Abilene High School - Flashlight Yearbook (Abilene, TX)

 - Class of 1935

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X VV VV V VVAVV V j V, f: .A A ' f""! 25' "7 K ' sf" '13 ,' .J ' 'Lf , Vw, V, V, V, VA V V, 7 - 4ff,,:VvVV VVV .1 vw - 7 V V .232 2.9, - f -bivwdvqe, VV.. .VM , GJ A JU, N: I it fx It kiufgdtx . I-7.7 Lf? X. K LAI!- V VV1 1, V, VV , ,, V, 1 ' 'Vf V, 'fVVfV V .J V MJ Q VV... XV VV,V - 4 '1, 'V VV V,-Z? ,V V VV 1 --' V V, f- VV VV V f'l,.w,?- VV 5 VV Vf VVQQ wig-.' Q V, V AV V KD 2r':'?'cg""l""5 I Lyn 'fl' o- " ,V V . VV-V V, VV VV V .VL1 ..,. VV V .. sd rf , 1,2 , A ,ff nf' . -, , - A . , V,,,,. 1.-,VV , , A - V V, V , - , , I 'F V V . VV, V-V -V V V V ,. V -. VVVlV,?VV,-1,-'Vf,Qw.,Hj:S,'y V V VL Va . rd: VVVVVV VAV, ,V'V V.,VV ,-" V VV V1 , v EV, 'N .E,VLV,.V?jxVV1pVV, sf V-VV3, ,A , -" If Vw V VV V A 'IV ' V. "4 -' ' fa-n:fTf9"" 'Y n?i.fQ45V YV V VVVVVVVIVVV VV VV . HMV V VVVV'f VVVVVVVAV Y ,.7V V V Nr -v' . ,ff .1 vi,-?V4?,,,g1,..,Vy -'Af " 'l F V' VY," ffl ' 'V Q --V, L .. ...V WY N ,, " 'I i , ,J I L W, H. A A, ,V-1 1-1 U 'Ar V EV f I A V GV!! ,fafffi VVV,.-' I. . 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' ' ' - 'J - ' '- .I '14 . 1, L, -I: - Q-, , .,.- I-: n H , - ,- - F - - V . , 7-. -rx , X 5 -'I Y'-,':,'L W, E - ul Q , -1:-In - - - - - - Q , - . ,I , , - ' - . H- - , - gl' Y nl: Z- '+P'-I, 1+ M WM- W W' QA' MW k HMM ff MMU fvw f f1,..A in -fi, QMMMGQI MW WW 4 9 W 'f yew X QQ 1 . 3,2 ga ,,,,-,W WMffff-uf, aqua if 6- wi Xie? 1,2 Y' r . H 41 1 3'1" ' ' - , 1 f.,,,,., ,, L . 1 A 'ifkrgnq ,5.11:Li'L::- SKF I f9".' On September 10, 1934, we Zcwmched the Goodfellowship with 1550 fmefn, aboard. V THE FLASHLIGHT 1935 'U Aclventzwe lured us on into untvned Zcmcls. CCDPYRIGI-IT JOE BILL DLICKWORTH EDITOR IN CHIEF RALPH GLENN BUSINESS MANAGER MARY LEE HUGHES ART EDITOR We strove to be sturdy as the Vikings 0 f olcl. The Flashlight Published by the Students of Abilene High School Abilene, Texas :: :: l935 DEDICATICJN v By his untiring service in the Agricultural Department, one member of our crew has spread the fame of Abilene High School over the state and nation. In recognition of his unsel- fish motives, his unfailing idealism, his co-operative spirit, and his depth of Goodfellowship, we dedicate this Flashlight to Fehrlin E. Tutt pilot of the Future Farmers. HJ f:'.l','-'.','!Q,'!"'1''."'f.'..J. ,T" ' .' UWT' '1"'? 2 "1 -' ' . , ,' r r . ,,.,:,t,.-.frlfr 7.- . 1 . - -- sfmnr-'-' fs, ic" '- IS' 'f.'114J2L'4'm- FAQ.. 'A lt' 11 . A I-. f sv- ,J ,- '-5' A' i ' V 3-T ' arm ' S? 'Q Hue:-:Es Little by little our Seamanslzlp secured us 'many lwnofrs. CONTENTS School Y Favorites Features Athletics Organizations Advertisements I And stout Commcleshfip weathered every gale. FOREWGRD V just as a ship sails into the open sea, we the students of Abilene High School, sail into an unexplored future. The labor put forth in gathering the contents of this Flashlight will be well expended if along life's voyage some student by turning to this ship,s log recalls pleasant memories of the Good- fellowship, Goodsportsmanship, and the many Friendships the school has helped him to develop. 11161111 careful Qrmftsmamship we steered steadily through Q 'f X' -. N 1 X Z , - SCHOOL ow Abilene High School ' 55 2559 ale wifi ?b'i'-2' ES QM S B5 Q f-Hg ww' J Q' .1 , :3'v?iS?t 9-1 2, 2 Lfigf 2 , 7 I 'I '.3MffL if' T .H , L .rjiiff 1 Nyuff QQ, QQLVJIP B wr-. Q1 "S Ih ll EE ll JF N I W ii fc 00 0 eng e mme m ai 3 'fb V . H , '11, a 1' .1 'gt ' - 5 eh s E - l vl- if " ' ""flM .fl II li 22 ' Wwff g 'iw I CI - l'fff?W5'Af f ' 5 V lk'xs' . . .. 1.,?2g .n-Tqxb V -15 123 M ,..,, 7 ' In J hiv' 1 f,au...,.g...: Aj- "J - e '-ff r- ' I . ' ' - ,A .' f ':-5.5.-,-.1 ' ' - . ' . . -,5 " x ,frm as -.154 f -- ' 4 h 2 ' iP3f?2W2'-G3 f e . ' , ' e , -- . . 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' :ig PM I VI 'QQ' lu .. .. A. X xW' - ,v -l,-J..-, 4 1 ,jtxii 'I '31-y -5 gag 1., .. ., -,. - ,-'i1'kSi7':Kx' 'rg ,Q . " .1,.,,v - x,--. ,1.,,..'.. Vi 4' l ' f .',' .a XJ -' Q:-.31 A.. ,,- Jews: 1-55 2 aff' UT '- -liar :,..-.'- nr: x - ' ' 1 V- , V ,-,..-- .2-"F-JIYF '54 'ff ! f-:Q 55, W-4-sefail' 4 1. 4 3' 1 ""' -v- H.. I 1 Lf au A '- I J , .L ...L-1, i 'FIT A ' H- " V- ...Y 'T' 1-H A I I F 5.51 f vi 6, k 3 l 1 Y .J 1 ' I -4 K Q-'L :Egg N .1139 , www , Www vm SW gas, x QR xx K - SSBSEX 5 FP ,:1, 4 ' fi Q xx 414- LH i' 'fs .I xv : I-f I-1-+" . -fs . X :L I M. If , I M h . 1 1 1 nl M , N v , -A I 5 x lx I ,N X 1 -. S61 1 T, f, V 43 -LJ x X , ff' f If 4 X, x W 5, :rx , waw ESL U 5 X I xi I KX I 1 I ,T X ' sy X Nik-F 1 ,TQEV 1 2. 5 is I 1 4 w i ,Lf , Q , 1 xx 'ff L k x J x , , N x lp K N ,Q if 'P' 4 'N 1 X D! 4 ,X Yi 5 u , 'YN 2391? 1' f?'bS3- lv' 1 The Lily Pond .U 1 ,.mf"'-' I A 9 ,Y Gang., a f x 'n xm A f 5 1 .414 Z'-2Iv.:4ix'1', f14VfS',jfgL:'l 1 ' 1 ,J s v 1 -ig' pWwin1vX'vlls,o1 ,I 1 M' '. W3 age , kQ2'1A.,,n gn?" 5? L dv gf? W M! sq? YPLJVKIQ MWQX du XHR gig, Ai xx! I: f V V H i s 'is Wlmhe Hulfzrfzering breezes, fountains N A 1 Jig fy J gt' 1 that mmm om, T' Q f fi Y U . W F 2731 m U. Kia, urmrmrnng so sweetly nn rfzlnemscllves 'M1,, 'V .., ," nl QJIEA-, mmf?'m,rq: x ' Q ,,,u,:A'3'ff .5 ,-fffpf . "Rvffw:f-'V All Hs: -W - ' fl- 4 ' ' ' "'9"'-'Q 1,-5' 1 ,lui ' qw' ,Lf '. 'A--' f f - -A -1, xi A K- A t 'w sutfza T1-ns ' -, - , 6,57 .4'f1lv?Qf.fxf!. 45-::F1"f'25.Qf1i"l"'5i'L ff'fT5W2FE fv?"H?' 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Green's office, for they know that a cheery "Good Morningw awaits them or, if lV1r. Green is not busy, a friendly slap on the back or a hearty hand- shake. Whatever form this friendliness takes, lVlr. Green backs it up with that genial smile he nearly always wears. Our Superintendent treats the students fairly, always discriminating bc- tween right and wrong. He has proved his allegiance to the school many times and has shown himself to be a true and devoted friend to every individual student of Abilene High School. The students of Abilene High School appreciate the friendliness Mr. Green displays. His attitude inspires them to achieve seeming impossibilities. -A. F. PACE, JR. Fniirlecn l . , i ,N li J 3 Ili, da :nl .n, GD' mtv 11 li i," l .pt I l lr -E il' ,Q l il flff lmap ml' I 'l l I l I ll 1. l rut 1 fi 5-an O-F sv uni 5 'I W 'f . i l :..'j l,5,,'lQ,l fu. V 1 .J IN is j '. .ll A ? Y i 'Qin t ,t T. M il .wx Q" ii to fly. 1. , lj I Q! E lg. U 2 "W v 1 I Principal L. E. Dudley "Remember this-that there is a proper dignity and proportion to be observed in the performance of every act of lifef, IN Principal L. E. Dudley, the students of Abilene High School have one of the finest principals ol' which any high school can boast. Mr. Dudley is efficient in all his undertakings, honest in everything he does, and fair to everybody. He displays u fine sense of humor, and has shown the ability to get along with almost any one. One other quality stands out from the rest-his ability as a leader of the many students of Abilene High School. The vast majority of the students know his real character, and realize that he has a genuine interest in each of them. The students of Abilene High School honor and esteem Mr. Dudley and the high ideals and sterling qualities for which he stands. -A. F. PAGE, JR. I5'lfleen it tffiy . wh ,y 'Sf' 'Ui z A i,- ' . v s J.. 1 :' , . . ,it .. iQ l , iii . fi .,, f if Y Y ,. If ,ai Qi l ' 1 , u . ' x , at t' F L . l' N., .x A 1 .1 , U .J g it I . , . ,. . . . , J. . . . .. 11, 1-v- ' .. ,l 1' Q. .J l' I e Q .- i.. Q- .uw lst.. .l tts-Ji nh 1' itil it' l FMF Q-it li init .ity 3"l 51 it ll I 'lag t fm ,, Q l Us Il' I' Q1 l in a t iii 1' . W' l il I il I l l I. l .1-H 5 'ls 'i t yt l y y l I . q I Assistant-Principal H. S. Fatherree "And he worked with a will." NE of the hardest-working men in Abilene High School is Assistant-Principal Hilliard S. Fatherree. He has three express duties: teaching, coaching, and performing the offices of assistant-principal. Mr. Fatherree is head of the Spanish department of the high school and teaches four classes each day. I-le is also the coach of tennis, his ability being displayed by the fact that he nearly always produces a winning team. The work and responsibilities of the prin- cipal, Mr. Dudley, have been shared by Mr. Fatherree for some years, but only during this year has the title of assistant-principal been bestowed upon him. Mr. Fatlierree has shown that he is a hard-working man und that he can accomplish much. Because of these qualities, the students of Abilene High School regard him with sincere respect and admiration. -A. F. PAGE, JR. Sixteen M us. T. E. Pu-:nclz Miss BETH COOMBES Home E1-onomirrs Home Economics -Ji, 4 I 'W , X H, A - , X . 0 . 5 . Q " Bl 5 . s 0 Miss Rum' COMPICKE llunm Economics 1 Rm' Sxfxcfss Il islory Miss Smurf HARDY History Mus. M. M. BAnm:s History Miss LUCRETIA Cuum' History PIOWARD MILLER History 7 1 JACK CHRISTIAN Miss ANNIE Bown Miss GLENNA FAH: GRANT History Physical Education Physical Education Seventeen 3. 21' ,3tl'5's?I fl I I ll: X If-IQJQQI II If gf I-. II I 2' Ify? L.-4 IZ In ii-.5518 2 .Q JI Ps 57M f I I run E U' 'I I' ffl P: WI' I c. If if J Ii L.:-112591 an 'qui QI I If III, 1,7-:I Y.. .MII II ,w 415 Ig :J A -I r Y ?,.f,jII N. 5 x N I J 1-I -.1 I :gf In iI g .I '. II .I ' I II ,I J I :urs TAI 55515 :I WIS IIINI r Ig IL! :- I7"'I1 'I ' 95:4 5 I 'gil' ' vw 'kk-1.1 E 4 'I ,I I' 1.. X A ,-- - Llsizfj I ..,::,-. .' I I III. I'+f Q I I .fi IQ "ep "I I I , I ,df I Miss Mw:'r1.r: 'l'nmTr1AM Mus. C. Ii. I-llrtks Lam' Latin 5 fivmfffi. I Mass LM-'ON Dxarmxcrc S pan ish. X-gr '. ' -L. 6' 5 x ,ee Z2 I I MHS. A. I-I. GA 'l'1. IN Spzmis 11. Q '.A.', Lk: Iflj .' Ir v V I , Olmm Cucmows Music J. C. HUMP1-inlay Lumaxc BIAE HARRISON Ii. S. BIUlil'll.Y Commercial Comlnercia! ClIl7llHCI'Lfi!ll ldighluon I-. .R i A I vu. Iii-S325 II ,ja . Ibis! . .3 I .I AJ .. '-1 51"5Zf I y ,- :I VI IJ . ' I 21 I2 I I , IA ' I 34.4 I IMI H 'fri . ' I t'hIi'rI . It If :- L F I If 'I qw II II iff!! :I If Ir-Q, I EQ rI:ff". 1 II I V! .IN l I IASIF' If I II13 Ti' I If! f I Iwi? If EI' ri I . ig Fx ISI .Q L-fd I If ILQLII 2II?"Iif If IJLIII I' I?-"FII II IIIIEI I . Yi, . fi I It I fl' . ,W K . -I . I EIJI .. 'IPP 1' I ', 'E I I' III I. ' I III ., I-YQ? 44' wr ,nik if vi III V1 II III 5'1rI F II 'I II Q-g,I' gI "II III -jk 11 I J I I ii ' L21 F4 I I I 1 I i I U 1 I A I I I 3 1 " W1 'M : 7' 'I an AI 541 Z IFJ. I I I W , IEHQII I Ii' Ififll 1 I I IJ. LI. xVIiA'I'llI'lIIIiY Cm-nan CLAY W. R. OWEN Public 5fll'f111'fI1g Mechanical Drawing ' Mus. M, Ii. Nomvoun JI1IlllI,l'l7lllfiCS II'latl1emutics . 5 I' ,, Xllss Dmus limi:-:L Miss BI:1.1.x: Jam-:S lIlIlflI!'lIlllfil'.9 Mrlllzvlmllics I A? K XII Ninulun-ll ss NIAIH-Il. lim-:vu-is FRANK ETTER pllnllzvrzlnrirx Mathematics C. B. Fouls Matlzenzazics Miss LIICILLE KNOX QIIIIZIIFIIIIIIICS I. W. JAY ,Ifatluwalics lfx '-e II L I -I I I 5 I I I I ,I I! I KI A I, ,il If' I-1 'T'-' .. F? If-4 I -'fi II I I H131 I .II IL ' a 5 1 ,I I,- I I I QS? - I If 1., una Iwi "Sw, Ig YIWII PI I ii: 5 VyA.II I FI Fw W 2 I1 9 . IQI If. I ,,, If-J' ' ,gym FV' I I I I I 5 gif, ,IT 'IRI "I WSI -vw I I:f'11'fI 1 -I ,Im 51.4-g A""7Y" 41 - ' -sr-4-M ' Miss CHAllL0'l"l'li NIINCUS English Miss TUMIVIIIZ CLACK English ry . yr A fw- Mrzs. SELMA L. BISHOP Miss Bou1m:CLAcK Mx:-as C1.fum1N1a 01.51-:N English English Englisll, NNW , 'EWU - - - 401 ., vi , V 411-Ni' ,Xu xx ,Q 's 'una' . - .ef fx v ' N. 4 is ANNIE Lluc XVILLIAMS NELSON I-Il1'1"ro Miss JUANITA Bmmovv Mu ,I 011 rnnl is lIIiEIl1gl is h English la nvglix h Miss NIARY BAGGETT Miss KATHRYNE STUBULIQFIELD Miss EllNES'l'lNE BRANNIQN English English Eflglmh Twenty 2' . Jr .1 15" M ,N 17 'I 1 . 11 L14 -1 el W. X! ,E 11 1 11 .Ll 11 I'1 1 .1 J? 11 11: '1i1 I. L X4 1 11 E H 1 1 Y P . 1 1 LJ 9.15 4-11' 4' G- 1.1 A 1 .Iz- W ui 1'1Qr'.i ? V 1 A XJ .J 1 i-f..,,', Ima' 1 .1 . 1 11 Y Q 51511, T. V.. I l, ,' 'r A E11 1111 1 4' ,,,a.4 1- : 'AUP IQ. 1' L1 'x U I ':. Lf in: 3,1 H.. f K. A 'N L13 , 51 1 . i! U 5 V11-6 1 -. L .f, -1.1 1' " 1-+11 1 1 11:1 FJ? ff-'ii e 'UAH IAA 5 1 1 ll 1.5 U 1 5 Lf .Q 1 sm I ui 1.-W' '. W' 'Fw' 1' , tiff a ,ffl 1.,f f 1.531 11-FF ' 5' !7' , , ,., ,J ii ' 2 .' 'U W1 1 1 Hu ' Q. 'UN .J r.. ,A . I1 T-F" . 1 7 . 1,1 1 I' . . IJ AQQQT 1. rn! A 'g'+..1. J' F" L, ilk- '1 c 1 .Qi 1:1 BLU V -'ir Y, ' :f y by Mus. E. C. Smvm Miss Mfmcl-1 Nlo1m1s0N Mus. DAN GALLAGHER 1511gli.vl1 English English Counsellor f 9 IJ. A. MAYHEW A. V. XVILLIAMS I-I. H. JOHNSON Coach bcucwcu Science 1 1 1 '1 ' , 1. 5 A , J - .1 'Q Nh:-ss Wll.l,ll'I Fl.m'n Miss Om-21.1, JOHNSON F. E. TUTT Science Science Agriculture Mus. 'NANCY I-IICKMAN Miss A1.Yc1an1Av1: Bovcs Miss IWARGUERITE BARROW Lzbrarian Secretary Secretary Twenty-one 4-Z. 11" S, Ai 'Q'- h 11 -.gi-J J aria X Fil.. AH! ' '1 I,-yfivll .1 H5 "1 Ml' rf" xf 1.5.3 Vqwt 94 '5 gl wk 1'1 , 5.1 .F . ' 'gf' fr i mfg., 1 :IIE 1' V?" 1 1 Q ? 1 1.13 M. I "Lvl 1 rug 1 ,T"""' 1 lffn. Q' . Fa? 17 ".1' FV" S.: W1 M.- ii-bil? ! Y Eff' 1l.iLA rr:-1 15 -1-F, 1.1 N1 11,14 '11 If 7 ' L1 ff 1.1611 1 . . . . 7 'T' ..' 1 14' 11 11'g-G. 1. 'C 1 if 1 , , 1- gl ,1 1, , , lag- Upfkf 14. 1' :mi 1 . , 1-we .1 lil l 1 1, f' 4 i if i i 9 2 2 4 6 2 'BEN L. COX, President Review of 1934-1935 BOARD OF TRUSTEES T. T. HARRIS, Vice-President MRS. H. A. PENDER E. L. HARVVELL ENROLLMENT 1792 NEW TEACHERS MISS J UANITA BARROW, English Miss ERNESTINI5 BRANNEN, English NELSON A. HUTTO, English, J'ourrzalL'sm. ROY SKAGGS, History IKE W. JAY, Mathematics FRANK ETTER, Mazhemazics Miss LAFON DERRICK, Spanish MISS LUDEE MAE HARRISON, Commercial MISS CLENNA FAYE GRANT, Physical Education TEACHERS RESIGNED Miss CHARLOTTE MINGUS C. E. NELSON Miss MADOE MORRISON W. D. SMITH MRS. HYMAN HARRISON R. G. COLE Miss NINA WOODS NUMBER OF COURSES Forty-five OFFICE OF ASSISTANT-PRINCIPAL CREATED First Assistant-Principal, H. S. FATHERREE L. J. ACKER5 J. R. FIELDER J. M. HOOKS MID-TERM GRADUATES SPRING GRADUATES Thirty-seven Two Hundred Forty 1 YV 811 ty - tXVO 9 2 I , i in i ff Ll I if 3 I 2 I V1 gl.. I, f? 2 if 2 I Nl' 9 I I I Scholarshi Seniors Senior Officers Gmzvls GALBRAITH President CECIL WILSON Vice-President NITA Hmns Reporter Louisa Tooivms Club Editor Low STEFFLNS History Club '32g Golf Club T345 Hi-Y '35g Pre- Med '35. '31 friendly heart with many friends." ELIZABETH STEVENS Freshman Dramatic Club '32g Mask and Wig '33, '34g Y. L. P. '35g G an G '35g Pep Squad '32-'34. "ls she not more than painting can express?" A , H 1 9 -Q ML, 42 19 - A 1 X' l. 'I-fy ,J ,iw wg ,U I -. 1' I. .f' ,i .fu .J luv Senior Officers JAMES BALDWIN Vice-President MARGARET ANSLEY Secretary DAvmA GRAHAM Senior Editor Miss SARAH HARDY Adviser Miss LUCIIETIA CURRY Assistanl' Adviser HELEN Tumvmcs Girl Reserve '32g Cleo Club '32-'34-g Home Eco- nomics '33-'35g G an C '35g Latin Club '32, '33. '61 require all things that are grand and true." Twenty-four .J ,4 .,,. .J.'2".-l, V .fr t 1 i riff? ig tl S 'MLP il I ct, P3 5 l fit :ffl Still !i,!':i4Lflf Lge i thru". 'l 2 fl l. ff nfl .5 dn..a4I ' Bill f r 1-yt linlf I Vi 'tl 'ul gi 512 it Y TT. IM v. I ,l Y". ill li.. l t'TF!i'l 1' "iw .lt V 4 . l . .5 iii? 15:15 : "iw ' ylfnxiz' ll.lif't I 1 t 'K FL' L ' fl-fi ,.,,,. .T ,gg , .LM 14 ll 'l ,Q 'L mmm l fi .TI lt 1.151 life .QW L K ,l my Lk.. L..-t tml , . . lin, X221 Him l J' wif' -,-I tal Seniors BILL An1xoT'r Glen Clulr '33-'35g F. F. A. '32. '33g Golf Club '34-3 Los Luzllcs '34g Musk znul Wig '35. 'ilinpv f'lClYllIC-W, and joy briglmrns his L'ruxI." PAT A NSI.:-:Y Short Story '32g Conver- sation Club '33: G an C '35g Fine Arts '34-3 Sports Club '33. "The joy of youth and lurrlllli her eyes zlisplnyellf' Jmnas BALDWIN Footlmall '32, '33g Track '32-'344g liiaskntlmll '33, '34-3 S. O. S. '34-g Hi-Y '34, "Never turnrrl his back but nmrclzerl breast for- ward." Gi:imr.nlNm BAuMr:,nmNi-tn llistoricul Fiction '34-g Sports Club '35g C an C '35g Sllort Story '33. "With ll smile that glowed IIl'bl?Slillb.,, ltALru lSi5As1.m' Science Club '34-g Soui- nlngy 'fl5g Mask :mtl Wig .. ,- 3.1. "Men of words are the bcxt ultra." ALICE lil-2N'I'Lt-LY Orclicstru '32-'35g Social llsugf- '33g P. C. '34-'35g C an G '35g llattery '33- '35g lictwcun llne Acts '- r' '32g N. H. S. 3.3. "A .vlaluvt lllUYl!.'lilt'U hill!! of grace." 'Fwcnly-five Seniors IWARGARET ANSLEY Dramatic WOfkSll01J 532, '33g Sports Club '34g De- bate '33-'35g Y. L. P. '35g G an G ,354 Conversation Club '34-. g:COILfl80lLS though coy, and gentle though retired." J. E. BAILEY Art Club '33. 534-3 Mask and Wig ,353 N. H. S. '35. nfl mind not to be changer! by place or time." PAULINE BALLEW Home Economics ,34, '35g Pep Squad ,343 '35g Poetry Club '35g Short Story '33g G an G ,35. "ln every gesture dig- nity and louef' XVILKINS BEAM Los Leales '32g Archae- ology ,33, '34. "Not by years bu: by zliseoosition. is wisdom ac- quired." BILLY BELL Band 235. "Enjoy his dear wit and gay rhetoric." ALEXANDER BICKLEY Forensic '35g N. H. S. ,341-, ,355 Back O' Curtain '34g Scout Club '32g Ex- celsior Club '32g Debate i34, '35. "A comely young man as busy as a beef, ga' i i R 1 i v n i l .. 3' 'rl-1' A. Aff' ' lvl F . . ' l l ,Qt ,,VQ ., ll 1 is lr f t f"e fflid' f xl 'ruin l .if 'fi-Z, . Ji, l H ly ' gg l . Seniors AVANELL BLACKBURN The Playmakers '353 G an G '35g Sports Club '35. "7'lzere's in. you. all that we believe of heaven." C. H. BOYD Novissimum Agmen '31g Widsith '32g Hi-Y '35g Y. L. P. '34, '35g Century of Progress '33g Tennis '32- '35g N. H. S. '34, '35g President of N. H. S. '35. "Of 10110771 to be dis- pruiserl were no small praise." S. T. Bmccs F. F. A. '34, '35g N. H. S. '35g Modern Orators '35, "1Vlz.a1euer he did was rlom-2 with ease." Domus BURNS Pep Squad '32, '33g Dra- matic Workshop '32g Y. L. P. '33-'35g N. H. S. '35. "With a bright disposi- tion and a sunny smile." JIM CARTER History Club '32, '34-g Glee Club '34-3 Science Club '35. "Good to be merie and wise." ROBERT COLLIER Band '32-'3Sg Boy Scout '32 "Ir is not necessary to light a camlle to the sun." ug, 1 'fl .-, , I J X an - 'X Seniors JACK Bowlcns Los Leales '32-'34g Y. L. P. '35g Basketball '32- '34-. "None but the brave fle- svrves the fair." WAYI.ANlJ Bow History Club '32g F. F. A. '32-'34-g Pre-Med '34- '35, "To conquer by esteem is a permanerrt conquest." ,IUANITA BULL G an C '35g Short Story '32g K. K. K. K. '34g Pep Squad '33, '34-4 Rhythm Riters '35, "A laughing nature is her key to life." lWAI.'l'HA CAc1.i: Glee Club '32-'35g Mod- ern Artists '35g Choral Club '32 "Mirth, with thee I mean to live." FLoluN12 CHAPMAN Girl Reserves '32g Home Economics '3-fig G an G '35g Pep Squad '33, '34. "Soft peace she brings wherever she arriu1's." FnANclas l'llLL Coorrxu C an G '35g Debate '35g Glue Club '35g Fine Arts '35, "She is pretty to walk 1.vitl1.." Twenty-six i i i L ..I '4 JJ rl. ll 4 fill. . ff: .lil da Ig? rl 1 I Wg. 'n 'll J! . l ul ,.. x r, 'lu l lv i I V U1 ' ll I l Ll I i s l l 'sul -4 Qu! Qu! 'ly' il 1 A. . I lr 1 1 I 1.?2"'1 lfvlfl . L A .LW1 ,1 11 !.j, 1 Q I I0 IQ'.l?.'I' I li '11 l ,I , I 1 "l', W . A Ile" I. I I il .I l 1 i I lb ' , -X iii' Seniors CHAI!l.0T'I'li Coma P clp S q ua fl '32-'35g C an G '351 Sports Club '34-5 Between the Acts '32g P. C. "A uwrry, nllmblc spirit has sim." Vuuzuc Cox S. O. S. '35g Pep Squufl '33, '3fIg Short Sl0l'y '34g Cleo Club '32, '33. "fl serious miml behind ll bright exterior." JACK Dmici-nam-rv Buml '34, '35g Clee Club '35g Lllllll Club '34-. "Still rn'l1.ic'1Jir1g, still pur. .vuin,1:." FnANcl1:s llommmirr P. C. '34, '35g C an G nGl'lIL'lf.llll mul useful in ull Sha docs." .lou Blu. Ducxwonru Pep S q u a ml '33. '341g lsalin Club '32g Flashlight 122-'I?5g N. lrl. S. '34-, '35g ls cl 1 t 0 r Flusliliglil '35g G au C '35. "L!lllglIfIlg, lalking, anal full of fun." 'l'. .I. IJuNl.Av Band '32-'35g Los Leules '33. "Tis impious 'in n good num lo be .wzdfi 'I'wer1ly-:ac-veil Seniors W. T. CouNrs Forensic '33-'35g Clee Club '34-, '35. "In him alone 'twax nal- urnl lo please." IRENE CROWE G an C '35g Archae- ology '35g Forensic 135. nfl nz a z i n. g brightness, purity, and lru1h." IREN15 DAvENPo1r'r Pre-Med '34-g Sborl Story '33g G an G '35g Glce Club '32-'35. "The fairest garclen in. her looks." Donorm' Doss Between the Acts '32g C-lee Club '33, '34-g Pep Squad '33, '34-g Y. L. P. '33-'35g G an G '35g N. H. S. '35. "As fair a lass as ever was seenf, Tomivmz DUNcAN Dramatic Workshop 532g Sport Club '33g P. G. '34g Clipping Club '35. "A blue eye is a true eye." SARAH Esrias Poetry Club '34, '35g C an G i355 Sewing Club '33. "IV hat she undertook to do, she 1Iid.', 1. z I l l 1 HY Y! .I 'I I 1 .4 , 1 1 n , l A P' I 1 -. f VA ji. . 1 .5 - 'A 1 ' 1 1 11 1 1 , . I :' 1' 1 1 ,, I 1 V 411 y . IQ 1, P G L L li Ill1 I Ifvl W I 1 l I1 ual 'I n I1 al +I I F. ax I '1 II-'IH .1 II X L I I,,Hj LQIHI l 'I Il l 'll I 1 1 I ,4 I 1 I I I 'I iq ' 1, L. is VI 1 gr II , 1 1 I 12 ll '- il I fl In ,ju It . pil :gl if 11 I l I lil ll 1,1 XII ,1 I1 I I 11 Z II I I I L11 I 1 I l1 I Seniors Lomzma ENGLAND Between the Acts '32g La Luz '32-'34g Rhytlun Riters '35, :'Early, bright, transient, chaste as lll0l'I1fll1.g flew." ARNOLD FHAZLE Los Leales '34g Histor- ical Fiction '33g Science '34-g S. O. S. '35, 'cflml puts himself upon. his goorl belmuiorf' WINNIE WATT FINLEY Novisimum Aguicn '32g Social Usage '32g P. G. '33-'35g N. H. S. ,35g G an G '35g Tennis '35g Flasbligbl '35g Art Club '34-'35. "Her bright eyes import a lively llispusitiorf' MARY Fm' Pep Squad '34-g P. G. ,33-'35g Latin Club 532g G an G '35. E'SurIsl1inc is in. ll-Cr smile." JULIUS CIQISTMAN Between the Acts ,323 Science Club '34-, '35. "And what he greatly tltought, lze nobly clarerlf' DOROTHY GILBIILTI1 K. K. K. K. '34g Rllytbm Riters ,35. "The glory of a firm, capacious mind." Seniors LIQSCIA Din: Ffutrc Forensic: '35g W, L. T, A. '35g Dcbule 755. "Cltr1rms .slrilw 1114: sight, but nmrzft wins llw soul." JUAN rm l7l'2AZI.li Los Lefties 'Ii2. "Slick fair lu strc nnrl sweet, ,find rlrzinly from hearl - ,I to feel. FICIKN FOSTER I Dramatic Club '35g Sports Club '353 G an G 735. "Angels are painted fair tu look like youf' Gtcitvis GAI.llRAl'l'lI Between the Acts 'filg Musk :Intl Wig '32-'Ii-5g llurfle 33. '34-g l'li-Y l3llf, '35g "A" Association '31l. ,352 Travel Club '33, i'Hu ltelcl llis Seat-fl friend lo lzumun. race." llowixun GIBSON llistnry Club ,341 Scout Club l32g Travel Club '32g Sciemce Club '33g llancl '35. '6Encrgy wins the way." Lmn GILL G an C '35g P. C. '34, '35g Pop Squzul '33g So- cial Usage '33g Dramatic Work:-:lump '33, ':Tl'te ll7fLl!fllll2SS Leah, flizzincly lnirf, 'Pwenly-eight Seniors Mramfiw Gll.lI.l.ANIl Lutin Club '32g Pre-lllcml '33g Buck O' Curtain '34-g Musk unzl Wig '35. "fl ff1lLlllUSS burly Hflfl Il blarnvlvss mind." HAltltlI'2'I' Conwm lluttery '32-'34-g Etlitor of Buttery '34-3 Quill and Scroll '34g Pep Squad '32, T533 Vice-Presiclent C an G '35g P. G. '34-g N. H. S. '34-. '35. "Ever llltlllglllflll of lwr fricrulxf' Ihvnm Clmumvl Glcc Club '33-'35g Quar- tet '33-'35g Flashlight '32- '35g Girl Reserve .321 N. ll. S. '35g Churul Club .Mg U un G '35. "liar llfllllly xnmuthml . .. Ullflll .v furrmvcrl fare. NA Nm' CIKISSUNI Archu 0 o l o g y '32.'3f1.5 Sports Club '35g C an C '35. "ln yaullz mul llvfluly 1ms4lunl is lull l'IlV'l'.P, llltItWl'II.L l'IAn11uucK Wiclsith '32g ll i st o r y Club '33g Clipping Club '35g Declumution '34. i'l1lSflil1l'H'0II willmul ll lll.!fUl'l'Ill'f'.h .l. C. llfmcnovn llunxl '32-'35: l.utin Club '32. "He lirics lo build, rm! I0 rlrlcr u gwicrmls rare." 'Pwvnty-nine . 4, gr, li! ' ' .4 of if f, :Pla ' rw-,- 5 'QE li 6?- L, 1'5" .di v -ri -ix ' ...- -1' ' ll .. , ,L . - , ..,tttt,:t-ttzfifsstfiir, T tnlwr- Qilfiliiliat. , Vtt '52, file. -5.131-1 tra, t-, -1. Seniors RALPH GLENN Flashlight '35g Business M an a g e r of Flashlight '35g N. H. S. '35g History Club '33, '34-. "None but himself can be his parallel." Pmzsrmz Colsrz Battery '33-'35g Poetry i35Q Science Club '33g Archaeology '34g Clipping Club '35g Scrawlers So- ciety '35g N. H. S. '35g Business Manager of Bat- tery '35, "Wide as his will ex- lemls his lwunflless gI'flCC'.,, JEAN!-ZLL GREEN Between the Acts '32g Clec Club '32, '33g Mask and Wig '33-,355 Pep Squad '32, '33. "Crane in every motion, nzusic zn. every l0I1.C'.,, BILLY GUEST Los Leales '33-'35g Gle-c Club '32, l35. "Few things are impos- sible to diligence and skill." Mfxmonm HANDY' Latin Club '32g Sports Club '33, '34g Dramatic Workshop '32g P. G. '35g G an C '35, Win ease of heart llrr awry look conimyeflf' WINSTON Hmnfrzn Rhythm Riters '35. "Wise to resolve, and pariem zo perform." Seniors JAMES HARRISON Travel Club ,SZQ His- tory Club '34f. "Gentle of speech, 1181112- ficient of mind." RACHAEL HAY Hom e Economics '33- ,35g Pep Squad ,33-'35g G an G '35g Girl Reserve '32. "Who makes this bubble of life worth while." EARL HENDERSON Band '32-'35, "Knowledge is 771 0 F 6 than equivalent to force," NITA HINDS Orchestra '32-'35g Social Usage '32g Dramatic Workshop ,335 P. G. '34, '35g Pep Squad '34, '35g N. H. S. '34, '35g Quill and Scroll '35g G an G '35. 'cHer smile means Sim- shine." FLORENCE I-IUG1-:Es Latin Club ,32g Defessi Aeneadae '34g Battery '33- '35g G an G '35g N. H. S. ,35g Quill and Scroll '34, '35, "lt's guid to be honest and true." MARGARET HUNT Between the Acts '32g Forensic '33g P. C. '34-g Mask and Wig '34-5 Glee Club '34, '35g Modern Artists '35g G an G '35. "Eyes never tearful, lips ever cheerfulf' wigs l l f' i 'QU- 5 ' .4 V x Seniors MARY ELLA HARVEY Pep Squad '33. '34-9 G an C '35g Los Leales '35g Playmakcrs '34-. "She loves u goorl time," JliANli'I'Tli l'lliDRlCK Latin Club '32g Social Usage '33g Dramatic Workshop '33g P. G. '35g C an G '35. "They're only truly great who are truly good." ELLIS HENDERSON Band '32-,35. "A man he was to all his SChU0ll7llllCS dear." HOWARD HONFLYCUTT Science Club '33-'35. "His motto seems to be: 'To have a smile, fl cheery word, or greet- ing all the while'." NIAIIY LEE ,Hmzulas Latin Club '32-'35g Ari Club '32-'35g Flasbliglll ,313-'35g N. l'l S '35g G un C '-359 Quill and Scroll '35. . . , 1 'glint to .sec her was to love her." EARL Jowns History Club '32g Foot- ball Club '33-,355 Track '33-'35g N. l-l. S. '34-'35g Hi-Y '34-'35g Mask and Wig '33-'35. "Wit :mtl wisflont are born with u man." Thirty l ' Q ' l 4 wi 1. A if 1 X lil l r :Nl l' ll l 'til .. in fm, lll' ll. ly ,.. 6. 4.. lc, 'HI iq 5 ly .... .WE-I .lf ,lf lv 9 .14 l , l . I 7 g . ,. l . , ln i . wr' l-va l . nur ul V. , J aug , 'T' l' . 11" I ". lie' lr lt' Qllf , Q-x li its :lil Seniors K1aNnA1.l. ,lowlcs Pre-Med '35g Art '34-5 'l'cnni:s '34, '35g N. lil. S '35g History Club ,33g Puzzle '32. "llc lriurl tht- luxury of rlning good." llicwsorw .l0WliHS Future l?llI'lllt.!l'5 '34, '35. "ll7'l1o mixvrl reason. with pleasure, anrl wisrlonz. with. mirth." jeux Klcvru F. F. A. '34, '35. "fi hind and gL'llllC heart he hail." IMA KNOX Glen Club '32-'35g Slmrl Story '34g Mmlcrn Artists '35g G un C '35g Choral Club '32, '33. "A rosy rrhcclr to Cast aml west." CATI-IICIIINE l..A'ruAM . Dramatic Club '32g Girl ,A . Reserve '33g Clec- Club '33- ' ' , '35g Forensic '34g Rhythm il 4' .t ' Im... es. fi? mx "Huw can yu bloom sae . 1 - , A f' ol fresh and fair? ' Rf' X ...js I ' l Hicnlwmw LUNG Scicncc Club '33-'35. "fl frienrl is never lrnown, till a man have need." 'l'hirty-out Seniors STANLEY Jomzs Football ,32, ,335 Stag- ers '32, '33g Back O' 'Cur- tain 1335 Y. L. P. '34g Archaeology '32. "He is the very pine- apple of pol1'ten.ess." ELOISE KEEN Between the Acts 532g Back O' Curtain '33g Sports Club '34-3 Fine Arts '35g C an C ,35. "Elegant as simplicity, and joyous as ecstasy." ELIZABETH KIRKPATRICK Novissimum Agmen 7323 Pep Squad '33-'35g G an G ,353 S. O. S. '35g P. G. '35, "She was good as she was fairf, FLORA LACKEY Back O' Curtain '33g Double Octet '34-g Modern Artists '35g C an G '35g Glee Club '32-'35g Quar- tet 734, '35. "Fai wel she sange the service divinef' JOHN LETCHER Art Club '34, '35. HA moral, sensible, ami well-brerl man." STEWART McAnoo Clee Club 1323353 Pre- Med '32g Archaeology '34g Science Club '33-'35g S. 0. S. '34-. "Magnificent spectacle of hunnzn. happiness." Seniors H. M. NICBEATH National Geographic '33g Science Club '33g Back O' Curtain '34g Battery '34, 1353 Burfle '34, '35. 'He alfornezl whatever su.b1'ect he either spoke or wrote upon." KIARY AIALLETT Sports Club '35g C an G '35g Short Story '32, "As para in. thoughts as angels arc." ETHEL Mtmm Short Story Club '32g Wit and Humor '32g Girl Reserve '33g Los Leales '34'g Collectors '35g C an G ,35. 'iShe is a zrinsnme wee lhingf' FltANctis MoN'rcoMEuY Clee Club '32-'35g Pep Squad '32-,353 President of Pep Squad '35g Mask and Wig '32-'35g G an G ,35g N. H. S. 235. "Grace was in all her steps, heauerz in hor eye? MAIRIPITTA Moimtsstrr Sports Club '35g Mask and Wig '34g G an G '35. "Blast with that charm, the certainly to please." CLA11m: Ni:l1.oN Band '32-,35g Between the Acts '32g N. H. S. ,35. "A man. he seems of con- fident tomorrowsf' xiii 5- I 5 .L-nf tea,:'faf..a......rmL Z.. 5. .. . 5 id,-sit, 1 ' - f-af t t aa a .. 8 if' 'A YV wt ' J , 4 N -u ., My Lax., .Af xt Seniors Rin' Mfxnuox Band '32-'353 Orchestra '32-'35g N. H. S. '34, '35g Hi-Y '35. "On rlwir own' merits lnurlrfxt IIll'll, are lilllflbf, Blu. MAIILDIN Suiemx: Club '34-. '35. "The reason. firm, the lvlnfwralf- wtllf' NM: Mn.1.sAv Girl Reserve ,33g Home lfuonoinics '34-. '35g Pep Squztd '33-'35g C an C '35, "Nnme? :mmf on earth almm' hc'rf" Main' Al.tct-: Momziw Dramatic Worlcsltnp 'Hlflg Los Leales '35, ' "fi frivnrl intleerl in firm' of IIUPILH Cum. Nms I". F. A. "U7i1asu hands ami brain Sfflllll IIIIIUIJS taxi." OPM. NHWMAN Slturt Story '323 Girl llesurvc '33g CUl"lllllt?I'ClZll Clulm '34-g Sports Club '35g C tm C '35. 'KA CUIIIFIIIIUS Izlithe and full of glvvf' Thirty-two Seniors AlAlHJlll'IIKl'l'l'I Os'1'lciiN lillylluu llilt-rs '35g S. O, S. '3Sg l'1lll'lfll5lC '34: G un C '35. "Hum'sl lrrlmr bears Il lowly fllf'4'.u I,1i.i.n'1ai': l'AnMiai.1.x' l'm'll'y Club '35. "llc-r vyvs us stars of lwiliglil lair." ICMALI-xl-1 l'Ansl..i-:Y VCirl livscrvt: '32, '33: S. O. S. '34g U an C 35. "A pi-ry. wry gnml P0111- lrunion. ' Nu l'l':Anc1': NI!Y'iHSlllllll1Y .Ngznieu '32g . . ,.. .. l'.xe4'lslui' 32- 34-: Lua Lcaltes '34: N. H. '3f1-. '35g SfYl'Vl Cie:-ronis '34g G un G '35g Dvlcsrii At-neutlutr '35. "Knou'lcrlgz'. in lrulli. 'ix Ilia grew! .run in. the jirnm- ment." ALTIIS l3'l'IlLI.II'S Kliytlun liilurs '35. "ClI!'t'I'lIll'SS is Iliff fort'- runntrr nj llllllllil1C'SS.', limlmcx-:M-1 liixsco Puzzle Club '32g Cirl Reserve '33g Sports Club '34g Poetry Club '35, "lily lu11.sl.w lu llre girl ufilli Il hvurl Illlll II smile." 'Ph i rl y - t Ii rare 'J'itM'Ii1'-9.'T"r if Y vvn. P x f i' " f AAL -ct no Xl 'vi :N I J 1 5 Z4 ' J f mf , ., I QV f alia' 'iw K if 1 ' ?i75x,l ' Senibrs A. F. PAGE Latin Club '32, '33g Short Story '34g Flash- light '35g Debate '35g N. H. S. '35. "lT"l1o mixer! reason zU'llz pleasure, mul wisdom with I71fll'Il1.', Mmusuii PARRAMORIZ Latin Club '32, '33g P. G. '34, '35g N. H. S. '35g C an G '35. "The rose is fairest wlren, 'lis butlding new." ,Im N mrs Pixrriznso N Social Usage '33g Back O' Curtain '34g P. C. '35g G an C '35g Pep Squad '33, '35g Glue Club '34, '3.. "Just fl liint of .smile cn- L'l1lll'llIIlg.,' SARAH HELEN PEARCE Glen- Club '32, '33g Dra- matic W 0 r k s ll 0 p '33g Sports Club '34g C an G "Blue were lzcr eyes as Ilia fairy-flax." DaLLo1sia Puri' Battery '33-'35: Editor of Battery '35g Quill and Scroll '34. '35g Girl Re- serve '32g Glce Club '33g C an G '35, "Joy rixes in, her, like ll summer'.s morn." Roaizm' Rmvuxsox Travel Club '33g His- torical Fiction '32g S. 0. S. '35. "Lif6's g r e a 1 treasure and crowning prize." Seniors J. C. REYNOLDS Forensic '34, '35. USU faitlzfal in love and so flrzuntless in war." ALICE RUCK1-in Home Economics 534, '35g Glee Club '34-, '35g "Mirtlz and motion pr0- long life." FRED SCHROEDER ' Band '32-'35g Orchestra '34, '35. g'He never sighs 07 m o p e s around whenever things go wrongfl Trmuvm SHAcmaLrouu Art Club '34, '35, 'There dwelt all lhafs goorl, and all zhafs fair." HERSCHEL SMITH Debate '34, '35g Fine Arts '35g Forensic '33, '34-g Back O' Curtain '34g Latin Club '33, ':Anfl gaining wisdom with each sturlious year." LIARY KATE SMITH Rhythm Riters '35g Or- chestra '33-'35g Back O' Curtain ,345 Girl Reserve '32g C an G '35g Latin Club '33. "A friend that like love is warm." ,al 475 I ,......, lag.. x -,. 5 ' .5 will A l p .1 if ,, GN M .Ji Seniors ELIZABETH ROUTI-I Pep Squad '33-'35g Glee Club '32-'35g Girl Reserve '32g Back 0' Curtain '33g P. G. '34, '35g G an C '35g N. H. S. '34, '35. "Beloved from pole In pole." FRANCES SAUNDERS Between the Acts '32g uzzle Club '33g P. C. '34-3 Mask and Wig '35g C an G '35g Pep Squad ,32-'34'. "From her flows all the charm of ear or sight." . IJ Rex Sco'r'r Pre-Med '35. "Lord of liiniselffi MANCILL SHAW Y. L. P. '34, '35g For- ensic '34g N. l'I. S. '35g Tournament P l a y '31lg l Clee Club '35. "On the slage, he was natural, simple, affecting." Imaz Smmr Art Club '35. "A rose with all its sweetest leaves yer fold- url" 1 ALBIQRT SPANN "The heights by great men. reached aml kept, Were not attained by szulllen flight." Thirty-four Seniors M AlIUAlili'I' LULIISE STEWART Between the Acts '32, '33g G an C '35g Los Leules '34-g Flusllliglit '35: N. lil. S. '35g Pep Squud l3l-'34. 'iShv is a form. Of liflf and light." VIVIAN SWEANINCEN Girl Reserve '33g Sport Club '34-. '35g Quill und Scroll '35g C an G '35. Forensic '35. "Sl1r2's naturally friffnrl- ,yn Down 'l'lLLo'rsoN Science Club '32. '33g K. K. K. '34-g Hltylltut Rilers '35. "I'lva.vure mul action make hours seem shorlf' CIIARLENE Tomi Clem: Club '32, '33g Slmrl. Slory '35. HA light heart un.- louchud by care or woe." JACK 'I'm1sKt-z1'1' l?0l'Cl'ltllC '34, '35. "An equal mixture of goml humor and good sense." G. W. WALIJIXIJI' llaml '32-'35g Pres, of Band T555 Orc'l1eslra '33- '35g N. ll. S. '35. "Naluru has crowned lime." Thirty-tive 11' Z, 6 Seniors JULIA ANN STRANGE. Back O' Curtain '32-'35g Glee Club '32-'35g S. 0. S. '34, "She was a phantom of delight." NATALIE TANnY Between the Acts '32, '33g Pep Squad '32, '33g P. C. '33, ,34g Y. L. P. '35g Debate '34g G an G '35, "Never too busy to smilef' MAC5 TITTLE Betkween the Acts '32g Glas Club '33-'35g Y. L. T. '3fl,, '35g Science Club 733. "Tall, laughing boy with sun-glints in his eyes." Louise Toomns Los Leales '33, ,344 Flashlight '35g Pep Squad ,355 C an G '35g N. H. S. 35. ':Czzres are not her friends." EDITH VANTREESE Travel 'Club '33, '34g C an G '35g Girl Reserve '32. "She is so constant and kindf, NEAL WALTON P. S. Club '34, '35g Latin Club '34g Y. L. P. '35g G an G '35. "She fills the air aroaml with beauty." Seniors 'l'uAvrs WEATHHRS L o s Leales '32 - '35g Travel Club '32g Gym Club '31, HHQ' is part of all that lie has llIl?l.,, Dononn' XVILLIAMS Los Leales '34-g Modern Orators '35, "The good stars met in your horoscopef' PAUL XVILLIAMS Pre-Med '35. 'ilflessefl is the lzvoltlzy nature." XVINSTON Wooo Los Lealef 'iEn,joy life :chile lltc' enjoying is good." X lo ' grfn 'x l , , My of U ,n . A, I lg Ulljjglll an lf KES' wg:-r y4j,. 5,4 A. '- lxsf v 1 . f 1 Lolss WIilCH'f Glee Club '32-'35: Mod- ern Artists '35g Home Economics '34-g Poetry '3f-Lg Clloral Club '32, "Lo::elLest of lovely things is shef' CHARLXILS A. Mc ' 1 ' Excelsirgi'32' O' Curtain r 3 k and Tremb '35g L. Pf"'. '34,f3 'r0l au1entPlay'- '35.' U. f ,re 5 ngver N wis ,ax n beforuis' ' K in N, if I TJ. 1.3 3 mt' , 1,1--, . ,,,f,..w J' . 'fli p Q, di' s X-.MX at lil' x J-i Ll Seniors BHIKNAIQD lVll.l,lAlS'lS Clue Club '33g Play- mukers '35g Foolball '3lg Science Club '32, "The star of lllv uncon- qucrfrl will." l1:LlZAIll'ZTll XVILLIANS ll:-p S q u u rl '33-'35g Triple A '35g Sports Club '34-Q G an C '35. "A lovely Imly, gnrrnent- cr! in light." ,lmvuas XVINIJHAM l-llslory Club '33, '34-g "The uforlzl knomx noth- ing of its greatest mcnf, Bm Flu-zo Wuuzm' Coll' '32. '33g 'l'0nnis '32, '33g Band '32-'35: Com- murviul Club '34-. "I'n!ic'nc'c' ix fl ll!'lft'SSIII'y irzgrcalicnl of genius." ALICIC BIQLLIQ Yoom: C an C '35g Sports Club '35. "For lllllllfl' nmrlc lwr what she is." Rourzm' NIILLS Drarnzxtia: Club '32: Sci- cnve '32-34: K. K. K. K. 34: Forensic '35. uljverytlzing comes if Il man. will only wail." Tlxirlyfsix Seniors Slmsnimi-1 ALLI-:A Sports Cluh '32: Foren- sic '34-g P. C. '34-g Clip- ping Club '35g G an C ,351 lllltlvry '32-.352 Glo? Cluh '32-'35. "xl lunwl, fIUll0l'l'll, lllllfll l'l'.YllCl'fl'1l fI'il'lIIl.u A. W. HAI.:-'ANZ Musk und Wig '33-'35g loli-Y '33-'35g A Assruria- Ilun '32'35. "Wim flarm In laugh aul load and from" Ol-Ai. BAuKsnAL1-1 Girl llcsvrvc '32g Puz- zle: '33g :K rl '33-'35g C an C '35, "Tha rosy lfllflll fs all for har in 1lrcams." l,Sll.i,u: Ilmmvl-11.1, LG uu C T553 Los lmzlfcs "Vi "Lvl l,lt'lll llfillh' In hor vyvs. har lips, and hcl' hair." lVIAi.nlcN1-1 linmcu Pep S q u u fl '32-'35: G an G '35g lfnrensilz '33: Bvlwcc-n llxc Acts '32g Mask uml Wig '33g Y. l... P. '34, '35g P. G. '3fl: N. ll. S. '35. "fl thing of bcauly is ll jay f0r'f'1fffr'." l3u.i,v Dolrrox Pre:-Mr-il '32g l7urcnsic ,35: Arcllzueology '34-g llul- Ivry '33-'34. 'ffl mlrlrrlrlv llllillll' and full of glee." '1'l1i1'ty-scvuh -6 A G. . 'N iff' g,- .f .4 Seniors J ou: Amix' Clee Club '32-'35g Double Octet '34g Modern Artists '35g Quartet '34. '35g Choral Club '33, '34g Pep Squad '33, '34, "YOU are beautiful like an old opera tune." Louis BARKsuA1.1: land '32, '33g Travel '34- Geographical '34g Lo: Leales '35, The force of his own merit makes his way." ,. 5 9 'Q S6 . X, 9 Y . .ff it , ' 'git QL' dl ,sl if l',e . 5 X , 1: ,wif rl. 4- ' Q-gl.: ftritq 1. , 1: NYY ff u l' l I ,,, . r in ' ,alll '.,'f ,all ' l' f , I .Q .4 . ... ' P ' H -1, 1. ' Q 'X . R". , N elm' 1"x 3 7 ' " i 5 ig. I NYJ Z, iabsaf Bl2li .ATES Rhythm Rilgg'35g G an G '35. "And true she is as she hath. proved herselff' HELEN Boswma. Los Leales 7343 Burfle Club '33g Clee Club '34, '35g Forensic '35g C an C '35g N. H. S. '35. "Your half-loncs delight me." Hlsxmmm DENNINGTON Novissimum Agmen ,323 Pep Squad '33, ,Z-55g G an G '35g P. G. '34, '35. :'Her hair a ruffled cresg of gold." Locxsuzx' HALL Ban cl '34, '35g Cleef Club '34, '35. "I myself mas! mix with action, lest I wither by despair." Seniors LINDLEY HATHAWAY K. K. K. K. '33g Wid- sith '32g Dramatic Club '34-5 Declamatiun '35. "Boys such as he make the world go round." CLYDE I-IAYUEN Band '33-'35, "Hear ye not the hum of mighty worlring? sa DOUGLAS HENRY F. F. A. '32g Modern Orators '35g History Club '33, "I held him wise when he talked to me." WINIVIELIJ JAMES Latin Club '32, '33g Sci- ence Club '34g Flashlight '35g N. H. S. '35. "Rich joy flllll love he got and gave." GERALDINE JOHNSON Pep S q u a cl '33-'35g G an G '35g Dramatic Club, '32g Sports Club '34, '35g Short Story Club '33. "She's a maid of honor." CLARA NELL MILLEH Latin Club '32g Girl Reserve '33g Home Eco- nomics '34g Rhythm Riters '35g C an G '35g i'Mirth and motion. pro- long life." ff 'lf 4 V -' . ' , 4 Allivble H .1 'iii . i : ville Seniors ALPHA HAY G an G '35g Los Le-ales '34'g Essay Club '35, "Generous and kind-in her yolfre xure to find a friend." WAYNI-2 I-IAYDEN Band '32-'35g Travel Club '32, '31-ig Science Club '34. "Learn to do by doing." Mmm: H uusrmn K. K. K. K. '34g Short Story Club '33, "ln those air e es Y zu h e r e all perfectwns keep." Tontmn-: JonNsoN R ll y t li in Ritcrs '35g C an G '35g Forensic '35. "When she xmiles, :lic whale world brighter grows." MARGARET JOHNSON Dramatic Club '32g Girl Reserve '333 Sports Club '34, '35g G an C '35. "ln those fair eyes all perfections keep." Gizoncla NI-ZWMAN Science Club '35. "lle's a scout lenfolcl- if we regard his good deeds," Thirty-eight 1 ,Q -.4 l i 'f. pl -..tn L l f- ,, 'l lf' i I -5 1, ,l ,All .x ,J li'4 .l 1 1 I l . ll Seniors JOHNNIH Osuomv Travel Club '32-'35, "Tho circling lark not ll sweeter, purer .song doth sing." Vmomm POWELL Los Loules '33-'35g Pep Squad '33-'3flf. "All mrcomplishnwnls In her are Lrileg .wha has mlorers ilffl and right." VANCE RANDOLPH liuml '32-'35, "His hear! is marry as his dress." KATIH-:IUNIQ ROUEIISON Latin Club '34-g P. G. '35g C un C '35g Pep Squnfl '33, '34g Social Usage ,33Q Debate '34, "Hur Chechts like the dawn of day." Iiuumafu, Sco'r'r Cleef Club '32-'35: Sci- ence Club '33g Fine Arts '353 Double Octet 'Mfg Quartet '34, '35, Clwrzll Club '33, "Hc's a peerless won- der." IVA ,Il-:WELL SKIPPEII Sports Club '34, '35. 'Taslzioncrl so slender- ly, young and so fair." Thirty-nine T 1 ry yd . ,Z ld- ' . -Jllgl .H if .,,5:.'?f'3'f4 1 :Y . - f-- 'f nb 41 1.1,-, WN-l:' .':.'ff -ugly' . VF. I 4 Seniors lVlALDENE PEOPLIES Fine Arts Club '35. "This above allg to thine ownself be true." K. C. PRITCIIETT Band '32-'35g Orchestra '33-'35. "Well-infornzerl he was and of a goodly height." PEGGY REHM Latin Club 'I-325 Pre- Med '33g P. C. '34-, '35g Pep Squad '32-'34lg Ten- nis '34-, '35g G an G '35, N. H. S. '35, "There isn't her match in the country." Lois SAUNDERS Clee Club '35, "Oh, her heart is won- drous tender." Crum' SHYTLES Widsith '32g Between the Acts '32g Hi-Y '33- '35g Football '32-'35g N. H. '35. "He did not gain, but was success." E. V. SMITH Los Leales '32-'34'. "Our children. shall be- hold his fame." Seniors W. I-l. WAND Latin Club 332g Pre- Med '33g K. K. K. K. '34g Flasl1ligl1t '35, 'gills air 1'm,pressi1rc and his reasoning S0lLllll.:, Clacu, Wusow Mask and Wig '34-, '35g Glee Club '33-'35g Quar- tet '35, Los Leales '32. uhflahc tlz-vsulf lrno-:cn and hear1l." Seniors Es'rl5L1.lc XVILLS Home Ecrmmuics '32- '35g Colluclurs Club '35g C an G '35. "Your heart an ocean, so strong and so llL'i'fJ.U AIAIIY Lou YOISNILISLUOII Dramatic Club '32g lens Leales '34g Slmrl, Story '34g C an G 535. 565,70 was more loyal tlwn, words can say." A Prophecy Students coming, students going, Like a mighty river flowing, Here and there with constant milling, Arm in arm in pairs are walking, Of school and playtime they are talkingg Loyal hearts in friendship growing, Better friends they'll not be knowingg Students with desire for learning Are the wheels of progress turning, Noble aims form all their dreaming, Bright ideals before are gleaming ,' Those who toil through sluggards' sleeping Fruits o f labor will be reaping. Students coming, students going, Ever on-a river flowing. MARY KATE SMITH. Study halls and class rooms filling ,' . 4 , 7. 'uv' I QQ i u Sw u 4 if S' B 25 5 ' Frienrlships glide' side by side as the Juniors near their goal Juniors I I f .. '1 ! I 'K' . . . I K, 1. r A ? I :yi I f I ,, J I- .' III Q I , 4 11' 'n L, 'I . F' ffl f' 1 .lf '? vt. ...M IMI' bmi IE vw! I. N I. ,- I-l ,I .Ip -I ,.. uniors Juniors RAY Mosmz WILLIANI Coucn President Vice-President ELSIE BAUCH MARY FRANCES JACKSON Secretary FlaslIligh,t Representative FIIIIN LANGFORD C- B. FORD MI have to stop at Mary Afl1Ji-981' Beth's house." BURL ROACH KIINNI-:TH SI-:INNER "You have Il dance and "fm in a hurry." let :tx play." BIOLLIE FRANK I TOUCHSTONI-: --- '- ' "I must find Fritzf' ANNII5 RAY XVARD "Where is Frances?,' 4,-gy I sn' I 5 '? 011 5 E Fl O O F' U 7 .- U O rr: . xx I' -iff x F 1 . .fA'3. 'Q' I xt -..XX X Q x N N. "I know my mind and I I LU IIMMH WISDOM have made my choice." y "Let me get at rn V l0Clflfl'.,, 4 . qv, . l X lv' I' r 'I ., I I NL. Forty-two snr' li rr, un! i Juniors SHIRLEY ALLEN I 'Morn.ing, friend." LUCY BELL ANTIIONY "Wait at my locker." ALFO BAKEII "Oh, you 'wolilrlf' Aunnxszv BALLEW I "Y 015,111 telling me!" ELSIE BAUCH "1 was a pledge one time, too." COIIINNE BIIAIIELETT "Have you got any candy?" 0 'I I . ll N1 ,I 'I I I 2 IIE il I . I L Q Ll In I0 I ,. IJ l I. F3 Forty-tllrce 4 cz' Juniors MAIIW' ELIZABETH AIKEN ':Fidcllc'sticks." BEAIIIICE ARRINCTON "Almost nearly - not quite hardly." LILLO BAKER "Pm lzereg the bell can ring." MIZLMADORIS BANTAU "Well, pick me for a crab apple blossom." J. T. BLANTON "I .slurliefl this an hour." SARAH ELIZABETH CLARK QWGII, llzafs too baalf, Q H EI fn" e , ' zu' FL P! V It 'Hi M M. I, FH Ili' Ni' X rl I ll I .Ml I, I T if ,X 'I 'II' r- 1 V' X NI- ' If II 4 .lx U 11 I I 'W Ii. I Q. , . E I I II' . I IIT " I 7' V37 i . . IV' Ll , l I . l I l in ffl , . '14 l Y g V, 1 W' BURRELL HARRISON , . M ' Pdf "I used to go with heri, Juniors SELMA CLARK . w zu. 1 : "You get the idea?f' 13, . 11 ' f f ' fx MAXINE Co'r'roN , I f ! "Let,s go ge 5 some "5 1 gum." R :gil 'N 3 n R x . ,L Lllxialkk g P 9 5 Stir I , .1 K, V? n x 'i fs if xx :L f v 1 f I - f A D ,A . A ' 5 7 H. H . lcxn rl 4, .,,, ra' I G ,W D V 'WI zL 'C' if" an i i- f f V- A' t L99 .1 14 X '- 5 .N 4 1 A - ' l J ,nvlm 7 ' ' . V ' f AL I INCHHI Tal I I 7 :IIN "So Milf" f ' W J I ' . ' . R f , ii I X A 4 N Ii R. B. GLENN 1 ' .,, , - "Wh I . . ?" . A I W at ro you my Mit,-' 1 I l , 5 f 1 V1 R f r , ' N 4 Juniors MILDRICD CLoN'rs "I mn. get my rrnrf' WlLLIfkh'l Coucu "Tlml's right, Forrlf' IZILLH: Euwfums c'7'herz' goes my girl-- Susie." JUNE FROST 'Alf you think il'll workf CLI-:N NA Iflmmsn "Goodnight ."' IVIASQN H0LRR00Ks '5No1v I know you zuillf Forty-four s s i i hi' E ti' 1 r Juniors 'lmu l'IoLMsLxaY Hmv'm, I 1Ioin'?" llu1.1.ls I'll,umL1cs1'oN Loan. mu Il n.iclclc." NIARY FIIANCIC JACKSON llcllo, how are you,?' "H Lomzmuou I had a ham 35 Onmn D. IWCCLURE ou rcmanzbcr Llzul Praston F" ATI-IALICNPZ :MILLER 011, boy, I should my Il .sg Z l :V .. i 5 w , 'xx it ij! '1 ' 5. ' jig Ah W fill 'y HI Y ,U , N . 9' xl 1 X 'ui I lf X siy lf .L .- Q ' I , so."' , 1 L' Fcwty-five .Q g- lhivimil gm ! wa? ' '1-.IA if .1-, fig 1' I 5'-Q FT" L I JI E l I :N 1! Q F f 11. ,l! '. 'H bil H HV 1 z - l A 2- , K 'vl- , an 1 'I I, '1 , , 1 Juniors JANE Mooma I'ue got zz new crush." ADA PARKER How long is it until the bell?', 'ini BILLY ROBERSON My next crush will be pep girl." RICHARD Sl-IIPMAN I carftg Fm busy." HAZEL WAIID Whffs my next football hero going to be?" ui J ACK WATERS - Gimme a chew." of 4 I -fi ' f f x l .,- f-1' ' ' ii ,A , Q 5,5 "' A 'lf I ,, , ' ,,, :fl T1 l '1 ,, E ,,. ,A ,' - if' " ,s ,l Eijtw ff , 4 if i l 1 qs , , tl :g , F, I 1' I li ss S1 ff fl rj I ,I ll 1 A 1 14' 1 fl ,ji 541 .9 I , vt 'F !', fl Tw al, l . , ,H , ,I i ' an N ' L N 9 TM? W' i L1 J A 1 ', ', l V5 ' ' fl i W ' J W' i ff- 'ga ' in fi ff fy V W - -5 1 AA , ,Q J 'L 1 .J 'll ,xii ,' 1' "V ,I--!M.,4 X cz ' "-L 1 A . L, ,J ,W . M J X Z ns, J. gr A X, D' iii w P I , N I ii ,. Juniors RAY MOSPIII "Don't pay any attention to what Couch says." ,wr-4 ' r JLO OL live here." rg., ati' If l W .fig I ,ffl Y , 'fi l fini, tw .: A I' ' ', 'v , ' N 1 , ' I' i m 'L : K D "I llvnt knowg I on-v r F ws! 'I f rj L1aoN SM-'1-'DL "You can't :lo that while l'm here." FonmasT WVADE 'I'n'1'1sN "Do you mean it?" CRA Nvlnuz WVATERS "l'll come up and sec you sometime!', MAnuAnlc'r XVILLIAMS "Well, all right." Forty-six PM , A Wi. 33 W , A - a il ' , M - A . M2 .gil ll Y 'f la ' .A il 'n- 'fi v.v W4 'fi 1 M' I , -J ,, , , ,A A gl 4 F'-1 lf 1 w R . 'J-V.-1: -JI 4 N1 .' U M 'Lu M f J I ' L1 il ., w I' . L- - ' 41 .L 1 " ,I- K A- ,ll , M ,Li w4.! '1 -'31 I . , , K I4- 4 V -1 -,X V., 1 . w 1 w . ,, 4 ,.,, , L I, I' ' 3 Ll! Wi 1 M f. m '- qpx Pin, mp. w KA ' Q, :f-'UL I 3...-f' nl' wg'j1"A fl 3g,r'V :Q I1 1-'T !a. -1, H 1, , L L- W P I 1Q ffl 'f 'Q v WI ' 1 W " "ix , . V A W XA 7252 JI If . A rw., 1 , uniors uniors Tn mm A'l"l'l'Illl'1RIlY H Alun' CALDWELL "Yus. gn nn." srzyf Um Pl-:Alu. CASIILY ISTOPI-IER "I'lwlsv IIUHQI inl1'rr1lp1." flmugllf 1 would lligf MAXIM-1 llnfuf: IREM HMM.: "I llzinlf llmfs u1l"fuf." I l10IIIC?,! WILLIS HARRIS Clam-1 HAIIIKIS --' -5 STU' 'mfffffg fvl' HW- g'Lez'.s get a ridef, I'il'Hfl.M Iloluzms I-I1-:Mmm-:I-1 ZONA HORN , l H V. . , , -. -.I-H, Im, lm. x,,,,l,f 0116111718 Irilh Audrey L ' -- ,lAQ1uA: NlA:vu.Ls ' - ' 5' -' -. ' NIILDRED P13Nman .H X X ,, , , .Q . W ,E 6 "I'll lvll you Imnorrowf' VF -i f 1 ' 'You egg." 1 41.1" 1, Y 2 w , f L 'Q 1 'P . ' 45: ,I .N J lfurly -1-u-va-n 'AI was just going io , "Will you take me I S-1 if V if 3 - The Spirit Lingers Cn Oh, last gear it was olifferentg Then we were lockers on, Now our tears are truly spent, Our high school clays are gone. N ever more shall we take part In contest or a gaine For the school, clear to each heart- The school of Eagle fame. The thrill that coines with singing "Dear Old Abilene High," The thrill that coines from bringing Victory, laudecl to the slag I s lost to us forever On graduation nightg Through purpose anol endeavor The Flashlight still shines bright. Classmates finish and depart When high school clags are gone, But in each grarluate's heart The Spirit lingers on. ' -NITA HINDS. if if li if 3 I Q' 67 Is' 3 , If -ll g - -I I --1 Pell -ff- I 4. ,F A -IC 'Iii' I aff I . -P Apprcnliccslzip, wlzere liule boats should keep near shore. Underclassmen 'Em 251. k. , IQ- N! ' v . 314 "w. I -:- A 1--+ 1 vv' - 1 'lv Q U5 Y .Ulf-f 5 511 f. :Q 1 . ur il' if, , 1 V 12 9F 3 l'S N 5 ,rs 6 2 rj , ' 4 ,L 50 ' ni w .-Q E I' f g 1 I .W I, E N w W 1' 1 :KI 5 ,l 1 , g . Sophomores BLANCHE ARCHIBALD OWEN BAcc1cT1' fr' 1 A I '5 x., ff' v Q ROBERT RAY BARLOW 2 gl: - , 7 A A MACK Bfmmzs 23 If" - in - V -XY - H' , ' ELNA Bumvs GFRALDIN BUST an 7' 1 ELSIE Loulsr: CLARK lim MAH Cormmx f 1,8 Q n HEL! Anmu ROMPERI-I Rlcnmzn EL1.lo1"r Wy, ., JOYCE Grmvlzs ODELL HERMAN Mxwmfn Kms MAncAm-:T Lrrrus NIELVIN AIILLARD TOM MoNno1-: 'cr "'l. --dl ,Y-A ,,.. its - .R I ,- -Q f ,lkgql . f, 'E ' ' Y' T3 fynf. V 4 5 .1 'Q r ' r Q, ,,5 , Sophomores LAvl-:m. lifuucv IA.:-1 YHRD ,1, 'ANZ W' J' Bon BEAM5 l"m:f:Y Blum N N A N F1-:l.1'oN CMI.:-1 Wmuuamz CAlu'L:N'rlal: Ann.: Cuum S,-umm CULLINS Iioms FAN: Form MANY El.IZABl'1'l'lI GAl,lSIKAl'l'!I E. L. HORTON A U lm V liz Kmluarz I 3 Sure Clmumx 'Y I, -vu 1 rw-L1-. q I JUANITA Mmrrxx L-U' , Qifil?e. 7 n P ? kg I ,Z . 5, I- Q- f-,V 1, ,P W BILL Nommn L ' I . MAnAL1aN1s O'Nl-'IL - r' L' ' '. 1: ', 1 X a 1 ' :fm f' i t -. A V li l V 1' XM' ', H x 1 Fifty X. x X X 'x .4- A' .a!" :'75.:":' 5 T' Q TH Sophomores W if 3' f?"Iw'i2' MARUIR IFATTQ PMNR yi K FIIANKIIC MAI-1 Pun-'1-' '.,..1.ii wT"'1n , m. A Ti-i.j T ', 'r. ' Ly. Tn 5 TM, qnyiw VIRGINIA lillzcsm r '3 'IT 11111, NIANGAIHZT lilf:vNm.ns ,511 if IM v Q-1, 'W 11 ljt IT Y- '-ill NURMA ,IRAN Ross .' rg' 1 ,V :JN 'N NIARTHA SHAW T T -,gl 1 '15 7 TW '. - . 5,-jg. lhwln 5lT'I'0EN Wy I.. f LIICLBA Sum: g'- I LR T44 Vs E-QW 1 Timf. wx--T ' "-.H HARRT Iumx-Rlxs 'N A ,I1uRNl'm V Avrlcx-11-.sal-: pri , W fi!-if T f Q1 T' il 13 ,Rf H 5 ,Ji 1 . Tk Lucu,L1c xvlN'l'ER 5 . 9. V5 J, RIARGAIIITI' Woom' ggi I 1. I R L X, ' 4 T P' LRE ELI.:-:N BA1.lfArwz , ' Q ' "3 'N ELICICIQ ELMOIU-1 . l I I -fly I' - A BILLY Mmm U 1 VIRGINIA Muzi.:-Lx , 1 T ' .hgzl 1-'fly-um: 'V 4 9 mir? J -1 I T I 7 HL I . A T Qs ,,, T1 if X fa 1 I 1' A , M. , X ,kr r"L'- . 4 'A Tw LQ .f 'T P- f-ff 5 , , -.1 ?f,ff,1 L, ' fe! f kaF2i?T-f ws, . .-A ' ,L 1 -af r 1' 1 f de 6 , Hg A I "l I ' 4' ' T Sophomores CHARLES Pow1aLL, Jn. CLEO REumsl.L AIELBA RIEK CARL B. RIHERD Svuu. SHIFLETT HART S1-1oEMAK15R CHARLES Sunnis BIARY FRANCES TITTL15 JACK WALTON BETTY BURNS XVILLIAMS OLA MAE WRIGHT JANE AGNEW Blzssnz Jos JACKSON BETTY BICDUFF IQATHERINE MURR.A1' FRA NCES NEILL Underclassm en A Lr:s1.ua FRENCH BLANCHE l-ll-:FLIN ,lon BARRSIMLE FLORENCE FERRELL JACK CLAXTON Freshman BORN FEBRUARY 1, 1921 Dnzu APRIL 2, 1935 'gYoung, brave, anal beatttifztl, he slltilefl. A temler light in, his cleep eyes shone, He waved his hanfl and then was gone. A vacant desk, a lonely room, Yet through the depths of grief and gloom, We see hfm, pass through hall and aisle Azul still can catch his radiant srnilefa Underclassmen XVILLII-1 Sm-1 LONG JULIAN ALsolsRooK BILLY I-IUTCHINS JACK Moons Fil'Ly-two F ' n 1 .41f9"'N WJHQY 'f -' 'VI 'Ni A 'N fm :R ffw. l, ,: , ,M .mg-5 f C' L 3 'r an ILA! u I U. 1 If 1,14 iii Fi 'A ':","L'S2 W '. if al :WW '-ef HI F-P+ Ai A-Qui' M PFA? P N M f"+-was 35 fqliingi 3 an r-X W: E-lff '1 ,, .z ,,. . . L r ,, X 'i A3 :A : y fd Eg A L -J FA Fi .1 L' 11 p R PP' W A Am, w , ,N 1 " Q: E515 AMR H Freshmen CA1.v1N ADAMS Blu-1 ACN:-nw 3, ua U 3 . V' l.luu.rNlc BML!-:Y K' Z-. r EV Bli'I"I'Y BARNES 4- ,gl D N -fy "J ' ff- . --523' A N 2 J .fiiiis-. '3f:.zal f f ' '+L A ' Q' I H .- f F- 7' - 1 -" l,.v1.l.x ax HAl!M4.AllllNl.lK U ami E no I X X E. W. Blsnm' V 5 K ' A . iff. - a N , -' LL xx' V ' ix ff" N CARI.:-:Nia Bowlcns 4' V I , fav -. A " ' PALM L. lilmxcn . r lg ,V . Q- 1 W 1:5 1 - vnu 11 vi , W. I 5--5555 . i.,, V V a F rx R132-v Freshmen BETTY Ac:Nlcw ROBERT ARRINGTON IRA Bulmows HARLEY BATEMAN J01-1 PEARL Bmc1znsTAFF ELEANOR B151-lov EVELYN BRITTAIN Lmusl: BYNUM X ' 't . OLIVE BYNIIM - PIARRY CAIITER G' A 4 A 'Q ' -' " " V KA'rHlcn1N1': CAI.nwlcLL vu Aly .LQ H NIILDRED CHAPMAN ' 1 4 . -1- U 1 e 1' . . , R . , g ,. . Vlfl MA Cmmc ' I F' ' DOROTHY Comm J uf 15307 . .IOIINNIE Suu Cocmcu. 5 Q ' E sv, NIARCARET Cox 5+ 2 Qt I i , V n NANCY Num. Lux ' .Q ' .I. F. DHNNINCTON '70 A . . . -. . v .4 , 1 -4. CHAIKIJ-ZS DANII-:L Q 19 4 V. ' V CICORGE DODCHN I ., ' -X f ' .4 . I J . N, l.l:s'rl-:n D0u'roN ' , V ,- A, B, ITOSTI-:R .. 9 . A' ex 1 ef WlJll1'H FINLEY X 3. Q ' .' DIXIE RUTH FREE K, ,N le Q! 1 .' 1 1 ,.4-'gi-Q 5.-Af. - ,V R .. l"ifly-three M A 'I P Q 4, ' -1 W A 4-, ve. ' , W F if f E ii-in I FI? ,. ,f gy fr A Mig gs ce. UEFA 'A ,She 1533 igii If ll! if yi 'f xx! ' aff?" f '7 ff' 5 t E.. R' 231.134 I -BU, a Cla: .: ig W ll . ' ?5f,f.t,L 1' Fir-'gg Wii Y! :,,,i Fx. x 'J , . rf If :Ja N WI L", ,, .J I M 1 fzlllw A Wi I I X ' R .M 3 fe? A far ' L9 , 41? W1 11 Lada Freshmen CYRIIS FROST R. B. GALBIIAITII WILLIII LAURA CILBRIQTH GARNET GRACE' MARVIN CRIMES RIIFIJS GRISHAIII .lov HAT!-ICOCK J. B. HAYES .1, ea-.1 ' I I I? II -M' f f ' lk , J 7 i 75 .If II PM ff! I s '1 ' MYRLI: PIINSHAIQYVYI -QV? ' MARY ISABZL Iiorxr FRANCES JONES JACK KING I3I1RNIcIa LE1-1 Jma LOCKIIAIII' MAIICIIQ LEE MCGEHEI: ALLINI: NICGAUGHEY I 1' , ,,. v' ' , V, 5... ' I A f I fig' in 4 2 W f' fax. " ' U Q' I ' I 5- 5 Km "' I. , .Y -. I 1 . J' ' J' f ,fr A ,f -I I Mg' K ,v ff I M M tl I fl .v,,, I wif I 1 QA vt fs , . ,Is x J 4 S spfvl 1 XT 4 A A' ' I Ir-. , I H W 1- --:JI 'ev I Q -- I l p 'aw' A--ee , - fg ' - -,' .ar Q IE , ,-rj' .g, iff U Y' ,4 as . Q.: -'I .- if I ' jf.-A ':- . 'sn Freshmen ,IAAIIQS CI-:oRcIs RoIzI:R'r GIIoIIwII.I:v Roman CllAI"lf'l' MARY GRIsI2R HI-11"I'Y l-I A N Rs WINIIfRIcIa I-IARIIIIR P. I'I. I-lII,I. A. M. HINDS ZIQIAI A j Ia'rIf:II CIIIIAIAIINI-2 JoIINsoN I3I:'1'1'Y LATIIAM ALTON LI1AcII CIIARLI-is l,ovI-:I.AcI-: LoI.A ,lo MCCOIIIII PAIIAI.I-:Ia DIXON NIANLY Juvcn MASON Fifty-foII1' I ,I 3' .'-' . I ' I .- IX . F ' III XI I II: .Y -I -, Hi! hi! 5 I I 'I l ll 'I fm' II ,u III I I IJ. IS l I I I'- IMI 'll 'I I I IJ I l he Freshmen X ' XX? X, X Amex KI-1LI.Y MILLIIII I " V X " I I. , J I " '- -' X vi f JACKIE MILLS -- .ff -5 . I I 9 ' .U ' gif" 'XX . I ' I fi . ' I X 'I lx X X- N J Q MX'RL MUIIIQLANIJ in ,X , " I I3 X.- , ft- c .. IIIIINII Mosl-:II X. N X . 'I -X , .X I I . X XXXXXX XIX X ,..,5 -av X ' II' fl GH' OLIIIIAIII 'I IQ X XXI , Jon OWILN 'B-7, X . .f - - X' 3 L QI .yn I' If I , 41.1.5 I- I' -I. .I K A X RIAll'l'l-IA PI-:AIICIQ -- +- .A X 1 , ' J' I I U J ff 1 l.M.l1rrIIAN,JII. v X X - X U I I II Xi , 'l " " . X 'fx II' IIIII' ' . I I EIINIISI' lilavmouns ' X K V, ' I .IIIANITA Rlvrfns ., ' ' 'J' 'f ,ig X-I: VW? ,XIIJXXX xi?" -- ' I I - I. I . ' ' L Q i MARION SA'r'rII:IIwIII'rIs 5' 3 ' N X I ., CIIAIII.1ss SIIOFNIIII ' 9- V V I XXX' I 'J MII? ! hrx' ' jx FXX X 'Inf' A ?"'f I HAIIIIY SMITH X X X3 'X X, J. L. SMITII X X XXXSXXA X A . 1' ' ' I agiilx " .lf ' Q' E.1IIE4.,X ' I XX X O lf'IIANcIas STAMPS X, , 'W 'X I X X X :Q 'QI T LLAUIJII b1'IswIxII'I' , - 1- Q ' , .f If A 4' - X XX 'LN X I I f l I I X . I ' Fifty-five Freshmen DIXIE MONTGODIERY LORENI: MOIIIJLANI3 Dznwoon NOLLNEII HELEN 0,CONNELL LESLIE PAGE FRANCES PAYTON BETTIE SUI-1 Prrrs JEAN QUATTLEBAIIIII G. T. SANDIDGE FRANCES SATTERWHITE POWELL S1-IYTLIJS JACK SIMPSON NELL SMITH L. C. SPENCER LILIUS VIIIDEN ALFRED WALDROP 5: 'I X II, . ,I III, . X WX 42. I - , X X, X r- 'of ff' ' I li LQ' 4 U' pq' -III XI I' Xi . X IJ Ia X X L I , , I , " I I . I If I I 9 .I X, ' LE' ,' ,X XII .I gi' I I EI I. ' ' I Ay 5 V WI I? f I' III I ,I X- , , ,X IX. .-If X ,I . ' A X X. XQXXXAIX 'V X' ' 1 ,.gX ,X ,X , ,X la I' I II I . X I 'N I I I' ' V,.ln 1, II ', I' Qu Ei' Freshmen BEN WATSON BURNELL WHITI: J. D. WILLIAMS BOYD WVRIGHT CATHERINE ARANT FAWN NIILL BARLOW CHARLOTTE CONNER HELEN COWAN BILLY HAIIRIER GERALD HARRRR HOIIIIR RUFFIN BIELBA SCOGIN ROBERT RAY BARLOW ROYCE CLYBURN DELMA MCADEN J UNB PERKINS I as 1- 159, fy fir -G' v . EY J I IJ iii 93 X1 IQ' Freshmen TI-IOMAS WILLIANIS WVILLIE EIINA WVILLIAMS MARY CARTER YILATON ELIQANOR YOUNG BETH CIIRISTOI-IIER DANA RIITII CONAWAY M UGCY FOLIQY BARBARA GOIISUCH MARY FRANCES KI-:LLY MIIRIRI. MIJRIIAY BILLIE SEARS CLAIIIIR S'l'liWAIl'l' SUR KILLIIRRRW HARRIS GENE LOvIaI.AcI: IIIIIIIIRT RIcIIARusON WILLILIR 'l'UIINIcR Fifty-six I, I- N I-Q. I N1 L,,,j Idg f I I5 I WTI ILO' IH. . I-L- 17 I, Nfl. . I., W.. F '1-7 I I-f -II 1, I' I ,I 1 Al. .X ,f. ll V nl lim I- 1 V I..:,. - I-: ,IW 'I II ' w i I l, ti- I, lb I .Il I. 'f -I I I+ I l . III ' IH 'VI I I WH VI L."R I' ... V wg: I .WI I IM, Q. ,III IVII Worship is Beaulfyfs due Q x i W f 'N " X Q , FAVQRITES l lllllllll llllllllllllIl Illlll un . ...., :ii V . 'PC - Cgoocllellowslwip cielelwilies JEANELL GREEN Queen FRANCES MONTGOMERY Best All-Round Girl JAMES BALDWIN il Best All-Round Boy l ,fl xif if A CHARLOTTE COPE l Most Friendly Girl GERVIS GALBRAITI-I Most Friendly Boy C. H. BOYD Most Valualnle Boy N XJ i mnmnlIIlllnluf ?. n I n ' Like the iviiicls of the sea are the ways of fate As we joiwiiey along tlwoiigli Zifeg 'Tis the set of the soul that decides the goal Avid not the calm or the stiiifef' Ieanell Green May she rule her kingrlunz, as graciously as she rules the hearts of her friemls. Frances Montgomery Her ambitions could fill her heart with dreams none others knew. Y. X James Baldwln For llllfllillg small or vain he corzlelulezlf Charlotte Cope Through weal and woe, a friend of yours and constant .all the lime. Gervis Galbraith For his lzamls were IIIIUCLLVS helpirzg, mul 11114 eyes were alwalys kirzfl. C. H. Boyd Of all we have loved and lwnored he is the most valuable. with fcvc11'y1fL1i1mg Slhipslnaxqpe, there is no Hmrdslnip Q . 5, xl f "K f ' 75 1 A FEATURES I fm W7 '66 . ' ,fffpbwfdag ,f -t -gL--1-'1 , , 1 , QW ?ffff Clif WW W iZ,WW,AfQMM f, A. 'Mm Mk A Q 1 P , V As the ship passes by. the sewing rlivision, of the Home Economics zlepartlnent is seen. working on interesting projects while the general science classes study the rota- tion of the earth. Soap carving takes the attention of many students, but all the atterzlion. of our sturlent counselor is given to reading poetry. nl " -.:,, Harry feels the urge to slzuly the hunuuz heart, so he takes up hfology while Bztrneal shows the physics class the nzetlzvrl of rentovirtg air from a jar. The cafeteria is filled, but they zlonft forget Mr. Fatherree at the flesh. Public speaking sluclents enjoy time spent on the stage, mul the Battery Brats are very busy over copy. lL's cool for Sll.'l'IIIII7illgj ll0ll,l trust James loo far. Arenal Ihe pep leaders a lovely quinluplel? Also the pep squafl in one of their formations! The band boys enjoy drinks and camly. The fish, poml is a place of rest, and just across the walk is a flag pile which requires only the ability of falling on. Strange that Lloyd faces the girls, entrance! I Ship ahoyf just talse a glance arounfl the building at noon anrl see teachers enjoying life, the different zncthozls of transportation to school, the pep squad girls selling programs for the game, Elizabeth Ronth nz,ak:'ng use ofthe pacijier she got on! of candy, the childish traits of the senior girls, and the boys wrapping themselves around the flag pole. l lust a game of flip-up and flop-over here, while over there a boy is doing the upper curve. A. F. prefers sitting on the outside rather than on the inside of an Austin. Why? Boys will be playful, especially when they have just had lunch, and even teachers eanft resist spring training. Whafs happened? Everyone is talking it over. 9 -. .1"9' . .1 A., Come ashore and see our coaches watching the boys work oul. Ray is rloing an essential exercise. The last lap, and who is in the learl? You guess. A Lahe is always exciting, and the talk of lhe Dfslricl Meet will be lhe line-up of Abilene. A race is all right for track fnen, but some prefer Mrs. Catlin. Tennis is very cnler- laining, unusually so when you see the A. H. S. squads. '4 1' ,- I -...,----Y-,- - W -A ..L, ' Y --1 -A-Af-izli gg- K W "T V-, -V ,g -t ?'- ,, '1'-9-tw-f Y I ,I . 11 V - , ' 1 , --fi -v--' W ' W . -1 . - ., ggi' " + ----1. 1 Q! Y t ix Y U P v J in V 1 r flttelltinnf Native the varieljv of talent in A. H. S. The Latin sextet were 4 rlepnmlalnle contestants. N0 one gets tired of hearing the qzuzrtets sing, and the girls ce1'lr1lf11.ly seem llntppy on the eve of their zlepartufe for Denton, where they hope to nvfn first place. My, what grunrl stump speakers! They can not be surpassed in lLl'g'lHlICIIt. The meclmnical rtmwing room. .seems very quiet. Could Mr, Owen be the cause? Q ' .Ll .'., Twenty-foul' pops! Please note the effect. Davida Graham anal 11. F. Page fr.. honor typists. These girls harl rather sit, but high honor Latin stnrlents stancl up to announce that they won in contest. F igare out the attraction-Preston or sorla pop? Speaking of attractions, Mr. Clayfs hat was outstanding, while other teachers enjoy the day very mach by really fixing the food! Don,t they all look happy? ! , L 1 Sportfnnannslnip comes fF111I'S1fI N Xb fr Q -J N lx -Ca d yf 5 1 ATHLETICS D E W EY A. MAY HEW 0 EVERY true Eagle there is only one reason back of Abilene High St-bool's athletic fame-Dewey A. May- hew. There are three reasons for Coach Mayhewls success: hc knows the game, he loves the game, and he works con- tinuously at the game. Coach Mnyliew stands for honesty and square play. Tlirougli these traits he has created two state cxhampionship football clubs, a nn- tional relay winner which set the pres- ent state record. and basketball squads which always bid for the District crown. Whether on the athletic field or in the classroom, one cannot come into con- tact with lVlr. 1IVlayhew without being impressed by his sportsmanship and be- ing benefited by his character. s 1 lg ' MlTltl'llY it-vm-lily-tl1r'cv ""-11 MA Y H ww EDWARD S. MUHPHY A man who played the game for the sport in it and played it clean and square is again back on the Eagle coach- ing staff. After serving as head mentor at Austin High School, El Paso, Coach Murphy is back helping to see that noth- ing but the best and cleanest football is played by Abilene High School. Not only is Mr. Murphy popular on the athletic field, but he is one of the best- liked teachers of the faculty. Pat is capable of arousing the fighting spirit, a characteristic of all Eagle teams. Coaching Staff Howard Miller, assistant coach, is an ex-Eagle who was graduated in l925. Before coming to Abilene High School, he coached 'two successful years at Wvinters. Coach Miller helped to develop a fast charging line, one of the reasons for the Eagle football victories. He was head basketball coach and through his zeal and strenuous training rules, he was able to have a team that won eleven out of the seventeen games played. His splendid work in the athletic department makes one hope for many victories for next year. ,lack Christian is also an ex-Eagle, who has returned to Abilene High School to coach athletics and to teach physical training. Aside from this, he worked diligently with a large group of beginners, teaching them the funda- mentals of football, and he lettered eleven Freshmen football players out of this group. He also produced a winning track team. Coach Christianis friendliness and companionship assure him a place in the hearts of all true Eagles. Hilliard S. Fatherree came to Abilene High School in l926 to teach Spanish, but his success as tennis coach has proved to be as brilliant as his work in the class room. In the nine years he has coached, he has turned out many successful teams, winning state honors twice. His personal interest in the players with whom he comes into contact has increased the lively interest in tennis. dx in 1 3 s , 'Ai' I-Iowama L. llfllLl.Iilt JACK P. Ci-iins'rmN I-I1i.i.iAim S. FA'l'HliIlltl'Il-1 Elected in 1932 . Elected in 1932 Elm-'ct.eml in 1926 Basketball and Football Freshman Football and Track Tennis H1-vcnty-fi ui Clzampzfonslzip is blll' goal in football Football Pre-Season Games HE ABILEANE EAGLES opened the l934 football schedule against Coleman, a ' strong Class B team. The Eagle line proved too much for the Coleman 'forward wall, and the Eagle backs, led by Walter and Moser, swept around ends and over tackles with ground-gaining plays to win the initial game 28-0. Abilene traveled to Sweetwater on September 28 and gave the Mustangs a drub- bing, which ended a three-year winning streak for the Mustangs. The Eagles playing their first Class A team, showed good form and returned home victors 39-0. By defeating the Angelo Bobcats, the Eagles were recognized as a strong con- tender for the district crown. Moser, a fast-running ball carrier, proved capable of gaining ground on every play and was the mainstay in the Eagle backfield. The Bobcats fought hard, but were unable to threaten the Eagle goal line. Score 19-0. Wichita Falls, another Class A team to fall before the mighty Eagle team, came highly 1'econ'nnended, but as the game progressed, could not stop the Eagle threats. Balfanz and Howell in the line, Moser and Walter in the backfield were the out- standing Eagle players. The visitors were able to put over only one tally, and the score read 53-7. , The Eagles, playing theirflast game before district competition, met the Lubbock Vlfesterners, who proved worthy of the Eagle meltle. Led by Walter, the Eagles outplayed Lubbock in the first half and were leading 7-0. The last half, however, was played on a more even basisg the Westerners pushed over a touchdown, dead- locking the game 7-7. 'Pop Row: liallas Strickland, Bryce Putnam, 'l'rum:tn lilnck, -l21llll'!4 Hays, Voy Moore, Julian Alsobroolc, Leonard Joeris, Tommy Proctor, .lotus Motley, l.illus Virden, Plyde l-larvey. Second Row: .Howard King, Jay Campbell, Willis Cox, Odell Herman, VVilliam 1'oui'li, llngh Longmoor, R. M. Phillips, Charles Dowel Lester Horton. R. lik. Galbraitli, l,:-u-vrem'c- Lilly, .l. ll. Dodd, Rob Beams. Bottom Row: E. V. Price, R. .l-l. Hughes, s l-larris, Nor- man Cumpton, J. C. Vlfelsh, James Beams Raymond Moore. iivvvtlly-six ABILISINIC VERSUS RANGER On Or-tolver 27 u tough Hanger team defeated the Abilene Eagles in their first r-orifermier game. The Eagles opened the scoring with a touchdown ten minutes after the game started when lol. ,l. Jones had recovered a fumble on the Bulldogs, 18-yard line. From there the hull was worked down to the three-yard line, where Moser slipped at-ross for the initial counter, and Galbraith booted the point to put the liugles ahead 7-0. Ranger retaliated and on three plays had crossed the Eagle goal line, hut failed on their try for point. To overcome this handicap, the Bulldogs worked the hall down to the Eagles' 18-yard line and kicked a field goal. Ranger recovered a iuinhle and scored another touchdown to pile up the score. The Eagles threatened near the end of the last half, but the threat terminated in a fourth-down incomplete pass into the end zone. The Bulldogs' last tally was a result of a pass from the Alimilene 35-yard line. Abilene 7g Hanger 23. Sllllllllilfyi Abilene Ranger First Downs .. 9 13 Yarcls gained: Un passes ,.i.......... ..... l 20 llU Un running plays ...... ,... 9 5 278 Yards lost: Un running plays .... 20 5 EAGLE SQUAD 'Pup Iiuw: lt. Il. ltrigli I.mig'lnmn', t':11'roll Graves, t.emiai'4t Joeris, 'I'cnnn1y l'1'o1:tol', I-lex ,l':il1ner, Paul XX Couch. St-4-mul Row: I Vim-lun' tlollitlziy, .lay Varxnpbell, firzuly Shytles, Nornuu1 Cuinp- lflll. l"I'1lIIk lV3lllfl'H XVillis I-lzirris, Kenneth NVulte1'. Hullmn Item Gwr1'g1- lngle, ldlni Itowr-lt, A. XV, llulfanz, Earl Jones, Gnlnr G:ilin':ti1l1, Il I I - " " rfff ,fy-v-.L SCYC-'lllj'-St'X'L'll X T Walla,-t'fg1m F01-A cam ABILENE VERSUS Howell Gallrratith Bulfmiz Shytles Collins VValter Eno llownu. Right Cuurll Last Yea?-Weight 1611- ' All-Diswict Guard and Cztptair of the Eagle team. GRADY SHY'rLtzs Full Last Year-Weight 160 A crashing full who piled up yard after yard. Cnno GALBltAl'l'l'l Right Half Last Year-Weight 130 blocking half, fast. and shifty. BENTON COLLINS Right Tackle Last Year-Weight 180 Another great fighting Eagle tackle. BRECKENRIDGE The Breckenridge Bucka- roos shattered the last chalice for Abilene to win or tie the Oil Belt Championship. The Eagles scored the first touch- clown and allowed the Buck- aroos only two first downs in the first halfg but the Buckies kept improving, and Breckenridge got the better of the last two periods of play. When Abilene was caught in a hole, Schupbach booted out, but a Buckaroo returned the ball to the 25- yard line. The next play caught the Eagles napping and the score was tied 7-7. Late in the fourth period a twelve-yard pass and a pen- alty a g a i n s t the Eagles placed Breckenridge in rt scoring position, which they used to gain a lfl'-7 victory. Summary: First downs-- Abilene 6g Breckenridge 12. Yards gained, on running plays+Abilcnc lfl-2g Breck- enridge 153. On passes- Abilene 34-5 Breckenridge 37. Yards lost, on running plays-Abilene 5g Brecken- ridge 57. A. W. BAt.rANz Left Guard Lust Year-Weight 100 A fast charging guard who broke up plays before they got underway. KliNNli1'H W Aurtat: QIMIFLUI' Last- Year-Weight 128 A master of all tricks and a good passer and punter. Seventy- eight ABll.,ENl'i VERSUS The Eagles Take To The Air ICASTLAN D The Eagles showed a new type of football on Novem- ber 3, and handed the East- land Mavericks a 20-0 drub- hing. The Eagles proved to be the better team in the first quarter when they marched to the Nlaveriek 20-yard line twice in rapid succession. Eastland was unable to stop the power-plays of the Wax' Birds and Howell skirted right end for the first score. King accounted for a touch- down before the half ended, but after this the Eagles were unable lo score until late in the fourth quarter. The score was made after a long drive terminating in a short drive over If-ft tackle. This contest finished the home games of the season and was the last for the following seniors: Earl Jones, Schup- baeh, Balfanz, Howell, Col- lins, P a l in e r, Galbraith 0 X 1 . -r ' fs Ii 'Q ' 'af', w"'r' - 'A ' i V 4 e - ' ' , - A , 5 "- " ., 5 -5:1 .g.r, ,"-- 1 .,,. - f-,, v-'l . -V-faq, , vi -' "f'I,3 ,. , V Y 5 I, 3, W A V .51 ' -. ,, Y .n-uegug+o-sf 7' - , ' - ' . ., 'I ...I 5, N3 if - , if ',f..f-:.,d.'-,zyti Q35-,-ith.. 14, ,V -, i,ai:'4IVJL.4y1:puf. U V54 S ?,A, A .5 . . Hi. U . , , ,una f.,, tiiE7f.k.."NSL...a 3,x':'-.t.'.:..'a'Ris..,a- .- - - , , , ,Q 1,4-...:.izf-vA:.g3LL.f iuO','- 5 Shylles, and Walter. Palmer tffuinpton Jones Nlnsqgr .Innes Harris lt:-rr PALM1-rn Noiusmx Cnnvrox Emu. Joxizs Em! Hnlj'iFull Left End Last Yl'iIl'-'-xvtllglll l53 Two More Years-Weight ltl-6 Last Year-Weight 170 A small :nun who lnatli: np for A good back who continually The reason that the opponents his size in fighting. gained ground for the team. failed to gain around left end. I-I. J. JONES Center NM' MUSHR Back Next Year-Weight 175 WII.LlS H.-nuns Lrft Half Playing roving center and back- Full Back Next Year-Weight 135 ing up the line, he stood out Back Next Year--Weight 148 One of the great backs of thc above the other centers A human 'pile-driver who Oil Belt District of the District. delivered in a crisis. , t F r Seventy-nine A ifill l i "i L 1 l - l iff . l Hi Q-1.43 i gs .Ig Iii D A i :I A ll la,- ef, li ri r Li' - Il-1 fl l all U '21 xl 1 5312511 l P44 l i l . Fir! 1 Q61 s-Uv , xx 1,3 l ' 1-'sill if 'fl it i i -l ll Wil li :ffl W i teia 1 L -3 1 . " l 1 ll gp-1 :.'Y' A good punter and an able A -eat Eagle-0 e good ut NJ ki! XJ ABILENE VERSUS BROWNWOOD Gains Bellini! Interference The Abilene Eagles took an easy 20-0 victory from the Brownwood Lions on November 20. Abilene open- ed the scoring late in the first quarter when Holliday intercepted a Brownwood pass and ran for a touch- down. The Eagles had the ball on the Lions' 11-yard line when the quarter ended, and on the first play of the second p e r i 0 d Holliday skirted right end for the Eagles' second tally. Howell added point after both count- ers. Late in the third quarter a fumble gave the Eagles the ball deep in Brownwood ter- ritory, and Holliday scored his third touchdown for the day. The final score read: Abilene 20, Brownwood 0. Holliday with three touch- downs to his credit was the 'St 5 4-, Schuljbach mm""""m outstanding player for the Warbirds. Harris at full: Howell, guardg Collins and Schupbach, tackles, played good football 'lor the Eagles. The victory proved costly 0- T- SCHUPBACH .1ACK Bticmiow for the Eagles when .lack Left Tflvkle Right End Blackmon, end, broke his leg in the third quarter, after playing a great game. Summary: First clowns- Abilene 123 Brownwood fl. Yards gained, on running plays-Abilene 270g Brown- wood 85. Last Year-Weight 205 X east Year-Weight 150 defensive man. Vg? cS. W-fy The 1934 football season ended with Abilene in third place in the Oil Belt District. The Eagles playing a ten-game schedule, lost only to Breckenridge and Ranger, District opponents. The Eagles scored 119 points against their opponents' 51. The Eagles opened the season with three lettermen and have four lettermen returning for next yearas squad: Ray Moser, Norman Cumpton, Willis Harris, and H. J. Jones. Eighty 5- . ! ' l li l-l ' 1 gif Z .M 1 J 1 l1'1 t...- i li-' ,,,,,y 'i ii Q41 il 'V 1-'- ' ip fl A ffl T I Ei' i 11' il if . liillili A ttf? iii!! Tl. xl fiiiliii il VF-"Y 1 liilll I V' 'l .K J r li Wifi ' e W. l li' ' lg , 11" ly 1 l , Ii V nl Q 1 ' 'il 114-41 l Tile lg it l 1 'l y jg.: , '. in t-if w all -4-5 il W if .tl .. I 3 1 0 sf 1 iw LT Al a 'Jn N in '.1l. '4 ,4 w. 1-0 . , M , 4 ' K-1 L-, f ,' , r' 1 4' y'1 . :ff ' 4' V, , u Phu iii' . Ag XX If 4 1 Citizenship is developed in other athletics. Cther Athletics 'i 'L I if Q. 9. 7 14? V17 g, Hg W 1 wi 1 , Arn L I E Ll'.,, 'M rv F 1, f I if E JI.: 'T' 1 ll ,Qi .- if N . 'v T I . 3 ffl My, I YM Basketball S SOON as the long football season was ended, Coach Miller started his group of basketball men on their route for the l934lt basketball season. Clianoe for at successful year looked favorable with the return of many of last year's squadmen and two letterrnen, Walter and Polansky. The first game was played in the Eagle gym- nasium against San Angelo. The Eagles were to be overwhelmingly defeated, but lost by the score of 2l-22 after showing a strong defense and an ability to hit the basket. The reniaincler of the season the Eagles lost only six out of seventeen games played. The tournament for the eastern half of District 8 was held in the Abilene gym- nasium. The Eagles played their first game against Forsan, winning 33-IS, but lost to Tuscola in the semi-finals by 26-27. This contest ended the basketball season and those winning basketball letters were Walter, Polansky, Moser, Rawlinson, Herman, Dodd, and Schupbach. SUlVllVlARY: Abilene 2l San Angelo 22 Abilene 23, lVlcMur1'y Fish 2l Abilene 21, A. C. C. Fish 11 Abilene 22, Sweetwater l,.8 Abilene 16, A. C. C, Fish 25 Abilene l5, Brownwood .SQ . .U , Abilene l9, Cottonwood 28 Allllene 297 Coleman .12 Abilene NIH, Colorado 22 Abllcne Ll5v Rilngm' 15 Abilene 28, Colorado 22 Abilene 21 San Angelo 33 Abilene 35, B1'CCkClll'll'lg6 l7 Abilene 27 l3reckenriclge l2 Abilene 33, Forsan 18 Abilene 43 Sweetwater l? Abilene 26, Tnsrrola 27 Abilene 22 Tuseola 16 Abilene -'l-86, Opponents 366 'l'op Row: klfliltfll I-tow:u'd Miller, Ed Tliolnns, tlllllllly Iiotltl, John I-'ol:lnslty, H. 'l'. Svlltintmvli, Robert Iinwlinson. Bottom Row: Vkfilliani Coneh, Odell Herman, Ray Moser, Kenneth XYaIter', O. l'. l'oIlu1n. ldigtity-two ' ' 1 lice ' Q l If Tennls ' s is . w ' L ,l l HE Eagle racquet swingers, coached by Hilliard S. Fatherree, I returned from the District Meet at Sweetwater with victories in the boys' singles and doubles. ,lack Wallace came through as 'lu champion of the singles and Kendall Jones and Maurice Fincher as double titlists. Wallace played a conservative game and defeated the representative of Big Spring in straight sets, 6-0, 6-2, 6-O. Jones 'I'l', and Fincher also won in straight sets, 6-2, 8-6, 6-ll-, over a 'team 'll 1 from Roby. The girls' double entrants from Abilene High, Oma 1' Smith and Leah Gill, were eliminated in the semi-finals, While ' lf! Peggy Hehm went into the finals to he defeated by Hermleigh. l il Q N 'Q At the Slatc Meet in Austin, Maurice lfinclier and Kendall Jones .,,, . . 1 ew lf won flrst place in the boys? doubles. ' 1 7 , l l - l l e il I 'Q it ll ' l 'Pop Row: Miss tllulum lfayt- Grunt, l't-guy Rehnl, Leah Gill, Maurice Fincher, C. H Pr , N, S. ,l'l1ll.l'll'l'I'l'5t!. liottmn Row: NYinnie VVatl Finley, Uma Smith, Kendall James, .Ian-lc Wktlz ' . l l 1-1 l ?'7i:.:'l1ty-tl'n 'UU Track HE Eagle track team began training with the intention of going to the Fat Stock Show Track Meet. The team looked strong with the return of three letlermen, Moser, Jones, and Green. Coaches Christian and Mayhew took seven boys to the Stock Show Meet and won it with a total of sixteen points. The relay was timed at 3:34 and showed such good form that they went to the Texas Relays the following week. The Eagles won second with the relay and third with the medley. Fat Stock Show Results: Third place in 100-yard dash won by Moser. Fourth place in l00-yard dash won hy Tidwell. Second place in 220-yard dash, won by Tidwell. Second place in 4-fl-0-yard dash, won by Green. Second place in mile run, won by Daniels. First place in mile relay, won by Chance, Moser, Jones, Green. Texas Relay liesultsz Second place in mile relay, won by Chance, Tidwell, Jones, Green. Third place in medley relay won by Green, Moser, Tidwell, Daniels. l i , Top Row: P. M. Vhristie, Hnrolxl Beasley, James Castle-, NVilli:nn Anlis, .lnlnos l.:u-y, ll. A. ' XVcblJ, Bruce Duval. Bottom Row: J. ll, 'l'irlwell, Curtis Ulizmm-1-, XV. I--I. Ward, Earl Jones, Ray Most-r, l'nul Green, Neal Daniels. if'-" L I . . 7, 21 f r '- K ' ' .5 ., IWW' f. - ,, , - .x ' "'- ' . .Q gi. 7. ,, , iiighty-four ,rx- af, I. .5 .- .5 ' Nr r v ..-fit! F-I aa mr L 1 ,1 its '- Fitifl it l-.fl tv if-IM lil 'F fl .f ,..:g. .lj I'-'fail QI 2-'f-.il 1' li ill iff IW ' Til phil: l l lfgif 1 :f,'lT'li j y 1. lt 51151 'W .il M545 .- ,stint at r.,..,.wrg . W-T-T1 'F' itil. ta Nywll T' i f .7 l- Wil if- M" Llldl il Wall 5- 4, 'll tv rtti li Q 'Q-Iixl puny ,J 1. 4-4 F' Q ti if ill? 't fit fl V it y til y' .i iflthhi Ld Qi! Track The Eagle track team attended the District 5 Track Meet at Sweetwater on April 6. The Eagles were doped lo win the meet, although they had lost to Snyder the year before. Tidwcll and Moser were the two clash men and Green was entered in the jumps and 440 and was to run the anchor lap ol the relay. Results of District Meet: First place in 100-yard dash, won by Tidwell. Second place in IUO-yard dash, won by Moser. First place in 220-yard dash, won by Moser. Second place in 220-yard dash, won by Tidwell. First place in 4-ll-0-yard dash, won by Green. Fourth place in fl-40-yard dash, won by Jones. Second place in 880-yard dash, won by Vlfarcl. First place ttiel in mile run, won by Daniels. Second place in mile relay, won by Duval, Ward, Chance, Green. Second place in high jump, won by Green. First place in broad jump, won by Green. Fourth place in discus, won by Graves. The Eagles compiled a score of 48 points to win first place and the nearest second was Snyder with lil points. On April 27th the Eagle track team won the Regional Meet with a total of 31 points. Summary of Regional Meet: , First place in 100-yard dash, won by Ticlwell. Fourth place in l00-yard dash, won by Moser. First place in 220-yald clash, won by Tidwell. Fourth place in 220-yard dash, won by Moser. Second place in broad jump, won by Green. First place in fl-:l'0-yard dash, won by Green. Second place in mile run, won by Daniels. First place in relay, won by Chance, Ward, Jones, Green. Results of Stale Meet: First place in relay. won by Tidwell, Jones, Chance, Green. lfligllty-fivu 4.4 A -5 1 .,--v - l 1 .fi- . g . 2"-N l , , ar r .U 1 fi, NJ'- .1 , . J.l . I it 1- .lr yi "Ji 'EM 'ull N nik Lift y 1, l K ii it lI.,,.'1 I ,ig ii' -l ii' FW! L ftul . I! .3 1,1 i i. 2 ...JPY :-lf: ' v. 4 1 R .-Ye 5 ' 1 v-1 J : H V., Xu iff: l " l 'H ,il ,. F- 1 . .tl ,M l it lu, . y 'Ing 1 'l- . ,- -...-v gl il. i 1. 'iq .fl I 1. JP ,gs rf: "7 tl , 4' .ji fiitfl 5 2- 1- ,e ,l gl pw I 1 1 L .J-1, ' .4 1 1 i. , Jug - 111 1 A Q l '-If 1 r gi Volley Ball Miss GLENNA FAYE GRANT, COACH INCE there are many girls interested in sports in Abilene High School, when the call went out for volley ball a larger number than in previous years responded to this call. Among them were five members from the last year team: Roma Sparks, Rachael Howlett, Viola Huffman, Lois Herndon, and Floy Bratton. The girls worked faithfully, practicing almost every afternoon. ln a practice game with the men teachers, the girls were defeated after a hard struggle. Rachael Rowlett playing her third year, served the team efficiently as captain. Abilene came out very successful in this second official volley ball contest in the District Meet. They withstood the strong teams from Roby, Wylie, Jayton, Anson, and Roscoe. But due to a lie a final game had to be played with Roscoe, and Abilene was pushed into a second place position, thereby win- ning a volley ball. Viola Sample, Alice Belle Young, Raoliael Howlett, Luvollc Huy, lflny lirzition, Viola Hu man, Lois Herndon, Miss Glenna Faye Grant. ..i..,..-,.--.Y.,. ,.,. . in . .1 .T -fs ldiglily-s x Girls, Sport ULENNA Fun GRANT, ADVISER HIC purpose of the Girls' Sport Club is to promote interest in indoor and outdoor sports. lt was organized in l934- for every high school girl interested in sports, but this yoar it was limited only to junior and senior girls. This season the girls enjoyed an early morning hike through the wilds of Elmwood. ln the spring the group gathered together for an overnight trip to the Boy Scout camp. During the year the members took part in various sports, among which were hiking, volley ball, skating, tennis, golf, bicycling, and swimming. This club affords recreation and amusement to those girls who have finished their gymnasium work and would not otherwise have entered into sports. It is believed to be permanently established in the activities ofthe school. OFFICERS F1111 Tlfflllt Spring Term. EVELYN BABB - - President - VIOLA HUFFMQKN HVAZEI. XVARD - Vice-President - - NANCY Gmssom NA1'ALua S'roKlas - Secretary - - NIARGUERITE SLOAN Racrmrzl. Rowl,rz'1"1' - - Reporter - RACHAEI. ROWLETT M HMIIICIIS 'Pop Itow: Mnrgztrt-t Johnson, Fern 'l,anl:I'orrl, Gt--ralrliuv Johnson, Anna Lou Hobbs, Milrlrt--tl Vlonls, Mary Ik-th Franklin, St-1-oml Row: I,u llarne 'Wismlorm Ham-l NVarcl, 'Nancy Grissoxn, .loye Goof-Ii, Dorothy XVllli1llllS, lflvt-lyn NVryt-, llauhael ltowlelt, Alice Hello Young, Marietta Morriset, Maxim- Fulton. 'l'hir4t Row: lnxoillu l'urslvy, Pearl Johnson, Iva .lowelt Skipper, Marg'uerite Sloan, Viola l-luffrnan, Geraldine l5illllllg1ll'llllt'l', Oslvte Gaines, Nell Herron. lmtlom Row: Pal:-sy Moore,-, Mary Elizatueth Aiken, Estelle liicharalson, Mary Mallet, Lucy Hello Anthony, l-Evelyn Habla, Natalie Stokes, Franc-es Grant. .....t.:....,....,....Y-..-.... -. - - . H-,...-.,- -V f Y V-V Y , . V ,+ - - g----,-, , LM-: N r, t,....,, -.L. fr X-1 .l-ef , ,ff . ,Hem ,. , , N y , Q V Q I N A . 'Nl s . f Y f i---'v'-' .-. L-' ' N -' N 'ffl' - 4 "1 "W K 1 1 t .. '. r t liifrlily-st-ve-li 0 i i i sf S 2? 3 if Ti lf 75 if WEARERS OF THE HA" BASKETBALL ODELL HERMAN ROBERT KENNETH WAL JOHN POLANSKY RAY MOSER J. C. Donn Lois FOOTBALL EHO HOWELL H. J. J ONES PEP SQUAD FRANCES MONTGOMERY CHARLOTTE COPE NITA H1NDs ELIZABETH ROUTH MALDENE BRANCH TRACK PAUL GREEN RAY MOSER J. D. TIDWELL EARL JONES NEAL DANIELS W. I-I. WARD rms CHANCE YOUNG Eighty-eight 5-6 Q4 'lv mul Ll ur 9 '19 ff fe 5 5 5 9 if 0, 4 'S Andlpilotlmpl dau fly jp 16 1 I o 04 X i - ., I " 3 GRGANIZATICDNS LW: awwj. 0WM7M7?W?ff' Mjfrfgw WMQMWQMQQ - ' HZQW fgg WJ! ,UMW ? I WAN' WML ,fjf wwfjfff M 3"'J'2 M Q, WW WMM! gy. Kwfwwfffjjf WWW W6 ww W 7!'f""7J Flashlight Editorial flzlviser Business Adviser Miss Tomivrnc CLACK L. E. DUDLEY HIS is the twenty-second year that the FLASHLIGI-IT has served the students and faculty of the high school. Both the editorial and business staffs have worked faithfully to present the students with a better annual this year. The annual combines the history and accomplishments of the students into a permanent record for the year. lfllltlll staff memhcr feels that hc has derived much experience and pleasure from this ycaris work. Not only has the staff given the students an annual, but they have hrought more honor to the school because of the F'lashlight's winning third in the Texas High School Press Association and obtaining a First Honor Rating in the National Scholastic Press Association. ' To climax thc year's activity and celebrate the annual's going to press, the staff hclfl a picnic as a delightful diversion from the work of the year. OFFICERS Jos BILL Ducluvonri-1 ---- - Edizor in Chief RALPH GLENN - - Business Manager Mfmv Li-:iz HUGHES - - - A1-L Editor Dfivmi Gmil-1AM Senior Editor 'Pop ltuw: Burrell llurrison, Cli:irls'-s Iiovclau.-e, treo Pierce, Ralph Glenn, Doyle 'I'iIlotson, Lloyd Pool, Winfivirl .I:unc:s, I.. E. Dudley. Sm-mul Row: Miss 'l'ummii-- fflack, Ilia-lmrd Shipman, Mary Frsuic-cs Jan-lcson, Arlene XVeatliei'- roll, ,luck Myers, A. F. .l':l1.5u, XV. I-I. XfV:irrl, .l. H. .I-'lzlyt-S. ,lloiimn Row: M:i1'g:ai'm-t, Stewart, Mary imc l-luglies, .Joe Bill Duckwortli, lmvirlzi Grzihzun, Xvinnie Walt l"ilIlL'y, Louise Tooinbs, Glenna I-lzirluer. C ff Pllglity-liinc Battery Editorial Advisers Business fldviscr Miss NIADCE MORRISON A. V. XVILLIAMS NELSON A. HUTTO HE BATTERY, official newspaper of Abilene High School, furnishes the current news for the school. The paper, which has been functioning since 1927, cele- brated its eighth birthday on March 9 with a banquet at the Hotel Wooten with approximately fifty guests present. During the past year the paper won the 'following honors in the Texas High School Press Association at Belton, Texas: Best newspaper in the State. Best newspaper in Class A. Best newspaper edited by a girl, won by Delloise Poff, Alice Bentley, and Flor- ence Hughes. First in Sports story, won by Ray Davidson. First in Column, won by Delloise Poff. State Meet held at Austin: First place in Editorial Vlfriting, won by Delloise Poff. Second place in News W1'iti11g, won by Ray Davidson. Third place in Copy Beading, won by Ray Davidson. Ray Davidson won the highest number of individual points in the meet. STAFF Fall Term. Spring Tenn DELLOISE POFF - - - Editor - - - - - Di-:LLO1sE POFF ALICE BENTLEY - Managing Editor - - FLORENCE I-luenes RAY DAVIDSON - Sports Editor - - - - l'iAY DAVIDSON LOUISE HOOPER - - - News Editor - ---- LOu1sE HOOPER FLORENCE HUGHES - - - Column Editor - - MARIIUERITE CORNELIUS MARGUERITE CORNELIUS F eatare Editor - ---- ZONA HORN PRESTON GOETZ - - H. M. MCBEATH - SUNSHINE ALLEN RACHAEL ROWVLETT - FRANKIE MAE POFF - - - - - - Business Manager - - AClU6l'liS1iILg Manaffer 4 I b - Asststant Bastness Manager Assistant Advertising Manager - - - - - - - - - - Hooltlteepel' MEM 1515115 Top Row: A. V. XVillianis, Frankie Mae Poff, H. M. Mt-livath, Sunshine Allen, Alim- Hontlcy, Ray Davidson, Marguerite Cornelius, Florence- Hughes, Miss Madge Morrison. Bottoni How: XV0l'll1 Finley, Zona Horn, Rachael Rowlett, Harriet Godwin, tmlli-iso Puff, Louise Hooper, Preston Goetz, XVade Meadows. Jails..-- LL- .. ..,, L-.. ,,d.,...,i?.,..,. , , . t-..-U .. -..---1--A -- -.,,...es,-.....i...?.-- L.. . - v i . . ,Lt .,,.-4,L.,- l... L ,.s.-.. .. F ' ' i i I ' " 1 ----..--..' .. H.- . A . , .f......,!--.., L L, ,.,.., R .L ,...,...,, , I, Ninety Debaters COMER CLAY, Anvrsisn NTElil'iS'l' in debating was on the up-grade this year. The squad of boys and girls mixed pleasure with study and competed earnestly for first team position. The squad began work in Uctober in preparation for the defending of the District cup' in both boys' and girls, divisions and the regional championship in the boys' debate. Each class selected a team of three to represent it in the annual inter-class debates. The representatives of the Seniors were Nlargaret Ansley, Lescia Dee Farr, Alex Bickleyg of the Juniors Sarah Elizabeth Clark, Betty Conner, W. F. Marting of the Sophomores Lucille Vlfinter, Wilina Ruth Bickley, Owen Baggettg of the Freshmen, Eleanor Bishop, Cyrus Frost, Alfred Wald1'op. The Freshmen, Juniors, and Seniors tied for the championshipg the cup was awarded to the Seniors on decisions won. The final tryouts were held February 15. Margaret Ansley, the only returning debatcr from last year, and Lescia Dee Farr were chosen as the first girls, teamg Lucille Winter and Eleanor Bishop made up the second team. Alex Bickley and W. F. Martin made the first team of boys, A. F. Page and Alfred Walcl1'op were chosen for the second team. Both the boys, and girls, teams of Abilene won first place in the Lubbock invitation tournament on l7ebruary 3. At the Dallas Tournament on March 2 the boys' and girls' teams won all six of their debates. Among the seventy-two boys' and girls, teams competing in the Third Annual lnvitation Debate Tournament sponsored by Abilene on March 9, 1935, the first teams went to the finals, and the second girls' team won three rounds before losing in the semi-finals. At the District Meet held in Sweetwater on April 6, 1935, both of the teams Won first place, thereby securing permanent possession of the girls' cup. 'Pop Row: Conn-r Clay, .l. t'. Reynolds, .Taines Harris, Alex Bit-Isley, NV. F. Martin, Herschel Smith, A. F. l':t1.re, Ittuurit-v Cole, .liilly Horton. Set-mul Row: ilfillllilllltf Rohm-rson, Sarah Elizabetli Clark, Betty Conner, Lescla Dee Farr, N:u'g::tret Ansley, Natalie 'I'anrly, Ella lthe Ely. liottom Row: Alfred VValttrop, Eleanor Bishop, Cyrus Frost, WVi1ma Ruth Bickley, Owen 'llaprgt-11, .lint-illv 'Wintt-r, ff Aff' , " f wfil' 1' X Lf' " ' Ninety-one H1-Y JACK CHRISTIAN, ADVISER HE Hi-Y, a national organization for boys, has been in Abilene High School since 1928. This club which is independent of the school, is Inade up of twenty high school boys. At the meetings every Tuesday night, interesting programs were presented pertaining to the organization of a good character. The purpose of the organization is to promote a feeling of good fellowship and friendly relation among members and to build and uphold the character of all the boys. The rules of the club demand that each boy attend church services once every two weeks and be present at the club meetings. The Hi-Y participated in the indoor baseball league which helped to develop the boys physically. During the year several picnics, parties, and a banquet were held. The members have sweaters which bear the insig- nia of the organization. OFFICERS Fall Term Spring Term. A. W. BALFANZ - - President - GRADY SIIYTLIQS CRADY SHYTLES - - V ice-President - - KENNETI-I WALTER GERVIS GALBRAITH - - Secretary - - WILLIAM Coueii EARL JONES - - - Chaplain - - O. T. SCHUPBACH WILLIS HARRIS - - Reporter - - -WII.LIS I-IAmf:Is Xg MEMBERS Top Row: XVillis Harris, XViIlia.i1 Couch, Kenneth YVi1ltGl', I- Llf,i'l.'KQ5 Imiglnoor, U. 'I'. Sf'l1l.llll2ll'l'ly ,ou Steffens, Jack Blzickrnon, .IzIFqY5N'Balclw'in, George Ingle, .I .wk Thristiun. ' A Bottom Row: Ray Moser, Bobls Bong, J. C, Pennington, . XI. lfialfanz, Earl Jones, Grady Shytles, Ge-rvis Galbraith. I llv-Pi X 1 L A ,J......-. - ' f I 'I'-"' I . f ' un. - 4. , 2 Ninety-two Personality Girls Miss CLAUDINE OLSEN, Aovisian RIIQNDLINICSS-a quality which every person wishes to obtain. The main objec- tive of the Pcrsonzllity Girls is to promote friendliness and good sportsmanship among the students. This organization helps a girl to develop her individual char- acter by cliurming and pleasing manners. ln the fall of the year the girls participated in Il picnic at Cobb Park. The spring affair was a tea in the lovely home of the adviser, Claudine Olsen. Among the prominent town women that came to speak to the girls was Miss Lucille Auten whose subject was charm. A round-table dis- cussion was held during the meetings on subjects of importance and interest to the modern girl. Twice each year new members are selected from the student body to replace those who have been graduated. These members are subjected to a week of pledgesliip, during which time they must go through the usual mode of initiation. Fall Term, ,lIaANNE'I"ri: HEDRICK - Liam-I GILI. - - - ALICE BENTLEY - NITA HINns - - NVANDA NoIrroN - PICCCY REI-Ilit - OFFICERS S pring Term - President - - MARISUE PARRAMORE - Vice-President - - WINNIE WATT FINLEY - Secretary - ---- LEAH GILL - Reporter - WANDA NoRToN - Treasurer - - - NADA MIRACLE ' Sergeant-at-Arms - - DORACE MCADEN MEM HERS Top Row: lX'l:tl'jnrie Hzinily, Doris: McTmvid, Frances Durlrttndt, Cl1?ll'lUl,l1E! Cope, Elizabeth Rmitli, lf!ll.ll0l'lllt' Roberson, Selma Vlark, Peggy Relim. Sr-4-ond ltow: illenrlulitn Denningtun, Corinne llramblett, Mildred 'lNICAClE?Il, Mildred W'illi:1n1s, .leiun-tte l':Itt1-rsuii, Mzirisue 1w2ll'l'1lIll0l'G, Dorzicc Mc-Aden, xvilllflil Norton, llnttoin Row: Mary fllilllillllt' Olsen. .L....i.... ll" -L-1 FVV Alice Bentley, Leah Gill, Jeannette Hedrick, Nita Hinds, Miss Nlncty-tliree Girls, Glee Club Miss OUIDA CLEMONS, ADVISER HE Girls, Glee Club stimulates an interest in music among the girls of the school. The Glee Club presented two very entertaining and interesting programs in chapel. Some members of the club went to MclVIurry College, Abilene Christian College, and Hardin-Simmons University to give chapel programs. ln the late spring the Girls' Glee Club helped to present the operetta Hliose of the Danube." The girls, quartet composed of Davida Graham, Joye Arey, Montie Beth Wa1'd, and Flora Lackey, sang at class meeting, churches, and luncheon clubs. OFFICERS MARGARET HUNT - - President lVlONTIE BETH WARD V ice-President Joys AREY - - - Secretary MEMBERS Top Row: Betty Sue Pitts, Alice Rucker, Loise Wright, Framzez-: Hill Cooper, Fiutxices Mor- rison, Sarah Elizabeth Clark, Arvece Clayton, Fairy Thelma, Beam, Melba Hamilton, Irene Davenport, Lucille Ragsdale, Miss Ouida Clemons. Second Row: Margaret Malte-tt, Barbara Perlon, .lane lyongnioor, Mollie Frank Touchstone, Virginia Meliinnis, Ima Knox, .laque Nevills, Naomi June Taylor, Sybil Shiflett, tit-line Itan- llulph, .Io Katherine Frencfh. 'l7hird Row: Lucille Nliinter, Doris Naylor, VVillite Sue Long, Monarae Schultz, lit-tile NVren, Melha Smith, Mary Bona Vvhite, Dixie Ruth Free, Mildred King, Aileen l-lardin, l-:teh-n liloswoll. Fourth Row: Jeanette llatterson, Muriel Murray, Virginia White, Olivia Eastns, ltlarian Delmar, Sarah Dorsie Keley, Elsie Clark, Helen Louise Blanton, Mit-key Howell. Bottom Row: .loye Arey, Montie Beth XVard, Margaret Hunt, Helen Leake. 9 ' '1 , 1-IJ n A f l . ..,., , - f y . , ,. t - f' ,, tg' , 1' -qw - iq - , - f Y?l1r'5,, -'MET-FQ? - rseifg' G!!! 3' H .-- -..i- A : - . ., - e. . V l. lg ,-,A ...,,:'.,. I, , X - Ss' V . H I .Q - ... A 1 x gd' IL. ., wg? 7 .,.A,,-1 Y -rv F if 4' 'X I . . . -s H ' A Q 4 0. R4 1 I V I t r , : ,A w w ., , 1 I l l J . CJ J .- , Q ' . L V X , t, ' r N ' ar. A A 5' - . , , , i 4 I , -. - t 1 , x at . gl - p rd J A in A H 5 , 1 ' - S I 1617, - A' Fwy, I, U ' ,, . ': i XS 7 'S ' ' lx ML ' lib t A Ninety-four ,iii -Lil-jf l - .3 .-.fe U.,---lil' mg if. if ll 1 1 i"'J .,.J. l 4 :H f-19.5 4:1 1 .J ii' ' if , x . ,A p 'li 'iii ff i' lk I Ap' A-, H .t s-g .1 Abell' M ."l ,Q I' "Q 4 1 . l A 'I l 1 . , 'f.,i , -:rl 'iilliq l 3, l ' , vvwv LM-l 715 Url. l x' rl l.. , ' i i 1 1 'ff ji 'Zig-3l Suzi ll 'l ,J . fl 1321 lr-,lf "l l "fi . 'J Ii f ii 1' ,i fl F if .1 , U 51,111 ll V. . , I' X, L Q. ' v .1 v . Girls' Glee Club Miss OUIDA CLE1v1oNs, Anvissn ONORS won in the West Texas Clee Club Contest held at Hardin-Simmons Univer- sity on April 7, 1935 were: First place in Class A girls' chorus. First place in Class A girls' quartet. First place in Class A mixed chorus. The Cleo Club won third place in the voice contest held at Denton on April 13, 1935. OFFICERS MARGARET HUNT - - - - - President MONTIPI BETH YVARD - Vice-President Joris AREY - - - Secretary MEMBERS 'Pop Row: Adel Mlnshew, .Ieumiette I-Tedriek, Mary Frances Tittle, Surah Collins, Odell Oliver, l7m'lc-im Iflowers, Dorothy Ann Cox, 'lfhelmzr Osteen, Dorthea. Roden, Lottie B. Hobbs, Miss Uuidzx, Clemons. Ser-onrl Row: 'hum-ille Hare, Donna Marie VVoolriclge. Virgie Cox, Julia Strange, Anna Lou I-lolrlis, l9l'lLlll'l"H Montgomery, Kathryn Allen, Aneta Mills, Mary Sue 1-Iutto, Martin Olene Gaddy, Mellm Riek. 'Fhiril Row: Irene Grzrrey, Myrtle NVLIICVS, Helen Cowan, VVillie Laura Gillmreth, Jessie Simp- son, Norman .ic-:ui Ross, Shirley Allen, Lrrvndfi Pearl Rains, Lu Dame Wfisdom, Maltha Czigle. Fourth Row: .lu Martin, Jo Pearl Biggerstnff, Rosa Pearl NVilson, .Dorothy XVeathers, Bessie .To .Ina-kson, ltlzirgzrret Rowell, Selma. Clarlc, Mary Elizabeth Galliraith, Genivine Hancock, Kzllhurim- Lalllmm. lelotlmn How: Melhzt Scogin, Nan 'l3z1rnes, Flora Lackey, Christine Saunders, Imogene ltir-e, ltolierl Italy Barlow. Marry Isabel Holt, Murrel Montgomery, Marjorie Northrup. : , -11:1-1 f . . 4 : 1 ""'1 : 1' 'Q Ln1T':' ' ""f'f7,F i"'5'l -'ggj' Lflf' " jgf. 1 ' 2, i L 11- ' 1.-. ' ' Z ' Q 1: W' ' 4' ' j"- 'T 1 , :J . 1 if- - W ' T 'ii ,Z 1' "fl 'W FJ? 1- GQ l P15 'f .-eh? 11l'i"r"1, -V Liv-.-.Edif.1J.. b -- fi ' "' ri" - .2 1- .w 1 ' ' 1. '- -si--5" uni' H1 ur ar 'Pls 'uv 1 S-nv -. D , 1-4:1 "1-. se-1 - 1 onlinr ,Q-levegasgg -.. , Agua' ' i .- 441 v tnf '- 13. 1 f-'gn S T -w1'FSFTwa,5..lE3::lEY .-.1 . I as.. ., u, V W fl 1 w ' 1142 - . , , , s l imi' . 1 f - ' f l ' N .r ' N nfrf: , -- ,V is,-..l4'.,'.' ' I ' I my 0' 1 ,, r '11 ' 7 : A , Jw X qi!! ' Y Q N V l o '9 " Q ' Q ' ' 5 .Keir 1 1 ' , , ' 'Y . 1 - - ' 1 -1.- . 1 -1 11 ' . r .. -- " ,GL is . 1 A , 1 . 1 41 ' - 'Q -gf V X2 V, 4 Q 4' ' . ' , 1 ., Tl ! H - , . s i U , . I - ' r v.- 'fiszllmf-:U r. A Q 1 ,:. 1' ti 3 . A Q. 1 ' l if fi . 1, 1 , A j 1 kg 1 . 1.'gj,'1:1,: ' . . K J Q V ,A -, L -FV .vb 3 1 my ' , V - , X. 1.1 1 . 'f 1 " ' ' - 14 , is . . Y ' 1 ' ' . 1 -- i . V, A i ,, if f 1 ,fp ,iq , .qw V, .3 L, ,- I 5 -I ' . A K ,a ipi ' -L ' Lf' X4 . ' :ri ,ff . ,. .5 92 J .1 .W , , 4 . N..- an A Lgxi-Ai M-53,-,A itz' , - , -. . -'-s K.. . -.i-:-1 - Ninety-five li, --,1 l ,lil l.,l S 1 1 i ligtr l 1,f'T:x , 1 b v.' 5131.5 l l ' "Ll .1 ,l . . -I l ".' 9. l " l r.,,1 4. . 4 3 ,...! 1 W -1: 1,-,l 1 i ,,.l l ii- Boys' Clee Club Miss OUIDA CLi5MoNs, ADVISER HE Boys' Clee Club promotes friendship among boys who are interested in music, provides musical recreation for them, and gives enjoyment to those who hear them. ln addition to giving programs in chapel, the members of the cluh furnished chapel programs for McMurry College and Hardin-Sinnnons University. The boys, quartet composed of Elton Plowman, R. QI. Jones, Burneal Scott, and Cecil Wilson presented some very interesting and entertaining programs in chapel, civic clubs, and churches. The honors won in the West Texas Glee Club Contest were: Second place in Class A boys' chorus. First place in Class A boys, quartet. OFFICERS R. J. JONES - - - - President THERRON L1-zwis Vice-President BURNEAL SCOTT - Secretary RIEMUERS Top Row: I-lerschel Smith, Rupert Richardson, Le-sler Dorton, .lanif-as liilantrm, Eugene 'Harl-xey, Clifton Hogge, Norman Nc-Geliec, Neil Daniel, .lack Daughm-rily. Second Row: Joe Herman Rucker, Elton Plownian, Dennis Manly, J. FS. Duval, Hill Harris, 'Ferl Darby, Clyde Lindsey, Benton Anderson, Stewart Mc'Adoo. 'Fhirfl Row: Robert Gililland, Dean Austin, Mack 'l'iltIe, John Vhiiilrcss, lieonartl Johnson, Max Legg, Bill Abbott, Locksley Hall. Fourth Row: Miss Ouida Clemons, .l'. VVhit Reynolds, Warren Hicks, Aileen I-larrlin, Ira 'l3urrows, Eclell Moore, Rhodes Chalker, J. P. 'Willi:tnison, J. T. Blanton, Garnett Gracy, A. H. NVillianis. , ' Bottom l-low: Tlierron Lewis, R. .l.xlones, Burneal Sc-ott, Cecil YVilson. . '- Ninety-six Fine Arts Mus. EDITH C. SMITH, ADVISER HE lf1lllC Arts Clulv was organized in 1934- to give the students an opportunity to study the hest in painting and music. Although this club is young, it does not luck in the eclueationzll spirit which prevails throughout Abilene High School. Just think of the thrill received hy the members of this club when they listened to the Beethoven "Sonnta,'! Even students not in this club enjoy its efforts, such as the pictures displayed in the office oi the Student Counselor and the small library con- sisting of the lnest hooks collected by Mrs. Edith C. Smith. OFFICERS Pm' ANSLEY - - - President M.AltlDAltli'l' CHA1.M1zns - - Vice-President Iitoisie Kieran - - - Secretary CLARENCI-: H,u1.m' - - Reporter M EM 13 ERS -'Pop ltow: Mrs. lilclith C. Smith, Surah Helen Ql'e:l1'c:e, .lim Carter, Burneal Scott, Clarence I-lullvy, Alton licaieli, Joi- Bruton, l-lill Noland. St-uonil Row: lNl:u'p.r:u'vl tjluilmers, Eloise Keen, Pat Ansley, Eva Male Coffman, Barbarxi tlrn'sm'li, .lame l.,m11-i'n1unr, Einnmlove lvlurstirzliid. llottmn ltow: tflinrlos Sugxgs, tiatrrie Mae Johnson, Frances E. Osborne, Geline Randolph, Helen 'l'innin, l"rum'i-es Hill fumner, lluuizlns Eclwurcls. ...-..Ti...i.,.. - .,-..,- V-7 W W I ..L..- . ,i..l. .T.A an-AJ.. Ninety-seven Pre-Medical H. H. JOHNSON, ADVISER HE aim of the Pre-Medical Club, which was organized in 1926, is to give the students information about first aid and Red Cross work. The students became acquainted with the institutions where they might secure an education in all bramches of medicine and in nursing and dentistry. Through conferences with doctors and nurses, the members oi this club were helped to decide what professions they wished to follow. This club proved most valuable iII giving supervised information about professions which students were interested in. Fall Term LEEIXIAN GOUCH - M. C. COPE - - ATHALENE MILLER M1-:LBA HAMILTON OFFICERS - Presillenl - - ViC6-.Pl'6Sifl6Ill - - - Secretary - Reporter - MEM HIGHS Spring' Term, - - - M. C. Cops - PAUL WILLIAMS - - OLIVE BYNUM - MELBA, HAMILTON Top Row: l-I. H. Johnson, Garth Austin, M. D. Riehzircls, Frank Ai'lilI'I'iS, NV:lyInn1l Boyd, Bill Hzunpton. Bottom Row: Este Mayfield, Olive Bynum, ,... .lf--L .k , , . - Second Row: Paul xVilii2ll1lS, Muggy Foley, .loo Duwlen, Hziynie Sides, f'il'ZlllViilL! Johnson, M. C. Cope, Bruce Duval, .loe Owen, Mellm Hamilton. lle Cl'2lip2', Mildred Nvhitnmn, Dorotliu Ann Cox, llohhio Popelzuicl, Marie Y l Virgiiiia NN'lIi1v, Elizabeth Rigg, Atlmlene Miller. Y Y., -. 4-.. H - ..,.-.-..,..,..T. Ninety-eight Get-Acquainted With Science A. V. XVILLIAMS, Anvisen HIE Cel-Acquainted with Science Club is an organization in which students inter- ested in science can do more extensive research work. It was established in 1933 for the purpose of studying and giving reports in scientific articles appearing in cur- rent magazines and newspapers. ln the way of unusual things, the club, this year, built il bookshelf to be kept in the laboratory. The students from time to time accum- ulated magazines and newspapers of scientific importance and contributed to the library. The students were entertained at one of their club meetings by an interesting moving picture entitled 'ilfleetrical Transmission of Sound.'7 Besides entertainment in their club meetings, the members studied the uses and applications of the apparatus in the laboratory. This club in addition to being entertaining gives the science students valuable training and information. OFFICERS Fall Term, Spring Term Juuus G1cis'rMAN - President - - - HERMAN LONG GEORGE GRIMMETT - - Vice-President - - GRANVILLE WATERS CLEO Cimixtiizrzns - - Secretary - - CLEO CHAMBERS Leia Si-unL1av - - Reporter - - H. M. lVlCBEATH M EMBE RS 'Pop How: A. V, 'Williams-c, trvin Mill:-:, Sherwood Pye, George Newman, R. L. Mead. St-uonrl How: Wayne Hlulce, .lulius Geistinzln, Douglas Hembree, Howard 1-lont-ycutt, Bill Ztluulilin, .lulizln Olsen, Albert Spnnn, I-tolli:-4 Huddleston. 'Vhlral ltow: liolmrt Pollen, I-It-rmun Lrmpg, Evert-tt Bridge, Jimmy Agnew, Fred Brewer, Ulm-o Uliuxnhters, Dorothy 1-lnley, Mattie Ruth Hargrove. llnllom Row: George Grinnnett, Uma Smith, .Io Kathryn French, Lee Shirley, Margaret Bt-nslt-y, Irene Gray, Jessie llcnrlrit-ks. ..4...,...-. ..l..Lr..A.?.- .T....... ....,...a Nlncty-nine Forensic COMER CLAY, Anvisizn HE Forensic Club was organized in 1932 to stimulate an. interest in all speech activities. The club is divided into two units: a dramatic unit which sponsors all forms of interpretative speech, and a debate unit whose members take part in all forms of original speech. The programs of the organization this year consisted of plays by the pupils, declamations, extempore speeches, humorous debates, and original ora- tions. The club presented two plays this year: a Christmas play, which was presented in chapel and at the Rotary Club, and an original play by Eugene l-larkey, which was presented by a cast composed of Forensic Club members. The club was enter- tained by a spring picnic which was attended by members of both units of the organi- zation. The achievements for the year have proved that it has become a standing organization in Abilene High School. OFFICERS Fall Term, Spring Term ALEXANDER BICKLEY President - - - - W. F. MARTIN W. F. MARTIN - - Vice-President - - ROY DUNN VIVIAN SWEARINGEN Secretary - - ELSIE 'l'ARPLEY BETTY CONNER - Reporter - BETTY CONNER MEMBERS Top Row: Corner Clay, Bill Sisson, Lee Shirley, Robert, Mills, W. 'll Counts, Roy Dunn, Curry Allen, .lack Truskett. Second Row: Maurice Fincher, Elsie Tarpley, Catherine Luthaun, June Moore, Lescia. Dee Farr, Eugene Harkey. Third Row: Viola Sample, Betty Conner, Dorothy Bailey, Mcllut Smith, Lottie Wren, 1-Ielcn Boswell, Vivian Swearingen. Bottom Row: VV. F. Martin, Cyrus Frost, Billy Dorton, Alex Bicklcy, Nviule Mezulows. One Hundred -4 'QI :Rf ll ,f ' :if W - , I: ll Q l lf l5 1-I l t l7'l,I ll ,J tl t .I Q:-I'! 3.1.- , Tll F l I , , I - I ,M y -. A I l, I , I l gi", .H I i ,I 'Il i ,,1f' I l I .gl I .' I ,'4-,73 l Ll to I I ruff' ,H,J!,l 'I xl , Ill! , It 'Mi' 1"j.'i: II' P lfft ll 3, l-.4,I,.r.I In ..I' 535 I Ixlfl' fltf' 1 bd. l ffell-iff .V 5' Collectors MISS OIIELL JoIINsoN, AIIVISEII HE Collectors Club was organized in 1934 to stimulate an interest in the col- lection of valuable and unique articles. Many interesting things, from bars of soap to pink elephants from this and foreign countries, were collected. Besides gathering together these various articles, the members learned to arrange them and mount them. The Club held a delightful Christmas party in the home of Betty Barnes. Names had been drawn, and each member gave a fellow member a gift which was to be added to his collection. The guests then exhibited their various collections and listened to interesting talks on famous collections ill America and exhibits in foreign countries and received ideas oII the arrangement and mounting of their own articles. This club is, indeed, an interesting club and a helpful addition to Abilene High School. OFFICERS Fall Term Spring Term ELIZAIIETII WILLIAMS - President - ELIZABETH WILLIAMS BE1"rv,AcNEw - - Vice-President - SHIRLEY ALLEN DELMA MCADEN - Secretary - - DI-:LMA MCADEN ZONA HORN - Reporter - ZONA HORN M EM B ERS First, Row: lietty Burns VVllllIlIllS, June Brarliauey, Estelle Xvills, Ada Parker. Set-mul Row: ldthul Milam, llillllllll' lx'll'll'lll'l, Joyce Graves, Nell Smith, Uctty l3ill'l'lGS, Frances Mm-I'lsoII, Sarah l':llZIll7Ptll Cox, Montie lieth Xvarrl. 'I'hir4l Row: ,live-lyII l321UlllHlll"llllDl', hola Jo Mctjoinh, Helen Louise Blanton, Martha Ruth Shaw, ltlary Isabel I-lolt, Marie ivvlillllilll, Maurine t'lIunIbley, Shirley Allen. 1"ourth Row: l':u'alee Dixon Manly, lietty Agnew, Virginia Regan, Elizabeth Xvilliams, Zona I-Iorn, Dolrna lhlL'AIlt:ll, Miss Uclell Johnson. ' I ' 'l I ,,.....4!-,-...-,, L....J I - 'Q'-"N ' A ' F' ,A 'i K 'V I lr ll' Mm-T i A-Ji' I l P ' J , ,-.g.,,i....K,. I , T , 4.-.L -v'-f""r1f"'-'Y' -" " A T A1 ,-Tw., -- I 'H- ..,4 .,... ,.s...-...l -f- f . , .14 .,-.. V- Une Huntlrerl Ono .:' -I .1 A.. up vi ff-V f .H N .X it .i' , l.-P :Qt-is 2 .fm lliVk"'fl L iles' ' l , '1 if 'ilk l .iff my ., 5".U"l,. 'rf' ff' it' u iierfl ii FLT! lj V ' l Q-321.11 i' '-2 x i-41 ly l r F M, l. Q' ,rg 3 '. y I L 1 ,rr I J :I reel l,9':" i 9 J' '-'ir' Pi!-rl, I I 1 it J 5 -all sr Y.: P. ,. .l in Ll .sig f 2-lit. ti-ill' i , W in L I ri 'T lf.. i-,, 1 . ,Y . -if W, rp.. , 1 "1 r,-1 . Qi"-y'11' . Y V '.f-.YJ : U U' li 'N lt! , . iifjjl 1,,l,:'f5i fififi ,F..,j. .1 ai la rf 'gnu xrlbtpt lb lei -1.3 ls ti ge... Ye Little Players J. C. HUMPHREY, Anvrsnn HE Ye Little Players Club was organized in 1928 to teach the students how to read and interpret plays and how to produce worthwhile drama. The student body was entertained with plays. N011 the Air", a light comedy was given at 51 night performance. The cast included June Frost, Elizabeth Stevens, lVIargarct Ansley, Natalie Tandy, and Bessie Jo Jackson. A unique Russian costume play was presented in chapel starring Emmarie Gibbs, Mancill Shaw, Maldine Branch, and .lack Bowers. An amusing comedy, "The Elopementw, was presented at the sopho- more class meeting. Since Ye Little Players became renowned as an educational dramatic club, it had to limit its membership. The honor of becoming a member of this club has filled many students with keen excitement and pride. Each year the Y. L. P. has a formal banquet in March and a picnic in the' late spring. OFFICERS - - - - - - - President MANCILL SHAW - DOROTHY Doss - - Vice-President DORRIS BURNS - - - Secretary BOBBY LONG - - Treasurer CARL GREEN - - Reporzer MEMBERS ,Top Row: J. C. Humphrey, Mary Lee Roach, Maldine 'l3I'ilIll'l1, Stanley Jones, Charles McClure, Carl Green, .luck Bowers, Mamcill Shaw, Mack Tittle, C. ll. Boyd, .Dorotliy Doss, Betty McDuff. Bottom Row: L. J. Vtfoods, Neal NValton, Grace- Elizabeth ffoniperv, Elizabeth XVilli:rn1s, Mildred Pender, June Frost, Bessie Jo Jackson, Einmrtric Gibbs,'N:4,tz1lie 'l'zlnfly, Mzwgzrrul Ansley, Dorris Burns. .3 1- -rv One Hundred Two I l I i i w '1 3 ,mf 9 l Y t. w t l I I' 9 r , l r Y E r r lr, l, l tl M r,,l l v t l yr 1 lift y l. il ill L li, 1 ii R li. . l, .gl I. I i ,-Al 1 1 sl ii. I . fx lr. lf ' l H1 l All A pn il I lkr-. -ggi Styli .I ull i f I, i 5 4 P li Mask and Wig C. B. FORD, Anvrsen V l'llS Mask and Wig Club was organized in l932 for the purpose of studying plays, discerning the good plays from the had ones, and producing good ones. The club this year has produced l'The Singapore Spiderv, "Detour Ahead", and "The Ohstinate Family." ln December the members held a dinner at the Wooten Hotel. Tllftil' spring affair was a picnic. In the Road Show this year, the Mask and Wfig presented "And the 'Villain Still Pursued Hern. The "Singapore Spidern, besides being IJl'C'.'Clll.CCll in chapel, was given at a night show of three one-act plays and at the Oil Bell Teaeliers' Association. The cast of this unique play was: Cecil Wilson ........ Karl Bonneaux ....... Nan Barnes ........ Lucille Winter ..., Wilson Dowell ....... Cervis Galbraith ...... Fall Term OFFICERS Jason Harridew Nex ......lVIrs. Nex .......JOsie Whitve ......lVIatt Harridew .Matt Harridew Spring Term. WILSON Dowicm. - - Presidenz - - CECIL WVILSON Gisnvis GAI..llRAI'l'H - V ice-Presidens GERVIS GALBRAITH FRANCES lVlON'I'GOMERY - - Secretary - FRANCES NIONTGOMERY Iii EM B E li S 'Pop Row: Bill Riley, Cui-il XVilsOn. lf'i'ant'es Montgomery, Geraldine M1-Donald, Frances Saiimlvrs, .lt-:melle Green, Gynell Tate, Bill Abbott. Si--umid Row: Mr. ff, 13, Furrl, .lay Hamilton, J. E. Bailey, 'Pominy Gilstrap, Natalie Tandy, Melvin Gilillnnd, Naomi .lane Taylor, Wilson Dowvll. 'l'h.irdY Row: Bernice- Hull, Nan Bai'nu:-1, Mollie Frank Touclistone, Virginia McKennis Xllfl-Z'll'll3t Slllll.'llt'UIllll, .lm-an Clirislopher, Muriel Murray, Joyce Taylor. 1 Holloni Row: Karl lionneziux, .lean Bowyer, Dixie Ruth Free, Lucille Xifinter, Aileen Hardin, lf. li. llilflfill. ...,.......' ....L.,...L ...M- .-.z...- One llunrlrl-il Three . x l , l 3 1 Playmakers Miss JUANITA BARROW, ADVISER HE Playmakers Club was organized in 1934 to enable the rnernbers to learn the fundamentals Of stage technique. The students not only learned how to produce ' plays but also learned how to direct them. Martha Pearce and Helen Dwyer were ' directors of plays presented by the Playmakers. During the meetings the members l 1 took part in the discussion of the drama and practice ol stage technique. This year all the club presented l'Weinies on Wednesdayi, for the meetings of the Junior, the Sopho- v Mr, Foster ...... i Mrs. Foster ....,.... Their Daughter ..,,.. Their Son .............. p Madam Castinelle ,....,. 1 A Voice ................. I l 2 Fall T erm, l' MARY GALBRAITH - MADALINE 0,NEAL - BEE AGNEW - - JESSIE SIMPSON - more, and the Freshman classes. THE CAST OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treausurer NEMIEISRS R. Haile . ......Lucille Hare .......Betty Latham ,.....Gip Oldham Mary Galbraith ....l..Alex Miller Spring Term BERNARD VVILLIAMS - JIMMY BROWN - GEORGE INGLE Mmacm FAYE PAYNE Top Row: Claude Stewart, Garnet, Gravy, I--loud Hart, Alla-rt Kinser, Albert Hawkins, H. IH. Yates, Jr. Second ROW: Fern Foster, Ava Nell Blackburn, Lottie 'l-5. l-l.ol.ihs, Mary Ella I-larvcy, Margie Faye Payne, Mary Sue Killelurew, Betty Latham, Lucille Haro. Third Row: Betty Wilson, Hannah Williams, Anetta Mills, Mary Sue llavins, Martha l"ea.rc-c, Jackie Mills, Ruby Nortlirup, Mary Louise Francis, M iss Juanita Barrow, Bottom Row: Foy Harris, Fannelle Gray, Jessie Laverne Simpson, Madalinc U'Ncil, Mary Elizabeth Galbraith, Bee Agnew, Helen Dwyer, Gin Oldliam. -- 'JQFA Y, 4.4. -v--41-lui 1 .L.7.. - : t i L . L4 , One Hundred Four Tournament Play C. B. Foan, Anvisiza 66 HE Princess Marries the Pagel' was selected as the entry for Abilene High School in the lnterscholastie League Tournament Play Contest. Much praise should he given to the constant efforts of Clarence B. Ford, who directed this play and to , the stage crew, who accompanied the play at each presentation: Mzmcill Shaw .,,.,.........,,,.. ..........................,.. ....i. ........ S t a ge Manager J, E. Bailey i,..,....i,, .,...,,.....,..... A fast Tommy Gilstrap ..,,.. .,,..., C arpenter Mary Burger .......,......... ..,.... M ake-up Miss Odell Johnson ............i.......,.................,..V..............,........................... C1'illC This romantic play was presented twice in Abilene: once in a paid chapel and afrain at a niffht performance. The cast consisted of: P5 D 'Natalie Tandy ........ ....... P l'iIlCC53 John Childress ...... .......... P age Karl Bonueaux ..................... ....... K ing Charles Arthur McClure ......... .-...... G Hard C. H. Boyd ...,,...,................... ........ G uard Mack Tittle .......... ........ G Hard Rlalph Beasley ......................................................... ....... . .. .. . .......GuarCl The play won first place at the District Meet in Sweetwater, and individual first acting honors went to Natalie Tandy and John Childress, while Karl Bonneaux took second in boys' individual acting. .Results of State Meet: Third place in state honors. All-State cast, won by John Childress and Karl Bonneaux. , , l l ' 6 Une- lllllIfll't'il l"lx'4- 'ea Pep Squad A Miss GLENNA FAYE GRANT, ADVISER HE purpose of the Abilene High School Pep Squad is to :foster the best type of school spirit in the school, to support the school in all its activities, particu- larly in the field of athletics, and to establish a feeling of friendliness and good sportsmanship among all its members. On December 20, 193411, the squad had its annual dinner in the cafeteria. Santa and his reincleer distributed the various gifts to the members. The annual Homecoming was held on May ll, 1935, at liytlo Lake, where the new members servecl as a scrub team and as the waiting eoinniittee. OFFICERS FRANCES MONTGONIERY - ---- - - President CHARLOTTE COPE - - - Vice-Prasirlenl MALDPINE BRANCH - - - Secretary ELIZABETH ROUTH - ------ 7'rea.su,i-er NITA HINDS - - - Clmir1n.an of the Clieclifers RIIDMHEHS Top Row: Maxine Cotton, Szirzili Collins, l-lenrietl':i lleiiiiiiigtnxi, llilizatlielli Kii'kp:ili'i:.-lc, Nell Camp, Pauline Ballew, Mary Idlizzilietli Aiken, Hazel XVzii'd, Mary Ifllizztlretli t'l:tIlii'a.itli, Miss Glenna Faye Grant. Seeond Row: Mary If'raw-es 'l'ittle, Selina l"lm'k, Gi-line ltiinrlolpli, Sybil Sliiflett, ll'f'ilt' Hzlile. Joyce Graves, Zona Horn, Shirley Allen. Third Row: Frances Morrison, Sarah Elizabeth Uliirk, Irene llztveiiprwt, Ili-ssiv .Io .lzu-ksuu. Wiliiizl Rutli Bit-liley, .io Martin, Grave llllizzilic-tli Coiiipvre, .le-:in t'hrisloplier, Geiwilrlim- Jlolinstori. Fourth Row: Elsie Clark, 'Evelyn Tirittuin, Nnrtlizi Ruth Shaw, Rnvlmt-l Huy, lleli-n Ilmiisv Blanton, Nan ltlillsup, .lFl'Ill1L'9S Neill, .lozinette lmttersoii, Lucille Winter. liottom Row: Ilfllizalmetli Routli, l"rziiivf-S Montprrnne-ry, Mzilrlene 4'ir:mt-li, f'l'lHl'lllll4,' Cope, Nitin Hinds. Um- 'lluiulrt-il Six Pep Squad H Miss CLENNA FAYE GRANT, .ADVISER N March the Pep girls took part in u sunrise breakfast, though by the time it was cooked the sun was high in the sky. Later in May the Squad was entertained with at swimming party at the Country Club. The Abilene High School Pep Squad wus one of the first organized in Texas and has maintained its place as one of the best in the stule. OFFICERS Fimweigs Mowrcoiuem' - ----- - - President Cl-lAlll.0TTE COPE - - - Vice-Presirlenlf MA1.1ucN1a BRANCH - - Secretary lf3I.lZAllE'l'Il Rourn ----- Treasurer NITA l'llNDS - - Clzairnzan of the Checkers MEN IIERS 'Pop liow: .lune llrulizum-y. Myrl Morelzmil, llI:11'g:u'et1 Little, Genevieve Ilaneoek, Eurline Allen, lmnuzi Marie Wooldridge, Velma St:1rn:iter, Bee Agnew, Vzxlorzx l-Inle. lrene Moser, June l',ongmoor, Ihelmu MeAclen, line Cole, Miss Glenna Faye Grunt. Set-ond Row: Mildreel I'z-niler, l,ol:l .lo Metlomb, Fairy Thelma Bezun, Valerie Hoekeislnitli, l'nlm li. I-lrzuieli, liu llaune XVis1lom, Joann Seuhnlt, .Iuliu Strange, Virgie Cox, Frances Payton, .Toe l'e:nrl lSi1:f:e1'st:lff, Minn lfne lnmzin, Illuriettzt Morrisset. 'Vliiril Row: llixie M'ontg'mnery, Mary Franees Kelly, Betty Wallace, Mary Lou Henderson, l-!e1't:u.fene xhlHlliL'l', Ropreue Beasley, Glmlys Hillman, Louise Toomhs, Billie Louise Sears, Mollie l-'rank 'l'HUC'llHlUll4", Virpriniar Meliinnis, Doris Naylor. l"oui'th Row: Mary Isabel Holt, Jerry Austin, Nita Sliztliziiih Mary Carter Yeztton, Eleanor Young, l,ol'z1im-- l+Ix'erett, lketty XViIson, Nun Baines, Betty Burns -Vvllllillllii, .lane Agnew, Gloria lla-ssixiiz. N 'lioltoiu Row: lfllizznheth liouth, l"l'ilI1L'f3H Montgomery, Mnlclene Brunch, Charlotte Cope, .'iln lliluls. H- ..'-ey F A .fx . ' i 1 Une Illuuilretl Seven Home Economics Mus. T. E. PIERCE, Anvisicn HE purpose of the Home Economics Club is to foster friendship among girls interested in homemaking and to help solve problems of junior homemakers. Recent honors Won at the State Homemaking Education Rally held at Mineral Wells in 1933 were: First place in Care of Food in the Home, Blanche Banowsky. First place in Flower Arrangement, Blanche Banowsky. Second place in School Girls' Costume, Cora Belle Burrus. At the State Home-making Education Rally in Austin, 1934, Helen Poe won second place in Flower Arrangement and honorable mention for Publicity Portfolio. The club sponsored state contest entrants, planned, prepared, and served the Future Farmers Father-Son banquet, and participated in the State and District club meetings. At the State Home Economics meet at Corpus Christi, Rachael Hay won first place in the selection of foods. OFFICERS Fall Term .Spring Term NAN MILLSAP - - - President - - - NAN lVlILl.SAP BABE WARREN - - Vice-President - - - BABE XVARREN PAULINE ALLEN - - Secretary - - PAULINE ALLEN RACHAEL HAY - - - Treasurer - RACHAEL HAY CLAIRE NELL MILLER - - Reporter - FLomNE Ci-MPMAN MEMBICRS Top Row: Gwendolyn King, Helen 'l'urnirlg'o, .loo l"e:u'l Fliggrci-st:if1', Louise Willizimson, ltilildreil VVilkins, Doris Ford, Flew Reddell, Mrs. 'l'. lil. Pierce. Second Row: Verlyn Rlimks, l.orone Wade, Juanita Rivers, Vern Ulizie-zu, Ratio 'W:ii'ren. 'Pauline Allen, Sarah Fly, Retina Little. Thirrl Row: Mary Yeziton, Alice ltuclcer, ileulzill Ruth lloyd, Evorie Vlztrk, l'lmi'lvm: liziw- kins, Claire Nell Miller, Margaret Liillr-, Florine f'hapni:in. Bottom Row: Louise Tlnrliy, Effie Mziuile 'l'v:il, Sui- llzill, Ravliziifl Huy, Pziulim- lizillow, Nan Millsap, Jane Agnew. One iillllllillfil Eight Rythm Riters Miss LUDEE NIAE HARRISON, ADVISER HE Rythm Riters were organized for the purpose of acquainting its members with business practices so that they might become better citizens in the business world. Any students taking typing or having taken it can become members of the club. The Club made a study this year of Abilene and Taylor County, its early history, its industries, factories, institutions, and leading citizens. They obtained their inforination from the city Blue Book and the Texas Almanac. After giving their reports, the students would outline or write out their parts, type them, and place them in the club scrap book-their project for the term. The program and minutes were also typed and put into the book. One interesting program was made of burlesques on people applying for positions. In the fall a picnic was held at the Filtration Plant, and all of the members on the team working for the Inter- seholastic Contest were invited to the spring affair. In the State Meet Juanita Bull ranked first in Shorthand and Davida Graham third in typing. Fall Term ,IuixNl'rA Bum. - '.ll0MM1Ii Jouwsow Oman, Omvisn - Aixrus Pllll.l,ll'S - WINSTON l'lAlil'I5Ilt - 'Pom ltnw: tVinstun OFFICERS - Presirlerib - Vice-Presielerzl - - Secretary - Treasurer - - Reporter - - - Sergeant-at-A rm 5 N BM B ERS Spring Term, - J UANITA BULL - 'WINSTON HARPER Maaeuemriz OSTEEN DOYLE TILLOTSON - BILLY EARNEY 1 l-larper, Catharine Russell, Ruby Skelton, Odell Oliver, Mary Kate Smith, Mia-is Iiudee Mate il'lIll'J'iSUll. Seuond Row: ltiily lilarney, Ennis Britt, Dorothy tlilbm-th, Dorothy Hare, Catherine Latham, Doyle 'I'illotsun. lioltnnn ltoxr: Lorena 'lCng'Iund, .luanita Bull, 'i"I'Etllt'US Grant, Claire Nell Miller, Marguerite Ustveli. 11. W .t 17 t . I 1 1 ' iq l Une Ilunclrutl Nine .P. Q. R. 'HE Excelsior Club was organized in the fall of 1929 to arouse the interest of the student body in the life, art, and literature Ol' the Romans. At the first meeting this year the members voted to change the name of this valuable club from Excelsior to the S. P. R. Showing its patriotism, this club observed all the special holidays with appropriate programs. ln order that new members might become better ac- quainted with the Others, a party was held at the home of Patsy Ellis. The club proved its value to the school by buying pictures for Room 35 to help make the school more attractive. The members of the club purchased individual pins during the year. OFFICERS Fall Term Spring Term LUCIALIS JONES - President - HAROLD BEASLEY ERNEST REYNOLDS - Vice-President ERNEST REYNGLDS NIARCUERITE lVIcDADu - Secretary - - ROBERT HOLMES nimmuns 'Pop Row: Mack Barnes, Carol l'xt'l'l'Qll, Hart Shoemaker, l.:1wi'em'e Maytii-lil, t,eonar1l Bzxlfatnz, Paul Clayton, Ralph Fry, 'Lee Ellen llxilfanz, Mrs. C. B. I-lit-ks. Second Row: Eleanor Young, Momirae- Schultz, liucizilis Jones, Aileen Tflatrrlin, Verlie Akins, NVyne1l Allen, Louie Fay Goldsmith, AI:u'gue1'ile Mcljacle. Bottom Row: Patsy Ellis, .lames George, Chapmzm Rollins, Curl Ferrell, lCrnest Reynolds, Ednest XVil:-son, .Juanita Shahun. One H und red Ten Defessi Aeneadae Miss l.VlYIl'l'LE TnAN'r1'1AM, Aovisea Motto: MFOIZSKIII cl have olini nzeniinisse jzwalnitn. IVE years ago the Virgil class in the Home Room organization adopted the name ' ljefessz' flcrzemlue. the Weary Followers of Aeneasg and each class since has retained this name as well as the molto. As this organization is really a Home lloom Cluh. the programs outlined for all senior l1on1e rooms are followed. At the Latin Tournament hfzlil in Coleman, Nan Pearce won first place in both the fourth-year division and essay. She and Mary Margaret Dwyer won the fourth- year cup. an honor which no Virgil class has ever lost. Bobbie Louise Bland repre- sented the school in Latin 'llOlll'I'li1ITlCl1lS in both her freshman and sophomore year-5, anfl Leah Cill won the essay in her fI'CSlllllLlIl year. A liilll'lSllllilS party was held in the home of lVla1'y Virginia Willittriis aurl a spring outing were very enjoyable social affairs. Fall T NAN l',I'lARCl-I W. I-I. Wamm Bonnns l,,UUlSlE 'lfnp Huw: VV. OFFICERS crm - I'1'esi1lfz11l - - - Vice-Presiflenii BLAND - - Secretary MEM HIGHS ll. XV:u'il, Nan I',f:l1'm'-, Leah Gill, Melvin Gilillaud. Miss Myrtle 'I'ranIlmln, Mary X'irg'inin VVilliams, Corinne llaniel, Mary Mm'- gnret Dwyer, Mary Kali- Smith, I-Zohhiv Iaxuist- llland, Iiolloni Row: Spring Term, - NIELVIN GILILLAND - ---- L1-:AH GILL BOBBIE LOUISE BLAND into I--Inndrr-al Elevf-11 ..L.. La. Los Leales MRS. E. M. RANDOLPH, MADRINA OS LEALES tiene por su objeto el estuclio de los costumbres y idfrales de las paises de hable espanolag y una Valuacion de sus meritos. Tamhien hala de estimular un mejor interes en hablar la lengua cspanola. Las prograinas consistcn en musica, discursos juegas certamenes y piecicitas espanoles. Las actividades de este ano son do programas de capilla, Monte" se presento a la noche. Las Personajes de esta pieza eran: Colonel Dunubarton ..........,.......A.... Woiig, his servant .....,....,,.. Miller Boone, his nephew ..,.. . Rosita, the rose of El Monto ..... , Jim Steele, the ranch foreman ............,...,,,.,... Mrs. Goodwin, the widow from New York ..... . Darlene, her daughter .,...,........,........,...,....... Ramona, the Indian cook .........,,..........,. Gloria Down, the girl from the desert ...,. Pctc Anderson, of Rancho Langina .....i,.,..,. OFFICERS Fall Term JOHN D. FRANCIS - - PI'8SiCl6I1,l6 - JOEL ADAMS - - - l!iC78-Pl'6Sl:lllfll-IC OLA PEARL CASEY - Secremrio - lllCB1L!l'IliS 'Pop Row: Jack XVaters Hill, Preston NVhetsel. - Second Row: Mrs. E. M. Powell, Louise Holston, J. C' . Foster. y una pieza que se llama ulsa Rosa del T. ll xVllllCll0l'Il Whit Reynolds .............Jim Stovall .....Dollic Goodman .............Carth Austin ......Mary Ella Harvey ..........l'lurietlc Rogers ......Ma1'y Alice Morgan ..........l,ouise llolston .....l'larlr-y Bateman Spring Term, - - Jolci, ADAMS - JIM S'rovALL l'l,ARIli'l"l'l'I liooens , Louis Barlcsdnie, J. J. Johnson .Ir., Audit Vee Keniletz, Duskiu Randolph, Burl Roacli, Milclrecl Roach, Ola I-'earl Cast-y, Virginia Third Row: 'l'. D. Whitehorn, ldleice Elmore, Jennie Bess Ewing, Nadine Clnck, Mary Alice- Morgan, Irene Gracy, Ollie Beel Ball, Harley Bateman. Fourth Row: Jim Stovall, .l. 'Whit Reynolds, Marry .Io uiun, Mary Ella Harvey, Henrietta- Rogers. Bottom Row: Bill Button, .lack VVallaee, Luther Foley, lgleli, Ruby .lean Rcdwine, Dollic Goud- Curtie-: Chance, liilly Guest. ,.., . , A..1Il lLlll.ll.xl ' +- Om- Ifluntlretl Twelve Texas Miss IVIARY BACGETT, ADVISER l-Ili Texas Club was organized in 1933 for the purpose of learning more about Texas forts, trails, and famous battle grounds and making a study of her writers and other great men. The members of this yearis club have worked on the subject of the Texas Centennial, which will be held in 1936. Their programs con- sisted ol' reports on reference work, quotations from famous Texas poets, and a study of short talks on Texas wild flowers, cowboy ballads, and groups of short stories. The club was entertained with 21 Christmas party in the home of Sybil Shiflett. Most of the lnembers were present, and everyone received a gift. Games which had orig- inated in Hollywood were the main features of the program. The spring affair was il picnic. Anyone interested in Texas or her history was welcomed as a member in the club. OFFICERS Fall Term Louis ADAMI - - President - - Spring Term - - G. A. YVEBB ,IMF Sums - - Vice-President - NIVEN CRANFILL ,IAQUI-: Nl2vn.i.s - Secretary - SYBIL SHIFLETT O. ,I. ADAM! - Reporter M mi mans - J ,tours NEVILLS Top Row: Grier XYnlker, llnyle King, Jay Sides, Vt'elclon Akins, Jack Kinztrtl, Leo Masser. Second How: .lnqne Nt-vills, Cnrrn Lee flisl, Glzulys Ruth l'nrnell, Joyce Burford, Anna Conner, Mellvzt ltic-lt, Miss Marry Bagge-tt. 'i'llll'Kl ltuw: Nt-ll ilillllll, Marry lilfllit W'hite, Evnrie Clark, Norma Victor, Rogene Beasley, Gertrude lllunst-ll, Sybil Shiflell. Q lrourlh ltow: Szunuel Mt-l'lentlor, Felton tingle, Hilly Virmlen, Erlell Moore, Rufus G1'lSl1Illll, Niven tfrnnfill, Roy Green. ' Holtrnn Itow: 'Willartl Spieler, Roy Black, 'Robert Sniaw, Marion Jones. Une- llunrlrcml 'lfhirtecn if W R. if 1 ' rf for 2 J f l . ' v ftliflf fl fy f , U - f 7 i f l jf H ff 13 f T T T , ff Q RAYMOND . M, ADVISER E 01 f ft . HI yas Jeen a mostxbusy -nd ' cessful year for the band, considering all the V ' l nors which it has"-VMXP grams given by this organization consisted of X iii rallies, chapel 6l1tCl'lfi.illIllClilS, and concerts. Much credit and honor should , y 'Je fven to Mr. R. T. By un for his untiring and faithful efforts in working with OL! , J ,the mbers. On April 2, 1935, the Band went to Enid, Oklahonia, where it participated in A Q the Tri-State B d Contest. The honors the entire band won were first in playing and first in 1 1' ing. .idual first honors went to Robert Collier in twirling the baton, Fic Schro er 1 clariiet solo, Ellis Henderson in f bone solo, and Ray Madd in saxo ' solo ' ' V rmul , V O 1' i l J . FFICERS c , , ' ID zXL - -A - ---- ' ------- Presirlenl l T f CLAUD lTfILON i -- - ---- - - - Vice-President , , JOE WBAR i - - - - - - - Secretary 'j In ' T I ' AD 0 ' - - - - - - - - - Treasurer by t 3 E i t ' T , ,l i - I ' EIVIBERS 1 ' ki s . Areyf!Owcn Baggelt, Billy Bell, ,lanieta Blanton, Royce Bow- , , N ers, J es C'l ell, . C. Clark, Paul Clark, Abie Cohen, Robert Collier, Robert , M l Coo 5 Jerry well, Weldon Cunningham, James Day, Charles Dick, .l. E. Dennington, , ' i ack Dau erity, T. J. Dunlap, Howard Gibson, Robert Cililland, lVlarvin Crimes, WM ' Billy mer, Gerald Harber, J. C. Hargrove, Winfred Harper, Clyde Hayden, Wayne , : Hayde , Earl Henderson, Ellis Henderson, Warren Hicks, A. lVl. Hinds Jr., lircd s . "s. 3' ' . f A ",' 1' ',.:'. 'H , AM, nneth Kramer, Harris Lovelace, Robert' Lowe, Edwin Lowe, Ray Maddox, Joe Mill- , ap, Claude Neilon, Dick Owens, J. M. Pittman, K. C. Pritchett, W. D. Rhodes, E. W. Ti T f Riddle, Edgar Roberts, Bobby Roberson, Billy Roberson, James Sanders, Fred X . Schroeder, Kenneth Skinner, George Taylor, Harry Tompkins, Walter Victor, Alfred 1 . Waldrop, Cid Waldrop, Thomas Williams, Fred Wright, 1C lev Ralph Hook Robc1tHo1ton Guy Kcinpex llowud Kempei ,lack Kinb fhfl ,- 1 A . 1 1 l One Hnmlred Fourtet O1'Cl'16Sl1'2l Rnmonn T. lirmm, ADYISER llli 0l'CllUSll'il stimulates tht- taste for symphonic music ancl presents such music to the stnclent hotly. lt also afforcls hoth the boys and girls the opportunity to tlevclop their musitfal talent, which talent has been clisplayecl for the student bocly several times. The nicmbcrs have sludiecl a large nuinlner of stanclarcl overtures and conceit numhcrs which thvy presented at MclVIurry College and Hardin-Simmons U11iv4'i'sily. The Cotton Belt Banquet also claimed the services of this musical organization. This unusual talent was in demand at various club ancl Class meetings, On the twenty-sixth of April the orchestra enterecl a contest at Harclin-Sinnnons University in which they won firugt place in Class A schools. OFFICERS K, tl. I-'ln'i't:i1t-:'l"r - ------ , ---- President Cmnt.:-gs Dick V - ':-i'ii"',- 'T fit T - ' -l i- Vice-President NITA HINDS - ' ' ' - Secretary M lfl M B E HS W. C. Akins. Harold Beasley, Bobby Bland, D. C. Clark, Ray Cooper, j. T. l'lamningt,on, Charles Dick, T. ,l. Dunlap, Sarah Estes, Wanda Fox, Dorothy Mae Franklin. James Ceorge, Dorothy I-lare, Earl Henderson, Nita Hinds, Bessie Jo .lack- son, Luviulis Jones, Alline lVlcCangliey, Mava Miracle, Saretta Morrow, ,lanie Alice llarrish. K. C. Pritellctt, Dennett Rice, W. D. Rhodes, Billy Roberson, G. T. Sancliclge, I"rccl Sclirocclcr. Frances Sears, Mary Kate Smith, Virginia Lee Smith, Cid Waldrop, Mack Warner, Betty Burns Williams. Ont- llnnrlrmt l-'iI'tt-un ational Honor Society L. E. DUDLEY, Anvisisa HE four cardinal principles of the National Honor Society are Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service. The chief aim of this organization is to dispel ignorance and superstition through investigation of truth. Leadership is the power of personality that blazes the trail for man's upward climb. To be a leader one must develop within himself qualities that are useful lo humanityg therefore character is a trait above all most desirable. This organization encourages character building. Because this is true, the motto is, "I would rather have honor than honorsn. Service is the beginning and end of one's education. It is a willingness to render any worthwhile aid to one's home, school, and coinmunityg it is the golden rule of those who labor to give to others the joys that illuminate their own lives. The old members presented a chapel program for the installation of the new members. OFFICERS C. H. BOYD - - - - - - Prcsiclent ALEXANDER BICKLEY - - Vice-Presirlenl MARGARET ANSLEY - - Secretary l NITA HINDS - Reporter M ISM BE RS 'Pop Row: Angrus Xvinn, Kendall Jones, J. E. Bailey, Ijurneal Scott, C. H. Lloyd, liarl Jones, Ray Maddox, Ralph Glenn, L. E. Dudley. Second Row: .loe Bill Duckworth, Nita Hinds, Natalie 'l'anrly, Claire Collins, Maldene Branch, Marisue Parramore, Helen Boswell, Frances Molitgomery, Herschel Smith. Third Row: Dorris Burns, Mary D. 'Burger, Davida Graham, .loye Arey, Nan Pearce, 'Winnie VVa.tt Finley, Alice Bentley, Odell Oliver, Mary lvlurgaret Dwyer. Fourth Row: Virginia Lee Smith, Margaret 'Louise Stewart, 'Louise Toombs, Nun Millsap, Margaret Ansley, Charlotte Cope, Florence Hughes, Mary Lee Hughes, Elizabeth liuuth, Dor- othy Doss. Bottom Row: Doyle Tillotson, Grady Shytles, Alex Biclcley, l'Vlnfield James, W. H. NVard, Preston Goetz. Oni: llunflred Sixteen Future Farmers F. E. TUTT, Anvlsnn I-Ili Future .Farmers Club promotes vocational education in agriculture in the school, creates more interest in the intelligent circle of farming and country life, promotes recreational and educational activities for students in vocational agri- culture. encourages cooperation, and strengthens the confidence of the farm boy in himself. The motto of the Future Farmers is: 'ilsearning to do and doing to learng learning to live and living to serve." The club made a profit of 351850 on Super- vised projects in 19311--35. The boys had a banquet for their fathers during the year. l. B. Duck of Abilene was elected 'Vice President of the Texas Association. Some of the honors won by the Future Farmers Club were: Rank-One of the four best chapters in Texas in 1934- State Convention at Huntsville. First place in judging swine, W. J. Harvey. First place in judging jersey cattle, .lack Griffith. OFFICERS DENNIS NIANLY - ---- - - President ,liuwlas Llivlcin5'r'riz - - Vice-President W.G.'I'UT'r - - - - Secretary Cviul. NISAS - - Treasumer W. J. lhrrvicr - - - - Reporter JOHN KEITH - - - - Parliamenmrian Mixsow llornnooxs - - Farm, Watch Dog M ICM HERS 'Pop Row: Anprrus VVinn, ltlclwnrtl Hensley, Lindsey Ferguson, Mack Bowyer, Lawrence 'lil1lbL'l'lN, Chnrlos llarlier, Elvis ltlontgoim-ry, Charles Ford, Harry Bright, T. L. Hamilton, Phil 'lf'orrl, Sum Willizuns, J. l-I. Lnnir-r, F. ld. 'I'ull. Sr-r-ond Row: J. li. Sliinks, f'l:iurlr- lh'ewstcr, .lmnes Harris, C. B. VVinn, Lyston Blanks, Cecil llnrlclox, llulilmy ltolnirson, Hurnivt- Hearty, J. IC. Newby, Uhzirles NVilliains, Chemist Johnson, XVilton l'rir-st, .luck ltohinson, Arthur Lee Hztrlclox, Anlton Pruitt. 'l'liird ltow: Hollis l'il.l'l'lHll00, Joe Bynum, Jack limilf-r, J. D. XVilliamson, Melvin Millard. l':tl4:n Kr-itll, A. Il. Foster, P, Williams, llresrlen Matthews. D. G. Hegeon, Mack Nvnrner, ltlnrshnli 'l'nIt, In-nson .Iowcrs, U. ll. A:-ililny, Fourth Itow: Rox 1"r:nn-vs, NVr-ldon 'F1'lll'll.ll2lI'll, NVoudrow Griffith, Flark Collins, Cyril Nens, NV KP 'l'ul1 I'1nn--z l.ov1--r'o1'1v, Dennis Manly, W. .l. 'I-ln1'vr-y, George Harvey, Ma:-:on Holbrooks. 134 tloin l'ow' Xlvin Hutton lot- Alontgorncrv, C. M. Conley, Marvin Miller, l'h:irles Sniitli, n L . f . , . . , llullis lilll'll2l.llilll, lil'j'1llll lalklllltgllillll, Natrol Archer, 'Ferl llztrliy, John Keith, Mnxy Riclntrds. Ullt' llutulrt-ml St'X'0llll'f'll GanG Miss T. CLACK AND Miss ODELL JOHNSON, ADVISERS HE C and C, a senior girl organization, was lorrned for the purpose of bringing about a closer relationship among the girls in Abilene liligli School and foster- ing a spirit Of friendliness and loyalty. Each girl at the beginning Oi the year chose a Freshman girl as her "Little Sister", and at Christmas time a party was given for the uLittle Sistersv. On Valentine da each Hlaittle Sister" receivefl zi valentine, and Y durinv the vear various cards and f'fI'C?ll1l0'S were sent. C7 . U D OFFICERS Fall Term, Spring' Term CHARLOTTE COPE - President - - C1-1Ain.oTTE COPE HARRIET GODWIN - V ice-Presizlemf - NIALDENE BRANCH MARGARET HUNT - Secretary - - lVlARc:AnE'r HUNT DELLOISE POFE - Reporter DELLOISE Poiriv NAN PEARCE - Chaplain - - NNN PEARCE M ICMBEIIS 'Pop Row: Marietta Morrisset, Rachael Hay, Tiillio Eli-dwell, .leannettu lleilrivlc, Virgie Cox, Irene Dux'en.po1'l, Vivian Sweariiigeii, Mary Kate Smith, l"lOrenc'e lflupqlies, Mary Lee lliiglii-ls, Sunshine Allen, Miss Odell .loliiismn Sec-und Rnw: Lest-ia, Dee lf'arr, lilargarel Ansley, Eloise Keen, Marjorie Handy. .loye Arey. Annie Mead Goiigli, Louise Tooinlis, Uavida Illralmin, Lenli Gill, Winnie Watt Finley, Jeanette Patterson, Elizabeth Iioutli, Mary Fry. 'Phircl Row: Frances Durbandt. Sarah Helen Pearve, Mary lmla Hailey, Floriiie lfliainnan, Geraldine Johnston, Geralrline U2lLIllUi21l'Kl1lt3l', Pat Ansley, llorris Burns, Nita lllncls, Claiiri- Nell Miller, Edith Vantreese, Helen 'i'urniilg'e, Alpha 'l-lay. Fourth Row: Marguerite Osteen, Mary Margaret Dwyer, ljorotliy flilliri-tli, Ili-len Boswell, Frames Hill C'oope-r, Arie-ne Wenthf-ri'erl, Fern Fest--r, Lois l-lernilnn, Rosa Pearl Wilson, Miss Tommie Clack. FiI'11l1 Row: lvlargnret Louise Stewart, Nan Millsail, lnia Knox, Flora Lackey, llelloise I'ul'l', Elizriln-l.li VVilliams, Nancy Hrissniii, Mary Lon Yniiiiglilimcl, 'Fonnniu Jolinsun, lmrulliy ll:-iiley. Bottom Row: Pauline Ballew, Ethel Milam, Neal N-Valtnn, Nargzarel llunl, Maidens: Bram-li, Joe Bill Dui-lnvurtli, Mary lillla 'l-lsirvey. -L. Une llnnrlrwl liligliteeii Andi the Ship wif like Desert lfzmumspo IES us rio nur flestimhmfionn Z X xX Q. 1 XL X' -. xxx A A , D lx i-XX -X f ,. ADVERTISEMENTS CLIMB ON !--- lriaving arrived at your port, you are about to board the Ship of the Desert in order to reach your destina- tion. On the way, however, you come to an oasis situated near the end. This last stop is centered around the advertising of our local merchants and the humor of our school life. Fellow Passengers, read the ads and show your appreciation to these men by patronizing their business. They have helped to make our annual what it is. Give them your support. 4- IIun4h'1-cl Num-tm-n .1-25 56 lQ,,' Q1"'l1, N7 : Q s 2 .I i eq! filtyf' Congratulations . . . . . . . It is a privilege to offer congratulations and best wishes to the student body of Abilene High School . . . . Congratulations for what you have accom- plished-and best wishes for your future success. For you, Seniors, regretfully leaving the halls of your Alma Mater, we sincerely wish the utmost pros- perity and happiness in the new tasks or studies con- fronting you. For you Undergraduates, remaining in school for further study, we rejoice with you at the prospect of new scholastic triumphs to come. Abilene High School-like the West Texas Utilities Company-is a West Texas Institution .... working for and with West Texas. We are proud of the part we have played in the development of this great Q'Land of Opportunity" 1 and will continue to bend every effort toward further improving the economic, cul- tural and scholastic standards of our great Empire. West'IeXas Utilities Compazyz O ll H RDIN - SIMMGNS UN IVE RSITY "Pioneer of Higher Education in West Texas" ARDIN-SIMMONS truly a university of YVest Texas-with the broad, free spirit of the West, a democratic student body, sympathetic instructors, and progressive Christian influence .... Never before has Hardin-Simmons been so well prepared to serve the youth of the country. liA'l'lNC-A flgree from Hardin-Simmons is recognized in leading colleges and universities in the United States and Europe. The university holds membership in The Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools of the Southern States, the Amer- ieun Association of Colleges, and the National Association of Schools of Music and ,Allied Arts. CURRlCUl..Ull'l-COL!l'S6S leading toward the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Music, Master oi Arts, and Master of Music degrees. Pre-law, pre-med courses, business ad1ninist.ration, home economics, journalism . . . . School of Fine and Applied Art .... Conservatory of Music. l"AClIl,'l'Y-More than fifty Christian men and Women trained in the leading universities in this country and Europe. lilQUll'lXIlCN'l'1illWClVC modern buildings, with adequate facilities for lecture, research, laboratory, rooming, and athletics. .Plant valued at more than 351,000,000 STUD!-INT AUTIVl'l'1'--O1'gZlIliZ21llOtlS for every type of student interest. Student controlled intramural sports. Leader in fields of oratory, journalism, debate, music, and athletics. EXl'l'1NSlCS--ClltlI'gCS at l'larclin-Simmons are lower than those of any other denominational school ol' its rank in the state. Forty-fourth Annual Opening . . . September 17, 1935 Summer Session . . . June 7, 1935 For Catalogue or Further Information, W1'ite Sl5IClilS'l'AliY, HAHDIN-SIMMONS UNIVERSVFY ABILENE, TEXAS JEFFERSON DAVIS SANDEFER, LL. D., President Q ,unnnunuuuunnunuuunuunnnun One it tum'lro1't 'Pwenly-one Q7rinters of SCHOOL ANNUALS BILENE RINTING sf TATIQNERY CGMPANY Manufacturing Stationers as Camlpllcetfe Uifffiicie Uatffiittfeirs Underwood Typewriters PRINTERS Sundsrrand Adding Machines STATIQNERS BOOKBINDERS A. B. Dick Mimeographs LITHOGRAPHING ENGRAVING and Mimeograph Supplies ,it-l, u I E E twt? rg gf an 9 X 5 eeeb 2 X 1 e999 99996 ZR X 1 9 N 99 Store 1083 North 2nd Street Factory 241 Hickory Street Prompt Attention Given All Mail Orders . . . .Y . . . . Sex be f W2 2 Y Y-K ,M ,, rgaeanm o ,J Exx- Ey ,N- ,,: 97I,. . X ff' ,HA f , mf!! - ., ' ,- 2 " .. r. 1 t 3 ,- - ,, 1 fx e 1319, 0 I . X mffffmvii- .P S ,, ' , 7 'QUEELHW .s 1 X it ne 2'3255'9Qt,+'X e Xx 529557 'X tx MWC' Q 'N-X tw' Vitae? ,V fr ty wx fi K . c 'xi 'N " ' 14 . .I -, . 1. f X y . l y, g 1- Val! ffasy Qbayment Qian This plan makes it easy for you to buy the Underwood Portable .... the complete writing machine with every essential operating feature. I Three styles--the Universal-the Champion-the Noiseless All Attractively g0riced Every Man, Woman and Child Will Find a Portable Useful and Helpful Ullllll tl -Q if i JOIN YOUR 1 ln 'Nil ' I rr If I-,ze Mlllli 51 in 4. ll . at jf I p " E14 J J "Vg i"'gT: - SCI-IOCDLMATES Each year an increasingly large number of the grad- uates of Abilene High School enter ABILENE CHRISTIAN COLLEGE. They come for many reasons, but chiefly because they find at A. C. C. that which meets their needs-opportunity to grow mentally, physically, so- cially, morally, and spiritually - ABILENE CHRISTIAN COLLEGE provides the balanced education. Join Your Schoolmates At Abilene Christian College JAS. F. COX, President Abilene, Texas Teacher: Describe a yak. Billy Bell: Ir looks like a cow with an overcoat on. Teacher: Wliat is the formula for water? Student: H-I-J-K-L-M-N-O. Teacher: Wliere do you get that? 2 Student: You said yesterday the formula for water was I-I O. uu-anus:Iunnnnnnun-nun:nunnnnuunnnnuunlunlnnunnn-nun-nununun1nun-n1.1unuI1Iunn--ua--1nn--nun--an-an-sux:In-pl..-nnnnnnnnnnnnnunnuuuunnuuuuunnu MAY WE WISH ALL OF YOU BETTER HEALTH BY USING anne! ICE-MILK GMIE59 BUTTER-ICE CREAM Better Dairy Products "They Taste Better" nnuuunnuuuunun:-nnnnnn-nuns.nngnlluulunnn I0 fllunmlred 'l'ws-nty-thru-e nc.nun-nun-nuns:---nnnnnnnnn- annumnnununaununuuunnnuuunnnuunuunaununnuanuu WHO ----' ME? Yes' YOU- A . ' ' ' ' -. 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R Q x it xg N A x f 4'?Z"::w' wing: YS Q. E QA? 24-2-24.11. PINE STREET . f x Z x 5' I x Xwx , e Zf,i6EQ239e e , lQ5RYQx.QN9l, 'xxmxX5BWwS5 1 ANKKOWXK Lis v e e -e e N s X L-f XS A V x Y I V ' Texas Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Abilene, Texas ,9' Om H1mhrl'I xuntx You Serwke Szkzfe 1889--- The oldest and largest bank in the Abilene country is just as anxious to please and serve you as we would be were we just opening for business. We are trying to do our part in making Abilene bigger ancl better than ever. The Farmers 625 Merchants National Bank ABILENE, TEXAS nu-nn. un nunun-nn-nnnnnnn nn-un Teacher: Wliat is a censor? Student: It's a person that knows more than he thinks others ought: ro. The Best Drinks at the Lowest Prices "Old Fashion" Milk Shake ..,.....,,,.,..... 5c Toasted Sandwiches ..., ......,.,.. 1 OC Maltecl Milk A .,,...........,,.....,,...,.l...,......,... 100 Ice Cream Soda ............ ........... 1 OC HEADQUARTERS FOR SCHOOL SUPPLIES MONTGOMERY DRUG CO. NFASHIONS FOR YOUNG AMERICANS" .--.-..-Uin--...................U....-.-.---.-N.-.U--.m.nu.I....-...--.-H.-................... ll l I l l Oood Luck Eagles! SO LONG UNTIL NEXT FALL OSBORNS STUDIO Portrait and Commercial Photography Kodak Finishing Dial 3338 822 Hickory Mr. Humphrey: Who elects the Senate and House of Repre- sentatives in Alaska? James Windham: The Eskimos. RIGHTWXQIAUNDRHS c'Y0u Calf! Co Wrong the Right-Way" 609 Oak St. Phone 5295 nuunuunnuuuunuuuuuunnu-.unnn'-.uunnnunnnun-nunnn1uunIuI-un1Inuunnnnunnunu-1I1nnun-nnnuu-u-nun TURN QUAUIY SB . A -11553512 "'ffn5.gngom - 4 Stores-4 Markets Owned and Operated by J. P. NICHOLS 86 SONS Om- H1.1nrl1'e4,I I 1 "The West Texas l-louse" TH E PEN DER.. QMPANN4. Furniture Loose Leaf Filing Devices Systems Safes Etc. MANUFACTURING STATION ERS Complete Line of Office Supplies ABILENE, TEXAS Miss Bond: Wl1e11 did Caesar Clie? Pupil: Caesar's cleatlm was from 31 B. C. to 14 A. D. THE BEAUTIFUL 1935 CHEVROLET THE CAR THAT CHANGES YOUR RIDE TO A GLIDE Proven Valve-in-Hemi, 6-Cylinrler Engine Will: Larger Fl'SllCl' Bodies and Fisher No-Draft Ventilation Most Economical Car Lo Operate on the Road Today Colne in and Take a Demonstration ABILENE MOTOR COMPANY Plllllll' 3201, , 1402 N. lst Street anunuuuuuunnuuu nun: uuun nnnunnunuunnnnunn nn What we can say-any other 4 store can say in a similar notice. A V What we can show-for the g gi collegiate girl to wear, ah, well, that's another story. E' ....................................-...... .. ................................................. O1 .llumliw-il 'lfwefl L' s x ll nIIIunIIInn-nnuunnnunuunnunnnununuununuu-uunununnunnnnnunnnnQnun-nun Hllflrriiri E nil uw i "W 270 Rooms-270 Baths 32.00 to 553.00-'6None Higherw THE ABILENE HILTON HOTEL Congratulales The Abilene High School and Future Leading Citizens ol' Abilene- The 1935 Cracluales C. N. HILTON, President EARL GUITAI-r, Manager c 1 , , -0 .3 . :D f.1ifV'Il'C'2ff " "!9."'0 f""'L"0"Gf" ' Brandimist Texatone NU-ICY BOTTLING CO. R. H. BANOWSKY, Prop. Abilene, Texas BURN' A Sweet Cream Ice Cream "AT YOUR DRUGGISTH I-nuIInnu-nuunnnu-nn1u1unu-nunnun-unuuuuuuunuunnuununnun--nnnn1I-nnIIuunun1unnuunn-nunnuun-nun Mr. H.: Do you know where the tea you drank came from? Stanley: India. A. F.: I drank milk. Where did it come from? uunnnunnnun--nuuuuu--uIIunII11Ilununnuuunnuunun--un T. S. LANKFORD 86 SONS, Inc. " Uniforms and Sport Garments L 1Il1T 1 I: .QQXNFJJ - . D1'aughon's"Q CO1 ge High school graduates who desire to obtain employment which will bring inde- pendent-e and opportunities for advancement are invited to investigate the training . . . . , . . und placement l11ClllllC5 offered by Draughon s Business Colleges. Every week brings good positions, attractive incomes, or inspiring promotions to young people who have entrusted their career to us. Call, phone, or write for free catalogue. Lee Duckworth Stores 3 STORES-3 MARKETS 3 7 7 Waliiut 1282 South Zncl 813 Hickory nuunII-nnuunnan:nunnntuuuunnnnnu1n-nunuunnunuuu-uunnununnucuanuununuunununnunnnuununuuuuuun Mr. lrlurnphreyz In the olclen times, how clicl the people smelt iron? Fred Keathley: Fm not sure, but I guess they smelt it with their noses. H. H. HARDIN LUMBER Everything For the Builder 148 Chestnut St. R. Fielder, Mgr. Dial 5238 122:51 EREX MITH2 "Where Gems and Gola' Are Fairly Sold" 3 -SXJEWQLER E i056 N. 2nd Street Phone 7045 f Martens X TEXAS Un Jlundruul 'lfwr-nly-nin: uunun1nn-nun.--nun-u-nu-ununn IN ABILENE IT IS GHO 'C' COUIII' Home of Perfectly Pa.sleu.ri.:ed Milli? mul Better Butler and Real Ice Cream 4th and Chestnut Phone 6277 uunu-:nun-uun-nun-nunnun nunI-nunsununInnun-nnnnuunnnunnnu nunuuuu--nunnn-nun Mr. Weatherby: B. is that clear? J. B. Duvall: Yes, sirg clear as mud. Mr. Weatherby: Well, that covers ground. FISCHER BROS. MOTOR, BODY AND FENDER WORKS-PAINTING AND TRIMMING Axles and Frames Straightened by the Bear System-Bodies and Fenders Rebuilt 24 HOUR WRECKER SERVICE South lst and Poplar Sts. Phone 3426 SHOE REPAIRING shines That Worn come off .2 X A11Work and Material jr I I M Guaranteed I Na-De-La Shoe Shop Maurice: I use my head for something besides a hat rack. Mr. Clay: What? LAUGHTER UNDERTAKING CO. 211-2 Orange Street Abilene, Texas Phone 62116 .......................... a.n.a........... ..a........ ................................ One Hundred Thirty "High School Headquarters in Abilene" HOTEL WOOTEN Operated by Baker Interests Special Attention Given to Parties, Banquets and Other Social Functions JoHN G. OUTLAND uInnnllllnunnnnlnunnlnnuIu11-11-1nuu--unIuuun-ununuuunu1anuuunnnnnnnunnuunn--nn-nunuununun'-nn--Inn-1nnnunuunnrnunun-nnu1nunn:uuunnnnnnnnnnunnnnnnnnnn Farley Groceries, Selected Meats, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, all Pantry Supplies Agents for liichelieu Pure Food Products, Tea Carden Jellies and Preserves, Battle Creek Health Foods, Clapp's Baby Soups and Vegetables 1236 N. 5th st. SCI-1ULTZ'S GROCERY 3 Phones 7227 Miss Mingus: "What is the plural for solo?" Student: 'iDuet." The Citizens National Bank ABILENE, :-: TEXAS "A Service Institution" Miss M. fin Battery Officej: "Harriet, bring up the waste baslcetf' Zona: Q'Wby bring that up?" nnmann1nnun.:-...naman1-nun-1nuu1annnInInnn-nn--1-.1nununnnnnun-:annum-n-n:nan---nI--nnnnun-mann:-----n-nn-un--nnnuuuu :nu-unnnnnnuunnnnnu--nunnun' Jfmrlis M. SHICL'I'0N T, R, WEBB SHELTON-WEBB MOTOR CO. PONTIAC SALES AND SERVICE North lst and Cedar Abilene, Texas Phone 441114 illlllllll'l'll 'l'l'li1'ly-mv 11111111111 iiikililiiiillil Give A Gruen For Graduation HGOOD LUMBER1, WI. C. FISHER : Sllf6l'IfUl-ll--Iyljllillllw Paint - Wall Paper feweler Optometrisl U I Alexander Building Dull 71 11 802 Pmp .nnnnun-asunnnnunnnnnnlluuuunlnnnunuun nnnuuuannunnnunnunnnlnn -In-nuuunnuu nnunun- nunununnnnInun-nuu1nunununnnlannnnlnunnnnnnnln.lunl-1-n:null--nn----up-u----.nnnnnunanu-.nan JENNINGS LUMBER COMPANY 590 Pine Street Lumber that does not come hack for customers who do. Our sczvicc ends only when you are thoroughly satisfied. I-sun.-n-4,1......--nun-1annInunIIIIIII:nunuI1nn-nu-lun---1uIIunuuunnnnnunnnnu-:nunnuun-1-ann WOOTEN HCTEL PHARMACY G. GRANVILLE Jollwsow, Owner Al1.caj'.s Room For High School Boys ann' Girls Phone 3231 909 South 1sI. Dial 7935 GLENIVS Everything in New and Used Furniture n1:nunsn1II.nunnnnunnvnuuunnnnnnunnnnulnn1-11-11-I1--1----.nu----nnnnnnun1IIn.1nn-IInunlnuuflnnnluulnnnnnlnnnun-unnannnnnnnuunsnnunnuununnunnuuuln INDEPENDENT ICE 86 REFRIGERATING COMPANY 'cWe Put llze Ice in Serv-icej' Phone 4311 Oak S: S. Oth uuuuu-n-nuns:-nnnnaunnun-nn-nn I.1InII-n--1-n--annnnnn------nn .annnnn nnuuunuu 1ummm---nu-nu1nInunnuns---1-nuunnn-.nuunnnau---nun --:annum-nuuuunun-nn COMPLIMENTS OF 1 The Wor1d,s Largest Store 334-342 Pine Abilene, Texas sEARs,RoEBucK AND o. OF Tex-As .95 .......................... ........ ....-............f................. Ono Hundred Thirty-Lx puunun-nunuu--uuuIIlnnnnununnunnu-nuauuuunnn THE WILSON C. L. JOHNSON, Prop. lu the Center Of North Side Where Ahilonc Dines and '1'ravelers are Welcome 1080 N. 2nd St. Abilene, Texas Compliments of J. C. PENNEY CO. f'Where Savings Are Greatesti' BEAUTEI If UL GRADUATION GI FTS fllllllllll ,a 'i lllllllllllll Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, und Novelties PRESLEY? Best Wishes From sm,.QQ,,m.z..2 ., 768 Walnut Street Pl'10UC 5266 , . L Ln:-I-n-I-uuuunnnI---u-nun: lVIilflrecl Pender: ul think history hooks should he reclf, Burrell Harrison-, "TO learn anything from them they have to he read." Miss Floyd: all the walls of u house 'ire not plumb, what must one clO?', Student: "Call a 1JllIllllJCI'.-, THE BATTERY SUPPLYING THE NEWS CURRENT TO ABILENE HIGH SCHOOL DELLOISE Porr, Editor PRESTON GOETZ, Business .Mrmageir NELSON A. HUTTO, Editorial Aclwiscr A. V. WILLIAMS, Business Adviser R. A. MADDOX Dentist Alexander Builcling Lion Hardware Company SHELF AND BUILDERS ITARDYVARE Ceneral Electric Refrigerators, Electric Stoves, and Dish Washers We Deliver Phone 3241 East of P. O. .........................-............. Onv Hundred Thirty-ttn'ce Alienage Prize Poem in,Southwest Intercollegiate Poetry Contest Before me stretched the sterile field. Where maize should be, Sunflowers Raised yellow faces to the sun, Weighing the golden hours. With idle hoe, I watched them blow, Then followed down a rocky row. Above me in the brassy sky The bullbats circled nearer. The stubborn sun was slow to set, My row was but a mirror To show my dad The thoughts I had. Though he was angry, I was glad I had the poet's eye to see Rough beauty in the thistle, lVlusician's ear to seek and love A bullbatas evening whistle. But summer heat Made laggard feet: My hoeing never was complete. What cared I if tools should rust, And crops were never weeded, For since I had three meals a day, These thoughts were all I needed But still I see Them point at me, And wag their old heads hopelessly -lVlarvin H Miller J 1 X M f fy wiivf? bw f jgfjixffiff ,J Vy ,J M V- xp 'A J I by , H, if M W' gm ff f f gf W7 gf My L WJ? gy ig W gif? "XXX W M i i AMW" ' 'Z' . wuwfwlu' W-.lj wwwwjwunwwww WW -J-Lola' H-fra!-2 740-'V rgfprwaro P12526 Zag H.. Ji + 4 ' Kdfvfvv 0.44, 06iRA JVMQMICQ, ' ' "d""'kN L Q My X f , , 2 i, IUZ. Mfr-ww r 5 LQV,gwCQM,U', PW J WMM JA.. f . ','- j 4 ybf V' 4f"'ML'lV , . lf : t 9 L! .cf YU I J H mug . X , Q? ' -f' -J f' y , I , J,L,,,,i Jujf! 01556.11 if I V, - .b , ft J, 4,1 -J u , A V .fy , H T 44-Af ifvy VI Lfffvpf Q ' L 51 q ,f f . I f, f f l fv - ' waffff' 19, 1 ff L if 1' 5 V K 11, " 'Vw ., 'V 1 f V .!3iLf,.VL.Qf'y' 17,67 5 ' , 1 X 7 f lj' N ' yi fb", X 5 J ..... MASTERS OF THEIR CRAFT The most famous sword maker of the 16th century was Andrew Ferara, an Italian. Hammering every part of the blade from steel of his own manufacture . . . his swords exist today as masterpieces of his art. When a man makes a product of the finest quality, it is with pardonable pride that he places his name upon it. The maker's imprint, accompanied by tradi- tions of skill and high standards of honest dealings, becomes the customer's guarantee of highest quality and satisfaction. Emulating the old masters of sword making, Southwestern craftsmen put their finest work into every engraving bearing the SWECO imprint. It is your guarantee of painstaking care . . . of a superior printing plate. We are proud to proclaim that the engravings in this volume were made by Southwestern craftsmen. SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVING COMPANY FOR 20 YEARS THE LEADING SCHOOL ANNUAL ENGRAVERS IN THE SOUTHWEST FORT WORTH, TEXAS Z A is 'X , ' R K Xi F8 W MMV ' 'xkcxztni I P' ,ff X WMMQMW MQ, jfiwx' ,aff fl 7,411 4.- 1,2-faq! 'H-.F aww , xx'SKQg A f' 'LQASAE ag f Qjlwbm 2 1 , - W 'K n,,yl,! --'jylf F ' f '- 1 'E X F f . ' Q PM jp! -. ata 5' D E ,. A I - xx .I '7-.JE 1' -i 1'ff a 1' , I ' , ll . I- - X352 Ku. 'SY X 9 A 1 A , " ' 1 Ry if ' . W, ' , -fix-f' X 'I yi if X ATN, ii . V , , X ju . ' K4 N 'Hui' Q . 'J -l - -lj , . V YR 1 D I " ' , J , 7 5 A' CP ,YV ,, .- ,K . I n ' Y Y - -- 5,-I ' b '- Y. fin i -U P+ - 4,24 - Y Y get Sb V 4 . Sly Q23 7 L. 1, J' V D 2 f',V X, R 1 N 'JA ' , U " ,EX 5 Q A . f ,lv 2 HL xx JQULVALKLVKQQXMEYCQ if? EW Xl M X 'Mff 1 , A aff' A Mi , ufifovu .Q,alf,eJ 7 ' - I M' Q Q' K ,T , , , ' . ' ! ' I .916-AIJ 1' ' fy MVUL, , fb I - " ' 7 'I' .X . jf," Yr? sg . ' , ' V , it .- ,. xfV'L,SAA 'R I -KVLXXUXJJLJ 7. , A A , ' " " ' ' V 1 ' f ' ' -N v Wi -4fG'f1,7" I I I j .. , 4 t ,-" ,U i ' - ff' ' U YJ O4-J J wil Ar X KIA ' 'V Q ffC2'..fC,J5,, V f fl kP1.,eL.f' H .,+.,.9wf,nJ4A.J gfuw X329 ,QLD ,f , f' ,-' "u " ,A f f' 5 ,uso-,J 'B ' 4,3 if , If " ,AJ ,, I JN-' A-uf-GAAJ ,JL Q' J - . 0 F 'A ' ' ' JI! W fl , I., if ,.,f,L,,A.1,m -,LQxJ1M,?J ,if A I Q! . .fpffagim A ,I yfvlokiifgf .-174.441-fm.fZ J, ,fypfsfdi 97 f 1,1 , ..-4 bv , 'J g?ff':J4.-9-v34Q, .,,i,,' Iv, K 1, I fl "- 7 1 H 4 .4 , y1,,4fL45?L ,,!y,.V M fi H 1-ziaarffw, 1 V , - ,fr riff .4554 ,-I IZ'-.7 iffy hi 1 if ' .4 ,JJ If .,-,' J 'X-ij ' fi ,. 4 'S 1, ,fy 'I' nl, f- ""' 1 ' 57 -J , ' -fmwgUL.fh me lf bi--fgij Q!" . ' A, ' ,595 JVM--gf 05 ' ' ' 5- f' H A, M izgmwgqu . 1' fn ,WWJ 1 Q " I ln' ' 5 . n ,fQ,1r,r1-L ' ' -- -fZ?1c44:ClL,e .4444 ' 9 M ' Af' ww if AM "fm ' ' 5-v K ' , ' ,f 7 ' 71,0 af!--1 Ai .- " FA 413' A- N 54 .I ""'5- vga-DJ' Xb g.,-f'Qw-,rf ' yt Ki Eff? X 9 6, A , 1 M a 51" -., 519. .1 L A-7--,,,r1ff1f f , 7,?,,,,,-Y. , L' A ' 1 y-'v.vg7'7a ' ' gf' K. . ' ' V- ,W .ffl J in 51' .auf 'ti 134 ,fp 1-'F 'Jef' M ,K 715' jf? 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Suggestions in the Abilene High School - Flashlight Yearbook (Abilene, TX) collection:

Abilene High School - Flashlight Yearbook (Abilene, TX) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Page 1


Abilene High School - Flashlight Yearbook (Abilene, TX) online yearbook collection, 1933 Edition, Page 1


Abilene High School - Flashlight Yearbook (Abilene, TX) online yearbook collection, 1934 Edition, Page 1


Abilene High School - Flashlight Yearbook (Abilene, TX) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


Abilene High School - Flashlight Yearbook (Abilene, TX) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


Abilene High School - Flashlight Yearbook (Abilene, TX) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


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