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Abilene Christian College - Prickly Pear Yearbook (Abilene, TX) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Cover

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Each one is different each one possesses wor+h. each one has a soul. We each have our own desires. our own aims-hopes. goals-our own needs. This is The purpose of Abilene Chrisiian College-The reason for i+s exisience-+o serve us, no+ as a group, a mass, buf as individuals. Always slriving +o meer Jrhe needs of as many of us as possible-always sfriving io de- velop disiinci individualilies. Ye+ ofien we beiray ourselves and Jrhe purposes of our insriiuiions by allowing ourselves +o be molded in+o pal- ierns-we lose ourselves in +he crowd-we +ry +o cover up and desrroy our individualily. I+ is easy +o do . .. i crowd . . . W 4 to the individual Y 1 Mb M M 1 '1 K' Q 11 4314, w Wy LV' 1' 1' l 2 .P Ax nm " ' 343' 1 " WNBA' my 51" x,g,: , , ,w-my M, ?v,,-A--,,.x,,Lw.! pl, ,,. .y Y, 'Q Y J M' Tvgglyliiiiwv-iN1fQrXim5"A"f1W,74.F'v . . ' 1. ,M , eq-Yi' 1' BW '14,N'w,,w,p.'f!-:,w-'q-w-fN-w.-'z-wi ,, , ' X .2232 ying-.AN Q' wf.4:4Qp,iji:g,,L1 -ggw,rH:f'w-i':,w, 'ff -V. ff. 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M 'E' X , ,W -1.4 1,1 X f W aw i-W W 192, 9 A X X 'C-a?' stu ent I e Q Ll H Q d rf TIT student life student life student life student life student life student life student life student life student life student life student life student life student life student life C0l1tEI1tS ent Il dent hfe ent life student life student life student life Melons and Concerts Provide Stud Relief Summer sclwool al' ACC is a mixlure of +l1e 'fra- dilional paslimes of sludenls as well as llwose pas- limes reserved especially 'ro summer. Walermelon feasting and concerls on llwe lawn provide welcome relief from llwe six lo lwelve weeks of concenlraled slucly. More and more sludenls are finding +l1a'r summer school is a prolilalole and enjoyable way lo spend l'l1eir summers. 4 +n1.,,Pz A. i J 1,' ,fr ,A 1 ,4 I m, N7 65 Summer School . . . A lime ol beginning ancl ending, summer is The lirsl conlacl' wilh college life lor many freshmen. and lhe final slrelch before enlering anolher phase ol life for The graclualing seniors. ln belween lhe freshmen and seniors. many slu- ali. Ilv""' clenls wilh as many clillerenl aims and goals, sludy visil, and relax during lhe summer session al ACC. Q-pl Beginning and End -O00 Sludenls can choose courses from ZOO subiecls during +he summer Jrerm. The Chrislian aimosphere. including lhe daily chapel. is relained during These monfhs. The classrooms, cafeleria, library and dorms are air condilionecl, and many exiracurricular ac'riv- i+ies such as inlramural alhleiics and movies on lhe lawn are feaiures of +he summer lerm. Inhibitions Loosed at Frosh Jamboree ln spi+e of heclcling and wafer balloons in +he audience, freshmen overcame all obslacles lo pre- senf rhe 'rradirional Freshman Jamboree. Singers pre- dominared and The audience surprise-parlicipafion made +he program even more memorable. The fun conlinued as freshmen paired up and walked fo Bennellr Gym for a lively coke parjry. o,.. 'Ili Fun and fes+iviHes were barely inlerrupfed by The walk from Sewell +o fha gym. '? 4,4 Upperclassmen obviously have fheir own idea of whal conslllules a good lime. Malching up hesifanf freshmen seems like lofs of fun lo everyone buf freshmen. l I3 'J xx, av . h me qv- - p. ,a30g," 5 -vang V --:a::::-- -" p o"o '90, ' O-0.'a."' 0 ' . " ,. 4- 1 I i i 9 2 .L 1 i E F 5 V U 1 I i 0 z !.,r'-C-05, 1 i "' ,gf ., in The Beaver Brothers, Dennis and Olan, sing "folk," 5 I 4 I "xv Puff Huff capfivaied her audience wifh "I Love How You Love Me." I4 John Hollifield and his band played sev- eral numbers and were an audience favo- rife. V 72 H ,- - . v ,, -. ...-..,.?. I 'wil .' " aiu.. SchooI's Talent Condensed to an Evening's Entertainment "t The annual all-school talent show. All College night, provided an evening, ot varied entertainment Students trom every class took part as Jim Patter- son emceed the proceedings. Individual vocalists groups. and a stage band combined to make an- other evening ot fun and entertainment for upper- classmen and 'Freshmen alike. A. 41 Russ Kirkpatrick. backed by visiting friends. serenades a very respective audience en er anne in Fairbanks." x Xu Jam Patterson kept things rolling in be tween acts and freshman Chelly Joy t t' d with a rendition ot Ap . f' ,ff A- u ' 'qfu-fa" 1 nlgrjqqigi M5 I . r r 1 I 0. -I 5 I 'Q -r' x 4, Marsha Moyle '.-3:-KH' ' s ' -1 1' , Ksrflirev. Cinda Young KiH'en Klub Spiri Warren Siarnes r m A :fg .J-w. v , James Voss Suilders, I96 -66 Charles Yarborough Head Cheerleader iivutllt nm f W WW- J A Minn n lllll M 1 lllll H llll ' 4 nm he . 'Suns . ,- J I :X .. I 'fue-nrcsuuvv'k A svn nn1, f M- -q 1 . von'-q vrevsff 1 tunic I Cinda Young Warren Srarnes Wenda Fox James Voss Marsha Moyle 5 .5, I 'Z Woe upon us!" sighs Marsha Moyle. "V.-"'..'-i'bLL,.., .. - . 5125477 Flxffx TENS y Z-5 E N Wecla Fox lngenuit of Cheerleaders Helps Build School Spirit The cheerleaders of l965-66 showed much in- genuily in Their ellorls 'ro build spiril. One of lhe mosl' successful "spiri+ revivals" was held on The library sleps. Three preachers on 'rhe 'Facull'y, Dr. Ash. Dr. Brecheen, and Dr. Ewing, were guesl cheer- leaders, and inlroduced some revolulionary new Hebrew yells. Rewards were lhe inducemenl ol many +o alfend 'rhe pep ,rally on "Beal McMurry Day." Their eflorls ignilecl lhe sparlc of enlhusiasm for many big games of lhe year. WM? .""!aq,, In rf " is..-3-5 -mm '7 2 5' S: if 57 HJ Q s Eh QQ' -rf---N ' ' rl 'L - 'I Q 9'-L' I i ' 1 1 1 A . gl I "fin . f lv 1 f A -'Sw Row I: Bob Rash, Mike Slovall, George Cox. Tommy Trayler, Johnny Hughes, James Duncan. Courlney King, Cullen Davis, Marion Gleseclce, Ron Holland, Dan Gilmore. Row 2: Rufus Crow, Johnny Cunningham, Joel Fosler, Roger Youngblood, Tommy Young, Ron Anders, David Fuller, Joe Paly, Wade Mcleod. Larry Cox, Bobby Carrulhers, David Parsons, Milne Hubbard, Charles Reynolds. l96 -66 Wildcat Football 20 f" ' F?-.X Ev? R . v"" 14' xaff , as Row 3: Coach Wheeler, Roger Smillw, E. C. Roberson, Leslie Lasaler, Clyde Kellner, Jacky Roland. Don Winkler, Don Bowen, Tim Mcleod, Ronnie Win- 5+0n. Dickie Mallhews, Dub Mclvleans. Roger Kondrup, Bernard Erickson, Coach Mullins. Row 42 COGCIW Hiffh. S'f9V9 Missildirw- B0bbY Moore. Tfenf I-f-'1f1C6Sl9l' Bob Oliver, Gary Fredenburg, Uplon Dean, Vic Swedlund. Don McLeod, Jerry AndGfSOf1. STGVC Bell, HGCHGY l'ldll.Jim BfGCk9f1l'fdQ9.CO0Cl1 Lyda- Team Racks Up a 4-5 Season 2I V? f T. 3, 2.4 +46 Wu'- , VA 1 ,W , Q ,410 M,,.g' n Q ,ZW ' , J' Q' 122: ni K 'E 'Q "'Whv., Jerry Mullins, Offensive baclcfieldg James Lyda, line and defense: Jimmy Hirflw. Defensive baclcfield Les Wheeler, Head Coach ETSU SLIPS PAST WILDCAT RALLY A missed fwo-poinf conversion in The closing minufes of flwe game enabled flie Lions of Easf Texas Sfafe Universify fo scrape by flwe Wildcafs by 2l-26, and confinue flneir Home winning sfrealc againsf flue Cafs Jrhaf began in l953. Despife flue loss, a briglwf spoi' was 'rhaf ACC oufgained fheir opponenfs 277 yards 'io 240. Mike Hubbard is ccuglif in a pensive pose. A maze of Wildcat fans escorf lhe feam onfo The field. 'Iv' fi., 'hh Q 5,,w-s M .-.V C fa ,:g,?vAur.. ' 1 L, 1-a,,:,,,i.,. ,i .fy . Yvwc L, . 1 .5 i , ' .G X A' . unix?-fx. A-'-is? I , f' A - ' x... - ' -, " u . NW, Qi- . '. , ., --- -T U'-LV M x,-g':x,,M -Q,.b.1--Q, A 4, :-.,,i.. E- , My in -'Jam'-" 2' - .A V 1 -- 4,111 .giggrf-,' ,gf M- .',., YW 1'-fa, A. . ':+'." 4, 'W w-- -'A--""' -f:"'q'7"f-'f."'1 , .Q . , T-all ..1.g'.gx.AQ :IH-it.'p.m.3 WILDCATS OVER HOWARD PAYNE COLLEGE The defensive unil, inlercepfing 5 aerials and holding 'rhe Jaclcelrs +o 30 yards rushing, led fhe Wildcals +o a viclory over 'rhe HPC Yellow Jaclcels. Senior lailbaclc, Cullen Davis, led The scoring aHaclc, cross- ing +he goal-line +hree Jrimes. Mike Love led in 'rhe rushing deparfmenf wilh 79 yards on l I carries. McMURRAY UPSETS ACC The Mcivlurry Indians rallied in ihe fourih quarier +o upsel The Wildcals wi'rh a 9-8 decision while 8500 fans looked on. The Wildcal defense limiled +he Indians 'ro only I44 yards l'o+al defense. Mike Hubbard made The only ACC louchdown when he caughl a 63 yard pass from Vquarler- baclc Jaclcie Roland. w.m4M.-M.v0p.wi-,wnwwmnms-ww.f'uuum,+-wmnywu,-i. -- wvwvw-if, iw- -+- , nywy , i . -, . -... ""i' 5 R 'W . " .4 g. ' -.. " .- A 1 'dugg'-13149 ff' ,'i..a.:.iEs..7J1!'Ff'.,x-?,-.-P--K 1. . 1 -4. The Card Seclion was an aflracfive new addilion lo 'llwe Kiflcn Klub This year. N, o".-iff? X 1 - g-5. ., Q . f Q- gl- - f--W i .., -- - -V , .W -. W L - V A ' fl ' - -vs , f - "..' ' Li 1 ,W - V - 4,,:' v ' """'f T W. An, Q Q 6 Q - , ' 5 .lasfgxyx H 'un-'rs' c . Y.,..,M WY' -j l - -1 Qfwy' - "' ,g:'..i -' 'M' , 1 A-4 " ' Bernard Ericson l82l and Jim Breckenridge lead lhe Wildcal ailaclc on San Angelo Shale Rams. S... ,- -1 'Lf 53 ru 24 M, Q'-41' ml ,315 M J" Q" li 'ri ' i",- L 4r" f K N- rrlr d .ri J A r r r i Ronnie Winslon digs in lo make fha? all imporlanf firsr down. 0 Mike Love demonsfrafes his prowess as he skirfs Hagaman is in the clear and going all The way. "OCT ---H around Ihe defense. fi - J 'i "Nita: I REDBIRDS PECK WILDCATS Conference leading Lamar Tech edged by 'Ihe Wildcafs fo win a 28-I8 vicfory. The wildcafs were praised bofh of- fensively and defensively as fhe Iimifed Cardinal yardage in firsf downs. I-Iagaman scampered for 50 yards and ACC's firsf fouch- down. The 5-8. I65 lb. senior was fhe games leading rusher wifh 9l yards on I2 carries. ARKANSAS INDIANS SKIN CATS Wildcaf gridders observe Their 'Ieam mafes. The Arkansas Sfafe Indians frounced fhe Wildcafs wifh a 36-I3 vicfory which knocked ACC ouf of fhe running in The Soufhland Conference. making ACC's fourfh loss of fhe season wifh only one win fo back if up. Coach Wheeler. however, praised fhe offensive backs, gaining some 330 yards in fofal offense. :nun-gg.. ,. Time ouf on fhe field. ..,-. 9 7: 'vw' 'V .ff Uv 's .Q ,, f "ig .. , Q' I X I S .qxpv V Xxx-Li: I -.., R fl 5 -it ,JL Q -3. , N5 -M '-. - " S 5 W... N ., ,,,'.J., A l. 'I V - .M JH"-1-f...., --1- - , . , F , - x R 5 Q 1 - , N. I B 4'N s , sb "rw ' hsgf 1- '15 'w ,I A 'mgLj.,'1. ' W 1, M. QFQ , N Wx' AR N N 3, N , x. X X nf' -Ny 5 . , .. -- A ' X V. j Q - - - W4 b..RFNfb.a.. NX M' ,Q x Y t ' 'ts 'tx W 4 xxx .bd in. A LL ' xhx. K' Q ,-. At' V " 'vt '. 'J ."- X N 'l 'W S: ff-.A 'Q-Q JX3 4 1 :W-, NL ' 1. S Nivrjsfxs X 23w.p.m...1- 'Ak x 9, Y'-5-:Q ,+. 3, -'12 4,5 Q. F-P 'K' 5' t rw- wf ., - 4 -1 -0 If 5, ,Q Ze., X. 'E mi' xwl y A V, A .!f'hN's'm1 ti ibm-.. """-- ' M F" mv, "l- --s 'Ov - .raft Iwewhffeg . -V K I Jw 4-:L-4 The Wildcaf Hudclle. WSH a minuie, where's1he ball? ...JW- -1, ll" I ID f i .4 ' 'KO Ijm, ig. :nun Jln-J .. 8 DRAKE TOPS WILDCATS The Wildcals came info scoring range several 'rimes buf were Cul shorl by coslly penallies and a fumble. ACCS lone Touchdown came when Ronnie Winsion hurled a long pass To Mike. Hubbard. Tackle, Larry Cox, gave opponenis a hard 'rime on bolh offense and defense, making 9 unarresled lackles and infercepiing I pass. R l Jackie Roland sfoppcd as the clock licks off fhe remaining half. WILDCATS WRECK ARLINGTON REBELS Through The TirsT Two quarTers oT The muddy baTTIe, The VVildcaTs slipped by wiTh a 7-6 lead be- hind some Tine pass caTching by Tullback Joe PaTy and some power running by hahfback Mike Love. Jackie Roland led The Team 76 yards in I4 plays. Roger Youngblood was The kicking speciaIisT rack- ing up The exTra poinTs making The Tinal score I4- l2. CATS THUMP TIGERS The TriniTy Tigers goT a snorT of "Wheeler Brew" as They were Ianced by The WiIdcaTs 30-27, as The '65 Homecoming crowd were broughT To Their TeeT during The closing minuTes of The game. WiTh sec- onds IeTT, The Tigers made a Tinal scoring eTTorT by Trying a Tield goal. The kick was wide, giving The game To The WiIdcaTs. ACC OVER THE SAN ANGELO ST. RAMS ACC's win over The SAC Rams, IooosTed The season record To a 4-win and 5-loss Tally. IT also marked The IasT Time ThaT many senior players will ever suiT up Tor The purple and whiTe. R' 1' 19, , u-Q , 1 ' a Q. .- T 'T'-. Q. -5' T' T i fri.-fic' 'rr' 'his' , fr Q ?QQs Mike Love plows his way Through a hosT of TriniTy Tigers. ' .411 .yk.L.gl.:aM ,Z ,ivvfh . . .f '. I -'..,,,..,i... 29l I ' , . ,, ,.g X ,,'U+"'7f'.-" Mission Study and '43 Monday Night Worship - Great Opportunities 30 Lectures are beneficial. Each Wednesday evening at 6:00 p.m. a group ot several hundred students meet in Sewell Audi- torium tor the purpose ot learning their devoted theme, "go into all the world." Outstanding speakers deliver inspiring lessons and missionary topics are discussed. Leaders this year were Jim Reynolds and John Meeker. The main highlight ot the year, the Mission Worlc- shop, was held on Harding College. Searcy, Ar- lcansas Tuesday Night Devo Inspires Students A.C.C.'s traditional spontaneous devo- tional is held on Tuesday nights on the stairs ot the Administration Building. Groups gather and worship their Heavenly Father in songs ot praises. 1... . f ' -1 'I .H I.,i 2 f ,is l , il' , Asus s. i , .fi .nit rms IM I , lflllgl.l'fGa-' fs: i 1 'Ht Ultllllfrv t t All fl it fit? Q .. 1 ii' lN5lillW'W 0i?'rHE How 0 . , , A , I xg .L .jj . '., , ' . , 25 ' fARNES'fLY FOR iii WH ONCE FOR it sro rm: 1, di - .ul A' ,1 il. Ji v'1'f',1i4 f' . - . . '..,. 5. -' 'I' ' rl -.-......1 I . Will help happens . .. L ls n l Freshman Class Victorious in Traditional Rivalry Day ll was a close race bul in l'he end il was a fired bul happy freshman class who came away viclorious. Evenls slaqed belween sophomores and freshmen included volleyball, soflball, lennis. bas- lcelball, lraclc, loolball, and lhe climax of l'he day -'rhe rope pull. Girls parlicipaled in every sporl' bul loolloall. The closesl evenl of lhe day was girls' lraclc where freshmen edged 'rhe sophs, 5l-49. before il's loo lale? Can anyone save her? Tune in neil weelc and see wha 9 Xys. l l ix l 1 x X .1 f + v ' ra f ! I M 'Funnies . s 1 S l 4' N: i l I s ... A 1 4a""i.i1 B 4 . ' 51' ., Q 7 M , f , J-'VV' .A X , 'i 'S -if w-Qi .S .I 'i ,Q 1 i 4 'V 2 lr i In , " Q! l Li: so ' I ,a,s,Qi A l it I. "" , an i 1 3 s aa!! fi 9- u 'o N.. Are lhey pulling lhel hard, or faking il? l- .f', . J.. :3":'. -' .' r.' is '1' ., U y .. NQ S 'L , I 1- 1 za- n X K Q l 'i '. ,L dp l' LvU,,b?,' There's lofs of responsibilify fo being class presidenf, like mainly being first io hit the mud if your class loses. Jimmy l.awson'g didn'f. 'll-Gi .me gel +ha+ SP6Ck Oli YOUF "I can'f remember if I had my coniacis on or noi." Teamwork gels ilwe job done quicker nose!" rl C i A ic' Q A 'L""' xana- I-IOMECOMING '65 Footbalb AGO so - Twatg 27 Mldwflu I. Aggie Club: lnPs5duw U- Ksdgldxs Sub 1716 HI. GAP: DeU'aTl1ai'af Pepfwu Musical, I-I Dwbbef Mamma Coming Home Mwm Pm Jonah L , , I K. . do Hygggurs 5:-.fguvffjfvff,gxx-r.,L.vY 1nmyyg-an-wyb.',..7i y:,'y-f-fxffwjgy 7251, M A f Q . .Q 'V M ' sl5'Q1' 'N S 1 1 ,L 'fn 131'-,f,x'.u ' 'e'.1,'.'31,,f-., 2 -' -. V " 1- L A 1 j3gg1g1wLiyfa,I m1':fgffiiifg we mi.:-?A Q 1 ' ' FTL-W if 'I'l-l1"'W ' 'lWw:-fx''ai"a1!?fW':-Vf'-?a,-.wiv 1-iw A W A 1 51 ' ' , ' , KET T 'Q'-i"3Y'i1ffi"i:?f?4g 'V JSA" V754 " , 'Q 2 . ,LI . xl - A. 3 . 1 I N 1 I 5 .Q W I 1 , ,uf-vw-.-in -.,,,,,.. -.,, vv fy . ,. ',,.,g wfsav ws, wfw' .w,w.wu- wx, , ,ww 7, pw - 'N ' ,, .. ., A .5 ., gilnvffw VW 4 -U at x y v :. ,X,Q1-yfiikwffjf ::fF3:g,i.13gg:' ?4:i,gM-4:1 ,gm wavy' zf..,,,.-.x!" .591-'srlx ff f1f1,'f1j' 355352 swf N ' 1 V W' -v-EIN' ' ' ' V if :S-Tiff :ENE ', J' X5 - ' gp, ...iii -',1rg5g,!gqI, jf, , -Q ' ' 'V R' Y - I "1 V 7 'W Y 1 . ul , '1 f'kY:Ethf,g fi 1 151. ' V... ' - .X - 'L ' Q 5 . , ,, K'-4-1,"f.,,,,Q,, N lx , . . 2. in.. 'K Y I Vx! H Q1 v L la -Q r W L . . . -' 'l1,, .' .F v.-11:42 ' .' ', . x 1 U, ' ,why X gy .. ,1 'H . 1-fl1f71r,J3" ff' , "V 2 ' ' ' by ' ' X , agy,,,,.M..-....,,!..t E . V I - ,,,i'g,'y: , -.. A W' A ,, w'1ifu',H 1 'N K 1 1 Mi?--G-, F x , iid? -J'-' 'Q 'QEWU ' C if . , + M A QC'-5 .32 ' ' , ,ago gr w ' I' 1 . . 91,51 ' . . v ,L 4,7 I X ,,. ,L A - MW . 5 . A Q . . N 4 l ' J X us y 1 u I ! K . vi . ' O ik O Q Q M 1 f 1- R 0 I Q i . 1 f' - ' A x V' ' w w " "fx . , ,,",.:,' 4 pg . .- al- , 5 ." A ,'1'r.u- ,ff ,ly ll 3- nv, ,. ,,1. A 4 ,fu ".- " 4 ." , A ,- .' 'f 4 , . . . A b X , 'V if ,H 'X .' II, '- -' lk'4wfffQ'..iN:,N.x f ,T .J ,. V 'YM HA-l-1.-. ' w 'nm s W 'JW U , R f. flh, 1 X XS' ox X '1 '94 V6 af f K' M33 E .L .. ff c..-f,.im,4, E"yx k'N 31 , X" Eff! 111 fl!! , .J H-. I ,bf K' 1 N 7" .,Y -W! :vert Qllh- ,- , , :,.-Ling: x X 'Q E l i 5 5 -RQ xy N . ...,...., Frosh Bonfire Blazes High While Projects Push Spirit Indispensable paris of every homecoming are lhe bonfire and midway. The work of Fish '69 was climaxed by lhe blazing bonfire al' lhe Homecoming pep rally. Weary freshmen. many of whom had worked all nighl' on lhe bonfire. were dismissed from classes lo conlinue lhe building. Campus clubs pul in many hours on lhe displays. complele wilh moving paris, which made up The Homecoming Midway in fron? of lhe Ad build- ing. Of lhe lhree divisions, Aggie club won lhe depar-lmenlal and lnPsyders shared lhe second place hon'ors: Knighfs placed firsl of +he men's social clubs and Sub T-I6 placed second. GATA placed firsl of lhe women's social clubs and Della Thela placed second. 0' KNIGHTS rifle Mfr GATA I ,, 0 3 H .Ljfy V3 Q ,vrggq NJ .J , , AGGIE CLUB Y W1 ii s Campus Midwa Heighten Enthu iasm of Homecomin Always a highlighi for The exes is 'ihe Midway, prepared by The various campus organizalrions. The purpose of ihe proiecfs is +o build enihusiasm for ihe Homecoming fesiivifies, and 'rhai if ceriainly does. Though only six clubs can place in 'rhe con- +esl', fhe compefilion is severe and Jrhe fun of building 'rhe proiecl malces if well wor'I'h 'rhe effort win or lose. lo X I 4 .Nw fw- f, n -0 41 ' P , h ,, ,V :,.,.,f AK n :2:.a ,ga n , f - 5 , x K 7 12,122 . Q, , K 674' --3 I P R+ -S Coronation of Debbe Mullins 39 , vu nf' V a " giffur' gif , , Q lu.-IH: -,,.,x . ,, tU .. ., ,. Z W R 4 . ..' 2 1 4 at 1 t ig. f Q ' if'i -' - Q.-wx' 5 l ww 4 G 2 , ,, 5. km, .ani QTZXIHTI 617109 GI Qfnrnnatiun nf Eanrvlut 40 N. 'C' 41 v A f ,S X :jd 1 M on 1 L H, , rl' ! H Q ,, ,,., 11, f'5Q.L?? F? Lf , ,. g K .- UM. ,Q 5 Y, ,Q ,f Ag--A 4...-0.-.-.-. ... -Wm my. . , I f 'im 1.x .J I 'N 495' I ,M A!! Q' ,.--Q ,qf' -S-L.,--.,,.,,-Q1 I 'IF 'V I , J 5. Ak , 3 'W 8' " V -wf' AQ.: :,,,v4-v- Camelot Staged to Capacity Crowds The Cast lin order ot their appearancel SIR DINADAN ..... SIR SAGAMORE SIR LIONEL .... MERLYN ....... KING ARTHUR GUENEVERE .... LANCELOT ..... SOUIRE DAP ...... KING PELLINORE .. MORDRED ......... TOM OF WARWICK PAGE ............. MEN George Avilar Randy Bender Milton Brack Jerry Brown Mike Frye Ted Grigg Allen Hutt Marsha Bain Carolyn Bean Donna Coter Linda Coter Judy Crews . . Milton Brack David Saunders . . . Allen Hutt .. Jerry Brown . . . Dale Ward . Jackie Smith . . . Mark Springer Leslie Aldredge Russ Kirkpatrick . . Mike Burnett . Tom Newman . Phyllis Collier Tommy Johnson Bill McCook Mike Puckett David Saunders Gary Stephens Les Wheeler WOMEN'S ENSEMBLE Carol Johnson Brandy Kelley Debbie Mullins Charlaine Overstreet Diane Perkins Bonnie Draper Kathy Pirtle Sandy Denton Claudette Spain Christine Dwyer Andrea Tartlinger Carol Freeman Linda Thomas Roberta l'larshaw Kathy Weise Judy I-lenry Faye Whitehead Debby I'Iiqh Our Thanks to the A Cappella and Choralaires tor their assistance in "Guenevere." Sir Sagamore. Sir Dinadan, and Sir Lionel awaif the coming of Lancelof. Below, Arllwur charges Tom of Warwick fo keep lhe ideal embodied in flue Round Table alive. 1-, E wwf 1 ' . 14.-law, w--- BW-M Menacinqly, evil Mordred surprises Lance and Guenevere in her beclchamber ... right King Pellinore sfumbles onfo Came- lol and decides lo slay awhile. ,- l kvltvl M -ff, f.i'1umfy M,,..- fn--f-w fmuffk M454 4'5" P V W A - 5.4 I f.aY?f i 4 xv , .. 01" 'fuuck en House . . . Boys' night in' "lf I make if look real nice. MABEE he'll see wl1a+ a good wife l'd make." So goes 'rhe sfory of Open House. This one day oui of 'the year. beds are made, dir'r is swepl even from under 'rlme rugs, and if you'll s+ar+ a+ leasl 45 minules ahead of lime, l'l'1e 'rrasli even gels empiied. As fradiiion has i+. fhe goodies are laid oul, and 'rlwen you wail for "Mr, H" +o walk +l1rougl'1 Hue door -and ask you +o devo. ,Jn i Wham xx 2 ' if if Vanify. vanify, Trenf Lancasier fascmafes Gary Hobson wlfh has qulfar playunq abulufy All ig vgni+y,' rv, A V ,,,g3,"f15j."?W W' ifiilbzf ,fig y . 'A If ' . if H 7 i t , my r ..', -35' 7492-4 ' 'i f ' iff ' 1'-riniiggli t. 1? ful-igT?'Q " , ' , Qliw N' 1" 'P ' 5' -i' ,- ' i .trim-. " 1 .54 1 at J ,X 17 fl 'N - Qi g Chip Bennett consoles Jay Roberts musically since he has to study. ffffff. i ' f"wLs J ffm' - --a ' ' -fs V . if Living With Others Provides Enjoyable Part of Education A 5 Even coming trom a large tamily does not always il prepare one tor the new experiences ot dorm liv- Z ing. Cooperating with others, making many triends. depending on yourselt lor your roommatel in- stead ot Mom tor washing. cleaning. and ironing? all these are a part ot it. Not to be overlooked are the parties, the pranlcs. the rules to become accustomed to, and the occasional room checlcs. All are a part ot a college education. 1 M.. 5 L! .ia ,- . U 4 1 Pele Fredenberg lclses advanlage of 'rhe pay phones ... :Avy png: 05. yLQqb eyoaqgl go "'.f0.1'1' 0,4 10544 Mil 1 Qu wife 0.04 vo o no wi'o'0'Jo' dp, o'0Lf'f gnTw'i" .A ,. , X J . P 9' Trenl Lancasfer slrums his gullar while ... Dorm Becomes Home While Attending ACC Dorm life is many lhings +0 many people. ll' provides a place lo learn, and a place lo relax- ' in shorl, il becomes "heaclquar+ers" for lhe clura- 'rion of +he.s'ruclenl's' slay al ACC. ll is a lime of new experiences, of maluring. of learning ro live and co-operale wilh olhers. his lime in pursuil' of knowledge. and Bob Carrulhers uses ',".il.l 10.2 lflil-Qv-1 QCOQQ Ovtiiouu c-nkouoeppbll D :O 0-on o 044: 0 Q +I, ,.,.,. z.6v.s ,- 'ds ' ... "lf-' 'lo a "0 . . .ug N i 4 ,V ,. ' N' 5 K .if W" in .aw"""" A Ov i My ,I 'mi' , L s 1 ,, ,-.gy,g,j lui f ,., ,. .,,, y,,,,, - ,su gwji H 'fl' if i 5lu.,,,,,,, ,.1, ...W n----v f-415 illil . .. lll 5 4 ' . J . I' A busy day is ended by a brief dcvofional in Mclfinzic. -wvngiqwrx Y! Dorm Devotionals Complete the Day . W gf Q U ifwf f' . Young men qafher 'For a spornaneous period of worship. 'N Q fi. suM""""'l Ir. Q- 'frm' f 1 , . r x 4 Pr" - QQ w,,,gun"Pff'I7f""g 'I!f'i-My nll"F" nav' fin 'ff-1' 31815 ...V 'Q . -1-- I mg, JE: 1 79, 1, R . 1 I . r 44" ,I wg, 4, In 4.-Q 11 -r . 'Zinn fa I I Ii dl I ll N W L' . 1 fl 1 f . N , -M1 In 4. ' m 1""fQ 'gg . r lYs5i""""""ff" I .,-4-' " ffm V 52 if ' ' K ' -1' 5:65 Q 1 .f F ' 4 -""' k'igr rl ,tl V? jgmf q- 1 5:3 . 1 AW,k I W jf., ,' f 5 11'111111,1111?l1111s 1 11 1 1 1 l1lm!l11:11:i I I l V, W, 51-311-1 - 1 1'1.g l 1 l A W -4,f,151:,1uj1,f! " 7' H5151 Z4 1 1 1 .4? Eligfi11 , 1.1 .l4' 1 ' , 1-ml Q1 L . YQ. 515:-gf 1 51 Q 5, 11-11,1 1. 31 - 1-2113 1' 1, 1111 'rf ,J1 l 'Z 11'12'g1j, V "1 1121 1 11159 ,.z1111- z11:1,1111: 11 1 1 '11:j. l " .,.1f'5P".1 ' '. W 143,3j1f:1'L -1 '. 111-87115 l N l1ll1:wt111111ig,1,1t ' f ' 1 1:1iWfhS11i"'-1' W111ll11w1j1g 1-'1fggJ:1:'1".1' " ' '55fil"'5:1211:1,1111 4 ,A . 'l' "ii'i1.1il'fC'li iff- 1 1-'fl-f115T51fFj711i'I5n1?i-' 1. i-'lfifw' ""'-'49'3'i111x 1" 1 J 11,x1n1:1x111,11'1r1 '-'11Z1'?e-'llllrll vfl"V'7'1 '1i1H'lll1'1'1'11 111.11111lv11s1L11,1llI111: 1 A 11. 1111111111 1 .1, 151111 11 VT111 V' 11 54 1 xl. 11 111111lwl 1 1 f 111111111-gg 15 11'u1:1:i11f1n,'MllW..g 1" .- ,1',Q1r,.,f. .qs ,. 1'1:f'1?1:1.111',11111ir1. 1- ., 1 ' 1C'71. 'f:1'?" ::1'1 2' 'Z ' ' .1 ' 111-1f'11.41Y1'.a2i-rf:1-1 1 AQ, 'M ' flEiv11!g'rQ'.'gi 11I15111L,!,1 W 3111- 11 .I 1-11.1.1 1 .111 1.,.,..1. ' 11111.11-1l1'.,', , 1, 1-C' 1'-'ll:1l11lw1-1.11.1 1 "f1fQFgsMe5'1' 511' 1 ..1.. , 1:,111::r1.- 1 1. :1 1.111 . 11.1. 1 1111,L.fC..1 1 '- ,. J 11,1 . 11 . 1 1 g1'vw,111aM111112111111 1 15: 1: ',121: 1 Lr11'-1 1 . J'-.'.l 2.3.4 . .Egg 'MJ 1- 11111111.11 11 ,,-1 ..:1'.,11 . 1 ' . " ' 1 1':311fF1 Til ,,Lr11:11111,1511y 1151, " " "" LQ'1y111.1171 H' V 1 71"-1'li'Ml1 .r1 1 1 -5:1 :lg .1 , . 1' Jflflizfsi l 1 1' if R 1,1 1 1 V A' 1 1 ' 1 ll 11 l 1' Aff! 1 J I116 , 1 11,1 1 C ff 'H f 1 'flrflfl J is 1, ,ff 'ily i'I1r r If jr! 1 .r vigil' , ill Hn ,ja 1 J 1 V 1' I 1 ' NM. 1 A 131, 1 'HJ 11 111' A .1 x I 1 ' 1, N71 A 'J l liz l 1' 5 fm, z 11 .5111 'f1,'.gf.r w11iMgl1 " ,1 1.11. g11511gN1y1,11,4, 1 4 y 1Q.A2WN1, 1 1 I ,ri 41 , AQ 11111, 1 p, Jiffy, UW ls, 5 fly' 'ltr 1 1 ,, NF' ,ny 1,11 l W '1 lf Ml ll" ffgfaf, 1 1 1 ,11 M' 1 rf J' 1 'milf 1 1 312' 111,y'fa1'f-3.11 111 'J 31 ?15aP271Jef:'?f?11ig'gale 1 A 11-i15'l11e,'11:11:1g1:1111,11l' 1 1 ' ' il 1 131,11 . 169' 4215.1 1 ' 1l 09911111 ,., , , Ml rn 1 1' '1.1,111 1 all .111'f.T1 SEASON RECORD ACC OPPONENT 80 Angelo Sfafe College 79 62 Wesf Texas Sfaie 52 80 Howard Payne 70 78 McMurry 57 82 Murray Siafe 78 62 Kenfuclry Wesleyan 1 68 59 Wesfern Keniucky 84 92 Howard Payne 75 67 Oklahoma Sfaie 52 63 New Mexico Sfafe 45 McMurry 58 Arkansas Sfafe 57 73 Lamar Tech 55 87 Arlingfon Sfafe 72 7I 60 84 60 75 40 Wesi' Texas Sfaie 66 Air Force Academy 79 Angelo Slaie College 88 Easfern New Mexico 48 74 Hardin-Simmons 76 78 Arkansas Sfafe 74 8I Trinify Universily 62 64 Hardin-Simmons 92 79 Arlingfon Siafe 6I 70 Lamar Tech QOTI 69 Triniiy 48 Regional Tournament, Jonesboro, Arkansas 94 Jackson Sfafe 79 63 Souihwesf Mo. 58 NCAA Tournament Evansville, Indiana 62 Norfh Dalrofa U. 63 l-lead Coach Dee NuTT Abilene ChrisTian College has concluded This year iTs greaTesT loaslceTball season in The hisTory of The school. The WildcaTs hung up a brillianT 2l-7 record in advancing To The NCAA NaTional College Division TournamenT aT Evansville. Indiana. ThaT's a won-losT percenTage of .75O, which beTTers The .7I4 l2Ol7l season seT in i958-59. Coach Dee NuTT guided his charges To The championship of The SouThland Con- ference wiTh a perTecT 8-O record and Through The SouThwesT Regionals inTo The naTional Tourney. The WildcaTs losT in The opening game aT Evansville To NorTh Da- lcoTa, 63-62. ACC also finished No. 6 in The naTion in The final UniTed Press lnTernaTional Poll. AssisTanT Coach Haslrell Sinclair Larry Adams oulmaneuvered his guard Terry Priesf gefs a flafiened nose in fha scramble. -,N ,, n fm 1 W . X Fries? again in acfion for 2 poinfs. K A, A , M' 7 k " Q ' Av . ,x 4. , f -v , .v ,. ,f,. 9, .4. N .- vw Y xv? , -I f'f, L X 31' W , E 7 I 17 7 ,"7"f ' 1' 'aj .' iff I 5 av, kv Xl. n 'I -I M Nx W .Z f 0 f ti? f-s Slanding lL fo Rl: Jerry Burk, Wendell Sfewarl, Jerry Morgan. Charles Cleelc, David Wray, Terry Pr'e L Kneel'n IL l Rl: G d B I h D be-rqer, Larry Adams. Bob Slokes,Jol1n Ray Godfrey. I S I I 9 O or on G C ' on He'-Hen 58 ij if ' 4 .adv-'V' ' . xwmw JY. H' Qlf ' WEE fi. Qui, 1 P'+g pf mbu. 59 ,f 1 5, NS Y 1- A ' , Q. . f , 1 I f Sf llfllh 35 Q ,- x F . 3 4 ,. Y n A , . 'f :Q 1 Ly! ' 2 yi' A 'qv lf. film i '22 0 Q gn 51 52? K W A i, .u 0 Q1 , cf? ff 1 .. Vi, QQSHUYS If 31 I k , - Y u - Y .. Ad 'nn .wg gy .A bl N r 1 swixi. N' Int uh, Ill 0 ap- M ,NEFHQ4-. , David Wray is up for anofher shof. Ho mus'r have gone fhaffa way. f "' fuhfja, J' HAAUGH ww! ffiv 'wars' "' QM! IJ fVj"v as E L '56 fi I Q. I fs " 7 , ,. . 1 . 11 5? 'I if ww-he 1111449 25' 1 I I 'Cats Capture Regional Crown For lhe lirsl lime in The hislory of lhe Soulhland Conference, ACC caplured lhe Soulhlancl Conference Crown wilh an un- delealecl record. From lhere The ACC 'ream wenl lo Jonesboro Arkansas lor Regional compe- 'rilion where 'lhey won again, malcing lhem eligible for lhe NCAA Tournamenl in Evansville, Indiana. There lhe Wildcals sul- lerecl a hearllorealcing deleal againsl Norlh- ern Kenluclcy S+. wilh a close score of 63-62. W 'Q ., 'll 'cs 910 W I We' -- '- X u 1 I an 1 Y in .8 ' ' 1. 5? .14 , - P J ' .. ... Y, X 1 l J i Fxfiiig is Relaxing or Stud ings Librar Provides Facilities for Both Alllwouglm everyone comes 'ro lhe library lo sludy, nol everyone accomplishes Their goal. Some de- cide lhey had rallwer relax and enioy modern music and lileralure, or even calclw a slworl nap llwan sludy. Some read lheir lmomelown paper or cl1a'r willw a friend. Some willlprepare for class lime fol- lowing day and malce +l1e olhers wonder, "How does he do il? l-le musl be a genius!" 'X Qs 'M 66 S Bean and Library Part of Students' Daily Routine Study in the library is part ot the daily routine ot many students. lt provides an atmosphere ot quiet as well as reading material and study aids outside the text book. Betore a test or a big theme or a book report. other students can be tound here too, making the tinal ettort at concentrated learn- ing. A part ot the daily lite ot every student is Catching Cateteria. or the Bean. Serving break- tast, lunch, and supper, this institution provides the meeting place tor many triends throughout the day. The Bean achieves even more popularity on 41' KX I5 4- -A yt 'xx the special days when Christmas and Thanksgiving dinners are served. f C 3 Belfye Nichols speaking on "A Porlion of Thyselff' xy: --srl' -ui' Bill Deckarcl and Bonnie Reed were leaders lirsl semesler of lvien's Forum and C-5irl's Training Class. 68 Girl's Training Class Prepares for Christian Homes Girl's Training Class meeis al 6:00 p.m. Thursday. in lhe College Church Chapel. lls main purpose is lo prepare and develop 'l'he Chrislian woman's role in modern so- ciely. Their meelings include discussions, lalks by sludenls, lacully speakers, and leadership lraining. Disfinguished speakers such as Brolher Carl Brecheen, Sisfers l-lenry Speck and Beflye Nichols were presenled. Maxine Johnson served as leader of Girl's Training Class. while The leader of Men's Forum was Jerris Bullard cluring 'rhe second semesler. Leclures are lhoughl provoking. Men's Forum Builds Church Leaders Dr. Paul Soulhern encourages young men lo be slrong Chrislian ex- amples. Led by Bill Declcard and Jerris Bullarcl, lvlen's Forum pursued an aclive year. ln Roberson Chapel each Thursday al 6:00 p.m. lhose men who plan lo preach full or parl lime galher loqelher. Lislening 'lo experienced preachers ol lhe gospel en- lighlens many men inlo lhe lile and worlc ol preachers. The momenls of devolion and inspira- lion 'Found in lhe daily chapel services are signilicanl in l'he life of every ACC sludenl. Bolh facully and sludenls lead ers and musical programs. Daily Devotional in Chapel 1 ' 'V "f'5,x-- l 1 ' A-.,..,, 1 i 'N ff Mi 4 :, 1. I .JN i Mitzi 'Wil Q.f1V: :g fi., I f A h gb V' , , " ' iuumt' .i 'N ' l 'A igggpamga 4 2 i i v. :1 .V , " ' - 1 - If" 1 5 ,. A 1 l A :,f".,'?'. I T3 il .s 2 i 1 ?.lf'1??3, l . A period in each sl'udenl"s morning is devolecl lo worshipping God. lhe devolionals. Oflen included are speak- Speech Students Direct Series of One Act Plays Every year a series ot one act plays are directed by various advanced speech stu- dents. This year "Blithe Spirit" was di- rected by Claudia Scudder: "The Little Foxes," by Shonnie Waddell: "Look Home- ward Angel" by Donna Wright, "Victoria Regina." by Jerry Brown. Members ot the cast were selected trorn student tryouts. Madame Arcati lDonna Wri htl is tr in to return Ruth lSharon Schneiderl and Elvira lShon- - Q Y 9 me Wdddelll to the spirit realm through a seance. Muehostly spectre, ghoul or tiend .., Never more be thou convened." "l3litho spain" J ig.. After he has had a severe heart attaclc, Regina lClaudia Scudderl retuses to get her husband lclirn Keyesl his medicine, "The Little Foxes" 7l Sharon and Larry are foined by Donna Wrighi as Madame Arcafi in "Blifhc Spirif". As Madame Arcafi arrives a soance is abou? fo begin. 'T I Charles hears Elvira's voice: Ruih cannof hear if, Margaref Dykes as Birdie Hubbard, cha+s wifh her sisfer-in-law. Regina. This scene from "The Lillle Foxes" shows Regina Glddens and Debbie High as her daughler. Alexandra G-iddens. Alexandra re- alizes Regina is responsible for her husband's dealh. Sfarring in "The LiHle Foxes" is Jim Keyes as Horace and Claudia Scudder as Regina. They quarrel over 'lhe money 'rhaf Claudia holds in her hand. -u-ear.. -v - .- .M ,, Larry Hall as Charles Conclomine, Sharon Schneider as Rulh Condomine, and Shonnie Waddell as Elvira slar in lhe play "BIilhe Spirii". Charles has lricd lo persuade Rulh lhai Elvira, his lirsl wife-now deceased, has rolurncd in lhe form of a qhosl. 73 Top Row, Lol? lo Righl: Jim Ta lor: John Ta l 3 K T'Il' l ' B'lI E l y yor on a ia erro, 1 y ng and: Bryan Slanley: Mike Spence. Fronl row: Ben Ziclcenloose, coach: Boyd Claylon: Ray Albridge: Geoff Moore. Flying Cats Hold G mnastic Meets Several appearances al baslcelball games as well as meels in Abilene and al olher schools have lcepl lhe Tumbling leam busy lhis season. The boys work oul in order lo improve Their lrampoline slcills and worlc on Jrhe high bar ancl rings as well as Tumbling on lhe mals. un, U' 4 9 gg: "iz, ,a..,:. 14" ,A 4 r 1 J N is O 5 . .1 w an own p A J.. in Iwi!! an L.. . 'wi l xy- '3-'F lllllisiiitllill' i l fx'-. ii v ,l . 'xx l " , rim , , ' 'limi' D" ', 1 ,,i,,,i i. V ,n , ,iw ,H in we 'H i , - Ji, 2 4 s V . vw.-,i,i.,:Q, ,, - -, 1 NNN1 Y ll"lwl ' 1 ' g ll i i Y gi f , lil .f , .,1 v The Serendipily Singers were only a perl' of The enlerlainrnenl broughl To lhe cam- pus by lhe Senale. John Gary and Glenn Yarborough also were fealurecl, as well as Col. John lShor+yl Powers. The Senale worlcs on a limifecl budgef +o presenl The besl enlerlainmenl possible To 'lhe ACC slu- clenr body. The Serenclipily Singers pre- senled an enlerlaining program lo a very receplive audience. iii ii Nl-, 6 Q . ,O pf' fl if-2 I' A if f,fC,, 'v X X M 5 w f . Qalifornia Relays , Q lr ,Nw 'T-V.. nm! s"., VARSITY SCHEDULES Dual TACC, Texas Wesfernl A Border Olympics Wes+ Texas Relays Corpus Chrisfi lnvifalional Texas Relays A Quadrangular IACC, New Mexico, Drake. R. Ricel A r Norlh Texas, V , Albuquerque Relays ufhland Conference Meal' 'lompfon lnvilalional A SQTQMCAA Clwampnonshnps we V mmwM I ' 4 ., ,Lf-g --xkflrhll: . . ull! " IWW ' "."""'W '1"'13' "WVf'fl ,V 2 . V -T. rs -,T ,,.t V- r, S Nafuonalwpecleralrori f - Tjwlgf s fq,,,.n,Ll y up - ,Ll .mf Jai 'iv hislf-fl-1'-+f2.,m-rff ,gg-bf. . , ' T Q ' 1 . . ,l, ' -' A V Aw, " .Vw-"H 'L r' ' "l f 'Wu 1" ' " A ,Jr ,wr f"'f ,I If f , I A V I F ,:.4?'f.,1w sw.: ,, .ral l ik' 'rl I, ..'-l,,,v', .,. M whi ny' ,My .. f'.:,,'g-v-I Q umtyzt .l,. WAN' V 'I WH ' ' ' r llfxll-'Jw-'S 15,571 :' 4' l '- V 'l " ' ' ' ft" W- l.inL".'1m sv Vu Mgr! 1 1 5. ,ag AMW ' R 'V Charles Chrisfmas is one of rhe mosi' versaiile cindermen in ACC Track hisfory. The senior co-caprain esfablishecl himself as a premier disrance man in Texas lasl year. running a lop mile of 4.08.6 and fhe second besr half-mile a+ l.5O.l. Riley Dunn is an accomplished runner in any race from The IOO 'ro 'rhe 440. Dunn ran on lhe ACC sprinr medley, 440, 880, and mile baron uni'rs in I965. ' ,, Dunn Erickson Bernard Erickson improved his shor pu'r effori 'ro 53'7" las'r year and should push 'rhe sreel ball farlher in I966. He was a consisieni poinl gerrer in '65 and placed rhird in +he SLC meer. Craig Fox could loe among The besi in Texas in 'rhe 440-yard hurdles ihis season. He recorded 'rhe fourlh besr Time in l965 of 53.2 and is expecled 'ro improve. He may run ihe highs bui inier- mediares is his beslr race. Raymond Hardin ran Jrhe 44-O yard hurdles in 54.3 las'r year, which ranlced among Texas' i'op IO. Sei' an ACC record of 37.7 in The 330 yard hurdles in I964. .. ,sss ir' X. Fox Hardin Hardson Gale Harrison was elecied as one of 'rhe cap- iains by his ieammaies. Gale was a slancloui. de- pendable performer as a iunior, running a 20.8 in lhe 220 yard clash, one of +he na+ion's besi' +imes. He gained ihe NCAA championship finals in +he furlong, buf failed +o place. Gary Hobson, 'rhe Class AAA s+ai'e pole vauli' champ for +wo years, hopes +o Jralce up where Olympian Billy Pemellon lefi' off in I964. Gobson"s bes+ vauli has been l4'6". a heighl which sei' 'rhe ACC fresh record lasi' year. Hobson Wildcat Trackmen Set Many Records K L i 4 - 15. ,-,' .1 , V ' A H" -N-A s- 1 ft 1 v 4' ' -1 ,. Y- , . ,vif -VX ' ol X A 14 5 '. .N :J Q I .W -'- .V " H -, f v, 0-ea -1- 1. 1 -f JA jf. 5 ' t. fx rv .a ",w?.'. P+ , r ,'x.' fe hi ' . mx: . ' I , fl' Q"'u'm5f V ,. if . X 1. M .H " 1' - .in ..., , .A.,.LaE'alFgEw 5 ., 1-g.g fi'i'ff if T as -ii ' ti .X -. f ff V7 ' A J, ', 1 i' ' v5 in, W . iii ,,q'.'5"' lil' L1"'lQr1l5"':'34' ,. A .. ..,,-,if A M,-i-1sfg,i..v T 1 '57 -if l , 3 ., T ,V i 4 ' 'I . as " ', rip. , 1' ' " .gun ff' , p ' in-.-S 1' .3 T fi gn-If' f 1. ,. I g ' vwi 84 Ken Knapp will add considerable sTrengTh To The ACC sprinT and relay corps. l-le ran a 9.6 cenTury and a 2I.6 Turlong as a 'Frosh and will run on The sprinT and 880 yard relay uniTs. Jon Link has improved each year in The disTances and more of The same is expecTed in I966. Clocked a 4:l8.5 mile in '65, placing Third in The SLC meeT. Dave Piper spenT mosT of his Treshman year on The sidelines wiTh. an iniury buT is a promising dis- Tance runner. Piper . PaT Hubbard, a Triple-ThreaT sporTs sTar for Denver CiTy on The Texas SouTh Plains, will ready himself for decaThlon compeTiTionI as a sophomore. He is mul+iTalenTed in Track and Tield bul' his sTrongesT evenT will be The inTermediaTe hurdles, where he should be a consisTenT poinT-geTTer. Bruce Johnson could be The hearT oT The Wild- caT disTance sTrengTh This season. He ran a 4.l l.3 mile and l:52.6 hall-mile in l965 and he suffered a broken Toe in The Drake Relays and didn'T compeTe The resT of The year. He's a Top beT To break 4: l0.0. Link 1 lv 4 1 fi Q. w H., f K i f 'XNWMM .qw ., , , U, N. 7 . up ,,-s,,, 1. ' .f1 4 .1 'J 'Il' I '51 ,v 1 5 J ' I , ,mn ,f A 1 ,.,1' , 4 in . , P V . . 1, 1 ..,, 4 A M. ,fu Y NI' M, 'ff 4 , I U- . ,Q ' vy,3.4,,,y,. 1 :JQ,"'r IA"- ' V "' bin . .1 . , 1 X W--2 . A , ,, ff, .2 ',' ' " 1-'..'.' 1,ff-1.53" ,di Wwe!! Hmm.. 5- , f' .fn-MQ' WM .,.f -' iffy 'aff' " , ' W. ,Vw ' I' V.. lv., 4,.,"v-Ky' ,. . W 7 ,, r 1, ffzv' , I" 'V H 7',vf .,1"aQ-'ffj f -499. 5 ,si -J, 'fjww ' A W ,Q aww' 1 W I E, 4: 0 'W-,,f,uz.. 92 Mx 50 n .A ,-as-. n " 1 s 5 xx 2 Q ., 1 , M N' 1 A w , V M, cfm' 4. 3155..- Mr. . jg.: 'SXWK' '1x"-Q5 -1, 'Ci , .6 I .- v V 5,3 , x M I",'!xvT'1,y. ,v L ' V .: QI- 'I ? H,:m'1:'n'5 ,, f' WW Ylimliy 51' Wi' ' , H"-.z L xv-1, 'vff.?'g?m.f W: wyivyi-pw f rf, f ,Q A 4 " .L " W...,. ff.. , fH'." a' , ' ww. ' V. ' ' 'L . 'in 1 ' EM , w ' , wh ' Q. - k I W if ' 'yd ,. 4-, w ,, W Q ' w 'l ' -F521 , " ff tb, 1' '- -W m.,, -.,.,,,,,,, 1,21 ' : flgggfgix' .W N ig., ' we, . , A M F .. 1 -,.g,,. ' ,W QV: . W '54 1 y , Q ,Q 'Q H, 1' M551 .ai 1, ' , Wk.,-Y . ' ,. sf?1X-'W-'- ' -'Mi . .ww - ,.,w'1,x.,, ,gyijxf "xv-',iE,,'m,s'V2'Ws5c2 . 2"", -'49 , ,N .w,h.g.L:,, ,I q i . .L 'Q w " 'M -11, .. , P!-,M 1., ' A-ww M ,W fa 4'1v,:,,,- ry nl Pin+o Beene .... Ronnie Crawford Max Gordon ... Sam Guynes Bill Hanna . . . Larry Hollis .... David Parsons Ronnie Payne .. FRESHMEN David Paul ....... . . . 440. relays Mi., 2 Mi. .. SP, DT .. Hurdles 440.. relays DT 880. relays . . . . . . PV Tommy Peacock Danny Schill ..... 880. relays 440. relays Jalce Schmidl . . . . 880. Mi. Mon're Sl'raH'on . . . Spis. Rlys Tommy Trayler . Jerry Wagner . Larry Wesl' .... David Woodard --na Van Troba Sprs. Rlys Spis. Rlys 880. Rlys 880. Mile Q Q Thompson Doug Thompson should be 'rhe answer To The de- paried Lynn Saunders. Doug should rake over where Lynn lefl' off as a premier quarler-miler, +he horse on 'rhe anchor leg of rhe mile relay. His loesl 4-40 was 46.6 las+ year. and he consis+en+ly ran in ihe 47's on relay s+in+s. He was on ihe All- America 'ream which placed second in +he NCAA and ran 3108.5 ar +he Texas Relays. Alberi Van Troba, who sei +he ACC frosh mile mark of 4:I I.9 las+ year. has a brighi' fuiure for The Wildcais. He also ran a I:53.l half-mile and will be on ihe Cars' +wo-mile. four-mile and dis- 'rance medley relay ieams. Chad Woolery 'fried Jrhe javelin 'For +he firsf fime in I965 and came Through wi+h a 'rhrow of I98' IO", which placed second in Jrhe SLC meei. Chad came +0 ACC on a 'fooiball scholarship bui knee injuries ended his collegiafe grid career. Terry Young is anoiher reason for ACC's disfance s'rreng+h in I966. He has run a I:56.5 half-mile and 4:30.0 mile. The "Top For'ry" opens fhe show wifh "Say If With Music". ACC's Big Purple Presents Purple Pageant The Big Purple's carnival accompanies The "Top For+y" in presenfinq selecfions from Dave Mcricic's "Carnival". The Via Cuna Brass enferfains wifh "Tiiuana Taxi Sewell AucliTorium was The scene March 4 and 5 oT "a rolliclcing musicale". presenTed by The Big Pur- ple. The Band proved Themselves as noT only TalenTed musicians buT also as excellenT vocalisTs. The many hours spenT in preparaTion were evi- denT in The elaboraTe seTs and in The excellenT gualiTy oT The enTerTainmenT. Every member oT The band parTicipaTed in The producTion oT The show. T-lighlighTs of The show included selecTions from Richard Roger's "Carousel" and David lvlerriclcs "Carnival"VsTaged by The "Top ForTy". The Big Purple STage Band, SouThland ShowboaT. crowning oT The Band SweeThearT, Dixie Land Five -l- McCoy, The Big Purple Players, and The Via Cuna Brass. We are proud oT The Big Purple and oT The TalenTs and abiliTies OT each individual member. .. Tl ll John l-Tolliiiold, conducTor and composer, wiTh The STage Band presenTs his own "Jazz SuiTe". T BAND SWEET!-TEART Teresa SmiTh 89 n., 'T N- ,.. W. ,,,,,, ff-Q, - K ' vw, M, -K X' I gf fi , .21 R5 jf, x' -.. 41 ' E S . T f 2 5 " f Q i J I 5 5 i 3 . : , J ,x f v f -. A f l 4 'L v X L Wm-ax i: .L4L-h., ,wr ' , . '- 4 ' Qt, ,,.1. . ,X A . 'A LEW! " ' I , 9 1 'J' , J WMI 4 1 "Thank you." l-le is proud lhal lhey are his friends. They are proud ol him and lhal he feels This way. Over IOO ACC siudenls parlici- pale in lalcing Jesus and, mosl' of all, love +o many adulls and child- dren who malce lheir home al The Abilene Siaie School. The worlcers soon learn +ha'r ii isn'+ worlc buf a grear pleasure and privilege +o share' a few minules every Sunday morning wilh lhese apprecialive people. Teachers receive in re- iurn a hug or a lciss, a "Thank you", an "l love you", or an anxious "Come baclc again" and a good feeling inside +o lqnow Thai Jrhey have made someone very happy. Whal more precious gill could be received? . Over IOO sludenls give of lheir lime every Sunday lo work wilh ihe palienls ol The Abilene Slale School. ACC Students Partlcl I ii 'Al I-v Ni .xi ,Y I if mqy w 1 n . ' .4- Sunday mormng achvmes include hme spent nn gethng to know one another pate In State School Program .A sk QI xi. I ? . I ff N,-+I?-5 ' 9' W e X f -xx "N . X X ' EA f .f' -' -X h ff. 44 ,bs X' ,X 4 L .. X ix f 3 xy X " 'A X5 X A 3 ,riy W , ,s A - f , ,, 1 , A Ex 'sl .Ns , wx nv? ,- "NWN w"S-.,. a-X ., --Q-V" w 'ia' ,LV ' f 1 1' W-+ Min' ,vw ,wvr - X pimms-A-9 wh, 539. 3. ffxnf, 3 ss " x'-' M 7 KS 4 5 f , 1 A ufrggg, as . il? MM: P W-,',-.MEA w 1- Sheridan Whilesidec I may vornil. The Man Who Came to Dinner MRS. ERNEST W. STANLEY .... MISS PREEN ........ RICHARD STANLEY JUNE STANLEY ..... JOHN ....... SARAH ............ MRS. DEXTER ........ MRS. McCUTCHEON . MR. STANLEY ........ MAGGIE CUTLER .... DR. BRADLEY ........ SHERIDAN WHITESIDE HARRIET STANLEY BERT JEFFERSON PROFESSOR METZ .... EXPRESSMAN .......... LORRAINE SHELDON . SANDY .............. BEVERLY CARLTON .. WESCOTT .......... TV TECHNICIAN .... BANJO ........... TWO DEPUTIES ..... PLAINCLOTHES MAN Baye Russell .. Bonnie Isaac .. Mike Burne'H . Leesa Cravens . Tom Newman . . . . Ann Smi+h .. Carol Johnson . . Donna Wrighl' .. Na+han Cleelc Sharon Schneider . . . . Dale Warcl Russ Kirkpalriclc . .. Judy Crews . . . Mike Miles . . . . Jerry Brown . . . Les Murray . Anna Kay Kelso . . . . . Ken'I' Kelly . . . . Larry Hall George Avilar John Farrell . . . Millon Braclc . . . . John Farrell Gary Sfephens . . . Kenl' Kelly v A ' .Q 5.1! E fe' L , MM A 1 , 'N L I It H6511 ,f -Uv 'Y .1 1 ., 1 Jw .1 'Q -fi It A i ag. , M ,Z h .. I 1 MH. r, "Su m 5. wvk, N Mm X ,X M +fw.. , . .. 4.5.1. .! H I A-- ,G ., .:.-'?',1'ru3I':,- - ! TH?-2 A K V .gt 1,34 4, . V yn W X - Va .- . ..,.j,,w7: "-"H ' ,. . "'f,'q1-9'.:-4.'v,w A 4' ,, ., ,, --wwf' .- fn f -M .La :4 !,,.:f:'w4 ie. 'V 1 1 ' g- QM, A . , ,fr ! ! ALL X ,L .air-Fiqh' '3ff.,.n"":r-PW' I, fma'l1':,:' azmhmx. L 96 . 1 ff ix, 5 Yak ,Q . fi, . 2, -nb r A in if 1 '5 '-i ,Ei ,J 1 ......4.. .,.,...-.x,....,. -..,.: ...M-,. --- X-4--M , . 1,1-,A-,...,.ire-ra.:-wa-vr OH, NO!!! NOT AGAIN!!! lx-1' 4, .l w wx . .eww qku .-..,. ..- ....,-vfe-'-.:m-- a "" lu J f 1 XSS. means M Ula-MW W f. M mm anna-Naam n mrwnnlr- X la, 3 'IW lf"3Qkl I Q l 'U 1 ': , ' ' N A ' ...el is ' . -, l ' ,M ,L,,,.l,':- ' V M , , I V .14s.nf,,.4'--.L a Y '.' 1,"'f Q '. - , 4 - ,E ""0- WV, 4 'F' ,' ' .1h1'.EZ3r, f,g,f'l"v-.A-'.'l'-.v, ml l' 'fl,.y,vgRIAA,., 50- Ay, 1 "xg it W ' A ll 4 , , 'gf - .M .,, ,, ,,, 1 'mpc-. ,X ,L ' ,. 'I , K , . N 'g.'wgQ:-r 9 gr? A ,. Ur, -vxgv-we-f, " -1 "A ' K . Adbl ,WYQJ Y . 43.2. ,,M.f'.,, V . .ix K .7 f Wm..-.19 V ,4.,,w.17,P1??,y V V ,- . , ' , , ,,l5,.1,- 1 I X Q Al. , ,f,-I,-Q1-gl -j.z,.,' l Ak .1 pl . ff '1 f J 14 l. rf, ' Wy., 'hr I R H" '. . "ski .' -A aw , Hgzl ' ,' ' ' ' , ' ' 1?-Iwi '-V23 4 ' far, , W, we gm Aww gym ., N H , ' 'W vs-,H ' ll' .f 4- -,,:..J-2 ,A J-do , A, ff , V V - , W,.,ir9,, ,- L " . . , W, - 2 , . V , ,V Q VN, :L N , 4: - - gl my U? If hgqlmm ,r 1 I A "- ...Y .gr llv lx' PM ff l - Jr!-os-:flu +.... T, '17 9 .. 1 I' fb" fx 5. fl 5 l 4 1 ,.. if -mlffpaw x L Top: Whifeslclez Greer Coeser's Ghosfl Middle-Lorraine Sheldon: You clon'1' look like a newspaper man al' all . . . Righi'-Maggie Cufler: I wenl' you 'lo prefend fl1a+you're Lord Boflomley . .. Beverly Cnrlfon: I love if. l absolufely love ifll HW' fr f :wi I 5 ,!,7, "' - ' a . 1, Q id Jimi' X Class of '68 Repeats As Winner ,, , ...4 Sing Song I966 of First Place Vocal Award Even a leaky fenf could no? mar +he defermincfion of some. -iv 48th Bible Lectureship 41 e,l5x. jk The annual Preacher-elder's.Dinner was addressed by Sfanley Shipp of Swiizerlend. 'MQW , hi? hugh gi pu-A FJ r. Theme, N ..... ,. S . . ..-me-fi "vio-, M, . M , ,,,,' ..... l N , "The Bible Today" s S . V., Q x .. -,,-.... 3 2 l C H One of lhe closing evening leclurers. Frank Pack, addressed 'lhe audience on "The lnspirafion of fha Scripfure." : 47' ' 5 Us ,X 'V K Q l T fi 1' 1 f f H 9 le 5 f if f T .fl T T If ' :N i , Q J I 6 'N ,. ' . J P A I - ., Ray F. Chesfer addressed a capacily crowd on 'lhe "The Aulhorify of The Bible" lhe closing nighl' The Vief Num display broughl' a large. inferesled crowd. I03 i -4 Archileclural drawing of The proposed Moody Coliseum-Audilorium. Ground Breaking for Coliseum Ground brealcing ceremonies for ACC's new Coliseum-Audiloriurn were held February 22 during Lec- lureship. Presidenl Don Morris an- nounced 'rhal lhe building will be named 'rhe Moody Coliseurn-Audi- lorium. The Moody Foundalion of Galveslon conlribuled 5500.000 loward lhe mulli-purpose slruclure. The arena seclion of lhe build- ing will seal 5.0007 'remporary seals on 'rhe floor will increase sealing capacily 'ro 6.000 for audi- 'rorium-lype evenls. The Moody Coliseum-Audilorium marks lhe firsl maior slep in Phase I of lhe Design for Development Ground breaking ceremony carried out Presidenr Don Morris speaks on fufure plans for development - uditorium " Dean Wallings, Chairman of fhe Nafional Developmenl Council, addresses 'the assembly cluring Leclureshlp on fhe proposed Coliseum-Audllorlum. I Pause in the Lectureship Tent Old friends were uniled and new bcquuinfunces made during lecfureslwip. I06 The sfove brougln' many lecfureship visi- +ors a welcome relief from fhe snow and cold wind. ln from ihe bifing 'cold. visifors sfop for a hof cup of coffee and a warm friendly greeiing. Ohs Galewood was one of many groal' evangelisTs To challenge young and old To Take lheir place on The mission Harding Sponsors Mission Workshop People from all over The world gaThered Oclober 9-Il aT Harding College Tor The 6Th annual Mission Workshop, OperaTion OuTreach. STudenTs represenlred such colleges as David Lipscomb, Pepperdine, NorTheasTern Chrislrian, Harding, and Abilene ChrisTian. One of The highlighTs of The workshop was a surprise arrival of and presenTaTion by Maurice l-lall, Saigon, VieTnam. The Tew days spenT in Searcy proved To be mosT challenging and inspiraTional for The many who aTTended. 'VITY 1' .WJQQ . jd Froni Row: L io R: Charles Perkins. Wayne Massey..Terry Smifh. Joe Holley. Johnny Huff. John Moss, Danny Shirley. John Terry Second Row: 'Ronnie Harris, Jimmy Lawson. Craig Collier. Bill Gilbrelh, Mike Ward, John Glenlzer. Tim Allen Third Row: Ralph Slone, Page Cook. Kenneth Thomas, Larry Adams. Dick Gooch. Kenf Weldon. Gary Hayden, Eddie Mosier. Good Season Seen Ahead for Baseball Team 08 '1 f 31 Ii COACI-I. Jimmy Hirfh 1 ,...4..... ....,.-.--- if BASEBALL SCHEDULE March I8 Texas CIwris+ian U. March 22 Dallas Universi+y March 26 Wesi Texas Sfaie March 29 Tarlelon S'ra+e April I Kansas S'ra+e U. April 6 Baylor Universiiy April 7 Baylor Universiiy April I I Dallas Universiiy April I6 Tarleion SI'a're April 23 Wesi Texas S'ra're April 26 Tarleion Siaie April 30 Texas Tech May 3 Tarleion S'raIe May 7 Texas Tech May I3. I4 Conference Tourney ,f Tough Workouts Pay Off for the Wildcats yi' V JL . -' 'M' .v wg, , ',,ff,, .. ,-N1 , M W A AW .fm :Nw " HU1-9-L, Wi Uff2fm.W 1 K W wwf 'X W--I Q F N ,H e 1 A U 1-MH' ' K N' -f 'give NWHJEK F x 1 'bf my uh Q 1 , Q, .R gr im, Vqfih ,Q NM .ww PW W 'S I 'X 'lawns'-Sw W' xx " . 1, , 5 Y' mi- 4 W5 3:1 Eff,-km .gTs1",W4' Hwy ,ef x K v M Mwsww QQ f, WH 1 A Q . . R A A iM" H, ' f, M ' ?'m 'VW- vs W x 'ff 1 'WM .A.,,,, ,..-:1.'., .MA xt 110. "'55'-'Q-.1 " 'mv-' -, e My x.. L.w:,. -.Aww-. '+.-.Q. .-fl!!! LMA-'.-' 11 MH. -- - .1 ' -1. :Y . -- my mf- wwi Wm-'f'1rf-F ff 12' 1' , 1'.:.:Qi'5w,n,nwiia 1s.:Fi"ij'4":-29-'Rv'fVf1Ewf9'A12.""M: HY-'75 , .. , , . , . ,, . .. .. , - me qw aw ,u f5'N5Z"21 "- Qfvf' K mi' V. 3 ' 21 f'gf5ym.:5-gqjgsmjggzigx-Lyygh ' M ,Q 5 , an-, . , ,:fi:'3. gf i' f '-PXL21,9F2fif'?. f. ' -Q sw, f?",xg :"T1fF:1Tiff1- gm aQvg.:5.-2,1 ,54r,pq,f?fi'.i.ii.: ami-QA. 'R ',+jE?1egE23!g,i'g'13,234 fail gr - .f14l,J":1t-2-'f' 12 2 New 11211 '-wi we F1 fur: 11 fx 1 ' H P:"mg3-''-f1v'q,5:.1.,:,:S:'i'- :q, ,x.f1?iw:'." b V A' 4.1-fr, f'41,,g',n.,fg., ,swf 1,4 f ' 2 5'MA3mf'q7if?fif-gy "YP 'IJS''We'-"""gHS"' W' W' 'GW' ""'f2 , P' fvf f ' n.. 'wb an .'wG'!'32f,5,?p'Wk"' sf M aflvf X 'Q "' U5 M' K Wa, , vw. 'I ag wh 4 My , WM , ,,3+ vnfzsm ww ja X 4 ' ' ' N' D .r pf:1rw?xW5'le?J?vWXiaa'3 S1 .www n ww P' W '1 -Q W. ,ff "'Q?551""1f"' .Q 'wwauh ., ,-5 fs Xxx 1: NX 1 Q 1 .. v "L "" AQ, I 0 I txig-,f1gu,,3,4 A K .. ff: , . G fy,-f4g.N' wan, -n., 4- 4' -I ' -- ' 1 . 1 ,.. , 'A ,..,wQ55::ggQ,3 , . .Z . . - p . ' A 1 - ... 5 A A , ,:s:g2g,af7'ijly::!.: '-1, V -5:-mv . X , ' . ,, A Wi ' - I ,U , - 5 J, ..ujMi3.,3f:,,A .Q-:ah -. ,. ,,.w' '. If 7JT.u,i,,'-ffwylm - 'A . ...N ,V .Y N fx A 1 ' P " 1 . ,, . ,-:...,ui' 2 ' A J ' -. -,.: ' ' 7 A ' -A , .lip , , If., 47 4 ' vs W . x M M M- A ,ij v"f'fw TUw'1-'- M. '- my .lg ,Mr S 4 . ,.., .. rfu,'i,',v , f 'g , ,Y ' ' 4' -X w V, Wm qw .V - -'N . W , . --mm' MM W5 ' . I L 'F W L U . , Q... , 11521 ' A , .rg1,31'sig'gl N5 H., W A A-'1!f'L5": 13 -,,'1X:,,s, M., 2' '. -',-c7'fHi ,"sfV' 7,j,f1,, , me -4,-Q-A, V ""w:f , . MJT .51 ,S..1,5 ffm 3 ,1' . vu' "' ,J x 4 ,a , l "' .41 ,pl ,av March March March March March March March March March April April April April April April April April April May May May L +0 R: Bob Giffin, Dickie Hill. Bryan Bosl, Coach I-Iar+, Paul Slelzer. John Nelson. John Robinson TENNIS SCHEDULE 8 Il I6 I7 I8 25 28 30 3I I 5 6 I5 20 2l 22 26 29 3 9 I2-I4 Mclviurry Easl Texas Sraie Texas Lu+heran College Soulhwesf Texas Slaie Soulhwesfern U. Wayland College Oklahoma Chris+ian Tarlelon Slafe Eas+ Texas S+a+e Aus'rin College Soulhwesf Texas Slaie Norihern Illinois ArIingI'on Slaie ArIing+on SI'a+e Texas Wesleyan College Oklahoma Chrislian Tarleion S'ra're Ausiin College Wayland College Mclvlurry Conference Meer Tennis Team Prepares for Full Slate 3 5 I .v' rf 1 ll .k Q , . 4 ills lwlgg, H. Nj' r. lx . ,lr , Ed Wright Roy Walker, Dick Horner, Sco++y Walfman Way'rrdCO"ege Golf Team Faces Srjgpxsrrl F. Aus+in Tournamenf March McMurry March Howard Payne College March Hardin Simmons U. March Howard Payne College March McMurry March March Hardin Simmons U. April Hardin Simmons U. April I4. April y April 2l Abilene lnvi+a+ional Tournameni April Wesr Texas S+a+e April Sul Ross Tour May ArIing'ron Siaie May Mclvlurry May Hardin Simmons U. May Souilwland Conference ug," f' 1-'40 v 161.-Y 5' a V., IQ 691 'f Lv. A A .n.....: I, In A.,,:a-...Q-. ..4g ' . , L x ' - ' - ' ,. M 'M My- .--. ,..,B."1 .rf 1--w ', "' ' ""' w - '11"f' " -I' "-' - .fb lv-W' 11" f' ,A "MQW", .. ,. rf . N .7,,.q,Nf.:w4?! ,ya ' .,.-Lvhnyw YW lk 14.3 W-ww.. .Wm It In I ' iff If A-W I ' ' in I I uv .w w ,, -I .,4,,., wgwg W . , D M- . 41 M. .. ,MA - ,gui -.W ,qt niifgufn Aw 'M 'J' I-'f X1 . " ' W 4 ' I 'JIAIQ Im ' fa lm" . ,U . Q I,Um,, Wy N vi. . , ,mg H I YQ, , W "If I don'+ find my con+ac+s soon, I'II be Iafe To class." I I4 WLM 31, r J A + ' wi Q ' Back In the f ', '1 'f- , Q, nz , , 'SK-si Winter of 66 . . .l l l-W3 , 'I 4 :J I X. 'ixbll -.5 ..y x. wi . ' , r ,,, . . lor, "Would you believe 1 'll it? It finally got cold!"l N fl fl 1 lz 'Rf E ' 1 1 '. ' ' ' I ' ,. Q 54' l .I . 1--l , -1 4 ., lg I gn " ' 1 s ' ' at t ' I' - A . , ' l , 'V .. - 'L 'fi "G f - l :x . H.. I . :ty dz af. .' :l. .,,,. ivy, fly.. 2 Qui V -ill ' y v." jw.ff,'?Y.:-Su 1' ' if lrfiu- 'Q r l ,-' 1' ' A i' ' ' -s 511 "'l .2"'-' xl' f T1 lv. ei - Q f 1 159 Q ' '5 " l gr 'l ll rl- fu xl j Q 'a 'K 1 'I xl 'wi I l iw 1 1 --.. f r Il' 1 " 1 if 1 'lf ' - lf up 'll lil 'Z fl' f 'ln as W3 ' . , , A -gif '31 "M A f' xx, f"' 'Y nm- :I :Julia fl:'U'.F -ff . l , A ,lvl , :V V., '51 " f H Q. "E ,gif -1 I 154 1-M"" +ll . . .. . 1 ' 'Nl vb lg " "Wl'1n1"s mme IS ours. and l'm lIXIf1 +0 uve ou wlwl l've of ,lj I . 5 ,,,,,,,. , Y Y ' g' "rf-Q .f ll ,, ,-an . l - we? assi-r . ' . u l l r, l -.- M-Qnlxahfqwi M , ,el x '1 "l sure wish lhaf bus would come. l'm freezing lo deal'l1." 'K if .,-1 9 Ji .. NYM! . . A -.4 ' 1' A 4, llxg, lj-'I K Ll xff ., 'U ul7l'?',, tw X r- ' ""' 'wx 41 HUM., A, 'W af, , ' l V F . ll5 1 features .Ei- , I features features features features features features features features features features features features features features COI1tEI1tS features features features features f H I 'FMF- WZ27 M Wayne Massey Debbe Mullins Mr. 8 Miss A.C.C. for l966 - 1. 'X , X - 'J 4 . N, 4,1 x ,f- f, ll" 'gy ' Q- A u . , ,,1'a5"-x' u ', ,fkf 4 .,., f., A -' 4, 1 .1 Linda Hudson John Meeker Mr. S Miss A.C C. Runners-Llp if N , v Judy McLeod Mike Hubbard Jeanelle Sue Yadon-English. Orcheslra: A Cappella: Picliwiclcians: Op- limisl: Ko Jo Kai: SEA: W Club, Vice-Presidenl: Sigma Tau Della, Sec- relary, Presidenl: Sophomore Class Secrelary: Junior Class Senalor. Jay Wheeler Roberfs-English. A Capella: Orcheslra, Presidenl: Mel- poms: Alpha Phi Omega, Presidenl: Omega Rho Alpha: Sigma Tau Della: Drama Sludenl Assislanl: Co-Chairman Sing-Song Commillee: Fraler Sodalis, Parliamenlarian. Ph Edward Wayne Massey-Biology, Pre-Med. Sludenl Associalion Presi- denl: Blue Key! Alpha Chl? Kniqhlsi Texas Academy ol Science: Varsily Baseball: Who's Who l964-65. Charles A. Reynolds-Biology. Senior Class Presidenl: Varsily Foolball, Caplain: Blue Key: Sub-T I6, Vice-Presidenl: Mission Sludy Sleering Cornrnillee: Execulive Council. 3 -YV Wt? ff' lip. df fl, A JJ 1 Claudia Jane Scudder-Speech. Alpha Chi Melpoms: Alpha Psi Omega: Kappa Della Pi Freshman Counselor. Faculty Makes Marilyn Rizer Shorl'-Educalion. Treasurer: W Club: Ela Bela Pi: Ze l-lislorian, Vice-Presidenl, Presidenl. Ex 96 .AI 1 V I l S.E.A. la Rho I all Qmv,4X:4 ll' g KL A ' -Nh ' ,QA .Al-. James Ross Nichols-Biology. Alpha Chi, Vice-Presideni: Di- recror of Campus Religious Affairs: Blue Key: A Capella. Jo Margare+ Oldham-Speech. L.C.C. Jrransfer: Sophomore Class Fa,vori+e: Yearbook Queen: Miss L.C.C.: Chrislliche Damen Social Club, Presidenl: A Cappella: Women's Sexieife: Freshman Class Secrelary. A.C.C.: Speech Therapy Club, President Paul Clyde Brownlow-Speech. Junior Class Senaior: Senale Par- liamenlarian: Siucleni lnvolvemenl Commiiiee. Co-Chairman: lv1en's Forum, Execuiive Commiliee: Galaxy. I 4 -,,, -, . f,.,,f- gi 4 CWS Xia Jeanenne Lou Nichols-Eclucaiion. S.E.A.: W Club, Presideni: Charles Herman Cleek-Business Aclminisfralion Baslceiball Cap Alpha Chi: Ko Jo Kai: ACapella. lain, All-Ciiy, All-Conference. All-Texas 2nd Jream Aihlehc As socialion, Vice-Presicleni: Sub-T I6. Who's Who ominations BeHy Ru'I'h Brown--Home Economics. A Cappella CSC W Club. Secrelary: l-lorne Economics Club. Presideni Kappa Della Pi: Ko Jo Kai, Reporier l"lis+orian: Ki'r+en Klub SEA Junior Favorire. i 2 , i 9 .i , q , i ii :A ,fl,i l iz.:- l l I l is Who's Who in American John Charles Meelrer-Bible. Junior Class Senalor: Junior Class Favorile: Sophomore Class Presiclenl: Galaxy, Presidenl: Blue Key: Alpha Chi: Omega Rho Alpha. Charles George Mickey-Greek: Alpha Chi, Presiclenl: Blue Key: Direclor of Eleclionsp Omega Rho Alpha, Presiclenl: Knighls, Treasurer. Sidney Duane Blankenship-Bible. Slu- denl Associalion, Vice-Presidenl: Junior Class Vice-Presidenl: ln+erpre+er's Coun- cil, Juslice: Knighls, Presidenl: Omega Rho Alpha: Alpha Chi: Blue Key. L James R. Keyes-Malh. Blue Key. Presidenl: Kap- pa Della Pi. Presidenl: Fraler Soclalis: Alpha Chi: PEMM Club: S.E.A., Freshman Counselor. . ,.i -- . .-.,-w:,-. 11--'..iv.-. f..-',..."2 fu. -- 'nl i 'rw' f.. ulfi-.ef.1.i.--'-L s !"- -RU. -A-I -s ur.-.a -U, Righh ' " 'W -' Ronald Edwin Thriff-Social Science. Phi Alpha Thela, Presidenl: Sludenl Assoclahon Trea su re r. Leff: Arfhur Clifford Thorn'l'on-Social Science. Sludenl Senale: lnlerprelers Council Chief Juslice: TISA Delegale: Galaxy. Colleges and Universities Ala : Evelyn lrene Clinlcscales-Physical Educalion. C.S.O.: S.E.A.: Kappa Della Pi: Alpha Chi: Killen Klub: PEMM Club, Secrelary-Treasurer: Ko Jo Kai. Co-ln+ra- mural Direclor: W Club. Marilyn Sue Harp-Physical Eclucalion. S.E.A.: C.S.O.: Alpha Chi: Kappa Della Pi: W Club: W.R.A.. lnlramural Direclor: Freshman Counselor. F Ri hi: Jiibly gKay McLeod-Eclucalion. Senale Secrelary: ISCC: S.E.A.: Ko Jo Kai: Sing-Song lvlislress of Ceremony: Freshman Counselor: A Cappella: Kullen Klub: Junior Class Secrelary. Eclwin Wacle McLeod-Agricullure. Varsily foolball: Blue Key: Senior Class Senalor: Galaxy: Mission Sludy Sleering Commillee. Righ+: John Waller Hollifield-Music. Bancl. Presiclenl: Blue Key: ISCC: S.E.A.: Phi Della Psi, Presi- clenl: Sing-Song Direclor: German Club: Circle K: The Embers: The Dixie Six: John l-lollilielcl rio. 4 X 0 1. CJ l XX, A r I Who's Who Represent Top 65 I - n 1 -9 .34 jfgf.-,, ' , nf fx Qn ...A :J 1 L l l l Sr l ef' Chad R. Woolery-Physical Educalion. PEMM Club, Presideni: Varsiiy Foolball: All Soulhland Conference Track: Galaxy. Charles William Chrislmas-Social Science. Lelrer- man's Associaiion, Secreiary: U.S. Track and Field Federalion, 880--lsi: Soulhland Conference record. 880 and mile: Souihland Conference Champion Cross Couniry Team: Galaxy, Secrelary. an L Roberl' L. Hance-Chemislry. York Jrranslerz Baskelball: Mr. York College. A.C.C.: Alpha Chi: Blue Key: Sludenl' Affiliaie of Ameri- can Chemislry Socieiy, Presidenl: O'r+o Fos- 'ler Science Award: Naiional Science Founda- Tion Research Granl in Chemislrry. Barbara Kay McBride-Educalion. Junior Class Secreiary: Siudenf Senaie: W Club: Kappa Delia Pi, Treasurer: S.E.A.: GATA: KiHen Klub: Melpom: ISCC: Omega Rho Alpha. Susan Gail Williams--Educaiion. W Club: S.E.A.: C.S.O.: Omega Rho Alpha: Alpha Chi: Ki'H'en Klub. Achievement QC' Ab v : Pairiacia Irene Asher-English. Alpha Chi: Sigma Tau Delia, Secreiary-Treasurer: Pancloras. Vice-Presidenr: W Club. Thomas Neal Buffaloe-English. Senior Class Senaior: Junior Class Presiclenrg Sophomore Class Senaior: Freshman Class Presicleni: Debaie Squad: Galaxy. Carolyn Joyce Myers-English. Alpha Chi, Secreiary: Sigma Tau Del+a, Presideni: Kappa Delia Pi, Reporrer: ISCC: W Club: S.E.A.: C.S.O.: Omega Rho Alpha. Above Righh Frances Warren Dobbs-Home Economics. Siudeni' Associaiionl, Secrefaryg Senior favorife: Miss A.C.C., T964-65: Freshman Class Secrerary: Deira Thefa: Home Economics Club. Lower Righh Ka+hy Jordan-English. Sigma Tau Delra: Kappa Delia Pi: S.E.A.: C.S.O.: Kirien Club, Presiclen'r: Delia Thera. President Direcror of Sing Song. Gwynn Howell Shulh-Educarion. W Club, Treasurer: Delia Thefa, Secreiary. Kirren Klub: C.S.O.: S.E.A.: B.A. Club. Honor Boy and Girl ,Q . in V. Ml 1 tu 4 ,111 ,Q """-x Charles Mickey Barbara McBride ' igwv J-mf' , , 1 rg q., 4 Q1 ' 7 Fx il ,,"3'.f?.3i'g l 5 'V fastball, ' , 4-R34 'Till X ii ,gs 5 ' 1 'X Q at '+A,..,'. I v l w. L E 'dbfsl Gail Williams Honor Boy and Honor Girl RunnersHUp Wayne Massey Debbe Mullins pauses in froni of Hardin Adminisiraiion building 1. 93 Student Bod From a seleci group of eighl' beauiiiul girls, ihe A.C.C. siucleni body selecied iun- ior, Debloe Mullins io be queen of 'rhe I966 Homecoming fesiivilies. The winner was announced ai half-Time during ihe A.C.C.-Triniiy fooiball game. Mrs. Don D. Janek, coming home queen crowned Debbe and Wayne Massey pre- senied her wiih an armiul of roses. The eighi iinalisls from leii io righi: Top row'-Raynell Lee, Lalce Jackson iuniOf7 Karen O5lD0ff1i Abi- lene senior: Barbara McBride, Waco senior: Judy McLeod, Sweel- wafer senior BoHom row--Lincla Groves, Dallas senior: Marsha Moyle, San Anlonio iunior: Debloe Mullins, McAllen iunior: and Claudeiie Spain, Abilene iunior 41- A fx 'NA 15' Qs' 'YU' . .l4 ,A gn i., Opposile page: Brenda Bradley, Educaiion maior. is a sophomore from Weafh- erford. Righ+: Melinda Arceneaux. a freshman from Wichila Falls is considering a ma- ior in +l'1e field of Social Science. Student Bod fx.. ,. '31 'I ml J'ii Qillgffl lil: s 'W , . li ' ,JK Melinda Arceneaux Student's Association Spon Annual Events va- 'af Sandy Brooks S0l'S Facing page: Sandy Brooks, Pasadena 'Freshman plans a maior in Speech. Righf: Delsbe Mullins, iunior from Mc- Allen, is maioring in Psychology. I f uni. JM, ll Q' X v ' , x Q, ,W ,D x AI, fs Ty " f il ,E V 'iyfg 1 . in n A I gf? X l nr 1 5 ' 'ff , .Q an X , ,mv X X l Debbe Mullins ominations Open to Entire , I , . I I 5 1 M . 4 Y Student Body '4 T Q 6 1. W 3 :E S Marsha Moyle Susie Stovall Leff: Freshman Susie Sfovall is an Educafion maior from Dallas. Opposife: Claudeife Spain, nafive Abilenian. is a iunior wifh a Speech maior. . 1 .' t 'I' ii .4 it lieth- A Y , , X Rayflelle l-96. Junior Joan Weber, Senior Gall Oliver, Eight Finalists Designated as Runners-Llp Each year the Prickly Pear teatures I6 beautitul gilrls on our campus. The elections are sponsored by the Students Association with Alpha Phi Omega counting the ballots. Any girl who is a member ot the A.C.C. stu- dent body is eligible tor nomination. Nominations can be made by any student. The twenty-six girls receiving the most nominations are placed on the ballot. Beauties are the eight girls receiving the greatest number ot votes. The next eight are desig- nated as beauty runners-up. 4. '-MXN , ax is . , 6 1, ff 5 KJ W 1 , are my 0 Fl 7 A i 9 1 I i F 1 1 Freshman Ann Kaufman, Freshman Donna Bowen, Freshman V l I r 1 l 4 I i 'Cf' Wecla Fox, Sophomore Linda Bradley, Sophomore Freshman Class Favorites Runners-Ll Jimmy Hollifield Susie Stovall Jimmy Lawson Woodye Kay Yoakum l P Sandy Brooks George Cox '13 n"1'g's 1 1 Freshman Class Favorites John Paul Blankenship Lois Buck x .gg 1 Sophomore Class Favorites Runners-Up Glen Staples Lois Price ya Runners-Llp Junior Class Favorites Leif: Rose Ann Reynolds John Ray Godfrey Below: Linda Hudson Daniel Boone - l 5 l l l l 4 l x Debbe Mullins Ron Price Junior Class Favorites Margaret Burns Charles Reynolds - dk 'ly I X K-1 xx-3 -lx 3 Vi IIE!!! H Runners-Up Senior Class Favorites A ":7 Judy McLeod John Meeker classes fig? UILIIUIQ COI1t8l'ltS Ck., E if M The Abilene Christian College Student Bod Gordon Casada Booneville, Ark. Carl Holladay Huntingdon. Tenn. Gene McMurray Fort Worth Kenneth Martin Belle Plaine, Kans Senior Class Officers President, CHARLES REYNOLDS Vice-President. RAY HARDIN Secretary, JUDY MCLEOD Paisy Asher Pasadena Roy A+lcinson Lloydminisier. Sask Donna A+lcison Parkin, Ark. John Augusfine Sierling Cily Carrol Ayres Dalhari Judy Baker Odessa Barbara Ballard Siraiiord, Okie. Wanda Bass Prescoii, Ariz. Ruih Bea+on Abernarhy Linda Beckham Waco Charles Beecham Milwaukee, Wisc. Suzanne Berry Smyrna. Tenn. Gary Billingsley Abilene Wayne Bissell Oroville, Calif. Sidney Blankenship Hereford Shelby Bozeman Eagle Pass Canada Cindee Albridge Glenolden, Penn. Bobby Allen Bronie Dan Allen Housion Larry Allen Hillsboro Jim Alsobroolc Abilene Edelyn Anders Ailania Ron Anders Baron Rouge, La Dixie Anderson Waco Jerry Anderson Odessa Milfon Anglin Liiileion. Colo. Mary Arringfon Freeporf Merrile Arfisi' Nashville, Tenn. Milfon Brack Jasper Virginia Brock Housion Linda Brooks Andalusia, Ala. BeHy Brown Dallas Dale Brown Corvallis, Ore. Judy Brown Larned. Kons. Judy Brown Davidson. Oklo. Paul Brownlow Fori Woriln David Bryan Monfpelier, V+. Jud Buckle Y Y New Albany. M iss. Jerris Bullard Synder Lana Bullard Dallas Ronald Burch Plano Jerry Burk Roby Margarei' Burns Pampa Janis Bush Alexandria. La. Darrell Bufler Brownwood Delma Bufrum McLean Donna Byrum Miami Sandra Campbell Los Angeles. Calif Vicki Cannon Pomona, Calif. Palsy Carbone Dallas Kay Carrer Brenlwoocl. Tenn. Carole Cayce l-lousion 1593 Judy Chambless Henderson Doyce Ches+nuH Tahoka Charles Chrisimas Brownsville, Tenn. Carrawayne Clark Bend Teena Clark Cushing Charles Cleek Las Cruces. N. Mex Ronnie Clem Arlesie. N. Mex. Irene Clinkscales Barksdele Douglas Coalson Abilene J. O. Colley Temple Kay Coleman Lubbock Lorenzo Collins Akron, Ohio Daniel Cook Seagoville John Cook Gonzales Sherry Coopwood Childress Carol CoHon Columbus. Ga. Hazel Cox Corunna. Mich. Rufhie Crowder Sanderson Waller Curry San Anfonio John Danchak Pearsall Cullen Davis Hillsboro Elion Davis Merlzon Linda Davis Carlsbad, N. Mex. Sandra Denson LaMarque Fellon Dickens Bells Fran Dobbs Goree Jane Donelik Bornardsville. N.J. Belly Douglas Bell Buckle, Tenn. Ronnie Dugger Three Rivers Jan Dulce Belron Kennerh Duncan Merkel Janelle Dunkin Grand Juncrion Ray Eagan lrvinq Jeraldine Egger Brownwood Gloria Elrod San Marcos Glenda Enzie Las Cruces, N. Gaynell Eppler Housfon Melvin Evans Marsl1all.Mo. Sue Evans Lubbock Johnny Ezzell Abilene John Fallcner Big Spring Palricia Fallcner Fr. Worrh Carolyn Ficlcer Hexi' Jackie Foolcs Hereford Louise Fowler Corpus Chrisri Jane Fowler Borger Eldridge Freeman Kress Joe Genrry Dallas Kaiherine Gibson Bogolusa. La. Roye Gibson Housfon Mary Gilberi' Abilene Vynela Gill Amarillo Nugger Gold Sinlon Gloria Goodman Fr. Worih Judy Graham 'Abilene Roberi Graves Flora. Ill. . Colo Mex. Gail Gregory Nashville, Tenn. Linda Groves Dallas George Guerry Dallas Kenneih Gwin Liille Rock. Ark. Geraldine Halfeman Poilsiown, Penn. Frank Hanscom Ellsworfh, Maine Garry Hardin Seymour Ray Hardin Tyler Susan Hardin Munday Erla Hardl Sioux Falls, S. Dalr. Marilyn Harp Childress Gayle Harris Gusiine Seniors begin their last year Gale Harrison Robsiown Kenne+h Harrison Dearborn, Mich. Huberi' Harfin Dallas Pairicia Harfman Old Tappan. N.J. Roberi Halfield Wichiia. Kans. Jerr Hayes Sunsel Sfanley Hazel Baylown Janef Hemphill Alameda, Calif. Ronald Heuss Belion Joe Hicks Franksion Tommy Hiclcs Brownfield Charles Higgins Fayeileville. Tenn. A r a -7 52" ,J ,iierggt ,:,lt:, M g"1f.j f :,mf.:' rf. 1 4 'UB' fd' V' ' ,ag . Vu ll Ng 4 y ,Q 1 vt il J., - Dickie Hill Aspermonl Dwayne Holden Fi. Worih Judy Holland Tyler Jimmie Holley Eleclra John Hollifield Dumas Sybil Hollingsworih .Z W - MW- Abilene Jane Holloway Abilene Norman Holgrem Esievam. Sask., Can. You mean I m aclually lhrougl1?" Jef 5 JJ ,Ju Pafricia Hornbalrer Siaiford, Kans. Roger Hornbalcer Slaiiord., Kans. Ronnie Houchen Abilene Sharon Hubbard Abilene Linda Hudson McGregor Allen Huff Odessa Frank Hughes Yoalcum Jim Hughes Porlland. Ore. Lenice Hughes Sinlon Sandra Hughes Phoenix. Ariz. Linda "Quay" Hunl' Loop Wilson Hunf Fl. Worih Belsy lsaac Auslin Linda lsenhower Puinam Kafhryn Ivie Baird Kay Jaclcson Grand Island. Nebr. Homer Jackson Academy Jimmy Jacobs Merkel Work toward completion of studies . . . Rebecca Jarrell Arlinglon Vannele Joachim Sweeny Carol Johnson Valley Mills Sandra Johnson Lubbock Kip Jorclon Planl Cily, Fla. Waller Kemp Aclcerly Belh Kepley Nashville, Tenn. Jeff Key Eunice. N. Mex. Jim Keyes Seminole Doug Kirlcpalriclt Abilene Roy Kiser Amarillo Belly Klo++ Akron, Mich. Judy Knighf Gainesville Billie Knox Justin Ellen Laurie Kress Jerry Lawlis Vernon BeH'y Lindsey l-lunfsville, Ala. Ronny Lowrance Tyler Sian Lynch Hobbs, N. Mex. Shirley McCarl'y Munday Max McClendon Childress Michael McDonald Sherman Leslie McGee Hereford Edwin McLeod Roscoe Judy McLeod . Sweefwafer Befly McWhorfer Big Spring Marlon McWilliams Dumas Michael Magill Midland Shelia Marlin Lifflefield Wayne Massey Glendale. Calif. Judy Mayfield Levelland John Meeker Waco Kafherine Meelcer S+. Louis. Mo. Charles Mickey Seymour K. D. Mills Boloalusa. La. Judy Morgan Texhoma. Olcla. Paul Morris Duncan. Olcla. Paula Moses Los Fresnos Ken Mueller Eugene. Ore. Carolyn Myers Liberfy Hill Sondra Nash San Angelo Teddy Nash Gotebo, Okla. Harold Neal Garland Kathy Nelson Midland Phyllis Newhouse Honey Grove James Nichols Shawnee Mission. Ka ns. Jim Nichols Hollywood, Calif. Jeanenne Nichols Shawnee Mission. Kans Delores Officer Nashville, Tenn. Jerrie Organ Houston Glenda Osborn Baytown Karen Osborn Abilene Nelda Owens Abilene Wendell Owens Sherman Palrica Parker De Leon Averd Parks Canadian Paul Parrish Wichita, Kans. Joe Paly Hermleigh Myrna Payne Tulsa, Okla. Linda Perkins Merkel nd look to the future with anticipation Beverly Pickle Channelview Surila Pirlle Athens Sylvia Powers Dresden, Tenn Doris Priddy Nacona Terry Priest Hulfo Linda Quiroz Ft. Worth Barbara Rader Sherman Michael Ralcliff Wylie Bonnie Reed Stamford Karen Reese San Angelo Marilyn Rizer Abilene Chearl Roberson Anson David Roberfs San Angelo Judiih Roberls Canyon Tommy Robinson Abilene Exa Rofh Pilman. N. J. Belly Royal Pleasanlon James Russell Fl. Worih Alice Sacra Fi. Worih Linda Scaflergood San Angelo ,-. 'lin Charles Reynolds Bracly Gay Reynolds Pecos Qf4Y qw' Gi' IO Claudia Scudder Gralord Earline Sessums Hillsboro Jimmy Shaw Snyder Elizabelh Simacher Ariesia. N. Mex. Jerry Skinner Dora. N. Mex. Dianne Smifh Sherman Janice Smilh San Angelo Sharon Smilh El Paso Sieve Smilh Sherman Gary Snead Friona Billy Snelson Fl. Worih Lyle Snow Fl. Worlh Pamela Snowdon Houslon Talmadge Solomon Ke-rnersville. N.C Thomas Spain Abilene William Sfansell Porl Arlhur Mike Slegemoller indian Gap Freddie Siephens Hale Cenler Marvin Sfephenson Pasadena Bob Sfolces Palesfine Kalhleen Slralcer Weyburn, Saslc.. Canada Sammy Slrange Summerville. Ga. Pairiclr Sullivan Dallas Joyce Swinson New Home Ron Thrill Albuquerque. N. Mex. Emma Thomas Abilene Orlinda Thomas Gonzales Kip Thornfon Lakewood. Ohio Sylvia Thornlon Plainview Lynda Thursion Floyclada Conrad Tidwell Odessa Tommy Tidwell Carlsbad. N. Mex. Mary Todd Tiplon, Olcla. Mary Tomanelr Gilliland Kalhleen Tome Solon. Ohio May brings graduation and diplomas. Gayla Townsend Albany Dianne Tuell Jacksonville. Fla. Barbara Ueclrerl Monahans Ivan Uys Preioria, So. Africa Glenda Van Zandl' Blaclcwell Frances Vaughan Lancasier. Calif. Eileen Vick Monlpelier, V+. Jon Viclcrey l-lealdlon. Olcla. Renee Vincenl Palesline Marilyn Vinson San Angelo Shonnie Waddell San Anlonio Mary Wake Slaunlon, Va. Winno Wallace Baylown John Wallers Gladewaler Linda Wallers Olney -L-' ies , u I .....,- M 4....,.i- . I J ,,..-n--1' 4 -v fl-"7 'Q ,Q-ns!! -Q-ni-Ill -ni-gp-1 . - ,....., ..- ..-.., J ,,,.,..--H' ,gi -E CHI: Q- ..1 ,... CO' ' ICE L... i'-.' , .', J!'i-.MTE I ,P '. ,...l.- ...- . -. . '- 'HE L----1-' -+5 Hou 545 Q 'L 4 5,xf4,'-5:TL.'1 FOR 32+ me FSR ALL " .. . 'Ai Miclcie Warner Abilene Calvin Wayne Warpula Florence, Ala. Lois Welch Bellon Mikie Welch Friona Les Wheeler O'Fallon, lll. John While Cosia Mesa. Calif if ', I yu" giw2'f'Q,,'j5.rfj1I J ' ' wjfjff ff " Y Marilyn While . "qf,l"- ' " Jacksonville. Fla. A -my-:W . 5, A , - Donald Williams yxjr 'Q iii, fhjfztv. fs I , Merlcel A i fri' 1 5514, V, "M--'f 12 ,ff , gfqgisff : ,g -in-.',j J " Q Q32 ,.i r.-N 2 . l' 40' ws- Siudy, sfudy. sfudy . . . Confcnd, confc-nd,cor1lend . . . earnest. earne. . . hs- N... I62 -EFT f Gail Williams Dallas John Williams Gallup. N. Mex. Marilyn Williams Dallas Julie Wilson Bynum Frances Wiseman Sudan Nancy WiH Abilene Arlis Wood Alfus, Okla. Donna Wrighi' Corsicana Jarvis Wrighf Odessa Sara Wrighf Tulare. Calif. Jeanelle Yadon Kansas Cify. Ka Faye Yaios Tulsa. Olcla. Jesse Yaies Temple Jan Young San Anfonio Milion Young Anahuac H5 l lg. l l' lj' Ll' ' ll,ff""5.?"l2'?Qf-ff'i?'M'F'5. ,.1,l,.11l: 'llilfi A f l Z1 "E3L5ifWW"ilfif3?"' '. A il 'w+i:1'fl'1 M' 41"-4W:fl.l.:.'.:-Q. will .. ., ..r,...... ., ilggyfrlfzfifimlelg l' 2.gfs'fE'-14' ' , 'Mil -jiigzrix. 1 , H i 'K .v lift Wi.. '- ,. W ,.. all " H' g 'T 'lr1li.2M-.:.'f+f'r.'a 'Wi .' .fp le ,,.,Drin:,,v ,.,e.1,, in ., . , r, ... ..f.,.1,w,-ew, nm. 'ff ,..i5?S'wf.'.yyg,..5,1r.', Aff. lg, 4,,E,jr,?. 'ffl L 'P' ilQ,rlee?Jfs:f1..5lhi .wffa'1gT'J I Lil. vfgwrznwwll ill. nf f' New gf ,'l!s-.-'ww i , ' HZ?" 'w-.f A' rylf' y'.:w,5,1,e:'. fp: ,1 gg ' ' " af ar. ,:',',, fi lm.. ,, 55 Nl wr :ww 1 yr il W' fr... V5 , ' P' U Al lnfif 'l all .1 -A ,j 'il will 1l2Hlf:,.fji' ,ai-A, lclliilr, D l l f f-T A w S,,',.:ef,.e A'-yi, M 'v-wx ' 1s1sf"1,. L' ifQ'5H1"'.'Lf'- l . 'i5i:g4,f2lg.Q4.'-vvzrufiflf.l'.,f1', 7,'if"L g,4 M . .1 .. fa ,ggi 1 f4.,,'.M,"' e'v'g.:,f1 E" 'fl P ',' " 'filfl l-Qi"l1.?"lge'15 'i fill, - lS?3i':,,,g.:f'pll"'i 7 Qgiq' .Qin 3221.4 'ffl V -M' fi' i' '..lwva'g.:v,Q..'fr'ffmfs l, ,JW jk naglafdfqirfgljir.-Q,",3:,f1,Q ' A fill' " Qiiwfwf rr: 2 WH" ll A .. ' ilffrfm-Q i'f.klf".1'c. ' mv "W "f75flW' - ' 4' 'mm f. -nl .n. , r.z..li1-Mi.. ,,l,.,u3,a, ,. , L. Maia ' ' 3l5l4g1M,flg my rfw..ll:,'gi,. ,' ,y -,gm ' 1 "' . . .iw l M "' r' ,""1'fU.,FllfI'i,:' aIL.','l"f - KV-,543 T7 a.-l lr' " 'ilmza.s-'.m'in'1a..,i. .ram ..'.grf.,.. w SOPHOMORE . ,,. --, . . . 5 rl, .-4-.xr .N - x, ,, .. ' ry ,I ti... .'.,J. .'f .F- . . 'QL' Junior Class Officers Presidenl. RON PRICE Vice-Presidenl. DANIEL BOONE Secrelory. BARBARA McBRlDE' N-' . Fl ik .P 1 if.. .5 K . ,.f"", -qs- - 4 .' s X Xxx 'K X. -q--.. I e sn lla Kalhy Abboll, Fr. Amarillo William Adkins, Jr. Odessa Carl Adrian, Soph. Hollywood, Calif. Mary Adsil, Soph. Valley Cenler, Kans. Billie Albrechl, Fr. Houslon Harvie Allcorn, Fr. Dallas Linda Allen, Fr. Brenham Tim Allen, Soph. Temple Gary Amaon, Jr. Abilene Paul Ammons, Fr. Mexican Springs, N. Mex. Chris Anderson, Fr. Houslon Cordie Anderson, Soph. Challanooga, Tenn. Jean Anderson, Jr. Lubbock Linda Anderson, Fr. Monahans Shirley Anderson, Jr. Odessa Wayne Anderson, Fr. Del Rio Lucia Andrade, Soph. Sao Paulo, Brazil Mary Andrews, Jr. Berger Judilh Andrews, Fr. Gallatin, Tenn. Sieve Arbuckle, Fr. Wichila, Kans. Melinda Arceneau, Fr. Wichila Falls Louise Arlen, Fr. Allenlown, Pa. Sam Armslrong, Soph. Monahans Danny Asher, Soph. Pasadena ACC educates for Christian living Linda Alkinson, Jr. Lloydminsler, Sask., Canada Nancy Aikinson, Fr. Houslon Ann Avera, Fr. Houston Palricia Avery, Soph. l-louslon Donald Bacon, Jr. Abilene Judy Bacon, Jr. Abilene Alice Bailey, Soph. Oxbow, Sask., Canada Amy Bailey, Jr. Roswell, N. M. Ed Bailey, Jr. New Orleans, La. Finis Bailey, Soph. Eldorado, Ark. Sandra Bailey, Fr. Snyder Marsha Bain, Fr. Corpus Chrisli James Balrd, Soph. Tyler Jack Baker, Fr. Chaflanooqa, Tenn. Brenl Ballard, Fr. Abilene Mike Barker, Jr. Mangum, Okla. Wanda Barnes, Fr. Del Rio Kafhleen Barnell, Soph. Sudan Ken Barnell, Fr. Amarillo Trudie Barnhardf, Fr. Columbus, Ohio Belly Barre'H, Fr, Shamrock Mary Barlley, Fr. Quanah Pam Bateman, Fr. Canlon Llnda Bales, Soph. Orange Bob Baucum, Fr. Ouanah Judy Baugh, Soph. Temple Deryl Beakley, Fr. Mercury Waller Beam, Fr. Ponca Cily, Okla. Carolyn Bean, Jr. Rochester Nancy Bean, Fr. San Antonio Raymond Bean, Fr. Sweelwaler Elaine Beard, Fr. Winlers Marcia Beazley, Soph. Houslon Rhonda Bedford, Soph. Fl. Worth Becky Beeman, Soph. Denver, Colo. Judy Beene, Fr. Abilene Pinto Beene, Fr. Abilene Dwane Bell, Fr. Odessa Randy Bender, Fr. Tulsa, Okla. Karen Bennelf, Jr. Marne, Mich. ima ' all if M'Liss Bernard, Fr. San Anlonio Mick Bessire, Jr. Ulysses, Kans. Donna Bishop, Fr. Eldorado Springs, Mo. Phyllis Blackmon, Fr. Seminole Janice Blackwood, Jr. Abilene Marilyn Blair, Jr. l-louslon Beverly Blalock, Soph. San Antonio Bruce Blankenship, Jr, Tuscumbia, Ala. John Paul Blankenship, Soph McKinney Lynn Bledsoe, Soph. Killeen Cindi Bless, Fr. San Anlonio Alford Blounf, Fr. Gruver Linda Blounl, Fr. Colorado Springs, Colo. Linda Boase, Jr. Pomona, Calif. Cheryl Bohannan, Soph. Van Nuys, Calif. Jane Borchers, Fr. Fredericksburg Bonny Boren, Fr. San Anlonio Clifford Boren, Soph. Dallas Bryan Bosl, Fr. Roswell. N. Mex. Glenda Boverie, Fr. Lubbock Donna Bowen, Fr. Abilene Donald Bowen, Jr. Abilene Sharon Bowlus, Fr. Trenlon John Boyd, Fr. Hearne Nancy Boyd, Soph. Hearne William Boyles, Fr. Sudan Sandra Brabham, Soph. Houslon Gary Braddock, Soph. Dallas Brenda Bradley, Soph. Wealherford Johnny Bradley, Fr. Jefferson Joy Bradshaw, Fr. Tulsa, Okla. James Braqq, Soph. Gainesville, Fla. Rlla Bramleff, Jr. Rome, Ga. Nancy Brannon, Soph. Killenredge, Colo. James Brauer, Fr. Liberty Jim Breckenridge, Jr. Fl. Worlh Llnda Brenlon, Fr. Indianapolis, lnd. Judy Bresler, Soph. Lovinglon, N. Mex. Ann Bright, Fr. San Angelo Carol Brighl, Fr. Carlsbad, N. Max. Jerry Brigman, Fr. Fl. Worlh Jane? Brlff, Fr. Abilene Delores Brock, Soph. Houslon Doug Brodie, Soph. Killeen James Brooks, Fr. Overland Park, Kan. Larry Brooks, Jr. Lancasler Linda Brooks, Soph. Raymondville Margie Brooks, Jr. Seymour pf ' 1 .1,'g,- F . Z M ,LQ f. ',Lrm .lx X F , .-:, -. x ,f.f:'X -'- J- . ' --rv L,-,. e iff. , ,js a.. - y Jw... ,.. .Wi ,- -1 A ii if-'fi 1.1, L 'fn " N, wig.: ,...- J 'J wx 1' ix.-. ,L gi .: 1 u '-"L .Eg .u.-. v . .-- Pf., 'ua Sandy Brooks, Fr. Pasadena Sharon Brookmole, Fr Pearsall Carole Brown, Fr. Midland Gail Brown, Soph. Denver Cily Gerri Brown, Soph. Larned, Kans. Jimmy Brown, Fr. Lamesa Karen Brown, Fr. Manhalfan, Kans. Linda Brown, Soph. Teague Marvin Brown, Fr. Loving Roberf Brown, Jr. Topeka, Kans. Parry Browning, Jr. Vega Tippy Browning, Jr. Vega Sieve Brown, Fr. Midland Susan Brown, Soph. Corvallis, Ore. Carol Brownlow, Jr. Lawlon, Okie. Joy Bruce, Soph. Baird Allan Brumly, Soph. San Antonio James Buchanan, Jr. Lamesa Jim Buchanan, Fr. Edmond, Okla. Lois Buck, Soph. Benfonvillc, Ark, Elizabeth Buie, Fr, Chandler, Ariz, Gary Burford, Jr. Abilene Glenda Burgin, Fr. Channclview Pally Burnam. Fr. Reed, Okla. Mike Burnell, Soph. Amarillo Frank Burns, Soph. Pecos Rowena Burns, Fr. Lubbock Coye Burlon, Soph. Big Spring Kay Burton, Jr. Sunray Larry BusleHer, Soph. Yakima, Wash. i4-, "',, v- , ir, 4. Xu 'J In.: 4..- W V 1-' V., '.. 1 .-- ' , ag , 'krs 1 L Curriculum supports the Bible as God's Word Marilyn Buller, Jr. North Lillie Rock, Ark. C. Elsworlh Bullies, Jr. Fayelleville Olis Bulls, Fr. Slafford Rena Bulls, Fr. Garden Grove, Calif. Belly Bya rs, So ph. Vernon Linda Byrd, Fr. Tyler Charles Byrum, Soph. Miami Marlha Bennell, Fr. Sweelwaler Frank Cain, Fr. Dallas Nancy Callaway, Jr. San Anlonio VV! Dwighl' Callans, Fr. Roswell, N. Mex. Sonna Callens, Fr. Fresno. Calif. Barbara Camp, Jr. Quinlan Br-uce Campbell, Soph. Abilene Sara Campbell, Fr. Houslon Russell Canady, Fr. Mission Jerry Cannon, Fr. Rule Joe Cannon, Fr. Rule Barbara Caraway, Fr. Dallas Jan Cardwell, Scph. Fl. Worlh Vicki Cardwell, Soph. Fl. Worlh Kalhy Carpenler, Fr. Hobbs, N. Mex. Sylvia Carpenlsr, Fr. Porl Arlhur Don Carroll, Soph. El Paso Joyce Carroll, Fr. Arlinqlon David Carrulh, Fr. Borger Mary Ann Carrulh, Soph Tulsa, Okla. R. L. Carrulhers, Soph. San Angelo l In l Av Michael Casey, Fr. Decafur Durhl Caussey, Fr. Seymour William Cawlhon, Fr. Duncanville Charles Cayce, Jr. Housfon Harold Chandler, Soph. Dallas Slanley Channell, Fr. McLean Glenn Chapman, Soph. Tulsa, Okla. Raymond Chapman, Soph. Belton Roger Chealham, Fr. Tulsa, Okla. Sherry Chessnir, Soph. Seoul, Korea Gerald Chesler, Fr. Livonia, Mich. Bobby Childers, Soph. Whillier, Calif. Ramona Choa'le, Soph. Breckenridge Janell Clapp, Soph. Hillsboro Harrell Clary, Fr. Lampasas Jack Claxlon, Fr. Nashville, Tenn. Boyd Claylon, Jr. Earlh Carolyn Claylon, Fr. Sain? Jo Joy Cleek, Jr. Abilene Jeff Clevenger, Jr. Abilene Paul Cline, Fr. Fl. Worlh Gary Clinfon, Jr. Abilene Gregory Close, Soph. Winnipeg, Manifoba Glo Coalson, Soph. Abilene Cecile Cobb, Fr. Slamford Geneva Cobb, Soph. Rogers Cordelia Cody, Fr. San Angelo Donna Coler, Jr. Seagoville James Coffman, Fr. Pasadena Jeanne Cogburl, Fr. Forresl Cily, Ark. Kenneth Cohn, Soph. Marlin Kalhryn Coleman, Fr. Dallas Sammy Colley, Fr. Texarkana Caroline Collier, Fr. Auslin Craig Collier, Fr. Brownvillo Phyllis Collier, Fr. Memphis, Tenn. Rora Colvin, Fr. Junclion Amanda Colwell, Jr. Benlonville, Ark. Linda Comsfock, Fr. Lemoore, Calif. Duane Conley, Fr. Llano Jane Connally, Fr. Abilene Donna Conner, Fr. Pampa Delberl' Cook, Fr. Wealherford Don Cooksey, Fr. Melrose, N. Mex. Tom Cooper, Jr. Moses Lake, Wash. Sandra Corder, Soph. Dallas Weldon Corn, Fr. Aio, Ariz. Molly Cornull, Fr. Pampa Q.- HJ v-.wr Facult inspires students to learn C' Q-v X Judy Crews, Jr. Odessa James Crowder, Soph. San Antonio LaVerta Crowder, Fr. Edmond, Oklahoma Becky Crowe, Soph. .Denver, Colorado Linda Crumpton, Fr. Miami, Florida BryAnn Culpepper, Fr. Houston Marian Culwell, Fr. Abilene Sandy Cummings, Fr. Baird Jaren Current, Jr. Gallup, New Mexico Roseanna Currey, Fr. Hooker, Okla. James Cutbirth, Soph. Monahans Connie Cutler, Fr. Edinburg Ann Cartwright, Fr. St. Louis, Missouri Carol Dale, Jr. Beamsville, Ont., Canada Zelda Dallas, Jr. Lubbock Clare Dauphin, Soph. Houston Diana Davidson, Soph. Grand Prairie Carolyn Davis, Fr. Monahans Fern Davis, Soph. Sacramento, California Jane Davis, Fr. Abilene Marilyn Davis, Fr. Throckmorton Kay Davis, Jr. Healdsburg, California Sandra Davis, Fr. Kansas City, Mo. Sondra Davis, Jr. Fort Worth Tommy Dawson, Fr. Beaumont Gail Day, Soph. O'Brien Ava Dean, Soph. Fort Worth Cynthia DeBord, Fr. Helotes Nelia DeBord, Fr. Helctes Larry DeBusk, Fr. Coleman ,- va 1"""WlW's ,, .W".,?.,"'ly.,fFV.,, tr I X P 4a x Kay Cotham, Jr. Garland Tommy Cotton, Soph. Fort Worth John Coulson, Fr. Ludington, Michigan Mike Coulter, Jr. Albany Sandra Coursey, Fr. Fort Worth George Cox, Fr. Canyon Lana Cox, Soph. Hawley Lovan Cox, Fr. Anson Pegene Cox, Soph. Tulia Walter Cox, Soph. Carnnwood Hazel Crabteee, Jr. Abilene Mary Sue Crain, Jr. San Angelo Donna Cranfill, Jr. Austin Glenna Cranfill, Fr. Austin Donald Crawford, Soph. Abilene Ronald Crawford, Fr. Tampa, Florida Sandra Crawford. Jr. Big Sprinq James Crews, Jr. Carlsbad, New Mexico IU' i r,w.12-1':es2.xas'1r5'r' J - 501359 'faavz-Half" 2 1 M 'sw-ur' S L. i gr-Y la' 1' 'x . z?y Us S Q-.- 1 2 lil . :RK -ISM 1 William Deckard, Jr. Bloomington, Ind. Olin Degge, Fr. Lockncy Jon Denison, Fr. Porlcr, Okla. Beih Denf, Fr. Earlh Dale Denl, Jr. Earlh Sandra Denfon, Jr. Porl Arlhur Barbara DeVaney, Soph Houslon Dana DeWoody, Soph. Tyler Lucinda Dickson, Fr. San Diego, Calif. Kenneth Dillman, Soph. Tulsa, Okla. David Dixon, Jr. Tlwibodaux, La. Mary Dockray, Fr. Mayhill, N. Mex. Andrea Dodd, Fr. Oakhursf, N. J. Barbara Dodd, Soph. Midland Sheryl Dodd, Fr. Fl, Worlh Jerry Doly, Fr. Luodcrs Dale Dowlen, Jr. Odessa Shelia Dowlen, Soph. Odessa Sharon Downs, Fr. Pecos Jeanefle Drag, Soph. Chicago, Ill. Bonnie Draper, Jr. Lcwislon, N. Y. Lorraine Draper, Jr. Lcwislon, N. Y. Marilyn Driver, Fr. Midland Cindy Droll, Fr. San Anlonio Tom D'Spain, Fr. McLean Gary Duke, Fr. Lubbock Mary Dunagin, Soph. Merkel - Belly Duncan, Soph. San Anlonio Jamie Duncan, Fr. Monahans Denny Dunn, Jr. Poplar Bluff, Mo. Will lhe Real James Bond please sland up? v Q' ,f W l me :- Adele Edwards, Soph. Abilene Diane Eicke, Fr. Denver Cily Yuvonne Elkins, Soph. Bowie Carol Ellis, Jr. Colorado Cily Jane? Elswood, Soph Kansas Cily, Kans. Jerrolyn Elza, Jr. Temple Riley Dunn, Jr. Coleman Cheryl Durham, Soph Cleburne Sarah Duval, Jr. Derby, Kans. Richard Duran, Jr. Odessa Pamela Dyer, Fr. Plainview Margaret Dykes, Jr. Rome, Ga. 51... Group living provides lessons in citizenship Charles Emerson, Jr. Muskogee, Okla. Bill England, Fr. Carlsbad, N. Mex. Twyla England, Fr. El Sobranie, Calif. Sfephen Ennis, Jr. Terra Bella, Calif. Nicki Eoff, Soph. Winfers Beverly Epps, Fr. Baytown John Erickson, Jr. Cliflon Judy Evans, Fr. Amarillo Renee Evans, Fr. Houston Pal Ewing, Fr. Bulawayo, Rhodesia Tom Ewing, Fr. Abilene Charles Ezzell, Fr. Abilene Jonelle Faraci, Fr. Angola, N. Y. Palsy Farris, Soph. Long Island, N. Y. Roy Farris, Jr. San Anlonio Don Fa-ubus, Soph. Abilene Reynaldo Favila, Fr. Abilene Cheryl Finley, Soph. Lawlon, Okla. Linda Finn, Fr. Rogers, Ark. Olan Filiz, Fr. Dallas John Filzgibbons, Soph. Broinnwood Sandra Forbes, Soph. Abilene Wayne Ford, Soph. Lubbock Mary Fore, Soph. Plainview .nv Students strive for excellence ' Adrian Curlis Fosler, Fr. Arlesia, New Mexico Derrell Fosler, Fr. Arlinqlon Joel Fosler, Fr. Lamesa Nancy Fosler, Fr. Denver Cily Jane? Fowler, Fr. Amarillo Linda Fowler, Soph. Ackerly Gerald Fox, Soph. Auslin Don Franklin, Fr. Seymour John Frazer, Fr. Bellon Carole Freeman, Fr. Soulh Poinl, Ohio Keilh Fridge, Jr. Texas Cily Mark Frieberfshouser, Fr. Las Cruces, New Mexico Bobby Fry, Fr. Forl Worlh Jackson Fry, Jr. Ballinger Nancy Fry, Soph. Abilene Mike Frye, Fr. Houslon Richard Fulce, Fr. Frilch Larry Fuller, Fr. Kingsville Linda Fuller, Fr. Dallas Phillip Fuller Forl Worlh Allen Fullon, Jr. Gulhrie Jeaneffe Fullon Mayhill, New Mexico Linda Gabbard, Fr. Seabrook Dorolhy Gage, Fr. Fort Worlh Francine Galaway, Jr. Nocena Clinton Gaylon, Fr. Housfon Mary Ellen Garafoni, Soph Forl Dodge, Iowa Nancy Garcia, Fr. Marlin Jean Gardner, Soph. Wolfe Cify Gerardo, Garro, Jr. Havana, Cuba Margo Garrelf, Fr. Fort Worlh James Garvin, Fr. Davenporf, lowa Ann Genlry, Fr. Dallas Jan Genlry, Fr. Dallas Charlolle George, Fr. Deer Park John Gibson, Fr. Abilene Roberf Giffin, Jr. Dumas Sandra Gllberl, Er. Houslon Roger Glass, Jr. Corpus Chrisli Gayle Glasscock, Fr. Denver, Colorado Jenny Glenn, Jr. Wallers, Oklahoma John Glenlzer, Fr. Pleasonlon Belly Gober, Soph. Canadian Gaye Goforfh, Soph. Temple Vivian Gomez, Fr. New York, New York Suzy Goodvin, Soph. Wichila, Kansas Maxie Gordon, Fr. Baird 4 Herberf Gore, Fr. Brownfield Linda Gorham, Jr. Quinlan Nancy Gosnell, Fr. Colorado Springs, Colo Phyllis Grandey, Fr. McMinnville, Tenn. Carol Granger, Fr. Waco Janis Graves, Fr. Greenville Karan Gray, Fr. Forl Worlh Carrie Green, Fr. Amarillo Gail Gregory, Fr. Lulinq Paul Grennell, Soph. llhaca, New York James Griggs, Jr. lndianapolis, lnd. John Grimes, Fr. De Solo Nancy Gronewald, Fr. Goldendale Carol Grubbs, Fr. San Antonio Sandra Guilar, Fr. Roswell, N. M. Caihleen Gummer, Fr. Oklahoma Cify, Okla. Ginger Gunn, Fr. Temple Sam Guynes, Fr. Abilene Jimmy Hackney, Fr. Weiner? Rick Hagalslein, Fr. Ozona Larry Hagerman, Fr. Cedar Rapids, lowe Charley Hailey, Fr. Housfon Judy Hairslon, Fr. Brownsville David Hale, Fr. Shamrock Judy Hale, Jr. Tulsa, Okie. Cherry Hall, Fr. Abilene Don Hall, Jr. Uvaldc Jan Hall, Jr. Krum Larry Hall, Fr. Medford, Okla. Roberl Hall, Fr. Playa Del Rey, Calif. Vic Hamill, Soph. Roswell, N.M. Judilh Hamilfon, Jr. Beeville Nancy Hancock, Soph. Jasper Richard Hand, Fr. Abilene Darlene Handy, Fr. San Anlonio Bill Hanna, Fr. Las Vegas, N.M. Marlha Hanna, Fr. Easlland Thomas Hansen, Fr. Randolph A.F.B. Jackie Harbor, Jr. Gadsden, Ala. Beverly Hardin, Fr. Seymour Blllye Hardin, Fr. Medina Glenn Hardwick, Fr. Waco Sherry Harkey, Jr. Bay City Wilbur Harkness, Soph. Housion Rickey Harman, Soph. Happy Ronald Harmon, Fr. Clovis, NM. George Harper, Soph. Abilene Becki Harris, Fr. Houslon Belly Harris, Soph. Genesse, Michigan Robert Harris, Soph. Wesl lslip, N. Y. James Harrison, Fr. Houston Roberla Harshaw, Soph Barllesville, Okla. Jane Harlwick, Soph. Lubbock Joyce Harlwig, Jr. Sherman Slanley Harvey, Fr. Lucders Carole Haslings, Soph. Longmonf, Colo. Marilyn Hasly, Fr. Eunice, N. M. Andra Haun, Fr. Phoenix, Ariz. Gary Hawk, Soph. Gainesville, Fla. Ernest Hawkins, Fr. Auslin Mary Hearn, Soph. Odessa Larry Healh, Jr. Tulsa, Okla. Peggy Heafhccck, Soph San Anlonio Charlanna Hedemann, F San Anlonio Alan Heirman, Fr. Hondo Sharon Helrn, Fr. Plainview Bob Hendrex, Soph. Farmersville Johnny Henninglon, Soph Denver Cily Linda Henry, Fr. Tulsa, Okla. Marie Henry, Jr. Sinlon Robed Henry, Fr. Dallas Don Henson, Fr. Roswell, N.M. Belly Herberf, Fr. Baylown Joe Herman, Jr. Las Cruces, N.M. Gail Herrick, Fr. Lubbock Patricia Hilderbrand, Soph Memphis, Tenn. Arlis Hill, Jr. Houslon Judi Hines, Soph. Casper, Wyoming Carol Hinlon, Soph. Forl Worlh Larry Hobbs, Fr. Anchorage, Alaska James Hodges, Fr. Alice Beverly Hogg, Fr. Fl. Worlh Ouida Hogg, Fr. El Dorado, Ark. Daniel Holcomb, Jr. Dallas Cynlhia Holland, Fr. Corpus Chrisli Peggy Holland, Fr. Brenham Ronald Holland, Fr. Fresno. Calif. Joe Holley, Soph. Waco Jimmy Hollifield, Fr. Dumas Larry Hollis, Fr. Amarillo David Holloway, Fr. Blackwell, Okla. Joseph Holloway, Fr. Merkel Ken Holmes, Soph. Bokoshc, Okla. Nancy Holmes, Soph. Floydada Nefia Holmgreen, Soph. Eslcvan, Sask., Canada Melvin Hall, Jr. Odessa Sue Holi, Fr. Van Nuys, Calif. Susan Hamburg, Jr. San Anlonio Rifa Hopkins. Soph- Lemon Grove, Calif. Dall Hopklns, Fr. Abilene -.. Laura Hoolen, Fr. Perrin Jan Hornbeck, Fr. Lawfon, Okla. Student Organizations offer extra curricular activity Pamela Horton, Fr. Killeen John Hosek, Fr. Ft. Worth Judy Howard, Fr. Merlzon Donna Howe, Soph. Brady D'Awn Howell, Fr. Lubbock Sydney Howell, Fr. Mather AFB, Calif. Sylvia Howell, Soph. Mexia Jackie Howser, Soph. Albuquerque, N. Mex Linda Huff, Fr. Abilene Carolyn Huffman, Fr. Rochelle Brent Hughes, Fr. Baird Jim Hughes, Jr. Denver, Colo. Richard Hughes, Fr. Flint, Mich. Exie Hughes, Soph. Memphis Ronald Hull, Jr., Boron, Calif. Linda Hunter, Jr. Lubbock Richard Hussey, Fr. Lancaster Don Hutcherson, Jr. Gainesville Olivia Imler, Fr. Houston Bonnie Isaac, Jr. Austin Paula Ishmael, Fr. Lawton, Okla. Dan lsler, Soph. Roswell, N. Mex. Nancy James, Soph. Richardson Jo Jameson, Fr. Floydada Marilyn Jansen, Soph. Ft. Worth Martha Jansen, Fr. Ft. Worlh Wayne Jarman, Fr. Fresno, Calif. Gary Jay, Soph. Hamlin Pamela Jenkins, Fr. Richardson Dwanna Jennings, Soph. Cleburne Palsy Jennings, Fr. ' Abilene Gail Johnigan, Jr. Ozona Bruce Johnson, Jr. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Can Cheryl Johnson, Fr. Riverside, Calif. Dan Johnson, Fr. El Campo James Johnson, Fr. Cleburne L. I76 Students are bound b mutual interest Marilyn Johnson, Fr. i Cleburne Maxine Johnson, Soph. Cedar Rapids, lowa Nancy Johnson, Fr. Albuquerque, N.M. Sue Johnson, Soph. Tulsa, Okla. Thomas Johnson, Fr. Abilene Bonnie Johnston, Fr. Franklin, Louisiana Nina Johnston, Fr. Abilene Sally Johnston, Fr. New Cumberland, West Va. Larry Joiner, Fr. Elizabethtown, Ky. Jan Jones, Fr. Ft. Worlh Judith Jones, Fr. Dallas Kirk Jones, Jr. Abilene Leslie Jones, Soph. Overland Park, Kansas Louise Jones, Jr. Loclrney Patricia Jones, Fr. Norman, Okla. Paula Jones, Fr. Olton Ried Jones, Jr. Paris Tommy Jones, Fr. Anson Chellye Joy, Fr. Plainview Daniel Judd, Fr. Mulcshoc John Justice, Jr. Abilene Karen Justice, Fr. Arlington Kathy Justice, Fr. Arlington Harry Kamany, Fr. Oklahoma City, Olcle. Shirley Kaufman, Fr. Donqola, lll. Dennis Kazee, Soph. Lansing, Mich. Betty Keal, Fr. Midland Cheryl Keetch, Jr. Corpus Christi Judy Keith, Fr. Pecos Lee Kelley, Fr. Canyon Charles Kelly, Jr. Hereford Cinda Kelly, Fr. Buena Park, Calif. Anna Kay Kelso, Fr. Wellington Camille Kemplin, Soph. Ft. Worlh Harold Kennedy, Jr. Plano Phyllis Kennon, Fr. Abilene Robert Kent, Fr. Corsicana Ken Kern, Fr. Minneapolis, Minn. Jane Kerr, Soph. Chattanooga, Tenn. Jean Kerr, Soph. Chattanooga, Tenn. Jimmy Key, Soph. Abilene Roby Key, Fr. Corpus Christi Thelma Kidd, Soph. Slalon Edwin Kieschnick, Fr. Ft. Worth Jim Killingsworth, Jr. Dimmitt Charlotte King, Soph. Alice Joel King, Fr. Blackwell Sherilyn Kinq. Ff- Monahans Suianne Lancasier, Fr. Graham Trenl' Lancasfer, Soph. Lampasas Linda Landers, Fr. Azle Marilyn Landrum, Jr. Glenwood Springs, Colo. Tommy Lanqham, Soph. League Cily Esihei Larson, Soph. Des Moines, Iowa Leslie Lasaier, Fr. Graham Marie Lassen, Fr. Roanoke Rebecca Lasfovica, Fr. Temple Ellaline Lauien, Soph. Canon Ciiy, Colo. Charldfe Lawrence, Jr. Cheyenne, Wyoming Darlene Lawrence, Jr. Beeville Jimmy Lawson, Fr. Abilene Barbara Leak, Jr. Cullison, Kan. Margaret Lee, Soph. Arlinofon Raynell Lee. Jr. Lake Jackson Rick Lee, Soph. Oxford, Miss. Thomas Lee, Fr. San Angelo Gayle Lehde, Fr. San Antonio Larry Lemoine, Fr. Odessa Barbara Leverion, Fr. Berns Flal, Okla. Gary Lewallen, Fr. Carson Cify, Nev. Jlm Lewis, Fr. Sinion Marlon Lewis, Fr. Brady Paisy Kinnard, Fr. Fl. Worih Wayne Kinnamon, Soph Arlingfon, Va. Ray Kinney, Fr. San Angelo Anile Kirby, Jr. Monahans Russ Kirkpatrick, Jr. Abilene Joy Kirkpairick, Fr. Chillicothe Larry Kirschner, Fr. Fi. Worih Sue Klein, Fr. Burbank, Calif. Beiiy Klein, Fr. Denion Kenneih Knapp, Soph. Carmel, N. Y. Jane Knox, Jr. Keller Mike Knox, Fr. Fl. Worth Richard Knox, Soph. Keller Marian Koehler, Soph. Beaumonf John Koioglanian, Jr. Jerusalem, Jordan Roger Kondrup, Fr. Rumson, N. J. Jonni Koonce, Fr. Konecly David Kraxberger, Fr. Loveland, Colo. Vicki Kuehn, Fr. Dodge Cily, Ken. Don Kuhr, Jr. Carrizo Springs Charles Laiferiy, Fr. Richardson Bill LaManna, Soph. Hammonlon. N. J. Ronald Lamb, Soph. Wenaichee, Wash. Jackie Lamberi, Fr. Abilene Marsha Lewis, Soph. Quinlan Nan Lillard, Fr. Friona Sandy Liffle, Fr. Bakersfield, Calif. Billy Liilon, Fr. Waco Marilyn Liffon, Jr. Chickasha, Okla. Linda Locke, Fr. Dallas Ann Lomax, Fr. Pasadena Jimmy Loudermilk, Fr. Fl. Worih Bruce Love So h . P - Hamilfon, Onfario, Can. Mariha Love, Fr. Coahoma Mike Love, Jr. Odessa Jennifer Loveland, Soph. Excier, Calif. Dan Lowe, Fr. Dallas Mary L'Roy, Jr. Arlingion Lynn Lunsford, Soph. Olney Beverly Luiirell, Jr. Pueblo, Colo. Joe Luiirell, Fr, Wheaion, Ill. Sheryl Lux, Soph. Jasper Charles Lyday, Soph. Pori Arlhur James McAdams, Fr. Raymondville Tom McAffe, Fr. Gordon Mariy McBroom, Jr. Brownwood Joe McCaleb, Fr. Anson Chuck McCarley, Soph. Pasadena J Jackie McCariy, Fr. Anson Brenda McCavick, Fr. Auslin Nifa McClure, Soph. Chailanooqa, Tenn. John McCollum, Fr. Haskell William McCook, Fr. Abilene Eddie McCoy, Fr. Vicioria Dave McCufchan, Fr. Amarillo Jo McDougIe, Soph. Magnolia Larry McEIhaney, Soph. Fi. Worih Jane McElraih, Soph. Big Springs John McFarland, Fr. Brownfield Mcnlie McGlnly, Soph. Tahoka Marilyn Mcllroy, Jr. McLean Mac Mcllroy, Soph. Denver Ciiy Charles Mclniurff, Jr. Abilene Oma McKee, Fr. Tulsa, Okla. Julie McKillip, Fr. Fi. Worlh James McKinney, Fr. Lamesa Susan McKinnon, Fr. Fresno, Calif. Holly McKinzie, Fr. Chowchilla, California Donna McLaughlin, Soph Paris Weldon McMeans, Fr. Big Springs Donald McMlIlon, Jr. Lawn Jean McMillon, Jr. Abilene Phillip McMillion, Fr. Midlothian David McMullen, Fr. Lancasler Judy McMurlry, Fr. Amarillo Diane McNayr, Jr. Lawlon, Okla. Andrew McNeely, Jr. Sl, Pelcrsburg, Fla. Elaine McQuay, Soph. Ralon, N. M. Billy McWhorler, Fr. Throckmorlon Sarah McWhorler, Fr. Big Springs Marcia Mallory, Fr. Palm Springs, Calif. Johnny Mann, Soph. Brownsville Chryl Manning, Fr. Slidell, La. Regina Manning, Jr. Temple William Manvel, Fr. Cleveland, Ohio Larry Maples, Soph. Dallas Karen Marchbanks, Soph Dallas Vickie Marley, Fr. Bond Sandra Marsh, Fr. Fl. Worlh Candace Marlin, Soph Bainbridge, Ga. Janice Marlin, Jr. Corsicana Lavene Marlin, Fr. Abilene Lana Marlin, Soph. Plainview Larry Marlin, Fr. Houston Millon Marlin, Fr. Tiffin, Ohio Troy Marlin, Soph. Pcarsall Campus atmosphere fosters individual achievement Edward Mason, Soph. Denver, Colo. Marcy Mason, Fr. Beaumonl Phyllis Mason. Fr. Carlsbad, N. M. Marion Massey, Fr. Challanooga, Tenn. Marilyn Maslen, Soph. Plainview Rick Mallhews, Jr. Lubbock John Malhews, Soph. San Augusline Judy Marhews, Fr. Plana William Malhews, Fr. San Augusline Larry Malhis, Soph. Seagoville William May, Fr. Auslin Slave Maynard, Fr. Crane Donnaweene Mayo, Fr. Nashville, Tenn. Kennslh Meunier, Fr. Los Angeles, Calif. Palricia Medford, Fr. Haskell Michele Meeker, Fr. Waco Kalhleen Meerscheidl, Fr San Anlonio Leo Meerscheldl, Soph San Antonio Tim Melching, Fr, Auslin Daniel Merrell, Soph. Barberlon, Ohio Jerila Michaels, Soph. Rochesler Dick Michener, Soph. Fl. Wcrlh John Michener, Jr. Fl. Worlh Mike Miles, Jr. Memphis, Tenn. all I i Z 1 i 4 Hey, whal are you doing down lhere wilh lhaf mafch?l f' 'N .r .,.. I80 kr' Ada Miller, Soph. Abilene Valeria Millsap, Fr. Dimmill Paul Millon, Soph. High Poinl, N. C. Cherie Minor, Fr. Dallas Mary Milchell, Fr. Fl. Worlh Raylene Milchell, Soph. Houslon Shirley Milchell, Jr. Sherman Rila Money, Fr. Channelvicw David Moore, Jr. Woodinville, Wash. Geoffery Moore, Fr. Newark, Del. . Marynelle Moore, Soph. Rusk Roberl Moore, Fr. Round Rock Linda Morgan, Soph. Fl. Worlh Randy Morris, Fr. Dallas Waller Morris, Fr. Waco Tom Morrison, Fr. Sl. Charles, Mo. Barbara Moses, Jr. Los Fresnos Eddie Mosier, Fr. Abilene ' William Mosley, Jr. Lencasler Pamela Moser, Jr. Abilene John Moss, Jr. Lillie Rock, Ark. Lynn Moss, Soph. Pasadena Marsha Moyle, Jr. Conroe Debbe Mullins, Jr. McAllen Kenl Mullins, Fr. McAllen Pam Mullins, Fr. McAllen Janice Munn, Soph. Paducah, Ky. Karen Murray, Soph. Winslow, Ariz. Jo Dee Murphy, Fr. San Anlonio Michael Myers, Jr. Phillips Tommy Myzell, Soph. Anahuac Charles Nakamura, Soph Abilene Anile Nence, Soph. Franklin Dramatic activities stimulate creativity By George! A dragon IS carnivorous! X 2. ALM. . ll lu Darla Nash, Fr, Abilene Nancy Nalion, Fr. Azlc Gloria Neece, Fr. Shamrock James Neece, Fr, Shamrock Carol Neel, Jr. Endwell, N. Y. John Nelson, Fr. Waco Jimmy Newhouse, Soph. Honey Grove Tom Newman, Soph. Downers Grove, Ill. Bonnie Nichols, Fr. La Junla, Colo. Allan Noblelf, Fr. Monahans . Q -fggfrsfw 4 ngr ,,,,,.: it wi , A V ,. .,. .-M . .. . .. 5H"?f'ili" 'V' ' 1' 'V 'qu N .' s 6. 'A S' J , Q .' "N . ,V W J , VAS' 'Hy ajliif' H ia-'Ek Theresa Noles, Jr. Gellysburg, Penna. James Norman, Fr. Paragould, Ark. Gary Norsworlhy, Fr. Richardson Charlolle Newell, Soph. Lovinqlon, N. Mex, Ken Nunnally, Jr. Rising Slar Richard Oglesby, Fr. Sherman Gail Oliver, Fr. Graham Robert Oliver, Fr. Albany Chris Olson, Jr. Waynoka, Okla. Roland Orr, Soph. Kingsville Charlaine Overslreel, Soph. Yakima, Wash. Robert Owen, Fr. Waco Earl Owens, Fr. Winslow, Ariz. Foy Owens, Soph. San Angelo Jeannie Owens, Fr. Olney John Owens, Fr. Vicloria John Pack, Fr. Allendale, S. C. Robert Parham, Fr. Wichita, Kans. l, rx. .ax on 'e .12 m- l l '2 1 3 l8l Patricia Parish, Fr. CIinlonASherman AFB, Okla. Evelyn Parker, Fr. Abilene Kenneth Parker, Jr. Ouanah Quanah Parker, Soph. Abilene Kaye Parkhursf, Soph. Tulsa, Okla. Billie Parmley, Fr. Dallas Bettie Parr, Fr. Mineola David Parsons, Fr. College Slalion Loran Parligianoni, Fr. Lubbock Dick PaHerson, Jr. Abilene Marcene Patterson, Fr. Fl. Worfh Robert Paflerson, Fr. Abilene Ronald Payne, Fr. Amarillo Wanda Payne, Soph. Ira - Tommy Peacock, Fr. Abilene Gary Pearson, Jr. Amarillo Jeanne Peden, Jr. Dallas Marilyn Peek, Fr. Dallas Bari Peeples, Fr. Raymondville Melba Perkins, Jr. Odessa Nancy Perkins, Fr. Odessa Roiean Perkins, Soph. Merkel Terry Perkins, Jr. Coleman Carolyn Perryman, Jr. Fl. Worlh Many students Francine Pelerson, Soph. Dallas Pairicia Peffif, Fr. Abcrnalhy James A. Pelly, Jr. Denver, Colo. James L. Pelly, Soph. Maplelon, Ore. Molly Phillips, Jr. Eldorado Nancy Phillips, Fr. Amarillo Deborah Pickle, Fr. Palesline Thomas Pickle, Jr. Palestine Alan Pierce, Jr. Clovis, N. M. Beverly Pinson, Fr. Fl. Worlh David Piper, Soph. Savannah, Ga. Kalhleen Pirile, Jr. O'Donnell David Pifiard, Fr. Canyon Joe Tom Pillard, Jr. Canyon Jayne Poe, Fr. Houston Pal' Porler, Soph. Housfon Lealrice Poison, Jr. Lubbock Sieve Poiler, Fr. Midland Larry Prall, Fr. Graham Marlha Presley, Fr. llanla Ga A . - Theodore Presley, Soph. Clyde Lois Eihel Price, Soph. Sterling Cily Ronnie Price, Jr. Texas City Shirley Price, Fr. Sterling Cify N fi, iii if li v-:xii bring man thoughts to the campus for -Q-' Diane Reaves, Fr. Fi. Worih Carol Redman, Soph. Sl. Louis, Mo. James Reed, Jr. DesPlaines, Ill. Randy Reese, Fr. Abilene Roberl Reid, Soph. Abilene William Reville, Fr. Belhany, Okla. Charles Reynolds, Fr. Charloffe, N. C. Mac Reynolds b Abilene Rose Ann Reynolds, Jr. Brady Dallon Rhea, Fr. Arlinqfon Jane Rhoads, Soph. Houslon Donnie Nell Rich, Soph. Carrollion Jimmie Lou Rich, Soph. Carrollfon Carolyn Richards, Soph. Keller James Richardson, Fr. Hobbs, N. M. Bonnie Richey, Soph. Lililefield Marilyn Richey, Jr. Liiilefield John Rickard, Fr. Melbourne, Fla. Georqe Rickerson, Fr. Lubbock Pafrlcia Riddle, Soph. Fl. Worlh Linda Ridley, Fr. Duncan, Okla. John Riemenschnelder, Fr Killeen Pai Riley, Fr. Killeen Gloria Rilchey, Fr. Abilene Gail Robbins, Soph. Abilene Garner Roherls, Fr. Abilene Larry Roberis, Jr. Lamesa Connie Roberlson, Fr. New Bosion John Robinson, Soph. Perlh, Wesfern Ausfralia Theresa Robinson, Jr. Chaiianooga, Tenn. 352 as Grady Pricer, Fr. Las Animas, Colo. Susie Prince, Fr. Tipton, Calif. Janeia Prior, Jr. Imperial, Neb. Glenda Pruill, Fr. Lancasfer Mike Puckell, Soph. lrving Ed Pursch, Jr. Pleasanton Diedra Pyeall, Jr. Tucson, Ariz. Eva Marie Pyle, Fr. Garland Galeen Quinlan, Fr. Denver, Colo. James Rabon, Fr. Lake Jackson Charles Ramsey, Fr. Bakersfield, Calif. Delia Ramsey, Fr. Barnharl Dwiqhi Ramsey, Jr. Phoenix, Ariz. Rebecca Rash, Fr. Wesi Memphis, Ark. Jerry Rauh, Fr. Texarkana Vicki Rawlinson, Soph. Lubbock Laura Ray, Fr. Abilene Sheila Raymond, Soph Sain? Jo sl' up--- -Q-.., 3' l 4 fv- r If l. , A l .Y ,- 'VI lr 1 Q V if 1' iv me i . '?' .. Johnnie Rodden, Soph. Arlington Barbara Roden, Fr. Dallas Christina Rodgers, Fr. Dallas Mondel Rogers, Soph. Sweetwater Paul Rogers, Fr. Sweetwater Rena Rogers, Fr Breckenridge Beisy Ross, Soph. Canton Gregory Ross, Fr. Flint, Mich. Tanyusha Rowe, Fr. Monahans Billy Rowland, Fr.. San Benito Linda Royal, Soph. Pleasanton Sandra Royal, Jr. San Antonio Shirley Rubarfs, Fr. Sherman Linda Rubio, Fr. Brownsville Mona Rucidashel, Soph. Lampasas Patsy Rushing,'Fr. Virginia Beach, Va. Boniia Russell, Fr. Mansfield Jean R-ussell, Fr. Dallas Susan Rust, Soph. San Antonio DuAnn Rutherford, Fr. Colorado Springs, Colo Vicki Saffle, Fr. Waco Randy Samuels, Soph. Stamford Sherry Sansom, Soph. Lamesa Barry Safferwhife, Jr. Abilene Shirley Scarbrough, Soph El Paso Harry Schneider, Fr. Wheaton, Md. Sharon Schnejder, Soph. Roscoe Danny Schill, Fr. Brady Russell Schrader, Fr. Lombard, lll. Bob Schumacher, Fr. Burleson Many students find expression through music li 'cs ,asv Sherry Settle, Fr. Monahans Howard Shanks, Jr. Roswell, N. Mex. Susan Shanks, Fr. Farmersville Nancy Sharer, Fr. Denton Arnold Shaver, Fr. Healdton, Okla. Martha Shaw, Soph. Olney Barbara Sheets, Soph. Spearman Terry Sheldon, Jr. Fresno, Calif. Marsha Sheppard, Jr. Waco Martha Sheppard, Fr. Colorado City Rebecca Shillingburq, Fr Dublin Pamela Shipp, Fr. Lausanne, Switzerland Danny Shirley, Soph. Okla. City, Okie. Roger Short, Fr. Hood River, Ore. Nan Showalter, Jr. Stephenville Joe Showers, Fr. Derby, Kans. Jay Shrock, Fr. Caney, Kans. Melissa Simmons, Fr. Clovis, N. Mex. .Sammie Simms, Fr. Sweetwater Linda Simon, Fr. Channclview Leroy Sisco, Jr. Abilene Lynn Sissney, Fr. Loclcncy Sharon Skelton, Jr. Odessa Samye Smart, Soph. Rocksprings Tom Scott, Jr. Henderson, Tenn. David Seabrook, Soph. Jackson, Miss. Carol Seals, Fr. Orange Sheila Self, Soph. Port Nechcs Ronnie Sellers, Fr. Ft. Worth Freeda Sellman, Fr. Mertzon Michael Schweikhard, Fr Clyde William Scoggins, Soph. Dallas Ben Scott, Fr. Coleman Brenda Scott, Soph. Anson Joyce Scott, Jr. Kerrick Kenneth Scott, Soph. Kerrick Freshman vs. The Test Students learn the importance of stud Bill Smith, Fr. Pleasanton Carol Ann Smith, Fr, Grand Forks, N. D Carol Gay Smith, Fr.. Tulsa, Okla. David Smith, Soph. Abilene Deena Smith, Jr. Seward, Neb. Dennis E. Smith, Jr. Waco Terry Smith, Jr. Garland Joyce Smith, Fr. Raymondville Judy Smith, Fr. Winters Karla Smith, Jr. Minpofr, Ala. Kenneth Smith, Fr. Chillicothe Linda Smith, Soph. Abilene Marilyn Smith, Soph. Wolflorth Paul Smith, Fr. Andrews Edward Smith, Fr. San Angelo Roy Smith, Fr. Abilene Royal D. Smith, Fr. Dallas Stan Smith, Jr. Houston Susan Smith, Jr. Arlington Teresa Smith, Jr. Pleasanton Terry L. Smith, Soph. Little Rock, Ark. Terry C. Smlth, Jr. Davidson, Okla Claudia Smithson, Fr. Waco Jim Snelson, Fr. Ft. Worth 1- Bill Snow, Jr. Bowie Karen Snow, Soph. Dallas Richard Snowbarger, Soph Hutchinson, Kan. David Snyder, Fr. Kensington, Md. Mary Somers, Soph. Odessa Paula Sosebee, Jr. Anson Janice Southard, Soph. Artesia, N. M. Jeanette Southern, Fr. Littleton, Colo. Dwight Sowle, Jr. Paris Clalidette Spain, Jr. Abilene Kristin Spain, Fr. Montgomery, Ala. Nancy Spain, Soph. Monahans Joe Speed, Soph. Midland Robert Speer, Fr. Haskell Mike Spence, Fr. Anchorage, Alaska Mark Springer, Fr. Chicago, lll. Robert Squire, Jr. Odessa Joyce Stacy, Fr. St. Petersburg, Fla, Janice Stagner, Fr. Lometa Steve Stalcup, Fr. Ponca City, Olcla. Felix Stalls, Fr. Abilene Bonny Stanaker, Soph. Ft. Worth Gaines Stanley, Soph. San Antonio Michael Stanley, Fr. Tulsa, Okla. I ,..f' s 1'-Y Q.-. G 4 -nv , r fam?" 1, l ' S ll il-Ml ,M -'np ,f wq.l1,', Ein. ljflf -imff 3. hr: fl. -Q Q'-v fv- 55. MER S J.. .v,. TP' l 1 rl l l Glen Slaples, Soph. Azle Eloise Slapp, Fr. Richardson Andrew Slarck, Fr. Mi. Prospecl, Ill. Jimmie Starling, Soph. Little Rock, Ark. Bryanl Slavely, Fr. La Junla, Colo. Diana Sf. Clair, Fr. Bayfcwn Sharon Steele, Soph. Denver, Colo. Paul Slelzer, Soph. York, Neb. Gary Stephens, Jr. Russell, Kans. Pal Slevens, Jr. Dallas Renu Stephens, Jr. Lahore, Pakislan Nancy Stephenson, Fr. Hearne Linda Sfepp, Fr. Childress Dorlha Stevens, Fr. Dallas Frances Stewart, Fr. Waco Janis Slewarl, Fr. Llano Mike Slewarf, Jr. Ennis Sally Sfewarf, Fr. Corslcana Nancy Sfoba-uqh, Fr. Gulfporl, Miss. Reid Sloecker, Fr. Winlers Ralph Slone, Fr. Desler, N. Mex. Carlos Storm, Soph. Hanford, Calif. Faye Sfouf, Fr. Brenlwood, Md. Mike Slovall, Fr. Fr. Worlh Susan Slovall, Fr. Dallas Monle Siraffon, Fr. Breckenridge Ann Slromquisl, Fr. Brady Joe Siroud, Jr. McAllen Llnda Slroud, Soph. Orange Carol Slruve, Fr. Friona "Everyone lo his own evil I87 Ronald Slubbs, Jr. York, Penna. Students prepare for a meaningful life Margaret Suif, Fr. Leavenworlh, Kan. Jan Sullivan, Soph. Ennis Jeri Sullivan, Soph. Ennis I Sharon Suman, Soph. Houston Tim Summsrlin, Fr. Porl Arlhur Bonnie Summers, Fr. Dallas David Sufhard, Soph. Zion, lll. Sandra Swain, Soph. Fl. Worlh Bryan Swedlund, Jr. DanBury Rosa Tabor, Fr. Abilene Ken Taliaferro, Soph. Fl. Worlh Andrea Tarflinger, Jr. Balboa, Canal Zone Carsn Tale, Soph. Dallas James Taylor, Fr. Abilene Karen Taylor, Soph. Abilene Lynda Taylor, Soph. Brcnle Marva Taylor, Fr. Crane Nancy Taylor, Fr. Dallas Billy Teague, Fr. Temple Diana Teague, Soph. Sl. Louis, Mo. Walier Tedford, Fr. Wichila Falls PaHi Termin, Fr. El Campo Ralph Terry, Fr. McGreqor Beverly Thelforcl, Jr. Sherman Gwendolyn Thomas, Jr Freepcrl Kenneth Thomas, Fr. Odessa Mary Thomas, Fr. Brownfield Camelia Thomason, Fr Denver Cily Anna Thompson, Soph. Muleshoe Carol Thompson, Jr. Houston Doug Thompson, Jr. Bakersfield, Calif. Linda Thompson, Fr. Bakersfield, Calif. Rodger Thompson, Jr. Lake Jackson Sammie Thompson, Jr. Fl. Worfh Sandy Thurston, Fr. Floydada Jan Tigerf, Soph., Dallas Ann Tillman, Soph. Jackson, Miss. Nancy Tipton, Fr. Abilene Earl Tomlinson, Jr. Coleman Terry Touchslone, Fr. Anson Barbara Vaughan, Fr. Temple Donna Vaughn, Fr. Hof Springs, S. D. David Veslal, Jr. lowa Park Bobby Vick, Fr. Oklahoma Cily, Okla. Rila Vickers, Fr. Plea sanlon Barbara Wadle, Soph. Big Spring Philip Wagar, Fr. Wesl Millon, Ohio Jerry Wagner, Fr. Abilene Lawrence Wagner, Fr. Killeen Anne Walker, Fr. Pasadena Janis Walker, Fr. Ozone, Johnny Walker, Fr. Borger Llnda Walker, Soph. Amarillo Ronald Walker, Fr. Glenrock, Wyo. Terry Walker, Fr. Carlsbad, N. M. William Walker, Fr. Midland Linda Wall, Jr. Valley Mills Johh Wallace, Fr. Brownwood Lynn Waller, Soph. Fl. Worlh James Walls, Fr. Duncan, Okla. Sue Townley, Soph. Hamlin Tommy Traylor, Fr. Cliflon Freddie Tuckerf Soph. Meadow Gary Tucker, Jr. Sundown Anne Tucker, Soph. Miami, Fla. Carl Tuell, Jr. Jacksonville, Fla. Rosemary Turk, Soph. Ausfin Dale Turner, Fr. Anaheim, Calif. Joan Turner, Soph. Fl. Worlh Ronnie Turner, Fr. New Boslon Revis Tyler, Fr. San Angelo Richard Tyler, Jr. Rogers Wanda Tyler, Fr. San Anlonio Suellen Uys, Jr. Winnipeg, Manllobe, Canada Gary Vannoy, Fr. Forl Slocklon Sue Vannoy, Fr. Auslin Albert VanTroba, Soph. Goldendale, Wash. John Varley, Fr. Albuquerque, N. M. Glenda Varner, Soph. Abilene Sharon Varner, Fr. Abilene Robert Walls, Soph. Houston Margaret Waller, Fr. MCG-regor Scofly Wellman, Fr. Odem Dena Ward, Fr. Borger Belly Warren, Fr. Midland LaVon Walson, Jr. McLean William Wafson, Fr. Big Springs Jo Weatherford, Fr. Slinnefl Judy Weaver, Fr. Housfon Nancy Weaver, Fr. Challanooga, Tenn. David Weber, Fr. Amily, Ore. Ralph Weinhold, Jr. Del Rio Linda Welch, Fr. Comanche, Okla. Brenda Wells, Jr. Slocklon, Calif. Stephen Wells, Soph. Obion, Tenn. Larry Wesl, Fr. Amarillo Monle Wesf, Fr. Monahans Samanlha Wesl, Fr. Dallas Paulelle Whislle, Fr. Denver, Colo. Loydell While, Fr. Spring Valley, Calif. ry' Faye Whilehead, Fr. Las Vegas, Nev. Rila Whitehead. Jr. Lomela Carolyn Whileslde, Soph Breckenridqe Barry Wickman, Fr. Goldendale, Wash. Alan Wiese, Fr. McGregor Kalhrlne Wlese, Jr. Las Cruces. N. M. Dana Williams, Jr. Dodge Cily, Kan. James Williams, Fr. Okeene, Okla. Judy Williams, Fr. Sl. Louis, Mo. Mary Wlliams, Fr. Sherman Ronald Wllllams, Soph. Texarkana Sherry Willlams, Soph. Eunice, N. M. Vera Williams, Fr. Chandler, Ind. Sharon Williamson, Fr. Phillips Sandra Wlllls, Soph. Plainview Barbara Wilson, Soph. Kenedy Mary Lois Wllson, Jr. Abilene Paul Wilson, Fr. Abilene Riley wilson, F., Porlland Sharon Wllson, Fr. Auslin Q Sharon Wilson, Fr. Bartlesville, Okla. Susan Wilson, Fr. Paducah, Ky. Skip Winans, Fr. Houston Ernest Windham, Fr. Ventura, Calif. Stephen Winham, Fr. Dexler, N. Mex. Sylvia Wise, Jr. Silver Spring, Md. Jeannie Witherspoon, Soph. Abilene Thomas Wolfe, Fr. Mineral Ricky Womack, Fr. 3 Abilene ,sg "' Gary Wood, Jr. Galveston Steve Wood, Soph. Breckenridge Donna Woodall, Fr. La Marque Cynthia Woods, Fr. Seminole Phillip Woodward, Fr. Woodson Helen Worthen, Fr. Bangkok, Thailand Charlotte Wright, Fr. McGregor Doris Wright, Fr. Temple John Wright, Jr. Talco Ouida Wright, Fr. Abilene Karen Yates, Fr. Levelland Woodye Yoakum, Fr. Hobbs, N. Mex. M- Bingse Younqe, Fr. Decatur, lll. Cinda Young, Soph. qv-s Clyde Howard Young, Soph. Houston Linda Young, Jr. Dress Mary Young, Fr. Winters Paul Zanowiak, Fr. Pasadena Carolyn Zaun, Fr. Houston Beverly Zoet, Fr. Houston Gayla Zumwalt, Fr. Artesia, N. Mex. industrious students find part-time employment "Our group used Crest and had 421, Fewer potatoes." l9l f Ity facu ty faculty faculty faculty faculty faculty faculty faculty faculty faculty faculty faculty faculty faculty culty faculty aculty faculty faculty faculty Board of Trustees Announces Ground 'WGN Lett to Right. Seated: Reuel Lemmons, Jas. L. Daniel, Robert S. Bell, Dr. J. P. Gibson. Roy C. Cottee. M. M. Haws, Leslie Hutt. Standing: Clyde D. Echols, J. B. Collins, W. F. Heil, R. J. Smith, R. G. Ford, A. C. Scott, Sec. Treas., M. I. Summerlin, Byron Nelson, A. L. Burden, Gene Bennett, Ray McGlothlin, Jr., Leon Locke, J. C. Kenley, J. H. Richards, Sr.. Willard Paine, Vice-Pres., W. C. Rhoden, Dr. Chester Callan. Not Pictured: B. Sherrod, President: Hollis L. Manly, Sr., Vice-President: R. G. Meqgs, Vice-President: E. V. Mitchell, Vice-President. Grady Acutt, John H. Banister, Omar Burleson. Truvis Campbell, Art Carmichael, Marvin Carlile, E. S. Lee. L. M. McGee, B. F. Morrow. Jaclc Pope, Otto Sosebee, Louie Welch, E. J. Wicker, John Wright. l94 President Morris Celebrates 25 Years of Dedication to Christian Education Last May 22, President Morris was hon- ored by the citizens ot Abilene in a special dinner commemorating 25 years as Presi- dent ot Abilene Christian College. Busi- ness and civic leaders spolce at the event and gave Mr. Morris a commemorative plaque and 53,000 tor a trip around the world with his wite, which they took be- tween July 9 and August 2, l965. Breaking Ceremonies for New Coliseum. The Abilene Chrisiian College Board of Trus+ees nounce special gills and +he beginning of new pro- is composed of over forly failhful Chrisiian men grams. from all over The Uniled Slales. They are men who are leaders in all walks of life and who have ai hearl' Jrhe growlh and well-being of A.C.C. Each year They meer several limes and especially +0 cover 90 perceni Oi lhe COST. This year ground breaking ceremonies were held for +he firsl building in +he Design for Development The Moody-Coliseum Audilorium. wilh gifis announced during leclureship, when if becomes a Jrradiiion To an- 1- .F li 5 President Don H. Morris Deans Supervise Student Activity Act as 4 f "" A ' . , . i ,-1, . V 1 1 1 I ,. .ll .f,' . ! I lu, . I 1 . 175 . ul . . Q' ' V X ' 'gifs ' . l V V, 925, R- M 'G I. I i i' fi -1' I Top: Walter H. Adams, Dean of the College and secretary, Mrs. Boyd Field. Left: Fred J. Barton, Dean of Graduate School with his secre- tary, Mrs. Woodrow Wilson. Above: Dean of Students, Garvin V. Beauchamp and Donna Bragg, secretary. -R, jim' Bridge Between Faeult and Student Bod ks X. tj 1- Q S o v ' 2 jg'. -sq 3527. "O-O' i tit At Above right: Dr. John Stevens, Assistant President. Above: Mrs. Harold A. Wilkinson, Dean ot Women. with her secretary, Shirley Evans. Right: Assistant to the Dean ot Students. Royce Money, talks to Donna Bragg, secretary tor the Dean of Students ot- tices. 'U-X39 "--.. .Q Lawrence L. Smifh, Bursar Glenda Gilliam, Secrela-ry Maurieia Dielz. Secrefary L. D. Hilfon, Assf. io Bursar UHF' 'D lsr Sl 1 '7 5,- we f L1 ' if 'wx-1 Leo McDaniels, Audilor Karen Ellison, Secrelary Mrs. Lewis Fullrs, Assl. lo Fiscal Agenl James E. Freeman, Fiscal Agenl Ann Carler, Secrelary I-'3""Y ROYBI- Asst Reqlilffll' Ken Rasco, Regislrar Clyde Ausfin, Direclor' of Admissions l ... 533 12:39 1 ---1 m gm, .li 06 fjfj - SPI-lOLAS77C' -SUCCESS AND .SATISFACTION 'N .--rl -114, if f Qjiflv fm Un-in iv 7' Above: Bob Hunler, Assf. lo lhe Presidenl Above righl: Lulher Marsh, Direclor of Tesling William Fryer, Counseling Direclor Right Mary Morrow, Secrelary J. D. Thomas, Direclor of Leclureship G. L. Belcher, Direclor of Exlenson 7 i I99 - it ,l?'if1 I' jfjfl x r,. X Keith Justice, head of the Agriculture de- partment, received his Ph.D. from The Uni- versity of Utah. Just beyond 'rhe campus, the Ag Farm serves as A.C.C.'s largest laboratory. Here, agriculture students practice the techniques of successful farm and ranch management. Modern machinery and registered livestock are provided for projects in animal hus- bandry. range management. agronomy. agricultural economics. and general agri- culture. The agricultural department sponsors live clubs. the Aggie Club being open lo all agriculture students. ln addition, the de- partment places a special emphasis upon the employment of scientific agriculture in mission work. Agriculture Department Gffers Five Degrees F. M. Churchill B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. University of Wyoming T. W. Colby Dewey Davis Edwin DuBose B.S.. M.S. B.S.. M.S. B.S., M.A. Oklahoma A8eM Texas Tech S. Dale. College of A8iM Arts Jodie Boron Kansas City Art Institute, School of Design Troy Caraway B.S.. B.F.A.. M.E.D. Abilene Christian College Talmadge Minter B.S. Ed., B.F.A. University ot Texas not pictured, on leave of absence Brent Green M.F.A. Norman Whitefield, head ot the Art department. obtained his MA. trom the University ot Denver Art Department Stresses Creativity and Design ln the Department ot Art, talented students are encouraged to develop their potentials in drawing, painting, and design. More- over, art classes contribute to the liberal education ot most ot the graduates ot A.C.C. and prepare tuture teachers tor the teaching ot art in elementary school. A tour-year program includes basic courses in sculpture, pottery, drawing. and painting. Departmental extracurricular activities in- clude membership in Pi Epsilon Beta. 20I X 4' , 1? .N-4 5' ,,.-A 4. , 1' Anlhony Lee Ash B.S., M.A.. Ph.D. Universiiy of Soulhern Calif. Weldon BenneH' B.A.. M.A. Pepperdine Carl Brecheen B.A., M.A.. M.R.E.. D.R.E. Soulhwesiern Bapiisl Theologi- cal Seminary Eugene Clevenger B.A.. B.D. Souihern Bapiisf Theological Seminary William Declcer B.A., M.A. Builer Universily Evereil Ferguson, Jr. B.A., M.A.. S.T.B.. Ph.D. Harvard Universily B. J. Humble' B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Harvard Universily Roberi' L. Johnson B.A., M.A.. Ph.D. New York Universily John P. Lewis B.A., M.A., B.D. Vanderbill Universiiy Le Moine G. Lewis B.A., S.T.B.. Ph.D. Harvard Universily Neil R. Lighlfool' B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Duke U niversiiy Abraham Malherbe B.A., S.T.B.. Th.D. Ha rva rd U niversiiy Dean A. Morgan B.S. Abilene Chrisrian College Holberf L. Rideouf B.A.. M.A.. M.S., D.R.E. Souihwesiern Baplisf Theologi- cal Seminary J. W. Roberis B.A., M.A.. Ph.D. Universiiy of Texas Carl Spain B.A., M.A.. B.D.. Th.D. Sou+hwes+ern Baplisr Theologi- cal Seminary Henry E. Speclr B.A., M.A., Ed.D. Univeriiy of Texas J. D. Thomas B.A., M.A.. Ph.D. Universiiy of Chicago Wayne Willis B.A. Abilene Chrislian College Woodrow Wilson B.A.. B.D., Th.D. Souihwesfern Bapfisi' Theologi- cal Seminary X .g wma X'Xx , PSY. y AXQXS . YXSXQ-Y ' C' - , Dr. Paul Soufhern, head of 'rhe Bible deparimeni was granied his Th.D. from lhe Souihwesiern Bapiisl Theological Seminary. New Graduate Degree Is Qffered in Bible Emphasis in ihe Biblical curriculum is upon an honesi examinalion of ihe Holy Book ilself. Each siudeni al A.C.C. is required +o ialce live courses in Bible, for a deliniie undersianding of Chrislianily is essenlial lo 'rhe purposes of lhe college. The Bible deparimeni encompasses ihe fields of Biblical lan- guages, general Bible courses, doclrinal, hislorical. praclical, and religious educalion. A new degree program, lhe S.T.B. offers worlc beyond lhe M.A. in Bible. 203 John Liflle B.S., M.S. Abilene Chrisfian C. George Roggendorff B.S., D.V.M. Kansas Slafe U. Roy Shake B.S., M.S. Univ. of Wisconsin Roy Willingham M.D. ."V,. .fb Earl Clevenger B.S., M.S.. Ed.D Univ. of Oklahoma Data Offered Univ. of Texas Soufhwesfern Medical School Pre Professional Training Cffered by Biology Department Preparing pre-medical, pre-denfal and pre-pharmacy maiors wifh a basis for ad- vanced sludy is only one of fhe goals of lhe Biology Deparfmenl. As our Nalional governmeni well recognizes. college biology classes conlribuie magnanimously 'ro 'lhe sfoclcpile of sfudy and research which keep our cullure on fhe advarrce. Also. biology curricula in high school depends upon The preparafion of fhe biology edu- calion majors and minors. J. R. Endsley, acfing head of ihe Biology Deparlmenl, earned his lv1.A. al Peabody College for Teachers. 204 4 ,, xr ,. X .x., A 'ill Mrs. Dale C. Hesser B.A., B.S., M.S. Abilene ChrisTian C. J. C. McCurdy B.S.. M.S., C.P.A. Abilene ChrisTian C. Mrs. Woodard Robbins B.S., M.S. Abilene ChrisTian C. fr" vu! .,ov"' lx.. uh-f-4' L. D. iBilll Hilfon B.S., M.Ed. Hardin-Simmons Univ. Mrs. BerT E. Mosier B.S., M.Ecl. Univ. of Oklahoma William E. WrighT B.S., M.B.A., Ph.D. Univ. of Texas Aiming aT educaTing sTudenTs Tor responsible adminisTraTive ancl execuTive posiTions and preparing Them To eslrablish Their own sound ancl proTiTable business enTerprises, The DeparTmenT oT Busi- ness AclminisTraTion has To deTermine which are The mosT perTinenT TacTors'ancl mosT beneTicial aTTiTucles in Toclay's business worlcl. lncreasing mechanizaTion seems a cerTainTy, ancl The cleparTmenT keeps abreasT oT developmenTs in elecTronic daTa processing and CompuTer planning Through programs oT sTucly on The College's "I4Ol" compuTer. The DeparTmenT OT Business sponsors a Business AclminisTraTion Club Tor The Business majors and minors. 205 Orval Filbeclr, head of +he Educafion Deparrmenf received his Ph.D. from 'rhe Universily of Texas. Ed ucatlon Prospeclive Jreachers are enrolled 'rheir sophomore year in educalion program ac- cording +o rheir level, elemenlary or sec- ondary. Thereaffer, fhe dedicalred slaff of +he Educarion Deparlmenl endeavors lo supply rhese prospeclive ieachers wirh ex- periences which will enable 'rhem +o per- form a professional service for The na+ion's public and privale schools. The deparfmenl' sponsors Two educarional organizarions on campus. The James F. Cox Chaprer of +he Srudenr Educalion Associa+ion is affiliafed wi'rh bo'rh srale and narional ieacher organizafions. and ils membership is grealer l'han ihal' of any ol'her organizaiion on campus. An aclive chapler of Kappa Della Pi, nalional honor sociely of educaiion. is open 'ro iuniors and seniors of high scholasfic slanding. .iq X F' Weldon H. BarneH' B.S.. MA., Ph.D. Univ. of Texas Gilmer Belcher B.S.. M.A.. Ph.D. ' George Peabody Col. fo Teachers Welfer Frazier B.S. Abilene Chrisfian College 206 4 Department Trains Future Teachers Mrs. Penn Gilbreih BA.. M.A. Hardin-Simmons Univ. Dwacle King B.S., M.S. Abilene Christian Col Joe Marshall B.S., MA. Hardin-Simmons Univ. A. Z. Hays B.A., M.Ed. Texas Technological Col. Edward L. Kirlc B.S., MS. Abilene Christian Col. Ray Whifeside B.S., M.Ecl., Ph.D. Univ. of Texas Mrs. Gorman Kenley B.S., MA. Abilene Christian Col. Russell A. Lewis B.A., MA.. Ph.D. Univ. of Texas Harold A. Wilkinson B.S., M.Ecl,, Ed.D. Texas Technological Col Literature Is Important Part of Charmaine Allmon BA.. MA. Tulane University Clara Mae Ellis B.A., M.A. Univ. ot Oklahoma Dale C. Hesser B.A., B.S.. M.S. Abilene Christian Col. Mary Lou Carter BA.. M.A. Northwestern Univ. George Ewing B.A., M.A.. Ph.D. Univ. ot Texas John Milton B.S.. M.A. Univ. ot Arkansas Joe L. Cash BA. Abilene Christian Col. Preston Frank Harper BA.. MA. Univ. ot Texas Zelma Odle B-A-. MA.. Ph.D. Univ. ot Arkansas 4 English Curriculum "Dosl Thou lhink Alexander looked o' This fashion i' 'rh earih?" l-lamlel asked lhe grave digger and poiniecl oul The uni- versalily ol human experience. The lacully of lhe Deparlmen+ of English proceeds upon lhe recognilion lhal sludenls grapple wilh lhe meaning ol life lhrough lhe slucly of lil'eral'ure. Moreover. lhe deparlrnenl aims al promoling communicalion among men so lhal progress 'foward a richer life can be made. The journalism deparlmenl funclions al- so lo develop in individuals lhe aloilily lo wrile and comprehend English elleclively. Laboralory lraining is made available 'through ihree sludenl-produced publica- lions: The Oplimisl, The Prickly Pear, and The Hello Book. James Culp conlemplales l-lamle+'s skull. Dr. Culp, head of lhe English deparlmenl, received his Ph.D. from Vanderbill Uni- versil'y. Clark Po-H5 George W. Walfon B,A, BA., MA. Abilene chrisiisn cal. Univ- of Arkansas J. David Williams BA.. MA. Univ. of Texas Mima Ann Williams B.A.. B.S., M.A. Univ. of Texas sir' an mv X Sally Caufhen B.A.. M.S.. Ph.D. Oxford Universify Alvie Davis B.S.. Ph.D. Univ. of Texas BenneH Huichinson B.S.. M.A. Univ. of Texas Tommy McCord B.S.. Ph.D. Univ. of Texas Paul C. WiH, Chemis+ry Deparimeni head, received his Ph.D. from 'rhe Universily of Colorado 1+ Privare and narional ioundarion granis have made if possible 'For lhe Deparlmenf of Chemisiry 'ro in- sfall many 'rypes of experimenral eguipmeni. An excellenr sraff complemenls The physical planr in order 'ro offer sruclenrs pre-professional lraining in medicine, chemical research, and relaied fields. A Srudenr Afliliaie Chapier of The American Chemical Socieiy affords membership +o all under- graduare srudenrs enrolled in course work for a degree in chemisiry or chemical engineering. The deparfmeni also sponsors a chapier of 'rhe Texas Academy of Science. Righf: David Gaiewood B.A. Abilene Chrisiian Col. L. Haven Miller B.S., MA. George Peabody Col. 'For Teachers Jael: McKinney B.A. Abilene Chrisiian Col. Below: Roberi' L. Johnsion, Jr. B.A., M.A. Abilene Chrisfian Col. ln our age of inlernaiional communica- Jrion, a knowledge of foreign languages is iasi becoming indispensable in ihe general educalion of all sludenis. The Deparlmeni' of Foreign Languages encourages young people io gain proficiency in The various languages noi only io discharge iheir responsibililies as ciiizens, buf also io play more eiieciively Jrheir role in The evangeli- Zaiion oi ihe world. Laboraiories and club worlc supplemeni classworlc and afford an opporiuniiy io pracfice in life siiuaiions. Languages of- fered include French. German, Spanish. and Lalin. Knowledge of Foreign Languages Aid Missionaries Foreign Language Deparimenr head, J. W. Trea+, earned h Universiiy oi Texas 'QS A T is Ph.D. ar ihe - Jyhwliws 2Il The faculfy of 'rhe Home Economics Depar+men+ demonsrrales +ha+ home economics is loolh an arf and a science, and dynamically so. In our increas- ingly fechnical age. The role of Jrhe homemaker is consranfly expanding. One phase of rhe program is dedicaied +o personal development one io family living, and anofher 'ro professional specializaiion. Maiors are offered in General Home Economics, Foods and Nufrifion. and Home Economics Educa- lion. Mrs. Dan L. Archer B.S.. M.A. Texas Woman's Univ. Lylian Grace Arledge BA., MA. George Peabody Col. 'for Teachers Burnya Mae Moore B.S.. M.S. Texas Sfafe Col. for Teachers Eva Thompson B.S.. M.S. Texas Woman's Univ. Kansas Sfafe Universi'ry gran+ed Marie Wilmefh, Head of 'rhe Home Eco- nomics Deparrmenf. her Ph.D. 'S'- 5 Ai BC we ' .RL ij I , 2 ,461 1 D' The DeparTmenT ol Music seelcs To malce a cleTiniTe conTribuTion To The culTural life of The college, The communiTy, and The SouThwesT. ln aolcliTion, The TaculTy provides Tor The clevelopmenT of arTisTic sTudenTs. Among The musical organiza- Tions The deparTmenT sponsors are: The A Cappela Chorus. The Wild- caT Band, The Symphony Orches- Tra, The Choralaires and The Var- ' siTy Chorus. Mrs. Charles H. Coleman BA., M.A. Wayne STaTe UniversiTy Mrs. Dewey Davis B.A., B.F.A., M.M. Hardin-Simmons Univ. Douglas E. Fry B.S., M.Mu. Ed. SouThern College of Fine' ArTs Music Department Seeks to Enrich Cultural Life Ronald R- Grlflllli G.B. Lane Mrs. Foresl Tiplon B M M A .B.A.. M.M.Ed. B.M. B,A,, M,Mu5, State Univ of lowa Eastern N.M, STaTe Univ. North Texas Sfafe U, Hdrdimgimmons Univ. M. L. Daniels, head oT The Music DeparTmenT. earned his F111-" EIB Il mmm! '4 Q --rj f V Jerry Drennan B S E M Ed Bert Mosier, head ot the lndustrial Arts Department, was named in I966 as the outstanding lndustrial Education teacher ot the year. Stressing the importance ot skills in modern lite, the entire statt strives to prepare broadly trained craftsmen in dratting, woodworking, and metalworking. The department sponsors the Industrial Arts Club in order to promote professional growth. Each year this club sponsors a trip to some large industrial tirm outside ot Abilene. 'ln Wg-legal-Simunfv. Industrial Arts Stresses Head ot the department, Bert Mosier received his lvl.l.E. trom the University of Oklahoma HZWIL kj" ' I 4 r .Ji .J if fa I 5 fr V953 Q 517721 I lim 'Q...,' Importance of Skills. . My fi: H tak, .rv - 3,1 , . , ,, :.. 57" ' "r l -'M Oth A i xy. 6' Nav Phys Jerry Mullins B.S., M.Ed. Abilene Christian 'U' "U:-.J X . Ed. College fly.. 'uv ' uni' -f" 'l' , . r fr T l - 0 fs.. if i v fl is fv"""'f' Joyce Mae Cur'lis B.S.. M.S. NorTh Texas STaTe Univ. MarTha Gaines B.S. Ed. Abilene ChrisTian College , Dwalin HarT B.S.. M.S.. Ed.D. Baylor U niversiTy Jimmy F. Hirlh B.S. Abilene ChrisTian James Murray Lyda B.S., M.Ed. Southwest Texas STaTe Teachers College Bill McClure cl. College B.S., M.E Ha"dl"'SlmmO'l5 Unlv' A. B. Morris, head oT The P.E. deparTmenT, earned his B.S. aT Texas AEM Though proud To show OTT Trophies won in inTercollegiaTe conTesTs. The cl ' l sTudenT Physical EducaTion DeparTmenT sTrives To inTeresT an invo ve every in healThTul exercise and The developmenT oT body. lnTramural acTiviTies are sTressed in order ThaT all may parTicipaTe. The sTaTi coaches The varsiTy Teams in TooTball, Traclgbaseball. and Tennis. Department Aims at Healthier Students Mrs. Dee NuTT B.A., M.Ed. Abilene ChrisTian College so 'Z7' Guy A. Scruggs Les Wheeler BA-. B.S., M.Ed. Hardin-Simmons Univ. Abilene ChrisTian Col. Ben Ziclrefoose BA., M.A., M.S. Kansas STaTe UniversiTy V -A qwi.-,, , .I .. ... iv -, I, -,, Q- W,-. M NTP bag..- 5--.. ""s..".'?" " r 1'-, .mi V 'iHEi?'ib:W M is U ' 1 K N. V 1' M Mrs. A. Z. Hays B.S., M.S. Texas Technological College , ' iw Y ' :if A. I L 1 . f ,dl 'C' in . . NK I Vi, ' ' ., 9-,ii Wir V Q . I Ilya Ig' sim .HW V Y ,-'wi-:Zr' vi Y lfl-.il ' m l-"'f7f,FIfa??' '.,V'iiLmj,l,. f , L VW .',5ff.-'1 'lfyif'f ' 5 yy V 3 W "5 .evrmii fl ' il Vu? '!ll."i "f"lCfiFQ. ai M. E. Mullins, department head, received his Ph.D.a+ the University of Cincinnati James Clyde Bradford B.S., M.S., Ph.D. University of Oklahoma Dwight A. Caughfield B.S.. M.S. University of Texas Gene Evans B.S., lvi.S. Oklahoma Staie College Though studies in mathematics and physics date back 'ro antiquity, many concepts in college math and physics are as new as manned space flights. The deparimeni at A.C.C. is doing its part to supply the naiion's demand for trained technicians and engineers. ln another area +he department insures that all graduaies understand the basic principles oi algebra and geometry. Physics and Math Concepts Date From Antiquity S. E. McReynolds B.S.. M.A. University of Texas Woodard Robbins Allen Rose B.S.E.E.. M.S. Vanderbilt Universify B.A., M.A. Universiiy of Texas -1..,,.i M 'WX Dr. Max Leach. head of Psychology deparlmenl is adminislering a +es'r lo a sludenl He received his Ph.D. from lhe Universily of Colorado. Testing Is One Aspect of Psychology l.Q. l'es'rs are only one phase of psychology, lhough a lascinal- ing one. A whole world of scienlilic sludy springs from Jrhe idea lhal' mind conlrols mailer. The lacully of +he psychology deparlmenl' coordinales principles gleaned from 'lhe sludy ol The mind and 'From The sludy of 'lhe New Teslarnenl. Sludenls enrolled in psychology courses may belong lo lhe lnPSYders, Jrhe campus psychology club. Norris C. Campbell William Neal Fryer B.S.. M.Ed. Ed. D. Universily of Colorado BA.. MA.. Ed.D. Columbia Universily Clyde N. Ausfin B.S.. M.P.S. Universily of Colorado Roberl Whilalcer B.A.. M.A. Hardin-Simmons Universily Lulher A. Marsh B.S.. M.Ed. Universily of Texas X - wal T l -,..4 Yun .Q 15 3' X 1,1 ji WE . .....,, A , v--- 13. i. " f .I A M110 T in J 'ii ,, . j'-"4 j. . I L ,V ' . T- T ,fx ,T S V31fw'if'i' NX-fl .- ' . f.'i1'il'i' ylf Q- l , ., ,, .. i it ,U '17 A i , 'lf f.'..3l..il3 - ' '.'- ' ,. , x.f.' QV- T 3 .AL WT'-5.19,-1lki.ill Norman Hogan BA., M.A. Memphis State Univ. Ralph A. Smith BA., MA., Ph.D. Univ. ot Texas Mrs. Henry E. Speclr BA.. MA. Southwest Texas State Teachers College ,f 5 . I W F7 Earl Brown, head ot the Social Science department obtained his M.A Social Science Strives for Better Citizenship The social science taculty has telt. along with our nation, the need to re-vitalize American pa- triotism. To be a worthy citizen in these times. an individual must comprehend the present state ot the world and the culture ot races and groups ot mankind whose ex4 istence is ditterent from our own. Not only does the social science program intluence the students directly, but it also attects human relations as students graduate and teach in public schools. ., ...,,, Rex Kylcer, Speech department head received his Ph.D. at the University ot Florida. Speech Department Aims at Better Communication Edwin Harold Enzor, Jr. Lewis Fulks BA.. MA.. Ph.D. B.A., MA. University ot Oklahoma .R ..,4.v-'G W: , i v 0593 Q-of' University ot Southern California Abilene Christian College , ,sv Billy Gene Ballard B.A. East Central State Mrs. Earl Clevenger Gary Aday B.A., M.A. Abilene Christian College Edward M. Brown B.A., M.A.. Ph.D. Louisiana State University B.A.. M.A. Abilene Christian College One ot the most highly recognized departments is that ot Speech. The dramas, musicals, debates, recitals. and radio programs sponsored by this department are well-received by the student body and community. Two plans ot study may be pursued. One plan is tor the prospective teacher ot speech in high school and thesecond is tor teachers ot children with speech disorders. Chapin Ross Mrs. Robert Whitaker B.A., M.A. B.A., M.A. University ot Southern Calito ns If.. Ds 7'- dv? A JJ 4 .LL .0 . l i t 'hi . " l' fafL'?'fk' t g if " '5"!: stiff.. rnia 'F'-L-21' organizations UIEIEIE 3 organizations organizations organizations organizations organizations organizations organizations organizations organizations organizations organizations organizations organizations organizations COl1tEl1tS nizatio anization nizatlo organiza ions organizations organizations organizations ' 4 'vifm us, ,, in bv, 45" C' sr'?fEi"""'- R' ' ,lst 'xx X fe N 'F' Lx ii, :ig : I TEX" My xy 4 ' ' jg V l Hjyj, 4. L V. -1' -wg hr gina, NJ' 5 1 , -' - 'A , fm: :ti .1 f . e'i,ffiR, ii, eg. 'Q' ' ' 9-'47NF,, - jk',,I. ' N1 xf.if.,l,A5, 4 4 fy, IU? g iv, N i s N gals- . J V , 'qi A iifwf'-it- f, V YQ lt X . M T T'-:Y-1? X , 1 A E xx A 1 1 I ' ' I ',h'Aq',ljli I 'J I I 'u Ni ' ISL. Q .ia 3 - 'I 1 : Wayne Massey is well known on campus Tor his leadership and scholarship qualiTies. as seen in being elecTed To The presidency of The STudenTs' AssociaTion. l'lis inTeresTs range Trom baseball To biology. Wayne's homeTown is Glendale, California. SA acTiviTies oT The presidenT's office in- clude calling sessions of The STudenT As- sociaTion and ExecuTive Council, making recommendaTions To The SenaTe. and par- TicipaTing in The raTiTicaTion or veTo oT all SenaTe legislaTion. l-le presides over meeT- ings oT The ExecuTive Council and appoinTs individuals To execuTe The duTies of This branch of governrnenT. Serving as Vice PresidenT of The SA. Sidney Blankenship was PresidenT of The 28 member STudenT SenaTe. DuTies oT The Vice PresidenT also include membership on The ExecuTive Council and The STudenT Life CommiTTee. Sidney is a Bible major and hails from l'lereTord, Texas. Student s Association Qfficers Spearhead Activities L l I ,i i ,af 'ssl UT lil: Y .,. .3 ,. X A T' P il Ron ThriTT, as Treasurer oT The STudenTs' AssociaTion, managed a larger budgeT Than any in The hisTory OT The SA. His re- sponsibiliTies were To keep a record of The spendings of The SA and To perform any oTher duTies assigned To him by The Presi- denT which included mosT oT The work oT booking The enTerTainers which appeared, on campus This year. He is also a member OT The ExecuTive Council and The STudenT LiTe CommiTTee. Ron is a hisTory major from Albuquerque. New Mexico. Twice elecTed To The posiTion oT Secre- Tary oT The STuclenTs' AssociaTion, Fran Dobbs has proved her compeTence To Tul- Till iTs duTies which include recording min- uTes Tor all ExecuTive Council meeTings, STu- denT Life CommiTTee meeTings. and cor- responding Tor The SA. As secreTary, she is a member in boTh The ExecuTive Council and The STudenT l.iTe ComrniTTee. Fran is a Home Economics major. cv I -., if X f A 4- K Q' 4 x 1 ET, .sr i x fa 'A Twill!" iv 1 , ' it 'Sli ' T-F:.i wif iii l T f 4414 ,ij ,Tia ' I 2. lv 7. r I V :az- T li Y, I T : ' -ww . W w l T li I ul I I1 ' Ill .i . 'I ul ' 5' lil i ll gm ....,,vV 1 fx T37 1 94' A . 1 KJ- 5 Shave Wood. Sue Johnson, Gary Jay. Poi' Hubbard. fn. .v . I I ,L TFA - lm 15:5 :V was-:'fff: 155,11 all l'uy"1m1', www ll""ybhsi'- Ea H W? fr il 1 f' . Jsfil' IWIUIG me-mit . if" We li can il' -El ii '7. 'HN' KI li an B! M -15iQz"'i,f 35 W5 I ll . . yi 1 mv " Vadim 'lM"f'HZi H IM mi xl N Freshman Bob Baucum. Jimmy Hollifield, Cumay Thomason. Randy Reese. Jan Hornbeck. Eddie McCoy, Mike Knox. 224 Senior Senators: Row l: Ronnie Duqger, Danny Cook, Judy McLeod Row ll: Ray Hardin, Wade Mc- Leod Row lll: Sidney Blankenship, Tommy Buffaloe Junior Lawmakers: Barbara McBride, Ben Powell, Rodger Thomp- son, Daniel Boone, Dennis Smillw, Bobby Squire, Clnarles Kelly. ,, lljifjfsilfifl .....,, f Nl l I 'lla ,,y., ii ' ll I 1 ff .v x 'i -ni? ..4i.,MwW ?qM9 , X A Row l: Pal Pettit, Pam Mullins, Linda Wallcer, Marilyn Maslen, Charlotte King, Lana Marlin, Peqene Cox, Marilyn Jansen, Kathy Justice, Marty Love, Woody Kay Yoalcum, Karen Justice, Carol Cayce, Linda Brooks. Row 2: Michele Meeker, Marlha Shaw, Cheryl Finley, Beverly Blalock. Gaynell Craniill, Sue Johnson, Jan Young, Peggy Heafhcoclc, Bonny Slan- alcer, Janice Walker, Rita Hopkins, Jackie Lambert, Jean Kerr, Judy Hines. Row 3: Susan Wilson, Carol Hinton, Dana DeWoody, Carol Clarkson, Francis Wiseman, Pat Owens, Sherry Blackman, Brenda Scott, Jeanie Owens, Gail Stevens, Jennifer Strange, Lynn Ellen Lunsford, Jan Winters, Janet Elswood. Row 4: Gail Oliver, Donna Bowen, Linda Fuller, Ginger Gunn, Sarah McWhorter. Diana Sl Clair, M'Liss Bernard, Cheryl Johnson, Suzy Stovall, Camille Coleman, Wanda Tyler, Kaye Parlchursl, Glenda Varner, Linda Fowler, Daisy Herndon, Sandy Davis, Missy Simmons. Karen Yates, Sandra Johnson. Sandee Royal. Kitten Club dds Color Spirit to Games h . ,.41. -'QE' ,I 4 r,,f,v,m,,22,1a,1Mf Y 4 .., - '-'ef' ef' , r , , 5 ' , 1 "vf:. X . 9. Row I: Palri Turmin, Kiiiy Perkins, Moniy McGinry, Diane Perkins, Jena Couch, Jan Jones, Rosemary Turk, Julio Wilson, Geri Sullivan, Lois Price, Judy Baugh, Judy l-iairsion. Row 2: Marilynn Richey, Tina Rogers, Winno Wallace, Jan McCrary, Janice Walker, Thyra Cleek, Ann Tillman, Sammye Smarr, Darlene Handy, Becky Crowe. Rebecca Laslovica, Gail Brown. Row 3: Glenna Craniill, Eva Marie Pyle, Vicki Cardwell, Lynn Bledsoe, Cinda Young, Linda Gorham, Freda Hickman, Dell While, Cheryl Bohannan, Mary Sommers, Barbara Dodd, Bonnie Richey. Row 4: Shirley Price, Trudy Barnhardr, Sydney Howell, Beih Denl, Susan l-lull, Chris Spain, Camay Thomason, Sandy Brooks, Jan Horn- beck, Virginia Palmer, Jean Anderson. Rose Ann Reynolds, Presidenl: Kay Coiham, V. Pres.: Linda Hunier, Secrelaryg Pai Sfevens, Treasurer: Nancy Holmes, Parliamenrarian: Pam Snowden, Reporler 227 Wayne Massey, Don Crawford, Sidney Blankenship, Jim Lawson, Fran Dobbs, Ron Price, Ron Thrill' Executive Council Glenn Slaples Sian Smith, David Bailey, Karen Os- born, Cliarles Nakamura, Linda Groves, Debbe Mullins, Kip Thorlon. 228 Interpreters Council Men's Chorus New to Campus This Semester ' - ?. .. Al K M ller, Eddie McCoy, Jim Pairerson Row 2: Jim Crews, Bill Leif io righi: Row I: David Smiih, Freddie Tucker, Mike Marlan, Ron Rose, en ue . Deckard, George McKinnis. John Denison, Larry Hall, Howie Hendricks, Leo Miller, Paul Zangwick, Carlos Slrom. Row 3: Darrell Buller, Jimmy Newhouse, James Rabon, Dale McNinch, Olin Fiiiz, Ned McKinnis, Dick Trear, Barry Frambes, Gary Duke, Dwiqhr Sowle. Row 4: Mike Puckcfr. ' Blk J' Johnslon, Clyde Coals, Larry Maples, Bill Shepard. John Wallace. Larry Blackman, John Lawrence, Tom Cooper, Mike Fry, Gary a e, rmmy Direcior: R. Griliiih. GirI's eptet 00 Fronh Kaihy Wiess, Jean Anderson Lois Buck. Rear: Roberla l-larshaw, Bell Thompson, Carolyn Bean, Carolm Freeman. pi 411 229 - - ii 1'f'1f'.',5-"1-'W Q , 'rf '+4','il' Row I: Marilyn Wood, Holly, McKinzie, Mary Adsif, Linda Fuller, Cynihia Holland, Glenna Cranfill, Marilyn Davis, Nancy Tipion, Connie Culler, Karen Snow. Kay Caraway, Mary Thomas, Jo Ann Chrisiianson, Gail Robbins, Jane Davis, Mariy McBroom. Row II: Charloiie George, Na+ piciuredz Daniel Boone, Gwen Brown Sandy Brooks, Claire Casileberry, Linda Henry, Linda Brenion, Gayla Zumwalf, Ada Miller. Gaye Russell, Eva Jo Lewis. Linda Gabbarcl, Carol Brighi, Gaye Barion, Jackie Harbor, Marry Love, Faye Whiiehead, Lynda Taylor, Mary Sundlie, Adele Edwards. Row Ill: Eddie McCoy, Olin Degge. Mike Haynes. Leland Slaniord, Lynn Weber, Mike Frye, Sue Johnson, Kay Culwell, Janice Souihard, Glenda Bivens. Roloeri' Choralaires Present Opera This year was a busy one for The Choralaires. This ManoHi's opera. "The Medium" was presenied by was iheir firsi year under Jrhe direciion of Mr. Ronald Jrhe Choralaire's on April I4. and I5. In addiiion, Griffilh. A choral varie+y show was presenled Novem- +he group made numerous olher singing appearances ber 24. This marked +he re-in+roduc+ion of 'rhe "Swa- bolh on campus and away. nee" show which began on ihe ACC campus in l948. 4 5 5 l rv' 'if N., Walls, Greg Walker, Harold Neal, Skip Lalson, George Harper, Gary Jay, Allan Brumley. Row IV: Barry Wiclcman, Royal Smifh, Billy Rowland, Gerry Chesler, Miclc, Bessire, Ken? Mullins, Eddie Mosier, Larry Hall. John Boyd, George Avila, Bill LaManna, Larry Busleller, Gary Null, James Harrison. Clark Hornbalcer, Joe Roberls. "The Medium" Noi' picfurecl: Daniel Boone, Gwen Brown, Mary Ellen Garaloni, Darlene Gale-wood, Bill Gilbrollw, Fred l-laile, Dwiglwi Sowle. E l O Direclor: Mr. Griffiih 'sa W---1' .yr W OL, i. H 7"w5mr ' W ' 'N is The Big Purple Adds Spirit to 31 I iii, ii N Leif +o Right Row I: Nancy Fry, Charlolie Nowell, Mary Mitchell, Yvonne Elkins. Julie McKillip, Nancy James, Deend Smiih, Cynlhia l-lollancl. Row 2: Les Jones. John Riemensch- neider, Melinda Qualls. Sally Johnson. Marilyn Lillon, Sharon Downs, Marilyn Harp, David Foyl, Rulhie Briscoe. Bob Hal'- field, Monica Moyers. Sue Vannoy, Margarel Waller. JoAnn Jameson, Gary Amaon. Row 3: Jimmy Hollifield, Belly Gober, Gwen Brown. Bingse Young, Jeanie l-lanna. Row 32 Jimmie'Lou Rich, Lavene Marlin, Cliff Nicks, Gary Jay. Drum maior: Bill Reese Maiorelles: Charlolfe Nowell Judy McCoy Ann Kaufman Football, Basketball Games -Q Q John Grimes. Ed Buchanan. Boby Hurley, Judy Smirh, Bob Baucum. Nancy Spain. Molly CornuH, Larry Siouf, Sharon Williamson. Row 4: Eloise Siapp, Janei Fowler, Nancy Na- lion, Berhe Horlon. Sandy Brabham. Marva Taylor. Elaine Wesl, Linda Landers, Ken McCoy, Bill Sproir. Dave Lewis, David Pennoclc, Bruce Peferson, Tommy Langham. Larry Galyon, Glen Slaples. James l-larrison. Bonnie Johnsfon, Bonny Boren, Wayne Wiese. James Cuibirlh, Tony Ramsey, Pam Horion, Larry Wagner. John Holliiield. Paulelle Whisile, The l'lall'rime l-lighlighiz whal else buf 'rhe Big Purple? The Besl' Musicale ever: whal else buf lhe Purple Pageani. The "purple" in ACC's "Purple and While." Who else could ge+ away wilh a picnic "ar lhe moun'rain?" l-low many hours did lhey all spend on The musicale The nigh? before? You had To march lhrough wha'r al' The Abilene 85+h anniversary parade? All of Jrhis and much more could be said of ihe various aclivilies of The Big Purple, ACC's marching and concerl' band. They were on hand lor The spiril side of The Tool'- ball games, pep rallies. and. as many as could, crowded inlo The appoinled corner for The baslcelball games. They produced one of ihe finesi and mosl enlerraining pro- grams presenled To lhe sludenls ihis year in Their "Purple Pagean'r" musicale. The Sweeihearl, Teresa Smilh. was preseniecl ar This program. The annual four was 'ralcen dur- ing spring semesier. Time goes marching on and so does The Big Purple. If nexl year is any beiier. no one will wanl 'ro miss il. Diredor: 'L Nancy Bean. Marilyn l-ludson. Ricl: Lee. Jeanne Peden, Jan Voiaw, Charles Hardgrave. Row 5: Teresa Smiih. Ann Kaufman, Sharon Wilson. Bonnie Summers. Annelle Roberlson, Jim Hughes. Virginia Marlinez, Milne Brady, Larry Maifhews. Richard Canirell. Randy Bender. Averd Parks. Ken Gwin, Chearl Roberson, Jaren Currenl, John Coulson, Paul Rogers. Waller Warren, Judy McCoy, Bill Reese, Tom Declcer. Ed Pursch. Jim Lewis, John Harris. Milr Anglin, Dan Merrell. Dave Barham, George Rickerson. Allan Brumley. Douglas Fry QF ! l 1 ll' lil si 1 ...TPA ,, .a 11 is 1 B d K ll V'r ina Palmer Sue Love Phyllis Collier. Kathy Pirfle, Linda Left fo Right: Row I: ran y e y. ug . . Morgan. Lois Buck. Margie Campbell, Jean Anderson. Mary Ruih Gilberf, Carolyn Bean, Judy Henri. Carol Davis Sandy Clinfon. Row ll: Kay Carfer. Judy Lewis, Belh Thompson. Niia Newman. Chellye W Bonnie Draper. Judy Bacon. h - Joy. Becky Kxndrews. Carole Freeman. Janice Blackwood. Kathy iese. Roberla Harshaw. Sandra Denlon. i r Christmas Sets the 234 Direcfor: Richard Fulfon if . , , x . Q K N 1 0 U . 4 , 1 P K .Z , 0 li ,e . 'V r ,L 1 . . ga' ll: L Q .Q A L l A -91' . , I if - Q A- 1 3 i 1: I 4", N y ' ' 1 D ' X - i o ' - , W Q4 l 1 1 Q Q 0' Rovr Ill: Jabmes Gerhardf. Larry Lemoine. Tommy Johnson. John Morris. Danny Asher. Jerry Mapp. Roger Brondsleifer. Jim Ash, James Crowder. Mark Springer. Mike Myers. Sieve Pofler, Ted Grigg. Dennis Kazee. Les Wheeler. Row IV: Craig Richardson. David Roberfs. Dwain Bell. David Parsons. Tim Hoichluss. Ken Marlin, Don Chandler. Larry Lemoine, John Blankenship. Lyndon Penland. Bob Carruihers. Gary Sievens. Paul Siellzer, Bill Sfansell. cene for Annual A Cappella Concert Each year lhe A Cappella chorus lhrills ACCians wifh ils yearly concerls and occasional chapel appearances. On December I4. ihey presenlecl lheir annual winier conceri' wilh Chrislmas as lhe lheme. A lhree-parl program included religious. secular. and "sing along" seleclions. 235 Symphon Qrchestra Tours West Texas, The acliviiies of The Symphony Orcheslra in- cluded 'rhe furnishing of musicians for Jrhe "Camelo+" orchesrra, performing on chapel programs, 'rhe an- nual Jrour, This year Jrhrough Wes? Texas and New Mexico, and performances wiih oufslanding guesl' ar'ris+s James Rivers, pianis+ from Norlh Texas S+ai'e Universiiy, and Julia Lansforcl, soprano from Arkansas Sralre Teachers College. Members of 'rhe Symphony also parficipaied in The Abilene Phil- harmonic Jrhis year. The A.C.C. Symphony Orcheslra looks forward 'ro conlinuing growlrh and development Wi'rh a fine group of new +alen'r To add To ihal' already present The fulure of The Symphony looks brigh+ indeed. fasfga 9:2 ., s" ff Y fi 2 i in 1 K, ' U , , '29 :ff 'fl' 4 1 . A if A Ji. 1' , ' f A F ' ffl 0 A f X X 1 l I l. I Xb' ,I it 1 ...- Ji ! IW I . f, 'ns ' A ,a p F 1 1 s ' . 1- V X T .lvl ...... f. ..... s. ..... , ' 1 . , b Q . lli.l llll - 1 Pt ,Ll br l P 'H I f ,X ! gi I F !-I' ' T 5 f g' fi W7 'T Y ,, J., 1' ' H "' Q-...A ..,..,ff1 4' ., ,.. 'xg Lola Sue Betts Editor Clark POHS- SIOOUSOV Optimist Editorials Spark A strong editorial policy and a wide range ot news coverage characterized this year's Optimist. The goal ot the statt as stated at the tirst ot the year was. "to evaluate issues by their individual merits and to talce a position when one needs to loe taken." The statt realized his duty to both students and administration and there- tore tried to impartially "t'ind the tacts, communicate the tacts, evaluate the tacts.' The Optimist is published weelcly on Fri- days. Section Editors: Garner Roberts, 2nd sem. sports ed.: Bill Decli- ard, Religion od.: Riley Dunn, lst som. sports cd.: Not pictured: James Storm, teature editor: Candy Martin, Ist sem. teature editor. x'1 . J' J W., ,I I, '7 5 - 11 rf '--E fl! mx' - , iff' 'il 'E Reporfers: Robert Burch, Judy Andrews, David Broadus. Mary Delle l-lance, Mike Puckett Na+ Pictured: T. Cay Rowe, Bill La Manna, Jerruc Oqan Jull Tompkins. Mill Anglln. columnist Controversies on Campus Righl: Dave Taylor, Sherry Clwesslnir, Glo Coalson, Carloonisl: Glenna Wilson. Noi Piclurecl: Ken Hammes, carloonlsl. , 'L Q1-sv D51 '.', IOS PUQ SSJl'1.l,QSj, O J oqd 0+ AL.IdQ.1EJ q NI N4 93 O 9 3 ai BU EIT' Q-O Q 3 CDLQ .51 WD! 5-0 2' 'U 3' O -1- o 1 D! U7 3' U1 -0- C S -F -I 1 -.5 E-Q 3-3 -.Q. 3TT"U' 513822 :vo-Q-Q1-1 -'W:22 Slime -no-0 "'Z.T3 .,.,--cu -. QOH: 3, fra-L2 O O 'U N4 3. T' CD Hexpnd 'pre 4559 3 xD 7 Ta FSLHEB' GU gms 'H rpefxpe IS bu 3 Q Q. L F vu uh 3 I 3' Ppe o,Loqd eugm dpls 3 VI 1 -.lm Dk-5.-O 363 34382 g-safe -:go Sain :ILS Tm? 5 4 o i"3 QQ. -,ul O :x apnims .LU W PP!" .IPD SMP .m+QaJL 159 PMPP ga 6 UJ J9 og4QzguQ6Jo lSU EUJ Meals eqp DJ VI 2. U1 -P D! 3 -+- -+1 DJCD OD.. 'ill Q29 33 WD: 33 3--. QD-I U' gm Gm 'Ui 'UQ W-4 1 Q. CD O. 1 O -1 Q. DJ 'M .ISLLISIJ 449, Dal an 5 ,X ,M W.. we Q f' '1 Z 3 -i 'W 2. fn Lell fo Righl, Row I David Riemer. Mike Puckeff, Bill Deckhard. Lola Sue Balls. Row Il Mary l-lance, Marcia Beazley. Mr. Clark Polls, sponsor. Judy Andrews, Sherry Chesshir. Row lll Garner Roberls, Dave Taylor, Glenna Wilson, Glo Coalson, David Broadus, Roberi Burch, Riley Dunn. The Abilene Chrislian College Press Club is composed of aciing siafl members of 'rhe Opi'imis1', campus newspaper, and Jrhe Prickly Pear, The yearbook. Hs purpose is primarily social-'ro bring The 'rwo sialfs closer Jrogeiher ihrough informal meeiings. Each year Jrhe Press Club publishes +he Hello Book, a siudeni clireciory. The proceeds from which are used 'ro send members of Jrhe Opfimisl' and Prickly 'Pear sialic members io ihe yearly Texas lnier-Collegiaie Press Associaiion Conveniion. held This year in Odessa 242 9 fi "Q :TJ , . Business Administration Club Aids Understanding of Member s Fields The Business Administration Club was or- ganized to promote a better understanding ot the business world. At monthly meetings members heard discussions on techniques and careers in the tielcl ot business- admin- istration. Not pictured: Walton Bell, Bryce Carrington, Tommy Corder, Jim Gallo, Leslie G-leaves. Buddy Harlow, Andy Hen- son, Kay Johnson, Mike Logan, Thomas McCamey. Ken McCollum, Bert Manuel. Nita Newman, Max Nigh, Jim Smith, Lewis Watson. lr Ed Mason, President CTI'-7 Ron Stubbs V P in char e of Pro rams - - - Q 9 Judy Kay Brown, Secretary Denny Dunn, Treasurer Czar' IV' Jerry Anderson Mike Barker Wanda Bass Donna Byrum Kay Coleman Weldon Corn Roy Farris Dwight Fulton Dwayne Holden Judy Holland Laura Hooten Pat Hornbaker Louise Jones Reid Jones Mike Love Donna McLaughlin Milton Martin Donnie Rich James Reed Russ Schrader Richard Snowbarger Andy Starck Joe Stroud Bruce Terry Ronnie Clem, Board Ken Martin, Board Richard Pounds, Board , . .?',,.. sc:-, . nr' AW Kip Thornton Earline Todd Earl Tomlinson Ronald Williams Sylvia Wise fb If' HQ' .-.- 6 , 1x , .5 ,bs ff Marilyn Buller Kalhy Carpenler Teena Clarlc Jane Crowder Fran Dobbs Belly Brown, Prosidcnl Carol Neel, Isl Vice Prcsidonl Judy Knighl. 2nd Vice Prcsidonl Jerila Michaels, l-lislorian Nancy Taylor, 4-" Rcporlcr Nol piclured: Mrs. Dan Archer, Shela Balccr, Paula Cox, Toni Graham, Sponsor Diana Lilllo, Doris McDonald, Treasurer: Miss Eva Thompson. Doris Marion, Dianne Nccaise, Dcanie Sponsor Roach, Linda Thomas, Secrolnryy Milxio Welch. Nur, Q" .Lx il LT.- '9 s, I -7, .511 lf. 'V ' 'fF:f. , y, yy, ' f- ', ,. pos ,E '-' ,. -qpu-v I Home EC. Club Aids Future Homemakers Bel-ly Jane Douglas Judy Evans Gaye Goforfh Ginger Gunn I 'fm 'rx J-'rr ,L s. , ' X XIV ,., lil -... Jean Hardin Andra Haun Sybil Hollingsworlh Jane Holloway vi f 'qinl I if .. ', is 1 Q 'rrf , l'l Q, , v.. , f. 'M ln T W fm X we '.Q..Tp,,L" ,-A as , i 3 lnilxi "' M x .4 i pf, ,. . L, ff' ,f . Susan Homburg Judy Howard Karon Howser Sandy Hughes If ,gfj -x 1 Dui .1- ' 'KTM Fi f ..-' ' Y 41, -id W- YU 1. 1 ll 1 x , ,,,. -4 I' , ,K , nv uw'-Y in 79 is li' f. x, .. ,hx ' 4- cv hs, Q--"f 9' , g V l 'ZF' Vannelle Joachim Judy Jones Belh Kepley Palsy Kinnaird W ,'..,.,,,,.,.. J ., . , Rebecca Laslovica Glenda Prui'H Nan Sheels Dianne Smi-lh Sharon Sleele Camelia Thomason Gayla Townsend Anne Wallrer f 1- --K .pf .4 A by ,.., . .fy -9', sr-'V Q f 15 ii ,, 'V 5 WT" "1 vu... 9? Ts First row: Jerry Drennan, Sponsor: John Bragg, President: Bert Mosier, Sponsor Second row: Jerry Hayes, Sec.-Treas.: Tom Murrow lseated VP Ted Frank lin: John Campbell lseatedl Sgt.-at-Arms: Ken Harrison, Delegate, John Berry: Leo Miller Third row: Ed Hamilton, Tom Cotton, John Thompson, Cecil Wilson, Rutus Crow, Milne Pierson, Lnndus Finley Fourth row: Johnnie Elms, Doug Kirkpatrick, Tom Branson Industrial Arts Club Promotes Professional Growth. Sponsored by the industrial Education Department, the l.A. Club encouraged all students working toward B.S.Ed. degrees with a concentration in lndustrial Educa- tion to ioin. The club sponsors a yearly trip to some industrial tirm outside Abilene. Periodically throughout the year, social and informative meetings are held. The clulo is attiliatecl with the West Cen- tral Texas and American Industrial Arts As- sociations. Officers: Tom Murrow--Vico President Jerry Hayes--Secretary-Treasurer John Campbell-Sgt.-at-Arms Ken Harrison-Delegate John Bragg-President 'Steve Lambert-Reporter 'Not pictured . . A., Mm, , .ir f , -1,-Q, , ,. 7 .. w.:.:- 5 1, f ,M ,V , .V A ' . g r , ...,.. -"',,-,,-. ,..."'. V, ,--..y.... .-. -,,.,. r .ae.....-..... - - ..,, ..,,. l ,a,.,--c,,, I - l 3 Y ...Wiz r v gg r'o "'7if':r7 ' f e in Front row: Rila Hopkins, Renu Sfephens, Sylvia Thornion. Nancy Will, Robbie Davis, Jane Moses, Eunice Slrellon, Jeannie Owens. Paili Termin, Janice McCracken, Elizabelh Buie, Lufher Marsh: Sponsor William N. Fryer: Sponsor. Second Row: Marilyn Hasly, Elaine McQueary. Marry McBroom. Barbara Rader, Barbara Ueckerr, Sara Wright Frank Hanscom, Ken Mueller, Sieve Maynard, Tommy Trailor. Third row: Marbara Moses, Peggy Nichols. Jane Donelilc. Lynn Lunsford, Kay Hanscom, Ken Barnell, David Woodruff, Jimmy Holley. Fourih row: Rick Moses, Charles Mclnlurfl, Brenda Wells, John Bryan, Jan Tigerf. Gaines Slansey, John Lawrence, Kay Davis, Arlis Wood. Bill LaManna, Bill Moore, Tommy Langham. J InPSYders Are D. Interested in Psychology PCS John Cool:-Presidenr Arlis Wood--Vice-Pres. Members of +he lnPSYders club have an excellenl opporiuniiy ro learn more abour psychology and irs relared fields as well as have lun and good fellowship ai a spring social. lnPSYclers had'a second place ex- hibir a+- Homecoming. and look a 'rrip in April, ro Arlingron +o a Sourhwesiern Psy- chological Associarion convenlion. 'iv' . Faye Yafes-Sec. Jimmy Holley-Treas. 248 l ti ' ,W tk ,f gs ., s--a......, ... If Members: First: Ricky Womack Shirley Rubarts Mary Ann Wedcllo Carol Tuttle Jtnct Elswoad Don DeL1ughter Elizabeth Buic Second Sharon Steele lfrancino Peterson, Linda Henry Diana Davidson Glondw Smith Billie Albrecht Jill l-lnlcy Lindu Knight Linda lrwm Third Leslie Wymtt Jim Alsobrook Pi Epsilon Beta Promotes Interest in Art Pi Epsilon Beta seeks to draw students interest- ed in art to the club and its activities which are de- signed to promote an ac- tive interest in art and provide members with an opportunity to know each other better. Various so- cial gatherings are planned as well as sketch- ing trips. visits to art gal- leries in Dallas, Fort Worth, and other Texas cities. . the 1 S.E. . Program Designed to Inform and Row l: Lell lo Right Judy Fowllces, Sally Sfewarl, Janell Clapp, Linda Sfanlill. Alice Sacfa, Marilyn Buller, Brenda Wells, Claudia Scudder, Donna Wriqhl. Row 2: Miclrie Warner, Julie Wilson, Winno Wallace, Linda Ridley, Linda Welch, Joy Bruce, Sharon Smilh, Sylvia Car- penler, Karen Osborn. Row 3: Mrs. Linda Quiroz, Beverly Pinson, Judy Knighl, Gwendolyn Thomas, Gail Smilh, Jane Knox, Teresa Smilh, Linda Hudson, Linda Groves. Row 4: Beverly Lullroll, Erla l-lardl, Dwanna Jennings, Molly Phillips, Sherry Harlrey, Nelda Owens, Marilyn Williams. Row 5: Nancy Brannon, Linda Bragg, Linda Thomas, Marilyn Blair, Dana Williams, Karen Snow. , .... llll l I I lllll ll, I i .T Pu- OFFlCERS: Row I: Ron Price, Mary Louis Wilson, Sandy Johnson, Nila McClure. Row 2: Dianne Lillon, Marilyn Shorl, Linda Scallergood, Jeri Egger, Darrell F. Buller. 250 o. 1 Row I: Sydney Howell, Karen Murray, Sharon Sleele, Nancy Nalion, Connie Culler. Mrs. Gorman Kenley. Row 2: Linda Perkins, Linda Walls, Marilyn Hasly, Sandra Gilberl, Mrs. Gil- brealh. Row 3: Judy Graham, Linda Blounl, Darlene Lawrence. Sharon Hogue, Mrs. Bulrum. Row 4: John l-lollifield, George Price, Alford Blounl. 1 Inspire Future Teachers Row I: Lell lo righl: Susan Smilh, Sheila Marlin, Dee Robinson. Donna Howe, Linda Young, Lana Cox, Jane Rhoads. Geveva Cobb, Mary Somers Jane Mcbbralh. Row 2: Linda Knighl, Marlha Carlisle, Judy Roberl. Jan l-lemphill, Billie Knox, Joan Webber, Pal Owens, Wanda Payne. Gail Brown Row 3 Donna Allcison, Linda Thurslon, Lee Ann Kelley, Linda D. Morgan. Louise Jones, Pal Parker, Joanne Peden, Wanda Bass. Donna Cranlill, Marcia Beazley Row 4 Anna Kay Kelso, Gail Williams, Deana Sl. Clair. Eloise Slapp. Carolyn Whileside, Jerrolyn Elza, Joyce Scoll. LaVon Walson. Glenda Osborn Row 5 Don Williams, Richard Duzan, Mike Dancbolc, Millon Young. Ron Burch, Bob Marlin. Row I: Lell lo righl: Joy Cleelc, Mary Adsil, Jean Anderson, Marlha Presley, Gayle Lehoe, Sandy Thurslon. Row 2: Irene Clink- scales, Clare Dauphine, Sandy Royal. Mary Fore, Sharon Droolcmole. Row 3: Amanda Colwell, Diana McNair, Rhonda Bedford, Judy I-lairslon, Dianne Perkins, Killy Perkins. Row 4: Randy Bryan, Deryl Beakley. No longer can il lrulhlully be said lhal lhose who can, do: and lhose lhal can'l, leach.'Today leach- ing is an occupalion which equals lhe slcill ol any lrained prolession. The Texas Sludenl Educalion Associalion promoles leaching as an imporlanl pro- lessional organizalion. The James F. Cox chapler al Abilene Chrislian sel oul on a program planned lo show lhe unily belween ilsell lhe local chapler and lhe world, nalion, slale, and olher TSEA chap- lers. Wilh an impressive record ol sixleen slale honors behind il, lhe club had lo slrive hard lo malch or equal lhe pasl accomplishmenls. The club's leadership mel lhe challenge. Led by Ron Price, lhe ollicers planned an inleresling and slimu- laling year's program and headed a large delega- lion lrom A.C.C. lo lhe slale convenlion al Corpus Chrisli in March. I S Qc: . 1 1 lf 'gl :+V 1 W ,Q . ll' t RK., ,fi Y l 1 i 'yi VN U4 Y .. -fi'-sun I, ,Qi . -- . . -7 4- lvggrl if 1 ,, c 1' 2 X ,i -- T i 4 i M '32, 3 7 r ff. R l..'slf"' , if. i "QQ 4 , ' j:fiI"V I ff , 'HQ -r 5 'gig 15. .W ' H. l L' il l 'il ' :'.r':::f'2, 4.""F' T xx - l In 'ner ' vp 15- - ., l " ' Flfifjf- i 'W "" ff 'A ' T se.: W e '-LUJ ,, . , x I 'w , V ' ' ', v I Q . i ' 'N-411 I l Q if 1 'f ,sh ,r ff idx" l ,rg Lf -' M! Row I, Wynn Anderson: Bob McWhor+er: Speck Cox: Dan Caudle: Frazier Clark: Row 2. Leslie Wafson: Gerald Sfeelez Joe Hicks: George Cox: Clyde Day, Vice Presidenfg Chesier Bench: Par Agnew, Sponsor: Row 3. David Carrulh: Bonnie Issac, Treasurer: Linda Cox: Befsy Issac: Glenda Smifh: Jim Hodges: Noi Picfured, Mike Carlile, Presidenl: Coralie Forienberry, Secreiary: Rowena Burns, Publiciiy. P The main purpose of +he Rodeo Club is To promoie an appreciaiion of The rodeo as a sporfs evenl. ln lhe fall semesler The club was repre- seniecl a+ +he Swee+wa+er All Girl Rodeo and saw several excellenl films by l'he American Quarier Horse Assoc. among oiher ac+ivi+ies. The major evenis of rhe spring semesier was 'rhe ACC Rodeo in which individual and social clubs parlici- pa+ed. 252 The James A. Garfield Chapler ol AI pha Chi, a nallonal honor sociely, is cele braling ils 44+h year on lhe A.C.C. cam pus. ll was founded on Washinglon's birlh clay, February 22, l922, anol has as ils mollo: "You shall lcnow lhe 'rrulh and lhe 'l'rul'h shall make you free." lpha Chl Honors Top Scholars, Amaon, Gary Palriclc Anderson, Dixie Lynn Asher, Palricia lrene Avery, Allen Wade Bailey, Tonie Colleen Bass, Wanda Jean Bealon, Alla Rulh Blankenship, Sidney Brown, Judy Karen Clarlc, Teena , X l aff: 'NWT' "f"'lfi'7K4-,l5Yf'f" 'WK ' nl 5'-A - V Wm lun " lr- . 5 . Cleelr, Joy Slovall ' Clinlcscales, lrene Davis, Kay Douglas, Belly Jane Dugger, Ronnie B. K' Dunkin, Janelle Eppler, Gaynell Foolcs, Jacquella B. Fowler, Evelyn Louise Foyl, David Charles Gold, Nuggel Gregory. Gail Louise Harp. Marilyn Sue Harlman, Palricia lsenhower, Linda L. QR l Joachim, Vanneie Juslice, John Keifh , Keyes, James R. Kirlcpairiclc, Russell McBride, Barbara McDonald, Milce David Marlin, Sheila Massey, Edward Wayne Meeker, John Charles Mullins, Deborah Nichols, Jeanenne Lou Organ, Geraldine Ru+h Parrish, Paul Ausiin Piffard, Joe Tom Roih, Exa Lynn Sacra, Alice Shepperd, Marsha Scuclder, Claudia Smiih, Dennis Squire, Roberf Tuell, Dianne Van Zand+, Glenda Wall, Linda Carol Weddle, Mary Ann Wilburn, Danny Williams, Dana Williams, Gail Wilson. Mary Lois Wrighl, Donna Wrighf, Sara The members of Alpha Chi are iho:e who mainiain a 3.4 grade poinl average and ranlc in ihe lop IOM oi The graduaie, senior and iunior classes. The members meei each monih To hear various mem- bers oi The iaculiy and adminisiraiion. fs, ii b IP I , . Dr. James Culp Dr. LeMoine Lewis Dr. Abe Malherbe Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor gvxjrgtzw' ' . 'of A A21 in i vu 'tn I"'? Q vu-.J 'C' Q-Q' vo'- Q-v Su-J W. '39 4-nf Not pictured: Jimmy Justice Kathy Maddox Carol Semo Earnest Shelton Mary Sloan Sponsor ae. - ,F I f Miss Clara Mae Ellis, s Y . -'ww V AL --.w-3, V V' mp. po' -yr -X 1 - law ij ' wmv 7-, f,3 ,, 1 :vs ' , e ll-fly. ,A J v' l Y , is 2. N Omega Rho Iq ha Honor Society for Freshmen Interested in Literature Jimmy Hollitield, Pres. James Lewis, V.P. Ouida Hogg, Secretary Judy Andrews, Reporter George Riclcerson, Marshall Marsha Bain Mary Carol Bartley Linda Blount Glenda Boverie John Boyd Linda Brenton Carol Bright Sara Campbell Joe Cannon Sammy Colley Marilyn Davis Larry Don DeBuslt Marilyn Driver Bill England Ann Gentry Jan Gentry Sandra Guitar Ginger Gunn Gail Harriclc Earnest Hawkins Jo Ann Jameson Anna Kay Kelso Jonni Koonce Jim Lawson Chryl Manning Lavene Martin Kathleen Meerscheidt Geoffrey Moore Bob McAdams Earl Owens Paul Rogers T. Cay Rowe Carol Seals Jeanette Southern Eloise Stapp Andrew Starck Faye Stout Margaret Suit Billy Teague Mary Thomas Phil Wagar Dena Ward Marilyn Wood Kappa Delta Pi Honors Outstanding Future Teachers atm' Row l: Myrna Payne: Mildrea Warner: Teena Clark: Exa Lynn Roth: Linda Davis: Linda Scattergood: Sandra Parker. Row 2: Kathy Straker: Irene Clinkscales: Betty Brown: Wanda Bass: Marilyn Vinson: Barbara Mc- Bride: Becky Riomer. Row 3: Randy Bryant: Shelia Mar- tin: Marilyn l-larp: Glenda Osborn: Dr Wilkinson. Row 4: Doug Stevenson: Jim Keyes: Terry Priest: Dr. Bar- nett. ll Row l: Linda Bragg: Jerry Organ: Merrile Artist: Jan Crisp: Judy Fowlkes: Jean Anderson: Julie Ander- son: Julie Wilson: Sandra Crawford. Row 2: Marsha Sheppard: Linda Wall: Linda lsenhower: Linda Hunter: Karen Reese: Mike Danchak. Row 3: Shirley Moore? Betty Douglas: Vanette Joachim: Jcanelle Dunkin: Suzanne Welsh: Joyce l-lartwig. Row 4: Mary Lois Wilson: Jerry Elza: Judy l-lale: Don McMillon: Tereas Smith: Mr. Dwade King. it Sandra Parker, Historian, Reporter Barbara McBride. Treasurer Mr. Hays. Counselor Jim Keyes, President Joyce Myers, Vice-President Linda Scattergood, Secretary 4 O 1'1- fm 4' fU' l qui 'Mr Mrs. Forres+ Harlow Palsy Asher Beffy Brown Irene Clinlcscales Marilyn Harp Sponsor Marsha Hoppe Pafricia Hull Barbara McBride Mary Walker Morrow Dofiie Heggie W Club is The women's honor orqani7a+ion of Abilene Chrisiian College whose cancliclares are chosen by club members and a laculiy comrniH'ee on rho basis oi scholarship. leadership. Chris- 'rian characier, and oufsiancling service rendered io ihe school. Hs purpose is 'ro inspire girls 'lo noble womanhood and To recognize girls who have rendered ouisiancling service +o A.C.C. Hs colors are red, represeniing courage. and while. represeniing purify. Debbie Mullins Joyce Myers Jeanenne Nichols Glenda Osborn Karen Reese Marilyn Rizer Shari' Gail Williams MUTY I-Oli Wilson Janelle Yadon . U ,xx , W A Noi piciured: ' S -i . , -, Mrs. Ray "' "' " ,f Mceiomlzn, Jr. it-'Ml 5- Sponsor w- ,.. 'N' Diane Lifion Kaihy Roberh Rosalind Shields td. V4 --1.N-- 4-in vw -wwf up I C' ..,...,f ' s., S.-f' 3 ,cs-4 .V 1 I ,sym- ' ae IN 7"'b-v-c- Seafed: Charles Reynolds, Billy Pugh, David Foyl, Roger Thompson. John Meeker, Paul Brownlow. Slanding: Sid Blankenship, Wayne Massey. Charles Mickey, Jerry Anderson, Leslie l-lull, Don Bacon, Jim Nichols. Paul ParrIsh,and Bobby Squire. Nof Piclurecl: John Hollilield 'S Lefl lo Righl' Jim Keyes. President Wade McLeod, Vice-Presiclenf: Kippy Jordon, Sec.-Trees.: Collon Hance..Correspondinq Secrelaryg Dennis Smilh, Alum. Secrelary. Carl Spam. Sponsor. Blue Key A Club Chapter Leadership Scholarship Character 259 I .AN qi xk John Kelmer While Jon Wayne Viclcrey C. Glen lpha Phi '31 Qmega Sfaples Presidenr Vice-Presidenl Pledgemasrer Qu 4""" ""..:' 'fi T' Nag 1 Is of Service "Be a leader. be a friend, be oi service." say ihe members of Al- pha Phi Omega. The Alpha Phi Omega is a Naiional Service Fra- rernily dedicaied 'ro spreading The principles of friendship, leadership, and service over The campus and communiiy. Hs dillerenr service proiecrs are numerous and include many acliviiies during The Home- coming and Lecrureship. The year's acriviries are concluded by a spring banquer. -1'5" M 4C""' :L Richard Canirell Clinlon E. Galyon James Roberf McAdams J. Richard Schmidr Charles Lafferfy ' Tommy L. Langham O. K. Reynolds Advisor Larry Frazier Roberi L. Johnslon Advisor Advisor Advisor '11 .5 3,4-of "f""'-s ...S Sam E. Jones Richard E. Snowbarger Dwighf Carfer Sowle Secrefary Treasurer Sergeanf-af-Arms . ,, 4 I, 9 363111 Gall 'WN N21 l:fq3.if.arff1 Lili , l1+ , iff? he ' 9 . h ' 'Z' 'th ki' Q JH v 9 ll? l D l Z' 'I fly! Nl' -,., Kxx. - . Ilrlv vix Wise 'inf fm, ,c-2 l tiff .v""Q '95 .,,, A A a"""' .pun-s an fr. "?2:'l' fi? Paul Michael Smifh Gary D. Norsworihy Billy Burniis Musiin Charles M. Nakamura Carlos B. Srorm Berf Lynn Peeples James L. Peffy Roby Van Key Philip Dean Wagar '11,-' '!:ff'3'V 'T Nh! Kd'fl1Y Nelson Pai' Sfevens Kay Cofham Faye Yaies Sherry Coopwood PF0SiCl9f1l Vice-Prosideni' Recording Secrelary Corresponding Treasurer Secrelary Mrs. Cu bsfead Sponsor Mrs. Filbeclc Sponsor Sislers in Della Thela sirive 'ro be worlhy of each day as They work logeflher ihroughoul rhe year. Besides working logelher, D.T.'s slrenglhen rheir ries by sharing lheir spirilrual lives, iheir fun and rheir surprises in lhe "Circle of Love." V 'T V' f-"Y sf Q? Y' 1 NVQ sl xl fy T fv.-J' gf, Sv Beverly Blalock Vicki Boucher Pal Carringfon Carole Cayce Carole Clarkson Nancy Coleman Pegene Cox Gaynell Cranfill Kaye Davis Barbara Devaney Weda Fox Linda Gorham Gail Gregory Anifa Hay Peggy Hearhcoclc 4-J-'f' X F5 osqx Yfrfv No.4 I5 lk Pam Snowden Linda Wilson Jan Young Jan Dulce Linda Hunier l-lislorian Parliamenrarian lnrramural ISCC Represeni-ahve Chaplain Direclor Marilyn Jansen Befh Kepley Raynell Lee Rosemary Mcivlahan Lana Marlin Marilyin Masfen Edelyn Maihis Marsha Moyle Par Owens Kaye Parlcllursf Sara Powell Marlha Shaw Diana Shoe Kay Surber Peggy Usery Jan Volaw Linda Walker Joan Webber Frances Wiseman Cinda Young Delta Theta FRATER S0 LI Ray Hardin Presidenl Ron Shulfz Mike Slegemoler VlCe'Pfe5ldeVli' Sergeani-ai'-Arms Raymond D. Hardin Joe Siroud Secrefary Treasurer Jay Rqberfs Hislorian A5hl9Y Neal Harvey Baker B H P I lnflgamurol Sponsor i urs ey irecior James Culp ISCC 5 David Bailey Represenialive ponsor Ray Mcsldhlinl Jr Bra+ Daddy - Sponsor Bobby Allen Ed Bailey Mike Barker Tom Barnes John Paul Blankenship Mike BurneH' Dennis Carrufh Theny Chancellor Glen Chapman Ken+ Denfon Riley Dunn Jim Edmonds 264 X-'. C O " X Jay Garner George Guerry Sieve Heasfon Alan Huff Gary Jay Jim Keyes Russ Kirlrpairiclc Nalhan Kling Milce Miles Don Moore John Morris Paul Parrish Phil Passmor Ben Powell Joe Sharp Joe Sharp Dennis Smi'I'h Sian Smilh Lyle Snow Glen Slaples Ken Taliaferro Brian Travis Roloerf Walls Don Willrs 265 Galaxy John Meelxer Charles Kelley Charles Chrislmas Presiclenl Vice-Prosldenl Secrelary K Gary Campbell Andy Caulhen Michael Calverl Danny Cool: Donald Crawford Ronald Crawford Jerry Crisp- Franlc Flores Craig Fox Pal Hubbard Milne Hubbard Don Horner Clark Hornbalcer Joe Holley Jimmy Holley J. W. Killingsworl h Dan Allen Don Bacon Jack Bender Paul Brownlow Tommy Buffaloe Wade McLeod Donald McMillon Jim Nichols Dean Owen Charles Perkins Q Kip Jordan Ronnie Dugger Billy Pugh Warren Sfifnei Treasurer Nova Masrer I.S,Q,C, represenlalive lnlramural direclor Galaxy Dr. Speclc Sponsor Grady Reed Randy Samuels Leroy Sisco Trine Slarnes -Clinl' Summers Doug Thompson Rodger Thompson Kip Thornlon Alberl- VanTroba James Voss Phil While Bryan Williamson Sieve Wood SUIGUUU BSVVY DoH1e Heggle Joy Cleeli Nnfa Newman Mary Spradlin Janice Smiih PfeS'd9f'l Vice Presidenf Secreiary lreasurer Chaplain Reporler Gate Takes lst in Women's Division A friendly smile. a familiar whisile, red and whi+e forever. closeness personified . . . This is GATA. H' is an organizaiion of girls siriving l'owarcl Jrogeiherness and radiafing warmih and lasiing love for each o+her and 'rheir school. Viclu Cardwell Kay Cnrfer Thyra Cleelr Glenda Enzue Paf Fallmer Judy Fowllres Carol Hlhibh Judy Holland Marsha Hoppe l Mrs. Amos Ray Mrs, M. L, Daniels Mrs. Jerry Mullins Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor Homecoming Display Lols ol lun, coupled wilh hard worlc, culminaled in anolher successful year for GATA. The women of GATA placed firsl in The Homecoming dis- Pal Hull Marian Koehler Ca,-ol Marsh Belly McWhorler Lois Price Bonnie Richey Samye Kaye Smarl Jennifer Slrange Paula Sosebee Glenna Wilson Julie Wilson Jeanne Wifhe,-spoon play and second in Sing Song. They enlerlained lheir "Guys" al lhree socials. including a hobo pariy. Ending The year wilh 'rhe 'rraclilional ban- quel, lhe GATA! will always cherish memories of +his year. Barbara McBride Jan McCrory Jean McMillon Marilynn Richey Winno Wallace Sharon Schneider Jeri Sullivan Freda Wallis Z5 .,-0 43 Rf! 1,1 K QI ,f V Sponsors Mrs. Bob Whifalrer Mrs. Clyde Morgan Donna Aflrison Virginia Brock Marilyn Bufler Caroline Campbell A Louise Fowler Jan Hemphill Margie Brooks Lana Cox Susan Homburg The women of Kappa Chi had anoiher saiisfying year parficipaf- ing in boih +he homecoming dis- play compeiiiion and +he annual sing-song. The club enjoyed a dis- 'rinciive Chrisfmas pariy which co- incided wiih rheir annual service proieci' - This year providing Chrisfmas 'roys for needy Abilene children. An elegani spring ban- que+, ending in lhe iradiiional "circle of love" climaxed 'ihe year's acfiviiies. Dorinda Dunagan Mary Dunmgan Donna Howe Joyce Kannon . f J 4 'fa , v , '- ' .."' L " lr , . . If Presidenf Vice-Presidenf Recording Corresponding Treasurer Judy Roberfs Lynda Thursion Secrefary Secreiary Sheila Marlin , Sybil Hollingsworih Jeri Egger " 1 Chaplain Reporrer-Hisforian lnlermural Proiecr Chairman Kappic Keeper Jean Findlay Carol Johnson Diregfor Dee Robinson Gay Reynolds Joyce Scoif I lv- Linda Morgan Lynn Moss Kafhy Pirile Lynda Taylor Peggy Shanlrs Addeane Shumaie Frances Vaughn Renee Vincenf Marinell Wai-is Donna Wrighi' A rw A rw A ri A ri A VT A rw T 7 T I-IOMECOMING DISPLAY WINS FIRST The KnighTs of The Round Table will remember This as one of The mosT successful years in The cIub's hisTory. "PuT a Tiger in Your Tank" was The Theme oT The prize-winning display. The KnighTs will also remember "In The Good Old Colony Days" aT Sing-Song. Memories oT The Barbarian FeasT, The ChrisTmas parTy. The Tormal Spring Banquet and many oTher good Times will be cherished Through- ouT The years as The KnighTs deparT The Hill and "roam o'er The land." "God TirsT, school second, and club Third" is The moTTo of The club as ChrisTian deveIopmenT in a social environmenT is iTs main obiec- Tive. Daniel Boone John Bragg James Cufbirfh Cleon Dowlen Mulfon Br-ack J. O. Colley Mike Danchak Tim Eller Sidney Blankenship King Ron Burch ViscounT Leslie Huff Scribe Charles Mickey Knighf oi Lucro Bill Chambers KnighT of Chivalry Dennis Beaver ExecuTioner oi JusTice Wayne Massey Knighi' of Knaves Bill Adkins Knighf of TournamonTs Tony Ash Guardian of KnighThood Jodie Boren Guardian of Knighlhood Ronnie Hall Bud Harvey Joe Herman Jim Hopper 9 V 9 YV V V 9 A rw A ry A ri Y V 7 7 Homer Jackson David Kennedy Chuck Lycan Mike McDonald Roland Orr Wendell Owens Dick Pa'Herson Joe Tom PiHard 4 Q 7 9 7 9 V N7 T. 9 Q Y 4 V 1,7 , 7 7 III V r V N r 3 KY 40. Q' .KJ Jean Anderson Mary Rufh Gilberi Karen Osborn Linda Groves Linda Hudson Belly Brown Presidenf Vice-Presidenr Secretary Treasurer Reporier-Hisforlan Gr' Judy Bacon Judy Balrer 'if K ..I KAI O Rhonda Bedford Dana Berry Marilyn Blair 41:7 4 ITJ Shirley Bowman Linda Bradley Carol Brownlow Judy Buckley Margaref Burns Irene Clinlcscales Lee Cox Susi Feafhersfon Lynn Giallombardo Carolyn Griffin Judy McLeod Marilyn Harp Mikie Welch Mrs. Don Drennan Mrs. Jerry Fullrs ISCC lnrramural Keeper of lhe Sponsor Sponsor Represeniaiive Direclor G-arler Among ihe Jrradiiional acliviiies of lhe year, including bolh social and service proi- ecl's. lhe real highlighl' is The conlinuing and growing love among 'rhe Koiies. While our associaiions have broughr us as mem- bers closer Togelher, ii has broadened our friendships io encompass many oihers. Jeanne Kerr Pam Marlin Geri Hubbard Jane Kerr Freda Hickman ,-GY' Q2 C:- -J ""Y Kalhy Meelrer Karen Reese Sandee Royal I 'J Judy Russell Karon Salnaney Clauderie Spain Carol Ann Thompson Sue Wallrer Dana Williams Marilyn Williams Ann Massey fi ff? f'Nof,M Q Q5 uf' Miss Zelma Odle Panclora's Treasure box is filled wirh 'Fun and lauglwier for everyone. Wiilw 'rliis in mind we work Jrogeiher To srrengfhen our hope in a girl's smile, Jrhe Clnrisrian -principles we believe in, and 'ro share our dreams and expeciarions growing ancl learning iogeflmer. Sponsor ci Mrs. Guy Scruggs Sponsor R5 Q-Q Harriefi Ann Sfephens Presidenf Louise Jones Vice-Presideni Pai' Parker Treasurer Nancy Shannon Secrefary we Tgiggsa Noles I ef- Represeniafive Diana Lifile Reporfer Pai' Hornbalrer Hisiorian Lenice Hughes Bonnie Isaac Marfy McBroom Kafhy Magnani Jerri Organ Beverly Pickle Barbara Rader Carol Schmidi Glenda Smiih Mary Wake Linda Wall Linda Young Q ls-...fu Karen Baies Judy Graham Mary Hearn it' cw" ,, nfl ,xv f"'j I 1 , 'flats 5 '1f"1 6' cn- Nl-' 'S is if NI' fi lx ""7 i A1 If 'lf-. X. . irt-ki' A 'bn 'li fn i"': . ,..- F , . g ' a - 94 , .,:..,, -1 ,,,.' :fr J' 1 . ' K, '. . 1 , A . i .. M.. i I.:-1 I r -. 1 '. PA' .AR J: ,NN Q Q E If J f . yr K4 v A 'till JNL! ' . .. - fa,- "'f5"1f Sv Q, " 1 ' ' h -4 - W eq, - .J -H , - I ., ,..,, kv W, 4 , Q F E V rf f' 2 ll U4 ' , , X A ?- Q' X' 3 ' f fJ.wgff7 M q ",' ,I J, J Q.,,,,,., .Hb .Q I-,Y 1- .j - -ijtjdlf, Q. Ji ., - 44 ",. . ' I .. - AI' , , .ur -, ,- 2'+-7ifg'7""'A ' xx" 1 ' Q".-itz' 1 0, ' o "fl 'f . Q ,VA 4 f ,rw .4 0 . - . , 4 Q. 4' , 1 1 " QR 'M Q 1, , 3 -an -is v W 'f' ? UH Sv A MN'J1!M" ' " ' ',q:- V wr: V 5Q l1aL"1f'?'h"j'n Q 4 A X , N h 'er---fb V , - O v 0 5 1 In 0 5 I ' . ' 1 5 'QM N" ' ""' ,M , ' GK' - .4, f -Z' In ' f - um? J X fp A W gb Il , A ',,, r, pf Qwfxf L ' " 1. 4 , ' Q ' rfvff .Q ,dew-.--. N . i fm W A ' av Q-:W W . gg QSM' H, ' ' 4' " r ' -,M . ' ' ,.- . -- - KKWSN S ' W' m-'-03" Lww A uw N f' - , N , , " iv-' In Wq? 3 Q 'NX X ' sat: Xi- w x in-. "L v A Q -. 5 r . Sub T-I6 Enjoys 43rd Successful Year of Informal Friendship Q I,-3.-f wh Row I: Joe Hicks: Sieve Schlolzhouerg Chris Olson: Tim McLeod: Bobby Carrulhersg Mike Savage: Denny Dunn: Dale Dcsnl. Row 2: John Michener: Shelby Bozeman: Tommy Young: Mllte Sanders: Jeff Key: Tony Dodds. Row 3: Bryce Carrinqfon, G-.A.W.: Douq Slephenson, Keeper of lhe Seal, lnol piclurecll: Glen Blair: Yeoman: Billy Snclson. Quarlermasler: Milne Freeman, 2nd Male: Charles Reynolds, ls'r Mole: Gary Snead, Slclpper. zao 1 Sulo-T-I6. +he firsl of all Chrislian College social clubs, has made Hs 43rd annual voyage of 'rhe good ship "Tuscaroa". Tars, The more hardened males, and golos. +he newer seamen, sailed rhrough a year of aclivilies Jrogelher in lheir 'rradifional informal manner. The Subs enlered iniramurals, Sing Song, and Homecoming in addilrion 'ro lheir regular aclivilies, including iwo sleak fries a+ 'rhe now- famous Yunkin's Cove, and a voyage-climaxing Spring Banquei. M. ,5 P I l. S. g. 4 u 'FW '-...QV 4 1, ,v ,A 3, W fi 'P JW, I s s.f"x Row I: John Augusline: Bob Slokes: Gary Smilh: Terry Priesl: David Wray: Darl Locke: Don Faubusi Hadley Hell: Bernard Erickson. Row 2: Jim Polly! Jim Pallcrsonq Waller Curry: Ron Price: Chuck McCarley: Jeff Clovenger. Row 3: Mick Pellil: Gary Wood: Jack Murray: Jacky Roland: Charles Cayce. "Friendship is our lighl, il shall noi' be hidden" is fhe moilo of ihe Zela Rho Social Club carried in lhe hearis and magnified in lhe aciions of each member. The colors are blue and while: The five- poinled s'rar is lhe emblem symbolizing friendship. honesly, purily, love and loyaliy. The girls of Zeia Rho experience many enjoyable 'rirnes 'ro- gelher during ihe year, including Jrhe Pledge Break- iasl, Homecoming brealdasf and proiecls, The Chrislmas parly, and 'rhe Spring Social. Marilyn Shorf, Presidenl Joyce Myers. lSCC Represenlalive -fff "ff?"f 1 1,5 ' "-ir, , 3 g i 1. +1 i 4' Q Mary Wilson. Jane Knox Vice Presidenl Secrelary Eileen Viclr, Delores Officer lnlramural Hislorian Direclor Gay Barfon Linda Brown Sherry Chesshire Sandra Denlon Belly Douglas Janell Duncan Jean Gardner Vynela Gill Jan Hall Judy Hale Roberta Harshaw Cheryl Henderson Judy Brown, Teresa Smilh, Treas. Parliamenfarian. Mrs. Barbara Ash. Reporfer Sponsor Mrs. Emmanelle 4 Sponsor Owens, Suzanne Welsh Pledge Mislress Charles Emerson Zela Rho Slar, '65-'66 Zera Rho selecrs a "s+ar" each year on Jrhe basis of his characler, friendship, per- sonaliry, and, mosl' of all, Jrhe help Thai' he has rendered +0 our club in i+s various proiecrs. We false lhis means of saying a "special +hanlcs" lo CHARLES EMERSON, who is our own ideal srar for I965-66. Maxine Johnson Nira McClure Diana McNayr Regina Manning Shirley Mifchell Anila Nance Carol Neel Carol Redman Bonnie Reed Be+sy Ross Belly Royal Alice Sacra Marsha Shepperd Glenda VanZand+ Molly WhiHing'ron 283 4 Debate Squad Captures Honors This year The debaTe squad was inviTed To over 60 TournamenTs and Three naTional Tourneys. Johnny JusTice and Tom ScoTT represenTed ACC aT our TirsT bid To The 6Th annual Air Force TournamenT, December 2, 3. and 4. ACC made Their Third Trip To VanderbilT where They Toolc Third place in I964 and second in l965. The "T-learT oT America" TournamenT aT The UniversiTy oT Kansas, one OT The mosT diTTiculT in The counTry wiTh The excepTion of WesT PoinT, inviTed ACC Tor The TirsT Time This year. Leff: Jane Connally makes her poinT. Below: Squad engages in a round Table discuss on Members of The debale squad from lefT To riqhT. SeaTed: Bruce Terry, Tom Scolf, Johnny 4 , Jusfice, Jim Garvin, RoberT Walls, Dwane 'l T Conley. Standing: Mr. Ed Brown, coach, Jane Connally, Linda Fuller, Diana Teague, Carl Holladay. Melpoms Stage Varied Productions T f . A Those sTudenTs who have been in These plays and worlced in Tive Tields such as acTing, lighT- ing, sound, cosTume, direcTing, eTc., are eligible Tor membership in The lvlelpomeranian Players. The Melpoms were The core of experience around which mosT oT The ACC. drama produc- Tions revolved. They combined Their many TalenTs boTh on sTage and behind The scenes To produce many aTTracTions Tor The enioymenT oT The sTuclenT body. Seen in These picTures are some OT The baclc- sTage acTiviTies involved in producing a program. 54 . 'ill i , "T'm5.'2vx'f' 1' ' Q. u..-csuzalpii'-A61 I p . an L f A f I 5 P- Q ' - ,H - N' kv- A 'V 'I i Qf fx mi I T l T -L ' lg T W A 1 i ff CP , E Y7 fi' s.: 4 Loran Parfigianoni. Eddie McCoy, John Lacy. Back Row: oadcasts the Latest Mike Clanfon, Franlc Martin O u Z 0 f I S I 'I v. n Ca m pu s News Charlie Lafferiy, Freda Sellman :.n......anlv-no-gy-W.. ...- .,..-u-m, b...g........ ,,..,..,.,,. 1 4 A -........!X, OHIS Buffs is seen using some of 'the K.A.C.C. equipment. I mi... D0-of s Q19 "' f --VM , , 4 A n kfvi If I . 4-LQ:-x., Index se...-Le. advertising , advertising advertising advertising advertising advertising advertising advertising advertising advertising advertising advertising advertising advertising advertising COl1tEntS , 4.l.l.il.- v-v-"Wd U advertising advertising advertising l FIDELITY l a+ BOOK 8g SUPPLY IIT" Ilia i OR 2-8151 A DIVISION OF I Hoeurv ewrenvmses, mc. Mail Order Anywhere in the World I658 Campus Courls lAcross From ACCl Abilene, Texas All Buble School Lnleralure All Church Supplies Church Furnrlure Bible Teachers Aids Communion Ware Commenlarles Concordances Song Books Bib es Audio-Visual Equipmenl ' I Publishers of Chrislian Chronicle Chrislian Woman and Teen-Age Chrislian "Organized lo SERVE lhe Churches Throughoul' lhe World." Congratulations ALLEN FOODS, INC. 4555 GUSTINE AVENUE ST. LOUIS. MISSOURI FINER FOODS FOR SCHOOLS, HOTELS, AND INSTITUTIONS I3 my ve 2-44oo are Qs . ' A' 4 A t Q x Q ' ' ' W ' r ' E md . "I am the only servant and worker in the United States whose average pay per hour is lower today than it was 10 or 20 or even 30 years ago. "As if that wasn't enough, I work around the clock-24 hours a day at base pay-no overtime. . . no extra charge for Sundays or holiclaysg no coffee breaksg no fringe benefitsg no vacations." Reddy Kilowatt QD Your Electric Servant A Abbott, Kathy-I63 Adams, Larry-55, 58, 59 Adkins, William-I63, 272 Adrian Carl-I63 Adm, Mary-isa, 230, 250 Albrecht, Billie l63, 249 Allcorn, Harvie-I63 Allen, Linda-l63 Allen, Tim-I63 Amaon, Gary-I63, 232, 254 Ammons, Paul-l63 Anderson, Chris-I63 Anderson, Cordie-I63 Anderson, Jean-I63, 227, 229, 234, 257, 274 Anderson, Linda-I63 Anderson, Shirley-I63 Anderson, Wynn-I63, 252 Andrade, Maria-I63 Andrews, Judith-I63, 239, 242, 256 Andrews, Mary-I63, 234 -' Arbuckle Charles-I63 Arceneaulx Melinda-l35, I63 Arlen Louise-I63 Armstrong, Sam-I63 250, Llnderclassmen Index Boyles, William-l65 Brabham, Sandra-l65, 233 Braddock, Gary-l65 Bradley, Brenda-l30, I33, l65 Bradley, Johnny-l65 Bradley, Linda-l38, 274 Bradshaw, Joy-I65 Brady, Mike-233 Bragg, James-l65 Bragg, Linda-250, 257 Bramlett, Rita-l65 Brannon, Nancy-l65, 250 Brauer, James-I65 Breckenridge, Jim-2l, 24, l65 Brenton, Linda-l65, 230, 256 Bresler, Judy-l65 Brickson, Bernard-28l Bright, Merr Ann-l65 Bright, Carol Lee-I5, I65, 230, 256 Brigman, Jerry Wayne-l65 Briscoe, Ruthie--232 Britt, Janet Sue-l65 Broach, Tommie-268 Broadus, David-239, 242 Brock, Delores-I65 Brodie, Doug-l65 Brondstetter, Roger-235 Brookmole, Sharon Kay-l6, I66 Judy-ie4,7234, 274 Ash, Jim-235 Asher, Danny-I63, 235 Atkinson, Linda-I64 Atkinson, Nancy-I64 Avera, Ann--I64 Avery, Allen-245 Avery, Patricia-l64 Avila, George-230 B Bacon, Donald-I64, 243, 259, 266 Bacon, Badgley, Dean--7 Bailey, Alice-I64 Baily, Amy-I64 Brooks James-l65 Brooks: Laffy-iss Brooks Linda Jane-l 65, 226 Brooks: Margie-l65 Brooks, Sandy-l6, l32, I40, I4I, l66 227, 230 Brown, Carole Ann-I66 Brown, Gail Frances-l66, 227, 250 Brown, Gerri-I66 Brown, Jimmy Glen-I66 Brown, Karen-I66 Brown, Linda-I66, 282 Brown, Marvin Douglas-I66 Brown, Robert Erwin-I66 Brown, Charles Stephen-166 Brown, Susan-I66 Clarkson, Carole-226, 262 Clary, Harrell Van-I68 Claxton, Ill, Jack-l68 Clayton, Boyd Lee-I68 Clayton, Carolyn Jo-I68 Cleek, Joy-I68, 250, 254, 268 Cleek, Thyra-227, 268 Clevenger, Jeff-l68, 28I Cline, Paul-l68 Clinton, Gary Ray-l68 Clinton, Sandy-234 Close, Gregory-l68 Coalson, G o-I68, 239, 24l, 242, 263 Coats, Clyde1229 Cobb, M. Cecile-l68, 250 Cobb, Geneva Arlene-I68 Cody, Cordeilia Ann-l68 Coler, Donna-l68 Coffman, James Robert-l68 Cogburn, Jeanne-l68 Cohn, Kenneth-l68 Coleman, Kathryn Camille-l68, 226 Colley, Sammy Hague-l68, 256 Collier, Caroline Jane-l68 Collier, Craig William-l68 Collier, Phyllis Elaine-l68, 234 Colvin, Rora Lillian-l68 Colwell, Amanda Sue-l68, 250 Comstock, Linda Lou-l68 Conley, Duane-l68 284 Connally, Jane Ann-l68, 284 Conner, Donna-l68 Cook, Delbert-I68 Cooksey, Don-l68 Corder, Sandra-l68 Corn, Weldon-l68, 244 Cornutt, Molly-I68, 233 Cotham, Kay-I69, 262 Cotten, Tommy-l69, 233 Couch, Jena-227 Coulson, John-I69, 233 Bailey, David--228, 264 Bailey, Edward-I64, 264 Bailey, Bailey, Finis-l64 Sandra-I64 Bailey, Tonie-254 Bain, Marsha-I64, 256 Baird, Baker, Balch, Ballard James-I64 Jack-I64 Gordon--58 , Brent-I64, 264 Barham, David-233 Barker, Barnes, Mike-I64, 244 Wanda-164 Barnett, Kathleen-I64, 253 Barnett, Ken-I64, 248 Barnhardt, Trudie-I64, 227 Barrett, Betty-I64 Bartley, Mary-164, 256 Barton, Gaye-230 Bass, Wanda-244, 254 Bateman, Pan--I64 Bates, Linda-I64 Batts, Lola-238, 242 Baucum, John-I64, 224, 233 Baugh, Judy-I64, 227, 268 Beakley, ,Deryl--I64, 250 Beam, Walter-I64 Bean, Carolyn-I64, 229, 234 Bean, Nancy-I64, 233 Bean, Raymond-I64 Beard, Beaver, Marilyn-I64 Olan-I4 Beazley, Marcia-I64, 24l, 242-, 250 .Bedford, Rhonda-I64, 250, 274 Beeman, Becky-I64 Beene, Judy-I64 Beene, Pinto-l64 Bell, Carrol-I64, 235 Bell, Steve-2l Bender, Jack-266 Bender, Randy-I64, 233 Bennett, Karen-I64 Bennett, Martha-I67 Bernard, M'Liss-l65, 226 Berry, Dana-272 Berry, John-247 Bessire, Roy-l65, 230 Bishop, Donna-I65 Bivens, Glenda-230 Blackman, Larry-229 Blackman, Phyl is-l65 Blackman, Sherry-226 Blackwood, Janice-I65, 234, 268 Blair, Glen-280 Dixon, David-l70 Blair, Marilyn-l65, 250, 274 Blake, Gary-229 Blalock, Beverly-l65, 226, 262 Blankenship, Bruce--l65 Blankenship, John--l43, l65, 235 Bledsoe, Lynn-I65, 227 Bless, Cindi-l65 Blocker, Ellen-268 Blout, Alford--l65, 250 Bout, Linda-l65, 250, 256 Boase, Linda-l65 Bohannan, Cheryl-I65, 227 Boone, Daniel-I44, I63, 225, 230, 243, 272 Borchers, Jane-l65 Breon, Bonny-l65, 233 Boren, Clifford-I65 Bost, Bryan-ll0, I65 Bost, Bryan-ll0, l65 Boucher, Vicki-262 Boverie, Glenda-l65, 256 Bowen, Donna-I39, I65, 226 Bowen, J. Donald-2l, l65 Bowlus, Sharon-l65 Boyd, John-l65, 230, 256 Boyd, Nancy-l65 Browning, Patty-I66, 253 Browning, Tippy Nan-l66, 253 Brownlow, Carol--I66, 274 Bruce, Joy Lynn-l66, 250 Brumley, Allan Ray-I66, 230, 233 Buchanan, James Edwin-I66, 233 Buchanan, James Baxter-I66 Buck, Lois-I43, I66, 229, 234 Buie, Elizabeth Ann-I66, 248, 249 Burch, Robert-239, 242 Burford, Gary-l66 Burgin, Glenda Kay-I66 Burk, Jerry-58 Burnam, Patty-I66, 253 Burnett, Richard Mike-I66, 264 Burns, Frank Wayne-I66 Burns, Rowena Estel-I66, 252 Burton, Coye Lee-I66 Burton, Kay Sandra-I66, 282 Bustetter, Larry Alan-I7, I67, 230 Butler, Marilyn-I7, I67, 250, 256 Buttles, C. Elsworth-I67 Butts, Otis-I67, 287 Butts, Rena-I67 Byars, Betty Ann--I67, 253 Byrd, Linda Jo-I67 Byrum, Charles Allen--I67 C Cain, Ill, Frank Goldman-I67 Callaway, Nancy-l67 Callens, Dwight Wayne--I67 Callens, Sonna Jean-I67 Calvert, Michael-266 Cambell, Gary-266 Camp, Barbara Ann-l67 Campbell, Bruce-l67 Campbell, Margie-234 Campbell, Sara Elizabeth-I69, 256 Canady, Russell-I67 Cannon, Jerry John-I67 Cannon, Joe Ronald-l67, 256 Cantrell, Richard-233 Carawa , Barbara Kay--l67, 230 Cardwell Jan-I66, l67 Cardwelll Vicki Ann-I67, 227, 24l, 248, 268 Carlile, Mike-252 Carpenter, Kathy Lynn-I67, 246 Carpenter, Sylvia-I67, 250 Carrington, Pat-262 Carroll, Don-l67 Carroll, Joyce Diane-I67 Carruth, David-I67 Carruth, May Ann-l67 Carruthers, Bobby-20, 235, 280 Carruthers, R. L.-l8, 50, l67 Case, Don-77 Casey, Michael-l8, l68 Castleberry, Claire-230 Caudle, Dan-252 Caussey, Durhl Manly-l68 Cawthon, William Bryant-l68 Cayce, Charles-l68, 2Bl Chandler, Don-235 Chand ler, Harold Dwain-l68 Channell, Stanley Wayne-l68 Chapman, Glenn-l68, 264 Chapman, Raymond Charles-l68 Cheatham, Roger-l68 Chesshir, Sherry-l68, 239, 242, 282 Chester, Gerald-l68, 230 Childers, Bobby-l68 Choate, Ramona-l68, 253 Christi anson, Jo Ann--230 Clanton, Mike-286 Clapp, Janell-l68, 250 Clark, Frazier-252 Coulter, Mike-I69 Coursey, Sandra-I69 Cox, Lana-I69, 250 Cox, Linda-252 Cox, Lee-274 Cox, Louan-I69 Cox, Pegene-I42, I69, 226, 262 Cox, Speck-252 Cox Walter-l69 is Cra treee, Hazel-I69, 243, 257 Crain, Mary Sue-I69 Cranfill, Donna-I69, 250 Cranfill, Gaynell--226, 262 Cranfill, Glenna-I69, 227, 230 Crawford, Donald-l69, 228, 257, 266 Crawford, Ronald-I66, I69, 266 Crawford, Sandra-I69, 257 Crews, James-169, 229 Crews, Judy-I69 Crow, Rufus-20, 247 Crowder, James-I69, 229 Crowder, LaVerta--I69, 229 Crowe, Becky-I69, 229 Crum pton, Linda-l69 Culpepper, BryAnn-I69 Culwell, Marian-I69, 230 Cummings, Sandy-l69 Cunningham, Johnny-20 Current, Jaren-I69, 233 Currey, Roseanna--I69 Cutbirth, James-I69, 233, 272 Cutle r, Connie-I69, 230, 250 Cutwright, Ann-l69 Dale, Dalla D Carol-I69 s, Zelda-I69 Dauphin, Clare-I69, 250 Davidson, Diana-l69, 24l, 249 Davis, Carolyn-I69, 234 Dvis, Fern--I69, 286 Davis, Jane-I69, 230 Davis kay-iss, zao Davis: Kaye-262 Davis, Linda-243 Davis, Marilyn-I69, 230, 256 Davis, Robbie-248 Davis Sandra-I69 226 Davis ' sandra-169' Davidson, Tommy-l69 Dev. Gail--I69, 253 Dean, Ava-I69 Dean, Upton-2l DeBord, Cynthia-I69 DeBord, Nelia-I69 DeBusk, Larr -l69, 256 Deckard, william-eb, wo, 229, Decker, Tom-233 Degge, Olin-l70, 230 DeLaughter, Don-249 Denison, Jon-l70, 229 Dent, Beth-I70, 227 Dent, Dale-l70, 280 Denton, Sandra-l70, 280 DeVaney, Barbara-l70, 262 DeWoody, Dana-l70, 226 Dickson, Lucinda-I70 Dillm an, Kenneth-l70 Dockray, Mary--l70 Dodd, Andrea--l70 Dodd, Barbara-l70, 227 Dodd, Sheryl-l70 Dot Jerr l70 Y- Y- Dowlen, Sheila-I70 Downs, Sharon-l70, 232 Drag, Jeanettwl70 Draper, Bonn,ie-l70, 234 Draper, Loraine-l7O Driver Marilyn-l70, 256 man, 'cindy-wo 242, 238 Drookmule, Sharen-250 D'Spain, Tom-170 Duke, Gary-l70, 229 Dunagin, Mary-I70 Duncan, Betty-l70 Duncan, James-20 Duncan, Jam.ie-I70 Dunn, Denny-l70, 244, 280 264 Dunn, Riley-78, l7l, 238, 242, Durham, Cheryl-l7l, 253 Duval, Sarah-l7l Duzan, Richard-l7l, 250 Dyer, Pamela-l7l Dykes, Margaret-70, l7l E Edwards, Adele-l7l, 230 Edwards, Rita-243 Eicke, Diana-l7l Elkins, Yvonne-l7l, 232 Eler, Tim-l7l Ellis, Carol-l7l Elms, Johnnie-247 Elswood, Janet-l7l, 226, 249 Elza, Jerrolyn-l7l, 250, 257 Emerson, Charles-l7l, 283 England, Bill-l7l, 24l, 256 England, Twyla-l7l, 253 Ennis, Stephen-l7l Eofl, Nicki-l7l, 24l, 253 Epps, Beverly-l7l Erickson, John-2l, 24, 79, l7l Evans, Judy-l7l, 246 Evans, Renee-l7l Ewing, Pat-l7l Ewing, Tom-l7l Ezzell, Charles-l7l F Fannin, Al-279 Faraci, Jonelle-l7l, 24l Farris, Patsy-l7l Farris, Roy-l7l, 244 Faubus, Don-l7l, 28I Favila, Reynaldo-l7l Featherston, Susie-274 Finley, Cheryl-l7l, 226 Finn, Linda-l7l Fittz, Olan-l7l Fitzgibbons, John-l7l Forbes, Sandra-l7l Ford, Charles-l7l Fore, Mary-22, l7l, 250, 3l5 Fortenberry, Coralie-l72, 252, 253 Foster, Curtis-l72 Foster, Derrell--l72 Foster, Joel-20, l72 Foster, Nancy--l72 Fowler, Janet-l72, 233 Fowler, Linda-l72, 226 Fox, Craig-79 Fox, Gerald--l72, 266 Fox, Weda-IO, I7, I39, 262 Foyt, David-232, 254, 259, 272 Franklin, Don-l72 Franklin, Ted-247 Frazer, John-l72 Fredenburg, Gary-2l, 26, 50 Freeman, Annette-268 Freeman, Carole-I72, 229 Fridge, Keith-l72 Frieberthouser, Mark-l72 Frittz, Olin-229 Fry, Bobby-l72 Fry, Jackson-l72 Fry, Mike-229, 230 Fry, Nancy-l72, 232 Frye, James-I72 Fulce, Richard-I72 Fuller, David-20 Fuller, Larry-I72 Fuller, Linda-I72, 226, 230, 284 Fuller, Lynetlk253 Fuller, Phillip-l72 Fulton, Allen-l72, 244 Fulton, Jeanette-7l2 G . Gabbard, Lincla-l72, 230 Gage, Dorothy-l72 Galaway, Francis-l72 Galyon, Clinton-l72 Galyon, Larry-233 Garatoni, Mary Ellen-l72, 230 Garcia, Nancy-l72 Gardner, Jean-l72, 282 Garro, Gerardo-l72 Garrett, Margo-l72, 253 Garvin, James-l72, 284 Gatewood, Darlene-230 Gentry, Ann-l72, 256 Gentry, Jan-l72, 256 George, Charlotte-I72, 230 Giallombardo, Lynn-274 Gibson, John--I72 Giesecke, Marion-20 Giffin, Robert-l72 Gilbert, Sandra-l72, 250 Gilbert, Bill-230 Gilmore, Dan-I72 Glass, Roger-l72 Glasscock, Gayle-l72 Glenn, Jenny-I72 Glentzer, John-l72 Glover, Morrell-268 Gober, Betty-I72, 232 Godfrey, John-58, 60. 6l, 63, I44 Gorgorth, Gaye-l72, 246 Gomez, Vivian-I72 Goodwin, Sandra-23, l72 2 3325 2214 W to the graduating class X X: 3 x:.:f 53Q':, l A ,I I I 9 db , L 'LZ f V J Q . Q " 5 JI. N ' Q, X :,, XX-, N ::e '-.- . : - . 5. '5." QQ: X-Q . " ' f. .. . '5f ---1W- X333 N x 1 'I HW ix xx! Nix .V fA'A ' ' -I 52- in OKC W ' W Q V RADE I MARK G K TRADE-MARKC9 N .Nl iff jj! X I VI, 'fill XA fu wa V D---f" X Borneo uNoER Aumomrv OF-TH cocA-cos.A COMPANY av S xg-S THIS TEXAS COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY X Mason, Marcy-I79 Kinnamon, Wayne-I77 Gordon, Maxie-23, I72 Gore, Herbert-23, I73 Gorham, Linda-I73, 227, 262 Gosnell, Nancy-I73 Grandey, Phyllis--I73 Granger, Carol-l73 Graves, Janis-l73 Gray, Karan-I73 Greeen, Carrie-I73 Gregory, Gail-l73, 262 Grenne l, Paul-I73 Griffin, Bob--ll0 Grigg, Ted-235 Grimes, John-l73, 233, 243 Gronewald, Nancy-I73 Grubbs, Carol-l73 Guitar, Sandra-I73, 256 Gummer, Cathleen-I73 Gunn, Ginger-I73, 226, 246, 256 Guynes, Sam-I73 H Hackney, Jimmy-I73 Hagelstein, Rick-I73 Hagerman, Larry--I73 Haile, Fred-230 Hailey, Charley-I73 . Hairston, Judy-I73, 272, 249, 250 Hale, David-I73 Hale, Judy-I73, 257, 282 Hall, Cherry-I73 Hall, Hadley--2l, 28l Hall, Jan-I73, 282 Hall, Larry-7l, 229, 230, I73 Hall, Robert-I73 Hall, Ronnie-272 Hall, Wallace-I73 Hamill, Vic-I73 Hopkins, Rita-I74, 226, 248 Hopkins, Dell-I74 Hopper, Jim-272 Hooten, Laura-25, I74, 244 Hornbeck, Jan-25, I74, 224, 227 Hornbaker, Clark-230, 266 Horner, Dick-Ill Horner, Don--266 Horton, Pamala-I75, 233 Hosek, John-I75 Howard, Judy-I75, 246 Howe, Donna-I75, 250 Howell, D'Awn-I75 Howell, Sydney-I75, 227, 250, 253 Howell, Sylvia-I75 Houser, Jackie--I75, 246 Hubbard, Geri-275 Hubbard, Nathan-243 Hubbard, Pat-8l, 224, 266 Hudson, Marilyn-233 Huff, Donna-I4 Huff, Leslie-249, 272 Huff, Linda-I75 Huffman, Carolyn-I75 Hughes, Brent-I75 Hughes, John-20 Hughs, Exie-l75 Hughes, Jim-I75, 233, 279 Hughes, Richard-I75 Hull, Susan--227 Hull, Ronald-I75 Hunter, Linda-I75, 227, 257, 263 Hurley, Boby-233 Hussey, Richard-I75 Hutcherson, Don-I75 l lmler, Olivia Ruth-I75 Hamilton, Ed-247 Hamilton, Judith-I73 Hammes, Ken-279 Hance, Mary Delle-242 Hancock, Nancy--I73 Hand, Richard-I73 Handy, Darlene-I73, 227 Hanna, Bill-l73 Hanna, Martha-I73, 232 Hanscom, Kay-248 Hansen, Thomas-I73 Harbor, Mary-I73, 230 Hardin, 8everly-l73 Hardin, Bill e-I73, 246 Hardwick, Glenn-I73 Harkey, Sherr -I73, 250 Harkness, Wilbur-I73 Harman, Rickey-I73 Harmon, Ronald-l73 Harper, George-l73, 230 Harnick, Gail-256 Harris, 8ecki-I73 lrwin, Linda-249 Isaac, Bonnie- l75, 252, 277 Ishmael, Paula-I75 lsler, Dan--I75 J Jacks, Guy-l75 James, Nancy-I75, 232 Jameson, Jo Ann-I75, 232, 256 Jansen, Marilyn -ws, 226, 263 Jansen, Martha-I75 Jarman, Wayne--I75 Jay, Gary-I75, Jenkins, Pamela Jennings, Dwan nnin ats 224, 230, 233, 265 -I75 na Jo-I75, 250 I75 Je ' gs, P y- Johnigan, Donna-I75 , J -80, I75 Harris, Betty-I73 Harris, John--233, 278 Harris, Robert-'24, l73 Harrison, James-24, I73, 230, 233 Harshaw, Robert-I74, 229, 234, 282 Hartwick, Jane-I74 Harlwig, Joyce-I74, 257 Harvey, Bud-243, 272 Harvey, Stanley-I74 Hastings, Carole-I74 Hasty, Marilyn-I74, 248, 250 Haun, Andra-I74, 246 Hawk, Gary-I74 Hawkins, Ernest-l74, 256 Haws, Jan-268 Hay, Anita-262 Haynes, Mike-230 Hearn, Mary-I74, 277 Heaston, Steve-265 Heath, Larry-I74 Heathcock, Peggy-I74, 226, 262 Hedemann, Char anna-I74 Heggie, Dottie-258, 268 Heirman, Alan-l74 Helm, Sharon--I74 Hendrex, Bob-I74 Hendrix, Don-286 Hennington, Johnny-174 Henry, Judy--234 Henry, Linda-I74, 230, 249 Henry, Marie-I74 Henry, Robert-I74 Henson, Don--I74 Herbert, Betty-l74 Herdon, Daisy-226' Herman, Joe-I74, 272 Herrick, Gail-I74 Hertenberger, Don-58, I42 Hickman, Freda-227, 275 High, Deborah-7l Hilderbrand, Patricia-174 Hill, Artis-I74 Hines, Judi-I74, 226 Hinton, Carol-I74, 226, 268 Hobbs, Larry--I74 Hobson, Gary-49. 80 Hodges. James-I74, 252 Hogg, Beverly-I74, 253 Hogg, Ouida-I74, 256 Hogue, Sharon-250 Holcomb, Daniel-I74, 243 Holland, Cynthia-I74, 230, 232 Holland, Peggy-I74 Holland, Ronald-20, I74 Holley, Douglas-l74, 266 Hauzfaela, Jimmy-mo, i7-1, 224, 232, 24I, 256 Hollis, Larry-I74 Holloway, Dav.id-I74 Holloway, Joseph-I74 Holmes, Ken-I74 Holmes, Nancy-I74, 227 Holmeren, Nefia Sharon-l74 l-lolt, Melvin-I74 Holt, Sue-l74 Homburg, Susan-I74, 246 Johnson ames Johnson, Cheryl-I75, 226 Johnson, Dan-26, I75 Johnson, James-26, I75 Johnson, Marilyn-26, I76 Johnson, Maxine-66, I76, 283 Johnson, Nancy-I76 Johnson, Sally--232 Johnson, Sue-I76, 224, 226, 230, 24 Johnson, homa I76 235 T s- , Johnston, Bonniwl76, 233 Johnston, Jimmy--229 Johnston, Nina-:76 Johnston, Joiner, L Sally- 76 arry-I76 Jones, Jan-I76, 227 Jones, Judith-I76, 246 Jones , Kirk-I76 Jones, Leslie-I76, 232, 243, 250 Jones, Louise-I76, 244, 276 Jones, Patqicias-276 Jones, Pau a Jones Reid-I76 244 Jones, Tommy-I76 Joy, Chellye-l5, I76, 234 Judd, Daniel-I76 Justice, John-I76, 255, 284 , Justice, Karen-I76, 226 Justice, Kathy-I76, 226 K Kamany, Harr --I76 Kaufman, Shirley-I39, 176, 232, 233 Kazee, Dennis-I76? 235 Keal, Betty-I76 Keetch, Cheryl-I76 Keith, Judy-I76 Kelley, Brandy-234 Kelley, Sue-I76, 250 Kelly, Charles-I76, 225, 266 Kelly, Cinda-l76 Kelner, Clyde-2l Kelso, Anna Kay-I76, 250, 256 Kemplin, Camil e-I76 Kennedy, Harold David-l76, 273 Kennon, Phyllis-l76 Kent, Robert-I76 Kern, Ken--I76 Kerr, Jane-I76, 275 Kerr, Jean-I76, 226, 275 Key, Jimmy-I76 Key, Roby-I76 Kidd, Thelma-I76 Kieschnick, Edwin--I76 Killingsworth, Jim-I76, 266 King, Charlotte-I76, 226 King, Joel--20, 27,' I76 King, Sherilyn-27, I76 Kannsifa, Palsy-27, I77, 241, Kinney, Ray-I77 Kirby, Anita-I77 Kirkpatrick, Doug--247 Kirkpatrick, Russ-I5, I77, 255, 265 Kirkpatrick, Jay--I77 Kirschner, Larry-I77 9 Klein, Sue-I77 Klein, Betty-I77 Kling, Nat an-265 Knapp, Kenneth-8l, I77 Knox, Jane-I77, 250, 282 Knox, Michael-I77, 224 Knox, Richard-I77 Koehler, Marian-I77, 269 Koioglanian, John-I77 Kondrup, Roger-2l, I77 Koonce, Jonni-I77, 256 Kraxberger, David-I77 Kuehn, Vicki-I77 Kuhn, Don-I77, 286 L Lacty, John-286 Laf erty, Charles-I77, 286, 287 LaManna, Bill-I77, 230, 248 Lamb, Ronald-I77 Lambert, Jackie-I77, 226 Lancaster, Suzanne-I77 Lancaster, Trent-2l, 48, 50, I77 Landers, Linda-I77, 233 Langham, Tommy-233 Landrum, Manilyn-I77 Langham, Tommy-I77, 248 Larson, Esther-I77 Lasaty, Leslie-2I, I77 Lasser, Marie-I77 Lastovica, Rebecca-I77, 227, 246 Lauten, Ellatine-I77 Latson, Skip-230 Lawrence, Charldte-I77 Lawrence, Darlene-I77, 250 Lawrence, John-229, 248 Lawson, Jimmy-33, l40, l4l, I77, 228, 256 Leak, Barbara-I77 Lee, Margaret-I77 Lee, Raynell-128, I38, I77, 263 Lee, Richard-I77, 233 Lee, Thomas-I77 Lehde, Gayle-177, 250 Lemoine, Larry-28, I77, 235 Leverton, Barbara-I77 Lawallen, Gary-I77 Lewis, Eva Jo:-230 Lewis, Jim-28, I77, 233, 256 Lewis, Judy-234 Lewis, Marion-28, I77 Lewis, Marsha-28, l78 Lillard, Nan-l78 Link, Jon-82 Little, Sandy-I78 Litton, Billy-I7 Litton, Marilyn-178, 232 Locke, Linda-l78 Logan, Mike-278 Lomax, Ann-I78 Loudermilk, Jimmy--l7B Love, Bruce-l7B Love, Martha-l78, 226, 230 Love, Mike-25, 29, l78, 244 Love Sue-234 Loveland, Jennifer-l78 Lowe, Dan-l78 L'Roy, Mary-I78 Lunsford, Lynn-I78, 226, 248 Luttnell, Beverly-l7B, 250 Luttrell, Joe-l78 Lux, Sheryl-I78 Lyday, Charles-I78 Mc McAdams, Jams?-I78, 256 Aer, om- Mglhoom, Marty-l78, 230, 248, 253, 277 McCaleb, Joe-l78 McCarley, Chuck--l73. 291 McCarty, Jackie-l78 McCavock, Brenda-I78 McClure, Nita-l78, 250, 283 lglIAcgollEmE.nohi1il78 c oo , i - McCoy, Eddie-I78, 224, 229, 230, 286 McCoy, Judy-233 McCracken, Janice-248 McCrory, Jan-227, 269 McCutchan, Dave-l78 McDoug1e, Jo-I78 McElhaney, Larry-l78 McEerath, Jane-l78, 250 McFarland, John-l78 McGinty, Montie-I78, 277 Mcllroy, Marilyn-I78 Mcllro , Mac-l78 Mclntuiiff, Charles-l78, 248 McKee, Onea-29, l78 McKillip, Julie-I78, 232 McKinney, Reinhard James-l78 McKinnis, George-229 McKinnis, Ned-229 McKinnon, Susan-l78 McKin7.ie, Holly-29, l78, 230 McLaughlin, Donna-l78, 244 McLeod, Don-2l M Mallory, Marcia-I79 Mann, Douglas-I79 Manning, Chryl-I79, 256 Manning, Regina-I79, 283 Manvel, William-I79 Maples, Larry-I79, 229, 243 Mapp, Jerry-235 Marchbanks, Karen-l79 Marian, Mike-229 Marley, Vickie-l78 Marsh, Carol-269 Marsh, Sandra-I79 Martin, Bob-250 Martin, Candace-I79 Mart.in, Frank-286 Martin, Janice-I79 Martin, Lavene-I79, 233, 256 Martin, Lana-I79, 226, 263 Martin, Larry-I79 Martin, Milton-I79, 244 Martin, Pam--275 Martin Troy-I79 Martin: Weldon-273 Martinez, Virginia-233 Mason, Edward-I79, 244, 279 Mason, Phyllis-I79 Massey, Ann-275 Massey, Marion-I79 Masten, Marilyn-I79, 226, 263 Matthews, Dick-2l, I79 Matthews, John-I79 Matthews, Judy-I79 Mathews, William-I79 Mathis, Larry-I'79 May, Bill-I79 Maynard, Steve-I79, 248 Mayo, Donnaveene-I79 Meunier, Kenneth-I79 Medford, Patricia-I79 Meeker, Michele-I79, 226 Meerscheidt, Kathleen-I79, 256 Meerscheidt, Leo-I79 Melching, Tim--I79 Merrell, Daniel-I79, 233, 278 Michener, Dick-I79 Michaels, Jerita-I79, 246, 253 Michener, John-30, I79, 280 Miles, Mike-30, I79, 265 Miller, Ada-50, l80, 230 Miller, Leo--229, 247 Miller, Marcy-24I Millsap, Valeria-l80 Milton, Paul-l80 Minor, Cherie-l80 Missildine, Stephen-2l Mitchell, Mary-l80, 232 Mitchell, Raylene-l80 Mitchell, Shirley-l80, 283 Money Rita-l80 Moore: Bill-248 Moore, David-l80, 273 Moore, Don-265 Moore, Geoffery-I80, 256 Moore, Marynelle-l80 Moore, Robert-2l, IBO Moore, Shirley-257 Morgan, Linda-l80, 234, 250 McLeod, Tim-280 McMahan, Rosemary-263 McMeans, Weldon-2l, l78 McMillon, Donald-29, l78, 257, 266 McMillon, Jean-29, I78, 269 McMillion, Phillip-29, I79 McMuIIan David--I79 McMurtry: Judy-I79 McNayr, Dianna-l79, 250, 283 McNeely, Andrew-I79 McNinch, Dale-229 McQueary, Elaines-I79, 248 McWhorter, Billy-252 McWhorter, Sarah-l79, 226 Morris, John-235, 265 Morris, Randy-l80 Morris, Walter-l80 Morrison, Tom-IBO Morrow, Mary-258 Moser, Pamela-l80 Moses, Barbara-180, 248 Moses, Rick-248 Mosier, Eddie-l80, 230 Mosley, William-l80 Moss, John-3l, l80 Moss, Lyn-l80 Moyers, Monica-232 Moyle, Marsha--IO, I6, I7, l28, I3 l80, 263 Mullins, Debbe-I9, ll8, II9, l28, l3I, I44, I45, l80, 228, 255, 258 Mullins, Kent-3l, l80, 230 Mullins, Pam-l80, 226 Munn, Janice-l80 Murray, Karen--l80, 250 Murphy, Jo Dee-l80 Murry, Jack-28l Myers, Michael-l80, 235 Myzell, Tommy-l80 N Nakamura, Charles-3l, l80, 228 Nance. Anita-3l, l80, 283 Nash, Darla-3l, I8l Nation, Nancy-l8I, 233, 250 Neece, Gloria-I8l Neece, James-l8l Neal, Harold-230 Neel, Carol--l8I, 246, 283 Nelson, John-ll0, l8l, 278 Newhouse, Jimmy--l8l, 229 Newman, Nita-234, 268 Newman, Tom-I8l Nichols, Bonnie-l8l Nichols, Peggy-248 Noblett, Allan-l8l Noles, Theresa-l8l, 276 Norman, James-l8l Norsworthy, Gary-I8l Nowell, Charlotte-l8l, 232 Nunnally, Ken-l8l, 243 Null, Gary-230 O Oglesby, Richard--32, l8l o-liver, can-139, ian, 266 Oliver, Robert--2l, I8l Olson, Chris-l8l, 280 Q Q . 0 9 V! O J is L Q ' CompIimen+s of COX MEMORIAL HOSPITAL bI8 Cedar S'l'ree+ OR 4-242l BAUM'S Open I0 A.M. Daily 81 Close II P.M Sunday Specializing in Delicious Charcoal Broiled Burgers 5 Varieiies of Burgers Hoi' Dogs and Sandwiches Shrimp in ihe Baslzei- Malis and Shakes Orders fo Go 2602 S. 7+h OR 3-I772 LION HARDWARE Everyihing in Hardware and Appliances Downiown 526 Cypress OR 2-324l P f 296 ' I Orr, Roland-32, l8l, 273 Overstreet, Charlaine-l8l Owen, Dean-266 Roberts, Shirley--247 Roberson, Everett-2l Roberts, Garner-I83, 232, 242 Roberts, Joe-230 Roberts, Larry-I83 Robertson, Connie-I83, 233 Robinson, John-ll0, I83 Robinson, Tharsa-I83 Rodden, Johnnie-34, l84 S Owen, Robert-l8l Owens, Earl-I8l, 256 Owens, Foy-l8I Owens, Jeannie-l8l, 226, 248 Owens, John-I8l Owens, Pat-226 P Pack, John-32, l8l Palmer, Virginia-227, 234 Parham, Robert-32, l8l Parish, Patricia-32, l82 Parker, Evelyn-l82 Parker, Kenneth-I82, 243 Parker, Sandra-257 Parker, Ouanah-I82 Parkhurst, Kaye-I82, 226, 263 Parmley, Billie-l82 Parr, BettiwI82 Parsons, David-20, l82, 235 Partigianoni, Loran-l82, 286 Passmore, Phil-l82 Patterson, Dick-l82, 273 Patterson, Jewel Marcene-I82 Patterson, Patricia-253 Patterson, Robert-182 Payne, Ronald-I82 Payne, Wanda-l82, 250 Peacock, Tommy-l82 Roden, Rogers Barbara-34, l84 , Christina-l84, 227 Pearson, Gary--l82 Peden, Jeanne-90, l82, 233, 250 Peek, Marilyn-l82 Peeples, Bert-I28 Pennock, David-233 Perkins, Charles-266 Perkins, Melba Diane-l82, 227, 520 Perkins, Nancy-I82, 227, 250 Perkins, Roican-l82 Perkins, Terry--l82 Winans, Perryman, Carolyn-l82 Peterson, Bruce-233 Peterson, Francine-I82, 249 Pettit, Mick-28l Pettit, Patricia-l82, 226 Petty, James-l82 Petty, James-l82, 28l Phillips, Molly-l82, 250 Phillips, Nancy-l82 Pickle, Deborah-l82 Pickle, Thomas--l82 Pierce, Alan-I82, 279 Pierson, Mike-l82 Pinson, Beverly-l82, 250 Piper, David-82, l82 Pirtle, Kathleen-33, l82, 234 Pittard, David-l82 Pittard, Joe Tom-l82, 243, 255, 273 Poe, Jayne-I82 Porter, Pat-l82 Potter, Steve-l82, 235 Powell, Ben-225, 265 Pratt, Larry-l82 Presley, Martha-l82, 250 Presley, Theodore-l82 Price, Lois-I43, I82, 227, 269 Price, Ronnie-i4s,-rea, ie2, 228, 250, zai Price, Shirley-33, l82, 227 Pricer, Grady-33, I83 Prince, Susie-I83 Prior, Janeta-I83 Pruitt, Glenda-I83, 246 Puckett, Mike--I83, 229, 239, 24l, 242 Pugh, Bill-259, 267 Pursch, Ed-I83, 233 Pyeatt, Diedra-I83 Pyle, Eve Marie-I83, 227 Q Sualls, Melinda-232 uinlan, Galeen-I83 R Rabon, Rames--I83, 229 Ramsey, Charles-I83, 233 Ramsey, Delia-I83 Ramsen, Dwight-I83 Rash, ebecca-I83 Rash, Robert-20 Rawh, Jerry-I83 Rawlinson, Viki-I83 Ray, Laura-I83 Raymond, Sheila-I83 Reaves, Diane--I83 Redman, Carol-I83, 283 Reed, Gary-267 Reed, James-l83, 244 Reese, Randy-I83, 224 Reid, Robert-I83 Reville, William-I83 Reynolds, Charles-I83 Reynolds, Mac-I83 Reynolds, Rose Ann-l44, I83, 227 Rhea, Dalton-I83 Rhoads, Jane-I83, 250 Rich, Donnie-I83, 244 Rich, Jimmie Lou-I83, 233 Richards, Carolyn-I83 Richardson, Craig-235 Richardson, James-I83 Richey, Bonnie--l83, 227, 269 Richey, Marilynn-I83, 227, 269 Rickard, John-I83 Rickerson, George-I83, 233, 256 Riddle, Patricia-34, I83 Ridley, Linda-l83, 24l, 250 Riemenschneider, John-I83, -232 Rileyl, Pat Ann-I83 Ritc ey, Gloria--34, I83 Robbins, Cheryl-268 Robbins, Gail-I83, 230 Rogers, Monde!-184 Rogers, Paul4-I84, 233, 256 Rogers, Rena-l84 Roland, Jackie-2l, 28, 28l Rose, Ron-229 Ross, Betsy--l84, 283 Ross, regory-l84 Rowe, Tanyusha-I84, 256 Rowland, Billly-IB4, 230 Royal, Linda-I84 Royal, Sandra-l84, 275, 250, 226 Rubarts, Shirley-l84 Rubio, Linda-I84 Rucktashel, Mona-l84 Rushingg Patsy-IB4 Russell, Bonita-l84, 230 Russell, Jean-l84 Russell,'Judy-275 Rust, Susan-I84 Rutherford, DuAnn-35, l84 Saffle, Vicki-l84 Salhaney, Karen-I34, 275 Samuels, Randy-83, l84, 267 Sanders, David-I84 Sansom, Sherry-l84 Satterwhite, Barry-35, l84 Savage, Mike-280 Scarbrough, Shirley-184 Schill, Danny-l84 Schlotzhouer, Steve-l84 Schmidt, Carol-277 Schneider, Harry-I84 Schneider, Sharon-69, l84, 269 Schrader, Russell-l84, 244 Schumacher, Bob-l84 Schweikhard, Michael-35, l85 Scoggins, William-35, l85 Scott, Ben-I85 Scott, Brenda-l85, 226 Scott, Joyce-I85, 250, 253 Scott, Kenneth--I85 Scott, Tom--I85, 284 Seabrook, David-l85, 278 Seals, Carol Ann-l85, 256 Self, Sheila-l85 Sellers, Ronnie-I85 Sellman, Freeda-l85, 286, 287 Settle, Sherry-l85 Shanks, Howard-l85, 273, 3l5 Shanks, Susan-185 Shannon, Nancy-276 Sharer, Nancy--I85 Sharp, Joe-265 Shaver, Arnold-l85 Shaw, Martha-IBS, 226, 263 Sheets, Barbara Nan-l85, 246 Sheldon, Terry-l85 Sheppard, Martha-l85 Shepperd, Bill-229 Sheppard, Marsha-I85, 24l, 255, 257, 283 Shillingburg, Rebecca-l85 Shipp, Pamela-lB5 Spain, Nancy-I86, 233 Speed, L. Joe-I86 Speer, Robert-37, I86 Spence, Mike-I86 Spradlin, Mar -268 Springer, Mark-I86, 235 Squire, Robert-I86, 225, 255, 259, 273 Stacy, Joyce-37, I86 Stagner, Janice-I86 Stalcup, Steve-I86 Stalls, lll, Felix-I86 Stalnaker, Bonny-I86, 226 Stanfill, Linda-250 Stanford, Leland-230 Stanley, Gaines-I86, 248, 273 Stanley, Michael-I86 stages, c. Glen-37, i-ia, rar, 228, 233, Stapp, Eloise-37, I87, 233, 250, 256 Strarck, Andrew-I87, 244, 256 Starling, J.immie-I87 Starnes, Trine-267 Stavely, Bryant--I87 St. Clair, Diana-I87, 226, 250 Steele, Gerald-252 Steele, Sharon-I87, 246, 249, 250 Stelzer, Paul-ll0, I87, 235 Stephens, Gary-I87, 235 Stephens, Renu-I87, 248 Stephenson, Nancy-l87 Stepp, Linda Kaye-I87 Varner, Sharon Ann-l89 Vaughan, Barbara Nell-i89 Vaughn, Donna--I89 Vestal, Lemuel David-l89 Vick, Robert--l89 Vickers, Rita-l89 Voss, James-I7, 267 Votaw, Jan-233, 263 Stevens Stevens Stevens Dortha-I87, 226 , Margaret-253 Pat-I87, 227, 262 Stewart: Frances-I87 Stewart, Janis-l87 Stewart, Mike-I87 Stewart , Sally-I87, 250 Stewart, Wendell-58 W Wadle, Barbara-l89 Wagar, Philip-l89, 256 Wagner, Jerry--I89 Wagner, Lawrence-l89, 233 Walker, Laura Anne-l89, 246 Walker, Greg-230 Walker, Janis-IB9, 226, 227 Walker, Johnny-189 Walker, Linda Sue-I89, 227, 263, 275 Walker, Ronald-l89 Walke, Roy-III Walker, Terry-I89 Walker, William Gregory--l89 Wall, Linda-I89, 250, 255, 257, 277 Wallace, John-I89, 229 Waller, Lynn-l89 Wallis, Freda-269 Walls, James-189 Walls, Robert-I9O, 230, 265, 284 Walter, Margaret-I90, 232 Waltman, Scotty-Ill, l90 Ward, Dena-I90, 256 Warren, Walter-233 Warren, Betty--I90 Watson, Leslie-252 Watson, Vera LaVon-I90, 250 Watson Watson , Thomas-243 , Will,iam-l90 Stobough, Nancy-I87 Stoecker, H. Reid-I87 Stone, Ralph--I87 . Storm, Carlos-I87, 229 Stout, Faye-I87, 256 Stovall, Mike-20, I87 Stovall, Susan-l37, l40, I87, 226 Strange, Jennifer-226, 269 Stratton, Monte--38, I87 Stromquist, Pauline Ann-I87 Stroud, Joe Douglas-I87, 244, 264 Stroud, Linda-I87 Struve, Joan Carol-38, I87 Stubbs, Ronald-38, l88, 244 Suit, Margaret-l88, 256 Sullivan, Jan-37, l88 Suman, Sharon-l88 Summerlin, Tim--l88 Summers, Bonnie-58 l88, 233 Summers, Clint-267 Sundlie, Mary--230 Surber, Kay-263 Suthard, David-38, l88 Swaim, Sandra-l88 Swedlund, Bryan-l88, 273 T Tabor, Rosa-I88 Taliaferro, Ken-l88, 265 Tarflinger, Andrea-l88 Tate, Caren Lynn-l88 Taylor, Dave-83, 239, 242 Taylor, James-l88 Taylor, Karen-l88 Taylor, Lynda-I88, 230 Taylor, Nancy-l88, 256 Teague, Billy-l88, 256 Weatherford, Jo Beth-l90 Weaver, Judy-i90 Weaver, Nancy-I90 Webber, Joan-l38, 250, 263 Weber, David-l90, 230 Weddle, Mary Ann-247, 255 Weinhold, Ra ph-l90 Welch, Linda-l90, 24l, 250 Welch, Suzanne-257, 283 Wells, Brenda-l90, 248, 250 Wells, Stephen-I90 West, Larry-l90 West, Monte-l90 West, Samantha-l90, 233 Weyandt, Palmer-278 Whistle, Paulette-l90, 233 White, Dell-227 White, Loydell-I90 White, Phill-267 Whitehead, Margaret Faye-190, 250 Whitehead, Rita-l90 Whiteside, Carolyn-40, l90, 250 Wickman Barry-l90, 230 wiese, Alan-I90, 233, 234 Wiese, Katherine-l9O, 229 Williams, Dana-I9O, 250, 255, 275 Williams, James-I90 Williams, Judy-190 Williams, Mary-l90 Williams, Ronald-I90, 244 Williams, Sherry-l90 Williams, Vera-l90 Williamson, Byran-267 Williams, Sharon-l90, 233 Willis, Sandra-l90 W.ilson, Barbara-I90 Wilson, Cecil-247 Wilson, Glenna-239, 242, 269 Shirley, Danny-l85 Teague, Diana-I88, 284 Wilson, Mary Lois-l90, 250, 255, 257, Short, J. Roger-36, l85 Short, Jim-265 Showalter, Nan-l85 Showers, Joe-185 Shrock, Jay-l85 Simmons, Malissa-36, l85, 226 Simms, Samrnie-I85 . Tedtorcl, Walter-l88 Termin, Patti-I88, 248 Terry, Ralph-l88, 244, 284 Thetford, Beverly-l88, 243, 257 Thomas, Gwendolyn-l88, 250 Thomas, Kenneth-l88 Thomas, Mary Ann-l88, 230, 256 258, 282 Wilson, Paul-l90 Wilson, Riley-l90 Wilson, Sharon-l90, 233 Wilson, Sharon Lee-l9l Wilson, Susan-l9l, 226 Luther--l9I, 24l Simon, Linda-185 Sisco, B. Leroy-35, l85, 267 Sissne , Lynn-l85 Skelt n, Sharon-l85, 248 Y o Smart, Samye--l85, 227, 269 Bill-36 I86 Smith, , Smith, Carol Ann-36, I86 Smith, Carol Gay-I86 Smith David-I86, 229, 243 Smith, Deena-l86, 232 smith, Dennis-ies, 225, 255, 259, 265 Smith, Gary-28l Smith, Jo Katherine-24l Smith, Joyce--I86 Smith, Judy-I86, 233 Smith, Karla-I86 Smith, Kenneth-I86 Smith, Linda-I86 Sm,ith, Marilyn-I86, 250 Smith, Paul--186, 273 Smith, Presley-I86 Smith, Roger-2l Smith, Roy-l86 Smith, RoyalLl86, 230 Smith, Stan-I86, 228, 265 ' Smith, Susan-I86, 250, 269 Smith, Teresa-89, I86, 233, 250, 257, 283 Thomason, Camelia-l88, 224, 227, 246 Thompson Anna Beth-l88, 229, 234 Thompson Carol Ann-l88, 275 Thompson Douglas-84, l88, 267 Thompson Linda-l88 Thompson Sanford Rodger-l88, 225, 259. 267 Thompson, Sammie-IBB Smith, Terry-I86 Smith, Terry, James-186 Smith, Terr Lee-I86 Smithson, Cglaudia--I86 Snelson, Jim-I86 Snow, Bill-l86, 273 Snow Karen-I86, 230, 250 snawbsfger, Richard-tae, 244 Snyder, David-I86 Somers, Mary-I86, 277, 250 Sosebee, Paula-I86, 268 Southard, Janice-I86, 230 Southern, Jeanette-I86, 256 Thurston, Sandy--l88, 250 Tigert, Jan-l88, 248 Tillman, Ann-188, 227 Tipton, Nancy-188, 230 Tomlinson, Earl-lB8, 244 Touchstone,.Terry-l88 Townley, Fairey Sue-l89 Travis, Brian-265 Traylor, Tommy-20, I89, 243 Tucker, Freddie-l89, 229 Tucker, Gary-l89 Tucker, .lo Anne-I89 Tuell, Jr., Carl Wayne-l89 Turk, Rosemary-I89, 227 Turmin, Patti-227 Turner, Dale-l89 Turner, Joan-l89 Turner, Ronnie--I89 Tuttle, Carol-249 Tyler, Revis-l89 Tyler, Richard Lynn-IB9 Tyler, Wanda K.-IB9, 226 U Uys, Sellen-39, l89 V Vannoy, Gary-39, l89 Vanno I89 232 Winoham, Ernest Alan-l9l Winham, Stephen-l9I Winkler, Don-2l Wise, Sylvia-l9l, 244 Witherspoon, Jeannie-l9l, 269 Winters, Jan-266 Wolfe, Thomas-l9l Womack, Ricky-I9l, 247 Wood, Gary-l9l, 28l Wood, Marilyn-256, 230 Wood, Steve-I9I, 224, 267 Woodall, Donna--l9l Woodruff, David-248 Woods, Cynthia-l9l Woodson, Teresa-253 Woodward, Phillip-l9l Worther, Helen-l9I Wray, David-58, 60, 62, 28l Wnight, Charlotte--l9l Wright, Doris-I9l Wright, Ed-Ill Wright, John David-l9l Wright, Ouida Jo-l9I Y Yates, Kamen-l9l, 226 Yoakum, Woodye Kaye-l40, l4l, l9l, 226 Young, Binsge-I9l, 232 Young, Cinda Sue-I6, 7l, l9l, 227,263 Young, Howard-l9l Young, Linda-l9I, 250, 277 Young, Mary-l9l Young, Terry-85 Young, Tommy-20, 280 Z Zanowiak, Paul-l9l, 229 Zaun, Carolyn-l9l sawie, Dwight-as, ies, 229,230 spain, Claudette-I28, 132, ras, iss, 275 Spain, Kristin-I86, 227 v. Sue- . Van Troba, Albert-84, l89, 267 Varley, John--I89 Varner, Glenda Kay-l89, 226 Zoet, Beverly-l8l Zumwalt, Gaula-l9l, 230 , 297 ABILENE AUTHORIZED NEW CAR DEALER'S McILWAIN CADILLAC CO. ARROW FORD, INC. ROGERS OLDSMOBILE ABILENE CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH HILL 8: HILL RAMBLER CARMICHAEL-WESTMORELAND LINCOLN! MERCURY ASSOCIATION FRED HUGHES BUICK TAYLOR CHEVROLET MANLY PONTIAC LOVELADY DODGE VILLAGE MOTORS MAX FERGUS MOTORS BUY YOUR NEW OR USED CAR FROM ONE OF THE ABOVE FRANCHISED DEALERS .n,na'?-'- 'Y-'0IM4,"?Q, , , ,. X ,Wx ' A, xqw57ll3y,.,rl,.--Q . ni jggf! lily' 1 x-i 'WEEE' 35 I ' I , r.f'. ' r' -- If fav. Two Locafions 'Io Serve You: HILLCREST SPEED WASH 502 Easi' Ambler BAKERY Serving S+ucIen+s and FacuI+y of ACC 'For I9 Confinuous Years. McCLARTY'S FOOD STORE CAMpU5 QQURT 5pEED WASH Across From S6weII Audiforium I726 Campus Courl' A Albridge, Cindee Carole-l5l Allen, Bobby Lloyd-264 Allen, Dan Lowell-l5l, 243, 266 Allen, Lany Edward-l5l Alsobrook, Jim-l5l Anders, Edelyn-l5l Anders, Ron-20, l5I Anderson, Dixie Lynn-l5l, 254 Anderson, Jerry Allan-20, ISI, 244, 259 Anglin, Milton-ISI, 233 Arrington, Mary Grey-l5l Artist, Merrile Ann-l5I, 257 Asher, Patsy-l25, 254, 258 Atkinson, Roy Thomas-l5I Atkison, Donna-l5I, 250 Augustine, John-l5l, 28l Ayres, Carrol Ann-l5l B Baker, Harvey-264 Baker, Judy Kay-29, 5l, 274 Bass, Wanda Jean--I5I, 250, 257 Bates, Karen-277 Bates, Dwight-276 Beaton, Alta Ruth-l5I, 254 Beaver, Dennis-I4, 243, 272 Beckham, Linda-l5l Beecham, Charles-ISI Bench, Chester-252 Berry, Suzanne-l5l, 268 Beustring, Bob-278 Billingsley, Gary Don-ISI Bissel, Wayne Paul-I5l Blankenship, Sidney Duane-l22, l5l, 22 225, 228, 254, 259, 264, 272 Bozeman, Shelby-I5l, 280 Bragg, John-247, 272 Brack, Milton Wayne-I52, 272 Branson, Tom-247 Brock, Virginia-l52 Brooks, Linda Yvonne-l52 Brown, Betty-l2l, l52, 246, 257, 258, 274 Brown, Gwen-230, 232 Brown, Dale Gordon-l52 Brown, Judy-l52, 254, 268, 283 Brown Brown Judy Kay--l52, 244 pow, Paul-l2l, l52, 259, 266 Bryan, David Randall-l52, 250, 257 Bryan, John-248 Buckley, Judy Ann-l52, 274 Buffaloe, Tommy-l25, 225, 266 Bullard, Jerris Neal-66, l52 Bullard, Lana-l52 Burch, Ronald Louis-l52, 250, 272 Burk, Jerry Dee-l52 Burns, Margaret-l3B, I47, l52. 274 Burson, Don-243 Bush, Janis-l52 Butler, Darrel-l52, 229, 24l, 250 Butrum, Delma-l52, 250 Byrum, Donna -I52, 244 C Campbell, John-247 Campbell Sandra Lea-2l, l52 Cannon, Vicki Lea-l52 Carlisle, Martha-250 Carrington, Bryce-280 Carruth, Dennis-264 Carter, Kay-I52, 234, 268 Carter, Robert-279 Casada, Gordon Bruce-ISO Carbone, Patsy-l52 Cauthen, Andy-266 Cayce, Carole-l52, 226, 262 Chambers, Bill-243, 272 Chambless, Judy Ann-I53 Chancellor, Theny-264 Christmas, Jr., Charles-78, l24, 253, 26 Clark, Carrawayne-I53 Clark, Teena-l53, 246, 250, 254 Cleek, Charles-56, 57, 58, l2l, l53 Clem, Ronnie Glen-l53, 244 Clinkscales, Irene-l23, I53, 250, 254, 257, 258, 274 Coalson, Doug-I53 Coleman, Kay-l53, 244 Coleman, Nancy-262 Colley, J. O.-l53, 272 Collins, Lorenzo-I53 Cook, Daniel Steven-l53, 225, 266 Cook, John W.-l53, 248 Cooper, Tom-I68, 229 Coopwood, Sherry Anne-I53, 262 Cotton, Carol-l53 Cox, Larry-20 Crisp, Jan-268 Crisp, Jerry-266 Crowder, Ruthie Allen-l53 Curry, Walter-l53, 243, 28l D Danchak, John Michael-l53, 250, 257, 272 Davis, Cullew Ray-20, l53 Davis, Elton Gene-l53 Davis, Linda Kay--l53, 257 Day, Clyde-252 Day, Gi bert-278 Denson, Sandra-l53 Denton, Keat-264 Dickens, Noel Felton-l53 Dobbs, Fran Warren-l25, l35, 223, 228, 246 Dodds, Tony-280 Donelik, Jane Elizabeth-I53, 248 Douglas, Betty Jane-l53, 246, 254, 257, 282 Dugger, Ronnie-l54 225, 254, 266 2. 6 Senior Duke, Jan Kather.ine-l54, 263 Duncan, Kenneth Edward--l54 Dunkin, Janelle-I54, 254, 257, 282 E Eagan, Ray-l54 Edmonds, Jim-264 Egger, Jeraldine-l54, 250 Elrod, Gloria-l54, 268 Enzie, Glenda--l54, 26B Eppler, Gaynell-l54, 254 Evans, Melvon-30, l54 Evans, Quata Sue-IS4 Ezzell, J'ohnny Bert-I54 F Falkner, John Leroy-l54 Falkner, Pat-l54, 268 Ficker, Carolyn Maxine-l54 Finley, Landus-247 Flores, Frank-266 Fooks, Jackiwl54, 254 Fowler, Evelym Louise-l54, 254 Fowler, Jane-I54 Fowlkes-250, 257, 268 Frambes, Barry-229 Freeman, Mike-l54, 234, 280 G Gallo, James-278 Garner, Jay-265 Gentry, Joe Harvey-l54 Gerhardt, James-235 Gibson, Katherine-l54 Gibson, Roye Murphy-l54 Gilbert, Mary Ruth-l54, 234, 274 Gill, Vyneta-l54, 282 Gold, Nugget-I54, 254, 272 Goodman, Gloria-IS4 Graham, Judy-l54, 250 Graves, Robert-l54, 277 Gregory, Gail-l55, 254 Grittin, Carolyn-274 Groves, Linda-l28, l55, 228, 250, 274 Guerry, Jr., Gear e-l53, 265 Gwin, Kenneth Al?en-l55, 233 H Hagaman, Dennis-23, 25 Halteman, Geraldine-l53 Hance, Robert-I24, 243 Hanscom, Frank Edward-l55,.248 Hardin, Garry-l55 Hardin, Ray-ISS, 225, 263 Hardin, Raymond D.-79, 264 Hardin, Susan-l55 Hardgrave, Charles-233 Hardt, Erla-l55, 250 Harp, Marilyn-l23, l55, 232, 254, 257, 258, 275 Harris, Alton, Gayle-l55 Harrison, Kenneth Allen-l55, 247 Hartin, Hubert-I55 Hartman, Patricia-I55, 254 Hatfield, Robert Lee-90, l55, 232, 279 Hayes, Jerr Dan-I55, 247 Hazel, T. Stanley-155, 279 Hemphill, Janet Sue-l55 Hendricks, Howard-229 Heuss, Ronald Neal-l55 Hicks, Joe-l55, 252, 280 Hicks, Tommy-l55 Higgins, Charles-I55, 278 Hill, Dickie-IIO, l56 Hemphill, Jan-250 Holden, Dwayne-I56, 244 Holladay, Carl-I50, 284 Holland, Judy Ann-l56, 244, 268 Holley, Jimmie-l56, 248, 266 Hgllifield, John-I4, 89, l23, l56, 233, 50 Holloway, Jane-l56, 246 Hollingsworth, Sybil-l56, 246, 279 Hoppe, Marsha-258, 268 Hornbaker, Patricia-l56, 244, 276 Hornbaker, Roger-l56 L-lotchkiss, Tim-235 Houchen, Ronnie-l56 Hubbard, Mike-20, 22, 28, l20, 266 Hubbard, Sharon-l56 Hudson, Linda-I20, I44, l45, l56,'244, 250 Huff, Allen Lee-l56, 265 Hughes, Frank-l56 Huges, Jim Paul-l56 Hughes Lenice-l56, 277 Hughes, Sandra-l56, 246 Hull, Pat-258, 269 Hunt, Linda Quay-l56 Hunt, Wilson Timothy-l56 l lsaac, Betsy-l57, 252 lsenhower, Linda-l57, 254, 257 lvle, M. Kathryn-l57 J Jackson, Kay-8 Jackson, William Homer-I47, 273 Jacobs, Jimmy-l57 Jarman, Mike-279 Jarrell, Rebecca-l57, 257 Joachim, Vannete-l57, 248, 255, 257 Johnson, Carol-l57 Johnson, Sandra Kay-I57, 226, 250 Jordon, Charles Kip-l57, 243, 259, 266 K Kemp, Walter Michael-I57 Kepley, Beth-l57, 246, 263 Key, Jeff-l57, 280 Index Keyes, Jim-69, 7I, l22, l57, 255, 257, 259, 265 Kirkpatrick, M. Doug-l57 Kiser, Roy Sanford-I57 Klatt, Betty Jean-I57 Knight, Judy Nell-I58, 250, 256 Knight, Linda-249, 250 Knox, Billie-l58, 250 L Laurie, Ellen Ruth-l58 Lawlis, Jerry-l58 Lewis, David-233 Lindsey, Betty Joyce-l58 Little, Diana-250, 276 Lowrance, Ronny Ray-l58 Lycan, Chuck-273 Lynch, Stan Wayne-l58 Mc McBride, Barbara-l24, l26, l28, I63, 225, 255, 257, 258, 269 McCarty, Shirley Jean-l58 McClendon, Max-l58 McCoy, Ken-233 McDonald, Michael David-l58, 255, 273 McGee, Leslie--l58 McLeod, Edwin Wade-20, 2l, l23, l58, 225, 259, 266 McLeod, Judy Kay--I20, l23, l28, I47, l58, I63, 225, 275 McMurray, Gene Edward--l50 McSwain, Joe-273 McWhorter, Betty F.-l5B, 269 McWilliams, Marlon-l58 M Magnani, Kathryn-277 Magill, Phillip Machael-l58 Martin, Kenneth Harold--I50, 235, 244 Martin, Sheila Joaquin-l58, 250, 255, 257 Massey, Edward Wayne-ll8, II9, l20, I27, l28, I46, I58, 222, 228, 255, 259, 272 Mathis, Edelyn-263 Matthews, Larry-233 Mayfield, Judy Carol-l58 Meeker, Katherine Morrison-l58, 275 Meeker, John Charles-l20, l22, I47, l58, 2 255, 259, 66 Mickey, Charles George-l22, l26, l5B 254, 259, 272 Mills, K. D.-I58 Morgan, Jerry-58 Morgan, Judy Ann-I58 Morgan, Phil-279 Morris, Paul Edwin-l58 Moses, Paula-l58 Mueller, Ken-229, 248 Murrow, Tom-247 Myers, Carolyn Joyce-l25, l5B, 254, 257, 258, 282 N Nash, Sondra-l59 Neal, Harold David-l59 Neal, Ashley-264 Nelson, Kathy-l25, 259, 262 Newhouse, Phyllis-l59 Nichols, James David-I59, 266 Nichols, James Ross-l2l, I59, 254, 259 Nichols, Jeanenne-l2l, I59, 255, 258 Nicks, Clifford-233 O Officer, Ammietta Delores-I59, 282 Organ, Jerrie-I59, 255, 257, 277 Osborn, Glenda Faye-I2B, I59, 250, 254, 257, 258 Osborn, Karen-I59, 228, 250, 274 Owens, Nelda-I59, 250, 263 Owens, Wendell Eugene-wl59, 273 P Parker, Patricia-I59, 250, 276 Parks, Averd-I59, 233 Parrish, Paul Austin-I59, 255, 259, 265 Patterson, Jim-I5, 229, 2Bl Paty, Joseph Lee-20, IS9 Payne, Myrna Kay-I59, 250 Penland, Lindon-235 Perkins, Linda-I59, 250 Pickle, Beverly-I59, 277 Pirtle, Surita Ann-l59 Powell, Sara-263 Pounds, Richard-244 Powers, Sylvia-l59 Price, George-250 Priddy, Doris Elaine-l59 Priest, Terry-55, 58, 59, I59, 257, 28l Pursley, Bill-264 0 ouifaz, Linda-I59, 250 R Rader, Barbara-I59, 277 Ratcliff, C. Michael-I59, 248 Reed, Bonnie-66, I59, 283 Reese, Bill-232, 233 Reese, Karen-I59, 257, 258, 275 Reynolds, Charles-20, l20, l47, I50, l60, 259, 280 Reynolds, Gay-l60 Riemer, David-24l, 242 Rizer, Marilyn-l60 Roberson, Chearl Ann-l60, 233 Roberts, David-l60, 235 Roberts, Jay-49, l20, 264 Robers, Judyth Lynn-l60, 250 Robinson, Tommy-l60 Roth, Exa Lynn-l60, 255, 257 Royal, Betty-l60, 283 Russell, James-l60 S Sacra, Susanna Alice-l60, 250 255, 283 Sargent, Don-273 Scattergood, Linda-l6O, 250, 257 Sch lt Ro -264 u z, n Sciigsder, Claudia-69, 7l, I20, l60, 250 Sessums, Earline-l60 Shaw, Jimmy-l60 Short, Marilyn-250, 258, 282, l20 Simnacher, Elizabeth Ann-l60 Skinner, Jerry Wayne-l6O Smith, Dallas-24l Smith, Dianne-I60, 248 Smith, Glenda-249, 252, 277 Smith, Janice Kay-l60, 268 Smith, Sharon Lou-l60, 250 Smith, Steve-l60 Snead, Gary-160, 280 Snelson, Billy Charles-l60, 280 Snow, Lyle-l60, 265 Snowden, Pamela Renee-l60, 227, 263 Solomon, Talmadge Leon-l60 Spain, Thomas James-I0 Sprott, Bill-233, 273 Stansell, William Terrell-l6O, 235 Starnes, Warren-l6, I7, 267 Stegemoller, Mike-l60, 264 Stephens, Freddie Mae-l60 Stephenson, Marvin Douglas-l60 Stokes, Bob-l60, 2Bl Stoutt, Larry-233 Straker, Kathleen-I6l, 257 Stephens, Harriet Ann-276 Strange, Sammy-l6l Sullivan, Patrick Timothy-l6l, 243 Swinson, Joyce--l6I T Tabor, Jim-I07 Thomas, Emma Deen-l6l Thomas, Linda-250 Thomas, Orlinda Ruth-l6l Thornton, Arthur-l22, l6I, 228, 267 Thornton, Sylvia-l6l, Thrift, Ron-l22, l6I, 248 223, 228 Thurston, Lynda-l6l, 250 Tidwell, Conrad Hill-l6l Tidwell, Tommy-l6l, 273 Todd, Mary Earline- l6I, 244 Tomanek, Mark Jane-l6l Tomo, Kathleen-l6I Townsent, Gayla-l6l, 246 Treat, Dick--229 Tuell, Dianne-l6l, 255 U Usery, Peggy-263 Ueckert, Barbara Jo-l6l, 248 Uys, Ivan Arthur-I6l V Van Dyke, Bill-279 Van Zandt, Glenda- Vaughn, Frances-l6I l6l, 255, 283 Vick, Eileen Nell-I6l, 262 Vickrey, Jon Wayne-l6l Vincent, Do, Renee-l6l Vinson, Marilyn-I6l, W Waddell, Shonnie Ka 257 ren-24, 69, 7l, I6 Wake, Mary-l6l, 277 Wallace, Winno-l6l, Walters, John-l6l Walters, Linda Ann- Warner, Mickie Chee 250, 269 l6I k-l62, 250, 257 Warpula, Calvin Wayne-l62 Welch, Lois Marie-l62 Welch, Mikie-l62, 275 Wheeler, Les-l62, 23 White, John-I62 White, Marilyn-l62 5 Whittington, Molly-283 Wilburn, Danny-255 Wilks, Don-265 Williams, Donald Wa Williams, Gail-I24, I 258 Williams, John-l62 Williams, Marilyn-I6 Williams, Richard-27 Wilson, Julie-l62, 27 Wilson, Linda-263 yne-I62, 250 27, l62, 250, 255, 2, 250, 275 9 7, 250, 257, 269 Winston, Ronnie-2l, 23, 24 Wiseman, Frances--l6l, 226, 263 Witt, Nancy Gay-l62, 248 Wood, Artis-l62, 248 Woolery, Chad-85, l 24 Wright, Donna-69, 70, l62, 250, 255 Wright, Jarvis--l62 Wright, Sara-l62, 248, 255 Y Yadon, Jeanelle-l20, I46, l62, 258 Yarborough, Charles-I7 262 Yates, Faye-l62, 248, Yates, Jesse-l62, 273 Young, Jan-l62, 226, Young, Milton-I62, 2 263 50, 273 Youngblood, Roger-20 BIGGER STAFF FOOD STORE TEXACO, INC. PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Serving ACC Smdenh and Faculfy for 20 Years. R. B. LEACH Consignee 325 soufh I3+h :oz N. l3+h s+. Phone on 2-0396 Telephone OR 2-8465 AI':IIene- T055 BOYD FIELD, CONTRACTOR-REALTOR - c:ARPeTs - DRAPES - ELECTRIC We Build "Homes Of Enduring - REFRIGERATED KITCHENS Beau+y" AIR v 2-CAR GARAGES 0 REDWOOD FENCES MEMBER We have II' or wIII build I+. Business: OR 2-2874 Office: I662 Campus Cour+ Residence: OR 3-7505 FROM SI5,000 TO 545.000 OF MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE FIRE PLACES PATIOS A Aday. Gary-2l9 Adams, Dean-I96 Allmon, Charmaine-208 Archer, Mrs. Dan L.-2l2, 246 Arledge, Lylian-2l2 Ash, Barbara-283 Ash, Anlhony Lee-272, 203 Auslin, Clyde-I99, 2l7 B Ballard, Billy Gene-2l9 Barnell, Weldon-206, 257 Beauchamp, Dean-I96 Belcher, G. L.-I99, 206 Bennell, Weldon Bailey-203 Boren, Jodie-272, 20l Bradford. James-216 Bragg, Donna-I96, I97 Brecheen, Carl--203 Brown, Edward-2l9, 284 Brown, W. Earl-2l8 C Campbell, Norris-2l7 Caraway, Troy-20l Carler, Mary Lou-208 Cash, Joe-208 Caughfield, Dwighl--2I6 Caulhen, Sally-2lO Churchill, F. M.-200 Clevenger, Earl--204 Clevenger, Eugene-203 Clevenger, lma-2I9 Colby, T. W.--200 Coleman, Mina-2l3 Cubslead-262 Culp. James-209, 255, 264 Curlis, Joyce-2l5. 253 D Daniels, M. L.-2l3, 269 Davis, Alvie+2lO, 243 Davis, Mrs. Dewey-2I3 Davis, Dewey-200 Decker, William-203 Drennan, A. Dou-205, 247 Drennen. Jerry-247 DuBose, Edwin-200 E Ellis, Clara Mae-256 Endsley, J. R.-204 Enzor, Ed. H.-2I9 Evans, Gene-2l6 Evans, Shirley-l97 Ewing, George--208 F Faubus, Overfon-205 Ferguson, William Everell-203 Fields. Mrs.-I96 Filbeclc, Orval-206 Filbeclc, Mrs. Orval--262 Frazier, Waller-206 Freeman, James-l98. 205 Fry, Douglas-2l3, 233 Fryer, William-I99, 2l7, 248 Facult Index Fullcs, Lewis-2l9 Fulks, Mrs. Jerry--l98, 275 Fullon, Richard-2l3 G Gaines, Marrha-2l5 Gallaway, B. P.-2l8 Galewood, David--l07, 2ll Gilbrelh, Mrs.-207, 250 Grilfilh. Ronald-2l3, 229 H l'larlow, Mrs. Forresl-258 l-larper, Preslon-208 Hari, Dwain-ll0, 215 l-lays, Alberl'-207, 257 Hays, Mrs. A. Z.-2l6 l-lesser, Dale-208 Hesser, Mrs'. Dale-205 l'lil'ron, L. D.-I98. 205 l-lirl'h, Jimmy-2l, 22 Hogan, Norman-2l8 l-lumble, B. J.-203 Hunler, Bob--I99 l-lulchinson-2l0, 243 J Johnslon, R. L.-203 Johnslon, R. L., Jr.-2ll K Kenle Mrs. Gorman-207 250 y. . , King, Dwade-207, 257 Kirlc, Ebward-207 Kylcer, Rex-2l9 L Lane. G. B.-2I3, 236 Leach, Max-2l7 Lewis, John P.f203 Lewis, LeMoine-203, 255 Lewis, Russell A.--207 Lighlfoor, Neil-203 Lillie, -John C.-204 Lyda, James-2l, 22 M McClure, Bill-77, 2I5 McCord, Tommy-2l0, 243 McCoy, Burl-77 McCurdy, J. C.-205 McDaniels, Leao-l98 McKinney, Jaclc-2ll McReynolds, S. E.-2l6 Malherbe, Abraham-203, 255 Marsh, Lulher-I99, 2l7, 248 Marshall, Joseph-207 Miller, Haven--2I I Milron, John-208 Minler, Talmadge-249, 20l Money, Royce-l97 Moore. Burnya Mae-2l2 Morgan, A. Dean-203 Morris, A. B.--2l5 Morris, Don l'l.--IO3, I95 Mosier, Berl-2I4, 247 Mosier. Mrs. Berl-205 Mullings, M. E.-2l6 Mullins, Jerry-2l, 22 Mullins, Mrs.-269 N Null, Dee-55 Null, Mrs. Dee-2l5 O Odle, Zelma-208, 276 Owens, Emmanelle-283 P Polls, Clark-209, 238, 242 R Rasco. Ken-I99 Ray, Mrs.--269 Rhodes, Frank-2l8 Rolobins, Mae-205 Robbins. Woodward-2l6 Roberls. J. W.-203 Robinson, John-2I8 Roggendorff-204 Rose, Allen-2I6 Ross, Chapin-2l9 Royal, Larry--I99 S Scruggs, Guy A.-2 l5, 276 Shake, Roy-204 Sinclair, l-laslcell-55 Srnilh, Lawrence-I98 Smilh, Ralph--2l8 Sourhern, Paul-67 Spain, Carl-203, 259 Spaulding, Joe-2l8 Speck, Henry-267 Speck, Mrs. Henry-2l8 Slevens-I97 T Thomas, J. D.-I99, 203 Thompson. Eva-2I2, 246 Tiplon, Mrs. Forresr-2l3 Treal, J. W.-2ll W Wallon, George William-209 Wheeler, Les-2l, 22, 2l5 Whilalcer, Roberl-2I7 Whiralcer. Mrs. Roberl-2I9 Whilefield, Norman-+249, 20l Whileside, Ray-207 Wilkinson, Harold A.-207, 257 Wilkinson, Willie-I97, 2I8 Williams. J. David--209 Williams. Mima-209 Willingham, Roy-204 Willis, R. Wayne-203 Wilmerh, Marie--2l2 Wilson, Mrs. W.--I96 Wilson, Woodrow-203 Will, Paul C.-2lO Wrighl, William-205 Z Ziclceloose, Ben-2 I 5 FAITI-IFUL PROTECTION SINCE I9IO AMERICAN AMICABLE LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY ABILENE AGENCY IAgency of fhe Year l962, I963, I964, and I965I HOLLIS L. MANLY, Disfricf Manager MERLE R. CROSS, Secrefary THERESA ROBINSON, Ass"l'. Secreiary ABILENE ' SEYMQUR BIG SPRING Randal Y. IRandyl Wilson Jimmy Vaughn T. A. Thigpen N. L. INiclcj Nicholson BAIRD James E. SeH'les Rufus G. Sfarnes M Ashb what OLNEY 1' M s. I e an ay r Y Richard W. Lunsford GRAHAM Lawrence Barnhill ELLIOTT'S FUNERAL HOME Chapel of Memories DIAL OR 4-4355 542 HICKORY NATIONAL SELECTED MORTICIANS f 1 x ,Q Q 1 9 x 2.3"E" ' MN I Wir F 1 ' 291' 221 V1 I. 41 .R ,I fi 1 if ' r ,f gf W2 dd , H! 4 JM H229 A., I Ab For I'I1e Besi' in Eaiing Enioymen+ and Economical Prices, Eai' af LAVENDER'S CAFETERIA IN RIVER OAKS SHOPPING VILLAGE ARTIS' BEAUTY SALON "Accent on Beauty" ACROSS FROM ACC CAMPUS I660 Campus Courf Phone: OR 3-l832 Mrs. James A. Roberson ,flwxx -fn , 1 5 ,N I '..' iE15':51 1115 -:gp 5, s'--,I X: -352 952- ",:,I :l, I- - .I 42 N , 'i - s , A . I 'iii' Qi 12 KV I I ' A C 4 fi- 3 3? ' fx z ' N X " 2 ' X '- s:-x:A5sg-.-:.- .-1 . 31, W .es-:V .. Y',.,v v... An independeni insurance agenf doesn'+ vanish when you need him 3-7857 OR 'U 5 9. rn 9. 5. : 3 in "F m. E . O. X' cu 5 5 m 8' :- cn Q PHONE A.C. 915 Some one-company salesmen vanish as soon as you buy a policy. You may never see Ihem again. This can'+ happen when you insure 'lhrough an independen+ insurance agent We give you coniinuing, personal service! We failor coverage Io your needs . . . selecf policies from several sfrong companies which we represent When you have a loss, we're ready Io help nighi' or day. We lrnow exacfly whai' informaiion 'Io get And fhe companies we represenfl' are nofed for fast fair pay- menf of claims. ln short we serve you firs'I'! No one-company salesman can maI'ch ihis lzind of service! When you buy car, home, or business insurance, gel' ihe added service only an independenf agenf can give you. See us for siudenl' insurance. My and COMPANY. INSURANCE ABILENE NATIONAL BANK BUILDING - Box 1078 - ABILENE, TEXAS 79604 SUPPLIERS OF INGREDIENTS AND EQUIPMENT TO THE FOOD PROCESSING INDUSTRIES . Ei mo. eg 55 2606 Brenner Dallas, Texas 75220 Code 2 I4-FL 7-296l DON WOLF ENCO SERVICE STATION 409 Norih I3Ih Sfreei' Abilene, Texas Don Wolf Phone: OR 4-5203 306 RUSH RIGHT OUT AND SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERS GWR 9-x Ilndff N U l 1 was A Og 305 SOUTH TEXAS LUMBER COMPANY OF ABILENE, TEXAS 4042 Norih Isl' S+ree+ Box 63 Phone OR 3-8393 ABILENE, TEXAS 79604 QUALITY PRINTING co., INC. publishers of Ihe CHRISTIAN BIBLE TEACHER MAGAZINE The Only Magazine in 'Ihe Brolherhood Designed Especially for Bible Teachers and THE WAY OF TRUTH MAGAZINE A Chrisfian Family Magazine. Specializing in Publicalion Prinling. LEON RAMSEY, Manager W. E. SEXTON, Ass'+. Manager Dr. Spain Avails Himself of 'rhe Qualify nlnsisi, on Qualidt-yll SSFVICS al Ihe SUPERETTE SUPERETTE 9596 540 E. N. Ambler OR 4-8252 ABILENE 3 I 8-324 MESQUITE ST. Advertising Index A Abilene Clearing I-louse Associa+ion Abilene Auihorized New Car Dealer's Associaiion .... A. C. C. Cleaners ......... Allen Food Slores ........... American Amicable Life Insurance American Produc+s AMPCO .... Anderson Chemical Company. lnc. . Ariis Beauiy Salon ............ B Ballard S+a+e Farm Insurance Baum's ............. Biggersfalf Food Siore . Boyd, Con+rac+or-Realior . . . Broyles, lnc. ............... . I c Campus Courls Speed Wash .... Coca Cola ............... Cox Memorial I-lospifal .... CraI+srnan Prinlrers, lnc. D Don Wolf Enco Service S+a+ion . . Diversified Managemen+ Inc. . . E Eddie's Cafe ........ . Edwards Auromoiive . . . ElIio++'s Funeral I-Iome ..... F I3II3 I2983 I3 343 32933 33023 I3053 I3 3 63 33043 I3 3 53 32953 33003 33003 I3 I 73 I298I 32923 32963 I3 3 23 33053 I308I I3 3 73 I3 343 33023 L Lavender's Cafe+eria ...... Lion I-Iardware . . . . . . ...... . Lone Siar lns+i+u+ional Grocers .. Louis Wicker and Company, Insurance Lowry's Trim Shop ............. M Mali Bar .................. Manly Ballard S+a+e Farm Insurance Maple Terrace MoI'el ...... Min+er's ..................... Moore Business Forms, lnc. ...... . Morris Ready Mix Concrefe, lnc. .... Morion Foods .................. Mc McCar+y's Food S+ore ....... O OalcFarms.. Q Qualify Priniring .. . .... . .. S Souih Texas Lumber Company .... Sou+hwes+ern Life Insurance Co. .. Siaie Farm Insurance .......... Supere++e 9946 ....... .... T 33043 32953 I3 343 I3053 I3 303 I3 3 23 I3 3 73 I3 3 3I 33093 I3 343 I3 3 73 I3 323 32903 I3093 I3063 33053 I3 3 63 I3 3 53 33053 Fideli+y Book 83 Supply . .. I29OI Temple+on's . ........... I309I Fideli+y Press ............... I3I6I Texaco .................... ..... I 3003 Thomas Ouirdoor Adveriising .............. I3l7I G Thompson Sou+hwes+ern Life Insurance Co. I3I6I Thorn'ron's ....................... . ....... I3 I ZI Gay Travel Service, Inc. .... I3I7I Glenn Thorn+on's Phillips 66 ... I3 l4I Grissom's .................. I296I U H Uncle Van's Pancake I-louse . I3l II I-Iigh's Flowers ............ I3IOI I-Iillcresf Barber Shop .... I3l3l V J Varsiiy Cleaners .... I3 IOI John Kline S'rudio .. ....... I3I5I W K Wesi Texas Uiililies . .... I292I Kim's ... .... .... I 3I3I sk I 307 Offering CONVENTIONAL LOANS +o CHURCHES OF CHRIST CHURCH LOANS 81 INVESTMENTS TRUST B. W. IJACKI FLIPPIN, Chairman of Board Coniacf DIVERSIFIED MANAGEMENT, INC. 4I02 WesI' 5IsI' S'rreeI' AmariIIo, Texas 79IO9 IPHONE AC 806-FL 6-5603I MlNTER'S has long been Abilene's cenfer for qualiiy clo1'hing of disfinciion III 1 P A f' oak farm Q lllllllllllllllllll Qualify Service and handling of your prescrip+ions is only one of 'Hue many reasons ACC sfudenfs pa+ronize TEM- PLETON'S PHARMACY-CAFETERIA. The LuHs of VARSITY CLEANERS-705 College Drive-express Hweir appreciafion for being in a posi- 'rion fo serve fhe ACC s1'uden+s and facuHy. nfs'-A1 f no LA If ,JJ ,' wig, N 151, 7 M' if LOWRY'S TRIM SHOP The besf in Car Re-Upholsfery HIGH'S FLOWERS and Sea? Covers-Original Facfory Replacemenfs. ' 935 Pine OR 2-2287 OR 4-8l03 24I N. I3+h 3IO UNCLE VAN'S PANCAKE HOUSE xv .., . ..,, F l , , 'x . , 1, i ' xx ""X iJ Y aw fpnur:3v-lngzrvgqms-y -' SSSHOH HXVDNW '4 qitlqnnn a me g3-...5: x Spedaiiling in! 32 Different Kinds of Pancakes 3449 North First Street Sfeak, Spagl-,911-i - Catfish Sandwiches Phone OAR 2 882' Seafoods Fried Chicken glLEly CLEARING HUUSE ASSDGIA TIUN bilont Nei" bunk irst National Bank Bank of Commerce Citizens National Bank First State Bank Q 3 th Label Dallas For the best in food and conversation ACC goes to the MALT BAR. "Morlon's on 9 SOUTHWEST FAVORITES! W, Morton's Potato Chips P0 Morton s chlp Gs . n 3' 1 ' 'E' i i 9 "' '!4l"""' 3 'f moi I H Fi ' Q gum. aww! M om l lu unll.. ... H ' W i 15:4 W 1, , Qtllilvv MORTON FOODS ' Fort Worth 0 Lubbock ' El Paso 4 f 4th 8: Oalc River Oaks Merchant Parlc department store ot the "Big Country" 3I2 'U 5 A - l-1 V z H A A -H El! ' ' :U 4 Z inc. 50X 263 - ZUBBUUIC TEXAS - 4013 Avfmuf A - SH 4-4455 0f SH 4-0429 A0 306 yearboolxs publications natural color student directories academic catalogs department bulletins recruitment brochures Alumni news programs , , ,J me r , r,..,, Home of the Original Super-Size Hamburger 'YL 'MWIXNX Q 5 Il ' Xi 33 W l T V ' fly! M ' x In :", n . n 1 " ,,,, U ,r sr Q ' Two Locahons fo Serve You , f' an-fe,ii1 '.js! U n - 2502 North Fnrsr E E. A 260 I Norrh Pine ... ,-.., . ..-.-. .... A S v.l ize 5.1 D 1 O D:Q:0:O:0:O-4 K , y Y . - , . 1 ' ' K X-l..4Q - -L. g-..-...,, E: ""':..rff'-'wnuuuug-n----..s . ., - ' ""'!Q'm'W"mMvw-aww-awww NM .,,.manr"- ----ovvwv MAPLE TERRACE MOTEL "Res+ Assured" uf lm X riff!! EM, Highway 80 OR 4463, THE HILLCREST BARBER SHOP serves Hwe men of ACC in an afmosphere of grea+ friendliness and congeniaIi'ry 7 GLENN THORNTON'S PHILLIPS 66 provides +I1e convenient 'friendiy service +I1a'r everyone apprecia+es. ACC CLEANERS and .115 1 N an ,4 V I : meme 'ribs .. - C' - . I P0152 IICQIID-1:1 4 Q A bshpp eefr - xg cfnrifmfnsfm APPAREL 3-V I634 Campus Courfs OR 2-89II MOORE BUSINESS FORMS, INC. 'II19 rigI1I' business form 'For every form of business. OVER 500 OFFICES 8: FACTORIES IN NORTH AMERICA 6I8 PINE ST EDWARDS AUTOMOTIVE 0,,,,,,,,,,6 ' ALVIN EDWARDS OR 7-I l30 DELOSS EDWARDS OR 2-022I MUREL EDWARDS OR 2-7586 Besf Wishes From LONE STAR INSTITUTIONAL GROCERS 2666 Manana Drive Dallas, Texas M, 4 Q i. 'I f fb. ,- 'hui MN Howard Shanks and Mary Fore discuss fheir pic+ures wifh Mrs. Kline. "PHOTOGRAPHS LIVE FOREVER" Weddings Porfraiis Oils Color JOHN KLINE STUDIO 2l02 Norih 6+h Sfreei' OR 4-59II Life insurance is his business. He is required to complete a graduate-level life insurance education which requires over 500 extra 1 fi ANDERSON SPECIALISTS IN MAKING WATER BEHAVE I hours of study, qualifying him to counsel you wisely. That's how he becomes See him when he calls. Your Friend for Life. BILL THOMPSON 215 FIRST NATIONAL ELY BLDG. 0 OR 3-8171 Phone Rlverside 8-7080 l5Il Dragon representing. . . DALLAS' TEXAS Southwestern Lzlfe CHEMICAL COMPANY, INC. lk lk Ik Fidelity Press Presents . . . . . its tamily ot Christian periodicals CHRISTIAN CHRONICLE 54.00 A weelzly Christian newspaper with twelve regional editions. De- voted to intorming members ot the church about the great mission expansion ot the brotherhood. CHRISTIAN WOMAN 53.00 A monthly inspirational magazine for women and girls who want to live as Christ would have them to, in every activity ot their lives. TEENAGE CHRISTIAN 53.00 A monthly magazine of tact, fun, and seriousness 'For today's teen- ager growing up in a world hostile to Christian ethics and prin- ciples. FIDELITY PRESS A DIVISION OF CROWN FOUNDATION sox im ABILENE, TEXAS d Complimenis of MORRIS READY MIX CONCRETE, INC. QuaIi'ry Concre'I'e Phone OR 2-785I P. O. Box I477 Abilene, Texas wx ' ' gr. - 4 I - -7 .,"'1'orf-fs . r15553"ff'gff5' Y .. wg2'... V ,f '-v . GAY TRAVEL SERVICE. INC. FRANK ETTER, JR. HULIN FOWLER I226 N. 3rd OR 3-8I46 SS BROYLES, INC. Wes? Texas' Finesi' Carpei S'rocIz For Free Esiimafes Call OR 2-8405, 2-8406 RESIDENCE OR 3-3064 KAQUWKW 1 , QM.. OUTDOOR ADVERTISING NEON COMPANY Qualify Service 0 Renfal Highway Bullefins and Lease Neon Signs MANLY BALLARD STATE FARM INSURANCE 3228 Noah lo+h S+. on 3-4229 EDDIE'S CAFE Serving American and Mexican Foods Our Specialfyz Hamburger 344: OPEN 6-9 Across 'Ihe Highway From ACC 854 Ambler OR 3-248I EDDIE In MARTHA ELLIOT, Managers I 'F Hsi- C TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY "The WorId's Best Yearbooks Are Taylor-made" prlckly pecr x I fr A 4 '.E 'W f l l '. prickly 1 P I' J' 41'll,"l.l,l.7,mI 0 , . A f prlckly If l , pear x ' Q 4 , ff, .4 l 4 l X' 5 A V '- A, fs -, I ..g: lu 11 lj, :ll 1 ltr 1 I "1 X ' ,rw 0 .- prickly 6'fw,f' ,,l1Qf' lifff. A ', A N A "fix , I ,, ,fwnz-x,.fgg', ,3'wfg'3' V 1 r9'l,?1R Lf'-, JH! .W , l .. "W ' 9 . H ' dfff 5631251 'fy' '-41' lm, 4 " Lf? 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