Aberdeen High School - Arrivederci Yearbook (Aberdeen, MD)

 - Class of 1953

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Aberdeen High School - Arrivederci Yearbook (Aberdeen, MD) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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ff' X voLUME XV 'f' EIR 3.1- PUBLISHED BY 'rl-law semop. CLAS? ABI-:RD EEN!-lIC1lI .SCHOOL NINE TEENHUNDRED F115 FY THREE ABERDEEN, MARYLAND l C' ' - ,J . im vi- EBQQ-L ' xx, ' '- .- Eeggkttxb X b X N " " ' I f . .1 ' be IJ W '4 I .- Nl V -N 'J K N1 if ,, U xg: .4 I s 5 'x ,1 'I gf: ,x x ,. H7' P: n 1 ,K 1 I, xt qfxx "' - fnf' ,, .iv . , , ' N I l ,z xxx. I: 1-.7 ix :Q Q . I :fu sr v , . . 1 . : ' A? -f Q If fu IQ ,,1g,.':- 7 7. f I - I 1 fl jx 5 f , Gig "Qs, 1' 7 '-"J 7 'ls N 1' 1 - 'I f,5: .5 r- lf. 15- '71 yx Q , - n, f -1 - 1,1 x :xx p,Lf1':,' lui, fr 1' I - ' n '-v -' I' A -,Sm 1? ,Q I,- If ,n . .. 1 A Q' If 'Q 4 t :Tl 1 1, If at Tfk qu , 'J' fl' A 'Ie fi 4 fx lg -1 1 'K X lx lx X 1? . .,, -,, 1 . fs V 13. if :-- f- L gl 1. I yr wr v 'x 4 N 1, n A A n lx A Ill, I 55 F, .- 'te H F ' ' . fx 1' N A IN lX x x Q xl , W1 H f,- N"7 xt L" s,ff' 61 yfr-:fl 5 Jn .- 1' H 'v if -.. V' .- ff 'xi - '. J-4 f .Q -1 I -I 1. ll I, r -'l V -f 6 I -L' N' " 1 .v . ,sK,jf,xz 7 v' f x .-,' W, 1.1.7. 9' , ,I - Ig 1 ff xxx f - nr -vr,, I v. 2158- A ,.-'I 52 ,'.', " 'I ',",'f '. -1 tx - 1 ,C H. -KI. . f, ' -1 ' L ,, 1, :W r I '- nfl 1: "Hx ,- ,A 'vi 'Z lx ,I 'Q' "I 'Jr fl cts 11 aff -x I Q- .1 qi 1' Dy ,. 1 ft at I ri f :I .xl N'-" 1 LX s. u, 51 ' 4 11. NY' M 'Xxx ,fr rr fr I '11 1 1 N x 1 II' , r fi I y , 1 ll' fl -. If 1 'lx C N l , 1' V 1 ,I R I, jx' f ,1 ll I 1 If an . -.--.-. xxx M133 flx fx!!! MR GEORGE H LORDDRY Prmcxpal Dur1ng the last few years of your school1ng you have seen many gradual changes Possmbly the most s1gn1f1cant has been the great lncrease 1n the number of act1v1t1es sponsored by your school New subJects have been added to your program of studres new clubs have been formed to explore and advance your spec1al 1nterests and talents the mus1c program has been expanded to 1nclude a fast grow1ng band football has been added to your 1nter school athletlcs and an Annual Varxety Show and Spr1ng Concert have been 1ntroduced prov1d1ng new opportun1t1es to perform 1n publ1c and to develop polse and conf1dence Because of our 1ncreas1ng act1v1t1es we beheve most of you w1ll leave us as better rounded 1nd1v1duals better c1t1zens and w1th better preparat1on for whatever future you may choose than would be true had you been conf1ned to a str1ctly trad1t1onal program Yours has been a f1ne class w1th excellent leaders and many talents You have used them well and both you and the school profxted We are certaln that you w1ll cont1nue to develop as self suff1c1ent 1nd1v1dua1s and that you w1ll make real contr1 butlons to your commun1t1es George H Corddry Jr Pr1nc1pal 4 K, 10: :S 1 X Y fl 1 X 1. ,lk - X lg r 44' . N f-xy by ' r ,. . 1 To the graduates of 1953: 41 ,-4 MRS INGEBURG SWEET Offlce Secretary 5 i 'K Flrst Row Left to Rtght Hart R1ley Lledtke Preston Petrxck Messerall Second Row Wrtherspoon Goetz Baublrtz Cornwell Prper Cron1n Long Absher Arengo Th1rd Row Cook Cobb Nelson Nederkorn Bul lock Grossman Snapp Myers Fourth Row Mojzrsek Harrlson M1chaels Watson Helsel Backus Hol comb Frfth Row Prrce Walker Strme Scott Kleese Reuyl Sm!! Edltor 1n Ch1ef Ehzabeth Lledtke Asslstant Edltor Carol Preston Art Ed1tor Jack Petr1ck Ass1stant Art Edxtor .... MarJor1e R11ey Photographers ..... . . . W1111am Hart, John Messerall. 6 '5 4: an T' ,,?.,. .1 a K- id A I 1 - - - fs: 1 ,Eg -.5-1 1 ' A, -' . A Q V 5 ' iv W' ' ' g -, M . s, K V Q Q I '5 i R ' f 1 ., ' ' I ' me Q-- N xl X " - 1 Q, , .., Q, , fm, X A N I -"' X 1, Q 1 9' X ... so- , l .I . 1 l .2 1 A- 1 I 1 1 1 1- . I . 1 1 ' V1 1 1 1 I 1 l - 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 - Z . 1 - I 1 - 1 1 1 1 ' . ' : ' , . ' 1 . , . QQ.: 4.4-1- sn--.- x x E vm X Q., 1 92 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President Robert Edward Scott Scottie 10th: Blue8aGoldg Treasurer - Athletic Associationg Baseballg May Day Court. 11th: Vice-President- Athletic Associationg Treasurer -Leaders ClubgClass Playg Footballg Baseballg Mon- itor. 12th: Footballg Homeroom Presidentg Class Presidentg Vice-President of Student Councilg Blue 8: Goldg Yearbookg Monitor. Vrce President Wendell Bernard Brown Brownie 10th Presrdent Home Room Softball Basketball U VJ Patrol Photography Club 11th Vice President Home Room Soft ball Patrol Games Club 12th President Home Room Stu dent Council Monitor Football Variety Show Class Vice President Treasurer John Messerall John 10th Captain of Safety Patrol Class Treasurer Photography Club 11th Lt of Safety Patrol Class Treasurer Photography Club Band Science Club Honor Society Blue8rGold Play Contest 12th Class Treasurer Yearbook Honor Society Band Secretary Marjorie Theresa Rrley Midge 10th Student Council Play Contest Drarnatics Club fSec retaryj Field Ball Momtor May Day Manager 11th Su dent Council Play Contest Honor Society Leaders Club Speedball Softball Manager Monitor May Day Designer 12th Honor Socrety Yearbook Blue8nGo1dEd1tor Secre tary Senror Class Monitor 8 1 . -A s. ,r f cn 'Ant UQ! eff' if M I .J fs' 'Q' Elizabeth Mae Liedtkc Liz 10th: Blue Sc Gold, Field Hockey. llthz Blue 8a Gold, Student Council. Band, Speedball, May Day Attendant. 12th: Editor of Yearbook, Student Council, Band, Cheerleader, Variety Show. Kay Francis Blouin Kay 10th: Glee Club, Drama- tics Club. 11th: Sec.- Treasurer of Homeroom GleeClub Dramat1csClub Monitor 12th Yearbook Staff Variety Show Mont o Joan Matilda Burns oan 10th Glee Club Home Ec Club 11th Home Ec 12th Sophie Marie Topalis Marie Blue 8: Gold Basketball Softball Stagecraft Club Drivers Club Dramatic Club Western High School rn Baltimore 42 . .,'. ag.-, ., -S., ,ik it 4-ff' 1' 'Q 40 Q- Nf r Jack Lee Petrick Jack 10th: Blue 8: Gold, Christ- mas Program, Patrol, Stu- dent Council, Band. 11th: Soccer. Asst. Magazine Campaign Manager, Blue 8: Gold. Intra. Basketball. Play Contest, Pres, Photo- graphy Club, Science Club. Band, Variety Show, May Day Program, Christmas Program. 12th: Manager of Magazine Campaign, Yearbook Staff, Variety Show. Harold Edward Carty Eddie 10th: Games Club. Study. 11th: Games Club. Study. 12th- Football William Thomas Swann Tom 10th Softball Photography Club Sports Club 11th Football Team Baseball Forrest Fire Fighters Lead ers Club 12th Football Baseball Richard Lewis Harrison Dick 10th GAA Captain of Patrol Soccer Basketball Photography Club Hall Monitor 11th Leaders Club Captain of Patrol Football Soccer Basket ball Baseball Photography Club Variety Show Glee Club Hall Monitor 12th President of AA Patrol Capt Football Pres f Leaders Club Yearbook Variety Show Homeroom Treasurer Basketball Baseball Hall Monitor SuzanneKathleenM1chaels Sue 10th Chambersburg Pa School Spamsh Club L1 brary Staff rlth Cham bersburg Pa Hrgh School Comrnercral Club School Paper fParrot Staffj Aber deen School Sen1orChoxr 12th Yearbook Staff Sr Chotr Vartety Show Nell Petersen Nederkern Nell 10th Danc1ngClub School Store 112 yr Dramaucs Club Dramat1csClub Play T T A Secretary Treas 11th Glee Club Patrol Qbusj Monrtor School Store 1X2 yr Dramatrcs Club Play Contest Sprrng Con cert 12th Yearbook Blue 8pGold Momtor F T A Nellte Dare Conrwell Nell 10th Frankford I-hgh Sc ool 11 h A H S Glee Club Honor Socrety May Day Attendant 12th Yearbook Staff -lonor So ciety Student Councrl Offtce Work Carolyn Jean Cobb Carolyn 10th Dramatlcs Club Dancmg Club F T A 11th Blue S.: Gold Dra matrc Club Patrol Honor Socrety Band Sprmg Con cert 12th Yearbook Blue 8: Gold Honor Socrety and T A Patro Sprmg Concert '17 apr If ,6 ri gi T ......1" i Lawrence E Kalmbacher Sonny 10th Softball Soccer Sports Club Photography Club Dancrng Club 11th Softball Soccer 12th Softball Soccer Football Paul Rrchard Carver Tex 10th Patrol 11th Forest F1reF1ghtersServ1ce 12th Archery Grrmeslvl Holcomb Junre 11th Offrce Work 12th ,qu Yearbook Staff if 1.4 Lf? Frank Joseph Crockett Frank 10th Games Club Patrol Softball 11th Games Club Softball 12th Foot ball Basketball Baseball Archery Club Martha Vranne Absher 10th Patrol Clee Club Home Economrcs Club 11th Home Economrcs Club Fashlon Show L1ons Club Show Typtng Club Speedball Team 12th Varrety Show Yearbook Staff Speedball Team Shrrley Ann Preston Shrrmp 10th Athlet1cAssoc1at1on Glee Club Fashron Show llth Home Ec Club Of fxce Work 12th None Barbara Loutse Helsel Patty 10th Dramattc Club L1 brary Club llth Home Economtcs Club Style "u'Nw Edward Austrn Rembold Eddte 10th None llth Soft rg 'W ball Machme Shop 12th of -1-""Ml ,,f"'47' 14' Show Sen1orCho1r 12th ,,,. .- Yearbook Staff Margaret Plper Peggy 10th Fteldball Softball Patrol A A Organtzatton County Fa1rW1nner llth Speedball Home Ec Club Softball Fashton Show Honor Soctety Patrol L1 brary Readtng Club QPFCSI dentj 12th Patrol Year book Staff Honor Socrety Offtce Work .f"" ul Football Machrne Shop Herbert Kerr Hopeless Acttvltxes none Albert Wtllram Hart B1 10th Camera Club O A S Bus Pa ro t Camera Club O A H S Bus Patrol A H S Photo graphy Club Commercral Club Volleyball 12th Yearbook Staff Gary Rogers Wrlson Boss 10th Baseball Marnten ance Club May Day Track Meet Arts 8: Crafts Club Basketball Shop Foreman 11th Baseball Mamten ance Club May Day Track Meet Intramural Football Intramural Basketball Arts 85 Crafts Club 12th Archery Club Soccer Team Carol Mane Preston Carol 10111 Play Contest Mom or Freldball Softball Freld Hockey Dancmg Club Home Ec Club 11th Monrtor Manager of bas ketball team LeadersClub Speedball Home Ec Club Fashron Show Lrons Club Show Shootrng Stars 12th Varrety Show Head of Monrtors Assrstant Edr tor of Yearbook Patr1c1a Carol Mrller a 10th Glee Club Home Ec Stage Settrngs 11th Home Ec Club 2th None Lo1eC Arengo Lore 10th Future Homemakers of Amerrca 11th Junror Varrety Show Home Eco nomrcs Club Lrbrary Club Karkm Staff 12th Mom tor Yearbook Sylvia Marguente Nelson See 10th Patrol Secretary Play Contest Glee Club 11th Commercral Club 12th Yearbook 4-,ff ,fs .ro "" Clif W ng 'GW' E q--1 if 1' 'll-r' 1-x 15 3 ..f"'l Johan Sybrand Reuyl Johnny 10th Games Patrol Band 11th Patrol Blue8nGold Soccer Scrence Club Photography Honor Socr Cty Band Monrtor Sprrng Concert 12th Soccer Blue 8a Gold Yearbook Staff Band Honor Socrety Var1etyShow Evan Frank Klatrl Evan 10th Patrol Games Club Photography 11th Patrol Sc1enceClub Games Club Soccer 12th Soccer Archery Club George L Mojzrsek Shultz 10th Safety Patrol Ltbrary Club Games Club 11th Honor Socrety Soccer Band Sprmg Concert May Day Attendent Vartety Show Games Club Frre F1ghtersClub 12th Honor Socrety Soccer Band Yearbook Staff Vanety Show Monrtor Calvxn Edwrn Rrpken 1 10th Soccer Softball A A Patrol Games Club 11th Soccer Baseball A A Patrol Momtor 12th AA Patrol Leaders Club Soccer Monitor Jo Ann Snapp "Snapp" 10th: Hockey. Fieldball. Varsity Basketball, Home Ec. Club. 11th: Softball. 12th: Speedball, Yearbook Club, A. A. Representative. Mary Alice Witherspoon Shorty 10th Dramatlc Club As sembly Play Danc1ngClub Style Show 11th Home EC ClubfPres1dentj Style Show Variety Show Glee Club 12th Blue 8tGold Yearbook Variety Show June Ruby Jume 10th Softball Volleyball Fieldball Basketball L1 brary Club 11th Home EC Club Secretary Style Show Reading Club 12th Library Club President Charlotte Ann Baublitz Boo-Boo 10th: Patrol Student Council Fashion Show Glee Club. 11th: Choir Style Show. 12th: Year- book Club. K l"x 041' L57 .aa-lf if 1 Q i f it ,F- A C 1-...B xpavf f -fb +X +11-""' sf X X f Charles Wallace Rogers "Charlie" 10th: Patrol, Aeronautics Club. Games Club. Basket- ball. 11th: Games Club, Patrol. 12th: Archery Club. Joseph Kolarrk Jr oe 10th Games Club Photo graphyClub 11th Games Club Study 12th Archery Club Thomas Eugene Murray Merk 10th 11th 12th Archery Club Terence Edgar Byrne Terry 10th: Softball Photography Club Sports Club. 11th: Football Softball Games Club Forest Fire Fighters. 12th: Baseball. Patricia Sue Grossman Patty 10th: Glee Club, Photo- graphy Club Faculty Room Committee. 11th: Blue8z Gold Variety Show May Day Dance Reading Club 17th Yearbook Vanety Show Mary Ann Preston Pres 10th Home Ec Club Freldball Basketball Soft ball 11th Hockey Bas ketball Softball Fashion Show 12th Blue8aGold Speedball Io Ann Beavers Beav 10th Home Ec Club L1 brary Club Fleldball Team, Softball Team Prompter at 10th Grade Play 11th Home Ec Club Softball Team Hockey Team Basketball Team F1rst Aid Club 12th Speedball Team Blue8nGold Margaret Ann Weddle Margaret 10th Glee Club Home Ec Club 11th Home Ec Club Study 12th Study ek-1, 1' 44-0 of 1-7' f X Lee Frederick Kleese Tennessee 10th: Football. Grove High School Tennessee Basket- ball Baseball Photogra- phy Shop Club Class Play llth Class President Stu dent Council Leader Club QPresj Football Baseball May Day Court 12th Football AA Yearbook Variety Show Sr Choir Cheerleader Peyton Orenzo Stime Pate 10th Band Games Club 11th Football Softball Blue8aGold Staff Dramat ics Club 12th Football Cheerleading Baseball Sr Choir Yearbook Staff Variety Show Robert Willy Moxley o 10th 11th Science Club Forest Fire Fighters Service 12th Patrol ArcheryClub Soccer Lee Hale Lewis ee 10th Games Club 11th Photography Club QPICSI denty Softball 12th Soc cer Archery Club Sara Hanway Cronrn Sane Yearbook 10th Athletrc Assocratlon Home Eco nomrcs Club Monrtor Freldball Team Basketball Team Softball Team l-lockeyTeam 11th Ath letrc ASSOCISIIOH Leaders Club Momtor Speedball Basketball Softball 12th Athletlc Assocratron Treasurer Blue 8: Gold Yearbook Monrtor Speed ball Softball Basketball Varrety Show Sharon Odette Srndelar Srnde 10th 11th Yearboo Edrtor of paper Sendon ran Cheerleader Execu t1veCounc1l Sec Treas of Class V1ce pres f school bowlrng league 12th Asst Edrtor of paper Blue8aGold Blue8:Go1d Marlan Vrrgrnla Goetz Maman 10th Dancmg Club Home Econom1csClub 11th L1 brary Club Commercral Club 12th Yearbook Staff Lmdy C Arengo Lyn Yearbook 10th Student Councrl, FHA Club 11th Iunror Vanety Show, Home Economrcs Club, Lrbrary Readrng Club 12th Blue 8cGold ff! ,fn -y.-Y QI 5' vo 15 .ag- Q'- -an 15 i Bernard Ira Backus Jr Barney Yearbook 10th Blue Sc Gold Softball 11th Blue 8: Gold Dramatrcs Club Varrety Show 12th Blue 8: Gold Yearbook Staff Varrety Show Sen1orChorr Robert Watson James 10th 11th Softball 12th Archery Club Hank I-larshman Hank 10th Soccer Frrst And GamesClub 11th Soccer Commerctal Club Games Club 12th Soccer Blue 8aG0ld Wrlham Joseph Brumbaugh Krm Yearbook rorh Patrol. Aeronauttcs Club 11th Patrol.F1rstA1d Club 12th Photography Club Sheila Bride Bullock Sheila 10th: Dramatic Club, Pa- trol, Glee Club. Dramatics Club Play. 11th: Bus Pa- trol, Glee Club, Dramatics Club, Honor Society, Spring Concert. 12th: Monitor, Yearbook, Honor Society, F.T.A. Barbara Lee Cook "Cookie" 10th: Talent Show, Basket- ball, Softball, Fieldball. May Court. 11th: Basket- ball, Softball. Speedball QCaptainj A A Represent ative Leaders Club Mom or 12th Speedball QCBDISIIIQ Vice president 12 1 Monitor Virginia Ann Long 10th Monitor May Court Attendent Fieldball Soft ba manager Field Hockey Dancing Club Play Contest 11th Bas ketball manager Home Ec Club Monitor Speed ball Leaders Club Lions ClubShow 12th Monitor Yearbook Staff Blue 8: Gold Variety Show Future Teachers of America Sec retary of Homeroom if auf If ,ov 1 ,JJ 65-" i 'Qi frat 16 A .k .X 'Will 1 Shirley Ann Myers "Shirl" 10th: Dancing Club. Treasurer of Homeroom, Dramatics Club. llthg Fashion Show. Variety Show. Secretary of Home- room. 12th: Yearbook Club. Variety Show. Naomi Ruth Watson Naomi 10th: Dramatics Club. First Aid Club, Fashion Show. 11th: Choir. Home Ec.Club. Style Show. 12th: Yearbook James Duane Walker Dixie 10th Student Council Homeroom President Soc cer Softball 11th Stu dent Council Treasurer Homeroom President Soc cer Baseball Monitor Blue8aGold 12th Student Council President Monitor Soccer Varietv Show Yearbook Staff Blue 3a Gold Clarence Wilson Whiteford 10th Basketball Intra Softball Play Contest GamesClub 11th Basket ba Intra Softball Games Club 12th Soccer Team Leaders Club 0 'fx if - Cf 5 ..-uni' Wy, E? HJ F i PL- og ii WQ7 v V -ai 18 V4 3 if' f2JfUi-f mme 'Th Ax f. fm t ki1w1,!g,' f 1:-'tif if tml-mv fs. w V 19 WYE A ww 3 if ' N . 'Y 1 ' " . I V -'-B2 ,.. f . ' :J A x I 7 71' fx I ' V 1 N 'J b b K 1- -,L ff - ," N' - l ' 2 15' 7, 7? 'S 1? fr. ' f ' Y -Wm.. . . ,' i" . 'Y 83 Q, - ' fi? ' ' f . - 1 1 if 3 'W 4 A -: I ,A xg: vgvs' 1 1. X p-fx ' 4 3 0600 Four years now we ve been together Through Junror and bentor Hrgh Now rt s umm. to part Trme to say good bye In grade nrne as the Freshre We trred to do our best To make the thrngs we d1d Turn out a great success The next vear we were Sophomores And felt as proud as one can get For we were drawrng nearer To the goal that we had set Suddenly we were Jumors And vnth assurance and wrth calm We prepared a sumptuous banquet And the Junror Sen1or prom Now at last we ve made 1I The goal we sought IS won Now our hrgh school llfe rs endrng And our future rs begun We may not produce a presrdent Or great men of any krnd But each and every one of us A good place rn lrfe will frnd But yet as years pass by we ll frnd That memorles grow pale and drm Yet all of us by now have learned That good thrngs must sometrme end In the army navy arr corps At home rn factory on farm We shall strlxe to do our darndest To keep Uncle Sam from harm And after we have done our duty We shall frnd the job that s best For us and for our natron That wrll have survrved the sternest test We shall always put rn practrce The thlngs our teachers taught For very soon we ve realrzed That freedom IS dearly bought And so rt s trme to say farewell To go forth to do our part But somethmg of all we ve learned rn Shall remarn steadfast rn our hearts Rrley and Long 20 school ,, V rx' n i V, v ," ' s I I A - - .- -1. 1 v V I . Y. . , . . f , . V I 1 I . ,. . . , , . , . . ., . I . V, , . Q X Q00 LQ000 60 Jr Q ff! fix, ,r Q left to rrght FIISI Row Second Row Thlrd Row Fourth Row Morgan Waream Taylor Gerdom Gum Sheridan Russell Wrlson Ulhela Weutrxch Bratcher llsley Vesley Peters Farrell Preston Jones Annonr Holler Keller Zelxck Morrrson Duppstadt Mr Loughran Portor Jones Foley Bowman Srngleton Maloney Morrrson Gerdom, Weutmch Waream, MOTTISOH Vask1s, I Jones, W Pres1dent V1ce Pres1dent Secretary Treasurer S G A 1? W A A cv' o-""' Mr, Thomas J, Loughran 22 , M R N J , M Ulehla, E. I I-I r. ' 'N ' adn F 5' .. ,. H43-at " . - li f 17, i 3 'F if f ' Q ' '-'24 5 ' W x, F h, , 5 y - .. ,fc K if 's A 5. i xl 4 vm ! lx p - -N 1 if :vi - ' 1 5 , Q, . Y An H, , . : . ,, i , . , V1 In N . . . u . ff- ' ' . uw' rr-z-4' 'rt Q-if Left to rrght Frrst Row Marble Tobrn Kunsman Barton Foote Geotz Nelson Moore Second Row Burns Sexton Strret Lredtke Whlte Seller Baker Grafton Thrrd Row Bolt McCauley Sandborn Gllbert Boothe Mxlllgan Geotz Harrlson Fourth Row Mxss Crabtree West Hamxlton Ashley Brown Graybeal Pres1dent McCauley James Vlce Pres1dent Lance M1l11gan Secretary Beverly Grafton Treasurer Jan1ce Moore Athlet1c Ass Rep Bobby Graybeal, .. Mary Lou Marble Stud Councll Rep James McCauley Vera Strret 05,4 Mrss Dorothy Crabtree 23 A ,fa f, 1 A- -5 " 2 q ' 'T-. it - A 1 ., .If-fy Q 1, . gg- A ,., f ' A 1 fx ' ' '. -- I ' A . , J K I f f ' ' '. , 2. . " K ' 9 H Q K , ' - 'i 4 1. , , - ' ff .... sl I L ' 1 " f 3 SA, ' If I 1 1 y t mv, sr' ' . 6 S of I l X 'r is ' ' r ' 1.5ff55522aEg1Egff:- I I v I v I I 1 n Q rl r n Q I l 1 n Z 1 u n r . 7 . ' . , Le ft to rrght Frrst Row Prper Nelson Dreer,Daugherty Russell Brown Wrlson Sanders Stephens Second Row Helsel Pyle Elsner Chessock Jaeger Stone Kral McGloth11n Thlrd Row Jackson Rlchter Grlffln Burns Curry Travers Anderson Rron Fourth Row Moore Gum Bay Hagoett H111 Preston Frfth Row Mr Petkosh Ruff Caudxll Albanese Johnson CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT R1chard Moore VICE PRES John Gr1ff1n SECRETARY Nancy Stephens g TREASURER Glorla Brown Mr Paul Petkosh A A REP DaughertyandJackson S G REP ChessockandGr1ff1n 24 3 I . 3 5 ' A -" ,, t g AZ, ,H . Q, .SVP fs.. ,-9' mf " o G S Nil 1, 4 -' .53 0 . M , , . .., . ' 'N f' I fi 1 : A I I I I I I I I u I : I I I I I I I Q : U I I I I I I I 4 : I I I . I I 9 3 1 1 u 1 o - l V- o o n .Y YA , I O O A113 .- A 1' ti I 6 We ' ' r- 3 as f-in , O2 Left to rrght Frrst Row Second Row Thrrd Row Fourth Row Frfth Row Mr Barrlck Smrth Rather Mr. Wlllram M Barrrck Cameron Breslm Cullum Goldberq Powell Moxley Clayson strong Jones Eller Cox Parker Phrpps Johnson Mahan Wrrtes Furlong Coffman Sheets Bojanowskr Moore Duppstadt Qnodgrass Cregar Ilhck Mouzey Bell Rlley Enrck Rembold Barrow Ivlrtchell Kleese Weutrrch Presrdent VICE Pre sldent Secretary Treasurer SGA AA 25 Irene Cullum Rachel Cameron Larry Coffman Mlke Rrley Irene Gullum Gene Kleese Margot Breslm Robert Duppstadt l , I sf ' X. ,-P . N' 5- 5. 1 I ,, ,. C' il 3 . A 'A Y, Y mi - f X : 1 ,Q n Z ' l Q, I ,I I 5' li 9 'Z . v . 1 - rl .1 . I . 1 1 f . . . . 9 T' H35 A VU Left to rlght F1rst Row Second Row Third Row Fourth Row Flfth Row Z Travers Waddell Gray Falcone W11son Pettrt Hagget Szamborskr Rrmel Ham Krouse Whltsel Goldberg Wheeler Homer Harrlson Rhrnehart Crossley Sexton Burns Barr Sayers Farrell Soth Bennett Louls Smes Mr Klock Tanchuck Rxley Pyle Mezan Sexton CLASS OFFICERS Pres LEWIS Barr Vlce Pres Ralph Tanchuck Sec 8: Tres Rose Marle Falcone ,N AA Rep Ruth Travers Joe Mezan Student Counc11 Robert Wheeler LEWIS Barr Mr. James Klock 26 9-I fi T? ' Ra x-in Ad . Sd r .- " ' 'S fl V- .J - Z, fl D xiii: A p a J ' 'ff . x" ' i Q ' 0 B ' z-fi- ' ia: .yi A F 'Sl U 3 Sf, ' 5 li ' N T' . , - b -I ' 5, i u ' f d A A Q Y d A x Y ' . I 5-. SM '. e 1 A al V5 z 1-xi' V .I f A 4 D : . f . ' I l I . l I ' I Q ' :. I an I , . I I , I , I n, . I : U O I . I I . I ' o ss . .su . . , I P . . -,ae - 1? - 1 Z -gf X t 'YZ 7 rig 35 'U Y? At' fx.. ,A 1 Le ft to rrght Frrst Row Morgan Vaught Strevrg Long Moore Gross Mauzy Parker Second Row Warfreld Ross Reuvl Elder Scott Taylor Powell Spauldrng Mrs Ensor Thlrd Row Bromley Greenland Fox Salmon Lamoure Benton Lrvezy Carey Tulley Fourth Row Gross Fabrxck Goetzl Cunnrngham Standlfor Lrndes Clessuras jackson Flfth Row Marvehs Swann Drake Vaskrs Dunkel Murphy Pettrt 27 lac" L. Mrs. Eliza beth Ensor, Pres V Pres Sec Tres A A SGA 27 Jlmmy Swann Davrd Gross Nanette Lamoure Pauhne Goetzl Heddy Reuyl Arthur Clessuras L1nda Morgan J1mmy Swann R il Left to rrght Frrst Row Burns Wagoner Budnrck Caudlll Nye Whlle Stout Second Row Webb Creswell Herser Day Ellrs Compton Cullum Roberts Thlrd Row Farkas Brllmgs Huffman Hause Coen H11d1tch Holcomb lershman Fourth Row Soth Bruffey Hardm Ashton Travers Moore Noble Crontn Frfth Row McCoy Hlnckle Carlson Lesenly Foley CLASS OFFICERS Pres Gunnar Carlson Emrnord Budn1ck VIC e Pre s Sec Ruth Huffman AQ- 45 Treas 1-'f"" Mr, Sherman McCoy . Betty Coen A A Representatives Annette Heiser and Curtis Bruffey S G, Representatives Gunnar Carlson and Sandra Roberts 28 FF... F1rst Row Zupancrc Pfxngstm Falcone Turner Gr1ff1n Dxttmar Schueler Krause Second Row Sm1th Dubree Nelson Hatch Lxpfrrd Knlght Kerby Parker Thrrd Row Lee La Broad Turlxngton Carry Grafton Henry Gott Phrpps Fourth Row Tomlrnson Moore Henchle Cullum Gebhart Frazltta Cobb Frfth Row Lauterbach Feeney Chatfreld Rrchardson Srngleton Roebuck CLASS OFFICERS Tom Gebhart B111y Tom11nson Pat La Broad Jacqueline Sm1th B. Grafton, T. Gebhart Patsy Knight F. Falcone QY 'W-F5 . xl N argl,- UG3 ff-! P Left to rlght Frrst Row Preston Parrlsh Lacefleld Courts Rlon Case Reed Second Row Mr Patterson Gallatxon Peters Newland Tobrn Guton Smlth Howlett Seeple Thlrd Row Clme Carry Turnbaugh Lee Starrette Moms Hahne Otstot Fourth Row Zapletal Aregan Goldberg Samuels Lewrs Cook Corw1n CLASS OFFICERS Pres B111 Corw1n VICE Pres Danny Case Sec 8: Tres Julle Hahne 45- Student Counc11 Suzanne Starrette B111 Corwm A A Ronald Goldberg, Barbara Carty Mr, Jerome Patterson, ' 30 C3 'S 'N 'du I Left to rrght Frrst Row Wheeler Summers Swann Pyle Holloway Travers McCoy Hall Second Row Svoboda E1l1s Srncavage Rrchter Bugonthal Hughes Dahm Bounds Thlrd Row Coe Thomas Fejfar Thompson Wall Myers Courtney Payne Fourth Row Dolan Austln Rrmel Smlth Voche Gompers Marhovsky Fatrcloth Frfth Row Potter Musket Sampson Tamkus Rasnohe Osborn .xv- Mr. J. Walter Potter. Pres1dent Tamkus V1ce Pres1dent Sampson Secretary Payne Treasury Rasnohe Student Counc11 Tamkus and El11s Ath Ass Svoboda and Hughes 31 W .sl T3 fill lil' Left to rlght F1rStRowx Sexern Hwbner Herser VVIIRIHSOD Nolen Collrer Basulle Baker second Row Collodav Travers Clayson Cullum Drake Wrllrams Rlmel Daugherty Thlrd Row Vaught lord Rhxnehart Hanuas Colller Morflenetern Gouker Chatfreld Fourth Row Sgarborouqh Mrtchell Dams Moody Callahan McMann Crlffen Courts Fxfth Row Mr Butklewlcz Homer Bowen Lmdes Sheets E73 an.,- CLASS OFFICERS Pres1dent Tommy Morgenstern V1ce Pres Mlke Travers Secretary Frances Co1l1er Treasurer Mar1e Davrs A A Rep F Colher and Jerry Nolen Stu Councll T Morgenstern, B Rep Ford 32 I' fwf, we - 9 I ski H 'T tl I 19' iv-f'6 M. atfip 'M 2104... Frrst Row L R Srnes Lambert Porter Penmngron Dubree Musrc Rudolph Sanner Second Row Burns Sanders Thompson Ulelah Smrth Krass Parker Srmpers Thrrd Row Rembold Fabrrck Rockwell Denbow Marun Werss Harrrson Norrrs Fourth Row Hegnauer Grrffrrh Wrlson Seamon Norman Strne Taylor Frfrh Row Tarbert Grrffrn Crarg Preston Class Offrcers Presrdent Mary Ruth Rembold Vrce Pres Arlen Rudolph Secretary Jean Werss Treasurer Anna Mae Denbow S G Representatrve Charles Olrver Mary Ruth Rembold A A Representarrve Tony Ulehla Nancy Burns Teacher. Flora Lennon 33 X if .. ' V Q ,ai Q V. H T .Q , 1-f up 'sg V ' "' ' H 1' 'Z L v 1 .5 A ,N V K 4 x " lg, A - Wh - F k sh' xqf?k1.x,E?.' 1 my ,' . ' ' F A in, x ft. Q 1 fr . .5 . V misc, 1 Q w .Q Jcqmrn .H , - , n , V ' - 'J ' ' 4' - - ,, f s - ts., 5 5, -lor , ee, is ' 3 i YA Q, x I ix . 1' f. ' fl, w s ffri w Q 4-Q :Mr f 4' Y 1 ffl? ff V 2 "- Nr 2 9, S1 .551 L fa 5 3- fa, A r ' M H ,Z - ' ir , y- v ' 7' Wi T 1 - . ' li 15 fr ' ,. ! ,'i5,.. , ,. 0525 1 ' ,,., . sir iw - - ,'- '-.Qgff ' - A ,V l'..' , 1" . 9 '- ': D I I I I ' l I I . Y . 7 ' :' I Y 1 ' I D I ' I A i 4 : ' . Y l I I f b I l. I ' D I : 1 I I , . . . - 5 , , . - Sb fffffilffffffQfIff""'m U 0 ,Qu , ,S f A H Richard Price Mayfield Walker ' ,7 V 4'- James Robertson Anne Porter William Cumming Doris Kolb Everett Bernstein Elinor Graybeal Mary Krueger .4215 J Oliver Stout 34 Betty Scapallati .lg fC' ,ff-' sf-..n" Q QW M I gf X V PQ J 'S 'mi Qlffblflf ,wana A , fr? Xfx jf I 7 .457 S X A 0 ff in X ky xi s Zag ' We Dam? Wm Zac - 1- 11 if xl' L fy5x"1.n ,Ni e inf? lx-N 605 Shoufdfe R ibsH'lk"7"N3 g4"r's fi Nj' ei P' 4' ws? 4 . :cw W",-?",lf1r 'll,', I-Q U uv " P. it 'Q M N ' ,1 , ' 'JK' ' O' "J 1 A L? E i ff .ptsggz ' A N' U.-mrww 3 Wits. ' 1 'Q' n A SA! ' A I H '7 P-'-.-1 ..,,- ' we-' --..,,, I , 7 f f L' 1 ' Q . y -it . I ' , a, N 1 -,P ,,.t 5. Q, 52 , ' , A' wlit !w.E5 iT -' -QF if 1' H "f,,,,, ' H ' 4 Q Q j fr ........ Ygxgffn .Womb W -,af .Q L 5 , J v' ' ' ' T 657!Zefaede - Smdwz Madam 14 a i Q 1131111 I :ilu im:Hfmfffi?:'n15a'i-'usun'umi5HEIH5355iiiiiiiii,'iii'l'liiilullllnil'ilul 'M'-' . e .. . . . .., ---1---W' - -- ex.-:.-1-..-:-::::: if if ii s' - -T- V ' 2. 5 A - : -1 v iq 1 mv 1. i..v, -1 -Q -- ..... 9 -, f I iQ QA, glance ' Sponsor-Mrs. Elizabeth Ensor Club Officers President-Carolyn Cobb Vice President-George Mojzisek Secretary-Marjorie Riley Treasurer-John Messerall The purpose of the Honor Society is to create an enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to pro- mote worthy leadership and to encourage the development of char- acter in pupils. game -ig-I-"' 9 qk fs 3 gf' '48 2? gww 7mm lst Row: Left to Right: Absherg Farrellg Cook, captaing Wuetrichg Vaught. 2nd Row: Mahan, rnanagerg Sothg Sexton, Og Ulehlag Bakerg Tobing Miss Scapellati, coach. 3rd Row: Salmon, managerg Rossg Reuylg Sextong jg Goetzg Travers. 4th Row: Snappg Liedtke, Prestong Croning White, manager. ABERDEEN OPPONENTS 4 0 fBel Airl 2 1 Qllavre de Gracej 0 4 QNorth Harford 2 2 fBe1 Airy 2 4 fl-lavre de Gracej 2 8 fNorth Harfordj The Eagles jumped off to a fine start, winning their first two games. Although they 'IVVNI All lost the remaining contests, the games were very closely played until they were routed by North Harford by a score of 8-2. Guided by their fine coach, Miss Scapellati, the Eagles'spiritwas upheld through out the sea- son. 47 1 GA 7 6406 Left to Rrght 1st row Ltnes Whrteford Rrpken Walker Harrrson Standrford Mavrelhs 2nd row Reuyl Travers I111ck Coffman Harshman Burns Moxley 3rd row B Duppstadt Lewrs Wrlson Mojzresek Clessuras E Duppstadt Klatrl 4th row Mr BUIk16WlCZcCO3Ch, Swann Tanchuck Gross Caud111 Furlong Goldbergfmanagerj Mr Potter fcoachj UAA! 'Nth 1952 SOCCER EAGLES The Ea 1es wound up the1r1952 Soccer season wrt a record of 3 w1ns 1 loss and 2 tres They were edged from the county crown by the North Harford Hawks Both contests wrth North Harford wound up m 1 1 dead locks The 1952 Eagles not only ac complrshed a good won lost record but d1s played good quahty sportsmanshtp through out the season 48 4 VARSITY lst Row Goldberg fmanagerj Sanborn Jones Clessuras Coffman Pres: n Harnson 2nd row Rather fmanagerj Haggetr Swann Rlley Albanese Brown Walker fcapv ml Coach Robertson The 1953 Eagles contmued Aberdeen H1gh s w1nn1ng ways and reputatlon for sportsmansh1p by str1v1ng to W1n another county Class B t1tle Coach Jlm Robertson was faced Wlth the task of bu1ld1ng a vars 1ty squad from a group of boys whxch numbered only one veteran of last year's team Robb1e faced the challenge and molded togethe one of the fastest and scrapp1est cage squads 1n the county There were three semors on the 1953 ed1t1on of the Eagles J1m Walker captamed the team and Dmck Harr1son and Wendell Brown were the top scorers JUNIOR VARSITY lst Row Drake Duppstadt McCauley Foley Vaskrs llhck 2nd Row Coach McCoy Lmdus Harnson Bell Gross Mornson Lelsman Jackson 49 . . I . . . Il ' ll I, F . ' .H. a H l 'l T T+L M A , r... Il 6408 Left to Rrght Front Row Soth Ferrell Travers Cook Qcaptarnj Baker Lerdtke Tobm Reuyl Second Row Scappalettr Qcoachj Gum Qmana erj Sexton Eller Russell Sherrdan Roebuck Ross Salmond Qmanagerj Morgan fmanagerj A sent Cronm The Aberdeen Eagles got off to a d1sma1 start rn the 1953 basket ball tournament by los1ng therr frrst two contests, but then they broke 1nto a wrnnmg streak and thereafter contmued to frght for a b1d for the county crown There were only two sen1ors on the vars1ty Barbara Cook, captam of the team, and Sara Cronm the second hrgh est scorer for the Eagles GAMES PLAYED Won Lost Havre de Grace Aberdeen Aberdeen Bel Arr Aberdeen Havre de Grace Games Not Played At Trme Of Publrcauon Aberdeen vs North Harford Aberdeen vs Bel Arr 50 , I North Harford ------ 45 Aberdeen ------------ 24 -----29 ------------ 16 ---------- 40 ' -------------- 37 ---------- 45 I ------- 41 Hllllllllwlllllllllll I!lullllIIllllllIllllluuu:Hhi'i.lll'lll"'.l".""n ... ww--""'r1:L::: u'a'ww:z.,'-'m:.--.EE-33:13 i 9 g '.T:::u"L1"l illiwnmj A ",di.":-".'E-: annum an smite Pvwfu WWE! AMES' "' of 1 .u rw J - LWUEE U u sesrizfyf Eddie' 4' W' 1 M He Lu 7?52? cam Seated fleft to nghtl Jack Gross Nelson Sanborn Irm Krlby Warren Grafton Drck Harrrson Wrllard Standlford Calvxn Rrpkrn Standing Davrd Gross M r John Harrtson M r Jrm Walker Bob Scott Lee Kleese Bob Connolly Tom Swann Gary rlson Leo Chessoc Mr Melvrlle Coach For the f1fth t1me mn as many years, the Aberdeen Eagles cap tured the county baseball crown After startmg off Wlth a dCC1S1VC w1n over Bel A1r the Eagles cont1nued the1r mastery over county r1vals by defeat1ng all comers dur1ng the season Led by Warren Grafton who as a p1tcher had a Z0 and 0 record dur1ng h1S h1gh school career, the Eagles ended the1r undefeated season by dowrnng Havre de Grace, 4 0 SCHEDULE Bel Arr 1 Havre de Grace 2 North Harford 5 Bel Arr 6 North Harford 2 Havre de Grace 0 51 Aberdeen Aberdeen Aberdeen Aberdeen Aberdeen Aberdeen 14 7 - v 1 ' - - !--ll-DQUS-Qlivitv? ,...,, ,V a .1 if, ,hw-,, ""vi -at-1-Qi. 1 v V -1' 'I . S ' M Ce , I 'qt 1- X 'qxk ' ..,""' - 'Y I 8 fl ' ' f ' 'YW W '- 1' "' U sf Q' 'I 1+-M ' A A Q A r -,1,1, 'L M .vena , ,L ' ' al ,.,, --Q' 'V-ff' YV C 'lb - ww ---' -Y --'w' ' I .K in-Q-I , -'ff LJ a ' ' .' fl' or " ,Q . I Q 'Q . f I -' " . , 1 T' tal V, - f ' 1 ,il - . X ef ' .H his ,ml UQ' l -i E j .S .g,.2.q'Ei V 1 15 -- 3 44 .- x- . G , '11--' A, -1- P ' by ' f .XY I' . -'X!! x I fv- I vanls . ' . K , ,H :thi 1 Q' I tx , I , - ms-q' A nr-r , N3 lt. S4 in IUK ,Lf l t 5 1 ' ' r M 7 ,. .4 ' 1' lla' ' ' - Q ' ' ' f Il ' . . , . tv- , if . - 1 , , , . . . . 0 fn X N '!E'E 5 N Sofffad 7mm 7952 llll'll'nV llllllllllllllllf IF' IIIIIFIBIII Ullll' IHIHFIFFIIIU llllllullllllll Fllllll hm H V 'faq' ua I I APN Zaqa Saftlalf 7mm 7752 """"' M ' h' "" "' " K " ' on Q1 A -- - i: A, ruw , .Qs : ' , Q -f 3 fh x A' ' " fx ' ' 3 ' i ' 1 X t It " '!"""' M I- : 1 , H F - ,,, 3 ,. - ff b n ' 3 -Y is ' A -- f ' 'i A -. f Q, I ff' M V, f' A, fx-13. ' 'Y ff Y --54" ff "" f . '4 1, ' , ' 'ly' ,x. W Q , I TI L N l I 1. .g 1 ' V Z ' , iw- ,..f, A lg ' U- '?T!.,-! ' b J, -NWL , JY , , l Y K Q' llililllllllllllllllllllllllp,lvlllljlllllIllllliggllllllgllIllllll::lgnmmu:nzmmm4 "'?Z9.'5'j3 W Tn" . 1- 'I'-'Vwm-737' 4 -7:4 ' 2ff"2'7"""'?f'f-ffff. ga, QQ 1, g -+ : ff f ' 1L uv I rf b---- - 'V ' ' 1' . wi vi " T429 -' ,, 2- ff' , T55-33 'ff ? ' ' :E -, f r 1 ,i f ... ' 4,-, . !!!, 5 2-.' ,t ,i fm -,, 1 W ' 1 -- K 2- V . 1: Y - in ' ' K - uw.. I I 1 K l I A 2 X-5 A p 1 L.- fff- f 7 if .471 f , s.-JI X, fd f ...li- . T 'vl- 'L .,x Z" N Xl...- 2 SG' 6 53 -fr . ,, ng' ,4 1.5, Ni lf: 4'-an QQ'-il" ,Q A. fx :MQ 3 rig ll' 2. 'N 1 V ,Af 'Sv' f.: v 2 - A 53 4 5 A 5 .4 f 4? - in e jg' lr L an R Af' I '52 r f' ' E 1 . Q73 -! ' . A A ,I f f ., ef ff' ' 1 I ' V 'C D . ,R - ' 9, A ix, x f ,I w ,, I - ' ., . s A 1' W ' U l . 4 . ' ,f x Q, ' I ' 1 .k J'n.!i - l Q , W f T' , , ' LM 1 'W l ' f N , 1 4 - wg ' .' ,Mp "QQ, ' 9 - 4 . h V I. I JT! X L - I -V 4 If-,L W ' L .J . A ' M' -4 ' - ' ff " -w' -A 'tx Q' .Ag 4. , I rm' 'fm K n J- , p ' ' N i f XJ 1 I . ' if f x A' 4' j T 1 I I 55 SPECIAL COMMERCIAL PATRONS F O Mrtchell Bros Aberdeen Cleaners Colonral Motors New Ideal Drner Harford Nash Sales Valet Servrce Loyal Order of Moose Ctty Cleaners Tractor and Farm Ferguson s Henry Tarrtng Frank Stmtk Insurance Belcamp REGULAR COMMERCIAL PATRONS Shrllman s Store Perryman Md Mtlttary Outfrtters Ltvezey Lumber Co Aberdeen Ice CO Maryland Restaurant Aberdeen Restaurant Greem Derby Blackburn s Servtce Statron E Dell 8a Co Ivtns Drug Store Redwood Tavern Vrele Lumber Co Harford Democrat Clyde Grove Heatmg and Plumbrng C C Cromn Blenherm Lodge Pershtng Studtos Bonnett s Newstand Churchtll Shoe Store R L Tarrtng Nattonal Supply House Company Harford Launder It I Deane s Apparel Shop Ftdeltty Credtt Doc s Shop Aberdeen Jewelers Aberdeen Troprcal Frsh Center Sc Pet Shop Lady Ruth Beauty Shop Cash Wa Candy Co Kearney Nebraska Cunnrngham Sales Wrlson Olrver Insurance Aberdeen Flortsts Renner s Newstand Famous 84 Spang Insurance Assocratron Hutner s Restaurant Grxer O11 Co Phrlrp Webster Real Estate Cook s Market Flying Clrpper Tom s Barber Shop Grlley s Market C Curus Morgan Co Bel Camp Grocery Bel Camp Cafeterra Wm V Lauterbach Grocer Frrst Natronal Bank Lawrence s Grocery Store Roebuck s Gulf Servrce Hrnder Motor Co Champron Cleaners PERSONAL PATRONS Mtss Betty ,I Preston Mrss Eleanor Preston Mr Harold Smrth Mr 8LMrs F Novack Mtss Jean Gerdom Mr Robert Cook Mr 8tMrs ArthurW Cook Mr SL Mrs Henry Schnerder Dr gl Mrs Dtrk Reuyl Mrss Ruth Bruffey Mr 8LMrs Wtllram A Gross Mr 8cMrs Rtchard F Crontn Jack 8a Sara Mr 8a Mrs Edward Long Mr 8aMrs Henry M Cobb Joan Burns Mr H E Dahm Mr 81 Mrs Ralph Gerdom Mrs CharlesG Sellman Mr 8: Mrs Ellts Frredlander Leo Schwartz Morrts Goldman Mrs Mary Wrlson Mrs C L McBrtde Mrs Ruby Snapp Mrss Lenora McBrtde Mrs Esther Sellers Mrss Ltlltan McBrtde Mrs M Robtnson Mrs BrendaC Myers Mr 8rMrs Roy S Coale Shrrley Sc Bryon Rev 81 Mrs Paul Sampson Mrs Frank Baker Mr Munsey Robtnson Mr Emory Prpher Mrs Reba Wagner Lt Col 8aMrs Alfred W Ltedtke Mr 8LMrs Curtrs M Walker Mr 8rMrs F Petrrck Mrs Mamre Cole B111 Btrks Mrs Howard Beachboard Mr 8LMrs Floyd S Bounds Ir Mr 8a Mrs Albert Seckle Mr 8:Mrs Jesse McCauley Charlotte 8: Jerry Mr 8zMrs C J Mrchaels Coronnet Beauty Shop Catherrne Wtlson Carolyn Lrndenstruth Wanda Preston Patrrcta Keen Mr CharlesH Duff Mr R E Meeks Kttty Thornton Peggy Armstron Mrs I-Iattle We dtck Mr and Mrs Max Gerson Wtllard Standtferd Mr 8rMrs F T Messerall Col 8tMrs 1amesG Kleese SFC Sr Mrs Wrlltam P Hart Grlbert Bowers Mr 8zMrs Bell Mr 8cMrs L Mojztsek Rrchard Pnce , .I , , ' ' , , lr. Abeideen Bakery ' - 56

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