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.9 1 r . 1A, .v ABILENE CHRISTIAN COLLEGE PRICKLY I PEAR Volume 47 - 1962 ' CONTENTS FACULTY, ADMINISTRATION ............... 13 2! FEATURES . .' .......................... 50 CLUBS sz ORGANIZATIONS ............... 86 SPORTS .............................. 166 CLASSES .............................. 202 STUDENT LIFE ........................ 276 ADVERTISEMENTS sz INDEX .............. 328 $6 Editors-in-Chief JAMES FOSTER MARGARET ANN JACKSON Business Manager DON HERRING Faculty Adviser HEBBR TAYLOR kgang Faculty, Administration BETTY MATHEWS Features MARTHA HOLDEN Clubs 6: Organizations MARY IO HARTT GINNY SMITH Sports ANN PARRISH Intramurcds RAY MILLER Classes DAN JORDAN Student Life DONNA RAE GUDEEN Copy CAROLYN CUNNINGHAM Typing BECKY HODGES Art AVERY FALKNER Index KATHRYN HARRINGTON Photography JIM RIDGEWAY s 3 Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. John 1:5 IN DEDICATION To Leonard Buriord who dedicated his life to spreading a shining light on all who knew him, we, the staff, dedicate this book. the 1962 Prickly Pear. Dr. Buriord began to lose his eyesight as a youth and became totally blind by 28. This blind musician has possibly done as much, if not more, for the music of the church than any other man of the past generation. "Come Unto Me" is one of his creations. Much about Dr. Burford's life was an inspiration to his associates. But his success over well-nigh insurmountable difficulties was the greatest in- spiration of all. Buriord said. "It was simply a case of finding alternate solutions. If you can't accomplish some- thing the usual way then find another." And with that formula tplus a few hard-knock lessons and a lot of persevercmcel the ACC Music Department Head whose first goal was "just to be normal" sur- passed many who had no physical afflictions. One of the first lessons he had to learn, Burford said, was to accept his condition realistically and not be sensitive about it. He typed his 115 page doctor's dissertation, "The Blind in Music Education of the Sighted"-"just to prove a blind person could." 'Even his hobbies were sources of inspiration and encouragement. They included: woodworking with power tools, bowling, and riding a bicycle-built- for-two. Being blind helped Burford learn to love all people. "My faith in the human race has been in- creased since I lost my sight," he said. "I honestly believe that a thief running on the street would stop to help me across, so kind is the human heart." Dr. Burford met the challenge of his blindness i with a determination to defy description. His vigor, independence, sacrifice, and genius were integral facets of his personality. Once, laughingly, he said, "I'm not sure blindness is my worst handicap." STUDENTS leaving Abilene Christian College have gone into all parts of the world carrying with them the light of God, the light of life and influence, and the light of knowledge. Through this past year we have followed in the light of those who have preceded us,- we have also helped to light the paths for those who are to come our way search- ing for truth. Some lights were dim and hard to follow, leading to confusion and pitfalls of darkness; but others were brightly shining, guiding towards high, but still distant goals. Yet all are intwined, and whether we realize it or not each of us has been an influence for good or otherwise. Each has lighted a path in some direction, telling, perhaps more vividly than words, the story of the lives and activities of the people on the hill. With the dawn of day, a new light throws beams of sun- shine on our way, but no matter how bright the day or how dismal the night nothing can hide the memories of . . . V.?vt' vs. -..-3!1. I k- 09 vwmm Ase! , m1??? 2.- 23- . o; L L I H A N O T E S Y T I C A CANNOT BE HID . . . Abilene, the Key City of West Texas A friendly West Texas city . . . growing, progressive, reflecting . . . A good business district for shopping Leaders . . . In the classroom serving, guiding, inspiring, teaching . . . In chapel In memory In student government Administration building with Bible wing, left. and Citizenship wing, tight LIGHT OF T HE CAMPUS McDonald Hall for men at left, and Nelson Hall and Gardner Hall for women LIGHT OF GOD College Church of Christ building 12 Student Life . . . dating, infl uencing, .um Hp; ijlw. . W ., . xh d I Bachelor Flat preparing, worshiping . . . Attending chuxch l3 Blaze of Victory Two more points a Sound 01!! Showing school spirit . . . 15 m r s e C t .m a m. M o a M m A r u. 0. mn 90.10 meal Gums a mmm m. hP.m m. w n o m e I d m o h t m n n m e v e .1 In C a m r m m d g M .m k r W0 A brighter future that we may all . . . Graduation 1962 Hold high the torch, you did not light its glow, 'Twas given you by other hands you know: 'Tis yours to keep it burning bright Yours to pass on when you no more need light. For there are other feet that we must guide And other forms go marching by our side, Their eyes are watching every tear and smile And efforts Which we think not worth the While May be perhaps the very thing they need. Actions in which their souls will take most heed, So that in turn they will hold it high and say, "I saw another carry it this way." Hold high the torch, you did not light its glow, 'Twas given you by other hands you know. I think it started down its pathway bright, The day the Maker said, "Let there be light." And He once said who hung on Colvary's tree, "Ye are the light of the world, go, shine for me." -Author Unknown 17 18 FACULTY 81 ADMINISTRATION Board of Trustees President Administration Directors Executive Secretaries Dormitory Supervisors 81 Hostesses Faculty Editor: BETTY MATHEWS 5 .thfi .111 .. M a; Hllw kl. uxsluiu Xx c Wu i 20 Board of Trustees These forty-five Christian men are the policy making group for the college. Many hours are de- voted to careful planning for the future of Abilene Christian. This year study was made for a broad ten-yecn' plan for the progress of the college. B Sherrod, pictured at right. of Lub- bock and Buchanan Dam. has been president of the Boaxd since 1947, fol- lowing eleven years service in the position of vice-president. This dedicat- ed man has supported ACC by serving on the Board for the past 29 years. BOARD MEMBERS, BOTTOM ROW: Tutvis Campbell, Dimmitt; Hol- lis L. Manly, Sn, Abilene; W. B. Cayce, Ft. Worth: A. C. Scott. Abi- lene: Willard Paine, Monahans; A. L. Burden, San Antonio; E. S. Lee, Spur. SECOND ROW: I. H. Richards, Sr., Ft. Worth: I. C. Rigney, Lubbock; Eeuel Lemmons, Austin: Dr. I. P. Gibson, Abilene,- A. B. Banowsky. Houston: Chester Kenley, San Angelo: Marvin Curlile, Tulicx; S. A. Bacon, Abilene; Grady Acuff, Lamesa: Otto Sosebee, Anson: L. M. McGee, Amarillo. THIRD ROW: I. B. Col- lins. Abilene; Iack Pope, San AnQonio; Clyde Echols, Abilene: chmes L. Daniel, Eden; W. C. Rhoden. Clyde: E. J. Wicker, Little- OFFICERS: W. B. Cayce, Ft. Worth, vice-president; Hollis L. Manly, Sr., Abilene, vice-president; A. C. Scott. Abilene. secretary- treasurer; Willard Paine, Monahans, vice-president. NOT PIC- TURED: R. G. Meggs. Dallas, vice-president; E. V. Mitchell, Midland, vice-president. field; B. F. Morrow, San Benito; Leqn Locke, Hungerford: Gene Bennett, Denver City. NOT PICTURED: John H. Banister. Dallas; R. S. Bell, Dallas: Omar Burleson, Anson; Dr. Chester Cullen, Rotan; G. W. Cox, Canyon; Allen D. Dabney, SL. Eastland: R. G. Ford, Marshall; M. M. Haws, Tyler; W. F. Hejl, Midland: Leslie Huff, Austin: Iohn Lawrence, Corpus Christi; I. B. McGinty, Terrell; R. G. Meggs. Dallas; E. V. Mitchell, Midland; B Sherrod, Lubbock cmd Buchanan Dam; Ross Walker, Tyler; I. W. Watson, Coloxado City; Louie Welch, Houston. DON H. MORRIS in 1940 became the first alumnus H 'h 1 ii to head Abilene Christian College, after hcrving been . rm f H 1;; vice-president for eight years. Dedicated, efficient, t. tireless, he has led the college to a growth of over I'V four times the enrollment during his first year of office. ' " . ., , An elder of the College Church of Christ in Abi- . 7 ,V a lene, President Morris has proved his devotion to the 3' Lord and His work on earth. t1 i Home, the abode of the heart, has always played an important part in the life of the president. He shares his joy and burdens with his wife, whom he apprecia- tively and affectionately calls "Team." Thus, we view the three-fold life of a Christian leader: Loyalty to his position, the church, and the home. President Morris solemnly addresses the College Church of Christ, of which he is cm elder, while evangelist George Bailey meditates. PRESIDENT D011 H. Morris ; grr ,h: t .3 ; Loving grandchildren compose an integral part of the Morris's home life. 21 One of the more pleasurable duties of Dean of Women Mrs. W. C. Sikes is checking the bid list. Dynamic Dean of Men Paul Faulkner is c: wonderful help, influence. and inspiration to the men of ACC. W. R. Smith, Vice-Pxesident, believes big men have time for student problems. 22 Walter H. Adams, Dean of the College, aids the faculty to best serve the students. : .51.1t 1r 4'; i 1 ' 117.53 313;! I Garvin V. Beauchamp, Dean of Students, is readily available to students and keeps a watchful eye on the pulse of the student body. across the nation. Administration Iohn C. Stevens, Assistant President, is a much-coveted speaker Here he returns from a successful lecture. 23 Administration Ken Rosco, Registrar, joyfully compiles the Dean's Honor Roll. I Fiscal Agent I. B. Freeman thoughtfully analyzes the invest- ment policy 0! ACC. Bursar Lawrence L. Smim keeps a watchful eye on the ACC safe. Dr. Fred I. Barton, Dean of the Graduate School, gives counsel to Sam McFarland, graduate Bible student. 24 Executive Secretaries President's Office Secretaries: SEATED: Mrs. I. W. Roberts: STANDING Hem. Mrs. R. L. Johnston: STANDING kighU, Mrs. Royce Smith. SEATED, M'Lissc Crenshaw, Secretary to the Bursar: STANDING Gem, Mrs. Richard Schow, Secretary to the Registrar; STANDING Gighv, Mrs. Fred Cowley, Secretary to the Fiscal Agent. SEATED. Mrs. Woodrow Wilson, Secretary to the Dean of Grud- uate School; STANDING deft to rightL Linda Rainwater, Secretary to the Vice-President; Mrs. Warren Howe, Secretary to Deans of Sludents: Mrs. Bob Harris, Secretary to the Dean. 25 26 Robert D. Hunter. Director of Alumni Relations: Harold Straughn, Director of Special Events: Walter E. Burch, Director of Development: Bob Randolph, Assistant in Alumni Relations; Mrs. Norman Whitefield, Coordinator of Public Relations; Dr. Reginald C. Westmoreland, Director of Public Information: Charlie Marler, Director of Sports Information. STANDING: I. D. Thomas. Director of Lectureship; G. L. Belcher, Director of Extension; Ted Pitts, Director of Campus School. SEATED: Oxvul Filbeck, Director of Summer School. A as A'. ix. w"IPVIIFFr-r-v rrrrrr-r . . ,. Weldon H. Barnett, Director of Teacher Education: William N. Fryer, Di- rector of Counseling and Acting Director of Testing: Clyde Austin. Director of Placement. Bill Hilton, Assistant Bursar; Iames Fulbright, Manager of Students' Exchange; Neil Fry, Manager of Cafeteria. Directors Don Drenncm, Purchasing Agent; Dale Castleman. Assistant Registrar: Mrs. Lewis Fulks. Assistant to the Fiscal Agent; Leao Mc- Daniel, Auditor. 27 28 Mrs. O. C. Arthur, Cafeteria hostess; Mrs. Bertha Moore, Zellner hostess; Mrs. Juanita . Donulson, Nelson hostess. 1 0rnH10ry Supervisors and Hostesses Miss Vona Ditto, West Gardner hostess: Mrs. Mildred Elmore, rotating hostess; Mrs. Dora Rugsdale, McKinzie hostess: not SEATED melowx John B. Claybrook, Mabee pictured: Mrs. Lillian Yowell, East Gardner hostess. supervigor; C, L, Smith, Edwards supervisor: Alvis Golightly, McDonald supervisor: Warren Howe, Barracks supervisor. Library MRS. IOHN P. LEWIS 10 years' service . 1ft 1 .g'ftf'f m 5 I 3x MRS. G. L. MORRIS 5 years' service W; GAY GOLDEN MRS. C. EVERETT TAYLOR M.A., George Peabody 5 years' service 9 years' service MRS. LOYD REECE MRS. BERNICE McCLINTOCK 1 year service 12 years' service Sarah Yarbrough performed one of the chief duties of the student librarians-replacing the books after they have been used. Expanding to meet the ever increasing needs of students and faculty, the library's holdings have doubled in the last five years and now totcd more than 85.000 volumes of books. Last year the Abilene Christian College library re- ceived the Project of the Year Award of the Texas Library Association for increasing library holdings. Nine full-time staff members, four of whom are library science majors, and eighteen student 11- brarians were employed this year. C. EVERETT TAYLOR M.L.S., Western Reserve University 6 years' service CALLIE FAYE MILLIKEN Head Librarian M.A., University 01 Texas 9 years' service MRS. FORREST W. HARLOW M.A., Hardin-Simmons University 14 years' service '1'. W. COLBY M.S., Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College KEITH JUSTICE, Acting Department Head FRANCIS M. CHURCHILL. Department Head Ph.D., University of Utah Ph.D., University of Wyoming Agriculture students at ACC may major in agrono- my, animal husbandry, general agriculture, and range management. The 1.800-crcre ranch is used for practi- cal applications of principles learned in the classroom. Graduates are qualified to study in any other college or university for graduate work. Also, the Soil 0 Conservation Service directly employs graduates. Agrlculture Training in the department qualifies the agri- culture graduate for work in many organizations. The majority of graduates return to farms and ranches. DEWEY DAVIS M.S., Texas Technological College One of the many things required of students studying agriculture is spending time doing practical work on the college farm. 30 IODIE BOREN Kansas City Art Institute and School of Design TROY CABAWAY B.f'JL, M.E., University of Denvex BRENT GREEN B.F.A., University of Texas Believing that a foundation in fundamentals is basic to every career in art, and c1 genuine contribu- tion to CI liberal education, the Art Department offers the same course to every art major. Courses in Art History and Appreciation are de- signed to balance the student's program so that his - use of the materials and tools of art expression will not be lacking in taste and critical judgment made valid by a study of great examples from the rich heritage of world cn't. Cover artist Avery Falkner has a unique style well-known to ACC students. NORMAN WHITEFIELD, Department Head M.A., University of Denver 31 32 Carl Brecheen and Janelle Campbell discuss a Bible question. Faculty members are always willing to help students after hours. HENRY E. SPECK. IR. LEMOINE G. LEWIS ROY PALMER Ed.D., University of Texas Ph.D., Texas University M.A., George Pepperdine College CARI. SPAIN FRANK PACK I. W. ROBERTS M.A., Southern Methodist Ph.D., University of Southern Ph.D-. University Of Texas University California PAUL W. ROTENBERRY M.A., University of Pennsylvania CARL BRECHEEN M.A., Harding College JOHN P. LEWIS Ph.D., Harvard University Bible Bible study must be at the heart of the curriculum. The Bible is the one book which shows the way to the Father and reveals Him who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Education apart from a clear and definite knowl- edge of the Bible is defective and incomplete; for if it neglects the spiritual, it contains no power that can form and sustain Christian character. We believe that the strongest single factor in the development of character is G reverent study of the Bible. Each course is planned to promote definite spiritual training which EquMg S$AVE3 th d' t gill? R'TiifszfggLi shall yield a desirable unity to be manifested in re- 'Ugjveigityem e o Is ' " ty finement, reverence and devotion-to know "the sacred writings which. are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus." Majors are offered in Biblical languages, the Biblical, the doctrinal, the historical, the practical, and the religious education fields for students studying Bible in Abilene Christian College. ROBERT L. IOHNSON Ph.D., New York University FRED I. BARTON PAUL B. FAULKNER Ph.D., State University of Iowa M.S., Abilene Christian College I. D. THOMAS WOODROW WILSON PAUL SOUTHERN, Department Head Ph.D., University of Chicago Th.D.. Southwestern Th.D., Southern Baptist Seminary Theological Seminary H. DOUGLAS DEAN, Department Head Ph.D., University of Alabama Physiology students perfoxm cm adrenalectomy. xv Biology Courses offered by the Biology Department provide the basic preparation for further study and careers in medicine, medical technology, dentistry. agriculture. and biochemistry. Offering work at both undergraduate and graduate levels, the department is expanding its research pro- gram to meet ever-increasing needs in c: most com- plex field. ' IOHN ROY ENDSLEY M .11., George Peabody College 10! Teachers IOHN C. LITTLE 3.5., Abilene Christian College. ROY SHAKE M.S., University of Wisconsin MRS. DALE C. HESSER M.S., Abilene Christian College EARL CLEVENGER Ed.D., University of Oklahoma George Russell confidently operates the machines of his trade. The fundamental aim of the Business Administra- tion Department is to educate students for responsible . administrative and executive positions in business and BUSIHGSS to prepare them to establish sound and profitable busi- ness enterprises. Training is provided in skill subjects, also, for students who wish to prepare themselves in the specialized fields of accounting, stenography, eco- nomics, and business adminstration. Business administration offers curricula leading to BMITgfgfgisl-mons 11312:, ngilgmamgjiiw the degree of Bachelor of Science with majors in ac- University ' " counting, secretarial training, general business, market- ing, and economics. JAMES E. FREEMAN, Department Head M.A., Southern Methodist University MRS. MAE ROBBINS WILLIAM E. WRIGHT ROBERT L. HONEA M.S., Abilene Christian Ph.D., University of Texas M.B.A.. North T exas State College College Chemistry Characterized by an ever-expcmding research pro- gram, the Chemistry Department has come to be rec- ognized as one of the best in the nation. Its graduates have been quite successful inedoctoral work cmd ad- vanced research. With membership in both the Ameri- can Chemical Society and the Texas Academy of Science, the department has established a standard of excellence unsurpassed in the field. PAUL C. WITT, Department Head Willie Starnes refluxes component chemicals in Ph.D., University of Colorado synthesizing an organic compound. ALVIE DAVIS Ph.D., Texas University 36 WELDON H. BARNETT IOE MARSHALL Ph.D., University of Texas M.A., Hardin-Simmons University As Johnny Scott uses one of the new magnetic reading machines in the speed-xeuding lab, the old electric model lies idle. Developing a teacher is the challenge of today. The Education Department is dedicated to the work MRS. PENN GILBRETH RUSSELL A. LEWIS of developing master teachers. This task is pursued M-ggufgg'g: $232133; Ph-D-r Texas Um'VEISW believing that a free and responsible people must be properly educated. Members of the department believe that teacher- education is or function of the entire college. They recognize that a teacher must know what to teach and how to teach. . . 'IIhe primary fuhctton of the Department of Educa- Educatlon non 15 the profess1oncd preparatlon of students for teaching in elementary and secondary. schools. School Administration and General Education are also di- visions of the department. HAROLD A. WILKINSON MRS. FRANK PACK A. Z. HAYS Ed.D., Texas Technological M.Ed., Hardin-Simmons M.Ed., Texas Technological College University College ORVAL FILBECK, Department Head Ph.D., University of Texas . t : , . .4 , 1 G. L. BELCI-IER MRS. GORMAN KENLEY EDWARD L. KIRK Ph.D., George Peabody MJL Hardin-Simmons M.S., Abilene Christian College for Teachers University College 2; .L MIMA ANN WILLIAMS M.A.. University of Texas CLARA MAE ELLIS M.A., University of Oklahoma 38 BEN F. NELMS M.A., University of North Carolina ZELMA ODLE Ph.D., University of Arkansas MRS. ELIZABETH BEATY M.A., Hardin-Simmons University M.Ed., Abilene Christian College ERNEST D. SHELTON M.S., Texas Agricultural and Mechanical College LOUISE I. SHULTS M.A., University of Arkansas English English is the basic tool in our communication and understanding of one another; the goal of the English Department is to foster a basic understanding of the language and promote cm appreciation of the liter- ary arts. There is faculty interest in this goal in both local cmd national organizations, notably the Texas Con- ference of College Teachers of English, of which Dr. James Culp is a director. JAMES W. CULP, Department Head Ph.D.. Vanderbilt University BEN R. BESSENT CHARLES PITTMAN M.A.. Hardin-Simmons University M.A., Harding College JAMES E. PARKER JAMES D. SKAGGS M.A., George Peabody College A.B., Western Kentucky HALE C. HEFFER Ph.D., Kansas University HEBER TAYLOR Ph.D., University of Missouri 39 MRS. EVELYN SCOTT BURNYA MAE MOORE B.S., University of Texas M.S., Texas State College for Women Home Economics The aim of the home economics department is to prepare young women for the importth position of homemaking and for the vocations which grow out of homemaking activities. The courses are arranged to meet the needs of those students who desire a good foundation in the subjects relating to problems of the KEFKxLZEEfE;?5g;Ee"t Head home; for those who wish to prepare themselves for teaching home economics; for those Who wish to enter commercial fields; and for those registered in other departments of the college who may choose courses in home economics as c: port of c: liberal education. WANDA WALTON M.S.H.E., Purdue University LYLIAN GRACE ARLEDGE M.A., George Peabody School for Teachers Miss Moore shows Susan Myers how to execute a tricky seam in Home Economics. 40 Technical advice is given and manifested in practical work. Industrial Arts Several purposes motivate the Industrial Education Department: D preparing teachers of industrial arts for high school; 2t training industrial workers in the areas of drafting, woodworking, and metalworking; 3t assisting students in developing hobbies; 4t providing general education of common tools and materials; and 5t helping students appreciate the tremendous import- ance of skills in an industrial economy. Curricula leading to the Bachelor of Science de gree with a major in industrial education, and to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Education with a con- oocentration in industrial arts are offered to the student by ACC's Department of Industrial Education. BERT E. MOSIER M.I.E., Oklahoma University DELWIN WILLIAMSON, Department Head Ed.D., University of Missouri "But you can't say '!$!$t! in the Optimist," explains James Butts to a freshman reporter. HEBER TAYLOR, Department Head Ph.D., University of Missouri REGINALD WESTMORELAND Ph.D., University of Missouri J ournalism Ioumcdism exerts great influence upon the Ameri- ccm people. This influence is not an accident, for the founders of our country believed that good government in a free, democratic society depends upon an in- formed people. Study of an area of such influence and responsi- bility has a place in the liberal ccrts college. The Ioumalism Department helps students to evaluate. as well as to prepare for, work in this area. ACC's journalism curriculum has both technical and non-techniccd courses. It leans toward the latter, hoping to give the student c: broad understanding of journalism while he acquires cc liberal education. More than any other communications media, the depccrtment works closely with the newspaper. How- ever, it also tries to make its students aware of oppor- tunities and problems in other media and in such work as public relations, advertising, research, and teach- ing of journalism. .l ,. 7 771.71 MRS. A. Z. HAYS WOODARD ROBBINS H. RALPH BROOKER M.S., Texas Technological M.A., University of Texas Ph.D., University of Florida College GENE EVANS S. E. McREYNOLDS M.S., Oklahoma State MA., University of Texas The undergraduate curriculum of the Mathematics Department is designed primcuily to prepare the stu- dent for graduate study in mathematics, to meet the professional need of the mathematician, the engineer, the physicist, or the chemist, or for preparation as c: teacher. ACC offers courses in mathematics sufficient for the Bachelor of Arts degree with a math major. the Master of Arts degree with a math major. the Bachelor of Science in Education degree with morth as the area of concentration, and c: math minor for any other bachelor's degree. , .J M. E. MULLINGS. Department Head Ph.D., University of Cincinnati Math - Physics Woodard Robbins teaches his students to enjoy solving intricate geometric con- struction problems. 43 L. HAVEN MILLER MRS. BEN R. BESSENT M.A., George Peabody M.A., Vanderbilt University College for Teachers ACC's Modern Language Department encourages and guides students in gaining proficiency in the var- ious languages of our neighbors of the world in order to enable them to play more effectively their role in the evangelization of the world and in the discharge of their responsibilities as world citizens. Laboratories and club work place emphasis on the 115th,nglfiegxlsgspgtigigsgead practical living use of the foreign languages. In addition to the usual teaching program, the teachers in the Modern Language department are mem- bers of various professional organizations of the state and nation, and help prepare missionaries linguistical- M 0 d ern 1y. Languages Haven Miller and I . W. Treat are mapping plans for mission work in Mexico. "me :.1Mt m Many hours of practice precede each lesson with music instructors. Music ACC's Department of Music has a fouI-fold pur- pose: to develop its students artistically; to make a definite contribution to the cultural life of the college, the community, and the Southwest; to prepare its stu- dents to teach music effectively in school and studio; to provide talented students who desire to enter the performance field with thorough preparation. Students may elect either the degree of Bachelor of Arts with Ct major in applied music or of Bachelor V of Music Education. , .t i anate mstrueuon ls offet'ed 1n any orchestral .1n- M. L. D ANIELS BRUCE EVANS strument of the stnng. woodwmd. brass, or percussmn M.Ed.,Abi1ene Christian M.Ed..Abi1ene Christian choirs, in piano, and in voice. In addition, a minor in College College church music is offered. Dr. Burford, former head of the Abilene Christian College Music Department, died September 15, 1961. His shining example will live long in the memories of all who knew him. In lieu of his leadership at commit- tee has been formed to assume the responsibilities of head of the department for the year: Ms. Dewey Davis is acting as chairman. After two years of absence on the campus, Men's Glee Club was again active this year under the direc- tion of Harry Fierbaugh. The members were selected by auditions. They gave concerts in the fall and spring. They also toured the west in the late spring. DOUGLAS 13. FRY MINA P. COLEMAN MRS. DEWEY DAVIS, Committee Chairman M.Mu.Ed., Southern College M.A., Wayne State M.Mu.Ed., Hazdin-Simmons University of Fine Arts University 45 GUY SCRUGGS JERRY MULLINS DWAIN HART JOYCE CURTIS BILL McCLURE M.A., Hardin- . M.Ed., Abilene Christian M.S., Baylor University M.S., North Texas State M.Ed., Hardin-Simmons Sxmmons Um. College College University Health, Physical, Education and Athletics Larry LaMotte accomplishes an adept approach and follow- through. Strike! LESTER WHEELER OLIVER JACKSON M.Ed., Abilene Christian M.Ed., N orth Texas State College Facilities for the physical development of all stu- dents are provided at ACC. It is the purpose of the col- lege to stimulate and interest the students in whole some recreational activities, and provide healthful exer- cise for the development of the body. Although the college engages in intercollegiate contests, intramural activities are stressed in order that all may participate. A wide variety of activities is offered. Four semesters of physical education are re- quired of all students. A. B. MORRIS, Department Head B.S., Texas Agricultural and Mechanical College Psychology Psychology, the youngest of the sciences, offers much to explore and to learn. Psychology majors are given intensive work in advanced courses that should prepare them for both life situations and for gradu- ate study. Recognizing that the teachings of Christianity are the best and only really effective principles of human behavior set forth, it is hoped that many students will select psychology courses as electives because of their value in helping to solve the problems of everyday life. MAX LEACH. Department Head Ed.D., University 0! Colorado ROBERT WHITAKER NORRIS C. CAMPBELL M.A., Hardin-Simmons University Ed.D.. University of Colorado Mr. Fryer cheerfully attempts to explain the intricacies of the test-gmder. CLYDE AUSTIN M.P.S., University of Colorado WILLIAM N. FRYER M.A., Columbia University 48 NORMAN HOGAN MA" Memphis State University MRS. HAROLD WILKINSON M.Ed., Texas Technological College t' ; 1X 'fh ; ti f r' 1111" , MES. HENRY E. SPECK, IR. MA" Southwest Texas State Teachers College B. FRANK RHODES Ph.D., University of California Dr. Rhodes is surprised to find the grades less than ideal! Conducting courses in history and government, the Social Science Department aims to give its students an understanding of the various groups and races of o mankind. This understanding is achieved by explain- SOClal ing the present state of the world, affording clues to the future, and preparing students for citizenship. Three degrees are given by the Social Science Department: the Bachelor of Arts, the Bachelor of O SCICIICC Science in Education, and the Master of Arts. W. EARL BROWN. Department Head M.A., University of California LESTER WHEELER M.Ed., Abilene Christian College CHARLES H. COLEMAN M.A., Wayne State University EDWARD M. BROWN M.A.. Abilene Christian College REX P. KYKER. Department Head Ph.D., University of Florida MRS. O. M. McGINTY M.A., University of Oklahoma $. MRS. ROBERT WHITAKER M.A., Southern California ..' H K I M t ! gfx J'h . f t4 : 3;: "X t IMA CLEVENGER Ph.D., University of Oklahoma FRED I. BARTON Ph.D., State University of Iowa University t z t V 1 ' L4 LOWELL G. PERRY Ph.D,, Northwestern Speech Three primary aims of the Department of Speech are: to improve the general speech habits of the stu- dent body as c1 whole, to develop the more talented in the speaking performance necessary to professional ef- ficiency and community leadership, and to provide an adequate background of training and experience for those who expect to teach speech. With these goals in mind the Speech Department at ACC offers the Bachelor of Arts degree, the Master of Arts degree, and the Bachelor of Science in Educa- tion degree. A varied program in forensics, theater, homiletics, public address, speech therapy, speech education, radio and television, and oral interpretation is offered by the department. "Out, out. brief candle! Life's but a walking shadow." gravely intones lane Giles. M. m;.-u M3..45mn..uwimmw s. mangd. m-.wu .1"- .. W.mm.aa.. .. ..;;.;.-- .7 4. h..- FEATURES Mr. 81 Miss ACC Honor Boy 8K Girl Homecoming Queen 'Whoas Who Beauties Favorites Editor: MARTHA HOLDEN a, H, n: S. .3 ,. r . w 4 . . . x Ginger Coffman, Miss ACC 52 Earl Young, Mr. ACC 53 Mr. and Miss ACC are elected by students who consider qualities of Character, personali- ty, and contributions to ACC through service, leadership, spirituality, and academic ability. Miss ACC GINGER COFFMAN enriches campus life by spirited leadership and service. As a Chris- tiocn womcm Ginger yields a worthy influence. Ginger, a senior home economics major from Pasadena, Tex., is in her second year of cheer- leading. Delta Theta is her social club. For her sincerity and friendliness Ginger was elected sophomore class favorite and Home- coming Queen of 1961. 55'J .'. . o. y. 5; - k VMVACjHWJ, , . . ., - , . u 5' H.A 5;. 31W 5 .. - ' k 'fx 2 3 1 3' 57 ? 311'" 4 - - 5 . ; '55As : ".m' . . r .4 a v m J :-m-.c ::-. . a .1 . . . A 5; ;' ,':.$' in v J- 1-415? P ..- r ' '3.- ,, . -, , g;'x"f;" , ' ' . 4 . . 'fv . ' , . '1 , "- ,.4.' ' :7 -- . Vu " ' . ' . . , fv'iic.a:i'b hhp3 .n, . ' ." K '1. . .mm'Sir- ?1 '. '"' ?9 2$11 g EARL YOUNG, Olympic gold medal winner, 3 - -' .' 'j 9; . ' . . . ' m V 91,??ng served as sophomore senator and was junior , ' , ' n ' w ' - . and senior class favorite. Earl, now twice Mr. ACC, is a member of Galaxy social club, Who's , 1213131 . Who, cmd the track team. The San Fernando, ' l - 5,33- ...5. .. , . :, . ;5 Cal. flush will graduate with a pre-lcrw major. " ' ' ' ' ' y t . v"; 7 1L. '3 I :2; a L I. r r r , 55 56 Mr. and Miss ACC Runners-up iirjliiuv 222m 2 Charles Nelson Goldye Lewis Linda McPhaul Don Davis Honor Girl Runner-Up Martha Roberson Martha Roberson, Anson English major, compiled CI 3.66 grade point average while serving as "W" Club President, CSO Treasurer, and Alpha Chi Secretary. Martha was a member of Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Tau Delta, Omega Rho Alpha. Choralcu'res, Prickly Pear staff, SBA, and Who's Who. Honor Boy and Honor Girl of Abilene Christian College We chosen by the Faculty Student Life Com- mittee. Academic records and outstanding achieve- ment acre standards for this high honor. Honor Boy Runner-Up Kenneth Wallace Kenneth Wallace tallied cm excellent 3.77 grade point average. Alpha Chi, Pre-Med Club, Frcrter Sodalis social club, and Who's Who were the activities of the Midland chemistry major. 57 Honor Girl, Goldye Lewis Goldye Lewis climaxed her successful college career by receiving the highest tribute, Honor Girl. Sophomore, Favorite. Junior Favorite Runner-up, Senior Favorite, Miss ACC Runner- up, Homecoming Queen Nominee. and Who's Who are other honors Goldye attained. Goldye, an Abilene home economics major, maintained a 3.45 grade point average and served as President of Delta Theta social club and Senior Senator. Other activities Goldye engaged in are "W" Club, Kappa Delta Pi, and Ellen H. Richards Club. 58 - IJN 713: am: a.g-v vr Honor Boy, Charles Nelson Charles Nelson, Student Association President, recorded a 2.92 grade point average during his college career. The Abi- lene accounting major served as Student Court Justice and was a member of Who's Who, Knights social club, and B. A. Club. For his outstanding ability and personality, Charles was also elected Mr. ACC Runner-up and Senior Class Favorite Runner- up. 59 60 e . 54 :. e SHARON FALKNER GOLDYE LEWIS PAULA BRAY EXA CLARK Homecoming Queen 1961 Ginger Coffman Ginger Coffmcm, Pasadena junior, was selected from four senior and four junior nominees for Home- coming Queen 1961. Ginger is a member of Delta Theta social club and is a cheerleader for the second year. Festivities were high and the campus crowded as exes came home to the Hill on November 24 and 25. Reunions, the pep rally and bonfire were climaxed by, the game With McMun'y and the Homecoming musical, "The King and I." "Not me!" squeals Ginger to pleased escort Jerry Fleming. Ginger Coifmcm, Homecoming Queen 1981 "Help, my robe is choking me!" Coming Home Queen Addie Rheiner Felts and Reigning Queen Ginger. 61 ELAINE MICKEY "W" Club, CSO, SEA, Pandoras, Kappa Delta Pi. NORMA HUGHES Sigma Tau Delta, CSO, SEA, Kappa Delta Pi, "W" Club, Girl's Training Class Leader. MARTHA ROBERSON "W" Club President, CSO Vice President, Sigma Tau Delta, Alpha Chi, Kappa Delta Pi. Honor Girl Runner-up. Wh09s Who GOLDYE LEWIS "W" Club, Delta Theta President, Alpha Chi, Kappa Delta Pi, Ellen H. Richards Vice President, Homecoming Queen Nominee, Senior and Junior Favorite, Sophomore Fu- vorite Runner-Up, Miss ACC Runner-up. Honor Girl. CAROL COLDWELL Ellen H. Richards, Cadettes, Nelson Dorm Council President, "W" Club, Kappa Delta Pi. SEA, Wilmeth Home Economics Scholar- ship. VICTOR RODRIGUEZ Choralaires, Alaska for Christ, York Col- lege: annual editor, basketball team. "Y" Club, Men's Training Class, Mission Study. Wh09s Who in American Colleges and Universities GEORGE RUSSELL Sub-T 16, Junior Class Senator, Student As- sociation Vice President, Press Club Presi- dent, B.A. Club, Prickly Pear Staff. ISCC, Sophomore Class Favorite, Gulf Coast Club, Senior Class Favorite Runner-up. EMILY BROWN Delta Theta, Alpha Chi, Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Tau Delta, SEA, Student's Assoc. Treasurer. CHARLES NELSON Student Assoc. President, Student Court Justice, Knights, Senior Favorite Runner-Up. BA. Club, Honor Boy. Thirty-three outstanding students were selected for the national organization of Who's Who in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities. Selection was made by the Student Life Committee from student body and faculty nominations. DON DAVIS Varsity football, Prater Sodcdis President, ISCC President, B. A. Club. GARY TALIAFEBBO Prater Sodalis Assistant President and ISCC Representative, Blue Key. Sophomore Class Vice President, Cowtown Club Presi- dent, Circle K, Edwards Dorm Council, B. A. Club. KENNETH WALLACE Alpha Chi, Prater Sodcdis, ACS, Pre-Med Club, Sample Case Sitters, Honor Boy Runner-up. RICHARD MATHEWS Freshman Vice President, Freshman Favor- ite, Circle K, Cheerleader. Junior President, Blue Key President, Pre-Med Club. TISA Vice President, Fr'ater Sodalis, Science Club, Dorm Council, Band. BOB RANDOLPH Prater Sodalis, Circle K, Debate Team, Freshman Class President, Sample Case Sitters. RONALD WRIGHT Omega Rho Alth President, Blue Key Vice President, Alpha Chi, Senior Senator, Circle K Gov. of Texas-Okla. Dist. and Intema- tioncd Trustee, Galaxy. CHARLES GROVES Galaxy, Freshman Senator, Sophomore Class Vice President, Sophomore Favorite. Junior Class President, Junior Favorite Runner-Up, Circle K President. JAMES FOSTER Co-Editor of Prickly Pear, Press Club Vice President, Student Court, Omega Rho A1- pha, Caduceans Club, Hello Book Staff. MARGARET AN N JACKSON Co-Editor of Prickly Pear, Hello Book Edi- tor, Alpha Chi, ""W Club, Editor of W and Secretary, B. A. Club, Press Club Vice President, Omega Rho Alpha, Freshman Steering Committee. Wh09s Who LINDA McPHAUL Students' Assoc. Secretary, Ko Io Kai, ISCC Representative, Student Court, Kitten Klub, Ellen H. Richards. Junior and Senior Favorite Runner-Up, Homecoming Queen Nominee. IUDY KENNAMER A Cuppellcr, Ko Io Kai, CSO President, Kappa Delta Pi, Kitten Klub. RAY WHEELER "W" Club Treasurer, Ko Io Kai Treasurer and Sgt. at Arms, Kappa Delta Pi, Junior Class Secretary, Alpha Chi, SEA. CSO, Kitten Klub. 141-1 ?7 T A EARL YOUNG Sophomore Senator, Iunior Favorite, Senior Favorite, Mr. ACC of 1961, Mr. ACC of 1962, Galaxy, Track. GWYNEL WALKER GATA Pres.. ISCC Rep., CSO, SEA, Big Purple Band. BILLY WILBANKS Varsity basketball, Blue Key, Alpha Chi. DAVID SOWELL Phi Delta Psi Corres. Sec., Circle K Sec., Pre-Med Club. DAVID HUGHES Phi Delta Psi. A Cappella. Wh09s Who BETTY THOMAS RACKOW Alpha Chi. Kappa Delta Pi, SEA. cmbsaumuaa 21235512533255 auscuaammn. Baggage- E: cuum JOE CASH Sigma Tau Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Big Purple Band, SEA, Art Club, Science Club. Alpha Phi Omega. EXA CLARK GATA, Sigma Tau Delta, CSO, Cheer- leader, Junior Class Senator, Homecoming Nominee, Beauty Runner-up. GARY VERETT Sub T-16, Blue Key, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Alpha Theta, Student Court Justice, varsity badminton. ROYCE SMITH mot picture$ Senior Class Pres., SEA, Circle K. PAT WYNNE A Cappella, Women's Sextet, CSO, SEA, Kappa Delta Pi, Chief Justice of Student Cogrtl, Alpha Chi, "Anna" in The King cm . IUDITH ANNE BBANNAN Zeta Rho, CSO, Big Purple Band, Symphony Orchestra, Stage Band, Kappa Delta Pi, SEA, Zellner Floor Governor, MENCE, ACE, Zeta Rho Scholastic Award, Woodwinds Quartet, Student Assistant. SENIOR BEAUTY Paula Bray FORT WORTH JUNIOR BEAUTY Sharon Falkner FORT WORTH w SOPHOMORE BEAUTY Larol CI'OS 11 PORT won H SOPHOMORE BEAUTY Kathy Akin HENRIETTA 71 . SOPHOMORE BEAUTY anet Balley AUSTIN W n; MN m ESHM N Wanda Ryals FMROUNT ?JORA, FLORIDA . FRESHMAN BEAUTY Frances Vlckrey HEALDTON, OKLA. . FRESHMAN BEAUTY Donna McFarlln WICHITA FALLS EXA CLARK BOBBIE MARSHALL JOYCE YOUNG BETH SASSMAN 76 Beauty Runners-Up PATSY MANSKER CARLA SPAIN WATKINS IAN SATTERWHITE LYNN COLEMAN 77 k I' Viv HI 2 'r "- :1? nix Y i till, LR o o 8 W J ' Senlor Favorltes . . . w , ,1 re 1 I s: Ox A $ Lt; i V - .9; , Goldye Lewis L: ' L 1 Earl Young .7 i Goldye Lewis's life of dedication. service, and high ideals proves her to , . q - be an epitome of a worthy woman. I i Goldye's leadership and diligence aids ' 'i the growth of ACC. For being a friend . . y to all Goldye is again rewarded by . being elected favorite. Fun-loving. yet serious, Earl Young is i Q twice c: class favorite. FOI being con- i y " ' scientious and dependable, Earl is highly I e s p e c t e d. Earl's sincerity, humility, and optimism ccre three reasons for his great character. CHARLES NELSON Runners'up GEORGE RUSSELL F H . LINDA MCPHAUL S ANDRA RAMSEY " " ' 3., H w ,Mw f iv. .4.- ."i ms ' a . H n E 3 MI .- n 4 l Li: : M. 78 , k.xxl.htt1x5miililwlt4lu . u: L 80 t Junior Favorites . . . Pat Taylor Charlie Brown With talent powered leadership Pat Taylor is always working toward higher ideals. Her life of happiness, friendship, and Christian merit prove that Pat is a success. Black eyes, a flashy grin, and or quick hello mean that Charlie Brown is around. Charlie's way of combining mischief with honesty and courtesy creates a delightful personality. Runners-up JIMMY FILBECK CHARLES GROVES PAT GEORGE JUDY SWOFFOBD 82 Runners-up DERRI'LL OSBORN CARSON EDWARDS JUDY KAY HILL MARILYN CALDWELL J oan Lucado Bob Robertson Joan Lucado possesses a unique vitality and spirit that molds her great ability as c: leader. Conscientious, strong-willed, and dependable, Iocm benefits others by her dedicated work. Bob Robertson's magnetic personality causes others to be enlightened. Ambitious, studious, and dependa- ble, Bob is an intelligent leader. Using his great po- tential, Bob's life is one of merit and success. Runners-upr ALLAN "BUBBA," BROWN McGRBGOR CAUTHEN FRANCES VICKREY NAN FRAZER Freshman Favorites . . . Deanie Allen Ronnie Rogers Decmie Allen's gay spirit and bubbly personality make her a most congenial person. Deanie, with sparkling eyes and a cheerful attitude radiates much happiness. Singin' and strummin' Ronnie Rogers is popular on campus for his style of entertainment. A pleasant per- sonality aids Ronnie's attributes. Ronnie's humility, dedication, and ability make him or good leader. 23:3 iii" JZZY' mi : :iz'm 2 Mi-v' : r" 553157 55,: ; :4: 5" 1? -. Eric: ga; 7: 5 4"; 57505: ,3: : 7;;1'5711 AAAAAAAA 2 Departmental Clubs : GeographlcaLCluhs N Service Clubs; 86 f 517': f7 7 7:311:11? It .'5 ' M 00...;3; 10..1..., ....g..,'.-. Co-Editors. MARY JO HARTT, GINNY SMITH Sue Bedford Danny Robinson Janet Pittman Barbara Harmon Grace Miller President Vice President Corresponding Secretary Recording Secretary Treasurer Cim Adams Mary Io Bayless Joan Bentley Kathy Callaway Bettye Campbell 10 Anne Campbell Rosa Lee Carter Carol Coldwell Kusi Coleman Cornelia Cook Wanda Curtis Darla Eden Icmiece Eubank Betty Ford Evelyn Gray Jeanette Harper Ian Johnson Lea Moore Mary Hultom Marilyn Taylor Gayle Moore Reporter Parliamentarian Chaplain Intramural Director Cadettes Cadettes' 27th year on the campus was brimming over with excitement. Looking back at the breakfasts, socials, intramurals, the West Texas Rehabilitation Center, Sing-Song, Homecoming, and spring banquet, they will remember the laughter and fun as well as the long hours of hard work thcrt made this year an outstanding one. Sword and gun, emblems of truth and courage, guard their hearts and ideals. Cadettes gained a better Jerry Lake Sharon Leak understanding of unity, lasting friendship, and service. Janie Martin Sandra Martin Linda Masters D'Anne Moore Judy Mosley Dorothy Pankratz Shirley Pierce Virginia Reynolds Janelle Rice Oma Dell Ryan Peggy Scarborough Barbara Smith Lynda Schwartz Nancy Wilson Donna Worley 90 -Mrs. Filbeck Goldye Lewis Claudia Chambers Rosemary Phillips Ann Parrish Sponsor President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Doris Arledqe Emilv Brown Anita Brown 5 Ginger Coffmcm Liz Ellis Marilyn Colby Ianice Filbeck Deanna Drenncm Sharon Falkner Liz Francis '2 S y m Marcella Greene Linda Harris x... Tempe Halter Mary Beth Harland Martha Holden Xanncx Jackson Weedon Kelley Sandra Leske Jeannie Johnson Sharon Key Joan Lucado Elaine Plate Patsy Mansker Darla Gloff Kay Walker Janice Roberts Chaplain ISCC Representative Public Relations Parliamentarian Intramural Director Delta Theta Originating in 1925, Delta Theta strives to attain, the ideal. enrichment of life through fellowship and service. Bid night, initiation, eating out on Monday eve- nings, slumber party, the "Sail With the Wildcats" Homecoming display, the "Flintstones" Social, Sing- Song, and a Spring Banquet are highlights of Delta Theta life. Wearing the black and white. honking and whistling "DT-DT-DT," greeting others with friendliness, and sharing close relationships are integral parts of Delta Theta. Donna Wood Joyce Young Linda Yates Fz'aw .1 '5 . a, 1X Carla Spain Watkins Dotty Whitefield ' Barbara Woodard Paulette! Verett ' A ; Peggy Webb ' Marci Winger Betty Shulk Sheri Thorp Benna Reid . - Beth Sassman . Linda Sturgess Linda Myers Sandra Ramsey Cookie Martin Joan Manor Rosemary McDonald Jan Powell Don Black Don Davis Norris Long Vice President President Secretaxy Mike Cummings Leslie Park Gary Taliaferro Roger C. Hall Treasurer Reporter-Histon'an ISCC Representative Setgeant-at-arms Frater Sodalis Exu Clark Sweetheart - 1962 Mr. Paul Rotenben'y Mr. Frank Morris Spons'or Sponsor 92 A l Coy Conner Windell Cullers Danny Fry Ion Roger Hall Dave Kent In keeping with their motto of "Brothers T"ogether, the men of the Frater Sodalis haVe this year compiled one of their mQSt impressive rec6rds. Under the direc- tion of Don Davis the Frats took first place in their 'ichatd Matthews Miss Exa Clark was presented as the Club Sweet- heart for 1962 pthe annual formal dinner, which high- lighted the winter social season. . Events of the year culminated with the jovial mood of"sham-batt1e,"which, as all 6f: the Other events of the year, joined the men of F1c1te1 Sodahs together in the true spirit '7 WET." . Phil Pace Bob Randolph Ron Roberts David Suggs Gary Wallace Ken Wallace Dan Watkins Gary Welch Guy Welch Ken Wesner Iohn Wt'lkinson Ioel Wilkerson Larry Marshall Don Williams Vice-President John Beemcm Treasurer Charles Groves Secretary Gary Beauchamp Charles Brandon Eddie Bull Don Crisp David Duncan Ken Lacy Bill Melson Lloyd Miller Ray Miller Todd Miller Gary McCaleb Don McCollum Charles McCook Denill Osborn Galaxy Dr. H. Douglas Dean Advisor Galaxy Men's Social Club participated in many competitive events throughout the year. Their com- petitive spirit was exemplified in their entering both the homecoming display contest and the 6th annual Sing-Song. The men of Galaxy proved their versatility by being strong contenders in the intramural program. Highlighting the year's social activities were num- erous date nights, the Christmas social, and the an- nual spring banquet, which was the climax of a successful year. Bob Beakley Historian Mike McKinnis Sergeant-at-Atms Don Skelton Jerry Smith Robert Strzinek Bonnie Toombs Charles Traylor Iim Womack Ron Wright Iim Yates Earl Young Richard Patterson Ierry Pipes Jim Ravanelli Ioe Robbins Bob Robertson Carla Sue Horton Exa Clark Barbara Smith Lana Coker Pat Davis Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Reporter Chaplain Dewby Ray Carolyn Daniels Sponsor Sponsor Gwynel Walker President Janet Bailey Sarah Baird Cleigh Nel Baugh Carolyn Beidleman . Martha lean Brake: . Ann Brazzil Joyce BIOWn Dorothy BTYGH Marty Carter Ian Colhrcm Carolyn Gaines Judith Gill A friendly smile, the familiar whistle, red and white forever, closeness personifiedethis was GATAe a group of Christian girls striving toward togetherness, radiating warmth and lasting love for each other, their school and fellow students. "One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words," the entry in the Homecoming display contest brought c: first place to the GATA's for their third year. The GATA's and their dates celebrated an informal Christmas at the annual social held this yeou' at the Range Rider's Club. Meetings on Wednesday, eating out on Mondays, and special school projects provided an exciting and active year for the GATA's. Gae Hollifield Decmnct Kirk Le Ruth Reed Nicky Robinson Ian Sattezwhite Iudi Strange Clovis Terry Iocxn Titlow Nancy Guggolz Icmis Hickerson Iudy Kay Hill Carolyn Laftezty Donna McCall Linda POWGH Judy Searcy Melissa Stames Judy Stewart Linda Trimble Betty Vaughn Bobbie Wallace Derreil Wall Don Rogers Boyd Tudor David Lawrence Jerry Carr Maurice Peeples K1119 Viscount Scribe Knight of Lucre Knight of Chivalry Executioner of Iustice God first, school second, club third--with this motto as cr guiding factor, the Knights conducted an HGUY Fierbmlgh exceedingly successful year. Gua'dia" 0f nghthOOd Three semesters out of the last four Knights have been awarded the scholarship trophy for having the highest scholarship of the Men's Social Clubs. Second place in the Homecoming displcry contest was procured by imagination and hard work. A Barbarian Feast was included in the action- packed first semester, as were the two preceding events. Sing-Song and the spring banquet were highlights of the second semester. Knights also proved to be strong contenders in Iody Boren intramurals. Guardian of Knighthood Knights demonstrated their effectiveness as a group by their unity and high ideals. Richard Davis Iim Fittz Elmo Freeman Benny Haddock Royce Money Ronnie McBride Bill McCuughun Charles Nelson Max Nigh Leslie Scarbrough Iimmy Spencer James Thompson Ken Tinsley Larry Vick 98 Bob Arledge Roger Barnes Phillip Bates Bobby Hise Knight of Knaves Don Butts Charles Benson Tom Bedichek Knights Jerry Burns Bill Castleberry Iim Darnell Roger Helgesen David Hughes Bob Hunter Melvin Lewis Chuck Mutluck Dean Ohlhausen Ron Perkins Larry Price Keith Rizer Bill Rogers Gerald Wall Iim Welch Wayne Willis Kenneth Winters Tommy Womuck 99 Carol Hgndolph Kay Allen Ian Loney Ray Wheeler Bobbie Marshall Linda McPhcxul Presxdent Vice-Presidem Secretary Treasurer Historian ISCC Representative Charla Granbery Carol Pennington Sergeam-at-Arms Keeper of Garter Mrs. KenleY Mrs. Fulks Sponsors "A Little Club of Women" with high ideals was Ko Io Kcri. Universal friendship and appreciation of life was their maintained resolution. Kojies enjoyed the togetherness of a fall social, Christmas party, spring social, annual spring banquet, and diversified social events throughout the year. Kojies participated actively in the Homecoming display contest, Sing-Song, and intramurals. 100 Gay Bownds Carol Croson Margaret Curtis ,$ Iudy Ellison Glenda Graves Judy Kennamer Ianace Kirby Janice Lebow Rose Mary Leininger Carol Nelson Glenda Nelson Linda Offutt Iudy Swofiord -,. Elaine Mickey Ruane Lester Rita Chitwood Linda Comer Mary Jim Davis Ann Capps Vice President Secretary Correspondence Secretary Treasurer Histon'an Reporter M15. Monty McGinty lune Daniels Mrs. Prank Pack Co-Sponser President Co-Sponsez' Pandora Pandora was the first woman according to Greek mythology. Her name means "cxll-gifted." Pandoras of 1962 were all-giftedenot because of any one girle but because they gave to each other of their gifts. Dedicated to the perpetuation of love for one an- other, each Pandora looked forwcn'd to future achieve- ment and, in her heart, a fuller measure of hope. "The Pandoxas enjoy a tete-a-tete in the home of M15. Bass." 102 Linda Adams Francis Autrey Gaye Bankhead Nancy Crews Carolyn Hale Brenda Henderson Rebecca Hodges Sylvia Laudermilk Ianet Llewellyn Ian Mayo Eddie McWilliams Ianie McCurdy Ellen Moore Gay Morrison Ann Patterson Marcella Porter Terry Ann Roach Earlene Sanky ISCC Representative Nancy Savage Ronda Smith Patricia Stevens Darlene Whaley Teddy Brown 103 104 Tommy McKinney; Dee Tidwell; Phil Spring; Ron Priddy. Vice President; Jimmy Harrison; lack Zaun; David Hughes, man. NMK; Bill Seabrook; Gary Chumely; Ioe Dalton. President. Enthusiasm and aged traditions, blended with a quality of uniqueness-these elements constituted the achievements and aspirations of the men of Phi Delta Psi. The vivacious Phi Delts reached great heights as a fratemcrl organization with their entries in the Home- coming display contest and Sing-Song. Black and gold of their athletes was at familiar sight during intramural season. Customary activities were mountain Climbs. steak fries, date nights, and weekly Wednesday meet- ings. The year's activities were completed with an unforgettable banquet and the traditional singing of "Always as Brothers in Phi Delta Ps'." Treasurer; Lawrence March- Tun Stigers: Tom Bast; Buzzy Maxwell; Grady Preston, Sergeant at Arms; David Sowell, Corresponding Secretary; 109 Wayne Dunchak. Reporter; Bonnie Davis: Paul Weycmdt; Tommy Lyons; and Frank Foster. Phi Delta Psi I05 106 Mike Bates Bull Durham Robert Birchum Aubey Terry David Clack Andy Anderson Rex Glover President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer First organized in 1931, the Trojan Social Club re- mained active until 1954. In 1958 the club was re- orgcmized. Aside from being well known on campus, the Red and Black was a very familiar sight in intramurals. The club's other activities included the Homecoming display, a steak fry at Abilene State Park, initiation, programs by the new members, and its famous "Kanga- roo Court" sessions. Each year has been brought to c: climax by on annual spring banquet. The club was under the new sponsorship of T. W. Colby and Bob Whitaker. Calvin Cooley Gary Eden Sum Gafford Frank Harmon Danny Huddleston Emo Essin Gene Bristo Ken Norris Ralph Rollins Ioe Bradiord ISCC Representative Reporter Attorney Sergeant-at-Arms Sergeant-at-Atms Troj ans ,. Ronnie Patterson I umes Pope Iim Wilson N Odom Mun: Delbert Wilson Iohn Ward Frank Taylor Billy Bidley 107 108 Zeta Rho's sky was made to shine more brilliantly With the addition of 12 new stars at the beginning of the new school year, 1961-62. New members, while possessing the five virtues of the Zeta Rho starelove, honesty, loyalty, purity, and friendship-possessed an exuberant vitality which boosted the aspects and hopes of the entire club for its success in the homecoming project in the fall, and Sing-Song in the spring. These are two of the main events in which the club partici- pates during the year. In addition, are the fall social and the spring banquet. The women of Zeta Rho honor one of the young men of the campus whom they be- lieve exemplifies the five virtues of the star, and he becomes the Zeta Rho star at one of these latter events. Mrs. Paul Southern is the capable sponsor. Norma Alkixe Lynn Bayliss Ann Fox Ann Gilmore Peggy Thompson President Iudy Alsobrook Secretary Beverly Compton Nancy Harper Roberta Hash Treasurer Gwen Bruce Judy Horn Zeta Ann Cotton Reporter Shirley Campbell Sharon Finley Maureen Knight Rho Wanda McKinney Vice-President I ecmie Mercer Pledge Mistress Virginia Brack Parliamentarian Linda Duncan Historian Mrs. Paul Southern Sponsor Mary Joyce Meharg Myrle Ann Lane Patti Roberts Artheta Peterson Shirley Payne Iudy Purdue Shirley Palford Mary Wright Audrey Wright Pat Steward Sue Smith Iudy Smith 109 Larry Kirkpatrick. Second Mate; Ian Allen. Skipper; Phil Savage, First Mate; George Russell, Keeper of the Seal; Richard Myers, Quartermaster. Sub-T-l 6 Bill Petty, Donna Guinn, Ann Faubus, lack Griggs. Eddie Ca1- vert, Kay Walker, Ioan Manor, Thayne McKnight, Sundxa Vamer, and Ian Allen. "Yunkins Cove" and steaks . . . Licks for being late . . . Casual and easy going . . . Fun loving and friendly . . . Kisses for Yunldn . . . An Oriental welcome to Exes at Homecoming . . . New "gobs" . . . Hot Intramural Competition . . . Secrets and mystery before the spring bcm- quet . . . The "Tuscarora" and her mates end their 39th voyaane that will live always in the hearts of gobs and tars. FIRST ROW: Glen Hibbs, Ducme Hale, Ronnie Sosebee, Lanny Hester. Robert Fitch. SECOND ROW: Jodie Brown, Sam Steffee. Jim Morrow, Tommy Iones. THIRD ROW: Lloyd Gober, Thuyne McKnight. Carson Edwards, Danny Colvin, Charlie Brown. FOURTH ROW: Dan Witt, Ierry Turner, Carl Adams, Jay Verett. FIFTH ROW: Clinton Smphens, .h; , , HA4: Bill Petty, lack Griggs. Duain Percell, Joe Alut. SIXTH ROW: Billy Hill, Richard McBride, Iimmy Filbeck, Donny Bennett. SEVENTH ROW: Eddie Anderson, Eddie Calvert, Don Newhouse, Don Gregory. Iohn Shewmaker. Charles Cheshier. 111 GALAXY Ian Allen SUB-T-ls Sue Redford CADETTES Ioe Dalton PHI DELTA PSI Larry Marshall Vice-President Iune Daniels Carol Randolph Goldye Lewis Secretary Treasurer KO IO KAI DELTA THETA Inter Social Club Council Presidents and Representatives of every social club on campus meet to discuss policies concerning the clubs. Don Davis, President of ISCC, President of Prater Sodalis, is not pictured. Don Williams, Representative of Galaxy, is not pictured. Emmett Essin Judith Gill PANDORA TROJAN GATA Patsy Mcmsker DELTA THETA George Russell SUB-T-16 Linda McPhaul KO IO KAI ZETA PHO CADETTE Gary Tallifen'o FRATER SODALIS TROIAN ZETA RHO Jean Mercer Aubie Terry Ieanette Moore Peggy Thompson Gwynel Walker Reporter GATA Jimmie Harrison PHI DELTA PSI Marcella Ponter PANDORA Derrell Wall KNIGHTS Richard Mathews First Semester President Bill Showers Ken Wesner Iim Womuck Ron Wright Second Semestet President Gary Taliaferro Billy Wilbunks Blenus Wright Ken Lacy Hilton Merritt Warren Lewis Secretary-Tzecxsurer Corresponding Secretary Editor of the "A" A Club A Club was first founded on the ACC campus in 1917, and in 1958, the club became an affiliate chap- ter of Blue Key National Honor Fraternity. In the past the club has undertaken such major projects as furnishing a radiation laboratory for the science de- partment, furnishing several hundred new volumes to the library, and conducting a campus wide "Think" program for campus improvement. This year's project follows in the same tradition as the club worked for campus and individual improvement. Other highlights of the year included the A Club-Faculty basketball game with the annual challenge offered in chapel, and the awarding of the A Club Scholarship in the spring. Blue Key continued to serve the ACC campus through its service and recognition of honor as the club motto states: "We live to serve." Membership was obtained through demonstration of scholarship, leadership, and character. Gary Verett Carl Spain, Sponsor 113 Robert Barrett Sue Redford Virginia Brack Barbara Brown Eddie Bull Donald Schulz President Linda Comer 0 Martha Roberson Ken Wesner Secretary Vice President Ann Cotton Dale Foster ,, 1w , 7 ,,i g3 , David Huddle Beth Isenhower Chmla GrunbeIIY Johnny Mac Harper Donna Holmes Margaret Jackson Margie Kamstxa Stephen Kelly Dwight Wayne Love Betty Matthews 2me H. Hen . Gay MorrEon Kay McCorkle Barbara MC Mennumy Alpha Chi Alpha Chi, National Honor Society, founded Feb- ruccry 22, 1922, is dedicated to the promotion and recog- nition of scholarship and character in colleges and universities throughout the United States. Known orig- inally as the James A. Garfield Chapter and officially as Texas Psi Chapter, the local chapter was started in 1927 with James F. Cox as faculty sponsor. Paul C. Witt served for many years in this position. and Frank Pack assisted by James W. Culp and I. W. Roberts were this year's present faculty sponsors. Alpha cmd Chi are the initial letters of Greek words Aletheia ttruthi and Charakter tchamcteri. Motto of the club is found in John 8:32. Bicmnuod initiations are held for those from the upper 10th scholastically of the Junior and Senior classes, besides regular meetings in which the local chapter endeavored to present. ,. fl Icm Pounds Nancy Savage Peggy Scmbrough Linda Gail Schwartz Mary Lee Taylor - Pat Taylor Iune Turner Kenneth Wallace Bi11.WC!lt0n I enelle White Billy Wilbcmks Nancy Wilson Audrey Wright Put Wynne 115 W Club "W" Club is an honor organization composed of women selected by the faculty from the Junior and Senior classes. A loan fund and a service project are among the annual activities of this group. Martha Roberson Maureen Knight President Secretary Ray Wheeler Treasurer Linda Comer Norma Hughou Margaret Jackson Vice-President 1 Corresponding Secretary Editor of the "W" Lana Coke: Carol Caldwell L L , Maxtha Holden Grace Miller Ll 4$3nguh Glenda Gentry Claudia Chambers Goldye Lewis Guy Morrison A Joan Titlow 1 16 Sarah Cave Kermit Hubbard IGCk MCKGY President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Delta Tau Alpha is cm honor organization with the purpose of promoting and recognizing high standards D It T of scholarship, leadership, and character among agri- e a all cultural students. Organized in 1961, the chapter com- pleted its first full year on the ACC campus. Activities for the year included an exhibition at Al h the West Texas Fair, sponsoring a Collegiate Range P a Judging Contest for Texas, or social, and a field trip. One of the members, Gene Bristo, served this year as president of the national organization. Gene Bristo Charles Carver Iim Darnell Iohn Darrow Hilton Merrit Richard Meyers Sidney Savercmce Frances Churchill, Sponsor 117 Aggie Club Promoting interest in agriculture, the Aggie Club offered cm opportunity to make new friends and to obtain practical knowledge through the many club-sponsored field trips. Aggie club membership consists of students Hiltofl Merritt majoring and minoring in agriculture. Intra- P'es'dem much sports, the Homecoming Display Contest, . an annual trip to some point of interest, an annual steak fry, and the Ex-Aggie Banquet are highlights of this active club. Ronnie Sosebee Secretary Charles Carver Iim Darnell Robext Malone Don McDonald 118 Bill Hays Vice-President Vance Gilstrap Treasurer Carl Day Frank Farlander Linda Thompson Sweetheart Ronnie Panerson Gerry Self 119 Pi Epsilon Beta SEATED: Avery Falkner, President; Judy Searcy. Secretary. STANDING: Norman Jefferson, Vice President; Mr. Green. Sponsor. Touring the Fort Worth Art center, the Dallas Museum for Contemporary Arts, and the Dallas Mu- seum of Fine Arts was a highlight in this year's ac- tivities for Pi Epsilon Beta. Established to promote cm interest in crrt on the ACC campus, the club presented the Campus Calendar in January. Created by club members, the Calendar listed events special of 1962 and exhibited works of club members. LEFT TO RIGHT: FIRST ROW: Nedru Iohnson, Donna Beth Derrick. Margie Kamstra, Sarah Yarbrough, Vice President. SECOND ROW: Wanda McKinney, Secretary-Treasurer: Susan Nesmith, Carolyn Gaines. THIRD ROW: Avery Falkner, President; Norman Whitefield, Sponsor: Elaine Woods, Not pictured. Kappa Pi Members IV- Cg H9: trm e t m t Mn: FIRST ROW: Iohnetta Coker. Carol Duke. Elaine Plate, Carolyn Manley. Savage, Phyliss Triplet, Dwayne Adcock, Linda Parker, Lloyd Cameron, Sharon Goodale, Linda Bell, Edna Dallas. SECOND ROW: luck Wayne Farley, David Andrews. 120 John Fletcher. Lee Thompson, David Huddle, Stephen Maul, Grady Preston, Willie Stames, David Howell, Drubette Cook. American Chemical Society Composed of those having a special interest in the chemical profession, the American Chemical Society is a national organization. Lectures and discussions in monthly meetings help members maintain their dedi- cation to the profession and encourage them to enter research and to further study chemistry. Dr. T. I. McCord, Sponsox; Larry Smith, President; Lou. Booth. Vice-President; Dr. Alvie Davis. Sponsor. Not Pictured. Grace Miller, Secretary. 121 122 Business Administration Club LEFT .TO RIGHT: I. C. McCurty, Glenn Hibbs, Carolyn Freeland, Sallye Hunt, Todd Miller, Emily Brown, Ann Cotton. Bob Beukley. Bill Hilton. Business majors and minors compose the Busi- ness Administration Club of Abilene Christian Col- lege. It is actively engaged in acquainting its mem- bers with the business world and its goals. The club meets twice a month to discuss business prob- lems and to enjoy prominent guest speakers. LEFT TO RIGHT: Sam Steffee, Glenn Hibbs, Dan Jordon, Margaret Jackson. Charles Nelson, Anita Brown, Curtis Mc- Murtry, George Russell, Corkey Waters. Ellen H. Richards Club Home economics majors. minors, and interested girls composed the Ellen H. Richards club. Established in 1916 by Mrs. G. C. Morlcm, the club encouraged interest in home economics. Fascinating speakers were brought on campus at meetings the girls opened to the entire student body and faculty. Annual activities included Hobo Day, a fall social, a spring banquet, and a spring project. FIRST ROW: Becky Hodges, Maureen Knight, Mary Jones. SECOND ROW: Icme Etheredge. Sondra Hickman. THIRD ROW: Mary Io Ham, Virginia Reynolds, Suzy Bernard. FOURTH ROW: Bobbie Swinson, Nancy Crews. FIFTH ROW: Carolyn Roberts. LeRuth Reed, Dean Hays. SIXTH ROW: Gamelm McDonald, Sondra Dill, Sandra Sommer. FIRST ROW: Nancy Knight, Sharon McDonald. Ginger Coifman. SECOND ROW: Barbara Woodward. Betty Shulk. THIRD ROW: Becky Carter, Mavanee Elmore, Linda Pruitt. FOURTH ROW: Beny Riley, Donna Rae Gudeen. FIFTH ROW: Genelle McCalla, Sherry Cook, Charlotte Clevenger. SIXTH ROW: Darla Gloff. Kay Gibson. SEVENTH ROW: Sallye Ham. Norma Ohlhuusen, Ginger Moore. SITTING, Iocm Lucado. Secretary; Avanelle Hill, President: Miss Walton. Sponsor: Dotty Whitefield, Vice-President. STANDING. Mari- lyn Colby, Treasurer; Carol Caldwell. Food Chairman: Gay Morri- son, Reporter. 124 Student Education Association Membership and activities were at c: peak this year for the James F. Cox chapter oi the Student Edu- cation Association. The purpose of SEA is to try to help members improve the quality of their teaching. to stimulate interest in those who are considering the teaching profession, and to give something of the pro- fessional outlook to the members while they are still students. Over 500 members started the year with or social to become acquainted. Following this, their next meet- ings were given to lectures by Dean Walter Adams, LeMonie Lewis, Curl Spain, and a program by the West Texas Rehabilitation Center on teaching the handicapped. Rewriting the constitution and publishing a year- book that included all members, the activities of the year. and information about the officers were further activities of the club. Later in the year, they elected Miss Pcrt Duncan and Mr. Robbie Fleet as the chapter "Mr. and Miss Elementary School Teacher of Tomor- row"; and Miss Pat Taylor and Mr. Coy Conner as Chapter "Mr. and Miss Secondary School Teacher of Tomorrow." They represented the chapter in the state competition at tne SEA Convention held in Corpus Christi. Membership entitles one to subscriptions to the NEA Iourncd and the Texas Outlook magazines. Also. they are automatically members of the national pro- fessional organization. FIRST ROW: Margaret Bellingsley. Donna Rae Gudeen, Gwen Creel, Betty Thomas Ruckon. Icmie Green, Lo Betta Tudor. Lee Skinner. Ierry D. Carr, Glenda Nelson, Ienelle White. SECOND ROW: Coy Conner. Phillip Bates, Don Bolts, Andy Cauthen, Jerry Bums. Mickey Wiremun. Carol Baker. Ann Winfrey, Barbara Harmon. THIRD ROW: Virginia Reynolds. Ion Loney. Ovella Brunet, Jeannie Johnson. Charles Yates, Pat Duncan, Ken Tinsley. Don Rogers, Mitty Smith. Ian Gibson, Linda Dodd. FOURTH ROW: Bay Wheeler, Robbie Bog- gess. Roland Sundling, Grace Miller, Linda Shaw, Frances McBroom. Nicky Robinson, Iimmie Harrison. Elwyn Hipp, Linda Sturgess. Ioella Rose. FIFTH ROW: Mrs. Pack, Icm Pounds. Sandra Fowler. Glenna Barber, Linda Brown, Suzy Bernard, Dee Kingsbuxy, Linda Howard, Melissa Stames, Elaine Mickey. Susan Myers, Mary K. Livingston. SIXTH ROW: Mrs. Penn Gilbreth, Mrs. German Kenley, Marilyn Can- trell, Wendell Whittenburg, Linda Sullivan, Icmace Kirby, Dan Mc- Pherson, Eddie Gonzalez. Anita McMinn, Brenda Henderson. Dick Hallum. FIRST ROW: Betty Vaughan, Judith Smith, Donald Schulz, Martha Holden. Peggy Webb, Darla Gloif, Kay Walker, Janice Roberts, Rose- mary McDonald. Rosemary Phillips, Ginny Smith. SECOND ROW: Dawn Felts, Ann Fox, Leva Reagan. Gaye Bankhead, Barbara Archer, Linda Harris, Oma Dell Ryan, Anita Brown, Benncx Reid, Beth Sals- mcm, Zenncx Smith. THIRD ROW: Wanda Curtis, Sharon Baker, Becky Purcell, Iudy Horn. June Hewitt. Linda Daugherity, Rosemary Leininger. Carol Pennington, Barbara Smith, Iecm Mercer. FOURTH ROW: Nancy 7 in Wilson, Lynda Schwartz, Iudy Huey, Linda Davis, Home Allen, Mondelene Cleckler. Ann Capps. Mary Beth Lambert, Nancy Savage, Ava Brown. FIFTH ROW: Danielle Robinson, Ann Babb, Iudy Mos- ley. Louise Brown, Donna Worley, Ola Mae Self, Gloria Sitton, Io Ann Anderson, Sidney Clemmer. SIXTH HOW: I. B. Cavender. Grady Wilkinson, Larry Bristo, Homer Baker, Robbie Fleet, Dickie Masters, Lina Lee Corner, Linda Ann Adams, Mary Lou Clevenger. SEA OFFICERS Ianiece Eubcmk, Secretary; Terry Ann Roach, Treasurer; Ann Sikes, Vice-Ptesident; Coy Conner. President; Elaine Mickey, Reporter; Donald Schulz. Parliamentarian. 125 126 FIRST BOW: Terry Ann Roach, Ann Sikes. Sue Bedford, Edna Dallas, Donna Wood, Rheumma Robinson, Ruane Lester, Kathryn Harrington. Carol Temple, Geneva Woody, Kay McCarley. SECOND ROW: Ianie'ce Eubcmk, Lea Moore, Paula Bray, Bobbie Marshall, Carol Nelson, Gay Morrison, Sarah Yuxbrough, Patricia Lary, Monta Groves, Iudy Also- brook, Myrle Ann Lane, Gwen Bruce. THIRD ROW: Cornelia Cook. Lynda Duncan, Sarah Iones. Donna Holmes, Kasi Coleman, Peggy Scarborough, Billy McCaughan. Gail McCaughan, Judy Williams, Mary Ann Stewart. FOURTH ROW: Mary Lee Taylor, Evelyn Clayton, Mary Joyce Meharg. Marilyn Taylor, Phylis Triplett, Sherry John- son, Beverly Short. Linda Comer, Patsy Standley, Kay Williams, Mary Jim Davis. FIFTH ROW: Gwynel Walker, Judith Gill. Shirley Pierce, Ian Cxcxvens, Nikki Collett, Ruby Iecm Beakley, Sallye Hart, Deanna Drennan, Ianice Litton, Iackie Bums. Mary Anna Johnson. SIXTH ROW: Bob Arledge, Alan Townsend. Mike McKinnis. Joan Titlow, Norma Hughes, Iudy Turner, Cecil McMullin, 109 Cash, Gene Tomlinson, Iam'es Knight, Walter Iandcx. Student Education Association Mr. and Miss PTA Robbie Fleet. Mr. Elementary Pat Duncan, Miss Elementary Coy Conner, Mr. Secondary Pat Taylor, Miss Secondary FIRST ROW: Mary Io Ham, Weldon H. Barnett, A. Z. Hays, LoRetta Tudor, Donald Schulz, Roberta Hash, Elaine Mickey, Linda Sturgess, Ginny Smith. SECOND ROW: Mary Lee Taylor, Margie Kumstrcx, Frances McBroom, Mary Moren. Beth Isenhower, Sue Bedford, Carol Coldwell, Lila Pinon, Grace Miller, Ray Wheeler. Iudy Kennamer, Nancy Crews. THIRD ROW: Cecil McMullin, Ianet Pittman, D'Anne Moore. Ianiece Eubcmk. Norma Hughes. Gay Morrison, Evelyn Gray. Avanell Hill, Margaret Davis, Martha Holden. FOURTH ROW: Tony Cook. Bob Arledge, 109 Cash, Jim Womack, Eddie Bull, Dick Hallum, Bill Melson. Kappa Delta Pi Theta Epsilon chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, c1 na- tional honor organization, was installed in 1954 at Abilene Christian College to honor junior and senior education majors and minors in the upper twenty five percent of their class. Programs throughout the year emphasized educational and professional development. A. Z. Hays, Counselor; Roberta Hash. President; Don Schulz, Vice- President; Elaine Mickey, Secretary; Loretta Tudor, Treasurer. FIRST ROW: June Turner, Linda Dodd, Nancy Wilson, Bettye Campbell, Virginia Brack, Elaine Plate. Judy Alsobrook. Ian Pounds, Dawn Felts, Barbara Brown. SECOND ROW: Lena Gilstrap, Marcella Greene, Weedon Kelley, Claudia Chum- bers, Rosemary Phillips, Ruby Iecm Beakley, Pat Taylor, Nancy Knight, Charla Gxanbgry, Louise Brown, Kay Gibson. Iody Horn, Carolyn Nicks. Pat Duncan. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Margaret Brown, Iocm Tillow, Nkuy Beth Harland, Kay Walker, Marilyn Colby, Pat Wynne. Sharon Leak, Jacqueline Short, Marilyn Kelso, Janace Kirby, Anita McMinn. FOURTH ROW: Loraine Freeman, Mary Helen Battle, Sondra Kay Alley. Kay Williams, Barbara McMennamy, Sallye Ham, Linda Comer. Nancy Savage, Sharon Lauderdale. 127 Sigma Tau Delta Sigma Tau Delta, a national English honor frater- nity, is for those students who crre majoring in English. Meeting once a month, the locozl chapter plans its pro- grams around movies, lectures. discussions, and read- ing hours in order to gain new ideas on literary inter- pretations and to promote interest and appreciation in the members. One of the highlights of the social crc- tivities of the club this year was the Christmas party at the home of Joe Cash. in Knox City. OFFICERS: Glenda Gentry, Secretary; Karen Carlton, Vice-President; Sondra Alley, Representative; Dr. James W. Culp, Sponsor; Bill Walton, President. BOTTOM ROW: James E. Parker. Charles Pittman, James D. Skaggs, Excx Clark, Barbara Harrington, Clara Mae Ellis, Elaine Plate. Joe Cash, Worley Reynolds. SECOND ROW: loan Titlow. Emmdnelle Carole Stone, Sue Vinther. Martha Roberson, Iacqueline Short. Linda Owens, Louise Shults. Jenelle White, Mary Lee Taylor, Cim Adams, Rainwater. Claudia Chambers, Charlotte Droll, Norma Hughes, Bettye Campbell, Audrey Wright. THIRD ROW: Mime Williams, Iodie Renner. 128 Pickwickians Students interested in creative writing work to ward excellence in this field by reading and criti- cizing another's original works. By tradition the club publishes some of its works each year in the Pickwicker. LEFT TO RIGHT: Zelmcr Odle, Sponsor; Ben Nelms, Sponsor; Iody Renner, Reporter; Bob Keyser, President; Barbara Mennumy. Sectetary. FIRST ROW: Bill Showers. Dana Grey, Judy Smith, Oma Dell Ryan, Riley Suit, Sue Taylor. SECOND ROW: David Young, Allen McDaniel. Warren Lewis, Robert Barrett. 129 Die Lustigen Gesellen German Club This year the German Club was newly organized 9 for the purpose of promoting interes'it in Germany and the German people. Its membershlp consisted of those who shared this interest. FIRST ROW: $eute$ Ian Utley. Mary Helen Battle. SECOND ROW: Eeatem Barbara Cooper, Martha Kerbow, Judy Huey, lune Goosby. Frances McBroom. Maria Reichel, Mrs. Ben Bessent. THIRD ROW: Standing Karl Kuykendall. Chester Boston. Terrell Reagan, Foy Richey, Stephen Kelley. Roy Barkley, Richard Reynolds, Larry Eaton, I. Paul Crider, Luigi Lisj. OFFICERS SPONSORS Mrs. Ben Bessent Mr. James Parker President Luigi' Lisi Vice-Ptesident-Karl Kuykendall Secretary Treasurer-Frances McBroom Reporter-Iudy Huey 130 Omega Rho Alpha Omega Rho Alpha, an English honor fraternity ex- clusive to freshman students, began its year in October with 0'. formal initiation. Activities of the year included reading hours. lectures, and special programs designed to stimulate interest in literature and in the field of English. One of the highlights of the year was a special Christmas party. FRONT ROW: Iudy Blackburn, once Christopher, Ronnie Rogers, Nikki Collett, Lee Skinner. SECOND ROW: Genell Bennett, Iudy Beasley, Carolyn Roberts. Ross Dawkins. Sharon Treece, Barbara Wallis. Patti Smyth. THIRD ROW: Beth Shepherd, Barbara Bowles. . n. ma mumm OFFICERS: Miss Clara Ellis, Sponsor; Donna Gentry, Vice President; Lynn Nelson, President; Nancy Coifmcm, Secretary; and Miss Mime: Williams, Sponsor. Karen Womack, Nan Frazer. Kaye Brownlow, Douglas Branch. Iudy Huey, Linda Davis. BACK ROW: Jamie Buck, Larry T. Dotson. Linda Adrianh Larry Eaton. Jeannette Elmore, Lynell Witt. 131 FIRST ROW: Carol Croson. Dicmne L'Roy, Gail McCcmghn. Judy Swot- iord. Icm Cothran, Roberta Hush Gober, Margie Pool, Beverly Mc- Millan, Pat Wynne, Virginia Brack, Lynette Boles. SECOND ROW: Judy DeFoor, Jerry Palmer, Ruth Campbell, Bob Medford, Maurice Peeples, Charles Carver, Lynn Yadon, Mary Lois Newhouse, Clovis Terry, Xanna Iackson, Nancy Guggolz, Jane Herod. THIRD ROW: Sheila A Cappella Rollie Blondeau, Director of A Cappella. Reynolds, Shirley Campbell, Linda Turner, Roger Helgeson, Iohn Van Zandt, Franklin Herren, Warren Lewis, Gary Colvin, Luclair Kilgore. A Ccrppella Chorus is a very select group of stu- dents, in that they must audition for or place in the group, and are selected according to their singing ability. They began the year by singing in San Angelo at the District Kiwanis Memorial Service, and later in the year sang for the Kiwanis Club and Rotary Club of Abilene on several occasions. The highlight of the year was the tour, when they visited Kansas. The outstanding social event was a formal banquet held in March. There were numerous choir picnics held throughout the spring. OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Lois Newhouse, Sec- retary; Bill McCuughan. Vice President; Rod- ney Spalding. President. e a haw 35' y ' we ' Philip McCoy. Robert Barrett, Brent Lewis. Whit Herrington, Rodney Spauiding, Glenn Peters, Iohn Todd, Ierry Carr, Max Nigh, Bill Mc- Linda Isgitt, Ann Bmzzil. FOURTH ROW: Max Harper, Mike McGuire, Cuughan. David Rogers. Girlas Sextet LEFT TO RIGHT: Lynn Yadon, Iudy Swofford, Mary Lois New- house, Linda Turner, Pat Wynne, Virginia Brack. Men9s Quartet LEFT TO RIGHT: Franklin Herren, Max Nigh, Roger Helgeson, Brent Lewis. 134 Madrigars FIRST ROW: Iohn ch Zcmdt, Bob Medford, Max Nigh, Max Harper. SECOND ROW: Iune Herod. Carol Croson, Dianne L'Roy. Linda Isgitt, Linda Turner, Roberta Gober, Pat Wynne, Lynette Boles. AWL .wwn mm Pat George was elected Band Sweetheart for the '61-'62 school year. She is a Iunior Elementary Education major from Victoria, Texas. Pat has been a member 0! the flute section of the Big Purple for three years. She was presented as sweetheart this year at the camuul musical presentation, "Melodic Caravan." Douglas Fry, Band Director Band Sweetheart and Directors Assistant directors of the Big Purple. M. Daniels and Bruce Evans 135 BAND OFFICERS: Bonnie McBride, Vice President: Ann Punish. Senior Representative: Don Davenport, President: Ian Powell, Sophomore Representative; Dwain Rhoades, Junior Representative; Pat George, Secretary; Mike Matherly. Freshman Representative. 136 m: 1.. l 1 bi'n- ' CENTER ROW: Ann Litton, Iayletq Glaza, Pat George, Martha Mahurin, Linda Grounds, Charles Healer. Mary Alice Duncum. Eric Picner, Genelle McCalla, Betty Huckabee, Patricia Huff. SECOND ROW: Sandy Ramsey, Helen Handley, John Williams, Ian Powell, Monta Groves, Lynn Bose. Leta Albritton, Io Riemenschneider, Ian McKnight, Kyle Ellison, Judy Chick, Peggy Coers, Barbara McMennumy, Iim Tribble, Phil Wilder. THIRD ROW: Perry Reeves, Judy Allen, Sue Stokes, Gwen Brown, La- Honda Abston. D'Ann Moore, Stanley Drennun, DeWain Rhoads, Mickey Webb. Gary Tuttle, Charlotte McDonald, Gail Lynn Wood, Ted Paddock, Bill Whitefield. I. D. Stocks, Linda Adrian, Kay Maples, Gary Dennis. FOURTH ROW: Dwayne Brown, Ann Parrish. Charlotte Loveless, Alvin The Big "The band with a sound" is composed of musicians, including some 40-50 all-state band members, from approximately 20 states. ACC's Wildcat chd performs during football games in the fall. In their half-time drills they use primarily the arrangements and com- positions of Assistant Conductor and Arranger M. L. Daniels. A Daniels composition being played on tour is "Venture in Sound" in three movements. Another assistant conductor is Bruce Evans. Douglas Fry, the conductor, came to Abilene Chris- ticm in 1953. He is a graduate of ACC us are the assist- cmt conductors. Mr. Fry has worked with bands in high schools and in the Navy. He was awarded the Honor- 5-3. Neve, Don Thorpe, Carolyn Freeland, Eugene Purcell. Carole Stephenson. Gerald Watson, Sue Rummel, Ann Gilmore. Mary Anna Johnson, Walter Pursch, Gail Wheeless, Larry Stout, Cornelia Cook. FIFTH ROW: Rheu- cmncx Robinson, Benny Haddock, Dwayne Bishop. Mike Mutherly, Ioe Ferrara, Tommy Lyons, Iohnice Branncm, Ken McCoy, Clinton Smith, Ioe ch Roberts, Wanda Hale, Forrest McDonald, Paul Wallace, Iimmy Hodges, Janelle Rice. Bob Kelly, Gary Iohnson, Larry Johnson. SIXTH ROW: Judith Brennan, Janet Llewellyn, Tom Bedichek. Iay Gossage, Mike Black, Howard Herrington, Larry Allen, Lawrence Watson, Charles Tmyler. Jimmy Lamb, Wayne Tucker, John Watson, IL, Bill Stigexs, Ronnie Mc- Bride, Danny Neal, Ierry Lide, Andy Cauthen. Ioellu Rose, Pat Gilbert. Purple cry Doctor of Music Degree from Southern College of Fine Arts in Houston. Each spring, approximately 75 members of the Big Purple are chosen for the concert tour band. Traveling by chartered bus, the tour band performs 15 to 20 con- certs, primarily before high school and college au- diences. Tours in the past years have taken them throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico, and into portions of Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi. Georgia. Colorado, and Wyoming. High points in re- cent tours have been appearances in Monterrey, Mexico; and New Orleans. Louisiana. Mary Alice Duncum, Majorette; Kyle Ellison, Drum Major; Carolyn Freeland, Majorette. 137 Choralaires Membership in Chorcdaires is selected by audi- tion from all classes. Harry Fierbaugh is the director of this group. They present two concerts each year to the student body, one in the fall and one in the spring. They me now presenting programs from hospitals through recordings. FIRST ROW: Sharon McKinley, Patti Roberts, Glenda Hargrove, Linda Davis, Gwen Creel, Ellen Moore, Darlene Barton. Doris Thompson, Marilyn Hermann. Ruth Ann Bowen, Diane Willard, Diann Parham, Yvonne Camp- bell, Gail Chom. Cecelia Hodcxway. SECOND ROW: Txiena Dotson, Pat Duncan, Sondra Boren, Carroll Palmer. Mary Beth Lambert. Betty Vaughn. Marjorie Dodson. Ioella Rose, Dixie Gwin, Icme Berry, Patsy Garrett, Dar- lene Davis, Icm Utley, Ann Cotton. Beverly Compton. THIRD ROW: Edna 138 OFFICERS: Triena Dotson, Treasurer: Pete Neal, President; Ierry Riggs, Vice President; Doris Thompson. Secretary. Dallas, Bette Shaw, Bill Null, Sidney Clemmer, Jessie Hillard, Robert Thompson. Thomas Bennet Fowler, Iames M. Gerhardt, Roland C. Sundling, Gary Linscott, Marcus Hall, Ken Tinsley, Booty Pearson, Icm Sowcxrds, Anne Howard. FOURTH ROW: Carolyn Knight, Diane Damxon. David Rose, Rick Wickmcm, Homer Baker, William Macko, Ted Bolt, Jerry Riggs, Pete Neal, I. B. Cavender. Richard O'Meaxa, Gordon Lowry, Marc West, Ioe David, Ann Baker, Linda McNally. FIRST ROW: Gary Tallicxferro, John White, Neal Funk, Gene Craig, Gene McMurray, Sid Clemmer, Bill Null, Larry Dodson, Ron Matthews, Iim Kisselburgh. SECOND ROW: John Hay, Billy McCaughcn, John Jordon. Rick Wickmun, Elaine Fleet. Tom Fowler, Mark Hall. Mike Mathis. Larry Price. THIRD ROW: Larry Eaton. Bill Lawrence, Frank- lin Herren, Ioe Davis. Roy Carter, Forrest McDonald, Jimmy Hodges. Menas Glee Club Men's Glee Club, the "Singing Men of Abilene Christian" have been a longstanding campus tradi- tion. Formerly they were a part of the A Cappella Chorus but are now a separate and independent group. The Glee Club, under the auspices of the De- partment of Music, serves as laboratory training in vocal music for prospective public school teachers, those interested in the field of Church music and extra- curricular singing for all male students on the campus. Highlights for the school year were a tour of West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico in March. the Winter Concert and Souvenir Album in December, and the annual "Concert Under the Stars" with the Choralcrires in May. Other performances include Chapel programs, Civic Club programs. College Sere- nades, Lectureship Concert, and the "kick-off" concert for the March of Dimes Teleramcr in January. Harry Fierbaugh, conductor and assistant pro- fessor of music. reorganized the Men's Glee Club in September after two years of inactivity. 139 Doug Fry Conductor STRINGS Violin Carolyn Lewis Sandi Hesse: Patricia Huff Jenny Lind Skaggs Iames Tribble Iudi Strange Lo Betta Tudor Iay Roberts Viola Carol Baker Monta Graves Cello Roy Barkley Roberta Gober Wayne Tucker Bass Violin Carolyn Lewis Concert mistress In the past few years, the orchestra has come a long way at ACC, both in size and in the quality of their music. Much of this improvement can be credited to the direction of Douglas Fry, who began his work with the orchestra in 1959. This year, the orchestra played in the Home- coming musical, as well as giving the annual spring concert. A special concert was played in April, featuring Miss Judith Brannan at the piano. In addition to concerts at home, the annual tour carried this organization into south Texas, where they played a total of sixteen concerts. However, not all was work. The orchestra en- joyed several socials, including these after each of the home concerts. Orchestra Charles Traylor Don L. Thorp Max Harper WOODWINDS Clarinet Ann Parrish Sandy Ramsey Bass Clarinet Barbara McMemony Flute Ann Litton Iayleta Glaze Martha Maburin Linda Jane Grounds Ann Patterson Oboe H. Kyle Ellison Io Riememsclmeider Mike Matherly Bassoon Dwayne Bishop Gary Dennis Trombone Linda Adrian Paul Wallace English Horn Bernett Hutchinson Ian McKnight Tuba Saxophones Larry Allen Ann Gilmore Percussion I. D. Stockes Ianice Cravens Walter Pursch Jerry Lide French Horn Tympani Don Davenport Sharon McKinley Gary Tuttle Ted Paddock Stanley Drennan De Wain Rhods BRASS Cornet PIANO Judith Brannan ORGAN Iohnice Brannon Harp Judith annan vi- . 1 . mit' ,; 3 Ft - :":. FIRST ROW: Gary Dennis. Charles Traylet, Walter Pursch, Bruce Treat. THIRD ROW: Dwayne Bishop, Tommy Lyon, Mike Math- Evens. David Huddle, David Vannoy, I. D. Stokes, Ierry Lide. erly, Benny Haddock. SECOND ROW: Gary Johnson, Larry Johnson, Paul Wallace, David ACC Stage Band Musicians from the Concert Band make up the Stage Band. This band acts as a lab for those stu- dents who are interested in participating and writing for this style organization. In addition to this, they furnish entertainment for various campus musical pro- grams such as concerts and programs. Many of the young men participating in the Stage Band are study- ing to be band directors. l 141 Mu Phi Epsilon Alpha Sigma Chapter An event of the utmost importcmce both musically ccnd scholasticcdly crt ACC is the recent installation of Alpha Sigma chapter of Mu Phi Epsilon National Music Sorority. Mu Phi Epsilon's representation on our campus is a mark of great distinction to our music department, since membership in it based upon academic and musical excellence as well as personality. Members of the faculty and student body alike feel that A1th Sigma represents a high level of achievement in our music department. The motto of Mu Phi Epsilon is "Service through ' $1333 3?, Music." In keeping with this ideal, national projects t 'igakydgzgt .I include such things as Music Therapy, Music for the ' Blind, and Settlement House music projects. The local Di Ann L'Roy, Vice-President; Roberta Gober, President; chapter, beSides helping promote such projeCts Will Linda Turner. Historian and Chaplain; Virginia Brack, attempt to be Of service to the school and the com- SecretaIY-Treasurer. munity through the presentation of concerts and offer- ing of scholarships to the members of the sorority. Mrs. Roberta Gober will represent the chapter at the national convention in June. FIRST ROW: Mrs. Dewey Davis, Sponsor; Carol Croson, June Herod, SECOND ROW: Marjorie Dodson, Di Ann L'Roy, Judith Anne Brannon, Lynette Boles, Virginia Brack, Ellen Moore, Mina Coleman, Sponsor. Linda Turner, Carolyn Knight, Roberta Gober. 142 Press Club Press Club is a fusion of the staff members of campus publications who have worked as much as sixty hours in journalism. Designed primarily to strengthen the bonds of friendship among those who already had their work in common, there is c: "victory celebration" each spring which consists of a banquet, the presentation of awards to outstanding members of the club, inspection of the new edition of the yearbook. and the announcement of the officials of next years' publications: "The Optimist," the campus newspaper; the Prick- ly Pear, the yearbook; and the Hello Book, the student directory. Kathryn Duff, Columnist for the Abilene-Reporter News, and Dr. John C. Stevens were two of the illus- trious speakers for the Press Club. Dr. Stevens is addressing one of the regular meetings of the Press club on the eitect that journalism has on politics. FIRST ROW: Betty Mathews, Janelle Campbell, Becky Hodges. Lynda Bell, Mary Ann Iackson, Glenda Gentrul, Carolyn Cun- ningham. SECOND ROW: Kathryn Harrington. Karen Corner, Carolyn Conway, Martha Holden. THIRD ROW: Don Herring, Florence Cummings, James Butts. Ginny Smith. LEFT TO RIGHT: Donna Gudeen, Secretary-Treasurer; Dcm Iordan,, President; James Foster, Charles Smith, Margaret Jackson, Vice- Presidents. 143 Prickly Pear It was a big year for the PRICKLY PEAR. The ball started rolling early in September with regular meetings on Monday afternoons to discuss the problems and ideas that went into each section of the year book. In addition to these meetings, there were regular work sessions throughout the year, until the book was sent to press. But all was not work. During the fall, the mem- bers of the yearbook staff, and those from the news- paper staff got together for cm informal social. Just before the book was to be released at the annual chapel presentation, another social was held for the members of the Prickly Pear staff and the Press Club, when there was a "sneak preview" of the book, and the presentation of awards. Margaret Ann Jackson e James Foster, Co-Editors FIRST ROW: Wayne Willis, Janelle Campbell, Carolyn Conway, Karen Comer, Sandy Ramsey, Ann Winfrey, Ienelle White. SECOND ROW: Iohnetta Coker. Iohn Holton. D0" Herring' Busmess Manage' Martha Mills, Melinda Self. 144 Ray Miller. Intramurals Editor Donna Gudeen, Student Life Editor Ann Parish, Sports Editor Martha Holden, Features Editor Carolyn Cunningham, Copy Editor Becky Hodges. Typing Editor Kathryn Harrington, Index Editor ' Avery Falkner, Art Editor Betty Mathews, Faculty-Admxnistmtion Editor Dan Jordan, Classes Editor Midterm once again saw the editorship of the Optimist change hands, as James Butts stepped down from the job which he had held for two semesters, and Charlie Smith took over. Business Manager Lana Coker quit pestering Abilene businessmen after only one semester, and Glenda Gentry became Lawrence Smith's hope of keeping the Optimist out of the red. Other innovations this year were Dr. Reginald Westmore- land's becoming faculty advisor of the paper and the discontinuation of the April Fool edition, the Pessimist after the controversial 1961 edition. After winning first place in Texas Intercollegiate Press Association in 1961, the Optimist went through the school year as the top ranking member of the as- sociation, always striving for the elusive All-American rating. 1n H 't V ml m t. H u Charles Smith Editor-4Spring Semester TIMIS Fire-breathing editor Smith promised more scope in the second semester Optimist, whereupon the news- paper initiated a scathing denunciation of the John Birch Society. The Optimist however, remained rela- tively conservative, not endorsing the ADA or Eleanor Roosevelt and not denouncing the Committee on Un- American Activities or William F. Buckley. A casualty of the year was the "Aiterthought" column which stepped on some toes and was con- sidered "not worth it" on the campus, although its sage observations were reprinted in at least two other col- lege newspapers. Generally though, the weekly paper tried to tread easily, knowing that the crx could fall, but hoping it wouldn't. James Butts Editor-Fall Semester Ianelle Campbell Circulation Manager David Spradlin Sports Editor Luna Coker Business M anager Jim Ridgeway, Photographer; John Clark. 2nd Semester Assistant; Not pictured: Joe Temple- ton, Ist Semester Assistant. LEFT TO RIGHT: Indy Iohnson, Lynda Bell, Gail Stephens, Neva Morgan, Marilyn Boss, Mary Jackson. Dan Witt Sandra Leske Linda Eubank Margaret Davis President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Inpsyders Psychology becomes increasingly popular and val- uable everyday. The InPSYders realizing this fact worked to further their increasing usefulness. It was the aim of the club to help build useful, Christian citi- zens, and perhaps give its members the ability to assist themselves and others in meeting life's problems in a better way. The InPSYders had the largest membership ever in 1961-62. Perhaps it was this increase which enabled Mr- William FIYeI Dr- Max Leach them to win First Place in the Homecoming display 590mm Sponsor contest in Departmental Club Division. Each fall and spring InPSYders took a field trip to broaden their knowledge in the psychological area. Various programs were held with speakers ocnd panels presenting beneficial programs. Leta Albritton Sharon Allen Clyde Austin Mary Austin Judy Bentley Ted Bolt Sam Bratley Brent Buchanan Jackie Bums Vicky Chapman Pat Choate Carolyn Crenwelge 148 Carol Crosland Bobby Ioe Davis Janice Eubcmks Pat Gilbert Darla Gloif Ian Herxen Brenda Lewis Mary Livingston Linda Langford John Lye Linda Morris Iim Province Murphy Rhoades Helen Subry Roland Sundling Judi Strange Pat Swindell' Stove: Taylor Betty Troupe- Linda Troupe Monty Wade Jim Yates Sandra West Mary Wills Lunelle Witt Mona Witt Wanda Wylie 149 Benny Dougcm and Jimmy Roberts pro- vide hilarity at hulf-time. .q x A'ex Wx em , hVCNWeA xx N .mxxxxe n'z g'tg Niteetvg . . t J .sxxxvtv , xex e e xxxen xxsx e defies gravity- 1px 143V 7: V 3 54 Va Flying Cats Expert at everything from trampoline work to tumbling on mats, and from work on the high bar to the high-flying rings, the Flying Cats were under the capable leadership of Jimmy Roberts. Flying Cats showed their high degree of skill at many of the half times shows during the basketde season. TOP: lack Triplett. Iimmy Roberts, Richard Howe, Clown: Stu Childers. BOTTOM: Frank Folgelson. Mike McGuire, Mike Baker, Ioe McClung. Mutmtl t FIRST ROW: Ray Coleman, Gary Lenscott, Ccu'en Cowen, Icme Giles, Iim Ridgeway, Bobby Woods, Bill Green, Jerry Bowers, David Griffin, Sidney Clemmer. Larry LaMott. SECOND ROW: Jimmy Gallow. Doug Rankin, Larry Dotson, Vernon Cross, Dr. Lowell Perry, Sponsor. KACC KACC, the "Voice of Abilene Christian Col- lege," is the campus radio station, comparable in function to any commercial radio station anywhere in the country. The broadcasting day of the station begins at 9:55 a.m., when the station broadcasts the first chapel service. The station then signs off until 5:00 p.m., when it presents at variety of music, news, and weather until midnight. During special events on the campus such as the building of the Homecoming bonfire, the Homecoming events themselves, and Lectureship, KACC is "on the scene." with a complete rundown of the hap- penings. Open to all students of the college who are interested in learning the workings of a radio station, many previous KACC workers are now in top positions with radio and television sta- tions in Abilene and across the nation. rytaujltw m FIRST ROW: Glyn Warwick, George Murphy, Sue Rummell. SECOND Iayleta Glaze, Sarah Yarborough. Bob Anderson, Leon Valentine, ROW: Robert Barrett, Gail Starr, Vic Hunter, Iudy DePore, David Lewis Fulks, Ann Ross, Donna Lee Rankin, Leonard Boyle. Young, Ronnie M. Bude, DiAnn L'Roy, Tommy Davis. THIRD ROW: Melpomeneans Melpomenean Players is a merit organi- zation which represents rdrama: on the ACC campus. Apprenticeship in this organization is granted to any student who wishes to work on major productions. When c: member partici- pates in three major dramas in two different fields, he is accorded full membership. These members then have the main responsibility in acting and production crews. Their purpose is to further theater activities on the campus of ACC. 152 Pi Kappa Delta Devoted to the furtherance of the speech craftse principally debat$-Pi Kappa Delta is the National Speech Intercollegiate debate experience determines membership. Sponsoring Abilene Christian College Speech Festival is the annual project. Ed Brown, Sponsor; Terrell Reagan, Vice-President: Bob Coleman, President; Bobby Smith, Secretary Treasurer. UH HLIUIiLaLlu-lpl , M, n "571 W FRONT ROW: Ed. M. Brown, Carmen Cowan, lune Goosby. Bob Coleman. BACK ROW: Iohn Ferguson, Lynn Nelson. Ronnie Roberts, Gary Wallace, James Bryant. SPEECH THERAPY CLUB FIRST ROW: Iune Daniels, Larry Bristo. Jenny Skaggs, Mrs. Clevenger. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Mc Ginty, Linda Berry, once Brown, Sharon Leake, Darlene Heinrich. : 153 Arizona Club Composed of students from the picturesque Grand Canyon state, the Arizona Club was organized this year for the purpose of having fun, fellowship, and representation on the campus of ACC from this beau- teous and colorful section of the Old Southwest. Regular meetings, parties, and banquets were on the agenda for the year, including the Purple and White Party in Tucson during the Christmas holidays. The crowning even of the school year was winning the first place award in the geographical club 'division of the Homecoming displays. The award winner was a tough ACC Wildcat "orienting" or booting a McMurry Indian from Abilene to the Orient, passing through Arizona en route. Welcoming new Arizona students on campus, pro- viding a nucleus for a greater Arizona Alumni Associa- tion, and instilling interest in future students and par- ents in ACC are included in the goals of the members. OFFICERS: Bud May, Representative; Don Lewis, Presi- dent; Gary Burger, Vice President; and Sherilyn Smith. Secretary. KNEELING: Ed Coats, Gary Burger. Linda Adrian, Frances Autrey, Coats, Bud May, David Little. STANDING: Don Lewis, Larry Little, Brenda Iones, Sherilyn Smith, Beverly Inman, Carolyn Gates, Carolyn Barbara Cooper, Fred Austin, Phillip Austin, Iohn Little, Sponsor. 154 International Club ;WIM':,:$M msm-WEI-vp. e ..!v, SEATED: Mrs. C. C. McDermett, Catherine Hoover, Geneva Porterfield, Lye, Duke Jung, Felix Bravo. Gholi Dazeshori, George Yue. THIRD Hilary Pitt, Nancy Cunningham. Claire Pitt, Mary Morten, Elsbeth ROW: Doug Pitt, Dave Toews. Henri Doublet, Dr. I. W. Treat. Sponsor; Sautter. SECOND ROW: John Lau, Ian Burgin, Tadao Kakusho. John Walter Sautter. Byrong Chun Huh. Those students on campus whose original homes are in foreign countries and those students from the United States who have traveled abroad or have a cosmopolitan outlook compose the International Club. Friendships are encouraged among club members through recreational activities and discussions on the various countries represented. Also, the club attempts to promote a better understanding between the foreign students and those of the United States, and to cause the former to feel "at home" while they live in the United States, and especially while they are at ACC. 155 LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Beth Harland, Treasurer; Mary Carter, Secretary; Dotty Whitefield, Vice President: Sharon Falkner, President: Janice Filbeck, Reporter. 156 +4 FIRST ROW, Ueit to righn: Ann Watson, Linda Denson, Ann Faubus, Deannie Allen, Donna Lee Rankin, Janice Lebow, Glenda Nelson. Donna Wood, Patsy Mcmsker. Liz Ellis, Iocm Lucado. Ian Sutter- white, Judy Warren. SECOND ROW: Virginia Reynolds, Nancy Gough, Carolyn Luflerty. Betty Vaughn, Bobbye Moon, Sherry Price, Linda Isgikt. Gae Hollifield. Ginny Smith, Sallye Hartt, Ruby Beak- ley, Judy Walker, Martha chrmth, Judy Marriott. THIRD ROW: Linda Farrell, Iunice Roberts, Gae Hickman, Carolyn Scott. Judy Scott, Deanna Drenncm, Claudia Chambers, Melissa Starnes, Suzanne Davis, Kay Iackson. Liz Mitchell, Iane Carter, Indy Stewart. Brenda Iones. FOURTH ROW: Gail Chom, Peggy Webb, Carolyn Hunt, Carolyn Cambell, Sylvia Wilmeth, Anita Brown, Kay Walker, Marilyn Hermann, Sue Ann Arrington. Sharon r-bI'OI v , - -.M4: 1 Key, Iody Treat, Ianie Breaux, Dianne Damron. Sandy Martin. Muify Campbell. FIFTH ROW: Paula Bray, Marilyn Colby, once Young. Nancy Guggolz, Marcie Winger, Nell Brown, Donna McFar- land, Judy Johnson, Betty Gayle Wilson, Nancy Coffmczn, Sarah Offutt. Jane Kerr, Mary Dee McArmur, Jenny Rogers, Lou Parkinson. SIXTH ROW: Linda McPhaul. Sue Swain, Darla Glofi. Sarah Baird, Kathy Atkins, Janis Hickerson, Iunie Shuler, Janice Walters, Pat Taylor, Martha Holden, Gayla Geiger, Jan Cothran, Karen Trimbell, Barbara Shanks, Kay Graham. SEVENTH ROW: Reggie Leather- wood, Wanda Ryals, Betty Shulk, Kay McCorkle. Icm Wallace. Marilyn Caldwell, Dean Hayes, Dorothy Bryan, Janet Bailey, Dana Gray. Pam Muense. Joan Manor, Cookie Martin, Harriet Wray, Jan Vaughn. Kitten Klub Pep and enthusiasm made the Kitten Klub vivid at every home football and basketde game. Over one hundred co-eds proudly wore the purple and white uniforms. 157 158 Rodeo Club Membership in Rodeo Club was open to all those who had an active interest in rodeos and in rodeo stock. At club meetings, the main agenda for discus- sion was the planning of the annual spring rodeo, which was open not only to members of the club, but to C111 who wanted to participate. Hensley, Ronny Patterson. Iim Moss. Randy FRONT ROW: Frank Fuhrlander, Robert Malone, Gerald Silk, Ioe McClung. BACK ROW: Ray Capps. lack McKay. Bill Dennis Jimmy White Larry Vick Dale Castleman President Vice President Secretary-Treasurer Sponsor Sample Case Sitters Sample Case Sitters are students who sell Bibles each summer to help pay for school expenses. With the common bond of experience, problems, and en- couragement, the sitters work diligently throughout the year to improve their salesmanship methods. A fall banquet to award summer prizes is a highlight of the year. Paul CIider Jimmy Akers Kirk Castlemcm Alvis Golightly Phil Elkins Ed Emmons Benny Dougan Michael Foxtson Ronnie Hitchcock Norman Jefferson Jim Kisselburgh Roger McMurry David Phemistex Iim nguel Phil Summerlin Marine Wolf Donald Ioe Wright Charles Yates Tom Bedichek Henry McGinty Secretary Professional Adviser Paul Schulze Treasurer Phil McCoy Chuck Matlack 2nd Vice-Ptesident Ist Vice-President KW U1 V417, Q Vx II y l W 25: WW Rickey Schmidt President Dub Berry Frazier Conley Paul Wallace Donald Ioe Wright WT .jz; Riley Suit Ronnie Black Steve Small Mike Matherly 160 David Balch 0. K. Reynolds Professional Adviser Bill McClure Faculty Adviser Alpha Phi Omega exemplified the principles of eadership, friendship, and service." The New Zeta apter extended their services during Freshman rientcrtion, Homecoming activities, and Lecture- 'p, as well as responding to numerous appeals. Climcrx of the Chapter's activities was the an- al spring Installation Banquet. Membership is open to any who sincerely de- re to serve others. . lpha Phi Omega Ronnie Broadfoof Grady Wilkinson John Todd Boy Shake Faculty Adviser I. W. Roberts Faculty Adviser Garvin Beauchcunp Chairman of Advisors Iames Curry Glen Anderson Roger Kuchn Earl Clevenger Faculty Advisor Bob Iackson 161 Circle K is a service organization for college men. With the motto "We build," Circle K furnishes opportunity for college men by giving a means for the same type of leadership in a college community which service clubs are giving in the business and professional world. This year the ACC chapter led the Texas-Oklahomcr District of Circle K Clubs, with Ron Wright as Governor of the District. Many service projects on a community level, as well as on the college level, were sponsored by the club. Highlights of the year were the sale of campus calendars, various socials, and the trip to the District Convention at Lubbock. Each year new members are selected from qualified applicants. huvitation for membership is based on moral character, scholastic standing, bleadership ability, and evidence of a genuine desire to be of service. Circle K BLOOD DONOR 1157 Errol McGuixe and John Wilkerson are on hand to see that the present Circle K project of filling the Abilene Christian College Blood Bank is climbing as it should. This is an example of the many worthwhile projects sponsered by the men of Circle K. Ralph Bates Gary Chumbly Stanton Calvert McGregor Cauthen Sidney Clemmer Carl Couch Carl Day 4m TEXASOKLAHOMA DISTRICT OFFICERS Hon Wright Charles Groves Dan Jordan Governor Corresponding Secretary Treasurer LOCAL OFFICERS Errol McGuire George Reese Tom Boat Lawrence Watson President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Larry Evans Ronald Fletcher Don Herring Don McCollum Dave Merrell Frank Miller Jim Nelson Paul Vickery Gerald Watson Iohn Wilkerson 163 Kay Allen Gaye Bankhead Marty Caner Edna Dallas Judy Kennamer Elaine Woods President Vice. President Ecrch girl in the Campus Service Organization unselfishly dedicated much time and energy to make Homecoming, Lectureship, the annual ACC Speech Festival, High School Day, and benevolent drives each c: success. Judy Alsobrook Eula Iecm Ash Judith Brennan 'fe m v .J, ' k 1 Ginger Coffmcm Lana Coker Iune Daniels Mary Jim Davis Elaine Plate Secretary Virginia Bruck Linda Comer Triena Dotson Martha Roberson Treasurer Becky Purcell Chairman Breakfast meetings in Catchings Cafeteria pro- vided the girls with opportunity for organization in preparation for their services. Breakfast was served outdoors at the end of the year, and officers for the following year are elected. Campus Service Organization Paula Bray Linc: Comer Ann Cotton Meredith Dove Glenda Fowler Carolyn Gaines Darla Gloff LaVoyne Huskins Brenda Henderson Avanelle Hill Martha Holden Donna Holmes Norma Hughes Sharon Lauderdale Icmice Lebow Ruune Lester Janet Llewellyn DiAnn L'Roy .7", ,. 'Lnn'f F Q Donna McCall Barbara McMennamy Kay Maples Elaine Mickey Glenda Nelson Norma Olhausen Lchmda Osborn d: L fl'iz ' May Ann Peeples Ian Pounds Rheucmna Robinson Terry Roach Ioella Rose Edwina Schnieder Kids: 4,7 L Sue Smith Zenna Smith Melissa Stames Betty Shulk Brenda Terry Peggy Thompson Iocm Titlow Dotty Whitefield Barbara Woodard Pat Wynne Sarah Yarbrough Baseball Tennis Badminton Golf Intramurals Sports; Editor: ANN Intrdipurals Editor If-ARRISH RAY MILLER 167 JQbilge'ne Christian ' . ' East Texas Abilene Christian , Howard Payne Abilene Christian Lamar Tech Abileher Chxisticm , Hardin-Simmbns - Abilgne. Christian 0' Memphis State ' LAbilene' Christian 6- Misgzscughgm .5$3i1$he Christian :, .3.. Aangigwn .. , a I . " ' . Fresno Sim? ' mm a. . Halfbcck ELGIN CONNEH gained an outstanding record dun'ng the season in iield goals and in kicking for exira points. "Golden Toe" Conner at- tempted 11 extra points and made 6. In an at- tempted 6 field goals Conner converted three. 5', WHEq-ER '1 Following last game of the season Les Wheeler, a former Little All-Americcm ctt ACC and member of the College Coaching staff since the spring of 1956, was named new head football coach. He was appointed upon the resigna- tion of N. L. hNicM Nicholson. Wheeler is the ninth head football coach in ACC history since the Wildcats began playing intercollegiate football in 1919. Coach Wheeler, Golden Toe and Some Cats Hit the Road Jesse Harwell um, Glenn Thornton mm, and Charles McCook 0D hit the road! 169 mm. m5 Football Staff Abilene Christian College's four-mcm football coaching staff pictured above all compiled outstanding collegiate football records. Left to right are Offensive Backfield Coach Jerry Mullins, Defensive Backfield Coach Jimmy Hirth, Line Coach Les Wheeler and Head Coach N. L. Wicm Nicholson. Nicholson is a 1948 graduate of Rice Institute where he earned All-Southwest Conference guard honors in 1945. He also was a member of Rice's 1947 Orange Bowl championship team. Nick's six-yecu' record at the ACC coaching helm is 28 wins, 30 losses and one tie. 170 J"? n m" "M. - I ,7 Seniors Seven senior Wildcats fight their final season of gridiron battles at Abilene Christian College this fall. Kneeling left to right are Denson Moody QD. Bill Bryant ME and Don Davis MSL Standing are Bobby Towery 05L Glenn Willinghcun aim, John Fletcher Um and Dub Munis 06L Trainers Hard work is the motto of these behind-the-scenes men. From bottom to top are Trainer Jimmy Roberts, Assistant Trainer Bill Roberts, Assistant Manager Icy Gregg at top left, and Manager Paul Branson. They spend countless hours in the training room taping ankles and tending to injuries, and in the equipment room keeping unitorms clean and equipment in top shape. 171 BOTTOM ROW: 25 Charles Brandon FB, 62 Don Bennett G, 42 Bubba Brown HB, 41 Troy Scruggs. 10 Larry Gibson QB, 22 Bill Brycmt RH, 20 Guy Welch RH, 30 Glenn Thornton C, 40 Gary Welch LH, 54 Dickie Taylor, 24 Joe Paty HB, 44 B. A. Honey HB. SECOND ROW: Coach Jerry Mullins, 35 Jim Dale HB, 81 Don DeMore E. 86 Bob Estes, 68 Glenn Willingham LG, 71 Wren Dillard RT, 14 Dee Keller QB, 12 Buddy Hawls LH, 21 Denson Moody RH, 45 Don Davis QB, 23 Duane Hale PB, 11 Charles McCook QB. THIRD ROW: Head Coach N. L. Nicholson, 54 Eddie Anderson C, 65 Jerry Smith RG. 82 Danny Fry RE, 78 Jimmy Dennis T, 61 Iack Griggs LG, 72 Iohn Fletcher LT, 64 Bucky Bishop T, 75 Bobby Towery RT. 77 Marvin Burgess LT, 86 Larry Masters RE, 84 Arthur Weiss LE, Coach Les Wheeler, Couch Jimmy Hirth. FOURTH ROW: Jerry Turner 1601, A. M. Dycus 1801, Aubie Terry 1501, Gary Cohn 1881, James Pope 1831, Jim Wallis 1821, Robert Birchum 1701, Tommy Murray 1511, Thayne McKnight 1431, Dickie Masters 1341, Leo Owens 1531, Dub Manis 1761, Roger Orrell 1671, Delbert Wilson 1661, Jesse Harwell 1851. FOOTBALL HISTORY "Credit goes to G. C. Morlan 1retired head of De- partment of Education1 for educating our people about athletics," said President Jesse P. Sewell 11912-19291. Sewell was not opposed to football especially, but a number of supporters of the school strongly opposed the sport. By 1917-1918 Sewell reversed his position on "match games with ouside teams." The first football club was formed in 1919. ACC compiled c: 2-2-0 the first season record. Russell Lewis, professor of education, was coach his senior year, 1921. A. B. Morris made his entrance at ACC in 1924, Coach Morris became athletic director after 37 years of service to ACC. Football was resumed in 1946, after three seasons of suspension. Head Coach A. M. 1Tonto1 Coleman added Garvin Beauchamp and Oliver Jackson to his staff. Coleman left in 1950. Beauchamp was elected to head coach and in 1956 he resigned to become Dean of Students. N. L. Nicholson then took the reins. 172 Football - 1961 Traveling Squad BOTTOM ROW: Elgin Conner. Don Davis, Aubie Terry, Eddie Anderson, Dee Keller, Thane McKnight, John Fletcher, Gary Welch, A. M. Dycus, Glen Willinghcxm, Wren Dillard, Guy Welch, Ioe Paty, Don DeMore, Denson Moody, Jimmy Roberts, Bill Bishop. SECOND ROW: Charlie Bottoms, Leo Owens, Robert Birchum, Dub Manis, Delbert Wilson, James Pope, Iesse Harwell, Tommy Mur- ray. Iimmy Dennis. Jerry Turner, Dick Masters, Gary Cohn. Dcm Fry, Charles McCook, Ierry Gibson, chck Griggs, Paul Branson, Duane Hale, Buddy Rawls, Bill Bryant. THIRD ROW: N. L. Nicholson, Les Wheeler. Fullback Dickie Masters 630 is downed by one of the McMurry tribe, as Jerry Smith $9, Jerry Gibson um and Eddie Anderson 60 throw blocks. And the Wildcats Fought . . . Wildcat quarterback Don Davis 0150 fights for that extra yard. Tackle Ien'y Turner mm lunges at an opponent. "Come to Daddy" haliback Denson Moody QD begs as he leaps m grab the ball in mid-air. .00... .0. ACC opened the football season losing a heart- breaker to the Lions of EAST TEXAS STATE 16-14. Quarterback Dee Keller pushed over from the one yard line for the final tally for the Wildcats with three minutes remaining in the game. But the Cats could not regain possession of the ball again and finished the game on the short end of the score. ACC employed a field goal, safety and touchdown to defeat HOWARD PAYNE'S Yellow Jackets 11-7. Key play of the game for the Wildcats was a 63 yard scoring gallop by half- back Thayne McKnight on the opening play of the second half. Scoring for the night was completed by a 39 yard field goal by the Golden Toe of halfback Elgin Conner in the first quarter and a safety late in the third quarter when a swarm of Wildcats crushed a Yellow Jacket in the end zone. LAMAR TECH quarterback Windell Herbert and a fizzling ACC offense were the key factors in this 25-10 defeat by the Gulf Coast Cardinals. Harris riddled the ACC secondary with pin-point aeriais which resulted in two clutch touchdowns. ACC scored first on a 48 yard scamper by halfback Denson Moody, but could not hang on for the victory. The only other Wildcat scoring was a 28 yard fieldgoal by "Goldentoe" Con- ner. ACC drew first blood in its West Coast clash with FRESNO STATE, but the Bulldogs marked the tally sheet most of ten to clip the Wildcats 21-7. A recovered tumble in the second quarter set up the only ACC touchdown, a three yard slant by quarter- back Don Davis. The lead was short-lived as the Western power house stormed to two second quarter tallies and one more in the fourth to continue on its way to an undefeated season. The Wildcats squeezed success from frustration with a 17-15 victory over ARLINGTON'S Rebels. At the half, the cats were in the lead 14-0; the Rebs overcame this disadvantage to surge ahead 15-14. It proved to be wasted effort as "Goldentoe" Conner booted a 42 yard field goal with 18 seconds remaining to eke out the victory. In the HARDIN-SIMMONS clash, the Purple and White completely dominated the game with a 27-0 victory over the Cowboys. This was the first time in the history of ACC and H-SU to meet on the football field. ACC came on strong in the last quarter against an inept Cowboy eleven. This was H-SU's seventeenth straight loss. The mighty Tigers of MEMPHIS STATE extended their string of victories with a 35-0 win over the Wildcats. Twice the fighting but over-mcrtched Wild- cats threatened to cross the double stripe only to be stopped. The deepest ACC assaults into Tiger terri- tory were to the 15 and 6 yard lines. ACC suffered an overwhelming 33-6 defeat at the hands of MISSISSIPPI SOUTHERN. Halfback Bill Bryant personally accounted for the lone Wildcat tally, mov- ing the ball the last thirty-one yards for the score on two consecutive plays late in the fourth quarter. It was a lost cause by this time as the Southland power- house ripped the ACC defenders for five touchdowns. Strildng for 19 points in the final quarter, ACC trounced the Tigers 33-15. A brilliant 82 yard scoring pass from quarterback Don Davis to End Gary Cohn ignited the Fireworks. McMURRY'S powerful Indians struck for two touch- downs and an extra point before the Wildcats even lighted up the board. Then the Tribe drove on to a 33-28 victory over ACC for Abilene's first intercollegiate football Championship. Hampered by the lack of spirit that fell throughout the first part of the game, the Wild- cats were unable to bounce back for a victory. ACC rallied late in the last half with a 91 yard run by Thayne McKnight for a touchdown. Duane Hale t23i and Iesse Harwell f85i head off the ball carrier as Dub Manis t76i. Delbert Wilson t66i and A. M. Dycus t80i rush in to assist in the tackle. Guard Jack Griggs tSD and end Gary Cohn t88i prepare to stop quarterback Ronnie Wright of Lamar Tech. Wildcat halfback Bill Bryant i22i carries the ball for the Purple and White as Fullback Charles Brandon t25i throws a block. Center Aubie Terry tSOl and guard Leo Owen t53i plow a path for Bryant. 175 1961-62 Basketball Iim Womack. G: Ed Gums, G; Wayne Shamblin. F-G: Larry Rogers, P; Gene Lamb, F; Put Varsity Squad Agnew, C; Louis Stone, C: Jim Reynolds, F: Dave Kent. P; David Wheeler, G: Doug Beaty, G; Bill Wilbcmks. G. 178 Coach Nutt discusses the next game with his boys. Coach Nutt COACH NUTTethe most illustrious cage alumnus in the history of ACC climaxed cr brilliant career when he was named to the NAIB All-Americcm team his senior year. During his four years at ACC, he made 1,143 points in 89 contests. Nutt was named All-Texas Conference forward for three years and received hon- orable mention in his freshman year. He was named the most valuable player in the Texas Conference after sparking the Wildcats to their second undisputed basketde title in his sophomore year. Coach Nutt came to ACC from Clifton, Arizona, where he was named to the all-state team as a forward. The Wild- cat coach took over his present position in 1955. Be fore coming to ACC, he played with the Artesia, New Mexico Travelers of the National Industrial Basket- ball League. . . . and his boys Kandid-Kat Kuts "Will He make it?" The big question as Wayne Shamblin mm tries for a free shot. Ballet or Basketball?? Pat Agnew MM. Larry Rogers CSZL and a McMurry Indian get into C! little tangle over the ball. "Shall We dance?", says Louis Stone mm to Pat Agnew MID, as Ed Gattis QED, Larry Rogers Kim and a couple of McMurry Indians wait for their chance to cut in. o 1': Dave Kent and Wayne Shamblin watch as Jim Reynolds leaps for the ball. h R IIM REYNOLDS, 6'5" Pueblo. Colo.. Sophomore, is C: starting forward t for the Purple and White. Reynolds established college Frosh " t 1 records last year of 41 points in a single game, 308 points in a 1 season, and 25.7 points per game. VI! ,,4 Co-captain of the '61-'62 Wildcat squad was Frankston senior WAYNE SHAMBLIN, who is adept at both forward and guard posi- tions. Shumblin was the only returning starter on this year's team. ED GATTIS. co-captain for the Cats, is a 6'2" senior from Morton. Gcttis was handicapped last year by a knee injury. Sophomore guard IIM WOMACK, 5'10" quley chemistry student does some fast dribbling. LARRY ROGERS, 6'4" junior forward from Twin Falls. Ida.. stretches for the basket. Rogers is a transfer from Lubbock Christian College where he was named to the Western Iunior Col- lege' All-Conierence team. Fort Worth Center LOUIS STONE, 6'5" sophomore reaches for the ball. PAT AGNEW, 6'6" Rising Star sophomore fell heir to the Wild- cat pivot position. DOUG BEATY 5'10" sophomore guard from Abilene, demonstrates his ACC dribble. Bloomington. Indiana forward, DAVE KENT, 6'4" junior shoots from mid- court. Moving in for a lay-up shot is GENE LAMB. 6'6" Wylie iorwurd. Lamb is a junior. Belton junior, BILL WIL- BANKS, 5'10" guar d, works down court. 182 ' Sonny Gardner, G; Charles Ivey, G; Iohn Lowry. F; Charles Kent, F; Steven Molnar, F; Iim Morgan, C Iuck Pitts. G: Iohn Curry. G; Ken McCoy. G. Freshman Basketball Squad Frosh basketball coach, Haskell 1Hack1 Sinclair. led his thirteen boys in twelve season games in which they faced "B" teams and Junior Colleges. This was Coach Sinclair's second year as Wildcat Frosh team coach. Last year's Wildkitten team finished with an 8-4 record. Captains of the 1981-62 team were Jim Morgan. 8'4" center from Dumas, and Charles Ivey. 5'11" guard from Eula. : Ronnie Pruitt, F; DeWain Rhoads, F: 183 E13 fquexas; edy ...... U ' - ' .. .. : .. Apnl 14 nongulhr'AEGMM .............. . w . ' , . 7. km ....................... -Philadelpha. La. ' .w -' a ,1?- . 7 .... ........... Brownwood .7 ee He x1co ..:.;. Albuquerque.N M. - B VeglgetE Ghmnpionshig ,, . . , . . . . Houston W "A ' ' ' " w Hauston V - . K t ARTHUR JOHNSON, Orlando, Fla. sprinter, was captain of the 1962 Freshman track squad. Sydney, Australia, captain of the 1962 varsity track squad. 1 4- E,,,' '1 Abilene Christian College first competed in inter- collegiate truck and field events on April 17, 1922, when 0' small Wildcat team met Simmons College tnow Hardin-SimmonsJ and Howard Payne in Ct triangular meet at the Old West Texas Fair Grounds. ACC won three individual titles. Since that first meet, ACC track men have become internationally recognized. Five Wildcats have competed on foreign tracks. In 1934, Howard Green set a Japanese 400- meter dash record of 48.8. Olympic sprint champion Bobby Morrow toured New Zealcmd and Australia on cm undefeated team in 1955 before his Olympic tri- umphs in 1956 in Melbourne. Sprinter James Segrest was or member of the USA squad which met Russia in Moscow in 1958. Bill Woodhouse won 13 of 13 sprint races in European countries in the summer of 1959. Earl Young helped the USA set Ct world lGOO-meter relay record of 3:022 at the Rome Olympics last sum- mer. He also competed with the 1961 USA team in dual meets vs. Russia, Germany, England and Poland. ACC was named the best all-around relay team in the nation for 1961. Coach Jackson's Wildcats tied their own world record of 1:226 for the 880-yard relay last season and on three occasions set new national collegiate records for the mile relcry 63:08.9, 3207.9, 3:07.61. Track and Field News ranked ACC first in the nation last year with 34 points. King Track Reigns Supreme on the Hill JOHN LAWLER, NCAA SDUOemeter steeplechase champion from 185 186 Important relay man BUD WHITE 1above1 as a freshman set marks of 9.7 and 21.0 in the sprints, and 54.1 for the 400-meter hurdles, a school freshman record. White is a Dumas junior. DENNIS RICH. ARDSON highn was last year's Texas Relay 100-yard dash cham- pion in 9.6. In this same meet, Richardson also helped the Wildcats tie their own record for the 880-yard relay, running the second 220. One of the nation's top fresh. stars in 1960. he was unde- feated at 220 ycu'ds and his 9.6 and 20.8 were third best among ireshmen oi the nation. His sprint marks are still Wildcat kosh records. These are world records set or tied by ACC track- men and other world relay marks which they helped to establish. 10.2 by Bobby Morrow tied world 100-meter mark on May 19. 1956. 20.6 by Morrow tied unofficial world 200-meter mark knound one tum1 on June 16, 1956, June 30, 1956, and Nov. 27, 1956. 1:240 by Don Conder, Bill Woodhouse, Imes Segrest and Morrow tied marks for 880-yard relay on May 26, 1956. 39.5 by Morrow anchored USA relay team set new re- lay record on Dec. 1, 1956. 40.2 by Waymond Griggs, Woodhouse, Segrest and Morrow tied 440-yard relay marks kaound two turns1 on April 6, 1957. 39.9 by Griggs, Woodhouse, Segrest and Morrow tied 440-ycud relay mark wround one tu.m1 on May 11, 1957. 9.3 by Morrow tied world 100oyurd dash marks on June 16, 1957. 39.7 by Griggs, Woodhouse, Segrest. George Peterson and Morrow set new 880-yard and 800-meter relay marks wround three turns1 on May 31, 1958. 9.3 by Woodhouse tied world 100-ycn'd dash mark on Mcry 5, 1959. 3:05.6 by USA relay team with Earl Young nmning sec- ond leg set new 1600-meter relay mark on Aug. 12. 1960. 3:022 by USA relay team with Young running second leg set new 1600-meter relay mark on Sept. 8, 1960. 1:22.6 by Calvin Cooley, Dennis Richardson, Bud Clan- ton and Young set new 880-yaId and 800-meter re- lay mark erund four turns1 on April 7, 1961. EARL YOUNG is an NCAA All-American quartermiler and Olympic gold medalist. During '61 competition in Europe, his most important victory was a 46.5 win over Germany's Manfred Kinder in a 400- meter race; Kinder finished ahead 01 Young in the Olympic games. Young was the youngest U.S. trackman to win a gold medal at the Home Games. Young earned 1960 world ranking of 8th by Track and Field News in the 440-yard dash and was ranked 6th in 1961. Captain IOHN LAWLER ran the mile in 4:05.9 at the California Relays last year, the fastest mile ever recorded by an athlete com- peting for a Texas college. His 4:05.53 was also the fastest mile clocked by an Australian in 1961. He was selected to the 1961 NCAA All-Americcm track and field team after winning the NCAA steeplechase in meet record time of 53:01.1. He came in fourth in the NAAU steeplechase with a 9:12.6 and won the Penn Relays title in record time o! 9:142. DENIS MOORE was Penn Relays two-mile champ in 1961 with a 55:06.4. He holds four all-time ACC distance records-8256.0 for two miles. 13:56.2 for three miles, 14:22.6 for 5000 meters and 30:19.6 for six miles. Moore is a Sydney, Australia junior. ACC relay man, ELVIS ISTRE, Baytown junior, hcxd best relay legs of 48.2, 1:525 and 3:04.53. His 1:52.5 came as ACC set a Texas Relay record of 9:515 ior the distance medley relay. and he ran 3:043 for the 1320 on the distance medley at the Penn Relays. He xan 1253.4 to help set a school two-mile relay record of 7:42.6. Istre is holder of ACC fresh records of 1252.4 for 800 meters. m W, l, H .VIU WW II JERRY MILLER, Bowie sophomore. two-time state class ZA ZZO-yard dash champion and winner of the 100-yard title in 1960. Miller did not compete last spring after transferring irom Texas Christian. He was named to the 1860 All-State team. JAMES BLACKWOOD, Abilene junior. made a comeback in 1961 after c: freshman illness which held him to a 2:02.13. His 1:53.2 leadoff halfmile at the Penn Relays was his best effort for 1961. He set a personal record for the open 880 of 1:533 at the Gulf Coast MU, the fastest open hall by a Wildcat for the year. MIKE SMITH. 220-yard-chumpion in 1960 as a Seminole senior, was hindered by leg injuries as a freshman. Now as a sophomore his pre-seuson best in the 220 was 21.2. GEORGE FRENN, freshman field event man, prepares for the big meet. SOPHOMORE BOBBY HARGRAVE was the open 2-mile champ at the 1961 North Texas Relays in 9239.0 and was the nation's twelfth ranked freshman-Iunior College miler last year. His 1:54.4 and 11:12.2 are new ACC freshman standards. Hurgmve ran a 1252.2 in anchoring the Wildcat freshmen sprint medley relay team at the Texas Relays last year. He was class 3A state champion and All-State halfmiler in 1960 with a meet record time of 1:56.1. 189 aw. AlMe Olympic gold medalist and NCAA All-American quartermiler, EARL YOUNG, is shown during the '61 season following his summer Roman triumph. In the upper left comet, Young hits the tape in 23:07.9 us mile relay anchor man at the Texas Relays. Below left he was clocked at 40.1 in the 440-yard relay at San Angelo. Below right, Young anchors the mile relay in 13:07.6 at the Compton Invitational. Soph'more JERRY DYES, began the 1962 season by -ing named best cdl-cu'ound athlete at the South- estem Recreation meet in Ft. Worth. A natural ath- te, Dyes won the 1961 meet of Champions javelin row with 243' 6V2", his career record, and placed xth in the National AAU with 226' 1V2". Dyes was eligible last season after transferring from North- st Louisiana. He tossed the javelin 225' 1" as a eshmcm to take third place in the 1960 national fresh- an rankings. His 243' 6V2" toss ranked Dyes 11th in e 1961 U. S. list. Dyes has broad jumped 24': V2" in mpetition and won the 1960 national freshman ampionship in the hop, step and jump with c: 49' 134". e has done 50' 234" in the triple-jump event and he on the 1961 Gulf Coast AAU and Meet of Champions tle with a season best of 48' 0" at the latter. He has lso put the shot 51' 10" in practice. Dyes is from I eveport, Lcr. Billy Pemelton easily clears the bar. lIlIlIlll Jerry Dyes prepares to heave the iavelin. BILLY PEMELTON, winner of three state champion- ships in high school in the pole vault and low hurdles, vaulted 13' 6" as a freshman to tie for the Texas Relays freshman-junior college title and c1 share of the di- visional record. In 1960, the Texas Sportswriter Asso- ciation named him to the All-stcrte team as Ct pole vaulter. Pemelton vaulted 13' 6" twice last spring for a new ACC frosh record and covered the 220-yard low hurdles in 24.0 to win the Southwestern Recreation Meet freshman title. Robbie Fleet, former football player. threw the dis cus 151' 9V2", his personal best. He put the shot 45' 91 2". Robbie Fleet sends the discus far on its way. Meet Coach Oliver Jackson . . . Varsity track coach Oliver Jackson has been served in referee or honorary referee capacities at track coach since 1948 and is immediate past presi- the Texas Relays, Drake Relays, Southwestern Rec- dent of the National Collegiate Track Coaches reation Meet, West Texas Relays, Border Olympics, Association. Meet of Champions, Will Rogers Indoor Games, Last summer he was cm assistant coach for the and the Texas Interscholastic League Champion- United States team which met Russia, Germany, ships. He also directed the 1960 Fined Olympic England and Poland in European dual meets. Iack- Trials for women's track and field at Abilene. son handled the U.S. 400-meter relay team which His teams captured three of the first five No:- set a new world record of 39.1 in Moscow. tional Association of Intercollegiate Athletics Bobby Morrow and Eou'l Young. under the tNAII-D Championships. coaching of Jackson, have won four Olympic gold He directed this meet for four years cmd was medals since 1956 and had part in establishing named to the Helms Athletic Foundation NAIA four Olympic Games records. Coach Jackson's Track and Field Hall of Fame in 1955 for this work. boys, either individually or as members of relcry As a lecturer Jackson has instructed on track teams, have helped establish or tie world records cmd field at the 'Intemationcd Coaches Clinic, the on 15 occasions, 15 American records, 11 national Texas High School Coaching Association Clinic, collegiate records and three national freshman the New Mexico High School Coaches Association records. Clinic and the University of South Dakota Summer ACC honored Jackson in 1960 as its "out- School Practicum. He also directs his own track standing Alumnus of the year" for his achievement and field clinic at ACC each spring which draws in attaining the top of his profession. Jackson has about 200 coaches. 192 Bill McClure, freshman truck coach, assists coach Iackson with varsity track. He specializes in organiz- ing meets. McClure serves as clerk of the course at ACC's meets and was clerk of the course at the 1960 World-Wide Airforce Championships cmd Women's Olympic Trials on the ACC track. Under McClure the freshmen team has won 2 runner-up spots in the na- tional freshmen championships figured by Track and Field News in 1958 and 1960. ACC freshmen have won four national individual titles during this time- Iohn Lawler in the 2-mi1e cmd steeplechase, Hurdler Calvin Cooley and shot putter Ruyford McIlhcmey. Freshman Track FRESHMEN TRACK SCHEDULE March kSouthwestern Recreation Meet March 17-North Texas Relays Mccrch 24eTexas Tech, ACC March SleHowcurd County IC Meet April 6-7-Texas Relays April ZleLubbock Christian, Howard County IC, ACC May 5-Coffeyville I C Meet Ft. Worth Denton Abilene Big Spring Austin Abilene Coffeyville, Kans. 193 RICK PEDEN Gem of Loveland, Colo., had 11:43.0 as his best time in the mile in '61. ARTHUR IOHNSON, Orlando, Fla" sprinter has a best time of 48.4 in the quarter mile. Freshmen LYNN SAUNDERS, DENNIS CARRUTH and GARY BURGER are pictured in that order. Saundexs. Amarillo freshman is a quartebmiler. Carruth, oi Berger. was named to the 1961 Texas All-Stute team as a miler for a time 01 4223.0 Burger Arizona State 440 champion, had Cl season's best time in 61 of 49.7. Members of the 1962 Wildcat Baseball Squad are first row: Carpenter, Bob Kennedy and James Curry. THIRD ROW: Ed Mike Patterson, George Ezell. Marshall Clinkscales, Duncan Aaron, Coach Guy Scruggs, John Claybrook, Wayne Shamblin, Boyer, Mickey McCaleb and Rocky Rockwell. SECOND ROW: Rex Baugh and Ierry Prater. Gary McCaleb, Richard Patterson, Don Lewis, Todd Millet, Sam A worm's eye view of the baseball game. Baseball 195 Members of the 1961-62 tennis team are Couch Dwain Hart. Bob Hunter. Paul Kniffin, Iack Wilson, David Rix. Richard Bride, Tommy Boren and John White. warms-up for the big game. Tennis Members of the 1961-62 golf team are shown with their coach Joe Marshall at the municipal golf course. Members cn'e Charles Lycon. David Duncan, Ray Walker and John Curry. The Golfers Four . . . 197 198 Members of the 1961-62 badminton team are Betty Campbell, Sue Redford, Gary Verett, cmd Sherrol Smiih. Phil Savage Gayle Moore Marcella Porter Intramurals During the week a great many students gccther in the gym and on the practice field to participate in the intramural program. Intramurcds stress competition and teamwork, with an emphasis on physical, mental, social and emotional development of the individual participants. The intramural program for 1961-62 is under the supervision of Phil Savage, Gozyle Moore, Marcella Porter and Snooky Adams. Scoring for the intramural program is kept by a point-making system with each team receiving points for placing in the first three positions as well as for entering a particular activity. The teams having the highest number of points at the end of the intramural season cue awarded engraved plaques. ' ;; hegxxtan-xx Snooky Adams 199 Galaxy and frater Sodalis battle it out on the football field. Guys and Dolls Meet 0n the Field of Combat Iudy Ellison, Don Taylor, Charlie Brown and Der-Det Murdock get in practice for bowling intramurals. 200 CLASSES ass Officers Senior Class Graduate Students Junior Class SOPhomore Class Freshman Class In Memoriam 202 w nfu Senior Officers President: ROYCE SMITH Vice-President: PHIL DYE Secretary: PAULA BRAY AARON, EDWIN L. V Eastland, Texas Education Major SEA ALLEN. KAY Beeville, Tex. English Major K0 Io Kai. Vice- President SEA CSO Kitteh Klub Rodeo Club ANDERSON. DARRELL A. Plainview, Tex. Business Major ASH, JEAN EULA Desdemona, Tex. Education Major Eta Beta Pi CSO SEA . BOOTH, LLEWELLYN D. Great Falls, Mont. Chemistry Major 2. ADAMS, 11. LINDA ANN Seagoville. Tex. Education Major Pandora SEA Big Purple . ALLEN. LOU DAVID Merkel. Tex. Physics Major Knights . ANDERSON. GLENN R. Weatherford, Tex. Marketing Major Alpha Phi Omega B. A. Club Los Alegres InPsyders BAKER, HOMER O'NEAL Farmington, N. M. Education Major SEA Mabee Donn Council International Club A. P. O. Choralaires I4. BOREN, CHARLES G. Belton. Tex. Bible Major 3. ALLEN, IAN Temple, Tex. Agriculture Major SUB-T-16, Skipper Inter-Social Club Council . ALLEN, ROMA Abilene, Tex. Education Major . ABLEDGE. BOB Orange, Tex. Education Major Knights Kappa Delta Pi SEA Science Club Gulf Coast Club 12. BOLT. TED Junction. Tex. Bible Major 15. BOWNDS, GAY Beaumont. Tex. Home Economics Major 1. BARNS. ROGER L. Vernon, Tex. Social Science Major Knights SEA 6. BEAKLEY. BABY JEAN Brownwood, Tex. Education Major 12. BLACK, DON Colorado City, Tex. Accounting Major Prater Sodalis BA. Club 18. BRISTO. LARRY Lamesa, Tex. Speech Major SEA Speech Therapy 24. BRUNER. OVELLA Bowie, Tex. Education Major K0 Io Kai SBA 206 2. 13. 19. 25. BARRETT, ROBERT Ammillo. Tex. M6dem Language A Cappella Choraluixes Pickwickiuns Melpomenean Players Alpha Chi . BEARDEN. GERALD Lamesa, Tex. Agriculture Major Aggie Club Rodeo Club BOGGESS. ROBBIE inona, Tex. Education Major BROWN, AVA MARIE Texas City, Tex. English Major SEA Omega Rho Alpha Sigma Tau Delta Kappa Delta Phi Pickwickicms BRYAN. DONALD E. Corpus Christi. Tex. Physical Education Major SEA PEMM TAHPER 3. BATES, 8. 14. 20. 26. JAMES MICHNEL Plainview, Tex. Marketing Major BEEMAN. JOHN WILLIAM Dallas, Tex. Business Majqr Galaxy, Treasurer B A Club InPsyders Club BOYD, GWEN Idalou, Tex. Business Major Transfer from L. C. C. and Harding BROWN. BARBARA ANN Port Lavaccx, Tex. Education Major BURKS. IAN Abilene, Tex. Education Major W-Club Zeta Rho Kappa Delta Pi CSO 4. BATTS, DON Alice, Tex. Education Major SEA Knights Student Senate Inpsyders Coastal Bend Club 5. 9. 15. 21. 27. BAYLESS. MARY JO Anson, Tex. Education Major Cadettes, Chaplain Eta Beta Pi, Social Chairman Reporter Vice President Inpsyders SEA Arizona Club Seniors BEDFORD, SUE Ft. Worth, Tex. Education Major Cadettes, President Kappa Delta Pi SEA WRA CSO Badminton Team BRANNAN, JUDITH Breckenridge, Tex. Education Major Zeta Rho CSO Kappa Delta Pi Big Purple chd Symphony Orches- tra Secretary Stage Band BROWN. EMILY Ft. Worth. Tex. Education Major Delta Theta Alpha Chi Kappa Delta Pi Sigma Tau Delta SEA Students Associa- tion Treasurer BURKS, THOMAS K. El Cajon. Calif. Education Major California Club Knights SEA 10. BENNETT, RITA Anson, Tex. Education Major 16. BRAY, PAULA Ft. Worth, Tex. Home EC. Major Ko I o Kai CSO Kitten Klub SEA Senior Class Secretary Homecoming Queen Nominee Ellen H. Richards 22. BROWN, TEDDY Rogers, N. M. Medical Technology Pandoras Inpsyders Science Club 28. BURNETT, PAUL Dalhart, Tex. Mathematics Major 11. 17. 23. 29. BERRY, WALTER C. San Diego, Calif. Bible Major California Club Alpha Phi Omega BRISTO, GENE Vernon, Tex. Agriculture Education Major Trojan Delta Tau Alpha National President Chapter Reporter Senior Livestock Judging Team BRUCE, GWEN Tyrone, Okla. Education Major A Cappella Zeta Rho SEA Zellner Dorm Council CALVERT, EDDIE Texarkana, Tex. Mathematics Major Sub T-16 Transfer Texar- kcmct Ir. College 207 7. CASTLEBERRY. WILLIAM Paris, Tex. Economics Major Knights B.A. Club 13. CLECKLER. MONDELENE Sweetwuter, Tex. Education Major SEA CSO Zeta Rho ACE 19. COOK. TONY Abilene, Tex. History Major 208 8. 14. 20. CAVENDER. IIM BOB San Benito, Tex. History Major Choralcxires New Mexico Club Dixie Club SEA Eta Beta Pi CLEMETS. BEVERLY Watsonville, Calif. Marketing Major CONNER, COY Plainview, Tex. Speech Major Circle K SEA, President Prater Sodalis Mr. PTA Sing-Song Co- Chairman Class Representative Class Senator 9. 15. CLACK, DAVID Iasper, Tex. Marketing Major Trojan BA. Club CLOVIS, GEORGE St. Marys, W. Va. Physics Major Yankee Club, President Alpha Chi 21. CORNER. GENE Albuquerque. N .M. Bible Major 1. CAMPBELL. BETTYE Abilene, Tex. English Major Cadettes. Pxesidenl Treasurer Omega Rho Alpha Sigma Tau Delta Alpha Chi W Club SEA Kappa Delta Pi Badminton Varsity . CARR, IERRY Badlands. Calif. Education Major A Cappellu Knights California Club ISCC Representcdive 2. CAPPS. ANN Brady, Tex. Physical Education Major Pandora, Reporter CSO SEA WRA, President . CARRUTH. GORDON Sweetwater, Tex. Business Major 3. CARGILL, LOUI . CASH. IOE Hale Center, Tea Education Major Knox City, Tex. English Major Sigma Tau Delta Kappa Delta Pi SEA Band Art Club Science Club Alpha Phi Omeg Who's Who in Colleges and Universities "I thought Spring holidays would never come," Dickie Martin tells Sam Steffee as the two prepare for a brief vacation. 10. 16. 22. CLARKE. ALFRED Creston, British Columbia, Canada Biology Major International Club COLDWELL. CAROL Tulsa, Okla. Home Economics Major Ellen H. Richards, Food Chairman Kappa Delta Pi W Club Dorm Council President Cadettes Wilmeth Home Economics Scholarship CORNER. LINA LEE Wichita, Kan. Education Major CSO SEA Iayhuwk Club Young Republicans 11. 17. 23. CLARK, EXA B. San Augustine, Tex. English Major GATA COLEMAN, KASI Big Spring, Tex. Education Major Cadettes SEA Prickly Pear InPsydexs CORNER, LINDA Gmndfield. Okla. Education Major Pandora Alpha Chi W Club Kappa Delia Pi CSO SEA McKinzie Donn Council 12. CLAYTON. 18. 24. EVELYN Earth, Tex. Education Major COLVIN, GARY Ccmon City, Colo. Bible Major Men's Glee Club Alaska Group A Cappella Mission Study Leader COX. PAUL ALLAN Hereford. Tex. Marketing Major Trojan B A Club 209 1. 13. 19. CRIDER, PAUL Austin, Tex. Bible Major Choralaires Men's Glee Club, Student Director German Mission Group Sample Case Sitters Die Lustigen Gesellen . DALTON. IOE Gary, Ind. Speech Major DAVIS. MARY JIM Mertzon. Tex. Education Major Pandora. Historian CSO SEA McKinzie Dorm Council Gardner East Donn Council Vice President DUNCAN, LYNDA Ft. Worth, Tex. Education Major Zeta Rho SEA 2. CRUME, LINDA Farwell, Tex. Education Major 8. DANCHAK, IOE Pearsall, Tex. Business Major Phi Delga Psi. Reporter Edwards Dorm Council Sophomore Class Council BA. Club 14. DENNIS. MYRNA IOY San Antonio, Tex. Business Major 20. DYE. KENNETH Electra. Tex. Bible Major Galaxy 9. 15. 21. CULLERS. FRANCES Hungeriord, Tex. Education Major SEA Pandora Zellner Dorm Council Aggie Club Sweetheart DANIELS, JUNE Augusta, Maine Speech Therapy Major Pandora, President CSO SEA KACC Stuff Speech Therapy. Vice President Melpoms DERRICK. DONNABETH Waco, Tex. Education Major DYE, PHIL Breckenridge, Tex. Education Major Omega Rho Alpha, Vice President Galaxy Iunior Senator Senior Senator Mabee Dorm Council Homecoming Dis- plays Committee, Co-chairrnan As Football se-on gets into full swing. Bob Anderson and Sarbam Brown leave to: the big game. . FALKNER, AVERY Big Spring, Tex. Art Major Kappa Pi, President Pi Epsilon Beta. President Knights Prickly Pear. Art Editor 26. FELTS. DAWN SHARON San Saba, Tex. Education Major Kappa Delta Pi SEA Band Choralairs 4. CUMMINGS, MIKE Fort Worth. Tex. Business Major Prater Sodalis Prickly Pear. Business Mgr. Hello Book, Editor B. A. Club Optimist Press Club 10. DARNELL, JAMES NEWTON Grand Iunction, Colo. Range Management Aggie Club Delta Tau Alpha Knights 16. DODD, LINDA San Antonio. Tex. Education Major Kappa Delta Pi SEA 22. ELKINS, PHIL Abilene. Tex. Bible Major Mission Study Leader Sample Case Sitters Optimist Debate team Pi Kappa Della Seniors . FELTS, JOHN A. San Saba. Tex. Education Major Football Trojan 5. CUPELL. FRED Winslow, Ariz. Psychology Major InPsyders Edwards Dorm Council. President 11. DAVIS, BOBBY IOE Throckmorton, Tex. Agriculture and Business Major 17. DODSON. TOMMY A. Bridge City, Tex. Chemistry Major American Chemi- cal Society 23. EUBANK. LYNDA Nashville, Tenn. Psychology Major 6. CUTRIGHT. DRU 12. 18. 24. Coahoma, Tex. Education Major DAVIS. MARGARET R. Annona, Tex. Psychology Major Kitten Klub Omega Rho Alpha InPsyders, Treasurer Kappa Delta Pi DUNCAN, DAVID Longview, Tex. Chemistry Major Galaxy ACS Golf Team TASCA Science Club EWING. DALTON F. Texas City, Tex. Marketing Major Cheerleader BA. Club 10. 13. 1. FINCH, BETH Clarendon, Tex. Education Major 4. FLEET, ROBBIE Gilmer. Tex. Education Major . FOSTER, WM. JAMES Garland, Tex. Medical Technology Prickly Pear, Co-editor Press Club. Vice President Student Court Omega Rho Alpha Caduceans Club Who's Who Hello Book Stair FOX, NORMAN LESLIE Carlsbad, N. M. Bible Major New Mexico Club FREELAND. CAROLYN IEAN antown, Tex. Education Major Band, Twixler Student Court Clerk B. A. Club SEA 2. FINLEY, DON Abilene, Tex. Business Major 5. FLETCHER. 11. 14. IOHN D. Jasper. Tex. Chemistry Major A. C. S. Football . FOWLER. GLENDA GAY Brady, Tex. Speech Therapy FRANCIS. ELIZABETH ANNE Dallas. Tex. Education Major Delta Theta Omega Rho Alpha Kitten Klub InPsyders SEA Choralaires GATTIS, ED Clovis, N. M. Education Major Sub T-16 PEMM Club SEA Basketball, Co-captcxin 3. FISHER, TONIA Nesbitt, Mcnitob Canada Home Economics Major International Clu Ellen H. Richcu Club Transfer from th Uniirersity of $05 katchewan, Sas- katoon, Sask. . FOSTER, FRANK ADAMS Sudan, Tex. Psychology Majo Transfer irom L. C. C. Phi Delta Psi InPsyders Band 9. FOX. ANN HINMAN Dallas, Tex. Education Major Zeta Rho SEA 12. FRAZIER. LARRY Abilene, Tex. Education Major 15. GILL. JUDITH Lovington, N. M. Education Major GATA SEA Kitten Klub B. A. Club LaDona Coe appreciates the gallantry of ACC men as personified in Snooky Adams. 6. GILSTRAP, 17. GINN, DUANE E. 18. GLOVER. VANCE PAUL Franklin, N.C. HEX EDWIN Seymour. Tex. Business Major Burnet. Tex. Animal Husbandry A Cappella Education Major Major ACC Quartet Trojans Eta Beta Pi S. E. A. Galaxy '9. GOBER, LLOYD 20. GOBER, 21. GONZALEZ. Canadian, Tex. SHIRLEY HASH EDDIE Education Major Childress, Tex. Corpus Christi, Sub-T-16 Education Major Tex. Alpha Phi Omega Zeta Rho Spanish Major Industrial Arts S.E.A. Prickly Pear Club Press Club S.E.A.9N.E.A. Spanish Club Texas Indus. KACC Ans Assc. American Ind. Arts Assc. 22. GRAY, 23. GROVES, 24. HACKLER, EVELYN JUNE MONTA IEANNE HUBERT St. Mary's, W. Va. Farmersville, Tex. Sylvia, Kan. Math Major Education Major Bible Major Yankee Club S.E.A. Iayhawk Club S.E.A Band Cudettes Orchestra Kappa Delta Pi Zellner Dorm. Council ACE 214 INTENT on the pleasant time before him, Carson Edwards ar- rives on time at Nelson Hall. 1. HALE. CAROLYN MAE Abilene, Tex. Speech Major Pandora SEA 050 Art Club Yankee Club InPsyders 4. HARMON, BARBARA Tulsa, Okla. Education Major Cadene SEA 2. HALLUM. DICK 3. HALTOM, Athens, Tex. MARY JANE Education Major Ranger, Tex. Phi Alpha Theta Education Major Kappa Delta Pi Cadette SEA SEA Badminton Team . HARPER, 6. HARRISON, JEANETTE IIMMIE G. Shreveport, La. Holliday, Tex. Biology Major Education Major Phi Delta Psi, Secretary SEA CERTAIN of the spot, Carson would find the buzzer for room 333 blindfolded. 7. HARTT. MARY IO 8. HASKINS. 9. HELGESEN. Farmersville, Tex. LaVOYNE ROGER Home, Economics Snyder, Tex. Abilene, Tex. Major Psychology Greek Major Kappa Delta Pi Knights Social Ellen H. Richards Club Annual Staff Flying Cuts Orphesiun Music Club, President Madrigal Singers A Cappella "Brigudoon" Musical "The King and 1" Musical KACC Radio 0. HENDERSON. 11. HERRING, 12. HERRINGTON, BRENDA DON HERBERT W. WHIT Allen Park, Mich. Mexia, Tex. Kingsville, Tex. Education Major Agriculture Major Bible Major Transfer from Press Club LCC Aggie Club Zellner Dorm Circle K Council Dorm Council Girl's Training Class Leader SEA Pcmdoms CSO Seniors CONTENT with what he sees, Edwards opens the door for Ian Wallace. PATIENT, Carson takes his usual place to wait ten-or is it twenty minutes. ,7 .- mJgW-B , 215 1. HIBBS. GLEN Borger, Tex. Accounting Major Sub-T-ls BA. Club B.A. Club B of D . HORTON. CARLA SUE Andrews, Tex. Education, Major 25. KNIGHT. 31. IAMES A. Denver. Colo. Social Science Major LAWRENCE. DAVID PAUL Beeville, Tex. Accounting Major B.A. Club Knights-Treasurer 216 2. HICKS, MAHALA IUNE Rochester, Tex. Business Major . HOWARD, LINDA Grand Prairie, Tex. Education Major Les Choisies V.P. Inter Club Coun- cil-Sec. 5.13.11. 26. KNIGHT. MAUREEN L. Meaford, Ontario. Ccm. Home Ec. Major W. Club Secretary Ellen H. Richards Alpha Chi Zeta Rho Intemctional Club . LAWRENCE. DON Cheyenne. Wyo. Bible M ajot 3. HIPP. SIDNEY ELWYN Crystal City, Tex. Education Major BAND S.E.A. . HOWE. WARREN Miami, Okla. Marketing Major 27. LACY, KENNETH F. Shreveport, La. Accounting Major Galaxy Blue Key-Sec.- Treasurer Alpha Chi Business Adm. Club 33. LESKE, SANDRA Cuero, Tex. Psychology Major Gulf Coast Club- Sect. Choralaires Miss McDonald Hall Nominee McDonald Hall Council-Vice Pres. Gardner Dorm Counci1 Pres. 1Wes0 InPSYders-Vice President 13. IANDA. WALTER L. Prague, Okla. Education Major 19. JONES, DAVID G. Stephenville. Tex. Bible Major 20. 14. JOHNSON. JOE B. Fort Worth, Tex. Bible Major JONES. SARAH Grand Saline. Tex. Education Major Student Ed. Assoc. 15. IOHNSON, N EDR , Art Major 21. JORDAN, DAN Fort Worth. Tex. Nashville, Tenn. Accounting Major Press Club- President Prickly Pear Classes Edimr Circle K Int'l: District Treasurer Director of Internc Affairs BA. Club Hello Book Staff . KELLEY, EMILY WEEDON Roswell, N. M. Education Major Kappa Delta Pi Delta Theta Kitten Klub '. KEYSER. IOHN ROBERT Fort Worth, Tex. Art Major 23. . KELSO. MARILYN sMADIm Merkel, Tex. Physical Education Major KIRCUS. LANNIS ALAN Madison, Ala. Business Major Frater Sodalis B A Club 18. KENNAMER. IUDY 24. KIRKPATRICK. 4. HOLLEY, CHARLES Waco, Tex. Business Major 10. HUGHES. VIRGINIA NORMA Elsa, Tex. English Major Sigma Tau Delta CSO SEA W Club Kappa Delta Pi Girls' Training Class, Leader Denver. Colo. Education Major LARRY Abilene, Tex. NBA TSTA Sub T-IG. Second Mate 28. LANE, MYRLE ANN Shreveport. La. Education Major California Club Zeta Rho NKA SEA 34. LESTER, RUANE EVELYN Uvulde, Tex. Education Major SEA Band CSO Pandora Cox- responding SEcre- tary. Secretary 5. HOLLIFIELD, GAE Dumas. Tex. Education Major GATA SEA Kitten Klub CSO 11. LUCRETIO. ANN IVIE Putnam, Tex. Education Major 29. LARY, PATRICIA Brownfield, Tex. Education Major Zellner Dorm Council Transfer from L.C.C. 35. LEWIS. GOLDYE Abilene, Tex. Home Economics Major Delta Theta, President Ellen H. Richards W Club Senate Alpha Chi Kappa Delta Pi Sophomore Favorite Homecoming Queen Nominee 6. HOLMES, DONNA Iacksonville, Tex. Business Major Alpha Chi CSO SEA Kappa Delta Pi Omega Rho Alpha 12. JACKSON, MARGARET ANN Murfreesboro, Tenn. Accounting Major Prickly Pear. Co-editor Hello Book, Editor Alpha Chi W Club Corre- sponding Secretary Business Adminis- tmtion Club Press Club. Vice-Pxesident Omega Rho Alpha Freshman Steer- ing Committee Who's Who 30. LAUEN, JOHN Tulsa, Okla. Bible Major 36. LLEWELLYN. JANET Fort Worth, Tex. Education Major 1. LONEY. IAN Temple. Tex. Education Major K0 Io Kai, Secretary Kitten Klub SEA . MARTIN. HELEN BAIN Deyine, Tex. Education Major 7. MCBRIDE. RON Electra, Tex. Biology Major N To publicize the homecoming musical, "The King and I." Put Wynne sings on television. . MANIS, G. W. "DUB" Midlothian, Tenn Physical Education Major Varsity Football . MATLACK. CHARLES A. Wichita, Kcm. Accounting Major Alpha Phi Omega, Is! and 2nd Vice- President, Pledge Chairman, Alumni Secretary Knights Chomlaires Iayhawk Club, Vice President Yankee Club, Vice Presidem Caduceans B A Club Edwards Dorm Council Grand Chorus . MCCARLEY, LARRY R: Sweetwcxter. Tex. English Major Sigma Tau Delta Kappa Delta Pi SEA 3. MARSHALL, BOBBIE WRIGH'J Lamesa. Tex. Education Major Kitten Klub SEA InPsydexs Ko Io Kai. Reporter-Historim Beauty Runner-u . MAUL. STEPHE Pmkersburg, W. Va. Chemistry Major . McCLUNG. DENNIS ROGER Miami. Fla. Education Major MCDONALD, ROSEMARY Temple, Tex. Education Major . McKINNIS, MICHAEL Floydada. Tex. Social Science Major Galaxy SEA . McMINN, ANITA Corpus Christi, Tex. Education Major Transfer from L.C.C. Alpha Chi Kappa Delta Phi SEA CSO . McPHERSON. DAN JAMES Big Spring, Tex. Education Major . MERRITT, HILTON Pinon. N. M. Agriculture Major Aggie Club, Secretary A Club, Corre- sponding Secretary Delta Tau Alpha 11. 14. 17. 20. 23. MCFARLAND. JOHN C., III Dallas, Tex. Business Major McLEAN. SIDNEY L. Menlo Park. Calif. Economics Major Transfer fxom Menlo College Frater Sodalis McMULLIN. CECIL P. Irving. Tex. Education Major Kappa Delta Pi Texas Ind. Ans Assc. American Ind. Arts Assc. Industrial Arts Club SEA MEECHAM. RONALD EDWIN Toronto, Ontario Bible Major MEYER, RICHARD Alice, Tex. Agriculture Major 12. MCKINNEY. WANDA Plectscmton, Tex. Education Major Zeta Rho Kappa Pi Art Club SEA 15. McMILLION. DARLENE Hartville, Mo. Education Major CSO Eta Beta Pi SEA Zeta Rho Iayhawk Club Seniors 18. McPHAUL, LINDA Lubbock, Tex. Education Major Kitten Klub Kc Io Kai, ISCC Rep. Who's Who Student Council Student Assc. Secretary Ellen H. Richards Club Junior and Senior Favorite Runner-up Homecoming Queen Nominee Miss ACC Runner-up SEP. 21. MERCER, JEAN ELLEN Brookline, Mass. Education Major Yankee Club, Treasurer Choraluires Zeta Rho. Pledge Mistress 24. MICKEY. ELAINE PEGGY Vernon, Tex. Education Major W Club Pandora, Secretary and Vice President CSO, Treasurer Kappa Delta Pi, Secretary SEA Who's Who McKinzie Donn Council 1. MILLER. CHARLES E. Abilene, Tex. Business Major 7. MOSS, IACK P. Abilene. Tex. Psychology Major 13. NEWHOUSE, DON Roby, Tex. Range Manage- ment Major Aggie Club. President Sub T-16 19. PATTERSON. JOHNNY Brownfield, Tex. Engineering Major I. A. Club Circle K 2. MILLER. CURTIS TODD Waco, Tex. Baseball Galaxy BA Club 8. MORRISON. GAY Wichita Falls. Tex. Education Major Alpha Chi' Kappa Delta Pi NV Club SEA Pandora Ellen H. Richards, Reporter 14. NICKS, CAROLYN Englewood, Colo. Education Major 20. PATTON. ROBERT L. New Orleans. La. Psychology Major 3. MILLER, RONALD H. Snyder, Tex. Bible Major Band Orchestra Knights 9. MURRAY, FARRELL Wichita Falls, Tex. Physical Education Major Flying Cats. Vice Pres. Badminton PEMM SEA Choralcxires Young Repub- licans. Trees. 15. NORMAN, GARY ALFRED Prumington, Mass. Bible Major Yankee Club 21. PENNINGTON, CAROL Muskogee, Okla. Education Major Kitten Klub McKinzie Donn Council SEA Ko Io Kai, Keeper of the Garter 25. 28. PINON. LILA 26. Carlsbad, N. M. Education Major SEA Kappa Delta Pi Hello Book Staff Transfer from Carlsbad Com- munity College PRESTON. 29. HOWARD G.. IR. Shallowcter, Tex. Chemistry Major Phi Delta Psi. Vice President ACS Texas Academy of Science PORTER. LEWIS Norton, Tex. Mathematics Major PURCELL. NORRIS DUANE Coleman, Tex. Chemistry Major 27. POWELL. IJND 30. Paducah, Ky. Education Major InPsyders CSO W Club Senator, Sopho- more Class Kappa Delta Pi GATA Kitten Klub QUBTY, FAROUK ABDO Nazareth, Israel Social Science Major International Clul President . RACKOW. BETTY THOMAS Education Major 4. RANDOLPH. CAROL Denver. Colo. Education Major Ko Io Kai. Pres. Inter-Social Club Council Sec. Student Court, Court Justice Kitten Club SEA Zellner Dorm Council 32. RAMSEY. SANDY Buffalo Gap. Tex. Edmond. Okla. Psychology Major Band Orchestra Delta Theta Inpsyders Band Sweetheart 35. RAVANELLI. I IM Albuquerque, N. M. Speech Major 33. RANDOLPH, BOB 36. Van Nuys. Calif. Social Science Major Prater Sodalis Circle K Debate Freshman Class Pxes. SCONA Conference Sample Case Sitters REED, DANIEL H. Terre Haute, Ind. Bible Major 4. 10. 16. MILLER, L. RAY Fort Worth, Tex. Psychology Major Galaxy Social Club Press Club Optimist Circle K Inpsyders Prickly Pear NELSON. CHARLES San Antonio, Tex. Accounting Major Students Assn. Pres. Knights. Knight of Chivalry Junior Court Justice Who's Who in American Colleges SCONA VII Rep. Sr. Favorite Runner-up Mr. ACC Runner-up B. A. Club NOWLIN. LOUIE "BUTCH" Longmont, Colo. Speech Major . PETERSON. ARTHETA Guymon, Okla. Home EC. Major 5. ll. 17. 23. MOORE. ELLEN ANN Turnersville, Tex. Education Major Choralcxires Pandoras NELSON, IIM Abernathy, Tex. Psychology Major Inpsyders Circle K PARRISH, ANN Baytown, Tex. Education Major Delta Theta. Treasurer The Optimist. Assistant Editor Prickly Pear, Sports Editor The Big Purple Band Council Orchestra Press Club CSO SEA Gulf Coast Club Inpsydexs PHILLIPS. ROSEMARY Conroe, Tex. Education Major SEA Delta Theta, Sec. Kappa Delta Pi Choralaires 6. MOORE, I. H. Quanah, Tex. Marketing Major 12. NESMITH, SUSAN Boulder, Colo. Art Major 18. PARRISH. LINDEN JOE Mt, Vernon, Tex. Education Major 24. PIERCE, SHIRLEY JUNE Hereford, Tex. Education Major 222 1. REESE. HAROLD M. Abilene, Tex. Accounting Major B. A. Club Golf Team 4. RIGGS, GLENDA NELL Roscoe, Tex. Education Major A Cappella SEA 7. ROBERTS. IOE VAN Auburn, Ky. Education Major 10. RODRIGUEZ. VICTOR JOSEPH Denver, Colo. Bible Major Choraluires Alaska Campaign 13. ROSE. IOELLA Liberal. Kan. Education Major Band Choralaires SEA Iayhuwk Club CSO Nelson Dorm Seniors 2. 11. 14. REYNOLDS, SHEILA Oklahoma City. Okla. English Major . RIZER. WILLIAM KEITH Abilene. Tex. Business Major Knights Choralaires Sample Case Sitters B. A. Club . ROBERTS. PATTI San Angelo. Tex. Education Major SEA Zem Rho Eta Beta Pi, Reporter ROLLANS. IOHN RALPH Vernon, Tex. Mathematics Major Trojan A. C. S. RUMMEL. SUZANNE KAY Toledo, 0. Medical Technology 3. 12. 15. RICHTER, SUE Abilene, Tex. Secretarial Trai ing Major Psychology Clu B. A. Club Rodeo Club . ROBERSON. MARTHA K. Anson. Tex. English Major SEA Sigma Tau Delt CSO. Treasurer Alpha Chi. Secretary W Club, Preside . ROBINSON. DANIELLE. Roswell. N. M. Education Major ROGERS, DON Hobbs, N. M. . Education Ma'ior New Mexico Clu Treasurer Knights, Vice President SEA Edwards Dorm Council RUSSELL. GEORGE Houston, Tex. Business Major Student Assc. Vic President Sub T-16 Senate Who's Who B. A. Club IntraSocial Club Council Sophomore Class Favorite Junior and Senior Class Favorite Runner-up Press Club. President Prickly Pea: SASSMAN. BETH Austin. Tex. Education Major Kitten Klub SEA Delta Theta SAVERANCE. SIDNEY L. Tuscola. Tex. Agriculture Major Delta Tau Alpha . SCHULZ. DONALD PHILIP Detroit, Mich. Education Major SEA. Parliamentarian Kappa Delta Pi, Vice President Alpha Chi, President InPsydezs . SEABROOK. WILLIAM R. Jackson, Miss. Marketing Major Phi Delta Psi BA Club 17. 23. 26. SAVAGE, NANCY Abilene, Tex. Education Major SEA Pandora Kappa Delta Pi Alpha Chi Omega Rho Alpha . SCARBOROUGH. PEGGY SUE Houston, Tex. Education Major Cadettes Alpha Chi Kappa Delta Pi SEA SCHULZE. PAUL D. Denver. Colo. Physics Major Alpha Phi Omega. Treasurer SELF, OLA MAE Abilene, Tex. Edu'cation Major 18. 21. 24. 27. SAVAGE. PHILLIP Stamford. Tex. Sub T-16, First Male Flying Cats, Presi- dent and Vice President Intramural Director SCHOW. RICHARD Culbertson, Mont. Accounting Major SCHWARTZ. LYNDA Lancaster, Tex. Business Education Major Omega Rho Alpha Kappa Delta Pi Alpha Chi Cadetles SEA BA Club SESSOM, SHARON Balls, Tex. Education Major Transfer from LCC Pickwickers SNEA 28. SEXTON, SHAWN Lawton, Okla. Education Major 31. SKAGGS. GINNY LIND Abilene, Tex. Speech Major 29. SHULK, BETTY Philadelphia, Penn. Home Economics Major . SMITH, BARBARA Baytown, Tex. Education Major GATA. Treasurer SEA CSO . SIKES. ANN Port Lavaca, Tex. Education Major 33. SMITH. GINN Y Arlington, Va. Education Major Ellen H. Richards Prickly Pear. Club Editor Kitten Klub Kappa Delta Pi SEA Transfer from David Lipscomb College 223 224 1. SMITH. JUDITH ANN St. Francis, Kcm. English Major Pi Epsilon Beta S. E. A. Zeta Rho 4. SMITH, ROYCE Abilene, Tex. Education Major Circle K Yankee Club Sr. Class Pres. SEA Who's Who SPAULDING, BOB Hamlin, Tex. Industrial Arts Major 2. SMITH. LARRY G. Abilene, Tex. Chemistry Major American Chemi- cal Society Texas Academy of Science Collegiate Acade- my Vice-President ACS, President Science Club. Vice-President . SMITH, ZENNA Pisgah, Iowa Education Major SEA CSO Eta Beta Pi . SPENCER. IIMMY BAY Gainesville. Tex. Bible Major Circle K Knights Social Club As Graduation approaches, senior Dan Watkins discusses plans for the future with Clyde Austin, Director 01 Placement. 3. SMITH. MITTY San Antonio, T P. E. Major Choralcxixes Rodeo Club Kitten Klub Inpsyders Delta Theta SEA TAHPER 6. SOWELL, DAVID S. Clebume, Tex. Chemistry Maia Phi Delta Psi, Corresponding Circle K. Sec. Plan I summer, 1959 Dean's Honor R PreMed Club 9. SPRAYBERRY, DANIEL GENE Abilene. Tex. Accounting Maj STIGGINS, 11. STRAIT, IIM 12. SULLIVAN. LARRY L. Tyler, Tex. I. LARRY Plevna. Kan. Bible Major Ennis, Tex. Education Major Agriculture Major 14. TALIAFERRO. 15. TERRY, GARY D. BRENDA CORRINE Fort Worth, Tex. Kilgore. Tex. Business Major Pte Professional SUMMERLIN. PHILIP H. Port Arthur, Tex. Bible Major Prater Sodulis Major V. Pres. Soph. Bund-Secxetary Class Science Club "A" Chap. CSO Blue Key Omega Rho Alpha Who's Who Col- German Club leges 6: Uni. V. P. Rodeo Club Edwards Dorm Council Pres. Downtown Club THOMAS, RON 17. THOMPSON, 18. THOMPSON. Toledo, Ohio IERREL PEGGY ANN Business Major Vernon, Tex. Howe, Tex. Business Major Secretarial Train- ing Major Zellner Dorm. Council BA. Club Zeta Rho- President CSO Inter-Sociul Club Council . THORP. SHARON 20. TIDWELL, DEE 21. TITLOW, JOAN Abilene, Tex. English Major Pinon. N.M. Business Major Phi Delta Psi Circle K Edwards Dorm CouncilsTreas. Kermit, Tex. Education Major . TOOMBS, 23. TOMLINSON. 24. TOMLINSON. RONALD DEVERL GENE F. LINDA LEE Merkel. Tex. Coleman. Tex. Dallas, Tex. ?.E. Major Education Major Education Major Galaxy Varsity Track Team 1. TOWERY, 2. TREAT, DAVID S. TRENT. WALTE LELAND ROBERT Abilene. Tex. Midland, Tex. Holland, Tex. Chemistry Major Bible Major Industrial Educa- Alpha Chi n'on Major A Club Football Frmer Sodulis Band Who's Who 4. TUDOR. BOYD 5. TUDOR, 6. TUNOA. MATT Muskogee, Okla. LORETTA Page, Page, Accounting Major Livingston, Mont. American Sam.- Band Education Major Accounting Maj- Knighis. Secretary Zeta Rho SEA Kappa Delta Pi, Treasurer Zellner Dorm Council Vice President Eta Beta Pi 7. VARDEN 8. WALKER. 9. WALL, DERREL VINCENT, GWYNBLL Vernon. Tex. Conroe. Tex. Ozonu, Tex. Mathematics Industrial Arts Mathematics Major Education Major Major Gala, President Knights, Preside ISCC, Reporter Secretary CSO Senior Senator SEA ISCC Band Sample Case Sit ters, Secretary Science Club Heart of Texas Club SEA Eta Beta Pi 10. WALL, GERALD 11. WALLACE, 12. WARD. JOHN 13. 16. Vernon, Tex. Biology Major Knights Sample Case Sitters WATKINS, CARLA SPAIN Abilene, Tex. Education Major Delta Theta A Cappellcx Kitten Club WESNER. KEN Cordell, Okla. Business Major Prater Sodalis A Club Chapter 0! Blue Key Alpha Chi. Treasurer 226 14. 17. BOBBIE Baytown, Tex. Education Major Gate: SEA Kitten Club Dorm Council WATSON. LAWRENCE Memphis, Tenn. Accounting Major Tennessee Club. President Circle K Club. Treasurer WHALEY. DARLENE Tipton, Okla. Secretarial Train- ing Major Snyder, Tex. Range Manage- ment Major 15. WERSELL. DAVID Carlsbad. N. M. Accounting Major 18. WHEELER, RAY Robstown, Tex. Education Major Ko Io Kai W Club Alpha Chi Kappa Delta Pi Kitten Klub Inpsyders Omega Rho Alpha SEA Who's Who . WITT. DAN Abilene, Tex. Hobbs, N. M. Zeta Rho Accounting Major Psychology M ajor . WRIGHT. MARY Medical Technolo- Education Major SEA Kappa Delta Pi Alpha Chi Ccdettes Pepperdine Col- lege Transfer .' WOODS, ELAINE Topeka. Kan. " v- Education Major . WRIGHT, RONALD Abilene, Tex. Biology Major Circle K. District 27. 30. 31. WIDENER, LOYD 20. WILBANKS, BILLY 21. WILKINSON. Lockney, Tex. Belton, Tex. GRADY Agriculture Major Bible Major Lelia Lake, Tex. Varsity History Major Basketball Eta Beta Pi A Club Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega Blue Key Panhandle Club Alpha Chi President Who's Who in American Col- leges and Universities . WILSON, IIM . WILSON. NANCY 24. WILLIAMS, Murray, Ky. Escondido. Calif. RODGER Midvale, Ida. Chemistry Major WARWICK, GLYNDOLYN El Paso, Tex. Sub T-16 Iayhawk Club, Speech Major Inpsydexs, ' Secretary President Pi Epsilon Beta, Vice President ,Treqsurer v . Kappa Pi 9 :-. .050 : SEA WYNNE. PAT San Angelo, Tex. Education Major gy Major Omega Rho Alpha. A Cappella CSO President CSO Press Club Galaxy SEA Prickly Pear. Seniox Senator Kappa Delta Pi Index Editor Alpha Chi Alpha Chi Hello Book, Busi- Blue Key, President Phi Alpha Theta ness Manager Vice President Secretary Chief Justice of New Mexico Club, Governor Student Court Reporter International Trustee YARBROUGH. SARAH BETH Fort Worth, Tex'. Education Major Melpomcmean Players Alpha Psi Omega Zeta Alpha Chap- ter. Secretary Pi Epsilon Beta Kappa Pi. Gam- ma Lambda, Vice President CSO SEA . YATES, LINDA Tulsa, Okla. Education Major Delta Theta Kitten Klub 33. YATES, JIMMY 34. ZAUN. JOHN W. Fort Worth, Tex. Houston. Tex. Psychology Major Chemistry Major Galaxy Phi Delta Psi Inpsydets Edwards Donn Young Republicans Council l. BRAVO, FELIX A. z, BRUCE, ION m, 3. DENNIS. WILLIAM H. Philippines Tyrone, Oklahoma Bozeman. Montana Bible Major Business Major Industrial Education Majo 4. HOLTON. DON R. 5. HUH. BYUNG 6. JUNG, DUKE HYON Hugo, Oklahoma Seoul. Korea Teagu, Korea Bible Major Business Major Business Major Graduates A struggle through final tests is necessary before that coveted de- gree can be granted. 7. McFARLAND, SAM GRADY Lebanon, Tenn. Bible Major 8. McLESKEY, WM. L. Savannah, Ga. Business Major 9. MUNS, NEDON Corsicana, Tex. Industrial Arts Major 10. PHILLIPS. PAUL E. Abilene, Texas Pre-Med Major 12 11. POLAND, HAROLD M. Orange, Texas Bible Major 12. ROGGENDORFF, GEORGE A. Manhattan, Kansas Bible Major 228 DB. FRED BARTON Dean of Graduate School Gaston Tarbet and Don Lawrence find that many hours in the library are necessary before writing cx master's thesis. 3. SADOBRA, RONNIE P. 14. SCOTT, LARRY C. 15. TARBET, GASTON D. Philippines Abilene, Tex. Shamrock, Texas Bible and Business Secondary Adminis- Bible Major Major tration Major 6. TROUP, RHINARD C. 17. WHITE, JOHN D. 18. WEED, MAURICE A. Home Town, Michigan Coolidge, Ariz. Austin, Tex. Bible Major History Major Bible Major Officers 101' Jun Secretary: JUDY SWOFFORD President: CHARLES GROVES President: JIMMY FILBECK Vice . ABSTON. GAY Sentinel, Okla. . ADAMS, CARL Fort Worth. Tex. . ADAMS. CIM Albuquerque, N. M. . AKERS, IIM Midwest City. Okla. . ALBRITTON, LETA Paducah, Ky. . ALLEY, SONDBA Derby, Kan. . ALSOBROOK, IUDY Alice, Tex. ' . ANDERSON, EDDIE Levellcmd, Tex. . ANDERSON, ROBERT E. Breckenridge, Tex. I. ANDERSON, SANDRA IUARINE Chattanooga. Tenn. I. ARHELGER, ARLEEN Mason, Tex. '. AXE, EDWIN Hereford, Tex. . BAKER, STANLEY REED Abilene, Tex. . BANKHEAD, GAYE Fort Worth. Tex. . BARBER, GLENNA Dalhm't, Tex. . BARBER, LYNETTE Kenedy, Tex. . BAHNARD, STANLEY G. Lampman. Saskatchewan, Can. . BATES. PHILLIP DEAN Friend. Tex. .. 9. BEAKLEY, BOB Mercury, Tex. I. BEASON, CHARLES EARL Pomona, Calif. 1. BEDICHEK. TOM Abilene, Tex. 2. BISHOP, GARY Eldorado Springs, Mo. 3. BOLES. LYNETTE Sand Springs, Okla. 4. BOWEES. WILLIE ELMER Salem, N. C. Whether it's for coffee, conversation. or a hamburger, the grill is a favorite gathering place for students. 231 J uniors 1. BRACK. VIRGINIA Iasper. Tex. 2. BRADFORD, IOE M. Ranger, Tex. 3. BRANDON, CHARLES Murfreesboro, Tenn. 4. BRANSON. PAUL A. Bowie. Tex. 5. BREAUX. IANIE Merkel. Tex. 6. BROWN, ANITA Fort Worth, Tex. 7. BROWN. IODIE Dalhart, Tex. 8. BROWN, LOUISE Victoria, Tex. 9. BULL, EDDIE Abilene. Tex. 10. BURGIN. IAN S. Melbourne, Australia 11. BYRD. ROBERT Midlothian, Tex. 12. CAMERON, LLOYD San Angelo, Tex. 13. CARLTON, KAREN Colton. Calif. 14. CARTER. BETTE El Paso, Tex. 15. CARTER, DEE KENT Odessa, Tex. 16. CAMPBELL, YVONNE Colorado Springs, C010. 17. CATON, JANE Eula, Tex. 18. CHAMBERS, CLAUDIA Odessa, Tex. 19. CHAPMAN, VICKY LYNN Sylaccxuga. Ala. 20. CHAPMAN, WAYNE Texas City, Tex. 21. CHAPPLE. ALFRED Sterling City, Tex. 22. CHILES. DON Lamesa, Tex. 23. CHISM, GENE Dumas, Tex. 24. CHISM, IOE A. Krum, Tex. 25. CHITWOOD. RITA LaPtyor, Tex. 26. CLEVENGEB, MARY LOU Enid, Okla. 27. CODAY, BILL Tulsa, Okla. 28. COFFMAN, GINGER Pasadena. Tex. 29. COHN, GARY LYNN Marlin, Tex. 30. COKER, KENNETH CLYDE Mineral Wells. Tex. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38, 39. 4D. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. COKER, LANA Tucson, Ariz. COLBY, MARILYN Abilene, Tex. COLVIN, DANNY JACK Canon City, Colo. COMPTON, BEVERLY Crosbyton, Tex. CONNEL. DENNIS Tulsa. Okla. COTTON. ANN Shreveport, La. CRAVENS, IAN Seminole, Tex. CHEEL, GWEN Athens, Ala. CHEER. BOB Austin. Tex. CREWS. NANCY South Fulton, Tenn. DeFOOR. JULIA Houston, Tex. DOOLEY, WILLIS LYNN Dallas, Tex. DOTSON, TRIENA LOUISE Lubbock, Tex. DuLANEY. SANDRA Temple, Tex. DUNCAN, PATRICIA ANN Stillwater, Okla. DUNGAN, REBECCA ANN Ennis, Tex. DURHAM, IOE B. Cleburne. Tex. EDEN, DARLA Duncan, Okla. EDDINS, ADD Kermit, Tex. ELLIS. ELIZABETH Lubbock, Tex. 41. CUEVAS, THAYNE H. San Antonio, Tex. 42. CUMMINGS, LYNDLE Burbank. Calif. 43. CUNNINGHAM. CAROLYN Abilene, Tex. 44. CURTIS, MARGARET Amoxillo, Tex. 45. DALLAS, EDNA Lubbock, Tex. 46. DAMRON, DIANE Dallas, Tex. 47. DARROW, IAN Kermit, Tex. 48. DAVIS, DOTTIE Fort Worth, Tex. 49. DAY. CARL B. Roswell. N. M. 50. DAY, SHARLYN O'Brien, Tex. 233 ll. 12. 13. 14. 15. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 1. EPPS, BARRY PAUL Plainview, Tex. 2. ESSIN, EMMETT Sherman, Tex. 3. ETHREDGE, JANE Canadian, Tex. 4. EUBANK, IANIECE Idalou, Tex. 5. FALKNER, SHARON Fort Worth, Tex. FOSTER, DALE Houston. Tex. FOX, ERROL GENE Tuscolu, Tex. FREEMAN, CHARLES EDWARD Colorado City, Tex. GAFFORD, SAM Iacksboro, Tex. GAINES. CAROLYN Roswell, N. M. 21. GLOFF, DAHLA Clifton. Tex. 22. GRANBERY. CHARLA Olton, Tex. 23. GREEN, SHIRLEY RUTH Dallas, Tex. 24. GREGG, IAY Wichita Falls. Tex. 25. GREGORY, DON Dimmitt, Tex. HARMON, FRANK Puducah, Tex. HARPER. JOHNNY MAC Fort Worth, Tex. HARPER, MAXIE WAYNE Abilene, Tex. HARTT, SALLYE Farmersville. Tex. HATTER, TEMPE JACKSON Abilene, Tex. 41. HIGGINS, ANN Fayetteville, Tenn. 42. HILL, AVANELL Wichita. Kcm. 43. HILL, BILLY JOE Amarillo, Tex. 44. HITCHCOCK. RONNIE Enid. Okla. 45. HODGES. BECKY Wichita Falls, Tex. . HUDSON, JAMES G. Arlington, Va. 52. HURD, GLENN ARNOLD Houston, Tex. 53. HUNT, CAROLYN Loop. Tex. 54. HU'ICHINSON, BENNETT Sudan. Tex. 55. ISENHOWER, BETH Putnam, Tex. Juniors 6. FEIKE, RONNY San Antonio, Tex. 7. FILBECK. JIMMY Abilene, Tex. 8. FITCH, ROBERT Kaufman, Tex. 9. PITTS, PHIL Nashville, Tenn. 10. FORD, BETTY ANN Azle. Tex. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 26. GRIFFITH. MELANIE Iucksonville, Flu. GENTRY. GLENDA College Station. Tex. GIBSON, IAN Harrison. Ark. GEORGE. PATRICIA Victoria, Tex. GIBSON. PETRICHA KAY Puttonville, Tex. GILSTRAP, LENA A. Ackerly, Tex. 27. GROVES, CHARLES GLEN Dallas, Tex. 28. GUDEEN. DONNA RAE Corpus Christi, Tex. 29. GUYAN, PAMELA M. Auckland, New Zealand 30. HARLAND. MARY BETH Texhoma. Okla. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 46. HOLDEN, MARTHA Fort Worth, Tex. 47. HOOVER, CATHERINE Selkirk. Ontario 48. HORN, JUDY Seugoville, Tex. 49. HUDDLE. DAVID Fort Worth. Tex. 50. HUDDLESTON, DANNY Brownfield, Tex. HAYS. BILL Roswell, N. M. HEATHCOTT, IOYCE Wingate, Tex. HEDRICK, LETA 1. Wichita Falls, Tex. HERRING, TOMMY Stinnett, Tex. HICKERSON, IANIS Wichita Falls, Tex. Fred Jamison, Corky Waters. and Dave Mertell enjoy a late jam session. 1. JAMES, BILLY D. Lubbock, Tex. Z. JEFFERSON, NORMAN McAllen, Tex. 3. IIN, EVA SUNG CHUN Sao Paulo, Brazil 4. IOHNSON, IEANNIE Crowell, Tex. 5. JONES. GENE ANN Tyler, Tex. 6. JONES, MARY Lockney. Tex. 7. JONES, SANDRA JEAN Dallas, Tex. 8. KAMSTRA, MARGIE Pasadena, Tex. 9. KELLEY, STEPHEN Houston, Tex. 10. KENT, DAVID Bloomington, 1nd. J uniors 11. KILGORE, RENEE LUCLAIR Baytown, Tex. 12. KING, GLENDA Alice, Tex. 13. KINSEY, GENE Cisco, Tex. 14. KIRBY, JANACE. M. Big Spring, Tex. 15. KNIGHT. NANCY Gainesville. Tex. 16. KRUZICK, CAROLYN SUE Hayward, Calif. 17. KUEHN, ROGER Dodge City, Kan. 18. LAMB. KELLEY EUGENE Wylie, Tex. 19. LANE, LYNDA SUE Dallas. Tex. ! 20. LAUDERDALE, SHARON ; Hurst. Tex. 21. LEAK, SHARON REA Cullixon. Kan. 22. LEININGER. ROSE MARY Muskogee, Okla. 23. LEWIS. CHARLES Talco, Tex. 24. LEWIS, DON Phoenix. Ariz. 25. LEWIS. MELVIN Earth, Tex. 26. LEWIS, TED Junction. Tex. 27. LITTLE, DAVID Benson. Ariz. 28. LLOYD, DEANA Andrews, Tex. 29. LOCK, RAYMOND Weybum, Sask" Canada 30. LOLLIS, JAMES RAY Perryton. Tex. 31. LONG, NORRIS Buytown. Tex. 32. LOVE, DWIGHT Odessa. Tex. 33. LOVELESS, CHARLOTTE Olton, Tex. 34. L'ROY, DIANN Paris, Tex. . LUMLEY, MURRAY Beamsville, Canada 36. MgXNSKER, PATSY Lovington, N. M. 37. MAHURIN, MARTHA LOU Kilgore, Tex. 38. MAPLES. KAY Broken Arrow, Okla. W' 3 " 3 3 V v 39. MARSHALL, LARRY 3 Lamesa. Tex. 4o. MARTIN. DICKIE Little Rock. Ark. 41. MARTIN, JAMES ROBERT Vernon, Tex. 42. MARTIN. IANIE Thalia, Tex. Cuxl Day and Mac Mathexly enjoy a brief break from studying. 43. MARTIN, IO Clovis. N. M. 44. MASSIE. IENNY Ponca City, Okla. Nola? X IN... . u ii 2.13:. . "??S'IM htf-v. 237 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. MICKEY, CARL WAYNE Weatherford, Tex. MILLER, GRACE Iacksonville, Fla. MOORE, DAN Lovington, New Mex. MOORE, DON Lovington, New Mex. MOORE, GAYLE San Antonio. Tex. MORREN, MARY Barrie, Ontario, Canada MORRIS, RHONDA Dallas, Tex. MORROW, TROY L. San Benito, Tex. MOSLEY. IUDITY SHARON Lancaster, Tex. MORRIS, LINDA Abilene. Tex. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. . MATHEWS, ELIZABETH ANN 1Betty1 Monroeville. Ohio . MATHEWS. RONALD Newburgh, New York . MAYO, JANET Ozoncx. Tex. . MCBROOM. FRANCES Brownwood, Tex. . MCCALL, DONNA Tuscola. Tex. . MCCORKLE, SARA KAY Lubbock. Tex. . MCCOY. PHILLIP D. Rocksprings. Tex. . McCRACKEN. JUDY Austin, Tex. . McMENNAMY. BARBARA Fort Worth. Tex. McMILLIAN, BEVERLY JEAN Brownwood, Tex. McMURBAY, GENE EDWARD Fort Worth, Tex. McMURTBY. CURTIS Granite, Okla. McWILLIAMS, EDNA Bemurdsville, N. I. MELSON, BILL Roswell. New Mex. MEYER. NANCY Abilene, Tex. A quie! comer of the library is a favorite retreat. J uniors 36. 37. 46. . NEAL, CAROLYN . NELSON, CAROL ANN . NEWHOUSE, MARY LOIS . NICKS. JOHN D.. IR. . NIGH, MAX 38. 39. 40. 47. 48. 49. 50. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. Nelta, Tex. Abilene, Tex. Abilene, Tex. Albuquerque, N. M. Wichita, Kan. 31. NORMAN, BARBARA JEAN Bayfield, C010. 32. ODOM. PAT TYLER Hobart, Okla. 33. OFFUTT, LINDA NELL Munday, Tex. 34. OHLHAUSEN, WINSTON T. Fort Worth, Tex. 35. OSBOURN, LA WANDA Llano, Tex. OWEN, LEO C. Houston, Tex. OWENS. BOB Harlingen, Tex. PARK, LESLIE Canadian, Tex. PARRISH. PAT Mt. Vernon, Tex. PARTAIN, SYLVIA Liberty, Tex. 41. PATTERSON, BETTY ANN Brownfield, Tex. 42. PEEPLES. MAURICE L. Ruymondville, Tex. 43. PEEPLES, MAY ANN Angleton, Tex. 44. PENNINGTON. SIDNEY McGregor, Tex. 45. PERRY, LANNY Merkel, Tex. PETTY, VERA JEANNE Westminster. Colo. PHEMISTER, DAVID A. Weinert, Tex. PLATE, ELAINE Crane, Tex. POOL, MARGIE Port Arthur, Tex. POPE, JACKSON San Antonio. Tex. 51. PORTER, MARCELLA Norton, Tex. 52. POUNDS, IAN Lubbock, Tex. 53. PRATHER. DORTHY LAVELLE Lcmesa, Tex. 54. PRICE, LARRY Valley Mills, Tex. 55. PRESTON. NORMAN Shallowater. Tex. PROVENCE, JIMMY Port Arthur, Tex. PUCKETT. EARL C. Irving, Tex. PURCELL. BECKY Coleman, Tex. PYEATT, CHARLES Tucson, Ariz. RAINWATER, LINDA LOU Harrold, Tex. o Tension mounts as ACC fans see the Wildcats to Junlors victory. . RAMSEY. CHUCK Borger. Tex. 2. REESE, GEORGE W. Odessa, Tex. 3. RENNER, IODY Ferguson, Iowa 4. REYNOLDS. VIRGINIA Harlingen. Tex. 5. REYNOLDS. LEON Odessa, Tex. 6. REYNOLDS. RICHARD L. Los Angeles. Calif. 7. ROBINSON, RHEUANNA Port Arthur. Tex. 8. RHOADS, DEWAIN Odessa, Tex. 9. RHOADS. MURPHY D. Odessa, Tex. 11. RIDGEWAY, IIM Oklahoma City, Okla. 12. RIDLEY, BILL D. Duncan, Okla. 13. ROACH, TERRY ANN 10. RICHARDSON, DENNIS Deport, uTex. Nocona. Tex. 2 . H Madison, Wis. 22. SCHULZE. MARILYN Denver, C010. 23. SCOGGINS, GLEN Dallas. Tex. 24. SHORT, JACQUELINE Pattonville. Tex. 25. SHOWERS, BILL Derby. Kan. 14. ROBERTSON, CARROL Crosbyton, Tex. 15. ROBERTS, JANICE Dallas, Tex. 16. ROGERS, KEITH L. Fort Sumner. N. M. 17. ROSS, ANN McAllen. Tex. SCHMUDLACHI WILMA 18. RUSSELL, FERRELL Center, Tex. 19. SAYLORS, FRED T. Shreveport, La. 20. SCHOW, JANICE Newton. Kan. 26. SMITH, BARBARA ELAINE Riverside. Calif. . SMITH. JERRY A. Winchester, Ind. 28. SMITH, I. SUE Grapevine, Tex. SMITH, NANCY Dallas, Tex. 2 Q 2 . L0 31. STARNES, WILLIS Culver, Ore. 32. STANLEY. LON Raymondville, Tex. 33. STANLEY, PATSY 30. SOMMER, SANDRA GAIL Tahoka, Tex. Lincoln, Neb. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 34. STEFFEE, SAM LAKE Rogers, Tex. 35. STEPHENS, PATRICIA Monuhans, Tex. 36. STEWARDSON, ANN Santa Anna, Tex. 37. STIGERS, JAMES L. Denver. C010. 38. STONE, CAROLE Lindsay, Okla. 39. STOREY, GLORIA Pasadena, Tex. 4U. STRANGE, IUDI Amarillo, Tex. STRZINEK. ROBERT A. Dallas, Tex. STURGESS, LINDA KAYE Tipton, Okla. SUBEY, HELEN Madison, Wis. SUMMERS, MARTHA EVELYN Nashville. Tenn. SUNDLING. ROLAND CLARK Akron, Colo. SWAPFORD. ETHELYN KAY Wichita, Kan. SWAIM, SUE Memphis. Tenn. 48. SWINSON, BOBBIE New Home, Tex. 49. SWOFFORD, JUDY Paris, Tex. 50. TAYLOR, MARY LEE Lamesa, Tex. 51. TAYLOR, PAT Alice, Tex. 52. TAYLOR, SIOVER Bronte, Tex. 53. TERRY, CLOVIS ANN Snyder, Tex. 54. TINSLEY. KENNY DARRELL Hico, Tex. 241 1. TRIPLETT, PHYLLIS San Angelo. Tex. 2. TROUP, BETTY Memphis, Tenn. 3. TURNER, JERRY Mason, Tex. 4. TURNER, JUNE ELEANOR Pasadena, Tex. Even though the hour is late, Larry Evans proves that the dedicated student never gives up. 5. TURNER, LINDA CAROL Paris, Tex. 6. UZZEL. NANCY Waco, Tex. 7. VARNER, SANDRA Abilene, Tex. 8. VERETT, JAMES ALLEN Abilene, Tex. 9. VICK, LARRY North Platte. Neb. 10. WADE, THOMAS Georgetown, Tex: 11. WALKER, KAY San Antonio. Tex. 12. WALLACE, IODIE EARL Rising Star, Tex. 13. WALRAVEN. LOUELLA Fort Smith, Ark. 14. WALTON. BILL Browxxsville, Tex. 15. WARD, IIM Lufkin, Tex. 16. WARNER, MIKE Tyler, Tex. 17. WASSON, LINDA Pasadena. Tex. 18. WATSON. GERALD New Boston, Mich. 19. WATSON, LORIN P. Memphis. Tex. 20. WEBB, PEGGY Dallas, Tex. 21. WEED, MICHAEL Austin, Tex. 22. WELCH, JIMMY Tyler, Tex. 23. WELTY. LYLE Kalispell. Mont. 24. WEST, SANDRA Vernon, Tex. Browsing in the Students Exchange between classes are Gwen Creel. Oleta Chisum, Caxol Weber. and Jane Berry. 25. WEYANDT, PAUL Arlington, Virginia 26. WHEELER. DAVID Rolls, Tex. 27. WHITE, BILLIE IENELLE Breckenridge, Tex. 28. WHITE, JAMES R. Weatheriord, Tex. 29. WHITEFIELD, DOTTY Dallas, Texas 30. WHITTENBURG. WENDELL Sweetwater. Tex. 31. WIEST, EDDIE RAY Alamogordo, N. M. 32. WILLIAMS, KAY Snyder. Tax. 33. WILSON, HARRELL L. Bynum, Tex. 34. WINFREX, MILDRED ANN Atlanta. Ga. 35. WITT, MONA GAIL Perkin, Ark. 36. WOODARD, BARBARA Dallas, Tex. 37. WOMACK, IIM Hawley. Tex. 38. WRIGHT, AUDREY Toronto. Ontario. Canada y 39. WRIGHT. BLENUS Toronto, Canada 40. YEAGER. ALAN Rangely, Colorado 243 244 V! ., . :K . X IIV f - . , . er- , x .' ' :5.- ' 36f .s .4 J aw ? ' d ' ,1 A. - a 41. Sophomore Officers President: GARY MCCALEB Vice-President: DERRILL OSBORN Secretcn'y: JUDY KAY HILL 1. ADKINS, JUDY Artesia. N. M. 2. AGNEW, PAT Rising Star, Tex. 3. AKIN, KATHY Henrietta, Tex. 4. ALLEN. SHARON Tulsa. Okla. 5. ARBUCKLE. MARILYN Louisville, Ky. 6. ARCHER, BARBARA SUE Granbury, Tex. 7. ARCHER, IIM Albuquerque, N. M. 8. AUSTIN. FRED E. Morenci, 5:12. 9. AUTBEY, FRANCES Tucson, Ariz. 10. BAILEY, JANET Austin, Tex. 11. BAKER, ANN Manchester, N. H. 12. BALCH, DAVID Pampa, Tex. 13. BAKER, CAROL Lubbock, Tex. 14. BALLOW, RUBY Fresno. Calif. 15. BARBER, TED W. Floresville, Tex. 16. BARTLEY, SARA Quunuh, Tex. 17. BARRIS. DALE Wichita, Kan. 18. BAUGH, CLEIGH NEL Temple, Tex. 19. BEASLEY, DON Memphis, Tenn. 20. BEATY, DOUG Abilene, Tex. 21. BENTLEY, JUDY Quinlan, Tex. 22. BERNARD, SUZY San Antonio, Tex. 23. BERRY, LYNDA KAY Tulsa, Okla. 24. BILLINGSLEY, ROBERT Ackerly. Tex. 25. BISHOP, DWAYNE McKinney, Tex. 26. BLACK, MIKE Brownfield, Tex. 27. BLANKENSHIP, MORRIS Adrian, Tex. 28. BOASE, LINDA Odessa, Tex. 29. BOST, TOM Roswell, N. M. 30. BOSTON, CHESTER Florence, Ala. 31. BRAKER, MARTHA JEAN Amherst. Tex. 32. BRAZZIL, ANN Midland, Tex. 33. BROWN. JOYCE Levellcmd. Tex. 34. BROWN. LINDA FAYE Brownfield. Tex. 35. BURNS, JERRY PAUL Hillsboro, Tex. Sophomores 245 Sophomores 1. BRYAN, DOROTHY Waco, Tex. 2. CALDWELL, MARILYN San Antonio, Tex. 3. CALLAWAY, KATHRYN LOUISE Rincon, N. M. 4. CAMPBELL, IO ANNE Venus. Tex. 5. CAMPBELL, RUTH Chutsworth, Calif. 6. CARPENTER, SAM Dallas, Tex. 7. CARROLL. NORMAN D. Salem, Oregon 8. CARRUTH. MARTHA Tulsa, Okla. 9. CARRUTHERS. IAN Houston, Tex. 10. CARTER, JANE Pumpa, Tex. 11. CARTER, NANCY Kansas City, Kan. 12. CARTER. ROY Eden, Tex. 13. CHAMPION. NIOMA GAIL Novice, Tex. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. . CHATHAM. WILLIAM E. Abilene, Tex. CHESHIER. SUE De Soto, Tex. CHOATE, PATRICIA Graham, Tex. CHUMLEY, GARY Abilene, Tex. CLEVENGER, CHARLOTTE CLAIR Abilene. Tex. COERS. PEGGY Abilene, Tex. CONNOR, BETTY Shamrock. TeX- 21. CORNER, IUDI Denver, C010. 22. COOK, CORNELIA JEAN De Leon. Tex. 23. COTHRAN, IAN Abilene, Tex. 24. CRENWELGE, CAROLYN Houston, Tex. 25. CRISP. DON Victoria, Tex. 26. CROCKER, BILL Memphis, Tenn. 27. CROSON, CAROL CRUCE. BOB Fort Worth, Tex. Fort Worth, Tex. CULLERS, WINDELL Bryson. Tex. CUMMINGS, ROGER Corpus Christi, Tex. CURTIS, WANDA C. Roswell, N. M. DAUGHERITY. LINDA Abilene, Tex. DAVIS, RICHARD BURTON Fort Worth. Tex. DAVIS. RICHARD DENNIS Arlington, TGX- 35. DAVIS, RONALD Siloam Springs. Ark. 36. DAVIS, SUZANNE Greenville, Tex. 37. DAVIS, WALT Warminster, Pa. 38. DAVISON, SHERRY Graham, Tex. 39. DICKISON, FORESTENE San Saba, Tex. 40. DOVE, MEREDITH Mabelvale. Ark. 41. DOWNES, TERRY BRENNAN, DEANNA Rosebudv TeX- Abilene, Tex. DUNCAN, BONNIE Post, Tex. DUNCUM, MARY ALICE Cameron. Tex. ECHOLS, LARRY San Benito, Tex. EDWARDS, CARSON Abilene. Tex. ENZIE, RUSSELL Las Cruces, N. M. ELMORE, MAVANCE Cleveland. Tex. 49. EVANS, K AY Bridgeport, Ohio 50. EVANS, LARRY Cee Vee, Tex. 51. EZELL. GEORGE R.. IR. Florence, Ala. 52. FARLEY, WAYNE Houston. Tax. 53. FERRARA, JOE Miami, Fla. 54. FILBECK, IANICE Abilene: Tex. 55. FINLEY, IUANELL . FINLEY. SHARON Loraine. Tex. Abilene. Tex. . FITTZ. I IM Dallas, Tex. . FOWLER. SANDRA KAY Rockwood, Tex. . FOWLER, THOMAS BENNETT Concord. N . H. . FRANKS. GERALDINE Huslet, Tex. . FRIDGE. ELDRIDGE Texas City. Tex. . FULTS, YANDEL Hemphill, Tex. 247 Homecoming spirit gets in full swing as a McMurry Indian is burned in effigy. The Kitten Club girls mock the Wildcat football team at C: pep rally before the big game. Sophomores 17. 18. 19. 20. 2 . H 22. 23. 24. 33. 34. 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. Lakewood, N. I. . GARNER, SANDRA Dallas, Tex. . GARNER, THOMAS Quancxh, Tex. . GINN, ALTON Floydada, Tex. . GOODALE, SHARON Canon City. Colo. . GOODMAN, GAIL Fort Worth, Tex. . GOUGH. NANCY Dallas. Tex. 9- . GRAHAM, JAMES Cleburne, Tex. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. HALE, DUANE Cisco, Tex. 16- HALL, ION ROGER Dallas, Tex. HARRINGTON, KATHRYN Corpus Christi, Tex. HARRIS, LINDA FAYE Dallas, Tex. HAYS. DEAN Florence, Colo. HEARN, LINDA Odessa, Tex. HEARRON, LINDA Monuhans, Tex. 25 HEFFLEY, IIM Collinsville, Tex. 25 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. HOWELL, DAVID RAY Breckenridge. Tex. HUDDLESTON, JANICE Brownfield, Tex. HUGHES, DAVID Tulia. Tex. HUNTER, ROBERT BYFIELD Floresville, Tex. HUNTER, VICTOR L. Dodge City, Kan. IDOL, JACK C., IR. Benjamin, Tex. ISGITT, LINDA Atlanta. Ga. 41 JACKSON, VIRGINIA Cleburne, Tex. 42 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. . GARLAND, GEORGE FREDERIC GRAVES, GLENDA Irving. Tex. GRAY, CHARLES A. Roscoe, Tex. GREEK, LINDA GAIL Corpus Christi, Tex. GREEN. EULINE Gruver, Tex. GREEN, WILLIAM B. Port Arthur, Tex. GBIGGS. JACK ALLEN Monahcms. Tex. GUGGOLZ. NANCY Waco, Tex. HADDOCK, BENNY A. chc0, Tex. . HERRON. IAMES Junction, Tex. . HESTER. BENNIE Brownfield, Tex. HICKMAN, SONDRA Artesia, N. M. HILL, DON ROBERT Denver. Colo. HILL, IUDY KAY Abilene, Tex. HILLMAN, SHARON Wichim, Kan. HOGUE, DONNA Seymour, Tex. . HOOPER, KAREN Abilene, Tex. . IACKSON. XANNA Grand Prairie, Tex. . IAMISON, FRED Plainview, Tex. JOHNSON, IAN Balls, Tex. JOHNSON, MARY Cordell, Okla. JOHNSON, SHERRY Crane, Tex. KEARNEY. MIKE Spur, Tex. KERR, JANE Lubbock, Tex. KEY, SHARON Eunice, N. M. 249 As the semester ends, Chet Boston diligently prepares for his finals. 250 1. KEATHY, I. H. 2. KIRK, DEANNA Topeka. Kan. 3. KISSELBURGH. JIM El Paso. Tex. 4. KITE, LOU NELL Silverton, Tex. 5. KUBICA, VIC. G. Lubbock, Tex. 6. LAFFERTY, CAROLYN Santa Monica, Calif. 7. LAMB. JAMES B.. IR- Stamiord, Tex. 8. LAMBERT, MARY BETH Shreveport. La. 9. LATHAM, BOYD H" IR. Dallas, Tex. 10. LAWRENCE, BILL Fort Worth, Tex. 11. LEATHERWOOD, REGGIE Lampcxssas. Tex. 12. LEBOW. IANICE Morton, Tex. l3. LEE, PATRICIA LOU Lu Payer. Tex. 14. LEMLEY. NORMA Arvada, Colo. 15. LEWIS, MARY CAROLYN Odessa, Tex. 16. LEWIS. PHILLIP VERNON Eastland, Tex. 17. LIEB. LOYCE Sweetwater. Tex. 18. LITTLE, GAYLA GWYNN Thermopolis. Wy. Sophomores 19. LITTON, ANN Grants, N. M. 20. LUCADO. IOAN Odessa. Tex. 21. LUSK, GARY Eastlcmd, Tex. 22. LYE, JOHN Singapore, Malaya 23. MALONE, ROBERT E. Seymour, Tex. 24. MANER, JOAN San Antonio. Tex. 25. MANLY, CAROLYN Abilene. Tex. 28. MA 26. MARTIN, COOKIE ports 1.11331in TERM H' Pearland. Tex. 29. MASTERS, MARS! 27. MARTIN, SANDRA I- Colorado City, Tex. Littlefield. Tex. 30. MAXWELL, BUZZY San Antonio, Tex. . MAXWELL, IOHN F. Corpus Christi. Tex. 32. McARTHUR. MERRY DEE Spur, Tex. 83. MCCALEB, GARY Anson, Tex. 34. McCALLA, GENELLE 3 H 37. MCCOWN, JAMES Eldoradol Tex- Abilene, Tex. 35. XECOOK, CHARLES 38. MCDONALD. SHARON KAY ilene' TeX- Yuma, Arizona 36. MegOLLUM, DON 39. McEUIN, GLENDA Abilene: Tex- Denison, Tex. 40. MCGUIRE, ERROL M. Tulsa, Okla. 41. McKINZIE, CAROLYN North Texas City, Tex. 42. McKNIGHT, THAYNE Killeen, Tex. 43. McLEAN. GAYLEEN WILSON Kress, Tex. 44. McNIECE, BUSTER Abilene, Tex. 251 1. McREYNOLDS, JAMES Port Arthur, Tex. . MERRELL, DAVID Portage Lakes, Ohio . MERRYMAN, GARY Texas City. Tex. . MILLER. LLOYD Irving, Tex. . MIMS. DENNIS Abilene. Tex. . MITCHELL, ELIZABETH Fort Smith. Ark. Lite in McDonald Hall is always full of excitement. Sophomores 7 mm 10. 11. 12. 13. 18. 19. 20. 14.- 15. 16. 17. MONEY, BOYCE Temple. Tex. . MOODY, RUSSELL G. Corpus Christi, Tex. . MOORE. MIRIAM VIRGINIA McAllen, Tex. MORGAN, PAT Brad, Tex. MOBIN. DAVID C. El Paso. Tex. NEAL, PETE Houston. Tex. NELSON, GLENDA SUE Grand Isle, Lu. NEVE. LAWRENCE ALVIN Dallas, Tex. NEWMAN, IIMMY Perryton, Tex. NEWTON, CONRAD Port Anhut, Tex. NEWTON, LINDA DELL Coleman. Tex. NICKS, LINDA Shaman, Texa OHLHAUSEN, NORMA JEAN Ballinger. Tex. O'HEAR. LONNIE Balmorhea, Tex. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. OSBORN, DERRELL Abilene, Tex. PADDACK, TED Chickashu. Okla. PAFFORD, SHIRLEY OLENE Burnet. Tex. PAGE, IIM Bakersfield. Calif. PANKRATZ. DOROTHY San Antonio. Tex. PARDUE. IUDY Wicket. Tex. PARHAM. DIANN Fort Worth, Tex. PARSONS, IIMMY Abilene, Tex. 30. 32. 33. 34. 29. 31. PATTERSON. IEAN ANN Dallas. Tex. PATTERSON, RONALD D. Lometa, Tex. PETERS, GLYNN Houston, Tex. PETTY, BILL San Angelo. Tex. PIPES, JERRY Wichita Falls. Tex. PIRTLE, BERL Alamosa, Colo. Gerald Wall goes through the daily routine of checking his mailbox. 1m "W in iw .: Stockholm. Sweden Kenedy, Tex. Roscoe, Tex. . SCITERN, CAROLYN Gormun, Tex. . SCHMIDT. IERYL Pampc, Tex. Dallas. Tex. . SEARCY, JUDY San Antonio, Tex. . SELF, GERALD Petersburg. Tex. Fort Worth, Tex. . SHANKS, BARBARA Wellington, Tex. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. . POPE. TERRY Fort Worth. Tex. . PORTERPIELD. KAREN Levelland, Tex. . PHATER. MELVAREE Fort Worth. Tex. . RAGSDALE. BERNITA San Saba, Tex. . RASCO. MARY Lake Jackson, Tex. . RAWLS, BUDDY GENE Pampa, Tex. . REAGAN. LEVA MAE Shep. Tex. . REAGAN. TERRELL Waco, Tex. . REED. LERUTH Sterling City, Tex. . REEVE. WAYNE San Antonio, Tex. . REYNOLDS, HM Pueblo. Colo. . RIEMENSCHNEIDER. IO Killeen, Tex. RIGGS, IERRY Roscoe, Tex. RITCHIE. JUDY Troup, Tex. ROBERSON, BARBARA McCamey. Tex. ROBERTS, BILL Whitesboro, Tex. ROBERTS, RONALD C. San Angelo, Tex. ROBERTSON, ROBERT C. Waco. Tex. ROBINSON, NICKY Lubbock, Tex. ROGERS, DAVID Houston, Tex. ROSS, ROBERT M. Baird, Tex. RYAN, OMA DELL- Perryton, Tex. SANKEY, EARLINE Del Rio, Tex. SATTERWHITE. VICKY IAN Abilene, Tex. . SAVAGE. JACK EATON . SCARBROUGH. LESLIE . SCHNEIDER. EDWINA . SCOTT, CAROLYN RHEA . SHACKLEFORD, MARY 35. SHAW. LINDA, Hobbs. N. M. 36. SHORT. BEVERLY Crcme, Tex. 37. SIMS, JAMES Tyler, Tax. 38. SINGLETON, VICKIE Fort Worth, Tex. 39. SLOAN, DERRELL Hawley, Tex. 40. SMALLRIDGE, GERRYE Washington. D. C. 41. SMALLWOOD. DAN LEE Muleshoe, Tex. 42. SMITH, CAROL ANN Winters, Tex. 43. SMITH, CAROL SUE Pueblo, C010. 44. SMITH, DON Odessa, Tex. 45. SNOW, IUDY LYNNE Dallas, Tex. 46. SOWARDS, JANICE Fort Worth. Tex. 47. SOWELL. MYBA LEE Clebume, Tex. 48. STAMPER, SHERRY KAY Aidmore, Okla. 49. STANDLEE. DAVID Vernon, Tex. 50. STARNES, MALISSA Waco, Tex. Iohn Lye, of Singapore shows the clothing char- acteristic of his native land. 51. STEPHENS, KAY Dallas, Tex. 52. STEPHENSON, CHARLES Houston. Tex. 53. STEWART, GEORGE EARL Sweetwater. Tex. 54. STEWART, JUDY ILENE Auskin, Tex. 55. STONE. JAY DENE Fort Worth. Tex. 56. SUGG, DAVID Buffalo, N. Y. 255 l. SULLIVAN, JUDITH LYNN Ennis, Tex. 2. SULLIVAN. LINDA Ennis. Tex. 3. SWADLEY. RONALD Wichita Falls. Tex. 4. SWINDELL. PAT Brentwood, Tenn. 5. TAHBET. DAVID Big Spring, Tex. 6. TAYLOR. DON Amarillo, Tex. 7. THORP, PAT Anson, Tex. 8. THETFORD, BARBARA Sherman, Tex. 9. THOMAS, HANNAH BELL Abilene, Tex. 10. THOMPSON, JAMES WELDO Tyler, Tex. 11. THOMPSON VIVIAN LEE Wellington. Tex. 12. THORP, SYLVIA Corpus Christi, Tex. 13. TOEWS, DAVID Gretna, Manitoba. Canada 14. TOMME, HAROLD E. Fort Worth. Tex. 15. TRAVIS, MILLANN Adanta, Ga. 16. TREAT. IODY Crosbyton. Tex. 17. TRIBBLE. IAMES SLATER Jackson, Miss. 18. TRIMBLE, LINDA Dallas, Tex. 19. TRIPPETT, JACK Patkersbutg, W. Va. 20. TROSCLAIB, IOY Houston, Tex. . WILSON, TWILA KAY Tok. Alaska 42. WINTERS, KENNETH San Antonio, Tex. 43. WOOD, DONNA Galveston, Tex. 44. WOOLRIDGE. MARIAN Houston. Tex. 45. WORLEY, DONNA GAYE Knox City, Tex. 46. WRIGHT. DON Sweetwctet. Tex. 47. YATES, CHARLES Shelbyville, Tex. 48. YOUNG, IOYCE ELAINE Dallas, Tex. 256 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 36. 3'7. 38. 39. 40. 21 TULLOS. NELWYN JEANETTE Tallulah, La. 22. VARNER, CARLA Abilene, Tex. 23. VARNER, ROY D. Abilene. Tex. 24. VAUGHAN, BETTY Waco, Tex. .25. VERETT, PAULETTA Abilene, Tex. WALKER, JUDY Corpus Christi, Tex. WALLACE. GARY RAY San Angelo. Tex. WALLACE, PAUL Toledo, Ohio WARREN, IUDY Glendale, Calif. WATERS, CORKY San Benito, Tex. 31. WATSON, DEE ANN Memphis, Tenn. 32. WEAVER, PEGGY Dallas, Tex. 33. WELCH. GARY Houston, Tex. 34. WELCH, GUY Houston, Tex. 35. WELLS, RAY Waco, Tex. WHEELER, VIRGINIA RAY La Marque, Tex. WILBURN. BOB Canadian, Tex. WILLIAMS. JANICE Meridian. Tex. WILLIAMS, JUDY Fort Worth, Tex. WILLIS, WAYNE Manchester, Tenn. "Hurry up, or the switchboard will be closed." warn Gary Dennis, Miles Peeples, and Tom Best to Bill Chutham, who tries to ignore them. Freshman Officers Vice-President: ANDY CAUTHEN President: BENNY RAY DOUGAN Secretary: DONNA KAY MCFARLIN 258 10. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 1. ABSTON, LaHONDA Burleson, Tex. 2. ADAMS, NAN Gatesville, Tex. 3. ADCOCK. DWAIN Gruver. Tex. 4. ADRIAN, LINDA ANN Prescott, Ariz. 5. ALLAN. BILL Dallas, Tex. . ALLEN, DAN Houston. Tex. . ALLEN, GLORIA DEANIED Bronte. Tex. . ALLEN, JUDY KAY Altus, Okla. . ALLEN. LARRY Partules. N.M. ANDERS. SANDRA Seagoville, Tex. 11. ANDERSON, IOANN Galveston, Tex. 12. ARRINGTON. SUE ANN Fort Worth. Tex. 13. AUSTIN, MARY FRANCIS Littlefield, Tex. 14. AUSTIN, PHILLIP Morenci, Ariz. 15. AYRES, IIMMY Fort Worth, Tex. BAKER, STEVE Loving, Tex. BALCH, BETTY LAURA Lufkin, Tex. BARKER. JEFF MICHAEL Dallas, Tex. BARNES, BOB Redlands, Tex. BARRINGTON. DON Port Arthur, Tex. 21. BARTON, DARLENE Denver, C010. 22. BATES, RALPH Tulia. Tex. 23. BEARD, SANDRA KAY Winters, Tex. 24. BEASLEY, IUDY Hawley. Tex. 25. BEAUCHAMP. PATSY Eden, Tex. BECK, BRENDA Vernon, Tex. BECK, SCOOTER Harlingen, Tex. BELL, LYNDA Pala Pinto, Tex. BELL, MIKE Alice, Tex. BENES. JUDITH R. Carrizo Springs, Tex. 31. BENNETT. DON Levelland. Tex. 32. BENNETT, GENELL Husk. Tex. 33. BERRY, JANE Waco, Tex. 34. BEUSTRING. BOB Tulsa, Okla. 35. BIRDWELL, KAY Ferris. Tex. 52. CONWAY, CAROLYN MARIE Cleburne. Tex. 53. CLEMMER. SIDNEY Scm Angelo, Tex. 54. CLINKSCALES, MARSHALL Tyler, Tex. 55. COFFMAN, NANCY Pasadena, Tex. 14. 15. 16. 17. . BOREN. TOMMY San Antonio. Tex. . BOTTOMS, GENEVIEVE Abilene, Tex. . BOWLES, BARBARA Dallas, Tex. . BRABHAM. LARRY Houston, Tex. BRIGMAN, JACK DAVID San Antonio, Tex. BBOADFOOT. RONNIE Elgin A.F.B., Fla. BROOKS, GLENDA Graham, Tex. BROWN, BETTY Port Lavaca. Tex. . BROWNLOW, KAYE Fort Worth, Tex. . BRYANT. JAMES E. Roby. Tex. . BUCHANAN, BREN T Memphis, Tenn. . BULLOCK, MIKE Garland, Tex. 10. 11. 12. 13. 19. 19. 20. 21. 56. 57. 58. . CONLEY, CAROLYN . BLACK, RONALD L. Fort Worth. Tex. . BLACKBURN. IUDY Dallas, Tex. . BLAIR. ROLAND Abilene. Tex. . BLESS. SALLY ANN Ft. Huachuca. Ariz. . BOREN. SONDRA Belton. Tex. BRADSHAW, GLEN Chillicothe. Tex. BRANCH, DOUGLAS EUGENE Pampa, Tex. BRANNAN. IOHNICE Breckenridge, Tex. BRANSON, NORMAN B.. IR. Bowie, Tex. BROWN, CASSIE Ponca City, Okla. BROWN. GARY Abilene. Tex. BROWN, ROBERT ALLEN Mayiield, Ky. BROOKS, GARY LEHN Andalusia. Ala. COKER. IOHNATTA Dallas, Tex. COLEMAN, LYNNE Abilene, Tex. COLLETT, NIKKI ANN Chattanooga, Tenn. El Paso, Tex. 6. BURNS, CHARLES Valley Mills, Tex. 7. BURNS, JACKIE CAROLYN LuMarque, Tex. 8. BURRIS, CAROLYN Wichita, Kan. 9. BRUYER. GARY Phoenix, Atiz. 0. CALVERT, STANTON Dimmitt, Tex. 1. CAMERON, JAMES Haskell, Tex. 32. CAMPBELL. ADRIAN E. Los Angeles, Calif. 33. CAMPBELL, CAROLYN Dallas, Tex. 34. CAMPBELL, JANELLE Oklahoma City, Okla. 35. CAMPBELL, MARY FRANCES Dallas, Tex. -6. CAMPBELL, RONNIE Waco, Tex. 7. CANNON, VICKI LEE El Paso. Tex. .8. CARTER, BECKY Antioch, Calif.- 9. CASEY, MARY SUE Decatur. Tex. 40 GATES. SYLVIA CAROLYN Prescott. Ariz. 41. CAUTHEN, ANDY Montgomery, Ala. 42. CAUTHEN, McGREGOR Baton Rouge, La. 43. CHEEK, WILLIAM ROGER Dallas, Tex. 4, CHENAULT. GAYLE Manetta, Ga. 5. CHICK. JUDY Cisco, Tex. 6. CHISUM. OLETA Dalhart, Tex. 7. CHORN, GAIL Abilene. Tex. 48. CHRISTOPHER, JOYCE Fort Worth, Tex. 49. CLARK. CATHERINE Seminole, Tex. 50. CLARK, GARY A. Midland, Tex. 51. CLEM, RONNIE GLEN Artesia, N.M. 60 CONNALLY JUDITH 64. CORNER. BRENDA NELL . Silverton, Tex. 61. gngeIzeblgg$ETTE 65. CORZINE, IANIS . . "f, 2433a?l:$;?+ Freshmen E$$$EN9$N Gillilcmd Tex Gainesville, Tex. 63. CORNER, KAREN 67. COUCH, 'CARL Grandfield, Okla. IGCksomnlle. Flu. 1. COX, SHEILA Vernon, Tex. 2. CHAIN, IAN Colorado Springs. C010. 3. CROSLAND. CAROL Houston. Tex. 4. CROSS, VERNON Fort Worth. Tex. 5. CUMMINGS, FLORENCE Burbank. Calif. 6. CUNNINGHAM, CLIFFORI Abilene. Tex. 7. CURRY. BRENDA NOREN Waxahachie, Tex. 8. CURRY. JAMES T. III San Antonio, Tex. 9. CURRY, JOHN Abilene. Tex. 10. BANNER. PATRICIA AN Williston. N. Dak. 11. DARING, BARBARA Fort Worth, Tex. 12. DAUGHTREY, WAYNE Cotulla, Tex. 13. DAVENPORT. BETTA Vernon. Tex. 14. DAVIS, NANCY Garland, Tex. 15. DAVIS, IOHN Ennis, Tex. 16. DAVIS, LINDA Corpus Christi, Tex. 17. DAVIS. PATRICIA Gainesvile, Tex. 18. DAVIS, THELMA DARLEN San Antonio, Tex. 19. DAWKINS, ROSS Midland, Tex. 20. DAY, GILBERT RUSSELL Roswell, N.M. 21 21. DENNIS.- DALE Amarillo, Tex. 22. DENSON, LINDA Houston, Tex. 31. DOUGAN, BENNY RAY 23. DILL, SANDRA Prescott, Ark. Olney, Tex. 32. DUKE, CAROL 24. DIXON, LARRY Wichita Falls, Tex. Norman, Okla. 33. DYKES, KERMIT 25- DQDSON. MARJORIE Detroit, Mich. Budge City, Tex. 34. EATON, LARRY E. 25- DORRELL, PAT Cleveland, Ohio Houston. Tex. 35. EDWARDS, JACKIE 27. DORSEY. JUNE Noconu. Tex. Dallas. Tex. 3B. EDWARDS, WELDA IO 28. DORTON, LESTER Olton, Tex. Merkel, Tex. 37, ELKINS, CHERYL 29. IBIOTSON' LARRY THOMAS Abilene, Tex. uncie, Ind. 38. ELLIS, JUDY 30. DOTY, ALAN Colorado City. Tex. Independence, MO- 39. ELMORE. IEANNETTE Cleburne. Tex. 40. ELMORE, KAY Sherman. Tex. 41. EMANUEL, TOMMY Monahcms, Tex. 42. EMMONS, EDWARD Enid, Okla. 51. FORMAN, JAMES DESMOND 43- EWING, ROBERT LEE Victoria, Tex. Floresville, Tex. 52. FORTSON. MICHAEL L. 44. FOHRLENDER. FRANK L. Fort Worth, Tex. Roswell, N. Mex. 53. FOSTER, KAREN 45. FAUBUS, ANN Winters, Tex. Abilene, Tex. 54. FRANKLIN, JERRY GORDON 45. FERGUSON. JOHN Abilene, Tex. Garland, Tex. 55. FRAZER, NAN 47. FISHER, BILLY LEE Behon, Tex. Baytown. Tex. 55. FRAZIER. JUDITH 48. FLEET, ELAINE Abilene, Tex. Gilmer, Tex. 57. FRIDGE, GLENDA JEAN 49. FLETCHER, RONNIE Texas City, Tex. Rochester, Tex. 58. GAGE, JERRY D. IR. 50. FLOWERS, JANICE Waco, Tex. Gainesville. Tex. 59. GAMMAGE. LINDA 262 Lockney, Tex. One of me first phases of college life which freshmen encounter is standing in line during the tedious task of registration. Freshmen 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 1. GARNER, BROOKS Tulsa, Okla. 2. GARNER, CONNIE SUE Austin, Tex. 3. GARNER, DON HART Lumesa, Tex. 4. GARNER. DONALD W. Dallas, Tex. 5. GARRETT. PATSY ANN Sonora, Tex. . GERBRACHT. LYNN Ojai, Calif. . GERHARDT. JAMES M. San Antonio. Tex. . GIEGER. GAYLA Fort Worth, Tex. . GILBERT. IRIS CAROLYN German, Tex. . GILBERT, PAT Dallas, Tex. 11. GILES. JANE Huntsville, Ala. 12. GILL, HUBERT Lovington. N. Mex. 13. GIPSON. NITA KAY Melrose, Mass. 14. GOOSBY, JUNE Huntsville, Ala. 15. GRAVES. JOAN Greenville. Tex. GRAY. DANA Des Moines, Iowa GRAY, MRS. JANET Fort Worth, Tex. GRAY, IUDY ANN Dallas, Tex. GRAY, RICHARD LEE Azie, Tex. GREEN, GALE Sylvester, Tex. 21. GREEN. JOYCE Bowie, Tex. 22. GREGORY, RAYMOND Pecos. Tex. 23. GRIFFIN, DAVID L. Biloxi, Miss. 24. GROUNDS. LINDA JANE Duncanville. Tex. 25. GUINN, DIANNE Houston. Tex. HAILEY. LINDA Anson. Tex. HALE, WANDA Abilene, Tex. HALEY, KATHY Badger. Calif. HALL, MARCUS Grapevine, Tex. HAMPTON, ANN Tipton, Okla. 31. HAMPTON, CYLDE Tomball, Tex. 32. HANDY. PAMELA San Antonio, Tex. 33. HANKINS, RITA Abilene, Tex. 34. HARDIN, RAYMOND Roswell, N. Mex. 35. HARDING. KARLA Brownfield. Tex. 36. HARGROVE, GLENDA Tucumcari. N. Mex. The freshmen officers feel a sense of pride as they stand before their Homecoming bonfire. built in record time. 37. 38. 39. 49. 50. 51. 53. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. HARPER. IANIE Lawton. Okla. HARRISON, GLENN Muskogee, Okla. HARRISON, WAYNE Houston, Tex. HAYES. JERRY DAN Sunset, Tex. HAZELWOOD, JERRY WAYNE Cleburne, Tex. HEDRICK. RAY Wichita Falls, Tex. HENDERSON, IERREL Norman, Okla. HENRY, KATHRYN LaBEE Channelview. Tex. HEBMANN. MARILYN Houston, Tex. HERNDON. CALEB Abilene. Tex. HERREN, JAN Haskell, Tex. HESSER, SANDI Abilene, Tex. HEWITT. IUNE Dallas, Tex. HEWITT. LANA Houston. Tex. HIGGINS. CHARLES Fayetteville, Tenn. HILL, TOMMY Aspermont, Tex. 265 10. 11. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 67. 68. 69. 70. 71. 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. 77. . HINES, IOE L. 12. Eunice, N. Mex. . HOGAN, MILTON 13, Abilene, Tex. . HOLLAND, ANN 14. Kaufman, Tex. . HOLLEMAN, GLENDA LOUISE 15. Camden, Ark. . HOLLOWAY. ANN 16. Lockport, N.Y. . HOLTON, JOHN 17. Washington, DC. . HOMBURG, CAROL 18. San Antonio, Tex. . HOUCHEN. BONNIE 19. Abilene, Tex. . HOWARD, ANNE 20. Irving. Tex. HUEY. IUDY 21. Santa Rita, N. Mex. HUFF, PATRICIA 22. Fort Worth, Tex. IONES, FRANCES 34. Lockney, Tex. JOHNSON, ARTHUR 35. Orlando. Fla. JOHNSON, JUDY 36. Dallas, Tex. JOHNSON, PAT 37. Austin. Tex. IOHLNSON. TAYLOR 38. Crowell. Tex. IOHNSTON. RONALD D. 39. Oklahoma City, Okla. Alamo, Tex. Garland, Tex. Beaumont, Tex. Midland, Tex. Albuquerque, N. Mex. Freshmen LEWIS, DON 56 Iunction. Tex. LEWIS. GLENDA 57 Nederland, Tex. LEWIS, POLLY JEAN 58 Raymondville. Tex. LITTLE. CHERYL 59 Abilene, Tex. LITTLE, LANNY 50 Mexia, Tex. LITTON. JANICE 61 Shreveport, Lu. LIVINGSTON. MARY K. 62 Coleman, Tex. LOCKE, COLEMAN 63 Hungerford, Tex. LOGAN. MIKE 64 Denver, Colo. LOWHY, JOHN IVAN 55 Prosper, Tex. LYCAN. CHARLES 66 Pueblo, Colo. McCLANAHAN. VIVIAN 78- Dallas, Tex. McCLUNG, LARRY 79. Amarillo, Tex. McCUISTION. DON 80. Burkbumett. Tex. MCDONALD, GARNETTA 81. Conroe. Tex. MCDONALD. DON 82. S1erling City. Tex. MCDONALD. NINA CHARLOTTE 83. Shexman. Tex. McGEE, RANDALL LAWRENCE 84. Amarillo, Tex. MCHANEY, JIMMY 85. Tulia. Tex. McILROY, RITA GRACE 86. Dublin, Tex. McKAY, DON GARRETT 87. Dallas, Tex. McLEAN, IOY SUZANNE 88. Houston. Tex. IOHNSTONE, DON 40. IORDAN. IOHN "FLASH" 41. JUSTICE, CHARLOISE 42. KEEL, WILLIAM BEN. IR. 43. KELLEY. BOB 44. HUGHES. LARRY Abilene, Tex. HUNTER. BONI JEAN Abilene, Tex. HURST, DAVID Laurel, Miss. IDOL, BOBBY Benjamin, Tex. IRVIN, STANLEY Odessa, Tex. IVEY. ROBERT CHARLES Abilene, Tex. JACKSON, BOB Prescott. Ariz. JACKSON, EDWIN L. Houston, Tex. JACKSON. MARY ANN Houston, Tex. IANDA. BERNICE Abilene. Tex. JONES, BRENDA Phoenix, Ariz. KENNEDY. ROBERT H. Seminole, Tex. KENT, CHARLES RUSSELL Bloomington, 1nd. KIMMEL, JAMES Waco, Tex. KING. HOWARD DON Roswell, N. Mex. KING, WAYNE Blackwell, Tex. KINNAMON, IO Sylvia, Kan. KIRK, CAROL Abilene, Tex. KNIGHT, CAROLYN Midland, Tex. LACY, ELAINE Shreveport, La. LAMINACK, GLENDA German, Tex. LANGFORD, LINDA KAY Tom Bean, Tex. . LYLES. DON Fort Worth, Tex. . LYONS, BARBARA ANN Iaspex, Tex. . MARTIN, SHERRY Fort Worth, Tex. . MARTINDALE. DOUGLAS 11. Choctaw, Tex. . MARTYR, SUZANNE Houston, Tex. . MASON. IO ANNA Norman, Okla. . MATHEWS. BILL Austin, Tex. . MAYFIELD. LOUISE Grand Prairie, Tex. . MCCALEB, TOMMIE LYNN Abilene, Tex. . MCCABLEY. KAY Pasadena, Tex. . MCCARTY, PATTY Debry, Kan. McMENNAMY, ROGER Fort Worth, Tex. McMILLAN, MARSHALL Lampascxs, Tex. McQUILLAN. KENT Clearwater, Kan. MEDFORD, JAMES D., IR. Dallas. Tex. MERRIOTT. JUDY Stamford, Tex. MERRITT, DONNA JANE Pinon, N. Mex. MICKEY, KIM Lockney, Tex. MILLER, FRANK Irving, Tex. MILLER, JANE Bismarck. N. Dak. MILLER, MARGARET Snyder, Tex. MILLER, MICKEY Abilene. Tex. 267 CD 10. H H 17. 18. 19. 20. 25. 26. 27. 28. . MILLS, MARTHA LOUISE Dallas, Tex. . MILTON. CAROLYN IUNE Dallas. Tex. . MITCHELL, ALVIN IR. Anton, Tex. . MITCHELL. GAIL McCaulley, Tex. 5. MONOHOLLAND, ALMA RUTH Sedan, Kan. 6. MONTGOMERY, ANN LYNELL Dallas, Tex. 7. MOON, BOBBYE Jackson. Miss. 8. MOORE, FRANKLIN Snyder, Tex. . MOORE, HERMAN IR. Sonora, Tex. MOORE, IUDY Minneola, Kan. . MORAN, FONDA Abilene, Tex. . MORGAN, JAMES MICHAEL Dumas, Tex. 13. MORGAN, NEVA Munday. Tex. 14. MORSE, SAM Pasadena. Tex. 15. MOYERS, DAVID Bynum, Tex. 16. MYERS, SUSAN Poplar Bluff, Mo. NELSON, KAREN Kingsville, Tex. NELSON, LYNN DWAYN Abilene. Tex. NISLE, CAROLYN Idaho Falls, Idaho ODOM. KENNY Edcouch, Tex. 21. OLDHAM, SHERRY Dalhurt, Tex. 22. OFFUTT, SARA EVELYN Munday. Tex. 23. O'MEARA, RICHARD LaMarque, Tex. 24. PARKER, LINDA COY Houston. Tex. PARKINSON, LOU Anson, Tex. PARKS, AVERD Canadian, Tex. PATY, IOE Hermleigh, Tex. PAWLAK. SHANNON M. Ratcliffe, Saskatchewan. Canada . PURCELL. EUGENE Abilene, Tex. . PURSCH, WALTER Pleasanton. Tex. . RABB, ANN ELIZABETH Hillsboro, Tex. . RAGLAND, DOUG Jackson. Miss. . BAGSDALE, GARY Hamilton. Tex. . RANKIN, DONNA LEA Fort Worth, Tex. . RATCLIFF. MIKE Wylie, Tex. . REEVES, PERRY Mason. Tex. . REYNOLDS, SHARON McCamey. Tex. . RICKNER. ERIC Abilene. Tex. . RILEY, BETTY Baytown, Tex. . ROACH. PATTI WADE Austin. Tex. . ROBBINS, JERRY San Angelo, Tex. . ROBERTS, CAROLYN Jackson, Miss. . ROBINSON, JIMMY DON Abilene, Tex. . ROCKWELL, ROCKY Abilene, Tex. . ROGERS, BRENDA Lebanon, Tenn. . ROGERS, JENNY Tulia, Tex. . ROGERS. RONNIE Houston, Tex. . ROSE. LYNN Liberal, Kan. . PEDEN, RICK Loveland, Colo . PENNINGTON. 'GLENDA German, Tex. . PENNINGTON. SARAH IANE Andrews, Tex. . PETERSON, MARGIE Dallas, Tex. . PETTY. JAMES A. Westminster, Colo. '. PHILLIPS, DALE Wyandotte, Mich. . PHILLIPS, ED Denver, Colo. . PHILLIPS. PATRICIA ANN Eldorado. Tex. . PITTS, JACK Abilene, Tex. . POGUE, ROBERT GUY Dallas, Tex. . PORTER. LINDA JEAN Norton. Tex. . POUNDS, RICK Lubbock. Tex. . PRATER, JERRY Garland, Tex. . PRIDDY, MARGARET Nocona, Tex. . PRYOR. PAUL Quinlan. Tex. . PROPST, WAYNE Anson. Tex. . PRUITT, LINDA E. Thibodcux. La. . PRUITT, RONNIE MAC Lake Jackson, Tex. Long cafeteria lines will be remembered as a part of the daily routines of college life. 16. l7. 18. 19. 20. Freshmen 1. ROSS, REBECCA Canton, Tex. 2; RYALS, WANDA Mount Dora, Fla. 3. SARGENT, EDWARD DON Lcmpasas, Tex. 4. SAUL, JAMES E. Bristow, Okla. 5. SCARBOROUGH, BILL Fort Worth, Tex. . SCHROEDER, WANDA Dallas, Tex. . SCOTT. JOHN D. De Leon. Tex. . SCOTT. IUDY Anson. Tex. . SELF, MELINDA Dallas, Tex. . SETLIFF. MEREDITH CAROL Atoka. Okla. 11. SHANKLE, CAROLYN JUNE Mount Pleasant, Tex. 12. SHEPHERD, BETH Burkesville, Ky. 13. SHIELDS, SHARON ANN Cloud Chief, Okla. 14. SHIPLEY, IO ANN Garland, Tex. 15. SHOCKLEY, THOMAS H. Uvalde, Tex. SHULER, IUNIE Dallas, Tex. SILVEY, FRANK Rome, Italy SIMPSON, GERRY Galena Park, Tex. SIMS, JOSEPH E. Hapeville. Ga. SINCLAIR. KENNY Plcxinview, Tex. 21. SMALL, SANDRA LEE Lake Jackson, Tex. 22. SMALL. STEPHEN LANCE Hobbs. N. Mex. 23. SMITH, BARBARA DALE Shreveport, La. 24. SMITH. BOBBY San Angelo, Tex. 25. SMITH. JANA MARGARET Houston, Tex. 31. 32. 33. 34. 35. 4 . r-a 42. 43. 44. 45. 5 . H 52. 53. 54. 55. 61. 62. 63. 64. 65. 26. SMITH, LINDA JANICE Lufkin, Tex. 27. SMITH. SHERILYN Tucson, Ariz. 28. SMYTH, PATTI Cleburne. Tex. 29. SPAIN. JANE Nashville, Tenn. 30. SPEER, LINDA KAY Haskell. Tex. SPRADLIN. DAVID LEE Galena Park. Tex. SPROTT. JACQUELINE Belton, Tex. STACY, RONNY Fremont. Tex. STAGGS, SHARON Tipton, Okla. STEPHENS, DAVE West Plains, Mo. 36. STEPHENS, GAIL Monahans, Tex. 37. STEPHENS, JIMMY DAVIS Rhome, Tex. 38. STEPHENSON, CAROLE ANN Fort Worth, Tex. 39. STEVENS, GENE Pleasanton, Tex. 40. STEWART, MARY ANN Cleburne, Tex. STEWART, SHEILA M. Grand Isle, La. STIGER, PATTY New Orleans, La. STOBAUGH, KAY Gulfport, Miss. STOECKER. MARGARET Winters, Tex. STOKES, SUE Snyder, Tex. 46. STOUT, LARRY Rhome, Tex. 47. STROME, SHIRLEY Kansas City, Kan. 48. STROMQUIST, NEVILLE JANICE Waco, Tex. 49. STROUD, KATHERINE Portland. Oreg. 50. STRUVE, KAY Fricna. Tex. SUIT, RILEY Blackstone, Va. SUGGS. KATHY Point Comfort. Tex. TABOR, BETTY KAY San Antonio. Tex. TAYLOR, SUE Snyder, Tex. TEMPLE, CAROL Pasadena, Tex. 56. THOMAS, BARBARA Gonzales, Tex. 57. TOWLER, KAREN Baird, Tex. 58. TREECE, SHARON LEE Odessa. Tex. 59. TRIMBLE, KAREN KAY Dallas, Tex. 60. TUCKER. WAYNE Burtlesville, Okla. TURNER, LINDA Fort Worth, Tex. TWITCHEL, KAY Kansas City, Kcm. VANNOY, DAVID Bryan, Tex. VICE, HERMAN FLOYD Huntsville. Tex. VICKREY, FRANCES Healdton. Okla. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. . WADDELL. FRANCES Plainview, Tex. . WADE, MONTIE MARY Hamlin, Tex. . WALKER, JAMES M. Pasadena, Tex. . WALKER, RAY Floydada, Tex. . WALKER. TOM Robstown. Tex. 6. WALLACE, IAN Dallas, Tex. 7. WARWAR. .IEFFERY Nazareth, Israel 8. WATSON. BENTON LAMAR Spur, Tex. 9. WEBB, MICKEY Dallas, Tex. 10. WEBER, CAROL Houston, Tex. WEISS, ANITA Seminole, Tex. WELLS, STEVE Obion, Tenn. WEST, MARC Kirbyville, Tex. WEYANDT. PALMER Arlington, Va. WHEELER, BETTY Robstown. Tex. 16. VICKREY, PAUL Dallas. Tex. 17. VINEYARD, JIMMY D. Oklahoma City, Okla. 18. WHITE, ESTELLE RUTH Stanton, Tex. 19. WHITWORTH, BOBBY CARL Auocu, Tex. 20. WHYTE. JAMES P. Denver, Colo. Tuesday evening devotions provide students with a feeling of closeness to God and to each other. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 21. WICKMAN, RICK Goldendale, Wash. 22. WILEY. WANDA FAY Aledo, Tex. 23. WILLARD. DIANE Keller, Tex. 24. WILLIAMS, MARY DIANE Memphis, Tenn. 25. WHEELESS, GAIL Dallas, Tex. WILLIAMS. DONALD WAYNE Merkel, Tex. WILLIAMS, IUDY Houston, Tex. WILLIAMS, MARY Dallas, Tex. WILMETH, SYLVIA Cleburne, Tex. WILSON, BETTY GAYLE Dallas, Tex. 31. WILSON. JACKIE M. Sudan, Tex. 32. WILSON, IOYCE YVONNE Bynum, Tex. 33. WISHARD, MARK Roswell, N. Mex. 34. WITT, LYNELL Groom, Tex. 35. WITT, NANCY GAY Abilene, Tex. WOMACK, KAREN Huwley, Tex. WOMACK, LINDA Dallas, Tex. WOOD, BOBBY R. Eunice. N. Mex. WOOD. GAIL LYNN Hot Springs, Ark. WOODWARD, LINDA GAYLE El Dorado, Tex. 41. WOODY, GENEVA ROSE Rankin, Tex. 42. WOOLRIDGE, JANICE Enid, Okla. 43. WRAY, HARRIETT Abilene. Tex. 44. WRIGHT, IOHN Portsmouth. Va. 45. YARBEOUGH, DAVID REAGAN Houston, Tex. YATES, WINSTON Fresno, Calif. YOWELL, KEN Sherman, Tex. ZINN. NANCY Wichita, Kan. DAVIS. NANCY Throckmorton, Tex. GRAY, MIKE Abilene, Tex. Freshmen 2'74 CINDY WILLISON Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Cindy Willison will be long remembered for her heroic death in her attempt to save her younger brothers and sisters from their burning home. Cindy had gone home for the summer and was planning to work there until she could save enough money to return to ACC, where she had distinguished herself in her school work and in many campus activities. A dedicated Christian, Cindy continues to live as an inspiration both in life and in death. IN MEMORIAM Beyond the sunset, 0 glad reunion With our dear Ioved ones who've gone before, In that fair homeland we'11 know no parting Beyond the sunset forever more. Blanche Kerr Brock DON TAYLOR Amarillo, Texas Don Taylor, victim of a tragic automobile accident. was a fine example of friendliness and enthusiasm. He could only be content when accomplishing something and was never too tired to work a little harder. Admired by all, Don was selected as outstanding pledge by his brothers in Phi Delta Psi. Sudden death quickly snuffed out his life, yet Don is re- membered as one who knew true happiness. JUDY KENNAMER Denver, Colorado Judy Kennamer served as President of the Campus Service Organization at ACC and was known for her willingness to help others. She was characterized by a happy spirit which was not dampened even by the fact that only an emergency operation could save her eyesight. Judy had plans to complete her work at ACC and be married this summer. A fatal ac- cident on an icy mountain road changed these plans. yet Judy with all of her courage will not be forgotten. And I said to the man who stood at the gate of the year: "Give me a light, that I may tread safely into the unknown!" And he replied: "Go out into the darkness and put your hand into the hand of God. That shall be to you better than light and safer than a known way." So, I went forth, and finding the hand of God, trod gladly into the nieht. And He led me toward the hills and the breaking of day in the lone East. So, heart, be still! What need our little life, Our human life, to know, If God hath"; comprehension"? In all the dizzy strife 0f things both high and low God hideth His intention. --- M. Louise Haekihs " R Bum .Hoo u. THE PLACE . . . L AERIAL VIEW OF THE CAMPUS September, 1906, seventy-five students began the first classes in Childer's Classical Institute. Senior- college status was gained in 1919 under the guiding hand of Jesse P. Sewell. Batsell Barret Baxter's presi- dency scrw the school move into seven brick buildings on its present site. Vice-President Don H. Morris suc- ceeded James F. Cox as president in 1940, becoming the first alumnus to head the school. Walter H. Adams. another alumnus, had become dean in 1932. Briefly, ACC's outstanding dates are: December, 1951, admission to Southern Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools was granted; in 1953, the Grad- uate School was added tcmd later enlargedL' in the 1955-56 session celebration of the 50th anniversary with the motto, "First things First for Fifty Years." 278 r" '!l tf t; ADMINISTRATION BUILDING Abilene Christian College is located in Abilene, Texas, the largest city between Fort Worth and El Paso. Besides the rapidly expanding oil and wholesale indus- tries, Abilene is the home of one of 40 Strategic Air Command bases and of two other institutes of higher training. BIBLE BUILDIN G Twenty-six buildings on 102 acres composed the Abilene Christian College campus. A 1,767 acre ranch with complete facilities for kneeding, feeding, and maintenance of its cattle, sheep, and horses was op- erated by the Agriculture Department. CITIZENSHIP CENTER CATCHINGS CAFETERIA CHAMBERS HALL mibrcurw .m 0 H D U A L L E W E S 280 '8 HOME PRESIDENT ADAMS HOME MANAGEMENT HOUSE 282 ZONA LUCE BUILDING Campus SchooD SCIENCE BUILDING PUBLIC RELATIONS BUILDING PRINT SHOP INDUSTRIAL ARTS BUILDING STUDENTS EXCHANGE GRILD ;m .. -"! BARRACKS FOR MEN ZELLNER HALL FOR WOMEN MCDONALD HALL FOR MEN MABEE HALL FOR MEN 286 I.W-Il ml X lylwiunnnl EDWARDS HALL FOR MEN GARDNER HALL FOR WOMEN RELIGION . . . iwtw..,...w us.- Monday Night Meetings Monday Night Meetings were considered the practices and proving ground for all prospective preachers, Bible teachers, and all those interested in participating in any public part of the church worship. Each Monday night a new program was planned with two talks, hymns, prayers, and scriptures entirely by the students with a student program chairman. 7:5 M .v 9.1.4 :ma' e Tuesday Night Devotions One of ACC's most inspiring traditions has been the all school devotions each Tuesday evening at 10:00 on the steps of the Hardin Administration Build- ing. The devotions are opened by c: program chairman after which the hymns, prayers, and scriptures are then given at will by the students and closed in about 15 minutes by the chairman. Singing stimulates group participation. God's light is realizea in evening devotions. .9; m V t - . g, . ' :- 9 - . m h . H '7; 3x 4' 0 . 'V 4 -3. w x I . v '1' .t . A . W . ,0, , . t . . t. y y t 3,4 , -X ., t y 2' 'm . .1 L, ' :. .4! yd. t I t I 288 MISSION STUDY STEERING COMMITTEE FIRST BOW: Richard Rizner, Blenus Wright-Fall Mission Study Leader. SECOND ROW: Louise Cargill, Becky Purcell, Myrna Dennis. THIRD ROW: Norma Hughes, Betty Mathews, Ramona Howe. FOURTH ROW: Martha Mahurin, Pam Guyan, Gary Linscotl, Helen Subey. FIFTH ROW: Duke lung. Donald Ioe Wright, Marine Wolfe, Sam McFarland, Alvis Golightly, Neal Funk-Spring Mission Study Leader. Mission Study Mission Study Class actively endeavored to pro- mote a mission-minded attitude among the students. Mission Study hoped, not only to encourage interest in mission work, but to create an active interest among those who were interested in any form of church work as well. The leaders of the class were a chairman, vice- chairman khairman second semesterL and two secre- taries. The vice-chairmcm served as chairman the se- mester following his election. Serving in these offices this year were Blenus Wright, chairman, first semester; Phil Elkins, chairman, second semester; Millcmn Travis, recording secretary; and Norma Hughes. correspond- ing secretary. PHIL DR. I. W. TREAT, Sponsor DR. H. L. SCHUG, Honorary Sponsor Mission Study Class ELKINS, Spring Leader Leaders: BRENDA HENDERSON and NORMA HUGHES Those who preach and those who plan to preach, either full or part-time were encouraged by faculty, local preachers, and visitors crs they gcrve their ex- periences preaching, warned of problems they had come up against, gctve practical advice, and discussed ocnything related to "Advice for the Beginning Preacher." Thursday at 6 pm. in Roberson Chapel sponsors Woodrow Wilson, Tommy Shaver, and Holbert Ride- out gathered with the men to be encouraged, warned, inspired, and perhaps amused. Brother W. R. Smith brings forth the afternoon topic. Girls Training Class Preparing girls to mature as Christian women and to be better able to serve home, church, family, community, state, nation, and world was the purpose of Girls' Training Class. Girls shared devotioncds each Thursday at 6 pm. Mrs. Montie McGinty is the sponsor. C. L. Kay, Director of Americanization Program of Lubbock Christian College was the speaker Decem- ber 7, at the annual semester meeting to which the girls invited the boys. Evangelistic Forum Student Leader DON LAWRENCE Bible Lectureship "The Restoration Principle" was the theme of the 1962 Annual Bible Lectureship. Thousands of visitors attended the week-long event and proved it to be an outstanding success. Main lectures, panels. and classes inspired every- one to attain greater spiritual heights. The enormous canvas tent overflowed with fas- cinating displays depicting the "restoration principle." Hundreds of students helped to make Lectureship a success. Few students are not ccffected by the de- mands of serving the thousands of visitors. Wm ih W WW W Er" Annual Bible Lectureship W WWW W i X Abilene Christian Dolls 8 e e asst 131-91 ludv W? h, lllllIllllllllllllllllllIllIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllIIllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIllHllllllIllllllllllIIIIIHIIlllllllllIIIIIIIHllIIIIIIIIIllllllllHlllhlllllI h t D e wmmuunmnmmnInmmmmmnmmmIImummmnIIlmmmmmImmIIlmunummluummumnmImumnmmumummmmmIummmmnmunnnmmmum R e s t o R a t l o D lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllIllllllllHIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIHIIIIIIIIIIHIIIllHIlllllXlHlllllllllllllllllllllllllHIIIIIHlllllllllIIHMIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllHllllllllllllllllllllllllHllllllp p RI D c I p I e " Familiar as this tent is to Lectureship, it drew or record crowd in April '62. 292 LEADERS . . . CHARLES NELSON, Student Association President, married Carol Ragsdale September 2, 1961. This Scm Antonio Senior was voted favorite runner-up of his senior class. Knights, Student Court, I. S. C. S., Stu- dent Conference on National Affairs VII Representative, and B. A. Club were activities that claimed Charles' interest. GEORGE RUSSELL, Vice-President, a Houston Senior was a general business major. George was active in Sub T-18, Senate, B. A. Club, and the Press Club. He was elected favorite of his Sophomore class and runner-up favorite of his Junior class. LINDA McPHAUL, Secretary, was a senior from Lamesa. Home Economics education major, "Mackie" was a Homecoming Queen nominee. Junior and Senior class favorite runner-up, Ko Io Kai GSCCL Student Court, McKinzie Dorm Council, and Kitten Klub were just a few of the things that kept Linda occupied. EMILY BROWN, Treasurer, was engaged in Delta Theta, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Chi, Sigma Tau Delta, Omega Rho Alpha, and B. A. Club. Emily was a Fort Worth senior. 293 294 LEFT TO RIGHT: Charles Groves, Gary McCaleb, Linda McPhczul, Charles Nelson. George Russell, Emily Brown. Executive Council Serving as the principal advisory body to the of- ficers of the Students Association, the Executive Council of the Student Senate, composed of the presidents and vice-presidents of each class, had the power of ratifica- tion or veto over all legislation passed by the Senate. The council also acted to advise the Senate by sug- gesting methods by which the Senate plans were to be best executed. This council also proved invaluable by lending its support and advice to those causes under- taken by the Students Association officers. Campus Directors LEFT: Dan Jordan, Director of Internal Affairs, is in charge of all campus elections. RIGHT: Royce Money. Director 01 Religious Activities, is in charge of planning the religious cdfcxirs for the student body. Student Court Meeting once c: month, the Court has the power to subpoena students for misdemeanors. If they ignore the subpoena, they are in contempt of court and the case automatically goes to the Dean for disciplinary action. Students who feel they are not receiving justice in the Dean's office may appeal to the court. This is rarely done, however, as the Court does not have a reputation for leniency. K- m- 4 ' ' ' L,J PAT WYNNE. Chief Justice tLEFT T0 RIGHTt Don McCollum, James Butts, Carolyn Freeland, Gary Verett, Pat Wynne, Bill Showexs, Carol Randolph, Iames Foster. 295 SEATED: Ronnie Roberts SOJ, Chairman Const. Commitlee; Goldye Lewis 6m, Secretary; Coy Conner $3, Chairman Stu. Activities Committee: Bob Beakley OJ, Speaker Pro Tem: Roger Hall $03, Special Projects Committee: Derrill Osborn $09, Chairman Election Committee SECOND ROW: Elaine Plate 03: Jean Lucado $03; Glenda Gentry OJ; Paula Bray $rJ; Judy Hill SOJ; Iudy Swaffoxd ye" "d1! k war; a n OJ: Lynn Coleman W3: Donna McFaxlin G'J; Pat Taylor UJ THIRD ROW: Allan wubbcv Brown G3; Iimmy Filbeck OJ: Carl Adams 03; Don Butts $m; Dertel Wall $12k Bob Roberls 60$ McGregot Cauthen G3: Hubert Gill 0U: Andy Cauthen 0'53; Ronnie Wright $IJ: Ronnie Rogers WJ. Senate Composed of 27 student solons, the ACC student senate is the legislative branch of a students' associa- tion which is patterned after the national three-branch organization. Each of the four classes is represented in the body. Guided in its functions by the vice-president of the students' association, the senate works for the better- ment of life on the campus involving students, faculty and administrators. Its activities in 1961-62 ranged from working to obtain on-cczmpus quality entertain- ment to the re-writing of the students' association constitution. The senate is probably most effective in its com- mittee work. Permanent committees working this past year were: constitution, student activities, attendance, and special projects. Other committees were appointed as needed throughout the year. A highlight in the senate's yearmd one which spurred campus discussions for several weeks-was the visit of Leon Volkov, soviet affairs expert for News- week magazine, who lectured on 'Inside Berlin.' Volkov was obtained largely through the efforts of the senate student activities committee. A function of the senate which was particularly emphasized this past year was its role as a true repre- sentative of the student body. Legislation and legisla- tive proposals were often brought to the floor for dis- cussion following direct requests upon senators by members of the student masses. All-in-all the student lawmakers provided a great deal of legislation for the Executive council to pass judgment on. GEORGE RUSSELL. President of the Senate r Dalton Ewing Deanna Kirk Ginger Coffmun Derrill Osborn Cheerleaders "CHEER: Shout of applause or encouragement. State of the spirits; especially, cheerfulness. Something that promotes cheerfulness." Webster must have seen our saucy six in action! Suniness personified, these smiling spry sprites inspired ACCicxns to shout sonorously with intense school spirits. Lawrence Maxchmcm Martha Braker 298 EAST GARDNER HALL LEADERS BACK ROW: Mary Lou Clevenger, Marcella Porter. Jane Berry. Ianek Mayo, Marcie Winger, Carol Coldwell. Patsy Stanley. FRONT ROW: Bettye Campbell, Mary Jim Davis. Norma Hughes, Pat George, Ruby Ballew. Barbie McMenncmy. Dorm Leaders WEST GARDNER HALL LEADERS STANDING: Betty Shulk, Churolotte Droll, Evelyn Clayton, Janice Lebow. Lu Voyne Haskins. Glenda Nelson, Becky Purcell, Mary Alice Duncum, Sallye Ham, Ian Pounds, Letcx Albritton. SEATED: Peggy Webb, Sandra Leske. w w" u DHI'L'lilfilJMH'IiWJU'tiUWE 299 MABEE HALL LEADERS SEATED: Pete Neal. Terry Pope, Jack Wilson. STANDING: Duane Hale, John B; Claybrook. Kg NELSON HALL LEADERS SEATED: Ian Wallace. Ioellu Rose, Betty Mathews, Millann Travis, Ianice Anderson, Louise Brown, Lynn Rose. STANDING: Gayla Gieger, Sandra Martin, Iudy Horn, Shirley Pierce. Linda Crume, Darla Eden, Jackie Edwards, Hannah Thomas. ' EDWARDS HALL LEADERS . SEATED: McGregor Cauthen, Rickey Schmidt. Jackie Zaun. Dee Tidewell. STANDING: Blll Whitefield, Iim Stigers. 300 Dorm Leaders MCKENZIE HALL LEADERS SEATED: Betty Wheeler, Sandra Fowler. Terry Roach, Gloria Storey, Margie Pool, Tricia Stephens, Ianice Flowers. FIRST ROW STANDING: Margie Kamstm. Nancy Knight. Ronda Smith, Ginger Coffmcm, May Ann Peeples. SECOND ROW STANDING: Vera Jeanne Petty. Pct Duncan. Gwen Creel, Loraine Freeman, Sondra Alley, Jackie Bums, Nikki Collett, Grace Miller. MCDONALD HALL LEADERS Jimmy Harris. Keith Rogers. Mickey Wireman ZELLNER HALL LEADERS SEATED: Montcx Groves, Judy Alsobrook. Brenda Henderson, Lo Betta Tudor, Judy Brannon. STANDING: Nancy Cunningham, Melvarce Prater. Roberta Hash. Artheta Peterson, Nancy Walker. Gwen Bruce, Lonnie O'Eear. Pat Larry. 301 CAMPUS LIFE . . . Campus life . . . Ct whirl of movement . Many unfamiliar faces greeted newcomers, but be re the year was over, they become well-known. An inter- national student body gave the campus a universal feeling. Gradually the cliche "small world" took on 0: real, vital meaning. How about a dollar down and a dollar a week? FALL Campus life . . . a whirl of movement . . . first dcrys mean getting acquainted, registration, studying, hurry- ing to classes . . . . it's autumn haze. "But you haven't filled out the 556 pages of your registra- tion booklet," says Ken Rasco. Registrar. Last 5'9? in registration is buying books. X 303 The Wanderers Three . . . Lanny Hester sang, "On the Street Where You Live." This song won him $50.00 at the TBA tri-college bur-b-que. Master of Ceremonies, Bennie Dougcm All College Night During the second week of school, the most tal- ented of the four classes presented an evening of entertainment for the faculty members and the student body. Many singers, guitar players, comedians, and pianists participated in this event. "Hey. Loddie. Loddie . . ." Rivalry Day Rivalry Day, cm annual competition between freshmen and sophomores, endangers the ego of both classes. Baseball and basketball and football games, track meets, tennis, badminton, and the threat of the mud hole. Victory was certain . . . Judy Warren hits a homerun for the sopho- mores on Rivalry Day. . . . . but we 103!!! Felix E. Gardner Mr. and Mrs. P. D. Gardner of Cleburne, who have made three large grants of land and money to ACC, were lauded Gardner Day, October 30, 1961, for their contributions to the furtherance of Christian Education. President Don H. Morris said, "Mr. and Mrs. Gardner are among the best friends Abilene Christian College ever had. If it had not been for this marvelous gift of this ranch we could not have gone ahead in the building of Gardner Hall, which accommodates 352 girls and which is now en- tirely occupied. "It is an honor to the College to have this new girls' dormitory named for such fine people as Mr. and Mrs. Gardner. All of us who are a part of A C C appreciate them more than we can ever say." At present there are more than 100 producing oil wells on 5,935 acres of land the Gardners donated. This is a deed transfer and upon the death of either Mr. or Mrs. Gardner, the College immediately will "have right to one-hcdi the possession, uses, rents, issues, and profits thereof." Unveiling the portrai Gardner Hull 306 Martelia Hosting Gardner be hung in the lobby. Plaque in the lobby A room in Gardner Hall with complete built in furnishings 307 A familiar sight to campus couples is night watchman, Ralph Valentine. Mr. Valentine is taking a well-eamed break on the steps 0! the library. Campus life . . . times we work . . . sometimes we play. a whirl of movement . . . some- Alpha Phi Omega members, Steve Wells, Bob Jackson, and Those wonderful CARE packages from home. Bonnie Black, help load relief trucks for the victims of hur- ricane Carla. Brent Buchanncm regretfully declines cx Sadie Hawkins date. Sadie Hawkins Week Frank Fahxlenaer, Cl freshman, rings the ACC victory bell. Ronnie Black is "Free game" for Darlene Barton during Sadie Hawkins week. Sadie Hawkins Week is a bi-cmnucd orgie where the girls take the initiative in asking for dates. Diane Damron and Evelyn Gray help pin :1 mum on Tot Taylor. 309 m . l A CLUBS DIVISION I Arizona CluFBoot the Indians Prater Sodulis-Land of Buddcx Inpsyders-Psychocmalytical Wonder Displays Plaques were presented to the four division win- ners of the Homecoming Display Contest. In the depart- ment division, first place went to the Inpsyders, and the Industrial Education Club received second place. The Arizona Club captured first place in the geographical division with the Iathwk Club taking second. First place honors in the men's social club division went to Prater Sodalis, and the Knights placed second. GATA headed the women's social club division, and Ko Io Kai came in second. Homecoming GATA-One Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words rr: wORrH-n gm MEGW' t M w v-v-n'Vl- A, : Scooter Beck and Ronnie Rogers prepare for the big event. Bonfire A blaze of glory was lit by the senior football players when they ignited the 1961 homecoming bon- fire. Erected by the class of 1965, the bonfire went up in the record time to three hours and two minutes, shat- tering the old mark of three hours and 44 minutes. An anxious crowd gathers to watch the spectacle. Iohn Fletcher and Bobby Towery light the fire. Fish 65's blazing bonfire. 311 Anna and the King sing, "Shall we dance . . . " in the Homecoming musical. 312 Pm Wynne and Robert Barrett bow before King Warren Lewis. Pat Wynne and Graham Pitt survey their future home while the Captain looks on. The King and 1 Although it aroused both interest and controversy. "The King and I" which featured Pat Wynne as Anna, and Warren Lewis as the King added 0: delightful touch Wmmn's Iight'hund man lOOkS as if he didn't mmh mat . . . . last skatement. to the Homecommg feshvmes. A play wimin a play-"The Small House of Uncle Thomas." 313 Coming-home queen Addie Felts poses for a brief moment during the busy whirl oi Homecoming. Amid Homecoming Mums Sallye Hart helps Mary 10 Bayliss with her flower. "Free chow for all before the big game." Maxine Wolf, Grace Miller. and Roland Sundling, notice the photog- rapher, say, "Let's get this Caravan on the road!!" Homecoming caravans have become a tradition a! ACC. Excitement and happiness are reflected in the faces of Queen Ginger Coff- mcm and her escort, Jerry Fleming. 315 316 McDonald's Christmas tree Studying or loafing??? WINTER Campus life . . . a whirl of movement . . . cold days . . . snow . . . dorm parties . . . club socials . . . singing carols . . . last minute studying . . . buy- ing Christmas presents . . . packing suitcases . . . fix- ing the car . . . three weeks vacation . . . it's Winter Wonderlcmd. Donna Kay McFarland, Don Beasley, and Judy Kay Allen at Nelson's open house. Iudi DeFoor tries to keep the night class imexested in her informative speech. I'm in box 343!! Back to studying . . . memories of the holidays . . . term papers . . . a sudden freeze . . . final exccms . . . a free week-end . . . home again . . . ski trips . . . registration . . . it's C: New Year's frolic. Curl Micki, Coach Dee Nutt, and Jimmy Roberts at the A Club Faculty Basketball game. Carl Spain sits out during the game. 317 A l -.-- Accepting the bribe. Glenda Graves. Vic tries to strangle A touch of seriousness and a flair for the light and gay. This was the mood of the Drama Department, as they presented "Dial M for Murder" in February, cmd "The King and I" during Homecoming. Leon Valentine tries a bit of bribery with Vic Hunter. "Inspector" Charlie Young tells Glenda Graves she has been vindicated. Dial M for Murder Scissors proved to be Vic's undoing. 318 g" . "Can you believe that I turned a term paper in on time?" exclaims Ianelle Campbell. Students hurry here, scurry there between classes. Millann Travis practices for her MRS degree. A Typical Day ?; m I Phil McCoy and Darrell Sloan lament, "Books, books, and more books." Dxxxxxxunxxxx yak! x 320 If it is all that bad, why is everyone running? How can he eat that stuff? "But I don't want gravy on my fish." Where We Eat There are two sides to everything. Banquets Throughout the year, banquets represented the ultimate in social life on the hill. Aside from the gaiety and excitement Which banquets reflect, the anticipation of an enjoyable evening, is ex thrilling experience with- in itself. For years to come, banquets will stimulate many fond memories. Glyn Warwick takes a final check before meeting her escort. Formality and elegance were characterized at the Banquet. 321 322 Thank goodness we got out of the dorm. say Jimmy Filbeck, Peggy Webb, Jimmy McCown, and Janis Pilbeck. Ricky Schmidt enjoys his hamburger. $3.3 f Mr. Frazier shows his cooking abilities with the hamburgers. SPRING Campus life . . . cc whirl of movemnt . . . watch- ing the campus turn from brown to green, catching spring fever, completing c1 bug collection, hoping for no rain on All College Day, goofing off before final exams . . . stopping to notice . . . it's spring splendor. Wishiully think Patty Roach, Dottie Davis, and Larry Frazier: The beam was never like this!!! ,'.,-rv ,- '9. . . f: bev T'. , - "1' A smile, O: hcndclasp, a warm glow . . . Cupid at work with Joy Trosclcxix and Jimmy Welch. A Mcru-Mau in a Mu-Mu saying, "Give me ten minutes to comb my huix and I'll be ready." Bewitched or Bewildered . . . Suddenly that time of year comes when it is more fun to be outside.thm1 in, and students take advantage of those days. We sit on dorm porches, on the lawn, in front of the cafeteria, or on any space where two people can fit as easily as one. 323 Dee Tidwell and Barbara Smith enjoy an evening of television. Leisure Time Spare moments are a rare event to most stu- dents, but these precious periods of time-out are cer- tainly enjoyed. There are numerous ways in which the time is filled. Sleep is the most common wcry to occupy a few extra minutes, but cards, long walks, c1 movie. or a walk are often as relaxing as cm after- noon nap. Murphy Rhodes and Carolyn Lewis enjoy a moment of leisure dur- ing study time. "Checker" Ian Mayo meets with stiff competition from Charles Harrell. Spring is said to be the perfect time of the year for love and if one takes c1 look about campus this will be considered true: since newly "Going Steady" and "Engaged" couples are seen together continually. Poigncmt memories were prevelcmt in the many fireside chats on the campus. 325 Wayne Willis finds a newspaper more enjoyable than his books. Sometimes We Study Patty McCarthy diligently tries to fuxther her knowledge. Iody Renner takes a quick nap between classes. 326 1:113 nhSilimmnI-n l I I I ; ..- Then We Take Finals and Go Home "I know there's an engine in here someplace!" "That's in, only five more loads to go," say Nancy Smith and Bemita Ragsdale. 327 Married Life Mr. 6: Mrs. Lou David Allen Ohe bride, the former, Rhoda Shepparm at their wedding. Memories are made of this. Graduation These things look so ridiculous, according to Sandy Ramsey. Phil Dye, and George Russell. 329 2- u . . .4 ' a V , u u , h V, ,x u m H H w g, H u H w : UV, : H w H X I X x .- .zm H H . a l . J. , I x i w a J i , . A Great Asset to the merchant The year of 1906 A. D. marked the founding of Abilene Christian College in the flatlcmds west of the city of Abilene proper. In 1929. the college moved to the northeastern sector of Abilene-a new territory which, having been wrested from the Indians, was at the time principally farming land-to assume another name, THE HILL. The Hill is "a substantial home con- taining substantial folks": the perpetual, steadfast faculty; the desultory students continually anticipating the future; and the loyal exes returning regularly to their "home" with its nostalgic, sometimes poignant memories. Light of the ACC Hill shines brightly the year round. The Homecoming bonfire virtually lights up Abilene, but the spirit and prevailing love for God i1- luminates the entire universe. Hilltop happenings are often characteristic of Thornton Wilder's "Our Town": young love. marriage, senility and death-all with freedom of expression. Since the founding of Abilene Christian College, the city of Abilene has grown both numerically and morally along with ACC and the city's two other in- stitutions of higher-learningeHaIdin-Simmons Universi- ty and McMuIry College. Residents of Abilene usually realize the moral and religious influence the college 332 ABILENE CHRISTIAN COLLEGE ABILENE CITY LIMITS pop. 93,478 has on the city; however, there is another vital area which is not often recognized . . . this is the city's economy. Conducted studies reveal that the average ACC student pads the wallets of local merchants and busi- nesses With well over $700.00 per year. It is esti- mated that the student body as a whole spends more than two million dollars over a nine month period, while the college spends even greater amounts with an operating budget of over $3,000,000.00. The college and the students also have another draw . . . Parents! Yes, parents spend about $100,000.00 yearly in Abilene when visiting Junior and Suzie. In addition to this, about $400,000.00 is spent an- nually in connection with athletic ,contests, Homecom- ing, Lectureship, high school day, Graduation, etc., etc., etc. Oh . . . . we must not forget summer school, boost- ing $250,000.00 to the city's economy. Yes, one can easily see why Abilene is proud of Abilene Christian College, which contributes over six million dollars annually to the city's economy. Any in- stitution that bestows this much economic aid upon a city of over 90,000-in addition to its moral and re- ligious contribution-is definitely an asset to that city . . . Abilene! Ken 1 V. i"! .4 :77 .5 ,1 JIM Fast service with a smile; this you will get from the Nutt's at VARSITY CLEANER- 705 College Drive Students enioy shopping at TEMPLETONS PHARMACY-CAFETERIA across the street from the A.C.C. campus 334 Aaron, Edwin L. 195,205 Abston, La Honda Sue 136,259 Abston. Wanda Gray 231 Adams, Barbara LeNcm 259 Adams. Carl Allen 111,231,296 Adams, Cim 88,128,251 Adams, Ernest Loyd 199 Adams, Linda Ann 103,125,205 Adcock, Robert Dwain 120,259 Adkins, Judy Ann 245 Adxicm, Linda Ann 131.136,140,154.259 Agnew, Ioe Pat 176,179,245 Akers. Iim Chester 159.231 Akin, Kathy Alyene 156,245 Albritton. Leta Alkixe. Norma Leann 108 Allan. William N. 259 Allen. Bernard Anderson 93 Allen, Billy 1cm 110,112,205 Allen, Dun Lowell 259 Allen. Gloria Deane 156,259 Allen. Judy Kay Allen, Kay 100,205 Allen. Lou David 205.328 Allen, Robert Lawrence 137,259 Allen, Roma Ethel 125.205 Allen. Sharon Gail 148.245 Alley. Sondra Kay Alsobrook. Judith Lee 108, 301 Anders, Sandra Kathleen 259 Anderson Allen 106.205 Anderson, Eddie Mahon Anderson. Glenn R. 117,205 Anderson, Janice Kay 300 Anderson. 10 Ann 125.259 Anderson, Robert B. 152,231 Anderson. Sandra Iaurine 231 Andrews. Carl David 120 Arbuckle, Anita Marilyn 245 Archer, Barbara Sue 125.245 Archer, Jim Dean 245 Arhelqer, Katherine Arleene 231 Arledge, Robert Thornton 99,126,127 Arrington, Sue Ann 156,259 Ash, Eula Jean 164,205 Austin, Clyde 149 Austin, Fred E. 154.245 Austin, Mary Frances 259 Austin. Phillip George 259,154 Autrey. Frances Ellen 103,154,245 Axe, W. Edwin 231 Ayres, James Alan 259 Bailey, Janet Lorayne Baird, Sarah Delle 96,156 Baker. Carol Janis 124,140,245 Baker, Frances Ann 245 Baker, Homer O'Neul 125,134,205 Baker. Ruth Ann 134 Baker, Sharon June 125 Baker. Stanley Reed 231 Baker, Stephen Ellis 259 Balch, Betty Laura 259 Bulch, David Lee 116,245 Ballow, Ruby Ellen 245.299 Bunkheud, Gloria Gaye Barbur, Glenna Mac 124,231 Barber, Lynett 231 Barber. Ted Wayne 245 Barker, Jeff Michael 150.259 Barkley. Roy Reid 130.140 Barnard, Stanley Gordon 231 Barnes, Robert Lee 259 Barnett, Weldon H. 127 Barns, Roger L. 206 Index Barrett. Robert Arlie Barrington, Don 259 Burris. Dale 245 Barney, Sara Louise 245 Barlon. Frances Darlene 138,259,309 Bates, James Michael 206 Bates. Phillip Dean Bates, Ralph 11. 162,259 Battle, Mary Hellen 127,130 Butts. Donald Harrison Butts, James Harold 42.106,142,146,295 Bauqh, Cleigh Nel 245 Bcugh, Howell Rex 195 Buyless, Mary 10 88,207 Buyliss, Nell Lynn 108 Beakley, Bob Curry 95,231,296 Beukley, Ruby Jean Beard. Sandra Kay 259 Beurden, Rodney Gerald 206 Beasley, Judy Sharon 259 Beasley, Robert Donald 122,245,316 Reason, Charles Earl 99,231 Beaty, Gary Douglas 176.245 Beauchamp. Gary R. 94 Beauchamp, Patsy Elaine 259 Beck, Brenda Gayle 259 Beck, George H.. Ir. 259,311 Redford, Carolyn Sue 88.112.114,126.127.140,207 Bedichek, Thomas Elwyn Beeman. John William 94,206 Beidleman, Carolyn 96 Bell. Lynda La Voice 120,143,259 Bell, Michael Lynn 259 Benes. Judith Rosanne 259 Bennett, Donald Nelson 172,259 Bennett. Donald William 111 Bennett, Lois Genell 131.259 Bennett, Rita Jan 164,207 Bemley, E. loan 88 Bentley, Iudily Jaunice 148,245 Bernard, Carolyn Suzanne 123,124,245 Berry, Jane Mildred 243,259,299 Berry, Linda Kay 138,153,245 Berry Walter C. 116,207 Beustring, Bob 259 Billingsley, Margaret C. 124 Billingsley, Robert Darrell 245 Birchem, Robert Bxudley 106,172,173 Birdwell, Kay Nell 259 Bishop, Bill 174.175 Bishop, Gary Ray 231 Bishop, Paul Dwayne Black, Don R. 92,206 Black. Kelly Mike 106,137,245 Black, Ronald Leslie 116,260,309 Blackburn, Judith Ann 131.260 Blackwood, James Len 188 Blair. Roland Kermit 260 Blankenship, Morris Lee 245 Bless, Sally Ann 260 Boase, Linda Sharon 245 Boggess, Robbie Jean 101,124,206 Boles, Lynette 34,132,142 Boles, Lynda Ieunette 231 Bolt, Ted 134,148,205 Booth, Lleyellyn D, 121.205 Boren. Sondra Ray 138.260 Boren. Tommy Lynn 196,260 Best, Tom Glen 105,163,245 Boston, Hugh Chester 130.245 Bottoms. Charles Oliver 173 Bonoms, Genevieve 260 Bowen, Ruth Ann 138 Bowers, Jerry Dean 147 Bowers, Willie Elmer 231 Bowles. Barbara Anne 131 Bownds, Ellen Gay 101,205 Boyd, Luther Gwen 206 Boyer, Duncan Lair 195 Boyll, Leonard Albert 152 Brabham, Brenda Gail 260 Brancht, Todd Herman Bruck, Virginia Earle'109, 232 Bradford, Joe M. 107,232 Bradshaw, Glen Aubrey 260 Bruker, Martha Jean 96,245,298 Branch, Douglas Eugene 131,260 Brandon, Charles Sutton Brennan, Iohnice 137,140,260 Brunnan. Judith Anne 108.137.140,164.207.307 Branson. Norman 3.. Jr. 260 Btcmson, Paul A. 171,173,232 Bratley, Sun: 148 Bravo, Felix'A. 155,228 Bray. Paula Fay 68,101.126,156,164.207,296 Bruzzel, Ann Bennett Breaux. Janie 156.232 Bxiqman, Jack David 260 Bristo, Gene Addis 107,117,207 Bristo, Larry Eugene 125,153,206 Bmadfoot. Ronnie Warren 117,260 Brooks, Gary Lehn 320 Brooks. Glenda Sue 260 Brooks, Iohnny P. Brown, Allan 84,172,286 Brown, Anita Io 90,122,125.156,232 Brown. Ava Maxie 125.206 Brown, Barbara Ann 114,127,206 Brown, Betty Ruth 260 Brown, Cassandra June 260 Brown, Charles Roy Brown, Emily Ann 90,114,122,137,164,207,293,294 Brown. Evelyn Joyce 96,153,245 Brown, Gary Wayne 260 Brown, Gwendolyn Ruth 136 Brown. Linda Faye 124,232,245 Brown, Margaret Sue 127 Brown. Robert Allen 260 Brown, Robert Dwayne 136 Brown, Teddy Merrillyn 193,207,300 Brown, Virginia Louise 125,127,232 Brown, Virginia Nell 156,260 Brownlow, Leah Kaye 131.260 Bruce, Gwendolyn Marie Bruce, Ion M. 228 Brunet, Ovellu Beth 101,124,206 Bryan, Donald E. 206 Bryan, Dorothy Kay 96,156,247 Bmyant, James Edgar 153.260 Bryant, William Orgain Buchanan, Brent 148,309 Buck, Iamie Karen 131 Bude, Ronnie 152 Bull, Eddie Glynn Burger, Gary Lee 154,194 Burgess. Marvin Lee 172 Burgin. Ian Stanley 155,232 Burks. Ian Parker 206 Burks. Thomas Kenneth 207 Burnett, Paul Taylor 207 Bums. Charles Oscar 261 Burns, Jackie Carolyn 126,148,261 Burns, Jerry Paul 99,124,245 Burris, Carolyn Susan 261 Buyer, Gary 261 Byrd, Robert 232 Caldwell. Marilyn F.,302 Callaway. Kathy 88,246 Calvert. Eddie Taylor 111,207 Calvert, Marsha Ann 162,169,261 Cameron. James Frierson 261 Cameron, Lloyd Lonny 120,232 Campbell, Adrian Eugene 261 Campbell. Bettye Ruth 88,,208,299 1,111 REDDY KILOWATT symbol of modern living through the use of electric power. I make life easier for people by working for them . . . light- ing, cleaning, cooling and heating their homes . . . doing their laundry . . . storing, preserving and cooking their food . . . and performing many other time-saving chores. Pm available at the Hip of a switch, and my usefulness in- creases as the days go by. In the years ahead, I expect to help even more people . . . LIVE BETTER ELECTRICALLY WestTexas Utilities 0002de an investor owned company 335 . 336 Campbell. Carolyn Annetm 156,261 Campbell, 10 Anne 88,246 Campbell. Mary Frances 156.261 Campbell, Ronu1d Lloyd 261 Campbell. Icmelle,318 Campbell, Rmh Anne 132,247 Campbell. Schurlet Yvonne 108,138,232 Campbell, Shixley I. 132 Ccmender. I. B. 134 Cannon. Vicki Lea 261 Cantrell, Marilyn 124 Capps, Kathleen Ann 125.208 Capps, Wylie Randall 158 Curgill, Allie Louise 208.289 Carlton. Karen Ann Carpenter, Sam Roy 195,247 Carr, Ierzy Duane Carroll, Jerry Gayle 98 Carroll. Norman Dean 247 Carruth, Gordon Stewart 208 Canuth, Martha Rose 156.247 Carruth. chy Dennis 194 Carruthezs. Ian 247 Curler. Bette Anne 232 Carter, Dee Kent 232 Caner. Martha Anne 156,164,247 Carter. Mytle Iune 156.247 Carter, Rebecca DeVerl 123,261 Carter. Rosa Lee 88 Carter. Roy Dewton 139,246 Carver, Charles A. 117,118,132 Casey. Mary Sue 261 Cash. Ioe L. Cas1lebezry, William Bruce 99.209 Ccstleman, Dale Carlton 159 Castleman, Kirk 159 Cates. Sylvia Curoly 154.261 Caton. Ophelia June 232 chuthen. Andrew Fle1chet Cauthen, McGregot Cave. Sara Iune 108.117 Cavendex, Jim Bob 125,208 Chambers, Claudis Ida 90,127.128,156,232 Chambers, David E. 114 Champion. Niomu Gail 106.247 Chapman, Fred Wayne 232 Chapman, Vicky Lynn 148,232 Chapple, Iumes Alfred 232 Chathum, William E. 247 Cheek. William Roget 261 Chenault. Patricia Gayle 261 Cheshier, Charles Stewcm 111.247 Chick. Iudy 136.261 Chiles. Don Leu 232 Childers. Stu 150 Chism. Gene 232 Chism. Ice A. 232 Chism. Olem Madeline 243.261 Chilwood, Rita Faye 102.232 Choate. Patricia Leona 148.247 Chem, Zeta Gail 138,156,261 Chxistopher. Joyce Iune 131.261 Chumley, Gary R. 162,246 Clack, William David 104,106,208 Clark. Catherine Irene 261 Clark, Exa Bell 76, Clark, Gary Albert 261 Clarke. A1fred George 209 Claybrook. John Billy 28,195,300 Clayton. Evelyn Fall 126,209,299 C1eckler, Mondelene 125.208 Clem. Ronnie Glen 261 Clements. Beverly Ann 206 Clemmer, Sidney Lewis 125.138,139.147,162.260 Clevenger, Charlotte Clair 246 Clevenger, Mary Lou Clinkscales, Marshall Sledge 195.260 Clovis, George A. 114.206 Coats, Carolyn Ahniwa 154 Index Coats, Edwin D. 154 Coday, Bill 232 Coers. Peggy Anna 136,246 Coifmcm, Nancy Martin 131,156,260 Coffman, Vixginia Louise,232.298 Cohn. Gary Lynn Coker, Iohnettu Watson 120,260 Coker, Kenneth Clyde 232 Coker, Lana Colby, Marily Hope 90.116,123.127.156,233 Coldwell. Carol Ann 88, Coleman. Kasi 126,200,209 Coleman, Lynn Exin 77,260,296 Coleman. Bay 147 Co1eman, Robert WinsQon 153 Coleman. Wanda 88 Collett. Nikki Arm 126,131,260 Collins. Sherry Gail Colvin. Danny lack 111.233 Colvin. Gary 132.209 Compton, Beverly Iune 108,138,203 Con1ey. Mary Carolyn 260 Connully. Judith Nell 260 Connel, Dennis Lloyd 233 Conner, Betty Lou 247 Conner. Coy Dean Conner. Elgin Edmore Conway. Carolyn Marie 144,146,261 Cook. Cornelia Cook, Drusilla Drubette 261 Cook. Sherry Andxu 123.261 Cook, Tony 127.206 Cooley, Calvin Wayne 106 Cooper, Barbara Mae 130.154 Corner, Francis Gene 208.261 Comer. Iudi 246 Corner. Karen Elaine 144 Comer, Linda Lee 125.209 Corner, Linda Lou Comett, Brenda Nell 261 Corzine. Janis Kelly 261 Cothxcm, Juneth Cotton. Ellen Ann 108,138,261 Cotton, Luudis Ann Couch. Curl Edward 162.261 Cowan. Carmen Louise 147,153 Cox, Paula Allen 106,209 Cox. Sheila Ruth 261 Craig, Eugene P. 139 Crain. Janet Lucile 262 Cruvens, Janice Lee 126,140,233 Creel. Gwendolyn Creer, Robert Craine 233 Crenshaw, M'Liss Ann 25 Cxenwelqe. Carolyn Maxie 148.246 Crews. Nancy Faye 103.123,127.164,233 Ctider, Julius Paul 130,159,210 Crisp, Donald Weldon 94.246 Cracker. William Earl 246 Croslund, Carol Wilma 149,262 Cxoson, Carol Ann 70,101,132,134.142,246 Cross, Vernon Lee 262 Cruce. Robert Edmond 246 Crume, Linda by 300 Cmmplon, Judy Sue 210 Cuevas, Thuyne Henry 233 Cullers, Martha Frances 210 Cullers, Windell Wells 246 Cummings. Florence 143,262,347 Cummings, Lyndle 233 Cummings, Mike 92.211 Cummings, Roger Earl 247 Cunningham, Cathryn Carolyn 143,145,233 Cunningham, Clifford 262 Cunningham, Nancy 301 Cupell. Fred 211 Curry, Brenda Nurene 262 Curry. James T., 111 117,195,262 Curry, John 140.262 Curtis, Margaret 101.233 Curtis, Wanda 88,125,246 Cutright, Dru 211 Dale, Iames Earl 172 Dallas, Edna Marie 120, Dalton. Ice Carter 104,112,210 Dumron, Deane Elizabeth Danchak. Ioe Wayne 105.210 Daniels, Iune Constance,210 Dunner, Patricia Ann 262 Darehshori. Gholi Farhunq 155 During. Barbara Carol 262 Darnell. James Newton Darrow. chn Allen 117.233 Duugheritnyevidcz Mae 125.246 Daughtxey, Wayne Carroll 262 Davenport. Don Bassett 140 Davenport. Betta 109 262 David, Joe 134 Davis. Bobby Ice 149,211 Davis. Don L. Davis, Dorothy Nell 233.322 Davis, Inna 318 Davis. Joan Ann 262 Davis, Ioe Boyd 139 Davis, Linda Beth 125,131,138 Davis. Margaret Katherine 127,148,211 Davis, Mary Iim Davis. Mary Patricia 262 Davis, Nancy La Verne 262 Davis. Pat 96 Davis, Richard Burion 98.246 Davis. Richard Dennis 246 Davis. Ronald Martin 105.247 Davis, Suzanne 101,156,247 Davis. Thelma Darlene 138.262 Davis. Walter Lewis 246 Duvison, Geraldine Sherry 246 Dawkins. Ross Clinton 131.262 Day, Curl Edward 119,162,233 Day, Gilbert Russell 262 Day, Sharlyn Wynette 101,233 DeFoor, Iulia Theresa DeMore. Donald Mark 172.173 Dennis. E. H. 1Dule1 262 Dennis, Gary Michael 136,140,141 Dennis. Jimmy Lindsey 172.173 Dennis, Myrna on 210.289 Dennis, William Harvey 159.228 Denson. Linda Lee 156.263 Derrick. Donnabeth 120,210,347 Dickison. S. Forestene 246 Dill, Sandm Rae 123.263 Dillard. Wilson Wren 172.173 Dixon, Larry L. 263 Dodd. Linda Lou Dodson, Mujorie Floyd 138.263 Dodson, Tommy Austin 211 Dooley. Willis Lynn 233 Darrell. Patricia Lynn 262 Dorsey. Billie Iune 263 Dotton, Lester P. 263 Dotson, Larry Thomas Dotson. Triena Louise 138,164,233 Doty, Walter Alan 263 Doublet. Henri 155 Dougcm. Benny Bay Dove, Meredith Jeanette 164,246 Downes, James Terry 246 Drenncm, Deanna S. Drennan, Shunley Claude 136.140 Droll. Charlotte Ann 101,128,299 Duke, Carol Lynn 120.262 Dulaney. Sandra Ann 233 Duncan, Bonnie Wyvonee 247 jOHN KLINE STUDIO 2102 N. 6th St. - OR 4-5911 Thanking the students of A.C.C. for their cooperation while making yearbook pictures 338 Duncan. David Lee 94,140,211 Duncan. Lynda Carol 109,126,210 Duncan, Pahicia Ann Duncum. Mary Alice Dungun, Rebecca Ann 233 Durham, Joe B. 106,233 Dycus, A. M. 174.175 Dye, Kenneth Gerard 210 Dye. Phil Graden 210.329 Dyes, Jerry B. 191 Dykes. Kermit Hall 263 Eaton. Larry Ellis Echols. Larry Wayne 246 Eddins. Add Morton 233 Eden, Darla Sue 88,233,300 Eden, Gary Wayne 106 Edwards. Carson Rex 82.111.246 Edwards, Jackie Carolyn 263.300 Edwards, Welda lo 263 Elkins, Churyl Annette 263 Elkins. Phil W. 159.211 Elis. Judy Fern 263 Ellis. Mary Elizabeth 90,156,233 Ellison. H. Kyle 136.140 Ellison. Judy 101.200 Elmore, Judith Kay 263 Elmore. Mavanee Ann 123.246 Elmore. Neil Jeanette 131,263 Emanuel. Jack Thomas 262 Emmons, Edward Ray 159.262 Enzie, Russell P. 246 Epps, Barry Paul 234 Essin. Emmett M. 107,112,234 Estes. Bob 174 Etheredge. Lunsuc: Jane 123.234 Eubank, Charlotte Ucmiece1 Eubank, Lynda N. Evans. Kay 247 Evans. Tracy Larry 163.247 Ewing. Dalton Ford 211.298 Ewing. Robert Lee 263 Ezell, George Robert 195,246 Fuhxlendex, Frank Lawrence Falkner. James Avery Farley, Fred Wayne 120,246 Farrell. Linda once 156 Faubus. Martha Ann 156,263 Faulkner. Paul B. Faulkner, Sharon Feike. Ronny Caxxoll 235 Felts. Dawn Sharon 125.127.211 Felts. Iohn Cayce 211 Ferguson, Iohn Weldon 153.263 Ferrara. Ioseph William 137.246 Ferrell. Linda Joyce 101 Filbeck, Janice Marie Filbeck. James William,296.322 Pinch. Edna Elizabeth 212 Finley. Donald Douglas 212 Finley, Sharon Kay 108.247 Finley, T. Jucmell 246 Fischer, Lany Marlin 111 Fischer. Billy Lee 263 Fisher, Tonic: Barrie 212,318 Fitch. Robert Frank 235 Hits. Samuel Phillips 235 Finz, James Douglas 98,247 Fleet, Ethelyn Elaine 139 Fleet. Iames Robert Fletcher. John Dxuel Fletcher. Ronald Ice 163,263 Flowers, Iunice Nephune 263 Index Foglesong. Frank Fletcher 150.262 Ford. Betty Ann 88,235 Pormun, James Desmond 262 Foztson, Michael Lynn 159,263 Foster. Frank Adams 105,212 Foster. Ivan Dale 114.234 Foyer. William Iames 65.139,143.144,212,295 Fowler, Glenda Gay 101,164,212 Fowler. Sandra Kay 124.246 Fowler. Thomas Bennett 138.246 Pox, Ann Hinman 108,125,212 Fox. Barrel Gene 234 Fox, Norman Leslie 212 Francis. Elizabeth Anne 90.212 Franklin. Jerry Gordon 263 Franks, Geraldine 246 Frazer. Nana Sharon 84,131,263 Frazier, Larry Bennen 117,212.322 Frazier, Rudith Ann 263 Freeland. Carolyn Iecm Freeman, Charles Edward 234 Freeman. Elmo Claud 98 Freeman. Hazel Lorraine 127 Fridge. Eldridge Richard 246.263 Fry, Danny C. 172,173 Fults, Yundel K. 246 Funk, R. Neal 139.289 Gaffotd. Samuel Gray 106,234 Gage. Jerry Demos 263 Gaines, Carolyn L. Gallo, James, Ir. 147 Gammage, Linda Kaye 263 Garland, George Frederic 117.248 Garner. Charles Walter Gamer, Connie Sue 264 Gamer, Don Hurt 264 Garner, Donald W. 264 Gamer. Sandra Ann 264 Garrett. Patsy Ann 138.264 thtis, Edward Lynn Gbuer, Rex 106 Gentry, Charles D. Gentry. Donna Gail 131 Gentry. Glenda Elaine 116.128,146,165,235,296 George. Patricia Louise 81,101.135.l36.235.299 Gerbrcxcht, Carol Lynn 264 Gerhardt. James M. 138.264 Gibson. Janet Mae 124.235 Gibson. Jerry Glen 172,173,174 Gibson. Petricha Kay 123,127,235 Gieget, Gaylu Sue 156,264.300 Gilbert. Iris Carolyn 264 Gilbert. Patsy Jewell 137.264 Giles. Iane Margaret 49,147,264 Gill. Hubert Lee 264,296 Gill. Iudith Gilmore, Beverly Ann 108,137,140 Gilsuap, Lena Arch 127.235 Gilstzop. Vance Paul 119.213 Ginn, Duane Elwood 213 Ginn, John Alton 249 Gipson, Nita Kay 264 Glaze. Iuylelu 136,140,152 Gloif, Darla Ann,234 Gobex, Lloyd Ray 111,213 Gober, Shixley Hush 132,134,213 Golightly, Alvis Clinton 28,159,289 Gonzalez, Eddie 124.213 Goodcle. Sharon 120,249 Goodman, Gail Elaine 249 Goosby, Eleanor June 130.153.264 Gossage, Icy Anthony 137 Gough, Nancy Ann 156,248 Graham, Brenda Key 156 Graham, Iames Warren 248 Grunbery. Charla Beth Gratzel. Sadie Mae Graves, Glenda 101,248,319 Graves. Iocm Francis 264 Gray, Charles Allan 248 Gray. Dana Lee 264 Gray, Evelyn Iune Gray. Janet Ethel 264 Gray. Judy Ann 264 Gray. Richard Lee 264 Greek. Linda Gail Green, Euline Irwin 249 Gxeen, Ianice Nell 124 Green, Joyce Alma 264 Green. Shirley Ruth 234.264 Green. William Bryan 147.249 Greene. Marcella keene 90.127 Gregg. lay Warner 171.234 Gregory. G. Don 234 Gregory. Raymond Lee 264 Grittin. David LeVone 147.264 Griffith. Melanie Grace 235 Grigqs, lack Allen Grounds. Linda lane 136,140,264 Groves, Charles Glen,230.235,294 Groves. Manta Jeanne Gudeen. Donna Rae 123,124,143,145.235 Gquol. Nancy Guinn, Mary 1Dicmne1 264 Guyan. Pamela Mann 235.289 Gwin. Dixie Carol 138 Huckler, Hubert Hed 213 Haddock, Benny Arran Hailey, Linda June 264 Hale. Carolyn Mae 103,214 Hale. Ducme Randall 111, Hale, Wanda Lee 137,264 Haley. Kathryn Dianne 264 Hall, Ion Roget 248.296 Hall, Marcus Lynn 138,264 Hull, Roger C. 92 Hallum, Dick 124,127,214 Haltom. Mary Jane 89.214 Hammpton, Clyde Edward 264 Hampton. Ann 264 Handley. Helen Louise 136 Handy. Pamela on 264 Hankins, Rita June 264 Hardin. Raymond Doyle 264 Harding, Karla Bonito: 264 Haxgmve, Boby Ray 189 chxqrove. Glenda Louise 138,264 Harland. Mary Beth Harmon, Barbara 88,124,214 Harmon. Frank C. 111 106.234 Harper. Janie Nell 265 Harper, Jeanette 88,214 Harper, Johnny Mae 234 Harper. Maxie Wayne Harper. Nancy Lee 108 Harrell, Charles Branlly 324 Harringmn. Kathryn Dale Harris. Linda Faye 90,125,249 Harrison. Axchie Wayne 265 Harrison, Glenn Raymon 264 Harrison. Iimmie G. Hat". Mary Io,318 Hunt. Sqllye Ann 90.122.123, Harwell, Jesse Ray Hash, Roberta Shirley 116,127,301 Huskins, Alla LaVayne 165,215,299 Hawkins, Doris Jean 90 Hay, John Frank. It. 139 Hayes, Ierry Dan 265 Hays, Billy Clyde 119.235 I W: 3"" 1ouu . .. , . PWIR lAKS Where your budgef dollar insures your smartest fashion buy! C OKER Eleczw'c 56712106 Residential 8 Commercial MRS. JOHN B. COKER 3412 Rosedule Avenue DALLAS 5, TEXAS Phone EM-3-4291 339 340 Hays, Lama Dean 123,156,249 Hazelwood, Ieuy Wayne 265 Healer, Charles Leo 136 Heaxn, Linda Kay 243 Heanon, Linda Gaye 249 Henthcott, Joyce Canon 235 Hedrick, Ray 265 Heffley, James Dickey 249 Helgesen, Roget Floyd Henderson, Brenda Elaine 103,124,165,215,301 Henderson, Ierrel Dwain 265 Henry, Kathryn LuRee 265 Hermann, Marilyn 139,156,265 Herndon, Caleb William 265 Herod, Ollie June 132,134,142 Herren, Franklin Ondus 132,134,139 Hezen, Jan 149,265 Herxing, Don Herbert 144,146,163,215.341,347 Herring, Tommy 235 Herrington, Barbara Anne 128 Herrington, Howard Wayne 137 Herrington, William Whitucre 132,215 Herron, James Henry 248 Hesser, Sandra Kay 140,265 Hester, Bennie Gluynelle 248 Hester, Iohn Lunnis 111 Hewitt, Billie Iune 125.265 Hewitt, Lana Marie 265 Hibbs, Glen H. 111,122,216 Hickerson, Janis Ruth 97,156,235 Hickman, Betty Gaye 156 Hickman, Sondra Gayl 123,248 Hicks, Mahala June 216 Higgins, Ann Pain 234 Higgins, Charles Owen 265 Hill, Avunell Sue 116,123,127,165,234 H111. Billy Joe 111,234 Hill, Don Robert 249 Hill, Judy Kay 82,97.244,249,296 Hill, Tommy Tyrone 265 Hilliard, Jessie Ray 138 Hillmcm, Sharon Rose 249 Hines, Ioe Lee 266 Hipp, Sidney Elwyn 124.216 Hise, Bobby Glenn 99 Hitchcock, Ronnie Lee 159,234 HoDuway, Cecelia 13B Hodges, Jimmy D. 137,139 Hodges, Hebecca Anne Hogan, George Milton 266 Hague, Donna Mae 249 Holden, Martha Iecm 90,116,125,127,145,146.156. 165,235,347 Holland, Elizabeth Ann 266 Hollemcm, Glenda Louise 260 Holley, Charles Leon 217.318 Hollilield, Wilbcx Gae 97,156,217 Holloway, Barbara Ann 266 Holmes, Donna Francine Holton, Don Richard 229 Holton, John Watson. Ix. 144.266 Hamburg, Carol ondeane 266 Honey, Bryant Albert 172 Hooper, Karen Ann 249 Hoover, Catherine Alberta 155,235 Hom Judy Lee Idell 108,114, Horton, Carla Sue 96.216 Houchen, Ronnie ont 266 Housley, Raybun Lowell 158 Howard, Judith Anne 138,267 Howard, Linda Faye 124,216 Howe, Alus Warren 28,216 Howe, Ramona Louise 288 Howe, Richard Carlton 150 Howell, David Ray 248 Hubbard, William Keremt 117 Huckabee, Betty June 136 Huddle, John David 114,141,235 Huddleston. Barbara Janice 248 Index Huddleston, Danny 106,235 Hudson, Iumes Goxdon 234 Huey. Judith Huif, Patricia Ian 136,140,266 Hughes, David Knox 99,104 Hughes, David Woodrow 248 Hughes, Lawrence Bevery 266 Hughes, Norma Virginia 116,126,127,128,165,217 Huh, Byung Chun 136,155,229,289,299 Hunt, Etch Carolyn 156.234 Hunter, Robert Byiield 99,196,249 Hunter, Victor Lee 152,249,319 Huxd, Glenn Arnold 234 Hurst, David Byron 266 Hutchinson, Bennett B. 140,234 Idol. Gordon Bobby 266 Idol, Jack C. 248 Inmcm, Beverly Ann 154 Irvin, Stanley 266 Isenhower, Ruye Elizabeth 114,127,234 Isgin, Linda Norette Istre, Elvis Buford 198 Ivey, Robert Charles 266 Ivie, Lucretia Ann 217 Jackson, Edwin Leon 267 Jackson, Margaret Ann 65,114,116,122,143,144, 217,324 Jackson, Mary Ann 143,147,267 Jackson, Robert Arlen 177,266 Jackson, Tempe Wynne 90,234 Jackson, Virginia Kay 156,249 Jackson, Xannz Yoonne 90,132,248 James, Billy D. 236 Jamison. Frederick Eugene 249 Iandu, Wake: L. 126,216 Iefierson, Everett Norman 120,159,236 Iin, Eva Sung Chun 236 Iohnson, Alfred Enmore Johnson, Arthur Iudd 185,194,266 Iohnson, Carolyn Ian 88 1011115011, Hewey Garry 248 Johnson, Janice 248 Johnson, Jeannie 90,129,236 Johnson, Ice Brent 216 Johnson, Judith Gayle 266 Johnson, Judith Robexta 156 Johnson, Mary Anna 126,137,249 Johnson, Nedra 120.216 Johnson, Patsy Ann 266 Johnson, Sherry Ann 126.249 Johnson, Tayler Clinton 266 Johnson, William Larry 137.141 Johnston, Ronald Decm 266 Iohnstone, Donald Manin 266 Jones, Brenda Louise 154,156,266 Jones. David Gordon 216 Jones, Ellen Margaret 101 Jones, Gene Ann 236 Jones, Mildred Mary 123,236 Jones, Sandra Iecm 236 Iones, Sarah 126.216 Jordan, Dcm Herbert 122.145,146,163,216,294 Jordan. John Franklin 139,267 lung, Duke Hyen 155,229,289 Justice, Charloise 267 Kakusho, Tudcxo 155 Kamstru, Margie Ann Kearney, Mike 248 Keatly. I. H. 251 Keel, William Ben 267 Keller, Billy Dee 172,173 Kelley, Emily Weedon 90,127,217 Kelley, Robert Otis 137.267 Kelley, Stephen Fosket 114,130,236 Kelso, Marilyn A. 127,217 Kennamer, Elsie Iudith 101,127,139,164,217.274 Kennedy, Robert Holtcn 195.266 Kent, Charles Russell 266 Kent, David Lee 176,180,236 Kerbew, Martha Anna 130 Kerr, Myra Jane 97,156,249 Key, Sharon Kay 90,156.249 Keyser, John Robert 129,217 Kilgore, Renee Luclcxir 132,236 Kimmel, James Boss 266 King, Howard Don 267 King, Mary Glenda 236 King, Walter Wayne 266 Kingsbury, Earl Dee 124 Kinnamon, Carol 266 Kinsey, Eugene 236 Kirby, Ianace Maxie 124,127,236 Kircus, Lannis Alan 217 Kirk, Carol Lynn 266,296 Kirk, Deanna Mae 97.251 Kirkpatrick, D. Larry 110,217 Kisselburqh, Alexander Iames 139,159,251 Kniffen. Paul Edward 196.251 Knight, Carolyn Ann 134,266 Knight, E. Maureen Leslie Knighk, James Allen 126.216 Knight, Nancy Ann Kruzick, Carolyn Sue 236 Kubicu, Vic G. 251 Kuehn, Roger Wayne 117.236 Kuykendall, Karl Kennon 130 Lacy, Ken Freeman 94,103,113,216 Lciierty, Carolyn 1. 97,156,251 Lake, Jerry Ann 89 Lamb, James Bernard 137.251 Lamb. Kelly Eugene 176,236 Lambert. Mary Beth 125,139,149,251 Luminack, Glenda Lou 267 LaMOtte, Larry 46 Lane, Lynda Sue 236 Lune, Myrle Ann 109,126,217 Langford, Linda Kay 149,267 Larry, Patricia May 126,217,301 Latham, Boyd Norris 251 Luuderdale, Sharon Bernice 127,165,236 Luuen, Iohn Wayne 155.217 Luwlet, John William 185,187 Lawrence, David Paul 98.216 Lawrence, Donald Wayne 130.216 Lawrence, William S. 139,251 Leak, Sharon Rae 89.127.153,236 Leatherwood, Regina 10 156.251 Lebow, Janice Faye 101,156,165,251.299 Lee, Patricia Lou 251 Leininger, Rose Mary 101,125,236 Lemley, Norma Ianice 251 Lenscott, Gary 147 Leske, Sandra Lee Lester, Ruane Evelyn 102,126.165,217 Lewis, Brenda Louise 149 Lewis, Brent 132,134 Lewis, Charles Marvin 237 Lewis, Don Carl 195,267 Lewis, Don Vernon 154,237 Lewis, Glenda Lavelle 266 Lewis, Goldye Lee,136,217,296 Lewis, Mary Carolyn 140,251,324 Lewis, Melvin Virgil 99,237 LION HARDWARE Everything in HARDWARE 8: APPLIANCES Plenty of Free Parking While 526 Cypress In Abilene you're never far from THORNTON'S 0 4th 8. Oak 0 leggen Drive 0 River Oaks 0 Merchant Park AND SIX FRIENDLY FOOD STORES at THORNTON'S too, you get valuable KEY STAMPS with every purchase. 341 342 Lewis, Phillip Vernon 251 Lewis, Polly lean 266 Lewis. Ted Fisher 237 Lewis, Warren Wayne 103,113,132 Lide, Ieu'y Sueetex 137,140,141 Lieb, Billie Loyce 251 Linscott, Gary Mexle 138,289 Lisi, Luigi 130 Little, Cheryl Kay 266 Little, David Edwin 154,237 Little. Gayle: Gwynn 251 Little, Iohn C. 154 Little, Lanny Newell 266 Little, Lawrence Ivan 154 Litton. Gena Ann 136,140,250 Litton, Janice 126,266 Livingston, Mary K. 124,149,266 Llewellyn, Janet Lloyd, Deana Dolores 237 Lock, Raymond Man! 237 Locke, Coleman Hudgins 266 Logan. Michael Merritt 266 Lollis, James Bay 237 Loney, Janice Lea 100,124,218 Long, Noris Glenn 92,237 Loudexmilk, Sylvia Janice 103 Love. Dwight Wayne 114,237 Loveless, Charlotte Evelyn 101,136,237 Lowry, Gordon Dean 134 Lowry, Iohn Ivan 266 L'Boy, DiAnn 132,134,152,165,237 Lucado, Iocm Francis 82,83,90,123,156,250,296 Lumley, Murmy Dale 237 Lusk, Gary Lynn 250 Lycan. Anthony Charles 140,267 Lye, Iohn 149,155,250 Lyles, Don Ray 267 Lyons, Barbara Ann 149,267 Lyons, Thomas K. 105,137,141 Macko, William Robert 134 Mahuxin, Martha Lou Malone, Robert Earl 116,158,250 Manet, 10cm 156 Munis, G. W. 1Dub1 17l,l72,173,175,218 Manly, Carolyn Gene 120,250 Manor, loan 90,250 Mansker, Patsy Louise 77,91,112,156,237 Maples, Nancy Kay Marchman, Lawrence Michael 104,298 Marshall, Bobbie Io 76,100.126,140.218 Marshall, Travis Larry 94,112,237 Martin, Helen Bain 218 Martin, Iva DaxLaine 91,156,251 Martin, James Robert 237 Martin, Janie Rebeccc: 89,237 Martin, Io 237 Martin, Richard Elliott, Ir. 107,237 Martin, Sandra Joyce Martin, Sherry Faye 266 Martindale, Douglas Allen 266 Martyr, Martha Suzanne 266 Mashbum, William Hyer 250 Mason, Io Anna 266 Massie, Ienny Lou 237 Mashers. Iohn Dickie Masters, Larry Wayne 172 Masmrs, Linda Jean 69 Mustexs, Mary Nell 250 Motherly, Michale Ray 116,137,140,141 Mathews, Elizabeth Ann tBettw, 289,300 Mathews. Richard Harrison 103,113,138 Mathews, Ronald Harrison 139 Mathews, Ronald David 236 Mathews, William Clyde 266 Index Mathis, Joe Michael 139 Mutluck, Charles Andrew 99,116,218 Matthews. Dan Jerry Maul, Stephen Bailey 218 Maxwell, Ernest 105,250,302 Maxwell, John Fleming 250 May, Warren Dee 154 Maytield, Linda Louise 266 Mayo, Jane! 0. McArthur, Merry Dee 156,250 McBride, Iames Richards 111,196 McBride, Ronald L. 98,137,216 McBroozn, Frances Ann 116,124,127,130,238 McCaleb, Gary Day 94,195.244,250,294 McCaleb, Mickey 195 McCcleb, Tommie Lynn 266 McCall, Donna Jean 97,165,238 McCalla, Dora Genelle 123,136,250 McCurley, Larry Reynolds 218 McCaIIey, Linda Kay 126,266 McCauqhun, Gail McCaughan, William T, 98,126,132,133,139 McClanahn, Vivian Lou 267 McClunq, Dennis Roger 218 McClung, Ice PauX 150,156 McClung, Larry Gene 267 McCollum, Don Wayne McCook, Charles Lee 94,169,172,173,251 McCorkle, Sum Kay 115,156,238 McCown, James Coy 322 McCoy, Kenneth Rayburn 137,250 McCoy. Phillip Dennis 116,132,238,316 McCrackey, Iudy C. 238 McCuistion, Donald Ray 266 McDermelt, Mrs. O. C. 155 McDonald, Don Reed 118,266 McDonald, Forrest Eugene 137,139 McDonald, Garnetm Lee 123,266 McDonald, Nina Charlotte 136,266 McDonald, Rosemary 91,125 McDonald, Sharon Kay 123,219,250 Mchin, Glanda Ruth 250 McFarland, Sam G. 24,219,228 McFarlin, Donna Kay 75,156,296,299,316 McGuire, Errol Monroe 162,163,250 McGuire, Michael Bay 132,150 McHuney, Jimmy Marvin 266 Mcllroy, Rita Grace 266 McKay, Don Garrett 266 McKay, Jack Hudson 117,158 McKenzie, Carolyn 250 McKinley, Sharon Kay 136,140 McKinney, Tommy 134 McKinney, Wanda Lee 109,120,219 McKinnis, Michael Payne 95,126,219 McKnight, Thayne 111.172,173,175,250 McKnight, V. Ian 136,140 McLean, Icy Suzanne 267 McLean. Sidney Lee 219 McLesky, William Louis 228 McMennamy, Barbara Joan 115,127,129.136,140, 165,238 McMennamy. Roger Neal 167,299 McMillan, Marshall Joe 266 McMilliun, Beverly lean 132,238 McMillion, Mavis Darlene 219 McMinn, Anita Joyce 124,127,213 McMullin, Cecil Paul 126,127,219 McMurmy, Gene Edward 139,236 McMurxuy, George Roger 159 McMurtry, Curtis Lee 122,238 McNally. Linda Lou 104 McNiece, Randall Vernon 251 McPhaul, Linda Louise 78,100.112.139,156,219, 293,294 McPherson, Dun James 124,219 McQuillcm, Kent Duane 266 McReynolds, Iqmes M. 252 McWilliams, Edna Louise 103,238 Medford, Henry Robert 132,134 Medford, James Douglas 266 Meecham, Ronald Edwin 219 Meek. Faye Mehng, Mary once 109,126,347 Melson. Billy Steve 94,127,238 Mercer, lean Ellen 109.112,125,219 Menell, David Boles 163,252 Merriam Judith Anne 156,266 Merritt, Donna June 266 Merritt. Hilton,219 Merryman, Gary Don 252 Meyer, Duane Winiam 219 Meyer, Nancy Elizabeth 238 Meyers, Richard 117 Mickey, Carl Wayne 238,317 Mickey, Kim Marian 266 Mickey. Peggy Elaine 102,116,124,125,127,136,165, 219 Miller, Charles Edward 220 Miller, Curtis Todd 94,122,220 Miller, Franklin Joe 163,266 Miller, Grace Evelyn 88,116,124,127,238 Miller, Jane Ellen 266 Miller. Jay Milton 267 Miller, Jerry Thomas 188 Miller, L. Ray 94,145,221 Miller, Lloyd Desoto 94,252,347 Miller, Margaret Ann 267 Miller, Ronald Harrison 220 Miller, Todd 195 Mills, Martha Louise 144.267 Milton, Carolyn lune 268 Mims, Dennis Earl 252 Mitchell, Alvin Acton, It. 261 Mitchell, Elizabeth R. 156,252 Mitchell, Myrna: Gail 268 Money, Royce Lynn 98,252,294 Monhollcmd, Alma: Ruth 266 Montgomery. Ann Lynell 268 Moody. Boyd Lee Moody, Lewis Denson 171,172,173,174,175 Moody. Russel Gray 252 Moon, Bobbye Deane 156,269 Moore, Beverly Gayle 89,199,238 Mooxe, D'Anne 127,136 Moore, Dennis Leslie 187 Moore, Donald Frank 233 Moore, Ellen Ann Moore, Herman Ellis II. 268 Moore, James Henry 221 Moore. Iohn Franklin 263 Moore, Judy Guy 268 Moore, Lea chnette 89,126 Moore, Miriam Virginia 123,252 Moran, Fonda Lou 268 Morgan, James Michael 268 Morgan, Iames Pat 252 Morgan. Neva Bell 143.268 Morin. David Charles 252 Monen, Mary 114,155,177,238 Morris, Linda Lee 149,236 Morris, Myrna Rhonda 238 Morrison, Gay,126,127,220 Morrow, Jim Bill 111 Morrow, Troy Leon 236 Morse, Samuel Alton Ir. 268 Mosley, IudiH-l Sharon 89,125,238 Moss, luck Patton 220 Moss, Iim 158 Meyers, David Henry, III 268 Mums, Nedom Conway 101,229 Murphy, George 152 Murray, Ray Farrell 220 Murray, Thomas 172,173 Myers, Linda Nell 91 Myers. Loyd Lawrence, 1. 268 Myers, Richard Earl 110 Myers, Susan Margaret 40,124 Therek a "one and only" --..-xV '5 l i 3'21 :7le x x4..... .33 k b "R: I 3M I +9937 BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY "TEXAS COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY" 343 344 Null, William Alton 138.139 Neal, Daniel Lee 137 Neal. Jasper 1Pete1 134,252,300 Neal, Carolyn 239 Nelson, Carol Ann 101,126,239 Nelson, Charles Inman 56.59,78,98,122,137,221, 292,294,306 Nelson, Glenda Sue 101,124,156,165,252.299 Nelson, James Weaver 163.221 Nelson. Karen Ian 268 Nelson, Lynn chyn 131,153,268 Nesmith, Susan Adell 116,120,221 Neve, Lawxence Alvin 136,252 Newhouse, Don Max 220 Newhouse, Mary Lois Newman, Jimmy Carol 109,252 Newton, Cecil Conrad 252 Newton, Linda Dell 252 Nicks, Carol Patricia 220 Nicks. John D. 239 Nicks, Linda Mae 252 Niqh, Perry Max Nisle, Carolyn 268 Norman, Barbara Jean 239 Norman, Gary Alfred 220 Norris, Kenneth Iewell 107 Nowlin, Louie Allen 221 Odom, Kendall Lee 268 Oftutt, Linda Nell 101,239 Otfutt, Sara Evelyn 156.268 Ohlhcxusen, Norma Jean 123,165,252 Ohlhausen. Orlcm Dean 239 Oldhum, Sherry Lea 268 Omearcz. James Richard, II. 134,268 O'Recu', Lona Mae 252,301 Onell. Roger Ellis 172 Osborn, Dezxill Roy 82,94,244,253.296.298 Osbourn, LaWandu Dawn 109,165,239 Owen, Leo Carlton Owens, Emanelle 128 Owens, Larry Covin 107 Owens, Robert Owen 239 Paddack, Teddy Paul 136,140,253 Paitord. Shirley Olene 109.253 Page, Thomas Theodore 253 Palmer. Carroll Jean 138 Palmer, IerrelI Dean 132 Pankratz. Dorothy Evelyn 89,200,253 Purdue, Judith Ann 109,165,253 Parham, Marjorie Diann 138.253 Park, Leslie Floyd 92.239 Parker, James E. 128 Parker. Linda Coy 120,268 Parkinson, Jackie Lou 156.268 Parks, Averd Montell 268 Parrish, Barbara Ann 90,136.140,145.221 Parrish, Linden Joe 221 Parrish, Patricia Anne 239 Puxsons. Iimmy Dean 253 Purtuin, Sylvia C. 239 Patterson, Belly Ann 103,140,239 Patterson, Gilbert Michael 195 Patterson, Jean Ann 253 Patterson. Johnny Lee 220 Patterson. Richard Sterling 95,195 Patterson, Ronald D. Patton. Robert L. 220 Patty, Joseph Lee 172,173,268 Pawlak, Shcmnon Matgaxel 269 Payne, Shirley Ann 109 Pearson, William Ernest 138 Peden, Richard Wesley 194.269 Index Peeples. Maurice Leon Peeples, May Ann 165,239 Pamelton, Billy Gene 191 Pennington, Carol lune 100,125,220 Pennington, Glenda Dule 269 Pennington, Sarah June 269 Pennington. Sidney Van 239 Perkins, Ronald West 99 Peny, Lanny Loyd 239 Peters. Thomas Glynn 132.253 Peterson. Artheta Y. 109,221,301 Peterson, Margie Ann 269 Petty. James Alan 268 Petty, John William 111,253 Petty, Vera Jeanne 239 Phemister, David Alan 159.239 Phillips, Dcxle Edward 269 Phillips. Edward Hood 269 Phillips. Puuicia Ann 269 Phillips. Paul Edward 228 Phillips, Rosemary Picner. Eric 136 Pierce, Shirley lune Pinon. Lila Mae 127,220 Pipes, Jerry Lloyd 95.253 Pirtle, Walter Berl 253 Pin, Claire 155 Pin. Hilary 155 Pitt, Douglas Henry 155 Pittman, Janet Watts 88.127 Pitts, luck Luther 269,347 Plante, Billy Norman Plate, Catherine Elaine 91, 164,239,296 Pogue. Robert Guy 269 Poland, Harold Mason 228 Pool, Margaret Anne 132.239 Pope, Andrew Iackson 239 Pope. James Erwin 107,172,173 Pope. Paul Terrell 254.300 Porter. Lewis Lee 220 Porter, Linda lean 268 Porter. Marcella Sue 103,112,199,239.299 Portextield, Geneva R. 155 Porterfield, Karen 254 Pounds. 1cm 115.116, Pounds. Richard H. 127.269 Powell. Janny Fran 91,136 Powell. Linda Lee 97,116,220 Prater. Jerry Titus 195.269 Prater, Melvaree 254,301 Pruther. Dorothy Luvelle 239 Preston. Howard Grady 105,220,239 Price, Larry Gene 99,139,239 Price, Shetryl Lynn 156 Priddy. Margaret Ann 269 Priddy, Ronald G. 104 Prior, Pau1 Ronald 269 Propst. Charlie Wayne 269 Provence, James Daniel 149,239 Pruitt. Linda Evelyn 123,269 Pruitt. Ronnie Mac 269 Puckett, Earl Cannon 239 Purcell, Becky Lou 115,116, Purcell, C. Eugene 137 Purcell, Norris Duane 220 Pursch, Walter Allan Pyeutt. Charles Willis 239 Qubty, Falouk ISde 220 Babb, Ann Elizabem 125 Rackow. Beny Thomas 115,124,221 Ragland. Sidney Douglas 269 Ragsdale, Gary Ray 269,347 Hagsdale, M. Bemita 254.327 Rainwater, Linda Lou Ramsey, Charles Frank 240 Ramsey, Sandra Lynn 78,,221 Randolph, Carol Ann Randolph, Robert McMiller 138,221 Rcmk'm, Donna Lea 152,156,269 Rosco. Mary Deane 254 Ratcliffe. Curtis Michael 269 Ravanelli, James Albert 96,221 Bawls, Buddy Gene 172,173,254 Reagan, Levu Mae 125,254 Reagan. Ruwleiqh Terrell 130,153,254 Reed. Daniel H. 221 Reed, Kathryn LeRuth 97,123,254 Reese. George Wesley 163,240 Reese, Haro1d Michael 222 Reeve, Wayne chmmill 254 Reeves. Perry Clayton 136.269 Reid, Benna Von 91,125 Renner, Iolc'md Ethel 115,128.129,240,326 Reynolds, Howard Leon 240 Reynolds, James Glen 116,180,254 Reynolds. Richard L. 115,130,240 Reynolds, Sharon Lynnette 269 Reynolds, Sheila Beth 132,222 Reynolds, Virginia 89,115,123,124.156.240 Bhoads, DeWain 136,140,241 Bhoads, Murphy DuBoise 149,241,324 Rice, Janelle 89,137 Richardson. Iames Dennis 186.241 Richter, Oneida Sue 222 Rickner. Eric Ethan 269 Ricks, David 196 Ridgewuy. James I. 142,147,240 Ridgwuy. Barbara Ann 341 Ridley, Bill D. 107.240 Riemenschneider, 10 136,140,254 Riggs. Glanda Nell 222 Riggs, Jerry Don 134.254 Riley, Betty Louise 123.269 Ritchie. Iudith 254.318 Rizer, William Keith 99,222 Rizner, Richard 289 Roach, Pmti Wade 269.322 Roach. Terry Ann 103,125,126,165,240 Robbins, Ien'y Lumberlh 269 Robbins. Joe Dean 95 Roberson, Barbara Allen 254 Roberson, Martha Katherine 57,116.128,136,164, 222.329 Robens, Bill Muse 171.254 Roberts, Carolyn 123,131,269 Roberts, Ianice Lorene Roberts, Jimmie Glenn 317 Roberts, Jimmy Doss 150,171,173 Roberts, Ioe Van 137,222 Roberts, Patti Marie 109,138,222 Roberts. Ronald Curtis 153,254,296 Robertson. Carrol 240 Robertson, Robert Claude Robinson. Jimmy Don 269 Robinson, M. Daniell Robinson. Nicky Carolyn 97,124,254 Robinson, Rheuanna Lynn Rockwell, George Walter 195,269 Rodgers, Brenda Sue 269 Rodxiguez, Victor Joseph 136.222 Rogers. David Lynn 132,254 Rogers. Don 98.124.222 Rogers, Keith Lionel 240,301 Rogers. Larry Delmar 176.179 110qu3, Jenny 156 Rogers, Ronnie 84.85,269.296.311 Rogers, Will 99 Roggendorf, George A. 228 Rollcms, Iohn Ralph 107,222 Rose, David Louis 134 "Service" is the word at GLEN THORNTON'S ACROSS FROM CAMPUS CLEARING HOUSE ASSUCIMIUN First National Bank Bank of Commerce Citizens National Bank First State Bank .9 345 348 Rose, Ioella 124,137,138,165.223,300 Rose, Lynn Ross, Marie Ann 91,152,240 Ross. Marilyn 143 Ross. Mary Bebecca 270 Ross, Robert Malcolm 254 Hummel, Susanne Kay 137.152,222 Russell, George William, Russell, Roy Ferrell 241 Eyals, Wanda Sue 73,156,270 Ryan, OmaDell 89.125,254 Sadorra, Ronnie D. 229 Samuel. Jim H. 159 Sunkey, Alice Eurline 103,254 Sargent, Edward Don 270 Sussmcn. Beth Sanezwhite, Vicky Ian Saul, James Edward 270 Scutter, Elsbeth 155 Sumter. Walter Paul 155 Saunders. Jimmy Lynn 194 Savage. luck Eaton 120 Savage, Nancy Lee 103,115,125.127,223 Savage, Phillip 153.199.2211 Saverance, Sidney Lavcm 223 Saylozs, Fred Thomas 241 Scalborough, John Bill 270 Scarborough. Peggy Sue Scarborough, William Leslie 98.254 Schmidt, Ieryl Richard 116,254,322 Schmudlach, Wilma Pearl 240 Schnieder, Edwina 165,254 Schow, Ianice Margecm 241 Schow, Richard Eugene 223 Schroeder, Wanda Charlene 270 Schulz, Donald Philip Schulze. Paul David 116.223 Schulze. Priscilla Marilyn 240 Schwartz, Lynda Gail Scitern, Frances 254 Scoggins, Glen Edward 240 Scott, Carolyn Janet 156,325 Scott, Carolyn Rhea 156,254 Scott, Jacqueline 240 Scott. John Deene 37,270 Scott. Judy Earlene 270 Scott, Larry C. 229 Scruggs, Troy 174 Seabrook, William Reed 104,223 Searcy, Iudith Lynn 97,120,254 Seli, Caro1yn Melinda 144,270,345 Self. Gemld Levi 119,158,254 Self, Olcz Mae 125,223 Sessom. Sharon Icmelle 223 Setlilf, Meredith Carol 270 Sexton, Shawn 223 Shackletord, Mary E. 254 Shumblin, Harold Wayne Shankle, Carolyn June 270 Shanks, Baxbara Ruth 156,254 Shaw. Bette Deneice 138 Shaw. Linda Gayle 124,255 Shepherd, Stella Elizabeth 131,270 Shields, Sharon Ann 270 Shipley. Io Ann 270 Shockley, Thomas Horton 270 Short, Beverly 126,255 Short, Jacqueline 127,128 Showers. William F., Ir. 103,113,240,295 Shulez, Junie Rue 156,270 Shulk. Beuy Ann 91,123,156,165,223,299 Sidney. Severance 117 Sikes, George Ann 125,126,223 Silvey. Frank 270 Index Simpson, Gerald Ray 270 Sims, Iumes Allen 255 Sims, Joseph Edward 270 Sinclair, Kenneth Leroy 270 Singleion. Victoria Ann 255 Sitton, Gloria Pace 125 Skuggs, Jenny Lind 140,153,223 Skelton. Donald Melvin 95 Skinner. Iames 124,131 Sloan, Darrell Norman 255,319 Small, Sandra Lee 270 Small. Stephen Lance 116,270 Smallwood, Dan Lee 255 Smallridqe. Lawcma Geraldine 255 Smith, Barbara Ann Smith. Barbara Dale 270 Smith, Barbara Elaine 89,240,324 Smith. Carol Ann 255 Smith, Charles Martin 142,146 Smith, Carol Sue 255 Smith. Clinton Thomas 137 Smith. Donald Clay 255 Smith. Jana Margaret 270 Smith. Jerry Allen 240 Smith. Jerry Todd 95.172.174 Smith, loycelyn Sue 109.165.241 Smith, Judith Ann 109,125,224 Smith, Larry Gray 121,224 Smith. Linda Janice 271 Smith, Marvin Henry Smith. Mary Susan Smith, Mike 189 Smiih, Mitty K. 124,224 Smith, Nancy 327 Smith. Robert Earl 153,270 Smith. Ronda Marie 103 Smith, Royce Carroll 224 Smith, Sherilyn 140,154,271 Smith, Teresa Nan 241 Smith, Virginia 125,127,145.146.156,223 Smith, Zenna May 125,165,224 Smyth, Puuicia Guy 131 Snow. Judith Lynne 255 Sommer, Sandra Gail 123.241 Sosebee, Ronald Eugene 111,119 Sowaxds, Elsa Icmice 138,255 Sowell, David S., 111 105,224 Sowell. Myra Lee 255 Spain, Carla Ione 77,91,226 Spain. Mary June 271 Spuulding, Rodney Allen 132,133 Speer, Linda Key 271 Spencer, Jimmy Ray 98,224 Spradlin, David Lee 143,271 Sprayberry, Dcmiel Gene 224 Spring. Phillip Wasson 104 Spron. Jacqueline 271 Sway, Ronny Lynn 271 Staggs. Sharon Elaine 271 Stamper, Sherry Kay 255 Standlee. David Lowell 255 Stanley, Lon Franklin 240 Stanley. Paisy Laverne 126,240,299 Stames. Malisscx Ruth 97,124.156.165,255 Smrnes, Willis Leslie 36,240 Stun, Gail Lee 152 Steffee, Sum Luke 111,122,240 Stephens, Donald Put 271 Stephens. Jimmy Davis 271 Stephens, Loretta Gail 143,271 Stephens, Patricia Margaret 240 Shephens, Sherwin Kay 255 Stephens. Thomas Clinton 111 Stephenson, Caro1e Ann 137,271 Stephenson. Charles B. 255 Stevens. Patricia 103 Stevens, Royce Gene 271 Steward. Patsy Lou 109 Stewardson. Ann 240 Stewart. George Earl 255 Stewart, Judy Ilene 97,156,255 Stewaxt. Mary Ann 126,271 Steward, Sheila Mauxeen 271 Stiget, Patricia Lou 271 Stigers, James Lloyd 105.240 Stiqers. William Harvey 137 Stiggins, Larry Lynn 225 Smbuugh, Sandro: Kay 271 Stocks, lusper Douglas 136.140.141 Stoecker, Margaret Ellen 271 Stokes, Sharon Sue 136.271 Stone. Carole Frances 128,241 Stone, Iay Dene 255 Stone, Louis Ray 179 Storey. Gloria Dawn 241 Stout. Larry Gene 137,271 Strait, Jim 0. 225 Skcmge, Judith Elaine Strome, Shirley Rue 271 Stromquist, Neivelle Jun 271 Strand. Katherine Ann 271 Stxzinek, Robert Alfred 95.240 Sturgess, Linda Kaye Struve, Roma Kay 271 Subey, Helen Harriet 149,240,289 Suqq. David Finch 255 Sugqs, Katherine Hurvin 271 Sullivan, I. Larry 225 Sullivan. Judith Lynn 256 Sullivan, Linda Diana 124,256 Summerlin, Philip H. 159 Summers, Martha Evelyn 225.241 Sundling. Roland Clark Swadley, Ronald Rupert 256 Swaltord. Ethelyn Kay 241 Swain, Mary Sue 156,241 Swindell. Patricia Ann 149.256 Swinson, Bobbie Jean 123,240 Swofford, Iudy Lynne 81,101,132,, 296.347 Tabor, Belly Kay 271 Ta1ialerm, Gary Dcxy 92,103.113,137.139.225 Tarbet, Gaston Dwayne 229 Tmbet, Trine David 256 Taylor, Don Lee 200,256,274 Taylor, Prank Raymond 107 Taylor, Linda Sue 271 Taylor, Marilyn Modeen 89,126,309 Taylor. Mary Lee,240 Taylor, Pat Ann 80.81.101,116,127.156,165,241,296 Taylor, Richard Lee 172 Taylor, Stove: Wayne 149,241 Teierteller, Richard 271 Temple, Carol Lee 126 Terry, Brenda Corinne 165,225 Terry. Clovis Ann 97,132,241 Terry, William Aubie 106,112,172,l73,175 Tharp. Donald Patrick 256 Thetford, Barbara Joyce 256 Thomas, Barbara Jean 271 Thomas, Hannah Belle 256,300 Thomas. Ronald Scott 225 Thomasonm, Vivian Lee 256 Thompson. Doris Ann 138 Thompson, James Weldon 98,256 Thompson, Ierrel Ray 225 Thompson. Linda Gail 155 Thompson. Peggy Ann Thompson. Robert Coy 136 Thornton, G1enn Bruce 169.172 Tharp, Sharon Donleita 91,140,225 Tharp, Sylvia Ann 256 Thorpe, Don 137 Tidwell, Ira Dee 104,225,324 .1 ' x -d THUNDERBIRD LODGE , '4' Want your visitors to feel at 1 IL? . Home? Martha, Donna Beth, Donna, and Phillip are pre- paring to make reservations for their families at the Thunderbird Lodge featuring: 0 125 Rooms 0 Pool 0 T V 0 Restaurant f O lounge - . , , . I '.' ,, . East Highway 80 y . ., w ., 4:; . on 3-42" 'i4 x14. "Prepare I'd ai",fq ."'0!?" 5'0'? .7 - ' l L Nigwliige HOLLIS L. MANLY-GeneralAgem Johnny Cltjljn' ": R REEFTAgES Harold Sleiahehg 2Q. "X'JameisClau h 631 Is! Nutiona un' ,4 5hi-v H Tinsley, Kenny Darrell 98,124,138,241 Titlow, Jeanette Joan 97,126,127,129,165.225 Todd, Iohn Blake 117,132 Toews, David 155,256 Tomlinson, Gene Felton 126 Tomlinson. Linda Lee 225 Tomme, Haxold Ernest 225,256 Toombs, Ronny D. 95 Toubussi, Tewiic Hanna 225 Towery, Leland Robert 171,172,311 Towler, Karen Ieun 226,271 Townsend, Alan Turner 126 Travis, Kathryn Millcnm 256,300,318 Traylor, Charles Barton 95,137,140,141 Treat, David Wayne 141 Trem, Wilma Jody 156,226,256 Treece, Sharon Lee 131,271 Tribble, James Slater 136,140,226,256 Trimble, Karen Kay 156,271 Trimble, Linda Carol 97,256 Trippett, Ictck Wayne 150,256 Triplett, Phyllis 120,126,242 Trosclaix, Joy Lynn 256,323 Troupe, Betty B. 149,242 Troup, Rhinurd Charles 229 Tucker, Wayne Guin 137,140,271 Tudor, Boyd A. 98,226 Tudor, LoRettu Mae 124,127,140,226,301 Tullos, Nelwyn Jeannette 257 Tunoa, Matugiese 1Mutt1 225 Turner, Jerry Roy 111,172,173,174,242 Turner. Judy Ann 126 Turner, June Eleanor 115,127,242 Turner, Linda 132,134,242 Turner, Linda Martina 271 Tuttle, Gary Lester 136,140 Twitchel. Linda Kay 271 Tyler, Patsy Loraine 239 Utley, Ienell Hum 130 Uzzel, Nancy 10 242 Valentine, Thomas Leon 152,319 Vunnoy. David Rowland 141,271 Van Zandt. John Raymond 132,134 Vumer, Carla Ann 257 Varner, Roy D. 257 Vamer. Sandra Sue 242 Vaughan, Betty Io 97,125,138,156,257 Vaughan, Icmet Ruth 156 Verett, Gary Dwayne 103,140,295 Vereu. James Allen 111,113,242 Verett, Paulette 91.257 Vice, Herman Floyd, Jr. 271 Vick, Larry Alton 98,159,242 Vickrey, Frances 74,84,271 Vickxey, Paul Edward 163,272 Vincent, Vurden Edward 226 Vineyard, Jimmy Dale 272 Vinther. Larry N. 128 Wade, Montie Mary 272 Wade, Thomas Donald 149,242 Waddel, Mary Frances 272 Walker, Gwynel 96.112,126,226 Walker, Iames Mathew 272 Walker, Judith Nell 101,156,257 Walker, Kay Moree 125,127,156,242 Index Walker, Nancy Marie 301 Walker, Sidney Ray 91,140,272 Walker, Thomas Louis 272 Wall, Darrel Elwyn 98,112,226,296 Wall, Gerald David 99,226 Wallace, Bobbie Stcn' 97,226 Wallace, Gary Roy 153,257 Wallace, Ian 156,272,300 Wallace, Jodie Earl 242 Wallace, Kenneth Knox 57,115,138 Wallace, Paul F. 116,137.140,141,257 Wallis, Barbara 131 Walruven, Louellu 242 Walter, Nollye Janice 156 Walton, George William 115,128,242 Ward, James Wesley 242 Ward, John Marcus 107.226 Warner, Glen Milton 242 Warren. Judy Gayle 156,257 chrwux, Iewcxd Null 272 Warwick, Glyndolyn Nan 152,227,321 Wusson, Linda Curo1 242 Waters, Marion Alton 122,257 Watkins, Gilbert Dan 224 Watson, Benton Lamar 272 Watson, Dee Ann 156,257 Watson, Gerald B. 137,163,242 Watson, John Miller 137 Watson, Lawrence Arnold 137,163,226 Watson, Lorin Perry 242 Weaver, Margaret Elizabeth 257 Webb, Mickey Vudon 136,272 Webb, Peggy Io 91,125,156,242,299,322 Weber, Ladenu Carol 243,272 Weed, Maurice Alexander 229 Weed, Michael Robbins 242 Weiss, Anita Guy 272 Weiss, Arthur E. 174 Welch, Gary Dale 172,173,257 Welch, Guy Lynn 172,173,257 Welch, James Lee 99,242,323 Wells, Alked Ray 257 Wells, Stephen Alexander 272 Welty, Lyle Lerroy 242 Wersell, David L. 226 Wesner, Ken R. 103,113,226 West, George Marc. 134,272 West, Scmdm Kay 149,242 Weyandt, Palmer Harrison 272 Weycmdt, Paul E. 105 Whuley, Vada Darlene 103,226 Wheeler, Betty Jayne 272 Wheeler, David May 176,243 Wheeler, Ray Ruth 100,115,116,124,127,139,226 Wheeler, Virginia Ray 257 Wheeless, Gail Marie 137,273 White, B. Ienelle 115,124,128,144 White, Denny Bud 186 White, Estelle Ruth 273 White, Iames Richard 159,243 White, John David 139,195,229 Whitefield, Dottie 91.123,156,165,243 Whitefield, William 1Bill1 136 Whittenburg. Thomas Wendell 124,243 Whitworth, Bobby Carl 273 Whyte. James Patrick 273 Wickman, Rick Lee 134,139,273 Widener, Loyd Lee, It. 227 Weist, Eddie Ray 243 Wilbcmks, William 1Billy1 103,113,115,176,227 Wilburn, Bob Glenn 257 Wilder, Phil Verne 136 Wiley, Wanda Faye 273 Wilkerson, John Scott 162,163 Wilkenson. Grady Eugene 117,125,227 Willard, Virginia Diane 138,273 Williams, Donald Wayne 273 Williams, James McDonald 94 Williams, Janice Ann 257 Williams, John Mason 136 Williams, Judith Kay 127,243 Williams, Judith LuNelle 126,273 Willaims. Judy lo 257 Williams, Kay LaDom 126 Williams, Mary Diane 273 Williams, Mary Margaret 273 Williams, Rodger Lyle 227 Willingham, Glen Edward 174,175 Willis, James Alfred 171,172 Willis, Robert Wayne Wills, Mary Ruth 149 Willison. Cindy 274 Wilmeth, Sylvia Gene 156,273 Wilson, Delbert DeWayne 107,174,175 Wilson, Gaylene Faye 250 Wilson. Harrell Lewis 243 Wilson, lack Michael 195,273,300 Wilson. James Roark 107,227 Wilson, once Yvonne 273 Wilson, Nancy Sue 89,115,125,127,227 Wilson, Twila Kay 257 Winfrey, Mildred Ann 124,144,243 Winger, Marcella Kay 91,156,299 Winters, James Kenneth 99,256 Wixeman, Mickey Lawrence 124 Wishcn'd, Mark Arthur 273 Win, Bryan Dun 111,148,227 Win, Doris Lynell 131,149,273 Witt, Mona Gail 243 Win, Nancy Guy 273 Wolf, Murine LaRue 159 Womack, Cheryl Melinda 273 Womack. Eva Karen 131,273 Womack, Henry Thomas 99 Womack, James E. 95,103,113,127,176,243 Wood, Bobby Raymon 273 Wood, Donna lean 91,126,156,256 Wood, Gail Lynn 136,273 Wood, James 147 Woodard, Barbara Carol 91,123,165,243 Woody, Geneva Hose 126,273 Woods, M. Elaine 120,164,227 Woodward, Linda Gayle 273 Wooldridge, Marian 256 Wooldridge, Janice Marie 273 Worley. Donna Gaye 89,125,256 me, Neitu Harrien 156,273 Wright, Audrey Marilyn 109,115,128,243 Wright. Blenus 103,243,289 Wright, Donald Joe 116,159,256,289 Wright, John Allen 273 Wright, Mary Anita 109,227 Wright, E. Ronald 95,103,113,138,163,227,296 Wylie, Wanda 149 Wynne, Pat 115,127,132,134,227,295 Yadon. K. Lynne 132,134 Yarbrouqh, David Reagan 273 Yurbrough, Sarah Beth 29,120,126,152,165,227 Yates, Charles Ray 124,159,256 Yates, James Rodney 95,149,227 Yates, Linda 91, 227 Yates, Winston F. 273 Yeager, Alan Dale 243 Young, Charles E, 319 Young, David Harlan 152 Young, Earl V. 53,55,78,79,95,167,190 Young, Joyce Eluin 76,91,156,256 Yowell. Kenneth W. 273 Yue, George 155 Zaun, John Wesley 227.318 Zinn, Nancy Lee 273 ABIlENE HOTEl-MOTEL ASSOCIATION CENTURY DRAKE HOLIDAY RANCHO SANDS STARLITE SUNSET THUNDERBIRD WESTERN WINDSOR WOOTEN We . . . The ACC SILHOUETTES . . . recommend that your parents ' 2 lodgewifh onq of the association members while . Drake Barber Shop w. o. LANDERS ' -McCIarty's- DUB ALLEN C- D. SCOTT "For Picnic Supplies" 2?QO for Pre-Teen Sis thru College Miss M 2' Cafeterias and Catering Private Dining Rooms Downtown Westwood Plaza 4th 8: Oak 3650 N. Sixth OR 4-1271 OR 4-1272 ABIlENE, TEXAS Best wishes to the graduates of 1962 THE GOSPEL ADVOCATE books bibles Iiteratu re church and school supplies send for our catalog and get first hand the extra low postpaid prices on the best in religious pub- lications and merchandise. 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Which Do You Want-Now Or For Graduation WESTERN CHEVROLET COMPANY 4001 S. First St, Phone 3-2561 ABILENE, TEXAS College Master the College Plan for the College Man i' exclusive benefit at special rates t deposits deferred until you are out of school 11635 M "L? 4- Tom my Jones COLLEGE MASTER REPRESENTATIVE 402 Butternut Bus. Res. OR4-9574 Abilene, Texas OR2-8688 QUALITY PRINTING CO.,' INC. publishers of the CHRISTIAN BIBLE TEACHER MAGAZINE the only magazine designed especially for Bible teachers in the Brotherhood. We Do All Kinds Of Printing LEON RAMSEY, MGR. 631 N. 13th St. Abilene, Texas 351' 9 M6 . . . AN DLDBMDBILE DHIHINAL mlnllll Hll HL' ' u-l J I I Go To The Games in a Starfirey. by Olds - ROGERS OLSMOBILE For Fun and Relaxation Dr. Pepper fills the bill for ACC students YOU nltpmim! Insuram AGENT "IIIVII YOU "lll' Wheeler-Deegan Wicker-Senter Insurance 334 Hickory - OR-4-9188 See us for student hospital surgical plan for Abilene Christian College students ONLY. All forms of Insurance available Louis Wicker, of Wicker-Senter, presents Mike Cummings with a surgical claim check. YOUR Insurance AGENT FIRST" tE "SIIVES YOU ndependent .. 11-. V ' A C C CLEANERS 1634 Campus Courts OR-2-89H Want a cleaning job to come out pure as snow . . . The Smith's across from campus will be glad to be of service. 353 STARLITE INN RESTAURANT Abilene's Only Steak House Abilene, Texas Featuring The Iron Horse Steak Room - Catering to Large and Small Banquets OR 3-2578 E. M. Hamilton, Operator F 8 S CLOTHIERS 274 Cypress ABILENE, TEXAS w a . 3. uwuuuw-W V eM1.'t , .. . ' 2 .' j g i 3 5 I I , i , i2; 2 , t I Bryant Reeves '- . ,- V 07 So. 14th SL- 9 ,R 2-9229 1 Sam's Auto and Truck Service SAM HERNDON, Owner Abilene, Texas OR3-2'l 25 Republic National Life Insurance Company Dallas, Texas CONGRATULATES Carter H. Compton, A.C.C. For Being Named Salesman of the Year Carter was selected as the outstanding Salesman in the 1700 man field force that represents the Republic National Life in 47 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. We are proud of Carter and know that Abilene Chris- tian College is too and hope that his many friends will continue to call on him for their complete Life and Acci- dent and Sickness insurance needs. Carter's address is 301 North Willis or call OR 46704. REPUBLIC NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Dallas, Texas LIFE ACCIDENT SICKNESS MEDICAL AND SURGICAL REIMBURSEMENT GROUP HOSPITALIZATION PENSION BROKERAGE 355 Vn K HOME of the BIG BOY HAMBURGER Kip's Coffee Shop Rest Assured af MAPLE TERRACE Owned and Operated by The Tankersleys 356 For the very Best in Banquet Pictures 2741 S' 14th St. OR'4'2062 Color or Black and Wh'te ' ' com ' Klp's DrIve-ln Restaurants No. 6-2500 N. 15? 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Roberson 1660 Campus Court OR-3-8'l32 - OR-3-8133 'A Mile East of Traffic Circle on U.S. 80 East Sun Valley Lodge 1700 East Highway 80 OR-3-1851 ABILENE, TEXAS COLVIN SERVICE STATION 1301 Pine Street , We give $8:H Green Stamps Take Advantage of Our Program Clinton Colvin OR 2-0466 Inter-College Courses with Hardin-Simmons University 8; McMurry College to make your schedule complete. ewice W N weitm S anitation OR-2-0884 M ...:..-.-.. v H . , l V--- atisfuction ' 'tIKlNU LU'QIelTl" ACC Barber Shop Having served ACC continually for 15 years, we will continually strive to please our customers in the future . . . THREE barbers to serve you . . . Across the street from the campus. Guy Love, Prop. 358 . Lihe 1962' Prickly Pear, was made possible Its and cooperation of many people. It would :impossible to recognize each and every individual . 6? part in publishing this book; so we shall attempt n Only a few: Jg jewsfoto Publishing Company- Jones Studio . Key City Studio Hg ?.x-KlineStudio University of Texas' yearbopk, Cactus, for their permission to use their colored picture of a prickly pear H'eber Taylor. our sponsor Section Editors Staff Workers Jim Ridgeway and John Clark, campus photographers Advertisers Administration Faculty Students 7 .- . '2 - -'The Co-Editors - - - - ' V 360 INDEX A Cappella ................................. 132,133,134 Administration ...................................... 18 Aggie Club .................................... 118,119 Agriculture Department .............................. 30 Alpha Chi ...................................... 114,115 Alpha Phi Omega .............................. 160,161 American Chemical Society ......................... 121 Arizona Club ...................................... 154 Art Department ..................................... 31 Band ....................................... 135,136,137 Bible Department ................................ 32,33 Biology Department ................................. 34 Blue Key .......................................... 113 Board of Trustees ................................... 20 Business Administration Department .................. 35 B. A. Club ......................................... 122 Cadettes ......................................... 88,89 Campus Service Organization .................... 164,165 Cheerleaders ...................................... 298 Chemistry Department ............................... 36 Choralczires ........................................ 138 Circle K ........................................ 162,163 Delta Tau Alpha ................................... 117 Delta Theta ...................................... 90,91 Die Lustigen Gesellen .............................. 130 Directors ......................................... 26,27 Dorm Supervisors ................................... 28 Education Department ............................... 37 Edwards Dorm Council ............................. 300 Ellen H. Richards ................................... 123 English Department ............................... 38,39 Evangelistic Forum ................................. 290 Flying Cats ........................................ 150 Prater Sodalis .................................... 92,93 Freshman Class .................................... 258 Galaxy .......................................... 94,95 Gardner Dorm Council .............................. 229 GATA ........................................... 96,97 Girls' Training Class ............................... 290 Graduate Students ................................. 228 Home Economics Department ......................... 40 Industrial Arts Department ........................... 41 In Memoriam ...................................... 274 Inpsyders ...................................... 148,149 Inter-Social Club Council ............................ 112 International Club ................................. 155 Ioumalism Department .............................. 42 Junior Class ....................................... 230 KACC ............................................. 147 Kappa Delto: Pi ..................................... 127 Kitten Club ..................................... 156,157 Knights .......................................... 98,99 Ko Io Kai ...................................... 100,101 Lectureship ........................................ 291 Library ............................................. 29 Mabee Dorm Council ............................... 302 Math and Physics Department ........................ 43 McDonald Dorm Council .................. - .......... 301 McKinzie Dorm Council ............................. 301 Melpomenecms .................................... 152 Men's Glee Club ................................... 139 Mission Study ..................................... 289 Modern Language Department ....................... 44 Monday Night Meeting ............................. 288 Music Department .................................. 45 Nelson Dorm Council ............................... 302 Omega Rho Alpha ................................. 131 Optimist ....................................... 142,143 Orchestra ......................................... 140 Pandoras ...................................... 102,103 Phi Delta Psi ................................... 104,105 Physical Education .................................. 46 Pi Epsilon Beta .................................... 120 Pi Kappa Delta .................................... 153 Pickwickicms ...................................... 129 Press Club ........................................ 143 Prickly Pea: .................................... 144,145 Psychology ......................................... 47 Rodeo Club ........................................ 158 Sample Case Sitters ................................ 159 Secretaries ......................................... 25 Senior Class ....................................... 204 Sigma Tau Delta ................................... 128 Socicrl Science ...................................... 48 Sophomore Class ................................... 244 Speech ............................................. 49 Stage Band ........................................ 141 Student Education Association ................ 124,125,126 Sub T-16 ....................................... 110,111 Trojans ........................................ 106,107 W Club ........................................... 116 1 Zellner Dorm Council ............................ Zeta Rho .................................. p

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