Abilene Christian College - Prickly Pear Yearbook (Abilene, TX)

 - Class of 1963

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Abilene Christian College - Prickly Pear Yearbook (Abilene, TX) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 352
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Hallox, Janice-I I5 Havens, Kubis-32, I28 Hay, John-2I8, 260 Hayes, Jerry Dan-I55 Haynes, Valerie-252 Hays, Billy-239 Hays, Joe-239 Hays, Loma-253 Hays, Roberl-49 Hazel, Slanley-I28 Hazelwood, Jerry-I I5, 220 Hearn, Linda-I02, 243 Hearron, Linda-IO2, 2I I, 228, 272 Heasfon, Philip-I28, 208 Hendry, Carol-I28 Herd, John--I I I Herman, James-I28, 257 Hermann, Marilyn-IO2, 2I6, 244. 246 Herndon, Caleb--I I5, 220 Herod, June-254, 262 Herring, Tommy-232, 247 Herron, James-IO2 Hesser, Sandy-26I Hesier, Lanny-232, 254 HewiII', June-I I5, 246, 253 Hickerson, Janis-223, 246 Hickman, Belly-IO2, 223, 252 Hickman. Sondra-I02 Hicks, Jeliie-I28 Higdon, Judy-I02 Hill, Don-206, 269 I-IIII, Judy-223, 253 Hilliard, Jessie-I I5, 254 Hines, Joe-I I5 Hile, John-I I I Hobbs, Donna-I28 Hodges, James-230 Hodgson, Howard-33 Hodgson, Margarel-33 Hoffman, Brenl-247 Hogan, George-I I5 Hogue, Donna-I02 Holden, Richard-I28 Holleman, Jim--49 Holland, Ann--I I5 Holland, Judy-I28 Holliliield, John-I28, 259 Hollingsworih, Sybil-I28. 257 Hollis, Cecil-257, 260 Holly, Carole-63, I28, 253 Holmes, Fred--I02, 278, 3I3 Hollon, John-2, 49, I I5, 267 Homburg, Carol-I02 Honey, B. A.-284, 293 Hood, Gary-59, 66 Hood, Linda-l28, 268, 278 Hooper, Karen-IO2, 223 Hooper, Margarel-I29 Hopkins, Marilyn-3I, 203 Hopkins, Sylvia-3l. IO2, 257 Hoppe, Marsha-I28 Hornloaker, Palricia-I29, 268 Hornloaker, Roger-I I5 Hoichkiss, Cecil-254 Houslon, Mary-32, I29 Howard, Judilh-I I5, 257 Howe, Ramona-48 Howe, Richard-IO2, 27I Howell, David-24I, 360 Howell, Mariorie-I29 Howell, William-I29 Hubbard, Michael-46, I29, I92, I93, 284 Huckabee. Belly-I I5, 222, 246 Huddleslon, Barbara-I 02 Huey, Judith-I I5, 236, 250 Huff, Allen-I29, 26I Huff, Gary-26I Hull, Palricia-I I5, 258, 26I, 262 346 Huff, Tommy-I 29 Huggins, Hughes. SI'eIIa--2I9 David-IO2, 203, 225, Hughes, Jim-I29, 260 Hughes, Lawrence-I I5 Hughes, Sandra Mae-I29 Hughes, Slerling-260 Hull, Pairicia-I29, 25I Hulse, Geoffrey-IO2, 239 Humphreys, Hazel-I29 Hunler, Roberl'-IO3, 224 Hunfer, Viclor-58, 272 HursI', David-225 I Idol, Bobby-265 Irvine, William-I I5 Isaac, Belsy-I29, 277 Islre, Elvis-305. 306 Ivey, Roberl'-I I5 J Jackson, Bonnie-I I5 Jackson. Clark-I29 Jackson. James- I 29 Jackson, Joyce-I 29 Jackson, Kay--226, 252 Jackson, Mary--I I5, I65. 240 Jackson, Peggy-I03 Jackson, Roloerl'-207, 278 Jamison. Fredrick-49, IO3 Jamison, Roberf-240 Janda, Bernice-I I6 Jarman, Michael-I29 Jennings, James-260 Johnigan, Charlofie-I29 Johnson, Alfred-I I6 Johnson, Bonnie-I03, 247, 258 Johnson, Carol--257 Johnson, Cynlhia-I I, 239,277 Johnson, Deborah-I29 Johnson, Gary-3II Johnson, Jeannie-217 Johnson, Jerre-I29, 276 Johnson, Judilh-I I6 Johnson, Judiih R.-I I6, 252 Johnson, Philip-I I6 Johnson, William-24I, 259 Jones, Carol-I29 Jones, Diana-I29, 253 Jones, Johnny-3I I Jones, Joseph-284, 293 Jones, Melva-244 Jones, Paula-236 Jones, Wayne-260 King, John-iso, 274 King, KaiI'h-I30. 26I King, Walfer-233 Kinnamon, Jo-I I6 Kirkpalrick, Douglas-I30 Kline, Louise-323 Knighf, Carolyn-I I6, 237, 25I, 254, 262 KnighI', Maureen-279. Knight Linda-I I6, 2I9 Knox, Billie-I30, 268 Kolb, Charles-I30 Kreps, Jerry-60 Kubica, Vicfor-I03 Kuykendall. Jackie-I30 L Lake, Jerry--2I4 Lamlo, James-225, 259 Lamb, Linda-I30 Lamberl, Mary-I03, 222,252,257 Landers, Palricia-222 Lanlz, John-I30 Lanz, Fred-268 Larson, Larry-284 Lassen, Karl-I I6 Laurie, Ellen-I30 Lealh, Jack-I30, 2I3 Leafherwood, Regina-I03 Leafon, Lucrefia-I30 Lebow, Janice-44, 46, 97, 227, 246, 253 Leclbeller, Harla-2I8 Lee, James-I 30 Lee, Kennelh-I3O Lee, Palricia-IO3, 2I I, 242 Lee. Peggy-I30 Lee, William-I30, 260 Lemley, Norma-I03 Lemmons, Leon-I30 Leiz, Marlene-I30 Leverell, Clarice-48, 247 Lewis, Charles-225 Lewis, David-I30, 208, 259 Lewis, Don C.-I I6, 235, 265, 3I3 Lewis, Donna-I I6, 2I9 Lewis, Glenda-I I6 Lewis, John-220, 255, 256 Lewis, Kyril-I30 Lewis, Phillip-I03, 22I, 277 Lewis, Polly-I I6 Lide, Jerry-259, 26I Lighffoor, Donald-I I6 Lincoln, Judy-I30, 253,257 Lin, Luigi-250 Lules, Onila-35 Lycan, Charles-3I6 Lyday, Joan-I30, 25I, 257 Lye, John-279 Lyles, Don-49, 57, II6 Lyon, Goodrich-I I7, 208 Lyon, Janice-I30, 258 Lyon, Rebecca-lO3, 254, 26I Lyons, Nancy-227, 258 Lyons, Thomas-230 M Mabry, Marlin-I30 Mabry, Marfha-I30, 258 Mackey, Belly-IO3 Mackey, Larry-I I7 MacLeod, Edward-2I8 Magill, Mike-260 Mahurin, Marlha-257, 258, 26I Malone, Roberl-IO3 Maner, Joan-2I7 Manly, Carolyn-I03, 240 Marchman, Lawrence-23I Marcum, Myrlin--I I7 Marioll, Linda-I04, 244 Marlar, Alice-I I7, 278 Marshall, Ida-I3I Mar+in, Iva -2I7, 242 MarI'in, Joe-48 Marfin, Mason-I30 Marlin, Sandra-I04. 2I5, 276 Marlin, Sheila-I3I Marlin, Sherry-49, II7, 269 Marlyr, Suzanne-35, I I7 Mason, :Io Anna-I I7 Mason. Marinell-I3I Jordan, James-259, 26I, 3I4 Jordan, Jesslyn-I29, 240 Jordon, Charle-I29 Josey, Kaiherine-258, 26I Joy, Roberl-206 K Kearney, William--IO3 Keene, Dianne-48, I29 Keisling, Janice-62, I I6 Keller, Norman-22, I03 Kelley, Gloria-I29, 258 Kelley, Roberi-I I6, 259 Kelly, Kenl-274 Kelly, Nancy-2, 251,267 Kemp, Waller-250 Kennedy, Diana-I30 Kennedy, Roberl-I I6 Kerr, Janne-IO3. 223 Key, Jeffrey-25I Keyes, James-I30 Kidwell, Darlene-I03 Kilgore, John-257 Kimbrough, John-75 Kincaid, Alfa-32, 48, IO3, 267 LiI'IIe, Cheryl-I le. 240 LiI'IIe, Gayla-I03 LiHIe, John-278 Lillle, Lawrence-207, 278 Lillon, Ann-IO3, 237.258, 26I Lilfon Diane-I30 Lilfon Janice-I I6, 246 Livingslon, Mary-49, II6, 2I5 Locke, Coleman-I I6 Lockell, Clifford-l3O Logan, Michael-23I Logsdon. Gip-260 Looper, Bill-IBO Loudermilk, Carole-l3O, 219, 252 Masonhall, David-I04 Massengill, Suellen-I3I Massey. Edward-I3I, 3I3 Malhews, William--2I8 Mafhis, Edelyn-I3I Malhis, Mary-IO4, 2I7, 252 Mallhews. Jeffrey-259 Maul, Sfephen--20, 24I Maxwell, Ernesf-I04, 23I May, Warren--278 Mayfield, Judy-I3I, 258 Mayo, James-I I7 McBride, Dale-I3I McCaIeb, Gary-46, I04, 220, 27 312, 3I3 McCaIeb, Millard-I I7, 220 McCain, Jucly-I I7 McCalIa, Dora-48, I04, 242 McCamey, Doyle-313 McCamey. Thomas-3I3 McCarIey, Linda-I I7 McCarIy, Shirley-I5, I3I McCIanahan, Vivian-I I7 McCIung, Ann-I3I, I92, I93, 25 McCIung, Larry-30, 3I McCollum, Don-I04, 22I McCollum, Kennefh-l3I, 258 McCoIum, Sandra-I3I McCook, Charles-I04, 22I, 284, 289 McCoy, Kennelh Rayburn-224 McCracken, Judy-244 McCuIchen, Ken-3I3 Love, William--75 Lowrance. Tommy--IO3, 206 Lowrey, Jerry-284, 3I3 Lowrey. Kalheryn-130 Lucado, Joan-IO3, 2I7, 253 Lucas, Joe-3l I Luckie. Sherilyn Ann-257 Lukas, Richard-259, 3II Lumlee, Norma-247 Lusk, Gary-I03, 232 Lules, Gary-435. 75, II6 McDonald, Forresl- I 04. 260 McDonald McDonald , Bill-I3I , Garnefla-I I7, 252 McDonald, Mike-I3I McDonald, Nina-I I7 McDonald. Sharon-I04 McGinIy, Belh-I3I, 254 McGinIy, Henry-206 McGuire, Errol-204, 2l8 McGuire, Johnny-229 McGuire, Michael-I I7, 255

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