEYVTON BIAII Y NORIXIA N ALICNIC UNVISN C LYTDIC HIADPIAAI CLYDIC I' -XHBIICLLY FRANFIGS POLLOCK J O N ELL PAGE DOROTHY SPURRIER RUTH REVE LL Page 70 MI BIAIIIBICLL RUBEIITS UUISBIIC SAIIIIELS LA RRY SCA RBI PIIOVG Ii BILLY SIIAVI' GICIIALIIINE SHAVV SVZANNIC SIMBIUNS VIH! 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L- -,wg R- Wx ff. f A. -- -- ff 56: :J it .ff I I , A, 5, My I K I an Q1 xii! 3, I I3 N P fa ,LQ Y4-g 'li fagfai af QDICLL 'zuazy 12: dlffsrzzgsza of His Usxaa cflfigfl Aiagool? fpzan cqiiociafion was fungus! gusifi of cqgifens cyigg gcgoof ' s "N?" '.5: fi' i 1... -J November 5: One picture Howard didn' .qqlcfo Zia! Jsviaw tta 0 ff 'N These good men and true attended Bob tries to hide behind a tree, but Harry seems to have a light in the Hi-Y banquet. his socks give him away. his eye. The Eagles are cleaninn up. Wonder what the conference is Oh, how our dear teachers love about? to eat! Bradshaw and Barker may well be Why boys get gray. proud of the BATTERY. This little jockey lost her horse, so she perchefl on the piano stool. Three young Queens, two formal Second, Dixie Ruth ofthe Juniors. Third, Georgia Ruth, the Golden. and one informal: First, Marjorie lo Girl of the Senior Class. of the Sophomores. Y' ,, J nk M f K -.,.:fi' Bug-ology stzulenls grow thought- ful over lower forms of life. Hou' was the circus parade? Oh, boy! .luclging by the length of their steps, they rnust be in a rush. Georgia Ruthls rlehut as Band A las! informal glimpse of thei Sweetheart, g'ShipperH al Mrs. Snzitlfs home room party. Start any excitement. anfl every- Sezuing, biology, and voice cul- bofly in town comes to help. lure-a well-assorted group. Apparently Kathryn would be the last person in the world to throw physics to the dogs. No, not a weenie-roast. 1t's the Eagle bonfire goin, to tozvn. Harlrl The heralfl angels sing. ll 'I Panoramic view of an afternoon session. The library-where the wisdom of ,the ages is handed over the counter -like so many packages of tea. Can the boys be meaning to eat all that? Here are two sheep, one of 'em white. Something must have happened to claim the attention of all these peo- ple at once. If the suspicious owners weren't so stingy with the keys, we could take a drive. . We hope a lot of trains passed at Christmastide and returned our greet- ing. "Feel Fief Fo! Fum! fm on the trail of a man, yum, yumfl' Efficiency, graciousness, and ear- nestness combined. Our old friend and stand-lay-syrnf pathetic, business-like, and kind. This is what the sparrows over- head see when the one-thirty bell rings. Iron Man Herman demonstrates his brute strength. By the onlookers, ye shall know the parade. Gracious, glamorous, good and- gosh, how gorgeous! The art class attracts beauty as well as talent. They seem sorry the parade is over. What's a class corn ared with P a circus? And the Pepper-uppers are on the field. 'I ' A T r RL ,W . Not content with talking shop, we lake a look at it. The boys are playing Mother Goose-or something. The center of the Pep Squad ban- quet is the pulse of the affair. Helen and Marshall rate a lecture front President Conner. We presume he wouldnlt reprimand his queen. FN li 1 v Beauty and ufit combined make a ,festive banquet. We hate to be inquisitive, but is it 'the 'iAtea Baita Pin Frat contest? Our rah-rah girls-Betty Burns, Tid, Eleanor, and'Coty-bless their hearts! Love me, love my dog-uso they both love. Thereys no fire putter-outer like Mr. Dudley. Look out behind you! Aw heck, 1L'6 wasn't doin, nothin'l The girls hold an informal hen party at the East Door every noon. The Lizzie zvonit startg she's prob- ably hitched to a fire-plug. A slide goeth before a fall. r V VN , .Rx A- .X '1 Ill tt ff zlffi QI' Abilene greets a champion who snzolfes sonzething for his nerves. Herefs where we say bye-bye, By- num. Aileen and Karl have dropped their dignity: hope they don,t drop the coat-of-arms. 4 J Mr. Dudley relaxes as Mr. Eng- land shoulders the duties of cafeteria cashier. Mr. ,lones has an enterprising look in his eye. Strange fascination food has for Mr. Polk! Mary Ellen is interested, 100. He-men have to eat, you know. A militant nurse, an interfering neighbor, an irate but practical papa, "A Doctor in Spite of Himself," two groorns, an ardent lover, and our GC 57 Sweet Pea. Equestriennes all, from long, lithe Tittle to the cute little lass on the end. P r K 11 -' :lr Xlllldxlj s ' s sf N , 1' Q' .X l The Black and Gold Eagles strut their stuff. Judge from these returning stu- dents whether the parade was good. There is a growing tendency on the part of the younger generation to cluster around the punch howl. Not a student in sight. If you could feel that winter, you'd know why. Georgia, Boop and their beaus tend to cluster around 'ccolcesf' The Pep Squad decorates the sta diurn like a great gold sunflower. Hurry, girls! You'll be late. The bell calls in a reluctant quar- tette of boots and belles. F . .N -'WX r fwi. I R J Under Mr. Tillett's guidance, beau- tiful and handy things are turned out. Dashing rhythm-clickers complete with neclfties and hair-grease. She,s the friendliest, faithfulest "pretty girlv in high school. The Senior Follies hit the school like a blizzard of beauty. Leon's backhand seems very dead- lyj Wait for us. When Durwood drives a ball, the result is a love game. Aren,t they sweet? And each girl has a bird in her throat. Oh, Mister Bill, sir! I thought you were engaged to Miss ludyf Mr. Owens sees that the job is done right. The F. F. A. boys ornarnented by two of their sweethearts, Helen Ol- darn and Carra Lee Cist. These little pigs are going to market. J-1 1 t ff I fag Xflv e ,Q-f5'T1 ,. . ' ,ai . , t This pastime seems more thrilling than judicious. The G an G girls must have been good because Santa came to see them. The sun is still up, but the boys go to roost early on school nights. Why can,t they look up the num- ber of a book? It looks spectacular, but how do the drivers feel? ':C,rnon. Letls go for a drivef, The sponsor and the officers of the National Honor Society form a van- guard. 1 l l 1 1 Y "Calling all stuflentsl Disturbance at South First and Peach. Hurryfv 1 lt's Mr. Skaggs again, patrolling the grounds, as usual. We hope they're as studious as' they are trying to looh. 7 ' .W W' N 5- bf! ' ' Y J gk J If -4, Mfr ,M 5342? furry, the bell will ring!" Do you reckon lVlr. johnson will Donlt drop hirng he owes us two Bob goes up in lhe drink all that? bucks! world. Some FLASHLIGHT staff l7l6lllb6fS witness the overturning of an old idea. '4Why be upset?7' says Lola fo. Lucile looks all cut up about some- ls Martha sweeping or being HLet the other girls fix it." thing, but she'll soon be cheerful as swept? ever. Coach Bentley develops Eagles for These fellers have a sort of "do or future teams. die lryingn look in their teeth. For kicks, we prefer this boy to a chorus girl. The handiest rnen in towngalways 'fGit along, little chiekieg git Birds of a feather flock to a cham- willing to help. along, git alonglu pion for advice and good fellowship. 'W 1' 1 'mimi wgirdkf hmmm L. Puritans came Every day is a busy day in the Battery office. The girls learn etiquette from Miss Hines at re. to Abilene High ular dinners. S c h o o l in the Tournament w play- l Aside-shot at 6'Novelty Night." Doesn't Flashlight meets A. K. seems to The Ollie B. Webb Chapter Prof. Bynum look important? Battery and ever the feel that Roy im- the F. F. A. exhibit a banner w twain shall cooper- p edes his "ax-af by conducting a chapter like tl ate. tionf, one they presented 'in chapel. 5 This chicken looks Now who says there The little lady seems Birds of a feather "Gluck, c l u c k q u i t e composed, but Karl is embarrassed at trying h is hand at Puritan wooing. mighty proud of its ain,t any Santy Claus? boy. flock together, even though one is outside lookin, in. :'Who:s there?v "Why, Edgar Wi liams and his pri: chicken of course."' ' October 19: The Eagles go into a huddle after the Brownwood game and decide they will win district Championship. oofiiaff Dewey A. Mayhew More than anyone else, Dewey A. Mayhew has established the reputation of Abilene High School for sportsmanship. This is one quality on which he puts particular stress in turning out grid machines. Coach Mayhew has been turning out teams of first rank in the Oil Belt for ten years and is getting better as the years roll by. He is a disciple of the effective rough and tumble coaching school, and most of his teams are packed with power. Although his men are made efficient by long hours of practice, Coach Mayhew believes that the will to win is the most necessary factor in gaining victories. Coach Mayhew is well-liked by his men and also by any who come in contact with him. He demands respect and co-operation from his pupils and has deserved the admira- CUACH MAYHHW tion of all by his skill as an athletic director, by his sense of sportsmanship, and by his un- ! ggi failing modesty concerning his own achieve- ments. He came to Abilene from Marlin ten years ago and since has coached two State championship teams and this year almost turned out a third. Coach Mayhew also teaches in the civics department, where he stresses the same fundamental doctrine as on the field- honesty and sportsmanship. His aim and purpose is to develop real Eagles with courage, honesty, and spirit. He has endeavored to produce good losers as well as good winnersg however, his boys are usually on top. Eagles may well be proud to have such a man as their leader. Odell Herman Odell Herman was the driving force on the Eagle team, and his constant encouragement by example as well as voice led the Eagles to victories they might not otherwise have gained. Hermanfs all-round excellence and modesty made him o11e of the most popular boys in school and a favorite among members of the team. Best of luck to you in the future, Odell. You deserve it. HERMAN Bztckfield Captain Page 86 Edward S. Murphy In recent years it has been pointed out that besides the backfield there is also a line, which contributes to the glory of a football team. Eagles by now fully realize the im- portance ofthe mighty Warbird line. Behind the Eagle line stands Edward S. Murphy. "Pat', has worked with the forward wall for some years, and does his work with such spirit and in such a way that those associated with him think him 'gtopsf' Coach Murphy is a former football player himself, having played quarterback under Coach Shotwell. He still backs up the line, although in a dif- ferent way, and it is hoped that he may con- tinue to do so for several years. 391 l PAT NIURPHY Assislant Coach Third ROW! Voach MPIYUGW, Jones, Hflfley, Virtlen, Motley, KlllllIl'Ollg'l1, Joeris, Desmond, Fox, Doss, Coach Murphy. Second Row: Cumpton, Galbraith- McAdams, Powell, Fry, Sibley, llambill, Bell. Hill, Tirlwell, First Row: Jones, Mcl'lu1'e, Bowyer, ShQD1JllI'fl, Beams, Hermzxnh Vfzxters, Hughes, Benin, Horton Raym ond. 2 it ...H EAGLE SQUAD Page 87 BENTLEY JAY WVILLIS W. K. BENTLEY Coach Bentley came to roost in the Eaglesl nest one year ago from Alta Vista. He handles the freshman haskethall and football men, the Eaglets, and his popularity among his pupils increases daily. IKE W. JAY Mr. Jay has heen coaching future Eagles for two years with an enthusiasm and ability which make all who come into contact with him re- spect and like him. CULLE N E. WILLIS Mr. Wlillis also came from an elementary school, where he was exceedingly popular. He has proved a valuahlc man i11 shaping material lor future topnotch teams. HOWARD L. MILLER Howard L. Miller has donc outstanding work with the Eagle line, a proof of which is found in the brilliance of the Eagle forward wall in the past few years. He likes his joh of coaching thc line and does it well. Because of his con- stant encouragement, the line does its work 'gBody and shoulder, heart and soul, Pushing and straining across the goal." Since his arrival Mr. Miller has risen rapidly in the esteem of the rest of the faculty and Coaching staff as well as in importance and position. He puts all his energy i11to his coach- HOWARD MILLER ing and has gained the unfailing confidence of Assistant Coach his proteges. Page ss The Season Begins BY Bon LYMAN ODELL HERMAN Weight 170 All-State Fiillback 'iOne of the best players I have ever coach- ed," coming from Coach Mayhew, is the high- est tribute Herman could have. He earned it by his sportsmanship and his battering offen- sive play. NORMAN CUMPTON Weight 146 Halfback Cumpton contributed many an extra point on conversions, but his specialty was making it easy for someone else to make a touchdown and claim all the glory. JAMES BEAM Weight 132 Halfback Little Beam demonstrates the saying, "Dy- namite comes in small packagesf, This par- ticular brand of dynamite was exceptionally quick-starting and noted for broken-field run- ning. R. H. HUGHES Weight 142 Halfback Hughes was valuable as a pass-receiver and was one of the fastest men the Eagles had. HERINIAN CUMPTON Hughes will be still more valuable next year. BEABI HUGHES ABILENE 6: LUBBOCK 6 Skeptical Eagle fans were convinced that Coach Dewey Mayhew had something when the Warbirds upset the dope on the Lubbock game and completely outplayed the heavier and more favored Lubbock eleven. Only in score were the teams equal, Abilene having 13 to 4 first downs. The Eagle drive came in the third quarter and started at the Lubbock forty- one yard line. Herman carried the ball in six of the seven plays in the Warbirds' touchdown march and made most of the yardage on two runs of eleven and seventeen paces. CUMPTON ADDS A POINT Page S9 KIMBROUGH FINDS AN OPENING ABILENE 59: RANGER 0 The Eagles opened the district race with one bang right after another and piled up a record score for nine years, the former recorl having been San Angelo's 66-7 shellacking by the Warbirds. Galbraith and Tidwell scorei three times each. Hughes twice, and Hill once. Cumpton made four conversions, and Galbraith added another point. A 73-yard punt run- back by Tidwell, and a 44-yard excursion around end by Hughes highlighted the game. On several touchdowns the ball carriers crossed the goal untouched. JOHN KIMBROUGH Weight 196 1 Qzcarterback 6'Jumbo,' John Kimbrough's battering bulk was one of the mainstays of the Warbird of- fensive and was an indispensable part of the Eagle secondary. LILIUS VIRDEN Weight 165 Center Lilius was one of the best men in the line. He always put all he had into the game, and cleared the way efficiently for center plunges. ROLAND MCADAMS Weight 165 End McAdams was a valuable pass-defense man and was a hard-hitting tackler, as many bruised opponents will testify. FRANK WATERS Weight 148 End Chunky Frank cleared the way consistently for the backfield on his end and closed it fast on the defense. KIMHROUGH VIRDEN MCADAMS WATERS Page 90 LEONARD JOERIS Weight 205 Line Captain-All-District Tackle The biggest man on the team, Joeris over- powered the opposition completely. His team- work and durability also made him invaluable to the Eagles. ZOLUS MOTLEY Weight 180 Tackle Motley made the tackle department prac- tically impregnable. Because of his power and ability, his position was never a popular one with opponents. CHARLES POWELL Weight 162 End Powell was always close to the spot where an Eagle punt came to earth. He was a val- uable man when the Eagles met an air attack. R. B. GALBRAITH Weight 125 Backfield .ll ' 1 H 1 lf! 5 Galbraith's speed and skillful change of pace enabled him to elude his opponents easily, and he was powerful in spite of his slight weight. I we 'rw ww ww A NMR ABILENE 26 JUICRIS RIUTLEY PONYELL GALBRAITII EASTLAND 0 F pu W -W -----...S--.V-.sf N., v -' -.-:-j Notwithstanding two poor showings previously, the Eastland Mavericks exhibited a lot of unexpected fight and launched a formidable air attack on the Eagles. The opening wedge into a series of touchdown drives for the Warbirds was Herman's recovery of a fumble on the Mavericks' 15-yard stripe. The Eagles went to a touchdown from that point, but the going was rough all the way. Herman scored three times and Hughes once, the Mavericks being rewarded with a goose-egg for all their valiant efforts. 1 HUGHES FOOTING IT ON HIS OWN Page 91 i BOB BEAMS Weight 157 A ll-District Guard Bab Beams was equally outstanding on of- fense and defense and was skillful in clearing the path for power plunges through center. His all-round good playing and sportsmanship made him popular with the entire squad. ROSS SHEPPARD Weight 174 Guard Sheppard helped make the center position solid when attacked by opponents and always cleared the way effectively for the Eagle back- field. MACK BOWYER Weight 159 Guard Mack Bowyer was one of the most power- ful men in the line, and his bruising tackles were always disheartening to opponents. His durability and stamina made him of consid- erable value to the Elagles. BICAMS SI-ll'Il'l'AlilJ IIUXYYER ABILENE 0: BROWNWOOD 7 The Brownwood game was a set-up for the Eagles, but they lost it. Playing inspired football against an over-confident Golden Eleven. Brownwood forced the play beyond the Eagles' ten-yard line three times before finally scoring on a fumble in the final chukker. The fact that the Warbirds had never before lost to Brownwood made the upset even harder to bear. Hopes of Oil Belt championship were almost shattered by this reverse, and the Eagles saw a long hard fight before them. HERMAN PUTTING ON THE POWER Page 92 ABILENE 61: CISCO 0 The Warbirds completely routed a helpless Cisco team, perhaps the poorest in the district race. Herman ramrodded the Loboes, and Hughes exercised his sprinting ability while Cumpton did his usual stellar performance in the blocking division. Add to these the powerful Warbird line and the mighty Kimbrough with the rankling defeat by Brownwood spurring the entire team on, and the reasons for Cisco's defeat are apparent. An 85-yard dash on a punt runback by Hughes and a 47-yard sprint by Kimbrough were high points. ABILENE 14: BRECKENRIDGE 0 More significant than the Cisco victory was the defeat of Breckenridge at the hands of the Eagles. Herman, Hughes, and the little R. B. Galbraith were the run- ning stars of the game. In the third quarter Kimbrough stepped into one of Breck's forwards and carried the ball to the 33-yard line. Herman got the first nineteen yards on a swing around the right end and six plays later drove across the pay-stripe. The Eagles made another touchdown early in the fourth, and Breckenridge was held scoreless through the entire game. ABILENE 47: SWEETWATER 2 The Mustangs took their first and only points on a safety when Kimbrough was smothered on a wild center. The Eagles then got under way and launched a devastating power attack that knocked the Ponies off their feet. Opposition was paralyzed before the mighty Warbird line and the Eagles' star battering rams, Kimbrough and Herman. Herman scored four times, Kimbrough three, and Cumpton contributed five more points with his educated toe. ABILENE 39: BIC SPRING 13 All but two thousand football fans missed a game well worth turning out for when the Eagles met a Big Spring team carrying unexpected power. In spite of their spirited offensive play, Big Spring was defeated by a large margin. Jumbo John Kimbrough starred consistently, making three attacks on pay territory good. Herman, Beam, and McAdams contributed six points each. Outstanding was the ever-powerful Warbird line-Kimbrough, Herman, and Beam-offensively. BEAM ESCORTS A TOUCHDOWN AROUND RIGHT END Page 93 ABILENE 28: SAN ANGELO 0 Climaxing one of the most valiant drives in the history of the Oil Belt, the Eagles turned on the steam in the fourth period to trounce the San Angelo Bobcats 28 to 0 before a crowd of eleven thousand, five hundred in the Abilene stadium. Herman, Hughes, Kimbrough, and Cumpton stood out in the Eagle secondary and, as usual, the line played a smash-up game from end to end to make the victory more decisive for I Abilene. ', 5 V ,Jfil ABILENE 34: EL PASO 7 The Eagles stampeded the El Paso Tigers in the bi-district game at El Paso to advance into the quarter-finals with Amarillo. Kimbrough's power, size, and speed dazzled the Bengals, and the mighty Jumbo made four of the Eagle tallies. Herman made three touchdowns and Cumpton made good four conversions. The Bengals made the first score of the game on a blocked punt early in the game. ABILENE l3: AMARILLO 46 Battling against terrific odds, the Eagles lost to the invading Sandies, and all hopes of championship were shattered. The Warbirds played valiantly during all the heart-breaking period, but bad breaks and the best team that ever hit Abilene combined to make this game ill-fated. Kimbrough tackled a Sandie too hard in the first few minutes and was carried off the field, Hughes received an arm injury later and was lost to the Eagles, and Herman after one of the most courageous stands in Eagle history, was carried off the field unconscious. Notwithstanding the unpleasant ending of the season, the Eagles had, all in all, one of the best races in Oil-Belt history. The championship of the Oil Belt is no small accomplishment in itself, and the Eagle teams which have gone into the State quarter- finals are not many. The Warbirds rolled up the impressive total of 321 points for the entire season and established a high score record for nine years. KM " ,, .. H' ' Hu w' fins-1 ,1 W4-'ff'-4Y'5i' f , 79" ' v wilwff-,zf' f tg, K ,f ,, -K wtf! 2 ' .- 'f idlh QZ'i'i'i4'51ff'J' f fftiif 5, , gg , W, ., .m Z lr "-' 8' A 15.144 34.14 y ' I , ,,,, , , Q9 6 A Q V . - "'-- I f ' :zz If ,Era 'Vive ,a 4, 'u ?M7.,:g. A m ' ' , , K' .Q , If " V 57-1, "" is ' 1 psppr Qi W ' as ' . -ffm. V ,Lv . Q , , . M, lx , , . .. Q A I as ,,-, r, ,,. , w few " W ' . 1 , 'nw'-at ,alma 4 A . , -. ,Me Q ge, . yy L,4 1 ., 'U-L..-,,, ' . ,, j ,A ' ' " Aw Q-we-2 ' l . K ,,,, V- ., we -fm -we .W . . ' . -Wfibffifzfanf,-' ' arzsar 4 Y' , ., u ,,, + -A -fllf M"'r'fe2?:fM-Ev -tl ,.., " egfiww ,,,. 'H H , , - ' ' .' l rrsr r' A , f U 'Q' - , ,,.,, ,A ,' ,f,." 4,L,L 5 1 I f-" . ,V .... A u . , ,V , . ,, ,,,V f 1. -"e -1,iW.,2y, - f,gg,,g, -zz L, A, Y My ff' f I .I ' , ,M V ,, jjj, V tzffj., ' A AN EAGLE' FLEES WHEN THE LOBOES PURSUE P 94 age February 19-20: Leon Reese shows the boys how .... and how! aags fgaff T1 ii - ,f 'A in N V 1 we nigga ,nm E ,, DRAHANEY REESE BELL Q84 P. H. HIIJL, CAPTAIN FRANK BRAHANEY GUARD-HEIGHT 5' 10" Left-handed Frank Brahaney was excep- tionally proficient at getting the ball away from the other backboard and was one of the best breakers on the squad. He will be of utmost importance in next year's season. LEON REESE GUARD-HEIGHT 5' ww," Reese was transferred to the Eagles from Abilene Christian Academy and became one of the most valuable men on the team. He was high-point man in many games, and his ab- sence next year will be a serious loss to the team. J. T. BELL GUARD-HEIGHT 6' Bell was one of the Eagles' most rugged cagers and one of the best hustlers. He played most during the last of the season and will probably be one of the best on the squad next season. P. H. 'HILL GUARD-HEIGHT 5' 7" Hill was the shortest man, the most popular man, the best all-round man, and the best de- fensive man on the first string. His energy was constant encouragement to the rest of the team, and he contributed a great deal to the success of last year's campaign. Page 96 ELTON HAILEY FORWARD-HEIGHT 5' 1016" Hailey was a veteran Eagle forward and top man of last season's scoring race. He contributed 167-points for the Eagles, and his accuracy made him the most dangerous man on the team. FLOYD FOX CENTER-HEIGHT 5' 8" Fox was the best ball hustler on the team and most dependable. His steadiness and earnestness will be greatly missed next year, for the past season was his last with the Eagles. J. T. DENNIS CENTER-HEIGHT 6' 1" The tallest man on the squad was Dennis the Eagles' best tip-off man. He was good under both backboards, and though he seldom shot, his aim was accurate. He was out most of the season. ALTON HARBIN FORWARD-HEIGHT 6' Harbin had a good eye for the basket and was dependable. Without him the Eagles would have been considerably weaker. This is his last year of basketball eligibility. EIXPON ITAILEY, IHGI1-POINT IIAN FOX DENNIS HARBIN Page 97 I L XC ABYRN GAliiRE'l"I' STRIFKLAND VERNON BLACKBURN R. Q. GARRETT FORWARD HEIGHT 5' 6" GUARD-HEIGHT 5' 8" Blackburn was one of the Garrett was a good defensive fastest men on the squad and man and had a fair eye for the usually one of the first men to basket. He has one more year be under the backboard. with the Eagles. EAGLE S WAIT-AND HOPE H. T. STRICKLAND CENTER-HEIGHT 6' Strickland showed promise of becoming one of Coach Miller's best cagers. He has two more years to develop his speed and hustling ability. BASKETBALL Directed by Howard L. Miller ROBY The Roby Lions fell before the conquering Eagles with a score of 28-23 in the first game. Hailey. veteran Eagle forward, took scoring honors with nine points, followed by Dennis with eight. In the second game, two weeks later, the Eagles defeated the Roby cagers once again with Leon Reese taking seventeen points. The Lions threatened only in the third period with long shots. SWEETWATER The first game of the season was a close victory over Sweet- water in a slow-scoring game which ended with the Eagles ahead 14-12. High-point man for the Warbirds was Frank Brahaney with P. H. Hill a run- ner-up. In the second game the Eagle regulars were replaced by their aides after the first pe- riod, and the Mustangs went down 30-6, Page 98 GAMES WITH COLLEGE FRESHMEN The Eagles did not fare so well in games with the College freshmen. Once the Warbirds captured a one-point victory from the Abilene Christian Col- lege Reserves, but in the re- turn match the Freshmen car- ried off a one-point decision from the Eagles. With the McMurry Reserves, the Eagles found the greater height and age of the Freshmen too great a handicap and went down 23- 17. BRECKENRIDGE The Eagles routed Brecken- ridge, a previously undefeated team, by a score of 40-22. Hailey led in scoring with ten points. In the second game the Eagles suffered one of the few defeats of the season by a score of 39-36. Hailey and Reese were top men in scoring honors for the Eagles. SOMEONE DESERVES A POINT Second Row: Roland McAdams, J. T. Dennis, Zolus Motley, Gene Haines, J. T Bell G11 liam Stovall, Guerdon Buzbee, R. Q. Garrett, Porter Willis, Bill McClure. First Row: Alton Harbin, Vernon Blackburn, Dub Sibley, Leon Reese, Elton Halley P H Hill, Frank Brahaney. Floyd Fox, H. T. Strickland. Page 99 EAGLE CAGERS OTHER GAMES The Eagles played several other games in their successful season, before the start of the District race. The first of these was with Lawn, in which the Eagle regulars remained in the game only the first thirteen and one-half minutes, leaving it to their aides after that, who downed the Lawn quintet by a score of 27-9. A few days later the Eagles' aides took the game over after the first five minutes and showed their ability by leaving the score 46-14 at the end of the game. The next tilt was with Ovalo in the semi-finals of the Abilene Chris- tian College Tournament. The Eagles swept by the Ovalo quintet with little difficulty, to go on into the finals, with Hailey taking high point honors. The Eagles won the tournament by completely overwhelming Hamlin, a previously undefeated team. This started as a close game but ended in the utter rout of the tall Hamlin Pied Pipers. Dennis was the defensive hero for the Eagles, while Hailey took high scoring honors with fifteen points. One of the outstanding games of the season was the defeat of Crews-the first defeat for this quintet after they had won thirty-two consecutive games. Every Eagle played his best in this game, Fox probably playing the best game of the season. Next in line for the rampaging Eagles was Cross Plains, another outstanding team in West Texas. This game was close all the way and was won in the last few seconds by the Eagles with a one-point margin. This again proved Eagle su- premacy over West Texas teams. The Eagles opened their home stand with a convincing vic- tory over a strong Tuscola five. Hailey captured high scoring honors, with Reese, second highest scorer of the entire season, only two points behind. In the next game, the Tuscola basketeers somewhat avenged the loss in the preceding game by a win over Miller's cagers by a score of 14-13 in an extra five-minute period which resulted from a 12-12 tie at the end of the game. Toward the end of the pre-conference season the Eagles snatched a one-point decision from the Tuscola cagers. This proved to be one of the most exciting games of the year. Hill and Fox were high-point Warbirds in this game of thrills. This was the last game the Eagles played with another high school in West Texas before going into the final conference race. CONFERENCE GAMES JAYTON AND TUSCOLA In the first game of the regular district race, Coach Miller's Eagles had little difficulty in defeating the small school, Jayton, by the score of 32-8. Hailey was high point man in this game, as was frequent during last season. The Eagles then prepared to go on to the Tuscola game to battle a squad with which Abilene High School had stood on fairly equal terms all of the past season. The Tuscola game climaxed a very successful season for the Warbird basketeers and also a series of Tuscola games that read like a novel. The Eagles lost 20-24 in this last Tuscola game to go into the finals of the District race, The near equality of Abilene and Tuscola during the entire season is proof enough of the strength of the Eagle cagers of Abilene High School last season, HOW ARD L. MILLER Coach Miller has done some fine coaching this year with the Warbird cagers. He made basketball more popular than it has ever been and turned out the best squad of basketball men Abilene High School has ever produced. His hopes lie principally in the future, however, and he believes that next year his cagers will go places unprece- dented in Eagle basketball history. As a man, he is popular with all the men on the squad. He never has to drive them into practice, and it may be that their Willingness to work hard and faithfully under him is the thing that made the squad go as far as it did last year. Certainly the inspiration afforded by such a man is no small factor in turning out victorious Warbirds. . i K . CoAcH MILLER Page 100 April 5: The strength of grace and surety are apparent in her every motion. 5140207 372015 r TRACK First Ron: .lack lloozer, James Beam, E. V. Price, J, D. Tidwell, J, T. Bell, Charles Sewell. Second Row: P. H. Hill, R. H. Hughes, NVillie Phillips, 'Willson Vressley, Derward Nollner. Third Row: David XxTllll2ll'l'1S, Elton Hailey, Leona Nlf Adams. PUSH 'IM UP, KIMSIYOUGH rd Joeris, John Kimbrough, R. B. Galbraith, Roland The Eagle track squad began to take shape in the latter part of February when about fifty prospects reported to Coach Mayhew in the gymnasium. Jogging and calisthentics were the principal forms of exercise on the practice field. Because there was only one returning letter-man, J. D. Tidwell, the pros- pects of the Eagle track squad's going very far seemed rather dubious at firstg however, several football men came out for track- John Kimbrough, James Beam, and R. H. Hughes being most important. With this ex- cellent material Coach Mayhew and his as- sistant, W. K. Bentley, shaped the prospects into a serious threat to the District crown. The Eagles entered the Ranger Invitation Meet and demonstrated their ability by car- rying it off, top men being Tidwell and Kim- brough. Kimbrough took sixteen points, with first in the shot-put and discus and third in the javelin. Tidwell carried off eleven points with first in the 100-yard and 220-yard dashes, and later anchored the relay. JOHN KIMBROUGH Jumbo John Kimbrough was not only an excellent football player, but also an outstand- ing track man. In the early meets of the year John was high-point man in each meet that the Eagles entered. His chief feats were in the discus, shot-put, javelin, and broad jump. Although John was in Abilene High School only one year, he proved a very val- uable asset to the Eagles in athletics. Page 102 TRACK TIDWELL BOOZER HUGHES BEABI The Eagle track men captured the Coleman Invitation Meet before moving on to the Dis- trict Meet, in which Abilene placed fourth the preceding year. The Eagles carried off the Meet completely, taking 46 points in all. High point men for the Eagles were Kimbrough and Tidwell, who together took 26 1-2 points. Tid- well placed first in the 100-yard and the 220- yard dashes and anchored a winning mile relay. Highest man of the meet was Kim- brough, who took a total of 15 points with a first in the shot put, second in javelin, 120- yard high hurdles, and broad jump, and fourth in discus. In the District Meet, Motley placed first in the discus, Price first in the broad jump, Boozer third in the javelin throw and fourth in the 440-yard dash. This was really the first competition the Eagles had come up against, the other fields having been fairly weak. The squad having proved a serious threat to the State title, Coach Mayhew plan- ned to send his men to the Regional Meet. The success of the track squad furnished a climax to a satisfactory athletic season. J. D. TIDWELL J. D. Tidwell was one of the sparkplugs of the highly successful Eagle track team. Tid- well was a dashman and always could be de- pended upon to do his best at the most im- portant times. This is his third year to letter in track at Abilene High School, and during the three years he has been a serious threat in the District, Regional, and State Meets. Page 103 A TIDWELL STEPS. OUT vga, TENNIS First Row: .loo C. l'lL1llllll11'Cy, Earl Hoppe, liufus Sivluy, Horace Hanks, J. W. Haynes, Pufus tirisltxrm. Ser-ond llow: .lzlmer-1 lizty, Leon Reese, Duruarml Suggs, George Ste-akley, Iiolierl, Gambill. Thirty-five boys reported for tennis last fall, but this number was gradually reduced to twelve in the spring. The six boys who did most of the playing in match competition were Leon Reese, Durward Suggs, George Steakley, Rufus Sivley, Rufus Grisham, and J. W. Raynes. Abilene won eleven out of twelve matches with Sweet- water, five out of six matches with San Angelo, defeating Merkel twice and Brecken- ridge once. The Interscholastic League competitors for Abilene were George Steak- ley, senior singles, Leon Reese and Durward Suggs, senior doubles, Rufus Sivley, junior singles, and James Hammett and Earle Hoppe, junior doubles. In spite of the handicap of not having a school tennis court, the tennis players did exceedingly well. They practiced at different times at Cobb Park, Galdwell's, West Texas Utilities Courts and on the courts of various colleges. The tennis players have their hopes high for a much-needed school tennis court next year. The 1938 team will probably be built around George Steakley and Rufus Sivley. Several new students, of whom B. C. Rogers and James Hammett are two, should give Horace Hanks and Earl Hoppe a great deal of competition in next yearis race for places on the tennis team. Page 104 TENNIS REESE DEMONSTRATES THE SMASH The Eagle tennis department, under the direction of J. C. Humphrey, entered the District Tennis Meet at Sweetwater. Four schools shared honors, Abilene High School being one of the highest of the four. George Steakley was the Eagle repre- sentative in the boys' division of singles, and played unbeatable tennis until he reached the semi-final round, where he met with defeat at the hands of a player from Hamlin. A Rotan player won the District championship in boys, singles by a default from the Hamlin representative. The Abilene High School doubles team, composed of Leon Reese and Durward Suggs, were the victorious members for the Eagles. Although they had some very strong competition from Hamlin, they won in the finals. The score of 7-5 in the first set seemed to indicate that the match was to be very close, but the score of the subsequent sets proved the superiority of the Eagles more conclusively. They won the last set by a score of 6-3. Abilene also had three representatives in the junior division of tennis. They were very successful in their encounters in that they lost only one match. Rufus Sivley won the singles division, and James Hammett and Earl Hoppe were the representatives in doubles. All three of the junior representatives represented Abilene very capably. All of Abilene's winners were entitled to enter the Regional Meet and, if successful there, were eligible for the State Meet. Page 105 GOLF CLUB Q E Q Back Row: Philip Hefley, .lack Simpson, Hdell Jones, Robert VVillis, Chester Connelly, Gilliam Stovall. Second Row: Bill Tate, Boyd WVrig'ht, James ilililland, Merrill Jones, D. B. XVeatherby, Third Row: Lehmond Bryant, VViley Connelly, Paul Johnson, H. H. Yates. OTHER MEMBERS Clifton Babb, D. L. Babb, Lzlnnnie Ray Baker, J. XV. Bryant, .lzunes Cassie, Bill Crowder, Eldon Daniel, Boyd Edgar, Hoiner Gzunble, Sparky Gentry, Raymond Moore, Boyd Richards, Carl B. Riherrl, L. H. Scott, Wayne White, David VVillianns, J, C. Smith, Clell XVhetsel. OFFICERS President - - BILL TATE Secretary - - MERRILL JONES Assistant Secretary - - ODELL JONES First Vice-President - - H. H. YATES Second V ice-President DAVID WILLIAMS Reporter ---- - CARL B. RIHERD Sergeant-at-Arms LEONARD JoER1s The record of the Abilene High Colf team in previous years is one of which the members of the Club have been duly proud. ln the eight years of competitive tourna- ments with other schools only two matches have been lost. Every year eight to ten matches are played with class 4'A', schools of the Oil Belt Tournament conducted for men golfers of West Texas. Three of the old members have been professional golf instructors. The 1937 team was not so prosperous as usual, since all the members were new and had had a limited tournament experience, yet of the thirty-five members of this year's club several have become good match-players. All were enthusiastic and practiced at the two courses that Abilene supports. On several Saturdays, bad weather kept the Club from practicing, but some of the most persistent members played in spite of this handicap. Their first game was with Abilene Christian College on March 19, Abilene High School winning this match. They also played games with Stamford on April 10, Cisco and Breckenridge on April 17, and Sweetwater on April 24. The team attended the State Golf Meet at Dallas in May. Page 106 GIRLS SPORTS CLUB First Row: Durell Mead, Argero Booth, Shirley Miller, Mary Joyce Adams, Dorothy King, Betty Jo Bowman, Mary Hedrick. Second Row: Minabell Martin, Aleta Boles, Betty Lou Ogbourne, Catherine Curtis, Betty XVillianis, Miss Glenna Faye Grant. Third Row: Frankie Hay, Bertie Smith, Isabell Harris, Roma Sparks, Christine Maddox, Kathryn McDaniel. OFFICERS MISS GLENNA FAYE GRANT, ADVISER First Term Second Term RACHEL ROWLETT - - President - - - CHRISTINE BROOKSHIRE JUNE MOORE - - - - Vice-President - - - - JUNE Mo0RE MARY HEDRICK - - Secretary - - - CHRISTINE MADDOX The Girls Sport Club, a very active and enthusiastic club, was continually par- ticipating in various events throughout the year. They bought ping-pong equipment, for which boys in the manual training shop made tables. They placed these tables in the gymnasium and played there at different times. The girls engaged in volley hall and won the interclass volley ball tournament. Horseback riding interested some of the girls, while others played tennis. The most exciting activities of the club were their out-of-door trips-mountain climbing and hikes. The girls bought their bows and arrows and spent many happy hours in practicing archery. Before Christmas the Club had an all-day mountain climb at Cedar Gap, at which place the girls decorated a tree on the mountain and exchanged Christmas gifts. The purpose of the Club was to build up healthy bodies and to arouse interest in all forms of outdoor and indoor sports. The Club furnished recreation for those girls who had finished their physical training work and for those who had not enough exercise in class. Page 107 VOLLEY BALL ON THEIR TOES AND WAITING Although there was no volley ball club this year, the game was taught and played in the physical training classes. The sport proved to be very interesting and entertaining, and was the chief diversion of the year. ln February an interclass tournament was held in which the Girls Sports Club entered and won the volley ball championship. Besides playing volley ball in the gymnasium classes, the girls spent a great deal of time in taking exercises which build up strong, healthy bodies. Several tumbling teams were developed also, putting these exercises into an organized form. A phase of the gymnasium work which the girls seemed to look forward to more than to anything else was the lessons in tap dancing. The fundamental steps were taught by Miss Glenna Faye Grant, who also Worked out some routine dances which were presented on Novelty Night and in the Road Show. As soon as the weather was Warm enough for outdoor sports, the physical training students became enthusiastic about playing outdoor baseball. In April, a tourna- ment Was held in which the best baseball players from each class took part. The wide range of girls' athletics offered makes the classes enjoyable as Well as beneficial to the students. Page 108 February 14: Gaston and Aileen celebrate the day of hearts. cwo 'zifsi 0 SQ, 2 -' , 1ZQ,1,.. fg L nQ,, g mtg Qfaaggggt .qvmszssnti FLASHLIGHT QUEEN Betty go Bownzan Choice of the Freshman Class MOST FRIENDLY BOY B05 Eialni Vice-President of the Senior Class and President of Hi-Y MOST FRIENDLY GIRL Baa crqgnaw Pep leader and President of the G an G BEST ALL-ROUND BOY LOJJK cbfazman Outstanding in sports and President of the Senior Class BEST ALL-ROUND GIRL llucilfz flflfirztez Active member of the debate team and the glee club MOST VALUABLE BOY gets President and organizer of the Student Council, Vice-Presikient of the Senior Class the second term, and member of the debate team 'X "442"4Z' 'WW 67' , f ' L , 1 4 Tiff-'J ' J U-1 . wig ':f2::Q,g.' n-2:.:5,wE5 5 fs as Q "2 :vs 4' , Q :X x X Q V1 , Exfluakgli -f 0, if me 5' , N we fa fFff?ff +- - ins A? . I J Q gb 5 M 5 1,31 Af KL M. .. . x ' S, -.- . , '- fs, . V, L? i .Q v , A O' .L .-gg 1 A ,. i , , i .- ,.-, . Q 7 ef ,-. 152 mic: 2. 412 3 M? H' ' ge K 3 y -,kim 25: - ,. M- 4 4 s, 5 J .-gl X V if fiiakifly- 2- - 1 iig g k ifiii +1 - I Q f 5 it f , U A . iii, 353' We:-N eg X -ff F .ya 5,1 ,ig KL ui' lfk : Q fi f? f' 'WE -iv iii wi X k N T 4 I 5 2, A 5. 4 - A -'v nf? ff? 'z fl? 25? di? 1 iff Q35 mnvwi un if "iw Gsm mmm: , mm avg W ,',, , f 4 32 ii T Wi-U ,gi 8 ':,,- 2-ff vs W- 44. .4 fu. rfwli. f ,ei ,. - X' ' ! I Nl f t 'S I I - '-'I K- 'r 1 . 9 - L. .Y 5 A 4 , i-. 1 i I ' L N' ' Q! .. i '. P N 1 .XC N,i 'l 3 fr LJ 5' 3 . J J ' of ' .1 X K P' j 7, X x1Q X Y X JP Y 113. y. . 1 y ' ,A , - 1 . It ff ' 4 i x 7 C 'UN JPJH I Y? sv ," filo! , J 7 F, bf 1 X .fl -'J 'J i X I1 A4 X rf 'X' 1, Q I f -V I . .,, X f iq' ff ". - f f 'lyfjix fl JI' J xi KF J 1 I I I I!! 1' x' 6 N ,, K 'dj X J JH 'Il 'I ' If 1 J v NRL 'jv I 4, 5-f " X r rf X HK I 1 I 'I 'I N UN' V- . -7 , Lys N x 1, x 11 ,M I V 'Pj' l A a' 1 -1' 'IW .f fry J ' f , if ff . ! if J7WIll'Cll 6: A council of llllfli-Il'0lkA'il1g KIIIIIIIZS SllIi0I'S of fIllf?l'SCl10ItlSf1'C :Q'0UllIL'l.II. cmizafioni IW, , FLASHLIGHT . ft' X If' First ROW: llzirtha Sliaw, J. B. Hays, 1511111111 Marie XXYUf7lCll'lil,9fP, Hart Sl1oe111:1ke1', Nadine Dees, Geraldine ,lEiLlStP1'. Seeonrl Row: Mary Ellen Flay, N0l'lll2I Victor, Cliristiiie Mzulclox, XVillie Sue Loiig, Harriett Murray, Eugene Minor. Third Row: 1l2ll'f.12ll'6't Barton, Helen Dwyer, Patsy Ellis, .It-wel Lindsey, Robert VVyche, Howard Kemper. Fourth Row: Frank II. Etter, John Earl Buster, Douglas Edwards, Dorothy Comer, Miss Tommie Clack, Lorraine Middleton, Jo Ann Stewart, Bob Lyman. OFFICERS MISS TOMMIE CLACK, EDITORIAL ADVISER FRANK H. ETTER, BUSINESS ADVISER l DONNA MARIE WOOLDRIDGE - - - Editor HART SIIOEMAKER - - Business Manager J. B. HAYES - - - - Feature Editor NADINE DEES - Advertising Manager' HOWARD KEMPER - - Photographer BOB LYIVIAN - - Sports Editor GERALDIN1-3 BUSTER - - - - Club Editor WILLIE SUE LONG - - Assistant Club Editor Purpose: To blend the history and accomplishments of the past years into a permanent record for Abilene High School. Activities: Publishing the yearbook was the outstanding activity. During the year the staff purchased a typewriter and cabinets and gave money to the school for pictures. Entertainment: Members of the staff attended a picnic in the country when the annual was published. l Honors: Third in Texas High School Press Association. First Honor Rating in National Scholastic Press Association. Second in l936 Historical Centennial Con- test, and fifty dollars in prizes. Page BATTERY First How: Nelle Smith. Blzwllia lfziyi- linrker, .le-:In l'ZowyeI'. Frankie Mae Puff, ltilizzilweth Brzulsliztw. Second How: Coiistant-e liriclge, I-'ny ilrissorn, Nancy Nell Cox, Alline Mctlzlugliey, Virginia Allen. ii-s ,11- Third Row: Xx'Ol'll1 Finley, J. T. Flannugan, VVade Meadows, Glenn Neill, James George. Ii. YV, Haggard STAFF G. W. HAGGARD, ADVISER Editor-in-Chief - - FRANKIE MAE POFF Managing Editor, ELIZABETH BRADSHAW News Editor ----- NANCY NELL Cox Sports Editor - - - - GEORGE ANSON Literary Editor - - - - FAY GRISSOM Society Editor - - MARTHA FAYE BARKER Exchange ------ CONSTANCE BRIDGE Business Manager ---- JEAN BOWYER Advertising Manager - WADE MEADOWS Circulation Manager - - JAMES GEORGE Feature Editor ------- NELLE SMITH Collector --------- GLENN NEILL Assistant in Sports ------ J. T. FLANNAGAN Associate Business Manager - - - WORTII FINLEY Associate Advertising Manager - - VIRGINIA ALLEN Motto: "Supplying the News current for Abilene High Schoolf, Purpose: To publish the school newspaper. Entertainment: The annual Battery banquet was held at the Wvooten Hotel, March 6. Activities: The Texas High School Press Association was entertained, and delegates were sent to the lnterscholastic League Press contest at Austin in the spring. National Scholastic Press Association honors: All-American honor rating. Quill and Scroll honors: lnternational honor rating. Texas High School Press Association honors: Second best newspaper in state class Ag best newspaper in Texas edited by a girlg first and third in sports writing, George Ansong second place in column writing, Elizabeth Bradshawg tie for second in feature writing, Nancy Nell Coxg first place honor rating in the Columbia Scholas- tic Press Association. Page 119 ART CLUB sheiifihf H Sec-ond Row: -lwIFl1'g'1ll'E!t Cox, Cflizwleno Hawkins, Annie Lee Simmons, Jean VVzilke1', Louie Fay Goldsmith- Marguerite Holley. Third Row: James Booth, Jean Dram-keii, .Ioan Corley, Edith Lowe, .Tune Grunt, Florenwg Ewing. Fourth ROW: Carle-ne Bowers, YValtor B. Hale, Virginia Trung, Sue Campbell, Miss Beth Cooinbes. Fall Term, ANNIE LEE SIMMONS MARY ALICE BROOKS KATHRYN MURRAY - MILDRED CHAPMAN OFFICERS MISS BETH COOMBES, ADVISER - - President - - Vice-President - . - Secretary - - Reporter - - Spring Term - JACK CARTWRIGHT MARY ALICE BROOKS - - GLORIA LESSING MILDRED CHAPMAN Purpose: To develop art appreciation and to further the interest of art in Abilene High School, Activities: Programs on dress, cartoons, poster work, and phases of art inter- esting to members were held during club periods. The club Sponsored an art contest in April for the purpose of selecting the representative of Abilene High School in the Regional Art Contest. Entertainment: Members were entertained at a spring picnic. Honors: In pastel Tid Compere placed first, and in modeling Edgar Lee Allen placed first in the Regional Meet. Page 120 SS CLUB First llow: Alma .lane lkige, livelyn l"lllNYllt'l', 1101114131100 llridge, llucialis Jones, Harry l!I'iclg'I-. SI-I-owl Row: G. XV, lli'l.fl'S-I'2ll'll, Leslie Page .I. T. I7l2lllllZlQ,'1lll, James lleorge, liillie llurke y M yati, YVII iicla Fox, Tliirri llow: Hmvi-Int Nourli, lint XYeallIe1'S, Betty Lrltliani, Dixie BlUlllf.Z'HlllL'I'j', lborothy Fira-li, Mary lY'2ll'lk-'l' Yoaton. Fi-I1I'IlI Row: Cl. 'IK Sziiiflidgze, Elms, l"l'z1llliiG llillf Puff, Lucille Raigzsdzxle, Tliomas l.Yiiliz1i1is, xXYUl'Ill Finley Fall Term CEORIQE Axsox - WORTH FINLEY - BETTI LATHANI - TI-IOMAS XVILLIAMS IVIIANKIE MAYI Pom-' OFFICIQRS - President - Vice-Presirierzl - - Secretary - - - Treasurer - - Reporter - Spring Term - - GEORGE ANSON - - XVORTH FINLEY FRANKIE lVlAE POFF THOMAS XVILLIAMS - - JAMES GEORGE Purpose: To Study the newspaper from a non-professional point of view. !lcliv1'lz'e5.' The Press Club assisted in entertaining the Texas High School Press Association, February 12-13. Programs included talks by local leaders in the field of educational and professional journalism. Elll6l'lfll-IIIIIEIZII Members of the Club were guests of the Battery Staff in the annual banquet held at the Vtfoolen Hotel. March 6. Page 121 PEP SQUAD A ,Y Q First Bow: Betty Burns Williams, Bee Agnew, Tid Compere, lrene Moser. Second Row: Mary Yeaton, Lorraine Everett, Valerie Hoekersmith, Mina lnman, Martha Jean Horn, Geraldine Johnson, Sarah Collins, Betty Hanks, Nancy Nell Cox. Third Row: Myrl Moreland, Marcia Lee McGehee, Hazel Greeley, Kathleen Johnson, Pattie Lee Bell, Margaret Kennedy, Wilma Ruth Bickley, Jackie Walton, Dixie Montgomery, Myrle Hinshaw, Delma McAden. Fourth Row: Billie Rae Garrison, Billie Doris Holland, Fairy Thelma Beam, Billie Blanche Smith, Charlotte Conner, Juanita Jeanne Hay, Marybelle Holt, Joy Hathcock, Palm L. Branch, Dorothy Hambrick, Rogene Beasley. Fifth Row: Rae Cole, Billie Corley, Eunice Parramore, Mary Frances Tittle, Martha Shaw, llamay Johnson, Frances Payton, Nell Blakney, Irene Naylor, Elsie Clark. Maurine Chumhley. Sixth Row: Lucille Winter, Helen Louise Blanton, Marie Wittman, Lola Jo McComb, Evelyn Brittain, Juanita Shahan, Lee Ellen Balfanz, Dixie Ruth Free, Betty Barnes, Joyce Graves, Pauline Adami, Miss Glenna Faye Grant. OFFICERS Miss GLENNA FAYE GRANT, ADVISER BETTY BURNS WILLIAMS ---- - - - President TID COMPERE - - - - V ice-President BEE AGNEW - - - - - Secretary ELEANOR YOUNG - ---- Treasurer IRENE MOSER - - - - - Chairman of Checkers Purpose: To support all athletic events in which Abilene High School partici- pates. Page 122 PEP SQUAD H First Row: Bee Agnew, Betty Burns Williams, Tid Compere, Irene Moser. Second Bow: Sue Babb, Joy Roberts, Mary Lou Agnew, Lorraine Middleton, Lurline Bailey, Mary Alma Perry, Betty Boucher. Third Row: Erna Lee Wall, Mary Virginia Little, Marjorie ,lo Massey, Beth Christopher, Nadine Dees, Lillian French. Fourth Row: Jackie Belew, Eloise Elmore, Burnace Ann Agnew, Frances Green- field, Lourene Strain, Dorothy Jean Shaw, Jeane Robinson, Evelyn Boyd. .Z J OFFICERS W Miss GLENNA FAYE GRANT, ADVISER BETTY BURNS WILLIANIS ------- President TID COMPERE - - - - V ice-President BEE AGNEW - - - - - - Secretary ELEANOR YOUNG - - - - Treasurer IRENE MOSER ---- - Chairman of Checkers Page Activities: Stunts were performed at each football game of the season and at all parades, and rallies were held in chapel. Entertainment: The members attended a Thanksgiving dinner at the Wooten Hotel, and the annual Home-Coming at Lytle Lake was held in May. The Abilene High School Pep Squad was one of the first established in Texas, now it is the finest. Much of the success of the Abilene High football team this year was due to the girls in the black and gold who practiced their drills persistently and efficiently performed their duties. 123 BAD First Row: Owen Baggett, XV. E, Gibson, Edgar Bradley, Ht-aron C'artled,s,'e, Grant Jones. Hill Sanders, Abie Cohen, .lentry Holmes, A. M. Hinds, Bob Roberson, l'zlul Holmes, .Ian-lc King, Murry VVilliams, Dick Owens, Charles Rogers, Morse Baniau, C. M. Snow, .lack Uonaway, li. 'I'. Bynum. l Second Row: Edwin Jennings, Sammy XValdrop, Homer f'll2lDlll2lll,' Edgar Roberts, Mac-k King, Billy Jo Amis, Harry Tompkins, Billy C. Holdcrness, James Day, D. U. Clark, .lerry Culwell, XValter Vit-tor, James Hammett, Bobby Jay, Glenn Powers. Third Row: Ralph Mills, Billy Middleton, Tommie Teal, James Caldwell, Larry Stint-hi-onib, Marvin Grimes, S. R. Friedsan, James Sanders, Edward Moore, .loe Bettes, Boll Horton, XVilson Holly, B. F. Person, VVarren Hubbard, Me-lton lleese. Fourth Row: Ross L. Miller, Kenneth Day, Gerald Harbor, Earl Brown, Robert Owen, Pender Stokes, Robert Gililland, Guy Kemper, Cayton Knox, Claude Stewart, Paul Clark, B. C. Rogers, Gean Clark, C. V, XVOrk, Fifth Row: Joe Steakley, Jimmy King, Grover Hall, Edell Moore, Arthur Arrant, Robert Cook, Marshall Millsap, XVilliam Snow, .I. M. Arey, George Taylor, XV. D. Rhodes, Hal Pender. OFFICERS RAYMOND T. BYNUM, ADVISER HARRY TOMPKINS - President ABIE COHEN - Vice-President W. D. RHODES - Secretary JACK KING - Librarian GEORGE TAYLOR - - Reporter OWEN BAGCETT - - Drum Major ROBERT GILILLAND - - Sergeant-al-Arms JERRY CULWELL - - - - - Sergeant-at-Arms Purpose: To stimulate interest in instrumental music and to serve the school and community in any possible Way. Activities: The band played in assembly programs, at football games, Chamber of Commerce programs, and special school sponsored programs. Members entered contests at Hardin-Simmons University and at Lubbock. Honors: First in marching and playing at the Hardin-Simmons contest April 10. The Sweepstakes cup became a permanent possession as a result of these victories. Page 124 l,f x' ORCHE T RA First Row: Szlrettu Morrrww, Betty XVllll2l1'I1S. Luciztlis .Tmn's, Jimmie King, .lzlnie linrnett, .Tuck D11-ssen, NX'zuidzi Fox, Maya Miracle, Nancy Jeanne Blzinkenship, lletty Mt-Intosh, Almzr Jane Page. Second Row: Alline BlL'fi2lLlg'l1L'j', Earl Brown, Dorothy Muck Aman, lietty .Io Huwlnziii, Aletxt Boles, H2ll'l'B' II!w1IJlilll XVzlld1'up, Billy Roh Sanders, Edgzlr Bradley, Hearon Cartledgc, Guy Kemper, Hoy Keniper, IC. K. l50XVIl!2lI'l, Josephine VVlIlt6+l'S, Dorothy Mae Frzmklin. Thirfl Row: S. R. l"l'lE'llSilIl, James Sanders, il. T. Sundidge, Chester XY2'llkt'l', Paul Clark, luck King, D. l', Clark. Fourth Row: A. M. Hinds, .lentry Holmes, R, T. Bynum, .Ioe Stcukley, XV, D. Rhodes. ,AUCOIllD211liSfZ Minnie Faye- McQ11:1ry. the thei OFFICERS R. T. BYNUM, ADVISER HARRY TOMPKINS - President YV. D. RHODES - Vice-President SARETTA MORROW - - Secretary ' NTRY HOLMES - Librarian ALLINE MCGAUGHEX' - - Reporter 21. if li Purpose: To stimulate the taste for symphonic music, to present such music to student body, and to afford both the boys and the girls the opportunity to develop r musical talent. Activities: The Orchestra presented several programs over KRBC and chapel programs. Entertainment: The Orchestra held its first banquet at the Wlooten Hotel Feb- ruary 26 and a picnic in May. Page 125 ! ,Let A 7 if . K IRL GLEE CLUB ' First Row: Dorothy .li'illl Shaw, Rosalie Grinics, l,uc'illt- VVinter, Mary .l'll'Zllll't'S 'l'ittls-, Sarah Collins, Billie Louise VVebb, Leta Rue Riddle. Second llow: llzxrbnrzi llorsucli, Mary l71'ig'g't-iss, XYilliu Lziurzi Gillnwtli. .loyvv Mason, Olive Bynum, YVillie Sue Long, llelen Louise lilzinton, llillye Sears, Mzulge Young. Third Row: Jackie lgls, Annette Price, Alziry Alma l'I-rry, Mziry Bena VVhite, Sue Uzimpbell, Cnrrit Lee Gist, EN1estine lirown, l'z1lm l.. lil'Lllll'll, Mellm Scogin, Iiillizxn Frent-li, Fourth Row: Gziyle Peterson, Dorothy Huy Tluiley, Opzil Lou llron-k, Donna Merrie XN'oolcl1'idgu, Nelle Smith, Hee Agnew, Gertrude Mancill, Elsie Flark, Lucille lizigsdzxle. Fifth Row: Parztiee Dixon Manly, Frzinm-es Hoclnlen, ICIYIIICQS lluglies, Helen Cowan. .laekie VVilson, Mary Virginia Little, Marvin Lindley, Dorothy Chaney, Lucille Rucker, Jean Quattie- bfium. Sixth Row: Chfxrlotte Conner, Lottie ll. Hobbs, Dorothn Ann Fox, Mary Sue Hutto, Thelma OSKQGII, Juanita Harvey, Melba Hamilton, Fairy 'l'helma Beam. Seventh Row: Aileen Hardin, M:II'gz1ret NVz1ll, Ailiytwlkic-Gnu-rliey, .Ieane Robi s , B tty Sue Pitts, Louellu Lane, Doris Monk, llixit- Ruth Free, Miss Eilllf it T lemons. H on Q OFFICERS MIss OUIDA CLEMONS, ADVISER MARY FRANCES TITTLE - - President MARY ELIZABETH GALBRAITH Vice-President SARAH COLLINS - ' - - Secretary JACKIE MILLS Reporter xf ,,- Purpose: To stimulate an interest in music among the girls of the school. Activities: The Girls Glee Club sang for banquets, parties, night programs, and chapel programs during the year. Entertainment: A banquet was held for the entire club and ex-members. Honors: First places were won by the mixed chorus, girls' chorus, girls, quartet, girls, sextet, and girls' trio at the eighth annual West Texas Voice Contest held April 3 at Hardin-Simmons. All of Abilene High School's girl representatives won first in the Texas Festival of Music at Fort Worth. Page 126 GIRL CLEE CLUB First Row: .lean Mt-llonalcl, Mary Hedrick, Geraldine Shaw, Dorothy Lackey, Betty Hour-her, La Nelle liastus, Minnie Faye Mctluary. Second Row: Barbara Russell, Norma Jane Hodges, Katherine McDaniel, Ouida Mae Henry, Marshall Faye Landers, Billie Cooley, Mary Nell Hamilton, livelyn VVilson, Irene Naylor. Third Row: Mary Ola Taylor, Dannie Ruth Malone, Audrey Maroney, .Toe Evelyn Davis, Joe Finley Knox, Gwendolyn Nelson, Maxine Massey, Rubie Lea Thornton, lirna Lee VVall, Sarah Ann Stowe. Fourth Row: Mina Margaret Wheeler, Maxine Kenner, Argero Booth, Nadine Kenner, Elta Virden, Lillian Hart, Jane Akens, Edith Comer, La Verne NVest, Essie Vee Nail, Maribell Roberts. Fifth Row: Sue Duvall, Barbara Crowe, Clyde Parmelly, Dixie Bailey, Fawn Nell Barlow, Marie XYilson, Eula Myrle Strong, Tina Belle Thompson, Mary Elizabeth VVebb, Ruth Evelyn Foote. Sixth Row: June Hobbs, Tommie Harrison, Orleanor Dellis, Mary Elizabeth NVhite, Ruth Revell, Billie Louise Antilley, Dovie Teal, Leona Belle Brannan, Maxine Daugherty, Cora Nell McAlister. Seventh Row: Miss Flora Lee Pope, Ernestine Lowe, Bobbie Sarrels, Jo Hanna Crawford, Dorotha Nell Boyce, Ayleene Archer, Lyndelle Smith, Dorothy Lee Boyce, Bessie Lee Cornelius, Mary Betty Hutchings. OFFICERS MISS FLORA LEE POPE, ADVISER MARY FRANCES TITTLE - - - President MARY ELIZABETH GALBRAITH - Vice-President SARAH COLLINS ---- - Secretary JACKIE MILLS Reporter aff' The purpose of the Glee Club is public performance, the ideal is perfection of technique. This organization strives to make the student really enjoy singing. The club period is looked upon as a time of real joy and pleasure. The sextet chosen at the first of the year was composed of Mary Frances Tittle, Rosalie Grimes, Dorothy lean Shaw, Lucille Winter, Leta Rue Riddle, and Mary Elizabeth Galbraith. Eunice Parramore and Billie Louise Webb gained places on the sextet through the resignation of Mary Elizabeth Galbraith and Lucille Winter. Page 127 78 . g'ffY3, BUYS GLEE CL B ' A x , 9.6. JJ I? First ltow: .low 3lHl'I'lSHI1A l.t'1IIt1l!'1l ,l1Il1llSUIt, 1'lIzII'lI1s Al2ll'ShIlll, FI'zlIIk 'll:II'I'is, 4XllCt'I1 llzlrilill, Dvllllllll Pzigw-, llllttlltlll 'l'IlYl1JI', Billy Agiicxv, Zolus Motley, 124-oI'g'u Ilzlrxcy. Sccouit limv: Glenn Nichols, J. XYhi1 Ileyimlds, lGdwzII'4l Bt-:Ish-y, I.RmIz1rrl li2lll'2lllZ, 'l'lIonI:Is lluzlwu, Ilaxrl Slim-nizilu-I', llzirry 'I'oI1Ipki11s, H1113 l.ItllllL'l'S, tiny l4ZtllIlt'l'S, Itiltiztrrt t'. Simmoiis, .111 't'hiI'd How: Imstcr Ilorton, V111 tlezlslcy, lflrlt-11 Moore, Vhzirtcs Stmprs, tlcrzild ltzirlrcr, .lzimcs llitllllltvll, Ilolanml 'l1llU!l12lSIrIl, J, tb. VVillizII1IsoII, Felton Uncle, Miss Uuida l'll'lNUllS. l"Ulll'lll tlow: Vllhillllilts Iirowixlcv, lt. It Ililglics, .l1lHll'S livlllll, time ttzimcs, Foy ll2U'l'lS, Loysoix ttzinkiu, l"I'U.l1li Iioln-rsoii, .Iztmcs Atkinson, IC. NV, Berry, Jin, 1'l12ll'll'S lmwelt, lflfth ltow: Itupert LiclIzx1'dsoII, Garnet flrzlcy, .Iune IH-I'kiIIs, Tl, IS. I'ooI', .luck Reynolds, J, XV. Ifoln-y, 't'ommy Mzlrtiu, Theo XV1lsIeII, Hzirrison lilt'll2ll'1lS, Itowzilwt Muyfielml. Fall Term FRANK HIRXRRIS - BILLY AGNIQW - - CONNILLL '1'AYLoR BILL NIEAD - - OFFICERS Miss OLIIIJA CI.IcMoNs. AIJVISER - President - - Vice-Presirlent - - Secretary - - Reporter - Spring Term - - FRANK tIARRIs - BILLY AGNLW - CONNIQLL TAYLOR LLox,xRn Jouxsox Purpose: To create a lmetter appreciation for music and to promote choral singing. Activities: The Boys Clee club entered music contests at H31'fllI1-Sll11I11ClllS, April 3, and Fort Vlforth, April 23-21. Enteriainnienl: A banquet was held in the spring. Honors: First places were won lay mixed chorus, boys chorus, and boys quartet at the eighth annual West Texas Voice Contest held April 3 at Hardin-Simmons. The boys' division of Alrilene High School also won first in each contest they entered in the Festival at Fort Vlforth. Page 128 GanG First ROW: R. M, POllOc'k, E. Vlark, VV. R, Bic-kley, M. Chuinbley, T. Fompere, TZ, XVllll2llllS, L. Jones, .l. tlraves, G. Hillman, ll. Agnew, J. Flippo, R. M. XVhite, .I. 'l'z1ylor, S. Shiflett. Sevonrl ROW: XY. CEll'176'llI6'l', N, Victor, G. Un::te1', D, ll, liuiley, l'. L. Hell, K. Johnson, H. Greely, E. Alztngel, Al. A. l'2llll1JlJ6'll, U. L. Gist, IG. Curry, M. Little, B. Heflin, XV. S. Long. 'I'hi1'd ROW: V. Reagan, M. B. YVhite, H. L. Blanton, M. Urigllt, M. Shaw, Campbell, M, Chapman, A. L. Grzty, E. fiilbreth, C. XV2llk6l', ll. King, M. Young, ll. F. Ford, V. Davis, S. Adams. Fourth Row: K. Murray, N. Smith, I.. XXYVUII, M. lieriy, M. Collins, E. Burns, J. Burforfl, L. Henderson, R. llvztsley, V. Hale, XV. FOX, B. Vernon, IZ. Art-liibalfl, 'l'. Osteen, J. VVz1ltOn. Fifth ROW: Y. L, Stubbs, A. l'e1'1'y, B. Smith, J, Ha1'vt-y, F. M. Poff, lil. Brarlshztw, J. Bowyer, M. Blzlllett, M. Hutto, G. D. XVlietstOne, J. Vztntreese, A. Camp, D. M, XVOO11l1'idge, S. Collins, Miss T. Clam-k, Sixth ROW: Mrs. E. C". Smith, M. E. tlzllbraitli, L. NVinter, M. F. 'I'ittle, BT. Kennedy, 0. L. Brock, V. Stanley, F. Osborne, IC. Brittaiin, M. XVittnmn, L. IC. Balfztnz, J. Shahztn, Miss 0. Johnson, M. King. OFFICERS Miss Om-:LL JOHNSON, Miss TOMMIE CLACK, Mas. EDITH C. SMITH. ADVISERS Fall Term Spring Term GLADYS HILLMAN - - - President - ------ BEE AGNEW BEE AGNEW - - - Vice-Presidenl - - DONNA MARIE XVOOLDRIDGE JOYCE GRAVES ---- - Secretary - ----- JOYCE GRAVES MARTIIA FAYE BARKER - - Reporzer - - M ARTHA FAYE BARKER Purpose: To bring about a closer relationship among the girls in Abilene High School and to foster a spirit of friendliness and loyalty among them. Activities: A G an C Honor System by which a member may win an award of honor for attendance, participation, and service, and the Little Sister plan were major activities. EIllf6l'il1ifll7l6Ill.' Members engaged in the annual Little Sister Christmas party in the school cafeteria and a Valentine tea honoring their mothers at the Abilene Womans Club. An Easter egg hunt was given for the Sophomore girls, and the Junior girls were entertained with a style show. Page 129 A,AnN COLLECTORS First Row: lilnnna ffuzzxrt, M:n'g:zu'ctte Higg'il1bOt,lizu11, Sue llzllrls, Delnnx Mc'AdGlly l'fU'2ll9e Dixon Manly, llziinziy Johnson, Rae Volt-, Beth l'ln'istOnlicr. Second Row: Jackie Ilelew, Nornizi June- 'lllHlgE'!4, Mina Belle Hodges, ' 4 Frances Jones, lCx'elyn B2lLllllQIkil'LlllPl', Kzitlierinc Uziltlwell, .loy Hzitln-On-lc, lnlizaxluelli Gene Allfllll- Third Row: Marjorie Nell Bruton, Virginia Holbert, Marguerite Fincher, Gloria Gill, Lonrene Strain, Marybelle Holt, .lean McDonald, Jeane Robinson, Dorothy Kennedy. A E Fourth ROW: Miss Odell Johnson, Mary Lou Agnew, Patsy Ellis, Virginia VVOrk, Vvllllki Edna VVilliams, Billie Dean Collier, Esther Goltz, Lillian French, Burnnce Ann Agnew. Anna NYOOfllOck, OFFICERS Miss ODELL JOHNSON, ADVISER Fall Term Spring Term PARALEE DIXON MANLY - - - President - - - PARALMJ DIXON MANLY ILAMAY JOHNSON - - - Vice-President - - - ILAMAY JOHNSON DELMA MCADICN - - Secretary - - DliLlNlA MCADEN SUE BABE. - - - Reporter - - - SUE BABB Motto: 4'Add another article." Purpose: To promote enjoyment in collecting. Activities: Discussions of arrangenient of collections, values of collections, interesting facts about articles collected, and attractive displays of individual col- lections. Entertainment.' ln early fall a clulm sunrise breakfast at a local park, and a Christmas party at the Manly home in the country were enjoyed, Page 130 HOME ECONOMIC CL B First Row: Alxlry littn XYf':1I1IeI'i'vf1, Annit- Ruth K1-ith. Iiffit Mztnde- 'l'e:I1, Anitzt I'11'2l111i11H, Mrlriv 1!4fI'i'y. 1"1n'istinm- TIIIII41, 1'Z1'111l 1'1'es4'1IeI'. .Xdzi Stztlilltiwl. Sw-IIIII1 Iiww: Miss XVi11iv New Hines, L':'I1'1'.1 Lew Ijisl. .inywv 1'1211'1i. 1111111 Slew:-VI, Sybil 1I:II'ris, Mi1r11'eI1 XYIIgIIt-V, Heh-n Uldliani, ThiI'c1 Huw: Helen O't'nIIne11, Alive .Int-o1is, Ax'zIne1l HenI11'iu1c, Isnbe11 Mastursoii, Leah Yau'- II911, Betty Ruth Mnwison, Helrn Ruth H1'OV.'l1. V Ffvnrth Ilwvvz Mellvzi Svngin, Lai Ne11e Huiniltwn, Bennie Hyrani, Rozelle Peuzwe, Ba1'bzu'a Q'I'mVv. Ruth T5'1l'1', IR-zirlv tQa11e. OFFICERS Miss WYILLIE BIAE HINES, ADVISER Fall Term Spring Term, EFFIE MAE11 TEAL - - Pl'u5I'clv11t - - EFFIE MAITD TEAL ANITA FRANKLIN - - Vice-President - - ANITA FRANKLIN ANNIE RUTII KEITII - - Secretary - - ANNIE RUTH KEITH NIARIIC BERRY - - - - Reporler - - - NIARIE BERRY Putrpose: To misc- funds to send Ilelegutm to the State? Honieinaking Rally in the spring. ACfiUl'fl.6S.' A fruit Cake' stile at Cliristiiius and two foods fairs, wen- important events in the cluifs work. NICINIHSFS served the Future Fa11'II10I's of Anieriva Banquet and thr' Diversified Occupation Banquet, March -1. Erztelffzilzlzzelzl: A box suppvr, sponsorerl with thv Fulurv Farniers of America, at the Belles homo near Buffalo Cap. Page 131 CYCLODRAMA MASK ANIK XFNG ' X QV l"ll'Sl Row: Dickie Dane llliiiimms, .I:1c'k l1l'0!4St'll, Bl2lY2l Mirzu-le, l'hil Suliultz, llill M1-ful, Karl TEUIIIIPZIIIX, Dixie Ruth F1'L'tf, Lua-ille NVi11to1', fic-1'z1l1li11e Shaw, lillzi Blzirie G:11'11e-1'. Secthllfl Row: BlHIl2ll'2l6' Schultz, ALILTLISIZI Uonfl, T3111'l1:11'a 1i4Jl'SllL'll, Anita Sta-veiisrmii, 1lIll'Y Jxllllll Clzimpbell, .Team Marliii, Sue G1'ahz1111, .luycee 'I':1ylo1', lletty All-l11 'l'hi1'rl Row' .lean Bowyeiy llluiiice Pz11'1'11111o1'o, Mary Rell Hold lush. er, 0, TI, l!1':1dh111'y, ii. l1. Horton, Morris Mf-l'J1111:1lrl, Billy Agnf-W, lirnufst livyiiolds, lclllibl' T31'owr1. iF0lll'l,ll Row: Sfiiwttzi Rl0l'l'0XV, AlIi1I M1-Gz111gl11-y, Aileen ilzuwlili, Tlvtly Tlzmks, Gerzllfliiie .Tul111so1I, Vl'll82lll01' xrfbllllg, Betty j'i0llCllt'l', I , . ll Shzlw, NV1tnflz1 Mac l'lt'll1l'lllS, C, U, Fowl. Fifth How: .lack l-l'Olfl4'll, Ric-hzircl Sll6l'XYUOLl, .hwy Riddle, J, XVhil Reyliolds, Sl1e1'111:111 Fole- lllllll, Clitllcl Mc-Aden, .luck lllackmon, Hip Olrlhzim, Truvtt Coinpero. OFFICERS C. B. FORD, ADVISER Fall Term KARL BONNEAUX - - Presideni - BILL M1-IAD - - - Vice-Preshfezzl - DIXIE RUTH FREE - - Secrezary - Purpose: To create a liking for acting and plays and to the public. Activities: Plays given by the cluli were Hlcefi uKingdo Mwildrnan of the Mesaf, presented over KRBC. Spring Term, - KARL BONNEAUX - RICHARD SHERWOOD - DIXIE RUTH FREE entertain themselves and ni of the Sheplierdfl and Enlertainmenl: A picnic in May and a banquet in March with Ye Little Players at the Wooten Hotel. Page 132 CYCLODRAM A YE LITTLL: PL1YY1QRs First Huw: Mary FI'2lIl1'U!4 S11:111g'le1'. XQ1111-y Nell fmx, Sarah 1'11Ili11s, B1-tty Iiurns XViHia111H. 'Fifi l'1.Y11111e1'1-, Ruth Iixwlyii lfmiim-. 5:1111 V1111111-1'. Set-111111 Huw: Alrlllj' I-'1':111c'1-s 'I'illlu. AlZ'lI'jUl'it1 .lu Blzmssvy. I.11l1Y .lu MvC'41111l1, pxllll Imss, 1-'ny G1'iQs11111, Afillf' Iilizziin-1111l:1ll11':1itl1, Nlyrle Hi115l1:1YY. 'I'hi1'1l Huw: I141-no Mmm-11, liwy Imftin, .Ii111111y 4'1111111v1', l4L44lIl2ll'1l .I11l111s1111, Bill Toto, f'h:11'l1-s N x .'IlLl'2,', Ht-e Agiiexv. Fo111'tl1 Iluw: .I. V. IIllIliDlll't'y, lbavid Hustle, .I:11'k Pk'l'I'5', fifll'llUl Grzivy, L. J, XVo0ds, Bill Tippeii, .Iin1111y Browii. OFFICERS J. C. HL'M11HR1:Y, ADVISER Fall Term Spring Term, JIMMY BROWN - - Presidenl - - - - JIMMY BROWN BILL TETE - - Vice-I'z-esidefzz - - BILL TETE Tm COMPERE - - Secrelary - - TID COMPI-31115 A. K. Doss - - - Treasurer - - - - A. K. Doss XANCY N ELL Cox - NANCY NELL Cox - - Reporter - Purpose: To p1'O1I'lOIP d1'EllI1L1IilfS in thv several 131111101165 of the theater: action, production. and cii1'ectio11. ACZ1.Ul.fl'6'S.' Two plays. 'eLook-Ahead-O-Graph" and 'ipin A Pin O11 Mefi were presented in chapel. Entertainment: New nienilmers were initiated all a party at the Country Club last fall. Honors: Y. L. P, won the cup last Year for the best chapel program in a Contest sponsored by the Battery. Page 133 l-ll-Y SPIRIT SERVICE I V MIND BODY First Row: A. K. Doss, Harry Toinpkins, Rob Jordan, Leonard Johnson, Zolus Motley, J. D. Ticlwell. Second Row: J. C. Dodd, Garnet Gravey, 1'. H. Hill, Bud Gambill, Jerry Culwell, E. VV. Riddle. Third Row: Charles Powell, Leon lleese, Frank Rrahuney, Donald Raymond, Rufus Grisham, John D. Hunter. OFFICERS JoIIN D. HUNTER, ADVISER Fall Term Spring Term Bois BEAMS - - - - - President - - - - A. K. Doss A. K. Doss - - Vice-President - - HARRY TOMPKINS BOB JORDAN - - - - Secretary-Treasurer - - - - BOB JORDAN LEONARD JOHNSON - - - Chaplain - - - LEONARD JOHNSON J. D. TIDWELL - - - - Reporter - - - - J. D. TIDWELL - Sergeant-at-Arms - - - - ZOLUS MOTLEY Motto: UTO create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian characterf, Purpose: uClean speech, clean sports, clean scholarship, and a contagious Chris- tian character." Activities : Members helped carry on Regional Meet in the spring, gave baskets of food to the needy at Thanksgiving and Christmas, secured homes for delegates to High School Press Conference, attended three-day Older Boys' Conference in Brecken- ridge, Texas, February 5-7, engaged in volley ball and baseball contests, and aided in Various school activities. Entertainment: A Halloween party, Father-Son chili supper, Sweetheart ban- quet, and a spring picnic were social events. Page 134 RADIO G ILD firs Row: Ilzizel Vozlies, Noll lilixkiiey. Xvilfll-' Mozrdows, Jerry Austin, Howzuwl KClllIl9l', lui hsuuilii 1 ii lull 1 1 I l !: ' T- 1 if, Gr-o'gg'1 I T t'rziuml:xll, l-Ile-ziiimm ltishrn, Se-cowl ROW: .limmy lie-zisley, Surah Eu-lyii Simms, lletlie XYreu, Alfww Milf- XX'o.ll1or1xL Arthur Nnwrvd, l'ri-stun XVilli:ims, lioggeiik- HQ-zisli-Y, liilliv .lean Ezistus. ' Third Row: .Terrell Fuller, Huston Vogwlwll, E. XY, Berry, Jr., 'I'homas Overall, limmett Laiwlr-ss. Hurry Saunders. Ibivk Adzuus. Fourth ROW: Vomor Vlzly, Hzirrell Holmos, llivirl Himlr, Homer Ruffin. R. B. Poor, OFFICERS COMER CLAY. ADVISER Fall Term HOWARD KI-IMPER - - Presiflenl - VVQADI-I NIEADOWS - - Vice-President - JERRY AUSTIN ---- - See,-1'ela1'y' - - GEORGIA RUTH CRANDTXLL - - Treasurer - NIARY BENA XVHITE - - - Reporzer - MONO: Hllefs put Almilenf- High on llif' air." Spring Term - HOWARD KEMPER - - - HARRELLHOLMES GEORGIA RUTH CRANDALL - - - ROGI-INE BEASLEY - NIARY BENA XVHITE Purpose: To gin? sluclenls ai-luul expvi'imic'v in raclio uiiuouncing, acting, script writing, uncl speaking. flclivilies: Sponsors tllc- AlJllPl1C High School program: on KRBC every 'fhursrlay at five-thirty in thi- aflPrnOOn. For club mouth the group gave il 1C1Jl'OdUCll0l1 of Jack Bonnyis PI'0gI'ilI11 using uniplific-rs. a radio control room, an orchestra, and full cast. Enlertainmerzh' A picnic in the fall at Abilene State Park and a formal party in the spring were held. Page 135 My STUDENT ASSOCI TIO, First Row: llill Tippen, Hetty Jo Bowman, Karl llonneanx, 'Firl Compere, Bill Tete, Bee Agnew, Sammy VValtlro1J. Second Row: Donna Marie XVnol1lridge, Betty llurns XVillianis, Sarah Vrvllins, Nelle Smith, llillye Sears, Faye Grissom, Maryella ltatlnnell, Sarah Anne Stowe, 'I'hirfl Row: Flaucl Mt-Arlen, Lester Dorton, A. K, Doss, Ross Finley, Douglas Edwards, Mar:-:hall Millsap, Mac King, Harriett Murray. Fourth Row: Frankie Mae Poff, Melba Hamilton, Nadine Dees, Patsy Ellis, Arthur Norred, Gentry Holmes, Charles Suggs, Robert Gilillanfli Fifth Row: Sue Babb, Bill Minor, Donald Raymond, Elton Hailey, Floyd Fox, Hart Shoe- maker, Paul Holmes. Sixth Row: Eilene Dwyer, Bernice Herring, Mary Elizabeth Vtlebb, Dickie Dane Emmons, Joy Riddle, Lawrence XVade Pool, Mary Franc-tfs Spangler, Florence Ewing, Corin Cooper. OFFICERS BYRON ENGLAND, COMER CLAY, Miss TOMMIE CLACK, ADVISERS BILL TETE - - President KARL BONNEAUX - Vice-President TID COMPERE - - - - Secretary BEE AGNEW - - Senior Representative SAINIMY WALDROP - junior Representative BILL TIPPEN - Sophomore Representative BETTY ,IO BOWMAN Freshman Representative Purpose: To establish better relationship between the students and the faculty of Abilene High School. Activities: Members of the House of Representatives have enacted measures providing for the erection of a permanent memorial to the deceased superintendent, R. D. Green, and for a student courtesy committee, a student directed assembly pro- gram once each week, and other measures which give the students a voice in the activities of the school. Page TUDE T COUNCIL Ilill 'Pete Karl llonnwaux 'Vid t'ompe-re Hee Agnew Sannnv XYaldrop ,President Viet--l'resident Secretary Senior . .Iunior l Ile wrt-sentxitive Representative 1 Bill 'Pippen Helly .lo I-lownian llyron Iinpqlanml Miss 'I'o1nuiiet'la,ek Cornerl Clay Sophoniore l'll't'Slllllflll Adviser Adviser Adviser te1n'esentnti'.'e lit'1Il'E'f44'lll2lllX'P Tl1is vear saw the installation of an organization for which the students of Abilene High School have been agitating for some timesthe Student Association. ., c The movement really began last spring when the subject of student government was brought up for debate in the Public Speaking Classes. There was inuch argument and discussion for and against the subject, but no definite steps were taken until the fall of 1936. The topic having retained its current interest from the preceding year, the Battery published a poll taken among the students, which showed a definite majority in favor of the plan. Soon after the spring term began, and largely through the efforts of Mr. Hilliard S. Fatherree. permission was gixen by Mr. L. E. Dudley to call a constitutional convention to draft a constitution and to discuss the possibilities of an organization. The convention was called. and representatives from each home room inet to carry out the idea. Bill Tr-te was elected president, and Tid Compere secretary. A com- mittee consisting of Bee Agnew, Karl Bonneaux. and Bill Tippen was appointed to assist the officers i11 drawing up the constitution. Miss Tonnnie tilack, Comer Clay, and Hilliard l7atlierree were appointed by Mr. Dudley to work with the connnittee. After two weeks of labor and 1-an-ful consideration, the task of framing a constitu- tion was completed. The constitution was then submitted to the convention for approval, where it passed unanimously and then was passed on to the student body as a whole, where it met with popular approval. On February 9, l937, the first meeting of the House of Representatives consisting of the newly elected delegates met and elected officers and began the work of the new Student Association. 1 age 137 CIE CE CLUB l First ROW: George Wlishiiigtoii, RO:-as Hill, E, L, llaag, Roh Jordan, Lester Ellis, lieslic Freiic-li, Ben Moody, 'l'o1n Uonnally liurrliit. Sem-ond Row: Eugene Autry, Falvin Adams, XY, XY. llrannan, .lack Gooclinan, Charles Eseue, J. V, Lewis, .l. CX Foster, llharles Lovelzu-c. ' Tliircl llow: Rhodes Ulialker, Pant Hensley, Basil Flziliiizigziii. Dallas Sll'lL'lilIlll1l, llrycc Put- man, David VVillian1s, Billy Dan Czunpbell, fi2ll'll6'l. VVliite, A Fourth Row: Herschel Fliiituni, Charles NYliittington, Billy lit-ties, Bob Lyman, Ross Fran- cis, Archie Allen, Theo XYilson, Toni Barnes. OFFICERS TOM BARNES, ADVISER Fall Term Spring Term BOB JORDAN - - - - President - - - - BOB JORDAN E. L. HAAG - - Vice-President - - R. C. FRY BEN lVlOODY - - Secretary - - BEN MOODY SAM PHILLIPS - - Reporter - - - LILIUS VIRDEN Purpose: To study modern scientific inventions and to stimulate interest in them. Activities: lnstructors in science from local colleges presented demonstrations and made talks on the diesel engine, photo-electric cell, and radio. Members devel- oped pictures of the club at meetings. The club joined the Junior Academy of Science. The club illustrated some scientific points in a chapel program. The sponsor, Mr. Barnes, explained the operation of the Abilene Radio station. Entertainment: Members made a field trip to Lubbock to attend a meeting of the Junior Academy of Science. Page 138 STR G ER Page First Row: lloy Xlitllttlizili, Ili-nry G1'ui+Ims. Maxine XYillizin1s. J. D. XVilli:i1nson, Grave Harris, Hoy Hervey, Mzwk lived. Pail All'C2ll'lY. Sec-ond Row: Charles Dunn, Ilolslrie I.t-e Iiox, .lov Owens, .I. 'l'. Dennis, llittlgf' THEY, 11'Vi11 Iiiiur, Gwendolyn Ht-the-1, Robert Odell, lwggy Anne Uzirswell. Thircl Row: Ifliton Hailey, I-I. V, Prim-e, Lester XYi1son, A. B. Cook, .I. A. Starkey, Audrey AlHl'lllll-'Y, Elsie Vlzirk, Maison Ilemllmiwn-Irs, Marie- 4'utbirth. Ffvnrtli How: Lt-on Ileesv, J. l'. Sniilh, Frzink Brzlhainey, Itiirwzirtl Simgs, tfhnrlic Slwfner, Fifty Key, Bobby Erlwziiwls, Mrs, Marry E. Nmwvtmxi. OFFICERS MRS. MARX' E. NORWOOD, ADVISER Fall Term Spring Term ELTON HAILEY - - President - ---- FLOY KEY LEON REESE - - - Vice-President - - - PAT NICCARTY F RANK BRAHANEY - - Secretary - - - BORMAND DUFILHO GRACE HARRIS - - - - Reporter - - PEGGY ANNE CARSWELL Motto: mfhe friendly stars will guide usf, Purpose: To foster a knowledge and appreciation of the heavens. Activities: Members engaged in a study oi our planetary system, oi the mytho- logical history, and of the location of the ronstellutions. They also read and memorized poems written ahout the heavens in general and the constellations in particular. Entertainment: A spring pirnic at Lake Kirby Park and a Star party in April under the direction of a guest astronomer were social events. 139 BACK O, C RT AIN First Row: C'lI:Irles Sewell, Hollis xxYllll2llllSUl1, Vonstziiice Norvell, Tlurnell XYlIite, 1li1I'g2ll'6'l Kennedy, David Sitton, Second Row: Xvlllllil llutli Bickle-y, Bennie Lou Vernon, Ira Buiwows. Freelin Slioenizlker, Gena. .lPllI1lllj.2'S, ldrnestine Brown. 'Fhirzl Row: lilclwzird lieasley, Ray Landers, Alfllf-fll1'9l Little, Evelyn 'I':Iylo1', Fairy Thelma lifiillll, Melina Hamilton. FOl1l'fl1 Row: Mrs. Selma ll. liisliop, Joyce Mason, Vera llzirvey, Sybil Sliiflett, .loan John- ston, Glen Nichols. Fifth Row: l'l. V. Price, H, B. Gallwaitli, J. YV. Foley, Donald McKIIiglIt, Clifton Babb, Ted Srygley. OFFICERS MRS. SELMA L. BISHOP, ADVISER Fall Term Sprirng Term BIIRNELL WHITE - - President - - - BURNELL WHITE BLANCHE HEELIN - - Vice-Presideni - - DAVID SITTON VIRGINIA ALLEN - - - c e - - - VIRGINIA ALLEN - 7+-h SYBIL SHIFLETT - . . eporzer - - CONSTANCE lXORVELL Purpose: To discover the dramatfc talent and to improve the acting ability of students histrionically inclined. Activities: The club presented Grancinza Pulls the String' as a December assembly program and at the Texas High School Press convention, Are Men Superior at a class meeting, Sparking as a club month program, and The Brat as a spring assembly program. Entertainment: Members enjoyed a fall tacky party in the home of Vililma Ruth Blckley and a spring picnic in May. Page E BROIDERY CL B Page First HOW: Joyce Craft, lflvelyn XYzills, Mary Smith, Billie Louise XVf1lilw, Louise Montgomery, l.ff1'e110 Noll. Se-wviinl ROW: Vluluiu- .IOlnisOn, Alnzvlle Slwres, Lllaiin-lie XYi'ig:lit, .lolniie Maw Gray, lissie Y, Nziil, Bliss Annie llond. Tliircl HOW: Peggy Brzinnzin, Sui- Killelmivw, Mary Lzivy, Alilflreil tlilstuip, .Inu l'lvL-lyn Davis, 'Fonnnie Tm-ul. llillizin Hzirx' ey. Fourth ROW: Marry I-lttzi Stevens, .lue Finley linux, lla xxvilllllfl Hziinilion, Lelizi .lo Oliver, 'Fhelinzx Brown, Nzidel Hilliurn, l.iu-relizi Aliens. Fifth How: Erna Lee VV:ill. liorotliy King, Minn lfziyi- 1XIi-Quziry, Edith l'Olli6l', l'DOrOthu Ann COX, M:11'Qi:1 Lindley. Fall Term MARX' EVELYN LACY - EVELYN NV.-XLLS - OFFICERS Miss ANNIE BOND, ADVISER .- President - - Vice-Pres1'derzt - Spring Term - RUBY DELL NEEB - MAE DELL POE MILDRPID GILSTRAP - Secretary - - JOAN STEVENS SUE KILLEBREW - - Reporler - - LOUISE DARBY Purpose: TO become more skilled in handicraft. Activities: During club meetings inembers worked On pot holders, sczirfs, doilies, and samplers, and at the last meeting in the spring all menibers displayed their work. Entertainment: 'liwent members enffaffed in exchanvinv ffifls at a Christmas Y ze rw o c C3 party, and the girls enjoyed an early spring picnic in the country. 141 FUTURE FARMER First Row: .Izunes Young, Alvin Hatton, Howzird Flint-lcel1'oi1l, Love llenderson, Louise llynum, Helen Oldham, t'ai'ra Lee Gist, xvllllillll Siniili, Joseph Moiitgoiiit-I'y, 'I'1'1leIt 3l1.'Gl'PS01'- Second Row: R. G. VVzildrop, Ross Mt-Ilroy, Bon t'. Keith, .lI'., Carl Axe, Ray Spicler, Clizirles Smith, Vernon Blackhurii, Preston i':l?ll'klllll'll, Robert XV:i1'd, tlerztlil Follett. 'I'hird ROW: Me-i'i'ick Harvey, -li2lI'1lt'll, Manly, llzidley liarlow, Clyde tblrlliam, Morrissett fillllt'l'LC'0llll7, Eddie t'oi'nelius, .Tiininy Skinner, XYz1ltei' XYellmi'n, John Il. Smith, Il, 'I'. Sll'lt.'lil1llltl. Fourtli How: Lloyd Blanks, liilly Hobbs, Lindsey Ft'I'gllSttll, I'aloii Keith, .Inlin l'l9l'2.fLlSOll, .IOe llettes, Doris Cox. Henry Tillett, Milton lliicker, .John Artlnir llnstor, 'I'. ti l1lt'll2ll'tlSt31l. Fifth ROW: J. 1. Moore, Norinzin tlrillrli, Buck Killougli, .John H. Mullins, George Davis, XV. L. Butler, Leonard Harber, NVoodrow Griffith, Hollis 'XVilkins, Alton llarbin, .lidgar XN7llll2lIllS. OFFICERS J. I. MOORE, ADVISER HOWARD SHACKELFORD - - President M. STINCHCOMB - - Parltarnentarian BARNETT MANLY - - Vice-President EDGAR WILLIAMS - - Farm Watch Dog JOHN B. SMITH - - Secretary JOSEPH MONTGOMERY - - Historian HENRY TILLETT - Treasurer W. L. BUTLER ---- Song Leader Motto: 4'Learning to dog doing to learng Earning to liveg living to serve." Activities: The Future Farmers are trained in leadership, debate, declamation, extempore speaking. Judging contests and entering the Fat Stock Show are also included in the activities of the group. Honors: One hundred and sixty dollars was won in the local stock show. The Future Farmers placed first in the district Chapter Conducting Contest. At the Stephenville contest: Poultry team won second place. Entomology team placed third. Page 142 THE SWEETHEARTS OF THE FUTURE FARMERS Characters: Helen Oldham, Carra Lee Gist, Louise Bynum, Love Henderson. Time: The present. Place: A page in the Flashlight. Enter Howard Shackelford: Howard: Now listen, my children. and you shall hear The story of the F. F. A. sweethearts this year, These girls of rare charm and beauty fair Have reigned with grace and dignity rare. Helen: l was designated Queen of the F. F. Aj by a vote of the chapter members and through a candy sale by a popular vote among students. l have enjoyed the social activities of the club and especially the Father and Son Banquet, where l was designated as queen. Carra Lee: I was selected as sweetheart of the F. F. A. by the members of the club. l have enjoyed the social activities, also, but the candy at the candy sale spon- sored by the club took my eye, or rather my sweet tooth. -wars Louise: I, also, was selected as a sweetheart of the F. F. A. Although l lost my crown this year, for I was queen last year, l have experienced much pleasure in Wearing the F. F. A. pin presented me as sweetheart this year. Love: I am also a sweetheart of the F. F. A. Helen, the queen, and We sweet- hearts express our deepest appreciation of the kindnesses shown us by the chapter members. Howard: We, Queen Helen, announce to you, And to our charming sweethearts, too, This page with love we dedicate, And you, my dears, congratulate. Page 143 NATIONAL HO OR OCIETY First Row: Frankie Mao Poff, llouglzts 'l+lflW:1i'tl:s:, Tifl Prmtnperc, Karl Tlmine-crux, Aileen Hamlin, Harry 'l'Olll'DlilllS, Elizulrellr liiurlsliztw, Second ltow: Sybil Oliver, Gerztlrline Ilustt-V, Surah Uullins, Nelle Smith, Hurt Slioenmke1', Donna Marie XVnolcl1'i1lg't-, ill!ll':.f2ll'l1l l:2ll'ttPll, I,ucille VXYlllTPl'. 'I'hi1'tl Row: XVillie Sue lioirg, Mildred Kilmer, M:11'th:1 Shaw, lilvizt litlrns, Bill Tele, lloorgizt Ruth Crztnflatll, Ulrzirles Suggs, Aiztui'ic-s- Grisham. Fourth Row: Byron lflngriztnrl, l,1'llli'lD2ll, Yiolet lmvis, Norntzt Vit-tor, Cztrrzt Lee llist, Bobbie trot-kliart, Lt-na Marie Antiiley, Joyce Graves, li, lil. Dnflley, Sutnerintentlent. Fifth Row: llichztrd Slierwootl, Roy Loftin, l-Luperi Ricliztrwlsoti, Donaltl Rztylnonfl, Garnet Gravy, Il. C. Clark, J. M. Arey. Sixth Row: Mary Ahnzt Perry, Eval Mae Coffmztn, L. J. XVootls, Xlliltet' Victor, Sybil Shiflett, Madge Young. OFFICERS L. E. DUDLEY, BYRON ENGLAND, ADVISERS KARL BONNEAUX - President HARRY TOMPKINS - Vice-President ELIZABETH BRADSHAW - - Secretary Motto: HI would rather have honor than honorsf' Purpose: To dispel ignorance and superstition through the investigation of truth. Activities: The old members elected at the close of school last year presented a chapel program for the installation of the new members, who were chosen on the basis of the four cardinal principles of the societygScholarship, Leadership, Char- acter, and Service. Page 144 NATIONAL FORBINSIC LEA ffffffw' A X JDJ Page First Row: Karl llonneauX, Sammy Xxvllll-ll'IllJ, Lucille XVTIIIPT, Bill Tele, lilezinor Bishop. Sec-ond Row: George vV2lSl1lIlgl011, Homer Moiitgoniery, Arthur Norred, Ira Burrows, Roy Lrrftin, 'l'liom:is XYilliatms. Third How: Gaston Uogclell, Mabel Bird, Gena Jennings, NVanda Mae Clements, Freelin Shoeniziker, Bill Tiplmen. Fourth Row: Rupert Ric-liardson, Miss Pansy Gzirslner, Tid Compete, Comer Clay. OFFICERS COMER CLAY, ADVISER BILL TETE - - - President LUCILLE WINTER - - Secretary SAMMY WALDROP Treasurer Purpose: To promote the interests of interscholastic debate, oratory, and public speaking by encouraging a spirit of fellowship and by conferring upon deserving candidates a worthy badge of distinction. Activities: National Forensic League sent delegates to the Tri-state Meet in Dallas, April 3. Points for membership are gained through debating, extempore speaking, and declaiming. Entertainment: A party was held in the spring. Honors: Eleanor Bishop, Lucille Winter, Sammy Waldrop, Bill Tete, and Comer Clay hold the degree of distinction, the highest degree awarded in the League. The debaters won the San Angelo, Breckenridge, and Abilene tournaments and were unde- feated at the Dallas Meet. At the speech meet at Abilene Christian College the extem- pore speakers, girl declaimers, and poetry readers placed first. The second ranking debate teams won first place at the Tri-state Speech Tournament held at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, April 3. Gaston Cogdell, entrant in extemporaneous speech, placed second at the tournament. The girls' and boys, teams won the District and Regional meets. 145 ' 4 ' :fl A' -5' f x xl - 1 0 , ,JJ lj .al ff, RYTHNI RYTEBK ff' gf QP! X ' .wif f' First. Row: XVynvlle Allen, Genevieve Hzinc-ook, Douglas Eclwarmls, Murrlo Marlin, Sybil Oliver, Second Row: Aclelia Toland, Helen Uowzin, La Faye Gooch, Evorie Clzlrk, Violet Davis. Third ROW: Lorene VVade, Doris Musterson, Juanita Harvey, Margziret. Mallett, Blanelie Heflin, Miss Ludee Mae Harrison. Fourth Row: Charles Powell, Leon Reese, Bette Klinger, Ross Finley, Catherine Russell, Sidney Adams. X- OFFICERS MISS LUDEE MAE HARRISON, ADVISER Fall Term Spring Term DOUGLAS EDWARDS - - President - - DOUGLAS EDWARDS MURDO MARTIN - - - Vice-President - - MURDO MARTIN BONNIE DENNIS - - Secretary - - SYBIL OLIVER Purpose : To train students to be more skillful in typing. Activi12z'es.' During club periods members typed designs, manuscripts, letters, and tests. They played games, such as football, and held contests on the typewriter. EnleI'Lainmenl.' The first Week of April lll6lTllJCI'S were entertained at a picnic at Roadside Park. Honors: Douglas Edwards won third in Slate lnterscholastic Typing Contest. Helen Tinnen also won honors in 1936. In 1937 Regional contest Walter Victor placed second in typing and Geraldine Buster fourth in shorthand. Page 146 DIVER IFIED OCCUPATIONSV T A it C iixid lff W.- Page I-'Lyst Row: llonnie U, Dennis. Jiminii- lil'OXYll, M:1111'ic-e Grishzim, .toe Morrisoii, lmvid Uastle. Secoml How: llolanll Mc-Amlaiiis, Houston Morris, Alex Miller, 1.:1x'on Youngr, Mark Rin'hzt1'd- son, H. S. lfzltln-1'1'e+-, 'l'l1i1'1l llow: Bob King, liill liofortli, Basil 'l'aylo1', XYIVIOI' Oliver, Milton lflruminett, Travis Shelton. Fourth llow: Tony Levy, .l. ll. Montes, Elvis lXIo11tgo111e1'y, .luck Holcomb, NVi11t'1't-d Hz11'pe1'. OFFICERS H. S. FATHERR1-313. ADVISER Fall Term Spring Term JIMMIE BROWN - - President - - - JIMMIE BROWN DAVID CASTLE - - Vice-President - - - DAVID CASTLE M,111R1cr1GRIsHAM - - Secretary - - MAURICE CRISHAM Molto: uDo your work with ar'4'urat'y and speedf' Purpose: Preparation for a life- ot-eupationq co-operation of svhool and business world. Activities: A course ill diversified occupations has enabled twenty-seven boys and girls to be placed in sixteen different occupations. These students are given definite training in apprenticeship in these occupations. Entertaimnent: A Bossis banquet was held March 4. 147 SOCK AND BUSKIN First HOW: Mary Lou Jones, l.aX'On lizllcvr, lilsit- Blue Sziylnr, Tlirxmiis Rruwnlee, Lavinri Uziliiplaell, lXl:l1'Y Elizzibi-th t'lz'I1'k, Noll Arm-ite .lUllllS0ll, Second liwwz Norris Spzirks, lmiigglns llulve-I'ls, Augusta Lui All'fillil't4, M:I1'yRme,-l Giwwes, Mziriam XVzIlkeI', Minn lXlzI1'g:'zII'e1 xxvllt-.'L'l4'l', liill Siinpsml, 'l'hiI'cl HOW: Raymond I'nt1On, Etlim-lille lirmvn. linrotliy Newman, l"l'illlK'L'S NOI'llII'u1I, Sue Duval, x7ll'2.1'llll2L Maxwell, Gladys lXl:II'ie Guest, Patsy lilll'1'2lL1'6. FOu1'tlI ROW: George Ellis, D111'Oll13' llzirwell, Zolzt Mae Little, Ztfllzi Vziffey, I.0tzI Butt-S, 'l'OmmiI- H1Ii'I'iSOn, Miss Myrtle T1'2lllillil1ll. OFFICERS MISS MYRTLE TRANTHAM, ADVISER Fall Term Spring Term NORRIS SPARKS - - - President - - - NORRIS SPARKS VIRGINIA NIAXWELL - - - Vice-Presidem: - - - FRANK HARRIS NELL ARNLTTI: JOHNSON - - Secrezary - BILLY PRNNINOTON Purpose: TO learn the fundamental principles Ol acting. Activities: The clulm presented The Ronzancers in the Buttery Club Contest, and My Larlyfs Rose tO the Girl Reserves at a club prograni OII March 16. Entertainment: Members were entertained at a Spring picnic at the Cedar Cap Roadside Park. Page 148 l 1 L0 LE LES .luck First ROW: lilezxnol' Anson, llilly l'v1mi11g:tO11, Womwll 'I'z1ylm', I':11Iiee Iwo Bell, .lmln llzxiuus, Ruxsell, i'z1l1'inO Ilrvnwro, Pzlulimf Anson. Svumul HOW: Sllgfill' Vilgk, Jayne liuth Clliltum, Yi1'g'iuizl Girlmleus, l'vg2'gy Ilmvl-rs, Muzellv lmvvlzlcly, P1-:gy Doris Ilogvrs, Yirgqinizl Iluusv, llublwiu IA-ee Ilumer, 'I'l1i1'rl ROW: Annan l1Ulllt'l', KaTl1h-6-11 -I0llIlSlIIl, Hum-l timely, .luuw I.1llllbt'l'l. lmuise llolslwm, l'axtl1ee1'i1w Butler, Xvl'l'Z1 I'Izu'x'e-y, Milton Page. l4'Ou1'll1 HOW: llvlen Riley. BI2ll'Y1ll4'l1tl Horne, Yin' All-L'1':L1'y, lburotlmy llay Tlzliley. H. L. llzlys, Jr., lilzlnvlw Awllilmlcl, .loe f'0llt'h, Mrs. IC, M. Rzlmlnlpll. LOS OFFICIALES MRS. E. M. RANDOLPH. MEUJRINA Fall Term, Spring Term CONNEL1. TAYLOR - - Presidente - YVICNDELL FERGUSON JEAN HAINES - - Vice-Presiflenle - - - JEAN HAINES PATTIE LEE BELL - Secretaria - LOUISE HOLSTON Purpose: El Proposito de este club Os formenlar un mejor enlenclimim-nlO dc- la game dc: habla espanola, y estudiar sus costumbres y hvrmose lenguu. AC'li'lJifl'6S.' Las programas L-Onsislvn en varlciolmes vspanolas, disvursos por mvxi- Canos y Otras personas que hablau espanol. Tambiun los Savios dan de mPmaria piezas faciles y poemas. ElllCI'flll'llIIl6Ill.' Habia dos pie Cvcitus cle capillo, una ronwriu y un banquete espanol. ' Lage 149 KNITTING CL B First Row: Cliristine Maddox, Minn Faye Inniun, Lillian Hari, Helen Monroe, Ln Faye Gooeli, .Tune Ifoblrs, Gracie V, Htillbziiwl, Second Row: Frances Pollock, .Toy Roberts, Bonnie ll. Lzuiflers, XVynelle Allen, .Tu :Dt-'IIN SIII:1I'1, Mzirilyn Hzlvenhill, Iinzt .Iezln Pzirks, Aileen Lainlers. Third How: Dorotliy Fitrli, Gwendolyn Smith, fl?lill9l'l116' Hull, Louise Page, lfranves Relyeu, XVIIIIKII1 Lynch, Gwendolyii llclllff, Christine XV:1lkeI', 1l2llll'lllt' Curtis. Fourtli Row: 'ViI'g'ini:1 fY'l'0XVdt'l', HzII'I'iett llllll'I"1lY, liiflzl Mme Lewis, Elois McKinney, Rita Tztylor, Francs-S Sanders, Nornmnfl Dufilho, Miss Ernestine Brunnen. OFFICERS MISS ERNESTINE BRANNEN, ADVISER Fall Term Spring Term CHRISTINE IVIADDOX - - - President - - - GAYLE PETERSON FRANCES POLLOCK - - V ice-President - - - - RITA TAYLOR lvl.-XDELINE ROGERS - - Secretary - - CHRISTINE WALKER MINA FAYE INMAN - - Reporter - - FRANCES BELYEU Purpose: To learn to use leisure time both profitably and enjoyably. Activities: Members knitted during club meetings. Those who did not know how to knit were taught how, their first work being Searfs. Entertainment: In December, members met in the home of Billye Sears for a knitting and Social hour. In January a theater party followed by :I Mexican dinner at the Tex-Mex Cafe honored club girls. Page 150 F RESHMAN DRAMATIC CL B f First ROW: lifltlie Lou Sharp, Virginia Newton, Norman XYhitefielIl, Mary Nurvell, Kath- erine Davis. Second Row: Beatrice Dennis, Iiilly Shaw. 3l!lll2'6 Young, Ruth f'IInninS:'l121H1. Dnrrvtliy Jenn Powell, La Nell liastus. Third Row: Leroy Lzinflers, Blake f'm'lI1-I-ll, Hilliarfl P, Sinnnons, .II',, llnris Knykendall, Josephine Bentley, Gerzxlrline Anderson. Fourth ROW: Louis XVaffOrtl, Dixie Bailey, .lean Svott, Ayleen Art-her, .IO Nell Page, Billie Louise Antilley. Fifth Row: James Little, Stewart Malone, Ilerreli Seyinore, F. Y. XVOI'k, Bill Gilbert, Curtis D. Owen. OFFICERS Fall Term Spring Term NORMAN XVHITEFIELD - - President - - NORMAN XVHITEFIELD EDDIE LOU SHARP - - - Vice-President - - - VIRGINIA NEWTON KATHERINE DAVIS - - Secretary '- - MARY NORVELL M0tt0.' '4Effieiency in charaeterization.7, Purpose: To study the fundamentals of dramatization. Activities: Club programs consisted of a study Of stage properties, costumes, training of the voice, eontrol Of the body, and other mechanics so necessary to make a successful play. Chapel plays and motion picture productions were criticized. Newspapers and The Peddler were presented in chapel, and other laboratory plays were given in the study halls. Entertainment: Members attended the annual spring picnic, March 20. Page 151 PERSONALITY GIRL xli ' N, xlN B o XX - 1 X First How: Elma Burns., Elvis-Q TCl111r11'e, .Ioyc-11 Grzlves, Glzutys Hill111:111, Betty XViIsf111, Vir- g'i11i:1 XVl1i1R, Yirginizi Stzuiley. S1-1111111 Row: l':VHlYll B1'itlai11. Mario xvllllllilll, Lev Ellen li2llfZlliZ, .l11:111il:1 Sl1z1l1:111, 141111 Mme C411-flllilll, M111',a1'11e1'ite M1'T5z11le, Mildu-d King. 'l'11i1'd Ilow: 011:11 Imu I!1'oc'k, 1'wl'2lliL't'S Us1m1'111-, If'1':1111-vs I'z1yt1111, Mnbel Bird, XYUVIIIL 14111111111 xVQSllJI'0lbli, Sybil S1'l11'i111s11v1-. liwlluflll ROW: H121 Mae NYI'igl1t, I+IliZz1l1oti1 lil'2lllSl12lXV, Al2ll'lllil I'1-z11'1'1-, Al2lI'Tl12l Faye l!z11'k1f1', N1-He Smith, Mrs. XV. II. Huyiiie, OFFICERS MRS. W. H. HAYNIE, AnvIs1cR Fall Tenn Spring Term JOYCE GRAv1:s - - President - - - JOYCE GRAVES GLADYS H11.1.M,1N - Vice-Presiflent - LRE ELLEN BALFANZ ELEICE ELMORE - - Secretary - - - NELLE SMITH ELNA BURNS ---- - Treasurer - - - BETTY BARNES MARTHA FAYE BARKER - - - - Reporter - - MARTHA FAY1: BARKER Purpose: To promote friendliness and good spoitsinansliip among the students. Entertainment: A chili supper was held cluring the fall term at the Tex-Mex Cafe. Activities: Mrs. Edith C. Smith, Miss Claudine Olsen, and Miss B. Clack were guest speakers during the year. Talks on how to make and keep friends were made at club meetings. Page ROAD SHOW CINDERELLAS COURT June llrzihaney, R. M. Phillips, Marjorie .lo Massey, Granville WWY2lit'l'S, Nancy Nell Fox, Mack Barnes, Selma Clark. Hugh lAJIl,L1'lllOHl', Gvrzilrline Julinson, Karl Donneaux, Lucille XVinter, Billy Frost, Gussie Mae llillizun, Hay Moser, .lzique Nevills, John lCllllbl'UUgll, .loe Millsap, .Ioy Hughes, l5orothy .lean Shaw, liill Tippen, Myrl Hinshaw, llurl Gziinlrill, Lucile Dailey, E. XV. llerry, Tirl Cuinpere, Morris Mc-llonalcl, Georgia ltulh l'rz11idall, Robert Gililland, Mary Elizabeth XVel1lu, Eleanor Youngr. The princesses for the third annual Road Show, with Prime Minister, Herald, and Chancellor, were elected by popular vote of the student lrody. They with their escorts, represented the four classes. Senior princesses with their escorts were June Brahaney, R. M. Phillips, Selma Clark, Hugh Longmoor, Jaque Bevills, John Kim- brough. Junior princesses: Georgia Ruth Crandall, Robert Gililland, Lucille Winter, Billy Frost, Tid Compere, Morris McDonald. Sophomores: Nancy Nell Cox, Mack Barnes, Myrle Hinshaw, Bud Gamhill, Geraldine Johnson, Karl Bonneaux. Fresh- men: Lucile Bailey, E. W. Berry, Marjorie ,lo Massey, Granville Waters, Dorothy ,lean Shaw, and Bill Tippen. W. F. Martin, Ray Moser, and Joe Millsap were elected Prime Minister, Chan- cellor, and Herald, respectively. Plays, skits, singing, dancing, and other types of entertainment were presented. The Fairy Queen, designated MQueen of the Road Showf was the princess who received the most votesflaque Nevills. The Coronation was the feature of the production. Drawn in pumpkin Chariots by huge mice, the twelve princesses of the 1936 Abilene High School Road Show arrived at Cinderellais Court for the ball on the night of April 28. Even the ugly sisters enjoyed the ball. Grace Elizabeth Compere was selected as the 1937 Road Show Queen, I age 153 f 7 X T OJRNAMENT PLAY Mina Margaret Xvheeler Tietty Hanks Dixie Free Marjorie Jo Massey Ric-hard Sherwood Karl Bonneaux Sam Conner Jimmy Connor STOLEN FRUIT Author: Paul Moffett. Type of play: Comedy. Place: The Kitchen of Captain Miles Standish, Plymouth. Time: A summer morning, 1622. CAST OF CHARACTERS Miles Standish, Captain of Plymouth ..l........................ ........ R ichard Sherwood Barbara Standish, his wife ..............,...,.,.. .,..........,......... B etty Hanks Resolute Standish, his aunt ,.,,...,........... ............. M arjorie ,lo Massey Miriam Chillingsley, his cousin ........,...... ....Y.... M ina Margaret Wheeler John Margeson, a Plymouth Colonist ,.,,,..., ..................... J immy Connor Philyse de la Noye, a Plymouth Colonist .,,... ............,....,,,.. S am Conner Rose de la Noye, his sister .......i................. ...,..... D ixie Ruth Free Garrett Foster, one of Weston's men i,.,i. ,....., K arl Bonneaux Make-up, Tid Compere. Stage, Claud McAden. Furniture made by Henry A. Tillettas workshop class. 'LStolen Fruitn is a comedy of Puritan colony life in the early Plymouth colony. Garrett Foster, one of Westonis knavcs, has stolen some of the young corn which Miles Standish is so jealously protecting. He appeals to Rose de la Noye, ward of Miles Standish, to hide him. It seems that he will he discovered every moment of the play. Then when he finally is found hiding behind the settle, there is an appealing climax, and Garrett's skin is saved at the last moment. Honors: Winner of second place in the District Meet. Page 154 4. ...-...- -...-,....,..-...-,.i..........- -,...-..-...-..-..-...-...-,.-..-.......-......-.......-....-..-..-.-. 4. I WEST TEXAS LEADER 1891-1937 For forty-six years Hardin-Simmons University has set the pace for higher education in West Texas. Founded on the principles of Christian service through intelligent living, Hardin-Simmons offers work leading toward the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Music and Master of Arts. Member of American Association of Colleges, Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools of Southern States and National Association of Schools of Music. For catalog or other information Write or call Secretary- Treasurer. l-larclin-Simmons University ABILENE, TEXAS ..--ui. ---- -,.- - -.n--..-uu-W-m.-,-I.-in-.-.U-I...-. ----- i -- - - -n-.I 1 an1un1uu1w1 1,,,,1 1,.,,1..,,1IO.1u,,1,,.,1,,-,1nu1m-1.I.I1.1111M1W1III..-nn.1nn-Im.-M1 1 1 1 1 1.m1un1u I.1.,1,,,,.1nu.1mI1uu...m.. 1 111 1 1 1 1 1,1.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1IIu1nI.1.un1,,.,1,,,,1,,,,1,,,,1.y ...-.,..- - .. .. .. - - - .-....-..,...,...-.,....,..,- .. ,..,.,.-..,.-.,,... .. .. ......-....- - 1 - .. -,.,,-,..-,,, YOU , I Yes SIT I 1 I - I I V MIHTSI S I - HAVE GRADUATION J .I CHDTHESAND T L , GIFTS EOE YOU- f AND YOU--AND YOU! I OONIE TO SEE USI - :Aly . v.5. I -. I MINTERSI YOU 212 PINE STRICET September 9-ll: Sludents reluctantly put away their Sullmses and returned to School to register. October 1-26: Many beauties were put up in each of tho four classes, but in the end the best gal Won. '!' SUN ELECTRIC COMPANY "Everything Electrical" Dial 4224 Abilene, Texas -I U1-l'.1unlun,Tu,Tnn-t Ill' i- I"I 1- T Ti T T. i?,TllTTlT . l ,III l IIII T KIIA Tuul .Ill t,uulnnT'.g W. II. ALLISON II. E. STEVENS T Allison-Stevens Motor Company I DODGE BROTHERS MOTOR CARS DODGE BROTHERS TRUCKS PLYMOUTH I WALNUT AT NORTH THIRD ABILENE, TEXAS -I -u--n- ---- - I--,- - -I,- - ---I - --II - ,-I- - --.- - ---. - --K- - --I. - -I-1 ----A --------- ..,- - .-l. - .... - .... - -.l. - .... - .... - I..I - I I' e158 ..1.,11...1.-11111111111111111111111 ,,1,,,.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,1..1.,1..1..1..1..1 LOOK FOR ...... the friendly man on the motorcycle 'KC' HE WILL CALL FOR AND DELIVER ALL YOUR ARTICLES WITH NO EXTRA CHARGE fl' We Carry At All Times The lVIost Complete Stock of Laces and Polishes in All the Latest Colors Found Anywhere in West Texas 'IC' NO-DE-LA SHOP "Best Equipped Shop in West Texasn JIM I-I. JOHNSTON, Owner and Manager 1034 N. Second St. Abilene, Texa H1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1- 1 1 1 1..,,1 1,,1,,.,1.1,,,.1 1 1,,1,,,,1 1,m1 1 1 1 'E' I - I I A Department Store for Business People 2 ABILENE PRINT HG 8: STATIONERY 00 " I fpzinfeza '. ' Sfationafza . ' Qomfzfete Qfkae Qlutfiftefza STORE T58 CYPRESS ST., FACTORY 241 HICKORY ST. ---- ABILENE, TEXAS L I r l Qtafuaf Alain ciqgencdf I l A. B. Dick Co. Mimeographs and Mimeograph Supplies Bank Supplies--Blank Books Ruled Sheets Office Furniture Filing Cabinets and Filing Cabinet Supplies Desks-Chairs-Tables Loose Leaf Systems Account Books I -. I E I ...SPECIAL UFFER.... z . . . . I I n Gemtme Engrcwecl Wecltlmg I nmtatzons cmd Avmouncements T 5 8 9 5 ... I FOR 50, NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR ENGRAVING PLATE ,.: X T Choice of 35 different styles of lettering. Price in- W5 K cludes inside and outside envelopes. Additional In- f "Mj7lKY7 , vitations or Announcements at 420C each. Q Q 50 Engraved At Home or Reception Cards .,...,,. 55.50 A' WA Additional Cards at ..,.....ii.,..,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,.......... 31nQc each 1 I XXX 2 100 Engraved Informals, including envelopes ,.,. 333.00 X s I I 100 Engraved Visiting Cards ..,,,,,.,,,.e,,,,r,,,,,,,,,,,, 251.65 ,K V I . These Are the Lowest Prices Ever Quoted Y I On Genuine Evfzgravings V 5 f If i . 2 5 Samples May Be Seen At Our Store L I I I l "i f i- - 1 1 1 1 1 T1 1, 1 1 1 1,111 1'l 1 J 'zinfeu of cgafioof Gqnnuafi l -Il " 1'111'11111-- 1 1 1: -1-11---11 1 1 1nu1uu1...f2 Page 160 M A IBLTIBSZIMKBZQIZQIILQIEM A fc? +"m Q - gi 0 40 U S E2 F' U l.. H A N D S r Q E2 Q Q E2 si E2 Q Training of Youth Today Must Necessarily Be Along Lines Looking to the Future. What the Future Holds Ts Uncertain Except for One Thing: Electric Service Will Be the Tool With Which Men Will Seek to Earn a Living, the Tool by Which They Govern Their Everyday Lives, and the Tool that Lifts the Burden of Drudgery from Kitchen and Commercial Plant Alike. Minds Trained Today Will Homes, Tomor- of Trade, and Government. Minds Will Service Ready Call to Dutyi to Perform the Crudely Per- Anc est o rs. were Torn to meg Graters by ate this Com- zation. The Direct Tomorrow's rowis Channels Tomorrow,s These Trained Find Electric and Waiting the Ready, Anxious T a s k s M o r e formed by their H a n d s O n c e Look Like Nut- the Labor Forc- in Order to Cre- plica t e d Civili- H a n d s of the ed upon them to Re- Future, Trained spond to Minds, Train- ical Servants Do the Vyork, Will Be Useful Hands-but not Claws. Hands Equally as Useful as those of Our Ancestors Will Turn Switches-not Wheels. This is a True Vision of the Future which Awaits Todayis Students. Ts it Not a Pleasant Thought? Useful Hands! Deft, Quick, Skill- ful Hands-but Ne'er Torn nor Calloused as they Pursue the Universal Task of "Making a Better Living" than their Fathers Before them! West'1Exas Utilities Oompafyz ed to Make Mechan- 'vAv w-v vw w-v v-v w vAv 'vAv v-v v-v v-v vev v-v w-v w-v w-v v-v vAv 1 3 161 ninu.-nu..'ninniunlunlnulnninninn-un nl-ll .--1,1 .1u.1.,1 gbofzffzaifi in fgiii cqnnuaf -:- MADE BY -:- CLUCKS' STUDIO FLASHLIGI-IT PHOTOGRAPHER '36-'37 DUPLICATES OF THESE PICTURES CAN BE OBTAINED AT ANY TIME. G. S. Cluck Mrs. G. S. Cluck .-....-....-..........-..-..- .-..-......-..--..-M-..-...-.... Page .g...-....-. ...-- - - ,-. --.---- I-.---I-. ----- I- ------ I--...-g I I I . Doing Our Level Best ....... I - Campbell merchandise, always carefully, personally se- . 1 lected, high standard in quality and correct in style, returns I full value for the price paid. We do our level best at all Z I times to see that each purchase you make here is Wrapped in satisfaction and securely tied with the string of reliability and - I kindliest service. Wfe want you to enjoy your purchases. I . PBEM AEILENE I -1-...--....-,..I....-...-....-...-....-.........-...-.m-.,.-..i... -..........-..,.-..,.-.....,M..........,-..,.-....- -..........-..-u..-..-,.,.-,I+ Uctober 26-November I3: Sale of Flashlights. sale- of candies, sale of Inadfres. high-powered spoevlies by memlaers of all classes marie a very iiiteresting campaign. November 25: The students were very Iiberal in their contributions to the Thanksgiving offerinz-1 for the u11cIex'p1'ixilf'gecI people- of this f-ommunity. agouvliiv-nu1iinvuu1 liilnvnnvulvlnvlviIllvlllillillvl-1101-'Ir-Ill-N141ll1Li-uw1Nl1lnvnu-1uuvunvn-n1u -uu1uu1uuLup2q I SOUTH TEXAS LUMBER COMPANY i'Everything To Build Anythingu Pee-Gee Paint Wallpaper -ii----.- ---- ---.-i----i------- ---- I --------- I- -. ---- -K--I-----------I..-I-i. Zinn- iiii -ii ----1--1--1----1 : : 11-----1---- n-nn-in? I I FISCHER BROTHERS T MOTOR, EoDY AND FENDER WORKS i i I I PAINTING AND TRIMMING I I ' i Axles and Frames Straightened By the Bear System I I 24 Hour Wrecker Service I I .g..-..-..-... ...... .-..-..-,..-..-..-..,-...-..-.....I....-..-.. .-....--. ...-...f. Page 163 Hl- 1 -.uinuinn1un...nn-uu-mu-un-nniuninnnninni inn-uni.:n--uu--nn.-ma-nu1uu1nn-nn...mu1 1 nl Tm.. ..uu1 1-ma.-.nu-.un...un..nn-nm-un-.u-ull.-lu-.1u1uu11,11.u1u..1.u1pu1..y1.m1..,.-.11 -. ,,.....,.-.uuinnin.-,,-...,-N..-..-.4.1HI-H..L,,HI...,.,,1,.,.1,,.1.,,,1,,..1,..-nail,,1,4,,1,..,1 lu., ,Win MCMURRY COLLEGE 1 11.1111-nga A Coeducational Senior College of the highest Texas classification, owned and controlled by the Methodist Episcopal Church South z Member of the Texas Association of Colleges and the American ' Association of Colleges ' l .-...-..nf.. . I Summer Session in Abilene, Begins june 7 i Six Weeks Summer Session in the Sacramento Mountains of New Mexico, Begins June 21 l lVIcMurl'y College features a strong academic program for B. A. and B. S. degrees, splendid pre-professional courses, special religious emphasis, individualized Q education, personality development, and a play program for every student. ..-..-M... . . I Information will be gladly sent upon request. I i -..-l...-...g. November 26: The annual Pep Squad luncheon was held on Thanksgiving Day at the Yvooten Hotel. Cold bracelets were given the leaders lay the squad, and deep sentiment was shown hy the senior girls. From the lmanquet the girls went to the Angelo-Abilene game at the Eagle stadium. Headquarters For All School Supplies MONTGOMERY'S CUT RATE DRUG STORE 174 Pine Street u-un--un-un-nn:-nnniuuiuu-un-u u-nu-uu-un-nu-uu1nu-un--un-nu-nu-un-nu..uu1nuiuu...mu-nn-nn-uu-- -.ma-null -1- L i 1 I ! ...-.,.,....,.g. December l7: The thrill that comes once in a Freshman girlls life is the annual Christmas party given by the Senior G an G Big Sisters. "HIGH SCHOOL HEADQUARTERS IN ABILENEH HOTJEL VVOOTEN SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO PARTIES, BANQUETS AND OTHER SOCIAL FUNCTIONS BOB WESTBROOK - -....-...5. Page 164 -3- 'P'-M-I-1--u--ua-----up---qi---.1-----.- - .- -- ----- .--..1.------ - Q --u----I 5 I T If "The West Texas I-lousei' Tuepennsmtgmpauty 3 c 1 l li T Furniture Loose Leaf 3 Filing Devices Systems 'l Safes Etc. MANUFACTURING STATION ERS 5: Complete Line of Office Supplies l ABILENE, TEXAS I H i 1. .Iain,lnLqul.l.1.l.1lliuilp1gl,ll1p-1 1 2: 1 ::f: f ': 2: .1 1. 2: Y : : -: 2: 2: Y: 2: :lin 1: +.-...1..1...-..i..1ni..1u...ginlniniui..iuqqgil.....-ll.-...ilu-lg.....1.n-'11 1 1 1 1.,1.. 5 JENNINGS LUMBER coMPANY I 590 Pine Street I Lumber that does not come back for customers who do. Our Service ends only g when you are thoroughly satisfied. 5,-..-..-......-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-..-...--..-......-......-..-..-..-..-..-.....-,.i, December 23-January 4: Gee! Did the A. H. S. students paint the town red in celebrating their Christmas holidays? You'd think that theyid just got out of prison- or something. January 25-29: There were no serious after-effects of the mid-term exams, but most of the students suffered nervous shocks and severe headaches. m .IGGl.Y' WIG,GI. 4 l T 1 4 Stores-4 Markets I Owned and Operated By J. P. NICHOLS 86 SONS tial :: :u A-:: 7:1-an :: .zu f .:u:n1uin7:1-nn111-nu1nu:an:un1altcu1au:au1cl1ll--al-ul1il:n-uugi Page 165 -Q- l -l- ,.1u...,,,,1 1 1,..1.....,.,1 .1..1 1 1.0,1un1,,,,1.,.1.1u1..1,,,,1.,,1....1 f1.1..1..1.,1 1 1..1..1l.1. ......1m,1,.,,1..,,1.,.,,.. 1,1 1 1 1......,,..1ml1,,,,1,,.,1u,,1,,n1,.1-.,..1 1 1 1 1 1 1.,,1.,,1,,1..1,,u1.. 11.1 1 1 1 1 .1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.1.1.-...m,1u.1 1 1 1 1 1 .- 1.15 '1..1un.-U n-nw--an 111111111 - 1111111111-11 1-1- , -un--an-nga 1 l Y 1 I As the Years go on . . . . . . this hook will become clearer ! to you. We are glad to contribute this loit to help you get it out. i , l ' fZLf l qgflllfff 006 , i I HFaslzi0n Center of the Westv E L I T 'P January 28-29: There was much hullahaloo during mid-term registration. Everyone was trying to get certain teachers and classes, and no one was getting anything he wanted. '11...1u,1,.,1,.,,1,,,,1,.,,1n.1.,.11,..111,.1..1.--M1..11,1n.1,.,.1,n1n.1,,.1,..1..1M.. 1 1 1 1 1 1,,,1,,t1, HIGGINBOTHAM-BARTLETT I Hcooo LUMBER" i 'Q' I 1 Slzerwin-Willianzs Paint Dial 7117 Wall paper 802 Pine 5- ,,-, -,----,--- ,, -----,-----, , ------ M-W? l CONGRATULATIONS- May the spirit of the Eagles always be with you T CLINIC PHARMACY t "Abilene's Prescription Drug Storey l Telephone 5223-52241 Corner 3rd and Beech i l 'Y' Page 166 4..-...............................-..- .. .. - - - .. .. .. .. - - - .. ... - - - .. ---., I I . . . Abilene Christian College I 1 invites the 1937 graduates of Abilene High ' X 5 School to participate for four years in its V program designed for intellectual, physical, Q 'M E social, moral, and spiritual development of Q every student. Then, at the time of your . s f li .X V F095 ,ini 1 :k:,.rx 5 x ' ia-I f ,J ' T ' nan ' : .-,g f 1:1111 gg him xl i college graduation, you will understand why L ii , ' 2 we Say, ffYou cannot afford not to attend I Abilene Christian College." V 1 '1- JAMES F. Cox, I President. l .i..1..1 1--1.-1:1 1 --uuiu- -u-na-un-an-uni n1ul1ul1 111'-ll1ll1lI-I'-""1"'1"1"'1"""" 1" February 12-13: More interesting people attended the Texas High School Press Convention, especially at plump, baby-fared delegate from San Antonio, and the g'Sawfm0re', from Lubbock. Historv repeated itself at the convention: George Wlash- ington of Abilene attended, James Munroe of Austin was elected president, and Betsy Ross of Highland Park in Dallas was made corresponding secretary. .!..-..-.....-......-..-..-..-..-..-..-..--...-...-..-..-..-........-......-..- -,..-...- - - - - -. l f WE SPARE N0 EXPENSE l Attention to Every Detail Makes Our Service Superior E DRI-SHEEN LICENSED OPERATOR I w e. f 1 f up f l - i 1 2 X , M " ,, 4 is 1 ' A i ,Ng,,wUKKs, l P m,,,i 7 f cLf,Q,l.s.g123BiN-81451. 1 l W WAY' bPH0"Et'-4 e P ' ' l +l1llTll ?TlT ' 1 1 illlllli illlllliilli TITIIITIUT 11 ilil llTlllllTlli' T Tail. v?n1u1nn-un1n -111-111 uu--nu1u--nn--uu-nu1u--uu1nn-u 11-1 H1011 1-1- -M THE WILSON C. L. JOHNSON, Prop. In the Center of the North Side Where Abilene Dines 1080 N. 2nd St. and Travelers Are Welcome Abilene, Texas .i..i....-.-1g.1l.t..1.u1.g1nn1nu1uu1In1gq1Iq1qgiqg.....g1uuiu...un1g,141.1.,-.au1..1g.1gg-..q.1..1p.1.u Page 167 n-...1.,1,g,,,,.-,..,..-.g..u4.1.,...,q1lg--M153 ug giugflglnlfgg, 1 11- 5- -4 .-3+ .1 Ewa my 'zcwin 0. JECKEHE, Uixaa '..."1.......u1.u1li1..1 ..1,.14I...I1.I...,1.,-..,1..-.gp-q-1...-..1..1..1 1..1......,1..,1ll-.- -. ,..u1, u1u..nu....n 'E' I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I .I February 12: The G an G girls entertained their mothers in a Valentine tea at the Woman,s Club. ni..1..1.,ilyin...M1....p.i,.i..1....-l.1......1..1..1.llqqiggi..........1..1...-II.-g.1q.....,, DAVID S. CASTLE COMPANY ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS COMMERCIAL BLUE PRINTING Phone 3863 Photo Copie W'ork 1032 1-2 North First Abilene, Texas Lion Hardware Co. EVERYTHING IN HARDWARE, CHINA, GLASSWARE AND KITCHEN WARE MAYTAC WASHERS-ZENITH RADIOS-GENERAL ELECTRIC TIEFRIGERATORS 1.1151-n .. iw-, Phone 32411 East of Post Office .ll,.-.....n..g,1.l1.n-..4I..-M1n..,,,1y,..u-.ll-...lun-.ug1.g...qm1.uq...gn1m1....4.....1gl...u-.u-.gnl February 16: Thrill, thrill, what a thrill to those few Seniors who were elected to the National Honor Society! Page 168 I I 'I' -3' 'I' -i' 'Q' Q 1038 POSITIONS The record of our Employment Department for last year-1038 calls for office help, 715 placements, and 323 unfilled positions-virtually insures inspiring employment I opportunities when you graduate here. These beginning positions in business, many of : them with nationally-known concerns, pay good starting salaries, provide congenial I surroundings, and offer inspiring opportunities for advancement. Truly, the Draughon training' and placement facilities offer the surest and shortest route to fascinating employment opportunities when your next school days are over. I l I , -.. l lull Ga u' IE ggu-As WICLIIA fgggg! I ABILENL tg TEXAS ' -5- -..-..- - - - ....-..-...-..- - -..........-..-.....-..-..M.........-..-..-..-..-...-....-,.-..,........-...-..,, .5..-...............---..-.....------....----------......-....... L i Emm eitegizamdlelt L GENERAL INSURANCE i 1 l l GENERAL INSURANCE AND BONDS 509-10 Mims Bldg. Dial 5665 l -1- -u1n1 1 1n1n,1n1n-. 1-14,1 1 1 1 1 1 -1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .g..-..,...-...- -...-..-..- -..-......-..- - -- - - - - .. - - .. .. - - - - - .. .- 1 J. R. Fielder o. D. Dillingham I Fielder-Dillingham Lumber Co. l "Good Building Service" 410 Chestnut Dial 3733 4.1110.1.n1u.1uu1uu1nn.1nu1y 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1'l1gp1.g1..1.. 4.111.411 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1u1u1nn1M1nn1n1nn1nn1.,,,..nn.1n.1...1,..,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .1.. MAIER'S FOOD STORE l , Students and faculty members are invited to visit our new food store and market i at the corner of Thirteenth and Butternut Streets 'P--.. May 1: The Eagle band swooped down on Lubbock to capture more trophies. May 6-7: Winners of the Regional Interscholastic Meet were off to the State Contests at Austin. T ' Ntay 20: The sweetest girl in the senior class was really "The Sweetest Girl in own. May 28: With looks of regret as well as joyful shouts, the Seniors donned caps and gowns and marched triumphantly out into the wide open spaces. Should auld acquaintances be forgot, look back into this annual you've got. CURTAIN Page 177 u--ominn-nu-n.1n-uu1nn- 1:--: : : :: L: n1n: l-..1u:. u1 .1u1.n-q1.n1n,....u,1n1u1 1 n1 1n1n1.nu1.n....nu1ut...r I1111u1n1..1.,1p-1.l1.p1.t1..1..1..1..1..1...-.,.1..1,......1,,.1.,1 1,,. ' UM4a?MwuG 1" Personal Dates F 'Q Wfffyww M155 My WWW Will? NW Q-.1 ,, ,WWI wiligfffwlgw 'J W 5 W Waffffw QW f ' QW W' Wy M AA X ZMWMPD M QW fQf pflfszmw D W9 MJ 7 Q f,f,2ffj2?, A fim WW Vfjiif 'AQMMP 452'-Z3vff'..,,f0.,zffff? 52 Personal Dates 1 , 'M f' if fffffwx - f , A ' .Xl I Q , VL ,N f P, ,ff kff, fx l ,' ., , , , A ,VV ,ff V!! Jyxf-, rfb f " "' 1 ' X .f , X I, ff , I , f 1 . fi' ' ff' ' '- ,fff :Q 4,11 N 1 CM! ' bf ' W-1 ' g 1 M f I bl , I ' 1' A , in 1 X- X , ,, 1 ,f X ..-' W J K ,, J fr LJ 1 I , 5, fv " L - X ., f. 'J , if xg , I " I , Q . I I 1 Q , ,K ff X ff if ,- . jg-flndl, f , , f r A r f I ' d , YV! 1i,r ki, fo. ,,-,, yi! -L! Jgfff .fix , 1 if yfff, f I. A f' I ' ' f f 1 1 " 1 , I .nf 2- 4 -- L1 f ' A B. ! .x', L, - " ' f J .1 f-,,y'f1'f X' ki Lf -M.. ' A J L .1 ' -... ,f f f ,4' KK yi f ' X . , I .2 ..,1,- ff" f ff" 'X "'7 af , .1 - , 1 1 , , Y!!-A f . . A A , - " f 1 'R ' , fu . f ' 'V' JI. A ,W , , L 1 , f , ' I x .' 7 , 4, 5 x XXX J XV X ax X X xx X .nxixx xx xr XX , 'xi- . X x , X X 'N ' w 2 Awww! gm, jwml Q43 ,yew fbi-6-J' QT? ,M QM! Eayyyyd Qfmmwgifdmifydwfwwmcgq is 6?ApZf,.m,QVJCw lwufiiqzbkawwgng EMQAULJLWMQMWDCJQOAWL WMQLMMM fmo-RQ SJW QQLJQWWLQLM HQ LMQMWWSMNWWQYVMA f Mkfwmmvm Mem? WV V 85 Q yffyyfjig T1QV Q2HQ RC f- 4 1 931 9 Q Us fgy? W 5524 A . kg I ff YQ jWif 2'515' ifE Qilgilaxxg zfPfj,mMjwv,,,. 8 . fggiffjlfg. g ' Huw WW , W xyfdfvq Vf 1' , bfi ,Z 'Vg I, flifpc Qykgfjf X ' ' 'QV70-'7ffkJ !v,! I Q WZ 2 fg,.L,c,Lfj vZm M,W,7fg pfwfif 9 'f 4' N if if?" 7 Lf -,,f,f,L4,f' i' mi 792 JQL' " L qlkfff fC'97Lf'L'f A' .fqzafuv V V f J! 'I 04si -1 fi, ' 0122 , K cawcyaf ja! -.X-1. J Ldfbf, U1 -71 ,Lfbf J V, H I f gl!-X-1" W xfigfyif fff" Jffizl Q1514 -S Kf ' " . f f fU5f f ff ' KC. m ,JZ ,l yi-X If 4 v W QL! lm i A If I-'-'ffif-Cfffb WJ QM, MM, i,4,ZMgg-pfjggfg? 009095 fmV?QLg g ,Ziff 'iii Qs y' Q ,,f- sfjgf J'e'J.f' !:.i-23

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