Aberdeen High School - Arrivederci Yearbook (Aberdeen, MD)

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Aberdeen High School - Arrivederci Yearbook (Aberdeen, MD) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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, .ww K+' ,.-.lY.f-.L-., , ,, ,W J , , ,,f ,-,. . ' wid MWf2,,L. ARRI V EDERCI VOLUME XIII W jf! X 7'9'w .4-:wa-"""' PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS NINETEEN HUNDRED FIFTY TWO OF ABERDEEN HIGH SCHOOL ABERDEEN MARYLAND Nw-1 We the Senlor class w1sh to ded ate the 1952 1ssue of "Arr1vederc1 to "Coach" Melvllle 1n apprec1at1on for all he has done to better our school both on and off the Athlet1c F1eld Dear Sen1ors We have tr1ed to educate you so that you w1ll be able to make a better world 1n wh1ch to l1ve My role has been to provxde you w1th an educat1on 1D the phys1cal f1eld but the physxcal has been just a means to the des1red result I slncerely hope you have learned to respect your fellow man and are now able to make 1ntell1gent dec1 1ons as regards the rxghts of others Wh1le you are str1v1ng to atta1n the goal you have set for your self don't forget what you have learned here reach that goal by follow1ng the rules we have taught you whether the f1ght 1S go1ng for or agamst you Always play fa1r and square and success and hap plness w1ll surely be yours Years ago you entered school to learn It was necessary to have courage self control determ1nat1on and pat1ence now 1ts over go forth to serve' The best to all of you Robert Melv1lle 2 ic . . .H I n, ! D v S , - , . . . --- . ! 5811001 days school USYS Q 232 in EWU Zhi? MW? I 4425 ig ffzf: , , ', ,, '91 ,,. M Ailgnzi f 1? 1 I ' f ff, is fi 32 1' ,- 2 A X f h E i 5 1 Q X KQXX XX ' 1 L N. X '94 1- -m' Sen1ors of '52 There was once a good reason for cal11ng the graduat1on exer c1ses the Commencement ' It conveyed the 1dea that at the t1me of rece1v1ng the dxploma 'preparat1on for l1fe as a c1t1zen would cease and 'work" as a c1t1zen would beg1n It marked a def1n1te turnlng po1nt Today we seldom use the word 'Commencement' to refer to a h1gh school graduatlon It 1S mdeed a s1gn1f1cant th1ng th1s grad uat1on but lt 1n no sense marks an end to your educat1on Whether you w1sh lt or not your educat1on w1ll cont1nue W1th some lt w1ll be a consc1ous process college apprent1cesh1p pr1vate study and w1th all lt w1ll be a gradual bu1ld up of exper1ences wh1ch may brmg w1sdom Contrary to popular expectatwns you graduates even though products of the same school are far dxfferent 1n the amounts and types of learmng wh1ch you w1ll carry away w1th you You have as a part of you whatever you have chosen to keep e1ther because of the st1mulat1on of good teachers or by the demands of your own God g1ven talents and 1nterests Cont1nue your th1rst for knowledge' The world 15 your school and the accumulated learmng of thousands of years IS at your flnger t1ps George H Corddry Jr Pr1nc1pa1 3 104' Mrs lngeburg Sweet 0ff1CC Secretary For the past three years whenever we entered the offlce the f1rst thmg wh1ch caught our eye was the warm fr1endly sm1le of our off1ce secretary Mrs Ingeburg Sweet It made no dlfference what she was domg whether It be f1ll1ng out late sl1ps or ushermg us bad l1ttle kmds 1nto Mr Corddry s sancta sanctorurn she found the t1me to wrlnkle her nose or offer us a few words of encouragement Most school off1ces are usually thought of as places of mystery or pomp and c1rcumstance but at Aberdeen H1gh the very capable Mrs Sweet has changed the atmosphere One feels that here 15 a true fr1end one who understands and sym pathlzes w1th those awful teen agers ' Although th1s 1S our last year 1n school we w11l always remember Mrs Sweet as a true fr1end and most certa1nly as a v1tal part of Aberdeen H1gh School 4 Taught to T118 tune of 3 HICHUPY suck 1 , ,S 5 ,,' fl-, V , Q Q' ' sw fa arf I 0 W x V 1 ' ' f-I ,, 'eg' f -zfig, fl' f, I ,, -'A 5, f 4 Ilffgli Q' sz ' l' V541 w fillefwleea 7494 Sahel 'ffaoaltq Mrs Mary Kreuger Musrc Mtss Betty Bradb ry Core Mrs Anne Porter t Commerclal Mr Sherman Mc Coy Core Mrs Flora Lennon Mrs Peggy Vansant Core Core Mrss Gragg Mrs Dons Kolb Social Studxes 8a Englrsh Home Economlcs Mr Paul Petkosh Patterson Sclence Core Mr Olrver Stout Mr Everett Bernsteln Industnal Arts Mathematrcs 5 O , Ui, X , 1 , . K A A 3 I, I J G76 g' ' 'I rj ' I ,Q 1 . .4 J . K . . . . f45e'zdeea 7694 Sedan! '7czaalL'g Mr. Robert Melville Mrs, Elizabeth Ensor Core Physical Education JJ Q Mr. William Cumming Guidance 'iv Mrs Wilma Wheller Richard Price Mr Thomas Loughran Physical Education Languages Social Studies English -is Miss Mayfield Walker Mr Walter Potter M.r James Klock Librarian Core Science 6 Mathematics STANDING left to rrght Marilyn Mc Clellan Le Moyne Nederkorn Salhe Taylor Carolyn Goswerler Farth Nye Mr Rrchard Prrce Nancy Radcllffe Ruth Bruffey Leo Chessock Betty Peddrcord Richard Krauss Jack Gross W11lardStand1ford June St Clau A11anM1tche1l Merrrll Cohen lame Kllby SEAT ED Mar1on Hause Carolyn Lxndenstruth Fay Moore Catherrne Wlllson Lourse Long Kathryn Thornton Dorothy Thompson Warren Grafton zfmeae sag Assocrate Ed1tor Wrllard Stand1ford Art Edltor Allan Mltchell Bus1ness Manager Carolyn Gosweller Sa111e Taylor Advert1s1r1g Manager Le Moyne Nederkorn Sports Ed1tor Leo Chessock Warren Grafton Typ1sts Mar1on Hause Fay Moore Dorothy Thompson Kathryn Thornton Farth Nye Nancy Radchffe Loulse Long Cather1ne W11lson Sponsor Mr Rxchard Prlce 7 Editor-in-chief -- June St. Clair. mam af die gem of sz The htghltghts of the past four years we attempt to preserve rn the hrstory of our class Ftrst a cheerful September day tn 1948 when we were Freshman and just begrnnmg four of the hardest but happtest years of our careers Under the new twelve year system this was our last year rn Juntor Htgh School We were proud when ftve of the members of our class Warren Grafton Carolyn Goswetler Leo Chessock LeMoyne Nederkorn and George Clessurus recetved awards for earn1ng over 625 potnts tn the course of thetr junror hrgh school years We were one major step toward graduatton when we returned to school rn the fall of 49 to begtn our frrst year rn sentor hrgh school Now we were sophomores We had to worka lrttle btt harder tn the scholasuc freld and parttcularly so 1n our extra currtcular acttvtttes form the followrng year we were to grve the Semors a banquet and prom Thts affarr we wanted to be the best ever gtven at Aberdeen Thts year also frve of the outstandmg members of our class were mtttated tnto the Honor Socrety They were Warren Grafton Carolyn Goswetler June St Clatr Wtllard Standtford and Leo Chessock Our class contarned not only scholars but actors as well for we won the gold cup tn the Semor Htgh Play Contest wtth our one act play For the Love of Mrke The mrd century found us tn the juntor class closely watchtng the Senrors for we knew that next year we would be faced wrth the same problems as they We concentrated on learmng how to run the organlzattons of our school smoothly and effrctently Chrtstmas brought an extra joy to us Wtth the vacatron came our class rrngs Im medrately we began planntng for our rrng dance whrch would be our frrst semt formal dance We were very proud and happy to step through the arch and perform the rrng ceremony To us the dance was a tremendous success although ftnanctally we were left a trrfle rn the red Not only was the school thrtlled but the whole town as well when the Aberdeen Eagles captured the county basketball champronshrp and then went on to take the state trtle tn class B competttton The halls of Aberdeen rang wrth cheers and prarses for our team We were proud that stx members of our class helped make up the team They were Warren Grafton who scored the wrnmng goals rn the last few seconds of play rn both the Connally and Jtm Krlby In thrs year also ftve more members of our class were elected to the Honor Socrety Sallte Taylor LeMoyne Nederkorn Fatth Nye Lee Caudrll and Betty Peddtcord Now what we had long dreamed planned and hoped for was about to come true Wtth the help and gutdance of Mtss Peggy Patton fMrs Kenneth Daltonj we began to work dtltgently for the JUNIOR SENIOR banquet and prom We held our banquet at the ARC and later danced to the mustc of Johnny Moran tn the Aberdeen Htgh School aud1 torrum Although we were very happy the thought that thts was the last trme the Junrors and Sentors would be together seemed to sadden the occaston somewhat Aweek or so after our prom the electrons for Student Councrl and A A prestdent was the subject on everybody s mtnd After two vtgorous and well conducted campatgns the VICIOYIOLIS candrdates were Jack Gross Student Councrl presrdent and Wtllard Standlford our Athlettc Assocratton prestdent THEN SEPTEMBER! 1951 In the ftrst week of our Semor year the electron of class offrcers was the mam toptc of dtscussron We chose to lead our class James Krlby prestdent June ST Clan vtce prestdent Maragret Armstrong secretary and LeMoyne Nederkorn treasurer Rlght away we started two of our btggest projects for the year the publrcatron of the Blue and Gold with Carolyn Goswerler as edttor rn chtef and theYearbookw1th June ST Clatr as edttor We are lookmg forward thrs year to many thmgs berng guests of the Jumors at the banquet and prom tn the sprtng to our Semor Class play to a wonderful basketball season after taktng our stxth stratght soccer champtonshtp but most of all to that spectal nrght when we recerve the reward for all our years of hard labor Our last school undertakmg wrll be the June Ball the last to be held tn the old burld xng However our htstory rn Aberdeen wxll not be completed upon graduatton For we hope as future cmzens of the communtty to help our school whenever we are able to 8 , 4 semi-final and 'final play-off gamesgMerrill Cohen. Jack Gross, Leo Chessock, Robert eww C E E 0 . V. I ,K I 4. A Q , 5, I 7 1-iid Hui s 1 , ' I : t if i' ' QK1, 21 kgs if i4 32,2 9. gg I 3 I I , l i Z5 - 2-:QQ-' F' - f1if'f'..l:.':'Z'T!' I WHS YUU1' b3ShfUl b3I'EfUOT UEEJ ! I 6 I PRESIDENT JAMES CURTIS KILBY Jrmmy J1mmy you re the nrcest one An all round sport and lots of fun ACT IVIT IES 10th 11th 12th Basketball Baseball Soccer Sports Club Play Con test Baseball Soccer Basketball Class Pres1dent Games Club Dancing Club Baseball Soccer BasketballClass Presrdent Student Councll Leaders Club Yearbook Staff Blue and Gold Vanety Show VICE PRESIDENT ELEANOR JUNE ST CLAIR Iunle June rs tall and very sweet A personalrty that s hard to beat ACTIVITIES 1 Oth 1 1th 12th Student Court Honor Socrety Basketball Momtor Dramattc Club Prestdent May Court Attendent Athleuc Assocxarron Vrce Presrdent Honor Socrety Secretary Momtor Basketball Hockey Softball Manager May Court Attendent Athletic Assoctatlon Representatrve Honor SOCIETY Basketball Edrtor ln Chref of Yearbook Blue and Gold Semor Play TREASURER LBMOYNE WINSTON NEDERKORN Moyne LeMoyne s eyes LeMoyne s harr ff I! ff f I Are tn a class beyond compare ACTIVITIES 10th 11th 12th Attended school ln Chicago Honor Socrety Monitor Blue and Gold Stud t Councxl Basketball Jtmror Varsrty School S re Manager Bus Patrol Honor Socrety Presxdent Secretary of Student Councll Treasurer of Semor Class Blue and Gold Advertrslng Manager of Yearbook Glee Club Manager of School Store Speedball Basketball Semor Varstty SEC RET ARY MARGARET LOUISE ARMSTRONG Peggy Peggy s nrce Peggy s fun Peggy s always on the run ACTIVITIES 10th Student Councrl Momtor Asststant Charrman of Magazlne Campargn Manager of Basketball Team llt Student Councrl Presrdent of Future Nurses of Amerxca Homeroom Secretary Momtor 12t Secretary Treasurer of 12 2 Class Secretary 9 is C' T A 9 WARREN GENE GRAFTON Warrue Warnre really knows the score Especrally on the Basketball floor ACTIVITIES 1 Oth 11th 12th X Honor Socrety V1ce Presrdent AA Baseball Bas ketball Soccer Sports Club Honor Socrety Baseball Basketball Soccer Games Club Honor Soclety Baseball Basketball Soccer Year book Staff Sports Edrtor of Blue and Gold Vartety Show Member of AA Leaders Club if Y AliYJIgYCE BEAVERS Sally e s hlw s Jolly that s our Sal e sk n by all cause she s a real sweet gal Agrhvlrrssq Nloth 11th 12th Dramatlcs Club Decorated Faculty Room Danctng Club Photog raphy Club Secretary Commercral Club Photography Club M ARILYN LEG ATE MCCLELL AN Mac Short blond eyes of blue That s Martlyn just 5 foot 2 ACTIVITIES 10th 11th 12th Glee Club Charge of srck room Vtce Presrdent of Dramattcs Club Monltor Musto Festrval Semor Play Contest Glee Club Secretary of the Safety Patrol MOHIIOI Future Nurses of Amerrca Blue and Gold Yearbook Staff Patrol Glee Club Treasurer Magazrne Campargn ROBERT FRANCIS CONNOLLY 0 When II comes to makmg the team Bob Connolly rs on the beam ACTIVITIES 10th 11th 12th I0 Not here Baseball Basketball lndustrtal Arts Club Danctng Club Baseball Basketball Soccer Dramatrcs Club Sctence Club Industnal Arts Club Varlety Show LEO FRANCIS CHESSOCK "Leo" Leo is always a good sport Lending his homework and on the court. ACTIVITIES: 10th- llth - l2th-- -BasketballgSoccerg Baseball: Honor Society: Play Contestg F.T.A.g Blue 8a Gold. Basketballg Soccerg Honor Societyg Homeroom Secretaryg F.T.A.g Blue and Gold, Basketballg Soccerg Baseballg Leaders Clubg Honor Societyg Monitorg B1ue8t Goldg Variety Showg Yearbook. RUTH ANN BRUFFEY Bru A comblnatron really worthwhlle Is th1s gal s humor and flashy smrle ACTIVITIES 10th I 2t Lrbrary Club Presrdent Dramatlcs Club Basketball Commerc1alClub Fash1onShow Dan crng Club President Yearbook Staff Blue and Gold Typlst Vartety Show Senlor Hlgh Play Contest BEVERLY ANN SPAULDING ev Bev IS always on the go She s the gal you ought ta know ACTIVITIES 10th Glee Club Art Club Musrc Festrval llth Glee Club Danc1ngC1ub Dramat1csClub Assem 12th Glee Club Llbrary Servlce Club Varlety Show JOHN WILLARD STANIFORD U pfglgwlf' Wlll Wrllard IS always on the ball ,U ,,.. Hrs personaltty beats them all J fyofall Acrrvmss 1fUJ"' ,Nod 10th 11th l2th Honor Soclety Basketball Manager Sports Club Honor Socrety Soccer A A Member Class Pres xdent May Court Attendant Basketball Honor Society A A President Soccer Basketball Baseball Asststant Editor of Yearbook Blue 8t Gold Reporter Leaders Club ll -" flka GARY IRVING EW FRANK WALLACE SHEPPARD Why does Wally have all the grrls Could rt be hrs pretty blond curls? ACTIVITIES 10th Baseball Assembly Program Danclng Club ll th Baseball Games Club Dancrng Club 12th Baseball Science Club Varrety Club DOROTHY JEAN BROOKS Dottre Brooks IS real good lookln Oh the lessons she glves on cookm ACTIVITIES 10th R1fle Club MUSIC Club llth Scrrbblers Club School Paper 12th Secretary of Commerclal Club 0501 ff 1 M1 DOROTHY LEE THOMPSON Dot ln athletlcs Dot sure has spunk But what would she do without her Bunk ACTIVITIES 10th Fleldball Basketball Softball Glee Club Athle uc Assoclatlon Representauve Commerc1a1C1ub t Freldball Basketball Softball Glee Club Future Teachers of Amerrca Athletxc Assocrauon Re presentauve Hockey Fashxon Show Intramurals 12t Basketball Speedball Softball Ath1et1cAssoc1a non Representatrve Yearbook Typrst Momtor Leaders Club ELL Gary Hrs prrde and joy IS hrs falthful car In whrch he travels near and far Transferred to Balumore 12 .. " 9 1 . -' 2 5 . '- : : . . . -- : . -- : . fl f , ,' -f f f ' VH, I ,1 I, je I f' ' 'I 5,4 7 r xr f , f N .f - j ' 1 f f , , ' in 1 If L, lp T S . ,, . ,. ,- I 7' . f I - x 1 C ' I f. I ' 1 .. 4 " 11' 5 , - u 4 Q. 4 I X '- : 9 : s ' : . ll h - 5 1 5 9 3 .. Q : 5 - h" 1 9 : ' 9 1 : , Wally Dome ROBERT LEROY ELLIOT Bo Bob s the artrst of our class He does hrs work both neat and fast ACTIVITIES 10th Study Play Contest 11th Engmeerlng, Club Tumblmg Team 12th Study Varrety Show Wffdff flf 'IWW Jyffwjyflf mgr f ,affly N ancy Our gal Nancy IS cute as heckQ M .Vi And we love her a bushel and a peck If ACTIVITIES l0th llth 12th Freldball Basketball Softball Athletrc Assocra tlon Glee Club Fleldball Basketball Softball TalentShow Glee Club Hockey Team CommerclalClub Danclng Club Fashron Show MagazmeCampa1gn Intra mural Sports Blue8L Gold Typrst Yearbook Staff Speedball Team Mgr Basketball Team Softball Team Senror Play Secretary to Teachers Intramural LOIS BARBARA LAIDLAW Lors Her lrttle Olds has taken her places Now she s one of our new faces ACTIVITIES 10th 11th 12th Martha Skelton Grrls Club Glee Club Advlsory Presrdent San Antomo Aquatrc Club Glee Club Jaspers Grrls Club San Antomo Aquatrc Club Glee Club Speedball Dramatrcs Club Varrety Show FRANK KENNETH CHAPMAN Pinky If you ever get lost on the post Frnd Prnky and he ll be your host AC TIVIT IES 10th llth 12th Games Club Study Typmg Club Dancmg Club Commercial Ed Club Pres Head of Momtors 12th Grade Pres Q12 l Sectrony Student Gov t Rep I3 P' Zhu? F' INK 'Q 1 ' v H bu 1 . I Z . IF K . U U ,Y A y -iv " ' 9 : Q ' ' ' I Sportsg Leaders Club. V .A fa. . . , - I W ' rv I. - 1 ' I, X , ' ,, f I 'SL in GENE KENNETH LESTER "Buck" Gene wishes again to be down there, Where good lookin' gals are everywhere. AC TIVITIES 10th Avlatxon Club llth Soccer Baseball Dramatlcs Club Englneerlng Mechamcs Club 12th Soccer Dramancs Club Varlety Show Baseball MARY CAROLYN TROUDY Mary Carolyn Mary Carolyn s often seen w1th Sal Although she s not her only pal ACTIVITIES 10th I 2t Orchestra jr Varslty Basketball Llbrary Club Photography Club Dancing Club Orchestra Dec coraung Faculty Room Photography Club NONA FAITH NYE Fa rthle Faxth IS always hard at work Never a task does she shrrk ACTIVITIES 10th I 2t NJ Dramatlcs Club Ltbrary Club Dramatlcs Club Glee Club Honor Soclety Dan clng Honor Socrery Lrbrary Servlce Yearbook Staff Blue Sc Gold Typrst Momtor Offlce Work Class Secretary DOUGLAS ALTON HILL Doug Doug Jolned us late last year And we re mrghty glad he s here ACTIVITIES 1 Oth 1 lth 12th I4 Baseball Softball Edltor ln chlef of the Annual V1cePres1dentofclass Presldent of Student Coun c1l Football Englneermg Mechamcal Band 0 X IOHN CHARLES GROSS ack When down the hall there comes a skrrt Jack wxll be the f1rst to Fllrt ACTIVITIES Softball BasketballManager Play Contest Sports Club Softball Basketball Soccer Student Councll Games Club Baseball Basketball Soccer Student Counctl Presldent Yearbook Buslness Manager Blue and Gold Leaders Club Varlety Show fag if U 32 MARION PAULINE HAUSE Marlon When asststance you need call on Mtss Hause She s always w1ll1ng to help a good cause ACTIVITIES Vxce Presrdent Student Councll Magaz1neCam palgn May Court Attendant Mana er Basketball Vtce Presrdent Student Council Monttor Glee Club Cheerleader Blue Sc Gold Fashlon Show Student Council Representatlve Magazine Cam pargn Manager Cheerleader Blue 8s Gold Year book Staff Offlce Work CATHERINE FRANCES WILLSON Cath Cath lS just 5 ft tall But that smile beats them all ACTIVITIES Cheerleader Glee Club Play Contest Monttor Dramatrcs Club Assembly Programs Basketball Intramurals Danctng Club Basketball Manager Glee Club Talent Show Assembly Programs Varlety Show Commercral Club Cheerleader Blue and Gold Staff Yearbook Staff Vlce Presxdent 12 l Offrce work Assembly Pro grams LEO MERRILL COHEN Merrlll Merrxll s really a solxd man No one dresses the way he can ACTIVITIES Student Councrl BasketballManager SportsClub Softball Ir Sr Play Contest Monltor AthlettcAssoctat1on Soccer Basketball Softball Games Club Monltor Soccer Basketball Class Play Yearbook Staff Blue8c Gold Variety Show Leaders Club Base a I5 .1 I. 'J' x ,X , 1 YV .1 +I Q J , 'K x. I FJ Q1 X M ' xx X J x S s rp - 4. 1 ,, N V t l -I .. fn s ef . f ' : Q g Teamg F.T.A.g Monitorg Play Contest. b 11. ' ' ' lx JAMES BULLOCK "Jimmy' James thinks walking is best, Since his Model T failed the test. ACTIVITIES: 10th--Machine Shop- Games Club. llth Machine Shop Study 12th Machine Shop Dramatics Variety Show CAROL SUE BAILEY Carol Carol s short and always sweet She s very mce she can t be beat ACTIVITIES 10th None llth Dancing Club 12th Library Service Commercial Club KATHRYN MAXINE THORNTON Kitty Kitty s one who s full of pep A Missouri gal that s really hep ACTIVITIES 10th Cheerleader Dramatlcs Club Glee Club Play Contest Monitor Secretary of Homeroom llth Cheerleader Danc1ngClub Glee Club Commer cial Club Talent Show Variety Show lntramur als Vice President of Homeroom 12th Head Cheerleader Blue and Gold Staff Office Work Senlor Play Senior High Play Contest Variety Show Yearbook Staff Treasurer of Home room ROBERT KREBS RENNER Bob is his first name Oh' what .1 guy Bob s a credit to Aberdeen High ACTIVITIES 10th Games Club Machine Shop 11th Machine Shop Games Club 12th Study Machine Shop I6 GILBERT ALOYSIUS BOWERS 1 Very qutet always there Really pleasant everywhere ACTIVITIES 10th 4 H Club Shop Club 11th None 12th Games Club Commercral Club Monttor CAROL ELDER Elder Carol rs a ltkeable lass A sedate member of the Senlor Class ACTIVITIES 10th Glee Club llt Glee Club Future Nurses of Amertca Danctng Club 12th Glee Club Dramattcs Club ALICE FAY MOORE Fay Fay strtves to make all happy Cause she s a gal who s really snappy ACTIVITIES 10th Monrtor Glee Club Blue8a Gold Play Contest Fashton Show 11th Freldball Hockey Commerctal Club Dancrng Club Intramural Glee Club 12th Yearbook Staff Blue8fGcld Speedball Sentor Play RICHARD PALMER KRAUSS Dlck Drck ts so bashful and very shy But oh' How he hates to tell em good bye ACTIVITIES 10th Student Counctl 11th Soccer Team Dancrng Club 12th Soccer Team AthletrcAssoc1at1on Baseball 17 ar , was.. 28" LEE OSCAR CA UDILL ee To try and lIlCk Lee would be rn valn Cause though he s small he s got some bram ACTIVITIES 10th Study 11th Photography Honor Socrety Dancmg Club 12th None BARBARA ANNE RUSSELL Bobble She. moves around wtth qutte a hustle A gtrl tn the know IS Barbara Russell ACTIVITIES 10th Glee Club Art Club Secretary of Class 11th Dancmg Club Dramatrcs Club Vrce Presldent of Class 12th Glee Club ALMA IOANNE DUFF Duffy A Illly gal rs our Io For merrrment she s tops we know' ACTIVITIES 10th Dramattcs Club 11th Photography Club Dancmg Club Decorated Fac culty Room 12th Photography Club Commercral Club DELANEY KAM MOXLEY Delaney Rarely does he say a word Always seen but seldom heard ACTIVITIES None I8 DAVID NEWTON MEARS Dave If ever a defxnttton you should need You ll fmd Davtd a frtend mdeed ACTIVITIES 10th Safety Patrol Machine Shop 11th Games Club Machtne Shop 12th Machine Shop NANCY CAROL SHERIDAN Nance Nancy Sheridan really rates JfVJA'44ZZl:" ' 4' ,MAJ Aw 1 ACTIVITIES iff fid- Espectally on her roller skates 10th Glee Club Music estival Dramat1cfC1ub ffm! 11th Decorated Faculty Room Glee Club Photography Club Safety Patrol 12th Glee Club CAROLYN EMILY GOSWEILER Gussie Gusste s stncere with heart and soul, That s why she edits our Blue and Gold ACTIVITIES 10th Honor Society Secretary of Dramatics Club F T A Ltbrary Club Librarian llth Honor Society Class Treasurer F T A Blue and Gold Librarian Monitor Ir Varsity 12th Editor of Blue and Gold Vice President of Honor Society Circulation Manager Yearbook Libra nan Monitor Senior Play Basketball Sr Varsity ALLAN SILVER MITCHELL Mitch Allen s the boy who s 6 feet tall M He sits in the room with his feet in the hall ACTIVIT IES: V ' 10th--Model Airplane Club- Patrol. 11th-'Games Club- Dancing Club 12th--Yearbook Staff- Blue and Gold A M ' 1 v .1 vs I9 I , J .P t f I KY BRUCE ALLEN SEYMOUR Bruce Around 1n hrs auto he does dart And here ln school he s known for art ACTIVITIES 10th Games Club Art Club Softball 11th Soccer Jr Varsity Basketball Softball Art Club Engmeers Club 12t Soccer Basketball Dramat1csClub Sclence Club ELIZABETH ANNE PEDDICORD Betty Words of appraisal come wlth ease Because always her motxve rs to please AC I'lVITIES 10th Washmgton D C fNat1onal Cathedral School 11th Glee Club Orchestra B1ue8L Gold Honor Soctety 12th G1eeC1ub Blue8tGold Yearbook Varslty Speed ball Honor Soclety Varlety Show RUBY TRIVETT Ruby Ruby Trrvett IS a Jewel A welcome addmon to our school ACTIVITIES 12th Glee Club DANA GENE SMITH Twinkle Toes Get a load of thls swell lad If he leaves us we ll sure be sad ACTIVITIES 10th Softball llth Soccer Basketball Softball Danc1ngC1ub Photo sraphy 12th Soccer Basketball Baseball Dramatlcs Club Vanety Show 20 h-- : I : ' 1 ' - -- ' . . ' I y. Field Hockey. y ' V , -V441 Alf. t 4 91.1 I ,f ,LLLJL SARA BELLE TAYLOR Sallie Sally rs always very quret But get her started and she s a rrot ACTIVITIES 10th 12th Dramatrcs Lrbrary Club F T A Honor Socrety Secretary Blue Sc Gold Yearbook Vrce Presrdent ofhomeroom Glee Club Lrbrarran CAROLYN MILDRED LINDENSTRUTH Carrie Carolyn we sure love ya Though you re short no one s above ya ACTIVITIES 10th 11th 2I Tome l-hgh School Treasurer of Jr Class Cheerleader Glee Club Commercral Club Intramurals Dancrng Club Graduatron Exercrses Yearbook Staff Blue and Gold Typrst Offrce Work Secretary to Teacher EVELYN GOETZ. Ebby When for your money you want more See thrs chrck from the grocery store ACTIVITIES 10th Lrbrary Soclal Secretary Lrbrary Scrence 11th Dancmg Club Home Economrcs Club lztn Lrbrary Servrce Club Presrdent Vrce Presldent of Commercral Club Momtor HAZEL LOUISE LONG "Ooleeze" Lou1se's eyes and blond halr Wrll cause any guy to pause and stare ACTIVITIES 10th- 11th 12th Talent Show, Dramatrc Club, Play Contest, Vrsual A1d Club, Monrtor. Cheerleader, Dancing Club. Commercral Club, Glee Club, P.T,A Program. Play Contest, Semor Play, Yearbook Staff, Blue 8.1 Gold, Office Work 21 Z f ow ' 1 ,ml H 4 L Z' I 'A ' 1 ft,-1 ' be I I f,, 'I I Alu! r.. .' VL ,V ' . bl . ff A lil' f f 4 "- llth--Honor Society: Blue 8a Go1dgF.T.A.: Librarian. I . I " . 1 : 9 , ' ,s : ' : 1 h-- 1 ' 1 ' U . . S . . . mini 4 " 1 THOMAS WAYNE SANDERS Tommy Tommy works at the A 8L P Someday manager he may be ACTIVITIES 10th Safety Patrol Dramatrcs Club llth Captaln Safety Patrol Dramaucs Club 12th Games Club F1rstA1d Club Capta1n Safety Patrol CAROL LOUISE SANDE Sande She plays the uke wrth grace and style Sande s a gal that s really worthwhrle ACTIVITIES 10th llth 12 th Glee Club Small Chorr Commercial Club Grrls Athletlc Assocratron Iumor Representatrve Advtsory Secretary Glee Club Annual Jumor Staff Natronal Scholasuc Press Assoctatron Jasper s Gtrls Club Student Councrl Glee Club Dramatrcs Club Varrety Show " gkk up ' ..4'xk lf-'li 'SE QR Q XX: W at i n K I Q mek F hal. ll.f'4t' '61 4 M55 a in 0' v 2 W -,L Q 0 6... n.,--.1 415 H wi- H I1 f ffffff f' nu. Il I 22 1' , fuer V," 1 C , .. .. ,CU W mx 5' n .- J H . l . 5 I 1 . : G I -Ziff: OEF' '-- if' N X A A-7:-il l'-727 zz' 5? g w . ix xl! 4 . te 'S 'Ng a, Q C 1 R XS n-D E W 'N X rs A 1 :E .f T e -lIyU:l::n7e E. 'Q' ' v . Fra I N 4 1+ 'H . A ' --43 1- I 6,72 ,wilful f' , lf- ' ' j 7 , ' xf' , f f ' J r., f f 1 In If ff V If . i YOU WTDIB 011 ITIY SIETB I love YOU SU 1 5 , . I 1 1 S t 1 Ai , Eleven!! Qfzcuie xl SEATED Preston Burns Lledtke Long Cronm Bloum Grossman Absher Bullock Nedercorn Nelson Goetz Preston Mlller Ruby FIRST ROW Rodgers Kleese Burnett Holcomb Burns Wrlson Klatll Rrchardson Moxley Mr Loughran SECOND ROW Whlteford Murray Carty Kolarrk James WJ, nr A- P' Mr Loughran Pres1dent Lee Kleese V1ce Presulent Joanne Ramnes Secretary Treasurer Kay B1ou1n S G A Lee Kleese, E11zabeth Lledtke A A Ca1v1n Rlpkln, Sara Cronxn 23 v lil . O i R v M ' ,, jf X, , ' 1 1 .VM .1 R ,gy x 'X L, Mr. x C' ,: N '71 X 2 , If' IVA' ,WU . U X t gnsooaonqo 1 nsapnou N f J ' 1 ........... . Sleuenti grande in eq sb- SEATED Helsel Baubhtz Cobb Snapp Wyatt Beavers Watson Blourn Preston Cook Rrley Myers Wrtherspoon Cornwell Prper Carr FIRST ROW Petrxck Scott Sume Brown Swann Reuyl Mo1z1sek Harrison Sreglmg Backus Walker Lewrs Messerall Carver Mrs Krueger Nl' N2 'B 1 Homer oom Teache r Pres1dent V1ce Pre s1dent Secretary Treasurer Mrs Krueger J1mmy Walker Wendall Brown Shu-ley Myers John Messeral S G A MarJor1e R11ey J1mmy Walker A A Barbara Cook, Bob Scott 24 K 64 fr fd 7enZ4 Quads fc Cf MWF f 'fa 707 Homeroom Teacher M1ss Gragg Pres1dent Granv111e G11bert V1ce Pres1dent Jan1ce Moore Secretary Sandre NICOIOSI Treasurer A1 Annon1 S G A Granv111e G11bert Conn1e Nelson A A E1a.1ne TOb1n B111 Jones 702 Homeroom Teacher Mr Petkosh Pres1dent Maynard Mornson V1ce Pres1dent Lance Mlllgan Secretary Eva Ulehla Treasurer Janet Waream S G A Maynard Morr1son Joan Se11er A A Ruth Gerdom Nelson Sanborn 25 X. X WMM Qaeda Homeroom Teacher Mr Klock Pres1dent Bobby Bell V1ce Pres1dent Irene Chessock Secretary Nancy Moxley Treasurer Joan Elsnor S G A Bobby Bell Carol Pedchcord A A Tommy Burns Betty Cregar Homeroom Teacher Mrs Ensor Pres1dent Mary Eller V1ce Pres1dent R1chard Moore Secretary Irene Cullum Treasurer Mlke R11ey S G A Mary Eller Donald Shott A A Margot Rust Bobby Duppstadt 26 ALT 15 614,411 I 1 , 1 472 .-Q, Z in 1 I Horneroorn Teacher Mr McCoy es1dent Davld Gross V1ce Pres1d nt Fre1da. Mauzy Treasurer Conne Ross S G A Dav1d Gross, Rosemary Elder A A , Ruth Travers, Lee Travers Homeroom Teacher Mrs Vansant Pres1dent .hmrny Swann V1ce Presldent Hett1e Reuyl Secretary Jack Le1sman S G A J1mmy Swann, Charles Beasley A A Betty Soth, Arthur Clessuras omeroom Teacher 'Mr Rattersdn Pres1dent Violet Gross 1ce Pres1dent Peter Zu Jartrula Hoza V1o1et Gross, Mary Lou Scott L1nda Atlas, Donny Bromley nf A -4 1 i X .Z . .- , ' l "" Q .ll Q Q ,N .r , A , v N- Seaentd Qfmafe Homeroom Teacher MISS Bradbury Pres1dent Torn Gebhart V1ce Pres1dent Joe Hardln Secretary Treasurer Jerry Foley S G A Tom Gebhart LOIS Klrby A A Beverly Creswell J1m Brown Homeroom Teacher Mr Potter Pres1dent Donald Parrott V1ce Pres1dent Peter Roebuck Secretary Betty Grafton Treasurer Tom Isaccs A G A Donald Parrott Sandra Roberts A A Patsy Kmght Curt1s Bruffrey Homeroom Teacher Mrs Lennon Pres1dent Peter Cobb Vice-President Roger Hon Secretary Ann Cline Treasure Betty Corn S G A Peter Cobb, Helen Baker A. A, . . . . Arthur Dobson, Buddy Budnlck Good Old qulden rule days ,, 6 WIA 6 Sccence la! P 47f6!ud 1644479 Eeadmg 65,5 mfs. gi' 70246 ,444 gag WWW Seneca 767494 Dfmwcztca 66:45 fauna 7476 Ummalcc 66445 in-audi W it-. Nl 'diwvf' ,aw 4+ s 'S 3 ermhlmn fn hz. 4 nl' fgiiletcc 744406645600 'Z gg- 14vl'tuuq--. if 'Mem A-1- Sendafz Qlee Zia! di Hmm 74,94 Qdmw 6545 mam Avwzm EM 'Em Wa quad 'Q if Student emma! Wane Saccetq .lddzafzq Sefwice Zia! i 141134 cf 6440664 Zia! EI Sfdmfd 65445 ly ' if i i l , . i I Q , fi' H , r f f ww 3 1 M EMQMW Seneca Wag! qfame Saeuzonuaa 66445 femdom Qfome Zamamdco 66445 99 ,ff gdltbdfb Qfcgd '7adua0ao4! ,-4154 66:45 sm., my Vwdaeaml 24054 we gage .leadeza 66:46 Quia .lecwlow Edu! 'Os X Seneca 71496 amea la! -C'fv- .ffs I I 1- 4466046 40 I' VNV his-122. Semen 74,94 ?74azfa9fzcz,e4q 66:45 ,inn an I-All Fi L-S3 Hmm piolagaapdy 65445 llviiv Ufli x gvQ.,.Q,,.4Q vo' 0 if hnhfwvfwh Winn aw Nh 'lx iaavwl L3 ,. Af'.zQ zzgfz: ,z I :wa -' ,,.2: rr:5 :::':xz:: ' EiEff 'iEifSE?E3 im a :v'f5E5?5Eiii3i:E1'?? ::sg:::::':'5'3 .'7m'55i..Ef xi. mi- gil-1 .3-asvns. ,W fm QE nn-in M N44 09465666014 mm Wgewew Hdeezleczdma Wiayowdwedud shud X fl' I -J-,ac-5-,Fa 5? gr J nga, ii' 5 Cl I -3 NIA -lf BERDEE EH X Vfvfy x A 'x X X K As' , 'gl ' VX XX X Ai E A 5 gif- 4 1 K 3 Vie' I ri In 513 i E"':?:'7S:v H , ' , g - if .I ' , .. '-5 fp . "' . -J F Z' 1 lu Q? Z is L Q Ni tl x f' X! XX 0 4. ' ' 'I 9 s ' X fi -X Q K9 4 Elma poem In the year 47 on the thtrteenth of September my doors for another year to remember were flung open I wakened from a drowsy sleep then crouched for a leap 1nto another year At once I loved that Feshman Class each sturdy lad and pretty lass proud of the1r t1tle They shled at courses for the year to come but never shall II be sard that one was unwlllmg to try Soon ll was found that thrngs to de done so ll was They dld not expect honors 1f so very few because after all they were very new Thelr years would come Another summer then d1d pass they same to me as the sophomore class eager and w1ll1ng Now they felt s1nce older they d grown a few of their champ1ons could be shown and they brought them forth In every sport whrch I mlght name they drd the1r part to brlng me fame they made me proud As on the tenth year they drew the curtarn wrthm my soul I felt qurte certam the best was yet to come That summer seemed unusually long but as usual I welcomed the happy throng th1s year Junrors My admrratron for them grew each day as struggltng they made the1r way toward the top In each reach for success they took a part eager to show that rn the1r heart they loved me Therr jumor year saw much success but the future held a greater test as SSHIOXS Th1s year was the best of them all as the1r greatest They dectded above all they d do they d make the1r class of 52 one to remember The year was frlled w1th work and fun there was an rmportant task for everyone just for the takmg I ve told thrs story of the1r last four years so you may understand those partrng tears they shed at graduatron Now they are gone to glory and fame a wonderful credrt to my name Aberdeen Hrgh School was best accomplished by everyone ---- the year I shall always recall ---- 46 Ax' Frrst Row Knauss Smrth Chessock Gross Grafton Klatrl Walker Cohen Second Row Mr Potter McCracken Standrford Reuyl Petnck Mojzrsek Rrpken I Harrrson Furlong Thrrd Row D Harrrson Krlby Seymour Lester Serglxng Absent Gary Ewell ncaa 7mm The Eagles f1n1shed the 1951 soccer season wrth a good record although they were not able to w1n the county crown whlch they had won for f1ve stralght years We are proud to say that ten of the start1ng eleven were semors The Eagles frmshed the season 1n a dead heat with North Harford In a champ1onsh1p game to dec1de the county crown North Harford squeezed by the Eagles 1 to 0 1n a touch and go game played on our home f1e1d The Senxors of thrs year s team are Our Schedule of games was as follows Co Captarns Warren Grafton and Jack Gross Aberdeen Havre de Grace Players Irm Krlby Aberdeen Bel Arr Merrxll Cohen Aberdeen North Harford Wrllard Standrford Aberdeen Havre de Grace Leo Chessock Aberdeen Rlsrng Sun Bob Connolly Aberdeen North Harford Rrchard Krauss Aberdeen Bel Arr Bruce Seymour Aberdeen North Harford Gene Smxth Gene Lester 47 ui M rf ihyi Q 43555135 3 0 Fxrst Row Left to Rlght Kleese R1ley Sume Scott Kleese L H111 Collms Second Row Left to Rlght Mr Petkosh fCoachj Mr Melvrlle fCoachj Jones Caudlll Swann Byrnes Albanese Annon1 Hagget McCauley Cherry 6460 Th1s fall Aberdeen had a football team for the f1rst tlme Naturally we were not able to play a full schedule of games We met a good Sen1or All Star team Herman H1ckman's Hunk1es twlce and suffered a loss each t1me We played Tome of Port Depos1t an exper1enced team, tw1ce also and emerged w1th one v1ctory aplece The team worked hard all year We hope to cont1nue the good start we have made and next fall meet other county schools 1n 1nterscho1ast1c com pet1t1on We w1sh to express part1cu1ar thanks to Mr Mel v1l1e and Mr Petkosh who worked so hard to make us 1nto a real football team 48 .M A-5 Q q.. A f FFA?" " mg to 9 Speedlall During the 51 fall sports season our Eagles guided by Mrs Wheeler represented Aberdeen High School 1n the county speedball league They d1d not find speedball as rewarding as the past f1e1dball season as far as win and loses but we rate our team as tops in promoting good relat1onsh1p between Aber deen and the other county schools The usual starting lineup for the Eagles Center Dorothy Thompson Right Inner Barbara Cook fcaptamj Right Wing Elaine Tobin Left Inner Lois Laidlaw Left Wing Sara Cronin Center Halfback Betty Peddicord Right Halfback Opal Sexton Left Halfback Margaret Piper Right Fulback Barbara Baker Left Fulback Fay Moore Goalkeeper LeMoyne Nederkorn 49 .,,,,1-on-f 4 Jlvk Zaeeetiall Wlth thelr goal the county trophy the Aberdeen Eagles w1l1 settle for noth1ng less th1s year Mrs Wheeler 15 do1ng an excellent Job as coach of the 1952 team Her basketball strategy has been proven bythe 100070 rat1ng 1n the wm column so far th1s year Almost any day after school you can fmd these grrls mn the gym pract1c1ng fast breaks free throws and varxous plays whlch they plan to use 1n future games SCHEDULE: Aberdeen at Bel Air e . North Hartford at Aberdeen e Aberdeen at Havre de Grace e Aberdeen at North Hartford e 2 Bel Air at Aberdeen e 2 Tentative Games: Aberdeen vs. Bainbridge Waves Aberdeen vs. Aberdeen Town Team Aberdeen vs. Kenwood Scores of games played ' Eagles 42 Aberdeen Town Team 33 Eagles 37 Alumnae 20 Eagles 34 Havre de Grace 14 50 +-+P-+ BOYS BASKETBALL TEAM From left to right Manager John Harrison Willard Srandrford Robert Connolly Leo Chessock Orrnand Maloney Bruce Seymour James Kllby Jack Gross Rrchard Harrison Merrrll Cohen Warren Grafton Coach Robert Melville 74a ilezdem Sa 4 With a prime obJecttve the Eagles began 1952 campaign This objective is naturally a defense of the eight veterans from last year s squad they hope to duplicate the feat The Eagles again have one of the toughest schedules for a school of ltS srze They play all schools re gardless of size and usually end up on the long end of the score The Aberdeen team ts not only known for its ability to play the game but also the Sportsman llke manner that rs shown The only drscouragrng phase of th1s year s team ts that tt IS composed almost solely of seniors With grad uatron Aberdeen loses such outstanding players as WARREN GRAFTON JACK GROSS JAMES KILBY 81 LEO CHESSOCK from the starting frve and from the reserves ROBERT CONNOLLY WILLARD STANDIFORD MER RILL COHEN and BRUCE SEYMOUR 95 I no 51 ww-4 N A . . I l f I '46 ni N? V ' 5 ' 7 ' KH A A 3 5 A 4 1 IU 8 9 I M " "' s 1 W ' , ' H N Class-B Championship, which they won for the first time in the s.chool's history, last year. With the return of . , . . ' ' 1 l Y I - D W5 ' , ' ' A k P n ' I , H v , A fx f l To 1 T 5' In the recent gubernatorralrace of 1962 we were all surprtsed to hear that our former classmate LEO Cl-IESSOCK had won the race by a landslide We were even more surprised to frnd an rnvrtauon to the maug ural ball It was ln a sptrrt of fun and fI011C that we bred ourselves to the governor s mansxon at Annapohs We found the place had been beautifully redeco rated by ROBERT ELLIOTT celebrated designer The evemng started off Wllh a bang when BEV ERLY SPAULDING Qwho a year ago had caused a sen sation by makmg her debut as a torch slnger from atop the Statue of Liberryj gave out w1th her rendmon of Hall Hall The Gang's All Here She was accom pamed by CAROL SANDE on the uke Carol has her own band now The S1x Tumbling Weeds and tours the country grvlng rmpressrons of l1fe rn Texas As we looked around the spacious room we saw MERRILL COHEN who just opened hrs 60th dance studto in Timbuctoo and KITTY THORNTON The Flrsr Lady Longfellow of the Land domg a snappy Jrtterbug routrne LOUISE LONG and TOMMY SANDERS were drs cussing the1r success rn the Broadway revrvals of the plays Gentlemen Prefer Blondes and The Great Lover JACK GROSS currently taklng Sherman Blllings ley's place at the Stork Club served as master of cere momes Off ln a corner JIM KILBY was dlscusslng h1s new enterprise sellrng umbrellas rn the Sahara Desert re fr1geratorstoEsk1mos and furcoats to the Ubangrs with h1s aSSOC1alCS TURH BURFFEY and MARION HAUSE RICHARD KRAUSS IS trymg to get CAROLYN GOSWEILER edltor of the REPUBLICAN RHUBARB to sponsor hrs campaign for senator xn Nevada CATHERINE WILLSON and FRANK CHAPMAN were busy dlscusslng theu' Jobs at the Post Catherme IS General McMorland s Grrl Frlday and Pinky s the new Provost Marshall BARBARA RUSSELL Mrss Bakrng Powder of 1962 was seekrng the advrce of LOIS LAIDLAW who edns Lois Lrnes to the Love Lorn GILBERT BOWERS announced drnner provrng he was worthy of the trtle Hog Callmg Champron We got the surprlse of our llves when we learned that WALLY SHEPPARD 15 now the sober warden of Sheppard Pratt and NANCY RADCLIFFE ts the Dean of Women at Radchffe College Th1s started us off on a dtscusslon of what some of the others were domg It seems that EVELYN GOETZ is a puvate secretary to the Albert Goetz 8: Son meat packers JAMES BULLOCK after wmnlng the PIIZC for havrng the oldest hot rod was feehng qurre happy We happtly congratulated htm and WARREN GRAFTON who astomshed the baseball world by breakrng rnto the Brg League as the player captaln of the Aberdeen Angels MARGARET ARMSTRONG took tlme off from prll pushrng and needle Jabblng to be with us tonight MAR ILYN McCLELLAN rs sull makmg the pauents beg for mercy at Mercy Hospital slnce she couldn't get off the nlght shlft DOROTHY BROOKS grandmother of the year showed us some prctures of the 25 grandchlldren she IS so proud of GENE SMITH was telllng of h1s job as Water Con servatron Commlssloner ln the Everglades ALLAN MITCHELL and BOB CONNOLLY were very busy dlscussrng thetr work Allan IS learnrng to be an avlator rn an avrary and Bob rs the Brggest Bean rn the Boston Baked Beanery We learned that DAVID MEARS was unable to be here because he IS now hunung 1n the low part of the Scotush Hlghlands The more petrte members of the class JOANNE DUFF and CAROL SUE BAILEY were over heard talkrng about therr careers Joanne is now a model for Elevator Shoes Inc whrle CAROL SUE IS the bat grrl for the New York Grants SALLY BEAVERS was busy telling NANCY SHERI DAN the U S skating queen about her Job as Drlvers Education Teacher ln Bel A1r DOROTHY THOMPSON mother of the Auburn Eleven was showmg a prcture of her brood to CARO LYN LINDENSTRUTH who was very happy over I-lerbres' promouon as A SL P Manager GENE LESTER and FAY MOORE are havlng a heat ed drscusslon a matter of llfe and death He s the owner of the ultra swank mortuary 1n Death Valley and she clalms to have dtscovered the Fountarn of Youth rn the crooked parts of the Straits of Glbralter MARY CAROLYN TROUDY gave out w1th a few KOB but DELANY MOXLEY strll suckrng to h1s pun crples stated ln MONOSYLABLES IS MYMONIKER mamed sllent After a lrttle more lnvestrgatrng we dlscovered that RUBY TRIVETT and FAITH NYE have just opened the first bus1ness college ln Aberdeen JUNE ST CLAIR almost couldn't make the rnaug ural Down on her North Carolina farm she's trymg to grow Turkrsh Tobacco w1th a southern accent and her crop IS just about due LE MOYNE NEDERKORN IS now a famous model she poses for the ad Eat Peaches and Stay Healthy Speakmg of ads we ve notrced that LEE CAUDILL IS rn that bus1ness too He poses for the Charles Atlas Corporatlon WILLARD STANIFORD was gorng around the room passrng out free samples of h1s famous cure all WILL S PILLS FOR ALL ILLS CAROL ELDER IS now a theatre magnate and IS ln compeuuon Wllh Loew s ROBERT RENNER has opened a charm school and we hear he has been very successful partrcularly wlth the women Our gala evenmg came to a close when we went to DOUGLAS HILL S palace of fun called H1l1's H111 brlly Heaven As we all sard goodby we were remmded to tune in to SALLIE TAYLOR'S T V program Our Gal Sal when she lntervrews BETTY PEDDICORD who has Just swum the English Channel 52 'H . . - . - -- . ' ' - ' n ' , ' ,' ' jokes from her latest book on humor, .KORN IN THE ' . . . . 4' A . re- ' a v - ' . . - n I - - n . - - ' I or ' - - I I X ,EQ-3 1 4 wvfff -Pa! 9'-I-X Wk, lr tfx h 'f f mia 1--J in 9 'r"' pr" 'fyffvk ifh 54 1513? ul 1'-'WM 'Niki -1-. 10 1.1 F5 -.:.-:J ,ds ' QD 1 In-A. I AFI F if 56 A250991 L Wap 'xia- Wann., Qf--.....,.,h-l M921-no -"W--.m., ', f 7 QM 'Cl '42 '--fx If 52.5 --ns 'Magi 116' ga, 5155 Jill V... " M' i 1.355 -',- 58 "2 35. A N 66444 We!! 1952 We the class of 52 Wish to part with thrngs we do Some are good others farr But please treasure them wrth care NANCY SHERIDAN Leaves her roller skating abilrty to KAY BLOUIN and Sl-IEILA BULLOCK QCome on gals make thosewheels humj GENE LESTER Bequeaths hrs snug frttrng levr s to JERRY BURNETT qNow Jerry can look Irke a natrve Texan sony CAROL SANDE Leaves her flashy smrle to EDWARD CARTY qNow he ll really gurde the movre goers down the arslej IDUISE LONG Wrlls her abrlrty for acqurrrng blond harr over nrght to VIANNE ABSHER, JACK GROSS Leaves his ability to maneuver an auto up a narrow lane to PEYTON STIME and WENDELL BROWN BRUCE SEYMORE Wills hrs srze 13 shoes to CHARLOTTE BAULITZ so she can keep up wrth her boyfrrend GARY EWELL Leaves hrs lrm ousrne to LEE KLEESE and TERRY BURNS fNow they can rarse a lrttle heck, WALLY SHEPPARD Leaveshrs curly blond locks to AUSTIN REMBOLT and JOHN MESSERALL LEO CHESSOCK Leaves hrs frrendly manner to JUNE RUBY and SHIRLEY PRESTON fNow you grrls should really make out, BAR BARA RUSSELL Wrlls her way wrth the boys to ELIZABETH LIEDTKE and NELL NEDERKORN QThere ll be some changes madelj DOROTHY BROOKS Wrlls the one thrng that all the grrls are wrshing for QI-Iusband trapprng technrquej to JOANNE RAMNES CATHERINE WILLSON Leaves half of her mrllron dollar smrle to JOAN BEAVERS QSorry but you can t blame her for wantrng to take at least half of rt with her J FAY MOORE Leaves her naturally curly harr to JIMMY WA LKER, QSO he can have gorgeous curls too J NANCY RADCLIFFE Leaves her lucky basketball shots to MARY ANN PRESTON Uust the lucky ones because we don t want you to be too good Mary Annlj JAMES BULLOCK Begrudgmgly leaves hrs abrlrty to get around Mr Tarbert to SONNY KALMBACKER, MARY CAROLYN TROUDY Wrlls her connectronsrn North East to JOAN BURNS CAROLYN COBB and BARBARA HELSEL, QMake good use of them grrls J MARGARET ARMSTRONG Leaves her sweet personalrty to VIRGINIA LONG QNot thrnkrng that she partrcularly needs rt but wrth the two combrnedl WOW! lj CAROL ELDER Leaves her slacks to MARGARET PIPER and JOANNE SNAPP QWear them well but with CAUTIONJJ DOT THOMPSON Wrlls her one tracked mrrrd to RICHARD HARRISON and PAUL CARVER, Un case your rnterested boys thrs track leads to Havre de Grace Q JIMMY KILBY Leaves hrs posrtron of center on the basketball team to BARNEY BACKUS QWe re undecrded as to what he ll do with rt but rt ought to prove rnterestrng j CAROLYN LINDENSTRUTH Wrlls her abrlrty to catch em and keep em to SARAI-I CRONIN qMake note Sarah cause she knows howlj GILBERT BOWERS Leaves that dry sense of humor toGRIMES HOLCOMBwhowrll now have a dual personalrty TOMMY SANDERS Grves to BILL BRUM BAUGH and TERRY BURNS hrs way wrth the womenlj WARREN GRAFTON Unwrllrngly leaves hrs devrllshness to SHELDON RICHARDSON and TOMMY SWAN fL00k0ut A H S lj ROBERT RENNER Leaves hrs classy camera technrque to JACK PETRICK QWrth all thrs Jack wrll no doubt Illrn Pro 1 DELANY MOXLEY Leaves hrs shyness to CALVIN RIPKIN fWe hope the strarn rsn t to much for you Rrplj ROBERT ELLIOT Grves to MARGERY RILEY hrs pencrl pushrng abrlrty fWrth her own talents along that lrne shell be beyond comparelj MERRILL COHEN Leaves his dancrng abrlrty to GEORGE MOJZISEK QNow he can grve Arthur Murray a few lessonsy CAROLYN GOSWEILER Leaves her edrtorshrp of the Blue and Gold to JOHNNY REUYL wrth the hopes that he doesn t suffer as many head aches as she has DAVID MEARS Leaves hrs borsterous vocabulary to FRANK CROCKETT QThrs we gotta hearlj WILLIARD STANDIFORD Leaves hrs mrxed up early to bed and early to rrse habits to PAT BLOUIN MARION HAUSE Wills her Lrne to CAROL PRESTON QTh1s mrght prove fatal rf Carol has one of her ownlj SALLY TAYLOR Leaves her grggles to JOHN MESSERALL JO ANN DUFF Bequeaths her sharp petrt frgure to lucky JOAN BEAVERS ROBERT CONNALLY Wrlls hrs Boston ac cent to HANK SEIGLING fCan you rmagrneiy LEMOYNE NEDERKORN Grves outright to LEE LEWIS her forgetfullness EVELYN GOETZ Leaves her typrng abrlrty to her cousm MARION GOETZ fGotta keep rt rn the famrlyj LEE CAUDILL Leaves hrs taste for brrght tres to ROBERT MOXLEY FRANK CHAPMAN Hoprng that hrs gorng steady abrlity doesn t decrease offers a lrttle of it to BOB SCOTT DOUGLAS HILL Wrlls a few lessons rn German to PAT GROSSMAN Maybe she ll be farr about rt and teach hrm some ballet stepslj RICHARD KRAUSS Leaves hrs sure rre Republrcan arguments to PAT MILLER, fBeware you P O D students next yearlj GENE SMITH Wills hrs abrlity to get school teachers mrxed up to NELLIE CORNWELL, SALLY BEAVERS Leaves her abrlrty for detecting the value of men to SYLVIA NELSON fThats Irke recervrng pennres from heaven eh Sylvrary RUTH BRUFFEY Wrlls her abrlity to fall rn and out of love 3 or 4 trmes a month to MARY WITHERSPOON fThrs could be complrcatedlj FAITH NYE Wrlls her secretarral abrlrty to NAOMI WATSON fMaybe she ll help out rn Mr Cummrngs offrce next yearj JUNE ST CLAIR Leaves her all round abllrty to BARBARA COOK QWhat more could one wrsh to rnherrtrj KITTY THORNTON Leaves her abrlrty to get things done m an effectrve way to SHIRLEY MYERS fShe should get a drploma nowj MARILYN MCCLELLAN Gladly parts wrth her worryrng about exams tests classes etc and leaves them all tred up with a brg bow to MARGARET WEDDLE RUBY TRIVETT Leaves her easy gorng manner to ELIZABETH WYATT CAROL BAILY Bequeaths herhabit of lookrng up at people to EVAN KLATIL, IDIS LAIDLAW Wrlls her Texan ways to BOBBY JAMES Uvlaybe an accent tooly BEVERLY SPAULDING Parts wrth that cute lrttle strut of hers to JOE KOLARIK fAlthough we have our doubts rf rt wrll be as effective J DOROTHY MULLINS Leaves her late entrance rnto the Senror Class to any newcomer who may arrrve next year 59 W H I 11 11 1 1 n -a . . . . .1 -- - 1 1 . 9 , . -- , , . . . . . . -- . 1 . -- . . -- - o . . -- ' -- 0 . a - ' . . . 1 ' 0 . -- . , . . . 1 . -- 1 " n ' --. ' 1 . -- 1 1 1 "' 1 I -- . . ' -- l . -- , . , . . . u . . . . . , , . -- -- n . -- - ' . -- Q o e Q " . . . . . ,, ., , . --i . . . , . l . " 1 . . . . . O . -- . . . , - 1 1 " o n " s . -- . -- ' . -- - . -- -- . . . . n o 1 " o . . . . , . ..- 1 . - . . , . . ' 2 o o o '- g 1 1 " o . - . . . . , Q . 1 Q " . . . -- . . o a 4 " 1 1 1 1 . -- - . n . " Q . -.. . a iii an 4355 ga, 'Q my fr-1 Lv... ' V' ,W T2 2 vig x Us, , J l Y Y it V F, ' Y L ,K 2 'fl ' V' Y n IX H 5 kai? Nr ' ir Q fy ff - g kr Q35 . -ff 1 , .. r . I V57 ' 'A 'Fi 'ai ' mg' .J , ' 11. I I 1 Y t 2 A gi I ' ' " s"Mi'f i T F f gf 60 Class of I952 f Aberdeen Concrete Company Congratulations t rom Maryland Garage D F ROWE 81 SON Genuine Chevrolet Parts and Accessories Sa les Chevrolet Servlce Modem Serv Ice Dept Congratulahons to the Aberdeen Graduates HARFORD PRINTING AND PUBLISHING C0 Plmrla Blvd A Aberdeen 26 Job Printing P l1oto stats Harford Democrat an Aberdeen Enterpn se Compliments o Roebuck s GULF SERVICE Aberdeen and Edgewood COOKS MARKET strive please COMPLIMENTS Pershrngs Studio Havre de Grace Md Aberdeen l24R Edgewood II64 Compliments RICHARDS ARMY STORE 62 C O d I . I, , We to of I of R L Tarrmg Supply Co Televlslon Headquarters Admural Stromberg Carlson Capehart Stewart Warner 20 Howard Street Phone 525 Compliments ABERDEEN CLEANERS Cleaning Pressing Dellvery Service Phone 223 B0nnett's BCWSSIJIIII Fountain Magazines Photo Supplies Where the Greyhound Stops E DELL 8. COMPANY Druggl sts PRESCRIP TIONS SUNDRIES GIFTS l5 W BELAIR AVE BESIDE THE BANK Aberdeen Maryland 63 of Laundry Alterations T 1 . I I Compliments of Compliments Walter W. Waream of C. c. CRONIN AND COMPANY C0"""C"" and Buildef Aberdeen, Md. A d Ma. be' een' Phone 351 STUDLICK BROS Bank Gravel an Trucking Phone Aberdeen 508 W Complrmenfs of FIRST NATIONAL BANK Aberdeen Maryland LEIQ BUICK INC Buick Dealers Since 1910 Phone Aberdeen 820 Perryman Md 64 o d Compliments of 1 ,Y : , . Egg--. Comphmenfs of BATA SHOE COMPANY INC 4 N. Mum St. Belaur, Md. IO6 W. Mann St. Elkton, Md. Belcomp Meryl and shoes for the entire famlly with stores located in 141 So. Washmgton St Havre de Grace, Md. Belcamp Hotel Belcamp, Md. 65 1 , M f RENNER NEWS STAND Delicatessen Sandwiches Hot Dogs Hamburgers Submarines Cigaretts Ice Cream COMPLIMENTS ABERDEEN ICE COMPANY Compliments Compliments Co plzments Best Wishes to ourflne friends MANDELL S TRADING POST DEANE S APPAREL 66 of of of TOM'S BARBERS LIVEZEY LUMBER COMPANY of ' One Hour Dry Cleaning Service Valet Service A 8. P Buuldlng Phone 940 Phone 351 f Olllpllfll ents FRANK J SIMIK General Insurance Belcamp Md Aberdeen Compliments of Western Auto Associate Stores Shlllman s Store General Merchandise Perryman Maryland Fresh Frozen Foods Choice Meats Aberdeen Bel Arr For Daily Dellvery Phone Aberdeen 291 W JOHN H SMITH MUTOR COMPANY 33 W Belair Avenue Phone 136 Aberdeen Md Passengercars trucks tractors Dearborn Implements Sales and Service 67 . . of , . -M l I - I - 1 0 . CITY CLEANERS ONE DAY SERVICE Aberdeen Maryland Compliments F 0 MITCHELL 81 BROS UNC Perryman Maryland Complzrn ents 0 Complzments o Belcamp Grocery Belcamp Cofeterm Belcamp Md Belcamp Md Phone 622 W Aberdeen 622 J Nuhonol Supply House Co Compliments of Krauss Wholesale DlSfl'IbUlOfS We coop emte u nth schools and non ro lt or Lnazatmns p g Barbershop Parke Street Aberdeen Phone 991 68 of ' f ' f - Phone: ' , . 1 - . . ,, Colomal Motor Company DeSoto and Plymouth Sales and Service Phon Aberde n 56 Congr rulaflons fo the Class of 52 PHILLIP WEBSTER Real Estat Abe dee Md WILSON OLIVER AGENCY neral Insurance Bel Air Avenu Phone 203 Ab rdeen Md Compliments 746 Wear 7454446 Queen 69 e - e a . 4 e 301 S. Bel Air Avenue Phone - Aberdeen 500 or 7I r n, . Ge e e , . of Complrmenfs fo the Class of 52 VIELE S C0 Since 1919 Aberdeen Md Complzments Complmzenzs BLACK BURNS TE XACO Dlxon 8. Rickey Service Sfuhon Aberdeen Md BETHOLINE 8. SINCLAIR PRODUCTS Phone 480 Aberdeen Md Compllmenfs of ZAMSKY STUDIO 70 O , . . of . Of , . , . . . I FAMOUS AND SPANG ASSDCIATES INSURANCE PHONE ABERDEEN 231 ABERDEEN MARYLAND ABERDEEN FLORIST Willlam R Magsamen Prop Flowers for All Occasions F T D Flowers by Wlre Phone 474 Havre de Grace Md panama Mr Samuel Chessock Ball Gross Mr 8.Mrs Willlam A Gross Jr Mr 8. Mrs Max Gerson Mr. Alfred Ganse H. S. Bevins Jr. Bearfort Nye Billy Tome Miss Betty Brown Mr. 8. Mrs. Charles Mc Ree Gerald St. Clair . 8. Mrs. Chas. H. St. Clair . 8. Mrs. Standley Tamkus . 81 Mrs. Paul B. Petlcosh . Howard Patterson . 8. Mrs. Earl C. Kammerer . 8. Mrs. F. Petriclc . 8. Mrs. Leroy Taylor Mrs Pritchard Mr 8.Mrs Michael Chessock Mr 8. Mrs Donnell Mitchell Mr 8. Mrs Raymond H Troudy J Freeman Wright Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Nederlxom Betty Armstrong Mrs. Witteck Peg, Snapp, Nance, and Pres Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Sheridan Dicky Bird Chris and Allen WXO and Mrs. Bernard Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Willard Standitord Mrs. Claire H. Bullock Bruiiey, Mac, and Hause Winnie, Sal, Gus, and "B" CURTIS L. FAMOUS CHARLES 0. SPANG Mr. Jack Gilbert Muir. 8. Mrs. John E. Lester Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr Mr .ir fa 5.0 I ,' - 1 , T'v3'gLyQf,.1:fnf2 7-Q. Aff? ,V , ,e,. " '7' - 1-. : ,7 V -in fsf.. 'Fw- .Qo we 1 fx , .. 5, M ,'5,,J ...Au 1, .A ,A ls, . ,- VA ...iv , .. ' - L, .xl , ..

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