Abilene Christian College - Prickly Pear Yearbook (Abilene, TX)

 - Class of 1963

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Abilene Christian College - Prickly Pear Yearbook (Abilene, TX) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 348
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A Ables, Frances-277 Abslon, Lahonda-258 Adams. Pamela-I23 Aday, Gary-243, 272, 273 Adcock. Roberl--I 10, 218, 24-O Adkins, Judy-98, 259. 268 Adrian. Linda-I IO, 237, 258, 26l. 262 Aggans. Beverly-123, 26I Agnew, Pal-49, 98, 296 Aguilar, Oscar-35, 123 Akin, Kalhy-98 Alexander, Pairicia-I23 Alkire, Norma-I46 Allan, William-I IO, 225, 3I9 Allen, Bobby-I23 Allen, Dan-I IO, 220 Allen. Deane-I IO. I9l, I95. 227. 252 Allen, Gerald-I23 Allen, Judy Kay-I IO, 258 Allen, Judy Lane-I IO Allen, Sharon-98 Alsobrook. James-I23, 240 Anders. Ronald-l23, 284 Anderson, Barbara-272 Anderson Dixie-I23 Anderson. Henderson-98 Anderson, Janice-98. 249 Anderson Roberl-243, 272 Andress. Monique-I23 Andrews, Carl-240 Anglin, Milron-25, 123 Apperson. Dorolhy-I23 Archer, Barbara-98 Archer, Jerry-48 Archer, Stanley-I23 Arringlon. Linda-I23 Arringlon, Sue-I IO, 227 Ashby, Jon-98, 264 Asher, Palricia-I23 Alkinson. Donna-I23, 268 Alkinson. Dorrance-I34 Augusline. John-I23, 27l Auslin, Fred-98 Aulrey. Frances-98, 229 Axe, Carolyn-I23 B Bacon, Rebecca-I23, 257 Bailey, Janel-98. IBO, I9O, 2l9, 223 Baird, John-I23, 25I, 259, 26I Baird, Sarah-223, 246 Baker, Carol-98, 202, 2I0, 244 Baker, Judy-I23 Baker, Ruth-48. 99. 210, .228 Baker, Shela-I23 Balch, Belly-I IO, 257 Balch, David-225 Ballow, Roberl-I23 Bankslon. John-32, 50 Barber, Shirley-244 Barber, Ted-98. 2I8 Barker, Michael-28, 32, 27l Barkley, Roy-250, 261 Barnes, Johnny-l23 Barnes, Karen-I23, 252 Barnes, William-74 Barnell, Palsy-I02. 267 Barnhill, John-I IO. 2I3 Barringlon. Sherry-I23. 257 Barlley, Sara-I IO, 2l6, 253 Barron, Darlene-I IO, 268 342 Index Barlon, James-206, 25I, 264 Bassharn, Donna-I23, 264, 274 Bales, Earl-I23 Bales, Linda-I23 Ballen, Kennelh-259 Baugh, Cleigh-223 Baxler, Gay-I23 Bayliss. Edward-I23 Beard. Sandra-I I0, 2l5 Beasley, Barbara-48, 98, 247, 257 Beasley. Judy-I I0, 2I5 Beason. Charles-224 Beary, Doug-296 Beauchamp, Deanna-23, 98 Beauchamp, Gary-23, 220 Beauchamp, Priscilla-252 Beaver. Anna-98. 257 Beaver, Dennis-I23 Beck, George-45. IIO, 2l8 Beckham. Linda-I23 Beernan, Vicki-I24, 253 Belknap. Jerry-260 Bell. Lynda-I I0 Bell, Michael-I IO, 233 Bell, Wallon-98 Benes. Judilh-I IO Bennell, Donald N.-I IO, 233, 284, 293 Bennell, Lois-I I0 Bennell, Richard-I I0 Berger, Shirley-I24, 268 Bergman, Frederick-I24 Bernard, Carolyn-49, 98, 2I6. 242. 252 Berry, Jane-49, I IO, 254 Berry, Suzanne-I24. 276 Bessire, Ronald-I24 Beusling. Glenn-230 Bingham. Susan-I24 Billings. Waller-3I3 Billingsley, Gary-I24, 260 Billingsley, Karen-I24 Billingsley. Roberl-98 Billinglon, Bennie-234 Billinglon. Timolhy-234 Birdwell, Kay-227 Bishop, Dwayne-23l, 259, 26I, 3I4. 3I5 Bishoo, Terry-I I0 Bissell. Wayne-I I0 Black, Annelle-31, 98, I52, 229 Black, Kelly-98, 234 Black, Ron-I I I, 206 Blackburn. Judiih-I I I Blankenship, Morris-98, 225. 250 Blankenship, Sidney-l24 Blann, Ronald-I24 Bless. Sally-I I I, 216, 2I9, 278 Blevins, Bessie-I24, 25I Blodgell, Cellone-I24 Blounl, Carol-l24, 268, 272 Blume, Palricia-I46 Bond, Carrie-I24 Bonduranl, Sarah-74 Bonham, Ronald-I24 Bonham, Theron-I24 Bonner, Jack-233, 259 Boolh, Llewellyn-50, I54. 24-I Boolhe, Gwyn-I I I Boren, Sondra-I I I Bosl. Tom-49, 99. 202, 209, 23I Boslon, Hugh-49, 99, 202. 230 Bolloms. Charles-233 Boucher, Vicki-I24. 252 Bowles, Barbara-I I I, 24I. 250 Boyer, Duncan-3I3 Bayless. Ed-274 Boyll, Leonard-56, 58, 243. 272 Brabham, Brenda-I I I, 242, 246 Brabham, Larry-I I I. 257 Brack, Millon-58. I24, 3l3 Bradley, Bill-207 Bradshaw, Glen-I I I Brady, Mike-I24, 26I Bragg. John-I24 Braker. Marlha-99, 222, 295 Brandenburg. Viclor-229 Brandon, Charles-287 Brandon, Judilh-262 Brandon, Michael-I24 C Caldwell. Marilyn-99, 227 Callaway, Kalhryn-49, 99. I2 268 Calvert Carlos-46. II2, 220 Cameron. James-I I2, 224 Campbell. Adrian-I I2 Campbell Linda-I25 Campbell. Mary-I I2 Campbell. Rulh-99, 254, 268 Campbell Campbell , Sandra-I25 Shirley-33, 254 Cannon, Vicki-I I2 Capshaw. Roy-I25, 284, 289 Carlile. Don-I I2 5.2I4 Brannan, Johnice-I I I, 237, 259. 261 Branson, Norman-I I I Branson, Thomas-I24 Brawner, Pal-I24 Bray, Sarah-I24 Brazzil. Ann-59, I I9, 223, 254 Breaux, Janelle-246, 276 Bredlow, Karen-I24 Brigman, Jack--I I I. 230 Brock, Virginia-32 Brondsleller, Roger-I I I. 259 Brooks, Gary-I I I, 23I Brooks, Glenda-I I I Brown, Belly-48, III, 276 Brown, Cassandra-I I I Brown, Douglas L.-l24 Brown, Douglas R.-I24, I57 Brown, Gwendolyn-I I I, 258 Brown.James-III, 233.284, 306 3I0 Brown, Judy Karen-I24 Brown. Judy Kay-I24. 258 Brown, Linda-99, 242 Brown, Mary-244 Brown, Rosemary-I I I, 242, 279 Brown, Wanda-I I l, 237 Brownlow, Leah-I I I, 246 Bruce, Jon-74 Bryan, Dorolhy-99, 223, 244. 257 Bryanl, David-I I I, 260 Bryanl. James-260 Buchanan, Alberl-99, 2I8 Buck. Jamie-48, I I I, 229 Buflialoe, Thomas-I4, 44, 5I, I22 I25. I93 Bullard, Lana-249 Bullard, Robbie-I I I Bullock. William-I I I, 233 Bundrick, Doyle-I I I Burch. James-234 Burch, Ronald-I25 Burdell, Donna-32. 246. 267 Burger, Gary-235. 278, 305, 306 Burgess, Jerry-I I I, 233 Burgess, Marvin-2l8, 284 Burgess, Roberl-99 Burgin, lan-279 Burk. Jerry-I25, 3I I Burks, Thomas-74 Burns, Charles-62 Burns, Jackie-48, 229 Burns. Margarel-I25, 253 Burris, Carolyn-I I2 Burris, Dale-99 Burlon, lvlelva-99, 202 Busch, Leroy-I25 Bush, Janis-I25 Buller, Max-74 Buller, Paula-I46 Carllon, Karen-36, 244 Carpenler, Ken-2I8 Carpenler, Richard-259 Carpenler. Sam-49. 99, 220, 3I2. 313 Carr. Jerry-224, 247 Carrulh, Dennis-2I8. 306, 308 Carrulhers. Jan-99, 222 Carler, James-247 Carler. Richard-I I2 Carler, Roberl-I25 Casey, James-99 Caslleman, Kirk-207 Cares, Carolyn-I I2, 278 Calon, Ophelia-2l5 Caulhen, Andrew-44, II2, 220. 255 Caulhen, McGregor-I I2, 22I Cave, James-I25, 2I3 Caverl, Ray-I25, I88, 2I9 Cawley, Pauline-I I2 Cayce, Charles-46, I22, I25 Chaffin. Dwighl-I I2 Chambless. Judy-I25, 253, 257 Chan, Tilus-279 Chapman, Vicky-157 Chenaull. Palricia-I I2, 2I9, 222, 247 Cheshier, Charles-59 chick. Judy-I I2, 258 Chisum, Olela-I I2 Chorn, Gail-227, 253, 268 Chrisman, Ted-206 Chrislmas. Charles-I25, 3I I Chrislopher, Joyce-I I2, 250 Chumley. Gary-230 Clancy, Jeanne-I25 Clark, Calherine-49 Clark, Linda-277 Clark, Roy-I25, 2I3 Clark, Susan-I25 Clark, Warren-2I2 Claybrook, John-3I3 Cleek, Charles I-I.-I93, 296 Clemmer. Sidney-I I2, 209, 2I3, 254 Clevenger. Charlolle-99, 2l0, 236, 242. 244 Cline, Rozalene-I I2 Clinkscales, Marshall-44, IO9, II2, I95, 22I. 3I3 Coalson. Doug-I25 Coals. Carolyn-I46 Coals. Edwin-278 Coffman. Nancy-46, II2, 2I6 Coker, Johnella-I I2, 240 Coleman. Lynne-l9I, I95, 2I9. 227, 253 Coleman. Mark-I25, 208. 268 Coleman. Roberl-204. 2I8, 275 Collard, Philip-I25, 260 Collell, Nikki-I I2, 223

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