Abilene High School - Flashlight Yearbook (Abilene, TX)

 - Class of 1922

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Abilene High School - Flashlight Yearbook (Abilene, TX) online yearbook collection, 1922 Edition, Page 123 of 156
Page 123 of 156

Abilene High School - Flashlight Yearbook (Abilene, TX) online yearbook collection, 1922 Edition, Page 122
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Abilene High School - Flashlight Yearbook (Abilene, TX) online yearbook collection, 1922 Edition, Page 124
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Page 123 text:

1 1 1.141 1...-L U went clear through the stirrup as he fell. Three men with their ropes down jumped their horses , , 7 7 BL 77 5 it , www- THE FUXSHLIGHT 'I-'-i-I - - to the rescue and before the big sorrel had dragged Joe a dozen yards a rope settled around the horses neck and he was thrown and tied. I ran up crying but when I saw Joe being carried off so white and still I got so mad I couldnt see. I kicked the helpless horse, and then a sudden thought came to me. I would get revenge and ride him for Joe. No one was watching me as I stood astride the tied horse and measured the stirrups. Yes they were short enough! I seized the choke rope in my left hand, reached down and released his feet. I went white as he rose under me. Hooking spurs in the cinch, I felt myself being carried up, up-then came a sickening descent. I had one lightning impression of a blur of faces in the grandstand then a jar that almost popped my neck. The next few moments seemed like some kind of a night- mare to me. My body was wrenched and tortured by a twisting, turning whirlwind of horse- I was about ready to turn loose and be thrown when the horse paused for a single instant reared burst the mighty artery leading from his heart. I staggered up pushing men from me, and seeing Joe seated over against the fence I went to him. When I was seated by his side, he put his arm around me- Did I ride him Joe? I asked sleepily. You just bet you did! You re the best rider on the range and a pard to tie tol And with his words my longing was fulfilled. It was the hour of my great satisfaction! -ROY WARD. f51'8g,H Iiragrr Twinkle, twinkle, little Npenf, How I do hate to be in When a football game is on, Or my chum on a hunt has gone. When the detention list is read And I hold my breath in dread, Breathe with me a silent prayer That my name wonit be on there. -121- ...,... . 1922 . - Q -. high into the air and fell his length. He had pitched his last time, for in that effort ,he had 5

Page 122 text:

"'1"T'7'4" , FLASH LIGHT Uhr Burn' nf illllg CErra1t Svatiafariinn IPIIIZIC WINNING STUIIY1 I was eight years old when thin hrst great longing start g I HS ' il reared on the range and saw mnny riders eonte und go, hut not one ever toolx the wztrm ph 'e acllnirzltion in my heurt that .loe flnnilihell held. I rrmentln-r Illill liret evening thin he Came riding up to the runelt and tislwd lor at jolt of hront'-hustin. I donit remetnlrer what was said. hut he got the joh. 'llhe next week was spent in rounding in the hr-rd ol horses lrom the grent seventy-Seetim pZiSlllI'C to the south. Out of that wild herd were ehosen something like thirty lor .loe to heg' lvrezlliing lrotn their wild free lift- to yeurs ol lutrd, atetive serviee. .Nmong these wus at great blue' stallion that stamped and snorted zthout the high-fenced eorrnl ns the rtst ol' the lvztnd were re- leased to their freedom- I was watelting them from at granrlstnncl Seitl ' ' H , 2 '1 '- Q 1 'im ' up lmeside me. His warm and 1-heel-ful grin. along ' It so 1' 'z It y ' " te 1111 S "e 1 slipped me. had Completely won me to his friendship. "Nlyl look at that hig lJlLl1'Ii.-I he exeluitned udmiringly. "llow'd you like to he uhle 1" him, Kid?" he grinned down at me. "Ceelu l exeluintecl, overwhelmed nt the idmt. "'l'hing I erin ride him?" "I 'speeli we'lI See pretty IIIIICIQ, Kid." ln' i1llSWCI'Cl als he elannltered down Lind went to see about his saddle. My hreath eame ll little quicker when u I1-w minutes Inter the Ivig hlnrlx was sanldled. z .Ive was preparing to mount. He had an eztsiness o' we 1 1 2 A 1 1 ' eat as he swung quickly into the Saddle and said, "Let 'im loose. hoysl" The hig horse seemed surprised for at moment, then downing his In-ad and Innnping o ' hall, he jumped straight up into the air. Un the climax of that ,IIIIIIII the spurs w' tome, wrenching un atgonized lrellow lrom him. Ile -lllllllllfil so fur and last that he was Ll living S how-legged demon, rode hint with at grin. 'llhen my longing heeume at pttrpose. I was going to leztrn to ride lilo- tha . tim got Ll L'llillIl'l' alter that I rode something that would pitch. Nlatny were the hnrd hills and lJI'P2llll- cheeliing senres I got. hut they were outweig . y ' grin and words ol eneourngement I go from Joe. Autumn. winter. Elllll spring eatme und went until all his 're ilI'I'IVt'll the day of ull days the Fourth of July. llluny ol' the hoys lrom the neighhoring I'2lIIt'lll'3S were riding into Sonora enter the roping und riding eontestsg f 'r . ' ' Qt-1-ml t 3 ig 1 ' - l I - 4 Ll little seeret of our own. I was going to enter the ,lunior Ilitling Contest and ,loe was going 1 enter the Senior Contest. He was the lust rider in his event. llis horse wats A ' s "f---A ta 'I Jite " Ju I knew joe would ride him, 'l'he horse wus led out und saddled. ,loe swung ni 1 1 -'ig 'S big Stetson lrotn his head, ye ed. "I,et 'itn loose." It all happened in il moment. 'l'he seeond jumn that the horse nn - '15 , -'S ri hi g - Ieatlter und he. in trying to regain hie lmztlunee. was thrown oxer on the other 9 ' ' . S I 1 ' A . . I in up in nn ln tit I w horn nd tt ol 2' 1n in lx on the Llllllll whtn los ttmm ln ind Ll Intl wit nn tttl Nllltlll l I emi lly to ide I, ind I intwtmtit th 1t reminded ine of .1 mt 11 ent l g put men ol il cyclone. 'l'hrough ull his hueking. twisting. turning, nnd trielxy pitching. joe. the little tt I rely e I hed In the l t the W, 1 to Inn none writ -o lull ol hxpe 1 I lol loe find I had it 1 ttillq slim oiifl rt I nl 1 hu I' t ,. I 1nd tetlxnf' ln ll I I nh huke log g pity " " ide llt lul 120 THE .... -... -.....-..

Page 124 text:

'FTW' - .......- -.........- v -. .... ....- A Cbvntil 1Hartit Svrninr I fWith apologies to Chaucer! A Cenror was ther Wlfh a red sweater In the study halle neare the glrles he ysatte Upon hls hced IS a whyt Stetson hatte Hrs brown shoes are ful well y sh1ned He speken louder than others of hls k1nd Wel coude he talke to glrles, short and talle Ydodge dements and yescape detentlon halle Fro mornmg untll the nlght He wol lafen joken or fight ThlS worthy Semor IS a presldente To that OHICC noone better coude be y sent IIIS gouvcrnance was so very yexcellent That m1 dues were nmety nme plus one cent Wlth teachers and students alle When he IS ywanted tts Bonv they calle Ross DAWKINS A Memoir Slttlng before a fue 1n a room ln Nlagara cne w1nter evenmg I was looklng back over a volume of the 1922 Flashllght the year book of the Abllene Hrgh School As I sat absorbed ln thought a v1s1on of the old Abrlene H1gh Qchool now the Central Ward Qchool appeared to me and Isaw aga1n many of the old famlllar faces as they were on a typ cal day ln 1922 I am busy at my desk and tha tall lanky awkward boy across the alsle on my rlght IS Edgar Goodnlght edltor of the annual and otherw1se known as Alma I am aroused from my study by the prlckmg of a pm and I find that the offender 1S he A bell announces the end of the seventh period whlch cuts short the squabbllng of Alma and Bony the class presrdent known to many as Franklm Haynes I take thls three mlnute mterval between the classes to avenge myself on Alma and after several moments of scuffhng we are warned by MISS Smlth that th1s 1S an 1n0ppOrtl1I1C tlme to settle our d1ff1cult1es and perhaps two demerrts w1ll help us to remember ll next t1me The boy leanmg m h1s seat up agamst the wall and kept busy dodglng Pat Murphys paper wads IS Cup Beall whose Chr1st1an name IS Bennre Oswald Babb s1tt1ng 1n front of htm IS busy wrltmg another theme thls one I thmk to be a ballad to .lane Strnson Papa Gentry the l1ttle fellow behmd Alma IS havlng a hard tlme trymg to study because Pek Noland keeps annoymg h1m because he IS so llttle Pete Olds rntervenes at th1s polnt to get my key to the Flashhght room Hearrng laughter among the grrls rn the back of the study hall I find that Lots mchackelford and Bertha S1dCS are quarrellmg over a compact box Lucrle W1nsh1p and Dorothy Wrtght are looklng on wlth mterest Patty Bass IS trymg to persuade Clyde Pratt that he has tlme to wrxte ln her memory book and D W Wrlsten IS studymg the Webster Hayne debate Cec1l Boles IS stlll at work on Woolleys Handbook Between the seventh and erghth perlods Benjy Wllt shlre IS employed passlng out and recervmg notes as fast as the grrls call for them Any further thoughts along thls lme are mterrupted by the supper bell and I replace the book on the shelf wonderlng where all these old frmds are who for all thelr mlsglvlngs made the best Senlor Class ever put out by Abllene Hlgh School GRAY BROWNE I 9 2 2 ., . - , ' 9 4 5 . , , 7 v 7 3 ' 7 - N ' 5 - 9 ' ' B5 79 'I' 'F 'f 46 , , ' . 1 -J s M 9 9 0 . . . " 9 5 ' ' ' A6 77 , . , . - - - an 5, tt va - 5 1 ' ' ' 65 75 . v , . M . ,, . . . . . . . . . - , . . . . . ,, ,, , 5 7 ' 9 ' ' IC 79 ' ' ' ' 66 59 5 if - 7, 9 , . . - . - s as as - - - - , . . , - y 1 , .1l.i-ii 1 Q K ll- Q 1 1 ,, 4 4 1 ' ' - '

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