Abilene Christian College - Prickly Pear Yearbook (Abilene, TX)

 - Class of 1963

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Abilene Christian College - Prickly Pear Yearbook (Abilene, TX) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 354
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Roberrs Mcllroy, Rira-237 Mcllwain, Gerald--I3I Mclnlosh, Ann-253 Mclnlosh, Jan-253 McKey, Peggy-I32 McKnighl', Thayne-49, 232, 244, 284, 289 McKnight Verba-258, 26I McLaughlin, James-247 McLean, Joy-I I7, 237 McLeod, Wade-I32, 204, 248, 284 McMuIIan. Carol-I32 McMurl'ry, Zelda-I32 McNeely, Ray-I32 McNicol, Allan-28, 3l, 279 McNiece, Randall-I04 McPherson, LaJuana-I4, I32. 25I McOuien, Paul-260 McWhorIer, Belly-I32 McWilliams, Ollis-I I7 Meador, Marslon-I I7, 206 Meeker, John-l3I, 2l3, 275 Merrell, David-IO4, 203, 209, 230 Merriolr, Linda-I77, 227, 295 Merryman, Gary-I04, 235 Mickey, Charles-I3I Middlebrook, Deanrle-I I7 Middlebrook, Thomas-I04 Miles, Randolph-258, 261 Miller, Charles-I3I Miller, Franklin-46, II7, 209, 22l Miller, Jane-I I7, 237 Miller, Jay-3I3 Miller, Lloyd-46, 97, IO4, 22l Miller, Margarel'-49, II7 Miller, Mary-48 Miller, Mary Lee-257 Miller, Ray-22l Miller, William-275 Mills, Kalherine-I3I, 277 Mims, D ennis-IO4 Minyard, Denzil-247 Milchell, Dennis-3l, I04, 257 Milchell, Donald-I03, 257 Milchell, Elizabelh-IO4, 24l Milchell, Marlha-258 Mirchell. Sandra-I3I. 258 Mize, Jeanelre-l3I Money, Royce-I04, I76, 203, 204, 224, 238 Monroe, Lela Faye-I I7 Monholland, Alma-I I7, 242, 246 Monlgomery, Ann-I I7 Monlgomery, Gary-I I7 Moon, Bobbye-I I7 Moore, Denis-305, 306 Moore, Donna-49 Moore. Herman-I I7 Moore, Judy-I I8, 2l9, 253 Moore, Palricia-l3I Moreland, Mary-6, I04 Morgan, James-I IO Morgan, James Pai-I04, 296 Morgan, Jerry-290 Morris, Lana-I3I, 252 Morris, Paul-I3l Morrison, Kalherine-65, l3I, 253 Morrison, Nora-I3I Morrison, Owen-233, 284 Morrow, Norman-3I Morse, Samuel-I I8, 257 Moses. Paula-I3I, 259, 276 Molsinger, Hillery-75 Mounl, Judy-I3l, 267 Mudd, Palricia-I3I Muense, Pamla Ann-I05, 2I4 Mullen, Waller-23I Mullins, Willie-32, 50, 258 Murphy, Charles-I3l Murray, Thomas-l05 348 Musslewhile, Larry-265 Musfin, Billy-I3I Myers, Carolyn-I3I Myers, Susan-49, I I8 N Neal, Daniel-259 Neal, Gordon-I05, I32 Neal, Margarel-I32 Neal. Mary-I32 Neeley, Karleen-I05 Nelson, Glenda-45, I05, 227, 252, 276 Nelson, John-I32, 3I4 Nelson, Karen-I I8 Nelson, Lynn-59 Nelson, Douglas-I05, 203 Nelson, Vivian--I32, 252 Neve, Gail-I I8 Neve, Lawrence-I05, 258 Newhouse, Phyllis-I32 Newman, Jimmy-49, I05, 236, 238, 247 Newlon, Linda-I05, II4, 203, 244 Nichols, James-I32, 3I I Nicks, Linda-IOS Nisle, Lawrence-271 Norman, Gary-IO, 3l, 35 Norris, Kennelh-234 Norris, Nikki-48, 236 Norron, Marjorie-250 Nowell, Kerry-I32, 265 O O'DanieI, Alice-26l Odom, Carolyn-I32. 269 Offul, Linda-244 Oglelree, Judilh-I80, I90, I99. 2l9, 226 Ohlhausen, Norma-I05, 236 Oler, Sarah-I32 O'Neal, Marie-I I8, 257, 278 Orrell, Roger-306, 309 Osborn, Karen-46, I32, 2I9, 253 Osborne, David-I05, 3I4 Osman, George-3I I Overlon, Dana-48, I32 Owens, Kil-260, 274 Owens, Larry-235 P Paddack, Ted-258, 261 Pallord, Shirley-236 Page, Leslie-I I8 Palmer, Jerrell-243, 250, 254, 272, 273 Pancralz, Dorolhy-I05, 2I5 Parham, Mariorie-IO5 Park, Leslie-I32 Parker, Linda--34, 240 Parker, Nancy-I32 Parker, Quay-I I8 Parkinson, Jackie-I I8 Parrain, Jimmy-258 Parfin, Benny-I32, 269 Palrlerson, James T.-I32, 257 Pallerson, Jean-I05 Parrerson, Sheryl-I05 Pary, Joseph-I I8, 284 Pauls, Ronald-2, I3, 32, II8. 266, 279, 360 Payne, David Elkanah-I32 Paylon, ConsIance+-I05, 244 Paylon, Ronald-I32 Pearson. Jo Ann-I32 Pemellon. Billy-306. 307 Pendley, Jonnie-I I8, 233 Penick, Archie-I05, 269 Penland, Linden-l05 Pelers, Thomas-253 Pelersen, Pa ulelle-249 Peferson, Roberf, Jr.-I I8, 2I3, 250 Pelligrew, Sam-I32, 209 Pelly, James-62, I I8 Peliy, John-62, I I8 Pharis, Slarleen-I05, 237 Pherigo, Jane-I32 Phillips, Donna-I32 Phillips, Lesler-235 Pickle, Thomas-I32, 260 Pierce, Larry-I I8 Pipes, Jerry-I05, 22l Pogue, Roberl-I I8 Pope, Andrew-I9, 206. 235 Pope, James-284, 287, 289 Pope, Paul-I05, 220 Porler, Linda-I I8 Porlerfield, Karen-48, I05 Pounds, Richard-I I8 Powell, Jan-2I7, 258 Powell, Sara-2I7, 258 Praler, Darla-I32, 2I3 Praler, Jerry-3l3 Preslage. Charles-I32 Presfwood, John-220, 255 Price, Sheryl-222, 242 Priddy, Margarel-48, II8 Prior, Linda-I32 Proeger, Bill-50 Propsl. Charlie-I I8, 24I. 250 Propsl, Dana-I32 Pruill, Gary-48 Pruilr, Linda-I I8, 237, 242 Purcell, Eugene-I I8, 258 Pursch, Waller-I I8, 206, 24I. 250, 259 Pursley, W. L., Jr.-I32 Q Oulnn, Diane-252 R Rabb, Ellzabelh-I I9 Rader, Barbara-I32 Ragan, Grace-259 Ragland, Douglas-I I9 Ragsdale, Gary-I06 Rainwaler, Mary-I32 Rambo, Lewis-48, II9 Ramsey, Peggy-48, II9 Rankin, Donna-7, 48, 57, I I9, 2I9, Rice, Belhul-I I9, 242, 258 Richardson, Belly-48, I33 Richardson, James-304, 305 Richardson, Lulhur-I33 Richerson, Roberl'-257 Richey, Foy-260 Rickner, Eric-I I9 Ridgeway. Jim-360 Ridley, Billy-234 Riemenschneider, Joan-I06, 2I 7 Riggan, Mary-I06 Riggs, Judy-I33 Riggs, Jerry-I06, 203, 2l8, 255 Rigsby, Charles-I33 Riley, Berry-I I9, 242 Risener, Richard-IO6 Rizer, Marilyn-I33, I53 Rizer, Keilh-34 Rizzo, John-I33 Roach, Helen-3I, I33. 25l, 258 Roach, Palricia-48, II9 Robbins, Jerry-63 Roberson, Barbara-I06 Roberson, Chearl-I33, 259 Roberson, Carol-30, I84 Roberls, Carolyn-I I9 Roberls, Darlene-I33 Roberls, David-I33 Roberls, Jay-26, 58, I33, 255, 272 Roberls, Judy-I33 . Ronald-2l8, 269 Roberlson, Marlha-I33 Roberlson, Roberl-44, 72, I06, I7I, I96, I97,22l Robinson, Jimmy-34, I I9, 225 Rockwell, George-I I9, I95, 220. 3I2, 3l3 Rodgers, Bealrice-I33 Rodgers, Brenda-I33 Rodgers. Clifford-I I9 Rodgers, Eileen-I99 Roe. James-235 Roemer, Roberla-I I9 Rogers, David-l06, 204, 220, 255 Rogers, Irene-I33 Rogers, Rodney-I33 Rogers, Ronnie-46, II9 Roggendorlli, George-75 Rollins, Lee-I33, 259, 260 Rose. David-I I9, 254 Ross, Kifsy-63, I33 Ross, Mary-I I9 Royal, Belly-I33 Russell, John--I I9 227, 272 Rasco, Joan-I32 Rasco, John-I32 Rasco, Mary-I06 Ralclill, Curlis-I I9, 232, 250 Rawls, Buddy-I06, 276, 284 Reagan, Leva--I06 Redfield, Merle- I O6, 206, 257 Reed, Kalhryn-IO6, 223. 242, 253 Reed, LeRuIh-244 Reeder, Carolyn-I33 Reese, Karen-48, I33, 258 Reeve, Wayne-I06, 230, 276 Reeves, P erry-220 Reilly, Preslon-I33 Reneau, Judy-I 33 Renner, J oland-248 Reville. Jo-I06 Reynolds, Carolyn-I 33 Reynolds, Charles-I33 Reynolds, James-2I8, 284, 296 Reynolds, Sharon-I I9, 2I7. 246, 253, 276 Rhoades, Ca rolyn-I 06, 203, 26I Rhodes, Sally-I33 Rhodes, Sue-57 Riadon, Lealice-I33 Russo, Palricia-75, 268 Ryan, Oma Dell-I06, 2I5, 244, 247. 249 S Sacra, Alice-I33, 25I, 257 Salamanca, Eric-305, 306. 309 Salan, Craig-I33 Sanders, David-259 Sanders, Donna-I33 Sankey, Alice-I06, 229, 240 Sargent Dale-I I9 Sargent Edward-I I9, 207, 260 Sarlian, Billy-I33 Sasporl, John-3I Saiferwhile, Jan--I06, I8O, I85, I96 I97, 2l9, 222, 294 Saunders, Lynn--22l, 294, 305, 306, 3l0 Scarborough, Leslie-I06, 224 Scarlergood, Linda-I33 Schmidl, Jeryl-66, I06, 207 Schneider, Edwina-222 Scoll, Carolyn-I I9, 252 SCOII, John-I I9, 208, 268 ScoI'I', Judy-I I9, 222

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