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Ifbgfxf-x 1 f 1 'f WT- I , V ,-QQ ,Q-sxw-, ,f H P wwqfz L. E"x?.,fkx N 'j L X Xixw an xii! lf.-X lfh J 'Xxx xx 9, ,N 3 Nf V5 , 7 5 Y , F4 PN W A ,Qfx un Ed X 6 ' , F 'VF X T5 L f E J, . if V fi QK-xrfqf f" f" PT? 4 ' it-e K5 2,2 fm-1 -Q 'E 1 ,Q 1 N'-5' 'KI--2,:"af'q? !'QiKj',gfA3"f ij:-if-.VA " 5' 5 A ' Ae ' ff 2' -- aff-.. ' " 1' '55 X "4 A ' 4?" 3 'C pflixg fr f . gf:-f F 2- . ' Ttyi' ' V-" -24 Qt ev. ' gggga f ,5- g g. -4.f:fx.1g MJff5,KT,,:. J JIM J' " J' . m y 27, ,yygzff . J .4 . ,...f.,.,..,,.q, .1 Milf X., A " ff if-' -W -f'- Jff64,,f9f,,.,fl,E ,,j- 2, ,Z 4 GQ , , M75 xiii, W. X ff' !7fafr,4,f M if . JfLc,4,J6v"4f 7 . ff ,fy , ' f-zffl :T-' g I, I, .1 I.. K. I lf, 1 Q K .W . fc . .J A N" ff' I. -ff A1 ' J A ,A vf ,, 27151: - -.j1' ,C mf, ,ff.,,f ... ffC-fri- 551. V .Z ff f I, , Jada L, J ,ff ytgpq, Qzff .ff " M 'K If ,iff ,fc X' f ' f J ,- 6Awc"', jfwf' 2 ff" - .... ,.. . , 4 4. Engraved by SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVING COMPANY Printed by ABILENE PRINTING 6- STATIONERY CO. c 1 11. 4"J'AssM WM Sflq ..., 2, mm J N I IGH CHOOIJ BSS SSOClA'l'l0r I '-. -.. w 4:SV1.3.'n1y:--:ff SSQR-S211 sn,-.'-I x ,mb f, -1 - Q T' :uifm-,fsszm 3" "' if-F ':F?.z-.-,rf--' 'P:'3t1:'2!:.Afi1E' A., M .me-7 ., ., .wk ,ff r- wg., bot .N . . - y , , 1551 ,, ' -'1"l'?'fN.+.f1c-V.-s Q. , .?f:1:.aSr3.. . . 1 , J. .x .N x Ria Six . ..,. Q ,N , , , gr. . H.:-sue J " Q H ww ' gb., W x-1.-V f N -xc 1 4535 Z 15wiiiv.EEi'.':?frr" '- ld' 'f' - '4f.:- ' 4, -' M 'fn-S 35' -- ' ' '- fb ' ' , 4 1 will 1 I, X 1 . - ' 57' f:L?r:E?5s3i QQ' , - , aesg:g-sf . ' ' ,, ' TILE: i '- -f ,, A , f- 'ff 5 , ff: ,iv . A S X f f? ' R. . . Qjfigiir ,: 1, . f I ,kg - . , , 1 :" . ' ' -zfffifi -, ' 1 , ' ' . -, AA 'f L , fifi-X1 ' ' ' 1'4i-.+-'-155:'SEiQ2s - A , L E 5 " ' X v.-A.-,gn-53 N ' , ' , mfgmgi' - . wif' ww: -:Q-e+:+.f,s- ' ., . , - -5:2 gf , .. C' 13111112 Efngan 611133 fgigfiliinrcig in mini 33522 gggunknl " 'inn' 5? Hain fmmjnmfniifik A gxrficjlfflfinf Elm Zmaiihlilllli Qnhlizhnh bg thu gffhxhvmi uf Zlhilmw Hugh gnnuul Qhillenv, Emi 1952 v , , l Qlfmfninurfil 3.115 mmf hops Thai ibn Zglazhlighi nf 1352 will iluipiw gnu in a gufnahuz 101112 ani aqaprffzniaiinn of Dill? gfnhnnl Elllfl will gitm gnu Hmmm? iniixnaiv RUOUIIEEIQP uf ihre nafiodi hem, f5reurfg,Q11a2il1ing,tun, 1111111511 lifv iw haim MSDE ai H12 ihrsrmk of Thiii ilulumra, fguntnntsf Snhn ul Kiasma Qixttiiritiszf Qatutfw Qlrhlmnzsf 5f?1H2fhli9h1i?'f12H jllvinrahun iivmng Ajmaghvm has pvuimfl hiya lugaltg -in fgibibem wigh gchnul bg thus effinivmt Emil mmtiviug, Hwbiw that hrs hw qiwn, him 'vim finil fl man inhn 15 fmt in gnuh pafpnniiimflrw ghfp, fmt in ammluping swam plmg. aah tim in th? Iwfwi, uf ahwg gxhilumf qgjigh aychool fgiuflnmt 'En Qehzreg rgyjltaghuw, mmf bnlnhvh coach, im zmrwnlg Gcilrtaia ihfg hniumn nfthe Qibiazhhghi. ,, ,- Q- f .1- 5 fy yy Af, 34.4 'V Ti"-c. ' n . 5- 'I I ji .- .gl ' Ji .-f..:x,. N, -M 5, n , , ' ?j1m,Ea.f Pr- x 4 rfneg CA. gfmaglqefn, Unarly x 2 L - N ,.. x . I E , yl RA Q i L' . 9935 J PM R fi if '11 ' ff 5 r. ft 3' f' -fffearrufh-, , . E' -'axis-3 '5i'r'7g?a. ' 'mifiizl , YV , 7ii,IM' ' 1' , ww ' ' up 9Lii?f.'J , . ' ,?Aff:ff' if GEORGE WASHINGTON, THE FATHER OF OUR COUNTRY 1 732 1735 1 7113 1 7 18 ,I 752 1 753 -1758--Served in Colonial Wars. 1759- 1 77-11- 1775 178I 1 733 1 787 1 789 ,I 798 1799 HAS the sworfl was the last resort for the preservalion. of our liberlies, so it ought lo be the first thing laid aside ICIICIL lfzose liberties are firmly establisherl.,,-Wasliirigtrm. -Born at Bridges, Creek estate on February 22. f1Vloved to Mount Vernon, --Received his schooling at Bridges' Creek. --Wient on first surveying expedition. -W'as made Maj or in the arniy. 1774-f -Devoted his time to industry. 1775--Vifas delegate to the Continental Congress. -Vlfas made Cornrnander-in-Chief of the Continental forces, on June 17. -Received surrender of Cornwallis, on October 19. -Returned to Mount Vernon, intending to spend the rest of his life there. ---Wins elected presiding officer of Constitutional Convention. -f-Weis unariiriiously chosen president of the United States. -Was again appointed Comniander-in-Chief of army. A-'Died at Mount Vernon, on Deceinher 14. 5131111111 W 'Y W 5 2 gli quesiiug miuhs uf guuth finh Enelwmr iiqruuglq this bum: "Enter in learng ga forth to swim" furehermure. 3111 5 Inter-lilies, gulhfislq heneaih ex slgzxhg tree ring memnrins nf Iyalcgnu hugs in gnu zmh mrs. as -4 A r L'-'IE -4 Un henknniug classes Qnuilfs glzrh fest xuzrrclg Qliuher tlge guztrhing nwsquites, lang ztrrlg. 'TC 'I EI 2 5 B 5 mA5:,g'fvr-M'-,ff-.mw,,-Q4,,.., ,.. , A M , l A. , ,,'FZmlM' ,wfiffvw Q-, A WZ7Tlff9Q25fV7QQT", K 'f' f - .g.Q.,.4' " 1- if FH f ' WfxggLg,g 'u , fw- g" ijM,1afw13X 4 "1 , 5 1 .. g- V W - -- H 419 .. .f - V- H ' 1'-N -- "if . - ,M ' , .f '- . . f '. ' W H ' H192 -P , f ' J . , -V 'f 'ff-in g F flgut nf this ezrrtlf-hnunh Magles Qwest Sum flehgling ifaglets, rlgampiuns nf the 333251- ji 13 A9 ' bf 1 Wflixiiir lf' -rw GEORGE WASHINGTON George Wash- ington, the greatest Arnerican s o l cl i e r ancl statesman, is the noblest fig- nre that ever stoocl at th e fore- front of a natiohfs life. A man of per- fect nioral and physical courage, he was able to bear great responsibility, a inan of patri- otic splenclor, he anirnatecl his every act with patience, wisclorn, ancl c oil rag e. Honest, rnoclest, ancl sensible was George Washing- ton, the Father of our Country, who was " first in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his coilntrymenf, Qxhrrrinistratinn 21-15 .i mb A37 li- EH- Q5reeu, 51IIJBYf11fBIIhBIIf To lhf- Illilll who is giving the lwsl yvurs of his lifv lo an iustilulimi in which he has exerted vvery effort to keep lhe school open and i.LlllL'li0I1- ing rvguluriy, iw givr- our unariimous YOU? ol' LlIJlJl'63C'i3li0Il. This 1112111 is Superirilendvnl N. U. LiI'Cl'l1, lu whom wi- owv thc- fact that riur- ing a limv of mlifficuily and limiteryl inezuis thc- imusi- IIUFS of tht' 51110411 has iwvll carried on in suvh a may lhzil whvn sm-hools throughout thx- Lfnilc-fi Slulfls are hving 1-losed. Abilene High School is open and practically fre-rl frmn lnurdunsonie dehl. Mr. flwmi, wx' hmmm' ami respvvl you ami no 0l'I'vr our lIlilIlkS to im: lhzll wv am- uirlv to vnjuy our happy sriumi lifr-, frm: from marc. f:I'g'lIlt'l"77 Nfnvlvrrl, 25. gliluhlvg, 1Qlfi1IlZi1JEIl'f! 'llo tlie man wlio lwars thi- llurdens of llw problems of lnuidrc-ds, lo tlie- one who daily is called upon to luv the judge ol' right and wrong. and to the one who has one of the inost cliffi- cull positions to hold of any main in our cilv, ue pay tribute. This nian is l'rin4-ipal l.. lil. Durlley. For us, who are stuclonts, it is almost iinpossilxle to rvu- lize the things Mr. Dudley has to deal with, lvy reason ol' tlic' lavl llial our scliool of vx1Je1'if-1109 llas l36f?n 21 lilnilecl one-. As wc grow older, l1owevm', we shall und:-rstancl better and sliall apprecialff niore this I!lHIliH clvvisions and advice. To you, Wlr. lluclley, our lvaclvr. uf' vxprvss our sin- vf-rcsl uppreviulion lior llio ideals and prim-iples wliii-li you inspiro. i1- F A C U L T Y Nhss TOMMIR CLACK MISS MAIIGI1 NIORRISON English English IZ' ,K ', i I ,fig-I"1' ' NIISS fIIIARI,OT'rI3 MINCIIS NIISS BORBII4: CLACK MRS. SRLIIIA L. I3IsHOI' English English English MISS CLAITIIINIZ OI.sI-:N English NIISS HATTII1: TI. PAXTON English ?' J Fl MISS BIAIIIIARIZT SANIII-:IfI41II Erzglish MISS ANNE MA'I'HIcws lfrlglislz , ., K A W' N1 XIRS. HYMAN. HAIKIIISOY E. C. POLK Englzsh English MISS N1vR'rI.I-1 TRANTIIAIII MIKS. C. B. HIC Latin Laiin Tlvfnly Miss SARAH HARDY Mus. BI. M. BAICNIGS History History Miss 'Xxxuc Banu IC. S. x1lliI'HX Miss l,Lcm11'1,x Cl mn Il1'.slary HiSlt1l'V' History F A C U L T Y JOH5 Clglggg wvATSON A. BIAXHEW TI TT History Speech Arts 1"ootbaZl-Economics Agrigulpw-g Y . H. S. FA1'HIgxmE1-3 Has. E. M. RANDOLPH Bliss Francis Hxmcls .L E. Com: Spanish Sprmish Spanish Spanish Tzvwlly-one 1930 :Q F A C U L T Y D, B. VUEATHERBY Mus. E. Nouvvoou .llathematzcs fllathcvnatics 1 C. l'1--NICLSHOIN Mus Iloms IJMIIQL C. H. Ifulm filnllwnzalzcs Mnllzcnuzzics J!W1IlflCIllfllil'S H. H. JOHNSON Mathematics A. V. WILLIAMS Science Miss LUCILLLQ KNOX M155 A L Rl-ilcvus Mathematics Mathematics LEROY STOM: M155 WILLII-1 FLOYD Science Science - 'r , V ' 'Xx at Mlss BELLE JONEs'x V, : Mazhelizatics X' Miss ODELL JOHNSON Science Twenty-two 5 F lf- 9 R- T- BNUI Nllss Ol lm Cl1.Exmxs Hand Musiz' English I' 13 tl. JPY' x ' 7 :.f,J' Xluw Rn an l,mlvr1m41 Klux Hli'l'll Cumlnl-is Xlus. 'l'. IC. I'll-:mils flllllli' IZLYIIIUIIIICS 110,710 E,-,,,m,,1,',-5 hrwm, EH,,H,,,,i,.x Mus. I':lJI'l'H C. SXIITH Counselor W. limxm' Owl-Lv 1,f'f'l1IIII1.f'!ll IllAllll'l'l1g T1u'r1Iy-llzru' Mus. N. L. HICKNIAN Librarian Hhs Xlmcuxlnfz BONCI-I Sffcrerrlry A C U L if T Y y , W. D, SXIITII ll. G. Com: COIIIII1f?I'lIiIll C0lIZNIUl'Cilll Nlxss EDITH Ncm1.r1 Blish MNA Woons Sffwvtfzry l,llY.Yif'llI Training i 5 7 zrrefnell, Pear Srhnul Dear school, the time has come to depart, We must be ou our way. But if you will Search deep in our hearts, You'll fiiid we loug to stay. Life will seem so slow to us iiow, For we shall have uothiug to do. Oh, we wish it were arranged somehow, To go for arlother year or two. For four loug years we all worked hard, Aud some fussed and grumbled about it. But some of us shall receive our reward, Aud the others shall go without it. Be kiud to those who take our place, Teach them to be loviug aud true. Help them ou irl the wiuuiug race With the patierlt care that brought us through -LESTER WRIGHT. ql if E17 61355125 Y L WASHINGTON A T PRINCETON A short tinze before the battle of Princeton, when the cause of independence seemed doomed, Congress gave Washing- ton fall power to carry on the war. ln the battle of Princeton Washington fallg justified the confidence placed in him, for after the Americans had attacked the Brit- ish forces with vigor, and were beginning to wacer, Washington gallopecl np in time to rally his troops. In less than twenty min- utes from the beginning of the battle, the British were completely rontecl. Sentara N' F S E N STANLEY SMITH I I President O JOE CARL l11YERS R Vice-President I K DOROTHY FREE C Secretary E l11ILTON l1llCKENZ1E R Iress Reporter S Mmm 0vr:RsH1NER Erlilor J. N. WATSON Adviser iff A DTARY, 1928-1932 September 192 A roup ol students from Lamar Trav1 Cen- tral and College He1ghts Publxc Schools has lnvaded the Hwh School 1 soon bought my chapel tlcket The upper classmen have been teachlnc the Freshman boys to lt llbhtly palnfullv successful l went to the Freshman meetlng fheld ourlng chapel perlodj and watched tar M1ltOI1 McKenzie IS our Flashlr ht re ne entatrve Our ro ram conslsted 5 z- l P Zu of tvxo llttle boys on suck horses galloplng vxlldly across the stave and slnglng cl Paw Donn and Co Boom' Th1s was a howxllnc, uccess 1 thrnk P" , fwcnty L , 8. g 7. ' , 's, ., v 1 I rg D . U 4 S. .U g . u 4 . , . I . L the election of officers. J. YV. Pool is president, Dorothy Wofford is secre- f7 . . . 1 I .Q Us . ' U . 7 . . i w I . 7. I W I . . 7 A ' ' ." ' ' ' ' ff s ' , ' . -six October, 1923. Football season is in learning to attend the games at the Seniors. Daily tests are a nuisance an algebra test, and have a sty on my Deeeniber. 1923. It has been rather nienl How they unniercifully sleetball us. We just get two weeks off for I 735 Iioxxuc A1m,u1s G an Gg Pepg Anzliaeology Tlzinli not of oneself, but of ollzers. TRUMAV Al.1nu:lmuE Bandg N. H. S. There is no 1L'liSll0lI1 like frfzrzlmexs. LU1n.1w1 A1.lcxANm1R ffl' G an G3 P. G. There is nu rlzoiee between beauty and friendliness. Form A1.LEx Y. L. P.g Hi-Y It IS a good thing to have I1 nzaslerly ronzmanzl of lt'0l'IlS. lVlARY ,towns A1.I,ENf,q57 G an C3 Pepg Back o'Curtain Truth .vhowvth best in rarierl lights. Donorux ANu1snsoN C an G Happiness ronzrxs from great love anzl untiring serviee. RALPH AXXDICRSUY H:-YQ Y. L. P. Du well anzl rightg then let the zrorltl sink, OWEN Axmu s Los Lx-ales A Forrl carriugt' nfferetli llllilll exer- vise. f V lll41I.liN etvruoxx If " G an llg Huck o'Llurtain An ull-rollnrl .wlurlenl is well lilml by llle llzllxlvrs. Fume Burn :xltYlll,Il G an G3 Pepg Flashlight To gain friemls mul to gain !x'l1Ull'l- W ezlge are noble aspirations. Muugn-1 gXN'l'ILl.I-KY .i-1 G an Hg Flashlight , llmlernlion in all lllilzgx is Il guorl lllllllfl. I BIRDII-1 KATHE1nXr: BAKER 1133 C an G Be beautiful and intelligent, but be beautiful. 5'f full sway. My classnmen are very gentle persuasion of the I passed a history test, failed eye. nasty weather. Oh, those upperclass- Christmas vacation. It seems as if we should have a month at least. Some of the students are beginning to worry TlUL'l1ly-SCIJCIL about the mid-term examinations. I dont V S E N I O R S lalfli C. BAi1.l1:Y Los Lt-ales Too much learning is not worth the effort. RALPH BALFAXZ Footballg President Hi-Yg President "A" Association Honor waits at labor's gate, even foot- ball honors. LLOYD BAXTER Dignity is a quality to be zeisherl for. THIGLMA .IO BICKLHY G an Gg Pepg Flaslilightg President Servi Ciceronis Gay natures are like enchanting nzu- sie. Jessie Blass BICHAM C an Gy Archaeology A willing mind is of real value. JIM HOB Bum Radio A smile can roll away immense elouals. GARLAN11 BLACK Clee As the game is playezl, be joyous, my frlenrl. OnlcssA Bminsuuv Gan Gg K. K. K. K. Nimlzle fingers anzl capable liamls guide to achievement. 433 LILLH-: BRA'l"l'ON I ll an U lndustry is truly laurlalzle. Lixx BRHVVICIK Y. l.. P. Spriglztly ll'll' gives lzarlr tlie trttr' image of the rninrl. l-oNwnc Bicluus Yah-clietorian lxllll-fllifflllg N. ll. 5.5 K. K. K. K.g Local History A stlulent of the first rlegree is trust- tcortlzy and willing. EUGEIXIA BRITTON ' G an G Unassaming conduct deserves highest praise. of school. Z March, l,929. Carroll Hall Savage is our new class president. I have had my T 7' beautiful hair cut short, for spring is here. I can fly a kite. January, l929. These cold spells certainly affect the school. Study Hall C is an oven, while B is a frigidaire. These much talked of finals may cause me to lose a night or two of sleep yet. May it be that I pass! We got our cards and I did pass-easily. February, 1929. I am thankful to G. Washington for two things: his help in gaining our independence, and because his birthday means one day out Twenty eight April, l929. Somebody got a locker slip and went off. When he came hack, he said. uMr. johnson, you are wanted on the tele- phonef' Mr. Johnson got up and went. Result: ten denierits to the stuflent and a warning to the ditto that he should not attempt April Fool jokes in school. Ton BROWX K. K. K. K. Tlwrnuglzness is u glorious zvutrh- unrrl. Hl'ILEN Bmcxs C an GQ P. G.g llasllers A sunny disposition makes life a gav' pawn, -rpm!-7. Jr-9-4.44-,Ax lyojl, Jo RUTH Bvsm G an G , , . , f .4 juuntv air anzl a jrzenzlly manner make nne's life full. 61-4,.,A.4 JUANITA Bwxiim C an CQ Pep A jaunty air and II frienrlly manner nlalfes 0ne,s life full. LILA MAE CALI-'l4Il41"l 756 C an G3 Archaeology A person really 1l'0I'Ih lfnmving is II person Lvorlh having. SUE ANN CA1moI.L G an G3 Ptspg Y. L. P. Liueliness, guyety, rmrl frienzlliness' mlzlfe fl rlzfzpsody in words. WKYILLIAAI CHAMBIQKS Flasllligllt A talented za-url-rmun lzeconws lhe muster of his lrorlr. Aramis CLARK C an G3 Areliaenlogy Winsome ways and ll clmrnzfng zlis- position gain many friends. f , Lomzxri CLARK ff ' V Los Leales They are truly great who are truly good. HETTIH LOGAN CLAY C an C5 lftlitnr Flasllliglitg Pepg N. H. S. Loyalty rlnzl ejfiCir'ncy keep one hffllmz XlII.IJRED CLNBVKN Affubility and 11v1'seuvrar1c'e rurzlre an izleal slullvnt. 9 Mnwna CUHEN -' I 3' G an GQ Flashligghtg Ort-liestrag N. H. S. Cluzrms and graves are enlillezl to praise. 77lAA May, l929. Daddy gave me a copy of cgluorna Doonef' He says it is a classic. Of course l appreciate it. l clon't have my algebra for tomorrow, and I fear the teacher wonlt forget to have a lesson. The annuals are out. l difln't get one. They are for Seniors. Twenty-nine I S E N I O S -T S BEATRICIC COLLIER F A wise person never loses anything J if he has himself. N l.ILLllZ MAIIIPI CooK'lq'5'l C an Gg Pep I fl smile cheers many a Sllf1.l0SS hl'lII'l'. INA BELLH. COUGHRAN cd G an Cg Pepg Clee' Une may be dainty and also flaunt- R less. S VIQLMA Cousws Perfert silnpliciry is lLfIC'0IlS!Ti0IlSly auzlacious. 94 J Foothallg N. H. S.g Vocationg HA" Magnificent is a specimen of perfect lmrnan happiness, GAINES DAVIS 1 BILLYE D!-LSPAIN C an Cg Pepg K. K. K. K. Une slzoulrl spealf plain and to the point. DOROTHY DxaLzTscHMAN Art An. inspiring heart is the beginning of all lrnowlezlge. Z EsTlf:LLi: DUCKWORTH-' 33 G an G5 Pepg Flasllligllt Honest labor bears a lovely face. MARVN DUNLAP True courage comes of an uncon- qllcralzlc will. C. M . ELLIs liattvry By tlu' work, one knows the work- man. Joi-IN l-l. FIm,o12R Band Good men promise little anfl perform mufrh, J. W. FIELUIQR K. K. K. K. Energy will win. the flay. September, l,929. lt is a real pleasure not to be a Freshman. l wonder if l will ever accomplish the four years, Work. Officers for the class have been selected. They are: Stanley Smith, presidentg Carroll Hall Savage, vice-presidentg Evelyne Montgomery, secretary. A picnic was held at Cobb Park. There were no casualties reported. October, l929. Since the class is organized, events are moving in smooth order. My mind is occupied liy these thrilling football games. The Pep Squad is holding practice, as well as the Eagle fighters. l'lallowelen7 that age-old event, has passed quietly by. E i' Tlzfrly Novernher, 1929. The football spirit is still rallying at a high, feverish degree, because those Eagles will be backed to the end. To my mind, the class is lacking in support of our work, activities, and RALPH FLY 4757 Band Trifles Illllhil' perjeetion, hut perfec- tion is no trifle. ' Ross FRANKLIN A courteous man has a private en- trance to all minds. n WANI.ANIJ Flmznzli ll ' He that hath lfnozvleclge, sparefh his worrls. W. IZ. FRANCIS S E N I O R A youth of sound .vense is a splenzlizl fellow. f Doaornx' Fines " -17.5 C an G3 Pepg Quartet A spiril of friendliness ereales a 1-harming atmosphere. I BILIA Fl'I.w11.icR 3 Q Hi-Yg Y. L. P. Dl.9L'l'llI1l7IHfl0II of .wpfeeh is more than l'l0l1llPI1!'f?. SE1.x1A Cmsow C an Gg Pepg Glee Clubg Back o'Curtain A serret of sizzvcexs is conslaney to purpose. ,lonx GILLILAND -'fY.5 1 ,f The noblest mind has the best con- M tennnenl. BILL! GH0R'ttI.liYflq'5G President liandg Orchestrag N. H. S. Conznmn sense is more reliable than lvlsrlam. Sinn. CLASS C an Cg Pepg Glee Club Versatility is pruisezvorlhy. BIARGARICT GRIMNIETT C an C A relialzlc person rarely of-lenrls. XVILSON Gnosi3cLosr1 Footballg Hi-YQ N. H, 5.5 The mast manifest sign. of sportsman- ship is eontinuecl Cheerfulness. even in the socials, which usually are so popular. Wie have a wonderful adviser, hut the Committees can not agreeg so it seems that we are doomed. lleceniher, l929, Santa Claus was rather generous to most of us ehildren, and we kept faith with the grand old man. My! hon cold things are, especially the teachers, hearts. Do they expect us to study during the Christmas holidays? Thirty-one , IF H JANE CUINN C an GQ l'epg Sefvi Ciceronisg N. 1 ll, S. fl fair exterior is a silent reconzmen- rltzriun. l . Rum' C,l1LI.lQIJc:l2 G an GQ Peipg President Hasllersg Cleo Club Variety is the mother of l' IrT5I.I, RUTH GULIJQDGE G an Gg Pepg Clee Club Willingness and ejfirienwy are ml- mirrzble Irrzils. 'fowl GIJLLI-:mln C0011 men must not obey the laws too well. NIARUARET LEA HALL1-1Y C an Gg Pepg Glee Club N0 heart denies the ll71fSt'l'I1, jorre of true llN!ll'l'.SfIIlIfIiHg'. W. C. HANlI'TON " i' ' lluortliy pursuits lend to zrorllu' rv- sults. . WJ' 'wfh .1 f - , ,V ,f- K., RoBi1tc'r HAMW ffrzrzrflzft is Ihe key to C1NII'l'lC'fl'l'. ALLII41 KATHLY N Hmuslca C, an by Pepg N. H. 5. Ihr wluzlsouzzer beconzes you Iwxl. l.,xDoI.A HARPER C an C3 N. H. S.g Debate True east' in spealfing cnnzes from nrt, not rrhnmre. ft'15l5 PM Ltxi-1 HAtuz12I.I. C an C To 114' yolttftfztl rzml Cftllllljflltliflllllflll' i.-I gloriotls. CLI-ZDIIIIC Ilfxuvm.-'qs nj lliY Y I P Step from the rrozvzl and nzakv your- self a maszrr. ANNIIC BRUCE Hmmzusox G an G5 P. S.g N. ll. S. If surfess lies in. omfs luunls, fingers UTI' s0l:1t'ti11wx II fnrft1m'. January, l93ll. Now that Christmas vacation is over, I might get to work. Somehow I managed to survive the ordeal of taking final examinations and, as a reward, received some more credits. It is not unusual to see a great number of stamp nictures circulating among the the students. Since attractive views of our beaming young faces can be had for a quarter, we all want to have some stamp pictures. February, l930. It seems that heartaches over Valentines are prevalent. Some- times even here in the glorious Texas the Weather gets fairly cold. The tempera- ture llas been down to four below. Thirty-Iwo bf'g' .wg 5' J 4 N 35 Mareli, 1930. There are 22 spit balls on the ceiling of Study Hall B. It niust have driven some poor Sophomore to many hours of labor and toil to take at suitable position and execute such a marvelous feat. Max". l930. The annual has come out. As uluay 5, the Sophoniores have luought the fewest i1IlIlllill5 of all the classes, but how eager those are who have been so fortunate as to lwuy one. Miss Boblvie Clauk has marched us through the trials of this year. P. S.: uluniorl' seems more wonderful even than uSOIJll0lYl0l'C.,7 Yvhat hopes we have for the eoming yearl Tltirly-Ihrez' 3lAXlNli Hltzcs Quarletg N. ll. S. .4 llfflllllflll roiwe is flu' erho of a lowly heart. BARYRTT lllxns President N. ll. K. K. K. K. The moxl effirierzl man is lhe man with an iclerz. hlAllRlClC Hwiis C an Cg Glee Little things 1f1'C'lll :lone nznlfe up a trnli' goorl life. Suu Jo Hornnooxs G an C3 Gln-e llix szreetness mul joy to the bex! of your ubilily. CLALIIIINE Hornanmcss G an C3 Pep ,Vozhing run vanquish the noble soul. ,lun-15 VVALTPIR HOLLIDAY Y. L. P.: Hi-Y .4b1'l1'ly, energy. zmrl 6IIlllIlSl.!ISl7I be- Sl2t'lIhA irlflilfiflzlzllisllz. Cr:RAI.D1Nr1 Hounds G an C: P. G.g Hashers 7'hw'e ix rmlhing so royal as lflnrl- rzvsx. xl-XYIS 'Xxx Houri-1sI.EYl13J blee gala-vggn .il greuf jo-r is lll'l'll'f'lI from friend- ship. J. C. lll'YTl-TR Hamlg llatteryg N. H. IIISI1I'fl.71g ideals nfill carry one into the higher realms of m'hie'1'en1ent. Jr xn s Lizox I'il'TaoN -f 7-5'-r ll an C3 Yoeatimi fLrll'llt'SllIt'.YS IIIIII 1li.v're1ion 77111116 one ILS!-flll and happy. AY.-K Digi: JACKSON U an Gg Pepg P. G. Culture uml xr'lf-possession have their ft'll'lll'llX. CHAln.1as ,lmmsow lfnothallg F. F. A-X. l'rore'rbiul vulnznexs and genllenmnly bt'lIIIL'lllf are splerzrlirl rlxwls. S S E N I O R S 1 ,TMP I X M1LnREn JAMES Girl Reserve A golden. heart is a real treasure. NTARY VIRGINIA JEFCOAT G an Cg Los Leales Let the memory of a frienrl be cher- isherl. JENNABETH JONES G an CQ Orcliestrag Short Story An. unerring nature will challenge re- spect anywhere. WAYLAND Jowens Highest thoughts are in the heart of courtesy. JAMES JOYCE Vocationg Archaeology Live as though life were earnest, and it shall be so. ,-V-Nl'-P '. 'lc KEICN -P1314 G an GQ President Gleelg Quartet .llusic is the symphony of joyousness. ANNA FRANci:s K1LPATR1cK G an G5 Pepg N. H. S.g Fashlighlg Servi Ciceronis They are never alone who are accom- , paniezl by noble thoughts. HARRI-ZLL KING IJ 'V,A,. fvfl Ci 1lii,'lli'p'J 'MT iq, ' M!! -l l ,f JAM 54:1 Manner is more expressive than words. RUTH KIM: G an Cg Pepg Cleeg N. H. S. Cheerfulness characterizes a charm- ing disposition. CAslcY KUNKEL Flashliglitg N. H. S. Self-mastery is the secret of power. DORA ALICE LADIJ--Sf, G an Cg Pep A gentle voice and a lovely faced me qualities for a true larly. GLENN LAMSON Flasllliglltg N. H. S. Hold at all times the noblest irlcufs. W 1 Seplemher, l93O. John N. WEIISOII is our Junior Clark spongois The officers selected are: Stanley Smith, presidentg Carroll Hall Savage, vice presidentg Ralph Balfanz, secretary: Wilson Groseclose, treasurer. The once dead and dull students are very much alive. A very lmusy year will be had by us all. October, 1930. The P, T. A. is kind enough to give the Juniors a party at the Country Club. Our Junior queen is Frances Lawlis. We should have won first, but we came out second in spite of our efforts to raise money, l was dele- gated to work on the rummage sale committee. 7- Tl Thirty-four 'Zin atv Y.. U W3 JANICE LEss1Nc C an Cg Back o'Curtain Let your hours be hours of pleasant- ness. , . CHARLi-is l.lfIWlS f I' 4' Radio 1 lie :rise to resolve 11n11 pntiwit to perform. ff, ,,f.- .- T ' XVILL LILLY There' ought Io be tivo lcisurc' classes f -you LllI'l'E'.' 51 GLENN Lovi:T'r lie vuer prerise in prnrnise-lrceping. A. .l. xlCCARLHY Flasllliglltg N. H. S. A pleasing personality 11n1I perfect manners Illflkf' II choice friend. PA1 L BlCDANII-II. 13 8 Vocation l,'lzar'111'terLstz'1' of g1'nuin1' heroism is its persistency. HARDEN NICCRAUY K. K. K. K. Self-1'xpr1'ssi11r1. is not IIIILTIYVS found perfectly in 1co1'1ls. XVAVRHXA 1lcGI'liuz "I " r Hll-IIIIIH blesserlnvss is found in effort. lxlILTOY KICKHNZILL ,'-J' -f Hi-Yg Flashlight To be ll born lorvr of art for its own .sake is Il quality of I'l'fill6'II1Pf1l. P. Nl. 5lCKlNYl-It ' 5 7 liadio The seed of frienrlslzip is .Solon deep in the heart. NIACK MACHEN lftlitor Buttery 1I!Ifif'l1Cl? is II ne1'1's11ry' ingredzenz for proxperily. W WQILBI in NIANAHAX l Cheerfulness 11n1I willingness are by- 1 pr01lu1'1x nj grerltness. Noveinlier, 1930. Mr. Fatherree found 21 note on my desk today from me to Ruhy about the geometry lesson. He looked at meg so I almost grew cont-oiled. To think of ai man gazing at me so serenely. Decernlmer, l9f30. l have again lost my fountain pen. This is the fifth or sixth-l lluve lost count. lt was all iny fault though. l went down in l'wI'PSll1llill1 Alley all alone. It serves nie right. How do they expect us to do all our Christnlas shopping in two days? Just four more hours till school is out for the glorious Christmas holidays! Tlrirh'-fi1'1' S .i S E N I O R S rw r 1 x Q I lil fl Xl-"I 7' ll fl 3 ll Fl 7.3.1114 U , .'hl'lDlHiY MASS:-zu C an G Ezzrnvstness is l'SS0l1llIIl to u genuine Charrlctor. DOROTHY BIATHEWS C an GQ Pepg l-lasliersg P. C. llvit anal merrinzenz will keep life happy.. ROBERT BIAXWELL Banclg N. H. Keep faithful with a singleness of aim. EZRA BIICEKS The only homage that rountx is the honirzge of zluefls. RAYMUYD lVlILFORD 'J737 Bamlg N. H. Grow great by example and put on the spirit of resolution. Ev:-JLYNIL1 lXIcwTcon1i-:exif-53' G an G' Parasite L Pep-'X Y. L. P.g Battery 6-'Of f , One ir has nn C',l'llIllSil'l' personality is uirer Io lu' eniziorl. JUNK lX'l0!-ICHICI. C an G Genius rloes what it mustg talent flows irlmt if fron. qbg , HEL VERA hflIlRFEE', esnont G an G5 Pepg N. H. 3.5 3. C. Chnrnzs sirilfc the sight anrl merit irins lhe soul. SHELTON RIITRRAY Back niflurtain Ono can conquer fate by living a lnfroic' life. JOE CARL Mullins Banclg Hi-Yg llattvry A manly' man must have strength, power, and perseverance. ERC!-lL NEAs Comrentratfon helps one to manage lmnzan affairs. ODIQLLE N ICVILLS State President F, F. A, He who wishes to fulfill his mission NIH-Sl frlllon' hix ozifn izlens. , porter. l got exempt on all my Work. Hooray! l i January, l93l. Stanley Smith is again president, while Evelyne Montgomery has been selected to keep the minutes for the class. Linnon Blackmon is to carry the money bag. Hettie Logan Clay is the Flashlight representative again, and Milton McKenzie is press re- March, l93l. The Juniors are preparing for the annual Junior-Senior ban- quet. The various committees have been appointed with James Walter Holliday at their head. The P. T. A. has generously given u-s another party at the Country Club. There is a great deal of interest in basketball. Thi rty-six MAI!! EvA NICHOLS 1 G an C: Glee A true sport is often the iuilzner. F 'l'HoRPic N111r1oi.s C an C3 Clf-e I 7l1e ll'0I'fll glrufli' 111'1'1'1r1.s II l11'111lt1'- ju! song. V 1.1141 1:1-3 Osui Rx. JR. Q Iiamlz Buttery A 1111111 who ffvvps his 1'lff'!lll clear 1611115 the mob. . ' P1 l4LoR1:1x1-1 OSBORX 1731 D Une who mn ln' 1111111 ple11x11nt aml serious IS 1111 vx1in111ble friend. 1 Xl'ARx OYIJRSHINI-lil" f7,5C9 G an G5 Pepg Flaslilightg N. H. S. fvllflfllg mn arromplisli more than gf'I1lliIIl' fmnesly. ALVIN PARKER Xocalion Spew-h may be l'l'gl'UUL'!Ij silence nezfur. GI-:oR1:1c PAR14s, JR. Hi-Y A 1'o1'1l111' p1'rxon is Io1'c11 by lllt' 11'o1'l1l. B.u'ri-:R Pork K. K. K. KJ Servi Cir-1-ronisg Bat- Ieryg N. H. S. To lzim who has lfr1o11'lc1Ig1' Carnes pourcr. I AIANIICS K. Porn 49 . I 1531111 fI71,,if1i,,,,1 rf", .11 Il1lll'0ll,ZlIl2l't'I1 spirit 1'c1'1'11'1'x 11p- 1:l1111se 1111110111 5110111 l-oi1lsi: I'ow14.1,i. C an C3 Pep: Sl'I'Yi Civi-ronis .-I IHIIVIIIVI nf lligllifl' 1111-1111.4 1110 1111- 11'11r1l 1111ll1. NIM RIN:-1 1'HWIil.l. 1131! ll an U3 Girl R1-serve: Havk oildur- lain 1111111111 1111111111 buy lI!1lllIiI!USS. WIILLIAM Powuu, An rzgreenblv person has liltle com- petition. April, 1931. Going to the Senior Picnic is a 10-demerit offense- if you are not a Senior. Some of us have found this out by experi- ence, and we have five nice long afternoons to meditate on it. The grand affair has been held. Some of us near1y Seniors have our first dates at the Junior-Senior banquet. The balloons, confetti. and the gay spirit prove that the theme is that of Mardi Gras. Confetti may be nice to throw. but 11ot to eat! May, 1931. Examinations have elevated the juniors to the coveted rank of senior. A miracle has been accomplished! -,i Tl1il'fj'-.5t'L'1'Il S E N I O R S W r' CARL PRATT f 37 7 Banclg Y. L. P.g N. H. S. Be not in llze role of eontmon men. LtLL1AN PREsLAR G an Cg Battery .loy rises lilce a SU,lIIfl7lCl',S morn to 1-lteer. ODEssA PRITCHARIJ G an C3 Back o'Curtain What a world of solemn thought a smile compels. JEWEL RAINIQS G an C3 Glec All modesty is lovely. SUMPTER REED Bandg Orchestra Victory is won through diligence. NIARTHA REYNOLDS G an Gg Pepg P. G. Talent is the power to do sonzething well. lVlHLBA Rini-inn'-'437' C an C No legacy is so riclz as honesty. BRUCE ROBERTSON Los Leales Laugh, for the time passes quickly. Jo ROBINSON Gian Cg Pepg Flashlightg Clee 01 ri good beginning cometh rt good end. J.-xutgs Rossria p1'esid?'n't Uleeg Quartet A musieal voice is one of God's rarest gifts. X , KATHRNN SCHl,I.'l'Z'q55 . .- if an Gg P. C. ftffv f'if"""' A sweet grave ,gives jull aswranee of attraction. RUTH SCOTT 461:71 X. L. P. Dark eyes hold a bcwitching power. "t'Y'v..D. E, yvwuf isbn September, l93l. Football season has started. lVly, how the Seniors attend the games! At the first class meeting our officers They are: Stanley Smith, presidentg Joe Carl have been selected. Myers, vice president, Dorothy Free, secretary: and Sam Jones, treas- urer. Mr. John N. Watson is again chosen to sponsor our class. October, 1931. aDear Old Abilene Highw has been officially adopted as the school song. It is a real tribute for our men to stand with heads uncovered while we sing this. There is a deep feeling which will carry us on. Vile must go on to a grand state championship. Thirty-eight Xovetnber, l93l. Wle have beaten Cisco in our annual Turkey-Day contest. What a glorious finish for us Seniors! It seems as if our high school education would he a failure if we lost in our senior year. Wle are now district champions. On to State. e must win December, l93l. A senior party has been held at the Hilton. The P. T. A. MARGARET Shuts!-1AN'r C an CQ Pep A high. stamlarrl of thinking makes lift' noble. Ymcixm St:Rta1aAx'l' G an C3 Pep One may zrin at any time if he will set himself to win. Pint: SHAW Y. L. P.g Clem-5 Quartet Music makes life worth living. Joi: SHICLTUN N. H. S.g Battery A strong character is the ultimate result of a trying experiment. Comxxs SHIPNIAN G an G3 Flaslllight Honest labor brings pleasures in abundance. Zi-:NA LAVHLL Snorwl-:LL G an C3 Hasliers Attempt the end, anzl never stand to doubt. Hsnoui Snmv,u.ri:1: Servi Ciceronisg Tennis The game shoulrl be playvzl for the game and nothing but the game. .Ion SHmvAL'rl4:u Servi Ciceronisg Bantlg N. H. S. Preparation is the keynote of acluerc- ment. 7 lltsroltls SIXINIUNS ,' . A A C an fy: location 7' A good race run, is a neu' goal won. ' I Im SlMl'!s0N.437 ft an bg Im Leah-s Patiem-e iv tht' plan! tha! "rows not l 'N1l1.onr:l1 Sl'.utal.r1lt' Zz -9 fy an bg Pepg P. G.g Battery The strong mintl is one lvhicll can fmbrace all things equally well. CHAnLoTTi: SPIELER C an G3 Back oiflurtain Iforlf nzahvs life pleasant. ' W I has decided to make this Senior Proni a yearly event. The first shipment of senior rings has arrived. How proud the owners are! The school received the nicest possible Christmas present this year. Wle have won the State Championship in football! Thirty-nine lf,-N S . 3. - f . I , - I in'-. U1 lllflff gill! 6 S .W- .i S E N I O R S XWILLEYIQ Sums G an G One who is truly brrwe rloes noi fear the rirlivule of the mob. Dolzorrir Swicwsox - - C an Cg Pr-pg Quartet Music is Lllf' friend of pleasllrc and ii-Lsrloni. 3lARY Lol! TAx1.oR fl quiet, rescrlfecl nature derives goozl from learning. OLIVIA 'l'Ar1.on I735 Back o'Curtain I Nothing evil can tlzrivc in. a beau- tiful lembnle. SIQLMA 'l'HoMAs Los Leales A Life is too short for aught but higl1 endeavors. R. D. 'I'xLr1n Vocaliong K. K. K. K., Cleo: Latin If one can unzlvrstanrl. he lms iris- rlonz. ORLA Dieu. Music-'l'13rl ULU-KA-5 C an CQ Los Leales Neglvcl no 0p11o1't11nily of rloing guorl. gp! MAMQAIH-1'r SXVALIIROI' l C an C, Pep , Congeniality lllllkdj life more pleas- ant. RIQUA WvALDli1ll' G an C, -Xrt In lifvfv smrrll things lu' resolute nnzl gnfal. NlAliJ0lill41 XvAI,Kl-ill ' 37 C an GQ Art Signx of lIfll?lI'I1l'SS Slllllf' on lllc' flu- M'l'I'iIIg. Nl-gwl-11.1. Wxm. Om' zrlm lllllllll-f!lf'llll't'X .vnlilcs Illllln't'S ll lurgv profil. 1 l'ii1Ll-xx w'lAl.'I'ICR '3 G an C, Pepg Y. I.. P., Battery, N. H. S. Honor, diligence, originality, ami en- llzusirzsnz forelell the julia I J! Kf""Vl'lL' any 'VN l donlt really understand all this. January, l932. About one-fifth of the class has graduated. l feel lost without seeing those familiar faces. The mid-term Seniors gave a play. The money will be used to help the lune Seniors pur- chase a gift for our school. March, l932. The windy days are here. Coach Mayhew was explaining with his hieroglyphics today, and l got lost. He says if A signs a check on bank X, then a Clearing house bank Y owes bank X what A owes B. l say Forty .fl l. fl" , f ?'f1'V','i ,Lf 1 r G an fig Bavk u'Curtain of rfnrkrzvss. AIUANICI-I Wfum G an Gg Art Silfnrf' is lin' pe'rft'r'! herd JACK Wxsi-num Y. L. P. Pvrselfcrarlre ll'0l'kS IVOIHIF Clad natures .shawl golrlvr the 14'0rl11. DIXIE Wl'r'r Blushing chvvlfs S1ll'Il1i nzinrl. AIJlCI.AlDlr1 Worr dent Short Storyg Servi Cir found thnughl. Al xmm l,l-in WMM N. H. S. SLI.:-no Etwry ,lt'!lI'I Uilwllvs lo .-,lrirzg--lrusl lhy.w14l'. lll-.Ll-IY CUNIJI-IN G an Cg Pepg battery, From miners of clzfnerness sures entertainment, bun, f April, l932. My sore muscles tell me the senior picnic was a suc- cess, but what's eight bottles of 'pop to one who drinksgwater. l know why they call them sandwiches. My, how it blows in this part of Texas! The Junior-Senior banquet was just too grand. What a time l had. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. l don7t believe my high school career has been a complete failure. Being a senior isn't half bad. l have many more privileges now than l used to have. Coach announced I had better learn all about that "bank" problem before examination time. Forty-one I BLANCHI-1 WARD 'J 7 UmI'e1'szanr1ing I7l1Ikt'l1l daylight out S E N I O ffl of joy. rs. ' R . . f j' FRANCES W1-:mms 1 S C an C3 Pep: P. C. 'J , Unusual folk mrry us In heights of interest, D. C. WHA1rTox Hi-Y One who flares zhe lived shores the danger. Romain XVHITAKICR N. H. S. Nirle-t1'n,tl1.v of vfficivrlfy is lL0,'1 ily' preparedness. . 'I x J J1t,xN1'rA XVILLIFUIKD 14" ' ' "T C an Gg Gleeg K. K. K. K. 1 rays on a nmrlesl C an Gp N. H. S.: Debatf-g Presi- :eronis Clvnrnvss is llzc ormzmvnl of F70- Pl'llllUlH'1' is lfw I'il'flll' of ilu .'St7INt.w. NI.xn'rHA UIIUCK 1735 lfltll iron 1 73 H ' -Yll' . J. . COHIC' ffffll- , -ig l 'Y 7 K. i K Homer: HA1u:1rox'1-:'l " A Illflflf is 1l'0l'lI11 as ll1.Ul'll. as hg es- I1'c'111s l1i111se1j. Lois Hixzuawoon The nmst 1l'0l'flly eruufrz is If good l'l'1II1lIIIi07I. l',RNICln ll111m1.11.sTom ' yf Give Diligenre is the 111otl1.e1' aj good jor- 111116. CLJVIJN 0 .I ,xsP1:11 J1c'1'1111 He that has patience may conquer zuzythirzg. CA'I'HlililXlfl K13sWo11'rHY G an G Cullure in a 1L'on1ar1 is better than gold. Lol1s11 STEWART C an Gg Art Daly is thc I1egin11111g of all good! IH'-SS. lin Coxxon HIVYQ Y. L. P. Happy is lu' lL'l1U says, "I have a fI'i6I1!l.7, A I 1 Num DOIJGIQN - ' 1-5' N. ll. 5.5 llonor Girl Knnzvlerlge puts the jay of living into the l1L'III'f'. w w u. '. QICCII. crALBliAlTl'I l I - " l7u11lhallg Hi-Yg 'l'o1'111enIo1'sg "A,- S11a1'lr11'11g 1111 ix 1111 11111 lo any per- .wnalif '. ' , .' ' 7- 5 ,..,..,,-fx ..-M--f' Cl-LUIIGI41 611111014 Clw- ff happy IIIIIII, is 11111' lrillt Heuer a fare. XlAIK'l'HN l..1N'1'oN C un fig Short Story 1 Eternal 31011111 is a gl01'i1111.s trail. l ST.-xYL11:Y SMITH 'Ha' l Fmnllhlllg l'li-YQ "Au Leazlers are orrlirzary pcrsarts with extraordinary rletermi11ati011. May, l932. Ah me, how Wonderful freedom seems to a long-term prisoner. ,The end is near. l fear lhat during my four-year term l have made enemies, hut l shall ask lhem generously to forgive me. l am slightly saddened at the prospect of leaving, hut a parole has come after only four years. lt means preparation to live a real life. l feel curiously uneducated. lVly book learning hasn7t prepared me for life so much as my Contact with the boys and girls. l feel that my best friends will he the friends of my high school days l"orty-two Osrsolw liRADl.liY Q Radio K' Fortune favors the luolrl. E Bl1R'x'oN lilimuzs- 37 1 F, F. A. 644-fwwfif 5'A"""' N A passive fare may hizle un. active nzinrl. I ROBERT N. IiAs1'i s, IR. 0 Boy Scout ,4n efficient man is one who can rlo R what he should. S ALNION ELLINGTON N. H. S.g K. K. K. K. The better port of valor is discre- lion. CHESTER JONES Battery It is well to be oberlientg better to be ingenious. WMM: HILL Strong hearts zvithin the present litre. G. P. HOLLAN1, Ju. Y. L. P.g Hi-Yg Battery No great rleezl is rlone by one who folters. ,IINI Kl'1TNllli Battery Courage underlies true ll!',liCL'vl7I6Y1l'. Bm cr: KIM. HZIISIIUIII is the mljuslrnent of one's self to lout. FRANCES l,AWl,lS G an U3 N. H. S.: P. C.: llutlery One who has fl lwnri to lrifr has a grace to holrl. XVILLIANI l,.'XRIlI ll: Hamlin Enthusiasm is not r'noug.'1.g there must IlCfll!1llllI71l'I1fl1i lrnuuletlge. LUCILLE IWATICRS l'35 Debaleg Archaeology Ambition is the spur to goof! intent. September, 1932. I went back to dear old Abilene High School today. Gee, I wish I could go back there for just one month more just to be among all those old friends of mine. It hurts to realize that our old class can never be all together once more. I would like to go on receiving instructions from my former teachers forever, but as I am soon to leave for college, I can only vainly hope to find such wonderful tutors again. I would even stay in detention to be among my old friends and teachers once more. My last wish to A. H. S. is that she may, like Tennyson,s book, Ngo on forever." Furry-three 7 T P , J f'W lp, F7 l,tLIi5 .trims SHELTOX N GUR TYPISTS V Utrilirateil lmy' lmslm-r Wriglll tu all gmail typisls in gviiwal untl In ,l. ll, l.ilm,-s. liuis Xlmlvs. ,lim Slic-limi. llaxlvr Pulk. llurn-m'llv .l:u'ksnn, unit llulpli llullunx in partir-ulnr, A l51lISlf ls, so l urn tulfl, ysortn llls ywigllt, in slamlarcl gold, lvut tlnf llnrclest juli llllll youill linml is keeping l1is work upon his iniml. l vent into tlic- romn tln- otlwr fluy, and us usual lllC tt'uClivr was away: Tin' typists ywlw- l'lilYlt1Q a lit'f"t'-liill'-lllll tlu' purking noise- was only tl stall. XX liilf- tliere l uyvrlivafl ll typist say tllat 1'y't-ry niglit us lug' gm-s - tu pruy. lu' prays lor liis inotlwr. l'1lllNSI'. ancl lirivnfl. ancl prays tllalt liis S typing 4-urver will vntl. lfor ntl lu- flm-s from Ftflltllll lllllt' Atill lllgllt is lvncl liinisell' out In l1'ncl1vi's tn type: uncl ns for pay. illul is nvy 1-r iwrviyecl. illlfl Mlllxtl lu- is tircfl ln' is IIPVPI' rvlivya-cl. Su listvn. lrit-ntl. if your nniliition slmulcl lie ll typing 4-romwr. just luuk at nw--in my position lini just ueiufral utility. Give to soinvlliinf , Q . 1 Clsc yuur pru'1-lm-ss itlllllly. 3 i l3ALlf.yyz Jyigiisuy Porta 1"0!'Ij"f1 il fa gg- as-reg a 11, 1 4,5 li tif V l x '!l:"""1 f W 'l X I mags 'fl ' X ' f ' lim'--L-S Q 'V I ff X f ' :xl 'A I 6 Ill U qw X, J' gg ELK ' wifi., fl J N i A F WASHINGTON THE SURVEYOR At a fam- ily con vention it was decided that George W a s h i ii-y t o 12 should become a sztrzfeyor. Washington spent his early school life in the homes of his well-educated avid cidtared half-lJrothers, and it was oh their estates that he had his first ex- perience in szirreyizig. He carefully and methodically laid out all of their property, and he was so efficient in his work that the records looked more like real .statistics than the play of a child. Hlmiura J U N I O R S T' l,ETI'I ,BARRIER I'1'c'si1l4'nt J. W. PooL Vice-Plesizlent BILLII4: Rnssl2LL Secretary First Term JOSEPHINE GRISHAM Secretary Second Term L1 wNov BLACK uox Trcfaszuffr Miss CH.'xnLoT'l'1c MINCIYS flflviscr EPISTLES ON THE ACTS OF THE JUNIOR CLASS Abilene High School, 1929 Dear Friends: The joy of the Freshmen who have come into Abilene High School is indescribable. They do not seein to realize that they are only started on the road to education. They think they are almost ready to journey forth into the business world. They will soon find out that they are not rulers-save in Freshman Alley Where they rule supreme. They have decided to be seen and are in Study Hall D the ninth and tenth periods. After mid-term these underclassmen wish to lose their title, but it still remains with little change, IB Freshman. Spring fever, the buying of Chapel tickets, and the discouragement which comes of little progress makes the coming vacation welcome to the Freshman. l remain, Yours truly, -AVE RAGE STUDE. Forty-Six l If ,' I Almilei llE'llC1S, Aniericans, Countrymen: OCCUPATIONS AND A MBITIONS '7 4- . l7Lo111:Nc1: Amuilis ' Talking in geoiiia-t1'y vlass. To talk less. lX'lAlt.lURIl-I A11111AN Having a goocl time. To make the- honor roll. IN11 Awnoxx' Killing time. To he an English team-lier, AlAIH Lol' As111:1i11N ' Laugliing. ' To meet the man in the Inoon. F111-in 1501 11 Stagging all ilancf-s. To greet ten llenierits glamlly. DAPHYA llALcoTE lfblz Sleeping. To he an olcl inaitl ft'ill'llPI'. lisT111-311 H111 CIARK Chewing gum. To be a giant:-ss. CLARA liliLl.l'l Cuiztinv Prirnping. - To 1-ross the ocean on water-wings. P.1.111.1w1a D11.L1v:HAM'3 7 Downing "Dixie Cups." To be a lieauty. B111 Dm DEN Playing footliall. To lie- a doctor. WVILI..-XRD FosT1-:R Playing tennis. 'llo be a !'iiClxCIt?6l' ttennisl. W '38 HA1111x l41'1.w11.1:11 e Acting in plays. To lu' 3 miwlmy. 11- lligh School, l930. A fish out of water is a most pitiful sight. A sophomore is just a fish out of water lianrl they are often referrecl to as nothing hut stale fishy. A sophomore has my sympathy: he is too high to lie lramplecl on and too low to reign. The Sophomores have liungled this whole year i11 no particular place, hoping for something better in the future. Their ainhition is to gain enough vredits to lJBt70IllP Juniors and take their places among the ruling peoples. Vacation will he welcome because it marks the end of another year. They will he Juniors and proucl of it. Again l beg to remain, Forty-.wirrn Your r'o1'1'1-spomlirig se1'reta1'y, WAVE RACE STUDIC. H34 -1 95' N I R S C,4,,'-JLQ1-E.. -1 , IT' U N I O R S OCCUPATIONS AND ANlBlTlONS BII,i.ii2 CooLsnv Driving an .-Xnstin. To own a skating rink in Africa, K Josn Gonsncn f-'Bib Joking. To be a champion steer roper. .losizvmxis Ciilsnwnfqgu Fiddlin, around. W ' To he zinotln-r San Malo. PATTY Huks Shooting the "bull's eyvfi To grow tall. 003 EVALYN Hfxmnsowl Getting history reports. To be at laus driver. R' 'lu ELOISI-1 l'l.-XWKINS .id Trying to keep up with her books. To svsiin the English Channel. 555 CHRls'riyE I'IorriiAX'l fishing how ltllllill more time. fo be a steng"apl1cr. Giaomzl-1 l'l0llCH'l'0Y Ytorliing on "l,,izzie." To graduate. l'iEA'I'RIClfI HOWARD Cutting out paper dolls. lo play El inegaplione in an orrlles- ltd. ZoyA KUNKIQI, Looking pretty. lo be -a moon-gazer. BILLH NlC.'XLlSTlCR Cuddling a rrornet. To he R1 geologist. H Yvowxrg hlCDAYIEL Writing uncoinplimentury interviews, To be a joke editor. P'- My dear Friends: The class has reentered the school to gain more knowledge. Miss Charlotte Mingus is the shepherdess of the Junior lambs. Billy Russell -that pretty girl from Dallas-and Josephine Grisham have shared the office of secretary, while Pete Barber has been head man. A warm Con- test for the place of Class queen was held among Pauline Dillingham, Ruth Lee, and Billie Russell. Pauline received just a few more votes than either of the others and thus became Junior class queen. The juniors started the new year off with a Leap Year party. Some of the girls were a trifle hashful at first, hut soon their timidity was gone and the party was rated as a success. I am, 1 Your true frieno, Avis RAGE STUDE. Fnrtyreighl P UCCl 'P XTIONS AND AXIBITIONS X'lRt:n. xll-IRSHON 'Xssisting Xlr. Cole. 'l'o be alnbassutlor to llawuii. Mmm' l.0lllSl'I Mootni 17-1? lniitaling 'tHutly." 'lin be a band director. 'XlAR.1oRn: lVll'NCt-ll! ' jf Sleepless slumber parties. 2 f- 'Q 'l'o be a Sunday Sehool teaeller. Asking questions. 'l'o haue curly hair. J. K. Yonnm. JR. Day tlreenning. 'l'o be a larrner Gums Rn Nonxru ...H-'32, l J. W. .Poot.. JR, 'J 7 Shoot ing paper watt Joi PI-IYDIAIH Skating. 'l'o be a platinum blonde primamlonna 3lARlIC RANnr1icsoN Praetieing music. 'lo discover the lost chord. NICLL HINICY Taking Chemistry tests. Xtnbition less. Lot ist-1 Host-Lnsox Arguing. To he a luwye-t'ettP. Ri-zmxgrzx Ilornxrirrlc Loafing. 'l'o make higher grades. Karnus Roi: 'f 7" Flirting. 'l'o invent at poekel typewriter. Abilene High School, l93l Dear Home-folks: The championship is won, and we now have re-established our faith in Santa Claus. Our special train got to lfort Worth with no 1-usuulties. und the championship also nas is on with no casualties, at least on our side. The Juniors had El good representation, having six letter-men: Pete Barber, Linnon Bli'll'liI'Il0Il, Thutniond Cox, Glynn Wvyatt, Bud Dryden, and Neryl Hughes. ln fact, it seems that the Juniors were the whole show, because those fighting, slashing, and touchdown making Juniors always show their best work. On the trip back everyone was too much intoxieated with joy to be responsible for his actions? so there is no record here of that part of the crusade. Somehow we arrived home, and arf- now preparing resolutions for the New Year. Yours till ills over, AVE Rune STUDE. FIl7'fV'l1ill 1' 'lo be a South Sea lslantl baelielor. .-Q I U N I O R S lf ' If ff life. f OCCUPATIONS AND ,XM IZITIONS FRXYCICS Rl:ssELL'l75 7 Smiling. . h To take a Campus Cf rs In Sim- inons. jmms Sriswann Correcting themes. . To he an expert saxophonist. Lauoiwiz ,TARPLEX Fishing in the fishpond. D To IN. an uplifier lr-levator girll. Crowes WARNER Eating hamburgers. To be a big husiness man. Dont: WrHl'l'I41F1EI.IJ Delivering groceries. To he a civil engineer. HIZLHN Ulmer: WILLlAHTS"3 To do nothing. To he a grlohetfotter. LYNN YEARGAN Driving pretty red CHTF. To have six study halls a day. BILLY Ylmrrs Pests-ring the girls. A U To he a New York taxi-driver. v l,ts1L,x MAN Zoiwsf 1 ' I Gaining knowledge Coupled with 1,4-,auty and charm. .-Xviatrix. hitting the high spots of ELIZA!! frn GILLIIQIND iii' 1' Star-gazer. 'wi To he a movie actress. JACK Mmrriw Learning to draw. To he an architect. ISILLHA: RUSSELL Building air castles. To invent artificial tear drops. . . Abilene High School, l932 Fellow Cood-will Scatterers: New Yearis Day is here, and none of the resolutions have been hroken thus far in the year. Good resolutions, as mapped out for your benefit: Resolved, That no demerits shall he received in the New Yearg that at least every other day all lessons shall be prepared on time, that no Freshman shall be hampered hy me in the future, unless he is off his regular heat-Freshman Alley, and that my Flashlight shall he shown to the unfortunate ones who did not get one. Since this is a holiday, the first state- ment of this epistle is true. On second thought, there is one important resolution-no two that I forgot to mention. They are: Resolved, That I shall sit up and look at the chapel speaker, regardless, and that I shall stick no more gum on hottom of the chairs in the auditorium. Still yours, Ave RAGE STUDE. Fifty OCCUPATIONS AND AMBITIUNS PETE BARBER lyresitling at 1-lass meetings, 'l'o be a football conuli. LINWON BLAcKwloN .Mlmiring the belles. To be an engineer. NIARY FRANCES BRADLEY Chattering. To go to Paris. JACK CAPLIN Making bright remarks. To excel Touelistone. STADEN CHAPMAN '93 5 Waiting for Martha. To be a flagpole sitter. ELIZABETH Coy Skipping classes. To be a housewife. l.0I'lSI-I CRAH: Ttracliing skating. l'o be famous. HILL FRENCH Heart breaking. To be Clignifietl. HELEN HAWKIYS Teasing Eloise. To remain single. X I-IRNL Ht r:HEs Talking in chapel. To pass history. OLA MAIKIPI SEWI-:LL Wlasting time at noon. To be a literary bufl. I 731: FERx WIRIGHT ' Keeping her locks curly, T0 make ,Vg without studying. Abilene High School April, 1932 Dear Fellow Sufferers: The Juniors are trudging on, trying lo overcome that dreaded disease, spring fever. There are only two things that are keeping them from getting discouraged and going swimming----the Junior-Senior banquet and the joy of being Seniors. This class will surely be the greatest ever in the high school. They are glad to be loyal supporters of Abilene High School, and they look forward to the time when they will be the head of all the classes, the Seniors. They will walk down the hulls of Abilene High School wearing the dignity of the four- year pupils. I Yours forever and ever, AVE RACE STUDE. Fifli'-one 2 J U N I O R S .? Qxhhire in Huninrzi What a long, lonely roarl to travel From our Freshman year to this, Yet thercas not a joy or sorrow That IWZ ever want to miss, Because my many school :lays Have been full of happiness. There were times when l would weary Of the burrlens throun on me, Anrl my life was flull aml dreary, And it seefnerl joy could not be But they come--the many rluties, Now those things we readily see. But Juniors, fun comes with them, Fun, whielz, we cangt forgetg We've often played the game anfl won, We have not cheated yetg Lefs always play lifels games fair, And have nothing to regret. DIXIE WITT. Fifty-tnfu E. Q4 3 - N. 3 i Ms XX Xtiler--.Z fa?-fx if Q1 353,14-'Es.avsn gf,-. X r.. f e 'gn ff I fs Q s x :gn P Q., 4 9, 'f,T.,,-.Q . 'M 7 ,.,, . Y. . "'Z.-Z41- 'A. CROSSING THE ALLEGHENY W h e Il Washing If o Il ze a s tzaefzty - o n e yeare of age, he was ap- pointed bearer of a message from Colonel Dihwiflflie to lhe Frefzclz who had estalnlishecl poxfs on the Ohio. He set out with Christopher Gist as his companion and trazfelecl nearly six-lzluzzclrecl miles tlzrouglz an im- lnrolceii iailclerness-a joiiriiey atteiidecl by many perils. In crossing the river, Washington lUClSl1lll'l6ClillfO the stream lay the masses of ice. The journey, howei'er, was completecl witliout mis- hap, and Washiiigtoii cleliverecl the reply of the French commander to Govemioi' Dlimaiclclie. 3H1ThPI1IIEI551IIP1T 1 .1 ,i i L. I A V RF I A .LN it A ix I - Q I, 'N X 5 an lc J x First Row: FRANK Cuc:1JI:I.I., ELUISE Em' LINI s HAIIIJIN. FM' XUJIIRISON, XVALTER DAVIS CHAIAAIAN, M155 FRAACES HARRIS. 9 Second Row: BARNEY -XLs0IsRooK, BIYRTALEH AwTILI.EY, EDWIN BALFANZ, BLANC!-IIE Bmowsm, BIARGUIGHITE BELL, CRvs'rAL BLANTOB. Thin! Row: RORERTA BOYKIN, EUIIA LEE BRIcc:s, JOE ELMIQR BRQWN, FLO CALDWELL, KIARY HI-ILEN CARTER, ARTHLR CAIJLIN. J R Hi-. . , . , Ifourzh Razr: FRANcII:Anf,.A51I, KEITH QI-ICILH DI,:DLI-:Y C0'I"l'0N, SARAH IULIZABICTH Lox, li. Q, IJANIEI., JR., XIAKX EI'cExIA DI xx. Fifth Row: Rox DLJNA, AIARX KA-X'I'l-1 GAIXISX, T. I. CAVIN, CARL GREEN, HUIH GREEN, GEORGE CRUIMlfT'I'. Fifty-four N First Ruff: f:l.AIiIiNCli llaluiw. V. if. Il.AxLm-11:'1. l.r1s'1'r:k IIAMHNICK, Fmvzlcs H.-X3lI"l'ON, Wu- I-LTTH HART, lf1.r:,xNoR Hlxlcn. Sf-cmzrl IQUIFI N1-:nu LE1-1 Ju, H1-11.r3x ,low-is, 0. K. Juv-is, ELIZMH-1'l'll Jn NEL1.. l31LL1la ,IBM I,AcKm', ll. C. NIclJoN.'u.n. Third Razr: KIINXIIC Lmmz, Gwslls JANE l.1x1msEx, DVARD Ll'l"l'Ll2, Wlxxwg Low, Rm Nlc:FA1.1,, Du BICLICNITUX. Fourllz Row: lVLu:K Klum. CARRIE lllau. Nl,xn'rlx, Hr:'rTw JAMA: xlILI.If1li, Q. H141I.Llc xlI'I'flHl-II.l., Xlxxlxna Xlmuuy lxliz XIURICIH. I"z'j1l1. Rom: XX11.1.xmm XIUAIQIL XRLI 5 3lU'lgI,!"N. H. 13. N11 slcx, 31 'KKK-l 1-Linn-1 NIQXILLS. .I nuts NIALVIYS, N Ercxux PAW: 1.5 3 Fifty-five S O P H O M O R E S Q? K.. ,J K Thirzl Row: S'I'IxcIIcOw1B, V First Row: CRM PATILLU, HONNIIC BI3LLl4: PIILAIICI-1. BIIKIANI PI-1ARcI:. CHAIILIQS PI:I:x'I:Y. , , lx. T. PIIHLAN. BILLY Pom-' Sm-mul Row: LAWIIIACIQ POWli1.L NAIJNII RIIIDLIQ, HARVIA' ROBINSON, HOWLETT. R. L. Sl-IADDIX, HIGX A. SMITI1 Hl'II.EN THOMAS, Fzuxclis 'l'I'RNI-:IL Fourth Rom: LOUISE XVALTOY. PIZIIIIY WHITE, LOUISE XVILLIAMSON. CLAIIOYNI: YOUNO, LILLIIQ COIIILN, FLORENI5 CHAPMAN. M AIICAIII-:T LIQI-1 HI-114111. J. N. ROUTH, Kxrumw SCOTT STRAIN, Roman: Fifzh Raza: AIANLX BALIAIIO, RIcsIzx BAI:xIss, ,II-LWELL GLOVIQII, LIITHA CIIIFIIX, C1-LLIQSTIA JORDAN, EKIJIETT LIQIQ, Fifty-six W" 9. First Razr: MII.IIIII1II BICXIJICN, I.oIIIsI: NA- TIONS. LI cILI.I1 NI:xIxIAx, Jw: Plillbli. ,lvxcx BLACK, SIIIIII: FAI BALL. Svconil Row: ELSIIZ IIALIIII, Num f1IIIssmI, IIIEXI-1 IIIILI-1. LOIs IIAIIIIISUN, FII HI:XDIIIcKs. JIIIMIIJ Lmu HIQxsI.I1I. Third Row: UIQRIII' Jomzs, CATHERINE IIATHAM, TIII-:mm AIAIIIIN, AIARTHA XII sslin, NAN PEAIICI1, H. F. PUWILLL. I 1 V H 1"ou1'rh Row: K. C. IIIITQHIQTT, X ,INCH R.wDoI.PH, bn III. hoAcH, AIIIIIETTIQ OLA BIA!-L SAxIII3IIs, YIIIGIMA STMCHCQIIB. Fifth Rolf: ,llI.I,-I Joxlzs, RAY BIAIIIJOX, Eumx TIRNIJII, 1.01515 XYILLIA ELIZABETH STIavms. Fifly-scuen Hom-LIIS, msox, XYILLIE PI:nIw. N Xi vb - Aw - - lALi,l,Ml'I U LLiiJf' ' First Row: GRADE' SHNTLES, Cmvls CALM BRAITH, DoHo'r1n' Doss, ,IANELL GREEN, WAX- DA NORTON, Miss KNOX. Srcoml R!ll,lf'Z ,IUIQL ADAMS, IOLIAINE JXDANIS, Joni ARIQY, Ham EL!zAB12'1'H AL1ax,AMJ14:1:, M.Am:A1zE1' ANSLICY4 PAT .'XXsI.1-LY. Tlzirzl Rum: Ll Cx' BELL!-1 AN'rHoxY. DAVID ATK1XsoY, D0110T1-lx BAILEY, L1LI.o BAKER, A. W. BALFANZ, AUDRIQY BALLEW. Fourth Rom: l'AlfL1M1 BA1.l.1sw, lhamlclz ISATES, G+11:A1.rJIN1c BAwucAR1mw1R, ,lo MARY BELL. ALICIA: BIiN'I'LI'IN. AI.:-:KAXIJI-11: BICKLEY. F1'jtlz, Kaur: UAH. liumm, C. 11. Bow, LILLIAX Bow, RIALDENIC- BRANCH. CLAIHUE BlilCWS'l'I'lR BIARY l':LIZAl5IiTH Huosw. s L Q ' 1"1'fty-aiglzt 'Q Firxr Rlllff JI ANIILA l3LI.I., IJIIIIIIIs liuzxs, NAIIIII Blsm. MALIIIA C-MJLIC. Nl'lYEI.I,.-X CHAAEI, T. J. DIINLAP. Second Rolf: ROIIIQIIT COLLIEII. CI.I1oxxIs CUIIIIIIII. CIIAR- LOTTI: COPIQ, WILBIIII Cowfw, HELIX xl,-XRII-I Cox, LA HLI1 CRAIG. Third Row: IIIILXIL CIIIIW. HI1NIIII:'I"rA DI5N.xIxIyrox. XIAIIIQN DUIITCII, BILLY DUIITOIY, Rox DIJYLIZ, Jon BILL DIICKIVOIITH. Fourth, Razr: 'l'mIIIIIa IDIINIQAN, XIAIII XI.Ir:I1 IJI Nvxcz. ELLA RHIC ICLY. RITH XIAIIIE FI3AIIs, l.oIIAIxxI1 FI:IIIII1I.I., VVVINNIE WA'I"I' I4'IxI.I:w. Fifth Row: W. J. HARXIQY. SAIIIH FLI, XIARX S1'I1I.LIQ FIII, IIQWAIIII GIIzsoN. JIILIUS GILISTMAN, LIAII CILL. Fiftyvlzinc , J ii X1 X- X L25 Y y? 'r I 1 ' Q45 r Firsl Row: 51lfILYIN EARL GILILLAND, 'I'Ox131x' CILSTRAP, RALPH GLENN, PRIQSTON GOI-LTZ, DREW COR!-IANI, DAVIIJA GR-KH.-VXI, Se:-and Rolf: PM L GRIALIQN, LOT.-X Gl'lfIfl-LY, WM NI-I HAw1:N. Fumclcs HALLIBl,R'1'ON, BHRVVRLL HANIBRICK, WOODROW HAMBRICK. Tlzirzl Razr: BTARJORIIC Hwm, Jowma HARDY, W11xs'rO1w HARl'15R, ,IAMICS HARRISON, HOOD HLKIIT, HACHMQL I-lm. Fourth Row: .Il-IANNE'1"l'E HRDRICK, DOOQLAS l'l1aN1n', JOIYA Hr:NsL13x', NIARGARET HOWELL, GWRNDOIAN HINES, ,l. C. HOLLIS. Fifth Row: AANA LOU HCJBBS, AIARCARIYI' Hl'N'I', GEORCI' INCLE, EARL JONRS, XVINFIICLD JAMES, CLILTA AIAYIQ IQILLI-IBREW. Sixty First Razr: FRED K1-:.x1'Hl.m', ELUISE KEN, l':I.lZABlflTH K1uKvA1'R1cK, IHA KNOX, IFLURA l,fxcKm, SADII-I LACKD. Sf-mm! Ron-1 BICNYII-I HI-INIJKIY, Am-11.1.1-1 Lm, 'I'ul':mmN l.l-mls. C. G. Ixugu. lilclulu I.ux4:. HILL I.mlv,. Thin! Razr: Il. Xl. Mc1Bm'rH, H1 IC XIc:C,ucl.m, CH.'XRI.I-IS A, XICCLI nn. Ilmurlxix NlcKlf:Nxllc, Ulcum NIARKHAM, BIll'lx'I'Y Nlrillzxs. 101111-111 Row: CHlilS'l'ICYl-l 'NI1I.I.lcR, .Nfwxuc NIII.I.SAI', XIAURIYE M1TcHEI.L. FRANCES Nl03'1'c:m1l-zm, CLAINDI4: Xmurx, UIHALLL ULIVICIK. Fifth Row: RUISICWI' PACE. .-XLl:1-:RT PAm:l':T'l'. A. F. PACE, SARAH IIEIJQX l'l':ARf:l2, Annum PERK EICNIAIYI' l'm'1'ux. A J -5 I Sixty-nn:- N 5 O , Uv 'ru QW First Row: DLLLOISIQ POFF, REM. LEI1 POOLE, VIIIILINIA POWELL, ELIZABIJIH PIIATHILII, ISABI-IL PIIfII'sT, SHEIIWOOD. PYE. -lW55w Srroml Row: E. NI. RMEI, ELLIS RAIN , EIIOILIQNII: lhs- CO, NAIALII-I RICIQSIC, ESTIIIZII RIcIIAImsf'TT?LI,In RILI-zv. Third Row: H.-XCHICI. ROII'I.I2'I'1', ANOIII XIAIG ROIII-1IITs, LOVIQTTA ROBERTS, WII.HI,III ROBINSON, MAN'IS R:If:KI3R, PHIL SALI4IaI.n. Fourth Row: FIIANCIIS SAIINIIEIIS, FIIIQII SCIIIIOEIIIIII, JIIWIILL SIQAIIH, NOIIA MAE SHONE, LOIIISIQ SKI-ILTON, EVI-:LIN SIIITH. Fifth Row: HERSCHEL SNIITII. BIARY KA'I'Ia SMITH, ALIII-:IIT SPANN, GRACII SPARKS, 'VIQLIIIA STAR- NNIIIR, LCN S'I'I2FI'I-INS. Sixty-llvo Firsz Razr: XATALII-1 Sruxrzs. NMALII4: T.-nm, ixIARTHA 'l'Hu1nToX. HACK 'l'11'1'l.r:. Ilfinmim' Tl:mw1cTT1-1n, CoLmn-: Tl CKICR. Sw-om! Row: HI-:Lux Lol mx 'l'I !lNIlJlliC. G. W, xVAl.llRUl', Jn., KlaxNr:1'H WA1.'r1cR. Xxxlr: Hu Wann. W. H. Wum. ,IMQK W fvrlclcs. Third Rolf: llmclxxlc VSVICATHIAIKS. ,Im XVH.-XR'l'0N. Co41'1'l"l'l11 XVHITIC, Lm lsr: XYH1'rlc. lirznxmun XY11.1.1.uls, CuA1u.1-Lv: Vil1.I.1uls. Fuurzlz Row: l'll,lZAIH-1'l'H Wl1.1,I,xms, IisTlcl.Lr: XVILIAS. Iivsmrw Whyrz, JACK l5I.AcK1v1oN, NIM mc:-1 Colm. Hoxxlhxw Umm. Fiflh Knut ,Ima HVXIMISA XX:-Llnrw Ilmklsox, Flsnx lllxslmu, Crgxnlmlxl-1 'Mm:I'JoNAI.n, CLI-INDIA N1-xx. N. X. NIKNIKIC. it-,ZOOM VURLL HAKL 43 Si YU'-YIIIAFI? F R E S H M E N UNDERCLASSMEN Well, fellows, here we are, Gaining little hat going far. With two or three years at least to go For weire still unclerclassnzen rlonit you lcnozr? People laugh, and laugh they may. But that Ioonit turn. any hair gray. And if we do things are shoulrlnit rlo, Teachers SlI'0ltlll worryg they flirt it too. The underclassmen of i3l and 332 have a real history. With Principal L. E. Dudley acting as chairman for each class, the Freshmen and Sophomores held their first meeting on October 8 and 15, respectively. The underclassmen upheld their traditions and selected real leaders. The Freshmen selected Grady Shytles, president and Dorothy Doss, secretary: the Sophomores selected Frank Cogdell, president and Eloise Ely, secretary. Following in the steps of the upperclassmen, the Freshmen have Wanda Norton with Jo Bill Duckworth and Davida Graham as Flashlight rep- resentatives, and the Sophomores have Wallter' Daxis Chapman and Dallas Katherine Smith as their representatives. By popular vote the Freshmen and Sophomores selected Corinne Weathers and Frances Hale, respectively, as their queens. Each class proved to he a loyal supporter of its queen. Underclassnien are usually considered green. We wonder? Listen! Nan Pearce, underclassman, leads the honor roll with an average of 97 3-'l. Leah Gillis and Nan Pearceis Latin themes entered the Latin Tournament at Austin. The follow- ing underclassmen contested in spelling: Melvin Brady, Naomi Bushy, Billy Dor- ton, Jimmie Leah Hensley, E. M. Raney, Jack Wlaters, and Arlene Yveatherred. The orchestra hoasts of Jack Moates and Eloise Ely as its pianists. Freddie Martin is very popular as the pianist of the Clee Cluh. The underclassmen are claimed as members hy some of the largest clubs of Abilene High School and have heen entertaind by several of the larger organizations. The C an C girls entertained the Freshmen with a Christmas party and the Sopho- inores were entertained at the Hilton Hotel hy the Parent-Teacher Association in late March, and the Freshmen in early May. Miss Knox pilots the Freshmen, Miss Harris the Sophomores. These two effi- cient teachers are responsihle for the unusual success of the underclassmen. For after all IU6,I'C not so harl- fast one little group of lass and larl. So. teachers, teachers, please hear our plea: Stop giving as tickets lo Sturly llall ll. Sith 1 rr I guiinfimg f uExl3,exQ'Y5?! o 'Qeafv M1 lfgaq, I XUVQJV Kvwovi Mau bca eqcigqrwss lrhvi B"""wx-gs-nc-AXE 19-KX ww .W I 'mlb 774"W-' 'wa-J-Ji-I l-,ggvg VX -KX6 loeu3r VGA., T! ever! LANL' eva? Q- 0730 ' YQ wb a:k"A3v ack' 509 Crack 0-Hmefy 'funnel-.. 0-L Q,u'x,uW 55,-9 'uve 'LIUM-1 ,OMAS culx 5-wil ,f1N-Af XC, mxwukxg ,Ywy .ww WWMWAS OWJ5 Wmwh. LouK:.- Hqngil, X, 5L'kXX .kbugf 'Yke Xml 'Liv-nab wg, ape- Mag ' QNX S have wg- SLLU Lo-Ive, mn xl' 'vfgfdfw Xl 'YRLN-xxt off 1100: -L MWK'hK4k X ' :VL OL Q., NX wnmek 'blvsvxoy T. AWN, L 'X' w W9 LQKTNLL CLS l-VYXT7 17,AvT,. I Sinus. ' alwamxj 'wifr-fxwf-NX-,Off 'fxvpu 095 0u 5:-f-we, T.-.X ,af-f-A ww? Qvg,4..Ia- Jtixexb C-a7'Yr'xXQ ' cvvvg X'-wv'.y-. ke oB'YEa'l457 VA 'DQ MQ 'cgbvi 02 ckwv-K ,lvqbxf Ylfffw-bl W-NPV' fabf Uklrv-fve'7 -QWNCXWA. lxwb 556 S. Q'bx'LPXX uv-Ne, 915 -7-,N-vxe,M R-S I 'buf'-f-7k M'-Xfw fs , R 'MMR V+' 'Q M QWMS' 5 UQ.. W5 M 41, EL Zxwocwk L J Gp b'x'x'vl-vc-1, Lf 1,g,Ou--f-sf X Yxxa ww 'W de . A me 'UH 'QP 'Y' 'M 'Xwvrrwk QEUMS- ami .9 . 3,-D See. 'rfxel CL-'VA 'uuwixf-V, L' -rue VJ1' +155 L ine -S-ui-Y-,-,'rfx.VY. 'TYNQ--f te, XL wkxk uw as 'rzqme Sb ' Q ,SRD 6,5 cpv-f-oEe""Wx.-41 a,,,,.1l'2oL1,mSA17-g,,gqA7 1-rw 0-,Xe 'If Agra- plawv '7'ruFD'i Llogu-L 4440 Liar 'Lug' 3150.4 MGA vyfw 0,0-.fe Qrr,af-f-A T3 Sine-Mel? PNP" "'I""'U 63,11 1-1, 434 Y-ujkwd -quv-J 'l-U5-'AA' Ju. ' Tad, ohne My lace 155.1 IX I S ,OVC WW """5' QNf-M-.Q '7'9"'Y10s-vxke-r .,,,,,,, 0. of Llrpvfmgxl-,QA S an wa7,b,u6 ,7n..x. I ' fc: L Q5 'x iyllliw 42 ,Q 6 ' ' -A 5 i xjgjfjiwm ':., - A Q bg gi 5 1 '3 5 ' 5 5 lm--.,, , .I 5 I7- 5 W- gm 2 'I mg-f...., :,. f ,gi1::,,,,.lxQ,gt -. -Q..-. Q ,.,-T , , ......... ,v A if ' 'v' A drill' 'I' rf - X 2 W , I C'-Y' IX X : za X "villa X 1-f " My - 1 T if ' I -all if i f 1- I5 ' Ally ' fl JM' 'L'- A 1... ,, Whlflv, 0' N , 1 aww . 2 S LIIIVVV I 1 .14-K E REX. IVA, , 65 5 N -B11 N wal: f' 1 ' hh 9 w 51 1 ,rv if . an E Q ,- pai , ,ll , 'Q N, t - "Fha 11 NX I H Q l . 3 f mlm., 4 1 'N 1 g .sf Ah f .. "-J: ? Nfl' f . tn ' l : flllh A 4 4 I- 1, ' 1 'I 1, l Q km , g ' xx X D 1 pw", .15 ' .lv I 4 .' 5- 'Wfr A Q was 5- Q S e- QQ 2 Q H Kmhllh-lriwflllf' GEORGE AND MARTHA George Washington was not a laggarcl in love, ancl after he had once inet ancl aclinirecl the charrning Martha Cilstis, he lost no time in carrying the acquaintance farther. He ancl Martha hacl an illn- 'bonnclecl affection for each other, and these ties of affection were strength- ened by their inntaal love for Mrs. Cnstis' children. Martha hacl all the qualities of an excellent housewife, and she was very active in her care of the Monnt Vernon household. Ifahuriies . -7 glilznshliglqt CIQLIRB11 H ail to you, our most gracious Queeiig N obly rule this your kingdom supreme e Hiizrlnahle EESUQ With steaclfaest purpose, an iozspimtion to every one Abilene is proud to claim him as her son. Qlivpreseltiatihe Giirl Dreams light her eyes like soft eomclle flame She presses on to cz loftier aim. Qfiepresentatihe EEUQ I ii him we find no malice, he is free from sordid strife He towers above tlie petty things of life. Y glfrienhlg CEM From her winsome smiles gay sunbeams clcwt I nto many CL tired and lonely hecwt. glfrivnhlg Eng A gezmine friend, glad to give you his best, He remafifezs zmchcmged tlwough life's strevmous test U511r Bsmesnr We sing of a school, supreme in our state Whose beauteous Queen seeins destined bg fate To rule royallg in fair Abilene ,' Four years passed before she won this deniesne. Five courtiers she chose, whose gifts are divine, To help her advance the power of her line, From whence a majestic race shall descend To bring pride to Abilene without end. Your subjects are loyal to our fanied school, Above whose fair portals Your Grace shall rule, Your favorites are our truest and best, And through th ein our school stands first in the West -EULA DALE WILLIFORD. l- lmqh A I kin- , , N- Y B. 4.-JE lam- f Mx xlyy U KJV 111 K fi3fi1-- E-M I1 15 R-ij! 5 I fbi 4 x in -,of f N - I QL! g ff, J JE? ' 144. P - -ur-u 'Pr nl 'lgllu' . , ' ff' 'ivy A-.. -'A --"' I JA' -, I . --lg-L ',. ' '- :a . .- X- ,, 'ur' pugziff' sw-.. -:ff ,, it f-W. .-.--:-:-,.. ,....-.-1 f:':-'X X . '------4--f ------ - 'Jn -1-- Tixxix-,ff.e.j""' Km NYE'39"f" 'X' f' 258.-fi? Z' .f ::.. 0 ' '- 2 ' .,f. '. R, " ' ,ff-'N S ,f' Sv - ggsii, r's gf. W ge 4+- xy' .J Q..-. ,. 401. .- . , an-1 D. , fs -:. 4 -' - Q 1 J:-'Tf:a'l, . ,f ' - - 5 - A1 9-so ,f 1 2 l wmiad - gl 2 'Ra-. . 1-:,, ' 1- In--' "' -1 " 2 -'wwf at - If 1 as .. fi H ef' C4355 ' .Fil ff Q ' is f - '- ' Q eff-3. 4 -" J, ' ill : x.,,1:..' - ,, - , L f fe 4 rv ' , .' 'E -5 ' E ' V , ' A 'fwixf' X ' ""ZQZ5fJj,Q' 'bfi 1 E 1 M A' pf 4 -o... ' ' ' V ,ff 4 e : f f fx ff ,ff Q N1 IQ, 7 4 f . , f piE 5 lv. pu , 1' ,f 6: yf , :l 19' f KL. , f if : 435' - ,--me ,,f WASHINGTON THE ORGANIZER In the glorification of Washington's brilliant career as a statesinan, the fact that he was also a inan of business is often overlooked. As a surveyor, engineer, courier, architect, bnilder, and proniot- er, George Washington was comparable to founders of great fortunes. He was the first builder of eanalsg he was the owner and nianager of a treinendons fishery bnsinessg and with his own re- sonrces he fitted ont a fleet of ocean- going ships. In spite of the interest he had in these various occupations, Wash- ington liked nothing better than the life of a gentleinan farmer in Virginia. mrganizatiuns F L A S H L I G H 'r Ili-1r1'1r1 Lomax CLAY NIAILL HINI-LY XVILLIANI CHAMBI-zns Ezlilor .4SSiSII1IIl Erlitor l,lI0fU,Lfl'lIfJlI!'l' CAs:-:Y KUNKEL Xlnfrow b'lCKI'INZII4I lfIISil1t'S.i .llllllllgff .flrt lfdilor IXIMNII-1 Comm .flflzrcrtising .Ilunrzgcr Firsl Rozr: A. I". KlLvA'rR1r:K, F. IS. -X1rxoLn. I. J. BICKLI-1.v, A, K. Haimi-Ln, H. L. LLAN, IN. Nui-iv, li, D1 CKwoR'rH. D, K. SnrrH. E. Cox. M. OYI-IRSHINI-lR. Svconfl Rmr: L. Ii Drnirx. C. Srrrmmx, W. Nom'oN. J. B. IJ1r:Kwon'rH, IJ limi-IMI, AI. I., Hrcowx, BI. Com-Lx, BI. NIC- Krixzrri, Nllss T. CLACK. Third Razr: li. Yr:-xT'rs, W, Po'1'l-ir-1'l', J. XT.-XIITIN. C. Inxnsox, C. K! NKHI.. W, D. CII-XPNIAY. J. II. Hom. W. ITIIANIHICIIH. A group of students meet and give their best to please the stu- dent body of Abilene High School by collecting and assembling the trcasures of high school days. They are happy to help you recall thc memories of Abilene High School after you have passed forever from within its walls. Think of the annual sale being climaxed by the selection of queen and favor- ites. How you laugh when you remember our own photographer always explaining that the camera is broken or forgotten and the pictures will be taken tomorrow. Think of the annualis winning First Honor rating in the nation, and third place in the State, and having Nell Hiney, assistant editor on the executive coni- mittee of the Texas High School Press Association. How thrilling to see the familiar faccs of classmates, that champion football team, those clubs in which were spent many happy hours, those grand teachers, and the efficient principal and worthy su- perintendent. The members of the Flashlight staff of l93l and 732 prcsent to you the memories of Abilene High School interwoven with the story of George Wash- ington, the Father of Our Country. Sf'lf'l'l'lf.Y-fillll' B A T T E R Y Xllss Mwcr: Xlomusox NIMQK Nixon!-ix xlll.DItliIJ Sl"KNCl.I'1R lfffffflflillf ,flrl1f1'.vr'r Elfflnl' lfzzxincsx JIIIIIIIHUI' .l. C. H1 NTHR C. NI. EL1.1s rlzlrertising ,llrmuger .llamzgirzg liflilor A. N. WlI.I.1Axls liusiness Klrfzfisel' First Roux' X. SHAW. XI. P'ow+:l.I., Nl, Axnifin- sox, NI. Sifxxmgmiz. F. l..-XWLIS, Nl. XNALKICR. H. WALTIQR, L. Homiasox. Second Razr: fl. ll. l'iL1.1s, A. XEULF. D. W'lI.KlcnsoN, L. PltIiSI.'XR. Nl. ,lAcKsoN. T. .l. Univ. .l. L. Hi NTI-IR, Third Rauf: Nl. Momusou. H. T. Caxwov. B. Po1.K. Y. Pri-Lncli, NI. NI,-xcnicx, G. P. lio1.1,xxn. .l. C. Nh:-ins. A. X. XX-ll.l.I'XNlS. liach year memlrers of the Battery staff make a trip to Belton in order to enter the Texas High School Press Association contests. This year the trip was made December lil with Mack llflachen and C. M. Ellis as the official representatives and Miss Madge Morrison as sponsor. The Battery was very successful in the contests, since it rated second in the state. There were also individual honors won by members of the staff, Mack Machen winning third place i11 column and Helen Stanley third place in editor- ials. Proof of development in the Battery is shown hy the fact that this is the first time it has won a place in editorials. The Texas High School Press Association is not the only activity in which the Battery has taken part. The staff entered sev- eral manuscripts in the Yational Quill and Scroll contest and also sent several repre- sentatives to Austin to participate in the lnterscholastic League Press Council. The Battery celehrated its fifth animal hirthday with a luncheon in the Wvooten Hotel, on March 5. The chief event of the luncheon was a humorous skit presented hy Helen Stanley and Ralph Anderson. The rnemlvers of the Battery staff endeavored untiringly to puhlish a paper representing the Abilene High School. and the papers showed that the purposes of the staff had heen fully accomplished. .7 St'ItI'IIfl"fl-l'l' r by .Iosl-11'H1vi2 URISII-XNI XilNNIlC Contax illltlsl-1'l"I' liAI.I. l'l'r'si1l1'11t 5l'!'I'4'fIlI'-X' li'JSl'lIi'5X ,llllII!1yl'I' l":I,UISlC lim Nlxck Nl!-IND If iw-l'1't'xi1lr'11t Lflarrzrimz H. 'l'. Ihxi xi ,fl rl :fix U r Roll: l:LUIiI-INIIIAL Xckicns, Tami'r'r HALL, ,X1.i-LK.-Hines: Bimi- Li-ix, l.Ii.I.ll-I Coniax. NIMH C-X'I'HliIlIXli Cl xiulxos, .losicvniwii lllaisiiul. Woonaow llAumn11K, ,loxclc Hanan, NIH Hmns. .I. Nl. Hooks, lilsrlia Hoax. C M. jowis. ,ligxxxlsl-1'1'H joxrgs. Fman KICA'I'1lI.liX. ANIJIUCW Kim, Bum Mc3,Xl.1s1'i:a, NIACK Mizao. JXNII-INZO XIn.i.+:a, Alun Lonisi-1 Blooms. lfln Nloinnsox. Xigaxox Pnznci-1. Cain. l,liA'I"l'. Nlxanc Iiuln-insox. Si Nll"lI-ll! liislfim. llolsizli-L ,lore lilfllillili. ,lull-is S'l'l'lWAIiIJ, lil-'aA1.nIxlc Slices. Ili-Lmai-.ar illlilllll'IC'I"I'l-'IL lfllllhl-1 lim. ,l,xr1K xlUA'l'I-15, linis flnonu- I.:-Lx, ,IAXII-IS XI-ININS, lililtli FINCHI-ilt. The Orchestra is Composed of thirty-three members and is main- tained, for the rnost part, 'for those students who do not have an opportunity to exercise their musit-al talent in the hand. The fjl'CllPS' tra has displayed its unusually good work in 1-hapel, in the Parent- Teaclher Association meetings, and in the lVlc'lVlurry College chapel pro- gram. The 1I1l'll1ll61'S made several trips to llretckenridge, Hanger, and East- land, is here they were cordially receivetl. The outstanding avvoniplishment of the Orvhestra was a beautifully planned formal entertainment given in the spring in the Almilene High Sehool Auditorium. The chief social event given by the memhers was a picnic at Cedar Gap in April. Sf'l'l'lZfj'-Sfj' H. 'I'. Ih Nl M IIILLN Ciioi:xii.i1x Sl xiifri-Ll: HI-IICU ,fIllI'f.Yt'l' f'l't'.Xf1ft'III I i1'4"lJl4'.Nillt'lII lim wow XIII,IfHIIID Ton Knox Sw-1't'lr1f'i' Hll.'wIll1'SY ,IlIllllIL'l'l' I,IAl me Osizl in lft'llIH'fl'l' Roll: QI. III-.I-in, II. XIII,I"HIIIl, I, Srmi urn, I. Piuaxizn. Il. Xlstnnox. .I. XI. Hooks. ,l. C. Hi vri-in. M. XIxx1,w.'I'.1l.xxox. IS. I'INCIII-1Ii..I. In. Iinoxxx. I.. Nlum. Q.. I'i:A'1'i1 ll. tfnoiui- 5 rm. ,l. IYMIIIXK-X. J, Niaxlxs. S. Lows, I. 5Xl.Ixl'.l.lJ. XX. Il-xxmax. G XX XX xrnicov. XX. X. llmssox. X, Rxxnorifii, II. XIXXNIIZLI.. 7 i 1 I 8. II1'iaim. XI. Nlmn. H. Hunan-,l:, XX, Ifoii lII1H. In. Ili xx. In. Imxxicns. I. NXHITI-:. Al. Ilou-xmr, ,l. H. I'1II-LLIJI-LH. IJ. Ionxsox. .I. SHow,x1,'1'icic. II. I'III-'IDI-'R lt. NIoi:1.Ax tl. NI1II,UN.'I'. Iixu.. X. Iiuna, tj. .li-zwmsox, It. .l. I'i-iiuiiiiilc. II. DICK. II. IIRIIII-.St IJ, 'I'iciziiw. II. XICI.I-INIDUN. W. Pin-3sLix. 'I'. I. IJ: xrxv. II. t,i:xi4,. IS, NI1:Xl.is'rifi:. .I. Hmm, II. .It-.XIxlXs. K.. Hsin ny S, I. XX IIIII-.. It. i.i..xi.h. X. XIn.i.1fi: X kim II Ifix II VHIIINN Ii Iioicx I' Ioisnxx tl I'x'i'rnio. Ix.1,. I'inrt.ni.'ir, I.. II. Iinixr. ,I. Ix. I,llI.Ix, XX, K., Xmxs. Ig, t.i I'lIIll., I. Xinici-,m,i., "When AIlIIf'IIO.S Mun !XII Ifull in I,i1n-.D Il's the Ixi1'Ix-oI'I at ai Io0tImaII ganlf' and thi- I'ia1gIc- Irancl is right there, vxvry onu looting his Iiorn and giving a1II Irv Ilus Ior tht' Ifnglvs. Truly the Iuind Ilas givin its Imest support to thv tt-uni this year. In HIIPIICIIIIQI vw-ry game. It HIIIIOIIIICPII the lH'f'St't11't' of the Ifziglv snpportvrs at I3l'vr'Ix6lll'icIgfB. ICEISIIZIIICI. I.uI1IJoi'k. unrl I'IllI'I Wiorth. play-CI nt cw ery pop raIIx, and entertaxilwd ut sc-xvral ovvasions at the Iligh sm-I1ooI. In tht- spring of I9III IIN' Inan1,I was axsarcIefI first pIau'0 of IRIINIS Ironi Tvxas at IIN- National I3unrI Conlt-st in cJIiIilIl0lIItl. IinrIe'r the clircc-tion ot' XII: IIXIIHIII. uIvout tnvntx invniliers orggniixm-fI il Cas IIUIISI' Iizmml. 'I'I1t-v nu-o11ipt11iiHcI tIw sttldf-nt Imomlx' on b0Xl'l'ilI owasions in tliv singing OI patriotic songs and also CIIIl'l'IiIIIlffd isitll popular IIIIIIIIJCYS. . M .Es .1 Srit'11ly-.wzwi i P E P S U A D SECTION A Ill-:Llcx Xvfllflililt Ilonoinx Finest: IIo1co'rHx Swlcxsox Ycff Lt'lI11L'I'.N Swnnff Rolf: XI. XI.-X'I"I'III-IWS. D. X. I..-um. I.. L.-UYIIIIZ. .I. Gmxm. L. Pow:-:1.L, M. I,. llAl.LI'IX, R, Kun, II. GliIiI.I-,IJl.Ia, V , A. IJ, .lacksox NI. L. lxomilr, NI. lUINIil,I., N. lXIIxIaR, ,l. Przxnrzic. 2- 'f.. Thirzl Rmr: C. l'llJI.IlICIINI'.SS. NI ,l. Iii-1xxo1.n.s. S. Gmss. IS. JXIIAMS, Ii. IJi1SP.ux, I.. NI. Cook, K. Kixswonrm. IJ. XIATI-II-ISYS, BI. Gn.u'r. Ii. Y. hlltlil-'IiI'l, N. Hmm. T. J. IIICKLIGX, NI. SPAm:1,lf:li. .I- Roinxsow, M. Oiisasnixicn. Miss Unizri, Jonxsox. 150111711 RIIHKI IC. D1 CKNHDICIH, .I. Ili XI xi, S. Cnssox, X. F, IQIIII'-YFRICK. IC, P. CUIIKIII-TLI.. II. I.. limi. IC. I.. flmuu. C. Youve. I. Clol,c:lmAx. F. II. 'XIINUI.lJ, II. C. WIIIIIAIXIH, ll. Ilrnflfu-xx. li. G1 Li.:-gm.:-1. CAIIENIJAII A swinnning party and picnic at the Country Club on August I2, 1931. A luncheon, honoring the Cisco Pep Squad, in the school cafeteria on Xoveniber 27, I93l. The annual Home-Coming held at Lytle Lake on May l3. l9f32. NVith the splcrldicl co-operation of Miss Odell Johnson, the adviser, the Pep Squad experienced another successful year. With their support the foothall team was able to win another state championship. Through the good will of the hoard ol' trustees, the Pep Squad was ahle to attend in uniform the quarter-final QHHIC in Lulmhomzk and the final game i11 Fort Wforth. 505011 ty-eight E P S U A D Sl-lC'1'lON ll llmm WAI.'l'lilt Donorm l'lItl-Ili Ilonornv SWICNMJN Yell l,r'11rff'rs Sworn! Row: NI. L, Xllllllll-1. F. Sxxin-ins. X. SI-QRlQli'XY'I', li. Rolo. M. ,I. Nlfll-IIA, Nl. Slilttllfl.-XN'l'. li. RoBlNE'r'rr:. L.. Iinuox- stu, J. PICTRI-ll-I, IJ. XYRo'rEx, M. L. S'I'I4JXNAltT, M. HICKS, F. Xloxroominx. Tlzirzl limr: Xl. X. .XLLI-1Y, li. limits, Nl. SlBI,IiX. ,l. Sinus. I. Xloiuns. IJ. Xltllfl-lNZlI-I. Xl. l31.xki-3. Xl. Hi xr. Xl. linncn. I. tlnow, li. Anwotn. K. XI. Corn, E. Huvxrxs, U. liICHAItIJSON. P. Ricnvi, Miss OIJICLL jonxsox, Fourrli Ron-: G. lt. Xonvixx, ll. Mi iufnv, C. liovizu. C. Col-ix. N. 'l'.u1n. F. ltr hsH,I.. NI. li. linoux. M. H1 cK1-Ln, Y. xlClJfXNIliI.. N. SHAHAN. I. Own-As. l-I. Stu enrizic. During footlmall season it uns not an unusual thing to see il group of about one hundred girls on the lzusn of Ahilene High St-hool every Thursday and Friday afternoon praetieing in order to uphold that say- ing that "Ours is the most Beautiful Pep Squad of them all." The squad showed its ability in making heuutiful stunts by making an A in the final game and then singing that grand song. Hllear Old Ahilene Highfl How could they forget that inernorable clay! The squad helped to uphold the friend- liness and good sportsmanship of Abilene High School hy meeting the special trains and helping to curry visitors and pep rnemhers from the Visiting schools to and from the games. The squad also gave a splendid support to the has-kethall Learn. Squad nieinhers, inuv you have rnanv niore successful years, as this one has een. .i St'l't'llf-B -nine yf' ' N A T I O N A L H O N O R S O C I E T Y fm. B.-xnxrzrr Hlyns l'l'I'HIiL XVICRA N11 urrilc L, li. Dl'llLl-1Y 1'rc.sirler1l Svf'1'el11ry flzlzzisvr tion. l'u.4'r'r H I'1l,l-IX wl.Xl,'l'lill lf'irc-l'1'v.wiJ1'l1l TI't'tlNILl'l'I' I"i1-.wr Hozr: IJ. SHI-ZXMUN. X. lfLI.INt,'l'lIX, 0. X. Hu.:-1, li. Pork, N. Wow. ,l. C. HI vrlcu, Nl. 0VlfLltSHINlCli, ,l. Surzmow. H. I.. t,1,xy. H. XIAXWIQLI.. R. luxe, St-mm! Razr: IS. Hrws, Xl, llusos. H. Witruxr-gn, .l. Cl xxx, tj, Pn,x'r'r. 4. lx. lluunak, G. Duns. l.. Poytml., t.. lklwhm., L. llAuPER. A. .l. 3lcCAu1.r1y. I.. li. Dt nun. Third Rmr: T. K1 cuoixrx. .-X. li. l'lliNIlI-QHNUN, .l. W. Fuzrnuu, lf. l,Aw1.1s. ll. Nllrroruv, A. F. Klimtxrlucx. ,l. SHUW.-Kl.'I'liH. H. S'l'AXI.IC3. IS. iluormrrzx. G. Luxsox. Tlu- National Honor Society' is lmasecl on llour principles: Scholar- ship, Character, Leadership, and Service. The members who uphold the principles of this society' are chosen hy a committee from the Alvi- lene High School. The colors of this society are blue and gold: the hluc represents loyaltyg the gold enlightenment. The symbol is the burn- ing torch. which represents knowledge that is passed on to others. The organ- ization held a chapel program in l7elvruaryf, at which theyf installed the new 1U6I11lJOI'S hy' having them repeat the National Honor Society' pledge. Those students in the society whose pictures do not appear with the clul: are: Martha Brock, Stanley Smith. Nancy' llodgren, Lonnie Briggs, Truman Aldredge. Wilson Croseolose, Carmanetta Grisham, Hy elyn Steakley, Synnnie Mae Cough, and Carrie Bess Govan. Eighty .lore tlun. Nlsrgns It-xrvn I'i'Kl.I"ANl CI-IIIIL lIAI.I!KAI'I'H l'rz'xirIt'r11 I If'L'-llI'UXflI0llf St'l'l'l'flll'I' TIVKINIIFCI' Xliiyrox Xtfzlii-:xxn-3 Simi.:-xx Swrrn R4'pnrIf'r St'I'gt'1IIll-III'WIIVIIS II. tl. flux.:-1 'lflz'i.w'r lfirxf Rmr: II. tl. flux.:-3. IJ tIxs'l'l.rLs, Ii. Ifl1.u1l.lsl:. tl, Ifmks. C. G.-KLISK.-Xl'lII'I. I.. IILMIKNIUN, I". XLLICX. IJ. Xciucns, Ii. lloxxon, Sfffwzfl Hon: W. fllcosliclosl-2. IJ. O. Ht IIIJLIQFTUN, II. I"I LIHLI-LII. S. Sxnrn. .I. tl. Mn-gms, J. W. Iloiimn. H. Buruz. Tlllifll Knut C. Ilwxi-Lx. XI. Nlmplxlavni, I'. Nnzi-ml.s. II. llmmgv, The IIMI-.52 organization ot thi- II1-3 had a IllCI1lIJl3I'SIlip ol sewn- teen high svhoot Imoy s. This 0I'giltlIZtlti0ll has high ideals and purposes for its standards. and this year they haw- strixen to attain their goal. The vluh is indepemlent of thi- svhoolg they haxe lhvir meetings exvry Tuesday night at which tht-5 have interesting programs, which pertain to the nature of the OI'5IZlllIZilII0ll"'UIITISIIRII L'IlJ:ll'llt'IPI'. TFLIIY. the Hi-Y is an honorable organization. and its lnenihership consists of ltliltly leaders in the school. They have had as entertainments many picnivs, a party, and most Illl portant. a Imanquet at the Wvooten Hotel, The llN'IllI,D6'I'S of the rIuIm together with their arIxiser. Mr. R. C. Cohn work together to IJl'OlllOlt' frivmiship and In-tter under standing among the students. Certainly this is a most worthy organization. lL'tglIfj'Ul16 ii i E X C E L S I O R 9 ii B xoilx ,lixmis COUCH Fun .lAcKsoN SARAH ELIZABIQTH Cox President Vice-l'rcsi1lr'nt Secretary Mus. C. B. llICKS ,-lclzvlser Firsi Row: J. Col1cH, H. Romxsow, H. l'oLK. R. Fmns, W. l'iA1rr, A. LEA, 1. Owlsxs, I. lJo1.1.AR, Ii. S1.Al.cH'i'lc1i. M. ISALLARD. Swwzrl Row: B. Hlzrxnmx, K. Clacll., E. S'l'AliNA'I'I'Ilt., H. Comvlw, IC. Cox, X. Pfxczic, M. BHLL. F. CALmvE1.I., C. KILPATRICK, ,l. JON!-ZS, Third Row: J. PARKER, C. HALLEN, D. I.1TT1.l-1, BI. xlAKS'1'R.-XXII, H. Ymrrs. F. Hircmcs, M. BLAKE, M. lJIdARCI'l, li. M. Sucmzs, Mus. C. B. lllCKH. The Excelsior Club, organized four years ago under the efficient leadership of Mrs. C. B. Hicks, the adviser, has rightly lived up to their motto: 'gonward and upwardf' which expressed ir1 Latin is HExcelsior." The chief object of the club is to further interest students in Roman life and customs and to gain knowledge of an appreciation for Roman mythology and classical literature. The club programs varied throughout the year, but often Mrs. C. B. Hicks told of Rome, Roman life, and other interesting things that she had observed on her visit to Rome. Members of the club wished to promote friendliness and good fellowship, and to become better acquainted with each other: therefore the club members enjoyed an all-day picnic at Cedar Cap in the spring. Eighty-Lwo Joie Hmccls Naomi Bnsm' Miss MYRTLE 'l'nA1wTHAM Prcsiflcnf Sl'C'l'l'IllI'j' Sponsor NM l,lflAliCE Vffl'-1,I'L'S1.lIC7If First Rolf: A. H. Sl-l0WVAI.'1liR. C. N. NIILLICIL J. Hl4IIJRIfLK, N. BISBX, J. IS. Ilticmrourn, L. Fl-3am11.l., NI. Ifm, NT. 5. PAaa.u1o1n-1. N. SHAHAN, A. liIiX'l'l.IZN, P. Rumi. Sw-01111 Razr: H. Ihzxyimprox, Xl, llum, li, Row l.1sT1'. Nl. U. Crum. N. Pimicrz, M. Wiucixs, W. W. Flxulr, L. GILL. E, K1aKvA1'uIcK. M. L. HliGHHS, Miss Mxarug 'l'aA31'HAM. Tlzirrl Row: Nl. CILILLANIJ, W. Il. XVARIJ. B. Bmrx. W, Jmlrzs. J. WHAuToN, J Haacimyrz, J. Nloxrigs, A. F. Paola. D. ATKINSON. J. Hamas. g'Ta11l1l111 Ollllillllllll Es! Salis Btllllllllft XVhen wc saw all the other clubs of Abilene High School fall in line, as we are only freshmen, and Latin students at that, we were placed at the end of the line Nto bring up the rearil: hence our name. Our motto is: Only llze best is good enough. Our purpose is to get a broader background for the study of Latin, to learn something of parliamen- tary procedure, and to develop the social side of our lives. Avis Belle Sho- walter won a first place in the District Latin Tournament at Sweetwater. She with her team mate, li. M. Raney, brought back the first year cup. Leah Gill won a first place in essay writing in the tournament. On February l9, the club enjoy ed a well planned party in the home of Leah Gill. This was followed by a picnic in the spring, The members of bovissimum Agmen are hoping to be advanced to the front ranks lrext year. and are perfectly willing to resign to next 5'f:'ElI'iS freshmen Latin students tie title n1YOVlSSlI!1L1Ill Agmenfi Efgllly-tlzlwc N O V I S S I M U M A G M E N 1? P E R S O N A L I T Y G I R L S 7' r K 1 lx ,E ,i Lx V guj AVA lim: JACKSON Fimmcias Wizicus lW.'XR.lHIiIE Wfxixiai: l"l'c.vfa7r'r11 SL'l'I'l,fKI1ij' K1'j10r'lc'r' lflioici-1v,:i4: XCKICIKS l'lMot.i.xlc 'llYl'lC l"i1-1'-l'1't'sirlt'11I Tl'f'n.w11l'i'l' Nllss tlmilmlxi-1 Ui.si1x !l1l11i.wr lfirwz Rmr: C. l.lcTr3ui1u, ll. Hissmi.. Xl. L. lilioww, F. l,Aw1,is. Nl. Nll Nolan, ll. fi. Wu,- Liuis, Nl. ll. lloin, tl. llouiics. Gtxss. Ser-nm! Noir: N. IJ. JVXIIKSUX, lf. Wifi-iiis, lf, lll'Vl'I-l. F. XCKHRS. Nl. WRVXLKIQIQ, li. lloon, Nl. Pon I-1Ll., X. KIKI-Llc. K. SCHI ixrz. Thin! Noir: 'l'. .l. l,ooxlcx, 11. Xylll41lil.I-Ili, l.. hI.li'iNXI1lCli. Xl. Si-Av,l.i-3R. .L li. lllcxiwiisox, li. X. Nll ltlfl-ill. IJ. Nl X'I'lll'1llr, ll. Ill ins, Xllss Ol,si1N. lfnurflz Rim: li. Lui.. P. l'XlillU'l'l. li. lim, ,l, lilllfilllll, Xl, ,l. llmxoros. Pro zrietx' is flu: Base Prilicizle of l,CI'.S0llflllfl' 1 , I . . Personulityfthe one 4-liaraurtei trait which every one longs to have. The Personality Girls were orgranizecl for the purpose of cle- veloping cliaraeter ancl 'pt-rsonality, and prompting the spirit of friendliness among the students of the Abilene High School. To fulfill these purposes the girls, under the leadership of Miss Claudine Olsen, have studied people who have interesting personalities and have reviewecl niuny hooks ol' modern lit-lion. During the ye-ar lVlrs. Smith, the stuclenl 4-ounselor, gmc talks on personality und other beneficial subjects. 'llhe vhief social function was ti pirnir- in Wlay. The girls of this cluh successfully carried out their aims and through their nork, inuny were helped. May they carry on this work throughout their lives. liiglzty-four 'lilll4lI.XI'X .lo litem.:-zu J. ll. Hoixr hu Frcxwzi-1s RIl.l'X'I'IiIIIK l're.sirlenl 7'I'l'Il5lll't'l' 1' lift'-l,I't'Slllt'IIf ,lorg 5HowA1xri:i: AI xv: 1.1 ix x l",TIT'-1jl't'S1iIlf'l1.l St'l'I't'fllI'Y L J l"1r.vI Heir: l.. Plllllilil.. l. Oiilixs. X, lf. Kll.l'YI'RI4IK, S. tj.-xincorr, T. ,l. l1lc:K1.r:i. .l. C1 lxx. F. CAIJJVN 1-11.1,, Secwzrl Razr: J. Nl, STI-:xl-jxsox, ll. .l. ljtllilll-LN. T. Xlomusox, A. Worr, H. l,Ul.K, ,Xllss Nl. 'llliAX'l'HANl. J. SHHWAI.'l'I-LII. The Servi Cieeronis has as its main purpose. the reading of Cieerois orations. This. however. is not the only aim of these slaves, as some might he inclined to think. As a home room elulm the Serxi Cieeronis has had progrranis of various and interesting types. They gave in assembly a lloman wedding. Most of the memliers are also interested in extra-eurrieular aetivities. such as spelling. essay, dehate, dramaties. hand, orchestra, and pep squad. ln the llistriet Latin Tournament, held at Sweetwater, Texas, lflo Caldwell won seeonrl plaee and Anna lfranees Kilpatrick won third place in essay writing. Harold Sho- walter eame olif with first honors in tennis douhles in the distriet. Baxter l'ollx was a memher of the typing team uhieh won first honors at Stephenville. As a prool' that they are not mere slaxes to Cieero, they have thrown aside their garhs of drudgery and have donned their holiday elothes to attend two soeial affairs, one ol' whieh was a Nalentine party al the home ol Thelma lo lliekley and the other a theatre party in Marrli. .1 l','fg11n-ff, ,- l IT- L E li ,Tora Krawnau, Tom' Klfcnomz WIARY A1.rc1c WfKRE l'l'1'sirl1'11t Vim'-P1c'xirf4'r1t SCl'I'!'lI1l'uY H. S. FA'1'Hl4:1:nm: f1zI1vz'se1' First Rauf: M, P141mn,VG. ll. NORMAN, S. NI. XVICST, O. lluwzs, F, H.'XNlI"l'flY, NI. .-X. WARE. L, NATIONS, O. D. VANCIA1, J. GLQVER. Second Row: T. 0. Awmufs, E. Cl1LLm, M. GRAHAM, R. SHAW, R. Hlxsxnw, S, 'l'HmlAs, NI. Xvlil-lll, D, Hmmm, G. W1-1s'r, Ii. rl'lI,LOTSON. Third Razr: D. Casm, C. WARE, W. Wmsls. W. CHICEK, C. Lumzks. G. BUTTON, 'l'. Kucuoixrz, B. NAIL. J. KI'1NIJ.ALI.. L. CROWIJER, H. Ijmvms, H. S. FATHIALRRH1. El Trabajo Hace La Vida Agrallable El club espanol, Los Leales, se divide en dos secciones. Los programas consisten en crancicmes espanolas, Iecturas, y peizas en la historia y en las eostumhres de habla espanola, y on discursos por los mexicanas que visiten al club de vez eu cuando. Hay, ademas, sesiones sociales que tienen lugar en al alunmo oporlun dades de practical' la lengua y el oido en el idioma tan hermosa, y aprender mas de la vida de InlllPStl'OS VPCiIl0S Ill SUT. Efgllly-.9i.Y Nl Max KIM-1.Ix' Kx'r'rlI: Nlamla Cuui Wes. E. NI. Ihxnfux-H l'rf'sirlc'rzl Sl'1'l'E'IlIl'j' .f'lfI1'1'.wr XIIIGINIA IJIQTI-Ll: ILA Smvsox 1''1'r-1'-l'1'e.vi4lz'71l RFlPl'!'Sl'7If!Ifl'l't' Firsl Row: I.. I.. I1-um-Lx. II. IluB1Nm"l'lc. I.. LAVVRIIC. NI. I,. RIIXCH. NI. xl-YI"I'HIiXIS. K. I'4m1-3I.I.. C. llmulsn. O. Emu.. K. XI. f.0I.I'.. .Sammi Razr: P. SHANKLI-I. X. IJlc'rI:u. R. I3. NI1'rcHr:1.L. Ii. I5I:,xfl.xsx, I. XIOIIIKIS, NI. .I. NI-JIA. NI. N. Alrclfcrvn, F. XIm:m31.1., M, Illcks. I. SI NI vso X, Thin! Razr: IJ. CIIII-'FI'I'II, II. H.-xlufl-gn, 'I'. Hfnfzs, J. GILICS, XX. J. Hmmm. IJ. CIITTON, I3 I"lcl'Nc'H Il f'UIIII'I W CFIIIIIXI' N 1' ' I . . .. -. 1, . . . ,Iu. Ia, NI. lx.-XNIJlbI.I'H, Los prngranms del club 4-onsistvn en Iecturas y pe-izas en las Ilisloriu y 1-11 las 1-uslunllwres de Espana, 3 otros naciones de hulmlu PS- palmla. I'llI'lL'I0llt'S vspanalus x eu cIisf'ursos pm' IOS IVIt'XIl'llll0S que visilen all 1-Iulv dv vez en vuunclo. Las svsiones soc-ialvs uue Iiem-n Iugur vlan vu casa do algunos mic-mlmron. ICI objelo df-I clulr es prusenla mas de Ia vida de- los 6-spunoles. hvigllf-V-Sf'l7Pl1 6 X1 J ...l , IT- Y E L I T T L E P L A Y E R S llxlnn Fl I.wu.1-zn Ilia.:-:X Clowmax lll-II.l-.Y XYALTIIR l'l'l'Sflfl'H1 Scrfrelrlly lff'1IUl'ltTI4 LINX Blncwlin CI.:-:mm-2 H-xmm Vice-l'1'esi1ff'nt T1'c11S1u'1'l' J. N. W,-wsox' ,fl1Ini.w1- First Razr: O. X. llALIi. H. F1 l.NII.liIt, ll. Q' Iluxx L Hmwrtw, F. llAI.lc. W.'XLTI'1Ii. Nl. E. , t. ', B. Holm, Scvnml Razr: T. HI!ltlIYI1lJ'FH8Nt, L. BIKIAQWI-IR. E. Xlowrc mn. Q.. P. Ho1.1.Amn, H. Loy WILI-IR, .l. W. l'l0l.LllIAN. out vum. J. XVASIIINKA, 13. Fli Tlzirzl Razr: D. 0. Ill uni.:-zsrox. A. C,xlnzoLL. C l7RA'I"l'. P. lVllLI.lYC- HAM, H. Ll41lnz1c'r'1'l4:u, F. Moinnsow. F. .fXi.1.1ax. Mn. Wfvrsom. Ye Little Players, the official dramatic club of Abilene High School, unfolded another year of work and entertainment to those interested in dramatics. They gave several successful one-act plays, which furnished programs for the high school, two colleges, several clubs in Abilene, and several out-of-town engagements. Y. L. lj. stressed one- act plays this year, producing approximately forty of these. One special social function of the group was an unusually well planned formal hanquet at the Hilton Hotel after the tournament play. 'itil Cristow was selected as the entry of Almilene High School in the lntcrscholastic League tournament. The play won first place in the tournament at Sweetwater, Billy Fulwiler won first as an individual actor, and Sue Carroll first as individual girl actress. The play won second place in the state. ,lose llosalia Carmen Ricardo Manuel Valdez ISL CIHSTO I.'l1a1-nczfers Billy FZIIIITLIUI' .......lfII'llI Scoll -..Sue Carroll ...nnlfrl Conner P. Holland E1'gl1ly-dglzf Guam Smvsow OLIVIA 'l'Awl.on Mus. SICIJWA L. lhsuor I'n'xl'rlc'nt St'r'1'z'lr1l'-1' .f'lI!l'iXl'I' Fill-LIXFUN RTVRRAE Ilrm-:N .XXTHONY Vive-l'resir1ent Reporter First Rauf: C. SPIIQLIQR, Y. L. JM, I.. D1-LRRICK, W. Lowa, S. LAlDI"flilllI.K, D. 'I'igiun, Nl. C. Cnmwiiwcs, L. COWAN. Sfwonrl Rnzv: B. Cootsm, C. C. TTIQLYEY, BI, Powigm., .L WI-IG1'. E, SMITH, F. Ihwxws, I.. l'lAM'S1li'l'T, W. Lu.I.i. Third Row: B. Wamm, N, Bluxxox, C. GRISH-NNI. 1. XNTHOYY. H, jg. Tnowi, O. PRVICHARD, J. TJQSSINC, Mas. Sitzum L. Blsuov. Pl0Ill'f.ll RIPIII' C. SI LI.lx'.xx, ll. 'Xl.50BltUOK. ll. Wtjsr S. Mx nun. tl, Sun-sox. E, Nlgxs, Back ol Curtain was organized in l029 with Mrs. Selma Bishop as adviser. The success of the 1-luh was due to the way in which the adviser directed the Club. The purposes of the club were to help stu- dents to find their dramatic talent, to develop the dramatic: ability, and to promote enjoyment of the hetter type of plays. Clulx programs were designed both for pleasure and instruction. The club was entertained with a Christmas party in the home of Mrs. Bishop. Games were played, and after the Christmas tree everyone joined in the singing: of carols. After diligent work on the play, the members were entertained with a picnic at Buffalo Cap in April. The club resented on March 25. as a cha el rograin the one-acl trafred f' uThe I ,Q P P P I a 31 Valiant. ' lay Hall. The parts were taken by the following: Pat Davis ............... .... .................................................. ,l a Ines Dyke lzlilly Coolshy .,,,.. .........,... I ailor Shelton Murray ..,. ....... A ssistanl C. C. Helvev ...... ............. P riest l7ram'es Hawkins ..... Josephine lffglllv-nine' B A C K O fxi L, U R T A I N gt K K K K IIAluty 'I'r:ttRl-11.1. .lo tlnllriltlyl-I Cl-il: Xlvtltlikttlfl' Crt.-xyr Il. C. tlort-I l,1'l'Stfll'lII Ser'1't'Zr11'y I'IiI'l'-Pl't'Sl'IIt'III ,-Ifl1'1'.wr Firsz Ron-: O. Blaanmim, ft. L11.r.1yf.'roy, NI. Ii. Wicnors, lx, Ito:-3. 0. BI. 5l.WICI.I.. B. IJic5v,y1y. B. Pork. J. L. ta-312. I NI. tnmyr. J. Vt. l'llIiLIJI'1Ii. Serrnnrl Row: W. NIAmAHAy, W. N. CATHIGY, N. IC. Holm, N. Tnonvsox, II. Ir.mn-.L1.. .I. YXlI.I.lI-HRD. Ia. S'roKl-is. L. WAIJI4.. I.. O I.o1 z.HL1y. Tlzfnl Rout .I. W. I'H1I.L1l's, j, IJ, I.ILIis. N. xlII.l.I-Ili, Il. IIINIWS. I... wilt.t.IX5. .l. Ht yr. This is Station K. K. K. K., studio in Room 8 of the Abilene High Sr-hool Building. Before I give you a brief summary of this elub I yyish to inform you that the noise you hear is not static nor it Caused by had tubes in your radios, but it is only King Kole's Key' Kliekers typing an average of fifty-five words a minute. During the thirty minutes ne shall enlighten you eoneerning business mat-hine devices. letters, and other important business forms. The team won first in the West Texas Typing Tour- nament held in Abilene, March 26. The club upheld the hospitable feeling of the Abilene High School by entertaining the eontestants. Honorable mention should he given Odessa Bradbury, Margaret Orant, and Billye DeSpain for rating highest as indiyiduals in the Hegional 'llournanuent helcl in Stephenville on April 9. These yyent to the State lVIeet held in Austin IVIay 6. Odessa Iiradbury won first honors with 65.7 words a niinuteg Margaret Grant, set-ond honors with a record of 50.8 words a minute: Billye IJeSpain ranked seventh. In the National Tournament Jo Catherine Gee ranked first, Margaret Grant, third, and Odessa Ilratlbury, fourth. To see real af-tion you are inyited to visit our studio, whit-h is loeated in Room fl of the Abilene High Sehool Building. on the right of Ifreslnnan Alleys-ll. C. Cole, adviser and announeer. Ninety JACK BLACK Hovr 'I'.uLo11 Oo1aL1.14 N1Qv11.1.s l're.vi1lent Secretary Slate Presirlvnt CHA111.13s NIAx1.y' B. F. I3A11.1cy' I"'I'Cr'-l'1'z'xi11c'1113 lfL'1llIl'fl'I' I". IC. 'I'1'rT xI1l1'i.w'1' l"ir.s1 Rmr: U, N1-:y'11,1.s. l.. Nlum. I.. vtIII.I.I.-XXISIIN. I.. IIII.I., H. 4,11r'1fy1u, .I. Iimcgls. H. 'I 1y1.o11, I. 51'14:Nc1c11, X. Ho1,1,o- yy'1-:1.I,. I.. I ,RI'1SSIIllUIJ. Svwmrl Razr: II. I". II-111.141 I'. Co1'v1x1:1111. II. ,X1z1so'1"1'. 'I'. XI1x11o1-1. .I. H. R111:1a1fZ11, II. IiIIIIll.I-1. .I. M. Uslzoln. W. IIRII-LST, XI. IIo1s1c11'1's. II. Ilt If F T111 XIILI. 11 . Third Razr: Il. W. li.-XII'l'I-Ili. Cl. I.1Nns141y. S. fiIi.'XI'XIAN. H. l,IIiItSON, W. Nlorrrox, U. I B1 wx XI IIIOXIJ H IIIICI Ii HAI I' no P1n1:s'1'. ". 5 , .'.. . .J 12. . R1y.'..H1 . The Abilene Chapter of the Ifuture Ifarniers of Ainerica, dirertecl suecessfully by Mr. I". If. Tutt. has u program of activities that 1-011-r the twelye months of the year. Duiing the sehool year. the nlenihers inside judging trips to Colorado. Bl't't'lil'Ill'IIl5l'1'. AgI'Il'lIllUI'ill und lVIl't'IliilI- i1'a1l Colle-ge, and .Iohn 'llarleton Agrieultural College. und represented lexus in the .National I'onltry Judging Contest alt St. Louis. Iluring the sunnner thv listed aetiyities ineludc' sunnner eanlps and t'Kllll'illIOFltll tours. The purpose ol' the rlulm was to develop the pride of Future I?2il'IllPl'S in XOL'Llll0Il2'lI agirieu I111 re to ereute llltlff' interest i11 intelligent farming. to giye the farm Inoy ll ehanve to llltfllti- ure his ilfIl'lClllllll'LIl uhility against that of his fellow Future Ifariners, and to pro- niote rural leadership. This group has been unusually s11ct-essful. lmoth in the state and nation. and their work has lifted the standing of Abilene High School in vora- tional work. Honors won: .l'1'11t'ly'-1111 U .I. M. Hatton, second in the National Poultry .ludging Contest. Odelle Neyills, second in individual Poultry' Judging Contest, Dairy team. first in Tarleton Contest. Odelle Nevills. second high individual in dairy' judging. Weldon lVlorton, third high individual in dairy' judging. Joe Herman Rucker. third high indiyidilal in dairy' judging. Poultry' teani, fourth at Tarleton. Soil Conservation team. fifth at Tarleton. B. F. Bailey. first indiyidual in soil conservation. Howard Price, second indiyidual soil 1,:onsery'ati0n. Oflelle Neyills. master of vocation. 1 U T U R L P A R IVI E R S F L G A N G AX E'l'HlcL VERA NIUlll1'EIi AVA Dull JACKSON Hl:Ll:N BURNS Prvsiclelllt Scarf tary Cllffllllllill. , axles CL.llllKl: lflmxcllis Wlclsmls Vl'r:rf-l'1'usl'flunI Trefzsllrcr I Nl "LIN Xl Alnlollll-1 W .xl.Kl-:ll Plwss Kcl1m'tcl' 1'1r.s1 Ralf: XI. Oxlcllflllxlall, J. H1-lllxsoy J, Nlosr:Hl1l,, 1, lfsox. H. Ixlclcw. A. f.LAliKlfI, A. IJ. JACKSON, E. V, Mllli- l'lIl4I, H. lil ms. I.. Houll-is, D. NlA'r1fllaws, Cmss, A. I3. Illixlllcllsox, I., N. CAl.l-'lclc. 5't'!'0lIlf Huw: Z. l.. SHo'l'lx'l:l.L. XI. RIHI-IIIIJ. IC. Dl Cluwlwll, TNI. PHll.Lll's, C. Slllmlm, H. L. CLAY, 'I'. J. lilclcllzw, F. IS. AllX0l,ll, A. F. KlLl'ATRlc:K, ' 1 1 ' ' f - ' ' l. Cl lu, J. ll. bllzluxl. 14. Wlclcwls. lx. 5CHl'l.TZ. M. WAl.KlQll. C. Sl'lI2I.liR, l uc ss Tomllllllz CLA: . Tllirll Rolf: Vlss N. Nl.l'l'lllcws. F. Nlilmm, WX.. MAMIQII, H. J. llol.l:lllloKs, B. ADAMS, J NI. X. .XI.l.I.X, J. I,l-,M .. 1 - ., ll '. .. 1 INl L, I'olll-.l.l., Xl. X. Jlyl-1.llfXl. Il. f.UI,l.II',l-. N. i,l,olu,l.. L. l.XWliliNCl41. NI. C. l1l"Xl wllws. C. Hol,lllallNl41ss. A. Wlll,lf. J 1'v0lll'IlI. Rolf: U. lilulllsl lu. M. E. Nlcllol.s. T. Nlcllms. L. STI .lxlrlg Ii. ITlcSl'Alx. S. CIHSUY, M. PoWl1l.L, H. Awrlloww, L. D. HARlrlall, L. M. COOK, K. KlNsWoll'rHl, ll. A. Llxllll, R. Scorr, J. Axlal-zllsox. CALENDAR G an G Inikiatiorl G an G Party ,..,.. Freshman Party Sophomore Party Junior Parly ..,,.... C 2111 G Breakfast ,.,.....October 13 ......February H .,,L,..Decen1ber 21 .,,,,,.,,March 8 ..,,,,Apri1 12 ......May 21 .Yillczy-two C H O R A L ,Imam Huselau ilxm. III-llCI.l-' l XX'.nn.xw I.I'1XX'lS III-.1"l'x IQIQI-.N 4II-.XXIIL IIXIXI-A jx ljmuwm Sxwixsnm !'l'.iI.l wn Vl'l'l'- 1'f'.vir1'N ' rn' 1 rj I' I t I I' I 1 9' ' Il X' , fr . Xllfx U1 IIIX I1l.I-1XIHNs X - , IIll'IS1'l' , Nw!! nf Ilwfzalwfxz I, Xiu-A. XI. IIIQLI., I.. Ii. Iilzlmxlx. If. I.. tlmlck, K. ilm.l-:, I. II. Cm LIIIIXX, I. Iil.1.lu'r'r, II. Ifl:l1lc. S. llluw. II. IIl1ml.14,-fl4vN. I. IXI'.III?. l. Ixxux. I.. XIILLII' I XIHN'll,1lXII'IiX. X. I'xm,1a, 5. II. I'1-.xlacna ,I. I'u,wlal:. I. Innv. rx Irwvu. Xl. XX Vllnlih, I., XX1ullvxM.I:A IL XXl1.kl.l:fux, I, XXII.LlI'HI!Il, I.. N. Ilmu-. I. I'IiXNtlIa. XI. Ix. I1XINI.X, XI. I.. I'I1II.l.l,X.,I. I'I:.NNI.I.X, II, IXI-I.N. Ii. IXIXI, I.. Il. hrIllI:XIII.I-.X. XI. IC. Nlcglwlf. 'l'. Nltlllwls. 'I'. UXXI-.Ny Il. Huw, IC. llmwu. .I. IIIIIQINNHN. ll, X. FIIIXNLI1, XI. XX xu ur. I'. XXIIINIXXYI, II. XXII.IxI'.IIN1lN. IJ, XXl'l'l', XI. Xx1lllIlI,4I1flx, 'lf XI. Xm xr., I". I.x45m.x. X. XIII.I.N. Il. I!l.xvl'ux, II. I:IIII.I-A XX, ljmxxx ll, ILa:1.m.1., Il IIxmmx. II. I,u.m:l1'llul:. 'II Inu IN. XX. IM lx XI. Flj1l'I"I'. I'. Sum. IC, XXI.N'l. II, XXuI'l'l1fI1-,1.lw, Il. Iimmih, ,Im I'Ix1ml,l: XXII I, II. flu.. Irv-fffupf1f1f',s1w3 ,lutjxvlulilxlw-1 IIIII..,IllX I,I,XIlI-II, un I"v:l'm:u-3 XI xanax. KKJIHIIIVINZ Ilrnuwm Ifnlar, I,IiIUlIHX Sxxvfxwx, I!1.'l"l'w IXIIIIN, xxn XI XXINIC IIIIJQNI XX XXLXNIJ I.l1xxlf.,Ixx1I.f Iimnla. I'li'I'I1 Sum, xXnL'x1il.IlHr1.l-'. THIC CO1 YI' AND TIII2 CIO-ICD XX UPERETTA C,Il1l'Ill'f!'l'.S KEIIIl9II1 ISIIUUZCI 'Xml1'Pxw..I71'ewIz111g111 girl ......... ...Bvtly Kven Miss !Xga1lI1u I.m'kslop ...I'IUllSf' m0lI1er . .Mzllxrice Hinds rXmX .fX1'I1oIfI .. .. , ..I'II.fIf'IEIlI IllIII0l'. ,......, ., ., ,, . .. Hjoyp Arvy IJOIIX XIc'5pafIcI1'n .IEilllQ.KI1ICI' HI' IIII' l'4JIIQ'QIC presiflm-nt ...... I3Prl1ir'v HucI1IIvIaI0n I311 Civvlwv XlvSpufIIl1-11 .. ..I,l't?hIfIl'IlI UI' KIMIII-11 CH!leg4- .. .... ........ . XIurray S1-Ott Mrs. IX'Ir.'5pz1cIrI1-11 .. ..IIi5 MII- ,.., .,,, ,,,, ,.,., . , . 'I'iIIi.- Kvrr NIill'Ix XX EIIFUII .. ......... ..,.lIulI1-gv pf-II If-advr ..... ., .... ..Il.u'I CIIQII HAIIIIIIIHII IIIIIIIEI' . ..I.t1HtIP1' uf XX iIIie Slf-1-py Carts-r .. .... ...I,vtf' Slum IXIilI',IUI'It? I3Iau'Ium0fI . . HBVIII- of the VQIIIIIJIIS .. .... , ...Xluxine Higgs Dall Iflallrligallw .. .M0Im'1'4:p ........... . ..., .., . ..XX"a1yI41mI Lexsif Kennellx ISIIIIUZPI .'XI1tII't'?XXS..I:UIllt't'IIL1ll HI IIll'Q1Ix'f' club . . ....., Ianws IXOSHPI' -,n: Xl'lIl'fX'ffll'1'1' O 'GK ,fs l J. NN. Poor Jiznnr WVXLKI-Ili .Xmas CLARKIQ Miss Doius Dulizi. Prcxirlcrit l"if'e-l'r'e5irlenI Secretary Sponsor l"1'ml lfmr: NY. l'owl4:l.l., X. Xsklxs, ll. Xlmxis. .l. IS. l Iinzuxu. I.. Nl. lIM,Fi-114, li, lil-QI.l., X. lI1.Alimc. XI. VN. Cox- xl-ZLI.. Nl. Cum., XI. M. llwil-Ln. Nl. PlIlI.I,Il'S. Il. Cmimu. Sm-om! lffnr: H. 'lll'IUNIAh. C. U. lmcmx, 4l. ltormns, I.. vVA'l'IitiS, I.. V Y 5'Il-INVXRT. Il. l.l1ax1-2, F. Tl ltXI-'IL N. liKISSfIXl. .l. W, llolixsox, I,, lltxtgixs. Nllss Iloms lhxiicl.. Tlzirfl Ron: N. YlCfiIiIi, ii, fl!-il-QI.I', ll. llnizm, .l. ,loici-1, D. C. XVH.NR'IilDY. C. XYUOIIIAJCK. .l. XV.-NI.KliIi. J. W. Pool.. C, Honoris, N. xll'1lisHUN, NYY: Slrive. To Seek, To l"1'11rfii 'l'he fXrcl1aeology Cluh. organized during the second terrn this year. fosters the development ol interest in ancient civilizations and things pertaining thereto. Much interest is shown hy the various lIlC'IlllN?I'S who are finding specimens of arrowheads. stone knixes, and numerous fossils in this vicinity. Flint. pottery. and puehlos were subjects lor cluh pro- grams. Aztec heads, lance heads, and arrow-points were displayed at club meetings. News items and hooks pertaining to archaeology were discussed hy members. Two nienihers, Carl Chelf and Jerry Walker, did some interesting work as assistants in excavation and research work in this and adjoining states. Their ohservations added much to the interest of the club. Speakers from the niernhership ol' Texas Archaeological Society appeared before the club, and slides from the Extension Department of the L'lllYC1'5lf5 of Texas were shown. The members of the cluh whose pictures do not appear in the cut are Daniel. Sarah Grier, Merle Moore, J. A. Beal, Kenneth Ross, and Llewellyn Wills. .N lIIl'f,Y-ftllll I I I x .Yimflr-f1'Lfe P f U iv, I 3,p,lf r an rv A UA. I Y , P. Xl. Nlmgkixvpx Ii'Xl.l'II I-'rx IJ. IZ. XXI-lYl'llI1IIIH l1I'l'SfIl0IIf Sf-rrwn1l'y Ir1ri.wr fill.-XIILILS Llcwis .I. I.. l'iI.5IURIfI I ire' I'r:'xi1lr'nt Tl'f'!ISl1I't?I4 Fir-.sf Razr: NI. HIAYPIIXII-Ili, Il. Doi IQ1..fifs, II. Fu. W. Punn iz. O. ISRAULM, IJ. Ihinns. II. NIINUIS, P. NI. Nlckixxi-px. XI. KINCANYUN. I.. lIAnn1x, Serum! Rmr: 'YIIIILIL H. EIJLL.-XII, XY. IZ. FII.-XXCIAIQ, X. I'xnK+1ii, J. joint. .I. I.. l":I,NI0IlI-1.41. XIl1.Li:l:. R. PAC:-1. .I. IJ. l,RI'IrCIVl'T. D. li. Wi1x1'HEinsx'. Thirfl Rolf: W. xIIIDEH.I-I'I'IiN., IB. F. Ninn.-ix, ll. I3lI1:H, I-f. Ml-Licks. J. Ilonslicn. IQ liguis. Ii. Lili-t. H. Klux, J. Plum-3. H. VS'ii.i.f. The Hadio Club had a lnemhership of thirty-four me-inhers who SUPIIIEKI to he interested in radio as a hohlmy. Txso of the inenilwrs hold alnaleur radio licenses: Charles Lewis IXYSBNSI and Bill Mingus IWSAUJI. The purpose of Ihr- nienilvers was not to find the Iosl chord in the radio. hut was only to learn of the Ihr-ory xslifch :neu haw- already disc'ox'e1'e1I. 'llhev discussed Ihr- fundamentals of lhis lmroad sulrjef-I, which most of the ineniln-rs understand. Thi- ineinlu-rs were very progressiw, hut not socially inclined. They tried to help the young hop ol' today Io choose an ocvupa- tion for their lfvelihoodg Iioisvver, many hop who haxe already dm'id4'd upon lllI'll' 01'f'lIIJilli0II. might wanl Io use- lllifl for a holrlmy aflvr Ihf-ir dayis work if on-r. R A D I . , F Y E L I T T L E H I S T O R Y ,X X RICIIARD Wun'rs'roxr3 Movrx l.r1+1 lt1"l'l.l-zum: Romw Cmcic I'resi1lenl Sf'f'l'6'llI7'j" Re'l10I'l4'l' HOB!-IRT HVXIKRIS XLBICRT PAIICIZTT Vim,-l'1'c'si11enI TI'FIISIll'!'I' Xlns. M. Xl. BARN:-:s flrlrisrfr First Razr: R. CL.xcK, B. HAttItIs, Nl. Ill 'I'l.Ell1Ll-I, ll. tlnxumcns, tl. XVIIITIC. A. PAlltZIi'l"l', li. WHli'l's'14wlc. Serum! Razr: D, HILL. NI. CULI-I. R. Dow. IS. lil-:y1ar.L. C. Xl. K1L1.lcmu-pw, Was. l3Anw:s. Ye Little History Cluh was organized by Mrs. M. M. Barnes and was successfully directed through hoth terms of the year. The eluh had two outstanding purposes: to study interesting personalities and to review interesting places. Club programs were carefully planned and were interesting. On two or three occasions the students enjoyed slides of a historical nature. The mfhief social function of the first term was a Christmas party in the home ol' Mrs. Barnes. Every one had an enjoyable time, hut the real treat was the Christmas hox. The sevond term the rlulm was entertained with a pit-nie at Cohh Park in April. Nimfly-six 4.f' ,4- v ' ,,.,. 1 ' wr, avi-Md' 'Iv ' Yrhtflfg' -safhwgl f f 4 5-fifz-52511.-,:.7 , "W'3r3!i'fTfe?5QLf,5 x-q1.wzA1a4Q . "iw-,f.'wiD 01181: naiuwyi .:515,x,:3Q3T' -..,. Xi s .-.QA - AN if 4 2 ,' X AAMAQ ,WW H 1 VGA 0'v"Q fm:-fvo, alfmfywf My gifffigwwffwfqfwffwff fplafwwlqf. ' -, .wg ',.,.... Crasslzoppers and frogs seem lo be attractive lo several Sll1d8IllS. If your ll0Il,l believe it, look al llze sllulious advocates of biology. 1l'l1U are induslriozzsly Il'I'l'll.I1g' up CXIIEVIIIIIEIIIS performer! on bugs, birds, and bacteria. Physics Sl?6lll.S lo be equally atiraclive. Nolc: rlorft give too much credit to llle subjecl-il ozfglzt have been llle teacher who inveiglea' Llle unsuspecllflzg Cl'!3dil-llLlIllCl'S into Llle l'00llL. Boys, Lake 710182 these girls can really cools. If you want lo find out for yourselves, ask lVlrs. Pierce. Nevertheless. llzese yozllzg larlies of llze coffee-pot may some :lay be suc C6SSfIllfl1lIliIj' cooks. Look oul, lnoysl Tlzal lon of lean' will feel ralller lleavy if il lzappelzs lo collapse llze lL'l'0llg way. Looks as if llzose boys are lilzerl up lo play foollaall, lzul il nzusl lze a smallfoolball-1'ese11Lblil1g a spool. All legs-lnul 101187993 llze lzeafl? Watch oul, Mary Helen, or it miglzl lriek or break clown zfitlzf such a loafl. It is a pity Zllal some boys can not have the luck of lllis Forfl. Woncler if Arllzurr coulfl have had a slnaslz up? ls il possible llzal lle could have lzit cz bump? -1 The rlancing is :2'IUl'l.0Ll.S 0111 on lhe grass. Dorf! lalfe loo big a bile. Sam. Helen Grace zranls some too. from all appearances, it seems probable that Olive Ann has had her share. g'C0me 011 and lefs go skat1'11g.', lfs all the rage nnzr. The lhree arlisls on skatesffeanne. Marjorie, and Pauliuefpause a nzonzenl lo sing urs a little song, while foy has In be helrl up or she nz.:'ghl fall. Did you ever see so many slralers? You mean so fl?ll,7 skaters am! so many skates? 7- an 1 -If 1- ' W wx- if 5 ,. -viii' ,., MQ., an ., -ug. ' - if ,vs pri' 4,-an ...,g',,5, iq 4' 7 3 And rlidnlt the boys have fan rolling the snow off the football field before the big game with Greenville? It may be fun lo play in the snow, but it 1U0lLldTL,l be much fun to play football in it. lt,s a cold job getting all the snow off the field, but it 1007131 be very cold when the game begins. Numerous balls are seen here and there on the field, but look at the big ones on the gramlstand, where the pep squad will t while they cheer the Eagles on to victory. H A ew'-e if """""'ff tw? .uri "'-o- M- , - ...M 'tg - 10:0-sl Qi .fm f ,fi . : im' . ,vw 3-1""' s I 5 ,L bww-"6 'fad-HSE" wr... 2411 ed We zcaruler' IIUIL' many times the truck had to come back for its very unusual load, snow. 44 vieu' of the east grandstand with its snotty covering is shown. Snou' here and snou' thereg snou' everyu'here, even in the sky. The boys are hard at work, but even at that they surely must be enjoying their job of rolling up the snow, since it affords a per- fectly grand opportunity for missing a geometry or history class for .several days, because the after-effects resulted in a. terrible cold. qi l Y .S- an ,Q fu.. ,- Ami ifs slill snow. bu! ifs not on the football fzfelrl: lfs at LIIIB olfl instllullion of IHCZFIIZZIIKQ. ISILEI il KI .source of joy for the boys L0 Sll0ll'l2Ltll Zlle girls? Bu! rlorft llllllrlf llle girls ClllL,l flefeml lllemselves. because vozfre all wel-es neciallv lolzen the rel tlrrouflz, llfilll, 'ou-i . I , 8 5 you zlo. A group of warriors are slaruling ready for action, and then the firing llcgins. lfs lols of fun, even if there were nmny surremlers OIL lmllz, Lfles There were no crzszzrzltfes reporlecl from suclz vigorous Il'!l:"f1lI'6. ,N Q- - ' far" 'li bg . - sf is 'off 'W - 4. 'A O f . Y-6 Lf .F -5 , PF ', , ur 5 ,J .I 1- ' of "- V' ' 4' f ,, 'HX' ' Q-. fa v , M 53.5 ,S 'O-'L .ld ,.,.vA. ' ll seems lhnl our !fig'IlZif1.6ff high svhoul boys have gone basl: 10 playing jllvfflljll? games. szlrh as marbles. hui if Ihey are 1101, lhey should al lens! be CUllI'fl'UllS Fllflllgll lu Ie! us in on lhe joke. Their laughter. houfever, firms nu! affecl the marble players in lhe least. Tllej' play on in the same llI1l'0llCf:'I'll,6fl IIIUIIIICI' as of old. We lhoughl we had a SlllfI.OIl!Il'Ay' sclznol. hu! fl mm' fI1'U1WS In have !l6'!llllI.I'6Il a C11lll'6ll,'l6I'I.Sll.l' of lhe lCl1llillglUll.'l'I'. The pride of lhe faeully are Corzceiled for some reason. 11111 the school falls on flzem their pride and their skulls ll,'l.H he l'I'llSh6?li. if 4 i ,fx ,Arif When a double rnurfler is about to be cornniittezl just on account of a gill, I.lvS a pretty serious alffair. Tlzat is the very situation as Cyp proposes to Billie Russell, out woe unto him, for lze was cliokefl by Billy Fulwiler, Billy was shot by George Parks, and George wins the the fair maiden. You just can't lfeep from looking up to foe Carl, can you, Frances? Well. ufell, anzl who is it that Zliese boys are razzing now? Nell and Hettie Logan, our ziignifierl Flashlight eflitors, rlecifle that tl1ey'll be industrious 'as tlie pile of annuals prove. What a perfect time was had by all on the Senior picnic. The girls afforded opportunity for a backfield view of their ball gante when Jane and Dorothy got as far as second base. Better hurry and get the water out of that boat, boys, or else-? Girls, do leave some of the trees where you found them. They are a trifle large for souvenirs. And Hardin just had to have a drink. Speaking of baseball, the boys carried on quite an enthusiastic game, too. Maxine and Helen proved good at quoits, with the aid of their partners. .1 X Play volley ball, girls! May the best side win. Ed and Cyp must have been terribly thirsty, but Elizabeth and Kathryn are at least doing their best for the boys. James Walter has quite Ll load of soda pop bottles, but they're empty? so theregs no cause for alarm. The girls were so tired that they used a log for their pillow. Hope they're resting well! The "Dirty Alley-Ratsn were delighted with the results they got from teasing Ruby for was it Ruth?j. The sly look on Miss Morrisorfs face leaves the impression that she is premeditating' a murder. Wholll be the victim? t - w W f Food seems to be the main feature in these young lives. Reducing is one thing our boys positively do not think about. Robert, Casey, and Barnett prove that they know their food. Has Milt eaten too much? His agony does not seem to affect Ethel Vera,s cold heart, because she is giving him another sandwich. Emogene had better be careful. It,s a punish- able offense to deface one of the treesg besides the lives of several of our famous beauties are at stake. What do those girls see in the water? Surely it is not filled with goldfish! .? 4 Cake-Cocoanut, chocolate, angel food, or any other kind one could wish for. Mr. Weatherby seems worried. I know why! He is trying to solve in a geometric way how many calories are being consumed by those in the bread line. Pike certainly got his allotted portion of food-et quam! Doesn,t our little Linn look cute? He must have been into mischief of some kind. Hayden makes a lovely background! Mr. Watson and Miss Morrison seem to be well pleased with the food they got. The mothers could not resist the lure of spring, youth, and foodg so they came along to see that no one drank too much pop or was drowned. Y ,jiithluiinz i V NQCAQJ 'J M 43 J' QVRQWQ J g X J A T9 ' 2 'Ss-LYVJ A E 'I QF xjx JJXQF, Jrf' L p W rf' , f yifffffiify fiiff v L ,J - I N , Gif ffbfjcjwwy W ,J mfg gf jf ifVX'- ff? JW sf ,J if Wwfjf' Q Q .157 -f iff 9xH'ryffy Jiffy +.sffP J' mf. QA M QJQCIJ . if 411 'PM i Q. 'll -V- QBQEUQQ Qs- Cfiliaghefn, Qfuizxrlg Dewey A. Mayhew, the niaker of champions! Wiho will deny it? Surely no one in West Texas. unless, maybe, the modest fellow hiniself. His rec- ord as a coach has been one of the highest glory and honor. A square, hard, and straight shooter is the best way he can be described to the stranger. Wlhy has he been so successful in his line of work? Surely not because he has had Well-trained and experienced material to work with. You can renieniber without taxing your brains that in the year that he first worked with an Abilene High School squad, he had absolutely no veterans. At the beginning of the season, all the old heads would wag together sadly, for they knew that a teani could not be made of such material as that. Yet, lo and behold, right under their own eyes they saw a wonderful football machine developing under the guidance of the beloved coach. How did he do it? Here is the whole secret: first, he knew the game, second, he loved the game, third, he worked strenuously. To make the job complete, as is his custom, he did all in his power to convey the same thoughts and ideas to the boys, who most faithfully worked for him. To show that the first year was no exception, he has re- peated the act and, in doing so, he has niade the Abilene High School Eagles famous the whole state over. This year, with hini at the controls, Abilene High School has soared to greater fame. Hera-is to Dewey A, lVlayhew. the maker of champions! Q? i F Une IIIIIIIIFUII Ninc C O A C H E S V -f 1 - Y' x 5 i if , rf 1 f N r X AIVRPHY Casco Fwusuinilc EDWARD S. MURPHY Coach Pat Murphy is the ex-Eagle who made good as a player in Abilene High School, and is now making even better as a coach. The boys not only work faithfully under him, but also enjoy doing so. Yvhy? Simply because he is a good-natured, hard-working, friendly lrish- man, who is now helping others enjoy the game he lovesefootball. Coach Murphy is one of the main factors in the athletic success of the Abilene Eagles, and he is held in high esteem by the students and the faculty of Abilene High School. Here is to S. Murphy, the true Eagle coach. JOHN H. GRECC John H. Gregg is the fiery young coach, who is the schoolas new basketball mentor. Although he is the most recent addition to the coaching staff, during his short stay he has developed two Oil Belt championship teams. Truly, that is quite an honor to the school, and no one can deny the fact that this young coach is undoubtedly respon- sible for it. Coach Gregg is just starting his coaching career, and the success that is in store for him is probably beyond estimation. The Eagles would hate to part with him, and it is hoped that all his future success will be attained at Abilene High School. HILLI ARD S. FATHFRR ICE Hilliard S. Fatherree, the dependable utility man, is the Eagle tennis coach. Since he is always perseverant, it is quite natural that his chief maxim to freshmen is, uCome out for some specific activity while a freshman and stick to itfl Those students who have followed this advice have been successful in the game. Coach Fatherree knows tennis so well that his coaching career has many championships as its mile- stones. He always works out a very informal and fricndly relationship between himself and his boys, and then in this mood, they work together lo make the school famous in the annals of tennis. One Humlrerl Ten 7152-'LILY AM 46 4 W is ?' B'Qx f f fs 'E9 23' lf? 1 13 rs Q ' I QMWQ is f Ms' e FQ. if 'mf bei QI -lf ' F . fl ,V " - " , . sq. .. ' .- ,K A- 'f- 'lf ua' Cm-,. . A, J : l N -' . ' , I .ix Q2 X 'f , lg SF f , f "' ff V-mf ' , 31.-1 1 V lil' ,...v, gd - "',.3,. x -1: 411.4 I ' J A 'wi ' ' 1 Ast' . . Y N 41- iii I , ,,A 1 h- QR., 'T 1 , - - .' k .W 3 "'Z'8"" if 5 I NX 2 3 gf " j V A 3 I L 'n-is ji , , ,, , , r y' Q Q -, I 'wr K A, 4' "ur .1 1-.3352 -eisfiqi... F - i' - f lr ' af. . -Q f , www N vu g l ? fm, H no I U X CW X? .K lg X. ,L ,V I' I , v ' 5' ' M W, I W' vf . ' V ' -5 ,,,,,M.. , NH 5 Q ' s. I 1 V . 0 1 ' ci 'C -x 5,41 - , 9 Quail U 125 . X JI 7 -' 91 Q 1 .v:-- an Q :W 'O E' as 4 4- f f ' TA ,- 1- .L ,,,,,,..,.f,-:'?' Q 0 Y Wx.. ' x " f' s-. . :E A .5 -2ExX?T-- . A - fLf55:"- . 4. 'fi f f A-7 1:1-m WASHINGTON, THE MINIATURE SOLDIER When George Wash- ington was a boy, he was a leader in all sports. He lo ved games of every kind, and he had the desire to play every game to win. Especially did the boy Washington love to play soldier in the games of war, in which he was 'llSllllll2j seleeterl by popular rote to be the cap- tain. It easy to picture this soldier playin which sham battles were staged hy the boys, some of whom played the part of pioneer settlers and others the part of Indian brares, bint with Wash- ington always as their leader. 5113111112111 Z"" F O T B A L L 7' li' Win , . z STANLEY SNIITH f33,' SMI ,lows 171 Ltxwow BLACKMON 151 All-Slate Center' All-District Full All-District Half Weight, 168 Weight. 178 Weight, 155 Star defender against passes A human pile-driver. The scor- Probably the best all-around Playing loose center he made his ing ace ot' the Oil-Belt District. back in the state. Able to star team impregnahle from end to in every type ol offensive and end, defensive play. A 1 . I K . 1, x , V .....W,A,-Hymn A L "1 Li-tl 1 .. , , XV rf- tt, 1 -' 4 Q' -kf'. f -'f' . . . -" . 1 Q-'I ilrff . ' , '- , 14 v X :Mi l.- , .,, vm!-seg, , V A ., 4 - "" ' " 'ef A 4 ,- yitfw-.vlsQ:' ff 1l , " a l X- 5 . J 1 ' ' I t.'-. 24 a1. ,, - V V . - A, , . ' , , L f 1 f ' Y-.. H . . t',. .V,, m y H- 1. . - N - t l wm - if , . - U , . f, ss r pt., Davis Gives an Exhibition Tnniball BY A. J. MCCARLI-LY EARLY SEASON GAMES The football season opened for the Eagles September 25, on Parramore Field with an impressive 73-0 victory over the Colorado Wolves. The class B team was no match for the Eagles. On October 2. the War Birds with many Abilene fans went over to Sweetwater and won a close victory from the Mustangs, 10-7. The contest was a thriller, and was featured by a 50-yard place-kick by Gaines Davis, Eagle guard. The next encounter was with one of the classiest teams in the class B circuit. the Snyder Tigers. The Tigers were a scrappy group, but the Abilene boys were far superior and won a 40-0 victory. The Eagles' first conference foes were the Brownwood Lions who proved to he just another prey for the Eaglesg then the strong Ranger Bulldogs were defeated 14-0. The Mavericks of Eastland were the last of these foes to be routed by the Abilene boys. The second teams played two engagements. Their first game was played in Stamford against the Bulldogs of that city. The Eagles returned home the better team by a 32 to 6 score. The Subs also travelled over and defeated the Baird High School team 33 to 0 lo make the season one of all victories. Um' IIIIIIIIIWII Ttwlttt' -.J ' . . U Tow Ktctluiqrz 139i tluxi-15 Iluts 1351 Wttsux Grim:-1ci,ust1 1321 Cuarrl Cllfllill gill-hiatt' Trlflfle Weight, 164- Weight. 192 Weight. 119 A leader at line plays One of A fi1'elil'anfl. who played with One of the state-'s outstanding the strong men ol' a stmrigr, fast a flame ul spirit that nothing: tzurklt-S. and prullaluly the seaaon z-1 lint-. cuulml t'Xll11Q1lllSl1. greatest lutxsartl. . if i 7 , ii I u U i I ' 7 A - - T g Q' V ' of - ,fx ,A - ' ' as f he , 1, 5 1 fiat: it 1 'Li 1-K ae- Hs f 3 'pad' Y-t R , ' , ',."n Q - er A f. . , ,- if il'-f Q a t"' 1 .J 1 " ' 1 1 ' , V I N X, , :Eg Q 1 I ' , 3 . T it .L+-1 i H W" if- 2 Q ... . '- . ' t K . . S 8 .. ' I Q Q sk 7 s' Q - .K ' J lx Li -it ,Q X, Y i ,Q was ,. 'di --j ir 1 E' 5 W 1 'Vg - . WQNWNQ f ' ' , w f Aii 7 W, T ff , QV' ..J....-,-.,.0 ., -1 , , . W .W5ff '..- M. --.f -- mf" .3,,..,-. S f A" , ' wana pf, ihi ee fiii . W he 1 W ' gagiajfefrif 74 'ii.i K it tr -A ' 'ew ' ,,5.gyQ1'-MFFHE' 155-f?43g:?w1' ' i',1 ww A ,'3flf-T it .. -'JS A 1 1' A w.f,-V. ,L Mya f -WN . -wg , r wa f ,, ff. 'Q - MMA-A wi N" A '-,Y T me 'fr er 4 1. ,. TM r , is 1 in ,lanes Sallies Forlll ABILICNIQ YS. CISCU 'X 1arge crowd packed the Parramore Stadium 1XllV6llllM'I' Zi. lo see the- Xliilene Eagles and Cisco l.0lmeS. the two undefeated teams of the district. cletfitle the win- ner nf District 3. The Eagles elected tu receive and, in the first few minutes ut' play. touk the ball for a toucllduwn. The litlim-s came lmacl-1 with a threat. which netted them nothing and seemed tu be their last chance nl' scuringg. Abilene ran. passed. and kicked to lmld a 34-0 lead at the half. The third quarter found several sulrstitutes in the lfagle line-up. and Cisco put over two toticlitlnwne. The' Eagles won cliecliwl their atlvant and the game ended: Abilene 34. Cisco 13. ABILENE XS. BI1ECKliXR1DCli l'erfu:'1ning bc-lure a crowd of five tlmufand. Coach Nlaylletfs hop downed the BI'l'l'kt'Ill'lllflf' liuc-kanms IH the tune uf 20-0 in their ltuine' town. 'lhe Btielcaruuf prme-tl tu ln- the Eagles' toughest opponent in tht- district. The lireclienridtze tx-am railed and lashed, hut they seldom passed the Eagle! forward wall. lfmpltasizing aerial attacks for the first time. the Abilene lmys pushed over three markers. giving the Shutmell crew ite worst defeat since the Eagle-Btiekurou fray of 1928. The Eagles were held to a feven-point lead until the final quarter. when they upfned up their fire-works. and accounted for thirteen more puintf. Score: Abilene 20, Brecken- rit ge 0. qi i Une' HIll1llI'f'lI TlZfl'lFt'lI BILL FALLS 1172 13ETE BARBER C347 Joie KIQNDALL LQOP Tackle and Cuarrl fill-Distric! Tackle Center and Guard Weight, 202 Weight, 183 Weight, 152 A great weight to the chain- Stoeky, hard, powerful. and An exceptional contributor to pionship clulm. last. Frequently he lwrolxe up the art of center and guard plays. plays helore they got under way. Blacknton Figltts For a Gain ABILENE VS. SVXVEETXVATER llii-District! The relentless Eagles eliminated the Sweetwater Mustangs from the state race by downing the visitors on Parramoro Field, 21-6. thereby winning the bi-district title and the right to enter the state quarI,er-finals. The contest presented many spectacular plays and thrills. and gave the fifty-two hundred fans attending it reasons to believe that the Eafvles we e verv strong contenders lot the state mhampionship The game was won by a fourth quarter scoring spree which seemed to be a habit of the Eagles This was the second defeat of the Nlustangzs in the 31 season at the hands of the Eagles The fnst quarttr proxed very shocking to the Ea-de lms when .1 visiting hack took the ball deep in them Sweetwattr territoty and eluded the whole opposition for eighty three yards and a as a result of a seventy yard drive and also made the extra point 'lhe tlnrd quarter passed seoreless The Sweetwatet boys held the Eagles to this one point margin until the last quartei when the Eagles ian wild Vllyatt and Jones htgan paiadmg up and down the field and with the aid of Davis ran up tourtoen point 'lhe gun laroupht the Eagles out of the contest ucto Phe score stood 216 . - 1' F L 12 ' 1 4' ' , : ' : ' ' ' . .Q 1 v v x Y' I I 1 F 'k nl. , . ' ' ' . . touchdown. It seemed that this six-point lead was good. until the home boys annexed a marker ' T ' ' us. ll I " l .t , 'Z Ts. -ll One HHfHClV6lZ Fourteen Xmtu. Hilmar-1t1s t22,t t1Ecii.UAI.mtAlTH t6t RALPH ISALFANZ 1381 flllllftl Half ,III-Stale End TV:-igltt. l58 Wfeight. 137 wleigllt, 163 X great bluelxer wht, was too ,X great oppnrtunist who de- lnsltrpassed in speed and nl quivk fur most ul' thnsv wlimn he liven-tl in a erisis. lfast and liensive play un ltunt:-. inet. shilly. Wyatt Has a Frulir: ABTLENE VS. LUBBOCK lStatt- Qtlarter-Finals! By routing the Sweetwater Xluslangs lint' tht- right to enter thi- state quarter-finals. the Eagles were readv to inet-t the next line, tht- l,ubb1-ck W4-stt-rners. uhm had bres-Zed through the competing teams of distrit-ts l and IZ. The liaglt-s. with about seven hundred and fifty fans who had traxeled one hundred and eighty miles tu Lubbock. took the Tech Field, opposed hy the ltubhoek team, The Eagles were placed as thc under- dogs by must ul' the state svribes, but with their determination and t'I1lllll5l2lhII'l they enuld not be beaten. The game began with both teams playing eaeful ftmtball. whvn in the middle nf the first quarter the Eagles started a 65-yard drive which resulted in a tuttt'litl4m'n. The gnal was missed. The Eagles held a 6-0 lead throughuut the set-und quarter. The Westerners repeat- f-diy started drives whirlt would fall before the inlpregnable liorwartl wall uf the Abilene lmys. lt ltmkt-tl as if the lfagles wuuld win by the 6-O score vhen XX yatt led his team down the field for anuther six points. Davis made the extra point. and .Xbilene returned hutne tht- "Pride uf Wvest Texas." heing the best team by thirteen puints. ,Xbilene TS. Lubbock O. lm' HllI1III'6f! Fifteen O Q41 F Y B L r' GLYAN XXflYA'l'T C21 1 1156? Goaooy Hixmsm' t31J Bun Dmoiax 4131 All-Stale Qlll1l'l'l'l' Guard End Utility Wfeight, 146 Weight, 142 Weigllt, 157 Yveight, 152 A master of all tricks When he charged, he A great blocking end. An animation to the of football, .Xn elusive mad e th 0 opponents om- of the best in every Eagles. Nothing could open field runner and a think ln- was l1llll'll larg- department of play. break down Bud? desirt fine passer and puntor. tr than he really was. to fight. jones Leaves a Pile Behind ABILEN E VS. GREENVILLE tState Semi-Finalst The irresistible Eagles met the immovable when they met the Greenville Lions. the conquerors of all East Texas. in a hard fought contest on Parramore Field. December 18. The strength of the l.ions was unknown in this part of the state, and the Eagles and Eagle fans wen' given a surprise when the visitors repeatedly refused to let the powerful attacks of the War Birds net counters. Time and again the Eagles drove deep into the East Texans' territory only to run into a strong forward wall, which could not be crossed. Tile Lions were put on a defensive game from the first kick-off and were always fighting to the best of their ability to check the drives of the West Texans. The half ended in a scoreless tie. After a few ininutos of rest, the teams renewed the contest and kept the parked stadium a place of rioting for the remainder of the game. The Eagles again took the offensive side and. fighting as true Eagles, started drive after drive to be turned hack on the Lion goal line. The Lions were a strong cornbination, but never threatened to score on the Eagles. They presented the be-st defensive team that the Abilene boys had met up to this time. The game ended in a scoreless tie. but the Eagles got the verdict hy the ten-yard penetration rule. One Hunrlrezl Sixteen I..-xxrux Xnlax 191 1J,x1.i1,Xt:Krl:s 4431 ,Intl-Ls Xiitcx 137i I l af f lin fl ,En fl Weight. I94 Weight. 140 Wt-iglil, 174 Faux llotgm-:I.1, 181 tlAmun.l. Hxu. Sunni-1 Ht .l. XX. Pnoi. ISP llrilj QIIIIWIUV' CIIIIIIYUI' NNE-ight. 1513 Wt-ialn. 127 Wviglit. IJSB .ai - . -iii-H -mmf "1 it lfffflrzvs of lflrf Iffllfri' and Cuff! fXl3lLl'iXl'i XS. IIEALNIUYI' tStatt- Finalst 'l'ht- Q-yes of Texas wort- turnml upun Furl Wlnrtlt. lJFL'f'll1lJQ'I' 25. and one thuusantl fans frmn 'Xbilt-ne vinharlwtl on a special to svc the Ftalv Final ffmtljatll gettin' ul' 1931. The Eagles anal the llnyal Purnlt- tnnk tht- fit-Itl in the new '1'e'xas Christian 1 nivvrsity Stacliuin antl gave the fiflt-rn thnusantl speclaturs a spvt-Itif'ula1r gainv. 'llln-rv was I1llll'll t-nthusiasm. and the- clay was iclefal fur a fnntball ganna Frnlii the first whistle the tc-anis started slashing earh uthvr in altcinpts to win tht- QHIIP rhanlpinnsliip. ,llter a fvw minutes ol' play the Eagles lwgan their grvat uflvnsire ganiv. as had been their Cllsltllll tluring the sea:-on, 'llhey wuulrl parade- tt- the lieauinmint goal lint- xrltc-re 1-wry attempt tri avcuunt a tuucllclnwn would pimu- futile-. The- half vntltwl: Xbilvne' O, Br-aulnnnt 0. The sevuiul half was also une- of continuous gains fur Ihr- Eagles. hut thvy st-etnecl unaltlv to stztwu. when Wyatt opvnerl ur 21 passing attack and pmst-litctl a lien trivk plays. Wyatt. un a faketl run vut hack and passvcl lliftvvn yartls to Blaclxlnon, who ran tht- remaining thirty yartls for a tuttc-li, down. Davis aalchlcl tht- Q-Xtra puint, antl Xbilt,-nv nas leading 7-0. The lluyal Purple hall num he-gun strictly a de-fensixe ganie. and tht: Eagxlvs rapidly I1l21I'K'llCLl to the- five' yard line. lirutn whirli Iilackmnn accriuntctl for another six points. 'llhf' try fin ,Qual was missetl. antl the score stnml Xbilenc 13. Beauniunt U. The Raffles had uncc more display-fl thuir superinrity among the state high scltuul tvains antl ,- won their third championship in nine years. Une ILIIIIIIIITII S4'l'6'lIlCt'll I X .J -x"iI-F Abilene Abilene .,,,., Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene .,,,..... Abilene .,,,, Abilene ,,,,i, Abilene ....,, Abilene Abilene Abilene.. Abilene ...... Abilene ...,.. Abilene ..,... Abilene.. Abilene ...... Abilene.. Abilene.. Abilene.. Abilene ....... . Abilene Abilene ...... Abilene.. Abilene ...... Abilene ...... Abilene Abilene Abilene 55BZIEiITII 4 efiiefu FOOTBALL w 73 Colorado 10 Sweetwater .. 46 Snyder 31 Brownwood l3 Ranger Ql Eastland 20 Breckenridge . 31- Cisco 21 Sweetwater 13 Lubbock 0 Greenville l3 Beaumont State Championship in Football BASKIQTBALL 47 Elfasxille .. -lb Eliasxille '13 Ranger 55 Ranger li! Breckenridge . 33 Breckenridge . lf: Cisco l Cisco 'Il Eastland .........3fl liiastland 23 Albany Albany 28 Hamlin 50 Lawn -'10 Rule 33 Big Spring li Big Spring 70 Big Spring TRACK District Champions in Relay Third in District Meet-23 Points State Championship in Relay TENNIS District Championship in District Championship in District Championship in Bi-District Championship Bi-District Championship Boy s' Doubles Boys, Singles Girls' Singles in Singles in Boys? Dou bles 0 7 0 6 0 O' 0 6 0 0 0 42 28 18 21 22 19 I0 0 20 21 I0 18 20 30 27 25 27 One Hundred Eighteen ,F we if fy ' wr U x 117' assi' ' ,F I ,Quik 62.5 v 044, Q it sw., XJ , P ! M- lm .13 ,,:,. ai! 'A' 5" 1' av I, I 'pl' 7 'Tv-1' 4 , 4, f.-- '- " fvh. '. Y' ,Q , ' 'V KC' 5- ' ., x ' 4, .-.T I in . ' Y gh "'-ug 'f.'1i"f1 , 3x,H-lfffhgug 'f-V 5? i , . A l 4" umm- -i Auf' -2"-,.el,,,j': 'ji-,.-,A-A ., I ,- fl 'lf"' fi4qgf:4Q.3 f 'f"?' " 4 5 ' ' if X' - .' ' M-.f s - '::, 1- ,. f I , yi! 1 In ,., A I L 'ff W 219. " 5 me f fl, .1 1 H, wg 11' JxW,M'1s,,,,..-sg , 'gt 1 if QF pci . K-...i .-is--iglghllg 1 M , V ' - D 1' -K . : - X 's ' ' .1 4 : ' X '- . xx 'M 5 3-L -' " T 5 .L , F ' , I -.5 - , .Q : fi-EQ 5 1, .. w e I Ni, :X , , Aff: L,-,,:f gl , G -x st 9 Y gl- Q47 . ' "sf . -' 'f " - ., ll' 3 , " 4- 16:- i? , . X4-fl I h 4. 14,1 V 4' ' ' T '1 -- f 'f an K Lge. 5-I A. gg ff lfulafj 4 " L sh..-Fwy, X .3 ,.-jj-""" , 5 " 'E is V I-gggw -xjllcwy .nnI" im ,. 1, x - ,, ,' ,.5f,w, ,X rs, ' ar' X-f f THROWING ACROSS THE POTOMAC Washing- ton, who ex- celled in all sports, performed the miracu- lous task of throwing a rock across the Potomac. This feat was one which not one man in a thousand could perform. It is said that a guide who was showing Mount Vernon to a group of foreigners was asked if it were true that Washington had tossed a rock across the Potomac. The guide cleverly replied, '4Not only did Washington do that, but in later years he did better- he tossed a sovereign across the Atlantic." Umher Sparta .1 W -1 S'l'Amr,i:r Syuru lkxicxiiii Qovriyerilc lt nisot IRNI-Q I,.-xyinilis I'1U!'ll'lll'!! Cwilcz' Cimrrl His spirit and sportsmanship The high-point man ol' the The tleftnder o li tht- lfaglt made him a lavoritc lfaglc, ltiaglc machine. goal. X tlcpenilahle. quick-thinly ing player. lnxynox Hui. Sr-xnigy CIIXPXIAN liI.NliIiNClC S'l'ItlClC'I' lfllllfll 01111111 Fo1'1t'111'1l -X smooth player on the lloor. Captain eletzt. Ilis tlt-light was ,X quielx forward, who had rl X great help to a gootl 103111. to hrealx up ilu' plays ol the op- gootl eye lor tht- hasket. posit lon. .Ks soon as the long foothall season yy as ended. Coach Gregg started his group of basketball men on their route in a veryf success- liul season. Chances for a strong team looked very' slim with the return of only' one letter man, Stanley Smith. from the 'ISI squad? hut Coach Gregg made use of Smith and his sex eral promising recruits and turned out the ehainpion teain in tht- Oil Bott League and the winner ol the lfastern hall of District U. The first game ol' the 732 season was play ed at Eliasville. The lfagles with only a few days of training were expected to he defeated. but they brought home a surprising 47 to l-2 victory. The liliasyille tcain w as very stuhlvorn in this match, hut they were unable to cope with the increasing power of the Abilene hasketeers. and in the return engagement they were routed with ease. This seemed to he a very' good heglnning for the War Birds. and in their remaining League games, they tasted of at-trait only twiee. The toppling of the strong Cisco and Breckenridge teams proy ed the superiority of the Eagles among the contenders in the Oil Belt League, and lurnishecl another silver figure for the trophy case. One lluritlrerl TIFFIIIAK f"il'.YI Rllllf t.. 51'klc1l.1, l., l.tlXl'NI-XX, S. Nitin. P. f.lWl'tNl,tiIL li. Hn.1. Q.. IAXIHIQICH. Swoml linux' 'l'. U. Nlxwsm. ll. Iloinzs. I. I.-xxl1z11lc'l'. .l. IS. lililttikhltllil-., llouzn Klizl-Luo. "Inu xi" IERUIDKSHIHI-I. Jlfpwnl. The lfuglf' Nest w as the nwlting pot in tha' vastvrn half ol Uistrivt U on lTCl1l'tIi1I'y l. ancl Illilllf strong warns entvrefl the tonrnzunent. 'lihv lfaglvs. han ing at hiv in the- first rounml of play, tzlcklvcl the llainlin twain in the sem-oncl untl won ai 23 to 20 xivtoxx. Lawn tht-n tunililerl lar-- fore the rushes of tht- Eaglvs 511 to fill. Alter' two claiys ol playing. all thx tvanis wen- mvltt-rl exvept those- of Nlullenr- and Hull: Thi- llooriiwn ol 'Klu- lcnv proxccl tllifl' strvnglh ln tlvfvuling Hula lll to 30. tlwlvlnx lu-4-oining tht- 4-nanlpions of the- lfnstern half ol' Uistrivt ll. Thi- lust hurdlv in tht- district was to ho ltlldCl'lilkf'll. The- Big Spring Stu-rs wvrfi to he nwt. The Stvvrs presf-nted Ll xc-te-mil tt-aun. whivh was clopml to ther-lx easily tht- cusi o iv Lug vs. vig fpring wus ios o it- irs gunw, unc me orv 21 crown o' llflllwll'S ltttlft ill tl fix? htlnclrvcl Ste-131' fans tha- Alwilvlie lvoys lna11'kml up un interesting hut easy 33 to 27 xic-tory. This was lhv surprise of u vm-ritnry, but not at nu-re an-iclmml. for lvoth tetunw playvcl supvrlr lulikvtlvall whilt- tht- Xliilvne hog Qtole the- show. This 1-ngngcn1r'nt lt-it thv ffrm-gglncn full of hopf' and thv Flex-rf thirsty lor 11-xc-yugo. :Xlrlll'llP 4'l1tm'1'tnlllecl the XIFIUJIS lll the two I't'IIlillIlltl?1 gannvs. lhe' tennis. lighting from the lirst to tht- lust whistle. lJl'1'SPllll'll two ol' the laistvst und lrest gaunm-s eva-r played on the loval floor, Big Spring Caine ont with the- two xi1'toi'ivf--wr-ll '1'Ltl'l1PIl. The svmzonfl gains was onf- lealllred lay thc stwuly goal shooting of Coppingey. whilm' Ullilpllldll was the ontstanmling lfuglv in tht- thircl gilIIlt'. The rx-vo1'cl-lv1'ea1lxi1ig rrow'clf werf' pleased with thv two ganws. unrl PYCFQOIIQ' w as sutislvivcl with the almility and thc' fight prvsvntfwl ln' thc' how. Um' llIIfllll'4'1i Tu'f'rrlv-ww A J l ' ke Fiftvf 130105 C. DUHHS. L. l3IAf2KNlHN, .I. 1SAI.1mw1Y, IJ. ACKICRS, G. Wwrr, H. BALFMZ, B. DRYUEN, F. CocmA1L1,. Semml Rmr: T. O. Nlxssm. R. FLY. W. Most-zu, P. Covvlvcriic. C. Sriurzm, L. HILL, B. MILAN. SEASON REVIEW ln the early spring, forty men reported for training to Coach Mayhew. The prospects for another winning team in the district looked very dim, with the loss of several stars by graduationg but the coaches were pleased somewhat when they saw the material before them and the enthusiasm of the boys. From the first day, the boys began hard consistent training, and after four weeks of daily practice the City Meet was held to determine the qualifiers for the District Meet. The meet was very surprising in that so many unsuspected stars were uncovered. Cogdell, a sophomore, was the high-point man of the meet with two first places. Other stars were Moser, Balfanz, Smith, Coppinger, and Dobbs. The first meet entered by the Eagles was a meet between the freshmen of Abilene Christian and Daniel Baker colleges, and Big Spring High School. The Eagles ran strong against their college entrants. Moser was the big attraction of the meet by cinching a second place in the relay for the Eagles. ln the State Meet the mile relay was won with a record of f3:25.5, the best time ever made in a Texas high school meet. 7' ! Om: I'IlLI1IlI'r'll Twenty-two First Rozr: E. 'I'Hm2sHEx, N. R, lfiAR'l'LF'l"l'. .l, Piirnmi. L. BR-XT'I'0N, M. IC. NIcHoI.s, Ii. L. CLARK, T. NICHOLS, G. Vr1'rE1'o, K. Role. Second Row: D. Wirr, Y. BARLI-lt, Nllss NWA Worms lDlltl-1CTORil, L. PAIIMICLLY, N. Locsoox, L. Hrikxnolx, M. Powr:LL, V. Anus. With interest much higher in volley ball in the '32 season than in previous years, one hundred and twenty girls reported for training at the first call of Miss Woods, the director. The group was divided into class teams and after an inter-class tournament, the Juniors emerged victorious. From these class teams twelve girls were selected from which to pick a team. The eight girls picked for the first team were Mary Eva Nichols, Juanita Petree, Kathryn Roe, Mary Powell, Nettie Rae Bartlett, Esther Lee Clark, Lois Herndon, and Violet Barley. Since there were three letter men returning, the prospects for a championship team looked very promising. In the practice games the Eagles defeated Caps by a very decisive score and also downed the team from Wfylie. Wvith these good showings, Miss Woods had her machine appearing as a strong entrant in the district. ln the '3l season the Eagles were defeated in the finals, and they were eager to get another chance at the title. The District Meet presented many strong teams, and the Eagles were eliminated in the semi-finals. V O L L E Y B A L L ig 1 One Hu n zlrerl Tlcenly-lhree T E N N I S if , 3 . t Q : T Z -K5 Y p ., . , Z gp , 3 V V lt ':'- i is 1 iiQN.Jlj!'1'3 E' ie ' t t ' if ,. Ql ' 3 ff' is 'F 'ii .t rf T . T D ,, 5 ,f L x .. Am,,rYi ,V , In .. ' . are T . T, - '.-L , 'f-A 1 Z -'kV H V "2 'It '13, - I fi 'S " 'W K :wa-1 I at M W. J ..,,..tf-'W 5. s - ,, agar- if f ' is W 6g5 Q K - -V . me, 3 Ag .. i W 4 .. .5 V 1 if ,Mg if g L Fosrian Wrzicn CHENOWIALTH Honrom SHOWALTI-in hlACHEN 14 pl'0l77flll R8Zlll'Il Coach Fatherree started training a group of tennis players early in the school year, and with a seasoned team he was able to produce the winners of three first places in the District Meet. The racqueteers who returned from the 731 season were Willard Foster, Max Chenoweth. Harold Showalter in the boys, division, and Frances Machen, Margarette Weed, and Dorothy Horton in the girls'. Foster was assigned the position of the singles player, while Max Chenoweth and Harold Showalter composed the doubles team. ln the girls' department Margarette Vifeed took the role of the singles player, and the doubles team was made up of Frances Machen and Dorothy Horton. The District Meet was held on the local courts on April 8 a11d 9, and the march of the Abilene High School racqueteers was stopped only in one division. Foster stopped easily all in opposition to him, downing Joe Davis of Big Spring in straight sets in the finals. The Chenoweth and Showalter combination took the title in the boys, doubles hy defeating the two representatives of Dunn in the finals. Margarette Weed played some brilliant tennis to come from behind in the finals and defeat Jewell Davidson of McCauley 6-4, 3-6. The only reverse came in the girls' douhles, when latan hroke through to down the team composed of Frances Machen and Dor- orthy Horton. Om' Illlnrlrcrl T1r'vnry-fnnr gI1?IaHhiig,hiEf125 . THE ABILENE I-IIGI-I ROCKET Weather Forecast: Confused Atmosphere Published April I In The Year of Our Lord 1950. I-'ligh School Honors Ninetieth g Birthday of Superintendent Seniors of Abilene High School sponsored a pro- gram for the celebration of the ninetieth birthday of their superintendent, R. D. Green, in a chapel program Monday morning. A review of the work of the man for the past fifty years was given by Pete Barber, Jr., president of the senior class. One of the most touching scenes ever witnessed in the auditorium, according to the superintendent, was the time when the entire student body rose and shouted the praise of their aged friend and in- structor as the secretary of the class escorted him to the stage. .T-.1-0 1 Eye Specialist Wrecks Car Dr. H. P. Fulwiler, eye specialist. while return- ing from Dallas yesterday accidentally ran into a twelve-foot bank and destroyed his 32-cylinder car. Luckily he hit on his head and was uninjured. ii., 0 ITEMS OF INTEREST Mr. Casey Kunkel, million dollar financier, who has made a great success on Wall Street, due to training he received managing the Flashlight, the Abilene High School annual. thirty years ago and who married a I3-year-old Freshman girl I8 years ago has committed suicide. While counting out the 50,000 pennies he always kept on hand, 'he came out twenty cents short. He was a good man in his childhood. Miss Madge Morrison, who formerly suffered the publication of the Abilene High Battery, is a retired journalist and enjoys the success of her lately pub- lished textbook on journalism. Her original style may be seen in the closing words of her latest lil- erary success: "Farewell, farewell, but this I tell To you, O Freshmen all, He gets there first who rushes. yells. And scrambles down the hall." -....i.0i.1i Prof. Dryden Returns Professor B. Hefner Dryden has just returned from China where for the last ten years 'he has been working on several contagious diseases, trying to get a medicine that will cure them. The dis- ease. which is caused by a peanut, has been spread- ing through China killing the Chinese by the thou- sands. While in America, Dr. Dryden will talk on how to keep the plant out of the United States. He will make a tour of the country talking on this subject and then will return to China to extend his study of the bacilli. ?' BITS OF NEWS Russell Day, 58, who has been a resident of this city for the past 4-9 years, made known in a speech to the Hobo Convention yesterday his intention of establishing a. home for old and disabled Hitch- Hikers. Returning to America for the first time in thirty- five years. Olive Ann Hale will arrive on the Susi- annia yesterday in New York at I4 a. m. this morn- ing. Miss Hale is the most noted actress of the stage in China and has decided to return to America to play opposite the new lover of the screen, Billy Fulwiler. Word has been received here of the election of Dr. Joe C. Myers to the presidency of the National Heights Reducer Medical Society. Resignation of M. M. Machen, for many years editor of the world's largest newspaper 4'The Crierw was presented last night in the Peacock Room of the Ostoria. Mr. Machen plans to retire to his extensive goat and chicken ranch, where he will devote his time to the progress of duck raising, Mr. G. P. Holland. famous radio crooner and motion picture actor, married this morning for only the seventh time. Holland left the stage work twenty years ago because he had the old-fashioned idea that he must be a home father to his 16 chil- dren ancl little wife. .,0...,.., Noted Flyer Killed Miss Hettie Logan Clay, celebrated plane pilot. crashed into Mars while attempting to land her rocket-plane at 19 a. m. today. Miss Clay became air-minded while working on the Flashlight I8 years ago. Her body is being shipped to Earth by way of Transperical Rocket Corporation. Milton McKenzie. well known portrait painter and cartoonist, has recently been requested to paint the youngest daughter of the Prince of Whales, Yvonne, for the King of England. He has been residing in New York for the last five years, but will live in England in the future, as he has fallen in love with an American violinist residing there. Mr. R. G. Cole. who is now resting in the Famous Typists, Burial Grounds in Shady Rest Dale in Swannee, Georgia, has become known the world over. His favorite refreshment is Ski-rocket chewing gum. which he chews each evening at 2 o'clock each eve- ning. One Uunzirerl Twenty-six ll I2 1. N111 N1-151111 1111111-5 111 1115 5111111-1115 111111 11-11 1-11111115 63 111111 111111 1-111-11 111 1111' 11111 IllllIl1l1'I'5 1'1lll2l15 f11'g. 1113 111511 1111111-5 111 1115 111111111-11 5111111-1115 111111 1111 11111111111-5 1111- 151151-1-1115, F111'1111-1'111111'1- 111- 11I'11Yl'N 111 1115 111-1111111-1-1-11 111-111111-111' 111111115 111111 111111'1- 1111111 11111- 11111- 1-1111 111- 111111111 1111'1111g11 L1 11111-11 11111111 IJ1'I'p1'I1111VlI1bll' 111 21 Q1X!'Il 11111-. Mr. 121111-: 111111111 111 111111111 Ll 1111111111111 "1 1111111-, 1 1111111-. 1 N101 If .1l'l'I'j1 "N1'5. 11' ,1111 111111111 11111 111111' 111111111 S11IIl1'11IIll'S. 11111 NN1Dll111Il.1 111111- 111 ll1llYl' S11 11111-11.0 11LlI'1 1'111111 Illil11t4 99 1111 111111115 11111 111-1'1111-11 111' 1111511'1 511 11111111 il1'11'I' 1111. 1111' 11111- 11111 11111-11 111' N1LII'11'11 111 1111111- LI 11-111-1' 111 1115 111111 11111111111111- 111- 1111111111 111111 11111- N1 1111 1111- 11111-111'111-1'. N11-1111111: "1J11 11111 11111111 llI1X111111Q 111 11111111115 111.r"f., xx11111lIIlI "1111 11111111 i5 l1l11l 111- lIli1I'l'1l'11 111111 1111411 111-111 11111111.1- X111 1311111 11'X111il1I11l1Q 1111- 5111-111111: 1Wl1'l1i 'H111115111111-." "51-1'111'1-111,111'," "111l1'11111111l5"1: '1'11l'I'P 15 Ll 1111111 1111 1111- 111111111 111111-11 1'1'I1l1I111N 1111- 111 111-111g 111 il 1111-1111111 111111 1IilX1llQ 1111 111-1111 1-111 111.1 111112411115 11111- 11111111 111111'11 11r11- 11 1570 ll. NN. 151111p11111g1 1115 11111391311 "-1111115111111-.H N115 1111111111111: "1l111'1'1111, N1l1'l44' 1111- 11111 51111111151-11 111 111- 11115 111-1'i1111'.' ff111'1'1111 SilYi1Q1l'I "1111 1111 1111 111111'11111g.'A 1115. 1111-111111111: 1111111- 111-1-11 1111 1111 111111' 1111-. 11. 1'. 1111111111111 "1111 1'w111'11. 1 51111111111 11111'1- 115 1l2lI'11 1111 11118 11-551111." X112 14111-112 "'11111 111ll1'S 111111111111 15 51111 111111111111f' 111-rv 1l1'5 1111' l'LlI4. 511 111-1111 111111 1-11111. 11 11:1-11 11111- 1111111111111 1111 1111- 11111 111 41'1l1Il11 N111 P1111i p11-a1'111-11 1111- 111111-1111. N111 SIIl111l 5111-11 tl 1i'ilI'. ,XI111 IAII 111- 111 111-I1-11111111 1111- 111-51 l11k11l1' 11'L1l'. N111 19111111 "S111111- 111115 111-1'1- 111111111111 1lt'I't' 111 31111-11-1'5." 1.11111- 11111: "W111-1'1- 111'1- 1111' QI1L11'1l'I'S 111111'f" 111'1g111 13111: "1111-1 111111- g11111- 11111-11 1111' 11111r1- 111115." I V 1 ...Q V Um- 111111111111 T1l'l'7Il1A-.' 'I'1'll The Story of Mildew Collitch Mildew Collitch was found- ed hack in the dark ages by the illustrious Professor Danderu ff, hut the site of the collilch still remains a secret. The story goes that the Prof. went haywire while trying to teach his pet turtle to roll over on his hack and play dead, and that soon after he hegan construction on the institution. The campus runs north and south, and the students all run across the street to play baffle hall. The administration huilding is in the center and is liuilt of hricks which were thrown at the Prof. by the irate parents of its inanimate inmates. The administration huildng is a one-room affair and since it is the only ljllllflillgl, it comprises the collitch. On the east side of the room there is a soda fountain which has a hrass rail running around the foot. On the first day of school the llrofessor hroke the big mirror hack of the fountain. gixingr himself seven years of hard luck9 so he calmly broke thirteen more and made a lifetime sentence of it. Classes are taught ex ery time the students can catch the Prof. soher enough to come to school. On Friday s. Saturdays, and holidays the Prof. teaches a class in deaf and dumb speech arts. He niakes the students use resin on their fingers so that they wonlt stutler. On Sunday night, Prof. Uanderuff teaches a class in one-arm driving. and every morning he teaches the pupils the correct method to sleep late. The graduates of Mildew who wish to continue their education may take advanced courses along the same lilies at the Ahilene State Hospital. There are two post grad- uate courses offered at the Collitch, one in N o-H oing, and tl1e other for those who plan to become professional zoo keepers. Taken all in all, Mildew Collitch is a wonderful place to go after you finish high school if your parents havent enough money to have a special doctor attend you. R TS Nerls, ncrls. flying rnuml, In lfzc trees and on the gl'0lHIff, ll seems they 6'l2lTl"YlL'lICI4t? almzmfl. Nerls, always nerls. Some of flzem are llllflf and louglz. Some are SIIIUOIII and some are rough, Some. by gunz. are cracked CII0llgll! Nerls, yea nerls. ' Azul poor .saps like you and me Close our eyes mul fail to sec HOIL7 we prove ourselves I0 be. Nerls, plain IIRl'l.S'.l -D. W. One llunrlrwzl TIl'f'lZffl"f'i,2'IIf i fx, 1 7" , ' L ' .ff 2 1 ,f 3 . a, . p A X , . Q ,. , F - Y VF.:-x - . wif f V ' -r. , ., U -, Q - k "H" R 1 5. , -. .,. . X I N 'X iffy' N ' Q, if fl D if ,f'!'N"'KEJ Q ' Q, 3 s E 'F Q ' N :M 5 My Xa , if 'xl D x X f if f ' ff? QW ,F u b an I as -L. n 5,3 1 jf X ,J 1' ff, I "' Ju' my I " N I 1' xx it s S 69, ,QQ "5 54 A gi E xt I X 4- 3 Br o WP I 4 sf J , V' - , f ' Nfgi H -o ' NSA ,X rfOf all the nerts of the' There is seldom a nert you will see f To compare with the thick K .U skull KOO KUU NERTS ' ' That grow on this balmy ji ' palm tree Q Q 2' Q' QA! N 4,... o , 1 o -ff X 3 2 5 is-fi x, ' I V ' X 5 . " I ' -W , 'm ' F gf o Ap ':aii5'y ' -1' X , X '1 if ff Q A ' " -.s,i'?'x Z A' , ff ,.. my f.Axu,,o, Q f'x lA.. gf,fw-X-,MN if - 2 o 1 ' -f f' I gow j .Q 4 ' J". xv ., ',-AE V , ' Q tvgrjwfu- Q V K x .,V, K 4- gt Q. ,ff , W-A rx 1 75 1: 5 . V, A., ? - V K i F .6 1 Q- .wg A lg, f 5 o V4 1 6 x i , o f 4 iw A f - ' N o 4,'oi A f A .- 7? ' ? fl. 1 f W o f o fu' . A , Q 6 + f - ' fin o - fy ,. fi Li H A I , I of Ae - K ' if " ft -1 '- -., , an , Q N X W if f X ' 5 tropical isles, 2 , of . 1 X , 4 , X M . - I K f Y I iff. , 'X 3l7:wf.Af g 2, 3 lA,z oo 5 f, " , ffx 4-ffx ggi 1:4 of 3?a??, i 5 R, I - ,A' A .' SQ? X 'ETX' . A ' ' Pb! ' . kr ,B i Egg 55 f gyb i x QEEPQ, fi of P oo 4 ov L- o b o .9 N wx X o Q , Lo.- A 5 -1. . 'tw 1 os, Ngi X ,f"' I 'i ff, ' fx: " Q -to 3 595 , J ,A,,. , Q. , ' .Qi 1 ' 5 -ff' " " A ' -4 - I -5 ' ' '+f.f-V X 1 . .9 iw- m i , VM LN M , W 5 ,Sr I .. Q-,gc ,X xiii 6 ko M 135, j C' s Q 5 iafin-fr -- MQ? NX" I nv Humlrcal Tu'enly-rzim : I Wanmso Help Us l, Clay Letcher, will my luck in Msoft soapingw Coach to Pike Nichols. I, C. lVI. Ellis, will my journalistic ability to ulkkieli Caplin. I also will 7 white lilies for his gravel I, ,lane Cuinn, will my brains to Flippo, by order of Coach. I, Mack lVIachen, will the Battery and all its brats to the unluckiest person in High School. I, Sibyl Class, will my ability to drive a car to Dale Ackers. l, Carl Pratt, will my beautiful blonde hair to Dallas Shoemake. I, Lucile Vlfaters, will my ravishing ways to Helen Burns. I, Ralph Balianz, will my way with the women to Bud Dryden. I, ,I. D. Liles, will my ability to typewrite to Prof. R. G. Cole. I , Ruth Scott, will my ability in loving HBicardo'7 to Polly Parrott, i'f she wants ' lt. I, Billy Fulwiler, will my wonderful acting ability to Hayden Clemons. I, Dorothy Swenson, will Bub lVIcDonald and my green Franklin to ,loy Pender. l, Joe Carl Myers, will 3 feet of my height to Emmett Lee. I, lfvlcyne lVIontgomery, will Stanley Smith and all his sweaters to Frances Hale. I, Ford Allen, will my ufish facell to Harry Fulwiler lipoor boyfl. I, Sue Carroll, will my quiet, childish ways to Florence Ackcrs. I, Cleddie Harvey, will my suave ways to Cene listes. I, Frances Lawlis, will my gold-digginl ability to lvlllllllli Lou Brown. l, C. P. Holland, will my good humor and Mnertyi' ways to Emogenc Tate. I I I I We G'Ants77 Hale X uBlondie7' Wvalker, will I0 bottles ol peroxide to whoever is enough to be a peroxide blonde! , Hettie Logan Clay, will my persuasive ability to get work done to Nell liinev. A. J. lVlcCarley, will my handsome looks to l"recldic lVIarti11. -I lfli-IIIIIIC Beth Arnold, will my Vtlintcrsl boy friend to Dallas Catherine Smith. , James XV. Holliday, will my perfect manners to Linnon Blac-kmon. fool I, Milt. McKenzie, will my drawing ability and dislike for girls to any one who has sense enough to take them. I, Casey Kunkel, will the deficit incurred on the Flashlight and my love for Freshmen girls to the succeeding sap. I, Grumpy Cowden, will my ability to skip and get by with it to Clynn Wyatt. I, Ed Conner, will whoever I'm in love with to whoever is in love with the same one as I am. I, Dot Free, will my ability to reduce at will to some of Coachis elephants. I, Linn Brewer, will my ability to uhula-hula" to Cenell Green. I, Kathryn Schultz, will my big ole blue eyes to any girl who wants always to be around men. I, HFats', Allen will my every-ready smile to Layton Arey. I, Birdie Baker, will some of my boy friends to Marjorie Munger. 7' m One Hundred Thirty COOPERATION IS THE KEYWORD TO SUCCESS. THESE FIRM LOY- AL SUPPORTERS OF ABILENE HIGH SCHOOL DESERVE OUR PATRONAGE. DO YOUR BIT STU- DENTS. THEY ARE OUR FRIENDS K SIMMONS UNIVERSITY SERVICE To the Individual Unhampered by outgrown traditions and practices - SIM- MONS UNIVERSITY stands magnificently prepared to develop the progressive, practical, and profit-paying spirit of the NEW SOUTHWEST in every son and daughter of West Texas. In Simmons, each student is AN INDIVIDUAL, receiving sympathetic instruction from the professors-with opportunity to develop his own talents and capabilities-making possible the high- est achievement in the trade or profession of his own choosing. A million dollar plant, con- sisting of I2 modern buildings -more than S500,000 endow- Simmons is the only univer- sity in West Texas. If offers B. A., M. A. and B. Mus. de- ment - adequate facilities for . . , , , grees and special professional the rooming and instruction of , , , d k - - t 1 - - students - science hall - fine mmmg In Pre me wot ' Pre arts hall-spacious laboratories law Pf6PafaU0Uf home econom' iswimmiug P O O1 1 gymna- ics, business administration. and sium. ournalism. l T Member of the Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools of i the South and the National Association of Schools of Music I For Catalogue or Further Information, Address Secretary, Simmons University I Abilene, Texas 4Ist Annual Opening, September A m One Humlred Tliirrfm t I of'I-ml1uu--uu-1m--m:-uu--nn 1-1---1 11111 . 11 111g11 .. 1 1 1 .,,,, 4, 5 'flu-"""'-1"-11N-11m--mul1u---1:--u1-11---1--1-1..1....,!, 1 T i . 4 E : s 3 I . T 'UHE5 1 l 1 l i . t . E . 1 l lth Best hes" l l l l i l l I The encl of the school year is always an eyent of real Q ' " f l h h U"-l ' 'l "l'U' ' I importance .... Jot to t e Dram uatlng L ass eapet to I T meet anfl conquer lifels problems-and to the unclergracl- T uatesfwho have moyecl a step nearer their goals. - l l i To you who are leaving Abilene lliffli Sr-liool. we 0lllll'l' 2 A . ' 2' . I l'UIlgl'ill.l1l3tIOI1S on your successful lnglr sc-hool career T I and host wishes for a happy continuation of that sur-cess T in your new responsibilities. To you who nc-xt year will T her-ome Sophomores. Juniors or Seniors. we rejoice with 5 : you in the enjoyment and profit you will 1'4-ceiye from l an arlclecl vear in an outstanrlinff institution of le-arnin-r. l I . z- rr X - l l l I just as Almilr-nv High Svliool is an integral part ol i West Texas. so is the West Texas lltilities Company a Wrist Texas institutionssworking anfl growing for and 1 with this "Land of Upporlunilyf' I I l , l The Jart this com many has haul in servinff the stumlr-nt x 2 l . .l ' . F . . , hotly of Abilene High School has been insp1rat1onal-- i ancl it is our sincere hope that future generations of Eagles will continue to upholcl your splendicl reputation i and traditions as have vou. 5 . ' l l I l l l l l W T U . . . l f est CXRS tllltles ' l l l cpm Il l l l ! I s l -l-l-.- .- - l- .-- ---. - - ---..-1-..- - -1- - -....- - -...-..-ll-1-l - -.- -.,........!. .i One 111111111111 Thirly-three +1---It ----- -- - -- --------- 1- - .-... -..... , ,-..-.,. 3 l l 1. 1, C. i Citllitllltlfllg ll11v11Ea,1E11o11s i i 1n1no1u11ncCe1nr11e1n11Es i 2 1 1 , . : ' and Callnng Cards l Latest creations and most approved styles in T Q genuine engraved, new process engraved and I - ,N V. V , W. v. . . I l piinted wedding invitations announcements, calling : i cards and Hthank youu notes. T The new ivory large size and junior size an- 1 nouneements and invitations which do not fold are very smart. Calling cards in newest styles to ! I L match. 1 xl Samples Wfill Be Mailed to You on Request I : I GENUINE PLATE ENGRAVING 1 I Weclicling Anlnoiinen-ments- and Invitations 31319.00 to 3545.00 per 100 L E Calling Cards, ll1CllI4llI1gL New Plate, 32.50 to 35.00 per 100 I I NEW PROCESS ENGRAVING F lliuuutilitl ltaism-tl l,e:Il1'rst I f Weddiiig Announcements and Invitations T IJOUBLE l'lNVEl.O1'ES FOLDICD S'1'YLl'lS LARGE SlZlQ IJOUBLE ICNVELOPIQS I : . ,,,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A, ,,,,,.,,,AY,,,..,A,,,w 5,00 HIAIL Wl'l'l'lOU'l' FOLDINGJ : 1 .111 ......1s1,.,1.11.... ...ss,. 1 .511 'e"'--'ee''---e"--eee-'---AeeeAeeW'-- -'e-"--- ee-'ee'------------A- 1 7 -00 1 100 --E,--.EW-EEEE---,--EE.Q--Q E----E EE-EEvEEEE EEEE-v,,v,EEEQQ-,EEw- 1 1 1 -111 mo 11Qiiiiiiiiiiifjgglgijiiili1ig"'t"t"1"'1""r""c'1""" 1233 : 1 1111111111-M1 1111 .,.,..,,.,s.,..1....sss.s 1 ..ss,1111111111,,,1... 1.511 Arlitifmal 100 ..,,sss,sss. ,..i11.iiQQi1iiii,Qiiii1Q ,,,, iiiiij 9100 1 I l11N1o1: asm: DQlPl1l,li 11Nw:1.ovEs M- Hfjxlltz mlms 1 . ,,,1'fT7l,1fffflfffffl suss ' f1'flf','fT5t cg 1 I .wo .,..,,s1s1 ....,1s,,,,11s 1... . 1.., 1 . ..,. s.s..s, 1 1 .oo j P ---e--ee eefeee"-'---e--e--ee e------'A-- Y-eeee E E E ' , 2 1011 .........,.,sss,ssssssssss. ,...sss...., ....ss,issss . 1 2.1111 50 -.-t,EEE EEV.Eg,.. EgV.....1, ...... 4 . 5 0 T i Mltlitimial 100 ...... , .....,,,, ,.,,,,,,.. , ,,,. . .. 8.50 100 ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,.,A,,,,,,,, ,,,,,A ,--,-- f , . 00 E i Calling Cards Process Engraved : .UJXNY l3l'l1Xll'llIl'1lll, S'I'Yl,ES I t 511 11111115 ...t,....iss.....itt.,ts..si.s......,, .............,... 1.50 loo Ca.-111 ,,,i,,,,sss,ssssssssQ.,s slsssysssx 3 2.00 I Additional 100 Cards ....,.,.,.. .,,,.,....,,,,.,,.,,.,,,,,.....,...,,,,,,.,i,,,,,,,,Y,,,,,A,,,,,.,, A,,,, ,,,,,A-,,AY,, --.-- 3 1 , 00 : Q Printed Weddings and Calling Cards T lNVl'1'ATl0li? ,HVDFANIN0UNClQMlCNTS AT HOME CARDS g I 01116 JTIVC tapes U : I if .....s,. 1QQQQf1Q'sQ5cm 50 -ee'- '-------- 3 -50 T 100 .... ...,i......s,.... 7.50 100 .EEd.idd.1,............i...... ........ 4 .50 1 f Calling Cards Printed T BE.-XUTIFLTL TYPES TO SELECT FROM l carrie ,,,,.,ss.t...t.t,t,st. ,,,,,,,,.ts1....,s,,.........,.,,.is 95 1.00 100 cards .....,.....11. .. ....,,.. 31.50 1 1 Additional 100 .,,,.....Y.,.,,...,YYV,..YV .....,......,,-,..VY.... 7 5C T L Alt15lllL,llj1,NTlF lPlRllN ll llN 1 1 SllAll1tCGDNER1 CU 1 1 0 1 T Factory and Office 1274 North Second T 1083 North Second Street Ab1lCI'1f3, Texas L 61Illl1I.Il1lIIIT!!IITt'lliflllllillllTlU3TllllTUlllT T' l I T T i' iTTTl ' Tilili "'l'lu7"'L"1N'illll1'lli 7' One Hundred Thirty-foul M1 1 1 1..,1.q.....1 1 1 1 1 1 1,,1..1,.1..1 1 ..- 1 1 1,.1,.1..1..1 1 1 1 1,.1, 4- u-- ------ ..- - -..-...-...-..-..-W.-.--.H-H.-- -.--.----- ..-..--..g. l "The West Texas Housen l I The Pender ompany Furniture Loose Leaf Filing Devices Systems Safes Etc. I MANUFACTURING STATIONERS i Complex Line of Ojfce Supplies l Abilene, Texas ..1..1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1..-....1..1..1 1..1,.,.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1....1..!. 'Q' I Service Since 1889 l The oldest and largest Bank in the Abilene country is just as t pl Cl y ld b J t p i 21I1XlOL1S O CASE 311 SCFVC OL1 215 WC WOL1 C WCFC WC .LIS O CII- I ing for business. 2 l We are trying to do our part in making Abilene bigger and I better than ever. The Farmers 81 Merchants i National Bank 1 ABILENE TEXAS l Q' l1lu1lw1lu-nuiuu -11111 -- 1-11111111 un-nu-an-nn1nn1nu1-un1nu-nu-.MP ..-1 U ll 1611 TIIHIVV-filrc f F t?w-1ul- n-un --1-1- ' ---1 ' ---1-1-i rlvx i1--11 -111 'I H - - nga 2 I I I I 2 I I I I CELEBRATIN G WITH BARGAINS! i I I I 32nd fffeiezkversezfy Cefebmfzbfe : -Months ago ue CIECICICCI IIIC best way to celebrate our 5L!I1cI year in busi- I I ness wus by CCICIJIHIIIIS me way ma. would ne ox me most IJI-nent L0 our I 5 tjLlSl0II1C1'S . . , LHU1'P101'U, we uuve I .Jugm me I11gI16SI qualuy and style T I 111e1'cnauu.se at Luc: IOIYCSL prices possmlc-allu mvne you L0 cuoose clouxes 2 I W 101' g1'LlClI1ilI10l1 and 101' SUIIIIIICI' wear alt Ucli L1LL11,DIirx11U-N l'1i1L,LD. I Forward, in 1932! I i I I 'IVIINTERDRY Goons EQ I Q CAbZleneS'7?ogf'ssive.S?Qre - I I I I 2 '5"""'-' '-""-- "" - "" - -' ---' "" - ""' -' - " - "" -""-""' " "' " " 11-1-- '-'- ----- I ------- I ----------------- - -H----Q I I T 6 4 o 77 ! f --a success p1cture I I 5 I I I 1 UIVIONEY IN TI-IE BANK" -is uplastic powerw that you I can mold and form into real and m o st successful under- takings-try it. I : I ' I ' I I "YOUR MONEY IN THIS BANK" T The C1t1zens Nat1onaI Bank E attaches 1tseIf to a SCFVICC and co operatlon most helpful I U Q C -i .-.I..-..-M-..I.-..........-....-I......II-I...-........,.-....-I...-I......,..-I.,-..,.-......I,,.-.......I.,-I.,-....-I.,-....-I.....,.,.....,- .-...I-.,.g. P' Om' flumlrezf T,ll'l'fj"-Six in ..1..1,,,1,.1.,..1 M1 ,..1nu1 qu... -nn1 -un1lm1nn--nu1uu1m--un-nu-nn-W1.141nu1l-u1nu...mv1un...uu1n-11rm1.1n1nu--uuim-nninn-un1un1 1 The Athlete Is Trained For Strength, Accuracy and Endurance In the Game of Life These Same Attributes Are Essential to Success Without a Doubt - IT PAYS TO PLAY - Dub Wooten Company Athletic and Sporting Goods 1..1.,.1, 1 1.1 1 ,-1,,1,,.1.1.11...1..1.,1..1,.1,.....,...1....1...-.w1w1,..1.....u.1.,,1., 1 1..1..1 1 'P -in .......nu...i,.1,,,.1,..,1.,.1,,,.1.1,.1...,1..1,,N1...11.,,,1..1,,,.1,,.1,4,.1,,,,1...1nII1I...1m.1,,,,1,,.,1,,,1.,,,1m..-..1,.,1..1H, FRATERNITY, COLLEGE and CL ASS JE WELR Y COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS AND INVITATIONS JEWEIJER TO TI-IE SENIOR CLASS OF ABILENE I-HGH SCHOOL L. G. Balfour Company Manufacturing Jewelers ancl Stationers Attlehoro, Mass. 1,..... 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1n1.u1..1.,1,u1.,,1g..1,i,1g.1.r1 1 1 1.,1..1u,.1.l.1..1,,.1.,1g.1 1117 5' .i14nin111111..11111 I T r f 2 DALLAS, WICHITA FALLS, ABILENE, TEXAS ' I I Put your liigli school education to work for you in the great field ol' business, I wliere tltere is no limit to tlre income you may receive--the opportunities you may enjoy. l'Iundreds of the Classes of '31 are now drawing attractive salaries in 3 positions offering unlimited opportunities for advancement as a result of the world 2 famous Drauglion training. lVIore' calls than graduates every year, insuring you a 2 good position, will be the passport lo the golden opportunities in the field of busi- ness. Call or Write for catalogue. I J. D. MIRACLE, President. I i www- - --------1- u11-vun1nn-wn-un-uu--nn1un1u.-.1itu1,,.1,,....,,,,1,,,1,,,,1,,,..,,,1 1 1 I IN ABILENE IT IS, I I rmxlwolitbs i CREYQQKIXY I I Hof coursen I . . . . . ' Home of Natural Cream Line lVI1lk HNot Honiogenizeclh and Better Ice Cream : Made in Abilene 5 llalli and Chestnut Phone 6277 ln-nu -1-1---1 11-11.. Qiii - .... , 1.1,,i,1, 1 I I CoMPL1MENTs OF I I I I I The Worldis Largest Store I 1052-1058 No. Sth sf. Abilene, 'rms I'II1wu- -m1--uu-un-uu-un-nu1un1nu1un14ua--m11un1nu-nn-nn--I 1 1 - -iiilliii 1 1 I I HOME FURNISHINGS AND In I DEcoRATroNs OF 7 DISTINCTION gs Q 2-if 1 I riff " V? ' M, sig by K L AT MODEST PRICES X ,ff Q? iifftfr 2 1 .ff 1 a frifrsrfrwt I 1 isli l ' ,, H... .sam ,, Q I -. ,.,.. f , I Il szrrzn HOMES win-luv REACH or AL.. Il 'l X M fn -Mmm-fs I . , Wes! Texas Finest Furniture 'tDecorat1ve Home Furnishers" Store -i-.-..-....-.H-.......-in-...-........-..-I.-.....,......u-................. -.-.-- 2,-.I-I.-...- - - -.., 7 ql 0710 Ullllrfwrl Tl1f1'Iy-1'fgl1I 1 1 1 1 1m,.-m,....m.1,,..1u.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1. :ion--nu1nn1 1 u1un 1--1 uu1uu1u 1 1 m1 nlnn 1 1uu1uu1 :111u1nn1m1' -1 llll 1 1 1 11 1 1 41uu1v.!. l l l --Pe and vnu-1'Uy, wisely' direvleml lux' an 1'flllL'l1'Ill staff of U'ZlClll'1'S sec-ond to none. P a. . . I l is a Great factor in cleveloainff lhv vnuno' men and Vllllllof WOIIIPII who will keen I I rr l r . P . z- l x I Ahilvne in the fore front always. . f 1 WE AHF FUR YUl' ONE HUYDITPIIJ Plfll CENT i - I ' I E I E i T ABILENE - - - - TEXAS ' I -... ..... .-..-.u-u.-..-u.-...-.-.. ...... ..,-.-u.- ..,. -..- - - - - - ...-.-T ll Q, T l 5 5 T f f T1 3 I 1 W Q , .5 111X1 . 1 I . i 270 Roomsf-270 Baths l i 52.00 to s:a.oo-'-x.m.- rlighmf' 1 3 THE ABILENE HILTON HOTEL ! T CONCH,-YTlfl,ATES : The Abilene High School ancl Future Leznling Citizens of Abilene l The 19532 Crznlualtes ! C. N. HILTON. Pre-sicle-nl EARL GITITAR. Manager l l l 1 .-............-....-..-...-..-..-...-.......-.H-.-...-...-u.,-...-u.....,..n......-...-..-..-......-.,-......,.- - .-..- 1 1smLS':17.,1zv T I l I super, SERVICE' 2 l 1 FIRESTONE q l Tl RES-'ffTl HESffl5A'l'TIfRlHS l and l BRAKE srgmlciri 1 g lfiftll and Pine St. Phone T2-L6 2 l L ............- -.-...-...-.. ..... .- - -..-... , ...... n,.....,.- -.,.......,.-I l l l T COMPLTMENTS OF l l l , . f YM l T J C N C' ' T l Q 0 , . A 0 I l I I . I i Q'Where Savmgs Are Greatestl' l l I l ,!,1---u1.. ------ . .. ...I ----..- -,,-,----,-- ,- ,M-MP .Qs Um' Numlrml Thirtr-nine .'i"'- "" -' ---- --' "" -""-""- "" -"'-""- "" - "" '- "" - "" -""-""-"" "" - "'f -"'-""-""'-"'- - --' " - "-H'-Mi' l . . . - S "I-hgh School Headquarters 11'1 Al31l6H6,, A FL' W O O T E N . T Hi E Q 0 N 1 ' 1 1 -- almtlier of the Baker Hotels i Special attention given to Class Parties.--hanquets, dinners, luncheons, teas. ' and other social functions. ' Special rates to athletic teams, clvlnaters and other visiting College groups. : ---1--and for your visiting friencls, the Home Folks, or at place to meet clown- - town, remember The Wlooten is the closest to everything. 5 GALE B. BATTEY, Manager. l "1 "l' 1""1 1""1 "" 1 "" 1 "1 1 "" 1"'1 1 "1 "" 1"H1' 1 "" 1"'1 "" 1 H1tlil111'-'IH1Hv1-IIII-Ivn1IIM1IHI1 1 1 -H1111 I - l 5 Q l . 1 ene aun ry o. i t Ab l d I f I ' Phone 8866 I l ' ULAUNDERERS AND DRY CLEANERS OF THE 1 2 DEPENDABLE KINDM ----. ,,,,,,- ,,,, - ,,,. - ,,,, -,.,,,,-,,,,-,,-,,,-.,,-,,.-.,,-,,.-,,,-,,.,,,,-,,,,-,,, - - - - -,M i 1 ' -ll I FLASHLTGHT PHOTOGRAPHERS - l 9 3 2 1 l l E f l I 1 . - - . i i orHOT0UR APHS ol-' DlsrlNCTlON Qs I Abilene 1 l l T 1 13 3 North Second L ll""'ll'1ll'l1 lll' 1l'W1"'T T '1 1'l"T' 1' llll lm'1llV1fm?"'V"1'l7l1llN1'W1UlI1lll91P1N1 1 1llIl1- 1 1l4l1ll1 lull-llliil i Tracle with us, we appreciate your husiness. our prices are as low as the loweet. l l YVe fill any clot-torls prescriptions by registered phurniacists. - l l HOWARD DRUG COMPANY PEOPLES DRUG STORE l 1 V182 Chestnut St. 202 Chestnut St. Z M Phone 6209 Phone 7219 1 I l I POST OFFICE PHARMACY T f34l N. 3rtl SI. T Phone 6287 MOTOR FREE DELIVERY SERVICE FROM ALL STORES l I .Q l1ll1lH1ll1lW1 l'1ll1'lll"1ul"1l"1l0ll Ulll 1'll""'uFl1Ul11ln'i"lll1lU11lW'1-Nl 'TWHi'u'7'lIT"7u"""Tnl7"i' 7 1 llulild 'I 1 Une Ilunrfrwl Fnrfv 4.i.............-i.....i......-i.i--....-...,-..,.-...-..i.-....-...-...-....-.W-....- -...i-....-....-....-..i-....-...-i..-...,-....-i..-i..-..........-4. l I I I I Fancy Groceries. Selected Meats, Fresh I"ru,its anti Vegetables, All Pantry Supplies Agents for Batavia Pure Food Products, Tea Carden Jellies and Preserves, Battle : Creek Health Foods, Clappis Baby Soups and Strainecl Vegetables. SCI-IULTZ'S GROCERY l2I36 Nortli 5111 St. 3 Phones 7227 1-,..-.n-,,,-,,,-.,,-..,-..i..,.-..i - -..,-.,i-.i-ii-- ..., - .... - ..t. - .... .. .... ... ..,. - .... - ..,. ... .. -. .-i....-.ii-....-....-....-..i-....- I L We Appreciate Your Busiriess Q WEEKS DRUG STORES 5 Hilton Hotel Bldg. Alexander Bldg. : I I llltlv- lI'1 lilllvv --Ml1llTIIM1 1Ii'I1- IIII 1IIllllll1Hl11QlIllII91i- llll illtiiblll-1IlVI1Illlllll'1Hv4T lltl TMNT Ii-llll-1IlIlTIIllT TIIITKIIITIIII-' : - I l HARVEY HAYS DRUG CO. ' Z Abilene, Texas I Where Service Counts I Drugs, Sui1cli'ie-S, and liountain Drinks Xlotorcycle Delix'ei'y Serxiee, Uay or Night i Mims Biiiiiiiiig Dial 3231 t Z -m1- -r:' -ixn-uu-im- iuii -nu- 1nn-nn-nn-uu1iiu-iin---uni iiii 1 iiii -ui-vin-un-un-ii-1lii1n.--iiV1 1nii1n-ii.-m-..-un- I I : ' I RIGHT-WAY LAUNDRY 5 Hlvou Cflllil Go Wrong the RliI'lLl-WlIV',i I 5 f i T 609 Oak St. Plione 5205 T E 1lli'llTllll1lI'Tll'-UUIH1 v i l1lll1lITIlllllv1,Il4- Altlvllwu-H4-1llllVl1ll1rl1rl:l1 lyyl 1 M M 1 1111 iqI1ll1p1- i I I i LEE DUCKWORTH STORES Self-Serving. Casli and Carry Plan I I Featuring Better Things to Eat at Prices That You Can Afford to Pay E I l -nu-H -"H-In-nv-1:11HM-I1-1mir--11I-un-uu1iin-un-uninn-un--iu--iir1iin- i-ii -i-u-uii-ii.i.i,1,.1,.-ii..- 1 -:nm 5 1 I 'clfliere Gems and C0111 are Fairly Solrlw uric: " : - -is REX A SMITH .lEWluLlfli f 2,1-T3 Pine Street g 'Gmini Xvillfll Repairing -lfyes lfxaininerl fClasses liittecl 5 5 -i.-...--...-..V-..-..i--.-.i-----.-..-ii-i.i- i.- - i... -ii-.,.-ii-.,.-,.-..-,..-...-..I...,.....,i-..-,......-..,-,.-.,,- i liig stock ol' Home l7urnisliings of newest creations. liet us furiiisli your liome 1-omplete T Visit Our Drapery Departmenl , BARROW FURNITURE CO. ' I2 S'roiii-:s ix Wicsi' 'liivxs E Q -rw -1----v- iIn1nl1IIl1Hv111iI- 'v'v ---'M-un-i:n1i'u--nw1nn-nu- iiii vin- iiii inn- 1 1 1 -.1 ...i....i T New Low Prices at Our Fountain l Z JUMBO ICE CREAM SODA ltle I Biggest in the Wcirlil i Malted Milk IUC-Sandwiches, Hot, Toasted llle MONTGOMERY DRUG CO. 'P-nu ------- uu-m--nu-u-n--n- iiii -i-un-mi- iiii -iii.-im-iii.-ui.-ii..-mi .--.-1.. ,,,.-,,+ .-Q Uni' llunilreil Forty-nm' I ofou1n:u1un1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1-: 111111 i m- 1- 1111 -1 1 1- iviii ,,,1,,,,-,!, I T ACKERS SHOE STORE 2 lliewis J. Ackers Ownerj 266 Cypress Street .,.. -.,i- - .. ..,. - ..,. - . .. - K... - ...K - ,,,. --..-- - - ------ I '- RICHARDS l Shoe Repairing and I SHINE PARLOR l i Where Shoe Repairing and Dyeing is an Art I S I6-I Cypress "" -"I- - -f- "" - "" - "" ---- - -"-""' I ,- I -"-'---'------- f1xr?v gy --------- 2 : ,----f '--- -1 :. I 'L' lllllllllll I I lllllllllllli i , ee lui I I BEAUTIFUL GRADUATION GIFTS Dizimoncls, Watches, ,Iewelry and I Novelties PHESLEY7S i'lT'l"'TlIT T 5"' T 'lii 'TIN'-'UWT "" 'l V"' T l"' l'lni""lT T 'Vim' i THE WILSON I -1- T' C. L. QIOIAINSON, Prop. In the Center of Norlh Side Where fllnilene Dimes and Travelers flre Welcome U80 N 2nd St. Ahilene, Texas 1 1.l.,1..l,1.,1,.,,1nn-1un DR. R. A. MADDOX i Dentist Alexander Building in--1511111111 1 1 1nu1uu-1 1-nu1m.- 1un1uu1im1nu-, : HCivc us 0 TrialU1c'We Satisfy Your HlLlZg'6T:, I EL SPANISH GARDEN Original Spanish Dishes H1155 ll Urinkw alias U Smzriu1ich" 11:25 In si. I I SCHOOL SUPPLIES I THE BEAVER I I CONFECTIOAERY LUNCHES I M---M----M--mmmq ilii -ii- -f-, .f,. i.-i i..i Independent Ice Sz ,Refrigerating Company i H1176 Put Ihr: Ice in, Serv-ics' Phone -'lifill Oak SJ S. 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