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-'Q-, wwQ Y Q2 fd-Wirlf g?jPmr 1921 Pubhshe d I N f ' . 5 the ,, l l' S ,f 'WH A Z4' 5 IQ! P ,,, X X ' XX f H f . f MW ,SMQ W n nm WW, 'x X XL! ,, x t is 'A 'G ,I W1 l wgw w f uu i nm H H 'i uwmmwwwwjyw f hf mnM'ln"n!'W2'Wwx :fx fwf 'is f 55: W' M w . wmwww ,W . . 'Sl ' my l. He was loved byhhlg father, more than all hrs sons. 1 1' if rw 1 If ' 'u X . W'WWr , ' l Unw W, wc' v'1 1.HWmnlWNll!MNi f' ---- -f:W' H W ' 4' X kixigfjk x C. J' . 0 -Q' K. Dllilfr 9 6- pl rams 6 E 2' an - M AE V"-' JP 0 , la H- 445 55256 A K5 xi sf '51, 67 LENf..1v 55" 'W presenting this, the sixth olume of the DriCk1y4Dea1', We endeavor to reveal to you a pleas ant retreat which in the years to Come you may visrt from time to time and recall the sweet memories of the College Year. lm. E. 1Hrre n appreciation of one who A has willingly rendered faith- ful service as sec1'eta1'y' and 'lleasurer of ou1'A11na Mater since the beginning of her history We, the class of 1021, affectionately dedicate this, the sixth Volume of the Prickly Pear to W I'I.F REE ' "" R- , Ai' .-, -.lgyff f' " J 1 Q 1 ,1..N,f.1- , A 3- 'L,, Q. -..4 ,. .AM -, ., ,,,., , ' ' W, ,.r,,.'egL v-gm , 'v r'-' i:k:,'fL, X- gf, M ' V Q 1K'Jifi"', , Jvf, r 'W n. ' ,,,X..A1 ,..! W- ,, , E.. ' M ,sam .4 ',, n,-,. - . , . an - V , Azfklm. H' .- V '.'..u4,, 'aff . , 1 , ,. A, t ,v ' , N, ,, , . , 0, ..., . ,, ., . ,. I:-14.9 , , .af ,f ' , fy Us . w J., , ' fgfjhl' ' ' "arf ,, 4-, f, . ., 'H w g. . ' we 9 ,Q-11:1 f - . -1 . 1' M . ,Q . ' H. V A In H175 F4'f"71lFl?"!'?'! 1F'I'4 SJR? - 'lz'l.k'.15Ai"IJinli'JZ.,'!,x-11'!5KWIAi45PHAf' U '. -,,, ,Ll .,',. Lf f "yy , QL, A .'..J ' 'fr-,,'.,KH,'K ' ' J, ' 'fc'- 4. . 1 v X ,-. ., fi' ., - L: , ,fw- " ' M, fx :-r4'1f"K,+ A .M Wjunmmuw Joseph was feedmg the Heck with his brethren -COLLEGE II J....... cmssns 111 BIBLE DEPARTMENT iv ...... rms Ants V. - ORGANIZATIONS YI ..... ATHLETICS SHI .... COLLEGE YEAR YIII . ADVERTISEMENTS CCXRIST-Lad, Q ea. d- 1, u ERATUP-5 ff S QAXLDERS lo' r -4 0 ea aww- Cv 0 -2 55256 '76 -1 rm 5 'sg L H. ENEKG' :J- ADMINISTRATION BUILDING AUDITORIUNI ,qw DAISY HALT, SHADY DELI -vill- , I l PQHGKLV IIQEALQ ZELLNER HALL 1- . BOYS'COTTAGES -,.,.1 1... sf: T1 V1 I 1 1 1 H: 1 V 5 i i T I I E i 5 E 1 '11 11, 11 .... - uf? Y,f, , 1 'V1-Rl YD L' 1 '1 111 1mm W Fil N 1i! C-. 1 11. fi 11 111 111 'I1 5 ii fx 11 I il :H H ll ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 :1 11 fl 11 T1 v--vi 11 TI ' LIBRARY T' 11 11 ii 11 --IZ-H 1. 11 1 -'- " f Q: 1:1-31: 5535- 1Q5,li':ffi 11 111 113 '4 111 111 PRACTICE SCHOOL BOYS, COTTAGE 1:1 1,1 Y 1 1 1 1 ,W ' 1 1 1 1 1,1 111 1,, ! 11 1,' 1111 I I. 1Q1.QiGKLV 1.'f-111.-.gA1.s-et ui-- Ignarh nf Elruatrrn ' 31. 9. Arlrhge, igrwihvnt , 1113. E. Wagyu, Hire-lgrvnihrnt ' M- FS- illrre, Siirretarg-Erraaurer I I "l'1"'7' I J. s. ARLEDGE, Abilene M. L. HAYES, Clyde l W. H. FREE, Abilene I I A. F. MCDONALD, .Lubbock T. A. RUSSELL, Abilene : J. R. POWELL, Tuscola G. C. HELVEY, Abilene ' I I G. IW. BIRCHFIELD, Ft. Worth I W. H. ARNOLD, Winters 1 JUDGE W. B. LEWIS, Dallas G. B. TITTLE, Abilene E. A. JONES, Quanah : R. L. TRAVIS, Rails I A. N. WVHEELER, Windom i J. M. SEDBERRY, Hamlin I O. E. BONNER, Sweetwater DABNEY HARVEY, Abilene DR. C. B. LEGGETT. Abilene I I I I J. C. REESE, Mineral Wells ToM HARRELL, Eastland J. D. PEPPER, Sweetwater B. W. LOGAN, Rhome R. L. COONER, Gorman DR. J. TIDMORE, Abilene I W. F. ANDERSON, Stephenville I D. C. PRATT, Abilene I ' R. MARTIN, Lubbock I JUDGE A. D. DABNEY, Eastland ' JUDGE R. O. KENLEY, Wichita Falls I I l I I -13- I . l I .. ,... Q, - .,,, , 'II' 'Iv' I I - I '- , ' ' "" I:I PQ IIC 'K LY N293 EIN' FEARS I 2 I I 'I XX I ' I I ' I I I I I I I I I , I . I I I I I I I I I I I I I I E I a I 5 E I 5 IBPZII' Stuhvntzz I I I I WE HAVE COME T0 THE PARTING OF THE I I WAY, YOU ARE SOON TO CO INTO NEW FIELDS. I I E YOU WILL FORM NEW PARTNERSHIPS AND AC- I I I CEPT NEW RESPONSIBILITIES. OUR ASSOCIA- : I TION HAS BEEN PLEASANT, OUR .IOYS FULL AND I E OUR BLESSINGS MANY. MAY WE RECOGNIZE HIM I I I IN WHOM WE LIVE, MOVE AND HAVE OUR BEING I I I AND OVERCOME ALL OUR OBSTACLES. THROUGH I I I HIM WHO STRENGTHENS US. I I I I ' I I So here's my hand dear trusted friend, E I Please give your hand to meg I I I Let each remember in life's way, I E The friends of A. C. C. I , I I DEAN H. E. SPECK. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I E I I I I - I I I I I I I -.I4-- I ' I I ..... ..... ............... .... - - ..15.. PQHCKLV LQEAQ1' Qu 31. 15. Svvuwll, iirvzihvnt R15.- - ..... ........ 'I as Q L'- PLQHCKLV Xf.. illllra. 3. 15. Sewell, Bean nf mnmen -17.- ..... I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I EPIQHCK LV FEAIQIQQI- I j Xf I I 1 , 5 HENRY EU SPECK- U- N- M' A' ulcolzcslf: I. IQINGMAN. M. A.. Ph. IJ. I "FAN , l'1'ufI's.-Im' of liiblv : l'rufc'ssm' nj .fl'lull1vm11I11's I E NOBISIVI' C. BELL, B. A.. M. A. WAl.'l'lCli W. SIKES, -B. A. : l'rofzessor nf English lns!r1:r-Inf' of Euglrslz .... ........ ..... Q ----- - IQIQICKIIN PEAIIQ V2 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I g ,I I I W W FREEMAN, II. A., Th. D. I - HOWARD L. SCHUC, Is. II., M- 'I' - - , I . , , ' Professor of Morlvrn Lunguagr-5 Pr0f"5'wr of Bible "ml Grwk I I , -1 : l3A'I'SELI,, BAXTER, Il. L., U. A.. M. A. CIIOVFR NIORI-lgyli, B-,A-I M- A- : l"r'0fe,wmr of S1'ir'nce's. mfeasnr of u 0-'OP W I I I I I -l9- I JI Nl ISS LYLIAN ARLEIJGI Home Erolmrnics IIOSICA H. LICWIS, B. A. lllSll'llt'lUI' in SCil3IN.'L' R. ROY COONS, B. A., M. A. .IANIIQS F. COX, B. S., M. A. lnxlrurvnr in Srivllrv Profrfssor of Education, 1 -20- IWIQEAQ i534 :ii:iE-EiEflEEij?.i- - -1 - -.-E:: ---- 111121-3 - - - -----. - ..... - , , , - MISS BLANCHE WILEY, B. S. MISS PAT MALONE ' Home Economics Director of Music I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I , . I MISS MYRTLE DUNN MISS CLAIRE TATE Q p,,,feS,0,- of Voice lnxlrurlor of Arr : I I - I --21-- I I I I I PSIQHFKLVQ Q F U SIHE I " 1 1 X I . I 1 1 1 I 1 1 I 1 1 I I I 1 I 1 1 I I I 1 1 I I I I I I 1 1 1 I 1 I I 1 1 I 1 1 1 I I I 1 : MRS. JAMES H. BURKE MISS IIIQIRNIKJIC QOMPERE 1 Professor of laxpresswn Vmlm . 1 1 I I 1 I I 1 1 I 1 I 1 I 1 1 I 1 1 I I 1 1 1 I 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 I I 1 I I I I 1 1 MISS GLADYS KING MISS INEZ NORTOIN 1 1 , , . 1 Instructor ln Pmno ExPf4?S-9107! I I 1 1 I 1 I -22- I IIQ .. ip Q . E116 Krgzv pggl-Q1 f 2 U ' CTIAIKLIQS P. POOLE, Il. A., M l'rvj'c'.vsn1' of Soriul Science MISS lil.IZABl'I'l'll NELSON, B. A. !Ullfll6lN!lfI:CS mms. la. Roy coows, n, A, I I M. V. SHOWALTER. H. A., M. A. Lazlglmgvs Lnngungr-s I I I I I I I I I I . ,XX ' . - ... I----..L-..L'-..I"""""' 'W' ..-..-..- ,...,..- .... .... - - ..... -- E55l1ETK'L.V PEAR V211' ' L IE HOCKADAY MISQ WIIIIF PRITCHETT MISSSAL H' 1" I Instructor in English 5fl",f"'l A5-Wsfflfli PAUL WITT EARL BROWN BILFSIIF Sllulauz Assistant h24- . .... Q ....... - I' 'w"'4"f ! ..... .,. .,.. - 1 , , ,. ., N, - -11:--X. .IT I? it ,..,,..., . ., , ,N ,..4,., .5 " ' 'H-Y f--L. 1: --, X , I wr! , 4 X x aj rl ,J WRX 1, If , I xl it 1 'Tr H G .21 Z ' ' , , ,- .,,, ,. . K I - -' f . f x- w ,' N 1. : ...-. .,f r'j,,',5 .A xr ,N E V I ,. 1 W V 1 . A IX xx tr X 1 v A L l JW' V Q-. EE -X:-1, ,a 1, X w - A ,X W :,,4.L...4,......W.--,-......,.........,....,.-...........A-,--,.-- -, . 1 A, M.-,,,,,,m,,, wuulmlm " If 'xx -M'-' V' 'W ?E 1 I r w I I IOW A R D NI' NOLES JAMES CHILDRESS - - Q Sllulvnt flssismnt -'Hf'l""" 'U"'WHC1' li N 1 o 3 x i L M V KAL SEGRTST Q Sllulvnl Assisfnnl Alhlf-Iirr Coach -25- 1 a - E . L-M --.. M nw-'W ,,,,.,,,-,,,,,,,,,,,.,.--...., ,, ,. I , l , -26-- -27- I lo PQHGKLV Lelatslee Y 211 Uhr Summer Svrhnnl Why are we weighid upon with heaviness, And utterly consumed with sharp distress, While all things else have rest from weariness? All things have rest, why should we toil alone, We only toil who are the first of things, And make perpetual moan, Still from one sorrow to another thrown, Nor ever fold our wings, And cease from wonderings, Nor steep our brows in slumbefs hold balm, Nor harken what the inner spirit sings, "T here is no joy but calmly- Why should we only toil, the roof and crown of things? -From "LOTOS EATERS,,, by Tennyson. Those who were here for the summer session of '20 are con- vinced that Tennyson attended summer school. ' Abilene Christian College had her first summer session in 1920. Notwithstanding the fact that it was the first session it came up to the standard in work and quality. The faculty consisted of seven members, with Bro. Baxter as Dean. There was not a discord throughout the entire term. Sixty boys and girls, who were here for no other purpose than to work, composed the student body. This group of students was of such excellent quality that no rules were needed. PIQICKLV PEAR I 2 It I ' . I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I : I I I I I I I I I I I I I I E I I I : I , I ' I I I I ' I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I E I I CRITIC TEACHERS : I Hayes Rambo Fuchs Estes I I I Bentley : : Hays Nichols Hendry Ray : , I , I I I E Ag QI. 01. Efraining Srhnnl I I E The primary purpose'of A. C. C. Training School is to furnish a laboratory for students of I I the Department of Education. In the accomplishment of this every effort possible is made toward ' I : the proper training of the pupils. : : The entire work is under the supervision of J. F. Cox, Professor of Education, and under I I the immediate direction of the critic teachers. The attempt to make the school a model one in : I every respect has met with the hearty cooperation of the people of Abilene. , I I I I I I I I I I I I I ' I I I I I I I I I ' I I : I I I I , I , I , -29- I : I I --,,,,------ ----- ,. ...,.- - I I--. - -- --------- ------- PIQHCKLV lelsalse Y 2 u Uhr Alumni Aaauriatinn Any successful educational institution is built upon its faculty and stu- dcnts, the alumni being a chief foundation stone. ln the spring ,of nineteen hundred seventeen the graduates and ex-students of Abilene Christian College looking forward to the service of their Alma Mater, formed an organization whose purpose is the advancement of' the cause of Christian Education. The annual spring banquet held last commencement was the most pre- tentious event in the life of this organization. After the many toasts of encouragement and advice and prospects by faculty members and ex-students., Dr. Davidson of Simmons College delivered the address of the hour, Due to the youth of the institution not a great many alumni have taken their place in the world. Among those that have may be mentioned, one county attorney, one county superintendent, several doctors of medicine, many minis- ters of the gospel and almost innumerable teachers in various schools and colleges of this state and others. ' Plans are now under way to put over an immense home-coming in June, at which time a more compact and efficient organization is to be formed in order that a greater service may be rendered. ....30. -Rf W , M V ,,,. ,X g 'JIU' - U hh lIl!lWl'll1l1lllIIHlWlNXlWIN.. ' V!ifhif"E!l 1Wili!5'QQEE?lhHW' lu I hh I n u lk mu h ' 'HIl1lhlll'lll" h hh N in I .Lili- '4,, V llilh 1 -.-.If .I M , I Ilf WHKFT-VV' ll M II if , ,IlV x W , h. 2 fff 'M' f wh, 4 hh? N 114 ' ml.: Whhh- . ,Ni E 'I N ,x ,-s LXY11 hzghw m , hh M44 h hh , we MEN Jw ix T""' ,, 1fQlq,nu I W, 'L 'J I nj, L If IN 'V x f N xl, ax wmfk, I , , D , Xxli. , x Af X ,f AMX '1 gf'-V ,s x., X xl! ,h h HQ 'X qhif22f?hf.ll.:i'4"W ' I " Th 'iw 1 wh, 37,3 Suk" ,-Whif 4 W K J, ' L Et fy H 4 'W mu W L. ' h hhh f Q ' I if vi' hh A h ' Q VM li l ' Vmjviiifg-,ft 'hM1.IEg,1 in X 'fl hh 1? I Q l xl, lu vt iw: 1vlIgH Ln' xx X !T"uM uhh A .V . lu111z,n'-',H:.3v: ., i'Mm1nilnnnnn1fillii. , , h W l 'I 'Au H W w , S 1 ' Iillll ? ' If ll -55 RJ hh hS h ' h h . hh T ,, W...... .A N Q s hhhh 1,1111 :1 Ez , IIll!!!!5f!!i2ilIlI Hggggu I u my 'I lllllllll 'W :III --" ' "H lmhii ""''"'""ii!""iii""'!" 'W"1?L- HlIIIlII!HHl! Iill IM" iniii" h 1- " I I s i hh ' W illllliik Joseph answered, the kings drieam as'one ,...,. ' ' God hath shown to Dharo what he us about to do. CLASSES 5 I .!!!!'!!!'"III"1'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I """"" """""q1g ..... Vwliiiiu iiiiiiiillil ww ru 'mf hhhhhhhh hhhzhh S 1 A. U ' " I I 5 1- 55:-?gCB'. Pj is XXRISTEI4, . 'YG , u sum! .Q Q ' ENEK9 Bla? is H1 sf' Q IQIQAXLDERS-C -I 5 443: 0 4- A mn 'Z q, I T N 41' FHEAQ V 211 MX Z? P f My 'ow'5 f ff6Qj2 f - 33 - .... . I lg a Ll-M -'Y --- W ----- W- --MPM- PQ IICKILQV QEAELQ XV! -34- ...,. o o o nQ.icKLvi P - ,LQEfAE,i2,u4' Xf CALVIN B. DEAN OBION, TENN. David Lipscomb College four years. A. C. C. one term. fConditions made it impossible for Mr. Dean to finish with this class.l Glee Club. Major Subject: Bible. NANABEL ESTES CLYDE, TEXAS Clyde High School two years, A. C. C. thrte years and one summer. ' "W" Club Major Subject: English ..35.. Y PE FQEI?-'ECQHCKL -LAEQl2U" I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I . I -56- I I .l. THORNTON ARLEDGE AIIILENH, 'l'r:xAs A. C. C. eight years. "A" Club. Press Club. Major Subject: English JO. ELIZABETH HILL lowA PARK, TExAs Simmons College two summers A. C. C. four years. Choral Club. Major Subject: English -xy ..... . ..... K A -- III' -III I I I I 1 l2l IIQEEQICKLV H-I i 2.0-II PEAR I 2 Ilusi I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I """ I I I ' I I I I I ' I I I I ROY A. JOHNSON I I I ABILI-ENE, TEXAS I I I I Ovalo High School, B. T. s., s. of T. T. I I A. C. C. two years and one summer. I ' I I --A" Club. I I Press Club. I I I I Major Subject: English I I I I I I I ' I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ' I : I I I I I I IUANITA TIDMORE I I I I ABILENE, TEXAS I I I I Chicago Musical College one summer. I I A. C. C. four years. : I I I Choral Club. I I I Major Subject: English I I I ' I I I I I I I I I I I ' I : I I I I I I I I I : -3I- : I ' I I I ' I Im ---U un-nu ----un Xf?-U - ----A-----H ---nn ---I I I P L ,slip ' WELDON RUSSELL AUILENE, 'I'sxAs A. C. C. seven years. "A" Club. Press Club. Major Subject: History G LA DYS ARLEDGE ABILENE. TEXAS A. C. C. seven years "W" Club. Choral Club. Press Club. Major Subject: Education J I I I I I I I HOWARD BRYAN I E ABILENE, TEXAS I : Winters High School. Leland Stanford : College one term. A. C. C. three years : und two terms. i Orchestra. I Press Club. I i Major Subject: Education. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Essn: RAMBO I I ABILENE, TEXAS I I i Brownwood High School four years. : Howard Payne College one year and one I summer. A. C. C. two years and one sum- : mer. I "W" Club. I : Major Subject: English I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ..39.. L511-1fl----- ---21- ----- Q62-H ---- -------------- - -xy 1,,,,i.. PIQICIKLV II22,EAIQIi'Ii I2 I: ' 4x"9 .. PIQHCKLY PEAIQ I 211 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ELBERT L. NEVE I I AIIILIJNIJ, TEXAS ' I S C C. five years. T. c. U. one I I year. A. C. C. nne year I I . . . . . . : Major bubject: boczal Sczence I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I -.,,- I I I I I I I I I I MRS. ELBERT L. NEVE I 5 ABILENE, TI:xAs ' T. C. U. one year and two summers. I I I A. C. C. Iwo years and one summer. I I Major Subject: Social Science. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I : -40- I .... T ..... .... I E Glee Club I I I , L IEQHCKLV I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ' .l. LEE COFFMAN POTOSI, TEXAS A. C. C. seven years. "A" Club. Major Subject: Education LYLIAN GRACE ARLEDGE ABILENE, TEXAS 'IQEEAEICC WIT M':,sfw Xf C. I. A. two years and one summer. A. C. C. five years. "W" Cluh. Major Subject: Domestic Ari. .-41... ,,..-s- , ......... 'XX' . .. - .. . . I . . . I y me .IQICKLV y yy 534211 I I I X I I I HOWARD M. NOLES I I Hormv, TI:xAs I Britons' Training School three years. : A. C. C. four years. I "A" Club. I I Major Subject: Education. I I I I I I I I I I I 5 I I I I I I ANNALOU ESTES I : CLYDE, Texas I Clyde High School. Simmons College I Ihree summers. A. C. C. three years. I I Major Subject : Eflucalion. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I . , -42- I fx .... U5 Iqll .-.I EQQHCIKLV ... i IIEJEAIQY 211 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I , I I I I I I I I I I I I I W. CLAUDE SIKES RowuEN, TEXAS Simmons Colle e one summer I g . A. C. C. six years and one summer. "A" Club. Glee Club. Major Subject: Education. W. R. SMITH - WHEELER, TEXAS N. T. S. N. Iwo years. Texas Univer- shy one year and one summer. A. C. C. one year. Debating Club. Major Subject: Education. -43- all I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I - 1.-M ,I,,, ,WIC-,.,-.-I..,.--.,-...-,-..A....oe 'Q Q .--W -- 'Sf' P1759 IIC K LV ,lQEA..1E'f?j,2-JL .-44... xf W. RAY JOHNSON AIIII.I:NI1, TI:xAs Ovalo High School. A. C. C. three years und one summer. Debating Cluh. Major Subject: EI1glIlslI. MRS. HOSEA H. LEWIS AIzILI:NI:, TEXAS Clebarro Christian College one year. Baylor University one year and one sum- Iner. A. C. C. two years and one summer. "Wu Club. Major Subject: Social Science. I I ,. I DALI.lIs, lI:xAs I I : Cordell Christian College. A. C. C. one I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I : erryv g . : one year. Indiana State Normal. I D. L. College one year. A. C. C. one year. ...... . ..... I ,, ,, Il. Xfg I I I I I I I E I E I EARL C. SMITH year and one term. Debating Club. Major Subject: Social Science. MRS. C. C. POOLE COVINGTON, INII. P ille Hi li School Indiana University Major Subject: EIlgIiSlI. I I I I I I I I E '45' we I1mLV iQEAeQg2I I 5 5 - eilQE.tAx,LQeQf2nu 4. Z DELMA MABRY PENELOPE, Tl-:xfxs Penelope High School. Baylor Univer- sity one year. A. C. C. two years and two terms. "A" Club. Major Subject: Mathematics BETTYE TRAVIS RALLS, TEXAS Ralls High School. A. C. C. three years and one summer. "W" Club. Major Subject: Education ..45.. - ----- .- IL' 'Vig il --47- .... . LV I 9 L PQHCKLV PEAR? 211 Glherr Svumrnnr 4911 Dont mind about the praises, The glory, or the fame, If you live a life worth living, It will win for you a name. Really great things are all simple, Love endures when wealth is gone, just be glad that you are living- Cheer somebody by your song. Let your classmates wear the laurels, Let another wear the crown, Never mind the disappointments, Nor the blows that knock you down. You will be here when they're overg You can smile with youth and dawn, lf you'll just forget your troubles, In cheering some one on. There are many heartaches 'rourul you Lot of sadness, grief, and tears, Lots of lonesomeness and worry Filling all of life's brief years, And the world needs more 'than winners More than vict'ry's empty song, lt is looking for the person Who is cheering some one on. WIARGARET SANFORD 22 H43-- - ..... 4,1113 9 -. -, ,,,,,4 ,W .--,v-.-,--,Yf-v-, .--...,--,,.- ' Q I ' ,H .,,.. , , .WY ,,,,, ,,,,-,, U , W, 1, LQ E?-?g 1LC'lK LV ' yE EAQ Y 2L X! v VA AVVAAVVAAVR ....'C'OQ' of. E I 3 Wi? i H' 5 E 4. Q 2 5 , Q 5 JUNIQRS 3 0, ,49- 0. 3Juninra CLA DYS JOHNSON Abilene, Texas EMERSON SHEPHERD Killeen, Texas WILLIE BENTLEY Abilene, Texas BESS GLYNN HAYES Clyde, Texas CARL L. ETTER Kirkland, Texas WILLIAM EARL BROWN Haskell, Texas H Ii'I'TI li RA N DOLPH Cherokee, Texas WILLARD DAVIS Stephenville, Texas KTLVLAQ Q f - ,PEAJQ 211' 1 3luninrz SHELBY .l. SMITH Alma, Texas ERLENE OVERBY Iowa Park, Texas UTIS L. VADEN Temple, Texas ROY H. LANIER Post, Texas ALVA McBROOM Codley, Texas RUTH RATLIFF Amarillo, Texas ELLA FRANK SIKES Abilene, Texas EARL STAGNER Lubbock, Texas -51-- .iluninrz HERBERT SIKES Howden, Texas V ALITA Tl DMORE Abilene, Texas 4 M A RCA RET SANFORD Houston, Texas PAUL C. WITT Gainesville, Texas WILLIE PRITCHETT Tuscola, Texas ELMI-QR L. NICHOLS Anson, Texas MARSHALL JACKSON Hawley, Texas BETTYE TRAVIS Ralls, Texas PIQIICIKL, P V PE U .aff ' N L40 ff- SY X J, , X 4 U .,, S K 3 H .5 IL -53- f Snphnmnrcz Elizabeth Baxter Virgil Smith Iva Smith Edith Ratliff Findeil Crabtree Herbert Love Jessie Watson Douthitt Wilson Grace Alexander e e s e is ' i i file e HCKLYfBg . FJ EAR? ii i Snphnmnrea 0. K. Alexander 3 Sallie Lee Hudson - Ben Holland .lames Childress Alice Hamilton Rubenstein Thomson Homer Wolf Vera Ray Fred Brown , Verna Dawson ....55.. i ' - 6 1 1 l ,M ..-..L, T. ..., . . I, 1 l , v I 5 s'lE ,IH :fw llr V lx 'li 1 1 1:51 1 :le ll! Sill e-'1 lin Lili wllll gm R Ii l-41 ,L .lglg l ull H" I lib? 195' sux: E ljlf lglfl W W2 ,llll ly? llzll ull llyl All lil I Y' elf lil gif gall will we ill il Nl lil lgl :ll 11, ill? all :III lxl Eff ,ml llllf llill lll lil Ml ll llll mg lx llfl lil il' 5 ,,,,, ,,,4,,M,,,.,..,... ,. ....1.--...---..M .... ...l X . ' V- -,P, 4 ,L , ,,-,, ,4 ,,,, W, --Y. -b------------L -' ,.,-,..,,,,.,.,,,..,,,A... ', 1 ' .1 'I , .. .. --. .. M. . . KX x , . , ,J N rf 56- Snphnmnrrn Ernest Lagow Roy Riley .l. Warren Jackson I. lsihiguereero Hazel Bentley lma Leggett lvan Hensley Mary Louise Loving Dee Huffines Ruth June- r l 1 1 w f I N W ' W Snphnmnrrz Loran Cotton Maybell Parmer Byrd Ray Lewis Clarence Cobble Ruth Loving Homer Maner Ima Fuchs L. E. Carpenter Alta Mae Baker Harvey Hendry Snphnmnrra Orville Fish Lucy Givens Eldon Sanders Katy Reagan Edwin Martin .l. Mac Barnes Connie Travis Nell Danner Elmer Berry Eula Kirtley m,A,,W,WM,,,,YA,,-,,,Q, v - ,,, , . v ' , 7 A , . 7 .--, - .9 I .:'. D ' ELQHCm:v PEAQ i 2 ,nM 1 0 'Pe XX 6 XX ' fl' ,ufzaijff P V342 A X . sx X 'Q S X .fx :X X X , X N 4 Q 'XXX XX , I E. -A WN MD E Rf., WM m "U fp- . w U fgifzf - N f'f V551 Vf 'N' lx :Pj A 2 'Er ix ? Y GN. : N ,. . , NL V 5 N 'LV 1 5 ii "' 'Qu V 'ily '1 XX i ff' .zgw ,-2 -2--w, ,Jin-1197---v -' ,,,g T: ,,,.. .... -.X -60 Zllrvnhmm Loraine Segrist Murl McCasland Lmvile Segrisl lilllel Speck Blanche Williams Meta Duff llulon Hamlin Montie Nisbell Harold Beasley .loyce Heath Fern Peck Velma 'Sterling Viva Gardner Burton Philpott Clvo Fu1'rar ' L'- IQIQIICKLN -uw ikw DEAL? I 2 I-- I I I I E Iffrenhmrn E Flavil Colley I Ruby Hayes I Emmitt Jones Tillie Houston Windell Bedichek Emma .lean Spikes Alla Mae Woods I I . . I Mlnne Lee MCDHIIICI Alma Taylor I I I I I I I I I I I I Hazel Howell I Jackson Bellull Ruby Poole I I I I I I I I I I I R. J. Smith I I Viola Brown I 5 Wilber Smith I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I -61-- , -- ..... 2 H pn rm LV ,Q-aa: 2. -- xf illrrahmrn Lorena Sikes Thelcla Black Carma Thomas Humor Mabry Gladys Greathouse .l. C. Brown Chloe Willis Vallie Armstrong Margaret Bellah Claire Weakley Mary Ruth Curby Marshall Harvey Bonnie Benklcy Ruby Morgan Sue Morrison aaaa aaaa M ll Q v ll DLQHQKLV PEM? 2 no Zllrrahmrn Alpha Moore Herman Phillips Illa Duncan Garland Lewis Lula Hays LeRoy Williams Deci Edna Sharp Lewis Browning Illa McCasland Richard Hooten Ruby Powell Jesse Mc Sewell Georgie Howsey George A. Klingman, .Ir. Princy Harvey Rf -63- oieeienoev we 2 M V -64- ilirrnhmw Lucile Walls Katie McKenzie Susie Lanier Palmer Craig Ethel Jones Howard Pummill Mae Bell Dovie Donahew Annie Neil George Buchanan Thelma Tolleson Ira Coffee Jennie Bills Otherene Helvey Edna Fallwell XX ,.,, .,,,, ,,,, e , LEJLQHCKLV LQEAJQ 1' 211' ' Zlirrnhnnrn i Nina Bryan Aldlmdge Mason Muybcll Nabors Paul Mathews Eunice Robinson LeRoy Cressctl Wanda Treat Braswell Oliver Pearl Moss Wilma Burnison Verclu Logan rlillllllllll Williams Irene Mitchell Mary Guise Earl Nelson V W55.. l Q PIQHCKLV lslgarsy Y 2 Arahrmg OFFICERS. TEE HARRIS .....-.-.--- ............ P resident MINNIE MCILVAIN ..... ,,.,,,, V ice.President MARIAN KLINGMAN ..... ......... S ecretary IVA SIKES ....,.,........ ...,,,,,,,.. T reasurer RUBYE HENDERSON .... ...... C lass Reporter Miss INEZ NORTON ...........,................,A..........,..,,,,,,,.,,,,.,,., Class Sponsor This class is at lively bunch, and we have come up to the standard in everything we have done during this year. The Senior Preps edited one edition of the Optimist and our boys have made a record in athletics. But our accomplishments have not been made alone and we want to voice our appreciation to all those who have in anyway helped us to make this school year a success. TO A. C. C. To A. C. C. we pay this tribute. We realize that thou are a fit subject for the psalmist and not a poor unworthy juggler of prose, yet, since it falls to our lot to do so, wilt thou O, Phoebus inspire us while we pen this tribute to our beloved mother. q In the evening when the sun has dropped into the western hills and we stroll about thy hallowed places and gaze upon thy pillared beauty, bathed in the sun's last evening glow, we often wish that we might turn psalmist just long enough to paint of thee a beautiful picture in verse. O Home of Happy Memories! the hours are fleet while thou dost keep us, for too soon, our happy years with thee will be vanishedg nothing left but sweet memories, and another thou wilt shelter in the places now formed. May he love thee just as dearly, shrining thee within his heart. Be not grieved, oh blessed A. C. C., for we will entreat him with words whose echoes last, to clothe you in garments like the sun in the Heaven. Fain we would that he should love thee with half the love we have for thee. Oh, A. C. C. we will grieve so when from thee we must part. Now are the days of careless laughter, now are the days of idle fun-our days with thee are the days of laughter, days when the sky is blue, and the sunshine warms us through, days when we take our fill of earthly joy, when our lives are being mouldcd' by your wishes for our welfare. Soon, too soon, our glad lips will grow dumb and the ties that bind us to thee will be broken one by one. "All human things are subject to decay, when Fate summons, monarchs must obey," but the fruits of thy labors, O Mother, will never from the earth depart. Our love for thee will live forever-our great love for thy great. name. Wherever our future leads us, we will love thee and thy fame. -BY GERALD F. MosL1:Y. sss. s ........ as sssss Q ........ s ssssassssss 9 ox?- 6 W 7 n 9? 9 ' ' fi? 4:4 O -6 moo- -70- iirailirr Svrhnnl 71- 1 1 W W A :Y ' I If . ' Ahnut th? Glampua A X ' f Nw. . . -5 l wi ,lim .V V , 4, 0 M l X ' - . - ,4 Sxlfg: Vufll . 1' MVVVV.. Nfl' l ll J V l ll' fl ,, f VV l l ll A Vg ,VV ng ,ls V V V X V V -F l Q' "Ill l -X "ff lfwlf . J W , ...-- V fl - X VVV,l V, ll :El lx XY , l l l ll l l, .,b. H l' 4 N l lv- 'L' ll 'l ll HUM, . l, l llnl' V ll ly ' 'A im if AV "V 'V Ill ilfrv . .5Vl.V,VbVl V .l1fVllV V ll l l xxlhlf ,' ll l ', l 1 l ll ,lllllil .1 l " l V ' l A -lll . l V 1, . -.gl ll lmll,m, Vf V IV V , V V Vl .,. Il -'Wi l' v f QV M- ' ll ill l V F' l'- -. ll VlV l VV Vli VV , llT l ' lf -'Q' 1. VV tw. V lll ll v ll ll lll l l ' lv sf., I I - ,,,ff"A V .- V ll'-I ,V ',, VJ "VW V rl ' V " !':' l'll' lpla,l,fQl l l llllol l llll l lll ff H .1 Q' l no -- l lllf vsaihp--fi-f' l l l l i 'fff fff IV. r- V 5-...i TV Jacob loved Joseph above all hrs sons. and he made hum a coat of dlvers colors.: BIBLE DEPARTMEN T' -2' .1 G.- Z4 0 A 561 CE ' L Ll 'RRTURE fb SVLXNRIST E g,0,C?MjDEnS PM in A 5'-ga wg- 0 n aj . Tr" fi' FE -iv. 'Y 4 fNr:,1i, 29 if-7 islizsiciaev PEAR the 2 It he Bible Not a book, but a collection of booklets forming a divine library of religious experience and eternal truths, inspired through fellowship with God. lt embodies principles progressively unfold- ing the nature of divinity and shows something of man's struggle for better things. To the insol- uble problems of human life and destiny it gives a clue centering in the incarnate, slain, and risen Redeemer. Eternal divine righteousness thus suprement set forth becomes at once the hope of the individual and the test of social loyalty. The Prince of everlasting peace conquers and begins to reign both in heaven and in earth. Men and women are sent forth with the word that brings freedom to slaves, life to the dead, heaven to earth, and both service and glory to every willing heart. ' Whence the Bible? "Holy men of old spoke as they were moved by the spirit of God." Why is the Bible inspired? That it may be"iprol'itable for teaching, for correction, for instruction, which is the righteousness, that the man of God may he complete, fully furnished unto every good thing." Of what value are these writings? "From a child you have known the Holy Scriptures which are able to make you wise unto salvation through faith in Jesus." What place should the Bible have in the home? "Parents, bring up your children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord." What relation should the church sustain to the Bible? "That through the church might be made known the manifold wisdom of God." "The pillar and support of the truth." "How shall they preach except they be sent?" "Ye are the light of the world." What changes did Paul make in the school of Tyranus? "Reasoning daily in the school of Tyranus for the space of two years so that all Asia heard the word of the Lord." Does the Bible tell everything, even about Jesus? "There are many other things which if written the world, I suppose, would not contain the books." When will the Bible message be out of date? 'iThe heavens may pass away, but the word of the Lord abideth forever." Lift up the grand olrl Hook that has stood for ages past And will stand the same for ages still LUIIFIYOWIH The storms against it rage, it will weather every blastg 'Tis a message from. the everlasting throne, "Lift it up, lift it up, Send it forth to every shore." W. W. Fm:lsMAN. A Bible 011215525 5 fm, lx! ipmfwm -may n X! Eihle Qllauw ls... Y 5 Hays Alexander Arledge 1 Arledge Dean Bihle Cllewzvz Sikes lshiguro Crabtree Sanford Givens Smith Reagan Wolf Bryan Carpenter Dean Holland .-0-- Ratlilf Hill Coffman Sikes Estes Smiih L + l Eihlv 0112155 Black Mason Nesbitt Lanier Smith McCasland Poole Powell Jones Robinson Mabry Hayes Hooten Bentley TN'IcDuniels Coffee Duncan Smith Logan Treat Browning Moss Phillips Walls Smith Bryan Burnison Beasley Nelson .-gU ... Cobble Parmer Sowell Watson Riley Berlicllek Givens l-lays Hamilton Bible Qllama Prof. Sikes Loving Haml in Oliver -81- Farrar Wolf Duff Gardner Dawson Wilson Morrison Holland McCaslancl GF PQHCKLY llll I-J 'w I I I I I I I . I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I illliaainna The universe is but God's missionary enterprise. God had but one Song He was a Foreign Missionary. Jesus spent His only life here in preaching the Gospel. The Holy Spirit's errand is to guide missionaries. Missions mark man from the brute order. Jesus called disciples to become "fishers of IIlf8ll..,, The worst type Jesus reached through personal work. The life back of the message is what makes it burn in. One secret of Jesus' power is his prayer life. Jesus won souls because more than life itself he loved thern. Only the wilfully blind receive a rebuyj' from Jesus. The Pharisees placed their trust in traditional forms, the Saducees had philosophy to spare but wereignorant of the Scripturcsg Jesus knew the Scriptures and placed the emphasis upon principle at work in the heart. Two campaigns in Judea, two in Perea, three in Galilee, and considerable work in Samaria, not to speak of the four withdrawals into bordering lands. represent more well organized Gospel work than any other man ever accomplished in three years and a half, "Co preach the Gospel to every creature" is the last order. "As the father sent me into the world, even so send I you into the world." If the terms of pardon mentioned in the final com- mission are yet unaltered, so is the extent of the field. Apart from Jesus the Missionary Paul is the noblest example of true Christian heroism. Strong, educated, devoted, enthusiastic, resourceful, industrious, and ambitious, not to build upon another's foundation he lcd the way to the Christianization of the entire western world, both the old and new. LM?- To the Mission Volunteers of Abilene Christian College, to all who in the Name of JESUS have gone or may go to the fore-front of the Christian battle line, and to the men and women of the homeland who send "once and again" unto these "apostles" of the truth, life, and liberty this page is most humbly and affectionately dedicated. ...82-. C ,,,,:,,,,,,.,,, , ,,,,., , .... - PEIJAXFJY 2 1-mn ,u .XX LK, I X, " -- ----M -A--ff V ----V---------tw B i ff. S if Z' T XY THE ENTRANCE OF 'l'HY'W012DbGIXfETH LIGHT HOLY if BLEQ M33.. A - 3' M '11' ' ' f1 ip1W.,,, x Hrearhera' Glluh Prof. Klingman Alexander lslliguro Wolf Prof. Showalter Prof. Freeman Cobble Manor Neve Holland Prof. Poole Prof. Bell Witt Carpenter Smith Hendry Dean Speck Lanier Nichols Etter Prof. Sikes -84- ' 'Q I I Piaieraisv PEAR V2 Il I s 1 74 g . I 5 l Same nf Clbur iliriiurera I I ' Sunday, Feb. 20, 11:00 A. M.-H. E. Speck, Abilene, Texas "Godliness Is Great Gain." Sunday, Feb. 20, 7:30 P. M.-David L. Cooper, Harper, Kansas "The Need of a Trained Leadership." 21, 7:30 P. M.--Early Arceneaux, Wichita Falls, Texas "The Promises, Law and the Gaspelf, 22, 11:00 A. M.-A. R. Holton, Thorpe Springs, Texas 'Dain Appeal for Christian Education." , -Lifl Sanders, Lockney, Texas ' "The Family, State und the Church." I 22, 7:30 P. M.-A. Leaoy Elkins, Ada, Oklahoma "God Hath Spoken." I Wednesday, Feb. 23, 11:00 A. M.-A. LeRoy Elkins, Ada, Oklahoma "God Hath Spoken" CContinuedJ I I I i : Monday, Feb. I i Tuesday, Feb. I ' Tuesday, Feb. 22, 3:15 P. M.- . Tuesday, Feb. I I i Wednesday, Feb. 23, 3:15 P. M.-A. O. Colley, Dallas, Texas I "A More Excellent Way." ' Wednesday, Feb. 23, 7:30 P. M.-F. W. Smith, Nashville, Tennessee "The Holy Spirit in Creation." Thursday, Feb. 24, 11:00 A. M.-W. G. Malcomson, Detroit, Michigan Manuscript read by Brother Klingman, "Mutual Edihcationf' Thursday, Feb. 24, 3:15 P. M.-G. C. Brewer, Austin, Texas "Modern Miracles." ' Thursday, Feb. 24, 7:30 P. M.-F. W. Smith, Nashville, Tennessee : "The Holy Spirit in Redemption." Friday, Feb. 25, 11:00 A. M.-J. P. Sewell, Abilene, Texas i "The Past, Present and Future of A. C. C." Friday, Feb. 25, 3:15 P. M.-W. W. Starnes, Dallas, Texas : "Righteousness Exalteth a Nation." ' Friday, Feb, 25, 7:30 P. M.-F. W. Smith, Nashville, Tennessee I "The Holy Spirit In Conversion." i Saturday, Feb. 26, 11:00 A. M.-G. C. Vincent, Dayton, Ohio I 6'MiSSi0HS.,, I Saturday, Feb. 26, 7:30 P. M.-F. W. Smith, Nashville, Tennessee "The Holy Spirit in Witnessing to Sonshipf' Sunday, Feb. 27, 11:00 A. M.--F. W. Smith, Nashville, Tennessee "The Lord's Supper." Sunday, Feb. 27, 3:30 P. M.-G, C. Vincent, Dayton, Ohio "Missions." I I I I I I I I I I , as I I -W ----- - M- ----- Q u - ----- ---- - -mmm - D ,, .. . . , ,.. . ' Q U MW-. ......-,......-..-.- .W --A.A.-.----.....- K, H f:a,,Ls2HCr1i1LsY e te.: .- -ta1fas fir V Freeman Mrs. Neve H Wolf Neve Holland Cobble Ishiguro Rhyne Hnlunteer Hiiaainn Mann The Mission Band was organized especially for those who have decided to give their lives to the work of Christian foreign and neglected fields. That they might study together the con- ditions and learn thc needs of different parts of the world. It is our purpose to encourage each other in the work and to form a close friendship which we hope lo perpetuate throughout life. We are seeking the strength which comes through united effort and close fellowship. As the Jews strengthened their hands in rebuilding jerusalem, so do we wish to strengthen our hands in the work of carrying the Gospel into "All the World." We are seeking to lead others to become interested in the work of taking the Gospel into the dark corners of the earth. By this we do not mean that we are trying to persuade others to go to the foreign field, we believe that matter should be settled between each individual and his Maker, but we are trying earnestly to lay the matter before our brethren and fellow-students in such a way that the great problem of lost man will become the burden of their hearts. 386.- .,.. ..... ..... V -87- 'Vhm l mcinrty prisms-Q T 211' r mc se FIRST SOPRANOS: VALLIE Jo RHYNE GLAIIYS ARLEIJGE MARY RUTH CURBY RUTH Lovmc Lois KELLEY ETHEL JONES FIRST ALTOS: RUBY HAYES TILLIE HOUSTON GEORGIA ROWSEY IMA Fucus ELIZABETH NELsoN ALVA MCBROOM Glhnral Ciluh SECOND SOPRA NOS ETI-IEL SPECK Lucx' GIVENS WILLII-I BENTLEY Miss MACKAX' MAY BELL LIICILI-I HOWARD SECOND ALTOS: MAIIIAN KLINGMAN PEARL DoNowAx' LORI-INA Sucizs HAZEL WATKINS ALTA Woou The Choral Club has made remarkable progress this year, several good progatns having been rendered wlth the "Wreck of the Hespcrus" being the best, given in the college auditorium The members of the Choral Club wish to express their earnest appreciation to Mlss Dunn for her faithful and energetic service as director, us tl1e progress which has been made is flue to hex untlrmg efforts and leadership. --88 RHCKLV IFEAEQ I Qu FIRST TENORS: PADI. C. WITT RAYMOND PITTMAN HOWARD PIIMMILL BRAswI:LI. QLIVIIR CI.ARI:Ncu Gonnuz lVlAIlSHALL JACKSON FIRST BASS: Jlassu Mc SEWRLL HEIIDERT SIKES EMERSON SHEPHERD WENDELL BI:DIcHI:K EDWIN MAIITIN J. MAC. BARN1cs C5122 Olluh SECOND TENORS CARL ETTER HQBSON Sums LEE COFFMAN CLAUDE Sums RICHARD HooTI:N ELMA SHAcKHI.I1'oRD WILLAIKID DAvIs EILAND RIIIRLI-: SECOND BASS: Mum, MCCASLANID GIQORGIL KLINGMAN, ,IR PADI, MATHICWS 0vI:R'r0N Rllxlsm: The DISK year has been one of real enjoyment and pleasure to music lovexs A C C Undel the dlrection of our untiring leader, Miss Myrtle Dunn, some good VOICCS lIave been de veloped '1lIe Glee Club and College Quartette have given many interesting programs tlus yeal ' ' ' ' ' ' ' " ' f f l lx To MISS Myltle Dunn, the Glce Club wIslIes to CXPICSS IIS appleuatlon of her alth u wol and lIe1 CHICIBIII leadership. ..39.. 1 1 1 1 1 1 11' 1:1 1 1 S.1g i, 11 1 215 1.1 11, I1 11. 1, -1 x i SI 1 , 11 'II-. 1111 1 5112 lr? ,1'1 Non-- - V K, . -W ,H ,,,. ' I ' , W W ,K 'T -'H Ml" ' Y :.. , A g et A. lil. 01. Gbrrltvztra Miss Btf:ttNtctf: Com-t-:nt-1, Director IVAN l'lI'INSI.l-BY litrrlft ,loNtcs l5t.tzAtn-:1'H BAx'rt-:tt l,.0ltIiNA SIKICS Pfutt. Wt'r'r CLI-:N 'l't-:tmt1Nt-: i"l0WAllD BRYAN .I. MAC BAttNtas .l. C. Bttttcntcrr Jtcsstc Mc Stcwttm. 'l'oNv RAY WlcNm-:t.t. Btantcnt-:K lltmswtata. OI.tvtcR .It1t.tA ANN Sco'r'r l'lI'IltM0lNl-2 BnowNr.t-:t-: Ilt-:IIMAN MClJANlI-ll. WtNt':t'tt1-in Ftsttt-:tt Mttttt, McCAst.ANn The Abilene Cltristiun College Orclttstrat has enjoyed the greatest yeztt' in its ltistot'y. The Orchestra has r.ndtred two splendid concerts in tlte College Auditorium und has appeared in several ec-ncerts in some ol thc neig.5lthuring towns. Under the efficient direction of Miss Compere this orgunizattiott has heen duvoloped into at first class College Orcltestra. .NIH - Ddnglm-W,W-,-w,,,,n,-,,,,,W,, ' , i WT.-. M, s ., PQHCKLV PHASE? Qu V MISS KING'S PIANO CLASS Elklrultg Eine Arm lgrngram A. C. C. AUDITORIUM-NOVEMBER BTH, 1920 I. fab Rachnuzninoff ...v...........,..........................,.....................,..................... Prelude in C Sharp Minor fbi MacDo1vell ...................................,............,..............,......................,..... At An Old Trysting Place CCD Nevin I... ........... ...................,........... ............................... T h e Rosary Ld? Sinrling ......... ........ ...................................... ...A....,.......... IN I arche Grotesque Miss MALoN1-: ll. ful Recitative, Oh, Worse Than Death Indeed ..... Air, Angels, Ever Bright and Fair ................,. Chl Hahanera, from "Carmen" ............,....................,..... Miss DUNN III. fa? Van Dyke ..................... .....,........................ Cb? Lytton Cox... ..........................,....... Mus. BURKE IV. Chopin Cal ...... .............................. fbi ...... .......................... ich ............................. ................................... Miss KING V. Cal Meet Me By Moonlight ........ ...................,........... fb? The Birth of Morn .......... ici Little Pickaninny Kid ........... M ISS DUNN ,........Handel ................The Lost Word ...........The Twilight Bell ....................Berceus Op. 57 ..................Valse Op. 64 No. 1 .........Polonaise Op. 40 No. 1 ...................Wade ........Leoni VI. Cal De Beriot ............... ................................... ........ C 0 ncert No, 7, first movement fbi Pierue .......... .......................................... ........................................... S e renade Miss COMPEIU-1 -92- Q eeee pp new LV 'epgntgerg Us MISS MALONE'S PIANO CLASS E Bryan Riley Bentley Free Hayes Bell McDaniel Rose White I : Sikes Ray Leggett Cantrell I Wade Beard Fuchs J ackson E Givens Russell Fuchs Mitchell Klingman Manley ...93.. .... ..... Mns. JAMES H. BURKE Miss INEZ NORTON Expression Assistant iguhlir Spraking Ollnh Ray .lnhnson I-lumcr Manor lien llollanml ljhlnn Sanders F. Colley .l. C. Brown Shelby Smith Edwin Martin F. Crabtree Herbert Sikcs Paul Matthews Howard Bryan IC. Slicpherd H. Punnnill -94. iExprr55inn 61515525 Roach Wade Wade Smith Logan Junes Heath McBro0m Miss King Willis Rose --Oni Armstrong Lanier Treat Key Wol f Estes Baxter Helvey Jirand Carpenter Lewis Sanford Rhyne Rowsey Binkley Kirtley Loving Rillllllti Bennett Hays Nichols Peck Spikes Dean '1'r:.1vis ,95- 5 ' Y A WWW-, , T, . , , ,,,..., -WV , ,W ,,., M.- ..,... A,?:f-.--W-- -w--- lg' A. Q 'f"' """'1'fff' ' y - PLQQHCMEV A Ll?-was ,. X ,y u f f 47 ' .1 33 E l ..95- ------- 0 ' -97- Pummill Russell Fowler Hill Tidmore Miss Tate Jones Bennett McDaniel Showalter Duncan White Heath Brown -98- A .W . . V , , n F!!lWlii'!!ii!!l!I'm X "HH Il -' 'xllliigifff x I I l m .. A M gi! lm Q , .l1r"l +W x WiS,.w . , X, wx 1 'l ' " I M, f V. H , x I X . ' W . u , 1' ' 1 ' A , X I n U 1 'F' i.n.p.w W i L if W + MQ,aMer ull. xl ml, W V mls! T' M Iuyflll fw ! , f n 7 N" W ll L EQ W fm hh ' MllI i ii: 1 ii2i'!f5 " MMT L "LI + Www 1 'V f"5N'l51', f QV X A I W I ' zff-W I , ., X . W,7., ' . .nf . , . 'u , I - -5 1 -- 1 X Mp , i ' W ff ' f I L" '... .-f- 'l N I V 21' "Cl ' LN I W A- A' V ji' A' ,P . ", , "Q" pin W . A..,,q:'fx ' "M "-2 ' f " . T-L "' 1 W ' MW . 1 I l - f Q ax W ff X NIW Y 0 fini '1l :IN ff ww 1 W , W2 1L ew ,lf XX - W W, f H' Y Q :Wga f . H , ,pm ' , ' w , H' b Mft I fa' Ill - ' QY gp WSJ - -- , -' W - - W 5 - And the corn bemg bound up was gathered together into the barns of Egypt ORGAN IZATION S aaisym X UERS Z Q 4.5- -i-QL ii' 'E wg A 'L 5cLN pn'1IRf 5' 'f "'1 ,GQW 0 5 ' . Q K6 E. I3 L' if V highs., in 45, 3153 C5 'LENESQV' ROY A. JOHNSON ............,.,,.. Editor-in-Chief WELDUN Russsu. ............ Business Manager CALVIN DEAN .......,.............. Assistant Editor HOWARD BRYAN .................... Assistant Editor .lo HILL .....,...... Assistant Business Manager MRARGARET SANFORD ............,..... ' 01112 lgrirklg IHPEII' Junior Editor "Mid ink and pen, paste and broom., There's no place like the Alllllllll room." J. Li-:la COFFMANH ..... .. W. R. SMITH ......,,,,,, -Religious ' .JUANITA TIDMORIC .,...,, ,.,,,,, F ine Arts HOWARD M. Nouzs ...... ,,,,,,,,, A thletics RAY JOHNSON ........... ......... C artoons ........Jokes The "Prickly Pear," published annually by the Senior Class, is - I' t - I ff . C C life Yet "The half has never 'li1deiid?oltl.?'pl?Jnhi ings: 153 portray to you the glories of A. . . . , .- present in body and spirit if he receives the best A. C. C. has to Offer him. ' M' T M' B H 1 We sincerely thank all who have helped us, especially iss ate, ISS rown, owdu Pummill and .lolm Knox. -101- IQIQ ICK I:.V. nQ f '-v iI'e'1IE'.zLx.1sW2'I I I I I I I I I If' I I I , .. I ,u,,.,,e.,I, ,:,..,,.,. HM, ,,,,, ,... W. ,,,,, , ,, .. ,. , ,, ,,,,,,,,. M,...II-, I ...ITL,f:::z:1':'L:::f'LI:v:f' ILC I . ' I In, MMIII, II ,H I.. .I...Ir. .I.-... ...I. I ' " 'I ""'I "" II.. .....Il. .IIIIIII f..Il ...... I IIZIIIIIII I.. ,III I-I.-fI..... III. I IIIIII In ...II l.....Il.-. I . Q I ,, . , .,., . . , i I'..II...... VIII ' KIIII I.NlT. 'I.III,IIII Im VII, rmxs. IIII IINIIXI, IIIrI:IIIIIII 1. I--:IM x,..,.I,.., I.- I ,,., , , -.II , , I In E WILDCATS FILE UP ANOTHER iT"'iNKSG'V'NG 'W I TE I ' ' ' CLOSED WITH PROGRAM I I ' P' 'IISGIVIIIIIIIII-.I IN VIIIIIII I' ""NER s0cIIII ' I . III .m'I'IIIIII ii. If. ini N ' .. I : I I I I I III' IIII IIII1 ' 'Vw . , I ..... : DANIEL BAKER I " 4 'II T0 05 . I,,,,,I,I,,,. ,,,.I,, ,,, ,INICIIOLS AND LANIE' I. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII-II.. I i I KI 7 4 I K I III... I.. II- 'I..II.....I.,. OUESTION: D' ID I I X N 'P' -' '24 -I -If - ,- I- RIIS I ".,.I IQ, I """',HARDING SOCIETY I 46 - I if - we U 'I I DFDIILL I I ILM., Q- . f 'ITIII I . 1:-wfw, I I,'QfQ".'I ' I ' ia, zo .-303, '767,70 . - I - ' '- f. I I.. I' . ' I def? to WI . I , -'.".f"'e, iff., wg .1 ...I 'IM' wo ,I I .... I ..:l42I"::,44I:2,I I I,IVI0w,I1,I4fI,qfI, Q,3.,ffIII I '...III....III:'.IIIIII! YIYMZI00 I ,. I II.. IIIIR IIIIQQII 1.. I I W, '. .. 4.4'.'.jII,'-, '-.I I ":'I......I .I...-.. ,'.,1l:'4fI,I"'4.. 'W-I ' V.,r qw III ' I, - i il? 6 'ii " 'I'l5i:""" QQIVZ "iu'4i?" 'mi' ii iiii.II:iI. -.iw 'i "if fii"lAh"' 'W Mitkhgqts yII.I.I--I.I.III"I . I nl my ul RJQMLIS--,. I...aI,.I.....I- C1 I,Im.,,Q4I..I .... .I.- ,...I...I..I .. 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"III ' -.I-X IW . -. ..- .I.....I-...III .. ..- ...I.....I "II, "."'-'I-. ' ' II' .,.-- I I-"' I, I Iv' Im, Il I-.MII hr? IIY.QIIi:ILh:YjII:,IY IlI:..:IIIGIIIIIII:IEIIIIIIIIQSIIII :Ii:III'n'II,' ICI, I -I IcI.woIIIINc . I .,,,I, '- I, . -........ ...I . I. I - . w" .. . - IucIIIoNII sIII,,,I,,,,, . ,WMI .I , I " "'.I III "',,I"I I IEIIIIIVIII. xw-II'i1Q1fj,,f,fQ' " ' ' I..-I"'iQ I--. '4 w, 1, - In. IIII: xII.II' I I.lI ' I .,, I , . ,, , I . ,, , I , . I whim ..Iv4JIIII I 'Il:.Xll I.WI. IM' I I IIQIMIWE II..--I II I 'IM my :hw A In-I !........ 4.Iy.,.- .....I...-I... I..N.I-E. ii VIII..-1' ...,, 0, II I ,II .II .I I , ,Il 0 I . In 1I.......I .QI HIM .IAIUIII .I , ,I 0 ,, I III,I I . I ...If I 5 I fn" I fly" Fa - - ..I' VIIIQ I I i 1"f 69' , I' I We 'I I' 'lt' ffiivy A I .,.. I . I II, I .I X 0 4 , .IIIIIII A, II I. I, OI. , I, J-Ip ...IX I f-I I I., .I NI'I, If ...+I .fm log, . I I' ,I-I 'II..VIV!."'. Q "waz 9' ' I .Rf 'QI' ,S QF x" .I Ally .' I. IIN I IIIx..vI'I 'f ,III-. an I, I . Iv , I .I - 0' I i 'Qi Ir' III "iI,.'lIv'if.i'i A327 Z'-,'Iei:"q i"'4 'II......I,.. ...,,l'xN'lit:.':: .'5+'1.-I'iiv"' I I I.IIv,f ,I,.-I' I... II.: .I ,NI - ,ian III... ....I..-.I... ..I.II..If ,I I IVQ' If A I -'II IIIIII- 'II -II," . I K '4q,.'., .4 " ".........I .-1 II.. I. .I I., .IfI5b:'IpI':II0 Islfl I II,.I ,.' I.. 'I MI f , WUI..- ..-.- ---. ' -. ..I. I.I.f.... I II .- I' I I I --f -fzfff , ..,."'f"'ff-I ' we vwwsv- iii'f 'i I I c- XII. ff:-M b ,v"'..x : " Iwi' ' r'llZ7?.'ll'l' ' I ' ' H " "xiii 'f' 0535 IN-I' "II Iaf " ..'t. I.-', - II... I' 'I-I-I....., 'I-..I.I..I..-.I I1 -III I.. II... ...II-I... .II ---5 Q, : .I 'I,..IIIsI10.j,..II'IIIf'I....M1.III:I IIImm'IIf.....,., ..,,I 'mf .....,,- II...,.:f .,.,,I...,.. ....I.i,, ' MII, IIGIIIGVIOI .III 693. GI , II" Iv I. ' If ,.- I I-' I,9'I,,' I, IIIYII... I, If I. ,,,Iw' 'H 1-I I,.......I .. ,,...,..I .,I... II..,.,. ...I I-.... IIN! ods III 'I 'I-' 939 9 IIII',I.If -I I' : "'-"'. II.'III,v I,-Iv MII IIISIIII' ..I'IIIv Q-'fI,,v. ,II ' ....I,, II I"""Il I IInI... II.II....-, 'I..... cgi-is N51 ..--'III II' II..I- .QW III' IQ FI. I" I I:.f"ItI.I' ."I.-'i V -I q"'z'I"9"fiI.4',.-I-I,,III IIIIIII.-I.. ...,,f'I'f' Im... I.I..II1.:.I..I..... IIIIIIIIIIIII II.....i7Q F gi-C' VII., -" III.--"II,.. IIIILH5 Q iff III' N."I,f",.P .II I 'I"" j..Irj..fj,.+I..qI.If" "Jilin, 'IjjvI"f:Is""'r1I'if',:f:: I .I ,IJJQQI IW... fgf....gIQ.. III, w"'IfIvYZ'I,s9 Q'.IIII-'f.5.fIf,I-QSM I 'ni' 'i'i'.If1,J"'f..-"f. iff. N'f:fI.":I't'f. " ' 'Z' .-.....f"l".0f- .II 'Iif.i.i.' .Iffiii1"'1iQfll 'ff TTI! I... 'M' I. I 'KI ' 65 '29 ..I""..v'.'."H-I".I'.-f "ax I I I I mi.. mu' I I I . I ELMER BERRY ..... .................... E dnor I . . . I JAMES CHILDRESS .... ..... A ssmslant Echtor I J. WARREN JACKSON ..... ...... ............... B u siness Manager I EDWIN MARTIN .......... ..... I Nssistanl Business Manager I . EARL STAGNIJR . ..... ........ ..... J o ke Ed1tor HIJRBI-:IIT Lovis ...................... . ............................. .... J oke Editor I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I x I I A most successful year has been enjoyed by the Optimist. Zealous and hearty support has been given by ull. IInpuI'tiaI opinions from outside parties have given llIc Optimist high ranking among the college papers of the stale. ..... .... .....f. -102- Childress .lohnson Win Lanier Mac Barnes Uhr lirrmi Glluh Arleflge Pritchett Fuchs Bryan llvllicllek Sikes ,Mleclgc Love -103- Berry Russell Nichols Martin .lzlckson IIEIIQTCKLY PEAR I 2 na at I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I E I I I s , . E Zrllnrr Itirtrrarg Svnrwtg I I I I - . I I This society was organized seven years ago by. the students of A. C. C. for the purpose of I : affording an opportunity for training along literary lines. 'IIUS purpose has grown stronger from I I year to year as its membership has been increased by the additon of earnest and energetic I I students. TlIe results of this training is immeasurable. I I The society bears the name of the noble Christian man, M..Zellner, a man who has done I I as much or more toward Christian Education than any other man in Texas. I I I I The Zellner Literary Society received admission into the Philo-Phila Federation of Texas I I during the session of 1920, and now ranks third in that federation. : I I Aside from the numerous other victories won this year is the T. C. Campbell loving cup I I won by the Philo debating team, and the Haltom loving cup won by the Phila Basket Ball team. I I I I I I ' ' OFFICERS. I I I I I I Philo First Term Ojicers. Phila First Term Officers I I . l Jean Spikes ...................................... President I I Elmer NICIIOIS -------------------------------- PfeSIdeIII Thelma Williams .................. Vice President I I Edwin MHFIIH -------- -------- V Ice Pfesldem- Essie Rambo .................................... Secretary I I Earl Brown ......... ...................... S ecretary Willie Pritchett .....-.-'--..--. Se,.geam,at,ArmS I I Elland Rlbble -------- .--.---- 5 ergeant-HI-Arms Jo Hill ......................... ............... Y ell Leader I : gill? Blglfvkn --.------- ------ ----- Xi ell gssafiel' Ruth Loving ............,..... ....................... C ritic , I H ICF I CS -------------------------- ac'-I IY Vlsef Miss Blanche Wiley ............................ Sponsor I , I I Philo Second Term Officers. C Phila Second Tefm OHICGVS I - onnie Travis .................................. President I Earl Brown ...,............................... l.,President Iva Smith ............,.,.,....,,,,.,,,,.,,. Vice President E 1 lflaville Colley ......... ........ V ice President Vera'Ray ....... ' ................ Secretary I I Fred Brown ........ , .................. Secretary .lo Hill ................ ........................... C ritic : I Eiland Ribble .......... ........ S ergeant-at-Arms Lorena Sikes .................... Sergeant-at-Arms I I Earl Brown ............. .............. Y ell Leader Ethel Jones ................ I ................. Y ell Leader I I Walter W. Sikes .................. Faculty Advisor Miss Blanche Wiley .......................... Sponsor I E Philo Third Term Ojiccrs. Phila Third Term Office'-Y I Erlene Overby ................................ Pre 'de t I I Earl Brown ...................................... President Carma Thomas ...................... Vice Preiideht I I Eldon Sanders ........ ......... V ice President Willie Pritchett ................................ Secretary I I Delma Mabry ........ ................... S ecretary Alta Moss ............,......... Assistant Secretary I I J. C. Brown ........., ......... S ergeant-at-Arms Tillie Houston ..,................. Sergeant-at-Arms I I Earl Brown ............. .............. Y ell Leader Mary Louise Loving ..... ' ......................... C ritic I I Walter W. Sikes .... ,... .......... F a culty Advisor Miss Blanche Wiley ......... ....... , .... S ponsor : I Ila Duncan ........................ General Treasurer I I I I I I I I ' I I ' I ' I I I I I I -104- I : I I I I I ,,,,-,W ,,, W- -L .... -------- --,,, ,,,,,--,.---..---I k:::" "" ' .IS "" "" "" "" QV, """' . -105- V -106-- -107- X -108- ..- 'III 'Ill .-.I I T'2TEZSiWiF-Q11 II if I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I EQQHCKLV TYE Uhr Eilamra A. iharhing Eitrrarg Svnrirtg This society was organized during the session 1914-15. lt was named for a man whose name is familiar to all Bible school students. Brother Harding was a man of high ideals and strong Christian character. This society received admission iIIto the lirisophian-Ophelian Federation of Texas last year. The Harding Literary Society exists for the good of the group and not for exaltation of certain individuals. It does not believe in society wo1'k being represented as a pyramid stand- ing on its apex. The honor of the society is not carried on the shoulders of a picked few. We believe the pyramid should be turned right side up. Its honor should depend upon the high average attained by all its members. This is done by giving each member a chance to take part in the work of the society. This year the society organized and rendered a very successful series of Lyceum numbers. This has furnished a good incentive to raise the standard of the society as a whole, inasmuch as the course consisted of the ones showing the most talent. The society is interested in athletics as well as all school activities and prides itself in having won its share of the victories. OFFICERS. First Termj Second Term. President ........,............................... Paul Witt Vice President .......... ............ J . Mc Sewell D. McLeroy ...Earl Smith .Ruth Ratliff .Susie Fowler .....Paul Witt President ...................................... Vice President ............ ..... Secretary .................................... Ruby Hayes Assistant Secretary ............ Vallie Armstrong Secretary ...................... ......... Assistant Secretary .............,..... Yell Leader ................................. Critic ............................................ Calvin Dean Yell Leader .......................... Murl McCas1and Sergeant-at-Arms ............ Wendell Bedichek Critic ................................ I. .... L. E. Carpenter Sergeant-at-Arms ...... .................... V . Smith Third Term Officers. President ........................................ Carl Etter Vice President ............................ Roy Johnson .Vallie Armstrong Assistant Secretary ......,............. Verda Logan ...........Wende1l Bedichek Secretary ........................... Yell Leader ............. Critic ......................... ............. R ay Johnson Sergeant-at-Arms ................ Alfonso Rhodes Business Manager ........ ............... P aul Wltt -109- 1 -110- -111- ., C , as -g tsiekev tseatsi LOCAL CLUB. Shepherd Will Nichols Lewis Russell McCasland Sikes Manly Morlan .lohnson Vaden Love Arledge C. Sikes Etter Coffman Stagner Uhr "A" Glluh The "An Club was organized in the spring ol' 1917 hy students who had distinguished themselves in oratory, debating or athletics. At each annual meeting since that time a number of new members have been added. ln order to become a member of this club, one must be a student in the College Depart- ment. He shall have been a student of A. C. C. for at least one year, and shall have made an average of "B" in as much as twelve hours work. ln addition to this, the constitution of the club requires him to he "clean" hoth physically and morally. lt is further required that he be editor or business manager of the "Optimist" or the "Prickly Pear," or that he represent the college in oratory, debating, or some athletic contest. To meet thc requirements in football, basketball or baseball, he must play as many as two games. --l12- 1 -1- - ---4 Q r 1 -,-sf.: T 1112 - -iff -eiisfsfgfffffriff ieieaav ieeaeei . X! Ratliff, Travis, Klingman, Lewis, Arledge, Estes, Norton, Baxter, Sanford, Loving, Sikes, Coons, Alexander, E. Ratliil. Sewell, Fuchs, Johnson, Baker, Pritchett, C. Travis, R. Loving, G. Arledge, Hays, Rambo, Overby, Givens. Uhr "lm" Qlluh The "W" Clulm was organizrd February 12, 1920, at which time Sister Sewell called to- gether right girls who decided upon the name, drew up the constitution, and elected officers. Other memhers already qualified were elected. Then at commencement still others who had fulfilled the requirements were admitted. The purpose ol' the "W" Club is to serve as an incentive to ideal college womanhood, and to develop worthy women, and it is the earnest desire of each and every member to attain to the ideals and standards for which the club stands. -113- PQHCKLV PJEAIQY 211 I I I I I 5 I I I I I E I I I 5 I E E Zlinrrign-itianguuge Clfluh I Prof. Schug Childress Sikes Russell Prof. Sikes I Barnes Hays Moore Travis Estes Martin I Witt Houston Arledge Travis Brown I . I I WORK AND ORGANIZATION OF CLUB. I I Notwithstanding the fact that the Foreign Language Club is scheduled to meet monthly I and has .not been able to fulfill this schedule altogether owing to other pressing activities, some I interesting and worth-while evenings were enjoyed. The club has been warmly fostered h Pro- Y I fessor Schug and Dr. Klingman, who, often leaving their work for a time, devoted themselves to : X the work of the organization.. ' While there is no offiizial motto for the club, perhaps no more fitting words could be chosen than "He who knows only English, little English knows." I I I I I I I I I I , I I I I I I I I I I -114, -- .... ....... QQ ...., - 'xy Zllnrrign Eanguagv Qlluh ,lohnson Lisenby Bell Fuchs Alexander Hensley Parmer Bryan McKenzie Mathews Duncan McCaslan1l .Baxter Leggett Hamilton Mitchell Coffman Wood Ribble Cotton Oden Jones Sanford Berry Kerr 'l'erlume Baker Wilson .lohnson .Binkley Kil lley Nabors Donoway Shepherd -115- Riley Treat Fowler Morrison Farrar Powell Fuchs Butler Donahew Bennett Leggett Curby Boyd Estes Tolleson Poole Bentley Brown Jones Hays Mitchell McCasland Nelson Sanford -116- 'Z Rig. , . V X if K , If iq" ll ' - --'-- - ----A---a f 'ec-211 f . , ' 1" l5""3l if L gil I. 1 1 K X Nj QQ l 2311" 1 "JI Lili if!" I f 'V M.: . 4 -' W' mfr: If-JS., L M x -,1rQ,."," ' -,.... - ... .X .V A Y: 71 .f RY. Armstrong Scarbrough Whisenant Rhodes Thomson Neil Binkley Moore Parmer Givens V, -Q-XX . ...,.....z.sl L Hamilton Hobbs Heath Kelley --l17-- ,. .NA fffi f. ,qx ,.- E-., sg X ' flf' 7-I., Thomas Hobbs Mcllvain Latham Taylor Rhyne Nabors Donoway Honea Rowland Uhnrpe Spring Qlluh I Terhune Bell Morlan Vaden Nichols Baxter Bell Bc-ll Jones Sikes Thomson Colley Spikes C0ll0n Neve McBroom Stagner Smith -118- A Uhr illuhhurk Glnuntg Gfluh "The Hub of the Plains." A The Club met and organized at the first of the year. Our purpose is to work for A. C. C first, last, and always. COLORS! Blue and Goldp FLOWER: Blueweed. , ALTA WOOD ,,,,,,.,, ,.,..,,,,..,,,........ P resident. EARL S1-AGNER .,.,,.,,. .,...,.. V ice-President HELEN RIBBLE ......... ......................... S ecretary. J. C. BROWN ............ ........... . Treasurer EARL STAGNER ............ .................... R eporter. -119- J -120- I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I -- MMWWMM-M--,WM ,4,,,,,, ,--w,,,,,,,-,,, I ' Q Ia' A,,,,,A,,Y ,,,, M, ,,,,M.,,,,,,, ,I..,.... CE. A. GI. A. Qlluh IPeI'nIanently Organized in l920l CHAIITICII MICMIIICRSZ Tillie Houston, COFSIULIIIIIQ Lucile Roberts, SICDIIBIIVIIIEQ Grace Alex- uncla,I', Penelopeg Anne Patrick, Burslowg Mabel Pulrick, Iiurslnwg Mary IfIIlll0l'C, Aliceg Ruby Prull, Redozlkg Vern Ray, Youngsporl. NICW MIJMBIQIIS: IVI2,lI'gIalI'CI Runcier, Killeeng Iiuby Morgan, COI'SIL1lllli1Q KilIIlIl'I5lI Key, Pur- dong Kate lVIc'Kenzie., l'IiIIsbm'o: Ilu IJIIIICIII1, Hedoukg Iitbel Jones, Roswell, N. lVI.g ,Io Hill, Iowa Park. CoI.oIIs: lied anal While, FLowIcns: Red und While Carnation. I-,LIIIPOSIGI To aid and enlertuin homo und visiting alllleles. I I I I I I I I I I . I I I I I --l2l-M .... ....f ilcffmy PEAQZIIIIQQL 'I ' FHIQHCKLV PEAR Y 2U 3Hlugh Gmmtg Gluh Roy Riley, Eldon Sanders, Faye Bennetl Miss Inez Norton Curma TIIOIIIHS, Elmer Sllackelforcl, Olga Honeu FLOWER: Prairie Daisy. COLORS: Green and Gold. --l22-- .... L .... ..... XX!! -123- I iii-'10 ,Im I I If5i.TILI.,Y I X, XXI? Q I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Lu Armstrong Miss Norton Estes Fuchs Mcliroom Curby Rambo Baker Hays Morrison Club Organized in 1920. PURPOSE: To put a little joy into Saturday nights. Morro: B '? U R. -124- XXX, I I I 'I II 'I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II II Ii II I I I. I I I I I I I I I II I I I 5 iAg 1, ff' "iii " " ' LSL -':: : LI I 'wi x 11-15 Qlluh K 1 , CLUB MOTTO: "Don't move unless you, luwc to nz, H Giddens, Segrisl, Segrist, Hill Spikes, Williams, W'iHiums ' -125- GDkIahnma Olluh Beall Hockaday Freeman Gardner Hensley M obley Bills Tidnlore Kelley Tidmore Willis Belluh Cantrell Bell Buchanan Lanier Lanier Peck Fuchs Fuchs Tidmore Kelley Fish Fuchs Weakly Willis Lanier -126- Nell Qluuntg Glluh Vaden, Templeg Hayes, Killeeng Shepherd, Killeen, Treat, Troyg Ray, Youngsport. R. J. Smith, Tcmpleg W. Smith, Temple. Purmer, Love, Wilson, Jacksong Honorary Members -127- No WONDER Suas AHEAD 'S L,ooK WHAT bHE'5 RIDING IND ' 4 ff! ENQQ Q we f ' C? X 'y 19' f' ,yf-Q g .Cliff 1 gs' , MA - - ce T .A,,,A.-K -gg, my - f .ff- I Y it A Il L Y 5- -:Lgr,4LaSJ Ziiw ,X AA I ig 2 , ' ' 2' Qvf wif- W -. A ff ff 'U 2 14 f - .ff N "M ' f ,i w 5 f me wi , W ,QT , 6142 W 1' MT :fL fi , ,- Vw xxw Mlm , JJ: ' X 444 . 1 r i'f' fW m -.-1:i.Q5,T7g,,4Q4gQg1-ff,-gQi3i'Efi?'fiT..f?j1f ,ef-7' ,QQ ' - L ?T7.sT-5:-V Q22 gf 4-- - 145 iff: 9 N f Q2-,,AV7f,1' :4.Y.1-A--ffl-2---r L- Ll 4 ,,,5 XY ?f'x'1" ' Y 1 IEEE PJQHCKLV D t m .. .o t-.M I Stuhrnt Qlnunril illllvmhera llowsey Ray Pritchett R. .Loving Spikes B. Travis I I l E Overby Hayes M. L, Loving Ratliff Alexander C. Travis I ,I . s . . I lhe Daisy Hall Self Government was organized last fall when it was learned that Brother ' and Sister Sewell approved of young people learning to govern and control themselves. We are glad that we were the first to follow their suggestion, and have tried to show the faculty that I I I Student self government is a success, and would be good for the entire school. I We have Inade u few mistakes, hut have profited by them and have grown stronger. We feel that this experience has accomplished much good and that we are hetter fitted for home I I l . . . makers, since having studied the problems of self government. I ---129- I or c -,,,, -- . , -9 ,.,, I .AA IIIIPJRQICKIEY W E ,CEI 11 X! 5 THE TRI I I I I SOCIAL HOUR I I One little sInile, : One little teurg . One little hope, I OIIe little fear- One little girl, One little boyg One hour to play, E One hour of joyl I I E. .l. B I I l I lJlC'l'ElIMINATION I I One tiny you love me. : I One clay you don'I. I One day y0ll hate IIIe. : lint- : Some clay you won'tl I ' lf. .l. II. I Spasm I. Trimember 3, 1920-2I Outburst 0 THE 'FI-IIIEE VIIITUES OF THE TRIO: l'epL0nIism,, More l'epl0rIIisnI,, Most Peptomisln. OFFICERS: .lumes Childress President Elinor Berry Presiclent .l. Mac Barnes President Issued by TRIO PUBLISH- ING CO. Suliscriptionz Per Year: :M cts. --Ixos- THE ORIGIN OF TI-IE SPECIES All Inembers of the Trio are of the same species. They are unique, united, useless. They believe that life was made for living, that lips were made for smiling, that mouths were nizule for eating. Their joy is like the pitcher that oonlcln'l he emptiedg tlIe more glzulness they dis- pense, the more there re- niuins in their hearts! -J. II. C. tr.. L -131- Hllinniv illllrlflluain ----132-- Eillir illiarnhg -133- Clullvgv Mit---Cbenrgv lilingmuu. 3111 I 1 1 W Must i5Zl1IhEl1llIP 'ding---Clllairv menklg PQHCKLV PEAR Y 2.11 XV THE POEM WINNING FIRST PLACE IN THE T. I. P. A. CONTESTS. Nut Az 31 will Blindfolded and alone I stand, With unknown thresholds on each hand, The darkness deepens as I grape, Afraid to fear, afraid to hope, Yet this one thing I learn to know Each day more surely as I go: That doors are opened, ways are made, Burdens are lifted or are laid, By some great law unseen and still, Unfathomed purpose to fulfill, 'Wat as I will." Blindfolded and alone I wait, Loss seems too bitter, gain too late, Too heavy burdens in the load, And too few helpers on the road, And joy is weak and grief is strong, And years and days so long, so long, Yet this one thing I learn to know Each day more surely as I go: That I am. glad the good and ill By changeless laws are ordered still, "Not as I will." "Not as I will" the sound grows sweet Each time my lips the words repeat, "Not as I will" the darkness feels More safe than light when this thought steals Like whispered voice to calm and bless All unrest and all lonliness. 4'Not as I will" because the One Who loved us first and best has gone Before us on the road and still For us must all this love fulfill, "Not as I will." - -IVIARGARLT SANFORD --Ian.-- 195 3 w , X W'.mgf 'W " ?M . ,W h m ni V V , f1 ,Y. v v v , gfmgl + i X v f ?W1W'WvWhN f! 4 i W 's ,M H 'WW 1 x ' 5 iff, If L XX , I Q QJ N, " f'A, 4 QX 1 ix X 23? ng! QQ? i 'A Y L X 1 ' , -A g,: 'X X . , I, I , . W l WMAYV fir !'b'1,l1'? EgE ,iQ'7qNi:I rigs- 'M Q IW lhhilhilrllllulm u A, Hi !14l,, 3--' U'f?f7 lg 2 ' '!"'- W W- X' . H 'Hull' ' ' I 'M ' r Q ,W , Q H, 1 Hg' 'wwu !",: ,,. 1,-,.,gfa-:Iwilyggiln. , l ,l.,V I 1lulnN,,u::,,,:,,g I 5q1.L 1 5 ,ln ,. 1w ,'!llg,Q nn,Wi i'1.lYl'! lWEi:F3f2s:L'f Milfmiw "rw .1 ,H ull",:Ml-'Il!I'if'a illpllIIH"w' , m l!!lli'f"'Il1' N' 1 "n II 11 n nhI1Ih' II Hun' Ilsllwlllls I W I i 'In ' .1, 51-'ffm : NIAUYQ J , W' Ui", N 1 XIV' ! 1' 5 . 9' I Wu Il, 'A,fv,:1a::1I51f1 h flfffj, Mi 1, 'xl' H N , W: ' ' , I, 4 I .,-- n umi 'wnmqw ' '! H 5' HVM vm I An he Weintqrfjih cougtries' of Egypt I AT H L E TI C S N U6Yfl5TM4, A scl up mugs Q -gqcvwx. Q 5 r 492' 65' to E "WF Q 'Vg L.f?3' ig, E Q .sf .., 6' IL ENEK H, H9 E 9 ' IQQWKLV -'-Q2'4" i'Aw PEAZIQ V2 ru' V HOWARD M. Notes KM. Suclusr G. C. Montmv Athletic Manager Baseball Coach Supervisor Gbur Athlrtira Health is one of the important necessities if we would live the efficient life. Good health canngt in itself guarantee happiness but removes many of the .impediments thereto. Helghtened vitality means an increased sense of power, 'and a keener zest in everything. Thelman of abun- dant energy can taste more of the joys of life and can use many precious hours in constructive labor which the man in poor health 'must devote to rest and recreation. Hence good health simply means that the man possessing it can be more efliclent, do more work and he of greater usefulness to humanity. Athletics has other values besides that of promoting good health, in litany ways .there are possibilities of moral gain not found in other forms of exercise. ln athletics alertness is de- manded, here a man must put his whole. soul'into the gameg he is thus developing tilllilllll which will prove extremely valuable in after life. .lhe lesson taught in cooperation is in itself a very desirable schooling. One of the most pressing needs of the present time is the development of the spirit of loyalty, the willingness to subordinate the individual welfare to that of the group. The man that has learned to smile in the face of defeat, to control his lower impulses when vic- tory comes his way, to always do his utmost to give his opponent a square deal regardless of the effect on himself has learned one of the greatest lessons life has to teach. -139- I I I X 1 C. ,, : ij.. rd I . . C. vs. John Tarleton College, Stephenville ,...... ...,.... I 3 0 I LQIQHCKLY lsieaiza i el E I I I Airy! I , i' V N. ' ' . X Zlinnthull SCHEDULE. A. C. C. Opponent-: I I A. C. C. vs. Clarendon College, Abilene ........l ........ Z 9 7 I . C. C. vs. John Tarleton College, Aloilene ......... ..... 0 0 I I ' -1 I A A. C. C. vs. Howard Payne, Brownwood ..................... .l..,.,. 7 ., A C A. C. C. vs. Daniel Baker College, Abilene .............. .....,,. 8 I 0 Totals .........................,..,........................... ............... ......,.. 1 30 I0 Abilene Christian Colleges second year in intercollegiate football was indeed gratifying. 'l'he ahovv record goes to show that wc- do not boast when wo say that the class of playing done hy the hoys this year won a place in foothall circles that ranks with the hest Senior Colleges of I I thc state. With an exotpttonally hard lnlltng IHICIKIIICIII, and a good working line, 130 points were I I piled up again our opponents' 10. I I I 1 I I I -Alfltlfw I .... ....., , ...... . ....... - ................ 4x"9 .. J I I I : B. BAILEY, li. 'l'AcKI.I: I I I 'I L' IIPQICKLV L-wg. Hi f i SEWELL JONES, Cofxcu I : A good foollmil man. I I I I I I I : "l"A'l'S" CNANFII., I"III.I. Signal, 56 lfuls, 250 lbs, 10 yurmls I gain IlII'II the linc. I I I I I I I Q Is. JONES, II. HALF I : A snappy little half. i I I W. R. SMITH, L. TACKLIQ Always gels his man. Gel out of Ille way Collins! Our SDCCUICIIIHI' line plunger. w -141- I I I I PIQHFKLV IPQEAIIFCQMV i' -142- V. PAYNE, R. I-IALF, Captain Stun' kicker and tuckler. I". CULLEY, I-lA1.l-' Gnnnv, Gunly, and Ceddy. O. JONES, QUAn'rr:n Fastest open field runnex V. SMITH, L. ENIJ A solid end. L. COFFMAN, L. GUARD Oh Buy! Oli Tarletonl A Q42-F: 11:17 """' "" ' ' " ' I I I I I I I : H. LOVE, R. IQNII I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I E E. SANDERS, CI-:NTI-:II I : His defense of superior quality. I I I I I I I I I I His cool head and steady nerve unequal : on il gridiron. I I I I I I I I I I I I I IIIPILQICKLV etegrrg '- I I , , I I I I I I I I I I I I I 0. VADEN, 'l'AcKI.I-: I I He gets them low. i,IIve never fzIilellI. P. CRAIG, GUAIIII Effective on guard. C. DEAN, R. END I -143- I ,, ,,,,,,,,,,, ,, . ....... xg, ,... ....... - I-ll NP gfitsvtzfstelalev PEAR ff tffs I I E ,f'i l , ,A xxx E his ' : 5- , ,ff : . L-ef l tffegf ' Y 'QS f ' l l w l ,. ' wht " X I 1, 1 ff ft Y! I if , N. , , g '- --- I- -'ili gff-lfbirii, A I V - I ' - i Q 1 '-1 it E X ' I ' ' "Hul l " I 1 -. I t - 4 asphalt ' 'E I I 1 i Abilene Christian College has not neglected America's greatest sport. Coach Segrist devel- I oped the strongest team A. C. C. has had in ht-r baseball history, according to those who are : capable of judging. Coach Hays of Tarleton, altho he defeated us every game, said that A. C. C. t has by far the strongest club she has ever had. With our new park and with the club we have I had this year, we have established a permanent place for the A. C. C. "Wildcats" in college baseball. The "Wildcats" played the following schedule: u . . I I A. C. C. Opponents l A. C. C. vs. Abilene Specials, Abilene ..........,.....,...... . A a .... 1 2 I . C. C vs. Daniel Baker College. Brownwood ........ 22 0 I A. C. C. vs Daniel Baker College, Brownwood ..,,.... 11 : A. C. C. vs Meridian College, Meridian ...,.......,....... I A. C. C. vs. Meridian College, Meridian ..................... A 4- : . C. C. vs. .Iohn Tarleton College, Stephenville ....... 'S I A. C. . vs John Tarleton College, Stephenville ....... 3 8 5 7 7 14 l . C .... I A. . C. vs. West Texas State Normal, Abilene ,......... .... 3 A C 2 I . C. C. vs. West Texas State Normal. Abilene ...... 3 0 I ' A. C. C. vs. John Tarleton College, Abilene ........ 3 6 I A. C. C. vs. John Tarleton College, Abilene ,,...... 3 8 : A. C. C. vs. Ballinger "Bear Cats," Ballinger .... 3 6 I A. C. C. vs. Ilallingt r "Bear Cats," Ballinger ..,, l 4 I .... ....... I ii ..- I r . Fotals ............ .................. .........,,.....,....,...,... .... 7 5 5 7 I I g -144- , - , ,.,, ,,.... - ..... .... ---- - -- PQHCKLV PEAR I u'-' I . I I I I I I I I I FLAVILL COLLEY E PITCHEII l "Pop" has a side arm delivery ' which is difficult for opposing bat- , ters to handle and he always keeps : them guessing. VIRGIL SMITH I : CA'rc H I-:II E "Smitty" is a steady catcher, cool I headed and full of lifc. A danger- : ous llltlll with the but. I I I I I I GLEN TEIRHUNE E UTILITY A young man, fast and peppy, a good all around man for college baseball. AUBREY WATSON PITCHER I I I I I I I I I l : "Gob" has plenty of speed and I good control. His long 'reach and big smile makes them guess. I I I E GEORGE BUCHANAN Q CENTER FIELD!-IR I Fielding, hitting and base-running Ge:-rge is good. 'lhought to be a fu- I I I ' l.lll'6 SHIT. I 5 PALMER CRAIG . I RIGHT FIELDEII I ' A good hitter and fielder, and al- I tho' big, he IS not slow on the ascs. I b I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I , I lu-- XV JACK BELLA!-I THIRD BASE, CAPTAIN The way Jack held down the hot corner was satisfactory to all. Our three-base hitter. FINDELL CRABTREE M Flnsv lhsra , "Just throw 'em over here, l'll get 'emff Our orator and firse base- man. BARTON PHILPOTT LEFT Fusw The lead off man in batting. A natural hitter and his fielding is the best. ALVIN CLARKSON PITCHER "Doc" is an excellent relief pitch- er. A cool steady nerve with plenty of head work. EMMITT JONES SECOND BASE ".lonesie" is a fast man. A hard worker and a consistent player. PILCQQIOKLM L2-'EAIEJ I 2.11 ' I ROY JOHNSON I I SECOND BASE X l , ' Steady and ready to play. Al- I ways to be relied upon. "Use that E old con, Hill." I I I I I I I I : 'THORNTON ARLEDGE I . : LI:I-"r l'II:I.o I A clean athlete, gets them all I that start toward the left garden. I I I I I I I EMERSON SHEPHERD I : SHOIIT STOP I I A fast "short" with a good whip I . to first. Safe batter and good base I runner. g - I I I : A. C. HILL i PI'I'cHI:II I I Our young pitcher, with lots of I speed and good control. His quick : breaking curves make them wonder. I I I I I I MURL MCOASLAND I 2 CnN'rI:II FIELII I I A good fielder and leading lIit- l ter. His long hard drives are re- I sponsible for many runs. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I -147- I I ..,... ....... .15 ' 'ai I I y " - III F' 'tl PIQIIC ' KLY Hema SIN' '-' la la-J'-' 2. -I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ' I I I I I I I 2 I I I I I I I-I, I I III I I is I I I ' I . I I I ' I I ' I I ' I I 1 I I I I ' I I I I ' I I I I I I I ' I I I I I II l I I " " I I I I 'X I I I I I . I E I ' I I 5 I I f- Ig , XZ, I I 1 , fy k I I vt U - 5' ' fi - I I 5. I I I I I I I ' I ' I I Basket Ball I I I I I Coach Morlan worked at a great disadvantage in basketball this year. Only one man who I I was making the team returned after the holidays, Only two games were played. Both were lost I I to North Texas State Normal College, but we made a good showing in spite of the fact that our I I I team was broken up after the holidays. I I The greatest accomplishment in basketball was our academy team. They played several of I I the high schools over the country and lost only one game. This team showed better training and I I better team work than any of their opponents. Abilene High School defeated the academy by a I I close score, winning in the last few minutes of play. I I We have the promise of ll temporary Gym next year and intend to have a winning team in i I basketball. I I : I I I I I I l I I I I ' I I I I -148- I I II I I II, ------------n ----------------In -,--, , ,,,,,,,,,,, - .... - ..... -----..I PIQHCKLV IQEALLQQ 1211" pp:-wasps I I I I I I I I I I I I I I l I I I I I I I I X Qgnnnnopn Arahvmg Basket Wall Gram Reynolds Cantrell, Captain ..... J. D. Watson ......,................... . Bennie Beall ...................... Alphonso Rhodes... Overton Ribble .... LeRoy Williams Aubrey Watson . ....................,..............., . VS. VS. VS. . VS. OUP 00900 '-1 Q .- sr. .. 50 . VS. VS. VS. VS. SCHEDULE. Ovulo High School, Ovalo ................. .....Forwu1'cl Sub Guard .........Guard Sub Guard .....Forwa1'cl .........Guard ............CenteI' A. C. C. Opponents 21 18 I 4 Nugent High School, Nugent ................. ....... 5 4 Draughons Business College, Abilene ....... ........ 6 3 Clyde High School, Clyde ....,........,.,.,,,, ,,,.,,,, Ovulo High School, Abilene .,,..,.,..,.,,,., Tuscola High School, Abilene ......... Clyde High School, Abilene ............... Abilene High School, Abilene ........... -149-M 14- 17 12 15 17 21 19 41 19 26 18 .....261 118 -. .... .... ..... - - I I I l I I Freshman Freshman Freshman ................ 11 Freshman ................ 15 PQHCKLV Healey 2.11" Zlntrr-Qllaaa Qlhampinna E In order to arouse an interest in baslcethall, President Sewell offered prizes to the winning : class teams, both boys and girls. Much interest was manifested by all classes. The Ircshman ' response was unanimous and very efficient teams were selected. The Freshman quintettes worked hard and developed good tcam work, and as a result won all games scheduled. FRESHMAN LINE UP GIRLS Ethel Jones, Sub. Thelda Black, Center. Alpha Moore, Center. Earl Nelson, Sub. Fern Peck, Guard, Capt. Loraine Segrist, Guard. Locile Segrist, Guard. Wanda Treat, Forward. Kal Segrist, Coach. GIRLS 1 Juniors ................., 9 5 4- Sophormore .......... Academy .............. Seniors ................ BOYS Jack Bellah, Forward. Barton Philpott, Forward. George Buchanan, Sub. Flavill Colley, Guard, Capt. Emmitt Jones, Sub. Murl McCasland, Guard. Garland Lewis, Sub. LeRoy Gressitt, Center. Howard M. Noles, Coach. SCHEDULES BOYS Faculty .... Freshman ................ 31 Sophs ...... Seniors .... Academy Freshman ................ 16 Freshman .... ........ 2 4- Freshman .... ........ 2 0 -150- ----- ----- - ------- - -151- In , Ia' . -- -- x . ' I I ls' II-Elf? IIC 'KLY 'moi gem' II:-'Il:.A.lIv'-9 I 2. U55 I I -nv I ' I : I I I I I ' I ' I ' I I , I I I ' I 5 I I I I I I E 'I I I I Q I E Us . I : ' , I I I 'N' , I I -T K 'I I I I I I t I 2 X I I I g I : I I ' , I I I I I 6 , I lbw! I I pf '-' I M. '. I I I I ft' ftf-III! III? I I f gf,-yi:-2! i - X' 4 ,V ' I N40 Af, , ,.., I I I ...Q f I : fr- sq. ,,.. I : I I I I ' I I . g Cifvnnta Elrark I , I I I I Much interest has been displayed in Much interest has been aroused in A. i I tennis this year. At the opening of school C. C. track work. Soon after Prof. Morlan i I a large number of players appeared on the announced in chapel that an inter-society I I courts every afternoon. A winning team and inter-class track meet would be held, I I has been developed. In the contests trackmen from every class could be seen I : against other colleges Lewis and Sewell on the field. I I have proved to be efficient tennis players. Those who practice are: Klingman, I : Among other consistent players are Rhodes, H. Sikcs, J. W. Jackson, E. Mar- I I Brown, Witt, Barnes, Wilson, Johnson, tin, L. Rippy, R. Kirby Rush, Cobble, I I Cox, Klingman, Poole and Bell. Longucre, Sanders, Berry, Hobson, Sikes, I I Cotton, Russell and Mabry. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I , -152- I ' I ' I I 1 A ' I Ig. .... :Lip ...... - .... --- -qUB- 7 ---------- ----- - ------ - ------ - ----' 5 . , 1 I I . Q1 . I PIQICKLV IQEAISQ I Q I I I - I I -gl I I I I 5. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ' I ' I ' I I I I I ' A- - - I I Srntnr-Jliarultg-ilianm In April ilinnl Game I I ' I I I : All looked forward to the day when the grave "profs" aIId "dignified" seniors would cross : : bats as the annual April fool stuIIt. Much preparation was made for the occasion by both : : parties. The senior girls decorated a car in their class colors, and with banners of victory, etc., : : drove thru IOWII and out to the park, loyully supporting their brothers. I I : Just as the game began, tlIe "faculty girls" entered the grounds from a side gate, with their i : tin can orchestra. "Prof, Coonid' caused quite a sensation in his baseball suit, which the i : students hoped had taken all his red grading ink to color. I I ' I I Dean held the box well for the faculty while Mr. Pedro Poole, with his pleasant smile, I : received behind the bat, and his grandstand plays at the bat were worth seeing as well as Pro- I : fessors Bell's and Schug's. Mr. William Webb did some star catching in the field, and his good I : batting with the Dean's hitting ran thegfaculty score higher than the seniors had expected. I I I I Arledge pitched for tlIe seniors, while W. R. Smith caught, the seniors winning tIIe game I i by u score of 8-7 which kept the interest intense and at II high pitch. Much good-naturecl I I hurrahing and ridiculing by thc faculty and senior girls 'were prominent features of the game. : I The latter secured the old school peddlcr's wagon to bear the faculty standard. : I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I " I I - I I I I I I I I I ' I ' I ' I ' I : I I I ' I 55 56 ' w x ll l U l ': 'll"l , lll'lmll'l.l ,l'w fl l F ll lu l L. L .I,,,-Y ll-H ..... llI LXX... luuunwulll WWWW,wmJmm N if 4 ' lil if 'Fl lrliil-l..1 l ll: rlli ,"'l- L-lvllll- E l'u ll l ll 2-lf' L75 ll u " ll' l ., .,f, , - g g ll ge l ll ll pf, Jfxfxy. 2 ., ! lv I lf W 1.5. "lu i wwvww 1 1 lww 1 l- l gf . . l ll 'lfl4lif'l,i'lll QQ - ' ' l ,Mg fl -, ,N . v l - uv J., ' ' 9, lil llll' 'if u . lif. Tfl f l l ll' WF J if l l 7" 'Qf,i,?qf.g- l , -. .' lll , l"l7f?'5 l l,ll Hr NJ-N ul X I '!'NC N !,mN .. x wg Llllilllmmlw Mn l 1 - J V u Al llll lllll lllll V . M i ' 5 'V V . 'fWlxlX,X " V, -ig, - - Ill l Q " 'l Now shall I due in joy, becausenl have seen th? lace. rd and leave theealuve. CGLLEGE OQNRXSTM4, l 4 tb " A SCLH CB Ll ERATURE E, Iv PA 4? K 0 " gl G" Q ENE1 15 I P W 1 w -160- 16 A Elnllg Eunrh --162- 31u5t linimkz -163- tsltaiekav FUEALQY 211 ' ilfiintttra nf Ihr Hear Sept. 21.-All the available space full of students. Everyone trying to find out who everyone else is. Opening exercises. Registration begins. "Get acquainted" meeting at night. Sept. 22.--Registration continues. More students arrive. Sept. 23.-Lessons are assigned and work begins. Sept. 29.-Bro. Sewell announces that the boys and girls may have "Social Hour' after dinner provided they will stay on the campus. Of course every one was glad to hear this except a few "old maids" and "old bachelors." Oct. 1.-Four hundred students enrolled to date! Isn't that fine? Oct. 11.-Our first lyceum number. Miss Harold reads "Experience" It is wonder- ful. Oct. 16.--"Our Boys" win in a football game vs. Clarendon. Oct. 18.-The "Sophs" and "Fish" have a rather lively encounter. Oct. 25.-"Our Boys" and Tarleton tie in football at the T. P. Park. Oct. 30.-The "High Spookety Spook" presides at the Spook Convention. All the A. C. C. Spooks attend. Nov. 5.-The second lyceum number. The Jess Pugh Company gives a varied and interesting program. Nov. 8.-Recital given by Fine Arts Teachers. Nov. 11.-Holiday after chapel. Patri- otic program at night. Nou. 13.-Our first snow. l Nov. 18.--HW" Program and 'I lay.-' Nov. 25.-Half holiday. Football game with Daniel Baker. We win. Nov. 26.-Bro. lshiguro arrives from Japan. Makes short talk in chapel. Nov. 27.-lntersociety Debate. Zellners win. Dec. 4-.-Play by expression class, "The Cricket on the Hearth." Dec. 5.-Bro. Foy E. Wallace, Jr., begins protracted meeting. Dec. suits. Dec. Dec. 12.-Meeting closes with fine re- 16.-Orchestra concert. 18- Fine Arts program. 20.-Final exams, and second term registration begins. Dec. Dec. 23.--Exams are over. All the stu- dents gone or going. ' Jan. 4.-Students back. Work begins again. jan. 7.-Lyceum number. The Cameron Quartette. covered with lan. 13.-The ground is snow. A sham battle after -l6'l- breakfast. izjiellcrklisv PEAR V2 nu' tlllinutva nf tha Hear Jan. 18.-Girls permitted to see "Earth Bound." fan. l9.-l"icturc made of entire slu- rlcnl body. Jan. 22.-"Fish" are entertained at Shady Dell.' ' ' ' Jan. 27.--Lyceum nurhberf Mr. Adrian Mar. 19.--Fine Arts Recital. Mar. 22.-Boys have oratorical contest. Zellner Hall girls have "Clean-Upf' Mar. 25.-The college examiner pays us a visit. Mar. 26.-Bro. and Sister Sewell leave for Washington, D. C. E lectures. It is simply grand. E Feb. 1.-Concert by Skovgaard, Danish I violinist, and his wife. I l Feb. 10.-Virginia Rea sings. I i Feb. Hot buns and butter in Daisy : Hall. I i Feb 19-Eula Kirtley reads, "Seven- : teen." I l Feb 20.-Lecture Week begins. Mar. 29.--Orchestra Concert. April 1.-Holiday! Ball game. Faculty vs. Seniors. Seniors win. Everybody goes to the show at night. April 3.-Bro. L. S. White begins pro- tracted meeting. April 13.-Meeting closes with good re- Feb. 27.-Lecture week closes. "Rules off from 3:30 to 5:30 p. m." March 2.-Lyceum number. Mr. Ayde- lott lectures on "New Measures for Men." Mar. 9.-Exams! Registration for third term begins. Mar. 10.-Baseball boys leave on trip. Mar. 12.-Lyceum number, Paul Alt- house. America's greatest tenor, sings, ac- companied on the piano by Mr. Gruen. Mar. 13.-The girls learn how to make apples grow on lilac trees. Mar. 18.-The Glee and Choral Clubs present "The Wreck of the Hesperusf' suits. April 15.-Dual debate with Howard Payne. "Our Boys" win here and lose there. April 25.-Senior week begins. April 30.--May Day program given by Fine Arts Department. Bro. and Sister Sewell return from Washington, D. C. May 1.-Seniors conduct services. They have grand dinner in Daisy Hall. "Sen- ior Week" closes. May 6.-Essie Rambo gives graduating recital. May 7.-Declamation contest between the girls. May 14.-Rubye Hayes gives graduating recital. -165- - ....... ...... .... .... ............... - - ...... - - -- I I --166- 123 IQ HF' K L Y .ia . Ei gg LQ E A y W2 U V ..,, - ..- 5 Q I , -.-.. W--. PIQCKLV IQIEAIQ Y u Gln the Etuhenta nf A. 01. GI. Among the rclat1'0nships of life, few are sweeter than the tie which unites school people. lmleed, so few are they, that lhey may be counted on the fingers of one hand. The resemblance in body of a child to its father in the flesh is no more marlced than is the likeness in mind of the responsive student to the sympathetic teacher. And students who play and work and worship and live together come to be very dear to one another. Certainly, this inner kinship is close and tender and fruit- ful. Ah! the many beautiful, enduring friendships that begin in school. , ln the years to come, no matter what life may bring us, we all, both students and teachers, shall often tenderly recall the good times we had and the delightful days we spent in "Dear Christian College? Henceforth we are to be part of each other and can never be the same we should have been without our year together. Oh! how good and potent are school days with their sacred mem- ories! And in the far away, busy days when we take up this Annual with trembling hands and quiclcening breath, although our eyes see not for tears, yet the campus and the buildings of dear old A. C. C., filled with the gay music of college songs and with sweet, happy faces of the long ago, will rise up distinctly before us to comfort and to bless and to malce us strong and good and pure. And, for the hour, we shall be young again. So be it. A teacher who loves you and believes in you, ill. 01. Bell -168- . . ..... ....... , P X W W- A I . ng' ------- - A,,- W ,.--..-.--, W, - PI? IICK LV 'H'-2 3 QW X 4 V, 5 x -',A 6 21' EQ O' , . R, ..16q.,. .... 1.-siissilcnaiav -a f ' s .ii-3E.'a.r-Z.-:H ? 2 -- Elnkra y Collins: "What is your favorite wild game?" Craig: "Football," llllllllll' Mrs. Morlau: "You looked like a fool when you proposed to me." Mr. Morlan: "I was!" Ili!!! C. D. Speck Jr.: "Grandpa do guns have legs?" Father Speck: "Certainly not, my son, why?" C. D. Jr.: "They have breeches, don't they?" lil! Herbert Sikes Casleepl : "M-m-mum-say! Did you ever see a goose have a duckfit?" Kill Miss Nelson: "How could any one be- lieve the cow really jumped over the moon?" Raymond Pittman: "Well, have you seen the milky way?" un Miss Compere: "What do you find the hardest part about skating?" Iven Hensley: "The ice." lil! Prexy: "A, C. C. wants the cleanest sport possible." Coach: "I'd suggest swimming." un Mrs. Burke: "You have the most dif- ficult part of the play." Dump Rowsey: "Why l don't say a thing." Mrs. Burke: "'I'hat's why its difficult." Will The trouble with most of our troubles is they never happen. lllilli Essie Rambo to class: "Use the word 'notwithstanding' properly in a sentence." Johnny Schug, after some thought: "Father wore his pants out 'notwithstand- ingsf: iiii Bettye: "What did you think when Delma made love to you?" Connie: 'I thought of unskilled labor." an-1 Childress: "Why Berry knows the best people in town." Etter: "Well, why doesn't he associate with them?" Childress: "They know him." Bro. Cox: "You should select some live subject for a thesis." Gladys Arleclge: "How about 'The Teacher and the Child?" 1114 Roy Lanier: "'l'hought is almost as quick as lightning." , Nichols: "Yes, and to you a bright one would be almost as shocking." un A. C. Hill: "I'm tellin' you right." Frankie Mae Roach: "I wish you would tell the truth without lying." lil!!! Paul Witt has charge of all "Bills," Will Byrd Ray Lewis: "I don't like this grade much." Spanish Teacher: "I clidn't either, 'C'." iii? Bro. Poole has as much right to know as anybody. He defines an "average" man as one who is not as good as his wife thought he was before marriage and who is not as had as she thinks he is after marriage. lil! ' Prof. Coons: "Can ou tell me what Y 'density' is?" J. Mac: "I can't get it straightened out, but I have it in my head." Prof. Coons: "You are right, be seated." un Sanders: "You didn't stay long last night." titagner: "I stayed till the lights wunk." fans- Claude Sikes: "I got hold of some sneez- ing powders one time and lack to snez my head off." nu Douthitt Wilson: "I wish I were twins. 1 think it wouldn't be so lonesome." Herbert Sikes: "Pd rather he four, then I. could play forty-two." nu Bro. Bell: "Mr. Crabtree, tell us how you define beauty." Crabtree: "It's not in me." Bro. Bell: "Correct." 170- .....: ..... - -- Q, ........ - ...... X! . Q V 7 , H .-.. Hr iseielaftsv isasaisw 2 rf ilnkes Leap year like mistletoe is no longer UBCCSSBTY. ill it lk ll' W. R. Smith tells of an experience with a married woman. She taught him a les- son. lt was his mother. -wm- Huth: "We should love for love's sake." Edithzz "Yes, but love's charm is strong- er when the links are of gold." Fill!! THINGS THAT NEVER HAPPEN. 1. Mr. Coons made up his mind def- initely and gave an A-plus. 2. Bro. Schug: "Just put your books anywhere." 3. Howard Noles was on time at his class. 4. Claude busted in a course and blamed his teacher. 5. H. Pummill, g'No thanks, I've eaten plenty." 6. Douthitt: "That beats anything I could tell.', 7. Colley: "Fm not worthy of the praise given me." 8. Lois Kelly failed to laugh when she was tickled. . 9. Craig: 'il don't know, l don't keep up with baseball." 10. Bro. Morlan strained his voice lead- ing 'college yells. 11. Prexy sang a solo in Washington, D. C. 12. Miss Dunn lost her "pep.', 13. Earl Stagner had a serious thought. 14. Ruth Ratliff met classes for a whole week and didn't fuss with her teacher. 15. Dean Speck remembered a "one- 6fteen" meeting and was there on time. 16. Weldon Russell failed to ask stu- dents for annual dues. 17. Lee Coffman did not smile today. llllllllll Ray Johnson: f'There used to be some- thing about me that you liked." .lack Hays: "Yes, but you spent it." llllllilli Most of us aim well, but fail to pull the trigger. Some have no aim and try to get by with trigger work. Bro. Showalter: "Son, I hate to do this. To whip you hurts me even worse than it does you." Son: "Now, father, don't make it '00 hard on yourself, for l'm not worth it." H-s-if Mr. Coons: "Are you not going to take Chemistry next term?" Ceo. Klingman: "Not if anything else is offered." wus- Dean Speck fafter hearing a big noise in room 99: ul-lere fellers! We're hav- ing a class in here." W. R. Smith: "Well, don't let us bother y0ll.' Will! Eldon Sanders: "Do you know the Bar- row boys?" Stagner: "1 know 'wheel'." lflllllll .Marriage to Miss Hayes: Something missed. Marriage to Miss Malone: Something escaped. lllkllll' Herbert Sikes fto Dump Rowsey who sat on a pillowlz "Say, is that a luxury or a necessity?" Dump: "A necessity." Herbert: "I was thinking if it was a luxury there should be some tax on it." wlwkt C. Gobble:"'Have you heard about the fight?" Q Alexander: 'iNo, what about it?" C. Cobble: 'iWolfe licked his paw." iii!! K. McKenzie: "1 appreciate your pro- posal but circumstances forbid my ac- ceptancef' Colley: "What are the circumstances?" Kate: "Yours" un How hard it is to be poor, yet how easy. 4101441 Walter: "My wife used to talk of tak- ing up law, but now she is content with laying it down." -171- ...... ..... . ........ s ...... .... - 'I , ,MW,,,,,WMe,l,I - . LH. -ee so "TUE II? K LV ' l' Y 2-li t BLUSHL5 QAY COME, N BLUSHE45 Rn-NGO Bur FRECKLJES HANG ON FOREVER!! Uhr Zilunk anh the Zfflunkvr Here's to the flunk that has pestered for years, For which will soon vanish all of our fears, When you barely get by, There's no reason for sigh, But when its a flunk, You surely feel punk. Here's to the flunker, with a frown on his face, Who does the work over at a rapid pace, l Now do not think it such a sin, For, I myself, am a "have been.' The flunk in school becomes later so realg But hard to see, and harder to feel. The flunker in school becomes a flunky in life, He whittles the box with on old pocket knife. I want to get by as easy as I can, And above all things want to be a man, But a'on't think me a sorry cuss, Because sometimes I make a bust. -J. Llcla COFFMAN. --,172 - h . l I . -9 ll 'HIFUIQQHFKLY FJEAIIQQ V 213 P' 5 1 Z AX M IIIIVWHY X., LU HTA -,, X 1 ff-f ffw I4 'six-5 lf rv' ,X r'f X ir- 2 'ME-aU7'fr QQ I E lQ!IlilllEllilllH -isnssgimgrrvff X 1 I, g 1 'W 1 X X ., Qsf f, Q ff fi ' M. ff " f W 'J azz' 411911, nu ff? in , gf A X X M xXx X J? S . V V- F TT rg 1 A ' I, " -,T XXX .51 2 1 f. I , f-W f W N " iff ' Y . I :K 411, fx ,lf f- Q X X . ' - ' 'r V 4 7 2 W ' ' '. f, M '- fx X Q- r --LN . i Q K N :XM -:T f V -1 ' .xx K .Y-E" f X H 'Elf f I' . I "' X nur K " X ' f-J Z - X 7 -. ' . ' ' 1 1 X R - ,f ,- X 'l: sx- U, 'Q x Xw Q,-' I, W - A f' V K Xxx X -'mn K .3 1" x 'X T A X HW". , ' X ! 13' ' ' I A f - , f' 1 L .- 1 .-A f :I 1 H j - 'z f. V 1 13 I K ' . 5 1, Lf 1 - ' C., zf 1 1 fi", mn, fl, J. -X . I A, ff Y wh f 'fr-,,. .VH ' --A--.' 'I ' X ' X f' bg.. ' '- ' ' I . Saba'--. .. er f 'Slam 5 X ' ' -CN . t --wif - M x 5 SM" s Q: X X as gi pn H 5. -1- XX -- ' - 7' ' '. 5 I- In 1-5- 'K . X i?:'i.'fgf5k bf 'L X X X ' F 51131. ,,'-1.2 ""' '--'-FST-9fil3'7f? X X53 ,.T T Q ' 'f'P"",' ,-.r ":l'i1 X':.QX LT' ' Q ' 1 . ,f- '-fi ,1 H55 ,- , dr ' .A -A - .H ,J in 55- X -.3 .L 'I it I ' I 1 ---L'!"Q. RQ! - H - - ', - he Q ' .,f, - . ,-5, A -.-e , .,w.' "J ,--F -4' '- ,:. , ,A , i l YW, -.,- , . :sl X " 1" .ww lf . new wx 'T ? . ., yr - ff- A ' if Wa gm, Q I Q M , f. xv XX X , -- ,V 1 N . f H , Lf.. fr, , X -X X X I - Haw. V-40,1 ,' ' ,- J X ..... ,, .,.. ..---.. ' F J' - ,f J C -' " X N X iaizvf--e:....QI,...i...:f.:mug5 , fl gf 5 f ' .f- WW' N vw V if - 'Q 5 f ' ' ,X xx .K Xixxix X i f 'i:6hqmEgJFEq5c,,,,l. 'Az x ki- X f , X X X gx ,' .,:Q33L1:r1Y41 I LAW 4 .- , A b Y Y X x :N 1 ' - , X XYX X , WM ' I - , , -- Y-- xx X g X n32',,,,,. .,... ..,.,,...,4'11 -. - , ., X . ' 1, I f X un I 4, I nl! fx! ' 6 ff f f 0 M , f 0 :Lg ' ::gfn,.nnl4frl!,fn.lul' J X f X JJ, f f ff ff .N f , 1 fgq'71uzvf", ' ' X I X -7 ' ..-"rf yi f I! X .7 1 f f Y 0: f x 1 ' N '1 9!"' f' x X, fx -b ff XX X ' , 9 ' f , 1 V If ' f X -173- ,.. maya Y ll EJIQICKISY FEIAIQISSQ V Your Opportunity To Start a Savings Account THE GREAT WESTERN LOAN Sz BUILDING ASSOCIATION will prove a lasting benefit at at time when it is most needed. RLGIN NOW A SYSTEM or REGULAR SAVING AND THERERY ATTAIN AN INDEI LNIDLNCE OF WHICH You WILL BE PROUD LATER IN LIFE. We help you to begin to be independent. Greut Western Loan 8: Building Association ABILENE, TEXAS T A RUSSELL P l t J. H. 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Keeble, Cashier of the above named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. W. R. KEEBLE, Cashier. ee--ee--PM-A--We-A---A-W--JI 'av -av' U- WW. vv.v- . . - .. PQHCKLV frglgl 211 To time A. C. C. Students You will find in our stock the latest in both Young iVlen's Outfittings and Young Ladies, Ready-to-Wear. Thanking you for your past patronage we extend a cor- dial welcome to make this your store. HIT PAYS TO PAY CASH7' 13 JA E33 B 9 S' V PHONE 107 P PI-IGNE 107 S E R V I C E THAT SAT ISFIES D Y E I N G Y YOU LIKE CL E A N I N G UNEXCELLED Abilene Steam Laundry Company -f:Q5Q:QE.f f1::::,ff l L,i-t-r v A in serenity EEASII?-Q V 2 11 JV. L... E?--2" L .QTSTEQI ,f siscriiuc Abilene Gas fs' Electric Company LIGHT, COOK AND HEAT WITH ELECTRICITY ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Electric Washers Electric Ranges Electric Heaters Electric Grills Electric Irons PHONE 832 ABILENE, TEXAS -W----.-+--.-vA--f------v-ll 'gg ' 'Q' life.-.M---.-L--- M M llgli? ll? K LY A. C. C. Has One of America 's Best Photographers RoB1NsoN The Photo Specialist 315,000.00 STOCK OF MODERN FURNITURE AND FLOOR COVERINGS Operating ten stores gives us a big saving in quantity purchases. This saving we offer lo our customers. Stores all lhe following lowns: Rotan, Hamlin, Anson, Merkel, Stamford, Cisco, Eastlunrl, Bf16Cl46I'lI'iflgC, Cruliam ilflf-l Abilene. Barrow Fu1'n1tu1'e Company, inc. PAY THE PAINTER NOW, or PAY THE CARPENTER LATER . 5 irllxcu amd Eli.-in ,gave A534 ff l,.T...of ' rl . ,Jon N i K . g BOLLING-KEAN l'The Gliclclen Slorel 94K N I' Slreel PAINTS, OILS, WALL PAPER AND GLASS Ph 1417 -185- Us . .. ..... - .,.. , TNQ-eilele ll V A THE EMPORIUM 228 PINE STREET Al ys the Newest in H Dresses and Suits. We thunk y f 1' past favors and SOllCIl your further patron P g Prompt and Efficient Service. MISS MAY DARNELL DR. R. A. MADDOX BEST SERVICE , ln all Floral Work, ooel Prices Dentist Right- . Mobley Flower Shop Abllene 5'3 Texas Phone als lvlololey Hotel Bldg. Montgomery Drug Company School Supplies, Baseball and Tennis Goods Stationery, Etc. l Good Drinks Visit Our Fountain Good Service PERRY GROCER COMPANY PHONES: 125-127-128 FANCY GROCERIES AND FRESH MEATS I. A. GRIFFITH FURNllTURE COMPANY WE HANDLE THE MOST UP-TO-DATE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE Sonora Talking Machines :: New Home Sewing Machines 1029 NORTH SECOND -186- EE 31.77 4 IL ::.::4 :.:: :rg .LL.I:I - - 2 2 - -V. xf' +,,, ,,, . .. oooo C , , oooo , I S , A I . . ' , - EEHCKEV PEAETQH A. C. C. Book Store BOOKS, STATIONERY, CANDY AND ATHLETIC GOODS ' New Store Next Year THF CAMPUS STORE J. M. SEWELI., Mgr. IVIcDavicI 69 Kauffman REAL ESTATE, LOANS AND INSURANCE 1525 PINE STREET PHONE 605 COLLINS CROCERY COMPANY writes Ocef A STUDENTS GROCEHIES AND PRODUCE Phone 226 We Know That You Appreciate Good YOU'LL FIND IT AT Footwear Ami asks that you accept this your personal invitation top I in at your convenience. If quick Service is what Mail us your kodak orders. . 249 PINE STREET -137- W eee e A i wa 'ee A - Tw F Q11 C K LV Abilene Christian College is cleclicated to the advancement of Higher lcleals thru the 'young men and women ol' Abilene and West Texas. The business of the McCarty Furniture Company is dedicated to BETTER HOMES for Abilene and West Texas. MCCARTY FURNETURE COMPANY WI-IITE'S ' ' ' U ' .I G'f'. A n1vers'1 1 ts THE HOME OF LIGHT CRUST for Graduation. FLOUR GIFTS What you want when you Want it. Wiglsappl'-M118 Your business. N' 2m lreetphone fyguulene' 'lexus '47'hi11,gs That Are Different" 259 Pine Street Phone 1000 Excel-Sure Dye Works WHERE CLEANING AND PRESSING ARE DIFFERENT We have the largest plant between F t. Worth and El Paso. 903 NORTH sacown srmzm -- PHONE sa, USE rr -188- It- Q to V PQ IICK LYS IEQEALRQQ, Zi Gambill Brothers Hardware The Winchester Store TENNIS GOODS BUILDERS' HARDWARE BASE BALL GOODS SHERWIN WILLIAMS PAINTS FISHING TACKLE CHINA AND GLASSWARE GOLF CLUBS COOKING UTENSILS GOLF BALLS AND BAGS THERMATIC FIRELESS COOKERS GUNS AND CUTLERY WHITE MOUNTAIN REFRIGERATORS CLOCKS AND WATCHES DIRECT ACTION GAS RANGES SILVERWARE CHARTER OAK STOVES AND RANGES Phone 388 ABILENE, TEXAS 157 Pine Street JOHN F. OLIVER CHEST N UT STREET GROCER B Fresh Fruit and Vegetables, JOHNSON 'S CAFE Del Monte Canned Goods WHERE WE ALL G0 FOR Harvest Maid Flour. GOOD EATS PHONES: 851 AND 850 The Store of Service and Quality. COCKERELL DRUG COMPANY City Drug Store SOUTH SIDE We Appreciate Your Drug Trade. Quick Auto Delivery Pure Drugs Prompt Service TOM MITCHEL lVlEAD'S BAKING COMPANY Where Quality and Cleanliness YoUR TRADE APPRECIATED. Phone Qfgffgffegflstnut SL l032 N. FIRST ST. BREAD PIES CAKES -489- ' n XXV ABILENE PRINTING COMPANY OFFICE SUPPLIES, SCHOOL SUPPLIES BOOK AND COMMERCIAL PRINTING Come to o 1072 NORTH SECOND STREET STATIONERY, RING BOOKS, BLANKS, LOOSE LEAF DEVICES FOR OFFICE AND SCHOOL ROOM, GLOBE WERNICKE FILING CABINETS, INKS, PENCILS, ETC. ur store for whatever you need in School Supplies or Printing. IIIIIIIIIIHllllllllllIllllIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII PUBLISHERS THE ABILENE REPORTER FuII Associalerl Press Leased Wire AFTERNOON, SUNDAY MORNING, WEEKLY C Office and oioio . . e I + , . - lla E an I I PIR? ICKILN lF"l.'-:ARI right Furniture Co. We lVlake a Home Out of Your l-louse. Cash or Credit South First and Oak Sts. Phone 374 Smith 8: Cole The Maniss Store and Tailor Shop SUITS T0 ORDER-CLEANING AND PRESSING A SPECIALTY IVIOBLEY HOTEL BUILDING . BUY YOUR JEWELRY, TOILETC Attentlon ARTICLES AND STATIONERY 1At... Students! I CIIRIsToPHER's Buy your Fall Suit when you re- turn to A. C. C. next fall from Sal- ser SI Wolf. Let us do ALL your tailor work. Our shop is on the campus for your service. We Dry Clean Your Clothes- Satisfaction Guaranteed! The College Tailoring Company RRoWN . SANDERS -MARTIN Agents for Salser 8 Wolf Woolens. DRUG STORE A. R. CHRISTOPHER, Druggist 139 Chestnut Street Cube li. Paxton Ceo. E. Henderson Paxton 81 Henderson Successors to MOTZ 81 PAXTON Over IIIZIIOIIISS Jewelry Store Fire, 'I'orIIado, Pluto Class, Automobile, Accident In'ur'I . R ' ' ' l' , s .uce cpiesenung .I me of leading Fire Companies of the world. Prompl and Satisfactory Adjustments. , PHONE 1316 ABILENE. TEXAS -I91-- I r islrallclanv IFTJEAIQ P2 is 5 V bilene Christian ollege A FOUR YEAR A PLUS COLLEGE I This means that the full academic course leading to the standard Bachelor of Arts E degree is given and that the work done here is fully credited by the I institutions of higher learning in Texas. This is the highest ' rank that can be accorded a college in the state. DEPARTMENTS I This institution is composed of the .following departments: College of the Bible, College of Arts ' and Sciences, College of Fine Arts, a Standard Academy and Training School. Courses are offered in Bible, Education, English, Greek, Chemistry, Geology, Astronomy, Domestic I Science, Dotnestice Art, Physics, Pltilosophy, Botany, Zoology, Physiology, History, : Mathematics, Psychology, Public Speaking, French, Spanish, Latin, Biblical n Introduction, Church History, Christian Missions, Hebrew, Christian Doc- : trlrle, New lestament Interpretation, Old Testament Inte1'pretation, 1 Economics, Government, Violin, Voice, Piano, Expression, and Art. l 5 FACULTY u : The regular faculty.is composed of thirty christian men and women of the best collegiate and I university training, seasoned with many years of successful experience as teachers. ' : ln addition to this some student-assistants are employed who have proved their : ability as capable and efficient. I I E EQUIPMENT I i A campus of forty acres, four brick buildings, seven frame buildings, well equipped laboratories : for Home Economics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Geology, a library of I more than five thousand select volumesg splendid equipment for Fine : Artsg and excellent class room furniture constitute I the material equipment. 1 I . I A Thorough Christian Institution I We solicit your patronage on the basis of the above. Finish your degree in a Q Genuine Christian College. I WRITE FOR OUR BULLETINS. J. P. SEWELL, President, ABILENE, TEXAS g -192- I I :W V sts.. .- .-,, -Ass-s ..... Q ,.g,l, ......... ...- - --------- -- K 1 Q -........,,, ,AVA , , W Xf I Abilene Floral Co. HFIOIRI Artistsi' Always the best in fancy pot plants and cut flowers. DECORATIONS AND FUNERAL WORK A SPECIALTY By artists in that line. Two stores: Opposite Post Office and Mission Theatre. Greenhouses 16th and Hickory Streets-Phone 721 ABILENE "DRAUGIION'S" A L A R I E EAT WHERE CEEANLINESS 51,200 to 52,000 . . . Dver ten times as many positions as graduates. I5 SUPREME' Money-back guarantee insures position. Wprld- ia'?""19"S'Z.'ma3'S'63i'Z,'I'i?,2LpS"f3E:1222J"diCf33l 1028 N th F- L Sl t i':I.elsuIi1gW :li College or by Mail. Catadog Free. ' or Irs ree lll'llIKll0II'S BUSINESS Gullegu, llJll8Il8, TOMS, Bill 33 PAINTS, OIL, WALL PAPER WINDOW GLASS, PICTURE FRAMES AND ART MATERIAL SEE INO. B. NEILL PHONE 779 1057 NORTH QND QUALITY SHOE SHOP BiokfOrd'S Corner Drug Corner Cypress and Second Store Noflh Of Grace Hotel- IN MIDDLE OF BLOCK ON C. G. ABBOTT NORTH FIRST STREET ALI, WORK GUARANTEED Abllenev 5 5 3 Texas --193- 1 E1 RICK LV A EEAELIIIZJE W asrcamf if 0 Workzng For ou Q An organization of more than three thousand people, doing an annual business of approximately Fifty Million Dollars, whose tremendous savings in quantity- buying are in turn passed on to its patrons in lower prices for standard mer- chandise. DON,T GET THE WRONG llVlPllESSlONl Don't think that just because our store is not the largest one in the city that it is not the most reasonable in its prices. liemember it enjoys the distinction of being a link in the Largest Chain Department Store Organization In The World and serves accordingly. lt is part of an institution whose policy and plan is square dealing and has eliminated the lOSS usually sustained by Bad Debts, extravagent operating expenses, delivery, middlemen's profits and many other items of expense so often paid by the customer. -llx - The Tremendous Saving thus effected together with the saving effected by buying in extremely large quan- tities for cash are passed on to our patrons. We solicit your patronage believing we can and do give you more for your money. ...,..o-.,i...... N y ft NFJL'-matass - F J aItMGST.QtQl ' ' U :Sz DEPARTMENE-1nfi'ff'60iZiE't?, -1940- g ..... 46 .... - ' Q ' ' A -N' -N PIEQQHCKLV L HEAIEQ it 211 I D. I"I. Hufiines Tailoring Co. I022 N. First Street-San Antonio Street Entrance Our Motto: uService Gets Businessw ' Cleaning, Pressing and Alterations -- Let Us Orcler Your Spring Suit l PHONE 547 WE DELIVER PHONE 54-7 5 MSAY IT WITH FLOWERS" I ' Every sentiment of school life has any appropriate expression in flowers. , PHONEIMH I WeHaveThem. THE PHILPOTT FLORISTS 19410 SOUTH THIRD Q ASK FOR- 5 M134 SERVICE" BUSBY 8z CROWDER ' Cars when you come, we are , , 5 1-esponsible. 7, Chlropractlc - Masseurs g uPhone 134' ' TRANSFER i Baggage and Service Cars Day PHONE 113 E or Night. 5 I THE RALPH PAINT E AND PAPER CO. 5 ABILENE, TEXAS I Paint, Glass, Wall Paper, Art : Materials, Picture Frames. I Ulf not right, return it and get Q your money back." ' Forty years in Abilene enables I us to tell you what to use I and how to use it. I I 1 I I IENNINGS BROS. PLUMBERS AND ELECTRICIANS "The House That Wants Your Businessn ELECTRIC WIRING, FINE PLUMB- ING, STEAM HEATING, BATH TUBS. SINKS, Etc. ..... .... -- Egieciactsv iaiafsieelset n 5 Q I ....-no .nn , , ,H, , ,,,, w,,.,,A., .-,,,.,. , . H -Wa , . .,,. was AA ,-- 0 n FV We Believe IIIIIIIIllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllll -that we have every facility necessary for the proper handling of your banking business. -that our capital and resources, strict governmental supervision, and the ability, and integrity of our officers and directors amply safeguard the funds intrusted to our keeping. -that a thorough investigation of our institution will lead you to place an account with us. IIIlIIIIllIIIllIIIIlIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllll ll Per Cent Paid on Savings Accounts. llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll Citizens National Bank OF ABILENE Capital and Surplus . . 3300,000.00 51, - ---- --1---- 'i'5Efr.-..i..-..---4 ---- ---------- may-WKMMI bgbfd MW- A I- V-,, AwvM,,,,-,,,,M,l -Q rg' .,,. . ,..,,,,.,,,,,, ,. , ,, ,, , SEI., I I I: is ' PQCCCI KLY "W E, ,e-.L-en-4,4-ut... ..-,..It111-L-1--m-:::.:1-::- ff- , --ffzz: --ff-:4,:..-.-.Q:,.p2,...--v.- --n-u--.-n...-..- -.. My I "f' h"' "iV l I I ,, '3.:T1'7 , 1 '1ZL?.f '1" if I I ,E Iwi 1 "tl" M 1 ,xy ,if gary mi M 1 r 4. - me , s N ,N , ,dry I, V+ x n aw 'ii I tgfjgf, 1 if ,I My 1 I t x.- - X ' A 31i,qw.v'ir 1 ii: My at Rf M if avg!! , r-, 4 , ,Q Ai U t ,f ,I r 1 ,, at Qty if ' ti: , . 3 it U ' I f f t- .tu I I ' 1 . .. f A, is 11 9 E 3, 3 e I , ,"f1?', 'It' 1 - -,Q-3 I .L An . H - 1- , V' , '- " I i m.Sg'u:f:f w2v'i'ftGfy: aw trmfgmb. Ziisis-if--,fzcigtw .- Swv. - -. It ,1,.e,,v.,.... Mn 1, :Amit-o U.: -A .4 , vi-,,:',g.-iqzigygq :tsffqwr f " -wgit' -.-gqgpw gbpflift ':5iIH,'.i.,M:f ' "-:-gtg? Y -M fzwth '7Q,t?i- .-if . ' . . 1 we I The ROYAL TYPEWRITER gs used by big banks, big msgrance com axues-big busmess everyw ere It has ali exceptnonal record for long lnfe, for beautiful clear cut work and excellent servnce ww , . 'd4't-5'-UA' ini.. -- , tl' tf'if"'f"7'mI,C'We-Af J' . if ,' Mi ,. O . 1 ' I 4 -1 1 I .TJ-J , f ' t '- I' I IL Vt' I- 'f ' A 'Compare the 'IUC rk" F - -'I I ' Q' in 1 I N WE ARE DISTRIBUTORS FOR- Royal and Corona Typewrit.e1's Wales Adding and Listing Nlacliiiies St. Louis Cash Registers Safe Cabinet Company Safes Safe Guard Check Write1's Multi-Kopy Carbon-Star Ribbons TYPEWRITERS AND ADDING MACHINES SOLD, RENTED, EXCHANCED AND REPAIRED. ABILENE TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE CEO. A. PEARCE, Manager GRACE HOTEL BLGD. PHONE 217 ABILENE -:- -:- -:- TEXAS -197- IEEE EaattaaE,a 5 n - 1:1 ' PE? IICK LV EFEAIFEQLZL by ' ilu' l Gp' X, X , no x gQy?D'f-yff ,f 21' E L A ,ffnt ' get . . i ihli J AL: - i r J V" N .3 - is ,- -gtg , y , X f ff , f, f 1 f 1 ' f f 4' ' U ,1 t I ,- f f-T yt- v I 1 ew K 2 " yi, 1r'.uixC!x ,mai 1 f r li who N I fsfflefhytliibg 1 1' I ' ri I fmt-3 J ,lui 1 QHWI1' d' Q will gztftgf l 'W' "iff, , 0 U jug' A I l I 1,4 fbwbi fer f ff V X l qi rx 533 i uf" 9 .1 t w, 5. . W, 20 AA 'W' X Xf BETTY WALES DRESSES Co-ED DRESSES Ill!llIlilllllllllllllllllllllllllll Printzess Suits Gage and Vogue Hats llllllIIII1lllllIlllllllllllllllllll And other lines of ready-to-wear in the style and quality class with above feature lines pop- ularizes this store with the students of Abilene schools and colleges and other discriminating buyers. OUR EXCLUSIVE DEPARTMENT EOR MEN 1,37-T - ,Illlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll my Is always ready to serve high school l and college students with Hart,Schaffner anfl Marx Suits and snappy up-to-the moment styles in furnishing. Large buy- ing ancl economical selling expenses en- ables us to quote reasonable prices throughout the Store. UIIIIilIllllllllllllllllllllllllIII T'lisrrs.n Urn Eiumxa Emi ABILENES FHDGPISEIVK STORE ,SEl,tttLU?f K -198- - ...,, is ,E an E Jill - he , ' , v ' -,l,..,r,.-,,rr . . PLQHCKLV QEAEL 2 u ABILENE is the best college town in the South and the Chamber of Commerce endorses and recom- mends the ABILENE CHRISTIAN COL- LEGE to every possible student in the Whole wide World. A , i Abilene is a College Town 1 Ask the Chamber of Commerce for further information. - 1l.11- ABILEN E CHAMBER OF COMMERC-E W. J. FULWILER, President GRADY KIN SOLVIN G, Secretary -199s- H I A ..... 5 1' A I, t -,,. .,' tl G W T 0 - E E Y ,Ii- "ll5llE9lIC1KLIV 'Wi tsss I I . . MT I I YOU COLLEGE BOYS- ' I ON YOUR VACATION I 1, I ' I -You will need, probably, an EXTRA Suit and well-assorted -:sf 4 i stock of lVlen's Furnishings, and we want you to know what sat- I isfaction it is, by selecting from our large variety of STANDARD I i lines of merchandise-lines that are established and tried out, I and leave no doubt as to their being the BEST money can buy! I I R, I --KAHN-TAILORED-CLOTHES, Hanan and Howard X Foster I 0 ull 'N : Shoes, Stetson and Trimble Hats, lVIanhattan Shirts, and other , I I fa, : lines that will convince you ol' their QUALITY when shown I V. I : the label! df' 9 ' I4 ,.,. ' A' Wdo ' -v-, I vfb aqeflvkl E IDHOMEASURE , T H E T O G G E R Y f . , ,, "' I ' llVlen's l'lLll'lllSllCl'S'l -'I : 1062 NORTH FIRST STREET : I - I I JONES TAILORINC COMPANY I I NTAILORING THAT SATISFIESR 1 Cleaning, Pressing, Alterations and Repairing I PHONE 75 :: 1412 CHESTNUT STREET I I I 0 I These AdV6Pt1S6PS are I " 0 Our F l'18lldS 5 I I THEY HAVE MADE POSSIBLE THIS : , I PUBLICATION OF I Q I MTHE PRICKLY PEAPU, : I I PATRONIZE THEM Q I -200- . : I 'QILJ'.1.'2'1'.I'4..-..4.."-'il-L'-Z ---- 9.6 YCUR ANNUAL Can be no more arfisfic flxan flxe engraving used no more inferesfing flxan flxe ideas presenfed no more unique Hxan ills meflxod ofpresenfafion For 100 per cent three Wys Xlse the Se1'x7ices X-gf' SOUTHWESTERN ENGRSWING COMPANY Tori W7orH1,f7'egras.

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