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ARRIVEDERCI VOLUME IX Published by The Senior Class of NINETEEN HUNDRED and FORTY-SIX A berdeen High School ABERDEEN, NIARYLAND Dedication We, the class of '46, wish to dedicate this issue of Arrivedercia to MISS RUTH BAUGHER who has worked unselfishly for the benefit to A. H. S. and its pupils. To The Class of 1946 It was Shakespeare who so aptly said, "I count myself in nothing else so happy as in a soul remembering my good friends." It will be easy to remember a class that was willing to work to attain its goals - whose goals have been worth attaining. Continue through life with that same consistency of purpose and determination toward an end, and your life will be one of success and happiness. Sincerest wishes, RUTH L. BAUGHER To The Class of 1946 Those who have learned to know you have learned to like you, and it is my sincere wish that this same good fortune shall always follow you wherever you go and in whatever your work may be. E. H. STEVENS Principal High School Faculty DR. E. H. STEVENS Principal MRS. MARION L. MILLER Ass't. Principal, Music MRS. HARRIET ALLEN Senior Advisor, English, Mathematics MISS MAYFIELD WALKER, Science YH- 'flaky MR. EARL C. PRICE Industrial Arts MISS ANN MIDDLETON Home Economics MISS MARY JAMES SHUTT Commerical Studies MISS VIRGINIA BRINSFIELD English, Physical Education MRS. RUTH L. HALPERT !jFr nch, Hgiasry MW- QJHRVS 1 MR. HUNTER SUTHERLAND Social Studies MISS RUTH HAMILTON Seventh Grade MISS MILDRED MURPHY Seventh Grade Grammar School Faculty DR. E. H. STEVENS Principal MRS. MARION L. MILLER Vice-Principal MISS HELEN CRONIN First Grade MISS HELEN PRICE Second and Third Grades MISS JEWEL BUREAU Third Grade MISS MARGARET MEARS Second and Third Grade MISS BESS FORWARD Fourth Grade MRS. SUSIE SIMMONS Fifth Grade MRS. MABEL KELLY Sixth Grade MISS NORMA BRETALL Fifth and Sixth Grades Seated-Welsh, Dorman, Asher, Cronin, Armstrong, Ray, Cooper. Standing-Peters, Hyde, Cook, Gerdom, Cullum, Fox, Mitchell, Mrs, Allen, Baldwin EDITORIAL STAFF Marian Cronin .................,........,.,.........,.,........,..,..... Editor-in-Chief Ellen Asher ,,,,...,,, Betty Cooper ....,.. Tommie Ray ....... Betty Cooper Betty Gcrdom Betty Sue Armstrong Betty Baldwin Clarence Mitchell Ethel Peters LITERARY STAFF BUSINESS STAFF TYPISTS Lorraine La Penotiere Assistant Editor Art Editor Snapshot Editor Lucille Parish Tommie Ray Cynthia Cook Milda Fox Carlton Dorman Carroll Cullum S E N . I 0 R S Senior Class There we stood, nervous and excited. CWhy?J It was graduation night. At last the cue was given, and we started solemnly up the aisle. Thoughts filled our minds. Suddenly the whole stage became transformed into a mild September day in 1942. We, the class of '46, were freshmen. We wanted this year to be the happiest, but soon disaster struck throughout the world-AMERICA WAS AT WAR!!! With all our ups and downs and with all our efforts to help win the war, we struggled through the freshman year. 1943344 We were now called the sophisticated sophomores, but deep down, pride filled our heartsg we weren't far from graduation. 1944-'45 Upperclassmen at last! We saved and worked hard to give the seniors a banquet they'd never forget. It proved a success, and we loved every minute of it. 1945-'46 We were seniors, pride and pets of the high school. We had all the problems seniors have and came through with flying colors. The Blue and Gold, the yearbook, May Day, and at last graduation! We have the privilege of being the first peace time graduating class in four years, Suddenly aware that Dr. Stevens was addressing us, we snapped back into alertness. With mingled emotions, we left our glorious years in A. H. S. to the Class of '47. Q SENIOR OFFICERS PRESIDENT STERLING PYLE "CURLY" "Curly", most independent, comes and goes as he likes. He expresses his opinion in no uncertain terms and is well liked by all his classmates. He is an all round athlete. .7941 ji fb cv f VIQE- PRESIDENT ELLEN ASHER UASHERH "Asher" is known to all of us for her gay sense of'humor. Her versatility will help her succeed in any career she may choose. SECRETARY BETTY COOPER "COOPER" "Cooper's" never changing personality makes her one of the outstanding members of the Senior Class. She will go far in her business career. 65W7c"f"J TREASURER CYNTHIA COOK Q , "CYNNIE" "Cynnie's" efficiency has been proven by her handling ,of the Senior funds. She is one of the fortunate few who has a com- bination of beauty and brains. 'hey J 1 L., 1 .ff ,M y. u "' J ,sv J w JF' ju ,ff W' 1 -r' 'I uf !,.z N ! ,M . 4 1 I. J J JJ C BETTY SUE ARMSTRONG "SUE" Strawberry blond tresses Untiring efforts on the yearbook Efficient way she handles the monitors. BETTY BALDWIN "BALDIE" When it comes to athletics, "Baldie" is the one who can do it. She is seldom seen with- out her Junior friends, Norma, Pat, and Carolyn. ELLA BEAVERS ELLA Ella is one of the new comers to the senior class. Dancing and smiling are her favorite pastimes. ROSE LEE BRANDHOFF "ROSY" "Rosy" is our quiet, studious classmate. She is one of Miss Walker's most capable student librarians. OMA BREEDEN "OMA" Oma is usually found working in the oiiice. She is one of Dr. Stevens' most able assistants. Many of her friends are looking forward to visiting her future cattle ranch. DOROTHY COEN "DOT" With her dimpled smile "Dot" will cheer her patients back to health. Her hobbies are softball and playing the guitar. GEORGE CRESWELL "POPEYE" Not too serious, Not too gay, But "Popeye" is a good friend any day, L"-1 A ev X '13 - :S 'Sis MARIAN CRONIN "CRONIN" "Cronin" is bound to get ahead because of her merry blue eyes and shiny black hair. Her pleasing ways will make Cronin quite a success in the future years. CARROLL CULLUM CARROLL As captain of the Patrol, Carroll has work- ed faithfully for the good of A.H.S. His main interest is running the movie projector. CARLTON DORMAN "CARL" Underclass girls seem to be one of Carl- ton's main interests. He took a leading part in the senior play. PAULINE EDWARDS "POLLY" Although "Polly" did not join us until we were seniors, she has endeared herself to all of us. MILDA FOX MILDA With her cheerful disposition and win- ning ways Milda will be successful as a nurse. Her hobbies are reading and caring for animals. BE'I'I'Y GERDOM "GERT" Sincerity will be a keynote of "Gert's" success. She will be an asset in any business oflice. MARGARET GROSSMAN "TEX" Even though "Tex" is a new comer, she has made many friends. The only state in the union is Texas as far as Margaret is concerned. CHARLES JACOBS "JAKE" "Jake's" whole hearted interest in all school activities aided him in being the first sophomore ever to be awarded the Big "A", His jolly disposition has made him the class "Romeo." LORRAINE LA PENOTIERE LORRAINE Lorraine has two great loves. One is jit- terbug dancing, and the other is operating the switch board at the telephone office. MARK MILLER "BILL" "Bill" is one of our star athletes. Although he is never at a loss for words and his puns aren't funny, they have made him known throughout the school. CLARENCE MITCHELL "MITCH' ' "Mitch" is a "double wonder" on the athletic fieldg however, he doesn't try to get to first base with the opposite sex. He has a willing way and a dry sense of humor. LUCILLE PARISH LUCILLE As editor-in-chief of the Blue and Gold Lucille has helped to make it an interesting paper. ETHEL PETERS ETHEL Ethel is one of our petite classmates. She works in the office and has a slight leaning toward sailors, ANNE RAY "TOMMIE" Although she is small, her run of chatter is continuous. "Tommie" has an unlimited amount of energy which has contributed to the success of many school activities. JACK SCHANTZ JACK With his electrified jalopy and his contag- ious giggle, Jack is always ready to lend a helping hand. K 5 r-ij? 4,4 PATRICIA WELSH "PAT" "Pat" can be acclaimed as having all the qualities for which so many of us strive. Her artistic ability has boosted the morale of the senior class many times. I 4.1-VM RAYMOND WILLIAMSON RAYMOND Although Raymond is very reserved, one can always depend upon him to do his share. W ORCHESTRA HIGH WEAK USUALLY SEEN MEMBER NOTE NOTE George Creswell fishing studying at ice plant Carroll Cullum tallness Havre de Grace running movies Carlton Dorman swimming Hirting grinning Clarence Mitchell basketball girls with Jake Charles Jacobs athletics Tommie around girls Raymond Williamson chemistry dates ? ? ? ? Jack Schantz blondes Miss Walker in his FO1'd Sterling Pyle loafing studying sleeping Mark J. Miller Baltimore Miss Shutt boasting Betty Sue Armstrong monitor duty giggling yelling at Frosh. Ellen Asher arguing her brown eyes Chewing gum Betty Baldwin athletics height skipping study Ella Beavers dancing "down south" laughing Rose Lee Brandhoff being quiet football teaching Oma Breeden sailors chickens in the OEICC Cynthia Cook personality hor red hair with senior money Dorothy Coen dimples sailors giggling Betty Cooper legs cats with Gerdom 8: Cook Marian Cronin efficiency boys working on the yearbook Milda Fox reading singing buying bread Betty Gerdom minding her "Smitty" writing letters own business Margaret Grossman Texas Shelby hooking school Lorraine LaPenotierc friendliness flirting at the telephone exchange Lucille Parish good humor a certain sailor going to the Post Oiiice Ethel Peters efficiency thc U.S.O. with Oma Tommie Ray leadership temper expressing her opinion Patricia Welsh drawing cracking jokes blushing Pauline Edwards intelligence sundaes pestering Miss Walker Senior Class Will We, the members of the Senior Class of Aberdeen High School, in this year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and forty-six, being of sound mind and body, do hereby register at this time our last will and testament. BETTY ARMSTRONG wills her chief librarianship and monitorship to whoeve: can handle it. fNo doubt Doris Creswell is needed for the jobj ELLEN ASHER wills her height to Patty Radcliffe who wishes to grow. BETTY BALDWIN wills her athletic ability to Elizabeth Martin and Helen Cronin. ELLA BEAVERS wills her giggling to Virginia Hall and Thelma Harrington. ROSE LEE BRANDHOFF wills her beautiful hands to Martha Krajca. OMA BREEDEN leaves her office ability to Charlotte Norris and Pauline Shenk. I Good Luckj DOROTHY COEN unwillingly parts with her dimples to Jackie Holt. CYNTHIA COOK bequeaths her red hair to Eleanor Preston who wants a change. BETTY COOPER who was willed her beautiful legs now leaves them to the capable Connie Ferrell. GEORGE CRESWELL leaves his active work to Mary Courtney and Ruth Thomas. MARIAN CRONIN unwillingly gives her ability in managing the "Arrivedercia" to Myrtle Vaught. CARROLL CULLUM leaves his efficient managing of the movie projector to Bill Leftridge. CARLTON DORMAN wills to his brother his scholastic ability which Bill doesn't need. PAULINE EDWARDS leaves her academic ability to Earline Reeves although she doesn't need it. MILDA FOX sadly leaves her love for the Air Corps to Ruth Loynds. BETTY GERDOM wills her desire to be of close relationship to Clarence and Louis Smith and hopes they feel the same. MARGARET GROSSMAN wills her southern accent to Norman Bristow and Charles Griffith. CHARLES JACOBS leaves his athletie ability and student activity to Jack Free- man and Stanley Magness. QWhat's this world coming to?J LORRAINE LA PENOTIERE leaves her sister, Joan, the latest jitterbug steps in A. H. S. MARK MILLER wills his gift of gab to Gladys Morris and Elaine DuH'. CLARENCE MITCHELL leaves his quiet manner to Kennie Lamb, Bill Jewell, and Herbie Burns. LUCILLE PARISH wills her love for the Navy to Lois Holden. ETHEL PETERS leaves Wanda Beaehboard the ability to get around Dr. Stevens. STERLING PYLE wills, with regret, to his brother, Donald, his ability to keep away from A. H. S. Wolverines. ANNE RAY wills her small figure to Caroline Grier and her chatter to Doris Peterson. JACK SCHANTZ unwillingly gives his jalopy to Henry Kretlow and George Hiob. PAT WELSH wills her quiet demure manner to June Vicari, Elva Brown, and Dorothy Halstead. RAYMOND WILLIAMSON leaves his ability to keep away from the opposite sex to Virginia Long and Betty Preston. Witnesses: Mrs. Harriet Allen Miss Mayfield Walker Lawyers: Anne Ray Milda Fox Rose Lee Brandhoff Year- 1 956 TIME-4 P.M. PLACE-BONNETT'S NEWSTAND CAST-ALUMNI OF CLASS OF '46 "Gee, Peg, have you seen STERLING PYLE co-staring with MARIAN CRONIN in their latest picture, Life of Frank Swoonatra? Remember when they were in our class?" asked Lou. "Yes, the Director of Photography is CARROLL CULLUM," replied Peg. "Guess whom I saw today?" "Whom?" asked Lou. ' "BETTY SUE ARMSTRONG, she has received her Ph. D. and is one of the prominent members of the Ballistic Lab. at the Proving Grounds." "I read in the Harford Democrat the other day that BETTY BALDWIN, DOROTHY COEN, and MILDA FOX are now assisting ROSE LEE BRAND- OFF, chief instructor of Maryland General Hospital. Some profession I'd say" said Lou. "Hi, Bill where have you been?,' questioned Peg. "In the show, and can you guess whom I saw in the Sports Newsreel? None other than CHARLES JACOBS and CLARENCE MITCHELL, the new All-American stars of the Brooklyn Dodgers," answered Bill. "PAT WELSH is now an animated cartoonist, practically another Walt Disney. I always knew she would get ahead in her career," said Lou. "CARLTON DORMAN is now accountant for OMA BREEDON and MARGARET GROSSMAN'S ranch. It's gained national fame," Bill added. "Did you know that TOMMY RAY is head instructor of athletics at Hood College, and CYNTHIA COOK and ELLEN ASHER are now two of John Robert Power's leading models," replied Peg. "Can you believe that MARK MILLER and JACK SCHANTZ are actually running good competition with Bob Hope?" remarked Lou. "Remember ELLA BEAVERS and LUCILLE PARISH? They are suc- cessful secretaries. By the day, LORRAINE LA PENOTIERE is chief operator of Aberdeen's Telephone Company," said Peg. "Look, there go BETTY COOPER and BETTY GERDOM. They must be doing their shopping. They're the first to marry out of our class," said Lou. "I know," said Peg, "The girls told me they get their produce from RAYMOND WILLIAMSON'S farm." Q "Dad is going to make some ice cream tonight, so I guess he will go to GEORGE CRESWELUS ice plant for ice. You know he has a chain of them now. Won't you come over to my house for some ice cream tonight." 'Well, I'll see if I can make it, gotta rush now. So long." NX xxksyf f VM N J xigS" Z7,Hm - .Q M N' " , f ff fl. Y . Q ' X ' 'l ' ' xv., if , N , I X f 'YW' '1 ff K r 10 'X 1? 1 fvi if I X wf ' x I' X W 1' X9 f MLA 'ff 'gn 4 .. 'if'-2 u xx M Q Cf, ,Q vc4,4,"14- ,.,4.f.J W so -- P ' - 4 ec. ' ,f x sk '-,,44,g.4 "ffLg,, fi 5.07 ,J ,' it Juniors X 0,9 'e w i l XX lst Row--Preston, Lofthouse, Duff, Brown, Vicari, Martin, Creswell, Peterson, Rad- -! J cliffe, Loynds, Preston, LaPenotiere, Holden, Beachboard. Xml' Ap 4 2nd Row-Burns, Leftridge, Harrington, Elias, Shenk, Courtney, Norris, Krazea, G Ferrell, Grier, Morris, Miss Shutt, Griffith, Pyle. 5 " 3rd Row-Hiob, Dorman, Freeman, Magness, Crqjin, Long, Bristow, Halsted, Smith, Kretlow, Smith, Jewell, Wright, , U J. I ' . , , - , ,L 1 A., , ,ui . 'l ' ' A jf ' M L4 - . .- , ' A? f Q ' J V g. Jt. J 5 The juniors worked hard to make the Junior-Senior Banquet a success. They have shown great determination and a Hne spirit of sportsmanship. With such ideals they have the ingredients which make fine Seniors. President ........... ...... D oris Creswell Vice-President ..... ,,.... M yrtle Vaught Secretary ..,. ,,,. E lizabcth Martin Treasurer ,,,,., ,,,,,. D oris Peterson ' V V A n if ttf? , M We vm 6 Aflpli 69.1 fp ' ophomores t LZ . ,,.,..-0 lst Row-Stevensijgones, Kalmbacker, Krauss, Nye, Cook, Burns, Brown, Johnson, Kolarik, Cleasuras, Trago, Turnbaugh, LaBroad, Evans, Gaunt, Entlee. 2nd Row-Miss Middleton, Hopkins, Coppersmith, Heap, Blanchard, Morris, Stearns Beavers, Taylor, Chessock, Spear, Ferguson, Kiethlez, Blaylock, Neidlien, Pyle, Denbol, White, Harris, Miss Walker. 3?-,Row-Oliver, May, Goldstein, Austin, Kelly, Gregory, LaBroad, Vachek nagel, Byrne, Thompson, Pyle, Price, Black, Renner, Ketchersid, Lilley, Chalone. Collette, Shipley, , Kenker- Co-operationfthat has been the keynote to the success of the sophomore K undertakings. "3 9A President ..,...... ........ J ack Krouse Vice-President ,,,,,,..,,., Mildred Kolarik Secretary ,,..,,,., ........ Z oc Clcassuras Treasurer .,.,.. Nan Burns 9B Wayne Cook Henry Trago Bcnfort Nyc Herbert Turnbaugh 9C Myrtle Johnson Shirley Collette Shirley Brown Betty Shipley x ing ,X l, W J" My w' vii JJ J L, .1 l, g .1 r .Jf J ' ' I ' , J , ,Y dWf2l,v..A.4J lst Row-Travers, Cummings, Hawton, Grafton, Hyde, Bennington, Duff, Baker, Martin, Beavers, Thomas, Hoke, Golladay, Curry. 2nd Row-Oldt, Shue, Tucker, Hammel, Brown, Tamkus, Armstrong, Mojzisek, Shippard, Kinunen, Miller, Swann, Adams, Sines, Morkovsky, Young. 3rd Row-Mr. Sutherland, Bulloak, Cerny, Speak, Henry, Willard, Fejfar, Hoberts, Gerdom, Dula, Wagner, Stamper, Register, Laughter, Stime, Miss Brinslield. 'gd 4th Row-Baublitz, Baker, Halstead, Sutula, Elliott, Morgan, Moxley, Meek? West, X Dorman, Pender, Brown, Morganstibn, Bene, Zentrick. . J .K X .I Ht ' lt did not take long for the freshmen to become acclimated to the routine of high school life. With the usual frosh pranks they have kept the school in an uproar. President ......,... Vice-President Secretary ,,,.,...... Treasurer ..... 8A ......Marie Mojzisek ......Bctty Armstrong ......Martin Kinnuncn ......Bernice Gankus 8B-C Howard Freeburger Tommy Miller Nina Rutherford Arthur Elliott mmm new MNH Seventh Grade lst Row-Brown, Day, Budnick, Ferrell, Burns, Ford, McGonigal, Blanchard Me Crackm Elias, Kells, Pyle, Baker, Strong, Strong. wi' 2nd Row-Burns, Wallen, Sayers, Cantler, Tamkus, Vachek, Hart, Kondelick Gross Butlefshertzer, Latka, Walls, Evans, Craig, Stime. 3rd Row-Miss Murphy, Campbell, Veseley, Brown, Duff, Cronin, Lofthouse Den bovy, Black, Stamper, Buff, McCarney, Sexton, Livezey, Bristow, Miss Hamilton. . 4th Row-McKelvey, Denbow, May, Stevens, Newberry, Bradley, Griffith Byrne Law, Mull, Kelly, Zentrick, Armstrong, Lawley, Morris, Preston, Curd. 5th Row-Cook, Robertson, Johnson, Kilgore, Jones, Shue, Rayman, Goetzl, Rayman Kehchersid, Bowers, A The seventh grade is the first class to become a part of the high school under the new twelve year system. President .,,.,.,.,... ........ Vice-President ..... ......... Secretary ,...... .....,... 'I reasurer .... ...... 7A .Lillian Kondelick Sherrill Hart Lydia Latka Irene Vachek 7B VVilliarn Gross Nicky Butler Daniel Talnkus Robert Shertzer wk 2 x , ' - 2 X' M 1' J ff 67515 it MJ AH' 'A ef if MV N f ff U f rf l v l - K' If 1 , 1: W W ' I A M-f C 1 Vr Student Council 1st Row-Cullum, Armstrong, Cronin, Pyle, Jacobs, Creswell, Baldwin, Ray, P ish 2nd Row-Miss Baugher, Gross, Johnson, Brown, Duff, Cook, Krause, Mr. Suther- land, Mojzisek, Freeburger, Kondelick 1 'G' .. N. . As the Student Council ends its eighth year we proudly recognize it as one of the most outstanding organizations ever formed in Aberdeen High School. The Council is composed of representatives from each class and from each school organization. This association empowers the students to express their desires and opinions connected with the school and to have a wider variety of school activities. Miss Middleton, successor of Miss Baughcr, and Mr. Sutherland are the faculty advisors. Library Couneigjt 'IIUWL' ' lst Row-Vaught, Fox, Creswell, Armstrong, Kolarik, Miss Walker 2nd Row-Chessock, Burns, Stevens, Brandhoff ,L The Library Council is made up of a few pupils from the different classes. As the teacher librarian can be in the library only a few periods a week, these pupil librarians make it possible to have the library open during the other periods. They, also, help prepare the new books for circulation, help in our yearly assembly pro- gram, make posters on certain books, sponsor a play in order to buy new books, and hr-lp keep the library in order. In this manner they serve their school in a way that beneiits a large group of pupils. Five new members were added to the group in February. They are Claire Steam, Melba Blanchard, Marie Mojzisek, Lorrell Sheppard, and Bernice Tamkus. President .......... ...... B etty Sue Armstrong Vice-President .... ........ M ildred Kolarik Secretary . .,........ ,..... D oris Creswell Athletic Association Seated-Creswell, Shue Standing-Blanchard, Trago, Jacobs, Miss Brinslield, Baldwin The officers of the Athletic Association of Aberdeen High School are: President .,,.......... ...... B etty Baldwin Vice-President ...... .... C harles Jacobs Secretary ...,..,..,.. .....,. H enry Trago Treasurer ..... .... D oris Creswcll This year because of the addition of the seventh grade to the high school, we have a six member board under the sponsorship of Miss Brinsfleld. The fund has bought sufhcicnt equipment for use in the physical education program, for the sports of each season, and for noonhour usc. Blue and Gold Staff Standing-Dorman, Miss Shutt, Cullum Seated-Peters, Cooper, Mitchell, Ray, Gerdom Editor-in-Chief ..,.... ........ L ucille Parish ' Assistant Editor ...,. ..... C larence Mitchell Business Manager .... .......,......,... A nne Ray Circulation Manager .... ...........,,,,, C ynthia Cook Alumni Editor .,.......... .....,..........,.,,.,. L orraine LaPenotiere Jokes .....,...l,....,......... ...... C arlton Dorman, Carroll Cullum Sports Editor .. ...,........,...........................,........... Betty Gerdom Proof Readers ..... ..... M iss Shutt, Ella Beavers, Carlton Dorman The Blue 8: Gold is a bi-monthly report of school activities. This year the paper has been organized and mimeographed by the Commercial Department. Monitors lst Row-Cook, Ray Armstrong, Cooper, Hyde 2nd Row-Byrd, Jacobs, Cronin, Pyle, Baldwin 3rd Row-Gerdom, Asher fi The task of the monitors is to keep the halls as quite and 'orderly as possible, This year the group did a good job even though their work isn't generally appreciated. Several new members have been added to this staff. Thev .ire Jack Schantz, Patricia Welsh, and Margaret Grossman. r Patrolmen Row Row- Cook, Mitchell, Nordan, Gross, Chessock, Oliver Stamford -Morgenstern, Bennington, Cummings, Butler Budnxck Shipley Row-Hiob, Burns, Getzel, Gross, Rayman Row-Krauss, Leftridge, Ketcherson, Cook, Elliott Row-Trage, Magness, Cullum, Vachek, Kinumen T ncler the strong leadership of Carroll Cullum, the patrolmen have done a splendid job this year. The duties of these patrolmen are to help and to protect the students from any dangers on the playground and on the buses The work dune by these boys is invaluable to our school. Cheerleaders Left to Right--Cook, Peterson, Radcliffe, Cronin, Asher, Ray This year for the First time A. H. S. has an organized cheering squad headed by six leaders. These six girls were chosen by the student body ,and since then have devoted themselves to improving school spirit. They deserve high praise. WA wax! v?i'lWrN . Q. 4,' K A' My xslifl 1 'fi f' ' A T H I. xr y ,A My ' SOCCQI' lst Row-Griffith, Smith, Miller, White, Vachek 2nd Row-Morganstern, Cook, Gregory, Ketchersid, Schantz, May 3rd Row-Kelly, Miss Brinsfield, Chalone 4th Row-Austin, Krauss, LaBroad, Finkernagel, Trago Coach Captain Co-captain Miss Brinsfield Lewis Smith Robert Wright Center Forward . .,... ........ M ark Miller Center Halfback ..,......... James Ketchersid Left Inside ...,...,... ....... L ewis Smith Left Halfback ...... .....,.., R oger Preston Right Inside ....,... ...,., S idney Vachek Right Halfbatk ..,.... ,,,,,....,. F ord May Left End ......,.,.. ..,...,...... H enry Trago Guard ..,..,,..,..,.....,..., .,.,... B ill Chalone Right End ...... .......,.... C harles Griflith Goal .,................. .......... .,... R 0 bert Wright Substitutes .... Don La Broad, Fred Baldwin Although the team did not do well, the members enjoyed playing and gained experience which will enable them to be one of the leading teams next year. it 4.14.016- -Jn-V be 4' Fieldball Standing-Creswell, Bristow, Asher, Armstrong, Cook, Krajea, Miss Middleton Knealing-Baldwin Radcliffe, Ray, Clessurass, Cronin Fieldball season ended with five victories and one defeat for the strong Aberdeen squad. Games played were as follows: Aberdeen Havre de Grace 14 0 30 0 Aberdeen Old Post Road 36 2 18 6 Aberdeen Bel Air 12 2 5 2 Bel Air and Aberdeen met at Highland for the much awaited championship game. The teams had practiced long and hard. Both teams were determined to win and fought hard for the game. In the end Aberdeen accepted defeat with a score of 4- to 0. ., . an Girls Basketball Left to right: Cronin, Armstrong, Bristow, Tucker, Ray, LaBroad, Blanchard Baldwin, Radcliffe, Cleasuras, Henry, Cooper, Cook, Miss Baugher. Aberdeen 15 1 1 Aberdeen 24 22 Aberdeen 34 1 7 Aberdeen 4-2 32 Bel Air 8 9 Havre de Grace 10 16 Dublin 11 16 Slat Ridge 11 14- Aberdeen Jarrestville 54 10 Aberdeen Highland 20 20 22 19 Toumament . Aberdeen Highland 23 21 Aberdeen Bel Air 19 14 The Aces went through an undefeated season and captured the League crown then they went on to higher victories by winning the tournament championship. Miss Baugher and Mr. Cassidy were the capable coaches. Boys Basketball lst Row-Mitchell, Gregory, Kelly, D. Pyle, M. Miller 2nd Row-Mr. Sutherland, Magness, Freeman, Black, Jacobs, LaBroad, J. Miller, S Pyle, Kretlow Aberdeen Bel Air Aberdeen jarrettsville 34- 39 65 22 25 29 55 19 Aberdeen Havre de Grace Aberdeen Highland 39 30 33 24 30 28 21 24 Aberdeen Dublin Toumament 38 24- Aberdeen Dublin 29 26 31 25 Aberdeen Slate Ridge Aberdeen Bel Air 54 23 20 47 35 27 Coached by Mr. Sutherland the boys had a very successful season winning 13 out of 20 games in county and outside competition. This was the second consecutive year the boys have gone to the finals but have lost to the championship team. The squad is looking forward to next year with several varsity members returning to have a winning team. if M M' My S A a HLE JQIWZW Wffww TI Action Shots Patrons Mr. and lblrs. Harry E. Pyle Mr. and Mrs. Emory Lee Howlett M. Sgt. and Mrs. Kent Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Gerdom Mr. and Mrs. A. Long Mr, Joe Mortz Dr. and Mrs. D. Maddrill T. Sgt. C. S. Livingston Miss Georgia Cook Mr. and Mrs. Blanchard Miss Mary Lee Fox Mrs. Dennis Vaught Miss Janice Helwig Mr. and Mrs. George Geotz Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Brestow Sgt. and Mrs. Quinton Gerdom Miss Marty Willoughby Miss Miriam Gerdom Mr. Bill Carr Mr. and Mrs. John Long Mrs. Holden Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Niswonger Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Isle Mr. and Mrs. Larry Connolly Mr. and Mrs. B. Ray Mrs. H. A. Beachboard Mr. and Mrs. Louis E. C. Curcns Mr. and Mrs. Ponds Miss Betty Gean Leslie Mrs. T. C. Carver Miss Phylis Wertman Mr. P. N. Hood Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Gerdom Capt. and Mrs. A. Y. Willard Mrs. M. L. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Earl Price Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs M. C. Whiteford Richard Cronin C. W. Whiteford Clyde Smith . LaRue Jacobs Mrs. Ethel Smith Mrs. Oscar L. Jacobs Mrs. Eva G. Seiler Mr. and Mrs. Fred Baldwin Mr. Richard Ray Smith Miss Joan LaPenotiere Mrs. Florence E. LaPenotiere Mrs. Mary E. Sanner Miss Blanche Wilmoth Mr. Mr. hlrs. Mrs. Mr. Bill Dorman and Mrs. Mark Cole Nettie Denbow Clarence Gerdom and Mrs. Tate Sale M. Sgt. and Mrs. S. Nisevich Nlrs. Evelyn E. Franciscc Miss Junatia Wilmoth Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Brandhoff Mr. and Mrs. Loyd Dorman Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Welsh Mr. R. C. West Mr. Carlton Dorman Mrs. Flora Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Rowe 0 60660 O0 0000 Z23X22233332332323222ZX!3XXX233323233223X222223222SZZSZSSQSZSSZSXXZZZXZZX22323323233333328323K!!22222222223X2322XXX!X2222!!Z2.!22.....X..XX...3f .. . Q. .. . 00 .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. . .. .. 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N 0 ........... ............... ......f....................... .......................4.f... ...... ........ 22222222222ZXZ!Z32Z2ZZSZSZX.SSSSCZSZZ....Q.QQ.Q.3..............fXX......Q.......................!.......,....44..Q.00004......222......Xf....... S IM A KEEN TEEN FRQM DRESS SHOP ABERDEEN o Aa .5 and I gof Ihai way 52 because I bea+ fee'I down 2 Io Sues Dress Shop and 2 draped my rave shape In x such snazz sfuff as JUNIOR suns BY BRENTWOOD 5 DRESSES BY 5 2 cARoLE KING ' ii TRUDY I-IALL ig BETTY BARCLAY 2 CRAIG cAsuALs VANITY FAIR UNDERWEAR 5 RocI-IEILE FAsI-IIoNs ' BEAUTY KNIT SWEATERS gg CASUAL KNIT SWEATERS oo oo Q 5 S CASUAL JACKETS BY z ,5 KOREI OF CALIFORNIA 3 9 RAIN OR SHINE coATs .. BY AQUA Toes 's . ,g ir zz Qzzzzxaszzzxxzzzx::azz:mxz:zz:samaszzazzaaaaazmzazazazmzmaazxzaazaaaazzzzaazazaxzazazmzmnazxmg :E if 5? I 2 3 2 x . . . f 2 -, ,,-, ,,-' zz .... . '3 Z 3 'lr z z 'E 5. .Q 5 Sue's Also Carries: E Q SLACKS, SKIRTS, if TAMS, BOBBY sox 3 Q The FinesI AssorImerII in Harford 3 2 3 2Sue'S Dress Shop . . . Aberdeen 61- D. 2 mZZZZSZZSZSZZZZZSSSSZSSSSZZXXSSSXS32223mmm8838m3m882 mw2m!mm3833833m33333m333283333! jgwz:zzza:am2zz:2z:xaxw:zz2::2:axzxzzrzzzzzztxzzzzzzzxzzzzzzzz2x2z::az:::::::zv..:mz:::::::xz2zazzzzsz:::::::..."'r:::::::x::xxx:: xx 23 22 .. .. 22 gs 23 .2 zz 189 1 1946 z 22 .. QQ 22 .. ,, .. .. 0 N 90 oo .. ,, " ISK " .. ,, OO OO U LE " Q. 22 .. , M 3. gg ER ICE 09 N 3 N ,Q .. 22 TISFIE N 99 oo .. ,, .. .. .. ,, 32 sz 0' oo 02 0 0 N 32 oo fo ZZ 0' oo zz N Q. 2 .. , gg anne 00 S gg 'S C d d 3 zz 52 N 22 ., ,, 9 of zz gg 99 Oo W9 oo 0' oo 43 N 3' 22 .. x' if xx .2 +3 0 .Q ., .. 9 bo .. ,. .. ,, eg ez ig PRESTON, MD - BOSTON, MASS - ABERDEEN, MD. gg 22 22 Ov N 49 Q. 09 oo gg N 2: Zi .. .. .. .. .. .. ., .. zz zz EE .. .. .. .. EE a zz zz zz .. .. .. ,. . . si v .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ., ,g BERDEEN, MARYLAN 32 .. 22 .. Z! ii is Member of the Federal Reserve System and 22 22 QQ Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation if X! 23 22 22 oo w oo oo N of oo of 44 0 of oo oo oo oo oo on oo of N of u to o oo oo oo oo oo 44 of so oo Q4 no of of of oo to J oo oo oo on of of oo u u n QQ of N oo fn of u oo of M aoofosooooooooc Q.QQ0.xnonnnwonuenononoooouuuuooownooonn o4QN.Qno4nuououoooououonou4anooneo4onnxnuuouoonnno 4nuuownon0nu NunnonvosoeooooooasvQuoouuuuonuoonno 1Q000QQ4QQ0onoooooonnouuuouu onnoouooouu uuounuonnu 55222 2222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222 222222222 222222222222 if zz ,. ii 5 if zz Ei zz zz zz zz a zz a zz 3 " CITY TAILORS zz zz zz zz zz a z. n zz 3 for 5 EE fi 33 zz zz zz .. .z zz Q OO ' DRY CLEANIN G a ss fi zz .ABERDEEN HAVRE DE GRACE .. zz zz as zz zz zz zz zz zz zz zz zz zz zz EE zz z OO 9 3 Comphments of 3 . sf zz zz zz zz . . 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'X if 5 ACADEMY RECREATIO E TER E S. " ABERDEEN, MARYLAND 3 3 New - Modern Sound Proof if xx 'E POPULAR RESTAURANT PRICES ig "Bowl For Your Healthy fi 5 P. J. KURTZ, Proprietor 3 gg Compliments of is 2: ' : The Whlte Globe Restaurant gi Philadelphia Boulevard at Franklin Street 5 ABERDEEN, MARYLAND 55 Excellent Food as SS S? REASONABLE PRICES COURTEOUS SERVICE 0 22 Ov .A QQ Q. 32 N oo ZS 32 5 -: 4 000 000 000000000000000000 0 0000000000000000 0 000000000000 0000 00 0000010 000000 D0 ln 323,334.433333.QfX.fQ4oooooovooaoooo3o232............Q.4QXQZXZXXXZXXXQQQQQQQQQQQA3Q4QQXQQ3X44Q.QQQ33off.ff0Q353233333333X2333232223333!XXXX33X33 Qzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzazmzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzxzazzzzzzmwmzmxzxzmzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzmmzqz zz zz EE zz u 22 zz zz oo 22 zz zz 23 zz . 5? gg Best W1ShCS To The zz oo 22 99 O0 zz zz 4 Q0 3 23 99 Q0 0' 00 X3 22 33 22 55 CLASS OF 1946 zz oo 22 gz zz 03 32 ff zo g .0 Q 'X Q zz 99 O0 zz zz 3, From the zz 33 3 99 OO 09 OO xx 00 zz Ov .Q gf .Q if 33 zz if zz zz Og zz 9 OO zz .. z z 5 O if 2 oz ZZ zz z zz 0 34 33 '22 gg of 0 23 zz zz 23 22 EE iz zz zz zz zz zz z zz 5 E BER zz zz OUR BEST WISHES TO E CH M zz zz zz Ez zz :E z zz 2? z OF THF, CLASS OF 1946 zz z zz zz zz zz zz zz z OO O zz zz " GRIER,S ESS ER ICE CE TER " zz zz zz zz zf zz zz ,E zz zz zz to ' BE T WISHE zz zz zz zz zz zz zz zz to an zz zz zz zz zz 22 , AMBITIOUS CLASS 25 zz zz zz zz zz zz zz - EE gg Your Faculty Frlend, gg zz zz iz zz zz Ruth L. Baugher to zz zz zz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzz zzzzzfzzzzzzzzzzzzzz z 222222Z33222!3!Z22zzZzz.zzzzz.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.zfz.ff!!22!zz.222222222!Z!!Z!Z22222223!2XXZX23.+zzzzzz.QQzzzzzzfz.XzX2X22X22X22222222 on Compliments of ABERDEEN ENTERPRISE HARFORD DEMOCRAT ABERDEEN BEL AIR Compliments of VICTORY SHOE SHOP ABERDEEN, MARYLAND Compliments of BLACKBURN'S SERVICE STATION F1REsToNE TIRES TEXACO PRODUCTS ABERDEEN, MARYLAND Compliments of BOARD WALK GIFT SHOP North Division and Board Walk OCEAN CITY, MARYLAND N2WW!!!S23Z33X22XX3333333233X3223822322283333!33!XZXZXX2'.22222222222323332233338M222!223i!J2!Z!!82!!!!!!3w!m282333!! :2i5iiz383::::.o3z:::::zoxaooc::::zo::siaiiiiiiiiiiiaooooaiiz::::::::omS::::::::aaxrJ z3un nun Q o ....z..... zzz z.........z........z zz z z z zz...zzzzfzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....z......+..z z zzz... ....... .zz 3:zzQ.QQ..X.QzXz................z.QZfz33X2v3.322X2XX2ZX2S!Z2ISZ3Z22Z2223Z22X2XZzX......,..f.........zzzzzzz,.......z.,f,..X.Xz,zz..X.z.....!.z:5 OO Q! Q. Q zz zz PLY OUTH DE SOTO zz as .z .. COLONIAL OTOR CO. zz 'z .. z. CHRI P. SMITH if Phone 56 zz zz zz zz PHONES 262, 238 zz Ez .. .. TWO GOOD PLACES TO E T zz z. zz 9 zz UNTER RESTAU AN z. .z or HO E zz zz LUNCH AND SOD FOUNTAIN zz zz if Rooms for Tourists Aberdeen, aryland 2 .. .. ig Com lim nts of p 6 zz zz zz Ez ., ,. - LLE DORF' B KERY - z. .z .. .. , BERDEEN, MARYLAN EE zz zz Zi zz zz zz zz zz zz . Sz gg Comphments of gg 3 9 oo 5 MARTIN S JE ELRY zz zz Q BERDEEN, MARYLAN zz zz zz zz 55 ES .Q z......................Q.. ff...zz..zz..zz..z.z.zzzzz..,.zzzzz. zz zzz..Q.QQ0Q...z...f.....f................................... 222232..2...z.............z.......zZ+.zvfzz-fzffzz....f..z.ff.z...Q.....ZiiiiiiiizzizzzzqzzzQ.QQ...Q.QQQz0zzzzzf......z........................z gazxzaaa:mmnmawnmw :aMmwa'zmxmmmmmma.Nmms: xm3 zz 9 .. .. 3 6 zz .. COMPLIMENTS TO THE SENIORS 9 if zz ABERDEEN RESTAURANT XZ ABERDEEN, MARYLAND Zi zz ii XX zz : 3 ii 3 Comphments of is . . oo oo oo oo oo oo so ao so 4 2 THE NATIONAL FIVE and TEN CENT STORE S 2. N of HAVRE DE GRACE, MARYLAND " 38 ii 2 3 gi Compliments of 3 EE .x VILLAGE RESTAURANT z: a 10 PHILADELPHIA BLVD. ABERDEEN, MARYLAND HENRY TARRING sf SONS 3 Established 1889 FUNERAL DIRECTORS oo oo FUNITURE AND GENERAL ELECTRIC 55 HARDWARE REFRIGERATORS ABERDEEN, MARYLAND 3 S! ZX Phone 115 2 .. .. ES3233332X3Z322222322XSZZZZSZSZSSXZS22X3X222333323233X33X223322!!!!!2222222X22XX2X22X22X!22232!!232!!!2222l!222XX332332232XX2XXZZXZ2323X22222222 .Q of "!ZX X!!2222322233222332283333222KXXX2XSZZZZXSZKZZXSZSSX23222XSQSZXZ2222223XXX23XXXX2X2232232XXXXXX2X222822XXXXXXXX!23232XX!3XXXX3222222!!3X Where Every Bite Is just Right FORD6 RESTAURANT ABERDEENQMARYLAND Sea Food - Chicken and Steak Dinners Our Specialty LADY RUTH BEAUTY SHOPPE ELEANOR TURNBAUGH, Proprietress ZOTOS, FREDRIC, FISCHER PERMANENTS ALL BRANCHES OF BEAUTY CUULTURE Phone - 30 Aberdeen Phone 184 Aberdeen, M NEW TASTE THRILLS MARYLAND RESTAURANT Next to Esso Station aryland Compliments of ' MARY ABSHER'S BEAUTY sHoP ABERDEEN, MARYLAND Phone 64 ..................................... ................... ................. .... ......................... .................. ............................2X........ ........Z.................2....X.........................2.................. X!Z2XX322232222Z2332332232232233323322X233!22X2!... .2322 Q 2 RUN RIGHT TO R E A D ' S for fine Cosmetics, Toiletries and all your DRUG STORE NEEDS 226 Washington Street, Havre de Grace, Maryland Best Wishes to the CLASS OF 1946 LION'S CLUB ZAMSKY STUDIOS INCORPORATED 1007-9-ll Market Street PHILADELPHIA, PA. sum' Now llf0 , :,. , , , i ssociaf ,aa,aa o,a fa' tore room Iz. f" Wlllls Carr Philadelphia Boulevard V ABERDEEN, MARYLAND 7' 3 "2X32223223233333333323232322223S!!3322232223332222"'222222X2!ZZ32!XXZ22222222322233222333232X22232222223222222222ZZZSXZXXSXZXZZXXXXSXXXXX 323332333..m""'232XX3X2332383.102223222!S!!3323223!X3XXXXXZXX22X2X22233Z22!23m2!233223mm!!XXXXZ32?QSWWSSSSSSXZSSZZSZZRSSZXXQQ zz .. zz zz 2, HOOD COLLEGE 3 zz . FREDERICK, MARYLAND zz zz zz zz if A Fully Accredited College for Women zz zz ig Henry I. Stahr, D.D., L.D., President if zz 2 Courses lead to degrees of A.B., B.S,, in Home Economics, and B.S. in Nursing. Courses ig in Education, Home Economics and Music. For Information address THE REGISTRAR zz zz . .. zz Compliments of zz is fs zz zz 5 W E TER MARYLA D it 'z zz z zz 22 LLE E zz zz zz zz zz zz zz WESTMINSTER, MARYLAND zz zz zz zz as zz zz zz zz zz zz . zz ig Compliments of zz zz LIV EZEY L BER CO. zz zz zz zz zz zz 2 ABERDEEN, MARYLAND ,. z. zz z. zz zz 22 22 zz . 3 a Compliments of 55 zz 3 .. .. zz BELCA P GRO CERY STORE 3 zz zz GROCERIES - MEATS - PRODUCE zz zz .. .. zz A zz .. , . .. zz Belcamp, Maryland Leo A. Vrzalik, Prop. zz zz zz N Nzuznzz un...Nzzzzzzzzzzzuszzznzzznzz z......z........z..zm.mzznzznn 2... un.. Nzzzuzzznzzznzzzzzzzzz.....m...z.!2222322222222232XZZZSXSZSXXZXZRXZZZ3232322222322232nN..u.....n..u...z.zzznzzzznzz 2222222222323233323323332223223322222223222333333332223232233222333323232223333 333232322223 5 Compliments of x 5 as MERRELLS IIIC. f Stationers to the Class of 1946 5 HOME GROCERY g GROCERIES - MEATS - PRODUCE 2 ABERDEEN, MARYLAND PHONE 153 Misses Sz Junior Misses Infants, Children si Teen-Age . zz DEAN'S DRESS SHOP g 8 Howard Street oo oo oo GIFTS JEWELRY RECORDS 3 GREETING CARDS MITZI'S GIFT SHOP Jewelry 81 Watch Repairing A Specialty QQ 14 S. Philadelphia Blvd. ABERDEEN, MARYLAND oo ooooo4ooooo++oo 4ovaooooooooooooeoooooooaaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaoo A f! 22.323223233332323 3232222222232322222222433.23222223233232333222222232322222222222222333233222322333322232232323233.!332!32337.r

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