Abilene High School - Flashlight Yearbook (Abilene, TX)

 - Class of 1934

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- - .-Y V7.1 , ,ff fi , W ff f B VK fi gf'-A. QfY"'LV4-V15 84441. 4 JQKXLQQ, d 7L544.+f7'f'4..4-L4!C,'?JJ,g1 gf, I Q f4'Z1faAv-C, 7 wg M9643 4 Mm V mf LEfffcW,L7,L,,a,.fQ,,Afa410kA7'm'AM77 Mffwjov Vgwygimqcv 5AAQ5i0!Jwli,,7fd2a1AJQ:QfWMJUfMJfM9JLp' 5i!'WW fiwfyfwcfmfli' FBT fx PM-r 2775 A,O7Q,wig,Z,zJ9 Okeulwzf jp 0WWL,gjV1,MLf 7?f5f1 Zia: MMMMMW fisdiww . ff, Mm, M411 mf MW Magi! AMW! Mfzjdgff, , J 4. 2fQ47!'l,L44f ff' AvfWVwf, f2,ffO. 642 lj THE 734 FLIX HLIEHT X N W 'mm mzn Bmw ss ssocumorf I ENGRAVED sv PRINTED BY PHOTOGRAPHY BY SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVING ABILENE PRINTING at L, OSBORN COMPANY STATIONERY CO. lg .E 1 44 ' 'Af'fv ' f ' ffwwf nf 'WWA H' 11 1 nuff X X Q M! nil:-2 s Q55 , 7 Af 'I H 1 , Eg? v H ff H W "V W dv " M Q 1 -. v : JV wt .U -, xl jx WN- . 'X ,.,,,l.W.f if, gh '05 Trails-I 1 V ' f' .'2pf:"r +:.2xff a1w A 'HXX 4 ., . , ,,.l,4,Ag ,..'."4-:1fLf".I' XXX writ'- ff 'mf' '-'fv A QF' 45 Q n 1 - 1- ' qv A Q? H xx N ' KJ, , , A ,L f f xx a X 6 1 1-13 12:3 gwftg ., - 'nah f',',.'.-.ge J V -'gf' QI-1,4 -if f' . f7,2f?'.'N ,. A r f 1 " If . ' ,fl fin, ,U 4 r, , 'ffl'fl?,m f ,V V x ,127--"QV V, , 2'-. ': - 4 V -'ilu ' - 1 ,fvqr55,,-5-A.. ' ix M-1,- S, : , " , 'f I ty - W1 l A , mf Q W AE -l?,f1. .-:I A X159 'a ' 'l YR . s'V .':f :fr J : . g 'Ee Y l-4 7",-1 .,:,g 25 gin- Sri. 1-11 1-..- .- XJ! 551 H-Elf I 'V A 1 , .":-.V 4 ' Nh' , 1:5 :Zi " 4, I4 ,,SQ"5 LMT.: ,I-':,v-. - it ,W 511' " 1 rf V fl! G., I ,fix . If T31 5 . ?f?5??wsf2E",.L5f i ff- iif'fgAf' 4 - A L . X ,wfigglglavg yup: -A,,jj5,..?- Q "X, - 4114, ,Mull -'11.i',.4, ' .: A M " x X ' fr-' P. f iYIi1Qe?ft W ff' g I QL 3:4 ' ' "'.fXi'P"4'i, 1n. ' -::5 ., :.. HH QQ , N. 5 XXK111f:,??W-'Rf3f! ', -' ,H - 42. W- 2 ' ,:af w1 zEi3:.- if ,L - .... 'Ula , i' 'fm 4'-xx -'5"i'3""q Lund X 1 UFYFIEHT LANEHE BIXNDLISKY un' nu llumr I -I R ITT USINESS l'lmwmse:n HTH lxulsl-I IX 1' E IT , W 1 E L ,, W1 K E3 if 5 is 5 E 2 E. 's 41 :ME FLASHLIEHT 'mm STUDENTS mv RBILENE HIEH SIIHUUL REILENE ,Texas 'I U 34 IIEIIIIIIIXTI N To Raymond T. Bynum, who has given time and service to the welfare of the school and community, who has de- veloped a land and orchestra worthy of praise, who has taught the beauty of good music and the ethics of right living, we respectfully dedicate the 1934 edition of the Flashlight. Raymond T. Bynum 063 Wi Flilil I In searching the corners of Abilene High School with the rays of the Flashlight, we have striven to preserve the life, activities, and friendships of the school year of 1933- '34 and have endeavored to create an annual worthy of the fighting Eagle Spirit which characterizes this institution. n I I E E E F I 1 1 1 I . .J he 1 ---- - 5 vm- ,'y,,,L,?!wuxl A I 31" -L, , I 3 I Q . I I I , I x I I I I I If I . I I If I I Y ' I ' i it X I I ,C 5 . X II' I I Ev., N I I 1- ' X Q, I , I I If, X Tau.. I I I 1 r- Is , I XQ . .321 C I fl - W 'III- , 4' 0 W, as I If If I A ' e. 'aging v A 'I I Ia, -ag Q I ' 'FIS' if I 4 ' 1 f ,SX A fr -I I ' ,-25,56 FVQI I ' I I I 'V Dearg, lx 2 I 5 -r 'I-I L' 'E I-I-I 4 I mr-QL I I 7 I I Amr -I vs I 6"I,fig"'o 1+ s I ' F qw I., h an 5 I l 4 7 I 4' Uk 1 Q-I .UQ ' I I I Eimget h 'va S0 I We :Yi H,-9 I u ' W wa, 0 :I I'I:IfI,gI I I I ind n W N 'f ' I- ' I ws 17527 lar X I VIII' 1 . W lu iwigfr 4 I x JY' I JF? " A I S JI' Hi' f Sh . I"" s IO I s If 'M 7054 ' I x I I ' 'I HI V- JI, me ! ' ' ly I, 1.552555 -I II III' W1 X k , A 6, , Ig: we , 5 2- tl I N Y-5 QQ 945' , 'II "Viv, 7, I 4 gi ,Ik T3 II. ' If 'II ' . 1 ADV: R "' I I if I 5 CI, ' I gn I I 1 f ' I n fifgq' I Wg P I I I1 I If F "' S, O 1-kv, I F' I , Il I" If 'JI I' J, Y. ESVITA- -1 N? X J, ' I Nui. . .4 A .Ex . 57 a I I 12?-5? I: -Y ' , In' qtsfjft L if 4 VI 9.'f-if ' 1 . I' ' :I 54" I, -I' ' .I :,l Gra It V ' g 'III "fi A , ' ,. - 1 -I-x 7.5: C A IIQM' H gh I . ., Yi, , f ' 'gifq-'. 'JI "Q'.'.?' 0 ' I 'f 'e'-If L0 Q f all dhe Y , I I 3:f:T'I:5fI' Ia. 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I I I I I I J 251:-1.5 .Qu-Aiv II ,E -Im 7 -:A .::T'-wil' R1 I , M '..m,,1.g l I ' I 1325L'4L1QaIi,I'5IQ'35JaiQg' 5'Eff,i'ie?gQ.,gf5IQgl3q' 5-5f,L5':Z-', ,-q35If'2ET1JI'1T'4'Q:l!4C iii, '-'4 I--ww-iff-af IW 'Miz'-'QI ' ' p :,.g-112.-n:'wf:I. 5,i,:u5'k:.-72:-3, Ii I' , ...-.-QIfmx5Ifl'i51IIr:I I was:-I I '. ww w I.-,I-':-Iv 4.3 +f'5..gII.g5y-g., ,lg ,Jwfl ,,..-.g.-,IIN . cf.-,. I4. it-Cf'x'if'D 'sfiifa'-'IV gh ' .. -gil"--ki'-4 "vw:-3I-'4,1'?2-,'j,,-NJ ff-:IEW 42-??1:1.'5I?a'!7?':?I' 122:52 ll I 5 i'9Y'1-72!Q'gb,4.''53-lf':I!'.ji5"1-?,3,l Ie I 3 s 1 II.f'I-yxsrmszfgfs!IeIasI,If'-YI ' --I amggz,-1g,.:g?,gi5,3 5: 5 -' 5laI,,:. ,,g,!-511-,jsf,,:,'.:trg-5,5,,f5..zg ' -1' 'WI-' 5 1 .1"'9'-FF?"-'IIN' 'Q I1 a:"'5f'52?1 ' 3 2 2,1f,q.,v.g,g+,:,:4,,.,",I.'.7-- xg,-igII--.K ' " ' I-fi fu-pa' f,.r:fZ-125.1555 -' 4"' Ziiaii, 'cgi " h! LEY '30, The Front Door The gateway through which we "enter to learn, and go forth to serve"-the doorway to the Eagle realm anol the pathway to lasting friendships. .Y , .,,:f.f,. ' , , ' . -. aw: t H A-,511 ','. - lu:-.. , 1-.:!'.V'.' '7?'Tf7'4' 'Zig ""'f ,ai V The Gymnasium Where bodies are built and lives owe lengthened The East Entrance Slanting rays of sun through the green foliage invite the questing youth, to golden opportunities. The Fountain Beautiful against a sky painted with brilliant sunset is the lily poncl with the willows drooping above it. XEIIUTIVES R. D. Green, Superinteuclent HE hardest working man deserves greatest rewardsg therefore we feel that our superintendent, R. D. Green, should be greatly rewarded for his many years of faithful service in Abilene High School. To him we extend our appreciation for his aid in achieving victory in all activities. With the untiring efforts on the part of Mr. Green, Abilene High School has been able to place first in scholastic average among the Texas high schools of its size in the Southern Association of Colleges and Universities. He has been able, through careful planning and efficient management, to steer the school without indebtedness through the period of the depression. Because of his sympathetic understanding of youth and his capacity for self-sacrifice, he has become beloved among all the students. Our superintendent has proved to his observers that he is 'free from intellectual narrowness and dullness in spiritual vision, for he teaches that success is athe ever- lasting team work of every blooming soulf, Time will not dim the memory of his seventeen years of service, but instead a beacon will shine on the development of our school system during this period of his endeavors.-LORENE FLANNACAN. Fourteen if -1 QQ,-r'1i.Q'jai L. E. Dudley, Principal FFICIENCY, high ideals, fairness, and a sense of humor-can other schools boast of such a combination of admirable qualities for a principal? The fact that Mr. L. E. Dudley has served so actively as the principal of our high school for the past fifteen years is a testimonial of the many sterling qualities of his character. His work for better educational opportunities for the youth of Abilene commands the highest respect of all students and merits the deepest gratitude of the city. He has not only proved his ability as an educator and business manager but has been one of our truest and most helpful 'friends during the time of depression. Beneath his seriousness lies his cheerful optimism and a genuine smile for each of us. The rays of the flashlight brighten as they are turned on Mr. Dudley, who is able to bear the burdens of hundreds and who is a competent leader.-KATHRYN ROWLETT. F'ifteen 34 .4', .- -Q' SA Tru... .5 86 II A V A- E I MISS TOMMIE CLACK MISS MADGE MORRISON English English MISS CHARLOTTE MINGUS MISS MARY BAGGETT English English MRS. HYMAN HARRISON English MISS CLAUDINE OLSEN E. S. MURPHY English English Y MISS BOBBIE CLACK English MRS. SELMA L. BISHOP English MRS. EDITH C. SMITH English Sixteen . 5 u J uf E U D. B. WEATHERBY C. E. NELSON Miss DORIS DANIEL Mathematics Mathe-matics Mathematics MRS. M. E. Nonwoon C. B. FORD MISS LUCLLLE KNOX Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics Miss MABEL REEVES W. D. SMITH Ilflatltemavtics Comme-rcial Miss BELLE JONES R. G. COLE Mathematics Cofnmnercial Seventeen 374 ma 7,5fZfZ.w Q I! i Y. ., ,. MISS SARAH HARDY HOWARD MILLER MISS LUCRETIA LJURRY History History History MISS ANNIE BOND MRS. M. M. BARNES COMER CLAY History Histo-ry Publ-ic Speczkffng H. S. FATHERREE Miss RUBY TURNER Spcm-ish Spcmislz MRS. E. M. RANDOLPH E. C. POLK Spanish Syncmish Eighteen 'T' 5-, ' MISS RUBY COMPI-:Im MISS BETH COOMBES MRS, T. E, PIERCE Ho-me Econmrrics Home EC7011.t?'lll'i08 Home E607Z0?2L'fCS R. T, BYNUM MISS OUIDA CLEMONS D. A. MAYHEW 13'a.ml Music Athletics-Economics A. V. WILLIAMS MISS ODELL JOHNSON Sc'ic'n,cc Science H. H. JOHNSON MISS WILLIE FLOYD Scievzce Science N 'I-7'l.l?tCG71, I .I W. R. OWENS F. E. TUTT J. C. HUMPHREY Mechanical Dralving Agr'icultm'e Ci'v'ic1Q-H'isto'ry JACK CHRISTIAN MISS NINA WOODS MRS. NANCY HICKMAN Physical Training Phys-ical Trwining Libo'a1"icm MISS MYRTLE TRANTHAM MISS MARGUERITE UARRUW Latin Sec'r'etcm'y MRS. C. B. HICKS MISS ALYCEMAYE BOYCE Latin Secretary Twenty IILIXSSES SENIURS JOHNNY BRooKsmuE Presirlent TOM CANON Vice President, Fall Term W. D. PRUITT, JR. Vice Presiclent, Spring Term HELEN JONES Secretary J. D. PERRY Treasurer BETTY MILLER Social Cltairnicm LORRAINE HAMILTON Social Member DREWSILLA BEAMS Program Cliairnian FRANK COCDELL Executive Chairman FERN HINSHAW Executive Member JAMES COUCH Executive Member Miss CLAUDINE OLSEN Assistant Adviser MYRTALEE ANTILLEY G an G '34g P. G. '34g Buck O'Curtain '33-'34: Burfle '24 I Ambition: Interior decorating. Favorite Subjcct: English. BETTYE ARNOLD Sports '31: Short Story '32: P. G. '33-'34g National Hon- or Society '34, Ambition: Globe-trotter. Favorite Subject: History. AL'roN ATTEBERRY Travel '3l: Science '32-345 History '32-'33: Burfle '34: National Honor Society '34. Ambition: Mechanical engineering. Favorite Subject: Mathematics. JUNE AUSTIN As You Like It '31: Forensic '33: G an G '34: Mask and W'ig 'CMJ Back O'Curt:1ln '34g Flashlight '34, Ambition: T'olltlcian. Favorite Subject: Physical education. EVELYN BABB Archaeology '32-'34. Ambition: Commercial artist. .lf'avorlte Subject: History. CHARLES BAKER Correct Usage '31: K.K.K.K. '34. Ambition: History teacher. Favorite Subject: History. MELVIN BALDWIN Golf '33-'34. Ambition: Civil service. Favorite Subject: English. EDWIN BALFANZ Football '32-'34g Basketball '33: Track '33-'34: Hi-Y '34: Golf ':l4. Ambition: Doctor. Favorite Subject: Chemistry. MANLY BALLARD Juvenile :Dl'5'llT11l.llSll 'Big Glee Club '31: Latin '32: Tennis :gi-'33: Social Usage '33: Athcninm '34g Back O'Curtain Ambition: Architect. Favorite Subject: Mechanical Drawing. BLANCI-IE BANOWSKY Flashlight '33-'34: G :In G '34: Forensic '33: Pep Squad '33-'34g lbranmtic '3lg National Honor Society '33-'34, Ambition: Home Economics teacher. Favorite Subject: Home Economics. L. H. BARLEY Quartet '34g Archaeology '33-'3-ig Short Story '32: His- tory '32: Travel '3l: Glee Club '31-'34. Ambition: Tenor singer. Favorite Subject: History. CECIL BARROW Golf .'33-'34: Widsith '33: Burfle '34. Ambition: Furniture dealer. Favorite Subject: Commercial geography. Twenty-three DREWSILLA BEAMS Pep Squad '34g G an G '34: Defessi Acneadae '33: Mask and Wig '33-'34g National Honor Society '34. Ambition: Law. Favorite Subject: Public Speaking. LEWIS BEASLEY Science '32-'34. Ambition: Physician. Favorite Subject: Physics. JACK BLACK Football '31-'33: Basketball '32-'33p Track '33. Ambition: Accountancy. Favorite Subject: Mathematics. WAYNE BLAKE Latin '31-'33g K.K.K.K. '34. Ambition: Aviation. Favorite Subject: Typing. JACK BLANKENSHIP Travel '31g Spanish '32: Witlsitli T333 shop '34. Ambition: Lawyer. Favorite Subject: Public Speaking: CRYSTAL BLANTON Dramatic Wo1'lc- Home Economics '31: Pre Medical '33: Battery '34: Mask and 'Wig' '34: G an G '34: Pep Squad '33-'34: National Honor Society '34, Ambition: Opera singer. Favorite Subject: Home Economies. DARRELL BOATRIGHT Ambition: Civil engineering. Favorite Subject: Mathematics. VERA MAE BOYD Short Story '34, Ambition: Stenographer. Favorite Subject: Music, ELMER BRITT Ambition: Bookkeeper, Favorite Subject: Bookkeeping. JOHNNY BROOKSHIRE President Senior Class '34: Burfle '33-'34g Mask and Wig '33-'343 Hi-Y '33-'34: 'l'rave1 '32: Basketball '32-'33: Football '34. Ambition: Electrical engineering. Favorite Subject: History. EVELYN BUCHANAN Forensic '34: National Honor Society '34. Ambition: Home Economics professor. Favorite Subject: Home Economics. CONRAD BULLOCK Ambition: Geologist. Favorite Subject: History. Twenty-fouo MARIE BUZBEE Sports '3l: lllmue Etzunmnics '32: Puzzle '33g P. G. fin- -H. I Ambition: Interim' ClGt'0l'2l.l.0l'. Fn,voI'ite Subjt,-ct: II-listory. DAISY MAE CAGLE Glue Club 'Ill-'34t: G an G '3-4: Back f3'Clll'f3lIl '34. Amhitluu: Nurse. Favorite Subject: English. ARTHUR CAPLIN Battcry '33-'3-lg Mask and Wig '33-'3-lg Back O'Curtain 32: National Honur Suviety '34, Ambition: Chemival engineering. l1'avoI'ite Subject: Sm-ieuue. WILLIAM CATTS Latin TM. Aiubitimiz Dairy plant lll2Ulfl.g'6l'. Favorite Subject: Latin. KEITH CECIL Latin 'Ill-'32g Travel '33g Dramatic XV0l'kSl10D '34, Ambition: haw. F:wm'it.u Subjtrt-tx: Civics. NEVELLA CHANEY llvaiuatll- '32-'3Clg l+'nrensiu '34: Glee Club '34. Ambition: Beauty ulnfratoix l4'avm'ite Subject: Physics. ALFRED CHAPMAN Bat-k fVClll'lQZllll 'ISM Battery '33: Singers '34, Ambition: J0lll'Il2illSl. l4'av1u'ite Subject: Publit: Speaking. ROBIN CLACK l'1l1l,SllllIIllt '34g Los lleales '333 Ye I'l:lSt0l'i7.lIlS '32g Na- tional I-Iuuru' Smeiety 114. Ambition: Civil cnf.riIwol'. Favorite Subject: 'I'I'igunoIuet1'y. M. A. CLIFTON Archaeology 'ilflg Dramatic XVOFKSIIOD '33g Boy Scout '32: Pliysical fl'l'2J.lIlillE,' '31. Ambltlrmz Dentist. 'lP:Ivm'ite Subject: Physical etluuntimi. DORIS CLONTS G an G '34g Pep Squad '34g Art '335 P, G. '34. Ambition: Orcllcestra leader. Favorite Subject: Typing. FRANK COGDELL FA" Association '32-'33: I-Ii-Y '33-'34: Mask and Vvig dv- .S-l: Football '32-TH: Basketball '32-'333 Track '32-'33. Ambition: Attorney-:lt-law. Favorite Subject: Science. LILLIE COHEN OI'clIcst,ra. '31-'33: G an G '34: G. '34. Ambition: National 011-l1est1'a. Favorite Subject: English. Twenty-five , , ,Ii V MILDRED CORNELIUS G an G '3flg Archaeology '34: Forensic '33: Pep Squad '34g Flasliliglit '34g Burfle K.K.K.K. '34. Ambition: Dormitory matron. Favorite Subject: Home Economics. HUBERT CONNALLY Los Leales '33-'34, Ambition: Airmail pilot. Favorite Subject: Spanish. JAMES COUcH Latin '31-'32g Widsith '33: National Honor Society '33- '34: Hi-Y '33-'34g Band '33-'345 Burfle '33: Musk and VVig' '34. Ambition: Peacemaker. Favorite Subject: Typing. SARAH ELIZABETH Cox Latin '31-T523 Sports '343 .Burfle '34g Dramatic VVork- shop '33: G an G '34. Ambition: Aviatrix. Favorite Subject: Journalism. LA RUE CRAIG Pep Squad '33-'34g Social Usage '32: Home Economics 3 "M H, .1-.. . ! Ambition: Dietetics. . I Favorite Subject: Home Economics. ROBERT CRAIG Latin '31: History '32: Orchestra '33: Band '31-'34, Ambition: Mechanical engineer. Favorite Subject: Mathernatics. HELEN CULLEN Girl Reserve '30-'31g Spanish '31-'32: Science '33-'34g G an G '33. Ambition: School teacher. Favorite Subject: Mathematics. E. Q. DANIEL Football '31-'33: Basketball '31-'32: Archaeology '32-'34: Golf '34, Ambition: Electrical engineer. Favorite Subject: Science. ANITA DAVIS Home Economics '323 Drzunxitic '33g Spanish '34. Ambition: Dress designing. Favorite Subject: English. DICK DAVIS F. F. A. '34. Ambition: Electrical engineering. Favorite Subject: Physics. i NAOMI DAVIS G an G '34: Back of Curtain '34: Girl Reserve '31: Glee Club '31-'34, . Ambition: Dramatic directing. Favorite Subject: Public Speaking. OPAL J0 DERR Sports '34: Hashers '34: Short Story '33, Ambition: Dietitian. I Favorite Subject: Home Economics. Twenty-six AUDRA ELY G an G '34. Ambition: Business. Fzworile Subject: NiZlU10lllZLi.iL'S. H. B. FORD Science '34, Ambition: Aviator. Faworite Subject: Pliysics. IMOLENE FRANCE 'llntriollo '30g Sports '3l: Glee Club '32g Home Eco- nomics '33. Ambition: Beulmlivizln. Fzmvurite Subject.: Biology. MARY KATE GAINEY Gleu Club '31-'33: I". G. '3fig Quartet '34, Ambition: Music tonic-her. Fnvorite Subject: Music. JEWEL GLOVER Los Leules '32-'34: N. H. S. '34, Ambition: Attend A. C. C. Favorite Subject: Spanish. RUTH GREEN G nn G '34. Ambition: Good business womnn. Favorite Subject: bIll.f.ilClllL'l.i1iCS. RUDYARD GRIMES 'Boy Scout 'lllg lflnml '32-'3'l. Ambition: 'University emluvzltinn. Favorite Subject: Physics. GLEN HADDOX Give Club '31-'ZlAl. Ambition: Singer. Favorite Subjec:t.: Muihemntics. MINA HAILEY Sulierezzula 'illg N, H. S. '34, Ambition: Secrcl'u1'iz1l work. Favorite Subject: Typing. LORRAINE HAMILTON Vilfii-iii'1'GSifiCfIliI 'Pep Squsul '34: Musk and Wig '34g N. H. S. '3-lg Glce Club '33-'34: Burfle '34: Design '32: G :ln G 'Ji-1. Ambition: Interior clecorzrtor. Favorite Subject: Designing. FRANCES HAMPTON G an G '34: Los Leales '32-'34g Scherezada '31g Glee Club '31. Ambition: 'lfeucher of Spanish. Favorite Subject: Spanish. WANETTE HART '3'I.:gi11 '31-'32: Glee- Club '32-'33: K.K.K.K. '33-'343 G an G 'Ambitionz 'I'G71Cl'liI'lR. Favorite Subject: English. Twenty-seven Girl Reserve '31-lg Social Usage '33: K.K.K.K. '349 F r . fi -XJ ,. .. -ai tx .vsrx DAVID HELM Glee Club '31-'34: Hi-Y '32-'33g Latin '34g Engineers '7l3. Ambition: Rnnchmztn. Favorite Subject: Chemistry. VIRGIL HENNESSEE Football '33. Ambition: Aviation. Favorite Subject: Physics. JIMMIE LEAH HENSLEY Girl Reserve '32g Quill and Scroll '33g Los LGZLIHS '33, Ambition: Graduate from Simmons. Favorite Subject: Latin. ANNIE LAURA HERRIN G an G '34g N. H. S. '34: Servi Ciceronis '34g Huskers' '34g T're-Medical '34: Flashlight '34. Ambition: Superintendent of ii hospital. Favorite Subject: Latin. DORA HIGGINBOTHAM Short Story '33: Forensic '34. Ambition: Teaching. Favorite Subject: Typing. MAURINE HINDS Ambition: Teacher. Favorite Subject: History. BEN HOLLYFIELD Latin Club '323 Science Club '34g Puzzl Ambition: Doctor. Favorite Subject: Mathematics. J. M. Hooxs 6 Club '33. Y. L. P. '33-'34g Band '31-'ZHQ Orchestra '31-'34g Burfle '332 Hi-Y '34. Ambition: Surgery. Fzlvorite Subject: Chemistry. BUSTER HORN Ygglsuicl '31-'34g Y. L. P. '31-'34g Orchestra. '31-'34g Burfle ... Ambition: Dentistry. Favorite Subject: English. MELBA HUMPHREY P. G. '33-'34: G an G '34. Ambition: Social hostess. Favorite Subject: English. MAURICE HUNTER P. G. '34g Pep Squad '34. Ambition: Designing. Favorite Subject: Art. PEGGY JACKSON Pep Squad '34p P. G. '3-4. Ambition: Dancing. Favorite Subject: English. Twenty-eight FERN JACKSON Latin '31: l4'orensiI: '33g Ye Little Players '34: Mask and Wig' 'iiilg Pep Squad '33-'Zl4: G an G '34: National Honor Society '34. Ambition: Drnlnutic I-out-li. Favorite Subject: 1'ulJlic Speaking: HELEN JONES Drzunatic Club '32: P. G. '33-'Mg Ye Little Players '34: G :III G '34, Ambition: 'l'i':u'el. Favorite Subject: Public Speaking. O. K. JONES Arcllueology 'ZHQ Puzzle '33. Ambition: Engineer. Favorite Subject: History. CELESTIA JORDAN Short Story '31l: Dramzttiu Workshop '34g G' an G '34. Ambition: 'l'euI'l1ing. Favorite Subject: Home Economics. MARIE KEESEE .liurfle '33-'iifip G an G 'Mg K.K,K.K. '34g Flashlight '34. Ambition: Stenogrnnlier. Favorite Subject: Typing. MILDRED KEITH Short Story '33g K.K.K.K. '3-ig Nntionnl I-Ionox' S0- oiety '34. Ambition: Stf4Ell0gl'Z'tlJh0l'. Favoritte Subject: Typiiig, PAULINE KEITH Home Econoinivs '34, Ambition: Home demoustrntor. Favorite Subject: Home Eoonomivs. VIRGINIA KIKER Juvenile Dranuitist 'illlg llntin 'Rig lE'. G. '32-'Slip Pep Squad '30-T333 Mask :ind lVig '33-'34, Ambition: Pilot. Favorite Subject: History. CLEO KILPATRICK Latin 'Sig Excelsior '32g Pep Squnfl '33-'343 Forensic '33: lK,K.K.K. '34g G nn G '34, Ambition: Music tent-her. Favorite Subject: Civics. GARLAND LADD 'i'l'2lVt'l '31-T323 Glee Club '33g Mask and Wig '34. Ambition: Radio engineer. Favorite: Subject: Pliy:-aims. IRA LAMBERT Los Leales '33-'34: Bzlsketball '32-'33. Ambition: Criminology expert. Favorite Subject: Matlic-matics. FRANCES LEAKE Home Economics '34: K.K.K.K. '34. Ambition: Friencllincss. F:Lvorite Subject: Home Eoonoiliics. T wenty-nine IMOJANE LEE Short Story '34, Ambition: Instructor of speech ztrts. Favorite Subject: English. JOE HARMON LEE Los Leales '33-'34. Ambition: Civil engineer. Favorite Subject: History. SELMA Limos Short Story '31-'32: Pep Squad '33-'34: K.K.K.K. '342 G an G '34. Ambition: Nurse. Fzworite Subject: Chemistry. Rims LINDLEY Spanish '31g Football '32-'34g Travel '33. Ambition: Lawyer. Favorite Subject: Public Speaking. GYPSIE JANE LINDSEY K.K.K.K. '34: G an G: '34: Glee Club O'Cu1'tain '33. Ambition: St6l1Og'l'Zi.IJl'I9I'. Fzworite Subject: Civics. DUARD LITTLE Buck cycllftillll '33-'3-l: Science '33, Ambition: Pharmacist. Favorite Subject: Science. WAYNE Low '31-'34g Back Back O'Curtzlin '31-'32: Glec Club '33-'3-lg Science '34. Ambition: Lawyer. Favorite Subject: Art. ALVIN MCADOO Pre-Med. '33-'3-4: Archaeology '34. Ambition: Salesman. Favorite Subject: Art. ELMO MCCOOK Football '32-T343 Workshop '33: Golf '34g Ambition: Aviator. Favorite Subject: Public Speaking. G. C. MCDONALD Glee Club '31g Y. L. P. '33-'34. Ambition: Naval officer. Favorite Subject: Physics. REX MCFALL Golf '34: Glee Club '31-'34, Ambition: Traveling. Favorite Subject: Physics. DAN MCLENDON Scout '31, Band '31-'34: Battery '32-'33g Debate '33: Forensic '33: N. I-I. S. '34. Ambition: Lawyer. Favorite Subject: History. Thirty MACK MANLY Ilaxnrl 'Ill-'Mg Drsimntit- 'tl2. Ambition: Doctor. . Favorite Subject: Engllslt. MAX MARSTRAND Ilutin 'CHQ ldxm-elsior '31-'32: Defessi Aeneadae 3 K.K.K.K. '34, Ambition: Dentist. I":tv4n'itu Subject: 'l'ypinpf. MACK MEAD Imtin '30: Band '30-'Il-tg Orc-bestra '30-' Ambition: Ima-tor. Fatvorlte Subject: t'lll?ll1lSU'j'. CRISTEEN MILLER G un tl TH: Huine Er-ononiius '33-'34 N. H. '34, Ambition: 'l'3ietiti:m. Fztvorite Subject: English. BETTY MILLER Y. Il. I'. '33-'Il-tg G :ln G '34: Pup Sqn lll'2lllHIllCS 'Z52: Pl3l'SUll2lll1.Y Girls '33. Ambition: Actress. 1":tVoritc Subject: Public Speaking. VIOLE1' MILLS Glace Club: '32-'Klip Quill :tml Sc-ro '33-'Il-1. Ambition: Editor. I4':t.voritta Subject: History. MAXINE MOORE Girl Reserve '30-'lilg Quill and Scroll 'Ii-I: N. I-I. S. '34. Ambition: Typist. Fzworitc Subject: English. WELDON MORTON Given Ulub '33-'3-lg I". F. A, '32-'34: F Ambition: Minister. Fztvoritio Subject.: Suienue. MARGUERITE NEVILLS Home Econontics '32-'Il4: G :ln G '34. Ambition: I'lesig'xiv:i'. Fztvorite Subjucrt: Ilusitrqn. JAMES NEVINS fl-luntl 'Ill-'3-IZ Ol'l.'ll0Sll'iL '32-'343 N. H. Ambition: lslngint-er. Fnvorltc: Subject: Trlgoliurnetry. DOROTHY NEWMAN lJr:un:1.t1cs nd: Porsoxmllty Girls '34: G Ambition: M111-zicziun. Favorite Subject: History. JOHN PARKER .lixvelsior '33: Dt-fussi Aeneatdzte '34, Ambition: Civil engineer. .lfztvorite Subject: Latin. Thirty-one 34. : Glue Club 31 .54 :ul '34: Burfle 4 ll '3-t: Pep Squftc '32-'33Q K.K Ix ootball '33. 'i '13-'34 an G '34 MIRIAM PEARCE Excelsior '32-'33: K.K.K.K. '34: G an G '34: Servi Cici- ronis '34, Ambition: Successful dmnesticity. Favorite Subject: Physics. CHARLES PEEVEY K.K.K.K. '34: Social Usage '33g Scout '3l.. Ambition: Architectural engineer. Favorite Subject: Mechanical Drawing. J. D. PERRY Golf '32-'33: lfvidsith '32g Hi-Y '32-'Mg Y. L. P. '32-'34: Debate '34. Ambition: Lawyer. Favorite Subject: Public Speaking. MAXINE PERRY TLos Leales '31-'34: N. I-I. S. '34: Valedictorian Mid- erm. Ambition: Spanish interpreter. Favorite Subject: Spanish. HIBBARD POLK Latin '30-'325 Back O'Curtain '32-'34: N. H. S. '34: Valedictorian Spring Term. Ambition: Educator. Favorite Subject: English. BILLY POPE History '3l.: Archaeology '32-'34. Ambition: Teacher. Favorite Subject: History. H. F. POWELL Band '32: Los Leaies '32-'34, Ambition: Aeronautical engineer. Favorite Subject: Mechanical drawing. WALTON PRESLEY Band '30-'34: Orchestra '31-'34. Ambition: Aviation. Favorite Subject: Civics. W. D. PRUITT, JR. Los Leales '33: Flashlight '34. Ambition: Governor of Texas in 1053. Favorite Subject: Commercial Law. MARGARET LEE REED Girl Reserve '30-'33: Social Usage '33: Glee Club '31-'33 Ambition: Stenographer. Favorite Subject: Typing. JOSEPHINE RIEK K.K.K.K. '34: Sports '34. Ambition: Stenographer. Favorite Subject: Mathematics. BERNICE REVELL Dramatic 'Sly Back O'Curtain '32-'34. Ambition: Lawyer. Favorite Subject: History. Thirty-two MERLE REVELL Los Leslies '31-'33: K.K.K.K. '2l4: N. H. S. '34g Girl Reserve '31, Ambition: Commerciatl tenclier. Fzivmwllo Subject: Sborthunrl. BERNIECE RICE Los Iiunlus '3-1: Tennis '33-'34: Glc-G Club Ambition: NlllSiI!l?ll'l. Fzwnl-ite Subject: Civivs. ' I . it N -4 Al - A 1. I MARY LEE ROACH ,ff3r'i1'+7 Lo:-1 beatles '32C 1't-rsonulity Girls '34: Y. L. P. '34g Pep V", ' Squad 'C'2-'84, ' T , Ambition: Bullet dnnuor. -new 3 5 x jr Favorite Subject.: ltlztthuinatics. " ,J , I . GRACE ELIZABETH ROUTH , A lim-k 0'Curt:iin '33: Spanisli '33: l'. G. '3-lg Glee Club . '32-'34: Girl Reserve '32. Ambition: Librurizm. .l"llX'Ul'llG Subject.: .'lout'naLlism. KATHRYN ROWLETT Art Club '30-'32: Art 'illig G nn G Till: Forensic Club '34g P4-211 Squad '34: Glen- Club '3-1. Ambition: Connnerr-ial artist. Favorite Subject: JOLll'llitliSi1'l. f S! ,. JOE HERMAN RUCKER 1 ' F. F, A. '30-'Mg Los Leslies '343 N. H. S, '34. Ambition: Fztrmor. Favorite Subject: Mztthemxitics. MONTA LEE RUTLEDGE COTTON YQ Little T-lisiorizins '32: ,l'. G. 'ilftg Y. .lJ. P. '34: G an G '34. Ambition: St6l'l0LfI'1lDllt,'l'. W Favorite Subject: English. v JI-:WELL SEARS Girl Reserve '3l1 Musk and Wig '32: Glee Club '33g Quartet '33: l'e1x Squzul '3-1: G :in G '34, Ambition: Rancher. Fnvorite Subject: Emrlisli. R. L. SHADDIX St-icncze '33: Art-lmeolog-y '34. Ambition: 1cl6l'f.l'll'3.l engineer. l+'n,voritc' Subject: English. 'B Z NORMA SHAHAN -wi 'l'l'02lSlll'E'l' of ,Pep Squzul 'lilig Mask and VVig '34g G an G M N' 'THQ Burfle '34. Ambition: Som-iztl hostess. Favorite Subjvctz Englisli. BURTON SHELTON Battery '32-'ZMQ Quill und Sc-roll '32-3-tg N. H. S. '3-4: Boy St-out 'ill-'Iii Ambition: Nuwspziperlmtn. Fnvoritt- Subjf.-f-l: .Ioul'n:ilism. MELBA SIBLEY Los Leules '31-'33: Quill nml Scroll '33-'34: Pep Squad '32-'Silly G :in G '34. Ambition: Anything but housekeeping. Favorite Subject: English. 7'lz.ifrty-tlwec Q 5 REX A. SMITH, JR. Puzzle '32: Short Story '33. Ambition: W1'ite1'. Favorite Subject: English. W. D. SMITH, JR. Glee Club '3-4: Business '34. Ambition: Business manager. Favorite Subject: Bookkeeping. FLOYD SPIELER T. N. K. '33: Debate '3-ig C. C. C. C. '34, Ambition: President of United States. Favorite Subject: Science. FRED S'rEvENs0N Latin '30: Forensic '32: Y. L. P. '32-'34, Ambition: Engineer. Favorite Subject: Science. JACK STovALL Golf Club '32-'4: Art '33-'34, Ambition: WI'iter. Favorite Subject: English. ELLA MARIE SUGGS Pep Squad '33-'34y Burfle '33-'34: Art '33-'34g Latin '31- '34: G an G '34g N. I-I. S. '34. Ambition: Designer. Favorite Subject: Art. GERALDINE SUGGS Orchestra '31-'34g Quill and Scroll '33: Pep Squad '33: G an G '34: Forensic '34: Advertising Manager of Bat- tery '34. Ambition: Advertising manager. Favorite Subject: Journalism. MAYBELLE TAYLOR G an G '34: Sports '34, Ambition: Beauty operator. Favorite Subject: English. FRANCES TURNER Social Usage '31: Archaeology '31-'34: Home Economics '32-'33: Pep Squad '33-'34: G an G '34. Ambition: Artist. Favorite Subject: English. WOODROW WALTER Latin '31-'32: Science '34. Ambition: Business administrator. Favorite Subject: Bookkeeping. LONELLE WHITAICER Dramatic '31g Glee Club '32-'33: Quill and Scroll '33: Forensic '34: N. I-I. S. '34: Bztttery '34. Ambition: Journalism. . Favorite Subject: Journalism. ALLEN WILLIAIVIS N. H. S. '33-'34: Flashlight '34. Ambition: Architect. I Favorite Subject: Mathematics. Thirty-four G :tn tl '34. i Historian Club '3l: Y. L. P. '32-'34: G an G '3-4: Na- LOUISE WILLIAMSON Spanish '31: Home Economics '32-'33: Flashlight '34: Ambition: Aviatrlx. Favorite Subject: Public Speaking. LOUIS WILLIAMSON F. F. A. '31-'34, Ambition: .Rill'lL'llTl'l1l.l'l. Favorite Subject: Agriculture. MINNIE WooDLocK K.K.K,K. '3-4: Forensic- '333 Home Economics '32. Ambition: Clutmpion typist. Favorite Subject: Typing, LYNN YEARGAN Science '32: History 'Il2: Young America. '33: Glee Club '34. Ambition: Music-inn. Favorite Subject: History. LUCILLE YOUNG l Ambition: 'l'eacher. 'Fzlvorite Subject: Commerc-ial Law. 1 IRENE YOUNG Sports '34: G an G '34. Ambition: Lawyer. Favorite Subject: History. TOM CANON Bzuul '31-'34: Football '31-'32: Science '32, , Ambition: Lawyer. Favorite Subject: Chemistry. JAMES MILLER Radio '32: History '33: Business '34g Basketball '34. Ambition: Civil engineer. Favorite Subject: Physics. l l S. J. WHITE mimi '31-'34. i Ambition: Geologist. Favorite Subject: Matthematics. I Foy FAULKS ' Los Leules '33: Arolmeology '34. Ambition: Mecliztnlcal engineer. F:1.vm'ite Subjevt: Spanish. MARY EUGENIA DUNN tional Honor Society '33-'34. Ambition: Song writer. Favorite Subject: English. FERN GEREN Forensic '3-1: K.K.K.K. '34, Ambition: Nurse. Favorite Subject: Spanish Thirty-five FLORINE ARDIS Home Economics T523 Pep Squad '32-'34. Ambition: Musician. Favorite Subject: Design. KATHLEEN ARDIS Home Economics '32: Girl Reserves '33: Pep Squad '32-"'4. Ambition: Mathematics teacher. Favorite Subject: Mathenmtics. MYRTIS BLAKE Excelsior '31-'32g Forensic '33: Back 0'Cu1'tain '34: Pep Squad '31-'3-4: Latin '31-'33g G an G '34, Ambition: Mae WVest's understudy. Favorite Subject: Geometry. JOE ELMER BROWN Latin '31-'32g Band '31-'34: Orchestra '31-'34. Ambition: Professional musician. Favorite Subject: Band. MARY ELIZABETH BROWN Drzmiatic '32-'33: Pep Squad '33-'34: Art '3 Ambition: Music teacher. Favorite Subject: Mathematics. LOUISE CHAMPION Los Leales '31. Ambition: Housekeeper. Favorite Subject: Economies. TED DARBY F. F. A. '34, Ambition: Farmer. Favorite Subject: Mn.themz'itics. HOMER FLANNAGAN Travel '33g K.K.K.K. '34. Ambition: Mechanic. Favorite Subject: History. LORENE FLANNAGAN Girl Reserve '31-'32: Home Economics '34g National Honor Society '34. Ambition: Journalist. Favorite Subject: Typilig. WINONA GRAHAM Art l34. Ambition: Dramatist. Favorite Subject: Econrmiics. GUY GROSECLOSE Archaeology '34. 1 Ambition: Petroleum Bllglileef. Favorite Subject: 'I'rigOnon1etry. W. J. HARVEY Los Leales '31-'32g F. F. A. '33-'34. Ambition: Ranchmzm. Favorite Subject: Agriculture. 4: G an G '34. '33s K.K.K.K. Tlvirty-sin' EMMETT LEE Football '31: Musk and NVig '3l: Spanish '32: Mask and Wig ':::s-':z4. . Ambition: Football coach. ' Fausorite Subja--cztz Civics. SCOTT STRAIN Football '31-'34: Hi-Y '33-'34, Ambition: Surgical doctor. l1':i.vorlte Subject: Chemistry. MARGARET STREET K.K.K.'K. '34. Ambition: Avizitrix. Fztvoritu Subject: Typing. WILBUR ROBINSON Arclnieology '34. Ambition: lntwyer. Favorite Subject: History. WARREN MORTON Buck O'Clll'lJllIl '343 Glee Club '34. . Anibitionkliztwyerbi F1 .v 'ite Su 'H-t: ,. vic:-x. , - l UI I JJKL wg' ANDREW KING Latin '31: Band '31-'34: Ort-liostra. '31-'34g N. H. S. Ambition: Mechanic. F1l.VUl'il0 Subject: Mzltlwimlties. DOROTHEA MURPHEY Home liconomit-s '31: Glee Club '31-'34: Burfle '33: Pep Squntl '31-'3-ig Spzmisli '33: Sports '34. Ambition: Uzunp counselor. Fzivorite Subject: English. I ' J 1 FERN HINSHAW Drmnulic 'Zl0: Short Story 'Sig Buck O'Curtain '32: ' Secretary Ye Little Players '33-'3-l. '- Ambition: Lmumttic star. I4':ivorite Subject: Public Speaking. 1 ff LAURENCE POWELL Lzttin '3l: Excelsior '32: Football '32-'34: Hi-Y '34g N. H. S. '34. Ambition: lierrrezltion lender. Favorite Subject: Mzttlienmtic-s. LOIS LEE LIGHTFOOT lnuunzttic '3l: Los beatles '32. Ambition: interior det-orutor. Favorite Subject: Public Speaking. FRANCES MACHEN Lntln 'Ill-'32: Back O'Curt:1in '33: P. G. '34. Ambition: Private secweiary. l"zivorite Subject: Typing. CHESTER J EMEYSON IBn,nd Club '30-'34: Business '33. Ambition: Civil engineer. Favorite Subject: Spanish. Tliirty-seven JMUM7, ,wwfu . 'Jkwwivfwwf fl-'v ff ,fn 0V7ffQff441?rf2WffZV J Y gj4'mVr 'I"f'7f '7' ya! pf7j4z,4iI1Mfm It ly fy,-Mfg 5, ,yifayv-fvffwff M S I ,Iffyldff -f J - l i Q I I ' J- Ikn g .. 1 . - ' I ' .6,fwfv1f'7 IIA: fl S xx? F, 'YI I I I I I I I W Q kj'EfwW 0m 0dy-wz 1 ii , I S - '- "1 ".r"si0-' ' 0 i"4'd'L"" OW 'W CU Hesi 5 tl IJ l i- Th " 1 ' . Q H 0 ly . El ' 'm x , e 'r ay' X I ' ffl, 7 5f95:"'5 efrs Oil ' ' pf J 'rjffi Q, 'v ,MI I I ,.. ...,.3f as I Hzs 35 .1 pajnrti .pai . 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" 5.gHi"Ef?fsfuE+'f'i!.E'i 9 f6Q'AQ:jg'gQ'gj M-'z-'fg?,fg1 - ',1 Deal gs,2312?-Q:-:ia-dwggmesgfg -' IH, f2QEQ'f?:wfaia54iF?w-wi?Qiilii' 7 "'-'-ffr" ,.f films1:f'!msfS:"ifHQ1s2"2Le'-Q I -' r L-'.mo,','f'4 m'iw:':f:7f,':,f ' A I '-.",' fum,-.r-.l'A"5w:.1j'1wi'--- ? 'Q' 'A - - V Th'i7'ty-eight LIUNIHFS CYRIL NEAS None Glsnvls GALBRAITH President A. W. BALFANZ Vice President MARc,m1s'r ANSLEY Secretary STANLEY COPPINGER Reporter NATAIM: TANDY Program Clzairlnan K. C. PRITCHETT General ClLCli7'l7LdlL DAVIDA GRAHAM Flashlight Representative JOE BILL DUCKWORTH Flashlight Reprsentative MISS LUCRETIA CURRY Assistant Adviser Miss SARAH HARDY All'Ul73f?l' Pastime: Hunting. LOVETTA ROBERTS irvetau Pastirne: Writing letters, F01-ty SUNSHINE ALLEN "S'umz.ye" Pastime: Gossiping. MARGARET ANSLEY nsugu Pastime: Falling in love. PATRICIA ANSLEY - GIPMY! K Pastime: Reading murder mysteries. 1,1 6 T . iv'-. A. W. BALFANZ , "Dub" I Pastime: Football. gy' i LOUIS BARKSDALE . "Elbyl' - 1 o Pastime: Reading and swimming. F' H Q W I Y OPAL BARKSDALE None Pastime: Painting. JACK BOWERS "Slim" Pastime: Loafing. ROYCE BOWERS K6Ie0UH Pastime: Playing ping'-pong. MALDENE BRANCH nGypSyn Pastime: Swimming. DORIS BURNS "D, B." Pastime: Swimming. ROBERT COLLIER "High-pockets" Pastime: Twirling the baton. CHARLOTTE COPE "Come" Pastime: Debating. Forty-one ,v JACK DAUGHERITY flS07L,, Pastime: Collecting stamps. HENRIETTA DENNINGTON "Henry" Pastime: Waiting for Gene. BILLY DORTON "Bill" 5 Pastime: Eating. DOROTHY Doss "Dorf Mae PuaZ" Pastime: Riding with Gerry BILL DUCKWORTH "Little Duck" Pastime: Reading. TOMMIE DUNCAN "Teddy" Pastime: Horeback riding. RUTH FEARS 44126611 Pastime: Keeping up with Billie WINNIE WATT FINLEY MTW" Pastime: Making dumb cracks MARY FRY "Peanut" Pastime: Finding her daily crush gl GERVIS GALBRAITH I as r Gubo' Pastime: Looking for Helen LEAH GILL "GcLZlige'r" Pastime: Chewing gum. RALPH GLENN ufvhu-gn Pastime: Reading. DAVIDA GRAHAM "Veet" Pastime: Singing. JEANELLE GREEN uJellyn Pastimes Sticking out tongue. NATALIE TANDY HNatH Pastime: Dancing. MARJORIE HANDY "Handy" Pastime: Writing notes. JAMES HARRISON liJ1:m!!! Pastime : Reading. MARY ELLA HARVEY lKSiSl! Pastlmez Swimming. J EANETTE HEDRICK "Jean" ' Pastime: Horseback riding. DUSKIN HILL UHQJLN Pastime: Speedy driving. NITA HINDS l6Ncat!7 Pastime: Sketching. FLORENCE HUGHES 4sH0ney!r Pastime: Making candy. MARY LEE HUGHES "MeWily" Pastime: Drawing. MARGARET HUNT "Wimpy" Pastime: Playing the piano. Forty-three .L E L 1 STANLEY JONES "Boofe1"' Pastime: Playing passball. VEDA JONES None Pastime: Collecting rings. ELOISE KEEN "Weenie" Pastime: Playing tennis. HERMAN LONG "Four Eyes" Pastime: Chewing gum. STEWART MCADOO "Curly" Pastime: Playing checkers. H. M. MCBEATH "Chuck" Pastime: Loafing. DOROTHY MCKENZIE HDOtH Pastimes Holding telephone. FRANCES MONTGOMERY "Monte" Pastime: Laughing. CLAUDE NEILON None . Pastime: Sleeping in class. WANDA NORTON "Nick" Pastime: Dreaming of own J EANETTE PATTERSON "Rant" Pastlmez Running around. NAN PEARCE "Nancy Icllee" Pastime: Reading. ing a dude ranch. Forty-four J. C. PENNINGTON "Jake" Pastime: Athletics. WILLII-I PERRY "Egg Head" Pastimes Wrestling. RODGER PLOWMAN "Roclge" Pastime: Catching butterflies DELLOISE POFF HDez7Y Pastime: Playing tennis. Bum, ROACH N one Pastime: Training Peanut. FRANCES SAUNDERS "Ch.e1'1'y" Pastime: Chattering. Bun NEAL SCOTT "Barry" Pastime: Tinkering. MANCILL SHAW "George" Pastime: Hunting. FRANCES SLAUGHTER "Slaughtc1"' Pastime: Tap dancing. HERSCHEL SMITH "He'1'shey" Pastime: Day dreaming. LON STEIPFINS ilstefly Pastime: Swimming, PAULINE SWAFFORD ccpollyvy Pastime: Cooking. Forty-five Q1 BERNARD WILLIAMS uBCL'l"7l,1l6L'7'Cln Pastime: Swimming. ELIZABETH WILLIAMS "Lesa" Pastime: Driving around. ALICE BENTLEY 'Abie ' G 3 I Pastime: Sleepless slumber parties. BOBBY LoNG "Nuts" Pastime: Dodging study hall. A. F. PAGE "A Falcon" Pastime: Reading. KATHERINE ROBERSON "Kittie" Pastiniez Skating. GRADY SHYTLES "Tub" Pastime: Playing football. DORIS BIBBEE K6-Doegjyi Pastime: Reading. K. C. PRITCHETT "Cooney" Pastime: Making soda pop. MELVIN EARL GILILLAND uG,illyn Pastime: Collecting keys. HOMER PLOWMAN None Pastimes Driving a car. STANLEY COPPINGER Hclopii Pastime: Going to see Mildred. Forty-six LANDERELRSSFIEN JIMMY AGNEW JERRY ALLEN SHIRLEY ALLEN Tj BENTON ANDERSON r 0 f xx .M ,X Y Q - f THEDA ATTEBERRY J. E. BAILEY ALFO BAK R if ' Wwiff I HAROLD BEASLEY ll X "7 JACK BLACK ON, Vice Pres dent J. T. BLANTON HELEN BOSWELL R. W. BRITTAIN JOHN BROWN VAN BURNETT CLEO CHAMBERS MARY CHAMPION JEAN CHRISTOPHER SARAH ELIZABETH CLARK MILDRED CLONTS BONNYE OPAL CONNELL KATHERINE COPELAND MAXINE COTTON VIRGIE Cox WILLIS COX, JR. MAXINE CRAIG IRENE DAVENPORT CHARLES DICK OLIVIA EASTUS LORENE ENGLAND JUANITA FEAZLE JUNE FROST Forty-eight 'A R. B. GLENN DOLLIE GOODMAN NANCY GRISSOM ARTHUR LEE HADDOX IRENE HAILE WILLIS HARRIS BURREL HARRISON LOIS HARRISON CLYDE HARVEY ALBERT HAWKINS ALPHA HAY BLANCHE HEFLIN DOUGLAS HEMRREE WOODROW HINDS RALPH HOOKS EHO HOWELL MARY FRANCES JACKSON GERALDINE JOHNSTON GERRY JONES JOHN KEITH FERN LANGEORD LAURENCE LILLY f AQ' FORREST MOPHERSON 5 1 JO MARTIN gX Q X Si, Y. I5 ' , 1 A W. F. MARTIN R. L. MEAD K QQ? AQ- ATHALENE MILLER K '-I.J"' ' X YY' OX- NADA MIRACLE ., X 'I ' 17 GN Xe, , Exif? Y-A ,J N A . rg- OJ K JXP .NX .1 X 1 -cf' X W XMANOI-:S MORRISON W-, 'N ' V RAY MOSER, Prqisiclcnt N -5. ' .Q ,A ff- "" MKRTHA MUSSER X J X J - CN XJ X' .11 , , . , I I5, X 5 .ggi Forty-nine DORIS NANCE J AQUE NEVILLS DONA DRED PENDER MARGARETTE R. M. My LLOYD POOL JOE ROUTH MAE OWENS JANIE ALICE PARISH PERKINS PHILLIPS FRANKIE MAE POI-'F MARGARET ROWELL LEON SAFFELL RACHEL ROWLETT OLA MAE SANDERS FRANCES SCHULTZ RICHARD SHIPMAN BILL SISSON OTIS STEWART FRANCES SEARS RUBY SKELTON ELIZABETH STEVENS JIMMIE KATE TARTT TRUMAN TERRY GRANVILLE WATERS FRANCES WOOD MACK WARNER JEANETTE WILLIAMSON ROSA PEARL WILSON LU DAME WISDOM BILLY WOODWORTH VERLIE AKINS EDITH VANTREESE Fifty if f ' L7 L! L ,1 BEE AGNEW BETTY AGNEW BILLY AGNEW MARY ELIZABETH AIKEN LENA MARIE ANTILLEY J. M. AREY BEATRIOE ARRINGTON - DOROTHY RAY BAILEY HOBART FLOYD BAUGUS ROBERT RAY BARLOW ROGENE BEASLEY , PATTIE LEE BELL MAICIE BERRY HELEN LOUISE BLANTON ELNA BURNS EVELYN BRITTAIN JIMMIE BROVVN TOM BURKS . WAURENE CARP GERALDINE BUSTER WW MILDRED 1W WAIITER Cox df BETTIE FEARS ABBI GRACE ELIZABETH COMPERE, Secretary BILLIE FRANCES FISHER LESLIE FRENCH MARY ELIZABETH GALBRAITH R. B. GALBRAITH Fifty-one CARRA LEE GIST FRANCES GORHAM it-in HLA-5 . F ' 1 f ,- I V -A.. 'L 2 1 Ir, EY ' N! X, fp - 1 , I 1 T557 JOYCE GRAVES HAZEL GREELY WALTER B. HALE LA VERNE HARKEY PHILIP HEFLEY ODELL HERMAN HELEN HILL GLADYS HILLMAN E. L. HORTON BESSIE JOE JACKSON ZELMA JETER MERRILL JONE HOWARD KING, President S D. T. LAUGHTER, Vice President MARGARET LITTLE VIRGINIA MOZLEY MARIE MULLINS BETTY MCDUEF LOTTIE NATIONS DERWOOD NOLLNER THELMA PADGETT MARGIE FAYE PAYNE GELINE RANDOLPH MELBA RIEK MERRILL REESE EARNEST REYNOLDS MARGARET REYNOLDS CARL B. RIHERD MARTHA SHAW SYRIL SHIFLETT LOESSA SIMPSON DAVID SITTON Fifty-two MELEA SMITH GERTIE SNODGRASS L. C. SPENCER CLINTIE BEE STEFFENS " HARRY TOMPKINS HAZEL WARD 535 MARY BENA WHITE EARNEST WILSON N - MARGARET WILLIAMSON My HOLLIS WILLIAMSON LUCILLE WINTER B., MARGARET WOODY RICHARD ELLIOTT ELEANOR YOUNG LAVON YOUNG RUTH WRIGHT ALFRED WALDROP MELVIN MIIJLARD WILLIAM ARDIS OWEN BAGGETT J. F. DENNINGTON JO KATHRYN FRENCH LURREL JAY DIXIE MONTGOMERY BENNIE NORWOOD MURREL JAY GRANVILLE JOHNSON DALTON PATTERSON LUCILE RAGSDALE W. D. RHODES Fifty-three BOBBY ROBERSON B. A. YOUNG I 4 f E BELLE RAINS JAMES HOLLIS RICHARDS Born: December 22, 1914 Born: March 6, 1917 Died: May 5, 1933 Died: January 16, 1934 6: When Souls go flown to the sea in a ship, Anal the dark ship's name is Death, Why znourn and wail at the vanishing sail? Though outward bounrl, Coffs world is round, And only a ship is Death. c'When I go clown to the sea in a ship, Anil Death unfzirls her sail, Weep not for me, for there will be A living host on another coast To beclcon anfl give 'All Hail'.v M Mask J wg A TQ:-. V' 1 ' ' '-i??'g I-- ff, +Q, 'U . J 'f 4 " ' ' la--fa--tw - , , A , . x 9 5.1-. 1' ff , , v . 4 ff gy A' ' .. ,x 1 ed , .' 5 1' 1 J? .Agia " -.J J-"E , gf ' - "- Z! N ' - 'V k v' I '13-. 4' ji Ev ' ' ' ' ' - " "C 1' 'avi- ,. QHA gy, ., .. Pi yvxbxi 3-"5fhlE'Qfif.fg5ffin 5 MWZM 6, 5 , .X ' ' fusf: xg,-. . - Sufi-2 W4 46336, Pk M54 f" 'S Wa 1' , . - , x ' fer. xl- 'I .4 "Q J5'l."' - lv ff. . - -5,-ffff X nf.-f, '1 ,V ,r1,:u. qfiry ' 4' 5 ' .. 44, 0 Nfzfffl-2-A 4 Yfff11f"?" WT? , ' " "4" ' vin.. - ' . ' 'G-' .v - r -See-2'3" ! -f " X win: .I 4' ,., , . vx R N OR ...N gy, s ,f :U X Gfl la I X g I K x 4 I' .. - 4 2 F A 1 Q Y X gms :i ,ZW N Y' Ky' Xkw x x' fi ff ' 4 7 .F , uw - ,Lg ug 5, - . ,1 , - xx-ff . f':. , X 1 , :ia i f .F ff y, ff' J 5 J ,ls 3 j jg, W I mg 1 , ,Q X y l-I " I f, X , N X J wi g T 'rl f ' i E IXIITI ITIE X f " N H Q", 45 f I, . 1 FHHTHERRVUFE compoulul is form- eff! Hard at Work "SeLLin' t lr, i n lc- i11,'?',- "No, jus! 86H1:Il,,.,, Our fulure archi- tects mul drajzslnerz in lraining. W 11. e r e the Bal- lery s L a sperLflS many lrours. A busy sixth pe- riod in the library. W IL e r e experi- ments a r e m a fl e rlazfly. Cf ?a1ul a new 7, Hither and Thither The daily occur- renee. "Was Cisco de- feated? l'll sayfn Posing for the ar- MSI. The Gang. "Hold ,enz, fel- lowsf' Trusty cronies. ' "' 'f "QV ' 'f""'-ff.. Y.. ' v 1 11' 2:-:.,....,..2 " -.L .A 'X lv li 1. , sill? rv A il ,. Q :L .2-5' .ll "1 . 1 -1 Boys Will Be Boys The conquferorf "L 0 0 k o u I, Slimesfn And he wins a gold A L0 get one. Showirf off. Mysteries of the Campus "Want a flute?" "Have you been fl good girl, Mary ElizalJell1,?n "For A b 11 l e n e zmfll yellf' lust a rn, 0 n g us girls. Follies of '34. Familiar Scenes McClure goes in for flagpole sitting. The east for El- mer, presenterl by the llflask and Wig. Future Einsteirzs. The study of cells. The boys, pas- time. Introrlzte i n g El- lILCI'. Where Silence Reigns Our artist of L0- morrnw. Miss Boyce and her menagerie. Oar principal as he works. The Library. Girls in waiting. About the Campus Cooperation o n the rock pile. W lt at happened to "Little Dztclcvf "D 0, R e, M e, Faf,-just the girls, quartet. S o n g birds of Abilene High School. T h. e completion of the nnrlerpass. Training fo r the Olympics. FRVHRITES IIN THE SPOTLIGHT HFC HELEN JONES Queen FRANK COGDELL Most Representative Boy BLANCHE BANOWSKY Most Representative Girl JOHNNY BROOKSHIRE Most Erienclly Boy LORRAINE HAMILTON Most Friendly Girl W. D. PRUITT, Jr. Most Valuable Boy HIEILJEN JUNJES Queen She rules with grace, charm., and dignity in her kingdom of student lzeczrls. FRANK CCOGDELJL Most Representative B09 By giving his all, he receives the best and becomes an inspiration L0 every one. BILANCHIE BANOWSKY Most Representative Girl Some of this, some of than, a little of all-she knows how to make herself invaluable to the school. JUHNNY BRUUKSHIIRIE Must friendly Bog He comes, he sees, he conquers with a laugh and a word spoken, kindly. COR AIINIE AMJULT N Most friendly Girl Her alluring smile and her girlish chatter win a permanent place in young hearts. w, v. l -fig! , . '- '9 , ,,,,.i. -- I, gr W- rw ,ya wi, iwrx i' ll'HvA2" lf: .4. 5 ' ,vs nu. -JV L , V1 WJ., P a 4,:I,, IQ " I I" if V -4, . 1,.- 2 W. I-ul W, D.. PRUIITT, JR.. Most 'Vmllmmxlblfe Bog "Whom shall I send?" the school asksg and W. D. answers Send mef' v w IXTHLETIII - XKWPQ -" wx, Xx N xg-,x x-"N 1 N xx X xxgxx ' f 1 w QQ,-' w ' ' V AFQ9 'TEH nf 'va X V V K Y, . ' '-f f x V g , -, K A MILLER CHRISTIAN FATHERREE HOWARD L' MILLER JACK P. CHRISTIAN HILLIARD S. FATHERREE E1 .t d ' 1932 Elected in 1932 Elected in 1926 Baskgtifali 32:1 Football Freshman Football and Tennis and Basketball Track DEWEY A. MAYHEW Elected as Head Coach in 1928. He has coached two state cham- pionship football teams and one state and national championship relay team. -L. -an. wwf". , 5,41-" I l 1 I Seventy-one MAYHEW -J 3 V L P t r ,. K, l i l 5 'N u- 'V fs? SHAHAN SEARS MONTCOMERY l:IAMIL'roN Com: PEP LEADERS The Pep Squad takes its place of honor in the spotlight! It has had a most successful year in supporting the athletics and other extra-curricular activities of the school. The pep leaders, Jewel Sears, Lorraine Hamilton, Frances Montgomery, Norma Shahan, and Charlotte Cope, who are full of enthusiasm and energy, have done their part in putting the fighting spirit into the Eagle athletes. These girls have striven to keep high the standards ol the squad and ever to uphold the Black and Gold through their loyalty and love for our institution. Jewel Sears has served capably as president for the squad of ,33-'34. With the assistance of Lorraine Hamilton, vice president, she kept the students enthusiastic when things looked blue and spirits began to lag. Frances Montgomery, secretary, Norma Shahan, treasurer, and Charlotte Cope, chairman of the checkers, were the other co-wielders of the megaphone, who made the work more pleasant and the goal easier to reach. The Pep Squad, through the coaxing and coaching of Miss Odell Johnson, the sponsor, has become one of the best which Abilene has ever seen. Seventy-two FQUTEALL Interference Led the Way FRANK COGDELL fel Half Weight 158 LAURENCE POWELL Guard Weight 150 Russ LINDLEY Tackle Weight 190 f y JOHNNY BRooKsHmE I Quarter Weight 141 COGDELL POWELL LINDLEY BROOKSHIRE C89 1109 4215 623 PRE-SEASON REVIEW BY ROBIN CLACK On September 21, the inexperienced Eagles opened the 1933 season with the Winte1's Blizzards and won the encounter by a score of 416-0. As the score indicates, the Blizzards were kept constantly on the retreat. Brookshire led the scoring barrage by making the first thirty-three points for the Eagles, but shared scoring honors with two backfield mates, Cogdell and Pennington, who made one touchdown each. Dur- ing the last half both teams tried passes, but the visitors could not get theirs to work very successfully because the Eagles were always on the alert. The Eagles lost thirty yards by penalties, while the Blizzards lost twenty. After resting a week, the Eagles met an inspired group of Mustangs in the second non-conference game. The Ponies, being heavier and much more experienced than the Eagles, scored once in each of the last three quarters and pranced to eighteen first downs, while the Eagles made only one. The Eagles proved that a light and inexperienced team could hold a heavier opponent when they stopped at the 5-yard line two onrushes toward the goal. Cogdell, the best defensive star on the field, aided by Galbraith and Baldwin, did a good job backing the line. The Warbirds lost only five yards by penalties, and the Mustangs forty. Seventy-fom Pennington Gets His Man ri.: :L "M JAMES BALDWIN End Weight 140 Ganvls GALBRAITI-I A ' Half Weight 126 J. C. PENNINGTON Full Weight 150 RALPH ROBERTSON Tackle Weight 1 85 ROBERTSON PE N NINGTON GALBRAITH BALDWIN C235 15? 66? C31 To play their third game, the Eagles journeyed to San Angelo, the home of the Bobcats, and handed the Cats their first defeat of the season. This triumph main- tained a string of victories, broken only twice in seventeen years. Again, as in pre- vious games, the Eagle passes were largely responsible for counters. San Angelo threatened to score in the third quarter, but Cogdell nipped the chance when he intercepted a pass and ran seventy-seven yards before finally being brought down. The home club showed much improvement over their playing in previous games and, as a result, returned with a 20-12 victory. The Eagles played the fourth game, the last of the non-conference series, with the Westerners from Lubbock. The Abilene club played the ball deep in the enemy territory during the first quarter, but an incomplete pass over the goal prevented a score. The only tally came late in the second quarter after a pass was completed near the pay-stripe. The Eagles made two serious threats in the third quarter when they covered a fumble on the 18-yard line and pushed near the end zone. A few seconds later the Warbirds covered another fumble, after which Brookshire threw a short pass to Cogdell, who raced ten yards more. The counter was not made, as a pass was incomplete over the goal. After the game, the scorebook showed 6-0 in favor of the Westerners. Seventy-five Johnny Barely Misses a Touchdown BENTON COLLINS Tackle Weight 170 4 -4' A. W. BALFANZ End Weight 150 H. J. JONES Center Weight 161 EHO HOWELL Guard Weight 155 COLLINS BALFANZ JONES HOWELL 1227 i127 4149 4133 ABILENE 65 RANGER 7 Un October 26, the Eagles played the Ranger Bulldogs in the first game O1 me district race. During the first half the Bulldogs outplayed the Eagles, but the tide turned in the last half and the Eagles overwhelmed their guests. Ranger began its drive for a touchdown from the 47-yard line. .lones and Baldwin kept the Bulldogs from gaining very fast, but the goal line was finally crossed and Anderson kicked the extra point. ln the third quarter a fumble, covered by the ball-hawk Baldwin, opened the chance for the Eagles to start their scoring march. After a short pass to Gal- braith, Brookshire made two gains of fifteen and eighteen yards each for a first down on the 18-yard line. Galbraith angled to his right for a pass, which he took on the 2-yard line. Three plays by Brookshire and Pennington gained one and one-half yards against an embattled line. On the fourth play Cogdell started for the line, but swung to the left and lunged through three tacklers for the counter, after which Brookshireis try for point was Wide. In about two minutes the Eagles made another threat, but it was nipped by an incomplete pass over the end zone. The final whistle ended the game with the Bulldogs on the big end of a 7-6 score. ABILENE 14g BROWNWOOD 0 1 On the muddy and dreary afternoon of November 3, the Eagles niet their second district foe, the Brownwood Lions. The Lions kicked off to the Eagles, who scored Seventy-six Abilene Makes a Yard Cogclell Stops a Lobo Seventy-seven without losing possession of the ball. Cogdell carried the ball across from inside the l.0-yard stripe, and Brookshire place-kicked the point. Wlien the third quarter was nearly over, the Eagles took the ball on their 36-yard line, and Brookshire and Pennington in five downs covered the sixty-four yards to the goal. This advantage gave Coach Mayhew a chance to send in seven new players and it looked as if the Lions were going to score, but the return of the regulars stopped the rush at the 5-yard line. After everybody got the mud out of his eyes, the score was found to be 14--0 in favor of the Eagles. ABILENE 13g BRECKENRIDGE 7 Armistice Day found the Eagles playing their annual game with the Brecken- ridge Buckaroos. During the first quarter, Brookshire threw a twenty-two yard pass to Galbraith, who took it in the clear and ran the remaining thirty yards untouched. The Buckaroos gained until the 20-yard line was reaehedg then the Eagles braced and took the ball on clowns. The ball was advanced to inside the 10-yard stripe on passes and short runs, and Pennington carried it over the pay-line. ln the third quarter the Eagles fumbled on their 20-yard line, and the Buckaroos took the ball to the 2-yard line, where they lost it on downs. The Buckaroo counter came in the fourth quarter as the result of the triple pass. ABILENE 31g EASTLAND 7 One week after the Eagles defeated the Buckaroos, they trounced the Eastland Mavericks 31-7. There was no scoring until the second quarter, although the Eagles TOP ROW: Rex Palmer, Carrol Graves, Roger Stinclicomh, Ries Lindley, Stanley Jones, J. C. McDenrnion, Benton Collins, Ralph Robertson, Elmo McCook. . SECOND ROYV: Laurence Powell, Scott Strain, Jack Black. .I. li. Mend, .lac-li Blackmon, Grady Shytles, Earl Jones, Ray Moser, XVillis I-larris, Kenneth XValter. Y BOTTOM ROVV: Gulro Gallnaith, H. J, Jones, Johnny 'Brookshire, Frank Cogrla-II fcl, J. C. Pennington, Eho Howell, James Baldwin, A. NV. Balfanz, Edwin Bulfzinz. made eight first downs during the opening round. Brookshire ran eight and twenty yards, respectively, for the first two touchdowns and kicked the extra point after all four counters. Cogdell made the longest run of the day when he went around end for sixty-seven yards. ,lust after this gain Pennington scored from the 1-yard line and also made another from the 8-yard line. Late in the last quarter Brookshire kicked a field goal from the I2-yard line, which made his trials for goal perfect for the game. ABILENE 20: CISCO 0 The Cisco Lohoes came to Eagle Stadium on Thanksgiving Day to play the Eagles for the district championship. Cisco was on the offensive as soon as the game started, but Jones and Brookshire stopped the threat cold on the 7-yard line. As the second quarter opened, Cogdell gained nineteen yards on a spinner, and the Eagles advanced to the 7-yard line before they were stopped. After a weak punt by Cisco, Brookshire threw a short pass to Cogdell, who juggled it on his finger tips, finally caught it, then outran two Loboes for the touchdown. Brookshire kicked the point. During the third quarter both teams tried passes, but were not very successful. Cal- braith intercepted a pass on the 34--yard lineg then Brookshire threw a pass that seemed out of reach of everyone, but Cogdell caught it and crossed the goal un- touched. A Cisco fumble was covered by Robertson, and the Eagles pushed on to the 1-yard line, where Brookshire carried it over. This victory gave the Eagles the district championship, as Ranger had been declared out of the race. W EAGLE SQUAD Seventy-eight THE EAGLETS Seventy-nine - 5- Q.. ,. 'FOI' RUVV: Lilius Virrlen, Julian Alsrwbrook, 0. 'l'. Schuback, Howard Shackelford, Benton Collins, lvlelmlio Allen, R. B. G:'1lb1':iitl1, Paul Woods, Rex Palmer, Jay Campbell, .Tallies Busby, Orvzll Potter, Eugene Thornton. SECOND RUXV: Marion Jones, YV. T. Counts, Victor Holladay, Odell Herman, Hugh Long- moor, 'I'l'lUlll!,lS McAliste1', Bobby Long, Grady Sliytles, WVelrlon Aikens, L. C. Spencer. K .LZOTTOM ROW: Bernie I-Iagins. Howard King, George Ingle, H. J. Jones, Frank 'VV2l.ll61'S, Elm Howell, A. VV. .I33llf2l.l1Z, VVillis Harris. ABILENE 7g PAMPA 27 By defeating the Loboes, the Eagles gained the right to play the Pampa Harvesters in the bi-district game. The Eagles, lighter and 11ot so experienced as their opponents, held the Harvesters much better than the opposition expected them to. During the second quarter, the Eagles opened a drive that evened the count 7-7 at the half. Cogdell took a diagonal pass and outran several players for the only score of the Abilene Club. Brookshire made two of the longest kicks of the game, one for seventy- one yards and the other for sixty-nine. Howell and Balfanz played well for the Eagles. This game ended a successful season for a team that started with only one letter man and advanced to the bi-district game in state competition. SPRING TRAINING About forty boys reported to spring training in order to learn the fundamentals of football. Coaches Miller and Murphy proceeded to give them a chance to get more experience through scrimmage practice. These men who worked so diligently deserve as much praise as those who play next season, for they mould the character of the Abilene Eagles. The results of spring training will not be actually known until next fall when the boys put into practice what they learned in spring training. SEASON SCORE REVIEW FOOTBALL Abilene ,... ,....... 4 16 Winte1's ..... Abilene ......,, ..... 0 Sweetwater Abilene ........ ..,..... 2 O San Angelo ....,. Abilene ..... 0 Lubbock ..,..,. Abilene ........ ........ 6 Ranger .,...,........ Abilene ........ ........ 1 4 Brownwood .,..., Abilene ..,..... .,...... 1 3 Breckenridge .... Abilene .....,.. ........ 3 1 Eastland ...,..... Abilene ........ .....,....,.......,.... 2 0 Cisco ............. ..., Abilene ........ .......................,...,,, 7 Pampa .,....................... ....... Abilene ,... Abilene Abilene ........ Abilene ,.,..,.. Abilene ........ Abilene ,....... Abilene ........ Abilene ,..,.... Abilene ........ Abilene .,...... Abilene ........ Abilene ........ Abilene ..,..... Abilene ........ fBi-district game in state competitionl BASKETBALL 30 Wylie 33 Roby 17 Nienda 26 Nienda 37 Roby 27 Colorado 19 A. C. C. Freshmen 13 Wylie 23 Colorado 28 Colorado 18 A. C. C. Freshmen 23 San Angelo 1111 San Angelo 35 Colorado TENNIS District Championship in Boys' Singles District Championship in Girls' Singles District Championship in Girls' Doubles TRACK Second in District Second in Relay in State Contest VOLLEY BALL Defeated by Elmdale Eighty OTHER HTHLETIES A I' - - -f -'jaw-'f 'Q s I 1 Y A F it fi. V,-N . ,E VY. V-1.4.7.-. - --.-. .....--,.. I 4 Y gl- - 1- A 1-L1 - , wg,-. "mfr '-"ir"-'-if " ff V" " ' 1 -'. ' -.i':l'-I -.Q ,,..,r."- ,A , TOP ROW: Kenneth XValter, John Polanski, .lack Iiowers, .tnnnes Miller. Weldon Bout-hetle. BOTTOM ROXV: Clarence Martin, Jmnes Athi-0, Edwairnl 'l'hom:is, 'lll10lUt1S Mc-Alister. BASKETBALL SEASON Among the most promising boys who reported to Coach Hilliard S. Fatherree for basketball practice about the middle of October were Clarence Street, only letter- man, James Miller, ,lack Bowers and Weldon ffiedj Bouchelle. In their first official game, Clarence Street, who made sixteen points, led the Eagles to a victory over the Wylie basketeers. ln their next game, the Eagles beat Roby, their last opponent before the Christmas holidays, 33-19, and after the holidays beat Nienda 17-13. The week-end following, Coach Fatherree took the Eagles to the Colorado Invitation tournament, where they advanced to the semi-finals before being defeated 38-27 by Colorado. Their next three opponents, the A. C. C. Freshmen, Wylie, and Colorado, beat the W'arbirds only by small 'majorities .lack Bowers, tall Eagle center, led the Warbirds in their thrilling 23-22 victory over the San Angelo Bobcats, who held the score to one point's difference at the end of each quarter, but when the Eagles repaid the Bobcats' visit they were beaten 211--14-. At the Sectional Tournament held at Colorado, the Eagles did not advance far, because Colorado defeated them 37-35 in the opening game. BASKETBALL SQUAD Eighty-two TENNIS SQUAD Eighty-three xl in r V Kiki f 1 Ti 5 'w Q wit? i E. 'FOI' RONV: Kathryn Murray, Berniece Rice, Maurice Fincher, C. H. Boyd, Peggy Rehm, Frances Maehcn. lrlOT'l7QM ROYV: Billy Guy, Lance Turner, David Atkinson, Kendall Jones. TENNIS The Black and Gold net squad, coached by Hilliard S. Fatherree returned from the District Meet at Sweetwater with victories in the girls' singles and doubles and in the boys' singles, Frances Machen, who lost only three games in eight sets, won her final game from Lawn by a score of 6-1, 6-2, while Peggy Rehm and Berniece Rice won their final game from Nienda 6-2, 6-4-. C. H. Boyd won his championship game from Roscoe in straight sets 6-2, 6-2, 6-1, but he and lVlaurice Fincher lost the doubles final game to Big Spring after a three-hour battle. When all the district winners of the Abilene Region met in Abilene, Coach Fatl1erree's boys' singles, girls' singles, and girls' doubles teams entered the tourna- ment. C. I-I. Boyd, in the boys, singles, was the only Eagle netter to advance to the finals before being beaten. He lost the final match by scores of 6-0, 6-25 3-6 and 6-3. The other Eagle contestants-Frances Machen, girls, singles, and Peggy Rehm and Berniece Rice, girls' doubles, lost their games in the opening round. The singles match was lost to Houston of Paint Rock, who finally won the title, while the winners of the doubles title defeated Rice and Rehm 4-6, 6-2, 6-2. 1 X it , .i , vjyAU.x.l A 1 A kg .pig 'lxjxi rxl' as TOP ROVV: Neil Daniel, 'Pom Burks, Rex McFall, VV. H. Vv'ar'd, Joe Unrrnon Lee, Earl Jones. BOTTOM ROXV: James Baldwin, J. C. Pennington, Otha Simpson, Jack Blavkmon, Ray Moser, Paul Green. TRACK To open the season, Coach Mayhew entered his tracksters in the A. C. C. Invita- tion Meet, where they faced opposition from several West Texas high schools. Green won the only first place for the Eagles by jumping 21 feet, 3 inches in the broad jump. Other Eagles who placed in the meet were: Galbraith in the 220-yard low hurdles: Daniel, 1-mile rung Baldwin and Jones, javelin, Lee, pole vault and 120- yard high hurdles, Jones, second, 1-mile relay: and Green in the 220-yard dash and high jump. The annual Track and Field Meet of District 8 was held in Sweetwater April 141. Abilene, the defending champion, and Snyder were favored to take the Meet. The Warbi1'ds won three first places in the Meet, but were beaten by Snyder with only one-half point margin. The Eagles placing in the District Meet were as follows: 100-yard dash: Moser, second. WiHHC1'7S time, 10.7. 220-yard low hurdles: Blackmon, fourth. Winner's time, 26.3, 440-yard dash: Green, first. Baldwin, third. Winner's time, 54. 220-yard dash: Moser, third. Winner's time, 23.2. One-Mile Run: Daniel, second. WlHl161',S time, 4f:!l46.5. One-Mile relay: Ward, McFall, Jones, and Blackmon. Time, 3:44. Pole vault: Lee tied for fourth. Javelin: Baldwin first. TRACK SQUAD Eighty-four Baldwin Shows Good Form in the Broad Jump Eighty-five The first Regional Meet was held in Abilene on April 21. The track men who won places were as follows: 4.4-0-yard dash: Baldwin, first, Green, second. W'inner's time, 53.5. One-mile relay: Moser, Jones, Baldwin, and Green, first. Time, 3.38. Pole vault: Lee tied for third place. High jump: Green tied for fourth place. Broad jump: Baldwin, second. WiHl16f,S distance, 21 feet, 5 inches. Moser, Green, Baldwin, and Jones obtained the right to wear the Black and Gold at the State Meet, where they won second place. VOLLEY BALL SQUAD T, E TOP ROW: Pauline Dees, Rachel Rowlett, Rosa Pearl VVilson, Monta Beth Ward, Roma Spark, Sybil Harris, Miss Nina VVoods. BOTTOM ROW: Crystal Blanton, Viola Huffman, Lois Herndon, Oleta Nelson, lfloy .Brat- I ton, Multha Cagle. L l. Just after mid-term, Miss Nina Woods issued a call for girls who were interested in volley ball. In response to this call, a number of girls reported, the most prom- ising of whom were Lois Herndon, Crystal Blanton, Oleta Nelson, and Viola Huff- man. Several games were played to gain practice and experience, the Eagles win- ., ning the majority of the contests. Wheii the delayed District Tournament was held in Roscoe on April 13, Abilene played Elmdale in the opening round and lost it after two twenty-one point games. The judges chose Crystal Blanton, a senior, on the i all district team. Owing to the coming popularity of volley ball, the game, for the first time, was made an official contest in the District Meet. Eighty-six DFEIXNIZIXTIUNS F LASHLIGI-IT e Eighty-seven 'FUI' ROW' .loo Bill l-3llL'kNV0l'il1, Allen Vifilliams, Robin Clack, Max Ma1'st1'and. NVayne l'olev-t,' XV. ll. l"ruiltt, Jr., Gilliam Montes, June Austin. 13O'l"l'CJM ROVV: I.. li, Dudley, Lloyd Pool, Mary Frances .Iac-kson, Davida Grallam, Mar- I l ' Annie Laura Herrin, 'Worth Baugh, Richard Shipman, Miss guru-t hue Rl-ual, lilanchcr JZIIIUVVSYN, Tmnniic- Clank. OFFICERS - - - - BLANCHE BANOWSKY - - W. D. PRUITT, JR. - - WORTH BAUGH ROBIN CLACK - - L. E. DUDLEY Miss TOMMIE CLACK Editor - - Business lVlruLager Art Editor - Sports Editor - Business Adviser Editorial !1d'v:'ser Purpose: To blend the history and accomplishments of the past year into a permanent record for Abilene High School. Activities: Durinff the Christmas holida s, June Austin entertained with a . . U . Y . . Christmas party in her home. An annual picnic was held in April when the Flash- light went to press. Horrors: First place in Texas High School Press Association. First Honor Rating in National Scholastic Press Association. UN gil ll 4"' Q z l keg t TOP HOVV: A. V, XVilllnms, Don Terry, Preston Goetz, Floyrl Spieler, 'lzlurton Shelton, Arthur Caplin. IQIOTTOM ROW: Crystal Blanton, Geraldine Suggs, Lonelle NVl1it:tlcei', Sunshine Allen, Dorothy McKenzie Pride, Frankie Mae Puff, Florence 1-lughes, Delloise 'l'ol'f, Miss Madge Mm'- rison. OFFICERS News Editor - - - ARTHUR CAPLIN Department Editor MARY HELEN HORN Sports Editor - - TRUITT HAYES Managing Editor - - DELLOISE POFF Business Manager - - - CRYSTAL BLANTON Assistant Business Manager - GERALDINE SUGGS Advertising Manager - - - - FLOYD Srlrzuzift Assistant Advertising Manager LONELLE WHITAKER Bookkeeper ----- - - PRESTON GOETZ Editorial Adviser - - Miss Memes MORIIISON Business Adviser - - - A. V. WII.LIANIS Purpose: To supply the news current to Abilene High School. Honors: State Contest: Second in Texas High School Press Association. First in news column, won by Arthur Caplin. First in sports writing, won by Truitt Hayes. First in news story, won by Arthur Caplin. Fourth in Essay in State, National Scholastic Magazine Contest, won by Harriet Godwin. Second in Headline Writing in State Contest, won by Ruby Wilson. Fifth in Headline Writing in State Contest, won by .Nita Hinds. Wd BATTERY Eighty-eight GanG Efighfy-nine ,4.. 4 -'v 'POP IMJNV: Lorraine 1-Iuniilton, Betty Miller, Helen Jones, Norma Shahan, Ruth Green, Imisy Mae tfztgle, Myrtis Blake, tilizaheth Routh, Sarah Elizabeth Cox, Selma Lilius, Louise Xvilllztmson, Kathleen Ardis, Cristeen Miller, Edith I-Iaunu, Eleanor Hiner, Mary Kate Galney, l"r:lm-as Gilstrap, Gypsy .lame Lindsey. SICCONIJ ROVV: Miss Anne Mntliews, Doris Clonts, Blanche Banowsky, Dorothea. Murphey, NVilnm ltiulimwlsoii, Margaret Lee Reed, Florine Ardis, Audra Ely, Kathryn Rowlett, Naomi llavis, Ella Marie Suggs, Ch-o Kilpatrick, Marie Keesee, Bonnie Belle Miller, Marie Fowler, Milulred Cornelius, Crystal Blanton, Drewsilln Beunis, Eucla Lee Briggs, Miss Tommie Ciack. 'I'l-HRD ROXV: Annie l42'lUl'P.L flflerrin, Josephine Riek, Katherine Davis, Helen Cullen, Jewell SL-urs, Merle Revell, Miriaiin Pearce, NVanette Hart, Dorothy Newman, Lillie Cohen, Myrtalee Anlillcy, 'Willie Slierrill, tlelestizt Jordan. ll0'l"l'OM ROW: Opal .lo Derr, Berniecfe Rice, Violet Mills, June Austin, Monta Lee Rut- lt,-rlpxt--, Melbu. lluxmmhrey, Gt-raildine Suggs, iF1'RlllL'QS Turner, Bettye Arnold, Thelma Kisselburg, .lt-we-1 Gahwiler, Fern .lac-kson. OFFICERS Fall Term Spring Term FIQRN JACKSON - - Presidenz - - FERN JACKSON J EWELL GAHWILER - Vice Presidenz - - - HELEN J ONES T1-IELMA KISSELBURG - Seerezary - THELMA KISSELBURG Bizrrvm ARNOLD - - Treasurer - - CLEO KILPATRICK FRANCES TURNER - - Chaplain - - - FRANCES TURNER Miss Tommie CLACK - Advisers - Miss ANNE MATHEWS A Purpose: To bring about a closer relationship among the girls in Abilene High School and to foster a spirit of friendliness and loyalty among them. flctivities: The Senior girls each selected a Freshman girl for her little sister. A Christmas party was given for the Freshmen girls, also receptions were held in the homes of Miss Anne Mathews and Helen Jones. -1----""T-' ' ' L.. - .--- ' . '- ' x- i l TOP ROVV: L, E. Dudley, Robin Clack, Hibbard Polk, Max Marstrancl, 'Perry Wliite, .lzunes Nevins, Laurence Powell, James Couch, Paul VVi!::c-31 Donald Childress, W, D. Pruitt, -ll'-. Roger Stinellcoinh. SECOND ROXV: Pauline Judd, Annie- Laura Herrin, Cristeen Miller, Lorena F'lzinnng:1n, Margaret Street, lllnxine Moore, Billie Suggs, Fern Jackson, Nan I?'em'c'e, .lznnes Miller. 'THIRD ROXV: Drewsilla Beams, Crystal Blanton, Mildred Keith, Merle Revell, Mary Eugenia, Dunn, Andrew King, Lorraine I-Iamilton, Evelyn 'Bl.lCl'l1lllilll, lionelle VVhitnker, Gorill- dine Suggs, Blanche Banowsky. , BOTTOM RONV: Arthur Czmplin, 'Pruitt l-Iayes, Lylnon Reese, Joe Herman Rucker, lvinrion Hufstedler, Burton Shelton, Alton Atteberry, Dan Mctllendon. OTHER MEMBERS: Bettye Arnold, Jewell Glover, Minn Hailey, Elizabeth Junell, Maxine l"er1'y, J. M. Hooks, Allen WVllllIl,l1lS. OFFICERS President - ANDREW KING Vice President - - JAMES NEVINS Secretary - MARY EUGENIA DUNN Treasurer - - ALLEN WILLIAMS Adviser - - L. E. DUDLEY Purpose: To encourage scholarship, leadership, character, and service among high school students. Activities: Membership to the National Honor Society is earned by previous service through other school organizations, the cultivation of a general spirit of help- fulness, the giving of careful attention to one's own work, and the observance of the ideals fostered by the society. 4 I QW NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Ninety DEBATERS N ine ty-one 'POP ROW: Alexander Blckley, Rowland Dow, Paul Wilson, J. D. Perry, Comer Clay, BOTTOM RONV: Betty Brown, Lucille VVinter, Margaret Ansley, Charlotte Cope, Betty Conner, Crisiecn Miller. Adviser - - - - - COMER CLAY Purpose: To train the indiVidual's power for reasoning, research, and ease in platform speaking, and to develop teams that will be successful in representing Abilene Hifrh School at debates in nei hborinff towns. ra 5 o Honors: The boys debated in tournaments at Brownwood, Abilene, and Fort Worth, and they were defeated only at Fort Worth, losing to Houston. The girls participated in tournaments at Ballinger, Brownwood, Abilene, and Fort Worth with fair success. The boys' team consisted of Paul Wilson and J. D. Perry. The girls' team was Margaret Ansley and Charlotte Cope. First place in girls' debate in the District, won by Charlotte Cope and Margaret Ansley. First place in boys' debate in District, won by J. D. Perry and Paul Wilson. First place in boys' debate in Regional, won by J. D. Perry and Paul Wilson. X lfxx TOP ROVV: Peggy Jackson, Mary Fry, Alice Bentley, Veda Jones, Ethel Gray, Doris Clunts, Elizztbeth Routh, Marisue Parrzunore, Peggy Rehni, Mary Kate Gniney, 1"l'21l1l'0S lwlzu-hen, Dor- othy McKenzie, Bettye Arnold, Maldene Brunch. SECOND ROVV: Frances Saunders, Leah Gill, Dorztce McAflen, Mildred Williams, Xvlllldll Norton, Dorothy Newman, Frances Turner, Natalie 'l':Indy, Nita Hinds, Lillie Cohen, Miss Olsen. BOTTOM ROW: Myrtalee Antilley, Maurice Hunter, Mildred MCAden, Vtiinnie Watt Finley, Carrie Bell Martin, Melha Huinplirey, Marie Buzbee, Margaret I-Iunt. H IOITEER MEMBERS: Nada Miracle, Betty Alff, Cleo Kilpatrick, Ifl'2ll'l4fO3 Darlizuirlt, Jeanette ec ric . OFFICERS Fall T erm Spring Term MELBA HUMPHREY - President - - - WANDA NORTON MARIE BUZEEE - - Vice President - - WINNIE WATT FINLEY lVlILDRED MCADEN - - Secretary - - - PEGGY JACKSON WINNIE WATT F INLEY - - Treasurer - - LEAII GILL FRANCES MACHEN - - Reporter - - - - ALICE BENTLEY CARRIE BELLE MARTIN - Adviser - Sergeant-al-Arms - - CARRIE BELLE MARTIN - - - - - MISS CLAUIJINE OLSEN Purpose: To develop initiative, pleasing manners, and worth-while trailsg lo study living authors and give reviews of their booksg to become acquainted with interesting personalities-national, state, and local. Activities: A personality test sent out by the state was taken by all the meinbers. Talks on manners were made by Mrs. Edith C. Smith and Mrs. Howard Schug. The social calendar for the year consisted of a Sunrise Breakfast and a party. PERSONALITY GIRLS N inety-two I-II-Y Ninety-three -'-'inilrgj I I- i VA I 3" lf VIA' Q h .16 5' 1 T' NI V "' Q I in, ,YQ 1 I I I I". I- I -ff ' " "risk hu v-iii l- ' l ,,l ' .l' I l' ' l' I l ,, LG., 7 ,,J,,,,,,r! K N-, . I I I '71 I I ,rn I I -IH IA I' ' " I 1y..u n'I...,r. 'FUI' ROW: Jack l'l1I'islizu1. J. M. Hooks, Laurence Powell, Johnny Bob Bl'Cl1JkSl1ll'6, Qlalxlus Foul-h, li. 'I'. t':mmm, ihwuly Shytles, John Mingus, 'liQ'l"I'0AI IIUVV: Sm-oil Strain, Hobby Long, Frank Cogdell, A. VV. Bnlfrmz, J. C. l.'l13l1llll'lglflll, .l. Il. l'I-rry, G1-rvis G:IIln'zLitI'I, Earl .lom-s. OFFICERS l'resirlenz - ' JOHNNY BROOKSIIIHE Vice I'reslf1lcnL - - BOBBY LONG Sem-elary - EDWIN BALIPANZ f1fIm'.scr - - JACK CHRISTIAN IJIIVIIOSCI To uphuilcl the Cl12il'ElClCI' and morals of the high school boys. RC!lllil'6IIll3lllS.' Allenclancc al church services once every two weeks and al club meetings every week, and participation in indoor baseball league. if-1 - ,, '7"' ' ,....,m?-5-f U ,,.L.f- - - ' , NY,,..-. . C . W P L YY 1-qv, W TOP ROXV: Joye Arey, lflorothy Mcliinzie Pririe, suiisimie Allen, Murlin Olena Gfnldy, Gwendolyn Cline, Mary Pll'2lllCGL-3 Tittle, Milclred WVillizrnis, Kzrthryn Rowleit, l9l'illlK'6H llilins, Daisy Mate Cugle, Oletn Nelson, Szirali Elizabeth Clark, Jeztnette Hedrick, Helen Tll1'lllClfJfE5, Ella Rhe Ely, Lettie NVren, Arvece Clayton. F'UUlt'l'H ROW: Odell Oliver, Lu Dame VVisdo1n, Grace Elizzllletli Coinnerv, lvlzrrisue ,l,iU'l'2l.- more, Atlmlene Miller, Einnizigune Rice, Lorraine Hamilton, Imogene Owens, Naomi Ililarvis. Glaulys Hillninn, Clmrlene Torlcl, Alice Rucker, Anita Faye Evans, Frances Nl0l'I'lS0ll, Zona Horn, Montie Beth xV2l1'C'l, Maxine Shaw, Velma Riddle. THIRD ROVV: Genevieve I-Iaucock, Nun Barnes, Catherine Lzrtlmm, Jennie 'I-loss Ewing. Jeanette T'IlltE3l'S0l'l, Mary Elizabeth Brown, lNI2Ll'g'Z1l'Cl Howell, Mollie Frank 'Font-lisione, Syliil Sliiflett, Geline Runrlolnli, .loyee Graves, Blanvlme Heflin, Olivia. ldauslus, Bessie .lou .Izu'lcson, Marry Elizabeth Ga.lbraitl1, Lois XVl'lg'l1l, Gypsy Jane Lindsey, Betty Fears, Mnltlm Cznxlo. SECOND ROVV: Miss Ouidn Clemons, Lonelle 'Wliitalceig 'Elsie Louise Clzwlc, Lucy ,Alive Jones, Murreil lkiontgomery, Helen Louise Blanton, Aileen Hardin, Shirley Allen, Evelyn Hen- drix-ks, Helen Boswell, Evelyn Brittain, Margaret Rowlett, Rosa. Penrl Vlfilson, Flora. Qlum.-lu-y, Christene King, Lucille Winter. BOTTOM ROVV: Dax-'iclzi Graliam, Frances Montgomery, Elizabeth Roulh. OFFICERS President - - FRANCES MONTGONIERY - DAVIDA GRM-miwi ELIZABETH ROUTH Miss OUIDA CLEMONS Vice President Secretary - - Adviser Purpose: To stimulate an interest in music. Activities: The Girls, Glee Club, besides helping the boys in the Texas and Christmas programs, presented the beautiful play 'illflooiiliglit and Rosesf' Honors: First place in Girls, Chorus in Simmons Contest. First place in Girls' Quartet in Simmons Contest. Pi - GIRLS' GLEE CLUB N ine ty- f our BOYS' GLEE CLUB N inety- fifvc V-"T - ,KLV , .-.V K. -Y -..A , ...ni -- Mi. ,., -...-....,..,. Av' ,-...-,...-i.- 'l'Ul' ROW: NV, IB. Smith, Jr., Il. 'l-T. lmrley, lt. l.. Shudmlix, XVeldun M'uI'tu1l, Alvin Mc'Acloo, Arthur lim- llzuldux, liilly Abel, Ste-wairi McAc'loo. 'l'l'llRD ROW: ll:--:in Austin. lturne-ul Si-oil, vvilylle Low, .losepti I-Iarwell, Floyd Spieler, lmviil I--lm-flm, hom-lislt-y Illzlll. SMKTUNII RUNV: Rex Mclrztll, .lim Carter, Donald Cliiltlress, Robert Gilliland, .T. Wliiil Reynolds, .I. 'l'. ltlztnlon, Roy Loftln. 'BU'l"l'UM ROW: Miss Clemons, .luck Montes, 'I'h6l'!'01'l Lewis, Glen Haddox, OFFICERS Presizlent - - R. J. JONES Vice Presiflenz - GLEN HADDOX Secretary - - - THERRON LEWIS Aflvisar - Miss OUIDA CLEMONS Purpose: To promote friendship among boys who are interested in music, to provide musical recreation for them, and to give enjoyment to those who hear them. Activftzfess ln addition to their chapel programs, the Club gave a Texas program, 21 Christmas cantata, and a cowboy play. Honors: First place in mixed chorus in Simmons Contest. First place in Boys, Quartet in Simmons Contest. First place in Boys, Chorus in Simmons Contest. Third place in Mule Chorus in Fort Worth Contest. V 55 as -V7 A M If., I if fy!! Y K. is C..,kf1f,.-'f'l . 1 is . f .t MEMBERS: Chatrles Aflaitns, XV. C. Akins, .l, M, Arcy, Roy Bacon, Uwcn ljztggett, .lzuncs Blanton, J. 'I'. Blanton, Royce Bows.-rs, .loc E. I-lrown, .lohn liurnctt, Marion ljusliy, D. C. tflztrk, Able Cohen, Robert. Collier, Robert Cook, .lumes Cunt-li, 'Robert Crnigx, .lorry Culwell, .luck Dnughterity, James Day, Chzwlcs Dick, Robert Gilliland, Rudyard Grimes, Clyde I-laden, lllcr- lxcrt Harbor, J. C, Hzu'grox'e, XVayne Hayden, Earl Henderson, Ellis Henderson, W'nrren Hicks, Tom Holmsley, J. M. Hooks, Ralph Hooks, Buster I-torn, I-Iolnnin Jenkcns, J. A. Johnson, Howard Kemper, Andrew King, Rohn-rt Lowe, J. R. McGraw, Ray Maddox, Muck Manly, Muck Mead, Joe Millszip, Claude Ne-ilon, .lzimes Nevins, .timmy Picknrfl, I. M. Pitinun, X'Vztlton Presley, K. C. Pritchctt, Vance Ranrlolnh, VV. lb. Rhodes, C. VV. Riddle, liilly Roberson, f'harlcs Roberts, lqflglll' Rolie'ts, G. 'l'. Szlndiflgc, Fred Si-ln'oe-zlcr, Kcnncth Skinner, Hurry 'l'llUIlllPliiIlS, Alfrctl NVztldrop, G con 'W:lldrop, Perry 'Wl1itc, .l. NVllitc, 'I'. .l, llunlzip, .l, IP. Ile-inxlngtnu. W OFFICERS President - JAMES Nevins Vice President MACK NIEAD Secretary - ANDREW KING Drum Major ltoBi5R'r Co1.1.n5n Director - - - H. T. BYNUM Purpose: To serve the school and community in all ways requiring band music and to bring honors and trophies to the Abilene High School. Activities: The band has played at assemblies, community gatherings, athletic contests, and Tri-State Band festival at Enid, Oklahoma. Honors Won: First place in overture at the Tri-State Band Festival. First place in drill at the Tri-State Band Festival. First place in Class A West Texas Band Contest. BAND N inety-six ORCHESTRA Ninety-seven MEMBIGRS: Huy ljncun, llznruld Hensley, Alice Bentley, Bobbie Bland, .Toe E. Brown, l'lougl:1s Diyrgles, Anita lfnyc iflvzums, VVnndu Fox, f'arolyn Griffin, Billy Guy, Nita Hinds, Luciulice Jones, Frr-rl Kcathley, Andrew King, Ray Maddox, Mack Mead, James Nevins, Benny Norwood, Xlfullon I'1'm-slr-y, K. fl. Pritchett, Billy Roberson. Frances Sears, Geraldine Suggs, NVnller Victor, G. NV. XV:nlcIrop, Muck VVzu'ner, Bettye B. 'XVillimns. OFFICERS Presiclenl - ' JOE E. BROWN V ice Presidenz - ANDREW KING Secretary - - - NITA HINDS Aflvisur - - - - - RAYMOND T. BYNUM Purpose: To stimulate the cultural influence of symphonic music and to present such music lo the student body. Acifvilies: The Orchestra played al various colleges, chapel assemblies, Parent- Teacher Association meetings, and conunencement exercises. .. '.'..-.- . t ' 3' ,gi .. ,.,-. , , .-.Q ' es- .. eg TQ zjitgiifgg.. 'I 4' " , 4- l A , ' , -A .- 4.l TOP RONV: Olivia Enstu:-z, Peggy Rt-hm, Betty Miller, Florene Ardis, Kathleen Ardis, Myrtis Blake, Eleanor Hiner, Viola I-Iuffmun, Mnldene Branch, 'Drewsilla liezuns, Margaret Sloan, Dorothea lilurphey, Frances Morrison, .La Rue Craig. SECOND ROVV: Miss Odell Johnson, Fern Jackson, Dorothy Doss, Fram-Qs Saunders-1, Selma Lillus, Joye Arey, Billie Suggs, Cleo Kilpatrick, Ruth Fears, Martha Musser, Frances Turner, Elizabeth Kirkpatrick, Nan Millsrip, Elizabeth Stevens. THIRD ROW: Margaret Stewart, Elizabeth xfvillllllllfi, Edith Hanna, Elizabeth Routh, .To Mzlrtln, Skl.l'p.l1 Elizabeth Clark, Crystal Blanton, Frances Gilstrap, Virginia Stinclicroinh, Hen- rietta. Dennington, Blanche Banowsky, Joe Bill Duckworth, Maxine Craig, Zona l-iorn. BOTTOM ROW: Norma Sliahan, .lt-wull Sears, Friinces lvlontgomery, Lorraine Iilsunilton, Charlotte Cope. OFFICERS President - - - Vice President - Secretary - - J'EvvizLL SEARS - LORRAINE HAM1i.ToN FRANCES IVIONTGOMERY - NORMA SHAHAN CHARLOTTE COPE Treasurer ---- Chairman. of the Checkers Purpose: To support all athletic events in which Abilene High School partici- pates. Activities: Stunts were made at each football game of the season, rallies were held in chapel, and telegrams were sent to anyone representing the school in other cities. sf? .mqhks 'A PEPSQUAD A N 'inety-e i ght PEP SQUAD I'-I N'f7I,0t11-1lf71,6 H ..... .-.... ,..,. T.. ,.,, ,, ....-:-,-- 'l'Ul' ROVV: June Frost, Jean Holland, Rachael Huy, Birdie Alice Lynch, NVilzna Richardson, Kuiliryn Rowlett, Violet Mills, Lois I-l:n'risOn, Lucille VVinte1', Lee Ellen Bnlfanz, VViln'1:1 Ruth Riulclvy, I1'12ll'LZ'Lll'Ct Reynolds, Geline Ru.ndOlph, Sybil Shiflet, Doris Clonts. SECOND RONV: Miss Odell Johnson, Nita. Hinds, Maxine Cotton, Jeanette Hedrick, Fl'RIlC6S Neal, .lnyue Graves, Bessie JO Jackson, 'Ella Marie Harvey, Mary .l?x'm1c'es Tittle, Grace Eliza- beth Umnpere, Katherine Roberson, Elaine Cotton, Ruth c1?l!'l', Irene Hale, Pauline Bnllew, Milrlreml l'Oi'nelius, Mary Frances .lan-kson, Betty Fears, Marie Fowler, Maurice Hunter. 'PHIRD ROXVQ Shirley Allen, Selma C7lzu'lc, Helen Louise Blanton, Elsie Louise Clark, 1?l'lllllC'0H Gurlinm, I-Irizssl VV:n'd, Mzlry Elizabeth Galbrzlith, Jeanette Patterson, Martha Shaw, Evelyn Britt, Monte lieth W'm'cl, Mzu'ga1'et NVillian1s, Flurene Clmpman, Mary Elizabeth Aiken. l5O'l"l'Ol.VI RONV: NO1'1nzL Slmllun, Jewell Sears, Frances Montgoinery, Lorraine Hamilton, Ulizirlntte Cope. OFFICERS Pl'6sideI1,l - Vice President S ecremry - Treasurer - - - Chairman, of ClI,GC1i76l'S Adviser ---- - CALENDAR Cisco Luncheon in Cafeteria, October 25, 1933. Sunrise Picnic al Musseris Farm, Match 17, 19344. 1'l4O1llG-C0lH1l'lg at Lytle Lake, May 41, 1934. - - JEWEL SEARS LORRAINE HAMILTON FRANCES MONTGOMERY - NORMA SI-IAHAN - CHARLOTTE COPE Miss ODELL JOHNSON I l . . - , -V-,W --- if-an--H - Y---wiv f-. ' -f .. . af-I H -- ' - V a f--f-- -Y .f -. F:-, . i -: TOP ROXV: Melvin Earl Gilliland, Annie Laura Herrin, Nan l"enrc-e, Miriam l"e:u'm-e, PGLIEY Raimi, XV. H, XVard, BOTTOM ROVV: Jack Daugherity, Katherine Roberson, Irving Kissellrurg, Miss Myrtle 'i'rantha.m. OTHER MEMBERS: Betty Alff, Leah Gill, Mary llZll'2'!ll't'l. Dwyer. OFFICERS Fall Term S pring Term PEGGY REHM - - - - Preszklent - MELVIN EARL GILLILAND MELVIN EARL GILLILAND - - Vice President - - THELMA KISSELBURG LEAI-I GILL ---- - Secretary - ---- NAN PEARCE Adviser - - - - Miss MYRTLE TRANTHAM Motto: "Qu:-1nti est saeperef' Purpose: To learn the customs of the Latin people and to study their literature. Activities: A picnic was held at Lake Kirby, and a theater party was given in March. Honors: First place in the Latin Tournament held at Brownwood, won by Nan Pearce and Mary Margaret Dwyer. First place in Latin Essay, won by Nan Pearce. First place in State Essay Contest, won by Nan Pearce. Other Honors Won by Latin Department in Latin Tournament: First place in January Beginners, won by Frankie Mae Poli and Bobbie Lockhart. First place in Freshman Essay, won by Verlie Akins. First place in Junior Work, won by Margaret Williams and Morris McDonald. Second place in Sophomore Essay, won by Richard Shipman. SERVI CICERON IS Ona H undrecl 'FOP ROW: R. G. Cole, Odell Oliver, Natalie Stokes, Fern Geren, 'Elizabeth Kirkpntricl-:, Mzu'guerile tTm'm-lius, Miltlrn-ul Keith, Dorothy Gilliam, .leanettu Xvilliamson, Euda Lee Briggs, Willie Sherrill, Minnie NVoodlor-k, Gypsy Jane Lindsey, Aletliat Duncan, Maxine Moore. SECOND ROW: Josephine lieilr, Nlfnnette Hurt, Ruby Reese, Pauline Swafford, Marie l'lillllSllt'tll. Flexi Kilpntriuk, .luunitn Bull, Matzilie Reese, Selxnzt Lilius, Ruth Green, Marie K1-esee, Uhairlyne 'Williums, M:-wgzlret Street, Virginia Lugsilon, Lorene Flzumagan. BOTTOM RONV: Doyle Tillolson, .Inmes Smith, VV. 'I-I. VV1ill'Cl, Max Marstrztnd, Reuben Allen, llurnice lie-sity, Horner Flziiinalguii. XV:iyne Blake, Clmrles Peevy, Ull21l'lGS Bruker, Marion Dortch. OFF ICEHS Presirleni - - REUBEN ALLEN Vice President - JAMES SMITH Secretary - MARGARET STREET Treasurer MINNIE WOODLOCK Reporter - - - - - - - MAXINE Mooma Purpose: To develop speed for the students who are entering the lnterscholastic League Meet. Activities: Club work consists of typing tests, corrective drill, a study of the history of the typewriter, and special form work. Honors: First place in Regional Contest won by Mary Burger. Second place in Regional Contest won by Margaret Street. Third place in Regional Contest won by Odell Oliver. Fourth place in Regional Contest wo11 by Maxine Moore. First place in State Contest won by Mary Burger. Second place in State Contest won by Margaret Street. Fifth place in Slate Contest won by Oflell Oliver. Om: Hvmclrerl One LOS TOP ROVV: I-I. S. Fatherree, Louise Toombs, Jewell Glover, Maxine Perry, Stella Mao lVest, NVi11arcl Ragsdale, Burnice, Stayton, Burrel Harrison, Charles King. ' SECOND ROXV: Mary Brill, Clara Mae Uroolcs, Anita Dnvis, Merle Rf-vell, Brunette Elum, Lmcluus Avery, Frances Hampton, Margaret Stewart, Alpha Hay, Luis Herndon, Virgie Cox. BOTTOM ROXV: Joe HG1'll12lll Rucker, Bill Sisson, George Grimmett, Foy Faulks, .Toe I-Iarmon Lee, Hubs-rt Connnlly, E. V. Smith, H. F. Powell, .lzunes Lac-y. LOS OFICIALES La sesion del ozono La sesion de la primcwera J OE HERMAN RUCKER - Presidente - ---- JAMES LACY CHARLES KING - - - Vice Presidente - - ALPHA HAY MAXINE PERRY - Secrezario - - MERLE REVELL Maalrina - - - - - H. S. FATIHIERREE Objetor Los Leales tiene por su objeto un mejor entenclimiento de los espanoles y los paises de habla espanola. Actividades: Hay varias reuniones socfales durante el ano y por lo memos un programa de capilla. 3 LEALES Hundred Two I l . ,V , TW", N ll-"7-T yi .I X, 1 . . , l, ,,,, , , QQ T l L. V LOS LEALES TOP R1 PSV: .lim Stovall, Roy Doyle, Lloyd Robertson, LeRny Carter, Preston Vlfhetsel, 'l'r:1.vis NVQ-:Ltl1e1':-:, Burl Ruz10l1, John D. Francis, .Toe-1 Adams, Haynie Sides, Billy Button, A. V. Munro, .lurk 'l4mv0rs. SECOND ROVV: llc-lnml Horml, Q. Belle lllituhell, Nun Plzalrce, Dorothy XVi1liams, Marie ,?'mnYlor, 'Winmm Starkey, l-Ierniece Rice, Katherine Copelzumrl, Jimmy Kate Tartt, Ira Lambert, . zu: i .luuos. . lSU'l"J'UM HOW: I-'Iolun Roswell, Ola, Vezlrl Cnwy, Mildred Roach, Virginia. Powell, Jackie NV1ll1:1ms, Mrs. lfl. M. lizmclolplu, Mary Luu Ynu1'1gl.mlood, Cozette Xvhite, Ethel Milam, Mary Joe lim-ll, lN'l:u'g':nrul Howell, LOS OFICIALES La sesion del olono La sesion de la primcwera. hm I..A1vmE1z'r - - - Presidente - ---- IRA LAIVIBERT .LLOYD ROBERTSON Vice Presidenle - JOHN D. FRANCIS NAN PEARCE - - - - Secrezario - - - NAN PEARCE Q. BELLE MITCHELL Reporter - - Q. BELLE MITCHELL Maflrina - - - - - - MRS. E. M. RANDOLPH Objelo: Los Leales tiene por su objeto un mejor entendimiento de los espanoles y los paises de habla espanola. flclivillmles: Huy varias reuniones sociales durante el ano y por los menos un 1JI'OgI'il1l1ll de Cupilla. One Hmzdred Three lv- H- , , w 1 I L-lf' .v V ' 117 LA LUZ TOP ROVV: Vfilliam Crowder, Erlwarrl Hendricks, Truett I-Iughes, 'Pom 'li'razicr, llill Abbott, Harrell Holmes. SECOND RONV: Miss Ruby Ella Turner, Dallas Swiczklzuicl, .Hood Hart, l-lryco Putman, Frank Perales, M. C. Cope, Juse Emparan, Faustino Macias, Max Giles, Philip Schie11berg'l1, Derward Nollner. BOTTOM ROVV: Joan Seabolt, Margaret Beasley, Edgarlene Camplwll, .F1l1llllZlJ1'E!ll6? Rice, .Io Catherine French, Marie Xvoolridge, Thelma Padgett, Dorothy Turner, Ruby .Ivan Reclwine, Gladys Hillman. La sesion del olono WILLIAM CROWDER - BEN MOODY - - TUBEE LE FLOR - MARGARET BEASLEY - DERWOOD NOLLNER - Marlrina - - LOS OFICIALES - Presidente - - Vice Presidente - Secrelario - - Tesorera Reporter La sesion de la primavera - - WILLIAM CROWDER - FRANK PERALES - J OSE EMPARAN - MARGARET BEASLEY - - Disnwoou NOLLNER Miss Rum' ELLA TURNER El Objelo: Obtener un mejor entendimiento de nueslros vecinos cle habla espanola. Las aclivillarlesr Los programas consislen en discursos y l1lUSlC2l. Halgria una reunion social a Ia casa de la senorita Turner. Tambien, halmia una rnmeria. One H'1m1,tlirecl F0111 l I 1 . ,Y M. - , ,, . ,-... .- "f-' . ,N- .,....--... --- - -- SPORTS 4-- .'l't,lI' ROXTV: M:11'g':u'c-l Ansley, Eloise Keen, Pat Ansley, Opal .Io Derr, Frances Slaughter, Mnjorie l-lnndy, lioris Melinvirl, Betty Fears. SIQCONIW RUNY: Miss Ninn YVoods, .Jerry Jones, Mildred Pender, Elsie Bzlugh, Irene Young, 'Punnnio llunvzxn, Evan Milo Coffman, Mary Elizabeth Aiken, Hazel XV2ll'Ll, MPS. C. B. Hicks, Surzili lfliizzihetli Cox. 'BOTTOM RUVV: Bessie .lo .lzlc-ksou, Fram-es Gorham, Clmrlotte Cope, Elizabeth Vvillizxms, Dorothy Hailey, Verna. Lee Jay, Eva Lee Johns, Vivian Swearingen, Clintie Bee Steffins. OFFICERS Fall Term Spring Term Cl'lARLO'l'Tli COPE - President - CHARLOTTE COPE lVlAliGARE'l' ANSLEY - - V ice President - - - MARGARET ANSLEY CLINTIE BEE STEFFINS - - Secretary - - GRACE ELIZABETH COMPERE lVlAR.lORIE HANDY - - Reporter - SARAH ELIZABETH Cox Adviser - - - - - - - - - - MRS. C. B. HICKS Mono: A healthy mind and healthy body. Purpose: To build up healthy bodies and arouse interest in all forms of outdoor activities. Aclivlies: The members enjoyed a hike and swim at Buffalo Gap in the Fall. Hiding lessons were taken at the Bit and Spur Riding Academy under the directions of Mrs. Woody Dale Hale. ,f 4 'v 1. 'J fi any 1' ' K 'O I sf, 41941 ,'.fo- s, bo, ,Q . I,- x One Hmldrefl Fi-ve YE LITTLE PLAYERS TOP ROW: J, C, Humphrey, Buster Horn, Bobby Long, Fern Hiiislmw, Dorothy Doss, J. D. Perry, Fred Stevenson, Holman Jenkens. SECOND ROXV: Mary Eugenia Dunn, Fern Jackson, Helen Jones, Betty Miller, Mary Lee Roach, Monte Lee Cotton, Dorris Burns, Mildred Jenkens. BOTTOM ROVV: .Terry VValker, John Mingus, G. C. McDon:1lcl, J. M. Hooks. OFFICERS President - - - - - HOLMAN J ENKENS Vice President - JOHN MINGUS Secretary - FERN HINSHAW Treasurer - J. M. HOOKS Reporter - MILDRED JENKENS Adviser - - - - - J. C. HUMPHREY Purpose: To study plays and present them for various organizations and to give students an opportunity to develop dramatic ability. Activities: Two comedies, 4'His Best Sellern and 'GWho Says Can't," were pre- sented in chapel. The Club participated in the District Meet presenting Coppee's '4Pate1' Nosterf, The Cast for "PaLer Nostern Mademolselle Rose ........................ ....................... ...... Monsieur le Cure ..... Telee ...................... Mere Blanche ........., Jacques le Roucx ..... Officer ...............................,,.,...,,,,..,,.,,.,,,, M Honors: Third place in the District Meet. .Drewsilla Beams Holman Jenkens ......Fern Jackson .....Dor0thy Doss .....John Mingus ....Mancill Shaw - i -E One Hundred Sia: BACK O'CURTAIN 'FOI' RONV: Elmer Rist, Clizwles Arthur McClure, J. T. King, .lezineite Patterson, Virginia I-llllman, Floral Luckc-y, Myrtle XV:iters, Zona Horn, Frances Morrison, Mrs. Selma L, Bishop. SECOND ROVV: Mary Kale Smith, Daisy Mae Czigle, Mary Burger, .lo Martin, Myrtis Blake, Naomi Davis, Julia Ann Strange, Xvllllllil Fox, Elsie Tarpley, Bernice Revell. l30'L'TOMI ROYV: Duurrl Little, 'Warren Martin, Hlbburd Polk, Alfred Clmpman, Joseph Har- well, Floyd Buugus, Manly Baillnwl. OFFICERS Fall Term Spring Term HIBBARD POLK - - - President - - - HIBBARD POLK Jiosizvn' HARWELL - Vice President - - JOSEPH HARWELL NAOMI DAVIS - - Secrezary - - NAOMI DAVIS Jo MARTIN - - - Treasurer - - ELSIE TARPLEY H. M. MCBEATI-I - - Reporzer - - ALFRED CHAPMAN MANLY BALLARD - Sergeam-az-Arms - - MANLY BALLARD Adviser - - - ----- MRS. SELMA L. BISHOP Purpose: To discover dramatic talent, encourage students in dramatic arts and furnish some social contacts. ' Aclivlies: The club presented the plays Wfhe Red Carnationw and "The Bratw at class meetings and lodge programs. The social diversions were a Weiner roast and il picnic. One H 'zmflred Seven Y- . 1 .71 ,Q 1 ' ,L l -A I' f,.1, Y ' 1 , " 11' FW , -,f 'F K , A 'VT1 I .M 7 1 T 'X l-'-"YL, :HJ1 LL' '1'L'T'l sud. 1'f'131 Lfnm, ""' 1 ' ll 1 - I , ' 1 ' ,1 ' 1 " ii- i-1 FORENSIC TOP ROW: Franklin Harris, .llowlzmd DOW, Virgil Hunnessee, Lonelle Whitaker, Ge1'nldix'1e Suggs, Sunshine Allen, New-ll:1 Chaney, Ries Lindley, Paul Wilson, Comer Clny. BOTTOM ROXV: Margarelte WVeed, Xvlllllil Richardson, Billie Jean Lackey, liillizln Boyd, Margaret Ostein, .Josephine Reik, Kathryn Howlett, Blnnuhe Bnnowsky. OFFICERS Fall Term. Spring Term NIARGARETTE XVEED - - Presideni - - GIQRALOINE Suucs PAUL WILSON - - Vice Presideui - - - PAUL Wn,sON DOROTHY HORTON - - Secretary' - - lVlAli1lARli'l"l'li W151-:O LONELLE W111'1'AK15R Repo:-Ler - MANcL:11.1, SHAW Adviser - - - ' - - - - COMLH CLAY Purzose: To develoo interest and abilitf in all Jhases ol s eech auliviliesg s 4 -1 u 3 1 1 Q u 1lllQC1'PI'6lZ'll1Ol1, conversatlon, business speech, dranlatlcs, and Origirial speech. Activities: 'LThe Pampered Darling" was presented for Study Hall C. il'lllll'l0l'0llS debates, readings, and conversations were given. The club enjoyed a picnic in lhe fall. One fIlL'lZCZ1'Cd Eight HOME ECONOMICS 'FUI' RUVV: Pix-'elyn lillldlilllllll, l"ram-es Lilius, Cleo Riddell, Alice Rucker, Edith Hanna, Ruuhaul Huy, lin Rue Craig, 14l'elvn 'l'tlI'llltlgC. SICUUNU ROVV: Kathleen Blevins, Pauline Ballew, Pauline Keith, Babe VV2Il'l'Ql'l, Estelle VVilIs, hoist- Wright, l'z1unell Gentry, Velma Riddle, Rogene Beasley, Mildred Vvilkens, Ella Marie Suggs. Mrs. 'l'. IG. I'ic-rue, llotlunx Row: Nun Mill:-zclp, Claire Null Miller, Marguerite Nevills, Lucille Newman, Cristeen ltliller, ldllzl lille Ely, Evelyn l35llllllg'Ill'llll0l', Mary Sue Hutto, Virginia Mozley, Anita Mills, Marie Yitlrnun. OF FICEHS Fall Term Spring Term lVIAm' Lou Nl-LESIS - President - MARY Lou NEECE RACIIMQ1, HAY - - Vice Presidenz - - RACHAEL HAY Ifmwczl-:s Lrmug - - Secretary - Lorslz WRIGHT l,0lIlSl'I W1l.Lm'msoN - Treasurer EVELYN BUCHANAN lVln.nrn-zu XVILKIN5 - Reporter - - NIILDRED XVILKINS Adviser ------ - - - - MRS. T. E. PIERCE Purpose: To foster friendship among the girls who are interested in Home Economics. Aclzfvizies: Entries to the Slate Meet were financed by the Clulfs serving a tea to the Executive Council of the Parent-Teacher Association, the Future Farmers Father and Son Banquet, and the District Future Farmers Banquet. Honors: Second place in Selection and Arrangement of Flowers in the Home, won lmy Helen Poe. 0120 Hnmlred Nine sail QUILL AND SCROLL TOP ROVV: Miss Madge Morrison, Babe XVarren, Truitt Hayes, Ray Davidson, Billy Ed- wards, Jack Martin, Billy Dorton, Wilfrid Lessing, Burton Shelton, Lucille Winters. BOTTOM ROVV: Grace Elizabeth Compere, Avanal XVest, Mary Helen Horn, Frztnkle Mae Poff, Violet Mills, Melba Sibley, Florence Hughes, Delloise Poff, Jimmie Leah Hensley. OFFICERS President - - HARRIET GoDw1N Vice President - - DELLo1sE Porr Secretary - MARY HELEN HORN Treasurer - - RAY DAVIDSON Adviser - - - - -- - - - Miss MADGE Momnsou Purpose: To further interest in creative news writing. Activities: ln a contest sponsored by the National Chapter, ,lack Martin, a mem- ber of the local club, received a medal for the best advertisement. The Club also took part in the annual Battery birthday banquet. Honors: Contests sponsored by National Quill and Scroll. First in advertising writing in National Contest, won by Jack Martin. First in State News Story, in National Contest, won by Arthur Caplin. First in Column in National Contest, won by Arthur Caplin. l One Hzmclrecl Ten I ----X -'V -r----,A 44 ' ' "" f'-'-' I 0- -,,.-IW Y U .. --i-......'..,, . ......--..T.....,..-... 1 1 l I I ...-r-.- ..,..4..,.. ,- ARCI-IAEOLOGY 'Pill' ROW: Billie .le-ssc 'lleveri-tl, U. G. Logan, Albert Padgett, Vernon Pierce, E. Q. Daniel, Kirby McGuire, Billy Pope, Rezuxziii Jny, Preston Goetz. .Sl'1t'UNl'l ROXV: Stanley fllllllllllf-f,'Cl', Curl Green, O. K. Jones, L. H. Burley, R. L. Sliaddix, Alvin MuAIloo, Guy Groseclose, 'Wilson Cox, M. A. Clifton, Clinton NVood1oc-lc. l-!Ufl"I'0ll.'l ROXV: lNl2'l!'R'lIE?l'llG Sloan, From-es Gilstrzip, 'Viola Huffman, Miss Doris Daniel, Nancy Grissoni, Merry Mazrgziret Dwyer, Evelyn Babb, Mildred Cornelius, Miss Sarah Creswell, Dun I-Iollzxnd, J. B. .D11v:1l, ixvllblll' Robinson. OFFICERS Fall Term. Spring Term CI.IN'roN WooDI.of:K - Presidenl - - CLINTON WOODLOCK CARI. GREEN - - Vice President - - GUY GROSECLOSE NANCY GRISSOM - - Secretary - - E. Q. DANIEL VERNON PIERCE Reporter - - PRESTON Gomz Adviser - - - - - - - M155 DoRIs DANIEL P1lfl'lJOSl3f To develop an interest in archaeology and to provide a hobby in luler years. Activities: Club prograins were furnished by members of Texas Paleontological Society and the Reverend W. P. Gerhart and Miss Sarah Cresswell. Establishment of ai permanent archaeological collection in high school was begun this year. .-4-.- One Humlred Eleven 9 .- ,..... ...,..,... ,-'V .-'nr .---V MASK AND WIG TOL' ROWV: Frances Montgomery, Virginia Kiker, Norma Sllilllilll, Gzmrlanrl Lzulnl, nllucllvb' Cotton, Eclwarll Jones, Cecil Vllilson, Jezmell Green, Lorraine l'l1l,Il'llll,Oll, llrewsillu Hezuns, Juanita. Sayles, C. B. Ford. . .SECQND ROVV: Jewell Sears, Elizabeth Stevens, Jean Christopher, Mau-thu Musser, Vir- ginia. StlHCl1f.'0lTIlJ, Nan Barnes, Betty McDuff, Gynell Tate, June Frost, Gerziiclinc- Mullonuld, Crystal Blzmton, June Austin. W BOTTIOM ROW.: Nelson Bailey, Don Terry, Billy Riley, L. J. Vifoods, William Couch, Arthur Lzlplin, Vwlltel' Davis Clmpmzm, R. T. Cannon, James Couch, Emmett Lee, R. XV. Brillzlin. OFFICERS Presiclenz - - JAMES Couczu Secretary GIQRALDINI5 MCDONALD Adviser - - - C. B. FORD Purpose: To study plays, to discern the good plays from the had ones, and Lo produce good ones. Activities: The Club produced '6El1ner,' for chapel and made a study of olller plays. ..nlv"l -Q n Q lla One HZL?'LCZ'I'0CZ Twelve FLHSHLIEHT RRYS W. W. MITCHELL E IIIIXTIUN In the rays of the flashlight, we find a nian who is conscientious in his work, energetic and faithful in his services, and friendly and sincere in his contacts with the students. To William Woodson Mitchell, who has won the aclniiration of the student body, the Staff wishes to pay this tribute of respect by dedicating to hivn the Flashlight Rays- the brightest section of the annual. FLASIEEIQHT RAYS l .1 CHEWING-GUM GIRLS Once there was a maid, She loved the dentine wad, A spry little blue-eyed maid, This sly little maid, so odd Who chewed away Till sad to say, On gum, they say, She gave it away As oier the lawns she whiled away the day. To five of her cronies gay. Now the girls crowd around our pretty Leah fGillJ, With Alice fBentleyJ booing, And Winnie t'Finleyl cooing. Jewell fSearsl sweeps across the lawn to mect our Frances flVlontgon1e1'yj , While Mary liFryJ is stretching her gum away. .., ..0...l.. Mr. Johnson: Johnnie, from what materials of the ground do we get our clothes? Johnnie Brookshire: From cotton, flax, linen, ging- ham, shifting, percale, and anything else that our clothes are made from. .1 01 . Teacher: Cervis, you donit mean that Helen is the heroine of The Crossing. What is the matter with you? Gubo: Ah, er-I er guess er I got Helen on my mind. M Ona Huizclrecl Fourteen Freshman Girl: What was Holman blushing about this morning in chapel? Senior Girl: l'lc wasrft blushing. His face always turns red when he plays. .,0 .T SI DELIGHTS Zoroaster was a comedian in the battles of the Hawaiian Islands. Tyre was a drunkard who lived in Egypt. King Mines invented the American Austin. Militiades was a city that sprung up overnight. William Pitt was the man who invented pit barbecue. A squid is a group of men, and a squid jig is a dance that all the men except the lnusieian participate in. Theodore Roosevelt helieved in doing everything the constitution said hc could not do. Columbus was the father of a poor weaver. Polly Anna was the hero of L'The Crossing." Benjamin lllranklin wrote 'clsittle Benny's Notehookf, L..-Olt Math. Student: Miss Daniel, what are imaginary numbers? Another Student fin an undertonel: They arenlt imaginary. She imagined them herself ....l0 Miss Bond: Describe the sacking of Rome. Star Pupil: The Gauls walked in and put the Romans in a 0-.-i. Miss Curry: Where did the United States put the Indians? Bill Brookshire: In the reservoir. . Scene: The front of the Paramount. Characters: Billy Button, a Man. Pictiire: "Little Xvomenf' The Man: That must he a good show. There is already a hook out on it. ... 0 .iii Now that the sweater is won, who shall wear it? One H umlrerl Fi f teen sack and left. QC! f Grave Robbers BY MARVIN MILLER QTO the Archaeologlcal Club of A H S J You p1 1de yourselves as archaeologlsts The learned ones Who speak 1n muted tones You pry 1n secrets makmg tlresome l1sts Of rellcs stolen from the somber gloom Of graves The man of yesteryear 1n sleep You lure from rolhng plams and klvas deep And smugly shut h1m 111 a show case tomb O sacrel1g1ous plunder seekmg fools What pleasure 1S felt when from the ground You l1ft a gr1nn1ng skull? Your fut1le tools That unsealed once forever th1s h1s mound Wlll rust Perhaps a sc1ent1st from Mars Wlll proudly show you? skull to other stars 1' N ,-.! 1 f A . V 4 Q X 'X W I' IL' One f11l'Il.ClI'8CZ Si t L. Q U 0 Fiiitrr' QW f"Swl5H f--. L, 'W x I MLH y Q: f-:1 We - irq, Q Q M g. U 1' i - g 3 TIAIE CRADLE TURNED OVER Now that a tunnel has been built under South First Street and the railroad, members of the Hu- mane Society most strongly advocate a tunnel un- der l?l'CSllIIlilll Alley. The death rate of students maimed and trampled on while trying to traverse Freslnnan Alley is much greater than that of the railroad crossing at South First. Teaclier: Who is the author of uWhen Earthis Last Picture is l'nintecl"? Billy Pope: liudyard-er. er oh, yes, Crimes. Miss Floyd: How did they discover iron ore? Myrtis Blake: They smell it. Reporter: Do you have anything funny that we might use in the Rays? Mr. .lohnsona 'l'here7s nothing funny in here- er-l :neun-thereis nothing funny happening. Miss 'l'urn0r: Hood, take that match out of your mouth. l am afraicl of spontaneous combustion. Hood Hart.: l ani too green to burn. Om' I'1l!'Illll'!'!l iql"1'0llfUC'lI She never has a worry or care, As it serves her day by day. She knows it will get her there- Miss Olsenis Chevrolet. fx! 1 5 fx 'I- MLH WHEN THEY TYPED TO THE TUNE OF WASHINGTON LEE SWING 'X ZUNI SECRETS MARVIN MILLER liHOI10l'8blC Mention in T. H. S. P. A. Contestj I Fell dusk in the canyon of Zanig The walls were fast paling to grey, Proclaiming the exit of day From. Zuni Canyon. An Eagle in silent flight ' fi Scared low, then flipped from sight 'Twas night In Zuni Canyon. 44.1 O tongueless buttes, deathly cold, F What tales your shadows hold Untold In Zuni Canyon! ' XX K t sf! A coyote, with phantom-like lILO'IJ6Ill6'lllS, A silhouette waiting-alone, His bitterest woes he made known Through Zuni Canyon. MLH One Hmzdrecl Eighteen U AS WE SAW THEM Mr. l?illllCl'l'6C! lVlr. Bynum: Mr. Clay: Mr, Ford: flflow am I cloing?J ll'vc six more.J Mollrer QO, Romeoj fMamma!J Knock-knuccl Sallie. of two :scls of twins. Lil of "Out Our Wayl' Honey Boy Mr. Humphrey: fl come from Parcel Dr. Sillee "A HOWLING SUCCESS" Mr. Williams: fWa-Ahj Fe1'tilizer-Liza's Twin PRDFESSIONALSP N0 FROFESSURS Mr. Cole: fWhat a Maul Ima Nutt Q73 Q 4 'Q V lf 'MLH 1 011.0 I umlrwl Nivzctccn 1' The upperclassmen do believe in putting the undercla-ssmen in their places. Miss Trantharn to Mr. Johnson: Latin may be a dead language, but it doesu't smell as bad as the chemistry laboratory. Miss Clemons: Give the fernininc form of duck. Bright Student: Drake. Teacher: Who was Plrcidippides? Robert Littrell: He was a marathon runner who died crawling. Miss Olsen: Did Mr. Humphrey write this per- mit, Bro? Bro: Yeslm. See, he started to write Hauthenticl' on it, but he couldn't spell it: so he just wrote Hcorrectf' Mr. Humphrey: Make a list of the six greatest men in the World. W. D. Pruitt: Mr. Humphrey, should we let modesty interfere with the making of the list? Teacher: Wllat is upoise' 79 Lois Lee: Oh, poise is a short stop. TWO-ACT COMEDY Scene One: Outside Battery office Battery Brat Scene Two: Brat reconsidcrs. The tat-a-tat of Burton refuses to write Buzzards, The storm the keys sound sweetly rhythmlcal. breaks. m ff' we f"' -1014 ,495 4 ... Q9 M L H One Huncl-red Twenty Mr. Johnson: First I'lI luke some sulphuric acid and then some chloroform. Annie Laura: 'l'hat's ai good idea. Adelle Lea: Don't the football hoys ever Walsh their suits? Lucille Young: Certainly. What do you think the serulm team is for? Miss Hardy: Wayne, read ahout the Aus- trian Succession. heen quite Wayne lloteetz This would have things. an unimportant war except for two Miss Hardy: Wlmt, two things ure you going . to look out lor? Walyiiez The first und the Stliflllllll. History Teuelierz Ten years from now it will take twiee as much to live. Bro. Mingus: Gosh, I hope I'm not married then. Mary Helen Horn: Donit W0l'l'y. You won't he. Extracts From the Board in Room 36: I met the air mail-who was very inexpe- rienced zlnd who lives in the same town where l used to live. When duty whispers low, "Thou must," then youth replies, "Oh, yeuhlv He fafter senior picnicl: I-low's your sun- burn, not to mention your bumped nose, hurt hand, et eetera? Bernice: Shut up, smarty! You don't look S0 C001 V0UfSClf, Will! your hornet stinff hose- . . D7 Imll hat bump, et Cetera. One Hzmdred Twenty-one Q9 QUESTIONABLE Myrtis Blake confuses swine and Swain. Wei how is she to know the difference? MLH l 'Q Qff vfith the gun, Baldwin Junior: Why is Mr. Bynum gains first place in 4-440 at strutting so this morning? Sweetwater. ' Senior: Oh, he won two first places and a gold medal at Enid, Oklahoma. '1' iii? mn FRESHMAN BOY IMITATES RIDERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE. i Mr. Cole fto contestants after lunchl : Leave those dishes alone! Youill get your hands wet, l'll do them myself. Merle Revell: VVouldn't we like to have him for a mamma? First Student: How do you explain the fact that the Clee Club won fir-st place? Second Student: It doesnit need explaining. Miss Clemons is the explanation. Mr. Humphrey: What is the Colden Rule? Davida: One of the Ten Commandments. Albert Spann: l never heard of it before. Charlotte Cope: The man in todayis lesson advocated government owned railroads, public utilities and woman suffrage-Miss Curry, how could the government own woman suffrage? Mr. Owens: Name the different parts of a window frame. Lon Steffens: The ingredients of a window frame are 10 by 6 inches. One Hzmclrccl Twenty-two Dear Eagles, Eaglettes, etc: Wl1at do you think of our annual? We hope you like it be- cause we've spent a good deal of our time on it. Wlieii Flashlight members complete an annual, they are useless. After the dedication in chapel, the faculty members line them up in a row and shoot them one by one. We' re no exception to the rule, and we trust that you may be kind enough to grant us one request. As a special favor to us, please read the advertisements in this book. The firms were kind enough to co-operate with us, to give us this book, and we implore you to be kind enough to co-operate with us and give these firms your business. Is that too much to ask of you? If not, please turn to page 124 and give the ads the once over, or once under, as the case may be. JUNE AUSTIN and ANNIE LAURA I-IERRIN, Advertising Salesmen. One Hzmdrccl Tivcnty-tlwee l l' 7? c Z S O lIrne9f E Q. s- - , S . 'Kb ... Q of li l D Nasir! CONGJRATULA TIUNS It is a privilege to offer congratulations and best wishes to the student body of Abilene High School . . . . Congratulations for what you have accomplished -and best wishes for your future success. For ou. Seniors re retfull leavin the halls of Y 2 2 g Y g your Alma Mater, we sincerely wish the utmost pros- perity and happiness in the new tasks or studies con- fronting you. For you Undergraduates, remaining in school for further stud we re'oice with ou at the Y, J Y prospect of new scholastic triumphs to come. Abilene High School-like the West Texas Utili- ties Company-is a West Texas Institution . . . work- ing for and with West Texas. We are proud of the part we have played in the development of this great "Land of Opportunity"-and will continue to bend every effort toward further improving the economic, cultural and scholastic standards of our great Empire. WestTeXas Utilities Oompafyf One H-zmclred Twenty-four " R es . .. W-"--- ,-A--- lf .' 6 1 NX 2, . is 'e 1-L g' ..... gif. IDU BLU R 'VW 'S ill-i.. SIMMONS U IVE RSITY "Pioneer of Higher Education in West Texas" SIMMONS is strictly a University of West Texas-with the broad, free spirit of the West, a democratic student body, sympa- thetic instructors, and progressive Christian influence . . . A school that marks every student as an individual and encourages the devel- , opment of his constructive talents to the highest degree. . CURIIICULUM-Courses leading toward the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Music, Master of Arts, and Master of Music degrees. Pre-law, pre-med courses, E business administration, home economics, journalism . . . School of Fine and Applied Art . . . Con-scrvatory of Music. , liATlNCMYour degree from Simmons is recognized the world over. The g University has membership with the Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools of the Southern States and the National Association of Schools of Music and g Allied Arts. IQQUIPMIZNT-Twelve modern buildings, with adequate facilities for lecture, - research. laboratory, rooming, and athletics. A Million Dollar Plant. FACULTY-Fifty men and women trained in the leading universities of Europe : and America. STUDENT ACTIVITY-Organizations for every type of student interest. Win- : ner oi' many contests in oratory, debate, journalism, music, and athletics. EXPENSE-Simmons' charges are lower than those of any other denominational 5 school of its rank in Texas. Forty-third Annual Opening . . . September 18, 1934 Summer Session . . . June 8 to August 23, 1934 For Catalogue or l7urth'er Information, Address Secretary, Simmons University, Abilene, Texas JEFFERSON DAVIS SANDEFER, LL. D., PRESIDENT flllllllllluullllllulllullllllulllllllllllll One H1m.d1'ccl Twenty-five Abilene Printing 6' Stationery Co. Manufacturing Stationers Complete Office Outfitters ENG - fr eff: 1083 AND 1274 N. 2ND ST. ABILENE, TEXAS Abilene Printing 86 Stationery Company is proud of Abilene High 5 and the fine young men and young women graduating from this splendid institution. -Our organization has had the pleasure of working with and for : many of them in publishing the Flashlight and Battery the past several years. Not one time have we heard a low note 1 sounded. It's great to be young and it's great to be fired with 5 a compelling ambition to gain an education and a high place in 5 the affairs of life. Abilene High students are that kind and we : shall always appreciate serving them. We invite everyone to visit our store at 1082 North Second where we carry a complete line of school supplies and our large I printing factory at 1274 North Second and 241 Hickory Streets. One H'll7'lCl'l'6fZ Twenty-sire We Ask You What Do These Letters Stand For- M. C. A. G. F. G.? Wlay ulVlinter's Clothes and Gifts for Graduates" of course, and we should know what graduates like for we have served the grad- uates of 34 years-Come to lVIinter,s for the New Things. 'Mmm DRY 630011519 ' g?g4eilene.s7?ojess1ve.S'ioreg JM Service Since 188.9 The oldest and largest bank in the Abilene country is just as anxious to please and serve you as we would be were we just opening for business. We are trying to do our part in making Abilene bigger and better than ever. The Farmers 8a Merchants National Bank ABILENE TEXAS Hwmdo-crl Twenty-s on "The West Texas I-louse" The Pender Company Furruture Loose Leaf Flllllg Devices Systems Safes Etc. MANUFACTURING STATION ERS Complete Line of Office Supplies ABILFNE TEXAS EQNRGE Enjoy ice-colcl boiiled Coca-Cola 'loclay-fomorrow-every day of fhe worlcl. And be 'lhe beHer, loo, for ifs wholesome nafural refreshment The one delicious, all-sufficienf drink. Every ingredienf is a pure procluci' of nafure, pro+ec+ecl by 'Iwenfy-fwo laboraiory ieslsg sierilizecl boHles, filled and sealed by auiomaiic machinery.- Served. over nine million COCA-COLA BOTTLING co. Abilne, Texas. fimes a day. IT HAD T0 BE GOOD T0 GET WHERE IT IS One Hundred Twenty-ezght Abilene Christian College A STANDARD SENIOR COLLEGE STRESSING SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT Offers the following advantages: . Modern plant and equipment. . Well trained faculty. . B. A. and B. S. degrees. . Majors in 12 fieldsg 370 courses in 28 different subjects. . Physical education for men and women. . Spirited student activities. Bible teachingg Christian environ- ment. Friendly students and faculty. Strong departments for students preparing for professional schools. John Paul Gibson, M. D., has re- cently been added to our pre-med- ical faculty. Recognition by any university or college in America. Among our best and leading students are graduates of Abilene High School. We invite you, members of the class of 19344, to join them. James F. Cox, President ABILENE, TEXAS Good Luck agles! SO LONG UNTIL NEXT FALL sburn Studio Portrait and Commercial Photography Kodak Finishings Dial 8023 8 8 2 Hickory One Hunclrecl Twenty-n'iue COMPLIMEN TS OF SEARS, ,ROEBUCK AND O. OF TEXAS S -3 The World's Largest Store 334-342 Pine Abilene, Texas E IN ABILENE IT IS EHQQHQHR CR W WY "OF COURSE" Home of Natural Cream Line Milk NNOA Homogenizecly' and Beller Ice Cream Made in Abilene. , 4-th and Chestnut Phone 6277 ' I ' 3 SHOE REPAIRING I Shines That Won't Come Off -.A All Work and Material A TE XT Guaranteed NO . DE .1gg. s51oE sHoP 1O3L14N. second si. Besz Equi,,,,az shop in :mi Texas Abilene, Texas X , . IT PAYS TO PLAY fl:'6'il'f54T:'Eo'B'f:'2 4699 5 Dub Wooten Co. 3W ' Athletic and Sporting Goods KT A Abilene, Texas . - nunuuuunnnuunuuunnunuuulw One Hmzclrecl Thirty "FASI-IIONS FOR YOUNG AMERICANS" ee Duckworth Stores 3 Stores -- - 3 Markets 325 Wal11t1t 1282 South 2nd 813 Hickory THE BEAUTIFUL 1934 CHEVROLET THIS CAR THAT CHANGES YOUR RIDE T0 A GLIDE Proven Valve-in-Head, 6-Cylinder Engine Wilh Larger Fisher Bodies and Fisher N0-Draft Ventilation Most Economical Car to Operate on the Road Today Come ln and Take u Demonstration z Abilene Motor Company Pl ..,.1., :-azm 14-02 N. 1stSt1'eet CONGRATULATIONS- To the Student Body of Abilene High School! NV4' are proncl lo live in Abilene and have lhe honor of serving you with .lee Cream, Milk and Butter 3000! 14111 and Butternut Phone 3211 :........................................... ....... .............. One H'Il,7Ld7'l?fl Thirty-one Elini I HltFllE:it 552.00 to 33.00-'iNone Higherw THE ABILENE HILTON HOTEL CONGRATULATES The Abilene High School and Future Leading Citizens of Abilene- Tlre 19341, Graduates C. N. HILTON, President EARL GUITAR, Manager ' ' tuaaocu. o V QALLAS. wacmrp ggi.-5, mutans. 'reams ' Put your high school education to work for you in the great field of business, where there is no limit to the income you may receive-the opportunities you may enjoy. Hundreds of the classes of '33 are now drawing attractive salaries in positions offering unlimited opportunities for advancement as a result of the world famous ' Draughon training. More calls than graduates every year, insuring you a good g position, will he the passport to the golden opportunities in the field of business. Call or write for catalogue. J. D. MIRACLE, President -4-Izggnom -' 4 Stores - - - 4 Markets Owned and Operated by J. P. NICHOLS at sorts The Citizens National Bank ABILENE :-: TEXAS i'Financial Backers of West Texas Since 1902" One H zmclrecl T hirty-two H. H. Hardin LUMBER Everything For the Builder 148 Chestnut St. R. Fielder, Mgr. Dial 8848 Brandimist Texatone NU ICY BOTTLING CO. Abilene, Texas. R. H. BANowsKY, Prop, l056 N. 21141 Slrccl cc JEWBLER E Aaxusua 'reams Where Gems and Cold are Fairly Soldn Ei-ax A. 'SMITH S " 'X V E Phone 7045 T. S. LANKFORD 86 SONS, INC. Uniforms and Sport Garments 609 Oak St. RIGHT-WAY LAUNDRY "You Canfl Go Wrong the Right-Wayg' Phone 5295 CONGRATULATIONS INDEPENDENT ICE 86 REFRIGERATING COMPANY "We Put the Ice in Serv-zfcen Phone -11311 Oak X S. 6th e Hznzclrvrl Thirty-three .nuIa-unuuuu-unuununu-nu-nun-I nn-nun , 1 l. THE BATTERY SUPPLYING THE NEWS CURRENT TO ABILENE HIGH soHooL Arthur Caplin, Editor Crystal Blanton, Business Manager Miss Madge Morrison, Adviser A. V. Williams, Adviser FISCHER BROS. MOTOR, BODY AND FENDER WORKS PAINTING AND TRIMMING Axles and Frames Straightenecl by the Bear System Bodies and Fenders Rebuilt 24 HOUR WRECKER SERVICE South lst and Poplar Sts. Phone 3426 We Appreciate Your Tracie HARVEY DRY GOODS CO., INC. "Where the Price Ts Right" The Best Drinks at the Lowest Prices "Old Fashion" Milk Shake .................. 5c Toasted Sandwiches ,.,.,,,r rc,.,., 1 Oc I Malted Milk .......................,.................,.. 100 Ice Cream Soda ........,..,..,,,, . .... 10e g HEADQUARTERS FOR SCHOOL SUPPLIES E MONTGOMERY DRUG CO. Fancy Groceries, Selected Meats, Fresh Fruits mul Vegetables, all Pfmzry Supplies Agents for Richelieu Pure Food Products, Tea Carden Jellies and Preserves, Battle . Creek Health Foods, Clapp's Baby Soups and. Vegetables. SCI-IULTZ'S GROCERY 1236 N. 5th' St. 3 Phones 7227 .lAMEs SHELTON T. R. Winn: SHELTON-WEBB MOTOR CO. PONTIAC SALES AND SERVICE 111.4141 South lst St. Abilene, Texas Phone fl-l,Ll-f-L : Ctrtrn as are WHAT WE CAN SAY- WHAT WE CAN SI'IOW- : Any other store can say in a similar for the Collegiate girl to wear, Ali, well, E notice. that's another story. LAUGHTER UNDERTAKING CO. 242 Orange Street Abilene, Texas Phone 6245 One HZl7LCl'l'6Cl Thirty-fam Black and Young Co. Wall paper Picture Iranncs Art materials Paint l65 ,Pine St. Phone THE WILSON C. L. JOHNSON, Prop. In the Center of North Side Where Abilene Dines and Travelers Are Welcome. 1080 N. 2nd, St. Abilene, Texas COMPLIMENTS OF I. C. PENNEY CO. "Wl1ere Savings Are Greatest" lllllilllillll l imlillllliliifl ..:9.e9s,rf -'H ' Jwllll-'F'i BEAUTIFUL GRADUATION GIFTS Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, and Novelties PRESLEYS Best Wishes From dlfE'ZeneQ11v1z1iQzaTw., 'I THE 0000 ONE F 763 Walnut Street Phone 8866 Sales-FORD-Service Washing, Lzibricaling, Repairs Bally--Feluler Re pairs-W recker Service Your Business Appreciate!! FULWILER MOTOR CO. il-th and Walnut Tel. 4-567 R. A. IVIADDOX Dentist Alexander Building Lion I-Iardware Company SHELF AND BUILDERS HARDWARE General Electric Refrigerators, Electric Stoves, anti Dish Washers. Phone 3241 We Deliver East of P. O. Ona H14 uclrcd Th 'iriy-five ElliOtt's Funeral Home AMBULANCE SERVICE PHONE 4355 lllllllllll lllllllllll Give a Gruen for 'Craclualion W. C. FISHER 1341 N. Zncl. St. Abilene, Texas jeweler Opmnmnisl Alexander Building 6'-Erceffzfine ABILENE, TEXAS M. N. GUEST, Mgr. Dial 4347 154 Cypress The oldest and largest equipped plant in Abilene and hag expert help in every department. We make no extra charge for extra service. Your business is appreciated. Higginbotham-Bartlett ffcoon LUiv1BEn', SILCTZUTZIL-ll7l:lliflIl'1.S Paint Wall Paper Dial 7117 802 Pine IVIUSSER LUMBER COMPANY Use Wood Where You Should 51h and Walliut St. Phone 76641 HOTEL WCOTEN PHARMACY G. GRANVILLE JOHNSON, Owner Always Room, for High School Boys and Girls WHICH SCHOOL HEADQUARTERS IN ABILENEN THE WOOTEN Operatecl by Baker Interests Special Attention Given to Class Parties, Banquets and Other Social Functions JOHN G. OUTLAND, MANAGER HALL MUSIC COMPANY J l Inc. "Everything in Music" 258 Pine St. Telephone 5 13 I One Hmulrerl Thirty sm: TOGRAPI-I I I .I 1 I I I I I . I I I Z I I T S I I I I I 1' If I 1 ' -Left - - I. 'I I I wx ER I :fr Q . ' ' N' ' 'T' L11 X N, .' ' Y -I -T S. . X, Ac . ' ' YN I V53 5151- I WW '-x ,g.",Q I,,', 1:-xii-. N. ' , I2 ." " If ' wav 1542 ',iI'S"'1 I api I ' ILE? rngffg I vi Iffyf, I x 3331 I ,, ' gigiiiv flaw! I I .vwfgk .g.2:,Q1:5i,I I s.4w'f+i - t - - S IR T .SON I .p?e-'vs':s- , ' I F m,-S' ,JI V. xv.. YL . . fy .pg-5:1 th sc oovl wztlw th s W '2'f?fF --'- .' .' ' ff h I ' ' Fiqh? he sc oo, th th? p Q9 I ' I , EA 455357 mt z tree oy lty, 5 ch o ,with the Arbp.: ,ggfffiggl 'f'IT22I1?I?2H ' - II ' ' fifeiiga, wzth me fo tb tt te .IIg,I.,. fA'Iqf':7E?JbYSi" I 7 If, ,I .- . V , f 13, Ziggy V 1 , Iwaftch fm' g .I f A . I I -wx I ..l .L I. ,f-.H.gi.5,51q bvlene gles ,,e5f,eII5g5f,1g,,5gg f I I I me-?g.gI.Y1f-i:L,,gag, g ' I I I I .- q-zsyf..,f.- ,,56,+lZ::-r.,4I1I I gre' Z wlf I I?f"1'?5i'f'g?lf7Ii: hi 5' ' rf- I ' f'L'x-"'?V"'JF,W4 W W Ie! I I '- : 'lu , I " ' u':z"?:'I 2,71-2'-".. I Zim!! '01 IQCIIIIQ 1-I r:'ik'e . I ,!ifg,:.,f I-W 4..ig5.i215I,2fg In I0 IU II- ' W" 'W' Q' I l'.:"-- "'.' I, 'ii v , LHQ 'I I-'Q '-I I' VY' ' wa' III I I .sei-QnEe?fff'I'ii2:e:a 5- ' ,:'i-:.:.,1':' ,',f1i3fP.-?, 9.-Q ga- -mia,-,e. efv 7. 9 I 'L .5 -M fb Wff' 313.1 fs ,'viQg,5i I ggfi ll S9IE 9 ef? LIIwI'I2FI0,'I -' . -I: 1 .f.fIt1'2: s ls, .I I .asf-261-wjhimi,Ins:-3..s I I 4'JEflff?-i'iE'2E:':.ES'-fF51 I I . 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ERE you see the faces of some ol the ediizors, managers,and sbonsors over four skates with whom we have worlced this year. WE have enjoyed our asso- ciation with them and believe they will all recommend SOUTH- WESTERN superior service and PRINT TESTED plates. W?W' WMf S2216 94 MW WW 2 XR WWWWMW MW2iifgM2w sig gi WWEZ W EEE WMQMJM , yfwfgfpwww WM MW Www 55 wg Q My OJ' flkkw X QQ h. 1 jilw M Vfiifi ff! wi Qf fp SEZCGQQYQWWMMW iw f fQQ,gf.X' new N ff7 f jldw Q !Ywjq,MfjMYgL if W A Wwgfjgkjy C3 3 HW! My MM ww ,MW WgQ?f fff Q m f W Mwiwfm T 52- 1 M, ymgwli ' I my WW ffwffjwny Q5 , I ,' KJ W J' Mig WQ5 1 iyjgfwiwi ffiwfl Mfg my 5 v jygg gW7f .Gif Qyygfijfij J ggi? HX? I Qs 35551 wi eggs QESQE Q Q ' W , Qs 5 gfwtjlw, 3333 S 5 fx I Ngwvfw Q3 7 D 5 fjfw U 4 D Y- 5 , 1 , J I J V IGF, A ' : N W W0 f' ' . Q1 J Uv u, f , 1 C1 , . 5 - F , xx-, .gb xr W1 . X., x f ' ' ' S 3 J .A-9 O! , A ' W h if J ,, E Q H M M365 l'?" f75,' 'YXT G Q M W 3 M 1 y 05'

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