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V 07116, FLASHLIGHT ofa I Q Q Q fit NATIONAL HGNOR SOCIETY AIARY ,Io BOWERS Lrcr CATON MR. I.. E. Di nugx' Pfl,.91.l1f'l1I Treasurer Sponsor OH NITA CARTER .ll-LWEL YORK Vice President Press Reporter The roll of the National Honor Society, which is a nation-wide organization based on the fundamental principles of character. scholarship, leadership. and ser- vice, is as follows: Hoyland Arnette, Hazel Atkinson, Crawford Babb. Charles Barnes, Torn Barnes. Violet Barker. Collins Beaty, Rupert Black. Mary ,lo Bowers Elizabeth Bowyer, Burgess Brown, C. W. Cecil. Oh Nita Carter, Lucy Caton. Leo Chrane. Christobel Christopher. Caleb DeShazo, Elizabeth Dillingham, Elizabeth Doss, William Fullwood. Clara Geistinan. A. R. Tyson. Frederick Thomas, Herschel Vaughan. Crystal Wileyf. James Yvroten. Ella Wlilson, Jewel York. Ninety-eight WEN? , 3 ' ' 1 ' 0 cu gc' V 071149 l.AsHl.lcH'r ofa 1 Q99 GanG Miss 'llnlxiiig tjmlgk Hin l-fu ll:-iitigx l,x Nun lrlllil-li lin' l'1m1'1lel1! Tl'Q'llXllI'l'l' lil-:Tm ll ui 111:11 St'l'ft'flll'Yl' Spnlzsnf Klum .ltr limwlis i,ft'.YI.f1I'77f What is this mysterious 1-lull with it mystvrimis 1llf'llllllllfI and with so niany niystvrious lYlf'lIlllf'l'S? Soni:-tliing wvirml ami 1'l't't'lJy grasps the 1-motions ut the very thought of it. "Live and lf'LlI'Il.n my g1l'1lt'lUllS lllltlffl'-l'ltlSS WtlIllt'll. is tlw aclx it-P of cvwy lIl0llll19l' ul' this urgzmizatiun. "l,iw.'i lu use the stumltmls ull tht- vluli tu the- gre-utvst acl- vantage: aml hlPllI'Ilu to kt-vp within yuur lwart tln- pn-vc-pts of the fumlamf-ntal p1'in0iplPs ol the' OfglillllZllllUll'l.I'lt'llllllIlf'HS. loyalty. and se-iwivv. 'liilf'Sf' are hvlfl Sill'I'PCl hy tlw vluh. Ninety-nine iN fl '- 1 -1 , oo cw 50" Nr V C7119 FLASHLIC-HT ofa v 999 v SCIENCE CLUB llAXI.IS Pom: Fluin Xlfllil-IXLII-I xlll. lmlrm' STUXI-l 1,l't'.Ylllt'IIf lice l'l'4'xI1lcr1I SfHlll.XlH' Enwlx l3l'nx.uI Inu-gxia Osamu Vim' Pl'l'SliI1Pl1f St'l'I'L'l!II'j' The year l928-l929 marks the beginning of the Science Club. which is spon- sored lmy Mr. Leroy Stone. Although the clulm had lmeen recently organized. the niemlvers worked diligently and faithfully to put oyer the niain object in view- payment for L1 motion picture machine with which several stories were flashed on the screen for the henelit of the student hody. The purpose of the clulv is to learn more of the niysteries yet unsolved in this world of science. IT-""-Qi! li I -9 Une Hundred GLN: C 3 ' 'I 6' ' o CH 50" V C7119 LASHLIGHT 0fa1QfzQ v HQME ECQNQMICS f 4 i 'L T" 4 i 41 fx ' ' 0' ' " -- "fx f' ' 4,51 N Q , 1,5 . 1 N , , N A qx ,KR ,-.'.. 1 X. N. , v ggft.-X 1 . If 1 . ,gg , W 5. l My ,f ig 1 I 11 g - ,, A I Q . h...r,i . 1,1 ..' Bllxs H1111 1:UXll'I-.lil-. 151111135 X1111,1x11 1,111xx1:11 'xllfs NIAHTH1 l1l'l"IIilI.I, Sporunl' I'1'1'.x1'rl1'r1t Sjrnrmfr tl11111v1'f11s111. 1I11111sT111'111111 lxu XY 11111 l'1'1zs1'fl1-r1I S1'f'r1'l411'1' 'flu' Home l"1I'4lIl1lIlliL'S lllulv of AIPilK'lll' High 511111111 is u1111p11sml of tha- 1llf- fc-1'1'11l lfllllhillgl vlussvs. foods 1-lussvs. 111111 1lvsig11 vlassvs. illulr lllt't'lillg1S mere- llwlmf during the cllapm-1 pr-riod Sfxllli-lllllllllllf. The p11rpo:'v nf the clulm is lo unify the cliffe1'e11l phases of Llullwrlic 001111111111 and to p1'vpa1'P llw 111f'111lw1's for the resp011sil1ility of illlfillflillg to l11111sPl10ld dutivs. I . . ,1- FI11- 011111 cllxlslmw 11111 11. I1. L. 111111 Q.. lt. L. l-!' .ilL'IiiY3" :M- xii a S ill? NIP' ,gpm lily? llliit One Hundred One y,EN :X '- I 5' , 'lv 509 V C7119 LASHLIC-HT M1999 v SPANISH CLUB N r INEZ EVANS FRANCES RANHY Klux E.NL RANDOLPH President Sccrctary Sponsor IRENE OSBYRN KALETA Luis Secretary Vice President El proposito del club es un eutiendimiento mejor de la vida espanola y una cultivacion de la afluencia en el uso de la lengua Castellana. Las progranlas consisten de discursos espanoles por los profesores desde las calegios y por los Mexicanos. de piezas. lecturas, y palabras por los miembrc-5. Las ovcasiones sociales de este eine has side banquets y romeria en Cinco de Mayo. Habia sido tambien programa de Capillo. One Hundred Two yew, 49 ' 'S 6' ' o on 50' V C7119 FLASHLIGHT 0 IQQQ sf L TIN CL B ' wifi ' ,a.slSfJ Q I f 157, x,1: gt 5Mqgf?4kQg5 g HZ 13- 1 uw E' -5mi 3 .P 2 12 off q" air' ' as ,. 4' , ' R ,' 1 - . - -,- , 425 ..:?7qiK ,A Liga V5 ,f. ,i ' W'AQ ' . f A A e 4 .. - j v . .. V - ,f was ' 1 v glvwl mrwfi Ai. Jr- LJ' . 1 ' W Bhss NIYRTLE TRANTHAAI PHIUP Ilauvrox Nha. Nlanv E. Nonwoou Sponsor lhvsident Sponsor JACK POPE BIABEL HARBER President Seeretary Station: P-A-S-T. Elysian Field in Hades. Time: 2.632 years since the founding of Home. Announcer: Marcus Tullius Cicero. "Good morning. Quiritesl I have a surprise for you. Wie are to he entertained by Virgil, who has the power to see events in a different world. He will give for us an account of the accomplishments of the Summa Summarum of Aluilene High Scho0l.,7 Virgil: L'There are two divisions of the Summa Summarum. the patrieii under the leadership of Mrs. Marine Norwoodae and the plehes under Miss Mvrtae Trantha- minis. These Clubs study our Customs. dress. entertainments. and even give plays in our own language. The annual Latin Tournament was held in Aliilenae this year. ln freta dum lluvii current. dum montihus umhrae lustrahunt convexa. palus dum side-ra past-et. semper honos nomenque nostrum laudesque 1'll0Il0lJllIll.-i Cicero: "O temporel O moresl Oh ratslu One Hundred Three X yan, Q9 a 'I 6' ' o CH 569' V C7119 LASHLIGHT ofa 1 QQ Q QR: PULYHEDRUN P- W1 .N 'r NR. LI. D, Fmm NIILIJRI-IIT Hmuirn Lfxmus Nmu SFIIIINIPI' Trrrzxzzrvr Rvpnrtvr .XNXIIQ HI TH IiAw'r1's lI1.1xTux X11 lH'llN SL'l'I'L'flll'Y I'l'cxf11c'I1! flppellaliozzs: Delta Pi: Soror-frat: Polys. lVCIfC11Il'0I'dSI Parties and 1JiC'Ilil'S. Pride: Houestx' and LiL'l'll1'dC'y'. HQVQGAIZESSI Banquets and Greek naiiies. Faults: Myopia and eruditiou. lnlerestz Triangles of life-. Repzllaiiorzz Morons. Illlllliflilllli The impossilnlc. 1'cl11'vIe: Ford. One Hundred Four Wine. Q9 a 1 5' ' o CH gc? QAQWQXA 5'lho record zh Z'i'll0l'iC.5'l mp teorrgzq 13 gzilofz zn thzs dwzszon Z4 gf.-:L of' the book H headlong chasg 1 ' l?'omMountamPas5 toz Stzhk"wa.sj the last zmportant lndzagfgg encounteroA f"Q E fwfif' ,,--2 af af f ,.-, if , Xf- 5 'Z' Q Q. L Fo 5 F f . ' Wi' 'Wo fc q A 91 16-bfi! 14 - ifymf-'fylf '7 5, , 3 X -, no A AM, 1 Q5 45,1 3 JAN f W I A 4... hw' 522.-SV I .,.., v...-A"'-. V 07116, LASHLIGHT we I QQQ Cha E ---wit . ,M--. 1.-..., LIUMIII IJICXYIQY A. MAYIIHW Coming to us in the fall of 1927 from Marlin. Coach Dewey A Mayhew has demonstrated to thf- high schools with whom his team has played that he is a master at the art of coaching football. During the two years he has been coach of football for Abilene High School. the team has lost only one game, that being to Waco. Both years his team has been in the finals. and this season it won the State Championship. possessing a magnetic personality, he is able to tie men to him in a way that makes it easy for him to get over his ideas in the coaching game. One of his strong points is his ability to get out of a man all that there is in him and to make him right to the last whistle. Coach Mayhew is a ITl2iI1,S man and a superior Coach. May he be with us many seasons to come. Q , on gd' EN One Hundred Pne at '- . sl 1 af W, ,,. M,,,,,L,,,iV 4 ..,, , .,. N . . V, ' J " " Q ' Qiiisca-,15'J1:a?X?Ef?2,?i.f, 4. ,. ,. 'fam - 31 -Q..!.4',fff-1"'r .3 Uiilgj ' " -311 :3-Q2": A -:,1:f.5r-ffl+1-firm--11-flifqm, ,f., aw- . .1 f.. f-. -. ..,.,V. ,. - -- V - 5.,A,Z.. .. r ' '::2.r,i ' r - . I ' Qsn' 'Q " ' - . ' ,-,qw-. ' Q.-al. . . . ,wvpnm -.M-4 1.--ff.. -nun-.cfm ..4.,,.-uv.fanoe.,.w-.www-.nn-uv-.W ,.......-.fm-1-1 L, . .9 . 9f" . 5 .I ' ' ,. 2? ff' unlnw Wallin:-mu Fw - , , , U ,V - .- - U ., :ny . . ', ,Q ,. -5-Lx-,si 3: wg,-:1.,-":'ge1" +':,',:,.f-71 ,gfzgia:1::1,i'fr:"f:5'45' -165512'Zmgma-,211fe?js,pi'-':v5331,4yr:1gjq,35,-, , .. 1. N . . . .,.. . ..s1, , .. ,... ..1,,, . . .. , ,, .,3,.,.4,,.,4,,.A,,Q,A . , , . "The trees join hands where the east door stands, And the windows smile a welcome to all." N: :it QS? fikyjli 21551 "' 5:5 ii' N , X., if' . 51-'Sf fx! E632 1 fx-'Th 4 gw-312 ,fra iii' .3 - 5 I -1 ff ff 52 ' f f ? 5,6 4 .3 . 1? 4' I .' Q, W 1 - 13 K 'ilii' gy, if i C7119 F'l.Asx-u.1c:-H1' ofa 1 9 Q 9 The Coaching Staff Timo POWELL When we think of football, track, or basketball, we think of Coach Powell. His big ideas have produced Winning teams in all branches of sport that he has touched, and these ideas have demanded and received the hearty respect of all opponents, Whether on floor, field, or track. Coach Powell's excellent knowledge of the coaching game has helped to put athletics on a higher plane in this section of the state. HILLIARD S. FATHERREE ' Upon Coach Fatherree there falls the all-important task of building football players out of the myriads of ambitious freshmen who report for work each year. Few realize the importance of this work, but upon the freshman coaches there rests the responsibility of training the men who will one day fill places on the team. Coach Fatherree has accomplished much, and the Eagle squad will be greatly strengthened next year by the men that he has turned out. Coach Fatherree tutors the Eagle tennis squad, and the development of tennis has been largely due to his earnest efforts. EDWARD S. MURPHY Pat Murphy is a man of few words, but when he speaks, his word is law. He successfully worked with the Eagles through the past season with vim and untiring energy. His quiet unassuming way is a drawing card to his success, for when the silence is broken, his listeners heed his call. Pat has gained the respect of every Eagle. He is a versatile man-a good athlete, a clean, hard-working, straighbthink- ing coach. One Hundred Six xViN6' Q9 an 1 6' , CH 509 if 7 V C7119 FLASHLIGHT OPIQQQ v Ilhlnthall cc ' X at X,f-L"x,4TXe1UX fmwcw ew T ,QQ milf ' Nia-31, nit' til' xr , K wif-o , ' L- ff,-f' 'bf QW ri. Tl1X1'T"' ra" f-f Q X' 1' ,f dgx A. ' f 'nxle--,Q V Y:ejj:.e:Q.jEf5 e Q N, - - leefrllt -if ' T37 ,V 'V mug' I V K.: lil .r I-fwx K1 ,Said A f -fd The cockfghts were on Sunday in the cattle shipping pen, The bets were always open to all true sporting meng The invitation traveled for days when fights were tense, "Come on and bring your roosterg you are wel- come on the fencefl' WEN! Q? 1 T' 6' ' 0 C1-1 50' V C7119 FLASHLIGHT ofa n QQ Q Ch: i ABILENE FIGHTING EAGLES STATE CHAMPIONS IN FOOTBALL. 1928 FOOTBALL Reuieu' of the CYIICIIIIIIIUOIZSIITII Season By Finlon HTIUHTUIIIS The 1923 foothall season was easily the most successful in the history of the high school. from the standpoint both of the number of games won and the ex- cellent spirit prevailing among the members of the team. Linder the leadership of Captain Dan Salkeld. the Eagles Opened the season by defeating the Anson Tigers 7-0. A few days later the Eagles met and defeated Ballinger and Coleman. The Howard Payne Reserves were next in line. and they were humbled to the tune of l8-O. The Eagles once more rolled up the highest score made in the district, by de- feating Haskell. 76-6. The first Class A game of the season was played against Eastland. and the plueky little eleven from that city tried in vain to stop the Charging Eagles. who passed. ran ends. and hit the line until a total of l9 points had been added to their credit. Every man on the team did his work nohly in resisting any attack his opponents had to Offer. The Bulldogs from Hanger were next in order for the Eagles. This proved to be the most thrilling game of the season. True to their tradition the Bulldogs fought and. catching the Eagles OH guard in the hrst part of the game. Carried the ball across the goal line twice. For a few tense minutes. it seemed that the Eagles were going to be defeated: hut coming out of their daze. the Abileneans swept down the field and One Hundred Eight y,EN ax 8' 'I G' ' o CH 569 ' 1'-ui ...f X V C7119 FLASHLIGHT ofa 1 9129 Sf V Yksziz'-sis ANOTHER EAGLE TRIUMPH added three touchdowns to tl1eir score. Another tally was Illlltlt' hy the Bulldogs and the game ended I9-l9. Th-e third Class A game was with the Breckenridge Buckaroos. lll vain did the Buckaroo eleven try to hold the Eagles as they swishpfl past them play after play and swept down the field tallying five touchdowns. The Buckaroos broke loose in the last minute of the game and carried the hall across the line for their Ollly score. Result 31-6. A two-weeks' rest put the Eagles in perfect trim for the game with San Angelo. The Bohcats were doped to give the Ahileneans 0116 of tl1e hardest games of the season. hut the dope had lain li"-nefl without taking i11to consideration the fighting spirit of tl1e Eagles. Phelps and Smith tlvarged through the highly-touted Angelo line. which had hee11 pounded to pieces hy the Ahilene forwards. for four touchdowns. Salkeld accounted for the extra point. and the Eagles came off the field with the long end of a 25-0 score. Twenty Eagles piled into a hus and were on their way to Cisco for their fourth Class A game of the season. The first half was all for the Eagles. but the Lohoes came hack in the third quarter and scored two touchdowns. The Abilene eleven then woke up with a rush. held the Lohoes for downs. carried the hall down the field. and were in position for their fourth score. hut the game ended and the Eagles had to he content with a total of 19 points to the Loboes' 13. What was acknowledged to he the hardest game 011 the Eagle schedule was played with the Amarillo Colden Sandstorm. The Sandies had weight and plenty vnu: One Hundred Nine ,Q . 1 6' ' o CH 50' V C7119 FL.Asx-u.zc:-H1' 0101999 X, . , . .. .. .n..g - , 1 ,... , LOPING LUCY SCORES AGAIN of good footballg but they were utterly unable to stop the Eagles, who plunged the line and skirted the ends for four touchdowns in the first half. Amarillo, also using all of her football tactics, scored three tallies. In the last quarter both teams suc- ceeded in crossing each otheris goal line, which made the score 26-21 in Abileneis favor. Every class of football was seen in the game-punting, passing, running ends, fake plays, line smashes, and straight football, in all of which the Eagles satisfactorily demonstrated their proficiency. The Friday following the Amarillo game, the Eagles met the Cleburne Yellow- jackets, also contestants for state honors. A determined line of Eagles went into the game and not only held the Yellowjackets but carried the ball across the line for three tallies. Cleburne by means of a double pass made their only score of the game. The Yellowjackets had the weight, but they could do nothing against the indomitable spirit of the Eagles. The end of the game found both sides still fighting hard but Abilene holding the long end of a 20-6 score. By defeating Cleburne, the Eagles won the right to play Port Arthur for the State Championship. The Yellowjackets came to Abilene with full determination to win, but they could not withstand this powerful West Texas team who repeatedly drove down the field and ran around ends until a total of 37 points had been added to their score. Realizing the value of this final game, the Eagles put all they had into it, which resulted in the highest score ever made in a championship game. Thus ended the glorious 1928 football season, with the Eagles the proud possessors of the State Championship title. One Hundred Ten ' WEN! Q? Q 1 5' I CH 5690 V C7119 E-HAS:-1i.1c:-1-11' ofa I 9 DAN SALKELD Dan proved himself worthy of being captain of the 1928 Eagles, "Sally" was Chosen as All-State end be- cause of his ability to snatch passes and on his defen- sive and offensive work at end. He held down his part of the line an if life depended on it. and when it was time to charge the opposing line. he put all he had into the effort. J. B. NEELY .l. B. is a transfer from Waco. He is popular with his team mates and feared by his opponents. He was one of the factors in the Eagle march to State Cham- pionship in that he was always able to do a little mort- than was required of him. yn... an JOHN DANIEL John. who 'has lettered twice. has been one of the steadiest men in the line during the last two years. His position was end. and it took a mighty good man to circle .lohn's end. ,lohn will not get In play for Abilene next year. hut he will he remembered as an athlete who did his part during the Eagle march for the Stale Championship. COMER BURTON Although Comer played only Iwo years with the Eagles. he made a name for himself as a tackle. His ability to open holes in the opposing line often gained his mates a chance for Sensational runs. r"" L- A-ef Q l 2 4 P Wise 'R -,nfk . ' , q4,:2737i"'WA. . -. ' , 'V' , gf! ,'. mZ::f . o ":L1'2'554P3s:2E4f?',,Q'. Y ef .... f ,, 73 Aj Q ,Q ,-Q,ff"f'V1x5'3ZiLiI'f,3af,.31PA- malilg- V READY FOR THE CRASH 0 WL N ne 4' '- I 6' ' o C41 56.9 QQCR2 Hundred Eleven V C7119 i.AsH1.1cH'r MHQQQ if ' , , ,Xl'l.TXl.XN SXll'lill 1 H ,N ' :Xultman cniiiplme-il his fourth ye-ur with the lfagli-s. it , Smith was a favorite UH lhv fimlhall field aiitl alsu amnng thi- high sc-liiml sturlvrits. llis clrivingg puwv-1' rarely fail-ul In luring thi- mira yarilagr- noe-tlwl hy th'- lfagles, 'l'his IMrWt'l'lilll tlritingl pmwr and his ability In stay on his lim-l made- him Wltflllj tn ln' clinse,-n luv almost 1-va-ry isritwr in the- -talv as Xll-Stahl fullhavlx. llA1.liKlNCfXllJ ii Halfl voiiiplvte-il his rm-mul su:-iw-ssftil yvui' with th.- liaglths, His lamous lI1ll'I'lfJI'l'I1l't'-l'lll1lllllg anal his Sure X tackling matlrf him unc ul. the hast mvii un thu: team. Many times he le-tl Smith tliruugli the lint' 1-r Phelps aruunfl eml for svwral yarils anml a tw-livlialmiii, "Kiri- iwyisv pusitiiiii mill he haril tit fill. sl L. PHELI-s .-Xs preclicteil. S, I., hi-lil a first string pusitiun this year and was an All-State liallihack. In lhv ljiscu gami- lw won the nam? nf "l.uping l,lll'y.n whit-li title he carrivtl Illflbllillltllll the rc-st uf the fuotliall season. Tim . Eagles regret the loss nl' this mxipalmle. sitlv-stepping Iialfbavk. lil SSI-ILL ,Xl,l.l-QN l-iussvll is another liallhark that mails a name- fur himself this year antl plum-il tu he- a terror to all of his opponents, "Siiiukyi' is a haril fighter: nn matte-r how hut the hattle. lit- 1-miles nut ui' the ilut with :i 'ii Sl'I1ilt'. ll? rmiiains In hi-lp clefelml thi- lfaglt' banner in 1029. .xmtil PILING UP THE SCORE Une lliimlrt-rl Twelvv GLN: Q? Q 'I 6' ' o CN 569 V C7hQ FLASHLIGHT ofa I 9429 V PERRY BARBER Perry completed his second successful year with the Eagles as guard, He was heavy and fast-charging, and was usually found in the middle of every play. It can be said of Perry that he was a guard that guarded. Perry was a real Eagle fighter. and his graduation will leave a gap in the line. ELVA BAKER Baker. an All-District man. who is noted for the size of the holes he tears in the opposing line. will he back next year to fill up a big hole in the line. His driving power and dexterity are his noticeable cliarav- teristics. Elva is one of the real guards that showed up this year. KENNETH BENTLEY Jake played his first year with the Eagles. He was a fast and hard-hitting end. and few times did the opposition gain around his position. More than once did he throw an opposing player for the loss ot several yards. Jake played his best game against Amarillo. TRUETT BARBER Although Truett was light, he made up for this by his fighting spirit and his ability to eliarge through and smear plays of the opposing team. Truett was one of the hardest Fighters on the- team and dial mueli toward helping the Eagles win Slate Championship. He will be missed by his lealtl-IDHICS and fellow students. EHS: vw- , g V , , 3 V' ...-1-an THE EAGLE LINE y,F.N 3 '- 1 6' ' o CH gc' One Hundred Thirteen V C7119 FLASHLIGHT ofa 1 QQQ sf F . 5 . t r' ie' an as 1 35 ,Q lil PICHT Bl..-XCK Rupert was one of the mainstays on the lfagle line. lle was heavy and fast and Could open a ltolt' in the line of tht- opposition whenever it was needed, He 4-oulcl lu- 1-ounteml upon not to let a man through his position. lilavk playwl ch-an. harnl football and aluav- lought up to the last minulv of the game. .l M lli SHACK ICLFUIC IJ ,lack playa-ml tavkle for all he was north. which nas far ahove par, He has a lit running-mate for Black. and was usually in the middle of the light wlit-n the whistle blew, The real defensive work put up lay ,lark easily won lor him a plate on the team. KOH ERT NIANLY Hob Manly. center. is a real fighting man. When the regular center was hurt. Boll was always on hand to take his place, He he-ld his part ol' the line against the hartlest charges of the opposing team anll aluay shot his passes where- they were wanted. He will lie hack next year to help the famous Eagle eleven win more victories. HENRY NIUHPHY Henry. who was an outstanding man in the line. was one uf the reasons for the Eagle eleven's being so famous this year. His driving power 4-ausetl his opponents much worry and many times he was the 4-ause of their failing to gain. Henry will be remem- heretl as a tat-kle nho couhl tlo more than his part. One Hundred Fourteen HJ., ' V, , ,, ,k..g',pp-4?'qgw,,- , ri' --...fs X-W1'-' - s , 'A 5 ,' v-1 -N..- -2 4 a..1-.-Q-jw.!',,-,...x, W'!i35L'1I.'!P Q T-6 in' ' I-',..,.iQB2 KINNEH IN ACTION ,LN 3 '- 3 'EC N 5119 V C7119 FLASHLIGHT ofa I QQ CJ CR: CLAYTON LLTSBY Clayton proved to he one ul the inost faithful Eagles on the squad this year. On account of a bro- ken shoulder received in the Cisco game. he was unahlc to play in some of the last game. Nlueh to the regret of the Eagle squad and the student hndy. Lushy will nut he on the next ye,-ar'a team. HENRY HANNA-X I Henry c-nniplelerl his Semmd bLlt"l'E'SSflll year with the Eagles. He wav a fast. hard-hitting hallhack and vuuld always he counted upon tn gtfl his man out, He received a hrnken shuulder during the early part 'tl' the season and war llierellvir- unable to play in th.- flrst few galnew. Henry played hia best game against Port Arthur. .film t , at Qkxsumaun-gf. A, SMITH KICKS A FIELD GOAL Wa Nl' , If 1 f 3 CH 569' One Hundred Fifteen ,rs , P" A A 'Q is an K. t , .61 SEQ .Ea x . , s .. - f lx J, 1-'NX fm! i:5'?'if 535 il' si r' id '12-6:4 ,,, ,wx hi. A S ' 1 7 Y . , .. F, ' ., , sv . 55951 ki? QQ, R45 1 I 'x LA V C711e FLASHLIGHT ofa 1 Q99 Ck t i T 4 i V ., 5 r ... A - - - I. THE EAGLETS Spring Football Abilene High School has made its usual early start on football Held, the reason for this being that spring football usually develops good football men and unearths many potential stars. The first six weeks of spring football is to be devoted to the Juniors and Seniors and the second six weeks to Sophomores and Freshmen. ln this manner the squads are easier to handle and better training is given to each boy. Practice in punting, passing, defensive and offensive work, and drop-kicking is given. ln addition to several of last yearls letter men, there are several letter men from other schools out for spring training. The factors that go to make a championship team are: a coach like D. A. May- hewg a school like Abilene High Schoolg hard training every day. as the boys out Heretofore football Eagles Anson and the for spring football are doing. there has only been one game played by the spring , but this year the Eaglets will play two, one with other with McMurry's second team. The Eaglets stand a good chance of defeating these two teams if too many Red Cranges do not develop in the Anson and lVIcMurry teams. Here's luck to D. A. Mayhew and his spring gridders. One Hundred Sixteen xVE"4' Q9 l 'I 6' ' o ca get' V 97119 FLASHLIGHT ofa I QQQ v N A M53 gf ,sg f f Fm' ' n " -! ' T k" fkr- X E " fig., ,QQ N ' -XX P ' I QVTN ' F ' ' x I . ,::, . xx fi! "::"'2,li'1.N+ H ' X: " 34. 2 I . xl ' 2 V., - .Hg N 1- X If, v 52 X E. ,QR -. ij --- -- it fi 1-,. "Our guns upon our slloulrlers. our belts of forty rounds, We sem! llzem up Sal! River to some happy hunting grolznflsfs Gbthvr Swarm EN 00' F 1 1 Q ' o CH 56+ V C7119 FLASHLIGHT ofa 1 9429 if BASKETBALL Al the lwginningr of the season tht- outlook for the Eagle basket- lrall looked yery unfayorahle. as only one letter man was hack to report for duty. It was up to 1-oavhes Powell and Rattan to build a team out of the new material they had on hand. The lfagles played three pravtiu- garnes heforv they started on their Class A svhedule. 'lille first Class :X game was played on tht- home 1-ourt with Eastland. The Maw-rieks showed real hasketluall almility. hut the Eagles defeated them 31-l9 and 28-ll. The Eagles added Iwo more vit-tories to their list when they defeated Hanger twice in sue- vession. the svores of these two games lreing 33-T and 12-1 l. The week following: they won an easy tif.-tory over Merkel. The Breck- enridge Buekaroos next invaded the Eagle territory only to he defeated hy the st-ore of 2l-lo. The standing of the A. H. 5. team was steadily on the ineline. The following week the Eagles took an easy vit-tory from Denton. 35-IQ. With Dame lfortune smiling on them. they forged ahead and defeated Colorado. Big Spring and Goree to win the district title and then faced their annual clash with Cisco. in which they were defeated. the first game by the seore of l6-20 and the set-ond game l6-35. Thus the season of '28 closed with the Eagles again claiming the district title. A. H. S. is proud of the basketball team and think there is none hetter in the slate. The lfagles fought a hard clean lvattle against untimely odds. and another year should find them still higher in the rfllzunpionship rat-v. Snr' BASKETBALL SQUAD Ono Hundred lfllghteen GLN' Q? a 1 1 .ff cu 5:9 :QQ C7119 FLASHLIGHT ofa a QQ C: Ck, TRACK Liltflt?I' the guidance- nf Cuacll Tlieo Pmwll anil the uhh- lvaclvr- ship of Captain Rupvrt Black. the Eagle- tl'8L'liFlt'1'S niuflv the l929 season the most surcessftil in the history of truvli in the high sclionl. After clisappointingly slim flevelopiiwiits in the early season. Coavh l'f,m'c-llis nwn uplwld the tiiiw-liomm-rl traflitinns uf Eagle? stiprviiiai-y uncl won thv lJist1'ic't Nleot hy it lffafl nf iwarly forty points over the 1'unnef1'-up. First nn the- list nf thf- Haglt-s. nas ttuf unuuul City Nlevt held at .-Xhilem' Christian tiullvge' hall park, The 1wc'vssui'ily early' clam? pi'f'x'Piitvtl thi: xvry ln-st showing: of the pa1'ti1fipants: limu-xc-r. with strivt training anfl strong l'UlllIN'llllUtl. tho' gtinies vunu- up tu thf' usual stanclurfl. The- uutslunmlingf nwn nn tht' tvaun this ye-ar iwrv: llupvrl lilavk. l'luhe-rt llalrluin. llnlauul liulrlwin. S. L. Phelps. Clintnn Williamson. HfNXtll'1'l flivmi. .Xzmni Milan. livnnr-tli llwntlcy. llussell Allffn. anfl Hoy land xtrnvttef. -Xltlmugh ninst of thvsv nu-n will lvuul high svlimvl this year. tlwrv are niany pruinising stars in thv fresh- man. sopliuiiion-. and junior vlassvs. 'lihus tluxsn in histnry wluf tht- lhutlulls ul' tha- truvlt stars uf .Xlvilvne High Svlinol: unml tht' mighty pounding stritlt- nf the' l92':7 lfagles still lmunis tlirnugh the- rr-r'm'tls. thus vncling ai svaismi whit-h lwegan znnifl thv ,qlmnn of svunt prnspw-ts for high svlinnl hut whit-ti flu-xvlnpvml in tinu- inln unntlivr nf ilu- lvright page-s in thi- lfzifiifw 1-inilr-I'-putll lustnry. 1 :: iii IIE IEE E' lug' DTI 1 Ill El Ill I Y -., E-H, , TRACK MEMBERS I WENF One Hundred Nineteen Q? an 1 5' ' o C1-1 gc? One Hu dred Twent, V C7119 FLASHLIGHT M0199 v BOYS TENNIS Under the eflicient training of Coach Fatherree. Abilene High School placed a winning team in the field during the 1929 season. Coach Fatherree has been one of the leaders in making tennis a major sport. and it was mainly through his efforts that this sport has thus far advanced. Playing three schedule meets. the Eagle Tennis Club, com- posed of Leo Brady. Jim Carter, Lynn Kincaid, and Herschel Vaughan. won all of them. Victories were won from Sweetwater, Eastland, and Cisco: and the prospect looks bright for a District Championship and possibly a State Championship in tennis this year. The doubles team was composed of Jim Carter and Lynn Kin- caid. Leo Brady played singles, and Herschel Vaughan was the alternate. Although Herschel did not get to represent his high school in the district, he deserves much credit for his splendid efforts in behalf of the team and the school. BOYS RACQUET CLUB scene.. Ecu 5059 V C71-.Q FLASHLIGHT ofanofzo v GIRLS TENNIS The girls who have aspired to represent Abilene High School this season in tennis are numerous and have shown themselves made of the very best stuff available. Although the whole team was not allowed to represent us in tennis this year, some of the members will be back next year to help us win the district and state champion- ships too. Evelyn Darden. Jean Shackelford, Gertrude McConnell, and Helen Rawlinson deserve much mention and praise for their untiring and unwavering work and support of the representatives. They have all been faithful unto the last. Oh Nita Carter and Loree Guffey. girls? doubles. won the Dis- trict Meet, after working diligently the whole year. This is Loree's first year to represent the high school. but Oh Nita has had the honor three times. The team won the District with the final score of 6-0, 6-Og 6-2, 6-2: 6-IZ. 6-2. They certainly deserved the loving cup with which they were presented. Earlyne Sivley, girls singles. won the District after a hard- fought battle with Juanita Adams. who represented Post in the girls' singles. Earlyne came through the meet with the final score of 6-2, 6-2. 6-I, 6-3: 6-I, 6-3: 9-7, 3-6. For the first time in the history of Abilene High School the girls' singles and doubles teams. and the boys' singles and doubles teams, will all go to State. The hoys defeated Anson in the finals and won the right to go to the State Meet. The girls defeated Ros- coe in doubles and Post in the singles matches. GIRLS RACQUET CLUB One Hundred Twenty-one zu, x. 49 f . 1 6' ' o CH 569 V C7119 E-FLASHLIGHT ofa Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Seniors l l T FOOTBALL SCORES 7 M19 ,. ,... 19 ,ci,a,c3.l ...,.,,19 Z6 L...,..Z0 ,c,.....37 Anson .. Eastland L Ranger ,i.,,, A Breckenridge San Angelo Cisco ......... Amarillo ..r, Cleburne Port Arthur BASKETBALL SCOB ES i.LL..28 r3l m.L.42 ...HW33 ,....,.,Z9 ....28 M435 ...,v,..Z7 L .,..r 38 9 L.....16 .....,.11 age? Eastland L Eastland rirr., Ranger ..,s... Ranger .... Merkel ,....., Colorado Denton ...,, Big Spring .. Goree ......... Cisco .t,,,, Cisco ..,,., Faculty .vwVt.. ,zu gx P. Sl Ee gi GCR? ? CQ fv D9 -O77he -' lashlzklhtkczus play uporf the Silffer' glints ' of' the ffwwfflu hte? Mn the nmetzes cz jealous zncandesce t n system sputtcgedf '-'--V -Y H4331 1-fx ,1 , ff::,-'Q 7'-"jf, ,--- f--' " my X "' I amidiedzgh 0 , m Waltg an d ia. Wgii ,ff ff V C7119 LASHLIGHT OPIQQCJ V HUMOR John: HHello. Unconscious." Ruth: "l feel insulted." John: 'cl was only referring to the 'Sleeping Beautyif' Excited Freshman: "Hey: guy. there goes a wildt-at into Mr. Creenis office." Experienced Senior: "Don't worry. son. lvl him get out the lwst way he eanf' Miss Clemons: "All the lnclian maidens that want hlankets. may have them." Murray: "Oh, Miss Clemons. l want onefi Teacher: 'LAnd the shortstop ran out of the infield." Lena Alice: "How far do you rlrixe those in the grotlntl'f" Perry Barher: "My senior ring is so hig that the girls wear it around their necks? l7rederi1:k: "'l'hat's nothing. they wear mine for fl hell. Mildred: "What does '3 in l' mean? l see it on several lovkersf Horaee: L'W'hy. it means that there are lllreu- in one lor'ker.'i Earl Brinkley: lin study hall! "l vunit swim." Horace Arledge: "Well. why not?" Earl: L'Beeause lim not in water." Miss Johnson: "Why is it that the soldiers always open their mouths when ll Cannon fires?" James Yantis: 'So the sound may 1,-olne in the ear and pass out through the mouth without breaking their ear drums." Van and Mr. Murphy were walking down the hall together. Mr. Murphy tseeing Mary Helen talking in the halll: "You will have to go to your room. You are not allowed to talk in the hall." Mary Helen tto Van! : L'0h, hello." Mr. Murphy lthinking that Mary Helen had spoken to him! : "Hello, nothing. I said get out of Lhe hall." E One Hundred Twenty-thr. Ns L ne ox ,, 7 Y I 6' ' o cw 50' V C7119 LASHLIGHT OPIQQQ V fu . 1' I - , X" - P3 , A 1 X 7 ,-q,pgfQwf 4 f' ' f f -df YSL" ' 1:2 X fm AW ' f fm E ' 'V x n.. f, 1 1- 4 .ff Lf- f-pf Hff Gfwfff .wi-. l f? nf' ' ZW ,. , . Lf 1 ' ' ' Y ,gy m if M i'Hz't llfllllll no us' ter pilclz an' rar. For Tvxax fw: the .snuff A Tu rope yer tu her sadzlle 1JOIl'. .-In' burn yer 1l'I.ll1 the! bra11a7.', 2-Xilminintratiun E su NA.. .I -A f 6' CH 56.9 V C7119 FLASHLIGHT 0101999 Miss Hollis texplaining parts of speechj : This is a part of speech that when one thing is said. you think of another." R. YV.: "Miss Hollis. thatis like when you see Margaret. you think of S. Lf' Miss Harrison tPointing to two points on the blackboardj: "Bob. can l draw a straight line between these two points?" Bob: "You might if you had a rulerf' Helen lin auditoriuml: "l don't see how that man got up there to paint that picture of Sam Houston." Miss Trantham tin explaining the ablative of means? : "For example we might say, gThe man plowed with a plow' or The teacher spanked the boy with a rulerf H Pupil: L'Tl1at's not ablative of means: that's mean." Miss Terry: "How close did General Early get to the city of Washington?" Clinton: "He reached the skirts of the city." Miss Clemons ftelling about a new colored operettal: 'LYou must all dress like negroesf' Mildred: c'But. Miss Clemons. how will we Hx our hair?" Miss Clemons: "You know just as much about it as l do. Yvhy. just Hx it like mine. Aw-er-l mean. just use your own judgmentf, Mr. Smith, in referring to those people who Cannot legally make a contract uncler the old common law, listed: l-Feelmle minded. 2-Married women. Walte1': "The former includes the latter." Miss Morrison: tsitting in a chair in the library il: 'il sure am Uettinff lazwiu 1 . P U . Mrs. Harrison: "l donit blame you. l would sit there all the time if l were xouf' iss orrison: ies, Ju e ciair oesn' ave ro ersf, M M "H l tth l d th ll Mickie: "Miss Terry, who was the leading explorer of Holland?" Miss Terry: L'Henry Hudson." Mickie: "But I thought he was Dutch." One Hundred Twenty-four E N 00' 6 Q Z f 6' CH 50" Sr V C7119 Fi..AsHi.ioi-rr ofa I QQ C: Ck ? In Behalf of Our Advertisers We wish to give to the business men, who have helped us to finance this Flashlight, our sincere appre- ciation for their splendid co-operation and support. Through them the publication of this '29 Flashlight was made possible. Our advertisers are a select group of men, reliable and progressive. By this means, they are displaying their willingness to support student un- dertakings with the best of business judgment. They deserve your patronage in return. The prudent man advertisesg the wise student reads and heeds the advertisements. 1 Ns U H d T t' 6' , cH5C9o H 'l QQ C7119 FLASHLIGHT ofa s QQ Q CED Q ? Q4 '51 3 S Z I I Q , Q? o 2 ll X QTIE9 On Life 'S Highway 'iEducation is the most formidable weapon with which to resist the many foes along Life,s Highway." He is indeed fortunate who lives in this great coun- tr of West Texas where schools and colle es rank Y g among the nation's best. In Abilene We are justly proud of our three great institutions of higher learning and a public school system second to none. We congratulate you upon being able to take ad- vantage of our great public school system, and with you seniors, who are about to step out into the business world, go our sincere wishes for health, happiness. and success. WestTeXas Utilities Campzzfyz xVf"'l' 0 ' o 'fu 50' Q43 C7119 FLASI-:LIGHT ofa I 9 Q CJ CED 53 3 OUR AIM Cordial and friendly relations with every Abilene student. Atkinson Drug i l Store at Simmons Corner O CN 1 6' ' o 'H 50' Q0 Q infall- C7lw FLASHLIGHT 0103999 Q ' if 1 J rf ,.g.7 ,, ' M 71 , n i 5-"' 5 7 f gi , ., L.. V qff inti fi M ll - ggl L 53 ll' ' if ' P - '-'Beatriz T F, ' " .X-'N YI J ii' We Pass-word to cz Wlyfazbol i77'ea.vure Cave E f - . ' :Wifi Q h P - I I E A ff F - fi, 1 E. fl L it When you have a sparc half hour in the after noon, stop in and let the Chief Operator N show you about. fm: More valuable, more magical things you pass by without notice every day. You need no password to enter a much more wonderful and interesting place-the operating room of your own Telephone Office. Ancient Romancers never conceived of anythmg half so marvelous as the telephone. They would have traveled leagues to see what is within a few blocks of your home. It is worth seenug. SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY h 5' XM- ,r Wt Ne' 'P 5' e . ' o cn 50' V C7119 FLASHLIGHT ofa 1 9 Q Simmons Ilniversitq JEFFERSON D. SANDEFER. LL. D.. PRESIDENT SIMMONS LEADS TI-IE FIELD -Million Dollar Plant. with twelve Modernly Equipped Buildings. -8500.000 Endowment. -Faculty of 60 University Trained Men and Wionien. -For 37 years a Pioneer in the Cultural Development of West Texas. SIMMONS FEATURES School of Arts and Sciences, School of Education School of Speech Art, School of Art Conservatory of Music SIMMONS OFFERS OUT OF THE CLASS ROOM -Athletic Training TTVTEIHTJEI' of Texas Conference? -Chance to enter the famous Cowboy Band. Official Band of the U. C. V. -Opportunity for training in Oratory. Debate. Journalistic Tvork. Concert Performances. Draniatics and Religious Ivork. -Artist Courses for Entertainment and Cultural Value. -Christian Leadership and Christian Fellowship. -Simmons is a member of the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association, the Texas State Oratorical Association and Texas Conference in Athletics. Simmons Bids for Young West Texans Address Your Inquiries and Requests to THE SECRETARY, SIMMONS U ABILENE, TEXAS EN O H d dT enty-m e he UH F6 W x. Q? C' .I -1 f 0" CH 569 Ch: 7 of C7119 FLASHLIC-HT ofa 1 QQ CJ ,if izivgffgf iragif 1' ?5' :i5?!.!'Q!.?Qazii!Q5 A" . I . if "5 ' - :V .. ., . J ' .- 5 Q -3 ffl- -q s ' 1, .,,,. 1i3'ff'fT The Hilton otel 270 Rooms -- 270 Baths MINIMAX SYSTEM Again congratulates the Abilene High School. We are proud of your success. ln your travels over this great State you will find other Hilton Hotels-where the same rule of Mininiuin charge for Maxiinuin service and Comfort prevails. Look us up when in Dallas. Wlaeo. Wliehita Falls lTl1e MHl'C'hlll3Ill, San Angelo, Plainview, and later in Ltlliboek- We hope you will allow us the pleasure of serving you whenever opportunity offers. C. N. HILTON, L. M. DROWN. PRESIDENT MANAGER The Hilton Coffee Shop Gooo Eooo AND EXCELLENT SERVICE EoR BANQUETS AND SPECIAL FUNCTIONS Dial 5757 Ingels QL:-:sseej One Hundred Thirty of Ne' Q Q 1 5' ' o CH gc? Kr GQ 07116: FLASHLIGHT ofa I QQ 9 QED 5 3 FRATERNITY COLLEGE mm' CLASS JEWELRY C -xefseefeese C mmencement Ann ments and Invitati rr" E Official Jeweler a Cl Stationer t l Th s ior Class of Abilene High sch 1 -ee-3305: iiycme ee E L. C. BALEOUR COMPANY lVlanufacturing Jewelers 86 Stationers Attlelooro, Mass. EN I 5' 1:41 5650 Sf' Q C7119 FLASHLIGHT ofa I QQ Q CRS ? ABILENE CHRISTIAN COLLEGE -Gives the B. A. Degree to Cvraduates. -Maintains a full four-year course. -Is a standard Senior College. -Member Association of Texas Colleges. -Offers Pre-Medical and Pre-Law work. -Gives teachers, certificates on completion of Freshman year. -Additional certificate on completion of each succeeding year. -Permanent certificate to graduates. -Faculty of thirty-nine. Nineteen with M. A. degrees. -Christian teaching and environment. -934 separate individuals attended Abilene Christian College last year. -Affiliated High School. , M- , v I y Student Activities Debating l Band V T6I1I1iS Orchestra Basketball y Glee Club Football Choral l Volleyball l Club Track Quartet if Gymnasium Dramatic Exercises a Club O HddTh 0' E Ne' 'I 6' q ' ' o CH 569 G20 9 C7119 B-FLASHLIGHT 010199 Q CED 0 VACATION sesezszsmxe as Before starting on your vacation, call at this bank and purchase Traveler's Cheques. This is the only safe way to carry your money. We can furnish them in denomi- nations of 510, 520, 550, and 5100. They will he given to you in a convenient leather Wallet. Y i - Ifigzofifgjfnn W I M if Farmers 57' Merchants if i 1 H National Bank M 'N M H Abilene, Texas ii ll 5 o H EN 00' 6' Q ' o CH 501' d V C7I1e F'i.Asi-n.icsH-r ofa 1 QQQ if To 11-ui Sri utcxrsz Again we t-ome to tht- t-lose of another year and again it is my pleasure and privilege to transmit to you my greetings and good wishes. It is not ltno muvh to say that this has been an unusual year. You have already non first. place in the State in three different activities: but this is not all-important. The fact that you have striven loyally to give your hesl: that you haw t-ndeavured to preserve the ideals and traditions of the Altilene High St-hoolg that you Imra- plrivetl true spurtmanship, high endeavor. honor und integrity lwfort- selfish rttoliyes-lllesv are lhf- things for tshim-h I commend you. You are writing the deeds of the next fifty years as truly as those to whom you are dedicat- ing this book have written the history of the past fifty years. Look well to each page that you inscrihe: and when the last leaf is finished, it is my' sinvere wish that it may contain the record of the nnlrlest type of splendid manhood and womanhood. A L, E. .7 -4 'i 4 2 I' 001 Q t I-'our-teen Ne vt :ol 'F- 1- I V C7I1e FLASHLIGHT are I 91203 v 100 Per Cent Business Training O I NWOTHING LEFT Ouxiiokii I Our Home In Park Building ' M" "1 Beekkeepiiig Q Shorthand E xg A Stenographic A 75 , Typewriting Civil Service Q Office Training Ceiiipieie Business Ledger Posting Beiikiiig Machine Penmanship Miiiiigiepiiiiig Ceiiiiiieieiei Law Cotton Cieeeiiig M5 G. E. LAWSON, MRS. G. E. LAWSON, ff X Preszfclent Secretary QDYAMERQQ' 3 mncntnii. Q Q mnniemni. QASSQCHATHGN E QASSQCCQQTHCQN ' gg 'AD Some of the Advantages of At- , , 9 e Q tending an Accredited Com- mercial School 'C5lie'EmbIem Uiegmblem ,.Vn653 Ali-'dbe-dfc 9073 Efficient School ut Om Y om O Ovemors Efficient School 1. The opportunity to study standard, accredited courses. 2. The use of modern, approved text books. . The opportunity to earn the H. G. B. degree-Honor Graduate in Business. This degree is conferred only by Accredited Schools. 4. The benefit of free membership in a nationwide Employment Bureau. 5. The privilege of having grades made in one school transferred to another school. 6. Definite knowledge that the school in which he is registered maintains high busi- ness and educational standards, and that its advertising is never exaggerated and never contains misrepresentations. THE NATIONAL BUSINESS COLLEGE IS FULLY ACCREDITED BY THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF ACCREDITED COMMERCIAL SCHOOLS IT PAYS to a.tte'ncZ ai school that is fully accredited. Look for the Trade-Mark POSITIONS SECURED FOR GRADUATES f f A G 42 Oiiice, Dial 8837 Park Building, Corner So. First and Oak Sts. Residence, Dial 7065 P. O. Box 1227, Abilene, Texas "Fastest Growing School in Texas-Watch Us Grow" One Hundred Thirty-four xVi"'e' ,P a 'L 5' ' o on gd' C7119 FLASHLIGHT ofa r QQ CJ CF, Q 5 3 AMB1T1oN, v1s1oN KNOWLEDGE Most certainly if you do not aspire to Great- er Things, yours will he the Mediocre Sphere. Your Vision to Accoinplish Most must haw e a Wide and Distant Horizon. Knowledge, rightly and properly applied, is Success. May it in Full Measure come to You in Lifeis Game. May the Black and Gold Your love continue to hold. The Citizens National Bank "E1veryb0dy,J Bank" EAST SIDE WHERE NORTH FIRST CROSSES P GLN! D , KMA 533 CH 54:99 GZQ C7119 FLASHLIGHT ofa I QQ CJ QRS Q ? Ed. S. Hughes Company C' Where the Hzlglzzuayf All Meet" I l Hardware White Star Stoves Kitchen Cook Stoves Kellogg Radios sooooofoyoo Radios General Electric Refrigerators Studebaker and Erskine Automobiles Wfhite Trucks t Cleveland Tank Type Tractors Moline Plows ED. S. HUGHES COMPANY ABILENE, TEXAS O 1 h W E Nt '5 5' . CH 5690 V C7119 FLASHLIGHT 0101999 Ci: p 7 p x gl SPH V 0044 4 ilffla 11541 li 1, T l i l l is Hcp olo enn I 1 r L Hunter- Wooten ming Company Golf Wholesale and Retail Athletic and Sporting Goods . m : gr. gf. :L lf. 5 .: .:l ,E 5 5' El -El 2- 2 fe in it E' l l ul UQ l i l l 1 1 u 1075 N. 2nd Street Phone 89-L6 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1...-U.-.,.1uu-1:1 iuiuiu..-. 1 , 1 1 ... .- 1 .. 1...-. 1.1-+I THE REASON the tortoise won the race with the hare was because he plugged along steadily, while the hare ran by fits and starts. The systematic saver wins life's race against the spasmodic saver. We pay 4 per cent interest annually compounded quarterly, in our Savings Department. Be thrifty and happy. Start a Savings account now and add to it systematically. entral State Bank Abilene, Texas 0 HddTht 'Ve E T o O C11 50' V C7119 FLASHLIGHT we I 9129 C322 WUSIQHJZQMMIIWWE LADIES READY-TO-WEAR, SHOES, AND PIECE GOODS Here you will find the latest in style and the highest in quality at the lowest price they may be had. SECOND ,IND WTALNKT STREET Yvhere Parking is Easy and Shopping a Pleasure ,4b1'lene's Lnrgesf E.X'I'IIlSI.l7P Wonzen and Clll.1l1l'8Il Store ca ' I -: The If fJ.sl Yexus House The Pender Company FL'RNITI'RI LoosE LEAF FILING DEVICE SI'sTEMs SAFES ETC. 1l.A1.Yl'F.4C7'l'RlIW1 SY'.A1Tl0.X'ERS Complete Line of Qjgfe Szgbpliey Abilene, Texas 0 H d dTh h vlw 1 6' - ' 0 on gd' Sf C7119 FL.As1-11.101-11' ofa 1 9129 v A GROWI G BA A GROWING CITY EIEIUICI ABILE E STATE BA 'cWhere You Feel at I-Iomew STORES ARE LIKE STUDENTS! There HFC StL1ClIOllS 01165 . . . 3.I1d there are incliffereut ones QLLSI1? 244 PINE s1. CENTEROF BLOCK XX I In Sclmul. nu cloul1t You have lm11'11ed, there are 1 'V' 1 V: L. I , . . D . . Q Kg, 5 XX blUfllOlIS Slllilixllti and llwre are 111cl1ffe1'e11t ones. . F .- ..e'5uiam - - AQ - E, P 1Q?i"1 Yxx Nnres max' Ive 1-lassecl Illllfll the same wav. , gf iSa'flEm'j32g.mil" 591 - Ifgg X lllf?l'6S the slure that takes ullat the II'2iY0lIIIg is fs '-fZ'g'f- -V -4 -55 ,. . L N. i L41 ll 1111111 has to OllE'lL . . . and theres the storc ' 1. I? 1. -. .V I . I . 1 , 1 ' .H 1 . .k, 'I ,li .gy-1 5-H.-,Z gg 11111 lv 4u11st.111l 5 1111 tlf llllll 111 A l16 111.11 ml ff- 1. , -1 'f 1 . . . L'K'IlI8l'S to ww ne-11' style fll'Sl und lwlter qualliy ap: . 1:1 L . ' . . . lyggffw' ' W at the lowest pusmlvle p1'14-vs-we leave 11 to you Q' ,, ' . . -9- - -1,353 . . . 31. ff! to judge wllu-l1 Class we lmelong III. V afmqg-.uw - Jr , ,V fp , ,....-YfS..-..-...A-U.-- - - ' INTER DRY Goons Q O O!biZeneS7'?06:6c'ssive6?ore GLN? .19 a 1 6' ' o CH 569 One Hundred Thirty-nine V C7Iw FLASHLIGHT ofa I QQ Q ff: ? An1L1zNrg DALL.-is, W'IClilTA F,u,Ls Put your high school education to work for you in the great field of business, where there is no limit to the income you may re- ceive-the opportunities you may enjoy. Hundreds of the Classes of 728 are now drawing attractive salaries in positions offering un- limited opportunities for advancement as a result of the world famous Draughon training. More calls than graduates every year, insuring you a good position, will be the passport to the golden op- portunities in the field of business. Call or write for catalogue. J. D. MIRACLE, President. CONGR ATULATIONS! To the Student Body of Abilene Hi- We are proud we live in Abilene and have the honor of serving you with Ice Cream, Milk, and Butter. 3002 CRE MERY Hath and Bum- 1'11 ul Phone 5261 o H 1 ii Ly ,zu gi si E 6' Cegcro Q1-D C7119 FLASHLIGHT ofa 1 QQ Q GRD 5 3 EAT-H GBCURNQ BV Pure Food Ice Cream and Perfectly Pasteurized Milk Phone 4378 H Ome F Umishings egg EQ5 We-E-2 5' E 4:fi?1E?:1 gflilsumfffuiiieli . . . . 21" ii DCCOFHIIODS OfDlSt1UCflOH OUR NEW HOME F To be readv bept. 1. 1929 G.w.wa'ldrv S Co I. BETTER HOMES.WlTH-IN REACH OF'A'L1. i "DECORATIVE HOME FURNISHERSH vlh' I 5' ' o CH 509' V C7119 E""l.AsHl.1GH1' I If r DRINK gr QQ ' IWLHZ r Every Bottle Sterilized yr--ff-Af" -iff' - 7-W 0195999 N-f 1 r 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -- 1 1,.,,1,m1m1..nu.-nn1. 1 1 1..,1,,.1 1 1,1..1 - 1 M r QR '- 11, rx ' '?? 5fQgg:2::f2. i !r 'Vg' r X .X gl I! 1 ' , ' r ' 'M wk Q lJ f Up ,GH X ,n y N, N W J Make our Store Your Meeting Place Down Town Use our Lounge, Rest Rooms, Free Telephones, a n d o t h e r Depart- ments of Service. West Texas' Fines! Slore In Mims' Bldg. - On Minas' Corner - Abilenefs New One Hundred Forty t WMV? Q' an 1 6' ' o CH 5C'fx Shopping Center V C7119 FLASHLIGHT OPIQQQ V GRISSOM' l Department Store -On the llilvaslinlfl ul Suinmsr. tlwsf' are inspiring days at this store wl'1f11'f-. nn all sith-s. 4-nc is wmfimited with the vlmit-est things for SLIINIIIQI' wvurf-Otis-1'inig this must cgmiipletf? array of the Summer seasonis fax'o1'ite fashion garnwnts. ftisit the XHYIUIIS clepurtinvnls unfl Pnjny seeing all ttf the neu things for SLIIHIHPII fInst1'uctm's and pupils always liaw Ll llPLlI'lf' welt-miie at Crissoni Diamonds Watches and Jewelry M t.,,, TM .. it " i wnfcuqnsgt' ,Q 0 Vjirng lg! .1 S1-bfi , ill ilu Wfhere Buying is a Pleasure J oe Ellis, ewelry Dial 6844 178 Cypress CH 569 twin. One Hundred Forty-three n Q sl 3 e? V C7119 FLASHLIGHT ofa I QQ Q QR, To THI-I Cmx- or 1929: Thif has li:-en u wry him ye-ar for all nl' u . hut it has lim-n a year filletl with succf-as antl pleaxurfh. Lvt us hopw it has ulxo lvevn one of profit. The refulte of the educational proress are not ulwayw iuiinefliutely apparent. No one. l um Nurv, will vontencl that tho time you haw spent over tho preparation ul' your lvwong hu- liven nnstrwl. vwit if form- of tht' lvssonr haw 11ll't'illly lirelu l-llI'QLllllf'l1. You will l't'lIlt'II1liPl' with plvu urn- your uwociation with earlt olhvr. th.- inspiration that you have i'we-ivml from your l1'Llk'llC'l'S. mul thi- salinfaivlioll that UUIIIES from tlif- corisciousiwrs of work wt-ll tlone-. lt if il great privilege lo be uliw in lhix progrewxive gc-neratioli. Let us all then. with the German poet. nllankf- Colt untl wi zufrifArleii." whit-h. living intflrpreterl. is "Thank Coil anfl lw Satisfied." Sint'-en-ly yours. Q X Fifteen vin, X Q an 1 6' , Cu 54:99 QQ? C7119 FLASHLIGHT af-D s QQ Q ii? 5 3 The Shamrock Drug Company A Three Beautiful, Dependable Stores N . W - . Thr- Scllool s hf-sl l'l'lPIlCl A Complete Line of Drugs, Toilet Goods and Drug Sundries-Fountain Service the Best STORE NO. l STORE XO. 2 STORE NO 3 H It tE hth ll8 Cl t 352 P D l 9 D l 52 D l 4118 -aiu.,U1.,1..,..nn1-11--in..-...1,..1,,.1.,i,.1,,.1,,,.-..1...1m,.-..1..-..-...1..1..-..1..1.u1..1u- The Senior Class of the Abilene High School Deserves the Best and for that reason Southwestern Caps ancl Gowns are being used this year. Serving the leading schools of the nation with academic uniforms Southwestern Cap and Gown Company Dallas, Texas ,ew , Q UMY 'Nlf CH 50,9 V C7119 F'i..AsHi.icsH1' ofa 1994: 1 If it is new- You will find it here. NEELY-BARNES Clothing and Furnishings NI,xsTi:R Cuixxijas no DYERs 'Give Ls ,-I Trirlli' "We Szzffxfi' Your Hunger El Spanish arden Original Spanish Dishes "1t'S :I Ilflillliu "life .4 SllIl11Il'I.l"l!u DIAL 2009 H525 SoL'TH FIRST STREET -ii.1.1.1-H11nn1f...1U....1.1M1W1H1K...1.0.1i,B1.....-....1.1..1.1U1....-.....1....1.,.1,.,,1,..1,,,1.,,,1.,,1..,1,,.1,.1un- HARVEY HAYS DRUG CO. . f 1 Alwili-nf-. lexus No. 1-IUTU North lst. Dial 32231 Nu. 2--2523 Cypress St. Dial 5127i Wfhere Service Counts DRUGS. SLRNDRIES. no l70I'NTAIX Uiuxiis Let us "SELL" You on our Cllillfl-St'l'XlC6. Our satistic-fl IjllSIOlHPI'S are our liest reference. Ask them. Motorcycle Delivf-ry Service. clay or night. - U1 1 1 1.1ii..1..1.1.1M1.m..n..1n1.uu1im1.w1.m1.. 1.,i......1.w1....1.,1.,..1 .-.i.1.-..1,.,1...,1 1 ... Wens-Reese usic Co. 233 Pine Street Phone 6360 KIMBALL PIANGS BRUNSWICK PANATROPES Brunswick, Columbia, ancl Olceh Records Panatrope with Radio Sliver Music. Teacher Supplies EN One Hundred Fort f sxx' S. 'F 6' ' o CH 56.9 V C7119 FLASHLIGHT ofa I CJQCJ -- 1 i . it Mollie-1' s pantry is not vomplelv Wllllillll li El Food Nlayonnaise il T' - , El Food Sandwich Spread FQXQVT' El Food F ., ll W El Food Thousand Island J p 'm!54'lP..'EW l nRvrw vf.ffJ?A'5?-vim 3 Nlaulv of Self'i'lf'il lflili XOLKS. Xirwgurs. Oil. i ' Spices iuul Rvlislies. v..,.. . A V 1: ... lfor Suli- Ivy all leading glflltl Q. I N Q -....1..u1,,.1. 1n1.m.1 1 1 1.1 1,,--...1 .1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.1 111.11-m1 1258 Pine' Street Telephone 5131 all jlillfjf Company! Inc. "Everything in Music" Nliasox X l"l-XKILIX ae lIHli:itERIx4: Puxos ORTHOPHONIC X1c'rRo1.As - X1c,.ToR no NIAJESTIKI RADIOS Nl.-XRTIN BAND INSTRUIENTS -,...1..,..-.r...1 1....1., 1..i.1....1 s-..i,.11I..11.m.1.m..M1.m1m.1nu..in--M-.un1.,..1m.1im1..n1....1.. ..- GENERAL ELECTRIC Suppl Corporation UEverything Electrical" Dallas. Houston. I-il Paso. Aulurillo. Cklalioum City and Tulsa 100 Loi:1's'r STREET ABIIJ-INE. TEXAS Compliulvuts of- H.'11PI-IPIIIJN l"r11fn1'1'Ir' Sllfllllllillg Place.. ii d GI F00 W YQ QQ S AQ. South Sei-ond and Chestnut Streets o H 1 ix ty EN ol' F, 'I S' O Unger if V 07116: FLASHLIGHT 0,0 v QQ Q CR: DIAL PHONE 5822 lonx N. Toxin: BIANAGER 2 Abilene Window Cleaning Co. I Wvinclows Cleaned by the Week. llontli. or lol, OL'R BIOTTO. "KEEP A-XRILENE CLEANI- Store Frmzls our S1l8L'l-Iliff Also Cowl. Clillll-Ul'IilIPIf' Uflives for Rent Apply I73 l-2 Pine St. Ronin NO. S B ' C Retail LUNIBER AND BUILDING MATERIAL Phone 3 13 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,1 .--..,1m,..-v.1....1..n1...11.1.1 1,11 1 1.1 1 1 1 1.-- L-5-IEREEEEANN TAILORS. Cl,lCANEl'lS. XXI? IH HRS Dial 6279 lll9 South First SI -.m1n.1.m1n..1.,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1. 1 -. 1 1 1w...nn1nn1u1,.1.m1nu1 1... For the Eagles RIGHT-WAY LAUNDRY Dial 5295 609 oak sf. o H .1 dF f EN VW :QI F' 'NY 'I 6' , Cngcfp V C7119 FLASHLIC-HT MUQQQ v COMl'l,lMEX'l'S Oli' CALEB REED'S MAN SHOP Men's Furnishings and Ladies' Hose 1082 North First Cleaning and Pressing WEEKS DRUG STORE LESTER ELLIS. Manager Dial 43141 .f1pp1'ec1'aIes Your Pl1Il'0IIlIQ'6 COMPLIMENTS OF C. E. STONE CO. A Good Place lo Trade for Slylisll Ne1'cf1a11zl1'se al Moderate Prices 165 PINE STREET PHONE 7383 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 --..n1..1--1n..1.v.1..,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.- COMPLIMENTS ABILENE LAUNDRY CO, Launclerers and Dry Cleaners of the Dependable Kind DIAL 8866 OHddl' ty Lht EN 700' P. sc O 8569 C7119 FLASHLIGHT ofa 1 QQ Q CED Q COMPLINIICNTS OF ? J. C. Penney Co. Over thirteen hundred stores are enabling us to serve students in everv state. HIGGINBOTHAM-BARTLETT C 0171100101 GOOD LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIAL Sth and Pine Stlvvts Telephone TIIT -uu1u.1un-.nnlui .. ln-..n--nn...-in--avian1anlu..1Hn-.UV.-Hn...M-M-1...-..........-...-...-.....,. 1 1 -.-1..- USE CONKLINS SELF-FILLING FOUNTAIN PENS l l'HlllPPll Allillllhl Hl'l"illiilHP fm' Luff- . , , --fl awl' mile luv' The Montgomery Drug Co. -n1u.-nl-1.11-1nll..lu-nuttin,nn,1I1..-H-....-.....n.1...1n,w--..,1.,n1 .n1nn1u.1n.-uni!-1--ini-1 - G. C. Glass Furniture Store TI-IE HOME OF DEPENDABLE FURNITURE 325 Walnut Street Dial 6316 0 H d dF ,aut 1 6' ' o M' 'Af 50' V C7119 FLASHLIC-HT 0103999 Q ICHEPP' N I PICNIC LOAF nlfferll for TIJIINI 111111 SlIIlI1Il'I.ClIl"S.' SCHEPPS-PUTNAM BAKING CO. BAM-:las ol-' l3r:'l"rr:R BRICAIJ 1 1n11m1-m1un1nn1.m--,m1im1m.1w1m.1H..1,,..1...1..,.1.m1,m1.,,.1,,,,1 1 1 BUILD WITH BEAUTIFUL BRICK Wlien you are ready to build your ness home see Abilene Brick Company Piioxr: 51134 box Pll .-un.. 1 1 1 1 1..n11.n1.m1'm1m-1nn1.m1n..1.m-- 1 1 1 1 1nq1.m1n-..vw1n.1nn1n...-m.1w1m.1.,....-...11.,,1..1....1...1nl Say it With Flowers Flowers for All Occasions U ' IIl'l'l'Il7 l' Ulll' ll I'UlIIlQ,t' If 1 1 i P1 , Plzzlzboffs VISIT OUR MODEL FURNISHED HOME Big Stock of home furnishings of the newest creations O Hdl Let us furnish your home coniplvlc Yisit our Drapery Deparllnenl Barrow Furniture Co. I2 STORI-:s IN W1-:ST Tiixxs r f GLN? E 6' . cu ,cfs if C7119 FLASHLIGHT we 1 QQ Q 3-2 KIKER-KNIGHT FUNERAL HOME DIAL 5225 MBL IANCI-I SERVICE 1 1 1 1 1 1 ..nn1m....nn.1.m1.In1M1u..1n..1....1n1un1u-.1.iu1n1mv1un1i-1111 1 1 1 1 1 1 WATERS DRUG COMPANY Dmwgs. ST.-XTIOXERH. ,xxn 'l'on.ET .ARTICLES Dial T219 ,1HU...,,,1.,.1.1.1....1W1un1nu1.m1u-11...-1m.1-m1m.1 r ilil ifl i zizrzszmaiii Beautiful Graduation Gifts Diuinoncls. Walelies. Jewelry and Novelties PRESLEYVS 1 1 1in1nu1,.,.1nn1.m1n1u.1-n1n.1 1 .11-1 ! l222 Chestnut l Sf-lmol Supplies THE BEAVER i:mFi3c'1'10xi:1n' LLNCHES l l A J W WFEMS THE FEDERAL GLASb ' ' J ' SZ PAINT CO. FIRE AND Al'TOMOBII,l-I INsi'R,xNc,:i: ,XIAL Kung QF CLASS ,WD PAINTS Ronin 1 Radford Blfia. 'WILEW3 Dial 33111 Dial im me Xfmli 211.11 si 1.,.,1,,,.1..1...1u.1m.1.,.1,.,,1,,,,1,...1....1,...1...1m..1., HIGH SCHOOL SERVICE STATlON DIAMOND TIRES Axim TUBES F1'?6'CI'ELllliC'klS6 Service and Hattery Wlatei' We Give S. X H. Green Stamps We Change Tires and X ulcanize Tubes 1 1 1 1 1 1un1.1m1nr1n1111.i.1.m1.m1nu1im1nm1m.1un1.,..1.,.,1m,1m.1.m1.,.,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 CLEMENTS-MIDDLETON CO. Hardware and Implements Phone 8603 'lil XValnut S1 ABILENE. TEXAS N8 One Hundred F ft E Q' an 1 5' ' o Cu 50" f-.1.m1.,,1-.n1m.1..1m.1..,1 1.m1u..1 1M1.m1.....1 n11...1nn..w1.m1m1..w1nn1.m1m.1....1....1....1-1.11 U1,,,1.v.1.1U1.1H11,1.m1,.n...m1f-n1nu1nn1n1 1ml1 V C7119 B-"'l.AsHL1c:-HT ofa 19969 v GENERAL INSURANCE Emmeltegiebndler GENERQL INSURQNCF Dial 5665 5II Minis Blfl u1uu1un1....1u.1 1 1 1.1 1 1....1n1uu1n n1.:n1.m 1 1 1 1 1.1 1 1.-1nn1.1.1--1.1-1-I BEST WISHES Butter-Nut Bread - -n......n-....-...-..n ..n-M-n.-.,.-..,-..,-n..-.in-....-.. .. -...-.,..-..-M-..I.....-.,.-..-H.- - i7W"!'IlF - I AImilene's Cleanest and Most " '5Le-f' D i gya ' - Modern Drug Store A Wfe I'Iave What You Want ' . f I . L JUYELER ' Linton Drug Co. I Z-I3 Pine Street Jack Linton 1 1 1 1.11..n1m.1.w-...1-1m1.m-..-.-1-M1. I ,,,1,,1 1 ,.,,,1..,..,,.1,.,,1.,,,1...1.,.1 1 .- Compliments of ALTBXI AN Q Cleaners Sr Dyers A - N I".L.lF::bH""s.P1. DRY GOODS COMPANY i 1517 South iagfllsrl-exp Abilene-5 Leading - ll Pleases Ls I0 Please You Popular Price Dry Goods Store PHONE 3638 1un1lm1nn1nu1.1u1 .-.m1nu1un1.u n1un1n :1m11un 1nn1un.1nn1.m...nn...nn1n1nn1nn1u1.m1,.1 1 1 SINGER ELECTRIC SEWING MACHINES For Sale or Rent H6II1Sl1.fL'1lZ-I1g'. Pz'rol1'11g. Needles. Off. Parts. and Repairs SINGER SEWING MACHINE CO. H325 North Third Phone -1-56x ..1lm1-m1-m1nr1nu1nu1 1 1 1 p1 1 ...1nn1.1 n1u.1u QL'AL1Ti' 1un111111111nn111n In smart footwear and hosiery. you will find in our shop. Let your next pair Ive from BUCKLEYIS SLIPPER SHOP 1 H fi Il'ftt xVE"e' Q? an 1 5' 1: 0 H 50' bf' 07116, FLASHLIGHT ofa I QQQ v GUYNN'S ORCHID SHOP Abilene. Texas Exclusive Larlies Read-t'-to-Weal' M171 lin ery -just Price. Quality. and Style THE CITY CROCERY "Everything Thatis Good to Eati' Catering In the ,JTSf'l'I.lIlIDIIUIIAIIQ' Delivery Servir-e to all parts of the 1-itv T2-18-Dial-T219 .11--un...-.1 1 ln, 1--11.1 1 1 1 1.11 Excel - Sure Dye Works Where Abzlezze Keep! Clean Cleaning, Pressing Alteration, and Hat Work 152 Cypress St. Dial 43-LT RICHARDS Shoe Repairing and SHINE PARLOR lf'l1e're Shoe RFllfl1'l'Z.I1g' and llyeizzg 1 an flrl lol Cypress "for IQUUIIIZQSXT Salsa.. Bark old A. H. S. in Word and in Dm-d PAN DANDY BAKERY TH ll A R NIY STORE Fpevlalizes ln f lfisliing Tackle lianiping Equipment Luggage llmvlmy Bowls. H0014-es Hutton Leg Breeches Ariny Goods. Tents and Cots Field Boots The Abilene Armv Store 9l5 South First St. MiniI.-.ntl-1-1H-nl,.1.-.,.1..n1..u-u.--un1nn.- Grissom Beauty' Shoppe, M. F. HUDNALL WE SPECIALIZE IN Permanent Waving - Finger Waving Hair Cutting and Facial Tvork Gmssomr DEPT. STORE ABILENE. TEX One Hundred F fty th 'Ve yl .19 a 1 6' ' o CH gt? CL1:5QJC711Q FLASHLHGHT ofa 4 Q Q Q N., 'Qu in S I I Xllss TUXIXIIE CI..-UIK EIlgll.9,1 i W 1 ,. If VN s L 2 I 1 P . , 1 ? I . 1 Xlzss Humana C,,r.AcK ' English nu I .- .V , w h' full! MJ 41.1, u.,-,.Lum'u.m. .74 1 . I lf ,' s an .. ... 9 , -- ' md . Xllss RIARY tluovnn Nllw Wh.-NYU.-XY BLYTHE Miss ALICE Hlll.Il English En glixh English Xlns. IINIAN Halmliux Miss CLAUDINE OLSHN Miss Titus ORXIN English English English ..-Mig ...E ..1..f'2 5-.llZl.il'HliLlllH37L.lllQ5f AGWJE l.d1l,f.mf...w,'.LW IJ .. mv' Ha W h 4 f T 1 I ,... .V ..L 'M f., f. Xllss NIMH B. 'l'.uLun Nllss UIIDA CILMOXQ Nllss In NIM: H.NliIiI5 NIRS. T. E. PIERCP English English Englixh Englzsh l 7 Mus. lim1H C. SUITH D. A. NI.-HHIQW D, F, NlcGAm:Hm J. N. Wnsm Slllllfllf Cuurzxclur lfrnrmlnirx llnnual Training Pulzlir Spflllflll ,1 SiXlt'l'll Nt CH gc WE Q 1 2 O 9 V C7Iw FLASHLIGHT ofa 1 Q Q CJ CR: ? Ihr Eativrg Supplying the news current to the Qvhilmw Qliigh 5511111111 A Publication Worthy of Eagle Support HAI. Snuzs ELIZABETH BOWXFR Erlitor-1'r1-Chief Bzzsirzvss .l'It'll1fly'Pl Miss NIARY Coopm A. X. W11,1.uMs ffvlilorial .-lrlviser BIISI-11658 ,4dv1'.ser O H ci ll-1' f y,ENe- E S' ' clv5C9o QQ C7119 FLASHLIGHT 0191992 Q Ci? ? Abilene Printing 5' Stationery Co. Two Stores COMPLETE OFFICE OUTFITTERS LARGEST AXIJ BEST EQLIPPEII IJOIIUERCIAI, PRI.YTl,YG PL.-INT BETIVEEX FT. WORTH AX!! EL PASO Printers of School Annuals Catalogues and Supplies LARGE STOCK OF LOOSE LEAF GOODS FOR TEACHERS AND STLUEXTS STORE No. I CORXER CYPRESS AND NORTH QND STORE No. 2 AND FACTORY OPPOSITE NIASOXIC BLDG.. NORTH ZND STREET EN O H ld1"f f 0' e' , D f : CH 5690 V C7119 Fl.AsHi.lc:-HT of-U l QQQ ii? , 7 4' 5 ,API Gwomis 'L 2 5 LEANIN 3eN62S E '2.'3ZN5-v:8':"2 ' L - 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1...1.1.1M1n.1...1...1n.1.....-rv.-.,..,i,,.....1 1 .. 1 1 1.1.1 in- NEXT TO HOME TI-IE BEST PLACE TO EAT IS THE race Coffee Shop Try Our Sunday Special Dinners LUMBER Everything for the Builder 418 Chestnut St. Dial 8848 -..n- ..., -..n- .... -....- .,.. ..n,.. ..,. -.n- .,.. -n.... .... -..i-.i.....E.i.-W-.,..-.T1--u,.-....-n.-..............n.-..i-...-.......- Howafd Drug CO- 5 V. R. Allen The Houxv nf .illaliy Favors 1 i T Mau vunit lieu! Allexfs prices for the Nleffl mf- al Howard Drug: St 1 on 1. f . - Q. X Chestnut Street 2 qua 'll U glmllmja' I I i i520 5oi'TH I"oi'R'r1QuNT11 STREET Pimxiz 6209 :xlilI,IiNl5. 'I'i:xAs Dial 5515 -i- Hlmrlrml I" f WEN! 1 E' ' o Q . on gd' V C71-te FLASHLIGHT we I QQQ XY End of The Trail just a word in explanation of the art motif. Throughout the the book is woven the history of Abilene. The division and sub- division pages show incidents that have truly happened in the early development of this city. Some of the verses illustrating each incident. were taken from our West Texas poets: the others were composed by our own students. The theme was selected in an effort to express our appreciation for those who. by their untiring efforts and sacrifices. have made it possible that we might better prepare ourselves to perform the duties of life. ln selecting the material in this year book. we have endeavored to put into it the things that we thought you would like. We have tried to please ourselves. and we hope that in pleasing ourselves. we have pleased you. Some of the ideas we have entertained have materialized: others have fallen by the wayside. If this FLASH- LIGHT brings fond memories to mind in later years. we have surely succeeded in our purpose. The student body sits in judg- ment. It is our fondest hope that. to the hearts of the high school students. this FL.-XSHLICHT will grow "sweeter as the years roll by 77 We wish to express our sincere appreciation to Larry Chitten- den, the poet ranchman. who so generously gave us permission to use quotations taken from his Rant-li Verses. Our thanks are also due to C. .-X. Cilluiray. who so kindly assisted us in getting in touch with Mr. Chittenden. We are grateful to J. Henry Phillips for his permission to use selections from Cowboy Songs collected hy John A. Lomax and published by the Macltfillian Company. To you, the business men of Abilene who have helped us finan- cially, we extend our most sincere thanks for your assistance and we wish to assure every one. students and teachers. who have helped us, that your aid was appreciated. To you. our elusive Staff. who so ably assisted us during "rushitis" and at other times as well. we extend congratulations. The book is done. Wie fold our hands. sink hack into our chairs. and look the world again straight in the face. HAZEL ATKINSON. Editor. HARRisoN MUNROPI. Business lVIanager. 0-ENG QP an 1 6' ' o cu 50' One Hundred Fifty seven Q42 C7119 FLASHLIGHT ofa 1 QQ CJ CRS 55 3 AULD LANG SYNE EN 'I 6' ' o CH 50' C333 C7119 FLASHLIGHT ofa 1 QQ Q C523 5 25 AULD LANG SYNE M Q' JW 1 5' , '11 ,op QQ C7119 FLASHLIGHT 0791962 Q Ci? 55 3 AULD LANG SYNE y,f.N 0 ' o XM' 'MK CH 50x a: ' 5" . " : 3 fi x". , -, ,525 jlN . KW' S A- 2-X 'L Xxx' ' ' 2-'E'., J , 1 - -. 47 v-fig' '. ,ig K LH, ah, 331 :N::+. E K' 1 4' AITHFULNESS to zfeazzzjf iildidt' Me fczyi gf 1'epr0cz7246z'1zg if az j'.Qjf0Zl.Y wie. 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I :LV ,- - :ge -V' V 9' 1-' V"--' '...1'.'V..- ' S.-1 - - Y NV '-f. . -FT -V.. ..., .,, .. ,. .,,..-- ,.,....,n. .V .. .. nu.. .. , -V .. . .... .. .. .. . .. . .. . ,I 3 I -QI V .2,' If 5,f',.,.... -, T., 4 n., , .. i. . ,..', . Vt.,,I.,- , - V,,..-, .- .3 ,..-I- ..- ... .- - z,- . V,'-. I -g V ,.,.V:V. , -QV. -5 - i "F '-.'..-.. ' .' 5' ,'- "1 .x- .'i"'YV','. 'Q" -mf. ' f'. ' 2 ix' . :"' il-' 1 '- ' - -',,. -K,,' ..-f'.-V -V F521 2 "1 ,f 2, " , ' '.:'.' , ' 'V 1'. f 2, ' , !.43.QlI-Ig,f-1.93,-'.' -.., I' .V-5 -V ,-5 'V::,'7 5 j, ,.,I.I: , ..'j-I.,-V, ,I V -'V -.. . . . ,,,,5I4.,1... , ,xI, . .I .,..,, I., I . 5. I. V I IV V V.. ,!:,,.:IIIIIIII.I 5--.' .'xI,II.v 95. .- I I V I -II 1, , I '- . .. nh... IQ, ,. :I ggi-, 11-. IQ, I, 1-I: ,II I Il- . V3 I x. ' -V-"" H' "-Vw' . , . 0 : i -. .-. M-.3,yI,,,,I ,,I,,',I. 3, .IV, . I .V I,.- - ' ' ,-tI ' I ' I , I- ' .I-. ' "-g.'-, IEIV. IRI VI , -- ,I 'I' ' . .-'..., gIIV.,.I 1- . V 1II , ' ,. 'JI , -I . -..v' I,1I II.g'.,xV,I: ,II II II .II I I I .I J' x I I . ! - ' 5' x I: . I " I . ' ,Y 1 . I , , - .. u V C7119 1.AsHn.1c:-HT 001999 v 4. ,4 i x Miss NIXIITIJC 'l'u,nT1l.xx1 Hua. LI. 15. Hicks Nils, NIA-Xlllil-L xlURIll5HX W. D, Surru Lafin Latin Lrzlin Cur11n14'1'a'if1l 4175 X. N. WVILLIAMS 1,13 Rm' STUNI-L Bliss Unuu. .lurlxmx Xllsf Wl1.1.lu1 l"1.fnn Sclence Science Sfiwzfu- S1'I.l'l11'1' AF -in H. S. FATHERRIQI-3 Mus. E. II. R.-XNllOl.l'H H. T. Bun Xl M155 Fnuxcrzs Hamus Spanish Spanish Spanish Spanish Miss IXIARTHA BUTTRILL M155 Rum' Co11Pr:m3 Mlss Bum Cooxxnus Home Economics Home Economics Home Evonomivs Eighteen bah? fx 1 ..-. 1 5' ' o 'H 50' sfiiCf5'l'CR'-952515 07he glass es seotiorz ts a register of oar fellow students ofthe yearI926Q9 Exercises Ill the .- ,- . Opera House clbnaxeci a gala daylzonorzngf tile flrstlive JH t hzglt school r +1 Q loo 4 z-Xa' EQ, I , graduates -f ' -f '- CAGZJL A - "f'l888f-'P' no W we so or w e , sr ez ' fa fi, Q. g ' m m M8413 X., -...Q-.,, --i, -+ C 4 3. if... -4., 1 J x ', A gm, 'P 1 I N P . 4 J Q' W.. ge, ww -un: . Ji.-U. f' ,. -.HA 1 sw -- 1 1 r,-.Q 3. I , ff' :ew 4 ' ' 43 v. .L 'J vi' 1 if Q 1 W. 4. vagal Be, ri . xl- . v A' ' .Jr ..,, f 1 V Qlw FLASHLIGHT ofa 1 QQ Q Ck Sputum ,L- 1 , Q, - 'iiLl""f ' Ji., 'ffm' Y ' x nj!! bp Y 't N . . ' 1 i a i ? 1. FJKY X X -:rf V jg M '.,f , ,faq 'fr e ' 1 A' g ' V 1S'?1l 5v 3 A-Q5 5 X 17155 AQFQQ., ffl' j ffifa 'Cf' rr, . I qfsga' 'P ' sf . ' P -'S' J ,Q img. QIQQ1 '-fi ' "1 ' 'tafif 3 1 M C . igigcr ' F: 8 ZA. ri- sfff :fw- 'lllzn' they Ulllllk' lu T zvilzl frmztier. nylor County. the IOIIFSOIIIC. .Infl lfzcy Afvzzrzrlerl lfagle City in llze SPI'1.llgfl'Il18 of llze year." ,eu gx 6. 'I 5' ' o Ce 5:9 :QD C7119 FLASHLIGHT 0101942 Q v Senior Officers Cusnuis Sxuvm WVALTER 1-lu' Pun' Gmlnlrglc Tm ETT Bmnrrzrz Full l're's1'1ler1t lin' I'rv.viflw1I Tl't'!lXlll'l'f Fall Rvpnrlrr 3 Q Z Z U N r I HI rulrx' BLACK jmcla H.iNllH' KIARY BICKENZUQ Miss Dums DANIEL Spring President Secretary fpring Reporter Sponsor T , t, HGH 5 .9 '- 1 6' ' o CH 56+ A V C7119 LASHLIC-HT of-MQQQ sf lVlid-Term Seniors PERRY BARBER DUN Vlilii LEE C,-XLI-'EE lfllflfbllllg Glee Cltzbg Hzzftery, Gun G Perry has lwen one uf the hrightest stars Dtnrfvtliy Lee hrcuthvs the air wi happiness in A. H. S. A-Xltliuugli he is quite pnetival unrl ivy. She min't eu-n cntint ull her lrienil- lancl we might say rninantit-D, with his fle- herself, terminatiiin he has accomplish-tl many things. 'l'HlETT BAXRISEH W,Xl.'l'EH L1l..'XHli Fuvtlmll: Slrm' f,lllIIl71P1'IV71.NIII.II llrluztf' 'Zig wallpl- i, 3 .lmlpm who think, them is llrm' lrzltmlflw limi Prim' Xrirs Slam Ilirifrr. "l.itllr-'A llzirlwr neeml- nn intrmlurtinn. Ht- is always lull ul life. m-wr lwssiltlisllv. unll ever tvatly In In-lp suriimiw else. swmething else in st-lim-I lar-sitles slttllivn. lie may he tleiineil tts thi- lutllelin ul lmmt-r. i I ELSIE GREEN Valcflicturizln of .llirl-Tvrni Claxxg GHHGJ SIIIIIII-S11 Clubg Q :mtl S. Elsie spends little time with the frivolous side of life. Her exeellent grades have prom-tl that this is a good way In dn. WILSON GA RR ETT Band. A little man. but he is made up a hundred- fold in a cheerful. lively. and optimistic dis- position. GLN DOYLE Kl'YKENDAl-l, Everyhmly knows Dnyle. His ever iiriemlly smile ancl willingness to help when he is neeclefl has gained him many iirientls, KgXLE'l',-X LILES C1111 Gi Spurzisfz Clzibg Tennis Kaleta is lniscliiemus and inquisitive. hut along with this alt? is a wliole-lieartetl worker. Twenty-onc 4' Q9 a 1 6' ' o A 'H cf' S 7 -L V C7119 FLASHLIGHT we 1 9129 X ,XS'l'l N E LONGHQ Yl' H A Nl J. L. M.-XNSFIELD Ifl'f'f"' Ll'f"l""3 PVI' -q4l""'l5 lv- L4 P' lle speaks fur himself-just tht- sort of A rare mlnlrimxtiun ul' t'llHIlllltI1 senje and idealism. He has essentially gmail-naturetl. always full ul pep. and aluays tlepvndalilr-. XYlll'Il utln-rs fail:-tl lla. Dugan sailed the ship. HQXHX EY NIL-REE fellow who makes sclnml life interesting, WANUA LEE MILLER Dvbfffffm club: tit. H. 0. s. G fm G Harvey is nur El Vasu t-lx'-1-ker player. He Wanda Lee tries to make every minute is dilfert-nt frnm Itlosl boys. as he is quite Clllllll. but she is never tum busy tn have Z1 Nlllllllill' and not girl rrztzy. g-mtl time, t IRA MOORE A cheerful fellow wlm is trying to show the scluml that he van du more than one thing at a time. .Ks Ira goes into a thing gladly and uurlxs hard. he will be a lion in the business nf life, ta PA UL PHILLIPS Burial W1 5.-f -fu -HI fum 'L -:jg 3:-fr f--4 5'-'G fn v-1 DJ :Lrg mfvm m-ff. TEN ,jm if!-9, L55 Up 2 QD E5 C U3 Emu f-nal gm- rd"1"' on. OEM OW C 03 -1,-'TT '-'me sw .JHX4 .'1"vf oi 40, Twenty-two EDWIN POWER President of Cornnzercial Club Edwin greets every one with a big smile, He has ambition to succeed. and his name gives the "powe1"'. BEATRICE RANEY G an Gg Pep Squadg Glee Club Beatrice seems to be always saying. "Take the world as it comes. and be happy." ,sue l e . " 6' ' o Iv gc? Sr V C7119 FLASHLIGHT ofaiofzo V CHARLES ROBINSON CHARLES SILLNUR Bunn' 1'I't',N1'flt'IIf Senior l.'lu.s.wg Glu' Club: li. L. l'.g As Charles is in the liantl. he toots his Uv lllvlffl own hom. He is a big mlume. if you only "ll1ou who url gilletl with gnoil looksf' know how to rf-url him, Lailii-s. look ye long on the modern version .IACIQ SHACIQELFURD Fofifbnllg IQ L. l'. To graduate or not--that was the qliestinni mill the answer to a maitlenis prayer. ALILTBIAX SNIITH Football Aultman was il pri-tty gi-ntl tackler until he hut .lavk pull:-il ilirougli. His pliilosoiihy tried Dan Llnpiil. but the latter won thi- ill-- wasfwhy make- it lllll1lll'r'1l when SCXPIIIA' live will pups you? 'l'lie-rv arf- thri-4: thing? in ,lai'k's life-1 low. to-iilnill. owl a gootl time. vision without iuut-li 1-llort. 53?- 'S' A arf. .IAAIE5 SXIITH Scielire' Club Wie know that he will climh to the heights. as his hohby is aviation. He has a wonderful capacity for enjoyinent and cleverness enough in his make-up to be a sevnnil Will Rogers perhaps. FRED WALKER We are in constant fear lest Fred keep his humorous thoughts to himself. A rather un- assuming young man with a concrete con- ception of life, THOMAS WALL DU .IIUIUY Thomas is a late rival of Daniel Vliebster. He ran manage anything from a drug store In pretty girls. MARY IDA WILKEHSON G an G: Story Telling Club She is good sport and a true pal with u lovely face and sunny smile that is always welcome when things go wrong. Twen ty-th rec EN 50' 6. 1 Q Y O ' o 'H 50' Q V C7119 Fi.AsHt.lC-HT 01019129 V LANIISII BENNETT Football Peanut would like lu know a little about everything if it didn't take so much work. Ht- says that he likes the place and will will- ingly waste his time here. We've heard that he can chew and spit just like a regular tough. RALPH DUNN He knows not when In speak. who knows not when to be silent. Ralph holds to the idea that men of few words are the best of men after all: but underneath his quiet- ness. you'll find a man. HENRY HANNA Football Beneath his sleepy exterior he hides a warm heart. a quick brain. a big generous nature and a ready wit. He has mixed pleasure with wisdom. and wisdom with everything that is for the school. LYNN HARRIS Commercial Club Looks are deceiving. in that it doesnlt take very long to get acquainted with him. His one weakness is that he has a natural dii- taste for stenography. We wonder why? 'View chu., NIABEL HOLLEY C an G Mabel says she has never dared to be quite as funny as she could be. Her philosophy is. "When fun and duty clash. just let duty go to smash." DAN Football He is big. stron MRS. EDITH C. SMITH Student Counselor She is wise. gentle. and just. We place a laurel 'wreath at her feet. SALKELD g Choral Club g. handsome. brave and captain of the football team. He is almost perfect. but he has who-or what? Twenty four one weakness. I wonder - wi Nr . Q a U 1 -A B 7: ,xo N56 V C7119 Fi.Asi-ii.1c:-HT 001999 sf Wl':LTON ANDERSON HOl'l.'Xl.llf AHLEDGE Dellolay Ilralllulic Club A grin a mile widw. a head liull of Wistlulll Wk- went jauntily on our way and didn'l disguised as satire. and a fine regard for the realize until the last moment that we had L opposite sex-that's Welton, genius in our midst! How dill iw ew' gli along without llorave? HDWINA .XNDEHSON HOYLAND :XHNl'l'l'T C un C: Pep Squat! Bil.NA'FflllIllQ X. H. S, If it is something valuable and for the Hoyland's true sportsmanship rein-lie. good of thi- rvhool, lfdwina is for it in full farther than the hasketliall court or the fool force, luall field. .-Xlthough he is quite --i'illi.iu1 he usually p1'elr'i's a good limi- In .t study. LEON ARNOLD ,101-VllL'lll'0l!j Choral Club Hungry? Want a good laugh? 'lllien go find Curly. His pockets overflow with pe.:- nuls and vandy, and he is capable of malxing the groucliie I of grouches smile il-'liantly :ii dull care. ll.-KZEL XTKINSUN Ellilvr of Fluslzliglilg G llll U Q and S. N. H. 5. My. how can we describe this hard-works ing. lovely girl? She ie exceedingly brilliant. unerringly plain-spoken. and spontaneously inergetic-a person with an unassuming nature and the essential elements of a fine 4-haracter. an gc Lili.-XWFOHIJ l-lqilill . llumlg 111'-Yg l'olyl1f'4lror1 Crawford niakes friends as easily as ht' rnake melodies on his old trumpet. He is the possessor of a very contagiou giggle and the love ol a "laripin" good lime. Cll.XHl.l'lS ISAHNICS llebulirzg Clubg Hi Y Charles may be defined as the gallant knight of A. ll. 5. To him a friend is a treasure. There is something hu inessslikv in his voice. Twenty-fix Q xV"N4' ,f a -4 5 cr? 9 V C7119 t..AsHi.tc:-HT af'9ICJQ9 sf 'l'llXl H-Xl'lNlfS Ql7X'l'-X li-XHHUW Sl'il'lIl't' Club G un C5 Ijfllfllllflht' fflulr 'l'otnttlir' new-r trouhle-s trotthlt- till tronhli- Quanta always wants to fintl ht-y tlnty Lmtl troulili-s hint. ztntl thvn yull sllutllll sm- thi- to tlo it. Slit- flows not work In hring honor lratltt-t's fly wltt-n thvy tlo got all niixvtl lllt. to lu-rs:-ll. lllll for tltv joy ol working antl 'lionttniv usually 1-otnes out on top with tt sloing sotllvllllttgllol'1rtltvrs. tlotthlr' ltuntlful ol' lfottltlv-s l'vatltc't's :mtl .t stall-sattislit-fl grin on his lui-1-. HI.l.llC Nl Xl-I likllllllll' lQUl.l.lNS l3li.X'l'X U 1111 U: Glu' fflnlfg lf L. l': l'1'p 511111111 .Y. H. S.: H1314 1I1'l111tt'rtg Club Polly sovtn- to ln- tt previous Iittlv hunillt- Collins is onv wliosi' rltaractvr has lIlf't'l1 all tlone up in gi small pai-kaggv. She lm- Illilllll-t'Hlt'4l in all his t'Xl'1'llt'l'll work. left littlf- ran-s gtntl uorric-s lar In-hintl ansl is in he-r sawnth ltvaxr-n wltvn on the .laun- ilooi' with a goml ort-lit-stra moaning. f' Q' u i r E 1' r I I l 2:2222 ' Kl'fNNl'i'l'll lilCX'l'I.lfX NIXHY Xl1'Klfl'i lllllll Cllfllllifl-ll2ill'l'f lsllllllltlll . G un fi: Q 117111 S We- arf- expwling tht- gt'1't1lt'sI things lrotn liecattst- Nlary M1-Km' thinks 1-verylmtly Kennv-th next yvar lwvuusr- hv was wry yulu- else is gootl untl sweet. she has cttlttxatwl able in helping ii- on lu yit-tory this year. that kintl ot pleasing disposition herself. Ill'l'lCll'l' lilflllli Xl,-XRY JOE BOWERS Fnoflmllg l'r1'xi1l1'r1r Sl'lt'IIl'l' l,'l11l1g l'1'1'si1le'rtl l'rc'si1l1'l11 G llll C: Pvp 5111111115 HH.9h4'f-91 Stlnior ljluyx Ijfllllffllg Clulfg liftlllllllii' l.'l11l15 N. H. S. l:llIil'l'l is staging u 1'otn1'lra1'k against the She is one who is always milling and reamly gre-at anal llt't'4lllll vtluvallon hy heing first to shaft' with you your joy antl sorrow. Slw a football playvr annl than at prefsinlent. is loyal. flepenmlalile. honest. and fair. TW4-nty-six We Ne ? c 'I 6' ' o CH gc? V C7119 LASHLIC-HT OWIQQCD v ELIZABETH BOWYIIII G an G3 Pep Squmlg Spanish Clubg Husliifrsg Q and S: BIlXl.I1t'AS .llanager Battery Bowyer heaile to a preciutif hluntle-liairetl darling with a personality hulihling .wer with the jity of living! HIIYAN UR,XDHI'llY Bryan in Qu quiet: hut when hi- umslex- cenfls In exp:-ak. we think it he-t tu lixten at- tentively. He juxt hae the inml original anil mirth while iileax. W. I.. BREEDING .-Xml fate entlimetl him with the physique wif a sailnr. A great ltig twin-fistecl gent from out in the np:-n -paw-x. Xeser smiles except when he laughn whieh i- ttften nr otlif-rwise. lilillltli lililffllilill ll rm G: Hf1.shf'1',x: l'f'l1 Squrnl: Drumrrfir' lfltih lfiiriva travel- it path ol' fmilea antl leaves at trail of xmrtliy lirii-ml-. She alwayx thinks Ntraight anfl kmm- what tw Nay. ll. tl. IIHOWY H. S. 'lows as limi' he is yuung. hut he has had much anal many experientww. His lrroatl grins and nice vurly hair mal-ze all the girls glance longingly and ecstatieally in his cli- rection ancl heave big sighs of contentment. EDWIN BURNQUI Srience Club He's as gmitl as a close of medicine for the ailing called "l1lues". and he's always there with the proof that it takes a lot more effort to frown than it takes to grin. xNl' l i t fftllllfll lIl'll'l'ON Ivllllfllllll Ifverytmr: ie i1l'IlIl21ll'lIt'lI with Conierl t-heerful grin. lt is with sur-h men as he that our school gets ite reputation, llI"l'H CAMERON Full of zip. zest. and pep. best ilescrihes this modern Diana. Where the light shines hrightest. you'll finil her with the lightest heart. Twenty-seven yi 19 a 'I 6' , 'I-1 5:99 71 ' . J ., .Q ,V .., . ,df ,- f, -,W Qi ' -, V - Vg x Jig J .' f 1 , -il A ' ir, .z', Aigfl-4' "" -'n ' J- ',-Lff -- -,. .- " ,,g1.-- V - - -. J. . v ," 64' "". . '- V V f .f vm, , -- . -3, X -. , gs X 4 x-,V X, 1 ,it 12 ' 1 Y ,. -..J V 'Egg . ' ---- EQ: .M . ii . 4 ,git . .gi -9 'iff'-A .. C, j-5 fiv- --'J-. Eg 2 L. I, - , ' H if . '.?:f'.fR 4 '- E 'ju' 2.1 . .. , , ' '1'3ff:. .""' '1 ,' ',' ' , --..L ,- ---.- ..,, ,,, -' - -chmendwi. It lv Sdldief, Lee." lfrifiilggf 1,- ' 1 -, '- 5 . 4 , -4 . . X 152 . i b ,41'i57+f, -. f f , ,n ., 3. ' 1 -f, 1- v-,f - si ' - f' x. 531, I ' .nl . nz, ,,- ' K A 4 W' 'r' YN- Q ' 1 iw, ina. Q:.1,,g,'-'ff , X 1',il.f3. 1 f 'L 1 "- v - 7 i'Rs'fI1l -L'-,.ffA1V, 1 I 2.21:-1 yn' ...f , U " :. 'uve' iff' 'P 1 X,.-'41-.' '1lNz2'::w' 'F WU! -"i-Q5v-3f',p?fff'- - jf U 1 N, 4.45: gs- ' 1 5 1a4-.er1C - ,.,-wif, 41.1 ,za ' . . - , -mf.f.ff- ' 's,f.wf. 1 ' 4'f,f5if1-',Q-- 'tff5.t,gg: H5513-Zg,.x"g, 1 , , . ' .E gym. w:!.,-- ,, H: .rg . a 4 - ..,,1.,., ,-,,icx,, .1 ,,ff,.-,, , V 'L w'.:.+pp':'-1 'sm' f ,f,,QgQ. .I , as q2,. ' 1--x .H --'.c'Xs' ' WQ10 ' xx Y A NGA' vwl ww-uf, I vm, ,.,.,--:XL .my 7, ,w .n . ,. . ,S M, V- x fy- ,gm ,11 . in ' Q.fS'ff.?e-V ,'-f'-'14y,..:Ifg5-W' W ,dfif AFX' N 1-:fl'Vi.'?'4'4 5 2'2q1T'1'13'?v"? A . ,-5 fa,-Lg 1f,f'1,f.fwax382- ' A .1 J.. lv ,IM-:g,:h.'. h . a':kG",v4:f".' K tx' , N x1",'v. . 1 Ay 5, 'W-?v"fmif'-.nr f 'M MQ- w ' 'f Q' -Vic? 5,3 -ik. 3 ' ".-,Sq 'wr A" 4 H' ,:".",- f -v f-!"' inn 'xhfu 1 2-.J-,Eg"' 1 . , - WTB' 'eflsvif -Sfaqfil' ' '. '-"Q'J7' W f,,,a'f4 . X wx-nu-.-, . v X, ' '-- ,Z ,gy ' -'iQQ':5F3fi'X -. 'Yi6,. . ,, , , ., -' "'-- 1 fav 'Q ..'.- , " ' -- - ' . q1. 1+g,e.--M M' . ,,: ,pf ff: ' . :p , ryf,-,-f-1 . .,.:l,g-- . ,f.,., .5 h 1455.555 -fe?-L if 'fu-ff f - ',A "Ui 25 Q .V.',,1 YI' 4j'vl'-."',1' .V K -.fm 1 -rig-3, -9s -fy--r .v , .AL t :. ' U r 1 'Q' fir- ' 2"sax'-wifi sq- v-QS ,yr '. ' -V' - r .J ' .,- -.-,lt ... nf-,1 f - ,. A. ,- ifrff, df? 3 fr, ,'ZSg:f2. - , .' xi ,. .' '. '-.L rs-,: 1 uf.-N 5 ' y ,egg -2 ' ': " . ' x f ' ' x. -f '-,f I .N , Q, 4 fl , 5.35 1- .A N V C7119 i..AsHi.xcH1' ofaaofzf-J Sr UTICX IQXNNON OH NIT,-X C.-XRTER Gln' lflulf C rm Gg Tvnnisg Pulylzezlmng Pep Squuilg lleuyen-T XXh.it's this? XM- tho-irltt it ff- L- ff.: 1llllll'fj'j Q zzml S: Rainlmzt' Girly mis a tratliliv latin. but il's only :.t group ol llitl wt- eyer see Uh Nita out ul' hurnur? girls gazing upon this firkle--llm'at'tv'fl young lla,-dlyl Tgnni, is 1l,.r h,,l,hy. and after all lllLlll"LHlll me like him plenty! il is u gootl on:-. lllfX'l'llllQl-I 1l,Xlll'lfN'l'l'ill ,XDA CXSHY U 1111 C: l.'1ll7llllt'l'l'Iilll lflull Spunifslt Clnlf Une look at IS.-atriw will :nuke onn uant Lucky is the girl who is pretty antl has a lo look the -et-onil titnw. for you knon sh:-1 leautiful soul. lnsvlliisltness antl lrientlli- rule. IIlit'l1lt'YIlllN, antl t-hurtning, ness eltarat-te-t'ize Arla, I,l'CY tI.'X'I'UN C an G: Girl Rl'.Yl'l'l'Kf lilllt'lll'l'lIJI'lIll1 You shall never take her without an an- swer. unless you take her without Ll tongue. "l tlonil knou" is not listetl in Luryis vovab- ulary. How min she be so snmrt' Nl A RY C.-XX' l'I"l' G an CQ Dranmlir Club Mary has a lively personality. vital. and interesting. 'Twenty-eight '1 exciting. y,lNl- C. W. CECIL Ili-Y: N. H. S.: Exsurt' Curtlexmnl C. W, is tht- type of boy that van get il "kick" out of life without breaking loosi- lrmn society. He can always answer LIUPSA tions that the other students can not. He is noteil for his amiable tlispnsition antl his unusual extetnporant-ous speaking ability. ION,-X llHfXNlCY G an G5 Story Telling Club "Silence is as deep as eternity." The gleam of her deep blue eyes makes every one happy, She seems a lixing: ray of intellectual fire. K Q? a T 6' ,C up N56 V C7119 FLASHLIGHT we I QQ f-D CR: CECIL CHENOWETH Batteryg Polylzerlrong Q and Sg R. O. B.g Glee Clubg Clzoral Club Cecil is one who sees the world through optimistic eyes. It is also well known that he never passes up an argument. LEO CHR.-XNE N. H. S.g Polyherlrong Science Club Leo is quiet and unresponsive to those who do not know him. hut a source of eonrtant entertainment and amusement to those who have thu good fortune of claiming his friennl- ship. CHRISTOBEL CHRISTOPHER G an Cg Home Economics Clubg N. H. S, Christobel is the one person in high school that really reminds one of the charming vio- let. She has a refreshing. inspiring manner about her. and she is as clainty as the fra- grance of the violet. C. A. COCKHE LL C. A. challenges anyone to a smiling con- test. When he smiles it is lrom ear to ear.' R. W. COLE Banclg Latin Clubg Travel Clubg Glee Clubg Science Clubg Radio Club 'SFine hair-oil does not make fine hat- racksf' Born with a silver saxophone in his mouth, best phonograph player in forty- eight states. MARY COLLETT Home Economics Club Individuality is the keynote to Marys per- sonality. She has characterized herself by taking part in school activities as well as by making every one wish to be near her. INEZ CORNELIUS C an G5 Home Economics Club Inez is a diligent. whole-hearted worker. She never shirks from her duty. even if she has to go out of her way to make some one happy, KATHRYN CRAIG G an Gg Spanish Club This petite little girl wears a smile for an umbrella. She has a personality that wins new friends for 'her every day. Twenty-nine 6' 5 1 1 0' CH 569 V C7119 Fi..AsHi.icsi-:T ofa i QQCJ if I-IYl'il.YN IMRIYICN lj un U: T1-nliixg flume El'llI11?l7lif'.9 1l.Xl,lfl3 IJIQSIIXZO Ili Yg Latin Cfub lin-lyn uill always ln- rvinm-inlwrvil lDL'l'illlFl' Cul.-I1 is at cumliinatiun of imagination and uf lu-is plvzisunl wniwi'-ation and willy bil!" pllrv nlIUl'M' sense." This mixture has made ings. Shi- ll'4'dls the strailgei' the same us him a ri-inurkalili' stud:-nt, shi- treats he-r daily si-lumliilzitvs, Xl.'XliG.XNlf'I' DILLINGHANI XIULX IIXYIS 1 C an C: lvp Squad C un G5 Pep Squml: lilflllllllfffilll Club HQ Xiula ri-minds lls ul' swim- llrwk grmlfless in lri l iff that she is lim-, ln-auty, lilia happiness. ani kinnlne--s cfiinliini-il. spring. ICD DHICSSI-IN Iirzmlg Y. L. 1'.g R. U. B'.g Clmrfll Club Ed is Lllllglll4?l'. ,lesl. and ynuthful tlullily. His snul is like a magnet drawing friends from every side. He is spoken of as "the lmy with the envied height." NIQXHY li-Yl'l'lljRINlQ DUCKWUHTH G rm C: HIJIIIQ' El'UllUI71f!'X We have wimileretl to think that such il tiny head un such a tiny bi-,dy could Contain all that Mary Catherine knows. Her every action is encompassed in a certain quiet dignity. BEHTHA DUNN Maybe it's her smile or maybe it's her friendly ways. hut we just can not resist the urge to admire Bertha. BERTIE DUNN Bertie is as true a friend as a person can find. Her quiet and reserwd nature only serves the more to impress us with her worth. Thirty in v CH 50x x I vb " 4 .5 8 -r hair vurls about her lace in such a 'vnflly lilllv way. Xlargari-t has the Fam? ' wt upun um- .is thi- first gliwiutxs day nf V C7119 FLASHLIGHT 019199 Q Cin ANNIE RUTH EASTUS C an. G5 Polyhezlrong Dramatic Clubg Q and S Annie Ruth is the pretty. witty little scamp that is always smiling and looking for some Battery news. WALTER ELY Debate Ifinner '28g Hi Yg Y. L. P.: fl. H. 0. SJ C0l7il71CfE'I.lll Walter has a great big heart and a bigger voice. He attracts us by being spontaneous and ingenuous, and makes lriends of us by being entertaining. interesting. and worth while, LUCILLE ELLIOTT G an G5 Hashersg Choral Club Lucille has made a 'hit with her classmates by being quiet, and kind to every one alike. MACK EPLEN Q and S Marek is the boy with the Whippet road- ster who could be seen at almost any foot- ball game in this district. His other weak- ness is pienicking. 49' flu ELEANOR FARR Travel Club Eleanor is held in high esteem wherexei she goes because of her seriousness and win- someness. She merits much praise LETA FAVER G an Gg Spanish Club Vivacious, lovable, and friendly is Leta who has walked her path through A. H. S. with willingness and helpfulness. X CY' DOROTHY FLETCHER Leader of Pep Squadg G an Cg Dramatic Clubg Hashers Red curly hair. blue eyes, smiles galore. dimples, and a vivid personality. Why say more when she yells for herself? ELDON FORBUS Such a worthy young man he is, and how hard he works, and what results he does at- tain! Wie admire him a lot and commend him much for his industry. Thirty-one eau, Q' uv 5' 6' ' o ca S V C7119 FLASHLIGHT are t CJQQ v ALLINE FUIID GLEN CAMEL G U" G1 5I"1"i"l' Cl"l'5 Tvffflf-Y UNI' Glen's chin expresses df-termination. anfl I'ler1liInph-s anil lklllglllttg eyes retnintl une his eyes ltmk frientlly. If the oltl saying of an t-lf. hut it twultl liuw tu he a gnml all "Give to the wurltl the lmest. anrl the hest will In he like this jaunty little lfurml lirnun Post, vunie havk tn ytlll... is true. Glen shuulrl re- ceive only the lJv'st. lIlf'l"l'Y 1-'ll.WlI.l-ill P,-XNSY GAIIDNEII C rm Og Ilrlslierxi Clmml Club nl. H. U. S.: Girls Debating Clubg C an C livtty is une' of those girls wlmse gay vine- I'ansy's specialty is speaking and ch-luuting. tnatit' tlninps keep the high svluml lmys annl Twp outstanding c-liaiuuteristirs in her nature girls from crviiveltttxttiitg un their gt'HIllC'll'j'- are the rleterminalinn In finish what shi- 5lut'ls anfl her uillingnf- s lu mln fur ntlwrs. 3 FLORENCE UEIIIIKIVI' C HI1 G If reference hunks teach anything. Florence will be a genius in psychology. She has tlmrrvugltly convinced us that one must stucly to be smart. BERT COOCH Iiert is normally quietswhen asleep. He just ean't keep still. but we like him better that way. His philosophy is, "I'm happy anfl Iim luckyg ro mayhe 1'll get hy." Thirty-two x'V6' AVIS GR.-KHAKI G an C5 Pep Squad Did you ever see Avis witlmut Maxine That is next to the impossible. Avis is one of our few girls who refrain from calculating the quantity of juvenile poultry prinr to the fnmpletiun of the entire proc:-ss ul incuba- tion. -2 WILLIAM CRAY Debateg Hi Y William rl0esn't worry about girls and sueh. and cloesn't care if he's not tall much. William tries everything once anyway-from trying to keep pour unsuspecting boys out ol the I-Ii'Y to making extempore speeches in chapel. yi Q? an 'E 0 CH 569' V C7119 F'i..Asi-ti.ic:-1-rr ofa i QQ9 v GORDON GREEN Gorrlnn in une of nur farmer lails wlw make up the strength of nur nation. He thinks tim much: suvh men are clangerutis. He may he dangerous when it comes tu making others ilu gtmtl. lvut he just can'l be haul. We like him for it. thnugh, Lll-l.i,-KN CHISH.-UI C an C5 Y. L. P.g Pep Squmlg Pulylzetlrnrzg HIlSI1!'f-VJ Latin Club Lillianls initials. L. P. C.. spells the three wimflerful t-liaraeteriativs nf her uwn per nn- 21liIy-liwly. pretty. anil giueiniif. EHNIAGENE l'lgXLE C rm Cg 1"fe1xl1l1'gl1!: Pup Squutfg Spanish Klub: l1r1.xl1t'r53 X. H. 5.3 Q :mtl S we Illlnli ul lltfl' as llltt ttewey lil1tWt'1'S 35 they look early in the int-rning. We lure her -alle is a eliarmer of tht- air! JOYCE ll,-XXDY Ulu' ljlzzlli C un C Set'intteiiew anal Clteerlitilnef- art- liuntlleil up Ing:-ther in thi- 1,-harming girl. She thinkf lteaven will lit- a plat-e ishere rhn- van sing zintl rich- all Nha- wants tu. MABEL l'l.'XRRlSON G an C Frientlliners. attractiveness. hrillancy. with a tiny hit of pleasure mixed inAthat is Mabel. TERRY HAYS .flrt Erlitnr of Flasfilfghtg Presitlent of Quill and Scroll Tut has the knack of heing an artist-tantl a good one toot anal a gentleman. and he gets a great deal done in that leisurely way uf hi-s. His vivid personality is liuilt on the very esSentials of character. l.llClI,l.E llll.L C rm Cg SIIIIVIIANII Club Full of pep. lun antl smiles for everybody! Blimile hair anal grey eyes would make any- one like the owner: antl these things are cer- tainly true of l.uc'ille. lllI'l'H HOLMES C rm C5 Spfmislz. Club The guotl Lortl made her fair. fine. and full of pepg furtlterinnre. while he was at it. He hatl a time turning out a beautiful young thing brimming over with gomhsportsman- ship and fun. Thi rty-three WEN! ,P a I 5' ' o '-'11 gc? V C7119 L.AsHi.iGH'r 0101999 v ALTA HOOD G un U: Y. L. P.: Glve Club: I'fll.Y,1ft'llftlll: Q unrl S Now for talking. we could venture to say that a lnetter could not be found. We are all looking forward to the big hit she is going to make on Broadway. 'l'Ill2LN1.X LORA IIORTUN G rm Cg Spunisli Clulz Making friends seems Io be Thelma Lora? favorite pastime. She is small. hut she re- minds its of ll queen who hae it very large kingdom, Nlll.lJlil'ID HOHTON G fill CQ Pep Sljllflllj lI0Ij'l1t'l1l'III1g Q and S: lfzrttcryg .Spanish Clubg N, H, 5. Mildred hae the rare gift of personality. Iler merry laugh has won for her many places when wise words would have failed, NIILIJHICIJ HOW.-XRD C an U5 lIlIlj'11l'llI'lll1g DfllllIllll.f.' Clubg Glu' Club For Mildred to walk into tht- room is like letting fresh air in. She haf won our heartw hy her unselfish attitude and her friendly ways. 4- HAHMON HUFF Band Harmon! national anthem happens to be. "I Can't Give You Anything But Love." De' spite this, he has made a big hit with evely- hody. including many of the teachers. PAULINE JACKSON G an C5 Pep Squazlg Polyherlrong Choral Club There seems to be two days that never worry Pauline - yesterday and tomorrow. Pauline is the most optimistic girl on our whole campus. Thirty-four y.5N EDWIN JOHNSON Hi-Y Dignified. respectful Edwin has never had any suffixes or demerits attached to his name. He is certainly bound to gn a long way! JOSEPHA JOHNSON G an Gg Pep Squml josepha with her eharnting personality and adorable blush. captures. the friendship of her girl classmates and rhe hearts of the boys. .F '- Y 5' ' o CH 569' V C7119 FLASHLIGHT of-1 1 CJQQ N., ELEANOR JONES G an Gg Pep Squadg Dramatic Clubg Y. L. P. Eleanor is our dream girl. A glimpse of her sets one's imagination working. Many envy her soft voice and natural poise. REED JONES Reed is rather small in stature, but large in mind. Although he is smart. he always seems busier than he really is. LYNN KINCAID Batteryg Q and S5 Tennisg Orrlzestra Here's our famous racket swinger. l'le's just barely tall enough to see over the net but. just the same. he gets the job done. HALE KlNCAlD Footballg Deillalzly With our football mefnories will always be associated "Kinny"-a grin on his face and mischief in his eye. and a heart chock full of Eagle spirit. He was a real Eagle in every sense of the word. BERNARD KIRK Bam! There is a great big horn that plays bass and rides around on Bernard's shoulders at a football game or a parade. Bernard is noted for something else. too. and that is his unusually accurate mathematical mind. ANNA BESS LEE G an G In some individuals there is a tranquillity and gentleness of nature which creates an atmosphere of pleasant quietudeg so is it with Anna Bess. MARIE LINDSEY G an Gg Spanish. Club Marie iand the rest of us toot seems to think that a merry. happy. light, and rollick- ing heart doeth good like a medicine. We all like to say of her that "You alone are yous, MARY FRANCES LINDSEY Spanish Clubg Polylzedron. Mary Frances's quite nice ways speak loudly for her. She is the personification of loveliness, beauty, dignity, and reserve com- bined to make a very charming young maiden. Thirty-five WEN! QP an I 4 ,C 5 H 50" V C7119 Fi..Asi-ii.ic:-HT ofa i QQQ V DOROTHY LOCKE G un G: Pep Squmlg Polylzealrurig El.l.qX CLINT KIvCAH'l'Y Her picture looks like a beautiful paint' l"l'f""l'5"' ing hy one of the old Italian masters. and Dorothy is like her name. She is tht- lovla she is charming and lovely as her picture to all lieurts. and slit- possesses the key. Here seems. is one girl who is smiles all the llII1L'. DALE IIAQUOK S'l'U-KRT LONG 3,,,,,1 5"l4"1"" ffllllfi IWW PCI' -gflflflfli Gffll CMI' The inseparable pair. Dale and his bass Glooiny? lt so. speak to Stuart. This horn. He always has a hearty hack-slap for young man has ilu- favulty of making people one and all. He never gets out uf shape happy and enjoys seeing them laugh. aliout anythingg for he's ti jolly good fellow. tra lal HOB MuGAL'CHEY Bob may not know what itls all about. liul just give him time. He never hurries. never worries. hut always manages to get by. Bolt says all the great men are dead. and he is feeling pale himself. MALCOLM MeGUlRE Latin Club We sltoultl like to say something nice and sweet about Malcolm. but even if we did. he would argue us out of itg so what's the use. pray tell? His pet pastime is contradicting Mr. Rattan in trigonornetry class. Thirty-six FRED BICKENZIE Sl'1.t'I1Ct' Club When Fred graduates. .L H. S. will be minus an essential element. His good quali- ties have made a lasting impression on his classmates. MARY MCKENZIE llvbazteg Srervtrzrg' of N. H. S.: G an C: Q mul S: Rainbow Girls: Hz' Trig I3'uHeryg L. fl. L.g A. H. O. S.: Pep Squad Silence may be golden. but Mary's oratori- eal ability put her in the limelight and kept her there. She has solved many a situation for A. H. S. W E 'Vt QQ' ' 1 6' ' o C41 56.9 V C7119 Fv..AsHi.ic-HT M1999 v CORDIA MCNEIL G an Gg Dec'l11nmt1'ong Spanish Club She is a combination of joy, and fun. earnestness. and depth. There is a strange- ness and remoteness about her that makes her even more attractive, J. H. XIANLY Dt' illohzy A tall young person with lofty ideals and desire to he a famous athlete. We a surging like him-but don't tell him we Said so. FAYE MARKUM G an G5 Flashlz'gh.tg Hashers Quiet dignity marks all of her actions. Everyone who sees her always remembers this enticing. beautiful. fasvinating brunette. THLRSTON MARSHALL Yodeling Thurston. the yodeling yokel. A laughable fellow of the first water. An ex- cellent sport that will do anything that is executable. JOE REED MATHIS He is different in that he stores his ideas for further use instead of broadcasting them and speaks only when his wisdom is Ittosl needed. A fine young man. EDWIN MIDDLETON De ilfolay We think he aspires to be a doctor, like his fatherg we know he has a brilliant mind and the initiative to he anything he wishes, and we leave it to fatefand Edwin-to make him a famous man. H56 AARON NIILAN 1gllHl'l'VV: Q mul S If the whole world were placed at his dis- posal. Aaron would convert it into an ath- letic field. May he live to he a thousand. for he is a regular fellow and we want him on earth, KATHRYN MONROE G an C5 Commercial Club Kathryn always looks on the bright side of life, and meets every trouble with a smile. She isn't very tall. but she is every inch a good sport. Thirty-seven y,EN JJV T 6' , C 99 . .-L 1-ff ,ug- 61 . ,-'I' ' ' 51 f 1-, ,, -.- ag VIL ., P MAJ? .I af, .. lv, 5 , -, ' " 15f?fq'. 1 , f If 1. il. Qs V C7119 FLASHLIGHT ofa 1 9120: CR: ls' EUGENE KIORRISUN Ili-Y: llunrl tiene scents to he a wonder huy. We won- der how he gets hy so easily. lie 2lL'L'llIll' plishes litany things with the same- efficiency that he displays in driving his Chevrolet and making MQIIJIIOlIlllllt'IllS.H HARRISON NIUNRUE lz'u.vil1e5.s .llanrzger Flnxliliglztg N, H. S.: Palyliezlronq Glee lflubg Hi-lig De ,lluluyg Lmln Club And the waves in his hair were plucked from the crest of the Red Sea. The machine nf perpetual motion. a human dynamo that mvet- runs down. the one staff memlver ul- xsziys on duty, HENRY NIVRPIIY Foutlulllg Y. L. P. An odd cmnbinationsun athlr-te and an actor. Henry is full uf pleasant surprises and sarcastic witlicisms, .lliANl'l',-X MYERS G un G: Cuninierdul Club: Dramatic Clubg Tennis Club "Thy niodesty is a candlt- to thy merit." She is truly charming and femininely at- tractive-. .luanita has Q1 knack for making enviahle grades, .l. B. N EELY Football Just because he was new and unacquainted didn't disturb J. B. He pitched right in and just dared anyone not to like him and cer- tainly gill the results he wanted. My. but he-'s a grand guy! J. B. OLIVER With an Irishman's wit, a Scotchman's thrift. and SoInrntm's wisdom. just watch J. B. leave the rest in high gear. Thirty-eight JUSEPIIINE PARKER C an G: Home Econonziesg Pep Squad: Drrmmtic Club Although Josephine is very small. there is a very large spot reserved for her in every- hody's heart. ELIZA PARRIS Some are wise and some are otherwise, We just persist in thinking that Eliza is among thi- aforementioned, She just has a smile for every occasion and an occasion for every minute of the long, old, dreary days. XVENF f 1 ' 1? cw gd' V C7hQ LASHLIC-HT afatfnqfa V GLENN PARHIS Glenn is a quiet hwy wht, stays quiet 11ntil he is called upon. and then he shows he has knnwledge. He is always ready to have lun. but he believes first in getting things dune. MARIE PITTNIXN C an C: Conznzertiul Club Xlarie always has a frit-mlly smile and 11 timid "he-llu." If yuu are in ll'lDlllJlt,' she is always ready tu he-lp you uttt. THNX IS PLOWNIAXN 'llruvis is a wry prngtv-sive and s11t'1-f-sst11l agrivttlturist. lla-spite alll his klI'LllNll3t'lis, he QBIS In Nttlluul UH llIIIt'E1Iltl llldlithi gmail grades, lS.XYl.lS POPE Hi-ll: fll'lAf'lll't' Clull llaylis d1'ix'vs a hit: var in a inad. mail fashion and struggles ltetmically with l.11tin. When he salutt-s nur flag he is the Ji1't11rv of what a model lluy 54'1llll -llltlllll lt l ,. FAYE POWERS C Ill! G: llzmlzersg l'ulylzedron: Dramatic Club Faye is our fasliiun-plate. We revel in her clothes. and the way she wears them. She has big brown eyes and lrruwn hair--isn'l that enough? FRANCES RANEX C an G5 Pep Squanlg Spunislz. Clubg Glee Club Frances has proved to he an ideal friend. an ideal pal, and an ideal student. HELEN HXWLINSUN G un G: Tenruk H1-len tries 1-wrytliing and is always a sue- eess. She has a ltitlnlen supply of volvanie fun stored in her. hut she always retains her faithfulness to duty, DORIS HEEYES G an Gg Debating Clubg Travel Club Blondes prefer hrunettesg hrunettes prefer blondes. How almut "red-heatlsu? Anyway. Doris always has a steady. Ns 41 50, We 1? 1 EC gf Thirty-nine if C7119 FLASHLIGHT 010 I QQ 9 N-f NIMH I"Xl'l1lNlQ Hl'flfXlfS ,-XRVAICL HICILXRDSON G 1111 fri l'1'11 8111111115 ll11xl11'1s De .lluluyg l'1111l1'1' Sflfllkliflg Club The glow l'r111n h1-r :le-vp lirmvn eyes uml You hail ln-tl:-r he careful. yuung man. the he-r smih- mukvs 1-u-1'51me happy ulien Lllllilllltl girls will get ynu if yuu 1l1in't Wflllill oulf Ye! her. Hairy lluuline has lJt't'Il a YYtlI1llI'l'llll ,Xrwzie-l sm-ins never tn hr-eml our much needeil marker hir 1h1- srlimnl the entire time, mirning, hut just gms plat-idly on. come what may. lx,-X NIKE lilillf 'l'l'lELXl,X RICHARDSON C 1111 G5 C111111111'1'1'i11l C1110 G 1111 C5 Pep 5111111115 H1Isf1erxg CVUIIZVVIQTCIDUI llw-r11's 11 girl just hip lull ul' giggles an1l Y Cfllb fun. She is at great rhum: an1l can shi- play She is a trustwurtliy girl. whit appreciates the pialn11'! Yes sir! and represents only the best things in litera- IIIVP. aniiisenient. Lllltl in life. Nll'RI,lCI-2 IlOIIlCR'I'S XIXIIY Rl"I'll SANDERS Lllfifl Club "Where 1li1l ja get them eyes, that hahy stare. those varmen lips. that brown hair. huh? Quiet and meek. u girl who thinks be- fore she speaks. ll'Ul,-K DI-ILL IIOBINSUN C 1111 C5 Lflfllll Club An atom uf 1-xplosix-11 and exhilarating wit. a charming. interesting personuge that any- one enjoys talking tn. She will flu the un- expectecl on seCun1l's n11ti1'e. Forty xnl' C 1111 C: DFIIIYIIIIIDC' Club: Twznzlvg C11111111er1'i111 Club It is brains and not size that makes people as great as seniors. That is why we have Mary Ruth on our null, EDMIVND SCARBOROVGH Hi-Y: De illolnyg N. H. S. Wlmrlerftil ahility haf-keff hy staunch and honest character. He thinks twice before he arts. hut once his mind is made up, then he can nut be stupperl. y, E Q Q 1 6' ,C o H 50" V C7119 Fi.Asi-11.161-I1' 01019 Q Q fit HLTTH SCARBOROIQGH LOLITA SMITH C an Gg Pep Squarlg Glee Clubg Q unrl Sg G an Gg Spanish Club Battery: HU-QIWVSS Y- L- P- Lolita is a dependable supporter uf our She can sing. dance. act. play the piano. Eagle flag. When you tell one to "learn" write songs-next? She may he small. hut her. theres no use In stty 'love-" her. for he so was the match that burnt Rome. will. LINA SHONE BIAXINE SMITH G an G5 Spanish Cluli G uri Gg Pep Squutlg Drurmztir' Club Lina is calm. resourceful. capable. and tru.-. Her happy heart. filled with the joy of just We wonder if she forgets her care- as iluivkly simply living. may lie read in the enlangling as she makes us forget ours. smile on her lowly law-. Ilaxine is as bril- liant us slit- is heuulilul. and that is 4't?1'Il1ll1ly -ayinu li grv-.tt lmig mouth lull. LEILAND STAMPS G an G5 Pep Squad Leiland has a voice full of persuasion and a head full of mischief. We hear she fell in loveh'n that surely was surprising. FRED STARBUCK Glee Club Our idea of how movie stars look in real life. Fred is a bundle of laughs. He has a vivid appreciation of everything worth while. ,Liv KIYHL STEAKLI-IY G un G: Pep Squcul: Trurel Club llyrl is mighty sweet to everyone. mighty well liked by everyone in return. and mighty unconeerned about all the laurels we would bestow on her. Her profession is being sweet and considerate and she has certainly excelled and made a huge success. ANNIE PEARL STERLING P0lj'116I1I'071g Choral Club Annie Pearl is thoroughly likable and has the cutest giggle that anyone ever hopes to hear. Math is her pet weakness. especially trigonometry. Forty-one ax P' 1 6' , C1-1 gctxo V C7119 LASHLIGHT 0101995-J QR: ARLEDCE STOKES Sr'i't'nt'c Club Arleilge has a rare at-vomplishment that FAYE THOMAS G an G: Q mul S5 Rainbow Girlsg Hi Trig llrltturyg L, A, L, very few young men possess-he can blush lit-ing exvhange 1-ditor of the Battery. Fay:- divinelv. He is also ahh- Io make good ke:-ps up not only with the happenings of grad'-s and can fix anything from a flat tire lu a lnroken radio. BASIL THOKI,-XS A. ll. S.. but knows most of the other news as well. FREDERICK 'I'lIOM.'XS Dc' illoloy HI'-lig fl, ll. U. S. Basil has il perfect mania for entertaining. AX bigr rollicking lover of outdoor life. who and he does it well. lie put the joy of living: is also well adapt:-fl to his studies. rounds into our hearts, and niuile himself ifitliss out the character of "lit-ur". His favorite pvnsalrle to us. sports are hunting und lioat riding. WAURENE T1'I"l'LE G nn Gg G. N. H. S.g Pep Squrulg Senior Editor Flnshlighig Q and SJ Decorator Pep Squad A girl who has a happy genial expression for every one she meets. Waurine goes off like a bottle of pop. She is full of pep. high spirit. and good will. and is as interesting a person as one can find anywhere. VERA TUMPKINS G an Cg Drnnmtir Club: Commercial Club: Polyherlron Making friends and making good grades are two things that Vera just can not help. She lives today, thinking of tomorrow. Forty-two xnt GRANDE RSON TURNER We think he'll he a radio announcer-at least he'll he a radio entertainer. for he has a ukulele. Someone told us confidentially that he especially admired curly-headed hlondes. A. R. TYSON. Jr. Spanish Clubg Conunercial Club When you want a student. orator. essayist. cyclist, an all-round fellow, page A. R. He goes out for everything that takes brains, and sometimes brawn, and arrives as per schedule. yi ,Q c 'I 6' ' o CH 569 V C7119 FLASHLIGHT ofa I QQ 9 654 HERSCHEL VAUGHAN N. H. 5.5 Q and Sg Science Clubg Tenrzisg Golf Club He carries with him a spirit of sincere friendlineis which, coupled with his achieve- ments. makes him a popular all-round stu- dent. He names tennis as his hobby. MARIE YE.-XLE C an Cg Cleef Club Maries fingers dance swiftly across the piano keys. and the music they make leaves one in a pleasant frame of mind. 50 Willl Marie around, one just always has to bz- happy. CECIL VICK Cecil can smile. he can blush. and at either occupation he is perfectly enhancing. He seems to think that our work and our con- tuct are our own. INEZ WARD G an C Little in stature. mighty in action and on the level in all things, whether for or against her-she takes her blows with an ea v mun- ner. CRYSTAL WILEY G an Gg Y. L. P. Crystal's heart maybe read by the very smile of her face. She is to us as the old saying. "Bid me discourse: I will enchant thine ear. The deed is everything-the glory naughtf, EDITH WILLIAMS G an C5 Pep Squadg Q and Sg Polyhedron If you should see a pair of golden-brown eyes sparkling with giggles. they belong to Edith. Like Pollyanna, Edith radiates cheer- fulness. FINLON WILLIAMS Athletic Editor Flashlighzg Dramatic Finlon was the primitive originator of most of the mischief in the study halls. A happy-go-lucky fellow with a sense of duty and a decided inclination for talking in the auditorium. GENEVA WILLIAMS G an G5 Spanish Club In Geneva. one may find the truest quality of friendship. If one could see her report cards, he could find another good quality, as most of her grades are 95's or above. Forty-th ree f- N 00' 6' I 'L , I 8 C41 50" V C7119 i.AsHi.iGi-11' ofal9Q9 if lCl.l..X WILSON MI-IHLE WITT G an G: .lf ll. S-I l'4'l' Sflllflll ln the- ye'-uiw In mine. sxlir-n SHIIIUHHQ gt-tu lflla Illlllitk nu Ill'1'll'llFt' at grf-atnf--s. hut if a ruin- in salary for hw-ing the lxeft bunk- hi-r nwn true well. She always minpl:-tee ki-ep:-r Q-ver. than pa-rfnn uill inure than likely wliatew-r -he starts. and ia a girl wliwe lriemlsliip ia smrlliy ul' vultivalinn. .llfX Xl'l',X WlN'l'l'fll C un G: Pep Squurl: l'ulyl1vrlrnr1. I1l'lIIlH1l'lL' lfluli lie Xlt-rle. YY. U. WOFFUIKD li. L. l'.5 Flrlslzliglitg lj rmrl Sq llvlluluy Duli runs artiuntl in a pull-nt little ram-r. ,Iua Nita is amitlu-r "maid:-n uith nie:-li and ri-ally lllis thi- Illnl lun, His fawritn- hr1m'n eyes". hut she alan hm a rule little- giggle that has niatli- niuny u lllilblflllllll' lit-art lighter. pastime- li running nfl' l'ruin llnrwtliy antl ,lm-wt-ll. i A DORRIS Y.-XTES C rm G5 Pep Squmlg Conimercial Club Glee Club: Polilu-tlrnn She emerges from every trial filled with as much enthusiasm and enjoyment as liefure. .-X perfect woman nnhly planned. able ln warn and tn comfort anyone who may ner-il her. HILD.-X MAE YODER G an C5 Pep Squarl: Latin Club The ueninr rull proudly hears the name ul Hilda Nlae. The wld saying "She is a lucky find" holds true in her case. Forty-four wsu JEWEL YORK G an Gg N. H. S.: Home Economics Genius burns in her like a white flame and permeates her whole personality. She is the girl we secretly vlmose In pattern after. L.-X YANI.-X CRECC G an C Our Drf-'den china lady. so dainty she holds herself. so quaintly sweet she is-mod- ern, for all that. but in an old-fashioned way. QQ 6' 1 6' ' 0 CH gd' V C7119 E?"t.Asi-:Lucas-:T 010199 Q QR: ESTHHH CLINGNIAN C an G: Q and H: Battery Somebody named her jo-Cal. and her middle name is Aleraphineg so we expected some- thing unusual. Wle got itl Esther is unique in that she floesn't change her mind. W. O. H,-XYTEH One shudders to think ul. opposing Dulfs terrifie cru hes. Sueh lorve pn-iliets success in life. OH,-X F,-XY HEFLEY G rm C: Pep Squad: Q um! S5 Spanish Clubg Ureftexfru. She is a busy little liusiness woman, Some- times it is courtesy service. sometimes parties and picnics for the si-hool or trips to violin lesson . We mark her lllll per rent. RUS Xl.llf .l XLIKFON Pep Squml Rosalie is a little hit of girl with blonde surly hair. blue eyes. just enough freekles to lie eute. und plenty of eurves, El'HITll Klilill G an C So often when one is plan-tl under strong lfurith came out from of dill'it-ulties with flying girl. thereby showing the is made. pressure. one fails. under the greatest colors. a true-blue stuff of which she BESSIE KEY C an CQ Q and Sg Travel Club. All schools need a good key. and we were lucky to get Bessie. She ever assists the W Battery in better feature writings. H 40, ll. lil. NIUIJOYXLD l'. L. l'. Cain he art!-Well. we should hope to tell Yull. ll. D. is our notion ul' a model hero or lIPilI'l-blll8Sll6'l'. on or ull' the stage. MABI-IL M.-X'I'THEWS "Frivolous Sal"-what a suggestive title! But really she will sti-:lc with you to the end. Dead on the level. an all-round good fellow is Sally. Uv? Fox-ty.five xr I 5' ' o on 501' X V C7119 FLASHLIGHT ofa 1 QQ School O, Mine I can't stand here. old school 0' mine. And watch the gang go by, And if l could, my sight is dimmed With teflr drops in my eye. It seems so long since first I came To study in your walls I just carft leave your old classrooms. And offces and halls. Therels been so much y0u,ve done for me, Those years, old school o'mine, I almost wish I zvouldrft leave. With the Class of Twenty-nine. . But still I know that all the rest Would like to linger. too. So we'll just leave so someone else. Can learn to love you. too. So, school 0, mine, I zvonlt forget. When years have left their trace. Though schools may come and schools may go. There's none can take your place. So just one thing Fd like to say. Old school-ifs not adieu, I'll never say just plain good-bye. S0-au revoir to you. EARLYNE SIVLEY. Forty-six We Ne' Q? a S 6' ' o CN 569 Q if V C7119 LASHLIC-HT ofa 1 CJQQ CRL Juniata : 4.1 0 4 . A I 41, K 9117 wi 'M 1 mg PQI , ,b J- 1' 33 or , 1 1 ,mal " 5 ' f". .1 N X 4' Tllv I'0ll'lI0iYS 11111112 on pinlrvs. ana' roans ann' g1'a.1'.v amz' luays To tlze az11'11'1u1 of llze 101171 lots in lllose grand' ulrl early rlfrrxzx: Tlze corner lots brought fffly anrl sometinzes sevenly-ffve, You lwl llle 101111 ll'US booming-tlze people zur-'fe alive." WEN? Q' an 1 5 f CH 569 GEN ngggfgifgyggggu Q Cffiib W Ci J Q3 X P P .-an-vs' X We deciicate :ig this 192 9 Flashlight to our znzzfbsfhfandz M5565 wzihuthe lmpe that 132 Zatefrw yC'Cl7".5' 100 M M zmdy be as successlizl city buz7dars andh0me budders as they-ow 44' H' AU' V 07116, FLASHLIQGHT ofa I QQQ v Junior Ufficc-:rs JOHN DANIEL IRENE OSBLIRN President Secrelary MORRIS CLASS HELEN SIMPSON Vice Presiflenl Treasurer BENNO SCIIMIDT LOOMIS NOLEN Vice Presidenl Reporter ELIZABETH DILLINGHAM MISS MARX' CLOYD HARRISON Chairman Social Committee Sponsor Forty-eight xylys 0 a 'r 1 6' ' o C8 50' V C7119 FLASHLIGHT ofa I QQ Q JUNIORS CLAIRE ANDERSON ROBERT HAHKER Dt, A11,,j,,,. .X l1lVf' youngster of 1-xr-ellent pitlu, Alnsolutely wortliy of trust. EDGAR BALCH THOKIXS BRASHI-IR Sr'1'enf't' Club Dv -llfllfu' Xl..ral A "clrellle" :mart man is lie. H.-XZEL BANOWSKY Home Ezfonnnlirs strength anml intellectual pmvei .lUANIT.'X BRILEY Rninbuu Girls Sn gentle anal beautiful- Gmul-naturetl ami full of fun. ISLRGESS BROWN Hrzml Some strange musician 'Fl 6 CANIILLA BROWNING Slory Telling Club To see ltwr is to love ller. ETHEI, ROYCE CARROLL Pep Squad' A bubble uf life worth wliilt-, WELDON CARTER Travel Club "Fra-Ckles" was his name OPAL CASEY Travel Club One who Ends good in everything, ir!- y,ENt 49 f 1 -A , 8 cn 50' .X -ls 'if OLIVE CAZALX Glen' Clulz careful student-Car:-ful nut In uvertlo. EDNA CLARK Clev Club Of a quit-l pleasing clispnsilion. ONS MAE CLARK Clee Club Giggle and the world giggles with you GRACE YIRGINIA CONNER Home Economics Learned anrl fair. Forty-nine .1fT:x:v-7,111 -,ef r - . .Y.,.. J. ,.., Sr l 5 C7119 FLASHLIGHT ofa 1 CJ Q CJ Ck MILDRED CORBIN -J Pep Squad Self-possession and poise. JOHN DANIEL Football He was six foot o'n1an. Al. ELIZABETH DILLINGH.-UI Ye Little Players Friendliness is her motto. ELIZABETH DOSS Ye Little Players A priceless girl is she. CLAUDE DUDLEY Pep Squad The world is glorious. INEZ EVANS Spanzlsh. Club Her aim is true and high. CLARA GEISTMAN N. H. S. A-A-A-not stuttering, just telling ber grades. MORRIS GLASS Q and S Debate and Battery are his hobbies. MAMIE ROSS GREGG Stacks of curly hair. MAXINE HAMPTON Pep Squad A competent, dependable junior. MAIBEL HARBER A Latin Club Says little and thinks much. Fifi! Sean, Q c 1 6' i ,CH 5690 LUCILLE HOUSE Quiet. cool and dignified. NADINE HOLLINGSHEAD Of a serious nature. EARL KING Hearty and bale was he. MILDRED KNOTT Pep Squad possessor of a sweet, bright disposition -fc? C7119 FLASHLIGHT ofa u QQ Q fit LAZl11'l"l'E KUNKEL Clee Club Calm, capable, and true. KARLEEN LOWE Pep Squad Fair is she to behold. CLAYTON LUSBY Football An outstanding athlete. MAURINE MCADEN Glee Club A very true friend. MACK MCALPINE Hz'-I' HP will always be youthful. laughing and gay. GEORGE MCDONALD Y. L. P. 'Seventec-n" personified. NAOIII MCGUIRE A jolly good girl worth knowing. ROBERT MANLY LOOMIS NOLEN Football Quill and Scroll With genius so Shrinking and rare. N0 paclloeks have my tongue. SIBYL MARES IRENE OSBURN Glee Club Clee Club Beauty, love, and hope, A smile for every occasion LILLIAN MEEKS MACK PAGE Arts and Craft Flashlight Faith and hope a-plenty. MEREDITH MORROW Pep Squad And well her work is done. A "Double-Mint" fan. VIRGINIA PLUMMER Spanish Club Generous, frank, and good-natured. we Nt Fifty-one ,P in 'I 6' ' o Cu gd' V C7119 B-Fi..Asi-u.icH'r ofa 1 Q99 v NI XBLE PHIIIIPS C. W. PR ESSWOOD Lufin Club UP 'llnlnl' Heir luluv ey:-S ever smile. I lilv- my girls and I can't he .IXLIK POPE D,-U ID I'RIi5'l'ON N. H. S. Trnrvl Clulf .-X tIm'id1'4I ilIIlII1lILil1t'9 uf intellleft. A lall. Ilanilsumf- Imrunfrltf-. IANIICS POTTS ON,-I LEE RICHARDS An example of "clvar grit an' human natur'." Happy and free. willmut a care FRED RICHARDSON Glu- Lllllll Nu cowardly hlilll is lltinr. If you 1 Fifty-two MARY LOL' RICHARDSON 're in nwed. sIie's a friend. indeed. ROBERT SXYLES N. H. 5. Pmtutype of wifdmn. HELEN SIMPSON Spanish Club Life- and Inu- to spare. RUTH SNEATH Spunislz Club Tlwre-'F num' likt- pretty Ruth, ,L lv, we " 'I 6' I cn do S 2 JAMES WROTEN X. H. S. Owner of lligll endeavors. NIABLE EDITH ROBINSON Spanish Club Her care was never to ulfend HOLLYCE HAMMOND Pep Squad Untiring determination. VAN JONES Band A jovial young felluw. lp ll V C7119 LASHLIGHT ofa I CJQQ Civ ,.,- X B 'WJ , , fgfaf' :gf-'M' F , A V V ,sq f, K V47 , - Q., .. 1 5 X - li 9' if ff , ' .EiVi" X , Rxqi 1' ' X41 gi' iw' ' 3 .xt L J, ,-' 11-ef WX 147' y' -v Q X x '-ff ,fr-fvf ' -'-H" 77-'51 ',.5 -- vfliwl f W' I ll A: -3 Y' ' VV :. " f fp! rn N fn! ' . . 53-pf' r X5 ' lf -, 3.4, ' "ir 'Br Y. ."i 'v ,' A 'L'-V YXX ww 1 V. 1 A L yv 7 "':. " ff' :X NJFPJ 'FJ 'gf- L K f - fel 6 ,ggi an 375m I L '5 iff , Wy' .-f, 2 'fi:b,i,f'- 1, I X F 'INK A 79? fi -N F ' I ,V I X I I! 'XJ6iff.,4 ix .lL5?QJ'I:'?" Y --L K ,TL .gli 'iiif' "U'f1c'l1 'mu t'Ulll'f n 1ll't'H'Y girl. jus! 111c1l'1'VY IICI' ll'!II'1I' you amz. for if WPII gn zlclwxx lfzw ll1fIl'IIX xllwllf 1I1fIl'l'S IIIIUI Svnphnmnrvn I CH sc fzer l'lUll.u 1 X-:Ng '9 Q I .. ' 63 9 'id :QD C7119 FLASHLIGHT ofa 1 QQ Q v SOPHOMORES CHRISTINE ACKERS, Vice Presialenl THYRON BOYD BESSIE BEDFORD LEO BRADY, President ELEANOR BELL DONALD CAMERON TOMMIE CLARIDA ELSIE PEARL COUCH LOREE GUFFEY OUITA BELL COWSERT WILLIAM B. HALL, S ecre tary HORACE DAVIS MARJORIE JEAN KINCAID ELVA JAMES GRISHAM CARLOS LEGGETT Fifty-four NF we ,F 4 'I 5' ' o CH 50" V C7119 FLASHLIGHT 0101999 CR: FRANCES MAE MINGUS BIRDIE MORRIS ROYE MITCHELL WALLACE MOSER YALDA MOORE ,IOSEPHINE NEYINS GEORGE OSCAR PARKER MARGARET PHILLIPS EARLYNE SIVLEY KENNETH REED LA FAYE STINCHCOMB EVA LEE ROGERS EMILY MAE TANDY GLADYS SELLERS WILIARD WARREN QM- Ne Fifty-five Q, Q 'I 5' ' o CH 50' hi' C7119 FLASHLIGHT ofa I 9 Q CJ -86' pi! Nu-f ,AA- 'Y' LEOYTINIC W.-vrsux FH.-XNClis Woon Cfxss Ihsox K Dum KIAE Wooly XVINII-'Rl-ID LINGERY 7 THE SOPHOMORES The Soplzonzore Class of lIl'6"lIly'-111.116 ls Ill lJ 6 es! lo be found along any line. We slonrl for llle sclzool. llzc clubs. and all. .flnfl IFCRHJ in Ilzvrc lo yell for our lmys Il'l-lll Ilze ball. Yea. we are Soplzs and ,lzllziors-lo-llc. flnvl jolly good fellows. every one are Ire. plnrl we re SlI'Ckl.I1g by our colors. llze lzlnclr and gold, 5 Ill!! ue fly lo ll1e IIPZSIII of our lzzglz school goal. NOVIS OUSLEY. Fifty-six WEN! f' 1 , Q on 509 Sr gf C7119 FLASHLIGHT 019199 V EF ff: fwfgxm -A ify 61' ' Q - XF ' X ,fx XX "'j:','X:" K X- - I I ',, , 1' ' ' fX .,. 1 'V ' Y B5 - ,:.--"W , -:E 1 M fail 29,2 ' M15-f S rl rvnhmrn I lzaw seen the faslcsl lzorsm Tlzat nzazfv llzv fasfes! linze. Bu! I rzcfrvr sau any in all my life Tha! lwrzls lfzal mule and ru uf lI1l'Ilt' L N 490' 6' . 1 5' ' o CH gc? CQ fvCE1D9 CEN 000 JQJ The fizcgfts of' sqhool 21190000 wall A be - shown zn this ordeic Z Choo! YF QYQCIGSSQS iw W my A S Ch oql year Q Qlthletgcs Q QQ ,mashzz htkays 'QXQYKJW 01 2, -- " 2 'lx M Q' -4 IW '-.mm , , ., 2 J 0 . V C7119 FLASHLIGHT OP v Q99 CRL FRESHMEN DALE ACKERS MARGARET ELLIS SUE ANN CARROLL CARRIE BESS GOWAN MARVIN DUNLAP DAPHINE GREEN OLIVE ANN HALE MARGARET LEA HALLEY WAYLAND LEWIS MAXINE HIGGS DOROTHY INLATTHEWS MARY HELEN HORN EVELYN MONTGOMERY .IUNIUS LEON HUDSON SHELTON MURRAY Fifty-eight WEN? ,Q c 'S 6' ' o ch 569' V E C7119 FLASHLIGHT ofa 1 999 Ci? JAMES K. POLK IQATHHRYN SCHULTZ MARTHA JEANNE REYNOLDS MURRY SCOTT PALLINE ROGERS PATSY SEARS JAMES HAROLD STOWE DOROTHY SWENSON JEWEL WOFFORD HELEN WALTER HARRIS WOOTEN JUANICE WARD BILLY WILEY DOROTHY WOFFORD C. B. FORD Filty-nine LN!- XL QS' a 1 6' ' o 'H gd' ....-...,.ff,-v--- V C7119 E-"l.AsH1.1oHT ofa 1999 Ch: IN MEMORIAM STANLEY JONES March 26, 1912 January 7, 1929 There is no flealhf What seems so is trarzsiliorz: This life of mortal breath ls but fl suburb of the life E1-YS1.lIll Whose porlal we call Jealhf' b ly EN vox' 6' 'S G' ' o CH 569 C 5 Cv fifvkpgbb Ill lil School Qoarffection ,oorzfm S activitios outsicga-15-as our 2 dass os. Z ine 'Mmm 1684 was the mociogp A fbroboar of' owwjroczi West Fair V C7119 FLASHLIGHT we r CD12 Q 3: -Eff M. "1 'l'W'fe' eggs! ' 'S sw X- kk 5 ,M f 0 :Q-,Hi X'f3"i" ff P--' iii 4' 'hrJ':v!'lli"ifE.x.fW'a' w'w,mU Z: +5 nf .E5fk:i'f1f-r f fl F ., . xii -it N'-f' ' ' ffifv k K'-'-H .X Qfhl' , A M "'il2v'!3' I 3 N X !!!,i I gc,'Q'Q, fills A ,N "sg if s f la ief?eiXeNfK,Q 'e Q y fgif. ga :: ji 1252135-1 1 1' xi 'f' 'W 'cThey tried olrl Clube for stealirz.' a fellefs pesky steers. Way dozvrz in Ea.stern Texas zvhen he was young in years, He riz'zl1z'l steal llzenz mule. and he proved it to thenz men. For lfze plaintiff COlLICIIL'f tell him when he shower! llle other ruin." ilhmtnrrn yihl 3 '- 1 -4 ! on 'ff gc' '11 G23 2 IOLII Ave-N A Bum Row just 21 Shady Dvll. Miss Dynamilv. Hey! We Cam Cu. M4-ans and EXll'Q'Illl'S. The Thundering: HQ-nl. Three' Chvws. Three- and-A 'iz 'I 3 ng V, P K, .7V"ms. ,121 7 ' ru., ' :te - V. V .55 J, Y,..,. ...Q w " --Q 4. 5 f.. , ""' -QQ-.mn 1- in Home Sweet Home. Beauties. Napoleon and the Old Guard. Old Cloryis Perch. Smiles. Just Jolly Good Fellows. Ptomaine and Hamniurabi. The Noon-hour Rush. Battery Station. N . N SN. K af'- ,L--'Q Where Our Mmwy Goes. Tl'llSlf Cronif-s. Hey. Tnughie! Ye Old Ratllvlrap. Dear Old Mau: Fuilllflzl Fans. Want u Date-? Showing Off. 71 Y H4 'N 3-A A 0 ' 54'-fi! , ,im-LQQ: 5 vcqagwl .55 ' 'llfp I O Q .-..,,,N 3 , 1 , vu. ...i 'X jf?-X, K ,- Tp.: Q 'Q 4 Y .-Q 2 g X -4' sv 123' i 4 J I -': X459 ,4 iff? 1 ,I 2 ,.- ,, yi fn, -21 B' fps and Downs. Two Thorns and a Hose. Help! Birds of a Fealller. Another Stcinmetz. Trills and Thrills. SWPF-thearts on Parade. Hack-seat Drivers. ,K 4"1 CQ fv D9 Un the Sfhoolpivision are Emzfzarfv 1 fv Av fv scenes nwwvw and Q :faculty Edends. vvv arrzifal Of' the T619 Railway 192 1881 marked the J, L ' ' Llp eqznnfmq 0,0 P F :mi Ab a .a..a gf ln, of X, S . 4- ff' ,aa - 4 Ml , a M Q b t gmjimm i. 1649, -Bib Hee! Huw! Ditto! Feeding the Birds. ABCD Goldfish? "For Almile-nv Wf5ll Yellfi The Farnier in the Dell. Spit. Hulwc-rt! Beal it. Ruperlf I .w " ' k ' n .. .,:LA..i ' -.-...,.,..v 4.- , . rv,-,-.rf -.f ' 4:4444-.yawn 4 If vw.. V ,Mn ----mums., A, ---- -U 1 1 uf' -- . , R " r 4 : V- f 4: N, Lvluwzlla. Uma Tlwrv Was ll Prim-es4 Thirbt. Tlw Coal. va . . L .jb:iY' Ak wi Ls I .n is ,l a rl., ah" I. H1 lun ' I. fvtm 5llIl1llIllff 1 on W 2. 'lh 3. Hflms T. Oh X 6. Ou 7. Yfkl 1. is Q 4- S D, U xv if' ' . W 5 , 1 TQ!-3' 'Zig dmfgk 2 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. O IJ. 9. Hard at Wiork. Spanish Gentry. A Bunch of Toughs. Dare-Devils. Till Death D0 fs Part. Old-Fashioned Maidens? Bull Fighter. '4Pop" and His Hobby-Horse. V Qhe FLASHLIGHT ofa I Q Q Q v The Mischievous Student Poppy. merry student. with a peppy. merry smile. Planning lots of mischief. looking guileless all the u'hile. Smirking at the teachers. watching for the bell. Concentrating on a purpose. concentrating?-welll A head so full of mischief and a heart so full of laugh. He doesn't want to misbehave. but you do not hnou' the half.' He's the one u'ho gets demeritsg detention thrives on such as he. :Ind keeps the faculty a-raving. and as busy as a beef Much excitement he's created: he fills the school with vim. Ana' our royal Eagle spirit thrives and lives because of him. --DIXIE FROST. Old School Old school dreaming there in the moonlight, S0 zvhite and silent tonight. Yozfve been my pride for four long years. You've caused me joy and zvorlr and tears. And nou' that l'm through. l feel so blue. Because. old friend. l must leave you. But memory of a loved or1e always stays. lfll see you. dear in a million trays. 1'1l hear your bell's clear. startling calls. Feel the rush and noise of the crowd in the halls. See your teachers dear. so patient and true. Giving their best for nie and you. Ana' though the years like ships slip past. l'll hold you dear in my heart to the last. HMARY MCKEE BLAIR. Seventy-two WENQ- Q a 1' 'P 5' ' o CH 5119 V C7119 L.AsH1.lc-HT 0101942 if T HE WINNING LOSER Bi' LYNN KINCAID tPrz':e Story! "It is-now set and match point in favor of Gardnorf' droned the referee. Phil Cardnor walked back to the service line. poised for a moment. and served. The lvall described a straight line across the net to the backhand corner. Ball. Gardnoifs opponent. sent up a weak lob to the middle of the court. which was driven by Phil to the back line for the point and match. "Game set. and match. Gardnor is now singles champion of District if was the "reins" announcement. After receiving congratulations from Ball and many other friends. Phil raced to the little roadster on the side of the court where his father awaited him. "I did it. Dad. I beat him. I can go to the State meet." was yolleyed at the smiling Mr. Gardnor. "Yes, you surely did. Phil: and you came through in the good old Gardnor style. We must now concentrate on the State meetf' was his fathers response. Finus Gardnor was the winner of sixteen cups in his younger days, in the state of Alabama. He had reared his son. Phil, with a tennis racquet in his hand. and now Phil had won the district singles crown for Duncan High School and would represent the school at the State meet. Phil and his father had just moved to Duncan, Texas. the year before. and Phil was looked on to win in tennis ever since he first had stepped on the Duncan courts. lVIr. Gardnor was now fifty-one years old, and since his wife had died four years earlier. he had devoted himself entirely to his son. He and Phil had the same ambition-Phil must win the State Championship. Mr. Garclnor had taught Phil all the strokes and Secrets of the game and had developed him into one of the most promising of young players. He even played him hard matches in which Phil had to call upon all of his youth to beat his dad. Phil had a singles partner that was one of the best that a boy could have. lVIr. Gardnor came out on the school courts each afternoon and ol Nt f 1 f oo CH 50' Seventy three Seventy four V C7119 FLASHLIGHT ofa I QQ sf worked with the coach in conditioning Phil for the big meet, which was only two weeks off. The first week was taken up in practice of serving. Phil served. and served until he thought that his arm would come off: and as a result. he had the hardest straight Ameri- can service that had ever been seen on the local courts. The next week was taken up in driving and lrack-court work. which rapidly improved each day. At last it was time for the trip to the capital at Austin. where the big event would come off. Phil was delighted with the fine clay courts where he would play: and when he entered his first match on them. he was more delighted than ever. He was opposed by a boy from the southern part of the state first. and easily defeated him, 6-3. 6-2. His next match was a little more difficult when he nosed out a representative from Benton 7-5. 3-6. He entered the quarter finals with a victory over YValling of Apache by the score of 8-7, 7-5. When he had progressed thus far. he was watched by experts as one of the finalists of the meet. Phil barely won out in the semi- finals when he had to bring into play every stroke that he was master of. He played Banks of Lafitte and won by a score of 8-6. 4-6, 7-5. Banks had entered the finals the year before and was now out of the running. After this match. Phil sailed into the finals by winning the next match 6-4. 6-4. Philis driving and volleying had been looked upon as the fea- ture of the meet and it was evident that if he won. it would be on these two types of play. The finals were to be played at two o'clock. At one thirty Phil and his dad had their last little talk before the match. "Phil," said Mr. Gardner. "never lose confidence in that drive. If you win, that will be the big reason. You can drive. and l want to see you do it. Win or lose, driv-e them in theref' PhiVs opponent, one of.the best school-boy players. was the winner of the title the year preceding. His long. lean body woun-i around his racquet, and it was said that when he hit a ball, it cried. His name was Long. and the name suited his height. He repre- sented Crocker High. Long started serving and won the first game. ln his turn Phil em, wx I 1 O ' o 'N 50' V C7119 FL.Asl-u.:csH1- We I QQ v won his serve, and the rest of the set was a see-saw affair until Long broke through and took the set. Gardnor, using his drive on every stroke possible, retaliated and won the next one 6--L. Long won the next on-e 6-3: and Phil came back to take the next one 7-5. The final set started with Long serving first in the final set. and he Won after serving two aces. Phil won the next game after it had been deuced four times: but Long held his own by winning his serve again, and Phil, in his turn, won his own service. By this time the match had grown to be a desperate matter. Both players went after the balls with savage determination. and it even seemed that the stands had grown tenser and had become quieter as the match went on. Long served again when the games were two all. His first offering was a clean ace. He won the next on a beautiful drive. and Phil evened it up with two well-placed chops. Long won the next with another drive. the last on a service ace. Phil won his game. losing only one point. Long couldn't seem to get back Phil's serve as he had before, The games went to four all and then to five all. Long served at five all. He was tired and almost exhaustedg nevertheless he went at it with the same old de- termination. His first serve was hard but was returned. He immedi- ately placed it for the point. Phil cut loose and drove Long's first serve to the forehand corner of the court and made it even. Long served another ace. He braced himself again and served another. Phil just could not return that hard. twisting service. Long had just one more of that kind of service. and he knew it. Putting all he had in it. he served another ace. winning the point and with it the game. The games were now 6-7 in favor of Long. and it was Philis serve. Loss of this was loss of the set and match. The air had grown tense, and it seemed to Phil that it was hard to breathe. Qu the first serve Long drove the ball for a beautiful placement. Three points, and it was Longis. Phil served. and Long returned the ball to the forehand sideline. Phil steadied himself and drove it. It was a point. Phil served again. It was driven by Long for a point. The score was deuced on the next serve. Phil won a point, but Long promptly deuced the score. 'fOh, my goshl am l going to lose?7' half sobbed Phil to him- self. He braced himself and served. On that wonderful drive, Long Seventy five EN QW 4'- Q 2 Q 1 6' ' o on cv' S Seventy six V C7119 F'l.AsH1.1c:-HT ofa I QQ v made the score his advantage and match and championship point. Phil served the hardest ball he had served all day. It was good. and was returned. He drove il. and Long made an elusive return. Phil raced for it and barely lohhed it hack. Long then made a weak stah at it. and Phil whipped it has-k at him. It looked like a point. but Long made a wonderful effort and returned it. Phil reached desperately hut missed and turning he saw the hall lvarely flick the line for the point. "Outside" called the lineman. He had missed the shot. A boy started to retrieve the ball for Phil. "Don't touch that ballfi shouted Phil. He ran to get it and looked at it. There was a small white mark on it where it had hit the line. Phil looked to the sideline. His dad was smiling faintly and waiting. There was hut one thing to do: and with the crowd waiting ever so quietly. Phil served one double and then another. The State Championship was Longs "Cardnor.'i said Long as they met at the net. uthat was the most sportsman-like act that l ever saw, and you deserve as much credit as I do just for that one thing. You are a real player and a gentleman. "I lost. Dad," said Phil when the two Gardnoris met. 4'Yes. Phil. you lost. but l would rather you would lose in that way than to win a thousand tim-es. You won something better-the entire respect and approval of the whole state: and you are as much a winner as you would have been if you had won three love sets. That was the act of a man, and l am prouder of you than if you had wonf, 1. Xylhlt ,Q a . 1 5' ' o Cu 50" V C7119 FLASHLIGHT ofa n QQ C: i Aiiiuitivn Z. ff- ,- ,. I J'-" 31 ,Ag A , ,..,..4gg, ,Q .:..-q'1-- al-gf-'. , 1 ,I 1 S V . . , ei! - -I1 5 P ' " cm- li ' ?- r l- Q7 .Il ? - fyfr L il", Q" 5 - , an Hb! if N' ' ' 'S' ., fl? - la-2-1 'Z -is-f , ' fe -. - f-- , rb " ix . ara' --- " S 'ff' " 2 f ' .1 . , E i Vx ,T i is ' x -ii A Q v -M x Of 11.1119 .Till al las! 1 ran Im: fong am! was L'0r11fe111m':f for a felorfs CI'l.I7ZP.. EN I 6' ' o C8569 ffmf in rzn wil crmrse I mn for fl great lengffz, V C7119 FLASHLIGHT we 1 CJQ9 if FLASHLMJHT IIAZIQL .k'I'KINb4JX Trzrurv llfxrs Cram GI-IISTNI.-KN Editor'-i114C.'l11'ef fir! Editor ,ilssociate Editor lluunsox Nltxlrora Ilirirmiizxig l'lA1.r: lI11.vi11cxs .llanager .'1zI1'ertising illnnagcr The drivers. Clack and Dudley. have had a time with the six horses that made up the team for the old stage coach. FL.-XSHLICHT. They have had to use the lash quite often. The six horses with old Atkinson and Munroe as leaders, with Hale and Ceistlnan next in line. and Hays and Tittle in the rear. have had plenty rough going. The look-outs. McKenzie and Yates. have had trouble in selecting the right trails: while the guards against the lndiansfin the form of had printing. had en- graving, lack of co-operation on the part of the students. and the lack of advertising -have lween kept lrusy during the whole of the trip. These guards were Yalda Moore, Fave lVlarkuni. Mack Page. lfrances Wood. Bolwhie Sayles. Finlon Wlilliams. and W. D, Wvoflorcl. .-Xt last the stage coach. FLASHLICHT. arrived safe. triumphant. and rejoicing on the initial run into new and unexplored fields-those of making the staff do all the art work and drawings. of making the construction more simple and easily understood. of making the theme more appealing and interesting to everyone concerned with Abilene and vicinity. Seventy-eight GLN: 'U Q wr 'I 6' ' o on 50' :QD C7119 FLASHLIGHT ofa I QQQ sf B TTERY Kllss NIMH Coovuz l':I.lZX1iI-LTH Howxria Momus GLAss Sponsor Hnxirzess .llanuger ,llunoging Editor HAI. Snuls CECIL C1-Imowizrn Elllifllf-1.71-Cllittf .idz ertising .lIlI7l!IgtJf Two years ago a small newspaper called "THE l3A'1'TERY-' was issued for the first time. H. R. Carter and Curtis Traweek took the positions of editor and busi- ness manager. respectively. while Mary Cooper and C. C. Bradshaw served as sponsors. Linder the editorship of Osear Senter. the Battery grew into a six Column paper. which. in its first eompetition. tied for third plaee at the Texas High School Press Association. With the installation of journalism this year. the Abilene High Battery added another column and was rated as third lmest in Texas. Truett Harher. hy his news story, won first plaee and Hal Sayles. editor of the paper and yiee-direetor of the lnterscholastie Press League. non two sei-ond plaees at Belton, Elizabeth Bowyer is the business manager while Mary Cooper and Arthur Y. Williams are the editorial and business sponsors. respectively. The paper belongs to the National Press Asso- ciation. and several stall menilvers have entered National Quill and Seroll eontests. iii Upinul Ns-.af XXL Nt Seventy-mne Q? I 1 6' ' o Ca 50" V C7119 EULASHLIGHT 0101999 QF: UILL AND SCROLL '1'1:lncr Ilms OH NLTA CARTER NI.-un AICKEQNZII-1 President Secretary Reporter HAL SArl.i:s liUliliRT Suri-gs Vivo I'rcxif1ent Treasurer News. features. clulws. picturesstlrese four evidently sprang from one center, journalism. journalistic id-eats crept into the minds of several of the literary students of the high school. and the result was the reorganization of the Quill and Scroll Club on Tuesday. February 5. l929. The llattery staff and the Flashlifzht stall have com- lwinecl to form this journalism club of approximately hfty-seven memlwers. Covering stories and planning sulrdivision pages are the weaknesses of each member of the organization. Writing ldrain-racking features and cut-throat news stories sometimes leaves the impression that intelligence is lacking: even if that is true. watch the lialtcry and Flashlight lrloom out with the Ilowers of lN'lz1y after the Cll'F'il1'y slmwers ul April. 3333? ' . ' W "' " Ei2l1lY eylye i Q " I , H 50' V C7119 FLASHLIGHT ofa 1 QQQ v BAND Iluxinxim lint XI Yu JONES H. W. COLE Sponsor lim' Presiflvnl TI't'll.iIlV't'l' Du tjAsT1.i:s Hmxiiix Hui' Prvsirlent Sc1'retz1ry THE ABILENI-I Html Stllttmt, HAND unclvi' the Sllpt'l'YlSllhll of HR. ll. ill. l3YNt'Txt has completed another stir-r'f-ssful icuii' of sviwii-0. At ffx'0ry footlmll guine uf tht- season. the hand was prvsf-nt with nuiny iiitisival llllIIlliPl'S to hvlp keep up thc' st-lmnl spirit and enthusiasm for whit-li Alvilvnv High Sc-hool is fuinnus. Thx- hand lnaflef several puhlic apps-zlmtivfls und also mite-iwcl at contest given at Sininiuns University in April. 4 i .v--4,-w--'- L Eighty-one y,EN X F ' ia , 3 ' 1 G' ' o on gc' if C7119 FLASHLIGHT we 1 Q Q Q QR: GIRLS PEP SQUAD X 73 Miss lil-LTH lIuomncs I,1'11LANo S'r.u11's li1,lzAingTH Bowxl-:R Sponsor live l're.x1'fle11L Treasurer Domrrnx FL1-L'rcHl-in Un NIT.-1 CARTER Prexiflent Secretary The Girls Pep Squad is composed of a group of girls who realize that the eyes of Texas are upon them. Knowing this to be true. every girl Carries the banner of good sportsmanship. pep. good-will. and friendliness. The "Pep Sistersf, as they call themselves during their lmrief membership in the cluh, are taught to appreciate and understand the value of unity and co-operation. Miss Beth Coombe-s. an instructor in the Home Economies Department. draws the Curtain after Completing three successful years as sponsor. 0' N 1 Eizhty-two g F Q' a v 'I 6' CH 5690 V C7119 FLASHLIGHT we 1 QQQ CR: BOYS PEP S UAD D. B. WYATHERBH WiLuAA1I1ALL IL IL jonxaox Sponsor Secretary Sponsor VASNNE LoxnBorHAAl BRAD LHCK Leader Treasurer In the fall term of 1923-1929. the Boys Pep Squad was re-organizerl with a membership of fifty-two boys. At the third foothall game of the season. the eluh began functioning-as u unit of the yelling clepurtrnent. with u stunt feature for every occasion. One special service rt-ncleretl to the football enthusiasts was that of supplying arm bands at a very low L-ost. The boys- equtul together with the girls' squad, cheered the famous football eleven on to State Championship. pqp.-...-.- Eighty-three X ,auf QP Q 1 S ' o C41 509 V C7119 FLASHLIGHT 09199 CJ CR: GIRLS DEBATING CLUB MRS. M. M. BARxEs PANM G.-XRIlNl-LR BIARY .lo Bowr:Rs Sponsor Preszklerzt Secretary M.-mx AICKPLYZIPL Dorus Reeves l'rr'siflenzt Secretary Linder the supervision of J. X. Watson and Mrs. M. M. Barnes. the Girls Debate Club has produced one of the he-st girls' debating teams ever produced in the Abilene High School. The two girls that won almost all debates of the season were Mary McKenzie and Pansy Gardner. The club consisted of several memhers who worked diligently to help promote the Abilene High School debating ideal-that of heing the hest in the stale. , .,--.1 , M.. a..e--.-...qgas ik! Eighty-four WEN: Q9 e 1 S' ' o 'lv gd' V C7119 B-Fi.Asi-u.1c-H'r ofa 1999 v BOYS DEBATE CLUB .l. X, XX ,ibm Bmw, S1HYllllT l"i:i:iii1R1fgi4 'l'Hmi.xs Spmzwr Twain .lltvrnfzlc lIH.iR1.i-gf li.-,ini-.N NlURRIS Gmss Prr:.xfifr'I1l Tumi Nivlury after xii-tory was lliv result of the- Huis ll:-lnulv Cluln. xiliivli was under the iiistrur-timi ul J. Y. Walsmi. Thi- two lwws wlm hail lull-ni in 3Clfll'PSSlllfI the Jululiv. Jf'I'S?YPl'illlL't' to stuclv. . . - . l 1 1 . I . N ' uncl iillllllf' to press-nl ll1Q'll' iiipiiiiiefiils. mln- BBIIIIU bvlinmll and Morris Glass. Olhvi' iiieliilrmw ixliu lime iiimle-ml in 1'vi1flvi'iiiQ if-rswiial rviwivv to tlw tvani anfl who t W I . l clesvrw lllfallllfbll lui' llimr vlloits urv: l7I'6Cl6l'il'li Tlimiius. llurwy Klm'Kvef. Philip llainplun. Sum Clianilmrs. Milton M1-Keiizie. Cliarlvs lhirnes, Kirliy lhwkins. joliimic- Xluvk Slepliffiison. Jack Pope. l'la1'clin McGrucly. joliii Blukf-. Laflfliv Bennett. llnlwrt Hiililis. jiunvs Wmlf-ii. William Gray. and Basil Tlmmus. F hw., Ji. Eighty-five x 'VA' yi 3' " if I 6' , Cu 54:99 V C7119 LASHLIGHT 010199 CJ QF: GIRLS GLEE CLUB Miss Omm Cumoxs lumix Osarnx RUTH SCARBOROUGH Sponsor Vive President Treasurer Jfwcr: HANDY Lmpaxn Srmrrs President Secretary The Abilene High School Clee Club was organized this year for the purpose of promoting interest in the study and appreciation of good music. It has been the privilege of the club to make several public performances. Two special features presented by the club were the operettas. "Lelawala" and "ln Old Louisiana." Several members of the club entered contests at the College of Industrial Arts. and two members won honors. Joyce Handy. soloist. won first place and Eleanor Han- son. violinist. won second place. The Boys Clee Club has helped in many of the public appearances and de- serves mention for the services rendered. Eighty-six 0-EN: J' a E 6' Cu 509 V C7119 Fn.As1-u.nc:-1-rr ofa 1 QQ Q Ck, YE LITTLE PLAYERS if MISS ODI-ILL jul-ixsux jnrlxn WQHITNI.-XX Hhs KIAIJLLE HIORKISOX Sponsor l'z'r'c Prrxizfcnl Sponsor R. D. IICDUYALD LlLL1xx GHIFHM1 Prvsidwzl Swrctrlrw AHILI-IXIC HIGH SCHOOL Prvsenfs "YL: LITTLE I'L.n+:RsA' DnA31xT1c GLU: LYINIRI' 1116 I,1'I'f'f'Il'0II Of M155 Nhnm: KIORRISON ' Miss ODELL JOHNSON High School 1928-29 Scelzes of Play Prologuea"Xeighlmrsf' Art Exhibit. Act I-"Sf'x'm1tPe11." this I. H. III1. Chapvl. :Xcl H--"Once Tl1P1'0 Was Ll PI'iIl1'l'SS.n Pulwliv l'v1'fm'111u1n-0. Avi llI-"'I'hf- Coal." Tmlrnanlmll Play, Eighty-seven WEN 2 '- I 5' ' o CH 569 '1 A 'n Q 55:14 3 Out in the West there's a school we love best, With a classic air calm and serene." I I V C7119 E-"'n.AsHn.1oi-rr ofa s QQ Q CR: DE MOLAY D. H. lxlCG.-HNLHEY Russetr ALLEN JACK S1-IACKELFORD Sponsor Vice President Sergeant-at-Arnzs C. W. Pnesswoon DICK Sr. JOHN President Treasurer The Order of De Molay is not a junior Masonic fraternity: there can be no such organization. The Freeinasons aid the De Molays and sponsor chapters just as they sponsor any other laudable undertaking, The De Molay organization cannot and does not insure future mernbership into the Masonic Lodge. Tlze Pledge Each De Molay humbly and sincerely promises: to be a better son: to love and serve his God, his country, and his fellowmeng to slander no one: to honor and protect every woniang to aid and uphold the public schools: to walk uprightly before God and man. 1 1 l r r Eighty-eight wgye .Q a I 6' ' o CH 56" 1 i sf C7116-? FLASHLIGHT 0159 I QQ 9 N-ff 11 Q ilkuunritvn J fn X -f , V" x M U: f Vw .xl N , ,, Q -,, .- , X , . buff VAAM , wigs' ' Qianafl sl '1-' H k V r gi X Lsf . If ,W Q X . . - p D I f I H , I f -5 I N it J S4 "' x em , I lf 'xv U ' SNS ,531 YPQIQ- slip I mana A .MDX-, v . ' ' :lf jg A 5. 'Inf-I-8,21 I H A 4 X Ns! ' .gm X 'V x -.- I , it , f X 'x pu xr gb 1 N ix 35", ' I 'H' V I. : ' 1 , mi! f ' K 11 I S - I A 1 f I X f 'NX 'T N X T ,f I And the II1llSI.t' .started .sz'gl11'1 ll1I'0llgll the hall nfs a lfinrl of l'llff0tfllCIZ.0ll I0 llw mas Ball." lg and fl-ll'G1.II.llg Cl7Il'170'Y,S Christ- -CHITTENDEN. ,awp frm " 1 6' ' o CH gd' -.aim Q, -s ,' 'fi ,-X 5. .4 + x M3 , ' Margaret Dillingham 'Ax D Flashlight Queen 5 ' y , r , 6 I .4 J ,. M H , L! 5 S I w ,1 V kz A F J: m B lk r r V- A. V , fi ET11,m:,,,A '.-, . C,gg-wffffi-5-wff-f,-:,5g,.-1U-u-3g,- ,mfg-ggrnvf-15. ---.1T'. - ,U ff.. ' gag- ff Y. :gf:.-Qqgiirf-.-gmL,g,,,g,g3,il3,-,'-:,"v'q.- 1,5 ff -::.:'!'- ,-y-'r'3,'-1'-:'5g4'a:-'fit-crnivfvni 'A :Q E5 F M E 1 g 37 1 5 It 5 f' gs , QF N w' F' Q . V TA QA 3 fi f VN 1, ,4 1, 5 V A W Q' l QE f: 5' K 3 F 1 V , L 1 ,ff L F, E Q ' 1 A 3 f ffmxv-s.f 'X , K 1 My if XC X ww' , if in xg Truett Barber Most Valuable Student j , I 3 !"""f'::P' p--Q -,M-v - ,--. - .--4x1Lf: gfLQ', f.1:: Tu- ---: ,- ' 1.-Lf -, v.v1f. 'ff '1,Y 17. ,1:,,a:zw ,. -.,1 .:,HM,, :W Aug-3S,l.V,4J , L, I 1 , 0 ,515 0 2 Juan.. ,Q :YN A 4 Ml A S,-7 X Lelland Stamps X2 Beet 411 Round Clrl .LL 2 1 1..L3R"4'1TupS.n7' .r-'.T1m..r..arZaa.k..aL'I:!e.-J I.-....-,... . ,,.. .--.-.,-,...,..-,..- .... 1 41...--...Z-f.f.,,.1y,.1.-WL. .-...QQ.-.-2.-.-.Q.-...A-.. .Q..L1..-1...-.-1.1--..,,,.,w..,,,..-w:,.m. ,--2-g. v....q:...-.N-..w.,v.i.,, V.. ....G,..,,,,- - ,,,.,,. .. K - ' v 1 1 7 4 5 . I. 1 '1 "1c.4I:L1.Khl41iAKlm7l'! A ww: .?10i'J1?Rn v I 1 I i i 'E f ff E ,. w-1119: '- : -545 L.Z"li3fuDm...4' ' 'Q '."lhgf1 'F'4l':JL:.'I12ZL .E ?IULe,TJk',q'k iw f-A-7x74?LFQTvQie-1-Qii IL32-J1Q'F5T'f" 7' '-JL'-1 Zi? 41533111 4 - 3-:1rsssgg.g'1-"" F. 11 ii KAB . ' xr-Nr C'X g - U Q ' Aultman Smith 'li , ' , Best All-Round Boy ,N K " " Q . .. , ., ., .,. Q ..,., . .,...,.v..........,..'..... .,........,.-....,-.. ,....,...-x.v....,-.1-.U-.nw-... .,.w...-...--.....,... ... .....,.........-........v-. ...... ....'...-....... ...-,..,. . , ,.,.,,,,,,, ,,,,,.,,,,,, , -nh: .. 4 r F' I E 5 's A '. E 'eg 4 Ei E J g! 35 W7 3 i Pi 5 1 3 I 1 lf E I! 4 ? , 1 . Y I b I Elizabeth Dillingham 'K D 'V .V w x Most Popular Girl ' 3 O ' Q A . H ,v l ' 1 f5-.-w,,,. ...,ii.i ,. ..i,..,, ,..i H i .-. -... -A-.1 1-4-N., ...-1-1..-,-.1--.....--..4.-L-.-.f un...-..- -H-.up .--.W -ua.-um: uvnm - . -.. 1. , - a Q1 .- .3 . , s wr,-21.6 I , ':,,Zl: Nb , , risks : 1 . +A! 2- ' 755. , ,-, .,- .lf ? 1 G c y S. L. Phelps Most Popular Boy , . x x I ' . 0 J , A4 v, ...,, . .- .. .4- :QD C7119 FLASHLIGHT ofa 1 QQ CJ CF, Favorites Favorites-zrhat meaning has that u'ord.' Hou' much it does suggest .' Even the Master. I have heard. Chose three above the rest, His word and life to represent Because He hneu' theyid not relent. Bu! ever do their best. Favorites! zvhatever made you such. We do not know unless ,Twas love which made you give so nzueh. And smiling friendliness That made you always look beyond With eager eyes ready to respond And aid those in distress. Favorites, ue bow before your throne, All honor to you give, The tiny seeds that you have sown Will grow, will spread, will strive To be a tribute to our school, To glorify the golden rule And teach us how to live! -PERRY BARBER. 01' Nt q'P a T 6' ' o cf-1 50'

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