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Abilene Chrisitian High School - Cactus Yearbook (Abilene, TX) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Cover

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:Lf H-ix ,19- I .5 3' IQ .2 ,. 'fi Y W , 4? E- Pl wi , f 4.1. w-V 4 QZEXQWIUU N1 N5 'x fl ABILENE CHRISTIAN HIGH SCHOOL Abilene. Texas ., FOREWORD As Will Rogers once said, "I am a part of all I've met," and so are you. Here in the best school in the world we suddenly realize how much all our friends and acquaintances have become a part of us-and we a part of them. Now, as we look back over our activities, la- bors and toils together, it is fitting that we have a book to help us preserve all those memorable and enjoyable times together. The CACTUS staff of nineteen hundred forty-five and forty-six sincerely hopes that this annual will give a true picture of this year spent in Abilene Christian High. X Q if X la fm, EZ Z 5 f l tw W S ...- -53. .W It is here that men and women of tomorrow learn the lines which they are to use in the great' drama of life. we. Y' THE ZONA LUCE EDUCATICN BUILDING 4119+ fQL' "4 4 "t4.+,+ 4 , 1044 Qi 4444 444 ' it it I :L .1'w' I 4 U ABILENE CHRISTIAN HIGH SCHOOL EX-STUDENT Iaclc Abels George Abernathy Ioe Agnew Thomas Aiken Robert N. Allen Thomas Allen Iulian Alsobrook Pat Amaon Billy Agnew Horace Arledge Shatter Arledge lim Arny Iarnes Atteberry Kivie Ayers S. I. Ayers Buck Baldridge loe Baldridge Bill Barnett Bob Barnett George Benchotf Gene Bennett Bill Biggerstaff William Black Charles Box Harry Bright lack Bryant Smith Bucy if 'A' 'A' SERVICE ROLL Charles Buster Max Fisher Bryan Butler Harold Ford Guerdon Busby 'Lloyd Freeman Eugene Bush Don F rudenburg Glen Cagle I. B. Gamble Brooks Carrol Leon Garrett Doyle Carter A1-lbfeY GGY Gwyn Carter C. B. Casey Iames Casslow Wilford Clapp Gerald Collett Gordon Corder lim Cox, lr. Don Crantill Pleasant Crenshaw lohn Crunk Oran Culler Meredith Cure Bill Crow Henry A. Daughtery "Virgil Dees Billy Dorton Iimmie Duckworth lack Dusek Del Everton R. C. F arrner Vernie Feemster "' Killed in action Billy Gilliland Melvin Gilliland Gwen Grubbs Bill Goforth Billy Goldsmith Nolan Hall Virgil Hollowell Curtis Harber Earl Harris Ioe Victor Harve Norman Haskew Harvey Hayes Henry Hayes Iohn L. Higdon Glen Hicks Bernard Holly Freeman Holly Owen Holly Iohn Ivey Ewing Iones Y 'kit l DEDICATION Q To those who paid the supreme sac- rifice defending the freedom which we love so dearly that we might have the many privileges which we enjoy, some of which are shown in the following pages, we sincerely dedicate this an- nual with our hope that the sacrifice they made was not made in vain. We further dedicate this annual to a representative of this worthy group, who was not only a student in this school, but a leader in all of its activi- ties. He was called to the service of his country, and on April 1, 1945, he made the supreme sacrifice. Therefore, we of the annual staff sincerely dedi- cate this annual to Private Gene Allen Scruggs. PRIVATE GENE ALLEN SCRUGGS ff Virgil A. Daugherty Robert King Raymond Munden Henry Roberson Loyd Freeman Forrest Marlin Earl Proctor Will Smith Freeman Holly Cy Moore Reginal Reynolds lack Woodly a.1",...-TX fl-4 +4 , ' ,1"+,+ 4 , 'G+ 'It 4 4 'T' ,.- if 4 'I-444 ' 4 4444 1' lx ABILENE CHRISTIAN HIGH SCHOOL EX-STUDENT David Kennemar Olwyn Kennedy Perry Kenner Duane Kinder A. M. King, Ir. 'Robert King Charles Lambert Fred Landres Floyd Ledbetter Leroy Leggett Iames Kelly Lewis Hardy Loudermilk Phil Lovelady Erwin Lovelady I-1. S. Mahan I. C. Mann 'Forrest Marlin Vincent May George McCall Howard McCook Brian McKenzie Tim McLeod George Miller Dick Milton Ierald Molloy Thomas Monroe W. N. Montgomery 'Cy Moore G. C. Morlan, Ir. lack Morris Tommie Morris 'kirir SERVICE ROLL Berry Moreland 'Raymond Munden Foy Moudy Tom Moudy Ioe Nelson Durwood Neville Carl Norman Arthur Norred Charles North Iames Nuchols Thomas Nowlin Richard Owens Glen Powers Iack Price Charles Proctor Earl Proctor Freddie Proctor Bruce Pveatt Bonnie vv ayne Reed I. I. Reese Leon Reese 'Reginald Reynolds Tom Riser 'Henry Roberson Bill Roberson Earl Raughton Marvin Rutland G. T. Sandige Hanry Sayles 'Gene Allen Scruggs Paul Shepherd Bill Slaughter Il "' Killed in acuon Bill Smith I. E. Smith Iimmy Smith Sam Smith 'Will Smith Clark Sorrels David Taylor Edward Templeton Horace Templeton Eugene Tenney Paul Terry Charles Tidwell Ernest Trice Lilius Virden lim Walker Albert Walls Ernest Walls Chief Wardon George Watson Norman Whitefield Don Williams A. I-I. Williams I. C. Wilson Raymond Wilson 'lack Woodly Raymond Wray Roy Youngblood Earl Young Freeman Latsos Ioe Yowell 'ir 'Ir 'A' I-----iv ,gf F I X dl 44 I ' ,...1 ,ff LI . IIQIQQ ff! ,gn I 72 w I IWW I X .U- III jf JI II? I ,gyx X - x,x x -' wc WE V -7 W N lull J I' f I M' I ' I AI' E' , , f MW I I . ,L I I ff ADMINISTRATION 0 of V ,X M ' I SUPERINTENDENTXS MESSAGE Dear Students: America is a land of opportunity today. Don't forget that. All of the important jobs have not been done. There is a challenge for everyone. Are you big enough to meet yours? The successful life has its.beginning in the heart of the individual. Confidence in oneself is an essential to success. when Jesus said, nIt is In, he was immediately recognized. But who are you? HI amn - I live, I exist, I have beer created, I have life. HI cann - I have power, I can do things, I cam make progress, I can achieve. HI oughtu -- I have a heart, I have a conscience, I know what I should do, I am a responsible being. NI willn - I can do and be what I doggedly, and determinedly will tu be' The first three, HI amn, HI cann, and NI oughtl, are God- given. The UI willn God leaves to you and me. The real person is not reflected in physical features or tailored clothing, Many a boy or girl with a fair intelligence quotient and no talent can make good if he has character.. Optimism is good, but hop-to-it-ism is better. Success to all of youl ' Your friend, Ernest D. Shelton Superintendent PRINCIPALIS MESSAGE tfflfps This year, as in other years, it seems that we have our best group of students. The greatest pleasure that I have is to see the progress made by the individual student. One of the strangest ideas is that onefs educa tion is confined to the years that he spends in school. Not a thousandth part of what we know is gained, or ever could be gained, in any school. Knowledge comes to us from our experiences, whether good or bad, success or failure. And the far larger part comes before or after school. It is our hope that you have acquired by now, a sincere desire to live the Christ-like way so that in the future we will know that you will have the good in- fluence in helping gain and enjoy the peace for which we have fought for and paid for so dearly. Guy A. Scruggs Principal Ernest D. Shelton Bible G. A. Scruggs History Mrs. Frank Etter Librarian Mrs. Zelma Lawyer English-Bible Robert L. Reeves Science-Bible Nelda Norwood Typing W. C. Sikes Mathematics Mrs. Fred Smith Spanish u X ' x x 4. If Q M, Miss Bess Bell . WJ h 'MMI ' i .2 First Grade Mrs. Charles Floyd Eighth Grade and Music Mrs. I. W. Fox Fourth and Fifth Grades Mrs. Penn Gilbreath Sixth and Seventh Grade Mrs. Max Leach Mathematics Bernice McClellan Eighth Grade, Speech, Home Economics Mrs. R. L. Nolen Second and Third Grades Mr. R. L. Nolen Mathematics, Ir. Business FACULTY in 4 , K f Q t eight 265' 'Ks STUDENT COUNCIL First Semester, First Row-lean Smith, Nancy Adams, Mary Io Carter, Sally Ann Croom, Bernell Tuggle, Sunny Stewart. Second Row: Stafford North, President, lake Freeman, G. A. Scruggs, Sponsor-Scotty Holland. Wg? X i Q4 qi i Q ...ss -. v 2 his My A ,+A gags, Vg. L1 t K mn Second Semester, First Row: Maribel Bare, Ella Ruth Yowell, Iean Smith. Second Row: Iohn Morlan, Bill Holland, Patsy Morris, Frances Smith lake Freeman, President-G. A. Scruggs, Sponsor. Qiimwwi , f JY I ' U h gi' 2 M5 STI , E- N -m igyv QL 45 gm f 277 4., Q 3 fi K ' ' X K I I VAT S l 1, 1 N I Q 9 1 g :wmv " SQ L lx P52 . uf A,-., I ,,,, 'U ,ff 'f ,., and fi: f fvv - F v L3L 6 , 7 Q Mx? K V asizifjrv--i - WCQQA q -f L L? 4W"ffr ooCf0R 5 SENIGRS EVA NELL CHAPPLE P 690 College Drive, Abilene A.C.C. Business Ad. Masque and Sandal, '45, 46, Pep Squad, '45, '46, Band, '44, '45, Cactus Staff, '45, Periscope Staff, '45, '46, Stu- dent Council, '45, Class Sec. '44, '45, Class Reporter, '46, Pep Leader, '45,' Sextet, '45, '46, Double Sextet, '46, Mixed Chorus, '44 '46, Class Favor- ite. '44. SID PARKS Abilene 607 Peach A. and M. Transferred from A.H.S. Baseball, '46, Basketball, '46, Masque and Sandal, '46, Cactus Staff, '46, Class Vice- President, '46. SENIOR OFFICERS SID PARKS Vice-President IEANNETTE SCRUGGS Secretary ROBBIE ROBINSON President EVA NELL CHAPPLE Reporter ROBERT L. REEVES Sponsor ROBBIE ROBINSON Abilene 749 Peach St A.C.C. Business Ad. Masque and Sandal, '44, '45, '46,Pres. of Masque and San- dal, '46, Basketball, '46, Base- ball, '45, '46,Student Council, '45, Vice-Pres., Periscope, '45, '46, Editor, '45, Asst. Editor, '46, Cactus, '46, Who's, '45, '46, Senior Favorite, '46, Most Valuable Boy, '46, Class President, '46. IEANNETTE SCRUGGS 642 College Drive. Abilene A.C.C. Music Masque and Sandal, '44, '45, '46, Pep Squad, '43, '44, '45, '46, Piano, '42, '46, Who's Who, '44, Cactus Staff, '46, Periscope, '44, Student Coun- cil, '44, Class Secretary, '43, 45, '46, Pep Leader, '46, Sex- tette, '43, '44, '45, '46, Mixed Chorus, '43, '46, Basketball Sweetheart, '46. ROBERT L. REEVES Science-Bible .SENIORS LOUISE ADAMS Abilene l34l Cedar Crest A.C.C. Music M. and S., '44-'46, Pep Squad, '45, Leader, '46, Band, '43' Who's Who, '45, '46, Cactus, 43, 46, Editor, 45 Periscope, '44, Editor, '46, Student Council, '43, Sex: tet, '43,'46, Mixed Chorus, '43-'45, Class Princess, '45. ROMADENE ALEXANDER Colorado City A.C.C. Music and Dramatics M. and S., '46, Pep Squad, '46, Sextet '46. Transfer from Fordson High, Detroit, Mich. BETH BARNSLEY Music Conservatory Academic Courses 'i. Transfer from Los Angeles High, Los Angeles, Cali FRANK BENNETT Plains, Texas Basketball, 46, Transfer from Plains High School. BILLY GENE BOGART A.C.C. Science Transfer from Benavides High Band, '46 FLORABELLE BREWER Beaver, Okla. A.C.C. Music Transfer from Beaver High, Beaver, Okla. Pep Squad, '46 LATANCE COLCOTE Abilene, Texas MARY IO CARTER Abilene 1900 Cedar Street A.C.C. English Sextet, '46, Pep Squad, '45, '46, Band, 243, '45, Cactus, '44, '45, Editor, '46, Student Council, '43-'45, Cactus Queen, '43, '44, Class Sec., '44, M. and S., '44-'46, Mixed Chorus, '43-'45, Double Sextet, '45. GRACE CRAIN Abilene 1656 Beech Street I. P. FREEMAN Bananera, Guatemala A.C.C. Engineering Pres. Soph., '45, Student Council, 44-46, Pres. 46, M. and S., '46, Baseball, '45, Basketball, '46, Faculty Who's Who, '46, Soph. Favorite, '45. -K..-f""' 21 SENICRS 45 is xf Chin? it ALTON HALL Odessa A.C.C. Bible Baseball IUNE HAY Abilene A.C.C. English Pep Squad - BILL HOLLAND Abilene 649 East North 18th A.C.C. Transfer from Arkansas Manager of Basketball Team, '46. MIN N IE OLA HAYS Gatesville A.C.C. Music Pep Squad BETTY MCFARLING Abilene 889 Santos Texas University Science Transfer from A.H.S. Pep Squad, Mixed Chorus MARGIE MEANS Abilene 2210 South 10th Transfer from A.H.S. Pep Squad, Mixed Chorus ROBERT MOATS Abilene 1842 North 9th Transfer from A.H.S. PATSY MORRIS Abilene 790 East North 18th A.C.C. Education Masque and Sandal, '45, '46, Pep Squad, '45, '46, Band, '44, '46, Periscope Staff, '46, Student Council, '45, '46, Pep Leader, '45, '46, Sextette, '44, '46, Mixed Chorus, '44, '46. STAFFORD NORTH Abilene 811 East North 18th A.C.C. Business Ad. Baseball, '43, '46, Basketball, '44-'46, Masque and Sandal, '44, '46, Band, '43, '45, Cactus Staff, '43, '46, Periscope, '43, '46, Student Council, '43, '46, Class Reporter, '43, Class Vice-President, '45, Class Presi- dent, '45, Mixed Chorus, '43, '46. DOROTHY PENNINGTON Abilene SENIORS VETQDA TURNER Abilene A.C.C. Business Ad. Transferred from Chester County High School, Tennessee. HOWARD SHAFFER West Virginia Music Transfer from Parkersburg, West Virginia Masqv' and Sandal, '46. BERNELL TUGGLE Abilene 1230 South Sth Texas Tech Business Ad. Transferred from Throckmorton High School Masque and Sandal, '45, '46, Pep Squad, '45, '46 Student Council, '46, Sextet, '45, Double Sextet, '46p Mixed Chorus, '45. TRUMAN MEYER Abilene 1013 South 13th A.C,C. Math Transferred from A.H.S. in '44. 5'9"- R 'Sgpnlf' -,' I ,, ff' WW rf' WZEW W 3 Q W a in 4- 8 I A U Q 2 .v I .. agp. ,W 6 , wwf? 'Q' ll tgjlifgj alflanfjiga A Sunnjfs Malin' Faces H. nfmbracrhj 3 Sock isfmmfe H 9 7' Ip a S'Tf'3eS', Ill- Ulezib Me .,..,,.::,,.,...VEg W X! G N 8. YEH Leazafers 3151,-,qui '35 Sm',m'Frown, iw! if Two Esrn' Ffsh q MH, Two Bays W Jewry , Vqv Q , V 5 I-OUP lads ,ox jpeadpans gg 'E' -I , --Y---3 -f-f- ' ------'-f-- 7 H -. ------MTW. ,. .,,1,.,. ., A . Iack Gillis 3500 Iagkson El Paso, Texas fm Hum Iean McKenzie 649 E. N. 15th Abilene, Texas JUNIOR' OFFICERS IACK GILLIS Vice-President DORIS MILLER Secretary R. H. LANIER President IEAN MCKENZIE Reporter ' W. C. SIKES 'Sponsor Doris Miller 1142 Victoria Abilene, Texas R. H. Lanier 609 Ii N. 16th Abilene, Texas ' Ve ...A ' Q01 T ! A 5 jg 621 W. C. Sikes Sponsor .......-...4.s4,.. .c:""' -14"-3-g" t 1' -'Ei -1- I UNIOR CLASS Don Bassham Boyd, Texas Iune Crady 10246 San Miguel South Gate, Calif. Don Fleming 2110 Pine St. Abilene, Texas Ernest Hardwick Route 3 Abilene, Texas lack Hershey 233 West Montana St. . Dallas, Texas , ,.0"Hs, fx Q Billie Sue Iones ,Ag 1 ji 1318 Vine fi? "" A A , is Abilene, Texas tlst i Itt .,..,. I -gisz.. Q David Klemm Denver, Colorado Ozella Leonard Route 2 Abilene. Texas Nancy Lovett 421 East Dumbar St. Hobbs, New Mexico Rodney McDonald 708 North Main Borge Texas K 4 dfw, "5m4-v...--. IUN1o1a CLASS Iohn Morlan ' 1618 Cedar Crest Drive Abilene, Texas Billy Gene Proctor 1701 Anson Avenue Abilene, Texas Ioe Van Rogers 1133 Houston St. Abilene, Texas Iean Shiels 439 Sayles Blvd. Abilene, Texas Frances Smith 741 East North 15th Abilene, Texas Lindell Smith 741 East North 15th Abilene, Texas Sunny Stewart Q Midland, Texas Iohnny Whitmire 410 East Louisiana Midland, Texas Anna Geraldien Wiest 1536 Washington Blvd. Abilene, Texas 210 North Big Sprin s St. .0 V ,Q sq It ,n.'-wfiiw , fi 5 if lla' Q 4-N' .r Ag, y.'1wkaa The 'Birggen '1 'Trf'ugkerA!,lF" 13. Howl'-31wo+5 xsmw mana mm 'em 3 3,9 Lakers- "'- '3""C Wm 3. x'F,'5lQ'c1hd Wg face, Qflqndj' fb- 90h1QQ0"'f'f6.0fR0D6'j 4. Two H175 'U Snow Seem' Ig' Mr Smeg 5 v'Ac7S," H, riotfilbh 17- COl'7jll:l?AxfY'UY7X 6- Shafous 61199 ' 12, lVl0cSkf2+G-ers 'g 'KQCGSSH L,5',+j1 -ffgl-b Vi Siaffdlhd Twig dbx g0Y1Y8YSN"f - Betty Ioy Chumley Betsy" SOPHOMORE OFFICERS. Betty 'Ioy Chumley Vice-President Scxroh Ann Croom Secretory Bob McKinney President Ieorn Smith Reporter Mrs. Fred Sm1th Sponsor Bob McKinney "Star" YP'- Scxroh Ann Croom "Scully" Kg Q Ieon Smith Mrs. Fred Smith '1Teannie" SPOUSOT SOPHOMORE CLASS Helen Acker "Red" Lloyd Barnes "Blondie" Elmer Buchanan I I I Ioyce Chapman I KIOYI I Frances Collins "Franc1ie" Robert Harris "Bert" Molly Fox "Shorty" Don Hopkins "Donnie" Ioyce Howk "Babe" u t 4. ,nr , A1 ,..,. r 'wg .,-4 .AV 34 ,v I :Wi 5- Elllislt M 9916 SOPHOMORE CLASS 10? '75 I I 1 f ' 1 ' - I C ,,':f?2,a"'F 1 K I E f ,J"" ,,,, QQ f ffl A ill 42 ' ix' " N ...ml Iackie Iennings X 'S A VKCZ7. W "lack" . 9 ct 5 W' all """ fgifn X' I 4 M f lj 1 I I' Bqtiisey 1 J W U 2 ,, Kd H- . Leila' Beth Leaclf "Beth" Helen Lovelady "Lady-Bell" Max Manley "Muscles" Betty Post "'Peatf' .Mary Post "Re-Peat" 3 Dora Rodriquez "Cutie" Ella Ruth Yowell ' 'Ruthien FRESHMAN omcnns lames Trigg Shirley Dean Belcher Vice-President Secretary Scotty Holland President all fi Q-iff-W Qfff Nancy Adams Mrs. Max Leach Reporter Sponsor sf, ' ff 'Rl ' r P 2 Y . f iff I -g 'L l Z. . 1 4, -X lib FRESHMEN Maribel Bare Bonnie Bowden Marie Cano Rueben Chavez Ierry Cochron Loyd Davis Roy French Sunshine Green Marjorie Harrison FRESHMEN Ioan Howk Sid Hunt Lyndon Key Richard McCormick Iohn Morgan Runette Plowman Iess Roark Robert Reeve Scruggs Mary Loulse Smith EIGHTH GRADE ill W N QQ fa 95 : I Q: 3 , i g , f' gig .2 , -,321 , AX Erma Collins I M b lane Echols ww ,Q x Q is T, .,.,., Q Q ,-1f U Q EQIE ,I : it aw ' t irr ll E i i ,P i , X i Ml EW 'Q 4 ' E...,.,.l 331 f'?i'iA?7if.'.:M .,"' '57 fm A 4 2 M 'W W ?ixbE?73r'JEl3 Q , Miata? tm., A irwgi li.-5 r d raddrita aaia aaaia to r lzaggiiig Aw " agiz eazlvz X? i it Patsy Etter Patricia Fogarty loe Freeman lack Hill Iohn Holland R. B. Howard Marcus Mullings, Ir. Barbara Robinson Edna Seabolt Margaret Smith Dorothy Witt Harold Woosley SIXTH AND SEVENTH GRADES First Row: Io Neal, Martha Wilson, Iune Luna, Douglas Aston, Mary Lynn Manley, Sammy Wilson, Iohnny Polk, Max Leach. Second Row: Mrs. Gilbreath, Barbara Carter, Georglyn Scoggins, Alma Faye Morlan, Mary Smith, Delano Castle, George McCormick, Ierry Muston, James Iohnson, Byron Meyer. FOURTH AND FIFTH GRADES First Row: lack Sirnrall, Cora Leslie Leach, Wendell Bedichek, bt. Wright, Ioe Hussey, lane Holland, Kenneth Campbell, Frank Etter, Ir., loann Black. Second Row: lirnrny Nolen, Elizabeth Ann Cheatham, Glen Harvey, Gloria Post, Alvis Trigg, lirnrny McMullen, Barbara Sue Hill, Bobby Fogarty, Volney loe Nale, Celia Ann lohnson, loe Holland, Wanda Carroll Farr. Third Row: Mrs. Fox. SECOND AND THIRD GRADES First Row: W. G. Black, Tommie Williams, Marion Iohnson, Barbara Finch, Betty Apperson, Sherrel Smith, Homer Rosenbaum, Mary Lee Belcher, Dan Kenley, Ford Farr, Mike Page. Second Row: Freddie Smith, Anuta Harvey, Io Ann Nolen, Ierry Carter, Iirnmy Polk, Loyd Rosenbaum, David Treat, Glenn Cummings, Ann Kathryne Freeman, Karen Sue Manly, Frank Powell lll, Walter Adams, Ir., Carol Sue Howk, Mrs. Nolen. FIRST GRADE First Row: Larry Sliger, Gayla Lambreth, Sharon Trimmer, Betty Io Fogarty, Iudy Cranfill, Wanda lean Welch, Mae Rue Holland, 'Noel Orr, Betty Iune Gates, Betty Ann Hussey. Second Row: Kay Raley, Geraldine Black, Doyle Burns, Martoria Stout, Sue Wright, Lutha Beck, Charles Woodrow, Nancy Rackow. Third Row: Miss Bell. O l Q Xu, P1 Q9 1 , ,I I . 1' 0 5, , f N , J A 1? Wu E529 X L f X YT!-J ' V u :SX , I 5 , '4 I W Q , x 7' lift? v 5 H L -.D 1 1 X K K X p X ,A ix ' 3 - -J'-SZ-'fx y ,'9k-fSf.?.g-25 N s I - , is v , I . Q A. uf:- 1 iff, ...xl .Vid '-3 f 'ff , 'fl K u -" if 1 -WC ' A " , e -QSC?-'fu 532143 a5,g5,. -. be .. xg, .11-a . .hp X , ' A Aly.: ygfk 'ff-ffkkln i a w.. X . . , , ' 153 : , 4-fin V " - A. 1 fxfsffv 35253 JN' 57? Q 3:1-f, is Zigfzx ' '-21,22 'V QV NDN 'N -ff ll 5 -. FW FAVORITES PRINCESSES 527 E' x SARAH lf, '3 M. HO Qi?-5 ANNE CEOO M X. P. FREEMAN MOST VALUABLE BOY AND GIRL I fix Q O M R W AA W ,,., , ...., . QT X. N R ll N my ki . gi gy ,. Q M YN Xa as V -fx' " 2' W A' V- Q3 I I n M if ea 4 Rf X RW'I1lzxwQ1 X A N ,W X + 1 W M".-: 51 'TSP' MARY IO CARTER ROBBIE ROBINSON WHO'S WHO 6 Mary Io Carter Robbie Robinson Romadene Alexander Stafford North Scotty Holland Louise Adams i-1913 MOST POPULAR BOY AND GIRL 1 m Q gr 4 ' Y? 1 ' .-D " Nczncy Acczms R. H. Lanier V ,rf SENIO Q QE? -2 ENE ALEXANDER ROMAD EOBBXE EOBXNSON JW' "MM Af fi S AUX ANNE CROOM EY BOB MCHNN RITE5 R FAVO IUNI0 5? SUNNY STEWART D ON BASSHAM SCOTTY H FRESHMAN FAVORITES OLLAND NANCY ADAMS H I. hffs-I fu, four ff Guess who! "3+fZ fag" 2. Shar-s+epS Q The Sash-lJQ+c her 10. Ldhezwl H Il 3. "ArfLd5" 7M fciberf N' Lookin' A+ yan' 4k5enl0Y5 Inkevlew 3 Thvee Vluskakers 11- Tb'7+9f ami Johmy , 13. The Gxays 041 HC-H-S. rff. P1565 McClellan Weil In Ha-.nJ.' I IX I I Q I f ,J II N-fijv 1 ,Q f I I I I ,, ' If Ie , f I II I I ' fl Q dj 6 1 :1 ' V' 'I fig 'M I Lx , N7 I In X2 I , I5 f I f- I iIIII'oVI I I eww If 2 I 7 I I I, I I fl I , I I Q - .:::f- .,. I , I 2 f I X I X I Xxfx X ! I I ESXCSSXW p , QV ACTIVITIES 9 s ,I M CACTUS STAFF First Row: Nancy Adams, Louise Adams, Ieannette Scruggs, Doris Miller, Mary Io Carter, Robbie Robinson. Second Row: Stafford North, R. H, Lanier, E. D. Shelton, Sid Parks, Tohn Morlan, Ioe Van Rogers. Editor-in-Chief ...,.i ,,,,,,,,, M ary Io Carter Assistant Editor ....... Business Manager ,,.,.,. . First Business Manager ..... Second Business Manager ...... H. Lanier Stafford North Iohn Morlan Sid Parks Art Editor ............................. .................. D oris Miller Typist ........... .............. I eannette Scruggs Sports ...... ,.....,............ R obbie Robinson Snaps ......................... ....... L ouise and Nancy Adams General Workman ...... .................., I oe Van Rogers Sponsor .................. .... ........ E r nest D. Shelton u' - . if I ' 9 'i Q, ? I IMQLW ax I 44-gf". THE PERISCOPE STAFF First Row: Robbie Robinson, Stafford North, Ioe Van Rogers. Second Row: Louise Adams, Iean. Smith, Doris Miller, Eva Nell Chapple, Pat Morris, Nancy Adams Third Row: Iean McKenzie, Mrs. Lawyer, Rodney McDonald. Q l f 0 in 'fy THE PERISCOPE The Periscope staff this year under the leadership of Louise Adams, editor, Robbie Robinson, assistant editor and Mrs. Lawyer as their sponsor, has given us an excellent paper. The paper has enjoyed a fine year and the rest of the staff is: lean Smith, Evanell Chapple, Nancy Adams, Ioe Van Rogers, Rodney McDonald, Doris Miller, Iean McKenzie, Patsy Morris and Staff North. MASQUE AND SANDAL First Row: Stewart, Pennington, Iones, Robinson, Chapple, Adams, Leach. Second Row: Parks, Gillis, Alexander, Carter, Miller, Scruggs, Morris. Third Row: McKinney, Hopkins, Lanier, Freeman, Morlan, North. ' UZLLLI W 7 E f ' Q Z P Q 6--,1 OFFICERS President s,.,,,,,,.,,,., ,.,,,,,,.,,,,.,,,,,,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,..,,,......................, R obbie Robinson Vice-President ,,...,.,. ...,,..........,,...., ........., S t afford North S cret y ,,,,tr,,,,,.,, ..,.....,...... P atsy Morris Tfeqstiler ,,,,,i, ...,,.,...,,... L ouise Adams Sponsor ,,,t,, ....,... B ernice McClellan iiriktfr Sirvfrrfrvfrvfririkifrifriirfririk 'R ,V ix nv lm wit- ,. f'-Q 35"-Z" - IP ,:.u, ' -N655 . y 1 7' - ly il ., M . f X . 'l ' ffl X. i 'ii' If 1 If 1 IAN ' K X X X . A MASQUB AND SANDAI. The club was organized in 1944 under the direction of Iayne Kercheville. Its name was taken from the old Greek theater. It has proved itselt worthy of the name. This year, under the direction of Bernice McClellan, the club has had a varied program: candlelight initiation, a Christmas party, a three-act play, interesting programs and an annual spring banquet. A scene from "Simple Simon Simple", the fall production. J l SEXTET l Ieannette Scruggs, Patsy Morris, Romadene Alexander, Louise Adams, Q. JR Doris Miller, Eya Nell Chapple, Sarah Ann Croom. Q X f f ,f xx x X X X 4 , 6 Q xx ff! J Sf- . S-Q7 QQ M R A A 3 r A O U A 'fi , 4 C XXDOUBLE sEx'rE'r 'M 45 Q' y yyyy 5 F, as Y .M I W , X i r First Row: Nancy Adams, Mary Post, Betty Post, Iean Smith, Beth Leach, Shirley Belcher, Betty Ioy Chumley. Second Row: Dorothy Pennington, Ella Ruth Yowell, Mary Io Carter, Eva Nell Chapple, Bernell Tuggle. in til SEXTET The Sextet, under the direction oi Mrs. Charles Floyd, gave various pro- grams in chapel, at parties and down town clubs during the year. Eva Nell Chapple replaced Rita Rideout for the second semester. Sarah Ann Croom was the accompanist throughout the year. The Double Sextet was begun this year to replace the Mixed Chorus of past years. This group sang for various programs and were trained for the 1947 Sextet. These airls were also under the direction of Mrs. Charles Floyd. THE DOUBLE SEXTET 3 X 'Qs I. Junior Houniinegrg 6, gawk vm,-,P ze, My-,130 7 ".n0++ee:' 3 Seniors 11+ PAQ,,40,,.,, 3, "Pa-V' 'ff HMP Bfflfjuj F1Sl1ermgyb 1 Three I-QSSIIQS 57 Gym Cf-ass Ho, Eggsand COH-'ee H- ll- 73 H 15 Ju 5+ at MUSE Snow and Kelis Two 'Gals ldkazfsa MEQHGY Srrisxe, Frei! HI, if jgu, cdr! . ii.-. Evwssk- .'Z.::-: 'z IHS lim . :IW 1. 4,g.,f553g:vf::x Il, 1 1 . , .,. ,. .,... r. ' hz'-' -, ,,fjQf-iff., vl 's iw R t Q - Q ,.f3"'fLef nkflgffw..-1.' 16" M, 5 A V - .QL I 'L f 4 4-...- .- ' I ' , ' 1 XX I ' no 3 . 'N 1'. ,,:-Ln" , Q , ' q i qx Pi ,j,i,g,5J,, . -'1 x . D if Ref' , ., U 1 A . .,,y A X A fi' Q .HX " "K , ' X . f o 1. x i 'fu X cv ' - X . I. Q , , , .A , ,ga ,90 1 , E5 , .fQg5 0' . ,-.g2a:.'.- -xv. I ' Qi ' " 's:e32:r2!?!e!9 N, X Cf E:21:9:Q:2-g:.::,Q . XQRKQQS' ' '--9' 1 .9 'W in Q a. A - T lim- - A qu C ' H K IAYLA 4,1-ll lv ,la .Q 1 . ,x .- 2: A M . Vy y 1 4 V 1 L -1. . ' ' II I ' -- J '72 --" 'll' " r -' I". S ' 'l jtfv' , is 1' 3 uf 43 ,rf 'I ' . -.1 f x ' C . ff ,f!1 " fy 9 1 7: ' 'E' 411' I f.1f"' ' A 71 1 4 ,I ' .. , V, --g:5L5.,v:. 4 I 1 W 1 -, f 1 VHA V ,I un gi' I' aff, Qs .I . O 4. ix gif P, 11 , IH , ' ' ' MQ. mg'- . 21135415 - TW ' ' W' 3 'JV' ' . ' ,mfjgyfg ' In Mn Q5 3is1i'3' ?' ATHLETICS 5? O s sp l 'idle fall' 0 O 0 oizax 1 Qc J ir ft ' ,.,, ' 1 f - ,im 'L 1 .ev ml F3 W S5 :vcr 1 529. 55 7 ,591 :L -U r .2 F3 cn O C: zn- U E Q 92" 354' sr? LQ L3 R First Row: Freeman, lake, North, Morlan, Freeman, Ioe, Smith, Barnes Scruggs, R., McCormick. Second Row: Robinson, McKinney, Lanier, Whitmire, Gillis, Parks, Holland Scotty, Bennett, Scruggs, Coach. I STRING AC.H.S. BASKETBALL GAMES Season 1945-1946 A.C.H.S. A.C.H.S.............15 A.C.H.S...........34 A.C.H.S............29 A.C.H.S. A.C.H.S..............32 A.C.H.S..................33 A.C.H.S..............28 A.C.H.S............... A.C.H.S..............42 A.C.H.S................26 A.C.H.S............2l A.C.H.S. A.C.H.S.............. A.C.H.S...-......... A.C.H.S.................. A.C.H.S A.C.H.S...............l 6 A.C.H.S Opponent Eula .....................2O Bula ..........,.............10 Hawley ............-.l3 Hawley ....,.......l5 Clyde .....,...........27 Clyde ...........-....22 Eula ...................- Winters .......,.......l7 A.C.H.S EXes Rule .................-..l1 Rotan ..........-......l6 Trent ..................--.-.27 Bradshaw ..............-21 Wylie s....-......,.-.... 8 Iayton .........s....-...22 Girard ....,,.x,,.,,,,,,,,..l8 Ovalo -..............-l6 Highland .. .... s......-l7 Divide ........ Letterrnen: Honorary Captain lack Gillis, Bob McKinney, Sid Parks, Robbie Robinson, Scotty Holland, Iohnny Whitmire and R. H. Lanier. I ohn Morlan. High Point Man Sid Parks ........... -. - ........ -..-...............l2 R. H. Lanier .- ........ -..--- .... ... ..... .,.-.. 5 lack Gillis -..-...-- ..... - .............. -........ll Iack Gillis ........ 18 lack Gillis ...- .......... ---..- .... - ...... .........l4 Sid Parks ,........,. - ...... .. .........,,,. -..........- 9 Sid Parks, Lanier 10 Sid Parks ....... .. ...... ... .....,.. .............. 9 Sid Parks .- ........... -...,... ....... 6 Sid Parks .............. - ...... ...-....l5 Bob McKinney .,....... - ......... .. ..... - .... 8 lack Gillis ......,.... .....,....., .. .....- 9 lack Gillis ..,.,,, ... ........ -- 8 R. H. Lanier ...... 10 lack Gillis ...- .......... .. ......... -.-N 9 R. H. Lanier ..... .......... ......,..... - ..-....-. 7 R. H. Lanier ....-... ......... - -..........l2 Bob McKinney .... - ..... .-...lU lack Gillis ,,.......... -....-.,.l2 Reserve Lettermen: Lloyd Barnes, lake Freeman, Staff North, Lindell Smith, Frank Bennett and NAMES OF "A" STRING Iohnny Vtfhitmire R. H. Lfirlier Robbie Robinson Scotty Holland Bob McKinney lGCk Gillis Pts. Pts. Pte. Pts. Pts Pts. Pts. Pts. Pts. Pts. Pts. Pts. Pts Pts. Pts. Pts. Pts Pts: Pls BASKETBALL - "B" STRING W First Row: Morlcmp McCormickp Freemcm, Ioeg Scruggs, R. Second Row: North: Freeman, Icrkeg Smithg Bczrnesg Bennett xi. First Row: Richard McCormick, Lindell Smith, Ronnie numnson, ,o .... Land, Iohn Morlan, Carl Cheatum, Don Fleming, Bob McKinney, Robert cruggs. Second Row: Mr. Scruggs, Alton Hall, Ierry Cochran, Sid Parks, lack Her- shey, Stafford North, Iohnny Whitmire, Bill Holland, Dn Hopkins, Lloyd Barnes. Probable Infielders: McKinney, Robinson, Lanier, Hall, North, Gillis, Hol- land, Barnes. Probable Outfielders: Bennett, Hershey, Fleming, Parks, L. Smith, McCor- mick, Cochran, Freeman, I. QQ' 7 ' if ef , J 3 5 ,fs TW PEP LEADERS IEANNETTE SCRUGGS PATSY MORRIS LOUISE ADAMS PEP SQUAD First Row: Scruggs, Morris, Adams, L. T Second Row: McClellan, Miller, Fox, Post, B, Hawk, Smith, J, Post, M, Belcher, Chapman Adams, N, Leach. Third Row: Chumley, Chapple, Crady, Croom, McDonald, Hay, Iones, Stewart, Smith, F. Lovett, Bowden, Plowman. Fourth Row: Wiest, Pennington, Tuggle Carter, Alexander, Shiels. THE PEP SQUAD A The Pep Squad of 1945-1946 was composed ot approximately thirty-five girls. The spirit shown by them Was exceptional. Activities of the club year included various trips to out-of-town games, being present at all the home games, and the annual basketball Pep Squad banquet held in the Wooten Hotel. Bernice McClellan acted as sponsor. OFFICERS President .......,............ ..,.................... ..... I e annette Scruggs Vice-President ............. ............ L ouise Adams Secretary-Treasurer ....... ....... P atsy Morris Doris Miller Reporter .......,................ II 1 f C 'mix 2 -X ,cf ' f I fi'--:iii -. 'V W' -4-li-limi-1'-5--qfw s '.. TW 3g. ' - O ., . 1 Q-fy. , r. - sg?-:54gi!75' .5 X - .1 f f xv 1 53" WMM 4 iw gapq '33 J.. I. Sm. Ilfnl-R JL, Ja LMC'-If-Q, mG5 5 C 3 y. OMAS Af 8TOOf8r" Xin sd ,a-way Ba en Rahj 7 , hfi Tree In Mus ,iiickcff ' Qn . - Q 3 'rv ' 3. The li H, Haze, 50' LVAQ, 9, CMFS F Il "Fl agfiin- 'rgq . ' Tv 4 ' ufa U ' rmjhf, Jaxx, tl. Tgofrs . Ufg A Bn I S QS ff. ,,:,,,,.:,,,,, . V ' lb' Z Ellzgg S :EVE EEE Zuuv zlllqvz Q : 1 BEST WW D 0 , R 5 R 1 'N 4 08220 54 ifi fy 7 " TOWN 15 ' gg ! fly R 'A , 4 V "' ' X5 .4 X Q VX C F l x -3:51 4 Nl-"' R 3 A ii X 'GJ----UA"-'--..,doa T R 5754 7 ,:::..'.,,,m ia- , 1 ' W IA RGR CIE 'D WQSSSWR R 'S ':. Y, - 4 4 5'g ,' N -'D X I X 9 535-E ll ww Wm K - 'Zi 4" Q" FWHM if Saw -q R Q ,f 6,1 Q-,ffl-iihy .A.,V,. io f In X 4 SHN' K U X R Qs 'Tswfw U5 ,L R 'K A z Q A X QQQGL BAKERY ,X A 0 A 'lb' , b A Q 5 OUR ADVERTISERS agvinfgs jgawzffkx I ffZ 'agfaofi , 1 r umm ww 'WY ' ta JZ-, LAUNDRY . 9 th 8, 60 OAK STREET i ul, t Ebzai au Gan' 0' u-cm, uith Zhi, IF'-3 FW-f5l'l', ' i n's mfuclous! Dun 5L95' J du!! aamfgfmcnfdfz if .A,.eg.a,.q.y,. ,4 dado PLHJE To 211,55 7' Yoon, IIVBIEIVLJS T0 Qu 71061601-'I-I 901416 Hnzfnf Dial .z -011,7 1119.0 .f' NEXT YEAR- AND THE NEXT- AND THE NEXT- ETC. -------- WEQRE EXPECTING- ALL or You A.c.H.s. PANTHERS TO BECQME A.C.C. WILDCATS ITQS Your-2 scuom. Now MAKE IT' YOUR. SCHOOL THEN ABILENE CHRISTIAN COLLEGE '-EMPHASl7.sN6- CHRISTIAN LIVING- I LUQBHIIR fum ezcffmwforv XE Hakim? .mm ' Qsw 3 rn 'K sas' wnurar sr 0 e 2' ff f .1 0 P if! 101121651 IJ o 1-:ala c X ,x ' 3 .9-.fx M- if J 'WW , mn A A iw L- ' ?or Eff-t ajr-54 AAGAA- leaf! tgfaysfec Brea J 8 -'ON SALE AT YOUR- IVEHEE.-57' GIHDCEB -' Q Quaid J will x. Ccnsxo 19" PHn.PoTT , FLORIST 24-I SAYLESBLVD PHONE 4,773 Frmd End Alfgnmenf Sfaecfqlrnsf WIQECKER SERVICE DAY 8, NIGHT CALI. ous Qnooss 5115 501 WALN UT ' Boov AND FENDER Rswmnme 'Auromosn-E PAnv1'nvef 0 COMPLETE SERWLE Pon VDUR CHR. Q-ll LIIY .essss fn' so-mu! 5- I white Uaailkf 91181681009 Sltnuluvtll P LD a 9 co-:vnu sou. or Gooonefi B03 C.oLL N5 b En sua-rwsu, Alvnenecahcly co. OWNERS 1819 BUTTERNUT DIAL 40407 3 xx C M , EJB- 7safas9'6-I ' ' gi-DEr.ne1au.s mexican Pups- ' J -GENUINE ITD!-IBNS Forms-- ' i - Tswvsnz frames - 'ljgs 'I-vrvcl-rss--D1rvNEIZ,5... 209 ' -5H02'7' onngzzs -.- Qflzflzffi-. 62 din Lkbarfmsnf 5210 YE SINCE fgoo ' 9 LEADERS uv svvus .f ig 4.41.2 -.1414 Pixy: .s7fef.e'7' pfvwvi .412 34 Qrnjzlmtxfi 0 Qzifene undry G23 Ujsanzirf as 759 574- 7114-2" 511 f lane- 57266 Qbflens, 7: tab aj2'4'ztf"'l' C?,A6'0ro2S2" 20. mon THLV 070706 0048 mquvrfmqzvcg CHEVAMLE75 Kr C0a1lLAg5 556' Yuma anime nfl' 44-',94,g-zg, ,y0u,f una IYOBTIY 197572 Paofrf' 3.301 3 M ,W MAXIMUM OF SERVICE mnNnMuM oF COST agzcfffz' Q!b7'fg'L7 o 42 MEN women 61-J CHILDQEN Ps-sons 4331 . .210 CYPRESS .1266 CLEANE RS .tak affvreefafc 90141 A"5"7'e55 -' 90u'!Z aff7"ecz'afe our .5e7-wks! ,I AT THE CAMPUS PI-IoNE 40084 L.E. NORTH OWNER Ciarfzfff-c'm6P'z71AJ T E X A S 1066? BOTTLING COMPANY QjA2'!c'7fL6, K-Elica, E161-1 year approximately 325,000 Persons 3re R E J E C T E D Uh their application for life fnsurange, WHY? In mont cases because they WAITED A LITTLE TDD LONG ana suffered an impairment of lnealilx. Why :lil to lo tllit which You uliimafely fnfenl io SEB THE AMICABLE MAN NOW. D. M4-CRANPILL Eh 741 6 7' c?1?fAMzf?V 23577516 DHIEY PN,a0uQ7'5 zljidl' 7Qf4.4v '?'ezua1Zfc42 l'1lLlw- ICE - BDTTERJ' les ez,aQ,5ArYJ- dieaaof V? "Pf957w7mfgg0 Mwg, Pfzorscrs Yom, I-IEHLTH 07157 7c4z'f Bfffffb " 1 I ' www PFA' X vw 2. aff' 'f WEstTexas Utilities Q Ovwiw AGA. Bodk S fore FURNISHES You WITH 5CH00L SUPLI-E5,N0Tl0NS,dEWELRY Ev- Foufvrnnv onznvx Ivo woasner, ' PRUPRIETOR - PHONE 2.0049 1694 camp 5 c ALWAYS ASK FOR GBTJRN' Pure Food ICE CREAM I FMR 112750585 5ymfL,n?jQT M6 AGM ' BARRow FURNITURE co. 9. 6. Bnknow - owusm T1-:E HEADQUARTERS Fold FINER FURNITURE PHON E 43-Q 6: Conefvsz 32.4 Ano CE-01912 57'5. -1 f K HILL 81 Hill. SERVICF STATION A . EKPEKT WASNONG 5 I-DCROCKWDN l L rms RECAPPING AGENT S " acura mm: uawzff ra as f' ...M 'Hone 2.-0322. 02.40 PINE CHASSIS LUBRICATIIIN SERVICE plrganal Sfforce PAIRS 49444 . 9 55 mrllfzs I' ma qplow e: ra 45.15, Rn.-5 5?-free? ABn.sns's use-ssr I V14 fwpvg DEPARTMENT srone q 5 Pon MEN Ano Bova 0170 is r DMM Ffcn ss Q.c1of1-"s U S' MARVIN OWEN JEUEU2 Phone 5544 lst Ping 382. Pine Phone ffqao CIEIPWIII '12s 11.,, Ta vu," Remember IIWIIRY WRIGHT svomnr. C0005 CO. BUY WITH consmsuce Hunhna Futuna PAY WITH EASE' B f C Pl-mu 1 7543 0' M3 """"'3 1.32 CYP I2 S S SI. ','zE,5Ill9'fl'EINE',r'c ABI LENE X274 Cypress Abilene. Phone '7o93 DAVIS T:2.Es BICYCLES RADIOS Ufafzan Quia Qansmff 1510756 o. P. asses , OWNER. 0606:-'y'!A1Lzj or 216 6-L-fornolfls 0 491 Pm:-' STREET PHoNE 305-4 l V-Vw j7emmfed Your yearbook is a store oi treasured memories. The ott repeated thrill of recollection which accompanies each new search through its pages will many times repay you for the care and consideration which has gone into its creation. We are proud ot the part we have had in the produc- tion of this book. lt indicates the Wealth oi ideas and ability which have made possible the long record of our school annual achievement. Qi J 4-V "' " A .Li - a iw, Fw. 5 A 1 If.- . ., -. 1 X, 11, W, 31 A -1. L 2 WF , fin , ,,. fr: Q, 15555. .- if 4 mf. lp

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