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4 A f ,f - ' 'fig 5 6 . .QU , Q-.gt . 21.3 , 'zif I - 'T-1 - -u in-W F-ff-I . 15" 21- - In 1875 Sain Connell, Little Brooks Lee, and Preston Clark-whose homes were their blankets or "hot rolls", as they were called-were in the vicinity of what is now known as Buffalo Cap, so named because herds of buffalo passed through this gap. By 1878 practically all the buffalo had either been killed or had moved to new feed- ing grounds. Buffalo Gap is credited with having the first store, a stock of general merchandise. The settlers of this vicinity still cling to the historic background of the of the buffalof, THE FLASHLIGHT 1935 4 5 1 hnu In 1877 the plains of West Texas were dot- ted by long caravans of covered wagons with German settlers winding their way westward to the land of opportunity-Eagle City. These mile-wide caravan trails, of which the first was Center Line, are historic landmarks in the settlement of Taylor County. " ' -iwqr-Myres-qavnwqgvww.-sw ,,i COPYRIGHT MARY FRANCES J EDITOR IN 1 R. BG BUSINESS RICHARD SHIPMAN TYPIST , .qw F I I 5 Msg 5: Q55 if-Q siz, 'sr fe - :-My Qi! 4? fu . ..: Y! 1-- ' ki!!! if 44 ga 5 5.3 af- . W... 1. '. ,Q , ,Q vs ft- F, A 1 :Q .Q , 153 , . , ,' , ' 54:5 gifgfl fa EF' ' lf' Q1 1,51 if 31:41 Ayr e 36 gf x,. X ,,- .,,, 1 RY y Q' 'rp . - V4 -J "il ge -if E: i w r A typical pioneer tent village of 1878 -was that of Eagle City, zohofce two liuzrdrecl- fifty German families, led by Colclwater, were founders of civilization in this area. After taking all their money, Coldwater left the settlers stranclecl in this new country. Discouragecl, some returned to the Eastg others unwilling to go back, scattered over Taylor County. Thus Eagle City flourished hardly a year. From this first settle-ment Taylor County grew into a great shipping center. THE FLASHLIGHT PUBLISHED BY THE STUDENTS UF ABILENE HIGH SCHDUL ABILENE, TEXAS 1936 We dedicate this 1936 Flashlight to MISS IJUIDA CLEMDN5 daughter of a pioneer West Texan. She re- flects the enterprising spirit of her pioneer ancestors and has been a benefiting factor in t h e development o f music in the commu- nity as Well as in the school. As a member of the faculty she has done outstanding work in promoting g o o d E n g l i s h, good Will, g o o d fellowship, and good music. Every student holds in his heart the utmost re- spect and love for her and a genuine admira- tion f o r h e r enthusi- asm, sincerity, and ser- vice. l FDREWURD It is the desire of the staff that the 1936 Flashlight may reveal interesting f a c t s con- cerning Taylor County ancl record the famil- iar s c e n e s of school life. As t h e work of the p io n e e r settlers grows dim in your memory, we hope that this book will recall vividly to y 0 u r mind the achievements made by early settlers of your county. The County, found- ed in 1858, was named for Edward Taylor, a brave and sturdy citi- zen. The buffalo hunt- ers, the first white peo- ple attracted t o t h i s county, were soon fol- lowed by cattlemen having as their leader Sam Gholson who came in 1874. He was followed by such men as Parramore, Merchant, S i m p s o n, Berry, Hughes, Rad- ford, and Paxton. 4 .v i""' A 8 iii, ,Q ij: 1 f 5- 1, if esflliiffiat 'f'iQf t K rj' ii? 8 a ,, Y , ,mi 'A' f ' , -- u .Z f ',1' 2 Zfirwf iiiii X .af !f'11l fi, X25 f,-V 5' ,Ji - Vg' Vila" x yf 1,77 X1 if if f f f ,M ff 'Jr J ",ififF' L We f f fV rT?f f fi r w,,4,,,f,,ar nf as 8 t Af' ' AP" ip:-54 if ,Y ,ffl I K , V X fr I If '-jf' ,, ff J , I , UA? 'ia V,f , I , H 4 Xi i:lall,lW"lil"qffi X ' ' QL in-,,ll"1'f'f Ll l""f:". I i '-41' N' '74 ' ' 'W '- V A l gr 1 .I ii ll l I Q- I -i-1 .1 t is fl, i 'YM'-E , 9-. ' W it- fix t s ' efg -t . ', - Y , eff ' !i?'1f??Z' 1 vi.. , x- -fmt'-W a --N -eff aaf' 'QQ -I TT Y 'ng in .439 an ft-lTi .I I I gr.. . 340,546 1 ' f-Jwfu ,Q64,,,,,,,,4l f"""f"""4A2wU'75v A-Q-W' Grier 5'::rrM?:f:x2' Member . ef?-YS' Wx 'M ' 45500 ' 7Q-f-fAx,Za-40 X lou cuoou fhw fagx , 94.0 Lv...u ya-4-ai.- 'Pm I 44 P79644 If-4475 7T:QvIw'2f7uJ ' ,a..c5.,..f 1 I - I . n . 35- fp 'Q wwfxcxtnmflb .Av I,4.,f-'J ,,6ua.ff-,ZA-:f,4f'rw.f ,g,,.4,5j ,fu dh, ,ftfck-ef' gl, AA' 'M W- x.,' -Inf-'Tj f7'r'f,, 1 LL 'Q at-QQ - ,-M1 n rf z.7'KQF,ft ,544 .5 I N U-'jffff it ,z ,Tf,4..3. 5-1 1fl.'A6 m,fh.,: N' F: :ff ,I K -4 ,KF ', t M , fn. IU," ,xxx 1 I fi, 7 ,, .1 . 41- Lf- Q , .,.' l,f',,,F',f'? cighurf-.njawnl I.'L'Wf. I Lgpm.-,e.,,,-fl 'A . '96 . if 1 ff ' 6-AM4-ff fa'7,,Q, LJ' I' "" ff-'41 ' f 53'f'f'L -6"ff',. ,ff wM'.Ja',,,.. ,. '54, gun, el-A 9. ,ff ,Li U .H V I . "ff 4" 'fr ..f .. ., rt 13: I 'fff7"1 ij' '34-:fg-A--I. ENGRAVED BY SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVING COMPANY PRINTED AND BOUND BY ABILENE PRINTING 8: STATIONERY COMPANY PHOTOGRAPHY BY A. L. OSBORN 'L Ea 511- In the settling of Taylor County, eclucation took a proininent place. Only a few ranches were scatterecl over the county when the first log cabin school house was built. This school was openecl by Dr. J. M. Rurhph in 1877 near what was later known as Jirh Neel School. Through the efforts of these early people who built the school of logs ana olirt, the chilolren of Taylor County now attencl thirty-four well equippecl rural schools, ranking with the best in the State, ancl serving 44 70 stuclents. ABILENE HIGH LIFE "s Q . - . r Q.- k xr . ,- H H - X .Q ' gif- as ,pl Q .gi cwpgt-!'sxf!'y 5 .,j:S-.fix as em S Eh HHH il-1:3311-41 " """"' - jg f wigs is f - assa y -QT ' if 4 Q ww -.f X - X, Q ls re i l ll M. xx Y Y 1 v x' xx 1 Y Y 1 l? r Hs il N NE I xx Q rn N Xb A 5 I 2 X . -. 5, ' . f-if -- Y i :W :QW-3' I ' l HF A I 1. :Ti "1 KX xl 75' S .f 1 , 3 . ? I y cfm an Y ea. , 5, lu 4 is 1 . 2, 1? ' ""' 4' -A1 f ' ' I La.. un-f""""' f , , 1 , , r 4' J ,J , w, w x , ,ri ,fm W 'H' 5 x 1 155- Lg. 'r'v'l L All xii LKSYV f xjyfqg SL 1 W QM- 1 NL 7, J! :....1y1,q.-, K.,-.....1.: x . - - W , ' vglfigzgff L Q RW!! t . lik f 'mu I EH 4 E , ,.,,,. L' 1 -' 2 ...W KA 2 ,. , , .::.,vh,m.,....4 4,4 l. :.. . .T .mm -W 1-fig A. H , -9 , gr-174415 V f L I1-.Q1 3553 ,gl . H W-mwah-iw 9, -- , 1, P-K3 A l s, Ps?-1 4 5 as up I png-ufh -, .' n ., :. -ag!-.14 N O R T H D. 0 0 R These gray stone portals see new people each year and love them all. Here students enter to build ideals and emerge with the foundation laid. 1 l O 0.-Q .'l2"-.,.e.:g'. :-,Aff-4:1-1L'.11A-fi ' ,. Jguo.. lr-...x 4 There is something indescrihably inviting about the green-framed East Door. The sun Wakens it firstg the twilight dims it first. A clark mirror that dimples to a sheet of silver in the sun. The shifting, green shadows are cut like jewels hy the flashing goldfish. Our Eagle Nest, wherein are sportsmanship, comrade- ship, and co-operation-the cradle of character, where we win and cheer, or lose and cheer our opponents. LE P. "'t-'11 - O LE SN NE EST G Y M N A S I U M The Campus Campus scenes shift very rapid- ly. Let us glance around, starting with th e p e p leaders and their ever - really sntilesg here some people still enjoy tree sitting, although it isn't beingflone in most places. Such boisterous actions are aston- ishing! Could it be murder? The poor boy on the bottom seems to be able to smile. M y, It o w boys can take it! Karl Bonneaux a cts happy in the sun- shine while H. f. and John are get- ing a taste of the snow. YD K X Ex xi fx E E . I '05 .r Interior Scenes T h e r e a r e many fl e p a rt- ments in A. H. S. for students, chief interests. If 0 IL e prefers to cook. t h e home economics labo- ratory is fully equippeflg th e n Ilfhen rlranzatics is the central thought in onegs nzinzl. the stuclent borly enjoys the plays. C r e rl it goes to any staff that puts out a school paper like the Battery. Some boys? minds turn towarrl mechan- ical al T11-LU i n g, while others en- joy sciences, as biology and phy- sical geography. v f , X 1 'fs R , . 1 X ,V I IIJX' lik, . ' 3 7.5,-1+ .ff Exterior Scenes The girls work hard to support the W. P. A., while the Anson twins smile on forever. W. F. and Leonard are p l a y i n g or- well, judge for yourselfg but Mr. Johnson is really serious about turning o n his personality to get a ride. L a b 0 r done, Pender en- joys t h e quiet pond with he r friends. I t is said that no two per- sons a 1' e alilceg Eugene and his friend rn a k e a splen'did ex- a m p l e. Having chased t h e fish up the trees, lack Ch a p m a n and Walter Victor impersonate fish. Dallas is being p e r s e c u t e d. H elp! Review of the Years fMasculinej You now see the Rooter Scoot- ers in a parade of u n i f 0 r m s. First, we intro- duce two foreign- ers: un mejicano, el papel hecho por Senor Webbg and a Moham- medan, A lla h- Allah, played by "fohn" McClure. Years pass be- fore w e s h 0 w Sheriff Goetz wearing a Texas Centennial h a t. I oe M i l l s a p, Ba n d president, models an assist- ant-e h i ef fire- m a n, s uniform worn by his fath- er in 1900. Tip- pen proves to us that he was once a scout. "Beez- erv Glenn wears a W o r l d Wa-r u ni f o r m. He looks brave, but you donat know him! They also s h o w their car, Eppie---A ROOT- ER SCOOTER. Review of the Years fFemininej What a coquet- tish belle of the nineties! Resem- bles Mary Ball, d 0 e s n, t s h e? Hello y 0 u rself, f e an Bracken! You ought to be a modest little girl like Glenna Harberg however, the coat and hat seem a wee bit large, but what matters so long as you are in s t y l e! W h a t could be rn o r e fun for A lm a than to fan on the sunny beach 0 f A. H. S.? Flash! We have lovely Katherine McDaniel as a bride. Her bo- quet is lilacs, or probably hedge. Evangeline is serious, but you should see Miss Swinney w h e n she isn't Evange- line! Isngt Selma Clark a dainty fraulein? Football Here are some of the reasons that the Eagle teams are success- ful on the grid. The lads in in- verted positions are riding bi- cycles, a neces- sary evil in pre- paring for the big game. ,lack Christian seems quite p u t 0 u t with the way the place kicks have been going. He is making s u r e they will be bet- ter n e x t time. The fellow in the up per right is not at ostrichg he is merely tying his s h 0 e laces. Opposite him the freshman squad take p 0 is e les- sons. N ate the gracefulpos- tures. W Sweethearts H e a r t-throbs do not pulsate like this e 11 e r y springg we have a special c ro p this year. Frances and Howard seem happy, but Betty Burns and Mor- ris are too mach absorbed to scin- tillate. Karl and his hat bask in solitary a al o r a- t i 0 n. Katherine dazzles ferry, and M y r l e i s dreamy in spite of Shermangs cal- lous practicality. Do you suppose Bolfs spasm is Aileen's fa u l t? They all look as contented as gum 'in a wastebasket, but much more romantic. tp 1 l iw Q MW gl K fo Wim 5 i 1 School Life The lads in the shop are as inter- ested in th e i r work as faque in her love letter, and t h e g a n g around the pond is d a n gerously a b s o r b e d i n chunking ice. Is H a r ry shadow- boxing, or has he just a nasty tem- per? Mechanical drawing and ulabv are popu- lar this y e a rg look why! And here we have a demonstration of the difference be- tween a pugilist and a pacifist. Lou i s e Hooper and Mr. H u t t o g u i d e a well- charged Battery. This b u n c h is n o t t o u g h g they,re just show- ing off. 1 wif' One Thing and Another A new scene?- Preston and Qzglisg an old scene - Velma a n cl 0 t t o just standing calmly by while Z 0 n a shouts, "W h ere is my her0?v and Annie Ray mur- murs, "What nerve!" as Mar- garet gently trips her. Now when it comes to play- ing tennis, Mau- rice Fincher is the champion- we hope. "Batter up! Strike onefv Now what could be more exciting th an F. F. A. boys p l a y i n g baseball? 52551 F. F. A. The F u t u r e F a r m e r s are lucky dogs! Not only have they won many hon- ors at the fair, but t h e y have glow i n g Louise Bynum as their Q u ee n. Cecil Haddox has an outstanding calfg foe Bynum show- ed the champion heiferg Hollis Wilkins was sec- ond in the 700- pound divisiong g'Slick" K e i t h, seventh in the 700 - 900 pound divisi o ng Alvin Hatton, sixth in 0 p e n c l a s sg Charles Harber, sixth in the 900 and over class 5 Howard Shackel- ford, eighth in Harnpsh i r e ex- hibit. Ex c e ll Nees and .l. C. Wilson bring up the rear guard. F. F. A. Looking over t h e g r o u n d s again we see El- vis Montgomery, who t o o lc first place with his H a m p s h i r e s h e e pg Hollis Buchanan, whose calf won first place in the over 1 0 0 0 - p 0 u n d c l a s sg Howard Richey, who won first place in the under 700-pound class w i t h this little woolly crit- terg Miss Flor- ence IV, a blue- blooded princess, owned by W. J. Harveyg a proud group of calves and their own- ersg Hollis Wil- kins, winner of second place in the 700-p 0 u n d classg the booth that rn a d e the money to finance tripsg a general panorama of the groundsg and the wins o m e sweet- hearts of the F. F. A. Club -de- rnure faque Nev- ills, piquant M a r y Virginia f o i n e r, a n d friendly Pauline Held. CJ I Kilt sul tg' """'gnnu'un T il! ,4g:1::51++Z i fl emswm . 4 - 1 Present and Future Students D 0 l p lt i n e never has walred up to the fact that her picture is b e in g taken. 'gLittle Flo w e r Harrisu is cer- tainly c u n ning, isn,t h e? A nfl therefs collegiate Waultinio H e r- in a ng however, she doesn,t look natural with b 0 0 lc s. "Fire.' Firefl' cries G. T. w h i l e Charles Sewell isn't both- ered, and the boys play on. T h e fa c u l t y babies cz r e nu- rnerousg for in- stan c e, Skipper Skaggs, Aubrey a n cl R at i n e y Owen. Step aside for Marshall Millsap and laughing S a r ah Collins. Back to the faculty un- llerst u die s we have Yvonne Hunter, Virginia Fatherree, a n d John T h om a s and Dickson Lee Willis. Can you guess t h e next children? Right. Pat Murphy, Dewey Mayhew, and D o n Etter. May they realize their ambitions as cowboys, foot- ball rnen, or coaches. S U P E R I N T E N D E N T R. D. GREEN N THIS year 1936, when all Texas is Centennial-minded, it behooves you to look ' hack at the great figures in the history of our Lone Star State, to recognize their worth, and to emulate their virtues. The men of the past believed in themselves and had a vision of a great commonwealth Which they would found and hand dow11 to you to perfect. It is your part to profit hy their example and to remain loyal to their ideals. Go forth and build for yourselves and others a new TeXas4unified, progressive, and democratic-a state to which men may point With pride, not merely glorifying in the breadth and Width of its territory, its boundless Wealth, and scenic attraction hut justly exulting in its worthy citizenship, that is excelled by no other state in the Union. Sincerely you rs, R. D. E R EEN 'Twenty-five P R I N C I P A L L. E. DUDLEY NOTHER commencement occasion has arrived with its accompanying feeling of elation at tasks completed and rest well earned. There is also, as usual, a feeling of revret for associations discontinued and ties severed. Ma each of ou en'oy 2: Y Y . your vacations and return in September for better Work and greater triumphs, or, if our high school da 's are over, mai You ffraze in greener aslures in colleffe or in Y I3 3 Y Y r- r, r- your chosen work. ufnz wishing, as this school year ends, that I could but repay A portion of the gladness that yoagve strewn along my way, And could I have one wish today, this only would it be: fd like to be the sort of friend that you have been to lflf:'.,, Sincerely yours, l.. D U D LEY Twenty-six I A S S I S T A N T P R I N C I P A L H. S. FATHERREE IN THE laboratory of Abilene High School one of the most vital activities is the forming of friendships. You have been forging and testing the bonds of friend- ship during your four years here. The enduring qualities and the value of those friends you have made here will be proved repeatedly through the years. There is one type of friendship that a teacher prizes highly-that of teacher and pupil. It brings me immeasurable pleasure to feel that I can number the students of our school as friends that will endure. The smile of greeting and the cheery word fill my heart with thankfulness that I have been permitted to work with you through your high school days. May the march of the years but strengthen the ties that hind us now. Very sincerely yours, H. 5. FATHERREE Tu ents sex e gkzffffw' MISS MYRTLEITRANTHAM MRS' C. B, HICKS Latm -Latin-English A - I 1 SSL fri' . I ,.. . E. C. ITOLK J. I. MOORE Slwwwgh Agriculture KL KV 4 I W L i . K : : kL" " -' s Q 0 'U 8 ca ' 5 MISS RUBY COMPERE WIISS WILLIE MAE .HINES MISS BETH COOMBES MISS LAFON DERRICK Home Economics Home Economics Home Economics Spanish, MRS. E. M. RANDOLPH MRS. A. H. GATLIN Spanish Spanish Twenty-eight X. MISS LUDEE MAE HARRISON h JACK CHRISTIAN Comme-rcia' Physical Education ARGUERIT ARROVV MISS M SeC,.em,,Z B MISS OUIDA CLEMONS Music R. T. BYNUM MISS ALYCEMAYE BOYCE E. S. MURPHY D. A. MAYHEW Music Secretary Commercial COUNT' MRS. NANCY LEE HICKMAN MISS GLENNA FAYE GRANT Librarian Physical Education Twenty-nine ' i N I 6 I i I N i HOWARD MILLER MISS SARAH HARDY History Hilstoiy JOE HUMPHREY History-Civics MISS ANNIE BOND Commercial Law History MISS PANSY GARDNER , - . CURTIS OWEN MISS LUCRETIA CURRY ROY SKAGGS Hzstoiy MRS. M. M. BARNES History History History HiSi0W COMER CLAY Public Speaking Thirtg .,,L M , ' -hHIi '. f ' .I ' ,I m 7 ,H ., I ik, , Q ,I ' . I ' ' :af 'L,. L'L' -.N MRS. EDITH C. SMITH -f E S '1?H'RY1y Cozmselor-English K 'I www . JIS MISS CLAUDINE OLSEN , E' L' h, ng is MISS JUANITA BARROW MISS MARY BAGGETT ,English MISS TOMMIE CLACK English MRS. SELMA BISHOP English English MISS BOBBIE CLACK English MISS BENNIE SPECK MISS WINIFRED PFAFF English English Thirty-one MISS WILLIE FLOYD Sczence W. R. OWEN Mechanical Drawing NELSON A. HUTT0 J0u1'nal1Qs'm-Englilfsh J. D. HUNTER Science A. V. WILLIAMS MRS. DAN GALLAGHER Science H. H. JOHNSON MISS ODELL JOH ON English Science Science 1...I ' MISS VERNESTIIEIE BRANNEN MISS ANNIE LEE WILLIAMS English English Thirty-two V1 .2sz.a21mi?i5s161'1'ii f tr12r1Wf2vY?'iSl g I M, ij.,V?fA MISS IVIABEL REEVES FRANK H. ETTER Mathematics Mathematics P I , mn X Jig N-'Sf 1 v I - 'X 1 I 'S 1 ' 5 .7157 Hzjb MA ya ,-WL.., fTx.,,l.xJ .Q I x A in . Q- 5 I ' TSXQQ' . sw K . J.,-1" ,V L, . ,I , , R I L53 -. .l.-wg -A - . I .J MIS LUCILLE KNOX MISS DORIS DANIEL fx - S . Mathematics Mathematics N MRS. M. E. NORWOOD D. B. WEATHERBY MISS BELLE JONES C. B. FORD Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics MC4the'W1f1CS IKE W. JAY CULLEN WILLIS Mathematics Mathematics Thirty-three i FACTS ABUUT ABILENE HIGH SCHDDL Establishment Of first high sehOOlfl881 First graduating class-l888 MEMBERS ELLA COLE MINNIE KERSHAW TARLETON MIDDLETON QUAY MINTER ELLA PORTER NEVA WYNNE TAYLOR SUBJECTS FIRST OFFERED FOR SENIORS MATHEMATICS SCHOOL MANAGEMENT ENGLISH LATIN PHYSICS PSYCHOLOGY FIRST TEACHERS PROFESSOR JAMES, Superintendent MISS BETTIE BROWN BOARD OF TRUSTEES 1881 M. W. MCLAMORE R. A. MILLER JAMES FIELD ED NORTHRUP -GARTRELL BOARD OF TRUSTEES 1936 BEN L. COX, President T. T. HARRIS, Vice-President MRS. H. A. PENDER J. R. FIELDER L. J. ACKERS J. M. HOOKS Smallest graduating classes-l893 and l903g number E. L. HARWELL A in each-5 Largest graduating class-19355 number-287 Value O Number Of graduates in 1936-225 Total number of graduates-3,688 Number Of affiliated courses-48Vg Courses added this year-ishop workl l Number Of volumes in the library-7,500 f property Owned by the High School-3400354.51 Number of teachers in High School-59 Number of students in City Schools-9,706 - I . Organization: September 27, 1935 Class Party: February 22, 1936 Senior Day: March 27, 1936 Graduation: May 22, 1936 Sponsors: L. E. DUDLEY C. B. FORD Miss OUIDA CLEMONS ff -' , gf -,gi-',1.g -Q i E N I 0 R RAY NIOSER President WILLIAM COUCH Reporter GLENNA HARBER Club Editor 132 CLASS OFFICERS VVILLIS HARRIS JOE MILLSAP Vice-President Vice-President ZONA HORN FORREST WADE TIPPEN Reporter Senior Editor MURRELL MONTGOMERY OMER DEE MCCLURE Assistant Club Editor Sports Editor J UNE BRAHANEY Secretary SELMA CLARK Senior Favorite LOUISE HOOPER Editor of Battery Thirty-six X - , --- QS . mn , ' - '5 I "1-fm R - 'I Ami :E in--N is " S- N -so A A- .9 4. WS :SA 1 X X X 1 " WWF M551 Y f A vmwfi A ,, ,f+f "fzs a ls: xx Ny E -'.,,,,..1., "'M,,,,,l1,, ' I., I 1, ,,IW1,,n.,J--JMR' ' huh, ,u,, ,, ,,,I,.,P,,,3v,,, ' Q54 'V f,MD,Iv,N1zWf' IWN9 , I,,,,, R,,,fM,,,,5 ,II ' Hi' N W" "' " , l, ' ri Wu JANE AGNEW Pep Squad '33-'35g P. G. '36g Home Economics '34-'35. Parents came to Taylor County in 1930. SHIRLEY ALLEN l'. G. '36g Pep Squad '33-'36g Glee Club '32-'36g G an G '36. Grandparents came to Taylor County in 1878. BEATRICE ARRINGTON Sports '34g P. G. '3G. JIMMY AGNEW Travel '32g Science '33g National Geographic '35g Modern Artists '34. Parents came to Taylor County in 1930. BENTON ANDERSON Glee Club '34-'36g F. F. A. '33-'36, Entered Abilene schools in 1931. LAVERL BAILEY Pan American '34-'35g !J MARY ELIZABETH AIKEN Class R e p o I' t e r '33g Latin '333 Pep Squad '33- '35: Sports '34g Y. L. P. '36g N. H. S. '36, Parents came to Taylor County in 1920. CHRISTINE ARMSTRONG Back o' Curtain '36, Parents came to Taylor COLIITY in 1935. FRED BAKER Football '33, Q E VERLIE AKINS Social Usage '323 Latin '34 Parents came to Taylor County in 1926. BILLY ARNOLD Forensic '35g Golf '35Z Talk and Treinble 2343 National Geographic '35, Entered Abilene schools in 15925. SUE BALL Puzzle Travel '33g Pre-Med '34g Home Eco- Parents came to Taylor B A V k ff' ffuffiiill 1,61 Pzlrenis Caine to Taylor , ,A , , County in 15931, G fm G 56- County in Iszn, llO1llg2S 55- zbivqgie Club Parents came to Taylor 33' ' C' an ' ' County in 1934. Parents came to Taylor County in 1920. Thirty-seven lil A f m ,. A".-:ii5' V, .v::,5:f.5f'1? 4 liitiereii 35212-41 ,. 5 . .f iffy WV' 111, if "-5-51325 i' , ' ' . l 'V -M -In .- mi- '- vw -. 32. --up ' ' s ' piggy? I I' 75,-, Kg, I I 1 -. 4- M NNW' ' I 'ac ,. Ct-..l,"Hlf' um' M.',""U' in 'K 'l"'4lkms"1xfl.lAJ 5' f 5411 'I' wrt..-f...m. .li , ,Quill '-N6-..ffL.-.'Eul4l. V4 ' ,. l T I V l Y K '1 I AUDREY BALLEW POGt1'y '35g Century of Progress '34: Poets' Cor- ner '35. Parents came to Taylor County in 1919. MARY Jo BELL Los Leales '32-'33g Mask and Wig '35. Parents came to Taylor County in 1928. BETTY BONNETT Glee Club '35-'36g P. G. '36: G an G '36. Entered Abilene High School in 1935. MELMADORIS BANTAU Story Telling '32-'35, Parents came to Taylor County in 1925. JAMES BILBEBRY Travel '32-'34g Science '35. Grandparents came to Taylor County in 1875. JUNE BRAHANEY Triple A '35g P. G. '35- '36g Pep Leader '36: G an G President '36g Y. L. P. '36. Parents moved to Tay- lor County in 1934. if NAN BARNES Glee Club '32-'353 Pep Squad '34-'35g Musk and Wig '32-'35, Parents came to Taylor County in 1919. GORDON BLACK Student in Abilene High School three years. Par- ents cz 21 me to Taylor County in 1933. FLOY BRATTON Sub-Deb '35g Sports '35g Science '33g Spanish '32, Parents came to Taylor County in 1918. MARGARET BEASLEY La Luz '33-'341 Science Parents came to Taylor County in 1927. LORAINE BOND Student in Abilene schools four years. FAY BREWER Battery ,361 G an G '36. Parents came to Taylor County in 1934. 'I'l1irty-eight .5 A Q, -' ' X A 1- .. A -- "Sins -55 L.: 9 - STE. '11 .. A ew . .u5? 5 i5gi1b- figbiq-T , H' NX N' -, A 545154 H ww 1 - sa, .ar y .. , ly ,M l ,A Y L UWAFWJXMHBM we. hui, I HI' 'mmphmm Sli .1 Mxyplmwm n .7 'ilmhy ' mm xHH.y.xu'j A -'ty UN . X I lvfklhhlu niyun 1, Nm :ll UH X-N N A 1.x1 I 1 ,I 1 ff l CLAUDE BREWSTER F. F. A. '32-'36. Parents came to Taylor County in 1900. HARRY CALDWELL Latin '34-'35g Science '36 Parents Caine to Taylor County in 1933. JEAN CHRISTOPHER Pep Squad '32-T453 Mask and VVig '33-'36g lleclzi- mation '34-'363 V i c e- Presiclent G an G '3Gg N. H. S. 'Slip Drainatic '321 Tournament Play '36. Parents 0511116 to Taylor County in 15127. 'Fhll'lY-111116 R. W. BRITTAIN, JR. lllilsk and VVig '32-'3G. Parents came to Taylor County in 1928, NELL CAMP Pep S q u a d '33-'34g G an G '36. Pars-nts came to Taylor County in 1933. SARAH ELIZABETH CLARK Ven Squad '32-'IZGQ Cleo Club '32-T255 Triple A Rhythm Ryters, 'fltig Drznmzitic T323 G au G '36g Latin '33g N. H. S. 135936. Grandp:u'ents onine to Taylor County in 1875. 'w 1, X -1 1 LW QL . I i '.- -2,1-,,.a.W , ,I,,'A2a-J 4,1 ,gr fb1':,.'i.f: 1' ff ,1 -! . A IS - ,AL ' 1 ,fu lj I ,.' V ,if I S 0 . 5' " I.: '!',!.,.f I 1 I . 4, 7. , I- 1RL.J'f'feu xl, Y, I lillyrajf --A H .A , "s"fjS I, 'f-1 ,H1 I 'S " 7 Jlilil In . a u 1,4 -I-1? - iyfbff' 'I 'lj ,,.F k , , w If u Q, I ,- 1 A,K.V4,", , F 4 f f f M In . VAN BURNETT JOE BYNUM 'Q 4 1-I Poetry l34. F. F. A. '34-'35glf136'ys'. nf- Q 1 ' Parents came to Taylor Sports 34' ,, 4 '- 4 County in 1511 S. EDGARLENE CAMPBELL I'an-Americzm '34g Glee Club '35. Parents Came to Taylor County in 1929. SELMA CLARK Dl'2llll2ll.lC 'ESQ l'. 11. '35- 'ZSGQ Glee Club '351 Pep Squad '33-'ilflg Debate '36 Senior lf'ztVol'ite TIG: ll an G '36. Parents Cfllllfi to Taylor County in 12127. Taylor County in 1889. Grandparents czunel 146 1 X JOHN CHILDRESS Clippers '34g Mask and VVig '34-'36g Tournament Play '35g N. H. S. '36g Quartet '35. Entered Abilene High School in 1934. ARVECE CLAYTON S. P. Q. R. T345 Rytluu Ryters '35-'36, liulerecl Abilene schools in 1931. 'll ar rr - - W, Y V , ww - !"3is'Jf:T' fi: Z, ,Cf 1 , we:fv,'5ff,+2a5. -121: ,g5,g,,,,- 45, 2 A , 'f , -1 .4 'R igfifa FP jg, .. V'--L 1 Q! .9 llx isgiiff if UL? Tffii ggi H- 51-1, 1. 6 ' K 1 ff' QR .P 'A hvnffa A- . , .A A - A -gQ1Y+:Ji:f34141,wfwfff'f- fl-il 'B -.-1 f 1 fr Rf- rf L- +V -9-,:..1 'I -4 of 1 t -...f--. I-02433. 1- ,W Qgnllxwir ,J n lu.: - M ,A w. -, I lf, if-'AH 1' - Q' A-,A luwzy A- ' - -5.3234 ,ffm 1' 5 I .-Q3 "-Ny .1 - -- " ' "' ' ' 'll .. ..4.f'lll 'A -1 'l"'4lK5a"lJ1lnn A uw .A1..n..il --.f6...A..m4. 'f f K CHARLOTTE COLLINS P. G. ,361 G :ln G '36. Grrinflparunts Caine to Taylor County in 1910. CORINNE DANIEL G an G '36: Forensic '35-'36g Dramatic '33. Parents came to Taylor County in 1931. BRUCE DUVAL Science T335 Pre- Med '35g S. P. Q. H. '36g Track '35g Archaeology '34, Parents Came to Taylor County in 1932. MAXINE COTTON G an G '36q Pep Squad '33-'26. Parents L-:une to Tay- lor County in 1919. CHARLES DICK Band '31-'36g Orchestra 133135. Parents came to Taylor County in 1916. WILLIAM HARVEY EARNEY Football '343 R y t h 111 Rylel-S '34-'35. Parents c-:une to Taylor County in 1926. WILLIS COX Travel '33g Football '35. Pzmrents c-:une to Taylor County in 1910. FRANCES DORBANDT G an G '35-'36g P. G. '34-'36, Parents came to Taylor County in 1934. WANDA FEWELL R y t h In Ryters '363 G an G '36. Entered Abilene High School in 1934, MAXINE CRAIG Pep Squad '33-'34g G an G 'ISGQ P. G. '36. Parents came to Taylor County in 1927. ETHEL DEAN DOWNING Know Your Town '36g G an G 2363 Home Eco- rloinics '32-'34. Parents came to Taylor County in 1932, SARAH FLY Speech '331 Girl Re- serve '333 Home Eco- nomics 135. Parents came to Taylor County in 1924. Forty KT" W -' F3 1 I :Z-K ...lr ll' I 'ssllsib .2 ll - ..e S Ni llwtlaiiauv :L llagrmg - iff- zls - , ' I- S-in-La, . effgf- 9 , 5 -. w e 5 3 rife, ..:-" Y in fp". xx I LAN 1254 . t - 'Q A' 'R M PSF' - I , 1,1 ' 1 I. ,,l9ll,D'...lX'W9l-" 6' 'lull , Ib ,m.,,P,,,J1,,, '- 19,54 1 'V pJX5fl,1I',MllH1' ll lmmI,f,, N.,, Nv,nlx,,,,l R I Uh' 9 ' "'hM'NI' l.',n H' I ' Jo KATHRYN FRENCH La Luz '34g Glee Club '33-'35, Science '34g For- ensic '361 G an G '36. Parents came to Taylor County in 1933. , PAUNELL GENTRY Dramatic '32: Home Economic '33g R y 't h m Ryters '34: G an G '36. Parents Came to Taylor County in 1925. GLENNA HARBER Dramatic '33g S 11 0 r t Story '34g G an G '363 N. H. S. '365 Club Editor Flashlight '36, Parents came to Taylor County in 1908. Forty-one 5 r. 71. ' , -ii If .1 hm U .- 1 t..-'E H MWA 1 BILLY FROST Science '35-'36. Parents came to Taylor County in 1932. BERNEICE GILMORE Mask and Wig '36g N. H. S. '36, ' Parents came to Taylor County in 1935. DOROTHY HARE Rythm Ryters '35g Pre JUNE FROST Los Leales '32g Riask and Wig '333 Y. L. P. '34-'36g Glee Club '33g G an G '35-'36. Parents came to Taylor County in 1933. R. B. GLENN Travel '33g Texas '343 Poetry ,352 Business Man- ager Flashlight '3G. Parents came to Taylor County in 1919. LUCILLE HARE Back o' Curtain '35- E I THELMA GARNER Texas '333 Travel '34. Married to Jack John- son, February 1, 1936, Parents came to Taylor County in 1927. PAUL D. GREEN Puzzle '33g Radio '34g Science '35-'36. Parents came to Taylor County in 1906. GENE HARRIS Dramatic '33g Clipping Med '36, '36g Glee Club '35-'BGQ Club '3G. Grandparents came to G an G '36 Entered Abilene schools Taylor County in 1920. Grandparents came to in 1925. Taylor County in 1920. f if ' E 3- i f FM W ' gf Q f 11" l .QZ WJ y 4 4' . f gg ilu !" Q' 34 -f a , -a f?-4 - .I . , QT , Qgatgg " 4 if 4 4 . - ' ' -, .tif ' " . '- 55, gg: ' - f ...-f 4.14 " I 011.15151 1' gm A .q,..6...,... t.-1. it..-1' -1-fC....4..'E.x-44. M 1 fy ,av - fi Q- si' 5 ' 'Z ul '1 'Q, fs: T ', TN" l I ffl my r" Y If A car itll, 1 fl 1 '1 1 H s' 1 0 If f- I ri ' -'-1 39,1 If , ,if I ' ' "' ,. c....r"'-- f l ,X ff ff ll 'writ ' - ' . 1 in '1 E N I R BURRELL HARRISON Glee Club '34g Forensic '35g Flashlight S. '36. '35g N. H. Parents came to Taylor County in 1912. OLLIE MAYE HINDS Pre Med '35g Art '34- '35. Parents came to Taylor County in 1905. ZONA HORN Bac-k 0' Curtain '33g Glee Club '33g P. G. '35g G an G '36: Y. L. 1'. '36g B a t t e r y '34-'3G3 Pep Leader '36g Triple A 134. Parents came to Taylor County in 1921. CLYDE HARVEY Los Leales '35. Entered Abilene schools iw 1929. TOM HOLMSLEY Band '32-'36g Orchestra '35-'36. Parents came to Taylor County in 1927. MARYELLA HORTON Parents came to Taylor County in 1900. AR WX 1 ALBERT HAWKINS La Luz '32-'34g Travel '34g Glee Club '35g Sci- enc-e '36. Grandparents came to Taylor County in 1876. RALPH HOOKS Band '33-'36g Hi-Y '363 N. H. S. '36. Parents came to Taylor County in 1920. HANNA MARGARET HUDSON Dramatic '35g P. G. '363 G an G '36. Entered Abilene High School in 1934. LAVELLE HAY Rythm Ryters '34g Vol- ley Ball '35g Sports '35. Parents came to Taylor County in 1910. MYRTLE HOPKINS Married to Lloyd Chap- pell, December 25, 1935. VIOLA HUFEMAN Sports '35: Pep Squad '32-'36: Archaeology '32- '34g Pep Leader '36g Vol- ley Ball '33-'35g N. H. S. '36, Parents came to Taylor County in 1907. Forty-two ,?fg,Qtig1eifif2' . , 'FAA' : N We N QQ " " fl ' 'V 'ii uiwfl R fi S' RX' .lui is sa. J NY- , 1 Q sl , lsr isa- 1-gif 5 1 X N ,P g. X tb- 2.29. N 5 -af. u F77 e-. ' .. 7 9 Y K' .L -Q .y 1- -1, e ul ' , ,UL-F , 3 n.,X,x'1 ' ' I-X ' fix' P .ip- i w YW' W 'x"q 11 a karl 'ne 'vkyy-N f lv X A I ' i.,,1u , 1. 'f w 'HI' " 'MJ' ,al ,, P. h,, g 4 A - lnul I ,,,, i.,,,, vvvli.. .5 ., " ,N X H: l Keg! , " ,-1.25 - vs- 52- -1. 9: sg L is . x 113 1. V a WDA T rl' ., ,. .1 1 ,,Mla,i.,ml ii-lm , 1 fr N 'ffm ' l"' ' FRANK HUGHES Pre Med '32-'36. Grandparents came to Taylor County in 1919. MARY PEARL JOHNSTON 3LoS Leales '35g Sports ' 5 Entered Abilene Schools in 1927. MARVIN JONES VVoOdcraft '35. Grandbarents came to Taylor County in 1928. Forty-three ODESSA ILSENG Texas Centennial '36g Glee Club '36g G an G '36. Entered Abilene High Srhool in 1935. 1VIARY VIRGINIA JOINER '36Sub Deb '36g G an G Parents came to Taylor County in 1890. NOVELLA KEITH Poetry '34g Pan Ameri- can '35g Sub Deb '36g G an G '36. Parents came to Taylor County in 1904. GEORGE INGLE Football '32-'35g La Luz '32-'34g Hi Y '34-'36g Y. L. P. '36. Grandparents came to Taylor County in 1882. JACK JONES LOS Leales '33-'34, Grandparents came to Taylor County in 1918. CLETA MAYE KILLEBREW Glee Club '34: Pre Med '35: G an G '36g Rythin Ryters '36. -ParentS came to Taylor County in 1930. 'Il .. - We ' 11" 'J via' Aw: :I . f-e1 ::?1-fi sfeff e I fix -5 'F MZfVliiP.T'fAY , - .fgao l ' M Mun .-' fl N.: - HMMAWI J I, 4 1: f".5'A M -- H I, ..,.I M-1 ff ,NJ ,AJ lvl If wo-1 fgxgwilffmn I' 'I My - HAIU1 N1 E 1 7,EJ'f,w4.:ce C ywxfl. QM ' ffpvw .A ' -Qffjfffl If .iff 4..fg.f,1' fl 1.17 wffffvw' L Vfffvffr J 2Dfff4MffW'-0 MARY FRANCES JACKSON Pep Squad '33-'35: Spanish '33-'34g G an G '36g Flashlight '34-'36g Editor '36. Parents came to Taylor County in 1910. MARION JONES Dramatic '33g Travel '35 Parents came to Taylor County in 1928. ALBERT KILPATRICK '11 O '-: cn 5 2. 0 1:5 vi H as N 97 M O5 X ff' 7 wi "" - INDPY' .. 5' ' P523 rf, 2-WI-uf' vw X S2 L Q 3 llfffl lf E E ll I m F IW' All 5 ix 'l fb if it 'big Q :X Qing bu' ' P419 tx SSE' 5 :KI 'ilr .ililsf-4' S E N R EVELYN LEMLEY G an G '36g Battery '363 Press Club '35. Parents came to Taylor County in 1933. W. D. LOWRIE, JR. F. F. A. '35-'36. Parents came to Taylor County in 1928. DENNIS MANLY F. F. A. '32-,365 Glee Club '33-'35g Declaination '33-'35Q Forensic '35. Parents came to Taylor County in 1893. g S .Q . , Q -. 'x"'Dff,..,,:...a:.....r--. N Q- .Q-5 I :S 'Q ' a W 1,101 ., -Nbr' h,,j PF F 'D .,,' ......,D.,. THERRON LEWIS Glee Club '32-'36. Parents came to Taylor County in 1919. BIRDIE'-ALICE LYNCH Travel '32-'343 Science '36g Pep Squad '333 G an G '36. Grandparents came to 'Taylor County in 1900. J O MARTIN Pep Squad '32-'35g Glee Club '33-'35: Back o' Cur- tain '33-'353 Y. L. P. '36. Entered Abilene schools in 1927. 'NN XNRIIII v li 5 H HUGH LONGMOOR Basketball '343 Hi Y '35-'361 Football '32-'35. Parents came to Taylor County in 1929. BUSTER LYNCH Travel '32-'34: Science '36 Grandparents came to Taylor County in 1900. W. F. MARTIN Forensic '33-'35g Y. L. P. '35-'36g Debate '33-'3Gg "My Home Town" ner '35. Entered Abilene schools in 1931. VVin - 5 A X if I .5 'f5. I. ROBERT LOWE Band '33-,363 Dramatic VVo1'ksl1op '35. Parents came to Taylor County in 1928. DOROTHY ELLEN MANGEL Sub-Deb '36. Parents came to Taylor County in 1933. LEO MASSER Travel '33g Texas '33- '36, Parents came to Taylor County in 1925. Forty-four X ' an 2 .mi Smile U . W' .ee 1 ...T . nuff ,H . GM 1 '7nM!lA,I'Nj1l1n11 x'-5' ,H N H, W f, 7 -' . nfllwlil 5 -5 . X- 5. ::.-..--- -Q. 1- . ,: . 'gk fig., f-1-:if-5. Q: ffvffasf X .w Q-. 1-5 'Q' vb. 1' V-V. -111. A -5 s f-:e,3,,. , 5 , 11: -fag . 5 A -- -, I 1 ,I 4 U,-E-HLLEZZ-.-fvx-' ,-.ff .',f--.-iw .,.J..ll R fm A 1. f' ' Qv 4:11 '-A 'v'-1 N- . -ya: 'J .Ei A u .1 1 ' 1 , l . , N xy!! in xr 'X B I N N hm H ml 'h C1 l I L LAVERNE MASSEY Archaeology ,335 Travel 343 National Geographic 34: l', G. ,365 G an G '36. Parents came to Taylor County in 1935. CHARLES MCLAUGHLIN Glee Club '36g Back O' Curtain '36. Entered Abilene High School in 1935. TOM MONROE Football '33-'35: F. F. A. '34g Travel '35g Cen- tennial '36. Parents came to Taylor County in 1923, Forty-five ' MIR r J. B. MCCARLEY Press Club '36, Grandparents came to Taylor County in 1935. ATHALENE MILLER Travel '32-'32lg Pre Med '33g F O r en s i c '35-'36g G an G '35-'36, Grandparents I-ame to Taylor County in 1895. MURRELL MONTGOMERY Texas '323 Travel '33: Flashlight '36g N. H. s. '36, Parents came to Taylor County in 1928. 5 OMER DEE MCCLURE History '33g Poetry -'353 Sport Editor Flashlight '36. Parents came to Taylor County in 1929. JOE MILLSAP Band '33-'36g President Rand '36g Orchestra 135- '36g N. H. S, 335136. Parents came to Taylor County in 1895. JANE MOORE Pep Squad '33g Foren- sic '33-'363 Battery '35- '36. Parents came to Taylol County in 1923. I , '25:?5",e:i : ..:HE55.. '- f 1' . fn - - ,. - 1, l - V . V: 1 If T-f-feeizg 11 1W ,If N I R VIRGINIA MCKINNIE Mask and Wig '34-'36g Glee Club '33-'35g Pep Squad '34-'36g G an G '36, Parents came to Taylor County in 1933, NADA MIRACLE N. H. S. '35-'36s P, G. '33-'36g Glee Club '35-'36g Orchestra '35-'36g Dra- matic '33. Entered Abilene schools in 1926. VOY VERNON MOORE Football '35-'36. Entered Abilene schools in 1931. TL-, 7- J - f' 4' , ' 4 'A X ' wi I 'B 13,4 55-lf ' ' 2 A f ' W vz X K F.: Ex? A. 1 G gd 12? A1 ,ig :A E44 will fn' .-' 'I ...' ' I 'if '- 'wr lt" I. . " fav ' ' ' TIAS' , ' f: f f ,,.-4-1 U-H' "Ll" "' ' 0 'lu ' .. 4--..f"'H-ff -f - 4.f"Jh ff .I-.--.6m1.'f1.fltWn K tn. .ml --'ff-.-ffn.AMl.t K ,ff A 'Weill E FRANCES MORRISON Back O' Curtain '33g G an G '36g Pep Squad '32-'3-lg Glee Club '32-D343 Rythm Ryters '36g Triple A '34g N. H. '36, Grandparents came to Taylor County in 1885. FRANCES NEILL Dramatic W 0 r k shop ,335 Pep Squad '33-'35. Entered Abilene Schools in 1926. JANIE ALICE PARRISH Mask and VVig '34-'36g Forensic '34g N. H. S. '36. ' Parents came to Taylor County in 1924. RAY MOSER Mask and VVig '36g Hi Y '34-'36g Football '33-'35g Captain '35g Basketball T353 Track '34-'36g Class Reporter '33g Class Presi- dent '34-'36. Parents came to Taylor County in 1925. J AQUE NEVILLS Pre Med '33g Texas '34- '35g Art Club '36g F. F. A. Sweetheart '35. Parents came to Taylor County in 1917. MILDRED PENDER Glee Club '32g Dramatic H533 Pep Leader '36g For- ensic '33g Sports '34g Y. L. P. '34-'36g G an G '36g N. H. S. '35-'36g Junior Red Cross Council '36. People came to Taylor County in 1882. MARGUERITE MULLINS spanish 'aa Entered Abilene schools in 1925. J. E. NEWBY F. F. A. '33-'34, Parents came to Taylor County in 1897. LEE PERRY, JR. Flashlight '36. Parents came to Taylor County in 1935, DORIS NAYLOR Art Club '32: Pep Squad '34-'36g Girl Reserve '35. Parents came to Taylor County in 15526. JULIAN OLSEN Travel '33: Science '34- '35. Parents came to Taylor County in 1903. R. M. PHILLIPS Science '32-'36. Parents came to Taylor County in 1925. Forty-six fle w 'fe ' - H A-. 1 .gf -If 'l -5 ill'--f' xg , I ifi I iii-E"l'-1 V. iii-1--M + f L -'R -. albffziillaa' Wg xgiif xgjg ' I , Few- if A X X 75934. ,. ,AIX 1, - -1, ,,,w,,,..1..,,.I-H -' lm. ,HA , M4 vvlxlhlvww' H v"HM,y , I.,,,, A A-M..,,P7Ww :il l l.,m wh .1 f- W1 In - WN: JOHN POLANSKY Baskerbaii '33-'sag Giee Club '33-'sa Parents came to Taylor County in 1033. EMMAGENE RICE Pan American '33-'34. Parents came to Taylor County in 1018. LLOYD ROBERTSON Los Le-ales '33g Buck o' Curtain '35. Parents came to Taylor County in 1900. MALCOLM PYE Historival Fiction ,342 Travel 135. Parents came to Taylor County in 1926, ESTELLE RICHARDSON G an G T365 Girl Re- serve '32, Parents came to Taylor County in 1902. LEON SAFFELL Dramatic '32g Travel '33g Press '35. Parents came to Taylor County in 1932. SHERWOOD PYE Historical Fiction '33- '34q Science '35-'36. Parents onine to Taylor County in 1026. ORAN RICHARDSON Travel '33g Press 136. Parents came to Taylor County in 1932. VIOLA SAMPLE Forensic '353 G an G '36g Volley Ball '35. Parents Came to Taylor County in 1934. Forty-seven .za A ' I 5. maj, "ff -aff-'Inf X , , ,4sI,...--?2555?Z A '! Wvnkfwrfh -' .. ,Au ,A -- EA ,dx yi- ,, '-if K I 'A w iff" l.,':?'j51 i?'1?hL-' F'-f - .- . , - ..... - Q, -. gf - .- . ,Q-ff 1 ' 1 ,.1a'f N- ' U U -- H H HUM. ' I mc " H .. C---JIAH-ff II..-' uf.'M" 'I ""'i'Kmu"lu'iM:1'i 1' 5-LY' ..,fK.--4.--M A ,f E I LAVADA RAYNES Glee Club '33-'85, Entered Abilene srhools in 1932. MOGIE ROBERTS G an G 'SGQ Texas USG. Entered Abilene High School in 1035. LILLIAN SAVAGE G an G '36g Art Club 126 Grandparents came to Taylor County in 1885. grow , A 'uiilff H - 2.4 3 "'i'I" l A I - ..du"li.Illt.JL -IC..-ffL.wftNi. A --- l C E R OZELLA SHERRARD Pre Med '33g Dramatic '35 Parents came to Taylor County in 1916. MARGUERITE SLOAN Archa e ol 0 g y '32-'34: Sports '35g Pep Squad '32-'36: P. G. l3G. Parents Qame to Taylor County in 1931. VELMA STARNATER Glee Club '33-'36g Girl Reserve '34: Pep Squad '35-'36g Latin '33g Home Economics '33-'36, Parents came to Taylor RICHARD SHIPMAN Flashlight 132-'36. Parents came to Taylor County in 1929. JAMES SMITH Rythm Ryters '33-'35. Parents came to Taylor County in 1913. OTIs STEWART Forensic '343 National Geographic '35g P r e s Club '36g Texas 134. Entered Abilene schools in 1925. RUBY SKELTON G an G '36g Rythm Ryters '35: Texas ,33. Parents came to Taylor County in 1928. MELBA SMITH Forensic '35g Mask and Wig '36g Glee Club '34- '36. Entered Abilene High School in 1933. FANNY BEss STEWMAN Clipping '35g Home Eco- nomic '34q Girl Scouts '34g Girl Reserve '33g Photog- raphy '35. Parents came to Taylor KENNETH SKINNER Band '33-'36g Orchestra '35-'36. Entered Abilene schools in l925. BILLY STANDARD Pan American '35g Sci- ence '33-'36. Parents came to Taylor County in 1899. J IMMIE KATE TARTT Los Leales '33g Foren- sic l34g Back 0' Curtain '34: Dramatic '333 Art Club '36g N. H. S. '36. Entered Abilene schools C01-Ulty' in 1924. County in 1918. in 1928. Forty-eight .Qi " E .X - A I-gm .mg in - ' - A SN 'E1 . , C . -5- as RQAA' 4- Q- 9 5-15-35- - anti- Y.--,E mm ,ei X N with M IAM h l 1. ' 1, ,,,Whn .JN--uxlv' 'lull ,111 'Q ,,,.,,,f.,,Jw,,, 5.3.4 W '3 r,NfH,1v,N,r11xuIr pp lf ,llhylb l .WI Nx',,m.."'ym :Ai ' N ' . l1l,1llAV "'."'V 'w iw' 'fi - i .- xx 3 lg R if ai ' A-I WQF A .. H A W F I T if are 'ij ROY THOMPSON Modern History '33-,345 Short Story '34g S. P. Q. R. '35. Grandparents came to 'Taylor County in 1927. WELDOM TRANTHAM F. F, A. '33-'36. Parents came to Taylor County in 1895. G. A. WEBB Travel '33: Texas '33- '35g Flashlight '35-'36. Parents came to Taylor County in 1900. EUGENE THORNTON Dramatim- '33-'34: Na- tional Geographic '35-T565 N. H. S. '36. Parents Caine to Taylor County in 1920. HAZEL WARD Latin '33g Pep Squad '34-'36g Sports '35g Mod- ern Artist ,353 Press '35: G an G '36, Parents came to Taylor County in 1928. MARGARET WILLIA MS Dramatic '333 Latin '33g Texas '34g Triple A '34- '36g G an G '3Gg Pep Squad '35-'363 N. H. S. '36. Parents came to Taylor County in 1928, FORREST WADE TIPPEN Junior Red Cross Coun- c-il '36g Ileclaniation X143 Senior Editor Flashlight '363 N. H. S. '31-3. Parents came to Taylor County in 1934. MONTIE BETH WARD Triple A '35g Rythm Ryters '36g Pep Squad '33-'35: Glee Club '33-'363 Quartette '34-'35g N. H. S. '35-'36. Parents came to Taylor County in 1909. MARY VIRGINIA WILLIAMS Texas '33-'34g Latin i344 '35g N. H. S. '36. Parents came to Taylor County in 1928. E MOLLIE FRANK TOUCHSTONE Musk and Wig '363 G an G '36g Pep Squad H355 Glee Club '34, Parents Caine to Taylor County in 1933. GRANVILLE WATERS La Luz '32-'333 Science '34-'36. Entered Abilene schools in 1931. LU DAME WISDOM Glee Club '32g Pep Squad 134-'35: G an G '363 P. G. '36. Grandparents came to Taylor County in 1919. Forty-nine ... .. Wo 7, lil" -f!5i2Q'.f1!YT' .7 f f- , H 1. f , . I . Aeew f I fl.. -- Ml25T2l.Ff.' w WCM 1, 1141 L f A-IfI...,f H ...w - , ,KM H, -. ',?.,, - A Fe, m.E..,.,1Hiiie:9. f I , 1 .'.ai-P-egg-ef-ffafggll -' '- 'X "' ' ' "" -.- f---W"---ff -r4.f"J'l. -1'---'M'f1.fI1W.1" f ai .-I. -Lt.-ll --.IC....4,.'Eo'4l. 'M F S E I R S HAROLD BEASLEY S. P. Q. R. 133-'34, Entered Abilene schools in 1928. MARY BETH FRANKLIN Sports '34g Home Eco- nomics '35. Gl'3,11d1J211'6lltS came to Taylor County in 1890. MELVIN MILLARD Reading '34g F. F. A. '34-'36g President F. F. A. '36. Parents came to Taylor County in 1905. GMC :V-H22 ' -:X "S V' T A ' x ,bw,F.,9-i..,,i, ,, -'a 5?- 0.6 J. T. BLANTON Band '32-T355 Glee Club '33-'35. Parents came to Tzlyloi County in 1909. DOUGLAS HEMBREE Historical Fiction '343 Press '34-'36g Burfle '34- '36g Science '34-'35g Busi- ness Managei' Battery '36. Parents came to Taylor County in 1919. JOE ROUTH Athletic '31g Goat Rop- ing '32g Historical Fiction '343 Poets, Corner 136. People came to Taylor County in 1900. 9 ' 'Zig 'TEES' - gg- ' ' Q RICHARD ELLIOTT Travel '33-'36g Battery '36 Entered Abilene schools in 1920. LOUISE HOOPER Short Story '33g Scrib- lwlers '34-,355 Quill and Scroll '36g Press '36Z Ed- itor of Battery '36g N. H. S. '36. Parents came to Taylor County in 1932. MARGARET ROWELL Forensic '35g Glee Club '32-'34. Entered Abilene schools in 1929. 'J gf- 1 2-S.. 1 MAURICE FINCHER N. H. S. '35-'36g Art '33: Spanish 133-'343 For- ensic '35g Rythin Ryters '36, Entered Abilene schools in 1925. RETHA LITTLE Home Economics '33- 134 ' Parents came to Taylor County in 1920. FRANCES SEARS Orchestra' 321365 Sports '35g P. G. '35-'36g Pep Squad '36. Entered Abilene schools in 1927. Fifty xx., FEW- 3 Vx J .Li Lsfiiff'-.. N A ..-- 1. ...'-.1.vR -Hai. . N .fm ' f- --:-ifirffli. 79 '- , 'HN i 1 ..,.M.,,.lx, :ni N ' ' HIMNI1 ' "'l"'V"" l"""'h A X E . . 1. 9, :cs mf -'I' n x f , , W Q ff X A N W , . ct" "'-X wlmfl M ' im lv A. 'I .14 1. f.M!Mv.M-W' 1' I on NX .. x JOEL ADAMS Pre-Med '32: Los Leales '33-'35, Parents came to Taylor County in 1931. IRENE HAILE Glee Club '32-'33g Pep Squad '32-'33: Poetry Club '34-'35g Poets' Cor- ner '35-'36, Parents Caine to Taylor County in 1890. LLOYD POOL Radio '32g Flashlight '33-'34g Scienve '36g N. H. S1 '35, Parents came to Taylor County in 1929. THEDA ATTEBERRY Travelers '33g Los Leales '35, Parents came to Taylor County in 1924. NICK HOLLIS Texas '333 Science '34- '36 lP'L1'CHtS C'lllle to Ta lor . . ' y County in 1924. FRANCES SCHULTZ Travel '32g Latin '33- '34g Texas '36. Grandparents came to Taylor County in 1879. Fifty-one --,rf-' f -4 if-' 'fV1E'7v1-V1 'A' T- 1-:' .. ,I ,ff-if I ., 'N . , Iflt???J5"'lL C' I I "' ""' -' "---' umwlwn J O M ' C ,4. ., .1 ., 1- .i.- ' f LILLO BAKER Back O' Curtain '36, Parents came to Taylor County in 1923. MICKEY HOWELL Los Le-ales '3-13 Glec Club '31-'36. Parents came to Taylor County in 1930. ANNIE RAY WARD La Luz '32. Parents came to Taylor County in 1930. f 2 3' lriw' ' 'F ' f"" ' -121-"rg" a: ' :EYZIEF ' '? K ELSIE BAUGH lDl'2l,lll2ltll' '33: Sports '343 Class Secretary '34- '35g Junior Favorite '351 Y. L. l'. '35-'36g N. H. S. '36g President G an G '36, Parents uanie to Taylor County in 1919. GERTRUDE MOORE Girl Reserve '32, Parents came to Taylor County in 1900. MACK WARNER Band '32g Short Story '33g F. F. A. '34. Parents came to Taylor County in 1923. gg " ' . 'D - .-.. .I f ' 'gi' I , V -.S ?!f -gl 'D X JI! AE .if n Q , - 4 4+ 1 ff' L -.-..13.g ,I W. I I ,Av ,...Pr, . I I...-I 4.f"'1'4' fl '- 'Wuvl.FffWn ff 'm f' ,.ffc...4...,... . .in wil.-L..-I5 M6--aft-v'5iNi.I 'f' 4 THE PRESENT ABILENE HIGH SCHOOL BUILT IN 1923 EARLY SCHOOLS THE first school building was built in 1883 between Hickory and Cedar Streets on - North Third. This also served as a Baptist Church. It was built of lumber and was a long, rambling two-room building. The grades were from the first to high schoolg but they stopped there, and it became necessary to build a high school. An old warehouse on First and Sycamore was bought during the year 1887. The girls of that school heard about the eastern seminary schoolsg so they named it the "Beer and lce Seminaryw because beer and ice were sold at the warehouse before it was con- verted into a school building. The chief pastime of the school boys and girls was to watch the 'gBohtail" train come in every day at eleven oiclock. Source: Mrs. T. .l. Edins. -MACK WARNER. IN 1889 when the citizens of Abilene felt they could get along no longer without a high school, they tried to raise the money by selling bondsg but they were unsuc- cessful. The cash could not be secured in this method, so scrip was sold. The leading business men were asked to buy this city scrip, which could not ever be cashed. Nearly all of these generous pioneers respondedg they were glad of the chance to provide a place to educate their children. The building was considered the finest in this section and stood where the present high school building is. About the same time in 1890 it was suggested to the pastor of the First Baptist Church that it would be a fine thing if there were a Baptist college in Abilene. The matter was referred to the Sweetwater Association and was approved. Several towns bid for the school, but Abilene won with a bid of five thousand dollars and a location of sixteen acres of land. The location was furnished by O. W. Steffens and George Phillips, and the money was to be furnished by the city of Abilene. There were only about three thousand three hundred people in Abilene, and five thousand dollars was a great deal of money to raise. The merchants gave the scrip that they had bought to build the high school to Abilene so that Abilene Baptist College might be built. Thus, the same money was used to build two great educational institutions. Source: George S. Anderson. ' -MARY ELIZABETH AIKEN. " a g-55 'S-E 1 at sti r? ,K H- I-gif: -ai as .,A M331 F, 1. 4- F ,, . sf-S rf' S . " " wg," 5'-W - wa,-53+ .f -fr x - -1 H. N is N Y 5v" w..J, ,M rm.. A v.NBm'.N:vl""' 'S M-,M w.,., wir-.15 .1 ' "N ' "'N"A" i-'H gr J P r Mi 2 CALENDAR Organization: October 17, 1935 Main Events: Programs every third Thursday of the month Banquet April 18, 1936 Sponsors: COMER CLAY Miss CLAUDINE OLSEN fr -4 " , Y Lf?- Q , 1 sf- Wx, 17: ff- 1 'W ,- ,, ig '22n??l5g""':ssE"?'- . ' 13, -P:iF'Ti illlffixl fr"f--'VW' 1 ' - -' M W' ' ' "" , 4--..""-swf H..-'u 4."u" " 'I H--f1l15a'flu'flh.1 ' .-4. f ...1t..-CM., ww. :KJ 'vfh---'fl--1ixNw" " - ,I U N I O R S ODELL HERMAN President DONNA MARIE WOOLDRIDGE Flashlight Representative BEE AGNEW XXII fu LUCILLE WINTER Secretary GRACE ELIZABETH COMPERE Chairman of Decorating Committee GEORGE ANSON ABIE COHEN Reporter KARL BONNEAUX Chairman of Finance Committee WILMA RUTH BICKLEY Sweetheart Scooter , Contented Interest: Sports Interest: Jerking Sodas Interest: Physical Training 5-if .1 "' -A 'L u'?:": 'ui SN E -' , 'l R QH53s5"!5.. Ref "-1.":-I 5-3:'?s.:SFg!:r1 Lg: I- 9 5 ,V ,Q 'iw 'eugf I 'VM Iv,-55 ' ' 'Egg' ' - 7637 -.-w:' 'J .F 'E x. f,ill1,Zi..,1XI-..,hX..1 MJ' ,ru ,,n,,,P-.,Jwlu 8-L4 1 rJX515,mN2Iix ,1 ILINIJ , x.,,,, sx.,,:M,,,3i In 'R 39' I X Iv .HART SHOEMAKER Flashlight Representative NORMA JEAN Ross Banquet Committee J. WHIT REYNOLDS Crooner Interest: Girls Fifty-four vs... 1 'P ,Iawvifw--..l. .,,t I i 11 gm L? S P113 OWEN BAGGETT Dignified Interest: Band EDGAR BRADLEY Fine Interest: Civics OPAL LOU BROCK BOB BEAMS Laughing Interest: Football ELIZABETH BRADSHAW Charming Interest: Talking ELNA BURNS VERLYN BLANKS H al f-Pint Interest: Driving PEGGY BRANNAN Sweet Interest: Kodaking ABIE C01-IEN J U N 1 O R J S KARL BONNEAUX Actor Interest: Dramatics EVELYN BRITTAIN Demure Interest: Music SARAH COLLINS Cute Nice Sleepy Clw,tte1"?J Interest: Traveling Interest: Gadding' Interest: Band Interest: Cuttlng Up About Fifty-five 'l fr ff'-f x: E -' 'Targa 2' f Heli?"-'XP wfraww ., 1 ' A, l JI, , f"' ,J ,'h . 'al L, ' 'Wife l2.,fZf"'-'-"-72-gg ,ffm 1 f '.QiT'-'f- fa.-Q28 X 'A K" I ".",.' "IMAX" 'I ' ' 'W ' , :.,.1"1-..,, ,,,,.f , 4,,ffJ4 i" wM.'f1.filWn ' 1',g,m ,,,,q,..4.,.,.., -wht-l,.4l ---'C--If---'EINL M , n U N : I me 0 L Rely, S O U Boo? 'B Q3 GRACE ELIZABETH COMPERE Collegiate Interest: Boys ' O. D. DILLINGHAM Ritzy Interest: Engineering JOYCE GRAVES ELAINE COTTON Flashy Interest: Dancing MARY FLEMISTER Blondie Interest: Music VALORA HALE WELDON CUNNINGHAM Faithful Interest: Jazz Orchestra LESLIE FRENCH H em ' Interest: Holidays BLANCHE IIEFLIN A Hit Industrioiis Peppy Interest: Food Interest: Everything Interest: Dramatics .X-r , -V A ,,.,,: 5: ul V - , I . I .L A. 5 Ii-I .. filxgf, -,lg f gj -9- , 'xQf4"' f -'I ' I- : I!jg1:" ' q'w9+ gl - - ,Vw sg f tw K A flV'f7?w'b""'Bl"' W' JMD! 1 Ib ,.,x.,,f1.,7'.., Flin fwhlllrlltnllll l' lluxhfzl mm N""'M-I", - ' nl' "M X ' H LOUISE DARBY Smiling Interest: Poetry BUD GAMBILL Favorite Interest: Football BEssIE Jo JACKSON Attractive Interest: Courtin' Fifty-six 1.-:E-il ..:, FSA! 4- all? U' Ax AWNY, -' I-uf H '-. hm! 1 ., IW l ,la . J! . '4 fy' 't H. pf .Ip 5 s 4 J Ii 3 I 9. I. ' N in ,A ww . MARGUERITE MCDADE Studious Interest: Reading ELISEBETH POLANSKY Quiet Interest: Music CARL B. RIHERD Doubtful Interest: Mathematics Fifty-seven in nu' 1' 'LE' MORRIS MCDONALD Romeo Interest: Aviation J. W. RAYNES Undecided Interest: Science BOBBY ROBERSON Wooilan-Hatei' Interest: Band :I 00' -' Al - - 'A I KATHRYN MURRAY Adorable Interest: Tennis RUPERT RICHARDSON Intelligent Interest: Public Speaking NORMA JEAN Ross Pretty Interest: Singing M.- R .Luk 'l e ' QR -E ffl nf, Mi- ,. , . K2 . mls: ,- X" 9 Gm,-12i:f.iAe ,, -. If lf- " I if I, JCM '53- Al'-Rsill'-'ff'-in " ' " "--' ' ufLufAwn .' 'w W MDV- ' ' Y, lvkvwki Q' ' .... M- - .,, C....,4-...N ,,,,,,,,4,, In -I-...l ,url M I, bu, ,C IM law I nn J U N I O R S FRANKIE MAE POFF Jolly Interest: Journalism HOWARD RICHEY Good Sport Interest: Agriculture MARTHA SHAW Tiny Interest: Home Economics X ' ' - 155' 6 1.54 , ",1iT'r.:3':,' P --:U u, gl..-ll ---f6...!L.,'f.xNll, rj S KA , ,MM 'WI i I! ff U N I O R S SYBIL SHIFLETT Alluring Interest: Tennis VIRGINIA STANLEY Shy Interest: Vacation JACKIE WALTON Petite Interest: Shows Q1 X WREII I -Ili! HART SHOEMAKER Determined Interest: Sports TRUMAN TERRY Speedy Interest: Mathematics BETTY BURNS WILLIAMS Coy Interest: Sports X IIIIII il I. ANNIE LEE SIMMONS Friendly Interest: Art HARRY TOMPKINS Efficient Interest: Radio ERNEST WILSON The Best Interest: Civics NVE'-1 KEN N,-v. -.Q mx? ,X if G -- - IN .. v. ll ' ' I' - 3 1 Mimi? H , L 5 is . A - 1,1 f ,. K -- -axis? 222552: -42: A iff'-4'E1E':1.21i' S' 2-S " T - .- Y: 9- -4.134 '-1: ff- '. "'J "?:T-EL, ,. W 7 a1f1Z":i'I- 5 ,- ew Qs.-,ilter f -55? E -'LSR X 3 ' 91aA?i?j ' '1 livisfi cfm' ' - .X EQ I J S' ., ' x. HMA, -ul I-.11 -H ' Jiuly , n ,,,,,,,D,,, Im l r I u - I " I I ,In ln Hmxw, ,,,,, sxI,,1II.,,,i ,I I "U 1' I X- IN j gy 1 p,Nll,h,MQu I X I I I NELL SMITH Popular Interest: Leo WOODROW WALDEN Ladies' M an Interest: Girls LUCILLE WINTER Darling Interest: Music Fifty .-L 'Q Iwkwxn " qv" " " r mx -eight xuhfiluy EARLENE ALLEN N onchalant Interest: Reading OTTO HANKINS '9- 'QQ' MACK BARNES Care-Free Interest: Enjoying Life ODELL HERMAN MARY ALICE BROOKS Chic Interest: Fun LEONARD JOHNSON is UDDUO'-'ZS L4 m so so P4 O c: rf E ra E II Sophisticated Interest: Aeronautics MERRILL JONES Red All Round Polite Freckles Interest: Ranching Interest: College Interest: Dramatics Interest: Architecture Education I DONNA MARIE LETTIE WREN HOWARD KEMPER SYBIL SCHRIMSHER WOOLDRIDGE Serious Dependable Joyous Wltty Interest: Detective Interest: Photography Interest: Traveling Interest: Music Work I 44 P Fifty-nine gli-,,':, ' l'?E?A' 4LQ':um!'Eggg!sgf Q 55, I' klfll-Nth ? F I Q -- .. It ,ff-I I Mag ,, , , n ew -A A B ul mm .- "nm: '- M X , K M, '. if 4 sk , 'ij' .03 Q- . '-1.551 I .1 Z 5 ,-f vLf---i,- if-if , -' " J I" ' 'il' ' -A.f'M"" ':"'Wuf1-Wa ' In N ,.u,fnL.L..vl .fC ...1 fu.:'E:N4. fmt . ,sem THE SECOND HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING The Abilene High School, which is now Central Ward school, was constructed in 1909, costing between 375,000 and 580,000 M. L. Waller of Fort Worth was the architect, and GQW. Brillhart of Abilene was the contractor. The following men were on the Board of Trustees at that time: G. C. Harris, President, B. F. Townsend, T. C. Campbell, W. T. Wilson, L. A. Grizzard, Paul Hoppe, W. J. Cunningham. In 1923 the interior of the building was destroyed by fire. In the same year it was reconstructed into a ward school having twenty-three rooms and one study hall. At present there are twenty-four teachers and seven hundred and sixty students, VV. D. Gulledge being principal. Source: W. D. Gulledge. -FORREST WADE TIPPEN. The first high school was built in 1889 on the ground occupied by our present high school building. The first senior class was graduated on May 5, 1889 from this building. will 45 -6- 9 g -- U: ,i s. ie V dig?-E41 5 . -"-fr .iss J . QJLTQ S I .a ali gn! ,AN , .-, -- mf. ' ' avg., - - , lin eg . .ff - , . I . 3. El ,. HwhD,mJXmlBM huh ,III Wpmm' I nh M Mwhmmlhu, itmyyhf l Mlm vmmuuy n l gp. 5 I Avfhxxlff 1,4 nw . nm llh .. Q 1 U I ff IAM? X-19.504, 1, . N N GAA , MJLLA, C49 X og' ' 'Lv 'J-4.1 ' I J CALENDAR SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Oyganizationf Octobeln 10, 1935 Organization: October 3, 1935 Officers: Main Event: Election of the Flashlight Queen for Pyesidem h - h - CYRUS FROST the first time in the history of the school Vice-President - - ERNEST REYNOLDS Officeys: Secretary - - - MYRLE HINSHAW . Reporter - - TOMMY PROCTOR Plfesldem, ' ' ' BILL TIPPEN Vice-President - - W. R. SIBLEY Activities: Meetings every second Thursday of the S9C7'9f0W2l - - JEAN ROBINSUN Month Reporter - LUCILLE BAILEY Sponsors : SPOWSOTSI MISS JUANITA BARROW ROY SKAGGS IKE W JAY MISS ANNIE LEE WILLIAMS ll .. .f . Ft f',g':', 'f1figIs'J .gf x il? --- V A9 Y , ,,f.::'. Najaf" fa ggg5uf 3 4 -VJ .-J -Y V .fl!IT.f -,,,,,:1,,,f it .,- swag- -ess, , KQF , , ,-4 4 4. Q -- : IR M -2 K I 'Ei' Wfiiw-'fl H-.fax , in- A nJfhWllI.I 'J n N-,4 I -. Mmuawl if l l 'T xrgi 4 I I fuflz' ,M ,l , 1 H " M' ' .- ----' 'Ulf' nm' M4-' 'I " I1 II-.4fuQ?,'llnHlA11 rl 24.9 ...fC.,.f.I.I.,. ,JI ,Mule-A ' ""6I-J--IHYKNCU -I ' ,4 . an P H M R E 5- . - , L n-n ml... ' .. .ug N BOBBY BAILEY BETTY BARNES FAIRY T. BEAM ELEANOR BISHOP JEAN BOWYER LURLINE BAILEY J. A. BARNETT JACKIE BELEW AUGUSTA BOND 'PALM L. BRANCH FLOY BREWER BILLY BURNS JAMES CALDWELL DOROTHY COMER TRAVIS BOX CONSTANCE BRIDGE LOUISE BYNUM KATHERINE CALDWELL CHARLOTTE CONNOR NANCY N. COX NADINE DEES GEORGE DODGEN A. K. DOSS HELEN COWAN CHARLES DANIEL J. F. DENNINGTON LESTER DORTON BOBBY EDWARDS DIXIE R, FREE R. C. FRY JAMES GEORGE MARVIN GRIMES A. B. FOSTER CYRUS FROST R. B. GALBRAITH ROBERT GHORMLEY Sixty-two T- T " . " ' L - , nz:-n in 'fl . - . I . , S - ..-. .- N JCL-Lf , --I Af ,- I A Hag-A21 "3-aw 5, in -if , ar. N vs.sss5',1gI1:u:e :Er f A Y? B , A gi 9 X R 1 I. BBS ' AA I I. 1,IWmf...J -.mmf " h4uAlrM'fl7f,1 ., ,,A,,,P:,,l'.,, 17.5.4 M V hN15,11'vNf'J9u.Uv 1: """ P'u"N.f1: Yum " ,I gi i .S A As-. ...tfhasfaiiqffmw . Q. R 5 w i I....,I W -If- I X r .,, "'M. ,hh :Q ' W .v,NbjN,f1 -ff ' '., Xll I' - Im. x O. I ,R-,QV V. .. ,yv-f--f -.,, ..T,...r-f - fr- if--Y - X If A If M an L. Q 0 W T' 1 5 I 3 1 1 1 O M H A f-H A . R If i RUEUS GRISHAM BILL HAMMER I GERALD HARBER JOY HATHCOCK P. H. HILL MELBA HAMILTON BETTY HANKS WINIFRED HARPER J. B. HAYES 5 gl A. M. HINES MARY I. HOLT R. H. HUGHES ILA M. JOHNSON GUY KEMPER MYRLE HINSHAW MILDRED HOUSTON GERALDINE JOHNSON FRANCES JONES 1 H: JACK KING JANE LONGMOOR ROY MANAHAN MARCIA L. MCGEHEE WADE MEADOWS BETTY LATHAM CHARLES LOVELACE PARALEE D. MANLY RUTH MCGEHEE EUNICE MITCHELL DIXIE MONTGOMERY IRENE MOSER MARIE MAYFIELD MAY D. POE 1 RICHARD MISCHKE MYRL MORELAND LAURENCE MAYEIELD GLADEENE OSBORN Sixty-three 1, M. Ira? f' - - 2 :21 E. - 3, - 4 ww f 5 . 1.1- 1 A 145 41 ,i t f 1 N fm , I' N ml: M fit , - . ,Y 1,-Zi' - l:.:?:: ,g?.pv:l,, J 1 I M if U" Ah' I ' .. 1- MILJIAKH J 0 I in " M -A-- Awffxt..-' m 4v'm'M ""'649mu"lsqlnm , A .,.'C..-KM... dx INLIHI-A 'KI-'A--fxxwf. ...I , . 5 5 S O P H O M O '-,Y i, 1 ' I - . ,K N in m 3 PP I I 1 :" , , 5 B AA ": . - T I 'P I Q A ,uw R A I I urzl I 4- ' E R' H T53 S Z. ,K an K W M A 1, A , A WX? I 2? VIRGINIA ALLEN E. W. BERRY MARGARET COX WILLIE L. GILBRETH ALTON LEACH CARLENE BOWERS OLIVE BYNUM WORTH FINLEY BARBARA GORSUCH BERNICE LEE ALLINE IWCGAUG JOY ROBERTS SYBIL ROBERTSON MARIAN SATTERVVHITE -.4-4-0 LOLA J. MCCOMB JEAN QUATTLEBAUM FRANK ROBERTSON G. T. SANDIDGE OSS SHEPPARD BILLIE B. SMITH L. C. SPENCER EVISLYN TAYLOR ALFRED WALDROP PETE SIMPSON GERTIE SNODGRASS FRANCES STAMPS GEORGE TAYLOR BEN WATSON RUBY M. WHITE J. D. WILLIAMSON BOYD WRIGHT ELEANOR YOUNG BURNELL WHITE PRESTON WILLIAMS THOMAS WILLIAMS MARY YEATON 0 F Sixt If .. I, .MF +9 1 J-HM' ' f,W"F"'JX""'hx"' w: 'FIJI ,lb , ,.n,,,P:,.7'.,, 0.14 'Q fwMhA"nN?A"""' "L 'Hw'1f' A '-N11 NX""M--H, 1. ' "U X ' In I - -' 9-ve g: .. R... A A . Q 1 y-four Im X 'KWH T""' rv 1- ' 47 E., , 1, . BURNACE A. AGNEW MARK ANTHONY ELIZABETH G. AUSTIN DORIS J. BLAIR E. K. BOWMAN BILLY J. AMIS ARTHUR G. ARRANT LUCILE BAILEY BETTY BOUCHER ROBBIE L. BOX FRANCIS M. BREIHAN EARL BROWN THOMAS BUZBEE HOMER CHAPMAN FAYDELLE BRAMBLETTE CHRISTINE BROOKSHIRE JOE BULL ROSEMARY CAPLIN MARY E. CLAY EDWARD COMPERE ' BILLIE D. COLLIER STEWART COOPER BILL CRIDER WANDA M. CLEMENTS JIMMY CONNOR BILLIE COOLEY EMMA COZART CATHERINE CURTIS JOE E. DAVIS ANN DOSS JEAN FORBUS LILLIAN FRENCH EARLYNEI DARDEN LANE DENSON ROBERT EDISON ANITA FRANKLIN Sixty-five n un RI f - I., L12 .--21 1115, I if 1, -1 --'ifAi'--' ' ' - .:- .Lu na 1 I . 'E -fn ...L Jw, 1 . wg. I I ' ' 1: 12 , -II , -. -H' r-5411 f-iff: L , ,I ' ,Q ,pf I 1:3 2 ' . " ' L1 . 1,1-f"'? '-? ,. ,,,, ,, . - , , . vp.. Q ,I ,ax ,v I lu If ,,,.,, . m , . 1. LIz xiiQi: f:sifgm ,,: E.? ff g,.i?+ :I W-4121 salt- I - I., if 1 A E E A Wfi " , A 1- gg 4. I A L, dx rl! , ml 'lj qi' wg 7 lg by ,P 1Q'1g,f IuT' f fTa'!3'i'L':'7L45'2??x:l!h MM H, 1 F ' "' C H7 ,X ,lf-WIA In fu 47, q I II f 1 -4 ' ml ' 'L 4. 1" ----'fff.ffrJi4M 'J Ik.-If -Y.f....!A..'Ca'4f.I Md - Pr 4. ! Mm' - -- -W... 1 W, .....,I.f,,5v.,- R-I3-M-W ..,,r,,.,4s F A I 1 I I A AS.. ,, u . . . .I A, . IIIW .. . W ,,'A. lgi :": k"::, . A A ' " i f '5 ' V NE . .,,: K X L-.Tiwj in h i nt . A . I I . -:,": . E ' . ....2 - - f " ,, ws. . . Vh U 2, , . f - ., I' " ' g . ' tr ' h M . A I K :Ly :Av .IL k. A. xiik K . . X x .S A. Si r . , . ZZ- M I A ,: 1 i A fw YIIII.. 2Q'1 Q S . SW-1. + Y' . I . .. 4 A ' Z.. ' l . 33' K ' LL . K. ' K A f ,.. . f . ,mn . - n , ,gi ,-'., "':' 1-ffl" - . V if - .V 1 ' :" f ' N .:. f f- -Q 'q"if.j-53. 1, f wi K -. ' 3.5 . I L - 1 ikii- .'::, " : .. ., :, ' I .. .ik 'E .. . ' :'A 'I '--' H' . L . - .h ' f ' :-ff. S.. . . . . .I I .. :'- ' 1 ?2,: I f . . 1 lt. . . . KVIL V ,-k- it, - -W -L:. -If V - - f - :X I , In u -- X JERRELL FULLER W. E. GIBSON GLORIA GILL FRANCES GREENFIELD FAY GRISSO R. Q. GARRETT VIRGINIA GIDDENS ESTHER GOLTZ ROSALIE GRIMES LA NELLE HAMILTON HORACE HANKS MAZIE P. HARVEY H. L. HAYS OUIDA M. HENRY MARY N. HAMILTON NETTIE HARRISON JUANITA J. HAY MARY HEDRICK E P su cn IP su ra I-I H :fd :E In 2 Z no o -a N P 3 5 P-4 FU E O r' U m so LI R1 Z P-I so P-4 E o r' E m U2 UU O U5 no P-4 'EF P4 H 4 ra I-1 P4 Z L4 o E Z U1 H O Z MINA B. HODGES BILLY C. HOLDERNESS RETTA IRVINE IMA G. JENNINGS MAXINE KENNER JOE F. KNOX NELL LAMBETH ROCHELLE LEE EDWIN LOWE NADINE KENNER DOROTHY LACKEY MILDRED LAWSON JAMES LITTLE A V+:-A WI ,I 41--.,f 3 EIU! T glil 1 L Sixty-six ., 3 , -,,, RY I? 451' " 1 1 EPMEHS SN' ' I' va - ,I 'A SN I I-Wleaazaekza 1:15:52 15- fm , -'11 1- .. X.S'5..i,,ji2E-rf' it , wx A .. 5 L :P---Z -QS .Jflf -..H . 1 1. V. :f.,S!.. . H. "I Lge? '12 . .: , LL .:- 451253 f-IRA - E 4' I , an-.5315v2L+1 ,-.agp A 5--fx X .4.,,Ji?lv ,gkfg -'-QS-9 . ,- 1. H ' mx I 'WI QQ.i.S'? I-agis X 1 '- Nw, Qvgglfl f 1 -., gmfsql M ff W 'I M y-'r .sf .- .ev 'MUNI' - ' I.,-I u I., mmf lui , ,V -. -I,- , A .. R- . . Y -I , Q. I I. ,, mf... ...H ,., Null nm. ,,..,,,D.,,JI,,, QM , ' 'U' If ,,,, .,,,, ww' nw, .J ' ' ' ' Wm. E KW Ip ,x SI ,,M,I.M. I III . 1 , 4. ' MW ndwlwyfyfl 47 , f er I I Ig M 45-1 A fb- "?:f . A - A f FRANKIE LOWRIE DOROTHY MALLETT MARY L. MCCARLEY JEAN MCDONALD DURELL MEAD CHRISTINE MADDOX STEWART MALONE KATHRYN MCDANIEL BETTY MCINTOSH LORRAINE MIDDLETON MARSHALL MILLSAP JUNE MOORE IRENE NAYLOR BETTY L. OGBOURNE ROSS L. MILLER MAVA MIRACLE NORMAN MOORE GWYNDOLINE NELSON ALMA J. PAGE HAZEL PAYNE JACK PERRY DOROTHY PITTS EVIURL RICHEY EUNICE PARRAMORE DORIS M. PEARCE LOUISE PHILLIPS LOYSON RANKIN HELEN RILEY ROBERT RODDEN HARRY SAUNDERS ARTHUR SEARS DOROTHY J. SHAW JEAN ROBINSON RUBY SAMPLE ALEX SEARS CHARLES SEWELL Sixty-sevml rr- f . - A VUHIW '?'i5:i..!,,- gg- ,Q LE, - -fa -f. 1' .f - -im . A . 'JR H H1211 A ix -1144 A 5 ,Q A f' .4 i l , -V K - v- E" buss?"-17" -Rv-csc :luv 'z S f'+'-W" KH' O ,-,I-S ,elf - , I ff 5 r--, -rf-?,i,.fguf,' H- A...-.-.,,-A-ifvrffm ' .WMM-,ff ,J H I-I-I ' ' M "' 'Q I sf ""'x'fi"f 5 ' ,f 556317 S 'Era-in ""f"' ' 5 f V,-I 1271. II., 0-1 W' ,, ,. N X' "A ' I '45 ' ' V4 f,.,,10m.ff M.: ,A,r"'JW 11 -i..:41gM,'1l,liln,q T' f 3,45 m,gu,QN,M Mn, ,n!L,Ln,d 57 1..f6-..A.w'fAN-lf, A I A ,O1 9 H ,. , N A . A - A 1 A , r 'K 4 " ZV:"V 3 ' f ix: - "' . LL' 'S A QQ . I , A , ,ff ' 'I ,' -:Q. 1- Wi 'A I g f' .Q .V gi kiz n- ' ,,.L,. ,,.. A S ., km S 5 'I M , 1 I I . V -r K S - v'-A A : ,ifi I SSIO . f I . A , 1 f SSL. A A - ,"'i' I ,R I. A f I A . ' ' . P, ' 9 L1,, - ' , -- gg., A- -S' A e ff 'P RRSI -I O ll' - I . ' 1 f ' ' A L. . I ' E ' ...., '::,. . f . J " ' - "" 1 - ' ff., , . ., R .3 - ff il. lgg, A -5 - A A--,zAl' E , W ,V:- :,A M . Y. .S 1 . 'A Si- i . ' ' 5 S A Ri' Il i f f I A I WE H ff . I "::: -- M L, V . 0 ' , z " i 15 4 S W E PM A :-. A ' I f f 'N 5 - ' N I ' A -"z f " ' xml -5? ' I :2 . I , A. R . A R, ,bf S 'Y' P.. A zP sf. C . . IIARLAN SHAW W. R. SIBLEY C. N. SNOW RAY SPIELER MARY L. STACEY FREELIN SHOEMAKER GWENDELL SMITH NORRIS SPARKS TED SRYGLEY MARY W. STEPHENS LOURENE STRAIN HELEN G. SWEENEY BILL TIPPEN JUANITA WATTS JO A. STEWART EULA M. STRONG JACK THOMPSON ELTA VIRDEN FLORINE WHITE MURRAY WILLIAMS MAURICE FAIN HARRIET MURRAY PAT BEASLEY GARNETT WHITE ROBERT WYCHE PAT MCCARTY J OHNNIE M. SHORT EVELYN BOYD MINNIE F. MCQUARY BOBBIE NUCKOLS EDWARD WEST JOSEPHINE WINTER ROY GRIFFIN HOMER MONTGOMERYDOROTHY M. SMITH HENRY TILLETT Y N E rg ' 92' f ,5 S FRESH gina ' .E-.QTJE-ii.: 1:1 9. X nz f- A " . 2 ra- A .TS U I?:iT"2- 2 777' '9 f9 "5'L'Zii "' " . M3151 X Fe M .12 ,"'. ,AX M - , - A 'hw few H- 'I-.ESV ' 'Q flaw ' ' f- 'XR' -' Sv' A '-. M ff' - . ' ' I. ,,W1Z'..,f1-...5h" W 'lull 1 W ,,A,,,P-,,7v,,, 0,5 1 " rJNX!M1'4WlN""' 'T amhffl 'nm Sx,,.M,,,,3 ,V ' UPI N ' "'W'N', '.'.,u U H "" , IN MEMDRIAM EARLYNE DARDEN NOVEMBER 28, 1920 FEBRUARY 25, 1936 Close up her books, lay by her themes Her spirit longed to slip Into a world where dreams Colne true. Our human hearts Are deeply wrapped in gloomg But she, secure, Has passed into another room Where hearts are always glad and pure FEATH ER CHAI N fFirst prize-winning poem in Poetry Contest at Beltonj Out of the west Shadows slipped Over a ridge Pastel-tipped. Alone on the porch, In childish awe, An old man stood And blinked and saw His life a blurred Horizon Reaching to blue Oblivion. As the smoke crawled out Of the chimney top, A grey hawk spun From a dizzy drop. Then his mental trail Was as fancy-free As the hawk that perched In an old oak tree. Again he yielded To a vague unrest That stirred long ago In his vagabond breast. . . Down by the cow pen, Cane in hand, He dragged a lame foot Through the sand. His footprints pointed Past the scrub mesquite Where a dry creek bed And the old oak meet. Then the hawk climbed up Into laddered space, Spilling a shadow On the old man's face. Wheeling aloft, It found a height Where its wings could spread With the wings of night. And the old man stared 'Till his watered eyes Saw a black speck melt Into sandy skies. Then his palsied hand Closed around A feather picked From the flinty ground. His daughter scolded And looked amazed, But he grinned at attention That his absence raised, For he had forged a chain With a grey hawk's feather That linked old age And youth together! -MARVIN MILLER. Marvin Miller placed fourth in the National Scholastic Press Association in 1935 and won honors in the same contest in 1936 N -"fi - - 'a ew sf gs S 3 iw .f i in-'ff' , . 5. 5-+Q'gaz1.f 1,5 i g" v i ss -s ' 2 - itmiifi -f. 11 x..,.Bi...wf a,,,,,,,y.,,.,, , x , my ' ,M4,,,.m,,h...,... niw.,y,, , I W.-M,,,,b5'Qf5E5 -H' W lv' ' XX Y X A , , ., l I y ' , frm.LsUllDl.WlllQ fini V W ,-:ist i al:-Q 7"""' " f 'fl .4 if . V "ff 'xnv -' ' ' Y ' 'Q '-'Z' Y' ' In the early days of Taylor County, townball played an important part in the lives of amusement-seekers at school and at picnics. Some of the best players were girls, but the boys often batted for them. The game, somewhat like the baseball of today, was played with a bat, which was usually home- made, and a rubber ball. Even the old folks, sitting on the sidelines, watched the action with interest and gave their loyal support. ATHLETICS H. A , , , , , I ,-Q'6Zf kwwawy ,pgfghj L gydbg ffbzwa , ' f .lf MT' is ., 1 ww 'jgfm oi' - -med 595, A1-A.A-, i A1 A + 6 'A 'vw , gf AQ ff ' ,Z f i ' 1 r 1 4 46'f....---' L " 1, ...'f"- , h- . K , , ' fd 'giqflfii f:,1 513,11 P MHEHE ' AA gf2gf55'1f?:iff11f A'A- ?5f59?:k A v "" Q' ,V.',A 5.-Q .',1, , - V' ' if . 3 1 .,-'.,j. L" I ' ?f ju Qu ,. A,,q gig, '1 "" nf" ----1'-'K-Li-Lin-: w'3U'J' S1134.4J!.f,:54n.3.c4:dti.iLui1-R.,.iffy DEWEY A. MAYHEW COACH DEWEY A. MAYHEW Dewey A. Mayhew, head coach of Abilene High School, has led the Eagle team to athletic prominence for eight years. He learned his game of football with the ever-powerful team of West Point and brought to us the fruit of his labors there. Mayhew has the knack of hewing finely finished products from the raw materials at hand. He is a disciple of the effective rough and tumble coaching school, demanding respect and co-operation from his pupils. Also the coach firmly believes that HPrac- tice makes perfectf, His teams run from the short punt formation with a balanced line. As a man, he is modest concerning his own achievements and is always ready with helpful criticism for others. As a coach he ranks among the best of high school directors. Mayhew has a reputation as an exceedingly just coach and man, and stresses fair play even before the game. . Since the fall of l927kwhen Coach Mayhew came to Abilene from Marlin--- through his fine work in producing outstanding Eagle teams he has done practically as much to make the name of Abilene known abroad as have the combined industries of the town. SeX enty one "E ff, Ea f -- L 'ea-:V-E.:-ailafa. ww' S5595 "' A r 1 Q - :QCQ M f 4 I if ff-fm ' ft ! M I . ,,' - 'TY Fifa-fi , w rv .1 A e.n'.,,,3 - f 511221, -' V L?-f W K ' l nf.-l i'mMi" 'I I Y '45 ' . 4-i..f4----ff ...I i 4.f'm'l W -Q f4mm.'f1.f1zWi ' l i-' ...fc...6...,.. . ..-i. -L.-1' ---'A 4 " '4' ff N EDWARD S. MURPHY HOWARD L. MILLER EDWARD S. MURPHY Edward S. Murphy is assistant football coach and does most of his work with the line. He teaches in the commercial department of the school and is liked so well that he was brought back to Abilene High School after having spent two years at Austin High in El Paso. Pat is a former football player himself. He played quarter- back for the Eagles during the days when Mr. Shotwell was coach at A. H. S. and was one of the best players the school has seen. Mr. Murphy does his work in such a way and in such a spirit that those associated with him think he is Ntopsv. HCWARD L. MILLER Howard Lee Miller, head coach of the Abilene cage quintet and Mayhew's assist- ant on the grid, came from Winters three years ago to roost in the Eagles, Nest. During his high school days he played guard on .an A. H. S. team, and then at McMurry was twice all-conference and once captain during his three years of playing. Miller likes his work and does it well. His pupils like him and respect his ability. His cheerful words of encouragement send each Eagle eager out to the game to win. This year Milleris team won their half and lost the district title in a close match. Seventy two lhln Kim '9 fill Haifa: 945.331 NJ if 1355.5-.'Ti' 'ig ' . X l 'sd- ass X V. M ifv , - ,x R., - X ,,,'1,,1.., ....,x..f MJ: ,fu ,A P, 7: I f 'V H15 vw 1 4' rl x,b,x,,,,, v.,nx,.,i 1 "' ' ' . A ...ffm isdn wk ND A 3 . .. L. 'Mx ml . .. 'W . ' JACK P. CHRISTIAN CULLEN E. WILLIS IKE W. JAY JACK P. CHRISTIAN 'CALL-STATE guard for the Eagles and four-year letter man at A. Sz M."-this is the record that brought Jack P. Christian back to Abilene to coach the Eagle speedsters, the track team, and the freshman football and basketball teams. This, however, is the last time the first-year men out for athletics will find ,lack Christian's encouraging smile to greet them when they report for practice. Next fall, after four years in the Eagles' Nest, Christian begins in his new position as head coach of Colorado High School. Lucky fellows-those gridsters! We are sorry to lose such a good man from the coaching staff, but here's to ,lack Christian's cou- tinued rise! CULLEN E. WILLIS ULLEN E. WILLIS is an assistant to Jack Christian in the coaching of the future first-team football men of Abilene High School. Mr. Willis came to us from one of the elementary schools of the city, and though he has been here only a short time, his pleasant manner has won him many friends. IKE W. JAY IKE W. JAY serves in the same capacity as Mr. Willis does with the football team. Mr. ,lay came to Abilene High School at the first of the 1934-1935 term, and as time goes by, he is winning more friends, as one can but admire such a man if thrown in contact with him. Seventy three lil.: ,.,,,.. , Wu . ,,, , nimtw K I L ellgrnwr wif: : w2g5:.1-,,-dgiig--7? f .X - , '- ifldifm- if ,. ' .. ,I f W , .ef-igegizig it A ,f 1 ' '- 'I z',ff'ie-4 giafgg.-.. -.Agia 4 L , A " I 1 I if-A-ff ' lggy '- '-- - Y 1 - 1 -1 ..., l ,El -1 H i'f""" ' ' 'II -f- 4.f"H"t -I 'M.'f1.ffIfeI tl.n ..J,r...4...... .4..Iw .f6..ft f 'f If PRE-SEASON GAMES BY OMER DEE MCCLURE HE ABILENE EAGLES opened the season with a bang by going to Big Spring and defeating the Steers 18 to 14. The Steers scored on a plunge and a pass and made both extra points. The Eagles scored on a plunge by Cumpton, a pass from Couch to Moser, and the interception of a Steer pass by Moser. The Eagles won their first home game by defeating Sweetwater 27 to 0. They scored on a pass from Couch to Moser and Cumpton kicked the point. Cumpton took the ball over from the 3-yard line early in the fourth quarter. Moser made the remaining two touchdowns on runs, and the extra 'points were made after both. The Eagles came home from San Angelo on the short end of a 13 to 7 score. The game was featured by the defensive work of San Angelo. The Angeloans made their scores on a blocked punt and an 18-yard run, an aftermath of a. pass interception. The Eagles made their score late in the fourth quarter after a pass from King to McCormick took the ball down to the 4-yard line, and King went over from there. Final score: 13-7. The Eagles and the Lubbock Westerners fought to a 7 to 7 tie for the second successive year. The Westerners made the touchdown early in the game after an Abilene fumble, and McClinton kicked the extra point. In the second quarter the Eagles marched down to the Lubbock 4-yard line on passes, and on a. pass from Couch to Herman made the score. Cumpton kicked the extra point. EAGLETS Seventy foul S 43 is - 5 ,Ls X , will X Y X I wr- sv 1 "-" '1 ' M E9 , - --M -' -- X W1 lx' X huuhlv' lump, , lm. ,M..,D1,,lw,,, 'XQM 7 r,hjll,lv,NJAI"1' I lrlll"1h,f,, x,,,,, n,H'fx,,,,1 I, l W :fl 1 ' "AW 'I ABILENE VERSUS RANGER Harris opened the scoring against the Ranger Bulldogs with a line plunge from the 1-yard line. King and Couch made long runs, bringing the ball down to the 3-yard line. After gains of thirteen, seven, and nine yards by Harris, King and Cumpton, Couch went over the pay stripe from the ll-yard line and Cumpton con- verted. Cumpton, leaping over from the 1-yard line, made the last score of the game and again converted for the extra point. The Bulldogs made their only threat in the fourth quarter when they marched down to the Eagle 36-yard line on passes. Final score: 26-0. EAGLE SQUAD Top Row: Odell Herman, Ray Moser, Phillip Hefley, Leonard Joeris, Tommy Proctor, Julian Alsobrook, Zolus Motley, Richard Raymond, Ross Sheppard, Voy Moore, James Beam. Second Row: Howard King, Charles Powell, Alfo Baker, Dallas Strickland, R. H. Hughes, R. B. Galbraith, Willis Cox, Lilius Virden, Herbert McCormick. Third Row: Bob Beams, J. Campbell, James Hays, William Couch, Willis Harris, Norman Cumpton, H. J. Jones, J. C. Dodd. Inset: Ray Moser fcaptainl. Seventy-five , .-iiiimm -sf f , g' . 4- lg ' ':"'t-21323 gl. "gtg: Q- " 1-'N - .3-L-424 K N F gf' QQ? H' , - - 5 'ii ?e ff-il " 's .,-p----.fy-. . r?.,.,f. Ipaxt. 1-ia. .a ff-M -A-W...-61414, A EA H-'ft-'ff' " - mlm 1. fi . ' - W 'ff 1 ,'f+v-'-"-era"twf ""'Ql U- ,V K lvl I lm I In f..,.I4'wff uw' wtf-'MM "" 'I 'K'-'4lKQit"lJilAA ' My ' ,,.lf,nC...1-tt tu , lL,.Jl -ff6...f4...'g.Nf. R RAY MosER Halfback Weight-146 Last Year JAY CAMPBELI Guard Weight-152 Last Year ggi -..-1... ----A ff ,fx 'N . j rig. t',,luf,?-..A...Bx-I hug. ,,,, M, H. J. JONES Center Weight-153 Last Year WILLIS HARRIS Fullback Weight-145 Last Year X lux TK' I Couch Goes Off Tackle For A Gain ABILENE VERSUS BRECKENRIDGE Abilene's hopes for the district crown were shat- tered when they met Breckenridge on Armistice day. Clark, Breckenridge halfback, made the first score on a drive from the 7-yard line and also kicked the extra point. The remaining touch- downs were made by Taylor, Thomson, and Clark. The extra point after the touchdown of Clark was made. Early in the second period the Eagles took the ball down to the Breckenridge 14--yard line on passes, but there a desperate pass from Couch to Herman wasslapped down by Magness, Brecken- ridge quarterback. Abilene made many long gains by passing but were never able to bunch enough gains to make the necessary yardage for a score. The Eagles lost to a tough team, which later became district champions. Seventy six -- .1- . mmm .R E, Q 3-is-gf" 223253, RES? -a x '.Li3:1E.i'f'f1 .. 'A "' 4. E I u' ELET, l-Iyer?-"?Li"LQy plljiiil ' f all I Ui iN ll w , 4--Ig?" ' -A jfs, J- - nn, -a 1 I 3,,71,, gh - . 'fyQlyll,t1Wrlnw1 iWu,k ,n,,,, NNHIM, ,l I E' J T V N T H A lf, A 5:55-"S, AAA, '-Q 1 H ffl: .rg X. -.Q IW nu r, -' ..,,, n -, in 11 I -' . ' ' Moser Runs Around Left End HERBERT J. C. DODD MCCORMIC K End E d . U We1ghtw155 ABILENE VERSUS cisco Welght-163 Last Year ln the final game of the season Abilene's Eagles One Year scored in every quarter, two touchdowns being made by Moser, one by Harris, two by Couch, and one by Cumpton. Cumpton kicked six extra points HOWARD KING R- B- GAT-BRAITH after touchdowns. Seven seniors-Ra Moser, Wil- Y Quarterback Halfback liam Couch, Willis Harris, H. J. Jones, J. Camp- . . bell .l H d.l.C.Ddd-l ed th' Weight-132 Weight-121, , ames ays, an ' o p ay .e1r last and best game for Abilene High School against one Year one Year the Cisco Loboes. The Ea les closed the season g second in the district, winning six games, losing two, and tying one. With seven lettermen and several promising transfers from other schools the way looks clear for an excellent team and the 1936 district crown. Seventy-seven LJ -'f' -JQETEQI Y- 'W - . l m .f.,.f' ' .' - ' f?i7??757'W' wh' ' -- -7 i'lL"'Ax" 'l ' ' 'li C-..f"-K-ff ...f 4-'l"l'l 'i--fl1swr.fllWn ' ..fff...4,,..,. Ji, nl..Jl -I6-.-A.-.'gN4l. lg JULIAN ALSOBROOK ODELL HERMAN A Pretty Piece of Blocking By The Eagles Tackle End Weight-179 Weight-157 ABILENE VERSUS EASTLAND Moved One Year Harris, Couch, and Moser showed to advantage against Eastland - Harris scoring in the first, Moser in the second quarter, Couch in the third LEONARD .TOERIS WILLIAM COUCII and twice again in the fourth. Herman converted Tackle Quarterback after the first score and Moser running and making W , h 200 W , h 145 the extra point after the last score. Eastland made elg tw elg t- a score on a pass from H. Taylor to T. Taylor, and Two Years Last Year T. Taylor converted. The Eagle line stood out well in this game, Hays and Herman being the bulwark of the front wall. The Eagles played one of their most wide open and fastest games of the year the Eagle backs clipping off yard after yard behind perfect interference. Final score: 32-7. Seventy-eight if -.A 9 .5 A Q l nywhbmh llll MA JLHA' I HI, I mrbhmzu GIl4 MxmA'm,Rl n ,,lLN', mm XUHQXWI, M zmmx x X IWMIANF, - n.-.dun '-., it-ml H NORMAN CUMPTON TOMMY PROCTOR Campion C065 Over The Pay Stripe ' Halfbaclc Tackle Weight-14.5 Weight-180 ABILENE VERSUS BROWNWOOD One Year Qne Year The Eagles survived the Brownwood threat and won from the Lions 13-7. Brownwood scored on a pass and a plunge in the second quarter and made JAMES HAYS the extra point. Early in the second quarter, King Guard scored on a plunge from the 3-yard line, but Cump- ton's kick went wide. Jones, Eagle center, covered Weight4139 a Brownwood fumble on the Abilene 43-yard line, Last Year and from there the Eagles drove, with the aid of a fifteen-yard penalty against the Lions, to the 5- yard line. King went over for the score, and Cumptonjs kick was good. This was a hard fought game between two good teams, 'but Abilene was victorious. Final score: 13-7. Seventy-nine 2 A f gags , 65451 f ig-, 'Q 1 Kiwi' l"' ' "M"" ' 5-..f'---- f . 4.f"h"4 - 51 5 3 .4 ,.., M, .a.4,.i . -TT-' GENE PRICE DUDLEY REID EDWARD THOMAS Center Guard Forward BASKETBALL REVIEW HE Abilene Eagle basketball team went through one of its most successful seasons Within the last few years. Coach lVliller's proteges entered their first tournament at Abilene Christian College and advanced to the finals by winning over Anson 26-19 and Breckenridge 26-22, but losing to Mozelle in the final game. The stage of the Eagles next competition was at Merkel in the playoff for their half of the district. ln this crucial tournament the Warbirds beat Tuscola 22-17 in the elimination game of the tournament and took Peacock 16-14 in the final game. ln the playoff for the district title the Eagles lost to the Eorsan Buffaloes in a three- game series. The Forsan-Abilene series was a home and home affair Abilene going there and losing 29-38 and then turning the tables by winning in the Eagle Nest in the second game by the score of 27-25. The sad tale was when Abilene played the third game in Forsan and lost the game, series, and district crown by two points. Even though the Eagles lost the district title, due credit must be given Coach Miller for his fine coaching, which is shown by the record of winning eleven games out of twenty and winning one tournament and advancing to the finals in another. The Eagles hope for an even more successful season next year with four returning letter- men and many promising squad men returning to carry on where this year's team left off. Eighty ' -. Y 1 W H, ' -,-:tn Tian D VS I-L J' .- f' " R 525225-Hls1.-sss. Q. X. ' Q f -f "' . N sf--ss -1---fx: -1: ,.-' e.-,ss-mf' Y 'W E -5 if 3-1 - A ' -9. ?-:4::f:-Y.. , -1-if.-iff' , .' . .,,, ff 3 ' '- ik - as- - . f,a:.f: -1 N gas-V351 X Y W- ' ' -9 :mal sf" - t els J ks: X y . 4', ,.. -, ,h,,, E ,. 1, ,,,wf,,,.,A.,,.5w hug, ,,., ,M,,,p,,,,.,,, 51,4 ' "yQ13ll,tv,ibllu.wln ,x1l.hNx,f , x,, MW! M , BN N ' 'f"t""' ' "' X 'K Eighty-0 K -llx1.,ff"' fl' Abilene ........ .....,. Abilene ........ ....... Abilene ........ ........ Abilene ..A,.... ....,,,. Abilene ..,,..l, ,....,.. Abilene ........ ....,.. ELTON HAILEY J. C. Donn P. H. HILL Forward Center Hamlin .......,..,........... Sweetwater .............. Ovalo .,.......,...........,.. A. C. C. Academy .,.. Mozelle ...................... 7 20 7 25 Abilene ........ ....... 2 6 Anson ..,....,,............... 26 24 28 Abilene ...,..., ....... Abilene ........ ........ 1 4 Abilene ,,,,..., ,.,..... Abilene ....,... ......,. Abilene ........ ......., 37 19 26 16 19 Breckenridge ,.....l,.. 22 40 Tuscola .,.....,. l.,.,... 2 9 Colorado ...... ..15 Ovalo .....,.,.,., ......... 1 9 14 Colorado ............,..... Mozelle ...................... 18 27 Abilene ..... ........ 3 8 Breckenridge .......... 37 32 36 39 Abilene ..,..... ,....... Abilene ........ .,...... 2 2 Abilene ...,.... .,,..... 1 6 Abilene ........ ....,... 2 9 Abilene ........ ,....... 2 7 Forsan .... Abilene ........ ,....... 1 6 Breckenridge .......... Tuscola .......,............ Forsan ..., ..... , .. 23 17 Peacock ......... ........ 1 4 38 25 Forsan .,.. 18 Odell Herman was elected captain of the Eagle five by his six teammates. Odell de- served this honor in every way. He was the sparkplug of the team-always full of pep and vitality, which was instilled into the other members of the team when he was in the game. Odell is an all-round athlete being a football, basketball, and track man, and has Worked hard and endeavored to do his best in all of these sports. Guard Q.- w.v....A,.,..,.Y T ODELL HERMAN Captain Guard IIB f q -f 1 F3 441 .,-f,.,,..,,..?A x,r3.3'5:..-FfII:fs'i. .U .liar -L 1,1 9, 1 G- ' 44e:q,.,,d,A f. f --U "' ' " .. ..4.f'U'l -I----'rmm.ff1.ffrM . .-.. .ml A --'16---A-W-Q-me .1 A - -- 'I i TRACK TRACK SQUAD Top Row: Odell Herman, Dudley Reid, James Cassle, Gene Price, J. C. Dodd, C. A. Webb, Ellis Jones, Bruce Duval. Bottom Row: Howard Shackelford, Ralph Fry, Merrill Jones, Clifton Babb, James Hays, Travis Box, J. D. Tidwell. HE Eagle track team began training in the early part of March with about twenty- five prospects reporting to ,lack Christian at the gymnasium. The squad worked out inside the gymnasium for quite a while before they were taken out to the practice field, near the school building. Jogging and calisthenics were the main things done on the practice field, and when the time came to go to the stadium to practice, the boys were in fairly good shape. With only one letterman, J. D. Tidwell, from last yearis squad returning, the prospects of going very far looked slim, but after training at the stadium for a while under the fine coaching of ,lack Christian and Coach Mayhew, the Eagle track team shaped into .a serious threat for the district crown. At the start of the season the Eagles planned to enter the Fat Stock Show, Abilene Christian College Invitation, Texas Relays, and the lnterscholastic League meets, but plans for attending the Texas Relays were dropped. The team entered the others, and if good enough, they will go to the Regional and then to the State Meet. Eighty two g rill. 2 5 5 Xu fx 35,3 " ei L ll' ...rif le . ,. , , ., , H' 'YN e 4 l "Wi x "NJN --is-if gmr fsflm f . 4- " ' N.--K 4 f " Wigs! - ewes' ,- - iq 'f'wf.f" - -N' X NN '-of " '- ' N VW h,.3w 1w.,Aa uh, ,,,.,,,h...mi.,, n,i.4 1 'fmlsllfi-'M-"f'1' v'l"'i.m as-ff-t-...J ..f il' l ' ""m"' TRACK DUDLEY REID GENE PRICE J. D. TIDWELL J. C. Donn BRUCE DUVAL G. A. WEBB ODELL HERMAN EAGLE SQUAD IN ACTION IN THE District Meet the Eagles did not fare so Well in the track and field events as the Eagles usually do, but they did win one first place, two second places, one third place, and tied for fourth place. Points made by Eagles in the District Meet were: Five points-Tidwell, first in the 220-yard dash. Winneris time 23.6. Three points-Tidwell, second in the 100-yard dash. Winneris time 10.4. Three points-Reid, second in the mile run. Winneris time 4-:51.2. Two points-Dodd, third in the broad, jump. Winneris jump 19 feet 7 inches. One-half point-Dodd, fourth place ftiej in the high jump. Winner's jump 6 feet 2 inches. Eighty-three 'limfil --f::'f5 L, - - f -Ji l 1 : -...rf E?57f 7i"i1 'X 'i5ff"' f V' ' -"V Q' z ----VH . -5-gilt K flfgiuiiifaif -' ' ' .-..,.:. 'f'f 'ef ,vw , 5 gi.si,1.f-:A-2, W., ,,. 9 . . 'fg....fE2-. . - 'W .12-E1 Q -f'4"- .ff ' E -ins., -.:1...f ,. W 5 ily ff' ' I.: 1, ,'! . f 'j nl tal' flaw I f Y- lyfwgy Q- ' 1' 5 I .V .1-V Cf 3 if V:i EA . MMD, K-4J""' ' ' 'ii . -.4.f"'f'H .....4m.'ff.fiM,f .-.. .col ---f6...A..6M.. " TENNIS Second Row: David Hiner, George Steakley, Buster Lynch, Maurice Fincher, Durwood Suggs. First Row: Horace Hanks, Leon Reese, Boyd Wright, Rufus Sivley. BOYS hen the call for boys, tennis was issued by H. S. Fatherree, many -aspirants to the team reported, among whom was only one letterman, Maurice Fincher. After steady practice the team developed into fairly good form. ln the District Meet Maurice Fincher won first place by defeating Garvin Beauchamp of Roby in the final match, 6-1, 6-1, 6-3. Fincher advanced to the finals by defeating Boswell of Coahoma in the semifinals 6-2, 6-1. Fincher is a high ranking player in the Texas Inter- scholastic League, having won state in doubles last year when teamed with Kendall Jones. If Fincher survives the Regional Meet, he has an excellent chance at the state singles crown. The Abilene doubles team reached the semifinals but were ' defeated there by Big Spring. Leon Reese and Buster Lynch, the doubles combina- tion, beat Sweetwater 3-6, 7-5, 6-3 in the quarter-finals. Eighty-four S Q ' 2 f f? X' Ea N3 "' --- g . .-H" N Slthaiwg-inet f Ae-5, FQ--a: :rv -sf Ile' fe 7 1- x rx M7198 - . fM,,,,1.,mf "' at ' - 1. ,,lMf,F.,P-....hx.,, 'Y huh , n, 1, 4 1 7 ,,N1t,xv,Pg,nl.,.,1 'ff ti-WMI, t,,,,, W,.M.,,B M ' um V X I HI, W I . ,. ff 1 TENNIS 'ab .,, , i if - use p R 5 ,QE :-v I I JUNE BRAHANEY BERTIE SMITH BEE AGNEW BETTY BURNS WILLIAMS GIRLS HEN the call for girls' tennis was issued by Miss Glenna Faye Grant, about sixty girls reportedg and after constant practice and eliminationthese were narrowed down to those in the above picture. The Eagles sent only one girl to the District Meet, and she was eliminated in the first round. The Eagles hope for a better team next year with Bertie Smith, Bee Agnew, and Betty Burns Williams returning. Next year the team should be much improved because this year's play gave the girls first- hand experience, and they played quite a few practice tournaments with surrounding schools. This is the first year that Miss Grant has coached the tennis team,. but next year she plans to spend more time and will give them more opportunities for practice. Eighty-five in .r . , m Y.-. V-1. 'iff' -LT' V L fg liwij I is-swf' -- g - - 'Q ly., I int ? 1415 Tk: .EQ--EEE-g "?:'. "-- fr,:,f:-LE-, I , .wif ll A, .YI rr f' I Qfiiiigi- ifsiwx , 'Qin ' EQ u It - 'I . - - . If 'ff "K-1 ' msfv 'I '- Q, ,.- 4 In 'N U' ' ' -'Z' MMWIW5 ' f '45 I i....l"u.n ,,.,.1 ,dyfufl lu-IfMi,'lluffld,1 i' f ,411 ' ,,,1f..If,..n... Ji, 'lui' H116-..:A-w'Ed'fli,x .t ff' - VOLLEY BALL VOLLEY BALL SQUAD First Row: Ruby Sample, Gwendolyn Standard, Viola Sample, Rae Cole. Second Row: Lavelle Hay, Floy Bratton, Miss Glenna Faye Grant, Roma Sparks, Louise Fox. A HEN the call for volley ball was issued there were many girls to report at the gymnasium, among whom were four girls from last yearis squad. Miss Glenna Faye Grant, who stayed many long tiresome evenings of practice, rounded the girls into a well developed smooth-playing volley ball team. This is proved by their downing a picked volley ball squad from the boys classes. On Saturday, April 4, the team traveled to Sweetwater to take part in the lnterscholastic League volley ball contest for the district crown. At Sweetwater the Eagle team played six games, winning four and losing two. In this contest a team had to lose two games to be eliminated from the tournament, and the Eagle team had to play Roscoe, the winning team, twice to be eliminated. Even though the Abilene team did not reach the finals, it was runner-up and received a fitting trophy for this, which was placed in the trophy case. With four of this yearls team back next year, it looks as if the Eagle volley ball team has an excellent chance of bringing back the cup for district crown next year. Eighty six VF Q? .f-jf. f!"07", .Wi'4f A It 'il Q! -2 Z7 IW. 'vw " Q twtsim . f Q, '22, 3' 315,519 ns, 1' W J. 3 1 ll iiiisauil lg f fulllllll .lliliwil 5 52, aff 5 il Q . Y, 5 W! v, ,Lip-,.,.f!1 I I "" 1 'F1-'M'-1'!,a't' .ji 'ff' If 2'1122,,yl ? 1 rf f f -nf ' K : , 4:19 2' ATHLETICS GIRLS HE girls maintain a prominent place in sports in Abilene High School. There is a regular system of gymnasium classes conducted for the girls by Miss Glenna Faye Grant. ln these classes the girls are taught to do many things, among which are soccer, volley ball, tumbling, baseball, and other indoor and outdoor activities. Miss Grant has spent much of the spring season in teaching all classes tap dancing. During the current school year the gym classes presented in the gymnasium a pageant which was very entertaining, and each year the combined gym classes have in the Road Show an act which consists of tumbling, pyramid building, and such. The girls' classes meet every day in the week except odd Fridays. During warm Weather the classes go outside and conduct sports, at which time they practice their baseball and soccer. ' if Flghty seven - , J .x f 1,-4--rf 1 tl ' if ,., Q," it .' Nj J f ef -1 9 g ' 1 Q I X 7. ' t +- 1 - r ., .Q - r 1 if-s-ff A 1' .- H i- xiii- f f ' .mf X' 'JI iw' ' ' 1 l 'ls V . 4--,.I"-uf' ..,..f 1 4-"ul ip' ----filxwl-filhn " r ' ,rdf ' ..,ff...C,...., -u .4Lu4..-Il 'M WK- A 'I W' I7 Jr' e ,gin :se 2 5 '- " 'j-i'-AT?" 'YG , A Y - ' 6 girl., 4, ?.Z'2iE,i:?.g, - Q., -pa-f-L ,. Wt- V Ti L f 11: " ,. 'V fra " 'ix '-':"'T' ' Mi' r 15253 TENNIS MAURICE FINCHER WEARERS OF THE A FOOTBALL RAY MOSER H. J. JONES JAMES HAYS JAY CAMPBELL TOMMY PROCTOR J ULIAN ALSOBROOK LEONARD JOERIS HERBERT MCCORMICK ODELL HERMAN J. C. DODD HOWARD KING WILLIAM COUCH NORMAN CUMPTON WILLIS HARRIS R. B. GALBRAITH BASKETBALL TRACK ODELL HERMAN EDWARD THOMAS GENE PRICE DUDLEY REID ELTON HAILEY P. H. HILL J. C. DODD J. D. TIDWELL VOLLEY BALL LAVELLE HAY FLOY BRATTON ROMA SPARKS LAVERNE FOX RUBY SAMPLE GWENDOLYN STANDARD VIOLA SAMPLE RAE COLE . PEP SQUAD VIOLA HUFFMAN JUNE BRAHANEY ZONA HORN MILDRED PENDER BETTY BURNS WILLIANIS I , gkn 11 l!f-ilgggi' - -.5-1 ' 'QQ BAE +f'f,?e"I :E EAI! a' X fi:-A - - J LLB T ' - -2 +-ig?+fz-T rua.-QI fm- ig 1- I - RQ, -A X I M I . A . ,25'1IE1.f- N .Ji mx, ,Am f " k-N YY 5, jx L xx hui' I nh mx-Hphmzui QL.: ' A' FJNWIWNJJJIDII ,XlLhX,l,, NIH ,X,,,,i,"',jm 1 uh ' N -- I11NbA rl 'I 'vu N ' Im X ,mx vs 3 '7' f W J'-'71 "Lady do se! Gents, you know Lady round the lady, but the gents don't go!" With patting of feet and clapping 0 f hands the ranchers gathered for a real old time square dance. The cowboys with their swecthearts whirled round and round to lively tunes furnished by fiddles, guitars, french-harps, jews'- harps, and banjos. The boots knocked on the pine woody the dresses swished the dust from the floor. The affair was an elaborate one! It might have been a platform dance for the Fourth of July, or a cowboys' Christmas ball at the old Windsor Hotel. FAVORITES 1 i ., F." .,I.. dns,-' 'f'b"U .5 V-,n -A I 11, Au' 'w':'..5,f' 5g N-451,-f, 1' Y '11 "ii, - Q5 -H 1 .,,. "hu, ' 5-55, 'ffm -ffl '.9- T. ,5- .- fly ,, f "w, -x... qi Sffst, - X ifgffi 4 DDRUTHY JEAN SHAW MUDELING THE DRESS nr THE BUTTERFIELD TRAIL Psmno HOWARD KING ZDNA HDRN MUDELING A BALL DRE55 UF THE EARLY TWENTIETH CENTURY JDE MILLSAP l 1 e 1 il- -x - an- 12. f t "' Dtaf - Y A5 ---- . . E 3 ff-,.... ,.--1-Ii-'l' .- ..-ik ,--- .. T foc Cf,"- l ' -nu The early settlers of Taylor County eagerly anticipated the rofancl-nps, which were helcl each springg ancl the newspapers gave notice of the event. Be- canse John L. Stephensonis ranch, which was two iniles sonth of Buffalo Gap, was easily accessible from any part o f the coininnnity, it was the favoreol roancl-up location. By 1888 farming anal sheep-raising hacl replacecl the cattle industry, and Hronncl-np time in Texas" lost its prominence. DREANIZATIUNS X , , , JN cf' PRESS GLUE .XYA i I MEMBERS First Row: Frankie Mae Poff, Louise Hooper, Hazel VVard, Virginia Regan, Alline Mc- Gaughey. P -"' -' Roxw': lla Verne Swift, Clyflene Boley, Evelyn Lemley, Fay Brewer, Emmalove Marstrand, Leon Saffell. Third Row: Oran Richardson, J, B. McCarley, Bryce Putman, Otis Stewart, Nelson A. Hutto, George Anson. - OFFICERS NELSON A. HUTTO, ADVISER Fall Term Spring Term GEORGE ANSON ---- - President - - ---- GEORGE ANSON LOUISE HOOPER - - - Vice-President - - EMMALOVE MARSTRAND FRANKIE MAE POFF - - Secretary - - ---- LOUISE HOOPER - - - - - - - - - Treasurer - - FRANKIE lVlAE POFF HE PRESS CLUB is a new club in Abilene High School, having been organized at the beginning of the fall semester this year. To create interest in journalism and journalistic writing was chosen as its purpose. All students interested in journalism and creative writing were invited to become members. Round-table discussions in which the members exchanged ideas on subjects that brought out points of current interest about newspapers and present day publications were held during the club periods. Abilenians who had gained distinction in the profession of writing were invited to relate their experiences to the club. During the first semester pins were ordered. Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Hutto were chaperones to the group when a Steak fry was held early in the fall at Big Bluff Creek. Ninety five llf iir E555 X. M gf-Z ' f 'lf fllsl ' J ia,-nr' Ei: f xv- V 1 ,i ef u 1 , Q if QR. mga:-r.fv1 H' ,A 'zi:i,Eihg.-.iv -1- . . if-fi f ' E4 'ifdl '- '4 iT'4"'- iii. -2-TL '.i fin- 57x 4 3 lik I ...I n mu' 1 - MMXNAWI vol -, vgf zrggf . .ez 4fE?yly:7-l,iQiih , X- ,lx 1 .fx I " " N 'J 4"-"4"t"' 1---" 'xi-'MW " ""'4Wv"'r'ilhw lr f will " ..:1C..-f...m. Uh :lull ---16. ff 'fill fl FLASHLIGHT MEMBERS First Row: Pat Beasley, J. B. Hayes, Mildred Pender, Mary Francis Jackson, Margaret VVilliams, R. B. Glenn, Burrell Harrison. Second Row: Miss Tommie Clack, Sarah Elizabeth Clark, Mary Ellen Clay, Donna Marie Wfooldridge, Nadine Dees, Dorothy Comer, Glenna Harber, Murrell Montgomery, Omer Dee McClure. Third Row: Lee Perry, Charles Lovelace, James Smith, Richard Shipman, Hart Shoemaker, Forrest Wacle Tippen, Harrell Holmes, G. A. Webb, F. H. Etter. OFFICERS Miss TOMMIE CLACK ADVISERS FRANK H. ETTER MARY FRANCIS JACKSON - - - ---- Editor R. B. GLENN - - - Business Manager RICHARD SHIPMAN - - - - Typist OMER DEE MCCLURE - Sports Editor HE 1935 FLASHLICHT brought honor to the school by Winning first place in the Texas High School Press Association and obtaining a First Honor Rating in the National Scholastic Press Association. The staff set out last year to achieve some- thing entirely different in the 1936 annual, without sacrificing the personality and appeal so essential to a successful publication. The annual blends the history and accomplishments of the past years into a permanent record for Abilene High School. The staff held a picnic as a climax to a very interesting year's work and as a celebra- tion of the annu.al's going to press. Ninety-six .g 'x l r 1 isil --.1 . .ve t 13 4-V1-if ' -if i.-'I' Q I I ,ea . , .x , n-mu one N . N 7- ' 'W 1- L .murp- , X J ' - 5 nr . sz g gui aa:-1 ,J-" 1 X Z kg' 5 , xv. is b egs: 9 rum, -:.s.-s .,- , .. x1"'j wefzi.. .H+'Q'fr"Y' , f. fx f. N a f 'A A a. .N Vw ,, ,'..f.,:--3-.--f,,5,f'-.. Q 4. A 3 f , f 1 gn UIX I yeagt, . K.-9 1, N F i? 1 qt -fl la wa fa y sv X, X, " - ,,, it 1. xx, ,uhh . X ,, 1,731 ...um lb,,,h , I t U, , S X A t .ul X ll' ,,,i M,,,, sx,,,:MU I I., .Ji N IWA 1 - v f H A 1 rw, :N 5 ...m-1 . q,t.4 - MA-.till A ,," ' ' f H' ' BATTERY S MEMBERS First Row: Harry Bridge, Fay Brewer, Evelyn Lemley, Frankie Mae Poff, Norma Jean Ross, Louise Hooper, Jane Moore, Zona Horn, Dixie Montgomery. Second Row: Irvin Mills, Worth Finley, Bryce Putman, Virginia Allen, Jean Bowyer, Wade Meadows, George Anson, Nelson A. I-Iutto. STAFF A NELSON A. HUTTO, ADVISER Editor in Chief - - LOUISE HOOPER Sports Editor - - GEORGE ANSON Assistant Editor ---- ZONA HORN Exchange Editor - FRANKIE MAE POFF Assistant in Sports - BRYCE PUTMAN Assoc. Editor - ELIZABETH BRADSHAW Typist ---- CONSTANCE BRIDGE Business Manager - DOUGLAS HEMBREE Advertising Manager - - JEAN BOWYER Asst. in Advertising - WADE MEADOWS Circulation ---- WORTH FINLEY Bookkeeper - - DIXIE MONTGOMERY H UPPLYING the news current in Abilene High Schoola' has always been the slogan of the Battery. This year the Battery celebrated its ninth birthday at a banquet at the Hilton Hotel on March 7 at which fifty-eight guests were present. The program and decorations for the banquet followed the theme of the '4Gay Ninetiesf' Several honors were won this year by the staff asa whole and as individuals. Honors won at the Texas High School Press Association: Best newspaper in the state edited by a girl.. First place in column writing by Louise Hooper. Second among the newspapers of the state. Honors won at Quill and Scroll: International Honor award. Honors won at the National Scholastic Press Association: First class honor rating. Z il 5 F 94 'F 'Ek 4 3 1 5 gilt s I vw -ffwmt ,,,, . -l,' 'pf-:aw fx ISM.. o if . ' E 9 .f S T 1 r , lg. iw ll r.alWHllsFt3'fiatta. 5 ffm? T-Mfr? 1 QJMX liltlyh, "l A li All lm. A - ifltdallt ' ,lx , 4-VFJEE. , zgk' 'Nxssi' 'lliir-as has--' JUNIOR SCIENCE MEMBERS First Row: Billie Simpson, Lillian Shipley, Edna Lee Benoist, Loyd McNatt, Bobbie Nuckols, Louise Bynum, Erna Prescher, Samuel Jennings. Second Row: John D. Hunter, Pat VVilliams, Jane Akens, Ann Doss, Christine Maddox, Fay Grissom, Truett Daniel. Third Row: Ray Spieler, Joe Akins, Dan VVhite, Roy Griffin, Max Giles, Orville Alford, Bert VVhaley, E. K. Bowman, A, W. Held. OFFICERS JOHN D. HUNTER, ADVISER LOUISE BYNUM - ------- - President FAY GRISSOM - Vice-President ANN Doss - - Secretary ANN Doss Reporter OHN D. HUNTER, a new teacher in Abilene High School, brought with him the idea of a Junior Science club. At the beginning of the winter term such club was organized only for students who were beginners in science. During the club periods the members discussed and reported on things that they had heard, read, or discovered concerning scientific topics and events and modern inventions. To add to these dis- cussions picture slides were shown, and during one club meeting the organization was entertained with an appropriate talk on the study and care of the teeth by a prominent dentist of Abilene. Although the club continued only during the first term, the members gained much helpful knowledge in the introduction of science. Ninety-eight QNX ' - fx .. :. will " ':Q"-' ii1it5?? " 'Tl . j- 353 6-avatar-as f A -9 . V -N f lee" aff' flrxfrf lv- Elie HM 1 fs V-iw' 'f-Sd 1 we-if - M ' i 11 i Yi fflyffbwllxlffhlf' hull ,lb ,,n...fi.,7'.,. A4 7 YuNiM"nm"l" ' 'fimmluffll-1.11 NNI"'M-.nl .. I "M X HIMDNH 'mu - ml lh "" In . GET ACQUAINTED WITH CIENCE MEMBERS First Row: Dick Adams, Harry Bright, Claude Tyler, Harold VVroten, James Bilberry, Harry Caldwell. , Second Row: Albert Hawkins, R. M. Phillips. Geneva Petty, Sibyl Robertson, Lois Copeland, Granville VVate1's, R. L. Mead, Lloyd Pool, Lieutenant Tucker. Third Row: A. V. Willialns, Nick Hollis, Paul Green, Everett Bridge, Billy Frost, Billy Standard, Gene Price, Weiyne Blake. Fourth Row: Sherwood Pye, Dolen Rist, Buster Lynch, Hollis Huddleston, Bob Jordan, Jack Kinard, Irvin Mills, Julian Olsen. OFFICERS A. V. WILLIAMS, ADVISER Fall Term Spring Term GRANVILLE WATERS - - - President - ----- WAYNE BLAKE WAYNE BLAKE - - - Vice-President - - - - LLOYD PooI. SIBYL ROBERTSON - - Secretary - - - BIRDIE-ALICE LYNCH lRVIN MILLS - - - Reporter - - - - IRVIN MILLS HE Get Acquainted With Science Club furnishes an opportunity for the members of the club to Study phases of science not ordinarily found in text books and provides an opportunity for the members to exchange current science news. During the year film Strips from the State Department of Education were shown to the club members. A shelf containing Science books and other material on science was estab- lished in Room 33 by the club members. Among the Social activities of the year was a Christmas party in the home of A. V. Williams, the adviser. ' l Ninety-nine fb Jiri. - A ia. yu' -'Lk zsisesi E- .' f1l1ELf-: -.-:SMX Ia. P2 '- ' , ' 24 'fi' 1 ,"lEll2'?' ., ,,.-.A lil. 41, A A - .. - - f X 1,1 f "" -. H ' "' ,. f.-.44-mf ,,,,.f .A,1MJ'll 'I 'A--lftkmlitlflkn N' I Q.4y,f' ,,,ff,,,C,,,m . ,.tn,1fN,,,L,.Jl " 1--fK...,-fk...'fS-lid .I Y vc - ,ff - ',Q.,,,47, 4. A, N V wfalfff as ww Yvf - Y-VY- , A, ,M ll W' bfi 7v,rfffffgu,Ol'H,ll it xfx y,g,W M Aim? Joe Arn1s, lVl. Horner Ray on , A. lVl. Bobby Edgar Paul Clark Weldon J arn, S. BT Frieds Grover H , Arthur G. on Gerald Tom all lay, Mac Cohen, Robert Jennings, Guy Lovelace, Edwi Homer Montgomery R - fo - . ' oe Caldwell, F. Denning- i 'l Gibson, Ralph Winfrecl iwftwf, , A nf r fi H lf Q fo fill W 7-VM ob 'gamma Sanders, Skl r, . . now, ' Victor, - red T . drop, E ,- 5 H, 'Q' ,Q 1 OE MILLSAP NNETH SKINNER ajor - OWEN BAGGETT V Secretary - - A E orr N H X C RLES DICK K A l p ort - -1 - - - HIND 41 is . ' Honors wo ei th Texas Band IRQ al lin-Simmons ' L" April 10-ll: mx ii First place in archi V p gs First place in playing, ass A Swee es Cup. X . NZ Individual honors in instrumental s s: Kenne Skinner, J. T. Blanton, . X Walter Victor, Howard Gibson, J. T. Dennington, Billy Joe Amis, S. R. Friedsom, Rrklfred Waldrop, and Guy lgefiirper. XD CV 1 g r A . One Hundred go 'Q I , 5 Q ' - . xg 5 We ai - 1- .-1 . I' 6.13394-SP4 -:tt ir." -' ,R-E i S - X- 'ia 1 1- 'l2fl'l1'ff -. Qs ' A is -1353 25 w t A -- as . fi - gr -9 fififfga -, mlm. LJqgtL?5.gg.5f AQ , ,- - 5'a:,fsi:fs-- . ., 5. ,f,2F27l,," Q,-ig gf ' W -1 X Y FEA., Nuwjxx mln r lt ' H M, ,,lw,,f.,JN..,.5w " lv.,,A, ,,i,,, , ' 6,54 ' .,JNy1H,xv,N,ul.,,,f 1f ll'LWM,y, i., - ,,,fM,,,,lllfRfi W wi N mltw f" H ' W' " ' . ' ' 'Q , :MM - , D' ' y ' 972 ,-iw f ,,g,.r 9,1 N ORCHESTRA 'VV 'C "Jig J ' .awe 15 ., 1. , U I ' f .Q L' 9 A Mfg Q j 'sr fkkkkkd ers., 2? - vs 3 51 gg.: .T Qs X --an r. V X ' ' ' X 1 , Harold Beasley, E. K. Bowman, Edgar Bradley, Earl D. C. Clarliygl W J' My Clark, J. E. Dennington, Wanda Fox, Dorothy Mae Franklin, Howard Gibson, ' Carolyn Griffin, A. M. Hinds, Gentry Holmes, Bessie Jo Jackson, Guy Kemper, ' Lucialis Jones, Jack King, Jimmy King, Alline McCau he , Betty Mclntosh, Chris- tine Maddox, Joe lVlillsap, Mava Miracle, N a Miracle, Saretta Morrow, Alma Jane Page, Janie Alice Parrish, W. D. Rhodes, W. Biddle, Leta Rue Riddle, G. T. Sandidge, Erances , .. -n alter Victor, Alfred Waldrgp, Betty Burns Williams. ' - A 1 OFFICERS ' Fall Term Sp ng Term- J OE MILLSAP ----- - - President --------- J OE MILLSAP TOM HoLMsLEY ---- - - Vice-President - - - - - 3, W. D. RHODES BETTY BURNS WILLIAMS - - - Seereiary - - - BETTY BURNS WILLIAMS ABIE COHEN ----- - Reporter - ---- E. W. RIDDLE J. F. DENNINGTON - - - Librarian ---- - - J. F. DENNINGTON A MFWBESHMAN, carry my horn,'7 or "Pipe down, Charlie"-such is the daily pro- cedure during orchestra practice, but in spite of all this, the Orchestra carries on diligent practice and is becoming more and more the well-organized, finished kS.,j.?.' product. The organization has tried to uphold the standard of good music so that U the programs will appeal to all types of listeners. Its purpose-to stimulate cultural ' .. -influence in symphonic music-has been fulfilled by rendering programs at the A various colleges, assemblies, and commencement exercises. One Hundred One I A Q, 10 jiiull iiitflfll-:it z A WA . f. .- A . V 2. 0 :A:?:5g5gg,'f,g,,,jf"., .K l ,llx..,,,f I ...v lin'-.it irkmqufLJ1,Aw. 'I , 45 4--'lllilul ' 4',llJ4 h '6mMl.qMn gfff uid I fm IZUA JCNAKWQML lu ' A K A Q 1' ww u . J' GIRL. ?1GLEE CL , IVIEBTBERS First Row: Mary Nell Hamilton, Ruby Northrup, Lucille Bailey, Jaque Nevills, Mary Frances Tittle, Lucille Winter, Montie Beth Ward. Second Row: Blanche Heflin, Rosalie Grimes, Christine Sanders, Melba Scogin, Lurline Bailey, Delma McAden, Betty Boucher, Martha Shaw, Joe Evelyn Davis. Joe Finley Knox, Nan Barnes, Eva Mae Coffman. Third Row: Melba Smith, Billie Dean Collier, Dorothy Rice, Mickie Howell, Virginia White, Melba Hamilton, Carrie Lee Gist, Shirley Allen,.Helen Louise Blanton, Olivia Eastus, Lavada Haynes, Willie Laura Gilbreth, Margaret VVall. Fourth Row: Helen Glee Sweeney, Lucille Hare, Ruby Mae White, Callie V. Boyce, Betty Sue Pitts, Marie Mayfield, Bessie Jo Jackson, Yolanda Bowles, Sue Campbell, Mollie Frank Touchstone, Opal Lou Brock, Betty Bonnett, Jo Martin, Frances Dorbandt, Mary Sue Hutto. Fifth Row: Helen Cowan, Jean McDonald, Catherine Allen, Cleta Mae Killebrew, Thelma Osteen, Elisebeth Polansky, Sarah Collins, Dorothy Ray Bailey, Anita Mills, Fairy Thelma Beam, Bobbie Lockhart, Dorothy Cox, Cleta M. Vernon, Betty Latham, Virginia Allen, Bertie Smith. OFFICERS Miss OUIDA CLEMONS, ADVISER MARY FRANCES TITTLE ----.-- - - President MONTIE BETH WARD - Vice-President LUCILLE WINTER - - Secretary JAQUE NEVILLS - - ----------- Reporter HE purpose of the Glee Club is public performanceg the ideal is perfection of of technique. This organization strives to develop free and beautiful singing so that the singer Will be happy in making others happy. The club period is looked upon as a time of real joy and genuine exultation, thrilling and purposeful. Honors won in the West Texas Voice Tournament held at Hardin-Simmons University on March 28 were: First place in Class A girls' chorus. First place in Class A girls, trio. First place in girls' sextet. First place in senior girls' voice division by Egg. Second place in senior girls' voice division by Lavada Raynes. At Denton, April 4, the Glee Club placed second in the voice contest. One Hundred Two S lull - S'W-.lm sewers .. -sg . i..--L'1 '- Q. 3 . i NEWT i t ,, Fmiflf' T 'N A., - -- P, -'f - -wi, '-r- ,- . ' uf .- 'N - -. t. . - h uiwlll-'1JX"'vhl"' hun. ,HA -ui waNslN.xvMh-ff1- -' sMx,y,, UN N "mf" " . , . . Fx GIRL 7 GLEE CL B MENIBERS First Row: Miss Ouitla Clemons, Nada Miracle. Second Row: Dorothy .lean Shaw, Evelyn Brittain, Dixie Ruth Free, Odessa Ilsr-ng, Elsie Clark, Erna Lee VVall, Christine Lockley, Margarette Higginbotham. Third Row: Dorothy Turrentine, Evelyn Doris Hampton, Doris Naylor, Dorothy Lackey, Zola Atteberry, Lettie VVren, Gwyndoline Nelson, Norma Jean Ross. Fourth Row: Willie Sue Long, Irene Naylor, Minnie Faye McQuary, Rosemary Lassiter, Edgarlene Campbell, Frances Schultz, Mary Ellen Clay, Marie Wilson, Robbie Lee Box, Dor- othy Vinson. Fifth Row: Lucille Ragsrlale, Billie Rae Garrison, Sue Ball, Odell Oliver, Lottie H, Hobbs, Donna Wooldridge, Mary Flemister, Annie Lou Hobbs, Margaret Mallett, Dorothy Horton, Robert Ray Barlow, Nell Smith, .Joyce Taylor. OFFICERS Miss OUIDA CLEMoNs, ADVISER MARY FRANCES TITTLE - - President MONTIE BETH WARD - V ice-President LUCILLE WINTER - - Secretary JAQUE NEVILLS - - - - - Reporter' HE Girls' Sextet is a new organization taking the place of the quartet. Having approximately fifty engagements each term, it has entertained for civic lunch- eons, Sunday School, and church services, and has aided in various school activities. The members of the sextet are Mary Frances Tittle, Lavada Haynes, Lucille Winter, Dorothy ,lean Shaw, Montie Beth Ward, and Mary Elizabeth Galbraith. For very special occasions, an octet composed of the sextet members with Helen Louise Blanton and Evelyn Brittain or a quartet composed of Mary Frances Tittle, Lucille Winter, Montie Beth Ward, and Mary Elizabeth Galbraith was used. Une Hundred Three i 1 l i m . age n- rw 7 5. ' l Q, lf lm Esirli jk - 57-lI14EH'7 I B- .2 I Z f r 9, -- ' 2-J 'e' W 3'-tif-52522 T" 755 . . - . . ' E- 1- '1'Qaf'f.fv1 1 .- T., A -. f ,QL f 'Qi-2 ' --. Q-,121---f 'G-ft m.if.,,,,,f4' ,. f 1 ' A 'i E ' fri- I, 1 .. .. X ' I "" ' , I'l'uuff ,, ,-f i x. ' 'W' ' . L' I YI 11.4 dl 'Mi .J ' I a 4. . 1 11 fa " M- ' . ffm ' ii.'1.wli r .. . U -'fa---A--'5d'4i. l! - BOY 7GLEECL B fl fl Ayn, 1 IA 1 Q MEMBERS First Row: Dean Austin, Cecil YVilson, R, J. Jones. Second Row: Jack Thompson, J. D. Brown, Aileen Hardin, Thomas Uuzbee, Glenn Nichols, Miss Ouida Clemons. Third Row: Jack Reynolds, Dennis Manly, Roy Loftin, Edell Moore, .lohn Childress, Garnet Gracy, Felton Cagle, J. lb, Hanks. Fourth Row: Frank Roberson, Mzlxie ltichzircls, .l. XV. Foley, .l. 'I'. ljlanton, Joe Morrison. Robert Gililland, Benton Anderson, Leonard Johnson, Albert Hawkins. Fifth Row: VVilbur 'l'urner, .l, VVhit Reynolds, Joe Itouth, Rupert Richzlrdson, John Polzlnsky, Zolus Motley, Billy Hobbs, Clmrles McLaughlin, Billy Leverett. OFFICERS MISS OUIDA CLEMONS, ADVISER Fall Term Spring Term CECIL WILSON - - - President - - - JOE MORRISON R. J. JONES - - - - Vice-President - - BILL BROOKSHIRE THERRON LEWIS - - - Secretary-Treasurer - - - - DEAN AUSTIN RUPERT RICHARDSON - - - - Reporter - - - RUPERT RICHARDSON AILEEN HARDIN ------- Accompanist - - - ---- AILEEN HARDIN . P H USIC is an expression of the zest of lifef' Since the great need of the world + today is fellowship, the Boys' Glee Club has that one aim. lt is a great thing to be able to stand high in the world, but it is greater still to be able to stoop down and lift mankind a little higher by a mere song. A new quartet, which aided in lifting mankind just a little higher by their joyous songs, was organized for the second term with Dexter Biddle, Charles McLaughlin, Leonard Johnson, and Joe Morrison as members. The honors won at the West Texas Voice Tournament were: First place in Class A boys' chorus. First place in Class A boysy quartet. Second place in boys' undergraduate division by Joe Morrison. First place in Class A mixed chorus. One Hundred Four fiietilllt 'IZ' ' WE Stes? ' - . . a. is A-ff .- A il '17 4 . 15723 47 -f' at I'A7ECfr.i1-+1 ' ,sa n e Webs. if Ea- X X ,, .. ,hx X lf' " Af ""'12eakl.'. 'I Iwi, aff' fi- in: 35 ', yp ' My -I 'spun uw' fh I- mn. lNlw,II.Nl-'H' llflw Ut' ' "'l' " me YE LITTLE PLAYER ' i X ll' MEMBERS First Row: Zona Horn, Mildred Pender, Sarah Collins, Bessie Jo Jackson, Louise Foote, MyI'1e Hinshaw. Second Row: Jimmie Brown, David Castle, Mary Elizabeth Aiken, Grace Elizabeth Compere, Mary Elizabeth Galbraith, Margaret Ansley. Third Row: VV, F. Martin, Mary Frances Tittle, Dean Austin, George Ingle, Nancy Nell Cox, Elsie Bziugh. Fourth Row: Jack Perry, L. J. VVOods, Hill Tippen, O. D. Dillingham, J. C. Humphrey. J. C. HUMPHREY, ADVISER Fall Term Spring Term W. F. MARTIN - - President - - - - W. F. MARTIN ELSIE BAUGH - - - Vice-President - - MARGARET ANSLEY JUNE FROST -V - - - - Secretary - - ----- JUNE FROST MARY ELIZABETH AIKEN - - Treasurer - - MARY ELIZABETH AIKEN ZONA HORN ---- - Reporter - ---- ZONA HORN E LITTLE PLAYERS is a club to promote dramatics in the several branches Of the study of the theater: action, production, and direction. Any candidate for election to this Organization must receive an invitation to try out from some member Of the Y. L. P. Or from the sponsor. Tryouts are held at any time which the executive committee may appoint, and the candidates are voted On by the members. All Officers were elected for the ensuing year at the last regular club meeting and were inaugurated at a garden party in May. During the club meetings plays were cast, practiced, Or presented, movie stars and their productions were discussed, outside speakers were invited to talk to the clubg and demonstrations On make up, costumes, and stage setting took place. n'f"" .4 One Hundred Five "w... , ,. , -. A , 'I - s,azE,,l.F?5 fs' -. T2 - 7' q9,zfJ1ef ' -frm., - Q.:.?ffiL,1L::s ,iff nasal! -' 1 4 1 4' .-f..1g' f ., ltr 1-I-:YI -9. tq. us ..-stages gk, 'gkf:: fG -Q' A . 7,-pri: f ' " L If ,QPF -.Wins 1 E -3 A 6 -1 x 1 --I n ...I H ' I iw, u f Q? - " ' ri '!1'V27 ' ' Y F3351 'W "' 1g.f2V '-VA --- .0-1 'X .. "AJ""' ' ' '45 .. 4....f'-H-ff R4.1'M'47' .I.. .M.'fr.flrWr" " iii ' .I-IAILIL..-Il --.f6....A..1,R4.. f .i f 9 f sg MA K AND WIG MEIVIBERS ' First Row: .T. Whit Reynolds, Aileen Hardin, Lucille Winter, Scott Richardson, James Chelf, Joy Riddle. Second Row: Ernest Reynolds, Melba Smith, Janie Alice Parrish, Nan Barnes, Jean Bowyer, Muriel Murray, Betty Hanks. Third Row: Jean Christopher, Joyce Taylor, Naomi June Taylor, Yvonne Coleman, Virginia Stinchcomb, Norma Jean Ross, VV. L. Butler. Fourth Row: Karl Bonneaux, Mary Jo Bell, Virginia McKinnis, Mollie Frank Touchstone, Dixie Ruth Free, Berneice Gilmore, C. B. Ford. Fifth Row: E. L. Horton, R. VV. Brittain, Cecil VVilSon, Roy Dunn, R. J. Jones, John Chil- dress, Morris McDonald. OFFICERS C. B. FORD, ADVISER Fall Term Spring Term CECIL WILSON - - - President - ---- KARL BONNEAUX MORRIS'MCDONALD - - Vice-President - - MORRIS MCDONALD LUCILLE WINTER - - Secretary - - JEAN CHRISTOPHER JEAN BOWYER - - Reporter - - - - ROY DUNN HE Mask and Wig Club strives to create a liking for acting and plays. Readings, short skits, and talks make up the programs. During the first Semester 4'Not Quite Such A Goosen and the "Library and the Jonesesv were presented in chapel, the latter having been put on for the library duringlbook week. Studies for the second term were "The Longhornw and "He Ain't Done Right by Nell? Regular tryouts were held twice during the year, although Occasional tryouts were held during the club period. One Hundred SIX cf. ' , X -tiiili 'S ! ,i C QT S9 , Site s? ' f href 3, 'fe 9'.". y, . X .I A w I - , M., I .I H . . 1. ' 1. ,,,M,,i..,J ...,Ww.,, - hui, ,n,,, ,.,,,D,,,y.,,, Q44 rl . " ,QXy1l,w,N,uii.w it -- ilhlhyy, ,W x,,,,m,W3 Iv - ,,.I nf R U V -will 4 BACK O' CURTAIN MEMBERS First Row: Dixie Montgomery, Joe Bull, Thomas Buzbee, Justin Gray, Nita Fielder. Second Row: Sue Graham, La Verle Bailey, Sidney Colvveil, WVHHdR Mae Clements, .TO Ann Stewart, Christine Loekley, Elisebeth Polansky, Vera Harvey. Third Row: Alfo Baker, JO Martin, Blanche Heflin, Billie Blanche Smith, Christine Arm- strong, Lucille Hare, Virginia Allen, Charles McLaughlin, Mrs. Selma L. Bishop. Fourth Row: Lillo Baker, Lloyd Robertson, Thomas Lowe, Hugh Longmoor, Preston VVil- li:Ims, Leon Lefler, J. W. Foley, B. F. Abbott, Ray Landers. OFFICERS MRS. SELMA L. BISHOP, ADVISER Fall Term Spring Term LLOYD ROBERTSON - - - - President - - CHARLES MCLAUGHLIN CHRISTENE ARMSTRONG - - Vice-President - - DIXIE MONTGOMERY Jo MARTIN ----- - Secretary - - VIRGINIA ALLEN Jo ANN STEWART - - Reporter - - GARNET GRACY ACK O' CURTAIN was Organized for the purpose of discovering dramatic talent, encouraging students in dramatic art, and furnishing some social contacts. Among the social activities was a picnic held in the spring at Cobb Park. A one-act realistic comedy presented by the club in chapel and before the Girl Reserve Club was '4FinderS Keepersf, The cast for this play included: Mrs. Aldred ..... ................. ....... . . . . .. ,..-, Christene Armstrong Mr. Aldred .... ...... C harles McLaughlin Neighbor ...... Elisebeth Polansky One Hundred Seven ll r , 1 We s-- ' r I . I ., .,,., Q, 2' 8' 'iw .4 , - I A. I ' 'C' I 2,-siffijpfikg-f.. ,QE' :if2f.lli'ff" :2 . ' 5.1 X 1 .V u .I - 1 vs. -, I 1+-47311 ' ' if 7':,T!7 E' 312.2-ri I ' " 1 gy .fs A Xffi 1 51. 4.7 . "" ' fi, "i"""' ' ' 'ii-'i , ....f'f--.W ,....f.,4,ff'-14 ----fim'f1.flrM r 5,i,w ...fc...4...,., --It .ml --.f6....4.ANit- -I A - ,N- I u ' FORENSI ff W. . 1 -V I ' fix' f'f'iL,fi ,' F ,'Jf'?L"' . X x W N tw fx Yi. Y MEMBERS First Row: Douglas Snelling, .lane Moore, Cyrus Frost, Dorothy Bailey, John D, Francis. Second Row: Martha Shaw, Jerry Austin, Ruth Kirby, Willie Sue Long, Evelyn Taylor, Callie V. Boyce, Ozella Sherrarcl. Third Row: Glenn Nichols, Leta Rue Riddle, Olivia Eastus, .lo Kathryn French, Kathryn Murray, Corinne Daniel, Margaret Rowell, Mildred King, Harry Saunders. Fourth Row: Albert Kilpatrick, Conley Etheridge, ,Dorothy Mae Franklin, Perry Sheldon, Athalene Miller, Edell Moore. Fifth Row: Burrell Harrison, Billy Arnold, Horace Hanks, Leonard Johnson, Wzide Meadows, Lowell Willis, Comer Clay. OFFICERS COMER CLAY, ADVISER Fall Term Spring Term CYRUS FROST ---- - President - - - - LEONARD JOHNSON DOUGLAS SNELLING - - Vice-President - ---- LOWELL WILLIS JOHN D. FRANCIS - - Secretary - - - GEORGIA RUTH CRANDALL JANE MOORE - - - Reporter - - - DOUGLAS SNELLING HIS group of speech enthusiasts has done much to raise the Standards of the various speech events held in the school. Not only have they developed their speech but have helped Other groups in speaking. Dramatics, interpretative reading, and deelamations are part of the club programs. During club month the Organization gave Fred Allenas amateur radio program. Fred Allen and Portland, represented by members of the club, were presented in a skit. The famous Mighty Allen Art Players were impersonated by various members of the club, and amateurs played various musical instruments and sang. One H undred Eight was L . V-VY .- A- gig fis. H X N l .1 Qtqif E W . ,A .R I I.. - 'J I 1 F 3 31 AN s il1- ' 4. . , ' I' .9 E -'fl Q X ' I - ', ' I 5553 :.. -.fe . - mi-5--.5,.,,gg I e gf'-4-4, I, s, wma 35.1 ,T-is-:hehe - 4 Lg. ' ' . -'ii m giiaaf' F-5-I X , 'J :1jf5vyLgg1:-1- ' 'S ,EAL 1 A sf we --Z ei ,. it t . iz- . A J.. ,,.. .. eh X x Q-.A-J: I , 1' an xx wg .N N ' AI, 1- I I. ni fi 1 J.. ' 1. ,Mlm .J W1 M' NUI, , nf P. JI 1? 1 1 , ' ,fn x,,,,, sun' I, I ' -X D' I X N "' , .. A' Aa A' rJWl.1v.Na1i""f' " limi .J . " ' ' " ' ' ' F I X X af , iffy? f ff DEBATERS rigged? MEMBERS ' First Row: Lucille Winter, Grace Elizabeth Compere, Lottie B. Hobbs, Eleanor Bishop, Corinne Daniel, Juanita Jeanne Hay. Second Row: Homer Montgomery, Bill Tippen, Joy Riddle, Bill Tete, Cyrus Frost, E. L. Haag, Comer Clay. ' OFFICERS COMER CLAY, ADVISER CYRUS FROST - ------ - President P - - - Vice-President GRACE ELIZABETH COMPERE - Secretary LUCILLE WINTER ------------ Reporter HE first event of the year was the interclass debates. From the four classes repre- sentatives were chosen as follows: Selma Clark, Corinne Daniel, and W. F. Martin, senior, Lucille Winter, Grace Elizabeth Compere, and J. Whit Reynolds, junior, Eleanor Bishop, Sammy Waldrop, and Cyrus Frost, sophomore, Homei Montgomery, Juanita Jeanne Hay, and Bill Tippen, freshman. The seniors, juniors, and sophomores tied for first place. K Several tournaments were attended during the year at Lubbock, Brownwood. Eastland, Dallas, and Fort Worth. One of the girls, teams won the Brownwood, tournament, and the boys, and girls' teams were winners of the Dallas tournament. The debate squad sponsored on March 7 the annual Abilene Invitation Tourna- ment, which was attended by outstanding teams from all sections of the state. Honors won at District Meet at Sweetwater, April ll: First place in girls' debate, Eleanor Bishop and Lucille Winter. Second place in boys' debate, Cyrus Frost and Sammy Waldrop. One Hundred Nine in - W. ., . --A T ana-fgf:1 f E, . ,, ,pnfilgfrt af E , fi- K ' - " ul- ' -I 'ff if Nat ' ' ' mstv 1-' ' 'ilibk I 1 fa-J' '-wav ,, -V- " ,Il 1 ' un ' ,h,, N NH". ' I '45 , f..,,f41-un ,,,,,1,,4,rM4 it it--n4uL,'rl.fflWA C ' ,gh ' ...IC..-f...M. Xu, ,Qual T-.l6...A...f.Ni.. if' A --" 'W l 't -a J ' -fr CENTENNIAL CLUB ., J' MEMBERS First Row: Evelyn Fulwiler, Granville Johnson, E. L. Haag, Lester Ellis, Mark Richardson. Second Row: Elizabeth Gene Austin, Frances Marian Breihan, Mary 'Wells Stephens, Gloria Gill, Durell Mead, Eleanor Bishop. Third ROW: Miss Myrtle Trantham, Mary Virginia VVilliaIns, Odessa Ilseng, Allouez Black- burn, Sybil Schrimsher, Monarae Schultz. Fourth ROW: Charles Daniel, Rufus Grisham, Rupert Richardson, VVillia1n J. Davis, Robert Rodden, David Sitton. Fifth ROW: Pat McCarty, Joe Morrison, Ben Watson, Homer Ruffin, George Campbell, Sinclair Balch, OFFICERS MISS MYRTLE TRANTHAM, ADVISER Fall Term Spring Term GRANVILLE JOHNSON - - - President - - - CHARLES DANIEL RUFUS GRISHAM - - - - - Vice-President - - - - MARK RICHARDSON MARY VIRGINIA WILLIAMS - - Secretary - - FRANCES MARIAN BREIHAN RUPERT RICHARDSON - - Reporter - - - - GEORGE CAMPBELL N KEEPING with the 1936 theme the Centennial Club studied the history of the Texas Centennial, the appropriations made for the Centennial, the cost and expenditures of the celebration, Texas history, Texas Writers, poets, and historians with some Of their writings. Mrs. Cole, city librarian, Spoke to the club about Texas poetry and read some Of her Own poems. The Club presented a public program during the Battery-Club month. TO close a very interesting year Of study a picnic was held in the spring. One Hundred Ten -A L W m ill ff-ex .A " A. 'QE ES L II , .Q -H" -J' X I -.Q-451-553-sd - , .X 15 .gag 7 9 ,ig Enf.skA5L,3Qgfll+-j:6Q f ,LLL C ..-ULh p,,s,T,. '-az: N I X 'I ,r p .f"'1'- -- ,Q ,,:.s"s,1'7 Ls: X N - ..,,..-., " r ,n,,, ' W ,,l9'l1Z'w.JXv-nhlv' hull ,n,, ,m,.,b..,r.,, m4 1 "rJllIWM""'l' " "l"ll1.b,i A-.,,, Swf'i..'9 .1 'l "N W ' "AWA" ., W I , fl' Av- HOME ECGNOMICS MEMBERS First Row: Pauline Anson, Eleanor Anson, Norma Jane Hodges, lsabell Masterson, Mary Frances Varnell. Second Row: Lonita Ayers, Joe Evelyn Davis, Joe Finley Knox, Mildred Lyday, Edith Alexander, Inez Mason. Third Row: Mary Beth Franklin, Mildred Clonts, Lonita Briggs, Ethel Bogart, Yvonne Hassey, Marcia Lee McGehee. Fourth Row: Juanita Watts, Mae Read, La Verne Bowles, Thelma Largent, Ruby Myrle WVilliams, Frances Middleton, Nell Camp. Fifth Row: Miss Willie Mae Hines, Murl Richey, De Wana Nations, Osca Mae Tedford. Bonnie Mae Landreth, Effie Maude Teal, Babe VVarren Petree. OFFICERS MISS WILLIE MAE HINES, ADVISER Fall Term Spring Term BABE WARREN PETREE - - President - - - - VELMA STARNATER EFFIE MAUDE TEAL - - Vice-President - - EFFIE MAUDE TEAL SUE BALL ---- - Secretary - - ETHEL BOGART EDITH ALEXANDER - - - Treasurer - - NELL CAMP MARCIA LEE MCGEHEE - - - - Reporter - - - - - ETHEL BOGART IM: To finance the girls, expenses to the State Homemaking Rally. - The Home Economics Club gives the girls freedom to express their ideas and discuss subjects that interest them. Friendship is promoted and personality is devel- oped in the organization. At the Home Economics contest in 1935 at Corpus Christi, April 25-27, Rachael Hay Won first place in Class A division in the selection of foods. One Hundred Eleven I Elm . y A -' 45255 -fsfffff 2122.5iegfififylifaffmlfl J fe A .. Ili' Ae , GJ.: 2 - L-2 "L 5 1 A ,, .Q- lih WI!! Elffisi-2 fif,.?EE.JT2' i?f 45' ERE' -11- f ' - f K I 47 E", QR 'W'S5sZ'f-iT1 M7-fm fa- ' " "Ll 7.-?7+i'.4v:-W' fm I .A - .slr If ,gf 3 L- - ---7-.-l,,,..g,..f Y A t .W .M,.,,.g-Aft. ,rua n-'li 1 .-' 1- vm- R I I 'H 3 uf ,M-.. Y V ' ., 'www Q 1 1 2,11 vm' 'Jrrf-1 1 I.. "" ,, ,. HL", ik" ' I M: ' l, f..,.1'l'-.tn ...r IA,l'Mk 4' If -u-r4M,'lIJfld,q d ' ,L-y, wff,,,Q,,,.,, ,It , ,LMA -..f6,,,,4,,,f.xkif,, ff t if t 5' .L J . V' LLECTOR , 5 j, fi? I . 6 ,' I' I . MEMBERS X First Row: Mad yn Rogers, Mary Frances Kelly, Jane Longinoor, Irene Moser, Delma McAden. Second Row: Juanita Fielder, Mina Fae Inman, Joe Pearl Biggerstaff, Margaret Williams, Evelyn Baumgardner, Frances Paytoiif " Q4 Third Row: Mina Belle Hodges, Jeane Robinson, Billie Dean Collier, Eleanor Young, Lola Jo McComb, Lucile Bailey, Betty Lane Boucher. Fourth Row: Georgia Ruth Crandall, Paralee Dixon Manly, Velma Clark, Rae Cole, Jewel Lindsay, Mary Hedrick, Lillian French. Fifth Row: Joy Roberts, Mary Isabel Holt, Ila Mae Johnson, Joy Hathcock, Dorothy Jean Shaw, Jackie Belew, Miss Odell Johnson. OFFICERS Miss ODELL JOHNSON, ADVISER DELMA MCADEN r --------- - President JANE LONGMOOR 'ITWJY' - - Vice-President IRENE MOSER - - - Secretary-Treasurer MARY FRANCES KELLY - - - Reporter HINA dogs, bars of soap, odd rings, and many other different kinds of articles were gathered by the collectors. The purpose of the Add-Another-Article Club is to stimulateian interest in accumulating valuable and unique articles. Members of the club learned attractive ways of mounting and displaying their collections. For a Christmas party in the home of Delma lVlcAden, names were drawn, and each member gave to a fellow member a gift which was to be added to her collection. Another social occasion was a breakfast at the ranch home of Paralee Dixon Manly. +3 One Hundred Twelve Q., , N , 2- H: I an Mesrf nazi Ms.-at 7,,rt,t3, -fa ff'- 'lgir"--wwgf-Q----',s",5 ,If-'f----1-ggi! 'slay - sa., -2- tb: "cw X 3 r 4 ..,,,r-1. l..,,ilI.,, r fl HA. ff N- ww B " thu-,,, N-Nl 1' " l ggi 1 Q51 te . , MP1-1' 1 :as ,-, - ,f f- .1 'a f f Jil, lu W, . 1. X " ulVf7'wfx' 'll-' W' .4 I ,M,.,n., ,xv ' V will rll'nN?ll"" ' 'MW 1 N " ,. " "I H SOCIAL ENGLISH lMWwWWeMd" MEMBERS First Row: Grace Parker, Rochelle Lee, Ruby Mae VVhite, Edith Briley, Bobbie Lockhart. Second Row: Essie Vee Nail, Alma. .lane Page, Lorene Moreland, Ruby May Pollock, Maya Miracle, Marshall Faye Landers, Billie Cooley, Third Row: Martha Parnell, Margarette Higginbotham, Carlene Bowers, Helen Glee Sweeney, Virginia Shields, Gracie V. Hubbard. Fourth Row: Esther Hendricks, Laverne West, Corinne McDaniel, Ollie Belle Baldwin, Deorthea Roden, Margaret Barton. Fifth Row: J. W, Toland, Mildred Ash, Gwendolyn Tate, Juanita Rivers, Miss Winifred Pfaff. OFFICERS Miss WINIFRED PFAFE, ADVISER Spring Term - - President - - -i - - - HAROLD BEASLEY - Vice-President - - - - -CARoL FERRELL - - Secretary - - - - ROCHELLE LEE - - Reporter - - - EDWARD BEASLEY - Sergeant-at-Arms - - - MACK BARNES Fall Term MAVA MIRACLE - - - DEORTHEA RODEN - BOBBIE LOCKHART - VIRGINIA SHIELDS - LTHOUCH HlVIr. Distinguished, may I present lVIr. Young?'7 has frequently been heard in Room II on club mornings, members of the Social English Club do not maintain that they always practice what they teach. The purpose of the club is to afford opportunity for the study and practice of the most acceptable social usage for students and to solve personal and group social problems of members as well as to give pleasure to those sharing the association. A few visitors have contributed pro- grams which were of interest to the group. A Christmas party was given on December 17 in the home of one of the members, and an outing was held in the spring. One Hundred Thirteen , 1 an gm 5 rn l I Y N E if ,S 5 yi, I 5 3 film 4' I 1 .I C..,,, -...f u...f,1,, -lk r- -nd 1 M," ' sry, X , '5' ...AW ,aff Ai ' A-51: 5 ,f W Wig gm . fu ' 1 .,1-sag gay' -. - .Jli,,,,f -.1 fvn...:1' ' VMXHAWI IJ 0 4:1-si K 4 f f if ,gr . A. '- ZQQJ-.. - fe+e?aaaa4af ifgaeeaeea it I " "" '4' Ji is 1 1 I 'fi 4 'H l Ili it '46 QR, t I L ' x lf, M y gg, .J SUB-DEB CLUB MEMBERS First Row: Maurine Chumbley, Pauline Adami, Myrtle Hopkins, Louise Darby, Novella Keith, Joyce Mason. Second Row: Verlyn Blanks, Mildred Young, Frances Stamps, Lucille McNabb, Helen Louise Blanton. Third Row: Geline Randolph, Virginia Claxton, Mae Dell Poe, Nell Blakney, Jimmie Ruth McGehee, Marie VVittman, Jean Quattlebaum, Mary Trantham, VVil1na Ruth Bickley, Ima Jo Smith, Mary Bena White. Fourth Row: Helen Tinnin, Virginia Crowder, Verna McNabb, Floy Bratton, Mrs. A. H. Gatlin, Margaret Kennedy, LaFaye Gooch, Edna Mangel, Dorothy Mangel, Pearl McNatt, Mary Virginia Joiner. . OFFICERS MRS. A. H. GATLIN, ADVISER Fall Term Spring Term MAURINE CHUMBLEY - - - President - - - WILMA RUTH BICKLEY LOUISE DARBY - - '- - - - Vice-President - - - - MAURINE CI-IUMBLEY NOVELLA KEITH - - Corresponding Secretary - - - NOVELLA KEITH MYRTLE HOPKINS - - - Recording Secretary - - NOVELLA KEITH JOYCE MASON - - - - - - Reporter - - - - - - JOYCE MASON MRS. W. C. BICKLEY ----- Club Mother ----- MRS. W. C. BICKLEY HE aim of the Sub-Deb is to teach the girls to be all-round American girls. Throughout the year subjects of interest to the modern girl were discussed, such as proper dress and proper behavior at any social Occasion. Among the social activities was a Saturday luncheon at the Pollyanna, after which the girls attended a theater party at the Paramount. At a later date Floy Bratton, assisted by the girls who live in town, was hostess to the out-of-town girls, and the out-of-town girls returned the compliment by acting as hostesses to the other members of the club at a Valentine party. One Hundred Fourteen -or. fy E- St W I u " " ., ffl, its. 1.,.g1gx, -25-3 5 .yr .g w-. , F il , fl f K. . Q .lf ..... f 4, H ws, .15 .V ' fs NH. T it , K 1 X Brew: I I, F- x ,Q Eg '-W -5 Q u ai' H x lv' N .M 5 " full ' X' l I rlwudrf " lun I1 ". M Il X ,I 1 -,H lv: Nw- .,f , , ' rllilm-'Mm ., N . ' GIRL RESERVE MEMBERS First Row: M. Scogin, B. Christopher, B. R. Garrison, B. Copeland, F. T. Beam, M. Hamil- ton, L. V. Fox, M. E. Hamilton. Second ROW: C. Bridge, N. F. Jones, V. Gidden, P. L. Branch, I. Harvey, G. Huddleston, L. N. Hamilton, D. A. Odum, E. NVilsOn, M. Wilson, G. Smith. Third Row: E. Johnston, B. J. Eastus, D. Stevens, A. Price, J. Lovett, J. D. Smartt, M, Adams, L. Harrison, M. Lindley, N. Wilson, Miss A. L. Williams. Fourth Row: Miss K. Stubblefield, M. Holly, M. McClure, H. Riley, M. Mallett, E. L. Sharp, I Harris, M. N. Hamilton, M. F. McQuary, B. Walden, B. Comer, B. C. VVilliams, D. Whitehorn, C. L. Haygood. OFFICERS GROUP ONE-MISS KATHRYN STUBBLEFIELD, ADVISER Fall Term Spring Term BETH CHRISTOPHER - - - - President - - - - JOHNNIE RAY DUNCAN PALM L. BRANCH - - Vice-President - - - PALM L. BRANCH EVELYN JOHNSTON - - Secretary - - - DOROTHY HAMBRICK CONSTANCE BRIDGE - ------ Reporter ---- - - MILDRED CHAPMAN GROUP TWO-MISS ANNIE LEE WILLIAMS, ADVISER BILLIE RAE GARRISON ------ President ------- BOBBIE COPELAND MELBA HAMILTON - 4 - Vice-President - - MARIE WILSON FAIRY THELMA BEAM - - Secretary - - - - MARCIA LINDLEY BOBBIE COPELAND - - - Reporter - - LOVITA HARROUN Aim: To serve others. T A Christmas party the members of the Girl Reserve Club made and dressed rag rl dolls, which were given to the Mexican children, and they filled stockings with fruit, candy, and nuts for the less fortunate children of the town. At later meetings the girls made cup towels for the Young Women's Christian Association, and a Scrap book containing a picture of each girl with a statement of her hobby. Books were sent to the children in the sanatorium ,at Carlsbad. A hike and a picnic were among the social activities. One Hundred Fifteen ...Y in ' . 1 'I .I rf--Star. 'L -:E '25, ff' ig ?" mpc-f Jes 7 -F itz pm 4.51522 - ,s 'Eu-i.5l5?.11:?. ilifzlsfr' fsflgegrgisgsnf 2 ,Q - 3 7-E . .. j tg! I 'at f Q ,, 7 . -- ' I-ff Q, xgiuqtrf -9 4, :LEE-: ii' 'i gtlx 1 -.I n , - f -.V -Mgvffr 5 ' Yi' nbsp sf P ' 11221 'rf ,V "' -1,47 vigrx 0445 l 1 I NI "" RM". unduly. ' I 'm l' Y ., 4--.-'M'-lf' mu' uf-'MM " 'l 'i"'4lKlnu"fn'ffAw 1 " ...ff.1-fwm. , ,dx I lfuli W "'f6-1-Awwiiwiv I' -'L ' " '1 l I l 1 I I in 5. W .ll Mu W: Q, X X .1 GANG Llp! , f O, gl 5 MEMBERS First Row: M. F. Touchstone, J. Brahaney, J. Nevills, E. Baugh, M. Craig, S. E. Clark. Second Row: V. MeKinnis, J. Christopher, F. Dorbandt, H. VVard, L. D. Wisdoni, L. Foote, Betty Bonnett, M. E. Aiken, V. Starnater, T. Martin. Third Row: A. Clayton, F. B. Stewman, M. Williams, N. Keith, J. Moore, M. V. Joiner, W. Fewell, P. Gentry, V. Stinchcomb, M. F. Jackson, A. Miller, J. K. French. Fourth Row: F.. Lemley, M. Roberts, J. A. Parrish, M. Pender, Z. Horn, S. Allen, M. Mont- gomery, D. Bailey, A. Rhodes, D. M. Owens, I. Haile, D. Nelms, C. V. Boyce, E. D. Downing. Fifth Row: G. Petty, L. Copeland, L. Bailey, J. Agnew, S. Clark, B. A. Lynch, H. M. Hudson, M. V. Williams, M. Bantau, F. Neill, L. Massey, B. Conner, D. Turrentine, L. Savage, O. Sherrard, V. Sample. Sixth Row: G. Harber, L. Avery, L. Tate, C. M. Killebrew, V. Akins, B. Tims, L. Nuekols, E. Richardson, A. L. Hobbs, L. Raynes, B. Wallace, M. Cotton, E. Campbell, S. Ball. Seventh Row: Miss T. Clack, M, B. Ward, F. Brewer, F. Sears, C. Collins, N. Camp, R. Skelton, I. Mason, B. Shields, J. K. Tartt, A. Beasley, H. Reynolds, M. Hamrick, L. Hay, H. Tinnin, C. Daniel, M. Rowell, Miss O. Johnson. OFFICERS Miss TOMMIE CLACK ADVISERS Miss ODELL JOHNSON Fall Term Spring Term ELSIE BAUGH ----- - - President - - ---- JUNE BRAHANEY JUNE BRAHANEY - - Vice-President - - JEAN CHRISTOPHER MAXINE CRAIG - - - Secretary - - - - - - MAXINE CRAIG JAQUE NEVILLS ----- - Reporter - ----- JAQUE NEVILLS MOLLIE FRANK ToUcHsToNE- - - Chaplain - - -MOLLIE FRANK TOUCHSTONE SARAH ELIZABETH CLARK ---- Treasurer - - - - SARAH ELIZABETH CLARK Aim: To bring about a closer relationship and to foster friendship and loyalty among the senior girls. ' HE members of the G an G, a senior girl organization, chose at the beginning of the year a freshman girl as her Little Sister. At Christmas time a party was given in honor of the Little Sisters, and at Valentine each Little Sister received a Valentine from her Big Sister. One Hundred Sixteen s ES - - A 'fm 1 ,,lbfffF..JX -.., Jw 'A' lb,,,l. , lb , ,,,,.,,D,.,7w,,, 5,54 1 " 0l5Il,lv,N11l1w' lf " 9'-'JM X , 1, ,, d.,nlt,,,,l , ' 'J' N Amit, if K M 1 vu 1: A xx ' " 1 15-1 9 X FUTURE FARMERS MEMBERS First Row: D. Parmelly, A. Hatton, A. K. Miller, H. Tillett. Second Row: D. Manly, T. Fraser, P. Held, L. Bynum, J. Nevills, M. V. Joiner, M. Millard, J. B. Smith, M. Tutt. Third Row: J. Leverett, C. Smith, P. Ford, R. Brown, H. Shackelford, J. C. Wilson, C. Haddox, T. Shelton, J. Montgomery, J. Robinson. Fourth Row: W. G. Tutt, L. Ferguson, A. Harbin, H. Wilkins, W. Tranthani, J. V., Fer- guson, H. Parmelly, W. D. Lowrie, J. I. Moore. Fifth Row: L. Blanks, C. Brewster, P. Keith, C. Harber, D. Matthews, A. Pruitt, R. Mcllroy, C. S. Williams, T. Hughes, J. Bynum, M. Holbrooks, W. Griffith, L. Starnater, C. Ford, J. E. Newby, L. Harber, C, VVillia1ns, E. Montgomery, M. VVarner, O. B. VVinn, E, VVillia1ns, T. L. Hamilton. OFFICERS J. I. MooRE, ADVISER MELVIN MILLARD - ------ - - President JOE BYNUM - - - Vice-President CAROL ARCHER - - Secretary CHARLES HARBER - Treasurer MACK WARNER - - - Reporter JAMES LEVERETT - Parliamentarian ELVIS MONTGOMERY ----------- Watch Dog HE Ollie B. Webb chapter of Future Farmers of America was organized in Abilene High School May 10, 1930, since which time it has always been active at various contests-local, district, and state-sponsored by the organization. This year the chapter took part in the chapter-conducting contest, district basketball tour- nament, area and state judging contests. Visits were made to Fort Worth Fat Stock Show and to the Cisco Encampment. The chapter held its annual Father-Son Ban- quet on March 6. Honors won at Stephenville: First in egg judging, poultry team, small grain division, crop judging team, fifth in crop judging, with 38 teams entering, sixth in poultry judging, with 48 teams entering, ninth in live stock judging, with 66 teams entering, Mack Warner, second-high man in small grain judging, Melvin Millard, second-high man in corn judging, seventh, Woodrow Griffith in mule judging, and Charles Ford, chapter high point man in hog and sheep judging. One Hundred Seventeen 'Ili . - , M 1 . f J item. tu .' 11: af- L,,L:,I --5' Q' K-5 :Q - '-,-,, 'rife '4 ig, if P2 ta i . ff 1 w.r!t..,,,fi' .. ,M a ti af a - - f i I ' ,f 1 r... U J "' ' "t' -,, f..,.14'x-.ff ,,,,.r ,,f,1'f'-W its--fligM,'fI.lfM,qi' ,I ,gin ,,,1q,,,C,,.,.,. ,.tu,f"IL.L,,Jl ---I6....4..mi4,,. .1 A,-if - 11" - , W ' 'W W ' B' TYR POETS CORNER MEMBERS First Row: Aubrey Curry, Gaile Peterson, Dorothy Ray Bailey. Second Row: Bernice Lee, Irene Haile, Robbie Lee Box, Enialee Parsley, Alva Lee Thompson. Third Row: Mrs. M. E. Norwood, Ada Opal Masser, Christene VVard, Elsie Clark, Maxine Pinkerton, Pernecy Barnard, Christene King. Fourth Row: Lorene Wade, Helen Bordelon, Lena Marie Antilley, Ola Mae Wright, Mar- guerite Perkins, Christine Walker. Fifth Row: Omer Dee McClure, Gwendolyn King, Jackie Mills, Mary Charlene Hawkins, Frances VVoocl, Doris Blair, Preston Goetz, Audrey Ballew, R, B. Glenn. Sixth Row: G. A. Webb, Joe Routh, Leo Pierce, Marvin Miller, S. L. Davis, James Lacy, Billy Bettes, Joe Millsap. OFFICERS MRS. MARY E. NORWOOD, ADVISER Fall Term Spring Term PRESTON GOETZ - - - - - President - - - - - - MARVIN MILLER AUDREY BALLEW - - Vice-President - - GAILE PETERSON IRENE HAILE - - Secretary - - OLA MAE WRIGHT MARVIN MILLER - - Reporter - - PRESTON GOETZ EARNING to enjoy different kinds of poetry, learning to appreciate standard poetry, and practicing self-expression are among the purposes of the Poets Corner. The members have gained pure appreciation of the poetry in many different forms-a pleasure which lasts a life time. Among the interesting programs of the year was the reading and criticising of the original poems written by the members of the club on special occasions and on the subject of Texas. Outstanding local poets fostered poetic feeling by explaining poetry and reading different kinds of poetry to the club members. One Hundred Eighteen K 7- -f P , .-... h iv X I 3' ,. X NJ. EE- -XR: ,S TWCEZ-FTEEX "' 1 xv Q -9- fsifigrqgfgi I -mi mi f fx 1 -115 , was.-fa 'R' X' all? W N SwKwi'f'5.x QQ, ixrgsbrg X .IW - ki-rx., Q x ?,.g..,G:1i::-QE, .1 In I- ,M hi 5.5 Ye ly F Jxhnhm huh I H, mmphmwa wlu y -. Mxmlmmhm imyxxly l Mn NWI,MuHy b l gy, . N , X HINLXH -fun I . mm I, In X 1 I I I N ,u L.- was it ART MELIBERS First Row: Jimmie Kate Tartt, Harlan Shaw, Wilford McAllister, Charles Owen, VValter B. Hale, Jaque Nevills. Second Row: Maxine Cotton, Mary Evelyn Whitehorn, Mary Alice Brooks, Rosemary Lassiter, Lillian Savage, Lurline Bailey, Jack Cartwright. Third Row: Miss Beth Coombes, Alma Beasley, Billie Shields, .lean Bracken, Margaret COX, Jessie Simpson, Maureen Kane. Fourth Row: Juanita Buster, Jean McDonald, Emma Cozart, Mary Bell Holder, Edgar Lee Allen, Annie Lee Simmons. OFFICERS Miss BETH CooMBEs, ADVISER JIMMIE KATE TARTT -------- - President MAXINE COTTON - - - Vice-President ALMA BEASLEY - - Secretary-Treasurer ANNIE LEE SIMMONS - - - - Reporter HE primary aim of the Art Club is to develop art appreciation. During club periods the members sketched scenes of the campus and of still figures, and made soap carvings. Prominent artists of the town spoke to the club on the appreciation of ,art and other subjects. During the Battery club month the club presented the March of Fashion. The members modeled the styles from the early Egyptian dress to the present day fashions. Periods of dress fashioned were Asiatic, Greek, Eliza- bethan, early American, L'Gay Ninetiesv, the old fashioned girl, and the years of 1918, 1928, and 1936. Representatives in the Regional contest: Grace Elizabeth Compere, in pastelsg Charles Owens, in charcoalg Edgar Lee Allen, in clay. ' One Hundred Nineteen Ivfrm f. L.,-1. ...,- It f H- Lf :- Mu 1 ff5':f:51.,J. :Z E Z -:fi -afsffff ' ' ' Il iff!! - A 'iss-Efeifewi. 2 -5!'Ec".gE1-v-lH!E55E?Vp 2 Lv- - 1 2 A 6 fam" QF?--niieifb llQl3g.eii3i'32E11Q1f,f , W 'i N7 4 Q if Uii' -.'.KEL!':5: 1 I '41-if-viva -9- L-1 :-- -si, 1 ' -- -W, ,f PY" if W, fa - - 5 du I nu ' I' H ',. E I :gif-Enkrffa I ,I 1-, if ,I X- ,- 1 7,-ij ,-F515 -4' H" fi... i'A'M"' ' f '45 ' . C----"'---ff ....-1 - 4.f""l T' " " 'Wt'fI-'Wa T' ' I ,im ...ff..,4,..,.e su. -lull --fC..A..'Eo'4lt ff - gf! TRAVEL CLUB .. ,,.,. . if wifi ..1 ,- .,.:,w,,a ' MEMBERS First Row: James George, Ray Lovelady, Loyd Dudley, Richard Elliott, Calvin Adams, J. C. Reese. Second Row: Miss Willie Floyd, M. D. Richards, Omer Deatheradge, Maurice Smith, Lloyd Gates, Clifton Babb. Third Row: Boyd Edgar, Joe Jowers, Dott Smith, Carl B. Riherd, Zelma, Schmidt, Cather- ine Allen, Betty Haile. Fourth Row: Roy Green, VVilbor Turner, Maxie Richards, Gattis Barnard, Dot Xveathers, Jeanette Thomas, Opal Lou Brock. Fifth Row: Norman McGehee, Rodger Plowman. OFFICERS Miss WILLIE FLOYD, ADVISER f F all Term Spring Term RICHARD ELLIOTT - - - - - President - - ---- CLIFTON BABB GATTIS BARNARD - - Vice-President - - - E. W. BERRY JEANNETTE THOMAS - - - Secretary - - - ZELMA SCHMIDT ZELMA SCHMIDT - - Reporter - - RICHARD ELLIOTT HE main interest of the Travel Club is to create and promote interest in travel and exploration, to arouse public interest in the conservation and development of our natural resources and historic sites, and to establish a closer relationship with the peoples of the world. During the first term the club studied Ethiopia. The club pro- grams consisted of reports by the students, pronunciation drills, and map study. A scrapbook of newspaper clippings about Ethiopia was made. During the second term the club studied Hawaii. Films and slides were shown, and during one club meeting a talk was made by Mrs. J. S. McDaniel, who had visited Hawaii. One Hundred Twenty B3 f., ,-:ff--I 'll 1 X f -me-2 - 9 .je ,gi --1 ' .lf' 5i3i:ai" 4: x. -H V' 4TT."'F5f4Qf' 55 - Q-S Q 1 . .,,I,.II.,'F5'll"--,i'- 'lwlrw A PM li 'lt Iu,,J. ,nh ,,,.,..D.,.n-... mt I 'wM.xv.M""'1' " i"lN.P,w,,., H "N-.Nl ..' - f ff 415513 5:12 ff ' .Sg,4?.i,5,.1..:iQg1,: f e -',,lw,7r., if -' - X I RYTHM RYTERS , j X , . . . MEMBERS First Row: Sarah Elizabeth Clark, Maurice Fincher, James Smith, A. F, Page. Second Row: Genevieve Hancock, Doris Masterson, Laurine Tate, Cleta Maye Killebrew, Lincious Avery. Third Row: Gladys Ruth Parnell, Miss Ludee Mae Harrison, Sybile Oliver, Claire Nell Miller, Montie Beth Ward, Frances Morrison, Paxunell Gentry. Fourth Row: Wanfla Fewell, Arvece Clayton, Dudley Reed, Douglas Edwards, Billy Earney, Ruby Skelton, E. VV. VVright. OFFICERS MISS LUDEE MAE HARRISON, ADVISER Fall Term Spring Term A. F. PAGE ----- - - President - - ----- A. F. PAGE JAMES SMITH ---- - - Vice-President - - - - DOUGLAS EDWARDS SARAH ELIZABETH CLARK - - Secretary-Treasurer - - SARAH ELIZABETH CLARK MONTIE BETH WARD - - - - Reporter - - - - FRANCES MORRISON MAURICE FINCHER - - Sergeant-at-Arms - - - BILLY EARNEY Aim: To further the development of speed and accuracy in typewriting. ROCRAMS consisted of time tests with each group representing a famous race horse. Football, a track meet of Speed tests, a Freak Letter Day, on which business and friendly letters were read, and a Predieament Program, on which mem- bers told of some queer situations which they had experienced, were other programs. A play which stressed the ideals of a business office was presented, and the traits that an office worker or stenographer Should be developing during a secretarial course were discussed. The constitution, by-laws, and the secretary7s minutes were typewritten and put into book form. Two picnics were among the social activities. One Hundred Twenty-one . ...y,. 5 fiis issrf- 'fffffffffhff - f S I 1 lf' ' 1 F---f es. -I - --'I sta-Iss I i Q 2 . lm' -1 .3- yn. iiib f 5 . 'Q fi , 1 'ii .j L f L I ,g gg? f - .1 " - 3Hs ,1"ii ' 'D 1 rar "ws Al l " , ,F fi t"f"'At" " f ' 'ii - .. . 4.WJ'H -H 4uw1.ft1W.l 'I' Ili A .N-I.nL.L..wl -wf6...A.ANK. - I X ,I 5' 'PH r L 29 .- , iv W, A , First Row: Doris Ford, Thelma Padgett, Blanche Archibald, Rachel Rowlett Clare M'1e Second Row: Maurice Grisham, Pearl Johnston, Joan Seaboalt, Lorraine Everett Margaiet VVoody, Louise Holston, Willie Sue King, Mrs. E, M. Randolph, Harley Bateman. Third Row: Elaine Cotton, Bobbie Lee Hunter, Clara Ragsdale, Peggie Doris Rogeis J C Fourth Row: Joel Adams, Bill Button, Aubrey Isom, Lee Shirley, Bill Sisson, T D VVh1te Fall Term Spring Term JOEL ADAMS ----- - Presidente - - - - HARLEY BATEMAN T. D. WHITEHORN - - Vice-Presidente - - - CLYDE HARVEY MARY BALL - - - Secretaria - - CLARA MAE BROOKS THEDA ATTEBERRY - - Reporter - - - - MARY BALL L proposito de este club es aprender a hablar espaflol con mes facilidad y entender mejor la historia y las costumbres de los paises de habla espanola. ' Las programas consisten en musica y piececitas espanolas y en discursos por los ffj tuvieron lugar. 'U FL Este aio el club represento dos programas publicas y varias renniones SOCIHICS One . ., ' ' ' fi: l'??ZEL'- -im. ff -1. Ealifffb' - A N J - -" Y 23' ,. ji5afIE,4fif 4-3 ggilsfiifgg' X .. vii . ,rx-0 -41 f-L1-Y -- -Q : 5-11574 ' 1 t ,L , lg. gi, ag "Lk fr er 51: iw' , . W gi., A-, ,ML 'ef A, - Ea, .:, M 5, 5' Q3 3 s t ' 1 Q A ' 1 l -' 9' X Q ' ' 5 2- , ff - , ri 'U X ' E253 ff' ,- Q si s, X - " x N ' 1 ' , 11, . .1 V' , .I HM . 5,11 bbw PERSONALITY GIRL v -, .. +2 was I' MEMBERS First Row: Gladys Hillman, Betty Bonnett, Nada Miracle, Frances Dorbandt, Mary Flem- ister, Miss Claudine Olsen, Second Row: June Brahaney, Sybil Shiflett, Lu Dame Wisdom, Frances Sears, Charlotte Collins, Maxine Craig, Beatrice Arrington. Third Row: Joyce Graves, Shirley Allen, Nelle Smith, Betty Wilson, Roberta Campbell, Eleice Elmore, Betty Conner. Fourth Row: Bee Agnew, Betty Burns Williams, Elna Burns, Hazel Reynolds, Laverne Massey, Frances Grant, Marguerite Sloan. OFFICERS Miss CLAUDINE OLSEN, ADVISER Fall Term Spring Term, NADA MIRACLE ---- - President - ---- NADA MIRACLE SELMA CLARK - - - Vice-President - - MAXINE CRAIG FRANCES DORBANDT - - Secretary - - - - SELMA CLARK GLADYS HILLMAN - - Treasurer - - ROBERTA CAMPBELL H! What fun to see the Personality Girls' pledges parading around with ribbons and just uoodlesn of bracelets, but it didn't last long. Every member has tried to help other persons, and each had strong desires to have an interesting personality. The girls strove for worthwhile traits-charm, friendliness, and other pleasing qualitiesg they endeavored to develop initiative and to improve themselves in every way possible. The lives of living authors were studied, and reviews of their books were given, noteworthy personalities-national, state, and local-were studied, and interesting people were invited to speak to the club. Two picnics, one during the first term and the other the second term, made up the social calendar. One Hundred Twenty-three ,iff-V5 jf Z -1 ' -1 f fflillagsfk' '4 ef in -A 'tk . I -4 If.ffs",1e 1 .I . -, . . :fi refs?-Q C I 4- "" sam- Qw9Le:re"-If ,231-:Q rea-: ':g::g?f'll-..sf'-fe 2 A A ,A-'lx-md" .-' H-A--' if - X-.LMI rf " id rifgff ' tf""'f IM TM' " ' f' " 1 ' f f , U" -. -- " 'M ' , it-..""H f i.1fiy4.' " " ll ""'flKfn'YlJilnn ' .' 5.4.71 ,,,fQ,..K,,,,,,,, tu, dull ' 1--I-...fk...RiN,., .I .4 - - 1 41 ll,,l n t f , .. s fi- ni 4 l!!-m l M J 4 PEP QUAD ,J C .,,HfxW ll lj- A' :TTR rv" y lv' MEMBERS First Row: Mildred Pender, Viola Huffman, Betty Burns Williams, June Brahaney, Zona Horn. Second Row: Jerry Austin, Jo Martin, Nan Barnes, Dixie Montgomery, Selma Clark, Bee Agnew, Jane Agnew, Mary Elizabeth Galbraith, Frances Stamps, Evelyn Brittain, Virginia Stanley, Third Row: Mary Isabel Holt, Ila Mae Johnson, Lorraine Everett, Frances Sears, Martha Shaw, Genevieve Hancock, Lu Dame Wisdom, Bessie Jo Jackson, Delma McAden, Irene Moser, Shirley Allen, .Jane Longmoor, Joyce Graves. Fourth Row: Elsie Louise Clark, Margaret Williams, Frances Payton, Juanita Shahan, Lee Ellen Balfanz, Valerie Hockersmith, VVilma Ruth Bickley, Marguerite Sloan, Sarah Collins, Earlene Allen, Donna Marie Wooldridge, Gladys Hillman, Betty Wallace, Myrl Moreland. Fifth Row: Miss Glenna Faye Grant, Doris Naylor, Lucille VVinter, Hazel Ward, Mary Frances Tittle, Grace Elizabeth Compere, Palm L. Branch, Rae Cole, Eleanor Young, Lolo Jo McComb, Helen Louise Blanton, Marie VVitt1nan, Rogene Beasley, Valora Hale, Virginia McKinnis, Velma Starnater. OFFICERS Miss GLENNA FAYE GRANT, ADVISER VIOLA HUFFMAN ---------- - President JUNE BRAHANEY - - - Vice-President BETTY BURNS WILLIAMS - - Secretary MILDRED PENDER - - - - - Treasurer ZONA HORN ------ - - Chairman of Checkers c'Black, gold! Fight hold! Black, gold! Fight hold! I Black, gold! Fight hold! Abilene Eagles, fightlv !" HIS familiar yell will long be remembered by the students of Abilene High. The football and basketball games would have lacked enthusiasm and excitement had it not been for the Pep Squad. The outstanding social event of the year was a Thanksgiving luncheon at the Wooten Hotel. Other affairs were a steak fry and a spring initiation of the 1936-1937 members. One Hundred Twenty-four i-W' '21 1, .ei1e.5-lf l!L.:,',E. .. ., -v--,, EF' , S. ' ii' ' 11-5, . i efff iies ,- uf R 1 - F FFT? ' iii' r' fu-F171 FQ sf ' ' " H' 1 .- Qvig, , ati, : 5 gh-gil, -, M7591 ig: - I, pw, ,sf ,- .ev N Y - .,,,, n M, s,,,,l Irf- fe ' E r,iWfF-'if'-ufdlv' W MJ! 1 I' ,,n,.,rr.,l'.,, QM ll 0xllM"lnf'!l""' ilmlryll V110 'X""M""l - h I :N N V In lu 'I ' ' I H 1 1' lfi '4.:Fw1fe" f x " ' 'EW' l 5 ,,t 'UQ' f . , an 2 K W Q4 fx X ,N PEP QUAD at H , n JJ ft? pb MEMBERS First Row: Mildred Pender, Viola Huffman, Betty Burns Williams, June Brahaney, Zona Horn. Second Row: Geraldine Johnson, Myrle Hinshaw, Eunice Parramore, Pattie Lee Bell, Hazel Greely, Betty Hanks, Nancy Nell CoX,. Third Row: Dixie Ruth Free, Bette Barnes, Charlotte Conner, Jackie Walton, Billie Cooley, Margaret Kennedy, Marcia Lee McGehee, Irene Naylor, Nell Blakney. Fourth Row: Miss Glenna Faye Grant, Mildred King, Billy Blanche Smith, Martha Jean Horn, Billie Doris Holland, Juanita Jeanne Hay, Emmalove Marstrand, Maurine Chumbley, Mary Flemister, Joy Hathcock, Dorothy Hambrick. OFFICERS Miss GLENNA F AYE GRANT, ADVISER VIOLA HUFFMAN ---------- - President JUNE BRAHANEY - - - V ice-President BETTY BURNS WILLIAMS - - Secretary MILDRED PENDER - - - - - Treasurer ZONA HORN - - Chairman of Checkers EP-the word is not defined by Webster. Squad-any small group of individuals engaged in a common enterprise or effort. Our own definition of Mpepv would be: P ersistent E fficient P rogressive The Abilene High School Pep Squad members are persistent in practicing forma- tions, efficient in performing their duties to the organization and to the school, and always progressive-forever climbing towards bigger and better goals. This Pep Squad was the first in Texas, and it is now the finest. One Hundred Twenty-five 'll 57 3:15 --- Zn gm ,1mI ifsza?aI ! .zsf ' T 3' ,.45. - , E5'i?5Sf"E i' - l"' ff , T A ar pg -- ze - Q 4- . xfl "I T:-'jlifigi - ":,,:eLrfT.,. ' " 'Q' ':1fi.3-s'-. -25.-, ,4.mf,,,,,.f'--1 ..,,,,': . JM m i' 'iz Q- I P z 1 55? 1 ,4 .1 514 1 1 1 V .. N N W. ' I ln' I M 4--..'l'K -ff u..-I nd-'Ml' " " ""'fWfJliu'ilAA i if SAY! .,.'f..-4...,t.. Jndhulul ' '--I 1-.U K... mkm -- A - I A 1 NATIO AL HO OR OCIETY MEMBERS First Row: Burrell Harrison, Nada Miracle, W. F. Martin, Mildred Pender, Maurice Fincher, Viola Sample. Second Row: Louise Hooper, Jean Christopher, Bill Sisson, Mary Elizabeth Aiken, Louise Foote, A. F, Page, Mary Virginia Williams, Glenna Harber. Third Row: Preston Goetz, Jimmie Kate Tartt, Viola Huffman, Janie Alice Parrish, Ber- niece Gilmore, Margaret XVillia1ns, Murrell Montgomery, Blanche Tims, Frances Morrison, Duster Lynch. Fourth Row: Irvin Mills, Clara Mae Brooks, Bobbie Louise Bland, Birdie-Alice Lynch, John Childress, Frances Sears, Charlotte Collins, Montie Beth XVarcl, Eugene Thornton. Fifth Row: Marvin Miller, J. B. McCarley, James Hays, Kenneth Skinner, Ralph Hooks, Forrest XYarle Tippen, Joe Millsap, L. E. Dudley. OFFICERS L. E. DUDLEY, ADVISER W. F. MARTIN - ------ - President MAURICE FINCHER Vice-President MILDRED PENDER - - Secretary NADA MIRACLE - Reporter EMBERSHIP in the National Honor Society is one of the greatest honors a high A school student may receive. The members were chosen on the basis of the four cardinal principles of the society-Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service. Installation of new members took place at the traditional candle lighting service in which they repeated the pledge ofthe Society. The symbol of the organization is the burning torch, its purpose, the creation of a better appreciation of honor among the students of Abilene High School. The colors of the organization are blue and gold-the blue signifying loyalty, the gold, enlightenment. One Hundred Twenty-six Q :tgl Reefs, SX-5 ,L r e, . tl A qneaggxqgiea '-521:51 E1-::.?i'f.s-ras? 4g Q. as +1? ,'m ,. get-1-4, . . .. S9 -T JE 552342 'flxilil ci' as-X ., frames. -' if-E1 . xx 5liNu'a'7iS"" v5g'g Y ' V Y 'A?.2,5,1 " 1 A I ,. fl: aiifi Ls: X , - f'.. .. . f , ' K ,,ym.,i..,5i,. :.,,i. A ,,t,y,i.i,i,t...., ww , tit X ' "MA" g . llh H , , mx ii Y X V qwibtkw.. TOURNAMENT PLAY I P Jean Bowyer Jean Christopher Morris McDonald Mildred Pender Dixie Ruth Free Karl Bonneaux W. F. Martin E. L. Horton T THE PURPLE RIM TIME: Present. PLACE: Philip Amory's cottage in the country in New York State. X SUPERNATURAL play, THE PURPLE RIM, was selected as the 1936 Tournament 1 play. It was the story of Philip Amory QW. F. Martini who for many years had 1 cherished the memory of Anne Joyce Clean Christopheri . His selfish wife CMildred ' Penderj was concerned only with what his death would mean to her financially. The l 1 play takes its name from the blue twilight toward which Anne and Philip go hand in hand as the curtain falls. The ingenue parts were played by Dixie Ruth Free and Karl Bonneauxg the nurse, by Jean Bowyer. The off stage sound effects were fur- nished by Morris McDonald and E. L. Horton, members of the stage crew. The boys from the work-shop did the carpenter work' Miss Odell Johnson criticized the play' and Comer Cla Louise Foote and Miss Odell Johnson composed the make-up crew. ya 1 Much appreciation and praise from the students is due Clarence B. Ford for his Q earnest and efficient efforts as director of THE PURPLE RIM. i Honors won at District Meet: Third place in one-act play. ' j Individual honors won: 4' V iflf f iv .lean Christopher, third place in girls, acting. I V W. F. Martin, third place in boys' acting. K' f A I One Hundred Twenty-seven In 6 xlifflgiif its V fgziigl y A H. e ,545 gtlix ,,,, Mi' . . m,,'.4f4a:i5xyJ,Ax . " Q , ' t i ml " " X V. ' I In - N -4 ""'4"i"' H-H' fllul' ir ""'k9mv"lJimW ri .YI 'A ..:IK.--Q.:-tt XM I lit-Wi ""6-I-'fl--TNA Wm E "H 1 l . Y. 5 ORIENTATION CLUB MEMBERS E. Flores, L. Treuter, H. Coats, M. Lane, M. Kenner, A. Booth, N. Kenner, A. Hendricks, G. H. Lee, M. Thurman, M. Hufstedler, M. Massey, M. L. Stacy, F. Wvhite, D. Pitts, L. N. Smith, F. M. Smith, G. Harris, M. L. Large, K. Rose, M. L. Agnew, M. Lawson, D. Goodwin, J. Hawkins, J. M. Gray, D. Stevens, E. V. Roberts, M. Stubbs, J. Sherrill, C. Curtis, M. Baldwin, D. Wood, E. Lane, M. P. Harvey, M. N. Serratt, J. A. Stephens, M. M. Henderson, A. G. Murray, M. L. McCarley, D. Horton, L. Redding, D. Vinson, E. Virden, W. Scott, H. Payne, M. R. Hamilton, N. Lambert, R. L. Thornton, M. Mobley, L. Strain, D. Moore, F. Neeb, W. Schmidt, E. L. Wall, I. M. Hudson, J. Forbus, E. D. Bullen, J. McMahon, D. M. Coggin, I. F. Via, J. Clark, E. Holmes, D. M. Smith, W. Dodd, J. Corley, H. Swafford, M. Abbott, C. Curry, B. B. Anderson, B. L. Ogbourne, F. Greenfield. OFFICERS MRS. EDITH C. SMITH, ADVISER Fall Term Spring Term CATHERINE CURTIS - - - - - President - - - ---- ARGERO BOOTH Jo ANN STEPHENS - - - Vice-President - ---- CATHERINE CURTIS MILDRED LAWSON - - - - - Secretary - - - - BONNIE BESS ANDERSON BONNIE BESS ANDERSON - - . - Reporter ------- - LIRL TREUTER THE Orientation Club was organized for the purpose of promoting friendship and good fellowship among the freshman girls. During the year the club studied good manners and the meaning and use of words. Among the prominent women of the town who came to speak to the girls was Mrs. N. G. Rollins whose Subject was "If I Were A Freshman." One Hundred Twenty e 11 ' V -, ,Q I'g,..g"t 'Q E' ' ...-- N ings, N Np:ggg,quhr,,'!- ---.g,..'f, FQL. ?:.:a.:- 1.51 AN . " ,. S gg: 5 .TL P-, A' '12, -9 ff2.g 1fg2rle." -js -2: s- -Fi ,jf 15, ', J 5' 411-IYSELEJSE' N, 'I Q ,Ax k U I ii 'S 7" , I-'fig' ' 'Q qsgpl 31-3 ' A T 1, ,r-V: R35 lst? X - A ,, u H., w X, N ,yi yu, huh I W MWMMWE- FA: X . ,, rwwiww, .77 ,LNJ MH Wlmwy M , gp. . X , IWMMI 1. . Abilene, founded in March, 1881, and nained by C. W. Merchant and Stoddard Johnson, is the result of the need of a town on the Texas and Pacific Railroad. The first settlers caine in 1876 and pitched their tents in the iniddle of the prairie, which was inhabited by hundreds of prairie dogs, wild turkeys, and antelope. The first sale of town lots, which sold at prices froin fifteen cents to twenty-five dollars, was on March 15, 1881. The busi- ness section of early Abilene was composed of a group of tent stores and a few shachs. After Abilene becaine the county seat in 1888, it grew and pros- pered into the "Capital of West Texas" with a population of more than 252000. ADVERTISEMENTS 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .1 -1 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 1 1 nl --W,--,gf 9 .sw VA- 'J-'sq-. nn--nun-lnnnunnuln-IIIIIII----I-un--nn--nnuuunuuunnunnuunnnnnnnnnn 1--nun-unu---nullInnununnnuunuuunn-nnnnnlnnnuuuunnuunnnnn- McMURRY COLLEGE SUMMER SESSION Registration First Term, June 8 Registration Second Term, July 20 FOURTEENTI-I ANNUAL SESSION First Semester-September 8, 19 3 6 to January 27, 19 3 7 Second Semester-January 2 7, 193 7 to May 3 0, 19 3 7 Member ASSOCIATION or TEXAS COLLEGES Assoc1AT1oN or AMERICAN COLLEGES An institution where the student has the opportunity to secure an education in an environment that fosters loyalty to Christian ideals throughout his business, social, and political life, and enables him to render efficient and helpful service to his community. The Ideal College for the Ambitious Student For Information Address THE REGISTRAR, McMURRY COLLEGE, ABILENE nnuuununnunuununununnnun--u1..............-.flnnnunnnun-------In--nnunnnnnnnnuuuuunnnuuuunuuuuunnnnu:uulnunnnlnun-nnunnnnununnnunununuunnnnunn-uuunnnnun The first college in the county was established at Buffalo Gap in 1883 by Dr. Alpha Young and Dr. A. J. Haynes, Presbyterian ministers. Ten or fifteen thousand dollars was raised, and the college was under the supervision of the Buffalo Gap and San Saba presbyteries. J. N. Ellis was the first president, W. H. White, second president, and J. M. Wagstaff the third president. The rapid growth of public schools killed the college. The session of 1889-90 was the most flourishing. The architect was J. H. Deaver. Graduations were 'aexhibitionsf' The schoolhouse at Caps was called Borderis Chapel because Ira Border gave an acre of land for the site. At first the post-office was in Mrs. Millikenls house and was called L'Caps" for a family named Capps. In the early days much of the town was on the south side. There were no picture shows, so everyone within thirty miles came to see the circuses. The circus grounds were between Catclaw and Cedar Creeks, and between North Twelfth and the railroad. This was a low, swamp land. W. R. ALLISON H. B. STEVENS Allison-Stevens Motor Company DODGE BROTHERS MOTOR CARS DODGE BROTI-IERS TRUCKS PLYMOUTH WALNUT AT NORTH THIRD ABILENE, TEXAS One Hundred Thirty HALL MUSIC CO. flncj "Everything 1n Music" Mason 86 Hamlin-Chickering Pianos Penzel, Mueller Clarinets Complete Stock Sheet Music and Studies 258 Pine St. Telephone 5131 LEE DUCKWORTH STORES 3 STORESf3 MARKETS 377 Walnut 1282 South 2nd 813 Hickory Refreshment Time ?42N 159' X J' I X TEXAS COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Abilene, Texas ,,,,,,-, y O H lr d Thirty-one 'Qs gp, 'P 1555 1 nnnnnnuunn-n-nl,-nu .I-In---1 nlnnllnnl 'QThe West Texas Housei' TH E QEN DER QMPBNY Furniture Loose Leaf Filing Devices Systems ., Safes Etc. MANUFACTURING STATION ERS Complete Line of Office Supplies S ABILENE, 3 f TEXAS The Farmers and Merchants National Bank, established in 1889, Was the first bank in Abilene. This building was located at South Third and Chestnut Streets, Where the Palace Hotel now stands. Steffens and Lowden started a bank in the back of a store Which Was located at North Second and Pine Streets, the present site of Linton's Drug Company. These two early banks established Abilene as a financial center of Taylor County. The Ola' Efmbliyfzea' Bank Serving Abilene and West Texas Since 1889 The Farmers 81 Merchants National Bank O Hll'I'ltt '. W5 ww' ""?"" ' .55 fe 51 'W 1 M -: f ag ri fn G ...Cf s it Hundreds of raduates N, fi f Alrfl H' l1 S ll l gy o 19119 IQ coo in X I XX: have attended Abilene Christian College. They have found at this Abilene institution the curriculum, activi- ties, and school atmosphere to supply the means of the 'J Eli! full education. Nineteen-thirty-six graduates of Abilene High School cannot afford less. You are invited to enroll at A. C. C. Thirty-first Jas, F, COX Annual Session President Begins September 10 Abilene, Texas ln l906 A. C. C. was one small building and an elementary school with twenty- five students. There were only eight instructors and the campus consisted of five acres. This building was located on North First and Victoria streets. Flashlight Member: 4'Did you ever see any Indians in Abilene?" Old Timer: uYes, friendly Tonkawas visited us often from Fort Griffin? ulnu1II-nun--nun-nnunnn nnnuuunu-nunun--nnnunnnnn un--nun uunnuunuuu-nznuu mummy Q ul fs X W 270 Rooms-270 Baths 352.00 to 9l33.004MNone Higherw THE ABILENE HILTON HOTEL Congratulates The Abilene High School and Future Leading Citizens of Abilene- The 1936 Graduates C. N. HILTON, President EARL GUITAR, Manager The lot that is now occupied by the Hilton Hotel sold for fifteen cents. A man bought it, became disgusted, and offered the lot for fifteen cents. Another man gave him the money and became owner of the land. The Briggs farm consisting of three hundred and twenty acres sold for a pair of hand-made boots and a shotgun. One Hundred 'I'hi1"ty-three V- L . .,,..Ia1.a . F 1 A E I fx E -,yn-w-r-nv-vv-4 e,-- A 0 W -.:':-..........1 C .:,:,1:f, 5 :i,g,g:g:g5fggi:5f3g .r f., .. .. .. .1 y , V , ., r I, C, , ' ""Q-'.--.: . .:2, : .1511 :': :::::: if liii ifffiii , . E':i 52 NOTE - 1 The store with Go To the Goods! nlurnnfs iii. For Clothes and Gifts For Right Styles-Right '- Graduation j Quality--Right Prices M N R ' S 242-244 Pine Street--'QCenter of Block" Minter's Dry Goods Store has been firmly established in Abilene since 1900. From the small rented building with five clerks to take care of everything, this business has grown to a two-story building with about sixty employees. 'In 1878 the first step was taken toward local self-government in Buffalo Gap. The settlers bought an old two-story building from M. W. Northington for a courthouse. The jail was on the second floor of this building. Starting in a very small way in the mercantile business in Abilene in 1903, T. C. Campbell now heads a big department store known as Campbell's, Inc. Mr. Campbell has been a progressive and constructive citizen in the development of Abilene. To All of You, Our Very Best Wishes Youthful Clothes .For Young Men and Women 1 nuunnnunuuIIIInnuunuunnunnn One Hundred Thirty-foul ,wr A x Q SW4 T . 2 Z J. D a s l d 0 fini? CUT OF TI-IE DREAMS OF YESTERDAY UT of the dreams of yesterday are fashioned today's realities. Behind every great human achievement, pressing every step in the onward march of human progress, has towered the vision of some man or some group of men. Dreams have builded empires. Dreams have spanned oceans, and settled continents. Dreams have sunk deep shafts into the earth and thrust majestic spires into the sky. Dreams, since time immemorial, have been the potential power whereby mankind has raised himself above the level of a meager existence. Out across the tawny prairies of West Texas where yesterday's wandering winds whipped up the dust from the scoring hoofs of a million buffalo, the dreams of a sun-tanned cow-puncher sitting his saddle on the rock crowned brow of a lonely hillside, pictures a teeming civilization. And today the dream unfolds into reality. Comparatively, it was only yesterday that the dreams of a group of builders visioned West Texas served by an interconnected elec- tric transmission system that would bring an industrial awaken- ing and give a new freedom in conveniences and comfort to thous- ands of West Texas homes. The proof of the realization of these dreams is evident on every hand. Without dreams and visions civilization can not advance. The education that you are receiving today should greatly aid you to make your dreams come true! Wesflexas Utilities Compazyz Ofidlfhtf 1 f gl' L N 'X N if hi, X "X all F! . sill? lfsglwh fl' X 9 1 X . . . lg Xl ' . ff W all the unswtructors and students 3 P? x :IU many Heculnrs of happiness cuumll W- 3 if Prosperity A ,rf JY. QF "Good Old Abilene High the Best in the West', QGNWZ5 We Carry At All Times The Most Complete Stock of Laces and Polishes in All the Latest Colors Found Anywhere in West Texas WWE N O-DE-LA SHOP "Best Equipped Shop In West Texas" JIM I-I. JOHNSTON, OWNER AND MANAGER 1034 N. Second St. Abilene, Texas One Hundred lh 1 .nu-nun-nnnnnnu MEAD'S BUTTER-N UT BREAD "The Best Energy Builder In The World" unnn-u nnIununIIInuunnnnnnnuu-nunn1InunnunIunnunnnnunnnnnn1aIuununnu--nn-u-u nn-nun--:nun T.he first bakery was owned by former members of the Eagle City Colony in 1881 on South First Street and was called Goedeke and Schultz Bakery. The first military unit was organized by Major Allen Buell, and W. A. lVlinter was captain. This unit was known as the Abilene Light Infantry. The first band that was organized in Taylor County attended the meetings of this military unit. "High School Headquarters in Abilenen EHIUTEL WYOUTEN Operated By Baker Interests Special Attention Given To Parties, Banquets and Other Social Functions BOB WESTBROOK The Palace Hotel, the first brick hotel, was built in 1834. Mr. T. S. Rollins tells that the young ladies were few in the early days. The new girls were always rushed by the boys. It must have been nice to be a stranger in town then. The reason there were no Indians in the late seventies was that the buffalo hunters killed all the buffalo and there was no meat for the red men. COMPLIMENTS OF sEARs,RoEBucK AND o. OF TEXAS The World,s Largest Store : 334-342 Pine Abilene, Texas One Hundred Thirty-seXe 1 X s t x ' .L 1 IA X - ...,....,. ....... ............... .......... . ....................... . . J.. .................. .......... 1 E ,lx V xp x 1 l A, C I V? . ' ' K A - fl'he.,fCll:lz,er1Xs tional Bank ' A . I 1 1 , if f lf' lt 1 . 4 Q UABILENE, rex S 3 V. ' ' , J 5. , . I ' .yi "A fetvi e Enstifutigrnfl, JA if , Mem r Faderal Dep D, it Insurance Corporation V. JV AF. ' f I Q41 - j, ' ' 1 if 1,17 A N' ,W erevfer there! as ga g3ttlemen4jx the county, there was religion. The first ,lt religio s edifice waibalhtgfbor built in 1880. A circuit rider, Reverend Mr. Trimble, 1 -and the local preacher, ieverend Mr. Morris, taught the lessons. 1 if ' - A THE WILSON i 3. ' v in C. L. JOHNSON, Prop. In the Center of the North Side Where Abilene Dines and Travelers are Welcome 1080 N. 2nd St. Abilene, Texas -nn-:nu-nuuIInunnIn111nnnI-un-.nun-uuuunIIIInuunuuIlnnnnunnnn'-.nl nuunu:uuunnnnnuununnnuun.. The first electric light establishment came to Abilene in 1891 with H. W. Kindel as president. li. J. Kelly was superintendent of the plant, which was located at North Second alld Plum streets. The first evidence of social and economic life in Buffalo Gap came as a result of the boom of a prosperous wheat crop on Buffalo Cap Ridge. "Where Gems and Gold Are Fairly Sold" d High Grade E I 1 'll Eyes Examine Watch Repairing E A' SMITH 5 Glasses Fitted E EWELER. E ABILENE Y TEXAS 105 6 North Second Street The first Taylor County Courthouse Was built in 1879 by M. C. Lambeth on the site Where the present one stands. lt Was a two-story frame building, enclosed by an old round-bar fence with stiles on all four sides. The jail, a ten-by fourteen-foot Wooden room, stood in the southeast corner of the courtyard. One Hundred Thirty-eight N-if SOUTH TEXAS LUMBER COMPANY 'qEverything To Build Anything" Pee-Gee Paint Wallpaper -n-nunnznun--nnnuun-nn-nu -nn nl,........., -nun-unnnnu nnununnuunnunu-nun- The first business house in Abilene stood Where the Citizens National Bank stands now. This Was a grocery store owned by W. T. Berry. Next Was Ed S. Hughes, established in 1883. J. M. Radford and H. O. Wooten came in 1883. C? ..... ................................................ ................................................................. Step Ahead in Watch and Jewelry Repairing 3 Guaranteed A. A. CORNELIUS, JETWELER 2 Watch , , l59 Chestnut St. 4, 16,155 Rgpaifing Ability Accuracy Courtesy Abilene, Texas wpfrggypi ....... ................................................................................................................................... Abilene has had able public servants to maintain civil order. We pay special tribute to our Chiefs of Police, Bill George, Tom ' Hill, John Clinton, who served more than thirty-five years, Bob Burch, J. T. Dodson: each of Whom died in office, and our present chief, Ruck Sibley, who is now serving his third term. Overstreet Motor Company FORD DEALER Our Compliments To the Flashlight and Its Many Friends May You Each Own A Ford V-8 The first automobile to be in Taylor County Was built by Max Gerbaugh. It had buggy Wheels, and Was a queer sight. The first agency for a car Was the Spaulding agency that sold the Queen car with the crank on the side. They later sold the Cadillac cars at the rate of two the first year. 0 HddTl ty I-I. I-I. I-IARDIN V' , . LUMBER Paint and Wall Paper 148 Chestnut R. Fielder, Mgr. Dial 5238 un-nunu-:nunu-unInnn-nun-nnunnI-unuuunnnununu 1I......un.n.nlIIIIIIIIInununuunun-nunII-nnunununn-nu In 1858 Butterfield operated a government mail route through Taylor County. A little later there Was an El Paso Stage Route put through the county. , 'nf C0080 FOR LIFE! Many mineral surveys had been made throughout Texas by 1890. There Was a rumor that a silver mine Was near Abilene, and many people came but found nothing. People Were also brought to Abilene by the false statement that a treasure was buried here. 909 South lst Dial 7935 GUENNQS EVERYTHING IN NEW AND USED FURNITURE O II ll 1159 - :'1gg, BEST WISHES FROM Y K O ojt K' '-'11-:Eg sooo ous" 1 7 68 Walnut Street 13110116 5 266 Abilene was known as Milepost 407 to the crew that constructed the telegraph line from Fort Worth to El Paso, which distance was six hundred and eighteen miles. ln the late eighties and early nineties the immigrants brought change and expansion. J. B. Webb built the first cotton gin at Abilene. COMPLIMEN TS OF J. C. PENNY CO. INC- "IT PAYS TO SHOP AT PENNEY'S" For many years water was carried in wagons to the pioneer citizens of Abilene. A certain amount was measured into barrels which were nailed on the fences. Ice, sometimes frozen a foot deep, was carried up the river to the beer houses and saloons, which were on every corner. A- 5.1 ' ""' . a -Sg- . , 4 Stores-4 Markets Owned and Operated By : J. P. NICHOLS 86 SONS 5-nunun-un-un'un-nu-nu ......u...unu--.nn-nun--u ,lun---.nnnuuun...---nun One Hundred Forty-one 'vfn-m:- utralv-wg A -- K .. gg' MlElD1ICAlL ARTS PHARMACY A Complete Line of Drugs, Toilet Goods and Drug Sundries Fountain Service the Best 1190 N. 3rd St. Phone 7234 Early Ranches in Taylor County: Enoch Hunt Ranch, established in 1878, nem . - - - Guion. Cigglgn Ranch' established m ww' on 'hm Ned Bud Hitson Ranch, established in 1878, on ' l f ' k. Doc Grounds Ranch, established in 1876, on BE,.gSiS'rgi.eWe1. Ranch established in 1879, hh Elm Creek at the head of Lake Abilene. Mat Bluff C,,eekA ' Lambeth was employed to work on this ranch. C- M- Bradshaw Ranch, Established in 1379' Plasters Ranch, estxiblished in 1877, on Spring near Guion. Creek. Source: Meno Hunt. W 3 ' s O A Sparkling , . - Braclng Beverage E n , , . md IAVQQYU ' LFURCET ' 0 I EP ' o 6 A LARGE 2 I 12-OUNCE Regular B TTLE 10 O slz: X X . A Nu Icy Bottling Company R. l-l. BANOWSKY, Manager 810 North Third Phone 5703 nn-nu Fancy Groceries, Selected Meats, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, All Pantry Supplies Agents for Richelieu Pure Food Products, Tea Garden Jellies and Preserves, Battle Creek Health Foods, Clapp,s'Baby Soups and Vegetables SCHULTZ'S GROCERY 1236 N. 5th St. 3 Phones-7227 One Hundred Forty- two CLEAN ER - 'HQ' 'w'1zq"1wr-r- 4 A . - . -. -,, , V u,,,Xt-.gf Q 9 Q """' "Cleaners of Distinction" -""' K 'tt d S 't S d J kt Bri-...ted if NEW COLD STORAGE VAULT uepjctjfye S Measure For Fur Coats and Other Valuable Flmshed There s No Economy Without Complete ' ucanszn Winter Garments ' Hansen C4 9 -gyjgn Satisfactiolzv ln the organization of Taylor County W. Drewry was elected county judgeg W. Carter, county sheriffg Nl. C. Lambeth, county clerlcg A. S. Whitehurst, assessorg Lyman Strickland, surveyorg C. P. Gamble, treasurerg A. C. Shurtliff, county attorney. Only three county commissioners were elected. T. C. Grey was elected at Jim Ned, W. Holliday at Bluff Creek, and Jeff Clayton at Abilene. THE BEAUTIFUL 1936 CHEVROLET The Only Complete Low-Priced Car V ABILEN E MOTOR COMPANY Phone 3201 1402 N. lst Street Most of the houses of early Abilene Were either tents or dug- outs. The first house built in Abilene belonged to Colonel J. T. Berryg and the first house in the county to have a shingled roof Was built by J. T. Tucker, who Was envied by his neighbors. This first house that Was built in Abilene is still standing on North Second and Beech Streets. About 1892 an entertainment was given at Christmas, and at that time the first phonograph Was used in Abilene. A series of tubes was used, and only twelve could listen at a time. There Was a detachable horn With it, but the horn did not give so good a tone as the tubes. Mr. H. A. Tillett sponsored the entertain- ment. O Hundred Forty-three Russell Dye Works CONGRATULATIONS, ABILENE HIGH SCHOOL Q 1 :EW ?'. f l ,EI ff' Q' ICE-MILK-BUTTER N J PRO UQTS ICE CREAM Better Dairy Products "They Taste Better" HIGGINBOTHAM-BARTLETT MGOOD LUIVIBEIY' Sherwin-Williams Paint Dial 7117 Wall Paper 802 Pine ' By 1883 and 1884 Abilene was the largest Wool market in West Texas. Large Mexican Wagons, which carried from six to eight thousand pounds of Wool, freightecl into Abilene. Good Luck Eagles! SO Long Until Next Fall awe A. L. OSBORN'S STUDIOS PORTRAIT AND COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY KODAK FINISHING Dial 3 3 3 8 8 Z 2 Hickory OLICII F L nununuunnnnl1IInIIunuInnIInuuunununnuuunnnu-nunnnunn-nnuun JENNINGS LUMBER COMPANY 590 Pine Street Lumber that does not come back for customers who do. Our Service ends only when you are thoroughly satisfied. In 1880 there was a general mercantile store, a livery stable and three saloons. In 1883 there were five dry goods stores, thirteen saloons, six grocery stores, and two schools. nn. ...........unnunyfgl--.In-...,n.nu----...........I...--...-nun 1,011 VQJJLLJ X J 5 P' f4fffZ f C 1 fy ' X A,-'fi Nfl 'r'r 'i"6'elx1 RV E "You Can't G0 Wrong the Right-Wayv ' L Muff IN ABILENE IT IS GHO C Y Home of Perfectly Pasteurized Milk and Better Butter and Real Ice Cream flth and Chestnut Phone 6277 STUDENTS You Will Always Be Welcome At DOYLIEBS CAFE Good Food and Attractive Prices Christine Doyle, Prop. . Corner No. Zncl and Cypress Air Conditioned-Always Cool One Hundred Forty-five fy? JL nun1nnnnInn----lun---nunun-nnuuununnnInuIIII-nn-1--ul-----I-nIIIInn.1IIunII--nlII---ul---------nn---u--Innnnunll gunn--unuulnnnnu--nu 1 if I it P . l s 1 ' 1 A xx X .Y ft N. A silt 'N A .I X u 'f f A' 1 H' ' WE SPARE NO EXPENSE Attention To Every Detail Makes Our Service Superior DRI-SHEEN LICENSED OPERATOR " l.,' r,,'gHAKN 22r RY CLEAN me N 6 5 Q3 .- , - . S I ff N.-W r XXL : 1' wAar. ....4i',?,..,NE .,,, 4358 ee,e - Q Shortly after 1900 the first efficient fire-fighting organiza- tion Was established, Chief Clinton and Assistant Chief Joe Mill- sap being in charge. The first factory Was a flour mill operated by Mr. Estes on the east side of Cedar Creek. Lion Hardware Company SHELF AND BUILDERS HARDWARE General Electric Refrigerators and Radios Zenith Radio and Speed Qeen Washer L We Deliver Phone 3241 East of Post Office I-nunu1up:nunIn--nu-ununnunnnnnnnnnnnnInull..Illl--nnIIInnn'---I-nnnnuu-nunnnnnnnl..--I---1 The Half Circle Cross Ranch Was operated by the Merchants on land belonging to Guadalupe County school land. This ranch lay in the West part of the county and consisted of 24,000 acres, and Was the largest ranch in Taylor County. ALL GRADUATES PLACED All graduates of our Secretarial and General Business Courses have been placed promptly during recent months, and so great has been the demand from business concerns, that many under-graduates have been placed in very desirable starting posi- tions. Give your high school education a "market value" through the training and employment facilities offered here. Summer term starts June 4-11. DRAUGI-ION'S COLLEGE - 'R x Xjx lx One Hundred 1 ty rp T 1.................-.A1,,,.4. NGBSURN' reum Hoe Cream "AT YoUR DRUGGISTH r 2 ff ............ ..... . ............ ................. ........... ... 6 The first girl to be married in Abilene was awarded a lot by Colonel Stoddard Johnson. She was Miss Anna Rollins who mar d Ira Border So as the town grew commercially lt also ji ...... ,Q ....................... . ff 715 ifmwpy WW Z7 W7 2 " xld as ion" 1 ake ,,,., i ...,...... c T asted dw es ............................ 10c 2 Y , O F h M lk . Malted Milk .,...,,,,,..,,..,r,.......,,....,.,,.,.... 10c Ice Cr Soda ,,.....,.,,.......,.,...,.,....... IOC ff! - If E DQU S P I K KW WMON:?gOMFE Y" UGU f WW ..... .... ..........,............ it i 'YNTl'z6 ' ' ' e bQnin f . df Jeri of lauf Elo b b r foot chi dren e th ' few pen tl W 2250 We Wag H ni ssby gathering bones and sellin ,te . Ea ye enormous a es ,were shipped to factories be made into fertilizer. ,,... ........ ..... i . 77247 Q-4776 ,QM 7 ICK AU-6 X Bus, hixfseiz-iagrhone 4179 Ajdo Bought anii Sojd 10 7W'VVf M ifbera rade- fd 5 , . VV? iflf' l 1340 North First Street fl jfkibilene, l - - null:llluunlnnulunlnnlnul nun nnn:nunlnnun:Inuuuuululluulnnunnuluulil One Hundred F A. N, li DEPARTMENT STORE FOR BUSINESS PEOPLE ABILENE PRINTING AND STATIONERY Co. MANUFACTURING STATIONERS OFFICE CUTFITTERS ABILENE, TEXAS I ' P I . I , I n : I f In 1888 John Hoeny, Jr., moved! from'-Weatherford, Texas, to Abilene and purchased Abilene Reporter.-X If p -' s f I ' . ' , A I I-Ie imrn.egEIiatelyinstalled a steam operated- printing plant under . A ' I . . . ., . the firm name Abilene 'Printing Co., which at that time, was one of the firiestin1Texas.y I I i I ' I P , 4' R 'i I ' I . , ' I il In 1896 The :Reporter was"made an afternoon daily and the paper and commercial printing plant operated as one company until December, 11919. Q. E I , i ' I 1 ,I fr" , f I . Abilene Printing 86 Stationery Company was incorporated in 1924. I Rbporter Publishing Co. was incorporated the same year and the two have been operated since that date as separate firms. In the growth and development of Abilene The Abilene Re- porter and Abilene Printing 86 Stationery Company have had an important part. Store 1083 N. Znd St. Mail Orders Receive Factory 241 Hickory St. Preferred Attention One Hundred F ty gl 0 V, n QWQV W My ,YQ 0 cf A fp . '12, n 1 Q, J H' .fi X10 E fi f f . ,QW N R X I M lfry ,417 y,fiV,,,,! K D 'Q xft xfii"vl ' WP Nj f b7yff jj3 I 20 71"-2f.s, Ji1j,5g,'fwx,N!f' f- Y 013' Q YH' ,, f f! 57,811 G 46. ,gan 6, D v gf! Jaw I ' . Jw-2 . WM 'B W ww WW MMJZM hof.94..4ff.4.47. , jx ij, Q MKLJQMWWWWKW QM? W MWMQfMMw MY 5 . 427443 MWQQWM ,www f M KMLWW, Qwfgffgygffffgy ,., ' . . .l.m..h wffifw W E Wfmwfijfyfwl ., WMWWMQQM Wgwww Mw My piMfW3MM X , ij! AJ N6 yw fyffffvgif MW Ri My gfwb M Q A + fQQif3SJ'ZvPQgf706H8J'b5 M Y WMM SSS M WW MMJQ 235235533 Mjjw 12332 gemmz pu. F 753.13150 3f"MLUiKQfZNfLW'Qa 39 cy 'EMM W 4.uf-!L4J-4-f,,5,,,,,j Z"07fWN QWMWWM 'W' MH-7-A' .W WZWf'wa'M"',6-5 2 725 awww

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