Abilene Christian College - Prickly Pear Yearbook (Abilene, TX)

 - Class of 1963

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Abilene Christian College - Prickly Pear Yearbook (Abilene, TX) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 356
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Siokes. Scoil, Norman-3 I3 Scudder, Claudia-I33, 274 Self, Sandra Sessom, Sharon-75, 268 Sessums, Earline-l33 Shanks, Barbara-IO6 Sharp, James-257 Shaw, Belly-254 Shay, Michael-I33 Shelley, Eileen-I33 Sheppard, Henry-I33 Sheppercl, Beth-252 Shewmaker, John--233 Shields, Sharon-I I9, 242, 246 Shook, Shirley--l33 Siephenson, Charles-IO7 Siephenson, Marvin-I34 Slevens, Royce-I2U Siewa ri, 273 Siewarf, Judy-IO7, 222, 246, 252 Siewari, Mary-I20. 276 Siiger, Pairicia-120 Sligers, James-230, 238 Sfigers, William-258 Siirman, David-I34, 258, 26I Slobough, Sandra-I20. 250 Siocks, Jasper-I20. 258 S'l'oecker, Margarel-I20, 247 Sue-247 George-59, IO7, 243, 272, Shrum, Mariorie-I34 Shumale, Helen-275 Shupe, Ronald-l I9 Silvey, Frank-I I9 Simpson, Linda-I34 Sims,-James-3I, 35, IO6 Sinclair. Kenneih-3I, 35. I06 Sloan, Derrell-IO7 Sloan, Eugene-I34 Slone, William-IO7 Smallridge, Gerrye-IO7, 248 Smallwood, Dan-IO7, 23I Smari, Ivan-22l Smilh, Alice-I34 Smilh, Carol-I07, 2I0, 227, 253. 276 Smiih, Charles-IO, 264 Smiih, Clinion-IO7 Smifh, Dallas-206 Smilh, Donald-IO7, 2l8 Smilh, Jana-I20 Smilh, Johnnie-3 I3 Smilh, Judiih-237 Smilh, Larry-24l Smilh, Linda-I20 Smilh, Paul-I34, 2I3 Smiih, Roberi-2I8, 275 Smiih, Sherilyn-49, I20. 278 Smilh, Sharon-I34 Smilh, Slephen-I34 Smilh, Sue-I34, 2l3 Snead, Gary-I34 Snelson, Billy-I34 Snow, Judilh--IO7 Snow, Lyle-I34 Snow, Sam-260 Sosebee, Ronald-49, I07, 2l2, 232 Spain, Roderic-l34. 257 Sparks, Delvin-48, IO7, 225 Sparks, Sharon-I34 Speer, Kennelh-35 Speer, Linda-262 Spooner, Sandra, IO7, 2l3 Spradlin, David-l20 Spring, Phillip-23I Sproil, Bill-I34, 259. 26'I Sproii, Jacqueline-46, I09, I20. 2l7 Siaggs, Sharon-2, I20. 247, 267 Slalls, Joe-260 Slambaugh, James-IO7 Siandlee, David-IO7, 233 Sandlee, Nicky-IO7, 222, 244 Slanley, Lon-IO7 Siansell, William-I 34 Siarnes, Ivlalissa-IO7, 222, 252, 254 Slarnes, Warren-I 34 Slegall, Grady-I34 Sleckler, Carole-l34 Slegemoller, Larry-I34 Siegemoller, Mike-l34 Sfephens, Jimmy-l20 Siephenson, Carole-48, I20. 229, 258, 265 350 Slone, Louis-296 Slone, William-203 Sloui, Larry-l20, 259, 260 Slrange, Sammy-I2, I34 Slrome, Shirley-I20, 250 Slromquisl, Jan-57, IO7, 203, 2l7. 244, 246, 253, 272 Slroud, Kaiherine-I2O Siruve, Kay-227 Sublefle, Michael-206 Sugg, David-2I9 Suggs, Kalherine-I20. 246 Suii, Riley-56, 207, 272 Sullivan, George-IO7, 203 Sullivan, Linda-I07 Summerlin, Philip-265 Swiney, Alvis-274 T Tadlock, Carolyn-I34 Tarbel, Gaslon-75 Taylor, Jacqueline-IO7, 248 Taylor, Sandra-2l4 Temple, Carol-l20 Thomas, Paul-24l Thompson, Doris-49, 254 Thompson, James-IO7, 224 Thompson, John-I 34 Thompson, Judy-I34, 257 Thompson, Lee-I20, 24I Thompson, Linda-227 Thompson, Paul-134, 259 Thornlon, Wayne-46, 3ll Thorp, Don-26I Thriil, Ronnie-l34 Thursion, Linda-I34 Ticlwell, Thomas-I34 Tiller, Judilh-I2 Timme, Dorolhy-I2O, 269 3l3 Todd, Kalhleen-252 Todd, Mary-I34 Todd, Sharon-I34 Toews, David--32, IOB, l5l, 279 Toombs, Billy-49 Towler, Karen-I20 Townsend, Gayle-I34, 269 Trayler, Judi-223, 26I Treai, Wilma-l08, 226 Treece, Sharon-32 Trenlham, Linda-I08, 269 Trimble, Karen-I20 TripIe++, Phyllis-240 Trippeli, Jack-27I Tucker, Mike--I34 Tucker, Wayne-l2O, 259, 26I Tyler, Ronnie-IO8, 2l3, 247 U Ulrich, Verner-l5I Underwood, Larry--207, 26I Usrey, Peggy-I34, 252 Uzzel, Nancy-240 V Valenline, Thomas-56, 243 Van Dyke, Barbara-I34 Vannoy, David-3I6 Van Zancli, John-234 Varley, Judy-I20. 258 Varner, Carla-lO8 Varner, Roy-108 Vaughan, Frances-135.213, 257 Vaughan, Carol-IO8, 250, 257, 262 Vereii, Pauleila-I 08, 2I7 Vice, Floyd-206 Vick, Eileen-I35 Vickrey, Frances-I86, 227 Vickrey, Jon-I35, 259 Vickrey, Paul-I20 Vinceni, Thomas-I35 Vinson, Walier-I35 Vinzanl, Mary Ann-I35 von Ivloliior, Brigiile-l08, 250 W Waddell, Shonnie-67, I35 Waddell, Mary-l2I Wade, Moniie-229 Wade, Wilson-I35 Walker, James-l2I, 276 Walker, Nancy-35, l2I. 246 Walker, Thomas-235, 284 Wallace, Gary-2l8 Wallace, Jan-2I7, 253 Wallace, Paul-259, 26I Waller, Bonnie-I35, 276 Wallis. Barbara-I46 Waliers, Linda-I2l Ward, Dale-7, 57 While, Sondra-I35 Whileiield, William-258 Whiil. Eugene-274 Whilienburg, Barbara-48, I35 Whilienburg, Thomas--233 Whiifinglon, Janelle-I35 Whilwell, John-IOB, 259, 26I Whyle, James-l2l Wickman. Rick-218, 255, 256 Wiemulh, Barbara-l2I Wilburn, Bob-230 Wilks. Bun-l2l Wilks, Don-I35, 208, 254 Willard, Diane-3l, l2I, 242, 257 Williams, Bill-257 Williams 275 Williams , Donald-121, 204, 221, , Douglas-IO8, 259 Williams, Evelyn-I35, 213 Williams , Everell'-3 I Williams, Claudelie-I 35, 278 Williams, James-I79 Williams, Janice-l08, 269 Williams, John-258 Williams, Judifh A.-I35, 2I3 Williams, Judiih Lanelle-3I, l2I Williams, Marilyn-I35, 253 Williams, Mary-l2I Williams, Russ-265 Williams, Gail-I35, 252 Williams .Shirley-l2l Williamson, Ronald-I35, 208, 274 Willis, James-235 Wilmeih ,Sylvia-l2I. 2l9 Wilson, Belly-I2l Wilson, Delberi'-235, 284, 287 Wilson, Jackie-I2l, 2I8, 225, 3I4 Wilson, Linda-2l9, 253 Wilson, Twila-34, IOS Winningham, Anna-I35 Winsfon, James--I35 Wisenbaker, Lana-I79, 223 Wili, Lynell-l2l Wohieil, Karen-I35 Wolff, Joyce-I35 Warren, Frances-I4, 46, l22, I35, I93 VVarren, William-296 Wasson, David-2, 244, 266, 360 Wasson, Linda-2l5 Walers. Marion-IO8, 225 Walkins, Gilberl'-2l8 Walson . Samuel-23I Wealherforcl. William-I 35, 277, Womack, Cheryl-I2I Womack, Eva-I2I, 226 Womack, I-lenry-I4, 203, 225 Wood, James-l08 Wood, William-207, 2l3 Woods, Judiih-108 Woodward, Alvis-3I Woodward, Linda-l2I Woody, Geneva-l2l, 2l7, 2l9, 253 Weaver, Margarei-l08 Webb. Mickey-I2I, 26I Webber, Gail-240 Weed, Michael-265 Weiss, Anila-I2l, 227 Weiss, Arlhur-284, 287 Welch, Gary-218, 264 Welch, Mary-I35, 259 Wells, Alfred-I08 Wesley, Billie-265. 267 Wesl, George-259, 26I Wellslead, Wayne-259 Weyandi, Palmre-I2I, 230 Weyandl: Paul-230 Wheeler, Beify-I2I, 227 Wheeler, Donald-I35, 25I. 257 Wheeler, Leslie-257 Woolridge, Janei-I35 Woolridge, Marian-l08 Woolery, Chad-46, 3ll Wren, Kay-I35, 257 Wrighl, 204 Wrighl, Blenus-34, 37, 75, I78. 203, Donald-3l, 206, 2I3, 235 Wrighl, Ronald-204 Wrighl, Jarvis-I35 Wrighi, Norman-I35 Wrighi, Rollans-IO8 Wunderlich, Palricia-I35 Y Yadon. Jeanelle-59. I35. 254, 26I Yadon, Jeanenne-I35. 257, 26I While. While, Allen-258 Billie-203. 246, 248 Tudor, Mary Lou-58, I34 Tudor, Gay-244 Tunoa, Sandra-240 Turner, Jerry-I78, l98, 233 Turner, Linda-I20. 246, 272 Turner, Nelson-27I Tul'+Ie, Carol-258 Tuille, J. W.--243, 284 While. Carol-I35 While. Donald-I35, 208. 257 While. Es+eIlc+35. I2I While, Glenda-I08, 203, 227. 244, 272 While, James-35 While, Michael-I08 While, Shirley-l08 Yarbrough, Charles-67, I35 Yales. Jesse-l2l Yales, Judy-I 35 Yaies. Winslon-252 Yeargin, Al-I35 Yocum, Lynn-3I, IOB Young, Jesse-2I3 Young, Mack-I35 Youngblood, Roger-I35, 3l3 Yue, George-279

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