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Q :aw 4 f 9 . af.. aa?- ,fffiw ff f X , ll by If EW X ,f X f EX LIBR15 f ' ff j ff WW XXQXX b C!5PYRlGHT l ff 'lf img WV W 6 , l REQ EASHLHGHT Publzbhed by tlzefmffudefnf Body OWXW A ABILENBZHIGHXQCHOOL X BlLENFfT s f X j 5 , f 1 !LQee,.Qf,gr 1' i 1 , MW U1 !!' Qf2wmllu mn f " X -Q f .S-fi v-SW li! i I W df K' 1 f,,, . ..,f"""' fi XXHTN7!! reward- IN THIS, THE NINTH VOLUME OF THE FLASHLIGHT, WE, THE STAFF, HAVE ENDEAVORED TO PRESENT A TRUE AND INTERESTING ACCOUNT OF THE ATHLETIC AND SC-HOLASTIC ACTIVITIES WHICH HAVE MARKED THIS AS THE GOLDEN PERIOD OF OUR HIGH SCHOOL CAREER. WE HAVE ALSO ATTEMPTED TO CREATE AN ATMOSPHERE CHARACTERIZING THE UNSWERVING LOVE AND THE INDOMITABLE SPIRIT OF DEAR OLD ABILENE HIGH SCHOOL. TAKE OUR EFFORTS AND LET THEM BE A REF- ERENCE BOOK AND REMINDER OF THE FRIENDSHIPS AND PLEASURES YOU HAVE EXPERIENCED HERE DURING 1921-22. l I jj I yfign.-'?W4 - Ein l. X i W X ORDER up W W Booxs fl Zlife W9h6fsp',f Xt ifffggafwi fi6u X fin an ffhfg fX eqrf X f X X X Xl X? fi X f 'J J A fl ' if JJ X 5 ,NX f f' 'X ' ff 3 Q5 X i. fl , ,f x , 'Z XX ,L N g " NCQ vs, ,QX r 1 sm M 11 Gdicali on T0 P. E. SHOTWELL, WHO HAS WHIWQXX sirix I I. V 1 I uk ALWAYS STRIVEN TO MAKE THE ABILENE HIGH SCHOOL A GREATER AND BETTER SCHOOL, WHO HAS MOLDED THE MOST SUCCESSFUL ATHLETIC TEAMS IN OUR HISTORY, AND WHO HAS, BY PRECEPT AND EXAMPLE, TRIED TO MAKE EVERY STUDENT THAT HAS COME IN CON- TACT WITH HIM, A FINER AND LOFTIER CHARACTER, WE DEDI- CATE THIS, THE NINTH VOLUME OF THE FLASHLIGHT. 13. EE. Shntmvll ' ' FlASl-IHIlElGHT "' N Acknowledgment of I I h1s fa1thlul devouon to the cause of A131 lene H1gh School 1n recognltlon of hls efforts 1n her behalf and 1n numerahle small thmgs that he has done and IS domg f or us da1ly We dCd1C3t6 th1s page of the Flash llght to R D Green our frlend and Supermtendent . U g l" . . I l. !' -1 . . 7 . I . . . . 7 . love and appreciation of the in- 7 . . , 1922 FLASIIHIFIGHT Qglll' Svupvrtntmheut QR B QErvrn 1922 wr THE Fl-ASHLIGHT ' ' R DUDIEY, our es- . I teemed Pr1nc1pal, has won our respect by ideal, he has won our love by his heart felt interest in all our act1v1 ties, he has won our gratitude by always holding his own interests second to those of the school We conslder ourselves fortunate ln having h1s Wise guidance ......., U Q , ., ..-I his conscientious devotion to an 1922 FlASTIHljGHT ill E Euhlvg GBM Iirtnnpal 1 9 2 2 'WW' 1.1 in-.1.1..-. 1..-.- U G -.-.........-............ I l Minn fllllilhrvh Enhgvz Mildred endeared herself to us by her pleasing personality, her loyalty to High School, her faithfulness to any task given her. , As secretary of the Students' Association, she performed her duties efficientlyg as treasurer of the Senior Class, she was dependable at all times. ' In her death we feel the loss of a loyal student, a beloved classmate, a sincere friend. N' MYet not unrneet it was that one, like that young friend of ours, So gentle and so beautiful, should perish with the flowersf, l Gunn 1 3 lr Q 1 9 2 2 Q 41'-QFD' THE 4-90,y00 ,J -NN Ill'--xxx II V HI HMI qfyj fly? QZZZZV x X ....!i::::f-?F:j E' ' f,NQxQN Rb UU iam lllllllllllll X-XZ? 3 WW wzmmf llll ' U ,X x FZ: n:'h X E 4! i E fmfky N5 I 6 lvnnnnm ?0Yf'9' In X N llli unsung 1 .. a ia ! V- 1922 ffl, 4115-4 .W '1 ' f fagrgb :5H i fd, f ' - - ' ' q ff, ,ww 1 .M ,.H1ffl,1 fe 22456 ' ffgf 74, "u -'Z .1 " f , QZPGZJZQ, ,,, I ll 9,904 1 -i.- fgiagpb 'eff LFAQH- Q ' ............... .......... IV IF.l-Anlfiil-I I-I 'Ci I-I-I' AE' """' " """ '-I X' 'XXX 'E f X. ,,fr , Sn NX . X x . N of ,, , , Q-5' f f, if 3 f li? 1 l tf , W' gif- - r- ll F Q f 1'x1K":iT'7-fT,'?'.. , , i f 6 ,W ifEC21i5iN'r ' f Q m"' 'W5I?' Q f by i Xu' x-1.3 Z, i V - X- lf - : , K . 8 Q 4 Nh 'AQ' 'TQ f : Q If U--:aw -7- , Mai Q XY "..-VW, 'J - 5 27 f" 'EH illi Q X "f , f' Q, 'f I 5 -NJ 0 1 -5 a f ff ,ws : ' bww J I fx s 5 f ' I ' ' "e4a"'f'-Zwffi VI WX " 3 f Kl'f L L 'TL in -if , E 0 N ' ,v--5,- f'! k fZ27,H.2Zggg2Q4 M I 0' we , my mm , , xg ia-, , ' 21 ' 13321 39.5 bv :L 5, 1 wif! ', Ill 1f?Zg3!5ff'? W A 2554 ".' mv' f :vf Xia! iizgfl ,l?hf2 :lx ' 13'-"fu vim X N S :tg ' Qlzggzyv U 'QH1 'obis 5' .VIII 11011 f 17,46 X1 97: 7 ii? "W if 5 5 ' , xi W M iw My ,, swf- 1' Qu:-ll lf C 1nn1a1n-15.-na-1:1 iv.. ABILENE HIFH SCHOOL How pleasant Lt lS O classmates 0 mme To have been Ln Abzlene Hzgh School so ne To have attended the games and the banquet too Wzth frzends we knew who were trzed and true Do you remember that American Natzonal game Anrl the Army Navy that won us And the noble Senlors on Baby Day W ho put therr clzgnz eel manners away? You wzll remember them all ah yes ull you dze lhose good old days Ln Abrlene Hzgh f 1922 .,l l., , f fame, -- fi, .. g-.-.--.-.-...-.-.- FLAS1E:'EzIgHT - . Y 5 l 5 , mil r ,L ,f l FN fl 'M ' Lf YTW 'flu I in f f I l f 5 ff FA C U L T Y ' THE .. ...-.........-... v Q -....- -.......-. ' ' ...ulup 4-Am Q I 1 lx . . l C w . , H o ,7 l Daniel Tl'2lIllhilIH Clack ' Doble . Shotwell Farris Brooks Tale Norwood Robertson Woodall Christopher "'-21 C f Q A 4 1 9 2 2 4 4 f. Q FlASllHIFIGHT i I A S I Kelso Hurkrider Mcljarter ' Davis Peek Smith Cunningham Robinson Watkins Hutchison Mitchell 1922 ...v .. . l l ' 1 Uhr illarultg nn Qlrutrm See the Faculty pass 1n TCVICW Watch them sm1le so sweetly at you Arent they cunn1ng the dear l1ttle th1ngs'7 How therr faces glow when the class bell rmgs' And they are clever they really are Why Mr Green YSCIICS Tw1nkle L1ttle tar He sa1d It for us 1n chapel one day And then laughed and shook 1n h1s own Jolly way And Mr Dudley what cant he do? He laughs at others Jokes and h1s own oo By teachmg school he got h1s bald spot So I say he l1kes teachlng rather than not The thlrd IS M1ss Clack w1th her sweet sm1le The SCHIOIS all tarry Wlth her aWhllC To censor the Flashhght shes the one I wonder 1f she conslders 1t fun? And next MISS Chr1stopber, the best of them all To bob all around and about the Study Ha She works for the SCHIOIS yes she does, And you may be sure she makes them buzz And darl1ng MISS Tate who IS always care free That she knows Math IS pla1n to see ored hlghly Hes always so gentle and now sm1les so shyly Hes helped puplls Phys1cs and Chem through And a1ds 1n coachlng tthletlcs too Now follows M1ss Roblnson who Fresh ICS does teach Ive heard lt rumored she 15 some peach And who 15 th1s'7 Mrs Norwood of course, She explalns Algebra untll she 1S hoarse And there IS MISS Watklns w1th her black and wh1te checks Shes very pretty and doesnt wear speaks And yonders MISS lVI1tchell w1th lovely blue eyes She cant keep them solemn but oh how she trlesl Now comes Mr Peek who trams good de baters Its rumored hes one of the woman haters Thats our secretary MISS Boyce whose names Al1cemaye She looks bus1nessl1ke 1n her llttle Ford Coupe And there IS MISS Davrs whose dutles are many A better l1brar1an there never was any She coaches the grrls to wln basketball And teaches h1story to great and to small Next IS MISS Woodall her name IS Add1e RICE She l1kes Publlc Speak1ng w1th lots of SPICE She tells Semor glrls just what not to do As palflllllg and such yet they l1ke her too That one IS MISS Trantham log1cal IH sc1ence a shark Yet when she reads people perk up and hark Then theres MISS Cunnmgham whom Freshles adore She teaches h1story to students galore Here comes MISS Kelso who helps us to s1ng She does her darndest to make the walls r1ng That one Mr Doble, l1kCS Enghsh and squash And he often lets out a fervent By Gosh ' MISS Robertson from Corpus 1S next ln the row By heart she knows V1rg1l and old CICCTO MISS Dan1el the French teache1 IS tall and a blond Of black eyes and w1en1es I hear she 15 fond Then M1ss HUICDISOH teaches Lat1n and H1story, Where she gets her d1amonds 1S an unsolved mystery Mlsses FHTTIS and Harkrrder teach D S The1r favor1te poem 1S thlS they confess Men can l1VC w1thout art they can llve w1th out books But C1Vll1Z8d men cannot IIVC w1thout cooks Our tall M1ss Sm1th wearmg the T Has been an athlete 1n college you readlly can see The teach1ng of Spanlsh 1S rlght 1n her l1ne, In G1rls Reserve and tennls shes proved to be ne Mr McCarter 1n CIVICS we conslder qu1te sllck When he pomts out a student and says you tell me qulck Last but not least Mr Shotwell our Coach As a leader of boys he 15 w1thout reproach He bel1eves 1n sportsmanshlp and PFBCIICSS falr P ay And l1ves h1s motto Be square all the wav There are two falmost the Faculty? that I htve not ment1oned yet But they deserve pra1se and mentlon you bet? Hendrrcks who dearly loves to sweep, And Mrs Power wlco cooks a heap And now dear Faculty you have passed ln re VICW I hope you have llked all my comments on you But 1n case you are offended and go up ID the a1r Just please remember th1s I dont glVC a care 1922 i i . t, V 1 5 ' 7 , . . . . . A 5 ' 7 ' 9 9 . . . . . N . ,, 7 ' u ' 44 ' ' . . . . a s 1 S 59, . . . 1 , n 7 . , . . . . . ' ' 7 7 EA H ' 9 . .t H 7 7 ' , . , a - - an ' 19 1 t . 2 . ' ' ' 7 . 7 ' v 0 ' ' ' AA 77 ' .' . . v - v 66 77 1 . . ' 1 , , , . . . . . . , ' - 1 . , , 1 1 H .1 M - . - 7 , . . y . . . I I 44 '7 ' ' . . . . , 9 I Theres Mr. Brooks whom the stork fav- H ' ' 5 ' ' . 9 , v , . . . . . ,, 7 . . - - - sa so 9 - - an as .' . a , ' . , . , . . ,, . 5, fi . : . .. . . 4, . ,, 7 l Q ' L6 '99 Q 64 l ' ' 99 . . . , . u n 1 1 . 7 ' 7 7 . 1 . y , . . 7 an as 1 V , ' ' , 44 -41 9 ' - . ' J' ' 2 , . 7 7 . v 1 , , . 7 ' ' ' I A s , . 7 9 9 7 ' 7 , ' ' 9 9 . , 7 . ' , , 4. . , . h . . , I H n 1 ' . 7 ' I n B I f Q 4 1 ' Q 1 4 1 f ' 1 1-'rwr X THE ----'-'-" ' FLASHLIGHT W' ' 'M' SEN! RS X 1 2 ,K W X f QQ? .24 ,J ' . X XXX 'X X , 1 ? E-bmi 'A JL QXX fl I XX'- K f Wx, f 1 f Q + 4 If bf , I X Q 1 X X Y f y , ,f I 1 ' X ,f V ,ff . 4 ' gg- K X XX s XX? . f"-S xv x Q N n ,1.: ,. N W ,lg XF ,,.. - -- .. .W 'f f -XT...-' v-- X X ' Senior 0112155 Gaftirrra FRANKLIN HAYNES Presrdent AUBREY BROOKS VICC Presldent BERTHA SIDES Secretary LoIs SHACKLEFORD Treasurer ELIZABETH HANNA Flashllght Representatlve MARIE JOHNSON Class Prophet Lois SHACKELFORD Class Poet Miss CHRISTOPHER Sponsor MOTTO We Hall nd a path or make one COLORS Lavender and Purple FLOWER Sweet Pea UNACQUAINTED WITH MISS DIGNITY People usually expect the WISE Mr Senlor to take prlm MISS Dlgnlty for hIs ever present companlon but for once he has surprlsed them Her calm reserved manner has no attract1on for hIm now and she has left broken hearted but wIth a hlgh head Perhaps the smothered spark In hIs heart wIll ICVIVC and burn agaln for her next year, but no sooner Slnce the departure of MISS Dlgnlty who had such a strong Influence Over Mr Senlor he has thrown aslde many dlsagreeable tralts of h1S character Wh1Ch In former days caused tlmld Mr Freshman to regard hlm as the undlsputed ruler of the less learned members of A H S and to run at the sound of hIs gruff command Ing VOICC But those days are gore and though Mr Senlor makes Mr Freshman feel and recognlze hIs superlor knowledge they get along falrly well and are seen together very Often ln thls year of 22 Mr Senlor IS provmg to A H S and IIS members what a dellghtful person he can be He wears a broad opt1mIstIc smIle and never gets worrled or dlscouraged He IS full of fun and good wIll and wIns the confidence and admIratIon of all who come In contact wlth h1m Of coIIrse he 15 a b1t hard to get acquaInted Wlth, but then you cant blame hIm so much for that, because he 15 a busy man, Wlth many thIngs to occupy hIs mlnd and tIme, and, too, he has a host of frIends wIthOut any effort on h1S part to make new Ones Thls fault Of hIs IS not Intentlonal and not because he doesn,t want more frIends added to h1S long lIst, for If a stranger stays around hIm long enough, Mr Senlor wlll fmally break h1S blg clrcle of frIends and welcome hlm IH 20 - - Y Yi... U -4.....-.-......----- EUGENE COOK .........,.............................,I................,..........,...,.,.......,..,.... Sergeant-at-Arms Tac rj -- fl: 99 if -x- -we -x- ' Q 9 1 ' - a . 9 a ' ' a , . 7 7 " . . L ., .lf , ' . 7 , . . 7 . l 7 . . . . , . . . . I ' 1 . . . U . . ' 3 . . 3 5iQ s he C-:Ye Y' Y A -7' fwr THE FLASH LIGHT Svrnrurz nf 22 Hail to the Seniors oj the year 227 They re nearin the harbor ull ast They ve plowed the waters o school days through And are reaching the port o Graduation at last They ve ridden the waves o English al d History Psychology Math and Science too They have conquered each obstacle solved every mystery And have proved themselves true blue They ve ound some joy in every day That has gone swiftly by They ve learned both to work and play Yes the Seniors have sailed the old ocean well They ve guided the ship safe to port The shore is coming they hear the bell That puts an end to their trials and sport But before they leave the grand old bark That has borne them through calm and storm Let s pray that a light may shine through the dark And keep them o the shoals o Harm Soon the Seniors will sail on the waters o Time Each in his own li e boat For some the weather will be always On the waves o Fame some will loat Yet some may never be rich or great But we hope the best or each And we pray that the winds of Cloorn and Hate May never their white sails reach So hail to the dear old Seniors 0 good old Abilene High To the Juniors Sophs and F reshies too The Seniors of by and by MAE HOLT oiau- :o1uaip1u-gp.-1.101 ' G -11:31-qi I I lt I . 1 t , , ' 3 T I f f 5 . f '. C f I 1 s . H 3, f 1 V .. T . , Q , , , 5 , f ' . . . In their years in Abilene High. U 1 I If f ' -T f . o .V . f f - I ,f - . It . . . T wx . f ' CC K J 95 ' , GC ' 5, Y ' 1922 MARIE JOHNSON Maries kten "come backi' has proved her to be worthy of a place in Business English class. See Franklin if you doubt me. 'LA crown of yellow wavy hair, And eyes of tender blue, Yet the darkest shadows chase away, RUTH FRY Ruth is as full of mischief as the sky is full of stars. She is a brilliant student, a gifted musician, and an accomplished flirt lreferences furnishedl- 'Like Minorvrfs is her wisdom, Like Apollois is her smile, Yet she is in the Bible, When Marie smiles up at you." 11s a maiden without guilef, GRAY BROWNE There is much discussion as to whether Cray is bashful, or just modest, but whichever he is, he is a fine Business Manager. He contradicts the theory that hopposites attract," for his taste in girls semms to he blonde ones Qbrunettes, please weepl. HHe was blue-eyed, he was bonnyg He was buoyant, he was sunnyf, EDGAR GOODNIGHT g'Goody" keeps himself busy trying to get out of handing in themes or managing for an excuse from detention. He did not run for class beauty, but if he had, we would have given it to him, for he can have anything he wants from the Senior Class. JOE HAZEL MCBRIDE Take a goodsmixing howl into which put two cups of common sense, one cup of fun, and four eggs of imagination, sift in and mix well three cups of freckles. Flavor all this with a teaspoonful of ser- iousness, and behold! you have Joe Hazel. l l THELMA MILBURN Thelma is a girl whom we may charac- terize as an all-around good sport, with lots of masculine hearts to her credit. With this title, it is needless to say she has lots of friends and good times. BENNIE MILBURN Bennie may be small, but someone told us that she is a dandy boss. We wonder whether her ability at drawing will be turned into designing, or drawing checks on Fred. Bennie is a good sport, a won- derful dancer, and a beautiful girl. Here's to her success. EUGENE COOK Eugene is our mighty Sergeant-at-Arms whose august and severe Visage causes all Seniors to utoe the mark." "Our dear little Senior, Eugene Cookg At the girls he is seldom seen to look, But once from behind his book I'm told a glance at L1 girl he took." LUZELLE MITCHELL Though her stay with us has been brief, Luzelle has won many many friends. We girls can't blame the boys, for she is a beautiful and winsome girl. We do not pity 6'Turkey" for being so faithful, for we, too, are worshippers at her shrine. FRED HOSKINS Fred is a side show when you get him started. He may be foolish at times, but some one fwe ainit a-saying whoi said that his heart was on the right side. Fred intends to be a coach just like Mr. Shot- well. Watch him practice or. the Gram- mar School boys. J. W. MAGGART 4'Wop" is the famous football center whom the girls have vainly tried to charm, but he casts impartial smiles upon all of them. One might think him fickle, but on account of his splendid work as Sec- retary of athletics, we can hardly think him so frivolous. FRANKLIN HAYNES Franklin is a combination of friendli- ness and mischief. He is a comedy in spite of himself. 'alllozv liereis to old Franklin Haynes, our class president, With his bright red sweater and devilish gring The rnost sturlious person that God ever SCrlt To hinder his fellow men ' GERTIE BLAIR Attention, here comes our ray of sun- shine! Gertie and her curls now appear! Oh, how the girls all envy her. When she is a person's friend, you may know that she is a true friend. Ask her what letter in the alphabet she likes best and she will invariably answer, HE." SU SIE MOORE She'd make a lovely old maid fthe mod- ern type with a business air and a dignie fied bearingl- It will be a misfit if she is not a Miss always. Maybe she'll be an Mold maid," Maybe she'll notg But whatever sheill be, I'm sure, 'Twill be the "top of the pot." -24- FRANCIS DAVIS Francis leaves the negro preacher in the shade when she is called on to save the Sc-3nior's reputation. When Miss Clack says, l'Francis, have you studied your Eng- lish lesson?,' she replies with her favorite expression, "I can not tell a lie." "An honest two! rnarfs the noblest work of God." ROSAMOND WHITE "A girl whose eyes are always laughing, A girl whose tresses always curlf, To look at Rosamond's sweet girlish face and ever laughing eyes, one would never guess how accurate her brain is or how she shines out in all her classes. ELIZABETH HANNA Sometimes there is just a flash of some- thing so quaint about Elizabeth that we know she would make just as good a vamp as she is a student-if she only dared. QA little learning is a dangerous thing," So Elizabeth "drinks fleepv at her "Pier- D. W. WRISTEN Dear worthy brother-that's his real name. He sits back in that complacent manner and smiles upon the frivolities of the world. Some one has called him the ideal boy-judge for yourself. ian spring." OSWALD BABB 4'0zzie" writes funny little verses about Ford cars and fair maidens. His latest attempt in literature is the solution of the immigration problem, and his wise schemes are characteristic of a second Herod. His avocation is dancing. SALLIE MARSHALL GARRISON 'isallie Marshall has left, why we know not, But sheis greatly missed by the Senior lot. Wherever she may happen to hurry or dally, We hope no one will forget and call her just-Sallie. ALENE BREWER Alene is not boisterous, yet she is not NOVA BROWN "Modest and shy as a nun is shefl With Sl1Y3.Sh9 is fmt dl5!USlinglY EHSUEJYYQM Yet those soft brown eyes and gentle ways she is anything but hateful. Qhe can Win the heart of any man "Quiet, untusuming, and sweet A pleasant girl for one to meet, Whose nature is very cheerful and sunny, She finds life amusing, if not quite funnyf, ROSS DAWKINS Ross spent the first three years of high school in the wayside inn of Baird. Al- though he is one of the youngest members of the class fdon't accuse him of being fourteenl, his brilliant mind can always solve the hardest problems the facultv can devise. ' MORGAN MARTIN Morgan has two qualities that insure his success in whatever he undertakes- ability to persevere and capacity for hard work. He studies much, behaves well in Study Hall, but gets in detention once in a while just to show that he is made of mortal clay like the rest of us. EDITH FARR Edith is of such a modest nature that she is known to few of the Seniors. That she is loved and admired by these few, however, speaks well for her. lf she does not teach, she will 'alive in a house beside the road and be the friend of manf, MEDIA HARRIS Media has not been here long, but has practised the old proverb of "making hay while the sun shiuesf' and she is now reap- ing a harvest of good grades and good friends as a result. Her sunny disposi- tion has won the hearts of both teachers and classmates. EVA MAE READER Eva Mae Will creditably fill the role of model wife in somebodyis model home by applying the principles she has learned in Domestic Science. She has won a place in the heart of everyone who has the good fortune to know her. ALPIN DODSON Some boys go through life without an ambition, but not so with Alpin. He makes HA" grades in High School and besides has plenty of time for fun both in school and out. I forgot to tell you that he doesn't aspire t intends to be a some day. HOUSTON SELF Houston came from the far south and found Abilene, interesting and attractive- He has not told us what profession he should like to follow. Here's luck to him. o be a poet, but He will show you ROBBIE KELLY Robbie is a student to be depended on at all times for everything. She is stud- ious and faithful in her work. That she is not all seriousness, however, certain young men of Hamby can testify. DOROTHY WRIGHT Dorothy is very apt in making her grades reach the A mark and letting peo- ple know that i'Gray" is her favorite color. She finishes Expression this year as well as High Schoolg therefore we predict hers to he a brilliant future. LUCILE WINSHIP "The role of Goddess of Liberty befitted her wcllf' Though a goddess, Lucile has won the friendship of more of us mortals than she can count- We think her far more beauti- ful than the famous Venus, more clever than the ensnaring Juno. The Romans WAUNITA ROBINSON might envy us our goddess, but we wouldn't give her up for gold. LAWRENCE WRIGHT Lawrence is a typical son of the Gold- en West. The themes born in his bril- liant mind have made for him many good grades in English. He is a good athlete and his style of oratory makes him a de- light to the Public Speaking class. PRENTISS MAYFIELD We are all proud to have '4lVIonsieur" Mayfield as a member of our class. His favorite word is "By George." I guess it helps him to get good grades on his re- port card. Prentiss will probably develop into an explorer: he has such a tendency to look into everything. Waunita has made many friends by her happy smile. She is very fond of read- ing poetry and washing dishes. We do not know whether she will teach English or work in a chop suey joint. MSkinnie" is gifted with wonderful power to inter- pret music. FLOYD MACKEY Floyd, our famous cartoonist, decided he could spend his time to more advant- age somewhere elseg so he "up and left us." STEWART NOLAND g'Pek" is as silent as the Egyptian Sphynx. lt has been rumored that he has the big head, but those who know him know that this is not true. He believes in deeds and not in words as shown by his record in athletics. "True worth is in being, not seeming? MARGARET WATTS We would give '4Tootsie,' another name. lt would begin with "P-" Why? Be- cause she was manager of the '6Army,' in the fall and manager of the MNationals,, in the spring. Popularity is thc word. JOHNNIE OSBORNE Johnnie is a born mathematician and leaves us all in the shade when she begins on her "angle O equals 2 rt. angles." She leaves behind the memory of a good friend as well as a good student. CECIL BOLES MTenflat" came from Gordon to Abilene to finish his high school life. He is a splendid athlete, as his nick-name implies. He is ambitious to care for some of the nationis forest reserves. There will be no need for worry about the preservation of our forests when Cecil is on the job. MAE HOLT Mae has a tongue with a kick as strong as home brew and a mind of an extremely original turn. With her brown eyes she could draw 4'iron tears down Pluto's cheek," if she dared to, but Mae does not delight in "sobstuff." She has brains and a wealth of wit, She is bright and clever but not eoneeited BEATRICE DODSON Beatrice is the envy of us all. She makes grades that would make Socrates sit up and take notice. She is a born musician, playing anything from Chop- stioksi' to "Sonata in Cf, She has a beautiful voice that will probably charm large audiences some day. ri bit? CLAUDE GENTRY One of the squarest boys in High School -liked and admired by the boys, loved and adored by the girls. Of this splendid football, basketball, baseball star, let us say: "Darin is husky, good-natured, a crack ath- lete, He wears Hspeelrsi' on his nose, and num- ber 10,5 on his feet. HELEN STRIBLINC When strangers see Helen, they im- mediately ask, 'SHOW in the world does she fix her Helen, and as she does Helen's Helerfs hair that way?" That's just she does everything up just her hair-in tiptop fashion. meek, Helerfs sweet, modest and discreet." CLYDE PRATT The "clever blufferf' although a new fellow among us, has made a name for himself in athletics as well as in English. The service that he has rendered A. H. S. on the field will never he forgotten. LOLABEL MOORE To know Lolabel is to discover that she has a heart of gold-a heart which, alas, is all tied up in certain Simmons Fresh- men. Lolabel has dimples that Juno might envy. She is really talented, and we hope that when she becomes famous she will not forget poor us. THELMA MCPHERSON Thelma may seem quiet, but to those that know her well she is full of mischief and fun. Simmons held more attractions for her than High School, it seems, for she dared even to leave Lolabel for college life. WILL RINEY Will has sung in the Sans Souci, has played football, basketball, baseball, has kept the children for his mother, has served in the '4pen,', and has even had a date. We think that he is to hold two positions in life: General Manager in the Riney Construction Company and Assist- ant Manager of the Riney Family. HASSIE WHITLEY She walks about as if sheis on tip toes, She never speaks until sheis sure she knows. Her gentle voice is like the summer breeze, Her dark brown eyes find it easy to please. Hassie has the distinction of going through High School without getting a demerit. -31 .IEP COLLINS Jep came to us from Louisiana. He shows this by 'hswampingw it over his classmates. Jep has not only shown his ability as a debater, yell leader, proficient public speaker, and ladies' man, but he also promises to develop into a renowned physician and pill specialist. BEATRICE SCOTT Cute little bobbed-headed 4'Bee." She has the reputation of being the fastest girl in A -H. S.-at chewing gum. Beat- rice is not sure about her future yet!-she can't decided whether to be chief cook and bottle washer for some unworthy man or to be milliner at Canyon. ELGIE ROBBINS The bane of Elgieis existence is Span- ish. lf it were not for that, she would be perfectly happy. She has made an enviable recordAno demerits for three years. "A maiden, fair without pretensef' JOEL HOLMES ,loel is one of those quiet fellows who never talks much unless he has something really worth saying fwe know that some- one is hoping he will find a proposal worth whilel. In a few years hence we expect to find, in the Art Gallery of Fam- ous Men, the likeness of one, Joel Holmes. BYRON WILSON Byron has unsuccessfully objected to every law that has been proposed by the Students' Association, but he is always successful selling tickets for the games. Nobody is more loyal to the colors than he. We look for Byron to become a suc- cessful politician because he is so gifted in the art of disputation- LOIS PHELPS Lois looks so becoming in a Dodge road- sttr surrounded by a group of High School Mkidsf, She might do for an ad- vertisement as to the merits of the Dodge Brothers' motor car. Willowy, slender, Lois is thatg Envied by many a girl who Ls fat. RALPH ANTILLEY Ralph is one member of our dignified Senior class who was never seen in the a'Evil Doer's Councilv- or detention. He is almost as grsiat a l'math" shark as Mr. Peek. His deep mind has helped him to secure credits in many very diHicult Sen- ior subjects. THEO AXE ' 'lGive 'em the axe, the axe, the axe"- shades of football! that's what we did when we got in a tight. Famous is our Axe for his red hair, his good humor and his splendid athletic record. BERTHA SIDES Oran has truthfully called Bertha a Uspoiled child." She is the cutest and the most lovable one we ever knew- "Bern has a way of trying to act artless, but her intriguing brown eyes always play the mis- chief and show her as she is, a descendant of Eve. , ROSIE BELLE SHONE Rosie Belle, our dandy sport, reminds us of Coach in that she gets boiling hot at the sight of dishonesty and unfairness in athletics. She is true to her name. She Hshonev at Merkelg she "shone" at Clyde, and she 'gshonen like a morning star at the county meet. HELEN E KEAN Helene possesses the finest of all trails fcongeniality. She is cheerful and con- tented, and lends a hand to a needy fellow- student. We might decide that she intends to be a "schoolmarm," as she's taking School Management. You've found a girl, Helene Kean, Like whom there is no other, I ween. HELEN HAMILTON Helen is full of "pep,', yet she takes life seriously and will probably be a mis- She had Y sionary to some heathen land. rather talk than do anything else, unless it is to drive by the fire station or to an- swer "Present" when the roll is called at the latest fire. RUTH HARBER "She is a wirwome wee thing." Ruth wins one by her quiet, modest charm and unassuming ways. If you want any help in any activity, call for Ruth and in her own way she does it, leaving us to wonder how and when she did it. CLARIBEL HULSEY Claribel, another one of our curly-haired members, is a good sport. She is famous for her giggle. Her interests are varied, ranging from writing love letters to em- broidering in chapel. Sometimes she turns her attention to more serious subjects, and, as a side line, does a little cooking. FRED STIRMAN Poor blushing Fred! They say that in Public Speaking his first speech was worth going miles to 'gseef' But Fred can write 'ablood and thunder" stories that would make Two-Gun lke's hair stand on end. He will make a very obedient, hen-peeked husband to the first girl who proposes. BENJY WILTSHIRE A ugay young L0thario"-that's Benjy, our quixotic senior. The girls admire him and bid to wear his Senior ring. l CARL HEROD UA gentleman of the old school and the race is dying uutf, Carl is a good orator in Public Speak- ing and is forever studying Spanish. He is certainly destined to be a great high school principal like our own L. E. D. LESTER HUMPHREY Cone hut not forgotten. He made a record in General Science, and was an ac- tive memher in many detention camps. We hope to see him another day. MILDRED CLARK Whether Mildred has been preparing to teach many or one, we do not know, but we do say shz- will make a success of what- ever she does. "Slick of ll class whose numbers are fezr, llergs is a nature, coristarzgsieafly and lruvfl FLORENCE AUS'l'lN We are sorry that circumstances were such that Florence could not stay with us long enough to get that other half credit. She was a lovely girl, and we have missed her. -35 ISABELLE PEARCE Sometimes she is called Isabelle, some- times 'aPat." She is as artful and beguil- ing as any Parisienne- lf you have the blues, just happen around and she'll cheer you up, "Her ways are dear and winning, Her heart is light and free, SllP7S very good in Classes, As good as she can bef, OUIDA CLEMONS Ouida is a wee little girl with brown curls whom we will remember long after High School days are only memories. She had a smile and good word for everyone and inspired us always to do and be our best. How could we have done without her? .UMT1 STINSON The prophecy said that Jimti would be an old maid, but methinks she is much too fond of thc letters of the alphabet, namely, H and V, to have fate trick us thus. MSo sweet and quaint just like her name, A Hz mistress for somebodyis Shameif' FLORA NICNIECE Flora has a quaint, charming face that is often lighted by a rare smile. Perhaps it is this smile that has won the hearts of certain members of the opposite sex. Flora left us at midterm. How fortunate to get a vacation four months ahead of llIl1C. JOHN RYXN Were not Pope, Hugo, Clay, and Loyd George, little men? Shall not John be great in either the literary or political world despite his diminutive size? When he's very wise and great by and by, It will be proved that he was in Abilene High. ALVIN JILFFERIES Alvin is one of the most admirable boys in High School, Many a girl has been casting longing glances at him, but he seems uninterested. He proved himself a good sport by winking at Bertha the other day. We predict he will rise to dis- tinction as an efficient heart doctor. TIM TURNER Tim, with his pink cheeks and pleasant disposition, has become a fisherman of rcpute in A. H. S. As Tim expresses it, he has set his fish-hook for exemption and expects to catch a pass, provided his weight of six subjects does not prove too great a sinker. CHARLES SHELTON A hoy who didn't win the loving cup, but who carried away with him the love and admiration of all his friends. We admire him for his integrity, his honor, and his genial good humor. If there are any more like l1im at Rule, we hope that they will come here also. BESSIE FREE t'Significance," more commonly known in civilized circles as Bessie, is a dandy. She can eat and talk as much as any girl in the class. Although Miss Davis keeps her rather busy in History, she still finds time to have fun- Picture her five years from now as she sits enthroned as a pri- vate secretary in the Covernofs office. FHILLMA HARRISON Unlike most present-day girls she has neithtr bobbed hair nor 'Ldog earsf, but, like Eve, she needs no "fixins" to aid her beauty. Thelma's voice is the kind that makes announcements concerning Girls' Basket Ball in chapel. Dame Rumor says: 'SA member of the opposite sex, looking for a wife, Thinks Thelma the one to travel with through lifef, FAITH RANEY Faith came from Santa Anna, but left her l1eart's desire behind. The joy of her school days was receiving letters from this 'ldesiref' What would the C. A- Gfs have done without Faith? "Sad faces lengthen the dreary wayg One sunny smile makes many gayf, CARROLL ROGERS Carroll is the efficient president of the school bank. lie also shows ability in de- hating, athletics, and literary work. The admiring glances that the Senior girls cast his way are without effect hevause there is only one girl for him and-alas! she is not even a Freshman. WILSON MITCHELL When our esteemed Carlyle interpreter slipped away from the oily metropolis, Eastland. we wished that he had joined us sooner so that we could have had advant- age of his ability. Wilsons greatest ambi- tion is to he the architect for the fifty- story huilding which Rogers' Wholesale Grocery is to occupy, in 1932. LOTA CLYDE H EAD A quaint, lovely cameo is our Lota Clyde Head. Shu makes A-plus in everything, but still she is unspoiled. She is friendly. modest and dependable-in every way, a girl to he admired. "Her eyes were lenclffr, and big, and hrozrn, flml her jorrlzeznl neier rms r:rz'11se'd urith zz frown." LOIS SHACKELFORD There is something ahout Lois that is refreshing as sunshine after a storm. Lois can do anything from earning tt-n demerits to heing a 100 per cent hahy girl. She is in School Management, but is as yet. unde- cided whether she will teach school at Tye or marry a movie actor. PATTY BASS '3Shv pretvnrls shes timid, She ,1Il'l'fl'IIv.'S she's shy, Yet nziscliicf ulzvays lurks in her eye? Patty ought to run for some secretarial office in the Presidents cabinet. She is fully qualified, having been secretary to almost every organization in the Senior Class. She is a combination of jollity and st riousness. TRUMAN REEVES Truman came here from Ft- Stockton. Although in school he is quiet and stud- ious, he is always ready for fun everywhere- else. His ambition must be to be a trigo- nometry teacher. The girls say he DOES drive a car. Z PETE OLDS The success of this annual is largely due to old Hlfver-Ready's,' efforts. We regret that Pete, who for three years has held the championship for the most kinky-head- ed, has at last been forced to yield his laurels to a Freshman. Pete is hearty and full of fun, But he's a boy who gets things done. WARRAINE HILL Warraine can dance, yes, but when years have passed, and the picture of younger days flash across our minds, we will see her, not as the young lady gliding over the smooth floor of the ball room, but as the 'Speppyv little High School girl whose ability was unexcelled at chasing 'iSkeet- ersw out in Western Texas, and wearing '6Queen of Shebau earrings. There is something about Naomi-per- haps it is her rare smileg perhaps it is her wistful brown eyes-that draws one to her. "Charming and clever, a poetess toog One seems to think that something worthy she'll' do." -39- NAOMI HATTON LULA MAE GRIER She'd have made a good looking boy, and if she weren't a girl, she would have had an illustrous football career- As it is she has to be satisfied with being a fast forward in basketball. ORAN SHACKELFORD soft, laughing brown eyes win Those for Oran the hearts of fellow students and teachers alike. He is an actor indeed. Witness: the way in which he impersonated the silly, frivolous girl in Public Speaking Class. PAT MURPHY Pat is our dwarfed Daniel O'Connell. He may rule in Congress, but we know who is going to rule at home. Pa.t's an Irishman, black-haired and green- eyed, In football he's a wonder, And I arn sure he has no little skill In some other things, by thunder! AUBRA WITT Aubra is a bright and shining light in the old class of ,22. She is one of our members who is intellectual enough to fin- ish in three years. But study is not all that Aubra does, for when there is any fun on foot she comes in for her share. What should we do without her? AUBREY BROOKS We all agree that "Cotchie" is some guy. He is listed in most of the girls' diaries as a brave, romantic knight. We do not believe he will ever get to the South Sea Islands as a missionary but if he does -oh boy, won't he tame those South Sea Island maids! -40- MISS CHRISTOPHER Miss Christopher is the Seniors' guide In everything they do, Her fame is spread both far and wide, And her hairis a reddish hue. A'1"7"7"'f -.........-.........- v ...- ...- .. ..... J N! 2522? gf Q1 f W, 0151 3 Q' g 1922 - 0 ' 1 if f X I - ' A ' f qw" B 4 ' lx 'll 3 I I k- I 1 E r f ' , "-3 ' ' X heir! ,I Q ' ' ' 5 ': SN A .OD 7 Y, v 1 4- I g I ' Q- -gg ,br A ' I . 'A :. i XXX 1 .....i -A f' M Q - 4 N I V V V V77 Y an-1:1 1.1.----.1 Q .9 0 I 1 .,..,..,.... ....,....., . .. COLOR-Cold and While. 7 . f , ' f , . . . . 7 ' 7 Q ' a -J: . . . . . , 9 7 . , . 9 ' 5 k 9 9 - - s 7 7 ' ' 66 . l , 0 7 5 . A 7 3 7 . . , -- - L A a 1 9 2 2 rQ"f'7" , FlASl'lHIlEIGHT Mm- - -W-' Jlumnr Qilzmz Qbiiirrra EARL GUITAR .,.,.... President RAYMOND AcToN ,....4 Vice-President LUCILIE HosK1Ns ,...,........... Secretary-Treasurer DoRoT1Y ANFERSON ..... 'F lashlight Representative FJ OWER Dazsy. Uhr ilhval 3lunmr There s so much good in some 0 us And so much bad Ln most 0 us That lt takes all 0 us To make the zdeal 0 us. Cant you just see the ideal Junior girl with Don Zula Yageris hair, Elizabeth Bazer s eyes Ernestlne Jones eyebrow Lucille Hoskins' complexion, Clifford Frye's lips a voice like Myrth W1ll13mS and a laugh like Francis Blaine,s? Then add to all those vlrtues Dorothy Barnes Winsome manner, Maudie Phelanls disposition ance Lela Dalton s studiousness Faye Cralgs spunk, and Opal Johnson's thought- fulness In addition to these she would be as peppyv as Mildred Linkenhoger, as Jolly as Mary Galbraith as capable as Mildred Wiggins, as poetical as Ruby Hatton as oratorical as Clara Mae Couch and nearly as foolish as Anne Mathews. Now think of the ideal Junior boy as one who is as clever as James Knott, as witty as De Forrest Grahame as capable a Roy Ward, as jolly as Merle Dudley as bashful as David Guin as athletlc as Earl Guitar, W. J. Hembree, Jack Wright and Ottls Moore, he has George Leach s nerve, J. W. Wooten's laugh, Bob Estes courage, Lockett Shelton's Vocabulary, Richard Hollingsworth's genius. Then think of his being as handsome as Douglas McCauley, as energetic as Robert Hoppe, as polite as William Gavin, as good natured as Raymond Acton, and as mischievous as Ike Sellers Now wouldnit a Junior with all these characteristics truly be an ideal Junior? -4 f , f , Magna Holland s style Addie Lou Parkers modesty, Gladys Tranthamis perseveri 2 ' FLAST-iHIFIGHT ""' Uhr .Uunimf ihintnrg in Heres Listen my children and you shall hear The wonder ul tale of the funior career, The funior class 0 twenty-two, And all of the things we've tried to do. Long long ago in the year nineteen-twenty, We Fish stood round in numbers a plenty. Perchance we werent wise that rst long term But our later actions our knowledge con rmed. Consider the Fascinating Fanny Brownu With which we launched that unction hearty Known to all High School as the Freshman party. In our second year with superior learning, We scorned the Freshman, their aults discerning. We won second place in the class track meet And the second point winner was our own athlete. But this our Junior year, is indeed the very best To our way o thinking, no class has hal our zest. In season ticket selling, the Juniors beat them all Our own representative was allowed to kick the ball. On Saturday April teenth, nineteen twenty-two The Goodfellowshipu sailed out with a funior-Senior crew. On this event ul evening, when we put out to sea The Seniors parting tribute was that amous golden key. And with this key o knowledge, we'll unlock that mystic door. And we ll cross its open portals, as all Seniors have be ore. Be this our lofty purpose-our class the very best The Senior class o twenty-three-the class or any test. -DOROTHY ANDERSON -43.. - 1922 ini..-a ,Q U ' :no 2 f f 9 46 , li And the hundred ninety dollars she brought from town, f , f f f CC , 9 f f , f f f f 1 Worley Bradley Dillingham Manly McCauley Hart Freeman Holland Clack Briggs Shelton Leach Beam Carpenter Duke Dudley Clark Martin Hollingsworth Woods Nelson Crayton J ohnson Hatton Minter -44- Yager Acton Craig Hodges Hoppe Trantham Linkenhoger Boles Sumrall Hale Lifland Oliver Wiggins Couch Ward Hoskins Blain Dryden Parker Barnes Matthews Rencher Galbraith Anderson Phillips -45-- -4.6. 1'r"r"- THE ""' FLASHLIGHT """"' SUPHOMORE E? 52 RX W f ff f X V X 1922 l'Ef'l"f'-in FLASIIHIFIGHT Snphnmnrr QI91'tirrrE FIRST TERM IKE SELLERS WAYNE DUDLEY EARNESTINE JONES HELEN PAXTON SECOND TERM WAYNE DUDLEY I Uc1LLE COURTNEY HELEN PAXTON Presrdent Vxce Presldent Secretary Fla hlxght Edltor Presldent Secretary Flashllght Edltor Sophomore S IS for study wh1ch we must alway lo or orlgmal we thlnk we are too or punctual wh1ch we w1ll always he hurry wh1ch we do wlth glee or order 1n wh1ch we must always stay M or mlght by thls we ll wm the ay or old from thls we are qurte far ready wh1ch we aways are for eatlng wherem we all shlne for Sophomores who w1n every t1me' THE SOPHOMORES DO THE REST The ,lunlors always begln lt And the Senlors do thelr best But when there s anythlng to he done The Sophomores do the ret The Junrors had a beauty The Senlors thought they had the s But when the votes came 1n The Sophomores dld the rest If there are tlckets to be sold And some one CFICQ, These tlckets ar pest' Helen gets up and announces That the Sophomores Wlll sell the rest Q. As long as there 1S eompetrtlon, I And the classes are put to the test, . You may always he assured, That the Sophomores wlll do the rest. ' -48 ini 10-nninialp-gn..-.1 U L! gp.-p...,..,, JOE BUSH .,..-,,.,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,I,,,,,,,,,,..,,,.....,........ V ice-President U , ' Q ' sc , O is f ' ' 4 ' - P is f , ' ' , H is for , ' ' 9 0 is f , ' ' , isf ' , ' ' ' d , ' O is f , ' ' , R is for , ' , E is ' , ' ' 3 S is , ' ' . Q . . . , Q 7 ' 3 X' 5 1 s . Q It ' T ' , lze t, A , ' ' A - M as ,U - C a .vs ... 1922 . Hoy Preston Logsdon Haney Tate Motley Mitchell Parsons Brashear McBride Cantrell Hamilton White Barber Jones Slaughter Smith Williams Paxton Brown Joiner Price Scott Ross Kelso Lewis Hodges Barley Bazer Miller Phelan Williams Travis Frye Smith Young Freeman Jones Hodges Dalton Hale fl21VlIl Sellers Hancock Day Humphrey Lushy Myatt Shallan Matthews -50- Finberg Gorman Hopkins Bradshaw Whitesides Roberts Jones Criffis Moss Robbins Markham Davis Hoghland Powers Bush Crowley Vaughn Jennings Cooper Davis Dudley Dannei Martin Lane Matthews E51- , I C I l I T J Q I 'A C I I I C I I I I l ! Q A ! ,.,,, -52- iiQ Q 5, Cv! 1 Q51 Q 1 Q Q A A s s Q in.-A 3 " 0' o r Q A-fi ' ' D 0 Q A .-....1-.1....- U FLAST-IHEIGHT FRE XNEN . X K. fx R fx NV if ff- """':'f:' .Q5 Zzxkib 's -s "'x -Q ,-LT I-X K- fix X X f X fff - A V75 K fgi- XA KX KN I v f ,T T x 24 f--"" .?X iX N 7 1922 A'-t"T'7""' - g is :.- -.................- Zlimihmau flbiiirera W. J. CUNNINGHAM ...,...,....................v.............................. ...,..... P resldent BERNIE BLAIN ........... .....................,.............................,.... ......... S ec retary EMPRESS YOUNG ,,,,, ,,7,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,.............,,. Flashlight Representative E112 iHm1hman'5 Ernuhlra The Sentors thtnk they have hard ttmes Wtth teachers, lessons, and such, But t they were Freshmen or just one day They wouldnt mtnd thetr hard ttmes much For the Freshman must always be worktng To keep up wtth has class And L has work LS not the best 0 course he will not pass The teachers all ptck on the Freshman Because they thtnk Lt n To make the Freshman study hard And keep htm on the run So just be glad you re a Sentor, And dont be grumbltng so much Because you have a ew hard ttmes Wzth teachers and lessons and such DOROTHY BOND 26 A F RESHMANS DREAM It was the ninth and last period of the day when a weary Freshman sat dreaming H dreamed as many Freshmen do of graduating from Hlgh School He dreamed of having gone through the four classes of High School and that nlght he was going to the commencement exer cises to get his diploma going to the Commencement exercises dressed ln a new su1t of clothes bought especially for the occasion and with hlm was the prettiest girl of the Senior class she too was dressed 1n her graduating costume They arrived at the church where the exercises were to be held and had marched in and were seated with the rest of the class They llstened to the speeches that were being made and it was about time for the diplomas to be handed out when our hero felt a sharp punch in the side He looked down but there was nothing punching h1m The punching grew more often and became more painful Oh' would It never stop? What could it be? lt had now grown to be unbearable Oh' what s that? Whats that you say? Lets get to studying replied Mr Peek punching the Freshman again wlth his pencil BUFORD FREE .54,.. 1922 9 f L f ' 7 , . . . 7 . l , fu H ' ' 7 . , . 9 ' I 7 f , ... , 7 ' 9 . . . ' e The Freshmanfwas hit by a flying paper wad, but he continued his dreaming. He dreamed of 4 . . . . , 6 5 ' ,59 . ' ' ' 7 ' 1 , I . 4 . - ' . . Q A Q Q 7 V A Y Mingus Handy Dudley Baldwin Richardson Freeman Gannaway Moore Harkrider Scarborough Hickey Hill Free Henderson Whisenanl Boulte Logsdon Shaw Hale -55- Odor Dietzman Russell Harris Young Levin Beall Sims Lusby Coonnlws Williamson Smith Hable Turner Milburn Anderson Walters Schultz Powers Brown Fulton N olan Osborne Hanna Hatton Cope-Littleton Long Lewis Croseclose Ainsworth Swenson Mahaff ey Jackson Jackson McDonald Bond Routh Barber Aman Hodges Minter Crownover Goldthwaite Dallas Corley -55- 0 X URBAN I ZAT I ONS X -.-.-.-- -.-.- . THE F I-ASHLIGHT W' W' ' "- 5 -QWWF' -g .:.... ..... . fs.- v THE U -.- -.- ----- 1 Fl-ASHLIGHT l C I l C I 4 . l . I 1 . . Ehv Svtuhrnta .Aaanrmttun , . .i.. EDWARD MURPHY ..............., ......,.., P resident A ROY WARD ,.,.......,..,......,,,7... .,..... V ice-President PATTY BAss .,.....,..,, .,,,,..., .............,..............,.. .,...A.,. A,. S e cretary . J. W. MAGGART .,...,.,.,,.,v.,...... ....... F irst TermfSecretary of Athletics 1. 4 CLAUDE GENTRY ............,,.........,,. Second TermiSecretary of Athletics l . . . g BERNARD NELSON .,..........,v..... ...... S ecretary of Intellectual Activities 4 GRAY BROWNE ......,.,.,,,,,,..v..... ,,,v,,,,,,,.,.,. S ecretary of Publications ' MILDRED LINKENHOGER ttVv............. ..,...,. S ecretary of Other Activities The Students' Association was organized soon after school opened to take the place of the , Athletic Association which has always been the custom. Pat Murphy was elected president and Mildred Hodges secretary. The cabinet is composed of the above officers. i. From the sale of over two hundred and fifty season tickets the Association started the l year on a sound hnancial basis. Much good has been accomplished in all the departmentsg the work has been systematized, and the Association faces a bright future. 2 . ' -58- hu-1 Q B, C Q Q 1 9 2 2 1 VWlN5HlP Assocmf GO0DNlGHT 'C EDITOFHN MIEF HANNA simon wnon F RY ART EDXTOR vfwf a THE FLASH LIGHT G.ANIl PATTY BASS SUSIE MOORE DOROTHY WRIGHT WARRAINE HILL GANG Well get a new motto If we please But I thlnk we ll stay Wlth the G AN Gs The boys all wonder And they try to SCIZC The meanlng of 0urG AN Gs The boys may wonder And slgh and hone But the G AN Gs Is for glrls alone MOTTO Glue another Guess F LOWFR Sun lower -60- M ' 1922 Presldent Secretary Press Reporter Sergeant at Arms ixaiazq-.n.1.n1.lu1.1o.-.1 U G ,ui c- -li l 1 . Q w I . ij L R , Qf 3 A ' K Air W .mx ., R ,N A . . A ' M, . l l Q 4 i - f JOE HAZEL MCBRIDE ,,,,.., .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, V i Ce-President Q """"""""""""' """"""""""""'""""""" """"' ' ' ' 7 . , g ' a Q V , . . l , ,R . I I 7 7 n U 1 y . l f f - X l l C A ' ' , f , ,, , 'WW' .-... ...-.....-........... U ....-................- .. 1 FLASH LIGHT l l ll it rg l ' e f s J Wood Hunt White Hatton Turner Crowder Wiggins Wood . 1 . , Girlz Brhatmg, Olluh ROSAMOND WHITE ..... ......,...o........,. .......... P r esident GLADYS T RANTHAM ....... ..4o. o,..... V i ce-President NAOMI HATTON ,,,,,,,,,,,A,,,,io.,,,,...,......,,.,...,v......,.,.4... Secretary-Treasurer lVl0T'l'OZ TO CONVINCE A MAN. w f- The Girls' Debating Club of the Abilene High School was organized January 15, 1922, with I fifteen members. Many lively debates were held at the regular meetings. In a series of class W debates the girls showed much study and consideration of the question. l n The representatives for the Senior Class were Naomi Hatton and Rosamond Whiteg for the Q . Junior Class, Gladys Trantham and Mildred Wigginsg for the Sophomore, Ray and May Woodg , for the Freshman, Roberta Turner and Elizabeth Hunt. l H l t . ..61- igq Q C.: 0 1 4 1- 9 2 2 H ' -62- fem '- THE Fl-ASHLIGHT Ahtlvnv thigh Svrhnnl Evhattng Glluh MOTTO Ad astra per aspera 0 Lcers for first term 0 Lcers for second term GRAY BROWNE President FRFD STIRMAN President BYRON WILSON Secretary RICHARD HoLLINcsWoRTH Secretary MR I B PEEK Coach The question for debate this year was Re olved That Congre s should prohibit all 1mm1 gration to the United States for a perlod of two years Elimination contests in which the thirty six members took art began 1n January The debaters were required to be prepared on both sides of the quest n and soon became well informed on the subject The inter cla s debates were very mterestmg The Freshmen were represented by Houston Heltchew and William Swenson the Sopbomores by Anthony Hunt and Herbert Southworth the Juniors by Bernard Nelson and DeForret Grahame and the Seniors by Gray Browne and Carrol Ro ers The Seniors defeated the Sophomores the Freshmen defeated the Juniors and then the Seniors defeated the Freshmen The Debating Club offered a cup for the bcst individual debater in these contests The school before the cup became his permanent property Gray Browne was the best individual de bater in the contest and was awarded the cup after having successfully defeated all challengers Out of the thirty two Gray Browne and Charles Shelton were chosen to represent the school ln debate Both are Seniors and are orators of considerable ability Two debates were held with Cisco they defeating us each time by a 21 decision In the District Meet Abilene defeated Rogers 30 and Big Spring 2 1 in the prellminarles and the semi finals but in the finals she was defeated by Breckenridge 32 The Club owes its appreciation and gratitude to the coach Mr Peek for his deep interest and earnest cooperation The sl ccess of the tcam thus far has been due largely to h1s efforts There could have been no more sx 'npathetic assistant and HdV1 er than Mr Peek has be n at all times THE ROLL Edgar Coodnight Ross Dawkins Carrol Rogers Byron Wilson Wilson Mitchell Gray Browne Charles Shelton Alpln Dodson Fred Stlrman Richard Hollingsworth Mr I B Peek Alvin Iefferies William Swenson Malcolm Hart Cecll Boles .leptha Collins Carrol Wood Edward Duke I Q C Q Q 1922 Charles Brasher John Davis Francis Fry Homer Haley Georg Leach Charles Rice Herbert Southworth DeForrest Grahame Houston Heitchew Anthony Hunt T D Howell Ellington Neal Charles Wells Roy Witt .-.Qs-.1-1.1....- U U --- --- - -- --- D - O Q I . if A 77 A , V . 4 J , . 7 1 I 5 . . . , s - - ' K R J : i M i ' 9 winner of this cup was required to defend his title for sixty days against all challengers in the high 1. 1 ' 2. ' ' - 3. ' , 4, ' ' , 5. ' ' 6. 0 I 7. " 3. ' i 9. ' 10. ' ' 11. . . . 12. ' . ' ' 13. ' ' 14. ' 15. ' ' , ' 16. ' ' 17. 18. ' ..53- Barnes, Hoy, Wiggins, Matthews, Johnson, Davis, Bryan, Criffis, Creighton, Davis, Kelso Corbett, Jones, Anderson, Williams, McBride, Smith, Hale, Slaughter, Bacon. .54,. www THE Fl-ASHLIGHT Girlz C6199 Gluh FIRST TERM Presldent V106 Presldent Secretary Correspondlng Secretary Press Reporter Treasurer DOROTHY BARNES MARGARET HoY LELA GRIFFIS MILDRED WICGINS ELLIE MAE SLAUGHTER EFFIE CREIGHTON SECOND TERM Presldent VICC Presldent Secretary Correspondrng Secretary Treasurer EFFIE CREIGHTON MILDRED WIGGINS ELLIE MAE SLAUGHTER MARGARET HoY ANNIE MATHEWS Bacon Juanlta Barber Ada Barnes, Dorothy Bryan Madle Corbet Grace Crelghton EH-18 Davls, Frances Davis Margaret GTIHIS Lela Hale Ruth MARY J KELSO MEMBERS DOROTHY ANDERSON Press Reporter Hoy Margaret Johnson Opal Jones, Grace Lee Klng, Aulyne Mathews Annle McBr1de Mlldred Slaughter, Ellle Mae Smlth Luclle W1gglHS Mlldred W1lllamS Myrth Dlrector Accompanrst The Glrls Clee Club reorganrzed thlS year under the dlrectxon of MISS Mary J Kelso Wlth almost an entirely new roll and they have gone forward w1th great success In co operatlon wlth the Boys Glee Club they staged The Love Prrates of Hawan whlch made a h1t wrth the students and the town at large They are now preparlng thelr annual program to he glven rn May 65 liiitlvi ' ' iiinlinni in 0 1 DOROTHY BARNES .....s,.........................,r.......E...,,,,,......s........... ' 7 l 7 7 7 7 9 9 . 7 7 . , . 7 . 7 9 7 7 . . . I v. o 4 , 7 as - ' A..,, . . . 5 - 1922 Mitchell Lilly Cunningham Kelso Rogers Caperton Marshall Sell Barber Boles Kelso Gavin Brady Hoy fwr THE FLASH LIGHT Runga C5122 Gllnh Mlss MARY JANE KELso D1rector MARGARET Hor WILSON MITCHELL CARROLL ROGERS OFFICERS Aecompanlst Presldent VICE Presldent ERNEST CAPERTON T D HOWELL Wllson Mltehell Euell Wllllams Robert Bo' .l C Lllly Wllllam GHVID Robert Barber Burl King MEMBERS Hubert Marshall T D Howell John Kelso W ,l Cunnlngham Harold Brady Carroll Rogers Secretary Treasurer The Boys Glee Club was pracucally reorgamzed 1n the fall of 1921 and after much hard work has developed beyond all expectatlons They have been very enthuslastlcally recelved both ln the Hlgh School and ln the com munlty when they have appeared They took part ln the presentatlon of the Love Prrates of Hawau and wlll glV6 the annual program with the Glrls Glee Club 1n May --67 .-.........- U U --------- 1 ,CS , . . . 5 7 , . ,L . ..,, . . . . , 7 . F 1 4 4' 1 ' ' ' - 1922 ry in s' Semlna Girl ' the of garden A SCENE! riends nF Hauqaziu H Doroth :- on E 5 H6 4... HH . rn o s :S Q ga Q fn A Q L. :vs Q Q.: .,.. ,U 1: :Q gd .SI 3' :5 E4 05' 0 0 ou, Q.. ull!-g D1 2: UH 'V ...I 341' FU .- W +o. 17, N :Q Q m H I - 5 0 il-1 'gui .E if 31 H 22 :M 5 Fa. 4m -5 F is M C mm U-1 5 in Q 4 E5 2 zz 5 D 5-4 rn fu-Magi! .E 53.202-P id E232 EM 5 www :SE 5500 Qmmuau 3:53 HQEqw rfdigga ust,,'Ci"4 an-4 Mwqj '. CU '.d0 Q U flag Sgaii :'f W x-355' HEEL:-.umcg ' SLU . Ig . .IE 3 15 ' S . 13 C 1 'm5-HEE 3: 1 UE-Gig? 1' f'v,1..in5 :...E: CDES?-72 :gW: M Juv cs-few .':,2a.v EEE: :"'UZ.9:"5 KNEE Siam: f-124,46 HKCJBJDC l .3 3 S D ,J '-1 an I5 U 059: E5 E 3'nE H.. f-l LJNCTLJ -QLD V7""'-C U IBM miriam U24 Q '5P"L'5..EE -0-0 'JO ISU 35 QQ oh' L. L- MDC ..-D-2 Eg H F 4 5 E w Q , m'H4 5 gg 4153-el.J 13 E I1- Q .z ... .... 3 -cs GJ ... GJ SU - no Ill FU S :J 56 0 w U .:: .. Clubs for CC M Q 41.1 .: .. cu H 4 a.: .-. : c 'fi La. cs Q UI .-. i-1 o Q W -Q ,S cd 93 5 cd Q-4 O 5-1 D .4 .S 'QD 5 C5 'D 54 :vs an D rothy D0 enthusiasm by a large audience. much Pirate Crew Robert Barber John Kelso HIIICS B ,,.Dorothy lDirect0r of a girl's semi- El' Prlm S ner? W H0 plantatio 15 Er-1 SE guns -1.5 wg 5'-Sa.: SH .32 Q... ""FU ,E ww-4 Q2 E wa.: 83 Q2 0 Su Q 3 no 3 E 6 . Q52 CD5 CHE :vw rn 553: on :JQJS Cds.. 'ZCI E012 s-."'CJg I-as :us-9: LJ!-I-lieu E .": -1 4 El - 2 5 :FF f'w'S'5 321 F130 Us Hms W.-.E EQ? LIJCJ5 KNEW aww: FQ... H525 ?i'w'EU CSPSQ. UD' PQ s-QS' N , 21.' .WWI . iii ...- '::m .:I,fg1 :find Assn E31 gg CJ. :Eng ft-PS4 :TES Ms U.. .- mm? imwmi- ix --....--.-.-.- . FLASLHIEIGHT , -.-.-.-....-.- -iittvrarg Svnrwiwa SENIOR LITERARY SOCIETY OFFICERS PRESIDFYT Ruth ,Ierman Fry SECRETARY Patty Bass PROGRAM COMMITTEE Elizabeth Hanna Joe Hazel McBride Aubrey Brooks Franklin Haynes JImtI Stinson ADVISERS Mr Brooks MISS Woodall JUNIOR LITERARY SOCIETY Junior Dynamos PRESIDENT Dorothy Barnes VICE PRESIDENT Jack Wright SECRETARY Wayne Dudley The Dynamos were Installed the twenty eighth of September and they generated a cur rent that has been flowing ever s1nce They shocked the Senlors In their SCII11 monthly pro public appearance Room 12 Miss Trantham AdvIseI ALL STAR SOCIETY MOTTO Shine Where You Are OFFICERS IFITSI TermJ Oma Woodrum WInnIfred Crossley PRESIDENT SECRETARY fSecond Term? PRESIDENT SECRETARY Berney Bla1n Dean Walker -6 JUG NAME .lust Us Girls lVIOT'r0 The best IS not too good for me COLORS Pink Carnation PRPSIDFNT Jane Stinson VICE PRESIDENT Thetta Matthews SECRETARY TRLASIJRFR Mildred McBride Room 3 THE PATHFINDERS MOTTO lf you cant find a path make one IFITSI Term? PRESIDENT W J Cunningham SECRETARY Harold Austin fSec0nd Terml PRESIDENT George Stowe SECRETARY John Kelso SILENT WORKERS PRESIDENT Warren Crowley NICE PRESIDENT Herring Bounds SECRETARY Maurice Brooks SERGEANI AT ARMS Herman Bond This year has been one of the most suc cessful years for Room I In literary work The boys were always willing to do thelr part and we have had given In our society some of the best programs In school 1922 9 o o o grams and electrified the Study Hall in their I ""' H """ - A' A I .....,...,.,,..,......,,,, 9- ' . 3 Y Y li . . Y Y Y . , -1. THE S ' FLASHLIGHT "' """"" Room 14 MISS Tate Advlser GIRLS FRIENDSHIP CLUB COLORS Whrte and Green MOTTO The only way to have a frlend IS to be one FIRST TERM PRESIDENT Sarah Cresswell SECRETARY TREASURER LouIse GrIffIth PROGRAM COMMITTEE Frances Long Gladys Schultz Beatrrce Arnsworth SECOND TERM PRESIDENT Frances Long SECRETARY TREASURER Joy Armstrong PROGRAM COMMITTEE GeraldIne Morgan Claudlne FISher LOIS GoldthwaIte Room 13 Mrs Norwood AdvIser EVER READY SOCIETY MOTTO We Ilways do our best FALL TERM PRESIDENT Evert Boyd SPRING TERM PRESIDENT Clyde Nolan SECRETARY Houston Hertchew The aIm of the Ever Ready SOCICIY lS to create Interest In publlc speakmg by de bates declamatlons and d1scussIons of late Inventlons and current happenlngs Three members Samuel ,Iohnson Ernest Caperton and Leo Antllly were In the cast that presented before the student body a one act play The Red La Ip Room 15 MISS HutchIson Advlser LIVE WIRES MOTTO We are what we are COLORS Rose and Srlver FIRST TERM PRESIDENT Grace Hembree VICE PRESIDENT Grace Lee Jones SECRETARY TREASURER Mary Cooper SECOND TERM PRESIDENT Le Verne Sammons VICE PRESIDENT Grace Lee Jones SECRETARY TREASURER Maxme Mmgus STAR SOCIETY FIRST TERM PRESIDENT Myrth W1llIams VICE PRESIDENT Gertrude Moss SECRETARY TREASURER Frances Prrce SECOND TERM PRESIDENT Rebecca ,lones VICE PRESIDENT Norma Ramsey SECRETARY TRFASURER Mary AlIce Nolan MOTTO The Stars Are Always HIghest FLOWER Darsy COLORS Yellow and Whlte The Star SOCIETY met for the first tlme thls year In MISS Robertsons room Sep tember I4 1921 and elected offIcers for the first term The programs for thIS year have all been rendered delrghtfully and hu Deen en Joyed very much We gave a play In tlIe Study Hall and have had several debates and declamatIons In our own room A pennant In the soclety colors yellow and whIte was ordered for our room later plns were ordered for each member of the SOCIETY THE RIP AND TUCK SOCIETY fAn organtzatlon for boys excluswelyl After several meetmgs of the Cat Call Ing Socrety whIch convened In the north end of the Study Hall at the thIrd perIod our sponsor MISS Farrls called an assem bly In the Sewlng Room for the purpose of selectmg those most efflclent In the art of Imrtatlng that carnIvorous quadruped Fells Domestlca Such dIstIngu1shed personages as Bennle Beall Gray Browne Franklm Haynes CecIl Boles Lank Austln Sergeant Cook Ross Dawklns Fats Norton and BIll Patter son were delegates to that IllustrIous con vent1on a number whom were elected to represent the SocIety In that Hall of Fame Detentlon a tr1p whIch our revered advIser was overjoyed In gIvIng us The SOCIETY was reorgamzed on a firm er more careful hHSlS wlth Lank Aus tIn presrdent and Eugene Cook secretary Bells were t1ed to the cats and the mem bers drsplayed other forms of restlessness In the shuffhng of feet so as MISS FarrIS wIll1ngly agreed to head the delegatlon ID another sesslon the Socrety adjourned un tIl Its dally Sesslon the next day at the thIrd perIod SInce the polIcy of watch ful Walllng has been adopted there has been no occasron for another called meet Ing Verlfied by Cook Secretary of Rlp and Tuck Soctety . 1922 I I 9 9 . . . I , . .-4A--A-'.-n-----V--- 9 7 ' . I: ' 1 '- ' , ' It ' . , , 3 l L a SC 9? SECRETARY .............,.................. Manuel Levin - ' - - . . , .............I............. , ' , I - 7 , . . . . ' 1 v , 9 54 75 ' V I 7 I 1 ' I 1 - aa ., . , ' 9 9 - , . ss L sv . V, I. . , I u S I , 9 ' . ' ' SG 77 1 , . , ' I .q 1 ' . , . Z . . ---.-."---."'-'--- . 7 . . 1 Y ', A --v'-.-"---.--..-- ' ' 55 a 1 1 I l R -,'-.--.v- s 77 ' -70- Q L 7 Y Y ' 'VFW' -.-.-..........- -....-............ ATHLET I CS me R5 Y- xb 1922 4""Q"'l"'7"' i.- 1 I I .- . FLASI-'HEIGHT -.- -.- -. -.-.- CAPTAIN MURPHY CAPTAIN MAGGARI' FOOTBALL BAbKETBALL CAPTAIN ACTON IAPTAIN MOORE LAPIAIN HARRISON TRACK BAbEBALL GIRLb BASKLTBALL Due to the hard earnest work of the coaches thls year the Abllene Hlgh School put out a wmmng team 1n every form of outdoor spolls 'VIr bhotwell M1 Brooks Mr Pe k Mr Doble Mr lVlcCarter all helped to make athletlcs a bl gel be tel thmg ln the Abllene Hrgh The men 1n charge of the team thxs year have shown the best of h1 h sportsmanshlp Wlth them playlng the game square always came before wmnmg The letter men who are leavlng, smhool thls year have only thls wlsh that the coaches 1n the future w1ll llve up to the splendid example set hy the coaches of 22 and that the Wearers of tl1e As w1ll always stand for clean spolt THE MULEBARN u-1 Q Q1 1 1 A I A f r 1 ww 4, 11 . 1 1 1 I , I I A ' , '. , . -,. , , ' - ' ' g', 1' . . l . i .U . . Q . ., B ' .TE . . .11 . I' 1. 1 1 ah: , I 4 1 ' s . Q S l C Q I 01 l . , A .I T -l I It -.-.-.-.- ,-b-D .EE -" ' F . -.- -1 LASH LIGHT - -- rrqiygnllillilllgjlm ff: A X X XX f N V mx W ,ax X Z NN M . Z' xx' Q! ,Z Sk X in KI 'i A . 4 F f- . 1 4-33-ax X lx NN I WF 5 NW 61 x""fN Q12 I X 5252? S ff X Elfhn. X 'X-X R . -73- I 1 9 2 2 Coach Shotwell Beall Acton Axe Goodnight Wright Sellels Asst Coach Brooks Substitutes for the line Bounds KCapt. eleotl Grahame Bryan Maggart Hmmbree Gentry Moore Regular line, end to end Brooks Estes Guitar lhalfl ltlurphy fquarterl Hanna lhalfl Noland ffulll Shackelfold Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene Abilene High High High High High High High High High High High School School School School School School School School School School School 74 70 Sweetwater 54 Roscoe 49 Stainforcl ,. 24 Haskell 52 Cisco 34 Brownwood 20 Comanche 28 Big Spring 28 Electra 0 Oak Cliff .. 433 ..74... Merkel ,, 1922 e.- FLASLHEIGHT , .-.-.-.-.-.-. The Abilene High School football squad started practice about September the first- Thirty men reported for practice the number steadily increasing until, about one month later there were sixty men out every day. With the best coach in the state and the best captain in the West it looked like from the start that Abilene would put out a winning team. NAVY 3-ARMY 0 The Army-Navy game is held each year in the school to arouse Hpepf, to raise money, and to show Coach whom he can depend ong this year's game did all of these things. The Navy won the game by the narrow margin of 3 to 0 by a drop kick from the twenty-five yard line, Cap- tain Murphy making the kick. A. H. S. 74-MERKEL 0 The next game was with Merkel on their gridiron. Abilene's team was in best form for early season. Merkel was outclassed in every part of the game, as shown by the fact Coach used all the men that were suited out. The final score was 74 to 0. A. H. S. 70-SWEETWATER 0 The next game was with Sweetwater on our home field. The third quarter was used to give the second team a chance to show what they had been learning under the work of Coach Brooks. The game ended with the -core of 70 to 0. ln spite of the fact that the wind was blowing hard A. H. S. 54.-ROSCOE 7 The following day we played Roscoe. As this is Roscoeis first football team Coach sent in the second team. Roscoe made the first score by a perfectly worked cross-buck but after that we did not let them get within the twenty-yard line. Noland's broken field running was the only feature of the game. The final score was 54 to 7. -75-.. Murphy kicked every goal out of as many tries. 7 5 7 WW' ..-.-.-.........- . FLAS?-'HEIGHT , -.-.-.-.-.-.- - A H S 49 STAMFORD 6 The first real hard out of town game was with Stamford From the score at the end of the first half it looked as if the game would be tight but at the beginning of the last half Abilene came back with that never say die spirit fas shown above in the large pictureb and won the game by a wide margin Maggaits return of an intercepted pass Murphys puntmg and No lands broken field running were the featuies of the game These all helped to make the score 49 to 6 A H S 24 HASKELL 13 The Haskell game at Haskell was the most uneven in the matter of weight that we had to face Five of their men weighed ovei one thousand pounds together The line did good work as a whole and stopped the onslaught of the heavier line many times Seldom did the Haskell back field break through for any gain Murphy punted well and the ends were always under hem The back field did good work The score was 24 to 13 This game was later thrown out by the Interscholastlc League on account of some of the decisions of the referee A H S '52 CISCO7 dose In this game Murphy missed his first goal this season The last half Coach sent ln the second team to defend our title and so well did they acquit themselves that only once did Cisco score The final result was 52 to 7 A H S 34 BROWNWOOD 7 Brownwood played us for the first time in four years We ran up a large score durmg the first half and again as m the Cisco game the second team took the field to uphold the honor of the Black and Cold Brownwood scored making the score 34 to 7 N' A H s 20 COMANCHE 7 By far the hardest game of the season was with Comanche at Brownwood supposed to be neutral ground It was also the costllest game for us as Bounds received a broken rib The team showed good interference Comanche scored V13 the a1r route and as they could not stop Noland the final S0018 was 20 to 7 1922 , . . I . , . . V . . 4, 1 . ,, . . . 4 . ' . . ' Q 1 - 9 - - - , , 7 ' 4 , . Cisco came up to give us the defeat we gave them last year but they received only a double , . . ni V . , . ww' 1 ' 9 5 A ' -76- , Q ' , W s Q A ' - ' 4' 'f'7"f'- ,k .....-.-...-.-.- . FLASLHGGHT -.- - ...-.-.-.- A H S 28 BIG SPRING 3 The games that came before this made us undisputed champions ln our d1str1ct lald out by the Interscholastic League We were now to play Big Spring at Sweetwater Captain Murphy ran the team that would give credit to any coach 1n the south The first score was made by a fake pass from Murphy to Moore over the goal line The second score was made by Earl Many thought that Pat was going to pass but as the Big Spring men backed up Pat shot Earl through the gate that was opened by the l1ne for seven more pomts By the same play Earl made the third touchdown The third quarter was the only quarter that they made any ground at all It was during this half that Big Spring made the three pomts hy a perfect drop kick from the twenty five yard me Pat made the last score on a short end run Just before the the last whistle was blown We were now forced to go to Electra to play the same team that we battled last year for the same honor the Northwest Texas Championship Abilene High received and after making four first downs were forced to punt Electra having carried the ball down the field at a rapid rate fumbled but recovered across the goal l1ne This was the first score of the game and the bets on the side l1ne went to seven to one in favor of Electra The lead was shortlived because 1n six minutes we had made two touchdowns and two goals The score at the end of the first was 7 to 14 Nolands return of an intercepted punt for fifty yards was the straw that broke the camels ggck, zitzd from then on the life was out of the Flectra team The final score of this game was to 8, 1' . i - A. H. S. 28-ELECTRA 14- -7 ,A O- s 1 . i ,C - Q , Q 1 1 1 9 2 2 1 1 1 1 ' ' -nail: 1 Q 4' s A H S 0 OAK CLIFF 24 The Oak Cllff team came out to Abllene wlth the full IHTCHIIUH of beatlng us and the dld It Y wlth the best football team that has ever been seen IH lhlb part of the state The game started wrong f Ab 1 M or lene urphy lost the to s and we klcked to them Wlth end runs led by lnterference that could not be broken up they made the first score They klcked and wxth the sun 1n our eyes we fumbled they recovered scored for the second tlme and krcked goal Score at the end of the first half was 14 to 0 The thxrd quarter was the only one that we can justly clalm as the ball was held 1n Oak Cllffs terrt f h but were never able to put the ball over Oak C11l'f scored agam 1n the th1rd qualter and agam m the fourth quarter they made a per fect place klck The total score was 24 to 0 1n favor of the Dallas team Our team dld fme work and we are as proud of them as we were before the game So th1s ended th f b ll e oot a season of 1921 lt was a great season and we shall lose many players that w1ll be hard to replace Captam Murphy Stewart Noland Claude Gentry J W Maggart w1ll never agaln put on the Black and Cold for old Abllene Hlgh May the teams of the future make just such a record for the school as the team of 1921 1922 C ll . C I 1 1 1 . 1 Q 1 , 1 v Q I 1 - l .1 I 1 . , ' S , . 1 . . I 1 I 1 I 1 . 1 1 ' 7 4 1 . 1 ' 1 ory most o t e tlme. In that quarter, we carrled the ball w1th1n the ten-yard llne, C 1 1' 1 Q Q ' . . ll - 1 ' ' 1 . . ' ' , , ' 9 ' ' l . ' Q v ' 1 Q , I H B ,79- trtw Y Q 2- Y . T T T T l O o . , 1 -1-.1....-......-1-1 Earl was by far the best broken field u l w C hm 1 s 1 4' Q Q 4 FLAsllHfmHT C APTAIN MURPHY l"lg.,l'lI1llL, every moment of every IIIIPOII ant game Pat led the 1921 team through the most successful season rn the hrstory of the sehool Aggrtssxve on the offense a tower of str ngth rn the defense he Dallas News eharacterrzed htm as he .ETITIIGSI man seen In the back held of any hugh school football team rn the state As Pat w1ll not he back next year sad farewells are now ln order STB WART NOLAND Qtewart played hs last gamt for old A H S Every team that we Came ln con tact with this year learned to respect our hard hrttmg fullback Pek was death on forward pas es He would pull them out of hlS opponents arms and thin make a broken field run that would make the slde lmes go wlld EARL GUITAR runner that was on the team thls year and he gave the slde lmes more thrllls than any other one player ln the Oak C1111 game Eel the speedy llttle half back shpped through the l1ne and ran for forty yards thus maklng the star play of the game Earl w1ll be a blg boost to the team next year as halfhaek JAMES H ANNA Pete reeerved llttle notlce from the sport wrlters but when som one was needed to lead the mterference he was always called on He seldom dld star work but he was a steady player the kmd that IS hard to find Wllh Pete hack next year we shall be well fixed ln halves 80 s r lt 1922 - - L -rw- ,- THE FLASH LIGHT Ht hhlNG BOUND? umls Ml lnmb has Wtlllfltilflll out lm 1ll caleet up one mote notch next fall as nun of e tk ell He was the man the opposmg tram was always told to vwatnh especlally on open folmatlons and to get htm lf possible He was 21 steadv 1 un, em tml a wondet at mtrl I1 and stoppma mtenfelenve 0118 Nl0Uhl' her plawd the he-t game that te yt un m thf se lson agamst a lllf ltme and agam he stopped those 1nd we ue looking for some stellar wotk lem lnm Ha made the fkllSlcllf' team this eat Cl KUDI bLN1'ht Jac tuke and biggest man on t e teun played .1 lSIllfll game n the e fense he stoppcd many plays and on me offense he opened holes for the backfleld We expert lt m next year to make some ,J otl college team Dk F0hRFST GR KHAWIL evs g ul g.,amr that few snort wtltets give htm ctedtt for llnc men get llttlv uultt but thu alw1ys stand the htttetmg jew always fought hard and seldom wus he hacked hehmrl the llne of setnnmage W4 look for htm hatk next en 81 ,., ,. U U 1' 1 1 ' I K Ho 5 'Il " ff 'Q ' ' f ' - Cut al th Bla Y ' and fl 1 1. , play" 1' I l t ' f U ' ' :K ,ling asses ' ' ff ' ' ' , - ,, , , . " ' l" 'Q 1 5 ' ' l plug' 'tl cl " g v .i ir, ' f" L O' k ,li . ' ' " entl runs. "Hel" will he hack next year rx ' . v ' A ' .L y I -- "l ' l," z1'l ' ' 1 .5 ' h 'z , ' ' ' 't 7' , 0 cl - . : : - ' ' ' ' ' tl 5 1 , . , V X . "J "' slay' an f' r 3 L -. 1 Q Q l Q 1 1 fs 1 1 9 2 2 s Q A 1 A n 0 r --V -, ' M AGGART J W Maggart was a star when rt came to blockrng passes and closmg holes rn the lrne Pat was hard bolled wrth Wopp but he could always depend on a sure pass from any formatron, where Wopp was concerned He rs a center by nature a sure and steady player W J HEMBRILE lubby rs a full grown Abrlene prod uct and an opponent upon meetrng hrm generally IIHIUITCS How large do they grow where you came from? Thls was Tuhhys second year on the team and rrght well drd he hold down the posltron of lcft guard Next year he wrll be wrth us to carry fear rnto the ranks of the enemy DICK BRYAN Fhrs rs Drcks frrst year on the squad He played rrght guard and when hrs op ponents came hrs way he would drop them lrke a ton of brrck Drck has one farlrng that of raldrng the pantry after practree lf we can get hrm out of thls habrt he wlll be a star next year SH LXCKELFORD Oran was our sub fullback When Coach needed a man to smash through the lrne, he always sent volcano Shack rn to do the work He had so many wrves that we wonder how he ever made the team When the roll rs called next football season rt rs gorng to take a real man to answer to Sharks name 1 9 2 2 iqia--011 gag ' Q Q 1' 1 'WW' THE , " ' FlASHLlGHT WILL hlNLY Fo1 fou1 lon yCd1S B111 has laboted to make the squad He nevel mlsserl a d was fightlng all the tlme B111 satd 1 eant make the team but I can help make B111 belleves that 1f a man loafs on the football fleld he w11l nevel ge to heaven We need more men wlth the stlekabtltty of B111 Rmey THEO AXI1. llns was Tlteos fnst yean lll football Hls tate con1b1nat1on of we-1ght and spee make 111m a valuable sub He dtvlded hls tlme between the lme and backfield When Theo IS mentloned we thlnk of at hard wotkm athlete and lovu of clean sport 511m was our sub tackle Hts motto was treat em 1oug,h Although 11e was handlcapped by hls lack of we1g11t h made up for ll by h1 deadly tacklmg and h1s fight t111 the last pmt We expect gteat tblngs of hlm next year NUBREY BROOKS Kotste was 0111 ub half back Whetl foach tan hts tyes over the strlng of subs he would always plek Kotsle to go ln be vause he knew 11e would tackle anythlng that came hls way We shall mtss KOISIC next year on the football held and ln get tmg mstde lnformatlon concermng clrcus 1922 ' 2 . fl. ' ' ny it." ' ' 1 ' ' I . ' . t 1' RAYMOND ACTON 1 . . A . , le I ' I nw X A v I Y A :Q bELLhRS lke Sellers who played sub end will make some one fi ht for end next year Ike rs famous for his frown but really to those who know hrm best he rs cheerful full of fun and one of the best sports on the field We cant ,et along without lke BOB l:,S l LS Bob Lame to us this yeir from Dallas We required rn him a sturdy man whose fdlcated 'oe and good passing work made hun one to be ftarerl by his opponents Another year under the expert work of Loaeh Shotwell and he will lie the best quarterback rn the state BFALL Beall usually answers to the nanre of enny Benny had hard luok this year At the beginning of the season his le, le came rnffcted and rn the first few minutes of the Haskell game he sprarned hrs ankle But Beall did not let that keep him from going after the old pigskin again. He will be a power' on the team for High School next year. JACK WRIGHT ,lack is not only a star on the hasxthall er. lrut he ir. also a skilled man wit the pigskin. Every football team has to have a clown and 'Ham An fills that space without competition. ,lack will be back to work as guard next year. 1-g . I -84... 0 3 C 1 3 C I Q Q 4 1922 - - ' ' ' FLASHTIGHT ' M' ' BASKETBALL X-J Q fqglllllwl f 4 J 1922 A fr'rf"- ..-.-.-...-.-,- . FLAST-'HEIGHT -.-.- -.-. -.- CAPTAIN MA GGART The brlghtest star ln the whole constellatlon thls year was Captam Maggart Wherever the fight was the thlckest there was Wopp ,uardmg hrs man keepmg the ball just out of h1s reach or oftener perhaps passlng lt swlflly to Pek for a sure goal Thls tantahzmg method of Mag garts frequently ralsed the fightlng Splflt ln the v1s1t1ng team and manys the tlme that an opponent looked h1m to over to find a safe place to strlke But the spot was not to be found Through all the confllcts the Captaln was ever steady a safe man and the gr atest leader of the best strmg of basketball players that ever donned the Black and Gold Thls year s team was by far the fastest team that Abllene Hlgh has ever put out There were several reasons for thls ehlef of whlch was that the men who were on the team thls year were last years men Beall was the forward that came to us from Abllene Chr1st1an College, Hoskms center played a f1ne game and often shot many long goals Gentry was the hlgh score man ln played both guard and forward He was 1n basketball as he always IS there wlth everythlng that IS 1n hlm Rogers was a sure forward When he entered the fray, the score for Abllene began to p1le up He rarely ever mxssed a shot Moore who played sub guard drd not have the opportunlty to shlne this season but we expect hlm to be the leadmg llght of next years squad Brewster our long lanky sub center played a good game throughout Hls opponent hardly ever tapped the ball over hlm We fear for next season s sq ldd srnce only Beall Moore and Brewster Wlll be back to defend the old school The other men w1ll be shmlng m hlgher company 1922 . , U ,S ,, U . . Q . . , . . . H ,, . i . . 1 9 ' - , . . . . . . . . , . 1 a , . . I A v-A ' C l . , . . 7 , I 1 I I 1 l . 1 , , ' . all the games. He was death on that little shot over his head when under the basket. Murphy 1 1 . . l , T T O -1 , D , . . - . ' y - , . . . . . . . , 1 ' - 9 9 - Y ' . , ' I V . . . q , ..,86.. Q . i tm - 7 . 7. V . V 7 Y --.-.-.........- v -.-.....-1.......... The followlng are the scores of the basketball ames that Ah1lene played Xbllene Hlgh Clyde Abllene Hlgh Trent Ab1lene Hlgh Merkel 4h1lene Hlgh Bradshaw Abllcne Hlgh Hamby Abllene Hlgh Clyde Abllene Hlgh Albany After wmnmg the above gamcs we played Leuders Februa1v 11 at ixmmons College score 47 to 28 The B1D1st11ct game was played wlth Stephenvllle Wllh a 14 to 2 score 111 favor of Stephenv1lle 1n the second half however the Abllene five came back and the score was 18 to 19 1n favor of Stephenvllle accordmg to the refe1ee Coach Shotwell protested the game but the protest d1d no good H1s protest was based on the fact that the W1llS11C blew before maklng the last score whlch fact would have made the game go to Abilene At the State Meet Myrth Wllllams won the g1rls declamatlon lda Hoghland won the ,1rls smgles ln tenms Raymond Acton won fourth place ln h1gh Jump and fourth place m pole vault Earl Gultar won fourth place 1n the 220 low hurdles 1922 1 ' ' ,,,,,,,,,,.,11.1,.,,,,.........,.......,..... ,..,.,. 1 9 .,...,1,..,,,.1,1,,,,,,,1,,1.,,,,,,,,,............ 18 A ' ' ,,,,,,,,,1, ,,,,,,,,,,..,1,..,,.,,............,,... 2 4 .,.,......1 ,,.....,,,,....,.....,1,,.........,,.. 1 1 ' ' ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,1,.,,,,,,,,..,.,...,11,,,............. 38 .1,,,,,,..,.,,,,,,,...., 7 . ' ' ,,,,,,....,, ,,,.,,...,.,,,.,.......,..,,,...,...,.. 2 2 ..,.,,...,,.,,...,.,.,,,...,...,.,,,. 14 1 ' ' .,...,,.................,.....,...,.........,....... 31 ....,...,,, ..,,,,,,....,,..,...,,..,,......,.,. 7 1 ' ' ,,,,,,,....,...........,..,............,............ 50 ' .....,,........,,......,,,,,,.,,,,,......,1 15 1 ' ' ,..1...,,,,.,...,,,,,.,...1,,,,,,.......,1..,1,,,,,. 34 ' ' .....,,,,,. .,,.,......,...,..,,,..,,,........., 2 1 ' --SY- l s I 7' C: Q 1 7 ' Q ' ' f W --88- . W, ?l-it 'hr 4,- Wood Wray Wood Shone Coach Davis Captain Harrison Day Wray Girlz' Ezwkrthall The Abilene High School Girls' Team finished the season not only winners in the County and District lVleet but also undefeated by any team. Snappy playing and close teamwork were characteristic of all games played. They defeated Hamby and North Park by large scores, and soon after they met Merkel with equal success. The hnal game, with Ovalo, played at the County lVleet, resulted in a score of 23-6. On the whole, the team was the best that has been produced in years and we hope for further victories and further triumphs next year. -89-- Efennia Even though the boys would not vote that the girls have a new tennis court, the girls flocked in large numbers to try out for tennis under Miss Smith lmaybe because it is a game said to make the players lithe and gracefull. Ida Hoghland won girls' singles in both County and District Meet. Cola B. Ramsey and Lucille Hoskins were winners in doubles in the School and County Meet. The boys, being more interested in other sports, did not show much enthusiasm in tennis, nevertheless Gray Browne won at the County Meet in the singles and he and Pete Olds in the doubles. Gray also distinguished himself and won honors for the school by winning in the District Meet. We trust that he will come back from Austin with further lau- rels to his credit. i Our motto for all time is: 1 More and better players as the years go by, And a perfect tennis record for Abilene High. ..90.. 1"T'7' """"' FlASf'IHIFIGHT "' ' ' ' ' TRACK ABILENE So Mues 1922 Hanna Guitar Bryan Acton Axe Mayfield Coach Brooks Shackelford Duke Elrark The track team this year of the Abilene High is the best that the school has ever put out. Since Mr. Brooks has been able to devote much time to training the team and-since many of last year's team were back, we are going to the State meet to win. Abilene won the County Meet in a walk-over, as there were no Class A schools in the county, except Merkel, and she failed to show much interest in this phase of athletics. The District Meet we won by the score of 44 points, the nearest team being Stamford with 29 points. This year will be the last year for Shackelford and Axe, but with Hanna, Guitar, Bryan, Duke, and Acton back we expect to bring home the big cup again next year. --g2.. I :QL Aefwr " .. THE Fl-ASHLIGHT Euzvhall The baseball squad was called durlng the first of March and a large number reported Captaln Moore was back as catcher Murphy was on the mound wlth Bond Sellers Stowe and Mitchell were holdlng down the other gardens Jack Wrlght was just a llttle better than last year lf posslble on the hot corner Bounds played a fast game on the Hrst bag Wlth Beall workmg had on ec ond and Estes plcklng them up mcely at short stop Any one can see that we were sure showmg some classy stuff t1m by a large score next came Anson whlch we took 1nto camp by the score of 2 to 4 but as the field was plowed the score dld not represent the real chlference between the two teams Other h1gh schools would not play us as they were workmg hard to wln the track champlonshlp of thls d1str1ct Coach Shotwell matched a game w1th the North Slde Fort Worth Hlgh School They were to play us two games one on Frlday and one on Saturday They had a better h1tt1ng club than our team due probably to the fact that many of them had played on the Fort Worth Clty League and had profited by th1s tralnlng Bond and Moore were the batterles for the first day and Murphy and Moore were the batterles for the second day Fort Worth won both games by a good slzed margm On the day after th1s goes to press we are to play Munday at Munday We are sure we shall w1n thls game because we have put 1n two weeks of hard practlce and for once we are golng to g1VC them our best Our motto for all the games that we have played IS LET THE BEST TEAM WIN WHOEVER IT MAY BE 94- 1922 1-1.-.-.-.- U U -n------ -A L, I I 7 . ' 3 Q 3 , u 7 1 . 7 . . 3 i U 9 S ' 1 T ' ' We had a hard time getting any games. Clyde was the first vic- . as . l 5 ' 9 7 ' - s 7 7 66 39 n 1 w 1.-.....- U vw THE FLASH LIGHT -p--n.-.--0.-.Q 5 1 TMP YEAR in -5 W 1 ,l N H f H C K f M 1922 C. k wx 4 Q W ig! lirmrtplr nf Hearv Deep w1th1n the souls of men Through the ages never ending Lives a prlnclple of Peace Sometimes smoldering ln the heart breaks Of a dire and dreadful vxasfare' Of a sad and solemn nightmare Sometlmes pllllflg sometlmes slghing Always living never dylng Thus our Splflt nears perfection As we llve on through the ages And this prlnclple of Peace Kindly asks for recognltlon. Why refuse lt? Why reject it? For we llnger on the threshold Of a day of great rejoicing When all the natlons come together In a great and peaceful Union. Can America the all glorious Foster such an undertakmg? Will the people of thlS nation Act as wise men 1n the crisis' Act as knights of noble honor' Act as klngs of mlghty valor' GIVE their souls and all within them For th1s recent proposltlon For the llfe and utmost thriving, Of this worthy proposition? Yes and no supply the answers That come drlfting through the ether And their echo has thls message For the people of thls nat1on: Strength there IS 1n peaceful union Hold not back IH d1re seclusion Hmder not the work of others Join the League of Peaceful Nationsf LAWRENCE .. .- l L . . s 9 1 v a ' ' 9 . 9 9 1 a 9 9 a . GG 77 66 75 cc - - s 1922 7 WRIGHT ' U -n-. Sometlmes gllmmerlng through the tear drops 7 7 7 - 'FWF VV fLAS1.Hf.GHf Q?" .vu ,A 1. ..e Af" ,,,, ...4 ,..: in 'E' -If Z. "rv as-if .A-M" .szi ""- ".2EL k?' ---1-ff' 1'-'51-' 'S' ,f -ff-.r -If fb. I Ni fx?-.,, C ng-MM-.v-. -e ,,.",Tfgl Q-V-za.. 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Q- . f .- ..wmnV Vp y,- - .v H'-al ,, , '-1 Q Q 7 w ,. :-'QKQL-H' 7 y -5. if V , T -1 .'?i'V.fVq2"V-41 V nz-.H '---Q. 1 , W, . ,V - 5 5:LV'Vl5Y al! .. ff' .JV T27 VC -.p.. .-...-- 'V -'gf 4 V, gif . f V V ' ? -V 'Liv' 'Q , , 4 A, . fi A'5-.-Igifrlk , 4 ' L21 A . . ff'-4 iw: V., . . g- -'it Dfff 542515. f , g V V-5 - :Me-M , f,f2 ,,1"UQ i 'Qflpff ig V , - - ' 1' TQ 5521: 1. V 125 4? V 1 -4 SL,-VA , , 41:-mf -.L ,V - 2- M .g- Jw- :' X .ffVig,-31' V , V V ' D g ,gf 1 Efaff- - 1 A 'f.V1 f ,,.f:,V - "" . 4-, B - , ffl. V rf. X ' V " ' 1' ,iff . 'Q V:-V3 1, - V ' . '15 V1 A fy, 'f J:,:x.i?lfVL5 A 2 lg 5 1 . I, 5:24 AF 21.4 1 1 ,WV 'ff ff, V '. J- -,Q ' : 'ff ,. -1,15 - V. 'J ' V?, - 71 1 ' "57'Vf -rqffff' 7 9 V, 2' dv "' 'gg fffflff , 'N 2, HA nL,Y', flu! - J ,,Vl.,1,, Vf V- , L i: fl J' V-.--, if ff? , . 4 J' VV - -,V ,- 1 VV Y,,.. : . '1 VVVf"gV.-f V, , --A-' Vf. -V ,.V ' . '. 51 1' 5 Vf hir-VVV, 'V V V. V, -V1 - P -' :all 'Kg' Lf1.1'51.Vg' V3 'f V "lffi ,V "f'f5"' ', 1 fi V 'feifi GL .if.1i4-,V 7 1 -:gag LV- Va .V-2233-fa VW :V ' VVVVVVVV- VV f 3 --99- ' ' ' ' ' I V K 1 ' V V 1 Q l K r -100- s -101- 1 g l v X --102-- FLASLHIFIGHT 1922 -103- g-Lolo 3 0' 0 f : 5 1 v L' 0 104- --- 1922 l 4 W w C 4 1 I 4 I A I A W A 1 Q 1 I 'Q 0 A w I A Q A I f A A M C I A A I L w A . B 'W Q . . 7. . s Q . . Q . . 15 .4 . wrong Fl-AST-IHIFIGHT "' X Cjh5J5CSU6Umored 'Shaman worth while is 1 QA man LU 0 can ami ca ' H3101 eucrgl img goes ?'cJhej51QgQ51 ulkgrs our: 3 iFd oT1'0 ' HF one on ial sozueih 1922 SENIORS SOPHOMORES JUNIORS FRESHMEN M. Johnson H. Paxton M. Linkenhoger Nl. Mingus R. Dawkins W. Crowley W. Minter H. Heitchew ---106- CSE! - -CTV?" I .-...-....- ...-...... - I Smrtrig iltrma SENIOR WEINIE ROAST The Senlors opened the soclal sea on by g1v1ng a we1n1 roast at Lytle Lake Our football team and the Brownwood football team were the guests of honor Two bl bonflres were kept golng and so there were lots of roasted welnles marshmallows and fun After the feast ghost stor1es were told and my t1c dances were performed around the bontlres The Senlors of Z2 departed w1sh mg for the Semors of 23 just such another good tlme ARIVIISTICE DAY November I1 bemg Armlstlce Day Hrgh School wa glven a hollday We let the people of Abllene know that we were patr1ot1c by enterlng an attractlvely decorated float 1n the parade that was staged through town lVI1ss Luclle W1HSh1p was the Goddess of Llberty and had a host of attendants at her ervlce Thls was a memorable day 1n Abllene INITIATION PARTY known a the G A G s As was flttlng to such a soclety all of h new members had to be 1n1t1ated and so a party was held for that purpose The elght new glrls were carrl d through many hazard ous experlences but when they were over the glrls we never have found out thelr secret SENIOR GIRLS PARTY The Senlor glrls entertalned the boys wlth a party glven at the home of MISS ,l1mt1 Stlnson MUSIC conver atlon and punch were enjoyed throughout the evemng All left 1n a Jolly frame of mlnd w1sh1ng for another such occaslon 1n the near future 1922 0 Q Q 1 .g . 7 , . . C . , - . ,, . - . . , . . , ., . S . l . The Senior Girls of A. H. S. organized into a secret society s . . ,. ' fr ' , 't e 7 9 7 - . "9 ' 9 - 9 ' 9 -108- -i , - 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 G6 'V 66 77 Ci 7 65 77 5 After an hour of merry-making, refreshmerts, consisting of 7 7 s , 3 7 66 7 7 7 77 7 7 7 109 ' 1 9 2 2 ' rt"7"'f' - 0-T mu ' Fl-ASTIHITIGHT G W'-i-T Svnnvtg iltrma ARMY-NAVY RECEPTION. In the match Army-Navy football game played at the beginning of the season the Navy was victorious. The Army won in ticket selling though and so the usual reception was given jointly. The Y. W. C. A. reception rooms were artistically decorated for the occasion the favored colors blue and red being used. As this was the first reception of the year most of the time was spent in just getting acquainted. Punch was served to a large crowd of boys girls and teachers. SENIORS ENTERTAINED BY JUNIORS. In December the big Red Cross drive of the season was launched. High School always likes to do its part at such a time, and so to create enthusiasm the Juniors challenged the Seniors to see which could get the larger membership the victors to be entertained by the losers. The Seniors won on the basis of 100 per cent, and the Juniors gave them a party at the Parish House. The party was unique andenjoyable. A Grand Indoor Trackmeetv was held. .Such athletics as the Continuous Clum Discus Throwingf' and a Love contest were held. Oran Shackleford won the love-making contest by a large majority of the girls votes. peppermint candy in a half lemon were served. AMERICAN-NATIONAL RECEPTION The Americans having won both the game and the ticket selling contest wer- cordially entertained by the Nationals, at the home of Thelma and Bennie Milburn. A big crowd assembled about eight o clock and the old favorites Wink umv and "Clap In, Clap Out and other games were engaged in for about one hourg then another hour was spent in dancing Misses Bennie Milburn and Margaret Watts being the accompanists. The fun continued until a late hour when the Nationals served cones to their guests who decided that even though the Nationals had not won, they surely knew how to entertain. ! ! l 1 l D-Y! g-.niqin-1:1 1 in be qw' Lrfflflcrurar-4 SUM or Day MV- G-revx rhalies ynvfhfvl Sql-WMS nam Yes ,,- i P rv-Le Y' Q h,lYQ,1 fllllg Svvmnr nu Svvnurr 4 E1 The Senror lJll11CN on QCYIIUI Day, bagged and pleaded to romp rnd play Qhattrng rnd eatrrrg wrtlr merry gl They had Nlr Dudley qurte up a tree lhey gaye a Crrle program rn thrpel tlrrt na And also had r trrgrc three act play The dr una urtrtled Red Rrdrng Hood Was a drFfr1ult plry hut the actors were good 'Ihen M re Holt grye a readrng so well That mouths and eyes wrde open fell When the Senror chrldren sang songs, srlly 'rs true The whole audrenme grggled and they had no rrght to fwruse they could not expect mere drrldren to be To stay, or lo keep rn perfect harmony lhe next two per rods r lunch was enjoyed, And hrhs and lrottles the habes well employed Toasts were grven and speeches were sard, And the fatulty and lxrds had a delrghtful spread After ahout twenty nrrnutes to take prctures rn We had to go to wollx or go to the pen Songs and laughter drefl avyay too soon, Xnd wr had to study all that afternoon But oh, that rrrglrt we warted to see When wed have so rnufh fun at a lxrd prrty to the Jrrty wt w nt, Ind stayed lrl en And we d never lr rd r nrrreh fun rn olr l dont lxnow when Nerd year, Junrors, nray SGIIIUI Day nrern lo you, What rt drcl thrs year to the Llass of 22 l92Z ...T K I --Ill- a Q -112- A vw ,- THE HASHLIGHT Jlumnr Semnr Eanqnet The gala occaslon of the year 1921 22 for the Jumors and Senlors of the Abllene Hlgh School was the launchlng of the steamer Good Fellowshlp on Aprll the fifteenth at mne oclock at the I 0 O F all The hall was fllled wlth a gay group of students and teachers who chatted lnformally untll the grand march was formed The march WhlCh was led by Mr Earl Gultar and Mlss Mlldred Lrnkenhoger finally led to the banquet room where the tables were arranged to represent a steamer from the masts of which hung pennants of purple lavender yellow and Whlle Mlnlature shlps marked places for one hundred and seventy five guests As the guests partook of the many d8llC3C16S they talked of thelr past and future voyages Mr Earl Gultar as toastmaster, lntro duced the speakers on the program Uhr IITIPM To the Voyage To the Voyagers To the Crew Any Old Port m To the OHICCFS The Key to Port To the Fleet a Storm PROGRAM Mr R D Green Claramaye Couch Rosamond Whlte Mr L E Dudley Robert Hoppe Dorothy Wrlght Gray Browne Q A Q C t 1 0 1 4 Elght months ago the fleet of A H S was assembled for a n1ne months crulse Old tars foresaw stormy days ahead and sought w1th 1nf1n1te pams to chart a course that would avo1d Qcylla and Charybdls and that would sarl past the llghthouses erected by experlenced sailors Shrp carpenter Shotwell and hls mechamcs were steamrng about ln tug boats gettmg everythlng ln shxp shape and satrsfymg themselves that the vessels were sea worthy Steward Farrls was laymg 1n hardtack and other comforts for the lnner man knowmg well that sea a1r creates a fine appet1te Purser Harkrlder was collectlng valuables from the passengers such as combs powder puffs l1p sucks na1l files and such other lmpedlmenta as young mlnds are prone to clog the educatnonal machlnery wlth and auctlonmg them off at assembly to the hlghest bldders the proceeds to be used to feed those young people affhcted wlth a ravenous CHPHCIIY for gormandrze ment Mates Clack and Chrlstopher were adroltly recountlng the charms of the voyage the beautres of the Lady of the Lake the wonders of Treasure Island the tmge of romance chng mg yet around the Tale of Two Cltles and Just as adroltly dlsplaymg generalshlp rn the con cealment of Hamlets ghost and that other rnghtmare of the classlcs Carlyles Essay on Burns which were to be sprung upon mnocent mldshlpmen when they were well out at sea beaten by ,Iumor and Senior tempests Dr Woodall was selectlng the cast for Mr Bob and examlnlng squads to see that all audltory nerves were 1ntact and could take ln the sxgnlficance of a command and that the powers of speech were capable of clear resonant answers Cabln boy Boyce darted ln and ou ln the busy llttle boat Admlral Green m full regalxa firmly trod the deck and finally signalled to Captam Dudley that the S3115 hung ready The anchor was slowly swung at the 1922 -- .....-.- .......- v Q ----- --- --- 9 Q o . -, . . . . , , . . - 1 , 1 . . I , ' ' . , - V l 1 - . . . , x 1 1 - . . , - . ' . ' , . To the Pilot .....,.........................r.,.r.............,... ...,eeY............A............................. ........ M a e Holt . . , . RJ . . . . . . .' . f . . . ' ' ' s ' s ' 1 ' , .- as an sa as - 7 - v 1 ' - 4, . . ,, . . . . . . , . ' ' ' 1 as 91 - . . . ' ,' ' - sa as - - . ' ' . ' . l. ' , - - . . . ' - . L , ' A 5 Y 9 -113- bow amld creaklng timbers, fall of rope, and last farewells to dotlng friends upon the quay The four ships of A H S took their station behind the flag ship, and moved slowly out to sea 1n such serenity that I was reminded of Colerldges painted ship upon a painted ocean To day I dragged from the cabin the ships log called by some sailors the Flashlight and I found many lncldents of the cruise worth recountlng Though hardships were many, the captain stern and unrelenting at times, and the Admiral given to halr splitting d1St1I1Cwl0I1S on occasions, yet there were gala days aboard when the bonny boat sped like a bird on the wing, the waters were placid with the o1l of good fellowship, and bandmaster Kelso waved her baton and the crew stood at attention and swore fealty to the Stars and Stripes, and roared out Haul on the bowllne the bully ships arollmg , days when the value of comradeshlp was manlfested and the men who were ln the foremost ships answered the S O S calls of the weaker vessels, and halted their course to confer about leadership dlscuss sportsmanship, exerclse craftsmanship cultivate frlendshlp, experiment w1th courtship, and at the same time avold a coll1s1on with the destroyer Hardshlp But this was inevitable, the crew would descend the hatchway three steps at a tlme, would insist upon singing Lil Liza Jane, and would raid the kitchen for ples and other delicacies left in the oven for which the leading offenders were condemned to languish in that "dark and dreary dungeon called detention These were the only outbreakmg mutimes record ments in monkeyshrp, scholarship and penmanship, was discovered entertaining the little court ship Alma with bursts of eloquence and surrcptltxously darting 1nto l1'tle coves and nooks where he thought he would not be observed That course certainly exhibited craf'smansh1p However a little companionship intervened at this stage and His Lordship, with the aid of statesmanshlp entered 1nto a two power pact with his Frederick Charlesship by which both parties agreed that neither would slander the other in the presence of Her Ladyship The attempts of OHICCI' Brooks to inflate or resuscitate those mldshlpmen with whose stu p1d1ty he was aggravated, by administering odorous gases whlch threatened the lives of also the innocent bystanders will not soon be forgotten However the log further recounts the pleasant relationship in general that the members of the little fleet have had with the OHICSIS aboard and ll notes the fact that many a warm friend ship has developed during these four years before the mast Comrades now that we are nearmg port and are slgnallng each other reluctant farewells before we dlsembark for the short period to precede the time when we shall take our places in the separate vessels that are to bear us out for a longer cruise on Lifes high sea, lt IS well to remember that on that voyage we shall have every need for the scholarshlp, sportsm nship friendship, and citizenship we have been surrounded w1th during thls brlefer preparation, however long it may have seemed to some of us We shall have no sympathetic sponsorshlp when we come to g1ve an account of our stewardship But with the experience of this cruise you may rest assured that in the years to come we shall not fall below the high standard old A H S has always had for us Our sails are set stralght, our colors are nalled to the mast, and we row forth hopefully and confidently into the future One shtp drwes East and another drwes West By the self same wznrls that blow Its the set 0 the satls and not the gale That determznes the wav they go Ltke the wuuls of the waves are the ways o Fat As we journey alone through llfe Its the set of the soul that zleterrnmes the goal And not the storrn and the strtfe 114- D D',J ' I' : , Pi ' ilasll liilllil . ' ' ' . . , N . - . i . ,, . . , A . 44 - as . , , . . . . '. . I . . . . b. . ,, . . . ,. - - an . . , . ,,. . . 4 I . a , , . . .I . . . 44 . . ., . . . I . ,, . . . 8 ed in the log except that on one day His Lordship, an eminent Senior, distinguished for his attain- 5 Y - , . ' 7 . . , . . . I . fa . y l. . . . . V , cz ' - - . ' J ' f ' , st - f Q f 8, L. 5 D , ' rs 1 1 W3 ' 1' Q 1 Q 1 4 1 9 2 2 1 Q 1 f Q fa I ' aio ll Ab1lene, Texas, Oct 6 1921 DLAR Bm. Ive been studymg letter wr1t1ng and thought ld pracuce on you be1ng as you have a sweet d1spos1t1on and IIVC a long way off Besldes IIS more economlcal to WTIIC to you than to any body else I know because you l1ve a couple of thousand m1les away and I get the whole two thousand for two cents, whlle 1f I wrote to some fellow only flfty mlles away It would cost just the same and I wouldnt get my two cents worth, so you see, ll s a hargam Im go1ng to the Ab1lene H1gh School now They appreclate the honor I do 'hem too Im awfully popular They almost always 1ns1st that I stay an hou1 after school, and the teachers have to fl1p a n1ckle to see who gets me after detentlon Besrdes 1ts other attractlons th1s school has got a chapel perrod Presummg your 1gnorance, Ill explaln what that 15 Chapel perlod IS a th1rty mlnute 1nterval allowed the students for recre atlon flf you happen to be on the program It a1nt recreat1on, It s torture? The school IS dlV1dCd 1nto llterary soc1et1es wh1ch perform 1n turn for the benefit of the whole school thus the .lun1or Llterary SOCIEIY Sophomore L1terary Soc1ety, and Sen1or Socxety and Mr Dudley and the VIC trola organlzed 1nto a k1nd of a scrub team, wh1ch treats us once 1n a wh1le It happened to be Mr Dudley s turn one day and he pushed the Vlctrola out and cranked It up ht a1nt a self starter? The first p1CCC he played was the Hammer and Saw Chorus by balll Carpenter, accompamed by her ma1d and the holler factory It was awful Sounded l1ke a dog fight on a t1n roof Mr Dudley got up and gave us a lengthy d1scuss1on of IIS ments, saylng lt was one of the most beautlful selectlons of F111 opera and that next 'o da da and the ABCs baby should be taught the v1rtues of F111 opera, fsorter on the pr1nc1ple that chlldren should be taught the hardshlps of l1fe at an early age I suppose? The next plece was the that It was an acc1dent, and that he hadnt lntended to play the lowly th1ng Oswald fhes the guy that shares my chewmg gum and mrnts and seat durmg chapel per1od? nudged me Aw, that dont sound stra1ght to me Every tlme he plays a PICCE that makes you want o wlggle your toes, he apologlzes, then when he plays somethmg l1ke that Hammer and Screw drlver Chorus, whlch makes everybody w1sh graphones was a lost art, why he gets up and trles 0 k1d us 1nto bellevlng 1ts one of the blesslngs of c1v1l1zat1on Sure, I agreed 1f that carpentry plece had a blue label and a name that dldnt rattle your false teeth why hed be g1v1ng It as the reaso11 glrls leave home, or one of the causes of the World War 'Alt a1nt r1ght" Sald Oswald, sorrowfully Say Os I Sald, nudglng h1m 1n the wlshbone, Ive got a scheme I whlspered my plan to h1m Oswald let out a grln that crowded h1s ears up 1nto a corner, and slgswed the 22 kt marks on hls gold Jaw teeth Great' you ve got a bra1n thatd make Socrates look l1ke a lowbrow You send for It to nlght " That nlght I sent a letter to the Vlctor Company, lncloslng five dollars and requestlng that they send me a blank lmpresslon record I dont know whether 1t was the maglc of my name or the lure of the five bucks but they sent a couple of blank records a few days later Os had an old dlctaphone that would serve as a recordlng machlne, so me set out to get our records Lets get a couple of rounds of your uncles sneeze suggested Os Naw, Sald I 1t a1nt volum1nous enough, and theres no var1ety Asbestos, our burro, has got a VOICE equal to a couple of sextettes and a bass drum band iYou remember Asbestos Blll shes that donkey that took up w1th us whlle you were v1s1t1ng me last summer She found out I had a k1nd heart and an account at the feed store and adopted me as a stepfather? Shes got an awful m1ld d1spos1t1on, Os, and no VICBS, except that she 1ns1sts on ra1s1ng her vo1ce 1n song 1f the alfalfa and oats a1nt forthcomlng regularly Yeh but we d have to starve her three or four days to get her to perform cont1nuously and harmonlously, and the nelghbors a1nt got the same fme ear for muslc that Mr Dudley has Be .qc .q-.. -.. . . ,-H11 ,,,.,,..,, U -A-.11 -..-.-.1- ' . , . , V. . . , . N . , , 1 , 1 . , . , . . . - 5 , . . I . . . . . ' T , - . . . . , . ., . . . 1 1 ' ' , . . ' 1 . . , . 44 ss N . . . . -. - - 9 li 75 I ' ' ' Borneo Blues. It sounded pretty n-early l1ke muslc, and Mr. Dudley k1nd of apologlzed, saylng . . , . . , .... 7 44 9 . - . l . V t . . Q . . , - . , . . . t . . . . . . . .. . ,, Li 99 56' ' ' 5 7 , . . . . , 9, . , . , . - 66 77 ' ' ' ' ' 65 9 75 9 7 ' . . H , . , I . ' . . , . . 56 7 7 77 , . ,G 9, . tt- - - , - , . . ,, - , . , . . . . . , . ' Gi 7 , . - - 9 - vs 56 ' 7 1 I Q 1 v 7 1 1 -116- W -117- A ' " FLASI-IHIIIGHT sldes, we am got that much t1me I bet they starve Carouso a couple o weeks before one of hrs blg arguments Sure, but th1s donkey has got a ta1l, and tw1st1ng lt w1ll serve just as well as th dretmg trlck You gotta adm1t shes a class above Carouso there as an opera s1nger We went out 1nto the yard, and Os set up hrs machme I chmbed up rn a tree, two degrees out of reach of Asbestoss rear extremltles KI had a sort of premomtlon she would ralse more than a vocal protest to the cr1me we were medltatmgl You klck old bossy over there 1n the rlbs at the end of each stanza Os, and let her co ln on the refram Everythlng was ready, and I gav a generous twlst to the donkeys tall and Os set the ma chme golng Asbestos gave a long, soulful outburst, fully Justlfymg our tw1n sextette expecta tlons, and started at hlgh C and went clean through the alphabet l kept tw1st1ng the tall, and every once ln a whlle old bossy would come 1n ln obedlence to some gentle persuas1on from Oswald, unt1l flnally we filled the dlsc The poor old donkeys tall looked llke the tw1n brother to a coll sprmg, and her face wore an expr SSIOH of noble rndxgmty at our ungentlemanly treat ment Nor would she become reconcrled upon my humble presentatlon of a double portion of alfalfa I pasted a red label on the record and we named lt the Medulla Oblongata Os sllpped ll mto a p1le of records that were to be played the next ttme Our chance came sooner than we expected Our dear and well loved muse teacher was slck on one of her days, and the S ar Qpangled Banner got sllghted because the phonograph alnt a b1t patrlotxc and could play How She Shakes Her Knees before the m1n1ster wlthout blushmg Mr Dudley pushed out the old Vlctrola and started playlng F1rst were a couple of operatrc PICCCS by Gutta Purcha and Douglas Farrbanks They were red seal records and there fore awful Next came the Medulla Oblongata Its red seal and dlgI11fl8Cl name won Mr Dudley s 1n hls chalr, closed hls eyes and placmg a look of eccleslastlcal bllss on h1s noble countenance prepared to enjoy the donkey record to the utmost B1ll I have been studymg Engllsh pretty nearly all my l1fe and Latln about four or five weeks, and I w1sh to say rlght here that there alnt no adjectlve ln e1th r one of those languages thats near strong enough to express my 0pll'llOIl of that record For a few moments I felt con sclence strlcken for 1nfl1ct1ng It on my fellow students, they must have suffered somethlng awful When the thlng was f1n1shed Mr Dudley got up The subl1m1ty of the thmg rendered hum speechless for a moment but flnally he spoke slowly That, ln my op1n1on, IS one of the grand st P18069 of Hlndu olchestra ever lnvented I IS wonderful, subl1me It IS a selectlon that every one of you should play every mormng before breakfast unt1l you can appreclate IIS great beauty Sometlmes I thmk a person must be born to apprecrate a plece lrke that Whlle I was srttmg there w1th my eyes closed and the sordld outslde world shut from my v1ew I dreamed I saw lrttle blrdtes smgmg and the butterflles mak mg butter and the wmd rustlmg the housetops Ill play It aga1n and you can see what you can Imagine He put the thlng on agaln and I closed my radlum orbs and lmagmed I was parked under a plle drlver ln N0 mans land durmg the mam argument ,lust then a bunch of cops wlth shotguns burst lnto the room Wheres the figh " Mr Dudley looked at them p1ty1ngly Why you scoundrelly lowbrows, thats one the greatest peces of Hmdu orchestra ever recorded How dare you msult such art'7' .lust then the bell rang, and all the students ran Joyfully to thelr lessons fjust l1ke they always dol Last thmg I heard, the cops Sald somethmg about arrestlng Mr Dudley for dlsturb mg the peace or cruelty to ammals Well Blll I guess you re gettlng tlred of my chlrography fthough I do wrrte a pretty falr hand on the IYPCWIIICTI, so guess Ill close Sweetly yours, KING RICHARD COEUR DE LIONE P S It must have gotten out somehow cause the Vxctor company has be n ch smg me for the last week trylng to get me to make them some donkey records 1922 . in-0: n:u--I- U Q -s-II, .-.....-I.. .- . . ,t . . L t ' 79 ,G . . . . . . . G , , l ' 5 I ' 77 V ' 5 I I L . I I I H . . -. I , , me ' ' 55 . ' A i . , . L L ' I I I 55 79 I -I Q - . . . , . . . ' 64 77 ' . , 3 ' A6 f 77 ' - s - - - an as - - ' I , I I I as 77 l ' ' ' 7- respect immediately, and after he had put it on and started the machine running, he sat down l , , , . , . . . H . , . . I , ' , ' . . . . . , . M . . . . L . K . 1 . - t . . , . . . . . , . - . . . , . . .. , .. . . ,, . . . ,, , ,, . . 66 7 . 65 I I 9 ' ' 7 l , A . I '. . . , , 7 V 7 - , . -- , I ' I 11 ' . 5 . " -118- ' 'FTW' .-.-.......-...-.-.- F THE ,,,,-,,,-,- I-ASHLIGHT ALI. SCHO0L'S A LAB EXPERlMENT,AND ALL THE Bll.L SHAKESFEAREKREVISU-ij np-N: cm ccunmmo wuwne or oynuue AuolcoNxMrRLlM- OP PsnAo.:auay1AND PIC-KLKD foazrm vAa4z r y! L ,muwfv As om Fnsswmz N mxv sex cemvumnvcv A ssonvmem? ur Lsicues: 'wus eenmrrms Lszcn, LA1-:N Lsccmusny nm un. EN:-msn Lsscu :rc A, rms Pfciufs Pnss 'rwnu - THE LEELNE5 CLIN!! 'YO YMEUNKTNIS UN- DQUBYEDL gapvse. me Pnnmum M. ro Wamnsmrva bnwfny X Pcrue 15 sumo j A N way A If 1 e- Rune sn. was N f, 1 ' ?fAPDlNhS 5""""" dj I Us l vll ei- 1 .u. Q Z as-n.L.mQ 1 H W E F F vx. Emr Tues ran .1 Plr.xLe5 IN c.AsE nrAu-.GN ns 1-Q Q Fume or Amelruou 1au.sNT' , z ' V' 5 ,aj 5 .. --M .mi Aw- UNM4, Cemssnvsmo Faurr :An :.aN1'AlNlr4r.1 -ru,-,E WHERE c.nAuQen PR-4:15 sssos 'WK ,A r1c,nu.s PoRf1F1'S sur-msec: wuv-re on-Men E1 Q ' -1 9 HALF nr Lsmmsn :rm AQDQFOR asmav x me sunvnus :NERGY F-nam PucKLE5j Rena-mu I0 os-,suns Tms as Gly Gwsss Lfsw f Flmsusu nnunucv. gp beam :TE Cnwwsnsnnam DEBATE Resomfen 1-M1' urs A wncn.r. Luv wenae Pon A omfxrss 1-0 wave THE' SARETNHOAT' r AN 1 I5 Pea CENUPEQL -ro hAvE comes Ln Lusvzvv au Rumfvxus Nunn as rn: smmmn-fs numasa OF LEf.vs Passsasen ay 1'roE E'N!'IPEDl: AND WHEN YUU LAN srosn -rm: was-:zur mrno Prmgk an QL ilu, irc. 51: 2 Idda fanart ' Nwuaa Q DW FUIMER Fawn Tlsugia Z if 7 w N N? in ' .xx V .:'f" ,ww .. Q, . 'UWA' S 4 . " ,f', s ' ' 5 S g 1j' Y, i Q! .V 'Y V Y ' -if--'f TNF S1-VDENTS Assocnarnon lNs1-EAD A Q vw-SSTED PDRM Pon mesrmbs ap -Q-? 'SL' DUET B7 Enema Am-o Woov Crue cn: PAQ: us Ensmq .Q Gaeonueur W1 TH THE FUNN OF THE u.suAn."Rauau wny, Rl: H MH :r 'S 1 Y 1 I5 ' . Y I Y . Y , , H Q. 1 1 , A W --Af f ,gf 1 K A ,f N? I ,,. - .T ' 5 , A 'f 1 2 'Ji , Q 1. . '. s - '15 lggffl-V P-- - , 1 ' ' 1 5' 0 f 1 '- 'fi , 'X 6? 1 1 A . A 111 C :Q .1 J QS- " 'Y ' f +- - 5 X 'f E- ' 1 0 H . Y A - , 5 . . AQ' ' H 1 M- , if -:uf Q r2V1',Np XXXQK f 6 441' " '13 V '9,,, A -vb af C W 11 A51 ggii Mm ?Z S ':-'-:- gg , ' 1 fi- Q ki X J fl: 0: W 1 . 6 X I 3 . ,T 'Va U: QQ ,wf - ..: , X 6 A b ' 1 X I , - A Y -119- 1 S 1 4' Q 1 Q Q 1 1922 "'1"T'7'4" , FLASH LIGHT Uhr Burn' nf illllg CErra1t Svatiafariinn IPIIIZIC WINNING STUIIY1 I was eight years old when thin hrst great longing start g I HS ' il reared on the range and saw mnny riders eonte und go, hut not one ever toolx the wztrm ph 'e acllnirzltion in my heurt that .loe flnnilihell held. I rrmentln-r Illill liret evening thin he Came riding up to the runelt and tislwd lor at jolt of hront'-hustin. I donit remetnlrer what was said. hut he got the joh. 'llhe next week was spent in rounding in the hr-rd ol horses lrom the grent seventy-Seetim pZiSlllI'C to the south. Out of that wild herd were ehosen something like thirty lor .loe to heg' lvrezlliing lrotn their wild free lift- to yeurs ol lutrd, atetive serviee. .Nmong these wus at great blue' stallion that stamped and snorted zthout the high-fenced eorrnl ns the rtst ol' the lvztnd were re- leased to their freedom- I was watelting them from at granrlstnncl Seitl ' ' H , 2 '1 '- Q 1 'im ' up lmeside me. His warm and 1-heel-ful grin. along ' It so 1' 'z It y ' " te 1111 S "e 1 slipped me. had Completely won me to his friendship. "Nlyl look at that hig lJlLl1'Ii.-I he exeluitned udmiringly. "llow'd you like to he uhle 1" him, Kid?" he grinned down at me. "Ceelu l exeluintecl, overwhelmed nt the idmt. "'l'hing I erin ride him?" "I 'speeli we'lI See pretty IIIIICIQ, Kid." ln' i1llSWCI'Cl als he elannltered down Lind went to see about his saddle. My hreath eame ll little quicker when u I1-w minutes Inter the Ivig hlnrlx was sanldled. z .Ive was preparing to mount. He had an eztsiness o' we 1 1 2 A 1 1 ' eat as he swung quickly into the Saddle and said, "Let 'im loose. hoysl" The hig horse seemed surprised for at moment, then downing his In-ad and Innnping o ' hall, he jumped straight up into the air. Un the climax of that ,IIIIIIII the spurs w' tome, wrenching un atgonized lrellow lrom him. Ile -lllllllllfil so fur and last that he was Ll living S how-legged demon, rode hint with at grin. 'llhen my longing heeume at pttrpose. I was going to leztrn to ride lilo- tha . tim got Ll L'llillIl'l' alter that I rode something that would pitch. Nlatny were the hnrd hills and lJI'P2llll- cheeliing senres I got. hut they were outweig . y ' grin and words ol eneourngement I go from Joe. Autumn. winter. Elllll spring eatme und went until all his 're ilI'I'IVt'll the day of ull days the Fourth of July. llluny ol' the hoys lrom the neighhoring I'2lIIt'lll'3S were riding into Sonora enter the roping und riding eontestsg f 'r . ' ' Qt-1-ml t 3 ig 1 ' - l I - 4 Ll little seeret of our own. I was going to enter the ,lunior Ilitling Contest and ,loe was going 1 enter the Senior Contest. He was the lust rider in his event. llis horse wats A ' s "f---A ta 'I Jite " Ju I knew joe would ride him, 'l'he horse wus led out und saddled. ,loe swung ni 1 1 -'ig 'S big Stetson lrotn his head, ye ed. "I,et 'itn loose." It all happened in il moment. 'l'he seeond jumn that the horse nn - '15 , -'S ri hi g - Ieatlter und he. in trying to regain hie lmztlunee. was thrown oxer on the other 9 ' ' . S I 1 ' A . . I in up in nn ln tit I w horn nd tt ol 2' 1n in lx on the Llllllll whtn los ttmm ln ind Ll Intl wit nn tttl Nllltlll l I emi lly to ide I, ind I intwtmtit th 1t reminded ine of .1 mt 11 ent l g put men ol il cyclone. 'l'hrough ull his hueking. twisting. turning, nnd trielxy pitching. joe. the little tt I rely e I hed In the l t the W, 1 to Inn none writ -o lull ol hxpe 1 I lol loe find I had it 1 ttillq slim oiifl rt I nl 1 hu I' t ,. I 1nd tetlxnf' ln ll I I nh huke log g pity " " ide llt lul 120 THE .... -... -.....-.. 1 1 1.141 1...-L U went clear through the stirrup as he fell. Three men with their ropes down jumped their horses , , 7 7 BL 77 5 it , www- THE FUXSHLIGHT 'I-'-i-I - - to the rescue and before the big sorrel had dragged Joe a dozen yards a rope settled around the horses neck and he was thrown and tied. I ran up crying but when I saw Joe being carried off so white and still I got so mad I couldnt see. I kicked the helpless horse, and then a sudden thought came to me. I would get revenge and ride him for Joe. No one was watching me as I stood astride the tied horse and measured the stirrups. Yes they were short enough! I seized the choke rope in my left hand, reached down and released his feet. I went white as he rose under me. Hooking spurs in the cinch, I felt myself being carried up, up-then came a sickening descent. I had one lightning impression of a blur of faces in the grandstand then a jar that almost popped my neck. The next few moments seemed like some kind of a night- mare to me. My body was wrenched and tortured by a twisting, turning whirlwind of horse- I was about ready to turn loose and be thrown when the horse paused for a single instant reared burst the mighty artery leading from his heart. I staggered up pushing men from me, and seeing Joe seated over against the fence I went to him. When I was seated by his side, he put his arm around me- Did I ride him Joe? I asked sleepily. You just bet you did! You re the best rider on the range and a pard to tie tol And with his words my longing was fulfilled. It was the hour of my great satisfaction! -ROY WARD. f51'8g,H Iiragrr Twinkle, twinkle, little Npenf, How I do hate to be in When a football game is on, Or my chum on a hunt has gone. When the detention list is read And I hold my breath in dread, Breathe with me a silent prayer That my name wonit be on there. -121- ...,... . 1922 . - Q -. high into the air and fell his length. He had pitched his last time, for in that effort ,he had 5 'FTW' - .......- -.........- v -. .... ....- A Cbvntil 1Hartit Svrninr I fWith apologies to Chaucer! A Cenror was ther Wlfh a red sweater In the study halle neare the glrles he ysatte Upon hls hced IS a whyt Stetson hatte Hrs brown shoes are ful well y sh1ned He speken louder than others of hls k1nd Wel coude he talke to glrles, short and talle Ydodge dements and yescape detentlon halle Fro mornmg untll the nlght He wol lafen joken or fight ThlS worthy Semor IS a presldente To that OHICC noone better coude be y sent IIIS gouvcrnance was so very yexcellent That m1 dues were nmety nme plus one cent Wlth teachers and students alle When he IS ywanted tts Bonv they calle Ross DAWKINS A Memoir Slttlng before a fue 1n a room ln Nlagara cne w1nter evenmg I was looklng back over a volume of the 1922 Flashllght the year book of the Abllene Hrgh School As I sat absorbed ln thought a v1s1on of the old Abrlene H1gh Qchool now the Central Ward Qchool appeared to me and Isaw aga1n many of the old famlllar faces as they were on a typ cal day ln 1922 I am busy at my desk and tha tall lanky awkward boy across the alsle on my rlght IS Edgar Goodnlght edltor of the annual and otherw1se known as Alma I am aroused from my study by the prlckmg of a pm and I find that the offender 1S he A bell announces the end of the seventh period whlch cuts short the squabbllng of Alma and Bony the class presrdent known to many as Franklm Haynes I take thls three mlnute mterval between the classes to avenge myself on Alma and after several moments of scuffhng we are warned by MISS Smlth that th1s 1S an 1n0ppOrtl1I1C tlme to settle our d1ff1cult1es and perhaps two demerrts w1ll help us to remember ll next t1me The boy leanmg m h1s seat up agamst the wall and kept busy dodglng Pat Murphys paper wads IS Cup Beall whose Chr1st1an name IS Bennre Oswald Babb s1tt1ng 1n front of htm IS busy wrltmg another theme thls one I thmk to be a ballad to .lane Strnson Papa Gentry the l1ttle fellow behmd Alma IS havlng a hard tlme trymg to study because Pek Noland keeps annoymg h1m because he IS so llttle Pete Olds rntervenes at th1s polnt to get my key to the Flashhght room Hearrng laughter among the grrls rn the back of the study hall I find that Lots mchackelford and Bertha S1dCS are quarrellmg over a compact box Lucrle W1nsh1p and Dorothy Wrtght are looklng on wlth mterest Patty Bass IS trymg to persuade Clyde Pratt that he has tlme to wrxte ln her memory book and D W Wrlsten IS studymg the Webster Hayne debate Cec1l Boles IS stlll at work on Woolleys Handbook Between the seventh and erghth perlods Benjy Wllt shlre IS employed passlng out and recervmg notes as fast as the grrls call for them Any further thoughts along thls lme are mterrupted by the supper bell and I replace the book on the shelf wonderlng where all these old frmds are who for all thelr mlsglvlngs made the best Senlor Class ever put out by Abllene Hlgh School GRAY BROWNE I 9 2 2 ., . - , ' 9 4 5 . , , 7 v 7 3 ' 7 - N ' 5 - 9 ' ' B5 79 'I' 'F 'f 46 , , ' . 1 -J s M 9 9 0 . . . " 9 5 ' ' ' A6 77 , . , . - - - an 5, tt va - 5 1 ' ' ' 65 75 . v , . M . ,, . . . . . . . . . - , . . . . . ,, ,, , 5 7 ' 9 ' ' IC 79 ' ' ' ' 66 59 5 if - 7, 9 , . . - . - s as as - - - - , . . , - y 1 , .1l.i-ii 1 Q K ll- Q 1 1 ,, 4 4 1 ' ' - ' 1 Ju ! W W -123- wwf THE ' Fl-ASHLIGHT ' "- Jlnkva MISS Clack m 4-B Engllsh dlscusslng The Cotter s Saturday Nlght Frank l1n tell us what they had for supper Franklln Haynes Well about l1ke any body else I suppose they had beans MISS Kelso ln Chapel Look at No 57 All Through the Nlght M1ss Dav1s A fool can ask questlons wlse men cant answer Garland Ollver I guess thats why so many of us flunk on exams M1ss Clack Your report should be wr1t ten so that even the most lgnorant may understand 1t you understand M1ss Clack? M1ss Woodall Were you ever bother ed wlth dyspepsla? Bertha Sldes Yes once I got set back ln school for not knowmg how to spell lt MISS Trantham Im hoarse my bron chlal tubes are closed Eugene D1d you say your broncho tubes? Mr Dudley Edgar the evldence show ed that you threw a stone at Pete Edgar Goodmght Yes and hlS looks show that I h1t hlm If Jep Colllns had had ears l1ke Mr Green and halr llke Ross Dawk1ns and a football su1t l1ke Dad Gentry he mlght be good looklng but we doubt lt ADVERTISEMENTS Wanted To know lf asp1r1n IS good for bunlons MISS Chrlstopher Wanted A man wrth ple crust teeth to decorate ples M1ss RODIDSOH Lost My teacher has lost her temper Please dont find It Luclle WlDSh1p Lost or Stolen Sleep between dayllght and dawn Lols Shackelford Dad Gentry Say d1d you see old Frank llns Ford? Its certamly a wreck Pat Murphy Zat so? What happened to lt? Dad The poor nut trled to run t through town the other day after they start M1ss Woodall Why do we celebrate March 2? Edward Duke I know Because lt IS ground hog day MISS Woodall 1n Publlc Speakmg Class Farrls why dldnt you get your book? Dndnt they have any more? Farrls Gray I dldnt go I sent my BIG brother fWe should l1ke to see lum D Lols Shackelford You know that ex cuse you told me the other day to sprmg on Mr Dudley for belng late? Helen Strlbbllng Yes Wasnt ll handy though? LOIS It sure was' He handed me five demerlts .........-......... v Q ..... ......-.... Av . , . . , . . ' sa .1 - as-.sa - . v 5 . . . . 9 ' . . . ' ii ' 'W' u - , . 7, - . . ' ' T55 W a ' 9 . . . . L ' 7 55 'W I . Q J n 'W ' ' 9 75 g 4 - -.t , , - , , .79 - 7 9 - ' L6 ' ' . . E . i W ' as . . , ' Lois Shackelford-g'What part of ll dont ed that ffswat the flyu campalgnl , .ss - in - - i . . ,, . ' 55 i n . . "' v . . . ,, . . ' T455 9 - - . - 1 5 - as . . , . E , , -.5 - . , 99 ' D . - . , , 44 A - ' - . - , - 77 -ll- . ., . - - - ' 7 1 a 7, ' . . , . . . , . - - . 9 ' ' -124- 5'-1 I l 0 Q 4 1 9 2 2 - - , vrwr THE iocno-qc:-A751-n-1.1 ' ' this-.-1 -1 1 We Wm prawn Tu LET 100 X hi ww we nur oP11lE ruwv uv 1 Q I, 6 Mm waonub ysw my X . 735: Emvnen "puM,rou:', 2 3 1 xh , :Eau i.d?x 1 ' ' J' Q , 475.53 gg-cf f 2, ,. -Q AXE' ' 1, ' J ,..1 5 - , A K' X 1 ..,, ' fl A5 I ' .5 2 ,-flllgx yan Q, J , mr if Af fn' : 1-I iff 'V w Z X 5 2 I.. I 'Q I FLC-munmwu E if E -if ll, '-5 'T THE OIIVW ww rw an smumwmra yuan- 0 c THE TE mn! ww 1-mpgs vouR Fvwywuf STuFPlv4q In T945 Mmni aw mr LEcTuRs Ann ENTITLFS YW T' PLN! I-EWIYIG fllf IIVTNF IYFV 5YAmpq ,rr yuu fp: vw 5-nv'f consul' T-J 4411 qomgpy mf ,qgou If Pvrmvg OV- fu, ,LYQ1-'15 yuan .pr gyfgyrlvy, m.lnr.1l1 ' .F , , 01 fn! j , fn 4 ' K ,f 5. , X ,f f 1 Xx If X z f X2 5 5 N K, x : x U L, ' E! 7 ,E W. , ' i ' WZ' Z Sm' A X W f iq Sf 7 , 1 Q. ffx J Y j Z Q, uf' f f f f f Q rw f, ff I f ' X Q95 5 ffy Z4 I, f Za W A If JR! Wiwy 1 f ff' 'Z f , f f Q Q , 'D f f' I V. - -X 3 V V X- ' h X 13 X, 53 X f L ,ff , X, TH: Dru LITTLE can ww rcnrfflu anew THE TEACH!-R ww: my Cvrfrc1wT"Vf'-V MlU.lyERf Aqgurp WNILI' HES' EMNATTYG Nu OFPMEVTO Q4Ew,,,,f,c,u,vn R U ,xx OWY S!1PlFCE, Aff Wvv LM...-r.xNn - r lslktr 4 -125- 1 Q 3 4' 'Y Q 1 s s 1 1 9 2 2 , . , . 47 'FFT --.-.-..,- -.- . FLASLHEIGHT , -.-.-.- - -.- Someone The G A G s are gomg to have a party on Aprll Fool Lolabel Moore-Oh' but what day IS Aprll fool? I wont bc here untll a'ter the tenth' Mr Peek 1n Solxd Geometry Class Cecll do you understand th1s propos1t1on" Cecll Boles Yes Mr Peek contmulng les on I guess the rest of the class does then Sophomore How many subjects are you carrylngr' Flsh I am carrymg one and draggmg three Roy Ward Central 308T please Dorothy Barnes Hello' Roy Hello IS that Barnes rcs1dence" Earl Leason Luzelle lf we were not ln this old row boat Id klSS you Luzelle flndlgnantlyi Take me to shore at once Frankhn Haynes fln Economlcs class? Say Mr McCarter d1d you know that when salmon are llttle fellows they run away from home? One went 300 mlles once and then went lack home Pat Murphy How dld they know h d1d" Who watched h1m to se 9 Franklm Oh I guess they put a speed ometer on hlm 31nkra MISS Trantham flfl Blology classl By the way bables bcmg bow legged IS not caused by thelr walkmg too early John T Davls No m lt s caused by rrd mg horseback M1ss Woodall Oran, w1ll you please tell the class what you thmk Public Speaklng IS for? Oran Shackelford It IS a subject to teach klds how to stammer and turn red and get weak 1n the knees It affords all members of the class except the one speakmg great pleasure ,I1mt1 Stlnson, descrlblng a new Semor boy to Luclle W1HShlp Luclle I know you know h1m He IS the best looklng thlng' He wears a whlte sweater and a gold tooth MISS Mltchell ftalkmg of frequent rep et1t1on of wordsl I have an expresslon that I repeat a great deal Have any of you notlced 1t" T D Howell Yesm two demerlts M1ss Kelso fln chapel at Slflglllg perlod 1n reply to requests for a songl Say lt louder and let just one say lt Lawrence Wr1ght We Love Nobody But You Mr Dudley was plCk1Ilg up paper around Helen Strlbblmgs desk when he sa1d When glrls have beaus they do not put paper on the floor Helen answered Mr Dudley I drdnt put that paper down there , . . . . I , I , . . ' . , - , ' . - 1 - s - . - - 1 s ' , . 0 g Q -.H 1 . . . , ., . 7 1 - ' ' , , . . . 4, . ' i 9 W Y ' 9 ' as 1 , ' 7 ' D . . . - Dorothy-No, this isthc Epileptic Colony- - ' - - 1 v . ' , . . , . . . - , . , . ' . 14, . - ' ' 77 . . . ' in 1 ' ' as l ' 7 , L A ' . . , . -- 1 ' e as - ' U ' L as . 1 - 46 ' 9 9 i ' 9 ' as . , . -126- I G L . '- 1 C C 0 1 Q "1 1' Q 0 ' vwr - THE -.--.-.-.- FLASH'-IGHT -.-.-.-.-.-.- IIUNCWEN 5 kxx XM S X N 5 xxx Fknmcun HAYNE! WITH HM M0 fwfH"T I' EPOR T93- DHVF CANTYELL IB STUDENT : mmm 5' mg-fi rwmau of on DAVW CANTWELL5 REYOWTCWWD Lulug ,kgovr SHAPE 4 Z Z-' L X puvmy WITH A C ram X 1 TVA 5 ALL I-YIGNT Wllllf f ' W X 'XP Vovns Tmro yu 'Em Po won NEXT Ptvlob J YOU CM UH yaumfw H IVF i 3 -1'WQ .A4""' UH S, 5CHooL TEACHER ncmv Hllmm ' 1922 o 2-. Zi 2' 2 S I v f f xx Q - Q E X E B ' 1 N a ul - A M I 4 I : I A . ,V -xl Z A. - . . , . A x n , X 5 X X ' A A W f fix 06' ni T 4 V Q 'I 1 1 ' Yi ' f 1 fl f xg 51 Y- 0 . ,Q 5 - ?Y 71 '21 N A . f Q:3?"' 4 ff i m KE? 5 5 X ' v 1 f e fx ' i f fwf 'f A 1 -x 3 . ' 1 ,.. I ,191 - 3 'AN Q , -, af' , 2 A L X fix ,. X - N , 19 if '-I g ive ,Il V N "i V' ff 1 ,I f A A G F' Rx NW. ' ' Hgh:-1' '- -127- 1 l-QWW' .-. """""""' ' FLAsl+HflGHT """' ""' MISS Clack m Engllsh Class Oswald why dld Burns turn h1s shears aslde and not cut the Scottlsh th1stle'7 Oswald Babb-He was afrald It mlght st1ck hlm Mlss Smlth m Spamsh Class Please turn to your appendlx Lawrence Wrlght I havent any MISS Smlth I have had an operatron Mr McCarter ln Hlstory Class sald w1th an oratorlcal a1r You must make a hrgh way through your bram Robert Estes w1th an 1nJured alr I have one from ear to ear already MISS Trantham Name the spec1al sen ses Frank Frank Camel The speclal senses are smelllng hearlng seelng feellng tastlng common sense and horse sense T D Howell I never dld see Ike Sellers smlle Dxck Bryan I dld When?" Dlck When he looked at you Mrss Watkms Please answer the roll call wlth a word that we have learned the dehnltlon of Ralph Antllly wlll you glVC us one? Ralph Amen Mr Dudley rn Chapel The boy had memorlzed part of h1s lesson so when he came to the part he hadnt memorrzed he sat rlght down IH the mlddle of a sen tence llnkva 128- Mr Dudley ln Psychology class Law rence are you superst1t1ous" Lawrence Wrlght Not the least b1t' I had just as soon take the last hlscult on the plate as the first one Im not afrald of hemg an old bachelor Mr Dudley That 1snt superstltlon Thats manners Mr Hrgglnbotham to Coach Shotwell fwho was poslng for h1s plcturel Cant ou look any way but hard ho1led9" Then as Coach was leavlng the studlo Shall I have your plcture put 1n the Flashllght as a Senlor or Jun1or9 Mrss Trantham ln Blology Class Irvm, how does an earthworm breathe? Irv1n Flelds He has a nose doesn e9 Mr Brooks 1n C1v1cs Class What IS lt called when a man has more than w1fe" one Mae Holt Polygamy M1 Brooks Well then what IS ed when he just has one? Mae Monotony ca Mr McCarter ln C1v1cs Theo do bclleve IH permanent all1ances'7 you Theo Axe No I dont Mr McCarter Clrls I adV1Se you no to marry Theo he would soon get a VOTCC Mr McCarter Dlck how many sen ators are there? Tell me qulckl IL Bryan Oh 48 Mr McCarter Oh' you re too s ow Too slow' Dlck Drlve on to somebody else I en -- 1922 - - . . . . M 1 - i ' . . . . . ,, , . . . . 4, . . . , . ' - v . Q . . 55 ' 7 ' ' , v va . , . 1 1 ' ' ' at s - sa - - . . . 7, 7 1 ' . . . 44 . av . U . ' -' ' ' - u 5 n ' t ' ' h an - 9 s 1 1 at ' , l ' I - ' ' as - as M l sa .as 1 5, . . ' H . - , lt ll- . 9 f as ' as ' 'M T Dian 44 In - ss as -.T - . . . - 4, f 9 .i- , , , U ' ' -.H 44 9 an 1 , . at - - . Y , I - g dl- " vs as - as ts ' ...T I , , . f as ' as . . . 4 44 ,- D -k - - -Noll s ' 44 s , . -- . 1 . . . . ,, 19 -, ss ' 1 h 59 . i , . D A l Q I . Q . I I I I I Q i -129-f . . , . . . . g , . 9 7 . 7 ,, . . . 7 7 -.Ol h. . , . Oh. ' , , ' h , h , s '17-, 5 , I , With a step as soft 3 I . ' 7 7 7 7 5 ' 9 . . , . , . , h io? 65 77 -130- 7 n s . V T 'WW' THE "' FLASHLIGHT Sqartng In at the wlndow pours floods of sung It comes to tell us that sprlng has come For how could we better whlle the time away? In at the window peeps the half blown rose The bee steals its honey and away he goes To take the honey to h1S hlVC that s near. What IS a better s1gn that sprmg is here? On a tree near by sits a mocklng bird, Singing distinctly every word Trying wlth all hls might and main, To tell us that sprlng IS here again. Why should we study this kind of weather? Away o er the h1lls let us go together. We shall learn from natures books- The bees the rose and the babbling brooks- Learn and shout lt far and near ' Again at last green spring is here! GRACE LEE JONES. Uhr Erwin Snug 0 I I the drlp, drip dup of the rain, of the rain the drip drlp drip of the rain, of the rain T e sweet sad song T e whole nlght long Is sung on my window pane In a dream I rest In my old home nest And my mother comes again And comes she oft As the drip drip drlp of the rain, of the rain! 9 Oh' the dr1p drip dup of the rain, of the rain. My dream Shlp salls And weathers the gales Sails out into the main On the waves soft tossed Is my dream boat lost Mid the drip drip drip of t e rain, of the rain -OSWALD BABB. 3112 Whlsklng and whirling and off to school Mlncmg and prancmg to keep the rulg Droning and groanlng to learn by heart Old English and Spamsh of mlnor part- Measurlng and clrawlng to get exact, The problems of Math according to fact. Gaping and stretchlng to rest the brain, Tired and worried wlthout much gain. Stattlng and golng safely home From which I feel I can never roam. JOSEPHINE ROBINSON. 1922 G -.- 7 It lures us from study to outdoor play, 7 75 9 7 7 'FTW' A ..-.-..... -.-.- v u -.- ......... .. -. - 1922 - THE Fl-ASH LIGHT OU Reuelw RaPl.47Y "'henl YOU WND YO ON LEARNING g"0,N-fto the cuss ang out F' Paper Th8'c ov HBV: A TCS 31' x ' 9 P w- f QV" ' g ,Aff ...WH GMBH J5 jFL'P4'p7 ,,,,f7iW ,W V1 ouuianv 'men me feacher oh' BOY SIM 'T A lf t or N a-nv-ounces that ov oy-,aug eelfw Pen 0 ' w1LI- Not- tance the test U LUG qi? a 4e,4X D J- 4, X V Q g f ?-4 4' Q ITF unffdf A AIX K WACKFY You wouldnt thlnk Alva a but II'llSCl11BV ous unfll vou see hu Chatter with d group of Semor fuends and then you would de clde that those mtelx blown eyes eonceal her true fllQIJOSlllUI'l Alva has aecompllsh ed much duung l1e1 SQHIOI yeal, having made five eledlle and managlng, mean 4 while, to have a good tlme 6 132 SIBY L POWELL Slhyl never gets exclted qulzzes low guides and all blffllldf tuflles nevel d1S turb her .She IS one to he lelled upon ln any emergency Thin s a tender an zle On he! fazr, young face, She za nzorlvsz and quamt, And full of gfflCU,, vq.qc ..-. .1 if .: ...e f .- ...........- ...- I l ! ll I - Y . ' J ' " O 1 1' 0 4 1, L 4 Q Q fl . . A e. - 1 uvue - f ,eff Wg., f 'Q " L gggggz' ,E , -, A l nal,-:-' . 3 - Q Q 4, L Q 0 ' I Y l 0 qi- 1 Y n . P I U , is u K" ' 91 -lk L J , . f ' f V W fe.. , Im".a- - .f A s an - t -qtxiy' , A .dl l Q ,H ,li Z4 I 1 l I I I .3 5 . l T C ll C W I 4 . ,lf l . , ' 5 I I lf. . B. Y V' ' 'Y' 1 .4 - 'I . -qvrwr .. -.- -..,-. TH E "' FLASHLIGHT 1111170 ?lW Sm N' :Quimby A 9 QA H A X f XA Mm 1922 H I ' + Nl ff I m am Z HN! If L C- Ae THE j' Fl-ASHLIGHT N ' u Aclverusers N the followmg pages are our frlends who school and have by g1V11'1g us then' patronage helped us 111 a great may to put out the best Flashllght 11'1 our hlstory We appreelate the a1d glven us by these Hrms and we pledge them our heartv support 1922 . U ' -0 O r ' a 1 1 . I ".'l have been loyal to our . 7 . . . 7 ' , f 9 J our, and you can sit down funfatiguedj and admire your pretty WW .....-.-...-....- v u ...... .,.. ... EDISON MAZDA LAMPS EDISON MAZDA LAMPS ATTENTION! WIVES AND MOTHERS! HOUSEKEEPING Have you ever tried keeping house by the ELECTRIC METHOD? lil PM 4 o : F m 4 CD Y o : m Fil "1 CD m m 1 W 5 o 2 2 w m Q-P m 1 F-I CD m UD c P1 CD :lbs EJ: P+ o C1 fjg'-'CIJCIJ co ww 0553325 W :um D1 2 'U E 5 :L S' rr S 'U O 2 2 DA LAMPS IAI NOSICIE-I EDISON M ScIIAIV'I VCI 5-owl Fifi-3 S335 'H- Tm 551: SUED- ' w sfgfl CSS? mol 'H'-:O nag :U- Sie -cn C255 am? cf eo? Six: CLET 1: 532' -. is? '-'CDN Uma me Ui-:JEL 55' Bl" f" on O50 S5..g Sion. Sign, 5 rl: ...EW o 5-O 240: og' EWS ogg 2:15 I3 CD Q..-1 3053. e-'BN - -Not only is it easy or untiresome but your housework becomes a pleasure and you quit thinking of it as a drudgery, and when you have completed your morningls work you are not tired and worn and well-kept home -When your neighbor visits you land she does not enjoy all the pleasures in housekeeping that you dol she will enjoy and appre ciate your interest in her if you will just tell her what a pleasure it is to have a VACUUM CLEANER ELECTRIC CHURN FIQENG MACHINE and last but not least ELECTRIC WASHING MACHINE THE ELECTRIC RANGE Ab1lene Gas fo' Electric ompany COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT PHONE 136 A H 1922 d the most wonderful addition that can be 'attained to any home! -135- n -136- 14:-pie-14-1:3 TW' -.- . FLASLHEIGHT -.-.-.-.-.-.-.- Greatest Investment Boncl Yet Developed 1 OLII' SHVIII S aCCOl1Tl HYS eI'CBl'1 H OUI' an . . 9 - -nvese 1n e . . ec er an or ga e om an uarant avln s on pays 0 percen , an is com oun e semi-annua . - ecure Firs ien ea s a e Mort a es. - ave, e in now, 5 per mon eposi e in one o t ese on s wi e wor 31000. to you in en ears. Tha is savin an earnin oo. so arms an anc oansg an arms and City Property Ol' sa 6 Oil 6aS 677118 all Oil 1:7116 THEW C BELCHER LAND MORTGAGE COMPANY Jno B Goodnlght Manager Ahllene, Texas l-llgglnhotham Bartlett Company QUALITY LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIAL 4th and Plne Streets Telephone 7 If not rlght, return 1t and get your money back Ralph Palnt and Paper Company ABILENE, TEXAS PAINT GLASS WALL PAPER ART MATERIALS PICTURE FRAMES ESTABLISHED 1881 137 1922 Y g tp 4p tty h k I td ThWCBlh L dMtgC p YSG yS gB d 1 t d p dd lly S dby rL RIEH gg S bg 3 thd td fh B d llb th ty t g cl gt Al F dR hL dF f l yt dl gl ' ' 7 9 GC ' ' 77 it wr a THE HASHLIGHT We A e Glacl To Sta e THAT WE HAVE HAD THE PLEASURE OF MAKING THE PHOTOGRAPHS FOR T FLASHLIGHT AND WE HOPE OUR DEAL INGS WITH ALL CONNECTED WITH A H S HAVE BEEN AS PLEASANT TO THEM AS THEIRS HAVE BEEN TO US WE APPRECIAT E YOUR PATRONIAGE CHESTNUT STREET STUDIO BABY GRAND STUDIO AND PHONE 610 OPTICAL PARLOR 1522 Chestnut Street 2565 Pme St Phone 1334- l-IENDERSON The Tue Man FOR NEW TIRES AND TUBES We GIVE SCIVICC Phone 2:18 Repalrmg and Vulcanlzmg BOLLING KEAN PICTURE FRAMING Palnts 0115 Wall Paper Plates and Wlndow Glass ABILENE TEXAS I lone 1417 946 N F1rst Streel ' 1922 i-... -.-.-.-..........- U U ------- - --- - i : 1' t f H HE? 5 A T. S. HIGGINBOTHAMS I 5 I A I ' 2 - www' THE FLASHLIGHT TO THE A H S STUDENTS llfid t tu R dyt W k IT PAYS TO PAY CASH BABB S CJOf W00135 Iii WI I X M I N 0 tp t 140 Ch t S Ph 1282 Candles Made bythe Ahllene Candy Mfg Company are better' OUALITY SERVICE USF CONKLIN S SELF FILLING PEN f AIIP CAN T ROLL OFF THE DESK 1 Y MONTGOMERY DRUG COMPANY 139 1922 --.-.-.-......... -.........- .. ...,.... You wi n in our stock the latest in ho h Young lVlen's Ou fi ings and Young Ladies? ea - o- ear. Than ing you f your past patronage we extend a cordial welcome to make Y fr this your store. gg ' 77 9 ' . L. 111,41 li I -., yyg H . of ee I .1 Varlety Store ., 'V - ,,. Fl., If . if Ill The A. . Palmer u u I I ' fi 5. a Specialty. IT:-H l E-11 1 . estnu t.- one 1. J' 9 .J - . Guaranteed to work per ectly. riees. For sa e b io g vfwf - THE Fl-ASHLIGHT THERE IS A REAL Advantage ln purchaslng your FOOTWEAR HERE You have unrestrlcted selectlon of a very comprehenslve hne of the best SHOES made IH AMERICA REASONABLY PRICED YAGER SHOE COMPANY BHIHV13 Pure Food Products, Tea Garden I eII1es and Preserves FRESH ERUITS AND VEGETABLES SCHULTZ GROCERY 3 Phones 320 134 PINE STREET 3 Phones 820 WE THANK YOU We thank you for your Ilberal patronage and proml e to you th best of SCTVICC and the best of goods durlng the commg year Mr and Mrs I S Patterson IENNINGS LUMBER COMPANY Complete stock of LUMBER, LIME, CEMENT, BRICK, SASH, DOORS, WEATHER STRIP AND BUILDERS' HARDWARE Slxth and Plne Phone 150 1410 ' 1922 010227 7' Y Y n, ' ' -n.-.a.1.1...-.Q-n 1-1: I ! . L ii I If It's Something Good to Eat, We Have It! I E T . . .S e . I , I ...-.. -. . U U " e estis Most Famous Garage" Tamous For Our Servlcei' h 32 h1 C IS mg, or out w ere ou nee F g W h H 9 ur " FLAsi1HfloHT "' "W ThW BRIGGS ROBERTSON MOTOR CO. THE ORIGINAL BLACK AND WHITE GARAGE P I T 'rd at ypress CUPPLES CORDS TOUGH AS A RHINO Every Cupples User IVIust Be Satisfied! WHEN GOING PICNICIN G EH h y dl hfyKd HALEY-HANEY-SIGNOR GRO. CO FRESH MEAT, FRUIT AND LUNCH C0005 O Modern Cleaning Pl A SERVICE and SATISFACTION NEELY-BARNES 'LTHE 1VIAN'S STORE" A -141- A 1922 3. HUC O all III Men s Furnishings, Shoes, Hats and Clothing ant SSUTCS 1+ wr THE Fl-ASHLIGHT MCCARTY FURNITURE COMPANY .q.T,,-X E173 XX ' fit: In Abllene 15 Years DRAUGHON'S PRACTICAL ABILENE TEXAS Only 11k oWnB SC 1lege1nVSe tT x h 1 aol vfh Ctls.. FRFE HIGH SLHOOL MEN' See Us' We have just what you need ln Furmshmg fhe rlght Hat T1e Shut Sult Shoes The klnd that always look best on you See Us' THE TOGGERY fCorrect Dress For Men? 142 ' 1.-.--1.-.......... U ------- - - ---- i g t wH"' a g . , . . 5'AW,Q',lZl ui ' ' X X 1 F? A 2 F m m --F T'!5!!!4l!1i9 I We - n usines 0 ' ' s e ms. T ousands of firms nealer our Em nloy men euartmont tht au. o . Wioncy-baczlf Pontractzuaranteesp "tion. fue , 1 . . I . . . F. . 7 . , 7 , S ' - THE --.-.-.. -.-.- . FLASH'-IGHT , -.-.- - -.-.-. COMMEN CEMENT DAYS are calling for that New Suit, Hat, Shoes and such other Young Men's Wearables that will make your part of the occasion a complete success! And we are headquarters for Everything New Thats Good ' YOUNG MEN S DUDS MINGUS PRICE COMPANY lMens uallty Outhttersj THE HIGH SCHOOL LUNCH ROOM IS maintained not for profit but for the accommodation of the teachers and students When you patronize lt you are helping to help yourself and others to KEEP DOWN THE H C L C H BOYD CLAY JONES BOYD MEAT COMPANY Wholesale and Retail Dealers Ln Fresh Meats Market on North Side Phone 830 South Side Market Phone 53 WRIGHT AND DITSON VICTOR CO First in Athletic Goods Foot Ball Ba ket Ball Track Goods Baseball and Tennis Goods We are lined up direct with this blg factory and our prlces are based on quantity buying GAMBILL BROTHERS HARDWARE The Winchester Store 157 PINE ST PHONE 388 f 1922 C6 7 77 7 x , Q . . ll I l Fish, Oysters, Dressed Poultry and Picnic Goods I 7 . 7 -143- THE -.-... -., ....,.- -.V.....-........-. PHONE 276 ' PHONE 276 ABILENE PRINTING COMPANY OFFICE SUPPLIES SCHOOL SUPPI IFS BOOK AND COMMERCIAL PRINTINIG 1072 NORTH SECOND STREET STATIONERY RING BOOKS BLANKS LOOSE LEAF DEVICES FOR OFFICE AAD SCHOOL ROOM GLOBE WERNICKE FILING CABINETS INKS PEIXCILS E Paper bythe pound at a reasonable prlce IIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIII II IIIIIIIIIIII PUBLISHERS THE ABILENE REPORTER F ll A AFTERNOON SUNDAY MORNING WEEKI Y 4-4- 1922 Y 7 ' . J .J 5 7 9 1 , , , , ' 1 , tc. I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllIlllllUlllllIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIYI u ssociated Press Leased Wire A 9 I T 7 ' -1 ' I T Y I Y A' WE "M" " ' ' FLASH LIGHT ' THE STUDENT BODY, THE FACULTY AND THE PATRON S OF ABILENE HICH SCHOOL Will Find a Hearty Welcome at the ABILENE, TEXAS where we have all modern facilities for handling your business and where we are glad to extend to you all courtesies commensurate with good banking, and offer ecurity for funds and ervice to all W. H. Free, Cashier C. T. HulChirlSOH, PrCSiflCnI Q R. Peters, Assistant Cashier Jas. R. Bird, Vice-President J. H. Chorn, Assistant Cashier Dallas Scarborough and Arthur Sears, Directors noivr FAIL T0 TAKE ADVANTAGE or our: SERVICES-ON THE CORNER or NORTH QND AND PINE STREETS -145- F 1 9 2 2 E E THE CLAIM 4"-'fri' 2-8.35 ffl, 5 :foo ' 'od " OF STYLE J T" I' l COMBINED WITH , QUALITY AND IVIOD ERATE PRICEQ 'Q X it WZ? x has popularlzecl thls store wlth stu dents and teachers of Abllene schools fa' W a n d colleges Co ed Dresses Betty Wales Dresses Susan 4 Smart SUITS Hav1land SUITS L Cm T X among the hlgh grade llnes from I xg whlch you select at th1 store Gage and Elzee Hats are also sold at thls store excluslvely ln Ahllene I Wllwvaur Uuaqugmlmgmze Eu 7 MEAD BAKINCI COMPANY QUALITY BREAD HIGH scuool Hors AND GIRLS THRIVE ON rr Telephone 28 154 Chestnut WHEN YOU THINK Ol? IVIOVINIG THINK OF W. T. Wilson Transfer and Storage Co HABILENE'S LEADING TRANSFER SINCE l895l' Phone 1236 146 1..-.-.11 1 ...- U ------- ------- - ' "U -r- 1 . any e. ,dai M -is 1 5 vi-fliv"r25'ff.' L' 'White -We riwfe ,.2u,w,9i.,o'fof., Sf "afumW.w-Q 'i , 1? 'MJ h"" s ngw 9 -0- 4' fr 'iq-iltqigv -, 35.401, U ft" My-mo ' asia.: - 1 . x ,v,'qgg.o'w lx If K X46 I MV ff A 1' A - ,','v, ' ' jj N X Q21 x . nf . ,GSX X N riff'-U, 5 Aw ,Q K 5 ff-gg.!q'g2,3:, ' . . . W 5 ' Q , ina ff. A 4. Z., ' f f "Y-I fi i? ' "Silk: -1 - ' ' A 'fl ,'+2i'4f:1 ac 77 2 X!! . ' ., 1 A ' ca as sc Qzpg xx ' Nl 7 V fl lx N r l O 'l ' ' ' arf- . 11 It . l W H 7. 0 --atv Ay ti l bx 4 :L us. kv J . K . .Q ,mi 2, . , - . - - ,292 4 , 4. I x 1 ., . . . .,g,l lx, . . ,I V I, 5 I I- l J nw 'T " T ij Q "AllLENE'5 Pnuu v TUBE" X h W A , . . . . . I f 1922 fn' THE """""" FLASHLIGHT ' ning.-.ui THE CITIZENS ATIO AL BA K ABILENE TEXAS CAHTALANDSURHlE3HMOMHm THIS BANK IS FULLY EQIJIPPED TO MEET THE REQUIREMENTS OF ITS CUSTOMERS x vig XWQDU Q' llll A member of the Fed ral Reserve Assoclatlon Part of the Unlted States Government As strong as Uncle Sams Treasury The bank that IS eautlous and con servatlve yet Ilberal wlth 1ts customers tw cp: rv llll OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS Geo L Paxton Presldent Owen Shelton V1CCPfES1dCUT W G Swenson V1cePres1dent W J Behrens V106 Presldent James A Llttleton Cashler ,I W Turner Ass1stantCash1er ' 1922 Homer Scott Ass I M Wagstaff F E Haynes D D Parramore W I Fulwller C T HutCh1HSOH Cashler 1 I 7 . .rilz Ji" 0 Mn 56349123- ,?f,Q.g.a. gf fb .- -Q 4,113 mllfgalin-de Y 17:11 L e gs e ' ' . , . . , . .rife .yan sqm, swf-raw' -4'2gfa:Ax?f44,, ' - -. i 16 tt-ng-.www ' '4l'SN' " Y' ..,,- 319:51 S: . . , , t. , ' , n n . . , ' . . . . , - . . . , , . . . . , ' . . . .-.-. 1....- -.1.........- U U -.-.... .-....------ . y The Popular Pathway to Economical Buying -Habit is a great master of our lives. We do many things thru force of habit and not because it is the right thing to do. When we ask ourselves why we did this or that we do not know One of the most detr1mental outcomes of habit IS that of spending money cont1n uously at one place wlthout giving even a passlng thought to the possibility that the ame or better thing might be bought elsewhere for less money Hablt often cheats us in this way Money is lost Get the habit of making comparisons of merchandise of materials of quality of workmanship and then of the pr1ce J C Penney CO1'I1pH1'157 CO PTON DRUGS JEWELRY FOUR STORES 140 Pine Street Phone l 116 Chestnut Street Phone 6 2211-6 Hlckory Street Phone -L Soda Fountam and Candles at Each Store "-- ' 1 9 2 2 A l - , , D . E C . 9 l L P ' .......a........,.......,l,o...................... 97 X 1046 North First Street t,,Y,,,,,,,,,,,,,Y,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,V, Phone 1083 L -148-- i ininlioina-1 sg ' H-ASTIHITIGHT ' """ "' " The Farmers 5' Merchants ational Bank of Abilene LEADERSHIP BASED ON EFFICIENT SERVICE The leadershlp of the Farmers 81 Merchants National Bank 1n the fmancral Held of the Abllene country is evidenced by thls statement The Eoundatlon of thls Leadership IS an unswervlng purpose to offer our customers a banking service of the highest orde service marked not only by care and efflclency but by a cordial interest in our customers and thelr business and a will to be helpful in the highest degree Report of the Condltion of THE FARMERS 8 MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK OF ABILENE At the Close of Buslness May 5th 1922 RESOURCES LIABII ITIES LOANS AND DISCOUNTS Bank Bulldlng and Fix ures Other Real Estate United States Bonds Other Bonds CASH Due from U S Treas 5000 00 Due from Banks and ln Vault 649 851 55 654- 851 55 Total 32 092 257 32 ' Q 4' 351 220 502 68 38 095 00 15 808 17 116 539 97 200 000 00 69 4-56 00 100 000 00 NONE Capital Surplus and Profits Circulation Redrscounts 38 959 95 Other Borrowed Money NONE DEPOSITS Individual 81 385 200 76 Uni ed States 1 786 05 Bank 250 227 63 Other Deposits 85 586 88 1 722 801 32 Total 32 092 257 32 1 9 2 2 0 I-a I . .. 9 . . - 0 T . I U ' ........,. , , - 1 ................,,.....,.........,.......,.... 35 , . Federal Reserve 7i500l00 Bills NONE -149- FlASl-IHOGHT fa GRADUATION ---1 The Blg Day X Graduatlon day calls for thoughts of new clothes X l Every fellow wants to look h1s best at the tlme of F thls event We have a splendld assortment of AV A Sults just rlght for your needs when the blg d mgs take place LANGHAM HIGH CLOTHES Gomg 1nto Hlgh School or braduatlng from lt Langham Hlgh IS the younger young man s cholce They have just the swlng you chaps want and all Clothes Come ln look around let us Ht you out X P ln new clothes for graduatlon and after r , Tl? I ' l 1 fllf Sl: ppl g Pla QUALITY VANIE SERVICL' Cowden Payton Hardware ompany Bullders Hardware, Stoves, Ranges and ueensware Sportmg Goods a Speclalty PHONE 3 J M Radford Grocery Company WHOLESALE GROCERIES We are one of the largest dlstrlbutors of Staple and Fancy CTOCCTIBS Texas Houses at Abllene Alplne Amarlllo Blg Sprmg Brady Brownwood Cisco Farwell, Lubbock, Marfa, Pl3l!lVlCW Stamford and Sweetwater, Texas 150 ' .........-..... ...- U ......-............... . 2 l l , ' . l X x , ' , ' Y fl F f X . , . ' . . 0- lk XV!! ljgixfl l 'ln 'ir l - .yf X Ek - ff , T f 4.4 of - 1 ' . r ' - J it 1 the style you admire in older fellows, Langham X l I - I 3 1 ll xt-1, ' ' . g X 1 ,fu Wt-.- I tl l fl! 1 ' binlf: Fagvorilau , L l' lllx I f ' d ll,-5 ! I , l' l ""-fajfg. l lwfyl ,film - - - ff 4 1x1 14+-5-, 0 7 Q ' ' 1 ' in . .,, X -41,-.-Q , A -1--K .4 , -4,-,Ak5,,Eg?Y.3,?Ff-1 , :il In .T-.-. J 1 do

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