Aberdeen Proving Ground - Yearbook (Aberdeen, MD)

 - Class of 1943

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Aberdeen Proving Ground - Yearbook (Aberdeen, MD) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 19 of 72
Page 19 of 72

Aberdeen Proving Ground - Yearbook (Aberdeen, MD) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 18
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Aberdeen Proving Ground - Yearbook (Aberdeen, MD) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 20
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Page 19 text:

KAIRIS, JOSEPH R.-I23 Norwood Sf., Newark, N, J., Sergeanf, Sfock Clerk, Field Arfillery Corps. KELLY, JAMES F.-Wesfville, Ill., Privafe, Universify of Illinois, Easfern Illinois Sfafe Teachers College, Social Worker, Field Arfillery Corps. KELLY, JAMES L.-205 S. Allanfic Sf., Dillon, Monl., Sergeanf, Monfana School of Mines, Mining Engineer, Field Arfillery Corps, Sigma Rho. KERANS, LAWRENCE C.-2I0 Vermilion Sf., Georgefown, Ill., Corporal, Air Forces Technical School, Easfern Illinois Sfafe Teachers College, Olivef Bible College, Olivel' College, Army Air Forces. . KIDDER, WILLIAM-Box 206, Cannonsburg, Pa., Technician Third Grade, Vanadium Processor, Ordnance Deparfmenf. KILLEN, ROSS B.-Wise, Va., Corporal, Aufomofive Parfs Supervisor, Ordnance Deparfrnenf. KINCH, ROBERT S.-Technician Fourfh Grade, Machine Seffers Helper, Ordnance Deparfrnenf, Hi-Y Club. KING, ALBERT-Shoshoni, Wyo., Technical Sergeanf, Sfock Clerk, Ord- nance Deparfmenf. KLEIN, DAVID--27OI Valenfine Ave., New York Cily, Corporal, The Cily College, Columbia Universify, New York Universify, Edifor, Transporfafion Corps, Andiron Club of New York Cify. THIRD BUCKLEY, JOHN R., JR.-Prairie Cify, Iowa, Privafe, Grinnell College, Salesman, Ordnance Deparlrnenf. MORRISON, JOHN W., JR.-5296 Wesfrninsfer Pl., Sf. Louis, Mo., Tech- nician Fourfh Grade, Yale Universify, Finance Deparfmenf, Zefa Psi. MOTTERSHAW, HAROLDYSfaff Sergeanf, Medical Deparfmenf. NEARHOOF, RALPH L.-4I6 Pennsylvania Sf., Alfoona, Pa., Sfaff Ser- geanf, Coasf Arfillery Corps, Anfiaircraff. NEORR, CARL A.-37l4 Almeda Dr., Toledo, Ohio, Corporal, Toledo Universify, Ordnance Deparfmenf, Free and Accepfed Masons. NICHOLS, JOHN D.-l438 Vassar Dr., Toledo, Ohio, Corporal, Univer- sify of Chicago, Corps of Milifary Police. NORRIS, GEORGE B.-ZIS W. I2l'h Sf., Horfon, Kan., Privafe, Universify of Kansas, Insurance Business, Ordnance Deparfmenf, Sigma Chi, Free and Accepfed Masons. OLSEN, FRANK W.-20 Posf Ave., New York Cify, Corporal, Pace In- sfifufe, Ordnance Deparfmenf. OSMAN, STEIG B.-Monroe Sf., Soufh Bend, Wash., Technical Sergeanf, Universify of Washingfon, Ordnance Deparfn-ienf, Tau Kappa Epsilon. OVERMIER, THOMAS B.-'II00 Arlingfon Sf., La Grange, Ill., Privafe, Universify of Illinois, Audifor, Finance Deparfmenf, Zefa Psi. PARKINSON, BURT T.-335 3rd Ave,, E., Twin Falls, Idaho, Sergeanf, Universify of Ufah, Army Air Forces, Sigma Nu. PATTERSON, THEODORE R.-222 Lexingfon Ave., Mansfield, Ohio, Cor- poral, Finance Deparfmenf. PATZOLD, ROBERT L.-W. 2627 Sharp Sf., Spokane, Wash., Warranf Officer li.g.l, Order of DeMoIay. PAUL, ROBERT B.-II6 Lincoln Place Dr., Des Moines, Iowa, Corporal, Arrny Air Forces. PENROSEHCHARLES-428 Fiffh Sf., Marieffa, Ohio, Technician Fiffh Glrade, William and Mary College, Corps of Milifary Police, Delfa Up- sion. POOL, JOSEPH D.--206 Mernminger Sf., Greenville, S. C., Technician Fourfh Grade, Field Arfillery Corps. PORTER, FINLEY R., JR.-6l4 E. Buffalo Sf., Ifhaca, N. Y., Masfer Ser- geanf, Cornell Universify, Infanfry, Delfa Sigrna Phi. POWELL, RALPH L.-Powell Hofel, Niles, Mich., Corporal, Universify gh Michigan, Ordnance Deparlmenf, Benevolenf and Profecfive Order of s. KOWALIK, CHESTER C.-Box I38, Normanna, Tex., Sergeanf, Shoe Sales- man, Infanfry. LACKMANN, GEORGE, JR.-Moorehead, Minn., Sergeanf, Nashville Aufo Deisel College, Shop Foreman, Ordnance Deparfmenf. LAIPPLE, WILLIAM J.-BIZ W. 6fh Sf., Cedar Falls, Iowa, Sfaff Ser- geanf, Machinisf and Machine Operafor, Ordnance Deparfmenf. LAMM, WILLIS D.-227 School Ave., Clawson, Mich., Sfaff Sergeanf, Michigan Sfafe College, General Mofors Corp., Field Arfillery Corps. LAMPILA, JOHN T., JR.-424 Trumbull Ave., S.E., Warren, Ohio, Tech- nical Sergeanf, Supervisor of Producfion, Ouarfermasfer Corps. LINDOUIST, CURTIS T.-I98I E, 226fh Sf., Euclid, Ohio, Corporal, Gen- eral Elecfric Technical School, Experimenfal Engineer, Infanfry. MacDONALD, WALTER W.-2II Cedar Ave., Sharon, Pa,, Sfaff Ser- -gIeanf,PUniversify of Pilfsburgh, Wesfminsfer College, Teacher, Epsilon efa i. MARTENS, WILLIAM H.-Roufe I4, Box 906, Porfland, Ore., Corporal, Typewrifer Mechanic, Defached Enlisfed Men's Lisf. MAYS, DEAN C.-II9 Lloyd SI., Alfoona, Pa., Sergeanf, Salesman, Army Air Forces, Veferans of Foreign Wars Club, American Legion Club. McDERMOTT, WALTER J.-79fh Sf., James Terr., Yonkers, N. Y., Technical Sergeanf, Salesman, Ordnance Deparfrnenf, Charlofle Engineers Club. PLATOON RANDOLPH, HENRY S.-456 S. Zlsf Sf., Irvingfon, N. J., Sfaff Sergeanf, New York Insfifufe of Phofography, Medical Phofographer, Corps of En- glneers. RASMUSSEN, LESLIE E.-I4II N. 63rd Sf., Omaha, Neb., Corporal, Bookkeeper, Ordnance Deparfmenf, Free and Accepfed Masons. RAY, JAMES E.-IIO3 Raymond Ave,, Befhlehem, Pa., Sfaff Sergeanf, Franklin and Marshall College, Ordnance Deparlmenf, Sigma Pi. REICHENBACH, WILBUR A.-70-I4 65fh Pl., Glendale, Lon Island, N. Y., Slaff Sergeanf, Brooklyn Technical College, Field Artillery Corps. REUSS, ELMER H.-2362 N. 63rd Sf., Wauwafosa, Wis., Corporal, Univer- sify of Wisconsin, Defached Enlisfed Men's Lisf. RHOADS, HARLEY L.-632 W. Iron Ave., Salina, Kan., Corporal, Royal Typewrifer Salesman, Ordnance Deparfmenf. RODGERS, ALLAN-Shepherdsfown, W. Va., Privafe, U. S. Ranger, Ord- nance Deparfmenf. ROTH, ROBERT N,-808 Nome Ave., Akron, Ohio, Technical Sergeanf, Universify of Akron, Armored Force, Free and Accepfed Masons. RUESINK, GORDON A,-Redwood Falls, Minn., Technician Fourfh Grade, Salesman, lnfanfry. RUSKOWSKI, CASIMIR W,-l703 Waff Sf., Schenecfady, N. Y., Ser- geanf, Union College, Yale Universify, School of Law, Lawyer, Defached Enlisfed Men's Lisf, Phi Befa Kappa. SALLEE, FLOYD B.--P. O. Box 98, Groveporf, Ohio, Sfaff Sergeanf, Crane Operafor, Ordnance Deparfmenf. SARETSKY, THEODORE T.-6l5 Fiffh Sf., Alpena, Mich., Technician Fourfh Grade, Alpena Business College, lnfanfry. SCHEE, ERIC-Wesfby, Wis., Corporal, Universify of Wisconsin, Ordnance Deparfmenf, Thefa Kappa Nu. SCHWARTZ, EDWARD R.e730 Park Ave., New York Cify, Privafe, Uni- xgirsify of Pennsylvania, Sales Execufive, Ordnance Deparfmenf, Pi Lambda I. SCOTT, LYLE B.-lb? Florence Sf., Sunnyvale, Calif., Sfaff Sergeanf, San Jose Sfafe College, Bank Clerk, lnfanfry, Kappa Alpha Pi. TIPTON, PIERCE D.-3095 Summer Ave., Memphis, Tenn., Sergeanf, Wesf Tennessee Sfafe Teachers College, Armored Force. WILSON, MARK L.-IO00 Ave. "C," Denfon, Tex,, Corporal, Universify of Soufhern California. ZIMMER, EDWARD A.-624 Penn Sl., Jeffersonville, Ind., Privafe, Ord- nance Deparfmenf. FOURTH PLATOON KROMM, FRED-2555 30fh Ave., San Francisco, Calif., Warranl' Officer, Mill Worker, Field Arfillery Corps. 4 LOGEROUIST, MARVIN E.-Bark River, Mich., Corporal, Norfhern Mich- igan College of Educalion, Insfrucfor, Infanfry, Alpha Delfa. MELLNER, SAMUEL C.--233 N. 8lh Sf., Allenfown, Pa., Corporal, Muhl- enberg College, lnspecfor of Ordnance Maferiel, Army Air Forces. MYERS, DWIGHT G.-Polk, Neb., Technician 5fh Grade, Fur Rancher. SCHERBA, HARRY-l995 Vega Ave., Cleveland, Ohio, Sergeanf, Cold- header, Armored Force. SEAGRAVE, DANIEL W.-42I W. Roy Sf. Seaffle, Washx Corporal' Washingfon and Jefferson College, Sfudenf Apprenfice, Engineering Dei parfrnenf, Ordnance Deparfmenf, Phi Kappa Sigma. SHEA, EDWARD J.-3058 Ashland Ave., Delroil, Mich., Corporal, Wayne Universify, Lawrence Insfifufe of Technology, Indusfrial Safefy and Hygiene Engineer, Ordnance Deparfmenf, Shahs Frafernify. SMITH, PETER A., JR.-66 Sfanley Rd., Soufh Orange, N. J., Corporal, Pro- ducfion Mgr., Newspaper Publisher, Infanfry, SPRINGER, HOWARD W.-60-42 Boofh Sf., Elmhursf, Long Island, N. Y., Technician Fiffh Grade, New York Universily, Cerfified Public Accounfanf, Ordnance Deparfmenf. STANCKIEWITZ, WALTER P.-Roufe I, Box 384, Dover, N. J., Firsf Ser- geanf, Munifions Worker, Ordnance Deparfmenf. STEVENS, WILLIAM H.-3l E. I2l'h Sf., New York Cily, Sergeanf, Ford- ham, Oil Business, Ordnance Deparfrnenf. STEWART, ROY M.-8873 Buhl Sf., Defroif, Mich., Privafe, Brickmason, Ouarlermasfer Corps, Free and Accepfed Masons.

Page 18 text:

r ORDNANCE OFFICER CANDIDATE SCHOOL I I Biographies FIRST PLATOON BENSON, WILLIAM R.-IOO E. 38th St., Paterson, N. J., Technician Fifth Grade, Wesleyan University, Columbia University, Law School, Lawyer, Corps ot Military Police, Beta Theta Pi, Delta Sigma Rho, Phi Delta Phi. BERRY, CHARLES H.-Notasulga, Ala., First Sergeant, Student, Ordnance Department. BIRNEY, ROBERT T.-IO8 N. Martindale Ave., Atlantic City, N, J., Ser- geant, Electrical Construction, Corps ot Engineers, Sigma Kappa. BLOOM, DONALD A.-I337 Elmwood Ave., Wilmette, Ill., Corporal, Antioch College, Finance Department. .BRASHEAR, WILLIAM R,-47l7 Westfield Ave., Camden, N. J., Techni- cian Fifth Grade, Drexel Institute ot Technology, Sub-Station Operator, Signal Corps, Order ot DeMolay. BRENNFLECK, RALPH A.-l5352 Wisconsin St., Detroit, Mich., Technical Sergeant, Tool and Die Makers Apprentice, Ordnance Department. BULLARD, MERLIN A.-l5I7 San Francisco St., Olympia, Wash., Cor- pprailiq Watchmaker, Ordnance Department, Benevolent and Protective Order o s. BURGWALD, RUSSELL P.-IZB W. South St., Dwight, Ill., Corporal, Utili- ties Engineering Institute, Electric Retrigeration and Air-Conditioning Serv- ice Engineer, Service Command Unit. BUTTS, WALLACE H.-Belle Fourche, S. D., Corporal, University ot South Dakota, Research Economist, Ordnance Department, Free and Ac- cepted Masons, Phi Delta Theta, Delta Sigma Pi. BUTYA, CARL-Route 5, Cratton, Pa., Sergeant, Carnegie Institute ot Technology, Heat Treater ot Steel, Tank Destroyer Command, Benevolent and Protective Order ot Elks. CALDWELL, JAMES E.-Vernon, Tex., Technician Fourth Grade, David Rankin Junior Technical and Mechanical Trades, Mechanic, Ordnance De- partment. CALLAHAN, HOWARD E.-2099 Webster Ave., Bronx, N. Y., Statt Ser- geant, Restaurant Manager, Corps ot Military Police. CAMPBELL, OLIVER A., JR.-East Norwich, Long Island, N. Y., Techni- cian Fitth Grade, Trinity College, Machinist, Cavalry, Delta Psi. CAULFIELD, JAMES A.-6559 Northwest Hwy., Chicago, Ill., Corporal, North Park College, lntantry. COLEMAN, JEROME L.-4940 S. East End Ave., Chicago, Ill., Corporal, Armour Institute, Northwestern University, Real Estate Mgr., Insurance Broker, Medical Department. CORNETT, JAMES I.-Hartford, Tenn., Corporal, Engineer's Aide, Ord- nance Department, Loyal Order ot Moose. COSTELLO, ALPHONSUS E.-24l Brook Ave., Passaic, N. J., Technical Sergeant, Stock Clerk, Ordnance Department. COULSON, CHARLES K.-Route I, Brenham, Tex,, Technician Fourth Grade, Texas Agricultural and Mechanical College, Recorder, Texas High- way Department, Medical Department. COX, CHARLES B.-28 Hamilton St., Rockville Centre, Long Island, N. Y., Corporal, Columbia University, Ordnance Department. CUTHBERTSON, CHARLES C. L.-Route 2, Duncan, Okla., Corporal, Warehouse Foreman, Ordnance Department. DAGIT, EDGAR R.-New Baden, Ill., Corporal, St, Louis University, Ac- countant, Finance Department. DERWINSKI, LEO C.-8l2 Main St., Simpson, Pa., Corporal, Bridgeport Engineering Institute, Industrial Engineer, Ordnance Department. DUNLAP, EDGAR E., JR.-50 Grove St., Auburndale, Mass., Technician Fourth Grade, Clerk, lntantry. DUNN, RAY S., JR.-3725 Macomb St., N.W., Washington, D. C., Tech- nical Sergeant, Beniamin Franklin University, Agent, United States Depart- ment of Labor, Army Air Forces. DURNIL, WILLIAM M.-474l W. Okmulgee Ave., Muskogee, Okla., Cor- poral, University of Oklahoma, Department Store Mgr., Ordnance Depart- ment, Phi Kappa Psi. EASTMAN, ROBERT M.-IOI4 Woodlawn Ave., Springtield, Ohio, Cor- poral, Antioch College, Accountant, Finance Department. EIRING, HILMAR, JR,-Eagle, Wis., Corporal, Carroll College, Insur- ance Agent, Ordnance. EPLING, WORTH A.-lllb Adams St., Lagrande, Ore., Statt Sergeant, University ot Oregon, Mgr. Meat Stores, Army Air Forces, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ESTES, ROBERT R.-l8II N. 37th St., Kansas City, Kan., Technician Fitth Grade, University ot Kansas, Transportation Corps, Delta Chi. EVERETT, JOHN A.-SIS Lindsay St., Chattanooga, Tenn., Statt Sergeant, Dragline Machine Operator, Cavalry. FARENEAK, STEPHEN-l9O Ross St., Brooklyn, N. Y., Corporal, Haaren Industrial, Aviation Ordnance. FELKER, JAMES B,-I323 Delaware Ave., Bethlehem, ,Pa., Corporal, Le- high University, Student, Army Air Forces, Lambda Chi Alpha. FILBEY, NATHAN V.-706 Pennsylvania Ave., Urbana, Ill., Private,-Uni- versity ot Illinois, Accountant, Finance Department, Beta Theta Pr, Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma. FRIEDBERG, WILLIAM H.-9235 Doheny Rd., Los Angeles, Calif., Pri- vate, University ot Calitornia at Los Angeles, Northwestern University, Jewel- er, Ordnance Department, Zeta Beta Tau, Alpha Delta Phi, Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks. SECOND PLATOON AKRE, ORVILLE C.-Corporal, Airline Traftic Agent, Ordnance Depart- ment. BROCK, LOUIS R.-Hague-On-Lake, George, N. Y., Corporal, Princeton University, Purdue University, Mechanical Engineer, Ordnance Department, Delta Tau Delta. GOUGLER, GEORGE M.-5I7 Richardson St., Grass Valley, Calit., Mas- ter Sergeant, Army Air Forces. GRASSMUCK, ALBERT F,-35l9 Vista Ave., St. Louis, Mo., Technician Fitth Grade, American institute ot Banking, Ottice Manager, lntantry. GREENBERG, HAROLD J.-2035 7Ist St., Brooklyn, N. Y., Technician Fitth Grade, St. John's University, Store Manager, Detached Enlisted Men's List, St. John's Indian Society. GRIFFITH, CLETUS L.-Etna Green, Ind., Private, Indiana University, Purdue University, Teacher, Ordnance Department. HAINLINE, THOMAS L.-3000 Tracy St., Kansas City, Mo., Corporal, Salesman, Ordnance Department, Sigma Pi. HAMMOND, WILLIAM W.-Route I, Kearneysville, W. Va., Private, George Washington University, Correspondence Clerk, Ordnance Depart- ment, Phi Sigma Kappa. HENDERSON, JAMES H.-Box 43, Newby, Tex., Private First Class, Lon Morris Junior College, Grocery Cashier, Ordnance Department, Maverick Club. HIRSHBERG, STUART O.-200 W. Huron St., Bad Axe, Mich., Technician Fitth Grade, University ot Michigan, Accountant, Ordnance Department, Sigma Alpha Mu. HOFFMEIER, HENRY vonASEN, JR.-422 Arlington Village, Arlington, Va., Corporal, Airplane Mechanic, Army Air Forces. HUNTINGTON WILLIAM M,-I35-32 224th Street, Springfield Gardens, N. Y., Corporal, Yale University, Investment Counsellor, Ordnance De- partment. JOHNSON, LYNDEL P.-420 S, 8th St., Quincy, Ill., Master Sergeant, Automotive Sheet Metal Worker, Ordnance Department. JOHNSON, ROY W.-Route 4, Mt. Airy, N. C., Technician Fourth Grade, National Youth Administration Proiect Supervisor, Armored Force. JONES, EDWARD C.-723 N. Monroe Ave., Mason City, Iowa, Corporal, Ottice Mgr., Ordnance Department, Benevolent and Protective Order ot Elks. JOST, HENRY, JR.-Corporal, Painter and Decorator, Army Air Forces, Painters and Decorators Union.

Page 20 text:

STOCK, MELVIN S.-605 Redknap Sl. N. S., Piffsburgh, Pa., Masfer Ser- geanf, Machine Operafor, Ordnance Deparfmenf. SUBJACK, LOUIS W.--435 John Sf., Soufh Amboy, N. J., Corporal, Middlesex Counfy Vocafional School, Die Maker, Coasf Arfillery Corps. SUMPTER, CURTIS A.-Floyd, Va., Sfaff Sernaeanf, Roanoke College, Hercules Powder Co., Army Air Forces, Kappa Alp a. SWEARINGEN, JAY E.-3l2 Reserve Ave., Sfeubenville, Ohio, Technician Fiflh Grade, Ohio Sfafe Universify, Sheef and Tin Plale Sales Division, Vgeigsn Sfeel Co., Ordnance Deparfmenf, Benevolenf and Profecfive Order o s. TAYLOR, FREDERICK C.-IOI9 Ridge Rd., N.W., Canfon, Ohio, Cor- pgoral, Ohio Sfafe Universify, Confracfor, Corps of Engineers, Sigma Phi psi on. TAYLOR, MORTON R.-I579 E. 3Isf Sf., Brooklyn, N. Y., Corporal, Uni- versify of Norfh Carolina, Accounfanf, Ouarferrnasfer Corps. TEMM, ROBERT W.-54 Aberdeen Pl., Claylon, Mo., Privafe, Sf. Louis Universify, Audifor, Army Air Forces. THOMPSON, JUEL R.-I09 Minfern Sf., Riverside, Calif., Privale, Clofhf ing Salesman, Ordnance Deparfmenf, Free and Accepled Masons. TREMOULIS, LOUIS-5ll Hanover Sf., Marfins Ferry, Ohio, Technician Fiffh Grade, Ohio Sfafe Universify, Examiner of Building and Loan Asso- ciafions, Finance Deparlmenl. VAN HAUSEN, WILLIS H.-5l6 Borland Sf., Piffsburgh, Pa., Technician Fiffh Grade, Aufomobile Parfs and Service, Armored Force. VAVRO, FRANK P.-90-4I Helen Sf., Defroif, Mich., Technician Fourfh Grade, Building School of Trades, Elecfrician, Ordnance Deparlmenf. .VOLKMAN, RAYMOND S.-3200 Granfley Rd., Balfimore, Md., Techni- cian Fourfh Grade, George Washington Universify, Johns Hopkins Univer- sify, Law and Real Esfafe Firm, lnfanfry, Kappa Alpha. WAILES, JOHN R.-IIO Sl. Albans Way, Balfimore, Md., Technician Effh Grade, Universify of Maryland, Mgr. of Coal Yard, Quarfermasfer orps. WALTON, CORWIN T.-6808 Hough Sf., Los Angeles, Calif., Warranf Officer li.g.l, Aufomofive Engineer, Medical Deparfmenf. WATSON, WILLIAM E.-2585 Melrose Ave., Norwood, Ohio, Sergeanf, Inspecfor, Machine Shop, Ordnance Deparfmenf. WEFLEN, JOHN E.-60l "V" Sf., N. E. Minneapolis, Minn., Technician Fourfh Grade, Universify of Minnesofa, Bank Burglar Alarm Technician, Scand-America Frafernify. WEHRS, DONALD E.-33I N. Elmwood Ave., Oak Park, Ill., Corporal, Valparaiso Universify, Buyer, Ordnance Deparfmenf. WEIANT, HENRY C.-358 Hanover Ave., Allenfown, Pa., Sergeanf, De- fail Draffsman, Armored Force. WHEELER, ALBERT E.-Washinglon Sf., Norfh Chelmsford, Mass., Sfaff Sergeanf, Nafional Diesel School, Diesel Engineer, Army Air Forces. WHEELER, DONALD W.-3426 Sfevens Ave., Minneapolis, Minn., Tech- nician Fiffh Grade, Universify of Minnesofa, lnspecfor of Ordnance Ma- feriel, Ordnance Deparfmenf, Minnesofa Commons Club. WILLIAMS, ELGIN W.-983 Ocean Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y., Sergeanf, Wesleyan Universify, lnvesfigafor, Armored Force. WISZCHOLEK, FRANK A.-I7I9 W. I8fh Sf., Chicago, III., Warranf Officer, Crane College, Shoofing Gallery Operafor, Ordnance Deparlmenf. WITMAN, GEORGE F.-345 Buffon Sf., S,E., Grand Rapids, Mich., Pri- vafe Firsf Class, Bufler Universify, Army Technical School, Manager Trainee, Sears, Roebuck and Co., Army Air Forces, Lambda Chi Alpha. WITTEN, JOHN D.-420 E. McNair Sf., Versailles, Mo., Corporal, Execu- five Secrefary fo Secrelary of Sfafe, Missouri, Ordnance Deparfmenf. WORKMAN, CLIFTON D.-908 Joplin Sf., Galena, Kan., Technician Third Grade, Refail Aufomobile Salesman, Ordnance Deparfmenf. WORLEY, OWEN R.-Goshen Springs, Miss., Corporal, Mississippi Slafe College, Medical Deparfmenf, Sigma Phi Epsilon. WYBLE, VERN O.-206 N. Gorham Sf., Jackson, Mich., Sfaff Sergeanf, Jackson Junior College, Railroad Trainman, Transporfafion Corps. ZEFF, ALBERT-3601 Federal Sf., Camden, N. J., Sergeanf, Pennsylvania Sfafe College of Opfomefry, Opfomefrisf, Medical Deparfmenf, Gamma Omega Phi. FIFTH PLATOON AIMONE, WILLIAM F.-130 Cedar Ave., Hawfhorne, N. J., Technical Sjrgeanf, College of Paferson, Insurance Underwriter, Defacned tnnsred en's Lisf. ANDERSON, JOHN R.-3525 Fleming Ave., N.S., Piffsburgh, Pa., Cor- poral, lowa Wesleyan College, Salesman, McQuay Norris Manufacfuring Co., lnfanfry, Sigma Phi Epsilon. APPLEGATE, CLARE E.-476 Rembrandf Sf., Mansfield, Ohio, Privafe, Ohio Sfafe Universify, Mechanical Engineer, Army Air Forces. BALERVIEZ, MICHAEL P.-I6 Coffage Sf., Exefer, N. H., Sergeanf, Shoe Manufacfuring, Ordnance Deparfmenf. BARAN, STANLEY-7606 W. 64fh Sf., Argo, III., Sergeanfg Argo Com- munify Trade School, Foreman, C. P. R. Co., Aviafion Ordnance. BASSETT, JOHN A.-6246 Kenmore Ave., Chicago, Ill., Corporal, Yale Universify, Adverfising Accounf Execufive, Army Air Forces, Sf. Elmo Club. BENNETT, HERBERT H.-728 N. 4fh Axe., Knoxville, Tenn., Privafe Firsf Class, Universify of Tennessee, Mgr., The Carolina Inn, Army Air Forces, Tau Kappa Omicron, Hi-Y Club. FITZPATRICK, JAMES O.-276 Adams Sf., Oakland, Calif., Corporal, Wafford College, Bookkeeper, Coasf Arfillery Corps, Anfiaircraff. FJELLAND, RICHARD A.-Hofel Packard, Pendlefon, Ore., Corporal, Mgr. of Firesfone Sfore, Ordnance Deparfmenf. FLETCHER, MARVIN H.-Sumner, Miss., Sergeanf, Norfhwesf Junior Col- lege, Sfudenf, Ordnance Deparfmenf. FRENCH, WELLINGTON A.-Church Sf., Sfockbridge, Mass., Corporal, Clark Universify, Chain Sfore Merchandising, Signal Corps. GAFFNEY, ROBERT W.-905 Merfon Rd., Defroif, Mich., Technician Fourfh Grade, Wayne Universify, Tool and Die lnspecfor, Ordnance Deparfmenf. GALBREATH, CARROLL V.-I400 W. Nevada PI., Denver, Colo., Cor- poral, Universify of Denver, Public School Teacher, Defached Enlisfed Men's Lisf, Phi Della Kappa, Schoolmasler's Guild. GELSINGER, DONALD I.-Edgewood, Ill., Technician Third Grade, David Ranken Junior School of Mechanical Trades, Welder, Ordnance De- parfmenf. GERDS, LESTER C.-Roufe I, Farmingfon, Mich., Sergeanf, Coach Op- erafor, Deparfmenf of Sfreef Railway, Medical Deparfmenf. GILBERT, RICHARD J.-Middlefon, Wis., Technician Fourfh Grade, Bookkeeper and Wafchmaker, Ordnance Deparfmenf, Wisconsin Wafch- makers Associafion. MCGEE, ROBERT F.---IIO4 Prendergasf Ave., Jamesfown, N. Y., Corporal, Sfaunfon Milifary Academy, Furnifure Salesman, Ordnance Deparfmenf, Lambda Sigma. McGRATH, WILLIAM T.--37 Blossom Sf. Rockland, Mass., 466 Washing- fon Sf., Brighfon, Mass., Privafe, Benfley School of Accounfs and Finance, Bosfon Universify, Infernal Revenue Agenf, U. S. Treasury Deparfmenf, Finance Deparfmenf. McKELVEY, STUART C.-3736 Verne Sf., Fresno, Calif., Technical Ser- geanf, Fresno Sfafe College, Area Engineer, Sfandard Oil Co., Ordnance, Army Air Forces. MCNAMEE, WILLIAM A.-3626 Keswick Rd., Balfimore, Md., Technical Sergeanf, Sfeam Engineer, Ordnance Deparfmenf. MILSTEAD, HANEY D.-I224 Park Ave., Nebraska Cify, Neb., Technician Fourlh Grade, Pennsylvania Sfafe Teachers College, Pefroleum Operafor, Medical Deparfmenf, Befa Befa Befa, Philomafhean. MOONEY, HAROLD T.-236 Lincoln Way E., Chambersburg, Pa., Ship- pensburg Sfafe Teacher's College, Invesfigafor, Refail Credif Co., De- fached Enlisfed Men's Lisf. SEELEY, ROBERT C.-50 Hawfhorne Sf., Harfford, Conn., Corporal, Colf's Pafenf Firearms Manufacfuring Co., Army Air Forces. SELFRIDGE, ROBIN N.-Seagraves, Tex., Corporal, Oklahoma Agricul- 'rural and Mechanical College, Pefroleum Producfion, Ordnance Deparf- menf. SHARITTS, WALTER A., JR.-503 Buckeye Sf., Miamisburg, Ohio, Ser- geanf, Engineering Specificafion Clerk, Armored Force. SHORE, WILLIAM F.-9238 California Ave., Soufh Gafe, Calif., Corporal, Producfion Planner, Ordnance Deparfmenf. SIMKINS, MELVIN L.-Box 65, Corsica, Pa., Technician Fourfh Grade, Juniafa College, Accounfanf, Finance Deparfmenf. SMITH, MANNING C., JR.-lI48-B, Honolulu, T. H., Technical Sergeanf, Salesman, Ordnance Deparfmenf. SMITH, ROBERT H.-277 W. Fourfh Sl., Mansfield, Ohio, Privafe, Ord- nance lnspecfor, Wesfinghouse Elecfric, Ordnance Deparfmenf. SMITH, SIDNEY F.-928 Broderick Sf., San Francisco, Calif., Sfaff Ser- geanf, Clofhing Salesman, Aviafion Ordnance. SNYDER, MARTIN-6523 N. l7fh Sf., Philadelphia, Pa., Technical Third Grade, Towne Scienfific School, Universify of Pennsylvania, Machine Tool Operafor, Ordnance Deparfmenf. SOLOMON, BERNARD-BI 4fh Sf., New Dorp, Sfafen Island, N. Y., Cor- poral, College of fhe Cify of New York, Social Invesfigafor, Ordnance Deparfmenf. SPEER, RALPH C.-Monficello, Ark., Sfaff Sergeanf, Sparfan School of Aeronaufics, Salesman, Army Air Forces. SPENCER, WALTER R.-8 Monroe Sf., Binghamfon, N. Y., Sfaff Sergeanl, Draffsman, Field Arfillery Corps. VELEY, JACK W.-476 N. 3rd Sf., San Jose, Calif., Privafe, San Fran- cisco Archifecfural College, Conslrucfion. Superinfendenf, Ordnance De- parfmenf, Free and Accepfed Masons, Phi Sigma Zefa.

Suggestions in the Aberdeen Proving Ground - Yearbook (Aberdeen, MD) collection:

Aberdeen Proving Ground - Yearbook (Aberdeen, MD) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 54

1943, pg 54

Aberdeen Proving Ground - Yearbook (Aberdeen, MD) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 12

1943, pg 12

Aberdeen Proving Ground - Yearbook (Aberdeen, MD) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 35

1943, pg 35

Aberdeen Proving Ground - Yearbook (Aberdeen, MD) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 7

1943, pg 7

Aberdeen Proving Ground - Yearbook (Aberdeen, MD) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 9

1943, pg 9

Aberdeen Proving Ground - Yearbook (Aberdeen, MD) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 63

1943, pg 63

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