Abilene Christian College - Prickly Pear Yearbook (Abilene, TX)

 - Class of 1963

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Abilene Christian College - Prickly Pear Yearbook (Abilene, TX) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 350
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Colverr, Georgeanne-l25 Colvin, Gary-34 Complon, Marilyn-I25 Complon, Thomas-I25 Conger, Charlene-I l2, 236, 268 Conlee, Judy-2l9, 257 Conner, Beliy-246 Conner, Elgin-284, 287, 289, 29I Conway, Carolyn-2, II3 Cook, Bennie-99 Cook, Cornelia-99, 205, 2I4, 259 Cook, Danny-I25 Cook, Drubeile-I I3, 24I, 250 Cook, John-I25 Cooksey, Carole-SI, I25, I66 Coopwood, Sherry-I25 Copley, Riia-50 Corner, Karen-2, 32, I I3, 250. 267, 360 Coihran, Jan-99, I60, 223, 253, 254, 308 Coihren, Kenneih-I I3, 306 Coiien. Ann-I I3, 229 Coiion, Michael-I25 Colirell, Danny-274 Colirell, Linda-I25. 2l9 Couch, Carl-46, I I3, 2I8 Covey, Gwenda-99, 2I9 Cox, Larry-I25 Cox, Morris-259 Cox, Roiana-48, II3 Cox, Shelia-I I3 Craver, Rosalind-I25 Creed, Mariha-I I3 Crenwelge, Carolyn-99, 2I6, 227, 244- Crisp, Carol-99, I80, I83, 202, 227, 262 Crisp, Donald-99, 203, 204. 220 Crisp, Jerry-I26 Croclceii, Roberl-22I, 260 Crosland, Carol-I I3 Davis. Linda-48, I I3, 246 Davis Maeffa-75 Davis Mary-IOO, 229 Davis, Richard-IOO, 202, 23I Davis, Ronald-23I Davis, Ruby-I26 Davis, Suzanne-46, I00, I9O, I97, 227, 253 Davis, Darlene-236 Davis, Waller-46, 49, IOO, 22I Davison, Sherry-252 Dawkins, Ross-I I3, 306 Day, Carl-209, 2l2, 22I Crume , Linda-48 Crump, Francis-I I3 Crump, Virginia-I26 Crump, Spencer-75 Cullers ,Windell-2l8 Cunningham, Judy-I26, 275 Cunningham. Nancy-I I3, I43, 279 Curl, Billy-264 Curry, Gladys-3I Curry, James-3I3 Curry, John-I I3, 233, 3I6, 317 Curry, Waller-I26, 257, 260 Curlis, Cara-I26 Curlis, Joseph-I I3, 230, 296 Curiis, Lawrence-233. 284 Curris, Wanda-IOO, 2I5 Cushing, Sandra-I26, I89, ,l93, 242, 252 D Dallas, David-l00, 239 Dalling er, Joanne-258, 261 Danchalc, IvI'ke-I26 Daniels, Karen-I I3 Daugherify, Linda-IOO, 242 Daullon, Barbara-I26, 268 Davenpori. Bob-3l6, 3l7 Davenporl, Floyd--IOO, 230, 294 Davenpori, Reila-IOO, 2I5 Davidson, Ben-264 Davidson, Lyn--I 26 Davis, Billy-239 Davis, Cullen-3I I Davis, Darlene-257, 284 Davis, Elfon-l26 Davis, Neal-126 Davis, Joan-I I3 Davis, Kennelh-I26 344 Day, Clyde-l26 Day, Gilberl-I I3, 208 Dean, Dinah-2, 254, 267 Dederick, William-I I3 Dennis, Ellon-3l, I00 Dennis, Myrna43l, 268 Denson, Linda-I I3 Denl, Richard-IOO Denfon, Kent-46, I26, 257 Dial, Ken?-I I3 Dickson, Dorcas-I26, 26I Diouhy, Francine-I I3 Dockens, Shirley-I26 Dockray, Karen-I26, 242 Dodd, Mary-2l9, 258 Donelilc, Jane-I26 Dorion, Lesier-I5 Dosier. Paula-I00 Doison, Larry-59, I I3, 260 Dove, Cheryl-I26 Dove, Meredilh-IO0, 205, 2I0, 244 Dowdy, Belina-I26 Dowdy, Pai-I00 Dowdy, Palsy-I00 Drennan, Deanna-I00, 2I0, 2I6, 246. 253 Dufner, Beiiy-32 Dugger, Ronnie-I26 Duke, Carol-240 Duke, Jan-I26 Duncum, Mary-2l9, 226, 258, 259 Dupuy, Lynn-260 Duranr, Beih-257 Dycus, Auguslus-2I2, 284, 287 E Easley, Sally-I26 Echols, Larry-IOO Eden, Darla-2I5 Edens, Eugene--IOO Edens, James-I26 Edmonds, James-I26 Edwards, Carson-46, l00, I97, 233 Edwards, Welda-I I3 Eisenmann, Sylvia-IO0 Eldridge, Barbara-I26, 267 Elias, Dana-l26 Elkins, Cheryl-I I3 Elkins, Waller-I I3 Ellioll, Dorolhy-I26 Ellis, Judy-I I3 Ellis, Mary-2I6, 246 Ellis, William-I26, 27I Ellison. Kyle-258, 259 Ellison, Terry-I26 Elmore, Judiih-2I4 Emmons, Edward-IOO, 202, 268 Engel, Richard-3I I Enochs, John-I26, 241 Enzie, Glenda-l26 Enzie, Russell-IOO Eppler, Glendon-I26 Epps, Larry-I27 Esfes, Vicior-I27 Elheredge, Becky-I27 Evans, Melvin-3I, II4 Ewing, Nina-3I, I27 Ewing, Roberi-I I4, 225 Ezzell. Johnny-I27 Ezzell, Michael-I27, 2I3, 247,274 F Fahrlender, Frank-I I4, 229, 277 Falkner, Avery-20, I76, 240 Fallcner, Johnny-I27 Falkner, Pafricia-I27, 252 Fanning, James-284 Farley, Fred-IOI, 240 Farrell, Linda--227 Faubus, Ann-2I6 Ferguson, Aubrey-l0l, 268 Ferguson, John-I I4, 2I3, 2I8, 275 Ferrara, Joseph-2I8, 259 Ficker, Carolyn-I27 Fine, Gayle-2. IOI, 2IO, 242, 267 Fiiiz, James-l0I Fleel, Elaine-2I9, 260 Flelcher, Barbara-48, IOI, 237 Fleicher, Ronald-I I4, 235 Flippin, Perry-265 Flowers, Janice-226 Floyd, Alice-25I Floyd. Geneva-IOI Flyni, Don-I27, 259 Foglesong, Frank-306, 308 Ford. Carolyn-I27, 242 Fowler, Jane--I27, 25I Fowler, Sandra Kay-IOI Franks, Geraldine-IOI, 242 Frazer, Nan-I I4, I87, I94, I95. 2I6 Freasier, Raymond-I27 Freeman, Doyle-I I4 Freeman, Elmo-224 Freeman, Lowell-I27 Fry, Danny-2l8, 255 Fulls, Yandel-IOI Funk, Pauline-244 Good, Gary-257 Good, Mary-I27 Goodale, Sharon-2I4, 240 Goodman, Gail-IOI Goodnighi, Paul-I27 Goosby, Eleanor-I I4, 268 Graham, James-67, IOI, 206, 268 Granbery, Charla Beih-I79, 226 Graves, Joan Francis-IOI, 257 Gray, Beverly-I27 Gray, Kay-I27 Graybill, Blair-I27 Green, Charles-IOI Green, Donald--I27, 25l Green Euline-IOI, 202, 23I Green, Ina-268 Green, Joyce-I I4 Green, Shirley-I I4 Gregory, Ellen-226 Gregory, Gail-I27, 25I Gregory, Raymond-I I4 Griffin, David-206 Griffin, Marlha-I I4 'GriII:in, R. C.-I27 Griiiilh, David-284 Griggs, Jack-I97, 232, 284, 293 Grounds, Linda-I I4, 258, 26l Groves, Linda-I28, 253 Guggolz, Nancy-IOI. 202, 222, 244, 252, 254 Guir1n,Mary-II4,2l6 Gunn, Larry-I28 Gulhrie, John-239, 259, 277 H Hackeli, Janice-IOI Hadaway, Cecilia-254, 262 Haddock, Benny-IOI, 225, 259, 26l Hageman, Dennis-284, 3l I Hailey, Jill-I28. 240 Hailey. Linda-I I4, 246 Gaines, G M arga ref-268 Gallo, James-230 Gammon, Jim-275 Gardner, Wilma-242 Garland, George-IOI, 206, 269 Garner, Charles-258 Garner, Connie-l9I. 227 Garner, Don-I I4 Garner, Roberl'-I I4 Garre'rI', Delores-I I4 Genlry, Joe-I27, 25I Genlry, Sue-3I, IOI Gerhardl, James-257 Gibbs, James-I I4 Gibson, David--75 Gibson, Jerald-22I, 284 Gibson, Pairicia K.-2I I, 229, 242 Gibson, Pairicia M.-202 Gibson, Roye-I27 Gieger, Gayla-22, II4, I9I, 226 Gilberi, Gilberl, Carolyn-I I4. 242 Mary-I27, 219, 253 Hailey, Mary-IOI Hailey, Royce-I28, 2I3, 25I, 275 Hale, Duane-IOI, 232,284 Hale, Wanda-I I4, 229, 268 Hall, Kim-2I9 Hall, Marcus-I I5, 2I8, 255 Hall. Roger-2I8 Hamblin, Edward-240 Hampfon, Anila-I28 Hampion, Clyde-I I5 Handy, Pamela-I I5, 2I6, 252 Hanes, Valerie-I28 Hankins, Riia-I I5 Hardegree, Charloile-I28 Harbin, Befiy-l28, 249 Hardin, Garry-67 Hardin, Raymond Lee-l82, 260 Hargrave, Bobby-I02, 306. 309 Hargrove, Glenda-59, I I5, 237, 246, 254 Harland, Judy-I28. 253 Harman, Lynn-I28 Harp, Marilyn-l28, 258 Giles, Jane-I I4, 268 Gill, Huberi-44, 46, 49, IO9, II4. I94, I95 Gilmore, Ann-237 Gilmore, Carole-I27, 2I3, 25I, 259 Gilmore, Peggy-2l3, 258, 26I Glaze, Jaylefa-243, 26I, 273 Glover, Merrell-I27 Goen, John-239 Goldsmiih, Iris-I27 Goldsiein, Roberl-I27 Goldwin, Slanley-260 Golenko, Richard-I27, 2I3 Golighily, Alvis-3I, 35, 37 Gooch, Geneene-IOI Harper, Nancy-236, 242 Harrell, Danny-I I5, 220 Harringron, Kaihryn Dale-2, 49, IO2. Harris, 2I I, 245. 267 James-I I5 Harris, Linda-I02, 2I6, 276 Harris, Roberi-I28, 274 Harris. William-I28 Harrison, Donnell-I28 Harrison, Gale-31 I Hari, Joe-I28 Hariman, Palricia-I28 Harville, Baskel-27I Harwell, Jesse-244 Haiiield, Roberf-I28, 259 Hailaway, Cecelia-236

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