Aberdeen Proving Ground - Yearbook (Aberdeen, MD)

 - Class of 1943

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Aberdeen Proving Ground - Yearbook (Aberdeen, MD) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 17 of 72
Page 17 of 72

Aberdeen Proving Ground - Yearbook (Aberdeen, MD) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 16
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Aberdeen Proving Ground - Yearbook (Aberdeen, MD) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 18
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Page 17 text:

HlSTlllll UF THE "MONSTER" No, we were nof creafed by a Frankensfein, nor did we ever consider ourselves as a monsfer: buf for fhirfeen weeks we were a learning and drilling machine. We were builf wifh precision and of fhe besf available maferial. The Ordnance Officer Candidafe School searched far and wide for fhe subsfances for fhis machine. Despife fhe facf fhaf fhe counfry was af war and sea fravel haz- ardous, imporfs of parfs were made from Iceland, from Hawaii, and from fhe Solomon Islands. As fhe packages of fhe segmenfs arrived, fhey showed by fheir braids sources from all arms and services. All parfs were assembled on Jan. I4, l943. The com- posifion of fhe machine numbered 23l separafe and dis- fincf pieces. Af firsf, liffle efforf was made fo properly gear and fasfen fhe parfs fogefher, and for several days fhe resulfanf body wobbled awkwardly on unsfable feef, and ifs mind lwhaf mind fhere wasl wandered aimlessly fhrough uncharfed ways. Buf fhe school officials had a iob fo do, and done if would be. They had had previous experiences in fhe building of such machines. The crea- fion of our mechanism was fheir fhirfy-sevenfh affempf, fheir previous record had been excellenf, and fhey were defermined nof fo fail wifh us. Thus was our mechanical body assembled and, when complefed, labeled "Class No. 37." The confused creafion needed guidance, and fhe au- fhorifies in fheir wisdom, placed fhe mechanism under 'rhe confrol and supervision of Lieufenanf Douglas Puf- nam. Lieufenanf Pufnam had successfully famed such mechanisms fwice previously, for he had nurfured our predecessors of Company L, Class No. 9 and Class No. 23. And lesf fhe creafure should prove unconfrollable for one man, fhe able assisfance of Lieufenanf C. R. Geffe was invoked. This was nof a one-man iobg for fhe obiecf was fo fame fhe mechanical body and af fhe same fime polish and smoofh each of ifs separafe parfs. The polishing began wifh a gusfo on Monday, Jan. l8. Oh, fhere was marvelling and wondermenf when The hor- rible "monsfer" firsf appeared in public. The creafure's arms and legs flew in all direcfionsg and fhe school faculfy fore fheir hair in bewilderrnenf. Our insfrucfors had so firmly sef fhemselves fo fheir work, however, fhaf fhey were fo succeed under any circumsfances. For eighf Elllllll ll OF ABERDEEN hours daily fhey oiled and greased and polished fhe brain-sfrucfure af H-lp and for an hour daily fhey scoured and rubbed and "chewed" fhe body on fhe drill field. Affer nof foo many days, a bif of coordinafion could be observed bofh wifhin fhe brain-sfrucfure and befween fhe brain and body. Even affer five weeks of experf shaping, fiffing, and lubricafing, some parfs of fhe sfrucfure seemed fo grafe and refard fhe mofion of fhe creafure. A fhorough check was made of each parf, and on Feb. 23, fhe body was forn down complefely lby emofional sfrainl and reassem- bled, less fiffy some odd parfs. Af firsf, if seemed fhaf fhe new assemblage would nof work so well, because some parfs missed fhose parfs fhaf had been removed. Buf as fhe oils of enfhusiasm spread, fhe mechanism real- ly began fo funcfion smoofhly in abouf fhe sixfh week of ifs exisfence. True if was, a few parfs were sfill mis- placed, buf such were removed wifhouf affecfing fhe body. Then one day in April, fhe machine suddenly disin- fegrafed, and, wonder of wonders, each parf furned ouf fo be a living and breafhing second lieufenanf. All fhaf remained of fhe "Monsfer" of Aberdeen was g-old bars and heads sfeeped in knowledge of Ordnance. The cre- afors of fhe "lv1onsfer" had succeeded in polishing and smoofhing fhe parfs info perfecf young officers. Wifh iusf pride, fhe officials of fhe Ordnance Officer Candidafe School, fhe school insfrucfors, and fhe com- mander of Company L senf fheir producfs ouf fo meef fhe public during academic leaves. The producfs fhem- selves leff in high spirifs, and heighfened fheir spirifs while away. If was war-fime, however, and pride in fhe accomplish- menfs of all conceived had fo give way fo dufy, a mosf honorable dufy, fhaf of serving one's counfry in ifs need. Such dufy has called our men fo fhe four corners of fhe earfhg such dufy may fake fhe lives of some of our men. We fake solace, however, nof in our personal well being, buf in fhe well being of our counfry and fhose fhaf in- habif if: yes, even more, we fake solace in fhe well being of a decenf world cifizenry. lf is such a well being fhaf we will have helped fo achieve.

Page 16 text:

PERSDNNEL COMPANY W. F. Aimone J, R. Anderson C. E. Applegafe M. P. Balerviez S. Baran J. A. Bassefi H. H. Benner? J. O. Fifzpafrick R, A. Fielland M. H. Fiefcher W. A. French R. W. Gaffney C. V. Galbreafh D. I. Gelsinger L. C. Gerds R. J. Gilberf R. F. McGee W. T. McGra1h M. C. Mclnfosh S. C. McKeIvey W. A. McNamee H. D. Milsiead H. T. Mooney R. C. Seeley R. N. Selfridge W. A. Sharrifis, Jr. W. F. Shore M. L. Simkins M. C. Smiih, Jr. R. H. Smith S. F. Smiih M. Snyder B. Solomon R. C. Speer W. R. Spencer J. W. Veley

Page 18 text:

r ORDNANCE OFFICER CANDIDATE SCHOOL I I Biographies FIRST PLATOON BENSON, WILLIAM R.-IOO E. 38th St., Paterson, N. J., Technician Fifth Grade, Wesleyan University, Columbia University, Law School, Lawyer, Corps ot Military Police, Beta Theta Pi, Delta Sigma Rho, Phi Delta Phi. BERRY, CHARLES H.-Notasulga, Ala., First Sergeant, Student, Ordnance Department. BIRNEY, ROBERT T.-IO8 N. Martindale Ave., Atlantic City, N, J., Ser- geant, Electrical Construction, Corps ot Engineers, Sigma Kappa. BLOOM, DONALD A.-I337 Elmwood Ave., Wilmette, Ill., Corporal, Antioch College, Finance Department. .BRASHEAR, WILLIAM R,-47l7 Westfield Ave., Camden, N. J., Techni- cian Fifth Grade, Drexel Institute ot Technology, Sub-Station Operator, Signal Corps, Order ot DeMolay. BRENNFLECK, RALPH A.-l5352 Wisconsin St., Detroit, Mich., Technical Sergeant, Tool and Die Makers Apprentice, Ordnance Department. BULLARD, MERLIN A.-l5I7 San Francisco St., Olympia, Wash., Cor- pprailiq Watchmaker, Ordnance Department, Benevolent and Protective Order o s. BURGWALD, RUSSELL P.-IZB W. South St., Dwight, Ill., Corporal, Utili- ties Engineering Institute, Electric Retrigeration and Air-Conditioning Serv- ice Engineer, Service Command Unit. BUTTS, WALLACE H.-Belle Fourche, S. D., Corporal, University ot South Dakota, Research Economist, Ordnance Department, Free and Ac- cepted Masons, Phi Delta Theta, Delta Sigma Pi. BUTYA, CARL-Route 5, Cratton, Pa., Sergeant, Carnegie Institute ot Technology, Heat Treater ot Steel, Tank Destroyer Command, Benevolent and Protective Order ot Elks. CALDWELL, JAMES E.-Vernon, Tex., Technician Fourth Grade, David Rankin Junior Technical and Mechanical Trades, Mechanic, Ordnance De- partment. CALLAHAN, HOWARD E.-2099 Webster Ave., Bronx, N. Y., Statt Ser- geant, Restaurant Manager, Corps ot Military Police. CAMPBELL, OLIVER A., JR.-East Norwich, Long Island, N. Y., Techni- cian Fitth Grade, Trinity College, Machinist, Cavalry, Delta Psi. CAULFIELD, JAMES A.-6559 Northwest Hwy., Chicago, Ill., Corporal, North Park College, lntantry. COLEMAN, JEROME L.-4940 S. East End Ave., Chicago, Ill., Corporal, Armour Institute, Northwestern University, Real Estate Mgr., Insurance Broker, Medical Department. CORNETT, JAMES I.-Hartford, Tenn., Corporal, Engineer's Aide, Ord- nance Department, Loyal Order ot Moose. COSTELLO, ALPHONSUS E.-24l Brook Ave., Passaic, N. J., Technical Sergeant, Stock Clerk, Ordnance Department. COULSON, CHARLES K.-Route I, Brenham, Tex,, Technician Fourth Grade, Texas Agricultural and Mechanical College, Recorder, Texas High- way Department, Medical Department. COX, CHARLES B.-28 Hamilton St., Rockville Centre, Long Island, N. Y., Corporal, Columbia University, Ordnance Department. CUTHBERTSON, CHARLES C. L.-Route 2, Duncan, Okla., Corporal, Warehouse Foreman, Ordnance Department. DAGIT, EDGAR R.-New Baden, Ill., Corporal, St, Louis University, Ac- countant, Finance Department. DERWINSKI, LEO C.-8l2 Main St., Simpson, Pa., Corporal, Bridgeport Engineering Institute, Industrial Engineer, Ordnance Department. DUNLAP, EDGAR E., JR.-50 Grove St., Auburndale, Mass., Technician Fourth Grade, Clerk, lntantry. DUNN, RAY S., JR.-3725 Macomb St., N.W., Washington, D. C., Tech- nical Sergeant, Beniamin Franklin University, Agent, United States Depart- ment of Labor, Army Air Forces. DURNIL, WILLIAM M.-474l W. Okmulgee Ave., Muskogee, Okla., Cor- poral, University of Oklahoma, Department Store Mgr., Ordnance Depart- ment, Phi Kappa Psi. EASTMAN, ROBERT M.-IOI4 Woodlawn Ave., Springtield, Ohio, Cor- poral, Antioch College, Accountant, Finance Department. EIRING, HILMAR, JR,-Eagle, Wis., Corporal, Carroll College, Insur- ance Agent, Ordnance. EPLING, WORTH A.-lllb Adams St., Lagrande, Ore., Statt Sergeant, University ot Oregon, Mgr. Meat Stores, Army Air Forces, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ESTES, ROBERT R.-l8II N. 37th St., Kansas City, Kan., Technician Fitth Grade, University ot Kansas, Transportation Corps, Delta Chi. EVERETT, JOHN A.-SIS Lindsay St., Chattanooga, Tenn., Statt Sergeant, Dragline Machine Operator, Cavalry. FARENEAK, STEPHEN-l9O Ross St., Brooklyn, N. Y., Corporal, Haaren Industrial, Aviation Ordnance. FELKER, JAMES B,-I323 Delaware Ave., Bethlehem, ,Pa., Corporal, Le- high University, Student, Army Air Forces, Lambda Chi Alpha. FILBEY, NATHAN V.-706 Pennsylvania Ave., Urbana, Ill., Private,-Uni- versity ot Illinois, Accountant, Finance Department, Beta Theta Pr, Phi Eta Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma. FRIEDBERG, WILLIAM H.-9235 Doheny Rd., Los Angeles, Calif., Pri- vate, University ot Calitornia at Los Angeles, Northwestern University, Jewel- er, Ordnance Department, Zeta Beta Tau, Alpha Delta Phi, Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks. SECOND PLATOON AKRE, ORVILLE C.-Corporal, Airline Traftic Agent, Ordnance Depart- ment. BROCK, LOUIS R.-Hague-On-Lake, George, N. Y., Corporal, Princeton University, Purdue University, Mechanical Engineer, Ordnance Department, Delta Tau Delta. GOUGLER, GEORGE M.-5I7 Richardson St., Grass Valley, Calit., Mas- ter Sergeant, Army Air Forces. GRASSMUCK, ALBERT F,-35l9 Vista Ave., St. Louis, Mo., Technician Fitth Grade, American institute ot Banking, Ottice Manager, lntantry. GREENBERG, HAROLD J.-2035 7Ist St., Brooklyn, N. Y., Technician Fitth Grade, St. John's University, Store Manager, Detached Enlisted Men's List, St. John's Indian Society. GRIFFITH, CLETUS L.-Etna Green, Ind., Private, Indiana University, Purdue University, Teacher, Ordnance Department. HAINLINE, THOMAS L.-3000 Tracy St., Kansas City, Mo., Corporal, Salesman, Ordnance Department, Sigma Pi. HAMMOND, WILLIAM W.-Route I, Kearneysville, W. Va., Private, George Washington University, Correspondence Clerk, Ordnance Depart- ment, Phi Sigma Kappa. HENDERSON, JAMES H.-Box 43, Newby, Tex., Private First Class, Lon Morris Junior College, Grocery Cashier, Ordnance Department, Maverick Club. HIRSHBERG, STUART O.-200 W. Huron St., Bad Axe, Mich., Technician Fitth Grade, University ot Michigan, Accountant, Ordnance Department, Sigma Alpha Mu. HOFFMEIER, HENRY vonASEN, JR.-422 Arlington Village, Arlington, Va., Corporal, Airplane Mechanic, Army Air Forces. HUNTINGTON WILLIAM M,-I35-32 224th Street, Springfield Gardens, N. Y., Corporal, Yale University, Investment Counsellor, Ordnance De- partment. JOHNSON, LYNDEL P.-420 S, 8th St., Quincy, Ill., Master Sergeant, Automotive Sheet Metal Worker, Ordnance Department. JOHNSON, ROY W.-Route 4, Mt. Airy, N. C., Technician Fourth Grade, National Youth Administration Proiect Supervisor, Armored Force. JONES, EDWARD C.-723 N. Monroe Ave., Mason City, Iowa, Corporal, Ottice Mgr., Ordnance Department, Benevolent and Protective Order ot Elks. JOST, HENRY, JR.-Corporal, Painter and Decorator, Army Air Forces, Painters and Decorators Union.

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