Abilene High School - Flashlight Yearbook (Abilene, TX)

 - Class of 1922

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Abilene High School - Flashlight Yearbook (Abilene, TX) online yearbook collection, 1922 Edition, Page 121 of 156
Page 121 of 156

Abilene High School - Flashlight Yearbook (Abilene, TX) online yearbook collection, 1922 Edition, Page 120
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Abilene High School - Flashlight Yearbook (Abilene, TX) online yearbook collection, 1922 Edition, Page 122
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Page 121 text:

' 'FTW' .-.-.......-...-.-.- F THE ,,,,-,,,-,- I-ASHLIGHT ALI. SCHO0L'S A LAB EXPERlMENT,AND ALL THE Bll.L SHAKESFEAREKREVISU-ij np-N: cm ccunmmo wuwne or oynuue AuolcoNxMrRLlM- OP PsnAo.:auay1AND PIC-KLKD foazrm vAa4z r y! L ,muwfv As om Fnsswmz N mxv sex cemvumnvcv A ssonvmem? ur Lsicues: 'wus eenmrrms Lszcn, LA1-:N Lsccmusny nm un. EN:-msn Lsscu :rc A, rms Pfciufs Pnss 'rwnu - THE LEELNE5 CLIN!! 'YO YMEUNKTNIS UN- DQUBYEDL gapvse. me Pnnmum M. ro Wamnsmrva bnwfny X Pcrue 15 sumo j A N way A If 1 e- Rune sn. was N f, 1 ' ?fAPDlNhS 5""""" dj I Us l vll ei- 1 .u. Q Z as-n.L.mQ 1 H W E F F vx. Emr Tues ran .1 Plr.xLe5 IN c.AsE nrAu-.GN ns 1-Q Q Fume or Amelruou 1au.sNT' , z ' V' 5 ,aj 5 .. --M .mi Aw- UNM4, Cemssnvsmo Faurr :An :.aN1'AlNlr4r.1 -ru,-,E WHERE c.nAuQen PR-4:15 sssos 'WK ,A r1c,nu.s PoRf1F1'S sur-msec: wuv-re on-Men E1 Q ' -1 9 HALF nr Lsmmsn :rm AQDQFOR asmav x me sunvnus :NERGY F-nam PucKLE5j Rena-mu I0 os-,suns Tms as Gly Gwsss Lfsw f Flmsusu nnunucv. gp beam :TE Cnwwsnsnnam DEBATE Resomfen 1-M1' urs A wncn.r. Luv wenae Pon A omfxrss 1-0 wave THE' SARETNHOAT' r AN 1 I5 Pea CENUPEQL -ro hAvE comes Ln Lusvzvv au Rumfvxus Nunn as rn: smmmn-fs numasa OF LEf.vs Passsasen ay 1'roE E'N!'IPEDl: AND WHEN YUU LAN srosn -rm: was-:zur mrno Prmgk an QL ilu, irc. 51: 2 Idda fanart ' Nwuaa Q DW FUIMER Fawn Tlsugia Z if 7 w N N? in ' .xx V .:'f" ,ww .. Q, . 'UWA' S 4 . " ,f', s ' ' 5 S g 1j' Y, i Q! .V 'Y V Y ' -if--'f TNF S1-VDENTS Assocnarnon lNs1-EAD A Q vw-SSTED PDRM Pon mesrmbs ap -Q-? 'SL' DUET B7 Enema Am-o Woov Crue cn: PAQ: us Ensmq .Q Gaeonueur W1 TH THE FUNN OF THE u.suAn."Rauau wny, Rl: H MH :r 'S 1 Y 1 I5 ' . Y I Y . Y , , H Q. 1 1 , A W --Af f ,gf 1 K A ,f N? I ,,. - .T ' 5 , A 'f 1 2 'Ji , Q 1. . '. s - '15 lggffl-V P-- - , 1 ' ' 1 5' 0 f 1 '- 'fi , 'X 6? 1 1 A . A 111 C :Q .1 J QS- " 'Y ' f +- - 5 X 'f E- ' 1 0 H . Y A - , 5 . . AQ' ' H 1 M- , if -:uf Q r2V1',Np XXXQK f 6 441' " '13 V '9,,, A -vb af C W 11 A51 ggii Mm ?Z S ':-'-:- gg , ' 1 fi- Q ki X J fl: 0: W 1 . 6 X I 3 . ,T 'Va U: QQ ,wf - ..: , X 6 A b ' 1 X I , - A Y -119- 1 S 1 4' Q 1 Q Q 1 1922

Page 120 text:

' " FLASI-IHIIIGHT sldes, we am got that much t1me I bet they starve Carouso a couple o weeks before one of hrs blg arguments Sure, but th1s donkey has got a ta1l, and tw1st1ng lt w1ll serve just as well as th dretmg trlck You gotta adm1t shes a class above Carouso there as an opera s1nger We went out 1nto the yard, and Os set up hrs machme I chmbed up rn a tree, two degrees out of reach of Asbestoss rear extremltles KI had a sort of premomtlon she would ralse more than a vocal protest to the cr1me we were medltatmgl You klck old bossy over there 1n the rlbs at the end of each stanza Os, and let her co ln on the refram Everythlng was ready, and I gav a generous twlst to the donkeys tall and Os set the ma chme golng Asbestos gave a long, soulful outburst, fully Justlfymg our tw1n sextette expecta tlons, and started at hlgh C and went clean through the alphabet l kept tw1st1ng the tall, and every once ln a whlle old bossy would come 1n ln obedlence to some gentle persuas1on from Oswald, unt1l flnally we filled the dlsc The poor old donkeys tall looked llke the tw1n brother to a coll sprmg, and her face wore an expr SSIOH of noble rndxgmty at our ungentlemanly treat ment Nor would she become reconcrled upon my humble presentatlon of a double portion of alfalfa I pasted a red label on the record and we named lt the Medulla Oblongata Os sllpped ll mto a p1le of records that were to be played the next ttme Our chance came sooner than we expected Our dear and well loved muse teacher was slck on one of her days, and the S ar Qpangled Banner got sllghted because the phonograph alnt a b1t patrlotxc and could play How She Shakes Her Knees before the m1n1ster wlthout blushmg Mr Dudley pushed out the old Vlctrola and started playlng F1rst were a couple of operatrc PICCCS by Gutta Purcha and Douglas Farrbanks They were red seal records and there fore awful Next came the Medulla Oblongata Its red seal and dlgI11fl8Cl name won Mr Dudley s 1n hls chalr, closed hls eyes and placmg a look of eccleslastlcal bllss on h1s noble countenance prepared to enjoy the donkey record to the utmost B1ll I have been studymg Engllsh pretty nearly all my l1fe and Latln about four or five weeks, and I w1sh to say rlght here that there alnt no adjectlve ln e1th r one of those languages thats near strong enough to express my 0pll'llOIl of that record For a few moments I felt con sclence strlcken for 1nfl1ct1ng It on my fellow students, they must have suffered somethlng awful When the thlng was f1n1shed Mr Dudley got up The subl1m1ty of the thmg rendered hum speechless for a moment but flnally he spoke slowly That, ln my op1n1on, IS one of the grand st P18069 of Hlndu olchestra ever lnvented I IS wonderful, subl1me It IS a selectlon that every one of you should play every mormng before breakfast unt1l you can appreclate IIS great beauty Sometlmes I thmk a person must be born to apprecrate a plece lrke that Whlle I was srttmg there w1th my eyes closed and the sordld outslde world shut from my v1ew I dreamed I saw lrttle blrdtes smgmg and the butterflles mak mg butter and the wmd rustlmg the housetops Ill play It aga1n and you can see what you can Imagine He put the thlng on agaln and I closed my radlum orbs and lmagmed I was parked under a plle drlver ln N0 mans land durmg the mam argument ,lust then a bunch of cops wlth shotguns burst lnto the room Wheres the figh " Mr Dudley looked at them p1ty1ngly Why you scoundrelly lowbrows, thats one the greatest peces of Hmdu orchestra ever recorded How dare you msult such art'7' .lust then the bell rang, and all the students ran Joyfully to thelr lessons fjust l1ke they always dol Last thmg I heard, the cops Sald somethmg about arrestlng Mr Dudley for dlsturb mg the peace or cruelty to ammals Well Blll I guess you re gettlng tlred of my chlrography fthough I do wrrte a pretty falr hand on the IYPCWIIICTI, so guess Ill close Sweetly yours, KING RICHARD COEUR DE LIONE P S It must have gotten out somehow cause the Vxctor company has be n ch smg me for the last week trylng to get me to make them some donkey records 1922 . in-0: n:u--I- U Q -s-II, .-.....-I.. .- . . ,t . . L t ' 79 ,G . . . . . . . G , , l ' 5 I ' 77 V ' 5 I I L . I I I H . . -. I , , me ' ' 55 . ' A i . , . L L ' I I I 55 79 I -I Q - . . . , . . . ' 64 77 ' . , 3 ' A6 f 77 ' - s - - - an as - - ' I , I I I as 77 l ' ' ' 7- respect immediately, and after he had put it on and started the machine running, he sat down l , , , . , . . . H . , . . I , ' , ' . . . . . , . M . . . . L . K . 1 . - t . . , . . . . . , . - . . . , . . .. , .. . . ,, . . . ,, , ,, . . 66 7 . 65 I I 9 ' ' 7 l , A . I '. . . , , 7 V 7 - , . -- , I ' I 11 ' . 5 . " -118-

Page 122 text:

"'1"T'7'4" , FLASH LIGHT Uhr Burn' nf illllg CErra1t Svatiafariinn IPIIIZIC WINNING STUIIY1 I was eight years old when thin hrst great longing start g I HS ' il reared on the range and saw mnny riders eonte und go, hut not one ever toolx the wztrm ph 'e acllnirzltion in my heurt that .loe flnnilihell held. I rrmentln-r Illill liret evening thin he Came riding up to the runelt and tislwd lor at jolt of hront'-hustin. I donit remetnlrer what was said. hut he got the joh. 'llhe next week was spent in rounding in the hr-rd ol horses lrom the grent seventy-Seetim pZiSlllI'C to the south. Out of that wild herd were ehosen something like thirty lor .loe to heg' lvrezlliing lrotn their wild free lift- to yeurs ol lutrd, atetive serviee. .Nmong these wus at great blue' stallion that stamped and snorted zthout the high-fenced eorrnl ns the rtst ol' the lvztnd were re- leased to their freedom- I was watelting them from at granrlstnncl Seitl ' ' H , 2 '1 '- Q 1 'im ' up lmeside me. His warm and 1-heel-ful grin. along ' It so 1' 'z It y ' " te 1111 S "e 1 slipped me. had Completely won me to his friendship. "Nlyl look at that hig lJlLl1'Ii.-I he exeluitned udmiringly. "llow'd you like to he uhle 1" him, Kid?" he grinned down at me. "Ceelu l exeluintecl, overwhelmed nt the idmt. "'l'hing I erin ride him?" "I 'speeli we'lI See pretty IIIIICIQ, Kid." ln' i1llSWCI'Cl als he elannltered down Lind went to see about his saddle. My hreath eame ll little quicker when u I1-w minutes Inter the Ivig hlnrlx was sanldled. z .Ive was preparing to mount. He had an eztsiness o' we 1 1 2 A 1 1 ' eat as he swung quickly into the Saddle and said, "Let 'im loose. hoysl" The hig horse seemed surprised for at moment, then downing his In-ad and Innnping o ' hall, he jumped straight up into the air. Un the climax of that ,IIIIIIII the spurs w' tome, wrenching un atgonized lrellow lrom him. Ile -lllllllllfil so fur and last that he was Ll living S how-legged demon, rode hint with at grin. 'llhen my longing heeume at pttrpose. I was going to leztrn to ride lilo- tha . tim got Ll L'llillIl'l' alter that I rode something that would pitch. Nlatny were the hnrd hills and lJI'P2llll- cheeliing senres I got. hut they were outweig . y ' grin and words ol eneourngement I go from Joe. Autumn. winter. Elllll spring eatme und went until all his 're ilI'I'IVt'll the day of ull days the Fourth of July. llluny ol' the hoys lrom the neighhoring I'2lIIt'lll'3S were riding into Sonora enter the roping und riding eontestsg f 'r . ' ' Qt-1-ml t 3 ig 1 ' - l I - 4 Ll little seeret of our own. I was going to enter the ,lunior Ilitling Contest and ,loe was going 1 enter the Senior Contest. He was the lust rider in his event. llis horse wats A ' s "f---A ta 'I Jite " Ju I knew joe would ride him, 'l'he horse wus led out und saddled. ,loe swung ni 1 1 -'ig 'S big Stetson lrotn his head, ye ed. "I,et 'itn loose." It all happened in il moment. 'l'he seeond jumn that the horse nn - '15 , -'S ri hi g - Ieatlter und he. in trying to regain hie lmztlunee. was thrown oxer on the other 9 ' ' . S I 1 ' A . . I in up in nn ln tit I w horn nd tt ol 2' 1n in lx on the Llllllll whtn los ttmm ln ind Ll Intl wit nn tttl Nllltlll l I emi lly to ide I, ind I intwtmtit th 1t reminded ine of .1 mt 11 ent l g put men ol il cyclone. 'l'hrough ull his hueking. twisting. turning, nnd trielxy pitching. joe. the little tt I rely e I hed In the l t the W, 1 to Inn none writ -o lull ol hxpe 1 I lol loe find I had it 1 ttillq slim oiifl rt I nl 1 hu I' t ,. I 1nd tetlxnf' ln ll I I nh huke log g pity " " ide llt lul 120 THE .... -... -.....-..

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