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Aberdeen High School - Arrivederci Yearbook (Aberdeen, MD) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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n EYG'e,ufrn,rL XIII Q EEE E G2a66ahJjyf Vie Smm 5304111 cwgwzw.z4,zs4z.,e HBE ! 1 B taxa wma 'uk 533 'qw , -- w U If , 069' 47a 772 65155 af 79 7 Though this is the time when we say farewell, Four years together have cast their spell. A book, a ring, a favor from a dance. All these things will need but a glance To serve as reminders, wherever we dwell, That though we have parted, it isn't Farewell. My very best wishes to you all, NANCY D. HEFFERNAN Qehbefzbn We the class of "Sl" wish to dedicate this issue of Arri- vederci to our home room teachers, Miss NANCY HEFFERNAN and Mr. RICHARD PRICE. 4742 Me 674255 af 79 7 Although Arrivederci means until We meet again, And parting gives no pleasure, bringing only pain But, Seniors, all remember that wherever you may roam A.H.S. is waiting to give you a rousing Welcome Home. Best of luck always, Seniors. Mr. RICHARD PRICE W nm a a 0 3300! X 175 X242 fha? of 79 7 Yours of 1951 is a Pioneer class in Aberdeen. Yours is the first class to complete the twelfth grade. You had, it is true, no choice in the matterg you were not consulted as to the number of years you wished to remain in school. You are Pioneers by circumstance rather than choice. The citizens of Aberdeen and of Maryland have come to have a greater and greater respect for the worth and power of education. The fine buildings being erected, the increase in teachers' salaries, and the reduced size of the classes, as well as another year of school, are outgrowths of that respect. Who can tell what the future may bring---kindergartens and nursery schools? junior Colleges open to all at public expense? These and many other steps in education are advancing elsewhere. You are Pioneers by circumstance. Perhaps that is a good omen. It can be - an omen for future success - a pioneering spirit without which little real success in life can be achieved. My very best wishes go with you wherever you may go. I shall follow your progress with real interest and shall be ready to help you at all times. GEORGE H. CORDDRY, JR. Principal "s '13 Mrs INGEBURG SWEET Office Secretary In the last two years of our now scanty txme 1n hxgh school the smxlmg face of Mrs Ingeburg Sweet has looked up at us, or she has wrmkled her nose at us every mme we have entered the off1ce Whether we were slmkmg 1n the mornmg after a hooky sess1on, or draggmg was always a smlle or yoke from her as she frlled out our excuse Although assocxated wrth somethrng as mystlc and forbxddmg as the offxce, Mrs Sweet has made a place for herself rn our hearts, and m our m1nds stands as a frrend who handles the secretanal chores of the off1ce w1th a charm equal to her smooth efflclency 7 ourselves in with a legitimate excuse to wend our weary way homeward, there I Y g MR JOHN FEATHERS Soczal Science MR RICHARD P RICE Languages MR JAMES KLOCK Sczence MR THOMAS LOUGHRAN Core MR EDWARD JACKOVITZ Commefczal yflezfken ,M 56-M am fy MR WALTER POTTER Core afafdl, Wfzz' USN? MELVILL E E ducatlon MR STANLEY LENTZ Matbemalzcs MR EUGENE FENDER 45-a fda, 'Wen ,f fgf fl W! MR PAUL ROBBINS Music . . , ' I x ' o ' . A . "LQ - .ffm ,Q ' 1,522 , 'f Wag ' f? K , 9 , W ..gg:,,gn2,,z ,i' I 4,05 M 31 . ' ' 5 , :gg J N111 aff: ,4- V I W , MR CHARLES BAKER MR WILLIAM CUMMING MISS NANCY I-IEFFERNAN Shop Guzdance Englzsb ,ygmfkefz Qbczzffy MRS ANN KELLY Home Economzcs Absent Mr Allen Hartley Core Mr Hartley jomed our staff a few weeks after our yearbook plctures were taken MRS HARRIET ALLEN Core gif, 1 1 S-N I- ,,,ff-" VU 1-N-4 ,,. i Xl ff W ffl, B ? fx .,2'L.',,.f 5,-3' fgw MRS ALAYNE COOMBS Core MISS MARGARET PATTON Sczence MRS ELIZABETH ENSOR Miss MAYFIELD WALKER MISS 'WXILM LE' STEELE Core Lzbranan Hlpygic E cguyn 4, X VC? -L +x I '5 Ngg. I if Q I , - -'- ff XE- .. 11 .V 45'1'Xh' .- Q t A ' 'Y' 591 lr' ,Fr M.-. I, - EK 'K 5:-f X Z xi- LW' 'i X X M21 X I -.EM iz, A 'Ma A f'gL..5'fQ... .fry , Y Y ' N' 4,-...f .. fx " ,fa-'1 Q-41' P" 'X 1 --"Aw, rf' GA .J ' VV 5' il- . 'fx' A r , U af y UL Q, ,, L"-" .ft 3 I lf . ilk' Xxx J NY Try Li j!JZ!ldQZ7l Cgkmefzfmy yeauiy The elementary school has expanded so raprdly that rt has been necessary to move most of the elementary from the hrgh school burldmg to two new elementary schools Baldwm Manor and Halls Cross Roads However a few sectnons of the flrst and second grades remam rn the hlgh school buzldmg The followmg comprlse the small ibut effrclentj elemen tary faculty stxll w1th us Mrs R1ta Golub Frrst and Second Grades Mrss Helen Cromn Frrst Grade Mrs Wxlly Lou Stearns Second Grade Mrs Eleanor Sheppard Second Grade 7 5 , , Mrs. Marie Tolch ................... First Grade yedifaai tgfajy :Ha- Dan Tamkus Eldon Budnrck Louanne Burns Frank Preston Maryorre Bradley Brll Gross Barbara Lrvezey Barbara Ann Vecchro Fdltor rn Chref Assocrate Edxtor Buslness Manager Art Edltor Assrstant Art Edrtor Sports Fdrtor Advertrs mg Manager Crrculatron Manager i" Norae Sanders Assrstant Crrculatron Manager fzrst Rou, left to ngbt Elame Preston typrst layou Betty Lawley layout w1ll Barbara Lmvezey advertrslng manager polrcy commrttee Danny Tamkus Edrtnr rn chief polrcy commrttee class hrstory Eldon Budnxck assocrate edrtor polrcy commlttee prophecy Lois Newberry layout typrst Louanne Burns buslness manager typrst polrcy wrll Mr R1chardPr1ce advrsor Second Row Fvelyn Kelly typrst Betty Manley wrll Norae Sanders clrculatron manager typxst pollcy commxttee Barbara Ann Vecchlo crrculatxun manager typrst wrll Frank Preston art edrtor prophecy B111 Gross sports edltor prophecy Tbzrd Row Irene Vachek snapshot edrtor typxst wrll Maxme Mull wr1te ups general duty Edrth Russell layout typrst wxll Ina Strme, wrxte ups general duty Ina Flemmg typxst Fourth Row joan Illrck general duty Mary Grnffrth general duty Patsy Cronm general duty, Marjorre Bradley fabsentj assrstanl. art editor K w '95 Q, , l' . . : . l . - Cl . 7 . -.. 3 . 1 - q 1 . ' ' - U - l v V - " l Q 1 - Q r ' - - Q . ' . v .' . " ' ' 5 . .' 2 ' . . - - V 4 N ,t - - 9 ' -1 . .l . l , - : . : , - U -I S 1 ' ' . - Q 7 . " " l ' " l . 1 ' . ' 5 1 S v 5 v ' 1 . . . LZ if 3 if L7 .,1-"""4- ,f wx M th, - 41,11 1 s -'L Z,-,,, FI-f.,. ly fczefaly af Xie flax! af 19 Proneersl O P roneersl We cannot tarry here We must march my darlrngs we must bear the brunt of danger We the youthful smewy races all the rest on us depend Proneersl O Proneersl Walt Wbztman ,5- .,. ' ' " 'e' 1 g , 4 W ...- li i , H.: e sf Q Y 3 J 2 4 1' ' : if-5 I qw LM 1 fifSQlF"l .: ?- KW- -fm ,- f 1 01' I f ..... J I- ff f- , : A- V ' f 1' A ' : 7 Ag' lf e ' 'P ,C I C V 3 U . 7 . 7 1 ' . ' '73 As the old wagon tram wrnds rnto rts last year of yourney from the land of elementary learnlng to the world of challenge our strongest lmk between the future and past IS the remem brance of what has happened along the way I rs all the memorres of bygone trmes saturated vtrth every human emotron, that rn our eyes now makes the torlsome trrp worthwhlle Our class of 1951 are the proneers We have forged further ahead to attarn lofty goals W are drstrngurshed by blazrng the tra1l of the new tvt elve year system We have opened the future and conquered the past The greatest part of our present wagon tram embarked on the long gourney rn the fall of 1946 vtrth 81 hardy frontrersmen aboard Memorres are d1m of those bygone days when we p1oneers trekked off on our mrghty yourney and all that lrngers IS a famt remembrance of parades down to the Off1CC and lazy afternoons rn Mr Suther land s Core class As the second year of the lourney began rn 1947 many of the orlgrnal group of 81 had moved, headmg for greener pastures, and our number had dropped to 71 But the nrnth grade ah' What a group' Nrneteen hundred forty seven saw the advent of the Skegas regrme and wrth Skegas came unendrng hours of ,oy and torment Who can forget the battle of Math class? In mneteen forty erght the tenth grade took over the school The athletrc teams were honey combed wrth the onrushmg pxoneers and rt was lrttle wonder that the soccer team was runner up rn the state champronshrp that both the boys and the gxrls basketball teams were county champrons and that the baseball team also cap tured that honor Here the future stars began to shrne rn Brll Gross Bob Day Kent Ferrell and the Denbow grrls It was also rn thrs year that we proneers mrngled wrth the out gorng senrors, and shared a few tears wrth them ar the close of our jr Sr banquet and Prom Suddenly when we returned to the journey as eleventh graders rn 1949 we found that we were the hrghest class rn school and would be for two years We elected Dan Tamkus presrdent of the S G A and B111 Gross presrdent of the If the proneers had taken over the school the year before they drd themselves one better now Everywhere you could look, there was eleventh grade and agarn all the county champx onslups avarlable were grabbed off by the boys teams and they were also runner up rn the State basketball tournament We wrll always remember floatrng through the arch at the Sweetheart dance and shyly sllppmg a class rrng on our lady love s or beau s frnger Then after that towards the close of the year me began to realrze that when we returned rn September we would be SENIORS And Senrors we are headrng for home rn the frnal dy1ng days of our long yourney Though our number has dropped from 81 to 54 we march onward resolutely and rn full force To blaze the frnal trarl IS Danrel Boone Corddry T gu1de us closer through the mght are Mrss Hef fernan and Mr Prrce To represent us we have elected oan Burns to the SG A presrdency Drck Scott to that of the A A Lrllran Kondelrk to edrt the Blue and Gold and B111 Gross to lead our class To reach our goal rs up to us A smooth trarl leads us forward rnto the sunset behrnd us l1e strewn along our trarl drscarded memories of the past strll warm, perfumed cached rn our mrnds But our thoughts are on the future and we cannot help but wonder whrch among us wrll reach hrs place rn the sun Dan Tamkus Esq Hrstorran 55 fer r ' - . . . . Y , 1 1 l V I - ' Y 7 . I , , . Y- . . . . . . ., . A.A. . , . . C , . V - . .- ' 1 1 . . , , - , . V- . . . . ! ' ' 1 1 ' 1 - 1 . . . Y 1 1 ' ' 1 . . 7 1 1 ' 1 . , , . - . . - . 0 y - . . , . J . . . , . . ., - 9 D - 1 1 1 1 . . . . , , . 1 1 1 - , . . . - 1 . . 1 1 . . . , , . 49271101 A255 6 MZ!! PRI SIDFNJT WILLIAM ALBFRT GROSS B111 133 Rlgdon Road Aberdeen Entered Aberdeen From Aberdeen Aclztztzes Presrdent AA 11 V President AA 10 Member A A 12 Class Presldent 12 Yearbook Staff 12 Soccer 10 ll 12 Basketball 10 11 12 Baseball 10 11 12 Course Academxc College Yes Ambztzon To be a physrcal educatron coach Hobby Sports H 4 VICE PRESIDENT RICHARD RAY SCOTT Drck R 1' D INO 1 llavre de Crace Q Entered Aberdeen From Alexandrra Na Actzvztzes Presrdent AA 12 1' TA 12 Baseball 1112 Soccer 12 Basketball 12 Course Academrc College Undeclded Ambztzon To be a physxcal educatlon coach Hobby Sports SECRETARY BARBARA LOUISF LIVLZ1-Y Barb 236 Rogers Street Aberdeen 'Q' 447 Entered Aberdeen From Aberdeen ' Actzvttzes May Day Attendant 11 Yearbook Staff 12 Presrdent Home Ec Club 11 F T A 11 Vrce Presxdent if Course Academic College Undecrded Ambztzon To be happy go lucky and to see the world Hobby A 2nd Lleutenant TREASURER LYDIA LFE LATKA Lee Parad1seRoad Aberdeen Entered Aberdeen From Aberdeen 6 Actzuztzes A A 10 12 Basketball 10 11 12 Fneldball 11 Student Government of America ll Monltor 11 Blue K Cold 12 Freld Hockey 12 Busmess Manager for Magazme Campaxgn 12 Course Academx College Yes Ambztron Undecxded Hohhy Auto racmg and mmmture horses . . if . ,- , A .W W ,A : 1. V I Q ' ! 1 . . Y . . . - 1 - H V . . . , . . . , - - 9 9 9 , , 1 3 , , 3 , , - -. f f A its "UQ ' . u - n . . . . , 1 -.,. , ,. A , 1 K . y if . . . , . . . , Y , gl Vg V I , ' Q ,ff-g f - I ' f at - l lie ' F :' ' n yr 1' X . , . f iw gk 1 V fl 'Y . , f -' - - , S r v v ' 3 S ' ' v . 5 1 , tgefzw has U was 12 1 PRESIDENT LILLIAN AGNES KONDELIK Kondellk 427 Lorralne Street Aberdeen Entered Aberdeen From Clucago Actwxtzes Cheerleader 1011 12 Basketball 10, Softball 10 Monitor 11 Student Government of Amerlca ll Blue and Gold Edrtor nn Chref 12 Blue and Gold Staff 11 12 Homeroom Secre tary 10 Course Academxc College Yes Ambztzon To be a yournalrst Hobby She llkes to lce skate and to travel m her car VICE PRESIDENT DANIEL STANLEY TAMKUS "Danny 32 Swan Street Aberdeen Entered Aberdeen From Scranton Pa Actzwtzes Baseball 10 11 12 Basketball 10 11 12 Blue and Gold Staff 1011 12 Monrtor 1011 12 Soccer 1011 12 Honor Socxety 11 12 Homeroom Presrdent 10 11 Student Councxl Presrdent 11 Yearbook Staff 12 Edrtor ln Chxef Course Academxc College Unlversxty of Maryland Ambztzon To be slttmg on top of the world Hobby Wrxtlng Sports SECRETARY Belcamp Maryland Entered Aberdeen From Czechoslovakla Actwztres Fxeldball 10 11 May Day Attendant 10 Student Councxl 10 Glee Club 10 Commercxal Club 11 Play Contest 11 Fashron Show 11 12 Semor Play 11 Honor Socxety 11 12 Cheer leader 11 12 Yearbook Staff 12 Course Commercxal College Yes Ambrtzon To be a fashxon designer Hobby Art and swlmmmg TREASURER JOAN MARIE BURNS joanxe Paradxse Road Aberdeen Entered Aberdeen From Aberdeen Actnntres Blue and Gold Staff 10 Glee Club 1011 Hobby Club 10 Presxdent of Hobby Club 10 Student Council Secretary 11 Student Councll Presxdent 12 Homeroom Secretary 11 L1 brary Club 11 Fashion Show Announcer 11 May Queen 11 County Falr Wmner 10 11 Play Contest 10 Lrbrarran 10 Year book Staff 12 Course Commercial College Undecxded Ambition To lrve to be 102 and to be an lnteuor decorator Hobby Collecting salt shakers K! ' 11 1 7 I . . 'I 7 ! 2 . I Q . ' 4- 9 - - - 9 , 5 - Il 7 .' , . ' , , 9 ,- , 9 , , 9 ' , 9 , s : . . y IRENE CONSTANTINE VACHEK "Ivy" 7 . f . 7 S 1 Z ' s 5 sl 9 r 1 9 r Q ' , 9 . - 1! ' ,D . 7 9 ' s ' s ' v ' s 9 - . .9 E . 9 , 9 9 3 ' Lgdnldfl has Ulcers 12 2 PRESIDENT BARBARA ELAINE PRESTON "Pres 107 Law Street Aberdeen Entered Aberdeen From Aberdeen Actwrtaes Softball 10 11 12 Freldball 10 11 12 Basketball 11 Play Contest 1011 Home Economlcs Club 12 Secretary and Treasurer of Home Ec Club 12 Athletrc Assocratron 11 Yea: book Staff Typrst 12 Course General Ambztzon To be a receptromst Hobby Dancmg and collectrng odd thrngs VICE PRESIDENT JOAN LOUISE ILLICK 'Joan Quarters NO 118 Aberdeen Provrng Ground Entered Aberdeen From Kenwood Baltrmore Actzvztzes Honor Socrety Il 12 Glee Club 11 Blue and Gold Staff 1011 12 Sports Edltor of Blue and Gold 11 Assrstant Edrtor of Blue and Gold 12 Secretary of Homeroom 10 Monrtor 1011 Magazme Manager 11 Freldball 1011 Basketball 10 Course Academrc College Madrson Ambrtzon To stay out as late as I want to Hobby Loafrn Havxn fun and the Navy SECRETARY NORAE LUREE SANDERS Rae 19 Aberdeen Avenue Aberdeen Entered Aberdeen From Old Post Road Actwztzes Glee Club 10 11 Home Economrcs Club 12 Presr dent Home Ec Club 12 Play Contest 10 Blue and Gold Typrst 12 Yearbook Staff 12 Clrculatxon Manager of Yearbook 12 Course Non secretarral Commercral College Undecrded Ambztzon To be a receptronrst Hobby Dancmg TREASURER VERNA LEE DUFF "Duffy R F D No 1 Aderdeen Entered Aberdeen From Aberdeen Actrwtxes Member of Future Teachers of Amerxca ll 12 Dancing Club 12 Treasurer of Dancrng Club 12 Course General College Undecided Ambztron To be a beautrcran Hobby Dancmg Soltbdll 1O,11,12g Yearbook Staff 12. ' ' ' Seniors MARY ANN ARCHES Toots Perryman Maryland Entered Aberdeen From Northeast Md Actwztzes Glee Club 11 12 Danclng Club 12 Course General College Undecrded Ambztzon To become a nurse Hobby Sports dancxng musrc ELDON LEROY BUDNICK Punks 126 Law Street Aberdeen Entered Aberdeen From Aberdeen Actzvztzes Blue and Gold Staff 12 Shop Club 10 Sports Club 10 Soccer 11 Basketball 11 12 Softball 11 12 Games Club 11 Athletlc Assocratlon 11 Assrstant Edrtor of Yearbook 12 Year book Staff 12 Course Academxc College Yes Ambztzon To be a research chenust Hobby Collecting pennants EVELYN MAE BROWN Evy Entered Aberdeen From Vrrgrnxa Actxuztzes Glee Club 10 Homeroom Treasurer 10 Dramauc Club 10 Commercral Club 11 Dancrng Club 12 Dancmg Club Secretary 12 Course Commercral College Undecided Arnbztzon To be a secretary Hobby A P G Teen Town ' Dancxng HENRY LOUIS BURNS Henry R F D No 1 Havre de Grace Maryland Entered Aberdeen From Bel Arr Actwrtzes Mechanrcal Engrneerrng Club 12 Soccer 11 12 Baseball 11 12 Basketball 12 Course General College Undecrded Ambztzon To be a mechanical engrneer Hobby Bouzarth's Frllrng Statron 14 K! PI 3 : , . : , Q . : 1 J KK Y! 7 . .. I. 9 , Z 9 , 5 Q 5 5 Z S ' if Y, Quarters No. 207, Aberdeen Proving Ground -' . s - 4 ' S S 5 Q If 1 ' . . . ., , I! YY . . . . , , . . . I. 3 , Z v 3 - LOUANNE MUNNIKHUYSEN BURNS "Lou R F D No 1 Havre de Grace Maryland Entered Aberdeen From Bel Arr Actzwtzes Commercral Club 10 Freldball 11 Basketball 11 Yearbook Staff 12 Busmess Manager of Yearbook 12 Course Commercral College Undecrded Ambltzon To be the world's best smger Hobby Sxngmg and dancmg GLORIA JEAN BURRIS DIXIE 10 Phrladelphra Blvd Aberdeen Entered Aberdeen From Centrevrlle Maryland Actwztzes Glee Club 10 11 Dramatxcs Club 11 Servrce Club 11 Dancrng Club 12 Future Teachers of Amenca 12 Course Commercial Non secretarlal College Yes Ambxtxon To teach school Hobby Cookrng NORMA ELOISE CAMPBELL Blondxe Aberdeen Entered Aberdeen From Covrngton Vrrgrma Aclzvzlzes Dancmg Club 10 Home Ec Club 10 Red Mrll 10 Dancrng Club 12 Course Commercral College Undecxded Ambztzon To be a good secretary Hobby Danclng THELMA LOUISE CANTLFR 'Louxe Belcamp Maryland Entered Aberdeen From Slate Rxdge Aclzuztzes Nurses Axd Club 10 Home Econonucs Club 10 Dancing Club 11 Glee Club 11 Course Commercxal College Undecided Ambxtzon To be a good secretary Hobby Reading as a pastime 15 n . . . . , , ' 1 1 1 7 o u ' ' 11 'r : 1 ' 1 1 1 1 9 . u ' 11 1' , 5 1 ' 1 1 1 ' 11 I 5 S S , . l 1 NANCY EVELYN CLINE "Nance" Perryman, Maryland Entered Aberdeen From: Perryman Activities: Glee Club 11,125 Dramatics Club 113 11' Future Teachers of America 12 Course Commercral Non secretarxal College Undecided Ambztzon To be a good secretary Hobby Cookmg ROBERT ELLSWOOD DAY Bob 304 Ford Street Aberdeen Entered Aberdeen From Aberdeen Service Club Activities Basketball 10 11 12 Homeroom Presxdent 10 Home room Vrce Presxdent 11 Baseball 10 11 12 Course General College No Ambztzon To be a ball player Hobby Sports ELAINE MUNNIKHUEYSEN DENBOW Brz Paradrse Road Aberdeen Entered Aberdeen From Carrol Manor Actzuztzes Honor Socrety 1112 Student Councxl 12 Vrce Presrdent of Honor Socxety 12 Monrtor 11 12 Freldball 10 11 12 Basketball 10 11 12 Softball 10 11 12 Course Commercxal College Undecided Ambxtzon To be a beautrcxan Hobby Sports and Stamps IU WANDA LEE DENBOW "Boots Paradise Road Aberdeen Entered Aberdeen From Carroll Manor Actwztzes Frelclball 1011 12 Softball 1011 10 11 12 Monltor 11 12 Athletrc Assocratron 12 Course Commercral College Undecided Ambrtron To be a physlcal educatron teacher Hobby Sports 12 Basketball , . u rx s "j f I , , 4 ' Q - 5 v y - u ' 11 v la., : 1. , 5. u . E - 9 y 3 1 4 1 r n Q s 1 ' : lf! ,K .Hx ,tt IPX' hi. SNL 111: xl' rmllll X :xx M xxx llldnil xx 1 nil' lf n Y , , 9 . Y Q ' LEONARD JOHN BOWERS "Leonard" Aberdeen, Maryland Entered Aberdeen From: Aberdeen Activities: Sports Club 109 Softball 11,121 Future Teachers of America 125 Mechanical Engineering Club 12. Course: General College: No Ambition: To be a livestock farmer Hobby: Hunting MARIORIE LEE BRADLEY "Margie 64 East Bel Axr Avenue Aberdeen Entered Aberdeen From Aberdeen Actwxtres Blue and Gold Staff 12 Lrbranan 10 11 12 Home Econolmcs Club 10 County Farr Wrnner 10 11 12 Fashlon Show ll 12 Vxce Presrdent of Library Club 11 Asslstant Art Edrtor of Yearbook 12 Yearbook Staff 12 Course General College N Ambztxon To be a fashlon desrgner Hobby Art ROBERT WHEATLEY COOK 'Bobby 22 Post Road Aberdeen Entered Aberdeen From Aberdeen Actwrtxes Sports Club 11 Basketball 10 11 12 Soccer 11 12 Baseball 1112 Future Teachers of America 12 Mechamcal Engxneerxng Club 12 Course General College Yes Ambition To be a Public Accountant Hobby Sports PATRICA HAYES CRONIN ' Pat Paradrse Road R F D No 2 Entered Aberdeen From Aberdeen Actrwtxes. Student Councll Treasurer 12 Cheerleader 9 10 11 ll Fashion Show 10 11 12 Play Contest 11 Musxcal Festival 10 11 Nurse Club 12 Safety Patrol Secretary 10 Future Teachers of Amenca 12 Yearbook Staff 12 Manager of the Softball Team 11 Captaln of Momtors Course Acadennc College Yes Ambstron Occupat1onalTheraprst Hobby Havmg a good time ff' ' YI 7 . .. : 5 D 1 S . . , in 5 -Q - : 4 , , Q 9 n , 3 Q 9 . : o I Pl 7 ' ' ' f 9 ,g , 2 , : . G , 4 s I ll . I I ' . . . l i 9 U 125 Home Room Campaign Magazrne Manager 12: Glee Club 10, S y 1 S 3 , s G 9 9 .3 o 3 .5 . :I ,fn 1 1 iaffl I' ,QQ :I ' ' fl fbi, sfi ll 9-T2 MARY ELIZABETH GRIFFITH Peanut ' Perryman Maryland Entered Aberdeen From Perryman Achuztzes Dramatlcs Club ll Glee Clu 11 12 Nursing Club 12 Yearbook Staff 12 Course Commeucal Non secretarxal College Undeclded Ambzhon To marry a mtlllonaxre Hobby Dancxng RONALD DEWAYNE KELLS 'Muscles 5 Defense Dnve Aberdeen Entered Aberdeen From Johnstown, Pa Actwltres Glee Club 10, Patrol Club 10 Mechanxcal Club 12 Course General College No Ambxtzonx To be a New car carner drxver Hobby Model trams A KENT ROYAL FERRELL "Fuzzy 427 Bel Au Aberdeen Entered Aberdeen From Aberdeen Actwltres Basketball 10 ll 12 Soccer 10 11 12, Baseball 10 11 12 Athletxc Assocxatlon 11 Sports Club 11 Future Teachers of Amerrca 12 Course General College Unxversxty of Maryland Arnbrnorz To be an Accountant Hobby Sports JOHN VICTOR KLEMM "V1c" 213 W School Street, Aberdeen Provrng Ground Entered Aberdeen From Morrxson, Vxrgrma Actxwtxes Photography Club 12 Mechamcal Englneerxng Club Course Academrc College Georgxa Tech Arnbxtzon To graduate from college Hobby Readrng 18 ll I I : 5 b , Q . Q . I YY 7 f ' 9 ' . nh - . Lamb' X L 'x ,riff-, . T5 'x rl fm" 11' xl rx ,r T 1, 1 : ' . . Y Y l i Y ' 3 v 5 S 3 . .' Q 12. ELIZABETH MAUREEN MANLEY Betty 202 Edmond Street Aberdeen Entered Aberdeen From Aberdeen Actxuutzes Glee Club 10 Athletrc Assocrauon 11 Homeroom Secretary 10 Yearbook Staff 12 Course Academrc College Undeclded Ambthon To be a fashron deslgner Hobby Dancmg travelmg and sports DAN ROGER MCKIMMEY "Roger RFD N0 l Aberdeen Entered Aberdeen From Havre de Grace Md Actwttzes Student Government of Amerrca 11 Glee Club 10 Art Club 11 Course Academrc College Yes Ambttzon Arr Force or Engmeermg Hobby None in parucular BETTY JANE McKELVEY jane 13 Swan Street Aberdeen Entered Aberdeen From. Aberdeen Actxuztzes Home Economxcs Club ro Office Secretary 10 ll Course General College Undecrded Ambttzon To be a beautxcran Hobby Sewxng KEMP LEE McCRACKEN Mac Quarters 119 Aberdeen Provnng Ground Entered Aberdeen From Aberdeen Actzwtxes Patrol Club 11 Photography Club 12 Course General College N Ambztton To be a Photographer Hobby Photography and Drawing 19 If YI 1 -' Q 3 Q . .' , ll . . . . , : , . -' S 9 If 11 Y -' 5 1 1 IQ 19 I .' Q . I 0 INA JEAN FLEMING jeanre 17 Cottage Drrve Aberdeen Entered Aberdeen From Hrghland Sprrngs V1rg1n1a Actzuztzes ust entered our school Course Commerclal College No Ambrtzon To be a secretary Hobby Dancmg and skatrng LOIS ANN NEWBERRY "Ol1ver 5 Lrberty Street Aberdeen Entered Aberdeen From Wxlkes Barre Pa Actzurtres Home Economics Club 10 11 Home Economrcs Club Vrce Presxdent 10 Orchestra 10 ll Harford County Farr Wlnner 10 11 12 Glee Club 10 Play Contest 10 Red M1ll Operetta 10 Future Teachers of Amerrca 12 Future Nurses of Amerrca 12 Commercral Club 11 Servxce Club ll Basketball 10 Cheerleader Staff 12 Course Commerclal College Undecrded Ambztzon To stay out as late as I want to and to be a fash1on model Hobby A red Chevrolet FRANKLIN NEWMAN PRESTON Frank" Paradrse Road Aberdeen Entered Aberdeen From Aberdeen Actzwtzes Blue and Gold 12 Softball 11 12 Student Council Course General College Undecrded Ambttton To be a deslgner Hobby Art and cars LEJEUNE RECKARD PYLE Pyle Stepney Maryland Entered Aberdeen From Aberdeen Actzwtzes Sports Club 10 Mechanrcal Engrneermg Club 12 Course General College Undecrded Ambztron To be an Electrical Engmeer Hobby Huntmg and Sports 20 . . . : J U ' If 11,123 Art Club lflg Fashion Show, Model l0,1l,1,2? Yearbook 10. I l ' ' CORA EVELYN KELLY "Kelly" 9 Market Street, Aberdeen Entered Aberdeen From: Virginia Activities: Glee Club lO,l1,12g Home Economics Club 113 Future Teachers of America 12. Course: Commercial College: No Ambition: To be a beautician Hobby: Being married THOMAS HOWARD SALMON Tommy uarters 214 School Street Aberdeen Entered Aberdeen From Nebraska Actwztzes Soccer 10 11 12 Softball 11 Glee Club 12 Blue and Gold Staff 12 Games Club 11 Course General College Umversrty of Maryland Ambition To be a Physlcal Educatxon Coach Hobby Sports and Huntrng HAZEL LOUISE SAYERS Ace 28 Defense Drrve Aberdeen Entered Aberdeen From Aberdeen Actzvztzes Glee Club 11 Dramatlcs Club 11 Dancmg Club 12 Course Commercral College Undecrded Ambition To be a secretary Hobby None FLORINE WILMA MORKOVSKY Florlne Belcamp Maryland Entered Aberdeen From Abingdon Actwztzes Art Club 10 Home Fc Club 10 Art Club 11 Home Ec Club 11 Dancmg Club 12 Course Commercral College N Ambition Artist and Housewxfe Hobby Drawmg and Readmg 21 elf INA CLAIRE STIME 'Ina Abmgdon Maryland Entered Aberdeen From Chestertown Md Actwztxes Lrbrarlan 10 11 Glee Club 10 Yearbook Staff 12 Course Academrc College Yes Ambxtzon To be a Pharmaclst Hobby Recordmgs JOAN BERNICE ZENTRICK 'Joanne 47 L1bertyStreet Aberdeen Entered Aberdeen From New jersey Actzwtzes Glee Club 10 Art Club 10 Dancmg Club 12 Basket ball 11 Freldball 12 Fxeld Hockey 12 Softball ll 12 Vanety Show 11 Fashron Show 10 Course Commercxal College N Ambxtxon To be a telephone operator Hobby Roller skatmg ELIZABETH FRANCES LAWLEY ' Betty 124 Osborn Road Aberdeen Entered Aberdeen From Long Branch N I Actrurtxes Glee Club 10, Home Economrcs Club 10 11 Future Nurses of Amerxca 12 Yearbook Staff 12 Course General College Yes Ambxtxon To own an automobrle of her own Hobby johnny BARBARA ANN VECCHIO Bobble 30 L1bertyStteet Aberdeen Entered Aberdeen From Perryvrlle Actxwtzes Homeroom Secretary 10 11 Fashxon Show 11 Glee Club 10 Play Contest 10 11 Future Nurses of Amerxca 11 12 Commercral Club 11 Monrtor 10 11 Basketball 10 11 12 Fneld ball 10 11 12 Freld Hockey 12 Yearbook Staff 12 Course Commercral College UD1VCISlty of Maryland Ambztron To be a surgery nurse Hobby Sports Q 11 1 .' , . 7 y 1 Q . Y . v -' 1 1 Q ' 1 1 1 1 1 Q . I O r 11 1 .' , . . ' 1 1 Q . H ' 11 1 f y 1 1 1 , 1 , F 1 , 1 1 y 1 ' 1 1 1 1 - EVA JEANNETTE WALLEN 'Nettle 339 EdmondStreet Aberdeen Entered Aberdeen From Rlsxng Sun Md Actruztles Softball ll Freldball 12 Fxeld Hocke bal JV 10 Course Commercral College Business College Ambrtxon To be a secretary Hobby Comrc Books and Dancmg EDITH NEIL RUSSEL ' Ed 206 Parke Street Aberdeen Entered Aberdeen From New jersey Aclzurtzes Glee Club 11 Yearbook Staff 12 Course Commercral College N Ambztron To have the world on a stung THELMA NINA VESELY "L1ttle Bug 4 jf I 4 Aberdeen Maryland P lf ff! EnteredAberdeen From Aberdeen 1 Actwzlzes Softball 10 Lrbrary Club 10 Dancrng Club 10 Patrol Club 12 Course Commercral College No Ambition To be a secretary Hobby Danclng LURA MAXINE MULL ' Mackie 28 Taft Street Aberdeen Entered Aberdeen From Morganton North Carolma Actxvztzes Fleldball 10 11 Fzeld Hockey 12 Honor Socrety 10 11 12 Dramatxcs Club 11 Glee Club 10 Momtor 10 Yearbook Sta ff 12 Course Academxc College Yes Ambztxon Undecxded Hobby Travelrng 23 , . X 1 : ' ' , . f 3 S l . . . I ie!1 Y : 3 . : o Hobby: Dancing and having a good time 1 I 3 ' 5 K ' YY Y . : . Y . 1 . , 4 s y 3 3 3 BFTTY JANE SMITH "Sm1tty CLAYTON BLANCHARD Corky' Perryman Maryland 217 Ryland Drlve Aberdeen Entered Aberdeen From Perryman EnteredAberdeen From Readlng Pa Actzuztres Softball 11 Actzvztxes Basketball 11 Student Councrl 12 Sports Club 10 Course Commercial Games Club 11 Baseball ll College No Course General Ambition To be a bookkeeper and typlst College Undecxded Hobby Reading and dancrng Ambztzon To saxl the hxgh seas Onward P lone ers 7 We leave behrnd us treasure troves Of mem ry laden days And each among us sheds hrs tears ind goes hrs separate ways We stop at every step or so Wrth longrng for the past And gaze long at those dymg years To make thexr pleasures last Reluctantly we trudge along T11 loud rnto our ears The vorces of the future surge O ward PIOHCCISIH Forget the halls of Aberdeen Where musty memorres lre Look for the dawn of brrghter days Wrth new suns rn the sky Gaze out across the mountam tops Where untouched valleys lay From us the future wrns new hands To mold 1tS shapeless clay For us the world has warted long To share rts love and tears Agarnst Lrfe s gate we stram and shout March onward Proneers Danny Tamkus 24 ' 17 ll 1 7 Y .' -' . y - .- 5 . Hobby: Hunting , . , - Y r . 7 , . . 7 M n , ' 7 . . I 7 I 7 . . , . - - h ' ! , . Cgkzfzfzfff gldh l 1 Fzrst Row C Lmdenstruth F Moore L Long Second Row L Chessock I Duff N Sheridan F Nye R Bruffey D Thompson M Hause C Wxlson N Radcliffe K Thornton M Troudy S Beavers C Barley Gross Tbzrd Row R Elllott G Bowers D H111 J Kllby M Cohen B Seymour A Mxth ell R Krau e R Connolly T Saunders Mr R0bb1hS Class Off: ers Presldent james Krlby Vlce Presldent Catherxne Wxlson Secretary Leo Ches sock Treasurer Carolyn Lmdenstruth 'Ihose Absent W Brumbough 25 Cgkvefzfff Quark 112 First Row J St Clalt L Sells M McCellan B Spauldrng B Peddlcord Second Row j Nrcholas C Flder B Russell L Nederdorn M Armstrong C Gosweller S Taylor I' Goetz Third Row F Chapman W Stamford G Smrth G Lester D Holden L Caudll Mr Feathers Class Offzcers Presrdent Wrllard Stamford Vrce Presrdent B Russell Secretary Margaret Armstrong Treasurer Carolyn Goswerler The jumor Class has many plans for thrs year Already they have sponsored two dances whnch were very successful and co sponsored one wrth the Senrors whrch was qurte success ful also Another hrghlxght of the Jumor Year rs the fact that they get thelr school rrngs Thrs calls for a celebratron so rn February there w1ll be a rmg dance Thrs affarr wnll be semr formal and an orchestra dance Early rn the sprmg comes the Semor Hlgh 26 play contest 'lhe yumors were qurte proud of themselves last year when they won the gold cup Thrs was a great honor and they wrll be out agam for the laurels thrs year Probably the most rmportant actrvrty of the year wrll be the jumor Semor Prom and Ban quet whrch the junrors sponsor and whrch wrll be held rn june Th1S IS always a gala formal affarr and promrses to be as excrtmg as rt has been rn the past All rn all the umors wrll have a very full and excrtmg year Those Absent: J. Bullock, B. Marble, D. Mears, T. Renner, W. Ruby, W. Sheppard, B. Vaught. . D . . I - . - - , J I I We yen!! gum? 1? E , J-I Fzrst Row Carty Backus Rxpken Sells Kolarlck Scott Whrteford Rogers Kalmbacher Sxegllng Stxme Moxley Walker Second Row Grossman Absher Messerall Beavers Long Brown Walker M Preston Ramnes Myers SavoffP1per Wyatt Wrtherspoon Bullock Thzrd Row Miss Patton Goetz Bloum Barr Watson Snapp Cook Rxley Bloum Baublxtz Cronln Preston Hampton Preston Cobb Nederkorn Mr Lentz Fourth Row aeger Carver Burnett Lewis Rlchards Whlte Holcomb Sanders Carr Ruby Burns Mxller Nelson F1 tb Row Wllson Reuyl Wilson Crockett Byrne Harrrson Lredtke Clontz Moyeschek Petnck 101 Teacher MISS PATTON Presrdent WENDELL BROWN Vrce Pres1dent JOAN BEAVERS Secretary MARY ANN PRFSTON Treasurer SHIRLEY MYERS Student Counc1l Rep DICK HARRISON CHARLOTTE BAUBLITZ CALVIN RIPKIN MARGARET PIPER The Ploneers of 51 have opened the future to all followrng classes Two years behmd the twelfth IS the present tenth grade trampmg the tranl blazed by us Proneers and commg up fast on the outsrde w1th therr eyes on the fu ture They are fast approachmg the fmxsh lme and begmmng to branch out mto school affalrs and reahze therr commandmg posrtron m the 102 Teacher MR LENTZ Presxdent JIMMY WALKER Vrce Presrdent VIRGINIA LONG Secretary JOANN RAMNES Treasurer JOHIN MESSERALL Student Counc1l Rep JIM WALKER MARJORIE REILLY BOB SCOTT SARAH CORNIN next two years ofAberdeen Hrgh School h1story Thexr leaders are begxnnmg to show Therr top athletes are already cuttmg small mches for themselves xn the Vars1ty teams The tenth grade IS rlsmg fast as well rt should and we Proneers wave a hearty farewell to them w1th fond hopes for a great two years ahead for them JVM!! Qazk Our nrnth grade as a whole plan to have a wonderful school year We started by electrng relrable and respon srble class offrcers In 9 1 the class offrcers are Presrdent ames McCauley Vrce Presr dent Granvrlle Grllbert Secretary EvaLlehla Treasurer janet Waream In 9 2 the class offrcers are Presrdent Mary Lou Marble Vrce Presrdent Ruth Ann Gerdom Secretary Beverly Grafton Treasurer Albert Annonr In September the nmth grade gave a dance called the Freshman Ftolrc vnhrch drew qurte a large crowd Everyone who attended had a f1ne trme On November 17th we gave another dance called Fall Festrval There were door prrzes and novelty dance prrzes Even though we had to compete agarnst Havre de Grace we had a nrce crowd Other phases of entertamment that the nrnth grade wrll engage rn thrs year w1ll be a Chrrstmas Party whlch wrll take place rn the audrtorrum There rs a poss1b1l1ty of another dance and last of all there rs the junror Hrgh play contest whrch we hope to wm Some nmth grade g1rls and boys who are good rn athletrcs as far as abrlrty co operatron and good sportsmanshrp are concerned are Elame Tobrn Barbara Baker Betty Rrmel Betty Barly Brlly jones and George Goetz Sign!!! gldh -df Presrdent RICHARD BOJANOWSKI Vrce Presrdent THOMAS JACKSON Treasurer WYNELL ARMSTRONG Secretary CLALDETTE MCCRACKEN Student Councrl NIADELINE COX MIKE RILEY GARRY CASSIDY BEVERLY MAHAN Teacher MRS ALLEN Pres1dent Vxce Presldent Treasurer Secretary Student Council Teacher Presrdent Vrce Presxdenr Treasurer Secretary Student Councrl Teacher BARBARA MCDANIEL CAROL PEDDICORD ORIS GRINI NIANJCY STEPHENS MARY ELLER RAY PARKER RICHARD MOORE CAROLYN POWELL NIR LOLGIIRAN 29 TOMMY BURNS MARGOT BURNS IRENE CHFSSOCK LARRY COFFMAN YOAN ELSNER DONALD SHOTT NANCY MOXELY BOBBY DUPPSTADT MR HARTLEY . -g Q V 9 ,J I JI .J -S 345 kv. , J . I -MAJ . ,V-K, Vvvbn-7 If 'iff' AL K K-J xfkvv WWA I 4 , xJ'x ' 'I' My rggzferzff -Q fjvjyz P se B555 Q X MR POTTER f MR FENDER -L. 30 Number rn homeroom ROSEMARY EIALE-R President DICK PEDDICORD' Vrce Presrdenr PAULINE GOETZL 'Secretary JIMMY SWANN TIHSUICI Number rn homeroom " An. EEN KIERNAM VERNA CUNNINGHAM ROSE FALCONE BARBARA LONG Presrdent Vrce Presxdenr Secretary Treasurer T MRS COOMBS Number m homeroom Presrdent LOUIS BARR Vrce Presrdenr DAVID GROSS Secretary LINDA MORGAN Treasurer RALPH TANCHUCK ,pu f ,A-, ll 'I f I J Is, I XXX B gf gg r J ., uk- li EJ 11 R . To sk Ji g 1 S is fs V ,Imi- ff "W ,uf .. Q 7-1 , -A X 'fa 7-2 Arn -' 7- .V . ,S l , . ' -----.-. 11,1 N- h ' ............... 30 NSE . ' nena ...n...p.. .ll K ITM I . G .nuu .'.a.u'-.u u o , .............. I '.'.fff..f.'f XV . f ',', K Q! . llillx Q X - 7 I gg Rx -' ,Af 4 'I fx' 1 'f"'1.1 N . I kia 4 f -' 7 ff I 1 UI K 'AX ' Vx ' xv J W ,lf X ' 7.3 Q lg xj 'I ,I ,J V QWIIJ ' 'sl' ,J 0 V: 5 , . ,XIX-Q ,j . .Q.f- ,rx I. , l V ' ............ . . . 32 E 5 v Q ' u ............... -j "' 4 I l Isuuulnnonlli Q I ,Q 4 rx .......... J'-1 If 1,1 . IJ, 4 ' Of . f " N Y, ' xx -V' ' , I '1 I . Q! ..,, I 'XJ I 1 V . 'np I L! . or 4 , I 6 be .f 'J wf if , . A ,Ar ivy. X , .I '- ?,li Xxxx I , .,v"' Y I A I-I x U ,V fm ,X DM I fr 44 ,J H. N' ..- me or I ff W 'Tv-six 1' :fly X if - I " r 2 ZW! 6514 Proneers of 1951 Hold F1nal Hxgh School Party Last mght the class of 1951 held a class reumon for the frrst trme smce graduatron The party took place 1n my beautxful log cabrn rn Calrfornra where I CEldon Budnrckl was restrng before gomg 1nto the navy I learned that everyone at the party was havxng a wonderful trme As we gathered around the frre I notrced the smoke from the fxre takmg a werrd and ghostly shape We eagerly watched as our futures were revealed to us The smoke frrst formed rnto the lmes of a hosprtal rn whrch I saw nurses workmg the1r frngers to the bone Of course these three nurses were none other than Betty Manley Barbara Vecchxo and Patsy Cromn Then the smoke formed the Image of a grrl walkrng up and down modelrng a bathrng surt We fmd out that she rs Lois Newberry Next I saw an Image of two famous hotels The Waldorf Astorra and the Hotel Belvedere rn whrch I learned that Elame Preston and Ixorae Sanders are receptromsts The smoke then sprraled rnto the shape of several classrooms Standrng rn the front of one of the rooms IS a professor teachrng the puprls the Amerrcan way of lrfe Thrs rs our old frrend jean Burns head of the hrstory de partment at the State Teachers College at Towson In the other room rs Nancy Clrne of the Unrversrty of Maryland expert Home Eco nomrcs teacher Wanda Denbow who rs teachrng physrcal educatron at Goucher Col lege led her gnrls basketball team to the Eastern d1v1s1on champronshrp of the U S Next the smoke formed the prcture of an outer offrce of a bxg busrness frrm The secre tary xs busy at work As I look more closely I learn that rt rs Evelyn Brown of the Western Unron Telegraph Co Now as the mxst IS clearmg I can see Lourse Cantler offrce manager at the Bata Shoe Co Edrth Russell prrvate secretary to the presrdent of General Motors Inc Thelma Vesley of the Ford Motor Co and Norma Campbell secretary of our old Alma Mater The smoke then formed a shadowy prcture of two artrsts at the1r work At a glance I recogmzed these as Maporre Bradley who rs top artrst for Vogue Magazme and Florme Morkovsky who IS workmg as an artxst for Look Magazme Over rn front of the frre I saw rmages of Bob Cook Bob Day Kent Ferrell and Bxll Gross gathered together rn a drug store drs cussrng old trmes They have a lot to talk about for Bob Cook IS now a publlc accountant for j C Trddlewrnk 84 Co , Bob Day rs the All Amerrcan ground gamer for the Colts Kent rmg Funeral Hall and B111 Gross rs player manager of the Harlem Globe Trotters Now as the smoke formed a new rmage, I saw Dan Tamkus Edrtor of Lrfe magazme and Drck Scott Umted States Senator from Maryland engaged rn deep conversatron over government polrtrcs As the logs crackled up shot the rmages of the brg busmess tycoons of our class They were of course Lydra Latka the presrdent of Crysler Corp Henry Burns presrdeny of the Burns O11 Co and Barbara Lxvezey executrve of Vrele Lumber Co A song burst mto the smoky arr and much to our enjoyment we saw that rt was our own Mary Ann Arches, a recordmg artrst for Co lumbra Records As the frre crackled to the tune of weddrng bells, up rose the xmages of Louanne Burns Betty McKelvey and Betty Lawley wartmg for the yoyous moment when they would be yomed 7 4 'A , 1 Q . - Q . .: I Z ' . 4 1 ' .Z . . . , . .9 . . . ' N . , u . . . , . 1 . I . . , , 1 I . . . I ' ' , ' . a , 1 Y . f , , ' 7 . v . . . , - , now a famous model forConover Model Agency. Feffell 15 new head Undertaker f0f I- H- Taf' , - Y . . 1 Y ' l . 7 . n ' , ' 7 l Y . . , . c . . i 1 7 1 - ' ' .: , Q v ' l 'Q 1 . , . . , . . 1 . . , , 31 rn matrrmony wrth those handsome, handsome men Next the smoke formed for me Elame Den world s two leadmg harr stylrsts fthey strll put up therr own half thouehj bow and Verna Lee Duff the In the rosy glow of the frre we now saw Leonard Bowers Ieyeune Pyle and Clayton Blanchard the qureter members of our class, who are now workmg rn drfferent frelds than most people would expect them to be As con servat1on1st for Harrord Co electucran for the Amerrcan Flyer R R Co and Drxon and Rrcky s gas statxon attendant they are makrng The smoke then formed xnto a fue truck racmg to a flre at Hutzlers Department Store Drrvmg rt IS Ronald Kells Fxre Chxef of Baltrmore Clty Suddenly a burst of flame drsclosed the 1mage of joan Burns at her cluttered desk busy wlth her work as an rnterror decorator m a Better Homes and Gardens offrce And oh yust now Hazel Sayers flew over the cabm rn a transport and had the prlot buzz me She has a very excrtmg yob as a steward ess As the smoke curled up from below rt framed a prcture of Mary Grrffeth Jeannette Wallen joan Zentrrck Ina Strme and Evelyn Kelly Mary IS a cashxer for Sacs, Sth Avenue Jeannette has yust been selected Mrss Sweater Grrl of 1961 joan rs havmg a fme trme as a crgarette gnl at the Stork Club Ina has her own lrttle yob as a pharmacrst rn one of Read s leadmg Drug Stores and Evelyn has her own beauty shop as well as her hu band Lrllran Kondellk Maxme Mull and joan Illrck just dropped rn to say hello Lxllran has one of the best jobs rn the country for she IS Ed1torinCh1ef of Assocrated Press Maxme ha the oddest yob for she IS a psythxatrrst for the F B I , and of all thrngs joan IS a model for the corset sectron of Sears Roebuck and Company catalog The frre rs slowlv dyrng down and the lmages of several more of our Senror Class use up rn tne smoke Kemp McCracken Frank Preston and Tommy Salmon are all Stattlng together on the telev1s1on show It Pays To Be Ignorant Then as a sudden flame leapt up, we saw Ina Flemmg busxly wrrtmg the scrrpt for Arthur Godfrey w1th one hand and pluckrng a ukulele wrth the other Another flame leapt up qurckly and for a brref moment we saw Vrctor Klemm construct xng a tunnel under the Amazon Rrver and Betty Smrth typmg away 1n her offrce on A P G In the smoke beyond I saw Irene Vachek busxly at work desrgnxng costumes for the Metropoll tan opera s 1960 season And last but not l ast 10 the dymg embers we see Roger lW'K1mmey valrantly strugglmg amxdst huge waves rn an attempt to construct the Atlantrc Ocean Brrdge and the smoke dreams vamshed Overyoyed at the future rn store for all of us we turned to the drrung room to partake of lrberal refresh ments mf U l l ,,. - I U Then with a crash, the burning logs broke A , 5 ' . f . . . N N N . ff l f 32 'W '42 Y if 0 1 Z 11 HHH' N4 W 1-' I lm" -'Q , 4 .1 I I 0 ' "'f,f', I, ' f X 7 I ' JAM!! fill i ml ,mjyfl f lm - , 'lil 11 ' ,nb flfl, ' ml," f Q I I UI' r 'lx ffgf ff 4 Nl' . , , , I ff ffl ' ' .4511 - -,- - ,,f , WM E- .5 1' '- x' 'WN .I t 5 X ,pf :vw -T :gf - - , 1' ' - 'r E' Q7 A 5 , I V ,Mp I : : - X ,ff ,Z ,gil I - '19 if UPI' 1' iff! "uh rl 7 ,lyif AIM, 6 f 'yi I I4 U 3 , , v ,Nr IJ", I l,f Jjfl' "lvl H fill' M lg,n,:1' 15.12, 'au I? ' f'f ff ,511-A L:-. A .mi W1 H -5557-H fr- E up C I," III' ' 2 - " ' 1,1 ,, -Q 'Wm' ' 3: U'lf,"" T ii- - If "V fzililr- v gi-Q53 if: 'Ut ffl, -:lj my 19" I FIRST ROW bcott Bachus lllxclr Kondelxk Sanders Preston Mxss Heffernan SECOND ROW Goswexler Hause Latka Chessock Lxedtke Writes THIRD ROW Taylor Ulehla Waream Baker Salmon FOURTH ROW Nederkorn Peddxcord FIFTH ROW Preston SIXTH ROW Bud- nrck Chessock Tamkus SEVENTH ROW Salmon Petrxck Isaacs Coffman my an ,mga Staff Lrllxan Kondellk Editor ln clue Joan Illlck Asststant Edttor Barney Bachus Busmcss Manager Reporters Robert Scott Judy Salmon Irene Chessock Larry Coffman Barbara Baker Ray Isaacs Eva Ulehla janet Waream jack PCUlCk Eh za beth Lledtke Carolyn Goswexler Leo Chessock Maman Hause LeMoyne Nedercorn Betty Petucord Sallxe Taylor Eldon Budmck Lydna Latka Frank Preston Marjorre Bradley Tommy Salmon The Blue and Gold IS the name of the Aberdeen Hxgh School student publxcatron This newspaper was ftrst orgamzed m 1934 and edntxons have contmued ever slnce The theme of the Blue and Gold rs to present current news and entertatnment Thls year the staff has attempted to up- hold the many tradmons surroundmg the Blue and Gold The rdea that the student body should be reflected through :ts school paper has been the set arm The staff has not only decrded to achreve thrs goal but to accom- plxsh much m the fneld of journalism as well The Blue and Gold owes more than rt can repay rn thanks to tts sponsor Miss Heffer nan, who has given wxllrngly of her time and abllrty to make the paper the success xt has been thrs year 1 .4 5, , , . 1 ' ' f , 'K I Q .Ax ,N- . Q, ' l A I : 1 1 1 l 1 . 1 1 ' " 1 1 1 1 1 . ' : 1 l I . , . I , . 1 I . . 1 1 - : 1 1 1 ' ' .................................................................................. I ' : 1 1 . 1 1. 1 ' I 1 1 . 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 . 1' 1 . . 1 v 7 1 7 7 I ' . . . . . . o Q . . . . . . . - . . . a . . . . 1 o . . . . n , ' . . . . 1 . . . . . . . . s s arm agaczefy FIRST ROW I Vachek I St Clarr I Illxck E Denbow M Mull SECOND ROW W Standrford C Goswexler W Denbow B Gross THIRD ROW D Tamkus L Ches sock Sponsor Mrs Fnsor Knot pxcturedl Presrdenr Joan 1111.314 Vice Presrclent Elame Denbgw Secretary Treasurer june St Clanr The members of the Alpha Chapter of the Natronal Honor Socxety of Aberdeen Hxgh School were selected bythe Faculty Commrttee for the1r character, scholarshrp leadershrp and service These students must retaxn A and B averages to remaxn 1n the organrzatxon One of the main projects of the year was the sponsorshrp of a Whlte Chrrstmas whrch was a donatxon of food to needy famrlxes of the locallty The rnstallatron servrce for new members was held rn February rn the usual formalxty of candle lrght The Honor Socrety dxd 1ts bestto promote character scholarslup leader shlp and servxce among the1r fellow students To be elected a member of the Honor Socxety IS one of the hnghest honors a student can recerve durmg hrs hrgh school career 1 - - , . . , . , . , . . '.' v ' ' r 1. ' 1 - , - , . . . . . ' 1 x - ' a 9 ' . H I . . ,, . . . v Qlufme fflfzmes a ,yfmeflfcfz ,pdammfx 5615 Ma i am ,M gh ma WW my gh mf Cgflylfldii ymclzzfzzcs Af! Qlufzm 25652715 afyfmmfbzz Lgfamh fbi! JW UM fgzzfzzfafzzf Uldefm ,MW ma sunny 3:32 Mikie yffsaczmafz 'VL W me 'Z afllflfy 922.14 26447171615 40 W A LgfZlIlQIlf 67201677 Hyfyfpmaf f 4 'wal cfzaixmfzfyfzfs 6761! 9 Mme 560710772125 ffu! 42 5211154 Hg! Piafagiahiy Uh! WING! 34495 fjiadfglfzhffy fill 5915! JZ! KM Iieewwgg if f f' 5 I" 94 L .QM- Wif- 5 U, 'TU lj vN'J ll J gl, in My 0' Ill fl, f 'ff F 1 ff' IW' 1 'W' If ,ll fl ff , ,Q 4 Y ,"f"' f V W ' " A 1 I I jllff -1 41 Ngo A, ' W1 XI 'ffl' ,A .51 1 ' ll' . Q 1 4 I4 ' .X 1 A If K h .4- X- f 1' b .ml '.f"' ,fl Hifi' .T 6' X 1 5, AZ T T3 4' fx , -., ' V it " 4, I IZ' ' ., ' ' g Il k r EE , X 1 l I Ill, W ' ' E Af V V I l f,f M f , J ? ' " '45 , Q"X Akxm I by A I. .X fx Q , fi ff 5i:: ' - g - f ll I igf- -'. 'F xstra-17. I I tiiiiii - w lififsiegs- XM X- THESE? 1 'N1E55?5', tgaccew Qhzm FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT M Cohen G Smxth R Harrison L Chessock E Budnxck K Ferrell SECOND ROW j McCauley Manager J Knlby W Stamford J Walker J Haller R Krause R McCracken T Burns H Sreglrng J Harrison C Ripken D Tamkus B Cook Mr Melville Coach THIRD ROW Mr W Potter Coach Dick Scott G Lester L Kalmbacker O Maloney B Ashley B Jones I Gross The Aberdeen Blue and Gold Eagles were Proneers rn Soccer durmg the 1950 season, too They blazed the Harford County Champ ronshrp trarl and scalped the surroundmg schools for the champronshrp crown They won the county crown for the flfth strarght trme and we are proud to say that seven of the startmg eleven were Semors Although the season began wrth a loss to Annapolis the Eagles surged back wxth re newed strength and drove then' wagon tram of pornts and vrctorxes over all but one of therr Aberdeen Aberdeen Aberdeen Aberdeen Aberdeen Aberdeen Aberdeen remammg opponents It was a Proneer year ln Soccer, and mule skmners Melville and Potter gurded the team skrllfully to the prom xsed land of vrctory The Senrors of the Soccer team, whom we congraduate are Capram B111 Gross Co captam Tom Salmon Eldon Budnrck, Dan Tamkus Bob Cook Kent Ferrell and Drck Scott Our schedule of games and vxctones rs as follows Annapolrs Flkton Bel Arr Havre De Grace Upper Harford Bel Arr Havre De Grace Aberdeen .................................... 3 Upper Harford ............. ................. 1 45 ff gm gww W FIRST ROW Rub Long Beavers Savoff E Denbow Ccaptarnl Prper Wallen Cronm C Preston SECON ROW Mrss Steele Snapp Mull Vecchro M Preston W Denbow Wyatt Radclrffe Moore Rrley Thompson Zentrrck The Aberdeen Hrgh Freldball team had a gloomy season They lost therr opener to North Harford 2 3 There followed a 1 3 decr sron rn favor of Bel Arr and a 2 4 count for Havre de Grace In therr second game wrth North Harford Bel Arr Havre De Grace North Harford Bel Arr Havre De Grace North Harford the Aberdeen eleven txed them 4 all Therr frrst and only wm of the season was over Bel Arr 1 0 Then agarn came de feat, thrs trme by Havre de Grace 3 2 Our schedule was as follows Aberdeen Aberdeen Aberdeen Aberdeen Aberdeen , , fx v H. AS A, A 'l 1 A ,N X' - .f if , ,fs fx fl f M1 ' ...................................... 3 Aberdeen .................................... 1 ' ....................................... 0 ..........................,......... 1 46 jwvgey lam Mazen Qwszfy Hfelzffzzff LEFT T0 RIGHT Kleese Cohen Standxford Harrison Connally Chessoclr I Gross Krlby Day Ferrell Grafton Scott Coach Melvxlle 5475 gdigdffdg Zan The Eagles wrth the whole frrst team composed of returnmg veterans started the orous schedule by combmmg the tough coun ty league and the strongest of outer county opposrtron they glrded through therr frrst f1ve games wrth nary a defeat The team has been prarsed throughout the county for not only 1ts outstandmg abxlrty but for sportsmanshrp drsplayed throughout the games The Eagles are generally recog nrzed as one of the classrest teams rn the wards therr coveted goals a thrrd consecu trve county champronshrp and an mrtral state crown The team owes much to Coach Melvrlle who has been the gurdmg hght of the team and has spent many hours unselfrshly to help them attam therr goal 9 1950-51 season in fine style. Playing a vig- rural area of the state and are working to- 48 LEFT T0 RIGHT Elame Denbow Sara Cronln Ioan Zentrxck Maxine Mull Ruth Bruffey Evelyn Brown june St Claxr Jeanette Wallen Mxss Steele feoachl Jo Ann Snapp Catherine Wrlson Wanda Denbow Dorothy Thompson Barbara Cook Nancy Rad cllffe jak gdffdffdff new The Gnrls B asketball Kees have been rollmg steadrly onward down the wmnmg trarl 1n a fasluon that well befxts Pioneers Under the watchful eye of Coach Vrlma Steele they have pushed ever onward and are knockmg at the door of the land of plenty Behmd them are strewn many trrbes that challenged them but were sent to the unhappy huntxng ground of defeat The County Crown rs before then' eyes and thenr wagons are loaded wxth talent that can easxlv brxng home more laurels to Aberdeen Let thxs be a saluteto all the tra11 blazers of the Aces 1950 51 basketball team and especlally to 1ts Semor Members Wanda Den bow, Elame Denbow Maxme Mull joan Zen tnck and Jeannette Wallen 'I U 1 l I 7 7 Y I . 7 ' Y 7 7 . x v 1 r 1 ' Q 9 . , . . . 1 1 1 ,. . . - 1 . , ' 1 v " , . 49 Q! I 1 M 'Jia -af wg, ' QQQQ 3? Mum New ww? 4 9354 1.1 ga 52 ,WV QW D Q! '. v3"g, 'Yu may mx ' 14, 'ii 53 if -an E I Illini Q... MNv w3 455' The nrght fires are burnrng low All the whale orl lamps of the wagon trarn are trrm med and flrckerrng drmly The hour rs late the trme for hrttrng the trarl approaches trme rs short As the yourney ends and we prepare to rrde out rnto the dark and unknown our hearts should rest lrghter rf we leave somethrng be hrnd as mementos of our journey We the class of 1950 51 berng of sound mrnd and body hereby and forthwrth desrre that the followrng be carrred out Nl-XRJORIF BRADLEY FLORINI' MORKOV SKY part wrth therr quretness and easy gorng manner rn favor of Nlarrlyn XlcClel lan and Evelyn Goetz who are always jI'AN BURRIS NANCY CLINI' leave therr cookrng abrlrty to Barbara Russell There ll bea pretty mess when she starts to cook VERNA LEE DUFF wrlls her love for the Arr Force to Gene Smrth NIARY GRIFFITH wrlls her favorrte pastrme of chewrng gum to Sally Tavlor BETTY LAWLEY leaves her capacrty for gorng steady to Nlarron Hause who seems to want no part of rt BETTY NICKELVY leaves her shortness to Mary Carolyn Troudy ELAINE PRESTON wrlls her engagement rrng to Dorothy Thompson for use rn the future NORAE SANDI RS leaves her connectrons on the Provrng Ground to Le Nloyne Neder corn BFTTY SNIITH FVELYN BROWN leave therr quretness to Dulaney Nloxley to match hrs own INA STINIF leaves her brarns ro Davy Hrll so he can grve Izrnstern competrtron l RFNIP Nici RAY lxl N lends the Howdy Doody portron of hrs televrsron evenrng to Wrl lram Ruby FRANK PRESTON awards hrs knack for drawrng to Allen Nlrtchell to combrne wrth hrs talents along that lrne LPJFUNI4 PYI F leaves hrs temper to Brlly Brumbough so he can rarse the roof once rn awhrle TONINIY SAI MON bequeaths hrs Nlrlton Berle joke Book to Sally Beavers so she can be corny too PATSY CRONIN wrshes to leave her curva crous profrle to jo Ann Duff JOAN ILLICR leaves her grrdle modelrng talents to Bobby Ellrot Strange rsn t rt LILLIAN KONDFLIR wrlls her leadrng ways Bullock and Brlly Nlarble It s up to you boys now LYDIA LATKA grves her posrtron as treasur er to Wrllard Standrford Is the money safe? BARBARA LIVEZEY bequeaths her zrbrlrty to be late and get away wrth rt to Nancy Radclrffe who does well BETTY MANLFY BOBBY VFCCHIO leave therr abrlrty to make sodas rn Ivrn s to Bobby Connolly JOAN BURNS wrlls her last name to Carolyn Lrndenstruth You know why LOL ANNF BLRNS grants her Havre de Crace connectrons to Carol Elder who rs rn the posrtron to use them LOUISE CANTLFR wrlls her shorthand abrlrty to Fay Nloore INORNIA CANIPBELL wrlls her long blonde harr to Carol Sue Barley Now maybe she can catch the man of her dreams ELAINI' DENBOW wrlls her hrps to Peggy Armstrong so she can wrggle her way through lrfe ' . Y . . - . . . . . ,. - . , . . T' A 1 , . - . . , 1 L ' 1, I I .. . Q w , 'Q , I I 4. r 7 . r - , - r I . - - ' . . Q . K - - A , i T 7 A A r vs . Q OH the 80- x . in school affairs to Robert Renner,james , A .-r . . . rl . ' , A . ' l . s 4 - 4 L 4 I A . . L ' . 4 4 ' L 4 If ' !Y L ' 1 1 - . . , 4 A 4 L 5 I 4 Q n V Y . . I . . A 1 K ' 1 . L A .3 L ' . ' . . ' V I r I . , 4 ' 7 ' . . 55 WANDA DENBOW leaves her athletic abrlrty to Nancy Sherrdan She mrght be able to use rt later rn old A H S INA FLENIING leaves her grggles to Pinky Chapman so he can have grgglrng duels wrth the rest of the grrls rn typing class EVELYN KELLY leaves her clarm North Carolrna to Beverly Spauldrng so she can have her prck ELDON BUDNICK wrlls hrs abrlrty to drive a black Chevy to Catherrne Wilson N wrecks now MAXINE MULL BILL GROSS wrsh to leave therr shyness to Kitty Thornton There ll be some changes made VICTOR KLEMM rs torn away from hrs snazzy Olds 88 and grves rt to Bruce Seymour Now you can rrde rn style Bruce ROGER MCKIMMI Y wrlls hrs Arkansas drawl to Lourse Sells That wrll make rt a combination of the North and South DICK SCOTT leaves hrs AA presidency to Davrd Mears rn case he wants an extra headache long legs of hrs and gives them to Lee Caudrll You re gettrng up rn the world Lee CLAYTON BLANCHARD leaves hrs dry humor to Betty Peddrcord so she can sprce up the French Class LEONARD BOWERS leaves hrs way wrth the women to Leo Chessock HENRY BURNS leaves hrs curly locks to Gene Lester Which twrn has the Tom? BOBBY COOK leaves hrs long lasting CPD love affarrs to jack Gross BOBBY DAY leaves hrs fabulous set shot to lk Bill Vaught so he can score once rn a whrle too KENT FFRRELL leaves hrs suave manner to 'vlerrrll Cohen RONALD KELLS wrllrngly bestowes hrs ex tra pounds to Wally Sheppard so he can be Mr Amerrca EDITH RUSSELL bestowes her frrendly smrle upon Ruth Bruffey so she can pose for Pepsodent ads LOIS NEWBERRY grves her long brunette harr to une St Clarr so she can keep her ears warm rn frosty weather HAZEL SAYERS leaves her expressrve eyes to Grlbert Bowers so he can wrnk at all the grrls IRENE VACHEK wrlls her dark complexion to Lourse Long Wrth that blonde harr she should be a knock out MARY ANN ARCHFS THELMA VESLPY wrll therr dancrng abrlrty to Farth Nye JEANETTE WALLEN leaves her petrte shape and quiet ways to ames Krlby Heaven forbid' to Tommy Sanders Signed and sealed thrs 4th day of January 1951 LAWYERS Irene Vachek Louanne Burns Edrth Russell Betty Lawley Betty Manley Bobby Vecchro WITNESSES Mr Richard Prrce Mrss Nancy Heffernan ' l if lf! KT p 4 Y rr ' H OA A . ' . ' I A n 1 . O . - DANIEL TAMKUS willin l arts with those JOAN ZENTRICK leaves her mischief making H g Y. P X Dfw , 1 I f- ' f 'B ff' ,W , ' A1 . J Vfw, 5 1 , ', . . lc ' I ' 1.9 1- .az x S, , I, 5 'QS A lc, BI ' fb 2 Vx b ww I AD 4 YOUR Z I ' QQ CQ X . E Q Q 2 X ' I 6? J ' W , ui'.I X X "I by H N 9 V ' x.l 'G' 16,7 7,1 lk, ,HINH ff," 'Hill Y flf f 5' ' W1 - 1 1 - E 1 ' 1' -1.323-sig: N 2 .rx---'-' L u , U -W X ' . ,f 'M N rflf WI ' X lfnfll me own WWN - .cw 3 ,Wifi l . .W I ff xg! 4' A f' .4 gn: --, X f -sa? - 7 'If' ' 'VW ' f 6 Q if gf "IZ, -3 4 K , ' df df Compliments Llvezey Lumber Company Inc. Custom KlfChel'lS Floor Coverings Home Plan Service Aberdeen MUFYIUHC! Phone 461 Branch Yard Havre de Grace Phone 93 o ,, . ' Venetian Blinds ,, . ,, . Compliments of The Bata Shoe Company Inc. Belcamp Md SHOES FOR THF ENTIRE FAMILY wlTH STORES LOCATED 4 N Main Sf 741 S Washington Sf 106 W Main Sf Belcamp Hotel Elkfon Md Belcamp Md Belair, Md. Havre de Grace, Md. E. DELL 8. COMPANY Druggists PRESCRIP TIONS, SUNDRIES, GIFTS 15 W. BELAIR AVE. BESIDE THE BANK Aberdeen Maryland Our Best Washes to Each Member o e Class of 1951 GRIER OIL COMPANY Phone 60 Aberdeen Md WILSON OLIVER AGENCY General Insurance Belair Avenue Aberdeen Md Phone 203 Aberdeen Md Congratulations To The Aberdeen Graduates HARFORD PRINTING 8. PUBLISHING C0 JOB PRINTING PHOTOSTATS HARFORD DEMOCRAT AWD -XBFRDEFN FNTFRPRIQF ' I 1h Phila. Blvd. Aberdeen 26 HENRY TARRING AND SON ESTABLISHED 1889 FUNERAL DIRECTORS " FURNITURE 8z HARDWARE FRIGIDARE REFRIGERATORS Aberdeen Maryland Phone 115 C omplamenfs of Aberdeen Maryland JOHN H SMITH MOTOR COMPANY 33 W Belair Avenue Phone I36 Aberdeen Maryland PASSENGER CARS TRUCKS TRACTORS DE ARBORN IMPLEMENTS Sales and Service of FIRST NATIONAL BANK MARYLAND GARAGE D F ROWE 8: SON Genulne Chevrolet Parts and Accessories Sales Chevrolet Service Modern Service Department Comphments ABERDEEN CLEANERS Cleamng Pressing Laundry Alterations Delivery Service Phone 223 R L TARRING SUPPLY C0 TELEVISION HEADQUARTERS ADMIRAL ' ' ' STROMBERG CARLSON CAPEHART STEWART MARNER 20 Howard Street Phone 525 C CURTIS MORGAN COMPANY SUPPLIES SHERWOOD SINCLAIR P ETROLEUM PRODUCTS Phone 244 DEALER FOR SHERWOOD OIL BURNERS TIMKEN HEATING EQUIPMENT LENNOX HEATING EQUIPMENT of l 1 1 A Congratulatxons Class of 1951 from Besi Wishes to the Class of 5'I ABERDEEN JEWELERS Qopposnfe the Post Offlcel VIELE AND CO Compllmenfs COOK S MARKET Chonce Meats Fancy Groceries P hone 54l DODGE PASSENGER CARS PLYMOUTH PASSENGER CARS Phone 582 PAUL LATKA MOTORS Paul Laika Juniata 8. Otsego Sheets Havre cle Grace Md ABERDEEN FLORIST WILLIAM R MAGSAMEN Prop Flowers for All Occaslons F TD Flowers by Ware Phone 474 Havre de Grace Md HOME GROCERY Groceries Meats Produce P hone 153 Aberdeen Md IVINS PHARMACY I8 Bglqlf Avg Aberdewl, Md Phone 4l to . of I l I . , . , . I Complrmenfs of ZAMSKY STUDIOS 1007 Market Street Phrladelphra 7 Pennsylvania STUDLICK BROTHERS TRUCKING COMPANY Aberdeen Maryland PHONE 'XBFRDFFN 508W APG Dancrng Food Televrsron Compliments of MANDELL S TRADING POST JOSEPH A KING Wacchmaker jeweler The Home of Gruen Watches D18mODdS jewelry C Howard Street Aberdeen Hd Compliments of TEEN TOWN LINCOLN MERCURY HINDER MCTORS INC 317 S Phfladelphla Blvd Phone 777 mans Ben Ray Mr 8: Mrs Russell Denbow Mr 8: Mrs Howard Wallen Danny 8: Edrth MfSgt 8: Mrs Dewey Klemm Mr 8: Mrs Stanley Tamkus Mr 8: Mrs Rrchard Cronm Mr 8: Mrs jack Schantz Wrllram K Cummmg Margaret E Prrtchard Barbara Alrce Eva 8: Vera Mrss Mayfreld Walker Mr 8: Mrs Charles Kelly Richard Prrce Mr 8: Mrs M1chae1Chessock Mr 8: Mrs Wrllram Gross Lt 8: Mrs Merrrll E Bounds jack 8: V111 Mr 8: Mrs Wade Clme Ann Clme Mrs Gretra Dolby Mrs Albert Ragan Mrs Florence Backus Mr 8: Mrs Dorsey Frcklm Mr 8: Mrs Don Davrs DeW ayne Curry L K Ford Freeman Wrrght 8: Mrs Emmord Budnrck Mr 8: Mrs Eldon Budmck Mr 8: Mrs F H Budmck Mrss Verna Budmck Raymond Budmck 8: Mrs Wrllard Budnxck 8: Mrs Fred Grrffrth Mr 8: Mrs Nelson Bradley Mrs Freda Bloom Mrss Helen Smes Mrs Elsre Cresmer Mr 8: Mrs Fred Baldwrn Mr 8: Mrs Norton Newberry Mr 8: Mrs Robert Keen Mrss Dorrs Meeks Mxss june Vxcarx Mrs Helen Vaught Mrss Mary Wagner Mrss Vnrgrma Zentrxck I 0 ABERDEEN MARYLAND . . Mr. . ' ' -' - 3 - Mr - Mr- Edward F- Jackovitz Mr. 8: Mrs. G. C. McComas - ' Mr. . ' ' , ' , Mr. . ' ' - V ' -3,1 -. v ,,., IL, Fin-'QA ,. , L,..'1g'.i'4 Y Y '

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