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PRICKLY PEAR Abilene Christian College Abilene, Texas Volume 48-1963 ,.-1-4 i I 5 I 1 I yll I' ' 1 l.l l- .Z .i Carolyn Cunningham BeHy Mafhews Dave Wasson John LiHle Ron Pauls Karen Corner Gayle Fine Carolyn Conway Sharon S+aggs Kafhryn Harring+on Nancy Kelly Dinah Dean John Holfon Edifor Business Manager Photographer E Advisor Assislani Edifor, Sporls Facully, Religious Aclivilies Copy Clubs Clubs index Office Fealures Classes 4 A1 rf .ati ' ,I 1 H CONTENTS Religious ..,,,,,,,, Studerit Lite . ,. Closses 4 ,, .. Foeulty i , Clubs Horior i , Service . , Soeiol ,,,,, Deoortmeritol i . Geogrooriol, ,, ,Sportsi .. , .E X ,, Summer if 1 1 . 4 Advertisements .X , rr x 4: an lr 4: ik ni- Seriior lriclexi ak if if 24 40 72 l 36 200 206 2l 4 239 279 280 320 328 332 332 i L rw- f. A1 -M gg ia ' S " IH qii H - 4- I ' - Q -'L-,N fa, I "9r:'-Ka. ' N - ll-4,11 Q' ' F W ' 'f',. - 'f 5 . if Lil -4 ' 'W 3 , i. ,- i R- Dean Sikes Dedioates Thirty-six Years to ACC For Hwirly-six years of loyal service, The I963 Prickly Pear is lovingly cledicaiecl To Mrs. W. C. Silces, Dean of Women. For a lwislory ol Dean Silces Jrlwirly-six years willi ACC see pages I42- I 43. Chrisiianiiy can only be praciiced on an in- dividual basis buf if is Jrhrough individuals Jrhar Jrhe college has grown and developed. I+ is individuals who have emphasized religion ai ACC. The religious aspecis of The college may be divided info iwo paris, religious aciivilies and Chrisiian associaiion. Compulsory chapel aiiendance is required of every siudenl every day. Monday nighi' meeiings, Tuesday nighl' devolional, Mission Sludy on Wed- nesdays, Girls' Training Class' and Evangelisiic Forum on Thursdays, and regular dormiiory devo- Jrionals are aciiviiies available +o'siuden+s. All iacully members. over 94CKu oi The slu- denl body, and Jrhe maioriiy of The people slu- denis come in daily coniacl wilrh are members oi Jrhe church of Chrislr. Chrisiian associalion is one of lhe greaiesl' ihings ihe college offers. Emphasis is on ihe religious aspecls of Abi- lene Chris+ian College in The I963 Prickly Pear. x I C 75-le: ' I Dr. Culp Morris Weller, Sfephen Maul, and David Huddle Scnenee to f-l--. Shakespeare l.lfe le ""'fl"""'m' H .44.. 4.+,,-...ryy-mi. . his-F' 1 ,L ! W-bfvqy' - 'TPJ-R'f2f" 5 -N "P"'? lr A--e -J u f. .-.mf-W AL A., V. :H 'I U. Y ' ' ..,,..,-- ' ' 1 w , 1 1- Ws wk r V 11, A kg A -, S4 ,Q W 'I - , gn. ' , H' ' w-' -, , '- ' I' A' iQ'T'm,,, X- ' 1 ,L y 1'x l P P X H' la' .QA I .3131 1 xfilf vi" j,r.,. - w-. ,..4--1' i A, u f---""1 h 1 3, fi 5. X W ,. K W 1 ii' 1 " '21 cg I , Y , jk M Ak 1 , . . ' ...ff Elf- 12 I 1 sl ,, Y fl fa fu 1 s ' ' 4' I K ' I I , 1 r N Au I E ' v Q -36 , V' , '1-- I V: ,ir LA"-r,j.5f.HV V . . J 59 CHRIS? Q mf QNE IES Q, si BIBLE ARTS ir SWIFNCE v 9? The Abi Ch CII AC pll h on'H'1 fl1H d Ad B ld From "The World for Christ" to "The Optimistn I0 Gary N The Wo Id 'F Edifor Charles S I1 d fh M Sd bll Ch dL d Th ofT Agriculture to Student Teaching There re as Man Forms of RCCICHTIOH at ACC as There re Students EM 4. 4 -s"Ji Y Pal George and abou? 40 oihers enioyed a ski Trip fo Real River, N. Mex.. befween semesfers. l Peler, Paul and Mary enlerfained one evening. Some sfudenls prefer 'ro find recreaiion in more inlelleciual pursuils Assislanl edilor Ron Pauls belongs To lhls school of llwouglwf. l 4 Fran Warren shows Tommy Buffaloe who is boss. "M ' -4?-ii Q There are enough "rocks" af ACC io build anoiher building. i ' , j.-,L ji-g NA , --',-W4-:Xf- LaJuana McPherson and Tom Womack find each o+her's com- pany delighfful. Social Life at ACC Is as Varied as the Couples. lk X X , C-.W'r, Q5-' -1"F4?3f1:5Qi1 Campus cuf-ups cum'-out Shirley McCarfy and Lesfer Dorfon use library 'facili'ries'lo'l1avefun ancl ge? some schoolwork done. y , N , L . aff .. i Jo Blevins finds Open House al Nelson is a good lime 'for misilefoe. Wayne Thornlon agrees. I5 B ,'m..' A A L W , YT: 1, ix: '- . 'Q'-xl'-'lil V , ', . '-P' V. "I'.'fuw '- 2 .' -. V. .:r'l ' ff ' -,-F4 v 11. e g-rj'--1f1H ,Q Yx'1 . . N r . .ng ,gp Q -vg -4' -, A fx ' Q ' 1 . ,-ml.,-,, , wp- :wx A -. .,,1.. ,- six M ' ""h5'.e':x:g.1. fx ., - ' 11' S " .. ., A -f--pf-3 ',,, W 5 , W , N ,, , , 3113, ff M573 vc ., . ,fi Now he has H16 idea. H, W5 xv. 234, sa-lx 1 "Nm , ,Il - -. ' n 1.f,bf.b- " vr"1"." 'qv ,,.k..A- g. 1 . u ...th -.aft-.x 61 V 'li 0 Q., ,- 1 A .- 'KEP9' ,. u.,.-L V,- ,- v ix- X I' k 15:5-mg-A -h xll' , wH ' Q Y I .fb , if IZ' 5 ,B 31. ' :.. ffxkri? 1 ' If ' -fxwg 4 l 13 :I ls. 5 . v 4 7 xr .l1'5w 'f-1?fU-.I-- N -wg ...A-TJ-to-4, -,,. I ,, ,J 51 1 xc E3 , ' 3 -, 'RL 1 'lg-L-fi-CK . -51 Lj5'5T -4.5 ,iq A 7 if l, moj K. His goose is cooked! They are bofh winn GFS. lf .X ff 1 x X ., N l"s l."'.l llll ll ull VN IIII ,4 1 ,,...4 " lb ,ij ,Qi Bill and Beverly Showers Show l-low lt ls Done at ACC Students Study to Achieve Jackson Pope 'AA A.. th- H s m P .N x Q i dh.- Roberi' Sfanfill I9 MC, X f ' ' 327-14 Q ff" V' ', ra Y ' '-XV Avery Falkner and Elaine Plare excel in arf. Mary Moreland ,z - E r- M 1 - ...ER ... H Helga." 1 rr 1 ' r "Messire: Pwr rf' . Y 9 I 37:1 . r-P+ We Charles Groves, Siudenf Associarion Presideni' Harold Sfraughn, associafe in development won an honor scholarship from Harvard Divinify School for full iuifion for one year. tudents Achieve in All Spheres of Living l962 Wilclcar Foofball Team earned a 6-4 record, 'rhe besf in eighf yea rs. OHS Gafewood +alks 'ro va If We Love God, We Will Keep His Commandments 22 -4 '51 J S. XL 3. .31 V ' f' aw A. ff Kb Nxswg .Nw A A X J Q .. -1 D. S-1? ijfiisi-nm., w-"""m'm"'k , .Q -. ME' ' A-f3T1f,w'igfg14b J , 'E 1 ' fm -...x H H" in . 3 , gg-ig 4 rj: ! - Q: 5 , fy ' P , .-QE - 5- Q-QP 'JHQ 5.1 . r ' .,..5e-" 'J p , nj?-,fn F'+'?" ,- . .MN 1 . 1- , 5 .af - 2 wrt: ' ,, ' ' '-in r'- Q.: MQ ,, . . ,nw . 'Ni 273' Qefsdi' X -ZAQ .. ff, " I - - 1 'J,+gf'll-if i TAA. In it W -a B V Nuff J, . faq ' - wf,f 1 f-fl f , 'A " ' -WF.. . - ' .,A' A 3 K 'M iQ wr ..., , I .QQ v lx ,V , W, it Pia.. U --it W W, to-Q V .R up ' ,.- .- , ' '-if Vr ' .- , W-...L-f u ,-AT" """"", ' - 'L " 'F fr' ' ,A " .. "A 1""+'-:L , tf -I -L'n'f A ff? r 'AK' '-f'T- "' :Ai A 5 E il. Vm L-fx j uf - 1 .vb b fm A 1 ' 1 ,.- T - -f - -. ' "rf ,f- -- lh?'lQg+--4,7 f T .1 ' " LJ- A: 'A PFW QSM? f A . 4' r - ,S ,4 .. , fi .:f- , - - -, n ,-,.1V,w . f-f I . b H-iss? . ffi'Y'f" ' ' ' A . T f L' 'Lf 7'-if-1 . '55 ' 4,4 ' ' 's f ul . 'iii .-K .itil f?f.9S, " 31+ 1-V-'54-.. .515 f"'qy-' 'KC vm I L --5 ' ,-Q :Nb ,K 1, Czgi ' ' 'Y is .Z . lv if ,fi Y- , 1 ' ,, J . .- , QQQNNV Q ""' ' fx -?xf i.:.44'f"fL-f. L ' --144, 'f"'.,4.11 's ',Mg,,.. ' ,. ' --f ix' if ,1I'11'H-EH' " ' f' ' r :un.as3. if fx 'I H .F G 6 ,lf -sg fix . v -4-u-,, WWW X ' 'f," n.-.,, , fig -+24 -...W Hia... WJ Nw-, dugg r my fm' 'FP PQ- 1 , .CN sul! 1' ' A.: , Hn lt. K af U 1. 32 u' ' I I - L I!i W., 15 l . -, ,.-, Ny. 1' -- ,"'. ' I , "Pu v ' ' glam? ' 1 V.- .1,., dxf,-?,' n . 'xi' Q 5 , ,lazy ' ,Vx v ,K n.. , I F .wg-.1 -- :. - . 1,2-fat-fn: ' - ff.-v v . .4. . , .- . - I L 1 ,ij 1,- - . gg-q,g,:5. U. ,A -. . 1 ,IC ". ..,..' .'. . fxyil'-,, f,f.3.13v,- - - up w 1 ,1,.4,.,,- X.,- 55:1-6154-1,'1-:na--X . '. U 1u""f-1-:5f,+f gil .fn - 1 F h x: V X' -.,... vu. , , 1 , '..,'-. --. . - 1. -f -42'l.:L' ',-if 1 f,, . ,575-+1151-D., --,.-' -H ,., A , f 41 ,x,! . 1 J.. ,,-+., iw' rf- '-..,,.,,. 3, .,-, . . , .-,v. A ,f . - -'. . yr , , -. , ,gw,,.::j,1.-,T '-y'wff,. ' , ' , 0. .,-. 1 , r 0 ,,.W9?,,, 9 f ?-- -, 4,1555 9,3--'ff--LIL:-'::l 'X-LIE:-f., ,ff M fm 5? ,qw 'L WE' gi Q, 'Rig-, ,Ffh U ' 'V' ',l .WTNQ ff ILQQKNA 'iff-'UL F5 inllr Yvxl f'?,ei 'igfexx .5 ,' U -9 WL: 1 17 1337? 'L ,i:"lzBr.YQV9 42-fffffzrf iw? 557 A ly. if. X -.L X645-. ,mia N my HQQX ff Air Ra., 557' if ff ? WA N asf .MQW-AX? .6 " 'ff xx? fx! gf W,-:E "'-M43 rf ,. W3 fb:-165135 ff A pig, A My W M nf NX. A M Q "JN -" fx- , 1 " 1 ale.. -f 'EL fm- VEJLRJ Af Cf 1 , ,Z J, P iz Q J' 35.2-r ,X 1' -N fi, . mf ' 1 ,iam ge? NZ 11 , - ,LEVV -H' J .P V Lx ff ,ffij t JFEL w mfr' 1 Via:-ffsjgif' EA ,faq N -Vqig 7 ITDIQ' A5 yi rf 1 1?-Aff-wg I ixgg . 77' fiwwl fn L1 T5 'Eff-4" .' fb 3 ,ZLL 'T7 'TY 1 "X VX fig ggi 2511 W 5' gy H3 A254 VJ' .ww 11" H gli fi V 54' NX 5:5-E52 I M My Y if ,H T9 5445, Km ,,Qc3,,.,g H479 A Ulmnllr fi? 3 IQ! 'ZF-ff?-13 'Q " -5yi1,rg6',4:fvW fgd, ,fc-V A-"R-7, ':? Q 1If",1x.XQ QQME-ML ,f ff sf' yi JM-'FT lf' mf .fifr NX L..Q:u.u.,.,4 ,ff Jef' ,QQ-m, 1' 4' fy ,X ,fy W9 X Fig, 'VL if ,JL '11 Q ei" M 'Q M X Li' Malta? ,F gps, xxgfgm 5,15f9- ij fig? Y YW Fm.fff ff Hzf1' ' X .K T: SAFW 'fl WJL 25 'F el'-' ,,- ll' 15 .f!::v"' --QQ kbp Li. -'LG ,lfgfv '-fix ,1f4" 16:1 gg, Qi: E3-1 116' ' The camera calches varied expressions on The faces of 'lhose in chapel. Daily Chapel Attended y All An elleclive speaker. Roy Osborne, spoke lo chapel during Jrhe fall meeflng al College Church. 26 l Thronging crowds pack lhe slaps of Sewell beiween ihe fwo chapels. One of 'rhe mosl' significani fraclifions of ACC is Jrhe daily chapel services. Inspiring clevolrions are led by The fac- ully and ihe sfudenis. Programs are ollen presenied by emi- nenf speakers. music groups. or Jrhe Siudenis' Associaiion. A mass evacuaiicn resulis as chapel is dismissed Mike Barker directs the singing ot a hymn. Faculty advisors: Carl Brecheen. John P. Lewis, Earle McMillan. Tony Ash. 28 onday Night eetings Emphasize Participation Among the oldest traditions on the campus ot Abilene Christian College are the Young'Men's Training Classes conducted at 6:00 p.m. each Monday evening. more com- monly called Monday Night Meetings. During this school year, there have been tour ditterent meetings conducted simultaneously in rooms IOO. IOI, IO3, and IO9 ot the Bible building. About twenty-eight ditterent young men participated in these meetings each Monday night. Each ot the tour meetings was directed by a chairman. The program consisted ot congregational singing. scripture reading, a prayer. two talks and a benediction. A taculty advisor met with each group. Allan McNicol proves to be a torcetul speaker. lnspiralional devofionals are conducled under ilwe siars. Every Tuesday niglril sludenls gailner on llwe sfeps of ilwe Adminislrarion Building and blend Jrheir voices in songs and prayer in praise Jro God. A close- ness 'ro God and lo fellow-man is fell by all who ailend. Devolionals are also held each niglwl in 'rhe girls' dormilories and Twice a week in 1Ll'1e boys' res- idences. Praising God Through Devotions A momenl' of prayer in devofional ai' McDonald Hall. A panel helps emphasize flue iheme, "We Can Evangelize +l1e World." Mission Stud Seeks World Evangelism Mission Siudy leaders: Larry McClung and Carrol Roberison 0"i..- lf. '- . 'K Jr-' "v -2...-4, Mission S 30 iudy sponsors: Dr. H. L. Scliug and Dr. J. W. Treal "To lalce lhe worlcl lor Chrisl in our generalion" is lhe lheme of lhe Mission Sludy Class which rneels every Wednes- day a'r 6 p.m. in Sewell Audilorium. Some of lhe inleresling spealcers This year were Johnny Ramsey, Parlcer l-lenderson, Roy Osborne, Mid Mclinighl, and Olis Galewood. The leaders 'rhis year were Carrol Roberlson and Larry McClung. The mission sleering commillee, which direcls lhe ac- livilies ol The group. meels each Monday nighl. The annual Mission Sludy worlcshop was held al Mich- igan Chrislian College. The workshop serves lo arouse mis- sion inleresl in 'lhe Chrislian colleges. One of 'rhe many inspiring speakers was Mid McKnighl. Sludenls lislen alien lively. FRONT ROW: Diane Willard, Judy Williams, Donald Joe Wright Allan Sims, Kenny Sinclair, Jim Morrow. ROW 3: Sylvia Hopkins, Sue Genlry, McNichol, Lynn Yocum. Larry McClung. Eunice Curry, Carrol Roberl- Annelle Black, Ellen Roach. Gary Norman, Norman Morrow, Melvin son, Belly Ewing, Alvis Golighlly. ROW 2: Myrna Dennis, Marlyn Hop- Evans. Warren Woodward, Dale Dennis. lcins, Gladys Curry, Everell Williams, Dennis Miichell, Joe Simms. James FRONT ROW: Donna BurdeTT, BeTTy DuTner, Karen Corner, Mary Kay l-lousTon, AlTa Kincaid, Sharon Treece, Kubis Havens, Virginia Brock. ROW 2: Ron Pauls, David Toews, Mike Barker, Ray Mullins, John Bank- sTon. Interest Focuses on New Brunswick The New Brunswick Mission Group is a newcomer To The campus oT ACC. The TirsT meeTing was held February 6. I963, and oT The TorTy people presenT several showed a keen inTeresT in The plans oT The group. OTher meeTings were held ThroughouT The sernesTer To acquainT people wiTh New Brunswick and wiTh plans To carry The gospel To ThaT area. The group heard OTis GaTewood discuss Group Evangeliza- Tion. Dale CasTleman spoke To The group in March. Slides oT New Brunswick were shown aT a laTer meeTing. The aim of The New Brunswick group is Tor several Tamilies To move To ThaT Canadian province in a Tew years To esTablish The church oT ChrisT. 32 Leaders oT The New Brunswick Group. John BanksTon. Mike Barker, and Ron Pauls, look over some maps prior To a meeTing. l FRONT ROW: Mary Lois Newhouse, David Nowhouse, Eulene Ramsey. Margarel' Hodgson, Shirley Campbell, Virginia Brack, Pai Parrish, Em ma Shouse, Judy Shouse. BACK ROW: Jackie Thomas, Bill Morgan. Departure Planned for Exodus Ba Shore '.- - .- ,l 1 E ' T' V A4 H G . , H I 5. 'vf .1 f1'.nfi , -A .' ,, iggfj,-.Quin 1313 iii 1 - .. i!'ff "..- u 2. 'au . , r' l ' lf ' vi. , -' X .x:T'j . . . 1 V. - . lf A V ll -fifi! ' V ' .f L, " ii 'JI'- , V ' - l la, ,, 1 ,fi ff I. iifu, i iR"N',L,, '-- 'i "il ,. li . 'l . , OFFICERS: Howard Hodgson, Vice-Chairman: Vera Jeanne Peify, Sec- felary: Jaclrie Thomas, Chairman, Bob Bealcley, Howard Hodgson, Mickey Wireman, Bill Melson, Jerry Wheeler, Darrel Ramsey, Joe Parrish, Aubrey Shouse, Bill Shouse, Alan Shouse. Roger Tafe. Originaling in April, I'-762, Jrhe Exodus Bay Shore Group is composed of 'rhose who plan 'ro move To Bay Shore, New Yorlc, and eslablish The Church of Chrisi. The group meeis iwice a monlh io organize and plan for iiheir cleparlure and lo sirive 'ro gel lo lcnow each olher belle-r. Thiriy peo- ple irom Abilene plan io leave for ihis area in Augusl. H::i'1'1':f' .mr-- - f ' --Q 22 Q -' - . 1,r'.-0'f.- -gg, - --'r tl. ' i ' ::f'i'i-f-fri? :SE lszlflx .:-4 1. 4,4 fvrlqfbf 'xl If i 4 Mr C511-n.,,,v1A , 4915 ff : :L-.eu -rw" -.2352 . ' ' 'S - V Ayr L f FV.: b i l ,Q A Q T UQ 5 Jiv,:tiv,', A V .. v. -,gba Ar-i uw -fl 6 J lm' 'Pill "fn l xl ,.. 1 w ""N vii A... x.,-x '-'b V ' S-El STH. A ROW ONE: Lisa BrachT, Toby BrachT. ROW TWO: Ramona BrachT, Koni PayTon, Sue Ann Pickering, Linda Parlcer, Marian Colvin. ROW THREE: Todd BrachT, Jimmy Don Robinson, Jerry Parker, Gary Colvin, NOT PICTURED: Boyd and Freda Field, Ann Gilmore, KeiTh Rizer, Twila Wilson, Don and Barbara l-lampTon. T ' ' PORT Arai urea ww: CAN A DA FORT VV! L 1 lf, 'wi TARGET: CANADA aims To esTablish The Lord's church in PorT ArThur-ForT William, OnTario, in AugusT, I964. This is a viTal area Tor The spread of The gospel in Canada- Twin ciTies oT 90.000 people, siTuaTed on The norTh shore OT Lalce Superior, 50 miles Trom The Minnesolra border. AT leasT TwenTy Tamilies are needed Tor This underTalc- ing. Several ACC exes are already commiTTed Tor This un- derTal4ing, orhers will go when Their educalrion is complelred. Those promising To go are Gordon Ellis and Tamily, Bernard STral4er and Tamily. John and Diane WhiTTield, Blenus and Audrey WrighT, and Jimmie Roden. 34 Group Plans Evangelization of laska The Alaska group plans To evangelize Alaska in a group plan wiThin Tive years. The group meeTs each Friday nighT, and each meeTing has a deTiniTe goal. Gary Colvin is The chairman. During pasT summers. They have had Two campaigns in Alaska. This year PresidenT Morris reporTed To Them on his visiT To Alaslca en rouTe To Japan. lm I Blenus and Audrey WriqhT are The only 'rwo of The group on The ACC campus aT The presenT Time. FRONT ROW: Onifa Lures, Rheuanna Robinson, Linda Speer, Milly While, Jamie Aguilar, Sylvia Aguilar, Everf Aguilar, BACK ROW: Gary Lures. Alvis Golighlly, Ronald Miller. Jack Speer, Jim While, Oscar Aguilar, Johnny Nicks. Groups Plan Trips to Chile Those planning +o go lo Chile meer once a week lo make plans, learn abour Chile, and slrudy melhods, prob' lems, and morives of mission worlc. They also publish a bulle- +in, "Chilean Endeavor." The group was organized in l96O, and lhey plan 'ro go To Chile in l965. James and Gloria Naramore and Glynn and Brenda Griffin are members of +he group who are nor here ar lhe presenr lime. FRONT ROW: Mickey Morrison, Sue Maryir, Nancy Walker, Eslelle While. BACK ROW: James Sims, Gary Norman. Kennefh Sinclair. and ewfoundland in 196 . The Newfoundland Mission Group me-els 'rwice a monrh ro prepare lhemselves and 'lo sludy This counlry lor The pur- pose of evangelism. The group plans lo go 'ro Newfoundland in l965. Gary Norman is The group leader, ancl Dr. Everelr Ferguson is lhe sponsor. 35 Mr. AnThony Ash speaks abouT prayer. 4 Mrs. MonTie McGinTy Sponsor Karen CarlTon Leader. Second SemesTer 36 iris Training lass Emphasizes Fine Arts In an eTTorT To learn new ideas and concepTs and To enrich Their lives as ChrisTian women, girls gaThered each Thursday evening Tor Girls' Training Class. DevoTionals were held and ouTsTanding speakers and panels presenTed programs. For The TirsT Time. second se- mesTer a ce-nTral Theme. "The ChrisTian and The Fine ArTs," was emphasized. Mrs. lvlonTie McGinTy sponsors The group. Jan Gibson and Karen CarlTon served as capable leaders in planning and carrying ouT The programs. 'F +1 l .1 Jan Gibson Leader, FirsT SemesTer Mid McKnigh'r has lhe undivided alfenlion of 'lhe boys al Evangelislic Forum. Evangelistic Forum Inspires Young Preachers Each Thursday al 6 p.m. 'rhose who plan l'o preach. eilrher full or parl-lime. gafher in Roberson Chapel. Older men Jralk fo Them, inspire lhem. and fry 'ro answer rheir queslions. Blenus Wrighl was sludenl leader firsi semesler and The emphasis was placed on lhe Inspiralional, inlelleclual. and pracrical, Second semesler leader. Alvis Golighlly. siressed "gelding insighls of rhe rhinlcing, working, and liv- ing of preachers." Facully advisors for lhe group are LeMoine Lewis. Carl Spain. Evereir Ferguson. and Bob Johnslon. Sludenr Leader Alvis Golighfly Sludenlr Leader Blenus Wrighl' --.Q . 1 3 5 ' 91 A Long lines are characferisiic of Lecfureship Week. Thousands ttend Q I When The fenfs begin going up on 'Phe Hill. one knows fha? Lecture ship musf be approaching. Hundreds enioy fhe food and fellowship af fhe preacher-elder dinner 38 OpporTuniTies in mission worlc are shown in This exhibii' in The TenT. In lceeping wiTh The Theme, "The ChrisTian and MoraliTy," The I963 Annual Bible LecTureship sTressed The auThoriTy oT The Bible in helping deTermine moral sTanclards and poinTed ouT pracTical consideraTions To be used when facing moral decisions. Thousands oi visiTors Tloclced To The campus April Zl-25 To aTTend The lecTures, classes, exhibiTs, and oTher acTiviTies planned Tor The weelc. Two new TeaTures, a Teenage Torurn and a "grand climax lecTure" in The college sTadium Tealruring George Bailey's lecTure, "Will God Always Bless America?" were added To The l.ecTureship program This year. FicTures and pamphlelrs Tell aboul' The worlc in Nigeria. 'vs-14 Y ' ' ' ,...-,Q--fv ' ' KT2. :fi Workers in l-long Kong help fill The commission "To all The world." 39 ll :sg " The Optimist . . . January 11 1963 BULLETIN Crackling flames threaten- ed to engulf the Abilene Christian Maintenance shop late Thursday night before being extinguished by rapid action of the Abilene Fire Dept. An unidentified ACC stu- dent reported the blaze at 10:34 p.m., according to fire department officials. Firemen were able to save the building. but heavy darn- age was sustained, according to Ira Trantham, ACC main- tenance toreman. Metal gears on shop equipment melted in the intense heat, and a 514.- 000 lathe was ravaged, along with a large amount of lum- ber stored in the shop. Firemen and ACC officials: were not immediately able to determine the cause of the fire. which apparently started at the base of a partition and spread to shelves where the lumber was stacked. The Optimist . . . February 15, 1963 SCCDPE Today marks the beginning of ACC's second annual Student Conference on Personal Enlight- enment KSCOPEJ. Delegates from more than 80 Texas colleges have been invited to attend this Student Association sponsored program at 'the Starlite Motel. 'Conference activities will clus- ter around three main speeohs and will include panels and discus- sion groufps. Gary M'cCalefb, SCOPE director, believes that all AOC students would find two of the main speakers es-peci-ally infteresting. These are Mr. Melvin Munn, after-'dinner speaker for the noon luncheon today, and Dr. Harold Taylor, lecturer on The World of the American Student" in Sewell Aluditorium tonight. Reservations for the luncheon may be called in to the registra- tion desk at the Starliteg tickets are 51.75 per person, Mr. Munn is often identified as 'LOne of the top 25 Pu.blic Speak- ers in America today," his agenlt said. Listed in "Who's Who In the Southwest," Munn serves as 'public relations consultant to lbusiness firms such as H. L. Hunt Oil Co., Dallas. Best known for his presentation from memory of 'Christ's 'tSermon on the Mount," Munn never refers to notesg he drives home his points with "cle-an humor or strong paravblef' 411 ARTICLE lll Secfion 2. la. The Presidenf shall have The following dufiesz lll To be The official represenfafive of The Sfudenfs' Associafion on any occasion +ha+ if may be necessary. X lf2l To preside over meeTings of The Sfudenfs' Associafion. l3l To preside over meefings of The Execufive , 1 Council. lr4:l To execuTe The laws and ConsTiTuTion of The Sfudenfs' Associafion. l5'l To selecT individuals To fill and carry ouT The powers of any appoinfive offioesfhaf he deems necessary and proper for The execuTion of The foregoing powers and dufies, wiTh The approval of The Senafe. i A CHARLES GROVES, Sfudenf AssociaTion Presidenf, is a senior pre-law sfudenf. Charles was Junior Class Presidenf, Sophomore Class Vice-Presiclenf, Sophomore Class Favorife. Charles was a delegafe To The Sfudenf Conference on Na- Tional Affairs his iunior and senior years. ElecTTcl To Who's Who in his iunior year. Charles was Circle K Presidenf and Disfricf Secrefary. He was elecTed,Freshman SenaTor and was on The Debafe Team. Seclion 4. a. The Vice-Presidenl' of +he Siudenls' Associalion shall preside over +he Senale and he shall be designaied as Pres- iden+ of The Senale. Carl Adams is a Forl Worlh secondary-educalion major. SEA and Sub-T-I6 claimed Carl's aiieniion. b. The Secreiary of lhe Sludenls' Associalion shall keep a record of The proceedings of The Execulive Council, shall perform such secrelarial dulies as ihe Presidenl' shall desig- na're. Pal Taylor is an Alice home economics major. Ko Jo Kai, ISCC: Kappa, Delia Pi, Pres.: Alpha Chi: CSO, Vice- Presidenig Home Ec. Club: and "W" Club claimed Pa+'s ai- Tenlion. ln addiiion, she is l-lonor Girl. c. The Treasurer shall keep a record of The spending and debls of The Sludenls' Associa+ion, shall keep a record ol: The Sludenls' Associalion, budgei, and perform any olher dulies designaled wiihin This capaciiy by 'l'he Presideni. Norris Long: is a Bayiown Business Adminisiraiion ma- jor. Norris was Prlead Cheerleader and Fraier Sodalis Presi- dent Norris Long, Treasurer: Carl Adams, Vice-PresidenT: PaT Taylor, Secre- Taryg Qharles Groves, President Bob Beakely, Senior President Bob Roberison, Junior Presidenf: Marshall Clinkscales, Sophomore Presidenh and Tommy BuTTaloe, Freshman President SecTion 3. a. The PresiclenT oT The STuclenTs' AssociaTion shall be assisTecl by an ExecuTive Council. composed of The Vice- PresiolenT, SecreTary, and Treasurer oT The STudenTs' Asso- ciaTion, The presiclenTs oT The Tour classes, ancl appoinTecl oTTicers designaTed in SecTions Three and Five of This arTicle. b. The elecTecl members oT The ExecuTive Council shall have The power To raTiTy or veTo all legislaTion passed upon by The SeneTe. A simple maioriTy oT Their signaTures. ap- proving or disapproving The legislaTion, shall be suTTicienT Tor raTiTicaTion or veTo respecTively. -ff? sr '77 Andy CauThen, DirecTor of Religious Affairs: Janice Lebow. DirecTor of EnTerTainmenT: Huberl' Gill, DirecTor of lnTernal ATTairs. Vx Glenda Nelson: Robert Fitch: Bill Showers, Chief Jusfice: Beverly Show ers, Secrefaryg George Beckg Donna Rankin. Secfion 6. The lnTerpreTers Council shall have The power: a. To use The writ of subpoena To compel sfudenfs To appear before The Council. b. To render contempt of courf upon such sfudenfs Thaf fail To heed orders of The Council. c. To hear and determine all legal quesfions arising un- der This Consfitufion or under laws enacTed pursuanf Therefo. d. To Try only The cases of misdemeanor senT To The Council by The Dean of Sfudenfs and To recommend judg- menTs. e. To prohibif, after due process. sTudenT officials from setting in excess of Their ministerial duTies imposed upon Them. T. To compel. affer due process. sTudenT officials To perform ministerial duTies imposed upon Them. g. To impeach. by aT leasT a five To Two vote, any of ficer of The STudenTs' Association, with conviction coming after Trial in Senafe and a Three-Tourfhs voTe of Thaf body. h. To examine The books and records of The STudenTs' AssociaTion organizafions. Executive Council and lnterpreters Council Provide Checks and Balances. ST? SENATE MEMBERS KNEELING: Warren. Freshman: Glenda Gentry, Darla Gloff, Senior: Karen Osborn, Nancy Coffman, Sophomore: Janice Hubbard, Freshman: Jerry Fleming, Lloyd Miller, Junior: Charles Cayce Jacque Sproll. Sophomore: Fran Sophomore: Par George, Senior Freshman: Suzanne Davis, Junior: Lebow, Junior. ROW TWO: Mike Senior: Charles Trayler, Senior: Freshman: Ronnie Rogers, Sopho- more: Frank Miller. Sophomore: Kip Thornlon, Freshman: Sieve Woolery, Freshman. ROW THREE: Carson Edwards, Junior: Carl Couch, Sopho- more: Kenr Denlon. Freshman: Wall Davis, Junior: Huber? Gill, Sophomore: Gary McCaleb, Junior: Carl Adams, Senior: Slanlon Calverr, Sophomore. al fv- :Fix lC. Senate Legislates Under New Constitution ARTICLE ll Section 5. The Senate shall have the tollowing powers: a. To enact any laws necessary and proper tor the general weltare ot the Students' Association. as they may contorm to the policies set down by the Student Lite Committee. b. To approve by a two-thirds vote ot the members present all appointments ot the President ot the Students' Association. c. To enact such regulations tor the conduct ot elec- tions as it deems necessary: except that never shall an election make void this constitution. d. To appropriate all monies ot the Students' Associa- tion, provided that no appropriation shall be greater than the amount ot money on hand. Section 6. The Senate shall meet twice monthly on designated Monday nights or upon call ot the President ot the Senate. One-third ot the membership ot the Senate may require the President to call a meeting. McDONALD DORM COUNCIL: FRONT ROW: Jimmy Harris, Jerry Archer. ROW 2: Joe Bob Marlin, Delvin Sparks. ZELLNER DORM COUNCIL: - SEATED: Jan Gibson, Alla Kincaid. ROW 2: Barbara Flercher. Eunice Curry, Genell McCalla, Clarice Lev- ererf. ROW 3: Par Lary, Judy Perdue, Ann Colron. NELSON DORM COUNCIL: SEATED: Mrs. Donalson, Supervisor, Overlon, Karen Reese Barbara Beasley ROW 2 Linda Tidwell Mar Berly Mafliews. STANDING: ROW I: Dianne Keene, Janelle Campbell, garer Priddy, Barbara Whifrenburg Linda Crume Peggy Ramsey Linda Pruirf, Ramona Howe, Judy I-lorn. Karen Porrerfield, Dana T McKENZIE DORM COUNCIL: FRONT ROW: Marllwa Kerbow, Richardson, Belly Brown ROW 3 Jamie Buck Mary Carherme Miller Ginger Coffman, Linda Davis, Nikki Norris, Kay Swafford, Gay Judd. Carole Sfephenson Jackie Burns Pail: Wade Roach ROW 2: Carolyn Burris, Ann Baker. Roiana Cox, Gloria Siorey. Belly 48 ll 'I If I' ll I I I : I I J II I! I I, I Iv Ll ya I l. r , ' .' I ..., 5, I I MABEE DORM COUNCIL: SEATED: Carrol Moore, Pele Neal. Sam Carpenlor, Don Lewis, Mr. Claylzaroolc, Supervisor. Doo Carler. ROW 2: Fred Jamison, James Blackwood, Pal Agnew. Ronnla Sosebee, Wall' Davis, I-Iuberl Gill. Thayne McKnIghI'. Jim I-Iolleman. ' I I WEST GARDNER DORM I COUNCIL: KNEELING: Carolyn Callaway, D o r I s Thompson, Sherilyn Smilh. STANDING: Dollie Davis, Ka- Ihryn Harringlon, Calherine Clark. ROW 3: Darla Glolf. Margarel Miller, Suzy Bernard. I ,.f I ' ,J Dorm Councils Plan Parties: Projects EDWARDS DORM COUNCIL: FRONT ROW: Bill Walron, Mr. Smllh, Supervisor. Chesler Bosron. Billy Toombs. ROW 2: John I-lollon, Don Lyles, Roberl Hays, Tom Bosl. EAST GARDNER DORM COUNCIL: SEATED: June Daniels, Janiece Eubanlc. ROW 2: Sherry Marlin. Palsy Sranley. Susan Myers, Mary K. Livinqslon. ROW 3: Marcella Porler. Jane Berry. Jimmy Newman, Kay Williams, Elaine Pla-re, va 15' I I far? ,MI TI "X 49 ,AJ i 1 l .L l i ,Y 9' "One more nasly crack abou? ilne condiiion of my room and you guys don'+ ge? any ice cream!" Lou Booth. er, Jim Morrow, Ray Mullins. and , John Banksfon. Even line hard-working pholographer has fun al Open House. Barracks Dorm Council: Bill Proeq- iN 4141 X 94? r Diane Copley lakes an break as Tommy Buffaloe uses The line. Carole Coolcey washes off some of 'rhe beauiilul Wes? Texas sand 1 eff.. , ,- Ik., 15' 1, f in l P u A ,,. iii-M- il Everyone has fun al Open House. "Will he like me? Will he call? I befier be prepared. How shell I wear my hair? Do you 'rhinlc he will like if 'lhis way?" . , Ha-L2 i I ' T 'H .4 'gfy J -! ,fff f is- A pep rally was abouT To geT under way in San Angelo. San Angelo Hosts All-College Trip SiTe Tor The l962 All-school Trip was San Angelo. A car caravan leTT The ACC Track sTadium aT .l:35 p.m., SaTurday. OcTober 6. One oT The highlighTs oT The day's acTiviTies Abilene! was a parade Through downTown San Angelo TeaTuring The Big Purple and Tour oTher bands Trom San Angelo and Big Spring schools. Also in The parade were six ACC beauTies, mem- bers OT The KiTTen Club. and The AnTique Car Club OT San Angelo. OTher evenTs included a pep rally on The courThouse lawn, a barbecue aT The San An- gelo College STudenT CenTer, and The high- ligh+ ol: The day's Trip-The ACC-Fresno STaTe TooTloall game, in which The WildcaTs deTeaTed The leading small college Team OT The naTionl CS Obviously n oT ACC girls decoraTe a bus To lorighTen The Trip To San An- ! gelo. 52 Homecoming - Housing Success The A Cappella presenhad iTs program To an audience crowded willi exes. An air ol exciTemenl' prevailed as Charles Groves, STu- denT Associalion Presidenf, inTroduced The queen nominees. Whaf do you mean There is no more food? fi lg, 1' 1--:..,vAf,li-. ' .'-"--111, - 4 - ' 1: T . J, . if ylfllim l-lighlighTecl by such evenTs as The bonTire, barbecue. TooTball game and musical, Homecoming acTiviTies began November 2, l962, aT 9 a.m. wiTh regisTraTion. AT noon Friday, Things goT inTo Tull swing wiTh The opening review oT The displays builT by sTudenT organizaTions. OTher evenTs Taking place ThaT evening were The pep rally and bonTire, followed by The producTion of The Homecoming musical, "Carousel." Members oT The social clubs served aT The barbecue SaTurday. i I b 112' GZ . N i, ' . 53 'ia The Delia Theia mirror fun house show- ing several Rebels hopelessly losf in ihe "Maze" won lop honors in +he women's division. W. STE: l MDE www HDMECOMING MENU f r.-ANL,-,f..'-w.i,-x.-f ' : ffz f" '1 '3.i..:. if ffl.. g-,iHr..1L,,5 - ,l-.r ll, ,:,:,,,f 'Mgr-f rg .bh41,,',"Zv.-Z-gf: " , -Ag-f ".:"f3I-if M11 E we 1. -2"'f :.....f.. , , Displa Theme Was Carousel In keeping wiih iradirion. displays were based upon 'rhe Homecoming musical, "Carousel," Srudenf organiza- iions enrered exhibiis in 'rhree divisions: men's division, women's division. and geographical and deparrmenial division. Winners were announced ai' ihe haliiime of The Homecoming fooiball game on Saiurday. Displays were locaied immediarely norih of Edwards Dormiiory facing Campus Courrs. Firsf place in geographical and de- parfmenial clubs weni' 'io fhe Ari- zona Club for ihis exhibit "The Wildcaf Hammer." jf' Knigh'r's won firsf place in The men's division wiih ihis Ferris Wheel faking The Rebels for a ride. ir 'Qs wil' sam i, i , e -Ye my me l will lim H35 1:53 ,mf ii will i ii iii , ,X M3 ss gf we 55 ACC? version of Caesar and Cleopafra-Caesar Leon Valen- 'rine and Cieopafra Judie DeFoor. 'i-J - I 'S i .- -C , C' , ' , " -.., , 'ER -.-- , Q . -. ... -----A .-..... --. -.. 11 , ik, 7 , :E 4' --L Time for a break-in fact Jrime is one precious ingreclienf of a good producfrion. Riley Suir masferminds The works backsrage. Leonard Boylli in make-up for "All My Sons." Sb Ai. 5 W .mn , . Q ,Tgg2:r -,..h!iy an 613' vg,.1.: Kg IJ, x 4 I .af 57 x 'f 2 xx ' I 1 KX 5 ' 'Cf 'pf' . 1 "X . , '. 1, , I ' N firm in ,, it K X 7' WF : I E Gary Hood, Charles Cheshier fbearl, Glenda Hargrove, Di 'Ann L'Roy. Ann Brazzil. Jeanelle Yadon. Larry Dofson fbear frainerl, Lynn Nelson. Another Production . Perer, of Pefer, Paul, and Mary and his manager look on as George Sfewarr of ACC and fhe Melpoms direcfs 'rhe lighfing procedure. ll . Jerry Kreps, chemislry maior from Colorado, finds chemislry can be dangerous. The ever-present everryelling Killen Klub. 60 ord in eighl' years. 1 .af-'f Fifi' Coach Wheeler had lillle lo be grim aboul wilh 'rhe besl' Wildcal' rec Qf"'i' I7 Mad i, .5,fg,, Z , I Hisako Hori and Mary Ann Bailey, secrerary of lbaraki Chrisrian Col lege, were visirors 'ro The campus in 'The fall. Miss Bailey and her sec reiary, Hisako, spoke in chapel and dormirory devorionals. Sfudy, search, research, exam, invesrigare, weigh, consider, scrurinize. RSV MiHGf.qfGdUf1iGSTUdGf1'f memorize, ponder. arc., orc.. erc., od infinirum . . . In , 1- 1 gf!!!- gu u ill-'- rr I 'il 'l 'fu-1 If H 1 I 1 1 1 Will' gifting -1 l 1 nf nfdmlnlll, 6,1 lt b z:+:'u:nril- 'NX .Inu -I I gl il U If 3 1 lu , g :ln " r"".'n :lm fin . Y Nurse Berry Troup inoculafes Charles Burns. Q2 WN, N. N fr. i. X 1 f Q !f , 5-1 Janice Keisling checks Jim Pe1"ry's blood pressure. il adie Hawkins Weeli Eventfull Carol Holly finds Sadie Hawkins 'lacfics are easily applied, wil- ness Lesler, Jerry, and Rich. X Rich Engle finds himself up a lree and "ou+ ona X limb" 'lhanlcs fo Kilsy Ross. 5 Jerry Robins was dumbfounclecl a+ lhe anfics of Carol Holly and Kifsy Ross. 'i'L1'. ':J..i- Uses Four Tons of Meat a Week Calchings Cafereria serves 2000 meals a day. This year lhe cafeleria served iis 5,000,000+h meal. The heavy iglass doors opened and shui' I0.000,000 limes. 5,000,000 rimes The sludenl' employees plopped mear on a plale. 2.300.000 gallons of rea were qulped. All 'rhe seals were used four limes ar each meal. Sl30,000 was paid +o IIO sludenl employees and 30 lull 'lime employees. Every day someone fold The manager. Neil Fry, "I don'Jr care whar olher people say abou? The 'Bean,' l like ir!" A fypical "Bean" fork. 64 "l'r's okay by me." "l know I pul my books here ln the Grill We Relax New friendships were made. J! 'i Some found fhemselves happily oufnumloered. ir' Some filled 'lhe air with clifferenf lhoughfs and ideas. ,.. ,, N- V . Kafhie Morrison found greeling carcls nexf door which said whaf she would never dare say in person. l 1 on io The class. Ger-Ger Murdocks sips coffee wishing he were siill in bed. Ga ry Ricky Schmidt bifes his nails worrying abouf fhe probabilify of a pop quiz. Hood is engrossed in 'rho scripi for Carousel. James Graham feeding bread lo Norl-Norl, fhe hare-lip loull. Curfew luclcs everyone in The dorms, fha nighr grows slill and leaves only Ralph Valenline, 'lhe nighl walchman, lo roam 'rhe campus. Gary Hardin loads diff. Frank Odom wails unlil he is Through. Borh are working hard for 75c an hour. Charles Yarlbrough serenades an ACC couple. Dub Berry, Sr., checks wilh Shonne Waddell, F aboul' Jrheir Sarurday nighi' dale. fi W SX Wx, '. . . siudy fo show 'Phyself approved of God." Q-1 1-a.Q , 'lg,,1!.1-i R ,Q . fl- , ff ' . -Q A 4 Q-,Eli - , H-ax .v -155554 f. Qif, ' .W 42 Phi- vf 'QT' ' 1 ". -15 -' - 'i '-CW. '--H' ' 1 LM, ' +21 .. " , n""ui1 Qwqij-' ' " , - ."'i 11 RQ , .. r ' 'QMS "LN P 2-1: - ff I 'r"" -Q,"'s N. Q. .- ' 1' .1 '--. fs"-.,x 5-'a' 'ram' J - ,5, 1 71g-gg, 5 -, sw Pzgiii, 1' -'VIA N :fu '--Mi, lu' x'-.E 35311 I f' NJ, 'I .w ll Ctffzff " 'X' 13 5? "' f- I I -9V42g5,n V . ,-f-ffx- ---- K ,,fz??45E" 'L' ' 3 ,J N,74:.f., sf lg ,Mx , I Y I .-Liv f , '-its-A , . 5? . ' ,Aff , , , ,, , V4 ' ..-, . 31- '1?' .UAW' A .-gd' 61 VM. Tl -awk I -nh,-,.X.-g Q ,V 4 1 ,' - w: - -. XM- A! ' W' J gr. N , f ,f , .'Y51Q:i'5f. ' . ' L E R L ' , f- 4 "+5.ii 91. , 1 '?."ga, NX ff guna qgkf- avQ ,. X 4 :--4-f .wx X' 'Pf1'fi?l3fJ9Q ' Riif'-L' " 5, I '11t,'-- 135- Y g,'j,1 A ' Q. "." - ' ' --1.54--ef'N . Wi? 'ii'1L""??3f X ' - -4 ,,-.vi ' - f- W' 1 v ' Q' YQ :r'f?'1, " 'Q . sf, . 1 . iM,gQ- :nga I X K X W 1 4 ,.. ., A., . 41,-A .-, -1 Couples meef ai"H'1e library af night Afrer The Ias'r final, Tne grades issued will nor depend an naw great we were considered by rnen -but-our greatness in 'rne eyes of The -eternal Creator. jr. s ui" X ' x , Q A we -9 .I Parent and student alike see dreams Come true on rare nights like these. l 0 Graduation Brings Memories Satisfaction with a job well done is evident on the taces ot all participants. The long lines waited until the final moment-with many memories to ponder. The speeches were long, with mdny references To the won- derful future of d College grddudre. Yes, 'rhe Wonderful 'ro- morrow is Thereg but for The moment Jrhoughrs dre centered on four wonderful Too-short yedrs. New They cure quickly fdd- ing from view never To come dgdin. In d moment The revvdrds will he delivered ond Then they srdnd not dllonehuffhwith God, in d world which needs Them. . . 4 if -A lug'2,': Q- ' ' Li 'Ulf gains- W. Graham Barnes G-refne. Va. Bible are V f I Q ' iv. l fi, J' 'EQ Slrah Elizabeflw BonDuran1' Elizabefla Cify. N.C. Bible Jon M. Bruce Tyrone, Okie. Business Educalion T. Kennelh Burlcs Abilene, Texas Eclucafion-Counseling Graduate School ffers Three Degrees Tlwe Masrer of Arls. Masler of Science, end lvlasler of Educalion. Concenrralions include: Biblical. Biblical Lan- guages, Doclrinal. l-lisiorical, Praciical ancl Religious Eclu- cafion in Bible: Accounfing, Economics, ancl General Business in Business Aclminisrraiiong Biology, Clwemislry, and Physics in Science: Mallwemaricsp Eclucalional Adminislre- 'rion lelemen'rary and secondaryl, Elemenrary Eclucalrion. Secondary Eclucalion, and Supervision in Eclucarion, and Speech. DEAN OF GRADUATE SCHOOL Fred J. Barron, Ph.D. Max B. Bufler Vivien, La. Secondary Eclucalion 1.1 , 'i' l 75.77 Spencer Crump Lynwood. Calif. Biblical Languages :QT-LQ.-231317 William Love Burlinglon, N.C. Bible Pafricia Russo Birmingham, Ala. Speech 5 A Many long, hard hours are pu'r in, in 'rhe library. Silence and 'lime are lwo ingredienls of a Thesis. Q.: David Gibson Oklahoma Cify, Olcla. Elemenlary Educalion Bible Maefia Davis Lawn, Texas YL., John Kimbrough Lawlon, Okla. Bible PN 4405 Gary Lufes Hillery Molsinger George Roggendorff Alpena, Mich. Kernersville, N.C. Manhaflan, Kan. Bible-Praciical Educafion Bible lrfll A Sharon Sessom Gaslon Tarbef Blenus Wrighi' Rolls. Texas Shamrock, Texas Toronfo, Omiario Accounting Bible Bible-Doclrinal ADAMS, CARL ALLEN PI. WorII1 ALBRITTON. LETA N. Paducah. Ky, ALLEY, SONDRA Derby, Kan. ANDERSON, EDDIE MAHON Levelland AULT, JOE LYNN, JR. Baird AXE, EDWIN Hereford BAKER, STANLEY REED Abilene BARBER, GLENNA MAE DaII1ar'r BARNARD, STANLEY GORDON Lampman, Saskarclwewan BATES, PHILLIP D. Friona BEAKLEY, BOB Mercury BEDICHEK, THOMAS ELWYN Abilene BENNETT, DONALD WILLIAM LaI-Iabra, Calif. BERRY, WALTER C. JR. San Diego, Calif. BIRCHUM, ROBERT Wesihoff BIRD, BILLY J. Thorp Spring BLACKWOOD, JAMES LEN AbiIene BOLES, LYNETTE Sand Springs, Okla. BRACK, VIRGINA EARLE Jasper BRADFORD, JOE MICHAEL Ranger Ada-B ra M-. is I1 is .ag 152 BRANSON, PAUL A Bowie BREAUX, JANIE Merkel BROWN, ANITA F12 Worllw BROWN. CHARLIE Dalhari BROWN, JODIE Midcllewaler BROWN, VIRGINIA Vicloria BULL. EDDIE Aloilene BURNS, JERRY Hillsboro BUSBY, EMMETT Waxalwaclwie BYRD, ROBERT Miollollwian CALLAWAY, CAROLYN San Anfonio CAMERON, LLOYD San Angelo CAMPBELL, YVONNE Waco CAPPS, RANDALL Lampa sas CARTER, BETTE EI Paso CARTER, DEE Odessa CECIL, ALBERTA Abilene CHAMBERS, CLAUDIA Odessa CHAPA, JOE Corpus Chrisfi CHAPPLE, ALFRED Sferling Ci'ry CHILES, KAREN Beaumonf CHISM, JOE Krum CHITWOOD, RITA La Pryor CHOATE, PATRICIA Graham CLARK, COLLEEN Roswell, N.Mex. CLARK, RICHARD FI. WorII1 CLEVENGER, MARY LOU Enid, OIcIa. CODAY, BILL Tulsa. Okla. CODAY, CAROLYN Loop COE, LaDONNA Ponfiac, MICI1. Seniors , .S ' I H If 11 .1 I ,. 'W am' I, -41' 80 "KiIsy, I wonder whaf HIS name Is?" COFFMAN, GINGER Pasadena COHN. GARY MarIin COLVIN, DANNY Canyon Cify, Colo. COMPTON, BEVERLY Crosbyfon COMPTON, JAMIE SUE Dublin CONNEL, DENNIS Tulsa, Okla. COTTON, ANN Shreve port La. CRAVENS, JAN Seminole CREEL, GWEN Afhens. Ala. CREWS, NANCY Orlando, FIa. Cof-Dul CUDD. JANE Hamlin CUEVAS, THAYNE San Anlonio CUMMINGS. LYNDLE Burbank, Calif. CUNNINGHAM, CAROLYN Abilene CURRY, EUNICE Fislc. Mo. CZERNY, CLAUDIO Triesfe, Haly DALLAS, EDNA Midland DANIELS, JUNE Augusia, Maine DARNELL, MARILYN Abilene DAVENPORT, DON Las Cruces. N.Mex. DAVIS, DOTTIE E+. Worllw DAVIS, JOAN Irving DAY, CARL Roswell, N.Mex. DEARING. ELIZABETH Glasgow, Ky. DEFOOR, JULIA Galena Park DENNIS, MYRNA JOY San Anlonio DOOLEY. WILLIS Dallas DRAPER. LLOYD Lewislon. N.Y. DROLL. CHARLOTTE San Anlonio DULANEY, SANDRA Temple 5 u 3 l I l l "Your guess is as good as mine!" DUNCAN. JOHN Abilene DU NCAN, PATRICIA SHIlwa+er, Olcla. DURHAM, JOE Cleburne EDDINS, ADD Kermil' ELLISON, JUDY Crosloylon EPPS, BARRY PAUL Dallas ETHEREDGE, JANE Canadian EUBANK, JANIECE lclalou EVANS, JOHN Denver, Colo. FALKNER, SHARON Fl: Worlh Dun-Hal 3 P ,Ak H 1 lx 1 r' !f K I .U X J Q 3 H 'Tim ' x Q,-4 Rx : iw" ,, L' f, . R M W. inf ' img - 1 k 3 1: if 1 . 1 ,J K1 " . ,. 1 , ' M : V f QW. 1Sf'Y'W5ff'i2S'-7i""3'b"if'E5'4"'1 I , ,j,,,,,..7: LM, 5' 4 ' 1 , W, 2' ' ,. ' -' 1 . Y -'.. ,NN n "'x'. H ,I -Y I ,xii 2 J -'Ywv A ,- ig: ' I V if L' -' 1 1- S iid .EL -' si:-ai, Q -W 'X " Y sie. - ws? , - N U., , - u, f I I ak E m. yi V K3 JQ , In-'Ju-2 1 Q K , 2 , V .. .., T, A , "LX K , 'Y' 1, I 1 M ,E :wr -N '4 R, Q ,lf w- ' f J' f f 'fy 'e i Af NS., ' ig.,-af 3,7 ' xr ', ,, Y 'Y za-- 1 A ,,. V ,Y ' f 'y 31' 6 '- Y I gb X . . , , ., K , 5 J h Y L . X T Y .M , N I 55,3 7 ,,,u rg? 1. SE E I fl 5532. "' K E agwxfsf -A ff x- .,,,,W If .5 2 W: ,.G,,gfQ?fQ. ir, iisg, :Masai " .- 2 R2 fx w ff -wx: .--N -' f - ,- ' uw? , A f V V 1.572555 H 5525055 ii.g-,. ',.f if W S W .r 5 QU K ' L, V, N 'W , , . 4 , , Q . M A i Q . ,xgmwkx L , N Nl BJ 'W ', il, 5 X 8 I 1. 2, 5 if with ff ,Q f Wm LN ' ,. mggx h , 1' 1 ff gr - ,Eg , . EL t, an 3 . X nggm ,tug V 1' ' xt .Hi X Z, ,,f 4 ,.,. W Ag 5 2:14 if :gsm 1 , ,. WEE V ' V ,mfrzaraz " a,f:Sf?2 ' Lx wi V- V 1 1,12 Wg, -1 X w W My '- X , Y, . 'Ln ,' . V' ' ,L L w , 'W w K k . i 1 r l l E l ' if m8 if 5 V al. l ' r r 1 rseffmsf fm - , gum W- , U ,A 3 ,, I V, L: , , A: 1, r 1, ,,,,,..,,,, ,,,-4.4,ia.a.a....,, An enilnusiaslic sludenl body is wha? makes ACC llwe greal school H' is. 84 HARLAND, MARY BETH Texlwoma, Olcla. HARPER, JOHNNY Fr. Worllw HARPER, MAX Abilene HARPER, NANCY Gralord HARRIS, JAMES Hungerford HARTT, SALLYE Farmersville HASKINS, LAVOYNE Snyder HATTER, TEM PE Abilene HEATHCCTT. JOYCE Wingale HEDRICK, LETA Wicl1i+a Falls Har-Jon ,. rl HERRING, TOMMY S+inne++ HICKERSON. JANIS Wichifa Falls HIGGINS, ANN FayeI+eviIIe, Tenn. HILL, AVANELL Oklahoma Cify, Okla. HILL, BILLY AmariIIo HODGES, REBECCA Wichifa Falls HOLDEN, MARTHA FI. WorII1 HORN, JUDY Seagoville HRUBY, RICHARD Chicago HUDDLE, DAVID FI. WorII1 HUDDLESTON, DANNY Snyder HUDSON, JAMES Arlingfon, Va. HURD, GLENN Housjron HUTCHINSON, BENNETT Sudan JEFFERSON, NORMAN McAIIen JENNINGS, DOYLE Burnef JOHNSON, MARY ANNA Cordell, OIcIa. JOHNSON, SHERRY Crane JONES, DAVID G. S+epI'1envIIIe JONES, MARY Lockney Seniors Pal is afraid The fire hydranf will gel' away." JORDAN, JERRY Arlinglon JORDAN, MARILYN Nlxa, Mo. KELLEY, STEPHEN Houslon KERBOW, MARTHA Hursl KILGORE. LUCLAIR Baylown KING. GLENDA Alice KNIGHT, NANCY Gainesville KRUZICK, CAROLYN Haywa rd, Calif. LAMKIN, ROBERT Mullinville, Kan. LARY, PATRICIA Brownfield Jor-Mar fi-p - IWW M, , -1?,i5iE3" 4x .r ,1 - ' ' jf L Z M , ' 75.1.2325 .2 ya " , l 5... HW . .4 Mwigg, : w 1 '- 'uf 'Y' - 23 5 - W . - H "'- 'W ' ' i'ii5si5:5... . fi W . .A -..M H V N ,w i . - ' '-11. 'iw V - " :,Efi1eE1wgg1ifw ' PWS' . U 1 .1 - 2. , ' - if X: . -4 113. 'Z 11 .1 1 A . ' - -gy , . J :M .,A. W.. ' . . 5 -.-: ' A , 1 ' ,, , A J . 8, , 4.4 , 4 , ,C wr X ' -VF, A f .5 A 1 Q- ,Q ' Q. lr-4 - .Q .tl -' g . H . . - ,. 1 , , f'sS:,ifI,' l vi 'aj Q - '- M . ez: ig' R? .A ' w: Q.. - he ' I 134 M Ml H .LQ gmt., 1, E 'WISLSQSZSX V .W , .. . . . ' .I f :'i i'EfEfEfEfEQEfEf??1 1 1' L 5 Wi. , . 3 1,47 nf ' . x ,-"- 7' 7. K f . . N . Yx X J 'x i ,f - n u - , , V, 1 j 1 ' 'ZVLA .121 - . , .- 1 ..r.... . 2- WWEL . EH - ffHfZf213.f2'.3.S2fa S .2 - - ?A22f..gg1..,..wQ,, x ..,g.......w, -Ms Q ..,...,.!,...,. X I ,L ju, X wh 'z Avis. Y, ,. K , . I l ,gf f P . ' dnl, ,R 51 W , , 5 L, 'X f .54 by ig LT" JBKJX. -4 Wx X: 1' . mn . 3, . JEL. . -Q I fm V V ' "H W 5 5 , V Q 3 rr 4- ,.. T171 ig, , . fqwfi-9 ,,,, ' Eiga ..x.,,Qg.i3E,f?gf . ., I I .,...,,... , ...H , ,W . M-' W' B im . ' -mf . 1' ' K-mf--Af... I Wssvwwiz' N A X -1.329325 ,M V. L? . if... ,. -, . --.. , my 1 . wi -- .. - -I Q I ' Y. Y , - . ' J 5 X V -f - .fm 1: 54 f?i45LQUf ,, , - 2 1 M -'fgiwf .gg H ' R L s t L M Kg . f ' i' ' W X W 1.4 , . ..., W .,.-... .i...53.:..fA, L .ss - . I ,gm f, mf-,.. 1. -fl le! Ju .T , u 'T Im ,Qi . . :Ziff . 88 "Old Face-Full" MASSIE, JANEY Ponca Cify, OIcIa. MATHEWS. BETTY Tiffin. Ohio MATHEWS, RONALD Newburgh, N.Y. MAY, VIRGINIA Lubbock MAYO, JANET Ozone MCBROOM, FRANCES Brownwood MCCORKLE, KAY Lubbock McCOY, PHILLIP Rocksprings McCURDY, JANEY Abilene McMENNAMY, BARBARA FI. Worfb Mas-Nea FW 1 I r I I 14 RI fy I' I 'A Q, 'I McMILLIAN, BEVERLY JEAN Brownwood MCMURRAY, GENE EDWARD FI. Worllw McMURTRY, CURTIS Granile, Olcla. MCQUILLAN, RODNEY G. Clearwaler, Kan. MCWILLIAMS, EDNA LOUISE Bernardsville, N.J. MELSON, BILL Roswell, N.Mex. MESSER. FRANK Asheville, N.C. MEYER, NANCY ELIZABETH Abilene MILLER. GRACE EVELYN Jacksonville, Fla. MILLER, RONALD Snyder MOORE, BEVERLY GAYLE San Anlonio MOORE, DAN Lovinglon, N.Mex. MOORE, DONALD Lovinglon, N.Mex. MORREN, MARY Barrie, Onlario MORRIS, LINDA Abilene MORROW, TROY L. San Benilo MOSLEY, SHARON Lancasfer MUELLER, WAYMON MYRL Eugene, Ore. MURDAUGH. CHARLIE Dallwarl NEAL, CAROLYN Dllce . , , .- ' an I Q ' EW lll Z 1. El E , lll N? Pill - l A 1 I ' :ff E V l Who said 'lhe main purpose of college is fo educale? 90 NEELEY, JAMES Azle NEWHOUSE, MARY LOIS Abilene NIGH, MAX New Orleans. La. NORMAN, BARBARA Bayfield, Colo. NORWOOD, JIM Seallle, Wash. ODOM, FRANK Sweelwaler OGLETREE, JUDY Lubbock OSBOURN, LA WAN DA Llano OWEN, LEO Kenecly PACE, CAROLYN Hardin. Ky. Nee-Ree PALMER, JERRELL Abilene PARDUE, JUDITH ANN WiclceH PARRISH, PATRICIA San Benilo PARTON, EDWARD Duncan, Olala. PATTERSON, ANN Brownfield PEEPLES, MAURICE Raymondville PEEPLES, MAY ANN Angleion PENNINGTON. SIDNEY McGregor PERKINS, RONALD Merkel PETTY, VERA JEANNE Wesrminsler, Colo. PLATE, ELAINE Crane POOL, MARGIE PorI'Ar+I1ur PORTER, MARCELLA Norion POUNDS, JAN Lubbock PRATHER, DORTHY Lamesa PRICE, ALVIN Warer Valley, Miss. PRICE, LARRY Valley Mills PROVENCE, JAMES Porf Ar'rI1ur PUCKETT, EARL Irving REESE, GEORGE Odessa Seniors '!"'ln REEVES, RONNIE Lamesa REYNOLDS, RICHARD Los Angeles, Calif. RHOADS, DEWAIN Odessa RHOADS, MURPHY Odessa RICE, JANELLE Bayfown RIX, DAVID Abilene ROACH, TERRY ANN Deporl ROBBINS, JOE San Angelo ROBERTS, JANICE Dallas ROBERTSON, CARROL Crosbylon ROBINSON, RHEUANNA Porl Arflwur ROSS, ANN McAllen RUSSELL, ROY Cenjrer SANDERS, JERRIE Amarillo SAYLORS, FRED Slwreveporl' Ree-Sti SCHOONMAKER. TOMMY Slamford SCHULZE, MARILYN Happy SCHULZE, PAUL Denver, Colo. SCOGGINS, GLEN Dallas SHORT, BEVERLY KAY Crane SHORT, JACQUELINE Pallonvllle SHOWERS, WILLIAM Derby. Kan. SKELTON, DONALD M. Auslin SLATER, DWAYNE Ralls SMITH, CAROL ANN Winlers SMITH, JANICE ELAINE Abilene SMITH, SUE Grapevine SOMMER, SANDRA Lincoln, Nebr. STANLEY. PATSY LAVERNE Talwolca STARNES, WILLIS Culver. Ore. STEFFEE, SAM L. Rogers STEPHENS, PATRICIA Monaha ns STEWARD, PAT Goree STEWARDSON, ANN Sanla Anna STIGERS, JAMES L. Denver, Colo. Seniors l l 93 STIGGINS, LARRY Plevna, Kan. STOREY. GLORIA Pasadena STRANGE, JUDI Amarillo STRZINEK, ROBERT Dallas STURGESS, LINDA Tipion, Okla. SUBEY, HELEN Madison, Wis. SUNDLING, ROLAND Akron, Colo. SWAFFORD, KAY Wiclwila, Kan. SWAFFORD, JIM Abilene SWINSON, BOBBIE New Home SWOFFORD. JUDY Paris TATE, ROGER Tarzan TAYLOR, MARY LEE La mesa TAYLOR, PAT Alice TAYLOR, SHARON Cullison, Kan. TAYLOR, STOVER Bronle TERRY, CLOVIS Snyder THOMPSON, ROBERT San Angelo TINSLEY, KENNY Hico TRAYLER, CHARLES Spearman TURNER, JERRY Mason TURNER, JUNE Pasadena TUTTLE, GARY Colurnbus,OI1io VAUGHAN, BETTY Waco VERETT, DOTTY Abilene VERETT, JAMES Abilene WALKER, KAY San Anlonio WALL, DERREL Vernon WALL, GERALD Vernon WALTON, BILL Brownsville WARNER, GLEN Tyler WATSON, GERALD New Boslon, Mich, WELCH, JAMES Tyler WELCH, SUZANNE Houslon WEST, SANDRA Vernon WHEELER, DAVID Ralls WHEELER, VIRGINIA La Marque WHITE, BUD Dumas WHITE, JENELLE Breckenridge WILBANKS, BILLY Beljron 'W-Q- 'aa-0 , lint:-'I Seniors 'Ulf SETI I I ?2 :Jw W AW ' II 2 ' x W . . I I fe .Q-I.: e Q SEI I Y I .A em 353 " II My .LD,, ,, ., . . M-M I an IIQWEQII' ..l.,.,. - I gtg II EEEWIS gm! I I I ' ::QQf1 fgg 1 I1 - I t 3 I I I I 'Es I I os:-I H, Lb U5 T. ,, A.,, .W l WILLIAMS, KAY Snyder WILLIS, ROBERT Tyler WILSON, HARRELL Bynum WINFREY, MILDRED AIIanIa, Ga. WINGER, MARCELLA Grover WIREMAN, MICKEY FarmingIon, N.Mex. WOMACK, JIM I-Iawley WOOD, DONNA Galvesfon Ig 455 S Wil-You II I , III II I I E sk? A E WIA. IIE I ,I IA 'NIM rn II If you IIIInIc This bonfire is somerhing, you should -.1 have seen II-Ie one II'Iey buIII' when he was IrosI'x. 96 'fi"',' SHOUSE, EMMEGENE WRIGHT, AUDREY YOUNG, DAVID Abilene Tororfro, Onlrario OI4IaIwoma Cilry, OI4Ia Presidenf, Bob Roberfson: Vice-President Lloyd Miller: Secrefary, Janice Lebow Jumor Class ficers Adkins, Judy Ann Arlesia, N.Mex. Agnew, Joe Pafrick Rising Slar Akin, Ka+hy l'lenrieHa Allen, Sharon Gail Tulsa, Okla. Anderson, Hank Grand Prairie Anderson,'Janice Elkview, W.Va. Archer, Barbara Sue Granbury Arringfon, Nancy Freeporl if Ashby, Jon K. Daylon, Ohio Ausfin, Fred E. lvlorenci, Ariz. Au+rey, Frances Tucson, Ariz. Bailey, Janef Auslin ll l, ,. '4 il UU , ' ' zzzfwl 1'Hga YY' Baker, Ann Manchesler, NH. Baker, Carol Lubbock Barber, Ted Wayne Floresville Beasley, Barbara Belle College Slalion Beauchamp, Deanna Abilene Beaver, Anna May Coleman Bell, Walfon Soufh I-fill, Va. Bernard, Suzy San Anlonio JU IDRS Billingsly, Roberl' Ackerly Black, AnneH'e Sherman Black, Kelly Brownfield Blankenship, Morris Adrian , mug 'Af X if vi i l l ll ,f 'am Xx. Xi' x J JH ,,' lf .il ,nn X . l if 'T' 'Ts- v Bos'l', Tom Roswell, N.Mex. Bosfon, Chesjer Florence. Ala. Braker, Mariha Jean Amlwersl Brown, Linda Brownfield Ad k-Cun Bur+on, Melva Big Spring Caldwell, Marilyn San Anlonio Callaway, Kafhryn Rincon, N.Mex. Campbell, Ruin Clwarsworllw, Calif. Bryan, Dorofhy Waco Buchanan, Brenf Edmond, Okla. Burgess, Rober+ Lu+l1ur Abilene Burris, Dale Wiclwila, Kan. 'T' Carpenfer, Sam Dallas Carru+l1ers, Jan l-lousfon Casey, James Oxford, Mich Clevenger, Cl1arIoH'e Abilene Cook, Bennie Mangum, Olcla. Cook, Cornelia De Leon Cofhran, Jan Abilene Covey, Gwenda Plainview Crenwelge, Carolyn Houslon Crisp, Carol Fr. Worlln Crisp, Don Vicioria Cunningham, Mary Midland nfl Cur+is, Wanda Roswell, N.Mex. Dallas, David Claylon, N.Mex. Daugheriiy, Linda Abilene Davenpori, Floyd Ardmore, O la. 'VG' Davenpori, ReHa Vernon Davis, Pa+ricia Gainesville Davis, Richard Dennis Arlingion Davis, Suzanne Greenville Q' 'H If 'Q-ff -F e . mf' S X , Davis, Wall' Drennan, Deanna Warminsier. Pa. Abilene Dennis, Dale Echols, Larry Wayne Amarillo San Beniio Dennis, Gary Edens, Eugene Tiplon, Olsla. Hillsboro Den+, Richard Edwards, Carson Sherman Abilene Cur-Hal Eisenmann, Sylvia Toledo, Olwio Dosier, Paula Grapevine Dove, Meredifh Jeaneile Elmore, Mavanee Mabelvale, Arlc. Bayiown Dowdy, Pai' Eugene Emmons, Ed Fulion. Ky. Enid, Olcla. Dowdy, Palsy Jo Enzie, Russell Fulion, Ky. s Las Cruce . N.lv1ex. Farley, Wayne Housron Ferguson, Don Jonesboro Filbeck, Janice Abilene Fine, Gayle Abilene UNIORS FiHz, James Dallas Flercher, Barbara Indianapolis, lnd. Floyd, Geneva Friona Fowler, Sandra Rockwood Franks, Geri Haslei Ful'I's, Yandel Hemphill Gaines, Margaref Roswell, N.Mex Garland, George Lakewood Geniry, Sue Caroll Royal Oak, Mich. Gooch, Geneene Oklahoma Ciiy, Okla. Goodman, Gail Fl. Worlh Graham, James Cleburne Graves, Joan Francis Greenville Green, Charles Abilene Green, Euline Gruver Guggloz, Nancy June Waco Hacke'H', Janice Wearheriord Haddock, Benny Waco Hailey, Mary Sue Abilene Hale, Duane Cisco 'U' , 1 Q-. i'-'gf l .-v- , , i V ,W 1-v v w W 'ci K an-. , l y ...n .I Q 11' 'iv WSG' sa. Z' 159' Hargrave, Bobby Graham Harringfon, Kafhryn Corpus Chrisri Harris, Linda Dallas Hearn, Linda Cdessa Hearron, Linda Hobbs, N.Mex. Hermann, Marilyn Housion Herron, James Juncrion Hickman, Gaye Tulsa, Okla. Hickman, Sondra Arlesia, N.Mex. Higdon, Judy Bakersfield. Calif. Hill, Judy Abilene Hill, Don Denver, Colo. Hillman, Dion Kailua, Hawaii Hillman, Sharon Wichila, Kan. Hinkle, Bobby Abilene Hogue, Donna Seymour Holmes, Fred Phoenix, Ariz. Homburg, Carol San Anionio Hopper, Karen Abilene Hopkins, Marlyn Si. Bellevue. Wash. UNIORS Howe, Richard Lam pasas Huddlesion, Barbara Brownfield Hughes, David Tulia Hulse, Geoffrey Meadow Hun'l'er, Roberi' Floresville Jackson, Peggy Amarillo Jamison, Fred Plainview Johnson, Bonnie Carllwage, III. Har-Man Kearney, Mike Spur Keller, Norman Fairview, Monr. Kerr, Myrna Jane Lubbock Kidwell, Darlene Fr. Worrh Kincaid, Alfa Elaine La Junia, Colo. Kubica, Vicior Lubbock Lambert Mary Befh Slwreveporr, La. Leafherwood, Regina Lampasas Lee, Pafricia La Pryor Lemley, Norma Arvada. Colo. Lewis, Phillip Easila nd LH-He, Gayla Bakersfield, Calif. LiHon, Ann Granis, N.Mex. Lawrance, Tommy Tyler Lucado, Jean Odessa Lusk, Gary Kerrville Lyon, Becky Abilene Mackey, BeH'y Amarillo Malone, Roberi' Seymour Manly, Carolyn Abilene fav li ,Q 1 o Q S . 5 :.: . -r. Y. l - "LL, ' . 1 , .' ' -- 1 in' if V .f l'ir X -i-'75 , , 1 , E... .', , K if '. ii 44X . V n g Q 5 Tl " ' iixlkxi A' i H MarioH', Linda Bakersfield, Calif. Mar+in, Sandra Lilllelielcl Masonhall, David Reedley, Calif. Mafhis, Mary Grand Prairie Maxwell, Buzzy San Anlonio McCaleb, Gary Anson McCalla, Genelle Eldorado McCollum, Don Abilene McCook, Charles Abilene McDonald, Forresf Rising Slrar McDonald, Sharon Los Fresnos McNiece, Bus'l'er Abilene , .1 , Merrell, David Barberlon, Ohio Merryman, Gary Texas Cily Middlebroolc, Thomas Whilney Miller, Lloyd lrving Q L 4 ' !. i X Milly' 'xl ' My .4 X ill .LMI Mims, Dennis Abilene Minyard, Denzil New Deal Mi'l'chell, Dennis Abilene Mifchell, Donald Abilene if ff Mar-Por Milchell, Elizabefh Fr. Smi+l1,Arlc. Money, Royce Temple Moreland, Mary Ellen Sebaslopol, Calif. Morgan, James Lubbock Muese, Pamla Ann New'ron, Linda Dell Dallas Murray, Tommy Nicks, Linda Temple Neal, Fefe Ohlhausen, Norma Jean l-Ious+on Neeley, Karleen Kay Osborne, David Fl. Worih Luloboclc UNIGRS 'YL 'yi Nelson, Douglas Thermopolis, Wyo. Nelson, Glenda Sue Fi. Sulphur, La. Neve, Alvin Dallas Newman, Jimmy Carol Perryion Panlcraiz, Dorofhy San Anionio Payfon, Koni Hobbs, N.lv1ex. Peniclc, Tyrone Tip1'on,Olcla. Penland, Linden Naialia Pharis, Siarleen Keaichie, La. Parham, Mariorie Dianne Fi. Worlh Pa+'ierson, Jean Ann Dallas PaH'erson, Sherry Hereford Pickering, Sue Ann Eaioniown, N.J. Pipes, Jerry Wichiia Falls Pope, Terry Fl: Worih Porferfield, Karen Lovingion, N.Mex l I l l 'Q- Ragsdale, Gary Hamillon Rasco, Mary Lake Jackson Rawls, Buddy Pampa Reagan, Leva Shep Redfield , Merle Dodge Cily, Kan. Reed, LeRu'll1 Sierling Cily Reeve, Wayne San Anlonio Reville, Jo Anne Oklahoma Cily, Okla. Rhoads, Carolyn RYBN. 01116 Dell Odessa Perrylon Riemenschneider, Joan Sanlfey. Earline Killeen Del R50 Riggan, Gay Saflerwhile, Jan Sania Ana, Calif. Abilene Riggs, Jerry Scarborough, William Roscoe Kenedy Risener, Richard Redlands, Calif. Roberson, Barbara McCamey Roberlson, Bob Waco Rogers, David Houslon UNIORS Schmidl, Jeryl Pampa Shanks, Barbara Wellingion Shaw, Linda Hobbs. N.Mex. Sims, James Tyler' 5, Sloan, Derrell Hawley Slone, William Abilene Smallriclge, Gerrye Washinglon, D.C. Smallwood, Dan Lee P+. Slocklon Rag-Tho Smiih, Carol Sue Pueblo, Colo. Smiih, Clin'l'on Houslon Smifh, Don Odessa Snow, Jucliih Dallas TY' ary". l i ik- Sogebee, Ronald Slephenson, Charles Anson Houslon Sparks, Delvin Earl Slewarlw GSOFQS Alle Sweeiwaler Spooner, Sandy Sfewari. Judy Vicroria Ausiin Sfambaugh, James Mack S+romquiSl'. Jan Vernon Waco Sf-infllee. David Sullivan, Alex George Vernon Panhandle S+andlee. Nicky Sullivan, Linda Lubbock Ennis Sfarlley. l-OH Taylor, Jacqueline Raymondville Abilene Sfarnes, Malissa Thompson, James Waco Tyler ' . i e 1 Toews, David Grelna, Maniloloa Trea'l', Jody Crosbylon Trenlham, Linda Paducah, Ky., Tyler, Ronnie Rogers Varner, Carla Abilene Varner, Roy D. Abilene Vaughan, Marian Carlsbad, N.Mex. Verelf, PauleH'a Abilene von Moli'l'or, BrigiH'e V. Heidelberg, Germany Wallace, Gary Ray San Angelo Walers, Corlcy San Benilo Weaver, Peggy Dallas Wells, Alfred Ray Waco While, Glenda lrving While, Michael Ashley Rolan While, Shirley Abilene Whilwell, John Lee Wyandolle, Mich. Williams, Douglas Monl' Belvieu Williams, Janice Meridian Willis, Wayne C? Wooldridge, Marian l-louslon Wrighl, R. Don Roby Wya'H, Sharon Lynn Girard Yocum, Lynn D. Beloil, Kan. Toe-Yoc Manchesler, Tenn. Wilson, Twila Kay Tok, Alaska Wood, James N. Denver, Colo. Woods, Judy Seminole J! , F 'Qi L' . 0 +1 , L., 1 ' , .11 , -,L-'P , Wu, , -L F 4. .M . Y ......-. N , ' iff: al 4-QW 14 J J, 1, WA ,,.. Q. X J Sophomores Adcoclc, Dwain Kress Adrian, Linda Prescoli, Ariz. Allan, Bill Dallas Allen, Dan l-louslon Allen, Deanie Bronle Allen, Judy Clyde Allen, Judy Kay Allus, Olcla. Arringfon, Sue Ann Fl. Worlh Balch, BeHy Laura Lullcin Barnhill, J.B. Garesville Bar'Hey, Sara Quanah Barfon, Frances Denver, Colo. Beard, Sandra Winlers Beasley, Judy Hawley Beclc, George Harlingen Bell, Lynda Palo Pinlo Bell, Mike Alice Benes, Judy Rosanne Carrizo Springs BenneH', Don Levelland BenneH', Genell Rusk Benne'H, Richard Harold Bloominglon, lnd. Berry, Jane Waco Bishop, Terry Neal Killeen Bissell, Wayne Paul Oroville, Calif. Black, Ronald L. Fl. Worrh Blackburn, Judy Dallas Bless, Sally Ann Fr. I-luachuca, Ariz. Boorhe, Gwyn Hollis, Okla. Boren, Sondra Bellon Bowles, Barbara Anne Dallas Brabham, Brenda Houslon Brabham, Larry Houslon Bradshaw, Glen Chillicolhe Bronds+eHer, Roger S+. Pelersburg, Fla. Brannan, Johnice Breckenridge Branson, Norman B. Bowie Brigman, Jack David San Anronio Brooks, Gary Lehn Andalusia, Ala. Brooks, Glenda Graham Brown, Allen Mayfield, Ky. Brown, Be'H'y Porl' Lavaca Brown, Cassie Ponca Cily, Okla. Brown. Gwendolyn Ruih 5 533 ' '-1 if l - Graham Brown, Rosemary Ru'l'h Brown Wanda Irving Brownlow, Leah Kaye Fl. Worlh Bryanf, David l-lol Springs, Ark. 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Worih Clemmer, Sidney Lewis San Angelo Cline, Mary Rozalene l-louslon Clinkscales, Marshall Tyler Coffman, Nancy Pasadena Coker, JohneH'a Wa'l'son Dallas ColIeH', Nikki Ann Chailanooqa, Tenn. Conger, Charlene Lincoln Park, Mich. Bur-EII Conway, Carolyn Marie Cleburne Cook, DrubeH'e Memphis Corner, Karen Grandiield, Okla. Coilxren, Kennilh Dell Dumas CoHen, Ann Gainesville Couch, Carl Jacksonville, Fla. Cox, Roiana Cor us Chris'ri Cox, Szeila Vernon Creed, Marfha Alexandria, La. Crosland, Carol Wilma Housion Crump, Frances Nan Dallas Cunningham, Nancy Toronio, Onlario Curry, John Abilene Cur'I'is, Joseph William Bloomingion, Ind. Daniels, Karen L. Porrland, Ore. Davis, Joan Ann Ennis Davis, Linda B . Corpus Cl1ris'li Dawkins, Ross Midland Day, Gilberi' Russell Roswell, N.lv1ex. Declerick, W.R. Wes? Covina, Calif. Denson, Linda Housion Dial, Keni' Manl1aH'an. Kan. Dlouhy, Francine Clwannelview Dofsen, Larry Thomas Muncie. Ind. Edwards, Welda Jo Olfon Elkins, Cheryl A. 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Bowie Gregory, Raymond Pecos Griffin, Mariha Jean Dallas Grounds, Linda Jane Duncanville Guinn, Dianne l-louslon Hailey, Linda Anson Eva-J uc Hale, Wanda Abilene Hall, Marcus Jasper Hamp+on, Clyde Tornball Handy, Pam San Anlonio Hanlxins, Rira Abilene Hargrove, Glenda Tucumcari, N.Mex. Harrell, Dan J. Gainesville Harris, James Roberi' Denver, Colo. HaHex, Janice Haskell Hayes, Jerry Dan Sunser Hazelwood, Jerry W. Cleburne Herndon, Caleb Abilene Hewi'H', June Dallas Hilliard, Jessie Grapevine Hines, Joe Eunice, N.Mex. Hogan, George Milfon Abilene Holloway, Ann Loclcporf, N.Y. Holfon, John Washingion, D.C. Hornbalrer, Roger Siaiford, Kan. Howard, Anne lrving Huclcabee, BeH'y Jane Pearland Huey, Judy Sanra Rila, N.Mex. Huff, Pafricia Jan Fi. Worilw Hughes, Lawrence Abilene Irvine, William Sfanley Odessa Ivey, Roberi' Charles Durango, Colo. Jackson, Bolo PrescoH', Ariz. Jackson, Mary Ann Housfon i"'-Y 43' 3. 'Ti 1,1 Sophomores Janda, Bernice Abilene Johnson, Alfred E. Abilene Johnson, Judifh Gayle Tomball Johnson, Judy Dallas Johnson, Philip Roland Abilene Johnson, Taylor Clinfon Crowell Keisling, Janice Allens, Tenn. Kelley, Bob Albuquerque, N.lvlex. Kennedy, Rober+ H. Seminole Kinnamon, Jo Sylvia, Kan. Knight Carolyn Abilene Knighi, Linda Louise Denver, Colo. Lassen, Karl Roanoke Lewis, Don C. Junclion Lewis, Donna Jo Seminole Lewis, Glenda Nederland Lewis, Polly Jean Raymondville Lighffoor, Don Big Spring LiHle, Cheryl Kay Abilene Li'Hon, Janice Shreveport La. Livingsfon, Mary K. Coleman Locke, Coleman Hungerford Lures, Onira Olive Shepherd. Mich. Lyles, Don Fr. Worlh Jan-Moo Lyon, G.W. l-lealdlon. Olcla. Mackey, Larry Tyler Marcum, Myrline Dallas Marlar, Alice Tucson. Ariz. Mar+in, Sherry Faye Fl. Worllw Mariyr, Suzanne Houslon Mason, JoAnna Norman, Olcla. Mayo, James Arfhur Odem McCain, Judy Odessa McCaleb, Millard Clay Winfield. Ala. McCarley, Kay Pasadena McClanal1an, Vivian Lou San Jose. Calif. McDonald, GarneH'a Conroe McDonald, Nina Cl1arloH'e Sherman McGuire, Milce Arlesia. N.Mex. McLean, Joy Suzanne l-louslon McWilliams. Marlon Dumas Meador, Marsfon Dallas Middlebrook, Deanne Groesloeclc Miller, Frank lrving Miller, Jane Overland Park, Kan. Miller, Margarer Snyder Monholland, Alma Rufh Sedan, Kan. Monroe, Lela La Marque Mon+gom.ery, Ann Dallas Monfgomery, Royce Gary Graham Moon, Bobbye Jackson, Miss. Moore, Herman Sonora -Q" -fa '-2' r X A . - sl .. Ah i, . i 17 ,mi 'QTY -I T . J x A in J X Ci s Q fi x X l f ' i if 45 ,, as.,- 'hr B sg Yi, . H A X I La Qggiufiiili -'-. 5. l . fil K ' I Q' 'V' -if l is 'ws .V nv V " iii li 'Q' 1 . ig' E lllg lull V l l, 2 ?? N i' Sophomores Moore, Judy Minneola. Kan. Morgan, Jim Dumas Morse, Sam Pasadena Myers, Susan Poplar Bluff, Mo. Nelson, Karen Kingsville Neve, Gail Wheeless Dallas O'Neil, Marie Frances Cliiion, Ariz. Page, Leslie K. Abilene Parker, Quay Abilene Parkinson, Jackie Lou Anson Pa'ry, Joe l-lermleiglw Pauls, Ronald W. Weyburn, Saslcalclnewan Pendley, Johnny Dale Waco Peierson, Roberi' L. Jaclcsboro PeH'y, James A. Wesiminsler, Colo. Pierce, Larry Mariin Clovis, N.Mex. Pogue, Roberi' Dallas Por1'er, Linda Norion Pounds, Richard Lubbock Priddy, Margarei' Nocona Props'l', Charlie Wayne Anson Prui'H', Linda Evelyn Tlwiboclaux, La. Purcell, C. Eugene Abilene Pursch, Walfer Pleasanion Moo-Sil Rabb, Elizabefh Hillsboro Ragland, Doug Jaclcson, Miss. Ramsey, Peggy Sunland, Calif. Rankin, Donna Fr. Worih Raicliff, Mike Wylie Reynolds, Sharon McCamey Rice, Beihul Bayiown Riclcner, Eric Abilene Riley, BeH'y Ba iown Roach, Pa'H'i Auslin Roberfs, Carolyn Jackson, Miss. Robinson, Jimmy Abilene Rockwell, Waller Abilene Rodgers, Ben Sherman Rodgers, Eileen Dallas Roemer, Roberfa Jane Floresville Rogers, Ronnie l-lousion Rose, David L. Abilene Ross, Mary Canion Russell, John Chickasha, Olcla. Sargenf, Dale Madison, Wis. Sargent Edward Lampasas ScoH', Carolyn Fr. Worih ScoH, John De Leon ScoH', Judifh Anson Shields, Sharon Cloud Chief. Olcla. Shupe, Ronald D. Denver, Colo. Silvey, Frank Lubbock '- WA v i ' a m frfllfm' X is 1,-'QE A My y 1 I ' I is 1 '47 'tv' CZ., Sophomores Smifh, Sl1erilyn Howe Spradlin, David Lee l-lousion SproH, Jacqueline Belion Sfaggs, Sharon Elaine Tipion, Okla. Sfephens, Jimmy Rliome Siephenson, Carole Fi. Worili Sfephens, Gene Pleasanion Siewarf, Mary Ann Cleburne S'l'iger, PaH'y New Orleans, La. Sfoloaugh, Kay Gulipori, Miss. Sfoclcs, Jasper Haskell Sioeclcer, Margaref Winiers Sfouf, Larry Rlwome Sfrome, Shirley Kansas Ciiy, Kan. Siroucl, Cafhi Poriland, Ore. Suggs, Kaflny Poini' Comliori Temple, Carol Pasadena Thompson, Lee Allen Abilene Timme, Doro'I'l'1y Vicioria Towler, Karen Baird Trimble, Karen Kay Dallas Tucker, Wayne Barilesville, Olila. Turner, Linda Fi. Worilw Varley, Judy Sania Fe. N.Mex. Viclcrey, Paul E. Dallas Sinclair, Kenney Plainview Smiflm, Jana Margarei' l-lousion Smi+l1, Lincla Janice Luilcin Waddell, Mary Frances Plainview Walker. James M. Pasadena Walker, Nancy Slephenville Wal'I'ers, Linda Olney Webb, Mickey Dallas Weiss, Anifa Seminole Weyandf, Palmer H. Arlinglon, Va. Wheeler, Be'Hy Jane Robsiown While, Esielle Rufh Slanlon Whyfe, James P. Denver, Colo. Wiemuih, Barbara Dell Abilene Wilks, Bun E. Temple Willard, Diane Keller Williams, Donald W. Merkel Williams, Judilh LaNelle Houslon Williams, Mary Dallas Williams, Shirley F. l-lousion Wilmefh, Sylvia Gene Grandview Wilson, Be'Hy Gayle Dallas Wilson, Jack M. Sudan, Wallis, Barbara Anchorage, Alaska WiH', Lynell Groom Womack, Cheryl Melinda Dallas Womack, Eva Karen Abilene Wood, Bobby Raymon Eunice, N,Mex. Woods, Romara Ray Abilene Woodward, LindaGayle Eldorado Woody, Geneva Rose Rankin Wrighf, Norman R. Midland Ya'l'es, Jesse Frank Temple 'Y'-17.1" 4831 Ei i J I' i Rupp, "- J- . ref o4g,,r Adams, Pam Gafesville Aggans, Beverly Gay Doniphan. Mo. Aquilar, Oscar Sanliago, Chile Alexander, Pal' Roswell, N.MeX. Allen, Bobby Bronre Allen, Jerry La Puenle, Calif. Alsobrook, Jimmy Alice Anders, Ronnie Baion Rouge, La. Anderson, Dixie Waco Andress, Monique Albuquerque, N.Mex. X -I fu. , Q7 Va, . Anglin, Milfon Levelancl, Colo. Apperson, Dorofhy Fl. Worfh Archer, Sfanley C-ranbury Arringlon, Linda Housion Arringfon, Mary Freeport f' 'K+ 4? 45, ,' MF, il - We ' .aa - .,y,.,. ,,,,. , , a., .qw 'SEM ii iii .. ii 'N 3- Asher, Palsy Pasadena Aflcinson, Donna Parkin, Ark. Baxfer, Gay Mason Augusiine, John Slerling Ciiy Axe, Carolyn Hereford Bacon, Jane Abilene Baird, John Columbia, S.C. Balmer, Judy Odessa Baker, Shela Abilene Ballow, Roberi' Fresno, Calif. iz, A li! QQ -ibvX -rp as Barns, John l-lobarr, Olcla. Barnes, Karen Denison BarneH', Palsy Belron Barringfon, Sherry Por? 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Whife, Carol Cross Plains While, Don Anlioch, Calii. Whiie, Sondra Porllancl. Ore. '9' f"f 'IPD ET' MEG 1 'ii I il: .s , Y L' rrp. syi eeeli f' T 51-Il" - -Jil ' ' '5 'V' 'il' R i ' , yiifngl :II ' i r if l , s gl l Whillenburg, Barbara Williams, Marilyn Wooldridge, Sue Sweelwaler Dallas P+, Worlh Whiliingion, Janell Williams, Susan Wolff, Joyce Hobbs. N.Mex. Dallas Paso Robles. Calif. Wilks, Don Williamson, Ron Wren, Kay Trenl Tulsa, Olcla. Fl. Worlh Williams, Claudeife Winningham, Anna Wrighl, Jarvis Tucson, Ariz. Conroe Odogga Williams, lrene Winslon, Ronnie Wunderlich, Palsy Barlcsclale Souih Fullon, Tenn. Burlcburnell' Williams, Judiih Wohlfeil, Karen Yadon, Jeanelle Abilene Taylor, Mich. Kansas Ciiy, Kan. Yadon, Jeanenne Kansas Cily, Kan Yarbrough, Charles Fl. Worrh Yaies, Faye Tulsa. Olcla. Yeargin, Al Nocona Young, Milion Baylown Youngblood, Roger Taylor I35 Y X ' l l 4 N I I 9 UQPU -Inq-h V, - . F-. w us. -n :G f"f 14 Q22 W ,,,, , N , le.: mir Tv h ,!:4:.,. . gfik .1 y. 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Vice-Presideni: Willard Paine, Monahans, Vice-Presidenr: NOT PICTURED: R. 6. Meggs. Dallas, Vice-President Serving unselfishly. This group of Chrisrian men formu- lare Jrhe policy for Abilene Chrislian College. This year 'rhe group adopied a Design for Development which is a proiec- rion of 'lhe physical. financial, and academic needs of 'rhe college for rhe nexr 'ren years. Because of 'rhe growrh of Jrhe school, 'rhe magnirude of decisions ro be made and 'rhe wide range of siudenrs, an Ad- visory Board meeis and worlcs wirh Jrhis group in shaping The policies. 7 Development Program , Formulated b Board BOARD MEMBERS FRONT ROW: S. A. Bacon, Abilene: A. B. Ban- owslcy. Housion: A. C. Rigney, Lubbock: Gene Bennefr. Denver Ciry. ROW 2: Dr. A. P. Gibson, Abilene: Dr. Chesrer Callan. Roian: A. B. Collins. Abilene: Ross Walker. Tyler. ROW 3: R. G. Ford. Marshall: W. F. Heil. Midland: E. S. Lee. Spur: A. H. Richards, Sr., Fi. Worlh. ROW 4: L. M. McGee. Amarillo: Marvin Carlile. Tulia: Leslie Huff, Ausrinq Truvis Campbell. Dimmirl. ROW 5: B. F. Morrow. San Beniro: W. C. Rhoden. Clyde: A. L. Burden. Vicforia: M. M. Haws, Tyler. ROW 6: I38 James L. Daniel, Eden: Chesrer Kenley. San Angelo: Clyde Echols. Abi- lene. ROW 7: Ofro Sosebee. Anson: Omar Burleson. Anson: Louie Welch. Housron. NOT PICTURED: Grady Acuff. Lamesa: John H. Banisler. Dallas: R. S. Bell, Dallas: G. W. Cox. Canyon: Allen D. Dabney. Sr.. Easilandq John Lawrence. Corpus Chrisfi: Reuel Lemmons, Ausrin: Leon Locke, Hungerford: J. B. McGiniy, Terrell: Jack Pope. San Anronio: J. W. Walson. Colorado Cify: E. J. Wicker, Liirlefield. President Morris checks over his annual report to the Board ot Trustees. President Visits Far East One ot the highlights ot Don Morris's twenty-third year as president ot Abilene Christian College was a thirty-tive day trip to the Far East. He was the teaturecl speaker at the Far East Fellowship in Tokyo. Japan, and at the Three Day Retreat in Seoul, Korea. Cn his return he visited with and spoke to congregations in Anchorage, Alaslca: Tapaii. Hong Kong, Bangkok, Manila. and l-lonolulu. President Morris devotes much time to the church, as well as the college. t-le serves as an elder at College Church and is chairman ot the Pulolic Relations Committee. Still young at heart, President Morris enioys bi- cycling with his grandchildren. i l President and Mrs. Morris read Bible stories to their granddaugh- ter, Patty. i I39 na fff-k Dr. John C. Sfevens reads aboui flue lwislory of llwe college. Executing Policies Qludiciously ! NJ 4iS. ff- - -,,.,,ig 1 Ziy' I W .,::.ri1 - - You can always counl on a friendly smile from Regisirar Ken Rasco. Waller l-l. Adams, Dean of 'rlie College. is never loo busy fo fake lime oul 'ro help facully and sludenls, .,- W f., "P,- Always doing lnls lsesi 'ro keep Hue college oul' ol debl is Lawrence Smilli, Bursar. if fr, - - .4- a--, ,V , 'v. M . . . i .-A:-i,..f-1 V. - . - , , V .lv :F -nf' Dr. Fred J. Barlon, Dean of ihe Gracluafe School, finds checking over franscripls is one of his laslcs. -..,...-,.-,1 ' .JH 'U ' -i- Paul Faulkner. Dean of Men. seems lo always find 'rime for humor. Policies of The college as sei' 'iorrh by 'rhe Board of Trus- rees are carried our fairhfully by Jrhe hard-working Admin- islralion. 4? Many Telephone conversarions occur in 'Phe life of Dean of Sludenrs, Garvin V. Beauchamp. 'Ul'w1QFiir Pausing for a momenl' of relaxalion is James Freeman, Fiscal Agenr. I4l 4 ln her Teens, Mrs. Silnes poses wlllw her brollver and sisler. During llneir courlsl-nip days, Hue fulure Mr. and Mrs. Silces find lime lo ear walerrnelon. I42 Mrs. Silces began her leaching career al' Hillside School in Callahan Counly. She became Dean of Women in I94-6. Q -l .G Dean Silces was always available lo girls seeking counsel, as in ihis pic- iure 'faken soon afier she became Dean of Women. Dean Sikes Retiree Aiier sevenlreen years as Dean of Women, Mrs. W. C Silces is reliring efieclive fall. I963. Mrs. Silces began her cal reer in Abilene in l927 when she began leaching lhe second and ihird grades ai ihe Campus School. ln I945 she became a clormiiory supervisor in Zellner Hall and The following year she was selecied as Dean oi Women. Besides handling This iob capably. she has served as olormiiory supervisor in all of ihe girls' dormiiories excepi Gardner. Mrs. Silces' kindness and underslanding will be missed by all The girls who have come io know and love her. A familiar sighl: Nancy Cunningham gels an our of Town card. I43 ro. f f fl A 1 1. SEATED: Bill Jolinson, Direcior of Alumni Relalionsg Harold Slrauglwn, Direclor of Special Evenls. STANDING: Mrs. Norman Wlnilefield. Co- ordinalor of Public Relarionsg Dr. Reginald C. Wesrmoreland, Direclor of Public lnformariong Roberf D. l-lunrer, Assisranl lo Presiclenlg Charlie Marler, Direclor of Sporls lnformalion. I44 Directors Propel Plans Into Action .- V-" B1 QF' F jg. ' Bill Adrian, Assislanl Direclor ol' Admissions and Placemenfg fx. B. Mor- ris. Direclor of Allwlelicsz James Fulbriglwl, Manager of Sludenfs' Emi change: Orval Filbeck, Direcior of Summer Session: Bill McClure, DI reclor of Safely: Clyde Auslin, Direclor of Admissions and Placement Curr ' - 1 . -,...,.Y. ' Leao McDaniel, Audilor: Don Drennan. Purchasing Agenl: Mrs. Lewis Fulks, Assislani To llwe Fiscal Agenlr Dale Casfleman, Assisfanf Regislrarq Bill l-lillon, Assislani Bursar. u...g -1-, 5 ' 'Y Y William Fryer, Direclor of Counseling and Acling Direclor of Teslingg J. D. Thomas, Direcfor of Bible Leclureslwipg G. L. Belcher, Direcror of Exiension: Wel- don l-l. Barnerr, Direcfor of Teacher Educaiion. l45 Secretaries Worked Presiclen'l"s Office Secrefaries SEATED: Mrs. Ken McCulchen. STANDING: Mrs. R. L.JoI1nson. Mrs,J. W. Robe-ri's. .1-iauwl'-' Direcfors' Secrefaries: Mrs. John Ferguson, Secrerary lo Assislanl Direc- ror of Admissions and Placemenr: Mrs. Peggy Hagood. Secrelary ro Direclor of Exlensiong Gail Brimgar, Secrelary 'ro Direcfor of Admissions and Placemenr: Mary Walker, Secrerary 'lo Direcror of Lecrureship: Mrs. Elvis lsrre, Secrefary in Regisfrar's Office. Behind the Scenes Execuiive Secreraries: Mrs. Fred Cowley. Secrefary ro Fiscal Agenr: Mrs. Woodrow Wilson, Secrerary 'ro Dean of G-raduale School: Mrs. Cecil F. Thomas. Secrefary lo Regisirar: M'Liss Crenshaw, Secrefary 'ro Bur- sar: Mrs. Mary Harris. Secrerary ro Dean: Linda Rainwarer, Secrelary To Srudenl Deans. Twenfy-rhree full-Time secreraries aid The presiclenr. acl- minisirarion, and direciors. Public Relafions Secreiaries: Mrs. Danny Fry, Suzanne Builer, Mrs. Curris P512 Blume, Mrs, Pearl Wallis. Curry, Sandra Garner, Mrs. David Gipson, Norma Allcire, Carolyn Coars, I46 A , 1 - , , Lf?-,G -fi .U - i . -In New Miss Vona Diffo. Wesi Gardner Hosiess: Mrs. Lillian Yowell. Easl' Gardner Hosfessg Mrs. Mildred Elmore, Rolaiing Hosiess. 'R 49' SEATED: Mrs. Juanifa Donalson, Nelson Hosless: Mrs. Dora Ragsdale McKinzie Hosressg STANDING: Mrs. O. C. Arfhur, Cafeferia l-losiess Mrs. Berflwa Moore, Zellner Hosress. Alvis Goliglwfly, McDonald supervisory C. L. Smiiln, Edwards supervisor. John Claybroolc, Mabee supervisor: Riiinard Troup, Barracks supervisor. Supervising Students . . . a 4 Hour Job ... Meanwhile, baclc af ihe ranch. griculturc Uffcrs Practical and Technical Training FRANCIS CHURCHILL Ph.D,. U. of Wyoming Purpose of ihe Agricullure Deparirneni is io give The siudenr boih Technical and praclical Jrraining in +he science of agriculrure wirh special emphasis on rhe opporfuniiies for Chrisiian service. The siudenl' may receive +he Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculiure wilh a maior in general agriculrure, range management animal husbandry or agronomy. W, i as ii 1, V. , ,Q .i 1' as yi NLE i J ' A .ww 1 if 'P 2: ' . f si if fi i. l .Tr W. i , .ra KEITH JUSTICE, Deparfmenl Head Ph,D., U. of Uiah I48 Graduaies are qualified for civil service employmeni. agriculiure-business posiiions. or for employmenl on farms and ranches. Many graduaies oblain advanced degrees qualifying Jrhem for research or reaching. T. w. coLBY DEWEY DAVIS M.S., Oklahoma ASM M.S.. Texas Tech - -iw.-W JODIE BOREN Kansas Cify Ari' lnslifule and School of Dezign Si,- Elaine Plale finds painling enjoyable. as well as hard worlc. TROY CARAWAY B.F.A., M.E.. U. of Denver rt Emphasizes Creativeness Concenirarion is on crearive efforl wirh emphasis on lundamenials of drawing and painringi courses in arf hisiory and arf lheory are designed +0 balance ihe s'ruden+'s program. Supplemeniary srudies in clay modeling and commercial arf are offered lo advanced arf srudenls, while ari educalion courses are designed +o meer 'rhe needs of Jrhose who plan To reach. Arr may be offered as a major for a Bachelor of Aris degree or may be used as a minor subiecf. BRENT GREEN NORMAN WHITEFIELD, Deparimeni Head B-F-A-I U- Ol TGX55 MJ-X.. U. of Denver I49 ii uv-..., ANTHONY LEE ASH FRED J. BARTON CARL BRECHEEN PAUL B. FAULKNER M.A., Abilene Chrisiian Cole Ph.D.,' lowa Slaie U. M.R.E., Harding College MS.. Abilene Clirisiian Co lege lege ., Jimi any 145215 EVERETT FERGUSON. JR. Ph.D.. Harvard U. NEIL R. LIGHTFOOT Ph.D., Duke U. LEMOINE G. LEWIS Ph.D.. Harvard U. PAUL SOUTHERN, Deparimenl l-lead Th.D., Souihern Bapiisl Theological Seminary :ef , ,Wi Vi ROBERT L. JOHNSON JOHN P. LEWIS Ph.D., New Yorlc U. lv1.A.,Vanderbil'r U. Bible Stud Helps Develop Character As dedicaled leachers ol Gods Word, lhe members ol The Bible Deparlmenl believe ihai The slrongesi single iaclor in lhe developrneni of characier is a reverenl sludy oi 'rhe Bible. Each course is planned lo promole delinile spiriiual 'rraining which will yield a unily lo be maniiesied in reiinemenl, reverence, and devolion. Six fields conslilule lhe undergraduale division ol The deparlmenl-The Biblical Languages. lhe Biblical. The Docirinal, lhe l'lislorical, ihe Praclical. and lhe Religious Educalion fields. EARLE MCMILLAN FRANK PACK BD., U. of Edinburgh Ph.D., U. of Souihern California 'rw-..-, .,H,',' ' . flvulr- "'1--,M 1 I an ,,.l',x' u N 5 A nu , Juli ul lguxiqv kv,-an ll. -Anti I 5-,nf :i::"T ln L, 14.1113 ,H U 'Li ..l IL. uh Icy f-Zfpfl kink llkln .Ak-.MINI Kan, 'lv- hhclL'lu.-fg ,Lf 51.1. x "' slrrph-I 1 - lu" in 'I any ll., LUN- lu, ' -w-., Iv ,.'x-.,,,, 'th I., A. ,M l"'L.,"2-n-. . f' 'lt.,'." - , Q-K. nz 1 ' -'u.,'rr"l,u H ,hc l,.uur ,,! U Ilan I ,nf :-Lv.-lx Il.c:n- 'iz' qi 5,:,ila- llxru, wi" ':.1!,k, unc n1:l'CJ -' Ang D5 lfnpgf Shlllt ,lgfltgfyn ' H111 Ill-' IJIII4' I 5'.iif Ix:IllC,Ylllf the I warg the de: in :Ins cnvlqu lsfj 1 Shan 111v'f""'fA"""' 'al lil Fffa-"' ,11 , ug, a. 1, ',,,f1 11.10 Hap lun. 'fsglq - I ,gg swnru: lu.. V, ' lib V 'Q,,,.,,,, 11,,,,,,L,r,:lr:n11,ml . N i , David Toews and Verner Ulriclw look af flue world's larqesl Bible in fhe college library. HOLBERT RIDEOUT D.R.E., Soullwwoslorn Baplisl Theological Seminary J. W. ROBERTS Pl1.D., U. of Texas PAUL W. ROTENBERRY M.A., U. of Pennsylvania THOMAS A. SHAVER M.A.,Soull1ern Meflnodisf U CARL SPAIN HENRY E. SPECK, JR. J. D. THOMAS WOODROW WILSON M.A., Soufhern Melliodisl U. i:d.D., U. of Texas Ph.D.. U. of Chicago 355, Tl1.D., Souflwweslern Bapfisl Theological Seminary J. R. ENDSLEY, Deparlmeni Head MA., George Peabody College for Teachers s ,. K I+ Qi 'I .-u John Lillle direcfs Annelfe Black in lhe use of lhe microscope. JOHN C. LITTLE B.S., Abilene Chrislian College I52 Purposes of Jrhe Biology Deparlmenl' are io provide worlc for The sludenis who desire lo do advanced sludy and research, 'ro prepare ihose who wish 'ro leach biology. and io provide a slrong minor in biology for ihose who need il 'ro complele Their preparalion in olher fields. The deparlmenl offers work which will me-el The needs of pre- proiessional lraining lor such groups as pre-medical, pre- denlal, and pre-pharmacy. Non-science sludenls are in- lroduced lo such iacls and principles of biology as will give Them a beller underslanclirig oi lhe world aboul Jrhem and means by which Jrhey may apply such To iheir own problems in life and well-being. Biolo ives a Better nderstanding of the Living orld J. B. THRONEBERRY RONALD WRIGHT Ph.D., Michigan Siafe U. B.S,, Abilene Chris+ian College 45' Marilyn Rizer finds Ilwe IBM machine a helpful aid. Eclucaling sludenls lor responsible aclminislralive and execuliye posifions in business and preparing llwem Io eslablish sound and profilable business enlerprises are Ilrie primary purposes of Ilwe Deparlmenl of Business Aclminisrra- Hon. JAMES E. FREEMAN, Deparimeni' Head M.A., Soullwern Meflwoclisl U. Sluolenls majoring in Business Adrninislrarion may , allain 'rlie degree of Bachelor ol Science in accounling. E P secrelarial lraining, general lousiness, rnarlceling, economics, or business educalion. Executives and Secretaries fi EARL CLEVENGER MRS. NAOMI HESSER MRS. MARTHA MOSIER M,A., Southern Meflmdigi U, M.S., Abilene Clwrislian M.Ecl., U. OlOICI6I1OmG College if I f"F I : V ff' 1 sis Xl W, ' I P ' V." i if I f M MRS. MAE ROBBINS WILLIAM E. WRIGHT BILL HILTON DON DRENNAN M.S., Abilene Clwrislian Pl'1.D., U. of Texas M.Ed., Hardin-Simmons U. M.S., Abilene Clirisfian College College I53 PAUL C. WITT, Deparlmenl l-lead Pl1.D., U. of Colorado hemistry Adds Research Program Maiors ar llwe unclergracluale level are ollereol a pro- gram equivalenl lo +l1a+ recommended by Hue American Chemical Socielry. A MasJrer's degree program in clwemislry has recenlly been esiablislweol, willw research primarily in l'l'1G areas of organic clnemislry and bioclwemislry. Graduales of llwis deparlmenl liave been especially successful in gracluare work in clwemislry and in medical ancl ollwer professional sludies. ALVIE DAVIS DONALD LEWIS Ph.D., U. of Texas Pl1.D.. Florida Slaie U. Lou Boofh 'resls 'rhe reacrion of syno-acefic-nifro-carbonafe and c.i-1 mon. 54 - ROBERT M. SMITH MA.. U. of Texas sf? WELDON H. BARNETT G. L. BELCHER ORBIE GILBRETH Ph.D.. U. of Texas Ph.D., George Peabody MA., Hardin-Simmons U. College Training Teachers Primary Iunclion of The cleparlmenl of Educalion is 'rhe professional preparalion of slrudenls Ior Teaching. Major courses are offered in elemenlary eclucalion and in secondary eolucalion in cooperalion wilh Ihe various deparlmenls in The preparalion of Ieachers in arl, biology. business. chemislry. English, French, hislory, home economics. in- cluslrial arls. malhemalics, music. physical eclucalion, A. Z. HAYS M.Ed., Texas Tech physics. social science, Spanish, ancl speech. 4121. 'iv' 'K-A-4. CATHRINE KENLEY MA., Hardin-Simmons U. ORVAL FILBECK, Deparfmenl' Head Ph.D., U. ol Texas JOE MARSHALL MA., Hardin-Simmons U. ED KIRK M.S., Abilene Chrislian College A I 1 I I I I DELLA PACK M.Ed., Hardin4Simmons U. G. L. Belcher expalins some secondary melhods. f"Y'X. 1 R. A. LEWIS Ph.D.. U. of Texas HAROLD WILKINSON Ed.D., Texas Tech l55 BEN R, BESSENT M.A., I-'lardin-Simmons U. ff-..f-a..-an MRS. OWEN DILLARD M.A.T.. Harding College 2ZL ?a X "3 ,.........- . .N I , I A I "W IT i . I iiif , I - All I X . , V 'E .-I law ,.-...A " :W i ll A A . 1:j.:.vQ,:'5",. 1: 1, 4 ' gigfgiaei gee, , '-.IL if' f "ffl T' 'ffkyf' " 'W J g w me. mg, .if-.-.J 1- ,ye .-- . Q, ." 1' ..- .fi-:.'.,G' JS. 1 7. T25 5-'fi f - ,3gIfI.- ' -- I .riqiffig-Q.i,1j 4 -,L X . Q-I ' . . ., ., .rx 'nm A l- .. - as-i'.. ' ii I : . , I- .11- .ami 1 Ax . it 'fn CLARA MAE ELLIS MA., U. of Oklahoma JAMES CULP, Deparlmenl Head Ph.D., Vanderbilr U. English . . . Basic To Declicaled members of The English Deparlmeni slrive Io encourage sludenls of all cleparimenls Io Ihinlc ol: The English language as a basic 'fool in The undersianding of all subiecis ancl Io reach Jrhe sludenls Io evaluare lilerary arf, Io refine 'rheir emoiions, 'ro malce valid iuclgmenls. and To develop an apprecialion for lileralure. The deparlmeni also prepares English majors 'Io do credilalole graduaie worlr and Io leach English elfeciively. DALE HESSER Fh.D., U. ol Kansas GEORGE EWING Y Y Y 771 Ph.D., U. of Texas V -' ' " +A- i l ZELMA ODLE Ph.D.. U. of Arkansas in HEBER TAYLOR J. EDDIE WEEMS Ph.D.. U. of Missouri MA.. Texas Chrisfian U. ol DANIEL BOONE MA., U. of Arkansas BEN NELMS M.A,. U. ol Norlh Carolina ERNEST D. SHELTON M.S., Texas AEM MIMA ANN WILLIAMS MA.. U. ol Texas Mi ' EEE? ,lr L A pg 57 :wg-:gf ' V N Pai Taylor and Vicki Chapman find paper work may be necessary before beginning 'lo work. Primary aim of The Home Economics Deparlmenl is +0 prepare young women for The imporlanlr posiiion of homemaking and for lhe vocaiions which grow our of homemaking aciivilies. The deparlmeni also offers +0 srudenls regisfered in olher deparlmenlrs a good founda- iion in rhe subiecls relaled lo Jrhe problems of 'rhe home. The beginning courses in foods, clolhing, lexliles, and child Preparation for Homemaking guidance are open 'ro all siudenls, and Jrwo courses--Basic Family Problems l and ll-are offered for non-majors only. Major course offerings for general and vocaiional majors include foods, nuiriiion, cloihing, iexlriles, housing and home furnishing, family relaiions, child guidance. and home management MARIE WILMETH, Deparlmeni Head Ph.D.. Kansas Slaie U. LYLIAN ARLEDGE MA.. George Peabody College BURNYA MAE MOORE EVA THOMPSON M.S., Texas Slaie College WANDA WALTON M.S., Texas Women's U. for Women M.S.. Purdue U. BERT E. MOSIER, Department I-lead lv1.l.E.. Oklahoma U. orking in an Industrial Eeonom Five primary purposes are served by the Department ot Industrial Education: preparing teachers tor high school: training industrial workers in dratting. woodworking, and metal working: assisting students in developing hobbies: providing general education ot common tools and materials: and helping students appreciate the tremendous importance ot skills in an industrial economy. Curricula ottered lead to the Bachelor ot Science degree with a maior in industrial education. and to the degree Bachelor ot Science in Education with a concentra- tion in industrial arts. Students Report, Edit, Evaluate Abilene Christian College's Journalism Department helps students to evaluate, as well as prepare tor, work in the iournalism tield. While the curriculum has both technical and non-technical courses, it leans toward the latter, hoping to give the student a broad understanding ot iournalism while he acquires a liberal education. Through laboratory work on the student publications, students learn to apply theories learned in the classrooms. and thus prepare tor turther work in the tield. REGINALD WESTMORELAND Ph.D., U. ot Missouri l58 HEBER TAYLOR, Department Head Ph.D.. U. ot Missouri 4 1 s' 'i Paul Schulze finds ihe analog compuier is a complex machine. H. RALPH BROOKER Ph.D., U. ol Florida GENE EVANS M.S., Oklahoma Siaie U. S. E. MCREYNOLDS M.A., U. oi Texas MRS. A. Z. HAYS WOODARD ROBBINS M.S.. Texas Tech MA., U. of Texas tud ing in Our Scientific World Undergraduaie curriculum of The Maihemaiics-Physics Deparimeni is designed primarily io prepare The siudeni for graduaie siudy, +o meei ihe professional need oi The maihemaiician. The engineer, Jrhe physicisi, or The chemisi, or for preparaiion as a ieacher. Abilene Chrisiian College offers courses suiiicieni' for ihe degrees of Bachelor of Aris, Masier of Aris. and Bachelor oi Science in Educaiion wiih maih or physics as ihe area of conceniraiion. V T. "" T i T cms ' . M. E. MULLINGS, Deparimeni' Head Ph.D., U. of Cincinnaii J. W. TREAT, Deparlmenl' Head Pl'1.D., U. of Texas odern Language Has Three-fold Purpose Three-fold purpose of lhe Modern Languages Deparl- menf is lo guide sluclenls inlo a proficiency in Jrhe use ol The languages sludied and for The specific needs of 'rhe sludenls. 'ro develop in Jrhe sludenrs a broad vision of service and culfural underslanding. and 'ro help prepare Jreachers of languages ro meer Jrhe needs arising from Jrhe Teaching of languages in Jrhe public schools. Degrees offered by The deparlmenl are lhe B.A. degree in German, and lhe BA. and B.S.E. degrees in French and Spanish. Also offered. on sufficienl demand. are courses leading lo a minor in llalian. MRS. BEN R. BESSENT lvl.A., Vanderbill U. L. HAVEN MILLER MA., George Peabody College for Teachers I60 Jan Colhran operales a recorder in The new modern language laborarory. Mr. Fry spends counlless hours working wilh ihe band. Music Adds Culture to Campus Fourfold purpose of fhe Music Deparlmem' is: 'ro develop ils siudenls arlisiically: To malce a cleiiniie conlri- buiion 'lo Jrhe cullural life oi lhe college. +he communily, and 'rhe Soulhwesi: io prepare iis sludenls lo Teach music efieclively in school and sfudiog and lo provide ialenied sludenls who desire 'ro enfer ihe performance field wil'h 'rhorough preparalion. Music maiors may alslain eiiher a degree of Bachelor of Music Educalion or a Bachelor of Arfs in applied vocal or insfrumenlal music. k . ,V NN p Y ,. l l Br 3 un.- ,'-j.2Qc'fQQ-jQ.s .o . --,:112h5.i'- P?,'ji..F-'IxT3',:7G5laQ I- l-ZIP, -If I: -- "iii-12 --na... i f-all-fi ' 'gfxfiihiq n Q-'gro w ' a' '5'2:f- 'FQ' ' 5,3 -3' rv' A 'fa' 2 ar. ,- ., 1, . t, , ur 1 .9 U sf, HARRY FIERBAUGH M.F.A., Ohio U. M. L. DANIELS M.Ed., Abilene Chrislian College MRS. CHARLES H. COLEMAN M.A., Wayne Slale i i l I I i l i MRS. FORREST TIPTON M.M., Hardin-Simmons U. DOUGLAS FRY M.M.E., Soulhern College ol' Fine Aris ,.m - MRS. DEWEY DAVIS. Aciing Deparlmenl' Head M.M., Hardin-Simmons U. I GUY SCRUGGS M.A., Hardin-Simmons U. JERRY MULLINS M.Ecl., Abilene Chrisfian College ' All waTch anxiously aT This poinT. DWAIN HART MS., Baylor U. Provides Recreation for 11 Purpose oT The l-lealTh, Physical Edu- caTion, and AThleTics DeparTmenT is To sTimulaTe and inTeresT The sTudenTs in wholesome recreaTional acTiviTies, and pro- vide healThTul exercise Tor The developmenT oT The body. InTercollegiaTe conTesTs are sponsored by The deparTmenT. and inlrramural acTivi- ' Ties are sTressecl in order Thal' all may parTicipaTe. l A. B. MORRIS, DeparTmenT Head LES WHEELER B,S,, Texas ASQM M.Ed., Abilene ChrisTian College I62 JOYCE CURTIS MS., NorTh Texas STaTe U. K: BILL McCLURE M.Ed., l-lardin,Simmons U. wie MRS. DEE NUTT M. Ed.. Abilene Chris+ian College Increasing the nderstanding of Human Behavior Psychology majors are given inTensive work in advanced courses Thai' should prepare Them Tor IooTh graduaTe sTudy and Tor life siTuaTions. Primary inTeresT oT This deparTmenT is To increase The under- sTanding oT human behavior Through The Teachings oT ChrisTianiTy, since They are recognized as being The loesT and only really eTTecTive principles seT TorTh. Mary Lou Clevenger consulTs wiTh Dr. Leach and Tinds his calendar quiTe Tull. MAX LEACH, DeparTmenT Head Ed.D., U. of Colorado 3 NORRIS C. CAMPBELL WILLIAM N FRYER Ed.D., U. of Colorado M A Columbia U ROBERT H. WHITAKER CLYDE AUSTIN MA., Hardin-Simmons U. M.P.S., U. of Colorado WENDELL BEDICHEK M.A., U. of Texas NORMAN HOGAN M.A.. Memphis Slaie U. i "fs l i i B. FRANK RHODES ' Ph.D., U. of California MRS. HENRY E. SPECK MA.. Soufhwesl Texas MRS. HAROLD A. WILKINSON M.Ed.. Texas Tech Purposes of The Social Science Deparimeni are io help explain Jrhe presenr siaie of ihe worlcl, +o afford clues 'ro ihe fuiure, and fo prepare one for cilizenship. Members of ihis deparrmenr ailempi Jro piciure Jrhe eniire life ancl io give an- undersianding of various races and groups of man- lcind ai all iimes. Major courses offered are in hisiory and social science. I64 The imporiance of learning abou? our governmenl is poiriled ou'f by Mr. Bedichek. Social Science Pictures Life - Past and Present W. EARL BROWN, Deparimeni' Head MA.. U. of Colorado Speech Builds Better Habits Primary aims ot the Speech Department are: to improve the general speech habits ot the student body, to develop the more talented in speaking performance, and to provide an adequate background ot training and experience tor those who expect to teach speech. Degrees ottered by the department are the Bachelor ot Arts, Bachelor ot Science in Education, and a Master ot Arts. Mary Jackson finds the blackboard a helpful aid in speech-making. . 4 ip! CHARLES H. COLEMAN LOWELL G. PERRY IMA Cl-EVENGER EDWARD M- BROWN MA., Wayne State U. Ph,D.. Northwestern U. Ph-D-. U. Ot Oklahoma M-A-. Abilene Christian College pat? 4 L 1 , . Q"- MRS. O. M. McGINTY M.A., U. ot Oklahoma REX P. KYKER, Department Head Ph.D., U. ot Florida l 1 if--. i MRS. ROBERT WHITAKER FRED J. BARTON MA.. U. ot Southern Ph.D.. State U. of lowa California MRS. BURFORD HAILEY B.S., Texas Tech C. EVERETT TAYLOR M.L.S.. Wesiern Reserve U. MRS. FORREST W. HARLOW MA., Hardin-Simmons U. l With her arms full of books, Carol Cooksey siill iries fo aid Sharon Falkner. ' MRS. JOHN P. LEWIS 'xx' . MRS. G. L. MORRIS CALLIE FAYE MILLIKEN, Head Librarian MA.. U. of Texas Expanding Librar Serves Students Designed 'ro provide siudy and research maierials 'For srudenrs and faculiy, 'rhe Library now coniains over 95.000 volumes, covering all phases of 'rhe college curriculum. Special aiienlrion is given io The Bible and Biblical language colleciion which coniains rare volumes and numerous versions and iranslaiions of The Bible. Oiher special colleciions include 'rhe Sewell Bible Library, Jrhe McGarvey Library, and The C. R. Nichol books. MRS. C. EVERETT TAYLOR MRS. BERNICE McCLlNTOCK l Faculty Skates, Hunts, Watches Games, Imitates Students . . . l l President Morris anxiously watches a tootball game. Dr. Max Leach tincls physical balance is easier to obtain 3 than emotional balance. The administration is out to ruin Christmas. J. W. Roberts. Boyd Wis- dom, Lawrence Smith, and A. B. Morris. Members ot the taculty strive to imitate typical students at the taculty pep rally. I67 1 , tv , -Q . A 4. sl' ,gn -W ', w, -- Y 1-. ' A '..v Q -A K' 'A ,, .'1'JS?lv, X-25? 1" l q 4 .v, L H. fv. 4 2-711-, v, 3 -1 . i 1 1: 1 ' -'.f- ' fd , 1. VIA- - 0 . 1 41, - J, ' J , -mg, '4. v-.'.' :' ,N f . . .r.'7 , , f1'L.'-Ag' .,C . mfr! x-- I , , , 3 5. mn D w ,..-a 1 iw- .. . 1 . "- 3 : . 1 . . U , 4, ,A . "HQ, l ,. . 4 A 2 agtv-. fd P 4 f 41' .-' -U 1 A 1.5 - f 5- ..- ,-51.1, nr vm' -nn: .-,Lyn - ..r, ' " ' --.r.,. 1, '- N- f N -"Sis-"f1g T-' - ,,--' fm 1' -fl' " .f ' ""f.-X' HJ-b',7M'H?N'!,--,51 '. 1---'a :JY ,f..."f, ..', u ,V -v-- ,,,,,1"f ' il.. , .UUHVNI 4 f"':'A ' -' " V '-f ' ,xii -in ' " "" .' vu W-'f' " , fu 'sign' ' ' A-- fgmf ,af-.- :,:'av1'f L ' '.."'v' -:.,4,.t.'j,'-f',,,..:, ". .- f.'i..,.m-vw fl. , ', 1 1- --',,!,!,,' I N-,.' Hum -"-- . -' ..-,- , ,V 'A ,1'f'f"".."""'1'F"'i..' K "-F' .:'L-:W "..3-'Qpm9', -, .nl 1' -Am. .U-'s""b -"" " ' . 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Q v W., 'N 5 '- VNX' 5.2 ing? 1 'gfxx y gqx ,fa ' gy' :Ai ---h .x J , M ' , " " - ,-,Ji Mfgf ipiffx ,fig-' we-x N-, Z 1-12: ,, V W- Y :jc -yr, i Vex mwgggsf H,,,-.-4 yu 1' , , , - ' - 1 VY H-, nl: ww ' I YH , ' V, 5,3 - wg: .V 2 ::,,,,,?, , ,, . , W,,. x xx ' Mg V b EY KV :fx xxx ' lx , 'f' f' A W ng: I--I I FII W v U! , xxxx www' "" x. was 1 ,x .fx A xr p " . wwf -wkernyag .' .,,,,,. 5 -.M nl. xxx , v'A 42, 1 , If if T - Miss ACC Pat George L 7Z1'?f9"- ,MII F' L. -'WL ' '- vw,-,-"f'Q... Tn, ,' ' '- ' ' . ' .Q af. - -- ,M 'WA' .o " Mflwif o . o ,w-Mi'A f'-'ff'?-"1'PT- ' WT 1 if A '9f'l'- L ' L, - .w'ff,1 ' " ' . , , Lin, A .. , 0 , ,, 'f' -.E 'i"J l .H . n '-H1 '. -- M uv? 1 - ' N Q: elk. lug- .Vixen '-- , , - f. YI Ha. yn ' . ' ' ' kg V , - f - QD" , f , ,. AA V -. 1' 1 f N. 2,5 f -!lF"2'wf' , . f ' f!f1 " ,,,,y En? WMM 53521 55-2 Ill 'Sl if U o V- x W I foal 4. Ill llll NN Mil , 4. ' f . : .. n , f ,f P, 4,-'u. . 1.4 f 'A.. - lutq- . -. Q-YI1 1, , ..gansil"'-"""""' ' I , ,, .. -, - M ...,!- n. -.. jnvvrf-v' . I r ,UVM x f. T 5 1 omg, gn H F J V,-T L,iz iii! " 4 , ..- 'Wi X . "Ei Q .o X H! l rn ul' fa Yu? W 'H . X 5 u - . .-" ,.., H ..a L...u11,L .,. 1. x N '- Bob Robertson Mr. ACC . ,Y ni' rl f I7l Pat George Bolo's classmales look +0 him for lead- ership. People know Bob likes Them-his ready grin makes Thai unmislakable. They 'rrus'r Bob, loo. l-le backs up his word wilh ac- lions. ACC's ideal boy is slraighlforward and ouigoing. Tha+'s why Bob is Mr. ACC. f . M4 , - . - l - - H-',,.f.:"?- fi -' -. .3 im if Pa'r's smiling, lislening eyes make peo ple feel Thai she-and 'rhey-are some lhing special. Pal is ACC's ideal girl: characler charm. inlrelligence, and beauiy have made her Miss ACC. 4 'e-1 , . l .1-4, .r3"s-.. ff -5. ,,4,,',., Y.. .4 "' 'J V nf- ' ' -, -i. Bob Robertson l. l . ,I- 1 AQTLL. L I Av 'n eff' l 1 . .. A ty . - l ,ll I ' I l""ljr-A-1-JIU 1 K WM? I 5 Paf Taylor and Jerry Turner Runners-Up Mr. and Miss ACC June Daniels and Charles Groves Honor Boy and Girl Lar Y BFS X Karen Carlfon fi -,V , Q V. Li 4 if -V n .- x l W 1, .lit " ' 2 rl 75:5-.ftgf-i X . 1' IN, 4 7, , .fffll 43538 JV' Q, U If '41 'ls " tx ' v 'if' 'W' F45-Q . . . 5 'ff surge' - 5 V, 'W' ' 7? a 1 . I V Ng, Q A 1 im m ' "',,. Q S S A ' 3" '1,,a' 'hy , -.gb . U 'Jug . . 15 .'. ' I W W I . - , .s , .-N 4 Q 318- .. .f-fi ng' W 1' 1 ..vgL5filg, 'GU auf. S . Q Y . ' k xx," J I I h Q 1 h . a its , . G ', " . A -J .1 iss ' I A 5 5 S- . 'artiirtg' V ., V .- ., -kllgrl .157 1 L. -.QI xv ,M -t:.'ffQ.S . .. , 4 , . fn J' ,I .' n 4: . I W - A , f , 15 f 'M 1. ' "hi , J gig . gs' WTF' .Q' a f 4 ,Leif Q -- nkhs R, K' pal 4 Af' I' Q as-. ful J, . 5 Xl ,, , 1 Q- i , Tin. I l - 2 ml? H :iq - ll l Pat Ta lor Honor Girl ACC awarded Pal Taylor ils higheslr sludenr award- 'lhal ol Honor Girl. Pal found lime for bolh diligenl sludy and for campus aclivilies. She was a Home Economics Edu- calion maior and received The lille ol Miss Secondary FTA. Pai was Sludenl Associalion secrelary, runner-up lo Miss ACC. a nominee for Homecoming Queen, iunior class favor- ilre, and was selecled lo Who's Who. Some of her olher aclivilies include Ko Jo Kai. "VV" llhd Club. cso, Killen Klub, lscc, Kappa Della Pi, Alpha clll, """l and Home Economics Club. :J li Uiiipi V June Daniels SEA Pres. ISCC CSO Killen Club Yankee Club Pandora Pres. TSEA Edilor KACC Speech Therapy Club Gardner Dorm Council Bob Beakley Galaxy Sing-Song Co- Chairman Class Pres. P l ai? Claudia Chambers CSO "W" Club Band Orchesfra Kappa Della Pi Alpha Chi Sigma Tau Della Della Thela SEA Killen Club ,qt Mariha Holden Senale Sec. Sr. Class Sec. CSO Pres. "W" Club Treas. SEA 3rcl Vice-Pres. Della Thela Kappa Della Pi Kilfen Club Prickly Pear Feafures Eclilor Choraliares Sec. Soph. Senafor Press Club Royce Money Knighfs Direclor of Religious Aciivilies f Who's Who Avery Falkner Kappa Pi Pi Epsilon Bela Pres. Prickly Pear Arl' Edilor Knighls Mike Fanning Prickly Pear Edilor, Sub-T-I6 Pi Epsilon Bela Blue Key Press Club Alpha Chi Pal Duncan Alpha Chi Kappa Delia Pi McKinzie Dorm Council SEA Miss FTA Whois Who Judy Swofforcl Press Club A Cappella Sexfei Ko Jo Kai Class Sec. CSO Opiimisf Fealure Ediior McDonald Dorm Council Di Ann L'Roy A Cappella Sexlei Madrigals CSO Mu Phi Epsilon Alpha Psi Omega Melpomeneans Mary Lee Taylor Band Ellen H. Richards Kappa Della Pi Sigma Tau Delia Alpha Chi "W" Club SEA Billy Wilbanlcs Varsiiy Baslceiball Blue Key Alpha Chi Kniqhis Insyders LeH'erman's Ass'n. Jim Womack Galaxy Varsiiy Baslceiball Capiain Le'r+erman's Ass'n. Blue Key Alpha Chi Kappa Del+a Pi CharloHe Droll Ko Jo Kai. Vice-Pres. Alpha Chi CSO "W" Club Kiiien Club Sigma Tau Della "I Remember Mama Dorm Council Lindy Merrioh' Omega Rho Alpha Cheerleader WRA Ko Jo Kai CSO Kappa Delia Pi SEA PEMM Club Sec. John Lawler LeHerman's Ass'n. Treas. Troians Business Club Track, Capfain NCAA Sieeple Chase Champion l96l I77 Kappa Della Pi 934' i l ri ii ini- Wlxl l ll Y 1 I Larry Marshall Galaxy Pres. Blue Key ISCC Pres. Class Vice-Pres. Class Senalor l Elizabelh Ann lBeHyl Malhews Hello Boolc Edilor ,- , i Prickly Pear Bus. Mgr. 1:--fa, r World for Chrisl Edilor SEA Kappa Della Pi "W" Club Alpha Chi Nelson Dorm Pres. Mission Sludy Sreering Comm. Kansas Group Campaign Charles Groves Sluclenls' Ass'n. Pres. Junior Class Pres. Soph. Vice-Pres. Soph. Favorire Delegale +o Sruclenl Conf. on Nalional Affairs Galaxy Sec. Circle K Pres., Disl. Sec. Who's Who, i962 Debare Squad Fresh. Senaror Glenda Genfry Alpha Chi Senale "W" Club Vice-Pres. Ko Jo Kai Sigma Tau Della Oplimisr Bus. Mgr. Omega Rho Alpha Kappa Delia Pi CSO SEA Jerry Turner Foorball Caplain Sub-T-I6 Pres. Mabee Dorm Council LeHerman's Ass'n. Ann CoHon Omega Rho Alpha Alpha Chi Zela Rho CSO B.A, Club Young Republicans Zellner Dorm Coun cil Blenus Wrighl' Alpha Chi Debare Squad Pi Kappa Della Pres. B.A. Club lnrernalional Club Blue Key Pres. Leader ol Mission Sludy Leader of Evangelislic Forum Par Taylor Sluclenls' Ass'n. Sec. Class Senalor Kirfen Club Ko Jo Kai ISCC CSO Alpha Chi Class Favorile "W" Club Home Ec. Club Sallye HarH' Della Thela Kilfen Club SEA Kappa Della Pi B.A. Club Home Ec. Club Homecoming Display Comm. Chairman 15' 'TQ I 3733! i iv'-15' 5. .1 i '1 v . 1 y. . ...i ,,..,AA..,7- .. . 4 ...Ano A.. ., , 410. Virginia Braclt A Cappella Sexlel- Alpha Chi "W" Club Kappa Della Pi Mu Phi Epsilon Zela Rho CSO SEA "Carousel," "King and l" Charles Trayler Band, Pres. "A" Club Orchesfra, Pres. Sen. Vice-Pres. Slage Band Galaxy a 'n Ginger Coffman Cheerleader Miss ACC Homecoming Queen Sopl1.Vice-Pres. Della Thela SEA Home Ec. Club McKinzie Dorm Council Charla Granbery "W" Club Alpha Chi Kappa Delia Pi SEA Ko Jo Kai, Pres. . l962 A Cappella Mary Logs Newhouse Carole Sfone Sfraughn Home Ec. Club Pres. Pi Epsilon Bela Kappa Delfa pi Sigma Tau Delia DeI+a Thela SEA Young Republicans Sexfef One Acl Plays McKinzie Dorm Council Whois Who Lana Wisenbalcer "W" Club Sigma Tau Della GATA, Pres. Oplimisr Bus. Mgr. CSO Don Williams Sluclenl Senale Soph. Pres. Blue Key Galaxy Vice-Pres. New Mexico Club Treas. David Huddle Band Orcheslra Slage Band Alpha Chi Science Club Research Assl'. Olro Fosler Chemisrry Award Am. Chem. Soc. Abilene Philharmonic Orcheslra Homecoming Queen canclidaies were Par George. Pal' Taylor, Carol Crisp, Jane? Bailey, Janice Filloeck. Nancy Knight Jan Sallerwhile, and Judy Oglerree, Piclurecl also is Mrs. Ken Rasco, Coming Home Queen from l952. Pat George Reigned ver Homecoming 1962 Par George, senior from Vicloria. Texas. was eleclecl 'ro reign over Jrhe I962 Homecoming leslrivilies. She was crowned queen al halllime by Mrs. Ken Rasco, Coming Home Queen from l952. Pai was escorrecl from The field by Charles Groves, Siudenl' Body Presidenli and escorleol 'fo The srancls by her escorl, Brenl' Buchanan. Pal, an elemenrary eclucalion major. was aclive as senior class senalor. ancl a member of Ko Jo Kai social club. She was chosen Band Sweelhearl and was runner-up To junior class favorile in l96l. LJ 1 1, -n f -u-1 1 111 11 1 'ar E1 I ':1 T . .H rin'-1..,ji!r"9 NL 11 Qfi '11 111-1 1 1- 1 1-112 11 +311 . 15. I I 21' , 11 1111! . ' 11' 11- - 'IZ' v' ' J QWQQ1 : Mums-5 - ,wwf Q ,-ggmm - 4,,m51w M1155 gm, E 42 1 . 1 1 11 1 1 1 A 1 1 1 1 l 1 1 Hp, nwu , 32 s1E1w ' 1 :M V Qi. sfwsfsssif ff ff -?'5??55ixf:ezzsg:r1-W uw 1 in vi 45 . ,Xxx xiii? " l' 'Q Q 4 1 Y I -I , , ,M ,E , .25 : . .' lr in . LJEQW Y -- A .N-1, , Y my as -is Lu f ' 'f :xi f V-J ' ., f- . '-LII. F- Y, 1 1 ' rl" as ' ' .5 ' UH. . -,, wi If v 'fr-L .Q 1 , ' .e ' ELM 1-A- Z Qi as 2 ' V I I ..' A W 152: Y . , . gig 'gg ' N , fifswii' :F " ' lf ' . J' A f - ' 1 .ws ' NX, V' J!--, H ' 1- , ' "'?if it ig' , 51, Nm Q ,,,1,.:u.,: -V 1 g H?" ' "rua, K .i"lTL,:"if - .-1 1, Pg-yi' ,, 2 g, ".. 'r . I A v " , 1 L"::A:,,lLf,- I, ., .- T 7. X 3. ' ' .. -r- f v Jgff. 1 ., . n,.- - :'i5i!?: L . ,. - ., - ' WMWQQ 1 'PT' ?f ": W WW figggggiv' Y i f ' ,A . Beaut Pat George ,H Y' NXLL W-gif wa ! Vlsnyw A ' iwiiigi' 1 .. : A f . 'yi 1 l 2 " '." '. 57191: SZQFSZQL '-x - Q- -1 g H. 'if ., . A. W5 -. Hr'-' HE 4. 1 H 5. t A-Y ..f,.-E542 1' I ..- 'E -- tin K H y. , W 3 ,. .-.M X X .l 1 Mg U ., '-T r -.u 1... -gb ' v M- f'- ' 11' 'Q -' '1'1fw V- "' "i , . H . ,. ., . , ,, . V . 4 N V . n 17515: Q . :N . J ., M," " f Q, 'T?.I " 1-C .L 5-.wb 'fl , ' 1 VF-4-,gr f X 3,1-wnng'H -' :ffl 3,1 ' .". '," . -.Jr ' ' 45. . , it , YY-. , , l ' 'M :,g-Qghi V , S... 'V 4 ' . -L?-gg-1 1-.S 15, z, 1 . V ..,. - N "o any ikiggg az, Q. .fi Beaut Carol Cri I83 as 32 'F Beaut Loma Carol Roberson ' TBS' , Vg v , X 1 :gk 2325555 5 F S' 7 7 4 ' Beaut Jan Satterwhite -- 1 -. I,.- 1 , I ' ' V' . YA. - 'g:"'1Hi,.' ,A xx Y 1 .,,-f- ' E K f ww mg Beaut Frances Vickre . . Ei::.-: Beauty Nan Frazer s- Beaut R y Cavert ,N-. . mf '1 . 1 'rzl-1, 5. , ' 2 f . . . , w 3 -gal ff .-, . ,A , u ' "',t-'EWU F .JJ 11, , ' ,- - ' ,J Vx xi ,, . -14 ..,f - 5 ,.' Q, -. N 'g - .4 ,H u' 'W - ' , K2 lx, P N-' QL ,E 'Ana' E5 f , if M ' L' , rs M12 if ' E gm ng. F ,Z , 2395- ' ig 'Z ? W. .51 X ,N IV' 'V 555' 'EIJL .- I I K - 5.25 :fi " V W -.. 1.4 :war :ELT ' I'5Nl'J'3j JPL if - Y :J J 13: .121--Ring -55. -I ' 1 x - : , .W ,-1:3 X , 'Q N.-, -',,f,.-.-.'.., T1 , V .T -1'v- . f " H7 '- ..,, WHEJI- ,QNX , tl-,K V ,gy ,151 .mf - , 1 .v , - A x ,. lv, Lv' Y ' w , ,fx lp' J '. ' -' Qu-Lu I MN' ' ' I' in ' V E - -1' - as I ,E fs Km. nm if as 4. L . . M22 4 K E Mf'w H . F gf- X253 Runners-up Judy Ogletree Janet Bailey Janice F ilbeck Suzanne Davis Lynne Coleman Bunn ers-up Gayla Gieger Connie Garner Deanie Allen Runners-Up: Sandy Cushing, Charles Cleelc, Fran Warren, and Tommy Buffaloe. Mike Hubbard possesses a io- vial viraliry and spiril' Jrlrnai gives him recognirion as freshman class favorile. Mike is a Religious Edu- carion maior coming from Denver Ciiy. Texas. This lilrlle ball of fire is Ann lvicClung. She slands our among her freshman classmaies as fun- loving. yer serious. and depend- able. Ann is maioring in Ari: and is from Dallas. Ann Mike .:4 if NAH1 Aff ! . ,J J . 'Q ,ii .-elif .-,'s.- :- I, , 1. I ,il I .ia 1 Tall, easy-going, ancl frienclly are Trails aclequalely ai'- irilouled io l-luloerf Lee Gill, sophomore favorife. I-luberl is majoring in Government l-le comes To ACC from Loving- ron. New Mexico. Lovely Nan Frazer, a Psychology major from Bellon. Texas. was selecied by her classmaies +o-be sophomore fa- vorile. l-ler warm, frienclly smile and magneiic personalily make her oopular among her fellow siuclenis. Runners Up Marshall Clinkscales, Lynne Coleman, Deanie Allen, and Rocky R-oclciwfell. 'Q Nan ?"1"'.i3" sl Runners-Up Carson Edwards and Suzanne Davis Amiable manner, deep spirit and aclive leadership describe jun- ior favorile Bob Roberlson. l-le is a Business major and is from Waco, Texas. Bob has been 'rwice elecled lavorile by his classmales. Junior favorile, Jan Saller- while, is a bubble of energy on campus. I-ler vivacious personalily and cordialily won for her lhis honor. Jan is a Vocalional Home ,,-,..f Economics maior, and hails from Abilene. PreHy, perky Ginger Coffman is lwice a class favoriie. Ginger. a Home Economics major from Pasadena, Texas, is aciive in all phases of siucleni life. Her friendly smile and cleep devoiion gained her 'ihe lille of senior favorile. This warm-hearlecl smile ancl aclive congenial- iiy make up senior lavorile Jerry Turner. He was co-capiain of 'rhe ioolball leam and was skipper of Sub-T's. Jerry is a Maihemaiics major from Ma- son, Texas. Jerry Runners-Up: Judy Ogleiree, Pai George, Charlie Brown, and Bob Beakley. Ginger Y, i .1 ,,41,,,4 F Inc ln .v I' iw -neilif' , V ,QS an 411 I E gl Qi , X. -1' ,ff 9 uf , 'f'?.fEqf1- ami :fir-'!vvf.f- H" ' -' ' ' N V '-- -'T'.Ziff.f1"!. f':. ,N,v,giL 7 'lj .L 451955551 -, K ff,,f2?ff':"'!-Q35 if ff? 4762, in XSS., f lffryix s K., v, lil, ' . mf' iff gil-. if in Aflac! fb in A-fm. ff 'iff ff fix F2 'ul .-71117,-5-S. Aff! if 4:1 'fa ft , ,Wfffp 'iigk 'Lrg AFP, 'R . 52:6 "9 Am web' .gy A 65,51 S5 9 Hifi? ff QjfM'i12fgf f2 Tis 1-54.-mf: Q? wif XX ,A " -'W L Tw Ax ix P F24-Aqf' 32 'Q Aff- X19 ' 'au ff '1 'slffgfiy "K ' WL gill? S' K' 6,-V fr-1, 5 L59 1 . . v-1 L-Q' 'f mi .V A I -V '3 R M1632 Ay fax 1' -at 4' , , 'VE:e,,F:M., -f gk i ,F giant' film Tin ,Inf Ewmgggf ,Alai Nffnx C7 QQ Q, . 4!:'xXg5bfNx fy .V Www Y eqgj, T15 fffy N ww' , A n gy 'Q A4 'f 'ii' y 5 ,E fy? ., ---f 'g if Maurice Peeples Virginia Brack Sondra Alley Audrey Wrighf DF- Frank Pdfllf Presideni Vice-Presidenr Secreiary Treasurer Sponsor lpha Chi Excels in cademics Alpha Chi was founded on February 22, I922. The lo- cal chapler, known originally as 'rhe James A. Garfield Chap- rer. and officially as 'rhe Texas Psi Chapier. was srarrecl in i927 wirh James Cox as local sponsor. Alpha ancl Chi are The iniiial leiiers of The Greek words "Aleiheia" llruihl and "Charak'rer" fcharacrerl. Alpha Chi is composed of The upper IO per ceni scholasiically oi The junior and senior class. il Carol Balmer Tom Bosi' Chesfer Bosion Jerry Burns Melva Burfon Karen Chiles Jamie Compfon Carol Crisp Dennis Davis Elizabefh Dearing Pairicia Duncan Ed Emmons Mike Fanning Pafricia Gibson Euline Green .gg T . Vx Glenda Genfry T H ' i l - 4 QQ- T ii gf , is l -TEA! 2 -iq 'C' V 1 u ,1 Q l f' V' ll' ii l V U Qi! 5 l J f?E'is'9!:J lib.. fs 4 '. ll "ips 6.1" ' llzxzw, 'T' 9' p f. f fl Q il ' i. T ' .fi .Z if Charloife Droll Nancy Guggolz i l Johnny Harper Avanell Hill Ray Locke Dwighf Love Royce Money Carolyn Rhoads Qtr" , George Sullivan Jim Womaclc Mary Morren Jerry Riggs Mary Lee Taylor Blenus Wrighi' Marlyn Hoplcins so ' i sy I 4, ag: 1 55-- Frances McBroom Douglas Nelson A i v u -rf. il Jacqueline Shorl' Pai' Taylor Ann CoHon rf'- ll Judy Horn 'iffy' Kay McCorlcle Linda Newron David Huddle David Gordon Jones 'lw.,V.x .. A Q F an 62 1 3 X ' 'U ' l - ii 41142624 J fo r A ff, M.".' f'4e?ie .ff lffgiilffii GJ .lf V, ' ii izi ai ? if 1- V. Q . X Q, .Q f-'fi 1 -- f Barbara Belly Mafhews McMennamy Elaine Plale William Slione Willis Sfarnes i l i l I l June Turner Claudia Chambers Bill Walion Don Crisp Jan Pounds ' " gras 'N 1' , f i Y l, l- . Jan Siromquisf ff ,I g f' 5 X.. -fx ' X1 ,l fn X N I Glenda While David Hughes l J QQ vase 'X w Q ' - . 4 y lose Nancy Knighl' l Dave Merrell fa? Richard Reynolds Helen Su bey ll l Janelle While Virginia Wheeler n Blenus WrighT Don Williams Bill Showers Bill WalTon Errol McGuire Presidenl' Vice-Presidenl' 5ecreTary-Treasurer Corresponding Sec. EdiTor oT The A Ron WrighT Carl Spain ExecuTive Sec. Sponsor Xxvllll 'ff N 7 1 Blue Key ll G. C. Morlan Tounded The original A Club in l9l7 wiTh The rnoTTo, "We live To serve." Through The years, iT has been represenTed by The men oT Abilene ChrisTian College who meT The Club reguiremenTs oT scholarship, leadership, and ChrisTian characTer. In I958, The Club became an aTTiliaTe chapTer oT Blue Key NaTional Honor FraTerniTy. AcTiviTies Tor This year included The Homecom- ing Dinner, awarding oT a GraduaTe Scholarship, TalenT Show, spring banqueT, and sending Errol McGuire To The NaTional ConvenTion in Kansas CiTy, Missouri. The maior proiecT was The promoTion oT a Book Drive To enlarge The TaciliTies oT The Library To one hundred Thousand volumes. We Live To Serve" is moTTo of Lou BooTh Maurice Peeples Eddie Bull Don Crisp Edward McLeod David Rogers Jim Womack Mike Fanning Billy Wilbanlcs Bob Coleman Charles Trayler Royce Money Larry Marshall Glenda GenTry Vice-Presiclenl' Marfha Holden Treasurer Silver Tea Highlights " 97 lub's Year "A worThy woman who can Tind. Tor her price is Tar above rubies." These oTT-repeaied words, found in Proverbs 3l:lO, Torm The basis oT The "W" Club. ChrisTian ideals, leadership abiliTy, inTegriTy, and Tu- Ture usefulness To ACC deTermine The membership. "W" Club is composed oT iunior and senior women who hold a scholasTic raTing oi aT leasT 2.0 in all oT Their college work. IniTiaTion oT members, a Freshman RecepTion. a Home- coming Tea, an annual banquet a special yearly proiecT, and a Silver Tea which was held during LecTureship highlighTed The year's acTiviTies. Frances McBroom Mary Lee Taylor Mrs. Forresf W. EcliTor of The "W" Corres. Sec. Harlow Sponsor Virginia Brack Marilyn Colby Merideih Dove Darnell Kay McCorkle Barbara Elaine PlaTe Mclvlennamy CherloT+e Droll Nancy Knighf Pai' Taylor Key Williams Audrey Wflgllf lpha ' l P111 J H1 ega Waller Pursch George Garland Marslon Meador Dallas Smiih David Griffin Mike Subleife Jackson Pope James Graham Don Garner Floyd Vice Ted Chrisman Ron Black Donald Joe Wrighf Corresponding Vice-Presiclenl Secrefary ,, . Nm , 1' . , -,V ,I. 'ff XX lalxulalml IN J I ,Mi J if ,ff 'V' A f- 'W M M M5 i xi Qemni me Vfxxlanafnq K ly V ' ' ' ' ,. .l I ' l' 4 ' Vw E ., ' ,I . 6 ' x , , 1 f "F l Q ' 1.54 ' ' by ,F 4: ?,, L 5 1,1 J w Mx Q V Q, ,' - N., I 1 -. lB, U gli ., -.f y' 3 X , 1, 1- N N I X X f Ar X N17 xv: ' 1. 'X xxx l N lk h M' ' A . A ,. xx - V eytgtvfll J KX .R ' .1 'X' XX. V A 2 e Q , 1 Ls x 6 . a Lf "P -' 4 gl. rf, ,vu Dean Waller Adams Dean Fred Barron Broclc Barion Tommy Lowrance Charles Redfield Don Hill Presideni' Don Morris Henry McGin+y A. L. Frazier Dr. Earl Clevenger John Kirlc Bob Joy Larry Frazier Dub Berry James Curry John Todd Rickey Schmidt Riley Suit President Treasurer Recording Vice-President Alumni Secretary Historian Secretary Service Fraternity Answers Calls for Assistance Alpha Phi Omega is a National Service Fraternity ded- icatecl to the principles ot Leadership. Friendship, and Serv- ice. The Nu Zeta Chapter. at ACC, lived up to these prin- ciples by their assistance in providing transportation during Homecoming and Lectureship activities and by their re- sponse to many other calls ot assistance during the year. Outstanding proiect ot the year was the Seat Belt Safety Campaign conducted during December. A banquet in the spring concluded the yea:-'s activities. Dean Garvin Beauchamp Chairman ot the Advisory Committee Phil McCoy Bob Jackson Larry Underwood Larry Little Don Sargent Bill Bradley Jim Stambaugh Bill 'Wood Kirk Castleman Russell Enzie O. K. Reynolds Bill Johnson Bill McClure Dean Paul Faulkner fi-w. 'Qi fi , q . X, rr" f Tom Basil Mark Coleman Gllbefl DBY Charles Groves ig " 4 n s 1 'li , ,ii ' , x, J Z-is, , i i l . on :- ' F ri i , ' . 518 W i 1 I. iF i P 37 L Sieve Heas'l'on Dave Lewis G. W. Lyon George Reese ll: if Ron Wright slalf sponsor. addressed The general assembly al' The Circle K Dislricl Convenlion in Lubbock lasi' spring. J0l'1h SCOH Don Whife Don Willrs Ron Williamson L, l Sidney Clemmer Frank Miller Carl Day Presideni Vice'Presiden+ Secrefary Circle K fly, Broadens Opportunities if X' The Circle K club is a service organizaiion 'For college men which serves boih lhe campus and The communily. Wiih Hs molio, "We build." members oi Circle K broaden 'rhe opporrunilies available io sluclenis Through personal coniacr wilh business and professional leaders. i Membership in Circle K is open +o all sufficienily in- E ieresiecl men. ' Bill Melson Dave Merrell Sam Pelfigrew Direclor Direcior Direcior i r w i ki .-si x, IA L 1 1 fi '?2'.": ,ff in ff 'Ja -' :KY 5, 5522 A, T ,P-un 1 5' Q n x .A-N, M., f msg, 'P' 1,5 :iff X-iw 11? M . , K,-1 iglg, If , X- 5 , W in 71 4i31E'Hw? N539 F- Lk, w 1 .- AQ ,. , M: 'X WV ,el :gg I.. .Q I ,ww fi-Z2 , ' FQ TQ Mariha Holden Palsy Sfanley Jan Gibson Barbara McMennamy Nancy Crews Presrdenl Vice Presicleni Treasurer Program Chairman Reporier CSO Lends Frequent Helping Hand "Work wirh love" is ihe moilo of CSO members who are slriving lo advance ihe purposes of Abilene Chrislian College. Sophomore slancling, a 2.0 grade poinl average. a de- sire 'ro work. and recommenclaiions by deparimeni heads, hosresses, and members are ihe requiremenis for member- ship. Homecoming, Leciureship. 'rhe spring Speech Tourna- meni. and oiher special proiecis. such as Jriclcel' sales and eleciion polls. were aciiviiies in which CSO pariicipaied during lhe year. Kay Gibson Darla Glqf-f Kafhryn Harringfon I-lfldi HSHTFOH Sharon Lauderdale Pai Lee Brenda Lewis DiAnn L Roy Fl'-H1665 MCBFOOM Marcella Porfer Jan Pounds Janelle Rice Terry Ann Roach Rheuanna Robinson ,-L OFFICERS: Carl Day, Reporler: A. M. Dycus, Secrefary-Treasurer: Jack McKay, Vice-Presidenl: Ronnie Sosebee, Presidenl. Agriculrural siudenis who are ouisrand- ing in scholasiic achievemenl are recog- nized by rheir membership in Della Tau Alpha. The club promoles Jrhe profession of agricullure and is designed io promoie high slandarcls of scholarship, leadership. and characler among agriculiure sludenis. Slu- denis are eligible for membership who main- lain a 3.00 average in agriculiure. Dele- gaies allended The naiional convenlion held al' Forl l'lays, Kansas, in ihe spring. Scholarship, Leadership, and Character Make Up Delta Tau lpha FRONT ROW David Lilile, Jim Harris, Tommy Schoonmalcer. Jim Burch. Edens, Jack McKay, Warren Clark, Foy Brown, Ronnie Sosebee. NOT Vance Gilsirap Roberi' Malone. ROW 2: Dr. F. M. Churchill, Eugene PICTURED: A. M. Dycus, Carl Day, Niclc Wilson, Roberi Birchum. Q0 4.- J. B, Barnhill Phillip Bates Theron Bonham Jim Cave Roy Claris Sidney Clemmer Ann Cotton Gary Dennis 1V " i ,, X -N H l ill - tif lr 2 ' p l i Milne Ezzell John Ferguson Sue Gilmore Richard Golenlco Jay Hailey Jack Leath Edna L. John Meeker McWilliams Qi I Robert Jeany Prater Paul Smith Sue Smith Sandy Spooner Ronnie Tyler Frances Vaughan Irene Williams Peterson, Jr. Y Young Republicans Encourage J Student Interest in Politics Judy Williams Milton Young Officers: Peggy Gilmore, Secretary: Don Wright, President: Sidney Clemmer, Treasurer: Mr. Ed Brown, Sponsor: Bill Wood. Vice-President lnot picturedl. The ACC Chapter ot The Young Republicans' Clulo was organized during the school year ot l96O-'6l, with David Malone as its tirst president. Growing each year, the Young Republicans now have over sixty members. Especially active during the last two election campaigns, the club is con- cerned with sparlcing interest in selt-government on all lev- els. The group sponsors debates on current topics, has club socials, and encourages student interest in politics. .45 2I3 Mrs. Ina Green Cooki Cook, Kafhy Callaway, General Presideni' L+. Gen. Vice-Presidenf Judy Mosley, C A Maier General ecording Secretary md TTES Linda Newfon Sissy Hea'H1co'H' Pamla Ann Muense Jerry Lake Sha,-on Laude,-dale y lu....nQh.J Sandra Taylor Mary Anna Johnsen Kay Elmore Sharon Goodale Sherry Pafferson Janelle RFCB. Brig- Gen. Dorolhy Pancrah, L+. Colonel Gayle Moore, Colonel Treasurer Parliamenlarian Repo.-fer Cadettes Enjoy Spring Social Cadefies are slriving lo creale more well-rounded per- sonalilies by providing aclivilies in all worlhwhile fields such as fellowship. work, religion, cilizenship, service. and schol- arship. Sword and gun. emblems of lrulh and courage, guard lheir hearls and ideals. Beller underslanding of unify, lasiing friendship, and service was gained by fellowship al' brealcfasls, socials. infra- murals, lhe Wesl Texas Rehabililalion Cenler, Sing-Song. Homecoming, and lhe spring banquel. Oma Dell Ryan, Maier Chaplain Wanda Curiis, Maior Gen. Corresponding Secrela ry Paffi Roach Linda Wasson Mary K. Livingsion Darla Sue Eden Jane Caion Sandra Marfin Joan Ann Davis Sandra Beard Judy Beasley Reffa Davenporl f , Sara B'3"l'leY Suzy Bernard Sally Bless Anila Brown xii 441 Kay McCorlcle, Ginger Coffman, Palsy Manslcer, Preslclenl Vice-Presidenl' Secrelary fi Delta Theta Enjoys Mei-3t1ng and Eat1ng Carolyn Callaway im sig' i Claudia Chambers Nancy Coffman Ann Faubus Janice Filbeclc Pam Handy Linda Harris ll All Deanna Drennan Liz Ellis 5l16I'0I1 Fdllmel' l' Nan Frazer Darla Gloff Gail Goodman Dianne Guinn Sallye HarH' Marilyn Hermann Ann Higgins Marlha Holden Mary Befh Harland, Janice Roberfs, Treasurer Parliamenrarian Della Thera is agclose club, having The purpose of widening friendshipr The rellecrions in Jrheir "House of Mirrors." which won firsl '-,, place in The homecoming display conresr, foresawfa year :filled wirh delighlful endeavors. The D.T.'s enjoyed' +heirgliall'.isociaI epresen1'ed--by rheir new members. andlhe climax c-'F fha fallsemesrer carne when Jrhey gave a Chrisrmas parfy for underprivileged Children. "Mee+ings and ea+ing" on Monday night. Sing-Song. inlramurals, wearing blaclc andwhife. rhe morher-daughier dinner during Lecrureship, Jrhe lovely loanquer-all of These acrivilies make a girl proud ro be a member of Della Thera. The club sponsor is Mrs. Orval Filbeolc. I, . J, K. Jan Powell Jacque Spro'H' Jan Sfromquisf Linda Sfurgess Pe99Y Webb BeHY G5Yle Wil50n Marcella Winger Donna Wood Geneva Woody ll Sharon Reynolds l l" ig. HL Joan Manor, Chaplain Q: A rms" Mrs. Filbeclr, Sponsor Jeannie Johnson ll l It , Joan Lucado Darlaine Marfin Mary Mafhis .il Jo Riemenschneider Barbara Roberson Ann R055 PauleHa VereH' Kay Walker Jan Wallace Marian Wooldridge ig' L l 6 5 -A-E1 af , 'WWF QFX1 "lf: 4 3 ! A' 1 -'X L ,- rj Ali! HI , ,X ' 4 BACK ROW: Norris Long, Ronnie Roberfs, Edward MacLeod, Errol McGuire. Ted Barber, Don Smi+h, Roloerf Randolph, Jerry'Riggs, David Sugg. Leslie Park, Willie Siarnes, Danny Fry. Dr. Culp. MIDDLE ROW: Dan Warkins, Roger C. Hall, Pere Neal, John l-lay, Gary Welch, Sfanley Baker, Windell Cullers, Roger Hall. Jack Wilson, Ken Car- Presidenl Norris Long, Vice-Presiclenf Leslie Park, Secrelary Dan, Wafkins, Sergeanf-al'-Arms Windell Cullers. Treasurer Errol McGuire. Reporfer-Hislorian Ronnie Roberis, I.S.C.C. Represeniafive Edward MacLeod. Frater Sodalis Have Fun penler, Gary Wallace, Brenl Buchanan. Mr. Paul Rolrenberry. FRONT ROW: Bob Coleman, Carl Couch. Rick Wickman, Dennis Carruih. John Ferguson, Jim Reynolds. Dwain Adcock, Marcus Hall, Scooler Beck, Bobby Smilh, Jerry Robbins, Billy Malhews, Joe Ferre-ra, Marvin Burgess. 2I8 Presidenf Norris Long lrighrl presenls while roses lo Miss Judy Oglelree, Fraler Sodalis Sweelhearl' for I963. Roberl M. Randolph is escorl of Miss Oglelree af Fall Presenlarion and Formal Dinner. at the Q'Sham-battlew BACK ROW: Kay McCorlcle, Palsy Manslcer, Linda Knighl, Ann Brazzil, Janel Bailey, Mary Dodd, Gayle Chenaull, Donna Ranlcin, Sondra Alley. Ann Higgins, Carla Welkins. THIRD ROW: Harla Ledloeirer, Linda Collrell, Lynn Rose. Darla Gloff. Roseann Ferguson. Muffy Campbell, Sally Bless. Ray Caverf, Carole Loudermilk, Donna Frarer Soclalis Sweelhearr-Miss Judy Oglelree . . . Homecoming and lhe Frar-Ex Brealclasl' . . . flour and lun al The annual "Sham-loaHle" . . . rain and Barbecue al Jrhe Fral hayricle . . . Jrux and red roses . . . sweefhearls and candle- lighi . . . friends forever-"Brolhers Togelherf' Fra'rer Sodalis Song Semper parafus and semper fidelis, Thal's The Fraier Soolalis. Fairhful forever, dishonoring never, Tha+'s The Fraler Sodalis. Anylhing we do, we'll do if greai. Brolher, you can mark lhal on your slare. We've qol spiril. we've golf everyihing. If we fry il, we can do anyrhingl Semper paralus and semper ficlelis, Tha+'s lhe Fraler Sodalisl Fry. SECOND ROW: Sunny' Rhodes, Sylvia Wilmelh, Judy Moore, Lynne Coleman, Donna Lewis, Kim Hall, Mrs. Culp, Mrs. Rollenberry. FRONT ROW: Elaine Fleel, Linda Wilson, Sandy Helvey, Jan Sarier- while, Karen Osborn, Judy Oglefree, Judy Conlee, Geneva Woody, Mary Rurh Gilberl, Mary Alice Duncum, Gwenda Covey. ew' 34 x..-ill 2I9 n a ,- Ng. Larry Marshall Gary McCaleb Bill Melgon Don Crisp 'bn Presldenl Vice-Fresldenl' Segrei-ary Treasurer lf 1 ,,,g-pn... 4 Kw- Hin3'f5" -Q 'Jyg 71 4 will 'Vip Q I ,. '- , 1 P." , A A .V J -Z. , 1 'L' 2' i-'f.5'f ' n in - : Skills- A ' . e f e 4' 3 -- -. ' ff g ' V , felis: ...-, ' ff: -Q . ff : . '....:' ,. ," " U , -.A --eg-.4 :L 1 , r r'- ' 4 ' s " . . "'- ' 7, K . ' : 7- ."' lx 3 se - il - ". 7 I W , w . if 'cgi 4- . .'. D, 1:-Ir: ': if 1 - U- -4 4: . fs" A-T-" '-,zijn 213 ' 1 ,551 AQ t - . :agp A A A, ' A 'U 4 441 T' - - ,QA ' ' lf" . I ' ' u 'U "Q :JV .V -, s .V :f'. ' ff V L. V QV , V ' '- " - if ,Ai , - I ey l ' .L .. 1 ,N V V V. , , V .V 5. .V .. ,x, V -,- r 1 . -M. V - ,, . - - S - V l- -, .- .. J V ' -V sl-f .f . r X .- :V . V If: . Y, fa lf QI' ,rj ' . .if , , -in, js 5' .s , n .- .ru t - - X, ,. - -,:.' 4 -A ,-1' .-. ,',- 'l 1' , 1' ,:"q".: . '. '-'-- S ' ' ' 1 '24 ' y, ' ' .. --Vi' in ,aa 1- , 4 , 9.3 . ?"- gif l E L. .. 'S' ,- 1 A". .--ff. " G QQ? Vo.. 0,513 rlxgtfi .if -L "-4: -1 '11-ge. ' A .1 ' 1 ,Z .R y .bv .Nr . ls- V .i A , . 'VJ' .5 . ,' X 3 --,I '-:,w, - . .-, -ff 5 - . -.' . , : . , Q V5 -fe , 'T ' ,, "C.-af. ' ' f. Vf . ' sf w. . , .4 Q 4 K , N . at M. L, -.,.4 ,- ... Q r , , 1- . .V - . oy , , .Q '. . ,, -, 4 I . Aw xg , , - ,. . 1 , . - ' fdv. ' J- QC ' 4' 'r . , ,. Y . . .wg-r ff. - -I , 5 7. I,-I-.. hr.. .,4:,Y..,,. Ha. Q L?"'f'fi-Z.-J .Q M - Aw Dah Allen Bob Bealcley Gary Beauchamp Eddie Bull Slanlon Calverl' Sam Carpenler Andy Huberi' Gill Charles Groves Johnny Harper Dan Harrell Jerry Hazelwcod Caleb Herndon Brenf Lewis 220 Terry Pope John Presfwood Perry Reeves Joe Robbins Rocky Rockwell David Rogers Ronnie Rogers alaxy Puts God First, thers Second, and Themselves Lastw WiTh This moTTo. The Men of Galaxy compleTed Their sevenTh year. The disTinguished Blue and WhiTe were proud compeTiTors in The Homecoming proiecT compeTiTion, were recognized conTenders on The inTramural Tields, were again ouTsTanding in Sing-Song, and upheld The scholarship Tradi- Tion of The clulo. Galaxy socials highlighTed The year. Homecoming re- Turned Tormer members To The campus Tor The reunion break- TasT. The Yule season occasioned The annual ChrisTmas parTy Tor underprivileged children, wiTh buTToon-ery provided loy The Novas. lnTerspersed ThroughouT boTh semesTers were sere- nading sessions and informal daTe-niTes. Climaxing The year was The Tormal spring banqueT. wiTh The Men of Galaxy pre- senTing The club sweeThearT. and inTroducing Their officers- elecT. Don Lewis Phil Lewis Don McCollum Charles McCook Frank Miller Ray Miller Jerry Pipes l I-YN" Saunders DON Slfellon IVBI1 Smifl Rvbefl' Sffllnell Charles Trayler Don Williams Jim Womack 221 f Nancy Guggolz Strives for Togethemess H A friendly smile. a familiar whislle. red and whire for- ever, closeness personified-Jrhis is GATA. H' is an organiza- rion of girls srriving Toward iogerherness. and radialing warmih and lasiing love for each orher, Their school. and fel- l low siudenrs. i "He Who Plays Wiih Cars Musl' Expeci' 'ro be Scrarchedf' 'rhe eniry in 'rhe homecoming display conresr. broughi' a second place +o lhe GATNS. GATNS and Jrheir dares celebrared an informal Chris?- mas al' ihe annual social held 'rhis year al' 'rhe Chrisiian Youih Cenler. Meeiings on Wednesdays, earing our on Mondays, and special school proiecrs provided an excifing and aciive year for The C5ATA'S. Linda Shaw Clovis Ann Terry Edwina Schneider Pai Landers Judy Scoh' Mary Beih Lamberf Jan Saiferwhife Jan Carruihers Nicky Sfandlee Malissa Sfarnes Judy S+ewarf Marfha Bralrer Sherry Price Bobbye Moon Gayle Chenaulf Beffy Huclcabee Donna McCall Carolyn Gaines Beify Vaughn Jan Corhran Janis Hickerson Chaplain Vice-Presidenf Secrerary Treasurer Reporfer Carolyn Daniels Dewby Ray Sponsor Sponsor Lana Wisenbalrer Presideni' Waymon Mueller Ken McCoy ROYCB MONEY Jerry Carr James Thompson Jim FiTTz Larry Price KIHQ ViscounT Scribe Knighi' of Lucre Kmghf of Chivalry Elmo Freeman Bob HunTer Jody Boren Harry Flerbaugh Execuhoner of Jushce KnighT of Knaves Guardian of KnighThood Guardian oi Kn1gl'Thood , , Knights Win First in Homecoming Displa "God TirsT, school second, club Third" carries wiTh iT The purpose and The spiriT oT The KnighTs' Social Club. This year The club capTured TirsT place in The Homecom- ing display conTesT and was sTrong compeTiTion in The TooT- ball inTramurals. The annual Barbarian FeasT was held in The Tall, wiTh The Tormal banquelr being held in The spring. James Cameron Billy Wilbanlrs Chdfle David Wheeler Maurice Peeples Ron Perkins Jimmy Lamb Jackie Wilson Roberf Ewing Morris Blankenship Darrel Wall Gerald Wall David HU9l'leS Bill Allan Max Nlgli Queen Linda Yafes Wayne Willis Delvin Sparks Mickey Wireman Ron Mathews Kennelh Winlers Max Harper Philip Bafes Benny Haddock Tommy Womack Jimmy Don Robinson David Balch Charles Lewis Corky Walers David Hursf as al l i Charla GFHf1bel'Y Charlotte Droll Judy Ogletree Charlotte Loveless Judy Ellison President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Historian K0 J 0 Kai U. . . Little Club l ith Big Ideals" Pat Taylor Judy Walker Mary Alice l.S.C.C. Rep. Parliarnentarian Duncum Intramural Director if ' 5 -5 3-1' i D, V I , , i - ,I ' F - A. In . ,gms '-. H", V, ,fvjui I if V I li . ,Vx ,A . - if g,,:i:1.x VV .I . Y I U 1 i V- Y A-it L51--V, I- , ,f:l:,A,z5 ' L 'ffi' E32-Sliniiiif-.3' - .' -T?'L'f-'Q lf" ' 1 iegggsifg-, i. ,. - ff . P ,H , -, 5 , Ellen GFGQOYY Mrs. Pat Drennan Mrs. Jerri Fullrs Keeper ot the Garter Sponsor Sponsor A year tilled with memories . . . the excite- ment ot Bid Night and nineteen new members, Wednesday night meetings and the Circle, the homecoming display, tireside tun at the Christmas social, Sing-Song. and the spring banquet . .. Koiies and Friendship. Gayla Gieger Pat George Karen Womack Janice Flowers Jody Treat Judy Swoftorcl Kay Jackson Deanie Allen Suldrlne Davis Gail Cl1orn Carol Crisp Janice Lelaow V Anifa Weiss Kay Lyons Belly Wheeler Lynne Coleman Glenda Nelson Colleen Clark Kay Sfruve Louise Brown Donna Rankin Connie Garner Linda Thompson Glenda Genlry Marilyn Caldwell Carol Smilh Carolyn Crenwelge Nancy Kniglrl' Lindy Merriofl' Linda Farrell Glenda While Kay Birclwell Sue Ann Arringfon Frances Vickrey Jan Gibson 227 Jan MHYO Gwen Creel, Be'He Carier. Becky Hodges Jenny MGSSIS Pfewllefil Vice-Presidem' Secreiary Correspondence Sec TFGGSUFGF Nancy CFGWS Ann Baker. Janey McCurdy. Linda Hearron Qlo,-Ia S1-grey l 5 C C RSP Reporfer Hisiorian Sprife Misfress Sergeanf af Af-mg Pandora Strives for nit Mrs. Frank Paclc. Mrs. Moniy McGiniy, SPOHSOI' Sponsor Pandora was Jrhe lfirsi woman according 'ro Greek mylhology. l-ler name means "all-gilded." Wilh a dedicalecl love for one anoiher Pandoras of I963 were all-gillecl loe- cause Jrhey shared iheir gills. While siriving for close fellowship and uniiy, ihe Pandoras aciively par+icipa+ed in Jrhe Homecoming Display Conlesi, inlramurals, Sing-Song, and a work proieclr. A Chrisimas banquel' and a spring social were Jrwo oiher highlighis. Wirh lhese memories Pancloras looked forward fo fulure achievemenls and. in lheir hearfs. a fuller measure of hope. Ann Coilen Francis Auirey Pai Davis Jackie Burns Jamie Buclc AnneH'e Black Rifa Chifwood Mary Lou Clevenger Kay 555500 Carolyn Hale Wanda Hale Marlha Kerbow Jackie Slwff Edna McWilliams Ann Pafferson May Ann Peeples Margie Pool Marcella Porier Terry Roach Rheuanna Robinson Earlene Sanlxey Monfie Wade June Turner Pafricia Sfevens Carole Sfephenson 229 N K+ Rv , A , 1 11 -.1 1. ' .L"1,. ' ,ff .-LQ ' 1 eff ., ' .Qs it ,F lv Q ' J X - S 134 f" JN Q W - . ' f - Q 1 ,- .W A , ,, ,,....:.,-- ':,:'.. -.-V . fffww-1F: -f 1 l , I , -1: ' f1f'f"!if?l Y - .vw ff' is .47 sw M , aa I ' in -, . 'Q- .....- ' 1 gn., .F 1.1,..f:.25'51- i ,Y P igfn i' 423' bv. Y 5 vi ' . .5-in .Y V w 1. E FRONT ROW Bill Coday Ronnie Davisg Scoll Mullen: Dwayne Bish- Green: Mike LOQGHI Lawrence iVl6VCl1mGf1 Bulzy Maxwell TOFTI BOSi op BACK ROW Lchn Brooks Dennis Davis: Sam WaTson7 Glenn Treawrer. Hurd Dun Srnallwood Corresponding SecreTary: Phil Spring: Euline EnThusiasm and aged TradiTions, blended wiTh a qual- iTy of uniqueness-These elemenTs consTiTuTed The achieve- menTs and aspiraTions oT The men oT Phi DelTa Psi. The vi- vacious Phi DelTs reached greaT heighTs as a social organ- izaTion wiTh Their enTry in The Homecoming display conTesT: The Gridiron ShooTing Gallery. which placed second. Black and gold of Their aThleTes was a Tamiliar sighT during inTra- mural season. CusTomary acTiviTies were mounTain climbs. sTealc Tries. daTe nighTs, and weekly Wednesday meeTings. The year's acTiviTies were compleTed wiTh an unTorgeTTable banqueT and The TradiTional singing of "Always as BroThers in Phi Delia Psi." FIRST ROW, BOTTOM TO TOP: Tlwayne McKnigl1'r, Jack Griggs, Toms my Herring, Joe Aulf, Duane Hale. SECOND ROW: Bill Pelly. Ronnie Sosebee. Jody Brown, Charlie Brown, Billy Hill. THIRD ROW: Tommy Murray, Gary Luslc, Don Gregory, Lanny Hesrer, Milce Ralcliff. Don Drennan Sponsor ub-T- 16 Celebrates 11-Oth Successful Year Carl Adams-Firsl Male Sam Sfeffee-G.A.W. Roberf Fi+Cl'l-'TFEEISUFGY Dr. Paul Soufhern Sponsor Sub-T-I6, The lirsl of all Chrislian college social clubs, has made The 4Olh annual voyage of The good ship "Tus- carara" which was The mosl speclacular of all. Slressing a relaxing almosphere, void ol all The coldness and sliffness of slricl Tormalily, The lars and golos parlicipaled aclively in school Tunclions such as inlramurals, Sing Song, and l-lomecoming, in addilion lo Their regular aclivilies includ- ing lwo slealc Tries al The now famous Yunl4in's Cove and a voyage climaxing Spring Banguel. Jerry Turner-Skipper Eddie Anderson-Second Male Wendell Whillenburg-Keeper ol The Seal Donny Benneff-Yeoman Qi FIRST ROW, BOTTOM TO TOP: John Curry, David Slandlee, Milne Bullock, Alan lBubbal Brown, John Shewmalcer, Carson Edwards. SEC- OND ROW: Larry Curlis, Jaclc Bonner, Milne Bell, Don Bennefl, John Pendley. THIRD ROW: Jerry Fleming, Charles Borloms, Jerry Burgess, Owen Morrison, Charlie Murdaugh, Wayne King. Ken Norris Bill Ridley Presideni Vice-Presideni' Richard Hruby Joe Bradford Secrelary Treasurer Joe Durham Judge Q0 AE Dee Afluinson Bennie Billingion Tim Billingfon Trojans Have Year Full of Fun Dickie Mariin Mike Black Aworney Reporler James Burch Roberf Birchum Gary Burger Trojans, one of flue n1en's social clubs, was lirsl organ- ized in I93I and remained aclive unlil 1954. In I958 ine club was reorganized. Regular meeiings were scheduled lor eaclri Wednesday niglil willw special programs presenled by new members each semesrer. Aclivilies for The year included a homecoming display. srealc fry, annual spring banquel, inlramurals. and Kangaroo Courr. Danny Huddlesfon Ronnie Fleicher 5i'Wi" ' ' Don Lewis Finis Marlin Gary Merryman I I i ll i l James Neeley Larry Owens Sidney Penningfon Lesfer Phillips Jackson Pope Ray Roe Tommy Walker Jim Willis Delberf Wilson Don Wrighf Jimmy Newman Presidenr ,: , E 1 Mai ' Shirley P-ifford Nancy Harper Norma Olhausen ISCC Represen+aHve Treasurer Hisforian LaWanda Osbourn Vice-Presidenf Ann Coffon Secreiary X W ZETA RHO STAR N l Rizer ' Cecelia Haffaway Paula Jones Jamie Compfon Judy Hom L, e -dll Mrs' Paul Souihem Beverly Campion Judy Huey Nikki Norris Sandy Sommers Sponsor Charloffe Clevenger Charlene Conger Darlene Davis Bobby Swinson i Ann Gilmore Jane Eiheridge Virginia Brack Sue SmiTh Reporier Pledge Misiress Pledge Mistress lnframural Direcfor Judy Perdue ParliamenTarian Zeta Rho Stresses Friendship Love. loyalTy, honesiy. puriTy. and friendship are The Tive poinTs oT The ZETA RHO STAR. WiTh These ThoughTs in mind, members oi This organizaTion appropriaTeiy chose as Their moTTo-"Friendship is our lighT: iT shall noi be hidden." Linda pmw, garbah, plefcher Homecoming proiecT, ChrisTmas social, spring loanqueT. and sing-song were special proiecis during The year. Mem- bers also elecTed a ZETA Rl-IO STAR-a boy who lived up To The Tive poinTs of The club's sTar. and who was closely as- sociaTed wiTh The club. Linda Adrian Carolyn Knighi' Glenda Hargrove Ann Lifion Joh,-mice Brannqn i E, ... Judy SmiTh Ann Mariin Sfarlene Pharis Audrey Wrighf Joy McLean l lg.- Beclry Ross Wanda Brown Rifa Mcllroy Carolyn Neal Jane Miller I CC Plans Joint Club Activities Organized to preserve good relations among social clubs, the Inter-Social Club Council plans all ioint club ac- tivities in addition to ottering service to the school. The Council keeps things running smoothly tor Homecoming and Sing Song and solves problems which may arise. The presidents and representatives trom each social club meet regularly tor an active discussion ot policies and tunctions. CAD ETTES Coolci Cook FRATER SODALIS Norris Long DELTA Tl-l ETA Kay McCorkle gifttlu Y W Y 1 , 5, wi KNIGHTS KO JO KAI KO JO KAl Royce Money Charla Stigers Pat Taylor PANDORA PHI DELTA PSI ZETA Rf-10 Jan Mayo Jim Stigers Jimmy Newman GALAXY Larry Marshall PAN DO RA Nancy Crews NOT PICTURED: GATA-Lana Wisenboker ZETA RHO-Shirley Patford SU B-T-I6-Jerry Turner TROJANS-Ken Norris FRATER SODALIS-Edward McLeod f'1,. A .w . nf l -' . 'gn -4'-.. .,,.-. x "f,-1 I .fn U 0 Anim . v H ,O N. -if AW .nn 1 F L uv, M --A m " 5, ., ' ,J T70 f . 9,9 -x A 1 1 V, 1 . .1 , I 3. , . 4 . , .. W Q V ,4 1, X 'Q ,bg , J, , , ..u,,. .4 Q M, , Q if n 4 b ,df ,QA Q. NL 'A ,. -W -A MJ.. -1.. -915 an www pg ll -- 1-1 'su- rv P22 Y I -av 'Eg -PH 5 , Af, ' 3 Q9 Pi Epsilon Beta tresses Creativit Sandi Tunoa, Sharon Goodale. Elaine Plale, Mr. Brenl' Green, Phyliss Triplefr, Earlene Sankey, officers of Pi Epsilon Bela. 240 FRONT ROW: Carolyn Hale, Carol Dulce. Sharon Goodale. Gail Web- ber, Nancy Uzzle, Earlene Sanlcey. Kalie Manly, Mary Jackson. MIDDLE ROW: Jill Hailey, Elaine Plale. Jesslyn Jordan, Fhyliss Triplelr. Linda Parker, Cheryl Lillie, Johnella Coker, Sandi Tunoa. Mr. Green. BACK ROW: Wayne Farley, Don l-lamblin, Mike Fanning, Dwayne Adcock. Bob Jamison, Jim Bob Swafford, Avery Falkner. David Andrews, Jimmy Alsobroolc. Pi Epsilon Bela is an associalion for The purpose of pro- moling and iurihering inleresl' in creaiive arr among Jrhe srudenls and friends oi ACC. Casein, waiercolor. and oils were The media used as lhemes for monrhly meelings. These rhemes were carried our by special programs, panel discussions, and by work in Jrhal' pariicular medium or exhibil. A special 'rrip To Dallas and Forl' Worlh lo view oul- sranding exhibils. a new Arr Magazine Library for Jrhe Arr Deparlmenr, a ioinl leclure on slides of American Arr, a Freshman-Sophomore Ari Conresr, wirh a panel discussion on Jrhe winning works, and a new bullelin board in The Slu- denrs' Exchange were olher proiecrs of Pi Epsilon Bela, OFFICERS: Dr. Tommy J. McCord, Sponsor: Lou BooTh, Vice-Chairman: Barbara Bowles, Secrelary-Treasurer: Dr. Alvie L. Davis, Sponsor: Larry SmiTh, Chairman. FRONT ROW: John Enochs, Willie Slarnes, Liz MiTchel, DrubeTTe Cook, OK Hi Park, David Howell, David Hudclle. ROW 2: S'reve Maul, BenneTT l-lufchinson, Wayne PropsT, Lee Thompson, Larry Johnson, WalTer Pursch, Paul Thomas. American Chemical Soeiet T Fosters a Professional Spirit STudenTs maioring or inTeresTed in chemisTry and chemi- cal engineering compose The membership OT The ACC chap- Ter OT STudenT ATTiliaTes oT The American Chemical SocieTy. The obiecTives oT This chapTer are To aTTord an opporTuniTy Tor The sTudenTs OT chemisTry and chemical engineering To become beTTer acquainTed, To secure The inTellecTual sTimula- Tion ThaT arises Trom professional associaTion, To secure ex- perience in preparing and presenTing Technical maTerial be- Tore chemical audiences, To TosTer a proTessional spiriT among The members, and To insTill a proicessional pride in chemisTry and chemical engineering. The clulo meeTs every TirsT and Third Monday oT The monTh, aT which Time guesi' spealcers, such as Dr. WiTT, were presenTed and Bell Telephone Films were shown. Field Trips were made To chemical planTs and lalooraTories, and delegaTes aTTended The regional meeTing oT The SouThwesTern division held in Dallas. This year marked The 25+h anniversary oT The STudenT AT- TiliaTes oT The American Chemical SocieTy. Home EC. Club Shows New Ideas FRONT ROW: RiTa ChiTwoocl, .lane ETheredge, Kay Gibson, LaWanda Osborne, Darla Gloff, Ginger Coffman, Glenda King, Linda Brown, BeTTy Riley, Linda PruiTT. ROW 2: Wanda WalTon, Sponsor: Genelle McCalla, Linda DaugheriTy, Gayle Fine, Sherry Price, CharloTTe Cleven- ger, Jan Gardner, Brenda Brabham, BeThul Rice, Carolyn Ford, Rose- Maiors and minors in Home Economics compose The membership oT The Home Economics Club. MeeTings were held on The second Tuesday OT each monTh. Seven members oT The club aTTended The annual con- venTion on The campus oT Texas Tech in Lubbock, Texas. The Theme of The convenTion was "Becoming," wiTh emphasis being placed on The growTh of The individual in her personal and professional liTe. One of The mosT inTeresTing guesT speakers oT The year was Mrs. Chambus Trom Abilene High School who spoke on "The Problems oT a New Home Eco- nomics Teacher." An inTeresTing clemonsTraTion was given by Abilene Gas Company iusT before ChrisTmas as ideas Tor using Tancy cakes and cookies Tor giTTs and decoraTions were displayed. mary Brown, "Cookie" MarTin, LaRuTh Reed, Pal' Taylor, Nancy Knighi Suzy Bernard. ROW 3: Alma Monholland, Diance Willard, Geri Franks Sharon Sheilds, PaT Lee, DoTTie Davis, Sandy Somner, Bobbie Swinson Karen Doclcray, Nancy Harper, Mary Newhouse, Sandra Cushing, Car- olyn GilberT. X OFFICERS: Sandra Sommer: DoTTie Davis, HisToriani l-GRUl'l'I Reed. F005 Chairman: Mary Lois Newhouse, Presidenfg Suzy Bernard, SecreTary: Becky Hodges, Treasurer: Nancy Knight Vice-President Miss Wanda WalTon, Sponsor. OFFICERS: George Siewarl, Slage Manager: Lewis Fullis, Faculiy Spon- sor: Jerry Palmer, Business Manager: Jaylela Glaze, Direclor. Theatrical ulture Furthered by Alpha Psi mega Members of The Zela Alpha chapler ol Alpha Psi Ome- ga proposed lo worlc for ihe bellermeni of lhe lhealer on 'rhe campus of Abilene Chrisiian College. Irs members are chosen from 'those of 'lhe Melpomenean Players who have consislenlly achieved True ariislry in acling anclfor produc- lion. These members have-also done oulsianding worlc in ai leasl five produciions, wilh experience in a minimum of lhree separale fields. One of Jrhe mosl desirable qualifies of an Alpha Psi Omega member is 'rhal he manilesis a co-opera- live aililude and iniiiaiive in The lhealrical endeavors under- Jralcen on lhe campus of Abilene Chrislian College.,Bids for membership are given oul' al ihe caslr parries aller ihe las? nighl ol each maior produclion. Direclors of lighling and lhe slage manager for maior produciions were members of Alpha Psi Omega. Olrher club members designed selrs and managed lhe one-acl plays given during The year. FRONT ROW: Jaylela Glaze, Jerry Palmer, Judie Delloor, Linda l-learn, Valenline. Leonard Boyll. Gary Aclay, Lewis Fulks, David Young. Bob DiAnn L'Roy. Ann Ross. ROW 2: Dennis Connel, George Siewarf, Leon Anderson. , ll." ull-11' LJUUU gujqu -1 pu -lv-gL:u -z.,1u --1:-gin FRONT ROW: Shirley Barber, Dorolhy Bryan, Linda Shaw. Rheuanna Robinson, Oma Dell Ryan, Jerry Burns, Nancy Knighl, LeRulh Reed, Virginia Brack. ROW TWO: Thayne McKnighl, Mrs. Frank Pack, Mary Ella Brown, Carolyn Crenwelge, Jenelle While. Jan Slromquisl. Melva Jones, Nancy Guggolz, Donna Wood, Dr. Harold Wilkinson. ROW THREE: Gayle Moore, Linda Newlon, Glenda While, Linda Ollull, Marilyn Hermann, Mrs. J. E. Funk, Charlolle Clevenger, Marlha Hold- en, Mrs. Alberla Cecil, Belly Vaughn. W Pro minent Educators Speak for Kappa Delta P1 244 FRONT ROW: Kay Williams. Reporleri Jan Pounds, Vice-Pres,: Barbara McMennamy, Treas. BACK ROW: Janiece Eubanks, Sec.: Mr. A. Z. Hays, Sponsor. NOT PICTURED: Pal Taylor, Pres. Kappa Della Pi is a nalional honor sociely which was inslalled in l954 lo honor junior and senior educalion ma- iors and minors in lhe upper lwenly-live per cenl ol lheir class. Purposes are lo encourage high professional, inlellec- lual, and personal slandards and lo recognize oulslanding conlribulions 'ro educalion. Leclures by prominenl educalors on various aspecls ol lhe leaching profession were lealured al monlhly meel- ings. FRONT ROW: Dave Wasson, Pal Duncan, Judy Mosely, Jesse Harwell, Dr. Orval Filbeck, Frances McBroom, Dr. Weldon Barnell, Connie Pay- lon. ROW TWO: Judy Pardue, Gay Tudor, Nancy Crews, Bill Melson, Judy McCracken, Meredilh Dove, Mrs. Lena Gilslrap, Myra Sewell. ROW THREE: Nikki Slandlee. Carol Baker, Lindy Marrioll. Carolyn Gaines, Karen Carllon, Sondra Alley, Glenda Genlry, Belly Malhews. fficers uide SEA Through Successful Year OFFICERS: June Daniels, President SECOND ROW: Janice Eubank, Firsf Vice-Presidenf: Marina Holden, Third Vice-President Par Duncan, Second Vice-President THIRD ROW: Karhryn Harringfon, Parliamen- 'rarinng Edna Dallas. Publicify Chairman. , ' . , , L Student Education Association Future teachers trom Abilene Christian College work to- gether as members ot the Student Education Association to stimulate interest in those who are considering the teaching protession and to give something ot professionalism to the members while they are students. Meetings were held on the second Tuesday ot each month at which Dr. John Stevens spoke on "The Teacher as a Citizen:" Mrs. Henry Speck spoke on "The Teacher Can Travel:" George Bailey spoke on "Christ in the Lite ot the Teacher:" and Karen Carleton spoke on "And Gladly Teach." "Accent Toward Protessionalismu was the theme ot the SEA homecoming booth. Mr. and Miss FTA Contest was held in February, the winners being chosen trom members ot SEA. FRONT ROW: Barbara McMennamy, Judy Mosley, Linda Davis, Car- olyn Callaway. Sharon Falkner, Darla Glott, Mary Beth Harland, Janice Lebow, Donna Burkett. ROW TWO: Judy Stewart, -Betty Vaughn, Judy Pardue, Sharon Shields, Linda Turner, Mary Anna Johnson, Kay Brown- low, Carol Ann Smith, Betty Conner, Marilyn Hermann, Jenelle White, Jan Stromquist, Gloria Storey, Jenny Massie. ROW THREE: Nancy Walker, Linda Hailey, Alma Monhalland, Brenda Brabham, Janice Lit- ton, Kathy Suggs, June Hewitt, Betty Huckabee, Gwen Creal. ROW FOUR: Sharon Reynolds, Liz Ellis, Deanna Drennan, Janie Breaux. ROW FIVE: May Ann Peoples, Sarah Baird, Janice Hickerson, Glenda Har- grove. v . . , . , g,s-....a4"-- .4-vu-A-, I .,.,hp, ,, FRONT ROW: Mariha Holden, Janiece Eubank, Palsy Slanley. June Daniels, Wesley Hoffman, Ronald Tyler. ROW TWO: Linda Sfurqess, Pal Duncan, Oma Dell Ryan, Sharon Sfaggs. Jan Pounds, Kay Williams. Tommy Herring, Ralph McLaughlin. Thurman Carler. ROW THREE: Sandy Dulaney, Jane Cudd, Clarice Leverefl, Janice Cravens, Margarel Sloecker, Glenna Barber, Margie Pool, Janelle Rice, Gayle Chenaull, MR. AND MISS FTA WINNERS Miss Secondary FTA-June Daniels Mr. Secondary FTA-William lBiIII Melson Miss Elemenlary FTA-Kay Williams Mr. Elemenfary FTA-Jerry Carr ,,...- -Y -- - x in nlnl '11 WT 1 ' nun nln 'SFU I . . 3 H mln 'WI "I ' -' an II!lI :ZH .-- i-- ' Ill Ili ' Ill I5 I If 1' 2 Belly Malhews. ROW FOUR: Sherry Johnson, Barbara Beasley, Terry Roach, Bonnie Johnson, Sue Sfokes, Norma Lumlee, Jimmy Newman. ROW FIVE: Bill Melson, Bob Bealcley, Larry Frazier. Dr. Harold Wilkin- son, Philip Bafes, Denzil Minyard, Roland Sundling, Mike Ezzell. ROW SIX: Darrel Wall, Carl Adams, Ken Tinsley, Sian Barnard. ' v on s"11si I - I-ir FRONT ROW: Carole STraughn, CharloTTe Droll, Claudia Chambers, Jenelle WhiTe. ROW 2: Jackie Taylor, Jodie Renner, Sondra Alley, Mrs. AlberTa Cecil, Glenda GenTry, Gerrye Smallridge, Audrey Wright OFFICERS: Audrey WrighT, ReporTer: Mary Lee Taylor, Vice-PresidenT: Sonclra Alley, President Dr. James W. Culp, Sponsor. 248 xc., Mary Lee Taylor. ROW 3: Bill WalTon, Joe Cash, Edward McLeod, Dr. Culp. Dr. Ewing, David Williams. Sigma Tau Delta Presents Literar Program SinceriTy . . . TruTh . . . Design! Wifh This moTTo in mind, members oT Sigma Tau DelTa sTrive To promoTe The sTudy oT The chieT liTerary masTerpieces, To encourage worTh- while reading, and To TosTer a spiriT oT Tellowship among The sTudenTs oT The English language ancl liTeraTure. STudenT member speakers, who presenTed liTerary pro- grams on some proiecT done in English class, were TeaTures oT The monThly meeTings. l-lighlighT oT The year was a special ioinT meeTing wiTh Sigma Tau DelTa organizaTions oT l-lardin-Simmons Univer- siTy and McMurry College. A member Trom each oT The Three schools parTicipaTed in The program on some liTerary suloiecT. Pickwickians Foster Creative orks Esiablished in l93 I-32, ihe Piclcwiclcian Club's firsi spon- sor was Miss Jewell Waison. Piclcwiclcians are a group of srudenis inleresied in crea- 'rive wriiing. Meeling Jrwice a monih, Jrhey worlc foward ex- cellence in Jrhis field by reading and criiicizing one ano+her's original composilions. li has been a cusiorn of ihe club To publish some of Hs worlcs each year. OFFICERS: Oma Dell Ryan, Secreiary: Bill Showers, Presideniq Dennis Connel, Vice-Presideni. Mr. Ben Nelms, Sponsor: Bill Showers, Dr. Zelma Odle, Sponsor: Sandy Scoif, Judy Wood, Jeanelle Yadon, Mary Anderson, Pauleiie Peierson, Lana Bullard, Belly Harbin. S- I .1 -A i 3. 249 Die Lustigen Gesellen Promote German Heritage ,"- l ff TJ l f X 1 N 1 .M'.Q,., .E 'fi OFFICERS: Frances McBroom, Secrelary: Roy Barkley. Presi- denig Mariorie Norlon. Vice-Presidenr: Shirley Srrome, Re- porfer. Increasing 'rhe undersianding of 'rhe German language and rhe German people, and enioying The associaiion of 'rhe club members. marks rhe purpose of ihe German Club. Meeiings were held 'lhe firsl' Friday of each monlh in lhe home of rhe club sponsor, Mrs. Ben Besseni. The pro- grams emphasized iun and rhe culiural aspecis of Germany and her language. The highlighl of The year was a banquel held in 'lhe spring. FRONT ROW: Shirley Sfrome, Barbara Bowles, Judy Huey. ROW 2: 3: Frances McBroom, Roy Barkley, Luigi Lisi. Mrs. Bessenr lSponsorl Joyce Chrislopher, Samanlha Goldberg, Kay Slobaugh, Sandy SCOH. Roger Taie, Bqb Pelerson, Wayne Probsi. Morris Blankenship, Mike Carol Vaughan, Karen Corner, Drubelie Cook, Brigilie vonMoli'ror. ROW Kemp. Waller Pursch, Mike Raiclilf. Marlyn Hopkins, Jerri Palmer. OFFICERS: FRONT ROW: Vice-Presidenl, Brock Barron: Presideni. Don Wheeler: Secrelary, Nancy Kelly. ROW 2: Acfivily Chairman. Jo Blevins: Sponsor, Miss Clara Mae Ellis: Reporfer, Marilyn Floyd. John Baird Janie Fowler Donald Green Gail Gregory Joan Ly.-jay Laiuana McPherson mega Rho Alphafs Excel in English Omega Rho Alpha is an honorary club 'For freshman English sludenls of exceprional abilily. To be aclmillecl lo lhe club. one musl have an A average, and he musl main- iain al leasl a B average lo remain aclive. Programs consislr of reading and inlerpreling various works of lileraiure and planning projecls. Many 'rimes a guesl speaker is presenl 'ro speak on various subiecis per- 'raining 'ro English lileraiure and The English language. Joe Genfry Sue Gilmore Jay Hailey Pai' Hull Jeffrey Key Helen Roach Alice Sacra ix kg T, 'v P I' v In M54 ' 4 Q' M P L. 455: ai? uw . U Q, . si 2? ' JE'-Zmwgtg I -K .A, If iiQ A by L - Q 11 f L nga. 1 W gp' V i If Q I 7 4 --fv , if ' K 5 A K Z ua Al. 4 l 'X A 'i V, 'L ' Q 1 fg f fy ! 1' ii V I EA ,I W fl U an I ww:- ngs :- Wm Em: - mm P mmm.. am QS - .I 'U - .Nj ',1V1',.r 'N 'gfmk JE. H -4 Q nl , Q Q1 3 3 is tml, L 1' wif nu 6, J 5 aah ' , A , , if i S gpg . 1 ig 9 -I ffl k A ,A Q xi ga P .g Q Nr Q E T 'R Q K N l ,.. 'k iffid W Q YEA? tl L", xi p' 1 J N ' Ai . - Q ' + U .. 1 slim ,Mui n H4 fs' ,lp 7 . 'F -is ' N' 1 X l Q . L ll v - 2 li f' K- , i P I i u ' in . .1 ,. ' l 1 ' 1 :iiil l ' Y l ii , 2 ii I .. ' if ,f I i J K.. 1, bf J ' "IL-fa ' '-ff fx i , V f 1 -I i 1 , , L ROW I: June Herod, Marlyn Hopkins. Rebecca Lyon, Judy DeFore, Shirley Campbell. Mary Lois Newhouse, Dinah Dean, Beih McGiniy, Jerry Palmer, Ruih Campbell. Jan Coihran, Judy Swofford, Mariie Pool, Jeanelle Yadon, Lyneiie Boles, Virginia Brack. ROW 2: Cecelia Hadaway. Malissa Siarnes, Glenda Hargrove, Edna Dallas, Ann Brazzil. 254 l -s- Doris Thompson, Luclair Kilgore. Jane Berry, Frances McBroom. Nancy Gvuggolz. Belle Shaw, Difxnn L'Roy, Carolyn Knighi, Ellen Moore, Beverly McMillan. ROW 3: Max Harper. Lanny Hesrer, Don Wilks, Jesse Hilliard, Tim Hufchkiss, David Ross, Roger Hall, John Vanzandl, Maurice Peoples, Sidney Clemmer, Riclc Wiclcman. Marcus Hall. David A Cappella chorus members are selecled on The basis of 'rheir singing abiliiy by audirioning a+ ihe firsl of 'rhe school year. They presenied fheir iirsi program in Home- coming Chapel and 'rhe second iusi -before Chrisimas. Several our of Town programs were given, including 'rhe spring 'four which 'roolc Them 'through 'rhe Ozarks. 3-'Al "if E r F ,E , r 5' l l I ' , . A 1,5 I , L jf ll l " . l l , l , N 1" 1 . 1 g ' rg alll l ' H- Rogers. ROW 4: Michael McGuire, Jay Roberls, Andy Caufhen, Brenl' Lewis, Jerry Riggs. John Preslwood, Glenn Pelers, Max Nigh, Pele Neal, Phillip McCoy, Dan Fry. NOT PICTURED: Chesier Harville. Gordon Lowry, and Carol Crisp. Spring Tour Takes A appella Through Ozarks A i Li f 5? 5 ,. if , zti -EN E . 5- OFFICERS: Presideniz Mike McGuire: Secre+ary-Treas- urer: Mary Lou Newhouse: Vice-Presidenlz Max Nigh -Jwsmizii M 255 i 1 Mary Lois Newlwouse. Carolyn Kniql'm+, Judi DeFoor, Judy Swofford. DiAnn L'Roy, Virginia Brack. Sextet and uartet Are Popular Performers Roger Hall, Rick Wickman, Max Niqh, Bren? Lewis "Lament for Beowulf' Presented b Choralaires FRONT ROW: Alice Sacra, Paula Dosier, Diane Willard, Marie O'Neal, Judy Thompson, Dorolhy Bryan, Marlha Mahurin, Sherry Barringlon, Sherilyn Luclcie, Francis Vaughan. Carol Johnson, Ann Howard, Anna Beaver, Sylvia Hopkins, Judi Conlee, Jane Bacon, Jeanenne Yadon, Joan Lyday. ROW 2: Judy Lincoln, Barbara Beasley, Mary Belh Lam- berl, Carol Vaughan, Mary Lee Miller, Carolyn Cales, Sherry Paller- son, Sally Beasley. Joan Graves, Darlene Davis, Belly Balch, Kay Wren, Yvonn Campbell, Belh Bon Duranl, Sybil Hollingsworlh, Judy Cham- bless. ROW 3: Donald Milchell, Buddy Herman, Linden Penland, James Gerhardl, Don Wheeler, Millon Braclc, James Sharp, Ashley Neal, Rolo- erl Thompson, Waller Curry, Larry Braloham, Jim Morrow, Don While. ROW 4: Dennis Milchell, James Pallerson, Les Wheeler, Sam Morris, John Kilgore, Bill Williams, Daryl Hollis, Kenl Denlon, Craig Richard- son, Roderick Spain, Doug Brown, Gary Good, Charles Redfield. The Choralaires is a seleclive mixed chorus opened lo all qualified college sludenls. Audilions are held in Seplem- loer ol each school year lor admission ol new memloersL The chorus meels lhree hours a week lor one hour credil. The Choralaires' repulalion lor slirring performances was climaxed lhis year when lhey were selecled lo record Album l ol lhe "C-Ereal Songs of lhe Church." ln addilion lo performing bolh sacred and secular oclavo seleclions, lhe Choralaires perform al leasl one ma- lor choral work. Howard Hansen's "The Lamenl lor Beo- wulf" was chosen lhis year. Aclivilies ol lhe Choralaires include chapel appear- ances, Winler Concerl, Senior Day aclivilies, "Texas" Tour each spring, and lhe "Concerl Under lhe Slars." 257 ROW I: Ann Lifron, Chuck Garner, Marrha Miichell, Judy Brown, Mariha Mahurin, Linda Grounds, Janice Lyon, Mariha Mabry, Ann Palrerson, Janice Barlhel, Pal Huff, Mary Alice Duncan. Karhy Josey, Jan Powell. ROW 2: Allen Whife, Peggy Gilmore, John Williams. Mike Slirman, Judy Varley. Joanne Dallinger, Dewain Rhoads, Carol Tuffllg, Gary Tu'Hle, Ken McCollum, Ted Paddack, Don Davenport Gloria Kelley, Leia Albriiron, Randy Miles, Jan McKnigh'r. Kyle The Big Purple is composed of some 40-50 all-s+a're band members from approximaiely 20 s'ra+es. ACC's Wild- car Band performs during foolrball games in Jrhe fall. In lheir half-'rime drills lhey use arrangemenrs and composirions of assisianr conducior and arranger, M. L. Daniels. Douglas Fry, rhe conducror, came To ACC in I953. He is a graduaie of ACC, as are The assisianl conduclors. Mr. Fry has worked wiih bands in high schools and in Jrhe Navy. He was awarded rhe honorary Docror of Music Degree from Souihern College of Fine Arfs in Housion. 258 Ellison. ROW 3: Perry Reeves, Bonnie Johnson, Judy Kay Allen, Mary Lou Dodd, Helen Roach, Eugene Purcell, Bill Whilefield, Jimmy Parlain, J. D. Sfocks. Ray Mullins, Bill Srigers, Judy Mayfield. Judy Chick, Carol Srephenson, Marilyn Harp, Karen Reese, Kay Lyons, Linda Adrian, Gary Dennis. ROW 4: Sandra Mirchell, Alvin Neve, Gwen Brown, Befhul Rice, Lahonda Absion, Mikie Thirt inute Show Does Not Tell the Vlfhole tor "ee , cu. Welch, Bob Ha+lielcl, Sharon Regan, John Hollifield, Ricky Carpenfer, Paula Moses. Walfer Pursch, Mary Anna Johnson, Cornelia Cook, Larry Sioulz ROW 5: Dwayne Bishop, Bennie Haddock, Joe Ferrera, Jack Bonner, Bill Sproll, Ken Moody, John Baird, Don Flyni, Richard Lukas, David Sanders, Delvin Sparks, Dave Lewis, Bob Rollins, Sue Gilmore, Jon Vickery, Jimmy Jordon, Jerry Walson, John Whilewell, Each spring approximalely 75 members of 'rhe Big Purple are chosen for lhe concerf 'four bancl. Traveling by charierecl bus, +he four band performs I5 l'o 20 concerls primarily before high schools and college audiences. Tours in pasl years have laken lhem lhroughoul Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. and info poriions of Alabama, Louisiana. Mississippi, Georgia, Colorado, and Wyoming. High poinls in recenf fours have been appearances in Monrerrey, Mexico, and New Orleans, Louisiana. Mil? Anglin, Paul Thompson, Janelle Rice, Dean Hamilion, James Curry, Bob Kelley, Larry Johnson, Paul Wallace. ROW 6: Charles Trayler, Tom Beclichek, Perry Guihrie, Rodney Bailen, Keilh Cox, Wayne Tucker, Jimmy Lamb, Larry Maiihews, Doug WeHsl'eacl, John McGuire, Doug Williams, Roger Brondslelfer, Marc Wesi, Jerry Lide, Danny Neal, Chearl Roberson, Johnice Brennan. Drum Maier: Kyle Ellison Maioreifes: Judy Adkins and Mary Alice Duncum ' e+.L'.! 259 Harry Fierbaugh, Direclor en's Glee Tub - Singing en of ACC The "Singing Men of Abilene Chrislianu have been a long-sianding campus iradiiion. Formerly The club was comprised of ihe men of ihe A Cappella chorus. However, since l958, The Glee Club has iunclioned as a separale and independeni organizaiion, 'rhereby giving more siudenis an opporiunily +0 perform in ihe choral organizalions oi 'rhe college. The Glee Club, under The auspices of The Deparlmenl of Music, serves as laboraiory lraining in vocal music for prospeclive public school Teachers. 'rhose inleresied in The field of church music and Those who enioy exiracurricular singing. The men are selecled on a compelilive basis and Jrhe club is open io any ACC male siucleni. Aclivilies of lhe Glee Club include Serenades. Lec- iureship Concerl, Senior Day Acliviiies, Winler Conceri. Annual March four, "Concer'r Under The Siam" in May, and chapel appearances. FRONT ROW: John Hay, Jim Hughes, Don Sargenl, James Bryani, Bob Crockell, Gary Billingsley, David Bryanl, Bud Pickle Sam Snow Mike Magill, David Young, Elaine Fleer, Larry Sfoul, Larry Dolson, Mike Logsdon. ROW 3: Kif Owens, Wayne Jones, Jerry Belknap Ray Foy Richey, Ron Malhews, Ken Tinsley. ROW 2: Lynn Dupuy, David Hardin, Joe Slalls, Daryl Hollis, Forresi McDonald, Dee Carier Eugene Hughes, Phil Collard, Frank Hughes. Doyle Jennings, Paul McQuien. Edens, David Lee, Billy Curl, Sianley Goldwin, Bob Rollins 260 FRONT ROW: Carolyn Rhoads, Pai Huff. Jeanelle Yadon, Mariha Ma- hurin. Jaylelia Glaze, Ann Liiion. ROW 2: Jay Roberfs, Alice O'Daniel, Larry Underwood, Linda Jane Grounds, Mike Slirman, Peggy Gilmore, Joanne Dallinger, Mary Anna Johnson, Leia Albrilion, Randy Miles. Jan Mclfnighi, Linda Adrian, Gary Huff. ROW 3: Judy Trayler, Sandy Hesser, Beverly Aggans. Janice Lyons, Kalhie Josie, Wayne Tucker. 'Fessor Doug Fry, Conclucior iq""" Mickey Webb. DeWain Rhoads, Ted Paddock, Gary Tuiile, Bill Sprofi. John Baird, Benny Haddock, Dwayne Bishop, John Whilwell, Paul Wal- lace, Jimmy Jordan, Allen l-luii, Jeanenne Yadon, Roy Barkley. BACK ROW: Johnice Brannon, Marc Wesi, Jerry Lide, Mike Brady, Keirh King, Dorcas Dickson, Don Thorp. rehestra Combines ork and Pleasure ACC's orchesira had anoiher busy year and again gained in popularily playing for ihe Homecoming musical and giving fall and spring conceris. li also combined wiih 'rhe band for several socials. l-lighlighi of The year was The December four in Wesi' Texas where ihey played in Odessa, Midland, Pecos, and EI Paso. Climaxing 'rhe four was a 'rrip To Juarez, Mexico, and Carlsbad Caverns. Officers for ihe year were Roy Barkley, Presideniy Dwaine Bishop, Vice-Presideni: Jan McKnigh'r, Secreiaryi and Carolyn Rhoads, Concerl' Misiress. MUS1C31 Groups Entertain Tlwrougliouf fl1e year flie musical groups around campus provide enfer- fainmenf on various formal and infor- mal occasions. Above is picfured Harry Fierbauglw and flfe lvlen's Glee Club as flwey sing af Zellner's Open House. A+ flue leff Doug Fry conclucfs a por- fion of flue band in a bif of informal enferfainmenf for fliose who linger on campus during flue summer sessions. u Phi Epsilon Stresses "Service Through Musioi' Mu Phi Epsilon's represeniaiion on our campus is a marlc of greal dislinciion l'o our music deparlmenl, since membership in if is based upon academic and musical excel- lence as well as personaliiy. Members of The liacully and sludenl body alike feel ihai Alpha Sigma represenls a high level of achievemenr in our music deparimenl. The moilo of Mu Phi Epsilon is "Service Through Mu- sic." ln keeping wirh lhis ideal, naiional proiecis include such lhings as Music Therapy, Music for The Blind. and Seillemenl l-louse music proiecls. The local chapier. besides helping promore such proiecls, will arlempr To be of service 'ro The school and 'rhe communily lhrough rhe presenraiion of con- cerls and offering ol scholarships 'ro The members of 'rhe sororily. FRONT ROW Carol Crisp Recording Secrelary: Carolyn Vaughn: Pal' ROW 3: June Herod: DiAnn LRoy Vice Fresidenl Johnice Brannon Huff Ellen Moore Chaplain Mrs Coleman, Advisor. ROW 2: Virginia Judilh Brannon, COrreSponcling Secreiary Carolyn Rhodes Linda Ad Brack Treasurer Lynelie Boles Warden Cecilia Hadawayg Linda Speer. rian: C5FOlYH Krlighl. ChOriS1'er Noi plclured Roberla Sober Presldenl Charles Smilh, an Abilene iunior maioring in hisfory, filled 'the posilion of Oprimisr ediror fhe lirsl semesler. Feeling rhai' he needed lhe exlra lime elsewhere. he resigned al' 'rhe close of lhe fall rerm. Picrured below are Reginald Wesimoreland. Faculty Advisor: Carole Srraughn, Edirori and R. B. Barron, Jr., Business Manager. Mrs. Slraughn and Mr. Barron held Their respeclive offices during lhe spring semesler of I963. 'Nil M lf ,L-sn.. All i 1. W - Q-. HE PTI IST ABILENE CHRISTIAN COLLEGE. ABILENE. TEXAS. FRONT ROW: Carole Sfephenson, Barbara Daullon, Donna Wood, lin- DOF' Lewis' LBVVY Musselwhllei RUSS Williams- Bobbl' lclol- Peffl' Billie Wesley, Kerry Nowell. BACK ROW: Milne Weed, Phil Summer- Fllppln- A damsel in disTress replaced The long lineage of Tire- loreaThing dragons who have lurlced in The U-shaped ediTor's deslc Tor The lasT several years. When The lasT of The old dragons Tled, aT mid-Term, he Toolc rnosT of his lcnaves wiTh him. BUT lcnighTs in shining armor land ladies, Tool rescued The OpTimisT Trom The Terrible TaTe OT noThing To prinT. ChemisTry maiors, English, agriculTure, and Bible ma- jors-noT To menTion an even dozen loona Tide reporTing sTudenTs-bravely baTTled deadlines as SpringTime OpTi- mism bloomed. A monTh inTo The semesTer, iT sTill remained To be seen wheTher The Tresh recruiTs would equal Their tougher predecessors' TirsT place TIPA Trophies. 265 "' c wnfp 495. B-.-.-m.a . . 1- g".-....r,.-,9'. C I --- J- . H, M 'A mL -.L It lil' Presenting the Pnckl Pear Staff The Prickly Pear Slalf is proud lo presenl lo you 'rhis yearbook of living memories of life a'r ACC. They have worked hard and long galhering informalion, wriiing copy, raking picrures. and drawing layours in order fo meer dead- lines. I+ could nor have been done as well wirhoul' 'rhe sup- porr of you, Jrhe s'ruden'r body, and 'rheir wish is Jro 'lhank all Jrhose who have made 'rhe iob easier wilh 'lheir coopera- 'rion. May 'rhis book be one 'rha+ you will be happy io own and keep as a memoir of lhe 'rime spenl here af ACC. ,.. -417 -' 'A-r . -Q. rr PM " EX r"'g'A 1 a .,.-- ' ' rr --sv r il ' ' r my .- ,la 'rrs 5- f r r C C qn C - f. ' - ' l Edilor-in-Chief Carolyn Cunningham at work midsi' piclures and layou'r- l shears. 266 Phofographer Dave Wasson is never happier fhan when he is faking picfures. Ron Pauls, Sporis Edifor, also worked as Assisfanf Edifor The second semesier. ,,,f9 :Q N 1 M " swziif - '13 1' .12 '- - , ' A., 1 .-V, .2 4 -.- . 1 'anis--.l Beffy Maihews, Business Manager 5122...-4' -7 ..s H-' v 5..-, a fiv":3f3il 1 A' .. an 'T"' A gg - - V f Q V Y 1 .f, len' F F , E4 , . . Dinah Dean, Fealures Edifor Sharon Sfaggs. Clubs Eclilor OFFICE STAFF: Barbara Eldridge, Alfa Kincaid, Judy Mounl. Donna Burdell. NOT PICTURED: Nancy Kelly, Palsy Barnell, Billie Wesley. . X V n K ' . ,lx v J ' F f' Q l 3 a'. I.. Judy Adkins Donna Aflrison Darlene Barlon Kafhy Callaway ll ,mi 1 sf 'K Charlene Conger Jane Giles Linda Hood Earl Pucl:e'H V , Y ,,.., ,..,.- one l l ,el X l .maze YN? Rulh Campbell Gail Chem Carol Blounl Kay Borger Joe Chism Mary Lou Clevenger Myrna Dennis Ed Emmons Darla June Gcosby Pairicia Hornbalcer Jerry Jordon JOE Aulf Pali Russo l lil I 'IA . ff' l i ...wavy I as l l l Russell Enzie Don Ferguson James Graham Ina Green Billie Knox Fred Lanz Johnny ScoH' Sharon Sessoms l l Dwayne Busby Marla Coleman Margaref Gaines Wanda Hale Brenda Lewis Helen Subey Jim Provence Presidenf Norris Campbell Sponsor George Garland Lavoyne Haskins Sherry Marlin Roger Tafe I Janice Williams Vice-Presidem' Bill Fryer Sponsor Don Garner Don Hill Gaye Odom Sfover Taylor l 'T Q' InPSYders i Help Prepare Sandra Wesf Leia Albrighion Secrelary Treasurer Future Psychologists Max Leach Bob Whiiaker Sponsor Sponsor lnPSYders is an organizalion aimed a+ helping To pre- pare amaleur psychologisrs io aid eiiher direcily or indi- reclly rhe one person in ren fha? will need menral help some 'rime during 'rhe coming years. This group is composed of siudenis maioring, minor- ing. or iusr inleresied in rhe science of psychology. Each spring and fall, Jrhe lnPSYders Jralce a Jrrip +o a poinl of psychological inieresr, inside or ourside Jrhe siale, for learning more in The field of psychology. Carolyn Pace Benny Parfain Ann Paiferson Tyrone Pennick Doroihy Timme Gayle Townsend Linda Trenfham Billy Willbanlcs Sify 55" Presidenl June Daniels works wilh lwo children af lhe Rehabililalion Cenfer. ll Darlene Hiichcock Dr. Ima Clevenger Sponsor John Ashly 270 SHTA Hosts Prominent peakers Encouraging basic scienlific sludy of 'rhe processes of human speech and hearing. promoling invesligaiion of speech and hearing disorders, and slimulaiing exchange of inlormalion among persons lhus engaged are The purposes of lhe Speech and Hearing Therapy Associaiion. Meelings are held on ihe firsl Monday of each monlh in Nelson Parlor. During lhe year 'rhe associalion hosled several well-known speakers, Among 'these were Dr. Ima Clevenger, inlernalionally known speech palhologisl. Mrs. Sue King of Jrhe Wes? Texas Rehabililalion Cenler, Mrs. Lindsey. speech iherapisl in 'rhe Abilene public schools, and Mrs. Crulchiield, professor of speech and hearing Therapy al Hardin-Simmons Universily. Donna Bassham Billy Curl June Daniels Presidenl Belle Carfer Vice-Presideni Sharon Taylor Secrefary Ben Davidson Treasurer 1- FRONT ROW: John Augusline, Richard Howe, Jack Tripperf. ROW 2: Larry Nisle. Bill Ellis, Mike Barker, Chesier l-larville, Nelson Turner, Gene McMurry, Clown. OFFICERS: Jack Trippeil, Vice- crobatic Ability Shown b Fl ing Cats The Abilene Chrisiian College acrobaiic ieam is com- posed of men who are inieresiecl in fumbling. People who have seen 'rhese iumblers can iesiiiy 'ro Jrheir balance and abiliiy as gymnasis. Their siunis include everyihing from The Trampoline precision io high flips on ihe mais. Under The leadership of Richard Howe, ihe agenda includes shows per- formed for cerlain schools in and around Abilene: also in- cluding hali-iime performances ai The loaskeiball games. Presidenf: Richard Howe' P,-951. Jack Trippeir. Mike Barker, Gene McMurry. denrg Milce Barker. Secrelary- Treasurer. l 27I lvlelpomenean Players is a meriT organizaTion which represenTs drama on The campus oT Abilene ChrisTian Col- lege. ApprenTiceship in This organizaTion is granTed To a sTu- denT who wishes To work on maior producTions. When a member parTicipaTes in Three maior dramas in Two diTTerenT Tields, he is accorded Tull membership. These members Then have The main responsibiliTy in acTing and produclrion crews. Their purpose is To TurTher TheaTer acTiviTies on The campus OT ACC. 272 KNEELING: George Siewarl, Gary Aday. ROW 2: Leonard Boyll. Glenda Whiie, Jerry Palmer, Dennis Connel. Carol BlounT, Sherry PaTTerson, Jan STrom- quisT, Donna Rankin. ROW 3: Judie DeFoor, Vic Hunl- er, Jay RoberTs, Ann Ross. Jaylefa Glaze, Linda Hearn. Riley SuiT, David Young. ROW 4: Bob Anderson, Bar- bara Anderson, Linda Turner. NOT PICTURED: Leon Valenline, DiAnn L'Roy, Judy Swoilord. .4 .. .0416 ml Long hard hours go inTo excellenT play produclion. Melpemenean Players Further Theatrical Activities "Carousel" adds crowning touch XAJYW UN K-'KJXJ Uk- A Qs- OFFICERS P ident, Gary Aciay: ice- resi en, eor J dy D F R p.-I-list.. Jer y Palmer. to Homecoming I962 fig If ai' V P d f G ge Stewart: Sec.-T KACC Provides Training for Future Radio ork Ivffflw' g' ' Ti" Y ' 'HT ' T ' I ,.... . FRONT ROW: Ed Boyless, Claudia Scudder, SecreTary: Danny ColTrell, STaTion DirecTor: Donna Bassham, SecreTary: Milne Ezzel, News DirecTor. MIDDLE ROW: Eugene WhiTT. Ron Williamson, Russell Morrow, Bill Showers. BACK ROW: KiT Owens, Ken? Kelly, SporTs DirecTorg John King. Program Direciorg Bob Harris, Sales DirecTor: Al Swinney, Pro- gram DirecTor. KACC, "The Voice of Abilene ChrisTian College," is The campus radio sTaTion-comparable in iTs TuncTion To any commercial radio sTaTion in The counTry. The sTaTion presenTs a varieTy of music and news: and during Homecoming and LecTureship, KACC broaclcasTs special programs perTaining To These occasions. STudenTs who wanT To learn The workings oT The radio business may parTicipaTe. Previous KACC radio sTuclenTs are now holding Top-noTch posiTions wiTh radio and Tele- vision sTaTions, noT only in Abilene. buT also ThroughouT The counTry. i Pi Kappa Delta l Mixes Debate and Extra-Curricular Activities Pi Kappa Delta is a national honorary speech associa- tion and is the largest organization ot its type. Members ot this group participate primarily in debate, oratory, and extemporaneous speaking. This year various members have participated in tour- naments at eight ditterent colleges and universities. They also sponsored a speech tournament here with twenty-six schools participating trom Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Ari- zona, and Calitornia. OFFICERS: President, Bob Coleman: Vice-President. Ronnie Roberts: Sponsor. Mr. Ed Brown: Secretary, John Ferguson. FRONT ROW: Bob Coleman, Judy Cunningham. Mr. Brown, Addeane Ferguson, Jay Hailey, Don Williams. NOT PICTURED: Bobby Smith. Shumate, Ronnie Roberts. BACK ROW: John Meeker, Bill Miller, John Jim GGFFWIOH. GGFY MCCGleb- 275 Q ffl 1 Janie Breaux Wayne Reeves Sharon Reynolds James Neeley Presiclenl Vice-Presidenl Secrelary Treasurer ll nwafa fir ,nnnlhnnnnl PEMM Club Assists in Carol Smirh Suzanne Berry Program Chairman Intramurals Physical eclucalion majors and minors are conslanlly slriving 'ro improve The program of physical educalion al' ACC. Club members assisl 'rhe clireciors in inrramurals and various orher physical acrivilies on rhe campus. I-lighlighls of 'rhe club's acliviries were several social gel-logerhers. Paul Branson Belly Brown Linda Harris Sissy Heafhcoh Jerre Johnson Dianna Lloyd Sandy Marlin Gayle Moore Paula Moses Glenda Nelsan Marcella Porfer Buddy Rawls Janice Roberis Pai' Sieward Mary Ann Sfewarl' James Walker Faye Waller 276 FRONT ROW: Vernon Lewis, Pele Gullurie, Frank Ables, Jill Bredlow. Randy Capps, Frank Falwrlender. ROW 2: Linda Clark, Befsy Isaac, Bill 11-School Rodeo Planned b Rodeo Club Purpose oi ine Rodeo Club is 'lo promole inleresl in rodeos and in rodeo sloclc. Scenes of Jrlwe moniiily meeiings were line Agriculiure Annex and line Range Riders Club. A lwayride and wiener roasr was a fall sennesler acjrivily of The club: and an all-school rodeo was planned for The spring semesrer. ACC's Rodeo Team won iirsi place for bull riding and second place For bareback riding againsl Arlingion Slale. Anoiber rodeo was Held wirlw Arlinglon Srare and Texas Clwrisiian Universiiy. Weaiheriord, K. D. Mills, Cindy Johnson. OFFICERS: Randall Capps, Presidenlg Frank Fahrlender, Vice-Presideni Cindy Johnson, Secrelary: Pere Gullwrie, Treasurer. 277 OFFICERS: John Lillie, Sponsor: Don Lewis, President Sally Bless, Sec- relary-Treasurerg Gary Burger, Vicevlaresidenlp Bud May. Reporler. FRONT ROW: Marie O'Neil, Carolyn Cares, Alice Marlar, Sally Bless, Claudelle Williams, Linda Hood. RQW 2: Ed Coals, Bud May, Larry Liffle, Don Lewis, Fred Holmes, David Lirlle, Gary Burger, Bob Jackson, John Lillie. ,1 Picturesque Arizona Inspires lub Composed of sludenis from The picluresque Grand Canyon sl'a+e, 'rhe Arizona Club was organized for The pur- pose ol having fun, fellowship, and represenlaiion on 'rhe campus of ACC from 'rhis loeauieous and colorful seciion of Jrhe Old Soulhwesr. Regular meelings, parries, and loanquels were on 'rhe agenda for lhe year. Welcoming new Arizona siudenls on campus, provid- ing a nucleus for a grealer Arizona Alumni Associafion, and inslilling inleresl in fulure sludenls and parenls in ACC are included in Jrhe goals ol Jrhe members. yy., .P- 2 278 veg A ,, .JA-..aa-..f.E.si-,si FRONT ROW: Allan McNicol, Auslraliaq J. W. Treat Sponsor: Murray Lumley. Canada: John Lye, Singapore: Ron Pauls, Canada. ROW 2: Nancy Cunningham, Canada: Rosemary Brown, Canada: Maureen Knight Canada: Mrs. Beriha Moore, Co-Sponsor: Mrs. Georgia Ar- Thur, Co-Sponsor: lan Burgin, AusTralia. ROW 3: Pamela Guyan, New Zealand: CaTherine Hoover, Canada: TiTus Chan, l-long Kong: Mary Morren, Canada: George Yue. Hong Kong: Claudio Czerny, lTaly: Dave Toews, Canada. lnternational Club Develops Friendship mong ationalities To develop loeTTer communicaTion and understanding wiTl'1 The TaculTy members and sTudenT body, and To develop closer Triendship among The many naTionaliTies represenTed aT ACC are The purposes oT The lnTernaTional Club. Programs cenTered around The various counTries rep- resenTed in The club were presenTed aT The semi-monThly meeTings. lce and roller slcaTing parTies and picnics were among The social evenTs enjoyed by The club. SPONSORS: J. W. Treat Sponsor: Mrs. Georgia ArThur, Co-Sponsor Mrs. BerTha Moore, Co-Sponsor. l I i 279 v 4 r. 'L'-:1"4.4' ' ' .-- Y .v -7 N 7J:rg:r:.L ,XSL AZT' ,TH 3213- ,, J 1 Q '--J:-- V-QiQ.l'W1'.'...u-nf-" 'un . 'i. .N V I.. V.. ,-., , 4 .gfj ,- , ..::.f,g1-Q it A 4 A , ..f.,..gv 5 j ' , v- af 'ag .v 4, .1 , Ja. .,-,f - W' ' 3, - H M4 . ., W, . A V V , W' fly- ' 4-2 ' , . M 'i'.f"f 7" --.. , 'W K, v H 1L,'.,,f"v1ov:f-vhL5.4s,,E.,,.'.4 - ' V I yqlgqgkw ' , f, , .wffilf -' .,.... - "fit-'ff Q54 A. ,,1 -- ' ' ' NJ, , ' f' "L5,g,':,-:"'il?. .,4..?qj9y54f.'g' ' ' -.1 7 v.""'T' ' Y "" "32'fy"f"'f"'. -' ' -ww 'Y f ""-' ' 'LN ... . r My ,3... UV-U, Mlifpl ,lem 'A' 'L ' . - Ui' '17, .JW i',3.L:i2J?1TiAJ,-, 33. . .. u r .fi .- 1, " 'J'-' -' . , A'.wMfjLg,l ,.,g?vy-v.,1, ,. - A 13:-.Q - 4,1 1.1 ' 'fl-f H QM N. "1" 'zwmy' ,712-f--f " W I V I'-V1.4 ' -'PiiA"'lAf' .1-'m'f'Tc2l"'1Z"I."!C'f- lsmf f - J' ""Q'..or 'I 4 V K, .. ,,.,fg' 41,-drvf5WWnfwa, W , ' ,'- I W-'L-. P: 5 I , WH ,J ,.,! N TMR ,. , Q- Ax, , .rw ,,,f, .,,,. Wm., 4, . ' ' A ' " 1, ',V'QI5'15?-'. 41- .'f-'j:- "'-' QL. ...I F - s ' H4115 g, T" f ' ..f ,' " " J'-V' - - f' m"f"" . .a- - f . W A wlffibffff-,C'f.' Af ' . ,. , :, g --'r- -' ' ' , -',,..-H 5 -Ii a. . by Y. A A , 1 V ,.,.-ypff V, . , ,. 'f ,..'v--eww, U A V , ,X 4 , -.,. , " if .7 ,, ,I ,I . V "'r'lTf,-74' .',.-' ik I I O.. 1- ,g - JA. p--IL f pf. 4. ' 1 1 'A . -' '- "pdf C1JL.u-ll' ' "' ,..-p A H' 1'--.Ll , uw.r,, wp, ,WNWLV IJ,-.1 1, ,bfkfftrf N ,I ,I V ,-H . , ' W 'M Y ,mMM:1,muxJ'nl5N'.q+ M l.5..v'r., . ,fb M. - ' f' 4 ' .'l11',, :'Qq,'. L'.'gfj4,w:r+' L v. U, f L " -I-2"v'5f. .1 . 1 4 , - 4 . V,- .Ty ,qwwx 1. V ml? 1+ 5 13:1 1 ia-. - .--,-. ,-f-rf -, 3 . f w V. . af 1 I af?" ' f. f Y V rf Q 1 'Y I K Q 1 H R-f+:L,.j z f' A W H L I f + nk A 5, ' ,S ,, SQXN 'rj g ' Z N.. I x 1 -.H we 1 1.1 Hg P f, N. Y W 11 f X QI' JW' ' R 1 1 f 2 A Rfb 1 ,, ii A 9-.. X A rf'-- x 4, A i 1 E., nxt. f f xv, I , fx A .,,, ,, 4, . 'lk f- - f , 1 f , 1 l f -XX - ww? 1 X L 7, 45., 1. K m SepI'. Sep'r. Sep'r. Ocl' Oci Oct OcI'. Nov. Nov. Nov Rebels wi+h cannons, Cowboys on horseback. and an Indian Tribe: They came, played, and were defealed. The Wildcais. under The able coaching of Les Wheeler and his aides, praciiced long. played hard, and broughf home a 6-4 record a+ The end of The season. I-Iere's"rhe way ii wenlz I5 22 29 6 I3 20 27 3 IO I7 ACC ACC ACC ACC 'ACC ACC ACC ACC ACC ACC ., . Easl Texas Slale Howard Payne Lamar Tech I . , , Fresno Sfafe , , ,Hardin-Simmons New Mexico Highlands Soufhern Mississippi . Arlinqron S'raI'e Mclvlurry Trinify 3 28 I3 I4 6 26 30 I8 I2 I2 'M' I -isi I assi ' ji", sw, 'W gm x V2 ix A . B. lBugsl Morris, Director of thletlos . . . has been a cenTral Tigure in The sporTs program of ACC since l924. In The Tall oT ThaT year he came To The college as head TooTball and baslceTball coach. a posiTion he held unTil l94I when he disconTinued his coaching OT TooTball To become aThleTic direcTor and baslceTball coach. IT was in I955 ThaT he became The TirsT Tull Time aThleTic direcTor OT ACC. He has gained regard Trom his acquainTances Tor The very capable job he has clone in making This deparTmenT one of The many successes of Abilene ChrisTian College. bout the Pla ers Quarferbaclrs IO Jerry Gibson, 20, 5'IO". I60. Il Charles McCook, 20, 6'I", I8I. I2 Charles Reynolds, I8, 6'3", I75. I4 Danny Colvin, 2I, 5'I I", I60. I5 Ronnie Winslon, I8, 5'I I". l65. Wingbaclcs 20 Allen Brown, I9, 5'IO", I6O. 2I Jerry Lowrey, IB. 6'0", I70. 22 Elgin Conner, 2l, 6'O", I70. 4 Buddy Rawls, 20, 6'0", I75. 25 Larry Larson, I8, 6'0", I75. 53 Roger Youngblood, I8, 5'l0", I75. Fullbaclcs 30 Charles Brandon, 2l, 5'II", l8O. 32 Joe Paiy, I9, 5'9", I75. 33 Duane I-Iale, 20, 5'lO", IB5. 44 B. A. Honey, I9, 5'8", I70. Tailbacks 3I Dennis I-Iagaman, I8, 5'8", ISO. 40 Gary Welch, 20, 5'8", I70. 4I. Cullen Davis, I9, 5'IO", I70. 42 Owen Morrison, 20, 5'I0", I65. 43 Thayne McKnighI'. I9, 5'I0", I80. Chad Woolery, I8, 6'0", I89. Ceniers 50 Aubie Terry, 20, 5'I I", 2I3. 5I Tommy Murray, 20, 6'3", I95. 52 J. W. Tuiile, 19. 6'0", I95. 54 Eddie Anderson, 2I, 6'O", 200. Guards 60 Ronnie Anders, I7. 5'I0". 205. 6I Jack Griggs, 20, 6'0", IBO. 62 Don Bennelf, 20, 5'I I", I95. 63 Charles Giese. 20, 6'0", I9O. 64 Mike Hubbard, I8, 6'2", I86. 65 Buck Griffilh, IB, 5'I I", l90. 66 Delberr Wilson, 2I, 6'I", I95. 68 Leo Owen, 2I, 6'2", 2I0. 72 Wade McLeod. IS, 6'O", 2l0. Tackles 70 Roberr Birchum, 2I. 6'3", 230. 7I 'Mike Capshaw, I7, 6'4", 222. 73 Tommy Walker. I8, 6'2", 190. 74 Jerry Turner, 2I, 6'2", I95. 75 Larry Curiis, 24, 6'O", 2I5. 77 Marvin Burgess, 20, 5'IO", 2I3. 78 Larry Cox, I9, 6'2", 2l0. Ends 80 A. M. Dycus, 2I, 6'I", 207. BI Keirh Fanning, I8, 6'2", IB5. 82 ' Dewill' Jones, I9, 6'5", 205. 83 James Pope, 22, 6'l", ZIO. 84 Arlhur Weiss, 27, 6'0", 190. 85 Jesse I-Iarwell, 22, 6'2", l90. 86 Larry Allen, I8, 6'2", I90. 88 Gary Cohn, 22, 6'2", 2l0. 284 FRONT ROW: Ronnie Anders, 60: Dennis Hagaman, 3l: Ronnie Win- sfon, I5: Charles Brandon, 30: B. A. Honey. 44: Duane Hale, 33: Gary Welch, 40: Marvin Burgess, 77: Roger Youngblood, 53: Danny Colvin. I4. ROW 2: Joe Pafy, 32: Jerry Lowray, 2l: Buck Griffilh, 65: Cullen Davis, 4I: Owen Morrison. 42: Allen Brown. 20: Don BenneH', 62: Jerry Gibson, IO: Wade McLeod, 72: Buddy Rawls, 24. ROW 3: Larry Larson, 7 . 1,1 S7012 3.511 aifwhf-.--. .e '- . K MV' sm, 1 A L, --41-gr ' - Ill W -Q J. Z 25: Elgin Conner, 22: Eddie Anderson, 54: Aubie Terry, 50: A. M. Dy 10 cus. BO: Jerry Turner, 74: Larry Curris, 75: Jack Griggs, 6i: J. W. Tullle, 52: Mike Hubbard, 64. ROW 4: Tommy Walker, 73: Gary Cohn, 88: James Pope, 83: Delberl Wilson, 66: Keilh Fanning. 8i: Jesse Har well, 85: Leo Owen, 68: Thayne Mclinighi. 43: Charles McCook, Il 1 L. 5:iz.QIs-i:zafft.!fi 'Y A . Arihur Weiss, 84. ROW 5: James Lyda. Line Coach: Les Wheeler, Head Coach: Larry Allen, 86: Dewiii' Jones, 82: Milce Capshaw, 7l: Larry Cox, 35: Roberl Birchum, 70: Charles Reynolds, l2: Tommy Murray. 51: Jerry Mullins. Offensive Back Coach: Jimmy i-lirrh, Defensive Back Coach. NOT PICTURED: Chad Woolery. 1962 ildeat Football Team Ended Season ith 6-4 Record L .- r 285 Airiiudes oi oprimism prevailed among 'lhe coaches This fall, and ap- parenlly 'rhe ieam caughl' 'rhe spiri'r: 'For by +he end of ihe season They had acquired a favorable 6-4 record. Piciured above are Offensive Back- field Coach Jerry Mullins, Line Coach James Lyda, Defensive Backfield Coach Jimmy Hirfh, and Head Coach Les Wheeler. Coaching Staff ptimistic Coach Les Wheeler was nor any novice when he came io ACC in i956 as line coach. He had had experience boih as a player and as a coach and his qualiiicarions were our- sranding in borh aspecrs. His foolball career s'rar'red in high school when he played fullback and end for Robslown before coming 'ro ACC. While aiiending ACC he earned Three Wildcar fool'- ball lerrers and All-Texas Conference 'raclcle honors in l95O and l95I. As a senior, he was honored on 'rhe firslr Jream of 'rhe Associared Press Li'r'rle All-American Jream. Upon gradu- aiion he became line coach and iraclc coach ar Lamar High School. remaining 'rhere unril reiurning io ACC in l956. In I959 he received a promorion To firsr assisranr buf remained working wirh The line. Lasr December, Wheeler was named io be Jrhe ninrh Head Coach of Wildcai' foorball since ACC began infer-collegiaie compeiiiion in l9l9. The Coach poinied our Thar his aim was io have a well- spirired, aggressive loolrball squad composed of boys who really desired 'I'o play fooiball. The 6-4 season was surely evidence of his abiliry ro lead a Jream 'ro vicrories. X L. I-.,. L The senior lellermen will long remember The 6-4 season lhey enioyed during Their lasl year of college foolball. Piclured above, ihey are: KNEELING: Elgin Conner, 22: Arlhur Weiss, 84: Eddie Anderson, 54: Aubie Terry. 50: Charles Brandon. 30: James Pope. 83: Les Wheeler, Head Coach. STANDING: Leo Owen. 68: Roberl Birchum, 70: Delberi Wilson, 66: Gary Cohn. 88: Jesse Harwell. 85: Jerry Turner, 74: A. M. Dycus, 80. As ihe Mclvlurry Indians slrive for more yardage in a hard foughl baflle againsl 'rhe Wildcals, we see some of lhe seniors in aclion. While Eddie Anderson l54l, Leo Owen l68l, and Jerry Turner l74-l are lemporarily blocked by lhe Indians, Jesse Harwell l85l and Aubie Terry l5Ol close in from behind as an unidenlified Wildcal makes lhe laclcle. Vw' if .J"':Q. .. -- fd- r"' .Fulx', , .. 4' - - I,'I'5, r 1.. . . - - ' s,- ,,., , .J Q Li Wa., "' -.J-S: uf- .-- wh -- L.-- - . .g..--1. -- v--. 4 .. fn, 'vaefloe A J4.'.'.j.4-f"'lT,'," f' , ' . "' . -A . ' 'i ,- ,eg , .Y 287 Managers, Tommy Branson and Paul Branson. and Trainers, Dick CarTer and Jack Rizzo lnoT picTuredl worked diligenTly during The season To help keep The Team, noT To menTion The equipment in Tip-Top condiTion. Before each game, if you were very observant you noTiced six or seven sTudenTs carrying The vicTory bell over To iTs posifion in TronT of The ACC sTands. For The Tirsl Time in eighr long years we were overioyecl To hear The ringing of The bell aTTer more Than half The games of The season. Before the Game Begins AT The beginning of each game, The KiTTen Klubbers Tormecl a vicTory line Through which The cheerleaders lecl The Team onTo The Tielcl. A quick glance aT The scoreboard shows us ThaT The encouraging cheers Tor a good game and a vicTory were influencing The players. ACC won This Homecoming Classic againsT ArlingTon STaTe wiTh a Ten poinf mar- gm. 288 l l 1 Elgin Conner was iubilanTly hoisTed To The shoulders oT his TeammaTes, Charles McCook ll Il and Mike Capshaw l7Il, and carried oTT The Tield, Tor, wiTh The co-operaTion oT his Tellows he had. in The Tinal second, kicked The winning poinT in a +igh+ baTTle beTween The WildcaTs and The Yellow Jack- eTs oT Howard Payne College. UnTorTunaTely, in The very TirsT quarTer oT The nexT game, againsT BeaumonT's Lamar Tech, Conner susTained a knee injury ThaT puT him ouT oT The acTion Tor The resT oT The season. This injury, along wiTh oTh- ers, seriously handicapped The WildcaTs ThroughouT The sea- son, ildoats Win 6, Lose 4. ACC Taced The EasT Texas STaTe Lions aT The Abilene Public School STadium on SepTember I5 in The WildcaTs' TirsT game OT The season. DespiTe The TacT ThaT Duane Hale carried The ball I2 Times in an early rushing lead, The Wild- caTs were unable To move The ball decisively againsT The heavier EasT Texas Team. This seemed To remain The sTory ThroughouT The remainder oT The game. Though The CaTs ToughT courageously, The game ended in a close buT de- cisive 3-O deTeaT Tor ACC. Line Coach, James Lyda, waTches while James Pope T83l and Larry Cox l78l parTicipaTe in a IiTTIe bit oT rough and Tumble warm-up prior To a big game. Lf u"i!,T. Thayne McKnighT T43l, ACC's T80 lb. Junior Tailback, isn'T going To go down easy, even when assailed by Three of The opposiTion's deTense men. I T 'ii .11 289 1 4- Eddie Anderson, a Levelland senior, was co-capTain oT The I962 WildcaT TooTball rosTer. The second game oT The season saw The WildcaTs on The road. SepTember 22, They played The Howard Payne Yellow- iaclceTs aT Brownwood. During The game The CaTs moved l5O yards in The air and 228 yards on The ground To win by a score oT 29-28. Thayne McKnighT made Two Touchdowns. Owen Morrison made one and Gibson made one. All Tour TD's were converTed. ln The meanTime Howard Payne had made iusT as many To Tie The score aT 28. Elgin Conner lcicleed a Tield goal ThaT wenT Through The uprighTs in The very lasT seconds oT The game. This gave ACC a I-I record ThaT Tar in The season. T T gels-s.iig Jerry Turner, a Mason senior, was co-capTain oi The l962 WildcaTs. Wildcats Remain When ACC wenT againsT Lamar Tech in BeaumonT on SepTember 29. They were one up on The Cardinals in a 5- game series beTween The Two rivals. LaTe in The second quar- Ter Tech scored a Touchdown. AlThough The WildcaTs car- ried The ball wiThin Tech's Tive yard line Tour Times in The TirsT half. They were seemingly unable To conTrol The ball. WiTh only 52 seconds leTT in The game Tech made The de- ciding Touchdown and ACC suTTered a I3-6 deTeaT. Caped and hooded againsT The cool breezes T The men on The bench Q waiT wiTh eager anTicipa- Tion Their Time on The TurT. For every man ouT There in acTion There are aT leasT Two on The side- lines cheering and en- couraging Their Team- maTes on Toward ThaT goal line and a Touch- down. 4 'V T " 'isis ' Yeiqifuff "1" TiXTQi?'z7i'f5'0'JFfl.NLQff:gM ' 5 CH. K 1,- . -- 2 2 .. 1 f 1ssss'TTf1'fr'Tf'T5 fffY 1 F f1.f:r".ai.ff.r:: .I ...au ...age .sg :i.a..a.s. .. gf .T-ai ,QQ ' nfl? QS?-A 2:13. fit. 'C if ' , ..-- -W-' iw-ff T- - T' , yishf' A .far , " 'S S I... Q 1 i M r. so . mg., 3-. . 5,-q, 8 0 lk f -A , W3 " , 3 -'fix Lid. '.. D' A- 133-. 2-,Q L: r' az .sf , "'Fw3,-sexy,-:yX,gzg',g -I .- S 1 iv . Ay1'Qt4L,,,ij1EEf'5if,cfS.g,,- o J - ,lTf":- C. gi'mlf',,. vH.N'l!,I'e It Q . ,Q I ilk? ' F ' ' "2 " "' ' 7' - X, ' ' " '- I - 'r -. 1 -:A '.. was im nm Q ' M if ig'T I 6 . L ..... ' ' r - '- . if' ' . '. ' . ' T ' - . -..... ' ' A , A - ,,, aims ' awk? if-1 T "T 9+ fr? , g QT f ,IQ 5 -- if , sf. A . . . f 'T - A . ' K - ' I Q '--' -.5191 T if , , . ge ','L' if Mvf .H . Q .. . ,s fi . in - V 51 , . i-Q1 4 iif""'?'1 . , . f'fQ:,Ql:'.-. , .Fi -- 1 .2:..'Q' I.-'si 1 an 1.-,'!tuesc...u4 sed.. The men on The bench rise To waTch Their TeammaTes reTurn The kick- oTT ball aTTer one oT The Three Touchdowns made by ArlingTon STaTe during The homecoming game. ptimistic The Fresno STaTe Bulldogs ranked as The Number One small college Team OT The naTion when The WildcaTs Taced Them on The gridiron in San Angelo on OcTober 6. Twice beTore ACC had Tacecl These opponenTs and Twice beTore had gone home deTeaTed. The CaTs wenT inTo This game, however, wiTh an opTimisTic deTerminaTion To end The I3- game winning sTreak oT The Bulldogs. Things looked grim aT TirsT as The Bulldogs, due To Their passing abiliTy, made The TirsT Touchdown early in The game. This prompTed The Wild- caTs To harder play. Even Though The Fresno players were eager, on The whole, Than The ACC lineup, The WildcaTs gained 285 yards on The ground. All Tour ACC Touchdowns were made on The ground. DeTeaTing The Bulldogs 26-I4 placed The game record back on a 2-2 basis Tor The WildcaTs. As a TirsT sTep Towards The CiTy Championship ACC downed The T-larclin-Simmons Cowboys wiTh a score oT I4-6. AlThough The Cowboys had had a long sTring oT losing games They did noT play like a losing Team. Their deTense was par- Ticularly good and made The WildcaTs work Tor every yard They goT. The CaTs managed To win, however, wiTh an eighT poinT margin. Coach Wheeler looks grim as he receives word Trom The coach in The press box as To how Things look from up There. Elgin Conner looks on, pensively wishing ThaT he could be back in The Tray. WildcaTs line up againsT The McMurry indians in The lasT home game of The season. New Mexico Highlands Universihfs Cowboys capiTal- ized on ACC's Tumbles To gain a I4 poinT lead in The TirsT six minuTes oT The game in Las Vegas on OcToloer 20, The WildcaTs reTurned home deTeaTed by a score oT 26-20. The mosT decisive shuTouT oT The season came aT The hands oT SouThern Mississippi in HaTTiesburg on OcTober 27. The WildcaTs held The SouTherners To a 6-O lead unTil abouT one Third of The way Through The lasT quarTer. In The lasT 45 seconds of The game They made Two scores. The 30-O deTeaT was The ninTh ACC has suTTerecl aT The hands oT The SouTh- erners since Their TirsT game in I954. Legs TwisTed, arms benT, and helr'neTs clashed as Three uniclenTiTied Wild- caTs decided ThaT This lndian was noT going To go anywhere TasT. l A si- . T fll-41.4 n 1 fc . 292 SX ' f Q . P I .x .A Q . . b . F J.-1, 1 J ,:' " Tl qs--. .' l M , , 6,1 g 45, .-A, ,-.v f 1 1 B. A. Honey and co-capTain Jerry Turner l74l Turn To ioin in The s Dewm. Jones mm' Wildcaf end' is on :fha man. Tree-Toreall as everyone seems To be down buT The ball carrier. No one needs To doubT whaT will happen when and iT Thai' indian is able To caTch ThaT pass. ' ' f y isf . ' V -311-, " F, gf 'Iv 'T P r T' T"iff'1l'!TEF'v isis ' b e A I ' i - .y., , qi y - I F . , 1 , ., ' Q an . vi ,. ' " T 'qw , ,. -f" ilii' Lz i f T i : A sg 1 v .-,Q ,171 x '- W " sf. -1 ft fl ..,:-' " " U- A ,Q I Hu ' .." -'11, ' m g , ' I vi Q. 'I by "S'-'- J,,l"f- or if 4' I H 5 f 1' 2 ' ' .if i Q ' f ' v 14.1 ml ! ' .v I ' 1 . - T I W' .rss - - Q c E15 is - 0 . lillqiif-,fixii 4' li Q -u ' F1 1 . w G. A A ' IF , C, H. :jg "V 4 ing x' i is A T ' 42, T if 'X fi V il -gs f 1 V A KTQ! 1 - "1. . 'T x .3 -'-' 1 ' 1 A 2 A if r '.,. . ' N l,f y 3, sy f f L X i f s 'DQ I N' Nr! at " W- ii.. ' R Q ff Q f . .iw T ' ' ' 4 new .1 i' , T 'XX F ' l ' 4.1 li s A 4- .s h . . C, 4- f- - Q ,, ,g, if i-f 'fi TS' . ffllevf. Loo: ,gp " ' . . g 'z .x"'m " 'f'..v, ' g ' ' -T5-415-'-fi-....,.-,rm The Homecoming game was played againsT The Rebels of ArlingTon STaTe College on November 3. Each Team had TasT- ed vicTory once over The oTher. BoTh Teams enTered The game wiTh a 3-4 record. DeTeaTing The Rebels 28-I8 helped malce The I962 Homecoming one oT The besT ever. Champs Tor l962. EnTering The game againsT TriniTy in San AnTomo on November I7, wiTh a 5-4 record, winning The game meanT The diTTerence beTwee,n a successTul and a "iusT so so sea son. The WildcaTs were vicTorious again. They had earned a 6-4 season. The TirsT in eighT years. 1,-5 BBQ? Tackle. The TighT Tor Abilene CiTy Championship Took place be-Tween Mclvlurry and ACC in The Abilene Public School STadium on November IO. Failure on The parT oT Mclvlurry To converT Their Touchdowns caused Them To come ouT second besT in The maTch. The Tinal score I4-I2 made ACC ClTy 'i 4 Jesse Harwell l85l is downed in an aTTempTed Tackle and Don Ben neTT l62l prepares To give chase as guard Jack Griggs l6l makes The l , . PicTured above are The cheerleaders who led our cheers Through vic- Tories and deTeaTs Tor boTh semesTers. They are Floyd DavenporT, Lynn Saunders, Derrill Osborn, and Jan SaTTerwhiTe. Livel Cheerleaders Led the Spectators AThleTic Teams oT ACC can always depend on The loyal supporT oT The cheerleaders aT all home games. WheTh- er baskeTloall, TooTball, or any oTher sporT ThaT demands Tan supporT, The cheerleaders have proved Themselves ca- pable oT obTaining IT. A loT of crediT goes To These six sTu- denTs Tor The eTTicienT and spiriTed way in which They led sTands Tull oT people To cheer our Teams on To vlcTory. lr v- lfl T On Hue all-school frip +0 San Angelo 'ro play Fresno Sfafe Hue cheer leaders led a pep rally from The sieps of Hwe courfhouse Linda MerrioH', no? included in Hue picfure To The left was on 'rhe squad during Hwe fall semesier. K Jim Womack, IO: David Wheeler, I2: Jim Morgan. 22: Lewis Slone 401 Pal Agnew. 44: Charles Cleelc, 34: Jerry Morgan, 32: Bill Warren 30: Jim Reynolds, 42: Bill Wilbanks. 24: Doug Beafy. l4: Joe Cur+is. 20 1962-63 Wildcat Basketball Team ,J r " ,-Q' W' 1.,,. ., . 52 ,. 55 'Q ,.. . ,DA ., ., r. ,Vw ,, v 1,3 V., ' -1,55 F4 J , if-if as 1 if 1' T H " . ,,,-3 -' M' , A ., ,ugh x r1T.'L" . ski rw, x1 J! . - .ff -' ,QL , x I ." W" ', Y p 4532- Va..-A A , .C -,S .Ag :::?,fA,5 w xi 'Q .J4'-.55-.fpf 1 Q ' 'Q,gfj1ff,i , . ., . :. "QF L ' ' "' K N- sg 1' p .1 1 'H 4, " H 1.2. ' ff i 5 we W1-1 LZ 'fi fQg3 19 rf! 5. J f A .ww , JF, s i i . i 'r .. s x ,eg ' ?X:KG? ' i.:Ng'.71'P fig! 'I , .L ...iz Coach Dee Nuff is fhe rnosf illusfrious cage alumnus in fhe hisfory of ACC. Coach Nuff came fo ACC in I947 from Cliffon, Ariz., where he was named fo fhe all-sfafe feam as a forward. Nuff was named All-Texas Conference forward for fhree years here af ACC and received honor- able menfion in his freshman year. His loesf season fofal was 402 in his iunior year for fhe Wildcafs. ln his sophomore year. Nuff was named mosf valuable player in fhe Texas Conference. Coach Nuff graduafed from ACC in fhe summer of i950 and wenf 'ro Tipfon, Oklahoma, where he served as afhlefic direcfor af Tipfon Orphans Home. Lafer he joined fhe REA in New Mexico. For five years he played wifh fhe Arfesia. New Mexico, Travelers of fhe Nafional lndusfrial Baslcefball League. Coach Nuff refurned fo ACC in I955 and is now head coach of fhe ACC Wildcafs. Nuff's loaslcefball aloilifies have served him well as coach of The Wildcafs' loaslcefloall feam. Coach Dee utt cxgisrz 4 UDAGH and Team Captain ,Tim omack Led '63 Wildcats Team Capfain Jim Womack was a class B All-Sfafer in high school fwice: wifh a senior season average of 3l.O. Jim is a junior mafh-educafion maior and was selecfed as ACC's Honor Boy for I963. Jim plays guard for fhe Wildcafs and his defensive abilify is a greaf assef fo fhe Wildcaf club. 299 The game begins with a jump ball. . . . A player dribbles off down the floor . . . . . . gets all set for a good shot . . and then an opponent "Louses" things up. . That results in a foul shot. X . . . At other times he gets overly anxious . . . . . when "Wildcats of the future" take the floor, The game Continues until halftime . . . and the players gather around the coach. The second half begins . . . . and they played hard. As the season finished they had Won 15 and lost 9, and had tied with Hardin-Simmons University for the City Championship. ACC 68. Tarleton State 59 Dallas 68, ACC 59 ACC 70, Tarleton State 69 North Texas 86, ACC 47 Midwestern 79, ACC 69 ACC lOl, Trinity 88 New Mexico 88, ACC 64 - Howard Payne IO6, ACC 89 Howard Payne 85, ACC 83 ACC I 13, Dallas 80 ACC 93, Mclvlurry 87 ACC 77, Eastern New Mexic o68 West Texas State 7 I , ACC 69 Hardin-Simmons 90, ACC 74 ACC I IO, Arlington State 84 ACC 88, West Texas State 85 ACC 92, Arlington State 75 ACC 75, Midwestern 58 Eastern New Mexico 70, ACC 65 ACC 68, Wayland 58 AGC 80, Wayland 78 ACC 78, Trinity 73 ACC 80, Wayland 78 ACC 97, Hardin-Simmons 95 303 . .ze .,.. P ' lm' il giL EnE HIS TI ll oach liver Jackson . . . has been lraclc coach ar ACC since i948 and is imme- diare pasl presidenl of Jrhe Nafional Collegiale Track Coach- es Associalion. Laslr summer he was an assislanl coach for The Uniled Srales 'ream which mel Russia, Germany. England, and Po- land in dual meels in Europe. Jackson handled The U. S. 400-meler relay learn which sei a new world record of 39.I in Moscow. As a lecfurer Coach Jackson has inslrucled on 'rraclc and field a+ several coaching clinics including his own which he conducrs al ACC each spring. l-le has served in referee or honorary referee capacilies in many meels rhroughoul 'rhe Soulhweslern area. The Jrrackmen of ACC are indeed forlunale, as are rhe resr of us. lo have such a compelenr coach of 'rrack and field. Richardson wins 'rhe 60-yard dash in 6.l al lhe Lubbock Indoor lnvilaiional Meer in February. Lasl season Denis Moore won The I0.000-molar run in 3O:46.5 'ro become champion af lhe Kansas Relays. ln fhe NAAU championships. he placed eighlh in lhe six-mile run wiih a lime of 29:2O.5. This was lhe basl six-mile ever run loy a Texas collegian. A+ The Will Rogers Indoor Games in For? Worlh fhis February, he won firsl in lhe mile with 4:2l.6 lime. ln lhe Texas Relays las? season Elvis lsfre. along wi+h Bud While, Den' nis Richardson. and Earl Young, won fhe mile relay wilh a lime of 3:l0.0. This season lslre ran wifh Eric Salamanca, Lynn Saunders, and Gary Burger io fake firsl in mile relay in 3:23.4 af Will Rogers Indoor Games in Forf Worlh. W. il L, . J 3' VF-1..f I lj 'lmrpii Jerry Dyes placed liirsf af fha meei of champions wilh a friple lump of 49'lOlf2". ln 'Phe NCAA Championships he placed second in iavelin wilh a 'rhrow of 24-6'. He placed Jrhird in lhe NAAU Championships wifh a iavelin lhrow of 24-5'lf2". Dyes broke 'rwo all-school records wilh a 250'5lf2" iavelin lhrow and a 25'3lf2" broad lump. Al' The Dallas lndoor lnviiafional he look firsl place wilh a 23'4lf4" broad lump. V ,LY .1 v rf! F ,.,., Jigrf If. M. 5 fi? ' W ui. M J, Y! HAY " N 1? V: my -T 4 I 1 ' v N .5 .Q -,x 2 fl . .:". 4 , 5 , s Sw 53- my r, f 4? Q If 1" ' Hen s "Q 3, if Eg x 'Q u in Q 'ff I? I X wi! ' wk LRE? 'x 4 Y my . 1 e? j ' A 1 , L, A I . -It Vp , x 'MX N. , f 44.154 :Zn ,L 4 H- ' M .9 ' 2 ,Ax , gf gg ,mfs ff - A I . YP: .sr ' avi 1? ltr' NP viz 1 ' W 4 is 1-V J- if I 2351 .VA 1 1, 1. Q N 12 '1 ., 5 ' '. J . f.. ,Q -ax r. XS' Q1 1 Lshlf' .-4 M N xl - iq: T" a ,A -714 4' I V ' I , Q , , ,,,f fx nk x W x Lg' rg ' lx, . Kiwi: ,WNW .xxrllllx Ex , x' W ' ', - x . X -3. Il: "VJ W X ,gil ,Ru 1 EEIEYWSE: PE: :ia 'K xx- : ' ' 5 ' V '-5 5, 5, ., 5:2 Ti' 4. w I - ij. f i Q , A i WF' , .' 3-x . A! Q- za. 'Lam ms?-i " it Z v 4 az! I WI ,A T ' Vx X, Avg, 11-. l '., ,Y ml i Q",f,7 43 .,' +51 lf' "' if S.,- L I I . .gig A ,S ihqi'-' X017 M J' i 'wr ,Q I Wg. LasT season ACC's Track Teams were The winners OT seven meeTs. They will be The defending champions aT six oT These meeTs This spring: l. SouThwesTern RecreaTion lv1eeTg aT This meeT ACC will be sTriving Tor Their TourTh consecuTive championship. 2. Border Olympics. 3. WesT Texas Relays: ACC Tied Tor This championship held in Odessa. 4. 'San Angelo Relays. 5. The quadrangular meeT oT l-TPC. NTS, SWTS, and ACC. 6. Texas Senior College Championship lv1eeT. This was The TirsT annual meeT oT This group. ACC is The hosT oT iT This year. 7. The quadrangular meeT oT Texas Tech, I-lousTon. A8cM, and ACC. This meeT will noT be held This year. John Lawler won The l96I NCAA STeeplechase Championship as well as All America. In The NAAU Championships lasT season he- placed' ninTh in The 3,000-meTer s'Teeplechase which he ran in 9:l7,7. Billy PemelTon clears The bar in The pole vaulTing evenT. Besides ouT- sTanding accomplishmenTs in pole vaulT he pa1'TicipaTes in hurdle, broad jumping. and relay evenTs wiTh success in all. arsity quad Wins Acclaim for AC C l , r ' A " in ' . 1 .U 'Q .MQ i , ' 1 ' L: Yi , L ' ll' 'L '- r ""n"lH"n Ta T ll i l -Y V 'EA U?'v ?"'f."'2LHU -.1 s:.,2.4+.L W W l 1 .- , 1, ig: ,rlifbisssissss "li?35iEi?iE35i7" , H' W, " SSEEEZQYFAEQG w ' , 5 1 I 'mn --, ,.1,4, ivwuzk K D Frank Gunn and Mike Sanders are rhe managers of The frack ieam 'rhis season. Dennis Carrufh parficipales in such running evenfs as fhe 880, mile. and relays. In 'rhe Dallas lndoor lnvifaflonel Carrulh ran in lhe lwo-mile relay which placed lirsi' in 7:56.3. Dell Cofhren will enler lhe hurdle evenrs in The spring meefs coming up. 'The spring season. Frank Fogleson will be pariicipaiing in lhe pole vaull evenls during ,z . .qhp -lv :Le-1ri'i"1Nlll." ' V '-- -'emu-."' . ... ,5w.L-. . , . ,. l --- 2' V. 4. 1, If J. . 308 , tl. ii.. ,f'A-ew' J .. THF ,, . ,, . . ,- pull u . . . 'l L ' N 1 , , in gl . ui a- . Sully -- -U.. 1'--,-.aiu L I, ,igin-W -, . , . - .. 1 . . V, gdb.-- - mf: -:l?'laE-f'l." i"',i4.'1. f.Q.-.Q.Q4'- - Q " -' 'Q' Bobby Hargrave ran wiih The ACC Relay Team Thai' placed TirsT in 7:56.3 in The Dallas Indoor lnviTaTional This February. Eric Salamanca ran in The mile relay aT ForT WorTh where ACC placed Tirsi' in 3:23.4. He also placed TirsT in The 600-yard dash which he ran in Dallas in I:I6.3. is , Ez2....??s.s:g. ,,,, ses , Y ..3.5.....5 ,...,.... .lD,, ,,, , Z - W- f -ff 1 :T ?9755i155lVAfl ,sa : fesissifefiifeee... 4 iw . . 1 , 5 --1 :-,re fuses Y - Q 4-,Jf3Es,.i',."'-,. m 4 ' V- Nuff B EQ sbpbe -S es W xr is e siege eww if Sew is 5 my As fi Q 59' QQ if 5 L: ,H an-T. a Q E 9- Q Z , . .1 1 ff: lu ,T ,ao,f: LMsgQ :i 5 e Q ll -' " ' ' .. Zieiiflll 1f-y in-is-ndP1"",,-gi-jeeegejeifze HT a,,l of l ff2eiQ5is325faaP': Roger Orrell's specialTies are Throwing The shoipuf and discus. Varsit Track Loses alueble Men The ACC VarsiTy losT Tive valuable men since lasT sea- son. Earl Young, l96O Olympic gold medal winner, graduaT- ed las+ spring. George Fronn, hammer Thrower, didn'T re- Turn This year. OTher losses were James Blackwood, half- miler: Mike SmiTh, quarTer-milerg and Rolo-bin FleeT, discus Thrower. These consTiTuT-ed a serious loss To The Team buT because oT lasT year's sTrong Treshman squad. who are now on The varsiTy squad, These losses are somewhaT compen- saTeol and a successTul season is anTicipaTed. IT indoor meeTs are any "preview oT coming aTTrac- Tions" iT loolcs like The anTicipaTion shown Thus Tar will be well rewarded. AT Three indoor meeTs in February ACC won more TirsT places Than any oTher Team. FRONT ROW: Jim Nichols: Don Dye: Joe Lucas: Frankie Flores: John Jones: Dick Engel. BACK ROW: Jerry Burk: George Osman: Jim Abraham: Bryce Car- ringlon: Gale Harrison: Charles Chrisimas: John Sasporf: Gary Johnson: Wayne Thornion. Freshman Roster Looks Promising Jim Abraham, 6'2", 210: SP, DT, Allanla, Ga. Jerry Burlc, 6'5", I75: HJ, Hurclles, Roby Bryce Carringlon, 6'0", I55: Mile, Richardson Charles Chris+mas, 6' I ", I73: 440, 880, Brownsville, Tenn. Cullen Davis, 5' IO", l70: IOO, 440, Hillsboro Don Dye, 5' l0", I60: Spls, BJ, Elecrra Richard Engel, 5'8", I45: Spis. BJ. Tokyo, Japan Frankie Flores, 5'9", I38: 880, Mile, Brownlielcl Dennis Hagaman, 5'8", I50: Sprinrs, Pueblo, Colo. Gale Harrison, 6'0", I55: Sprinrs, Robslown Gary Johnson, 6'0". l55: Sprinis, Olion Johnnie Jones, 5'9", l40: BJ, HJ, l00, Rising Siar Joe Lucas, 5'9", l40: 880, lviexia Diclc Lulras, 6'4". l90: 440, Union, N. J. ,Bill McClure is rhe ACC 'freshman 'rraclc coach. He is an experi' meer organizer, serves as clerk of ihe course af ACC's meels and was clerl: of fhe course al lhe l960 World-Wide Air Force Championships and Women's Olympic Trials on 'rhe ACC iraclc. W " '." ' 'Vx 3. ' ' ' W Y 'Y' l I l Jim Nichols, 5'l0", I37: 880, Mile, Shawnee Mission, Kans. , George Osman, 6'3", I75: PV, HJ. Borger A . 'L A John Sasporr, 6'I", l52: 440, 880, New York. N. Y. ' rg ' A A Wayne Thorn+on, 6'O", I55: Hurdles. BJ, Ukiah, Calif. Vflg i ' ' in uf!! X Chad Woolery, 6'0", l90: Sprinls, Lirllelon, Colo. , ' f .-.' I Q' , l ju E I -" --.g ,sis ici- .gl 3ll Rocky Rockwell somelimes finds if convenienl To slide info fhe base. 1 I l Gary McCaleb sl1owsl'l1e camera, and us, how fo go abouf lwiifing fha? ball. -qi. ., g ,. wif 11 4 1 i -. " '-l, -A H - I , ,is . -11 i, - i"1'J"'.' I i l 1- .-- g ii .'l livin f . 1 ' - , . i JU, iii: if .- lVUf.QN , i .iw erin wNw I :J 1 1 If l l i ii ' V' I N vi Sam Carpenler begins his wind-up before sending a real "burner" across flue plafe. 1 J I FRONT ROW: Gary McCaleb, cenler field. caplain: Wayne Massey, ihird base: Norman Scoif, shorfslop: Mickey Miller, pilcher: John Smilh, pilcher: Don Lewis, pilcher: Fred Holmes, firsl' base: Sam Car- penrer, piicher, capiain. BACK ROW: John Claybroolr, assislanr coach: Tom McCamey. firsr base: Ken McCu+chen, caicher: Millon Braclc, in- Spring Sees Baseball Team Take to the Road Head Coach Guy Scruggs views his players in praciice. V i, ww' field: Marshall Clinlcscales calcher Rocky Rockwell leff field Jerry Prarer, oulfield Wall Billings second base Wayne McCamey rnghf field: Jerry VVheeler pilchmg coach Coach Guy Scruggs head coach NOT PICTURED Duncan Boyer James Curry Roger Youngblood Jer ry Lowery, Wo - 'N'-'J-N, 'w.g!rW7 if Va ,' J, Pwr David Osborne. Terry Bishop, Jackie Wilson. Coach Hari, David Rix. John Nelson, Kip Jordan. 3l4 Tennis Players Ea er for Seasonis Beginning Coach Hari, a very capable 'rennis coach. . N ' --' 4-' f"""' . David Rix serves fha ball across The ner. Lf,ir,'U ',' M 'A A Q? r an I 'V hr ' If ' DT'-rf Q Yrfs BA r r rm TE, fx " Terry Bishop prepares +0 refurn The ball. . H Ik, yi? ww I, 7 '.'l'iv5, - eq . ' T 'Ji f:c. l - 1 ' Q all lm als'- Q ,aa FRONT ROW: Chuck Lycan, John Curry. BACK ROW: Bob Davenporl, David Vannoy. Wayne Walker. Joe Marshall, Coach. l l l ' ,lla X ' mf-al ' l Several Tournaments Challenge Golf Team Coach Joe Marshall prepares lo drive lhal golf ball down lhe fairway. luipbgi 3l6 Bob Davenporf lefs go wifh a long drive down llwe fairway. Clnopping dandelions or hifling a golf ball? Only Wayne will ever know. John Curry concenfrales on puffing Hia? ball inlo 'rl'1e lwole. '4 Thal ball oughl lo be good for a slam and ano iher poinf. l Phil knocked 'the ball down in lhe end zone before Loyd Ash could gel' his hands on il. Somefimes lhose poinls don? come very easy ou? fhere on lhe volley- ball floor. 3I8 Intramurals Promote Invigorating Competition ACC's intramural program provides wholesome compe- tition tor all students who wish to engage in athletics. While competition and teamwork are stressed. the major empha- sis is placed on the physical, mental. social, emotional, and spiritual development ot the individuals participating. Scoring tor the Intramurals is lcept by a point-making system with each team receiving points tor placing in the tirst three positions, as well as tor entering a particular ac- tivity. The teams having the highest number ot points at the end ot the intramural season are awarded engraved plaques. 1.-, 'J-5.1 , , A X. r 4 l Girls battle it out on the intramural basketball tloor. Ping-pong doubles is serious business, isn't it. tellows? Bill Allan gets all ready to slam one over the net tor another point. Y. liimtlll :nl 5-.Q 3I9 i ,.wUfiimj1,,,ff1 -Q ' Q . , Q A ,I .www mQ1"1' a tm... H., VN. ,. .V 4' ' ' " W 1' If "A' "" l7s,.'4t.g51-.A U - 'U' za' "' 'C' 5 -' "" ' "4 -" ' 'LJ ' 'iff V- ' af ' A+' - wit, P... - Wm... M .,. f - ' -- -' - I ' "' ' 'f 'fQ-QPF'-'R 9' ' U" ' ' " ' ' '- H - 'NT --+1 . 1 "ff I A ! 1. Q 'W ,, 4. A ' Q, :" ' . if-af! .Q J A E, 2 vjfli ' 'f-'- ag- 1- . 1- . ,' , l . Q4 - xx - ,. , 'nts .gjrT?E.M1' W ,'. , T.-r . .A - f 1, ' Y ..4A. - ' Q ,f 1 - " ff-KE" A 4 A ""W f ' ,Fm ,l' I. if- 'L 6 V- ah 4 .5 'A 1, Y- N, ,g , f I V ,mm I , V 4 - PM gflkm - ,lm 'X' :H as - ' ' , , , - ' ' " 1 1' ., ,' , , , N 1 Q 11- ..,r I ' ., M ,Jff ., - wfzi' ' 'gf -' xl - tw- - ,' " ' 0' ' X Q . 9 . . " I .X 1- -Y ' ". .- 11 W ' P H 1 1 V ' , . .-' Ai 5 -.4 g.,.., f, A ,f I .-14 :1 , 1' ' Q 5 ' 1 ,., , ' r.mmwm" . W ' -P' ' .. 6. ' W, My . ,wx-L 1 ,L N , , , , + 'J' Y, ' 3 ' U25-. . " 1 .3 + , if., f . ' - ,.'f..,. 5-, wvg' d I , UL.. 1. .LA .X1 . . .14 V . r ,, 1.5, . Q n b H . ii 'lm' 5 5. . 5" ,5 -iv, . fi 'R-rg. , 1 , , J I - X f r- 4 ., -- J W , is' ' ' -55 'IM .,:'4"- . ' , , f A ,, . , in ' E ' ' -rl . ,J rp sp' 1 'A ni? ,fihfftw " , 1 J J - fx -I-1 ' - '- V " ' gy J. ' F . " - -' 5 ' f '. I? 1 f ,, J. r- .. Q 1 . ,., " ' ,, , - Ls' , - 4 , uw! ' L' V' WI lf? K N ' ' v ' 4 , 5 'N' "' ' '32 -X ',f."1fiILL.. AJ ,H ,QE - A' A - ' . f- . ' + A - "A ' +.'.w. f-a-.uf N5 " ' ,gr 1, U ,S ,I 1 , ' - 'TW ' t iSsQ'E"f:2lfQ'. P" . , ' ' 5, K gp' f . I -' .- W-t I . ' -. . J ' -' . V' r RE 44 is A A Q ' "'i ' 117.2 fs " 1, ' W P, 1 . .f V xl A -Ll 320 H I 24? W . ,, ji , " 1 4 I ' , If i 'U x. I 'S' . .K c '- . I 1 Q' F - , f f "W, , ' .Lib , 1-F, , A V :tr N . I W "H - :rf fy R 1' ha? -' .fgcilf M '37 . fl- 3 'ff ' -, . .2741 .i , - ' I . W-P+ ' 'fs if L - 1 'fy QYMQ-w1,. we EUC? A, 13? ff iw? fd me -, Q E . px. ,lla M l' 12 an 5 y!JiW.,m.6f43f 57? :TY Nix Ll 1.4:-QQ: dh mais L"' f..,, if ,Alfa 4-'il if f:i'f'5' Ja. J? Fig ' -fi '-ik ! ' I vii div 03. I ' - 1 4 4 1 - , ,"' , , 117514 M - L - 'v-f,-U wk- X Jggzrifix by F Z -fl 3?f'T,l , ,L?gig1'5 Quill, r 4,11-,YRZV Jin Ly! - "fm Q da M - ,151 -A" ' ' sv il 'F X Qs ff, Twp, K .Y r' Q -AS..51:iE3:fiffQ.f4" '13 r,-531' ri' P .wsu j""f"1:V aa, 'Q fb?" H Q' - 114Y'??? fl 'A-. ' 'Q . ij? 5 YQIQIFL, + 1, mf: 1 ,Q 'MM gif A5153 Q55 4l, ggi, ' L X yy Avg? - ..Wf::j3jy f3'b 32I Mona Gail Wifi, senior, Parkin, Ark.: Jim Morrow, senior, San Beniiog and Beiry Ford, senior, Azle, Texas, discuss Hwe adveniages and disad- vanfages of summer session and decide ir is worih ir. i,, I i .- i l- . . . Fi 5.'ma4oQwfii,Lz Dr. J. D. Thomas illusiraies a poinr in a leciure io cliiigenf McGarvey siudenis. 322 Roberi' R. Page, BA., MA., M.R.E.. Valparaiso, Indiana, was in ieni upon following every poin+ in a leciure +o graduaie siudenis. 'X H5 . f' lfifiiczisf, rs, F! V I 1 F " ,.-I ta- 5 ,' Afr E ma 'sa xx I W N , ,Vx fl . 4 -.fn Pr'-, E. I' x 1 EEE I .Alu grx 9 ' 4 lgiffi i lntormal atmosphere ot outdoor concerts leads to a happy. relaxed or- chestra. 11 Concerts Enthusiastieall Attended Many students availed themselves ot the opportunity to hear good music played in the open air 324 A Cappella gave oulsfanding nigh? concerfs for sfudenls and lacully in summer session. Dramalic sillwouelfe was macle by a Tuba player al a nigh? concert 325 -4 . Baseball: wafermelons add zesf fo summer. Summer session reveals- sfudy is NOT a specfafor sporf Baseball is a favorire summer sporll . if , uv qv 65, .gi,n, 1 'J i i c, p Dr. Orval Filbeclm, Direclor of Summer Session, said, "There are lwo elemenis in- volved: lhe college cannol iusrify irsell eco- nomically when all is silring unused 'rhree monlhs: and summer session saves a full year of The sluclenlfs life for earning capacilyf' Nexi' year ACC will begin limiiing en- rollmenr. Summer Session is one solulion io lake care ol: This demand. 900 more siudenls could gracluare in four years by using presenl lacililies 'ro The fullesl. S.A. Officers Pull-Puff Summer Session Successful! 327 I , O Q L ---- .1 . . 8 1. D .gn , ,mv - ' . . . --r " ' I ' '- - -2:2 1' ' Kai' ,sf "' "' -' 0 fr ig, Y 'T-f'i"'lYV "rj if YY ... " .... - A,A- 1 1- 1 1f,:,,,m:w23jf " V Ak :" i ' 6a"', J. pg' k,,,,....4ulF"" -"" '-,TL ':"" ' ' .4 ' -'W' JM P77 f..-qv' .- .., , pw., !. .F l blf sg Q Y OM 3 ::w.w., v, 4.-wa . in f. ff-:-Z E-F: :F - m' 1' -,-ry3:3:4124:-5:-:aaehc-xx-mal: -:-51: I II l M '57 ' Z i ...A... ........ 5 I W - Efzsvnl I ' " is rss l i " 1 I """' I I . 4 se I ' Q :::.. ...A ' ,...... 2 I eel s1 ' 2 I '2'-5 5f53E35f55i so as 1 IJ X rl 4- H I i J f N ITV f ,W ,X :1 X . , f dl - X iL fxa D I'm Reddy Kilowatt, and I live the best kind of life of all! My life is good because I'm always welcome . . . wherever I go. That's because all I know how to do is help people do things. Like make ice cream. Or run the vacuum clean- er. And light a city. I go to work for you at the flick of a finger on a switch. I'm your personal genie, and I like my work! . ,gm-,z-.r-.-.',-:,-.1-.-:,-.-- I x ' gl L E N CITIZENS NAT! CLEARING HUUSE ASSUCIATIUN First National Bank Bank of Commerce Citizens National Bank First State Bank i qwwarea 9 - SZL0'p"FoR VY GUYS T ' .1 ,- l6vli,oAKS4! , ,. A, 4- X . ' . ' Q wasnflf X XE W X fx A t i 'P i e ,'A' W tl X t - L'- an P r I Q .,.rFOR GALS e ' I -i, f t.s4: , .t , I . i 3 t 4:93:54 A ,trt s 'A 2 F I H .lg s W , f'?'.-'-1: .. , ,A ' 5 ' ' i rss, s.-.,W-w A ADAMS, CARL Fl. Worlh: Sec. Ed. Sludenls' Assn Male: Soph. ACC nominee. V.-Pres.: SEA: Sub-T-I6, Isl favorile: Jr. Senalor: Mr. 43, 44. 46, 232, 247 ALBRITTON, LETA Paducah, Ky.: Psy. Band: Orcheslra: InPYSders: CSO. 2l0, 258, 26I, 269 ALLEY. SONDRA Derby, Kan.: English. 202, 2I9, 244. 248 ANDERSON. EDDIE Levelland: Sec. Ed. Foofball, Caplain: Sub-T-I6, 2nd Male: Lellerman's Assn. 233, 284, 287, 290 AULT, JOE LYNN, JR. Baird: Malh 232, 268 AXE, EDWIN Hereford: Bus. Adm. B.A. Club. B BAKER, STANLEY REED Abilene: Bus. Adm. 2IB BARBER, GLENNA MAE Dallas: Elem. Ed. Transfer: Lubbock Chrislian: SEA. 247 BARNARD. STANLEY GORDON Lampman, Saslc. 247 BATES, PI-IILLIP D. Friona: Sec. Ed. Knighis: Maih. Club: SEA. 213, 225, 247 BEAKLEY, BOB Mercury: Sec. Ed. Galaxy: Jr. Senaior: Sr. Class Presideni: Who's Who. 33, 44, 76, I76, I99, 220, 247 BEDICKEK. THOMAS ELWYN Abilene: Bible. Band: Orcheslra: Alpha Phi Omega: Knighis. 9,25 BENNETT, DONALD WILLIAM LaHabra, Calif.: Bus. Adm. BERRY, WALTER C., JR. San Diego, Calif.: Bible. Alpha Phi Omega, Treas., Pres.: California Club: Senaie Safely Commiliee. 67 BIRCH UM. ROBERT Weslhofl: Agri. 234, 284. 287 BIRD. BILLY J. Thorp Springs: Malh. BLACKWOOD, JAM ES LEN Abilene: Soc. Sci. Freshman Track, Caprain: Varsiiy Track, Caplain: Lell'erman's Assn., V.-Pres.: Dorm Council. 49 BOGGS, DICK Snyder: Psy. InPSYders: Circle K. BOLES. LYNETTE Sand Springs, Olcla.: Music. Mu Phi Epsilon: A Cappella: Madrigals. 254, 262 BRACK, VIRGINIA EARLE Jasper: Sec. Ed. A Cappella: Sexrel: Alpha Chi: Kappa Della Pi. 33, I24, I79, 202, 2IO, 237, 244, 254, 257, 262 BRADFORD, JOE MICHAEL Ranger: Agri. 234 332 Senior Index BRANSON, PAUL A. Bowie: Phys. Ed. Sub-T-I6: SEA: PEMM Club: Alhlelic Trainer: Foolball, Manager. 276 BREAUX, JANIE Meflcel: Phys. Ed. WRA: PEMM Club, Pres.: Killen Klub: SEA. 246, 276 BROOKS, LYLE Sulphur, Okla.: Bible. Alpha Chi. BROOKS, SH ELIA Oklahoma Ciiy, Olcla.: Elem. Ed. BROWN, ANITA JO Fl. Worlh: Sec. Ed. Delia Thela: Killen Klub: SEA: B.A. Club. 2l6, 253 BROWN, CHARLIE Dalharl: Bus. Adm. Sub-T-I6: Junior Favorile. I99, 232 BROWN, FOY Abilene: Agri. Della Tau Della: Aggie Club: Traclc. 2l2 BROWN, JODIE Middlewafer: Ind. Arls. 232 BROWN, VIRGINIA Vicloria: Elem. Ed. 227 BULL, EDDIE Abilene: Sec. Ed. 204, 220 BURNS, JERRY Hillsboro: Sec. Ed. 202, 244 BUSBY. EMMETT WAYNE Waxahachie: Psy. Transler: Arlingion Slale: lnPSYders. 268 BYRD, ROBERT ALLEN Midloihian: Bus. Adm. B.A. Club. C CALLAWAY, CAROLYN San Anlonio: Elem. Ed. 2l6, 246 CAMERON, LLOYD San Angelo: Arl' CAMPBELL, YVONNE Waco: Music Choralaires: MENC: SEA. 257 CAPPS, RAN DALL Lampasas: Agri. 277 CARTER. BETTE El Paso: Speech Transfer: Lubbock Chrisiian: Pandora, Sec.: Speech Therapy Club, V.-Pres. 228, 264 CARTER. DEE Odessa: Bible 49, 260 CASE, LEWIS CARROLL Brookhaven, Mass.: Psy. CECIL, ALBERTA Abilene: Educalion 244, 248 CHAMBERS, CLAUDIA Odessa: English I76, 203, 2I6, 248. 252 CHAPA, JOE Corpus Chrisli: Psy. CHAPPLE, ALFRED Slerling CiI'y: Bus. Adm. CHILES, KAREN Beaumon'I': Arl Alpha Chi: Kappa Della Pi. 202 CH ISM, JOE Krum: Psy. 268 CHITWOOD, RITA LaPryor: Home Ec. Pandora: Home Ec. Club: SEA. 229, 242 CHOATE, PATRICIA Graham: Psy. CLARK, COLLEEN Roswell, N. Mex.: Elem. Ed. 227 CLARK, RICHARD Fl. Worlhg Sec. Ed. CLEVENGER, MARY LOU Enid, Olcla: Psy. I63, 229, 268 CODAY, BILL Tulsa, Olcla.: Bus. Adm. 23I CODAY, CAROLYN Loop: Educalion COE, LA DONNA Ponliac, Mich.: Soc. Sci. COFFMAN, GINGER Pasadena: Home Ec. Soph. Favorile: Miss ACC: Homecoming Queen: Cheerleader: SEA: CSO: Della Theia: Who's Who: Home Ec. Club, V. Pres.: Sr. Class Favorile. 48. I79, l98, I99, 2IO, 2I6, 242 COHN, GARY LYNN Marlin: Bus. Adm. Foolball. 284, 287 COLVIN, DANNY Canon Cily, Colo.: Educalion 284 COMPTON, BEVERLY JANE Crosbylon: Bus. Adm. Bancl: Choralaires: Zeia Rho. 236 COMPTON, JAMIE SUE Dublin: Bus. Adm. Alpha Chi: ZeIa Rho. 202, 236 CONNEL, DENNIS Tulsa, Okla.: Speech Piclcwickians: Melpomeneans: Alpha Psi Omega. 243, 249, 272 COTTON, LAUDIS ANN Shreveporl, La.: Bus. Adm. Omega Rho Alpha: Alpha Chi: Zela Rho Young Republicans: Who's Who. 48. l78, 203, 2l0, 2I3, 236 CRAVENS, JAN Seminole: Elem. Ed. 247 CREEL, GWENDOLYN Alhens, Ala.: Elem. Ed. Transfer: Florida Chrislian: SEA: Pandora aires. 228, 246 CREWS, NANCY PAYE Orlando, Fla.: Home Ec. Transfer: David Lipscomb: SEA: Pandora ISCC: CSO: Kappa Della Pi. 2I I, 228, 238, 244 CROWE, GAYLE Denver, Colo.: Bible Alpha Phi Omega. Sec.: Alpha Chi. CUDD. JANE ELLEN Hamlin: Elem. Ed. Transfer: Lubbock Chrislian: SEA. 247 CUEVAS, THAYNE San Anionio: Bus. Adm. CUMMINGS, LYNDLE Burbank, Calif.: Physics u Rep., Sec.: B.A. Club: Dorm Council' Dorm Council: Dixie Club, Pres.: Choral- For all your food supply needs you av When h e a really +ough vigil l l . cleaning job, lake il 'ro . . . Across From Sewell Auclilorium 1 Resl' Assured al' MAPLE TERRACE Owned by l'l1e Tanlrersleys opemea by HAROLD MITCHELL ACC MALT BAR Across From Campus CUNNINGHAM, CATHRYN CAROLYN Abilene: Journ. Prickly Pear Ediior: Press Club, V.-Pres.: Mission Sludy Sleering Comm.: Alaska Group: Home Ec. Club: SEA. 2,266,360 CURRY, EUNICE Fisk, Mo.: Elem. Ed. Ela Bela Pi, Sweelhearl: SEA: Zellner Dorm Council, V.-Pres. 3l, 48 CZERNY, CLAUDIO Triesle, Iialy: Biology 279 D DALLAS, EDNA MARIE Midland: Elem. Ed. Pi Epsilon Bela: InPSYders: SEA: Choral- aires: A Cappella: CSO. 245,254 DANIELS, JUNE Augusla, Maine: Speech Pandora: SEA: Speech Therapy Club. 49,l76,2I0,245,247,264 DARNELL, MARILYN COLBY Abilene: Home Ec. Della Thela: "W" Club: Killen Klub: SEA: Kappa Della Pi: Home Ec. Club. Rep.. Treas. 205 DAVENPORT, DON B. Las Cruces, N. Mex.: Music 258 DAVIS, DOTTIE Fl. Worlh: Home Ec. Band: CSO: SEA: McDonald Dorm Coun- cil: Gardner Dorm Council: Home Ec. Club, I'-lisl. 49, 2lO. 242 DAVIS, JOAN Irving: Elem. Ed. DAY, CARL EDWARD Roswell, N. Mex.: Agri. Transfer: Oklahoma Slale: Galaxy: Della Tau Alpha, Rep.: Circle K: Aggie Club: Agronomy Club, Pres. 209,2I2,22I DEARING, ELIZABETH Glasgow. Ky.: Psy. Alpha Chi: lnPSYders. 202 DE FOOR, JULIA THERESA Galena Park: Speech A Cappella: Melpomeneans: Alpha Psi Omega: SEA: Pickwickians: Women's Sex lel. 56,57,243,254,256,272,273 DENNIS, MYRNA JOY San Anlonio: Bus. Adm. Mission Sludy Sleering Comm.: lnPSYcIers. 3 l, 268 DOOLEY, WILLIS Dallas: Sec. Ed. DRAPER, LLOYD RICHARD Lewislon, N.Y.: Malh. DROLL, CHARLOTTE San Anlonio: English Sigma Tau Della: Alpha Chi: "W" Club' Dorm Council: CSO: Ko Jo Kai. I77, 202, 205, 226, 248 DULAN EY, SANDRA Temple: Elem. Ed. SEA. 247 DUNCAN, JOHN Abilene DUNCAN, PATRICIA Slillwaler, Okla.: Elem. Ed. 202, 244, 245, 247 DURHAM, JOE Cleburne: Soc. Sci. E EDDINS. ADD Kermil: Bus. Adm. 234 ELLIOTT, JON CORYDON Colorado Cily: Music ELLISON, JUDY Crosbylon: Elem. Ed. 334 Ko Jo Kai, Rep.-Hisl.: SEA. 226 EPPS. BARRY PAUL Dallas: Bus. Adm. ETHEREDGE, JANE Canadian: Home Ec. Transfer: Wesl Texas Slale: Zela Rho: Home Ec. Club: SEA: Kappa Della Pi. 237,242 EUBANK, JANIECE ldalou: Elem. Ed. 49, 2I0, 244. 245, 247 EVANS, GILBERT J. Denver. Colo.: Biology EVANS, JOHN E. Englewood, Colo.: Physics F FALKNER, SHARON LEE Fl. Worlh: Elem. Ed. Killen Klub, Pres.: Della Thera: SEA: Beau- ly: Homecoming Oueen Nominee. I66,2l6,246 FANNING, MICHAEL WILSON Abilene: English Prickly Pear Edilor: Sub-T-I6: Pi Epsilon Bela: Press Club: Blue Key: Alpha Chi. I76, 202, 204, 240 FEIKE, RONNY San Anlonio: Sec. Ed. Ela Bela Pi. FILBECK, PEGGY WEBB Dallas: Elem. Ed. IOI. IBO, l90, I97, 2I6 FITCH, ROBERT Jacksonville: Bus. Adm. 45, 232 FLEMING, JERRY Bridgeporl: Malh. 46, 233 FRANKLIN, SHIRLEY Nashville, Tenn.: Bus. Adm. FRAZIER, LARRY Abilene: Ind. Arls 207, 247 FREEMAN, EDDIE Colorado Cilyq Biology G GAINES, CAROLYN Roswell, N. Mex.: Arl CSO: Kappa Pi: Pi Epsilon Bela: SEA: Kappa Della Pi: GATA, V.-Pres.: Choral- aires. lOl, 223, 244 GENTRY, GLENDA Deer Park: English 46, I78, 202, 205, 227, 244, 248 GEORGE, PAT Vicloria: Elem. Ed. Miss ACC: Homecoming Queen: SEA: Ko Jo Kai: Beauly. I3, 46, 72, l7O, l8O, ISI, IB2, I99, 226 GIBSON, JANET MAE Harrison, Ark.: Elem. Ed. SEA: CSO, Treas.: Ko Jo Kai: Girls' Train- ing Class, Leader: Ela Bela Pi. 36, 48, 2I I. 227 GILSTRAP, LENA Ackerly: Spanish 244 GILSTRAP, VANCE Seymour: Agri. Troians: Aggie Club: Delia Tau Alpha. 2I2 GLOFF, DARLA Cliflon: Home Ec. Della Thela: Killen Klub: SEA: InPSYders: CSO: Gardner Dorm Council, Pres.: Home Ec. Club: Senior Senalor. 46, 49, 2l I, 2I6, 2I9, 242, 246, 253, 268 GREEN, JANICE Sylvesler: Bus. Adm. GROVES, CHARLES Dallas: Soc. Sci. Sludenls' Assn. Pres.: Jr. Class Pres.: Soph. Class V.-Pres.: Fresh. Senaior: Soph. Favor- ile: Galaxy: Circle K, Pres., Sec., Tex.-Okla. Disl.: Debale Team: Phi Kappa Della: Who's Who. 20, 42, 44, I78, 208, 220 GUYAN, PAMELA M. Auckland, New Zealand: Elem. Ed. Mission Sludy Sleering Comm.: Inferna- lional Club: Zellner Dorm Council. 279 H HALE, CAROLYN Abilene: Speech Pi Epsilon Bela: Pandora: SEA: Yankee Club. 229, 240 HALL, ROGER Jasper: Bus. Adm. 2I8, 254, 256 I-IARLAND, MARY BETH Texhoma, Okla.: Sec. Ed. Della Thela: Killen Klub: SEA: Kappa Della Pi. 2l7, 246, 252 HARPER, JOHNNY Fl. Worlh: Chemislry 203, 220 HARPER, MAX Abilene: Music Knighls: A Cappella: Orcheslra. 225, 254 HARRIS, JAMES Hungerlord: Bus. Adm. 48 HARTT, SALLYE Farmersville: Bus. Adm. Della Thela: Kilien Klub: Who's Who: SEA: Kappa Della Pi: B.A. Club. l78, 2I6, 253 HASKINS, LAVOYNE Snyder: Psy. 269 I-IATTER, TEMPE Abilene: Home Ec. HEATHCOTT, JOYCE Wingale: Phys. Ed. 2l4, 2I6 HEDRICK, LETAJ. Wichila Falls: Bus. Adm. Kappa Della Pi. HERRING, TOMMY Slinnell: Elem. Ed. 232, 247 HICKERSON, JANIS Wichila Falls: Soc. Sci. 223, 246 HIGGINS, ANN FAIN Fayelleville. Tenn.: Bus. Adm. Transfer: David Lipscomb: CSO: B.A Club: Della Thela. 2I0, 2l6, 2I9 HILL. AVAN ELL Oklahoma Cily, Okla.: Home Ec. Home Ec. Club: CSO: Alpha Chi: Kappa Della Pi: "W" Club. 203, 205 HILL, BILLY JOE Amarillo: Bus. Adm. Sub-T-I6: B.A. Club. 232 HODGES, CHARLES Hale Cenler: Soc. Sci. Transfer: Lubbock Chrislian. HODGES, REBECCA Wichila Falls: Home Ec. Transfer: Midweslarn: Pandora, Corres. Sec.: Home Ec. Club, Treas.: SEA: Prickly Pear Slall: Press Club. 228, 242 HOLDEN, MARTHA Fl. Worlh: Elem. Ed. Who's Who: Senior Class Sec.: Senale, Sec.: CSO, Pres.: "W" Club, Treas.: SEA. Pres.: Della Thela: Kappa Della Pi: Killen Klub: Prickly Pear Slall: Press Club: Op- 'rimisl Slall: Soph. Senalor: Choralaires, Sec.: Badminlon Team. 76, I76, 205, 2I I, 2I6, 244, 245. 247 HORN. JUDY Seagovillez Sec. Ed. 48. 203. 236 HOOVER. CATHERINE Selkirk, Onlario: Home Ec. Alpha Chi: lnfernalional Club: Home Ec. Club. 23, 279 'llimii and Gary enioy ihe friendly service fhey receive a+ TEMPLETON'S PHARMACY-CAFETERIA M'Liss - across from campus You'll gef service wifh a smile a+ GLEN THORNTON'S PHlLLlP'S 66 - across 'Fro m campus. Q' HRUBY, RICHARD Chicago, III.: Educafion 234 I-IUDDLE, JOHN DAVID Fi. Worlh: Chemisiry Band: Orchesfra: Abilene Philharmonic Or- chesfra: American Chemical Sociefy: Sci- ence Club: Ollo Fosfer Chemisiry Award: Who's Who: Alpha Chi. 20, I79, 203, 24I HUDDLESTON, DANNY Snyder: Sec. Ed. 235 HUDSON, JAMES Arlingfon, Va.: Bus. Adm. 230 HURD. GLENN ARNOLD Housfon: Bus. Adm. Phi Della Psi: Men's Glee Club: B.A. Club. 23l HUTCHINSON. BENNETT Sudan: Chemislry' 24I J JEFFERSON, NORMAN McAllen: Speech JENNINGS, JAMES DOYLE Burnef: Physics Band: Men's Glee Club. JOHNSON, MARY ANNA Cordell, Okla.: Elem. Ed. ZI4, 246. 259, 26I JOHNSON, Sl-IERRY Crane: Elem. Ed. 247 JONES, DAVID G. Sfephenville: Psy. 203 JONES, MILDRED MARY Lockney: Home Ec. Transfer: Lubbock Chrisfian: SEA: Home Ec. Club. JORDAN, JERRY Arlingfon: Bus. Adm. 268 JORDAN, MARILYN Nixa, Mo.: Sec. Ed. K KELLEY, STEPHEN Housfon: Chemislry KERBOW, MARTHA ANNA Hursf: Soc. Sci. SEA: CSO: German Club: McKinzie Dorm Council: Pandora. 48, 2I0, 229 KILGORE, LUCLAIR Bayfown KING, GLENDA Alice: Home Ec. 242 KNIGHT, NANCY ANN Gainesville: Home Ec. Ko Jo Kai: Kappa Delfa Pi: Alpha Chi: CSO: SEA: Senaie: Home Ec. Club, Pres.: Homecoming Oueen Nominee: "W" Club. IBO, 203, 205, 2l0, 227, 242, 244 KRUZICK, CAROLYN Hayward, Calif.: Bus. Adm. 2I0 L LAMKIN, ROBERT Mullinville, Kan.: Educafion LARY, PATRICIA MAY Brownfield: Elem. Ed. Transfer: Lubbock Chrisfian: SEA: Zellner Dorm Council. 48 LAUDERDALE, SHARON Hursi: Spanish Omega Rho Alpha: CSO: Kappa Delfa Pi: Cadeffes: SEA: Alpha Chi: Spanish Club. Sec.-Treas. 2II,2I4 LAWLER, JOHN Sidney, Ausfralia: Bus. Adm. Track: Troians: Lefferman's Assn.: Dorm Council. 177, 306, 307 336 LAWRENCE, DONALD W. Cheyenne, Wyo.: Bible Evangelisfic Forum. LEWIS, BRENDA Afhens, Ala.: Psy. 21 I, 268 LEWIS, DON VERNON Phoenix, Ariz.: Bus. Adm. Transfer: U. of Arizona: Arizona Club, Pres.: Galaxy: Baseball: Lefle-rman's Assn. 49, 22I, 278 LITTLE, DAVID E. Page, Ariz.: Agri. Transfer: Arizona Sfafe Col.: Arizona Club: Delfa Tau Alpha: Efa Befa Pi, V.-Pres. 2I2, 278 LLOYD, DEANA Andrews: Phys. Ed. 276 LOCK. RAYMOND Weyburn, Sask.: Bus. Adm. 203 LONG. NORRIS G. Bayfown: Bus. Adm. Sfudenfs' Assn. Treas.: Head Cheerleader: Frafer Sodalis, Pres., Sec.: B.A. Club: ISCC. 43, 44, 2I8, 2I9, 238 L'ROY, DIANN Paris: Music A Cappella: Choralaires: Sexfef: Mu Phi Epsilon, V.-Pres.: Alpha Psi Omega: Phi Alpha Thefa: CSO: Who's Who. 59, I77, 2I I, 243, 25I, 254, 262 LOVE, DWIGHT Coahoma: Mafh. 203 LOVELESS, CHARLOTTE Olion: Sec. Ed. LUMLEY, MURRAY Beamsville, Oni.: Biology. 279 LYNN, TOM Dallas: Biology M MANSKER, PATSY Lovingfon, N. Mex.: Elem. Ed. 2I6, 2I9 MARSHALL. TRAVIS LARRY Lamesa: Bible Fresh. Class V.-Pres.: Senafe: Blue Key: Galaxy, Pres.: ISCC, Pres., V.-Pres. l78, 204, 220. 238 MARTIN, FINIS Corsicana: Ind. Arfs 235 MARTIN. ANN Ff. Worfh: English 237 MARTIN, MARGARET Clovis, N. Mex.: Bus. Adm. MARTIN, RICHARD E. Norfh Liffle Rock, Ark.: Bus. Adm. Transfer: Liffle Rock U.: Troians: B.A. Club. 234 MASSIE, JENNY Ponca Cily, Okla.: Spanish Transfer: David Lipscomb: SEA: Pandora: Spanish Club, Treas. 228, 246 MATHEWS, ELIZABETH ANN Monroeville, Ohio: Sec. Ed. Prickly Pear Business Mgr.: Hello Book Ed- ifor: Press Club: Alpha Chi: "W" Club: Kappa Delfa Pi: SEA: Who's Who: Nelson Dorm Council, Pres., Sec.-Treas.: Mission Sludy Sfeering Comm.: Alaska for Chrisf: Yankee Club. 2, IB, 48, I78, 203, 205, 244, 247, 267 MATHEWS, RONALD DAVID Newburgh, N.Y.: Bus. Adm. Circle K: Efa Befa Pi, Pres.: Men's Glee Club: Knighfs. 225, 260 MAY, VIRGINIA Lubbock MAYO, JANET Ozona: Mafh. Pandora, Pres. 228. 238 MCBROOM, FRANCES ANN Brownwood: Educafion "W" Club: Alpha Chi: Kappa Delia Pi: American Chemical Sociefy: SEA: CSO: A Cappella: Choralaires: Abilene Philhar- monic Chorus: Science Club. 203, 205, 2I I, 244, 250, 254 MCCALL, DONNA JEAN Tuscola: Home Ec. CSO: Kiffen Klub: Home Ec. Club: GATA, Chap. 223 MCCORKLE, KAY Lubbock: Biology Delia Thefa, Pres. 203, 205, 2IO, 2l6, 2l9, 238 MCCOY, PHILLIP Rocksprings: Biology 207, 255 MCCURDY, JANEY Abilene: Home Ec. Pandora: Home Ec. Club. 2IO, 228 McMENNAMY, BARBARA Fl. Worfh: Elem. Ed. Band: Orchesfra: SEA: Kappa Delia Pi, Treas.: Alpha Chi: CSO, Prog. Chair.: Pickwickians. Sec.-Treas.: "W" Club: Gard- ner Dorm Council, Sec.-Treas. 203, 205, 2I I, 244, 246 MCMILLIAN, BEVERLY JEAN Brownwood: Elem. Ed. 2IO, 254 MCMURRAY, GENE EDWARD Ff. Worlh: Bible Flying Cafs. 27I McMURTRY, CURTIS Granife, Okla.: Bus. Adm. McOUILLAN, RODNEY G. Clearwaier, Kan.: Bus. Adm. MCWILLIAMS. EDNA LOUISE Bernardsville, N.J.: Bus. Adm. B.A. Club: Pandora: Young Republicans: Yankee Club. . 2I3, 229 MELSON, BILL Roswell, N. Mex.: Speech SEA: Kappa Delia Pi: Circle K: Galaxy. Sec. 33, 209, 220, 244. 247 MESSER, FRANK D. Asheville, N.C.: Bus. Adm. Velerans' Club: B.A. Club. MEYER, NANCY ELIZABETH Abilene: Elem. Ed. MILLER, GRACE EVELYN Jacksonville, Fla.: Sec. Ed. MILLER, RONALD Snyder: Bible Band: Orchesfra: Knighfs 35 MOORE, BEVERLY GAYLE San Anfonio: Phys. Ed. 2l5, 244, 276 MOORE, DANIEL EDGAR Lovingfon, N. Mex.: Bus. Adm. Transfer: Lubbock Chrisfiani Badminfon Team. MOORE, ELLEN ANN Turnersville: Music Choralaires: A Cappella: SEA: Kappa Del- fa Pi: MENC:-Pandora: Mu Phi Epsilon: Madrigals: Piano Ensemble. 254, 262 MORRIS, LINDA Abilene: Phys. Ed. MORREN, MARY Barrie, Onfario: French Infernafional Club, Sec.: Alpha Chi: Kappa Delia Pi: Canada Mission Group: Spanish Club. 203, 279 MORROW, TROY L. San Benifo: Biology Pre-Med. Club: SEA. MORROW, RUSSELL, JR. Selma, Ala.: Bible 274 ere's to good times and good friends . . . may you always have an abundance of both H Il C BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY TEXAS COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY MOSLEY, JUDITH SHARON Lancasfer: Elem. Ed. SEA: Home Ec. Club: Kappa Delfa Pi: Cadeffes, Sec. 2l4,244,246 MUELLER, WAYMON MYRL Eugene, Ore.: Bus. Adm. Knighfs: Efa Befa Pi. 224 MURDAUGH, CHARLIE Dalharf: Bus. Adm. Frafer Sodalis: Aggie Club: Zefa Rho Sfar: Blue Key. 233 N N EAL. CAROLYN Dike: Elem. Ed. 49,237 NEELEY, JAMES CAROL Azle: Phys. Ed. Track: Troians: SEA: PEMM Club, Treas. 235, 276, 3064 NEWHOUSE, MARY LOIS Abilene: Home Ec. Home Ec. Club, Pres.: A Cappella, Sec.: Sexfef: Kappa Delfa Pi: SEA: Who's Who. 33, I79. 242, 2Sl, 254, 255 NICKS, JOHN D., JR. Albuquerque, N. Mex.: Bible 35 NIGH, MAX New Orleans, La.: Music 225, 255, 256 NORMAN, BARBARA JEAN Bayfield, Colo.: Speech Transfer: Lubbock Chrisfian: Pandora: SEA: "The King and l:" "CarouseI." NORWOOD, JIM R. Seaffle, Wash.: Speech Spanish Club: KACC. Prog. Dir., Sfa. Mgr. O ODOM, FRANK Sweefwafer: Agri. 67 OGLETREE, JUDY Lubbock: Bus. Adm. Ko Jo Kai: SEA: Beaufy Runner-Up. I8O,I90,l99,2l9,226 OSBOURN. LAWANDA DAWN Llano: Home Ec. Zefa Rho, V.'Pres.: CSO: Home Ec. Club. 236, 242 OWEN, LEE CARLTON Kenedy: Agri. Foofball: Knighfs. 284,287 OWENS, ROBERT O. Pullerfon, Calif.: Spanish P PACE, CAROLYN Hardin, Ky.: Psy. lnPSYders. 269 PALM ER, JERRELL DEAN Abilene: English A Cappella: Choralaires: Melpomeneans: Rep.: Alpha Psi Omega, Sec.: German Club: Cadeffes: Piclcwiclcians: Sigma Tau Delfa. 243, 250, 254. 272, 273 PARDUE, JUDITH ANN Wickefft Elem. Ed. SEA: CSO: Zefa Rho, Parl.: Zellner Dorm Council: Kappa Delfa Pi: "W" Club: Choralaires. 48,237,244,246 PARRISH, PATRICIA Abilene: Home Ec. 33 PARTON, EDWARD M. Duncan, Okla.: Agri. Aggie Club: Oklahoma Club: Agronomy Club. PATTERSON, ANN Brownfield: Psy. 229. 258, 269 PEEPLES, MAURICE L., JR. Raymandville: Bus. Adm. Alpha Chi, Pres.: A Cappella: Blue Key: 338 Knighfs. 202. 204, 225, 254 PEEPLES, MAY ANN Anglefon: Sec. Ed. Choralaires: CSO: SEA: Pandora: McKin- zie Dorm Council. 229, 246 PENNINGTON, SIDNEY McGregor: Elem. Ed. 235 PERKINS. RONALD WEST Noodle: Sec. Ed. Knighfs. 225 PETTY, VERA JEANNE Wesfminsfer, Colo.: Elem. Ed. 33 PICKERING. SUE ANN New Shrewsbury, N.J.: Elem. Ed. Transfer: NICE. 34, lO5 PLATE, ELAINE Crane: Arf Choralaires: "W" Club: CSO: Delfa Thefa Senafe: Alpha Chi: Sigma Tau Delfa: Kap: pa Delta Pi: Pi Epsilon Befa. Sec.. Pres.: Gardner Dorm Council, V.-Pres. 20, 49, I4-9, 203,' 205, 210, 240 POOL, MARGIE Porf Arlhur: Elem. Ed. 2IO, 229, 247, 254 PORTER, MARCELLA SUE Norfon: Phys. Ed. Choralaires: Pandora: ISCC: SEA: Gard ner Dorm Council: CSO: WRA, V.-Pres.: PEMM Club. 49, 2l I, 229, 276 POUNDS, JAN Lubbock: Elem. Ed. SEA: CSO: Alpha Chi: Kappa Delia Pi Dorm Council: "W" Club, Pres. 203, 205. 2l I, 244, 247 PRATHER, DOROTHY LAVELLE Lamesa: Elem. Ed. WRA: SEA: CSO. PRICE, ALVIN H. Wafer Valley. Miss.: Bible Evangelisfic Forum. PRICE, LARRY GENE Valley Mills: Ind. Arfs SEA: ISCC, Repres. 224 PROVENCE. JAMES DANIEL Porf Arfhur: Psy. KACC: lnPSYders. Repres., Pres. 269 PUCKETT, EARL CORMAN Irving: Soc. Sci. Alpha Phi Omega: Veferans' Club: SEA: . lnPSYders: Kappa Delfa Pi: Dorm Council. 268 R REESE. GEORGE Odessa: Sec. Ed. 208 REEVES. RONNIE Lamesa: Bus. Adm. REYNOLDS, RICHARD Los Angeles, Calif.: Biology 203 RHOADS. DE WAIN Odessa: Bus. Adm. Freshman Baskefball: Baskefball Mgr.: Or- chesfra: Band, V.-Pres. 258, 26l RHOADS, MURPHY D. Odessa: Psy. Freshman Baskefball: Galaxy: lnPSYders. RICE, JANELLE Bayfown: Sec. Ed. 2ll, 2l5, 247, 259 RIX, DAVID ,Abilene: Sec. Ed. 314, 315 ROACH. TERRY ANN Deporf: Elem. Ed. SEA: CSO: Pandora. 2I I, 229, 247 ROBBINS, JOE San Angelo: Mafh. 220 ROBERTS, JANICE Dallas: Educalion 2I7, 252, 276 ROBERTSON, CARROL DAN Crosbyfonz Bible Transfer: Lubbock Chrisli Class Chairman. 3I an: Mission Sfudy ROBINSON. RHEUANNA LYNN Porf Arfhur: Elem. Ed. Band: Orchesfra: SEA: WRA: Pandora: CSO. 35. 2I l, 229, 244 ROSS, ANN McAllen: Speech 2l7, 243. 272 RUSSELL, ROY Cenler: Mafh S SANDERS, JERRIE Amarillo: Elem. Ed. SAYLORS, FRED T. Shreveporl, La.: Ind. Arfs Ind. Arfs Club: SEA. SCHOONMAKER, TOMMY Sfamlord: Sec. Ed. 2I2 SCHULZE, PAUL DAVID Denver, Colo.: Physics Alpha Phi Omega, Tre Treas. IS9 SCOGGINS. GLEN Dallas: Bus. Adm. SHORT, JACOUELINE Paffonville: English Kappa Delfa Pi as.: Mafh. Club Alpha Chi: Sigma Tau Delfa: Kappa Delia Pi: Pandora. 203. 229 SHOUSE, EMMA GENE Abilene: Sec. Ed. Transfer: San Angelo Jr. Col. 33 SHOWERS, BEVERLY SHORT Crane: Elem. Ed. I7, 45 SHOWERS, WILLIAM FRANCIS. JR. Derby. Kan.: Bible Summer School Mission Sfudy, Chair.: Pick wickians, Pres.: Sfudenf Courf: Inferpref- ers Council: Blue Key, 2nd V.-Pres.. Sec Treas. I7, 45, 204, 274, 349 SKELETON. DONALD MELVIN Ausfin: Ind. Arfs Galaxy: SEA. 22l SLATER, DWAYNE Ralls: Phys. Ed. SMITH, CAROL ANN Winrers: Elem. Ed. 2lO, 246 SMITH, JANICE ELAINE Abilene: Elem. Ed. SMITH. SUE Grapevine: Phys. Ed. Zela Rho: SEA: CSO:'PEMM Club: WRA Pres. ' - 237 SOMMER, SANDRA GAIL Lincoln, Nebr.: Biology Transfer: York College: Ec. Club, Rep. 236, 242 STANLEY, PATSY LAVERNE Tahoka: Elem. Ed. Zefa Rho: Home CSO: SEA: Gardner Dorm Council, Pres. Choralaires. 49, 2I I. 247 STARNES, WILLIS L. Culver, Ore.: Chemisfry Frafer Sodalis: Alpha Chi: American Chem ical Sociefy. 203, 2l8, 24l STEFEEE, SAM L. Rogers: Bus. Adm. Sub-T-I6: B.A. Club: lnPSYders. 232 l-lI6lI'S Qfowm Phone OR 4-8I03 24I N. l3th 24I North l3+h . . . just down the hill 'from campus. Compliments ot Warren High, an Acc-ex. ARTIS' BEAUTY SALON "With Accent on Your Beauty" lConditioned Air Dryers 'For Your Comtortl Manicures Frostings Pedicures Tintings Perma nents and Styling Across From ACC Campus Mrs. JAMES A. ROBERSON I660 Campus Court OR 3-8I32 STEPHENS, PATRICIA Monahans: Elem. Ed. Pandora: SEA: lnPSYders: McKinzie Dorm Council. 229 STEWARD, PATSY LOU Goree: Phys. Ed. PEMM Club: WRA: Zela Rho: SEA. 276 STEWARDSON, ANN Sania Anna: Soc. Sci. STIGERS, CHARLA Olron: Elem. Ed. Ko Jo Kai, Pres.: Alpha Chi: "W" Club: Kappa Delia Pi: Who's Who: SEA: ISCC, Sec. l79,226,338 STIGERS, JAMES L. Denver, Colo.: Bus. Adm. Phi Della Psi, Pres.: Band: ISCC. V.-Pres. 230, 238 STIGGINS, LARRY LYNN Plevna, Kan.: Ind. Aris Ind. Arls Club: SEA. STOREY, GLORIA DAWN Pasadena: Elem. Ed. Pandora, SgI'.-ai'Arms: SEA: lnPSYders: McKinzie Dorm Council, Pres. 48, 228, 246 STRANGE, JUDI Amarillo: Sec. Ed. 223 STRZINEK, ROBERT ALFRED Dallas: Chemisrry Galaxy: Inlramural Direciorg Big D Club: Circle K: Soph. Senaior: American Chem- ical Sociely. 22l STRAUGH N, CAROLE STONE Lindsay, Okla.: English Opiimisl Ediior: Pi Epsilon Beia: Sigma Tau Delia: Young Republicans: One-ACI' Plays: Della Thela. I79, 248, 264 STURGESS. LINDA Tipion. Olcla.: Elem. Ed. 2I0, 2I7. 247 SUBEY, HELEN Madison. Wis.: Psy. Alpha Chi: InPSYders. 203, 268 SUNDLING, ROLAND CLARK Akron, Colo.: Sec. Ed. Choralaires: lnPSYders: SEA. 247 SWAEEORD, KAY Wichila, Kan.: Elem. Ed. 48 SWAFEORD, JIM Abilene: Ari 240 SWINSON, ROBBIE New Home: Home Ec. Transfer: Lubbock Chrisiian: Zeia Rho: Home Ec. Club. 236, 242 SWOFFORD, JUDY LYNNE Paris: Elem. Ed. A Cappella: Sexiei: Choralaires: CSO: Soph. Senalor: Jr. Class Sec.: Jr. Eavoriie Runner-Up: Melpomeneans: Ko Jo Kai: Who's Who: Alpha Psi Omega: SEA: McDonald Dorm Council. I77, 226, 25I, 254 T TATE, ROGER LYNN Tarzan: Bus. Adm. lnPSYders: German Club: B.A. Club. 33, 250, 269 TAYLOR, MARY LEE Lamesa: English I77. 203. 205, 248 TAYLOR. PAT Alice: Home Ec. Ko Jo Kai: ISCC: Kappa Della Pi, Pres.: Alpha Chi: CSO, V.-Pres.: Senafe: Home Ec. Club: Sludenis' Assn. Sec.: Homecom- ing Queen Nominee: Jr. Favoriie: Who's 340 Who: "W" Club: Honor Girl. 43, 44, 75, I57, I78, I80, 203, 205, 2I0, 226. 238,242 TAYLOR, SHARON Cullison, Kan.: Speech 264 TAYLOR, STOVER WAYNE Bronle: Psy. InPSYders. 269 TERRY, CLOVIS Snyder: Elem. Ed. 222 TERRY, WILLIAM AUBIE DaIIas:,Bus. Adm. Foolball: Troians, Pres. 284,287 THOMPSON, ROBERT C. San Angelo: Marh. Choralaires. 257 TINSLEY. KENNY DARRELL Hico: Sec. Ed. Knighis: Men's Glee Club: SEA: Choral- aires. 260 TODD, JOHN Abilene: Bus. Adm. Choralaires: A Cappella: Alpha Psi Omega. 207 TRAYLER, CHARLES Spearman: Music 46, 76, I79. 204. 23I, 359 TURNER. JERRY RAY Mason: Malh. Foorball, Co-Capiain: Sub-T-I6, Skipper: LeIlerman's Assn.: ISCC: Who's Who: Sr. Favorile. I99, 284. 287. 290. 293 TU RNER, JUNE Pasadena: English 203, 229 TUTTLE, GARY L. Columbus, Ohio: Music Band: Orchesira: Ela Bela Pi. 258. 26I V VAUGHAN. BETTY Waco: Elem. Ed. KiHen Klub: Kappa Delia Pi: CSO: GATA, Sec.: SEA: Choralaires. 223, 244, 246 VERETT, DOTTY WHITEFIELD Abilene: Home Ec. Home Ec. Club. Treas.. V.-Pres.: Nelson Dorm Council, V.-Pres., Gov.: Gardner Dorm Council, Repres.: CSO: Ki++en Klub, V.-Pres.: Della There: SEA. VERETT, JAMES ALLEN Abilene: Ind. Ar'rs Sub-T-I6: Badminron Team: SEA: Ind. ArI's Club. W WALKER. KAY San Anlonio: Elem. Ed. 2I7 WALL, DERREL Vernon: Sec. Ed. Knighrs, Sec., Pres.: Senior Senaior: Sam- ple Case Siliers, Sec.: ISCC: SEA: Maih. Club: Science Club: Hearl of Texas Club: Era Baia Pi. 225. 247 WALL. GERALD Vernon: Biology Knighrs: Sample Case Sillers. 225 WALTER, BILL Brownsville: English Blue Key. Corres. Sec.: Sigma Tau Della. Pres.: Alpha Chi: Edwards Dorm Council. 49, 203. 204, 248 WARNER, GLEN Tyler: Bible WATSON. GERALD BENJAMIN New Boslon. Mich.: Bus. Adm. Era Bera Pi: Circle K: Yankee Club. WEEKLEY. JANICE LEE CRAVENS Seminole: Elem. Ed. Transfer: Lubbock Chrisiian: SEA: Band: Orcheslra. 247 WELCH. JAMES L. Tyler: Bible Knighls. WELCH, SUZANNE Houslon: Soc. Sci. Pandora: SEA. WELLER, HERMAN MORRIS Abilene: Chemisrry TASCA, Local Pres.: American Chemical Socielyr Abilene Chamber of Commerce Scholarship: Oiio Fosler Chemislry Award: Orchesfra: German Club. 20 WEST, SAN DRA Vernon: Psy. 269 WH EELER, DAVID Ralls: Phys. Ed. Varsily Baslcefball. 225, 296 WHEELER, VIRGINIA RAY LaMarque: Sec. Ed. Science Club: Alpha Chi: SEA. 203 WHITE, BUD Dumas: Ind. Arls 305, 306 WHITE, JENELLE Breckenridge: English Choralaires: Pi Epsilon Befa: SEA: Kappa Della Pi: Alpha Chi: Sigma Tau Delia: Omega Rho Alpha: B.A. Club. 244 WILBANKS. BILLY Bellon: Bible Varsily Baskelball: Alpha Chi: Blue Key: Knighls: Who's Who: InPSYders. I77. 204. 224. 269, 296 WILLIAMS, KAY LA DORA Snyder: Elem. Ed. CSO: SEA: Kappa Della Pi. Rep.: "W" Club: Gardner Dorm Council. 49, 205, 2IO, 244. 247 WILLIS, ROBERT Tyler: Incl. Arls 224 WILSON, HARRELL L. Bynum: Bible Transfer: Navarro Jr. College WINFREY, MILDRED Ailanla, Ga.: Educaiion WINGER. MARCELLA Gruver: Elem. Ed. 2I7 WIREMAN, MICKEY L. Farminglon, N. Mex.: Educaiion New Mexico Club: SEA: McDonald Dorm Council: Knighis. 33, 225 WOOD, DONNA J. Galveslon: Elem. Ed. Della Theia: Kilien Klub: SEA: Kappa Del- la Pi. 2I7. 244, 249, 253, 265 WOMACK,AJAMES E. Hawley: Sec. Ed. Varsily Baskelball, Capiain: LeHerman's Assn., Pres.: Who's Who: Honor Boy: Gal- axy: Alpha Chi: Blue Key: Kappa Della Pi. 74. I77. 204, 22I. 296, 299 WRIGHT. AUDREY Toronio, Onlario: English Alpha Chi, Treas.: Sigma Tau Della, Hisf.: Girls' Training Class, Leader: Zela Rho: ln- Iernarional Club: lnPSYders: Mission Sfudy Sleering Comm.: Canada Mission Group. 34, 202, 205, 237, 248 Y YOU NG, DAVID HARLAN Oklahoma Cily, OkIa.: Bible Debaie: Pi Kappa Della, Sec.: Melpome- neans: Alpha Psi Omega: Pickwickians: Men's Glee Club: KACC. 243. 260. 272 VARSITY CLEANERS 705 College Drive David is one of many ACC sludenis who enioy +he fasl' and 'Friendly service al NuH's. .l, Cheer's all around when DR PEPPER is in hancl. A Ables, Frances-277 Abslon, Lahonda-258 Adams. Pamela-I23 Aday, Gary-243, 272, 273 Adcock. Roberl--I 10, 218, 24-O Adkins, Judy-98, 259. 268 Adrian. Linda-I IO, 237, 258, 26l. 262 Aggans. Beverly-123, 26I Agnew, Pal-49, 98, 296 Aguilar, Oscar-35, 123 Akin, Kalhy-98 Alexander, Pairicia-I23 Alkire, Norma-I46 Allan, William-I IO, 225, 3I9 Allen, Bobby-I23 Allen, Dan-I IO, 220 Allen. Deane-I IO. I9l, I95. 227. 252 Allen, Gerald-I23 Allen, Judy Kay-I IO, 258 Allen, Judy Lane-I IO Allen, Sharon-98 Alsobrook. James-I23, 240 Anders. Ronald-l23, 284 Anderson, Barbara-272 Anderson Dixie-I23 Anderson. Henderson-98 Anderson, Janice-98. 249 Anderson Roberl-243, 272 Andress. Monique-I23 Andrews, Carl-240 Anglin, Milron-25, 123 Apperson. Dorolhy-I23 Archer, Barbara-98 Archer, Jerry-48 Archer, Stanley-I23 Arringlon. Linda-I23 Arringlon, Sue-I IO, 227 Ashby, Jon-98, 264 Asher, Palricia-I23 Alkinson. Donna-I23, 268 Alkinson. Dorrance-I34 Augusline. John-I23, 27l Auslin, Fred-98 Aulrey. Frances-98, 229 Axe, Carolyn-I23 B Bacon, Rebecca-I23, 257 Bailey, Janel-98. IBO, I9O, 2l9, 223 Baird, John-I23, 25I, 259, 26I Baird, Sarah-223, 246 Baker, Carol-98, 202, 2I0, 244 Baker, Judy-I23 Baker, Ruth-48. 99. 210, .228 Baker, Shela-I23 Balch, Belly-I IO, 257 Balch, David-225 Ballow, Roberl-I23 Bankslon. John-32, 50 Barber, Shirley-244 Barber, Ted-98. 2I8 Barker, Michael-28, 32, 27l Barkley, Roy-250, 261 Barnes, Johnny-l23 Barnes, Karen-I23, 252 Barnes, William-74 Barnell, Palsy-I02. 267 Barnhill, John-I IO. 2I3 Barringlon. Sherry-I23. 257 Barlley, Sara-I IO, 2l6, 253 Barron, Darlene-I IO, 268 342 Index Barlon, James-206, 25I, 264 Bassharn, Donna-I23, 264, 274 Bales, Earl-I23 Bales, Linda-I23 Ballen, Kennelh-259 Baugh, Cleigh-223 Baxler, Gay-I23 Bayliss. Edward-I23 Beard. Sandra-I I0, 2l5 Beasley, Barbara-48, 98, 247, 257 Beasley. Judy-I I0, 2I5 Beason. Charles-224 Beary, Doug-296 Beauchamp, Deanna-23, 98 Beauchamp, Gary-23, 220 Beauchamp, Priscilla-252 Beaver. Anna-98. 257 Beaver, Dennis-I23 Beck, George-45. IIO, 2l8 Beckham. Linda-I23 Beernan, Vicki-I24, 253 Belknap. Jerry-260 Bell. Lynda-I I0 Bell, Michael-I IO, 233 Bell, Wallon-98 Benes. Judilh-I IO Bennell, Donald N.-I IO, 233, 284, 293 Bennell, Lois-I I0 Bennell, Richard-I I0 Berger, Shirley-I24, 268 Bergman, Frederick-I24 Bernard, Carolyn-49, 98, 2I6. 242. 252 Berry, Jane-49, I IO, 254 Berry, Suzanne-I24. 276 Bessire, Ronald-I24 Beusling. Glenn-230 Bingham. Susan-I24 Billings. Waller-3I3 Billingsley, Gary-I24, 260 Billingsley, Karen-I24 Billingsley. Roberl-98 Billinglon, Bennie-234 Billinglon. Timolhy-234 Birdwell, Kay-227 Bishop, Dwayne-23l, 259, 26I, 3I4. 3I5 Bishoo, Terry-I I0 Bissell. Wayne-I I0 Black, Annelle-31, 98, I52, 229 Black, Kelly-98, 234 Black, Ron-I I I, 206 Blackburn. Judiih-I I I Blankenship, Morris-98, 225. 250 Blankenship, Sidney-l24 Blann, Ronald-I24 Bless. Sally-I I I, 216, 2I9, 278 Blevins, Bessie-I24, 25I Blodgell, Cellone-I24 Blounl, Carol-l24, 268, 272 Blume, Palricia-I46 Bond, Carrie-I24 Bonduranl, Sarah-74 Bonham, Ronald-I24 Bonham, Theron-I24 Bonner, Jack-233, 259 Boolh, Llewellyn-50, I54. 24-I Boolhe, Gwyn-I I I Boren, Sondra-I I I Bosl. Tom-49, 99. 202, 209, 23I Boslon, Hugh-49, 99, 202. 230 Bolloms. Charles-233 Boucher, Vicki-I24. 252 Bowles, Barbara-I I I, 24I. 250 Boyer, Duncan-3I3 Bayless. Ed-274 Boyll, Leonard-56, 58, 243. 272 Brabham, Brenda-I I I, 242, 246 Brabham, Larry-I I I. 257 Brack, Millon-58. I24, 3l3 Bradley, Bill-207 Bradshaw, Glen-I I I Brady, Mike-I24, 26I Bragg. John-I24 Braker. Marlha-99, 222, 295 Brandenburg. Viclor-229 Brandon, Charles-287 Brandon, Judilh-262 Brandon, Michael-I24 C Caldwell. Marilyn-99, 227 Callaway, Kalhryn-49, 99. I2 268 Calvert Carlos-46. II2, 220 Cameron. James-I I2, 224 Campbell. Adrian-I I2 Campbell Linda-I25 Campbell. Mary-I I2 Campbell. Rulh-99, 254, 268 Campbell Campbell , Sandra-I25 Shirley-33, 254 Cannon, Vicki-I I2 Capshaw. Roy-I25, 284, 289 Carlile. Don-I I2 5.2I4 Brannan, Johnice-I I I, 237, 259. 261 Branson, Norman-I I I Branson, Thomas-I24 Brawner, Pal-I24 Bray, Sarah-I24 Brazzil. Ann-59, I I9, 223, 254 Breaux, Janelle-246, 276 Bredlow, Karen-I24 Brigman, Jack--I I I. 230 Brock, Virginia-32 Brondsleller, Roger-I I I. 259 Brooks, Gary-I I I, 23I Brooks, Glenda-I I I Brown, Belly-48, III, 276 Brown, Cassandra-I I I Brown, Douglas L.-l24 Brown, Douglas R.-I24, I57 Brown, Gwendolyn-I I I, 258 Brown.James-III, 233.284, 306 3I0 Brown, Judy Karen-I24 Brown. Judy Kay-I24. 258 Brown, Linda-99, 242 Brown, Mary-244 Brown, Rosemary-I I I, 242, 279 Brown, Wanda-I I l, 237 Brownlow, Leah-I I I, 246 Bruce, Jon-74 Bryan, Dorolhy-99, 223, 244. 257 Bryanl, David-I I I, 260 Bryanl. James-260 Buchanan, Alberl-99, 2I8 Buck. Jamie-48, I I I, 229 Buflialoe, Thomas-I4, 44, 5I, I22 I25. I93 Bullard, Lana-249 Bullard, Robbie-I I I Bullock. William-I I I, 233 Bundrick, Doyle-I I I Burch. James-234 Burch, Ronald-I25 Burdell, Donna-32. 246. 267 Burger, Gary-235. 278, 305, 306 Burgess, Jerry-I I I, 233 Burgess, Marvin-2l8, 284 Burgess, Roberl-99 Burgin, lan-279 Burk. Jerry-I25, 3I I Burks, Thomas-74 Burns, Charles-62 Burns, Jackie-48, 229 Burns. Margarel-I25, 253 Burris, Carolyn-I I2 Burris, Dale-99 Burlon, lvlelva-99, 202 Busch, Leroy-I25 Bush, Janis-I25 Buller, Max-74 Buller, Paula-I46 Carllon, Karen-36, 244 Carpenler, Ken-2I8 Carpenler, Richard-259 Carpenler. Sam-49. 99, 220, 3I2. 313 Carr. Jerry-224, 247 Carrulh, Dennis-2I8. 306, 308 Carrulhers. Jan-99, 222 Carler, James-247 Carler. Richard-I I2 Carler, Roberl-I25 Casey, James-99 Caslleman, Kirk-207 Cares, Carolyn-I I2, 278 Calon, Ophelia-2l5 Caulhen, Andrew-44, II2, 220. 255 Caulhen, McGregor-I I2, 22I Cave, James-I25, 2I3 Caverl, Ray-I25, I88, 2I9 Cawley, Pauline-I I2 Cayce, Charles-46, I22, I25 Chaffin. Dwighl-I I2 Chambless. Judy-I25, 253, 257 Chan, Tilus-279 Chapman, Vicky-157 Chenaull. Palricia-I I2, 2I9, 222, 247 Cheshier, Charles-59 chick. Judy-I I2, 258 Chisum, Olela-I I2 Chorn, Gail-227, 253, 268 Chrisman, Ted-206 Chrislmas. Charles-I25, 3I I Chrislopher, Joyce-I I2, 250 Chumley. Gary-230 Clancy, Jeanne-I25 Clark, Calherine-49 Clark, Linda-277 Clark, Roy-I25, 2I3 Clark, Susan-I25 Clark, Warren-2I2 Claybrook, John-3I3 Cleek, Charles I-I.-I93, 296 Clemmer. Sidney-I I2, 209, 2I3, 254 Clevenger. Charlolle-99, 2l0, 236, 242. 244 Cline, Rozalene-I I2 Clinkscales, Marshall-44, IO9, II2, I95, 22I. 3I3 Coalson. Doug-I25 Coals. Carolyn-I46 Coals. Edwin-278 Coffman. Nancy-46, II2, 2I6 Coker, Johnella-I I2, 240 Coleman. Lynne-l9I, I95, 2I9. 227, 253 Coleman. Mark-I25, 208. 268 Coleman. Roberl-204. 2I8, 275 Collard, Philip-I25, 260 Collell, Nikki-I I2, 223 I662 CAMPUS COURT ' OR 28I5l BOX l739 ' ABILENE, TEXAS 0 0 T I ' X BOOK 3. SUPPLY IO-day service on ony book published not in stock! All Church Supplies Audio-Visual Equipmenl' Bible Teachers' Aids Communion Ware Commenlaries l662 Campus Courls Concordances lAcross From ACCl Abilene, Texas Song Books Bibles Publishers of Chrislian Chronicle and Chrislian Woman "Organized fo SERVE lhe Churches Throughoul l'he Na'lion." 2433 N.W. I6+l1 Sl' Oklahoma Cily Oklahoma Colverr, Georgeanne-l25 Colvin, Gary-34 Complon, Marilyn-I25 Complon, Thomas-I25 Conger, Charlene-I l2, 236, 268 Conlee, Judy-2l9, 257 Conner, Beliy-246 Conner, Elgin-284, 287, 289, 29I Conway, Carolyn-2, II3 Cook, Bennie-99 Cook, Cornelia-99, 205, 2I4, 259 Cook, Danny-I25 Cook, Drubeile-I I3, 24I, 250 Cook, John-I25 Cooksey, Carole-SI, I25, I66 Coopwood, Sherry-I25 Copley, Riia-50 Corner, Karen-2, 32, I I3, 250. 267, 360 Coihran, Jan-99, I60, 223, 253, 254, 308 Coihren, Kenneih-I I3, 306 Coiien. Ann-I I3, 229 Coiion, Michael-I25 Colirell, Danny-274 Colirell, Linda-I25. 2l9 Couch, Carl-46, I I3, 2I8 Covey, Gwenda-99, 2I9 Cox, Larry-I25 Cox, Morris-259 Cox, Roiana-48, II3 Cox, Shelia-I I3 Craver, Rosalind-I25 Creed, Mariha-I I3 Crenwelge, Carolyn-99, 2I6, 227, 244- Crisp, Carol-99, I80, I83, 202, 227, 262 Crisp, Donald-99, 203, 204. 220 Crisp, Jerry-I26 Croclceii, Roberl-22I, 260 Crosland, Carol-I I3 Davis. Linda-48, I I3, 246 Davis Maeffa-75 Davis Mary-IOO, 229 Davis, Richard-IOO, 202, 23I Davis, Ronald-23I Davis, Ruby-I26 Davis, Suzanne-46, I00, I9O, I97, 227, 253 Davis, Darlene-236 Davis, Waller-46, 49, IOO, 22I Davison, Sherry-252 Dawkins, Ross-I I3, 306 Day, Carl-209, 2l2, 22I Crume , Linda-48 Crump, Francis-I I3 Crump, Virginia-I26 Crump, Spencer-75 Cullers ,Windell-2l8 Cunningham, Judy-I26, 275 Cunningham. Nancy-I I3, I43, 279 Curl, Billy-264 Curry, Gladys-3I Curry, James-3I3 Curry, John-I I3, 233, 3I6, 317 Curry, Waller-I26, 257, 260 Curlis, Cara-I26 Curlis, Joseph-I I3, 230, 296 Curiis, Lawrence-233. 284 Curris, Wanda-IOO, 2I5 Cushing, Sandra-I26, I89, ,l93, 242, 252 D Dallas, David-l00, 239 Dalling er, Joanne-258, 261 Danchalc, IvI'ke-I26 Daniels, Karen-I I3 Daugherify, Linda-IOO, 242 Daullon, Barbara-I26, 268 Davenpori. Bob-3l6, 3l7 Davenporl, Floyd--IOO, 230, 294 Davenpori, Reila-IOO, 2I5 Davidson, Ben-264 Davidson, Lyn--I 26 Davis, Billy-239 Davis, Cullen-3I I Davis, Darlene-257, 284 Davis, Elfon-l26 Davis, Neal-126 Davis, Joan-I I3 Davis, Kennelh-I26 344 Day, Clyde-l26 Day, Gilberl-I I3, 208 Dean, Dinah-2, 254, 267 Dederick, William-I I3 Dennis, Ellon-3l, I00 Dennis, Myrna43l, 268 Denson, Linda-I I3 Denl, Richard-IOO Denfon, Kent-46, I26, 257 Dial, Ken?-I I3 Dickson, Dorcas-I26, 26I Diouhy, Francine-I I3 Dockens, Shirley-I26 Dockray, Karen-I26, 242 Dodd, Mary-2l9, 258 Donelilc, Jane-I26 Dorion, Lesier-I5 Dosier. Paula-I00 Doison, Larry-59, I I3, 260 Dove, Cheryl-I26 Dove, Meredilh-IO0, 205, 2I0, 244 Dowdy, Belina-I26 Dowdy, Pai-I00 Dowdy, Palsy-I00 Drennan, Deanna-I00, 2I0, 2I6, 246. 253 Dufner, Beiiy-32 Dugger, Ronnie-I26 Duke, Carol-240 Duke, Jan-I26 Duncum, Mary-2l9, 226, 258, 259 Dupuy, Lynn-260 Duranr, Beih-257 Dycus, Auguslus-2I2, 284, 287 E Easley, Sally-I26 Echols, Larry-IOO Eden, Darla-2I5 Edens, Eugene--IOO Edens, James-I26 Edmonds, James-I26 Edwards, Carson-46, l00, I97, 233 Edwards, Welda-I I3 Eisenmann, Sylvia-IO0 Eldridge, Barbara-I26, 267 Elias, Dana-l26 Elkins, Cheryl-I I3 Elkins, Waller-I I3 Ellioll, Dorolhy-I26 Ellis, Judy-I I3 Ellis, Mary-2I6, 246 Ellis, William-I26, 27I Ellison. Kyle-258, 259 Ellison, Terry-I26 Elmore, Judiih-2I4 Emmons, Edward-IOO, 202, 268 Engel, Richard-3I I Enochs, John-I26, 241 Enzie, Glenda-l26 Enzie, Russell-IOO Eppler, Glendon-I26 Epps, Larry-I27 Esfes, Vicior-I27 Elheredge, Becky-I27 Evans, Melvin-3I, II4 Ewing, Nina-3I, I27 Ewing, Roberi-I I4, 225 Ezzell. Johnny-I27 Ezzell, Michael-I27, 2I3, 247,274 F Fahrlender, Frank-I I4, 229, 277 Falkner, Avery-20, I76, 240 Fallcner, Johnny-I27 Falkner, Pafricia-I27, 252 Fanning, James-284 Farley, Fred-IOI, 240 Farrell, Linda--227 Faubus, Ann-2I6 Ferguson, Aubrey-l0l, 268 Ferguson, John-I I4, 2I3, 2I8, 275 Ferrara, Joseph-2I8, 259 Ficker, Carolyn-I27 Fine, Gayle-2. IOI, 2IO, 242, 267 Fiiiz, James-l0I Fleel, Elaine-2I9, 260 Flelcher, Barbara-48, IOI, 237 Fleicher, Ronald-I I4, 235 Flippin, Perry-265 Flowers, Janice-226 Floyd, Alice-25I Floyd. Geneva-IOI Flyni, Don-I27, 259 Foglesong, Frank-306, 308 Ford. Carolyn-I27, 242 Fowler, Jane--I27, 25I Fowler, Sandra Kay-IOI Franks, Geraldine-IOI, 242 Frazer, Nan-I I4, I87, I94, I95. 2I6 Freasier, Raymond-I27 Freeman, Doyle-I I4 Freeman, Elmo-224 Freeman, Lowell-I27 Fry, Danny-2l8, 255 Fulls, Yandel-IOI Funk, Pauline-244 Good, Gary-257 Good, Mary-I27 Goodale, Sharon-2I4, 240 Goodman, Gail-IOI Goodnighi, Paul-I27 Goosby, Eleanor-I I4, 268 Graham, James-67, IOI, 206, 268 Granbery, Charla Beih-I79, 226 Graves, Joan Francis-IOI, 257 Gray, Beverly-I27 Gray, Kay-I27 Graybill, Blair-I27 Green, Charles-IOI Green, Donald--I27, 25l Green Euline-IOI, 202, 23I Green, Ina-268 Green, Joyce-I I4 Green, Shirley-I I4 Gregory, Ellen-226 Gregory, Gail-I27, 25I Gregory, Raymond-I I4 Griffin, David-206 Griffin, Marlha-I I4 'GriII:in, R. C.-I27 Griiiilh, David-284 Griggs, Jack-I97, 232, 284, 293 Grounds, Linda-I I4, 258, 26l Groves, Linda-I28, 253 Guggolz, Nancy-IOI. 202, 222, 244, 252, 254 Guir1n,Mary-II4,2l6 Gunn, Larry-I28 Gulhrie, John-239, 259, 277 H Hackeli, Janice-IOI Hadaway, Cecilia-254, 262 Haddock, Benny-IOI, 225, 259, 26l Hageman, Dennis-284, 3l I Hailey, Jill-I28. 240 Hailey. Linda-I I4, 246 Gaines, G M arga ref-268 Gallo, James-230 Gammon, Jim-275 Gardner, Wilma-242 Garland, George-IOI, 206, 269 Garner, Charles-258 Garner, Connie-l9I. 227 Garner, Don-I I4 Garner, Roberl'-I I4 Garre'rI', Delores-I I4 Genlry, Joe-I27, 25I Genlry, Sue-3I, IOI Gerhardl, James-257 Gibbs, James-I I4 Gibson, David--75 Gibson, Jerald-22I, 284 Gibson, Pairicia K.-2I I, 229, 242 Gibson, Pairicia M.-202 Gibson, Roye-I27 Gieger, Gayla-22, II4, I9I, 226 Gilberi, Gilberl, Carolyn-I I4. 242 Mary-I27, 219, 253 Hailey, Mary-IOI Hailey, Royce-I28, 2I3, 25I, 275 Hale, Duane-IOI, 232,284 Hale, Wanda-I I4, 229, 268 Hall, Kim-2I9 Hall, Marcus-I I5, 2I8, 255 Hall. Roger-2I8 Hamblin, Edward-240 Hampfon, Anila-I28 Hampion, Clyde-I I5 Handy, Pamela-I I5, 2I6, 252 Hanes, Valerie-I28 Hankins, Riia-I I5 Hardegree, Charloile-I28 Harbin, Befiy-l28, 249 Hardin, Garry-67 Hardin, Raymond Lee-l82, 260 Hargrave, Bobby-I02, 306. 309 Hargrove, Glenda-59, I I5, 237, 246, 254 Harland, Judy-I28. 253 Harman, Lynn-I28 Harp, Marilyn-l28, 258 Giles, Jane-I I4, 268 Gill, Huberi-44, 46, 49, IO9, II4. I94, I95 Gilmore, Ann-237 Gilmore, Carole-I27, 2I3, 25I, 259 Gilmore, Peggy-2l3, 258, 26I Glaze, Jaylefa-243, 26I, 273 Glover, Merrell-I27 Goen, John-239 Goldsmiih, Iris-I27 Goldsiein, Roberl-I27 Goldwin, Slanley-260 Golenko, Richard-I27, 2I3 Golighily, Alvis-3I, 35, 37 Gooch, Geneene-IOI Harper, Nancy-236, 242 Harrell, Danny-I I5, 220 Harringron, Kaihryn Dale-2, 49, IO2. Harris, 2I I, 245. 267 James-I I5 Harris, Linda-I02, 2I6, 276 Harris, Roberi-I28, 274 Harris. William-I28 Harrison, Donnell-I28 Harrison, Gale-31 I Hari, Joe-I28 Hariman, Palricia-I28 Harville, Baskel-27I Harwell, Jesse-244 Haiiield, Roberf-I28, 259 Hailaway, Cecelia-236 JOHN KLINE STUDIO 2I02 North 6th St. OR 4-59ll weddings commercial portraits oils . . . all photographic needs Hallox, Janice-I I5 Havens, Kubis-32, I28 Hay, John-2I8, 260 Hayes, Jerry Dan-I55 Haynes, Valerie-252 Hays, Billy-239 Hays, Joe-239 Hays, Loma-253 Hays, Roberl-49 Hazel, Slanley-I28 Hazelwood, Jerry-I I5, 220 Hearn, Linda-I02, 243 Hearron, Linda-IO2, 2I I, 228, 272 Heasfon, Philip-I28, 208 Hendry, Carol-I28 Herd, John--I I I Herman, James-I28, 257 Hermann, Marilyn-IO2, 2I6, 244. 246 Herndon, Caleb--I I5, 220 Herod, June-254, 262 Herring, Tommy-232, 247 Herron, James-IO2 Hesser, Sandy-26I Hesier, Lanny-232, 254 HewiII', June-I I5, 246, 253 Hickerson, Janis-223, 246 Hickman, Belly-IO2, 223, 252 Hickman. Sondra-I02 Hicks, Jeliie-I28 Higdon, Judy-I02 Hill, Don-206, 269 I-IIII, Judy-223, 253 Hilliard, Jessie-I I5, 254 Hines, Joe-I I5 Hile, John-I I I Hobbs, Donna-I28 Hodges, James-230 Hodgson, Howard-33 Hodgson, Margarel-33 Hoffman, Brenl-247 Hogan, George-I I5 Hogue, Donna-I02 Holden, Richard-I28 Holleman, Jim--49 Holland, Ann--I I5 Holland, Judy-I28 Holliliield, John-I28, 259 Hollingsworih, Sybil-I28. 257 Hollis, Cecil-257, 260 Holly, Carole-63, I28, 253 Holmes, Fred--I02, 278, 3I3 Hollon, John-2, 49, I I5, 267 Homburg, Carol-I02 Honey, B. A.-284, 293 Hood, Gary-59, 66 Hood, Linda-l28, 268, 278 Hooper, Karen-IO2, 223 Hooper, Margarel-I29 Hopkins, Marilyn-3I, 203 Hopkins, Sylvia-3l. IO2, 257 Hoppe, Marsha-I28 Hornloaker, Palricia-I29, 268 Hornloaker, Roger-I I5 Hoichkiss, Cecil-254 Houslon, Mary-32, I29 Howard, Judilh-I I5, 257 Howe, Ramona-48 Howe, Richard-IO2, 27I Howell, David-24I, 360 Howell, Mariorie-I29 Howell, William-I29 Hubbard, Michael-46, I29, I92, I93, 284 Huckabee. Belly-I I5, 222, 246 Huddleslon, Barbara-I 02 Huey, Judith-I I5, 236, 250 Huff, Allen-I29, 26I Huff, Gary-26I Hull, Palricia-I I5, 258, 26I, 262 346 Huff, Tommy-I 29 Huggins, Hughes. SI'eIIa--2I9 David-IO2, 203, 225, Hughes, Jim-I29, 260 Hughes, Lawrence-I I5 Hughes, Sandra Mae-I29 Hughes, Slerling-260 Hull, Pairicia-I29, 25I Hulse, Geoffrey-IO2, 239 Humphreys, Hazel-I29 Hunler, Roberl'-IO3, 224 Hunfer, Viclor-58, 272 HursI', David-225 I Idol, Bobby-265 Irvine, William-I I5 Isaac, Belsy-I29, 277 Islre, Elvis-305. 306 Ivey, Roberl'-I I5 J Jackson, Bonnie-I I5 Jackson. Clark-I29 Jackson. James- I 29 Jackson, Joyce-I 29 Jackson, Kay--226, 252 Jackson, Mary--I I5, I65. 240 Jackson, Peggy-I03 Jackson, Roloerl'-207, 278 Jamison. Fredrick-49, IO3 Jamison, Roberf-240 Janda, Bernice-I I6 Jarman, Michael-I29 Jennings, James-260 Johnigan, Charlofie-I29 Johnson, Alfred-I I6 Johnson, Bonnie-I03, 247, 258 Johnson, Carol--257 Johnson, Cynlhia-I I, 239,277 Johnson, Deborah-I29 Johnson, Gary-3II Johnson, Jeannie-217 Johnson, Jerre-I29, 276 Johnson, Judilh-I I6 Johnson, Judiih R.-I I6, 252 Johnson, Philip-I I6 Johnson, William-24I, 259 Jones, Carol-I29 Jones, Diana-I29, 253 Jones, Johnny-3I I Jones, Joseph-284, 293 Jones, Melva-244 Jones, Paula-236 Jones, Wayne-260 King, John-iso, 274 King, KaiI'h-I30. 26I King, Walfer-233 Kinnamon, Jo-I I6 Kirkpalrick, Douglas-I30 Kline, Louise-323 Knighf, Carolyn-I I6, 237, 25I, 254, 262 KnighI', Maureen-279. Knight Linda-I I6, 2I9 Knox, Billie-I30, 268 Kolb, Charles-I30 Kreps, Jerry-60 Kubica, Vicfor-I03 Kuykendall. Jackie-I30 L Lake, Jerry--2I4 Lamlo, James-225, 259 Lamb, Linda-I30 Lamberl, Mary-I03, 222,252,257 Landers, Palricia-222 Lanlz, John-I30 Lanz, Fred-268 Larson, Larry-284 Lassen, Karl-I I6 Laurie, Ellen-I30 Lealh, Jack-I30, 2I3 Leafherwood, Regina-I03 Leafon, Lucrefia-I30 Lebow, Janice-44, 46, 97, 227, 246, 253 Leclbeller, Harla-2I8 Lee, James-I 30 Lee, Kennelh-I3O Lee, Palricia-IO3, 2I I, 242 Lee. Peggy-I30 Lee, William-I30, 260 Lemley, Norma-I03 Lemmons, Leon-I30 Leiz, Marlene-I30 Leverell, Clarice-48, 247 Lewis, Charles-225 Lewis, David-I30, 208, 259 Lewis, Don C.-I I6, 235, 265, 3I3 Lewis, Donna-I I6, 2I9 Lewis, Glenda-I I6 Lewis, John-220, 255, 256 Lewis, Kyril-I30 Lewis, Phillip-I03, 22I, 277 Lewis, Polly-I I6 Lide, Jerry-259, 26I Lighffoor, Donald-I I6 Lincoln, Judy-I30, 253,257 Lin, Luigi-250 Lules, Onila-35 Lycan, Charles-3I6 Lyday, Joan-I30, 25I, 257 Lye, John-279 Lyles, Don-49, 57, II6 Lyon, Goodrich-I I7, 208 Lyon, Janice-I30, 258 Lyon, Rebecca-lO3, 254, 26I Lyons, Nancy-227, 258 Lyons, Thomas-230 M Mabry, Marlin-I30 Mabry, Marfha-I30, 258 Mackey, Belly-IO3 Mackey, Larry-I I7 MacLeod, Edward-2I8 Magill, Mike-260 Mahurin, Marlha-257, 258, 26I Malone, Roberl-IO3 Maner, Joan-2I7 Manly, Carolyn-I03, 240 Marchman, Lawrence-23I Marcum, Myrlin--I I7 Marioll, Linda-I04, 244 Marlar, Alice-I I7, 278 Marshall, Ida-I3I Mar+in, Iva -2I7, 242 MarI'in, Joe-48 Marfin, Mason-I30 Marlin, Sandra-I04. 2I5, 276 Marlin, Sheila-I3I Marlin, Sherry-49, II7, 269 Marlyr, Suzanne-35, I I7 Mason, :Io Anna-I I7 Mason. Marinell-I3I Jordan, James-259, 26I, 3I4 Jordan, Jesslyn-I29, 240 Jordon, Charle-I29 Josey, Kaiherine-258, 26I Joy, Roberl-206 K Kearney, William--IO3 Keene, Dianne-48, I29 Keisling, Janice-62, I I6 Keller, Norman-22, I03 Kelley, Gloria-I29, 258 Kelley, Roberi-I I6, 259 Kelly, Kenl-274 Kelly, Nancy-2, 251,267 Kemp, Waller-250 Kennedy, Diana-I30 Kennedy, Roberl-I I6 Kerr, Janne-IO3. 223 Key, Jeffrey-25I Keyes, James-I30 Kidwell, Darlene-I03 Kilgore, John-257 Kimbrough, John-75 Kincaid, Alfa-32, 48, IO3, 267 LiI'IIe, Cheryl-I le. 240 LiI'IIe, Gayla-I03 LiHIe, John-278 Lillle, Lawrence-207, 278 Lillon, Ann-IO3, 237.258, 26I Lilfon Diane-I30 Lilfon Janice-I I6, 246 Livingslon, Mary-49, II6, 2I5 Locke, Coleman-I I6 Lockell, Clifford-l3O Logan, Michael-23I Logsdon. Gip-260 Looper, Bill-IBO Loudermilk, Carole-l3O, 219, 252 Masonhall, David-I04 Massengill, Suellen-I3I Massey. Edward-I3I, 3I3 Malhews, William--2I8 Mafhis, Edelyn-I3I Malhis, Mary-IO4, 2I7, 252 Mallhews. Jeffrey-259 Maul, Sfephen--20, 24I Maxwell, Ernesf-I04, 23I May, Warren--278 Mayfield, Judy-I3I, 258 Mayo, James-I I7 McBride, Dale-I3I McCaIeb, Gary-46, I04, 220, 27 312, 3I3 McCaIeb, Millard-I I7, 220 McCain, Jucly-I I7 McCalIa, Dora-48, I04, 242 McCamey, Doyle-313 McCamey. Thomas-3I3 McCarIey, Linda-I I7 McCarIy, Shirley-I5, I3I McCIanahan, Vivian-I I7 McCIung, Ann-I3I, I92, I93, 25 McCIung, Larry-30, 3I McCollum, Don-I04, 22I McCollum, Kennefh-l3I, 258 McCoIum, Sandra-I3I McCook, Charles-I04, 22I, 284, 289 McCoy, Kennelh Rayburn-224 McCracken, Judy-244 McCuIchen, Ken-3I3 Love, William--75 Lowrance. Tommy--IO3, 206 Lowrey, Jerry-284, 3I3 Lowrey. Kalheryn-130 Lucado, Joan-IO3, 2I7, 253 Lucas, Joe-3l I Luckie. Sherilyn Ann-257 Lukas, Richard-259, 3II Lumlee, Norma-247 Lusk, Gary-I03, 232 Lules, Gary-435. 75, II6 McDonald, Forresl- I 04. 260 McDonald McDonald , Bill-I3I , Garnefla-I I7, 252 McDonald, Mike-I3I McDonald, Nina-I I7 McDonald. Sharon-I04 McGinIy, Belh-I3I, 254 McGinIy, Henry-206 McGuire, Errol-204, 2l8 McGuire, Johnny-229 McGuire, Michael-I I7, 255 Gary go+ Muffie's ring a+ 402 Pine HUGH BOWIE'S Roberrs Mcllroy, Rira-237 Mcllwain, Gerald--I3I Mclnlosh, Ann-253 Mclnlosh, Jan-253 McKey, Peggy-I32 McKnighl', Thayne-49, 232, 244, 284, 289 McKnight Verba-258, 26I McLaughlin, James-247 McLean, Joy-I I7, 237 McLeod, Wade-I32, 204, 248, 284 McMuIIan. Carol-I32 McMurl'ry, Zelda-I32 McNeely, Ray-I32 McNicol, Allan-28, 3l, 279 McNiece, Randall-I04 McPherson, LaJuana-I4, I32. 25I McOuien, Paul-260 McWhorIer, Belly-I32 McWilliams, Ollis-I I7 Meador, Marslon-I I7, 206 Meeker, John-l3I, 2l3, 275 Merrell, David-IO4, 203, 209, 230 Merriolr, Linda-I77, 227, 295 Merryman, Gary-I04, 235 Mickey, Charles-I3I Middlebrook, Deanrle-I I7 Middlebrook, Thomas-I04 Miles, Randolph-258, 261 Miller, Charles-I3I Miller, Franklin-46, II7, 209, 22l Miller, Jane-I I7, 237 Miller, Jay-3I3 Miller, Lloyd-46, 97, IO4, 22l Miller, Margarel'-49, II7 Miller, Mary-48 Miller, Mary Lee-257 Miller, Ray-22l Miller, William-275 Mills, Kalherine-I3I, 277 Mims, D ennis-IO4 Minyard, Denzil-247 Milchell, Dennis-3l, I04, 257 Milchell, Donald-I03, 257 Milchell, Elizabelh-IO4, 24l Milchell, Marlha-258 Mirchell. Sandra-I3I. 258 Mize, Jeanelre-l3I Money, Royce-I04, I76, 203, 204, 224, 238 Monroe, Lela Faye-I I7 Monholland, Alma-I I7, 242, 246 Monlgomery, Ann-I I7 Monlgomery, Gary-I I7 Moon, Bobbye-I I7 Moore, Denis-305, 306 Moore, Donna-49 Moore. Herman-I I7 Moore, Judy-I I8, 2l9, 253 Moore, Palricia-l3I Moreland, Mary-6, I04 Morgan, James-I IO Morgan, James Pai-I04, 296 Morgan, Jerry-290 Morris, Lana-I3I, 252 Morris, Paul-I3l Morrison, Kalherine-65, l3I, 253 Morrison, Nora-I3I Morrison, Owen-233, 284 Morrow, Norman-3I Morse, Samuel-I I8, 257 Moses. Paula-I3I, 259, 276 Molsinger, Hillery-75 Mounl, Judy-I3l, 267 Mudd, Palricia-I3I Muense, Pamla Ann-I05, 2I4 Mullen, Waller-23I Mullins, Willie-32, 50, 258 Murphy, Charles-I3l Murray, Thomas-l05 348 Musslewhile, Larry-265 Musfin, Billy-I3I Myers, Carolyn-I3I Myers, Susan-49, I I8 N Neal, Daniel-259 Neal, Gordon-I05, I32 Neal, Margarel-I32 Neal. Mary-I32 Neeley, Karleen-I05 Nelson, Glenda-45, I05, 227, 252, 276 Nelson, John-I32, 3I4 Nelson, Karen-I I8 Nelson, Lynn-59 Nelson, Douglas-I05, 203 Nelson, Vivian--I32, 252 Neve, Gail-I I8 Neve, Lawrence-I05, 258 Newhouse, Phyllis-I32 Newman, Jimmy-49, I05, 236, 238, 247 Newlon, Linda-I05, II4, 203, 244 Nichols, James-I32, 3I I Nicks, Linda-IOS Nisle, Lawrence-271 Norman, Gary-IO, 3l, 35 Norris, Kennelh-234 Norris, Nikki-48, 236 Norron, Marjorie-250 Nowell, Kerry-I32, 265 O O'DanieI, Alice-26l Odom, Carolyn-I32. 269 Offul, Linda-244 Oglelree, Judilh-I80, I90, I99. 2l9, 226 Ohlhausen, Norma-I05, 236 Oler, Sarah-I32 O'Neal, Marie-I I8, 257, 278 Orrell, Roger-306, 309 Osborn, Karen-46, I32, 2I9, 253 Osborne, David-I05, 3I4 Osman, George-3I I Overlon, Dana-48, I32 Owens, Kil-260, 274 Owens, Larry-235 P Paddack, Ted-258, 261 Pallord, Shirley-236 Page, Leslie-I I8 Palmer, Jerrell-243, 250, 254, 272, 273 Pancralz, Dorolhy-I05, 2I5 Parham, Mariorie-IO5 Park, Leslie-I32 Parker, Linda--34, 240 Parker, Nancy-I32 Parker, Quay-I I8 Parkinson, Jackie-I I8 Parrain, Jimmy-258 Parfin, Benny-I32, 269 Palrlerson, James T.-I32, 257 Pallerson, Jean-I05 Parrerson, Sheryl-I05 Pary, Joseph-I I8, 284 Pauls, Ronald-2, I3, 32, II8. 266, 279, 360 Payne, David Elkanah-I32 Paylon, ConsIance+-I05, 244 Paylon, Ronald-I32 Pearson. Jo Ann-I32 Pemellon. Billy-306. 307 Pendley, Jonnie-I I8, 233 Penick, Archie-I05, 269 Penland, Linden-l05 Pelers, Thomas-253 Pelersen, Pa ulelle-249 Peferson, Roberf, Jr.-I I8, 2I3, 250 Pelligrew, Sam-I32, 209 Pelly, James-62, I I8 Peliy, John-62, I I8 Pharis, Slarleen-I05, 237 Pherigo, Jane-I32 Phillips, Donna-I32 Phillips, Lesler-235 Pickle, Thomas-I32, 260 Pierce, Larry-I I8 Pipes, Jerry-I05, 22l Pogue, Roberl-I I8 Pope, Andrew-I9, 206. 235 Pope, James-284, 287, 289 Pope, Paul-I05, 220 Porler, Linda-I I8 Porlerfield, Karen-48, I05 Pounds, Richard-I I8 Powell, Jan-2I7, 258 Powell, Sara-2I7, 258 Praler, Darla-I32, 2I3 Praler, Jerry-3l3 Preslage. Charles-I32 Presfwood, John-220, 255 Price, Sheryl-222, 242 Priddy, Margarel-48, II8 Prior, Linda-I32 Proeger, Bill-50 Propsl. Charlie-I I8, 24I. 250 Propsl, Dana-I32 Pruill, Gary-48 Pruilr, Linda-I I8, 237, 242 Purcell, Eugene-I I8, 258 Pursch, Waller-I I8, 206, 24I. 250, 259 Pursley, W. L., Jr.-I32 Q Oulnn, Diane-252 R Rabb, Ellzabelh-I I9 Rader, Barbara-I32 Ragan, Grace-259 Ragland, Douglas-I I9 Ragsdale, Gary-I06 Rainwaler, Mary-I32 Rambo, Lewis-48, II9 Ramsey, Peggy-48, II9 Rankin, Donna-7, 48, 57, I I9, 2I9, Rice, Belhul-I I9, 242, 258 Richardson, Belly-48, I33 Richardson, James-304, 305 Richardson, Lulhur-I33 Richerson, Roberl'-257 Richey, Foy-260 Rickner, Eric-I I9 Ridgeway. Jim-360 Ridley, Billy-234 Riemenschneider, Joan-I06, 2I 7 Riggan, Mary-I06 Riggs, Judy-I33 Riggs, Jerry-I06, 203, 2l8, 255 Rigsby, Charles-I33 Riley, Berry-I I9, 242 Risener, Richard-IO6 Rizer, Marilyn-I33, I53 Rizer, Keilh-34 Rizzo, John-I33 Roach, Helen-3I, I33. 25l, 258 Roach, Palricia-48, II9 Robbins, Jerry-63 Roberson, Barbara-I06 Roberson, Chearl-I33, 259 Roberson, Carol-30, I84 Roberls, Carolyn-I I9 Roberls, Darlene-I33 Roberls, David-I33 Roberls, Jay-26, 58, I33, 255, 272 Roberls, Judy-I33 . Ronald-2l8, 269 Roberlson, Marlha-I33 Roberlson, Roberl-44, 72, I06, I7I, I96, I97,22l Robinson, Jimmy-34, I I9, 225 Rockwell, George-I I9, I95, 220. 3I2, 3l3 Rodgers, Bealrice-I33 Rodgers, Brenda-I33 Rodgers. Clifford-I I9 Rodgers, Eileen-I99 Roe. James-235 Roemer, Roberla-I I9 Rogers, David-l06, 204, 220, 255 Rogers, Irene-I33 Rogers, Rodney-I33 Rogers, Ronnie-46, II9 Roggendorlli, George-75 Rollins, Lee-I33, 259, 260 Rose. David-I I9, 254 Ross, Kifsy-63, I33 Ross, Mary-I I9 Royal, Belly-I33 Russell, John--I I9 227, 272 Rasco, Joan-I32 Rasco, John-I32 Rasco, Mary-I06 Ralclill, Curlis-I I9, 232, 250 Rawls, Buddy-I06, 276, 284 Reagan, Leva--I06 Redfield, Merle- I O6, 206, 257 Reed, Kalhryn-IO6, 223. 242, 253 Reed, LeRuIh-244 Reeder, Carolyn-I33 Reese, Karen-48, I33, 258 Reeve, Wayne-I06, 230, 276 Reeves, P erry-220 Reilly, Preslon-I33 Reneau, Judy-I 33 Renner, J oland-248 Reville. Jo-I06 Reynolds, Carolyn-I 33 Reynolds, Charles-I33 Reynolds, James-2I8, 284, 296 Reynolds, Sharon-I I9, 2I7. 246, 253, 276 Rhoades, Ca rolyn-I 06, 203, 26I Rhodes, Sally-I33 Rhodes, Sue-57 Riadon, Lealice-I33 Russo, Palricia-75, 268 Ryan, Oma Dell-I06, 2I5, 244, 247. 249 S Sacra, Alice-I33, 25I, 257 Salamanca, Eric-305, 306. 309 Salan, Craig-I33 Sanders, David-259 Sanders, Donna-I33 Sankey, Alice-I06, 229, 240 Sargent Dale-I I9 Sargent Edward-I I9, 207, 260 Sarlian, Billy-I33 Sasporl, John-3I Saiferwhile, Jan--I06, I8O, I85, I96 I97, 2l9, 222, 294 Saunders, Lynn--22l, 294, 305, 306, 3l0 Scarborough, Leslie-I06, 224 Scarlergood, Linda-I33 Schmidl, Jeryl-66, I06, 207 Schneider, Edwina-222 Scoll, Carolyn-I I9, 252 SCOII, John-I I9, 208, 268 ScoI'I', Judy-I I9, 222 mel LUJHIFI ABSOLUTELY THE BEST USED CAR Buvs IN ALL WEST TEXAS!! M - A Qemff were - ewes 45 Q Eiigi, 7235" ' .X u 'N A Li- . r 1-Q'-gif-55 r Q Q 41' , 'lil-V ' iii ' ' as wELL...vou DON'T ' A00 HAVE T0 ig, ,Vi lf1"'l' "" '1 Your Ford Dealer - MCILWAIN Soufh Firsf and Pioneer ,,. f ,lg ruiv ' -rs . , ,N I ' I gk 5 ' F t L 'in F 8: S CLOTHIERS WW X47 if 274 Cypress Siokes. Scoil, Norman-3 I3 Scudder, Claudia-I33, 274 Self, Sandra Sessom, Sharon-75, 268 Sessums, Earline-l33 Shanks, Barbara-IO6 Sharp, James-257 Shaw, Belly-254 Shay, Michael-I33 Shelley, Eileen-I33 Sheppard, Henry-I33 Sheppercl, Beth-252 Shewmaker, John--233 Shields, Sharon-I I9, 242, 246 Shook, Shirley--l33 Siephenson, Charles-IO7 Siephenson, Marvin-I34 Slevens, Royce-I2U Siewa ri, 273 Siewarf, Judy-IO7, 222, 246, 252 Siewari, Mary-I20. 276 Siiger, Pairicia-120 Sligers, James-230, 238 Sfigers, William-258 Siirman, David-I34, 258, 26I Slobough, Sandra-I20. 250 Siocks, Jasper-I20. 258 S'l'oecker, Margarel-I20, 247 Sue-247 George-59, IO7, 243, 272, Shrum, Mariorie-I34 Shumale, Helen-275 Shupe, Ronald-l I9 Silvey, Frank-I I9 Simpson, Linda-I34 Sims,-James-3I, 35, IO6 Sinclair. Kenneih-3I, 35. I06 Sloan, Derrell-IO7 Sloan, Eugene-I34 Slone, William-IO7 Smallridge, Gerrye-IO7, 248 Smallwood, Dan-IO7, 23I Smari, Ivan-22l Smilh, Alice-I34 Smilh, Carol-I07, 2I0, 227, 253. 276 Smiih, Charles-IO, 264 Smiih, Clinion-IO7 Smifh, Dallas-206 Smilh, Donald-IO7, 2l8 Smilh, Jana-I20 Smilh, Johnnie-3 I3 Smilh, Judiih-237 Smilh, Larry-24l Smilh, Linda-I20 Smilh, Paul-I34, 2I3 Smiih, Roberi-2I8, 275 Smiih, Sherilyn-49, I20. 278 Smilh, Sharon-I34 Smilh, Slephen-I34 Smilh, Sue-I34, 2l3 Snead, Gary-I34 Snelson, Billy-I34 Snow, Judilh--IO7 Snow, Lyle-I34 Snow, Sam-260 Sosebee, Ronald-49, I07, 2l2, 232 Spain, Roderic-l34. 257 Sparks, Delvin-48, IO7, 225 Sparks, Sharon-I34 Speer, Kennelh-35 Speer, Linda-262 Spooner, Sandra, IO7, 2l3 Spradlin, David-l20 Spring, Phillip-23I Sproil, Bill-I34, 259. 26'I Sproii, Jacqueline-46, I09, I20. 2l7 Siaggs, Sharon-2, I20. 247, 267 Slalls, Joe-260 Slambaugh, James-IO7 Siandlee, David-IO7, 233 Sandlee, Nicky-IO7, 222, 244 Slanley, Lon-IO7 Siansell, William-I 34 Siarnes, Ivlalissa-IO7, 222, 252, 254 Slarnes, Warren-I 34 Slegall, Grady-I34 Sleckler, Carole-l34 Slegemoller, Larry-I34 Siegemoller, Mike-l34 Sfephens, Jimmy-l20 Siephenson, Carole-48, I20. 229, 258, 265 350 Slone, Louis-296 Slone, William-203 Sloui, Larry-l20, 259, 260 Slrange, Sammy-I2, I34 Slrome, Shirley-I20, 250 Slromquisl, Jan-57, IO7, 203, 2l7. 244, 246, 253, 272 Slroud, Kaiherine-I2O Siruve, Kay-227 Sublefle, Michael-206 Sugg, David-2I9 Suggs, Kalherine-I20. 246 Suii, Riley-56, 207, 272 Sullivan, George-IO7, 203 Sullivan, Linda-I07 Summerlin, Philip-265 Swiney, Alvis-274 T Tadlock, Carolyn-I34 Tarbel, Gaslon-75 Taylor, Jacqueline-IO7, 248 Taylor, Sandra-2l4 Temple, Carol-l20 Thomas, Paul-24l Thompson, Doris-49, 254 Thompson, James-IO7, 224 Thompson, John-I 34 Thompson, Judy-I34, 257 Thompson, Lee-I20, 24I Thompson, Linda-227 Thompson, Paul-134, 259 Thornlon, Wayne-46, 3ll Thorp, Don-26I Thriil, Ronnie-l34 Thursion, Linda-I34 Ticlwell, Thomas-I34 Tiller, Judilh-I2 Timme, Dorolhy-I2O, 269 3l3 Todd, Kalhleen-252 Todd, Mary-I34 Todd, Sharon-I34 Toews, David--32, IOB, l5l, 279 Toombs, Billy-49 Towler, Karen-I20 Townsend, Gayle-I34, 269 Trayler, Judi-223, 26I Treai, Wilma-l08, 226 Treece, Sharon-32 Trenlham, Linda-I08, 269 Trimble, Karen-I20 TripIe++, Phyllis-240 Trippeli, Jack-27I Tucker, Mike--I34 Tucker, Wayne-l2O, 259, 26I Tyler, Ronnie-IO8, 2l3, 247 U Ulrich, Verner-l5I Underwood, Larry--207, 26I Usrey, Peggy-I34, 252 Uzzel, Nancy-240 V Valenline, Thomas-56, 243 Van Dyke, Barbara-I34 Vannoy, David-3I6 Van Zancli, John-234 Varley, Judy-I20. 258 Varner, Carla-lO8 Varner, Roy-108 Vaughan, Frances-135.213, 257 Vaughan, Carol-IO8, 250, 257, 262 Vereii, Pauleila-I 08, 2I7 Vice, Floyd-206 Vick, Eileen-I35 Vickrey, Frances-I86, 227 Vickrey, Jon-I35, 259 Vickrey, Paul-I20 Vinceni, Thomas-I35 Vinson, Walier-I35 Vinzanl, Mary Ann-I35 von Ivloliior, Brigiile-l08, 250 W Waddell, Shonnie-67, I35 Waddell, Mary-l2I Wade, Moniie-229 Wade, Wilson-I35 Walker, James-l2I, 276 Walker, Nancy-35, l2I. 246 Walker, Thomas-235, 284 Wallace, Gary-2l8 Wallace, Jan-2I7, 253 Wallace, Paul-259, 26I Waller, Bonnie-I35, 276 Wallis. Barbara-I46 Waliers, Linda-I2l Ward, Dale-7, 57 While, Sondra-I35 Whileiield, William-258 Whiil. Eugene-274 Whilienburg, Barbara-48, I35 Whilienburg, Thomas--233 Whiifinglon, Janelle-I35 Whilwell, John-IOB, 259, 26I Whyle, James-l2l Wickman. Rick-218, 255, 256 Wiemulh, Barbara-l2I Wilburn, Bob-230 Wilks. Bun-l2l Wilks, Don-I35, 208, 254 Willard, Diane-3l, l2I, 242, 257 Williams, Bill-257 Williams 275 Williams , Donald-121, 204, 221, , Douglas-IO8, 259 Williams, Evelyn-I35, 213 Williams , Everell'-3 I Williams, Claudelie-I 35, 278 Williams, James-I79 Williams, Janice-l08, 269 Williams, John-258 Williams, Judifh A.-I35, 2I3 Williams, Judiih Lanelle-3I, l2I Williams, Marilyn-I35, 253 Williams, Mary-l2I Williams, Russ-265 Williams, Gail-I35, 252 Williams .Shirley-l2l Williamson, Ronald-I35, 208, 274 Willis, James-235 Wilmeih ,Sylvia-l2I. 2l9 Wilson, Belly-I2l Wilson, Delberi'-235, 284, 287 Wilson, Jackie-I2l, 2I8, 225, 3I4 Wilson, Linda-2l9, 253 Wilson, Twila-34, IOS Winningham, Anna-I35 Winsfon, James--I35 Wisenbaker, Lana-I79, 223 Wili, Lynell-l2l Wohieil, Karen-I35 Wolff, Joyce-I35 Warren, Frances-I4, 46, l22, I35, I93 VVarren, William-296 Wasson, David-2, 244, 266, 360 Wasson, Linda-2l5 Walers. Marion-IO8, 225 Walkins, Gilberl'-2l8 Walson . Samuel-23I Wealherforcl. William-I 35, 277, Womack, Cheryl-I2I Womack, Eva-I2I, 226 Womack, I-lenry-I4, 203, 225 Wood, James-l08 Wood, William-207, 2l3 Woods, Judiih-108 Woodward, Alvis-3I Woodward, Linda-l2I Woody, Geneva-l2l, 2l7, 2l9, 253 Weaver, Margarei-l08 Webb. Mickey-I2I, 26I Webber, Gail-240 Weed, Michael-265 Weiss, Anila-I2l, 227 Weiss, Arlhur-284, 287 Welch, Gary-218, 264 Welch, Mary-I35, 259 Wells, Alfred-I08 Wesley, Billie-265. 267 Wesl, George-259, 26I Wellslead, Wayne-259 Weyandi, Palmre-I2I, 230 Weyandl: Paul-230 Wheeler, Beify-I2I, 227 Wheeler, Donald-I35, 25I. 257 Wheeler, Leslie-257 Woolridge, Janei-I35 Woolridge, Marian-l08 Woolery, Chad-46, 3ll Wren, Kay-I35, 257 Wrighl, 204 Wrighl, Blenus-34, 37, 75, I78. 203, Donald-3l, 206, 2I3, 235 Wrighl, Ronald-204 Wrighl, Jarvis-I35 Wrighi, Norman-I35 Wrighi, Rollans-IO8 Wunderlich, Palricia-I35 Y Yadon. Jeanelle-59. I35. 254, 26I Yadon, Jeanenne-I35. 257, 26I While. While, Allen-258 Billie-203. 246, 248 Tudor, Mary Lou-58, I34 Tudor, Gay-244 Tunoa, Sandra-240 Turner, Jerry-I78, l98, 233 Turner, Linda-I20. 246, 272 Turner, Nelson-27I Tul'+Ie, Carol-258 Tuille, J. W.--243, 284 While. Carol-I35 While. Donald-I35, 208. 257 While. Es+eIlc+35. I2I While, Glenda-I08, 203, 227. 244, 272 While, James-35 While, Michael-I08 While, Shirley-l08 Yarbrough, Charles-67, I35 Yales. Jesse-l2l Yales, Judy-I 35 Yaies. Winslon-252 Yeargin, Al-I35 Yocum, Lynn-3I, IOB Young, Jesse-2I3 Young, Mack-I35 Youngblood, Roger-I35, 3l3 Yue, George-279 if, I ,rv Lecfureship, Homecoming, Jus? Anyfime . . . I ABILENE HOTEL-MOTEL ASSOCIATION Welcomes You! Cenfury Holiday SI'arIiIe Colonial Inn Ramada Sunse'I Drake Rancho Thunderbird Windsor Highway House Sands WesI'ern Woolen MAX FERGUS MOTORS Auihorized VOLKSWAGEN Dealer 340I Nor'I'I'l Firsl' OR 2-32I8 who for Pre Teen S15 thru College Miss I Q 3648 NO, 6TH PH. OR 4-1314 GRISSOMS WESTWOOD PLAZA RIVER OAK' COLLEGE HILL LAUNDROMATIC "Dip Your Duds in Our Suds." I722 Campus C+. OR 3-7242 i S1103 CULVIN SERVICE STATION l3Dl PINE STREET ABILENE, TEXAS W WESTERN CHEVROLET - CADILLAC A+ Wes+ga+e Phone: OR 3-256I Abilene, Texas LION HARDWARE EveryIhing in Hardware and Appliances PIenI'y of FREE PARKING While Shopping , CAFETERIAS AND CATERING Z' . Two Locahons Abilene, Texas D0wn'I'Own 526 Cypress OR 2-324I ENCO SERVICE STATION DON WOLF, Ageni' N. I3'Ih and Treadway OR 4-5203 UNCLE VAN'S PANCAKE HOUSE WELCOMES YOU We are grateful for the fine business ACC students have given us the past year. You may be assured it is a pleasure fo serve you. For Reservations Call OR 2-882I 3449 North First Street in Abilene you're never far from THORNTON'S o 4th 8. Oak 0 Leggett Drive 0 River Oaks 0 Merchant Park AND SIX FRIENDLY FOOD STORES at THORNTON'S too, you get valuable KEY STAMPS with every purchase. Two Locations to Serve You: HILLCREST SPEED WASH 502 East Ambler CAMPUS COURT SPEED WASH l726 Campus Couri- 353 , I I V A AMICABLE LIFE INSURANCE "Prepare Today 'For Tomorrow" HOLLIS L. MANLY, General Ageni' MRS. MERLE CROSS, Secrefary ' MRS. 303 Cifizens Nafional Bank Building CR 2-7869 - OR 2-7860 Represeniarivesz Bruce Arrani James CIauncI1 Tommy Morris Nick Nickolson Rufus SIarnes SANDRA ATKINSON, Assf. Sec'y I 2 4 -I I ' A' I ., f' Mlfffx-I "' Qw- s 1 an x I ag! I I " f L' I rl fa . ,J 1 A . .Q , M f b. C ' ' "I F7 f"QfI 'fr A fi 1.0 f .I -I+ i I 1, 1 1 I . .V - W 1 1 I A I I A -ff - L- R1 n I ' I' f , . h , , i 4. , J - f ,Aw-ea .. .fu ' M, Ln, 1 . , - 1 . 1, A L,-.-J I., 54,1 U , V. l, Ij'.,,,.,. :3:,F,55,,g:Sgw"h,-I :T K W .-U . V, .1 I , l V' J .1 V N egg' , l. I, 4 .Cf.f,t.7w Y xv' ,Y , f.. A ,s., Jqkr :G , ,, ,. .. ., fu - . ,VJ .J . , A H., ,,,.,.,,,JX, , A , . . I , V I , . , ,,,!..., f- .... , N, . ' -. ' 7.4- - .' +. .- 'ww-'Lf we-'H f-V - " -A ' Ad 1' f Take van age O "Insis+ on Qualify." QUALITY PRINTING co., INC. M l S publishers of fhe U CHRISTIAN BIBLE V ATE, TEACHER MAGAZINE N A .,,. ' The only magazine in 'l'l1e brolherhoocl designed, especially for Bible leachers. We do all kinds of prinfing and Abilene Cl1I'iS'l'ian College appreciaie every order. DR. ORVAL FILBECK. LEON RAMSEY, Mgr. Direcior of Summer Session 63' Norm I3+h S+ Abnene THANKS +o our adver+isers for +l'Ieir considerarion. In +urn, we lend our pa+roniza+ion fo 'Hneir business concerns. ABILENE KEY CITY OF CENTRAL WEST TEXAS Following a parTern which was Tamiliar in The develop- menT oT The WesT, The CiTy oT Abilene, Texas, was Tounded as a direcT resulT oT The building oT a railroad. In January oT l88I The Texas and PaciTic Railway compleTed Track To The TownsiTe oT Abilene, and in March oT ThaT year an aucTion sale oT Town loTs was held. From ThaT Time The CiTy oT Abilene has conTinued To grow and develop, unTil Today, as The "Key CiTy oT CenTral WesT Texas," iT is a ciTy wiTh a rneTropoIiTan populaTion oT approximaTely II9,000 people and is widely known as The commercial, educaTionaI, medical and IivesTock cenTer oT The enTire region. The TirsT developmenT oT The Abilene counTry was in The year I852 when ForT PhanTom Hill was esTablished a Tew miles norThwesT OT The TuTure IocaTion oT The ciTy. This army posT was one oT a series of garrisons erecTed To proTecT The whiTe seTTlemenTs Trom Indians, and was an overnighT sTop on The overland mail rouTe which Tollowed The BuTTerTieId Trail. The ForT was in use Tor only Three years before iT was abandoned by The Army, and Today iTs ruins may be viewed Trom The roadway, a shorT disTance norTh oT ForT PhanTom Hill Lake. AnoTher imporTanT rouTe Through This counTry was The CenTerline Trail Trom Texarkana To EI Paso. This Trail was made by surveyors oT The Texas and PaciTic Railway and was an imporTanT link prior To The building oT The railroad. In I858 a counTy was carved ouT OT Bexar and Travis CounTies and named Taylor in honor oT Edward Taylor who was an early seTTIer in WesT Texas. By I877 There were several Tamilies in This area, and approximaTeIy a dozen Tamilies were seTTled in The souThern parT oT The counTy in a cuT or gap in The Callahan Divide. This IiTTIe seTTlemenT which was named BuTTalo Gap, esrablished a posT oTTice and secured regular mail service in I877. In ThaT same year a general sTore was opened and The counTy's TirsT wedding was solemnized. The wesTward progress oT The Texas and Pacific Railway gave a sTrong impeTus To seTTlemenT oT The TerTiIe WesT Texas TerriTory. By I878 The popuIaTion oT The counTy had increased To approximaTely 400 people, and on July 3rd oT ThaT year The counTy was oTTicially organized, and BuTTalo Gap was designaTed The counTy seaT. The railroad considered Two possible rouTes Through CenTraI WesT Texas. one by way OT BuTTalo Gap and an aITernaTe by way oT ForT PhanTom Hill. The IaTTer rouTe was abandoned, and iT seemed quiTe probable ThaT The road would be buiIT Through BuTTaIo Gap. Land values in and around The counTy seaT were driven rapidly upward by specu- IaTors. A dispuTe over land ownership resulTed in liTigaTion. and one oT The leading ranchers OT The TerriTory, Col. C. W. MerchanT, and some associaTes aTTempTed To buy ouT The IiTiganTs, buT wiThouT success. Following This unsuccessTul venTure, an hisToric meeTing was arranged in The summer oT T880 aT The Hash KniTe Ranch, headquarTers oT which were locaTed on The presenT siTe oT Abilene ChrisTian College. PresenT aT This meeTing were The ranch owner, John Simpson: The Texas and PaciTic Railway Town and Track locaTor, H. C. WiThers: a surveyor. 358 S. L. Chalk: a rancher, J. T. Barry: Col. C. W. IvlerchanT: and The colonel's Twin broTher J. D. lvIerchanT. The purpose oT This meeTing was To circumvenT The diTTicuITy and delay caused by IiTigaTion over The land aT BuTTaIo Gap, and To speed The process oT bringing The railroad To WesT Texas. To achieve This goal, iT was necessary Tor The group To seIecT a TownsiTe in The viciniTy and To induce The railroad To rouTe iTs Tracks Through or near This siTe. ShorTly ThereaTTer, The receiver oT The Texas and PaciTic Railway joined wiTh Col. MerchanT and his associaTes, and This group purchased land in The area ThaT was desTined To become Abilene. In I880 Col. MerchanT and John Simpson named The Town Abilene aTTer The Tamous Kansas caTTIe shipping poinT oT The same name. IT was Their Tirm beIieT ThaT Abilene, Texas, would become an even more imporTanT ciTy Than Abilene, Kansas. Their hopes were realized, and in The years ThaT Tollowed. The Kansas ciTy declined in imporTance while iTs Texas namesake grew and prospered. As menTioned earlier, The railroad reached Abilene in I88I. The Tollowing year The ciTy was incorporaTed and conTinued iTs phenomenal growTh. On OcTober 30, I883, The counTy seaT was moved To Abilene Trom BuTTalo Gap as a resulr oT a biTTerly ToughT eIecTion. Since iTs Tounding, The growTh oT Abilene has been based on Two imporTanT TacTors: The cenTraI IocaTion oT The ciTy in The hearT oT a rich agriculTuraI and livesTock producing region, and The superioriTy oT iTs TransporTaTion TaciliTies. Income Trorn The agriculTure and IivesTock indusTry has always been TundamenTaI in Abilene's economy alThough The oil indusTry and manuTacTuring are proving oT increasing im- porTance. In I907, Abilene was connecTed wiTh WichiTa Falls To The norTh by The ForT WorTh and Denver Railroad and Two years laTer The Abilene and SouThern Railroad com- menced service To The souTh. Since l9I0, The ciTy has had access To service by The SanTa Fe Railroad which has a sTaTion aT View, a Tew miles souThwesT oT The Abilene ciTy IimiTs. Only Ten years aTTer Abilene was TirsT served by a railroad, in I89 I, an eIecTric power planT began operaTion in The ciTy. The oTher uTiIiTies, Telephone and gas, began service in I898 and I9I4 respecTiveIy. AbiIene's exTensive highway sysTem has made possible The developmenT oT The ciTy inTo a primary reTaiI Trade cenTer Tor 22 counTies. Abilene is locaTed on U. S. Highway 80- The Broadway oT America-which is an imporTanT link be- Tween The EasT and WesT coasTs. In addiTion, The ciTy is served by U. S. Highways 83, 84 and 277 and by STaTe Highways 36 and 35l. The excelIenT TransporTaTion TaciliTies and The cenTraI IocaTion oT Abilene have also combined To make The ciTy an imporTanT wholesale cenTer Tor WesT Texas. GrowTh and developmenT oT The vasT SouThwesT during The pasT decade have caused a rapid expansion oT The wholesale and disTri- buTing Trade in Abilene. As The naTuraI sTorage and shipping poinT Tor This region, more and more companies are esTab- Iishing branch oTTices and warehouses in The ciTy. ll - ex W -'J' 2502 Norfh Firsi' 260I Norfh Pine O X! NQN' Two Locafions +0 Serve You ROGERS OLDSMOBILE Go 'l'o fhe game in a Sfarfire by Oldsmobile! 355 ACC STUDENTS EXCHANGE BOOKSTORE AND GRILL Rfh Fd RI Bk Tbk Bbl S I Everything to Suit the Student's Needs at the Heart of the Campus. MILITARY DYESS AIR FORCE BASE A S70 million permanent instal- lation ot the Strategic Air Command The base was acti- houses two wings ot B47 SAC bombers and one wing ot C I 30 Hercules transport planes TRANSPORTATION HIGHWAYS I erstate 20 U S 80 U S 83 U S 8 U S 277 State 36 and State 35I RAILROADS Texas and Pacitic Abilene and Southern, Fort Worth and Denver and Santa Fe AIRLINES - Continental Airlines. Daily tlights in three di- rections. BUS LINES - 5. MOTOR FREIGHT LINES - 6. CITY TRANSPORTATION - City bus system and taxicabs. EDUCATION ABILENE CHRISTIAN COLLEGE - A co-educational col- Key City of Central West Texas vated in Septemberi IQS, and completed in l9.57. It - nt , . . , . . , . . 4, bilene, Texas Population: 97,000 Altitude I,738 teet Average raintall: 22.55 inches Temperature: average January high-55.9 degrees average January low-33.4 degrees average July high-94.4 degrees average July low-72.1 degrees Humidity: 4I per cent lnoontime av.l BANKING - 4 banks, with deposits ot SI22,I92,536.I9 at end ot June 30, I962. SAVINGS ASSOCIATIONS - 2, with deposits at end ot Augfist, I962, ot 542,59 I ,674-.60. LABOR MARKET - 43,I65 people were employed in Abi- lene at the end ot August, I962. COMMUNICATIONS NEWSPAPER-The Abilene Reporter-News publishes morn- ing, evening and Sunday, with a daily circulation ot more than 55,000. The Dyess Peacemaker published weekly tor Dyess AFB with a circulation ot 4,000. RADIO-KWCK, Mutual: KRBC, ABC, TSN: KNIT: KFMN IFMII KCAD. TELEVISION:-KRBC-TV, NBC: and KPAR-TV, CBS. ABC. ECONOMY RETAIL TRADE - I96I Abilene retail sales - SI28,454.000. Total sales tor metropolitan area in l96l - i'pI58,343,000. MANUFACTURING - More than 90 manutacturers. pro- cessors. and tabricators employ 4,025 workers to produce wearing apparel, tood lines, watches, brick and tile, con- crete, teed, cottonseed oil products, structural steel and machine shop products, and precision aircratt parts. OIL INDUSTRY - There are over 500 businesses in Abilene in direct connection with the SI I9 million per year oil industry, employing over 2,000 persons. TAYLQRW RUPLISIII I NF 'CQMPANY lege closely attiliated with the Church ot Christ. Founded in I906, ACC otters bachelor's degrees in the arts and sciences, and liberal arts. Master's degrees are ottered in Bible, education, the arts and sciences. Fall ot I962 en- rollment was 2,732. HARDIN-SIMMONS UNIVERSITY - Liberal arts co-educa- tional university ottering bachelor's degrees in the arts and sciences. business administration, music, physical and health education, and religious training. There is also a nursing school and courses are ottered in medical tech- nology, pre-med, pre-law, and pre-engineering. Masters degrees are ottered in education, arts and music. Founded in I8'-7I, the university is operated by the Baptist General Convention ot Texas. Fall ot I962 enrollment was I,730. MCMURRY COLLEGE - Founded in I920, by the North- west Conterence ot The Methodist Church. Bachelor's degrees are ottered in the arts and sciences, and a mas- ter's degree in education is ottered. Fall ot I962 enroll- ment was l,680. ABILENE PUBLIC SCHOOLS - I7 schools have been built in Abilene since I950, making a total ot 3I available to Abilene children. There are 23 elementary, 5 iunior high, and 3 high schools available. BUSINESS AND TRADE SCHOOLS - 4 beauty schools, 2 barber schools, 3 business schools, I trade school, I elec- tronics school. CIVIC FACILITIES CHURCHES - l32 representing I9 denominations. HOSPITALS - 3 general hospitals with 308 beds: several clinics: the West Texas Rehabilitation Center tor Crippled Children, and Abilene State School. WATER SUPPLY - Lakes Fort Phantom Hill, Abilene, and Kirby. Combined capacity-30.I0 billion gallons. Con- struction on Hubbard Creek Reservoir, ioint SIS millior project ot Abilene, Albany, Breckenridge, and Anson nearing completion. BUSINESS - 848 retail, 208 wholesale tirms. CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT - On the heels ot a 42- block downtown renovation program, a downtown shop- ping mall encompassing two blocks has been constructed. SHOPPING CENTERS - I5, spread over entire city. 359 I if C F f I fi f ' I iv f I i I I I Y? g I I I , Q qt . If 5'-I, 9' I 1 - 'Q T 5 I I I3,-Tir' T' .WJ ig - " 23 V 'T' 'fi ' N- :I J ,. :M I T12 I, I fl I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I , I I ff' ,. As ediTor oT The I963 Prickly Pear, I wanT To Thank The following peopIe.:, 7 g .. - -,' ii'-Lfl i JOHN LITTLE, advisor, Tor cIevoTion To duTy, conscienTiousness and paTience. GARVIN BEAUCH-AMP, Dean oT STucIenTs, Tor aclvice and undersTanding. DAVE WASSON, phoTographer, Tor ouTsTanding performance and agreeableness under pressure. JIM RIDGEWAY. phoTographer. Tor picTures'in The Summer SecTionL pages 320-328. JOHN KLINE. phoTographer, Tor TasT and willing service. M, DAVID HOWELL, Tor The color picTure of The loonTire on pages 72-73. ' 'A " TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY, Tor experT Technical abiliTy and . . . paTience FAIIHFUL STQFF MEMBERS, especially Karen Corner and Ron Pauls. ADVERTISERS, Tor Their paTronage To Abilene ChrisTian College. CO-OPERATIVE STUDENTS 4 . ' Carolyn Cunningham A , ,I ,',.f f C- 9 u , I 360 I I L. , EdiTor, Prickly Pear I gi 2 'iii I g " . n nf ,,. 'r K., ' , 52 fs- f - ' , 1.-11, ,,1' 1. I I E ...,..,.,:L5: .- 1, ,. 've : iw ' I --f L? N .12 I 1- - , I i I 5. I Us

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